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' ■>> 

■*" <• 








TUB ' 





I. The whole Languace if arranged 
according to its Terminations. 

II. Erery Word is explaiiied and 
dtyided into Syllables exactly as 

ni. Multitudes of Woros liable to 
a Double Pronunciation are 
£zed in their Tri/e Sound, by a 

IV. Many of the most difficuH 
Words are rendered easy to 
be pronounced by being classed 

• according to their Endings. 

V. Numerous Classes of Word* 
are ascertained in their Pro- 
nunciation by distinguishing 
them into Perfect, nearly Por- 
fect, and Allowable Rbymes. 


A copious Introduction to the various Uses of the Work» 
wi critical and practical Observations on Orthography, 
Syllabication» Pronunciation» and Rhyme; 








Fronte, exile negotium. 

Et dignom pueris putes, 

Aggressus, labor arduus. Teeentiait. Maue.' 





m Il ■— — «i^ m ^»»— a— ^ 1 mtmmmm^tiàmÊm 

i£, Bryèr, PrinteTf BridgeStna, Blad^friart, 





1 H£ lame motive^ wlûch îndaeed me lo soUcit yom^ 
|»atroiiage forthe General Ideaof a Pronouncing Dicdonaiy» 
hare detennined me to prefix your name to the présent work. 
If dther hâve a sufEcient degreeof ment to recommend them 
to the attention of the public» it is tn a great measure owing ta 
the early opportamtâes I hâve had of observîng your pronuncîa- 
ttOQ <m the stage» and the fréquent adyice you haye faroured 
me ivith in the prosecution of my enquiries. Without any 
apologyt therefore» I présent you with a production» which^ 
if useful to the public» will be allowed to be properly addressed 
to you ; siod, if worthlesa» vdll at least be a proof of your 
readiness to encourage even the faintest endearours in the 
jeryice of the muses s a disposition which will raise you « 
nobler monument with posterity than that délicate difltinctîoa 
of chamcter» that intensely animated expression» in which you 
excel as an actor» or that strenuous persévérance in the arduons 
duties of a manager» which has so largely contribased'tQuthc- 
«ledit and improvementof the Eoglish stage* 

I am» SIR» 

With the utmost respect» 

Your most obedient Serrant» 





A HONG the varions attempU to facilîtate tbe ort&o»- 
graphy and proDunciatioD of the Engliab komugei it 
ia Dot a litde turprising that the method hete adopted ahould 
bave been either totally orerlooked or D«^ct«d> A Aynûag 
dictionaiy in a living languit for the pwpOKi of poetry* 
■eems no veiy ooDatural or uselen productioDt aad imperfèct 
•Icrtches of «uch a work hare already been gÏTen us by Poole 
and Byshe ; but ne pne.has hhherto thought of makiog 3 
dictïon^ry of terminations subservient tO the art of spelhn^ 
tmd fronouncing. The more obvious use of a work of thia 
kind waa perhaps an obstacle tO the completion of itt and it» 
latent, though more oseful qnalities, were by this mean* un- 
obsêrved. A mère rhyming dicùooary was looked on either 
as a bauble for school-boyg, or a resource for poetasters; and 
the nobler ends of pointing eut the aualogy of orthographe 
and pronunciation, like many other advantagea, were orer- 
lookfd in tbe inaignificancy and puerilily of tfe means. 

Johnaon's Dicuonary ia acarceïy more valuable for so nicely 
tracing the various aad almost vanishiog ahadea of the samer 
Word, than for furnishing ua with ao copions a collection of 
nearly aimifar words of a différent forni. Those who nnder-- 
«aod the harmony of prose, pay a cheerfiii tribute to Dr. 
Johnson on thiaaccount, as he admits them to a more easy 
andexteneiTe view of the powers of the languag«, ^lui caa 
possibly be ouggested by the memory alone ; ajid by thi> 
means assista Uiat dclicacy of cboice on which the ^edsion 
and harmony of expression so essentially dépend. This ad-, 
vantage, which perhaps wag not foreseen by Dr. Johnson 
himaelf, was no more than a necessary, thongh not an obvions, 
conséquence, of so copious and perfect a diatribution of tbe 
Unguage ioto iu constftitteat parts ; and without the vaoitv of 
a 3 ' preteDoiog; 

ffetendîng to a parallely it may natarany be pretomed» ûat 
an airangemeiitt which is perfectly new» may possihly pro* 
duce advantages which were entîrely uimoticed before this ar- 
rangement was actoally drawn ont ; for expérience fîirmshea 
us with a variety of instances of unexpected improvements 
arising from new» âd perhaps fortuitous combinations, which 
were nerer suspected by theorists, untii a discovery had been 

The English language» it may be said, has hitherto beefl 
seeo through but one end of the perspective ; and thon^ 
lemûnadons fbmx the distingutshing character and spécifie dif* 
ftrence of every language in the world» we hâve never ttU 
now had a prospect of our own» in this point of view. Dr. 
Wallîs has» with great pénétration and sagacity» shown the 
gênerai import of mitial consonants; and with m<M« appear- 
ance of truth than could haye I^een cjnceived, has enncedtf 
ihat wofds of aaimilar signification» ^vkîch are radically Eng- 
lish» commence with nearly the same radical aiLxhiîatioiiB. 
"Mr. Elphinston too has given us a rery good idea of the gc- 
naral import of terminations by strictures on the greaiest put 
of them ; but none hâve yet thought it worth their while ta 
give us a complète and alphabetical entuneration of the whole, 
by which alone we can hare an adéquate idea of erery- pan. 
^n thîs arrangement of the language» we easilj discOver its 
îdiomatic structure» and find its several parts rail into theîr 

froper classes» and almost eveiy word as much distinguished 
y Its termination as its sensé. We at one glance peroÔTe 
the peculîar végétation of our own language» and the altéra- 
tion fi>reign words undergo» by being transplanted into Eng- 
lish soi!. . And thus by an acquaîntanoe with the spécifie cha- 
racter of every termination, we are the more readily kd to ac- 
similatcfbrrign terms 1^ stamping them vdth the current iia- 
piession of our own. 

i ■ licnit semperque licebit 

Signatum présente nota procudere numnmm. Hoft.. 


But an analogical insight into the recesses of formation» la 
not eveiy advantage arising from this new and complète proa- 
pect pfit. Our orthography is not only an insnperable dif- 



1 coityto f oreignerey but an eternal sotirce of cHapiite aâd per^ 
plexity to ourselves ; and though it would be in yaln to think 
of removing every intricacy that is constantly arising from in-- 
4olence and c^rice, yet that a considérable number maj^ 
be lemedied by a view of the gênerai laws of formation» wifl ^ 
be readily conceived by those who enquire into the origin of 
tbedifficulties complained o£ By an affectation of approxi*- 
mating to the orthography of the leamed languageSy we haie 
rooted ont many useful letters that sprung up naturally witK- 
exode words» and hâve been led to exclude ail letters in our 
compounds -which are not actually pronounced» though their 
existence in thèse words is often no less necessary to prerent 
ambigoity than in the simples themselves. 

Thns the useful servile e is hardly erer suflfèred to haye a 
place in composidon, though from a feeling of ita import- 
ance, we are almost intuitively tempted to let it remain in the 
branches, whenever we recoUectit in the root. The omission 
or insertion of this lettçr occasions a numerous catalogue ot 
niles and exçepdons. The other serviles /, /, &c. are no Jesé 
absurdiy omitted in composition, diough their power remainit 
and by this nieans both orthography and pronunciadon are 
confottnded. The duplication et consonants, when an adcfi- 
doual terminadon is a8sumed,.form»another diiHculty in our 
t?nninatk>nal orthography, a» it may W called, which bas em» 
barrassed the most correct and accurate writers. Now the only 
ckw to extricateus from thia lal^rinth seems the method hde 
adopted* An immédiate view of'^the similar fôrmadon ôf simiv 
lar parts of speech,, giyes us a compétent idea of the laws of 
termioadonal orthography, and enablesustodetect the leaot 
irioladon ofthehi. Thus when in our best dicdonaries I find 
taleable^ tamcablcy and a few other words of the same form» 
i^etain the silentf, I conclude thèse are either slips of the pen» 
or errors of the press; for that the whole current of siinilar 
cndings, as èlamable, adorable^ definable^ Sec. omit the f, an4 
that no reason appears for retaining it in the former, and not 
fc the latter words. 

But in order to detect the orthographical irregularities of 
ourlanguage, it will be necessary first to lay down such gênerai 
maxims in spelling as hâve almost imiversally taken place. By 
dxese we rtiay judge of die imprôpriéty of those déviations» 
which are owing perhaps to a want of seeing the laws of fbiVi 
niadon as hère exhibited^ and knowing bow far the irregui|» 
ntyextends, a* ' 

{ .*«« ) 



Monosyllables eiiding with fy U or /, preceded by t 
single vowel» double consonant ; ^ staff, ndlly patsy 
• &c. ofy ify asy isf hasy wns, yesy usy thusy are the 6nly ex* 
options; sokd addy butty cantiy ebby tggy oddycrry buzi&y are 
the only words where other consonants are doubled in the same 

A P H O RI s M II* 

Words ending with ^, preceded by a consonant, form 
the plural s ofnouns, the persons of verbs^ verbal nouns, past 
partîciples, comparatives^ and superlatives, by changing y into 
/ / as sfyy sfiiesy I carryy thou carriesty he carriethy or carriety 
èartiery carriedy Kapp^y hajtfàery happiest ; but the présent par^ 
ticiple in ing retains the y y that i may not be doubled, as car- 
rying; y preceded by a vowel is never changedy as boy y hoyt^ 
ïcioyy ne cloysy &c. 


By thîs rule we may oerceive the improprîety of writii^ 
Jiyef' îwrjiiery and defyer for défier y and Ae still greater im* 
propriety of writing jatnery qftnery and softnery Gixfattenery 
4ftentr^ and toftener; though we meet with them in our best 
dicdonariesi for the common terminations of verbs, verbal 
fiounSy parûciples, &c* never occasion any contraction in the 
radical word ; entrance and remembrance prétend kindred with 
the French entrant and rememhrery and are therefore inconi* 
gible ; but toondraus ought to be written with the ey as well 
as slanderoutf and if wé write dexterowy why should we tee 

A P H O R I s M III. 

Words ending with the hissine consonants chy Sy shy Xy 
%y form the plural of nouns, by adding esy and the persons of 
▼erbs by esty ethy or esy as churcky churchesy I marchy thou 
tnarchesty ke marchethy or matches, Genitives of words ending 
in thèse consonants are formedby adding s with an apostrophe ; 
fs Sf Jamei e churcky the ckurch't cérémonies • 

A F H o R I s M IV. 

Words ending with any consonant and sîlent Cy form theîr 
plural} by adding /only ; as a, place f places ^ and persont) of 


▼erbs by adding i/; fhy or i^ as' l phee^ thou'ptatestf,Jiê' 
flacethf or placés. Genitives of words endingwith thèse let-» 
ters are fbrmed by adding s with an apostrophe % as xhe placeur 
pleaiàntnesi^ Material aqectives in v» and comparatives in uh^, 
are formed from substantives of th>8 terînination by omitting 
Àe silent e^ and annexing^ or ish to the eonsonant», as ropy^, 
fvînyy slavuhf stvinUhy &c. from rope^ *annei slave^ i^nCf &€- 
The past partieiples» verbal nouns, and comparatives and su- 
perlativesy add d, r, r, and tty to the simple; as placedy a 
placer^ ^wisCf wiser^ wisest ; but the présent participle cuts ofT 
the Cy and annexes tngy SLSplacing, However, where the silent 
e is preceded by the soft gf the e must be preserved, if the. 
sensé of the word wpuld otherwise be ambiguous ; for we 
. hâve no other ^^eans of distinguishing singeittg^ the participle 
of to lingây from singing^ the participle of /0 sing\ swingeing 
Épom s*atingingy &c. as to cringing^ twinging^ &c, from cringe^ 
tvftngey &c. we trust to the coramon power of the lettersy as. 
we hâve no verbs to cringy ttvingy &c. to occasion any mis- 
take; for with respect to participles» and verbal nouns, a pre- 
vious. knowledge of the thème is supposed tD be indispensibly 
ifecessary. See Aphorism X* 

A p. H*0 R I s M T^ 

Words ending with a single consonant,. preceded By a si'n-* 
gle vowel> and with the accent on the last ayllable,, upon as«i^ 
suming an additional syllable, beginning with a vowel or y^ 
double the consonaoty as to ahat^ an ahettor ; ta èegtfif a hegtri'^ 
^^S h^ finy fenny ; thin^ thinnishy &c^ but if a diphthong pré- 
cède, or the accent be on the precedîng syllable, the conso- 
lant renïains single^as to totlytoiîing, to offer^ anoffhringy &c. 


By this ruTe, which is founded on an intention o£ ascertain- 
ûrg the quantity of the accented vowel by doubling the con- 
sonant, and which would be infinitely useful and agreeable to? 
die analogy of the language, if extended uûiversalfy, we per- 
ceive the impropriety of spelling the adventitious syllables of 
terminations. with double letters, when the accent is not really 
upon them. . Dr. Lowth has justly remarked, that this error 
frequently takes place in the words, worshipping^ coumeUlngy, 
&c. which having the accent on the first syllable, ought to 
k written wonhipingy cmmeling^ &c» An ignorance of tl\is, 

"45 pilfc 


Wfmt^^ ^^^mmmm^mm^mmm^^^mmimmmt^Ê^mÊmmm^m^mmmmKi^^mamt^ 

Me haB led masiy to vrite bigotteJ for KgakJf a&d fiora tfaif 
spelling bas fi^uently ariien a false pronimciaiion ; bat no 
letter seems to be more frequently doobled improperly than/. 
Why we ahould write iiieiUngf Iroeiihgf reveUtug^ aodyet 
offèring^ sufftrtng^ reatomngy I am totally at a loM to deter- 
mme % and unless / can nve a better plea thaa any other let^ 
fier in the alphabet for being doubled in this situation, I miut 
in the style of Lucian, in bis trial of the letter Tt decktt 
for an e^ulsion. 

A P H o R I s M VI. 


Words ending with ^y preceded by a consonant» npon ai" 
■oming an additional sylld^le beginnitig with a consonant» 
change j^ into i, as happyj happilif^ hafifunesis but v preceded 
by a yowd is never cnangedy as coy^ coyly^ gay^ S^^^ ^c* 


By attendine to this ruie we detect a number of typogrsk 
phical errors, uom which even our best Dicdonary is not f^; 
such as shylify drylyj dryness^ instead of ihily^ drîly^ drinau 
Warburton, in his édition of Pope, every wher e adhères t^ 
this aoalogy. 

Some drily plain, \(rithout invention's aid, 
Write dim receipta how poems may be made. 

Essay on Crk» 
Though in the first édition of this essay published by Pope 
himself, we find this word written dryly. Why the ^ should 
be thus converled into / is not easily conceived, unlessit wa» 
feared we should confound woids of our own language with 
those derived from the Greek ; for witli respect to the dis- 
tinction of the plural number from the genitive case, as this 
does not prevent the similitude when a vOwel précèdes, why 
should we fear a mistake between^ and^V any more dïa» 
between lot/ and boy^s ? It is highly probable that the origia 
of thik insignificant and embarrassing change of the^ into /, 
arose fnom the taste and sagacity of English printers, who con- 
sidered the y as bearing too little proportion to the number 
of the other letters, and made this weighty reason the fbun- 
dation of the altération. But this altération, once allowed by 
custom even a Baskerville must submit to it ; and certaitity 
being more the object of language thao perfect firoprietyj it 


( *î ) 

. ivodU be the last absiirdltj, to depiîve a nde whîcfa has to- 
Ihîag cbe to recommend it» of its only merifc— wûfonnity* 

A P H O R I s M VU. 
Words ending wkh any double letter but /, and takmg 

£itressfuU &Cr but those words'' ending , 

taking ness^ /«//, /^, orjviz&j&r them» omit one /, 2B& fulnest^ ^ 

O B S £ R VA T I O N«. 

Why one / should be omitted when tess or ly \i assumed^ 
œay be easily conceived to anse from the uncouth appearance 
three letters of die same kind would hâve when meeting to- 
gether ; but why the analogy between thèse simples and com- 
pounds should be destroyed when ness or fui is assumed, is 
not easy to comprehend; why should we not write dullnest^ 
fullneu^ sktUful and willful^ as well as tttffnesa^ gruffneu^ 
crosslyy and crQunest ? Nay, the propriety ofthis orthography 
makes it almost impossible to root it out entirely, and we hnd 
thèse four words^ illnessy feîlness^ thrtllnessy and stillness, left 
in our best dictîonary with the double /, but a greater num- 
ber of words of the same form having the single /, as smai" 
mssy talness, cfûlness^ dulness^ fulness^ and the Ion? cata- 
logue of words of this termination, as wilfulneiSf olusful» 
nessf &c. suiiiciendy show^ to which orthography custom has 
tbe greatest partiality ; and indeed as the rage for curtailing 
our language of double letters seems incurable, the disease 
will at least be more tolerable if we détermine its progresa 
to some uniformity, and since tbere is no hope of restoring; 
tbe lost y to 



hxA its numerous 


why shbuld 
we write 


StiUneUf . 



( Xii ) 

anleas we are determkied eo hare no nde fbr our oithografthy, 
good or bad i This mie likewise serves to correct serenu ty^ 

oeraphical errors in our best dictionary, as carwksly^ nsed- 

v^i dcc* for carelessiîft needkuljft &c. 



Nâssy kst^ ly^ dsidjiilf added to words endmg wtth sUeot 
e,ûo not eut it ofF, ?AfiaUnest^ guileUst^ clotefyf peacefui^ &c^ 
except c is preceded by a vowel> aod then it is omitted, at 
duljf^ trufyf from iiue and true. ' 


But what skall we say then to iItteijUf hlueneu^ rutfuly &c«' 
whîch, strange as it may seem, would be more agreeably t» 
the gênerai current of orthography, ^vritten hlmy^ hluneUf, 
rufuii kc. the reasons seem to be thèse $ wherever the gê- 
nerai laws of ]M-onunciation in compounds supply the place 
of serviles in simple words» there the serviles are omltted ;: 
but ilufyf UuritUy rufuU &c. according to the common rule 
of pronouncingy woiud be as justly sounded as hîuely^ bluenessy 
rueful^ &c. and at the same time would preclude the possible- 
nûstake which might arise if the simples Mue and rue were 
not understood to be the roots of the words in question ; for 
in this case hîueness and ruefuî might be pronounced as if di> 
rided into blu-e-ness and ru-e-ful ; but as it is necessary the 
spelling should convey the sound of the compound» without 
supposing a preyious knowledge of the simples» and without 
being liablè to a double pronunciatîoB» the omission of r in 
hluly and blunessx as well as in duïy aod truîy^ seems most 
anaïogical. See Aphorism X. 

This rule serres to rectiiy several mistakes of the press un 
our best dictionary. 

ChastJyy '\ ^Chastdy^ 

ChastnesSf f f ChasienesSp 

Fertily, \ for \ Ferttîely, 
Genteeïyy L l Genteeuy^ 

BUthly, J JMtkeïif. 

Nor can whoïlyy though nniversally adopted^ make us fbfi^ 
get that it ought to be wholely. 


. ( xiii ) • 

A P H O R I s M IX. 

I^enff added to words ending with silent â, préserves; the 
/from eilsioDy as ahatemtntf incitementy chastisementy judge» 
menij &c. but, like other terminations» changes the jf înto l^ 
when preceded by a consonant» as accomfiamment, 


Ahîe and tble^ when incorporated mto words ending wîtE 
sîlent f , âlmost always eut it o£^ as BlamaB/êj curaèk^ sensible^ ' 
bot \îc or g soft corne before t m the original word» the e i« 
then preservedy as changeahlèy peaceabîe^ Sec. 


This exception îs founded on the necessity of shewing that 
the preceding c and g in thèse wonls are soft, which might 
possibiy be mistakeiiy and proiiounced hard, if written 
changaikj, pâacaèlty &c. Another exception seems to take 
place in the conqx>unds of move and prove^ which are gepe> 
ndly writteo moveoèlây hroveabie^ ^c. but on an inq>ection^ 
înto ali the compounds of ihese words in Johnson' s Dictionary^ 
we fiod the e so often omitted as to mdce it very doubtw 
whether theâe words are aa exception to the gênerai rule or 
■ott ÎQis thus they stand. 

Irrefiroveablc - 






' RefironmBk 

1 Afiprovatiiè 


The uncertainty of our orthography în thîs class of word» 
may be presumed to arise from a confused idea of the ne«> 
eessity of ascertaining the sornid of the simple by inserting 
the silent r, and the gênerai custom of omitting this letter 
when words are compounded with thèse terrainations ; and it 
will recuire ^ome attention to discover ta which of thèses 

- modes 

- ( ^ ) 

modes of spelling ve ought to gîve tliepreferan^; faowerer, 
till better reasoQs are ofFered for a décision, let u» «i^se the 
followin^ : 

The nrst object of roelling compound words seems to 6e 
merely a conveyance of the sound, without necesssirily sup* 
posing a knowledge of the simples ; that the éléments of 
which the compound îa formed, may be sufficient of them- 
selves. to suggest their sound. The next object of spelliog 
compounds seems to be an omission of ail serviles m the 
simples which were not actually sounded, and whose use may 
be supposed to be superseded in the compounds by the gênerai 
laws of English pronunciation» whîch, contrary to those of the 
learned languages, su^ose erery accented vowel to be loog 
and open, which is îbllowed but by a single consonast» 
Thus the e in désirable is omitted» because the common ruiet. 
of pronunciation indicate that the accent upon i, foUowed bya 
consonant succeeded by a vowel, with-the accent upon it, has 
necessarily the same sound as in désire. But when the radi- 
cal letters hâve not their ordinary sound in the simples, the first 
)aw of orthographv takes place, and inserts the serviles to sug- 
gest the sound of the simple, when blended with the com- 
pound ; for though we are frugal of our letters to a faolt, jet 
when the sound of any of the radical letters might be cndanger» 
ed by such an omission, we then iind the e preserved. Nor is. 
a previous knowledge of the simple supposed to be a suffi- 
cient securîty, as in changeabhy fieaceaUe<, &c. From hence 
we may gadier that every compound word is supposed to.- 
convey its own sound agreeably to the common sound of the 
letters, without the neccessity of having recourse to a know- 
ledge of the simples from which it is formed, and therefore as ; 
the sound of o in movey- Jirovey &c. is not the gênerai sound 
of that letter, and consequently if the e were not preserved 
to suggest the simple, it might be liable to the sound of o 
in rove^ grovey love, or shove, we find it perfectly agreeable 
to the first gênerai law of English orthography to retain the 
letter by which alone the sound of the radical part of the word 
can be ascertained ; and therefore as we very justly write 
fooveabki firoveablej &Ci so we ought to write removeabUf 
improveabjey &c. Movingy firoving^ Sec. being affections of 
the verbs move and firove^ necessarily suggest their sim- 
ples, and make the ioaertion of ^ uooecessary. See Apho> 

mm IV. 


( w ) 

' Wkh reepéet to reconcUeahîef imreeùncileaMff ând reton* 
tiUnhIenestj which we find ia Johnson wtth the e^ thou^h tr^ 
reconctlabUf irreconcilailys and irreconcilabkneit are ^thout 
ity we must class thèse wkh scdeabU^ tameablcy utuhakeahle^ 
imiameaèkj zndfizeaBkf for as thèse are the only words.of this 
form in the whole language where the silent e ia presenred» 
ît 18 reasonable to suppose that îts insertion hère was owîng 
10 the inadvertence either of the author or printer ; for as the 
préservation of ^ in thèse words is founded on such reasons ^8 
would oblige us to préserve the silent ^ in ail compounds whe^'e 
ît is now omitted, and consequently entirely alter the current 
orthography, the omission of it» wherever the preceding 
vowef or consonant retains its gênerai sound, is çertainly the 
most analogical ; as there is no more reason for retaining the 
nient e^ in salcable^ tameabU^ &c. than in hlamabU, tunabîe^ 
tmuumabhy Bec. titheable has a proper claîAi to ^ e^ to show 
that th has its âat or obtuse sound. 

A P H O R I S M XI. 

The yerbs to lai^^ jiayy and say^ by an unaccountable câ^ 
price» form their pretents and participles passive, by - changing 
V into iy and omitting e in the assumed termination ed; and 
mstead oi layedy fiayedy sayedy we always see laidyfiaidy saidy 
which ortiiography is preserved in their compounds, as 
itniaidy uruaidy repaid. This is an exception to Apho- 
rism II. 


Words taken into composition often drop those Ictterft 
which were superfluous in their simples^ as ChrUtmcuy dung» 
hHly kandfuly &c. 


The uncertainty of our orthography in this article call» 
loudly for reformation, and nothing can better show the dan- 
ger of iadulging this excision, than a display of the diversity 
that jreigns in our only dictionary, as Johnson's, wilhout a 
Êgurç, may be called. 

To recalt To >ntscat 

To comfUrolî Tocontrol 

Clodfiofl To enrol 

To uttdcruB To formel 

Snowhfltt Overfal 

Saveall Headstal 

Laystall Toforestal 

Rakehell Tobeihral 




( *»i ) 








Te tnihral 






NumhtinH Handjul 
HourgLut . I>ar(éfut - 

To repast To reinsiaU 

Unlnass Biai 
Quarterstaff Wtndfàl 

Ttpsiaff Waterfml 

Scurvifgrass TwUni 

The origtn 'of this ridiculous îrregularity which has pre» 
Tailed within thèse few years, is not hard to guess. Sorae 
shallow writers, or perhaps printers, hâve heard that good 
authors hâve complainei that our language is clogged by 
clusters of consonants. This was suiHcieat to set thèse smat- 
terers at work on so easy a business as that of unioading 
. the language of its useléss letters ; and we fînd under the 
notion of useless letters, and clusters of consonants, we are 
near being deprived of the most usefiil letlers we hâve. 
But words are evidently mistaken for things. Clusters ôf 
cOnsonants to the ear are very différent from assemblages of 
consonants to the eye ; tbese are often na more than double 
. consonaQts of the same kind, and are soxmded as easily as 
single ones ; but those knots of discordant consonants to the 
ear, however disgustful, are not to be removed without entirc- 
ly altering the language. The clusters of consonants of 
which Mr. Addison complains, are those that arise from 
sinking the intervening vowels in pronunciation, «as drotur^à 
*U)aWd<,'arriv*di for dro^wnedj ^vaîkedy arrived, The double 
letters at the end of words, which are ridiculously con- 
founded with what is termed clusters of consonants, as to 
instaUf vfindjally handfully &c. are often so essentially ne- 
cessary to préserve the true sound from being mistak^» 
that if we deprive words of one of thèse double letters, they 
are in danger of degenerating înto a différent sound : for 
what security hâve we but a previous knowledge of ' the 
nmples, which is contrary to the fîrst principles of our ortho- 
graphy, that the last syllable of ^ivaterfal is not to. rhyrae 
with iJie ^st of shat4owj and the last of handful with the 
monosyllable dull? In short, as Mr. Elphinston, very justly, 
as well as pleasantly, observes, " Eyery reader, both young 
^ and old, must now be so sagacious an analyst as to diacem 
« at once, not only what are compounds, and what their 

Note.' Some of thèse double letters hâve been inserted by the subse^ 
quçjit éditons of Johnson's Dictionary ; but, whether from the remarkt 
iferemade, o( their Qwn sagacity we are not infonned. 

«* simple^ 

mL. ^^--^^ 

( «rîi ) 

^ aônples» but that o/in composition i$ equal to âll oui of ît; 
" or, in other words, that it is, both what it is, and what it 
« is not.** Prin. Eng. Lang. vol. i. p. 60. 

Thu8 haye I ventured, with a trembling ^hand, to point 
out a few of the mostglaring inconsistencies under which the 
orthogr^y of our language labours, without daring to make 
the feast step to a reformation myself : for if ever this be dqnè 
to any good purpose, it must certainly be by the joint labour 
of both our universities ; till when, no individual can do better 
écryice to the orthography of his country than to let it remain 
as. it stands at présent in that monument of English philology 
erected by Johnson. Those who see beyond the surface, 
regret -the many déviations from that only standard of our 
language by the Greeklings and Latinitasters of this smattef- 
ing âge ; and it is certainly to be feared, tliat if this pruning of 
our words of ail the superâuous letters, as they are called, 
ihould be much farther indulged, we shall quickly aptiquate 
onr most respectable authors, and irreparably maim our laa- 


As the înverted order of arrangement gives us a consistent^ 
idea of die structure of the language, so a division of worda 
into syllables directs us in their sound ; for the division hère 
adopted, is not founded on any rules drawn from etymology, 
or the practice of languages essentially différent from our own, 
but on such principles as are the resuit of the language itself, 
and arise naturally from the very nature and practice of pro- 
nunciation. This part of • lan^ge, which has been left to 
chance or caprice, is of ail others the most important and 
délicate. Hardly any thing like a System has been chalked 
out, or hâve any rules been given that hâve produced the least 
uniformîty, or answered any valuable purposes of pronuncia- 
tion. *Till Dr. Kenrick's Rhetorical Dictionary, we hav© 
tcarcely seen any thing lîke an attempt to'divide words as they 
are pronounced ; but the Latin and Greek syllabicatîon ilh^ 
plicitly adopted, to the évident disadvantage of children, aéd 
embarrassment of foreigners j and for the very same reason* 
that Ramus contends, we ougfat to divide doctus and jitlat^ 
mto dihctus and ji-tlas ; Mr. Ward insists we must separate 


( Xviil ) 

imagmti fioflart lustre, voà rt^uile, into mo'putf po-fJof^ 

lu'Strâf gna re^ftile* 

Now if the end of syllabîcation may be suppoaed to be the 
most iikely method of directing us to the means, we shall 
find nothing can be more absurd than such a diviaion. For 
the object of parcelling out a word into distinct portions, seeœi^ 
to be to instruct us either in its etymology or pronunciatic»* 
If in tJie division of words into syllables we hâve only ety- 
mology in viewy we must undoubtedly résolve compounds 
into tneir simples without paying the least attention to the 
aound of thèse simples, either as united, or in a state of se* 
paration. But though this method of syllabicating be t&j 
proper when we would investigate the origin of a word aai 
<hew its dérivation, yet .when a distiactness of aound is tht 
only oè^t of such a dxvisîoB, as is efer the case in the pre» 
jDunciation of language, it would be the highést absûrdity td 
clog the instruction with etymological divisions, as thèse zn 
frequently opposite to actnal pronunciation. Hère then souad 
alone should be the criterion of syllatûcation, and we QXL^bi^ 
to reduce a compound word to its simple impulses of the voïc^ 
as we would a bar of music to its simple notes ; for etymolo* 
gists may surely content themselves with their own di\i8ioQf 
where sound is not in question, without disturbing those whote 
principal object is the conveying of sound, and who conaid^ 
etymology as entirely independent on it. 

Kasy, ùowever, as such a division may appear at firat vîew, 
an attempt to extend it to evcry word in the language, will 
Doon convince us that the ear in a thousand instances will 
prove but a very uncertain guide, 'without a knowledge of 
those principles by which the ear itself is insensibly di' 
rected, and which, haviag their ongin in the nature of laa- 

Sage, openate wi^ steamness and regularity in the; midst of 
^ ficklest affectation and caprice. It can scarcely be aup- 
poaed that the most experienced speaker has heard evefy 
word in the language» and the whole circle of sciences pro- 
Siounced exactiy as it ought to be ; and if this be the caa^, 
Jie must sometimes hâve recourse to the principles of ptn»- 
nunciation, when his ear is either uninformed or vafaithfiil. 
Thèse {uinciples are thoae gênerai laws of articulation wlûçk 
détermine the character^ and fix the boundaries of tytjPf 
language $ as in every System of speakjbg, hpwever ÎJpreijki- 
lar, the organa must necessarily |àU mto scMne conunon mode 


< «bt ) 

•f eftimdationy or the purpose of Providence in the gîft oF 
■peech would be absolutely defeated* Thèse laws, like every 
^er objeet of philosophical enautry> are only to be traced 
by an attentive obseivation ana enumeration of particulars, 
tad when thèse pardciJars are suificiently numerous to form. 
â gênerai raie, an axiom m pronunciation is acquired. By. 
an accnmidatîon of thèse axioms, and an analogîcal com<^ 
parison of thera with each other, we discover the déviation» 
of knguage where custom has varied, ^nd thç only clew tp 
guide ns where custom is either indeterminate or obscure. 

Thus by a view of the words ending in ify or etu I find 
the accent invariably placed.on the preceding syllaUe as ia 
Jner'ikyf congru' it^y &c. On a clpser Inspecûon I find every 
yowd in this antepenultîmate syllable» when no consonaitt 
ÎBtierveneffy pronounced long, as tk'ity^ f^'f*y> ^^' ^ nearer 
observation shows me that if a consooant tintervene, every 
vawel in this syllable but u contracts itself» and is^ pronounced 
ihert, as levér^ityy em-ios'ity mpu'mtif^ Sec. l find too» that 
eyen u contracts itself before two consonants^ as cur'wtft ^tf» 
étttrU^tyj &c. and that umrcky and rarity y (for whose irregu» 
Isri^ ^^od reasons may be given) are the only exceptions to 
^s Tijte ^iroughout the language. And thus we hâve a se» 
lies of near seven hundred words, the accentuation of whicht 
as well a» the quantity of the accented Yowel^ are redaced tç> 
two or three simple rules. 

The same uniformity of accentuation and quantity» may 
be observed in the first syllable of thoae words which haVQ 
the accent on the third, as dem-onstraHiony iiim-i'^u^Hofh 
liHiU'bra'iton, 5çc.. where we evidently perceive a stress on 

. the first syllable shorcening every vowel but Uy and this in 
every word throughout the languaee, except where two con- 
ionants follow the u as in cvr-^^'e^ar^ or where two va\r- 
els follow the consonant that succeeds any other vowel in the 
fcst syllable, as de-vi'-a'tion; or lastly, where- the word ia 
evidently of our own composition» as rercw'^ey $ but aa 
» in the first syllable of a word» having die accent on the 
tfaird, has the same tendency to length and openness as was 
obêervaiile when ît preceded the termination ity } I find it 

- neeessary to separate it from the consonant in bu-ty^ra^ceoust 

*^hich I hâve never heard pronounced» as well as in lu-eu" 
ha'tiomy which I hâve» and this from no preténded a^ree-- 

.ment with the quaatity of the Latin worda thèse ^m derived 


f^f^^nmt . I «■ ■■•--■■■III I lUJiBB iM ■■■Il ,1 iF-m^gg^rw >m< » j ubi «pMi««7>«^^— — ^Ç^p^ 

( « ) 

from, for în the former word the u h doubtful ; but Srom 
tfae gênerai System of quantity I see adc^ted in English pro». 
nunciation. This only will direct an English ear with certainty ;. 
for though we may sometimes place the accent on words we 
borrow frôni the Greek or Latin on the same syllable as in 
those languages, as acu^men^ elegt'acy &c. nay, though we 
sometimes adopt the accent of the original with every word of 
the same termination we dérive from it, as oisidu^ityf vî-du'ii^ 
icc. yet the quantity of the accented vowel is so often contrary 
to that of , the Latin and Greek» that scarcely the shadow of a 
rule can be drawn» in this point, from thèse languages to ours.-' 
Thus in the letter in question» in the Latin a^cumuloy du^ 
biusf tumor^ 6cc. the fîrst u is every where short ; but in the 
£nglish words accumulâtes didnausy tumouty every where long» 
Ni^tialùf murmury turhuîentu^y &c. where the u in the fîrst 
syllable in Latin is long» we as constantly pronounce it short 
in nuptiaiy murmur^ turltdent^ &c. Nor indeed can we wonder 
that a di£Ferent œconomy of quantity is observable in the ancient 
and modem languages» as in the former» two coosonan^ almos| 
alWays lengthen the preceding vowel» and in the latter as con^ 
•tantly'shorten it« Thus» without arguing in a vicious circle^ 
we find that as a division of the generality of worda a& they 
are actually pronounced» gives us the gênerai laws of sylla- 
bication» so thèse laws once understood» direct us iq the di« 
▼ivision of such words as we hâve never heard actually pro« 
nounced» and consequently to the true pronunçiation of tt^m. 
For thèse opération? , like cause and effect» reâect mutually « 
light on each other, and prove» tl^at by nîcely observing the 
path which custom in language has once taken, we can moœ 
than guess at the line she must keep in a similar case» where 
her footsteps are not quite so discernable. So true is the oly 
servation of Scaliger» Ita omnibus in rehus ceriissîma ration^ 4iii 
ifua resfiondct natura. De causis Ling. Lat. 


Syllabicadon having sound for ita object» apd the associadoa 
of sirailar terminations contributing so largely to facilitate 
syllabication» it is évident that the most obvions advanta^ of 
this inverted prospect of our language is the assistance it aC- 
fords to prononciation. In other dictionaries» words of a to- 




( xxi ) 

tally dîflèrent form promiscuously succeed each other, while 
îû dûs we find the words sorted by their specîès as well as 
ktters. It 18 recommended by Mr. Sheridao, in hîs Lectures 
on ElocutioDy to sélect those words whîch we find difficult to 

' pronoonce, and to repeat them frequently tiU a habit is ac- 
qtiired. This rule is founded on good sensé and expérience» 
and onght to be carefiiUy attended to by foreigners and pro* 
vincials ; but if the difficulty o£ pronouncing lies in the latter 
tyllables, as is most frequently the case» what immense la- 
bour must it-be to sélect thèse from a conmion dictionary ? But 
in thîsy how readily are we introduced to the whole species of 

' any termination at once» and by seeing the whole class» 
'gain an intimate acquaintance with its spécifie orthogrâphy 
and pronunciadon ; for by this means» not only a inore pré- 
cise idea of the spelling of words is obtained^ and an oppor- 
tonity of habituating the organsto every difficult termination» 
bat tiie dépendance of accent on termination is at large dis- 
played» and a habit induced of aSsociating the stress with its 
correspondent ulthnate syllable. This view of accent will 
^ow us tfiat our language is much less irregular than is gene- 
Tsdly imagined, and we soon discover termination to be» as it 
^vere» a rudder to accent» a key that ôpens to us an unex- 
pectecl scène of uniformity, and proves» as Mr. Elphinston 
admirably expresses it» ** that speech» the peculiar glory of 
^ lational intercourse» is neither given nor guided by an ar- 
* bîtraYY power» but that use in language» as in ail nature» is 
^ no orner than the constant agency ofharmony and of rea« 
** «on*" Prin. Eng. Lang. Vol. i. p. 3. 

Thereare few but must observe wrth what difficulty chil- 
éretïf and «ven yoath» acquire a secure pronunciation of the 
technicai ternis in die leamed professions» and how frequendy 
tfiey are at a'Ioss for the sound of an English word they hâve 
aot been accuseomed te» even at the dme they are making 
great advances in the learned languages. This observadon 
will naturally lead ^s to présume that the présent work» of ail 
others» must be the most useful for such schools as are not 
cndrely négligent of their mother tongue. Hère the words 
of any difficulté are selected in a moment» and bv being re- 
peated a few times over in the order they lie» will imbue the 
car with such an accentuai rhythmus» if I may call it so» as 
will infallibly regulate the pronunciation ever aher. 




t{ X3& ) 

Vit diTisiôn and accentaatîon of words accordmg to tif 

ttngÙKJT shoitDess of the vowelsy is an advantage topronoa* 

dation which muât strike the most carsorj inapector. liie 

tttility of 8uch a method* if just and agreeable to the analogjf 

■ of the ianguaget will be readily acknowledged by thoae wM 

sre 80 frequently disanpointed in the inspection of other dic« 

iioDaries. It is not a uttle aurpiisinfi; that a method of acœ^ 

' tuation» so peculiarly useful, should till lately hâve been ^• 

most entirely neglected. This defect in the generality of oipr 

dicdonaries did not escape the iudicious Mr. Sherid^» w|k> 

insiats largely on the utility of piacing the accent on the C(»- 

. feonant, wben the preceding vowel is short» and on the voweil^ 

^en the vowel itself is long ; and though this does not sj^ 

«ifythe kind of vowel» with respect -to sound» which is tl^ 

- subjectof accentuation» ît at least détermines ita qoantity» soi 
.28 aohr infinitely superior to the common mediod, of pâàaf 

the accent on the vowel» whether it be long or short* 

Another and almoet exclusive advantage of the présent wozà 
is» that every monosyllable which swerves from the général 

• Tule of pronunciation» is rh3rmed with sucha word as cannot 
. posstbly be pronounced otherwise than it is written ; or if thi« 

cannot be done» it is spelled in such a nianner as to take a^fay 
ail ambîguity. Thus as the more gênerai sOund of thediph- 
thong ea is like e long and open in herer mere^ &c. whereYçr 
it déviâtes from this sound» a rhyme is inserted to ascertain iti 
pronunciation ; ^^z^/therefore is rhymed with bedy thatit roay 

• not be liable to the Scotch pronunciation of this word» as if 
spelled heed; and great is rhymed with baiej that it œay be 

• distinguished from the sound the Irish are apt to give it as. if 

- 9^VLâ.greet. A bow (to shoot with) is rhymed with ^o» anf^ 

- bow (an act of révérence) with cow ; and prove^ dove^ &c. 
are determined in their pronunciation by the univocal ortho* 
graphyykroov^» duWf ^c. by this means jthe stamina of ôur 
language» as monosyllables may be called» are freed frbm am- 
biguity of sound» and compounds rendered easier by fixing 
the pronunciation of their simples. 


The last» though perhaps the least»advantageof thefollowi^ 
Work» is the complète collection of ail the rhymes in the la»* 
|;uage. However insigm&caat it laajr seeni in tjûs respect^ it 


^t^r=rs"' -i ■ 

( xxîii y 

ii at least nev. For thou?h Bphe has gîveo us a Dicdonary* 
tf Rhymes at the end of nis Art of Poetry, liis Dîctionaiy* 
if ît may be called so, does not contaîn. six thoasand words» 
wbea Johnson's Dîctionaryi to vrhich thîs approaches nearer 
than any other, has very few short of forty diousand. Hère 
then as in the French DtcHonnatre des Rhimes of Rtch^îeti the 
vhole language is arranged accordîng to its sîmilar endings» 
ind the English are no longer unfumished with an assistance to 
fenification^ whîch Abbé du Boa tells us the French poets^ 
Quoiqi/ik en iSseni ils ont tous ce Rvre dans leur arrière cMnet^ 
But had the author seen no farther advantage in this work thao 
bardyfumishîng sîmilar sounds for the purposes of poetry, he 
ihould hâve thought his labour ill bestowed. It is by no means 
his intendon to vindicate the cause of rhyme to the least pre- 
mdice of a nobler verse» which is the peculiar gloxy of the 
English as a living language; nor will he insist on the proofs 
both fipom nature and expérience, that rhyme may be some^ 
dmes admitted to advantage» while Waller» Dryden» and 
Pope are in every body's hands*. It will only be necessary 
to observe» that lor fear those who hâve been accustomed to 
the common dictionary of rhymes annexed to Byshe, should 
find a difEculty in cUscovering words by this new arrange- 
ment) an Index of Rhymes» much more copions and correct 
than any hitherto published, is added» in which the old me« 
thod 01 classin? the words is continued» and a new and 'nu« 
mérous dass ot allowable rhymes pointed out» with autho» 
^ties for their usage from our best poets ; but for a more sa- 
tisÊtctory account of this part of the work» see the Préface to 
the Index» at the end of this Dictionary. 

* See the subject of rbymie judiciously diicusied by Mr. lUoe» in his 
Irt of Readiog. 


An Idea of the Arrangement of Words in 

this Dictionary. - 

AS in other dictîonaries words. foUow each other in ai| 
dphabetical ôrder according to the lettert, ihey tegin 
"with, in this they follow each other according to the lettçrs 
they enJ with. AU words therefore that enJ with a are placed 
first in this Dictionary» as ail those that àegin with a are 
placed first in other Dictionaries j those that end with i are I 
placed next, and so of the rest. The directing letters at the; 
top of each page, are likewise in the same order f that is^ the j 
are the last letters of words instead of the first. 


In looking for a word, the last letter is to be sought firs^fj 
the last but one next, and so on from the last to the first > 
letters of a word in an order, exactly contrary ^othat of other J 
dictionaries. Thus if I want to find the word Ideat I must first; 
look for ûf among those words which end with a ; thèse I findj 
in the page opposite to this. The next letter I want is r, I 
thereforelook among those words that end with a, for a wordi 
whose last letter but one is f, and find it in the word Panacea^ 
the seventeeth word from the top ; the next letter dy I look 
for among those words that end with ea^ and fîndit in the word 
after Panacea^ which is the word I sought. So that for the last 
l^letter of a word» I look among those words ending with the 
same letter, for the last letter but one of a word, I look an^ng 
the last letters but one of thèse words, and so of the rest^ 

It must be particularly noted, that the directiqg letters on 
the top of each page are to be looked for in the same order> 
that is, from the rignt hand to the left. 

The best way to avoid confusion, will be to look for die letten 
one by one, ând to begin with the first wôrd of every class, 
and so proceed downwards till the word is found. Thus if I 
want to find the word Alphabet^ I keep the last letter / in my 
mind, and tum to that part of the dictionary where the wordi 
ending with / are classed, which is near the end. The first word 
of this class I ' find to ht at ; the next letter I want is ^, I 
therefore run my eye down the last letter but one of this claai 
till I come to hety the next letter I want is a^ which leads mfl 
to îiix. my eye upon the fourth letter from the last, which bringf 
me to ciet^ and so of the rest. 

As this arrangement is perfectly simple, two or three triaU 
will render it as intelligible as the common order/ especially il 
the word we look for be first written down, and carried along 
with the eyç in its search. 









A The first letter of ihe alphabet, k 
Boa The cry of sheep, s. 
AVba A Syriac word, sigDÎfying father, s. 
j^i'ta'-ra-'hatica A plant, a; 

Fe4u(^ca A small open boat, s. 
ArtF^d^U^a A plant, s. 
Ba-^i-ca The mitildle vein of the ans, s. 
Vomfi-ca An oncysted tumour m the lungs, s. 
Pi'ca The green sickness ; a printing letter, s. 
Sâ-at^i'ca The hip-gout, s. 
An^sar'ca A sort of dropsy, or pitting of the fiesb, s, 
Ar-ma^da A large âeet of ships of war, s. 
Ca/ta-da An American plant, s. 
'^o4o'Çuir/ti'(k The bitter apple, s. 
AM-â-foefi^da A sdnking gum, s. ^ * 

Cre-den'da Articles of 'foith, s. 
POH-a^a An unWersal piedicine ; ah herb, s. 
I-d/a Mental imagination, s. 
Bo-heaf A species of tea, s. 
' Lta 6 round enclosed^ s. 

Hea A troubles(Mnc insect, s. 
7b jM To clean from Fleas, v.a. 

Ptea Allégation ; form of pleading ; excuse, s, ' 
Guinfea A gold coin, value 31s. rhyitaes whinny, s. 
1 Dt-^T'-rhoefa A flux of the belly, s. ' . ' > 

' Gon-nor-'rhoe'a A venereal runnihg, s. * 

i Ap^r-rkœ'a Efflurium ; émanation, 9. . 

\ Dytp-noe^a A diificulty of breathîng, s. 

I Or-ihop-noe^a A disorder of the Inngs, s. 

. Pea A well-known kind of puise, s. ♦ 

JVtf-a An open suiface, as the floor ûf a rbom, «.* 
Sea The océan ; large lake, s. , 
W Tea A Chinese plant, s, *• • ^ 

\ KeaYes, ad. ' . ' '" 

iSo'fa A splendid seat, co\-ered wîth carpets, s. 
A'ga A Tnrkish military officer-, Si 
O-me'ga The last letter of the Qreek alj^habet» «. 
Voul. B Ha! 

là..^ ^. 


2 L L A 

Jfa ! An expreflsion of wonder, int. 
A-hm / DenoteB pleasure» uiumpb» int. 
Ba! kaf haf Of kmghter, kit. 

E'po'cha The time from which we date, s. 
0-n^cha The onyx» or odoriferous sheU, s. 
JS^pha A Hebrew meuure, s. 
SjfH-éhh^ilût The contraction or exotton of a syllable k pootry, &t 

AFf^a The^reek A or rt, s. 
A-pot^ry-pka Doubtful authors, s. 
Mar^a-nath'a A form of anathcmatizing, s, 
NaphUha An nn^tdous flery minefal, s. 
Jfy-drO'pho^bia Dread of water, s. 

A-cJà-a A drug brought from Egypt ; abo a tree so called, s. 
C^nh-pa^di-a A body or circle of sciences, s. 
En-cy-do-poi^di-^'A. circle of scienctt, s. 
Phar-ma-eo-poe^i-a Knowledge of dri^gs. ^c. s. 
Pm-^po-po^i-m A figure, by which things are Buide persons ^ persor 

nification, s. 
J2a/-i->fa A cordial, s^ 
/^-o-njfdk't-a A whitlow, s. 

JU'gtifU'-a The ensigns of roj^dty* s. 
P^r-orpher-nell^ Goods in tba wife^s disposai» s, 
Bai-4ii^it*u The order of battk, s. 
Au-refii-a Change of a cateqpillar toward a WOtb, s. 
J^'it^ An inferior kind «f adoration, s. 
Ner^ni-a Aj»y ki»d of ni^re, s. 
Gtoh^u^tufri-a A flosculoçvB fl«wer, consistiag of «HUiy fi^rets, s; 
Ad-ver-^ri-a A cominon-place>ix)Qk, s. 
Ae-ro-^i^rt-a In architecture» litUe p<id«teils with^nt baaes»,s. 
Six/ri-a Bross ; recrepent, s. 
A'po'ri^ A figi»« in rhetoriç, donlydqg wh^re te b^n, s. 
ù/tri-a The high^ Itiod of worf hip, s. 
Tar^fh-wy-mein-^ A figure in rhetoric» rsseinbliiig a piu, s. 
An^o-no-mafsi-a In rhetori'c» siibsti^ng th#4ig«ity ipr the person, 8. 
Eu-ika-na'si-a An easy death, s. 
Ge-o-da^ti^a In geoni^tiy, tàe n»e«««ir«ti<Ki pf ««isfiMces, s. 
Ai9fhm'i^ TbA imagiaary £m4 of the go^ ^. 
CW«-a A fif^ant aromati^ spice, s. 
€al4i'maftûa Nonsense ; talk «tithout Qieaniog, s. 
Mi-UlH'tt National forças ; train^d bafl4s> ^ 
J^^oi-a Paiticl^s flyin^K «ff bodie^, s. 
At-a-nts^i-a Exaiiption froi» vexatii9& i IrauaqpiiUîtyt s. 
Im! See; look; behold, int. 
GetiF^t-ûn-netla A kiqd of hkm CqIoiat, «. 

<ji0v4Mfffo A 40Kt ff screm to kitfp o^T tb« su» or ratn» s. 
Va-mtla A plant, s. 
SvHQ^fOF^ifta A plant and tree, s. 
PaftrA^ cimi lqe se«t, s. 
llb^/Js' / Us^ i« efJUng to ««y 4m« # a atrt«iie^ int. 

AN A '3 

Me'tabfa4d In medicine, a «hngtt «f tùne, aîr, «r fliiease. c 
A-ftt&'o-fa A coBîc section, g. 
^^^er'ÀffHAi A section af a cmte^ s. 
emifdo4a A boat osed at Veiitoè, s. 

Go7a la «rchittotai«, a metahet half ooneare éttd fcalf 
oonrear^ s. 
0/iM« A dôme; an ai«hed w»f,s. 

iRA^a-/a The smaller boue of Uie icg, s. ^ * 

Moffu-ia A spot, 8. 
Aw-rit/u^la A kind of flowwr» «. 
Scrqpu4û The king's evil, s. 
Htaht^ A snraiiii^ unAer Iheto&gue, g. 
Scap'u'Ui The shoulder-bbde, s. 

^w4b The wBfd nniting the sabject and predicate, 5. 

^««-& A slapper nsed in schools, 8. * 

Ftn^ni^la Land aUnost surfounded by water, s. 
^/'tt-fa A spreading-slice, used by apothecaries, s. 

jï*, ^ poisonous spider in Italy, s. 

FlrtU'la A sore disease, s. 

]^n ^ ";î2!r!2' "^^f '" P«^««* '^ «liaïgamation, s 
•**««»'« The actwoof a play, 8. ® ' 

-tf-jwtt e^ A curse ; an tecOTMnïmicatioh, s. 
ue-<l^fna A tumoar, s. 
Ep-i-pAo-ne^ma An excianatrob» s. 

Ef^pg^ma A collection of pura^nt matter, k 
J^-^ma A form of aaeâicine, s. 
E-nig^ma A rid^, s. 
^^«w A mark of infemy, s. 
^o^'wa An establîshed prmcipïe, «. 
^jugyia A figure in grammar, s. 
AstVma A diseaseof the tengs, s. 
Fte-md^ii^ma Th© last syflable but one, s. 
An^U'pe-mi' The last syllable but two, s. 

MmnHm^ Used by chiidren ibr mother, ». 
-nTÎUlI^ ^ proposition prerioiisly assumed, s. 

Ofma The pomt ( , ) Implying a little'^^ase, l^' 
a^«a A moiM disposition to sieep, s. 
«^^ A âc^j^e^esoence, chiefly m the noetrils, s. 
^™^"» Aa H^P«*otMm in the «ye, s. 
.^^«« A deed of privil^ or degrec, s. 
C^-a-n(/)Ra A» cancer, s. 
«e-fl^.to^»ia Matter in a wto e<Mnpo6ed of fet, s. 

/to* wa A «osmctic, to take off hah-, s. 
^^^Z î^ V^««« *<» of •«y »*tter in borlîng, «. 
Par^JZT. A »•*"**«' swelling j the king's evîl, s. 
^ar^€hif.^ A ^oogy substance, thmugh which the Wood is 

Rramed, s. 


r ' 

4 U R A 

Sul'ta'na The Turkish enpress, s. 
O-zae'na A fœtid ulcer in tbe nostrils, s. 
Phag-e'de'na Aa ulcer that discharges corroding humours, s. 
Prol-€-gom'e-na A previous discourse ; introductâon, s. 
Pltœn^fm'e-na The Oreek plural of pfaœnomenoii, s. 
Am-phis'boena A serpent supposed to hâve two heads, s. 

Sub'poe'na A writ commanding attendance> s. 
Gut'ta se-r^na A disorder of the eye, s. 
Hy-e'na An animal like a wolf, s. 
Qitna China ware ; a country, s. 
Gi^al-a-l/na Earth of a gold colour, s. 
Lmti-fui Thin plate, s. 

Stam'i'Tta Solids of the body ; tbreads of plants, s. 
Hem'i-na A bout ten ounces, s. 

Cm^r'/na The empress of Russia, pronounced Zareena. 
Al-can'na An Ëgyptian wood used in dying, s. 

Man'naA phyi»ical drug, s. 
Ho'san'na Praise to God, s. 
Ven-tan'na A window, s. 
Sa-van'na An open meadow, s. ' 

Sen'na A physical tree and drug, s. 
Du-er^na An old govemante, s. 

Ma-dona An image or picture of the Blessed Virgin, ». 
Co'To'na The crownof an order, s, 
Co*co-a À kind of mit, properly cacao, s. 
Ca-nr/a An Indian boat,. s. pronounced canoo. 
Papa' Used by children for father, s. 
7t-afra A diadem ; a head-dress, s. 
Ah'ra-ca-dab'ra A superstitious charm agaiust agues> s. 
La'hra A lip, s. n 

AVge-bra A b ranch of arithmetic, s. 
Pe-num'bra An imperfect shadow, s. 
Sa>l-0'pen'dra A sort of venomous serpent, s. 
Hx/dra A monsier with many heads, s. 
E'ra An epoch, s. 
^'phem'e'Ta A fever that terminâtes in one day ; an insect, s. 
Qd-méra A fictitious monster ; a wild fancy, s. 
Genle-ra (the plural of genus) kinds, s. 
Op'c'ta A musical enteilainment, s. 
Vre-thra The passage of the urine, s. 

ffe-gi^ra A term in chronology; anejîochausedby the Arabians,s. 
A-napfdoira In rhetoric, beginning différent sentences with the 

- same word, s. 
E'piphfo-ra An inflammation, s. 
Heth'(hra Fulness of humoucs, s. 
Memfo- ra An obstacle ; impoliment ; a fish, s. 
Au-ro'ra Poetlcally, the mor^ing, s. 
Su'pra In composition, signifies aboYe, or before. 
Confira Âgainst, prep. 

Lus' ira Sacrifices every five years m old- Rome, s. 
CanCc'Ta ob-scura A philosophical oparatus and optical machine» s. 



T A B S 

Ct^ndra A figure in poetry, by whîch a short tyllable, afteKs 
complète foot, is made long, g» 
Sa/ta Both a tree and a plant, s. 
Ahi-tis'sa A jection of tbe diameter of a oonic leotioa» s. 
Sx'4m'ikem'a-ta Efflorescencies ; eroptionf, f» 
So-na'ta A tnne« s. 
Er-ra'ia Faults made in printing, kt. s. pi. of Enratutn» 

Strefta Beds i layen, •. pi. of Btrattin. 
Cun-ia'ia A long, s. 
7V!>-'aAtbin8ilk, I. 
JFVt-cog'm-fa Thiogs previouslykiiowni & 
la-wl'ta An old dance, s. 
Jn-fanfta A Spanish princess, &• 
Pi'-men^ia All-spice ; Jamsdca pepper, 9. 
iUto'Ut A share ; a proportion, s. 
A'Of^ia The great artery arising out of the heart, s. 
Vit'ta A view ; a prpspect through trees, s. 
A-ri'Clfia A short air, song, or tune, s. 
BuT'iet'Ui A musical entertainment ; a farce, s. 

Ixi'va The OTerflowing bf a Volcano, s» 
Guoi-aVa A plant, s. 
Guo^iw A plaut, s. 

A^ptM Water, s. Latin. 
SH^i-fua A cart ; aiso a seed-vessd or husk, s. 
Can4ra^?va A pbysical root, s; 
Mwtu-a A woman's gonm, s. 
Ohpm^wi A gum taken firom a tree in Jiraail, s. 
mox^a An Indian moss, s. 
Gan^za A kind of wild goose, s. 
Sian'za A staff of verses, s. 
PîHofssa A walk nnder arciîes, s. 
Jïaa'za / A sbout of joy, int. 
7b kuzfza To utter exclamationB, t. a. 


Cab A Hebrev measore, s» 

Soai Incrostafcion over a sore ; itch ; mange» a. 
To dab To slap gently ; to moisten, t. a. 

X^ Agentle slap; a fish; anadept> alump,a. 
To ikab To play mean tricks,^. a. 
Jb.biab To tell a secret poblicly, v. a. 

Blab A tell-tale, s. 

Slab A plane of stone ; a puddle, s. 
To nab To catch by surprize, v. a. 
hah'nab At random, adv. 
To îcnab To bite, ▼. a. 

Crab A fish ; a wild apple, s. . 

Drob A dirty wench ; a thick woollen cloth, s. 
To stab To wound mortaUy or mischievously, t. a. 

B3 Siab 


- StiA A ^towid wilji à «limvp waapoKj à sif bart, s. 
â«a6 A iDft of fiah, i^rtnes fob, s. 
Sçuab A couch ér 8o£i, vhymes fob, s. 
' ' SliflKA Uafeathered ; fat j riiyiacs tàk, a. 
âba& An ordiDairy mop, ifayviM Uiby a. 
To svoab To clean with a swab, rhyaoes fcb, v. a. 
Ak^ Yani of a weavar^ varp, s. 
£66 Reflux of the tide ; diBcline, s. 
To ehb To fiow back ; to waste, m. a. 
Ci/beb A small dried fniît resaoïUing pcppaiV t. 

JV<!6 A mouth 'y bill of a bink Saa n«à, s. 
To auh To check ; tochide, t. a. 

W^ Any thiag wof ea ; a film <m tàe «gblj b 
CoVretif A spider^s web, s. 

Aift Part of the drett of wiuita» •• 
To&/*Totipple,T. a. • 

FV) A Êilsehood, t. 
GHh Smootb ; slippery, a* 
HUf Point of a pen ; beak of a bhd, 9. 
To tmb To check ; now written and pronoiuio^ 8Bub> s. 
Jiih A bone in the body ; pièce of timber m ilupi^ s. 
CrUf A manger ; a cottage> s. 
Ta crib Tikpilfer, ▼. a. 
To drib To crop ; to eut ofi^ v. a. 
Spare^tib The ri^s of pork vith Httle flesh, % 
Suib A safcaim ; a bitter taunt, a. 
Sguib A paper of wildfira ; a pufia^ Mlkm, 8» 
Atb A surplice, s. 
Bu(b A round body or root, s. 
JamJb A supporter» aa a door*po8t, rbyuMtdam» A 
Lamb A yoimg sheep, rfayioes dam, s. 
iyrirfiamb A goMen staiidaid, s. 

' XHtfmlf The end of a barrel or tnb, rhymes lime, s. 

LM A member 3 articnlated part, rh3rme8 dim» s. 
7b Umb To dismember ; to tear asunder, v. a. 
jR» eUmb To aacend, rhymes Inné, v. 
7b tUt-Und/ To dîlaniate ; to tear limb fi^em limb, v. a. 
Bomb A kind of onkiance, iliymes hum, s. 
To bomb To attack with bombs, rhymes hum, t. a. 

Comb An iasthiment to acjiust the hair ; of a cock ; <tf 
honey, rhymes home, s. 
To eomb To divide ; to dress ; to clean, rhymes hqpnej t. •• 
(hek^icomb Upper part of a cock^ head 3 a jdant, s. 
VénuM-wni» A plant, s. 
flaa/comb An instrument to clean âax, s. 
Coxfcomb A fop ; a snperficial pretender^ s. 
Cktr'ff-comb An instrument to dress horsësT^. 

iîAomfr A quadftBgalar figurOj a XbtA 

A R JB 7 

Chmb Preterite of to cîime, rbymeskam. 
Ceomb A me^sure of corn, s. 
Tomh A monument over the dead, rhymes booili) s* 
Htf^a-fymb A sacrifice of an hundred cattle, s. 
To en-tomb' To bury, v. a . 
To in'toml/ Tô bury, v. a. 

fVbmb The place of gôneratîon, rhymes iroom, f. 
To tvomb To enclose ; to breed in secret, rhymes room, v, a. 
7b en-rvotnb' To make pregnant ; to bury, ▼. a. 

To at-cftmb^ To lie at the table, as in the ancîent mflniier, V. <• ~ ' 
To sue-ewnl/ To yield ; to sirik nnder, v. a. 

DuTnb Mute ; speechless ; silent ; rhyllies httm^ a* 
TTiundf The short stk-ong finger, rhjrmes ham, s. 
Toihumb To llandle awkwardly, rhymes fanoi, v. ^« 
dîU4er*r'ihwnb' A small fish found in brooks, fi. 

To flumb To Sound the depth, rlrjmies hum, v. a. 

Fiumb A leaden weigbton a line ; a plnxnmet, rbyniefl hmn, ■• 
Fbtmb Perpendicttlarly, rhymes hum, ad. 
■Nbiift Torpid ; Chili; rhjrmes hum, a* 
7b numb To make torpid, rhymes hum, v. a. 
7b be-maU/ To stupify ) to make nnmb, v. a. 

Oumi The soft psurtofbread; a small pièce, i. 
7b foi To dodge ; to cheat, y. a. 
Bob A thing that hangs loose in ear-riûgSj &«• f» 
Jif^giOÊ^-bob A knick-nack ; a ttinket, s. 

Cob The head or top ; a sort of Sea-fowlf 0. 
tu A small breeches pocket, s. 
Tofob To cheat ; to trick, v. a. 
Gob A small shapeless mass, s. 
Tojob To strike, v. a. 
7b jb6 To play the stock-jobber, t. au 
tlbi A pièce of chance-woik, s. 
Lob A heaTy feUow ; a worm, s. 
7b &»6 To let fall in a laey manner^ y, a. 

Mob A woman's cap ; a croud ; the populace, ^ 
To mob To scold ; to harass, ▼. a. 

Voêfnob Corropted from habnab. Jdhnsen from Miakespeave» 
Kno^ A protubérance, s. 

Rob Inspissated juices of fruIt, s. 
7b rob To plunder ; to take miyiistly, v. a. 
Ca/ob A plant^ s. 
7b be^rob^ To tob ; to plonder, V. a. 
7b ihrob To heave ; to beat ; to palpitaté, t. a. 
Throb A heave ; a palpitation, s. 
7b «oi To cry with conTulsive sorrow, y. a« 

Sob A convulsive cry, s. 
7b fuob To move as the embryo does in the womb, y. m, 
Barb The beard of an arrov; a Barbary horse^ s. 
7b de^arV To dcrprive of the beard, y. a. 
Rhufbmb A médicinal purgative root, s. 

Garb Dress ; clothes ; oatwârd appearance, s. 

B4 fftrb 


< s Y B 

Bêrb A plant, s. 
Pot'herb An herb fit for the pot, 6. 
Su-perh' Grand ; pompons, a. 

Verh One of the cight parts of speech, signifying «lotDg, 
suffering, or being, s. 
Ad'verh A wordusuallyjom^ to a verb, to express the time, 
manner, &c. of an action, s. 
To re-verh' To rebound ; to reyerberate, v. a. 
'Pro^'erh A maxim ; adage ; common 8a3nngy s. 
Au-vU^i-a-ry verb A vcrb that helps to conjogate other veihf » K 
Orb A sphère ; wheêl ; cirçle, s. 
. , Corb A basket used in coUieries, s. 
To (A-sot V To suck up ; to swallorjir up, t. a, 
Sub^urb Out-part of a city, s. ' t 

To' airb To restrain, v. a. 

Curb Part of a bridle ; restraint, s; 
To courb To bend ; to bow> rhymes curb, v. a. 
To dis-turV To disquiet; to interrùpt,v. a. 

To daub To smear j to flatter, to trim gaodily, v. 
Bttb Stroug béer, s. 
SWkt'éub A posset made at the cow, s. 
Hul/bub A tumult ; a riot, s. 
IF%oo^»6 A hubbub, s. 

Cub The young of a beast, s. 
To cub To bring forth a beast, ▼. a. 
To M To confer a title or dignity, v. a. 
Tofub To put off, y. a. now written and pronounced fob. 
Fyb A phimp chubby boy, s. 
Chub A fish, s. 
Jt/jiA A plant, s. 

To dub To join in common expence, v. a. 
Cbtb A heayy stick ; an assembly of persons at a pablit 

houae, tayem, &c. s. 
SmA A knot in wood, si 
To smtb To reprimand, y. a. 
To ntb To scour ; to fret ; to polisb, v. 
Hub Impediment ; difficulty ; act of rubbing, s. * 
Scrub A mean fellow ; a broom wom out, s. 
To scrub To mb bard, y. a. 

To èrub To thrash, bang, or beat with a stick, ▼. •• 
Cke/ub A celestial spirit, plural Cherubm, s. 
To grub To dig.up so as ta destroy, y. a. 
Grub A worm ; a dwarf, s. 

Shrub A bush ; spirit with acid and sugar mixed, a. 
Sub In contposition, signifies a subordinate degiee^ - 

Tub A vessel ofwood of yarious sizes, s. | 

Pow'der-ing'lub The vessel in which méat is salted^ s. 
Siub A log ; a block, s. 
To stub To root up ; to force up, y. a. 
Todazob To smear ; to make dirty, v. a« 
To bc'dawb' To besmear, v. a. SQt.daub* 
Syb Related by blood, a. 



Fie 9 


I^V'S(/di-ae Pertainmg^ to prosody, a. 

Zo'di-ac The sim's track through the twelve signs, s. 
Ca/di-ac Cordial ; invigorating, a. 
JEl-e-gi'ac Used in élégies; moumful, a* 
Ce'li-ac Relating to the lower belly, a. 
Jl'i-ac Belonging to the lower boWels, a. 
Ma'ni-ac A madman, s. 
De'im'ni-ac Belonging to the devil, a. 
De-mo'm-ac One possessed by the devil, au 
Âm-nu/ni-ae The name of a dnig, s. 
Gvmrom-mo'ni-ac A gum brought from the East Indies, s. 
SeiaM-mo/n-ac A volatile sait, s. 

Ar-mo'rù'ac Properly ammomac, which see. 
Efp^-ckon'dri'oc Melancholy, a. 

Ce-lt/ri-ac Turnip-rooted celery, s. 
Aph-'ro-^i-ac Relating to the venereal disease, a. 
Sym-fo'si-ac Relating to mcrry makings, a. 
Al'ma-nac A calendar of the nioon's change and other particu- 
lars for a year, s. 
Alrge-br(/ic Pertaining to algebra, a. 
Mes-e-ra!ic Belonging tothe mysentery, a. 

Mo'tdic A kind of painting in pebbies, shellsj. &c. se called, a» 
Pro-ta'id Belonging to oi* resembling prose, a. 
8yl-Utb'k Relating to syllables, a. 
I-am'hic Verses composed of a short and long syllable alter-^^ 

nately, s. 
A'ien^bic A vestsel used in distillihg, s. 
SAom'bic Shaped like a rhomb, a.. 

Cu'bie Relating to a c^be, a. 
Che-ru'bic Relating to the chembim, a.. 
Tho-rtu^ic Belonging to the breast, a. 

Is-chi-a^ic In anatomy^ applied to certaitt reins ot the fbot, «,. 
Spat-mo(tic Convubive, a. 
An-ti-tpas-modUc Having the power of relieving the cramp, a. 
Sy-nod'ic Relating to, or done in a synod, a. 
Eft-i-tod'ic Contained in an épisode, a. 
Be^t-o-ardic Compounded with bezoar, a. 
Ma-lffic Mischievons, a. 
Mor-btfk Causing diseases, a» 
Rii-brf'k Making red, a. 
Pa'Cif ic M ild ; peaceable, a, 
Sic-àfk Causing dryness, a. 

Spe-c/fk A remedy àdapted to a particnlar disease, s. 
Spe-qfk Distinguishing one sort from another, a. 
iM-ct/'k Making or producing light, a* 
^ran-dif'k Making great, a. 
AUgific Prodncing cold, a; 
iVo^^Jc Fruitftil; generative. a. 

B 5 €'«•- 

\^ . H. «■«.«»; ' 


Cer'-U'iifk Having pover to prodace a Mae col(Nir, a. 
Mag-n^k Illustrious ; graud, a. 
Sem^i-f^k Productive of seed, a. 
Dam-'ntf'k Procuririg loss; mispbiei:oa8« i^ 
Om-rèfk AU-creating, a. 
Som-mfk Causing sleep, a. 
Sac-r^k Employed in saccifice, a. 
LtKiifk Producing gain» a- 
Su-do-rlfk Provoking sweat, a. 
Cciro-rifk Having the quality of producing hcat, 9* • 
Col-^rif'k Having th« pov£^ .of producing coloars>4». 
Dolro-rtf^k Cansio^ grief or pain» a. 
Son-O'iifk Producing sound» a. 
Sap-^M^k Producing taste» a» 
So^-o-rjfk Causing sleep, a. 
Ter-rific Dreadful; causing fear, a. 
Hor-rifk Causing horror, a. '^ 

Pe-tTxfk Having the power of changing to stone, a. 
Ot't^k Having the power of making or changisg to bop«, «. 
Be-O'tifk Blissfol» a» 

Sà-erb-t'fk Producing certain knowledge» «• 
Pres'cn-t^ic Making présent, a. 
Vi^k Giving llfe, a 
Ma^k Necromantic» a. ' . 

. Me^e A dealing with spirits» &c. 8. 
Trc^k MoumfuT; calamitous» a. 
An-taFgk Having the power of softenîng paÎA» ;»« 
"Od-on-ial'gk Pertaining to the tooth-ach, a. 
Log'k The art of reasoning, s. 
Afch-^-o-k^k Relating to a di9Cour8e on aotiguity^^ 
As-tro-iog'k Relating to astiplogy, a. 
Le-thar^gk Sleepy ; drowsy,a. 

'Geor'gic A rural poem, s. 
Chi-rur^gk Belonging to a surgeon, a. 
^O'fROc^'ic Relating to the stomach, a. 
Brortfchk Beïong^ng to the throat, a. 
Se-raph'k Angelical, a, 
Se-len^o-grapkfk Belonging to the selenograpby, 9» 
Hi'e-ra-gi^phfk An emblem; a figure, s. 
Hi-e-ro-gb^k'k Emblematical, a. 

Etf^k Moral, a. PI. Moral PhUosophy, s. 
Hd-min'ihic Relating to wonns, a. 
An-ihel'mnfttùc Having the power o£ killing worins, a. 
DuL-as-caVk Preceptive; didactic, a. 
Ce-phal'k Easing the heâd, a. 
Pub'lk Open; notoriousi a. 
Pub'lk The body c^ a nation, s. 
JU-pub'lk A commonwealth witbout a ktng,-?* 
An-getk Angelical; resembling angels, a. 
Arck-an-gd'k Resembling angels, a. 

Ba-tU'^ The basilic veiuj a large hall, s. 


NIC u 

Éfe-dal'lte Pertainingto meâris, s. 
Me-tafUc Pertaiuing to, or consrstio; of métal, a. 
Di-a-boPic BeTÎKsh, a. 
By-per-Mfic Exaggeratingp, a. 

CoPk A distemper affecting the bovels, s. 
Bu-cxU'k Pastoral, a. 

JB-oFic Relating to the .£t>lianSy as thç JËicAîc dialeet^ a. 
Mel'Wt^M'ic HypoclMndriacal, a. 
Cati^o-Uc Universal, a. 
Vii-ri-^fk Containing vitriol, a. 
Ap-ot^'ic Taught by apostles, a. 

Ai/th Belonging tô the court; a. 
Hy-drauflk Relatingtu water-works, a. 
Bal-sam'it Unctuous; mitigating, a. 
A^a-dem'k Belonging to an academy, a«. 
Ac-a^rntie A stadentof a university, s. 
Ep-Mkmfk Qenen\\ affecting munbers, a. 
Pan-âemlk Incident to a whole people, a. 
En^-demfk Peculiar td a country, a. 
Pth-lem'k Controversial; dispatative, a* 
The-Q-rèwfk Consrsting in theor.ems, a. 

To mtflk To ridicule by a burlesque imitation, v. a,, 
Mim'k A ludicrous imitator, s. Imitative, a. 
Oph-tha^mk Rdatingto theeye, a. 

Comfk Raising mirth j relating to comedy, a« 
Oee-fh-nomfk Frugal, a. 
At^tro-nomfk Reiâting to astronotny, a. 
A-kx^i^hm'mk Antidotal, a. 

Lox-o-^tromlk The art of oblique saiUng by the rhomb, ft. 

Chym^k Made by chemistry, a 
Cae-o-ch^k Raving the humours corrupted, a. 
Fat-ro-nymfk Name, eicpressing the name of theifither or ancestor, $. 
O-ce^iik Petainingto the océan, a. 
Me-dvm^c Constructed by the laws of mechanics, a. 
Me-éuaik An artificer, s. In the plural, the science of motio|i, s« 
JH-a-pkmlk Transparent, a. 
Tal-it'manfk Magical, a. 

Panfk Violent fearwithout causie, s. 
'Panfk Violent without cause, (applied tofear) a» 
As'ttt-panfk The ilying squirrel, s. 
Sa-tan'k Devilish; infernal, a. 
Bo-tan'k Relating to herbs, a.. 
Scet^k Theàtrical ; draniatic, a. 
Splenfk Belonging to the spleen, a. 
At^se-nk A violent poisonous minerai» •• 
^^M'mc A heathen ; apagan, s. 
CSr^k One wfao keeps bis bed» s. 
Oinfk Keeping one^s bed, a. 
Gmfnk Practising the athlètic esKerciset» a. 
Hymlnk Relathag to hymnâ, a* 
Jif-rm'Ric Like a tyrant, a. 


12 R I C 

Confie In form of a cône, a* 
La-confk Short; brief, a. 
Sien-tor-o-phon'ic Loudly speaking or souDding, a. 

I-on'k Pertaining to the lonians^ a people of Greece, a. 
His-tri-^ic Belonging to the stage, a. 
Pulr-monfic Belonging to the langs, a. 
Po^A-og-Ro-mon'û: Inséparable ; essentiàil; notsjrmptomatic, a. 
Phif*'i'Og-no'mon'iC'Dra.wnfrom the contemplation of the face, a. ' 
Har-mcmfic Musical, a. 

Chrorlk Durable ; in diseases, opposed to acute, a. 
Tonfk Being extended, a. 
Di^a-toT^k An epithet given to a specics of music, a. 
Tec-ton^k Pertaining to building, a. 
Arûi'i-tec-ton'k Having the skill of an architect, a. 

Teu'tonlk Belonging to the Teutons, or ancient Germons^ a. 
Pulnk Belonging to Africa or Carthage, a. 
Tu'nk A coTering, part of the Roman dress, s. 
CyTifk A snarling philosopher, s. 
Cyn*k Snarling, satyrlcal, a. 
He-ro'k Brave, a. 

Sto'k A Philosopher of the sect of Zeno, s. 
Ep'k Narrative, a. 
Mi'trO'Scop'k Resembling a microscope, a. 
Top'k A gênerai head of discourse, s. 
Uy-drop'k Dropsical, a. 

Trop'k Astronomical line, s. 
Pfd'lip'pk Any invective déclamation, s. 
Pki'lippk Pertaining toan invective déclamation, a. 

Tyj/k Ëmblematical, a. 
Bar-bar'k Foreign ; far-fetched, a. 
Pin^dar'k Relating to Pindar; a kind of verse, a. 
Fafbrk An édifice; a building ; a System, s. 
Cam'brk A kind of fine linen, s. 
JJt'brk Slippery ; smooth ou the surface, a« 
Ru'brk Red, a. 

Rfi'br-krJ^rçx^ûoos in the common-prayer, s. 
Cy-ïin'drk Relating to, or like a cylinder, a. 
Spker'k Round ; globular, a. 
Hem-is-pher^k Half round; containing balf a globe^ «» 
Scî-a'^ther'k Belonging to a sun-dial, a. 

ChoVer-k Angry; fiiU of choler, a. 
E'phemfer-k Diumal, a. 
Tu/me-rk An Indi^ root which makes a yèllow dye, 9. 
Gc'Tier'k Comprehendingthe genus^, a. ' 

CUm-aC'ter'k A critîcal period of life, s. 
Clim-ac-ter'k Relating to a critical period of life, a. 
A-lfix-i'ler'k Having the quality of driving away poison, a* 
. lÀ-cn-ter'k Pertaining ta a lientery, a. 
jMtei'en-ter'k Relating to the mesentery, a. 
AJ?-o-/^VcNovel; late; modem, a. 
Hys'ter'k TrouWed with fits, a. 
Sm'piT'k A pretended jpbysician ; a quack^ t» 



TIC 13 

I Do/k An order in archîtectare, s. 

' Tke-or'ic A spccDlatist, s. 

The-cr^ic Spéculative, a. 
Alr-le-gor^ic Not real; not literal, a. 
Par-e-gor'ic In medicine, having the power ta assuage, a. 
JUfet-a-pbo/ic Figurative, a. 

Rhift^o-ric Oratory; art of speaking, s. 
His-tor'k Pertaining to history, a. 
Bisk'op-rk A diocèse ; the jurisdiction of a bishop, 9. 
Aith-bitVip-riQ The jurisdiction of an archbish<^, s. 
The-aifrk Suiting a théâtre, a. 
E'iee'tric Attractive without magnetism, a. 
Ge'O-me^rk Pertaining to geometry, a. 
Ob-stei'rk .Befitting a midwife, a. 
Cenftrk Placed in the centre, a. 
Ec-cen/trk Deviating from the centre, a^ 
Càn-cenUrk Having the same centre, a. 
Gt'ihcenftric Having the earth for a centre, a. 
He-H-o-cei^tric Having the sun for a centre, a. 

Di^Urk AiFordiug a médium for the sight, a. 
Cat-oj/trk Relating to catoptrics, a. 
Gas^trk Bclonging to the belly, a. 
Etfp'O'gai'trk Seated in the lower part of the belly, a. 
Spa-gyr^k Chymical, a. 
PuJi'e-gyr'k An elogy; énoomium, s. 

IjfF^k Pertaining, or singing, to a harp, a» 
I^this'k Consumption ; shortness of breath,. s. 
Tis'k Consomption ; shortness of breath, s^ . 
Fo-ren'sk Belonging to courts.of judicature, a.. 
In-trinfsk Inward ; internai ; real, a. 
JEx-/riVWeOutward; externaJ, a. 

CUu^tk Relating to standard autbors of the fîrst rank, a. 
Gasftic An author of the fîrst rank, â. 
Mu' sic The science of hàrmony; harmonions soonds, s. 
PAyj^ic The. science of healing; medicine^ s. 
To phy^k To purge; to cure^ v. a. 
Met-a-pkys'k Ontology, s. 
Met-a-j^lf^k Relating to metaphysics, a. 
Pan-ere-at'k Contained in the pancréas, a. 
Em-phat'k Stroag; fwcible; striking, a. 
Lym-fhalfk A small pellucid tube in the human body, s. 
Scùadk The hip-gout, s. 
Gen-eik'li-atfk One wbo calculâtes nativities, s. 
Mu-ri'Oi'k Partaking of the nature of brine, a. 
Flu-vi-a^k Belonging to rivera, a. 
Pa-lafic Belonging to the palate, a. 
f^/'/s/Vc Belonging to villages, a. 
Dra-nuU'k Represented by action ; theatrical, a. 
Math-e-matk According to the doctrine of mathematic8> a. 
Emrhle-malfk Allusive, a. 
The-cre-mat^k Consisting in theorems, a. 

^i»,!"»^ ■ 

14 TI Ç 

OH-ag-mai^k Ha.TÎug'tfaeqtmlityof oonac^datiiif » a* 
Prag-mai'ic Meddling; impertinent, a. 
Phleg-mat'w Abounding in phelgm; doU, a. 
LeunCO'phieg'matfic Pertainingto a pecuiiar ktoid àS drvpfy, a. 
Ap-o-pAleg-mat^ic Drawing away phkgm, a. 
Smeg-nuO'ic Soapy; detersive, a. 
Slig-ma^ic Branded witb inikiny, a. 
Dog-ma^ic Opinionatire; magisterial, a. 
GramF-mtUfie Belongmic to gnmmar, a. 
Ep'i'gram-'nurific Belonging to, or of the nature of epigna», a. 
Asth~ma£ic Troubled with an asthma, a. 
ArU-asthrmn^ic Oood against an asthma, a. 

Id-i-o-mai'ic Peculiar to a languege; phraseolf^cal, «. 
Chro-mat'ic Helating to oolours or a kind of music, a^ 
SjfmjUo'mat'ic Happening concarreQtly, tu 
Sper-maific Séminal, a. 

Sckiim-a'lic One who sepacates from the church, s. 
PriM-mai'ic Formed as a prism, a. 
Trau-ma^ic Vulnerary, a. 
Rkew-ffuit'ic Troubled with the rfauematism, a. 
Pneu-mat'ic Moved by, or consisting of wind, a* 
.An-ti-ttru-mat'ic Good against the king's evii, a. 
Fa-mU'ic Bnthosiastic, a. 
Fa-naïf ic An enthnsiast, s. 
Ve-natic Used in hnnting, a. 
Ljufna'iii Mad; inftuenced by the mooD, 9* 
LufTia^iic A madman, s. 
He-pa^ie Belobgingto the liver, a* 
Qua-drat'-ie Fourscjoaire, a. 
Bi-qua-drafk Pertaining to a square, mnltiplied by itself, a. 
Fr-rafk Wandering; irregular, a. 
Pro'tai'ie Pertaining to relation; narrative^ a* 

Stat'k Relating to weighing, a. 
JBc'^al'M; Ravishing; raptaroas, a. 
Ex-ta^k TendÎDg to something exteraal ; raptorous, a* 
Di-dat/tk Preceptive; doctrinal, a* 
Pmph-y-Uuftk Préventive; preservative, a. 

Praétk Relating to action ; not merely spéculative, a. 
Ca^ckec'tk Havingan ill habit of body, a. 
Dp-arWtk Logic; the art of reasoning, s. 
A-att^a^etfik A verse, having its syllables complète, s. 
Ap-o-plei/tk Relating to an apoplexy,a. 
- AwU'âp-o-pletftk Good against an apoplexy, a. 

^r(/^ Northern; lytag under Arctos, a. • ; 

PnMMr-tarcftic Forerunning; antécédent, a. 1 

Ani^ar</ik Relating to the aouthem ipcle, a. / 

Ascefk Belong to .religions exercises; monastic, a, 
A'Sceifk A hermit; a monk, s* 
A^poiHh'gttfk Defending; excnsing, a. 
JBa-er-ge/'»; Foircible; vigorous; active^ a» 
Pro-pktftk ForeteUing eveativ *• 


TIC 15 

Fa-ihi^ie Afiècting the passions, A. 
^M-pa-^/'ic Having mutual sensation, a. 

At^Ui^ic Belooging to pipes, a. 
E-mefic Prov(£ing vomits, a. 
E-met'ic A medieinetocattsëyoïniting, s. 
Ani-e-meific Having the power to preYent vomiting, a. 
A-rithfnut'ic Science ofnumbers^ art of êemputation, s» 
CcMnet'ic lUlating to a cooiet, a. 
ffer-me^ic Chymical, a. 
Cot-metfie Beantifying, a. 
Cos-mei'ic A beautifier, s. 
Spkn'et-ic Ffetful ; peevish ; fatt of spleen, a. 
af »-^>-^b/e-ii«/'ic Efficacioiis in dis^ise&of the spleen, a. 
Fre-net'ic Mad ; distracted, a. 
i%r«.nff^'tc Mad ; &antic,a. 
Mag-netfie Attractive, a. 
JH-ar-rhœtfic Purgative, a. ' 

Po-elfie Ëxpressed in, orpertaîning topoetiy/l» 
Cky-h-pO'et^K Having a power of forming chyle, a. 
Noso-po-etfic Producing diseases, a. 

Het^et-ic One-who holds a fundamental error \n religion, a. 
The-Kh^elfic Spéculative, a. 
Di-a-pho^etfic Promoting perspiratton, a. 
Fteth-o^etfk Having a fiiU habit, a. 
Em-po^dfic Used at marketg and in meidiandîze, a. 
Js'dat^r^k Provddng urine when supptessed, vu 
DirUrtedic Provoking urine, a. 
JH-^-Ut'k Rdating to diet, a, 
Z84edk Proceeding by enquiry, a. 
A-teetfk Dropsical, a, 
ArU-^^n-ditfk Antivenereal, a. 

/W»4m; Political ; civil; prudent; artful,!!. 
Im-polfi-tk Imprudent ; indiscreet, a. 

Crit'k Critieal ; lelatingtocriticism, a. 
Critfk Criticism ; censure, ». 
Crit'k A nice censurer ; one skilled in crittcism, tb 
7b erUfk To play the critic, v. a. 
JBffp-o-cridù Dissembling ; insincere, a. 
0-fK»-n>-mi'ic An interpréter of dreams, s. 
Hf-per-crUfk A critic exact beyond reaann, s. 

Nf-phrUfk Bek»gingto the organs of urine ; traubled irâftb, or 
good against the stone, a. 
An-tt-ne-jMt'k Good against diseases of the reins and kidneys, a. 
Ar-ihrilfk Gouty ; belonging to joints, a. 
Ant-^r'thritfk Good against the goût» a. 
FUu^k Diseased with a pleurisy, «. 
Per-i-ttolUk A parUcntar motion of the gnts socalkd» a. 
Anftk Odd j jfidicnlouriy wUd,*, 

- ««w V * * - ^ ^ « 

An'lk AbaSooa.t, 
Pe-danflic Like a pédant, i. 
Gi-fm'lic Like a giant ; bulky ) Kg, a. 
Syt-o-pkia'tic Flatteriug ; paraiiticsl, a. 

Al-lm'tic The Weatem Océan, a. 
Ge-e-niia!iic Pertainmstothe artof CBEtiim ^m«^*^ 
Ai-nan'fîc Wlld ; hnpmbable; blae, a. 

Ran'iit Mad ; transpiAUd witb paidod, a. 
- /■dm'ftc'nieHaie.a. 
Au-lhta'tic Genuine, a. 

Cha-oik Resembling chaos ; csnftMed, ».. 
Ge-ofic Belonfnngtotheearth, a. 
jj-K-ol'if Medicines that apea the pDt«B, BO called, a. 
Ep-vJotk A ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Ep-v-le(ic A cil 
i-ï%F-iiofrc Haï 

; pover to prevent eleep, a. 

E A D *7 

Em-fioi'iic Viscous $ glutinous, a. 
Oym-na^tic Pertaining to athletic exercises, a. 

Mo-na/ik Religiously recluse ; belonging to a mook or conTent, a« 
Sp-is-pa/tic Drawing ; blistering, a. 
Anr-tis-pas'tic Medicines causing a révulsion are 80 calledi a» 
Drof'/icPowerful; vigoroas,a. 
Teê^ras^tk An Epigram or stanza of four verses» •• 
Rn-ias'iic Whimsicàl ; fiuciiul, a. 
I^Utn-tas^ik See Fantastk* 
J^»-^as^ik A composition consisting qf five verseSi s» 
Htx-atfik A poem of six lines, s* 
Afa-^lie Grand ; noble, a. 
Do'me^ik Belonging to a house; notforeigo, a. 
Binmetfik A houshold servant, s. 
A-One-ùftk Oiven to athùsm, a. 

SMihp^ik Pertaining to, or consisting of a syllogifln, •• 
C^^aUù^ik Having an occult meaning, a. 
He-mi^tk Half a verse, s. 
Ckar-^K-ier^ik Constituting the cbaracter, a. 
CkB-'ae-ter-i/ik That which oonstitutes the cbaracter, s. 

Pkh-riifik Relating toevery metbod of solving a problem, a. 
Di^'mo^Ue A symptom by which a disease is distinguished, s. 
Png~na/ik Poretokening disease or recovery, a. 
Png'notfik A prédiction, s. 
Pai^ik Baickward, a. 
A<To^tk A poem whose initial lettersform the name of a per* 
son or thing, s. 
Qau^tk In medicine, buming, a. 
Onu/Uc In medicine, a buming fly|>pUcation, s. . 
Bi/tk A sort of wood from the West Indies, s. 
Rus^ik Rural; rude; aitless; plain, a. 
Riu'tic A down, s. 
Ap-ê-cnuft Repelling and astringent, a. 
(kfiftk Contained in a bag, a. 
My/tk Sacredly obscure ; secret, a. 
AiUk Relating to Athens, a city in Attica ; ^leat, a, 
FkÊtmaeei/ik Relating to the art of pharmaoy, a. 
Sœr-Mik Diseased with the scurvy, a. 
Par-a^k Palsied ; indined to palsy, a. 
H-po^^m-fy^k Efficacious against the pÂlsy, a. 

Wk In Saxon, a village, a bay, or a casâe» s. 
Triwk A thing of three points, s. 
To mam'moc To tear ; to pull to pièces, v. a« 
Manlmoc A large shapeless pièce, s. 
Orc A sort of sea-6sh^ s. 


Bad 111 vicions ; hurtful ; sick, a. 

Dad Abbreviationforfather, s. 

Ikad A smftlldrop strung for the neck, rhymes glede, s. 



18 H A B 

Ikad Deprired of life ; dull ; tfopHl ; rliymes; bed, mi 
Z>M(^ Sâlhien; nlence; rhymes bed, s. 
To dtod To deprive of sensatioD, rhymes bed, t. a. 

Head Top ; chief ; what oontains the brain ; riiymes bed,ft 
TbikrarfTolead; tocommand; rhymes bed, ▼. a. 
A-ktad! Forward; headkmg; rhymes bed, ad. 
Hmmd'hëad A Bame of reproach to paritans in Olhrer's timei i, 

Go4fhead Ii&ïty ; divine nature, s» 
7b Ae-Amn^ To CQt offthe bead, V. a. 
Fore^itaé Upper part of the ^*e ; inpiidefiee^ t. 
BhA-htadf A stupid persoD, s. 
BuOt-head* In a ship^ a partition of boards, s. 
Maide»-keai Viiginity ; ncimeas; lirst ose, t. 
Log'ger^kead A blockhead, 8. 

llogifhead A measure of sixty gallons, s. 
C«f^lrarf In a ship, a pièce of timber so ddlfed, s. 
BoU^keod A long^necked glass vessei for distiUattcn, s. 
Lead Tbe heaviest métal ekcept gold, rhymea bed, s. 
7b iSem/To guide ;toconduct; lo go ftnt; riiymes g}ede,¥.k 
XcMf Gnidance, rhymes glede, si 
Otêod A kîte pnmonnced asif wrifctenifMlf, which see» % 
To fleaiTùédcoAl to argue befoieajuc^; rhymes g^ede,T* 
To emF-pUadf To indiet; to prefer acharge^ t. s. 
7b niu4eadf To guide a wrong way, ▼. a. 

Mead A meadow; a liquor ttadeaflioiiey; rhymes glede, s. 
Tblworf Topres» doagh with the Arst t. a. 
7b reod To pemse, pronounced as the nonn reed» t. a. 
Read SIdlled,proBoaneed as red,a coloor, part' pass. of reafl; 
BreodThoA madeof corn, rhymes bed, s. 
Qtnfger-bread Bvead made of flour, ginger, and tteade, % 
Swed^bread The pancréas of aoy animal, & 
Shea^bread Holy bread under the Jewish hNr, s. 
Dreatf Fear; terror; awe; ihymesbed, s. 
Tkread Small twist; nniforra tenow; rlqrmes bed^ %. 
To tkread To put opon athread, ▼. a. 
I^d^ikread Coarse thread for packing, s. 
Un-reaU Net read ; not leamed, a. 
7b tpirtad Toexpand; tocofer orer; rhymes bed, y. a. 
Spread Part. pass. of to spread, rhymes bed. 
7b he-tpread! To spread orer, rfajrmes bed, r. a. 
7b âit^prea^ To spread dîflerent ways, rhymea bed, r. a. 

TfMc^Astepwiththefoot; partofanegg; rhymes bed, s. 
7b tread To set the foot ; to trample on ; rhymes bed, r. a. 

Stead Place ; use ; room ; frame; rhymes bed, s. 
Bedfttead Frame of a bed, s. 
<Zb bestead^ To profit, rhymes bed, v. a. 

Inrttead! In the place or room of any thing^ rhjrmes bed, ad. 
Gad A wedge ofsteel; a graver, a. 
7b gad To ramble about idiy , ▼. a. 

Atf The preterite and participle of the vert^ to hâve. 

B £ D 19 

C%atf Asortoffi8h,8. 
€hilfr-ad A tbonsatnd, s. 
Myr^i-td Ten thoiuaiid, g. 

Lad A boy advancéd tcnmtdB manhoodi 9, 
Sat'ad A food oompoeed of raw lierb», b. 

Qiod Part pass. of the Terb to cloth«, nearl y obfolel^ 
F.db«rObsdeteiMurticipte,forclad; ck)th«d. 

Aa/'IoMf Awng,8. 

ilfatf DiBordered ÎB mind ; earaged>a. 
7b be-mad! To niake mad ; to ton» the brain, ▼. a. 
BeV-éo^mad A ««èk; a qpaoe of seTen days, s. 
M(/nad An indivisible thing, s. 

Omn{ An insfeniment to drivo osen, rtiymes ode,<;odie, &c. % 
7b jfoarf Toprickwithagoad; tovex; rhymes ode, flce. v. a. 

iLooc/ Aburdan; ft«jght; rfajniMt ode, code, &c. i. 
Tb hod To burden ; lre*gfat ; charge ; rhymes ode, kc» t. a. 
7b wn>4ooé To disborden, rhymes ode^ ▼. a. 
*T9 Q-wr-hodf To charge too heavOy, rhymes ode, r. a. 

Aoil A wayfortraFdling; apath; rhymes ode^ s. 
Dioorf WidOj extended; open; rhymes finaud, a. 
A-broai Oui of doors ; in another countiy ; rhymes flaiid, ad; 
hitoad Incursion ; sudden invasion ; rhymes ode, s. 
Tboif A poisonoQS animal, rhymes ode, s. ^ 
W9mi A plant used in djring yênow, rhymes ode, k 
Porf An easy-paoedhorse; afootroober,8. 
ToHgueffad A great talker, s. 
RorpadA robberonftntjt. 
Brad A sort of nail, s. 
SadSommfài; gloomy; bad; heary; a. 
fVad Cover of the charge of a gun, rhymes hod, nod, ke. tl: 
Tè mid To joinor put to, ▼. a. 
2o turper-adàf To add orer and above, ▼. a. 

JMAplacetosleepon; chamielofaTiTer, 8(c.ti 

ScùVbed Full of scabs ; paltiy, a. 
Cm^ÂM? Peevish ; testy; d^cult, a. 
M'€i»'i«r Joined by a film, a. 

Nib'bed Having a nib made, a. 

RH/bed Made with ribs, a. 
Cte^M Big-headed ; bloff,a. 
Siul/bed Short and thick, a. 
Child^bed The state of being m labour, s. 
J^r^d/M Marriageobed, s. 
Trutfile-bed A bed that nus under anoUier, s. 
Death!hed The bed on which a man dies, s. 
Kifbed Haying sores, chiefly on the heeis, a. 

IM/êd Ifoving limbs, a. 

iÏOT&WHaTingabarborbeaid: armed^iu 

* • Or4W 




20 D E D 

OrVed Formed in a circle ; roonded, a, 
Dis-orVed Thrown ont of the proper orb, a. 

Hotfbed Earth heated by the ftermeDtation of dang, i. 
SIiam«ya-c^ Bashftil; modest, a. 
Bareffa-ced Scandalous $ in public view^ a. 
Smockfa-ced'BeaxéieU'y maidenly,a. 
Bra!zenifa-ced Im'pu^àexiti ehameless, a. 
Sirtùtfla-ced Scrw^omsi over<-coiucientiottf| •• 
Palced Having a certain gait, a.~ 
7lroi^Vpa-c0ef Perfect $ complète, a. 
TWoi^A-^-cicf Perfect ; complète, a. 

Bro'cet; Tiedftronglytogather; tigH^ft* 
Un-^afced Relaxed ; looee $ a. 
Jmmfdk^ loiected with jaandice $ prçjudiced, a. 
/V^ti-d^o-€tf Prepoteeiaed on one ùde ; injuTed^a. 
Un-pr^u-dk^-éd Impartial ; not prepossesaed, a. 
£x'pifn-eih<ied Wise by long practice, a. 

Po^ced Fumiabed wita clavs or talons, a. 

i^iv'ec/ Obtmded ; compelled, a. 
JRf-d^'cirfMadelefla; broughtback$ subdued, a. 
Â-cbf'otftf Inveigled ; deceived$ ledastiay, a. 
Bnh-ct^ded Fumiihed with brocade, a. 
lÀgkl'keMi'êd IkAm<3faB i thooghtleas, a, 

ffot^eod-ed'PBmoaaLtei quarrebome; Tioleat,». 
Gid!djf ktad-^Wayetingi uncertain; thoagbtless, a. 
Fa'dM Withered ; grownweak, a. 
BWded Having blades or spires, a. 
/Vff-oj'derf Upon tiiese ternis $ tf,coi\j« 
iVo-or'diNf Prepared ; fumished^a. 
GMed Covered thinly with gold, a. 
CkUdfed Famished with a child, a. 
JHand'ed Having the use of the hand, left or right, a. 
Tho-kand^ed Big ; bulky ; enormouSi a. 
Ufi'kanaed Usiog the left hand better thaii the right, a. 

Lat^d'ed Having an estat^ in UniLii. . 
EX'Pand'ed Spread out ; laid open, a. 

Sand^ed Covered with sand ; coloured like sand, a. 
Un-friend'ed Wanting friends, support, or assistance, a. 
In-Unàfed Designed, a. 
Un^tend'ed Not having any attendance, a. 
Mind'ed Disposée ; inclined^ afl^teda« 
lÀghlfmmd-ed Unsettled j unsteady, a. 

BrincPed Streaked ; tabby, a. 
Long vomd'ed Tedious ; long breathed, a. 
Bounâfed Limited, a. 
Un-hound'ed Uulimited ; without bounds, a. 
Cafi'found'ed Hateful ; hurtful ; enormous, part. 
Csm-pound'fd Composed or formed of varigus simples, a« 
Grovndfed Yweà ', settled,a. 
Wvnauded Hurt by a wound, a. 




G E D 21 

Beanted Haymg ttheard ; baHied; jagged, a. 
Vn-guard'ed Careless ; négligent, a. 
C^rded Made of ropes, a. 
CUmitd Variegated with darfc veins, a. 
Growdfed Straitened fw want of nxm, a. 
To site-ceett To ibllow in order ; to prosper, a. 
To prthceeét To go on ; to prosecnte ; to take effect, T. a. 
Pro'ceedf Produce, as the proceeds of an estate^ s. 
I To ex-ceed^ To surpass ; excel ; go too far, r. 

Deed An action ; exploit ; fact, s. 
I In-deed^ In truth,ad. 

' Mis-deetf An evW action, 8, 

I To feed To supply with ibod ; to eat ; to nottrish, v. a. 

' /M Food; pastare,.s. 

^oheed To mind > to regard, V. a. 
Heed Care ; feÂrful attention, s. 
To Ueed To lose biood ; to let blood, r, 
' Gleed A hot glowipg coal, s. 

Ifeeef Rewanl ; gift; présent, s. 
To need To want ; to hâve nécessité of any thing, r. 
' Nnd Ëxigency ; necessity ; want, s. 

Tospeed To make haste ; hâve success ; assist, v. 
^ftd Quickness ; success, s. 
lieed A plant ; a small pipe ; an arrow, s. 
To breed To hatch ; to bring up ; to contrive, v. a. 
Breed A cast ; kind ; offspring, s. 
I Freed Made free, preterite of to free. 

A-greedf Settled by consent, part. a. 

Seed The particle which produces plants and animais ; od- 
ginal; progeny; génération; offspring, s. 
i Weed A useless herb ; a mouming habit for women, s» 

Fed Preterite and part. pass. of to feed. 
Jir«r^cU^-«<f Dressed : hooded, a. 
Stuffed Filied with stuffing, a. 
C^fed Wearing a coif, a. 
Sta&'fed Fed not with grass, but dry fôod, a. 
Hoofed Fumished with or having hoofs, a. 
Loofed Gone to a distance, a. 
Mid-dle-^ged Placed ; with respect to years, the middle of life, a. 
I Ert'gag'ed Attached ; embarked in any afl&ir, a. 

I Dh-en-gag^ed Vacant ; at leisnre ; easy, a. 

Man'a-ged Broken by horsemanship ; tutored, a. 
Ef/g'vd Sharp ; not blunt, a. ^ 

FMf^ed Having wings or feathers, part a* 
Un^ftedg^td Not covered with feathers, a. 'i 

Tao^H^-ed Having" an edge on either side, a. 
Dis-edg'ed Bluiited ; obtunded ; dull, a. 
A-bri^'ed Shortened, a. 
A-brid^td (Used wHh of) deprived of, prep. 


jv—- ^*w^«- 


23 I E D 

Snagged Fall of shaip protubenuicea, a. 
J&^^Mf Rent into tatters i uneven^a. 
Crt^ged FttU of ioequalities and 
Scr^gedKcnghi uaeven^m, 
IhukUeg-gfd Short^l^gged» a. 
Batxfl^^ Haviogcrooked legs, a. 
Banfdy-ieg-ged Haring crooked legs, a. 
Dog'gedSalhsai «wr; gloomy.a. 
^g«f Roagh; shagnri itormyj agar^n. 
Wvnged Furnisbed with wings, a. 

T^ogeà Gowned ; dressed ia agami, <ir toga, a. 
^e«MW£xpQaedt(^theiw7ei,a. ^^ 

SUmfaek^ Filled with pâssioa» ofroiontmouL a. 
Hi^'êtom'ock'ed Obstinate; lol^, a. | 

X>0-/acAWDrawn offj diseogaged^a. 

/ncAWHavingiiicheg,a«two4nchadbaard%a. 1 

trn-i&m:AWNotdi8graced,a. «*«. ) 

ITn-itottiiGAWNotstopped; not sUvad^a. 

^iv&'etf Beat m form ef aa arck, Dart. a^ 
ITn-ARircAWUDpollutod; Bot stahied, a. 
Un-nuUOfed Matchless | havtng noequal, a. 

frretch'êd Miaenble i uiiliap|»y, a. »*«m*cw,«. 

Ca-poue^ed Covered over, as with a heod, a» 
Weighfed Experienced» a. 
ToshedToeBàti tospUl; taIetfidI,T. 

»i- F*^ ^ ^^^^ coveriag of tilea, &c a. 

jAiocri&ed Mui;der ; slaugliter, & 

Vh^fiukfed Not fiesbad ; not seaaooed te Uood • r* v • 

I)ii-tm'guish-^ Emiaent ^ eytraoràinary a. 
An^butk-ed Placed in ambash, a. * 
In-breath'ed Inspired -, infiised by innintkn, a« 
Faithfed Hooest j sinceie, a. ~™-> 

TbotôW Having teetb, a. 
MouUéed Farnished with aiaontli, a. 
Hard^mouth-ed Not sensible of the bit, a 
Uumfbk-mcuik'ed Mild j medç, a. 
FouVmouth-ed Seumloas, a. 
Cj&en-moii/AW Gaudy ; raveiieMi,a. 

2W«wtttiWHarâigaboa«eaiidloadTOice,a. J 

MeQ^y^moitth-ed Unable to speak fredy. a ^ 

l&i'W-erfRed a«araby,a. ' i 

fff^red Ravished i rapUmms, a. 1 

A'hie'bod^t^ed âtrottg of body„ a. î 

ao*^Ao^«rf Made to ai the bedy «MUy, a. I 


5WW l4Stti^ i vewed io any «tudj^ a, 
^f-Ji ed Jomed by centract j aâanced. 


L E D 23 

Dt^fù-Ji-ed Invested wtth some digaity» *. 
Tro'pid'-^ Adorned witb trophies, a. 
Ùtv-^ Embellished with lilies, a. 
^g'M'4i-ed Pregtiant, a. 
Pothel-U-ed Having a swoln paunch, a. 
Cranfm-ed FuU of chinks, a. 

Hanfi-ed Covered with hoomy ; sweet, a. 
A-^n'i-ed A word used for aitonished, liaiah» 

FrW Variegated ; party-coloured, a. 
Cùoifo-fi^ Covered with a canopy, a. 
I7M-«)earrf-«< Not tired ; not &tigued, a. 
Vh-ve^ri^ Not changed ; not divenified» a. 
SU/ri^ Adoraed with historical pictuTM» a. 
Mar^ri-ed Conjugal ; eonnubial, a. . 

Vn-mai'n-td Having no husband or no wife, a* 
Pd'si-ed Dlseased with a palsy, a. 
Drùpfn-ed Diseastd with a dropsy, a. 
ToHgwti-ed Having an impediment of spoeoh, a* 
Jh^ti-ed Sung ; adapted to music, a. 
Detzi-td Besprinkled with daiflies, a. • 

JXN^'6afc-éri Unfinished I not hardcned to perfection* a. 

Betd^ed Having a bôk, a. 
Bmf/itreak-ed C\xcxà9Ay streaked, a. 
Vh^da^ked'Solt qnenched,a. 

IVîz'M Wantingclothes; uncovcred; beie««» 
JBvndtfhaek-ed Having a crooked back, a. 
CrMhack'^ Having beat shooldersi a. 

Un-haeifed Not tamed ; not countenaneedB ^ 
Stjff^neck-ed Stuhbom ; obstinate» a. 
JSenfpeek-êd Govemed by^ the wife, a* 
Uk-Ucifed Shapeless ; not fonned» •• 
JW^Shurp; tsaart,k. 
Widifed Given to vice \ not goed» a. 
Tdoébek-ed Shut in or inckMed with laad» «• 
Ckep'ry-cheA'^ Having naidy cheo k j, i^ 
WeUfed Wrinkled ; wraatbed, a. 
Thmifed Having a triuik, a, 
Hooi^ed Beat ; curvated, a. 
Un-iookfedJJneTcpeoUed'y nnfi»«eeeii» a. 
Dom^boi-ed Having a d^ected ooMntgnaace ; sullea,». 
Crooyed'R&Dt\ not «trait, a. 
Forlifed Opening into two or more parts, a. 
Un-madfed Naked ; opes to tfae view, a. 
Vnroskfed Not soqght by 8Qlicitatiaii»a. 
Huâ^ed Bearing or ccjvered with a biylt* a. 
TuMkfed Fnmished with tmkii a. 
Bmakfed Formed like a hawVs bSl, a. 
LedVtat, aadpg^t. oftolewL 
Fa'bled Celebratod in fiiblet, a. 
PeVbled Sprinkled or aboandi«g with pcMes» a« 
-€W^u»-«W Set with caibttncleffii q^ottedt a. 


24 MED 

Cir'ded HaTÎngthe form of a circle ; round, a. 
Vn-hri'dled Licentious ; not restrained, a. 
Brinfdleà Brinded ; streaked, a. 
Pk'Ud Bald> a. 
Un-par^al-lel-ed Not matched ; having no equal, a* 
]Pkd Prêt, and part, of to flee. 
Un-mfjled Calm ; not tumultaoas, a. 
Fan'gled Contrived ridiculously, a. 
Neu}'fan-gled Vainly fond of novelty, a. 
Bob'ttàl-ed Having a tail cutj a. 
Un-rec'on-ci-ied Not reconciled, a. 
Ir-retfon-à'-led Not atmied ; a. 
r/n-de-;/r/(0rf Not polluted ; a. 

Thre(^p^4ed Set with a thick pile ; piled one on another^ a. 
Tack'led Made of rop^^ ; tacked together^ a. 
Peck^Ud Spotted ; varied with spots, a. 
t)recVled Spotted ; macnlated, a. 
Cocl^led Shelled or turbinated, a. 
Knuck'kd Jointed, a. 
Vn-gatled Unhurt ; nnwounded» a. 
Spur'gaUled H art with the spur^ a. 
Un-ap-paPel-led Not matched ; having no equal, a. 
Uh'trax/el'ied Never trodden by passengers, a. 
Dû-em-bou/el-led Taken from ont the bowels, a. 
Skâ'M Kuowing ; Dextrous, a. 
UnskiUled W^anting skill or knowledge, a. 
Vn-trol'led Not bowled ; not rcdled along, a. 
Tkkk'thiU'ed Dut! ; stupid, a. 
Numfskull-edlMi; stnpid^a. 
Un-sckool^ed Uneducated ; not leamed, a. 
l/Vpr/n'ci-^iMDevoidofprincipIes; flagitîous, a. 
Un-éx-ampled Not known by any précèdent or example, a« 
Dimpltd Set with dimples, a. 
mùm'pled Difitolted with crying, a. 
Pim'pled Haviûg i^ pustules ; full of pîmples, a. 
Cop'pled Risiug in a conic fbrm, a. 
Pearlfed Adorned or set with pearis, a. 
Gnarted Knotty, a. 

' Sied A carnage drawn without wheels, a. 
Mtas'led Infected with the measies, a. 
HigVmet ilcd Proud or ardent of spirit, a. 
&>z</WFurnished with mind, a. 
Orh'zUd Interspersed with grey; a. 
Falmed Renowned ; celebrated, a. 
A'Mmed Tooched with shame, a. 
Fore^na-med Nominated before, a. 
A-forénor^med Named before, a. 
JDi'a-dem-ed Adorned with a diadém, a. 
Hehn'ed Fumished with a head-piece, a. 
FuU'boi'imn'ed Having a large bottom, a. 

Ànnfed Fumished with arms, a. - '' ' 


P E D 2S 

B(form<d Compoonded of two fomis» a . 
Im-piufmed Without feathers, a. 
Tu/ban'cd Wearing a turban, a. 
Un-^reen'ed Not covered ; not profcected, a. 

(ymen-ed Containing prognostics, a. 
Un4ea^e»-td Not mixed with fennenting matter, a. 

I7»/efg»'«d Not counterfeited ; real, a. 
Hofv'Anii»^ Volatile; unsettled> a. 
HkÊl^Ur-bram-ed loattehtive ; not consistent, a. 
ilocr'&ratii-âf Wild ; irregular» a. 

Grain'ed Rough ; made less smooth, a. 
Cron'grain^ HavÎQg the fibres transTerse^ perverse, a. 
Ha^slrm-ed Half-lmd; imperfect, a. 
Un^irain'ed Easy; not forced,'a. 
CaVnred Bèlonging to a cabin, a. 
Un-rein'ed Not restrained by the bridle, a. 
VMtd Full of veins; streaked, a. 
Af'fimd Rdated to another, a. 
SM/kin-€d Dressed in buskins, a. 
Unrdt'-d^ned Not grammatically varied by termitatioa, a. ~ 
Er'min-ed Cloathed with ermine, a. 
I»'de-4er'tmn^ Uaietlled ; unfixed, a. 
Unrd»-4er'mm-ed VnaetÙeài undecided, a. 
DtuHfned UateMi détestable, a. 
/Wa«£Funiished with fins, a. 
Rao/bo-ned Having bones scarcély corered with ftesh, a. 
Un^par^Mon-ed UnequaUed; anmatched, a. 
CuMton-^d Seated on a cushion, a. 
Int'pat'sion^ S&xed with passion, a. 
CQu-dWiom^ Haying qnalitiés or properties, a. 
Fare'men-tùm^ed Mentioned or reclted before, a. » 

A-fonfmen'tion-ed Mentioned beflbre, a. 
A'bovi^men^Uon^Cïi/eà before, a. 

A^pron-ed Wearing an apron, a. 
Htghftfthtcn^ Piquant to the palate, a. 
Utt4es^stm^ HM. taught, a. 

Vh^^so'ned Not bound with a girdle, a» 
LflomWVeraed in science and literature; skilful,,a. 
CTn-JMmWIgnoruit; notleamed, a. 
. (Um'ern-ed Full of cavems ; boUow, a. 

Un^rtttt'ned Easy ; not forced, a. 
Ar'to.natf Snpplied by fortune, a. 
Gown'ed Dressed in a gown, a. 
' i2e-RMmWFamous; celà>ratéd« a. 

Finfio-ed Havingamembiianebetweenthetoes; palmepidoas.a. 
Be-neap'ed Loft on the ground by a neap tide, a. 
Waped Dejected; crushed by misery, a. 
K-ofepWCalled; termed; named, a. 
Bi'ped An animal with two feet, a. 
Paf'Md'O'pvped A prism whose base is a parallelogram, a. 
. Qua^ru-ped An animal hàving four feet, s. 

26 RED 

Chap'ped Cmckedi deft, a. 
Blob'lip-ped Having swelled or thiçk lips. a. 
Bhb'ber-lip-ped Having swelled «r thick lips,a. 
CotoW Bising to a top or head, a. 
^rf Prêt, and part. pass. of speed. 
Vior'ough-^d Finished in principles ; tborough paccd, a. 
s'^^m-P An animal that g^es OQ four tegs, s. 
Ûuattru'ped Having ftwr «cet, a. 

Red Coîoared like blood, a. 
BaMa-red Stripped of the baric, a* 
Fuïïear-td Having the heads fttU of grain, a. 
Fîap'ear-ed HaTÎn^r looee and broad earay a. 
O'ver-yea/ed Toc old, a. 

Pil'lar-ed Supported by columns, a* 
Nec'tar-^d Tingcd with nectar, a. 
Homt/bred Native ; natttral, a. 
True'brcd Of a right breed, a. 
JîbVowgMrcrf Completely edficated, a. 

WeU'bred Elcgaiit of manners ; ponte, a« 

/«'*««* Bred or hatched withm, a. 

Vn'bred Nottenght; iU edncated, a. 

Sc^cred Holy ; dedicated ; in^oiabl^ a. 
Jfi/i'dr€rf Relation ; afflnity; relatives,». 

Ko^dred Congenial ; «!»<»*» ^,^ . , « . 
Hvn'dred The number 10 multipliedby 10, a* 
Hun'dred A division of a coontyy s. 
Tm'ber-ed Built ; fermed ;. contnVed, a* 
rm'&tfr-«/Shaded; clouded, a. 
Mm'der-ed Crazed, a. 
^ger-ed CrOM^ed; complicatcd, a. 
JjMfn-ger-êd Nimble at conveyanCe ; thievirii, a. 
' Hun^ger-ed Pinchcd by want of food, a. 

Feaih'tr-ed Ctothed with feathers, a.' 
PiVij!wM-«fr-«/ Not fledged, a. 

Vn-nun^ner-edBMdt; brutal; unciyn,a* ^ .^ ^ 
rc« V «rf Oisposed with regard to the pâs«OB»*^ 
B/oo<Wo//'er-«rf Blood-sprinkled, a. , _ _ 
CW*/er-«fSontary; inbabitiog clowte^, a» 
Ut'itr-ed Literate ; educatcd to leaioungi a* 
Vn-leeUr-edVv\GaxwsdLi untaught, a. 
Quiv'er-ed Fumished with a qoiv«^, a. 
To skred To mince ; to eut iï»8i|aaU bit», t. a. 
Skred A small pièce eut off j a fragment, & 
ilc-n)-«pf'f«£Having sprlmte, part a. 

Re-tVred Secret ; private, a. 
(7«-'r«'2o-rfrf Unshaven, a, 

/fo'/m; Ill-wiU 5 malice, «. 
JfiVm/ Adomed with a mitres a* 
tkn'tred An haudred, s* BuÊtifêd 


T E D' 37 

Soej/tred B«artng a sceptre, a. 
(Mnifif'rvd Hardlened; inflexible, a. 
Ri^vaut^ed Regardcd with kindness; featured, a. 
Hanf/a-vour-fd Coarse ef feature, a. 
WeUffa-vour'^ BeautHul ; pleasin; to tbe cye, a. 
//Pyb-ooiir-ctf Deformed, a. 

At-^v^redCextami not doabtmg^; inimodG8t,part. a. 
Wéffna-iiir'ed GooAoAtattà'y kind, a. 
/tf'fMi'ItfrWHaliitaally inal<Svoleat; mlschierouSi a. 
Jhê-'iu^tur-^ Uiinataral, a. 
Demn*gy-red Let down in clreular wrinkles, a. 
Pn^-ceat'ed Dead before, a. 
' Dis-ea/ed Aiflicted with a distemper, a. 

U/t^ir'eum^d-êed Not circaincised ; not a Jew, a* 
I/i'cFsed Cut; made by cutting, a. 
Vn-prae'ti-ted Not skiUtil bjr expérience, a. 

Ad'xàlted Acting with délibération ; prudent^ part ai 
Uiê-od^i^ted Imprudent; indiacreet, a. 
Mù-^id'Vifted 111 directed, a. 

Av-pm/erf Forethought; preconceived, a. 
In-eom-pi/ted Distutrbed ; discomposed, a. 
JZoVatf Crimsoned; flush6d,a» 
I}e4apÊ!'ed Bearii^ or fiillji^ down, a. 
Plt€-4er-lapt'ed Past and gone, a. 
Ve-mer/ed Plunged, a. 

To b& vtr^td l^o be skilled in $ to be acqnainted with, v. ii. 
(^;»-i«r/Af Unacquainted; anskilful,a. 

Curt'ed Under a curse ; hateAil ; detestnble, a. 
Ac-eurs'ed Cursed or doomcd to misery ; exécrable, a. 
Pat^ed Prêt aod part of to pasSé 
B/ieitrWHappy; enjoyiag heavenly felicity, part 8; 
Un-hh-ter-^ufed Not ha^ing interest, a. 
Dk-in-ter'-ets^ed Without regard to private advantage, a. 
TVeisfed Knotted or curled, a. 
Dif-fu'sed Irregttlar; nnconth, part a. 
Jn-ter-fuied Poured or s?attered between, a. 

Be-vm'sed Overcome with nnising, a. ' 

.Spovs'ed Wedded ; espouscd, a. 
Un^te^bt^ied Not blunted, a. 
E'iam'ba^ied Weakcned in the loins. a. 

Gio^ba-ied Formed in shape of a globe $ sphert^aL ti* 
Bat/.ca-ted Beset with pcaris ; hay pg man}* bernai, »!. 
îm'bri'Ca'ied Indented with concavtties^ a. 
Rubri-ca^ted Smearcd with red, a, 
Bi'fur'ca-ted Shoothig ont into twb heads, a. 

Fa'ca-Ud Painted ; dieguised with paint, a. 
Bifi'da'Ud Opening with a cleft, a. 

Cu/pi-èa-ted Applied to ilowers whoAe leavet end in ;>poi:iJ , il. 
Du-eMce-a-ted Stripped of shoen, a. 

Gt^le-a-'ied Covcrcd as with an helmet, a. 
Qoch'k-M^ted Of a screwed or torbinaled fovm, ai 

C'2 yliul'ed 

, • • 

28 T È D 

MeaifedTeà; foddered,a. 
Cu'ne-a-ted Madc in the forin of a wedge, a. 
In-cre-ti^ted Nôt created, a. 
Un-cre-a'ted Not yet created, a. , 

Mu-cre-a'ied Fonued umiaturally, a. 
Fa'/<*rf Decreed by fete, a- 
^flWDetetted; disliked^ a. 
Ltftn'pha-ted Msiâ, a. 
La'bi-a-ied Fornted with lips, a. 
Co-rym'bi-^-ted Garnished witli branches of berrieSy a. 
Fo^^ri-a-Zetf Sound with fillets, a. 
Mdi-a-ted AàomeA'^iWh raya, a. 
Faitig'i^a-ted Roofedy a. 
Ah'tin'ihi'a'ted Impregnated with wonnwood, a. 
fi«i»-^ie:/î»'//-a/w/Having fivc leave», a. 
Ma-te'fi-^-ted Consisting of matter, a. 

. La'ted Belated ; surprised by the night, a. 
Um'hel-la-4€d Applied to flowera gT<wing in umbeU, a. 
Caulcd-la-ted Cross-barred , a . 

0-wtla^ied Resembling the eye, a. 
Lm'el-la'ted Covered with films or plates» a. 
Te/seNa-ted Variegatcd by squares, a. 
Oao'eUla-ted In ch3rmi9try> made with bumt tartar, a. 
At^fttU-la-ted Wearing braceleU,. a. 
Ct^cttlda-ted Hooded; covered as with a hood, a. 
Vtt'ri'O-ia'Ud Impregnated with^ or consisting of vitriol, a. 
//'o-^-/«^Separated; detached, a. 
Tahfu^la-ted Having a fiât surlace, a. 
Or-Ww-h'ted Moulded into an orb, a. 
Cari-ulk'u'la'ted Made like a pipe or £:utter, a. 
Ôtf-mVu-&z-{«iKnOtted; jolnted, a. 
Re-tic'u-ia-ted Made of net-work, a. 
jOen-titfu'la'ted Set with small teeth, a. 
Bi-an^gu-la-ied Having two corners or angles, a. 

In'su-la-ted Not contiguous on any side, a. 
Pm-in'sur^a-ied Almost surrounded by water; a. 
Ca}i^tu-4a-'ted Inclosed or in a box, a. 

Ham'a-ted Hooked ; set with hooks, a* 
^«'i-m«-/«fLiveîy; vîgorous, a. 
Jn-an'irma-ted Void of life. a. 

Cr^na-ted Notched ; indented, a. 
Tut^bi-na-ted Twisted ; spiral, a. 
LacH-na-ted Adomed with fringes and borders, à. 
Tti-tu'di-na-ied Roofed ; arched, a. 
Un-à'rigfi'na-ied Having no birth; ungenerated, a. 
Margi-na-ted Having a margin, a. 
Ech'i-na-ted Biistled like a hedgehog, a. . 
DeC'a-cu'ïmn-a-led Having the top eut off, a. 
Pcc'ti-na-ted Formed like a comb, a. 

Pen'na-ted .Winged, a. 
Bi'pen'nQ-Ud ^aving two wings, a* , . . • 



-jr^ -'»' 

T E D 20 

'Hu'cro-ho'-ted Narrowed to a «harp point, a. 

Lalna~ted Fonned like a half-moon, a. ^ 

GEtNf/MK-/^ Doltish; thoughtless, a. 
FoF^ei-pa-ted Formed, Itke |)in(cer8, to opea end inclose, a. 
Cu/pa-ied Applied to flowers whose lettves etid in a point, a. 
Ofra^ted Waxed, a. ' 
Sitf'er-tf-^df Blasted; plaaet-fitniefc, a. 
Canier-a-tied Arched, a. 
€b»-/«i»Vr-ff.|e<f Vîolated; polluted, a. 
lnrgen'er''a-tmi Inbom; innate; tinb^ottoi, a. 
ITfl.^Ai'er-a./erf Unbegotten ; having no beg^nntnç, a. 

Se/ra-ied Formed with jags or indentiires like a eav, a. 
JtMftrtuied Adorned with beaks of ships, a. 
JEr-/rai/<i-xa..^ Foicedout of tiie pToper v«ssels,'^su 

Arita~ted Having handle#, a. ' _ 

'Ex-^ia-tied Deprived of boues, a. 

Cnfia-Ud Rnbbed witb cbalk, a. 
Dig^i-ta-4td Brancfaed out like fingers, a. 
Kê<et'fi-ta''téd Forced ; pressed by necessity, a. 
Mar'i^a^d Haviog a husbsmd, a. 
M-^Êen'ta^ted Deprîved of teetli, a. 
O^ri-enfta-ied Turned to the east, A. 
Di/tHri-en-ia^ted Tnrned from the «ast, a. 

Eron'ta ted In botansT» used in «^position to ca^pftted'} a. 
R[/ta4ed Whirted round, a. ' 

Gttfta-ted Beiprinkled wRh drops, a. 
GEo'oa-W Knobbed, a. 
UtKutii^oa-ied^ot eultivaied, a. 
Idtr'wè^ted If asked^ a. 
Cut^va-ied Bent, a. 

In-debt'ed Hav^ Incnrred debt^ part. a. . 
Rt-^Medïyteàà^y awfîil; formidable, a. 
A-daei'ed Driven by force, part a. 
/ii-«iim-p<rdWNotjoined; incohérent, a. 
Un-re-fivci'ed Kofe refracted, a. 
Vh'Te^tractfed Not revoked ; not recallod, a. 
^^^roe^Mf Separéted; refined; abstruse, a. 

^-fected Moved ; studied with overmuch care, a. 
Un-af-Jeel^ed Real ; not hypocritical, a. 
Dis-af'fectfed Not dtsposed to zeal or afiection, a. 
In^tim^ied Impressed as an animating power, a. 
/n-em-cocfWUnripened; immature, a. 
Pd'ki^ Consisting of bullets, a. 
<^>iS?-f«rfFilled; cmuded,a. ' 
Tiii^fv/-»/ Formed like a tower, a. 

Giftfed Endowed with extraordinary faronrs, a. 
Tufled Orowing in tufts or clusters, a. 
Ifightfed Darkened ; cloudei ; black, a, 
Vn^-nigktfed Never tisited by darkness, a. 
Slukk'tighi-ed Having a sharp sight, a. 
SAarftight^ Having a qnick sight, a. ' - 

80 T E D 

dear^sight-ed Disc.eriôiig; Jodicions» •• 
Ifeat^st^ht-ed Short$)ghted, a. . . 

Short! sight-ed Unable to see far, a. . 
Law'tkoughX-ed Haviog sordid sea$ual Ûiought«, a. 
Fore^cHèed Quoted abore or before, a. 
Above'ci-ted Qaoted before or above» a. 
Cbn-<Y//W Proud;. opinioBatÎTO, a. - 

Um'U-ed Boanâèà i restrained; narrow, a. 
Il-Um^it-ed Thç same as-uolimited, a. 
Un-lm'it-ed Wiihoiiàthouïidsi anrestraiiied, a. 
^pjVtf ed Lively ; fuU of fire, a. 
Fut/Ha-spir-U'ed Kegardipg genaral advantage more iban private, a^ 
Mean^spir-H-ed Base-miuded; parslmonious» a. 
Lou/spir a ed, Mdancboly ^ hypoçiK>Bdncal» a. 
Bjyit-edVltLceà; rauged^ a. 
De-pos'i-ed Laid up car^lly ; plac^ as a pledge, a. 
Re-toh'ed Swerved from duty; iallen off, a. 
VwiU'ed Arcbed as a vault, a. 

Ptani'ed Fixed in thç eartb; settled; «ell pxHUided» a.' 
Vn-pree'e'deni-ed Nothaving a pxecedent, a. 
Qifent' ed Supplied with clients, a. 
A'ni-ent-ed Anmbilated, a. 

Teni'ed Having teats, a. ^ ". 

(^'M^W.Satisfied; easy^ wellpleased, a. 
Dit • con- ïent^ed Not satisfied \ uneasy ; displeased, a. 
Vh-teni'ed Havingiio «edicantenta appliedj a. 
SainCed Holy ; sacred, a. i 

TSnni'ei Cornipt; infectad; depraFed,a* 
Jomtféd Having knots, joints, or conunifltures».a. 
A-noint^ed Rubbâ over with oil, a. 
Point'ed Sharp f divided by points, a. 
Fronfed Madc with a front, a. 
Wont'ed Accustomed j usual, a. 
j^oi/n/W Frcqnented; infested with eril spirits, a. 
Bî^oi-ed Snpersttioas; attaobed obstia^te^, a. . 
Un-hig'oied Freefrom b'gotry, a. 

JVo'/fof Celebrated^ remarkabley a. 
^OQ^ed In boots, a. 
Foot'ed Shaped in the foot, a. 
MoQl'ed P'ucked up by the roots ; argood, a* 
iîoo/ W ÎFixed ; deepj radical, a. 
De- vo 'i'ed Dcdîcatcd ; consecratqd ^ appropriated, a. ';. 
Ae-cepl'ed Taken; received favourably, a. 
Cbr-rf/;>/WDepravedj yit;ated> bribed^a. 
In'cor-rupt^ed Not corrupted, a. ; ' , 

Un-cor-rupt'ed Not corrupted, a. 
Ilard'hcari-ed Cruel; inexorable j merciless^ a* 
Hen' heari-ed Dastardly ; cowardly, a. 
CA/r A Vn-Awr^-f r/ Fèarful; pusiilanimous, a. 

O'pen-heari-ed Hospitable; generous, a. 
TwVer-^tftfr/ «/ Compassionatej hun\ane, a. 

£ i j«* ^^^^^KOP^M 


FaiiU'beari-ed Cof^rdly; fearful; easily dejected, a. 

Pari ed Divided ; separated, a. 
Peac^part-ed Dismissed from the world in peace, a. 
Fort'ed Secured as by a fort ; lasting, a. 
&r/Vrfciassed; arranged in order, a. 
Mati^ed Farnished witb masts, a. 
O-ver-mast'ed Having too much mast, a. . 
Im-pa'siêd Cover&i as with poste, a. 
Tu^sted Haviag a particular relish, a. 
^/VA'/a^/i?i6u9tful; piquant, a. 
In-di^g *sM }4ot rcgularîy disposed, a. 
Un-di'gest ed Xot concocted, a. 

OresM Wearing a comb, a. 
/n'ier-est-ed Concerned; having a share in, a. 
Ufi'ûilter'ett'ed Not having interest, a. 
DiS'VnfUr-tH-ed Not inter^tcd; void of self-interest/a. 
Teit*ed Witnessed; tried by a test, a. 
Cist'ed Contai ned in a cist or bag, a. 
IJst'ed Striped ; streaked, a. 
Ea-Ustfed Enrollcd; rçgistcred, a. 
Frod'ed in imitation of frost, a. 
li^nf^«tfDefeated; overcome, a. 
WortM \ làxid of woollen yam, s. 
Dutt'ed Freed from dost, a. 
A-ibtsred Bnmt; dned by fire, a. 
Ettr<gtifed Enclosed in a vesicle or bag, a. 
WU'Ud Having wit, a. 
HaytBÎt'ied Imperfect of understandlng, a. 
Dù'wU'ted l>eprived of the witsf mad, a. 
BÙÊ'ot-td Soperstitiousj grûwn a bigck, a. 
iutoi'ied Fûll of knots, a. 
^t'ted Full of spots, a. 
Un-^tUed Not spotted; immaculate^ a. 
FolytedBemeà; tainted, a. 
tkm^vo-Wied Twisted ( rolled upon itself, a. 
Cor-nu^ted Having bonis ; cuckolded, a. 

Clbii^W Cougealed ; coaga1ated,'a,* ) 

Saauïed Having a snout, a. 
Sout'ed Vaoquished ; overcome, a. 
L/m/ed Furuished with fbliage, a. 
Jïe-pra'ved Vitiated j corrupted, a. 
Pre-rog^a-th-ed Having an exclusive prml^ge,;a. 
Bfi-tol'vcd Fixed ^ determioedv a, 
Be-hj/ed Loved ; dear, a. 
Ife-^ved Remote ; separate from others^ a. 
Ap-pro'ved Tried ; received, a. 

Starvted Made \ma or kiiied witb bunger, a. 
Ui^ntrj/ed Weak ; îioébXe, a. 
JS'-MrvW Modeste excepted; sullen; dose, a. 
A'gu-ed Struck with an agiie ; shiverlng* a. 
Tongu'ed Having a longue, a. 


Ikn^lt-tcva-td Deceitful, a. 


TUai'ed Eilucated ; habituat«i), a. 
Fltnftd Chapped; mouthed, a. 
iWfto-wi Fumisned sinews; stroQg, a. 
l'n-tin'm-fii NerrelBSs; weai, o. 
Vin'mB-ed Mouldy, a. 
Failozc-nl Laid up to recover strenjçth, a. 
Hafloa-ed Conseorateii ; revetenced, a. 
JHeflox-rd ■Ripenct! ; matiirert, a. 
Fitlosi-rd Hested a» on n pîllow, a, 
Ua-o-jin'ed Having no ornier, a. 
Brtl'U-broa-rd Having prominfiot brtnrs, a. 
Far'ed Ilairy, a. 
Ptr-pleiftd Involrcc! ; cnmplkated ; entangled, a. 

■ Vtx'cd Distutbed ; csit of bumour, a. 
Con-iiST'rrfProtabtrant in a ciiicular forin, a, 
fîiW Certain; firm, a. 
Mix't4 Jwned j mingled, a. 
tTn-mit'ïdPure; not miïed, a. 

Stng'ed Fuied ; seriouB ; grave ; itppped, ■. 
Da'erf Coloured i tiactured, a. 
Skt/dji-al Coloiired like tbe sky, a. 
iïWHaving an eye, or eyCT, a. 

trf Squinl-eyed ; Dot lookîng itraît, a. 
cd Hating white eyes, a, 
al HaTîng a speck in the eye, a. 
«f Dim-eyed; purbliod, a. 
td Ricb m money, a. 
nt Having an oblique sigM, a. 
td EnTell^«<l by tli« skies, a. 
«< Itidins on a pallrcy, a. 
Zcd The tctter Z, more properly iimrd, or S «uni, ■ 
fla'îtd Ovcrthrown j îiiiined,a. 
Cra'ied Lunat u. a. 
J^v^'td Shagged or napped with frieze, a, 
Çu't-Ii-Mi/Beclairoed from savagenes» and brutality, a. 
Ow'gan-i-ted Conatnicted wjth oi^ns, a. 

ÂidStKi^aur; he'p; assisUnce. a. 
TbDnfTosuccour; to help ; to assist, t. a, 
Àl-mid' Qorernor of a castle ia Bartiary, B. 

inirfPrel. and )iart. pasa. of tbe verb to lay. 
0-ci'liùd A fiance ; nink; or token, s. 

riegated «tuff; Scotch drcsa ; rhymea b'»d, • 

Paid Prêt, and part pass. of the vcit to pay. 
Rt-pind' Prêt and part. pas*, of the rerb to repay. 
To braid To weave ttçether, t. a. 
B'aiâ A texture ; a koM, i. 1i tf-indt 

.♦. -fV- 

L I D 

Ih vp-hraùt To chidc ; to repjeoach. ; to chai^ V. m, 
A-JirM Fearful, part, a. 

Said Aforesaid, prçt and part paas. of to tfy. 
A-for^uàd Saki -or mentioned before, a. 
iSSf^So^r; %wi^\ reguiar, a. 
Waid Crushed» a. 
TqhHl^ offer a price ; to command ; to ask^ n a. 

' Bd Prêt and pan^ <rf the vçrb to bid. 
lÙA'id Fierce \ farioiu ; inad* a. 
Tab'id Wasted by disease, a. 
7b tat^r-bi^ To offer in parcbaae less than value, r. a.^ 
To O'per-bid' To offer more than value, v. a. 
To for-bid' To prohibit, oppode, binder, or bkst, v, 

Mor'bid Diseaaed ; corrupt ; ûafiectiotta, a. 
To oui-bid' To surpa^ by bidding a bigber price, v. a. '. 
Ae'id Sont i sharp; eager, a. 
SuVac'id Moderatély ar ag leeably sonr, a. 
/%K'«iOentle$ qaiot; Boft; mîM, a. 
Safso-ac'id Having a mit and acid tanto together, a. > 
FUxu'àd Weak \ lioiber, a. 
Ran'cid Stroog scented, a. 
Mar'àd Lean ; withçred, a. 
FtiWTenacious; glutii|Otta, «• 
i2o«'W«f Aboundingwith dew, a. 
LufàdShïma^i glittering; clear in tboUgfat» a* ' 
Di-yàd C\e»x ; plain; not obscive, a» 
IV^WTranapùneat; clcar, a. 
T^aïu^cid Transluoent ; transparent, a. 
Did Prêt of the verb to da 
Can'did W;hito; elear; ingenuons, a. 
«^^/Im'flfitfShowy; magniâcait; sumptaous, a. 

iSbr'dSN/ Foui ; filthy; base; covetouft, a. 
Ptd A pointed iron, a. 
Biffid Opening with a cleft, a. 
Btudri-fd Cloven lato four diviaioQS, il. 

Tri'Jid Cut or divided lato thre^iMurts, a» 
i2^t(/Stiff; severe; inaexible,a. . 
JP^id Co\ài impotent; dnll^a. 
M'gidCiAà-y Chili, a. 
Ftd'gici GUttering ; sfaining, •. 
TWVrflf Tumid ; sweUing, a. 

ad Piet and part pass. of the ver^ to hide*. 
Kid A young goiUt; a cbild, t. 
JLid A cover for a pan tnr boae, s. 
d/'rc^Ileiiti bttming,a. 
Ka/^td Conclusiye ; pKvatent; w6ig|My,a. 
Im-val'id Weàk ; of no value, a. V 

tgual'id FïMij ; foui; nasty,a. 

GWf rf Extremely cold, a. 
£y^/f tf The membmne that akuta up th» cye> tu 
fiatUd Pale; nat higb-colioartây.a. 

C 5 




-.A**, - 

34 ' T I D 

&/WFinn; «oond; trae; grave; compact, » 
. JWiNl A consr of a pot, i. 

&îc/ Prêt, and part. pa8!i.'of the Terb to slide. 
iH/cf Eqaally ; betwecn t«ro extrêmes, a. 
A-mià! Amîdst ; in the middle, ad. 
. ^r*^^mkt An angnlar ûgtire euding in a point, s. 
Tm'id Feaifnl ; trtthout courage, a. 
Fu'mid Smoky $ vaparous, a. 
Hu'md 'Weii moist^ a. 
IVmidV^flhàvip; tmeèUA; pompons, a. 
Ithûm!bokl A flgvre approoehing to a rhomb, s. 
G9à^db/4fThename<Jracarveingeomstiy, s. 
Ofc'/oid Ow ofthe mechariteal corres in geometry, s. 
JE^i's-cfc^Mef AigeoiBetricalciirve, s. 

Cor'al-oid'R^BemhiïmtCQnit &• 
Pa-rab'o-hid A parabcrimm enrve in geomelry, s. - 

Pris'moid A body approaehiog the forai of a pnsoi, s. 
GsV^-iWftf EesemblingagiBgiymvs, a. ; 

C/noi(/ A figure partakii^ of a ooae, s. 
Sph^roid A body approaching tbe fbrm of a sphère, «. 
Fbid Empty; vain; mill, a. 
Fo/rf An empty spaee ; vaaanm, s« 
7o void To quit, émit, yacuate, or annnt, t. a. - 
To^i^toid^ TQshani toroAife'; toesoape, ▼. 

De-voi<f Eiafty *y Taoant; foid, a. 
lYa-pe^void A figure whosefour iiâ<s are net paraHel, s, 
linf/id Qvâok ; «wilt, a. 
Sap'idTaiStettû'y palatable, a. 
Fo^/cf Tastel^s ; spiritleES; dedd, a. 
In-irepfid Fearless ; daring ; hrtt^c, a. 
TfpVc^Litkevfarm ; notzealoa&, a. 
la-tii/id Wïthont taste ; witbout spirtt ; 'û\û\, «• 
lÂntf/id Clear ; transparent ; paie, a. 
Tor'pid Incrtj slnggisfaj a. 
Cu'jÂd Thé fabulous god of iove, a 
Stt^pldDxxM'y heavy; wantittg'tense, a. 
TbnV/Tosetfvee; todèar; todriveaway, t.'-a. 
A/id Dry; parcbednp, a." 
^</nWOfahotbitingta«te; bitler, a, 
Bed^rid Confined to the bed by infirraity, a. 
Ta Mrûf Toisiidetbroagb, corrapted frotn thread, v,». 
i7o//rfBrightineolour; fiashed with red, a. 
JRor'id Dewy^ a* ^ - 

Jîor'rid Dreadful ; offensive; fotigh, a. ' * 

îb/rttf^nrniBg; tcon>*hing» a. 
Pi/lridUotten; corrupt, a. * 

X,!iV/fif Gloomy ; dimnaN a. 
/•Vïrf Stinkîng ; ranckl, a. 
,.iVîY'«rfBright; shinin^, a. • * 

Ca-roifid Soporif^rous^ -the «ame of tw0 artefi^ •• 

i ^ Pa-wd 

O L D S$ 

Jf^-roild Salirary gtandolesnear the ears, a. 

Pu'tid Mean ; !ow ; worthless, a. 
trtn'vuûi Famt ; feeble; heartlcst» a. 
Pln'guidfat; nnctuous, a. 
/VaVcf Not solid ; tïowtng; ranning as waUr, a. 
JL//ttir/ Liquid substance ; liquor^ s. 
IJ^uid Fluid ; soft ; dissolvcd, a. 
Ùv'id Discoloared as with a Uow, a. 
Vtv'id Quick ; active, a. 
Fer'vid Hot ; véhément, a. 

^a/^rWithotit hair; inélégant; naked, a. 
P#pW{f-HaAmgvariou8colours, a. 
Itib^ald A loose mean wretch, s. 
To seald To bum «ith a hot flcnd, t-1 a. 
Scald Paltry ; sorry ; acabbed, a. 
Weald In Saxon, signifying a wood or grove» s. 
^«r'a/(i/ Anoffioerinblazoniy; aharhinger, s. 
lEmle-rald A pneclous stone of a green colour, s. 
Eld Old a^e \ decrepitade, s; 
Udd Prêt, of the Verb to hold. 
Be-kfid' Prêt and part pass. of bchold. 
Vp~bM Sijpported/pret and part. pass. of uphoM. 

Field A pièce of meadow grouad ; extent ; pronoanced as if 
writtenfeeld, s. * 

Aifidd! To the field, ad. 
Shield A buclder; defence; protection; rhymes field, s. 
Ta shield To défend, protect, secure, coTcr, v. a. 
■ • Tbtwtf&f Ib îisfe wîth fall power, rhymes field, v. a. 

Toyiehi To produce; to. give up; to surrender ; rhymes field, y. 
God-yield Adv. cormptedfrom God shield, or protect: 
To gild To W9Sh over with gold ; to iifaxminate ; rhymes fill'd, 

• the apottrophized prétérit of fill, v. a.' 
,(%/!(/ Maie or femaleoflTspring; an infant, s. 

7h' ehifd To bring fbrth children, v. n. 
MiàdKind; soft; mellow, a. 
« To build To raise a superstructure, rhymes gild, t. a. 

7b ^uiAtif Tb dépend on ; to reston, V. n. 
Ta re-buiàt To re-edîfy ; to restore from démolition, v. a. 

Gr/iAf A Society; a corporation; pronounced as gild, t. 
IFx2tf Nôt tame ; desart; savage; licentious; turbulent; 

• fickte; strange, a. 

T^^Adesart; atractuncultivatedandumnhàbiled, s. 
O/d/Ancient; long practised, a. 
BoAfDaring; stoat; impudent, a. 
Cti/tf Not hot ; resenred; nothasty, a. 
Co/Ir/ Chilness ; a discase, s. 
Scoid A clamorons foul-mouthed perscm, s. 
To tfold To chide ; to quarrel roddy, v. 

Foid A pen for sheep ; a double ; a plait, s. 
Tofold To double np ; to put sheep into a fold, t. a. 

C 6 Mnd'faU 


JU«iid!yUtf Haviiig the eyet coveredy a. 
To bUndfold To cover the eyes, v. a«. . 

T^ree'foldThnce reçeated ; coosistingof three, a« 
&(;f[/bAf A temporary gallery or stage, s. 
Tb seâfffold To funiish with drames of timber, t. a. 

J3i/o^Twofold; double, a. 
Man'i-fold Many ; divers, a. 
7b in-foidf To involve; to inwrap, v. a. 

Pin^/old A confinement for strayed cattle, a. 
7b un-fold' To esqiand, discover, display, y. a. 

Go/(/Theheatieatand most valuable of allmetals, pn^ 
nounce^fauutiarly ai if writteiijpoold, t. 
Mar^i-gold A yellow flower> s. 

To hold To keep» retain, détail^ v. a. 

^(W!r2 Support ; custodyj power, s, 

To he-hotd! To view j to see, t. a. 

JBe-^/cTl^J see! int. 

Free'Aoic^Lsuidheld in perpétuai right, s. 

Hoitfe'AorfifAfiunily^ familylife, 8. 

7b Toitk'hokt To restrain ; to keep badc, v. a* 

7b ttt-Ao&f'To bave inhérent, v. 

7b up-Md! To lift on high ^ to support, y. a» 

7%re<A'oAf Entrance } gâte; door, s. 

Cop'y-hûM A tonuns mr a term of years, s;. 

ttwn'pold Peevish ; boisterous ; nigged, a. 

Sold Prêt and part. pass. of to sell. 

Told Mentioned; related, prêt, and part pass. of tell. 

Râ'ioldf Belated or told again» prêt, and part paiib of iftdl. / 

ra-to/c?'Nottold,a. " 

Mh-iold' Part. pass. of mistell. 

^/c^ A plain open coontry, s. 

H^orld The earth ; mankind ; public life, t. 

Auld Old, obsolète, a. 

Coidd The imperfect prêt, of can, rhymea good. 
Should Veib auxiliar in «ilyunctive moody rhymes good» 
^ovitf Mouldiness ; earth; cast; fbrm, a. 
7b nundd To knead, model, form, sbap^ v. tu 
Wotdd Prêt of will, rhymes good. 
And The partjcle by which sentences are joined, conj. 
Baad A tie ; a cpmpany ; linen wom nnder the chiOy s. 
7b bjnd To unité tôgether ; to hind, v. a. 
JSar'aband ASpaniihûaace, s. 
■ Conftra-hand Prohibited ; illégal, a. 
7b dis bond' To dismiss ; to break a régiment, v. a. 

Hus'bay}d A married man ; an oeconomist, s. 
7b hu/band To managefrugaily, v. a. 
Mut'ti'pli-cand lii arithmet'C, Uie number to be multipiied, s. 
Dtfe-dand A forfeiture in cases of accidentai death^ t. 
£WgW/ A robber, s. 

Jnvid The palm ai>d fingers. s. 

. Jokmi 


AND ! 

TahadfotiÉianùti iodelirer down ; tO t«ad, r. >. 
n «Hr-obcuf To timiut by tnâe, T. n. 
Bt-kmïliaiidlBdebti not in ■ sUte trf tbnnvteEH^ a. . 
Sce'mul-iaiid FoweBioB Teceived hom the Ant ponetMr, l. 
SEc'ond Aonf Not orignal i not piintary, a. 

An'AoHf The pBrtofaboru bdàretheTider, ■. 
Fore'hand Done too aooD, a. 
A-^rt'iand By a previmu piQniioD, ad. 
Bt-foTt!haai Id a Kstc bP auticlpatioii ; pKTÎouly) td. 
arang'toKlFafcej ritdcoue, i. 
IK^r Aaatf Adnntase orer, s. 
V^kmd Lifted by tfae hud, a. 
Ri'dir-Aanrf Clandeniiie ) «eciet; aly, a. 
IAi'dv-AanifC3uideBtinely} ad. 
tVMr-Aowf Adraitage otit aoy ose, i. 
Maelir-Mimd The haod of a rnsB mûosntl; lUlf ni, (■ 
Snrfhartâ Ait of writing ia con)p«odiou» cliaiacten, t, 
LaadConntrj; .regioai eartll; grouMi, «. 
ïi /mrfTosetorcomeomhgrB, T. 
J-±DKf AtUnd; laiMled, ad. 
Blond S<^i luiJd; geoUe, a. 
Jltaifltmd A prooioatory g a cape. B. 
lUid'ÙBiiI In the midst ôf (he laôd, a. 
Woolf laad Loud covered witli Woods, a. 
fMUatt A proOKatory ) beadlaiid, ■. 

<?/>M(j AstAipOBgyBuliataawiDUiehitmanbady, s. - 
Sjpf^aiiif AmoHntaiaQusreglDD, s. 
Ei^hiid Fine lioeii made in Hollood, t. 
InfkndRaaotefam thesea, a. 
Maitd Interior or sùdland parti, t, 
^«n'imd Continent, s. 
Eft^mtf Higber grôuod, s. 
Vp^hmd Higliet in situatioa, a. 
Go/iMrfAwreatbof branclieior&oiren, s. 

l'tland Laod surrouoded by water, .1. 
Ijn^twtd A iaw part of a counUy, s. 
Toile-imaKfT'tc]aim; to astTJtttauthohty, T. a. 

De-mand' A ctaîm ; a question, & 
To r«-mmd'To»eaàbacV; tocallbeck, T. ■■ 
Ti rep ri-mou^ Ta ehide ; torepro*e, T. a. 
A^n-mnad' A repionfi reprEhfosion, 1. 
Th com-maruf To order, gorem, oierlook, v. a. 
Cint-niiurf'TherijfhtoiautoftHXiimaaâiDg, •. 
Jb attH-Ur-taand' To order contrary to ibnner orden, T. a. 
Caun-Ur-ma^ An order contrary to a ibtmer nder, 1. 

7!) «z-paH^ l'a qircad ; to lay opm, T. ■■ 
JfoRif Ttie border or >eam of a ihoe, ■. 
Brand A stick lighted ; m mark of iiÂmy, 1. 
7iiFandToiaark«itbaiio(e(rfia£w<f,*. a. 

98 END 

Grand Qreat; iUostrioiu $ noUe, a. 
Bthr<mi A «ew a g e, b, ' - 
AroarfTheva^oriboreofaBf water, s. 
7b «/fwtcf To be drifvwi ashore, V. 

^M. Exceedin^small pebbles ; a barren coantiy, s. 
H^a/awf The wiod-pipe, & 
TXotf'Miitf Numberteâhuikdred, a« 

Stofui A gUûçia.; port; difficulty, «top, s, 
To stand Tohe on tkefetl^; 9bop; remalti; offer ta acandk 
date; persistj i»be«oiidlsteiit; toabide^ 8afier;< 
endure, v. 
3b vnik'-iiand' To oppose ; to resist, v. a. 
7b gcwe^anif To withstand, v. a. 
7b un^r-sland' To comprelMnd ftilty $ to be a conscioiis 'bctnip, rr* 
Tbmir-itii-dirr-^i^JbM^ To nriflcotioeive ; to mistake, v. 

IFoJuf Asmallstick; a long slender staiF, s. 
Yard'wand A measupe of a yard, s. 
Wetfand The wind-pipe^ s. 

£n(^ A design; point; eonclnsioii; loss; death, •• 
7b «?u2Toconclade; tocease; to come to an end, v. 
7b bend To make crodked ; to how; to yield, y. 
PréVend A stipend granted in «athedrals, s. 
7b ac<en^ To kindle ; to 86t on fire, v. a. 
To at-eem^ To mount ttpwards ; to cKmb up any thii^,- v. 
7b re-nê-jeen^ To dimb or ttoant up agaih, v. 
To descend' To come down ; to come from, v. 
7b co»-die-«onM?'To yield; to -départ froiA, t. n. 

TotransceniÈ^ To surpass ; t» excel ; to rise^above, t. 
Dkfp-dend A shate or numbo' to be divided, s. 
Fore: end The anterior part, s. 
Tofend To keep oiF; . to dispute; ▼• 
To de-îfendf To stand in defience ; to vindieate, -t. 
To fore-fend! To prohibit ; to pnyride for, t. ' 
Toof'find! To naaké angry ; to be eriminal, t. 
Fag-endf The end of a web of cloth, s. 
X^éRdf'Aâinsdriptian; an incredible story, s. 
Hend To seize ; to crowd, v. 
7b dep-re-hend' To tdke unawares ; ko find ont a thing, ▼. a. 
7b rep-re-hend' To chiée, blâme, reprove, v. a. 
7b com-pyv.4énc?^ To inckide ; to comprise; toconceive, ▼. a. 
7b ap-pre-henct Te an^t ; to nnderstand, v, a. 
To tm-^p-pre-hend' Not to uoderstand rightly , v. a. 

Fieàd A à&n\ * an enemy; pronounced as if written feeod, s. 
Fhend A feinrifiàr companion; rbymes end, s. 
Tbjrjênd To fiivonr ; to befriend, ▼. a. 
7b &e^ri«»</^ To favour ; tousekindly, ▼. a. 
7b lend To grant the use of a thing, t. a. 
7b &/!nK? To mîx ; toconfound, v. a. 
7b mend To repair ; to improive ; to gtow better, r. 
Tba^mend' To correct; to grow better, v. 

7b «Ml- 

IIND 89 

To cmn-MAi^. To recoaunend ; io praiie, v. «• 
To rtc-'WHrmend' To commeiid to aaoihAr, v» «« 
72» tUt-eom'mend' To blâme; to dispraise» y. «• 
To de-pendf Xo biu^^ ftom $ to rely on, ▼. a* 

Sifpend A settledpayj asakuy, §• 
To in-pend* To hang over ; . to be at haad, T. a. 

Com-pend^ An àbridgem&ati asammary; s. 
To pro-peiiif Tu incline to any part» v. n. 
To ap-petuV To hanguntoor upoo, v. a. 
To per-peni To wet^ m tlie nuod, v. a. 

To ipend^ To consume; expend; waste; (Sitig;iie» t. a« 
To du^pend To speud; consume j t. a, 
7b mt'pendf Ti» spend iU ; to waste, y. «. 
7b iUi^pèwdf To hang, delay» put off^ y. ^ ' 

' To eX'pend! To spend* lay oui, consume, y. a. 

7br«»(f Tote^rwithyiolaice; Iplacesate^ y. •• 
J2ei/er-««/ Deserving or intitled to veyerence, a. 
ITA-rtfp'er-tfm/Irreyerent; disrespectful, a. 

7b trmd Tolie in aiqr paitieular direction, y. n. ' 
7b tend To dispatch, commission, pfc^Migate, y. 
7b teRflf To attend ; towait; to mote tûtrards, Y. a. 
To ob-lemf To oppose ; tû prétend^ y. a« 
To pre^iatdl To fjay the hypocrite ; to elaim ; toalledge fitlsly y« 
Toin^ienâf "Xatoam^ to design, .y. a. 
2b Mhper-ira^^itf^TdoTersee, y. a. 

To con-Und' Tostrixe ; to vie with ; to dispute ; contesta y. 
7bpro-/tffl^Tohold 0ttt;8UreU3hl6rth) y. a. 
To por-tend! To foretoken-} tosliow by omens, y, 
7b £ê-ltni To stretch OMt in bvQadth, v. a. 
7b at^ienif Towait oq; ,t6.beairken nnto, y« tu 

JBM/-.«iuf Thebluntendofanything, % 
To tX'Uni To stretch out or eidai^ge» -y* 
7b co-tx-ifi/nd! To eirtend to tbe saoM pUce, y. a. 
. 7b Maî^Ti^go; tQtucn round» y. n. 
7b toeiuÎTogQwiwig» y. n.. 
7b mu-wemP To sell ; tAOjSef to sale» y. a. 
fiyWf Pfiyate advantage, s; 
To b'md To gîrd,fasten, confine, tieup, y. a. 
H^KKf 6tiie? The honeiysuckle, s. 
Bear^bind A species of bind weed, s. 
7b absàndf To eut off ; rhymes the fiuniliar mxmd of the snbstan- 

tivewiikd,.v. 4t. • ; 
7b re-teind! TÔ eut off ; to ahrogate a lav, v, a. 
Tbpfc-^im^Tocatoff; to-abatnct^ T.' «.' '^ 

To dis-cûuP To divide; to<cutin pièces,, v. a. 
7b ia-ter-tcinct To out off bj^ interruption, y. a. 

Tofnd To discover ; meét with ; give ; allowr, y. h. 
7b difîfind' To cieaye in two, y. a. 

Hind The shc to a stQg ; a boor ; aserrant, s. 
Hind Backward, a.^ . 

p^«BM*M* **)u ni «If • . 

40 UND 

Be-hM Out of iiglit ; riot yéC jirodiicecl, ad, 
-KmrfRace; nature; sort, s. 
•^^f**' Benevdent ; favoraUe, a, 
Gof/ei-lând \ oagtom for disposai <if lands, g. 
Man4ànif The haman Tace, s. 
irom'an^i»«; The lemale ses, g. 
Mman-UndT^enceoiman, s. 
CTn^mif ^otldnd, a. 

JWmrf Withoat sight ; dark, a. 
To Um/Todarken; tostop themght, t. a. 
BImd Sometfaiog to intercept the sight, s. 
Are'A&irfNear-sighted, a. 
/Vtôarf^ear-sighted; short-sighted, a. 
Hood^iUM'fèlind' A \nvfsiÂ\e «port, s. 

ikfèu/ Intelligent poirer; tantknentj opimon, s. 
7b 0RfK? To mark; attend; mcUne, v. 
Tbfv-Mtmf'TopQtmmhid, v. a. 
jR»«rfBark; hnsk, s. 
TbrÛMfTodecorticate; tobark; tohusk, v. a« 
TW g-rwrf A soar Indian fmi^ s. 
3b grÉntfTosharpen; tooppress, v. a. 
Tolûu/ Tokmdle; seton fire, ▼. a. 
ff^o^ Flowmg wave of air ; breath ; ntterance ; thefamilir 
prommeiatioa of this word does not rhyme with 
mind ; bat the i is short, as in pinn'd, the apostn»- 
phized prétérit of the vetb to pin ; s. 
To tomd To blow ; to tom round ; rhymes mhid, v. a* 
IPil»if'»mef Astormmovingcircalarlj, s. 
To wi^mnéP To untwist; uncwine; éisentii^le, y. a. 
Bomf AnythmgthatUnds, «. 
Bond lu a senrile state, a. 
F«^a^iuf Avagrant; astroller, s. 

Ssc'oatfNead^inondertothefirst; inlenor, a. 
Sei/ond One whobacks anotiier ; the 60th part of a mînnte, %m 
To tetfond To support ; to foUow, Vr a. 
To àb-icotut Tahideooe^sself, t. n. 

Fond Fooltshiy delighted ; feoKshly tender, a« . 
Tofond TV> caress ; to be Ibnd of, v. 
J)tVi-mon(/Amo6tya1uablegein, s. 
^/'mon</ Anutof atree, s. 
Anrf A standing «rster, s. 
rod^ipom^Todes^r; tofosehope, v. a. 
To re-spondf Toaiuwer; to correspond, y. n. 
7bcor-ref.)EK>»flrTosait) toaaswer; tofit, y. n. 
K>iM?. Beingat a distance withinyiew, a. 
l^m^At a distance withinview, ad. 
l^e-j^oMcf'A-cross; outofreach, prep. 
Laund A plain between woods, t. 
ilfaMM? A hand*basket, s. 
7b (Une/ Togive notice v, n. 




U N D 


jFa-cund^ "EloquexAf a. 
Fe-cund' Fmitful ; proUfic, a* 
Per'e-cund ModeBti bashfiil, a. 
Ru^bi-cu7id Inclined to rednew, a. 

Jodund Merry ; gay j lively, a. . - • 

Fuiid A stock or bank of auMiey, s. 
7« re-fund' To repay j to restore, ▼. a. 
Mund Peace, s. 
Bound Part pass. of to bind. 
To bound To lirait ; to spriag ; to fly back, t. 
Bound Destined j going to, a. 
Bott/7<f Aboimdary i a^liinit, i. 
7b a-5otfmf To bave pleiity, v. n. 
Thstirper-a-botimt To be exubérant ; to hâve more than enoagb« v. n. 
WiJtd'baund Confined by contrary wiods, a. 
Hard bound Costwe, a. . 

ITMbounfi Maving the skin or bark too tight, a. 
To re-bound! To spring back ^ to reverberate, t. n, 
Re-bound! The act of flying back, s. 
To «n-^u^ef To inclose ; toshutin, ▼.«• 
Unrhonuut Wanting a/!over j not bouod» a* 
Oul'baund G oing a distant v<^age, a* 
To rt-dounél To conduce in the cdSsequeiioe, T. a» 
Found Prêt and part. pass. of find« 
Tojoimd To lay a foundation ; to establiah; toxast metals« ▼. m 
7b daB3^/&wu/To confuse; strikedamb, v.a. 
Jb con-forxnd' To mix j perplex j disturb, v, a. 
Pro-fauni Deep, a. 
Pro-foumf The sea ; the abyss, s. 

HoMt</ A dog uaed for the chase, 8« 
Crey'Aowaf AUlUwiflhuntingMÏog, s. . 

Mound A fence raîsed to fortify or défend, s. 
Pound A weight j a sum of money, s. 
7b ptntnd To beat with a pestle ; to «hut up, y. a. 
To imr-powut To shut up jn a pinfold, v, a. 
7b eom-pound^ To mingle ; to cpme to tenus, t. 

^nt^wne' The mascformedby union ofseveralingr/sdieiitSy s. 
7b dc-com^found' To coinpound a second time, v, a. 
7b pn-pouTuf To prc^xwe ; to exhihit j tooffer, ▼, a. 
T» ex-pound' To explain i to interpret, v.^. 

jRQzmc? A circie ; orb; district; mndle, s. 
7b round To make circular ; to surround» y. a. 
A-round^ About, prep. 
jÊ-rowuf lu a cîrcle, ad. 
Ground The earth ; floor ; cause of any thing, s. 
T(H«:rott7ttf To lay oo the earth ; toinstroct, ?,a. 

Ground prêt and part pass. of to grind. 
iff-grotimf Stranded ; runaground, ad. 
Fore^ground Part in a picture, s. 
d'àove'irQund Not m, the grave, ad. 


42 O O D 

Uvfdet'ground Subterraneous space, i. 
To tur-rwau^ To environ ; to encompass, ▼. a. 
SbuTuf Healthy ; tight; fltoat$ fest, m. 
&iiiu/ A shallow sea ; a probe; anoisC) s. 
To Sound To search with a plummet ; to try, v. a. 
To re-wundf To ecbo, soand, celebrate, r. a. 

Un-toujuf Wanting health ; rotten ; not faonest ; notHitliodoZf ft 
To astound^ To astonish ; to confounid, ▼. a. 

Woutid A hurt given by TÎoleiice, prcnounced a$ if written 
woond, s. 
To wound To hurt by violence, v. a. 
Wound Prêt of to wind, rbjrmes boond. 
Ger'und A kind of verbal hotm, s. 
To ob-tum^ Toblunt; dull ; que!l, v. a. 
To re-lund' To blunt ; to tnm the edge, v. a. 
' Ro-ttmd' Round ; circalar, a. 

Cod A sea-fish ; a natnral bag ar hosk, •• 
jReof'eorf A hall oontaining peas, s. 

Feod^e^i temire; prononnced fieed, f. 
Leod A coQBlrf , nation, &c. rbymes feed, & 
G<Mf Tiheflnpremebeing, a. ' 

iV^M^ An Indisn îdol and temple^ i. 
iVmKoMf Halfàgod, w. 

HmsT Abricklayei^troagh, t. 
fijp* W A linen girdle, 8. 
Shod Pret and part pas. of ftvslioe. 
fiS&SpffWNdthairingsboespnlled up, a« 
JWMM/Havmgthefeetdry, a. • 
A^WConvenientorder, s. 
/Vn-otf Circuit s epoeba; end; fbUpohitf f. 

Qod A lump of clay or dirt ; a clown, 8. 
7b dod To coaguiate, v. n. 
To cîod To pelt with clods, r. a. 
TirpforfTotoil ; tostndy closely, r. n. 
ToiiorfTobedrowsy; to bend the head, ▼, 

Nod A quîck declination of the head, g. 
Siftifod^ ecciesiastical assembly, a. 
/^KMfVietoals; provision for the mooth, s. 
GM Having désirable qnalities; the diphthong in this woid 
has the sound of u in buU, fiilt, âcc. rhymes stoodl» 
bood, &c. a. 
A-good^ Iiveamest, ad. 

Hood A covering for the l^etuA, iliymes good, s. 
C%i/<^Aoo</ The State of a child, s. 
Fidêe^hoodAlie; cheatittg; wantoftmth, s» 
Xii//i-AmK^ Appearance ; probability, s. 
£iW/i-Aoo(f Maintenance ; xneansofliving, s. 
JLttf'/inAMxf Bodilystrength; sprighdiness, s. 
ilfa)i'Aoo(f Virility ; courage; résolution, s. 
BroA'er'k)odTntmktyi naionj ^ooetgr» s. 


A R D 45 

Si/ier-hûod Women of tbe same society , s. 
Ntigh^bour-hood People and place adjoiningt-a. 
Knigkehood The dignity of a knight, s. 

Pnett'kood Thé office of a priest, s. 
^ttf'ov-Aoofi The state of a widow, s. 
iXoy'Aoorf The State of a boy, s. 

Biood A red animal flaid ; fiunily ; race; xhymt» bud, k,t, s» 
Lifi/bhodThe blood oeeenary to life, s. 

FloodA déluge; acominginoftbetide; rhymesmndylcc. t« 
Mood Teo^ier oif miad ; a itérai in grammar, •• 
Hood The fbarth of an acre ; the Cioss, t. 
Brood Offsprtng ; prodnetkn ; i»>ogeay» i • * 
To brood To sit on ^;g8 ; to hatch» v. n. 
Siood Prêt, of sttuod, rhsrmes good. 
WUk-ttoodf Vt9iL of witbiUnd. 
Un-dfr-^loodf Prêt, and part pass. of undentand* 

Wood A thick plantation of treef ; tbe wibttance of treet ; 

tHOber; thymes good, s. • 
Wood Mad ; iiiriooa ; ragiqg» a* 
Thi^ne-tDood A precious wood, i^ 

lug^jjDood Woo4 broQght frem Casip^acby, •• 
TburA'aootf Rotten wood, a. , 
BntfA'voo^fRoQ^ ihrabl^ IhicM»» a* 
Wormfwood A plank^ ■• 

Un'der-voQ^d homjsK^w tbat grow ameiig timber^ a 
Ohtt'nood LitUe sticks iineU. a. 

Pod A case of seeds, s, , ^ 

7>fW A seat with three feet, s, 

itotf Atwig; instr«inentofoorrectioa;kiBdflfaoqptreya 
^a'gib-nMf A rod to fis a fishing Une upon, s« 
Blaçk'rodf The nsber of tbeparliaiiwwfc, a* 

Trod Part pass. of tread. 
,I/k^%d^ Uot troddea down by a foot, a. 
&<^ A tttif ; dod ; surface of Ittid, t. 
TodAhsahi a weight of 281b. a. 
Bord A poet, t. 
ToB'ûrd A kmg gown ; a heralds coat, •• 
&a&'6ar<f The sbeath of a swoKd, s. 
lÂl/hftrd A leopavd, s. 
ÎMb'bard A laay sturdy letlow, s. 
7b homrhard' To throw bombs, v. a. 

Card For gaming, combing wocl, he* 
2f .SiBtf To cenb wool» V. a. 
To du'Carâf To dismiss ; to throw ont oarda^ r» a. 
StatuCard An ensign in war.; ttndanbted autbority, ■. 

Beard Haïr on tbe chin ; ajag ; tbis w<ml>is freqœntlypro- 
noonoed so as to rhyne with heid, 8« 
i^-/Mnf Frighted, part..a. 
J^Artf Prêt of to faear, pionoanced as the noim herd. 
Gwd Wardibip ; care j ci^lody».8. 

44 A R D 

Haifard Deformod ; u^ly ; wild ; untameftble, a; 
Ht-garcH Attention ; respect ; note ; look, s. 
To rt'gard! To estcem ; obBerve ; respect j ralue, ▼. a. 
Dis-re-gard' Slight not'.ce ; neglect, s. 
To diM-re-^ard! To slight ; to condemn, v. a. • 
Hag'gnrd Any thing wiW ; a kind of hawk, s. 
Ntg'gard A miser, s. 
Slug'gard A drone ; an idie felloir, s. 

Hard Virm ; difficolt; taborioiis ; avarîcioas, a. 
PUéh'ard A fish ; a thing lined with 6r, s. 
0/cbard A garden of frnitotrees, 9. 
I^ard A pièce of a pot ; a plant ; a fish, «. 
lÂfard Mingied roan, a. 
GdHU-ard A sprightiy man or dance, a. 
Pbr^iard A dagger or such lîke weapon, s« 
Tardi^ard A drhiking-vessel with a lid, s. 
BHtdéard One who bas bad eyes, s. 
IStmkfard A mean, stinking, paltry fellow, i. 
Vnuik'ard One given too much to drink, b. 
ijord Grease of swine, s. 
To ilortf To staff «îth fiit bacon, T. a. 
Md'lard The drake of wild ducks, s. 
PàVlard A tree iôpped $ fine sort of bran, s. 
DvVîard A blockhead ; a 8tapidpeirton« s« 
To in-teT'imtâ To insett 1iettr«eB $' t» dlTeMify, y. m« 
Nard An odoroiis flhrub> s. 
Spik^nard A médical dmg> s* 
Renfard A fox, s. 

Gur'nard A kind of sea-fish, s. '^ 

To board To lay with boards; toeiiter a shîp; taattack; pnh' 
• noûnoed as bord, Itie aipostrophised prétérit oftbfr 
Tcrb to bore, ▼. a. • 
Board A pièce of woôd ; a table $ a conrt betd, %, 
To boûrd'To pay or be paîd for lodg iog and eating, ▼• 
A-boardf In a ship ; safe, ad. 
Souiufboerd A baard whioh propagatas ^te sound, s. 
A'-hovifboard Without reserve or artifice, ad. 
CoumfcU-hoard A table where matters of state are debated, s. 
Sfàp'hoard As a ship-board ; m a ship, ad. 
Cuffhoard A repository for cup», gla*ies, fltc. t. 
Lar'board The left-band side of a ship, s. 
Star^board The right-hand side of a ship, a. 
O^ver-board Ottt of tbe ship, ad. 

To hoœrd To lay up privately, rhymes board, r. a, 
Ho&râ A hidden stock, s. 
Patrd The léopard, s. 
TbjéDp'orrfTohaaard, put indaqgar,T. a. 
IjÊOp'ord A spotted beast of prey, s. 
CtHmPo'pard A large animal, • s. 

Du^ard A prattlcar ; a boasting talker, s. * 
7ire-l«r/Tahiiid8r; dfllay; staybackyT. 

f 1. 

'^ "***« •^»-"- - ^O^HHPMIiiïivam^^* 

A R D 4S 

Do'lard A dotîng feUow, i^ 
Bat/ tard A sparioas chîld or thiQ^, s. 
Dos'tard A coward ; a fiûnt-hearted fellow, s. 
But' tard A wild turkey, s. 
Cut'tard A iort of sweet food, s. 
Miultard A plant ; seed ; and flower, 8. 
Doiftard A tree kept loir by cuttingv a. 
To guard To défend, lëymes hard, v. a» 

Gttorrf Defenoe ; caution ; part of a sword-hilt, s. 
St^ef guard Defence ; convoy ; passport, •• 
BUKk-guarét A dirty feUow, t. 
Van-guard! The fint Une or front of an army, •■ 
J-vanf guard The front of an anny, s. 
Out'guard The advaiioed guard, s. 

tVard Watch ; garriaon; district of a town ; coatody ; part 
of a lock ; one under a gnardian ; promranced aa 
warr'd, tbe apostrophizod prétérit of the Terb ta 
war, s. 
To ward To act oa the defenaive, ▼. n. 
Tq a-wardf To adjudge ; to détermine^ v. a« 

Vafxoard Fore part, s. 
Wmdmard Towarda the wind, ad. 

Godfward To godwaid ia toward Ood, ad. 
Woodfward A forcater, a. 

Lafwoûrd Tovarda the vind, ad. 
Ikme^ward Towarda home, ad. 
To re-wanf To recompenae, ▼. a. • 
Be-Toard^ A l ec n m pHwe ; a pnmahment, a. 
Bere'voard The rear or laat troop, a. 
i^re'iMrtf The van i the front, a. 

Steu/ard One who maaagea another'a eatate, a, 
Sadk'xvard UnwiUiag ; dull, a. 
. A'xfd'soard Unpolite ; unhandy ; clumay^ a* 
Heao'en-pard Towards heaven, ad. 

Itiward Any thing witbni ; the bonrelay a. ^ 
In'xDord Internai ; fdaœd withinaide, a. 
IWward Tovrarda the internai parta, ad. 
OTi'iearrf Forward ; progresaively» ad». 
DotDii'vffrtf BendingdowA; d^ected, a* 
Dwmirtard Towarda the centre ; from higher to lower» «d. 
Cùw'ard A poltrooii ; one who wanta courage, a. 
Fro'roard Peerîah ; .ungov^emable, a. 
To'ward Ready to do ; ibrward» a. 
Un^U/ward Froward ; Texatioua ; awkward^ a. 
Up'tvard Directed higher> a. 
C^'zcor^^Towaxds a higher yA^cef ad. 
Bewward Towaids the and or tail, ad. 
Jkiih'er-ward Towarda that jdace, ad. > 
^ter--x(Krd In tiiue to corne, adv 
Fo/xoarcl Wanti; TÎole&t ;- cunQdent, «• 
/^/toor^^Towarda j inwaid)4prQgt)»9$i«dar«ad.. . ..r. 


46 O R D 

Heftce-Jb/ofard Fram ûôb tmti ad. 
Thence'for^voard Onfrom tbattimey âd. 

<SiMn/ Green snr&ce ol the gtomid, s. 
Greenfiward The tartim which gratt grovs, s. 
OiU'ward Eztenial ; extrinsic ; fitfeign, a. 
Out'mard To foreign parts» jrà. 
If^vortf Frowani ; pâcvish; nocow^a. 

Yard Ground iocloaed to a honse ; measare of thrée fieet ; 
a pôle to faaag nilaon, f. 
Bavard A bay horfe, Sé 
Vtn^yard A ground planted wifli vines, t. 
Sieel'vard An iron rod to «eigb goodi, s. 
Whinyard A laige crooked swordy s. 

Heafard Chance ; danger $ a game «t dice, f . 
7b kœ^^trd To expose toehanoe $ to adreature, t. a. 
. Hi^mf&rd Ckxùtie ; accideatyi. 
Mhz'éÊftt A jaw, a. 
Lix!ard A creeping animal, i. 
Viaiord A masfc nsed ^ diaguise^ a. 
7b visiard To maflk, v. a. 
Whiard A conjurer ; an enchanter, t* 
iWzar^/ A biockhead ; afbol, t. 
GÂ'zorrfThe arascnlous atomach of a fcmrl, Sé 
Bwivxrd A hawk ; a dnnce ; aMockhead, f. 

7b6Vr«/ A loi^ gown ; hemld's ooat, s. 
HaVberd A battle-axe fixed to a long pôle, s. 
HerdA flock ; a cooqnny, s. 
7«A«rc/To-asMciate; to ran in coiBpaiBlesf t. a« 
Svb'm^herd A keeper of hogVy s. 
Shepfherd One who keeps sheep ; a swain f apatter, s* 
Pot'sher(à Aêmg9aéat>tif m^ bniksnpot,s. 
Nèat'herd A cow-keeper 5 one «ho bas the eai« of bla«k catUe, s. 
6oa/'A«rc^ Ont wb«ir tends goats, I. 
Corjo'herd Qne who tends cows, s. 
To ttverd Tobieed^a green ttef, t. n. 
Xa/h/ A Scotch levd of a manor, s. 
Bhd A feathered animal, riiymet ctdrd^ word^ &c. s. 
yJoiVbird One who bas been in a jail, s. 
To gjrd To bind roond ; mt^est ; approach, v. a. 
% M-gùkt* Toiiind nmnd -, to skat in» ▼. a. 
7brn-^[ni^T0'eneircle; to «nrramid» ▼. a. 
% 'un-^ird' To loose a- girdle or girlb, v. ia. 
Vùrd Ncxt after the second, a. 
Tkhrd A'tbird part ; the aixtieth port of a second, s. 
Ord An edge, s. 

Cord A small rope ,* a measure of wood^ s. 
To ac-eord! To suit-with ; to agwe ; to unité, v. 

Ac-coTdf Argument ; • harmair|r, s, 
To re eord! To celcbrate ; to register solemnly, v. a. 

/ifecW A rcgister^ an anthentic enfolment, s. 
Gkr'i-coriiiA «snaticat jnstruniOBt, a. 

Ta ton- 


nt i uuioB 1 harmcay, i. 

[nent i «^jKjsitîuu ; wiget, •. 

OV .part(HFit river, rbrines boud,* 

. riïer witltaiit boifts, t. a. 

; produce; gîre; grant, v. 

ment of gaming, s. 

«'(Àan iim ; ovoeraflaiid. Sic, t, 

usy groiind, l. 

mM of apeech ; Ulk, kc. iltrowa coid, Itc 

■ properfy j to dispute, r. 

«ord in a page, s. 

l'i nigbt-woid, s. 

; vmgemce of juitice j riiymci board, s. 

ith one^ ^Sge, a. 

a which grass tçraws, s. 

ord ; a pnverb, i. 

ilation of milk, B. 

kbottle; rhymei board) 1. ' 


areasoni f<»liib,s. 

beat ; trick ; rhymea breod, bavd, and 

«■d, the apoftrophiaedpreteritiaadparti- 

F the veit» to awe, caw, Stc ■ 

ilrick,». ». 

boot of a fiaxtt ; • geiii, i. 



ring Cloud, a. 

ehiud befoie wiod, vj n. 
; contention ; deadly batnd, ii 

■treetdirt; riime,!. 
rewkh tnfTitkMis, ■. 
'ewiïh tnAtûM. a, 
imonNB; tniMkntia. 

^«■■iP||^«MH|^^^^^HMWaim^V«im^«r'^PW-^^"«VP>«l VMPIl •< -«^ 

48- I B £ 

A'iauii lioodly ; wîth a grèat noise, aé. 

CZouif The dait coUectkm of vapours in the air, &c. s. 
To c&>uif To darken with cloiids ; to grow cknidy, r. 
Crouâ See Cromd. 
To throud To dress the dead ^ to conceal ; to cover, t. 
Shroud Burial clothes ; sail lopes ; shelter, s. 
Prùud Elated ; arrogant ; lofty ; fangous ; exubérant^ a« 
Purte^proitd ^ffed np with riches, a. 
Spud A short knife, s. 
To rudTo maka red, t. a. 
Crud A concrétion ; coagulation, i. 
Sft«f Aplaceforhones; bntton ibr shiri-sleeraSy &e. s. 
To stud To adom with stods or knohs, v. a. 
7b he-sM To adom with stods, r. a. 
Baad A procnreas of lewd women, s. 
Iieœflf Obscène ; lustful; wicked; a. 
S&rfwt/HaTÎngthequalitiesofashrew; ennniog; artfal ; a« 
Cnwd A^sonftised multitade ; a fiddle ; rhymea lond, «. 
To croved To press close togethet ; to incumber, v. 
7a A:^4f To know, ▼. n. 

E. ■■ 


Cbr^TNf-eo'prtf The hom of plenty, S. 

SirUgg Small ehannels in the shells of cockles, &c. s. 
Ex'vfvi a Cast skins^ s. 
A-qtta-vi^tœ Malt spirhs ; spirits of wîne, s. 

7b ie To hâve a certain state ; to exist, v. a. 
B<Ae An infimt» s* 
Aiiro4abe An instrument for taking observations at sea, s. 
6t6ie Any.oldwom^oùtanunal, s. 
Gleèe A chnrch estate ; tnrf ; soi! ; ground, s. 
7b hn-lnM Todrinkin ; to admit into> v. a. 

7b giAe To sneer ; toreproach with coàtempt, v. 
Qibe A sneer ; scoff; taunt ; flounce, s. 
/Ttfte A knob in the heçl ; a chilblain, s. 
7b brihe To gain by bribes, v. a. 
Bribê The price of iniquity , s* 
&r/6eAWriter; a. public notaxy, s. . 

To a'Scribéf To attribute <o, r. a. 
7b mis-a-seribe' To ascribe fateely, v. a. 
To *«i-*mte' To attest ; tolimit; to give consent, v. 
To ■de-scribe' To represent by woitls, or figures» v. a. • 
7b re^sctibef To write back, v. a. 
Topre-smb^ To order ;. to direct medically» ▼• a. 
7^ rir-cum-«cr/W To iqclose; ioIimit,v. a. 
7b iran-saibef To cppy, v. a. 
7bm-A:rtW Todcdieate,,y« a* 
. To prO'Scribé' To outlaw ; to censure capitaUy, ▼. a. 

Tq su 

ACE 49 

To tu-^r-scribe^ To Write ai top or on the outside,, v. a. 
To inAerseribef To write between, v. a. 

Tube A certun génération of people, s. 
Lûhe A part of the lungs, s. 
6/060 A sphère ; a bail; the uni verse, & 
Toeon-glohef To gather into a round mass, ▼. a. 
To eon-globef To eoalesee in a round mass, v. n. 

Robe A long vest or gown ; dress of dignityi^ & 
To robe To dress pompously ; to inrest, v.^a., 
Ward'robe A place where apparel is kept, s. 
To en-rohel To dress ; to clothe, v. a. 
Probe A 8urgeon*s instrument, s. 
i To probe To search ; to try with a probe, ▼. a. 

To t£t-robef To undress ; touncover, t. a. 
I Fourbe Acheat; atricking'fellow, s. 

Cube A regular solid body ; a square number, s. 
I Tube A pipe; a s}rphon, s. 

I To fcybe To sneer ; to taunt, v. n. 

I Gy6e Asneer; ataunt; asarcasm, s. 

> Ace An unit in cards, or dice, s. 

t l>ace A fish resembling a roach, s. 

I Peace Respite from war ; quiet ; rest ; (ootent^ s^ 

Face The visage ; fîx>nt ; confidence, s. 
I Tofàce To meet in front ; to oover in front, v. a. 

To de-facef To disfigure ; to destroy ; to erase, v. a. 
Prif^ace Introduction; proem, s. 
. To prepace To introduce a treatise, v, v 

To ^face^ To destroy ; to deface, v, a, 
Sur^face Superfice, s. 
To oul-facef To brave ; to bear down, v. a. 

Ime II cord ; an omamental trimming of gold, Bilter» or 
thread, curiously woven, s. 
To lace Tu fasten with a string ; to trim ; to beat, v. a. 
] Pfd'oce A noble or royal house, s. 

NeckHace An omament wom on women's nccka, a. 
Bul'lace A wild sour plum, s. 
To un4aeef To Ipose'a thing lacedup, v. a. 
To soVace To comfort, cheer, amuse, v. n. , 
SoUace Comfort ; pleasure ; alleviation, s. 
/%ire Locality ; résidence; rank; oliWc; statç of bdn^ ; 
space in gênerai ; room; way; ground, s. 
To place To rank ; fix ; establish, v. a. • 
To re-placef To put again in place ; to supply, », a. 
//m(/'v7g-;i/are Thetopof stairs, s. 
To com-mon-placef To reduce to gênerai heads. v. a. 

7b d!r/-^ace'To put outof place; todisorder, v. n. 
To mis'placef To mislay, v. a. 
To iraru plaeef To remove ; to put into a new place^ v. «♦ 
Mark'tt'pîace The place where a market is beld, s« 
7b en-ter-lncef To interm'x, v. a. 
ji» 7b in^ter-Iacef To interftiix, V, a. 

Vol. I. D pop'u lèce 




50 I C E 

Pop^U'îaee The common people ; the multitudei s. 
Gtri-macef An air of afTectatlon, s. 

Pom'flCtfThedrossofcyder-pressings, s. 
To men^ace To threaten, v. a. 
Men^ace A threat, s. 

Pin'nace A boat belonging to a ship of war, fi. 
Fur^nace An inclosed fire-place, s. 

Pœe A step ; gait ; measure of five feet, s. 
To paee To move slowly or gently as a pad, t. 
A'pace^ Quickly ; hastily, ad, 
Cinque^pace A kind of grave dance, s. 

Spoce Local extension ; quantity of thnei a. 
Foorpace A slow walk ; part of a stair-case, s. 
Tooui'pace* Toout-go ; to leavébehind, v. a. 

Race Family ; génération ; partlcular breed ; a ruimini^ 

match; progress; train, s. 
j&r/Tce Cincture ; bandage; a pair; aconple, s, 
7b fm-iroce' To squeeze in kindness ; to welcome; to join in ai 
embrace, v. 
r7n-6race' A clasp; ahiig, s. 
Honehacê Amatchof horses% ranning, s. 

Grooff Favour; privilège'; virtue; omament; acravioga 
blessing upon our méat, s. 
To grâce To adom ; to favour ; to dignify, v. a. 
To a'gracef To grantéeivours to, v. a« 
Bon-groctf' A covering for the forehead, s. 
To dis-^racef To dishonour ; to dismiss ; to tum ont, v, a. 
Dit-gracèf Dishononr ; ignomîny ; state of being ont of Êivour, !• 
7W*'rffce Asmallgrassyhill, s. 
To trace To follow ; to mark out, v. a. 
Trace Mark left by any thing passing ; footsteps, 8* 
To re-tracef To trace back, v. a. " 

Ambt'ace' Two aces thrown at dice, s. j 

F^ctf The wool ofoine sheep, s. j 

• Tofeece To strip a person of his substance^ v. a. | 

Greece A fligbt of steps, s. 

Nièce The daughter of a brother or sister, rhymes fleece, »« 
Pièce A patch ; a part ; coin ; a gun ; rhymes fleece, s. 
To Pièce To enlarge ; to join ; rhymes fleecej v. a. « 

A'pieeef :To the part or share of each, ad. 
jlfdr'/#r-piA*£ A capital performance ; chief excellence, s% 
FrùnVit^ece A pictare facing the title-page, s. 
Oùm'ney-piece The omamentaT pièce round a fire-place, ^« 
/c« Waterfrozen; sugar concreted, s, 
ToiceTo cover with or tum to ice, v. a. 
iYutce A flat fisti, s. 
Biee A colour used in painting, s. 
Z)?^ The plural of die, s. 
Ad^dke A coopères ax, s. 
Jiaun'£//C(f A disten^per, s. 
Bod'ke A sort of women^s stays, 9« 



I C E 51 

ComJard-ke Want of courage, s. 
Pr^^u-dice t^repossession ; vayaxy, s. 
To preffu-tSee To fill with prejadi<ie ; to injurci r. a. 
Ben^e-fice An ecclesiastic living, s. 
Venft-fM The practTce of poisoning, s. 

Opfise Public employment ; busmess \ also tbe place wliere 
it is transacted, s. 
7b tuf-fieef To be enough ; to satisfy, ▼. 
Ed^p^fice A buildmg ; a fabric, s. 
lanH^ee Wbollen manufacture, s. 
Sacfri--fice Any thing offered or destroyed, s. 
TôfacVi^^Toimmolate; tx>kiU; todîestroy, r. 
OrH^ce Any opening or perforation, s. 
i^n/'t-^ce Bridge-work ; the édifice oif a bridge, b\- 
Arifi^e A trick ; a fraud ; a stratagem, s. 
Sufper-^ficeSarîace; outside, s, 
Ijce Plural of iouse. 
Ctd'ke A cnpi achalice, s. 
C%a/'M»Acup8tandingonafoot, s. 
Maifke Bad design ; evil intention, s, 
P<hUcef The régulation of a place so far as regards the inhalii- 
taafts, 8. 
ComfpHee A conFederate, s. 
Ac'CÊm'pliee An assodate; a partaker ; usnally in aa tll sensé, s« 
â^'pi6'»Aininister'8whitegamient, s. 
To ipUee To join ropes without a knot, v. a. 
Jo^ic€ To eut in thin pièces ; to divide, r. 

Mkt Piuralofmouse. 
Am*iee The priest's shoulder-ctoth,worn onder his surplice, s: 
I\imfice A kind of spongy stonefoll of hoies, s. 

Nice Accurate; squeamish; refined, a. 
Corfniee The highest projection of a wall or columo, s. 
iVnûeAwall-louse; abugg, s. 
Ckoke Election ; a thing chosen, s. 
Ciofce Select; ofgreat value, a. 
To re-jwef To be glad ; to make glad, ▼. 

FoKe Sound from the mouth; a vote, S4 
Inavoué A catalogue of a ship*s freight, s. 
7b oHi^eef To outroar ; to exceed in clameur, ▼. a» 
Preefi-tnce A headlong steep ; a fall perpendkular, Sé 
Cbp'pke Wood of smaU trees, s. 

Spice An aromatlc substance used in sauces, s* 
7b ipice To seâson witfa spice, r. a. 
7b be-'ipicef To season with spices, v. a. 

Au^ipice Infiaeace; protection; farour^ s. 

Mke An esculent grain, s. 
Av^a-nce CoviBUfawaeM ; insatiable désire, 'ISi) 
Den^H-frice A powder for the teeth, s. 

Grke A Httie pig ; , a stepor greese, s, 
TArûe Tfareetimei^ ad. 

O 2 ÎJc^O'fke 

52 N C E 

Ut'o-rirt A mAot a, *weett»ite, a. > 

iVnv Value ; otiautioa ; nite, s. 
Ct-prke'Wtàmi Uncy; fréak, s. 
TliwAsboTttiiDe; oainstuit, a. 
Cir'a-lrkt A lear, s. 
Gwi'a-jrnv A aerpeM, i. 

M a'tritt The wrmb; *iDon)dto cutin, ». 
Si» The uamlteriix Mdice, s. 
TalktTodn.w; toaltare, t. a. 
Pm'lke Habit; nui melbodi art, i. 
JVnJc'pnr-firr Practicecontrary toruka, >. 

Poid'lkt A soft, mollifying' anilicatioa, >. 
Tb m-(k«' To atlnre ; to dnw b; fair pcwniMi, T. a. 
/Vn'fiMAilofnigroof, s. 

Ara'fHvOoeboDiidtoananer forinatroctioD, i. 
Ap'pna't-a One covensnted to leam a trade, >. 

Nà'iJCfHeedj inrormatian; ■aming, i. 
JVo'pbf'hci'nieartofniakingmcnldafiir caMn^;, «, 
j4nii'j-«^ir« AcessalJOD of arma; ■■horttrnoe, i. 

&I'tf(n The tropical point oftheaim, i. 
/n'/rr-ffjn SpacebitH'eeiitlûii^ i. 

J'w'fnRighti eqnlty ; punishmeit, i. 
Ii^t'iia li^ory ; vron^ ; iniquit^^ «. 
tal'lkt A redcuUted «indow, >. 

f^ Opposite toTirtue; dqjnvity; an iron pren, (. 
F(V In otHnpnition, wgiûfiei KcaDd in rank. 
Ai-àal CtKaat\ ; iutelligaice ; infomutiop, s. 
ifa>i»M' Contri nnce ; anemUém; aicbane, i. 
Cm'kt A crack ; a cleft, s. 

Jww Sap in vegctable* ; âoid in anlmali, s. 
Ver'jake A liquor of crab ijqilei, i. 

Sain A vent fbrmter ; > flood-gate, ■. 
Aôii'tM One not acquainted witli an; thing; ananleuned 

permt, s. 
Ser'vkt Menlal oiBce ; obedieoce ; office of àevaHoo ; eni' 
ploymcnt; foroor) onter of diihet, a. 
Fue'irr-wei Service perforoied mly under hi^)ectioa, a. 
ilU'itr.tikt Injury > n^actiief, *. 

fiU/'jrr-D.i* In taw, attoidance «hicb tenants Ovetbe cOoR of- 
their lord, >. 
Tmn Two time* ; doublj, ad. | 

To ti^u/u' To twtetoi, v, ■■ 
JDtt-fari'oHT* Petpleiity ) cooAiliaa) tpimilt, i. 
Sïç-n;J"i-«ni™ Mpaningi importance, a. 
In-rig-iiifi-raitu Want of nkeaniiig ; lui importance, «. 

Ti) ifaim To mave by mnaic, ♦. n, , 

To doua To wait upoa ; to put into inatioo, T. a. —i 

Douer A musical motion, a. V 

Hi^ Ui/'iAinn' PmhibitJOD, •. _ 

Eid'ihiire TMiTennce ; tbe act ef doirÎDg bMj, t, 4 

Aid'<ma Help; npport, i. 


N C E 53 

A-void^ance The act of avoiding', s. 
Gui'dance Direction ; govemment, s. 
Mit'giàfdance False direction, s. 
Dt'pend^anee Statfe of hanging down ; connexion ; reliânce, 8. 

Tend^ance Attendance ; a waiting upon, s. 
Jt-4endfance The act of waiting on another, s, 
Â-bun^danee Great plenty, s. 
Su-per-a-bitn'dance More than enoagh, •• 
JU-^bm'dame Saperfluity^ s. 
At-cord^ante Agreement with, s. 
Om-cord^ant» An index to the scriptnres, s. 
Dit-cord^ànee Disagreement ; opposition, s. 
Morfrit-danee A particular kind of dance, (a Moorish dacce) g. 

Ven^geanee Punlshment, s. 
il-WA^geianctfPunishment; revenge, s. 

Crefanee A fine smallline âistened to a hawk's leash, 8. 
i3»-/rAo'a-^am-tf Waste; superfluous e^cpence, s. 
EVe-gance Beauty withoat grandeur, s. 
/ii-tf/'tf«gance Absence ofbeauty; vrant of élégance^ s. 
Ar^ro^ffance Unbeooming pride ; presumption, s. 
Chance Fortune ; accident ; event, s. 
Be-dumegf Withoutteeking, ad. 
7b be-€haneef To happen; to befal, v. n. 
Per-ekaneef Perhaps; peradventnre, ad. 
Mù-€kaneef 111 luck ; iU fortune, s. 
To en-Jkancef To advanue ; to nûie the price, ▼. a. 

Ra^di-ance Sparkling lustre, s. 
JurafàiF-atiee Beams of light emitted, s. 
De^fwiiee A challen^, s. 
4A^'aAee Confidence $ trust; hope, s. 
To if-fifantt To confide in ; jto betroth, ▼. 
il/-lf In-oncv The duty of subjects, s. 
Vwi-mu» Valour ; personai courage, s. 
i2e-À''«iee Trust ; dependence; confidence, s. 
AlrWimct Convention by treaty or marriage, s. 
"DàVU-antt Foadness ; delay, s. 
SaVU-^uvoe The act of issuing forth ; a sally, s. 
CoM'plifaHoe Submission, s. ' ' 

JfiHom-pU^ttnee Untractableness ; refusai of compliance, s. 
Ap^^ance The act of applying, or thin j applied, s. 

NoVonee Mischief ; inconvenience, s. Sec Annoyanct 
Fa'ri-onee Dlsagreement ; dissension, s. 
71ir'n-a/iee Stay ; delay, s. 
Ltut-uffi'ànce Excess of plenty, s. 

Rts^uanee Résidence ; abode ; dwelling, s. 
A'tkancef Sideways ; oUiquely, ad. 
Lance A long spear, s. 
To lance To pierce; to eut, v. a. 
Btd'ance A pair of scales ; equipoise of a watch, s. 
To bal^anee To make even ^ei^t, v. a. 
Coun'ter-'balfance Opposite weight, s. 

D3 To 

54 N C E 

To counHer-hal'ance To act against with an opposite weight, v. a. 
O^ver-bal-attce Something more ihan équivalent, s. 
To ofver-bal-ance To Vf elghdown; to preponderate, v. a. 
To ouifbal'once To overweigh ; to prepouderate, v. a. 
VaVafue Brapery roond tbe tester of a bed> & 
To vdfance To dceorate with drapery, v. a. 
Sem'blûnce'Uk&oies&', resemblance, s. 
Af-i«in'&&im'tf Similitude; likeness, s. 
To e-lance' To throw out ; to dart, r. a. 

Glanée A quick view ; a dart of a beam of lîght, 8, 
To gîance To vicw obliquely ; to censure, v. n. 
De-f aHf once T9i]uret s. 

VigH'lanee Watchialùesa, s. 
DemH-îance A light lance ; a spear, s. . 
Em-parVance In }aw, a pétition in court for time to coivider, 8. 
En-ter-rarVanee Parley ; mutual talk ; conférence, t. 
Petfu-lance Sauciness ; ^peeviahness, s. 
Ro-mancef A fiction; a foble; a lie, f. 
To ro-mancef To lie ; to forge, v. n. 
^c-auftom-cnce Custom; habit; use, s, 

jif-firm^ance Coû&nniùtionf s. 
He-af-jitin^anfe Second confiiinatioo, a. 
Dit'Of'Jtrmfanee Conftttation ; neg^tïon, %* 
Per'formttinee Work done; the act c^ performingv i. 
Ord'nance Great guns ; cannon, s. 
^m'tf-nanceConduet; behaviour, s. 
Pmfance The act ef atonement, s. 
Jfasn 'fe-nonce Stistenance ; support, s. 
Coun^té-rutnce Face; look j patronage; support, n 
To éoun^te-nance To support ; to patronise, t. a. 
THt'eoun'ie'nance Cold treattotltAi unfriendly r^ard, s. . 
Tb tht-^oun 'ie-neiKce To discourage by cold treatment; to put to fthame,T.a. 
Ap-perUe-nance That wbich belongs to another thing, jt, 
PurUe-nance The pluck of cattle, s. 
SutUe-nanee Maintenance ; use of food, s. 
£bu're-nance Remembrance ; memory, s. Fr. 
OfféU-nance Law ; ruie ; precept, s. 
JVv-or'dSr-Kffnr^ Antécédent decree; firstdecree, a. 

Fî-nancef Revenue; income; profit, s. 
Pre-dom'i-nance Prevalence ; siiperiority ; ascendancy, s» . 
Offdon-nance Disposit'on of figures m a, picture, s. Fr. 

Resh-nance SoMTià 'y resound, s. 
Co/i'jo-w<wrc Accord of Sound, s. 
Aiffo-nance Référence of one sound to another resemblieg it, s* 
Disfso-nance A mixture of unharmoiuous sounds, s. 
Gov'er-Tzonre Government; rule; management, s. 
Dis^ae-pance Différence ; contrariety, s. 
For-bear^ance Lenity ; mildness ; dclay, s. 

Qearfance A certificate that a ship bas beçn cleared, s. 
Ap'pear^aice SemïAance; show; a coming in sight, s* 
i?e«inem^rance Recollection; account preserved, s. 



N C E S5 

Ctari^brance Burthen ; hinderance ; impediment» s» 
En-<umfbrance An impediment ; a clog ; a load, s, 
Du-eit-cum^brance Deliverance from trouble, s. 
Pro^u^ber-ance A «welling above ttîe rest, s. 
Ex-Ut^be-rance A protubérant part ; a knob, s, 
Ex-u^ber-ance Overgrowth ; luxuriance, s. 
Con-ndf errance C!onsideratk>n ; reflec* ion, s. 
Hin'der-awe An impediment ; a stop, s. 
E^'id'pon'der'orux Eqnality of weight, s. 

Sitffjer'onee Permission ; patience ; misery, fl. 
Farfàer^ance The same as furtherance, wluch see. 
FuT^iker-ance Encouragement ; promotion, s. 

Tol^er-ance Power or act of enduring, s. 
Tem^per-anee Modération ; patience ; calmness, s. 
In-iem'per-ance Excess ; want of modération, s. 

Et'per-emce Ro^, s, Fr. 
Bx^ufper-ance Oy&^aAzxïce; greatcr proportion^ s. 
Ui' ter-once Prommciation ; vocal expression, s. 
Sn^er-^mce Séparation ; partition, s. 
Ptr-se-ve^rance Persistence in any attempt ; constancy iuprogres3,s. 
X>^/rD'er-0tce Freedom ; rescue; elocution» s, 

Frafgrance Sweetness of smell, fi. 
GMi'mo-rtmce Dwelling ; habitation ; résidence, t. 
IgffUMranee Want of Imowledge ; unskilfr.lness, s* 

To brance To spring and move in high mettle, y. n, 
.^l^-er'-rAictf Anerror; a déviation, s. 
TYonee An extasy, s. 
EfiUrance A going-in ; a passage ; admisson, s. 
To en-traneef To put into a trance or extasy, y. a. 
Re-enUranee The act of entering agaln, s. 
To £*-en-trancef To awaken from a trance or deep sleep, t. é, 
He-'mon'ttrance Show ; représentation ; discovery, s. 
Du^ ronce Imprisonmentj dnration, s. 
En^^^ ronce Continuanœ, s. 
Mo^nu'rance Agriculture; cultivation, s. 

Suf ronce Warrant; security, s. 
Ensur fonce Security fîrom hazard, s. 
Assufrance Certain expectation; confidence; waat oi modesty ; 

certainty;" security, s. 
I>e-;/èa(fanc«Tbeactofannulling; defeat, s. 
Cnm-/er':/êa'AinceTheact ofcounterfeiting; fox-gery, s. 
Ptea^sance Oaiety; pleasantry, s. 
Dii-pleaUance Anger; discontent, s. 

A-baifeance An act of révérence ; a bow, s. 
Com-ploi-eance^ Oivility; obliging behaviour, s. 
0-6ei'<a7ire The act of révérence; com-tesy, s. 
Sitfifi'sance Excess; plenty, s. Fr. 
Re-'Cog'ni-tance A bond of record; a badge, s. 
Cheo^i-^sance An eutcrprize; an atchievemcntj s» 
NuiUance Somethiug offensive, s. 

J> ^ JouU'tttHce 

S6 N C E 

JtMUsanee 3 olMiy; merriment; festivity, 8. 
Pu/is-tance VoYier ; strength, 0. 
/Tn-pu^ûsanee Impotence; inabilityj (eebl^iess, s. 
UftanceUse; usury; interest for money, s. 
Con'ti-xanctfCognisance; notice, s. 
JEn-ireaif once "Peti^on; entreaty; solicltation, s. 
J^X'peci^ance Somcthing expected; hope, s. 
Re-btcHance Unwitlinguëss ; répugnance, s. 
. HabH-tance Dwelling; abode, s. 
jA-Aa6'i-/aiice Résidence of dwellers, s. 
£r-or '6t-tojictf Eiiormity; excessive wrong, s. 
Con<omH-tante Subslstence together with another thmg, s. 
Pre àp^i-iance Raiih haste; violent hurry, s. 
In-her'i'tance Patrimony ; hereditary possession, s. 
Sn-per-JUtfi'tance The act of âoating above, s. 
Re-tuWance The act of resultiog, s. 
JE.T-t<i^'tfnce Transport; joy; triumph, s. 
2ie-pentfance Sorrow Ibr any thing past, s. 
Ac-auainifance Familiarity ; a person with whom we converse, s. 
^c-««;»/'an<:« Keception with approbation, s. 

Porifance Air ; mien ; demeanour, s. / 

Im'portftmce'M.Attier'y salject; moment; t. 
Onm-port'anee Behaviour, s. 
iStfp-^/-/'a}ic« Maintenance; support, s. 
7ran«-/)or/ 'anctf Conveyance; carriage; remova]; s. 
Sortance Suitableness; agrcement, s. 
^«^'^oNceBeing; essential part; body; wealth; méàni of 

. life; something solid, s. 
P/f'/AfireSpace oftime; respect; behaviour, s. 
To disHance To leave behind, v. a. 
ÙtrHùte ditUance Distance of planets from the sun on the ecliptîc, «. 
De-mt^ance The actof desisting; cessation, s. 
JRes'ulfance The act of resîsting ; opposition, s. 
Abn-r«-f 7a/ W f Failureof résistance, s. 
Ai-iisUance Help; aid, s. 
Cir'ctfm-Wn/?ce Incident; condition; event, s. 
/n 'f/ance Solicitation ; motive; occasion, s. 
Adr-nùtUttnce The act of cntering, s. 
Ite-mii' tance A sum sent to a distant place, s. 

0-mitUance Forbearance, s. 
Per-mit' tiiîice Allowance; permission, s. 
Pit f tance A sniall allowance, s. 
Q'jît'tanre A discharge ; a recelpi for monqjf, s. 
Ac-quH' tance A receipt for a debt, &c. s. 
Toad-vaneef Toprefer; to proceed; to improve, v. a. 
Ad-tancef Progression, s. 

Cfâe'vance Trafiic in which money is cxtorted as discount, s. 
Grichance A state or course of trouble, s. 
Ag-gric'-jance An injury ; a complaint, s. 
Con'uVvance Voluntary blindness, s. 
Ar-ri^vance Company coming, s. 

Ccn-ln'vaiat A icheme; an artifice, l. 
Con-lia'a-antt Oarat'.oa i perseTeranoe, b. 
Zlif-œn-'ïn'tt-inic Intcrmasion; disriiption, ■. 
jlp-pra 'vanct AiqirobaCion, B. 
Oh-ser'cana Respect; attention; regard, e. 
i^ir-ju'oBc* Prosecul'on; prooess; conséquence, s. 
Âl-linr'inKe Port'oB ; licence, B. 
Dii'id-loa'aHCc Prohibition, b. 

Con-vcy'aace Tiie act or means of eonveying, », 
Pur-vey'aïKc Procurement of proririon», s. 

Jujl'oWiGaietf ; féstirity, «. > 
An-noy^artee The act oF annoying, *. 
Oig'ni-zanre Jiididalliatice; trial, s. 
Sf-cum'Acnc The act or posture or If iog down, t. 
(W-B2o'cen« Pleamire; joy; oiTil'ty, B. 

J)«'ajt« Propriety; modesty; bécoming ceremony, s. 
Be-mfi-aaee Active goodiuss, B. 
JHflg-nifi-rt'K* Grandeur; splen^our, 9. 
Mn-nipi-atH Liberality ; generosity, s. 

li'cence Pennission; exorbitant Ijberty, s. - 

la'Tu-cenx Paiityi int^rity; h»rmle«sDe»s, IL 

Cm-nai'ccsct Conaaanbirlb; coramunity of bîrth, I. 

J^-ha'cence The State ofarriTingatpuberty, t. 
Er-a-bet'tmcr 'Rfiacn; blush, a. 
IjÇ-i-iiw'ceBce Stony cgncrelioo, b. 
Bï-toJuJn'cmoe Heatj the state of growii^ angry, s. 
Tur-gti'teateActotswtMns; State of being SRoln, t. 
S'û-fi'anre Kest; repose, b. 
Ac-pâ-a'ctiKi Consent; corapliance, s. 
/ii-f£i-/u'uwf Inctpient heat ; warmtbj'S- 
Co-a-la'cence Concrétion ; union, s, 
/n-ifa-Ju'nacc Strength ; heaith, i. 
Coa-na-ta'ceaa Renewai of heaith, b. 

Ad-o-ia'ance Hie Ûorer of youth, s. 
Ja-tu-nKi'ccnce Tumour ; avelling, s. 

Se-na'ctact A growing old ; decay by t'me, i. 
Con-cra'cttict A growing by tbc union of sereral partîcles, s. 
Sa-piT-crd'ctnct Something growing on tbat vhrch grOin, ■. 
Ex-cra'tence A irr^ular and usetesB grovinç; Oat, 
h-per-ex-cra'cenct Somethiri); superfluously growing 
Ef-fio-m'cence A production of floirers, i. 
nj-trei'MnceThe Btateofrotting, s. 
£iic-<«'i»BccTendency tomilk, i. 
€)b-m-t-tei'cenn Loss of speech, i. 
.Ç/^r-iief'<«i« A boiling up; a beat of peu'an, b. 
Stn-i-iàt'einei Recallection ; recovery of kleas, s. 

Rn-i'pii'cence Wjsdom alUr the bct; repectance, s. 
Con-ai'pir-miee Irregular désire, s. 
Cog-no/taire Knowledge, ». 

Ca'iltact Fall of the tone ot vo'ce, ». 
Rt^a'dmoe Forcanoat place; prinity, s. 

58 N CE 

An-te-ee^denee The act or state oT goiiigbeibre, s. 
Cre^dence Belief ; crédit, s. 
Ac^ci-dence The firsi rudûneiits or priociples of grunmar) flU 
Dec'i-dence A being shed; the act of fidling away, s. 
In'ci'dence An accident; a casualty, s. 
Cb-mVi-cfence Concurrence; joint tendency, s. 
2>?/f/?H&itc« Distrust; want of confidence, s. 
Oyn{^(/ence Assurance; firmness; tmst, s. 
Subsifdetice A tendeocy downwards, s. 
JRes^i-dence A place of abode, s. 
IVbn-ref 'f-«feiicie Absence from a charge or office, 0. 
Dis^ti-dence Discord; disagreement, s. 

EvH-deiue Testimony ; proof ; a witneas, s. 
Tàcp'i-dieMceToprove; to give testimoiiy, ▼. a. 
Cêunt^tr-eo-À^dence Opposite eridence; contradictory testimony, s* 
lW(i-ii!efirtf God'scare; feresight; prudence, s. 
Im-provU-denee Indiscrétion; want of prudence, s» 
Con-descend^ence Voluntary submission, s. 
Tran^^eend^efiee Unusual excellence; supereminence» s. 
Jie-splendfet^ Lustre; brightness, s. 
Pend^ence Slopeoefs; inclination, s. 
Ih'-pendfence Conpiatixmi reliance; trust, s. 
In-de-pendferue Exemption fironi oonteol, s. 

Im-pendfence The state of hanging over; near approaefa, ft 
Tend^ence Drift; course, |b ^ 
"St'fer-iiutend'enee The act of ove^Shecing with authority, t. 
Chr-re-ipondfencè Intercourse by letters, &c. s. 
/m'j^tt-cfeTietfShamelessuess; immodesty, s. 
Pru^denee Wisdom appliedto practice, s. 
/n»-pr2i'«fenoe Indiscrétion; want of prudence, s. 
Juhis'pru-denee The science of law, s. 

Fsnce A guard; security; inckwure, s. 
Tofence To enclose; to practise fencing, t. 
De-feneef Quant; vindication; résistance, s. 
Of-feneel A crime; an injury; disgust, s. 
In'di-genceWant; penury, s. 
Iveg'U'genee A habit of acting careleasly, s. 
DfV't-geace Industry; readiness; assiduity, s. 
Jn-telf li-gence "Soticei skill; understanding, s. 

JSv't-gence An immédiate demand; need; distress, s, 
In-dut'gence Tondnes^; favour; forbearance, s. 
jf2e/u/'g«n<« Brightness; splendor, s. 
Ef'ful'gmce Lustre, brightness, splendor, s. 
Con-tinf genre Accident; casualty, s. 

E-merfgence Anaing out of any fluid; any sudden occasion, s. 
Di'verfgence Declivity; decliuation, s. 

Hence From this place or thing, adv. or inteij. 
To henee To send off, v. a. 

T/ience From that place ; for that reason, ad. 
SHh'ence Since; in latter times, ad. 
fVhtnce From whatplace^ ad. 


N C E 5 

Di-Jlc'i-tme Defect; imperfection; irant, s. 
^^^'^cn» A prodnciog diccts j agenc;, t. 
tit-t^f-^cH-eua IiradeqHAtenew to an; en) or purpose, i, 
Vn-titf-^c'i-e'ta Inability toansver the end pnqXMed, >, 
Ar-^i^'i-nKsThe BCtoflookingsharply, i. 
Sci'tnce Knowledge, 1." 
Ka'eience Ignorance, ». 
Prtlicitnei Foreknnwledge, t. 
Om-nii'cii'ia InSnite wisdom, t. 
Fro-tpie'i-tiict The net et ]o6kiagfarw*rd, i. 

Con'tàemt Tbe judgment of the soûl on moral actioiii, I. 
0-it'4iBia ObseqokwsneBB, a. 
Dii-c-it'âienci Brcacb of dut;; fiowardnesi, s. 
Ex-pc'iii-e'ite Fitaet» ; propriety; dispatch, s. 
Iit-tx-pc'dknce Vf aat of ètatsi ; unsiùtableness, s. 
Au'di-mct An auditoiy ; ailmiision to speak, s. 
tU^U'i-taet A itartiug or lea[Hiig back, s. 
7ran-ni^i^en£f A leapiog from tiiiag to thing', ft, 
Dâ-tîl'i-e'ict The act of starting asuoder, s, 
Ûin-w'ni-ewrt FitneMi propriety; case, a. 
/ji-cini-tie'in-«K> Difficulty ; diaadvantage, i. 
Dït^toM-vt'ni-aice Incongiuity ; dtsagreement, t. 
Sa'pi-mt Wiaâam; knovledge, s, 
In-tif/'i-tnee Polly; «ant of undetstanding, «. 
Et-pe'n-mc< Fréquent trial; knowlcdge gained by proctiee, «. 
Il ei-pelri-enct To try i to know by practice, v, a. 
la-er-pt'ri-enM Want of expérimental knowledge, B. 

Pru'ri-mtt An itching or great désire to any thing, k 
fii'ii-nice Endurance; power of suSéring, B. 
Im-paiH-^nct Uoeajiness uôder suffering, s. 
SiA-ttr'à-tntji Inttrumental âtnew or use, s. 
'aJatc Influence, a. 
'a-J»KeB^nalityof«OTtli, s. 
Si'lmre Bidding silence, int. 
SÏ'/flK«SlJtlnesB; tacitumity; Eecreay, «. 
ti'bna To make iilait, v. a. 
'li-knce Plague ; a contagious diEtcmper, t. 
«Umtt Orealness; a title of honoiir, ». 
ii/'frnaE(|aalityoribrceoT power, s. 
WenwAiweetscent; i. 
b-leate Lazineas; inatteutioa, s. 
fc'&naOr'effuranother'aloss, *. 
'a-lence Force; outrage, s. 
lo-kitce Petiilaat conlempt, s. 
'o-itiat Itl will j maligmty, & 
'o-^nce Kindness; good wjll, s. 
u-Unce Tiiuiidt ; cràifilBioD, b. 
'u-bflcc Muddiuess; sédiment, & 
A-inKrSaTageaeaaofmauuers, s. 
u-lena Deceitiulocss, s. 
<i-lciKt Driuikameu, s. 

D 6 Of'ti'klK. 


60 N C E 

Opfu~ieneeWesi\tYi; riches» s. 
Corfprt-lence Buikiness of body, s. 
PuZ-Mr 'u4?iic« Dustiness; abunûdanceofdust, s. 
Virfu4ence Malignity; vicked temper, s. 
Pu^ru-lenee Génération of pus or, s. 
Ve^ke^mence Violence; ardoar, s. 
To com-mencef To begin, v. 
To re-eom-mencef To begin anew, v. a. 

Perfma-nence Duration; consistency, s. \ 
Emfi-nence Hdght; a part rising above the rest ; a cardinaVs title, s; 
Pre-«m 't-nenoe Precedence; superiority, s. 
Su'per-emH-nence An uncommon degree of emînence, s. 
/ftW-nenoe Anyill impen4(ng; immédiate danger, s. 
Prom^i-nence A protubérance, s. 
CoHUûnence Chasûty i modération, s. 
I/trConUi-nence Intempérance; unchastity, s. 

PerUi-nence Propriety to theptirpose; apposîteness, s. 
Im-perfti^nenee Foïly; intrusion; trifle, s. 

Abttti-nmce Forbearance of any thing; teipperanee, s. 
/n-aft'i^i-nenrtf Intempérance; want of power to «bstain, s. 
Penee Plural of penny, s. ' 

DiS'pencef Expence; coet; charge, s. 
Ex-penee^ Cost; charge; disbursément, s. 
DeJ^e-renee Regard ; respect ; submission, s. 
Meffe-rence Relation ; admission to judgment, s. 
Prefe-rence Estimation of one thing above another, s. 
Dtfife-rence Unlikeness; disagreement, s. 
In-dfTfe'rence Unconcenu^ness ; négligence, s. 
Cir-cttm [/tf.fvmv Compass; circuit; periphery, s. 
//t^r-«nrtf Conclusion fîrompremises, s. 
Con^fer-enee A discourse between two, s. 
In-ter-fefrenee Interpiosition, s. 
Àd-kehence Attachment, s. 
€o-hehence Connexion, s. 
^«^v-Atf'rtfiue IncoQgruity; want of connexion, s. 

/îeoV-rence Vénération; title of the clergé ; act of obelsaoce, ». 
/r-r^'tf-renrtf Want ofvenerati<Mi, s. 

Fhrfence A kind of cloth ; aiso a sort of wine, s. 
Ab-hor^rence Detestation; aversion, s. 
Oc-€ur'rence An incident ; an accidentai event, s. 
l^-curfrence Retam; s. 
Com-curfrence Uni,on ; help, s. 
I/t'ier-eurfrence Passage between, s. 
'^^'f^nce A being absent, s. 
iVer'tfTice A being présent; mien; readiness, s. 
Om-ni-pres^ence \Jb\q\ùty ; unbounded présence, s. 
M id-ti-pr essence Présence in more places than one at the same timé, s. 
£«V«Rctf Existence; constituent substance ; perfume, s. 
Ûuint-et^sence The virtue of any thing extracted, s. 
Comfpetence Sufficiency, s. 
^/)';)e-/r/zce Camal or sensnaldesiré, s. 
Pre-iencef A sbowlng or alleging what is not r«a1 '; claîm, s. 


N e E 6J 

J^'t-/«nre Rqpentance, s. 
Im-penfi'fence Obàareicy ; want of remorse for crimes, s. 

SenUence Détermination ; condemnation ^ a periodin writiag, s. 
Ar^mipfo'tence Power in war, s. 
i%>-n^'o-^«f»3e Pulness of power, s. 
Oni.n^'o-/tfm;tf Âlmightypower; uniimited power, s. 
Mpo-tenceyfwatoSipQmer'y incapacity, s. 
Ad-veri^ence Attention to any thing, s. 
In-ad-vert^ence Négligence ; inattention, . s. 
SieB'sisifencè'Realbeing; meansofsupportinglife, s. 
Cansisifence Natural state of bodies ; substance, s. 
In^^on-sUifence Unsuitableness ; inconsistency, s. 

£a'-£r/'«Rce State ofbeing, s. 
Pre-ex-itlfence Existence b^re-hand, s. 
In^eX'ùfence Want of being or existence, s. 
Jfon-eX'isVence Inexistence; state of not existing, s. 

Oh-eX'isi^ence Existence at the same time, s. 
/a-co-«x-f/^tf7ictf The qualityof not existing together, s. 
^ftu-eme l?]enty ; weaith; great store, s. 
J^ftii-ence That which issues Arom some other priuciple, s» 
jO\Pftu-mc0 Quality of fellingaway on ail sides, s. 
Md4^flu^^nce A flow of honey or sweetness, s. 
Or-etciii^ii.tfnc0 Aninclosureofwaters, s. 
Infjhi-ence Ascendant power, s. 
To h/flu-ence To modify to any purpose, v. a. 
CbnVti-tfnce Conflux; aconcourse, s. 
Proffiw^nce Progress; course, s. ^ 

Frefquence Croud; concourse; assembly, s. 
Sefquence ^Ties; order of succession, s, 
Cbn 'le-fuence Event; importance; tendency, s. 
/iiKoii'ie-fu«iK« Inconclusiveness; want of just inference, s. 

EVo-quence Elégant language uttered with fluenCy, s. 
StuUtiVo^uence Foolish talk, s. 
jl^/t/'o-^uenc^High speech; pompous language, s. 

G>n'g/t£-tfncff Agreement; suitablenes, s. 
Jo-con'gru-tfnce Inconsistency; disagrecment of parts, 9. 
To mince, To eut small ; to palliate,. v. a. 
Prinw A king's son; asovereign; achîef, s. 
Since Because that ; before this, ad. 
Since After, prep. 
^-oinre' Toprove; toshow, v. a. 
To con^vincef To make one sensible, v. a. 

/Vo»'tn« A région; tract; conquered country, s. 

Quinee A tree and the fruit of it, s. 
To vànce To shrink from pain, y. n. 

Oflce One time; formerly; rhymesdunce, ad. 
Sconce A fort ; a hanging candiestibk ; the head, s. 
To in-Koncef To cover as with a fort, v. a. 
> iSStonce Thé same as «conctf, which see. 
'Nonce Purpose; intent; design, s. 
i<-*i««nce' Sidcways; obliqucly; rbyœesdanco, ad. 

62 U C E 

DuiMV A duUard; a doit, s. 
Ounce Aw&ght; thelynx; apanther, s, 
To hottnce To leap, sprmg, boast, buUy, v. 

Bounce Alexp; asuddennoise; aboast, s. 
Tofloume To plunge ; to be in a passion, y. n. 
Tofimtnoe To deck with flounces, v. a. 
itounce A kind of trimming on womens apparel, s, 
7b âe-naunc^ To threaten ; to déclare against, v. a. 
Tbre-nounctf' To disown, £sclaim, disavow, v. 
Tban^Tiotmce'Topublish; to déclare, v. a. 
To pro-fiouneêf To speak articnlately -, to speak wlth authorîty, v; 
Pouwe A claw of a bird ; gum powdered, s. 
Topounee To seize ; to sprinkle with pounce, v. a« 
7b/ro«sc« To firizzle or cari the hair, V. a. 

Fiwtnee A distemper in hawks, ' s. 
To trounee To pnnîsb, v. a. 

Ep^-plo^ce In rbetoric, where one aggravation is added to anotbert s* 
Searce Not plentifùl, prononnced as if written scairce, a. 
iScarctf Hardly; withdifficulty; ad. 
&orc« A sieve; a boiter, s. 
To iearee To sîft finely, rbymes tersc, verse, &c. v. a.. 

Farce Adramatic représentation without r^ularity, S. 
To farce To stufF; to extend, v. a. 

^/ce Savage; violent; fiirious; rhymes verse, a. 
Tbjbùrc» To penètrate; to enter; to bore throogb, v. a, 
To em-pierce^ Topierce into, v. a. 
Toifou-piercef Topenetrate; topermeate, v. a. 

r- Tierce A vessel holding the third part of a pipe, s. 
A-merce^ To punish vith a fine, v. a. 
Corn ^n«rctf Trade; traffic; barter; s. 
To com^merce To hold intercourse, v. n. 

Terce A vessel holding the third part of a pipe, s. 
Set-terce' Among the Romans, about 81. Is. 5|d. sterling, s. 
Force Strength; violence ; armament; rhymes course, &c.s. 
To force To compel ; to ravish, v. a. 
7b çT-^/brce' To force; to break tbrough, v. a. 
To en-force^ To imigorate ; to urge; toprove, v. 
7b reen-force* To strengthen with new assistance, v. a. 
P<er-^rc«' By violence; violently, ad. 
Di'vorcef A dissolution of marriage, s. 
7b di-vorcef To separate a husband or wife, v. a. 

Source Spring; origin; sometimes prooounced source, s. 
Resottrcef Resort; expédient, s. 
7b (f-fer-vescef To generate beat by intestine motion, v. n. 
Sauce Something to improve the relish of food, s. 
Toira-duce^ To censure ; to misrepresênt, v, a, 
Tottb-ducefTo separate; todrawaway, v. a. 
7b ob-ducef To draw over as a covering, v. a, 
Tosulh-ducef To withdraw, v. a. 
7b e-c&ce' Tobringout; to extract, v. a. 
7b de-duce f To gather or infer from, v. a. 



A D £ es 

To re^cef Tomàkeleas; todiadiarge; tosnbdne, t. su 
To «-flbfce'Totempt; todeœiTe; tomislead, ▼. a. 
To UKbteef Toprevail with; tointrodoce, v. a. 
Tû n^fer-in^^ucef To bring in as an addition to nmetfaing else, ▼, m, 
Tbcon*€kieef Tohàp} topimnote; toconduct, ▼. 
Topnh-dueef To bring, T.a. 

Pnd'uce Product ; that wfaich any thing yidds, f • 
To re-pi«hdttcef To produce again or anew, v. a. 
7b«MnM6«De'Tobringori^in> y.a. 
Ltiee A pikeiiill grown, tt. 
iVep'iieeThefbreskin; thatwhich oovers the glans, 8. 
£)E»ruee Neat; nice; trim, a. 
To Spruce Todress with affectod neatness, v. n. 
â»nice A Undof American ûr, s. 
Truoe Tenoporaiypeace; intennission, s. 
Leiftuce AaaUadfimt, s. 
To tance Tothrow^itoàiewater, v. a. 
Bade Fret of bid, rhsniies had. 
Gam-bade^ Spatterdanhes, s. 

Code Tante, Bott, ob acadelamb, a. 
Sac^eade A violent cbeck which the rider gives his horse^ «. 
De'eade The siim of ten, s. 
Bar^ti-eadef A stop; an obstruction; a bar, s. 
To har'ri<adef To stopa paisage, v. a. 

Fd<adef A tenn appiied toparticular motions of a borse, s. 
Cao-al-cadef A procession on horsébaek, s. 
Bro-cadef A kind of flowered silk, s. 
^r^code' A continuation of arches, s. 
Cae-eadef A water-fidl, s. 
Am-but-eade' A private station in order tosnrprise others, s. 
Tofade To wither ; to gronr weak ; to lose coleur, t. n. 
Renfe^ade Àsk apostate; a révolter, s. 
J^/i-gndlr' A division of forces, s. 

AocbScreen; shadow; a sool in a state of séparation, s. 
ToMocfeTocoverfromlightorheat; toprotect, v.a. 
To O'vershadef Tocoverwithdarkness, v. a. 

Night^shade A plant oftwokinds, common and deadly, s. 
Jade A bad woman ; a worthless horse, s. 
Tojade Totive; toweary; to ridedown, v. a. 
Gxifc-a&' A rjbband on a hat, s. 
Block-adef The military shutting up of a town, s. 
To Biock-'odef Toshut up; tosurround, v. a. 
Tolade Tolaad; to freight, v. a. 
Lade The mouth of a river, s. 
Sea-ladef A stôrming of a place by ladders, s. 
Es-ca^'adef The act of scaling walls, s. 
Marfma^lade Quincesboiled with sugar; s. 

BUtde A spire of grass ; the cutting part of a weapon» s. 
Glade An opening in a wood, s. 
En-Ji'ladef A narrow passage, s. 

To eivji-hdef To charge in a right Une, v. a. 


64 A D E 

OriUadef Any thing broiled Cm a gridinm, t. 
7b ttA-/a«fe' Toexonerate; to put oui, v.a. 
7bo-oer-/adir'TooTerlKiTâen; tooverload, v. a. 
Mode Fret of to make. 
Cho'nufdt' The beat o'a dnim which déclares a sturender, s. Fr. 
CTa-modie' Notyet formed ; deprired oCfbrm, a. 
Po-made^ A fin^jftantMiitmeiit, s. 
Bf-^^d-noife' A tenu in fortification, 8. 

Ser-e-nadef Music with which ladies are entertained in tfae nî^ht^s. 
To ser^e-nadef Toentertain with noctumal masic, s. 
Gre^nad^f A fire-hali^ 8, 
BoM-ti-nade^ A beating on the feet, s. 
Tohat'4i'nade^ Tobeat, v. a. 

Pttn-nade' The curvetof a horse» s. 
Col^n-widf^ A perystile of acircolar figure, 8. 
Gat'CO'nadef A boast; a bravado, s. 
Afb'nodl? An indiTÎsible thing, s. 
Lem-on-ade^ A mixture of water, sugar, and lemoD, s. 
TocaH'non-adef To discharge cannons, ▼. n. 
Fan-foT'-o-nadef A bluster, s. 

£r-/ra-^a(2f' A particulardefence of a horse, s. 

I^Hide An instrament for digging ; a soit of caïds, s. 
Pa^rade' Shew; militaryotder; guard, s. 
To O'bradef To rab off ; to waste by degrees, s. 
Maskrt'Tadef A masked assembly, s* 
To matk-e^radef To go in disguise, v. n. 
Cam-er-ade^ A bosom companion, s. 
Masqu-er-adef An assembly in which the company are masked, s. 
To matqa-er-adef To go in disguise, ▼. n. 

To de-grade^ To lessen ; to phice lower, v. a. 
Retho-grade Goingbackward; contrary, a. 
Corn f rade A companion ; a partner, s. 
. To eor-radef To nib off; to scrape together, ▼. a. 

Trade Goromeroe; occupation; employment, s. 
7b^ra<ii; Totraffic; to actformoney; to sell, v. n. 
F.t-irade' An even or level spaee, s. Fr. 
Baî4iu^iradel Row of litUe tumed pillars, s. ' 

Pe-sade^ A motion which ahorsemakes, tu 
Z/znre-pe-fof/e' Theofficerunderthe corporaJ, s. 
PaLi-sadef Pales for inclosure, s. 
Croisade* A holy war, s. 
Amrbas-tadef Ëmbassy, s. 

Cru'sadef An expédition againstthe infidèle; a Portugal coin, s. 
Ao^^-o-moK-Zâciff' Anemptynoisy bluster; arant, s. 
7(>r<K^-9-mon-/a(/tf'Tobragàirasonically, v. n. 

To vade To vanish ; to passawmy, v. n. 
To in-vadef To enter in an hostile manner, v. a. 
Toptfr-tMcir'Topassthrough, v. a. 
10 persuade^ Tobring toan opinion; to influence, v. 
To dh-ntadef To advise contrary, ▼. a. 
To XDode To walk thronghwater, ▼. n^ 


IDE 66 

To ai>cedef To come to ; to dnw near to, t. 
To ncede* To fafl back ; to desist, v. n. 
To pre-cedef To go before in rank or time, v. a. 
Tote-cede' Towithdraw from fellowship, t. n. 
TooH'U'cedef To précède; to go before, v. a. 

Tocon^-cedef To admit; to grant, v. a. ' 
Toin^r-cede' Totreat in behalfofanotber, v.n. 
Glede A kite, s. 
Sol^i'pede An animal whose feet are not cloven, s. 
Pabnf'i'pede Web-footed, a. 
Pb'nu-pedr Afowlthat hasfeathers onthefoot, s. 
MulUi-pede An insect with many feet, s. 
CSm^'t^edi? Apoixonousinaect, s. 
Toim-'pedef To hinder; toobstruct; totet, t. a. 
Jiede Counael ; advice, s. 
Brede See Brmd, 
To m-per-cedef To make void ; to set aside, t. a. 
To bide To endure ; to dwell ; to live, t. 
To a-bkief To stay in a place ; to continue, v. n. 
7b de~cidef To détermine, v. a. 

De'i'Cide Death of our blessed Saviour, s. 
JUg 'i-cide The murder or murderer of a king, s. 
6!fi/'^icfe A succession of drops, s. 
Hom'i-cide Mvader ; a murderer, s. 
J^f^ranfiû-cide The act of killing a tyrant, i. 
I iMp^i-cide A stone-cutter, s. 

So^rorH-cide The murder or murderer of a sister, s. 
JPsr'n'-dcieThemurderormurderer of afather, s. 
I Jlfo/Vi-cKfeTbemurder or murderer of a mother, s. 

I JVcrf'n-c/<2e The murder or murderer of a brother, s. 

I Vat^ûcide A murderer of poets, s. 

I In-fan'U-dde The slaughter of infknts, chiefly those by Herod, 8. 

I SuU-dde Self-muider, s. 

To in-cidef To eut or divide as by sharp medicines, v. a. 
To co-in-cidef To agrée with, v. n. 
To dif'fde^ To distnist ; to bave no confidence h», y. n. 
To con^Jièsf To trust in, v. n. 
Tofûde To ccmceal, v. a. 
Tochide To scold ; to reprove, v. n. 
To e-Udef To break in pièces, v. a. 

To gîidt To âow gently , silentiy, and swiftiy, t. n« 
To col-lidef To beat ; to dash ; to knock together, v, a, , 
TbWfcfeTopasssmothly; toputimperceptibly, ▼• 
S^(e A smootheasy passage, s. 
To baek-sUdef To fal! off, v. n. 

Nide A brood, as a nide of pheasants, s. 
To ride Totravel on a horse; to be carried, v. 
Bride A new married woman, s. 
Tode-rMfe'Tolaughat; tomock, v. a. 
To gride To eut, v. n, 



66 ODE 

Pride Inordinate self-esteem ; insolcucei s. 
To ar-ridef To laugb at ; to smîle, v. a. 
To slride To walk with long steps, v. n. 

Stride A long step, s. 
Astride' With legs open, as upon a horsc, ad. 
Tohe-stride* To stride overany thing, v. a. 

To slde To take a party ; to engage in a faction, v. a, 
£^/V/£ Oblique; not direct, a. 
5/cfe The rib part of an animal j edge; party, 8« 
A'fide' Away from the rest, ad. 
To*MWiVfe'Tosinkj totenddo^-nwards, v. n. 
Broad'àdef The side of a ship; a ToUey of shot fired from the sid^ 

ofaship, 8. 
JB/rm2^j/fi^' Weakness; fbible, s. 

^-«id^'Near; at the side ofanother, prep* 
Besidef Overandabove, ad* 
To re-^idef To live in a place, v« n. 
To pre-iidef To be setover, v. n. 
fVeak-sidef Foible; infirmity, s. 
«Bâc&-«M2e' The hinder part; thèbreecbi t. 
/n-Wdtf'TheinteriorpaTt, 8. 
ffiih-in^ide^ In the interior parts, ad. 

Oui'sidef Appearance ; the extemal part, s. ^ 

Ttd^ Flux and reflux; stream; flood; time, 8. 
To tide To drive with the stream, v. 
7b &e-<M2tf'Tohappen; tobe&I, V. n. 
iSirooeWtf The daybdforeAsh-Wednesday or lient, f. 

S^mgUide Tide at the new moon; high tide, s. 
Trvelfiide The Epiphany or twelfth-day, s. 
E^ven-tide The time of evening, s. 
NoonUide Mid-day, s. 
^oonUide Méridional, a. 
Whlffun-tlde The feast of Pentecost, 8. 
Couni'er-tide Contrary tide, s. 

To guide To direct; toregulate, v. a, 
' Gttide One who directs anotheriu hisway, 8. 
To mû'guidef To direct ill ; to lead the wrong way, v. a. 
To di'videf To part ; to separate ; to distribute, t. 
To sub-di'videf To divide a part, v. a, 

7b pro-oide' To procure; to prépare; tostipulate, v. a. 
Wîde Broad; remote, a. 
J-mendef Aûnebywhichrecompenceissupposedtobemade, s. 
Ode A poem to be sungto music, rhymes goad, load, and 
mow'd, sow'd, row'd, &c. the apostrophized pré- 
térits of the verbs to mow, to eut grass, to sow, to 
row, &c. 
To bode To foreshow; to portend, s. 
A'bodef Habitation; stay; continuance, s. 
7bybrtf-6o«fe' Toprognosticate; toforeknow, v. n. 
Codg AbookorvelumeofcivUlaw^ s, 


U D E 67 

To dis'pîod^f Ta vent with violence, v. a. 
To ex-plodef Todecry ; to make a report, ▼. a. 

Mode Torm; fttate; appearance; fashion, s. 
A'h'modef AccovAkvgtothefashion, ad, 
Com-modef A woman's head-dress, s. 
To m-com-modef To hinder or embarrass, v. a. 
Ttfcfif-coTR-moci?' Toputtoinconvenienee; tomolest, t. a. 
Node A knob ; an intersection, s. 
E^pode Thestanzaibllowjngthe strophe and antistropbe, s. 
Jiode Prêt, of to ride. 
Toe-rodef Tocankeroreat avay, v. a. 
To ar-rode^ To gnaw or nibble, v. a. 
Tq eor-fùdef To eat avay by degrees, v. a. 
Trode Fret, ofto tread, rbymesbod. 
Epfi-âode An incidentàl narrative or digression in a poem, n* 
rinfvode A prince of the Dacian provinces, s. 
Horde A tribe ofwandering Tartans, s. 
Gaude An omament ; a fine thiog> s. 
Togaude Toexnlt; torejoice, v. n« 
Toae-dudef Toshut up, v. a. 
To re-c'udef To open, v. a. 
Topre-^iudef Tô shut ont; to hinder, r. a. 
To te-eUubf To exclude ; to confine from, y. a. 
Tom-cUtdt* Tocomprefaend; tocoihprise, v. a. 
Tocon-ciftcdS?' To finish; to close; to détermine, t. 
To in^ter-cludef To shut firom a place, v. n. - 

To easdudef To shutout ; to debar ; to- except against, T. tu 

Toe-Judef To e8C^>e or avoidby artifice, v. a. 
To de-bêdet To b^uile; to disappoint; to debauch, T. a* 

Prdfude SomeUiing intraductory, s. 
Topre-btdef To serve as an introduction, v. n. 
To ^ -lud e f To hâve some référence to a thing, v. n» 
To U'Mtdef Todeceive; to mock, v. a. 
To€ol^4ude> To conspire in afiraiid, v. n. 
in'ier4ude A farce, s. 
To de^Hudef To strip; to make naked, v. a. 
Rude \Jwiïv'û.i ignorant; brutad, a. 
Crude Raw; immature; midigested, a. 
Ptrude Awomanaifiectedly modest, s. 
To ob^tnidef To throst into by force, v. a. 
7bd(?-#n<dSr' Tothrustdown, v. a. 
To in'irudef To encroach ; to corne miinrited, v. tu 
To pro^rudtf To throst fbrward, v. a. 
To ejyirudet To thnist off, v. a. 
To iran^udef To pass through m vapours, ▼. n. 

Stuife-tude Rest; repose, s. 
In-qui^e-lude A disturbed state ; want of péace, s. 
Diw-qtdfe-tude Uneasiness, s. 

Det^ue'htde Cessation from being accustouied, s. 
Metn^nte^tuêe Tameness ; gentleness, s. 
Con^tue^ludê Custom, usage, s. 
^'«M^luefe Aecustomance: custom, s. 



68 FEE 

JIzVi-^ud^ReUtton; long custom, s. 
Am^hi'tude Gompass; circuit, 8. 
So-UcH'iwâeAsnàslCy'y carefulness, s. 
Xon 'gi-/ud^ Leogth; distance fr(»n east to west, s. 
Si'fttil'i-tude Likeness ; T^semblance; comparison, s» 
JHs-ti-mVûtude Unlikeness, 8. 

SoVi'tude A lonely life o^ place; a desart, s. 
AirJph'iude Extent; copiouaœss, s. 
Plen'i-tudeYvAoeaa; completion; repleteness, s. 
Se-renH-tude CdXmae^'f coolness of mind, s. 
Mag^ni'tude Greataess; comparative bulk, 8. 
/^n't-^u<fe Limitation; confinement within boimdaries, 8. 
In-defnfi-tude Quantity net limited by our understanding, s. 

/n^'i-tod^Infinity; boundless number, s. 
De-crepH-luàe The last stage of decày, 8. 
JUpfpi-tude Blearednese of eyes, s. 

Tor'pi'tude A being sluggish ; the state of being motionless, s. 
TuT'pi-tade Inhérent vileness; badness, 8. 
A-mar^i-tude Bitterness, 8. 
CreVri-tude Frequentness, ^ 
Achi-tude An acrid taste, s. 
Pulfckri-tude Beauty; grâce; haiid£Oiiieii6G8, 8. 
Cdfsi-fude Height; highness, s. 
LaêUi-iude'WeaiiDesB'y fotigue, s. 
Cras^si-tude Grossuess; coarseness, s. 
Ne-cegfti-tude Want; need, 8. 
Vt-àsfsi-UudB Change ; révolution, s. 
Spii'si-ltuk GroasoeaB; thickness, s. 
Be-aifi-tude Blessedne88, 8. 
Za^'sWiM^eBreadth; width; estent, s. 
Gratfi-tude Duty to benefactors, s. 
In-gratfi~iude Unthankfulness, s. 

ÉecUi'iude Straitne^s ; uprightness, a. 
SancUi-tude Holiness; goodness» s. 

AlUi'tude Height, s. 
MulUi-tude yiauj i acrowd; thevulgar, 8. 

^/)'/i-/^£de Fitness; tendency; disposition, s. 
In-epUi-tude Unfitness, s. 
iVoff^'//-/2M2?Readiness; quickness, s. 

G?r '/i-iocfe Certainty; freedom fix>m doubt, 8. 
Jn-cerHi'tude Uncertainty; doubtfubies8« s. 
ForHi'tude Courage ; strength ; force, s. 
AtUitude Posture or position of the human figure, &c. s. 
Parhi-tude Littleness ; minuteness, s. 
Ser^vi-tude Slaivety ; bondage; apprenticeship, s. 
To ex-udef To sweat out ; to issue by sweat, v. n. 
Bee An insect that makes honey, s. 
Hum^ble-hee A buzz'ing wîld bee, s. 

C%or-<f0e' A contraction of the frasnum, 8. 

/%f A reward; aperquisite; a perpétuai right, s. J 


s E E 69 

Cb/7î» A berry aud liqttor, s. 
I%qf7iw One' pat in possession, 8. 

Gee A term used by waggoners to th^r horses, s. 
Mort-^a^etf Om whatàkes or TecévesATOor^^tige, s. 
Obm-geef One bound by contract, s. 

O-geef In architecture, a sort of moolding, s. 
Ap^O'gee The most distant situation of a planet from the earth, s« 
Btf-u-gee' One who Aies for protection, s. ^ 

Trofehee A foot of a long and short syllable, s. 
Dc-bau-cheef A letcher; a drtinkard, s. 
Cou^diee "Bed'iâme, s. 
Prith'ee A fsuniliar cormption of pray thee, 

Ket The provhictaî plural of cow, properly kine« 
ZeeThewde opposite to the wifid, s* 
To/«Torun from danger, v.n, 
Glre Joy ; merriment, s. 
Jufbi-iee A pubUô periodical festivity, s. 
ifp-p<!i4«e/ One who is accused, s. 

Ar-mgHreef In fortification, a branch, retum, or gàOery of a mine, s^ 
As-tign-ee^ One appointed to do any thing» s» 
iar-gan-^* One who accepts a bargain, s. 

Knee The joint between the leg and thîgh, s. 
Do-neef He to whom lands are given, s. 
£p^-a-/K»' An epic or he«Mc poem, s. 
Cott-pee' A motion in dancing, s. 
To ree To riddle; to sift, v. a. 
De-«ree' An edict ; alaw; a détermination, s. 
Tode-^ree^ To appoint; to sentence; todoom, ▼. 
Free Atliberty; ingenuoos; innocent, a. 
Tofree Tb set at Kberty; to exempt, v» a. 
ShoVfree CIcar of the reckoning, a» vnlgarly Scotfree 
Gtee Goodwillj feitour, s* 
To û^ree' To consent; to strike a bargain, V. 
To dit'*i-greef To differ ; to quarrel ; not to suit, v. 

De-greef Qa&MXj', station; proportion; 3€(Hh part of the 

circîe; on the earth, sixty miles, s. 
P«f'j-grtf« Gcnealogy; lineage, s» 
To eon-greef To agrée ; to join, v. n, 
Tîi»tw Two and one, a. 
Bo-reef A kind of dance, s. " 

Rff-er-eef Otie to whom any thirtg iii refôWBd, *. 

Tree Any thing vegetable, tall, and branched, s» 
Sw The diocèse of of a bish t», s* 
Tu tee To perceivé by the eye ; to bè attentive, v. 
J!Wc-a-*e»'AFrenchdi8h; akindofhash, s. 
Tof»re-^ef To see beforehand, r. a. 
Cfi-ntseef Oneto whoto a fine is aCknowledged, s. 
He-tog'ni'seef The pcfson hi whose favour a bond is dtawil, 
fbé-ofr-«w'TosuperÎHteBd; totiverlook, v. a» 

jÂt-teet One who takes a Icase, s» p^ 


70 AGE 

A-Me' Afirdock; a partofawaich, a, 
Leg-O'teef One who has a legacy left bim, s. 
6)p-e-iiaii/-e«' A party to a covenant, s. 
(7iair-aii-<«e'Onewbouiidertake8toseestipalatiQiif>perfonned, a» 
Gnnt-eef Oneto wbom a gnnt is made^ 8. 
Alh-sent-tef A'tetm gWen to Iiishmen lÎTing out of their Qoiiiitiy,s. 
Prfâ-erU'-eef One ptesented to a bénéfice, s» 
Pai-etU-eef One wbo bas a patent, s. r 

J>iM>-/w' Asuperstitioiuperson; a bigot, s. 
JRep-af'teef A smart witty replj, a. 
Trust-eef One entrusted witb any thing for anotber, 8. 
Set-teef A long Beat witb a back to it, s« 
Com-mit'tee Anumberof persons cboten io oonaider, esamine, or 
manageanymatter, s. 
Wee Little; small, a. 
Ad-vow-fef One wbo bas an advowsoo, s. 
Av-<w-eef One wbo bas a rigbt of advoirson, s. 
7bc^0 Tofrettbeskin; ton^; tofume, ▼. n. 
To eAâ^ Towarm; tomakeaogry; tobeat, v. a. 
Saje Freefrom danger, s. 
Safe Abuttery; apantryj a cooi cupboaid, s, 
lboovc&-iq^'To condescend j tognuit, y.a. 
Vnst^ef Notsecuie; daqgerous, a. 
lye A pipe used witb a drum, s. 
I^fe The state of alWing créature; spirit, s. 
JSjitfe A steel utensil to eut witb, s. 
Brfe Preraknt; mucb aboot; abounding, a. 
Sirife Contention; discoid, s. 
l^{ftf AmaniedwQipan, s. 
Mid^wife One wbo delivers women witb chiU, s. 
HoKi«'»{^ A female oMooomist, s. 

Delfe A mme ; a quarry ; a kind of eartben ware, s. 
j^ge Aspaceoftime; amanVIife; lOOyean, s. 
Cah^bage Aplant, s. 
Crib^bage Agame at caids, s. 
Gor'Aagtf Xbeoflâl; tbebowds, s, 
Herb'age àvAt»; posture; berbs in gênerai, s. 

Cùge A place of confinement, s. 
Pic*tage Money paid at (airs for ground for bootbSy s. . 
Sdc'c^ A law term, s. 
To m<age' Tocoop up; to con^e in a cage, v. a. > 
^n>'c<^e Agenc]^; tradeindealinginoldtbings, s. 
Jffot'rage Woodorwoodlands, s. 

^d'«^e A proverb; anoldsayîng, s. 
Guf/d^eTberewardgiventoaguide, s. 
Fal^dt^ A prÎTiIege reserved of setting up folds for sbeep, s. 
Bandfâge Something bound over any thing, •% 
Ap'^tend'age Sometbing added to anotber tbing, s. 
Bond^age CaptiTiig^; impritonmeat, s. 
Twadfage A sum deductôd from apoiuid, s. 


AGE 71 

G»4rc2'ff^e State ofwardship, s. 
Qtrdfage A parce! of ropes ; ropes of a ship, s. 
Unfe-ag^ 'Progeny ; iamily, s. 
Whajjfa^ Dues for landing at a wharf^ s. 
Gt^eApledge; apawn; a caution, s. 
Tt^l^^Towager; tomeasure, v. a. 
•^^jr'iSr^^ Aworthlesswoman; utensils of an army, s. 
Lugfgage Any cumbrous thing, s. 
To en-gagtf To encounter ; to persuade ; to make liable, v. a. 
To en-^gef To embark in any business, t. n. 
To pre-en^gage^ To engage by précèdent ties or contracts, v. a. 
T» dis-en-gttge fToquit; to extricate; tofreefrom, v, 
tVeathW'gqge Any thing that shews the weather, s. 
To mort f gage To put to pledge, v. a. 
Mort f gage A pîedge ; a security, s. 
Th tUs-mort^gage To redeem from mortgage, v. a. 

Memfof'-rk^e A violent effusion of blood ; the bloody flux, ar- 
Suini-age VoUuûoa; fiith; foulness, s. 
Fo^S-ageheBLYes; tuftsoftrees, s. 
CarWi-^ge A Tehicle ; ccmduct, s. 
Jiu-eorfri-age Abortion ; failure, s. 

Mctrfri-^e Theact of uniting a man and womanfor life; s. 
Hn-^er^marfri^ge Reciprocal union of iamilies by twoinaniages, 9« 
l^'n-^ The Être paidat a ferry, s. 
Leak^age An alîowance for loss by leaks, s. 
CUd^age A shepherd's clog, s. 
Fatf'M{-dg^eThestateof a vassal; slavery, s. 
^j->i»n'6/!c^tf A collection ofthings, s. 
dir'ctf4a^e Prison fées, s. 
A'c«t-^ige A State of virginlty, s. Fr. 
Jlftt'a^fl^ Asiimyorviscousbody, s. 
C!iir/'»>/!(^« A gristle, s. 
Fort^i-iage A little fort, s. 

Souà^U^e A plant; a species ofparsley, s. 
E-nd^ia-ge A figure in grammar, where a mood or tense is 

changed, s. 
Vy-paiflo^e A figure by which words change thcir cases, s* 
7à/'/ff^e Impost; excise, s. 

TreiVlage A contexture of pales to support espaliers, s» 
Pî/'iffg» Plunder, s. 
Hjo pWktge To plunder ; to rob, t. a. 
/V<-^/'&^tf Wardship ; thestateofascholar, s. 
TilHage The practice of ploughing or culture, s. 
VU^kige A small collection ofhouses, s. 
Sml'lage Drain of filth, s. 
Hd^lage The mouey paid for fulling cloth, s» 
Koul^age The freight of paasengers in a ship, s. 
Mage A magician, s. 
To âamfage Tomischief ; to injure ; to take damage, v. 
Dam^ofre Mischief; hurt; loss, s. 
To en-<Um^oge To mischief; toprgudice, v. «. 


72 AGE 


Mage A^ktare; statae; îdoî; idea; likeness, s. 
To im'age To imagine; to concdTe in thought, y. a. 
Pf/'^fm-oge A jouraey to visit shriues, &c. s. 

/Vt'mo^e The freight of a ship, s. 
To nan^mage To plunder; to search places diligently, v* 
Rumfmage An active search for things, s. j 

/Toffi ^mage Obeisance; service to a lord, s. • 

To hom^mage To révérence by extemal action, * v. a. 
Roomfagê Space ; place, s. 

Rom^age A bustle ; an active and tumultuoussearch, s. 
jy«'m/ïgeHearthnioney, s. 

Ru'iRâge Feathers, s. j 

Or^phan'-age The state of an orphan, s. i 

FH'/an-4^ff Thestateofavillain; base servitude, s. 
To num^age To conduct, govem, transact, v. a. 
Montage The government of a horse, s. 
To nùt-manfage To inanage ilt, v. a. 

Ap^ptnuage Lands set apart for maintenanceof younger chi1dren,s 

Cra^nage Liberty to use a crâne for drawing up goods, s. 
Cm^ engage A cheating; fraud; deceit, s. 
Con-cu^hi-nage A cc^abiting with a woman without marriage, s. 
VieH'nage A neighbourhood ; a placé adjoining, s. j 

jiffi-nage A ref^ing metals by the oupel, s. 
Chimft-nage Atoll for possing thro* a forest, s. 
Com'ffge The practiceofcoining; forgery, s. 
Sffin'age Xf^axkt, s. 
AMage £ll.measnre, s. " 
Ton^nagé An impost upofi cvcty ton, s. 
Tunfnage The contents of a vessel; a tax laid on a tun, s. 
Ccm'mon-^e The nght of feedihg on a common, s. 
Nonfage Minority in âge, S. 
Bitr^on-ege The dignity of a baron, s.' 
Pflf'ro«-flge Support; protection; a tight of giVing, s. 
Par^son-age A pàrson'à bénéfice or bouse, s. 
I^rUonr^gt A constdeftible person, s. 

Poge A lad attending on a great person ; one side of a leH 
ofabook, s. 
To page To mark the pages of a book, v.a. 
TtUle-page A page fronting a book, s. 
£f'ut-j[N^ Carriage of State; attendance; retinue, s. 
Scrip'page That which is contained in a scrip, s. 
Stop'page The act ofstopping or being stopped, s. 
Rage Violent anget ; passion ; fury, s. 
To rog» To hein a ftiry; toraVagC, V. n. 
Vte'ar-age The bénéfice of a vîcar, s. 
^r-rear'age The rëmaindet of a debt, à. 
CeVlar-age Tlw part of the bttflding which makes the ceUars^ à. 
To<2/f-i!»r'4^« Totreatwithcontempt; tolessen, v.a. 
AlhaT'Oge An émolument from oblalîons, s. 
Um'brage^hwiam *^ offcnce; resentment, s. 


AGE ^3 

Peêr^agû The dignity oTa peer ; the body of peers, s. 
Sleerfage The.act of steering ; the htnder part of a shipi s. 
Brofker-^tge Tbe pay or reward of.a broker, s. 
fbuw^ter-age A quarterly allowance or payaient, s. 
Pior^ter-age Money paid to a porter, s. 
Av^er-age A mean proportion ; a médium, & 
Bev^er-age Drink ; liquor to be drank, s, 

Sttflfrage Vote ; approbation, g. 
Offn-frage A kind of eagle, s. 
SttxUfrage A plant, s. 
Vm-pi-rage Arbitration, «. 
Bornage A plant, s. 
^igfnor-age Authority ; acknowledgment of power, s. 
Wtor-age The authority ok solenmîty of a tutor, s. 
Cturthage A caae filled with gunpowder for charging guns, s. 
Out'rage Violence ; tumultuous mischlef, s. 
To outhage To violate, v. Jwnus, 

MuWage Money paid to keep walls in repair, s. ' 

Har^bour-age Shelter ; entertainment, 8. 
Courtage Bravery ; active fortitude, s* 
7b en- cour fi^ To animate; to support Hk spirits, ▼. a. 
^ dis courtage To depreas, terrify, dissuade, v. a. 

PasUttr-age Landsgrazed by cattle j the use ofpasture, s. 
Sage A plant ; a man of wisdom, s. 
Sage Wise; grave; prudent, a. 
To pre-tagef To forebode ; to foretoken, v. n. 
Pretfage A pr(>gnostic,'s. 
Pri^soge Custom upon lawful prizes, s. 
Vu^age The (ace ; conntenance j look^ s. 
Am^bas-tage An embassy, s. 
Eni^bassage An embassy ; a public message, s» 

Pas f sage A joumey by water j act <^pa8sing ; p^t of a book, s- 
Mes^sage An errand, s. 
Bos'sage in architecture, any stone that has a projecture» s. 

U^sage Treatment ; custom ; practice, s. 
Sau'sagç A composition of méat and spioe, s. 
Sur^plus-age A supemumeraiy part ; overplus, s. 
Dis^^sage Disuse, s.' 
Mis'U^sage III treatment ; abuse, s. 

Wtftfage Texture, s. 
Fraught'age Lading ; cargo, s. 
Herfwit*age An hermifs cell, s. 
Her^H-age Inherîtance; the people of Qo^, s. 
Frttit'age Fruit coUectively, s. 
VauU'age Arched cellar, s. 
Ad'van'iage Soperiority ; gain, s. 
Dis-ad'Van'tage Loss ; préjudice» s. 
ParUn-tage Extraction ; birth, s. 

Mint*age That which is cotned ; duty paid for co'nihg, s. 
Vint' âge The time of making wine, s. 
I\)nt*age Ihity paid for réparation of bridges, s. 

E VoUû^ 

74 DGE 

Dofiage Ijûêb of uDderetonding ; over-fondaess, ë, 
Pi'Iot-age The skill or hire of a pilot, s. 
Part'age Division $ the «et of shariog or parting, s. 
Pùrt'a^ The price of carnage, s. 

Stage The théâtre ; a place for public transactions, <Nr of 
. lest on a joumey, s. 
"Postface Money paid for the carriage of letters, s. 
CoiUage A cot ; a little hut or bonse, s. 
Poi'tage Any thing boiled or decocted for ibod, s. 
PuUage In law, prostitution on thewoman's part, a» 
lîav'a^e Spotl ; plunder ; wasté; rainas. 
7b roof âge To lay waste ; to spoil ; to pillage, v. a« 

Sav^age Wild; cruel ; harbarous, a. 
Es-cu^4i^ An ancieiit kiud of knight'fi service, s. 
.I/mfguage Human speech; tongue ; style, s. 
JUv^age A bank.; a coast, s. Fr. 
Sal'vtige Wild ; rude; cruel ; a. obsolète. 
Salfvûge A rewavd for «aving wrecfced good8,lr. 
Sel'vage The edge ofcloth, s. 
To at'tuagef To mitjgate ; to asse ; to pacify, v. a. 
Met'm-<tge A small house, s. 

To xvage To lay a icager ; to TonCttre, v. a. 
Mrew'age A mixtnce of various things, s. 
Siowfage Room for layingop ; a being laid ap,.s. 
Voy^nge A travel or joomqr by sea, s. 
Kepfage Mooey for lying at a key or quay, s. 

Bàdge A mark of distinction, s. 
Tofadge To agree ; to sueoeed ; to hit, v. n. 
Edge The shaip- point a( an instrument, s. 
To edge To sharpen ; to boniér ; to exai^mte, r. a« 

Htxlge A fonce nade of bushes, s. 
To hef^ To inolose with a hedge ; to shift, y. 
Lp(^e A small moulding on the edge, s. 
Be^ Fall fèathered, a. 
To fedge To fumish with wings, ▼. a. 
To aUkfigef To affirm ; tojdedare, v. a. 
Piedge A pavn, 3» 
To pleine To pawn ; to invite to drink,. y. a. 

Sle(^e A heavy bammer, a oarr'age withodt wbceU, s, 
Know'ledge ^\\\; understanding ; kiarning, s. 
To ac'knovfled<re To confeçs ; to own as a benefit, v« a. 
Pote-hrum^ledge Knowledge of that whioh lias nOt yet happened, s* 
I/t'ter-'knoxv'iedge Mutual^knoiyledge, s. 
Dredge An qyster-nOty s. 
To dreUse To sprinkle flour on méat ruastiiig, t., a. 
Sedge A growth of narrow flass, s. 
Wedge A body with a sharp edgé ; an ingot, s> 
To tvedge To fosten or cleave with wedges, v, a* 
Oar'bi^ Corrupted from garbage, wbich see> 
Tojidge To moTe nimblyi y* n. 
A/i</^ A goat, Ik , 

L G E 75 

J^klge The upper part of a slope, s. 

Brié^e Â, building raised over water; the rising part ofthe 
nose ; a supporter of tbe strings in a musical yor 
strument, s. 
7b a-bridfçtf To abbreyiate ; to shorten words, r. a. 
Foot' bridge A bridge for foot-passengers, s. 
Draxv'bridge A bridge made to lift up, s. 
Toen-ridgef To form with longitudinal protubérances, ▼. a. 
Poriridge Bioth, s. 
Pbrni'por'ri^e Porridge with plums, 8. 

Cortfriâ^e A paper case of gunpowder, i, 
Partfridge A bird of^game, s, 
To bo^ç To boggie, v. n. 

To dodge To prevaricate) to fbllow artfully, v. n. 
To lodge To place ; to settle ; to fix ; to harbour ; to réside, r. 
Lot^e A small house in a park ; a porteras room^ s. 
To dis-lodge' To drive out 5 to move away, v. 

Po(^ A puddie; a plash, s. 
Hodge^podge A medley of ingrédients boiled togcther, s. 
To but^e To stir ; to move off the place, v. a. 
Budge The dressed skin or fur of lambs, s. 
To judge To judge ; tô discem, v. 

Jut^e One.who présides in court; a skilfui person, 9, 
To ad'judge^ To judge ; to decrce ; to pass sentence, v. 
To re-judgef To re-examine ; to review, v. a. * 
To fore-judgef To judge beforehand, v. a. 
To pre-judgef To détermine before-hand, v. a. 
To mii'judgef To judge wfongfully, v. a, 

Slui^e Mire j dirt mixed with water, s. 
To snudge To lie idle or sntig, v. n. 
To drudge To labour in mean offices, v. n. 

Drudge A mean làborious servant, s. 
To gntdge To envy ; to give unwillingly, v. 
Grtêdge An okl quarrel ; envy ; ill will, s. 
To trudge To travel laborioualy, v. n. 

Uege Trusty ; loyal ; piODouriced as if written leeg^, à. 
JJege Sovereign; superior lord,, s. 
Siège The besieging ^ place, rh3rme8 liège, s. 
To be-fiege' To attack cloisely ; to beleaguer, v. a. 
SaMAege Robbery ofthe church, &c. s. 
SortU-lege The act of drawing lot*, s. 
Pfh'i'lege A p. culiaradrantagc; public right, s. 
To pm'i-lege To grant a privilège, v. a»^ 

CoVlege A socîety of men set apartibr society or religion, s. 
To re-negef To disown, v. a. 

To o-bl^ef To bind ; to compel ; to please ; rhymes liège, v. a. 
To d/t-o-èligef To offend ; to disgust, v. a* 
S^f-fu^mige A médical fume, s. 

Tige A term in archit? cturè, rhymes liège, s. 
Ves'tige A footstep -, the mack left behiud afier pa^sii^g^ s. 
To biîge Tospring a leak, v. u. i« 

E 3 Tô 


76 N G E 

To bulge To take in water; to founder, r. n. a sea tenn. 
To in-dulgef To fondle ; to iavour, v. a. 
To e-mulgef To milk out, t. a. 
To pro-mulge' To promulgate; topublish, v. a. 
To di'Vt^gf To publish ; to proclaim ; to disclose, v. a. 
To change T« alter ; to mend ; pronouaced chainge, y. a. 
Change An altération ; small money, 8. 
To re-changef To change again, v. a. 
To m-ter-change^ To put each into the place ofthe other, v. a. 

In^ ter-change Commerce ; mutual donation and réception, s. 
CounUer-change Exchange ; recipnxiation, «. 
Tecoan-ter-change^ To give and receive, v. a. 

To ex-changef To give and take reciprocally, v. a. 
Ex-t^umgt^ A bartering ; a j^ace of meeting for merchants, s. 
Mtcr^e The itchor scab in cattle, rhymes change, s. 
Range Rank ; excursion ; a kitchen grate ; rhymes change, s. 
Ta range To row at large, v. n. 
Grange Afa^m, rhymes change, «• 
To en-rangef To place regulariy, v. a- 

OrkLrtge A fruit, «. 
To ar-rangef To set in ordcr, v. a, 

Sirange Foreign ; wonderful ; «dd ; new ; rhymes change, a. 
Strange An expression of woiider, int. 
Te e-ttrangel To keep ata distance; toalienate, v. a. 
To thalflenge "io claîm, demand, accuse, v. a. 
Chalflenge A summons t« combat, s. 
7b venge To avenge ; to panish, t. a. 
7b O'venge^ Te revenge ; to punish, 'v. a. 
To re-vengef To return an injury ; to avengo, v, a. 
Re-vengef A severe retnrn of an injury, s. 
LozUnge A rhomb ; a form of medicine, s. 

i/iiig* A joint upen which a gâte or door tums, s. 

To hinge To fumish with hinges, v. a. 
7b m-hingef To throw from the hinges ; to confuse, v. a. 
To im-pingef To fell or str^e against, v. n. 
7b cringe To bow ; to fewn ; to flatter, v. n. 

Cringe A bow ; servile civility, «. 
To frmge To adom with fringes, v. a. 

Binge An omamcntal appendage to dress, &c. s. 
To he-fringef To decoiate with fringe, v. a. 
To iat/i'Jng*' Toviolate; to destroy,v. a. 

Sprinte A gin ; a noose that catchesby a jerk, s. 
7b aslrmgef To draw together, v. a. 
Tore-stringef Tolhnit ; to confine, v. a. 
7b cmstringe* To compress ; to contract, t. a. 
To per-stringe' To gaze upon ; to glance upon, v* a. 
Tosin» e To sccirch; to bum slightly, v. a. 
7b at'iingc ' To touch lightly, v. a. 
7b swii^t To whip ; to bastinade; to punish, v. a. 

Swfnr^ A sway ; a sweep of any thing in motion, s* 
7b iwn^t To pinch^ to toiment^ to distress» ^••' ^ . 


R G E 77 

Twinge A sharp sudden pain ; a pinch, s. 
Syr^inge A pipe to 8<][uirt liquor, s. 
To tyrHnge To spout by or wa^ with a syringe, v. a» 
Vbn-gef An âct <rf révérence ; leave j faivéwell, s. 
7b œn-ge^ To take leave, v. n. 

Qmge In architecture, a particular kind of moulding, s. 
AJrhnge* A pass or thnut with a rapier, 8. 

Sponge A soft poroas substance, jpronounced spunge, s. 
To îponge To blut; to wipe away ; to gain by mean arts, v* 
Toùunge To sink or put suddeiûy into water, v. 

Fiunge Act of putting or sinking under water, s. 
To lounge To idle ; to liye lasùly» v. n. 

Spunge A sponge, s. 
To spunge To hang on others for maintenance, v. n. 
To ex-punge* To blot out ; to efface ; to annitailate, v. a. 
Gam-bogef A yellow ^résinons gum, s. 

U^ The chief magistrale of Venice, g. 
Par-a'gbfge A figure in grammar, adding a final syllable or letter, s . 
Hor^o^e Any instrument that tells the hoar, s. 

Barge A rew-boat for lading or pleasure, s. s 
To charge To accuse ; to attack ; to load, v. a. 
Charge Care ; preoept ; expence ; a load^JL 
To re-tkarge^ To accuse in retum ; to charge anew, v. a. 
7b o-ver-chargef To oppress j to rate toc high, v. a. 
To sur-dutrgef To overioadj to oveifourtben, v. a» 
7b diê-dutrgef To dismiss; to pay, v. a. 
Dis-chargef Dismîssion ; acquittance ; explosion» t. 
XifA'argtf Vitrified lead, t. 

Large B:g ; bulky ; copions, a. 
7b en^largef To release, amplify, encrease, expaud, v. 
0'ver4arge* Larger than enough, v. 
Marge A border ; brink ; edge, s. 
Targe A kind of buckler, or shield, s. 
Gerge A «andle carried in procession, s. Fr. 
7b e-merget To rise out of any thing, to issue 5 to proceed, v. n. 
7b inirmergef Toput undec water, v. a. 
To dis-perge* To sprinkle, v. a. 

Serge A kind of cloth, s. 
7b de'4erge^ To cleanse a sore, v. a. 
7b àb-stergef To cleanse by wiping, v. a. 

Verge A rod ; a mace ; the brink of any thiûg, s»; 
7b verge To bend downward ;. to tend, v. n. 
7b di'Vergef To bend from one.point, v. n. 
7b eon-^ergef To tend to one point, v. n. 

Dirge A moumful ditty, rbymes verge, s. 
Virge A dean's mace, prenounced verge, s. 
George A figure of St. George worn by ka^ghts of tlie gavter, «• 
Forge The place whereiron is beaten intoform,pronounced 
nearly as the words/o«, urge^ s. 
To forge To form by any means ; tp counterfeit, v, a. 
Gorge The throat ; that which is swallowed, pronounced 
gawrge, s. 

E 3 Ta 


7t THE 


To gorge To fin up to the throat ; to glut, ▼. 9^ 
To re-gorge' To vomit op ; to swallow back, v. a. 
Toen-gprge' To swallow ; to feed with eagemess, v. 
To O'vcr-gprge* To gorge too niiich, ▼. a.' 

To dis-gorge^ To vomit; to pooroat with force, v. a* 
To urgé To incite ; to provoke ; to press, t. a» 

Gurge A whiripool ; a guif, s. 
Scottrgie A whip j a lash ; a punishment, rhymes orge, s. 
^To tcourge To lash ; to whip ; to chastis^ v. a. 
Laurge A tall gaDgrel, riiymes aige, s. 
To purge To cleanse ; to clear fnm gnilt; to «nracuate by 
stool ; to darify ; tohave stools» ▼. n* 
Purge A médicine causing stools, s. 
Sfnage A plant, s. 
. Surge A swelling sea, s. 
To turge To swell ; to rise high, t. n. 
7o gauge To measarethe oontenCs of a vteftsél, rhymes âge, ▼• tu 
.Gmige A measure f a standard, s. 
Repuge Shetterfrom danger, s. 
To r^uge To sfbelter ; to proteict, ▼. a. 
Ver'nû-fuge A medicine that destroys i^orms, s. 
Feb'ri-fugn A meificiiie flerticeabte in tf feter, s. 
Feb^ri'Jf^ Havmg power to cur6 fbrers, a. 
Sub^ler-fuge A sfaift ; an évasion ; a trick, s. 
J^u^Vast; great; immense, a. 
Dd'uge An overBow of water, fcc. s. 
To dd^uge To drown ; to overwhelm, t. a. 
To bouge To swell ont, rh3rmes jddgt, v. s. 

Gouge Achissd having a rooni edge, prononnoed giQOgfi, ^ 
Rouge Red paint, prononnoed rooje, s. 
A-poph^y-ge The spring of a column, s. 

A^e A continued pain, rhydies bake, i. 
To mche To be in pain, v. n. 
Taeke Any thing taken boMof ; a loop ; rhumes ash, s^ 
Pa-tachel A small ship, s. 

To miche To be secret or covered, rh3nsiès. Dychc, v. n. 
Nidie A hoUow to place a statue in, rhjnnes itch, s. Fr. 
Carte 'Hanche f Ablank paper, s. 

Sy-Ttee'do-che In rhetoric, taking part for the whole, ahd vice versa, 8. 
Ca-rochef A coacb, s. 
EpH-girctphe An inscription, s. 
Stro'phe A stanza, s. 
An-as'iro-phe In rhetoric, an inversion of thè order of trords, s. 
Ca-tasHro-'phe À final event, generally «nhâppy, s. 
A-pot' iro'phe In rhetoric, an address to things absent, as if présent; 
in gnimmar, the elision of a vowel by a oomma, s. 
Oviphe A fitiry ; a goblin, s. 

She The female pronoun personal. 
The Article, denoting a particular thing. 
To haihe To nash in a bath or the water ; pronounced baithe, v. 
To theaihê To put into a sheatb, v. a. 


A K E 79 

Meatkt Drink, s. 
To breathe.To draw with inreath, t. n. 

To breathe To exercise j to give air, v. a^ " ■ 

7b wreathe To tum ; to twist ^ to interweave, v. a« 
7o7»-SDriea(Ae'Tosurrouiidwithawreatiie, v. a. 
To b^rçueatkef To leave by will, v. • 

Laihe A tamer^stooï; thedmsîonofacouiitry, s. 
To loathe To hâte; to create diagust» r. 
Té twathe To bind with roUers, v. a. 

Xtf'Me Oblivion ; adraaghtofoblivion, & 
Hithe A smaU baven or ianding-plaee fer goodt, s» 
Xî^Limber; flexible, a. 
Bliûie Gay; airy, a. 
7b writ&«To distort; tobeconTolveéwithagony» ^ 
&VAe An inftrumeiitfer mowfng, s. 
7î/Ae A tenth part, s. 
7b tithe To tax ; topay a tenth part, r. 
WUhe A wiUiMr tv^ig or band of twigs^ a rliyiBC, ptth« 
.NSr-pen'/A« A drugthat drives away ail pains, s. 
7o cib/^ To invest with garments, r. a. 
To «00^^ Toftafetet; tocalm ; to gcatify, t, a. . 
7b «moolAtf Te makeeren or casy; toiatter, t. 
To be-troM To giiw or recervc a marriage pnnttiêe ; to aflbttce^ t. a. 
Ta fOouihe To mutter; togruâibie-f t(^«paak.b^» t. 
Slmt A weaver's reed, s. 

X>ie A smaU «ube to play with ; a stamp iifedl|k ceibage $ 
colour; tmctare; staân; hue, s. 
7b dStf To tiDge; taint; expire; loee life„ s. 
7b Aie To hasten ; to go in baâte, v. a. 
To lit To tell a lie ; to lie along, ▼» 
Lie A fijCtioB ; a ialdiood» i» 
7b5e-iife'Tocalumniate, y.a. 
Otp-à-pie^ From head tofoet, a. 
Rie An eseulent grain, s. 
AUr-ie A nest of birds of prcy, ». 
Ec'U-rief A place for the housing of borses, s. F». 
To lie To bind ; to fasten ; tooonstrain, v. a. 
TieKnot; bond; festening; obligation, s. 
7b 2<»-/âe' Tonnbind; taclear, t. a. 

7b vie To show or practiaein oempetition, ▼. ft. 
7b vie To contest, to contend, t. h. 
7b aie To feel a lasting pain, ▼. n. 
7b bake To beat or barden by fire, v. a« 
Qdce Fiat bread, s. 
CheeteUake A cake made of curds, sngar, and butter, s.. 

HaAe Akindofûsh, s. '^ 

7b thake To cause to totter or tremUe ; to depress, R. 
Shake Motion given and recelved, s. 
Lake A tract ai inland water, s, 
.Ho^tf A scaleof Iron; aflockofanow, !.. 
7b ^ake To qneneb ; to extinguish, if. a. 
To a-tlahs^ Tq teiwit i to slacken, t. a., * -^ 




■^ 1 

80 I K E 

To make To create ; to fonii ; to produc«, v. a. 
Make Form ; nature ; &trocture, s. 
To merfri-make To feàst ; to be jovial, v. rf. 
Snûbe A kind of serpent, s. 
RatUîesnokfi A snake making a rattling noise, s. J 

Spahfi The M prétérit of the verb to speak. I 

Rake A tool with teeth ; a looseman, s. ^ 

To rake To gather or clear with a rake, v. q. 
PmJt« Prêt, of the verb to break. 
Brake A thicket of brambles or thoms, s. 
Drake The mafe of the duck ; a kind of gun, s. 
Fire^drake A fiery serpent, s. 

Mon f drake A plant having soniewhat of human form, s. , 

Strake The obsolète prétérit ofstrike. 
Sake Cause ; poipose ; account ; end, s. 
A'tfme'/ffAe Oneofthesamename, 8. 
To/or*«aJ(-«' To désert} toleave, V. a. 

To iake To receive, seize, suppose, hire> &c. t. a^ 
To be-take' To hâve recoarse to ; to apply ; to move, v. a. 
To re-takef To take again, y. a. 
^apVn-toibf A division of a county; ahnndred, i. 
To par-takef To shfre with ; to hâve part in, v. 
7b iin-€fer-<ailf<To engage in; topromise; to take charge, v. 
To o-ver-iake* To come up with in a punait, y. a. 
Stcike A post ; a wager, a hazard, s. 
To tiake To defoid with posts ; to wager, y. a. 
Mù-iakef A misconception ; an error, s. 
To mit'Uikef To conceive wrong ; to err in jndgement, vi 
Sweep'stake ThatmnBBÏ], s. 

To quake Tô shake with cold or fear, v. n. | 

JEarihfquake A trembliug or shaking of the earth, s. ] 

To xoake To watch ; not to sleep ; to rouse, y. | 

To a-vcake^ To cease to sleep, v. n. i 

^'Wakef Without sleep ; not sleeping, v. a.' 
Eke AXso; likewise; beside, ad. 
Dike.Aditch; hedge; bank; mound, s. 
Uke Resembling ; equal ; likely, a. I 

7b//A-eToapprove; tocboose; to be pleased with, r. ' 

Uke In the same manner ; probably, ^ ad. 
A'iikef In the same manner or form, ad. 
iiod'Uke Divine; resembling a divinity, a. 
jBtf-/;^' Probably ; perhaps^ ad. 
Gtike A sneer ; a scoff, s. See Gleek, 
ManHike Becoming a man ; manly, a, 
GenUîe-man-like Becoming a man of birth, a. 
Vn-genHle-man^ike ^ot becoming a gentleman, a. 
{Tn-^iJte'Bissimilar; improbable, a. 
^ar7/Atf Military; disposed for war, ^. 
Dit-Uke^ Disinclination ; dtstaste, s. 
To dU'like^ To disapprove, v. a. 
. JlfM-^Ar' Misapprobation; distaste, s. 
SaâU'Uke Soiting with or resembling a saint, a. 





A L E « :i 

Court^Uke Rlegant ; polite, a. \ 

Pike A fish ; a lance used by soldien, g. 
Tumfpike A toll-gate on a road, a. 

âjMilffxAn earofcorn; agreatnail; apoioted iron, s. 
To tirihe To hit with a blow ; to dash ; to sound, ▼. n. 
Sirike A bushel, s. 
To thm^der^trike To blast or strike with lightnmg, t. a. 
T^ke The louse of dogs or sheep, a. 
Coke Cinders made of pit-coal, s. 
To cftoibe ToaufTocate; tosuppress, t. a* 
Chohe A partof the artichoke, s. 
Arfiirchoke Awhclieaomèplànt, s. 
Johe A jest, s. 
TbjoAe To jest ; to be merry, v.n. 
Smohe A sooty exhalation, s. 
Tb smoke To eoût smoke ; to use tobacco ; to disoover slily. 
7« be'smokef To fool with smoke, v. a. 
Poke A small bag for com, s. 
Topoke To feel in the dark ; to wratch oot, ▼. 
Spohe A bar in a wheel, s. 
S^ke Prêt, of the verb totpeak. 
Bespoke' Prêt of the verb to bespeak. 

Broke Pref. of the verb lo break. 
To broke To contract business for anotfaer, t. n. ^ 
To etroke To rub gently or tenderly, ▼. a. 

Siroke A blow ; teuch ; or sound of a clock, s* 
Jtf<»'4rr-«/roA« Capital perfonnanee, s. 

Sto^Thebody ofa tree, s. Saxon. 
To re-vokef To witlidraw» reverse, reveaU v. a. 
To vi'vokef To pray ; to implore, v. a. 
To œr^vokef To sammon ; to call together, v. a. 
Topro-vokef Torouse; to enrage; to challenge, v. a. 
il-t0oAe' Prêt of the verb toawake. ' 

Yoke AkindofcoUar; mark of servitude ; aoauple> s. 
7b yo&eTo couple together; toenslave, v. 
7b un-yfokef To loose firom a yoke ; to di^oin, v. a, 
Brke Idle ; lazy ; slothfui, a. Saxon. 
7bdSfrie To spoil; to min; riiymesperk, jerk, &c. v. a. 
7b re.bukef Tochideforafiiult, v. a. 
Re-bukef Reprehension ; friendly admonition, s. 
Duke The nextin dignity below the prince, s. 
Anà'duke Title of the princes of Anstria and Toscany, s. 
Htriltf A cloak, s. OldFrench. Obsolète. 
7b jtiAtf To perchas birds, V. n. 
7b puke To spue ; to vomit, v. n. 

Pithe Vomit ; medicine causing vonûtingy st. * 
Ptrfuke An artificiai covering of hair for the head, s\ 
Siuke Plaisterof Paris, s. 
Aie Amalt-Uquor, s. 

Baie A pack of goods ; misery ; calamity, s.^ 
Scale A regular gradation ; part of the covering of a fi&b, s. 
To icaU To moant by ladders ; to pare off ica)eS| v. a. 

E 5 Dal» 

-'*- -V 





Dak A vale or valley ; space between twobills, %, 
Teale A wild fowî, s. 
Oaie A strong breeze of wind, s. 
To re-gttlef To refresh ; to enteitain ; togrodiy, v. a. 
Far^thin-gale A kindof hoop, 8. 
î^ight^in-gaU A bird that sings mostly in the night, s. 
Uak Healtby; robust; bearty, a. 
To haie To drag by force, corruptly pronoanced haU. 
To haie To call unto, cspecially at sea, ▼/ 
To keel'hale To drag under the fceel of a d)ip, pronounced keeVudk 
To in-hale' To draw m with the air m breathing, v. 
To over-kale^ To examine over again, pron. conruptly overhaU, 
WTiale An exceeding large fish, s. 
7b tfx-Ao/le' To steam ; to cast out vapours^ y^a. 
Maie Masculine, a. 
Maie The he of any créature, s. - 
Fe'male The she of any créature, 8. 
. Fe'male Féminine, a. 

Pak A jurisdiction ; an inclosnre, s. 
Pide Whitish ; wan, a. 
To pale To enclose with pales, y. a. 
To em-palef To enclose ; to put to death by transfiiQiig, t* 

Sale The act of selling ;. the vent ; priée, &c. 9b 
W/tole^sale Sale in the liimp, not in parcds, ad. 

Taie A story ; a narretÎTe; s. 
LoveHale A narrative of love, s. 
Iî?//'/ûfc An officions informer, 8. 

Stale Old ; long kept ; corrupt ; stinking, a. 
To jeiale To make water as a horee, v. 
Siale Uriné ; a handle ; k prostitùte, s. 
Vale^A vaHey ; low ground, s. 
Waie A risingpârt in cloth, s. 
Gzin'tpa/tf The gunnel of a ship, 8. 
To swale Or Sweal, to waste or blaze away as a candie, t. ^ 
^'6fe Havingpower; capable to do,' a. . 
As'Cii'ba-ble Capable of being ascribed, a. 

Prob'a-ble Likely ; crédible, a. 
Im-prob^ a-ble increàible; nnlikely, a. 

Ca'ble A thick rope for an anchor, s. 
Pla'ca-ble Willingor possible to be appeased, a. 
Im-pia^ca-ble Inexorable ; n:ialicious, a. 

Pec'ca-ble Liable to sin, a. 
Jm-pec'ca-ble Notsubject to sin, a. 
Medi-ca-ble Curable, a. 
Jm-med'i-ca-bie Not to be healed ; inciirable, a. 

Pred'i-ca-bU ^^uch as may be aifirmed of something, a. 
Pr<'d' i-ca-ble A logical term, one of the five predicables, s. 
Jn-ju'di-ia-ble Not cognizable by ajndge, a. 
Jdodif'i ca-ble Piversi5able by various modes, a. 
Sa-crf'i-ca-ble Capable of being offered in sacrifice, a. 
Vitrifi ca-ble Convertible into glass, s. 
Mul-tip'li-ca ble Capable of being aTitbipfStltsaUy mvUiplied, a. 

- ^'iiM-^J»^^ 

fit E 8« 

Apfpl&'ta'hle Capable of being applied; a; 
In-apfpli-iia'ble Not capable of being applied, a> 

Ex^pli-ca-ble Possible to be ezplained, a. 
Iji-ex'pU-ca'ble Impossible to be explained, a. 
AniH-ca-ble Friendty ; kind, a. 
G9m-mic'n»-ca-^ Capable ofbeing*cominunicated, a. 
Inrcomrmufni'-ca-ble Impossible to be communicated, a. 
2)ex'pi-cff-6/e Contemptible ; vile; worthless, a. 
£47'/ri-ca-d/e Capable of being disentangled, a. 
In-exUri-ca-ble Notto be disentangled, a. 
Prac Ui-ca-bie Capable of being redaced to practice, a;- 
IrurpracUi-ea-ble Not to be performed or practised, a. 
Un-pracHt-ca-ble Not feasible ; not practicable, a. 
Prog-no^ Ui- ca-bîe Capable of bei ng foretold, a. 

Rev^o^a^ble Capable of being recalled or repealed, a.' 
Ir-rev^o-ca-ble Not to be recalled or repealed, a. 
Mer^ca-bie Capable of being sold or bought, a. 
Con^fis-ca-bie Liable to confiscation, a.- 
Ptfr-fZMf'cb-Â/ff Capable of being persuaded, a. 

IKead^a-ble Capable of being alledged in plea^ a.- . 
iîbr'wi-<f«-6& Terrible ; dreadful, a. 

Void'n-ble Capable ofbeing annulled, a.» 
A'VoiiVa-ble Capable ofbeing avoided, a. 
Un-a-void^a-ble Not to he avoided ; inévitable^ a«- 

Di'vVdorbk Capable of division, a. 
De-mand'a-ble Capable ofbeing d^anded or requested, al- 

Bend'o'blé Capable of being bent or incorvated, a. 
2>e:/èiu]f'a-6/tf Capable ofbeing deiended, a. 
MenWa-ble Capabfe ofbeing mended, a. 
£-7ne/ui'a-6/^ .Capable ofemendation; corrigibl^^ a. 
Com-^mejid'a-ble isaudable ; worthy of praise, /t. 
Mec-com-'mend^a-ble Worthy ofrecommendat'Oti or praise, a«- 
Dis^omr-mend'a-ble Blâmable ; censurable, a« 

Com-pound^a-bie Capable ofbeing compoonded, a*- 
Ac-com^m^da-ble Capable of being fittôd, a. 

/2e-gar(/'a-6/!p Observable ; worthy of notice, a. 
i2ewiear<if'a-d/!0 Worthy ofreward, a. 
A^'ortf-a-Â^ Venturesome*; liable to chance, a.- 
Fordfa-ble Passable witbout swimming,. a. 
Laudfo'ble Wortjiy of praise, a« • 
H-làud^a-ble Uniroithy of praise, a.^ 
De^u^da-ble Uabietobe deceived, a. 
Peacefa-Ue Free from war ; . quiet ; good natured, a; 
Un'peacefa-ble Not peaceable, a. 
Un-iracefa-ble Not to be traoed, a. - 
Serhiee^a-ble Active ^ useful ; oflâctoiui, a. 
Un-4erfvice-<t'bie Not serviceable, a. 
SiPper-Mr'vice-able Over -officions, a. . 
ÏHt-ter'vice-a-b'le Detrimental ; ii\jurioas, a. - 
Im-'pierce^a'bie Impénétrable ; not to be pierced, a« - 
Â'gree'a-ble Saitàble i graceful; pleasing, a. 
Diê'a-greefa-àU yaguitabie; unpleasing, a. 

K6 iwar' 




Marfri-^tge-a-hle Of âge to bé married, a. pronoanced iMrri^4ie-a^, 
Thmfage-a-ble Liable tx)daiDage; perishable,a. 
^an'age'a'hle Govemable ; tractable, a. 
Vn-manfage-a'hle Not to be govemed ; refractory, a. 
Dis-ad-vanUage^^ble Contrary to profit ; producing lo»s, a. 
Un-voy^age-a-'ble Not to be pftseed over or voyagedv a. 
AUlege^a-ble Capable of being alleged, a* 
Chang'a-bU Subjectto change, a. 
C^n-cAanfl[^e^a-6Zff Not sutgectto change^ knmutable, a. 
la-ter-change'a-ble Glven and taken altemately, a. 
Vengefa-ble Revengefnl ; malicious, a. 
Charge' a-ble Imputable ; expensive ; eostly, a. 
Tithe'able Subjectto the payment of tithes, a. See MoœaBei 
Un-shake'a'bie Not subject tobe shaken, à. See Maveable. 
Mis-Jake'a-^tle Liable tobe conceÎTed wrongly, a. See Mùoeable, 
Sale f a-ble Vendibie ; fit for sale, a. See MoveaBle. 
'Vh'tmn'gle-a-ble Not sosceptiveof mixture, a. 
Rec-on-cilef a-ble OmaiÈtesat; capable of kindness, a. SeeitfoMoMr. 
Uu-rec-on-cile' a-ble Implacable ; not to be reconci]^, a. 
MaVle-a^ble Capable of bearing the hamoier, a. 
Tome' a-ble Susceptive of taming, a. See Moceable. 
Vn-iameh-ble Kotto be tamed, a. 
Jr-re'me-a-ble Admitting nô retum, a. 
Pcr'me-a-^ilff Capable of being pa^;ed throQgh, a. 
Lose^a-ble Sû^ect to privation, a. See Moveable. 
Movef a-ble Portable ; changeable, a. » 

|ry For thepropriety of writingilfov^a^/iff, Proiceaik, 
LoseaMe, and ail words compounded of them, a» 
Reprooet^le, Removeahte, &c. with thcsilentcin thé 
antepenvdtimate syllable, and not ReprovaUe JRer 
mowMef as found in our best dictionaries, see In- 
troduction to this work uncler the article Ortho 
graphy, Ortbogpraphical Aphorism 10. 
Move^a^le A pièce of fnmiture that may be taken away^ 8. 
7îc-mot><?'a-Ai? Capable «f being removed, a. 
Vn-re'tncve'a-ble Not to be taken away, a. 
Jr-re-mo'ce' a-ble Not to be moved^ not to be changed^ a. 
Im-move'a-ble Unshaken ; firm ; stable, a. 
Proue'a-&& Capable ofbcingproved, a. 
lie-prcve^a-ble Desenring reproof, a# 
Vn-rc prove'a-ble Not liable to blâme, ar 
Jr-Ti-provef a-ble Not liable to reproof, a<r 
/in-pro9e'a>6i!p Capable of beiug improTed, tf^ 
Un-im-prove^ a-ble Notimproveable, a. 

^/>-prov(f'a-6/eWorthyof approbation, a. 

Size' a-ble Reasonablybulky, a. âee Moveable. 
Fa'bie An instructive fiction ^ afalshood, s. 
To faible To feign, v. n. 
J\f^fa-ble Civil ; bentgn ; mild, a. 
Eff/o'-ble Expressible ; ntterable, a. 
Jh-^ifii'ble Inexpressib'e ; unutteraNe, ^, 
Gafble The sloping roof of a boildiiig, s. 




JPr€p^a^ë-hle CêpMe of being spreàd or maltipHed, a. 
. R^rO'ga'hU Liableto confutation and coDTictioo, a. 
Ir^riffro'ga-ble Not to be confuted or deoied, a. 
FatH-gQ'hk Easily wearied, a. 
Jn^e-fatH-^aMe Not to be exhaiisted or wearied by labour, a. 
Iti'VetUi^ga'blè Discoverablebyrational disqoisition, a. 
NaoH-'gtt'hk Passable ibrships or boats, a. 
Gr-cum'nao'i'ga'ùle Capable of being sailed round, a. 
In-naoH-^c^-Ue Nottobe passed by sailiag, a. 
(/^i-nav't-ga-ft^ Notto be pasaed ; not to Im navigated, a. 
Im-peachfaMi Accusable ; chargeable, a. 

Ttachfa-ble Docile ; susceptive of instruction, a. ' 
Jle-proaeh^aMe Worthy <tf reproach, a. 
Ir-re-proatÂ^a-ble Freefrom reproach or blâme, a. 
ttuench^a-ble Capable of being quenched, a. 
Un^enchfa-hle Impossible to be quenched, tu 
Unrêearck'o'bie Not to be explored, a. , 
Match'O'bie Suitable ; correspondent, a. 
Touckfo'bie Tangible ; capable of being toucbed, a. 
^-ooadl'a-^ Capable of being avouched, a. 
JLffugA'a-6/e Worthy oflaughter; exciting laughter, a* 
JStf/'irA-tf-MeHavinga tastef; gustable^ a. 
A-bol^Uk^Me Capable of betE^ abolished, a. 
Polfith-^t-ble Capable of being polished, a. 
Pun^ish-a-Ue Worthy or capable of punishment, a. ' 
JHf-jmn'ukr-û'hle Without pénal restraint, a. 

Perfùhno-ble Liable to perish ; subject todecay, a. 
Jm-perfith-a-hle Not to be destroyed, a. 
C^per'ûA-o-i^ Not liablé to perish ; ererlasting» a. ' 
IfcurUth-a'bh Snsceptive of nonrishment, a. 
Jht'tmfguisk'a'bie Capable of being distinguisbed, a. 
Mx-tin^guith-a-hle Capable of being extinguished, a. 
In'ex-tmfguùh-a'ble Not capable nf being extinguished, a. 
Un- ex-tin' giàth-a-hk Unquenchable, a. 

Oaih'tt-ble Capable ai taking an oath, a. 
lif-fraifa-ble Dreadful; fnghtful, a. 
Jus-tkH-O'bl^ Proper to be judicially examined, a, 

So'ci-a^bie Friendly ; familiar ^ fit to bejoined, a. 
In-so'ci-Q-hle Incapable of union, a. 
UnsoUi-a-ble Averse to companjr orcooTenation ; shy, a. 
>l«-<#o'ci-a-^« Capable of being jôined, a. 
Ex-cru^ei-a-bie Uable to tonnent, a. 
Jf2e-me'£?i-â-6/e Capable ofrcmedy, a. 
Un-re-mefdi-a-hle Admittiog ho remeÏÉly, a. 
Jr-re'tne'di-a-ble Admittingnocure, a. 
ke-pu^di-a-bie Fitto be r^ccted, a. 
Rarfe*Ji-abk Admitting rarefoction, a. 
Uyui-^-a-ble Capable of being meltél, a. 
Jnod'i'Ji'a'ble Capable of being iashioned or^modified, a. 
MolH'Jî'a-.bk Capable of being molUfied or softened, a. 
Magfm-Ji'^-hle Worthy of being extoUed or praised,^ a. 




«6 B LE 

Bdfn*Ji-^Me Liable to be iainûed or coimterfekai, à. 
Dl'ver'n'jy-t^hh Capable of being altered, a. 
JleeUi-Ji'm-bk Ca|iable of being set right, a. 
/%r'/i^-a-M? Capable of being fortified, a. 
Jw'/i^-a-Afc DefeMihIe; according to law, a. 
l7ii-jK>'/i-/^-W»NotjiMtifiable; Ulegoi, a. 
U'a^Ùe Sabject to; obnoocious, a. 
PU'a-bk FtexiWe ; easy to bebent, a. 
Jlfa/'/j-f>/i-ff-*fc Capable of being multiplied, a. 
j^]h&'Vftf« Capable ofbsiogapplied, a. 

A'mi'a-bie Lovely, a. 
De-nifa-hle Capable of beiiJg'demed, a, 
Un-de-nVa-iU Not capable of being denied, a. 
refnt-a-hle Pardonable 5 allowed ; veœai, a. 
Ex^pi-a-hle Capable of being exptaUd, a. 
la-ex'p'a^hle Not to be atoncd, a. 

Va'ri-a-ble ChangeaWe ; mutable j inconstant, a. 
/n-c«'ri-a-ftfe Constant; firm; uncbangeable, a. 
Un-vafri-éi^ble Not changeable, a. 

Fri^a-hle Britfcte; easily reduced to powder, a. - 
Jp'pro'pn'-*-4>k Capable of beîng appropriated, a. 
Tri^a-bk Capable of trial, a. 
&'/i-û.4fe Capable of being satisfied, a. 
Jn-M'/i-a-WeGreedybeyondmeasure; not satiable, a. 
l77Wa'<i-«-M^Nottobesat)sfied, a. 

Pitfi-a-ble Claiming pity, a. pronounced p/^-«&fe. ; 
Pro^U^ûaMe Capableof beingiiiadepropitiou8,proo.f rtjpr*A'«oWr 
LevH-ù'ble Capable of being levied, a. 
lUleQ^i-a-ble Not capable of b«ng levied or exacted, »< 
/2£-fti^<i.ii-6fe Capable ofbeii^reptevined, a. 
Jr-re-pleofi^'hle Not capaWeof being replevined, a. 
En'vt^-bln Deserring envy, a. 
^«tit'a-M; Possible tobespoken, a. 
l/n-*pedt'«-A/c Nottobeeaqfwessed, a. 
Mode^a-Ue Liable to dérision, tu 
Drmk'a-b'e Potable, a. 
/îe-jwrrA'a-éfcWoithyofbeingremarked, a. 

Re-bu'ka-ble Worthyof reprebension,^ a. 
Un-re-bufka-ble Not obnoKÎoiis to censure, a. 

Om-cetdfa^e Capable of being concealed, a, 
In^on-ceal'a^fU Not capable of being htd, a. 
Qm-gealfa^ble Susceptible of congélation, a. 
Ex'haila-bh Capable of being evaporated, a« 
Jn-eX'ha'la-ble Incapable of being exbaled, a. 
Sem'bla-ble Like ; resembling, a. 

Gel'a-ble Capable of being congealed, a. 
Perffa-ble Having the vind driven tbrougb, a* 
BaU'a-ble Capable of being baited, a. 
As-'SeUfa-ble Capable of being atttacked, a. 
. A'-vail'a-hlê Profitable ; powerful, a. 
L'W^-pai/'o-A^Unpwifitableî unaYailing; useless, a. 

-^**'^»l«l.l « 

BLE 87 

Rêc-on-ci^la^hle CêpMe of being reconciled. See Mfooetèfe. 
/r.fccwm-c/'Az-^Zff Not capable of réconciliation; inconiBtent, a. 
y/n.luV^^^^/eCaFnlbteofbeiDgred«cedtoIlothillf, a. 
^'-«i}ii't-/a-6/tf Capable ofbeingaBsiiiiilated, a. 
Cm-pdfla-bh Capable of being forced or compelled» a^ 
CounUeNa-ble Willing to receive and foUow advice, a. 
Urv-anm* sel-la-^ Kot enduring tobe advised, a. 
Td'la-ble Arable ; fit for the ploogti, a. 
Cbii-/ro/'^-&/!ff Sabjecttocootroi, ▼. 

SyVla^hk An articulate sonnd made of ène or mor« l^ters, & 
xuad^ri^Ua-bk A word of four syllables, s. 
Trit'yl'la-ble A word of tbree sytlables, 6. 
Monfo^lrîa-ble A w<îTd of one syllable, s. 
Polfy-syl4a'lie A word of many syllables, s. 
/>»'jfy/-Ai-6/tf A wordoftwosyllabies, 8. 

Vt'o-ia-blt Capable of being violated, a. 
In-m'o-h-'hle Notto be yiolat^ or profiioed, a. 
thn-^'itt-bie Admitting of comibrt, a. 
In-fon-so^laMe Incapable of being comforted, a. 
Co-ag'u'ia-àle Capable ofbeiugcongealed, a. 
In-co^agfu-la^ble Incapable of coagulation, a. 

i9'Ai'ma-i/eWorthyof blâme, a. Sg& Movêabîe. 
Unrblafm^'àle ¥reefromh\Bme; innocent, a. 
Un-fra^ma-biéNot to be moulded, a. 
i?tf-</«tfm'a-&/e Capable of rédemption, a. 
Jn-crem^a-bie Not consumeable by fire, a. 

C/aim'a-ble Capable of being claimed as a dne, a. 
Tr-re-clahn'a'b/e Incapable of being recla'med, a. 
Sub-Wma-tie Capable of being soblimed, a. 
AnH-nta-b/e Capable of being animated, a. 
EM-ma-bie Worthy of esteem, a. 
Jn-^s'H-ma-ble Transoending ailprice, a. 
Inr-flam'ma-ble Easy to be set on flame, a. 
Dom'a-bk Tamable, a. 
Vn-falh^om-a-bk Not to be fatbomed or sounded, s. 
Qu'/om-a-ble Commaa; habituai; fréquent, a. 
Ae-cusUontr-aMe Of long custam or habit, a. 
4f-firmfa'ble Capable of being af&rmed, a. 
Con^Jtrm^a-ble Capable of incontestable évidence, a« • 
Coyi-form'a-bleSxmWax^ suitable; compilant, a. 
Per-;/î)r« 'o-Afe Practicaile, a. 
Re^su'ma-ble Capable of being resumed^ a. 
Con-su'ma-ble Susceptible of destruction, a. 
In-con-tu'maMe Incapable of being wasted, a. 
lllach'ry-ma-ble Incapable ofweeping, a. 
Ac-com'pa-na-ble Sociable, a. 

San'a-ble Rcmediable ; oarable,- a. 
Jn-setn'a~ble Incurable ; irrémédiable, a. 
To en-a'ble To make able; to confer power, v. a. 
A Ui-en-a-b/e Capable of being al'enated ; trànsferablc, a. 
In-aUien-u-b/e Ini.'apable iif being trantfivred, a. 





Crfi-4i'/feii-tf-&iS?Inca|»abUofbeingtr^i8fetTe^ a. 

A-me'na-ble Responsible, a. 
To tHi-enr-tt'bie Todeprive of power» t. a. 

Ttfit'a-6/iff Capable ofbeingmaintained, a. 
UH^4enf»'ble InciqpaBle of betng possessed or defended, a. 
G(Mi-i»'na^&/e Consistent with ; a^eeable to, a. 
/m-pr<g['7ui-i^Nottobetakea; unmoved, a. 
De^gn^a-Ék Distingnishable, a. 

As-iign'a-ble Capable of b^ng marked out or transfernd, a^ 
Iig'ex'pugfna-èlle Impregnable ; not liable to be aubdaed, a. 
JEx>^Va-6/!e Capable ofbeù^ezplained, a. 
J2e-Wivin'a-î/eCaîiableof beingrestnÛDed, a, 
Conr^ramfo'bU liable toconstraint, a. 

06-<aîa'a-&/eCapableof bemgprocnied, a. 
Mtùnrtam'a-hU Dcîeiisible ; justifiable, a. 
Ctm-totn'e-^^ Capable ofbeingcootaiiied, a. 
Stu-tainfa^ble Capable of being sustained, a. 
At'tam'orble Capable ofbeing attained or procured, a. 
Ua^i'lainfa'ble Incapable of being attained, a. 
Me-dicfi-na-ble Havtng médicinal power, a. 
Wài-naMe Capable of being appointed, a. 

Fî^norbU liable to be fined» a. 
D^x^'na'Aiitf Capable of being asoertained, a. 
Un-êe-fina-bk Not to be marked out, a. 
l'wagfi-na^hU Possible to be conceÎTed, a. 
ITn-i-sM^-t'ao-^ Incapable of being oonceÎTed, a. 
D^Uffuirhle Capable of being declined, a. 
Jn-de^fn/OrUe Not varied by terminations, a. 

InrcUfna-hle Favourably disposed ; willing, a. 
J>tf'ct-;}/i-iM-6J^ Docile ; capable of being taught, a* 
Dis-crhnH-na-bie Distinguishable, a. 
A-bom'ûna-bk Détestable ; bateful, a. 
Tin^'im-na-^^ limitable ; admitting of boonds, a. 
De^ter^m-na bie Capable of being decided, a. 
Jn-de*terfnû'-na^ble Incapable ofbemg decided or settled, a. 
Un-de^lerfm-na-ble Incapable of being decided, a. 
Jn^erfnù-na-ble Immense, a. 

O'pifnaMe Which may be tbought, a. 
Dam'na-ble Destructive; deserving condemnaiien, a. 
Con-demfna-ble Deserving blâme or coodemnation, a. 
Par^don-^i'ble Deserving excuse ; excusable, a. 
Un-par^don-a-ble Irrémissible ; not admitting forgivcsiess, s^ 

Confscion-able Reasouable; just, a. 
Iit'-confscion-a-ble Void of the moral sensé j niOust, a. 

Fa/A 'ion-a-6& Approvedbypolitecustom, a. 
l7«t/a«*A'f07i-a-&/e Notfashionable; not modish, a. - 
Com-panUon-a-hk Sociable, a. 

AcHion-a-ble Admitting an action in law ; punisbable, a. 
Ex'cepHion-^t-hle Liable to objection, a. 
CTn-ex-cep^/ion-a-i/e Not liable to objection, a. 
Pr§'porftton^-ble A4jasted by comparative relation, a. 




BLE 89 

Dis'prû'PorUioH'a>'ble'SotpropoirûoaMe; deformed, a. 
âuef'<M>n-a-6/f; Liableto question; 8U8{Hck>u8, a. 
Vn-çuesUton-a-ble Notto be doubted or questioned, a. 
£ea'«oii-a-6fe Agreeable to reason ; ratiooal, a. 
Un-reafsan-a-bl/e Contrary to reason ; irrational, a. 
Treaf$on-M^-blè Having the nature oftreason, a. 
Sea'ton-a-ble At a proper time ; oj^Kntune, a. 
Un-sea'wn^^-ble Net seasonaMe, a. 

P«r'ioi»-a-^ Handsome ; graceful, 2u 
itfamrper'na-ôie 3ailable, a. 

Gov^em-^'-lde Ëa^y tobe govemed ; peaceaMe, a. 
Un-govferrt^Me Not govemable ; unriily, a. 

As<ti7n'a-6/f AUowedtobereportedback, a. Law Tenu* 
C/n-a'&/eNothavmgability, a. 
TU'fia-À^ Muwcal i barmonioiis. SeeMoceahU, a. 
ITii-itf'fta-^ Inbarmonious) not musical, a. 

Oi'M-^AbtetodoorreoeiveaiiytbiDgf tmoeptible, ft* 
In<a'p«hbU Not capable; diiqnidiâed» «• 
Un^ca'pth'hU Not capable, a. 
Par-lK't-]ÇMi-iZ» Capable ofbeiqgfhaMd* a. 
JD»'»-^*^ Eauly icatterad, a. 

Pa//fM-&/tf Perceptible by the toiich; plaîn, •• 
Im-paUpa-ble Not perceptible by tbe touch, a. 

Od'pa'ble Criminal ; blalne-woithy, a. 
In-ad'fa'ble Unblaniable, a; 
ITn-cu/^&^Notcolpable, a. 
Arfa-^9 FitfortUlage, a. 
Dê-^fra-ble Capable of proof» tu 
ifi-ar'o^itf Incapable oftillage, a. 
P<ir'a.&i^ A similitudes figurative speecb, s. 
Jr-râpta-rorble Nottoberepaired, a. 

Sep'<t-ranUe Susceptive of disunion, a. 
7n-^'a-ra-i/e Notto be difgoined, a. 
Cùm'pa-raMe Worthy to be compared» a. 
In-œm'pa-ra-ble Transceoding ail comparison, a. 
Spar^a-ble A small nail, s. 
ExU-cra-bU Hateful ; detesUble ; aocursed, a. 
Lac'er-a-bîe Capable of being torn, a. 
Cb«-«d'«r-a-A& Worthy of considération; important, a. 
iîi-aw-«rf'«'-a-6fc Trifling ; not worthy of regard, a 
Ponfàer-a-ble Capable of being weigbed, a. 
Preper-a-Ue Worthy of préférence ; eligible, a. 
â^tt/yer-a-M« Such as may be endured ; tolerable, vu 
In-^fer-a^He Not to be endured ; intolérable, a. 
Unsufffer-able Not sufferable, a. 
7>a«-/er'a-&& Capable of being transferred, a* 

To/'<T-a-&/^ Supportable; passable, a. 
In-iol'er-a-ble Insupportable, a. 
Ku^nur-a-ble Capable of being numbered, a, 
In-nu^wer-a-hle Incapable of being numbered, a. 

Genfer^-ble Capable of being generated, a. 
Jn-gen'er-a^ble Not to be produced by génération, a. ^ 





90 BLE 

VenUr-^'die WmÛkjof renen^don or reretenee, a. 
Vulfiter-Orhle ^Mcqvtive <^ woDnds, a. 
In-vtd^ner-shbk Not to be woanded, ». 
Vh-vul'ner'tt-Me Not vulnérable, a. 
Me-mu^ner-a'Ue Rewardable, a. 
Opfer^a-hle Practicable, a. 
Spehohble Such as may be hoped, a. 
JRe-cu'per-a-ble Capable of being reeorered, a. 

Su^per-a-hle Conquerable, a« 
lu'^ufper-a-ble Unconqtierable, a. 
Vt'tu'per-a'hfe Blame-worthy, a. 
j[?T-u7)fr-a-6/<> Conquerable; vindble, a. 
ilfM Vr-a-A& Unhappy ; wretched; stingy, a. 
Com-mster-a-ble Pitiable, a. The secondâyllaUe rhymei Awf 
AVter-a-bîê Capable of being dhangcd, ai 
&n-a/'fer-fls6/e Not altérable ; fixedi a. 

Uifiep-et^hle Ëxpressibie, a. 
l7«-«/'/ffr-a-Wfe Incxpre«siblej notutteraUé, a. 

PuVver-a-hle Possible to be reduced to dust, «. 
Jte-covfer-a-bîe Capable «if rëcoveiring or regaining, te 
Ir-re-cov^er-a-ble Not to be remédiée dr regained, a. 
Dis-an'ér-é-^ Capiibte ofbdiigtraeed or dîscoTereé, a. 
l7tt.d:f#-opp'<!/-«*'ftfc N<ilf to fté Ascovered ; ifl^cmtaMe, a 

Confquer-a-hle Capable oftteÎMg oreycome-, a; 
Unconfquer-a-ble Not to be ov^rcome, a. 

Powfer-a-ble Able to peiiferm »My thing, a. 
An^swer-a-ble Correspondent ; agreeing, â. 
Un-an^swer-a-bk Not to be reftited, a. 

De-flagfra-ble Consnraeable by fire, a. ' 

Re-p^fa-hh Capable of being repaired» a. 
-4rfW-ra-iAî Worthyof admiration; wonderfnl» a. 
Ptfr-^i'ra-ô/^ Bmi*ted bythe pores, a. 
D«-«Vfl-WePIea9ing; delightfal, a. 
Uip4esVra-ble Not to be #ished, a. 
Ac-^uiha-ble Capable of being acquired, a* 
Ite-quVra-ble Fit to be reqtiired, a. 
In-qjàha-bîe Capable of being inqaired into, a. 

BoWa-ble Capable of being bored, a, 
A-db^ra-bk Worthy of adoration, a. 
Terifo-TCD'ble Capable of being pîerced through, a. 
7m-j[>er{^o-ra-6Â; Incapable of being bored, a. 
ïte-ph^ra-bk Fit to be deplored, a. 
Mem'o-ra-ble Worthy of being remembered, a. 
/7B-mcm'o-ra-Afe Notworth^ of remembrance, a. 
Com-mem^o-ra-ble Deserving of commémoration, a. 
E'vapfo-ra-bk Capable of or liable to evaporation, a. 
Me-stofra-ble What may be restored, a. 

Exfo^ra-bk To be moved by intreaty, a. 
In-exfo-ra-ble Not to be moved by intreaty, a.. 
Ra'zor-a-ble Fit to be shaved, a. 
NarWa-ble Capable of being toîd, a. 
Èrfra-bk IJabk to err, a.. 

^M^lfc^ -^l-t '"\ 


lèt-erWa'hle Not liable tA err, a. 
Se-qnes^trn-ble Subject to séquestration, a. 
De'fnon'itra-hle Capable of deoionatiation, a. 
Vn-do-monhtm-ble Incapable ofdemonâtratiOD, a. 
Penfe-ira-bte CapaMe of being penetrated, a. 
Jm-benfe-tra-b/e Incapable ofbeing penetrated, a* 
Imfpe-tra-hle Possible to be obtained, a. 
Ar^bi-fra-ble ]>epeitdingon the will, a. 

Cu'ra-ble Admittin<^ a remedy, a. 
In-cufra-ble Not to be cured ; irrecoverable, a. 
Pro-cu'ra-b^ Obtaiiiable ; acquirable, a. 

Du'ra-bie Lasting, a« 
Per^du-ra-ble Lastmg ; Jottff continued, a. 
Ftgfu-raMe Capable of being formed into a figure, a, 
Ma-nuhtt-b^ Capable of coltiration, a. 
Col^our-a-ble Capable of being coloured, a. 
//on'dMr-n-Wp Worthyof hortotirj noble, a. 
Dû kon^cur-^Me Uiiworthy of hotiou^ ; dlsgraceftil, k 
Pa'wur-a^le-^vaA'^ pn^itioufl; convenjent, a. 
Beasfu-raMe Bt\\f^Yitîn\i fUtl of plenaure, ft. 
JI/M^'u-m.^ Capable oftnebSbrattoili a. 
Jm-metufuJfa-'b'* Not capable 6f beiog meâsared, ft^ 
l^mMf '^« Not measurable, a. 
Lei^su-ra-ble Bone at l^sûre, a. 
CenUtt-ra-bieWorthydSQiXumtë; oulpai^le^ ft. 
Hîen'tu^a-ble MtatmkAe, a. 
Jm-menfntr-a-hffi Immeasarable,- a. 
CbfH-^hfh'm-rtf-M^ Reducible to a oottimod measui^, a. 
f^-com-menfiu^ra-ik Not comAensurable, a. 

Satfur-raMe Unable to receire any morei a» 
M-i<rf Vra-5fo Not «atnrable, a. 
Cm^ffur-roMê To be discovered by conjectnré, tu 
Tritfu-ra-ble Cap9ri>le of being poanded iAtO part», a. 
JPliu'tu-jfaSle Tit fot paaitntey a. 
SlafbUTur, s. 
Sa^ble Black, a. 
Ap-pea^ta-ble Easy tobe appeased, a. 
Un-ap-pea'ta'bte Not to be appeaaed, a. 

In-ereaUa-bie Liable to increase» a. 
l/}i-ni-cr«afra-6/ff Admitting noincrease, a. 
i\ir-€Aa'ia-i/!ff Capable ofbeirtgpnrchased, a. 
Ta dU-^^ldê ToweaLken; to impair, v.a. 
Z>tf-i]»t'M-5/!eOoBtemptible; dêspicable, a. 
Vn~priUa-ble Not vahued; not of estimation, a. 
Ad-viha'ble IVudent ; fit t6 be adyised, a. 
Con^m^û-hk Capable of condensation, a. 
Om-pént^o-bèe Capable of being recompenced, a. 
Dtê-pens'a-ble Capable of dispensation, s. 
Jn-diè-ptm^S'bêe Not to be diqpensed with, a. 
Vn-loofsé-ble Not to be looBed, a. 
Sup-pQ Ua-4Ue f iiat may be supposée, a. 

92 BLE 

^d-^jerfta-hle Contnxyio, a. . 

Csn-^oerhor-ble Qualified îox conversatioD, a. * 

In-con^verfta-hle Ineommunicative ; unsociable, a. 

Pas'sa-ble Capable of being passed ; tolerable, a. 
Im-pasUa-hle Not admitting a passage» a. 
, 1/«-;m#'m-6^ Not passable, a. 

Cau*ta-Me That whichmay be caused, a. 
^c-a('M.dfe,B]ameab]e; calpa^k, a. 
Bx-cu^seMe Pardooable, a. 
Jn-ex-cufM'ble Unpardonable, a. 

TafUe Any fiât or level sur&ce, a. 
BaUa-bie DisputaUe, a. 
De-baHa^ble Disputable, a. 

Eatfa^ble Fit to be eateu ; esculent, a. 
l^ii-CMn«^/'a-i^ Inaccessible $ unattainable, a« 
7>«ffi'a-^ Moderate $ not violent, a. 
Un^treai'a^bie Not treatable; nOt practicable, a. 

M'o^-o-^tf Pleastngtothetaste» a. 
C^fi-&a/^a<-a-&^ Nauseoui ; disgasting, a. 
ÎH'laUa-ble Capable of extension, a. 
Ha'ta-bh Set at a certain value, a. 
Be'tbntbtfa-bft Fonnidable ; terrible to foes» a. 

T\racif«t-hle Manageable; compUant; obsequioui, a. 
Jn^racifa-ble Unmanageable, a. 
C/»-/rac^'a>i^Nottractable, a. 
Z>«4K<'a.&/tf Pleasing; delightful, a. 
Jit-pectfa-ble Visible, a. 

Ite-:tpecifa^bie Wortbyof respect, frequently pron. Hêt^peetâbk^ 
Con-tpeetfa ble Easy to be teen, a. 
Ex-pec^tor^ To be expected, a« 
Veg^e-ta-ble Any thing that has growth withont sensation,!. 
VesU-iarUe Belonging to or having the natare of plants, ». 
MarVet-a-ble Saleable ; current at market, a. 
/n-<er')>re/wi-6^ Capable of being expoonded, a. 
Cov'eUa-ble Désirable, a. 
Hab^i^ta-ble Capable of being dwelt in, a. 
/n-Aa6't-/a-6ie' Capable ofaffoiding habitation, a« 
Vh'in-habU-ia'ble Not capable of being inhabited, a« 
Dufbi'ta-ble Doubtful j uncertain, a. 
/»-d^'6i./ia-é^ Certain; not doubtful, a. 
CredH-ia-bU Reputable; estimable, a. 
He-red^i-ta^bie Capable of being occupied as inheritance, a. 
Fùrf/àt-a-Ue Liable to be forfeited, a. 
Prqpit-a-ble Lucrative j usefiil, a« 
Vn-prqffit-abie Useles? ; serving no purpose, a. 
Ag^irta-ble Capable of being put in motion, a. 
CogH'ta-ble Capable ôf being the subjectofthought, a, 
Vh-^x-cogfit^-ble Not to be found out, a. 

Imfi'ta-ble Worthy or possible to be imitatedy a. 
Zl-lmfi-ta-'Me Incapable of being limited, a. 
Uh'lm^i'ia-bk Admitting no bounds» a. 


BLE 93 

In^mfi-tQ^hle Âbove imitation ; nol to be copied. a. 
Un-imfi4a'bie iiotimitAble, au 
IIotfpi^4a4>le Kind to strangers, a. 
Inr-hos'pi-ia-bk Aifording nokindnesa to straDgen, a. 
Un-liot'^-ia^bk Not hospitable» a. 

Ckar'i^iorbk Bountiful j candid ; kind, a. 
Un-eharft-ta-ble Having no mercy j not charitable, ju 
Herfi-ta-ble Capable of inheriting or being inherited, a. 
In-herti taMe Transmissible by inheritance, a. 
Un^t^H-ia-^ Having no ment ; not deserring, a. 
F«r/f-te-Me True; agreeable to &ct, a. 
Vufi^a^ Liable to be visited, a. AvoidaWe, a. 
Dev-if-ta-bk Possible to be avoided, a. 
Ii^ Not to be escaped or aToided, a* 
Un^^fp4a-bie Not avoidable, a. 
Eq^ià-ta-ble Just; impartial; candid, a. 
Un^fuUa-Ue Not impartial ; not just, a. 
Vn^n-quiHa-bU Not to beretaliated, a. 
Un-re-cntiffa'bie Not to be recruited, a. 

&iil'a.6£e Agreeable; according with, a« 
Un-nàifa-ile Not congnious ; not proportionate, a* 
Mer^ekanUa-Ue Fit to be bought or sold, a. 

Ten'anl-aMe Inhabitable 5 fit to be beld by a tenant, a« 
6/ian//a.^/eThatmaybegranted, a. 
Wir'raB/-o-*fc J^ustifiable, a. 
Vn-wxrfraM-^'ble Not defensible ; not justifiable, a. 
Ijonfeni-a-^ Moamful ; misérable, a. 
Fer^mentfa^ble Capable of fermenUtion, a. 

Haa'a-hk Capable of being rented, a. • 
Pf«^WR//a-£fe Capable ofbeingrepresented, a. 
Ir-rep-re-setUfa-èle Not to be figured by any représentation, a. 
^re-0u«j|//a.£^ Conversable ; accessible, a, 

Ùmntfa-M Capable of being numbered, a. 
^- anm^/o-^fe Subjecttaan accouut; answerable, a* 
Un-^te-anmtfa'ble Not explicable ; not subject, a. 
UnreowUf-QMc Innumerable, a. 
5«r-iiioi0i<'a.Me Conquend)le ; superable, a. 
/n-nir-moun/'o-^ InsuperaUe; unconqueiable, a. 
Un-tur-mowUfaMe Not snnnottntable, a. 
Nûfta-hU Remarkable, a. 

Noifa-hle (Applied to women) diligent ; officions, a. 
Paffa-^ Suchas may be drank ; drinkable, a. 
Ao-cepifa-ble PleasÎQg; agreeable, often pron. Ai/cepit^, a, 
Un^ae-eepi'a-Ue Not agreeable, a« 

TènqM'o^M; Liable totempUtion> a. 
dt-tempifa-ble Liable to attempto or atUcks, a. 
OpiU'bk Désirable ; to be wished for, a.. 
Ex-ûpi'a-hU! Désirable 5 to be sought with eagerneas» a. 
jyrtfwble Divisible ; capable of being parted, a. 
Vomiforhorble Givij^ satisfaction, a. 

94 BLE 

Uh'œmyort'é'iie AffiiitKng no comfort ; dismal, a. 
Dis-comifort-a-ble Reiasing cocafort ; cansing sadness, a.. 
Portfa-bU Capable of being carried, a. 
îm-porOa-hh Not supportable, a. 
Corn-port f a- 1^ Consistent, a. 
Un-portfa-ble Not capable (rf'being carried, a. 
iSi<p/»r^a-Wi? Tolerable, a. 
In-sufh-poHfa'hîe Notto be endured, a. 
Vn-sup-portia-ble Intolérable ; not assisted, a. 
Cbn-wr/'a-dje' Suitable, a. 

Stafbîe Fixed 5* stead^ ; strong, a. 
Siafble A place for horses, s. 
TasVor-ble Capable of being tàsted ; first syîL rbynles waste, 
/«-/ofi'o-Afe Not capable ofbeingtasted, a. 
Z>e-te//'a-*fe Hateful ; abhorrent, a. 
Jn-testfa-bk Disqualified to make a will, a. 
Con-iest^a-ble Dispatable ; contnwertible, a. 
In-'œn-tesifa-ble Not disputable ; notltable to contest, a. 
In-stafble Inconstant ; not firm, a. 
Conhla-ble A peace officer, s. rhyœes Dunslahie. 
Un-tta'ble înconëtsiiat; irresolntej not fixed, a. 
Jic-cosi'a-hU Easy of access, a. 

GustU-ble Pleasant to the taste ; capable of being tasted^ a. 
Irt'guHht'ble Not perceptible by the taste, a. 
Ad-miifta-bk CapaWe rf being adinitted, a. 
Jt'trib'u^ta-ble Capable of being ascribed or attributed, a, 
Jr-r^U'ia-ble Not liable to be overthrown by argument, a. 
Cbn-/u'to-&/(? Liable to be disproved, a. 

Muftu-blt Altérable ; subject to change, a. 
Jm-mufta-ùle Ihvariable ; unalterable, al 

Com-TmiUa bit Liable to be exchanged, a. '* 

Trans-MuUa'ble Capable of change, a. 
In-trans-muUa'ble Unchangeabîe to any otjier substance, a. 
i?e;r'«-/a-i/e Honourable ; creditable; ofgt)od report, ^ 
Uh'rep'u-ta-hle Notcreditable, ^. 

Im'puUa-ble Chargeable «pon any one ; accusable, a. 
^m-p«'te-è/e Capable ofbemgnumbered, a. 
Dts^pu-ta-ble Liable to contest; cçntrorertible, a, 
/n-d/*'ptt-/a-iAf inèontestaWe, a. 

ScruUa-ble Discoverable by inquiry, a. 
Jn-scrufta-ble Unsearchable, a. 
Skaifu-ia-ble According to statute, a. 
C/n-*<flrf'u-/«-Wir Contrary to statnte, a. ' 
M^^r^aMe Crédible, a. 
Re-Uefm-ble Capable o^ relief, a. 
Un-re-Uetva-ble Admitting no succour, a. 
IM-re-pneha-hie Not to be respited from pénal death, a, 

1r? ., w ﻫapa^îe of being repaired : irrecoverable, st« 
:^-«i ;rfl-4A. Subject to fraiid ; deceitftil, a. '. 


i "^1 -^^m^m 

BLE 9s 

iU-et^va-tle CapaWe of bèing received, à. 
Con^ei'va-ble Capable of being imagined or «aderstood, a. 
In-con^eiha-ble Incompréhensible, a. 
Unrcon-ceVva-Ue Kot to be imdevstood, a* 
Per-ceVva^ble Perceptible, a. 
De-ri'va-ble Coming by dérivation, a. 
Con-triha-ble Possible to be contrived, a. 
Salha-ble Capable of being sared, a. 
VoVu^a-ble Worthy of vakie 5 preetoos, A 
In^voFu^a^de Traaseenditig aH vaiue^ a. 
Un-valf arable Inestimable, a. 
iCe-jo/'ôa-We Capable of solution, a. 
/n-w/'tw-A/tf.Kôt solved/deared, or paîd, av 
^-jo/'ca-èfe Capable of dissolution, a. 
in^i'Solfjn^Ue Not separable ; indissoluble, a. 
Efqua-ble Bqualto itself ; eveii ; uniform, a. 
Vn^fgua-ble DifBsrént from itself ; divene, a. 

ligftut'ble Such as may be melted, a. 
^-Uqfuo'ble Eastly dissolved, a. 
Observ'a^ble RemarkaUe j emlnent, a, 
^n-Qb^rvfa^ble Not to be observed, a. 
toiu^ervfa^U Capable of being kept, a. 
Fur-tula^ble Liable to pursuit, a. 
J^^ckeafa-bUi Capableof being avoided, a. 
Ji^newftfble Capable of being renewed, a. 
AUow^a^ble Such as may be allowed ; lawfiii^ a. 
■^^lowfa^ble Notallowable; iinlawful, a. 
Kn&w^a-ble Possible to be understood, a. 
A-vow^a^ble Capable of being avowed, a, 
Taxfa^ble That may be taxed, a. 
Mixfa-ble Capable of mixture ; sociable, su 
■^m'mxfa^le Impossible to be mingled, a. 
Payfa-ble Due 5 liable to payment, a. 
Szoay faible Capable of being govemed, a« 
tzTj^'^y'^^ Capable of being nsed, a. 
^^n^stroyia^ble Not çuscepthre of destruction, a. 
f^'nùza~ble Subject to notice on trial, a. 
To babfbk To talk idly , v. n. 

To dab'ble To play in water ; to wçt ; to smear, V, 
Tobe-dab'ble To wet ; to besptinkîe, ▼. a. 
To gttb'bie To prate aloud without meaning, v. n. 
Hté^ble An assemby of low people, s. 
Brab^ble Clamorous contest, s. 
7b brabfbie To contest noisily, V. n. 
Tonrab'ble To scrape ; to paw t»ith tbéhaxjjds, v. p. 

Squab'ble A petty quanrel, s. 
Totquab'ble To ii-raiigle ; to debate peeviàhly, r, r, 
To wab^bie To sh&ke o# swag in moving; v, n. 
Peb'ble A sort of stones, s. 
iHb^bk A gardeocr's plairting-tool, S. 

' To 

96 BLE 

T^nii^bk To eat estanal ptiti hy little and litUe ; te 
carpat, t. n. 
Crib'Ue A com-sieTe, s. 
Tb tcnb^ble To write without care or beaaty, r. tu 
To dribfbie To drop slowly ; to slaver, v. n. 

FHVhU An effeminate fop, s. 
Tomubfbk To pun ; to equivocate, ¥.11. 

Sanfr'Afe A pan, s. 
To cob^hie To mend coanèly» v. a. 
Togphfble To swallow bastily and with noise, ▼• a. 
To bob'ble To walk lamely, v. n. 
To con^fble To ooncext ; a low word, y. a. 

Bub^ble A water-bladder ; a cheat ; a fraud, 8. 
Tb bub'bh To lise in bubbles, ▼. n. 
7b bub^bU Tocheat; todefraud ; to deceiye, ▼. a. 
To nub^Ue To bmise witb handy-cufb, ▼• a. 
To bvib^biê To beat, ▼. a. 
TognA'Ue To feel in thedaik, ▼. n. 
Stub^ble Roots of corn afier reaping, s. 
Feefble Weak ; debiliUted ; sickly, a. 
Tofee^ble To enfeeble ; to weaken ; v. a* 
To dhfee'ble To weaken ; to enervate, v. a. 

7Vv6'/e Threefold; triple; sharp, sounding, a. 
Totr^'le To moltiply by three, ▼. a. 

Bi^ble The volnme of the Holy Scriptures, s. 
Fenfci-ble Capable ofdefience, a. 
Vin^ci-ble Conquerabie; superable, «• 
E'vinfd'-bie Demonstrable, a. 
In^Mci'bU Unoonquerable, a. 
Cof^vm^d-ble Capable of conviction, a. 
lnr€onrwnfci4iie Nottobeconrinced, a. 
Do^â-ble Tractable ; docile, a. 
Inrdo'à-hU Unteaofaable, a. 
Co-erfci^bie That may or ougbt to be restrained, a. 
Rr^â-ble Strong; valid;.binding, a. 
Un-forfci-bk Wanting streugth, a. 
Re-nat'ci'ble Possible to be produced again, a. 
J-ratfd-^ Capable of or prone to anger> a. 
MuUi'éle Capable bfbeingmingled, a. 
Per'tmsf^i'ble Such as may be mingled, a. 
CoH'CU-pisfci-ble Impressing (mt prone to désire, a. 
Ig-nosfciMe Capable of pardon, a. 
Gog-nof'cf-è/e Capable of being known, a. 
Tra-^^â'-ble Such as may be derived, a. 
JDe-dufcv-bie CoUectable by reason, a. 
/2e-db'ci-i^ Possible tobe reduced, a. 
Ir-re-dttfci-hk Impossible to be reduced^ a. 
Se-dufci Me Capable (^ being seduced, a. 
Con-dufcir-ble Having the power of conducing» a. 
Pro-du^ci^le Capable of being produced, a, 
Cru'ci-M A chymist's melting pot, s. 


'■*•-«*. \isQf..d:m 

BLE 97 

Ad'di'bïe Possible torbe added, a. 
Ed*i-ble EataUe ; esealent, a. 
Credli-bte Wortfey of crédit, a. 
In^red^i-ble Sarpassing belief, a, 
Man^di-^ Thejaw, s. 

2V-M€iM?'f-^Tnii8aii8«biebyinberitaace, a^ 
Ex-iendH'Ue Capable of extension, a. 
Vend^i^ie SAleabXe-i marketaUe, a.^ 
Ofdi'ble Hateftil, a. 
Cor-'rofdi'ble Poasble to beeoFToded, a. 
^«Vi-^/e Capable ot'beingheard, a^ 
In-au^dt^bie Not to be heard, a. 
. E'iufdir-bie Possible^ to^be eludeé, ». 

Z^'f-Â/tf Suchasinayberead; apparent^ a. 
Il^egfi-ble What cannot beread, a, 

Hegfi-b/e Qonremable, a. . . • 

£/'/-gi-^/e Fit tobechotsen; préférable, a. 
Un-eifi-gi-bie Not worthy to be choaen, a; 
In-ieM-gi-éie Tb be conceived by the undentanding, a. 
Un-in-telfli-^ble Not soch as can be understood, a* 

€br'r»-g»-^^' Capable ofamenc^ment; ponishable, a. 
In-œrfri'gi'bie Bad b^ond correction, a. 
Firanfgi'bie Ëasily broken ; brittie^ a. 
i2tf/ra»'gi-6/<f Tamedoutof tbeir coarse» a. 
In-franfgi-'bie Nottobe broken, a. 

Tàn'gi-i/tf Perceptible bytbetottch, a. 

^/'i-6/e Nutritive; nourishing, St. 
^ Vel'ùbie Capable of being eflbced, a. 
yit-db/'»-6/eNottobeeifaced, a. 
Se-pUH'ble That may be buried, a. 

jRi/'/j-A/tfLiabletoerroF, a. 
In-falfli-b/eifoictLpMeiffemir, A. 

Ten'i-ô/p That may hoid, ». 
/^/e/i'»-6/e That cannot bold, a. 
Dis-cem^i-ble Distingaishable ; discoverable^ a. 
hi-dit-cem^i-ble Vfndistinguishable, a. 
Vn-4':t-iemHJfie Not discermUe» a. 

Foifbte Weak or Wiad side, s. 
Quad^H-bU lliat may be squated^ a. 
//t-:/^r'i.Â/« That may be inferred, a. 
He-ferfi-hle Capable of beingreferred, a, 
TcrrVi.&/tf Formidable; dreadfttl, a. 
//orVi.&/tf DréaàfuI ; shocklng; hideoQ0, a. 
Fea^si-ble PracticaWe, a. • 

Dtf-yéa'W-Â/e That may be annnlled, a. 
In-fea'n-ble Itnpracticable, a. * 

In-de-fea^ti'biê Not to be ciit off, a; 

Vn-de'fea'sible Not tobe annidled| a. • 

Vn-fea'si'bîe Impraoticable, a. 

5ffo'W 6.V Essy to-bepersuaded, a. * '• 

F- ISsr* 

98 B I, E 

t^-ntt'ii-ile Tiatmty bepntuadrà, a. 
Im-ftr-naiiiJik Vattobr. pasnadeit, ». 

Pm'ii-blt WorUiy of being pnind, i 
Dt-prai'û-b'e Unrarthr of praiv, ■. 
Xit'i-èk Eirilinc huehter, a. 


















À ,<,H',i~Ul 

Il i^M-bie 





BLE 99 

In-fu'nrhU Iilcapableof being melted, a. 
Con-^'tiMe Deteroiinabte, a. 

Pal't>6/tf SaOenible; tolenOi'e, a. 
Qm-pct^i-ile ^attable to ; consistent; a. 
Jn-am-pat'i'-MeVntQitaible} inconststènt, a. 
Cbn'/f«c<'t-Mr Capable of contraction, a. 
Jn-taei^i-Uf Not perceptible by touch, a. 
De-fedU-bfe Imperfêct ; de6ctent, a. 
In-de-feetU-bk WithifiA deiect ; perfect, a. 
' F/'/ect^i-Ue PracticàWe, a. 
{hl^ni^i-bk Capable of being gathered, a. 
De-pect'i-ileT^iugh; clammy, a. 
De-'coet'i^e Possible to be boiled or digestedi a. 
De^trueVi-V.e Possible tobe destroyed, a. 
Zn^dtstruct'i-ble Impossible tO be destroyed, a. 
' Cbm-^'i-^ Sttitable to ; consistent with, a. 
4^/»«/'f-^i^ Désirable» â. 
Ig-nitH^^ laflaounable,^ a. 
De^eep'ti-ble Liabletobe deceîred, a* • 
Con<epUi'bU Intelligible, a. 
- Jh^an^c^fH-^ Unintâligible, a. 

Âr-r4»'/i-A& Capable oFbeingperceived, a. 
M-pr-eep'H^ble Incapable of being perceîYed, a. 

&e»-€«j>'<i-d/c Capable ofadmitting, a. 
Un-'StU'e^'ti'ble Not liable to admît, a, 
Con-^emp^Uhbh Worthy of contempt, a. 

CompHi'hle Accountable, a. 
€b)f-/<imp'<f-6^ Consomable, a. 
Jn>-€on-tump'ti'hk Not to be consamed, a. 
i>i«-cei^'/i-A/tf Frangible ; séparable, a. 
/A-^«-c«rp'<c-ft/e Incapable of séparation, a. 
- C9r.;i/p'/i-&/!e Capable of comiptioii, a. 
Iih-cor-rup-ii-blg Incapable of corruption, a. 
Por^'f-^Dirisible; séparable, 4* 
/m-;teii'i-Aii? Commnnicable, a. 

Ktfr/'t-6/tfCapobleoftQming, a. 
Rt-vert^i-bie Retumable, a. 
Con-vertH'ble Capable of being changed, a. ; 
Inrcon-veri 'i-ble Incapable of change, a. 

iVr-oer/'i-A& Capable of being perverted, a. 
Cb»i/m-vrr<'»-AJr Capable of being diswited, a. 
jA-co)i-/ro*90r/'f-6i!ff Not tobe disputed, fu , 

Man4'Jnt'i'Ue Easy to be made evjident, a. 
^i-gé!i<'»-6/« Capable of digestion, a. 
/n-4lr-gei<'t-6/e Incapable of digestion, a. 
Con^estH'He Possible tobc beaped up, a. . 
- Vèti*i-hk A porch, s. 
i2e-jtf<'t-5&f Possible tobe resisted, a. 
Ir^re-siil'i'Jàe Impossible to be resisted, a. 
£x-hauU'i'^ie Possible to be emptied> a. 

F 2 ÏHex- 

100 B l- E 

In-ex-ltaustU-hle Ipipossibl^ to be enptied, ».; 

Cbni^MW't-6/e Possible to be buroed, ai 
In-com-busVi-Ue Impossible tobe bumed, •• 
A-dust^i-bU Posable to be burned up» «. 
Cbm-mr/'/i-Afe Liableto becommitted, su. 

SoVvi-hle Possible to be resolTed, à« 
D»-«o/^7-6/e Possible tobedissolvedy a. 
Com-nn-nu^i-ble Possible t6 bje puiLverised, a. 
Flex'i-ble Pliant; xoinplying, a. 
Re-Jfex'i ble Capable of being reftected^ a. 
Iri'jiex^t-ble laimoveable y unalteraiile^ a. 

To am'ble ^o moveeasily or aa easy p^i^ v* ^» 
To scam'ble x« get by stnigglÎDg ; io al^ «Rdwwdlyi . t. iu 
Pre'am-Me An introd»ctioD, «. 
To/ffm'6fe To hesitate, v.n. 
To ham'ble To eut the «iuews ; to hamstriog^ ▼• a, 
5iLii}t'62e-fA-am'6^ Wandering ; wildy a. 

To ram'ble To rove loosely ; to wander^ ▼. u. 
Jiam'bie A wanderiog excursion, a, 
£ram'&/tf A pricklybush, «. 
To scram'bie To catch eag«}rly ; to climbi v.o^ 
Scram 'ble An eager ci^te§|. for aay ttiing» 9. 
7b xcam'bje To VoU with oçi^, as the boweU «Fsmble, '• n. 
7b /remWtf To shake î t^quake; toshu4def^ toquiver^ t. 
7b sem'bk To reprisent ; tô make a ItHeness, y. n. 
To re-sem'ble Tobe like j to bave lil^.^ne^ pf, v. 
To as-tem^Ut To bring together, v. a. 
Tq dissem^bU: To put on a falsc appcarai^ce, v. iu 
Thhn'ble A cap for thfi naçdle ônger» «. 
Nim'ble Quick ; active ; ready, a. 
. iVim^bte An instroioent to bore hpiës with, 8, 
Tofum'ble To do auj^wairdly, v. a. 

Hum'bie Modest; notproud^ low, a. 
To Aum^ble To make itubmissive ; to crasb^ v, a, 
Tojum'ble To mix together confusodly, v. 

Jum'ble A confust^ mixture, s. 
To mum'bîe Tu speak inwaidly | ta chew slçwly^ v. 
7b rum^b'e To make a hoarse, Cov^ rôlling noise, v. n. 
7b cTum'ble To break iuto su^a^l pç^rticlespr erumbs^ v. a« 
7b <rum^b!e To faÙ into piecey of* cru^lbsy v. n. 
7b drum'ble To droœ ; to be sli^gi;Kh, v. n. 
7b grum'bïe To murmar^ to grow^ v. n. 
7btom'&/({7 Tofall; toroUabout» toturnovcr| y. 9. 

Twnfble A fall, s. - 

7b stum'b'e To trip ifi walking ; to slip.; to err, r, 
Sttim'ble A blui^er; a trip; afi^ih^ra, s. 
JNo'^Great; illustrious^ statclyj generpu^, a. 
Nu' ble One of high ra&k ; a coin value 6s. 8d. a, 
To en-no ble To make noble ; elèvate ; dignify^ v. a. 
Rose'no'ble An ,^cieut,coi^ <rf 1 6s, a. ^ , , 


CLE 101 

J^-No'&Ztf Meatiof bi'rth; worthle98,à. 

Vh'nofble Mean ; ignoble, a. 

To gaHhle To wtt ; to separate ; to part, v. a. ' 

Marfble A stone ) îittle balte ^ rtoiie, pL «. 
To fnar'hk To Tein or stain IjJ^e marhie» t. a. 
To warfble To quaver a soiuid ; to sing, t. 
JBaao'ble A gewgaw ; a trifling thing, s. 
So'iu'bie Capable of Séparation or di^ohitioii, s« 
Hes'o'h-ble Capable of being ifielted or disèolvèd, a. 
Ir'res'o4u-ble Not to be broken, a. 
. In-soVu-ble Not to be dissolvéd, k. 
jDisfso-iu'hle May be «eparated or parted, «. 
In^s^so-lu-4de Buidtng for ever firm, a. x 
VoVu'hU Flnent in words $ active, a. 
Voub'le Two-fold; twioe a< nracb, analogioallsr doMk^ »• 
To doub'le To fbld ; to enlarge ; to posa roand, r, a. 
7b dovbHe To play tricks ; to wind in numiog^ t. n» 
Doub^k Twice the quantity w iiumb«r, s. 
To re-doubfle To repeat^ften, v.a. 
Smn*ùdoub-le Among Roman Cath<»Iio8y half-volenin, a. 
To iroubUe To perplex, afiVict, t. a. aaalegtoally irûiMUk 
Troufble pbturbanOe i «ftkK&ity j iùcmiwpÊàenùty s. 
Trea^cle A sort of medicine ; moicMBei, t. 
n^a-çle An enortiwus cvime, *. 
' jyian^a-cle A chain for the haiidf« & 
To manfa-cle Tft cbaln tbe handis v. a. 
7b im-^nanfa-ck To fetter ; to confine, v. a. 
Ptnfna-ek A Hîgli ^iribg pMdt, i. 
Bar^na-cle A biitl like a goofife) & 
Tab ^er-nq-vleA temporary place of wofÈhipy ip 
JMir'a-Ciè A supernatuflii éi6ti si 

Spir^a-ele A brcathing hdsie, s. ^ 

Orfa-de A wise 8ent«lko« «r pcriraiy & 

Cqr^a-cle A leathem boat, s. * ^ 

•^c'/a-dSer A gazing-ilo<4c ; {Inral, glaises ^ . i>«i 
Jlec'ep'ta^Je A place to receÎTe tfainga^ ft. 
Cb;i 'cep-ta-cle A conttif n«r of àw^ tMng, t. 

OÂ'i/a-c/e A hinderance; obstruction» 8. * ** 

Bkfta-<h A ftamè ^ tlie taxsÉptm^ s. 
SeV/* A century, s. 
l'ci-de Drojpping wat6r jhaeii, s. 
PedH'cU Foot-stalk of fruit, s. 
Ve'ki-^k Carriage ; eORreybnct^ s. • 

Pe/'/<-ri^ A thin skin, «. 
Folfli-cle A small cavit^, «. . ^ 

Atf'tnin'i-cle Help | Sup|ièrt, s. "^ 

ChronH^de A bistory or recorl, «. ^ 

7b ekronfi'ele To record in history, y. a« 
Cor'm-de A little hott^ s. 
Fu'ni-cie A small -eotd, s^ 
71('nt-ci!p A cover ^ an integument, s. ' - 

F 3 r«i 


102 D L E 

VenUri-^e Tkc stomach ; a cavity in the heart, s. 

Auhi-cle The extemal ear, s. 

Psi-cle A pendetit shoot of ice, s» more properly leîc^ 

Pes'i-^le A small cuticle fiUed or inâated, s. 

VerUi-de A little verse» s. 

Os^ti^ A little bone, s. 

RH^i'cle A small uet, s. * 

ra//V/ r/(ï A little song:, s. 

Con'ven'ti-cte A meeting-houae ; a décret asscmbty, s, 

ArHi-cle A part of speech or a discourse, s. 

To arUi-cle To covenaiit witli, or make tenns, v. 

ParUi-cle Ajiy smaJl word or part ; au atoui, s. 

T<fs*H-cle Stooe, s. 

B<irifsti-<U A small fish ; a sttckle1»ack, s. 

Cu'H-tle Tlie ontermoat skin; tlîe scarf-skin, s. 

CJatU-dê The çollar-bone, s. 

Vhfcie Father or mother'i brother, s. 

Car^hun-de A practous stone ; a«ed sore spot,». 

, Cur'un-cîe A small fleshy protuberaace, s. 

Fu^run-ek Any angry pustule, a. 

Bin,f»<le A ktnd of ieleacope, s. 

So*ck A ilat square base of vases, &c. 

To sar^cie To wecd ooiii, v. a. 

Tu^ber-ek A flesby excresceoce ; a pimple, s. • 

Cirfcle A round body ; a compaoy, s.. 

To tirade To more round ; enclose ; confine, v. a. 

JSmi't-ctr-e/e A h^*circle, s. 

To em^dr^de To snnound or inclose în a circle, t. a. 

Surf de A sboot, twig, or sucker, s. 

^'^-cl^Any litàeslurub, s. ^ 

ilfia'dlp Flesby fibres ; asbeUfish,8. 

Cprfpus-de A small body ; an atom, s* 

Cy^de A circle ; a round of time, s. 

H««'t-cy-fiSp A half-round, a. 

£jp't-4W-<?# A «mail circle npon« larger, s. 

CaVy-de A smallbud of a plant, s. 

Bea^dk An ofiScer in a parish or university, 8. 

M'dMrcB? An under-baadle, s. 

TreaifU Part of a loom ; sperm of a cock, s. pr(q[>eriy irtgiâkn 

hBL^éSk A Ihi^ge spoon, s. 

Ora^ A^moveaÛe bnl ; iqfancy ; frame, s. 

yitctafàU To lay in a cradle, v, a. 

'Sra'«(& A stay ; a staff; a crutch, s. 

To ai^dle To make barren ; to corrapit, ▼. a. 

Aii^tB* Barren ; empty ; rotteo, a. 

TofaiféBê To trifle, toy, play the fool, &c. v, a. 

fUféOe-fadfdle Trifling ; giving trtmble, a. 

Skad^ée Hurt, damage, s. . 

TopadfSe To play in water ; V> row, v. n. 

Pad^ée An oar osed by a single rower, a. 

Spadfdk A Uttle spade, s. ' ^ ^ 


D L E lOS 

T0 ilrad*àh To stand or walk vide, v.n. 
A'Stradfdte With legs across ; astride, ad. 
Sad^dk A seat on a horse's back, s. 
To sadfdk To put on a saddle, ▼. a. 
Sifk'tad-€Be A woman's saddle, s. 
PKkfsad-ée A saddle for burthen, s. 
To vaadfSi To walk like a duck, ▼. n. 
To gtaadf^ To swathe, bind round, cudg<ely V. n. 

Saadfdk Ckiths bound round the body, s. 
To maPdle To interpose or act in any thing, ▼. ik 
To m4er-4iieiPdU To interpose officionsly, v. n. 
To pedfée To be busy about trifles, ▼. n. 
Hedfée A red kind of earth, s. 
FkPA A musical instnimeiit, s. 
Tojidfdk To play on the fiddle ; to trille, ▼. n. 
Mid-die Middie part, way, or time, s. 
Tbjpirf'dJr To feed sqneamishly ; totrifle, T.n. 

Èid-dk A puaeling qneition ; a ooarse sieve, t. 
To rid'dle To speak obseurely ; to sift» v. 
7b an-fHf d/e To solve a difficulty ; to exnlain. ▼* 

Nod'dte In contempt, a liead, f . ' - 

To eudfdte To lie closey v. a. \ 

To teudfdle To ron with afiected haslc, ▼. n. 
TojyPdk To make dnink, to drink hani, t. a» 
To hMd'dk To do in a huiry ; to anmi togethar, v« • 

Hud^dte Crowd ; confusion, s. 
To nmd'db To make half dmùk ; to stopify, y. a. 
Puà^ée A diity plash ; a settlmg of water, ai 
Topudfdte To make moddy, v. 
To uheefék To entioe by aôft wpiids, v. a. 

Neefdlô For sewing ; in a marineras oompam^ s. 
7b ZtMr'diEff To handle iighUy, V. a. 

Pdk Lazy j onemployed ; . worthless, a. : ^ 

Jb if die To spend time iazily ; ù>- thfle, t. n. 
Bri^die For a horte ; restraint» s, 
To si^die To walk sideways, v. a. 
7b twifdh To touch ligfatly, v. n. 

Caa'dlo A light made of tallow, wav, &e. a» 
7b dm '«i/ir To fondie a child on the lap, v* a» 

Vandte The part laid faold of, 3. 
To kan^dk To touch, feel, treat in discourse, t. &« 

Dmm'dk Any thing turoed round, s. 
7b kinfcUe To set on firc ; to inflame, v. a. 

7b Jb'aWtf To cateb fire ; to bring forth, t. n» * 

To re'kin'dk To kimtle or inâame again, t. a. 
En^him^dk To set ou fii^; to incite, v. a. 

S^infdk The pin to fonn thread, s. 
7b sjnnfdte To grow thin and tall, t. n. 
Brin'dle The state of being briuded* s. 1 

mnfdk A spindle, s. I 

F 4 7h ] 

«H F L E 

Th dwinftSe To shriiikor îsJï away, v.h. 
To fonfdle To caress ; to cocker, v. 4. 
Bun'die Things bouad tç^thef» s., 
7b hun^dh To tic in a b^dle, V. a. 
Pun^ék  $hort and fax voman^ s. 
Hun^dle A step of a lajlder^ « RHniâ, S-. 
7b trun^dle To roll ; to bowl ak>ug> v. a. 
Trun'àle Any rouod rollibg thiag, ê. 
To «>'<& To partoil j to.dr«M badiy» v. a. |»r(^perly cmU^. 
^Doo^éie A trifler ; «an kUer, a. 
Fop'tho^U An insignificaet wret<4i, s. 
y^toldU A fool ; a «implet»», «. 
6rr'dl<; Any^thing lied iiouiid th« wai«t, f. 
7b cur^dle To coagulate^ t, b. 
Hurlée A -textofe of sticka fpr mcloiure, «» 
Cau'dle A kind of groel» s. 
iiftti/^flire Re«r eai4b» a. 
7b crudfifle To coagukite ; to oORfeal, v. a. 
Buborir^-cekf A rupture îki tbe ^vdio, «. 
Hy-dro-celef A waieiy rapèure» a. 
Bn-Ur-o-^de* A rupture in the scrotum, •«. 
Bron-cho-eefef A tumour in the IfaraAt, s. 
Spgr-met'^-eelei A scmmal rupture, a. , 

Sar-eo-cele* A tàe aen^ltiiav «. 

Sluer'ele A «ott4)kiht in la:ir, y. 
CU-en'iekr Tte 8t«te of m client, v. 

£^/^/tf A stalk ; a handle, «w 
To ^/?e.3*o ekée ; UncotOamÉà, t. «. 
7b m^Jle To atnmner, r. n. 
7b snqf^ife To bridie ; to manag^ t»<l 
SnqTfe A bridie crosahig thÊ wne» si 
To Tfffie 7«-c«8t^dice for « priao, ▼. »w 
B^fie A lottery by caating dice, a» 
To xxihifflt To iprevaricate ; to aknflte» <r.ib 
7b A^(/*'^e To pu^le, v, a* . 
B^iffle A bufiklo, s. 
Sciif'fle A çonfiised quarrel, s, 
7b scuffle To fight confnsedly, v. n. 
To skûfffle To cfabi^e the position of carda ; té pieniricate» v. a. 

Shuffjfe A diaordering of thiitgs ; a trick, s. 
7b mtt/]Jfe To cover froito *wrther ; t6 biiwlfoM, ▼. a. ' 
To un-mufifli To take off à corering,. v.a. 

To smfffle To speak or.breathc tfarongh the noafe, ♦. ai* 
7brî£/2^ieTodisordcr;toficet; topIaiVr^«. 
Rtififle Oraameiit for the bonds, s. 
To un-ruj'fit To cease from coanaotion» v. % . • 

Tntfffle A subtorraneous mathrooin, a. 
To rVfte To pillage, pluader, i!8b> &c. r. 

Tri/^ff A thing of no moment or vaine, a. ' 
To trVfle To act with lerity, v. n. 
7ô itVfi9 Tosuppress, couceal, extinguiah, v*a, 



Topiir'lle Ta dorante «]lh a Éowero] bouder, v 

Ea'glt A birii of prey, «, 
Bta'gU A siDdl buund, or JwutiBg'dDS, s. 
Gi'er-m'gU A kiml of eagic, ■. 
To rfrm'g/e Tb twii m the .liK, ». a. 
To it-dag'gie To bemire tbe «kirt», ï. ■. 

Tof^'gU To Duke t nouelikea gnaae,T. n. 
Te liBg'gle Ta mai^e ; t« bargain tedkiuily, v,' 
Todfog'gle To throw ditt up »ith Ihe fi-et,*. 
Ta bt'dn^'gk To toi the clothe* behmd, v. ' 
Toilrag'gU To valider, toramble, ju:. v. n. 
7o7Bag'gie To move briskljr «p anddown, v.b. 
Jb hig'gle T» bar^ÛD pennrKnwljr, T. a. 
Tofû'^b To laugh idtf i to titter, v. n. 
To im^'glt To ft$h fur eds, v. n. 
Ta Bvig'g/ïToBiorelaaiiclfhiiBthe jante, t. a 
Totog'gleTotlÊiti toheatate, v. n. 
Ta gif ItileToioakaaquuit, v.o. 
Tojog'gk ToshakeiUfhÙy, v.a. 
Ti-gi^g' ■ " ■ 

Tomuglgk To onTey by «ealUi, v, a. 
7Î> iflUî'^te To Me cloca or varm, v. a. 
Toitrugigle To alrive ; ■ ta«ndavaar, t. n. 
Slri^'^lf Labour; eflort; agooy, », 
Rti'glt Afaollovcnt, iiBedataipiide> s. 
Toin-m'glt Towheedie; te allure, v. n. 
Jhr'xi-gk A tad-pole, or froj io omb*yo, s. 
Aa'gle Aconicr; aâshù^rod, s. 
Tàon'g&TonshiFltharedHndbook, v. a. 
To dan'gle T» hanf looie, or foliow idiy, T. D. 
Fan'gtc A silly attempt, er CrifliDg schesle, 
Fin''gle A trifle, ». 

Tojait'gte To wraugte, orbe«utof tuac, v. n. 
Tri'flii-gt A figure ofthreeaagle», *. 
Tbman'gfe To cutor tearinregnlwly, v.a. 
Jlfna';;^ A machinefor woriiing, ■■ 
Spm'giE Asmall plate «fshâûng ontal, 9. 
Toifuia'xk Tobcsprialtlewith ipuglca, v. a. 
To it-jpan'glt Tn adora witbvpaagUt, v.a. 
Ta imiiVr Ta wruitdciOTWiuabble, »..«. , 
Brm'gU A «rangle, or iquabUe, *. 
To im-hraa'gU Ta îMongle, v. a. 
^la'Hraa-gii A sqiiara, g. 
70 ilrm'wle Td cbnk, «uSbuate, aapprMa, tc< 
ïi mran'glt Ta dîwute peevishly, t. a. 
To tiru'gle To embroil ; t« conare, Y. 
Ton'gfe An cntantsirâieDt, B> 
Strt'iBt'gU: Ad aqckT af ninely dagieeii.B. 
7««i-<ira'jf».Tot«Ht; tocoitfu^ei tf «UBgn, 

i06 ILE 

Toiliit^lam'glt Tomavni; te looMi toenlii 

Te UM-laa'gli To hose fmoi iotricscy, t. a. 

Eit'gleAgaU; ■ put; abobUe, t. 

GM'glf A girth for a bone, «. 

Sur-nn'ii^ Aprth; agirilleafa ctusodi, 

JhVffe A hoUcw betmeii hill*; adalc 

Tojiit'gk To KHiad cctreapua ' 

Jiii'gli Anjtbhigionii " 

SUn'gle A thin b(«rd In 

Ta mÏM^gffTo mix i to coaipcand ; tojoii 

Tb m-mhi'glt To minélei toraki toonite, 

71 m-ndii'^fe Toseparatt thing» mi»ed, *,a 
■ -- To U-ler-mn'glt To miugle logcUxr, T, ». 

Pix'gl' A nnalIclaK; anindoBore, a. 

Spra'^ A «pringe ; an elajtic Doose, ■ 

Jïii'g/( Alooci onmarried ; oocorriqit 

Toiin'gtt To leparate, or take Troni otba 

7i In'tle To fctl a thnqi pain, r. n. 

7i ran'gie To waTc hanging, t. n. 

T» bantg.'t To do danwilr ; to botch, r. a 

Toa'gk Tokrak atiiitb pleenre, ordil 

î» /"■ (;/• To waih tJie tbraat witb medicii 

Oar'^ ADMdiciBeto miib tbeUiniat, 

Togur'glt To gaOt »ith a nnnnnrDe Dob 

AiV^AKliÎDÎBfbcMlorgtaa, >. 
Ta vri'lh!* To wrinkk i la comgate, t. a. 
lit A wtlk or alley in a churrh, a. 
BiU Gatl ; a Km pimptr, s 
/•-ta-&7('[JiEki!ful; uBqaalilied, a. 
JbJ'rZc SotâfCttobe Mon, a. 
Dth'iUViak; ietitle; langaid, a. 
Moi'Ue Tbe populace ; tbe niiA>, •. 
&rj'iyr Capable or beingdTBnï, a. 
JVkUV* MaiTiascaUe, «. ' 
^Ve Ea*y; nntdiffiaiK, a. 
Croc't&SleDdrr; nnaD, a. i 

Im-ètc'Ui Weafc ; feeWe, a. 
To im-btt'iU To it«Dd mouT clandtatÙM);, ' 
To Ttt'aa-cVt TO makethinfi a^iee, v. a. 
£'rfiikAcnil^cerin(MR(»w, «. 
lï«c'a-4i(c An amphibioiis roracioui amma 
ZWQ'cTnclabie; teachable, a. 

JÏ/fAiDirthatool; awircfbrpapa 
Fîlt Anwofioldiei^ >• 
Ta file To niaicli hi Qk j to cot «ith a 
Tprh^/t' Totnakc imporei to ixmnpt, » 
IV-//*' A mm» pHBBe- •■ 
Av^/f'Tbeiidc-face; hairhoe, >. 
Av^r Trlomi'iif (br mnMD'ifawDt, C 
^'t/*lG9Me; •ctirr, a. 

I L E 107 

Firttfr*ile Brittle; easily destroyed» a. 
IVkile Time; space of timc, s. 
Wkile As long as, ad. 
To vohile/ïo loiter, v. n. 
A'VDhile* Some time, ad. 
Somefzohiie Once ; for a time, ad. 
Ere-Tokiief Some time ago, ad. 
Oih'er'Vohile At other times, ad. 

Miie A land measure; 1760 yards, fl. 
SimH'le Acomparison; a likeness, & 
Ckam^o-miU A bîtter herb, s. 

5mi/e A lookof pleasure orkindness, s. 
To mile To look gay or joyous, t. d. 
Seffùle Belonging to old âge, a. 
«/éi'p^-tti/ie Yoimg: youthful; gay, a. 

PUe A heap; édifice; pièce of wood; nap, %r 
Topile To heap upon, v. a. 
E-clH'piU A hollow globe to generate wind, s, 
To eom-pUef To collect and write from authors, v. n« 
FebWite Constituting a fever, a. 
AnF4irfrehHle Good against fevers, a. 
Pu*er-ik Childis>h ; boyish, a. 

VirUle. Belonging to a man, a. 
PenUile Hanging suspended, a. 
TenUile Capable of extension, a. « 

Scit^sile Capableof divis'on, a. 
FritftUe Capable of bcing cleft, a, 
ilf»'ft/tf Thrownbytheband, a.^ 
Cir-êum-fu^sHê Poured r^Hind abouti a. 

Tile-BwcDt clày to cover bouses, t. 
Vblfa-ifie Vlyiïkg ; evaporating; fickle, a. • 

Vol^a-tile A winged animal, s. 
Um'brO'tUe Being in the shade, a. 
Fér'«a-/fitf Tnrning roand ; variable, a. 
AqfuaUiU Inbabiting tbe water, a. 

Suh^^leTïàïïi picrcing; ^unning; refined, % 
'RacHUe Capable of being drawn ont, a. 
7<k'I}/^ Capableof being touched, a. 
iVo^'<//^ Impelled fbrward, a. 
Pro^ftile A 5ody put in motion, s. 
In^-êecUile Having the nature of insects, a. 
/7c'/?fo Màdebythepotter, a. 
Coc^tik Made by baking, a. 
Duc'tUe Tractable ; pliable^ a. . 
Prih-ducHUe Which may be produced, a. 
ilf«r'Aui-<âfe Trading; commercial, a, 
/nyon-Zâ!; Pertaining to an infant, a. 
Pan^tile A gutter tile, s. 
GenUile A heathen, s. 

^mHik A tile for the sloping part of roofs, s, 
Qtûn'tUci A planetary distance of 72 dcgrees, s. 

Fd &m9 


K L Ë 





' Ferftiie 







• Vn-hos^tile 



Con tuUile 






Ta re-tile* 


To be-guile^ 



To ex-Uef 



To cae'kle 


To kac'kle 



To craefkle 


To kec'kle 


To gfjec'kle 

To be-spec^kle 






To tric'kle 



A plaftetJâry distancer ofiSôclegrees, s. 

A creeping th'mg ; a mcàll persoà, s. 

Made by carvîng, a. 

A planetaiy distance of 90 degreks, ft. 

A planetary distance of 45 àe^reeS} s». 

Fruitful; pIent43ous^ a. 

Unfhiitful, a. 

Not fertile, a. 

TV'iited; wreathed, a. 

Steps înio a field ; gnOibâFâ, s. 

A whirling stile, s. 

Adverse ; opposite, a. 

Not betbnghigto'anèncmy^ a. 

Trifling; woithless; talkatlve, a. 

Uscful; ptofîtaMe, a. 

Uselê^; unprafitaVre, ft. 

Sewed or stitched together, a. 

Distancé of 60 degrces, s. 

AplanétarydistanceofSO dcgrees, Sw 

Leap-year, s. 

Capable ofbeing'wovén, a. 

Sordid; wicked; worthless; Incan, a. 

Toreproach; tovillîiy, v. a. 

Deceit; harm, s. 

To deceive ; to amuse, r. a. 

Slavish; depeiïdaiit; fawning, â, 

A deceit ; a fraud ; a trîdk, s. 

Banishment^ a person banislied, s. 

Tobanish; to drive away, v, a. 

Small; slen^er; notfîiH, a. 

Easify ben't; pliable, a. 

To ciy like a goose or lien, v. n. 

Noise of a goosè or fbwl, s. 

To dress flax, v. a. 

Raw silH» s. • 

To chain ; to fetter ; to eittjûigley V. a, 

To make sTIght cracks, v. n. 

Ropés of a ship, instruments, &c. i» 

To tie rope round a cable, V. a« 

A small spot or spcck, s. 

To mark with smatl spots, T. a. 

To mark wît"h specktes, v. a. 

A spot in the s'kin, s. 

Changeabîe; ùnsteadyj waveri^g, &• 

Much; great, a. 

Sait liquor ; thing picklèd ; state, >. 

To preser\^e in pickle, v. à. 

A Sharp point; athom, s. 

To fall in drops, y. n. 

An instrument to level c(rrn witb, s. 

A reapiog-liook, & 




OLE 109 

Toftk^kleToeéat^it'y td labeur, . 
GtN;'AiSpAsinallsh«R-^h; b'iB^eé, ë. 
Tococ'fde To mil kito%rihkltiÉ, v. à^ ' 

To koc'lde To baiA«(ring', t. #. 

Aic'A^ FasteDing-ofk%lioe; tmrlofhàii*, s. 
To buc'ide To iastcte with a btt^I'e ; to«fiH, v. ik . 
7b 6ue'ifc& To bend» bojir, oi- sttbmit to, v. h. 
7b vn-buc'lde To loose thebnckfe, V. a. 
7b ekue*ye To laugh vehemently, v. fk. 
7b chiicilde To fbndle ; to càll IM a heu, t. *à. 

^iM;'il/e Much, a. 
7b kraic'ye To sùblhit, V. Yi. 
7b trucfkte To submiftO'aïKHfher, v. n. 
7b r/c'X-/« To nvitse àt tfhe breiuil, t. a. 
Hon'ey-niC'^^'ÊiTéét foirer, «. 

ArAf'K? A collefftitih Of shéat^, s. 
Anfkle A yÂnt between thefoot and k>g, s. 
7b rffn'A/eTofester; tobernAaaned, %'.ti.' 
7b cran'lde To run kl and ont tato angiles, ▼. ft. 

/n'it/!e A sort of tK|>e, s. 
7b crm'iEr/^ To run Into wrinkles or ibldS, v. n. 
Crinfkle AMrmkhe'y awmdmg, ». 
7b ipriifkle To scatter m mimII -drgps, ▼. a. 
7b be-iprinikle To sprinkie trrut or about, v. *a. 
7b xvrinfkle To cauAe Creases orwrinkles, v. a. 
Wrin^kle A creaae m the face, in «loth, êcc. 9. 
7b tin'gle To make a small sharp sound, v. n. 
PeHi-mn4de A 9ett «nàil ; a platit, 9. 
7b twin'kle To sparkle ; toopcn atid ^at thè ej'fi, v. n. 

17«'A:> Father ormother's b*other, s. See Uneie, 
Tt) crun^lHe To cry like acraiie, v. n. 
7b spar'kle To émit iiparks, v. ». * 

SfMtr'kfe A«maUparttcle of fire; a spa^k, 'S. 
Belie A handsotne gay young lady, s. 
Bag-a-teUe* Atrifle, s. 

Jtu-eilef An assembly in prîrate, s. 
Ca-naiHef The loirest ainong the people, 's. 
TiùUe A law tertn, oppoéed tofee-shhple. 
Dis^hft'hiUef Undreftsed ; -negligcntly doatfoed, a. 
i$^a.<////tf'Theaceof8pade8, s. 
Co-drUef A térm at ombre, «. 
Fa-imUef In a ^raitly way, ad. Fr, 
Qua-HrUlef A game at cards, s. 
Jon-qmUe* A Species of daffodil^ s. 

Bole A kind of earth ; a roand stalk, 9. 
Uoc^am-ùole A soi^df wikt garKck, s. 

Ob'oie In pliarmacy, twrfvc grains. 
Hff'ptr^bo'le A rhetorical fignvei an ex«gger*t!o<i, s. 
Voie Cabbage, s. 





CarfiKole In hor^enuuuhip, an oblique tread, s» 
To car^a-coU To move in caracoles, v. u. 

tMe^mtti gift; sorrow; raoan» a. 
7b dÛ^ To dialribate alms» ▼. a. 
7b €tm-Mef To lament; to bewail with, v. 
tfofe A cavity ; ameanbabitatioo, s. 
TovcVkok The fire-bole of a gun, s. 
Loop^kok An apertore: an évasion, s. 
Tothole Towait awhiie, ▼. n, 
fVkoleAlli entire; perkct, s. 
H^Aoi^Tbetotality, s. 
Heart^xoMe Unfixed inafiections, s. 
Gul^ljf-hole A hole into a common sewer, s. 

Job The cheek; the head of a fish, s. 
7b ea-jok^ To deceive.; to flatter, t. a. 
Ca-/>ri-ofe' A leapiug motion o^ a horse, s. 

Jkfole A natnral spot; a mound ; an animal, s. 
B}le A staff; extremity of the earth; 5 yards and a half, & 
Tadfpoie A youngfmg or toad, s. 
JBoitf 't-fofe Wild; roving; rakish, a. 
Hamtfifù/e A wild talkative person, s. 
Mttglpo/é A pôle todance round, & 
i^Tûle^ Words giveu in assurance, s. 
Sb^Thebottomofthefoot; a fish, h, 
Totole To fumishwith soles, v. a. 
&^ Single; only; not marned,.a. * 

7b con^io/e' Tocomfort, cheer, revive, v.a. 
SUde A royal robe ; a long vest, ^ 
SiokVnsL oftosteaL 
Di-as'to-^e A figure in rhetoric, making a short syllable long ; the 
dilatation of the heart, s. 
Ptf-iole^ A ik>reign coin, value 178. s. 

%*-'/k»-i^ Contraction of the heart; shortenmg a long syllable, s. 
- Btr-ùtyifto4e Interval betwixt the two motions of the heart or polae, s. 
Voit Ai cards, the winning ail the tricks, s. 
Sta^pk A sâttled mart for goods, s. 
Sia'pU Settled ; established in commerce, a. 
Sfoe'/i^Thetnrretofacburch, s. 
Parfti^'ple A word partaking of a noun and verfo, 8. 
il/an'c#-;ȣp Apnrveyor; a steward, s. 

JFVin 'ci-pile Fondamental truth; original cause; moUvc; groand 
of action, s. 
Toprinfci'pie To instruct; tofix in a tenet, v. a. 
/>MrC/'p/tf Ascholar; aleamer; a ibUower, s. 
Con^-ici'pfe A school-fellofv, s. 
GrVple A griping miser, s. 
Trip 7e Treble; threefold, a. 
Suh-4rtp'le Containing one paît of thre^ a. 
MuVti-plt An aliquot part or number, s. 
Sui'muiUi'fle An aliquot part or number, s. 


ÂwffU Large ; widc ; splendid^ a. 



PLE 111 

Tramfple To trêad nnder foot, v. a. 
Sam^pte A spécimen, s. : 
En-samfpU Example ; pattern, s. 
Ex-am'pk A pattem; an. instance to proveby, s. 

Tem'ple A cburch^ the upper partof thesidesof thehcad, i^ 
Dim'pte A cavity in the cheek or cbin, s. 
To dimfple To sink in holes, v. n. * 

Pimfple A small red pustule, s. 
To rim'ple To contract into corrugations, y. a. 
To crimfple To lay in plaits; v. a. • 

^im'piSp A single ingrédient; anberb; a drug, aw 
âyfm'^ilr Artless; unm.ngled) silly; single, a, 
To shn'ple To gather pbysical herbs, v. n. 

WimfpU A hood, s. 
To rumfple To contract into ineqnalities, v. a. 
To crum^ple To make wrinkly, v. a. 

Peo'ple AïUitioa; tbevulgar; persons in gênerai, s« 
To re-peo'ple To stock with pécule anew, y. a. 
To un-peo'ple To depopulate, v. a. 

&'a'o-P/« A species of eartb ; ruddie, s. 
Apfple A fruit; tbc pnpil oftheeye, s. 
To knâp'ple To break off with a sbarp noîse, y. n. 
Tograp'pk To lay fast hold of ; to fight close, y. a. 
7%r<i^^^ The windpipe ofany animal, s. 
frpfpU A stopper, s. 
Nip'ple Ateat; a dug, a. 
Jh rip'ple To wash gently oyer, to rub oIT, y. n« 

Cnptpk AlamepersoB, s. ■ 
To crtpfple To make lame» v. a. 

Vp'pie Dfink; liquor, s, 
To tip pie To drink luxariously, y. 
Toiop'ple Totumbledown, y. n. 
«Sfop'pfe Any tbing by whicb tbe hoieof a yessd is filled> %, 
&ip'^ Pliant; yielding; fawning; soft, s. 
i^r'fi/!? Red tinctered with blue; in poetry, redi» s» 
To em^purfple To make of a purple colour, y. a. 
To hn-pur'ple To colour witli purple, y. a. . 

Vec^U'pie Tenfold, a. 
Sub-dec'U'ple Containing one part in ten, a. 
Du-c-ikc^u-pk Consisting 4^ twehres, a. 

Du'ple Double: ooce repeated, a. 
Sub'df*fplc Containing one part of two, a. 
' Coup'k A brace ; twojoined together, ft, 
Th coup' le Tojoin together, y. a. 
To ac-€oupUe Tojoin together, y. a. 
7o un-coup'/e To loose dogs from their couples, y. a. 
Scm'ple Doubt;, aweightoftwenty grains, s. 
To teru'ple To doubt; to hesitate, y. n. 
âuad'rw-ple Fourfold; four timestold,.a. 
Suh'quad'ru'pk Containing one partof four» a* 

Oç'l<«-pif EigWoW* *. g 





CenUu'ple Handredfold, a. 
QuinUu~ple Fivefold, a. 
Stf6-^in'te-jt>feCoWtaftifeg<iîfè^itif»ffive, a.- 
Stpfiu^e S^îwn thtm «^ m\i<ih, a. 
Suff^fiu^pie CotkttRmng^yhe of screti patrts, a, 

SexUu'ple Sixfold; six «iMestoM, ii. 
Su^-jex'/tf-;»/^ Containing6nefilart>èf silc, a. 

Carie A bKàn radiKmah, Ayrtiei sifaYi^ #• 
Knurk A knot ; a fa«rd'sut>8tancè, s. 
/«fc Ali isllmd, s. 
Akie A wttlk m a cHoféli ; ffHxt^c^n. t^iibîr; rtiftnes pile, s. 
"Not^k TheextrtmHy of a thing, as clF heflows, s. 
&tbUk Artfhl ; sly ; cunning^, a. 
Beftle An ladîan plaint, s. 
BeeUk A heavy maflet ; an insect, ■%, 
To èee^Ue Ttijut owft$ té li«rtiç orer, v. n. 

Tî'^/lf Art>«naHe* ; tïlaiW) of rigtit ; mtnè df îKmonr ; gê- 
nerai head 'èf'parttc\i!ar«, s, 
TotifÛeToTOme; to^cafl; toentitle, v. -a. 
3b en-iVtk Togive à tHIe ^r rigîit to, v. a. 
Ceot'ilè A pieCé wMi cofiieis, s. 
ManHk A ckMtk or ^parmtfnt, s. 
7b tnanUk To fennentasliTï««r; totevel, r. a. 
7b(&'m<m'^i^To8trip; to ovei*tbrow ; todisar^i, r. a. 
Gen'/i^Soft; tame; meek; pacifie, a. 
GenUk AWriê oF fi^orm U96d in fitshtng, è# 
Un-genUk Hard; rude; rûggeé, a." ** 
7b grun'tk To mnrtnur lifce a lio^iç', 'v. n. 
To */«r'//c To fright ; to be friglited, v. 
Stttr'ile A siidden alarm ; a. shock, «. 
Kirhk An iipper garment 5 a gown, s. 
^kur^ik To skirmish,- v. n. 
7b A«r'/Af To move vloîerttJy , v. a. 

TkrUk The turtlo-dove ; a sea-tortoîsc, s. 
iMyr'/fc A-firagranttrçe, s. 
C^*'/& Ahouseofdcfence, ». 
Fbre^cas-ik The fore part of a ship, s. 
7b nesUk To settle, hartwwr, dhèrtsh, r, 
PesUk <A toôl to béat in a nidrlar, s. 
TresHk A frame to support aily thînif; «. 
7b rcres'tîe To struggfe, to-eontend for a fa!l, ir. n. 

TkisUk A^riefcly weed, s. 
To tohisUk Toblow a whistHî; tosoiind shrHl, T. 
H'hitUk A small pipeto'whiâtie with, s. 
Eph^ik A letter, s. 
Bris^He The fltiff bair of swtne, i«. 
7b Arw'/fc To ereet in brîst^es 5 to grétr «ng)ry, v. 

GrhUk A cartilage, s. 
TojosUk To pnsh or rwn «gainât, «v. a. • 
A'potHk A messenger sent to pKeabh «"heg^i^, fL 



TL E lis 

Thrôt^ik The thivsh, a staMll 8ingiii|<-Mird| ». 
To busUle To be busy ; to stir abcnity t« b« 

Bus'th A tuntiit; ahttrry, s. 
Tok»*Uk To sbake togetlier, r. a. 
7b>ix'<4fe,'n>et)bon«ter, pii^, drive, V* 
Tomisf/leToianàle; to cherish, v.«. .• 
TanuHlfi To make à low rattle, v. n. 

BatUle A combat $ alight, «. 
7b &a/'//(e To coiitend in figfat^ toarg^e) v. ti. 
To em-hat^ile To arrange in Oftier of kMittlf, Y. n. 

CatHle Beasts of pastur«, not wild nméJtDXt^e^ t. 
BlacVcai'tU Oxen,bulls, andcows, %, 

To raifde To fait ; t» iffiold $ to huke a «oiie, v. 
i2a/'//e A quiok noise -, empty Ulk ; a tàUMve pflwm i a« 
<mà*s plajr-tlùng, s. 
7b be-ratUle To rattle off, v. a. 
JbpfifOf Totalk lifhtly { tocjfaattets t. n» 

Pro/^Z/ff Empty taJk, a. 
To tatHle To praêe; totalk Vlfgaûf^ v.1» 
7a/'/& Prate; idle chat, t. 
TW&e-tatftU Idle talk ; efllpty gltUrte^ ft. 
7b Hiftle-4atftle To prate îdiy, V», 1k. 

W^'Uk KeA^flHfK andera 4;($olk'ftMIl^ &%h«^e, *é. 
To watUte T« Mrm 4tt Wild wiai t^igB» v. a» 
7b twat^tk To prate ; to gabblé; tocSUKMts ▼• ^ 

»>»/«»; t^ dô«»hig bHkiflëft, Y. ». 
iCe/'//? A veiftei9ll%irhtOh^iltt>talM»«ii> s* 
Met file Spirit; sprightA^ôéi») «oarAJ^e^ ^ 
Atfi'//e A strhg^ IkeH» welt khowii, «• 
To ne/'/fc To gting ; «to irritale, r, a. 

Sei'ile A seat ; é bëMA 1ir)th a back» t. 
To tetUle T6 filC) e8lèft>1i«h, ^etetUAiié^ «eit a^lértv X* 
7b un-^et'de To make uncertain ; <K> efVtetthMw. v. A. 
WhitUle A wMte<lll«itfs Ib^ a 4rMnat> ; a kulfe, t« 
To wlùi'tle To eut ^wilh 'a IffLfe, t. a. 
- ^^ Smâil ; dimiiNfti^, a. 
Ut'tle A small space or paift, a. 
tM*%tt la aimiaH dtsg^ree, «d. ^ 

Knk'Htè A tftrihif 1!bat gaAers a piDrae l«ittd, «< 
SpWtle Comipted from hospitat, a. 
4n<^//e Moistare af thé tndtllh ; teliva, "»; 
AWt^Ttagil; apt;«abrf«ili:, a. ' , 

7?/ ^/b A points ddK:^ *8maH ]^i\!lfr, «. 
^^Âr A v«Mel totoMferia licyiior ; a 4|aart, a. 
To ^/'^e To itaefeiiè in bdCtlës, v. a. 

Pot^tle AliqaklYiieaMiyeeoKtl^tfiglbttrikîâte, %) 

Toihnt'tk Tèc^oéik ; to «aflbctfte, t. à. 

Cut'tU A kidd dnbli ; àlëd a Ibuil-MtmtlitofdiblM; %• 
SaU^ite Avesselfor coalsj ashortfua^ a. 



U4 Z L E 

To tattUle To ran wHh afiiècted precipitatîan; t. d. 
7b gnl'tie 'To 4formaLjwAiMi ; to svallow, t. 

STmlUk Au iostmiDeiit used by weaven, 8. ~ 
VetUi-bule The porch or first entrance of a bouse, t. ] 

Mae^vle A spot ; a Ktain^ s. ^ ^ 

Rid'i-€ule Wit that proTtikes langhter, s. 
Yo rid'ûatle To expoae to laughter, v. a. 
Vtffmi-cuk A iittle grub; s. 

Cn/'cttlr Reckon'ri^ ; comfMitatkin, s. 
An-i-malfaile A small animal, s. 
Ov^pv/Zcuile Xwiligbt, s. 

ScM'ar^ A 8IdS|]1 8cn>11 ; an inTeotory, s. 
Qlanfdide A uukll ^iaaà, s. 
Modfttie An empty représentation ; a model^A 
Nod^vle A small lump. s. 
ilfir^î An animal beti»een anaw and a nace, s. 
For'waile A set jr pTcscribed model, s. 
Grmmfuk A small compact paitick^ s. 
Ohonfe The crap of a bird, s. 
To&MfeTowhine; towhimper, t. n. 

iSafe Government; «liieetion, s. 
To rtUe To gavem ; tomanage; tocontiOQl, v» 
To/tr/ule Tochastise with the fenila, ▼. «. 
^pÂer'tflf A Iittle globe, s. 
Ferfrule A sort of ring pu^at the end of sticks, &f . a. 
Ib o-ver-rulef To iniluenee «rith piedominant power, t. a. 
Mit-rtiief, Tnmult; confusion; rerely s. 
^/Nm'luJif ^ aUns ; a dote ' s . 
PUfftuk A small swèlihr , aiûnplet s. 
Vai^vule A small valve, s. 

YhU The time of Christautf, s. 
Ajcfle The pin on which a wheelnms, s. 
KayU A ninepin, s. - 

O^ Whitejuiceitt the stomaeh, s. 
&n>y2e Ameanfe}k>w; a wretch> s. 
DacVjr^ A poedcal fbot, oonsâsting of ]oi« qrUahl^ and tw* 
, ^Di'at-49le Anedificedistinguiahedby the distance oftte pillards. 
Pm'tqrHjfk la arcbitectiue, a work vherein are five lows of co> 
iunuis, s. 
P<r^'-«ly& A ciicular range of pillars, s, 

ProfstyU A building that bas oaly pilUis in the front, s. 

Odto^le The fiu» of a building containing eight columns, s. 

7b/m'/tf To cuii in short curla, v. a. properlyJTiss/^. j 

To bam-boo^zk To deceive ; to impose upon, v. a. \ 

To dazfzk To overpover with light, v. a. | 

Tofe-Aa'sfcTodim the sightbytoomuch lustre, v. a. 

Toem-bez^zk To appropriate by breachof tnist ; to ivaste, v. i 

7i rfr»'?fcToghedorfaU inlow diops, v. ! 

Gr»fzk Gray, a. 

n I 




E M E H5 

*Jh ffffz^zfe Todrink immoderately, t. n. 

Muz^z'e The mouth of any thing, s. 
To muz^zle To bind the mouth, t. 
To ma^zle 'To narse ; to go with tbe nose dotwn, ▼. a. 
To mtz^zle Toperplex ; to embairass, y. ». 
Puz'zte A perplexity, 8. 

Me The oblique case of the proiKHin, !• 
Came Prêt of come. 
Be-came* Pret.,of become. 

Dame A lady ; . a wornan in gênerai, s. 
/Sime Keputa-tion; gk>ry; report, s. 
To de'/amef To censure fiftlitely ; to scandalize, v. a. 

Game Sport ; jest ; mockery ; animait pùrtued» •• 
2b gamtf To play extravagantiy, v. a. 
^ter-game Method taken a&r the first tara of afEûrii ■• 
MayfMme Dinenkiai sport, s. 

^anMThecollarorawaggo^horse, 8. 
Skame Disgrâce ; igoominy y repraacb» a. 
TbjAcBMTomakeorfaMBashamed, t. 

XiHRtf Crîppled; imperfect; noîtntiBfactoiy, a. 
To lawie Tociipple, v. a. 
To àlame To oenaor^j to charge with aiaiiHy v. ■• 
BfaBRe Imputation of a fiiiiH» crhne, •• 
JSame Lightemittedfinmifire; passion, s. 
Tojiqme To shine or bvm with fire ; to beangiy, t. d. 
To m-Jiamef Toset on flre ; provoke ; irritate,. ▼. a. 

Ta name To discôminate by a paiticular appe11atidk^ t. •• 
Nàme The term by which aoy qpecies is distiogaiaiiedy !• 
yk^name A namegÎTeohi suoffjQr costempt, s. 
To nkk-namef Tocall by an opprobrious ^pellâtion» T. a* 
X%«ir'iiA?»-MaiRtfTheuaamegivenat the font, s. 
5tt/''7Mm(fThefiunily-name, s. 
To tur-namef To give a family-çame, y. a. 
To mis-namef To call by a wrong name, ¥. a. 

fy'namr A mckname, s. . • i. 

Toframe To make ; to invçst ; to put in a frame> v. a. 
Frame Disposition; order; case, s. . 
Prame A flat bottomed beat, s. \ 

Sœne Of the like kind ; identical, a. - . 

SeyUame Numeriçally or identically the same, a* > ' 

rame Notwitd; subdued; spiritless, a. 
To tome Tomake gentle; tosvibdue, v.n. 
Acfme The beight of any thing,,part4çularly of a distemper, s. 

Ëfne Unclc, s. 
iSrA«mtf Aplaa; aprcgect; a contrivance, s. 
Thi'los^o-pheme Principle of reasoning; theorem» s.. 
To bUu'phemef Toqpçak blasphemy, v. 

TK^me Asubject; task; dissertation, s. 
Phleme An ii^trument forbleeding horses, s. 
J?R'%-M€ntf An argument înkis^, s. , 
SrenkCvxéii sharp; severe, a. 

O M E 


f[k e'9,er-cme^ To «ib^ne, co^qv^r» fai/i.tba fi||>«ri«ri^, v. 
Dôme An archcd roof; a ç«y[)olai a iMiilding, s^ 

Home One'sojrn hop^e or habituikm, f. 
Home ToonQ'sown habitation Qrconjalry, acU 
Hmrfvesl'kome Tbeha^w4^im»i499ttàmiagh^r\(^ ^. 

Mon^ome In algebra» a^q^Aihtitir thajtba^ bptoniç n«ii^, s. 

Pai^in'drome A word^ &c. tbQ »a|)ie »ea4 baf;l|wq^ or fçawkrd, w, . 
Syn^dro-me Ovoeumsnft «Ki^tHia $ cwQurreB^ % 

i^lîfliff M91» or iefl$ ; o^rtrâ» %A m»R9 % BfOiH^vpeed a^ the 

FroVkk-tome FaII «f prank^» a* 

Gladfsome Pleasoé » g^ ; C»n^|lg JQ^» ^ " • 

Hand^some Graceful ; ei^faqi ; goBierofi^t, f . 
Troub'le-sQmç Vesoatlow; liM«Oin(e; t«asiQf» a. 
Med^dlt^-^çmn Inbennfiddiiog» fr . 

Dole^some Melancholy^ gWmF» i^' 
Wkole'somti Gppfciribi^ing to h^jtiLi ^aU^tf^çy, 4« 
Mefiie-^ome I«iv^l|r; gay^ briai» airy» a. 

GamefsQim Froliçks<N3iej |?ay; 4p$>rti«0« #, 

JLoneUome Solitary; diflQ^» 4» 

Adrvenfturesome HasaràuttSti bpWi 4win§j, «. 

Mjfi»g*99m Tedkms; v«»rtfQ«Rc; by iWloqgl^, â. 
LoaihUome Abbprrçd^ qfUVio^ dii^Uu», a« 
LitMtQme limbeci ll«sil)I^s >> 
Bliih'som QieoMi 9Wf 4. 
Toolhfsome Pleasing to the palate ; gVAtf|f|il» a^ 
NoVsome Koxious -, gftîi^v^» il* 
Weafri-some Tedio||6^ tjina^i]:^» %» 
VitrkUome Glgoqoy» obsçiffiei a. 

Irkfsome Troi}bl^me; te^iÛoue, a. 
MirVsome Dark; obture, a. 
UuarWel'Some Irascible ; easily in:itate^ m 
ToWsome Laborious; wçf)ry, a? 
Jhd'som K^ttMOiis^ Qb8Q«Be» rai^ çip 
/^«m'jom^ A price paid iqr Ijb^Fty, -«. 
Toron'some Tored^qi, v.a, 
Bur'iknsome GrievQiis.; troqblffQi|l9, a. 
Cum^ber-ê^me TnQa)iie9(M|i9 ; wHoaiiageabk, a. 
Hu^mour-some Poevisb » od4 ; bH^^ourou^ % 

lÀghViome Lujj^npHs; gay-; ajury, a» 
De-iig^fsome Pl^agsu^t; 4^U^tfMl> a. 
Play*some Wantonj f^lligif l^ty« a> 
Tome hyfiX^u^'y abpoU^, s» 
E'pWo-me Ap abrH|g^P9i£9t. s» 

A'potfQ'ive Tbe<^»enqe(^tv9Uiçoii)i||«iWUjrab]ie<|iiaiitîtics, «• 
^Germe A sproutorshoot, s» , 

Churme A <:«iifîi9^:%in»pâ i a w^ a, 



Uû O M E 

Suad^ri-reme A paîk^' <vi€h four bkï^ of oari, s. 

Tri- rente A galley irith tlii^ bettchesof oars on a side, f. 
Su-prcmf' Highestindigiiityoratittiority, a. 
F,X'i¥efAe' Grefttest; titipost; lasi, a. 
F.x-lremef Utftiortponit; extremîty, s. 
Ap^os-teme A hollow sweliing ; aa alïcess, s. 
7oy«e«ie -Tof^eaàe, V. «. 

CAimtf The harmonie Sound dfbells, &c. s. 
7b ckime To make to sound, 6^ to èoaild haimGflticaTljr, r. 
Tkime Afîrâgraiithetrb, «. [irot)arly %i»e. 
Xime A stohe ; afhiii; atree, s. 
Sub-liOte* Hjgh m «tylé or excelknce, ftt 
Sub'lhm* TIk grand or kifty style, i. 
7o tub-limef To raise b) a chymical Hfe ; to hfe{gMëli« V. , 

Viifin CI^Twie; «"eip^n, s. , 

BirdfUme A gluti nous subittaiiMi, to ttikîh Mrtis, I. I 

SZrme' Viséods m* %; auy^ glulSMifi êubfeta&ce, a. 
Mime A. JMrtl^èil 'S. * i 

PanUo-mùne A mimtc$' iiîl$^f«hM MMA^^ ihiMblKUiNIr, ». 

7a rime To freeze with hoar frâfety t'k h^ 

Grime Dti^4éëp¥^ inMMefcJh «; ' 

Togrime^éikH'y tè^tÀl$ré«e^, V.-a. 

PrakeUhe-ésfimi^èAf; bè^^fiMt; Jt»^^; hèi^tbfper- 
fd(Atôh ", 4%6 flKt «Mioiiieal liôtrr, t. 
« ^)MM»t6tM(t)KÀd»riiii»ife ^cifli gttÀ; totay tfae fini 

To Orne To adap%, VegltAi%fe, îMlifettrë MkhkKmibttBy, V. tL 
SomeUime Once ; formerfy, aâ. 
A-foreHime In timé p&st, dÂ. 
Be-foreHime Fonncrfyv M. 
iW<£nsf-//W Dinner-time ; the nSck of tnnè, s. 
iVflrr '{«Imiff MàHne; nàhMil; neàtthèsek, a. 
fjÈ'tmef InwarA; Mbérial, à. 
Din^ner-Ome The timeoi'diiiMg, è, 
CounHer-iime Defeiiee; *)j[>^'tkm, «. 

Tbwî/'/tTOcNbttetftBtertglît, "v,*. . ' 
Hqlme Tltefe v ergr e en^k, ». 
T^éMnfpTo'dra^Aear; taSiap]^; toisrals, V. li. 
Corne Be quick. 
7b hê-tome^ T» m, adom, be ttiaide ((irdarie, W 
7bmrj-^-come'Nelto%eeoÉ)e; hrttosuit, v. 

Wellcome Received with gfàA^iass ; çratiAlH à. 
Wellcome Kftid tleception, s. 
To xveVcome 'Pt) recei^éwith kîndne*», V. **. 
In^come Revenue ; prcé&tf&bîtia^ tMn^, il. 
Soc^ome In law, a^o^Mi «âxâtt ^tësaiitt» ^riAdhi^ ilbelr corm s. 




Dôme An arche d ruof; açufiola; a building, St 

Home One^sonrn ho|i9e or habitation» f. 
i7ot»<r ToonQ^ftownhubttatiopcircoivilrF» ad. 
Hmrfjfesi-home Thie€»afifc9iMÏUaMi»Cgatberinghfirv#8lùk ^ 

Mon'ome In algehra» aq^»»tity tbathaifs biitoniç lum^» s. 
79 ponK To ftffH Uè a, i-ound tiQa4 1^ a^a^ple, v. q. 
Pal^in-^omit A word« &c. tb^ va^Q »ea4 b«fil|W(ijpd, oc fiarward, tr. 
Stfnfdn-me Cooeuraeii/b aieliim $ C9a9arra»«e^ a, 

ISbm« M^neoricw; Q^rUin»%AiiMU9jri gront^mieed a< the 
iiouo.s«in> a. 
FroVick-tome F»ll9f pnniw» a* 

Gladfiome PleasoA; gayj caHi^ng>Q)r> a. • • 

Hand'iome Gracefiil ; elegaot ; ' gasierom, ^. 
Troubfle-sam^ Ve3»tioiMi; tiwiMate; t«asinf> a. 
Med^tUen^mit Intermâd^og» ^ 

Dole^tome Melancholy; glopWF» *• 
Wkolefsomê Gpi^ibi|liii9 to heajtit} 0ali;t|gKy, a* 
MetftU^nme I^îv^lir; gay; briabi «ùry». a. 
Gamefsomc Frolioksonie ; gay; «pprtive* a* 
loneUome Solitary; difinal» a* 
Tirefiome Wi^ri^me; todipup, a* 
Jd-venfiuresome HasankwA; bpMi darii^ a. 

Lvng'tvm Tedions; nffit^tfomei by ittileiigt^, à. 
LoaihUome AbhofT^} QwoaiB^dieiU^ a. 
UthffQme limbtc; llaxil)lf^ a» 
BUth^som CbM«6)l; gaar^ a* 
Toothffome Pleasing to the palate ; gV9^t^^l» a» 
NoVsome Koxious ; o^i^V^t a* 
Weafri-some Tedions^ Xirc9f>ïp/^^ a. 
Darkffom/e Glpomy^ obsçwe, a. 

IrVsome Tro«}ble40na ; te^ous, a« 
MirVtome Dark; obiçare, a, 
Stuar^rel-tome Irascible ; easily irptatedt 9U 
ToWtome Laborious; wçaiy» a, 
Fïd^som K^ttfiaoiis^ obtcene; raj^ a^ 
Ran^some A price paid ft)r Uborty, -a. 
Toron* nme Tored^i|[i» 
Sur'{kn-some Grievfms; troMblffOmo, a. 
Cum^ber-ê^ff^ JtmiksfQVf^f wHoaqageabk, a. 
Wu'mmtr-some pQfivish ; od4 > bHPfOurouy^ a, 

LigJitfiome LuAtinpvs; gay; a^ry, a. 
De-iighi'sQme Pl^fiàot; d^Ughtf^^l^ a. 
Play' tome Wanton; fuUàlfnrijty, a. 
Tome \yfi\\^a^'^ abpol^, s. 
E-pWo-me Aq abri(}geP9<ept. s. 

A'poi!^r$€ The di:^enqe ot tvo incoo^ijifiwan^bjie f|uaatitic9, 
fierme Asproutorshoot, a. 
Churme A (^onfy*^ %iiwid i a noff^b •• 


'f ^J^«iS^^ ■ -^^-^ 


118 ANE 

Ditme A tentfa ; tfae tenth part; tytliej| riiymes Uieme 

dream, &c. 
Fkane Sùkoke ; Ti^xiinr ; nge ; pàisîon, s» 
TofumeTotmcke; tobeinarage, r. 
/^{^ontf Sweet odoiir ; fragrance, s. 
Toper-/kmefTo3C&BAwiQk9Wtietoàonr, t. a. 

Leg'ume Seeds gathered by the hand, not reaped. 
Tfiin^ivtmef To bary ; to inter, t. a. 
^ Jrupoét'kume A ooUectioii of matter in a bag or cyat, s. 
To rt'banef To ligbt anew, ▼. a. 
To il4tamf To brighten ; to illomniate, v. a. 

Vol fume Somethmg rolled or convoived ; a book, s. 

iYtoMtf A feather ; piide; tokenofhoaoar, b. 
To plume To adjust ftathers ; to adom, t. a. 
Tbde-^i/ifime/ToMripofitsfeatheri, F.a. 
Spume FroCh ; foam, i. 
Grvme A thick viscid oonsMlenoeof a fluîd, s. 
To ah-sunu^ Tobrmg to an end by a graduai wa«te, r. a. 
To de-sume* To take firom any thing, v. a. 
To re^sumef Totake back ; to begm again, ▼. a. 
To pre-sume^ To «appose ; to ventnre ; to press, v, n. 
7b con-fume' Towaste; spend; desfcroy; exbaast, v. 
To at-nonef To take ; to arrogate, v. 
7b ivwtf-jtoRtf' To resome; totake again, T. a. 
^-pof '/iim« A hotlow swelling ; anabscess, s. 

Awne A liquid measore ; one seventh of an Eoglish ton, s« 
JR/;yme The consonance of verses; poetry, s. 
7b rA^me Toagree in Sound ; to make verses, v, n. 
7b^rAs^'Toce]ebrateinrfaymeor verses, t. n. 
Jh^mB A plant, s. 

AiffNeither; and not, ad. 
Bane Mischief ; min ; poison, s. 
IT^^'Âone Apoisonousplant; acopite, s. 
iZoZ/'ÀoKe Poison IbrrAts; arsenick, s. 
Contf Akindofstrongreed, s. 
7b cane To beat, v. a. 
Cfti-cone' Artifice in gmeral, s. 
Tocki<ane' TopiohMig a contest l^ tricks, v. n. 
Hur^fi-ame A violent storm, s. 
Mun^damef Bekmging to the world, a. 
Ut-trO'muH-danef Being beyond the world, a. 
Ex-tra^mutt-dcmef Beyood thi^ verge of the material world, a. 
An-te-mun-dane* Before or prior to tfae world, a. 
In-ier^mun-'danef Subsisting between worids, a. 

/V(»^^«'IrrevereBt; polhited; notsacred, a. 
TAaaeSaxootitleofliOBOur, s. 
JLane A narrow Street or passage, s. 
jREontf A levé! surfaoe ; a joiner's tooi, s. 
7b plane To ievel ;. to sinooth with a plane, v. a. 
7b ami-^one ' To level, v. a. 

Mane Hair onthe neck of a^horse, s. 
/n-mane'Vadt; prodic^ioosly great, a. 


a.<!_"*"""*^ "t^ 

IN'E 119 

Wu-manef Kmd ; citU ; benevolent, a. * 
I-nanef Void ; empty, a. 
Pane A square of glass ; a mixture <»f squares, s. 
March'poMe A kind of sweetbread, s. 
£l^-cam^panel A plant, S. 
Count'er-pane A covering for a bed, s. 
Mem*hr<me A web of many fibres, s. 

Crâne A bird ; aaenig^ine ; a kind of pipe, s. 
Sorte Sound in mlnd; heîedthy, a. 
In-^ane^ Mad; outof one'sinind, a. 
Tàite Fortaken; ta'en. 
VUtror-mùn-tanef Seing beyond the moantains, a. 

Tarftane A vessel used in the Mediterranean, s. 
J^^ôntf A plate to tiim with tlie wind, s. 
Wane Dœrease of the moon ; décline, s. 
Scerie The stsge i partofaplay; appearance, s. 
Dam'a-scene A small biack platn, s. 

Obscène^ Immodest ; o&nsive ; dJsgiistin^, a. 
Ftf-RM^'' Poisonons ; venomoas, a. 
Se-rene^ Catm; even of temper; quiet, a. . 
Gan^grene A mxirtification in its first state, s. 
Terrrene* Barthfy ; terrestrial, a. 
To eon-tro've^ To oppose ; tq obstruct ; v. a. 

7b ad-vene* To accède to sômething ; to be snpefadded, ▼. 
1b am^vene* To call together ; to suraroon jodicially, t. a. 
To tU'per-vene^ Tocome as an extrat>eoo8 addition, t. n. 
To in-ter-vene* To corne between things or persons, v. n. 
Tosur-vette^ To supervene ; tocome as an addition, r. 
E^ne Eldest, or finfe-bom, rhymes bane, a. 
Qfigne A corner, rhymes join, s. Fr. 
To e-higne* Toputata distance, ▼. a. 
Can^na-iùm Hempen, a. 
Car^a-bme Small sort of fire-anns, s. 

Sab^ine A plant, s. 
IFoctf^irne The honeysneUe, s. 
To eom-hine* To agrée ; ym togettier ; coalesce, ▼. 
Cb/'um-ftiiT^ A plant ; a kind of violet coHmr, s. 
Jof 'o-£/n« A pigeon with a high tuft, s. 
€ar'hine^ A small gun, s. 
Cw'ctf-A^ Ahariot, s. 
/a-/er-ne'ci»* Endeavooring mutoa! destruction, a. 

Aferf'îV»* Any remedy inphysic, s. 
To med^i-cine To opcrate as phystc, v. a. 

Fîc'w^Near; neighbouring, a. 
To enî-^ine^ To bum to powder, v. a. 

/!»-4;/W Aiagotn59edinwar, s. 
Fes-itt-cmef Straw-coloured, a. 

7brf/n*Toeatorgrvcadmner, ▼. 
MutUa^ine A kind of swect grapc ; winc, and pcar, s. 
Tb in-carfna-dine To dye red, v. a. 

Sîna-raF'flCfne Made of, OTfesemWiiiUcnicraM, a. 

12P I N E 

Cà'tm-dèie A plant, a. 
. Al'nm-di^t \ purticu|«f lùnd of ruby, a. Fc 

Sn'tn-di'iMTfaeafteTiiirUi, ■. 
Or-jrrr'Aa-tJimAnuKtureoroil.aridTiDepu'tCraiW, «> 
Gai W-dïne A coane frocli, ■■ 

Sar'dn« Aiortof pifCNuartCae, i. 
H<iA'er-(£»KAdnedi>|tcod, & 

âbr-dbu'A^peput into the «nfli oC • InM^ot, B. 
AnfAmuIct; fcufeioire; conchuHM, ». 
Ane Not coane ; bandwiofi ; ckw i |>*i<Bi V^ 

r«.fiu'T»nfi|w; Wpiwiiy; toimik!», t^». 
!nd;:fAi«'T«erpl*i«i nmkwtt ikcidc^ v. a, 
Tofe-jfeie'Toiiurifyi ttxdcsrfhMdnai, ».a. 
7b prt-fiu' To linit b«f(m4uua)i t. ^ 
Oo^MAlimit; a boundary. >, 
ïb am-fait' To bnrcler upon, t. *. 

7b ■■nog'ing To lâDcy ; taccntrîm, t- *. 
£nV(i»Aaytiuohiii( arasent, ■. 
Sn'gm Actûiuixem'B ratfi. i. 

CAiiirApartinthelnckofaa«i«iMl, s. 
Jlfa-ciiiw' Anenginci «ay oomi^icatad «orlimwiflùp, 
Trs-fiiat' A mull trâpan, ■■ 

JlV'/tiiKMadeiif tlieiilirniHwetnQe, a. 

Ta «iùw To glMeri W be c«w|iirutiu* i (i> he «iCliO 
£tw FkiriKaUwt; q4e»jaiw; lûtre, s. 
MtKM'Mue TbehutKof tbe aiN«, a^ 
^oon'i&'nc lHunûiiaUd tqt Ik» momi ». 
. Stn'iAù» Action of tha inBi >■ 
7b «vI-iAiw' To enùt hwtre ; to excsl in Uwtrc^ v. a. 
Tfcire Beloogintqr wb tw gtotfaae, «nao. 
^n-s Fan'Uiw Consiitingôf amaranthf, «. 
7<r-«-iii>'tt(i»Conristingof, m iaia«d oith turptntiue, i 
Hy-a-àa'thirt Madenf liyMt nt ln, a. 

Tomitùir Tonakaptemtisenciise, *■ n. 
fflÛK A plaiativc agite, ■- 
A-iiK From coH-, *. jiur. 
£tw Longituilrnal eitenaiDD; a Etringi lerse 
mghr'diiK ; vyietat; pntgeaji lïti 
Tîi&W TocoTeran(i>eiiMMe> t. a. 
Am-yg'da-lBit RoemUiitg ^hnoadt, a. 

AVko-lme IIavingth.«.qiMUtiw(]fatM>'< >- 

Sa-line' Canàstingt^mctmMiluiiasi'^, a. 
Declint' Decay; teudmcy to «ones '■ 
7d de-etint' To lean j deviate ( decay ; ihuu, v. 
7b ift-cfni!' Ta modify wonis, T. a. 
70 re-ciiBf'''nileaa iidenitei torest, v. 

Jte-ciiiK' In n leaning poatiite, a, 
Taia-dint.' Tobeai; \fai»i baH^otei, t. 

INË 1^1 

To liis-m'Cline^ To mfeke d'saflPected, ▼. a. 

Fefiin0 Like, or pertaîning to a cat, a, 
Aqfvi^'tne Resembling an eagle ; (appïied to thc nose) liooked,a. 
Cab^al-Jnte Belongring to a horse, a. 
Cor'al-Jine Consistii^'of coral, a. 
Cbr'a/-/me A sea plant used in medicine, s. 
Mvt'aUline Consistin;^ of, or impregnated with métal, a. 
Chn/sUaUine ConaisthiÉ: of crystal ; clear; transparaît, a. 

Dis^ci-pline "RvAe ; order; éducation, s. 
Todw'CT-p/fwToregulate; punîsh ; edncate, v. a. 
Gm'pHne The last act of worship at night, s. 
Marffine Hemp, &c. with which cables are guarded, s. 
To im-der-fine' To mark with Vnes betew the words, r. a. 
Ift-ier-iinef To write in altemate lines, v. a. 

Ow/Vfne Contour; extrcmity, s. 
Moi'cunUne Maie ; rongh, like a man, a. 
VitfU'iine Belonging to a calf, a. 
Bowiiine A rope in a ship, s. 

Afiw Possessive ; belonging to me, pron. 
Mine A cavem in the earth where minerais are dog, Icc» 0. 
To mine To dig mines j to sap, v. 
Sye'a-mine A tree, s. ' 

/ow'î'w Dearth ; scarcityoffood, s: 
Cal'a^mine A kind of earth, s. 
JetUn-nfine A fiower and plant, ji. 
7b ejr-ffm'»«* To ihtcrrogate ; weigh; consider, r. a. 
To re-ex-am^ine To examine again, v. a. 
Toerott-ex-am'ine To try the faith of évidence by cross-<ï«e6tioning,y. •• 
CodTmmfi A mine where coals are dug, s. 
C(ir-mô»'Acrimsoncoloar, s. 
Er'mrne A beast; also its skîn, s. 
To un^der-mnei To sap ; to injure secretly , % . a. 
7b Mp-/er'n0m To décide ; résolve; aottle; condude, r* 
To pre-de-ter'nUne To doom by préviens decree, v. a. 

Counifer-nane A stratagem to defeat the < nemy , s. 
To eount-er-^ttinef To defeat by secret measufes, ▼. a. 
To ûx-ter^mine To exterminate, v. a. 
Verfmine Any noxious animal, s. 
Jas^nûne Kft^mety s. 
7b re-Ju^mine To light anew, ▼. a. 
7b //./tt^mine To enlighten ; toadom, v.a. 
7beii-/tt'/wiirToillumin?; toillnminate, v. a. 
Nine Ei?fht and mie, a. 
Ca-nine' Uke a dog, a. 
F«fn't-nmeOfthfifemaIekind, efièminate, a. 
Âs^i-nine Belonging to an aas, a. 
i>'o-nfiitf Belonging to a lion, a. 
Sai'ur-nmeGmvei mëlancholy; severecftcmp > a. . 
J%r'a-t»e À female hero, s. 
Es'Soinef Excuse for non-<ippearance, t^ 
Fine A tree, s. 
Voi.K Q , 7b 



7b pine To Utnguîgh with pwn or désire»' r» 
Rap'ifie Actof ptundering; Tiolfinoe; foroe» i» 
Tbn-Pine' Tofret; to be disconteoted, t. 

Vwpine BekMigiDg to a fox, a. 
To o-phe' To think ; tu judge, w. n. 
Oiiop-pme' A high sboefornoùériy wom by Udies^ &• 
Ot^pùm Liverer, or rose-root, i. 
^ine The back-bone, s. 
Ihir^cu-pine An animal covered with quills, s. 
/ii'pmf A kiud of puise, «. 
Sufpine Ingrammar; akiad of verbal noun, s. 
, Su-pim' Indolent { carelesSy a. 
Tam-bar-tHef A tabour ; a nnall dnim, a. • 
Smc^thaf'ine Having any of thechief qoalitiesof sogar, a. 
Ma-rinef Belonging to the sea, a. 
Ma-rine' Sea a&ir» ; a soldier taken on ship-board, «• 
XU^ra-ma-rM Foreign ; being beygnd Bea, a. 
Vt^ira-ma-rine* A colour used in painting, a. 

Stàh-ma^rine^ Lying oractint; pnder the sea, «• 
J^ans-ma-rinfi^ Lying or found beyond sea, a. 
NeeUar-ine A fruit, 8. 

Brine Liquified sait ; the sea, s. 
Co^^brine Relatingto a serpent^ cunning, a. 

Serine A repository for writings orcuriosities, s, 
CefVrine Of or belonging to the cedar tree, a. 
-^d-a-man'dsine Resembling a salamander, a. 

Al^x-an'drine A verse consisting of twelve syllables, st 
Fcfrine WMd; savage, a. 
Vt^perÀne Beloi^ingtoaviper, a. 
A-duPitr^ine AchildbomofanadulteresSy s» 
iPtê-rtJK Belonging to the womb, a. 
Per'e-ifrine Focei^ ; not domestic, a. 

Çirine A case oontaining aomcthiiig sacred, s. 
To en-ihrinef To preaerve as sacred, v. a. 
To in-thrinef' To inclose ina shrine, t. a. 
Sapfpkir-ine MiM of, or resemblipg sapphire» a. 
Lep^o^rine Having the natiiye or a hare, a. 

Trine Ad aspect oCplanets placed in three ailles of a trigon, s. 
/loc'/rijie A precept ; principle; thfractof tfairhing>' s. 

CU^rine Lemoa-cofoared, a. 
Tex^trine Relating to weaving, a. 
I/^riiM Animal vater, s. 
7h&-0Ki;-mtf/ A tabour; asmalldrom, s, Fr. 
ViUUu-rine Belonging to a vulture, a.. 
Sine Ageometricid Une, s. 
Cousine A geometrical Une, s. 

7t;irThetoothofaharrow, 8. 
Tb/ZurTokiildle; tolight; to rage ; to fight, f. 
LefT^a-tme Belonging to a legate, a. 
Pùl'a-t'ine One invested with régal prérogatives, -s, 
Ptl^Ortiw Possessiog royal privilegej), a* - 

ONE ;l^ 

Ge/'a-/iw Formed intoa gélly, a. 

Pff/'m« The cover of a chalice, s, y 

Brigfan^tme A liçht sailing vessel ; a coat of mail, s. ', 
Él-e-phani^ttie Pbvtaiiiiiig'tûaa éléphant, a. 

Eg^lttH-tine A species of rose, a. 
Ad-^-mam^tine Haviog the qualities of ada&iant» a. 
dir«r-a}»-lifitf ' A ibrty days séquestration, s. 
Biz^an-tim A pieeeof gold offsrad on festivals» s. 
Byz^an-^ne A pièce of gold, s» 
Val'en^me A sweetheait ehoten on Valentiae'a day», St 
Lam^en-ime A fish called a sea cow, s. *, 

^r 'mew-lme Belonging to a herd ofcattle» a. 

Ser^m-^rneResembUng a serpent} winding» a. 
Thr'pen'tme Gmn exsuded by Uns pine, Ice. s. 
i^<i-MR'/«w Adventitious» a. .^ 

£r6'er-/iatf A dissolute liver, s. ^ 
Ltb'er'tine licantioas, a. 
Cot-her-Unef A iind of lace woni by wooiçii, a. 
Vet^per-tme Relatiag to tlie evemn^ a» 
Me^-^tine What the guts adhère to^ s. 
Ai-éet^tim IneombastiUe» a. 
7b dlw'/me To doom ; te appoint; to dévoie» YmB^ 
70ftfv-<fef/|gntf Todeoreebeforehaod, v. a. 
Ôm-de^'tinie Secret ; hidden, a. 
/n-fe^fKtne Internai $ inward; d^oiestiç, a. 
iVtr'/tVte Fivkt; cvigionl» a.- . , • 

Amre-thttt'ihu Resembling an anethyst, a« 

MuUine A mutineer, s. ^ ■ . , 

J^ou'tim CommoQ method, s. , ' 

Vine The plant whicbbears grapes» s. 
San^gmne Red; warm; abounding with blood, a. -^ 
To en^tanfpùne To sni«ar with gore, v. a. , 

I>irWK^ Heavenly j, god-like, a. • 

To di'vinef To foretel f to foreknow j v. a. 
BeVtU'ine Beastly ; brutal^ a. 
Gen'tf-zncr Not spMflous, a. 
Cov'hte A deceitful agreemeot^ s. 
To pro'vine' To set a bianch of a vine» v. n* « 

■ Vefhine A plant, s. > 

Wine Feraaented'juiceofgrapes» IbOt 
Swine A hQg ; a pig, s. , 

7b iwiiu To twist; 'Wmp abound ; wind, v, 
7Vo/;7e Twist ; twistedthread,.s* • ' ■ « 

Tbf'i-lWMtf'Totwistorwiieathtogeither» v.a. 
7bMii«towtf'Tountirist, V. a. 
7b in-4ep4aw€^ To unité by twisting, t. a. 
, Mag'-ihàute^ A repository of stores» fcc. a. - 

One LeiB than two ; single», chymes dOM, boa, Itc 
On« A singlepeTBOBorthing, s. y 

Bone The most soHd part pf the bfds» #» 
To hom To take eut the bones» v. a. 

124 R N E 

Sladefbone TWe scKpalàrlxne, s. 
Huck'le-honeThehqhhone, s. 
Share'bàrte'The os ^tLbïs^ s. ' ' 

Cône A solid body in Ibnn bf aragar toaf, s. 
Done Part. pass. of todo, rhynhes gan. 
Dorte Ân'tLSsèrit to the laying of a wager, int. 
WdL-done' A word of praise, int; 

Gtowe Vvet. of the verb to go, rhyroes don. * 
A'gone' Ago ; past, ad. 
• Be-gonef Go away 1 hence ! int. 
fFo^te-gone' Lostinwoe, ad. 
By^gqne Pkst, ad. 

Hone A whetstone for a raziMr, s. 
Tb hone Td pHie ; to long, ▼. ». 
Skone Prêt, of to shine, rhymes gone. 
Lone Solitary ; single, a. 
A-lone' Single, a. 
7b ât-pone' To lay down as a pkdge, ▼. a, 
To an'te-pone To prefer, r. a, 
Topott'ponef To putoff ; to délay, t. a. 
CroTte An old ewe, s. 

Drone A bee which màkes no faoney ; a sluggaid, s. 
Ttrtlrom To livein idleness, ▼. n. 

Throne The seat of a king, and <^a bisliop, s. 
To throne To enthrone, ▼. a 
To de-throne' To divest of royalty ; to dépose, y. a. 
To en-throne^ To place on a régal seat, y. a. 
7b va-throne^ To seaton a throne y. a. 
2b wi'throne' To pull down front a throne, y. a. 

/Vone Sending downward ; inelined j disposed, a. 
Tone Note ; Sound ; a whine, a. 
7b a-ume* To agrée ; to accord $ to expiate, y. 
To in-ione* To make a slow protracted noise, y. n. 

Shne Hard substance of the earth ; in fruît ;, the kidneys i 
a géra ; a weight of l41b. 
Xo««f 'ilo»e The magnet, s. 
Free'Hone A stone oommonly nsed in baitdmg, s. 
Grih'dk-itone A stone on which instruments are sharpened» s. 
MUeUtone A stone set tbmark the miles, s. 
Grave'stone A stone laid over a graye» s. 
Tonch^sionê A stone by which metah are tried, s. 
Jff ail 'stone A partîcle of hall, s. 
MiWstone The stônè by which corn is ground; s. ' 
Brimhtone Sulphnr, s. 
Cor'ner-stone A stone that unîtes Walls at the coraer, s. 
Whet' stone A stone on which any thîng is made Sharp, s. 
Key'itone The mtddie stotte of an arch, s. 
Zine A^irdle, s. 
Erme Acottage, s. ' 
E'ierne* Etemal ; perpétuai; a. 
.fii-cofrv Having two homs, tu 


A P E 125 

Aufiume'BniWA, a. 

Dê^meme' Laai a nian holdsoriginally «f Kimsetf^ s. 
Pu'wieYciang', petty; pronoiuiced pudy, a. 
Trib'une A Roman, ofiicer, civâ or militavy» s^ 

Jwie Tfae sixth laonth.fn»! January, s. 
Je-june' Wanting ; unafFecting, a. 
TH-unef At once three and one, a. 

Zjine Any thing in shape of a half''m<ion ; a fit of lunacy,*, 
7b com-mune' To impart sentiments mutually, v. n. ' 
Prtme A ànêà plam, s. 
To pnme To k>p ^ to clear from excmscences, V. a. 
To re-prune' To prune a second time, v. a. 

'Tkae Hannony ; order; fittemper, s. 
To tune To put into a musical state ; to sing, Vé 
Th UH'tune* To make incapable of barmony, . v. a. 
For* tune Chance ; riche»; a marrtage portion, s. 
Mis-for tune Calamity ; 111 luck,^ s. . < 

To m'poT'-iune^ To teaze with soiicitationa, v. a. 

In^por-iunef Troublcsome by frequency ; > unscasonabte, a. 
G{f>-pof^Apie' SeasonaMe ; conTcnient, a. 
MnrSfhfoT'^wief UnseascmaÛe ; inconvénient, a* 

To-iU-4unef To tune one thdng to another, v. a. i 

jin'o-djpte Hatving power to mitigate pain, a. 
To nufne To gnaw ; to bite> v. a. 

J^Ashedeer; afeat, s. 
iZoci'dbff A speciet ojf deer, s. 

Foe An enemy ; an oppooent^ s. 
SftoeThecoverofthefoot, s. 
TtfjsilMTofitwithasboe, v.a. 

i%/'^e Tfae drcumference <tf a wfaeel, -8. 

She Tfae firuit of the Uack tfaom, s. ) 

Cà-Hoef A boat made of tfae baiic of a tree, a. 
Soe A wooden yeasel for water ; a cowl, &« 
7'otf The extremttiea ol' the footy s. 
MisUle-toe A plant, s. 

7aj|»'loeTheend<tfthotoe,s. l 

To ope To imitate aa an ape, r. a. K 

Ape A kind of monkey ; an imitstor, s. 
Gqte A headland ; tfae neck-picce of a ganoent, t. 
Sc«^ Ëscape, a. 
To Meape To eseape ; to avoid, y. 
jLaiMir«ca^ A prospect of a country; a picturp, s. 
To e-tetpof To pass unobserved ; to get ont of danger, v. 
Bscepe' T)ïg;ht; a^ettingaatof «langer» s. 

6a^ To open the mouth wide ; to yawn ; the a m this 
Word is proBoonçed like tliat in ^ither, and tlie 
Word nearly as if writton garp^ s. 
A'gape' Staring with eagemess, ad. 

Ckape A catch by wfaich any thing is héld ia hs place, s. 
Totkt^Tofonai tomoukl, ▼. a. 
Ski^ Form i ezternal i^ypearance, a* 

.OS Nape 



128 OPE . 

Napê The joint of the neck iMkiiidy «. 
Jhfê Vi^Bt dcHomtioo ; a owtshîBs amaj ; a j^anC,*!.. 
Crûpe A thin stuff, s. 
7b scrtipe To pare Ughtiy ; to cnse, r. 

Scr^^Difficutty; distratty s. . 

To drape To makecloth, ▼. n. 1 

Gr<^ The fniit of the ville» s. 
To trtfe Te ron idy and siuttiihly abonty t. %• 

lape A nanow ftUet or band, t. 
To depe To call, v. a. 
JàeeN'pe A nedioal preuriptioD, s. 
Snipe A biid j a blockhêad, s. 

F^ A tabe; a mufical in itium a ut ; tmo hogtheada^ f. 
Tb p^ To play on a pipe, v. n. 
Wind*fipe The pasnge of the breath» t. 
B^yipe A masical mstnunent, s. 
Uorn'pipe A ktnd of dance, t. 

^/)e Biouj^ht to perfection ht grttvth $ liiatiiney a. 
Ib 1^ To ripen ^ to mature, .T. 
7o.;r^Toboldfiut; toaqaeesa^ tcpbKh^ttebènsT, V. 
Grtpe Gnsp; oppcenioD, a» r ' 

Un-ripef ImmatQfaj tao caiiy, «. 

7r^ PaTt4>f the entraib of eattla, a. 
To «<r//>e To varie^ate with difleuent iiiMf» m, a. ' 

Stripe A Ihieary variation af coloor^ a.laih« •• 
To mipe Tocleanse by nibbing» r«.a» 
W^ An aetofckMBsing; aiepseol^ a. 
€i]ip# Any thiog' wîth which.tha head i« eorered, «• 
Tbcope To cover at with a copa; nUad y r^ 
Syn'co-pe Af^atàB%.ûti acattî^goffpartof awaid^s. 
Os'ie'O'ecfpe Pains in âiebones^ «. 
A-poe'p-pB A ^jnfewhen thelagtletter4irayllablata %tiun ftvay^ 

ÀopeAim; inUaticn; foam$ liberty, s. 
We-tcope A glksft to view diatant éjecta, t. 
Bf'H-^h-scope A sort of télescope fitted to view the son, i^-*- 
JWtfSi'o-Joope A kind ofobNqne perspective glasfly «. • ^ 

ii-jM9R'o-«ope An instrame u tto fbMtel tha changaa ef4he wind,^^ 
Tkerfmo'teopt Am îastmnent to dinorer beat, s. 
Say*o-êtopf An kifltnipient to she^ tha weight of tàe air, s. 
MVero^Kope A magnifying optical instrnment» si 
Iiyfgro''icope An rnstnune»t to-sbear the noittuie of the ahr^ a^ 
M^y-Mtpe A nmltiplyin^glasi, a. 

ir<of«£39eetationofgood$ conftdeoce; asiope, a. 
For-Iom-hope* SoMierB asnt on tha ficstattaefc/ s. 
Lope Prêt of to leap^ 
. 7h tf-&>^rTo rnn avay ; toescape^ v. a 
^n'te-bpe A.goft^ vi^ curled ar wveathed boms, s. v 

Ganfte-lope A miiitary pnnishment, t. 
;£k»>vcf 'ope A mrapper ; an ootarard case, s. 
To in^ierUope' To intercept; to poevent right, v, a. • 
SfopeOtiiÊqpei slanting, a. . 
To/iSqJke Toform or catobliquély, T. 


ARE m 

Shpe Obliquely, ad. 
£Zq^ Anobliqiiedtrectioii; dedi^ity, « 
Mope A rtuiMd tifdcss pervon, ■• 
Tb^mipe To b« gpiritlefls or drovsy, v. n. 
Nùpe Akind 0f iMfd, 8. 
P^ The hishkop of^Rome ; d il<h, 8. 
^it'/f-^opaHetfaatimirpttliepoped^ s. 

lîcj^e Thick oord ; a row of tiimgs depcndiiig» »• 
7b tope Toform into fi^ments^ v. n. • * 

To grope To feel in tfae dârk, v. 
Âtii'an- tkrope A bâter ci mankiad, s. 

Cratk^rope A fidkw tiiat deterves hanging, «. 
Wmn'rùpe A rope belongii^ tu a wa^s^n, 8. 
Trojte A figure in speecli, c. 
&>/>tf See &a/). 

Type An emblème a prtatti^-l«tler^ a stastm fl* 
Ec'éype Acopy, t. .. .i . 

jÊrdk'e'iype Tiie «ri^iaal from wheoce any reflèmblanee is made, s. 
« i^'<f-^jip0 7hat'wfaicburesciiibieilbytbét|r|ie, a. 

iVti'ip-^ Tbe original of a copjT» ^. - , 

i&vPiiiralofthepfetenltciiaeof tiieT«ibtobe» TbyaMs 

ÙHr,jB>r> âto. 

// ' J&40v.Kak«i), |iia«i$ simpie; poor» a. 

''^' To &«iv Tostrip } tùmokeaak^, y. a. 

Thnad^bare Deprived of tbe nap ; 'wom (Mt,-a. 
Care Ufmwwmi charge; regnd, i. 
TbcAre TobeaffèctBd<with$tobeaiuD«a8, ▼.•. 
Tq êcare Tbfrigfat; totcrrif^, ▼. a. 
To d»9 TohaveoouBge; to oiialteiige!» t. 
JDore Défiance, s. 
To oia-éart' To i« i| fa wbe yoad, K. a. 

Fare Provisions j bire oÉ'carIriagfli) s. 
To /are To be in» ilate geûd «r li^, v. A. 
Fid^/are A Inrd, s. * 

,-Ik êr 'ûi i^M e A patsage^m^, s. 
tVelffare Success ; prosperity, s. 
Warffare Military seirice; militaty Ufe» s. 
GoTtf Wool on the legs of sbeep, s. 
Hare A small quadmped, 8. 
To hare Ta fiigbt, ▼. H. 
7b «Aortf To divide ; ta partabeof^ v« ^ 
Share Part; divideod; a p)oagb<-iroii, i. 
Cao i-aref Tbe eggs of a sturgeun salted, s. 

7b biare To baUiMr ; to roar, v. n. 
Totk'clani To maàe kncuwns toproelainky v. 

Tofare To glitter offensirely» or with a ^Icndld sliow, t. m 
To glare To shiae so as dazzle tbe eyef^ t. 
Giare Overpowering lustre, s. 
Mare The female Sa. Uorse, a» ^ 

NglU'flutrm A taorbid <^|kressk>n in tbe night^ 9. 

Nire ÀjKMtril> s. • - 

' G 4 Sna/^ 



Snare A g^in ; a trap, s. 
To sruure To ïninp ; to intangle, ▼. a. 
lo m-sfuuref To intrap, inveigle, mtang:le, r. a. 

To pare To eut off extremities ; to diminisb, v. a. 
To pre-paref To make fit, qualify, ibnn, v. 
To com-pare^ To liken ; to examine one thing hy another, v. 
To spore To be frugal, omit, aUow, forgive, v. 
Spore Scanty, l«m, panimonioiis, a. 
Spare Panimony ; fnigal ose, s. 
Rare $carce ; excellent ; raw, a. 
Wood'sare A kind of spittle found upon herbs, s. 
Tme A weed ; an allovance ia weight, s. 
Tare Piet of (o lear. 
ToMiare To look with wooder or assanmce, t. b. 
iSIfaiv A fixcd look^ s. 
To mtt'Mtmef To ont&ce with effrontery, v. a. 

Square Having ngbt angles ; eqnai ; stout, a. 
SSprate A figure; an instrmnent for meaturing, «. 
Tb sgmare To form wjth rig^t angles ; to fit j to ai^dsti r. 
FouT'tfuare^ Quadrangular, a. 
IfSzTp Cantiouf ( vary, a. 
To voêre To take heed of ; to beware, v. a. 

Iforr Communly fomething to baLSoid, a. 
A'Xaaref Vigilant, attentive, ad. 
To Q-Waref To bewaie, v. n. 
Un-^waref Without thought; suddenly, ad. 
To he^muef To regard vith caution, v. n. 
Mard'ware Ware roade of iron, steel, ^e. $• 
Sware Prêt, of to «wear« obsolète. 

Yare Ready ; dextroûy a. . 
Sa^bre A cimeter ; a sort of nrord, s* 
Ver 'te-bre A joint of the back, '%, 
Fi*bre A smaU tbiead or ttrii^^ a. 
ÙM'bre A game at cards, t. 
A f ère A pièce of land contaming 4840 square ytrda» ti 
Wiee'a-cre A Ibol ; a dunce, t. 
ilfa«',fA-cre Botchery ; mnrder, s.. 
To mat'sa^cre To slau^ter indîscriminately, v. a. 
Chan^cre A venereal iilcer, s. 
iM^cre Gain i pecimiary advantage, fk 
itugffre Enquire ;- teek, Lat 

i^rfBeiore; sooner tban, ad. ^• 
Tocere To wax, y. a. 
Sm-ceref Honest; .pure;, unoorrupt, a. 
/a-«ia-c»rf' Nothearty; dissembling, a. 
7b qf'feref A law term, to oonfirm, ▼. a. 
To m^ter-fere' To interpose ; to clash, ▼. n. 
IV^rp.' Tc>gether, ad. 
Hère In this place, ad. 
7b ad-heref To stick nnto ; to take part with^ v. 
7b m-heref To e^ jt in sometkingelae, ▼. «. 


I RE 1S9 


To cù^heref To stick togelher; to agrée, ^. m 
i^)kere A globe ; an orbicular body, s, 
Jfem'i-^ipkere The half of a globe, s. 
Pian'ispkere A sphère prqjected on a plane, s. 
7h in-tphere' To place in an orb or sphère, v, tu 
To iM-4pkeref To remove from its orb, v. a. 
Al^mo^tpere The air eneompassing thc solid earth, )• 
Tkere Inthat place, rhymes air, cai«, &c. ad. 
fFkere At vhicb place ; ai what place ; ihyme» air, Iciv ad. 
'Some'xvkere In one place or other, ad. 
Eisefwhere In any other place, ad. 
Oth^er-réhere ki other places, ad. 
Ck'poH-ni-^e* A term in fortification, s. Fr. 
Ùm^ri^eref The visor of the helmet, s. 
Ar-ri-€re' The last body of an anny, s. Fr. 
Zjere A lesson^ tore ; doctrine, s.. 
Afere Sach and notbing else, a. 
Mère A pool ; a boiinclary, s. 
Sere Bry; withered a. 
Wood'tere The tioie when there is nosap in the trees^ s. 
Au-4tert* Severe ; rigid ; harsh, a. 
To re^veref To révérence ; to r^ard with awe, r. a. 
Sê-veref Shxcp ; rigid 5 cruel; p^inful; a. 
Toper-M-'Veref To persist in attempt, v. n. 
Were Prêt of the verb to be. 
Eafgre A tideswelling above anothertide, s* 
Mau^gre Notwithstanding ; in spiteof, conj. 
Sepful-thre A grave ; a tomb, s. * - 

O'ckre A particular kind of earth, s. 
Ire Anger ; pasaionate hatjned, s. 
Glaire The white of an egg ; a kmd of halbert, s. 
Sol-i-taire* A recluse; an omamei^t for the neck, s. 
Dire DreadfuI ; dismal, a. 

Pire The igncous élément; any th'ng buming; coorage, s» 
Wtldlfire Gunpowder roUed up wet, s. 
Bon'/ire A fire made for triumph, s. 

Gire A cirele described by any -thing in motion^ a» 
7b krre To engage for pay, v. a. 
Hire Rewavd or recompence; wages, s. 
Cam^phire A white gum, s. . 
San'phire A plant preserved in pickie, a> 
Sap'phire A precious stone, s. 

Skire A divinon of the kingdom ; a cetuity ;- rhymes feaiç 
mère, &c. s. 
Con-ge-d^e^iref Peribission tochoosea hishop, ifaymci dear^ t.. 
Mw^e Mad ; dirt, s. 
To mire To whelm in the mud, v.. a. 
To ad-mire* To regard with wonder or love, ▼. 
To bet-mire* To drag fnr encumber in the mire, r. a., 
fbiagffiâre  shaking marsh,. s, 
, Pii^mire Aaasiti anemmet» a, - • 

G 5 ^WB- 


180. O E E 

Pnem-U'rù'tt VUBcviUltf ; difima; atff> « Uw ttrm» s; 
Es'car'ga'toiref A nursery of snails, s. Fr. 

SerU'toirtf A case of draweri for writîng» s. 
Em*pire InqperifA. power ; région» a. 

Um'pire JknmTbitntQ't *• 

^^cTf A curye.line ; roand pyrunid ; wreath, a. 
To ipir* Tofliooiup pjrrmmidically i to hreaUifc, t. b. 
To a-'iipbt' !>> dnhre eagcrly ; to «im at, ▼. 
« Tofv-^'Ar'Tobreathei torest; ▼. n. 
7b irant-pire'' To émit .in vapour ; to escape froni secrecy, vs» 

Toin tpire' To breatbe or infoae iitto* v. a. ^ 

7b cou j^/re' To plot ; to agrée together, v. a» I 

Ac 'respire A shoot ftom thé end flt seeda» a. { 

fb per-spM To sweat ; to get «ctt^ V. | 

7b nu'piref To iisii ; , to broatbe hard^ ▼. o. 

7b ex'fnref To breathe oot, fxhale, die* cODoludo, r. | 

&re Father, a, 
Ormtd*sin A grandfatlier, a. 

Df^tère' Wish ; eagemeiM lo viaf^ s. 
7b tb-tire' To wiah ; «o long for ; to Mk» r. 

Tirv Rank ; low ; bead-drosa ; iwûtm^ i» 
TolHvTofttigBes tobeiaU^aed; t<Kdraa, t» 
&'lnv A poem cenanriag ncetloUy» JEd 9» 
Jb iv-lir»/ Toretreat ; to withdiaw» r. 
En-Hrtf Whole ; undivided ; cwpkAey s. | 

A-<rVir' Whole s uamixed. a. 
Toai^iref Todrea»; babit; a«ray, v. a. 
Attire' Clothea; apparà; ^lornaofabock» «. 

fiMfr Tweoty-lbw aheeta.of paper ; a body of amger^ a. 
7b qmre To sing iaeo»o«rtf v. n. 
To ohfmnf To gain l/y induatîy ; to purcbaae, v. n^ 
7b re-qwre' To demaiMl ; to make neoeaaary, r. 
' 7tf pre-re-çuiref Todemand pivirioaaiy, v. a. 
7b in^ftàre' Toaak, ae^ ont» exaAÛne, ▼. a. 
E-sqyiref JL title belov a knigh^ a. 
9^ire Métal drawa înto threada, g. 
' /Orr Metalln îta numéral atate, a. 
7b hor9 Tomake a hole; topnab iorwaida, ▼. a* 
Bore.A bole nade by bonog ; aize of a bok, s. 
M^k^hoFÊ A plant; cbristmaa flower» a. 
Oore The heaftor inner part, 8« 
JRn-wre' Agoin ; once oiore, adv. Fr. 

Store MUnt dmirn; on aecowiij debl; ml»; motim; 
the namber 20, a. 
7b âflpfe To inpQte, aet down» laaifc, v. a. 
7b fl-dbre' To worahip ; to love greatly , m, a. 
Mat-Q-dort* A term at ombre or quadrille, a. 
MoVdare A Portugal coin, value 11. Is. 
. ComknO'dore The commander.of a aquadron» t. 
Fore Caming before ; anterioc^ a* 
A-Jore* Before, prep. 

R R Ë 131 

>f.^ytf' UlîmefMist, ad. 
Be-JbM^ \m fboot ; âbove, prep. 
Be-fore* Already ; in tiofte past> ad. 
Tkerefjbre For tbit vsaMD ; in conséquence, ad. 
fVhgre'Jbfe For trlilfth, or Ibr what reason, ad. 
Jlrre'to^re ForoMriy, ad. . 

Gortf Blood; clotMd blood, s. 
Tb^orvTostab; to pierce, ^. a. 
M0f* P«rt <if tor«hesr. 
Skore Aùonti a drain; aprop, B, 
To Mkeir* To ipmç ; Ift ëfipport, t, a. 
A-sksrÊf On shore ; on the laiid, ad, 

IPAore A proititafce ; astrampet; rhymes poor, s. 
To wkott To tibnvtfiie càmally and anlawfully, t. m 
Xore Learniag jf doetrino ; instruction, s. 
Xprr Lott; dortfoyed, a. 
. Bfiif«TlKMStorbloiHi^^^ blâsty s. 
7b de-pioft' To lainibt; «ObeWail, ▼. a. 
To im-plore' To aak, bef, Maèfceh^ v. a. 
Te €om -phrtf To tnilur («Bi^tlftfoa togéther, v. n. 
To ex'phref To tryjtoletfxA' fiMô, t. a. 
Fot'Jore' Deserted ; fonafteos À, 

Mare To a greater deg^ee.; longer, ad^ 
itforr Oratter itf degree» number, oT quantity, a. 
MomJiffSÊiM&njBiuatàtf, degree, 6lc. s. 
Sic'a-moreAtMa, ■• 
iSyc'a-mofv A tnse, a. 
Far'/Aer-mofv Bondes^ ofidrttkiâiBbove, ad, 
Fur^tker-man Besides, ad* 
Evi^r-fiiore^ Alwajrs; etemaUy, ad. 
To ig-norel To be ignorant o^ t. a. 
7b tnore To>tor0af9ie bard In sleep, v. n, 

8nore A noiae aiade in sieep t^rough tbe oosej •• 
Egtgm'pO'foUeaâHlf; witbotxt préméditation, ad. 
IVof « Tbe pnm ; theforè partofasbi^, s. 
S've A place tender and painfcd, 8. 
Sore Tender to tbe toiicb ; painfol, a* 
Are Very mneb, ad. 
JEyjo/tf SomethingOffinisli^totbesîght, s. 

Tl^re Prêt and sometimes part. p£is8.ofto tear. Hir 
fitoreHoarded; laidup, a. 
Aore Plenty; stoclc accutbidatéd; abundance, & 
7b ttOre Tfffdiliièh ; to stock ; to lay op, v. a. 
7b re-^iore' To retriere ; tobring ot give hsidf^ v. eu 
Wore Prêt of to wear. 
Siaoort Prêt of to swear. 
}^reLoiig; ofoMtime; longago, ad. 
Prt A particle indicating priority.^ 
ToUâ-tn-Urr^ To'odlmry, v. a. 

Par-terref A level division of groittidi S» . . «^ 
TbcAir/tTocooasapigeoa» r. '* " ' ** 

Q6 7o 



V R E 


To skirre To actmi ; to tcqâ ; to run in. bàsle ; rfayvies egrr, y. 
ITiefa-tre A playhoiue ; ajsIacQ for public 8be«s, s. 
Am^phi-the-O'tre A circular or oval théâtre, s. 
E-lee^tre Amber ; a mixed métal, s. 
SpecUre An apparition ; «pirit ; phantom, s. 
MeUrê Cadence or measure of verses» s. 
Pe'/rvNitre; salt-petre, s. 
Sali'pe'tre Nitre, k. 

ilfiYrtf A bishop's cap ; also a term in joinery, 8, 
At'/re A kind ofsalt, s. 
. Tofdftre To clôt togetber, ▼, a , 
Am^tre A carêorden, s. 
On'/reTbemiddle, s. 
To cenHrt To place on a centre ; to rest on, v. 
7b con-oenUre To cofse to one point, v. n. 

ScepUre A royal ensign carried in the hafitl, à 
. Bù*ire A colour maùde with chînmey-JBOoty s. Fr. 
lif/'ifre Brigfatness ; emineoce, s, 
Xadl-Ai«'/f« Waottng brightneis, a. 

Ap4ut-tre The ensign in sea veasek, s. Lai 
7b éK-tou^tre To (bess; toeqntp, v. a. 

I7rf Practice; use, s. 
JtbgrH^-jnire' A man's cloak, s. Fr. - 

Cb'^ A remedy ; the^nploynient of a cvr^W, s, 
7b €ure To heal f to restore to heakfa, ▼. a. 
Si^ne-atre An oifioe without employmcBt, s. 
Se-eure' Free from fear or danger ; safe, a. 
Tote-cure' To make &8t; toprotact^ r. a.. 
ïn-st-cure* Not safe ; not secnre^ v. a. 
Vn-ie-ture^ Notftecuré^' a. 

jEp'^curv One giyen to luxury, s. 
7bp/io-cufv'Tomapage; obtain; pimp, T. 
Ob-tcuref Dark ; diificolt ; not known, a. 
To oh-fcure* Todarken^ to make less iatelligible^ v. a. 
Gare-ob-tcure^ |4ght and sbade inpainting, s. 
Todure^o last; to continue, v. u. 
7b ad~uref To bnm up, v. a. ' 

7bc7i-dz/re' Tonndergo; sustaîn; bear^ last; brook, t. 
Ver'dure Green colour ; greennesa, s. 
Or'dt/rff Dung ; fiith, 8. 
Coiffure Head-dress, s. 
SUioiffitre Head-dress, s. 

Fighire Number ; shape ; image ; penon ; type, s. 
"ToJIgfttre To form into auy shapr, v. a. 
To ^r<^/§^ttivTo represent beforerhand, v. a. 
To cun-fgfjure To d spose into form, v. a. 
To diS'fg^ure To deform, niangfe, deface, r. a. 
7b /ran*^^'j/« To trànsform, v. a. 

Ta ab-juref To reject upon oath ; to quit religion, v. t. . 
^Tb adjure' To ohs^rge in God's nsime, v, m, 

JU'vreA French sLiUing, «. 1 

«. »' 



U R E 133 

To tn{M' Toannoy; to huit nnjiistly, T.a. 
To con-jun* To etveiniolemnljr; to conspire, ▼. a. 
To con'JÊin Topractise enchantment» v. n. 
To per'jwrt To fbrewear, ▼. a. 
Fer'jure Albmvoni peiacAii s. 
To lure To entice $ to caU hawkf^ ▼• a. 

iMn An énticeiDeDt,' 8. 
SoiUure Stain ; poUtitioDi j. 
To al4ure* To entice, v.a. 

Vie^ure' Velvet, s. . ' 

Mure A wali, 84 
To mure To incliMe in wallfl, y. a. 
Con-tr^-mure* An out-wall buik aboat the nam wall, éI 
JM umre f Oiave; aflectadiy andest, a. 
To im^muref To îndoie, confine, sbut in, ▼. a» 
Cbaa^tef tmtref A wali behind another wall, s. 
Ma^nuref Dung; soil to be Jaid on land, s. 
To ma^mare^ To duog ; to cvitiTate, y. a. 

Te^nure A condition by which a man et^oyi an estate, a 
1b ift-uref To babitnate ; to Inring iato me, t. a. 

Fure UnsuUied ; chaste; nnoorni|it, a. 
To dv-pttref Toffeefrom impùiities, ▼. a. 

Jm-pùre* Unholy ; nnehaite; droasy, a> 
f^'vtW/wv Having legs of an equal lengtfa, a. 
Sure Certain; safe; firm, a. 
Sure Surdy ; eertainly, adi 
Pteat'ure Deliglit ; gratifioâion ; ehoice, s. 
Tbp/leax'ureToplease; to gratify, v.a. 
Die-pkas'ure Uneasmess; ofience; anger, s. 

Meag^wre That wliich gives quantity to any thîng; cadence in 
Tene; time in anisio ; degree; portion, 8^ 
To meas'ure To compote or allotqnantity, ▼. a. 
Meas^ure Ways; means; actions; proceèdings, s. 
To out-meat'ure To exoeed in measnre, v. a. 
Treat'urt Wealth hoaided or laid up, s. 
To treasfure To hoard ; to lay up, ▼. a. 
To in-treas'ure To lay up, v. a. 

Ra'ture A scraping ont of writing, Ut, s. 
^ Jn-^'ure A eut; an apertnre, s. 
Ln^sure Freedom firom business, s. 
Cork-sure^ Coqfidently certain, a. 
To em-turef To ascertain ; to niake certain ; to secure^ v. a. 

Cen^ture Blâme ; judgment ; reproach, s. 
To een'ture To bkune ; to condemn, t. a. 
Teit'sure A stretching or being atretched, s. 
Ton^sure A dipping or shavingof hair, s. 
LV#ttiv' Not certain ; notfixed, a. 
Oo'sLre An inclosure ; end ; conclusion, s. 
Kn-ch'sure The act of encloaing ; ground enc!osed, s. 
Vis-do' tnre Discovery ; a reveaJttng of any secret, s. 

C^'nty-^, s. 
Cçm-po' sure OtHoxi fonm; frame; disposition, s. 


DMb^ofN-fo'iure TrouUé ; dmofAer,.** 

J^.^(jMvDifpQnl$ posture; tteta^ •• 
Ex-boffure SiUmtkn*, tbecxpoiingtoriglit, t, 

Marfwn The act ofbitÎQgy 9, 
* Tbot-Aov' To make secsn or o w ifl da H, t. «. 
£n-&r«-«ttr»' BattlwniÉI ; aa «rMûig in a w«U, «• 
iVer'iwfv Force; fanpwiriop ; «flKetkmi s. 
Jm^ret'sure Amarfc ipiide.fcy ywo re, t. 
CbM-^rer'jurv ApresBUigagamBt^BMtber, f. 
' OftaU'êr'ffet-4iere Opponte fome, t. 

£J^-plnBr'i«re£zprea•ion; utteranoe; fmtti i. 
Scit^turt A crack ; veat^ flwiivéy s. 
Bi^mn Aeteft; a«haaai^ s. 
Qnd-rû^Jit*mrt A crack uT tte iMl ofpoiMtf'tt^^bél^ tftè blow was 
. ifiven, a. 
Cmrmtt'iwreAyMoX, a. 
Qau^nert GoofineDMot, d. 
Cit'Aa-iarvAfilKliDgQftkeariMeotÉWtoefabody, s. 
J»>rfw«MW Power of distriboÉini; >M«ii»e» t. 

PUefa-ture Feld; ^bdbls, s; 
Da^p^t-oMtcrv AfoÛy a. 
Marfea-iure The practiee of Irarfinf^aild sdli^g, t. 
ASifidfit4wrt Mutual eatk oflUMky, g. 

Fea^turt Auf ainglepart, or ttHe caflt ef the Iboe, s. ■ 
Tbfea'ùire To resembie ineouvteiiaooek ▼. a. 
Dtf-^/iire Altération ofcoortaaaiice m* featu^, s. 
Oreaftun.A tliiag creataA, a «lepeadeat ; a Word or OQnteopt 

as a«ll artenAeraen, t. 
Vg'a^re Ahuaàmge-y anf'tlhkig bonne en, fli 
JVtta'iM-AveTkeoAeaaf simneio^ s. 
^'iSMMaivAbeiDghaanMredintoleai^, 8. 
Mtn*i-<t4urt Repw w, rt ■! leii in a «naît «anfwtfs, s. 

â!rri(a.<lare DitpQfltian ofstrin, a. 
Bre^vi-^i-tiire An ahbicviatian, ib 
Ah-hre^m-^-ture A mark nnd for the mka of ahortânhig^ s. 

Ei^-iab'ia-ttire A tenn inarch i t ^wliire , a. 
Aimt-ea-dSii'/irre; A vocabulary, s» 

Cd^a^ure The art ef cngrariny, a. 
iVv/'a /tire The state or dignity of apnriafee/ s. 
Cbi'a-ftfyv The artef atraining, ormatter stmmed, r. 
ijeg'h'la4ure The power that malcea lavt, s. 
ilfis-^iire' Ripe ; vell digetted,. a. 
To ma-turef To ripen, ▼. tu 
Pn-mAUuref TùohBOty ; to^early; ripetooaoon, a« 
/i'nw-terrFilingsof auynwttle, s. { 

Œ^ma^twe The saine wkh dimate, s. 
/m-MM-^tf'Notripe; notpeifiBet; toohasty» a. 
jlu'aui-lifyv Armour, a» 

Jf^imt The original state or regnlareoiitseof thhigs, %, 
5tf 'ne-/»» A niack ; a letftsr todistfangaish the flbeettof a hook, s. 
/â« W/tonr Habitai Buderoleiicey s. 




Or^na-tur» Decorytimi ; > W B M ae iit» «> 
Quttd^rtt'ture A beiiig aqiMve^ m 
Tem'per-a'ittn CwtotiÉÎ rt ioi|of JMlMie; ■Mdioejrjtfi ». 
/}i-<c»W-a-/K}« Ezcets <tf someqiMility» •.' 
Dù'tem'pero'iure Int(e»iiiiiÉtfiWi| «■faiiq n» i. 
Uifer^a4yre Learnki^, <• 

Gj/r'por^a^ttn Th« itaÉ» of Mn^ «ÉbodM, 8. 
Ser'rthtun iDdenturerfike tectfa «f «mrs» s* 
Diefia^iure The office of a dietatOTy t. 

Suu'ure Tb« h^^ of any miiaia]» s. 
Cbr'pa-/ii}v CrookedneiB; inilc3qon,ar 

Fhc'ture The act or maimer of aislDBg'aH^illiilg, S. Fr. 
MwMt'fKkià» Aaj. tbing^ Boade by ait, i. 
7b man-urfocHure To form by wôitenansbip, r. a. 
Gom-pacf <Z0V StracteOB ; €oaipagiiiatioa,ti. 

Tofrac'Utre To break a booe» t« a. 
i\^«c-<iisf Oonaund $ efteeof ^pavemoient, a^ 
JDê^'ture The ezeremeni^ s. 
Conrjec*ture Qiiess ; coaoqpëoo^ t. 
7b coR^'teM To giie«» ▼. a. 
pTihjeeUure A jatting ont, «. 
To kc*ture To read lottines; to mprinand, ▼. 
LKfturt A disoeurte oa a solioct) a w^inâuÊÂ^ &> 
Cbr'teta-/0c-/»iv A kctaure fron a «ife ia bed, «. 
Ank^i-Ue-ture The scieBoe ef imildiq^ s. 
Vte'iure Caitiage» s. 
Picfture A rennblaiiee in eotoars» c 
3lpw'lHr«kTopaiat; to Nfresen^ ▼• a. 
Mk'ture A gaping, >. • 
Stnefiun A oontiaotiaB ; a sligkt tottcb, s. 
Gnc'ture A bdt; a laah ; a ring» s. 
7!ne'<iire Gotoar ; infasko; eatsact cf dnig»^ 9k 
To tmc'ture To coloor ; to imboe^ v. 
Vmefturt A binding, i. 
Junc'iure Critioal tame; joint, s. 
Cot^jitnfi'iun Critioal time'; coiBbinatidn, s., 
PimeUure A tmall prick or haie, i. 
De-eoc^Éwm Su—Miîng' dntwn by décoction, & 
Stnte'tMT^ Igdilioe:; SoKm ; nakc^ t^ 
Gm-ffruc^£!tf'tf Pile ; buUdiog, s. 
Su-per-^rucHitre What is bniit apon aamattang elae> ». 
Qmue'éitn A isass fonncd by tioagolftioa^ s. 
WafUtre The act of waving, ■. 
pt-am'bi^ure The time of iakiag to<oae^ bed m a diM«^ * 
For-fàHurt A thing ftirfeited» •• 
Cmlû-iva» A tweetnieat, b. 
'D%i'<ùmffi"iur^ I^oss of baittla } owerthn^r, s. 
CwnffMire A sweetmaat» aoenfectionya. 
FU*i4m Tbe gtoflf Kiraa bqr paiiAiDc,»; 


136 u R £ 

Hi-mo'gên'i^ure Senîontjr ; cUenhip» s. 
^w^ni-ture Fumiture ; omanieiity s. 
JFîcr'iit-tere Moveables ; goods'; deoontioilSy s 

Voi-turtf Carrùige^ i. Fr. 
Ku'tn-tire The povcr of noanabÎBgyS. 
Ktmr'i'iure Education ; inititutioD, s. 
Jfht^ûbtre Manner of benug'plaiCed, a. 
ÎM^wi'H-iure Tbe afittff giving poticmion» s. 

Ctd*tun The act of CttltivaitioD, a. 
Ag*ri<ulrture Husbandiy, s. 
HorUi-€ul^iure Art of caltiTatiog ganta», s. 
fiî^'ic/-â(rv iBtatBCDt ; borial, a. 

Firf'ter» A bird of prey, a. 
De-beuftttre A writ by wÛch a dèbt ia claimed, a. 
In-dtnUurt A covenant; or deed, a, 
CaLf en-tan Tbe aun-ferér, frei|iient at lea, «« 
To vem^tmrt To date $ toaend a ventare, ▼. 

yim'iure Hazard ;^ hap ; a tbing at itake, a. 
Ad'tenfùuw Aoddent'; chanoe; enterprine, s. 
To ad-venUnre To try the chance ; to ^6aa% t. n. 
Per-ad-venfture Perhaps ^ by ohanœ, ad. 
A/ù'od'vmfture Mischance ; (in ]aw) manalanghter, a* 
/Wtt'Atfv The ait of paintÎQg, s. 
Tatn'imrt Taint ; deffiement, a. 
At'tMitart Repmach ; imputation, a. 
MnUurt JSstete aettled on« wife, a. 
Cap^ture Prize$ act of taking, s* 
RapUure Extacy ; transport ; rapidity, a. 
To en-rt^Hure To ftranqfiort wièh pleasnre, t. a. 
Scrip'ture The BiUe ; the aacied vritiiig, a. 
Seulp^iurt A carred work, s. 
Totaûp'lure To eut ; to engrave, v. a. 
Ja-ëetdp ture Any thing engrared, s. 
Pron^Uare Suggestion, s. 
J)e~par'ture A going away ; deatb, a. 
Ojyer-lurt Offer ; proposai of kindneas, a» 
Q'ver-ture An opening ; a proposai, s. 
Cm'tr-Utrt Sbelter ; state orff a manied wornan» s. 
IhrHure A dormitory, s. 

Tor'ture Pain ; angaish ; sort of'punisfaraent, a. 
To tor'turt To puoish by torture j to vex, v..a. 

NwUure Food, diet, s. 
To nur*iitre To edueate ; to bring ap, t. a. 

Pat^ture Land fur grazing ; food ; éducation, s» 
To patUure To graze, v. a. 
Re*p(uHwre Entertainment, s. 

£i'iure Violence ; commotion, a» 
Gts^iure Action ; posture ; morement of the bod^y, s. 
To get'hire To aocompany with action, v. a» 

VetUure A garment ; dress^ s. 
Di'Vti'iure The act of puttini; vff, s» 



A s £ 137 

Moà'ture Small qoaotity of Uqaid, s. 
In-tûUure C^onstancy, or regularity, s. 

fitsHure'Vl^ce ; situation ', disposition, s. 
Thpot'ture To put in a particular place or disposîttonj ▼.«• 
Jm-pos'ttire Cbeat, s. 
Com-pot^ture Soi! ; manure, s. 

FuHure Not past ; not présent ; to corne, a» 
Fu'ture Time to corne, s. 
Tex'lure Web ; manner of weaving ; form, s. 
Con-'iexfiure An interweaviug ; . a System; s. 
Jn-ter-texUure A miogling one among anotber, s. 
.Fix*ture Any thiiig ûxed to tbe premises, s. 
Mixfture A mixihg ; mass formed by mixing, «. 
AdrfnixUwre Tbe body miugled witb anotber, s. 
Cojw-Mtx'cure A mingling ; compound, s. .. 

In- ter-mixf taure Masis formed by mingling, s. 

Coa-fiez^ure Act of bending ; form of auy thing beat, % 
Com-p!ex'ur€ Involution of one tbing with auotber, s. 
Fix ure Position ; stable state, s. 
Jia'zure Act of erasing^ s. 
Seà'wre The act of seizing, or tbe thiog seîzed, & 
Vowre Portion given with a wife ; rhymes hottr, ■• 
Gyre A circle, s. 

L^re A harp ; a musiaal instniment, s. . 
Pyre A pile to be bumt, s. a 

Baie Méan ; vile -, wortbless, a. . 
Btue Tbe bottom of any thing, s. 
7b a-^die' To briug low ; to humble, ▼.a. 
To de-boMe' Ti> lessen ; adulterabe ; dégrade, t. a. 
7b «m-^Me' To nnpair ; dégrade; make worte, t. a« 
Ptit^anrbiue A kind ôf rufal p]ay, s. 

One A box j sheath ; state of any thing, s. 
7b in-ease^ To coyer ; to inclosc, v. a* 

Ptjg'cate A pincusbion, s. 
7b wt^cate^ To uncover, v. a. 
Stmrfca$e T4ie part that contains the staîrs, s. 
i>oor'M«^The frame of the doer, s. 
7b lUt-tatef To strip ;. to undress, v. a. 
ffai'eaie A box for a bat, s. 
Fox' cote A fox's skin, s. 

E<ue Re^-t from labour ; comfort, s. 
Th ease To relieve ; assuage ; slacken, v. a. 
To eease To leave off ; to put a stop to, a. 
De-eease* Departure from li& ; death, s. 
Tode-^eate' To die ; to départ from Ufe, v. n, 
To tur-ceatef To be at an end ; to stop, y. 

I^ate A temporary contract for land% Stù» s. 
7b ieaie To let by lease, v. s. 
7b /etu0 To glean, ▼. n. 
To re4eatef To set free ; to qnit, v. a. 
Rt^eaMef Dismission from obligation or paifl, t. 
Toji^Qie To ddight; to gite^leasure, y. ' 


38 i S E 

Ti£t-ttm*'ToolSalii tbXtgott, *. a. 

AawPl.ofpea; pces; fbodofpeatt, i: 
n^fMK'Toqnret; topacify, T. ■. 
CMntAptaitorMd, k 
TocrvaHTomajkforlblding, T.n. 
Tbit-iTtaie' Tognm]eMi todîmiidih, t, n. 

J)Ê-trtiai' A grtmiegtaa ; decay, «. 
To Dt-nroK' To frow, «■ make more or greitcr, v, 
Jti~ertaitl Anginentatioft ; produce, Icc. ■• 

GnoK Soft {xttof fit; ditessein bnwt, k - 
IhgrtaiTnmotatinOittti tobribe, v.o. 
Tbiv-^HHfTDdanbwiftifitmattcr, v.o. 
Ftrrf'i-fiTOM'nienittofbnra, i. 
Dii-tait'-T>^>aniiet ; rickoen, t. 
Torfw-WH'Toafflict; tonnrtt; pain, t. 
TofcoKToconibwwil; toïes, r. a, 

Ckir Pnniiit of game, <cc. station for iMRttt, I. 
TirtiiMc Td buDt ; pursne; drive, t, k, 
nv&^uMrUoH A tbolish pumit, i. 


if mm nm 

<> v 


To etr^euHKke Tociit tke psepvce» .t. •• 
G>ii-aftf' Brief ; short»- a. 
f jr'tfr-oie EmploymeDt; ufe$ atMk, s. 
7c es* er -cite Toemploy ; to practise, ^v. a. 
To tx*oT-àte To cast ont «vil apirits ; to adjure, v. a. 
iWa-d^feGardenoTEdeB; ptoceofblui, 8. 
To m-par'a-tlue To n^ake happy» ¥. a. 

Merekan-dùeTtttiERc; oûramerc^;- wares» s. 
To mer^tkan^-dite To trade ; to traffic, ▼. n. 
To meth^o-dite To regulate ; to dispose in ovdeiv v. a^ 
GtdM-ardriH^ TAmmenlii fWMbartat gaiety» ii Ff. 
/W^MircMie' Fornication, s. 
To dasfiardritt To intiinidate» ▼. a. 
To cat^e-dttwe To instract by .asiûnf; queftio»» T. a* 

/Wm'dUie Privilège ; immunity,. s. 
Tofran'ckat To enâniehise ; to maJ^e free^ T. a. 
Tb^f^ran'eiùcToiiialiefireey v.a. 

To en-fnmfchise To admit to the pnv'ùfigm ^ â freesMa» 9« •• 
To dis'franUÀite Tadepmc of cbarterad rif htty ▼. a. 
To mon^arch'ite Ta pjay.the klof, ▼• ^ 
7ô e-ter^mi-ift Ta oiâie-atenii^^r immorta^^T. «r 
7b not'u^rai^ To âdnîitrtô nativfrpriwilcgai» ;V* •• 
7« du-md'u^rel-ite TofiaakèalMNi, -.t.,^ 
. 7be'|fiMi^>tfeTâiBa1ç»av«B, Vtik • 
*Afi«f issue, lâw tann». Sb Ar.- ' 
De-f/it^'Dsath ; ■ deccui», 9. - 
To de^se* To gràatat one^s ésmilk, -f • ar 
7b pre^rnse^ To lay dôwn preipises» ^t, jb 
7b nf-^ton'o^mise Jb fflwreMthe same by diffixiSDl irÉi4% «• •• 
Prom'ise Déclaration of abeneflt iattndadj ■• 
7b prom^Ue To.gimr one's word ; 'to aMm», v; 
Breakirom'ite Qpe who nsually briei^ hi» irard/ s» 

Cbm 'pro-iawt A refereaco ta anofcbar ; • bai^ain, ia. '. 
7b com'pro-mise To adjusît a oompiaot ; toagree, w. a« 
7be-^/'b-m/«eToab6traet| todiminish, v.a* 
7b sur-mise* To suspect ; to imagine, v. a. 
Sur-mise* Imperfect .notion; suspicion, a»' 
Pre-aur-miseï Snrmise prevlously fbrmad, •• 
7b man'u-mise To set %êe, v. a*. 

An'ise A species ofparsl^, a« 
Toree^og-nise To aaknowladge; tpro fwrairfaa, v. a*- 
To iyr'an-nise To play the tynmt, t. n» 

7b cd^o-nite To plant with inhabitaata, ^w, 4« 
7b pai^ro-mse To proteût; to couateBMiia, v, a. 
7b giut'ton-iM To play the ghittoo, y. a. . ^ 

7b modtern.'Ue To reduce ancie^it tomodam» ▼. t* 
Toe'/er-nûcToiaake^ndlesai to peiyaMiate/ f ^^U ' 
iSToirtf Any^cound $ euicryi «lamMir* C 
7b »o/fe To spread a report; ta Sound load, ▼. . 

Poûtf .Weight; balaaoe; logqjaiing poii^y a» 
7b poMeJob^laôpoi weigh^ «yproH» .▼«tV* 



140 I S E 

E^'ui-poite Equality o( ««iglit ; equilibimtioB, s* 
TocountUr-paiseToeouakeibÊàsDcef v.a. 
Countkr-poùe Equivalence of wdght, s. 
Too^ver^poite To outwetgb, v. a. 
Tor^toue A testaceous animal, s. 
Tttr'qttoùe A kindofpreciousstone, s. 
To dfs-pùef To scom, coadeosB, abfaor, v. a. 

To rite To get up, çrcm, increaae, be imlproTed, t. 
i2fM Bçginning j incTease; asceut, s. 
To a-rite^ To get op, ▼. n. 
7b «oRc'/iMi-rà» Td sbelter in a sanctiiary, t. a. 
Glcp'aifj>db-/rife' Asortoffence, s. 

Grite A step or scaleof tteps, t. 
Verfdi'grke The tJigiiÂhnUt t. 
Suit'rrw Morning, s. 
7c» au'tho-riée To empower; to give authority, v. a. 
T^^s-cu'/ko-rise To deprive of crédit or authorityi t. a. 
To m'gnor»m To kird over, v. a. 
To tem'pO'rise Ta delay ; to oomply with the timei, ▼• a# 
7b con^tgm'pO'rûe To make contemporary^ v. a. 

/Vif» Re^rard gaîned by merit; pinnder, t. ' 
7b parité To vaHie^ eatoeni, ratej ▼. a. 
He^nte* Seizuie by way of retaliatian, «• 
£i»-frMe' An attemptof danger; anenterpriMj t. ^ 
7b eom-pritef To oontain ; to inclode, ▼. a. 
jEia'iler-^meAhasaidousundertaking; prcjeet, s^ 
To en^Ur^prite To eMay^ ; to attempt, t. a. ' 

Sktr'prittf Sodden oonforion, s. 
. TaMtfk^TMt' T^take nnawafes ; to perplex, ▼. a* 
7b tmt-prùef- To miitake; todespiae, ▼. a. 
Tbi^rice'Toriaefroindecunibiture, t. n. 
Ùp'rite Appearance aboive the horicon, t. 
Site Contracted ftwn assise, s. 
7>va'<r«e Awrittendisconne, s. 
Topràc^iité To use» exercise, do^ transact^ t. 
Gw'ef -lie Covetousness, s. 
irar'nBtf.^Aiiltiotity; security, t. 
7b ai-^cer-Mtef Toinforai another ; to publîsh, r. a. 
Tbitf-oer'ItfeToplease; todivert, v. a. 

MorUite A tenu in cairpenlry, s. 
7b c-mor'lMf Toalien lands, &c. to any corporation, ▼. a» 
7b €ka-4ite' Topunish ; to bring to order, v. a. 

Thtt'ite A ftame for shoeing onmly horses, s. 
7b ad-vùe* To gif« adrice ; to causait, v. 
7b db-oûe' To continue, eonsider, bequemth, ?. 
7b rt'mte' To re-acamine, t. a. 
iU^vStef A proof re-emnined or reiFiewed, s. 
Guite Maniier ; praetice ; dress, s. 
Oik'er-gmte OfamAher kind, a. 
7b éu-ptuef Tàoonoeal, disflgufe, deform, ▼. a. 
Dit-gmtcf A'dresKtodeoeive; apretence^ s. 



O SE 141 

7b hruite To Kurt wtth bloirs, ▼. a, 
Bruise A huit in the flesh» ■» 
7b«tf-^r-cwe'Tooverkx>k; tointend, t. a. 
IVise Judgin^ rightly ; skiliiil, a. 
fVise Manner ; way of beiag or actimg, s». 
Uke'xoise In Uke manner ; alao, ad. 
L^ngth'xcise Aocording to the lengt-h, ad. 
No'wise Not in any manner or degree, ad. 
WeatVer-wise Able to foretel the weather, a. 
OM'«r-{ri<e In a difforent manner, ad. 
Slani'wûe Obliquely, ad. 
Ai-leasOwite To say no more. 

i^o&e Nottnie,notjtt8t,notreal» a« * 
EUe Other, one boides, pron. 
EUe Otherwise, adv. 
Mtdie Wineboiled and honey, a. 
Puhe Motion of theUood; pease, iieJ a, 
To jmUe To beat as thepulse, t. n. 
Ap'puke Act of striking against any thing, s. 
To tx^ulsef To drive ont, ▼. a. 

Inntulsef J)a\\; insiptd; heavy, a. 

Traniff' A tempOFaryabfianceof the fonl; anecstasy, a. 
D€tueC}oBe; compact, a. 
To eoh-dentef To make or giow thtck, ▼. 
Con-densef Thick; close, a. 
To iv-eoii*<fe»«e'Toooodenfleanew, v.a. 
/fli-mffi» ^ Unlimited ; inanité, a. 
iW-;»efiii0' Conirived beforehand^ a. 
To eom-peruef To reqnitej to make amends, v. a. 
To rac'oNi-penM To repay, requite, redeoD, v.a. 
To dii-petue' To distribute, exempt, excuse, v. a. ' 

Sente Facultyof perceiviiig; meaning, opinion^ s. 
Tense A variation of the vorb to tignify ^me, s. 
7«n«eStretehed; notlax, a. 
&r6'l»ireThechord(tfanardk, s. 
. Glo-botef l^erical; round, a. 
y^r-hoie* Exubérant in woids; proKx, a, 
Mor-^oiff Proceedmg firom disease, a. 
Pu^'i-cote* Abounding wlth lleas, ^ 
Te-neh-ri-cotef Dark; gloomy, a. 
Cbr-/i-^oitf'FaUofb«rk, a. 

Jo-€ote* Merry; giventojest, a. 

Voêe Enough ai one time ; a medicinc, s. 
04e-o$e! Oily, a. 
JRu'goie' Fullofwrinkles, a. 
Hôte ^nseches; stockings, s. 
Ckote Prêt, gf to choose. 
Stu^'ue-tkose AUifi»; akîekshaw, s. Fr. 
Trunk^hote Large breecbes, a. . 
Tomei-ik4nor'pfiote Totransfoon, v. a. 
T^ot^Phiralofthat, pron. 

fVhose Genitâv« oC who aad whkh^ rhymes ehaose, &c. pron. 





JOe-tiéPi-ote Mie; lasy; k w rty ,-». 

To/oftf Tosufferlon; toJbH; toidotioyy 
. TbobieToahut; toend; tQ^oëtesoe^ ▼. 
Ctote A small cndosedlieid, s» 
' Obie A^pftiise; a eoneliiSMii, ■. 
Cbie Shut fast ; {MTrate ; ooocIm, «• 
Tq/brVhdMe'To tkntiip; topreéhule, T.a. 
72»ra-cfofe'To«ocoiiqia8; tftfineein» ▼•a. ' 
Toun-^ote^ To aptm, ▼. a. 

iVr-db«e'Coiichinoii; iMfepart, i^ 
To dù-dotef To tdt, reveal, disoovcr^ v. •• 
ifa-^-ib<e' Ont of breath, a. 

TogkueTcLÉBtkar; to coHonfuet t. a. 
[St-He-u^osef Husky^ lall oflnnli^ a. 
Cal-cu^hsef Stony; gritty, a. 
Tu-fw-fefe'FalloClûlIf, tu 
ila-t-flMw' Fttl] of apirit, a. 
J^^ Part ofthe laoe, a. 
7b iMieToblaiÉers fiioe; onpCNM; êcent, ▼. 
F«ii-«-iioie'PoiiQiiou8; TcwmoMi, a. 
Ar^t-note' Sandy^ a. 
^NH%-»4Mre' If ada affine «beat» a. 

Cn-note^ Hairy, a. 
Cop^per-note A rednofia, t. 

OoM Soft mud; slima; vprm^^ a. 
Toooie To flow bfy steahfa; tonm gentiy, v. it 
Pooie A stall for aeo«r, s» 
GooM A fowl; a tayiai ^tim i, «. 
To chooteTo make ckclkie of ; to seleet» ▼. tu 
To hôte To nnhind, wtr Aree^ set ml; ▼. 
Looie Vwkaawd ; wanton; lax, a. 
To wriootei ToKtJoose; tolkll inpfeces, v. 
Mpotei AmJmattWÊOkéteTy -¥. 
Aboie A runningknot; atrap, 8. 
To noote To tie m'a aooM, v. a. 
To pose To puzzle ; to examine, t. n. 
To de^tef To lay dotrai ; degiade; beurwîtM». t, 
To re-pote' To liy to rest ; lay up ^ cooilde ÎB, v. 

Re-potef Sleep ; xest ; quiet, a. 
To pre-fotef To put beibre, v. a. 
To im-posef To eijoifi as â duty; ta décore, ▼. a. 
Im-pose' Commasd; injimetion, s. 
To com-pote' To quiet j settlei, puttogether, v. a. 
To re-eom-pose* To quiet anew, v. a. 

Topro-pote' To offer for oonsiderafcion, ▼. a. 
To ap'potef To questioa; to examine, ▼. a. 
To op^potef Toact against; to obî«ct ina dispute, t. a. 
Tb «t^^iff'ToIaydownwitliotttpraof; tolinâgine» ▼. a« 
Sup-posef Supposition, 9, 
Tofre-tf^-pote' To suppose as pretioas, ▼. n. 
7© inrter-pose' To médiate ; to plaee betireeil, v^ 
^W^j<wihlaiMtaai;.efiKtf'«xainplO| m 



k SE 14S 

Topvrfpoie Tointend ; to resoWf, t. a. 
Todk-posef To prépare; a^apt; incline; bargain, r. 
Thpre-dig'potef To adapt beforehaod, v. a. 
Toin-dw-pow'Tomakeunfijt; todisorder, v. a. 
To irant-potef To put eac|»ln the place oftheothery t. a. 
Rose A flowen -i. 
Hosfi-PrtA^ 6fto risc. 
A-^oie* Prêt of to arise. 
Tu^he-rcte A sweet-smelling ilower, t. 
Ob^r-oftf^ Labortous ; iull of troable» a. 
ilfo-rtwe'Sour oftemper; peevish, a. 

Prote Languagenot resUained to BU9ibers> s. 
To iote To comb wool, y. n. 
S-dem-^'iosef Swelling; fallofhumouTf, a. 
Com-ot'tue' Much giventoslef^, a. 
Ae»€-totef Containing tucïâ», a. 
A'-quote> Watery; Uke wat<9r« 4. 
SSI-i-ftioje' Hàving apod» a. 
Ae-in-ùêe' Having strong powera, a. 
7^i!a|pMTolosethepropertane^ £UI; glUey r, 

LapteVXàmi &]]; smallerror, s. 
Jl'kipÊe' Graduai entrance; sodden attadc» s. 
To€oi4upgef Tocîote together, v. n. 
Inrier-lapiéf Time between two éventa, s. 

6£Mpw Aweakfiûnt Ught; ashoirt vicnr, a. 
To in-eorpte' To incorporate, ▼• a. 

ffearte A cariiage for the dead, s. • 
To re-heartei To repeat; to recite previoiislj^* y. a. 
CoarteVA^'j rude; notfine; trhymes -force, a» 
HoarM HaYiqg the voice roogh, rbymos foroi^ a. 
To porto To résolve b^ grammar.rule^ T. 
Sane A fine hair sievé, s. 
Hene A carnage for the dead, s. 
7bA«rfeTopiitintoaherse,*v. a. '^ 

Toin-hertef To put into a funend monument, v. a. * 
To im-menef To ûnk or put under water, v. a. 

Jm^mejne' Buried ; covered ; 8un(^ deep, a. ^ 

To tperte To disperse, ▼. a. - 
Toa-^pertef To slander; to censure, v. a. * 

To dU-pertef To aeparate ; drive away ; scatter, v. a, ^ ^ 
To in-ter-tperte* To mingle hère and there, v, a. » T 
Terse Smooth ; deanly written ; neaX, a. , 
Toah-êlertef To cleanse; to purify, v. a. 
Verse Poetry ; a paragraphe s. ^ 
A'versef Notfavourablef contrary, a. 
Trao'erse CrosswWe; atbwart, ad. 
TVtsoUrse Thruu^ erosBwjse, piep. , \ 

Traoferse Lying acfoss ; lying athwart, a. t 

TVao^erse Any thinç laid or built acro^» s. 
Totrao'orse To cross ; to wander over, v. a, , 

To trao'ersÊ To use a posture oC opposition^ t. 9« 
7bfti6-wn«^l^'overthrow; to subvert, v. a. 



S S E 

AéPvene Contiâry ;' calamitous, a. 
7b e^versef To overthrow , to defctroy, r. a« 
To re<}€rte* To repeal, contmdict, OTertum, v. a. 
lU-verte* Opposite side ; change, s. 
Di-verse^ MuHiform ; différent ^ iinlike, a. 
Vra-verse General System of things ; the world, s. 
In-tersef Inrerted ; reciprocal, a. 
To con-vertef To discourse or ccdiaÛt with, v. n. 

Conherse Acquaintance ; manner of discounnng, s* 
Per-verte* Obstinate; pétulant; stubbom, a. 
Trant-'verse' Seing in a cross direction, a. 

Cbn« A deadbody; acarcase; rbyme$ force, s» 
To en^-dorse^ To write on the back of a writii^, v. a. 
Gorte Furze; a prickly shrub, s. 
Horte An animal ; a wooden machine, s. 
To koru To mount upon any thing, t^ a. 
Sea^horte* A fish ; the hippopotamus, s. 
Stalk^ing'horse A mask; a screen; acorer, s. 

Péck^hone A hprsé employed in carryinggoods, s» 
To nn^hone' To throw out of the saddle, v. a. 
Morse A sca-horse, s. 
Be^mor^ Pain of guilt; tendemess^' s. 

Wone More bad ; more ill ; rhumes purse, a. 
To worst To put to disadvantage, t. a. 
fVont Inamore badmamier, ad. 
Burte An exchange for mercbants^ s. 
7b im-bune' Tô stock with rooney, v. a. 
7b re-'m-4ntne' To repay ; to repair kïss or expeuce, v. a. 
Tb^iti^/ne'Topay ont money, v* a. - 

Cunt Bad wish ; vexation ; tonnent, s. 
7b orne Tawish eril ; to tonnent, v<^ 
Thm-euneTo execrate ; to doom to misery, t. n. 
Frt-atrte* Forenmoing, s. 

Nwrse One who takes care of a child or s'ck person, s. 
7biiirr««-To bring up a child, totend a sick person, v. a. 
Tbd^mme' Tofeed withoutthebreast, V. a. 

Coune'Rmce; passage; order of succession, s. '' 
7b eoune To bnrt ; run ; parsue, t. 
Mfd-€ourtef Middie of the way, s. 
Jte-eoÊtrêe' Access; application for help, s. 
Cba'^rarrte €Mifluence of many persans, or things, s. 
/a'ter-covrf^ Communication; commerce, s. 
ZVfe^cm/nw' Conversation; spdech; treatise, s. 
*7b €&Ê-*ottr$e* To taik ; reàson ; treat npon, v. n. 
PuTM A small bag for money, s. 
7bpi(rf« Toputintoa purse, v.à. 
Ùii'pune A pickpocket; a thief, s. 
GKr/'e-/ffj«r Abfoadcutting swoid ; a catlass, ^ 

JResse A term in beraidry, s. 
Cm-^McMf' Complaisance; civility, s. Fr. 
Dwrmté^ tmprîsonnient; constraint, s»Fr« 



USE l4i 

' SaU'CMgf In goimery, powder, &c. to fire a bomb-chest, s. Fr. 
Bjmse The old woôrd for pease, s. 

Vie The act of employing; need of ; help, Si 
' jfb tœ To employ ; firêqueiit; treat, v. 

I Cttiaé Reasou ; motive ; party, s. ^ 

TbcouMToeffect; toprodaoe» t. a. 
I Be-caoef For this reason ; coqj. 

I Goitfe A kindof thintransparentsilki s. 

doKM A sentence; anarticle, s. 
Ap-pUaae* Public praise, s. 

Pause A stop ; break in dîsconrse ; sospenseï s. 
To pause To wait, stop,deliberate, v. n. 
To aU>utef To treat ill ; to deceive, ▼. a. 

A'butef The ill use of any thing ; an a£5ront, s. 
7b dit-tt-huMe^ To set rightto imdecetve, ▼. a. 
Arfque^se A hand-gun, s. 

To ac'-cutef To charge with a crime ; to censure, ▼. a. 
j To re^tuef To reftise, t. n. 

. To ex-cusef To extenuate by apcdogy ; to forgive ; v. a* 

I Ex'CUie* Apology; pardon, s. 

i Deuse The devil, s. 

7b/iiMTomelt; to putintoiusioa, v. a. 
To te-fuse' Toreject; not ioaccept, v. 

Refuse Wortbless remains, s. 
To ttf'fuse^ To pour one thing on another, t. a. 
Toef-fuse*}TQ pourout, spUl, shed, v. a. 
7b rf{f-/r<ie' To pour ont, scatter, spread, v/a. 
I Uiff-Juse* Copions ; widely spread, a. 

I TosuJ'fuse* To spread orer with atiucture, v. a. 

To dr-cum-fuse' To pour round, v. a. 

To in-fusef To pour in; tincture ; inspire with, v. a. 
To eon-fuse' To confound ; perplex ; mix, v. a. 

Pro'fuse* Prodigal ; lavish ; overabounding, a. 
Toper-fuse* To tincture; to overspread, v.a. 
Oc-dusef Shutup; closed, a. 
Rt'-chtse' Shut up ; retired, a. 
Renhue* One shiit up in a monastery, s. 
itftffe Power ofpoetry; deepthought, s. 
To muse To ponder, think close, wonder, v. n. 
To a-muse* To entertain ; to deceive, T. a. 
fftf'pot'e'mue The longest side of a ri^t-angled triangiç^ s. 
To bouse To drink lavishly, t. n. 
To dovse To put or fidl suddenly into water, ▼. 

House A place bfhuman abôde; the table, s. 
To house To put under or take shelter, v. n. 
7bcAoiM«Tocheat; totrick, v. n. 
IFdTv'^tife Astorehouseof merchandise, s. 
Slore'hmtse A magazine ; a repository, s. 
Spun'gÎHg'kouse A temporary house for di^btors, s. 
Càunifing'house Place whefe accounts arekept, a 
IVaUk'/mse Place where the watcb set, s. 
Vor«I, H Bfiitk^ 

149 A T E 

Slaek'kùmê A ibrtress to .Uock up a pus, •» 
lfWi:'AotM0 Aplaceibrparishpoor, s. 
Chttr'nd-hoUâe Place where bonei of the dead are kept, •. 
CutUorn-houte House where dutiei are jMdd, a. 
jTo tm-Aouie' To drire finim the habitatiooy v.a. 
PerU'kouse A sloping sbed from the nuûn vall, s. 
Flay^koiue A house for dramatic performances, •• 
Lotue A small body aniinaly s. 
To buse Toclear from liée» ▼. a. 
ilfatfje A small quadrupède, s. 
7^ni9iMeTocatefamioe, ▼. n. 
Itear^mauMe The leatber-wÎQged bat, a» 
Jl!if/'<er-4nocue The hat, s. 

Dor'mQiae A mouse that sleepsmueii, s» 
^u*e A.huibaiid or wife» s. 
To e-spotue' To marry; to défend, ▼. a. 

To roMte To wdbe orawakefirom slumber, r* 
Tbca-fOKie'Todrmk; toqnaff, r. 
, CVrvicw' A drinking-matchf s. 
Grouse A kind of fowl, t. 
To up' routef To waken from sleep, v. a. 
Troute Breeches ; hase, s. 
7b j0U4«Tosteep; todiiek; tofallasabirdonHsprey, v. 

&t<iieWith sudden violence, ad. 
To tùutc^Tù pqll ; tohanl; to dvag, ▼• a. 
Ruse Cnnning ; little stratagem, s. Fr. 
Gr'rMf White lead, s. 
To pe^rusef To read ; to examine, y. a. 
Ab-slrufe* Hidden ; remote firom conception, a. 
Ob-tusef Notpointed; dall; stiqiid, a* 
Ijf'iMse* Bruise, s. 
To coJi'Uisef To beat together ; to bmise^ v, a. 
.Aie Prêtent of to eat. 
Bafe Strifîv ; contentioa, s. 
To baie To lessen any thing; to remit, v. 
To a-batef To lessen or grow lésa, v. 
Jo ra-hûte^ To recover a hawk io the fist agaitt, v. n, 
Breod^baie One that brecds quarreia» s.^ 

De-hate* A personal di^nte; a contest, s. 
7àd(Ef-Aa#e' To dispute; to deliberate, ▼. 
, JlfiEibf'^a/^Abrieedérofqaarrels, s. 

Tor«-6a/(>'Toblunt; tadepriveofkeenness, ▼. 
Tbco'Aorio/eTore^istil, v.a.. 
Cofirffk*bate Formed intoa haid bail, a. 
Rep'ro'baU Loat to virtne; abandoned, a* 
l{e^ro-.^ale One losttovirtue, %, 
To »jk'ro-3afe Toreject; to abandon witfaout hopey v.'a. 
To im'pro-bate Not to approve, v. a. 
To ex^pro-beUeVa nphnJé^ blâme; censuré, v,a. 
2btf»-ac(er.£a^Toimbitter; to exasperate, v.a. 

Tosur-biOe' ToiÊXigaai tobatterthefoetwith traTel^ v.a. 
1 V - Th 

A T E 147 

To per-turf baie To'ditbiTb ; iodkofder, v^ti, 
To in'cu'bttte Tosituponeggs, ▼. a. 

To plafoÊte To appease ; ■' to reoonciie, v. a. 
To O'paUate To flhade ; to obscure, y. a. 
7b pa'ea/tf To annul ; to niake vacant^ vi •• 
Ta«cVfi/eTodiy, v. à. 
7bd!^^'ca/tf Todryup, t. a. 
To ex-tichate To diy, v. a. 
To ex-k'cùte To dry, v. a. 
To d^e-eate To cleatise ; to piiTify, tr. a. 
D^fe-cate Purgedfroni lêes, a. 
To dephe-cate To pray for patdon and mercy, t. 
To imfpre-cate To call for 6^ on one's-sdf or other9, v. a. 
In-trinUe-catê Perplexed, a. 

To radU-cate To root; to plant deeply, v. a. 
To e-radU-caie To pull up by tiie roots; to end, ▼. a. 
To ab^A-caie To restgn; giveup right, v. a. 
To ded^i^eate To inscribe ; to appropriate, v. 9» 

DedH-caie Conaecrated ; dedicated, a« 
To med'i-cûle To tinctifre with medicines, r. a. ■ • 

To predH-cate To affirm any tbing, v. 

Pte^i-caie That which iLaffirmed of the subject, as mviiir^ 
thrud, wbere rationai is the predicate. 
To mm^di-cate To b^ ; to ask alms, ▼. a. 
To t^-pên^di-eate To add ; to anner, ▼. a. 
Th in^di-cate To point ont ; to fïiew, ▼. a. 
Te con-ira-in'di'Cute To indicate contrarily, ▼. a. 

To vinfdi-cate To justify ; to rerenge ; to clear, ▼. a; 
7b/y/i'rff-ca/eTojudge; to censure, y.n. 
Tbc^W-cateTobalt, v.n. 
To ad-jufdi-caie To adjudge, r. 
To pre-^tdi-cate To détermine beforehand, v. a. 

Pre-ju^di-cate Formed by préjudice ; prepoâsossed, $u 
To gpe-^fh-cate to distinguish pcAticularly, v. a. 
To m-pro-^i-caie To impregnate, v. a. 

To am'pljf't-eaie To enlarge ; to amplify, ▼. tu 
TootWr^t-ea/eTo change into glass, v. a. 
JRm'tiffi'Cate Papacy ; popedom, s. 
Cer-i^i-catè A testimony in writing, s. 
7boi-o^i-ca|«ToinakeaIive; toanimate, v.a. 
To Tt-^oMpi-caie T6 recal to lifè,v,8. 

ïfk'i-aUe Nice ; dainty ; poUte ; soft ; pur?, ^ 
Irf^delH'cate Coarse; wanting decency, a. 
To vd^li'Cate To twitch, pluck, stimulate, t. a. 
Trip'U-cate MadetbriceaSimuch, a. 
Mul'tip'li-eate What consists of more than one, s. 
iSes-qutp^Urcate Proportion, as one to two, a. 
To im'pli-cate Tocntangle; to embarras, y. a. 
To com'pU'Cate To dtitangle ; to foid together, v. 
Cbmfki-ca/tf Coropoundedofmanypartst a. 
Ap^pii-cate Incomcs,theordinateor«eifiioi^iiBte» s, 

W2 3b 



7Ô nifffU-eatê To implore ; to Htreat, ▼. IL 

To dtt'plÎHxiteThefcUtogtth»; to double, ▼. a. 

DufpU-etOe AmàbenaomtpoodaAto thefiiat, i. 
Suh-êutpli-tate Cootaining one put of two^ a. 
To re^du'pU-tate To redooUe, v, a. 
To çua-^bru'pli'^aie To double twice, r, a. 
To een'tufpU^ate To make a hundred foM, v. a. 

To èx'pli^ttte Tounfbld; to ezplaia, v. a. 
7b œm'mu'm^aie To impart; to revaal, ▼. a. 
To ex-eom-mu'ni'Cote To ejectftomconunanioD, ▼. n. 
To pre-varU-eate To cavil, shaffle, quibble, ▼. n. 
To di-varfi-cate TodiTideor beiNuted into two, t. 
Tofab'ri cote To build ; to forge, ▼. a. 
Toltt'iri-cateTomaooihi to make slippery , v. 
Toper^fri-aUeTonàïOver, t. a, 
To lor^i-eaU To plate over, t. a. 
To rhe^iorH'eate To play the orator, v. n. 

/«'/ri-cff/tf Entangled; oomplicated; obicure, a. 
Todh-inUri-cate To disentangle, v. a. 
To ex'tri'cale To disembairass, v. a. 
To vrs'i-cate To Mister^ v. a. 
To au-tkenUf-€Qie To establish by proof, v. a. 
To dt-<or'ti-€at€ Todivest of the bark or husk, ▼. a. 
To do-mu'ii-cate To make domestic, ▼. a. 
To ao-plÛBHi-caie To aduherate, v. a. 

So-pkù* tirait Adallerate ; not gemiine, a. 
To prog-not'ti-cate To foretel ; to forcshov, v. a. 

Tù rut 'tt-cale To réside in, or banifih into the coontry, r. 
To m-toxfi^ate To îoebriate;' to make diUnk, v. a. 
To dt'falfcate Tolop; to takeaway port, t. a 
Toht'cui'cate To impress by admonition, y. a. 
7b con-eul'cate To tread under foot, t. a. 

Jun'cale A cheesecake ; a private entertaimnent, f. 
7bao-«r.r/nWtf Torootup, v.a. 

Toele~irunUaUTo\op; toahorten, v. a. 
To tuffo^ate To choak ; to stiâe, v. a. 
To col'h^cate To place ; to station, v. a. 
7b <2»'/b-fir/eTo disjoint; to displace, v.a. 
7b em^bro-eaU To fbpnent a part diseased, v. a. 
7b rc'Cip'ro-cQie To act interchangeably, v. ik 
7b av^o-cate To cail away, v. a, 

Ad'vo-eate A pleader; a defender ; an excuser, i. 
7b rev*o^ale To recall j" to call back, T. a. 
7b e-^uiv'o'Cah Tonse doubtfol expressions, v. n. 
7b in^vo-caie To ini'oke; to call upon, v. a. 
7b oon'vo-caie To call togcther, v, a. 

Scattf A fish ; an iron to slide with, s. 
7b tetUe To slide with scates, v. n. 
7b conlfis-cate To seize on private property, v. a. 

Conlfis^caie /-irfeited, a. 
To in-vit^cote To entanjgle in glutinous matter, v. a» 


— -■— étÊà 

A T E 149 

Jh ^•'Jiu'eÊie To clim ; to doad ; to darkèn, v. a. 
Toedhi'€at9 Tohreeà; tobringup, v. a. 
Tbman'dweaie To chev ; to eat, v. a. 

ZXi/e Point oftime; duration; a fruit, s. 
Tbdaie To give the précise time, v. a. 
^ dtp're-daU To rob, spoil, devour, ir. a. 

Se^tt' Ca&ttk'y quel; serene; undistarbed ^ a. 
To an'ienbUê To date before the time, v. a. 
Toe^^à-daie Toexplain ; to cleu*, ▼. a. 
7oflb-lM'£i-d!a/«Tomakeclear; toexplain, ▼. a. 

Cm'di^datf One who sol.citB advancement ; a competifor, s. 
7b irt^ngft-datt To chill ; to make cold^ v. a. 
Tq inrvaifi-daU To deprire of force or efiicacy, t. a. 
7b ion-^U-date To grow hard; toform into ooe body, ▼• 
7b ta-lini't-i&tfe To nake fcarfui, T.a. 

To lapN'-dtUe To stone ; to kill by stoning, ▼. a. 
7b dirlapH-date To ruio; to throar down, v. a. 
7b iM'4àp'i'daU Tomake stopy j to tumlo stone, t. a. 
AlîM'fi-cWr Mediciiie agîuiMtpoiaQny 8. 
7b tiq'ui-dttie To clear away ; to lessen debts, ? . a, 
Mtm'dide AeomaoLnài a charge» s* ^ 

7b âx-un'daU To overfiow, t. n. 
7b aÊ-wm^mo-datt To mit ; tof^ly ; reconcUe, t, a, 

AÊ-com^mh-date Smiàblti fit, a. 
7b m-com'MP-d^ To be inoonfenieiit to, t. a. 
Gm'conf-aleAcompact^ aoooventiooy s. 
Topoti'daie' Todate later than the time, v. a. 
Tbou^dote' Toaatiqoate, v. a. 
7b dlrJilK-dbte To divest; toftrip, v. a. 
CAflH^'«-aeeImpregDat0dwithiroo or Steel, s. 
7be-wi'cfe-4tf«To8olTe$ to clear, ▼. a. 
7b mtd'k-^U To hammer, ▼. a. 
Ae-^M^k^ate Terminating in a shaip point, a. 
7b jper'me'ate To pass throiigh, ▼. a« 
7b d€4vtfe^€ To draw ; to peint ; to describe, ▼. a. 
Rthdttl^A. kind of grass growing in water, s. 
Tbdv^'^oformontof nothing; tobeget, ▼.a. 
7b rteffé-oie To refresb ; amuse ; delight ; revive, y, 
To unfcrit-cle To deprive of existence, v. a. 
7b proehcaU To generate ; to produce, ▼. a. 
7b exkre-^te Tohawk up phlegm, v. a* 
£f'/fv-afe Atruecopy ofawhting, s. 
Xou'fif-a/tf Decked or invested with a laurd, a. 
JRofsC'Ote "Rosy ; fuHof roses, a. 
7b nàu'êe^e To grow squeamisb ; to loathe, t. 
7b t'A^'^e-a/eToentangie; toensnare, v.a. 

jPa/0 Destiny; eventpredetermined; death, s. 
Gaie Door of a city,âcc. an oiiening, s. 
Agiote A kind of precious stone» s. 
7b vi'«2(i-gafe To search ; tobeatout, v. a^ 
J^i'a-gafe A fugitive; an apostate, s» 

H3 • 7b 

To prop'a-^ate Togeii£rate ( to spread dbrond, v.a. 
Ta tujf[fra'gat^ To vote or a«;ree in vojce with^ v. n. 

Fhod^gàie A gâte to stop or let ont watcr, s. 
Tova'ri^^'-gaie To^Tersify with colours, v. a. 

Legf^Ue An embassador, especially from thiepope, s. 
To ab'iè-gate To aendabroad upon business^ v. a. . 
7o dtVe-'gafe To send away ; appoint ; entrust, y, a. 
J)ei*e-gate.De]^tjed; appoiuted, a. 
Del^e-gate A ie^nty j; a commissiouer, 8. 
To reVe^gate To bantsb ; to exile, v, a, 
To ûb*mf~gate To deny> v. a. 
To tegfre-gate Toset apavt; to separate, v^ a. 
^ ^'k'^<2^ 1"^ eoUeci togetber, v. a. 
^'gre-gûie Suiaorarhole «f sereral particulars^ s. 
Agfgre-gaie Coltected from many parts iiito tfCAt *• 
To coH'grt-ffott Tt> asaemble ; coUect ; Uieet, v. a. 
Cbn'^re^^o/e CoUected ; fimi» a. 
To tx-trtm^a^qie To wa^der oui af iimiU, ▼. n. 
ToobHi'gùU ToJbind lly oonbraojt ar dttty, ▼. &• 
Pr^U'gête AbwtàaaiêLi logt to ivrtiie» a. 
PrqPH-gmle Ap.abaadoiied sbamelcw wrttdi» ^ 
7b Juhm-gote To smoke; to.peirftiilie^ v. A. 
fS^'f 'a* A SBkbfl Tessel lùf «ar» ft. 
T^ir^fi-gÊiiÊ To wet j to water f to moisleti^ V. % 
7b/if't-^«leTaycaryi tsiktifiie, V. a. 
To de-fai^i-giae To weary, v. a. 

7b iàfi-gaiê To contest ; to dtflnte^ t. a. . 
To vii^kfi-gfie TooontcDd ja lav, v. il 

7b mU^h^iiê To allevicte^ leflceo; voteate, ▼. a. 
7b rof 'Ir^iif To cfaastiae ; ponisli i coireGit» v* ik 
X> m^t'ii'-goie To aeaicli <9it. v* a. . 
7b jnfsii'gaiê To tempt to^oo eyil, y. a. 
7b mao'v-gate To sailj to pUot sbip», fcc. Y* 
7b re-nao^i-gafe To sait again, ▼• 
To eir-cum-nop^i^gaie To aaii round, t; a. , i 

To lev^irgate Torub or gni^, v, % 
Topro-Mid^gateTofiVkbiishi to mabo ànowiiy ~t« a. 
^'^<r^«£ntrance; passage in, s. 
7b e-lon^ga/f To draw out j to départ, v. 
7b aÂ'ro-g0/6 To repeal ;-to annal, V. 
7b ob'ro-gaU To proalaim alaw cootrary to «nother^ T»â. 
7b derh-gaie To detract, diaparage, Ifissea, n 
7b tu-per-erfoi^^fe Tq do more than duty, v. n. 

7b ar'ro-o^fl/tf To claim unjttstly, V. n, , . 

7b iH'terfro-gstff Ta examioe by questiops, r,.a, 

£^Wga/f A deputy ; adelqgate, s. ,2 

Ta ob'jur^gttte To cîiide; to reprove, t. a. 
BWings-gaU Rioaldry ; fou) language, s. 
To tub'ju-gate Tocon<|uer ;. to subdue, V. a. 
To as-mb^ju-gate Xosubjectto, v. a. ! 

To ûd'j«-f «/e TayQke lO) y. a. 

• . . ' 7b 

A t £ 151 

To eonfjU'gaié To jo*m ; toritAect vcÀs, t. 
To wr'rt^gaU To wrinkle or puwe up, v. 

To kate To disîike greatly ; to detest, v. n. 
Hat€ Malignity; detcstàtion, s. 
Pa-tri-anhftUe A bishoprick soperior to archbishopritfks, s. 

Tet-rank'ate A Roman govenfflaent, s. 
To eu*mKk'<ite To make an ennubh» v. a. 

Toglafci-aie To tuni înto ice, v. n. , 

To con-^iahi-aU To turn to ice, v. n. 

To e-mak'Mite To waste ; to tose flesh, v. a. 
To de-pre^cv-oU To nndervalue, v. a. 

To of-Jk'i^e -T^ pôrfortn another's dnty, t. 
To prù-viA^ci-ate To tnm ittto a province, ^. a. 

To e-mm^àrote To-dfsclafe ; ,to proclahn, v. à. 
To on-mm^ciraie To hring tidings, t. a. 
To amnfo'c>-«<e To anite ; to coaletce, v. 
To at-to^ci-ate To accon^ny ; to unité witb as ac0QfederM%v« 
j|j.4o'a-a<e A partner; oonfedèrate; compamoxr, «. 
Ahmkh^U Confederate ; joined in l^tgue, a. 
.1b<iw-Jo'a-a/<To8eparate; todiBonitè, r.a. -^ 

To.«rrf'd-«teTo «oiltaipe ; to excniciate, V. a. 
Tb cx-cTM'ci-aftf'To torture ; to-torment, v. a. 
7b f«'dï-«^« To enàit ray» ; to shine, ▼. n. 
2ft tr-ra'A-iUe To adom with rays of light, ▼. a. 
7b>«#'dt'«f« To interpose ; to limit, y. 

J|f«'i{f-ACe Jntervemng ; acting as a means, a, 
J2»WdlMrte Affijrding a remedy, a. 
./iMM'dk^è Instant ; aeting by itsrif, a. 
Jn-ter-^Het^-aiê Intervening ; lying befcween, a. 
Fn-mor^di-aie Original ; existing from the Ifirtt, a. — " 
Tq re'pu'di^^tU Todiroree; put away ; r^ect, v. «• 
Cùl-lB'gi-ùie Like a collège, a. 
Cd-ie'g^^e A member of a collège, s. 
ToJff'J^H'éte To ibrm in semb'ance, v. a. 
To n-Udfi-êU To repay r ^ wq"'^, t. a. 
Tb am-^ilf t'Oie To gain ; to rèconcile, v, a, 
7b tuh-4Ufi-'aie To lïiake thin, ▼. a. 

To palMi-^ae To cover 5 excuse; exten^ate, t. a. 
To Jb'ii-^e To beat into plates or leaves, \, a. 
To «^'^«te To cover «rith leaves, ▼. a. --- 

TaU!ufa'(i.0<«!:To^shelt; toscaleOff, v.n. . 
7b spoUiaie T^o rob ; tO plunder, t. ,* 

Tottm'pH'Miéi'if enlarge ; to cxtend, y/a. 
.7V«iii*4if4i»-«M To gatbeir the vintage, r,xx. "^ 
To lahi-ate Tp iear in pièces ; to rend, v. a. 
'7b di-/«'4lM«« Totcar; to rend in pièces, v. a. , 
7b ca-lumfni'aU To accose falsly ; to slander, v. â. 
tScvM-iMiii-a^ Made with sçammony, a. 

(y*pi-«U A medicinfc that causes slcep, s. 
O'pi^aié Soporiferous ; cansing sleep, a. 
7b at^pi'tie TO' atone kit a cri«ne, v. n. 

H 4 To 



To in^fbri-aie Toîntoxicate; to grow drunk, v, 

Mar4e'ri-ate Consistingofmatter, a. 
.AN-ma-to'r#-a/« Iiicorporeal,flu- ^ 
To ex-cofri-ate To flay ; to strip off the sktu, v. a. 
To im'profpri-aie To couvert toprivate use, v. a. 
To ap-pro^rp^te To assign» aunes, claim, v. a. 
To ex-pro^pri-ate To make no longer our own^ ▼. a. 
Siri'ate Formed in strias, a. 
To e-htHri-ate To decant or strain ont, v. a. 

In-fiihi-aU Ënraged ; raging, a. 
To cen-tu'ri'Oie Todivideinto huodreds, v. a. 
To /lur-tt'ft-e/eTogrow exuberantly, V. n. 

To spa^ii-ate To rove ; to ramble at large, v. n. 
To ex-paUi^ate To enlarge opon in langoage, v. n. 
To in-gra'ti'Oie To put in fiivour, y. a. 

To taUi-ate To satisfy ; to glut ; to saturate, v. a. 

SafU'Ote Glutt«d i fiiU to satiety, a. 
In-safH-ate Greedy so as not to be satisfied, a. 
To iit-t^'t-ate To admit j to enter j to instnict, v. 
Jn-ù^-aie Unpractised, a. 
To prthpit'i'ate To iaduce; tofiivoar ; togain, v. a. 
To M/'i-a/tfTo déprave i to spoil, v. a. 
AVi;7<'2-a/tf The State of a novice, 8, 
To 9uh-*ianHi'«u To make to ezist» y. a. 
To irwirtub'ttanfti'-ate To change to anotber substance, v. a. 
To cmt-'iuh-^tanfti'ate To unité in one sdbstanoe, v. a. 
Tq ér-twn'ttanUi-^t To place in paiticiilar circumstances, ik. a. 
Ij^en^ti-ûte Aman who uses license ; a graduate» fw 
To/i-cm'tiHi^To permit; to license, y. a. 
3b prC'tenfU'aU To make présent, y. a. 
Tone'goHi-aitTotn&ci to treat with, y, a. 
To Ur'ti-oie To do any tbing the thjfd time, y* 
To ob'vi-^tie To prevent, v. a. 
To de^vi-oN To wander ; to go astray ; to err, y. n« 
Tp al-lefvi-^ttê To ease, sofleè» make light, v. a. 
To ai-^refvi'Oie To shortcn ; to abridge, v. a. 
JUx-kH-ate Making a liaivium, a. 

Skale A -fish ; a sliding jort of shoe, s. 
Laie Slow ; out of timé ; aidvanced \ deceased, ». 
Laie Far in the day or nightj unseasonably, a, 
To im>-ter^ca^kUe To insert an extrawdinary day, y. a. 
A-nufgfda^kUe Made of almonds, a. 
Car'A'nal^iie Office and rank of a cardinal, s. 

Ptdfate The instrument of taste ; môitai relisb, 6. 
Ob^aie* Flatted at the pôles, a. 
E-latef Flushed with success i Urffy, a. 
To e^aie* To puffup; exalt ; heighten, v. a. 
To 4pkac^e'laie To affect with a gangrené ; to mcntify, y. 
To de-pu*ce-iate To bereave of virginity, v. a, 
To de-ialet To carry ; to conyey,. v. a. 
To re-Iatef Totell; recite ^ hâve référence, v. 


A T E 15S 

Prd^ate A bishop, 8. 
Afth'pref-atê Chief prelate, s. 
T0 eo^re-laiê To hâve a reciprocal relation, v. n. 

Corfre4aie One that stands in the ofjposite relation, s, 
To mii-re-Jatei To relate inaccttrate!y,y. a. 
To in-flate' To swell with wind, v. a. 
To per-ffatef To blow through, v. a. 
To nu*bi4ate To cloud, v. a. 
To e-im*bi'4ate To clearfrom clouds, ▼. a. 

To di4atef To extend ; relate at large ; to widen, t. 
To sugfgi-iaie To beat black and blue, v. a. 
7b an-m^kUale To reduce to nothing; to-destroy, v. x, 
To (U'timfi-Jaie To bring to a likeness, v. a. 
7o op'pi-hte To heap np obstruction, v. a. 
To venUi4aie To fan; examine ; discoss, ▼. a. 
7b«-MA'/t4<{/eTowinnow; examine; siftoutyV. a. 
Jh dr-cumnoalHate To inclose with fortiiîoations, v. a. 
To dt-bd'taU To overcome in war, r. a. 
Ap-pel^laie The person appealed against, a. 
Htd^laie Pointed as a star, a. 
To coH'ftel'late To shine with one gênerai light, v. 
Ver-ii-àVlate Knit as a joint; apt to tam, a. 
To de-€p'p3^4ate To deobstruct ; to clear a passage, Y. a. 
To tU'U-late To tickle, v. n. 
To icinHil-laie To sparkie; to émit sparks, ▼. m > 

To col-laie* To compare; examine; place in a bénéfice, v. au 
Cu-cul'laU Hooded ; like a hood, a. 
Ckoch late A liquor madeof cocoa-nut, s. 
To per'to-late To strain, ▼. a. 
To trantfco-latê To strain throngh a sieve or oolander, v. a. 

dp^re-o-lûte Creeping as plants by tendrils, a. 
To er-si^fo-late To whisper ; to bnzz in the ear, v. A. 
Vii*ri^'laU Impregnated with vitriol, a. 
To vi*o -laie To injure ; infringe ; ravish, v. a. 
. In*vifo-late Unhurt ; uninjured, a. 
To mfmo-l<Ue To sacrifice, v. a. 
7b in-t€r*po4at€ To foist in words ; to renew, v. a. 
Topro-'late* To pronounce; to utter, v. a. 
PrO'late' Oblate; fiât, a. 
Ihi^o-late Uninhabited ; solitary ; laid waste, a. 
To det^o^late Tu deprive of inhabitants, v. a. 
To in'tO'UUe To dry in, or expose to the sun, v. a. 
To con'tO'lale To eomfort ; to console, v. a. 
DM-con'iO-/ai^ Withoutcomfort; hopeless; sorrowful, a. 
Plaie Wrought silver ; dish to eat on, s. 
TbfUde Tq cover with, or beat into plates, v. a. 
GrwndfpUUe ( In architecture) Timber lying near the gioand, t. 
IH'al'plate That on which hours are markod« s. 
To conriem'plate To meditate ; to muse, v. 
Cop-per-plate' A plate for engravings, s» 
Breufi'pUUe Ann«ar for the breast, s. 

H 5 Slatt 


A T È 

SkU A grey fossîl stone, t. 
To tUt€ To cover with slates, r. a. 
To irtns'hte' To remove; explain; inteqpfet^-i^ a. 
To ex-ant*ffite To <tra« out ; toexhaast, v. a. 
To con-fab'U'latê To talk easily togetber ; to chat, v. n. 
To tab'u-laU To redoce to tables or synopaes, v. a. 
To eot^tab'u^tùe To floor with boarda, v» a. 
To ctr^um-am'iu'laie To «ralk rouod aboat, v. n. 

To per-cm'bu-lato To walk througfa ; to suirey, v. tu 
To ob*^mt'6u^lafe To cloud ; to obacure, v. a. 
To mac^w-kie To stain ; to spot, t. a. 
To o-jacfu4ate To throw ; to shoot oat, ▼. a. 
/m-maf 'm-^/« Spotless ; pure; «ndefiled^a. 
To spee*u-lai€ To contemplate ; to coosider atteotîvely, v. 
To ver-mk^U'ltUe To inlay ; to work in chequer-works, t. a. 

Gal-or-k'H'totê Covered as with a bat, a. 
To ma-trie^U'late To enter youths in a collège^ v. a. 
MaUrk'u'late A man matriculated, s. 

Ar-tk'mlatè Distinct in speech, a. 
To ar-ik'u^fate To fbrm words distinctly, v. a. 
To de-4tr-ifc'»»U^ To dt^oint ; to diamemb»', v. a. 
lm*ar-tic'u'lat'! Not attered distinctly, a. 
To par-tie'u-^e To make Ij^tion singly, v. a. 
To get-Ék^u-ltt/e To play amie tricks, ▼. n. 
To eal'm4à0 To compute) to reckon, v. a. 
7b mU-eol'eiê^ato To reckon vrong, t. a. 

To in-oc*u-Utt€ To propagate by insertion, V. a. 
Jit ar'eu4aie To move in a circle ; to put about,T. 
To e-nuu feu-laie To castrate ; to efibounate, v. a. 
To m^oi'ct^laie To unité by apposition or contact, ▼. n. 
To a-eidhi^tUo To tinctnre with acids, y. a. 
To mod'u4ai» To ibrm sonnd to a k^ or notes, y. a. 
To eo-i^fu-lato To ibroe or mn into concrétions, ▼. a^ 
To con-€o-og*u4ttio To congeal together, v. a. 

To regfu'kt* To adjust by rule ; tô direct, v. a. 
7ôir-regfu4ate To make irregular ; to disorder, v. â. 
J^u-Jute Made of potter^ day, a. 
7ô pÊd^lu-Jaio To gemiinate ; to bnd^ ▼. n. 
To re-pul^ht-lato To bud agaxn, ▼. n. 

Th emhi-hte To rrral y resemble ; imitate, ?. a. 
Tottim^itUttte To prick ; to excite, v. a. 
7b ex-im^u-UU^^o prick on; to excite, v. a. 

To eu^mu-^i^To heap togetber, ▼. a. 
7b àe-tuftmt-lait To pile op ; to heap together, ▼. IL 
To tu^mu-Jate To swell, y. n. 
€am-pan*u-Jato Campaniibnn, a. 

Togran'u-ittte To fbrm, or be fbrmed into smidi grakis,T« 
Ta tlip'it-iate To contract ; to settfe tenus* v. n. 
To cùphi-'ate To unité; to join as différent sexet^ T. 
To popht laie T<y breed pecple, v. n. . * 

To ée-popiuMie To lay waste ; to uiçeople, v.. a. 


N ^^^ . 



Con'su-ltite The' o^e of consul, s. - " 

CapfsU'laie Inclosed, or in a box, a. 
To grat'u-^, To congratalate; to salutewith joy, v. a. 
locon-grat'u^UUe To wish joy; to compliment, v. 
7b puneHu4ate To mark with dmall spots, v. a. 
To ca-pit'wlate To yield oa cooditions, v. a. 
Tore-ctt-pHiu-lale To repeat ^g-^xn di^iiictly, v. 

PoiHu'tate Something aswimed without proof, v. 
loex'fosftu-lateToûéiBtà; dispute; reasoh,v. 

Maie A oompanion; a second in command, s. 
To mate To match ; to equal, v. a. 
'^ To o-flMrfe' To terrify ; to strike wîth horror, v. n. 
To a-^naliga-mate To unité mctals with quicksiher, v. a. 
Bed'mate A bedfe«ow, s. 
Yah^mate A compaiiion in laboar, s. 
Case'maie A kind of arch of stone-work, s. 
To a-pos'te^mate To swell and corrupt into niatter, v. n. 
To depàleg'mate To clear from phle^, v. a. 

To decH-mate To tithe ; or take the tehth, v. a. 
To cd^dech'tnate To take or ascertain tithes, v. a. 

Sub'U-mate Any thing raised by flrë in a retort, s. 
To tubiti-male To raiâe by cfaÀnîcal fire, v. â. 
(M'nude Ai r; tract of land, s. 
7b cUlmate To inhabit, v. n. 
7b anfûmaie Tospriiig upjL to quicfcen, v. n. 
7b Te-aiiH--mate To restore to me ; to revive, v. 
7b in-anfi-maie To animate; to quicken, v. a. 
In-anii-mate Void of Ilfe, a. 
To dU-ann-mate To deprive of Hfe; to discourage, t. a. 
Ex-anH-maU UMess; spiritless; dead, a. 

PrVmale The chief ecclesiastic, s. 
Le-gUfirmate Botq in marriage; lawftilly begotten a. 
Th k-gaH-maiero make lawfal, v. a. 
JH-ie-gii'i-maie Unlawfiilly begotten, a. 
Wa^mait The last, a. 
Ja'/i-mateinniost; near; famiKar,a. 
To inHi-mate To hint; to point out indirectly, v. a, 

InUi-maie A familiar frîend, s. 
ToesHi-maie Torate; set a value; compute,v. a, 
JS«'^t-nia/e(;;aiealation; vail|^e; computation, s» 
Proxii-mate Near and immédiate, a. 
Ap-proxH-mate Near to, a. ' 
3b t^-prox'i-mote To draw near, v. 
Checkfmate A term at chess.^ 
Bookf Mate A 9Choo\fel\ow, 9, ' 
^o con-tum'maie To complète ; to peifect, v. a. 
Co/ft-MMs'ma/e Complète ; perfect,a. 

In^mate A Ibdger, s. '.(■.- 

Co'fiUÊte^ A companicn, s. 
Capa'nuUeA companion; a frîend, S, 
Stetnfmate A piioi;, * 




56 A T E 

Mea'mBb One «ho cati at the mme table, a. 

Ta n-lui'mal' To bury ; to inter, t. m. 
Ta nt-pul'Av-MtfE To torm an Bbacnaj to gsther, *. 
7bifc-ip«'iiWeToUirowofr puti in fbàlD, «. n. 
Tb com-jia'mie To level, v. a. 

Graa'ale A kind of nuible, g. 
Taveit'i-iuilt TopoiKIn, T. «. 

t^nx-fToa'alt A tree, ind the fhùt of it, t. 

A'Ii-tit-aU To tnnOei i ta withdraw the adtoiMU, T. k. 

Sea'titt Au U8«iibly of cooiuelkiri} tbe pariiament, n 
Ti ail't-nalt To choin, *. a 
Ta mn-ral'e-iuOe To liok together, «. >. 
Bx-lraa'i-nale Let ont of the Telnï, a. 
7i> ilag'nalt To lie motioaleu, v. ■. 
7î<«-pre^'na<r To nil withjoungi tofîU,v,& 

G>a'it~nate Betrothed; prooiised, ■. 
TvJe-rac'i-mle To pluck upb; tbenxits, >. a. 
To OB-tk'i-natc To pniphec;, *. n. 
Tô^'d-iHte To tearj to naâ, *. a. 
7à rat-i-ecU-ialt To reaacoi; ta argue, t. a. 
To ^-tnx'i-ntle To patinaiie j to protcc^ T, a. 
Ta cir'ci-nn-i TO make a cin^ T. tt. 
To fai'ti-iiaU To beoitch ; to »"■>""*, T. a. 
bmv-^fm'iC-nafr Todday.T. a. 

Or'di-nMle A lÏDe crossing ■ conic ■ectîOB,!. 
71 0T'£-Wilt To ajçoint, v. a. 

(frU-NoM Reguûri metbodical, a. 
Sak^di-n^ Ii^ior îa order, a. 
To tui-er'di-iiaU To range undur anothe-, i. a. 
Scm4-iiT'di-nale Half an ordioate, i. 

/<t-(H-'di-na(e Irregularj disorderlr ; deiriatins, ». 
(Vor'ifi-iuO HoldmKtbe urne rauk.a. 
ZXcor'dr-no'* Not llriog nsatariy, a. 
To o-nr'i-aate Ta bdag inl» existeiKe, T, a, 
Tix-nurVi-BofilV) takaaway anwrKin oredgc,».». 
ToaucA'i-tMUl^pIsu, tocoDtriie, t. a. 
Brh'i-nal'Bnaiea; let »itb pricklca, a. 
7ir-e-H»'lU'nilt Coonsting of torpênlioe,. a. 
}• con-'am'i-'w'c Tï baie mixture, v. a. 
Coa-lam'-'fil' Pdtuted ; di-lited. a. 
Ta ut-tian'i-aiA: Ti>oomip', v. t. 

Bx-atu'i-naf The persiA exomined, ». 
^-/cn'i'Mtf BaviDg thetiualitietof a woaui^ a. 
Triy^nt'i-no/eToeniaMcnlalci tO!K>nen,T. 

ïig*Tii'*To .ioubtc.ï. a. 
Tj ia-gtm'î-tatt To double ; tu repeat, ». a. 
- " «TTOM — 


A T E 157 

To dis-crimfi-neU Tomdxk i sélect; sepwrtte, v. a. 
in-^is^rim^i-naie Undistinguishable, a. 
To eul'ntt-nate Tobe vertical, ▼. n. 
To falfmi^Tutte Tomake a loud noise; to tbonder, v. 
To om*i-nate To foretoken, v. a. 
To a-bom^ù-naie To abbor; detest, y. a. 
Todomfi-nate To prerail over tbe rest, ▼. a. 
To pre-domfi'Tiate To prevail ; to be ascendant, t. n. 
To pre-cmfp-naie To prognosticate, v. a. 

7b TÊom^i-nate Toname; to appoint by name, ▼. a, 
To dt'minfi'nate Toname ; to give a name to, v. a. 
Topre-nomfi-fuUe To forename, v. a. 

7b ger'mi-ao/tf To sprout ; shoot ; bnd, v. h. 
To ter'ffà'Wtte To bound ; to be limited, t. 
To de-ter^m-nate To Hmit; to fix, ▼. a, 

X>e-^erW-iiale Limited ; décisive; ooDclasive, a. 
In-de-ter^mi'naU Unfized ; indefinite, a. 
Vn-^k-4er^mi'nate Not decided ; not fixed, a. 

th-terfim-naie Unbounded; imlimlted, a. 
To ex'ierfnd-nate To root ont ; todrive away, v. a. 

To oer^m-nate To breed vermin^ v. n. 
To ea-tu^mh-Mote To make sharp or pyramidal, v. a. 
To il-bi f nû'nate TofnUghtea ; to illustrate, v. a. 
To ru^mi-nate To chew the cud ; to muse on^ v. 
To per^e^grùnate To travel; live in foreign countries, v. n. 
To in-doeUri-9Uite To instruct, v. a. 

At'tmUi-nate One who kiUs by sudden violence ; murder, &• 
To as-tas' si noie To murder by violence, v. a. 

Pa-ial^i-nate Thejorisdiction of a count palatine, s. 
To pro^ras'ti-nate To defcr ; tobe dilatory, v. 
Ob^sti-nate Stubbom; contamacious, a. 
To des 'ti-nate To design for a particular end, v. a. 
Toprt-des'ti-nate To appo.nt, oi* decree beforeband, v. a» 

Fes'ii-na!e Hasty ; harried, a. 
To ag-glu'U-note To nnite one part to another, v. a» 
To cofi'glitUi-naie To cernent ; to coalesce, v. 
7b i^'^tii-iiaieTo poUute; tocorrupt, v. a. 
7b ru'in-ate To subvert ; to demolbh, v. a. 

In'naie Inbom, natural, not superadded, a^ 
Coa'na/e Born witli anotber, a. 
Tosep-ien'tri^-iutU To tend northerly, v. n. 

Piss'sion-Qie Moved by passion ; soon angry, a» 
To pas'swn'Ote To atTect with passion, v. a. 
Com-pas^sion-ate Inclincd to pity ; mercifnl, ^ 
Toeom-'pasUiOM-^te To pity ; to commiserate, v.. 
Jn-<om'paf'sion-4Ue Void of pity, a. 

Vn-pasUion-ate Free from passion ; calm, a. 
Dis-pas' ston-atê Calm ; moderate ; tempeiate, a. 
To com-nùs's'ion-ate To empower, .v. a. 

Af-J<xUion-ate Full of afiection ; tender ; zealoas, a. 
To per-fec'ihn-a/e To make perfect, v. a. 
7b coit-^'KUP-aie To regulate by certain condîtions, v. a. 



A TE' 

A^.flor'/»»-flte Adyusted by certain proportums, a. 
Toî^PS^ T?«djastby^rtainp«>pc^^^ v... 
^^Zr'iion^e Unsuitable tt> »c«;etfang èlse, a. 

To wrWiwrfe Torepreùcnt j to counterftit, v. a. 
To htUo-ntde To thunder, y. a. 
To m-iorffuUe To eœbody with flesb, v. a. 
In-€arfna£è Cteatbetfwith fl€sh, part. a. 

Un-carfnal^ Not fledily, a. 
To «*-^na*eToclearfrom flesb, y. a. 
Al-terfnaie Being by tums ; reaprocal, a. 
Al'ierfnaie VicîssRodc, 8. 
7b td^rfnate To perform alternately, v. a. 
Sub-iiUerfnale Succeeding by turns, a. 

Orfnate Bedecked ; decorated ; fiue, a. 
JFbrUu^nate Lucky ; bappy ; successfui, a. 
In-Jorftu-nate Uiihappy,a, _^,« - 

Uthfi»r'*f^naUf Not succcssfal ; nnprosperoas, a. 
Im-porUurnaie Incessant m solicitations, a. 
ToùtfduhoteTo begin ; to c<Mmncnoc,x a. 
i\i/eTfae head, s. 
Oodfpafe A stupid tnWdWy s. 
To in'crtf^* Tochidc; to reprebend, r. a, 
7b an-tkfi-^e To preclnde ; to for^aste, v. a. 
To par-<fc'i*p«ie To partake ; haye share of, v. 

To manfâ-pale To enslave ; to tie, v. a. 
To e-won'd-ftSeTosetfreefîroin servitude, t. a. 

?rS/S-?a/.Todispe«e; to spend extravagantly, T. a. 
7b confsti-pate To croud; to stop, v. a. 
7b ex-<tdfpaie To excuse ; to clear of a feuît, v. a- 
E'tM^eO'pate A b.shoprick, s. 
To ex'tirfpate To root out ; to exscmd, v. a. 
7b ocfcu-paie To take up, v, a. 
Toù/*-oc'ctt-p«^Toanticipate; *<> Prcpowess, j. a. , 
Haie Price fixed ; tax imposcd j dçgree, s. 
7b rate To value ; to cbide hastily, v. a. 
nha^-barbfar-rate Impregnated with rhubarb, a. 
7b ex-kUf a-raie To make cbcerful, v. a. _^^ - 

T^ sepfa-rateTodWide; disjoin; ««t^^^; secede,T. 
S^/a-rdreDividedfrom; disengaged; disunited, a. 
7b eeVe-braie To praise with distinction, v. a. 
To Wbrate Topoise ; to balance, v. a. 
7b ê-ouSfi'braie To-balance eqnally, ▼•à. 

7b vifbrate To brandish ; move iù and f ro 5 qœver, v. 
To ob-wn^braie Toshàde ; to clowd, v. a. 
To ad-vmfbrate To shadow out, v. a. 
To ÎH'wnf broie To shade j cover with shades, ▼. a^ 
To lufi»Araie To watcb ; study by night, v. n. 
To des'e-<rai€ To poUute things sacred, v^ a. 



.Af* 'f 


:: A T E tS9 

To con^te-crate To naake sacced ; to dcvote^ ▼.- «« 
7b ex^e-craie To curse, v. a. 

OxH-crate A mixture of water aod sugar, s. 
ftuad'rate ^uare ; baviog four equ^ sida, a. 
' Bi-quad'rate A sqaare mulÛplied \f>y itsel^s. 
Sem-'i-quad^raie A planetary dictaiM^e of 4& dégnes, «. 
Sedondr-rate The secondorde^ in ^iffûty or value, f. 
See^and^raie Of the seeond order, «l 
7ô de-Ghfer-ate To thiidçiaorder to choice ; to besitate» t^b» 

De-UVer-ate Circumspect ; advised^ slow, a* 
In-'âe-Uh^er-ote Unpremeditated, a, 
To ver^ber^ate To beat ; to strike» v. a. 
JTo re^verb^er-ate To beat back ; resound ; rebound, r* 
Jb pro-tu^her-^te To swell forward, y, n. 
7b ex-ufber-aie To abound in the highest d^ree, v. n. 
Cehate A medicine made of wax, s. 
7b laefer^-ate To tear ; to rend, f. a. 
7b di-lacf^r-'ate To tear j to rend, v, a. 
7b inocfer-ate To make ieao ^ mortify ; steep, v.a. 
7b id^cer-ate To disease with «ores, ▼. a. 
7b ex-tWcer-aie To make sore with an ulcer; taafflict, ▼. a» 
7b eanfcer-ale To become a cancer, v. n. 
7b m-caTfter-ate To imprison, v. a. 
To dtt'tnHarfcer'Ote To set at liberty, v. a« 

7b vU^cer^ate To embowel ; to exenterate, t. a. 
7b e-vis'cer-tae To embowel j to deprive of the entvailt) ▼* a» 

Fed'er-ate Leagued, a. 
7b «wi-;/Érf'er-a/eTo unité j ally{ league, v. 
Con-Jèà^er-ete United in a league, a. 
Con-fedUr-aie An ally ; companion ; accomplice, s» 
7b desid'er-^e To wantj to miss, v. a. 

Conr-ndUr-ale Serions ; prudent ; moderate, a. 
In-con-sid'er-ate Careless ; thoaghtless ; inattentive, a, 
7b pre-pon^der-aU Tooutweigh ; orerpower j exceedin weighit»^^ 
7b eq-vi-pon'deraie To weigh equal to any thing, v. n. 
' Mod'er-ate Temperate ^ not excessive, a. 
7b mod^er-aU To regulate; restrain ; quiet, v. a. 
Im'mod'er-ate Excessive; more than enough,a« 
To ag'ger-ate To heap up, v. a. 
7b ex^gfger-ate To heighten by repreiaitation, v. a. 
7b r«-/r^ 'er-a/e Tocool, V. a. 
ToaC'-eelfer-iUe To basten or quioken, v. a. 

7b td^er-ate Toallow So as not to hinder ; to suflër, ▼• a. 
Toeon-^om^er'iUe To arch over; to vault, v. a. 
Jn-lemfer'Ote Undefiled ; uapoUuted, a. 
7b ghmfer-aie To gather into a bail or sphère, y. a. 
7b ag'giom 'er-tUe To gather up inta a -bail as tbraad, t^ a. 
7b can-glum'er-aie To gather into a bail as tbread, v. a. 

Ta e-nu'mer-ate To reckon up siogly ; tq couut «ver dirtinctly, y. a» 
7'o an-nu'mer-aU To add to a ^Mrmer nooiilMen ▼• a. 

7b getffer'Ole To beget; cause; produce^y. lu . 
To de-gen'èr'Ote To decay in virtoe or kind^ v. n» 

160 A T £ 

X>#-ffli '«er-olr Unlike ancettore ; imvortby; lyise, a. 
7b ft-gen'er-ide To make or be bom anew, v. 
Un-re-gieH^er-ûte Not bnonght to a new life, a. 

In-gen^er-ate Inhom; innate; unbegQtten, a. 
To m-<«a'«rHtfeTo]DaketeDder; tosoften, v. a. 

7b ven^-aÊe Toicverence ; to regard wHh awe, ▼. a. 
7b im-dn^erHUe To bum to ashes, v. a. 
7b vuVner'oU To wound ; to huit, t. a. 

7b 4m*er-^e To load ; to burtben, t. a. 
Toex-ùn^er-vUTo unload; to disborthen, ▼. a. 
7b re-wam^er^tàe To reward ; repay ; requite, ▼. a. 
Tèm'fier-tfle Not excessiye ; moderate, a. 
Ju^iem^per-ate Immoderate ; passionate, a. 
7b am-iemfper-aie To moderate ; to temper, ▼. a. 
Dù-iemfper-ate Immoderate, a. 
7b at^tem^per-ate To proportioD to aomethnig, r, a. 
Im'per-de Doue by direction of the mind, a. 
7b op^er-ûtt To act ; to prodace effects, v. n. 
7b eo-cpfeT'-^de To labour jointly to the same end, ▼. n. 
To at^per-ate Tomake rough, v. a. 
7b ex-as^per^te To provoke ; to vex ; to enrage, v. a. 
Det^per-aie Wiâiout hope ; rash ; fttrious, a. 
Ad-ves'per-aie To draw towards eveniug, v. n. 
7b de-pau'per-ûte To make poor, v. a. 
7b vi-iu'per-ale To Uame ; to censure, ▼. a. 
7b eom-m/f'er-ffl'e To pity ; to compassionate, v. a. 

In-xjei^er-aie Old; obstinate by long aontinuance, a. 

7b H'er-nte To lepeat ; to do over again, v. a. 
7b re-iVer-tAe To repeat agàin and again, v. a. 
7b obUt^er-^te To effiice ; destroy ; wear out, v. a. 
H-Ut^er-aie Unleamed ; ignorant ; untaugfit, a. 
7b adu/'/er-ff/^To commit adultery; tocormpt, v. a. 

A-dulHer^te Comipted with foreign mixture, a. 
7b e-vmffer-afe Tu rip up ; to open the belly, v. a. 
7b ex-enHer^aie To embowel, ▼. a. 
7b as-tev'e-raie To affirm solemniy, y. a. 

Grate A partition made with bars ; a fire>place, s. 
7b per^a-grate To wander over, v. a. 

7b re-grate' To engross ; forestal; offend, t. a. 
JRe-din*t€-^ate Restored; made new, a. 
7b de-inHe'graie Todiminish, v. a. 

7b re-Me-graie To renew with regard to any state, 5tc. ▼. a. 
7b deVi'raie To dote; to rave, ▼. n. 
7b emH-grate To remove Irom ône place to another, v. n. 
7b rem*irgrate To remove back again, y. n. 
7b cam^nâ'graU To rembye from one place or country to another, v. n. 
To trans'nU'gra/e To passfrom one place to another, t. iou 
7b denfi-grate Toblacken, y. a. 
in-grate* Ungrateful, a. 

Pihaio A sea robbèr ; any robber, s. 
To picrate To n>b bysea ^ to take by robbery, y. 



A TE 161 

Tb ûs^pi-raie To pronoance with fhll breatb, r. 
As'pi-rate Pronounced with full breâtfa, a. 
At'j^-raie A mark of rough breathmg, 0. 
To e-vVraie To deprive of manhood, ▼. a. 
De-cemfmfaU Govemment by ten raiera, s. 
7rt-tmi'oi-rale A ooncurrence of three men, ». 
Tb e'Iubh'Taie To produoe with labour, t. a. 
E'Iab^O'rate Fini^hed with great diligence, a. 
To cor'rob'o-raie To confirm j to streogtlieii, v. a. 

To decfo-rfde To adom ; to beautify, v. a. 
Ttf tk-decfo-rale To disgrâce ; to bring a Teproach, v. m. 

To dul'co-raU To sweetea, v. a. 
To e-duVco-TtUe To «weeten» v. a. 

Ofth-raie Having a stroQg soent^ a. 
To peff/o-raie To pierce j to lx>re> v. a. 
Jm'perfjb-rate Not pierced through, a« 
To in-vig'o-rale To strengthen; to animate, v. *a. 

Cam'pko-rtae Impregnated with camphire, a. 
To me'U'O^aie To betier j to improve, t. tu • 
CoVo-rate Coloared j dried, a. 
i>r-)>/!9 Vole Lamentable; hcfieleM, a« 
To ox'pio-^aie To search C'^t, ▼. a. 
lô €om^mgmf<Maio Tu pre»ery« the memoiy of any thing, t. a. 
Tbnmfo-rateTohmdtr, v. a. 
Th im^pigfm raie To pawn $ to pledge, ▼. a. 
Tb tp^g'nO'ratt To piedge $ tn pawn, ▼. a. 
Tb màn^o^rale To leaen, v. a. 
Tb e'^oapfo-roU To fly j or drive away in Aunei , t. • 
Tb ob-^em'pcr-tUt To obey, ▼• a. 
To Kp'o-nUe To lay asloq^ t. n. 
Cor'po^roie United inabody ; or community, a« 
To in-cor'pO'rate To form, or unité, tntoone inass, T. 
Conrcor'Uh-rate Immateriai ; uabodied, a, 
E'ke'io-raie The territory of an elector, s. 
To esHme^lo-rait To dismiis from service, v. a. 

To proie To talk without weight; to cbatter, t. a. 
/Va/£ Slight talk ; taUle, s. 
To Hu'braie To ravish ; toviolate, v. a. 
To con-ttufprate To vioUte ; to défile, v. a. 
To un-der-raief To rate too low, v. a. 

Un-der-raie' A price less tban is usual, s. 
Ser'rate Jagged like a saw, s. 
7b o-ver-rate' To rate too mucb, v. a. 

To pen^e-trate To pieroe ; reach the meaning; make way, f. tr 
To imfpe-tnie To obtain by entreaty, v. a. ' 

• Toper'pe^trate To commit (in an ili sensé), ▼. a. 
Th ar'H'trate To décide ^ to give judgment, y. a. 
To jiVtrate To strain ; to percolate, v. a. 
To eon-<enUraie To drive intoa narrow compass, t. a. 

To €tu'traie To geld ; to take obsoeue paru fram writinga, t. a. 
To i€^ueiUrate To separate from oompany, v. n. 

16S A T £ 

Jlfa^'»-/r<7/^ OneinvestedwHh autfaoïity, il 
Totub-nànfi^stnite To sttftply ; toaflbrd, ▼. a. 
To ad-nùnU'Strate To give «s physic, v. a. 
To de-mon' strate To prove wich4Xftaiiity, ▼. a. 
Tq rt-rnan' strate Tomakea strong r e p rc a rotation, T. n. 
FneUrate Lyingat iength; or at mercy, a. 
ToprosUrate To lay flat j to throw down in adoratioiiy ▼. a. 
To H-luM'irate Toi»rii^teB *ntb lifflit ; to e3i|»!aiD, Y. a. 
To frusUroLe To dafeat ; nake auU ; balk. v. 
FrusHrate Vain ; iuelfeetual, part, a. 
jAuhale A soitof pear, s. 
7tf dt^au^rate To gild, or cever with gold, T> a. 

Cafrate A ctergyman «lio doM tht duty of a parUh d&dàrtà^ 
hujaiDbMt, I. 
A^curratt Exaot ; carioiiB ; nicely doue, m. 
Jn-ae'f tt-ra/« Not exact ; not atoarate, a. 
Um-€tcfai'rat€ Not exact, a. 
To ekfu'fmte To tan» ; to radaim ftom irildnati, v.a. 

OA'db-ntf«Ha»d.ttf hettrt; tepemtantj ttabben,«. 
jR» infdih^ate To grow, or nake kiaid, v. 

Figfu-fti* Of a a«r«mi«iid dateuahiata fiMn» a. 
3b trv^'a-ralf To represeni licftwhaiiil, v. a. 

To m-^at'gu-raie To consacrâtes tonifattby^olemkfitefl^ t. f, ^ 
7b dkf^'tt-role To fnrify ; tocIeaDse, ▼. a. 

Sup'tu^raU .Çlcimwd j nat contaniinatpd,a. 
To «ea'fM-nile To measore ; totake<fimeiinoiiB,'V.a. 
7ô com-iiieii'jH.i«(ff TovBdooe tDNMNDeconiimnjiicaBaTO, ▼• a. 

OMiHMn'«ti.ntfc Redocible to woia comoioii «eafwe; «%Qa^ •• 
In-com-men^tiurote Not admittittg ooe oonmon meaanve, a, 

To sat^VéTotë ToIffitiH ao jnoro cav be reœiv^, ▼• ^ . 
7b cif'Cum'gpfrtUe To roll vanod, t. «. 

7b jo/tf To glut; to pall, ▼. a. 
Marfqtd'iate The «eignory of a marquis, i. 
7b om-den Va£e To make, or grow thicker, ▼. 
To com^pantuie To vecompease ; te coanTerbaluct, T> a, 

In^^nfsaU Stupid ; vanting senftibility, a. 
7b dlMjpoa'Mle To betioth I to affianue, ▼. a. 
7b cassate Tovacate; tpiavaliMte, T.'a. 
7b iucroMfsttte Tothicki», v. a. 
7b eon-quas'sate To shake; to agftate, ▼. «• 
7b in-spis'sate To thtckeB ; to matoethrA, T. lu. ^ 
7b de-cushnte To intefse^tat actite angleii y. a. 
^ r .TffoclittU Xifeslàs% ; a unalt bo^ s. 
7b ab'lac'taie To^vean ftom the breatt^. a. 
To ku-ffueftate To vet^ «o noarten, v. a. . 

7b dk^utmj^ tell wbat to wiite | %o coÉauand, v. au 
To ntcUate T* «ink, ▼. a, 
7b re-lm'hle^i,teAei; ^otitAtg^edgaM)» "▼. nû 
. T .9b< tihpermfgttaie To cam^vef^after cbMpéplkmj V. n. 

2b w^'f-^ofo 'n^igmai w^^iMs) 4o»-«h««U>«it, ▼. lu . 

T9 a^n-e-tate To hutt like a ram, v. n. 
to ex-cffèi-tate To deviate, v* n. 

In-du'hi-tûte UnqjiesUoned ^ apparent, a. 
To ca-pac!i-taU To enaMe ; to quaiifjr, v. a. 
To in-ca-pac^utaU To weaken ; to disquatify, v, a. 

To fe-licU-iate To make happy ; to oongratalate, t. «^ 
To fe-hridi-iate Tobe ia a lever, v, n. 
To lu'brk'i-taie To smooth ; to make slippery, t. Ut 

To ms'ci'iaie To rouse.; to excite, v. n. 
To resut' ci-taie To stir up aoew; to revive, v. a. 
To ex^ws^ci-tate. To rôMse up ; to «tir up, v. a. 

To medU-tate To plan ; Contrive ; eontemplate, t. 
Thpr^medH-Uiie To contrive, vnr thiak béforehand, v, 
To agfùiate To move ; toahake, v. 
7b ex-agH-taU To put m motion ; to reptfoaoh, v. a. 
To in-^g^i-iate To point out; to shmv, v. a. 

To cogJiiale To think^ v* n. 
Topre-eog^ii-itâe 1V> ooiuAder beibrefaand, y», a. 
7b ex-cogH-tate To invent ; strUnt; ont by thinking, v. «k 
>7b m-^rfgitéttt9 TPo m^nmi,r.m, 

To ha-htlfi-iaiê Tofi^valify i iormiitikk, y, m 
To àe-iSfp-tate To weaken ; |o tnakefoiiit; t. a. 
To no^Vi-laU To makenoUe, T. a. 
Tofa-^VùtaU Tomake easy, v. «. 
Tofer-itlfi-iate To fecuadate ; to lertiiise, t. m. 

To imHUate To oopy ; to eodeavour to nKniM a» v. •• 
To eon-comfi'ttUe To be oonnçeted vitb aoy tking, v.^a. 
7b de^epfi-'iaie To bdiead, v. a. 
To erepfi'Me.To make a sraall craektinç «te, ▼• «é 
/ TbA-en^'f-lotfe To calcine sait, v. a.. 

Topn-clp'i'taU To tbrow or fall totbe lMttQm,>v. . 
Pn^H-iat< Stoçplyiallingr ; hasty ^^keadlong-, a« 
Pre-ap^i-tate A merourkl medicme,) s. 
To pdJfi-tale To beat as the heart ; to flutter, v. a. 
To hot^pi-iaie To refid« under the rpof of anokher, v. a. 
7b ir'ri-tafe 3V> provoke ; to teaze ; to exaspérâtes v. a'. 
7b ku^i-tûU To be doub^ ; to paus^' v. a. 
7b ne-cfM-itUe To make neceasary, v..a. 
7b de-^uanHi-iale To diminish the ^uaotity of, v. a. 

TogravN'iaie To tend tothe centre of attraction, v. a. 
7b (vU'tate Tbawxd ; tp shun, v. a. 
To de-menUaie To grow mad, v. n. 

J\)Hm'4at* A monarch; prineef iereroign, a^ 
O«'(fn./0/e Smeàsa&^ftiiliMdr^^ ^ -^ 

7b a^'/0/tfTo make^, y« a. 
. ^tate Condition ; grasdcor ; « ffepiliWlC'iL 
7b#fa(e.To%ptt^; rogulatc; a ^nBaBAt^ ^ m. 
E'Ualef A fortune ; rank, s. 
TesHale Havin£^«>ade« «t>l, «. 
In-tet'tate Jfot bivinf nnulc a «viU, a. 




164 ATE 

Ah-in-tet^Uite Inbentmg witliout a wiU, a. 

To nàt-iatef To state wrong, t. a. 
1b eon-tritUate To make sorrowiii], v. a. 

To m-tiatef To jpiace in a certain condition, v. «« 
To re-in-êtatef To replace in its former state, v. a. 

A'potUate One wfao ibrsakes religion, s. 
To in-^rut'UUf To cover with a cmst, v. a. 
To an^pu^taie To eut off a lîmb, v. a. 
To ea^vale To make hoUow, r, a. 
Th ex-cafvate To make hoUoir^ ▼. a. 
To •gfgra-vate To make worse ; to proroke, v. 

joac'tt-ofe TosharpeOfT. a. 
Toe-vaefwate 1>» make Toid ; to empty j to qnit, v. a- 

Ar^€u~ate fient like an arch, a. 
Thgradfu^aie To admit to academical degrees, ▼. a. 
Gradfvraie Oneadmitted to aeademicai degrees» s. 
To in-^-^Wu-ate To make angle, ▼. a. 

Tk êife^otHe Tomakef^ j toexalti to èlate, t. a» 
To m-pnghirQie To fiitten, ▼. a. 

To stJfi-vatê To purge by tbe odival glands, ? . a. 

Frifvoie Secret ; alone ; not open, a. 
TôcuMt'oateTotill; impiore; mannre, t. a. 
7b eap^H-vaU To snbdoe, cbarm, ▼. a. 
To ai-ien'u-^ii^ To make tbin or siender, ▼. a^ 

^t-im'u-^te Madethin or siender, a. 
7p ex-Un'n-tite To lenen ; to {mlliate, v. a. 

To s'mlm^iê To bend in and ont, ▼. a. 
3b m-Hnht-aie To bint ; to conv ey or be conveyed gently, r. 
Q>i-<iB'«-a^e Immediatelyuniited; mibroben, a. 
T^tu^peFHm'mt^ie To diaqnalify by age$ to last beyond tbe year, r. 
To rn^o-voie To renew, r. a. 
7b in^no-vote To bring in sometbing new, t. a. 

Adfe-fuaie PVopertionate ; equal^ a. 
/A-rflcr'e-Tva/eDefective; not proportionate, a. 

7b lùffuaie To meit j to liquify, ▼. n. 
To deVùquftU To meit j to be dissolved, t, n. 
7b eolfli^uaie To meit j to dissolve, v. a. 
7b an'H-quote To make obsolète, t. a. 
To ac^êr-vaie To beap up, v, a. 
To €o-4t'€erfvatê To heap up togetber, v, a. 

7b e-ner^vate To weaken ; to deprive of force, v. a. 
l7«-«tfr'xwif*Weak; feeble,a. 
7b m-cur'vate To bend, ▼. a. 
7b m-/at'u-ate To strike with folly, t. a. 

7b aeUu-^te To put into action ; to move, v. a. 
Torf-fecfturate To bring to pass ; to fulfiJ, v. a. 
7b jbtc'twaU To float ; to be in uncertain state, v. a, 
7b per-p^'waie To etemize ; to make perpétuai, v. a. 
Stttu-aU Placed, a. 
7b tu-mul'tU'OU To make a tumult, v. n. 
7b ae-cen^tu-^de To accent words properly, r. a. 


l». .VIl^'^J 

I T É 165 

to ar^àuaie To tear limb from Itmb, ▼. 
To virHw~att To make eificacioas, v^ a. 
To etf tuante To swell and &11 reciprocally ; to boU, v. n. 
7b aéPjU'vaie To help ; to iiirther, v. a. 
To ma-laxfate To soften or knead to softness» v. «. 
To ha foie To putout of joint ; to di^oint, v. a. 
To al-kalfi-^sate To make bodies alkaline, v. a. 
Âi-'kal'i-zaie Haringthe qualities of alkali,. a, 
ES-ftU^ Banren ; irorn ont with âge, a. 
ré-;c/e' Vigoroos; active, a. 
Thftt^moihitte A law-glver, s. 
To de-lHef To blot ont, y, a. 
06'«D-/lefe Wornoutof use; disused, a. 
Ex^o^leie Obsolète ; out of use, a* 
Be-pJetef Fall; completely filled, a. 
Com-pUtef Perféct -, tidl, a. 
"To coM'pletef To 6nish, v, a. 
In-^om-pletef Not perfect ; not finished, a. 
Un^am-flete^ Not complète^ not perfect, a. 

To meie To measure ; to reduce to measure, ▼• 
To te^rete^ To hide ; in the animal œconomy,to separate, ▼. «• 
ïô eon-cretef To coalesce ; to form by concretioni y. 
Con^crete A mass formed by concrétion, s* 
JHi-er^f Distinct ; disjunctivc, a. 
TtU à tête Cheek by jowl, rhymes hâte, Fr. 
ManUuHe Tame ; gentle, a. 

BUe Apiece seized by the teeth f a trick ; a sharper» $• 
To hile To separate with the teeth ; to trick, ▼• a. 
Flea^bUe Thebite of a flea ; a trifling pain, «. 
To hotk^hiU To belie an absent person, v. a. 
Cu-€urfbite A chemical vessel, s. 

To dit To summon ; to quote, v. a. 
To ae-citef To call ; to summon, v. a. 
To re-cUef To repeat ; to tellover, v. a. 

lU<ite* Récital, s. 
To e-tU^ite To fètch out by labonr, v. a. 
To tn-cUef To stir up ; to animate ; to spur, y. a* 
To mh-dtef To quote wrong, v. a 
To ex-citef To animate ; encourage; raise, v. a. 
Toex^pe-iSie To facilitate ; hasten; dispatch^ t. a. 
Ex'pe-dUe Hasty ; soon performed \ nimble,^. 
To m-dile' To compose a letter, &c. v. a. 
7b con-diief To pickle ; to préserve, yv a. 
Hec'on-^te Profound ; secret ; abstruse, a. > 
Infcon-dite Irregular ; rude, a. 
Hermapk'ro^ite An animal having both 9exes> s. 
Whiie Snowy ; pale ; pure, a. 
WhUe White colour ; whiteness, s. 
To tohiie To make white ; to dealbate, v. a. 
Kile A bird, s. 
Ifisl'er-oc-it/e A noun irregolarly declioed, s. 


-JL' ■*■ _gsaiAà^.^ ^W.-', t^ ^ 

1€« I T É 

CaHmel^e A sort of pear, s. 
Satfel-Iite'^ small attendant planet, s. 
Hk-cd^o-Ute An instrument for taking helgbts, 5cc. ^ 
Pù-UU^ Elégant of manners^ a. 
Jm-po-litef Not élégant ; not rehncd, a. 
Cra-po4Sif«'Not élégant: not refined, a. 
Coi^mop'o4ite /L citizen of the world, g. 
Ckrysfo-Mtê A precious stone, s. 

MHe A small insect, any tbing very small, % 
BtâfUan-iie A madman, s. 
Effe-^mite A hennit, s. 
To smite To.strike; kill; aiftict; collide, v. 
Granfite A lund of marble, s. 
Jn-gvn'tftf Innate; native, a. 
Com-genfUe Of the aame birth ; connate> a. 
To tf*«lr' To Idndle ; to set on ilre, y, a. 

rt^nite Limitad ; bounded, a. 
jyrf^h-nite Certain ; tîmited ; exact, a. 
D^hniU Tliing explained or defined, &. 
^ ^ Inrit^i-niie Not determined ; not settled, a. 

Jhlfi-mie Unbounded ; unlimited ; immense, a. 

Crffnite Having long sbagg hair, a. 
i^c'o-fitte Wolfisbane; apoisonons herb,s. 

Snite-A saipe, s. 
To u-nUef To join ; agrée ; grow into one, t. 
. . To -re-u-nite* Tojoin or cohere again, v. 

To mu-^ie' To fortify ; to strengthen» v. a. 
To'dit-U'nitef To divide ; to tàll asunder» v. 

Sftfte "Malice ; rancour; malevolence, s. 
To tpiie To vex ; to tfawart malignantly, v. a. 
Dt'tpiief Malice ; anger ; défiance, s. 
Het^pUe A reprieve ; pause ; interval, s. 
To res'piie To relieve by a pause ; to suspend, t. a. 

Itiie A' solemn act of religion, s. 
Mar^ga-rite A pearl, s. 
HyfiUhcrite A dissembler in morality or religion, s. 

Èêd^rite The privilège of the marriage bed, s. 
An^cho-rite A recluse ; a hennît, s. 

Sbrite A spirit ; an incorporeal agent, s. 
Trite Wom ont ; common ; not new, a. 
ConJtrite Truly pénitent j very sorrowfui, a. 
AtUrite Cround ; wom by rubbing, a. 
Jit'i«ur-|ï« Aperson or thiugbeloved, s. 
To Write To express by letters j to compose, v. 
To nn-der-xerite' To write under sometbing else ; to insure, ▼. tb 
Site Situation ; local position, s. 
Mar^ca-ste A sort of metailic minerai, s. 
Par fa-site A âatterer at great men's tables, s. 
Reqtui'site Necessary ; needfuT, a. 
Rtqfui'sile Any thing necessary, s. 
Pre-req'ui'tiie Previously necessary, a« 

Per'qui'Sife Profit over and above settled wages, s. 


O T E 16T 

Ex^^ii'Siu Exceltont; complète, tu 
2b de-pQs'iie To lay up ; to lodge as a secarity, ▼. a. 

De-pot'Ue Somekhiii|p«ntru8ted to aaotheir ; a pledge, s, 
To re-pos^Ue To lay up, ▼. a. 
Com^Hte{lvk. arcfaitectare) the lastjof tbe fivie orders, t» 
De-com-pos^iie Compounded a second time, a. 
Jp'fO'Site Proper ; fit ; well adapted, a. 
Op'po-nte Tlaiced m iront; fiEctng; advene, a. 
Wtihiiie-àn opponent ; aa adversaiy, s. 
jlp'pe-4Ue A good stomach ; dswne» *• 
Bip^"^ In two parts, a. 
Stuad-np^ar^iUé fiatving four parts, a. 
Tttpfar'iUe Between three pactto» a. 
dm^ver-tile A conrert, s. 

Lehite A priest of the trHie of Levi, s. 
Ttf tn-oite' To bid ; aak; allure; or persuade, ▼. a» 
Skdie Oompletely i per^actly, ad« 
Tb re-quiie' To rq>ay; to recômpenoe» l^ * 
Pkht^ Phlegm, s. 
Ait-dtatfie în music, eiHetaass in tlm», si 
Gov-^-nantef A govemess to yonng iadiet, s. 
Dé-O'penftê A medicine of fire ingredienU^ s* 
7b co<« To leave behtnd,, r. à. 
TodoteXo ky^ eictremeiy; to grow silly, ▼. n» 
Anfee-dote Soqiethiog^ «npublished ; SicretiûsCdry, s« 
AnHi'dote A remedy against poison, s» 
7b Jlote To sldm, ▼• k 

ilfo^tf A small particle of mattier, s. 
Wmdfmote A ward meeting, s. 

6f4tf'o/« A ooQTtof tbe hundred, 8. 
Re-moief Distant; fbreign; abstraoted. 
jjFo&fmoU A meetii^g of fi^lk, s. 
Swamfmote A coort conceniiiig the forest, s. 
Topro-moief To ibnvard ; to advancè ; or prefer, y. a. 
Smote Prêtent of the verb to smite. 
Note A mark ; a writing ; a Sound ; a eonnnent, s. 
7b note To observe ; to attend ; to set doim, t. a. 
Woodffiote Wild music, s. 
7b dl0-no/e' To mark ; tobetoken, V. 
To con-notef Toimply ; to betoken, &c.t. a. 
JRote A harp ; words extempore^ s. 
Wfotê The prêt and sometimes part of to wtHa 
Ap'tote A noun without cases, s. 
Dip^UfteK âonnwithontytivoca es, s. 
Tnp'tote A noun used but in three cases, s. 
At^ymp-tote A Une în geometry, s. 
Mon^ip-tote A noua uened only in ome oblique case» s. 
Vote A siifiOrage ; a voioe, s. 
7b u/te Toehoose by vote, v. a. 
7bdlf-vo/é'Todedicate; to cune, ▼. a. 
7b fuotê ToÂte, or récite aiiQlher*« word% ▼. a* 





To out-vote' To mirpass in votes, ▼. a. 
FêuU'U^marte The colour of a feded leaf, s. 
7b baHt To drip butter; to beat, ▼. a. 

Htfjfe Harry ; speed; pa8sioo,8. 
To hatie Tù oiake haste ; to inove swilUy, ▼. o» 
Ckatte Undefiled j pure, a. 
UtKkaHef Laachrioas ; lewd, a. 
Pàtt-hfttUf Full speed, s. 

Patte A thick mnEtore of solid aad Aoid, s. 
To patte To fiMten, or stick with pàate, y. a. 

Tatte Tbe sensé of tastiog, or distingoi^ing, s. 
7b Uute To try the relish; to fed ; toenjoy, r. a. 
Fore^iûtte An anticipation i, s. 
Af-ter-tatte The taste that remains, s. 

Dtf*/af ^ Dislike ; disgnst; aversion, s. 
Todvh-tëtiet TodisUke $ to di^;ast ; to vez, v. a. 
JfVatêe To diminlÀ ; to spend ; to dwindle, v« 
TTof^f 0e8Olate; uncultivated, a. 
W«tte Desolate rround ; «anton destruction, s. 
Pute Thetrack of a borse's feet ; riiymes fist, s. 
PtdUette A painter's board for oolours, s. 
BfdUelte A dance, s. 
Fd-con-eitet A small pièce of onlnance, s. 
lu-netUf A half moon in fortification, s. 
E-grettef Flower for a woman's head, s. 
Ban-quettet j^ gaalL bank 
Co-^uettef A jihing young wornan, & 
Ga^zettef A news-paper, s. 
Ca4otief A cap, or coif, s. 
Tribtute Pajmiient made in acknovledgiiient, s. 
To re-trUfute To payback, v. a. 
To eon-^rià^uie To give unto ; to bear a part, v. 
Ib dit-tribfttte To divide among many, v. a. 
To mt-trikfuie To ascribè; to impute, v. a. 
AtUrù-bute An inhereHit quality, s. 
jir-butef The strawberry tree, s. 
A-ctdet Sharp pointed ; keen ; subUe, a. 
A-çutef An accent in grammar, marked thus (') to «how 

when the vo ce ought to be raised, s. 
A'Odef A high or shriU note, sJ 
Per-a-eute Very sharp | very violent, a. 
7b protU-cute To pnrsue; to sue; to indict, ▼. a. 
7b per'te-cuie To pursue with enmity, v. a. 
7b exfe-cute To perform ; to put to death, v. a. 
7b re-fute' To prove folse, or erroneous, ▼. a. 
To cort'fiite' Todisprove; to convict, v. a, 

Ar-gutef Subtile ; witty ; shrill, a. 
7b ad-Jutef To keep j to concur, v. a. • 

Lute A stringed instrument ofmusic, s. 
7b htte To close with chemists clay, v. a. " 
7b m-liUef To greet ; to bail; to kiw« r, 9k 



AVE 169 

Sa4utef A saHHation ; a kïss, s. 
To e-lttie* To wash off, v. a. 

FUtte A musical pipe ; a ftiiTOw in ooIaxi|B9« •• 
Tofluie To eut hollows in ptHars^ v. . , " 

To£4ute' To make thin, or weak, with water» ^. a, 
To fol~luie' To défile ; to taint ; to corrupt, v. a. 
AÏ^so-lute "Sot llmxtoà; arbitrary, a. 
Bet'o4ut€ Determined ; fixed ; steady, a. 
Jr-rei^O'lute TJiifixed j wavering» a. \ 

Disho-hUi Loose ; unreâtrained ; luxurioas, a^r j 

Vo'htte* Member of a column in architectare^ C 
il/i£/« Silent; nOt 8|^aking, a. 
Mute One silent ; a letter without soand, ■• 
To mute To dung as birds, v. n. 
■ Toeom-mute* To exchange; to atone, v. a. 

To per-nmie' To exchange, v. a. 
To iTont-mute^ To change to another substance, r. a^ 

MinUtte The sixtieth part of an hour i a short note, lu 
To thin'ute To set down in short notes, v. a. 
Mi-ratte* Small ; little ; siender, a. 
7ô eom-mi-nute' To grind ; ip reduce to powder, v. a. 
To cor-mtte' To bestow horns ; to cuckold, v. a. 

Route Aroad way ; a march ; rhymes put, ji. 
7b dt'puie' To empower ; to act, v. a. 
To imrpute^ To charçe upun, v. a. 
To €om-putef To calculate ; to reckon, v. a. 
To re^putef To acco^nt ; to think, v. 
Re-pifte' Character ; réputation. Sac» s. 
Dû-re-putef III character j want of réputation^ 6. •. 
To sup-puief To reckon ; to calculate, v. a. ' . 
To tUt-pvtef To contend for ; to oppose, v. a. - 
JHt~pute' A contest ; a controversy, s. ,^ 

Èmte An irrational creatute, s. 
Brute Senseless ; savage ; rouj^h, a. 
Hirsute Rough ; rugged, a. . . -t- ■ 

Siat^ute An Sict of padiament, s. 
Tb tub'iii-tute To put in place of another, v. a. •» 
Sub^sH-tuie One acting for another, s. 
Det'ii-tute Forsaken ; abandoned, a. 
Toin'tii-tuie To establish ; to instruct, v. a. 

/n'«/i-/at/0 Establishedlaw; principle; maxim, s. * 
To conUtt'tttit To make j to députe ; to establish, v. a. 
Thpros'ti-Me To expose upon vile terms, v. a, ■ - 

iVof'/iWvIr Vicions for hire; soldtovice^ a. ... 
ProtHuiuie A public strumpet, s. 
Tfog^h-dgie An inhabitant of caves, s. . ^ 

Ne^o-phyte One regenerated ; a couvert, s. 

;S)'o-pAy/e Substances half animal half vegetable» s. - 
^ot'e-ifie A couvert, s. 

CboeAcavemj aden, s.. " 
Con'oiveHolkMV'tmtheiiisidé, à. 
ToheoBe To lifi ; to Tomit ; to throw, t. »• 
Vol. I. l l£mt 



1mv« Permission.; farewel, s. 
To leave To quit ; to fbreake ; to beqaea^h, r, 
To cleave To adhère ; to imite ; to foUow, v. n. . 
ih'deaoe To spîît ; to divide, v. a. 
To tn^ter- leave f To insert blank leaves, v. a. 

?b reave To tate away withoat njei^cj', t. a. 
To he-retroe^ To deprivc of cruclly , v. a. 

Greaoe A grore j obsolète, s. 
7ittJi-rr««'Tôdisentangle; to anwind, v.a. 
Ta xeeave To form by texture ; to insert, v. a. 
■ To in-weaoe^ To weave any thing into ; to entwine, v, «• 
To in^ter-weave^To weave wlth eaç|^ other, v, a. 
Gaœ Prêt of the verb to give. 
For-gaoê* I>ret of tbc verb to forgive. 
7b toeTopossess; tocontain; toenjoy; pronowioed as if 
writteit tuiv ; rbymes the first syUablesof Jav'-ender^ 

i rav^ous, &c. v. a. ; 

To he-hace' To carry j to condact ; to act, rhymes grave, ▼. n^ 
ibmiê-he-have' To act improperly or iH j rhymes grave, t. n. 
To fkaoÊ To pare close with a razor, kc v. a, 
Th lave To wash ; to bathe, v. a. 
Con^choe An assembly of cardinals, s. 
Glmoe A broad sword ; a faïUchion, s. 
'SSUko One deprived of freedom, s. 
Todatje To drudge; to toU much, v. n. 
Sond*dave One in slavcry, s. 
To«i-4iin»'TodepriTeofHberty, v.a. 
Gal^kf-date A slave in tbe gallies, a. 

^01» Tbe middie of a whecl ; of a cburcb, flcc. ». 
iTiun^ ApeUyrascal; ascoundrel, s. 
To pave To floor with stone; to prépare, v. a. 
To rave To be delirious, or ont of one's rain^, ▼. n. 
Brave Courageoug y gallant; noble, a. 
Brave An hcctori a buHy, s. < * 

Thhravetodt^f; tô challenge, v, a. 
To aut'bravef Tobear dowh ; to dare, v.a. 
To crave To ^s\i to long for, v. a. 
Draw fireteritof drive, (obw^ete). 
Grave The naroe of an accent, markfid thiis ( )•• t. 
Grave A place where the dead are laid, s. 
GrûivSoîèmp; serions, nottaw4ry, a. 
7&grflteTo inscalp; tocarve în métal, ^c 
/>«rf^ar« AGermantîtleiofdoïninion, s. 
To en-grave* To eut characters or figures, v. a. 
MaPgrave A German tîtîe of sovereig^y, % 
Pd^'graoe AGermantîtIe; keeper/olapaJac^, •• 
J^'groM A Keeper of a port, s. 

Virave A herd j adrove ; two dozen, f. 
Todê^prttoe* To vitiate ; to cormpt, v.. a. 

Trave Aiirame fbr sho«^ nnruly hortes» u 
ArckH-traoe The upp^ péctof AfidiuwH ^ » 



GUE 171 

7^ Mcw To préserve frmn min; to lay np, V. a. 

SaveExêept; not including, ttd. 
OcUme Theeighth day ; an cighth in nrosic, a 
To ttwe To br«ak hito staves, or pièces, v. a. 
To Haoe To pash off as «rith a staff, v. a. 
TbwatieToauctttate; to be unsieadyj tobeekon, t. 
Tq tm-buef' To tincture denply, v. a. 

Cue The end of athin^,^» a hint, humour. % 
Bar^ba-uu A hog dressed wheie with spices, s. 
Fes'cue A pointer used with a horn brtok, s. 
Toresfm ToUeliver fix>m restraint, &c. v. a* 
Jiet'cue A deiiverance from restraint, s. 
^Owedj propor; fit; exact, a. 
Due Debt; right; title; tribute; custom, s» 
7b#zi^e' To conquer ; tocruSh; to reduce, v.a. 

Het'i-due The remaining part ; what is Idft, s. 
2b en-due' To supply with grâces, v. à. 
To tn-due' To inyest^ v. a, 
Per-duef Close in ambush, ad. 

Eve Close ofthe day ; thc yîgil of a holidar* •. " 
Sleeve The covering ofthe arm, s. 
-BeCttf Steward ; a bailiff, s. 
Tca-ehieye' To perforai ; toact, v. n. 

To tkieve Tosteal ; to practice theft, v. n. 
^ . f*^ Williûgly (sec HeJ) rhymes eve, ad. 
, . Jb be-lteve' To crédit ; toconfide in, v. a. 
Ta tfjt^èe-lieve' Not to crédit or bdieve, t. a. 

Tore-lievef To succonr ; to ease ; to change a guard, v. a. 

Tij^wft^Toafflict; tohurt; tomoura.^v. 
To ag'gneve' To injure; to vex, v. a. 
Ton^rieve' To respîte from punishment, v. a. 

Me-prieoe' A respfte ; delay of sentence, & 
T9te'trwyefTorecoyeri tO repair; to regain, ▼. a. 

««« A banitrof a corporation or manor, s. 
^'foe An faktermittingfevef-, S. 
To^ue To whlp; t» cha*tise, v. a. 
tT?^ « confederwsy ; a meàsure of three jR^tes, s; 
Takaguf Tountte ; td confederate, v. ii. 
CoVleof^ A partner, s. 
T^coU^f^e^To unile with, ▼. a. 

^gwe A nickname fth- an Irishman, s. 
i%^«*Pe«til«K»; trouble; vexation, s. 
2«^&fg«e To teaaèj totarooWe; to afflict» y. a. 

^^«rWaudering; unsettled; unuieaniiig, a. 
Iprtnguei A piQti a secret corrtspoûdence, s! 
70 tj^triquef To carry on private designs, v. n. 
Fa-Agtte' WearinesS; labour; toil. s. 
T^d^tigue' To tire ; toWeary ; to fmplet, r. a. 
^-ra«a,f Asp^wto; «pepular ©ration, s. 
7b *a-ro;^z«/ To mate A:«pe«bb, t. n. 

* « n^igue 


I V E 

Tottjpte OtgMi of speech, language, &c. rhymes bung, s» 
To dit-em-boguef To discharge ; ta empty, v. a. 
Ped^a-gogue A pedantic schoolinaster, s. 
I>CT«'o-g)o*ttf Theringleaderofarabble, 8. r 

Flys^ma-^ogue A inedicine fordischargingspittle, a» 
Men'a^gogue A medicine to promote the menses, s. 
Em-menfa-gogM À medicine to promote the courses, s. , 
Sifnfa-gpgfte The place of Jeirish worsbip, s. 
MysUa^ogue Ah interpréter of divine mysterias, s. 
thcfa-logue TheTen Commandments, s. 
Difa^^^e A conférence betveen two or more, s. 
Tri^n-l^uè A conférence between three, s. 
Ca/'«-lagii« A list of names, or things, s. 

Ec'hgue A pastoral poem, s. 
The'ih-Iogue A student in divinity ; a diWne, s. 
Ep'i'iogue A speech at theend of a play, s. 
Tocol^leguef To wheedie; toftatber, v. n. 
Jâom^(h4opte A soliïoquy, s. 

Pnlhgue PrdS&ce, introductioa, to a play, s» 

Rogue A vagabond ; a knave ; a wag, s. 
To rogue Toplay knaviàh tricks, v.n. 
Brogue A shoe; corrupt speech^ s. 
To pm-roguef To protract ; to put off^ v. a. 
Vogue Fashion; mode, s. 
7b ar ^i« To dispute ; todebate; toprove, ▼. 
To re-dar^gue To réfute, v. a. 

Fugue Music, whose parts fly and foUow each other, s. ' 
CWr'ooe Serving to restrain, a. 
Cretfdve Increasing ; growing, a. 
De-Hu^^roe Performing by déduction, a« 
{^on-duUive Promoting; leading to, a. 

Tbd/ciîToswimùndétwater; togodeqv, v.n. 
£n'dr»e:AsaIIadherb; suocory, s. 
Tode-cehef To mislead ; to delude, v. ^ 
Toun^-de-cehef To inform justly $ to disabase, v. a. 
Tore-^ive^Totake; to admit; to entertain, v.a. 
To con-tehe* To become vith child, to qnderstaad, v. 
To pre-con^teioe* To fbrm an opinion beforehand, v. a. 
Tè per-ieehef To. disoover ; to know ; to observe, ▼. a» 
JFioe Fout and one, a^ 
To give To bestow; to>deliver; topày ; to yieid. The i ia 
this Word is short, which makes tt somid as if writ« 
ten glv; rhymeswith the verb to Jive^ v. a. 
Tojbr-^w'To pardon; to remit, v.«. ." 
Tb mit-givef To suspect some iU; to forbçde, ▼. n. 
//ifoe A place for bées ; a Company^, s. 
7bÂn>eTeputintoahive, v.a. 
Btr'Aiw A réceptacle for bées, & . 
fiS6rve A sliceofbread, woûd, &c, s. 
ToUoe To be in the state of life ; rhymes givej t. n. 

ZioeQuick; active; merry^ s. 
A-kvef Active; ootdead, iu ^ _ 


I V E ns 

Ol'ive A tree and fruit ; tbe emblem of peace, t. 
7o ttive TodïTide longwise» ▼. a. 
To ùui'làe' To Uve beyond; to sanrive, ▼• a. 
7h con-nioe' To wink at, or prétend ifpofowace, y, n. 
To rme To spUt, or diTide, V. a. 
To rive To be split or divided, ▼. n. 
TodriaeTo farce; knockin; arge; animate, v. a. 
7b o^ver-driœf To drive too hard, ▼. a. 

Toée-rioef To trace j dednce; deflcendfît>iil> ▼. n* 
To thriœ To hear at conféssioo, v. a. 
Totkrioe To grow rich ; to procper, y. n. 
Tbdér-prnw' To bereave; totake away, v.a. 
To ar-rivef To corne at «r reach any 'place, y. n. 
To con-irhe' To plan ; to invent ; to excogitate, v. ou 
ToWrnwTo struggle; to labour, v. n. 
E'VaUive Elosive ; sophistical, a. 
In-va^sive Invàding> a. 
Suafnoe Having tbe power of peritMdin^^, a. 
i%mM'mw Havingtliepowerofpertciadîng, a. 
jÊêsuaftwe SoiBbesÀïig ; mitigatÉng, a. 
^«-Mia'fnv deter, a« " " . 

Dirr-tzia'noe An argument, todeter, s. 
Ad^'sioe Sticking; tenacioos, a. ' '^ 

0>-he'the Having thepower of sticking together, a. 
De^'nve Having the power of deciding, à, 
Uk^-ci'tiçe Not conclus! ve, a. 
Rre-â^sive Limiting escactiy, a. 
In-cifsive Of a cuttingquality, a*^ 
J^>ri^?ce Mocking.; scoffing, a. 
Gc-artriUit3e Inducing a cicatrise^ a. 

Wnœ Fûrmed in the act of seeîng, a. 
Rt-puVitoe Drlving off; repelling, a. 
Jm'put'sice Impellant; • moving, a. 
Comr-puVtioe Ccrnipelling ; forci ble, a. '- 

Ex^pid^Sïoe Driving eut ; expelling, a^ ' - 
Con-vul^sive ôiving twitches or spasmS; a.' 
Ex-panUhe Spreading wide ; expanding, a. 
AscenUive în a state of ascent, a. 
Cori-de'^cenfsive Courteous, a. 
- De-fen^sive Safeguard; state ofdeiènce, s. 
JDe-fenUive Proper for defenee, a. 
Of'fen'the Disgusting ; assailant ; attacking, a. 
In-of-fen'the Harmless ; hurtless ; innocent, a. 
Mep-re^henUive Given to reproof, a. 
Càm-pre-henUive Understandtng ; càpacious, a. 
Jn-eom-pre-henUive Notcouiprehensive, a. 

Ap-pre-hen'sive Quick to understand ; fearfnl, a. 
Vn-ap-pre^enhhe Not intelligent ; not suspecting, a. 
Di-men^sive Marking tbe outlines, a. 

/^e/i'/ioc Tboughtfui ; melancbely, a. 
fjT'lïtfA'Wvr Dear : eactravagant, a. 

13 r.*f 

174 I V E 

, Ii^4enfthe On tbe stvetch | ffi41 of care» a. 
Ot-ten'the $bewiiig; hetokening, a.- 
Ex-ienf^ Wide; laige, a. 
i2f-J^'itoe Answering; oon«poiideDt» a, 
Ctr-re-ipon'she Answerable, a. 

Ejf'pioffne Drivii^ oat with YÎoleiice aad noise» a. 
Cor-rohioe Able to corrociey a. 
CarTotsive That wbicli corroda» s. 
' i>e-fer'm« Cleansing, a* 
De^erhhi A olaanar. a. 
Ah-Herhke CleaBSJag;, a. . 
&i6-iwr'«i9e Tendiag to overtuni» a. 
AMH-mad'Vgr'she Having power to judgi^ a. 
Cm-oer'Wof Convenable; sociable, a. 
Ex-iorfshe DrawingoatTÎolenUy, a. 
Dù-ctirfswe Rovmg; progressire, a. 

Kx-twr'noç RamliUM?; vqsnteiQf» «. 

Du-atr^shf Relatiii^to aipiwaatal ^|M90«fa«, a» 
Mat'me Weightf .; j^ofulefoiia ; bnlky. IL 
Passive Saffermg; nçi aotiv*» a. 
JwÊ-pat'she Incapatel^oCsiiIBnrincy •• 
Sue-tet'iive F)owiqginx>r4er, a*. 
£j^flir^ Ve^e^9«ak; bejFMd IMTOportiei, ^ 
JU-éret'éoe Saccouiing; afloidiiig feinedy» a» "^ 

Con-grei'me Meeting; encoimterioga a. » 

Pinhgre$*sioÊ Ooing forward ; advanaiaf ^ ^ 
lÀRv^tf^Tor Faul^ ; ci|lpable, ^a« 
JK»^r«^j>ve Acting so aa ^ npvets» a» 
gp^^r'jnw Cruel ; inhnman ;, bea^y» a. 
ÉMet^mm Propec to ez|ireit er rtyww nt, a», 
Mistme Socb aa maj be aent, as iks^mt», a. 
jtfsrVroff Aletterorvesseagar, s* 
êiÊb^mù'sivê Homb1e| testifyiiig^ sabmisMim^, «• 
P<r-mtf '#^ OraoUog libertjr, a. 
J»-ler^aitf'««De By te; not cootmoal» a. 
7rfta«-flBtf '/*iv Sirived ftDm one to anolber, a. 
CoJt-ettt'tne Having power to «bake, a. 
Pèr-cus^the Having ponrer to stpke» a. 
J2e^per-€tf#'invReboiuDdiiig; driviiig bacb, a« 
' bh-cus'^ve Able to discoss, a. 

/%iic'4râf Applanding; plausible, a. 
A-huUiy^ Piactisiiig abuse, a. 
^^tt'iôv Ponringout; dispening, a. 
Dif-fu'fioe ^9iAmeai%i extendiqg every wsy » a. 
In-fu'nce Capable of inlîisioD, a. 
In-du^iive Inclotîng ; ci>mprehendiqg, a« 
iSbn-c&c'xnw Oecisive ; consequential, a. 
/a-raA-ri^'ni» Not cogent ; notooncluding, a. 
jSx-e2ii'mwDeqyin|^admissioB; exoepting,^a» 
E^'sive Piactising.elQsk)i^ or dacêit» a« 




De-lu'tioe Aptiadecéve, a. 
fVtf-^'#ntf ^revioùs ; întrodûctory» a. 
AÎ-^uUhe Hinting at something, a. 
//LAc'fioe Deceit'rngbyfkls&sbow, a» 
C»/-/tt'Wotf Fraudolently cfonceited, a» 
A-mM^fioe Haring pô^rer to amuse, a. 
06-/rtf'i^ ObtrUdîng, a. 
In-tTufshe Iutn^dii^^ encixMDG&ing». a. 
Xtffff '6<^f^ T\ikea by Ikîkîiig, a. 
Lam*ha-ihe  med'icine taken by lickîng» H. 
De-sk^ca-the HaviAg the poTver of drymg, a. 
£*-ic'ca-/«e Dryîûg in quality,. a. 
Ab^di-ca-tioe Thattphich causes a&dicatlon, a. 
F^«-drc'a-/w Revengeftil, a. 
Depfre-ca-tive Servtng to deprçcate, a. 
E-^adH-cariive Curing radically, a. 
/n-die^e-<n»ShewiQg; pointu^, «Xit^ a. 
Mtm-éif'i-tm^iae deansing, a. 
S^-^i-ca^tàe Betokenin^ ^ strongT; taq^réatirp^ a^ 
A-r^f-ea-^nw Tending to purify, a. 
Jut'^i-^tt'tioe Justifying, a. 
Ap'pH^-ca-iioe Capable of applymg». a», 

JB0H&f4/t-ar-<rw Double, a. 

JBljrw^es^liw Tending to expTun, a« 
CbflMmi'm-^^-^nw Libéral; notselfish, a. 
JDi-«Mf»-m»'rt^-cv-<nw^Kot commualcative^ sel&hk 
Sttf'fO'Ca-tioe Chokiug, a. 

Voc'a^tâe The grammatTcal case used Sa caUiQf^ m 
Pjro-vo'ca-Hve A reviver 6f cloyed appetite s. 

DaHive The grammatical case uaed ingnriai^ i^ 
Ov-a'ftbr Havingpower to create, a« 
Ree're-a'iive Refreshiftg; diverttng, a* 
Proehe^-iive Generative; productive, a. . 

Negfa-iioe Denying^ a. 

iV<^'a-lft>r A pft^ositfcnthatdenieaf s. , 

De-rog'a-tnâ L^sening the value, a. 
Pre-rog^a-iiPe Apeculiar prlvilc^e, s. 
'In-ieT'rcg^a'iive Denoting a question, a. 
Jn-ier-rogfa-iive Ph>âoun ; a question, s. 

Pitrgfa4ioe Cathaitic, a. « 

E-'nun^à^'twe Déclarative ; eiqpressive, a< 
Pid^H^a-Hoe Ëxtenuating ; mitigating, a. 
Ex-fo^Ii^-tive itaving power to exfoliate, a» 
O-^'t-a-Zioe Stiff in opinion j conceited» a« 
Talk^a-Uve Full of pratej loquacious, a« 
Ab^la-tive The depriving case in graounar. Ai 
&m'i/((i-/70ff Suitablej fit; resembling, a. 
Rel*a-4iût Having relation ; resypecting» a* 
Helfa-tive One a-kin ; apronoun, s. 
Ir-nlfa-t'ne Without reference ; unconoactad» a. 
CBr-nPm-iivt Having reciprocal relation, a. 

14 Opi 

176 r V E 

Op'p^m-iweOhsibnacfire, a. 
Ap-pd'la-^ive Comnion to aH of ooe Idiid» ft. 
Ap-pd^la-Hde A oommon, not proper oame, a. 
//'£i-/m Relatingtoinfereoee, a. 
D9^f^i4it-tio9 Deobstraent, a. 
C^m-imm'pla'tne Dedicated to tUtaàf; thoaght/ul» a. 
&p>^'i!»-ltoe Expresûng the hig^iest degree, i^ 
L^Ut4a-the'lAW-giving ; orgiiniiglaws, a. 
f^'u-h-Hve ContempiatiTe; theoretica] ; idsal, a. 
Oh^u-lO'ihe Having power to ooagulate, a. 
Em'w-lO'ine Inelined to émulation, a. 
JÊtotfnm^a-tne Havmg power to aocanmiate, a. 
Ct^fu-ia-tive HaTÎng power to joiii, a. 
Côp^u4a-twe A joining particle in grammar, as and^ l&e. f • 
^a't-Mo-ffw Having power to gÎTe life, a. 
Bt^^-ma-tioe Havidg power to efdmate» a. 
4^'M'a-'fo« AlBrming ; poritiye; not n^^atnre» a. 
jRMrfma'ihe Hatîqg power to form ; plastic, a. 
Na'tive Pertaining to birth ; original» a. 
£-fluift'«-lkve IssQÎng from another, a. 
San'a-tive Healîng, a. 
|tal-tH)c'i-fio-<ioe ArgumentatiTe, a. 

fHai^'t-a«-<mf Fantastic, a. 
Du-dm't-na-iive Distinguishing; chiiracteristical, a. 

NomH-na-the The first or naming case m grauuoar, S^ , 
De-ncm't-nO'tive Oiving or obtaining a name, a. 
' Car-mm'a-tioe Dilating and relaxing ; in modieine, a* 
tk'ier'mi'na'fve Deterratng ; limitiûg, a. 
MUmfmi-na'the Qmnghght, a. 
C^»f»-«-lrcr Provokmg urine, a. 
JÊg'gbtUh-na'ine Having power to agglutjnate, a. 
Con'-ghi'H'-iUi'tM Having power to unité wounds, a. 
Dom^ active A gift; à présent, s. 
Jn-car'naAhje Generating flesh, a« 
Al-ter'tui'iwe One of two things, s. 
/a'cto-«-itoe InceptiTe ; noting; b^inniog,-*. 
Jàm^eu^pa-ihe Verbally pronounced, a. 
JOe-clar^a-the Makiug déclaration ; explanatory, a. 
Re-par^a-tne What makes amends, s, 
Pre~parfa-tive Having power to prépare, a. 
Pre-par^a-the Whatever prépares, s. 
Com-pw'a-the Capable of comparison, a. 

Lu^cra-tive G^nful ; profitable, a. 
J)e-Hb'er-a'tive Pertaining to délibération, a. 
Lac'er-O'iive Tearing, ' a. 
G«a'«r-a-/f«e-HaT.'ng power topropagate, a. 
Ite-mu^ner-a-thoe Exercised in giving rewards, a« 
Jm-per'a^ipe Commanding, a. 
Op'er-a-/we Having the power ofactiitg, a. 
l7ÎM^'«r-«-l«eProdncingnoeffect8, a. 
Co-op'er'O^ne Promoting the same end jointly, a. 
Al'tet'm'tioe Tending to promote change, a. 


I u ■«. 

I V E 177 

' AVier-a^ive A medictne that aYters, s. 
Per^spi-ra-tiv* l^ribrming perspiration, a. 
CoT'Tobfo-ra'tive Havincrpower to strengtheo, a. 
Com-mem'o-ra-tioe Tending to cdmmemorate, a. 
Ex-pec^to-ra-the Promoting expectoration, a. 
Re-doWa-tive Having power to restore, a« 
Me^to'ra-tive A medioiae that restores heaith, s» 
i^^'ra-tfoe An accoant; relation, orhistory» 9» 
Aiir'ra-^tse Retating ; reoounting, a. 
Pen'e-ira'lioeSaW.e; acute; sagacious, a. 
^i^-finn'f-i/ra-liue Adminstering, a. 
Ih-mon'tira-iioe InYvacihly ; conclusive, a. 
H-kuHra-Uve Tending toelucidate, a. 

Cuha'tioe Relating to the cure of diseaaet, a. 
l^'»-ra-/toe Représentative ; typicai, a. 
^i^y'^-nt-i/oe Digestive, a. 
Matfu^ra-4ive Cooducive to ripeness, a. 
De-fens^a-tiveA guard ; adefehce, s. 
Gmi-pen«'a.<foe Compeasatmg, a. 
^d-vert'a^ihe Mtakmg ; opposition» orvariety, a. 
€)on-ver*fa-tioe Relating to public life^ a. 
/n-crof '««>/rôe Thickening, a. 

Cau'sa^ive Expressive of a cause or reason, a. 
Ae-cuha-iive The accusing case in grammar, t. 
F«y'e-/a-/tt»e Havii^powertogrow, a, 
ii»-lerfp/v>to-<neCoUectedby interprétation, a. 
i2ec-i-to-/ioe'Tunei*uIspeaking; chaunt, s. 
Medfi^ta-iive Addicted to méditation, a. 
Cog'i'ia-iive Having power to think, a. 
în~€ogfi'ta iwe Wantiag power to think, a. 
/m'i-/a</iueIncUnedtocopy, a. 
Aw-thorH'ta^ive Having due aathority, a. 

Rr-menifa-the Causlng fermentation, a. • ' 

Af-ÊV^mentfa^ive Containing argument, a. 

Flre-^eni^u- the Having the right of presenting, ai, 
JStfp^re-itfA/'a-lHw.Exhibiting a similitude, a. 
Mtp'it'-tentfaUhe A substituto in power, s. 
7tfiB/'a*tfMTrying; essaying, a. 
JBv-^utf^'â-^'w Repeatingfrequeutly, a. 
OpUa-the Expressive of désire, a. . 
CoH'Certfa-the ContentiOUs, a. ' ' > ^ 

ffortfa-tive An exhortation, a. 
€bi»-m!/ 'to-/iotf -Relative to exchange, a. 
Ster-mtUa-ih» Having a sneezing quality, au 
Pu^ia^tive Suppo«ed ; reputed, a. 
Im-pu^ia-tive Capable of imputJttg, a. 
JD»r-pu'/a-/n?tf Disposedto dispute, a. 
De-rh^a-iioe Derived from another, a. 
De^rio' active A word derived from another, 
Pri'vO'iive Causing privation, a. 
la^n'u-a-Z/ve Stealingoathe^iirectionS) lu • '' 

' Cbrt'tmfw'thiive Permanence j duxation, s^ 

1 ^ CuP 



n« . I v.E 

Fre-terv'aMve What bas power t^preMnri^ d 
Con-ttrv'a-the QftvÎDg pwrer tQ pvoserve,. a. 
Lue* a-Une HaTÎng Uie power tolooflen, •• 
^c'//i>«ActingBimbly; lively, a. 
Ctl^fqc'tioe HeatÎDg; makiog hot» a. 
Shi-^-/ac'/ic« CaïUHDg inseiiMbiUty, a. 
0!^«£ii-/)e-/ac'/»'eStupiiykigi duHiog, a* 
Pip-tre-facHive Making rottea, a. 
Cky-U'JaeHioe Haviog power to tnalba byW a. 
éoi-ù-fac^tive Giviog satisfaction, a. 
' Jn-ae>iivelndo\eaAi doggish; atrert; idl«^ a^ 
I7a-ad'fce Not active» a. 
Cà-aetfm Havipg the power of feMsing, a. 
He-fractfive Having the power of felraetion, a. 
Tro-tracVioe Dilatory ; delaying; spiiuiUig o«t» % 
jl^-f/rac/'rôe Having power to abstract» a. 
At'trad^ke loy\iàji%i alluring; enti<»ii|^ a. 
j|/-/rac/'riitf WhatdFawsorentices, 8. 
De-féctHofi ImpeHect ; blameable ; vîoiflUiv a* 
4)r^/irf'wtf Having power to atfact, a.. 
^'fecifhe Able to produce ; «uefuLj Bernceable^ «• 
jH'rf-Jectfme Pradoeiog no affect, a. 
' /n-/^/'fi;<t Able to infect^ a« 
Per-/«c/'n^,OonducivetoperiÎpetioiB« a*. 
Oh jfci 'ive Pii^poeed ,aa an ol^ieci» a. ^ 
Adfjec-tive Whaii&aAdeày tu , . . s 

M'jeC'iive A word added to ae laMHitHw todttUÉe «me pr»f 

^ perty of it, s. 
Ë-lect'ive Capsule <tf beiag «le^led^ a* 
J^^/fAT/'rôe Considering thiiig9 paat» a. 
Jbi-Jlecl^ive Able to<i>end orvary,. a. 
Jfeg-iect'ive Inatteofcive ; regairdle», a* 
/»-/«/-/^'iM Able to «nderatagadf a. . 
Cot-kct^ive Apt to gathei;» or infer» «*. . 
i^-^jMc/'tWPartiçttlar; Mlativa; a««mn4t^ •• 
tii-re-tpeci'ive Taking little notice, (9U 
/r-fe-4^/'n« Not regarding circunwtaiMses, a« 
PrO'ipeci^he V)ewing at a distance, a. 
JÊUrpro-iped^ioe Looking backwasds, aé , 
Ck'euin'tpeci^he Attentive; cautions» a» / 

Per-ipeetfwe 0]pticaX; relating to vision ; m, 
Per-speciHve A view ; visto ; «çying glatS, «• 
Dt-fvc/'/oelnformiiitg; sbewingtbe.way,« lu 
Cor-fteiHce Able to correct or alter, a. 
Jrth'i^tecVioe PerfonQÎng architeeture, a* 
/¥o-/€ir/'foe Défensive; shelteriag, aé 
îf-vect^ive Abusive, su 
jn-vectNve ArailÏQg speech, a« 

* Wïnr-dicifive Revengeful, a. 

• 4f'J&U'wt Paiitfulj tormeoliiigj a^ 

JifcaaÉifc ] I MmiiMÉ iIiééiiimi i ■ iêM 

I V E m» 

I«-_fi'itt>ki laid OD u a puDtihment, a. 
^-iiricl'm Biadiag; astringent, a. 
M^ilrkl'ive ticpreisinsrimiuitjoa; aïtriugcnt, a. 
CoTt-viti'hie Having power ta coarince, a. 
Dù-toicf'it* Able to distinguish, a. 
In-ilincl'we Wlthuut rational choice, a. 
Sut^tad'tBe Sabjoining to Bomething, a. 
Jid-jmn'iui SomelbingjàùBà, s. 
Cm->«''™ United; a iiioodof teibs, a. 
iJu^cCiwCausingseparaiiuii, a. 
Cam'pmtt'nie Causiag remorit, a, 
Anc'livi locreasing, a. 
Dt-dml'àe Deduclble, a. 
Iit-<ùiet'ice Having power to reduec, a. 
/n-iZucCioe Ahle t»inferi ptrauaslïe, a. 
Pn-dacl'ke Generative; fertile ; caunias, ■. 
Jn-fre-rfutCiut introductory; previoiis. a. 
Ob-iiracl'iae Hjndering ; stopping, a. 
Dt-Urml'iie Destroyjng ; wastofal, a. 
In-ttruct'iBi Coaveying knowledge, a. 
Ojw/rurt'réeHaringponferlo buiid, ». 
au-per-ttrvelliBe Built upoii sometluiui elia, a. 
ytg't-lioi A Fcgetatle, ». 
Vofe-lhe VegeUlle, a. 
£i^fnwAwo(dorsfllable,tUtaerTsimsn4ytaâUai> tha 

Terse or phrase. 
Ei'pli-t;De Serriijg only tu fill up, a. 
Ac'crt-the Growiiig; adfled by growth, a, 
-' Con'cTe-tive Causiiig concrétion, a. 
" ' s-lnx ïmplying opposition, a. 


rnHCi-lire Transmissive fromagclo api* a. 
^'di-liMHaïbg power tohide, a. 
Std'ii-tive Aoswcfiiig ta an iuteir<;^tiv^"ik 
«.'«.«MFlyingi unBtaMa, a. 
Fwp-taie A Tiin-away, a. 
Vol'i-lBie Having power tonilli a. 
Prm't-ikt Anclent i original ; fihiBal, a> 
yiai'i-lwe Caus'ing to vomit, a. 
Gea'i-lm The possesâr« i 

Z<ffn't-Jnw AsftUasive ; baa.. , 

Sfien'i-fheTUA.; Gcry; passionate, _ 
Di^'i'-finc Oeterminate i expnaa, a. 
In^n'i-liv A numd m grammar, a. 
■t;'ni-/iKAbleto unité, a. 
pHlni-trnt Inflicting puni^nunta, a. 
J-pir'ùlÏBt Haviagaaopeaiiic qoa)i^, >, 
Nu'iri-ti'jc Nouiishing, a. 
Dii'l^itt Bnded; conclue, a, 
Ar-tf'i'i-lhe That «bich ti aia^iikad, a. 
Jn-jmi'i-tktTryiiig; cutiouj, a. 

■ r ' 

JilllB I «« 

180 I Y E 

Tran'H-ihe HtTÎng the power of patnn^, a. ] 

SeH'ti'lke Haviiig leose without reaaon, tu 
/V#'>-//re Absolote ; certain; ol^nate, a* 
Ctfm-pot'ùihe Compouwiedf a. 
I>is'pos'i-4he ImpljringdisptKal, a. 
Ap'pL'Oi-tioe Desirin; ; eraving, a. 
Ûuanfti-tive Estimable by quantity, a. 
Eru'iiive Eajoj'ing i possessjng, a. 
In-tuU-ihe Seemg i not barely belie^ii^. a. 
Sub-sulUive Boonding; moring by staita, a. 
Stiffian-tioe Anoun betokening the thing, s. . 
Sub^tlan-tne Solid ; denoting existence, a. 
/ii-œn/'ne An incitement; encouragement, t« 
fn'céni'ioeloâiing; encouraging, a. 
He-^tetu^ioe Having power to retain» a» 
Jn-ien'tive Diligently applied, a. 
Ai'ten'theHeedtal; regardfui, a 
Jh-éU-ttH'iiveBesÊrdieas; négligent; earelet^ •• 
M'Veni'ne Adventittons, a. 
JWwA/'fpePresenratire; hindering^ a« 
iVw-oni/'fw An antidote, s. 
Jn^vent^ioe Quick atdiscoveiy, a. 
Plsm/'yw ExprettiTe of flornnr, a. 
MoHn» The reaaon of an action, a» 
^MoHhe Movring, a. 
Lû^tth-mo-Hoe Changiog of place, a. 
VoHhe Oiven by vow, a. 
Caprine One taken in war; ariave t. ' 
G^YÂwMadepriaoner, a. 
Per-cêfd^ioe Oiving or containing precepts, a. 

/ffHn^'nie Noting the beginning, a. 
0»»-4^'7M Capable ofconceiving, a. 
iVr^ce^'we Abic to perceire, a. 
Bsc-eeptfjve Inchidingan exception, a. 
J2e-«iim/>'/foe Taking back, a. 
/V»-«a0iip'/«M Suppofied; nextininberîtance, a« 
Cui^RMp'/nie Destructive; wafctSng, a. 
^#-«im^'/nw Capable ofbeingaasnmed, a. 
l>0'«rp'/n«Ha¥ing power todeoeive, a. 
iKe-cep'/ioe Capable ofreceiTing, a. 
5m r€p'<iM Capable ofadmitting, a. 
^-cft^'we Adoptée by, oradoptînganotlier. a. 
S-rv/f/'nw.Bursting forth, a. 
Cor-rupiiw Able to taint or oormpt, a. 
At'terttive Positive; peremptory, a. 
JH^ertUie Récréative ; amnsîng, a. 

Offiive Rising as a planet or atar, a. 
.44or7/i»UBÉiinety; untuccessftil, a. 
Ao/'/iVtf Oay; merry; ludkrroos; ira&lai. s. 
Tbr'/iMlVisted; wreathed, a. 
iS<r'l<MStde»| gotbyttealtb, a. 

É t ii«r if i.^ 

L V E ni 

Et'Hoç Monging to sommer, m. 
FesHioe Joyous ; pertaining to fisasts, a. 
/>/-gef'/foffCau8ing. digestion; methodtzi&g, a. 
i%r-^fv'<ipff Steady;. persevering, a. 
Cos^tive Boaad inbody; dose, a. 
JKe-/ri6'u-/7ceRetrîbatory; repayingy.a. 
Cbo^riMap^'ce Able to ptromote, a. 
Dis-trib^u-tioe Servtng to distiÀute, a. 
SEf^-Mc'-MioeFoUowingiaatiain.or (Hrder, a. 
Con-t^f-u^ive Following ia order, a. 
Ex^^{u-tioe Hayiqg power to act, a. 

Sol^U'tive X^axative ; caosing relaxation, a. 
i{e-Wu-/K« Having power to dissolve, a. 
2H-min'u-tioe Small ; little, a. 
Con'tti-tu-tive Ëssential ; able to establish, a. * 
To re-vivef To return to life ; to renew, v. a. 
7bron-v/o«'Toentertain; tofeast, v. a. 
Tctu-per-vivef Tooverlive j tooutliye, r. n. 

Tbiur-ofDe'Toliveafter any thing; tooutliye, t. 
To tnve To take a wife inmerriage, Y;. 
To eahe To bear a caJf ; tbe a in tbis word bas tbe sama 

soundasin&tber, ▼.&. 
To knhe To divide into two parts ; rhyoïes caWe, y. a. 

lSab)0 An emplaster ; a help ; a remedy ; rhy mes calve» a.- 
To lahe To belp ; to save by a salvo ; to cure, y. a. 

Vàhe A foldmg door, ; a coyer of asjrpbcm; rbymes calye,a. 
Bi-vake Having two yalves, s. 

ro/'iee Price; worth; bighrate, s. 
7b oo/'ue To fix a price; to ésteem, y. a. 
To tm-der-vai'ue Torate too k>w ; to de^se, y. 'a. 
C^i^r-jpa/'u«Lowrate; yUeprice, s. 
To over-wd'ue To rate too highly , y. a, 
Sàie Sky colour, s. 

JB^&ie Sky coloured ; blank^ d^eoM; a. 
De/v« Aditcb;.apitfal; aden, s. 
7b dievfee To dig ; to&thom; tosiit» y.n; 
Hehe The handle of an axe, s. 
Twehf Two aîMl ten ; the No. IP., a. 
/h<«Softdown; thepipe ofacbSmney^Sk 
Gktf A cernent to join wuod, s. 
Tbg&i^Tojoin withglue; to unité, y. a. 
7b «a-g&ie' To separate a place glued, y. a. 

7b«o/oeToclear; toexplain, y. a. . 
7b a^-io&^'To pardon; forgiye; acquit, &c. y. a» 
7bfv-«o^'Toinform; solve; melt, &c. y.a. 

Re-êohe' A fixed détermination; a resolution, s. 
7b dit~4t^' To melt; to separate; todestroy, y. a. 

7be-«oAw'Tounfold^ to diaentangle ; to disclose, y.a, 
7b (2f-oo/i!e' To'iall by snccession ; ioroUdown, y. 
7b fv-ooAw'Toper&irm a révolution; tocotisider, y. 
7b c<r<^ct<fl>-(«Aw' To roH roimd> ▼• a. 


1S2 O V E 

To pt'VotM^ To joiii» to mhr, itaply, eutan^ Ice. t. a. 

To eoH'Vohef To nêl togetlieff, ^. m. 
To ex-plHef TofeMe; to p«y, v. «. 
7b i^mr To moukas biitîs, t. a. 
Av'e-nue Entrewe ta aay place ; waHc, a. 
Beo^e-rtue AiiintfDme; yearly profita, a. 
Det'i-nue A writ againat one who keepa gooda oalaviMy, a. 
Rei^i-mue A traiu af atteadaota, a. 
Tocon-4in'ue'TéremMtk'm^b» aaaae atatei to ic p cat j topene* 
vere ; to umte, ▼. n. 
To éSt'Con'tm've To drop; to break off; ta cane, T. a. 
A'bove' Higlier; mai«; beyond, pnp. 
A'bovef Overliead, rhyiaa«8 love, ad* 
Cove A smali creek; a sheiter, a. 
AB'Cove' A private receas to lie or ait îa, a. 

Doctf A fioitofpîgeoa; awiiëpigeokij Tàymca lore, a. 
TurUïe-dove A speeies of dove or pigeon, a. 
Ring^dooe A kind of pigeon^ s. 
Stocik'aiDoe A ringdo!^, t. 

Togove Top«t m a wcm, ¥. & 

Hooe Prat. of the verb fea heave. 
7b #Aooe To piuAlbrdMy ; t»<ltfi%!bi'#ard;.rbyniesloTe» y. a. 
Skove The act of stu^rkiig; a paib, à. 
ToiaœTifWfgkvà wUfe affèeMoo, ^MUdOtoeed as if written 
hiv, ▼.a. 
Xaas A ptfsaidn; li4eiicMMp j klndnesil, a. 
True-loœ An herb, a. 

C&otf Prêt of the Terb lo<ele«v& 
Chve A s]nce ; a grain or root iif garliek, a. 
7b re-foiw' To kivem tetorti, ir. a. 

Glove A cover ft»r Ifao banda, -riiyftfts love, a. 
7b gfowTo cover 'a« wîih a^gtor^ t. a. 
ITand andGhve Intimate; fkmiliar, a^ 

7b md«e Té cbenge place; to pMpose, &e. pronounced aa if 
wif tten moàsf^f ▼. a. 
7b a-move^ To rénove, V. a*^ 
7b ad-move* To bring^nethiiig^Cb-aniE»6ier, v. a. 
7b re-move' To ohange place, olr plaee at à distance, r. a. 
J^tf-ffMt/tf'Tbeactofmdring; a ebangeofplace, a. 
To eom-move' Todisturb^ to itnselilè, t. a; 
7b ie-Aooue' To'be^fit or méet, ▼.n. 

Groove A bollow eut iivîCh a tool, a. 
7b groove To hoWow iïrto a grbove, ▼. a. 
^ racw'To rbmbiè, «rioider, ar rao^« t.. n. 
Drooe Pretoftbbverb todiÎTe.' 
jDhMw A hertl<oféatt1e; a crowd of people, «• 
Ofove A walk sKaded by trees, s. 
Tknwe Prêt. ôfthcTerbtothtlve. 
7b prove To évince ; to try ; tb expérience ; rbymet mov^ r. 
7b ra-pfovêf ToMame, censure, df^prov^ &c. y, a. 
7b imrprovef To raiae fronrgooâ'to betttr, v. a* 




To ap-provef Tolikeoi: allMT of$ Wttoéêr DWt'MtIf agreeable ; 
. tojustify, v.a. 
*fo dit-^p-provef Too&ofiwc^i todinlika» ▼. •• 
To €oitH-ter'provef To take off tbcform^f any thiUgby ifnj^dressîon, t. •• 
To<ËS'provefT^ùQ>a£^te; toconrlctolanerror, V.a. 
&roi;tf Prêt, of the y«rb to itrilw. 
&l9ue A hothouM; ajfUms^iawfÊÊkd ûm m, s. 
To ^tove To keep anactioMiàcAti» v. ik 

l^ove Prêt, ûid paît. pa9$^ of tarwaaife. 
O'paquef Dark;. obÂaure; notalaar» a. 
SalQqrte Excluding ièmaloi fhxn tba <m)wa» a. 
Ob'lique' Not<}irect; aoi perpeudtcttiar, a. 
To ;m^ To offend, euvy , provoke, traîne, Aac. rbyniM speAk, 
V. a. 
jRr^tif An oifencei a petty siaieTtilelloay •• 
An-tiqutf Ancijsnt^ oid; wiaev &e* a. 
An-tiquef A remnant of antiquity, t» 
Prat'tiquf' A ship's licence in Itaîiaa parti, -9, 
Gnque Viv«y a. Fr. 
Ap-pro-^nquei To draw uear (xk 
^ Cbif ur A eirctts, 8. 
Gsfjiif A hefaaeU >* 
7ô bur-ksquei To ridicule ladicWMnljr, r« «. 
Bur-lesquef Ladlcrous laQgaagB^ ntKcale» ii 
Gro-tetquei Comical; odUminia;. «aBStnte), a. 
i2i#^tf See Bèik» 

Moiçue A mahometan temple, % 
. ÂM.AbitÉeTharii» sw 

. To rue To grieve for ; to regvet ; to lament, ▼• 
2oean»T4<satwood».stoDeormeat, t. a» 
Thtlarve Toperish, or kill with hna^or cold, 9. 
To imriruo' To sieep, «oak, or wetnuichy T^a. 
7b ae-crue' To arise by profit; to be added, v. u. 

NeneAmmsw^ a tendon, s. 

To e^nenef Toweaken; to cmah, v. a. 

To ua-neroe' Toweakan^ taalifleeble, V.a. 

To serve To attend at oommand;, to olMy, ▼. a« 
Toob'iervef To watch ; obey, regard, marie, ▼. a. 
To etA-terve* To serve subordinat^ or instrametitall^, y. «. ' 
Tode-tpnrf To ba worthy;. to merit good or bad, y. a. 
To re-teroe* To keep in store ; to retain, y. a. 

JBeviempf' A.8tore iMtoncbed'j exœptiaii; mod^ty, i. 
Topre-^er^^Xomft^ to défend^ to lawpfiriiite^ fco. v.a, 

Fro-eeroe^ À frâîtpreservod withsiigar, te. i. 
To m-teroef To beof u»e to an ead, y. tu 

Con-eerve' A sweetmeat, a. 
Tocon'-Merve' To préserve or candy fruit, r* a. 
To ot-teroef To acrve, belp, or second, r, a. 
7b dh-serve* To injure; toharm, v. a. 

7b tweroe To wander^ to deviats; to dSmb ; to p^ y. d. 
To con-gmtêf T^migBèib} tosait, v.a. 

SriAKoiMtft^ 9BMiBa$- HmUly ; e»M% a. 


184 A Z E 

VthtfiÊef rOa^ nsl fMâak, tu 
To eon'Urue To ezplain; to inteqNnet, t. a. 
To mtt-eaH'sirue To ioterpret wroog, ▼. a. 
To titrve Toheoà i toerook, r. tu 
Curve Any thingbent; crookednen, s. 
Curve Crookad ; bent, a. 

TofueTo prosecate by law$ to intreat; to b^, ▼. 
IrUue An end; eTent; a/Bsprakg; charge; triai, a. 
To ii'iue Tooome ont; to aebd ont, ▼. 
To tis'nu To intenveave, to Tariegate, t. a. 

Tu'iue Qold and siiver cloth. 
To *tai^ue To pbM^ as a statue, v. a. * 

Stat^ue An image of métal, stone, xxr woo 1, s. 
Ftr'^« Moral guodness; efficacy^ valour, s. 
(hfve A fetter, s. 
* To guve Tobind fiist ; to fetter ▼. a. 
fFe Plural of I, pron. 
^we Révérence^ fear, s. 
To orne To gtrike with awe or révérence, ▼. a. 

Ewe The female she^, s. 
To owe To be in debt ; to beobliged ; rhjrmes gpo, t. a«. 
Lowe A hill, heap, or bariow, rhymes go, s. SÛ. 
Stoœe A place, liijrroesgo, s. Suu 
iixe Akindofhatchet, s. 
Me'oxe Au axe at the end of a pole^ s. 
Ye Nom. plural of thou, pron. 
Jjfe Always; feo^ever, ad. 

Sye Not the direct objectif regard, as by the bye, d wel- 
ling, s. 
Bom^ttye In what state is yonr health } contracted fronoi hoir 
JEyeTheorganof sight; Tiefr; look; (ace; ifaymeslie» 
die, high, &c. s. 
To eye To watch, appear, show, hc, v. 
Topet'tffe The fat gland in the thtgb, s. 
Aeipf'tf^Amodestdiffidentlook, s. 

Mfttg'pge See Magpk. 

Ji^e A ooarse black kind of bread-com, s. 
Jffc See lie. 
Tocine Todazzle'; to oveipover with Hgfat, t. a. 
To feasÊt To untwist the end of a rope» v. a. 
To gaze To look eamestly, v.n. 
€aze A fixed look, s. 
Haze A fog ; a mist, s. 
TbAoseTobefoggy; tofngfaten, T.n, 

BiazeAûeme; the light of a Aame, s. 
To blaze To flame; to pdblish, v. 
7^ emrblaze' To blason; to adom, t. a. ' 

To giaze To fumish or cover with glass, «. «« 
. Mtme Aiabyrintb eroonfasioii âfmind» s» 


i z^ i9s 

7o masf To bewilder ; to coQfu$e, v.a. : 

To «r-m«se' Toperpîex, sitrprise, astonish, &c. r. a» 
A-mmef Amazement 'y astonishment, s. , ; 

JÊth^maze A ma^fe ; a lal^rinth, 8. 
Baze A root of gitiçer, s. 
7ô fœstf Tooverthrow; tbsiibrert, v.a. • " 

To èresse To soMer with brass, v. a. 
■ Jh trasae To break, crack the brain, powdef, ▼. a» 

Ta graa^ To eat grass ; to touch sligbtly, v, 
7b 8oA0nse To breatbe difficulUy with a noise> v. n. 
To saeezf To emrit wind by the nbse violently, v. n. 
Sn^ze A convulsive émission of wind by the nose^ i» 
Brteze A gentle gale, s. •. , , ' 

Thfreeze To be congealed with cdd, v. n. 

Greexe A flight of steps, s. 
To ifuee%e To press close ; to cmsh 5 to oppress» y. a. 
Sifueeze Pressure; compression, s. 
Erkze A warm doth ;, a member in architecture; f^yinat 

sneeze, s'. 
JBonie A sort ofwoollen clotb, s. , ,^ -^ 

7o ju^th^ To oonfbrm to Judaism^ v» n. 

MaOïie Indian wheat, s. , 

Crâe Thé exteroal balk ofany thing, a. 
To gorfman-^&se To feed ravenously, v. n. .\ . 

To ûg'gran'disse ^omakègresit; toadvance, t. a, 
7b #/u^Va7rf-t8«Tomakeidleordronish, v. a. 
7b boi'iar-t&Be To déclare bne illegitimate, y. a. 
7b 4eiase To take by force ; to iasten on, r. 
7b dtsseize' To dispossess ; to deprive, v. a. 
7b »-««/'o*giiB« Toexplain by analogy, ▼. a. 
7b nyVto-ghB To argue sylîogistically, v. n/ 
7b fiHf-ihol^o-fpze To relate orexplain mythology, t. n- 
7b a-poVo-gize To plead for j to défend^ to excuse^ V. a* 
7b a-siroPo-gize To practise astrology, v. n. ^ . * 

7b a-potHrO'pkize To âddress or eut off by apostrqphet t. n* 
TopM'hs^o-yhiie To reason iike a philosopher, ▼. n. 
7b <y»i'j»a-/A«tf Tofeel with another, V. n. 
7b xv'<»-/ir!8e To form into voice, v.a. 
7b «eoii'c^a-iïstf To offend, disgrâce» or de&me, ▼. B, 

7b refa4ize To bring into being or act, v. n. \ " 

To k'gal'ige To authorize ; to make lawfnl, T. a. 
To por'(ia/-âte To make partial, v.a. 
7b/cir'ma^i2e Toinodel; toefièctformality, v.a. 
7biijr'Ra/-n8eTomakeeminent; todistinguish, v.a. 
7b mor'al4>ie To make moral reflections, v. n. * ^ 

7b noifu-ral-ke To admit tô native privilèges, v. a. ^' 

7b tanfia-liaê Tô tcaze with false hopes, v. a, 
7b tm-TnorHa-Ute To become or make immortal, v, .j 

7b chffsUàl'ke To make sait ilke crystals, v. a. 

7b bru'laUnt To grow brutal or cruel, v. n. 
7b ten*tu-^l'iai0 To sink into seiunial pleasures, v. a« 



i«« rzE 


2b tfV'H-4ual-àe To Bpply to a rerigîoQs sease, ▼. a* 

!?o rojf'âHsÉ 1Y> make royal, v. a. 
Toê-vànfge^oe Tdpreâch the g«)spelx ▼. a. 

TbWer't^tzeTomake'barreD, y. a. ' 
Tb voi^a-li-tize To make volatile, ▼. a. 
!Io/er'6'-/»tf TO makefruitfui, V.a. 
7b ctv't-iaeTo make civil, y. a. 
Ihtfm'èù'&Be'tereprêsenti toresetnble, ▼. 

TS Vdol-isu To worsbipas a deify ; to adore, v. a. 
th d^toAty-ike To sabtilize -, to reduce to àlcohol, v. 
To fno^ntifioAvee Tô bàve *>lè power tb séli ; to eagross, ▼. a. 
To éihtti^o-mhae To dittéct a!ù aâimal > to lay open» ▼. «• 
To phlo-lafo-màsë To let blood, v. a. 

To wl'lmt-iae T6d(â>ai^ ; fo dégrade, y. a. 
3b Aa'man-zze To cÎTîlize ; to ikiake humane, y. a* 
3o dt^]gan-ig£ To eonitract so at tSuit one part co-qpttfttet whh «Bf 

othëTy y. a. 
ïb^«iM8rtr^l^eiifira^biëe, y. a. 

3ô/(Bl't-«Ee Tomake or iia^ Latin plirases, Y.Sb ^ 
TbKTH'/v-Aâe Toexainiiie dîfigei&tTy ; to searab, t. «•• 
7b tol'ewk-ime To eelfebràté ; to péiferm reUcpousrjF^ v. â« 
7b w<-tt»e' To acknowledg!» ^ to own» y. n. 
7b «^o-m^'lb be ÎD g^reatpain» y. n. 
TbflMtftt'o-nâeTooootefida^instaiiother, y.v* . 
7b Adr ^no-nÎBe 'h»* nfàke niusical ôr propoifioâaaie, y « a. 
7b ecu'o-ntee To tttfke a fiaioty v. a. 
Tbpai'ro~nm iké Puttrofùm, 
To im'pai'ro-.M%ejt gàtft one^s aéffîbe poiver «f a»y MigiMy/ ▼• •- 
7b dt/Vntse Tô<iAldne <»ith detonatioat ▼• •» 
7b eanflo-nhe To dhride Itad, y. a. 
Tbe'ter-nkseTohtimdtiaiSize, t. a. 

Totoae To balance, weigh, oppress, v, a. 
' Paiâtâ A Wetght ; a balance ; rcgulatiag poveiv ^ 
7b eonmt^er-pohùt To <n>|K>âe aiH equal weî^t, y. m* 
Gw»/¥r-^iOf£ê Équivalence ofweight, s. 
îb^or'jpai^KlfTôiWiShthethroat, v. n. 
Tofa-mUH-ar-iase To make eafly by babit, y. a. 
Toiec^vrlar'VX To convert io common ase^ y* •» 
To par-Hcfu-lar^ Ttt mention distinctiy, y. a. 
7b ùn^gurUtr-iae T6 make sîngite, y. a. 

7b tarlta^fk/Ê Ta iiûpregnaté aitb tartar, y. a» 
7b san^du-a-ràse To shelter isi â sànctuafy, v. a. 

•SriiSft The gad-fly. rbymes eàse^ s. 
7b ^'ac-ter'h& fo give a chai^cter ; iomark» y« tu 
To caufiet'iu Tobutn wîCb irons, v, a. 
Topid(ver~ttê f o w^ce to dwst or powder# ^ au 
To n/t'ir-'iBe To cedsure as in satire» y. a« 
.7b td^le-go-rizê To form an alle^ory, y, a. 
ToouHho-me fojusttfy; togive authority, r. a» 
7b mem'o-rize To i'ecord^ to commit to ■lemory^.yva. 
l'pQ-tTU îvj oomply with the iimes ; todàay, y. a. 

ïb ? 


7h ea'iem'p<hii9e To tpeak extcmpore^ T.tnl '*^ 

Prize A rcmmrd cd^bem^^ «dnMtiii^ip^taaMi llRjtt at^emy, a. 

Main'prize Bail, s. • *" . . 

7b ^frib^f To^vtforms to.aoqnntit» r. «. 
7b ck^a-triu To skiii over, . v. a. ^ 

7o i-dol'a^irixê To worship idoto, t. a, . 
7b ge^imU-trizc T^ pwlwRm geoaic^callj, ▼. ni, 

SizeBuÙii a9iatiiiQi:tilfliib8tMiiot» 9J > »>^*^ 

7b inw To acOust; to mfeoar «ritli i8tee$ âee* V. a. 
iffsrêBe' A measufe; aiatej a o(Mit'ûf)iiiitic0iWr' 
Tbo-noM'e-ma-tzMToeausimnwBÎoataK'T.a. • i 

^ j^'hm^'w Tp Mwrkviiinliiiuny; ^.a, 
To dog'ma^ke T(^ a|is«i« mafÏBtarial^^ i^ 1»^ 
Jb4m-a-graMi'flia-l«#.T|:^ff«keaBagmiiei, ▼. n. •'' ^. . . ^ 
Sfi-^em^a-tize To jreduoç into a lysteiiiy Vî a* ' "^ 
7o a-fiom'a»/iBtf To scentor periiime wtth'ipieetf) *v« te* 
Tbfptr'mo-^XP'Xieid'fMd, T.Q. 
To JcAifm'a-itstf To commit th^cnJBMof telriilBi ^ i^' 
To ojMw'/o-^ôtf To fqvsaJltttlËfiQil, ▼. m 
Tb^'e-i^To writeiikeapbefv ^a> • 
7b tge'<hp^ani-ise To plst^ thettCttcfar» ^ m 
To <g(or4^ T^^tlk^^me'aMK; ▼* a. 
Tbfta^/zso' To give baptisi») tocbtMseay f • ib 
^ Tt-bt^imef TQ'baptiaeaga»^ ««au 

7b o-oisse' Ta «éoumI j. toirtiiwdn; ir. «, 
^ 9kmm '^nmi hnm colocnr } a meda!, Èi ' 

To dMe To thimbôr» tpkapffy j to dnl, ^ 
To gjo9r1t> flatter I tooQÉim«Dt» «.a* ' ^ 

GilrsoFlaitiBrjr; gkBi, ik < 
Oose Soft mud; jlime; Kspriig« s, 
7b <aiKX»lmcioi]t aknHjrf ifonmgMtVf/ 
Ram-bociag' A drink made of Me, «mé, «ggv, «wi Mgar, i. 
To pose To puzzle; toexâdiiBe, v*a. ' 
7b tos&ê Totowse ar téatef whiah sée^ ▼> a. 
A/^ €Nmit ; a pmUy Bhrub oièd ftir ftritif^^ ' !• 
Goitzitf A Ytry thin tilk,' teÈi •. 
Bkwm A niddy &t «eoch, rbymcs tliè vérli tdhouae, si 


Deaf Wanting ihe senàs ôf heavhig; rlqràiii the letter F4U 
7b <i?ay To deafeil»<0r iftake daaf, t. a: 
SheafA bundle «f aew eut o6RV ^ 

Leo^Ofatre^; ofab0ek| ofatafale, &c. 8. 

NeafA fist, 8, 

Oo^ A changeling; idooi; sUy feUow ; rli^es loaf» i, 

/>oo^A,fna8iofbreaâ,pfoiiouBOedklfe^ s* 

/7eç/* Flesh of aa ox,<)oir, or bail» s. 

I/ee/Kioài fiMid, a. 

F/efAfee; amanor, rhyakéabed^.s. 
. pifOrPriacipal; euHneatf ^ai^Ua^a.. . 'i 

188 -I FF 

J&rW<^ A head dfcssy- a. 
Akift'«r«€Ai«f Awoiiiaii^tluuBdfcerohief, t. 
JBandfker-chitf A pièce ot siik or InMtt uted to. wipe llie nose, s. 
itftr'cft^Hann ; hart, s» 

7%»^OiieiriiosteBlii; aUenisli îoa caiiâl«j s. 
Ii<fLieve; willingly; rhyiKkcf beef, ad. 
Ue/Ve^r; beknred, a. 
Be-U^ PermaaidB ; opiaioii ; ereed, t. 
Vm-be-U^ iaftlelity; iodredafity, s. 
JDû^MA/* Atrefiualofcredit, a. 
M^bê^i^ A wm^belief, a. 

Re-Ji^ Succnar ; nitigaiMMi ; retievo, s. 
BMf-re-4Pcf 'Seolptare wfaoae figures donot stand oui from tfaeîr 
■gnrnnà in fiiU propovtieD, s. 
• Ifrj^SborC extMCtf instractions ioa fefv «ordti t» 
Gn^fSonrQw; grieranee; haim, a. 
jC(^A nMffc in moaic, a. 
iV4e^(OldFreiicb)^ tkenate of a dmrok 
&*i'9:^r|f A.notetBannic, a» - 

G«^ÀIuiipQOtt,arlafgekoék, t. 
Ihff A tnftftdsca Iwid» a; 
2onS^To8wcap|. tokaddle» T«a. 
i>r^Refo8e4 aaytliinffcastaafaj; avili, a. 
Gt^fA yaoso^cyoa, ^c. a. 
^ gi^To inaert a. ]f<oiba|p «ff»» ▼• •• 
Tb m-gr^ To^uopagate tieea by kioiaiOD, t. 

âS^f Astick; prap; enaignafoAoei atÉan, i. 
Dis'ffjf The ataff naed ia ^iiaing, a. 
Wkip'si^ Tbe ataff whicii mcnrea the mdder, a» 
T^'st^ An officer, and biastaff «f joatiee, a. 
fitttv'^er^^A-ataffof defeoce, a. 

^fMo^Todniikluxariaualy; ri^rmeaalai^ t« 
I^Piiff; blaat; a. 
Sk^AsuuâX iigiit boat, s. 
CE^Arock^ asteepfaill, s. 
. BaiflifAn. offieer that arreata ; a stevard^ a.' 
Bum-hai'Uff A bailiff of the meaneat kind, a. 

To n^ Todiaw breath aadibly up the noaa^ t. a. 
Tiir'ôlf A cartel of commeroey s, 
. ' ilf»rf'f^Thediaphnim; skirt, s. 

ShaèifA.cavaat^ of&xxXy s. 
rii'<fer-4A«r-i^The deputy uf a sheriff, s. 
ffyp'po-griff AstiAû>*8 horsein AriostOi s. 
. . T^Liquwr; drink; pet, a. 
7b tjfTo be in a pet, v. n. 
a: ' Gb'^ A basé feUnir, a. 

PHiitn^'j^OnewhoooaiiiieiicesasaJt, a. 
/)>i»'/2lf Highprîést; pope, s. 

^^R>K!d; stubbûm; fbniial, a. 
ilfof'/^.Anrgefieroe dog, a. 
Jtsr'/â'^UQwUliiigtQstirj stabboni; at'rest^ a. 


O L F 189 

Q^Sîpeiifies distance ftouï^iiat-oiiy ad; 
Beqj^ An expression of scoro, ». 
7b ^^Toput oS dresB ; to strip, y. a. 

fib^Asortof leathermadeofbufi^o'sftkin, a. 
Ue-hufff Déniai ; qaick and sudden résistance, s. 
BUmPma^t'buff A play in which a personis faoodvinkad, s. 
Ctf^Ablowwithtbefist, s^ 
7b ci^ff To strike witii the fist, v. a. 

Hzf^Swell <tf sudden aager, s. 
To Av^To cbide ; treat wtth iosdence^ v. a* 

Oa^h Uunt clown, a*. 
7b &ifTo keep close towind, V. n. 
5/ï#Big; surly; l^lusteriog, a. 
Jlfi£^Awarmcoverof skinfortheliaiids, a» . - 
, KmiffX lo«t, s. , 
Sn^Useless excrescence of a candie; caadle's end ; per^ 
verse resentment^ tobaceopowdered, 8. 
Tonu^To cropi to scent ;. to dmw bmth, ▼. 

i^Blast of wind; any tbing porouss tool to powder 
hair, undeserved praiseï, s. 
7bftu^Toblowi^ sweU with wind ; praite too mucb, y. 
&^Linen omament;. a^h, s* 
i&ri£^ A corruption ofscfu^ s. 
Gy<s(fSourof aspect orspeecb» a. 
5^Any thing; inmitare; nuedicme; texture, s. 
fibtfftf'ib/^Ajff Fumitare ; utensils, &c s. 
JKildt'ensli^ Grease from the dripping pan, &c. $. 
7/" Suppose that; allowing that^ coig. 
IFi?(f Goods lost and not claimed, s. 
CUif A Mahometan title of honour, ^ 
CtifA rock ; a steep hill, s. 
Cb{fA woman'sheaddress; a seijeant'scap, s. 
StuoifA cap, s. ' 
7oçMo//Tocap; todresswith a hcad dress, y. n. 
Calf Part of the leg ; the yoong x)f a cow, «. 
Jfcfoon'co^Amonsterj adolti s. 

ÂiZ/'Amoiety; onc part in two, s. 
uB^Aa{f' Fayoori vindtcation, s. 
E^Afairy; adevU, s. 
/)«{|r A mine; quarry; cartbenware, s. 
Sk^A boardto lay things on ; a sand bank m the sea j 

hardcoat.ofearth làider the moDld, s.' 
J^VITMobey; TicTics; food, s. 
A(irOùe'st>arn person, pro. 
JTim-te^ In thé nominative he, pro. , ^ 

Jler-teif Tint iemale personal pronoun. 
Our-^eiff (In the régal style) myself. 

//-#4^ It a|id self, pro. 
Tky-'è^ Belonging to thee only, pro. recîp» 
ilfy-ji^'iinysèlf;' notanîther, s. 

fTa^A'beast; «nukerinthèbreast, « 




L A O 


(^CoDceFDÎqg; amanÇi &e. prenouiiced as if iriitten 
ov,. prep» 
I/n^att'^ii-</N€CBaeBtioiied i» thewùrid, a. 
l/a-A«arrf'qf Unprecedentfed, a. 

Tofeof To invetfc éHIk poMe<iBÎon ; rhymes leaf, r. 
Tûen^eqf^ To inirefltwitii poeiessioiiSy v. a. 
^tfivHjf Rnvnthi»! cfthis» ad. 

Jioqf The horny substanoêHif a htmc, 9. 
B^-Aoqf* Profit ;. ad9aailaf& ; wtiatbehbves, s. 

Loqf Neartfatviftd, a. 
AAo^ Jbfca dtttanott ad. 

iifoo/ Cover of a house ; palate oTtfte ^loatb, jl 
Âaa^Bfâdeooe I tast')^ iwigksfaeetcf prînt, s. 
J^Mjf lin]p WB>iiihle4 aM^teresiflt, a. 
Re^prooP KaanetB-liiefKea; reprehettsic!n> ■• 

Dis-prooff CooffiftHlMift; x«Aitatl<m, s. 
JV^lShii^tltaièetôssttiewàrp^ s. 
th-tkoughifofSct rej^udâd, a. ' ' 

iScoi/ A loose covcnnf fcrtlie sKcmMers, , 8« 
IFAo^ A baok %r {iIb«b t» limd goods, s, 
iilBMif A>iiiaà^balo«r4ita usuialfiize, 8. 
&urf A dry tcabt aa adberent «tain, 5. 
^j/Clod«pv«TCdtntb grâss; bone course, s. 
7«/u^TacQ««r-with turfs, v. n. 
i^u/'AfooUorwlly fenovr, s. 
Ca<^ A çhest to ke^ fisk alm;, s. 



' B»g A satk , a pouch ; a purse,, s. 
XRc'kle-bag The sumlkst offresh waterésb, f. 
Goak*bag A bag io carry çloUief iOi s. 
CWg A little barrei. , s. 
1b âag To bemirc, . Y^^a. 
Dag Adaggîqr^ s. 
Tb /avTfl-^ To piùcb, v. a. 

/ir^ ihie worsi pij.rt,oç «nd flf dQy.tbiiigth % 
Hag A fury ; au ij^îy WQjja^» j' a^wi;t€b, $4 
Sftog Rough l^^r ; rôuçh cloth, as 
At^Ai'Aflg A \iitcli tbat.waoders by lûjjht,.,»» 
Lff^ Com'ng bebiod, a. 
To lag To loitér,"v. h. ^ 

7b A<^ To ffrow we^k ; feëblc j to droop, ^^ 4 
i%^ Apîanti ^sbip 4plûPi[fif aâat «Wfe, % 



W I <î 191 

Kag A saddie hoT3e ; a youxag orUtUe hmm» f. 
f\t-i{Miagf The Ch'mese name for spdter, s. 
Knag A hard knot in wood, S. 
Snag A tOQth standing out, s. 
lif(^ A wom ont pièce of clotbi H. 
7« irag To tïoast, v. n. 

Br<^ A boâst ; a game at cardfi jtm 
Crag A rough rock ; the rock, «. 
Scr/ig Any thin lean ^hing ; the nedc, ik 
To drag To pull by force ; to dcaw ; if> tmil, «. 
Dr^ A hand cart ; net; or hooktodragvitbi «• 
7b Jx^ To hang heavy ; to burtiwo, v« 

Tag Métal at the «nd of a laoe» s. 
7ô ^^ To fix on a tag, v. a. 
Slag The maie of the hiod, s. 
Wag A merry droll ; an Arc^ fellow ; riiyniei bag, f • 
To wag To move, orshakesb'ghtly ; rby<me»b«f» ▼. n. 
Swag To sink down by its Weig^^ v. q. ' 
Beg To ask eamestly, v. a. 
Bêg^ler-b^ A govemor of a province i^D/ong^e Tuirkt, s* 
Keg A smal! barrel ; used for a $sb ilfrral» Ci 
Skeg A wild plum, s. 

Leg The limb betweea the kne^ a^d foot, a 
J^'meg A spice, s. 

Peg ^ick-namé forMargar^; avWOoden^pîAy s. 
To peg To fasten with a peg, v. a. 
' 7b jagg To eut into notches, ■ v, a. 

Jagg A denticulation ; uneven\iess, s. 
Egg The produçtÎQQ of fovUaxid ip^tects, 9* 
7b fgg To incité ; instjg^te, v, a< 

j^ Large ; swoUen ; proud ; pregnant, a. 
2b dig To tu m up land. v. 

Kg.Atree; a fruit; a note of cpntf |npt, •. 
TojHg To insuit with ficos ; . to give uselesa advifit, v. n* 
Gig Any thingthat whirls rotiod» s. 
Hhirl'i^ig A child's play-thÎAg» 8. 
JFh^gig A spear to çtrike fi3h witb, s. 
fVhfg A party màn ; opposite tq a Tary, »{ 
Jig A kind of dance or tune j in ten tigPa . «. 
7b ^ To lie down, v. n. 

Pig Ayoungsow; roassoflead» ^. 
Tbpjg Tofarrow 5 bnngfçucthpigs, ▼. a? 

Rig ,A back, top pf a Mil, 8. 
7b ri^ Toik with n^gjng ; to aceqtttre, v^a. 
Gris A small cet; a merry follow, f. 
Prig A pert, conceited» s^cy,fe%Wy a. 
Spr^ A small branch, 8. 
tVig A cake; covering of bair for tbe baad, a 
Bo&'wg A short wig, $. 

Per'i-wig Aman's.çQyçrjng ofhatTfpffliis head, t. 
Topat'i-^ To dtéis>|rîtl^ âi^^ baûr» T..a. .. 

19m I ^ 



^ ' Thimig To driiik by large draDgbt% ▼. lu 

Twig A tmall branch , a switch, s. 
BoRf Tobeat; to thamp, r.a. 
^011^ A loog^toA ; a talon ; a nail, a. 
Qang A niunber berding togetber, s^ 
Tb^oiV To go ; towalk oat, r. d. 
fnu'gang A crew that strdles aboat tbe fUeets io pc^esf mai ial» 
/ tbe naval senrice, t. 

To Hong To M»peiid ; to cboke ; to lumiab» ▼. a. 
To o-^oer-ka^f To jut over; bangover, v. n. 
Gmg A sbarp, shriil noise, s. 
To eltmg Te clatter ; to strike together, v» 
Siaftg Pretoftbeverb to slinç. 
Pàng Extrême pain; soddenpain, s. 
7b poR^To tonnent croellj, t. a. 

JBwig Prêt of to ring. 
^^noNig Prêt, of theverb to spring. 
Sang Prêt of tosFng. 
Bar-o^tang' A Penian meagare of length, t» 
7an<^ Strong taste ; relish; soiuid, s. 
ToAMHg To aoond sharply or with accent, r. n. 

Twang A tbaip, quick soond ; an accent, a. 
Cm-êgnjg9 ^ restoratîTe root from China and America» a. 
Wang Anomamentaloovering, s. 
J^'ting Opponte to ; asiacingthe church, prep. 
Pkrc'ing Sharp, penetrating, part a. 

7ô dlÊR^ To dash ; tobhister; tohufi^ ▼. 
Leasing Principal, part 
PitwPing Actorform of pleading, b. 
Remd'ing Study ; lecture ; variation of c<^cf > s. 
JLa'dâ^ Freigbt ; bnrden, s. 
Tra^ding Engaged in commerce, a. 
fTiNfcZà^ Coorse staff ; inside of a coat, s. 
BiMnf Sbeets and blankets, % 
ITerf'c^ Noptialceremony; marriage, s. 
Bid'tHng A command ; publishing, s. 
Rf'bidfding Raising abhoirence, a. 

Pudtdhg A kind of fbod, s. r 

Jack-fud'dmg Ameny Andrew, t. 
JW-ee'ding Go:ng before, a. 
Pnhceedfing Transaction; légal process, s. 
Ex-eeed^ing Excessive ; snrpassing, a. . 
Sx-eeed'ing In a great degree ; eminently, ad» 
Bleed^ing Atf issne and letting of blood, s. 
Mreed'ing Education ; manners, s. 
^i'(2fffg -Résidence; habitation, s. 
A-bi^ding Continuance, part 
' IUliing Of to ride, part , 
i2i'<2/n^ A çomity division, r. 
Trifdsng The tbîrd part of a county^ s. 
Fald'in^ A kiild of coanecloth, s. 

^■' ■- " ■^•■♦j 

I N G 

GtWing A hcwie cmitr«ted, t. 

GiWiag aold laid on fbr OTnamnA, % 

Hild'ing A lahy, p«Itry person, a "• ' 
Biàild'ing Aa edi&ce ; a fiibrick, ■. 

mid'.Hg A «Ud Miir app'e, >. 
&i^'fiid-ng Support fer woifcniïti, (. 

Gotd'ing- A sort of apple, t. 
Vold'mg A tenure ; a fiinn, i. 
Be-laU'iag Comipted froo) beholden. 
Land'Sng The top of stain ; place to laiid at, 
"''nfnig ContinuaiiCe ; itatioo ; conitïtioD, ■ 

tiol-vtih-itiad'ing Howtver; nE>«uniia., tm^ 
C's-ifer-frand'jnj latdlcctual powers i •kiU,^ 

Vit-dtr-itmd'ingKBOw\t,%; skilfiil, a. 
SSilBi-dct-tland'iag DisegreemcDt, a. 

iVwf'ù^ Depeifdin;; uad«;iilei], ■. 
fW-leorf'ù^ ClaiminKi boasting, a. 
Birid'ing A uover ; a bandage, a. 
Wiffing Meaiider ; flexare, i. 
Somdfirtg Simoroi», a. 
J'bre-io'di'ig Glving txnou, a. 
Ac-tard'ing Agreeable to, [frep, 
Bï'iag Eiistmce; enisting, a. 
In-it'iiig Inhereoce ; imepanU«iic*a, a. 
IFtU'it-iiigPToBpet\tj; hnppmeaa.a. 
Sit'iiig The sight ; Tiaion, s. 
Sn'ing Vram to se^, part. 
Sn'ing SJBCe, ad. 
All-t^'ing BcVirfding every thiny, a. 

Off'i-ig A sea'trrm for the op«j sea, •■ 
Sl«ff''nig ReKshins in^redîmits put inio neat, i. 
E^'ing A laaratr lace; border,*, 
JUg'gi'ig Sails and tackling ot a ihîp, », 
O-bii'ging Crvil j ccmiplainant, •> 
Dii-aiWi'g'V tiffenai™; unpieasîng; dlaguating, a. 
Bmg'ing Drapery hung agàinit valli, a. 
Hmg'iag Foreboding death by the haKeri ■. 
Swin'gîng Great j hnge, a. 
Saaig'ii^ Part, ofto swing. 
^'^''''g Ad eainesC (leaire, a. 
Di-nerg'ingavertaxt; going farther ■nnider, a. 
Coa-Bcrg'ing Tendmg to one point, part. 
Ptaneh'w^ The laying oT Souri in a iMiiMii^, •- 
Wendi'ag Whoring, s. 
Culch'ing InfisitiouB, a. 
(Koirf'Mg InabiKtyof ileep,». 
RihUng Ttaa art «t catchin^ flab. *. 
Ptah'ng Énterpris'ng j Tîgvruui, a. 
Thhig Wliatever ia, i. 



Brmtkikg âspifatk»! irm^ «. 
S^mt'tkmg Mofew km» pwt, ê, 

Cbftking OatineMPi dratf» t. 

jVb<* W Not «ny Umk» t. 

Jlf«aitfi^AgniaiUii«; teftin^Miieit]^ «. 

Siwfl'fR^ ApprtMKîhiof te4lie ««th, «^ 
JMlte5Atoy;«ttog toptoyw >th.^^ 

^Méâ SwTile ; uK«n; eov«Aoiis, a* 

Vn-^er^'kimg Entwtfrô» J >um«H »»'» «• 
iWwute'A^ Laborkms; mdnrtoous, ». 
TfM*'»vI>re«; onuanei*; cbeatws, • 
Ttdt'hi Cwrer rflÎB*a»i» in abed, u 
CoekHmg A ût^ng <d ùonâ^ •• 

Zii|^ PhimpiM»; goodyUte; iacKnatîoow «. 
Sui'kmg Attoe'.vagi mrgmm§g ^ 

T^tMk'img Imaginatioiift s» 

ZW A fish ; heaftb» I. 
J)ealfiMg Pwctàceî bosMew, ». 

ilai'A&jTlieiiKwteaiyiwceofahowe, s. 
Sfani'Mtiur MorinfaidiwÎMNily» «• 
.Bte#£fii^ Trifliiigs eontfliaiiliUe. »< 

CSr'cfiJi^Circiilw; rouadWi» part. a. 
T^émt Petty doding» a. 

ilfirf'lSofiniddleiwiki moderato, a. 

IW'S Oi«m««h oo<*e«d orAiatedo», s. 

FoumP&m A iliaiftiwl 'tpfcn^ >- , 
Grw«d»tfi5Afidi; <toeoft|ie ^nlgar, •. 
CbJfUng A aoit ofapple, a. 
lor^Ung A diminntive tord. a. 
^(^ BapMÎve of MBtilMUty, a. 

JM^^ SeniilMlîty î t ettrt ffm fw, s. 

Fd4o»^ttiHng Sympathy ; j«nt interart, s. 
ChMge'&ig An ideot; a chiU ctonglpd, a. 
J^'fti^ Anieroeiiaiy,fra«ti^r •- 
fi»«te'iriv A ma» itoved ; a ftta«i •• ^^ ^^^ 

ÂiJ Aanccr ; agibei athWWi aCMl, ». 

ING 1»^ 

t^tan'^itig Gontemptibly noisy in nraskr, s. 
Youm'gling A cfcfttare 'm die fintvart of Iffe»* s. 
ilil^M^ Sîckly, part. • 
Um^9mU*mg Uaeleti ; flùa, s. 
Pn^vaii^ing Hanog infkieMto ; preéOBBftDftBt; «• 
li2UMÎi|^-fiM|i6iilaiti€Mi ; a«diMe aorro«r, 9^ 
Ceiifmg The inoerroof, s. 
7f 'i^ Tlie roof cereiéd wHli iiles^ sk- 
Weak'Umg A feeble eMotiire, 1. 
Tack'Rng Furnitare of the mtat, k 
Ckkk^Uitg A imall chickea, t. 
Jhuk^ling A yottftg dvwik, s. 
Sudc^Ung One fed bjr the pep, s. 
Itût'kng A hint ; information ; whisper, r. 
^rhéViimg Wettiag gently ; a small quantity, Sk 
Jkeitik'lmg Motion of the eye», tpark i^ Hght, •< 
Dark'ling Bteki; in the dnrfc, part. 
CnWing Vocation $ pnjfennon ; àaée, s. 
Com-pd*limg Forcing,». 

'coM-peMôi^ An epitbet of JopHer in Homer, a. 
Du'el^ The act of fightin^n dnd. 
Dwe/'i^ngHahftMkm; ahmle, ». 
SwelfÛng Morbid tumour ; protubérance, tf. 
ShiPÙng A coin value 19d. b. 
WitfUng IhcBned to any thfn^ ; cona«nftin|;, a. 
Vn-wii'Ùng Loth; not inelined, ù» 
IVean^hng An animal newly weaned, a. 
Yean^Ung The yonng of ibeep, s. 
Twin'Ung A twin thmlr, s. 
Saft'Ung A young treei 1» 
StripHing A yonth* t. 
DumpfUfi ^ sorrofbeiM pudding^ s^ 
CrtM^'bn^ A groen cedling, s. 
Fop'lmg A pet^ ttfp, ft 
Dar'ling A tavourUe ; bctov«d, i. 
Dear'ling A fimmiite ; a darling, fc 
KMr'&ig A créature a yeot oM, f. 
Ster'Sng A bird ; defenoe to pien in a river, t. 
Dap'per-Ëng A dwarf» s. 

Slee'iin^ Gemme ; imrr ; Ehglishi ^ 
Sc(U*ter4mg A vagabond, s; 
GoàUng A young gcxwe, s. 
I^ufi^Ung One nuned vp ; a-fondlfaig, a. 
Nourt'ling The none ; tte nnrrtiag, t. 
ilûtii'ling Housewarmîng, a. 
Fai'lmg A lawb or liid Ad for nerlfieei s» 
WU'Img A pretender to wit, s. 
ikaU'ang A Uttle chiM-, k 
SeàniHi^ TiiHber cet into smaH tlze, 1. 
Tant'&Mg One aeised wHh Tain btopos, t* 
Faint'Ung TUnorous, a. 
QnmÊfOng A young hog, ■» 


196 I N G 

CaH'làig An ibartire, i. 

fitll'liiig A bird just halchad, t. 

FirM'ling The firat pnxhiced, (. 

7sr-pai>'/in( Cloth covered with tu, a. 

Bt^'/mil-àig Bird-catiïbiBg by night, s. 

Sm'tv Appearance; iliow; semblukce, », 
Uit-tt-teÊm'iiig Uiibecoming, a. 

Trim'iBiiig Lace, &.C on dothei, i. 
Bc-R»ii'ï>v GracefuI ; luitablc; ^greeablc, (. 
ForOi-am'hif Boidir to appear, a. 
Olorjit m^ Very p)ea»ing, a. 
A-iarM'i"if Giving tbe alarm, part. 
Haïut'iiarm-ing A feaat upon )^>iag inlo a ne* hiHue, *. 
Ai-iv'và'ifl ArmgatinK, part. 
Giaming Theactof gleaaing, or thin; gleaned, 1. 
Mnn'mg Intention ; purposei lense, ■■ - 
Gv'den-iag The act oiF ciiltivating gardensi i. 
Bain'»*-^-in,î Inlaying rteel with lilter, a. ^ 
O'pn-ù^ Aperture ; breach ; dawB, »- 
Chrù'Ieit-iif ITje act of bapt.zii^, i. 
E'vtn-àg The close d' tbe day, >. 
;)r.(^'pi^ InsidiouEi treacherous, part a. 
I/n-A-ws-n'iiif Sincère, a. 
£«-f(r-fwii'ii^ Picasinsi di'crtiliK, a. 

Li'nn^ That »bjch ix within any thlng, i. 
/^'iu»j Wastioiii languiihiug, a. 
Se-pi'nmg Complaintn);, a. 
WiVimy AttracllTe; charminît, a. 
Cua'nôij; Skilfnl ; suhtlc; craRy, a. 
Om'od^ Slynesai decdttiilnea, a, 
Pi'iia-iiig Work* vf piuneera, s. 
Accfon-n^ Kfitimativo; computatito, a. 

Not/n'iiig Repose at dooq, s. 
Rta'ioi-ifg Argument; actof r«a«MiiDgj a. 
See'ton-iag That whïch givei reKth, i. 
Iram'inii Literature ; skill m any thing, i. 
Boot-l'araling Skill io literature, 1. 
IfarH'mg Preïious notice, i. 
Con-cem'Oig ReUting to, part. 
Cù-cfrn'vig JudicLOuft ; knowing, paît. a. 
VB-dii-rent'inir IiiiudlcLOus, a, 

Mon'ng Theârstiaitof thcday,!. 
Sum'ùtg State of Inflammatioti, s. 
lHourn'ing Dressof sorrow j «oitow.i. 

Tuni'i^ Awinding flexurc, B. , 
t^kt'nàif Tbe flash tbat précèdes tbtmder, 1. 
Aan'ing A coïer from Ihe sua, a. 
ynŒji'i^ Sleepy; slumhering, a. 

Ga'ii^ Act of walkingi departurei pr^iusncy, 1. 
A-go'ixg In action, a, 
A'faf'S''^ Ooing befOre, prep. 

I N G 197 

Keep^ing Correflpcmdence ; reserre, s. 
Botue^keep-ing Hospitality; plenty, s. 
Book^keep-ing Act of an acoomptant, s. v 

iV^^Boiling; hot;.wçak; feeble, a. 
Lawp'mg Shilling-; sparklmg, a. 
/%Hp'tn^Littie; nÛTellmg; sorry, a. 
I^mpfing Large ; heavy ; great, a. 

Co'ping Coyering of a wall^ s. 
iSb-âpTttiig Well-grown; large; balky, a. 
CSkip'ping A fragment eut off, s. 
6Sià>'f»ng Vessels for navigation, s. 
Ihtpffùng The drops from roastéd méat, s. 
7>^'p*RgKfnble; passhig qnickly, a. 
Oiop^ping A sortof higfa heded uhoet, s. ' 

Tbpfpmg-Noble ; fine; gallant, a. 

iting Any drcie; sound ; number of bells, s. 
To ring To fitwith rings; tinkle; to be âlled witlt r^rt, r, 
Dti'ripg B(^d; adventnroas, a. 
Bear^ifig The site or distance of a place, t. 
GUU'^Air-cng Bearing chiklren, paît* -, 

TaU^hear-mg The act of infbnning, s. \ 

Hear'ing Thé sensé of receiTing somids, t» 
SkeÊp^Aear-ing The tiine of shearing she^, s. 
fiea*fa-ring Using the sea, s. 
H^ya-rin^ Tra\ening, a. , 

Gta^ring Evident; in a batd cerise^ m' - 

Pm'ring What is pared^off ^ the rind, s. ^ '^ 

^'riffg ParsimoBiotts; soaaty; tcatcd, aV/' " /^ 
To àring Tofetchi produoe; oondact^v. t^ **' « 
Safcrhig Consecsainig j devolionat, a. * ' ' ' /*'* 

Ckamther-iTig Jkhaxïchery ; mut*, l«xury, «. - • ' * '^* 
flbott/'ifeï^f;^Smoakingwithoïitvent,A. • - ''^^^* 

^an'(2rr-m^ Incertainty; mistakeawary^t. " "^ , 

Of'fer-mg Sacrifice^ oblation, s. *' ■ -i ' 

Sup/er-ing Pain sufFered ; exfcntioa» s. 
Gath'er-ing A charitable contribation, s. • ' u 

Atk'ler-ing Quartering in garrets, s. ■ ' ' :. * 

En*ter-ing A passage into a place» s. 
Westfer-'ing Passing to the west, a. " ^ ' \ 

MutUer-ing A grumbling, s. • - ' \ 

CbvW-t;^ Dress ; any thhig thot covers, s. ' 

Aifiing A short tour abroad, s^" ' ^ 

Fair'ing A g^ft a€ a fair, s. * - 

Fi'rif^ Fuel, s. 
Floorfing Thé bottom of the floor, s. - 
To sprirtg To grow ; start ; fire a mine ; bound ; leap, r. 
Spring A season ; elastic force ; a leap ; leak ; f>uatain ; 
source ; original ; rise, s,' 
Off^ipring Propagaticta ; generattou, s. • ' ' 
Da^A^z-mg The dawn, s. ' ' ' ' ' . 

Éar ring A ring in the eafi^s. 

K 3 jU- 



Ab-erhing Going m^y^M. 

fferfring A feh, n. 
IW^fiiv Certain; not miflldc8ii,«. 

o^rp^ Aslenderrope; :at!<inl; anetfV^ff. 
3d ttrmg To funiiifa with ■tnnga,.v. ^ 
^ i«-*frtny# To relia ■tfingsj to imliB, t.«. 
Mtu'Uf^trikg The princqna «tring,». 

Wf»j^ Forthe time «f ccntiiiiHDoe^yfcn. 

<ÎÇpcattr-ij^ Refuse,».^ 
a»JW^ An art io paintiog, t. 

^V^".** To «fioveta 4Uid firo «ilie joinl», ▼. «. 
^ J*','*.'* To forvi thev««ceiko Ji^o^; «iriwate,r. 

MruHng Moming, i. -o o» 


Ar-pau'mg Excellent; in | hS jWwi. a 

Xhnatf'ntsr The act of dai|^aK»«. 
_2»^'«« The art oTm^j^S^rwinMliBro^iik 

,-Jl wTaji iy A lô^Aol ^i««i4«] 
-ggj?» Fît «ir jpMv «pit.a. 
'^■f^ Attaodim; a. 

«-/^'''îï^ A thiQ^ «sritta «Ml pm asd nik, f 
'WM^iNrifiii^ Anj one's wntiiMu a. 

«W'iVFîttIng,.. ^^ 

A/r «f Caitingr; pitîlyU A. 

Me-ptnftiÊg PcQiieot, a, 

-™^'^ Adeliquum; depRywn^yf ^mritf, i.' 
^Hmrf'fl^ The art of layii^ on colours, s. 


^«'W Thip liiiip^Mi; Q«Me^ « bk«, f. 

Wfl5f TbeJ^!to*^wali^i^ïgJ lia^s; tnad; a^ep. s. 
JSx^€ept'ng Exctp^ yn^ ^ ^' , ' 

«WiV Merryi flgoQAaUe, iVMt.a. 
Toêtmg To ptercewith a sting, y. a. 

Simg An animars weapaoj ibe |»(9Bt in tfbe Jait^yeme, s. 


OWG 49$ 

Dnrabki dmtiinAlv» a. 
jEt^-^Sttf^nf Ferpetoftli wittKJot oiâ, »• 

CMsi^mi MlDg €r Viidii« «ItbUi s^ dt M^ «. 
IFa'jliiv Dccaying, t. 
Ai-^itt'mg IMpingi «mcffiaiy^ ft. 
Jic-i7j<'«^ OppoHiig ; <t0|i|»iAéi» ^ 
Bt-JU^Ung BeoomiQi^ a» 
i%i'iiJiV An oiience^ a tell, ï. 
iSSt'^ The ftCt of t«sliii|p«ii « «est; fiitai«^ 1» 

J^o/^lô^ Brinkii^ ft. 

Qatting A pièce eift off; a tîbop^ «. 

Àa'fûiB A tlBii dke pMd oir, «. 
Sêhring Frogal} iK>t lomi^d "• 
i^-gtv'mff Placablej rélenting, a. 
2%4«A*-|r'«'^ Celcbratkm cff wercy» f. 

iMvlivfliaiood; beMlloe,!» 

IMcf^ Term mlmttdhiv, a. 
/Winy Kindi aftKttOMt^^ a. 
Ifo^i^ AfiSectù^E, a. 

Stm^mg IPeriSbUig wilh liiinger, a. 
S^ôy Beiof in temtn^j a. 
Oi-Mr»'tfl|| K^gudfa^i wtttclkfiA^a. 
Dtrêen'iÊi MMitorknt, a. 
Tte'wmb^ Meanly complTiaf ivith pe*^, a« 
&'»V Soalûif tbraiil^h» «• 
ir'«*-ii^ Sprliq^ fronC a. 

IF»V Alimb of a bird; fhe dde of a» taWf, 1 ^ 
A tM^ To fùrniah wHh wiajg», v. a. . 
Dnm'mgDé&aeÊ^uXki rcgpretentaûoii, t. - 
-«frov-v^ A|iproa€iitoopcQVioleiice, t. ^ 

Aw'm^ ftcuberaut^ eojâoMs, a* 
Jùiam'h^ Skilfal ^ comcious» a. 
Ofdt'e n m ing Tlie tiioa ai wiûth coekt Otm, «. 

Up'^mg A biid, ». 

'â^AnekpMiciii of>1ttion^ti!ewâ»3.; ^ 
X^'M^&pirin|;s^TiiisacolQnr>p»itr ' 
C/i»i4a«<iB»:^H^ Na able tu aÀtlsfy« a. 
iy «If Part a^j. of to lye. 
Xf'»^ Fait, of the verb to lie. 
Ihtm^*kg Near ehîM-ttfth, a. 
GlBff^MMf Pond of the lockliig-$laflS| a. 
la^zikg Slngiciafa > idle^ a. 
A-mt^Wig Womlerful ; aftooisbiilc» % 
Dây-A/^' ImiUtlon of the souod of bdis, s. 

ÏAtfflf A »trap of lealber, s. . 


KO a 

Tr^'tiong A coalition c^ Ihree vowels, & 

Lffng bi time, in pjax^e, &c, protracte<l> il# 
7o /ong^ To ctesire earnèstly, v. n. 
A-longf Onward; fbrward, ad. 
Ob'long Longer than broad, a. 
Head%7ig 'RsLshlj ; fiastily, a. 
End' long In a straight lii^e, ad. 
To be-longf To be the projperty oÇ v. n. . 
Sde'loTtg Latéral j oblique ; not in fïronC^ à. 
Ere-hngf Before^a long time eiàpse, ad. 
Lheflong Tedioùs; lastingj durable, a. 
3b pro4ongi To lengthen ont; to prolong, v. a. 
O'uCT'-fong^ Too lor^, a. 
Furfhng The eigh/h x^art of a milei s. 
• A-mongf Minglal with, Vhymes bung, prcp. 
T^rojig: A croud, s. 
To throng To incommodate with croudjs^ tox:j:oud|T. 
Prong A. ^r\f.f 9. . ^ 

Strqng Vigorous ; pol^ntjj firm, a. " . ^ ,. 

jr«ttrff»/n?ng: Obsttnate • urigQ7er^n^Wé,.iu , . ^' * 
fjp^wn^ Injury; injustice i*€rror, 8.. ' ./.., 
JFrong Not Tightj nôttroèj. unit, a. 
To wrong To ii^are^ y. a. . 

SûTtg An ode modulated by the voic^, s. 
J?'n«i-«);^ VespenV s.' ♦ . <* 

Tong The catch of a'bncWe, s. 
Bung A stopper for the nioath of a harrel, % 
Tb Aawff To.stoitclose. V. a. 
DungBoH'i excrément, s. 
To dunff To manùre land with dung, y- a. 
2fc be-dvag^ To cover wjth ordure, v. a. i ^ 

Nung ï^et. and' part pa»|. of the verblD hwCU 
Ou^ïg Pret^. and part of tocling. 
/iSbf}^ Pire^ and part. pâss. pf to fling. 
Slur^g Pïét and pâr^ of to sjing. ,^ , 

l^m^Touthftilj not old; ignorant, ai , 
Jlung P- et and part pass. pf to ring. 

Sjftnmg Pret^aqd part pass. of to spring. 
Stntng P*^ and part paL8â.'6f ,t6 strin^ . . . 
IVn^ Pjet aud part of to wring. 
^tng ï^t. and part. pasà. of to siog. 
Siung P'ret^and part. pass. of to sting. 
Swung Prêt and part. pâss. of to swing. 
Bog A marsfa | a fen; a morass, s, . 
Dog A domestic animât ^ a lump of icon, •.' 
To dog To fallow »|yly and continùally, v. a. 
Ban'dogA maâttff;'s. 

.JjJp^é}g A dog fondied in. the lap, s. " r 

Ho^. Thç. gênerai nàme of swine, s. 

• ' . 



A C H 201 

Frog A small amphibious anioaal, s; 
Ltapf/rog A play of jumping, ». 
« JBug A stiAking insect bred m hoQsehold bLwH, t. 
Dtig The pap orteat of àbèast, s. 
Dug Pret'Of todig, s. 
To lug To pull with enraged violence, v. 
Jjug A fisb y the ear ; a pôle or perch, lu 
Mug A cup to drink in, s. 
Siag A slow treêping snail, %, 
Sug X kind of worm, s. - ~- 


• ■ 

Ah ! Dénolet dSstàte, dîsilke, inteij. ^ 
Hmh i An expression of sudden effort, inteij. ' 
Sto*cah An attendant, s. 

E*phah A Hebrew measure about thtee pecks, %. ^ 

Me$-sifak The anointed ; the christ,' s. 
Al-le^iu'jah Praise ye the Lord, s. 
HMe-lufjah Pniisé ye the Lord, s. 

SirfraA A name ofreproacband îbsalt, s. ■ 

Ach Ck>ntinued pafn, See tuée; rhymes bftke, a* 
Head'ach A pain in the head, s. ' 
£(Kh £ither.of'two, pron. 
BtforA A' shore ; btrand, s.* ' 

To tkach To whiten in the sun, ▼. a* 
To pteack To bend ; to interw^ave, v. a. 

Peach A fruit, 8. 
To peach To accusé oS a crime, v. n. 
7b im-peach* To accuse by public autbority, v. a. 
To ap-peach' To accuse ; to reproach, v. a* 

To reach To èxte'nd imfw ^ 'hold out ; arrive at, v. »^ 
\Reach Power j abiiit^'j .estent j fetch; schWe» •* 
Bnaeh An <^ening ; différence , quarrel, tf. *- • 
Seaféreach Au irruption of the sea, s. ^ 

7b prMcA Todeliver a public drscoûrse, V. 
7b o-ver-reach' To deceive-j go hejood, v. a. 
7b oui-reach' Togo beyond, v. a. ' ' ^, 

7b /effcft To instruct ; inforAx, v. a. ' ;*■ 
7bo/A'acA A pain in'this tecth, s. ". . ., S 

Xi'/iffc^ A tree, ' s'. . ' " ' . ' ^'\ ^, 

Stomfach'The Ventriclè of digestion ;'ifppctitet atager; fui- 
ness^ pride ;- lîànghtiness ; (rt>stinacp s. 
To/toffi^ofATo-resént^ tobe aiigiy, v* • 
Spm^ach Spimiagé^ s. 

Coach A double diafiot, s, - . 

7b co^/cA Tô'caVry in a coach, V. Br, 
Slage-coach' A coach thàt thivets by stages j g.' *^ 

JSoachAtkh; s. * ' 

•'"Tbj&occA'To boitsîightly; to slealgame; t^ 
J^aohAûsh, s! * ^ - : S' " 

BroachAsp.ti'à.-' «*' • "- ' " "• -* '' ' ' * 

K5. % 



To InaA T«4^ ; to»pit, v. a. 
A-brtHKàf Rouly to nu oiiit, «4. 

7b/'e.;>/xHic4'Toia|ilHCM4; ccnmi««evff9l]r« •▼•«• 
Re-pfotdk' Gentiire; sfaaine; MMoy» 4k 

^/^frmMl' Tbe ^dofjdrawjQf mur; MecM* «. 

AtobI A khid of do^ •• 
Toili-4aekf Totepacste S tQ i0iid# 9Vtr« 4r. |U 
Heart'uck Deep lorrow ; ijt Hnu** P* 
7i ai-iaek* l'o lay liol4«Qi toarrest; to win, ?. a. 
Betek A tree, t. 

Cbat'kÊcIf A cow-doqjbqr^ i. 

Sfieedk Articulate uttenmce; iatt ^ çratio^, s^ 
itiiMBi Backsidcj back o^a gun ; hiod pavU Hi 
72) AneacA To put loto breaches» r. %i 
SereÊ^ Harsh horiid cty, s. 
Th he-teeek' To iatreat; bc^ biis^y^ T,. % 
7b iwft ToIieKowr, v. a. 
Sqidi A T^rktsh y<»el, t. 
H^AÀA Relative I tbat,pron. 
XicA A dead eavèast, s. 
JM Wealtby ; vâluable: fer^iVi^ ji, 
Tbtfit-nel'Toma^^eaHbyi ^ert^i^ j to •«»«« iw % 
Et^irkk AnOstricb, «. 
Ot>irkk A bird of tbe largeet sb^, f. 
MasUkh A tweet afeented^i^nii ^^ 
Piift^ A couple of fot^ m 
fitm^i^ieh See Hnkutk, $, 
Uç^no'Hkk A^mpûeitiaf> o^opia ycj^^ a» 
IFiàkSeexMej t. 
7b 4is^ Toeject wWfioo» tb« stofo^çl^ V.^. 

Bekh Act ofbelcbiii^; «r^^^$«lU$)i^ ^ 
BqueiA A,b«ayyj^Ui t. 
72UBM tostéal; kq pUlîer» % ^ 
*"• • OhrÎQg milk, f . 

7b ^«nA To fldlapoii ho(;»kfu T^ fu 
% Uukk To daft; tôcast ûa la|io^ i^ f^ 
^ttrtc&Tl^fièilteD; toikiiialaMPB^» v.a« 
7b roncA To ipcaip ; to Ibroe open^ v. a. 
BroacA A imaU bough ; «part; oft||^q^« •• 
^AnméTospreadiabraDchef^ r. 9. 
7b ^mcA To dWide intoparta, ' V. a. 
*^jef«icA Togrind betweenthe teetb, v.a. 
TbjteacA Toftop; toftopbliood, ▼. 
SifonA Sound ; firm ; detcmiiiiad; atrwy, % 
l»rR^ A leattositoni ajadga'f seatbyvarfiflQniacM»» 
TbMrfK^Toshrink; tohiaderj toobetmet» V. 
7b r/m^ To aake frst ; lo pin dov% T. 9* 

i 4 

R C H 203 

B^iendk^ An «igumeiit ; m iqihMan, •• 
Tpdretich Tosoak; lUwp; Mtiintc wtth driiik, v. a. 
Vrtnek AhoneNipbyiîeal dna^t; aswiH, «* 
^Fy«w4 Of or.MÔngii^ to ihrftnoê, a» 
TrencA Aditch; » ^efenoe t» eover soMtot, t. 
l^reu/rendl'Titrediire; eutoir; eonAae, v.a« 
r<9 m4mM Tolbctify vith a trench, r. n. 
Tp vrenek To pull bj Ibtce ; to ttrain, v. a» 
f^renek A spraiii ; vMent tvrtsti •• 
Timcè AdeEcHMUp^adêtfli, s. 
âkcncAStink; badmeil, I. 
7b aamuA To exftiii^iab fin ; to aHay tbîrait» ir« 
n^emk A young «oniaB ; a ttrampet, s. 
ijM* TVelfth fMirt of a foot, s. 

Finek Tke aaine of a Bpecieaof a bidts» as iMlfinch, kc K 
Tcclmck To holdfiut; to confina, v, a. 

iXmà A pua $ aa ambigulty, s. 
Jhâiieà To ahnak ander paia, ▼. a. 
TbfnwA TosqueeteiritiifiBgera; gaH; pren, v. a. 
3b*ri»l To he firagal ; to bc pincbiiif , t. n. 
/%Kft ApÉùaAdsqaaeaei diAeulty, a. ^ 
VWI A banlie to tiini a mitt, or •«!«% tL 
CMch A jhett ; a Ma aiiell, a. 
UmiMch The tlûgii j iûjid pwrtj tiM diptiUioag au in th» word 
has.the Miind of a in fether, aiid the îrord Muoit 
nearlyaéif writtenhaniah, i. 
n toM& To patto tea ; cattforwaad ; rore, fl^raiei haiiiieh»«. 
ToimiiukA To taka ont tàe pamidi, Hiyinef haM&ch» v. «w 

FoKitrA Tbeindoaaroftbe guts, i. 
To cntvmà TocrijMliwkb tiie taetb, rbynMs iMmob, f . 4. 
(»'•«* Akaot) diuUr^ tiAidlampt a. 
T0 ivBfli T|> grov îft knobtf, r. ■» 
ToAâtmAToiÉrihowitiitliefift, v^a. 

Jjouk A haadfidorfeod, ■. 
TbiRMidiToeatgreadity; cheweaftrif, v« ai 
7ï «ifMC* To «ak; vbyôeB bunch, v. a. 
AjMMKft To BMke bolM'vith m ptUM^i, ▼. a. 

p«ne4 ImHnMijat to umkmhtAmmUhi baftoâinapuppal 
•boiv( aU^oor, t* 
iVîdt^Miicik A paaeh to «ark kPOB, 8. 

Loch A laka; Scdlob, ittymet^asli, t. 
Bfiùçwk An oraaiaearofjtiiito» t.. 
M'poek.'Cketivm §nm «baaca we daU» c, 
.iiivA Apaitofa-drela, t. 
i^rcA Chjef ; priacqial; noIorkmSy a. 
Toat^ Tabaibl mr^u^ r. tu 
Tosearck TW^iayaiaaf^ gaaiiiaïf tiy) Mek« v. 
&Br»4 Emiairy; quatt; act of if<lrin|, a» 
JSa^aMrci^ Eaqoirf ; dMigoit aaafeb, & 
Ci'me'ii anh aamd atandUt tw 
Mgi^ri-^tnk OBepfaiidra||«v«»aystviaii ik 

larcA ▲ twti ^ - ^ , 

K4 Mmik 

.204 T C H 

Marc S. The third monâh ; a moTOBaiit o£ soldièrs ; a procès^ 
\3Mm; a soleom «alk, s. 
To cuunOn^moreh Tp march backwards, t. a. 
An*arch An autbor <if confusion, s» 
MenUirck A sovereign; a king, s. 
To parch To scorcb, or be scorched, r. 
I hVer-arch The chief of a sacred oidér, s. 
Tet-tarck A goYernor of a tetrarchate, s. 
He-re^n-orch A leader in heresy, s. 

Siarch Made of floiwer to stiffm fineo, s. . 
To siarch To stiffen witb starch v. a. •*' . ' 
Sktreh Stiff; précise ; fonnal, a. ■ 
To dearUtarch To stiffea with starch. 

Prrch A fish ; five half yards ; biid's rooBt, s. 
^ ft<^rA Toligfat as abird ; to rooaty ▼/ 
Birch A tree ; ihymea church, s. 
To Mzf/vA To doud ; to dusk;. tosoil, rfaymes churcb. 
To tcorcà To bom ; to be dried too much $ pronbunced as if 
vritten scawrteh, ▼. 
Porch A portico | entiance with a roof.; poùoimced as if 

the wordpore were tenniiialed bytch, s. 
TVrA A large wax iight, rhymes, soorch, 8«- 
(^urch A place of divine worship, s. I 

t . OburA An assembry of CliristianB, a. • * 

Tockurek To purify a woman, t. a. 
Lurck JPoAom condition, s. 
i ,' • T^&nrATolurk; todefeat; toptlfer, ▼, n. 
.>. '7jn»>cAMcA^ A.kind of tablet or iozenge,-s. • 

Baich Aquaatity of any thing, s. 
.'. « jToeHdkTosttip; sdze; ensnare» v. 

To ktt/ck To prodnoe yoang ; to contriYe, ▼. a. 
Jffaich A half door ; openings on âhip^s decks, «• - 
Thiici A strav cpver of a bouse, s. > 
To thatch To cover with straw,. v, a.. \ 

Latck. A'catch of a door, s. 

SUkidi The mîddle of a rope or cable that haagsdûlm tooie^. 
MatcH A contesta marriage ; what catchei teee^ s. 
To nmkh Topair ; suit ; to be equal to» v. 
Tô a-ver-match' Tp be too powerful, ▼. n. 

.iS^/MTaste; twang ; tinctore, ».- > .. ^ 

To imf-mo/M '.To'mateh unsuitably» v. a. 

To tnatch To seize hastilyj; to cateh eageriy,r. 
â!na/cft A basty catoh ; al>roken part,s. 
Patch A pièce to cover a bole ; a sniaU pièce of Uack nlk 
. used on the fiice^ s. 
To patch To pièce; to put on- patehcs, ▼. a« 
Toàet-ptttch^ Toseud away ; finish; kili, ▼. a. - 

i>^pa/c6' Haste; exfNness, «. 
To dis-patch' To accomplisb ; send away ; kill, v« a* 
X>ix-/7ff2cA' Expédition; -au express, a. - 

JRaich iiseQtal.wheeLm|kita|oh. f^. • 
Oa^cÀ Arackforliay, •• ^ «si* <<. •>• -^ 7k 



T C H 205 

To tcratch Torub wîth tbe naîls, &c. ta wr^ iMlj', to mak» 
outUnes». ▼. a. . 
&ra/cA A «light womid» s^ 
IVatch A nigKtgoard ; a pocket dock, 9. 
7b watch Not to sleèp; to guard; to obéérve, ▼• - 
Death^rvath A smàllnoisy iaBect,,8» • 

Swatch A svathe, s. . ' < 

htgWzDoich A period of the nigfat» fi. . 

Yaicb A small ship for passeag^rs; rfaymeshot, «• 
7b «/d& To make prinU witb aqua fortis, ▼. a. 
7b^/cA Togoan<lbrmga.thing, V. a. * 

Felch A stratagem ; an aitiâe; a trick, s. * 
/jCé/cA Alargeisfai|>; the exacatâoner, s. 
.BStmiÂ'Jttftob A sbipfbr bombaidin^, s. 
7b «it«/cA To draw roaghly ; to plaa, ▼. a. ^ 
7b jteteh To. vomit ; or force op» ▼. a. 
7b siretch To-exteod ^ Hiako liglût ;. «fisplay^ f.' 
7ooK^-j/re/cA' To extend; spread eut, ▼. a. 
Wretdi A misérable perton, & ' 

Ft'/cA A leguminons plant, s. * 

■Itek A teajBiag désire ; adiaease^ i* 
r Bitek The female of. canioe- ammaliS^* t^ 
Ditch Amoatîn fortification^ atranch s. 
^/dl A «Bail kiad of pea ; avetch»"s/ 
7b hiuh To catefa ; to mové l^jeriu, ta a. 
Flitch A side of bacon, s. • \ 

Pitch Size ; h^ght; a kind of restn; t« 
7b pUeh Tofix ; light ; drop ; soMar #ith pileh, r. 
7b tHidi To se^ ; to unité ; to join, ▼. a: 
Slitch The pa s of a needie; a shafp pain,- s. 
.Tkor'ough-stttch ComplétéXyl ^i\j } ad. 

^«^A A woauuiaoeusedof magtcalartSyflw 
7b be-witch^ To charm; ii^ure; iQsiaaate9T. a* 

SzràcA A flexible smaJi twtg^ «A 
. TbnriIrA Tojerkflash, ▼. a. 

7b twHch To suatch ; pluck forçibly» ▼• a. 

Twiick A quick pull ; a twinge, s. 
7b botchTo mend clumsUy, v. a. • ' 

Boich Abcil; pateh woick,fl. 

Scotch Belonging to Scotland ; frequeutly*, tbough contrary 
to Ëngiiah analogy» writteaScots, as Scots snnff„ 
&a Bviestley» • . -. . ' •■> - 
To Écotch Tocut slightly ; to eut off, t.<^. • ' 
Scotch A 8light.eut, & 7 

jB^IcA A pustule on tbeskiinva- ->/ 
Noteh A nick ; a àoHow dut, s. 
7b notch To cdt in small-hoilows, y. a^ r - : 
To potch To push ; to boil sligbitly«,. See foach, t. a» 
JTotcMyoithSee^hof^pàilgè, " V >.v 

Crotch A hook, g./ . ^ - . - -, .. r- '. : ■ - •^*V 
Ha^cft Acomchest^ arabbUbtfft^sJ «;, ^ 
t Chtek 

«X UG H 

TlnMltt Ta bluk vHb iBOke, «. ib 


Ti) rrnJci Ta cavj j to n(»D* aï. 

a-fawM Tbe iBOkUhaM, «. 
7»crN«A T* riMop lov; taiwat toerîiw. '- ■>- 
AMKiT» adlHrat e«iwU{ «wk ont) Ayan mncfc, 
■Mb, te. ■. a. 
Tànl Thtaraie of fèefiu t tlw aat rf tooehiDr, a. 
nnMMsMTsànnm^MwtaDckaa, t. a. 
CV4aa«l A caK lôrbdb, a. 
n i«MBt Ta bnr aitBMi ; altMt, T. 
7i t — p >' Tb affltt ; rMiodCi v«iMh,T. a. 
Ta ^t-vaidt' T» âmtitf thfnM tt i HXMtraatct, *. a. 

Kiï* / Eipreaww liJaawfc, ké^ 

n««^arHtf Td excanl ia ««iU 1 aataa, 1^ 
H^t Lofty; paaadi gnat; 4«ar, a. 
/l«t Hi«* place,' a. 

rtipi Tha part bMwaeu tk* ll«a and tbe bodri ■. 
J<%4 Neartoi alliedbyUoad, a. 

Af t A hW ; riii^ gnandi a. 

Baijrt A boNagh ; tnvn, ê. 

i»>V>' A eaaiBaïUid ipirii, t. 

r* iM«t TaavlLa that mîm aUa 


V P H 4OT 

Jfyghf An e«^i«Miott of rfAo tr e na », IntMj» 
l^o«^ Arat «f a-trae^ >•. 
Cbufi A oownd^ioaefttieliiiiSt» fliyiAes off, ft 
Hk'congk AcoQvulgkm of the stomacli^ i. 
Té Âk'amgh To BOb cownilBiwflfyi ^.«. 
JKmiP'»K*<o'^ ^ convuMve eoMC^» ^ 
Olin'cOKgA A disease of cktlMIi, â 

/l^t^ Ùnfbakeé pastt, i t iy tp o i f», s. 

Hwfkrhe lo«erfMWtflf4AM4l(igli;^eii«ek,i^ 

Ooi^A A bird tIiatfr«)«eniU«heMek6 bjt^ ««ai, rhrm«» 

ftnff, t. 
SkmigkA iha^dog; adMx4c»«. 
7%pM* Like as'if, fl4i|f«ies go» «OHÎ. 
M-a^ot^ NûtwitlwtaJMfinK; ad. 

i:.o«^AlBlM»$ iriili,Thrneid8dr>«. 
C^A Cliil^ rhymet bfow, m«, fce. «. 
Cbf^A An allMNiBee in weicht, rtiyniet otf» «. 
Migft An HMtfUflient m hmbwidry^rjeiiiefyyriiyiiief nonr^s^ 
lhphfihToimravt^mith%ifkanij^i 4Mde, t. 
IU^'Ipi^ Leavéof alMoioe frenânt^, t. 

fibttffA A deep g^ry FiM*^ i^iy»^ *>^; ^ 
SAn^A a eut fikni«r« niAe or «on, rhfm^lm^ 

'K^jîkllagS^» ^»v*^î Wfwe; ^orniy; |4iymessttti;«, 
Tlmi^ By, fvoraeBdtoeod, ^rhynesdo^ prep. 
BùT^ongk A corporatetown, s. 
HM'&Qr-oi^A SobovdiMite coiMteMe, s. 

Tlirvf'èor-oitf A An wider conirtaMe, ■• 
iftr'àpr^ilAiitacoilteinpormryrottdeiiwj ahM^our,^ 

fhnSà Any^H^ hxÀkm^ fbyiMaoff,s. 
«^ A«*lHnmeowidffaw, rhyniM ncNr, «. 
To^ atilfi brittlej iwl Titcimt, rhymetiMT^ a. 
jU(/ W«d«r eaiiiflmiil, nAçô. . 

X>A/DaiMft«itomir; ■mpnie} paMmntog. 

J%* / An «te^cetii» rf Afiorww». 

£^4aAAn«rd«r«rai^s, ■• 
JPtiHtf^r^ Adiiliiiet part ôf a étocéwitt, «, 
Ju'to-rnaA An Ofiitinn «ritnig, *> 


C^'o-Sm Anempty, honorary* •«*«>«i*i> 

^Oi^ A Mi*oni«taatitl«of HttMnr, a. 

AM An aë^rial spirlt, t. 
Tff ^^plJ•y for wcctta, fc 
IbA^^wiè To liçSoipe fer vWrterjr. ▼. 
lima Pafettansparcmtwater, «. 
Jft^ A «pdilcis of the woo* ; a IMy, f. 
JW'a-«î«S A Uridc-man, i. 

SM An uuder jpraduate «f twOfea»,* 
Wgivpk 91«ti^ on «je topa rf ciilMiiiiiii It*. fc 


Ca-tarri' A dcBniian W rfMwn in tbe bwd, t. - 

j/yrM Astmogaromïticguoi, rbjBWi the fiftt fjHafale ot 

A A A tree, i. 
7*0 tari f o be pshamed, t. d. 
Taa-ioit'Toiiiike vbuncd, *,«. 
Catk Moaey «t buMl, i. 
To du* Ta rtnke agùiÉti tvuuii tablatoiit,v. 
DmA CoUUod; intbâoa; thû niarii ( — ) (. . 
i>mkAaaipraiin»D^ tbe«ouiidof w«terd»bed, ai 

TottiliPtr-dMik To «dultentelUiuor, T. a. . 

XcoMAI^hertbanBî Btiercei thrae,'!. 
TelaukTahind; ta twld ina «tring, r, a. 
Ta f m* To eut detfi, T. L 

GMii A deepaod widf wcaud, ■. 
Te iostTo milice; tochopin pieee* and aiw^, *. a. 

Xotà Aslrokc with wy tfaùv plUati a lewh{ aBareaMn, ■. 
7b loth Tfi Nou^e ; utiriie; tie to ■ dûp^ pi; tiie «hipi t. 
Cr-Juik' A*BuiUcani>g«of plearare, s. 
ToiJttU'oof^CMe; tacdOMadict, v. n. 
To da^ To i4iike one tbiog ^^ainst anotlKir, v. >. 
doii A Baisr cDUiHOB of two bodies i oppoiition, a^ 
-fZofé A raddcD tiaoùCory bLaze ; adash ofvateTt <- 
ToflorfTothrowoutsiHklBiburBtaof light; iriti fcc.T. 

Brut A nnall puddle of walcr, i. 
7b p/oiA To throw qi ktck up vater, v. a. 
IbtlaihTacati tulaahi ta stiilu,«itkaE«i)rd,T.a. 
SiuA Cut in any thing) a«ound,£. ' 
Maik InterMwe of a net> mùture foi a bbr»e, &c. 
ToiHiATo beat iiflu a »Wuïal masij.DÛx malt, icc T.». 
JlfliA'iiuiii A «lingle,*. 
TofRoiA Toclasb; tu griod tbe teeth iita.raee,v. 

J\HiA A kiss, ». . .\ 

7b paiA To.itrikej locniah.T.a. . , 

AruA Hastf ; Tiolenti précipitai^ a. 
Te croriTo makealoadwiiBei tobréaltor bru!9e,_i^ 
Crath A loudmùitil souod, f. 
7!) ttnn Tobea^uoini to (Iruli; tol^MHU, v. 

Trait Auytbiqgwnrthlessj dtijss,e.. .-_ 

&uA Ab^ivoTD Ëic diatincUoa ^ a window,*. 
Po/'«A Aabfa made from ïegetables, ï., ' -v- 
To quaii To crasti ; anmili be ihakeaYi'b s na<>c,(. 
S-uaih A pompïon^ rhyoï» fasti, i. 
itçiiaih A sudden&lii iDï-tliiiig eâiJy ctusbcdî' t.' 
Tàffuft To.cnish iutDpulp, V. a. 
TdwM To cleansecJothes; ta colour bf Wthing, T» 
f<»# Abogi a manby a ciumeticlutiuii,!. ' ' 
Wli'lrf»»** A,p«J(tû«;luti;B4nyIl)ini,*. ;. . 

.: ,..-■ ; .ry ■• ^ ;..•.*«' 
■ ' i 



I S H 209 

Hùg^Toash Draft gîven to^wine, s. '. . 

Swoih (lu mechanicft) aairregularoval, s. 
To swath To make a great clatter or ooise» ▼. n. . 
Fletk A part of the animal body ; camality, s* 
To fieth To initiate ; to barden ; to glut, v. a, ' 
Pletk A paddle ; a boggy marsb, s. 
Mesh The space bctween the threads of a. net, s. 
To tnesh To eatch in a net ; toensnare, v.a. 
Toen-nwshf To net ; to entangle, v. a. 

Nesh Soft; easjjy hurt» a. . . 

Freth Çqf>\ ; not sait ; new ; florid ; «weet, a. 
Freih A fall of .land water intoa river, s. 
A'/nsh' Anew ; aga'.n, ad. 
To re'fresh' To recréâtes repair ; cool, y. a. 

Sçueb'bisk Thick ; heavy ; fleshy, a. 
. Mob^àish Mean ; done after the manner of the mofai» a. . 

fuk^biêk Riiins of bniidiugs ; any thing worthless, t* . 
Tofurfbish To burnish ', to polish, v. a. 

Disk A table utensil formeat ; méat aerreà op, êi 
To iUih To serve in a di^h, y. a. v ^ 

«la'dl^ Vitiotts ; inaboneuiiruly; nnchafte/s. 
i&?</'tM Ar$)otweUkiiQim,ab ; . *? 

Cktt'Jmg'disk A portable grate for ob^ls, s, 

C^ldfùhTriûiBgi 8iiaple,;.likeachild, a. . 
To hbmfdisk To smoioth i toaoften,, v. a. 
Out-iandfifk Not native ; foreign» a. 
To branfdui^ To wave ; to shake ; to flourithy ▼.*«• 
StanfdiA A case £>r apon and ink, s. 
Moklitk FjashioDable, a. . . 

Prufduk Affectedly grave, a. 

Fuk An animal that inhabits the wateE^ s. 
Tojîih To search for, or be employed in eatcl^h^ fish, r, 
Otiffûk Stofiid ; dttU ; doltish, a. 
Y St^Ffisk Stiff$ harsb, a. , ^ 

Hzj^riA ArrogaM; insolent; hectoring, a. 
JSeiff^ Aitten^ ve to one*8 owp interest oa^, a. 
^o^wAReseniblingawolf, a. 
Dwarffish Below the common sise; tmall, a. 
Crmalfith A .«pi^U ciiutacèoDS fish, s. 
Crayijîtk See Crauifish. 
To f^lfisk To angle with a Ûy for thehait, t. a. 
Wagfgtdi Kn^vjahly merry; irDlick«>me,iu 
Rig'guk Wantbn, a. ... 

Dog*gûh jCuvrish; brutal;, churlish, a. 
Bogfguh Selfuh; brutish; greedy, a* 
^ SHugfgitk jyvXi ; huBy; slothful,a. 
' Freak'uh Çfipriçious ; .humoursome, a. 

Jfa^^cUff Loose i lenid ; ^disaolute, a. • ? 

^rackfùh Sait ; somewhat sait» a. . 
Biqtft[Uk Stupkli vW^i a,.. . * . . . v^ ^A 

•**• . -»* 



jlf(wi%fc MoDBstie ; fMftakilMf tomoiAi^ u* 

^SMfc^M Anyi ««y ; * »wy, «. • 
lÀÊ^fUk iaclinîny to d« i Im wm, «l 
JUt4cHtk Somcwhflt indinable to togiuti ^ ■• 
Jhaé'M Apttogh^flotiely; UMSfwy, m. 
À^ttth Itwimbtîng; aie, a. 
A'firASomewtettMile, •. 
• To «/«6'IM To estaUnh $ «owiUlè, ▼.•. 

7b e-«fa&'IMTo«ettle innAy ; «o nÉifyt r. «• 
Thre^e-Hab'm IVieat^UMi aM«r, ▼. a. 
TÊpn-e^tàb'Utk To settie beforalMuid, v. a. 

TopuhfUth ToniÉbetnoMi; taaetibrtk, ▼. a. 
Jtf/'fMTatte; likiqgi deiigift, s. 
7bfWM*ToMaaoHj «ofivaorlwiitaiflfvtar, % 
JM»-r»fMBad<a«tes «MMaaneM, «. 
T aé » fw K â i Ta »Aa f w ii iaawii ; waiitm<tfl»< Y.fl 
jB^lKié Beia«Bii««oBaKlajid» «. 
* ftSiMbftT«'tnHitMieiiitoBB^Mi,^.a* 
JPlep^UlBad; lîketlM 

l«<ii4€/'MToadonv; totamlUkr, ¥.«• 
Hcff'tt* InfeRMis «Mm«, a. 

3% db-mo^M* Todflitfajf nMWf im fct o ir , t. «. 
RoPUk Weakof latrft aet; iaq^raienti a. 
7batlfSab^Va«iA««naalliaii4glaMf, ▼, «• 
iW'iiA Artifieial flMi; al««aaae, a. 
Zbar-cpM'flMTo complète; toMÉIi to^^Mala^ ▼•«. 
Acr^M Soinewbatpovple» a. 

GtrWiA {B«itâ «M; yeathAd, a. 
( C fc wl^ i i i A Haie ; bwital; aeMali, a. 
Smeam^id^ Pastidieua; «iee ; «asily tfymrf^ a« 
70Am'irAToiUrw; lokni'«ilh,ar«eeriMMifBr, ^ 
TÀm^oM'iiftTattarres lelîHalah, V.a, 
2b itefiM Ta laafli wMi Hdbnnllf; ta fméri^ ▼• a^ 
JB&m'ûft A maik of defanaity ; ii f w a tli , «• 
jDcw'm* Axaeivtat diaii, a. 
flaoin'MA Seûw* «itfc atoklf iMy r, •• 
ilm'ûil Sti>anr icented, a. 
Bo^nM^Vi^^ a. 

filâr'MMA A >i%ht éffbX ; a«a nte it , a. 
Màam'ùh Fooliah ; aauaeow^ a. 
TfèattUsh T^driva^aat^a eonotor» «.«. 
* JhpUmUtk To^iAi <» M iaatb, v. «• 
Wonifan-ith Suitableta a atewia, a. 

To vm'ùh To4iMppear ; «a be taat, v.«. 
To ê-van'uh To eiei^ Amn «aHee; taaMriJi » T. «. 
Spêetnfitk Fictfti] MiMfMi, a. 



1 s H «H 

7bMm'«cftToiii«keIen;lop; kniMttr, v. a. 
TbdMMm'iiAToiDakekaBj dMide; înmir, »•»> 

^ri'iMl HaTing the tafte oflNrhie; «Ot, a. 
iSbifmiABefittingorrettwbluigswilW} grWB, a» 

TbfMon'iafc Tô adôioiiiifcL» v* a- 
7& «■('Moii'tM Tu^wam ; torepiovejeii^, »,a. 
Jh prt-mm'ith To wam or arinmnwh befosebaiMl» t. *> 
Div'nâiA Idle ; ttugs'is)^ a. 
^ Tùo^don'itk Tocoofoond «rith lear orwoncter, t. a. 

3% Mr'ntfè To décorais $ Uyofmmeai a diih, y. 9. 
Qm^mdiOmameeXi decocaliUm^ priaoafee, a. 
T0 Uo^mtk To wtl; tolofle Im^taesïi» r. 

Kor'nM A ibiiiiag liquid ittbtwicei jkOpver, a. 
7b oor'nM To cover wiUi «QaBM(hii||;.^aiBg, ▼. a. 

(absa'ié y«ÂYji}^ âited» fiiw»s^# A^ 

ilC4Fo|Sib5 lUi^; affactol; îjaiMi •• 
IPitf'fMi4 E9fer to bîte; p6«ritii,«. 

^oar'^ Swiiwih^ WnlaU »• .,^ 

Par'ii* Tlie partiçuUirclMWaf » uemx VH^ * 
Far'ffA BokÂgûn^ tp or aamtaiMd i^ afaoïb» •» 
C^fparJ^ A parâh wichoat th^ valk» a. 
Oj^fter-irt Ont; langua^filiPgtlMi» *^ 
Toekêr'^ ToiilI|MiEt| wmJ»P$ J*Btt«r» ▼• *• 

rcl^TW To dN»^ to hÊitimpiii todaotT* »• 
fiftvef'ith jlnmiiMi ^ 4i0s4li« to a ^^, a. 
r« em-pac'^'ith to make jpoor } «pAncieto iodte»»c«, ». •• 

|f>^ié Pochaato^ . i^ cp n ri wa fc ;»• 

Ftf'for-** VwKOTWi .ipwrtw^ ^ 
3i /?w'iiA Jo Jiw «i a;?nisperoii# at^i to boail, ▼. n. ^^ 

212 Ù S H 

Tûjhuhisk To adorn; tù embeTtish, t. a. | 

To novrHsh To support by food | to msuntain^ t. a. - 

La'tûh SotneMïÊ.t\a.te, a. i 

Gabt^uh Rank, or lustful, as a goat, a. I 

Whiftith Someirhat white, a. ' 

Dolt'ish Stupîd ; dull ; mean^ a. I 

Fet^tish Frètfiil ; peevish, a. 

Sfr/'/'/wA Easily frighted; wairton/a. ; 

SotHish l^tupîd ; dall with intempérance, a. 
Sito'/wA Not cleanly ; nasty, a. \ 

RidUish Wanton ; libidfnous, a. ^ \ 

Bru*Hsk Rongh ; sarage ; nntsltight, a, ' 

BeauHtk Befittîng ; a beau ; foppish, a. "* I 

lAoHsh Wasteful ; profdse, a. 
Tolao'ish Toscatter with profusion, r. a. 
SfoD'ish ServWe ; base; dépendant, a. 
KnahhA Dishonest ; fraadulent ;^ waggish, a. 
To ravHtk To coDStuprate by ibree ; to transport, r. «• 
Te ttt-raoNsh To throw into extacyi v. a. 

QtUh The armour that CQVers the thîghs, s, 
■ Ptfe'ctM Pétaient; waspi8k;harcliopl£aiBe, a. 
Tlieo'ffA Ûiven to stealing ; $ly; secret, a, '* 

A^gu-isk Having the qualities of «n ague, a. . 
^n'gUfxA Excesmvepain of mîhd or body, 8. 
To ian'guish Ta pine away ; to lose ^rength» v. n.. . 1 

Todû'tm^guish Jo judge'; «peciâcatë; make distinction» t» | 

Toèx-t'm'guithTo^xiltciati snppress; obsearé, v.a, ^ i 

Ro^gnrth IhmvtMevtt '^ ragrant; waBton, a.. 
J?/x>'mA RelathigtbelTes, a. ' " i 

mdo'ÛA See H^olfsh, a. " j 

7b vtm'qmsh Toconqoer; to coiifate, r. à. r 

Th re-lin^quùh To abandon ; to quit ; to give np, ▼. ^ ■ 

. Th wish Tq bave strong désire ; to long for, v. , 

ff^sh Lohging désire , thing desired, s. * t 

Skrew'ùh Having the qnalities of a shrew, a« 
Tofore-wW To désire beftre haud, v. n. 
* WeWwîsh A wlsh df happine^s, s. 
3^ tm-rarsk* To wish that which is not to béj T. n. 
Cow'isk Tiniorous; a. 

S*€«»'ttA Spîendid ; gattidy,' a. ' ' ' ' ' 
YeVltm^k Approéichîng to yèlfow, aé * ,' i 

WiVtnKB-ish ReseAbîing thé cdlour cTf wiHow, au . j 

To in-ter^^kk^ To #îsh muttialïy to èach othier, v. a. 
Whey'isk PartaWng of, or resemWing whey, a, 
' iJRy'ïi* Coloiired lîke the ethèr, a. ' 

J&oy'j»A Belonging to'aboyj triflîng; childish» a. 

Closh A distemper in the ftet of cattle, s. 
Marsh A fen ; a bog ; a swampî s. 
Earth A plougfied fteM; pronomiced érsh; s. 
Bush, A thick shrub : the u iH ^\& word is the saoïe as 
. ^ V . ; .. . f^^g^ 2|| lf^^: ^^ (,^3]J jg proliotmced dearly as if 

written boosh. To ^ 

r A T H «IS 

7b ^A To growihick, y,ju 
Am'imkA po^t to surprise an enemf « s.> . * • • 
To eA-am'^iaA To hide ia^bush, .V. a. . , , , • • 
7b gvxA To âow with Yiolencdy v^ n.« - t 

Gwk A sadden eriiptioà of liqiior, s. ■- t 
^Tv/À/ Silence; t>e still, interj. 

J^itfAStiil; silent; quiet, a. * .- 

7b hush To be still ; to silence^ to appease, ▼. 
Luik Of a deep cok>ur ; opposite to pale, a. 
Thhiush To betray confusion by looking red, v. n. 

Biush The colour in the cheeks» s. 
TofiuA To flow with violence; to colour, ▼, 
Ftush Full of vigour; abounding, a. 
Fhak Afflux; violent flow, s. 
Pludt A kind of sbaggy clotb^ s. 
7b pvsh To thrust; press forward; urge; tease^ t.* 

Pufh A thrust; impulse; trial; pimple, rhymes bush« s. 
Jli^sh A plant; any wôrthless thing, s. 
To rush To move vrith violence, v. n. 
Jlush Violent course, s. 

Brusk An instrument for rubbing; an assault» s. 
7b hntsh To sweep with a brash ; move with haste, t, 
7b crush To press ; squeeze^ be condensed, v. 

Crush A collision, s. 
ToJruA To break; bruise; or erash, ▼• a. 
Fnah A disease in a horse's foot, s. 
Tkrush A bird ; a disease in the mouth, s. 
Bid'rush A large rush, s. 
Tu^ i An expression of contempt, inteij. 
Balh A bathing place, s. 
Sab-bath Sunday ; trme of rcst and worship, t. 
Eath Easy ; not dif&cult, a. . 
Eath Easily, ad. 

Deaih Extinction of life ; mortality ; pronounced detb^ f • 
Heoih A plant; place overgrown witu beath, s. . 
SSkeaih The case of any thing ; a scabbard, s. 
7b ^ath To inclose in a sheath or scabbard, v. «• 
7b un-theuth^ To draw from the scabbard, v. tu 
Be-neath^ Uader; lower in place or rank, prep. 
Be-nettih' In a lower place; under, ad. 
Vn^der-neaih' In the lower place; ben'jath, ad. 
Un-der-neoÉh' Under, prep. 

^rM^A Life; air; respiration; rhymet death, s. 
fFrêaih Any thing curled or twisted; a cbapict, s. * 
7b «neoM To curl ; twist; convolve, v. a. 
Haih Third person; singular of to btcre. 
Luth A thin slip of wpod to support tiks, s. 
To Ittih To fit up with laths, v. a. 
Jjath A part of a county, s. . • 
Afltr-maih The second crop, s. 

Oalh AsolemnappeaitoHearea, t. 




2fé KTH 

IWtUklIJrailIriavAMrgooAiiivrtSedvp, i; Johns«i. 

ntt Wb^ ffOMÉ; tndty s. 
RoJfpiA A fwy ftr fcm- ymmiff ■ orty, <• 
Ar W| A pmmte or dhtdire patli, s. 
JM A InU, i. _ 
Jliil BMly, aA 

Ktfft BBl^y CXNUIIK V0RMV Ill6''tffilt^ fc 

VTrid Aa gCT ; fur; ni^; ribymes mott, eloth» fcc s. 
ftwrti A titte <if gwttxmt'dwm ; sâlkft, s. 
JRnmÊh MeMttre ffagr sidè to lidfe ; proQouioed Inredth, & 
ff«ir'Ar«adM Afcryflnll'illgteaoe, t. 
A»^ft»dtt Ordinal 0^ 100^, k 

IfiiM BnadtH r ^HiiMMiK s: 
7Xm^mih»A Qnlfeal'of ie»0/ a. 

TmmmMt lOannlM^ tonndicnrwiCfir 8nicnu% ▼. a. 
7o jigtfrtrTo4feieiicrBrB u ei fcji i ur | tbbelwt, ▼. a. 
7«fA TWptararQf tooCb; 
jnfii'iRKca Thetentli tvioetoM; a. 

^9Vfr Tflte'onitiHD ornVcTy a; 
jsripai' mr orubb atxifciwcf, a. 
i>flf/ÂFroiii end to end» estent; s. 
A-kttgHfi At Ml tengtt, ad: 
StratgfkTwtiil powr; tigour, c 
7b ittfngtk T» rtr ei i gt h en, ii; a. 

Eigkik Tht ofdinal of eiglit^ i a vn e une ed atghtth»- a. 
Fntk Belief; fidcfity ; Teraeitjr; ptonùie^ t. 
Tvr'éf M Yellov precipHatr, s. 

^r<% Aslierb^ealledOttinea pe|)per, s. 
Smitk One w1m> «oiik|i iir netals, i. 
Zs^nUk The point over head ; opposite tfae mdir, 9. ' 
Aitt Marroirofaplant; iftrrâgth ; energy, 6. 
Fri/A Astraitittthe'sea; akindoif net, %, 
Skh Sini*e ; «oeing that, ad. 
WUk By ; notinç the cause or fncao», &c. V^- • 
n^tf'wâfi^Wtthtiiis, ad. 
Tfierefvim WHh that, ad. 
Wnert-^rnih' With ii4iicb, éd. 
/%rM-»>W Immediafeely; «ithoni dollf, ad. 

Ber^ FreedoiB from fiekneit f pnrity, pvonoaneedfaekh.^. 
Stenlik Theaii of «tealii^ ; a-seeret aet, ifiymes health, i. 
Wta^ Riehes ; mapKf^ ^e. rii^mae h^iMiy s^ 
Cm-manxeealtk' GenftNa body of the people ; a repoblkr, s. 
FUÊh Dirt ; nastinett ; cortu p tiop ; s, 
Awftft AayUiii^povredoiiiorwasledy s. 
TtAA Htubamify ; cnHiire, s* 
7t/tt Arable; tHIed, fc 
WmUh GenUe heat ; aeal ; passion, s; - 
Corfintk A fritîl commoidy calied cuFrant, ». 
M(mtk A space of time tJTfour weekx, s» i 


R T H »M 

Ml TW Mb, ptonoraicad a» if bMT, l«i iboat irilh, «we 

tenniD^êd bf th, a. 
Balk Ai-WBlI, cqni. 

DoMThe thinlpcnoÉj naanla* «f d« ; pniHMMed dutt 
ObU AnytfciaiinTenfaidÎKMorciwefiag, ■■ 
Cnr'cM Cloth ■ateanid over witk gtotiBoM mutarK fc 
SulUolt CbthforMchaormDiiniiiiK, i. 
Mici'cfcU That wlûcli om wwr on tbejr oBckr 4 
Gnea'tkfOt A board haU wilku tha r*lace, > 
Sav'cba A pUster; a hvga pbutor, i. 
Bàr'iiA Staff nada of kair, t. 

HWA StoMneai; UsÏimhj iiUwwm, Ajna^baUi, a. 
MM Aa iDHCt tbat eats olMh, Ce. a, 
S<'i>-Bort Tbs bipp^rtuniuk ai n»w Imim, i, 
flODtt AbonaelMiiliaflMMrdiiaiua, a. 
TUCiMtL A piiMM, t. 

Ana<4Bi«aoatbaniifiuM} adidalaTi *- 
Tï iiw>rt Ttr mnfrtt i—wt itr inij; taflaUar, ■:. » 
AoMl^othj mlity, ■. 
aattPleafing; delîghtfiil, a. 
7)iM<( Ta flatter} piâue; calm; tcAcB, T. a, 
Ar-woM' Certainlri m tnith, ad. 

lïaA A boae mtke ja«i pafatte, t^ 
tVlt'faaik I.OTe<tf youttiful pkaaue, t. 
BnOt Liqaor in wbich Aeih i> bailed, i^ 
TleMTruUi; fiddHf, a. 
ma~«MTocaiitcact toanyonci toalBuKC,v, 
ff'raaAnfr;, a. 
AM<kK>ru7>orMidi qaotbI,u;Ii 4UoUihc,i^fth«j 

rfajnneB doth, i. imperf. 
Btfét Datjûew ; abyn; abitruaCDex, i. 
At^Laadi mould; one ot tbe ftâu eltOMOUj |M0< 
■UHiBced eitb, «fajrmet bîrt]), >. 
3ï «Ht Ta corar »!th, or gct unler easih, t. 
JJïtflA Scnvity; Guninci barrennen, rhymei «arth, ft, 
AaMI The place ' oo whiclta Are it nûda^ pTjoouncel 


Cortl The bolk raniid tbe «aM, i. 
AMtt DaAty bn>wa ; taauy i gloomy, a. 
BirUt 1^ wt of comiiq; înto life ( nôk j à»t, u 
CWfiMtTbaMJteafbeing in labour, (, 

Artt Ont oT, prep, 
7bilotf>brtl'Tohar>i«ue; toexhibit^ t.s 
Haïa'^li FnBit thiitimefonnid, «d, 
71b— riftrt* From tbat time, ad. 




F T I 

n'brtt Eqaat in Tahie to ; detervin; of, a. 
Fottrih The ordinal ofibiir, a. 
WurthSee fVonkfacibe^oré. 
JhH'muth An arcfa of the horizon, a. 
Brt'imtih M^revtâte i a minerai wbftanee, g. 
Vn-cunih* StFiin|re ; odd ; nnsnal, a. 

Mouih AucBtrancelbr food, èic. ; a wry fitcCr s. 
TbMotiM Tospeak big; tomntter; tochew, ▼. 
South The part ir]i«re the sun is at nûon, s. 
Soutk Southern ; méridional, a. 
South Toward8 or from the south, ad. 
YoÊdh One past chfldhood ; tender âge, rhymes tmtli, s. 
12^ Mcrcy; aorroir; tendemess, s. 
DnUh Honesty ; reality ; iaithfahiess, s. 
Un'inUhf Faladiood ; aiâlse assertion, s. 
Blowih Bioom or blossom, rhymes growth, s. 
GrowM VegetatâoD ; product; increase, a. 
0'pfr-gro»/A Exubérant growth, s. 
Sixih The ordinal of six, a. 
Sxih A sixtfa part, s. 

I. . 

i2a6'6t A doctor among the Jews, s. 
AVirbi (In law) in another, place, ad. 
An-4oefci Inhabitants under the same meridian, b.ut opposîts 
parallels; s. . ** 

Cb'<ft A Turskish magistrate, '8. 
^ M-ma-gun^di A mixture of herrings, apples, &e.t. ' 
Ai^tkro-pophfa'gi Man-eaters ; cannibals, s. ^ 

&'/^The émperorof Peréla^ s. • 

^«'»-t lohabitants of the torrid zone, s. • 
iliii-^«'ci-> Inhabitants under the torrid zone, s. 
An-tWei-i People whose shadoWs fell opposite ways atthe tamm 
time, s. 
Ka^li Sea weed, s. 
AVkaU A substance fermenting with acids, s. 
ShiU-ishaU-i A cant adverb of doabting. 
Vèr-mi'CelUi A pasteroUed up like worms, s. 
Den-Ze^V/Modillons, S. ' 

ri/'fiPibrft», s. 
Broc^co-li A kitchen plant; s. ' ^' 

IfifpU'ïazh'H Azuré stone, s. ' ^ . ' 

Vem^i Insep. part haif. 
EVe-mi A drug of the résinons kind, s. 
•^«m't (Latin); in composition signifies haif, s. 
Cfr-<i-^-f«'r» (Latin) j aparticularkhidof writ, s. 
Tri-um^vi-ri A coalition of three men in govemment, s. 
li<-er-iz'/f(Italian); theleamed, s. 
Sfper-ma-ce'ti (Lâtm) ; an oily substance in some whalet, f. 
JUijf'ii A Mahometan higb priest, s, » 


An'li A parUefe signi^'ing coutrarf ta 
Ca-]<i's; A tree jiKldiiig a balïam, i. 
San-tlll'li A gnngof outlaws, s 


//oai * 1>l>i riiyinus bake, s 
^^Thebillofabird, s. 
Itai A hole wliich leti [n iraler, F. 
T) Icai To iet water Îd or oui, ï. n. 
Biiai Palej cold; chiU, a. 
Bi»t A Bmall riverfish, s. 
^at Asmall lodt) thread or twjat, i, 
Afeat A hook with a long handle, a. 
ïîumaiTocreepsIily; toerouch, y, n, 

fVat The top of a hill; any thing acuminated, i; 
W-Jm(' Ina posture topréfccthegrouni, ad. 
ro^erziTotalk; celebrate; prooûunce, v. 
ToietpeiA' Toorder; ipeaV lo; «hew, T. a. 

To irtak To part by force ; tame ; niLn i not keen tO. rbvme* 
cake, Iakc, &c. ï. 
flreai An opening; pause; failura, i. 
Daji'hreiA Fi"' appearance cf day, a. 
lo cr™t To Euake a barsb noise, v.n. 
ToKrak To make a shrill or hoarse noise, Ti n, 

Fnak Awhini; a ïudden tancy, s, 
3b/«o* To ïariiisalt, t. a, 

&nra* Alineofcolourj a stripe, i. 
ToUreak To «tripe [ Tariegate ; streUb, v. a. 
To wnak To revenge, ï. a. 
(Frwil Rcïenge i pasàon, t. 
8(tak A ilicc of flesh ; a collop, rbymet break, a. 
limMoiTocry shrilly, v.n. 
Smu^ A sbrill quick cry, g. 
fTmiFeeblei pliantj unfortified, a, 
To taaûi To pinch ; sqneeze, v, a, 
TWoi Perplexity; Judicrousi distress, i. 
Oak A tree andthe wood of it, 
To cfooi To eover mth a cloak ; to eonceaî, ». a> 

CiliMi Anoutergarment ; aconcealment, t. 
To cnak To «ry like a fiiig, raven, or crow, v. a. 
CtoiA The cry of a frog, ravcn, or orow, i. 
Tbna^Toneep; liesteepcdin moirture ; drain, ». 
San'di-ni* A minerai j aJïo awhîtc guo», s, 
£«:t Tbehinderpartofathing, a. 
Bak Behlnl, ad. 
Ti back To mount a horse ; to iecoad, v. a. 
Kack'e-hack A kind of linen, a. 
/Torie'intit Seatoftherider; stateof riding, s, 
Oraw'back An allowaui-e on exportation, kc. 

ntM^TuGUtirregulai'ly; ehop; useuttan, t 

Vot-L L j„i 

I E C K 

Jatk An enf[!ne ; a fish { a leitlieni can, >. 
Titre* Towant; tobeinwant, v. 
i^rfWant; need; fiiilure, 8. 
iî-inci'/ *'"i an eapresaion of sorrow, infcij. 
Bi^iDark; wlfilted; mojrnful; a. 
iW,ij;^Smotecaushtfroma!Bnip, s, 

C/w*P«rtofamiI1; arepeated noise.s. 
roc/oct ''"" '"■''«• repe^leil DOise; to cbttter, ï. n. 

aJK^Loose; remiss; lelaxed, a. 
TatliM*TobereniisB; abate; loosen, ». 

Soc* Coal tturt, «. 
Ta Mtof* To inake a «naît noise ; hâve a t>st«, T. 
Smaek Savour; a small ship, ■• 

Jfjjocjl Dexterity; anicetrtck; atof, s. 
Snori Ashare, s. 

Poct A lai^ bundle; a set oT cards, &C< a. 
To faci Ta bind up for cairiage ; tn put carda togctber, t. 
PH'oWInmanrerofapack, adv, 

Itack An engine ibr torture j exticme pain; a fnime Dr 
bayorbottlesi adistaff, s. 
Tôract Tostrcam as cloads; totorture; harass, v. 
Brack A breacb, s. 

Ooei Asudden noise; achiok; a boasler, a. 
To tract To break intochinks; splît; craze { boaat, v. 
Gim'traci Aslightor trivial pièce ofmechaniain, i> 
Ar-rack' A distilled ïpîrit ; a plant, s. 
Bar'raci A buildii^ 10 lodge soldiers, s. 
Gir'roct' A largeshlpofbuiden j agalleon, s. 

Traol A bèalen patb { a mark tcft, s. 
7ô (rort To follow by the Tootsteps or mark, T. s. 

ITraft JDcstnictkinof a ship; min, a. 
7i> «TiKk To destroy ïn tbe watcr ; to tiirture, v. a. 

5<icil A bag of threo bushela i avoman's robe; (torm afa 
town; plundcr; a sweet nioG, i. 
TûMcl Toput insaeks; to plunder, ï. a. 
TôrimWi To plunder; to aearch narniwly, v. a. 
Knap'iack A soldier's bag, s, 
Swâi'jBoS Asoldier'sbag, a, 
To tack To fastm; join; tam achip, v. 

Tôcjt A small nail; aturaing ofships atsca, s. 
Ivjt'^afilAgaineattables, a. 

SWci Apile ofhay, &c. a number of chimneys, t. 
Toilack Topileup in ricfcs, v. a. 
K M-tackl To aasault; impugn In any manncr, t. a. 
jJJ-fnci'Anaisaultonaneneiny, &c. a. 

S-iack An ignorant prctendfr fo pliysic, rhymes back, a. 
Tofiack Tocryljkeaduck; to br ;ie loudly, rhymps back, ». 
30 (*aii«* To bang; slrike; thrash, ihymcabaefc. 
Thaack A iicaty hsrd blov, rhymi s back, s. 
Btck A AsavMitiiehciA oi hand; snod, f. 

I C K 2Ï9 

Tu beck T^ make a sign with the head or hand, y. a. 
He^bcik A three stiinged fiddle, s. 
lÂm'beck A still, s. 
To deck To dress ; adorn ; cover, v. a. . 
Deck The floor of a ship; pile of cards, s. 
To be-deck^ To deck ; to adorn, v. a. 
SbtarUer-deck The short upper deck, s. 

Geck A bubble; easily imposed upon, 5, 
Togeck To cheat, v. ai 
Tt; f A«r* To reprove; c«rb; stop; clash, ▼. 
Check Restraint; dislike; stop, s. 
Counlfer-eheck A stop ; a rebake, s. 

Tokeck To heave the stomach, v. n. 
Tojieck To spot; to streak ; to dapple, v. a. 
Neck A part 4>etween the head and body, s. 
Peck The fourth part of a bushel, s. 
To peck To strike, as abird with its beak, y. a. 

Speck A spot of dirt &c. s. 
Tospeek Tospot; to staiu in drops, v. a. 
To reck To heed ; to mind ; to care for, ▼. a. 
To toreck To suffer vreck or loss; to ruin, ▼. 
Wretk ^ shipwiieck; destruction; min, s. . 
Ship^zoreek The destructiou of a ship, &c. s. 
To shijp'wreck To destroy by dashing on rocks, &c. v. a. 
To çueek To shrink ; to show pain, v. n, 

1^ For those words from the learucd languages fonnerly 
writtén with k, as Critick^ Publkk, Muskk, &c. 
see Critic, Public, Music, &c, 
Trafjick Commercé; commodities, s. 
To traffck To practise commerce ; to trade, T. lu 
Chick The yoong of hens^ n giil, s. 
Tyi/c/t Dense; gross; muddy; close, a. 
T/iîcJfc The thickest part, s. 
Tfùck Frequently ; fast ; dosely, ad. 
Kick A blow with the foot, s. 
To kick To strike with the feot, ^. a. 
To lick To touch with the tongue ; to lap, r. a» 

Uck A blow ; rough usage, s. 
To dick To make a sharp successive noise, v, n. 
TokUt^ To make a small sharp noise, v. n. 
Frd^ick Gay ; full of levity, a. 
TofroVick To play wild pranks, v. n, 
Garilitk A plant, s^ 
Slick See Sleek, a. 
Nick A notch ; an escact point, s. 
To pick To choose ; gather ; clear ; strike ; irob ; open ; 
eat slowly or a little, v. 
Pick A sharp pointed iron tool, -s. 
Jiick A pile or hcap of corn or hay, s. 
Brick A mass of burnt clay ; a kind of loaf, s. 
To brick To lay i?tth bricks, v. a. 

. L2 Ça.'»* 


220 O C K 

Cem'iiiek ^'^nc linen originally madeatCambray, s. 

Qiek Noise of a door ; stiffhefs in the neck» s. 

To pridc To pierce; incite; affect with remorse j make acid $ 

maricatane, v. 

Prick A puncture; point; remone of conscience, s 

Bhhfojh-rkk Sce Bis/ujprk, s. 

AfA-^ish^op-rick Sec Arehbiskopfk, s. 

Drick A fraud ; dextcrous artifice ; habit, s. 

T4> trkk To cbeat ; àress ; live by fraud, ▼• 

Skk Afflicted with disease ; disgusted, a. 

To skk To sicken ; to take a disease, v. n. 

SeafÀdc Sick by being at sea, a. 

La^^tkk Disordeied with love^ a. 

Fo-renhkk See Forauk, a. 

Èramfskk Diseased in the understanding ; giddy, a. 

Cropfêkk Sick through excess, a^ 

> Tick A bed case ; a dog louse ; a score, s. 

Stkk A small pièce of wood, s. 

7b sikk To fasten on ; adhère ; stap ; scraple ; ktab. 

To be-stkk' To stick over with any thing, ▼. a. 

Ma-jet^tkk See Majesik^ a. 

Fid'd!e'Stkk The bow and hair for playîng on a fidile, s. 

Canfdle-sikk An instrument to hold a candie, s. 

fkt'tkk A wood used in dying, s. 

Sukk Living; swift; active; ready; a. 

Suick Nimbly; readily, ad. 

Qukk Living flesh ; sensible parts, s. 

Wkk The cotton of a candie, lamp, &6. s. 

Sh*i'*if-mck Thejurisdiction of a sheriff, s. 

^l'/t-tBÎCilrThejurisdictionofa.bailiff, & 

* Gk*^ Maie ofbirds; formofahat; partofa gun; spout 

to draw béer, &c. small heap of hay, s. 

To eoek To set erect ; set up the bat; stnit, v. 

Meafcock Ao uxnrious or efiteminate man, s. 

Plea*coek A Ibwl beautiful in feathers, a. 

Wood^cock A bird ef passage, s. 

SàUfOe-eoek A cork stock with featliers, s. 

Shut'Ûe-<ock A cork stock with feathers, s» 

Gamefcock A cock bred ibr figbtii^, s. 

Joitùkk'tHk To eut in pièces and iXMst an ed, v, a. 

Sjtttch^eock An eel eut in pièces and ropsted, t» 

HeuAfeoek A large fowl freqoenting heaths, s. 

i^rin^coek A coxcomb ; a conceited person, s. 

WeaihUr'Cock A vane on a spire; any thii^ fidcle, s. 

Ihck Place ibr building ships; « stump; an herb, s. ^ 

Had'dock A sea fish of the vod kind, s. 

Pad'thek An inclosure for deer; a frog, s. 

Pkd^dock A provincial word for an incfosure, s. 

ffock The joint between the knee and the fetlock, s. 

To hoek To disable in the bock, v. a. 

Mi'hock A barbarous Indian; a roAan, s. 


O C K - 221 

Silodfc A conflict j concussion ; pile of sheaves, s, 
TbiAodfcToshake; be offensive; buildup, v. 
Boi^bf'hoek Rose mallow, s. 

Lxk A fastening for a door, &c. part of a gim j small 
quantity of hair, &c. s. 
To hck To &sten witli a fock ; to unité, v. 

Block A heavy pièce of wood i pully j stop, s. 
To block To shut up ; to inclose, v. a. 
Sium'ilhig'bhck Cause ofstumbling or offence, s. 

Qodi An instrument to shew time ; part of a stocking j a 
beetle, s. 
Pai'lock A depending kind of lock, s, 
Topad'loek To ftistenwith a padlock, v, a. 

Wed'lock Mairiage ; matrimony, «. 
To be-lock* To fasten, v. a. 
Doubfie-lock To shoot the boit of a lock twice, v. ^. 
Ftre'kck A soldier's gnn, s. 
Fi^re'hck Hair on the forepart of thc head, •• 
Eiœ'iock Knots in the hair, s. 

Flodt A Company of sheep ; birds^ ^. s. 
ToHock To gather in crowds, v. n. 
Ejfiloek Knots of hairtwisted by elves, s. 
HOifoek A littie hiU, s. 
Polfloek A kind of fisb, s. 
BulVoek A young bnll ; a steer, s. 
Hem'loek An herb, s. 
• Tb un^hckf To open a lock $ to open in gênerai, t. , 
To stock Ta f\ak.ei toquench, v. n. 
/*«<'/!odfr Hair behind the pastem joint, s. 
^omoc£ Tomimic; déride; élude; makespoitof, v, 
Mock Ridicule ; contemptuous mimiciy, s,. 
dnn'fflodfc An herb, s. 
Hwn'mock A suringing bedt s. 
Mfonfmodt See MttmmoCf a. 
Mam'mock See Mammoe, s. 

Smock Under garment of a womao ; a shift» ^. ^ 
N-jck A slit ; a notch, s. 
To knock To hit or strike upon ; to clash» v. 

Knock A sudden stroke ; a blow, s. 
Ban^noek A kind of oaten cake, s. 
Finfnock The tom-tit, s. 

P^ek A pustule ; a scab, s. 
Hock A vast mass of stone ; protection, s. 
To rock To shake ; move a cradle ; iuU i r«el, r\^ 
Brock A badger, s. 
Crodt An earthen pot, s. 
i'iroek An outward garment ; a coat, s. 
Skamhodt Irish name for three-leaved grass. s. 
Gkirock A kind of fish, s. 

t 3 5^cit 


222 E E K 

Soek Sometbing put between the foot and sfaoe ; the sboe 
of the ancient comic actors, s. ■ 
Bas'sock Bass, s. 

Casfêock A close gannent wom by clergsrmen, s. 
Has^sock A stuffed mat to kneel on» s. 

S^ocil; A log ; trunk ; liaen for tbe neck; lineage; quantifj ; 
fund of inoncy, s. 
Laugyittg'ttock An objectof ridicule; abutt, s. 
(sa'zingslock One gazed at with scom, s. 

JUn' stock A stalT with a match at Uie end, & 
Hat'tock A shock of corn, s. 
MatUock A tool to gtub up trees ; a pick-axe, s. 
Bufftoek The rurop; part nearthe tail, s. 
Putftock A buzzard, e. 

Bttcik Washingliquor; maie of deer^ rabbits, Stc 
To ^ifc To wajBh clothes ; copulateaabucks, &c. t. 
> Duck A water fowl ; word of fondne», s. 
J)9'-coyfdMick A diick that lures others, 8. 

To chuek To call as a hen; to iouch under the cbin, t. 
CSIitfilr The noise of a hen ; wordof endeaiment, i. 
Luek Chance i fortune; good or bad, s. 
To duck To call chickens as a hen, v. n. 
Totheck Tb miatch ; draw ; strip ifeathers, y. a. . 

Pluck A pull ; hearty liver, &c. of an animal, s. 
War^hick A witch ; a wizard, s. 

Muck Dung for manure; any thing filthy, s. 
Tomuck To manure with muck; todung, y. a« 

ISgck Some sprite among the fairie^, 8. 
"Tb tnick To exchange; to traffickby exchange, r, 
Trmck Traffick by exchange, s. 
(Uruck Prêt and part. pass. of to strike. 
Moan^stmck Limatic ; affected by the moon, a. 
Fim^tt-MinÊck Blasted, a. 

To mek To draw the breast ; drain ; imbibe^ T. 
Tut'iuck A tuftof gniss or twig«, t. 
To htek To lay close ; to inclose onder, ▼• a« ' 

Tttck A kind of sword; a net, s. 
SiUek Prêt and part pass. of to stick. 
YucklUih, s. 
To eek To makè bigger ; supply deficiency, t. a» 
Cheek Side of the àce ; of a machine, &c. s. 
Leek A plant, s. 
Gleek Music or musician, s. 
Sleeh Smooth ; glossy, a. 
Tb tleek To comb or reiider smooth or glossy^ v; a. 
il/ee^ Mildoftemper; soft; gentle, a. 
22eeiSmoke;Kteam; pile of corn, hay, &c. s. 
To redc To smoke ; to émit vapour, v. 
To creek To make a harsh noise, see^ Creak^ v. a. 

Creek A small bay, ^e. an alley,' s. • 

GKôk Pertainingjto the Greeks, a, I 

Ft/ifu-gteek A pla.ntf s. To 

A N K - 223- 

7J, j^ Tnlookot Karch for; endeaiour >fter, r. 
«'nri The ipoce of bstcq da ja, a. 
To lArifi To KrewD ; rbymes week, T. n. 
Siriei A try of aoguish or horror, s. 
Bali Agreatbrain, ». 
Ta eirlt l"" s^ thc leaka of > ship, t. a. 

CWi A white bsiil, s. 
To cAali To mark Qt manure witb chalk, v. ■- 
Ib fstt To speak in conversation ; to prattle, v, n. 
Xali Oral canvcrsatioa ; ruRioar i s minerai, >. 

Tbnin'ditt Common prattle of a place, a. 
Jb ttidk l'o *""' piouitly and awkwardlj', y. a. 

Sta^L A proud and stately Mep ; a Mem, a. 
Tonirf*TomoTeby leisurelyEteps, V. 

(FoU Actofwalkiiig; gait; patbto walk in, «. 
i^'nwtt A priïBtÊwalk; iiot the inaln road, ».i 
Tpouf-iKiii' l'o leaveoneinwalkiag, T. a. 

£tt Astateiy animal ofthQEtsgkiod, a. 
To atlk l'o cloud ; to obscnre, T. a. 
Yéi lIieyelloTpartofaa e^, s. 
nk Eke alao, adv. 
jéiiU Tocheat; ta defraiid, t. a. 
■nOk That «ame, proo. 
MSk Aliquorfnun the papa ortèmalea, i. 
Sitk The produoe of wonns, a, 

J^Peopie; nationi; muddod, rbymea oak, poke, fcc 
Gïn'tfc-^iPe"™Ba'»''e*eïnlêar, i. 
Trada'folk Feople emptojed in tnidea, >. 
Kiiu'Jalt Relations, a. 

YM Yellow part of an (^g ; Ihe ydk, t. 
Suti S'ze ; cbief part ; a stall, a. 
71) o-vtT-baOi' To oppreaa by bulk, v. a. 

To icalk To lurk secretly ; to lie cloae, r. n. 
Hulk Body oTa ship j aay thiag bulky, s. 
ïbftuttToexeùtetate, v. a. 
7(1 ahiUTo lurk in fear or malice, t. d. 

Bank A fènce of eartb ; repoaitory fOr money, i. 
To bank To ioclose «ich banka ; lo lay np, t. *. 
Itftun'ie-bcak A atagedocUu; a quauk, a. 
Ji aKia't*-iiBik To cheat by falae bôasta, v. a. 
Daak Damp ; humid ; mtùst, s. 
Haai A Bkein of Ibread, a. 

SitonJ: Joint ofthe leg; long partof aninttrnment, a, 
To /Aoni To rtturn acknoirledgment» , t. a. 
llumi Ezproùon of gratitude, a. 
riek'lhaak Au officioua peraim, a. 

Laai Not filled up ; &int; not ftit^ a. 
BIohIi Whitej anwritlea; dcjected; pale, a. 
Blaak A void apace ; a bult ; nnwritlen paper. t. 
To blaiik Tu damp: confuBei efiace, v. a. 

L 4 Clani 

I N K 

fkil A kwii, riirill, tfmp mtàat, 9. 
J3bj(t Put oTtheiiik; nideofan anay, kx, ■, 
n flmnt To atUck, or be on ttie nde, ▼. a. 

>W Athxk MiwiKbgud, i. 
ToftMToebteroTlarwiUiilUDlu, t. m. 
SotAnberb, i. 

BaJiSttaogi lonriuit; frcitfal, m. 
Boni AtoBofmtxi; rowj cba; dignit;, a^ 
7à foail Td urange mettaudïolijp ; ta be nuiged, *- 
fimni Buckwbnt, i. 

Croi The end of u iran axM ; bcndini; pan^e, fcc » 
aoiU HnlUiy; («Itb ■enDen) deeploadn), a. 
i^oi Praterit iJto driak. 
Aiat libenl ; cqtoi ; «Dcsav, a. 
Raii A ho^tt; ; liée leUtr ; Preach coin, ih 
Tà/rMiTofeedh^; b> exempt BromexpeOM, V. *. 

JKml Pretnit of to Ariiik. 
To pvkToiBconU t drentooeleitUîon, V. •■ 
AmtA&o'ici ■wiifadact, i, 
Smi Preteôt of tutiiik. 
Tàai AlaraeeûtenxwbMap, ■■ 
XtadWexki «ornaDt, a. 
ami Prétérit of to itiak. 
n iBBii To make lo sonnl, t. b, 
/ai liqWK to wiitt with, >. 
Tô M Ta danb witfa ink, t. «. 
nuMTohaTekleu; jndge; mnKt imagiat, t. 
3àl*-Mwl'TorecalterefteeUoa, i. a. 
Sni Drint ) my thiug potable, i. 
n tàM Ta KTve drink, t. h. 

i«lPait<tfachaiB; a tereb of pit«b, t. 
7a Aat Ta mmbine ; anltet cdODeCt, r. 
7«iU»t To w^nki to see obacorelr. T. n. 
It> c/M To ittter a tmall, intcimptëd noia^ T. «. 
Clini A tbarp noiac, s. 
Toen-lini' To chain to; lobind, t. a. 
To in-ler-link' Tojoinone in aoothiff uchalu, T. «, 
To itint To intak ; tu ca5t iti yODDg, v. 
S&alAcastcalf, >. 

jWABower; acDloûr; BuDdofahip, m. 
Topài To pierre in hofe» ; wink wilh tïrê ejtt, T. 
A-mi Tfaa edge of a river ; preciince, Itc. 
Driitk Liqiior to be awalloired, s. 
lèrfrniToiwalknvIiquors; lucknp, r. 
J>i'1-drink Medicated liquon, >. 

TbihrirA To contract ittelf j to withdrai* thron^ feai, T. 

ShnBk A cODtraclion of the body, Sec. a. 
Tefrink Ta pnnk ; to deck far ihow, v. n. 
3*#(iul To fdl graduall;; declioej dimimsbj Mppre 
eonceal; depress; dorade, T. 
SintAdrua; ■jakM.'i. 

A R K 225 

To iink To make a sbarp shrill noise, v. n; 
TbstinkToettïitSinofknBivesmell, v. n. 

Stink Offensive smell, s. 
To wink To .shutthe eyes ; to coimive, v. u. 

JVink A closingof the eye; tfometimes as a hint, i. 
Tohood*wink To blindby coveriag the eyes, r. a, 
To sw'mk To toU ; tu over-labour, v. 
^/nit Labour; toUj drudgery, s. 
Taaink Motigo of an eye; a momenti s. 
Monk One wholives in a monastery, rbymes tronk, s. 
Ponk A noctumal spirit ; a hag, rhymes trunk, «, 
Sfonk To«icbwood, rhymes tnink, s. 
FuMk A stink, s. 

Junk A Chinese ship ; pieees of old cable, s. 
Sluttk Pf^terit and part pass. of slink. 
Punk A commonprostiiute, s. 
Spunk Rotten wood ; tcmchwood, s. 
To cru/tk To cry like a crâne, v. n. 
Drunk Intoxicated With strong Iiqtior,' a. 
Skrank Prétérit and part. pass. of shrink. 
Trunk The body of any. thing; sort of chest ; >robo8cis of 

an éléphant, &c. a long tube. s. 
Sunk Prétérit and part. pass. of sink. 
Siunk Prétérit of âtink. 
Book A volume in which we read or write, s. 
To book To register in a book, v. a. ' 
Cfaiii-mo»-/»/ac«'6ooA A book for gênerai heads, s. 
Min'ule-book A book of short hints,^ s. 

Hom'book The ûrst book of children, s. > 

Doonu^day-book An ancient register of estâtes, s^' 
Cook Qnewho dresses victuals, s. 
To cook To pre^iare victuals for the table, ¥. a. 

Hook Any thing beiit to catch hold, s. 
To hook To catch with a hook ; to ensnare, v. a* * 

Shook Prétérit and part. pass. of shake. 
Poifhook A hook on which pots, &c. are hung, t. 
To look To behold; seek ; search for, v. 
I/)0ib / See! lo 1 behold ! interj. 
Look Air of the face ; act of seeing, s. 
Ftook The broad part of an anchor, s. 
To o-ver-look^ To superintend ; peruse; neglect, ▼. a. 
72) oz(/-/ooA' To face down; tobrowbeat, v. a. 
Nook A corner, s. 

Ruok A bird ; cfaeat ; mena chessman^ t. 
IbmoATorob; tocheat,v. a. 
Brook A running water ; a rivulet, s. 
Tù brook To endure; bear; be content, v. 

Crook Any bent instrument ; a sheephook, s» 
To erook To bend, v. a. 
Took Prétérit oftake. 
Àrk A vessel to swim on the water^ a chest, i, 

L6 Bark 


!28 O R K 

ToJort l"" makei 
Jicfc-iorl'Todiscmharii, v. ». 
7b tm-Sori' To put, or go, on s^ipbo»M, v. 
TBdjKW-iflnl'Tolaod; to carry toland. v. 
Ta lUi-iarl ' l'o '>°'l from a ship, t. h. 

J?,rri Mot L'^t ; blind; obscure, a. 
ïiari Wanl of light or knowledge, ». 
îi^*Todarkeni ta abacurr-, r. a. 
3%£ariTolisteQ, v. n. 
' Sark I List 1 hear ! lisUn ! intei]. 
To chrrtic To burn lo a black cindcr, v, ». 
Siort A "oracLwia fish ; a trickmgfellow, (. 
Ijark A-ïmall Hi^ins biii, a. 

Afsrt The snm uf 13s. U. a t(*CD; (bject to ihoot at;. 
■mprcâsioa; proof, ^ 
To ™r* To mate a mai* ; to cote, t. 
&a'7nai) A mark to direct thow at sea, s> 
l/nd'mnrk A mark of boundirie*, s. 

À-nxirit' AnubEervstion; notai notica; token, &. 
7i ft-mari' To note ; observe j point out, v. a. 
Wa'Ur-roBrk Tbe limit of (he âood, b. 
CÏwi('«r-iT»rt' A mark of «lue, prapart;, fcc 

/•«ri An eoclosed groitnd for huôting, s_ 
Tofnr^tTaeiidoKaiBiapaik, v. n. 
To iohiiukl To enclose with ■ parii, t. a. 

MiotjI a parlkle of ûre or light; a gay lad, k 
Spark To émit partiels» of fiiré, t. d. 
Sark A sharL or shii^ (in ScoUand, a shirt) k. 
Koi-tStiongi deep; >liiip(e; plain i ttdS, a. 
JfarJt Bulldiiu;, rliymes cork, a. 
Bai'aark A fiirtificatioa ; a aeearity, ■. 
fni'WjlAcoatofmaU, t. 

Tàjmt To give a quick Smart blow. T.. a. 
Jtrk A quiek smart caat ; a <)iiick jolt, s. 
CJerJtA clei^man; a sobolar, ■. 
CUrk A book-keeprr, rhfines ark, «. 
Tovn'cirrk A manager of corporation baaîiKis, s. 
To merk To )!mil« wantooly, v. a. 
Topera Toholduptheheadaffectedly; tO praok, T. 
Togerk To thtow out with a apring, t, a. 
Yeri A quick motion, s. 
To i>* It irks me ; 1 bid weary «f it, ihymea jeA, ». s, 
Diri A kind of daggar, rhy m«B jert a. 
Te lUrt To gpail ; to ruiu, rhyme» jerk, t. ». 
aôjfrt To whip ; tobeat, rliymo jeric, ». a. 
Sirk A chnrch ; tlie church of ScoUand, rhyme» jert, i, 
Smirk See Smerk. BhymeE jerk. 

CttiVil Qu L'k Btroke ; artfiil distinction, rhymei jeck, a. 
Cork A tree : bark : boctie itiWDle. a. 

U s K 227 


Pikhffork A fork to toss corn or hay, &c. s. - 
Pork Swine's flesh, s. 
Stork -A bird rjf passage, s. 
To toork To laboar ; be agitated ; ferment ; produce ; effect 
embroider ; make way, rhyuies iurk, v. 
Work Labour ; employment ; a deed, s. 
A'Work' On work ; in a state of labour, ad. 
l^re^zoork A show of fire, s. 
Hand'i-toork Work of the hand ; manufactare^ s. 
Plain'wôrk Needlework ; not embroidery, s. 
Horn^work A kind of angular foititication, 8. 
(^eckhr-work Work yaried alternatety, s. 
IVa^ler-work An hj'draulic performance, s. 
To couniUr-ZDork To counteract; to hinder, v. a. 
Jour^ney-roork Work done by a journeyman, s. 

To lurk To lie in wait ; to lie hidden, v. n, 
Murk Husks of fruit, s. 
Turk A native of Turkey, s. 
Siurk A young ox or heifer, s. 
To oik To beg ; claim ; enquire ; require, r. a. 
To bask To Ile exposod to the beat of the sun, v^ b. 
Cask A barrel ; wooden vessel for liquor, s. > 

Catk A helmet ; armour for the head, s. 
Hask A habitation made of rushes, &c« s. 
Flask A kind of bottle ; a powdér hom, s, 
Mask A disguise ; pretence ; entertainment, s. 
To mask To dis;ruise ; hide ; cover ; revel, v. 
Damfask Silk c^ woollen woven into flowers, s. 
To damlask To weave in flowers, &c. to warm, v. 
To im-maskf To cover ; to disguise, y. a. 
To un-maskf To remove a dis^uise, v. a. 

Taik An employment ; business im)i93ed, s. 
Toiask To impose something to be done, v. a^ 
J>tf«A An inclining table for writing, &c. s. 
Bisk Liveiy ; gay ; bright, a. 
Disk A quoit ; the face of the sun, s. 
Whzik A small besora; a kind oftippet, s. 
BasH-lisk The cocatrice serpent; a cannon, s. - 
Obfe-lisk A pyramid ; a mark, s. 

Risk Hazard ; danger ; chance, s. 
Britk Lirely; gay; bright, a. 
Tofrisk To leap ; skip ; be frolicsome, t. n. 
AsHer-ish A mark in printing, as *, s. 

Busk Something wom to strengthen the stays, •• 
Dusk A tendency to darkness or blackness, t. 
Hwk The integument of fmits, s. *. . 

To husk To strip off the hnsk, v. a* 
Lusk Idle ; lazy ; worthless, a. 
Musk A perfiime ; a flower, s. 
Rusk Hard bread for stores, «. 
JUsk The hskg ; tbe holding tooth, ■• 

L 6 Cnk 



C^ak A ooane talky «pu-, i. 

Daak 'An inciskm m stuff, t. 
3o dbvi( To mark with an îaci&aii, t. a, 

GocBè^ cackoo; a foolish feUDW, s. 

J7an( A bird^rfprey, s. 
^jteaé To force ap phJcgm; Cfy goods, ▼• 
./Zraé A floonder, s. , 

Ca-haP A pnrate jnnto of mcn; an intr^iM^ 9 
Ca-baV Tbe Jewish tnditioa» a. 
To ia-haV To intrigue privately, t. m, 
Caa'nt-ial^ maneater, s. 
Qpm'bal A musical instrameot, a. 
Tfm'halA. kettledram, s. 
^0'6-a/Abookof plantSy s. 
Firr'Aff/ Spoken ; ocal; deri^ed from a Tcrb, », 
/V(tf-»-di'a-ea^ PertaiBong to proeody, a* 
Csr-di'a-ca/ Cordial ; iavigorating, a. 
Jf^-Wa-ttA RciatiDg to tbe sun, a 
Qê^h-U^a-uÀ Relating to calcalation (^nativitks, a. 

Morfà^orcuL Raging wjth madness, a. 
Den^n-Va^ai OeFiliÀ ; very bad, a. 
Am-mo-raVorud. Having the natine of anuDflDiac sait, a. 
thg^<héio}g.érVa-cid M elancholy, a. 

7]|e-n^»-ca/ Physical ; medicmal, a. 
Par-u^tB-ti'a^ctti Saitiiig or makiag paradise, a. 
Ap^ro-di-^ét-cai ReJating to tbe Tenereal ^*9nf9i tu 
Bi^U-othfi-cai >BeIoBgiDg to a library, a* 
In^trin'M-cël hnrard ; real, a. 
Ex'trmfserudOatmud, a. 
iTV-cèa'i-ca/ CoDststîii^ of trochées^ a* 
LaH-cal Belooging to the laity, a. 
Al-^-hra^i-eal Relating to algebra, a. 
Phar-i-saH-cal Ritnal ; exieraally rebgious, au 
^y/-/a6't-ea/ Cemrting of syllables, a. 
Mon^-onîîfi itihU-cal Consisting of («le 8yl]able,a. 
M-p-syl-M'p-cal Relating toa polysyUable, a. 
Tris-yl4ahH-aH Cooaisting of three syllables, a, 

Cu^bi-cal Havjiig the form or nature of a cobe, a. 
Far'â'cal Be)ni^g to a âjrce, a. 
.Roc/'r-^ff/ Original ; implanted by nature, a. 
Spo-radH-fM Endemial ; affectiug but few perwMis, a. 
M^-tfd Relating to bealing, a. 
fy'-^^dfi-cal Having the form of a pyramid, a. 

KU>-noidfi'cal Approacbing a conie form, a. 
Mpke-roid'i-cal Forpaed like a spberoid, a. 
rr-nrf't-oo/Tellingtnith, a. 
Jw-rid'i-cal Used in courts of justice, a. 
/»^'><a/ Propbetical i foretelUng, a. 




^Me-thodH-eal Raaged ia due ordeif, a. 
Am-e-thodH-cal Oui of metbod^ irregular, a. 
Im-me-thodH-cd Confused ; withovt wethodi au 

Pe-ri-o^'i-co/ R^ular^ at stated times j circatar, a. 

Sy-nodU-cal Relating to, or done in a gynod, a. 
Ep-i-sod^i-cal Coiitained ia an épisode, a. 

Spe^ifi-<çi Distinguishing we sort from axiother, a» 
Del-e-nifi'd Haviiig virtœ to assuage pain» a« 
Mag-nipi-eiU ^^^^TnovLB ; grajMl, a. 
Sem-i-nifi-cal Producing seed, a. 
Sa-crifi^ Ëmployed ia saicrifiçe, a^ 
Be-a-tif^i-ctU Blissful, a. 
Sci-en-t^i-cal Producing certain knowledge» a. 
Pori'iif^i'Otd Belonging to a bishop; qilendid, a. 
Mag'i-cal Performed by magie, a. 
IhttgH-cal Mournfui ; calamitous, a. 
Ped^a-gogU-cal Suitable to a scboolmaster, a. 
Syn-a-gogU-eùl Pertainiikg to a synagogue, a. 
Ap-a-gogH-cal Notdirectly proving a thing, bot shewing the ab^* 

suidity of denying it, a. 
LogH-cd Oî pr belonging to logic, a. 
Gen^'oMgH'Cal Pertaining togeaealogy, a. 
An-a-logH-cal Used by way of anak^, a. 

H-iogH-cal Contrary to the ruies of reasoning, a. 
Am-phtb-o-logH'eal DoubtfuI, a. 

Ihe-o-togH-cal Relating to theology, a. 
Me-te-cr-o-logH-cal Relatinn^ meteors, a. 

Paik'O-logfi-cal Relating to tokens of a distemper» a. 
Eth-o-logH-cal Treating of morality, a. 
Mutà-<h4ogfi€al Reïatiqg tofablen, a. 

FkU-o-log^i-cal Critïca]; grammîtical, a. 
Bt'y-mo-hgH-ed Relating to etymology, a. 
Ckron-o-Ugfi-^al Relating to chronology, a« 
Trop^ 4^ fiscal Varied by tropes, a. 
As-tro-logH-taL Relating to astrology, a. 
Tau-iO'logH-eal Rqpeating the same thing, a. 
Phys-i-o-hg^i-cal Relating to pbysiology, a. 
Chirrurfgi-€tA Belonging to surgery, a. 
SiO'tnaehH'CeU Relating to tiie stomach, a. 
Syn^ec-dochfù-cal Implyii^ a synecdoche, a» 
Mo^narck^i-cai Vested in a single ruler, a» 
An^ti-mo-narchU-eal Against monarchy, a. 

Hh^r-arck'i'eal Belonging to sacred govemment, a. 
Se-ràphU-ad Angelical ', angelic, a. 
Graph*i-<al Wàl delineated ; laid down, a. 
Gt'O-grapk^i'Cal Relating to geogi'aphy, m. 
Or-tluh'graphH'Ctd Rightly spelled, & 
Cosfma-graph'jhcd Pertaining to cosmography, a. 
S(xn'0-graphH'ad Pertain»^ to scenography, a. 
Se-len-Q^raph^'Cal Relatmg to soelenography, a« 
Tifp-o^aph^i^id Bekmgiag to printing, a* 

I ' 




Ckor-ihfnipkU'^l Beloogînç to chorograpliy, a. 
Au-to^aphH-cal Of oné^s owm writm^, a. 
Phil-osoph'lcal'Bfàtaoging to phtlosopby, a. 
Vn-phil-o^topkH-caî Not conformaMe to philosoi^y, a. 
Hi-tr-o^hfphH-cnl EmMetnatical, a. 
EthH'cal Moral, a. 
Me^iaVUctd Containing, or consisting of, métal, a. 
En-cyeUr-eal Chrcular ; sent mund, a. 
AnngeVi-cal Resembfing angelfi ; above haaan, a. 
Um-bit'i-ctd Belonging to tbe navel, a. 
BasiiU-cal Belahging^ to tite basilic vén, a. 
Di-a-hol'i-cal Devilish, a. 
Par-a-ioPh-cai Expressed in parabks, a. 
Sym-M'i-cal Typical ; expressing by signs, a. 
By-per-bolU-cal Exaggerating or expelling, a. 
Ap-ot-id^i-eal Delivered by the apostles, a. 
Hif-draufU-«d Relating to hydrautics, a. 
Tiar^'M-O'gramH-cal Ha-ving the properties of a paralielogram, a. 
Dk^Mm'i-Tff/UnctaoQs; mitigating; healing, a. 
Ae-a-demH-cal Beiooging to an academy, a. 
JEp'i'dem'i-cal General ; sSécûn^ narabers^ a. 
Èn-demU-cal Peculiar to a cpuutry, a. 
Po-lem^i-cal Controversial ; disputative, a. 
Shyth^mi-tnl Harmonica!, a. 

MimH-col Acting the mimic ; tmitating, a. 
Itt-im'i-cal Unfriendly, a. 
Qwn'e-cfl/Diverting; merry; droll, a. 
Trag-i-com'i-c&l Consisting of mirth and sorrow, a. 
Cox-com^i-cal Conceited ; foppish, a. 
Suad-ri-Tum'i-cal Consisting of fonr dénominations, a. 
Ee-o-nom'i'Cal Frugal ; regniating, a. 
AM'trO'fwm'i-cal Belonging to astronomy, a. 

A-tomH-cal Consisting of atoms, a. 
An-a-tom^i-cal Belonging to anatomy, a. 

Cos'm-ccd Rising or setting with the sun, a. 
ChymU-cal Made by, or relating to chsrmistry,. a. 
Al-chymU-eal Relating to alcbymy, a. 
Cac-O'Chymfi'cel Having the humours cormpted, a. 
Mei'O-nymH'^al Put by meton3rmy for sometiiing else, a* 
In-or-ganH-cal Void of organs, or instruments, a. 
Me-chanfi-cal Done by the law of mechanics ; mean, a» 
Jm-me-chanH-cal Not mecbanical, a. 
Char-la-tar^i-cal Quackish ; ignorant, a. 
Sa-tanfi-cal Devilish ; infernal, a. 
i\<-fi-toi'»-c«/Relatii^ topuritans; demure, a. 

Bo-tanH-cal Relating to herbt, a. 
Oec^u-menH-cal General ; unirersal, a. 
Cat-e-chi-menfi-^ai Belonging to the catechnmens, aw 
ArsenH-ctd Containing arsenic, a. 
Teck^ni-cal Belonging to arts and sciences, a. 
Pyr-o-iechfni-^al Engaged or skilfol ULÛfQWoàtBf a. 
' Ùm'U-hm^i-cal Angelical, a. 


J^fjrcal Nice ; foppîsh ; affected, a. 
C/m'i-ca/ Keepîng bcd, a. 
Do-mnU-cal Denoting the Lord»« day, a. ' 
7y-rff»'nî-c/i/ Like a tyrant, a. , '. 

Plan-o-conH-cal ^^^^ ^^^ conical on difforent sides, a» 

FM-phouH'cal Sounding ag!«eab!y, a. 
hù-trî-oiiH-caî Befitting the Stag«, a. 
Bar-monHcal Musical, a. 

Ca-nonfi'Cttl Regular ; scriptural ; ecclesiastical, a. 
G^-o-po«'î-ca/R«ïatJng *o agricultore, a. 
Sfn-chron^i-cal Happening at the same time, a. 

I-ronH-cat Spoken by way of irony, a. 
Tkra^n'i-cal Boasting ; bragging, a. 

TonU'Cal Extend^, relatmg to soands, a. 
Q^fj-fo^Satyrical; snarling, a. 
He-ro'i-cal Brave, a. 
TeUe-seop'i-caî Belonging to a télescope, a. 
J9y.<iy-op'i-cfl/ Dropsical, a. 

Tr&pH-cal Figurative ; ncar the tropics, a, 
TopH-cal Relating to some général head, a» 
Tup*i'Cal Emblematical ; figuratiTe, a- 
Ân-ti-typ'i-(àl Explaining the type, a.. 
Oc-to-ed^ri-cal Having eight sides, a. 
PoUy-edWi-cal Having many sides, a. 
€y-lm'dri-cal 1-ike a cylinder, a. 
SpherH-cttl^owaài globalar, a. 
Hel-i-spherfi-cal The rhorab line in navigation, a^ 
Hem-i-ipherH-cal Half round, a. 
Sem-ispherH-cal Belonging to half a sphère, a. 
At-mo-spherfi-cal Belonging to the atmosphère, a. 
Sci-a-iher^i-cal Belonging to a sun-dial, a. 
derfi-cal Relatîng to the clergy, a. 
Cfti-m«r'î-<:a/Iniaginary; fenciedi a. 
Nu-mer'i'cal Of the same nuiuber ; numéral, a. 
Ge-nerH-eal Comprehending the genus, a. 
CK-mcc-ter 'i-cû/ Sticceeding; dangerous; fetal;a. 

Ic-ierH'Cal AiBicted with the jaundice, a. 
Al-ex-iierH-cal Having power to expel poison, a» 
Hys'ier'i-etd TrouWed with fits, a^ 
Po-(iîg'n-ca/Gottty> a- 

Chi-ragfri-cal Having the goût in the hand, a. 
Sa-tirH-cal Severe in language j bitter, a. 
The-or'i'cal Spéculative, a. 
AUle-gor't-cal Pertaining to a» rflegory, a. 
Ca/-«-gor'»-ca/ Absolute; positive, a. 
JW<p/-fl-/>Wt-a//Not literal; figurative, a. 

Or-a-forU-cal Rhetorieal ; becoming an orator, a. 
Mhe^torH-cal Oratorical ; pertaining to rhetoric^ a. 
His-torH-cal Pertaining to history, a. 
TTie-at'ri'C<d Suiting a théâtre, a. 
E'Iec'tri-cal Attractive inthout magnetism, a*. 




Met'ri-eai PwtonÎBff to mêtie» «• 

Di-a-met'ri<tU I>escribing, or Uke a diameter, a." 
i%M->.aie<'}>^/ BeloogHig to planimetry, a. 
It-ihper-i'met'n-cal Having equal circumfiurenccs, a. 
Sym^tnefri-eat Propoctranate, a. 
Ge^o-mei'ti^eal Pcrtaining togeometry, a. 
Un-ge-o-meifri-cal Not geometrical, a. 
Tker-^mo^met'ri-eal Relating to the measure of beat, a. 
7rôr-o-»o-M«'''><«rf Retating to U-igonometry» a. 
Bar-o^met'ri-ad Relating to the tMunometer, a. 
Telffi'cal Perverse ; loar ; froward, a* 
Pv-a'cen^iri'cal Deviatiog fran «^ircularity, a. 
Ec<en*tn-<al Deviatiqg from the centre, a. 
Om^^m'trucal Havii^ the sanie centre, a. 
Di-ùp'tri^al AiFordiqg a mediain for the sigbt, a. 
Ca^top'tri'cal Relating to catoptrics, a. 

Ljfr'i^al PertainÎAg, or nnging to a harp, a. 
Fhthis'i-cal Wasting ; short-breathed» a,. 

Tts'i^ CoosmnptiTe, a. 
H'^ôa'n-Cii/Capricious; «xldly &ncifdl, a. 
Nonr-itn'ti-ctd Unmeaning ; foolisb, a, 
In-4rin*si-^al Interna], real, a. 
Drop^ti-cd Troubled with a dropsy, a. 
daffti'cal Relating to gtandaiti authors of the first nnk, • 
Mu^n-eal Harmonious ; melodioos, a. 
ImF-mufsi'cal Harsh ; unmusical, a. 
Unrmufn-cal Not harmonioas ; barshj a. 
PhtftU-cttl Médicinal ; relating to nature, a. 
Met-a-ph^tU-eai Relating to metaj^ysios, a. 
SaMMifî-<al Belonging to the sabhath, a. 
BnF-ne-atU-eai Ëverynlnth day of sickness, &c. a. 
Em^pkatfi'cal Strong ; forcible; striking, a. 
Sci-at'i-^ Troubled with the hip-gout, a. 
Pre'4ot'i'-€al R«lating to prelate or prelacy, a. 
Ac-rO'»-matfh-eal Of, or pertaining to deep leaming, a. 
Dra-matfi^al Represented by action ; theatrical, a. 
M<àhre'matH-ad According to mathematics, a. 
An^'the-mat^i-aA Hanng properties of an anathema, a. 
Em-Ut'^miUfi'-cal Allusive ; using emblons, a. 
ProbM-matH-ad Uncertatn ; disputed ; diqputable, a. 
The-o^re-maifi-eal Relating to theorems, a. 
Syt'U'matfi'Cifl Methodioal, a. 
JEa-^-fmtf't-co^ Obscure; doubtfal, a. 
Stig-matH-cd Branded with infisony, a. 
Zh^-matU-cal Magisterial ; positive, a. 
AsUi-matfûcal Troubled with an astlûna, a, 
GramrmaVi'^ Belongiug to, or taught by grammar, a» 
Ep-i'gram^mQtfi-cd Dealing in epq^rams ; pointed, a. 
Chron-^hgrixm-malfi-cal Belonging to a cfarooogram, a. 
Id'i-O'fnatH-ctd Pecuiiar to a tongue, a. 
Ar'O-mat'i-cal Spicj i fmgrant; sweet, a. 
SyMip'tO'nuUU'Cai Happening ; concurrêntly, a» 


CAL 28S 

Au-tQ-mtftH td Having a power io mast, a. 
Sper-matfh^al Séminal, a. 
&A»..ina</t-€a/Separatéd$ divided, a. 
Em-pjf^reu^matU'cal Resembling burat substanoes, a, 
Fa-nai figeai Mad $ frantic ; poMessed, a. 
He-patU-eal Belonging to the liver, a. 
Da-patti^cal Siunptuous in cheer, a. 
Pan-eratU-cal ExoeUing in ail the gymnaitic eserciiet, a« 
Tk^-^cretU-cttl Reiating to theocracy, a, 
Id-i-o-crat'i-cal Peculiar in constitotion, a. 
J^emro-^ratfi'C<d Bekmging to a democracy, a. 
Ar-ù'io-craVi-cal Reiating to aristocraf.y, a. 

/V-ro/'i-co/ Predatory ; thierish; robbing, a« 
SlaiH-^al Reiating to weighing, a. 
jB^-fto/'j-ca/Ravishing; âiTapturing, a. 
Ap-^^stat'i-cal Aiter the manner of an apostate, a* 
^jfp-o^r/a^'/'eoi ConstitiitiTe ; penonal, a. 
Jfy-dro'iteU'i-eal Reiating to'hydrostatics, a. 

Ejs/a/'t-co/Tendingtosomethingextemal} rapturcias,a* . 
Vi docHi-cal Prèceptivej doctrinal, a. 
Sia-lacUi-cal Resembling an icicle, a. 
Par-aUlaefti'cal Peitaining to a parallair, a. 
Prae^ii-eal Reiating to performanee, a. 
Ai-iraçfii'-cal Having power to drsw, a. 

TacUi-eal Reiating to the art of war, a. 
SjfH-tae'iUud Pitted or «elating to ayntax, a. 

HecUi-cal Habituai ; oonCimial, a. 
Ca-^skecUi-^al Having a bad haWt of body, a. 
Di-a'lteUi-eal Log cal ; argamental, a. 
Ap-o-plêe'ti^cÊi RelattQg to an apoplexy, a. 
Ap-o-dkUi-cal Démonstrative, a. 
Ge^'d^i'i'od Reiating to measaring sarfaees^ a, 
Al'pkaJeifi'Ctii Acoonding to the leri s of letter», a. 
Suod-U-betU-cai Not restrained to a particular sabyeet, a. 
Ex-e get'i'cal Explanatory ; expository, a. 
An-ago-getH-cal Reiating to tpiritual élévation, a. 
Ap-o-h^geOi-eal Defendiug ; excusing, a. 
Cai-e-ehet'i-eal CtMisisting of questiont and answers, a* 
Pa-êket*i-€id Afiectmg the passions, a. 
An-U'pa-thelH-cd Having a natural contrariety, a. 
Sym-pa-thet fiscal Having a mùtaal sensation, a. 
Par-en-ihetU'Cal Pertaining to a paranthesis, a. 
Syn^thetfi'cal Conjoining ; compounding^ a. 
Hifp-o-thetH-cal Supposed ; oonditional, a. 
JHO'mi'ieiH-cfd Sociable, a. 

E-met^i-cal Promoting vomits, a. 
A-rith-metH-cal Aocording to arithmetic^ a. 
Her-mei^i-cal Chymieal, a. 
Pia^nei'i'cai Belonging to planets, a. 
Di^netH'Cal Vertiginous, a. 
Ai-o-^U-ettl CoQsisting of aloes, a« 


28* C A L 

Pb-€l*i-caî Ekpressed y^ or fiertaining Co poeti^ a. 
Uk'po-eiU'eai ^ot becoming a poet, a. 

ffe-ret'i-cal Holding a ftiadainefltaljenrorm religion, 
7Xtf-o-rei'i-«rf Spéculative,». , ' 

Di-e-teVùcal Relating to diet, a. 
Cen-o-ba'i-ctd Living in conimuotty^ a. 
As-cU'i-cal Dropsicalj a. 
Her-tna-pkr^dit'p-€al Partakiog of both sexes, a. 
Me-phit'i-cal Stinking, a. 
Het-er-o-ctii'ucal Inregular, a. 

Po-titH-cal ^latiog topolitie»; cunotag, a* 
Im-po-liiU-cal luipriident; indiscreet, a. 
Afei-ro-po-litU-cei Chief or principal of cities, a. 
£r'e'tnit'i-<ai Religions j solitary, a. 
^«r-€-mf<'t-ca/ Solitary; retired, a. 

Cr/7't-c<r/Nicej judicioua^ accuiate^aw 
Hyp-o-cniH-cal Dissemblis^; in^iocfsre; âdse, •• 
O-nei-rO'CrU'i-cal Iiiterpreting dreatns, a. 
Hjf^per^crit^i^ial Critical beyond ose, a» 

jir-tàrii 'i-cal Goutj ; beloogitig to joiaU» t. 
Par-asiifi-cai Wheedling ; flattering, a. 
Le-vitH-cd BeLonging to the Lévites, a. 
On-O'man'ti'cal Pradictnig by the name, a, 
, I-denUi-eal The same, a. 
Aiu-ihenHi-cal Genuine, a. 
Der-po/'t-^o/Absolute; arbitrary; unlimited^ a, 

Skep^ii-cal Universal doubting, a. 
Pro-iepUi-caiPrev'iimBi antccedeqt» a. 
F'ro-lrèpUi-cal Advising, a. 

SepUi-cal Causing or promotiqf: putrefiiction, a. 
SttpUi-cal Stanching blood, a. 
£l-lipftircai Oval, a. 

O/^'^f-ce/ Relating to>optics or the eye^ a. • 
SyriiopUi^td Sbewing many parts at once, a* 
Au'topUi'cal Seen by one's own eyes, a. 
A-po-ca.fypUi-caI Containing revelatioos 4U 
CrypHi-cal Secret j hidden, a. 
Ca-(har'ii~^ Puilging, a. 

Ver Ui- cal Placed .in tbe zénith, perpendicular, >% 
CorUi-cul ^arky, bclonging to the rind, a. 
VorUi-cal Having a whirling motion^ a. 
Sir-co^'/i-cfl/ Sevfere, taimting,keen, a. 
En-co-mi^asUi-cat Panegyrical, laudatory, a. 
Ec-cle-ù^as'ti-'cal Relating to the church, a. 
En-ihu-st-asHi-ca} Ovei zealous in any thiAg, a. 
E-l>isHi-cal Springing, a. 
Scko-lashi-^Qi Belonging to a school, a. 
Par-a-phrasUi'cal Not llteral, verbose, a. 
_ Per-i-phrasUi-cal CircumîocuUj^y, a. 

Fan-tasUi^al Capricious, whimsical, a. 
Tkan- las '/ ^cal Skç FaniastMm 
Ma-jesftUai August, sUtely, sublime, a. 

ÈL^^^^^^^ .^i^ ., ... . i*M^^..m^ 

D A L • 285 

Do-mesUi'cal Be!onging Us a hoase, a. 
Cal-a-tkres'ti'Cal Forced ; far fetched, a. 
De-is*ti-cal Belonging to Deism, a. 
A'the^tUi-cal Wicked ; denyiog God, a. ^ 

Syl-lo-gisUi-^ai Consisting of a syllogism, a. 

So-phisUi-calT^3Jdajc\oas; logical; deceitful, a. 
Cab-a-UsUi-cal Mysterious, a. 
A-nom-a-lis' ti-^al Irregular, a. 

Pa-pii^ti-cal Popish ; adhering to the pope, a. 
Eu-cka-ris'ti-cal Reîating to the Lord's Supper, a. 
Char-ac-ter-isHï-cal Belonging to a character, a. 
Apk-o-ristH-cal Written in separate sentences, a. 
Coi-U'UtH-cal Reîating to cas^ of conscience, a. 
RusHi-cal Boisterous; rude; aavage; unpolite, a. 
NauHi-cal Pertaining to seamen or sbips, a. 
Scor-buUi-cal Diseased with the scurvy, a. 
An-ii-scor-bu'ti-càl Good against the scurvy, a. 
Le-vii'i'-cai Judioial ; priestly, a. 
E-rig'ii-cttl Controversial, a, 
Cau'sti-cal Burning, a. • 

Pkar-ma-ceu'ti-cal Reîating to the art of pbarmacy, a;> 
F/o'i-<r«/ Giving Itfe, a. 
Cer'vi-cal Belonging to the neck, a. 
An-a-l^ii^al Of or belonging to analysls, a. 
Par-a-dox'i-cal Inclined to contrarieties, a. 

Tox^i-caî Poisonous ; depriving of sensé, a. 
Tm'cal A minerai, s. 
Fo'cal Belonging to the foQUS, a. 
Lo'cal Of or in a place, a. ^. 

lî*-c^'ro-rfl/ Alternate; mutual, a. 

Vo^cal Haying or modulated by a voice, a. « 
U'fiîv^o-cal Having one meaning ; certain, a. 
^-.ya'uWa/ Uncertain; doabtful, a. 
No'Verfcaî Reîating to a step-^mother, a« 
Has'cal A raean sconndrel fellow, s. 
Fîs'cal Exchequer^ revenue, s. 
To mis-c(d' To name improperly^ v. a. 
Cai'cal A squeaking instrument, s. - 
Du* cal Pertaining to a duke, a. 
Acron'y-cal Impoiling the begioning of n^ght» a. 
Heb-dom'a-dal Weekly, a. 

Dœd'al Cunning,; intricate, a, \' 

Med'al An extraordinary coin, s. 
Ps^dal Belonging to a fbot, a. 
BVpe'dal Two feet in length, a. 
SemH-pe^al Containing half a fbot, a. 
TVip^e-dul Having three feet, a. 
Ses-quipie-dal Containing a foot and a half, a. 
De-cem'pe-dai Having t^ feet in length, a. 

Prefdal Robbing ; practising plun/ier, a. ' 

l/am-f-ci/</a/MttrderoiiSi blaody|a. 


E A L 

Ptr^rt-à^ded Kelatii^ to parricide, a. 
, LamrMdtd Like the letter lambda, a. 

Wiom-boifdal Sbaped like a rfaomb, a. 
Jlfem-^ir-hoVdal Belooging^to tbe veiits io the fàndamest, a, 
Cif-doVdaî Relatmg to a cycloid, a. 
Sem^'iphe-roVM Fonned like a balf spheroid, a. 
Bri^dai A marriage feast, s. 
BrVdtd Belonging to marriage, a. 
Sanfdttl A loose shoe, S. 
Feofêcd Held from another, a. 
Syn^o-tfal Kelating to â syix>d, a. 
^é»-lipfo-dal Rela^g to the antipodes, a. 
JFeutéal Held from a lord, a. 
i^'cbi/ Dépendance; tenure, ». 

Bêàl A whelk or pimple, s. 
To beal To ripen; to gatber matter, v. n. 
To con-eed* To hide; keep secret, ▼. a. 

Dm/ Quantity ; portion; firwood, Sâ 
To deal To dlstribute i to give each bis due, v. a« 
To deal To traffic ; to trade j to conttnd withi ▼. a. 
/Hfe'«/ Mental ; ioftellectual, a. 
Orfde-uL Trial, by fire or water, s. 
1b tauged^ To lT«eee ; grow ftiff. 

To hêtd To eure • waaad; feooneileit fS'^f^ ^*^* ^* 
7ôxAra/Tothell,¥. a. 

Wketd Pustule ; body of mattor, s. 
7b meid To sprinkle ; to ttiiv^ ▼. a. 
Meed Com floar ; act of eoting, a. 
PSeet'meal In small pièces; siiigly, ad* 
Jntk^meal A pièce an inch long, s. 
, Oat*metd Floar of oats ; an hetb, a. 
To TWfd To temper by beat, ▼. a. 
Suh-ter-ra'ne^ Lying nnder tbe earth, a. 
Ho-mo-ge^ne-ttl Having the same nature, 9. 
Het-e-ro-ge'ne-al Uniike in nature, a. 
Hy-me-nefal A marriage song, s. 
Jfy'tne-nefal Pertaining to marriage, a. 
Oxà'i-neal A drug iiMd to die searlet, a. 
Linfe-al Descendtng in a rig^t line, a. 
U^-imfê*(é Not in ovder o( succession, a. 

Pm^e-al Kesembling a pine apple, a. 
To an-neai' To temper glass, kc. r. a. 
Cu'ne-al Like a wedge, a. 

Peal A succession of loud sounds, at of bells, •• 
To peal To play solemnly and loud, ▼. n. 
To re-peaV Tcupecal; revoke; abrogate, ▼. a. 

Âp'peaV A cklling for relief or justice, s. 
To ap'pealf To refer to another judge, v. n. 
Èe^al True; genuine; ùnmoveable, a. 
E'tkefr^'àl Heavenly, a. 
•» Ve-neWe-al RelatiBg|bo love, a. 

A»- i 

iv ' 

H A L 23? 

An-ii^ce-nehe'al Agaiost the fool disease^ a. 
Fu-ne-re'al Suiting a funeral ; dismal, a. 
Un-rfinl Unsubstantial, a. 
jBo'«-<i/ Northern, a. 
Cor-po're-al Having a body, a. 
In-cor'poWe-al Immaterial, unbodied, a. 
£m-;)^'rtf-a/ Refined j beyond aerial, a. 
&û/Thesea-calf; a stamp, g.' 
To aeol To fix a seal ; confîmi ; ratîfy, r* 
Lac-U'ai Milky ; conveying chyle^ a, 
To steal Totakebytheft; gambyart; goorpaai lUently, r. 
Vend The fliesh of a calf, s. 
To re-yeali To make koQwn ; disclose; show» v. a* 
To sfueal To cry shriliy as a chiW, v. n. 

fFeal Happiness j prosperity j state ; mark of a «tripe, i. 
Cgm-mon-voealf A polity ;- a republic, s. 

To Mweal To melt ; tô blaze away, ▼• n. 

Zeal Passionate ardor for a person or causa, s. 
Whid-fai Fruit Wown down, s. See introduction, p. xr. 
To he-falf To happen ; to corne to pass, v. a. 

Q^o^ Waste méat; refuse; entrailfl,s. 
Downîfal Ruin ; calamity, a. 
Waf ter-fol A cascade, s. See hitroduction, p. xr. 

0'o«r-;/â/ A cataract, s. 
AiHra-goi Omament in architecture» s. 
Letgal According to law j lawfol, a, 
.Il-le^gcd Contrary to law,'«. 
Re^gal Royal ; kingly, à. 
Réfgd The royal prérogative ; instrument, v 
P*-rtf'ga/ (Fr.) Équal, a. 
Grêfgal Belonging to a flock, a. 
iVorf'f^o/ Wastefiil ; expensive; profuse^ a. 
Protfùgal A stpendtbrift; a waster^ s. 
Madhi-gid A pastoral soag, s. 
Go/'on-ga/ A médicinal ipot^s. 
Springfal A youth, s 

3far'/£n-ga/ Aleatherto keepdown a horse*» head, a. 
Or^gal Lees of wine, s. 
Ctn^tripu^gal Flying from the centre, a. 
Confju-gal Matrin^iai, a» 
/Wt'ga/Thrifty; sparing, a. 
Hyp-o-t^on^dri^a-âal Melancholy, a. 
Mon'a-chal Monastic, a. 
Pa-tri-arck'al Belonging to patriarchs, a. 
JdO'nank'vi Régal ; suiting a monarch, a. 

Orcfhal A stoneirom which a Mue colonr it madc, s. 
Pas'ehal Relatiug to Easter or the paisover, a. 
Sen'es-eAal A steward ; a head bailiff, s. 
Âfar'es-cAai A chief commander of an army, s. 
Tri'umph'al Used in cdebrating victory, a. 
^•*])oc'rj^-^Aa/Kotcaxunûcai; «ncertaii^ a. 




Mar'shai A military officèr, s. 
Wilh'ol' Along wità tbe rest, ad. 
There-mlh-al' <^ver and above, with that, ad. 
H'kere-wilh-al' With which, ad. 

La'&t-a/ Uttered by the lips, a. 
5W6'i-a/ -Ant moniale a. 
jid-verb'i-al Belonpng to an adrerb, a. 
Pro-verbU'^l Common ; mentiooed in a proreib^ a. 
Ma-nu'bi-al Taken in war, a. 
' €on^fm'bi~ai Belating to marriagey a. 
Gla'ci-al Made of ioe j frozen. 
'5/w;'f a/Particular; peculiar; chief, a. 
E-spec^i-ei Principal ; chief, a. 
Jv'-éhfi-nl Belonging to a cause ; triât, &c. a» 
Ex'tra-ju-dicHat Out of the course of law, a. 
Prej-u-tiicfi-ai Coatmy ; burtfulj injurious, a. 
Jn^jU'dk'i-4d Not according to fcnrm of law, a. 
Bn-^^'i-dl Advantageous ; profitable, a. 
VenHt-fxH-ai Acting by poison ; bewitching, a. 
Of-ficH-td Conducive \ relating to office, a. 
Of-ftH-al An officer in the eccksiastical. court, s. 
.Ar'ti-fdi-al Made by art ; fictitiobs, a. 
In^ar-ii'Jîcfi-al Contrary to art, &. 
Su-per-JkH-al On the sur&ce ; -shallow, a. 
Pro-vin^à-al Belonçing to a province or district, a. 
Pnh-vin 'd-ol A spiritual govemor, s. 
Comrpro-vinki-al Belonging to tbe satne province, a. 

âofnVcc/ Famîliar in conversation 5 fit for society, a. 
Com^merfci-al Relating to trade, a- 
/î-rfw'ci-ff/ Confident; certain, a. 
Crtt'»-«l Transverse, a. 

Di'al A plate wbere a hand shews the hour, s. 
Jn-ter-nte'di-al Intervenii^, lying between, a. ' 
Pre'di-al Consisting of fanns, a. 
Prersid'i-al Relating to a garrison, a.* 
N^&'iid^i'^ Containing a night and day, a. 

Sun'di-al A plane to shew time by tbe son, s. 
.<4A/o'{/2-<z/ Independent, a. 
Corfdi al A chéris h ing medidne, s. 
Cor'di-al Reviving ; hearty ; sSncere, a. 
Pri-mor^di-al Existing from the beginning, a. 
Col-lefgi-al Belonging to a collège, a. 
BrachH-al Belonging to an ann, a. 
Pe~te'chi-al Spotted with the pestilence, «. 
, Bron^chi-^ Belonging to the throat, a. 
Pâ-rp'c^'-a/ Belonging to a parish, a. 
A-nar'chi-al Confused,^ withotlt rulê, a. 
Phifa/ A snoall^ bottle, &' 
FilH-^ Belonging to ; or becoming a son, a. 
Ac-a-de^mi-ol Relating to ab acadevay, s. 


I A L 239 

En-de'mi-al Peculiar to a country,' a. 
Vin-defmi'al Belonging to a TÎntage, a. 
Cre^fm-al Peataining to the lap, a. 
De-m'al Refusai ; objection ; négation» s. 
' Ge'ni-al Contributing to propagation, a. 
Con-ge'ni-al Partaking of the same nature, a. 
M*rim'0'ge ni-al First bom ; orîgtnal ; constituent, a. 
Me'ni-al Domestic^ a. 
Me'ni-d A domestic servant, s. 
ye^ni'-al Pardonable ; allowed, a. 
De-cen'ni-al Continuing ten years, a. 
Bi-en'ni'td Continuing two years, a. 
Tri-en'ni-al Lasting three years, a. 
Mil-Un' i-al Pertaining to the millenium, a. 
Stua^en^m'-al Once m four years, a. 
Per-en'ni-al Lasting a year, a. 
Oc-ten'ni-al Happening every e'ghth year, a. 
Sep-ten'ni'al Lasting, or happening ht seven y^ars, »• 
Quin-^uen'ni-al Lasting, or happening in ûre years, a. 
Sex-enini-al Lasting, or happening in six years, a. 
Cw-e-mo'ni-a/ Formai, a. 
Or-ff-Ȕo'm-fl/Outward forms; book of rites, s. 
Mat-ri-mo 'ni-al Nuptial ; pertaintng to manriage, a« 
Pat'ri-mo*m-al Derived by inhentanoe, a. 
An-ti-mo 'ni-al Made of antimony , a. 
Tes-ti-mo'm-al Evidence of one's character, s. 
Par-ti-cip'i-al Having the nature of a partioiple, a. 
No-ta'ri-al Taken by a notary, a. 
X)e-cri 'a/ Clamorous censurées. 
>4-e'ri rt/Belongingtothe air} high, a. 
Matefri-al Essential ; important ; corporeal, a. 
Im-ma-te^ri-al Void ef matter ; animportant, a. 
Cbm-»uz-/e'ri-«^ ^Consisting of the same matter, a,> 
ImJfeh'i-al Be.'ongini? to an cmperor ; royal, a. 
Ar^iehi-^l Belonging to an artciy, a. 
Mag-is-te^ri-al Lofty ; proud ; imperious, a. 
Min-is-te'ri-al Of a, minister of church or state, a. 
Me-mo'rù-<il Sonwthtng to preseàve nteinory, s. 
Me-mo^ri-al Preserving remembrance, a. 
Im'tn»'tno^ri'4ii Past time of memory, a. 
Ar-mo 'n-al Beloi^ing to fanaiiy arnts, a. 
Com-pro~mis-sohi-cd Relating to a compi^mtso, a. • * 

Me-tU-a-to'ri-al Belonging to a mediator, a. 

Sen-a-to'ri-al Belonging toiienators, or j^arliament menj a« 
Proc-u-ra^tofri-al Made by a proctor, a, \ 

DiC'ia-to'ri-al Authoritative ; dograatical, a. 
Vis-i-ior'tohi'-al Belonging to a judicial visit, a. 
E'qita-to'ri-al Pertaining to th£ equator, a. 

Pk'to*ri-al Prodaced by a painter, a. 
Con-ns-tohè-cd Relating tu a consistory, a. 

TH^al Test of virtoe i escperisieiit^ tempHatiou^ s. 


240 I A l4 

Ter-rnUn^ ^«^ oekslial ; tenrene» «• 

Bu'n-Qi A funenl ; 9Ct oî buryii^, st 
ilf«f-<it'fi-a/CoiDpottiidofquic]uilrer; «pri^hlly, a. 
Sag'neu'rv-ml Inveîted wilh large powera, a. 
Au^'ri-^ Rdating to augury, a. 
Am-àmfii^ DelickMU, a. 
C(m'4ro*v€r'M'al Relathig to disputes, a. 
Ef-m^noc'ti^ Pertaming to tbe equinox, a. \ 

Pri-mU'i-al Seing of tlie fini prôductioBf a. 
Co-mH^i^l Relating to asemblies of the people, a. 
L-nit'ù^ Placed atthe beginning, a# 
7H^M-ni/'t-a/ Suiting a tribune, a. 

Sol-itiÈfi-al Beloogiiigto tbe solstice» a. 
JH'Uf'tiiiU'ai Cdntaining interstices, a. 
aub-sUM'H-ol Beàii tnie; oorporeal; stroof, a. 
CoÊt-mb^tamfti-cl Of tbe saose sobetanee, a. 
Un^-êub-itantii-mlV<A9QMi notreal,a. 
5!tf-per-#<^6-«tea'/i^ More tban subttantial, a. 
Gr^ctim-^tanfii^ Accidentai ; particular, a. 
JUm-i'm-KêHfH'oi Relating to recoUection, a. 
Con-^Urfi-^cenUi-al Relating to coocvpisoence, a. | 

Cre-denfti^A testimonial,*. I 

ProQ-i-éenhi^ Effected by Proridence» a. ! 

Ptu-denHud. Upon principlcs of pnàdenoe» a. j 

H4eUi-ggnUh^l IntellQCtual, a. 

Sà-enHi-ûi Producing science, a. 
0^'dhenfU-4d Relating to obédience, a. 
/Vr-/i-/«R'/i^ Infections ; pemicious, a. 
An-tè^'H-UnUi'^ Oood againsttbe plagne, a. 

Ex'pO'nenUi-^ A tenu given to paitieoîar cutvcs, a* 
jytf'M-eHfêi-al Ccmparing difierôices of infinitesimals« «. 
Ai-er-'enfii-al Ezpresnng reTerence, a. 
J^re-Mmfth^ Supposing actual présence^ a. 
Mir^enfiè'al Necessary f very important ; pore, a. 
Eê-êenUinU E x iste n c e ; nature ; cbief point, s. 
Vnr^'-tenfUrûl Not essential, a. 
€b-eisfai'<»-a/ Of tbe same essence, a. 
âiim/-et^MR'li-a/ Coosisting of quintessence, a. . 
JÏBH-tenfti^al Expressing repentanœ^ a. 
' Po-tenUi^ Exiating in possibility ; powerfol, à. 
In^-^nfit-al J^ertiiig influence or power, a. 
Com-te-quinHi-^ Gonclusive, a, 

Pri<tpfti-4id Consisting of precepts, a. 
Mjb'li^ Pertaining to marriage, a. 
Marfii-ai WarliEe ; suitÎQg war, a* 
JmFmatHi'ol Not wariike ; weak, a. 

Parfti-al Incltkied to fovoor ; nninfit, a. 
Mm-parf^td Equitable ; eqoal ; jnft, a. 
Un-parta^td Impartial ; just ; bone^t, a. 
BetHi-ûi Brutal ; camal, a. 
Grufo/^i^ Htti^WDly ; ditine, a.. 


0'ïei*ii-al As^inhabitant at heavéïr, s. 
Sub-ce-lesUi-al Placed uader the heaven», a. 
Su-per^-Ut'ti'tU Plaçai above the firmament* a> 
Ft'a/ A small bottier s. 
To vif al To indose m a vial, ▼•a. 
SliU'driv'i-al Having four wayt meedng in a pomt, a. 
Trrti'i-a/Incoustderable; wocthtess; triffing^, a. 
Can-vivfi-tâ Pesta^ social ; jovial, a. ' 
Ux'^o'i-al Obtained by lisùvioin, a^ 

Jo'vi-tUQaji niarrsr, a» 
Ex-efqui-^ Relating to iiaaeral», a; 
CMo^fÛHd Relatifl^t» con««rsatiott^ a» 
Bkth»^ Raiay, a. 
Stuin<im*d^ Having ttie-fiarm-of a qumcnnx^ ât 
Jaek-éUf A beaà^said to start the Uon'â prey» a« 
DecH'^md Nuinbeieil by ten»', a. 
AnH'nud A^living créature, s. 
âuac^ra-ger'i-flMiLBaknignig'to Lent, a« 
;S^to-a-ger'mna£Coiili8tiB|rof aei^ttty, a. 
Sex-a'-getH-mal NarabMed by siKties, a» 
MH'ieÊ^i'mal Thoosaiidth, a. 
in-fi-ni-teifi-maLija&miXfy^vvAeA, ai 
Cen-tes'i-mal Handredtb, a. 
jtfa-ff/'i-miil^fiebting to the^sea, a. 

G'm'rmd Soone iittte quaint devioe? Ofpief ââ of maCbuiery, f. 
Por^md CeremonioCis ; reguW ; outward, a. > 

in-fot'md Accusing ; iitfonning, a. 

D/f'mo/ SorcowAtl; uncôttfàrtabl(^ j darïfj a^ 
BaP'tis^ineU Pertaminf HybtioàBm, a. 

BrK'mo/ BekmgiogttD «imèi*, a. 
Ijach'ry-med Generating tears^ a; « ' - 

Ca-nai* A bason or cotirsefor \Tater, $• 

Pe'nal Iafltcting«pimiBbment$ rindfctiVe,. à. 
Ar'se'Ual A repoeitbff for arms; a mag^Inc, s. 
Veinai Mcroenary^ in Use wins; a» 
Sig^nal A st^tteMfgtrét notice, s. 
Sig'nai Smineai^; raetnoraibie ; rcilïarkablo, a» ^ 
Mc-àicH-nd Havinptfkêi^^er of lieaiiiig, sw 
CJ'fcfùnf^ Utod- in srimps» a; ' 

Pk'i'nd'S^r, w 
Càr^di-nal principar; chief; a. 
CarftU'TuU A digaitaryof^the Bbman ÇhurcH, of «hick there 

are'sevenj^-two'; a womau?s cloak, s. « 
Orignal Notingordèr, a; ' 
Orfdi-nal A rttual<; boolt of rites, s. 
i/m-gi'tuftSrnai MaasMifNA-by or runaing In lengtb, a» 
K'aoi Last ; conera^ive ; mortal, a. 
Pt^H-nai CiMisiatifit^of pages, a. 
O-'rigU-nal Soa«0»; fitst* copy, s. 
O'rigH'Oui PrimitKrar^ flrst of a sort; a» 
Mar'^-md PUced in tbe margin, a» 
Vol, 1. M Vh^ 



N A L 

Vtr'gi-nd A mnsieal strnifed nwtnimcBC» 8» 
Ftr'^r-na/ Maideo; maMlenly,a. 
Sem^i-not Eadical ; contanting aeed, a. 
A^^nà-mt Betons^iig to a troop, a» 
C/Tm't-ao/ Faotty $ guilty, a. 
Crim'i'tud A mao accuied or i^^ilty, ^ 
Nomfi'mtd Only m aanie ; ixitreal, a. 
GBy-m>ffi''t-iM/ Betnf ai the saine iiame, a. 
HM^womH-nml Havâi^ many nainet, a. 

Sti'md BelcMiging to fhe badi-iMme, a. 
Tri'mnl Threefold, a* 
Voe-twi'nai Contiûiiing or vdatnifr to doctrine» a. 
Vri-mal A bottle to keep urine for inapcctioBV a 
Fee'H-nal Fonned like a i^omb» a. 
Im-4et*ti'md Belonging to tbe guta, a. 
Im^'i-»ûl Belonging to the groin, a; 
^ , Auiim'nal Of or b^iiDging to automn» a* 
Àr^-À^-m'o-iHil BelongÔD^ to an archdeacon» a. 

Dù-of'o'iml A Une drawn firam angle to angle, i. 
Di^'o-nai. From angle to angle^ a. 
T/t-ng^o-nal Square, a. 
Oc'tag'o'mtl Having et^t sidet or angles, a. 
An tû^ 'o-nal Having five angles» a. 
Bé^-i^'o-mal Having seren angks or sides, a. 
tkx-agfa-md Having six sides 0| angles, a. 

Trig'O'ntt Triangular, a. 
Or-lAogV-aa/ Rectangular, a. 
PàJffgh-md Having many angles, a. 
Jlfe-r»tf'i-o-a0/ Southern; highcat^a. 
Oè-tid'i-4Mud Belongii^ to a siège, a. 
Sep'tm'trl^'iud Northern, a. 

Oe-ca'nam'ùl Casual ; incidental, a. 
iVo-otf'ion-a/ Temporary ; for présent use, a. 
iV-jmfa'nsn-a/ Relating to desoent, a. 
Pfo^et'tkiU'al Relating to procession, a. 
a^-fu'tknh^i A oonfi»sor's se^t, s. 
Piro^'tkm-4ii Rdating to a profession, a. 
.Av-grerfnsis^/ Advancing ; increasing,.a. 
Cbn-fP^gn'^a-al Belonging to a iQngrsgation, a. 

^ Aof 'ion-of Pnblie ; 'fiivourin^ our own people, a. 
RitHim^âi Agreeidile to «eafon ; having reason, a 
If-^mâfk»^ Void of reason; fibsînd, a. 
I^ar'iioa-isl ReUtiqg to a fraction, a. 
Tm^dit'iot^-tâ 0e1ivei»d hy tradïtioD, a. 
Aàdii'nm^ Added to aooiething else, a. 
Cb»-dlR('«(MMi/ Upen ennditiwi or tenns, a. 
/a-eBn-dSr'Mm-tff Unlimteâ; untestiained, a. 

Pù-sUHon-ât Respectittg j^tion, a. 
fmf^'éi'w^^ Considered as a prqpesi^n, a. 

/i-<ni'/«o«-e/ Désignée ; done by désira, a. 
^W-M»'ilîsaHi/ Tendiiy to preT«Btiony ^ 



P At « 

Gui-Mn'fniit-a'AgTcctlan-bf coutnct, •. 
Nt'lioniit ItaagiiaTy ; idéal, a. 
Df-vo'lhi^al Peiiii\a n^ todevotjun, a. - 
I^por'lien-cl Having > due proporlkia, a. 
MXi-fnt-por'liitn-ai IlisproportionaUe ; imsTnuoeUical, tt. 
Cott-tti-tn'tlen-iii Légal, according tt> tbe otiginsl eitaUiihed p ve 

Qmt-p&i'Mn-W BcloBging to compleiion, a. 
M<a'ro-nai Suîtable ta a Dutrao, a. 
i\iJ'rv-iiid Supportlngt giurdiogi defeudiiig:, a. 
Rr'teuml Peculwr j proper to hlm, or faer, *, ■ ' ■ 
ht-f»t^to»-al Hsving no peraoni, a. 
Ctr'vdVUthVji \\atîa\, a. 
&-btr'md Belonging ta vintcr, a. 
Btdttr'»al Of to-da/, a. 
5l»^^'iuifCe)eMiBJf placid; «bc»«,a. 
Hfa-la-'nal MiÀbetly, a. 

At-/er'ni/Patheriyi bereditarr i aSettunMcu, 
Av-ftr'W BratbeH]' ; peitainiag ro bratberi^ %, 
£-Ar'iHl Peqtetuil i endlcEf,a, 
' E'ltr'aalOoi,t. 
Cà-e-ler'mil Eqaaiiy eternal, a. 
S(m-^'-/a''iM'F.verlBsIingi vithout «9td, 8. 
Ea-i-ler'nal Elemat ; in a limilûd sensé, a. 
Im-ar'nal luvard i reat, a. 
Et-ler'ial Outward ; only in appearance, a. 

Vtr'nal Bdonging to tïte sprin^, a. 
JDi-urijud Daily ; perfoniied in a day, a. 
JX-ut'WA day-bôok ; a sort (^ brcriary, t. 
Jaui'itai A diary ; a daity or weekJy newgpat i er, t, 
M>c-(ur'iM' Nightly i in the nigbt, a. 
Koc-tw'aal An astraoomical iaalrampnt, i. 
TO-itf'na/ A court of jujiticc; seat of a judgc, s. 
Ja-dng'y-nal HaTiog tuo lexes, a. 

Coal A niiuuml lued fur iiring, a. 
CAar'oKti A coaL uiade of wwid, a. 
m'oH^A touailciul, s. 

Jial Tbc offsprîng of a mare ; a yeueg mare, s, 
TbfoelTo bring fortb a foal, v. n. 

Am/ A itaning-past j final pnrpoie, a. 
ThAoalTacnmii ta groe or be thallow, t. », - 
StoWA croirdj anina-buik; ■(hallow,j>. 
Pa'pal Belonging to the pope, a. 
Ma-nk'i-pal Belmigiiig to a corpurattuo, a. 
PriK'à-pal Chitti capital; cuentiali prioccly, a. 
Prin'ri-pal A head or L'hiefj a capital sum, t. 
0>p«l A whlfsh ■ n^lar gtm, t. 
Co'paiTbe Mexicantcrm&r aguin, ï. 
E'pii'! BelougiDK lo a biihop, a. 
^ri-j-d-^/'tO^ Belongiog to an arc! J>i<hop, a. 




7b ep'palf To firij^M ; éeptess ; dkmit, r. a. 
MH-a-car^pal Belonging to tlie qietacaTfms, a. 
Ardk't'ty^pal BekNlgmg ip the gt^eat originstl, a* 
VerHe-hral Relatfaif»-to the spine, a. 

JJ^britiOt a pcnnid wdgîit, a. 
C*4kt*érût BpiMsopal church, s. 

UbUr-d Generous ; genteel ; bd n n ti fe T , a. 
IMtft'«r-a/Speriéj^; mean; dhAigeriuMft, a. 
Fedfer-^ Relating X» a let^ne/ai 
SMfeUiaiSUny, a.- 
. iVn^dn-^Eitiiiiatolby wHgMi;>ai 

/^Vo/Fimerali melirafol, a. 
f */kAaM'èr-<rf Dhirna], a. 

Jiu'me^nd Belongingto tlie'8liorildèr,«ai' 
Nu^me-nl Conststtng of namber, a.* 
43eii'«r-a/U8ual; common; ektait^c;;a.' 
Gemfer-nl The i^iûlët * gfeM(iÉilitiÉ»y'offi6e»*; s. 
Mm^er^ Matter dug out of mines,' tt.- 

A'iMfui^Thé «dôMMIièii-of é IHiriii!^ s. 
Wmr^Vteà for ^ikoMy a. 
X^'tfr<.4rfParaUd; on or near the side^ a; 
SMo^ r ikt'er^ HaTÎng foor sidës, a^ 
TriUai'êr^ HaTinf thM sides, ai 
Mt44i'lÊl 'a-'-ùi Ha^ng mmiy ' sides, ai 
$ep4i4at'€r-4d Having wven sidés^-a. 
£«M»4tf 'tffi^flathi^ ail sido) equri, a. 
CMai'êr-4d Side by side, a. 

la^tT'^ Aceèrfing Cb the leftter, a. 
lir'cr-tfl'IileHil meaitin^, & 
élb'fM^<il'<«r-«^'CMi«aiiiift^ftoy'thitfgalhrô att 9 does 6, a. 

Sev'er-9i Direfs ; dwHitbf, a« 

Sea^er^ State oT flie)MMnitf(M'$ întldsbre^ panîCiilM; a, 
Tn'te'grët Whole; dmiipTëtè, a; 
Se>-ptilf^d MoDnmental ; relating td barrai^ a. 
7b èe-ikral^To enélatè; pefplèfx^ cpnqaer^ v; a. 
£»4ftral' See Inikràt^ v; a. 
Ik ék-en-tkrtd' To set firee, v. a. ' 

ulif^M»>n(rf^A|Afifkit>tt «3i«oi1lbèf, s. 
'^''m/ Curved^j wiikStigttfFiMiMk,*a.. 
O'rof DeJRVëWdby tnbutH^ notnihiCfefi, a. 
<Vdf A seàf pheÉit, «diiW*è orhàlttoft; flf, 
BoOtiMteiatiiif tè HièhMfi^ a^ 
Cko'nd Bekxiginsf to'a «hMi-, a. 
7%»'r^ RelaCSi^ tôthebed, ai 
/b'nflr Itélb€fai|^%d «o«>etoi k 

Mcr'ml InstructftMtf •ér«'lîible; s. 
- Fem'o-rMl Béiopgiiig'totbe thîgh, a. 
im-m^fd Dûshoilest^ wioiied; irrdigkms^ a. 

ffu^twral Ppçeediog frpmhumQursA a« 

Temfpû-ral I^ot eternal ; not ecclesiastical ; nbt spirii,tua] ^ ^s^u« , 
lar ; measured by time» a. 
Ex-iemfpo-ral Uttered wîtbojut pf^m^ditatioD» a. 
Cw4o-ra/ Bodily ; matenal,,a. 
Bt-corfpo-rai Having two bodies, a* 
Tri-corpo-ral Having thrçe bodies^ a. 
IrMioT^po-ral Immaterial ; unbgdied^ a. 
Con^orfpo-rol Of tiie same body, a. 

VocUo-ral Relating to tke dtigree .of a doçtori a* 
M'Iec^Uh-ral Of çr bet^nging elec^r» a. 
Pee^to-ral Stomachicj belonging to tbe, breast, a. 
Pas'lo-ral Rural ; relating to tbe oure 6i ^uï<i,.a« 
Lit'to^ral Bçlc^ging tq tbç sbore,.a. 
The'a-tral to a thQatre>,a. 
Di^am'e-lrtd Describing the diameter, a* 
Ge-'Om^e-tral pertainlng tp geoxnetry, ^a. 
Gern '^rff/ the c^tre, .a. 
AtUrai Relating to the sta(S j j^Mt^t^tu 
Cam-petUfd Qrow^pg in fieldB, a. 
Aufftral Soatb^im, a. 
C%iu'«<ni/ Relating to .a oloister,.a. 
NeuUral Indiffèrent ; of neiU^er par^y».ak 
A«u'ira/ One^w^q «t»Qds^»eut^ry:S« 
Dtx'trd On the jrigkt.3ide»^a« 
Ftgfu-ral Reduced tQ fo^pa» a. 
PWral More, ttmn .pue, ,a. 
Muerai Pertaîning to ai.w9^i,.a. 
Jn-tef'mu'ral Lying bcHUc^n^w^Sy^a. 

Jiu'rai Coiintry ; ,re!ie9ibiling,the fii^fSSArf^ «• 
Cru'ral Çi4Qpging^to.^&4eg,..a. 

»&«Va/ Beloiiging.toJthç ««flf jo£ tb«,lfg, a. 
Men^tu-rçl JÇel^atjng to jneasujre, a. 
Naffu-rai Produced by nature ; base born s.easy^.a. 
Con-nut^u-ral S.uitabl^.to natujre ; like» a. 
Un-naifu-ral Forced ; CQigitf ary ,tQ nature,, a. 
Su-per-nat^tt-ral .Aboyé p^tvire^^a. 
Pre-ter-naifu-rai^ J*{pt^atural ; . JUregnlâr^ a. 
Coimt'er-naVu-rd Contrary to iwtare» a. 

Cbn-jin;'^*ra/ Depending on conjectu^^.a. 
ScripHu-ral Çoiits^loed in j()ieJiible^'a. 
Gu/'/u-ra/'Belonging to the th^oat^a. 

JViï'W Bï{lojngipg4i(^enope,a. 
Re-priUal Seizure by way of xetiOfppeDse, s. 
SuT'priUal Sudden perpjpxi^y^ s. 
Jtê-vi'fal A re-examipatiôn;, a içyiewy.a, 
ilfen'f^ Bf lQïxgipg,^to jaiç^table^ a. 
Re^po'sal Jhe, act of rqiosing, s. 
Pro-poUal A schgme ; dçi^gn propowç^ed j^jo^^js^ 
Sv^-pohal A pro^Oijition Wjthoui p|(t^& 

M 3 '• * IVtf, 



Fre-m^fo^toi A snpposal previously fornved» s. 
Jm-iêr-po^tal A plâcing between ; a iiiediaction, s. 

Dit-po'tai Management j regulatioD ; conduct, s. 
Trmu^po^tal A misplactng ; a changing, s. 
Jlf-Acor W A répétition ; a prerions lecital, s. 

l^erW Total; whole, a. 
IU'Verf$al A diange of sentence, s. 
U'ni''Verfsal General ; total, a. 
V-ni-ver'ml The «bote, s. 
TraU'verfsal Rxnming across, a. 

Fat^tùi A snbjèct ; dépendent ; slave, s. 
IfirW The mass-book, s. 
CwfMl Relating to causes, a. 
i2r':^'««i/ A déniai; right of choice^ option, s. 
i8jDDii'«a/ Nnptial ; bridai; matrîmonta], a. 
Spou'tal Manoiffs, %, . 
F-^pou^tal Relating to espousals, a. 
Ca-rw'tal A festix^ ; a drinking-bout, s. 
Pe-ru*tol The art of readii^ ovpr, s. 

FaHal Deadly ; mortal ; destructive; neccssary, |k 
Na'tol Relating to natirity^ a. 
Pê^ri'e'tal Making sides or wall8,a. 
Met^id Gold, silver, &c. s. 
Sem^t-m^t-al Half métal, împerfect metal^ s. 

Pe'imi The fine leaves of flowera, s. 
Cm-Uip'e-tal Tending to tLe centre, a. 
Jh-creUal Of, or belonging to a decree, a. 
Otfbi'ial As long as a cubit, a. 

Ci'ial A summons; a quotation, s. 
JU^i'Ui Rehearsal ; répétition, s. 
Capfi'tal Principal ; deserving death ; large, a. 
€apH-tal A principal sum ; stock ; large letter; apper paît tC 
a pillar; chief city, s. 
Oc'^ip^i'tal Placed in the hinder part of fhe bead, a* 
Bi-cip'i'tal Having two heads, a. 
Hiit'pi'lai A réception for the sick or poor, Sii 
M^'i'iai Pertain-ng to a hasband, a. 

Fit Va/ Necessary taiife; essential, a. 
J2e.^uf '/a/ A retaliation ; recompense; reward,8. 
Dent'al Belonging to the teeth, a. 
Vent'al A smali fish, s. 
Un-gua-dent^al Uttercd by the tongue and teeth, t. 
Bi-dent^al Having two tceth, a. 
Ac-à-dent^al Casiial ; happening by chance, a. ' 
Oc-ci'dient'al Western setting, a. 
In-ei-deHt'al Casual , happenmg, a. 
Tran'teen-'€htifal General ; snrpassing, a.' 
ta-bi-o-derUfal Pronounced by the fips atfd teeth, a. 
0-ri'*mt'al Placèd or coming from the East, *. ' 
Û'H-tnl^al An inhabitant of the East, s, 
Ment^fU Inteilectual ; in the xoind, a« 

f ÉÊA i 

T A L 247 • 

Med'i'€û'inentfal Rdating to medicîne, a. 
Ptt-tUfB-'û'meHtful Relatiog to predicaments, a. 
jFkn-db-MMfi/'a/ Chief ; principal ; original, a. 

Lfg-H'memi^ai Composing a hgUMàf^, tL 
Fir-wuè'iiteniftd Belonging to t^ firmament, ^a., 
Or-na-ment'ai OtTing beauty, a. 
SêK-ra-meaifal Coostttuting a sacrament, a. 
Thm^per-a-meni^oi Constitutional» a. 

Et-e-mmi^al Produc«dby éléments^ simple^A. 
Sup-pte^ment^al Âdditional, &• 
Ute-ert-merù^olShtmif, a. 
Bx-ere^meni^al Voide^as evcrement, a. 
Jin-di-ment^at Relating to ûrst princtples, a» 
Hes^-i^mentfal BaloQgîag to a régiment, a. 

At^i-ment^td Nouriahing, a. 
I»'al~i-mejîi'tit AfTordiiig no noilrishmcnt, a. 
Com-pU-ment-td Expressive of respect, a. 
lix-per-i^ment^al Founded apon expérience, tu 
Jjdt'^n-^maU'd Hurtfiil ; eausing lo8s> «. 
Ihhifh-mmlftd Afibfàing iioarishiDent> a. 

Ar-mmtfd BekND^iivt» a heidof cattl^ «b 
Rr-went^iJi Caosiii|p fermentatioD, a. 
Af-gu-ment^al Belongmg to aignmen^ a. 
Mo-m^maUfal Preserving memory, a. 
JbÊ-Hru-maU^al Oonducive toeome end, a. 

.iStn/W An accoant or flchedoie of an cstate let, Sb 
Pà-rent 'al Beeoming parents, a. 

TttnifQt Thirty masse» in HkôAf^sju Ibr ibe dead, s^ 
Uront^al Medicine to be applied to the fardiead» s. 
BoT'i-Mm'kd Near the boiizon ; level, a. 
Doutai Relating to a portion, a. 
AM-ii^hUtU Havlng tbequality to oottnteract poison» »• 
Sac-^r-dofittl Priestly; belonging ton priest, a. 
To'tal WJiole ; complète ; full» a. 
Mtr'ial Sub^cct to deatb; deadly; violait^ a. 
MwrUtd A màn, s. 
^n^morUal Exempt from death ^ perpétuai, a. 

PorUai A gâte, s. 
Thamàfsial A oap for tbe tbnmb, s. See Introduction^ 

p. XV 

BeadUial Paît of the bridleoovering the head« «. 
Ped'es-tal The basia of a statue, $. 
To fore-sUd' To anticipate ; to prevent, ▼. a. ^ 
Vês^tal A Virgin uonsecrated to Vesta» s. ' 
VetUal Denotii^ pure virginity, a. 
7b rt'insUdf To put again in possession, v. a. 

Cos'Ud Belonging to the ribs, a^ 
Pen-te-cot'ial Belonging to Whitsuntide, a. 
In^ter'CotUal Placed between the ribs, a. 

CrfsUal A minerai ; transparent stooe» «. 
Crys'iQl Transparent ; clear, a. 
Sag^it'tttl Belonging to an arrow» a» 

M 4 Tmiif- 




Tnmi-miÊftai A traofinitting ; transmfflsioti^ s. 
Sint'Ui A charUablt: fouodation, s. . 
>4c-9rà'lfllDe1iTerance, s. 
He-Jm'UdKefaUiioti, & 
Bru'tmlSaunLgei cruel, a. 
Aa 'do/ Connstîng of or beloDging to '<b^> a. 
Du'ai Ezprescing the boodI^ two, ju 
Cratt^u-cl St^ by step ; regnlaiTy a. 
Grad'u-al A set cif steps, .s. 
D«-i7â/'ir-«/ Dirided ; parted, a. 
Jn-'di-cid'u^ Not to be divided ; namerioakoiif^ ,a. 
Mn-di-vid'yi^ B.r€Tj single .perMo, s, ^ 
ibwn'ce-cay A kindofpea, s. 
Prisme 'val Such as ^ras ai fini; prigiliai> .«• 
Co-^'val Of tbe same âge, a. 
Stth^Unigual Placed Q«der tbe iongae, «• 
Gmfgi'vai Belooging to tbe ganu, a. 
SalU'val Relating to rQMttle, « a. 
A7'oa/ Abounding- witb aoow,.a. 
fir;'n»-fxi/Shrovetide; IWieiOt'jlliNtbrtS. 
Mar'm-waiVcw «liStovoC;o.Mrt>7B. 
Jti'iM/A competl^r^ra. 
JKt'nr/ Emnloos.; maimg tbe^tame «l%iBa, ^a. 
7of7'off/To einulate; to be a competiteCa v« 
Ar-ri^wtl Tlie uct ^f eemipg to .a .plate»- s» 
C^rr^^oiAThral; «eompetitor» ■• 
JBs'ti-vai Pertaining to suiOBier, ,a« 
iV^lMPa' joyaosf partaHitiig to fiMiM, ^. . 
/bi/isi«£ AfeastnM«oleiBii day > s. 
Me-vi^val A recal .froiULf a state,of.obic«Kity> |m.:«. 
0»t-i;i'iw/ Relating tO{ aoenfeertaionieiit ; flocialy^^a. 
itfiiri/itMrf ^V»fa iaMd.or used by-tbehaiid, ^ 
JVcn'u-a/ A^smal) bo«k4>f prayen, &c. s. 
Con-tin^u-al Incessant ; unintenrupted, a. 
An'nu-al Y^rly ; bearip^^ erery year, a. 
O'val Oblong likean eçjr, a. 
Ohol Figure «baped like an eicg, s. 
^•mo 't*/7/Dismiss:on from a post or place, >• 
JOfe-en-no'ttd JRelating to nineieeo, a. 
Ap'pro'val Approbation, s. 

E^j^u^l Ltkeaaotber ; miiferm ;.Jast, a. 
To e^qual To make or bccooie eqimi, v. 

E^qual On^ of tbe saaie ra^k of âge,, s. 
Vn-e^çual Noit çven ; not eqvai i partial,' a. 
Co-e'qual Equal with,. a, 
Tn' ter-val Spfice.bQtweea places, and ifttime, s. 
JMen'stnt-al MonthJy ; once a nionth, a. 
Cashi-al Accidçntal ; not certain, a. 
Vis'u-al Used in aight ; exercisiag Hight, a. 
S'n'su-al Pl^asii^ to the sensés ; .camal^ leWjd^ ji« 


i-y . 

Ac'ta-al Keally ii^ act î,. real, . a. 
^"fecUu-al Effic^i^us ; ppwôr^l, ^a* 
/^-«f^'to-fçî Withiput power; .wçak,, a. 
r Jn-iel-leç 'furii Xdcâl > jcdating. to iiuderst^ndiçga^ a* . 
Jn-ieUlécUu-al Intenect ; Vlndfi^6U^i(i^l^ s. 

J^k'tu^aL fpv'mçm^pi'foQ^^ s. ' -^ 

To vk^iu-al To prôvide with food, . v. < a. 
f!8e«c^/tt-a/E»»ctj.vftipe^ ç pB . q lg tij(ig jn^^ft^^int^ «. 
• Per*pet'u^ Continua^ ; Jp^YfiV. ^^|WS9< ^ 
Ha'bii*u-alCixsU)fOifi^9 a^ 

<Spir'i«/»rii/ locoïporçal;, l^vealy s^ meiitfl» .a« 
Ad-vénHu-ài Belbi^g to .^dvfiUt,. a. - - 

E-venlUi-al Coaseç)^ ;,,.aj(^idental4 a. - . 
Con'Wràfu-al Belpngin^ tq a convent^ 9u' j, ^ ^, 
C[^-p^4'tf^A!pbak;,aifqn» S. 
ri^'/ïf^Epectual^a. , 
Muffu-éâ Rçciprctcal, a. 
' Cbifi*mtt'to-a/ReciprQ4;al;^iuutuali.a. * ' 

i2e-n£v'â/ Rénovation; açt of reoçv.l)^^,^ S. . 
^-oow'o/ A justifyiQg 4^ciAi:^.tipn„ s^' 

>Pi^<Mpia»y Ar4^ a. 

Xoy^ff/ Jru€i t9 a:^vççd^> ^&c.- a. 
ViS'hytal Not tr^e^tq ^legifiAçe ; Uç^^t^eroi^s^a» 
J2qs('a/ Kinigly ; Inégal ; Jaeû^naias; a jii«ig, a, 

^bel A fhort cUrection )ipon #Dy.thij»gi,> F. 
To deb-df TÔ cbnquer in war, v. a. 

RebUl One whq oppo$|k iawful ai^thonty,..s. 
To rerbelf To o|^|}Qse.Uwful aut^ority, v. u. 
Cer^e-i^ ijari ^ the. JbpMn^ s. 
ToWbA'To9BLi\r\'ze\ I^mpqpn; 4ef^e,'.v.,a. 

ii'fe(A^eÔj^aJ^;,8atfre^^ s. 

Sarfhd A fii^b, ^laiig^but coa^é, s. 
. («^(^ ^ipe j^pïQsçi^t^on of. a^^asKety. s. 
' Jof^tf^l^Q i»lôt out ; io^lfistroy, v. a. 
. . X^ V' jEa^t «nd <qÇ a 4?burc^, s. 

Parfceï \ si];i^l,bB]$dIe ; .mxfaa coti)|)^ny, 8< 
^o|¥wWTadijnde it[itP. perlions^ or .^lîtort v^ II, 
7b «T^' Tq smpa^s ; ^xcçed;^n 9. gx^at^fegree^ v, a* 

Ciï'a-<fc/ A fri;ti;esf 'i,.î^../QWtt^. *• 
X In'frdei An unbelLever^s. . 

il«',gftordeLDajr*^b1y, >• / • , 

Mod*Sk fomi I a Ji^^ul^ sçjpce^taticn» s. 
7b wod'e/ 'fd ]^iaa ; >4^apç > } l^ld ; ^^neete, Y^ |u 
J^rl<iE^A4>aick«ûid9)e;^aU^l<;fiaçk, s. 
SarUkl Â^^tp of. prêpiou9 $toné, s. 
£or'(/e/ A oawdy-hoase, s. 
-4 'bi^el A ffd^ljimnff pot Wfdt ittrÇjiyaiit.try*» •• 
EdAmakyûsh, 8. 

k5- * ri» 

r».-ir ... 

250 M E L 

TofeelTo perceîve by iooàh ; totry; io knov, ▼• 
Feel The touch ; the sensé of feeKngi s. 
//ec/ The hind part ufthefîjot, s. 
7b hftelTo lean on one sîde ; danee, ▼. n. 
ffked An instmment for torture and spinmng ; a compass 
aboat; revoIntioD, s. 
To 9kedTo moTe on wbâels; to tske a round, t. 
To ktei To cool, ▼. a. 

fCeei The fower thnber of a ship, s. 
To kneêlTn bend tbe knee, t. a. 
TopeelToûay; scale off ; plonder, v. a. 
/W/Rind ; shell ; a board used by baken, s. 
Jfeel A frame on which yam, &c. is woiind, s; 
^ r<e/ To wind on the réel ; tostagger, t. 
To teel To close the eyes; lean en one sîde, ▼. 
Gen-Ud^ VtXxUii élégant; gracefol, a. 

Sted IroQ prepansd ; sharjp weapon ; bardnetg, s. 
3o sffd To edge with steel ; tonake hard, r. a. 
HW A Whirlpool ; a trap for fish, s. 
To re-fd' To réfute ; to repretai, ▼. a. 

CM?'4 A figbting sticH, s. 
To cudg'dTo beatvith a stick, ▼. a. 

An'gd A heaTenly meisenger ; a beantifol person, c 

An^gdK goldcotn value tenshiUmgs, t. 

^rci-oa'/fWThe chief angel; a plant, s. | 

Saek'el A small leatber bag, s. /: 

To katdk'd To beat lo as to separatetbe fibres «f ibx, ▼• a. i 

Ua^fé Instrument for beating flax, s. J 

flfiekfel A little sack or bag, s. 1 

ffiteVei A tool to comb hemp, s. . 

ZVp/cA'e'Anidle wench; a sloggard, s. .^ j 

Éushfei A dry measare of four pecks^ a. ' ' % 

BroA^ei A bawdy hoose, s. 

!^)ùn'iei A dog for tfjport; a sneàkm person, s» r 

Moek'eiMvLch; many, a. See Mkmè. f 

S^k^il A Jetvish coin, raine two sfailliqgs and »x pences s. 

Par'al-lel Ext^Mled in the same direction; equal, a. i 

l^'a(4ei Resemblsnce ; Une for latitude, &c. fine ai the aama. I 

distancf fîpom another Une, s. 

3a par'aJlJSfi/ Toprespnre ihe sMne direction; tocqnal; 6ootpu«,'T« 

' jfa^ef Tbe ijibsiance nsed in enamdling, s. 

(ààn'el An ^nimat oommon in Arabi», s. 

To e-nam^el To inlay with cotours, t. a« 

JB-namfel The matter nsed in enamdHng, %, 

Tram'ntel Sbackles fof a bone; a net» t. 

Totram'fnel Toc&tchi tointereqit, t. a, 

Jhmfmel A knob of a sword or saddie, 9, 
Tblkun'iaé/Tobmise; beat; pinch,<T. a. 
Pum^wtd See Pànund, s. 
Od^o^met A préparation of mereury, s. 
nightingalf, s. 

^ Bfdf 


R E L 25: 

Bsd'ro-md Honey uid wtter, i. 
Ox'j-mei Mixture of cinegar sud booeyi *■ 
Wrtm'il An aaimsl at«ly wcsmcd, a. 
&Mn'tlA joit of minera], ■. 
5cii'f<-M/ A soldicr on giurd, a. 
Sha'nelAlùiid ofiweet L-ake, s. 
fan'ttil An oroamcot woni b; a nun [oiert, ■• 
Ttan'iul A kA woollen ituS; s. 
Ctim'iW Tbe uoune far a MTeam of water, t. 
Ait'MiAioit ofnwanMddlei itoaudi, ». 
Tïoi-paa'neJToietUeajury, <r. •. 

&ra«'iwJ Vile ; «ortUesti p-ating, ■■ 
7>aii'it«I A itiârp pin, t. 
Kia'nd A nt tiir dogi ; a water eovne, l. 
Taiei'MfToliej todwell, v. n. 
3& wt-itn'rul To diire from hit bolc, ttc. T. 

ITwWAaauaul newiy takeafroaitiiUBi, a. 

An 'iwf An ioumnent fbt flUing boulet ; put of a chnnmy, *. 

Gn'w/Apartof astaip, ■. 

XuoW A DTnlct, 1. 

rim'iu^lDitrtimentt^bMtle liqusr , p«Tt of • cbiaiM<r i • 

3kIin'MfTafbnalike>tiBUKli to catcb, t. a. 
Cei'a-ael A commandant of a régiment, tt 
Ikt'ro-net A piïïla], a. 
Grup'iu/ A multanchtr, &a ■- 
Dar'ne/ A coBuqMD Asld ned, ■. 
tïar'Raf CoMainii^ ûeàti, ur car«aaei| a. 
far'm! A punk ; a slat, i. 
Kir'aet A lubttaiwe witliiuBBliell, a. 
Ci^'d A place of n-anbip, s. 
Tq Tt'ptl' Tu drive baeki tu act with Suce, r. 

Seaqi'el An inKtruinent to acrape a bune^ f. 
Ta im-pti' To urge tàrwsrd* ; to preM on, T. a. 
Ib cam-ptl' Tofurcei ta»blige, t. a. 
Ti pri-ptl' tniiàjtfonaxû, *. a. " 

Cwpij Aninjtnunciittatry goU, fcc l. 
Of)^ Sec Cqful, a. 
ToUi-p^' To drive away ; t» dimipate, ▼. a. 

Ooi'pet God'i *r>n) Umwgh Cbiitt, a. 
Tb er-;^' To drive out ; braiib, *. a. 
Af-fff'el Ontwarâ ciMbeai iMBOit ; drcM, fc 
Ti ap-par'el To ilïet» ; adorai cover, v. n. 
Gam'irti Tbe 1^ of a horte, a. 
Tim'ini Amuaical inatmmenl, (, 
Um'bret A COMI fana tbe «tu, a. 
7i«'int Aduugtail; a duDg-cart, iv 
'9a>vn'drrl A inean fttUow, a. 
JAgg'gvr-W Vile, deipiinbîe, mean yrittt, "r 
Aig '!<''-«' Mcaut vile; wretcbed, a. 
JlBt'gtr-tl An ene of two veara aÛ, -•> 

M 6 MmV 


ModtUt-^ A sea fish, i. 
Cœk'er^ A youDg cock, s. 
Jffan'grel Of a.iQixed breed, a. 

Loffêi An abandoned stXMUdrel, s. 
J^orfei A kind of cherry, s. 

Sor^ei A buck of the tbird year, fl. 
Btfr'iW-Aviaasaraofthiriy-àxgaUantof béer, sw 
Éar'rei The holloni-part of a^gun ; a eyliader, «s. 
SuarWAbrawl; scoffle; âispateiooUteit, -s. 
ToâuarfmiT^étittJtei fight; fiadfiniH, v».a. 
Êgftir^rei A small aninaly s. 
Borhd A meau feUow, s. 
Sorhd A |>laDt ; a reddisb oolonr» s. 
Pofi'trebA braaat-plate ; a grawug tool, s. 
CkapUrel Pilasters which support archea ao ealled, s. 
Wût^irel Oamiauifi, s. 
An^<€iUM ClaiiQBd fsom ancastiors:,.*. 
^ JWta(ifrtB/ Apcjeht^aadffmg mngc, a. 
X CotHrel A bottle, a. «^ 

, QuUftl A buckler bclrer; ▼enellbrwttlery. iw 
* ^jLtt'AfAaevergreen^tieey s. 

|f^«o'i«^ A small animal, s. 
To hamVêel To ufe or do ony tfaôig th«âi«t tbM^ t..«« 
/Kûtwf'ie/Birstactofsaky s. 
i?t'«0/Vin£gar ; Teôaice» s, 
Chiffd A carpenter's tool to pAra vîth,i-&. 
Ùam^tel A yoong.flnaiden ; a oomitry laai, s. 

Ttnfsel Lb<^ ntemblrag fcrid,' Icc fiilse Ivatve» •» 
Cbtot '/p/ Advipa ; design ; . a pleaderi .s. '^ 
7b eoan'/tf/ To giv« adviee» V. a. 

£.o#V/ A scoondrd; awcrthleu AUcnr» •• 
Tir ftd A kiad of hawk, s. 
/)orWApaanier, s. 
Mor^êd A pMMithftil ; -asaïaH quaality» s. 
TorUel Aoy thiog in a twiated form» s. 
Tas'sel An omamental bmieh of nlki&CA a. 
Vesfsel-Auy tbiog to Jiold liquida, .caiitaûifl|^ Jparts of an 

anlmaïbody; aboat-Oridkip»»i. 
Ou'M/Ablaefcbisd, a. 
Hott'je/Thaiioly Ëuchoiiatt a. 
To nou'td Toomne np, v^- a. 
To/on-éfl'-Ta teU betoehand ;' tof««ipheay, y. ju 
Afaa'/e/Work,oi;ecaohimney, a» 
lÀnfUl The upper part of a.door fr«mèy. a. 
i\>iiti'«/Any thingoaapomty a. 
Carfiel Agreemeat between WMtnbWy •• 
BoMtlel An ion, a. 
Cdtt'^e/ Caution; scraple, a» 
7b a-œ/' To poil away, v. a. 
Gav'el A pi-OTÎncial word forgronnd» f, 
•/ov'W A wandering fallow, a. . 

W EflL «659 

Na^veî Poîlit ia fke Kiidâe of tlié belty /^lie ^à\e, s. 
7b rffo W To entangle ; «mt^ist ; - vaweare, • v. a. 
Carfà-veîK fei&dof siiip» s« 

Grov'tf/HaFdsaBd; i^ry* nnall pel>ble4toiieSj s. 
7b grtft» 'rf To cover • with gm've] ; t» pvzxle; v. a. 
7b wv-ravUl To disentaDgIe j« explain^ v. a. 

Totrav^el To make ajoumey^ toilj pajws^- r, n, 
7>«i;V/ Jouraey ; labouras. 
Du^d A figbt between two persoBs, s. 
To rf«'<?/ To %ht a single combat, v. 
^ BevUl A term in fnasonry and jotnery,). s. 
7b bev^el To,oùt to abevei angle, ▼. a. 
To dhh^evfet To spread haïr disorderly, y. a. 
JLw'cf 'Ewcn ; smooth, a. 
To leo^l'T^ make- flat ; -to take aîm, v. a. 

JLtfu'e/ A plane, an anstniment in bailding, -s. 
7b rev^el To carouse, v.n. 
Heo^l A loose and noisy feast, s. 
fu^el The matter of fire, s. 
Snh^el Snot, the running of the nose, s. 
7b sniyUl To cry as a child ; to ron at the nose, t» n. 

7b riv^el To contractinto wrinkles, v. a» 
To drivfd To slavcr ; to dote; to be foolish^ v. 

Driv^el Slvrer ; afool; an Meot, s. 
7(iM^ftrtD'e£ To contract into wrinkles, v. 
Smo^d A thing to turn apon, s. 

Nu^d Sce Newel, s. 
Seov^ Clout» for sweeping an oven, s. 
Hovfei A shed ; a mean cottage, s. 
Shùo^d A broad blade with a long handie, s. 
Té'thov'ei To thiow «p with a shovel ; to heap, v, a. 
Noo'em^w, i^ipendant to the Code, a, 
iVbv W A feigned story ; law to the Code, s. 
7b groo^el To bemean ; creep on the ground,* t.' n. 
Se^quel Conséquence ; succeedingpartx s. 
Car^vel A small sfaîp, s. 
Marfvel A wonder, s. 
(ToMorWTomMider; to be «stonished, ▼. n. 
Cru'el Hardhearted ; iiihiiman ; bloody, a. 
Gru^el Oatmeftt boiled itt wtAtt, t. 
Tlt'elfhe anos, s. 
« ilw's/ Coal ;* fireiroad,/ s. 
Tofao'd To feed with #ocl, v. a. 
ÂJtmkl A preèioas «tone ;- name <of fofidiiess, % 
Newfel The upright in a stairpasé, s. * 
Fare^wel Adîea ; a parting compliment, fid* ^ 

Crew'ei A bail of wortted, s. 
Têwfel A pipe at the baekof a fcrge, s. 
Tobow^el To pierce the boftrsls, ▼. a. 
To em-bowfel To take ont the entraila, v. a. 
Jàno'el The poiat of a «pur ; aaeton, 9. 



254 Aie. 

2bro»'«/Tolceepopen«Stliaflrtau, ▼. «• 
Tto'e/ A cloth to dry hands, s. 
Tnao'el A tool to iay bricks in mortar, s. 
Vbw'el A leCter uttarable by itseif» s. 
Sem'i'vow-el A coiMOiuuit with imperfect sound, s. 
Hm*2d A plant, ortree* s. 
Hm^zd Ligfat brown, a. - 
JaW A precious blue ttone» t. 
Dm'e/ A jnean low wretch, s. 
IF<r'z^/ See fFeateL 

Abs WThe nose ; frooti endoTathing, s. 
To ail Tq bediaoïdered ; to be sick, V. n. 

BqU A siiretylbranotliery s. 
To haU To give bail ; to admit to bail, v. a. 
Tofttil To break in busine» ; miss ; perishy T» JL. 
To/oz/To désert; n^lect; omit, v. a. 

i/oiï Frozen rain, s. 
To kaU To pour down bail ; to sainte, r. a. 
//«// Ali healtb, interj. 
AU'kaA' AU health, s. 
^ tkail To walk sideways, t. n. 
Ml A prison ; a gaol, s. 
/Iffâ^ A tbreshing; instrnmenty s. 
3fai/ Armoar $ abag ofpost ietters, s. 
Ntàl Horn on fingers and toes ; an iron pin; âxtcentli 
part of a yard ; a stod, s. 
' 7b nail To fàsten or stud with nails, v. a. 
Ag'mâl A disease of tbe nail i a wbitjow, s. « . 
SnaU A testaceous infect ; a slow person; s* 
Mri/ A wooden vessel. fiir water, nilk, '&c. s. 
Rail A sort of wooden or iran i^eoce ^ a bird, s;. 
To rail To inclose with rails ; toiasult,, t^ 
/>»i/W«ak, liable to ecror, a. 
Grail Small particles of ai^ kind, si» 
Toen-graUf To indent in curve lines, \^ a^ 
Toin-railf To indose with rails, v. a. 
. To trait To draw or be drawn Mong» v. 

7rai2 Tcact of a fauntec; any tkuig drawn bebînd, s» 
Bernée-trait laterior paris, ^ 
Night^raUA linencoveroftjie sboulders» s. 
8aU Canvas sheet ; a ship ; vessel, & 
To sait To move with aails; swim^ % Chf iw^gb^ T. n. 
To assoit' To assault; attack, v. a. 
Wm'ml Drittk made of appUs, sugac^ aad ale^ ti 
SprUUaU Sa\ on tbe bowspsit, s^ 
To oïd-taUf Taleave behind in sailing, v. a.. 
Tail The lower paît \ hinder part, s. 
Bdb^taH, Cut tail ; short taii, s. . 

Xh~4ail' A minute relation, s. 
' To devait' To relate particnlarly, t« a,. 
JDi^f^tail Bemiredj bespattered, a« 



O I L «55 

To Tt'iaiV To (IWide or sell in imali parceb, r.«. 
JteUml A sale by tmall quantities, s. 
En^ittU The estate scttled, s. 
To en^VttV To fix an estate unaUenably, t. a. 

Vent*ail Part of the helmet made to lift up, s. 
Texur-UaUf To cat short ; to shorten, v. a. 

Vaii A covering ta conceal ; a perquisite^ s. 
Ta vaU To cover ; kt fall ; yteld, ▼. 
•itf^'ot/' Advantage; benefit; service, t. 
To a-'vaiif To profit; prosper; aesist, ▼. a. 
To trav'ail To toil ; b^ a child ; harass, ▼. 
Trmfail Labour ; labour in cbild-birth, s. 
Topre-xmlf To be iii force; to OTercome, ▼. n. 
âuaU AYÀrà, s. 
To quail Tolangiu'sh ; to crash, ▼. 
7b counifer-vaU To bave equal power ; to r«qQite> ▼. a» 
To woil To lament; to bewail, v. a* 
Wail Lamentatiou ; audible sorrow, s. 
Jbhe^waUf To lament; to grieve for, y. a. - 
Twifbil A halbert, i. 

Cor*hU Pièce of timber stickÎDg ont froma wall^ s* 
Cod'i^i An addition to a will, s. 
Z)|fi^t/^Hard; scrupuloos, a. 
Domfi-cit A mansion bouse ; an abode, s. 
Perfgpi'cil An optical glass, s. 

Pen'cil A tool fordniwing and paînting, a. 
Topenfcii To paint, v. a. 
Onm'ctf An assembly for consultation, s. 
/a-cbe'f' Incapable of instructiob; nntractabte, a. 
R'eU Bone between the koee and ankie, ov^bow 
. and wnat, s. 
Diff/o-tSl A flower, t. 

TfceUTo make a ceiling: prononnced sea]> 
rbjrmes heal, ▼. a. 
fknifpthréV An apple ; a sort of printtng letter, s. 

To veâ To cover ; invest ; bide, rfayraes baie, ▼• •• 
Finif A cover to eonoeai theiaee, s. 
J^Jyhfi^' To perforra ; complète ; auswer, t. a» 
Ji^^ilAnmhailiistaitnàedt 8, 
âE^'t/ Aseal, t. 

Ftf't/Theereofabolydayj vafeb, s. 
^i^gif Pottersclay; fotsoft earth, s. 
Jht^gH A small haodfnl, s. 
DungftiU A heap of dnng; a mean lo«r man, t. 
MuwkU A dunghill, s. See Introduction, p. xr. 
I>owa'iU/ Desoendnig, a. 
Donwi'At/ A descent, s. 
f^ef'aK/Thecochineal, &c. s. 
An*U A shrub from which indigo is prepased, 8. 

O»/ The jttioeof otites, Ilc. s. 
To <dl Tounear «ritb oil, ▼•a» 


..mhà^L ..f^Kj^''^:^^l^'^^'^^S6^^ 



^ -Ti:L 

To boU To l^iiMe.v|^fQygl| M^t; Uyâremm»t^ ▼• n* 
Gor '^7 Diiorder i pimÂt i u^rg^ r. >• 

7b /»i^ Tq toU «p, a f$]^ y> t%wû»4i9 a ir4Pgy>T, a. 
Cb^ Tumolt ;; ^utfie ; .slir, s. 
7b œ-cni/' To.t»i|st]e; ta.Jb9ina-hony„.v» n. 
7b re-co0 To i^sh b^k ; ,^fipk i 4aU b^k,9T»^ n. 
Tofoil To defeat ^^ to <)vercome,- v^. , a. 

iW^ ^f«at i ( dcct^i^i^ ;. feiMÎpgB^oni» 8« 
7V^0Î^^A ^Uut, 8. 
Cmgue'fotl À.)fiwL ôCftre:Jp«jr#d <iIov^r^, s. 

7b mou fo.toij ;• cl^g^ ;■ .Jawb ;« w^tajry» ▼• 
7b be-moW To'daub with mire, v.^a. 
7b tur^maW To1al>Qar4MMrd ;• 4x>w«ajry,v^- 

Tut-n^W Troiidble ; . disUubaoce, un^a^oess, s. 
ïî-nw-oi/' Tf^e«il/>f whales, 4. 
7b «n-oi/^ T9 Gl«aY fipom oil, v. a. 
7bj^t?Xo«ob; oorrui»t;jgrow d^^bs, v. 

Spoil Plunder ; corruptiop y slQugh ota;SMrpeDt9 s. 
7^ d»^KÀl*- TO'Tob ; 49 depiive» v. a. 
^ro// Atumult; a^uarrel, s. 
7b broU To roast oa the ^e y ■toi>e very bpty . t. 
7b em-hroU^ 7o4>»t!4uri^ ;• cooiofle ; distra^t^. v.> a. 
7b dts-em-hroU' To clear up ; -to diflentaBfle, t., a. 
7b droif T^«Qrki<My.^i^ »lo«^y»' r- .n. 
7b ioâ To poiiute ; stain ; «ully ; diing,< v. 

Soii Pim; I- o^mpost; -land ; ear^h ; i4>rt» s. 
7b i0sZ To. labour ;- to bQ wfiary withif^^opr^} v. 
.âtfoiï See Cçii^ s. 
PufptUThe apple of the jKye, s. 
Ten^éil Theclasp of aviné, jcc^ s. 
rf P»Ul Da^i^er ; . busard ; jeop%rdy,t s, 
SierUl Barren, uqfruitfulx a. 
40rii;;Çba.fe^4bn»Pl^ ofih^ffttxg s. 
f SpiK'fii Gi»^y opprobrious, a. 
AoJ'/rt/Tbe^TÎtyof.tbe-iM^sej $. 

fo^i/ ïb^^Kin og a,«heep ^mf^r »• 
of'i/ Tbe angle t^^h^Vr^^zl^^pf aJoJiVi's to(4ia 
ground away, s. 
Bra.fiI(«AiKApi«riofi|(«Q^dr 8. 
U'UnsÙ 4n . mptiia^^^Dtfor apy i^seï^ .8. 
Tonhii A gland at.tbe.o»ot^<tbe-to|»|^e^ s, 

-^ΫJ Anjï.WMneraUoî?. shtll, s. 
fu^sH Capable of being.{pett^9. a. 
JUn'til A sort of puise or Sfaj»^s. 
Un^V To tbe tinoi^ of^j^l^ce^tj^^d. 

To rff*-rf/' To drop f»4P^i9^y » >»e^ %if^H,v v. 
r« tîi-i<i/' To mfu98 ^y d^ j ,Miki»fWWl(«v v^a. 


AlrL 8S7 

Topos ffit To illnsùcate witl^ nota*, ,v- ,«. 
■Tt' ex-tili To drop ; to distil fiojn, v. n. 

_ Cap^j/ A groiûidiB» oJyectiaw, s. 

2p cooffl To raiflie G»ptioi2s otk^eqticwis, .v«.n. 

i?WWickediiefs; C4]ivnity; idi«wi«è, s. 
Beip't/ A kind'Ofsquarey 8. 
Deo'r/ A faHen ao^l j a wicked peffsflD» s. 
rMe-vil A common aongj or I)all«d, ». 

ffVtf'vti/Agrubamongstconi, 8. *^ 

Cfe/,/ P«liti«al ; oivUiaed i gpravç j k»<>,;». 
In-av'tt UnpoUshed» ji. 
Vn^ciufil Uojpolite ; rude, a. 
/'///W Sweet «cents, s. 
Anfvil An iron block for smhh's vork^ 9. 
TVanfqml Peacefal ; undisturbed j qtiiet, a. 
JfezfiLTlace for thd stoae m.a nny, •• 
AWRvetyoae, a. 
-4// Wholly, id. 

Jîflt^Any rottiidthiiig; fmfi^tertohwMttit^or dancing, s. 
Smm'baU A roundlumpof «no^j-s, 

FimfbaU A ki«dof nmshroQm, fiill of.dHf t, i. 
^^^'*? Tp name ; invite; ,piiWi«h ;.'fi«mmoii» y. a. 

To re-caUf To Bevyi;e„to.ç«lli»#kjigain,-y. >a. 
SraZ/ The Jepmf y , ^ g. 
&wf'a/;.A paa to «ave .cajKMes» «ad8,>:s. 
To /a//ToUimble4own;.»ef»l4;,.kitecisqMej Aop, r. n, 

ur Irn 2î^*uî''*" ^^^'•'^^•«i .4iigrMe; nijaj.Ân,^ . 
W»df/aU Fnut bl^wn do«m, , s. 

Gjflj? Bile i lanowr j .«ore; flwaiaoger,^!, 
ro^r//;Tohurtt^i5kir4;;v«x; fict, v.,a. 
//ûZJ A mansion housei <?«urt,; l«rgerooin,: J. 
Shall A defectivexrerb waed«s;«n auxil)ary,xbeing a »igh of 
the future t^flse. Rhynes the firat syllable of 
•4aUlow, «iai«l94r, &c. 
To mail To strikci^ith a..»aU ; tabeat, /rbv«ea.«liiill, v. a. 
ilffl//Agenteel:^lic waik; banmer, ^bl«fr, Aymei 

.i?a&«?4//'*A«3g4ne atibaU,rrb$9ie$ btill. 
^Small Little j .«l©n<ier ;,weak, »a. 
Small The small, or oaa?ov]p«rt'Of afehiiH^, j, 

. /-^f.Aqleakoestaêe; ac^Tieriiigforthtdead, s. 
Si»frffTJiô8hQ«Jder, 8. 
Thrall A.slav^ j , biondag»». s. 
Tè^iÂiiiz// To^n»Ifl.vie,v* a. 
To vuhrallf Tosbéekle; toei^laW, v^a. 

To sjall To keep m a stall j invist ; *nMblt,.%r. 
Slaîl^h ^xih. fv »lMkn«i i3tçiWLiJB&aA ; J)o^. s. 

.3iHÉMAk«. ' _. fc^v *fiV:::rf-^..-, 

t58 I L L 1 

7b m^élmff "fo potinto ponesskm, t. a. 
Lmf^ttoU A iMMp oldnng, t. 

djpMtf A raddca wiod ; a kmd sorcam, Bi 
)i «pMtt Tb aereaiB nddenly, 4», n. 
irairApaitMoiorbrick, «ce. s. 
7ô aHff To endoae or défend «ith a wall, ▼. 

BU Tbe maatnre of one yard and a quarter/ s. 
Atf Aaoandimr^^oMlofiiMtal, a. 
^^7«éd/T»gi«Nrllkeabcllmaliape, ▼. n. 
.16^.^; The deatk-bell, a. 

y €U7AtmalleloaaroQni»ca^or]iiit;partîCîaDuiplaB(ib 

bag of flaid in aninaals, a. 

JMApit; aTalley; caTity m tbe earth, s» 
/%« Fîerce; Mvag6, bkmdy, a. 
iW A Ai* ; a bide, a. 
Ti^TSstfTokiiockdoirai; tobeatdoim, ▼. n. 
BéL The place nfthedamned ; the grave, t. 
J?at#'A(tf A very debauobed lony feilovy •. 
fiUf Abard oovering; amperficial parti g. 
TbaMTotakeootcforcafttheihdl, T. , 

KéL Fottage ; thaï whicfa coreri the gvts, a. ' 

Th tÊteli To nûz ; toAieddle, ▼. n. 
PdhméV Oooftnedly, withoutofdar, ad. 
• 7h mdi To peroeive by the noae, &c. t. a. 
émeU The power of ameUii^, acent, odonr» & 
JTMtt Tbe «NUMl oTa beU toUiaig, B. 
||MSf A cbarm ; a ton et work, a. 
7b 1^ To iorm wofda of lettera ; to eharoit T. 
7b jaff To part with fcr a price^ ▼. a. 
Tbm^dkr.jaU' Toarll cheaper, ▼. a. 

7b idif To Qtrer; infona ; oount ; report, r» a. 
7b Metf To cruah; aabdne; appeaie; die^ ▼• | 

ÏFdl A spnng ; source ; cav>ty, a. : 

- 7b Biiff To «pring, ▼. n. 1 

IFVi/Notsick; happy; co ii a anteutu a. 
9VeU Praperly ; sufficientijr, ad. 
7b dweil To inbabit ^ dwell too kmg; INe, r» a. ] 

Bnde'tBeU A boose of corre c tion, s. J 

fktre-v^f Adien ; a parting compliiDent» ad. i 

Fare^ieeU heKve, t. • ' 

7b iveli To gvoir bigger, proudorangrf ; iomakebigger, t. 
Swell An increase $ extensioa of bnlk ; anger, s, 
Drow'w$B A deep well, t. 

Jtt Bad ; aîcfc ; disordered ; aot in health, a* 
i/if Wickedness ; miseiy; oiislbitone, s^ 
lU Not rigfatly | amiis ; not easily, ad. 
Bill Beakx of a fowl; hatehet; account of BOBef H 
otharthingB; charge; piescriptioiif a^ 
TbèfffTokÎM; care»; pnbUA^ v. a. 

TiiJiVToiDakcffiUi aaftiffy; glut, t. a. ^ ^ 



O L L SS9 

f/// FaUnets ; part of a cafriage, i. 
Gm Apertures on the tide of a fish's-head, a^ 
GUI A OMaflore; an hterb; a l^vor, •• 
ASZfHighIaiid, I. 
€3Utf Cold ; diaooarag«d, a. 
C3Utf ColdiiesB, I. 
Tbc^tfTomakecoid; d^eet; Uait, ^ a. 
Molefk^ A hillock made by a inole^ a. 
C>4ttf' Dililciilt ; laborkMs, a. 
OniiirTheshaftofawaggQD, i; 
7b itiff To depriye of life, ▼. a. 
&àU Knowledge; de a t e ri ty» a. 
MiU An engioe to grind or cnt, s. 
Haad'mia A amallmiU, tarned by tbehand, s. 
Wind'mUi A mill tunied by the wtndi i. 
Wà^ter-miU A mill tonad by water, s. 
Tbmtf Noito wtU; torafuse, v. a. 
Pm A tnair bail of physio, a. 
Aâ/ Afmallqiiaiititys ahiver; thinbari a, 
Tb/ftitfTowaate; lavJih; be loit by aheddmg» t. 

iÛU A small brook, a. 
To rtU To run ia email streams, t. b. 
Tù driU To bore; delay ; dsaw tloariy, t. a. 

JMlf A ahaip initrunient; a tmall brook» •• 
3o/iff Toqnakeor thivervithooM, ▼. n. * 
7b gr/0 To bniilona giidiran, ▼. a. 
filTïtfOfa verypiercin^ionnd, a. 
ThÀriU To piefcetbe ear wilba aharp aonni» ▼• ■» . 
TbMriftTopieroe; bore; peneCrate; tîngle, ▼• 
pm A birtor tuibot» i. 
TW^Aqnaver, a. 
7b/ntfTo(|uaTer; trickle, ▼. Oé 
£StfThefootofadoor-ceae, a. 
Tiff A money boK in a sbop, a. 
*7tiiTothetimeordegrM« conj. 
Tô/ii/TocttltifVBte; toplough» ▼. a. 
7of/i^/To silence; appcâue; drop; distil, ▼. a. 
Still Silent ; calm ; niotionleai, a. 
Stm To thia time ; tiil now ; eontinnally, a^ 
Still A vcssel for dittillalion ; silence, s» 
Sioeh^tiU' Motionless, a. 

VtU A country seat; a village, s. 
QtttU The bard and stroai^leaÈher of the wnig> & 
fi^cotf A sea onion ; fish; insect, s. 
ITif^ Cboice; command; beqoest; testament| 8^ 
To wHi To command ; direct ; deare, t. a. 
- /h«-t0îtf' The power of acttiif , s. 

To tmiU To driak Inxurioiuly ; • to inebriate, t. a. 

BoU AroQod stalk or stem, s. 
To hall To rise in a stalk» v. n. 
i^tf Alitée giii'spnppet or baby, rfiymesloll, s. 



9» ULL 

Word is short as in ^m iSmi^yëMMes c£ hol-loir, 
AVfl A head; a noddlc, s. t- ^ j^ 

KiioU A hm^AOi, s. 

Tofotf To lop t|ie.lipi*«fslreesj^«dEe aili8t^<tf Toteis; 
^ ,. „ sbear.; o«luaSluir,>r. ^ 
Ood'poa A stupid Mkiw,.«. 
C^r*'6otf AseijCMt; màmaûmlÊff, 9. 
C^'poU ThiclMWi; Wfldkhead, s. 

»•?/ ^<^wwaP ; .«<"« ia a ciwle 5 4toat, v. 

ter;.<;8«iJogue; dmoicie; maanua^i 
SeroU A wrjting vrappedoip, .s. 
DroU A tarce^^rhynics loU,.4. 

.y>^ TCM^yitlOTJwflhnii ;. to jast, 'y. n. 
X/^o// Comical ; farctcal ; .hnaMmais, ■ a^ 

^<» '^«f ;T*iw«4er^*S(Pa;»«wiUe^v^»«. 

7oZr Excisa ofrgaiMAi; th^iMBdjOf^atbttH.^ t. 
. ro«atfTop[^.«5.jiiigj|Jb^lw*atoa»»i^,«v. 

«H^Uf al»^ M aalK ^at É la ; 4Mpa^»qiict ; a Uunderbiiss ; 
it|iaJiiM«ihireâais^<irtsoMdoC«s^fo(4, pool, 
&c. which are «ba.toag.aouiids.oCiu]l, puU» &c. 
as bull is but a shor^soMdofiiool. 
7o<ra27T0 8e]«ClfK>mathars; tQqpftk,.T.«a. 
WTbearsh«ièoiiaarth&iiead|.aaBiaUboat, s. 
I>Mtf Stupid; digcoted; U«it|.glooiny, .a. 
. To MTostM^fy; Uint;.damp;.8ada«n^T. a, 

Fua ViU0d «àth; satiifiadj eaûre ; . pkanp, rh><mei 

idf^^Witboutabalieintiit j «xaeUy,^ âd. 
X>anf/^ F«ll of <MnM»,. a. 
To ^ To cheat j trick ; 4te$Eaird^v. a. 

^«//AstapèMrdj.odeaasilyehaatod; aéheat, s. 
-AK/PA0y.iKitvdQiDclo6ii^atkiiig;.a4ivlk, s. 
7o kuU Tofiriyetoand^fro ; tafloRt,.y.^ii. 
i^M^ikAlMuietbatincioaeathejMad;. a«boal, s. 
Numf4kdl,A,4mce ; .a biockbead» s. 
• -7^ ^^ "^^^ P"*^ to rest ;j1o oempose ;^. to daep, . ▼.. a. 
.7^1^»^ Towi-B» ajidsveeten wme, - ale,..&c.^T. a. 
To fwU To annihilate ;' toaiunil^-v. • a. 

iV«//Void; of no force, >^a. 
iTtp^^tQ^ipIm^i^ta^^wktttHÙy y. n. 


-■^ - ■■ r^-**^ 

T O L 2«a 

Tràil A vngtsaA; 8trunqwt»ts* 
SuU A plougb, «. 

Oaol A prison; place of<ôfl^âllemellt)^ rliym«i pKie; s, 
CtÀ'o/ A smaH aort of oomib» s^ 
Gaïk'&o/ A frolic ; a wildpraak, a. 
7b m'MTo friak ; dance ; 8tait^« ▼; n. 

^«'6o/Atypcî abstract; ereed; ooriilémi f. 
Pi^fto-pol Theori^nii eofpy of a trtâtiiiîp,. «• 
//<^/ Ab îma|^ woniliippeAas»€lod^ s. 
• i2t'9(W A circto, & 

Giirfgot A diaCeinper iiv boga^ t.^ 
AVco'hoi Substance of any tbnjrrédttGec^iiil» «b impalpable 

powder, or rectifiée ^piiit) si' 
P?/'ri-o/ A'kiiidc^Rikieral laltv a. 

^'o/ A stringed nàiulD«l<iiit*niiiisnf^ sS 
Bate-vifol An iiistnmieat of miasie» . s*- 
Bast-vifol SeaBaàenhL' 

jFbo/Albolishperaon-; buffaon^ irfclkeittaflib, s. 
7o/oo/Totriâr; t»y; diaappoint; eheaV ▼. 
Tq be-fool^ Todaceive^ toi makea fbol, v. n, 
Sehool A place for (éducation, s. 
To sekooi To instmct, v. »; 

I^)olA stmiding water ; aterm-atcardliy g. 
WhkVpooi Waler mofii^circalarly, s. 
4*^Awea¥er'8qiiâl^ s. 
Tool Ad instrdoMivt ; « hivelkn^;* 9^ 
jGi^-/oo/' Af cnttîng^inalraiBetol)' s. 

Stod A aeat without a back ; evaMatibrt^ «^ • 
Ctote'ttool Ar ckamber i uipkwpewt ^. A 
FooiUtool A place toptttrthefeaeoD;' 8^ 
fVbtl The 1ïe^ee*oit^0ep, a. 
iMmbUhood Aie aild roastêd^appias/ «; 
C2i>rW AvçlQg'oi jey4NP dêvotkÂi, >54 
' 9o cffoi Totmg^i «ttrfale ; imiiici, s. 
Ba7Mf'ro<Alittleflâg.or8treaiiieiV « ■ 
ifan'iur-ro/ Alittleflag or Rtrautier;' a. 
7b tm-rofi To regrsiar, réeoMk^i ertirtap;. t: ai 
7b i(;t-ro|f ToopavvvoH of pMhaKrtit^ hn. ▼: a-, 
7b eouni'er-rol^o keep«a clleek'in«»0lMMa^ ▼.'»»• 
Mtts'nl NoaelMMidiof aiiorseli'bffdltfp r. 
PorW A goard tofwalk^tkerOÉttdiç a. 
7b P«-/jW' To go thc nmiida'' Appoiolei^ t. a^ 
Peiffol A liqtrid.bitittMn, Aoathigdn iwtlAr). < 
Om-lrW Po\irer, aathority ; olieck; fi> 
7b«oii-/ro/'Togoveni; olRickf^ offerj^Onef, v.a. 
PfU'iol A smaH «Mt of «anopjr; oi» udf breitay s. 
Tun{êol A plint^ 1. v 

jP;«'to/TheuBaUèiit0MK.aMdS» f. 
Wii'tolAcmàewMttKÉilkMy & ^ 
7b MT-Aïf' TQgraÎM^ «q^«|i^ «ar^ 




.. . ^.*. kl ^x> k 

;26t FtJL 

i?«ff AflwWe tide, pvoM»eea al 

Piml A gen .m thelMiih; a fifaB oa ttft eye, ibyme» 
earl, t. 
Uàafm-^^peml A knd oTooMpeaii t. 

H«r/TliefilaBefl«sorflajt, kc. t. 
Af«rl A Undoriiit day, •. 
7ô mot/ ToIbjod awil ; to teteo with marlîae, t* 
Togiuui To gnml ; ■ i mm u i ; «Mit, ▼. ■. 
TbMonfTogrovIlilLeaear; ttoeatuigle, ▼. 

G»-/ A foMle dnld, ibymesearl, «. 
7b<AtrfTopierce; to perforate. iliymes esfl, ▼.«# 
7b«Afr/Totiirii,orann»adffapMlyt ilijrawic^il, ▼. 

WkârtK nfîd cif«oBvoliitioii, s. 
7b iwMTo tara foiiiidc|iiidc,riiyiBei tarif t. a. 

7Uf A quick tàxciaSimx motioo; a trât» f. 
To hmd To dreaiclotliatlUlCTi do, v. a. 

QêtI a ringictof hair ; a «ame, a. 
Toarr/TotoraintoringleU^ tobnit» v.m 
7b/MTo4rawttp; tooantnct, r. a. 
To tM-^urV T« expaml ; «ofeU; c^ieo. t. a. 
To hurl To throv wtth Tiolfeiicey ▼. a. 
Hmrl^jùt^ s.. 

Chtrl A DÎgrgard; a rartic; a rade maa, s. 
PmiAmnt of loee ; a bitter maltliiiaor, $, 
TôfarWToflov witbageaUeno'ie; to adôm, T. a. 

Ctki Part of a woman's cap ; of a mf ; the int^umoft 
tbat coWBtstihB. HQts» t. 
7b Aitt/Topol]; to drag^ Potence» r. a. 

7b Maa/ To bcâi in a pra» maaBn-y V. a. 
Afrar/ AhvavjwoodcabaflMBcr, t. 
7* eoi-er-tcouif To crr like a cat in rattiâf time, ▼. a. 
JE^mMfya/ Terr Ûe ; Ingfatftd, a. 
ifinsrf;^ WatcMd ; cavtioas; attentive» a^ 
Kmii'Jkl^nAitpeaÊiiÀfTtqai^fe; nteemary, a. 
Hamt'Jyi As iimcb«atlie band «ttl bold, a. 
Mmd'fui AttentHe; 

JU'foni'fui Attentif ; taidng tiotiee of, a. 
' i^Mitf^TNacfaeroui; aitln»; tHclàalw s. 
Feaee'fiiiQwit; nûld; uodistiiibed» a. 
GrÊÊee'fid BimvtàM; coasdy, a. 
I^»-/rr»re2^ Wantini; beauty or air» a. 
Dit'grme'/tiShMaitiuli iofamona, a. 
O/'/eiÊce'ful Injutiomp a. 
/bfcr/ir/ Violent; itroofr» f. 
GkelfuiGuyi merry; cbëerfti^ >• 
dax^^nnconftaDt ; •uioertain;:nMaUé» a. 
VgHge*fïtlVmdfetiw0i reveagdbl, a. 
Mt'Vniftfful Vindictive ; fttU of lefienge, a. 
H'oArSTu/ Koi4lde|û« ; aiAcMvil, a. . , 



F U L 263 

Bf^r^ SorraTfuf ; ladi fnll of miicblef, ■. 
Ket'A-fiji «uantity of Hicead,, fcc. pol into a atile, $, 
GiDfc'A/Tré»ohoroii»i artful; deceitfui, a. 
Aifc'A/ SoiTortil ; plteoiuj dimul, a. 
Shanr'fuHnfàmoia ; dissiaeefiil, a. 
Btme'/iil Criaiiatli guilty, s. 
fiew'/i/ Poiionaiu i dortmctive ; faurtfui, a. 
Tnm'Sial Musical ; haniioiùoiu, » 
Kupe'ffU FuU of eipectatk», a. 
iy«!fii/ Full of care ; caqtku»; dUigurt, a. 
^«IfirfAngryi ragins, a. 
2W{fWDira; dr«adfQl, a. 
tA^EUCoDTenienti aerriceable; coodocive, a. 
Giii(«!WHaïiiç«dueïeiMeofbcnefiUî aasentable • 
la-grate'fàt (Jngratenil j anthankfui, a. 
l^i-gnaii'Jiil Unthankfiil ; unpleaiing, a. 

^"tt'/al tSaiicionai nuliguant, a. 
Ve-^>iUlJid MaÏKiaol; fulloTsitlcea. a. 
Ifù^ttljalNmmoia; oSeatàvei awkrrotcntj a. 
ff^Btr^U Destroetive j tanibj uuocDpted. ■ 
A-*^!^»/ UkAiI î prafitabfé, «. 

««ifij HcMrafiil; wofali sorrewfiil, «. 
ffiMj'/uiDnimt; ùgurious, a. 
Stew'ariywSullen; peeri*i lothUituboiit, a. 
iI«-;nMcAyiJScurT!kinBi in&Jnouii »ik, a. 
Ȕi*!A; Showingdesire, a, 
Btri'fiU Moàtst i ahamefaced; ihee|>lsh, a, 
&^!)WM!KhieT0n»i deatructiTe, a. 
i^MfJWFalIof slanghterj miinlenHU a. 
iBM'MiJUiag; hatcd, a. 
H'nM'fiil AagTj ; ra^ng ; farioai, a. 
«nttJW FTnn to tha tnith : loyal i tnMv. a. 
V»JiM»'fotTteicbetota; jmplous, a. 

tAt-MMIM Scjily ; wantiug htâltli, a. 
^irdyat MeiT]- { gayj ctKarful.a. 

Sblk'fid Idle; lazy; indotent, a, 
MoiOk'fid Aamuch •■ fiUl the nwath, ■. 
Kw*!Wyoo»Bi frollctwmpr vigorou^ a. 
iWiyW Ruefui i woftilj sotmwful, a. 
'■""^^Mlmaginatirci whioiEical, a. 
Marfà-fiii Companianatc ; tcudi^r > kînl, a. 
lAt-m«r'ci-/i^ Cru«l ; oBceasciociabJe j sti'sre, a. 

UTender; pahry; defpjeable; wictebcd, a. 
UCoiHaas; abandsoti fruItTul, >. 
U IJberal ; geaneui ; kiad, a. 
'ui Fût; -Cbannlni^ a. 
'u/Obedient; lobjuisfllvc, ^ 
■rfFullofjratitidc, a. 
U Ungrntcftil, a. 
UFiUlofaDdi(Mtc<lkwH>l«d|4,».. ï 


as* FTJÏ 

UM^Miifid Wantiag tôt or knfyirledge, a. 

IVilffid SixàJkem'f teofittoosi désigned, â» 
Brim^Ji/FoUtotiliebriiii, a. 
Barmiftd Hurtful ; miflcbievous) a. 
Manfjul Bold ; «tout ; cowrageoos, a. 
pU-^Utmi^Soaenfkil^ haughty; pnnd; a. 
Oâm{^ Profitable $ ad^rantageodv, a. 
/^nn(/tt'FiiUof pom; aUfreCîve; dttîcult» a. 

SiHffitmjuhiAy', «iehed, ai, 
^SJMKMiSM As much as a spoon bolds; a; 
«Veorn^^tf/ Contemptuour; insolecit; proiid^ a* 
Mtmni^idoÊmwftAi cttwmg aorrow, a. 

H^ifiàBontft^l ; caHmfitoas ; winetefaed, a. 
Wor^thip-M RespecM ft)f<<Hg«ty« a.- 
Hdpfful UseM } irtiolesoiiie^ a: 
Tapiful Full toâie britn^ a. 
/Srarl/u/TiuiMOii»; av#hl; afraidi a: 
9Fbn'dbr/ie£Adtnfmbië ; stmnge; astonsBlihig; a« 
CkefrifidOmy; féH df mifth«and'IHb, a. 
Pow'er-ftd Votent; m^hty; effleac.ori^ a. 
À'jHC-oecrytf/ Prospéra»»; happy; fortuiiate, 9^ 
Vn-^ue-ee$»{fulJiotsviCCi:sstkï]; uiiftnrtaiiate, a. 
I>ii-tr<est'Jkl^mKm\ae', f^lioftnNiblQ a. 
iW/*r/«/Happy; fWlofJery, a. 
J>tn(^2^Uncertahi; noC detèrmiiMid, a. 
K^-iectffid, neoàhm } ditttgairdTitg , a 
Rê-tpect'fadTuUPot^aatwurAtUmy, a. 
Dit'Te'gpeciîfuL l n%! f9 ^WH i^ «Dctril^ rude, a. 
^'■-^*'f/«/ J»îot remembertB^j caveless, a; 
fw'Tii/ PeevMh^ anir^; uœasy, a^ 
De'Gghiiful:VitSÊSaUi; charming, a. 

f^ifàtTmn^Ae-y fuH<offterror. a. 
^r/gA/yir/Iivelyj brisfe; gay, a: 
Tkotight'ful CmtempMiwe; aaxioiis; carefol, a. 
' fiiiful y Miedb^ S^, st. 

j ^''<0^/tt/BearingfhiU; chtkibéaring';ptentîîoiui, a. 

JU'tettt'M Mm^tAfiXi et»^ prcw)kcd, a. 
£'veni'/ul FqJI tif incidents, a. 
Pi^inlffulCompbMAn^, s. 
^rtîfuàCùtÊimng 5 dextermiT, a. 

triifui Mbrry; frolleinome; doacin jjbsT, a» 
. ri^/ktii PetDieioiitf 5 miscbievous^ a. 
Boastfful Proud ; min^ a. . ' . , 
Irufful Sad^ ghauïr; mcHmehcrty; a. 
lfV</i/W Attentive ; m\ of thought, à. 
^iusli/ul TastefuJSi weli-tastéd, T 
IHt-gusttjui Naii8e«is ; unpleàsatit ; distàsteful,, a. . 
/**/'/«/ HaviM irr^gnlar dicsires^ raisin* lust, a. 

R Y L 205 

MiS'tTust^fuî Diffident, doubtJng, a. 

Axv'fitl ^XxWXw^ awe; tUnoroui, a. 
Law'fid Coafprmabic to law, a. 
Un'lazo'fiil Contrary to law, a. ' 

Sf'row-fnl MoamAil ; expressing grief, a. 
Plqjfffid Sportive ; fuU of levity, a. 
BdHy-ful As much*food as âlls the bdly, a. 

Jog'ful Full of juy ; glad ; exulting, a. 
Mo-gulf The emperor of lodia, s. 
Toan-nul^ To make void ; to abotisb, r. a. 
jTodis'-an-fudf Tomàkevoid; to annul, ▼. a. 

JFbu/ Not clean ; impure; wicked; notbriglit, a. 
Tofoul To daub ; to bêmire, v. a. 
To be-fonV To make foui;, to soil, v. a. 

Noul The crown of the head ; rhymes poil, hole^ &c. 
To troul To moTe quickly, rhymes hole, v. a. 

Soûl The iumiortal j^art of man ; ^irit, rhymes hole, s. 
Con^gul A chief c.v>l officer at Rome ; a chief manager of 
trade for his nation in fbreign parts,' s. 
Pro-con^iid A Roman officer^ orgovemor, s. 
Awl An instrument to bore lioles, s. 
To bawl To speak Fery loud ; to cry out, %r. a. 
To spaaol To spit much, v« a« 
iS^païf/ Spitûe, s. 
Te bespawlf To daub with spittle, v. a. 

To braal To speak indecently, or loudly, ▼. ■. 
TbcraniTocreep; moveslowly, v. n. 
To scrawl To Write ordraw badly ; to cre^, v. 
Todraxol To speak in a^ow drivelling way, v. n. 
Tbiprttv/Totumbie with agitation ^ tostruggle, r. n. 
To wawl To cry ; to bowl', v. m . 

F<Ro/ Athip'sboat, 8« 
To meml To squall as a child, t. a. 
Owl A bird that Aies by night, s. 

Boml The hollow of a cup or glass ; a vessel for punch, 
&c. a wooden bail, rhymes hole, s. 
Tb^w/Topdayatbowls, rhymes hole, v. a. 

Cbiv/ A monk*s hood, s. 
7b «00»/ To frown; to look angry, rhymes owl, t. n. 
Sooml A gloomy look, rhyiaes owl, s. 
Euad A winged animal ; a hint* rhymes owl, s, 
Shawffovol An artificial fbwl madet* shoot «t, s. 
To kowl To cry as a dog, or bitterly, t, b. 
Hotv/ The cry of a dog, s. 
Tkowl A place for oars to tum iii, rhymes owl, s. 
•/o^ie/'-noto/ A blockhead, s. 

7<7 gro w/Tosnarl; grumble; mumuir, rh3rmes owl, v. n. 
To prozol Torove over ; seek for prey ; plmidcr, rhy^ies owl, v. 
To tirofwl To range ; to «vander^ rhynies hole, v. n. 
Totowl To puU by the ears, rhymes wl, v, a. 

/Wy/ A small short poem, s. 
Btfr'y A precioas stone of a gi^enishcast, s. 

266 L A M 


ilm The first penoo ofthe Teib to be. 
Dam A «notherof brutes; a imiik to gtop water, s. 
7b db» To stop or shat up ; toeonfine, ▼. a. 
Mad'am An address to gentlewonien, t. 
Hol'i-dam BleSBed lady , s. 
Stut'dam Somebody, s. 
BâlfdgmA'hagi a acoiding: wmnaii, s. 
Miil'dam Mound to keep and mise vater, !U 
Gran^dcan Grand-mother, s. 
Cbm-fnea'dom A double bénéfice, s. 
2uonfdam HaTÎng been formeiiy, a. 
To un-dami Toopenbanks, v, a. 
Eam Uncle, s. 

Btam Main timber; balance of leales; ray of the son^ 
yoke of a chariot ; homofaatag, s. 
To beam To throw ont rays, ▼. n. 
Fkam An instrument to bleed cattle, s. 
Gieam Sudden shoot of figfat, s. 
JUam Twenty quiresctfpaper, s. 
Bream The name €i a fisb, s. 
Cream The oily part of milk, s. 
To tcreom To cry out violeutly, shrîtiy, v. n. 
Serernn A quick, shrill, kMiid cry, s. 
Orernn Thoughts insleep; idlefikncy, s. 
Todream To rove in sleep ; to be sluggish» "v. n. 

Stream Running-water ; a curtieDt, a. 
TbWriMm Toâow; issue eontinually ; streric, v. 
Mid'tiream Middle of the stream, s. 

Seom That joins two pièces together; ascar; measureof 
ei^t bushds ; tallow, s. 
Toseetm Tomakea suture; to mark, ▼. «. 
To wi>seamf To sew up, «t. a. 
Ta tn-semn^ a seam, v. a« 
To un-'êeam' Toiip qseu aseam, ▼. a. 

Team A farmer's waggon, s. . 

TbstooMToseBduporpassin'Vttpar, v. n. f 

^aun Soioke or vapor of hot Hquor,''s. 
A-fialfgam Mixture of metals produôed by amalgamation, s. 
. Ham Jjtç of porkcured ; the thigh, s. 
ÂAam To counterféit; to oheat, ▼. n. 
iS%mn An imposture; adehiaion; atrick, s. 
fift«m Counterfeit; ialse; pretended, a. 
Jam A conserve of fruits ; a chtld's garment, th 
Kan Crooked, a. 
Beâ^lam A madhoose; a coniused place, s» 

JFfoiR A pretence ; a lie ; ialshood, s. 
Tofigm To deceire with a lie, ▼. a, 
ToiArmTo&laoghter; to crash, t. a. 


H £ M 267 

Mam  term used by.chflirett îatma^h»» s< 
Granfnam Grandmother, s. 
Tofoam To froth ; to be ina r8ge> r. b. 
Foam Froth ; great passion, b. 
toam .A sort effet eartli ; mari, s. 
2b inam To covœr with lodm, v. a. 
i2oam To ramble; rove ; wander, ▼• 
Pam The khave of cliâ», «. 
i2am A maie sheep; atôoltabatteT'Wttns, s. 
Crom Tostttff; tbrastîn; eat-çreatty^ v» 
Dram A small quan^ty ; spirit, s. 
Grog^er-aai A kind ofsifkaiMi^ït^SS', «. 
Dpa-gram A mathematical «cheme, s. 
An^a-gram Trausposing the letters of a wofd, tiivn of M we 

may form kin, andof pii, ^, t; 
Epfi'gram A kind of short poem, pomted, s. 
Tan*grain An iiïtricately contrived thing, s* 
PuT-Bh-ld^o^am A rigfat lined square iSgure, s. 

Miwnfo'gram Çharacter made of aeveral letters, s. 
CAron'o-gmm A kind of rerse whose ietters shew ils date, s. 
Polfjf'gram A figure of many liiies, -s. 
LocVram Asortof xïoarseUnen> 4. 
Buck'ram Clotb stiffened-wkh gum, s^ 
BanHram A plant ; pellitory, s. 
Bol'iom, Qintment j unguent^ s. 
Je/'fam€kx)dsfromashipwreck, s. 
Snmn Prétérit ofswim. 
'£m A contraction ofthem. 
DVa-dem A crown ; a mark of royalty, s. 
D««m Judgment; opinion/^. 
To deem Tujudge; coudude; think, t. 
7b ad-deent^ To esteem; toaceottnt, y. n. 
To re-deew'" To ransom ; recorer; atMie fer, t. a. 
Jbinis-^kemf Tojudge ill, v. a. 

To feem To appear ; to hâve resemblaoce, t. a. 
To àe-A-ee»' Tobecome; to beat, r.n. 
To mis'Seem^ To make felse appearance ; misbecome^ r. n, 
• To ieem To bringforth young; -topour, v. 
TbbC'teem' To bring forth ; to bèstow, v. a. 
7b e-iieem* To value j tbink weli of^ v. a. 

E'tteem* High value in opinion ; regard, s. 
Dit-e'tteemf Slight regard ; dislike, s. 
7b iHt'e'tteein' To regard sliglitly, v. a. 

Gem A jewel ; the first bud of a tree» e, 
To gcm To put forth bàds, r. n. 
Strathi'gem An %rt\ûce ; means to deceive ; atrick, a. 
Hem The cdgc of a garaient, s. 
To hem To close with a hem 5 to cal! unto, V. a. 
Them Oblique case of they, pronl pi. 
Ep^i-them A liquid ; eztemal application, s. 
/4n'^A«m A hoty song, s. 

N « i2«' 


268 N I M 

Emfbkm A moralde^ce, %, 

iVp6'faKQaeftionpropuMd, s. | 

Riftm A metrical compositkxi, f. 

Pn'em PreiKe ; introdactioa, s. < 

TW-fMi PositioD of an acknowledfed trath^ •• 
Vtem Ako» ad. 

fitewStalk; findlj; raoe; pnnr, s. 
3o«<flaTooiipoie; tokeepback, T.n. 
^fUm McUiod; tbeory; acheoM, a. 
*WemKwp(Ai a tcar, s. 
Apfo^um Amedical decoctioB ofheriM» &e. f • 
Wa-phngm. The midriff, i. 
Jp'o-ikegm A remarkable saying, s. 

i%£^ A watery bnaMar ofthe body, s. 

7o de-pklegm' To clear from phlegnit &c. ▼. a. 

Par'a^pegm A table on wfaich lawa were, and an aoooont ol 

ecUpMs, &C. aie,engraTed, i. 
Par'Q'digm An exampie, a. ' 

ZVacA» Ooe dghth of an onnce; a Roman coin, rfaymes 
dam, 8. 
ÏMg'a^Uim The Index or Èatio o(aoe nnmber to anoCher, i. 
An^i-togfa-rHAm The comirfement of the logarithm of a sine, flcc. s. 
^/'go-fâAm Thé science ofnmnbers, s. 
/'m Contracted fixMn I am. 

Im Vsed in compontion for in before mute letteis. 
TbowiTotakesifht; to design, ▼. n. 

Jim Endeavonr; design; direction; guess, s. 
Qaim A demand ; a tîtle, s. 
To daim To demand of right, v. a. 
jlf-ebna' A shotttofpraise; acclamation, s. \ 

To de-daim' Toharaogne ; to speak in public, t. n. j 

To re-daim' To reform ; correct ; rccal, ▼. a. 
To pro-daim' Topiiblish solemnly, v. a. 
To €tis'<latmf To disown ; to deny, t. a. 

MtKlaim' Mistaken claim, s. 
Soer-cstoêa' Tocry ont; to railagainst, y. n. 
To maim To huirt; wound ; cnt off, v. a. 
Maim Privation ; injuiy ; defect, s. / 

Saim Hog*» làrd, s. 'j 

Ckerfu^im The Hebrew plaral of cbemb, s. 

Dim Not clear in sight or appréhension, a. 
To dim To cloud ; darken ; obscure, ▼. a. 
70&r-<fim' To obscure; cloud; darken, v*a. 
Gim Neat ; sproce, a. 
Htm The oblique case of be, pron. 
Str^a-phim Augels of a certain order, s. 
WAim Odd fancy ; caprice ; freak, s. 
Skim The froth on boiling iiquor, properly scum, s. 
To skim To take off the surâce o{ liquors ; to fly qnickNi , ▼' 

SUmSleoder; thinofsbape, a. 
Tonim Tosteal, t. a. 


D O M 269 

PmVffli Pagan, iofidel, a. 
Minfim A dwaxf i asmall being, s. 
/2îm A border ; marginj edge, s. 
PrânEdge; lip; bankofafbuntaiii, 8. 
;SbA'Ae-<Mi The ohief council oftheJews, s. 
InfUr-im Mean time, s. 

Grim lU-lookiug $ horrible; ugly, a. 
Me'grm A painfiil ctisorder îd the head, s. 
PiVgrim One who visits shrines of saints, f . 
Prim Formai ; précise ; affectedly nîce, a» 
THm Nice ; neat ; dressed up, a. 
TblrwtTodress; shave; fitout; balance a vessel, v.a. 
THmDress; conditiao, s. 
Par'a/<^Mim State ofbeing parallèle s» 
F«r-ia'/fiit Word for wordj literally, ad. 
Fip'tim A sacrifice, s. 
£[tô'<«m Asartofpreciouswood, s. 

^oéMBladderoffishcs, a. 
To mim To iioat on water ; to glide alcng» ▼. n. 
Maxfm A gênerai principle ; an axiom, s. 
B<dm The nameofa sweet plant, s. 
7b cmMmf To imprçgnate with spices, ir. a. 
Cabn Quiet; still ; undisturbed, a. 
To e«t2m To pacify ; appease; still, v.a. 
Cabn Repose; stillness; quiet, s. 
Tohe-ccàn^ To quiet; make easy, v.a. 

Betdm Kingdom ; kiagly govemment, rbjrmes helm* 
Halm Straw, s. 

Skaim A musical pipe ; a cornet, s. 
Po^Atree; victory; threeinches; partoftfaehand, s. 
7b mA» To cbeat ; handle; conceal, v.a. 
Pstdm A.boly soog, s. 

Çtuaim A sudden ^ of sickness in tbe stomacb, s. 
Elm A tree, s. 
7b vohelm To cover; to bury, v. a. 
Tower-whémf To crush; to M too mach, t. a« 
Film A tbin skin, s. 
To JUm To cover with a thin skin, y. a. 
Sea'àoim A small uninhabited island, r. a. 
Tf//«mi»Tobeatsoundly, v.a. 
To ctaiAm To ciog ; to storve, v. n. 
Scomm A buâbon, s. 
Pr'wce'dom Rank ; estate, or power, of a prince, s. • : 
f^ree^àom Liberty ; privilège ; unrestraiot, s, 
Duh^dom Possessions and quality of a duke, s. 
Pops^dom Jurisdiction and dignity of the pope, •• 
JVhote^iùni Fornication; pla3ring tbe wbore, s, 
jSi^r^«j»jR Tbe office of a sheriff, s. 
King'dom The dominlou of a king, & 
BirM'cfo'" Privilège of birtb, s. ^* 
Hird^dQm Slav(;ry ; servitude, s. 

N3 8df 


270 S O M' 

Sd'doHi Rarely ; not often, ad. 
Càe^kold-cm Ad oiadultay; stateof aouckokl, u 
Ea/i^dom Aiieari*tieignoiy» 8 
iZtot'cb» Waistof direetkni ; hasard; cbanee^ s. 
Ckrit'teti^m Body, ot gênerai stale of chnstians, s. 

Pèer'dom Dignaity of a peer ; body of peera» a. 
Mer'fyr-dom The de$th of anartyr, s. 
Wtt'dom Power of jut^mg rig^y, s. 
/Si/Voai Sixfcet; peDetntkm; readi, b^ 
Tofatkfom To enoempans ^ sonad ; pesetrale, v. i. 
Whom Accosative of wfao» rbymeadooDiy pran. 
li'ùam A peculiar kiod of ipeech, i. 
Az'i'om A sdf-erideat propotkioa, s. 
M'hiflomFormsrtfi once; of«(ld, ad. 
Venfom Poiiaa^ s» 
7ô m-wn'om To poison ; vex ; nakehsteful, ▼• a* 
Hoom A bar of #Mjd; Ifeid^tfssaa iHMèoar^ i; 
To boom To rush wit]«ivi«i«n<ei V* ai 

OJomOMueftkrwhéelfe) s. 
Jo dooik Tè o Ê S Ê/ t t m cû | ft^ji^é; todfe^m, vw a. 
Z>oom JudgitMnt; senteiide; dèitrndtiakv a. 
Tofore-doom* TV> pnftéMthiMSé; d«(»raii«r bâfioMtoodt^ ¥^a. 
» To ïoom To^appeAr at ne», v. d. 

Loom A weaver'»fTame ftft work ; a blrê» & 
Bhom A biogMOtcor lloirêr of a txieei fte. fine natif e 
cokwir i piciflbction* #. 
7^ IR#M Tb yietdbliMBcyns; té bo yomig, ▼. n. 
To dbom To shut with viscoas mattel^ ▼* a» 
Gloom Cloiidiiiesï; ébdcmnty ; ftcavinewaf mind, i. 
JTdt^^éMii Whatgt)e»#ithtliefreeh(M', tft 
To ^001» To paM Bfriftiy, «, a. 

i?o om A place ; stead ; cbambeTy t. 
AïooiM A «hrub"; a besoor, a. 
House*room Place in a house, s. 

Groom One vhû tends horses^ s. 
Bridefgroom A ne# marriéd mam, s. 
Draoo'ing'room A room in which corapany aseemMesat court» •• 
irt(&-dra»'t>g-room A rooni for retirement, s. 

Muâ'room A spangy plaut; au npstart, rt« 
Bl'bomfroom Room ^ stretch ont thé dbôfrs» « 
Di-^'drom Time oÏFperfonuing a motion, ^ 
From Away; notingprÎTatimi, prep. 
Thre^ront^ From Chat; fromthit, ad. 
Befsom A tool to sweep wHHy Sw 
Chrittom A cMId that dies within the monCh, 9. 
jyem*toni A lintel over a ddor-case, s. 

Bohom Breast; heart; teader affectionai, «. 
To bo*som To inclose in the bosom; to ooncea!, V* a* 
To im-bo^som To hold in the bosom, ▼. a. 
To un-boUom To reveal in confidence, v. a. 
Cha'som Mellow earth, s. 


a R M nt 

Bhshom Tlie flomer aC taeei , or plantt, s. 
70 blot'som To pot fiirtb bkiBSoms, ^. n. 
i4/'om An extmme smail particle, s. 
Phanfhm A spectM ; foncied vision, s. 
^fmpfiom A sign; tuken; indicaftion, 9. 
Qu'ioM Habit; (ashion; usage ; ktng's duties^ s. 
70 ae^etufioM To hAbitnate ; to inure, v. a. 
To dis-ac^eiufiom To destroy the force of habit by disuse, v* a. 
Bot*Um LoRCBtpart; foundation; valley, s. 
To hoUtam To make secare ; rest upon, v. 
Swom Pnfeent of to twtm. 
Bux'otn Lively ; brisk ; vanton ; obedient, a. 

Arm A limb of a man ; of a trea, fcc. s. 
Tk-arm To fumish witb, or take up anaa, v. a. 
B(trm Yeast; the head^of malt liqubr, s. 
Tbybrv-orm'TopioyideforasMBtance, ▼. a, 
/brm LandoccupiedbyafBusiner, ik 
To/tfrmTorentorl<ït; to coltivate land, t. a. 
Feeffarm Tenace of landu fnm a sape^rior lord^ •» 
Hurm Iigury; mitchief, s. 
- T^AamiTohurt, v. 

darwAqpell; aq.enohantinent» s. 
TbcAormTobewitch; todelight, ▼. a. 

Tù db-cÂor»' To disencbant, v. a. 
To coi0i<'«r-cA<in»T<^destroy an eachaiitiaent, v. a. 
Tharm Guts twisted, s. 
A-larm' Notice of danger, % 
To m-hrml To call to defence ; to surprise, distai^ T. %> 
To dtt-armf To take away armn, ▼. a. 

Warm Alittle bot; zealons; fiirioas, a. 
7b aïonn To-heat moderately ; to grow bot, t. & 
Luke'warm Moderately warm ; indiifereii^ a. 
Swarm A cvoud ; a multitude» s. 
7b noarm Tb croud; to breed in muftitudies, v. n* 
S^rm Seed by which a species is propagated, s. 
Term limit ; word ; condition ; space of time ; timet for 
seats of justice and exereisesat unhrersiiies, s» 
7b term To name; tocall, r. a. 
To mU4era^ Totem or namo erroneoiisly, v. a. 

JSSnii S|ro«g; ocBistant ; anshaken, rfay«(ies term, a. 
To fom To settle j *> «onârm» v. a» * 

7b t^f'Jirmf To déclare ; to confins 5. to rstify, ▼. a. 

In-frmf Weak; feeble; irresokite, a. 
7b m^QW'Toweahen; sbake; enfeoMe, ▼. a. . 
7b eon-frmf To make eertaitt i fis ; streagthen ; administer the 
church riN of confirmation, ▼. a* 
tM^' Weak; «eeUe ; not stable, a. 

i^fNi Sliape ; BMtbod ; ceremooy ; pronoanced fiiwnn. 
To form To u^fÀA ; arrange ; settle ; make, ▼. a. .^ 

Form A bencb, proïKwttced as the mimber foufi termin- 

N 4 7b 


£72 I S M 

Toife^rm' To disfigurê; didioiioar; disgrâce» t. a« 
To re-form^ To raake better in moralt, &e. v. a. 
To ef-form* To ibrm ; to iiishioii» t. a. 
Dtf-formf Not unifonn ; reg:ular, a. 
d'6»:/bnn Oflhe shapeofacube, a. 
R't'bi-form Of a red colour, a. 
Cru^ci'form Having tbe form of a cross, a. 

DeH'Jorm Of a (^like form, a. 
Cu^nei-form Having the fono of a vedge, a* 
Hif'p€r'bol*i'form Formed like the hyperbola, a. 
A-fun'S'bu^U'form Of tbe shape of a funnel or tundisih, a. 
Mam^mi'form Having the shape of paps, a. 
Ver^mi-form Having the shape of aworm> a* 
Cam^banH-form Applied to flowers, iormed iike a bell, a. 
Omfni-fnrm Having every shape, a. 
V'ni'form Similar toiiself ; agreeiag with, a. 
Vk^'ni^arm WaBtngnnilbrmity, a. 
Tri'Jbrm Having a triple shape, a. 
MmUi^m Having the shape of a sword, a. 
Hgtfi'Jbrm Having the fbnn of a net, a. 
/«K'/f •:/bnK Having the fbrmof a lans, a. 
Mut*ti'form In.muQjr shapes or appearances, a. 
ScuUi'form Shaped like a shield, a. 
7b m-/orm' To tell ; accose; aoquaint; antmate, r. 
7b mit-in-ff^rm^ To d^etve by fiJae accoont», v. a. 
Cbi/orm' Agreeabie,; conibmiable to,'a. 
% con'form* To comply in opinion ; to suit, v. p. • 
7b ptr-Jbrm* To do ; exeimte ; succeed ; dischairs^» ▼• 
7b /«wM^^mn'To change shape; to becbanged, v. 
Plat'form An horizontal plan ; a level, s. 

Wç/rm An insect withôui 1^^ ; pipe used in 8ttlU> 
pronounced as if written wiirm, s. • 
7b voorm To act slowly and secretiy, v. 
Glom^worm An intact with alnminous taili s. 
Turm A troop^ s. 
Arr'ca^m A gibe; tannt; reproach, t. 
Or'goim Suddcii véhémence, s. 
Ouum A cleft; vacuity; opening» s. 
Phatm Appearance ; lancied apperitionf t. 
Mi'tum Atoms that anse from putrefying bodieSj s; 
En'tWn-atm Heat of imagination, s. 
Ptatm A mould, s. 
Calfa-platm A poultice, s. v 

Met^a-ploim In rhetoric a transposition of words, &c. s. 
Profplatm A model ; the matrix, s. 
J%'o-nacm Redundance of words, s. 
Em'pasm A powder to correct the bad scent of thebody» s« 

Sbasm A convulsion ; invotuntary contractiaQ« s. 
Fan'iasm See Phaniasm, s. 
. . . i%a«'/afm -Vain imagination, s. 

Ju'da'ism The practice of the Jews, s. 


'^^ «►.-. ..m^ 

I s M 27» 

Ar'da-iim An ancrent phruc, i. 
Htb'n-ùm A Hebrew idioin, s. 
Oi'/ra-dfln Public censure, •. 
Sal't-tttm Impropriety ofspeecb, ■. 
Gn'anN A Qreek idlom, a. 
Jn'gU-eim An English idiom,or the niDoerof ipekldngEo^ 

Gai>li-àtm A French îdiom, a. 
Ca-Uol'idtin UulYenality, t. 

Em-pir'i-cùm Dependoice on mare expérience, quackerf, t. 
R-nal'i-ciim EulbatiaiiB ; religious freozy, s. '. 

C/il'i-dimA sUiidardGfjudging ndl, i. 
Sktp'lj-àim Uniïeraal doubt, s. 
ffij'A-ci'ini Meatiattemiitst nit, a. 
^-nn'n-ctni Accumulatiim of intereat iipon inlereat, 1^ 
Ex'or-àtm Adjuration, coojuret'.OD, s. 

De'iim A deuying of thc Scripture, a, 
A'lAe-ùmDii\ielie(ofaOod, s. 
Tri'lhâ-iim Tbe worahip of thrue Gods, i. 
Pal'^Uu-im Plunlity of Gnda, s. 

fVUg'gÎÊia PriiuipleB of thc u-higs, a. 
Pa-ral'a-gitm Falae rcamning, a. 

Sgl'Io-fun An ar^nicnt of tfarec pTOpoailioi)<i, a. 
Pro-tyl'Io-giim Syllogiama coanected togêther, a. . 
Mon'a-clûim The innnBStîe Irfc, s. 
Cai'e-cAltm Afurm of instruction, s. 

&pA'ifin Afallacioua Blâment, 9. 

Ttm'la-litm Puniihraent of Tanlaiits, i. 

O-ri-enl'a-liim An eaWem mode of apeech, s. 

Pl3'a-lim Salivation, effuaion of apittle, *. 
E-vaH'ge-/ùm PrumuIgsUonofthe gospel, a. 
POrlaUtLvm State of being parallel, >. 

Gtn'ti-liivt Heathmion, i. 
Pa-nb'o-lim A tenu in alsebr*, i; 
Bm'bo-Utm lotercalation; time interted, a. 
Pa'gait-àm Heatlicniara, a. 
Or'gaa-itn Orjanical structure, s. 
Medt'an-iim Ccnstmctian of a body or engiite, a. 
Or'pAan-ïim State of an orphas, a. 
Ar-mia'ian-ùa Tbe doctrine of free willand univenaJ ledempdvD, ■■ 
CàrWlian-im Tbe Christiui religioa, a. 
Pu'ri-lan-im The opiniona of ■ puritan, a. 
Pu'laa-iim Tcade, fcc. of • pronitute, a. 
JVy'pAo-nim MultîpUcity of aoond, ». 
Jfm'Ucn-iiTRPaganiBm; déniai 4f t£e true Qgd, *. 
^(^'^n/iiR An idiomoftheGrcek, a. 
Ijti^vMtm A Iftjn îdiom, a. 
iiFrr-tnvùiNLicentiautBen of life, a. 
Qi'tm-iimDoeuianilCainD, *. 

H3 Zmf 


274 E U M 

JjK^o^ffft A concise aigris 9. 
Agh-nitm Contention for a prâe, s. 
Pyrfrho-n'wn Skepticism; uaivorMl ^oubt, 9*. 
Syn'ckro-nism ConcuneoCe o£ erents, a. 
Proeh^ro^sm An error in chranology ; an antadatÛBif, n 
illUVm-M»i Deristion f lom anoieit curtom» s. 
JJerh-ism The qaalities of a hero,\8. 
Priforpiâm Pretematural tenrion, s. 
Bar^ha-rism Ignorance; bnitality; cnMlty» i. 
C«r^»»rmR A mediciBe fer the throat, s. 
PlaftH-a-rum Tbeft; especiaUy inbooki, fcc^litqraiytlMft» s. 
Setifa-rism Disposition to schisVy s* 
AtUer-itm A constellatioB, s. 

C%m.n Holy ungaent, oroil, s* 
Jl'gQ'nm AoAfabie word used toimplytha»âciiceof«p»beni,i. 
Aph^o-rUm A maxim, or geneial mie, s. 
Prifm A kind of mathematieal gfast, t« 
JEp'i'CU'ritm Luxury ; gross pleasare, s. 
Anfeunrism A disease of the arteries, s. 
Sab^ba-Utm A saperstitiousob^errance of the nbbatfa, 1. 
Sche'ma-titm Combination of the aspects of heaveidy bodisSy s. 
Ap-o-pftleg'ma-twn A medieioetodraw i^^;ib, -s. 
Ânra-graMfma-iiim Practice of making aH^rams^ a. 
A-nom^a-^ism Anomaly ; nr^nlarity, s. 
Jiheu'ma-tism A painful dÎBorder, a. 
Pedh-bap-tism Infant baptism, s. 

Q.uvet'itm Opinion of the quietists, s. 
Mofi^net-ism The po\i^er of attrection, s* 
Ëgfo-titm Self commendation, s. 
Id'i'Ol'isin Peculiartty of expnresaioa, s. 
TaHri-ot-itm Love and^eal for one's country, u 
JVSt^'o-<tfmFondnes8Tornq;>hews, s. 
Der'/fo-^im Absolute pover, s. 

Sap'titm A sacrament that admits mtoHie cbareb, s. 
Boy^wn Childisbness, s. 
Mae^ro-cosm The whole visible worldjs. 
Mi'ero'eosm Mmn, thelittle «orld, 3^ 

A-bysm' A bottomless pit, s. 
CÊt^a^dysm A déluge ; an iaundaticm, s. 
Parhx-ymi A fit; p^iodical retara of a fit, s. 
Haum Straw of peaa and beans, s. 
Jlamt The breech, s. 
M-gifp-tVa^cum An ointment of honey, Terdigraase, &c. s. 
Gu-aïUum A physical wood, usad as a purifier, s. 
ModH-cum A sraall portion ; a pittance, s. 
Ff-«< 'f-c^m Provision fora joamey, a. 
Crin^tum Awhim; acramp, a. ' 

Seum Dross; refase; dregsof liqnor, s. 
Jfem^o-ron'c&m Mémorandum, to help memory, s. 

Per-i-ge^tm A planet'a nearest diftanoe fromthe earlh, s. 
Ap^-ge'um A planet's greatest dulanoe from tha «artb, s. 


I JJ M 27S 

£)^a^«'ia An ancientnaaefcrceUaraind Tanjli, b, 

Bitiim ThiD waCery matter from tbe inooth, ■. 
Pc-lm'le-ioii Uquid bitumen floatiog on iraler of springs, s. 
Mau-ny-WaiK Aponipous funeral moaument, a. 
Sae-a-iahK-um Tbat whicli serves for something else, b. 
Ptr-i-io-ne'um A meniDrane enclosing the bondi, a. 
Cat-to'rt-iim A medicine taken front the beavei, a. 
Ëa-Mr'c-H'n Tbc burningof matter in boiling, îic. s. 
Jtfu-M'um A reposilurj of curimities 1 a llbraiy, s. 
Ptr-^m'u-um A sensible membrane covering the boue*, s. 
Gvm The viscousjuice of tree», a. 
To gum To close with gum, v. a. 
Tar'gaBt The Chaldee paraphrase, a. 
To AîonTo àon lowj to deceive, v. a, 
fîun A low poïse ; a. deceptian, B. 
Him ! An expiesaion âenotinj; doubt, mW'}, 
Chum A ehamber-mate, a. 
Ett-pAor'iï-um A plant ; a gain, x- 
Ep-i-tt'iS-iaB Al) elcgy, s foneral poeŒ, ». 
ilfe'ii-BinThem'jaQOrmiddIe, h. 
Cam-ptn'di-an An abriilgment, s. 

Q'iJt-iM Invi4i«u«i]ess ; blâme i batred, s. 
Di-a-ro'di-um The syrup of poppies, B. 
' Àl-h'tH-am An absqlutety iodependeot possession, i. 
Ptr-i-tar'di-ii7ii Membrane round the beait, a. 

Ex-or'di-um An introductioa (o a discourse, a. 
I*re^'di-ian Prdude, s. 
Cm-B-tuph'i-Jift A toq^b in honour of the dead, s. 
Per'i-he'li-JOB Place <^aplsnetaearesttbe 9uu, s. 
Cra'ni-um {Lot.) Theskull, a. 
FtM-cra'ni-um Membrane eovenng the skutl, s. 
O'piiDR The juiceofTurkish poppies, s. 
Bdel'li-un A sveet SQteUii^ goto, a. 
Scho'S-um An esplanatorj note, s. 
B-^i-tha-la'mi-um A tufitjal long, s. 

Pre'mi-um Anadvanee to a bargain; aten-ard, ■. 
En-m'Hu-iun A paue^rrio j ek^y j praise, s. 

Mm'i-im A cbymical préparation of jead, a. 
ISi-^tt-'ù'iai ÔiriBt'BreigDofoaet.bous*ndyeaiBoniaar1fc,«k 
JU«-<d'i>M(iii Juice of poppies; fîrst excremaoC, a. 
Pt-ri-car'fi-wa A pelIiclee^cftvpMÙagt^e fruit ofaplaat.a. 
Eq-uï-^t'ri-um EquilibriulA; ^uipaise, s. 
JHô-nu'trt-wn A bandte, s. 
Bff-ri-ge'fi-iDB Any tiû/tg t^tcoiAi, ». 
Et-a-ie'T^-uft (LaU) Juisc fiom the wild «luamber, s. 

Ce-fù-'i-am Aliénation oftheBuml, dotago, s. 
Em-fo'ri-u^ A Mat ol ntercbaiidue, ■ mait, ■, 
Em^'n-um A place vf œercbiuidiBe ; a plant, a. 
Stn^'ri-um Seat of KOie ; ocgan ni WBaatioo, i^ 
CU^'i-un Ali(ùtp«lt&cUt«e;e)t, L 

N 6 E~lsii 

276 T U M 

EJ^i'imt The hesTen nf tbe hnthens, s. 
Cji-na'f^ioii A ciMicaTo-cnnvex cnemtKr of architecture, m. 
Ut-it'i-itm Lje niade of aiba and water, >. 
Dt-lig'ui~am A dîHillatioa b; fire, f. 
^-Jtu'çi-iai Smolt parlKle* fiyin^nfTbodiea, a. 
Tro-pï'ci-uKi A quadrilatéral unequal filtre, s. 
Oïd'am Old roiKs u-itwjsted, s. 
Athttit A comwive minerai, s. 
Ttacht'aLnm A purer sort of aliiin, s. 

GboK Sulten. a. 
Flum'at-lum A kind of asbeatos, ■. 
Shl'lum A TiHRini ■ xcoundrel, ■. 
yet'tum Fine parchoient, a. 

fbuii A fruh i rallia; aum of 100,0001 ï. 
J^'u-Am A mirnn-; aluokins'gla», a. 
Av'ib-Jwa Aweigtitthitswin^backirardiiiidforwardi^ 
A-H/'bait A refuge ; «anctuaiy, >. 
Jtfum .' HuBh ! Biloice ! iaterj. 
Mum Aie breaed of vbeat, a. 
Op-^id'ta^mmi Balm of Giliad, s. 
Car-iii-nui'Biuin A médicinal secd, s. 

GaJ'io'iiiDB A nibitance betwec«i a gom and a icsin, s. 

Ijdi-da'iiam A refia of the sofler kind, t. 
ijtu'do-iiain Tioutùreof opium, a. 
Tym'pamm The dnim of the car, i. 
Jn-kt-TtsIn'm The time ■ thtooe îa ïacant, t. 

Min'ioa A amall type ; note of slom time, s. 

J^oa Spirita diâtitled frran augar ; parsnn. a. 
Lar'am Alanii ; a manhine tbat strikei loud, s. 
f^tnallie soft part ofbread; a small pièce, s. 
Dnin A miliCary inatmmeiit, part of tbe ear, a. 
Bim'ilran A stupid peraon, a. 
HKïl'ltc-^wH A drnm made of braai, a. 
dn-iin*dntm A qaibble ; a lov je&t, i* 

Se'noB Tbethin watery partof Uood, L 
Grv* Sour; gurly, a. 
TVioa The ead of weaver's threada, a. 
Ta Iknam To play badly on an instrument, T. A. 
JOt-co'nai Deceaej, order, a. 
Jn-dt-ta'nm lodecency, a. 
Jiaf'J^rum A iweot antelling herb, t. 
fiw'iD» A apecial commisaion, ». 
«(«'(^««Animase, a. 
Kot'lnm A mediciue not made pulilic, a. 
Au'/nun Tbebenk of abirdi a place to dedaim in, i. 
A'rum Any publie place, i. 

Sam Tbe whole nf any thing) abstract ; height, a. 
7d lun To compute ; comprise ; be growD, T. 


E A N 277 

Po-ma'twn Aadnimeatmadeofhog'a lard, a, 

Sira^tum A bed or layer of earth, s. 
As'phal'ium (Lat)A bitaminous stone, s. 
Ûuan'tum The quantity ; the amount, s. 
0-menUum (Lat) The cawl, 9. 
Fac'to'twn One employed in ail business, ». 
&imi Wine unfeimented, s. 
To stum To renew wine by new férmaatation, v. n. 
Frus'bm (Lat) A pièce eut off from a regular figure, s. 
Vacfu-tan Space withoutmatter, s. 
Men'strU'um Liquor used in infusions, s. 
Swum Prêt and pçrt. pass. of swim. 
Skaxvm A hautboy j a cornet, s. 
Hym A species of a do^, s. 



An Article; one, butwith lessemphasis; any. 
Refait Ason^of triumpti or praise. 
Ban Public notice ofmarriage; acurse; censure of the 
empire of G ermany, s. 
To ban To curse, v. a. 
Cor^ban A gift ; alms ; alms basket, s. 
Sub-ur^ban Inbabiting the suburb, a. 

Tkrfban Thehead covering of theTurks, s. 
Can To be able, v. n. 
Bar^ba-can Outward fortification ; watch tower, s. 
Bar^ra-eim A thickkind of camelot, s. 
Ru*bi-can A tenu for a particular colour ofahorse, a. 
PubUi-ean A toU-gatherer ; a victualler, s. 
Be-pub'H-can Placing govemment in the people, a. 
Re-pub^U-can A comroonwealthsman, s. 

PelH-can A bird very fond of its young, s. 
GaVU'Out Of or belonging to France, a. 

To tean 'To examine nicely ; to canvass, t. a. 

Dan (Spanish) for don, master, s. 
Se-dan* A chair for carriage, s. 
Opfpi.^ian A townsman, s. - 
Har ri-dan A decayed strumpet, s. 

SoVdan l'he emperor of theTurks, s. 

Bean A sort of pulse^ s. 
Ofce-an The great and main sea, s. 
Dean A dignitary of the church, s. 
Sub'dean A dean^sdeputy, s. - 
Skean A short sword ; a knife, s. 
Lean Thin ; bareboned ; poor, a. 
^ To iean To incline; to rest against, v. n. 

Clean Free from dirt; neatj innocent, a.. 
To clean To get out the dirt, ▼. a. 
Ciean Quite ; fully ; perfectiy, ad. 
Ujt-cle(m' Not clean; wlcked; lewd, a. 


2tt ï A N 

To gkan To gutlimr the reamins» v. a. * 

Glean Collectioo niade slovly and laboKÎoosIjr, 9, 
Ce'Tu^le-wi Bine» sky-coloiired, a. 

Mtan Low in Ûrth i behavtoav or «orth, a« 
Mean The médium ; instrument } Tevenue* -s. 
To mtan To intand ; to kave in miad, ▼. 
XV^meaa' Mien ; présence ; canim^ g. 
7b dl^4M0l' Td behavé ; delNise ; imdaivakie, t. 
Tonùt'^iMi^a/t' To behave ill, y. a. . 

ï^^me'an Very smaji ; beloQging to.a àwaxf, a. 
S!K6-l«r-ra'itf-4m Beneath the earth, a. 
Med^-ier-ra'ne-an Sarrounded with laod, a. 
Hy'me-nefan Pertaintng to marriage, a* 
Eu^ro-pe^an Belonging to Europe, a, 
Tar-ta're-an Hellishy a. 
Bf-per-bo^re-an N<Hthern, a. 
Jfiar-mo^re-an Made of marble, a. 
£»-t-cai*fv'4'i Liixociotts» a. 
Em-py-refan Higfaest bMMVe», a. 

&ean A aet, somtHmfiB writtat teine, s. 
Col-osse^an Qiganttc, a. 
Ad-a-num-te^an Extremely hard ; iQ^>eB^rabley a. 
Slean For stone» a. 

S»ean A worthlew wooMua; astfunpet, s. 
CoVquean He who interfeves in a woman'i department, s. 
To voean Todepriveof the hreast, &c. ▼. a. 
To yêafi To bring young as sheep, ▼. n. 

Fan An instrument used by ladles to cool themselves, 
» also for wianowing corn, s. 

Tofan To. winnow and oooi with a hn^ v« a. 
Pa'goAAbM^tben, s. 
Pa'gan Heatheni^, a. 
Suffra-gan A bjthopuodera Bietropolitan, 8. 
Offi-gan Wild mOtijocmn, s. 
Orfgc^ Ai\aJtairalor musical instnMBHont, s. 
Or'phan Bereft of parente, a* 
Tkan Placed in coroparison, adl 
Jje-vVa-ihan The largest of ail sea monsÉers, s. 

Greki-an Of or belonging to ijkreece, a. 
Ma-gicH-an An enchanter ; coie skilled in magie, s. 
Lo-gic'i-an One versed in logic, s. 
^c-a-dff-m/c'z-An A membcrof anaoademy» s. • 

Mech-iunic'i-'an One foad 0^ or professing mechanics, t. 

He-bricH-an One skilfu] in Hebrew, s. 
Hhei-o^ricH-an Suiting a master <tf rbétortc, a. 
JRhet-o-ric'i-an One wh« teach<ea rh«t«Mric, s. 
Pa-tncH-an Sénatorial ; noble, a, 
Pa-irk'i'on A nobleahan, & 
Ge-om-e-tricfi-Mn One skilled in geovketiy, $, 
Mu'ikH'On One skiUed in mûrie, s. 
Fky-tk'i-^tn One who pntfwtea tine ar| of hteaUog ^ •• 

_. 1^ *#ç^j,^ ,ï^ -^^ . 4 

I A N 27» 

Matk-e'ma'tieU''(m One vened in vathematict, c 
A'rith'me-'Hc^i-an One skiUed in arithmetic, s. 
Bfl-i'ikfi'an One venfed in politics, s. 
Op-ticH-an One skilled in optics, s, 
Tra-ge^di-an A writer or actor of tregedy, s* 
Co-me'di-an An actor or writer of comédies, 8« 
*" SoLi-fidfi-m One who holds fiiith only, s. 

Me-fidfi-an Noon day ; Une dividing tbe world, «• 
An-ti-me-rid^i-aH Beio^ before noon, a* 
PosUme-ridU-an Seing in tlic aftemoon, a. 

Stuo-tid*irOn A fever whichretams daily» t* . 
Pro-to'di'On One skilled in prosody, s. 
- Guar^d^^n One wbo bas the care of anotber, Ai 
Guar^di-an Defending ; protecting, a. 
Pri-morfdi'an A species çX plnm» s. 

Ple-beH-an Popular ; vulgar ; coinmOin« a. 
Ruflfi^n Brutal ; tavage, a. 
Ritfifi-an A robber ; murderer ; brutal feUow, s. 
Col-le'gi'im A niemberof a collège, s* 
7%tf-o-/a'^'-an A divine; aprofeasorordiv^ty, s. 
As-tro-lo^gi-an An astroJoger^ 8. 

StygH-an Hell-sh ; infernal, a. 
Set-qui-pe-da'li-an Contâining a foot and a balf, a. 
Bcc-eha-nafli-an A drankard ; a riotous person» s. 
Cor-rteni-an A precious stone, 8. 
G-viVi-an A professor of civil law, s. 
JtamjKdHi'On A mean wretch, g. 
Ac-a-de'nù^an A scholar of an academy, &c. 9. 

Ban-ni-anf A man's undress ; kind of jpiiormqg gown, 9. 
De-mo^m-an Devilisb, a. 
Sa-turfni-an Happy ; golden, a. 
Bar-bafri-on Savage; crael» a. 
A4>«i<e^'rirWfi Onje who teachfis Hni alpbabet, «. 
At-ra-bi-la* ri-an Melancboly, a. 
Cor-pus-eu-lafrùan Relating toor comprisingbocUei, a. 
Gram-ma'ri'on One who tcacbes graiumar, s. 
MiUle-riahi-an Oile who expects a millenniiuPi 8. 
Cat-e-naf ri-an Relating to a cbain» a. 
Vai-e-tu^-nafri-an Weakly ; infirm» a. 
JHt-ci-pU-nahi-cat Relating to discipline, a, 

Vel-er-i-nafri-an One skiUed in the diseases of cattle, s. 
iVe-cfe«-<i^/ri,an One who holds prédestination, s. 
Col'Um-naf ri-an Formed in coliioin?, a. 

U-braf ri-an One who bas the care of a Ubrary, s. 
A-graf ri-an Relating taland, a. 
Ce-saf ri-an (In anatom^) Opening by cuttiag, a. 
9uod-li-be-taf ri-an A disputant ; a oontrovertist, s. 
ProUe-ta* ri-an Mean; wretch ed; ^gar» a. 
Anrti-trin-i-lahi-an One who dénies the Trinity^ s» 
f^a-Wri-an A plant, s. 
Prti-bif^fri^an A foUower of Calvi% f. 


M A N 


nr's-oii Ofi (nMD,orlike toPenîa, M. 
E-im'i-nt ElceedôiKlT deHghtfnl, a. 
Gea'ti'a Feivoit or Mldncny ; aplaat, t. 
Trr'ii-A Ereiy lliin» ■tay, »- 
8ba'i-l(r'6'« *" «S", eompimlodrfa Urtiaii «ad ^ufidiu, b 

O/WU-iiM iUlowa ofCbritt, ë. ■ 
Jm.^^krù'ti.»» Asa™t Chriit, a. 
IM-dkù'li-^CoatmjtoQnimiamtr, >. 

A/V-a Cottoa rlothi boaibatt ft*le, s. 
Ra'ti-aa ^'Sh cwellins; madc of fartun, a 
Sat-eh'â-aw Omla the ampit, a. 
Di-U'â-m Bdatinsto the ddogc, a. 
- j^s-te-d-^'n-aa Befair the Oood, a. 
|^iri-d-Ai'Bt.«a LiTii^aft<rthe Bood, a. 
IW^di-Ja'pMBOM *bo liTed aftcr the lood, (. 
Mf-ni'm-lm A fraHIrani tke Eait Indica, i. 
Cba Familyi i*ee; «et, i. 
Ibi A icbane; IbfBi; model, a. 
TpBbaToadiaae; tofonn indeBgii, ».i 
Orf(».J^A<!cKcaleHDalllibil, l 

JHa Tliehiinuui iMms.tnaie, t. 
&«'■« A nanEalor; a manner, a. 
Sec'^ai A taattwIioboUiland, ke. bj nee^ a. 
lA^maK Odc ^w begi''' a ilanee, i. 
JHorf'ao Amandqiriredaf naauo, (. 
UMi'haad-mm Onewbu vorfe* ia tiUage, i. 
Soi^mn A bui ilaie, i. 
Gted^wa' Arii^apfiellatkDOfânil?, a. 
EtnPmam Onewboloi* hanh, t. 
fimrrf'aMa Afigtitîngmagi afeneer, a. 
C/Jin «MU One nbokeeti* a coAée-boBK, *. 
Jihc'aaODeatlitwrty, or frae of a c«po^at^«a^ <- 
20i'aaAs«ecUicait; agallant, i. 
No'Ufmn A man uT bigb nnk, ■. 
GniOe-mm Ji tatn aTcoaiidaBaiiee, a. 
ifcTfuMaArliwfmaiiiDaihap, i. 
How'iMaOneikilledinridiBg; aiidCT,i. 
Haag'aa The poblk execatkatr, a. 
f^n-iBiw-iiMa' A fortmte-tdler, fce. *. 

ChmA'awa A menber of the chnn* of Eo^bad, ». 

M A N 281 

Watcyman A nigbt-gaard ; a centinél, s. 

Ca'man American name of a crocodile^ s. 
DemH-man Half a man, s. 
Work'màn Makerof a thing, s. 

A^'man A ciyer of lost goods, &c. s. * 

Sehool'num One versed in school divinity, s. 
Musfiul'-man A Mabometan believer, 8. 

Pen^man One wbo teache4 writing; a good writer, s. 
To un-manf To deprive of tbe qnalities of a man> v. a. 
Gownffnan A man devotedio the arts of peace, s. 
Yeo'man A gentleman fermer ; a freebolder, 8. 
Ot'to-man Belonging to tbe Turks, a. 
Wom'cM A female of tbe buman race, s. 
GenUle-room-an A woman of birth or éducation abovethe vii1gar,&c.8» 
Tfre'wom-an A voman who mbkes bead dresses» s, 
Choirfvoom'tin A woman hired forodd work, s. 
KirufTBom-am A female relation, 8. 
Ckap'man A dealer in goods, s. 
Midftk^men An offioer on board a man of war, 8. 
Skùp'man A joumeyman to a sbopkeeper, s. 

Car'man One who drives carts, 8. 
Shear'man One who sbéars dotb, s. 
Al'der-man An incorporate magistrate, s. 
•£a/'<£T-man Alderman, s. 

Gfr'man A brother or relation, 8. 
Gerfnum Related, a, ' 
IFa^for-mon À boatBian, s. 
Ughl^er'man One who manages a lighter, 8. 

Ckatr^num The président c^a society ; one wbo carries a sedan» % 
Beads^man One employed in praying, s. 
Bonds^man A snrety ; one bound for anotber» s. 
Tradet^ffum A sbopkeeper, s. 
Sides'man An assistant to a church\irarden, 8» 
i^x>Aef'man Onewhospeaks for another, s. 
Salet'man One who sells ready made clotbes, s. 
Stalcs*man One employed in public affiûrs, s. 
TaVit-man A magical character, s. 
^/;n/m<mOnelivingnponalms, s. ' 

Towta^man One of the same town, s. 
Kim'vMU One of the race; maie relation^ s. 
Steers^man A pilot, s. 
Crajis^man An artificer, s. 
lZ(rn</'f-crff^^-man A manufacturer; a labourer, 8. 
HunU^man One who manages the chace, s^ 
Sporis^man One who loves hunting, &c. s. 
Nighl'man One who empties privies, s. 
JlftfrViw»t/-i7MW Ashipof trade, ». 

Footffttan A servant in H very; a runner, s. 
Hu*man Belonging to man, a. 
In-hii^man Barbarous; inccHoipassionate, a« 
Z^T^'mœiOneofthslaity, s.. 
* Bight 



ffigVwoff-num A n^her oa honeb^ck, s. 
Jouffney^mtm Jklâmdviecksm^ «• 
•Gerfn-man One in hdy orders, s. 

Ju'înf-man One who is impaBaeMed on a jarj^ su 
GMM'/fSf-MMiA A rallie ; ooc oC the saoïe eountry, ts* 
Xoon Any thing lent^ s. 
To Moon To griev4s ; depiove; Uaemt, v, 
Jlêmm L amc ntatico j «uiliblo ionoir, s. 
7b ^ffMon/ Tq Ument ; be«uil> v. a. 

iifo^Bay;. eorrel; ok blat^ tpotèefi, a« 
3o.;rr(Mrn To moavn with » hoarsa ooisay v. n. 
Groan A hoarw dead soupd, s. 
i'ttn A kitehen vesMi ; any tkhig: kollow» % 
/frf«i/ Varnish ta work m cotouw» •• 
âtee'&0R Apantomakesancain, ■• 
ifitef'pajiilbooeofthakiMe» s. 
Trt^pan^ A snare ; a swf«po^ ina^miO^ ■» 
Brctii'panTheskunoontaÎQlQCttiebffain^ «. 

4MP A hand'alsBstbi. v»»iaek^i «A«ptti«i% ^ 
S^mÊdtpan Qx^Ji^mWf a* 

i2«i Prêtent of tenm. 
JSroR Hosks of g ipiwd 0Q«^ a. 
r«f'eHWi Anqkl «rWH^ •. 
Fc^e-ron Long practised or exyeçknead» %• 
Gmjff'ran Asort of ïibafS^ m 
Al'co-rm The Tnikish bible, s. Tb« HOKUU 
Garirm A small boneor hobby» %. 
JH^oefe-^on A bith^p, 3^ 
Çpiir4»-0^f AaNMiapoCtba towi^ •. 
Ai->Mii' A copUng drink, s. 
Ar-ti-um' Aftajrtiet» ptofeasarof asafl^ % 
Par-ti-sanf A partjrman ; head «iliwpartj.; a tàÊS, U 
Tutfsan, A pbiit» & 
7b ten To cnœ skin» ;. to «iiaiiiim» ^ 
Guer-la^tanl A quack ; a Riowktebaiik, i^ 
J?0-<<m' A small lodHm cane» I» 
&i'/<m The princa q£ beU ; t|»a det^il^ 8^ 
Ùr-viU-tan An antidote or «ovonter-poison^ t. < 

GîT^ŒB A Persiaa gaimcnt, a, ' 

CDi-mo'polfi^taTt.AMamoithti^tmià, u 
Met'ro-'polfi'4an An SLTchbishop, s. 

Pufri'tanA sectary; a dein)ure .pffflpA, fi 

Ac/'/on The Torkisb empeiof, a. 
Stuarftan A fonrtbday ague, s^ 
Cepfttan An engiae tod^wr up weight^ a. 
Van The f Bont of a« «rmy, s. 
Car-a-vanf A large carriage ; a body of aaercbaiits or pi^jrifllS, f. 
Tndfu-an Lasting for, or happenifig oncain tbree daya» a. 
Vi-vanf The Ottoman giaod oouncil, & 
Silfvan Woody ; 4iibaibiting wooda, a. 
SyVvan Woody j beloogingto the woads^ a. 

£ £ N 2g» 

IVan Pale, latiguid of I00I&, rhgnAet» gOBAt â* 
Sboit Alai^geuttter-fMl^vbsnnMgDiw* a^ 
Cour»iê-feanf A womanûf thetown^ s» 
Ta'<;n Contraction oftaken. 
J^&'en A heavy Uack valuable wood, Me Rèan^n, 
Den A cavern ; a cave ibr bcMSto, ^. ti 
To dead^en TodeprÎTeof force or-sensatîoD» v.iw 

jL0Bc2'«iiMadeoflead; haa.vy, a. 
ThreaâUn Madeoftbread, a. 
Gladfen Swordjsrrass, &.e. r* 
To g W«re To deiighti tomakeglad, ▼.. a. 
To mad'âen To become mad $ to make mad» ta • 
^0 broadfen. To grov broad, ▼. a. 
Tosad^den To makesad, v. a» 
7b rei2'dbi To malBe or graw red ; toMutb». Y. 

Bid^den Invited ; oommaBdedy part* 
Vh-bid'dm Uninvited,. a. 
Hid'den Part. pass. of bide. 
mi^den Prêt of sliés» 
JRid'den Part of to ride. 
Pneftfrid-den Managed by pdeaCa^ S; 
IVod^den Part pas8. of tread. 
Un-trvd'den Not passed or maiiked by tbe- fttot, % 
Sod'den Part. pass. of to seetbe; boiled. 
Cud'den A clown ; a dolt^ 1. 
Sudfden Without notice $ baaty; 
Sud^den An unexperienced oeenn 
HoVden An aivk^vaiid.ooimti!y girl, 
To xtifden To niake or gro» vkbe^. t-^ 
■ 7b bold'en To make bold, v.a. 
7b im-bold'en To raise confidence ; to ewoonge» m a. 
GoWmi Made o^gold ; 'waluabkey »• 
Be-Mdfen Ob}i|ped ingratitude, a. 
Witk-hold'en Part pass. of «ithhold. 
Boraid^en Reqaired, a» 
Wood^en Made of wood ; clumay, a. 
7b garfden To cultîvate a gavdeo, v. n^ 
Garfdtn A place to grow flowers, s. 
Bearfgar-den A place of noise and confusiony s. 

7b hard'en To make-bard; to confina in vice^ v. a* - 
7b coieffutrd-en To make hard, v. 

IVard'en Head oificer; agnacdian, u 
CkuTch'Ward'en A principal pairish officei, 8» 
Jor^den A chamber<*pat, s. 
BuT^den A load ; a biith, t. 
7b O'Ver^bur^den To load too muoh, tr. a. 
7b diê-bur^den To unload ; to discbargo» l^ a* 
S'en Contracted front even, ad 
Been Preteait of to be. 
Sheen Brightnesa) ^lendonr, s. 
Kem Sharp ; eager ; serera^ a. 


284 H E N 

TkfaM To felMrpen, ▼. a. 
Togln* To thine with beat or polish, v. n. 
Spleen Milt; spite ; iiielaBcholy ; anger, s. 
7b ca-retnf To calk ; sloplealu, v. ii. 
7« iciM« ToBbeHer ; hide; eooceal^ t. a. 

&rctfn Something thatconoiialB, covers, or sifts, ^ 
dwm Unripe; yoaog; fresb; notdry, a. 
Green A colour ; grasiy plaÎD ; leaTcs, &c. s. 
To green To makc green, v. a. 
^ Sra'^'rem Of a «ea colour, a. 
7o eka-gretn* To pfovoke ; to be veTed, v. 
Skoog/wn' A fith-skin remarkably rougta, s. 
BoTVing'green Alevel greeafor bowlers, s. 
Ev^er-green A plant alwaya green, t. 

âtreem A coarse siere ; dielter ; ooncealment, s. 
Toakreen To sift$ ihade; thelt^; cooocai, ▼. a. 
fieeii SkiUed j vened ; bebeld, a. 
U»-/orê'4eemf Not koown befoire, a. 
Un fw a^Notieen; inrisible, a. 
0-s«r-jeoi' Mistaken; deoeived, part« 
M0en Sonotff gnefj f« 
Nmê^iêen Nine and ten, a. 
F^tmn Fiftt and ten, a.. 
jB^A'<eeM Twice nine, a. 
Seo-^n'ieem Ten and seven, a. 
7Vr/<eMi 1^ and tbree, a. 
Faut^iêen Foorand ten, a. 

fitom Ave^ofclayorstone, •• 
Aat-lM»' A kindofstuir, t. 
âûc'^cn Six and ten, tu 

ttueen The wife of akto^, s. 
To 9een To think; mppote; imagine, ▼. a. 
To o-veT'Weenf To think toojiigbly; tobe pioud, t. b. 
To mÎÉ-weenf To mi^odge ; distrust, v. n. 
A'iteeenf In the middle of two, ad. 
Be-lxveenf In the^middle, prfep. 
Go^be-ivDten One who interfères officionaly, s. 

Fen A marsh ; a bog; fiât motft land, s» 
TbdtfqfenToniakedeaf, v.a. 
TbW^f 9 To make stiff i togrovttiff, ▼. 

A'genf Again, ad. 
Tteig'gen Made of tirigs, a. 
Abg'gsm Hard; roagh; hanh, a. 

Hen The femate of birds and fowb, f. 
Pea'hen The female of a peacook, fi. 
Beech^en Made of beech, a. 
Munehfen Annn, s. 
Birch'en Made of the birch tree» a. 
Kilch^en A rnom for cookery, s. » 
To roughfen To make roagb, v. a* 
" To iough'en To grow tou^ v.a* 

KEN 293 

Hy^pken The mark i').hdtmeea words or sylbMai, s •. 
' Aikffn Made of ash wood, a. 
Un-wash^en Not washed> a. 
Tofreth'en To nkake or grow fresh, v. 

THen Ât that time ; in that case» ad. 
HeaUhen Savage ; gentle, a. 
To UngtkUn To grow or make longer, v. 
To ttrengUt'en To makb or grow strong ; to antmate, r, 
To tmooêk'en TO make even or smooUi, ▼. a. 
To depihf en Todeepen, v. a. 
Earthfen . Made of earth (nt clay, a« 
Bur^lken See Bwrden, 
To rtn-bur'then To ridofa load; todisclose, v. a. 
ff%en At th« time that, £cc. ad. 
lÀ'en Participle of lie. 
AUt-^n Foreign, a.. 
AHî-en Aforeigner, s. 
MienAÀfy loNok; inamier, rhymes lean. 
To iirn To see ; to discover at a distance, a, ^ 
Ken View; reach of sight, s. 
7b rtea^ken To make weak, v. a. 
Sha^ken Part, pass. of shake. 
Oûk^en Made of, or gathered from the oak, a. 
FoT'^afken Part. pass. of fbrsake. 
Ta^ken Part. pass. take. 
Un-der-Utfien Part. pass. of undertake. 
Mls-ia'ken Part. pass. of mistake. 
To a-xeaflcert See To awake, 

To hlack'en To defame ; darken ; make black, v. a. 
ToslaekfenTo be remisa; abate; loosen; relax; uabend, r. 

Chiek'en The youog of a hen ; a girl, s. 
To thick'en To make or grow thick or close, v. 
Sfriek'en Advanced; struck, a. 
To eick'^n To grow or make sick ; to deca3% v. 

Tkk'en A cloth for bed cases, &c. s. 
Toqmck'en To make or beçoœci aliyef hasten; esiçite; move 
quzckly, V. 
To re-qukkUn To quicken again ; to revive, v, a. 
Slraek'en Old part* pass. of strike, 
To li^ken To make like ; to compare, v. a. 
Milk^en Coo&isting of milk, a. 
Silk-en Made of sîlk ; soft ; dressed in silk, a. 
Drunk^en Having too much Uquor; intoxicated, a. 
Shrunk*en Part, of shriuk. 
Spo^kea Paît. pass. of speak. 
Fair^spo-ken Courtootts in speech, a. 
Bro*ken Part pass. of break. 
Un-bro'kfn Not tamed, a. 

lVro*ken Part. pass. of to wreak. 
To'ken A sign ; a mark; an évidence, % 
To iC'to'hen To signiiy ; foreshow, v. a» 


286 S £ N 

ToAribfmTo inmke-argroir 4tt4E; KiUy; porplei^ ▼• 
7b AeorA'cii Tolisten; to Attend uOto, ▼. «. 
Jèrk^en A jadKt; a Ébattcmt, •• 
GibiAvéllèyj ailâle, s. 
fli'/bi Preterit of «0 iUL 
OretiffaUen Dejeetod; spirtOeM, e« 
IIM%i Maâe of wooi, a. 

A/'ibi A fine powéer ; aotft of âne liraa, s. 
Pimlflen Pooltry, s. 
Sidflen Gloomy; ohutiiiate; aagry, a. 
Sto^kn Taken away felonioiiily, parC 
Swoltign Swdied, part 

Men Plara] of man, s. 
^-flwn' So bcit; venly; tomaykbc, ad. 
Ftom^en A priest among thepagan Romans, s. 
'Ex-amUn Disqnisition ; qvestiaiHnç, s. 
^DM'»-fiwii A 9amp1e; partof tbe whole, s. 
niegH-^nen Diet in time of sickness, s. 

Offnen A goodorbad sign, s. 
Ab'âofmen Tlie lover part of the belly, s. 
Worn^en Plural of woman, s. 
A'KHfmen A sharp point; ^aickneM of intellects, s. 
Le-guffnen Seeds galhereà by the hand, as beans, i. 
Cat-e^hufmen A person cateebised, s. 
Ce-ruffnen The wax of the ear* s. 
Bi-tu^men A glutinocis earth like brtmgtoDe, s. 
Hyfmen The god of marriage, & 
lÂn^en Madeoflinen, a. 
Lnufen Cloth madeof hemp or flax, «. 

Pr/z AA'instmmenttowntew^ith; acoop, s. 
Tocheapfen T^askiheprioeofa thing; to lesseo, t. a. 
Un-sha'pen Defbnned ; mishapen, a. 
7b d!n^'ex To make deep ; todarkm, v. a, 
7b rifpen To grow ripe ; to make ripe, v. 
T^tn^rifpen To ripen, v. a. 

HiiipUn Part, pass. of help. 
Hempfen Made of herap, a. 
7bo'^^Tounck)8e; aiiloèk; divide; esplain; be- 
gin; sfaow, v. 
7b kapfpen To fall ont ; to chance, v. n. 
7b <Aar/»'m To edge ; point; makeqaick, v. a. 
jit'pen A tiee ; the poplar, or a species of it, s. 
JBretk'ren Brotliers, s. pi. 

SVren A goddess famed for siiiging, s. 
Floffen A gold'coinTalue six shillings, s. 
JBarVMÙnfriiitfttl; dull, a. 
Warfren A park forrabbits, g. 
Tren A fish spear, s. 
Wten A small bird, s. 
Cho'ten Part pass. of to choose. 
7b loofien To relax any thing j to part, v, a. 

T E N É«7 

ToletfmtTogtowhsêi todegnule, ¥. 
7ra The number twice ôfte, a. 
'Beatfen Part, from beat. 
JFeath'er'beat'en Seaaoïied by bad iv^âther, a. 
Whtaifen Made of Wfaeat corn, a. 
Wom'eat-^ Gnawed by voium ; nwthle«s, ». 
To tkreatfe* To meaaoe ; to âemunce evjl, t. à. 
Plaifen Part of a printiiig pwM, a. 
Oof^Madeofoats; bearinu oats, a. 

Tomfttfen To make or bcNSome êwetA ; to paffiate, t. 
Qri«i Frequently ; many times, ad. 
ïoDe/^/eiiTo make soft or easy: to be apneased. t 
7b straightfen To make itnight, y. a. •PP^'*^ ^» 

7bAf^A//mTorai»e; improve; aggravate, t. a. 

ThUgkifen To flash, v. 
To U-lighttM To eolighten, y. n. 
roeii.i«>^/«,Togivelight; instract, y. 
To brightjen To polish j to make bright, r. a. 

Totigiufen To straiten j to make dose, v. a. 
Foughifen Prêt of to figbt. 

To i/roà/ei» To make narrow or tight ; to distress, t. a. 
Mo wbt^tMn To make or grow white, v. 
Moltfen Part pass. from meit 
IgfUfen Used in Lent, a. 

1Î, J-^J!!ÎÎ'/"Î**?^'"P> «n<»«~g«; manure, v. a. 
ïbdtfHj«irJ/«iTodi8cottrage; deject; terrify, v. a. 
MarUen A ]âit;e weasel j a kind of swallow, s. 
7o*ftor/^«n Tomake short 5 lop; eut off, v. 
Tofore^shortien To shorten the fore figures, v 

ro/«//M Tomakefast, firm, &c. v. a. 
To un-fuifen To miloose ; to ûx, v. a. 
ToehaUten To correct j to ponish, y. n. 
Joùsften To hearken ; to attend to, v. 
7i g(/*'/€a To shine, v. n. 

Tonunftf^ Todamp; towet in a small degree, v. a. 
To ^rtittea To baptise; »to name, r. a. 
Surstien Havtag «rupture, part. 
7o&|rf/eiiTofatl«i5 togwmfet,.y. 

Tomftm To makelevel ,• to dispirit, v. a. 

^éul 2!!f ^"^ * ^l*"^ ' <^^5 •»»«* «^«^ J«)D, s. 

A/'lf» Part. pass. ofto bfte. 
«tf'iw A ymmg cat, s. 

jw«w;to« part pass. of to smite. 

mu'ten Part pass. of to wrîte. 

GotUen Part pass. «ftoget. 

Be-sot^Un Prêtent of.beget. 

.îw^*^^'/#»^ ^ 


«gg £ 6 N 

JI&'fe-«0<-leii ynktvfotty b^gotten, m, 
Ftntfbe-gat'Uii The eUest of ehUdren, s. 

Ihr-goiUen Part. pass. of forget; not remembered. 
âoi'ten Having cast the spaim, -a. 
Bbodtshot-Un Filled withoverflowing blood, a. 
FhU'ten Skimmed, part. 
Rùi'ie* Putrid ; not firm ; noi soaad, a. 
fVUh-outfen Without ; obsolète, prpp. 

Beaofen Tbe habitation of the bleased ; the sky, s. 
Xjeao^en Dough fermented, s. 
To kavUn To imbue; tofèrmenty t. a. 
Ha'ven A harbour, s. 
Jia^ven A black carrion fowli s* 
To rav^en To deyoïir greedily, v. a. 
Ora'ven A ccMiquered cock ; a coward, s. 

S'ven Level ; para'lel ; calm ; tuiiform, a, 
To e^ven To equal ;. to balance an account, t. 
E'ven Verily, ad. 
iîroV/* Ferment tou'prkbread, s. 
E-fev^e^ One more than ten, a. 
Un-e'ven Not level ; not even ; mt cqual, a. 
Sec'en One more tli^n six, a. 
Siev'efi A cry or loud clamour, .s. 
7b <?//-// 'l'^n Toinakelivelycwchearful, V. a. 
^/o'^n Part, oftoriye. 
Driv^en Part of to drive. 

Ov'ea A place for baking, a. 
Ciû^ven Cleft ; divided, part. 
SUfv'en One diitiiy, or carelessly dressed» s. 
JUro'ven Driven, part. 
Ho'ven Part. pass. of to weave. 
IVen A fleshy exci-escencé, s. 
Yezv'eu Madeof yew, a. 

Rozv 'en A fieJd kept up 'til after Michaelmas, s . 
/•/ar'ea Madeof âax; lair, a. 
H'ax^en Madeof wax, a. 
J^'m A dunghill; alaystall» s. 
ritx'^^A A she fox ; aspiritedwoinan, a. 
hûx^tn Made of, or resembling box, a. 
Wox^en. Part, of to wax, obsolète. 
Bra'om Madeof brass; impudent, a. 
T9 bra^zen To bolly ; to be impudent, v. n. 
To i&f»n To deck ; to dress gaudily» v. a. 
To be^fztn To deck,. v, a. 
Den^h-ten A citizen ; a freeman, s. 
Cil^i-zen One inhabîting a city ; a freeman, s. 
To eàz^en To trick ; cheat ; impose upon, t. a. 
Doz*en The number twrive, s. 
Fro^ztn Part, from freeze. 
Miz'zen The stem mast, s. 
To wi'pregH' To make fruitful ; to ftll, v« a. 


 1 N ^9 

Ctan-'pMgnf A krge oi|>eii level country ; tbe tîme that an army 
keepsthe.ûeld» »; 
Cham-paignf A flat open country, s. 
7b de-ra;^' Toprove; tojilstify, v. a. 
To ar-raignf To accuse; set inprder; indict, Y. a* 
To deign To vottchsafe, v. n» ^ 

Todeign To grant, ▼. a. '*' 

In-âiçn* Unworthy ; undesenfîng, rhymes fine, a. ' 
Con-dignf Deseired ; eccordingto merit, thymea fin^, â. 
Tofeign To invent ^ to counteri^t; to dlseemble, rliymet 

pain, r» a» ' ^ 

To reign To raie as a king ; to pf^ail, rhymes i>ain, ▼. n. 
He/gn The tiœeofkingly gotemment, s, 
€<m'e-reîgn Suprême lord, s. 
iSoo'^-re^ii Suprême in power, â. 

Fbr'e'gn Outlandifih ) not belongtng to; exClYlded^ a» 
Jn^ter-reign. The time a- thfone is Vacant,' s. 

Ma-lignf Unfarourable ; fatal j înfectioui, rbymès ffne, 
7b mo-i/gn' To burt ; injure; backbite, rhymes fine, t. a. 
Be-nign' I^ind ; geoeroos ; libéral, rhymes firie, a. 

Sign A tokeii ; miracle ^ symbol ; device hmig eut ; con- 
stellation in the zodiac, rbymeà fine, s. 
Th sub-sig?tf To sign under, v, a» 
To-de-t/gn* To propose ; intend^ plan, v. a. 

De-signf Inuation; plan; scheme, s. 
To re-ngnf To gireor yield up; to submit, v. a., ' 
En'tign A âag or standard ; ofBcer who carries It» ^. 
7b am-tign* To make over to anottier ; to trust, v» a. ' 
7b €onn^'«r>^^ To undersign, v." a. 

7b af-#/gn' To appoint ; trahsfer; makebver, v.'al '^ 
Tahn-pttgnf T^d àttacl ;' to assault, rhymes tune, V..,^. 
7b pro-pûgnf To défend ; tO vindîcate, rhytnes tune, v, a. 
7b op'pugn' To oppose ; aitack prè^st, rhymes tunfi;, v. a. 
Tber-pifgn' Toconquer; to take bjr assauh,^ rfaymei tune, *. a. 

In Within some plade, pi^p. 
7b or -c&itn' To appoint; establish; investi v. a. 
7b^^«r-c?ain/Toordainagain, v. a. 
7b Jb^e-of •^/o/jt' To détermine beforc:hand, r. a. ' * 

7b £re-cr-d^m' Toordaln beforehartd, tr.a. • ^ 

"T^dtf-iiimi' Toscom; tontemn ; rejcct,'r, $.. ' * ^ 
- jRti»61ad; meWy; 0<>liged, a. • ' ' '•' *'''' ^ " 
Gain ProAt; advantage,' s.* ' . .ftV. vù^ gT 

To gain To obtaih; procuré ; get «inràrd, >/' '^ "" ®\-, 
Ji'gainf Once more, ad. '[^ > -.. nT 

7br*-|^ûm' Tofecoverj t«getagain, y. a/ 
l^ff-^iit' Atvkward, a. *' 

Ckain A lifte af ttnics; coiltihuatîon, ^. 
7b€AafR To fasten with a chaIn,' V.'a. 
7b«R-cAaiJi' To fasten to a cha'U, v. a. 
Toim-ehaiH* ToiV«e' fVota» 6hams> v. «. * ; 
Loin Prêt, and part, pas^ of tolayl ' 
£i<itn A boil or Mister, a * 
VbL. I. O fSlil 

* -\ 

. •• • - 

\. r't 







'. « ' 

M'unit «îT 


. ^ 




iO^t l 

990 AIN 

. , Wl'Mn A aote inade by cold or fiosW s, 

Pof'ce-lam China ware ; an berb» a. 

Cas'id'UUn A constable of a oastl^ s» 

yUUa'm A wiclied wrelcb i ako a serrant, >. 
Piloia SlnooChi flat^ atipple; évident, a. 
Ckapflaim Clers^yman of • ship; of a riment,, ke, «• 
Tb tom phin^ To murmur ; Un^cnt ; bewail, ▼. 

7o.«jr-^iAn»'Toexpound; ilKutratei clear up^ y. a. 
CAais'far-/aâB One «bo take» care of cbanbeiv;; lixtb offioer of thf 
crown, f. 
SItùn Part, of to slay ; kllled» 
, . MiiU Principal ; «bief; important, a. 
A-mttmf Witbvîfwr, ad. 
^De-main* land beld by a man arigityJly of hilBKlf, %% 
liÊg-er-dt^matM^ SIeight cMf band, a. 

To fê<mÊinf To continue; endure i be hit, r* a» 
Do-main' Dominion; estâtes i. 
^ JVar-aieiV An apple» s. 

Mori'mam UnalienaUe estate, & 

PtfM Sensation oftineasinefli; penalty» a. 
To^aToaffiict; tonnent; maaeuneasy, v> 

iSoft Watrr from the clpudx, s. 
7o rfff» To fail as rain ; to dropfirom tbecloudSy v«. •• 

Brain SoftstUKtance witb;n tbe skull ; sensé, s. 
To brain To knock or take oui braioH v, 
To dtiàn To empty ; to niake quïtç dry» ▼. a* 
Drain A channei^io oarry off water, s. 
Iv f^Jrûinf To ke^ from action ; to forbear, y. 

armn A single seed of corn ; a minute particle, i. 
2^ tf%f r«M' To die de^p in giain, y. «» 

^ $f/tmH A violent evtenelon of tbe ^ndfufix ^- ^ 
. Tp Éfiraiji Tù st^etcb tbe lif^amenU v;olent:ly9 t. a. 
Mûrltain A plMue amongal cattle> s. 
Toinin Toefficate^ bi«ed ; drav, v. «» 
Tm/a Tail xiî a bird; of a goifn of state ; retînue; pio* 
«c«ion j train of artiUècyi a. 
Èuai'faiH IPwtt lines rhytnjng sdt^maiely» s. 
3« i<m/« To tgmieae Ârôugb^sometbin^ ; qirain; ffUeese) 
mi^tigfats força; constcgun» ^- ** ^ 
8irmn Stile of speaklng | 89ng ; tstice ; saak i bprt> 8. 
« !n rm-^TÊm^ To withbold; kjeep U^. fuppr^. r« a* 
%dit-4mm' Toaeize goods4)r çb^ffctelS| «^i a. 
* ^«Ni-ilraAi/Toogmpel; force; confine» ▼. n* 
9» 9»far-ittm(mf Td stretch too fatj v. a. 

Toob-Uùnf To gaîa; prpcuie^ prevall, ^. 
T% ik-iaim' To hold m custody ; to.keép batiHi. % tu 
Tb n^tûSm' To kaep ;. hold in custody,. f* a» 
Cki^im A leader; a bead, s. 
AM'laAiAnherb; atree, a. 
To mmfiMm' To préserve ; késp;. support» ♦• éé 
Aam'IoM A post witb a tuiniiD^ topi s, 
TocoN^/ow' To bold; comprise^ i^ cbwle» ta 

G I N 

Cip'lahi A flnwiWBiidcr of « Mpj traop, Jtc> ■; 
Ctr'fan Sure ; renlnd, a. 
IVetr'tenDoaMal; nauRM, a. 
7o nr-M^tan' T» awke ort^n ; lo flx, v> a. 
Ta ptr-lain' To beloii; ; twiate unto, v. n. 
7b iip-pir-lam' To MooK imto, V. n. 
ïàu-(rr-laKi''i'oeiMiti!rM«illi; treat; reoeive, v. a. 

G(r'iBi»Piiniilu>B«rmbHl,wind«>iT, 3u:. alMa tomia fb 

t.6catiiHi, t. 
' Ta ttaim Ta Mot; ipN i dkgrase, t. a. 
iSbitAUcÉ; aspaCj iaflimy, I. 
Tatt-Haa' To forbear, t. n. 
Ta.^<>(aB'^aurk<rithBU'M; tD9|i(rt,.*.a. 
Ta diftain' To Km ; tmea ; Uut, t. a. 
Tbiiit-taiai Tvbtm* ; pnçj bilp, t. b. 
Tiint-fam' Tb^ain; oomcto; briogaboat, r. «, 
&3'<Ha A ■tania.of lin Ion, i. 

Fan Fruitleti; iMaalr pnmd ; inefllMtBat; idle, a. 
Wàn A NUt of cart, i. 
CWrtf'nam Spanish leather, i. 

Sinmi A paitsnU yonth> a Toung man, >. 
Co^'taùu The commàmter of tbe cockboati 
JlMt'iMin Ona who haa tbe care of a ship'i riggfiQ, i. 
Twain Two, a. 

Bin A repoiiUMy for corn or %ine, «. 
CoiTi Apartmeat ia ■ Bhip ; cottage, Ite. i. - 
Bob'biit A unall pisoe of mwA «ith a nat«b, *. 
Aot'M Abird, ■. 
Oitr'a-lna Angclicat, a. 

ToatflToMaawithno'ie, T. a. 
Skein A inulliiBiik uf silk, &c. rhyiHea pahi, i. 
Ans tart of a bfidle ; aet of sofemiiti, rhymoi pain, i. 
rarrinTogoïenii reilrain; controul, rbymct pula, ». ^ 
To irm Td «nptr, ttwrmea pain, T. n. 
Iltrt-ia' Intbit, ad. 

VÊêie-m' lu tbat i in thl«, ad. ' 

fftirt-m' lawliah, a<k ' ' 

Vcin ACubeà) thefcah; cmnmf-MftAVni Oûna i cai^ 
rcDt;. tHMiof tBilid, rtiymi» pain. 
Su Awing oTMh, «. ' 
GH^fi», A bbled aatinr, s. 

Gi/tAn A Cheat for ili:tul bodMi, I. 
Jtfii^ A MTt of K^ht cake, *. 
' It»g-iMmifJ!a Apabry, nnkfMhxr, *. 
JV^A ■'iinrt; a 8ih, >. 

6m a larc.t a^tMpi feima, 9i ' 

oa r- 


Pig'gm A woodoi TcaHJ for pottkge, tu:, t. 
Nog'gin A iiiiall WDndm cap, ■. 
Or 't-gin Tbie beginDing ; «nrre) doc-eat, ■• 
Cam-ing-vi' ILereuuci iucoDw, >. 

»^i-V" AinwduBwqiuiiBtBdwitli mm; ngnintheEddiac,*. 
^'(^ Uiitouched; uDmkigled; pnrej maidml;, >. 
A»'n A nappy ckitb, >. 

J/n A meaiure of Un pinta. a. 
O^ The lowM put of tbe face, ■. 
Zt'ekii A gold foiti valus noe ihîlliiq^ i. 
GiibA'iR A tiUle gtutun, i. 
CrcA'n A bedgebo^i a child, & 
Ctf-M-dm' A friar ; « kJDd of ««nan'* elosk, i> 
Utl'pkiK A «eafish, s. 

ilMiWii Tb« dauphin i tbe cUett anoof Fnaoe, «. 
Sln^Tfaefilnspiirtarthebg. a. 
ïlât Leani ilun; snalli ■IcDder, a. 
7%MNottbichlyi uDtckimlr. «L 
TtfUiaToattefiualei; to BukeUmi, v. a. 
H^Ab-ù' In the inner part, pn^ 
tnin Fane; a priclily buah, s. 
Kilt Rtlati™, a. 
AJm' Rdated ; alUed by blond, a. 
Lmh'kin A litOe hmb, s. 
Baflâ A imalIpieceofiniTy ormctal, ■. 
Borf'fti A doitkin or Uttle doit, ». 
Ten'*lsail, ». 
Jlfaa'i^tii A littlemaD, s. 
Min'i-làa Small [ dlminmîTe, a. 
M«l'Hn A dirty vench, a. 
Cri-aw/'lH Anold cal, i. 

Wtl'kht The risible région of Ibe air, 1. 
Aop'bn A linen rloth used M Bteak tDwipe bonds, s> 
Fip'iia An earthen boiler, >. 
ituiap'jtta An awkvard peraoo ; a clown, ■• 
G'der-ià Inferiordder, i. 
KH'i^-iin A liiitiid measure of liitea and eigbte«n gil- 

Gkcr'jln A pekM cncnfidier, s. 
Jtr'kiK Ajacktt; akindofhawk, B. 
&D'(n-iràAkmd(iffi>lMbirth, a. 
ifr'ib'ii A veanlaTainegalkiDa, a. . 
Uar'kn A wild beaït daad through lickneaa, fcc A 

«a/n A hkle ; naUiral cowr af «elb, &c. a. 
Rm'iHn The pn^wcc, 1. 
A»i>yntmTheculide, i, 
Grù'tinThe vertebiMof abog'IbrbnHlinf, s. 
Sut'lân Akind ofbalfboot wora on Um itaga, >■ 
7« ^ To itop ; te gire over, v> ih 

.• ^ 


. R I N ^ 293 

Hob-gob'liu A sprite; afairy, c 
MaudUin Druok; «tapid^ a. 
A^me'&AAkindoffislt, t. 
Ja-Je-lin A spear or hàlf ^ike, s. 
Jtao'e^n A hali txloon in fortffication, ff. 
Mf'iàegflin Driak made of hoaey and wéter^ •• 
PlU'-ikHm The herb speedwell, t. 
K*-o4rn' A fiddle, ■. 
Ber-lin' A kind of coach, i, 
8nur*tin A fisb, s. . 

Mes*Un Mixed corn, asvheiat andrye, •# 
Mus'Hn Fine atuff made of cotton, • a. 
Mast^Un Mîxed corn, s. > 

Qerfmin A shoot} a sprouting teed, f. 
Ocm'ni Aplant, s.: 

Grâi A corner; apîeceofmoney, s. 
TocoM Jo make money ; to forge, V. a« 
Tofom To pvah ïniaackig, ^.Q. 
Stànifim AêattjaSgnM, B. 
Tojoin To aâd; imite j encotfntier; r,- ^ 

7b iuh'joinf To add attheend, y. a. ' ■ 
7b adrjoin' Xo jom unto ; to= bo ùotàh^aon^i t, a. / 
Tofw-JoiV TojoinagiiBi f^y; an8#cr, v. • ' ' 
Toen-join' Topreecnibe; dirâbt; -commandj r. a. 
To in-join' To (^mmaad, t, a. 
Tbam^iotn' Toconnect; leagu*; unité, v. ' . 
Toi»-4€r'jomf To joÎB tojsetfaer; t» int eimwiy, ▼. a^ 
Tb du-joini To separata $ > part asundar j |^t ont of \ 
join or fomi, ▼.>'»• ' • ; * 
7b mis^inf To join uafitly <» nnproperly, r; a. » ^'*^ 
Loin The reins ; the back o^n* animal, '9.—' 
Topur-hint To^tteal ;»tathîefe|OTvatelyj ▼. a. "^ - ^ 
Groin Part ^xilfaethigh^ s. h • î . * V " • 
âuoin The corner, a. i ». ; : -* • " . * 

ToproU TooOsp ; «mtç trim j prune, ▼; 4 ' . *> ' * 
i?e»-2soM' A médicinal kimd.ofres'oij -a. f 

Prn Apointed short wire; apep* 8« « 
To pinTo {attend join ; close -«ih pint, ▼. a. 
Cork^ing^pm A large' pin, Sw 

XincA'ptn.Anironpinof anaxle-trec» f* 
Pujhlpin A child's play, s. 
laehH-^n yart çf a deer's inside» t* 
To un-pinf To open what is pinited, ▼. a. 
Chop'in The Scotch quart, s. 
i^/>';»in An apple» s. 

TbxpinTpdraw up hito threads; protract; 
exercise the artof spinning, t. a. 
Man-da^rinf A Chinese magtstrate, s. 
%tta-drin* A mite; «smallcoin, s. 
CuVver-'in A spccies of ooduanee^ t. 

O S Ckm^ 


294 E M N 

Cl<m^i« Tbe Ibreptffi «ff tlM taiâ «r ft hOTtet, s. 
Grin Ansliected laigh| «tmp, «. 
7b ^ To seCthe teethtogethef» T.B. 
Cha-grm' 111 humour ; irezalkM.; ft m iU i mm , a 
Tb c4«-^nM' Tovex; to j^itfui of fa a pp gr , «. «. 
fSfrfim A lîirçigiiceiB of ^ifferaÉTâlne, «. 

Am Xbe IraoigrenioD bf «he law of God, I. 
7b «w To truMgrewtiir lawof QocU ▼. «. ^ 
Ba^tim A vessel for washiof^ kandt; a poBé; r»- 
•ervotr; dock, é. 
£o}»-&a-^V Slight staff mixedwithsilk, 'f. 
i^«r'm AflMMQr^iSlg* & 
Hai^tn Adried gf^fil» ik 
Vis-êei^tiu Unkurful ejectment, i. 
Cr/'m 'o-«M A tp«ei€» «C Md^ttitoar, «. 
MoÊ^in Spissatod turpeottiie, t. 
7bnM'mTonik4Wt)it<iMi» «>•- 

QNtf 'w A rdatioiMK^ digt>»ap, t. 
CW'lir-AiMf-M A pettyikvoante} fiMQ%.U 
JBmv'jîii a Ma^ «^ 

Trii A sort of wkite ifteM, b. 
Lai^in, Thi ■ ■tfi f l;, Btftti l i^ i iii gf i » t. 
Matfm UMtttlM flMiMv» m. 
^m Al «oAt-^iope, kUniog «11^ v^ 
£ui9i*in A pou, eu:, moi te tlili^s» i^ 

A«'m a ^ÉÊtm m lioïKV «^ 

JWv'^iJ» laKr>m*>rwl jortijwct^ & 
To n-pka^in To refease KOQé»dèMiMd» t. «. 

CDv'm A decâtfiil mmeamitt ^ 
JTar*k^m A f i ripctpri cpoBpttrii 
Pàl-am^uin* Ao bidi«ii«oduiiir«lKU , 
Ptfi'fEttn Alampopa» & 

J2v'«i A Ml ; OTVftfawir; ifcatuieikH i; ImÉ», «• . 
To r«'in To Jemblish ; destioy; mo to Mitoi' i^. 
Towm To0ai|ib|g<9ni^aestorplay, ▼« a. 
7»/n One of Invo prodac^d togetlMry «. 
7b /nun To brini^tvv ; to i>e ptoinAy v«*ii. • 
Seii^in TheiKt/oftaking paùessÎMi, ^ 
/b/n SetiFai/en, 
Chtip'fidn Having thc mouth 8hiiinà> a. 
ta^ A.fltovelotiry orbarathnigs, t* 
^cw/n Fa^rt pasi. of to sweil.» 
^u/n AFreiiclinie&sareollength; aaeU, s. 
7b (&»nn Tocurse; coodetnii; hisg ddWn» v. a. 
7b coa-dtmnf To pass JÇ9teiwe Iqpon ; < bia»e, ▼. tu 


^ P Jf S9? 

Bol'tmii Aaful; grave; trioaa, a. 
TanH-lemii' To koto; tfeipuEi negliiot, v. n. 

Ib iâm To Paint or diaw. s (ace,. ï. a. 
roiJ-Ji>iiii'Tomipa:iit, T.a. 

ew'ioiui Arouiiapillar; partof ■ page, St"!- «i 
./«u'IuiBii The tlilcd sewoa of ther«ar, 1. 

Ji^n A divine eaog, a. 
Tt Min To «inTioW ) to fan, t. «. 

^lu AhDuseofeatertunmentf<>itrave^a,kC' h 
3à lia Toiputup at anluD, V. D. 
BunnÂkiiutcifiweet'bread, i. 
Ofyna (Iriih) A hdUow boto^en two nounUiiM, •• 
On UpoDiprep. 
Ai'F'kniABLtaafaiLfc, (. 
^'oNAbUckvaliulilairaod, i. 

Cbii (Abbraristioo for ctulra) Àgt-ioA. 
JBo'nM Hag*! acfk oarediritb uttud drw4 % 
Aa>H Certain directii^niailLtlq^fire, (. 
jDM^aniAdMirchofficer, «, 
&4'dM-oa An oïder in tha cbofâi (^Itew, t. 
AnA ' i t n » Abi<ltop'ld«pul;y, 'p. 

PetH Ap'cture or le^nientafiaif ■. 
Ba-td'i-tm A mItç; an DÎntnent, i. ' 
CSa-iiWi^m An aniieinl naJimne, *• 

BWr^i-OMAUndof&nNOcitaniif, •.. \ 

Ln'i-wi A dicUMM7> *■ >' - 

ACaMAhaUki klMti/GamMf, ■■ V 

n dhiTopiiloâ, T. ■■ , , ..I 

Jftjf ' wi A» Aig T«J»rBffl«ti, t. 

&■^Em A Aandard bearerj a (tandard, •■ 
Xe a-ia'dui To tarage; ta ileMrt, t. «. 
rm'don Aline»; ]i|^re of JMnU, ■■ 
Sin'ion ^wrappeti ■ fohl, ■■ 
JUr''(Ln(Fr.)AbitofbM»], «. 
Par'dta iatAnatmi MmùWMi «f fcuAf. ■• - 
TbtBr'tiîn Toforg^T*^ «xwuai )r«irtl, T. •• 
eùfrU» AreiWdj lecanpaHca, it 
Bel^iettbai Revatd j recooiptaca, ■■ 
ÛT'dnAroworitoBaa, hilli, lu)^ 
En-nc'iji'dm Tempeituous N. E. wind, ■• 
Ap-o-ga'on A planet'a greateit diaUaea fiwn thaÉinh. * 
Jfïdî'e^rtAiraUrliiwl, ». 
Pig-fidg'e-on Any thing pmtty or «mail, ». 

JhOg't-oa A unall daggvi itl witl; malio*. *• 
Gw^'f-oR A imnll fî>b ; a man dc<eired, a. 
Blm^'t-o» A aliort thiok stick, ». 
CuMiuii^U-m A nûteri •niegaid; a c'per. »■ 


«96 I O N 

Pigfe-an A dote, s. 
Jhm'ge-én A'^ark prison under gproundy s. 
JRbm'^e-on A 5éa bhd, s. 
Ha-berfge-on Annour for the neck and breast^ s. 
To bourfge-an To sprout ; s^oot oui, v. n. 
Chi-ntr'ge-on A surgeon, s. 
BoT'^'-cki'rttrfgê-on A man both a barber and a sargeoD, s. 
Sitr fge^on One who cures by marnud ùgerAtilàn^ s. 
Siurfge-^m AsetL-ûiAï, s. 
Lienèh^e-ùn A bandiVil of food. s. 
/VncA'e-en A tool tb n^akea SuAe ;, a large cask, s« 
Tn/nch*e-cn A staffof commafld; a short staff, s. 
'Sattchfe-cn'A 3hield represëntedin héraldry, s.' 
JSr-ctt/cA'e^^mTheshteldof thefanûly, &c. &. . 

Pan-ike^on A t^ngle of ail the gods, s. ' 
C&a-flK'&^ff A4 animal that iQkeartbe cohAiT of wbaterer le 
tout^és, ^^ , ' 

éai-à-cn' A htge ship wHh Ibdr or ffte deck^T, s. 
ïiere^MliSpotïtîm, ad. 
IJure-onf Onjthat. ad. . 

»^/*-dit'ÔS^hï&, ad. 

Fon A ÎoqX j -lin «dèot; s. . ' 

Grn/{/b)r A'febled ànrtnal, s. 
i>0c'o.|jroii A fi^ire of ten sldes, B. 
En-dec'a-gom A nïinn figure of ele^en sidçs and u^gles, a» 
ffen-dec^'a-gon A ngate of élerën sides or aogîes, s, 
l/n-dber'a^ott Afigure ofeleven'side^, 8. 
Jkh^lee'a^gon A «gàiti'of ttt^e sidës, 1s. ' 
£n-fie'a^on A figure o/nine^a%leV fi. ' 

/ZogrW AitiiH» quaH mêàsixré QÏwitGe^Cr^s» 
To parfa-Mn Toxompa^e r to erfual. >.^k. , / , . 

^rag^on A, serpenf ; 'tÂnstélîltWj'^àol^^sl * 

Ftap'drag-ôn'A^me, t,'. '- "' ' , 

«Sm/p'tfrao^-on Alci'èdof pîay; a plant, s. '^ 

TarWa-gon A plant daUed berb dragon, s. . 

Oct'a-gon A figure wjth cight aides and angles^ s. 

Pe/i/'a-jo» A.figrffe "«Ktfifivfe angles,' s. 

JIef>t(iU:è:b'n'A %ÇiVé vittt'sémi' sîdes, 9. 

ff'^ffgfàft Albaf wheê^cMajge fôi: burtbens» «• 

Hex'a-gon A^rtrtTof i^îx'sidcS or angles, 8. 

Tri'gon A tfiaagleV'»^. " ' • "• 

OrUko<-gon A^ighrffangléd figure, s. ' ' 

t .^^"^^ Oibbei^sli \ g^bble; nonsensej s. 
M ^^u^^i^ ;^ny ^jjjg „gly jjj^^j horrîd, s. 

roVy-gon A figure of raany angles, s, 
Sore'hpn A'khid ôf ârbitralry exaction or servUe temîre» s. 

• Sfipmm'A^pt to couTey liquors, s. 
Syfphun A*tnhe; 

, a pipe, s, 
Ga'ôi'ion A basket to contain earthitised in war, 8. 
, ^' W A sprout- î * thç sbodt of a plant, s. 

qqV>i*>-WWii«^ m^^tm^fg^ 

I O îN 297 

•'. •♦ - * 1 

&ts^icfkm The act of nupecking, s. - 
CWr'oM Restmint s chisek, s.. . 
Slci^an A small twig, s. 
Con^n'gi-im An infection.; a pestilence» 8* 

I^gi-im A body of soldiers ; a rast number, s. 
RefgMm A tronntry ; a tract of land or «pace, s. . 
Re-UgU-on Viitue ; a System of faith and worship, s. ^ 
/r-r«-%'^'aji Impietjr ; acnètanptof religien, ^ . » 

Qur'gi-<m Coarecr part of mealaiôed frofla bran, ?. 
Stanfchi'-on A prop) a iopfort, s. 
Aim'eAr-on ViotuabbQtweea«i«»ii« 8« - ; 
Fau'dù-on (See /a/^A/oa) a crooked sword, s. 

Fash'ion Aform ; custom ; sort; thiags woni, s- 
Toftukfion To Ibrm 5 mould ; figiwe 5 aUapt, v. n. 
Qukfion A soft pliow to »U. on, Sw 
XiVaTliekii^ofbeasto, s, . 
HaS'Cal'i-on One of the lowest peopie» s. 
T^t-Ur-^md'i-on A lagged feUow» s. 

BtU'tal'i'on A body of foot, from J^OOto 800 men, s. 
l>an^-ii'a/i The name of a plant, s. , 

A'phe'U-oa The part of the orbit ȕ a pUnet mostreinotc from 

the SQU) s. '• -^ 

Par-he'U-on A miick «un. f* 
^'/Z-on A rid^ of land, ai 
Gan'gli-cn A tunor in the nervous part#» s. 
Garfgli-on An eysndatioa of ne^TO^•^tti«e fro» a Uruiae^ s» 
Mam-dêfion A soldier's coat, a. . 
Ver-tmlfi-on Cochineali .afine vedeolouF, S. 
Pa-vilH-on A tent^ afdBameabb» bouse» s. 
Seai^U-on A ka»d.of smaU 9Mm«BH>i^ a* 
.3f<?-cto/'/i'«R A large saedal, >' 

Sialili-on A Wne kepl^ for mares, s. 
JU-beVU-^n Opposit'OQ to lawf ui authority, n. 
Stel^U-on A newt, s. 
BA'îi'on A million of m'.lUous, s. 
Mil'li'OH The wageJbet ten bundred tb<n«and, 9. 
FiVli-an A wcvran's saddle, a 
TrWI^on A million of militons of millions, s. 
Po'StUfii-on One vhoride» tbe first coacb-boiae^ 9. 
BuVH-cn Gold or sîlver unwronght, s»- 
CuVii-on A scouaérel ; a maan paraon, s. 
Scul'k-on The cQ^k'a «erva«t, s. 

SekofU-oH An explainatoiy observation, s. J 

Com-pan'i-cm A partner; a eomrade, s. 

Mm'i-on A woman^s favoorite, s. 
ZXh-mtM't-an Sovereign authority ; aterritory, 9» 
Pfn'i-on A wiag ; tootb of a wbeel ; fettar*» «• 
To pin'i^n To bind the wing ; t» shackle» ▼. a. 
O'pinfi^n A sentiment ; judgment ; notion» s. 
Am'ni-on (I^t.)aiiieiobraiie lUMnediately^ço^^ri^g tl|6 fitetiw. 

O 5 Matkf 

.'." •*»'&" 

•■< ^> , » '"^tt " *■'' *N'*^a 

^» 1 M 

C«'ti«i Apbflt wltb aboAoas Boot, t. 
I^J^ff Tbe ftrangest toir«r in a casdeldr pnÊOuen, a* 
Mtm'i'om A fitt balky womad, t. 
7)r'jif-wi The MMhttr thrae, t. 
fiiiil-/«r'iMfi The. ooiibcr tor, «. 

Vtii'^m The «ci of Jomi«|^; eoncordi a penf» t. 
JI«HÉ'iri-«ii A reimitiaf , s. • 
GmhmufmHm A» Loid^t fii|qper) Motnhîp; «mioa 
ÎBfcitii, t. 
i>iMi'iuHm Séparation^ <liij«»Bttoii, k. 
€Shfl»%».«« A tingkrPimihaÉfct; a hero» i» 
i%Ni^»-oa A l^npkhl» t. 
/Vnt^MvÉ A pfaMty Sk 
Sbor^^•ea A ftoisanoiia veptile ; a fish, t. 

Qa'rt^tm A Uai ap l t, t. 
Oi-lr'ri-o« A UMurfc wfaertb^ the g ood a cj i or baâiiwt of a thiq; 
maybejodgMl, •. 
Cho^ri^tm Tbe dutward medihnne tbaftcawnipf tlN fetoi, •• 
Aff^r^M A hefaneC, i. 
CttHri-on Bad méat» s. 
MuHn-on A hehaet» s. 
Sep'tenUri-im Northern, a. 
/>f-ca'ri-ea A comounder over tea, s. 
t'im-itf/rMm A oummaiider ofer «i hmidred, t. 

Oe-^ca'siM An ioéMent) ofipertanity; need, a 
7hoo*eaVimToeaiiae; to-iâniieDoe, r. a. 
A-^fra^nan A nibbin^^ oii^ 0i '• 
£-m'«iiim An exfeaee ; a» eqniiroeation, t. 
In^vafikm An bMtiieeiltmMBe ; an atUnek, s. 
Per^vahion Theadl-of fairiag thimigh, b. 
Pirr*A« '/ioM Actofperraadm^; anopôiof, s. 
AJis-per-^a'tion A wrong'fvitkm; a f ahie ôfmiKiBi s. 
Dis'sua^non I^portturîtjr eghintt, s. 
Ad-ke*sion The act of stiokiag unto, s. 
In-he'sion Inhérence, a* 
0)-A<r'«ê^ State ofunien, oomitekleny i. 
Ex-*'tion The act of eating throngh» t. 
Oc-nV'io»' Thé act oTMIKii;, s. • 
i)e*a>'Éra'TM-de«erm1natiMiofaqiMftion, s; 
Ri-cisfion A catthig^ éÊl, s. 
Pre-<UNan EiShct^finifCflftàm { «saotaees, e. 
Cir-cum-às^um The rite of oiréMiciihigi •« 
ira-cir-ct0i-<t''fVnWaat€ffcifCninèiaion, s. 
în-fiWfon A eut ; awoand«ade, s. 
Cua-cit'ion Cutting off; exoÎRûn, «. 
iH^er-cis'ivn Interrnptkm, •& 

Ex-ciffitm An extirpetkm j destmeiiofi ; i^ukr, •. 
E-lù^ion Acntthigoffi a teinitation, a. « 
Al-Usfion A fltriklng eue thiftg ftgaiMtanotlier, «. 
* S^UHitm A itfiiiDg tegether i a oladi» f . 


ro N ^m 

¥ * * 

Mit-prà'ion Cootempt -, misUke; 0iversjgtkt| |, ' W 
Ar'riê^ion A fruiiiog upoa, s. ^ , . 

Ir-risfion À. laughîng at anotheri s» 

nt'ào» A sight j a dreaip ; a ph8^lUHD» $., 
Jie'vit'kn A reviâw, s. 

Di-sisfion A dividing ; a ^-arlaiioç ^ a pait^ «• 
Sulh-di-w'io* The act of subdivida^, s. 

AorP^ion A pruTidiiig bdforebaud; . m^aftires te^tea; 
stores laid up; victuaUi stipuiatloiv s. 
/m-ftro-w'fon Wapt of forétbought, s. 
Js'MiM/'non A Iiquid medicine, s. 

iW'iÎM A driyi^g forward ^ oppo^ to suctloa. 
Dt'pui'noii A Uiruating away, s. 
He-puiUion A driviog <»ff frcMQ itself, s. 
Im-pul shn An uifluenc'e on the miud or boily, %. 
Com-puiUkm The actof compeliing, s, 
Pro'ptdhion A driving off or forward, s. 
£x-pttiUion. An ezpelUnc^ or drivioy out, s. 
A'VuiUion A pulLug o»e tliiii$. from anotber» s. ' 
£>o«/'wA The act of ^tuckiiijp out, ».. 
He-vui^fion A tumin^ back of.humours^ •, / 
Di-md^shn l'he act of pluckiog away, s. 
Con^vul'mn An irrqpilar aod violent uotioi^ 4. 
SeanU'ion A scanning of verve, s. 
AfaA'#/&;i A place of reiidence j a great houjie, s. 
Fer^muaftion A cootinuance, s, ..;^ 

Dis'panUiqm, I>iffii«ioQj dilatation, t. . 
^xopoA'fioa Aspreading ont; extent, s. 
Ae-cenUkm A kiodling ; or beiiig kindied, s. 
Re-cenhion Enuç^teration; review, s. 
In-cenftion A kindling, or being on fire, s. 
A'tcenftion The a^t ef asœnding, a. 
Vt-^cenhkf^ Tïi» aci of descending, a. 
Con-de-fcen^shn Subnunçion ; compliance, s. > 

Ikp-re-hefJtion A catcbi.B^ onawarea; a diiutovcryj % 
Rep-re-ken'Hor^ A vejpvoof i open blâme» % 
Co/n'pre'hffn'sion. Kuûm\ie4gç i c^imcity, s. ^ ,\ 

i^/Hpre-AM'Woff A conception i fear; suspicion» a. 
Pre-ap-pre-ken^non Au opinion Ibrmed before exaninattlony ■ <• . v 
' Mis-ap-pre-hen^non Mistake j misoonception, s. 

De^len'sion VarietiçD of novasj depravatioa of ^ralii,i|. , 1 

Di-ntenUion The solid bnlk; oapacity, i. 

Ptm*9ion A settled aUowanoe, s. 
7b penUion To«iip|K»rt by allovanœ» ▼. a. 
Per^penhion Coniid«Eation, s. ^ 

Su^penUwn A l)anging up ; « ceaaing for a time j the bpi^g 

'suspeadedfraoïtfBoffîpei a.. 
Pre-im*non A precoïKieption, a. • . ; ^ 

Cbii-«?M'dri0»- Aipreement j accord, p. . . > • , 

Dis^senUion Contention : atri^ ; diaMromifi|t».i« .• ; 

O 6 2>«' 

00 ION 

Ttn'fMii The art of «rrtchmg, i. 
Oh-tenintk Tbe >ct of •bteadhig, e. 
Pn-tTfi'nn A daim i aficticiriut appranpee, t. 
/«-(m'jtmi Tbe »« ofStreWhins, >. 
Ar-fcii'iwk Tte'kct of foresboving, ■. 
£i^r»i'Ai»i An ^ttcnding-, orbeiiiKeitended, s, 
Co-ex-tai'iiM'tht ttateofexleuSagtoQittametpaee 

^rr'iTsii BccoraiDS SQretyfbranotber, i. 
Se-ipm'iin The xrt rf answeriiig', s. 

^'rion Aiigpngnp; detemtion, i. 
Dit-flo'iioi An exp'osîon, ». 

EX'pb'non Adiiriiigoat with nois&aml «toimce; a 
dijcharge of gnnpovdn-, Sur. 
E-n'àon An eating nnj ; corroiioD, i. 
Ar-ro'iim A gatw'mg, s, 
Cor-n'itoH An eating- or weaiing awajr, «. 
GiAAip'nDnTbeaFtof ctori^, t. 
Afcr'ivn The act of tinkinf, a. 
Ac^nrr'jâiii A drownnigor being- dravned, s. 
£-nrr'jHrR A risiogoatrif «ater, ti 

Jn-nKr'iftin A dipping Dader «ater, s. 
Ai-ptr'iim A aprinkling ; censore j dander, i. 
Bf-^Kr'imtA sprinkling, s. 
Dii-per'thn A «preadiDg abniad, s. 
/■-qMr'Aon A ^ninklii^, s. 
Ja-ffr-ipfr'ifDa A sprmkfingbctimD Dr am OD;, •.. 
Dt-Ur'nm The ECt of cleawing a Mre, s. 
M-tIrriiioa The- art of deaoïiing, s. ■* 

Vrr^ikm A translatingortramlatîm, ït 
A-BtrUia» Hatied ; dnlîke, ». 
Ex-trri-ver'tio» The act of throiFJitç odt, g. 

&i-wr'iibB Overthrow ; nim ; dertmctton, ». 
Àni-niai-ver'nim Ciitieism-; reproof ; blâme, ■; 

Di-oB-'iiim A tomïng'aside; sport; pagbme, r. 
A-wr'wia A'cbaiige of onkrorttiBet ftc. s. 
da-iar'dioB A chan^ fnmi eoe atate ta anDtker, s- 
ftf ^Wf ^ il Hi A Change for Ibe wene, s.. 

Tbr'iwR A tuniiÇor.twittlng, a 
Oc^oir^irn Clttth i natnal Mov, g, 
iV«ir')Km A mnaing down, & 
fi(-airWa A tcturnkig, i. 
In-cur'lio» An- attaek j a boitile enbanee, a. 
7>*»-<;iir'iton Aramble; apasBOgeCvar, lu. s. 
t ' Ëx^tKr'thâ A dëriatk»; dl^easlan ; ramblsk a. 

Pti'iioti Angar ; 'Beat ; lore i hist | lafieciDg, a. 
iTiiK-pnf'itDa A kind oTnerveUI ctiiC, a. 
ïbcn-pai'fwaTo HiOTe'(iF<DAuvtlb'FU9W| T. a, 



Te eom-pat'sion To pity, ▼. aw 

Dis-pas'Hon Freedom from fertaiha/àaa, s. - 
Cet'shn A. retreat j a résignation, s. 
Ac-ces'sion An arrivingat^ addition, a. 
Suc-ces^sion A séries ^ rigl)tfttl inheritance» s*^ 
De-cet' sion A de|»aKture, s« 
Re-ces'tion A retreating, s. 
Pre-ces^sum A going before, js. 

Se-ces^shn A withdrawing, s. «^ 

Con-cer'non A yidding ; a grant, &c. . ■• 
i^o-oer'^wA A train marching soîamnly, s. . 
Jtet-ro-ces'tion A going back, s». 
/n-Z^r-ce^'^âon Madiatiou; prayer for anotber, s^ 
Con-fes^sion Acknomledgemmil; psafessloo,. s. 
Pro^es'shn y ocaiioni dedaratioQ; opinion, s^ 
E-gres^tion A going ont f departure, s. 
He-gret'tion A retumiag back, & * 
Ag-gret'tion, Commeneement of violence, s. 
Di^ret'iion A tuming from tbe subject* s* 
In-gret'non An entering^ s. 
Sub-in^ret^sion Secret entrance, fi» . 

Pro-gret'sion A regolar and grattel êàmoce, &. 
Mei-re-gres'iion A going backwarda, 6« 
i>i-/ro-gref'«6« The.actof ent^cing, s* • 
7Vff ni-j^ref 'non An offence; sio^ violation, $- 
Pres'skm The «et of presùng* s. . 
J[)e-p/v#'n(mLown^sof spirits;, hiimiliationj s» 
Re-pret^tion The act of crushiogi s^ 
Im-pres^iiom A staïap ; jfidition.j iofloence ; motto, s» 
Com^pres'sion The aot of hringing part» near,,' & 
0|^j(ref'jiMrMiflery; bardsbip; 4uiu4»> a 
ftyprrj^non The act of snppvessiag, s» 
Ex'pret'skm A dcessing ont ; .« fonn of speech, s. 
Set'mn The act, or tiine pf sittiag, s. 
Oi-jer'xib» Abesieging; the fisstattack of Sataft;. 

antécédent to possession,, s» 
Con-ces^sionr A sitting tcgether» s» 
As-tetUion A sitting dowa by oae,. s. 
Bw'-jer'Woii A havinginooe's o«rn power» s». 
iV^^-Of-^f'/Zon- First possession j préjudice», s^. ^ 
ScUUlon The act of cuttii^« .s. 
^5-«ci>'i£>»Theactofcuttingoff, s. 
jRfi-s€is'non Anabrogation j a outtiog off, s» 
jD/^«/«»o»Theactofc]eaviBg, s. ^ 

Mis'shn A commission.; sendii^;^ lese^QÛ> s*. 
A-mis'shn Loss^ s. 
^-/rii-mir'Woa. An emittiag Otttwards, su, 

Sab-mt^tion Obédience ; resignatioii,- s. i / - . ^ 

Ad-misfiion Leaveto enter; concession»^ 
JU-oàrwis^wm Au admitting again,. s. 

M-mk'mn A tbrowing opt ^ T^t i. sh<N^qg» §^ . 




m A duradinç ; a IcHcnia 
ut AaUBM^vot) fctiiie 

C^Jo-twi'aEM Atnat) mmntofoMoi 
Ta aa-MÙ'iiTii Ta «npowv ; tu appoml 
0-mit'iim A neglêct of dnty, &«. i. 
Iit-lro-Bâi'tioii A •eoding into, s. 

Ar-nui'oDK A grutnf libertf, i. 
iV^fr-nù'nai Aa I 
la-ler-mit'ikm A pi 

7>aju.inû'j)aii'nic>ut rirtniiMiUtii^, ■ 

Afm-M-iwi'MM A tl*i^of HMnr to»ûi« 

«KxM'A9ii The Mt «r ihakfig, 1. 

Per-au'iioii A itrÛni; ; a fUok*, t. 

'rio* A driviDg baak ; ■ rebaond, «. 
'BH The nanrinatiaD tt ■ qoodga, b 
Kr-aa'âon SeJKure byhiw, 9, 
A'jJM rbeaMormelting, ■■ 

D^-fu'' __. . 

Siifjk'iio'i The act ofo wn fi m Jiosi ■• 


In-fu'tian \ pouring orMM|ri«s in, ■■ 

Pro^n'taa Exubérant plwty, «. 
7>!""'^'>*MTbeMAaf pouring' iDuawttber, s. 
Os^'nos AMMUrDStp, t. 
Con-clu'ihn Tbtchm; âoi; MMequenoe, s. 
In-Ur-c!a"ionObatritti»f iM«iM|ilk>li, s. 
Ji'x-cii''io* AngK^on; iMctfiù»»^ diiaiimon,!^ 
E-lii'iioa An tatvpe from «i)ui»y, ». 
De^a'iieit A cbnrt ; gntle { dacqKinii, a. 
ALia'iica A lûnt ; r^*«irB ; «nmpailtun, ». 
Il-lu'non Faite àtow i emr; mnckeiy, i. 
Coi-Wtîoii AdeceilAiIasreCiMM, ». 
Pro-Aà'nui A dherCine ferfbrBunce, i. 

TmUim A Ibrattiag ot paaMn;, 1. 
Oli-lni'iioM Abnt.HtisiniKpob, s. 
Vi-tm'tiat A tbmEtinii BoMt, ■ 

Ex-tr^'tiM A ttatrattirg ont, «. 
Ob-tH'ih» A ilnlling, or inaking obtme, t. 
Cui-hi'mHi The BOtof hnSnhif; ■ bctilK, f 
Per-U'Am A tnercittg or betag pilVCCd, s. 

DeU-Jta'fwi AnessaVi- B'tatte.^K 

ION 303 

JDt^-^ha'iion A bleaçfiin^, s. 
Co'ho-ba'iion Repeated distiUatioD, i. 
Càn-Mh-baUion A round hoAy, s. 

A-o-^'(rofi A proof ; trial; testimony, s. 
lUp-ro-ha'tian A being'abcndoned todestructîoii> t. 
/m-p/D^^'/fon Theactofdisallowing, g. 
Com-pro-ba^tion Proof j attestation, s. 
Ap-prohafthn The approving of a thiqg, s, 
I>i»-aP'pro'kaUwn Censure; dislike, s. 
^ Ex-pro-ba^iion A reproach ; a censure, t. 
Ex'oc-er-ha'ikm Tbe height of a disease, ' %, 

Or^baUioH Privation of parents or chiMcen, s. 
Det-ur'ba'tion Athnmiûgàùwni dégradation, s. 
Per-tur- baffion D\s(iVLiet o( mind ; disoider, s. 
Gf-&a'/ton A lying do^ihn, i. 
Ac-cu^btiUion The a|ictent posture of leani^g ai maals, % 
" Bee-4i^baftkm, A lying down, or leanlng, s. 
Hu^mp^u-ba^Uon A lying on the ground, s. 

In^u-^a^tion A sitting ttponeggs, as a hen, s» 
Mx'CU-baUion A watchlng ail night, s. 
Ty-u-ba'tion A stambling, s. 
VtKa'tion Leisure ; intermission ; recess, s 
Sic^aUion The act of drying, s. 
Det'ie-cafthn The act of making dry, s. 
Ex-^ic-caUhn A drying up ; dryness, s. 
Ex-k-caUhn A drying up ; dryness, s* 
Oc-ce-caftUm The act of blinding, s. 
DçT-e-^'/w/tTheactofpurifying, s. 
V^re-caHion A prayer against evil, s. 
Im'ùre^afUon An invocation of evil, s. 

C/-di-ca'/i(m Local relation; wbereness, s* 
Had-i-^oUion The act of fixii^g deep, s. 
^fr^-ca'iio/i Résignation ; agivingup^ s. 
ped-i^ftion Consécration; the act ofdedicating, a. 
Med-ùcaftion Impregnating with médicament, s. 
Pred-ircmftion Ai&rmation conceming any tbing, a. 
In-di^aUion A mark ; sign ; s3rmptom, &c. s. 
Con-tra-ùi-âirealtian A contrary sytnptom, s. 

Co-in-âi-caf^n A concurrency of symptoms, •• 
FiA-ifi^a'/Km Adefence; a jUstiàcation, s. 
Aror-4»<a'^» A biting orcorroding, p. ^ 

Ckoi-di^a'Uon The habit of halting, s. 
Jtt-rfi^a'<«on A judging, s, . 

Adrju-di-cafiion The act of adjudgiiig, s, 

iVv-iu^iti^^ii'/Jon Ajndgingbefbrehand, s. 
Poe-if-i-^tian The act of makiog p«ace, •. * 
Spec-^f'i-wHion Distinct notation, s. . . 
IhU-ct-Jl-eafiion The act of sweetening, s. 
Ed-i^fi^aftion A building up m feith ; iostriiotiôlM «. - 
Nfrf-^^^^/lton Thé a4of building nests^ &. . 
l(i'pid-^Ji<anm The «et tifformiiog sto&es; ^ * 

* - Mi'* 


'-|« Sc .muj ; 1 1 'nul ■■■I. t. 

K rf tiiiap >o pgwt. », 

TDffloh. t. 

Kkalaûl, t. 
riii iJii'r>nTlii iiT iif ■iliiii. rli II. I. 
LM-hri^rm'l^mTheaatthJinstJng. t, 

AT^-rv^^-^v'^M Tlw art tjfizukïa^black, L 

C^g-n^^-is'âBBThf act of^ring gkrj-, (. 

Cof-fat-i'^'rx'lîom A iriTJigof bodr, or p aJpabïlitT, 

n(-n;:«^'AlM 4 ekm^iiie inù. glas», e. 

MeT-€M-riJi-tx'i^ A Bbûag vïHi ijuni^ver, s. 

Ri-ÊÊ^fi-ca'iiom The «et oTbbÛjiag i cmfùUl^ t. 
fer-â'Ji-ca'lmm Tbe ait of taatir^ icrfcs, K. 
Di-RT-«:^-<&'£i» Chou^ ; altentiui; vaiielj, s. 
Of-B^tea'tâia A chao^ûç iotu booe, t. 
Br-nt-i f-ea'tio* AdmisBoo to bc-sTcnly hoooors, s. 

£^i;^d'ri»Tbeictof nlifjiii;, I, 
Grat-i^-ta'liam fleajnre; revûd, t. 

I O N 305 

Pep-li-caUion A rep\y ; reperco^iOQ^ s. • . i 

Irip'li-cu'tinn The act of ttehVmgy s. 
^lul-ti-pU-ea'tton The art of multipilying, s. • . ^ • • 

Im-pU-caUion An iavoUition ; a tacit inference^ s. ^ ^^ 
' Cir-cum'pfi-ca'tion A wrappiug round about, s. * ' 

Çom-pH-ca'tion A mxture of many thing^ s. ' 

, y|p-;>/i-ca'/ioa Act ofapplyiniç; close stùdy,,s. 
Jn-ap-pU'C^i^tion Indolence; négligence, s. .^ 

Stip~pU-<aitwn Pétition hurably delîvered; petitiônary preycr^i, 
âua-drU'pR-ca'tion Taking a thiug foar tiioe^ «. 
-ET-plf-c«'/rt>n Theactofexplaining> s. , 
Du-pU'taUiùn- The act of doubling, s. 
He-du-pli caution The act of dQubling, -s. - 
Con-du-pfi^-ca^tion A doubling, s. . > 

Bm-i-^a'fion Sparkling; âying off in small parades, «. 
Vim-i-ea'tion The act of fighting ; a battle» 's. 
For-m-eaftion'Wïioredomi idolatrjr, 8. • ^ .. 

(Vm-MM>a»-ca'</oK The act of imparting or exchaf>gîng| • 

boundary; comrersatiotti- 9* 
&'^M-iiiu-ii»-ca^//o}i 4° 4^1^^'tlca^ censujr^f s^ •'....- J '^ 

Pre-var-i^tiUion  «huffllii»gi « cavil, s,^ ,. / „ ' / .,,^ . r; 
J>»-offr-i-etf'lfOii A stra<}d|iig|(.,adivisiqi^, .S|. ^ . ,, ^ . . * . . ^^ 
Fab-ri^mUiom A building or ^m'ng^^^^ii* A ^<. .V ,. r. ^ 
Im-hi-€^twri A cçncuve indénturcj a. . , • ,. ...^ «^ 

C0n-/rf-€a'//off A rubbiog togethe^y é^ ;;.'.. •• . 
Oh-aieUn-ctt'tion The office bf a nûdvife, .s/' 

Ntt'4ri'€aUiim Mander of feetiing ûr bei^ç ft^j Si " /v 

jB^-Z/i-ca'/îon The act of discntangling^ I. ...... 

Vet-i-eaffion The act of bK.itering, s. / . -^ 

De-eor-ii'eaUitfn A strippiqg off the bariL» . s» 
J?jr-<or-/f-ra'//on ApaHiag offthebatk, s» 

Jlf47/ -/i-co'/rân Tbe aè( of chcwing, 8^ . * 
So'phis'ti-caUhn An aMtcration, s* 
Pro^-n09-it-cûUfon A foifeteUing, s. ... r* 

In-êav-i-caUton ïyrwoikGaaeàSf s» . ^; „ ., ^ 

/ir/-rir'//on, CrookcdnesSy s. ... *. 

Def-al-cafthn A leiaenlng ; a ciiUîng o^ s. 
In-cut-caUhn Impressing by admon tion, s. . t 

Co7ê-cul-caUton A trainpling with the feet, à. . -, 
Det-run-ca^iion The act of lopping» s. » 

S'i/'^yb-M'/Tbii The act of choking, s. 

Lo>ai'lio;i Act ofplacing; situation, s. 
Al-lo'<afikm A puttiog one thing to aoo^er» s. 
Cot-Ja-mfthn A pfacing or being placed, s. 
2>ij-i!o-ca'/iora A displacing ; a joint put out, s» 
Trans-lo-ea^tion Reciprocal removal of things, s. 
Rm-bro-eaUion A'fonoentation, s. 
He-cijh-ro'ca^tion An section ihteicbanged, s. 

Fo-cd '//on A call'ng; suinmons ; employaient, s. 
Av^-cQftion A calîing away ; hindrance, s. 
w^ri-iW'Ca'/M)/^ The office ofj^Ie^dmg, 8. 


306 ION 

Mnho-em'tio» A recafling ; a repcal, s. 
Sethihca'thn A caltmg aside, s. 
f-fMfv-^-ra'DKM Shufflmç ; delosÎTe irords, t. 
im-v9^m'Hon A caB ngupon in prayer, s. 
Cba-oD-M'AroK An eoclesiasitical aenate, s. 
Proio^o^ea'ikm A eause of «Qger; an appeal, a. 
Em-bv-€a'tiçm A pattiD^or g:o'ttg «n sbip board, s. 
A'^ter-tÊHiam Di^te ; qnarrel ; dispute, s. 
Bif-W'caUmn A dmiioD tnto tm% s. 
Im-^-eaftion The àct oTlMÛting, c. 
Comd^'Ca'iHm The aeiaii^ of priTate p i o peity , s. 

Af^M'AoaThenitorfiihi^, f. 
Cf-fiu-caftioM The act of darlonùn^, t. 
. Â-Jkf-Ai'l«)aT1ieactt>fdarkeiiiii^, t. 
Chr-Hf-caftioa A iliib «nisht, i. 
O^ti-nfitim The net of coté i tqg , i. 
" llit^hùi'tiwi Tl» HHtroetiai oTycMiUii i^ 
Jfaa éÊttmfiiam The aet oTealiqg, ft 

Gm^dÊ/tiam AngolBrvroeieM; OldÉ^ A 
A ym é f /fiwiAptoeâM^INp»! haieiw, t» 
BÊt'4o-gtB'dÊrUtH A fSfll^^ hiidtwaidky t^ 

J>y wd b ^iin A léhUnit» «PoBlair; ^*««te» «- 
J g -fci Cl É Ê^ ûm An eftaliui^tloii^ à deiriM M. t^ ' 
ShKCMii'lM The aà «rir^&i^, t. 
^f^fi'^hrtimÊ Jffinittit cûntrwsty •• 
ChKJo g é^Hkm Am mrftiay iato à lolid gnt% t. 

iUp-t-<«i'«iMAftattIii|r> •• 
IMap-i^ffùm A deïtitiy ii igofbmkGiayB, l 
Trep-i-dafthn A ttate orttvmUiiv, a. 
Am-ût^~4a'tHm A eendmç on a mesinge, s» 
Em-en-dn'tion A cotrêcuon ; as alteratiiM, t. 
Com-men-éaftkm Praiae; a metsa^ne of love, a. 
J2«-on «Ma da'HoH A fecoœmenAog', a. 
ZKv^eMi-Mm-da'lmi Blâme j ceainre, A:c. t. 

Rc-tm-daititm The act of m^in; fraitlhl, s. 
MwÊ-daHion The act of cleaœmjp, s. 
Jk-iM-«b'<KM Anoteffloarof waters; adeln^, s. 
JR>«»4u'£iM A bottom'; rise; establishmcUt, & 
Ex-un^-dn^tion Overflour; ftbutidance^ s. 
M'Ctm-mo-da'thn An a<KQstme; good ïodglngs, «. 
Drf-a-daUhn A makîng fiîthy j pcJhition, s. 

No-dê^lkm The act of niaklng koots, |. 
J[?n-o-d!a Vion An uiit^ing of a koot, a. 
Tar^n'ûoh A hindering or delaying, s. 
J2el-ar.4AiVib«Hindrance; adelaying, s. 
Efic-or-daftion A remembrance, s. 
In:feurdafihn A pntting into possession of a see, s. 

Nu-daHion A mak?ng bare or nakod, s. 
Dm^daUioH A stripping or making naked, s. 
Skrik'tim A sweating, ^ 


ION 307 

Vti-'U'da'fian A profuse sweating^, s, 
Trtui-sU'daftkm A «weating thr(yu§*h, s. 
JEx-su-dafiion A 8w«âitting ont or from, s. * 

Od'OS'-aUion A putting oti the shoes, s. . 
Dis-eal-ce'ttUio^ A puHing oif thc shoes, s. ' 

i^r-iw-a'//ipfi A passins^thron^, a. 
lÀfv-e-a^iûm A draught of a îine or fines, s. 
De^hn-e^aUion. Outlines of a picture, s. ^ 

Ik-ter-ilr^^^'ifOM Cônrectton'irrittenbetwcien Ihies, s. 
Bal-ne-aftion The mot of bathin^, s. 

Cre-aUion The act of creating ; the unitene, s. 
Ree-ré-a'tion Amusetneiit; diversfoo, s. 
Pfoe^t-afiion Generatkm; produution, s. 
Con-fiW'-n^fiion-BfAemiàzBitkiii of marruige hf eating; ' 

bfCad' togcthcTi 8. 
Lau-n-ûfth» A owifenhi^ cf degreea, g, 
Cènrtpm-'rf-^ftHm 0efilenifaBt$ polhftioii, «. 
Ab-Jaq-uê^fthm Ofteafatt grottod mb<Nkt treéft» i. 
JRMoy-iw^'iîoii A caftcttlttg ar^ttanAring; 8^ 

/«-dihfa'lMm En^uii^; ettto'ttalJbQ, s. 
Piyf'4Ê^fthH Oen è r à ha) |»fOiliieth»i« «. 
J^M^tfA/lMNivà^iéMëfiiitt; avtuiAlc, t. 

Lf-gafiiom An embai^ ;' eMnxoisttOii» 9&c. i* ' 
>ft-il^ili'tiM A sendbg lèttMid, ir. 
Dd-e-^tionA aendiiig awaj; csanOiisMi» tte. 4L 
M^-i^fiim A hmtàahlÈÈtDX, t. 
At-k-gaftkm Affirmatkm; ptea-; «xcaMl, I. 

Ke^Uion A déniai ; not alfinmiig, «. 
Ab^m^fii&nDeaaÀaXi retittâciâtieci, t, 
Sfg^tw-'guUim A séparation, «. 
Ag»gf9-g9fti9n A'gaweting' to^eth^sf , t. 
Cbn-f rr^'lwa An aasemb^ «If pec)^^, t* 
lÀ-Ku'tàon The «et t>r «tate of Oindlng^ fe. 
CtU-i-gmfihm Darkneai ; olondineM, s. 
O^^i-gm^iêm An engagement ; favoar, &c. f . 
Dù'-oh4i-ga'tiom A canse of disgnst; an offenc^» ^. 
Vd'i'gttfiioH The aCt of Trinding up, s. 
Al-U*gafifon The act of tyiiig togethér, s. 
GiMi-f«'/iofiTheactofbindingtogcthcr, s. 
Gfr-fKm-fi-|fa^ttAUndhiground, i, 

Ai-iai-f a'I/on Scent raised by fire, s. 

Sttf'/u'm-gatiion ^nme raised by fire, s. 

Bi-gafthn The act of tratering, s. 

Ir-ri-gafthn The aot nf watering, s. 

i4ii-ri««a'/Àin Adrivingofcarriages, s. 

Ve^fat'i'gaHion Wea|>in€9K^ s. 

jC/^-tV'^r''"''' Aconteiting; alawsnit, s. 
VU-i'lit'i'gaUion A contention in law, s. 

MU-i'gaftion An abatement o£ pahishment, t.. 
Gv-/t-| a 'tioJilMnisbitient^ ctrreetion, 8. ' 


308 ION 

J^u-H-ga^thn A deceivîng; a juggttng^ s. 
i^wr-/i>^<»pji Anexamination; a search, s* 
In-^tU^a^tion IncitemcDi to a crimç, s. 
•AKi9-i-ga^â0ii A passiag by water, s, 
lV(C*ttin-»a0-»^a'/ion A saiiing rouod, s. 

Ln-i-gaUion Reducing to powdev, & 
Prom-ul-ga^tion A publication, s. 
£v-td-guUion A diiiclosing twr divulging, s, 
El-an^afiiom A Iength£mt|g; departure, s. 
J^vl^n-gaUion Delay to a longer ttme, ». 
■6o-^<'/ios A sui^licatioa, s. 
Ah-ro-gaUion The act of repeating, s, 
Er-ro-ga'tion A glving or bestowing, s* 
Drr-o<ga(^» A disparaging; a breakiug, «b. . 
Su-per-er-à^aH'ioa A doing more tbao reqiûred, s. 
PiW'th'gttUkn A protonf^ation^ aputtii^paffy ••- 
^ Ar'va^Uhm A claimisg pnwdly, & 
iit^cr*fi>-ga/|Mn A qnestM»; Ihe note (?.), s. , . 

C^^tr^'lmt R^noof I reprehengon, t. . 
har-gafOom A cleansiiig m* puri|f^ii|g, s. , 
CMR.piir-^'i^ A voochiiig fipr.aiwUÎciv a^ 
&p'er'inirgm'tioH More parging. than en«Mg)k 6. 
fjvpicr-^'lton A puriAcatioa;. ^cleanûPl^ 9* 
Svb-jui-gm'iiim The act o^subdvinii^ à., 
CbM^fic^tf'lMm Tkè'inflexîoiio(^?f9tb<| 8. 
iVb-ga'lion A triflii]^' s.' ' . 

G^-^tt^a'/MinCoi»tracti(mintowrîiikIes, s. . 
Z>c6-<Be.<^'/Hm A pi^Bg^ amadniesB, s. 

GAi-cr-tf'lMW A torhîitgto ice, 8. 
Om-gUt-à-aHion A cbanging into ice, & . 
E-ma-ci-aUion A malcinglean, «• 
f-mm-ci-a'tioa Declacatioft; iaf4tniiatHm» 8. 
Ih-wm-à-aftion A publid threat, s. 
- iie-Mioi-a-a'/ion The act of renQuncing, s. ^ . . 
iV4iam-ci-aV;on'Theactpf telUngbdbre, s. 
Pro-nm-à-aHion The act or mode of otterance^ s. , 
Cbfi-<0H»-a'<ion Alliance ; union, s. 
As-Kh-à-a'tion Union ; confedexacy, &. ^ . 

Faê-à-a^'ion A.baodage> a. . , 

Di-gh'di-aUhn A combat with swords, s. 

Ha-di-afiioH A beauiy lustre, émission of rays^s*. 
JE^r-o-ifi-a'/Km Emmenée ofradisuuze» s. 
Ir-ra-dt-aUfon lUamtnation; darting rays, k 
Cor^ro^'C^ikm Junction of rays in a point, Sk . 

Me-di-amon. Interposition ; agency ; advièe» s» ; 

Dirmid-i-aUi&n The act.of l)alving, s. . 
JRe'puS-^^tioti Divorce; rejection, ^ 
Trip-u-dt-afihit The act of dancing, s. 
2ie-4al'i^Ukin A return of like for like, s. 
Con-d^-t-a'/ioR The act of reconcilix^g, s. 
Ute-tm-cti-i'-a^ikn A renewal of love ^ atopemeat, s» . 


ION 309 

Fd'i^^ihn Rdfttion of fon to father, i, 
^f'Jil'i-aftian Adoption, s. 

Suh'tU-i^Hion The act of making thin, g. \. 

Hu-mm-^Hion The act of humility; mortification, i , 
Au^l-i»aUion Helpj atd, s. 

PoUU-aftion Extenoation ; imperfect cure, s. 
Fo'U'^Hiùn A beating into leaves, s. 
Ex-fo-M^fthn Séparation ofrpttcnbonefromsottnd, i« 

^io-ii-afiion A tobbery or pri\^tlon, s. 
Du-po-li-^ftion A despoiling or strippinjg^, 5. 

Am-pU-aHion Enlargement ; exaggeration, s. 
yin-^e-mi-aHûm Grape-gatherlng, s. 
Ca-lum-nî-a^lion False représentation of wurds, &c. i» 
I^ifKif>'i'a'tkm Anàïysis into principles, s. 
donso'pi'aUion A laying to tieep, s. 

Ex-p^ftion -An Atoning for crimes, s. . 
Via-ri'-a'iion A change; diâereoce, &c. s. 
Itk-^-hri-a*thn Drdnkenness, s. 

Ft'Ti'-aHion A keeping holiday, s. 
JUa-ie-ri^fiion A forming of mattër, s. 
Ex-eo-ri^UhH TheToss of skin; plunder, &c. t. 
Im-pro-pri-^fti/m Cbnrch lands in lay hauds, s. 
Ap'prihpri'afiion Application to particular uses, s. . 
J-'nit'i^fHoH Admission to any degree, s. 
PrO'pU'i-M^Èkm An atonement, s. 

F?<-t-a'l>'on Dépravation; corruption, s. 
CoTirnA-^ian'H-a'tion Tvo bodies in one substance, 8. ' 
Tron-'tMb^UM'-ti'^i'iion A change of substance, s. . , 

Ae-fl»-<^«%ibA A treaty of business, s. 

litf-vî-af/iofi Aswervingfrotn an offence, s. 
Al'le^vé'ûUhn Amaktng easy orlight, s. 
Ab'hre'vi'tifihn A shortcning, s. 
In-ier'<m'bi'tion An* inserting of days, s. ' 
Mx-^'laùion A fntne ; steam; vapeur, s. 
^&4a'/Kin A takhigaway, s. 
O^ùtHion An ufiTe. îng ; a sacrlûoe, 9. 
8ub4ttHion A taktng away, s. 
E-ijUioH Haaghtiness ; pride, s. 
De-iSd^/ibn A conveyance; an accusation, s. , 
CûH-ge-la^thn The stateof being cougealed, s. 
iin-Ae-Ai'tiasTheact of panting, s. 

Re-la'tkm Naitmtioo ; kindred ; référence, s. 
/V«-/«>S(mwi Pfeferefice, s. 
Mu^e^u'Hon False narration, s. 
JUo-e-laUion Commanication of sacred trutbsf s.. 
Af^fii&n A'breathipg on any thing, ^. 
I)^a*Hon Scatftering irith wine, s. 
Sîjf-^ftwn A Uowing or pufAng up, s. , 

In-^^fHon A breathing upon, s. . » 

Ea-^'JIm^tiom A Mast; .trorking underneath, a. 
itk^Jkkwi SwtIM with wiôÀ j flat«!ence, sV 



Con^fiaUion A bUming tDgetber» %• 
Per-flaUion Ablovingthrough, s. 
Ju-ii-laUhn A cfedaripg of triumph» Sk 
JÊn^i-hi-Ut'ikn A briuging to iiothii^^, s- 
Àt'4iwir^'4aUiùn A mnking like, 8. 
Ccm-pi-laHion A coUectioii of passage», i. 
Op-pê-faUion An obstructioii, s. 
Ex-pi4a'ihn Robbery» s. 
Ven-^'UtUion A fifmning or cooltng» «• 
Ac-€i^ii'laUion Rémission ofadebt, s. 
Mu^ti'/afthn Deprivation of a limb, c 
în'did4a*tion A putting into posjfessioii, s. 
Con-tra-vàUaHion A fortification to prevenfc salUes, •• 
Ctr-cttm-vaî-la'ihn A fortification thrown up aboat ab^sifged towiii t. 
Deh-eUlaUion Conqiiest in war, s.. 
Can^et'h'tkn An cxpunging, s. 
Flag-el-lttHwn The actof soourging, i. 
Gm7»«/./a'/Km The style ofaddress» & 
jiP'pel-lfiUion Kame ; title, s. 
tn-Ur-peUlaffion A siimmons, s. 

Stel'Mîo» Emission of l'fcbt as ftxqn stars, s. 
Con-steÙaflion A eluster of fixed stars» a. 
Suh-con-ild-hUion An inff^rior constellation» s. 

Il'In'tfon An infcrcnce; a conclusion» a»- 
Vf^e-il/a'thi A rcftiing or st-..î,£!:ering, s* 
Foe-it-taU'mn Coinfort ; suppont, s. 
Re-foc'il-la'tion Restoratiou of strengthby refinesbm^it % 
Os-nl-Ia^fîon Moviug as a pendulum, s» 
Ctip'il-fn'tion A small nixnificaljonof vcsseli^ ftl^ 
De-op-pil-iaUhn A clearing of obstnictiopii s» 
iit-il-laUion A tickting ; plcasure^ a, - 
Scin-til-laflion A sptirkling, s. 
Pes-tU-Wlkm A poundin^ in a mortar, s. 
Vit-iti-iaUton The act of di^tilling, s. 
' PiS'tit-laUhn A poonding in a moitauTy s. 
In-ttil'laUion A droppiug ; a thing iotaaedy su 
Bx'tU-lttHhn A fiiUing by drops, sui 
Cav-it-Mhn A CtiviUiAg, s. 
Dtc-drla^ion A behçading, s. 

G^-Ai'/foa.A filtcring or sUuining, Si 
Per-eo-laUfon l^uiiflcation by strain/j^^ 9k , 
jf-ri-o-/a'//o7i Soothsîjying, s. 

Vi-o-h'tfon An infrlngcmeut ; a de^otr^ii^» i9* 
ImAHo-ia^tion Tbe act of sacrificing, s. 
In Ur-po^aUii.n An addition to. an orignal» 8* 

Pro-h^tion Utteranrc; pronnnciatiwi ; delay* «* 
Jkt-o-la'tioH Destruction i.sadnessf gkioiiûtKfl^r u 
Jn-tO'MfoH Exposition to the sun»^ a, ^, 
Otihto-U'tion Alleviation of misur^'f fçotnfott^ w. 
Av-^aUion, A fiying away, s. ^ ., f 
Ad-vo-UUion A Ôy,in^/o^some(Jl>ig|f^;!?,. ; . ^.f ■,- » 

— .-- .» » « m 


ION 311 

Ev-O'laUion A Aylng awiiy» a. 
dr -cum'VO-iaHion A flying roun4« «• 
Coîi'teni'plttUion Méditation; sttidy» S. 
Su-per-laftion Exaggetation» s. 
/^-w-ia'/2on Tbeact ofgiving law, s. 
TranS'îaHkm A renioviDg $ a version» t. 
Voft'fab'U'laUion Easy conversation ; cbat, «• 

Paè-u-Ja'iioH A feedUig or procuring fi^» si.«r'£wn A jotning of boords tQgether, s. 
TrA-u4a'twn Vexation ; distress» s. 
Am-àU'la'ihn The act of walking, s. 
0h-am^u4afihH A walking aboiit, s. 
De-^m-én^qUion A walking abfoad, s. 
à^te-^im'hu'laUion A walking beC^, a. 
t^-umhu'îa'thn A pasaing through an actual sorvey, i» 
Èmn-bu-ta^^n A great souwif homming noise» s. 

Jac'U'laHion A throwing, oc.<lartingt a* . 
E'Jae-u-fa^iron A ahootiogont; a fervent piayeTi i* 
itfiic-tt-/!Er'frâR A spot ; a atnin, a. 
B-mtayu-hUiim A freeing from ^potii s. 

Pk-n-laHhn A robbciyaf theipubliç nooey» s. 
f^c-U'la'iion Métal |. vices; e^pamination ; a apyti* 
Plm-dk'U'taHhn Kestlcssness attcading agU^f^ St 
^ei^<R»^.fii'fibn The Motion ofwoFOS» &C. , . 

Ge-nic-w-iaUton Knoltine8s,a. 
Jlfa-#rî^//onTheactofinittricalating» a» 
2)Mi-//r-w>/lti'lraii Aaetting withteeth, s* 
Ar'tk-m4a'Hon Juncture o€ bones ; or letton, s» 
Ex-ar'ik'U'hi^n Dislocation of joitits» s. . 

Geê-ik'ih-iû'iioH The moving» or motion oCtbebpdy» 4. - > 
Oi/-cii-Miis« CompUtatioft ; recjconiog, f« , . . v 

CV'àtm-ttè^Uion A b!asting of bnda» s» \ ' 

i/'ihn The acfc ^ inoculating» s. ; 
Sai^at4a'iion The actof weeding* s* . 
Or-ett-ia'ihm A circnlar motion, s^ 
E-mat'tUrk'tion A castration ; e^ijoiiMCy» . fl» 
i^r-of^e»-Ar'/ion The act of biHStng, s» . 

Jfir-o^euJa'ihn An Union ; a kisl^ s. f 

.4ii^a-At'/ioA^latiery; fià«ning« s» . v 

IM^h'tion Tbn lime of bebig iatbanM^ a, . 
Moâ-u-la'Vion AgrveaUe'harttMi^ ; pmpoitim)»* s. . • « j> > 
CW/]^-i»-/a'//oJs AflunHingj.acuni* s. ; . .> . . .< .\ .» 
fte-^o-d^-ii-/a'^râa Seeondcoagiilaliont s... '«...,' i 

€lii-<o-^-«-ib'/k)A Foroiatioiiofiiiiereni tbi^gi iato«ne*. . ; 

masB bycnngiiintion, si. . 
tUg-U'la'ïiùn A «ethocl» Ibnn* nUe» a» - . • 

SirtM'gU'/afiiom The act of atnqgting, s» 
• Ji$-M4s'iiofiOiitciy; monn; w^ùliqgi ai 
J5b-ii-i!a/lwfi Riv»lry ; 0QnÉtiitMMk;.««V3t/.^ 
ShêF-U'/a^thn Hypocoaspv a^ « j • 

Dît-pm-u-^aHhn A dîMeaUinf .(' kypQtn^Kr)!* : . . > 

^.^-. -■'M*'-.^— -. v,. -• •'^' \_ -î^r' *'?^ 

~ «<*IM«»«Sta»<_ri 

312 ION 

S!fim-ii-7a'<aon Ihingencyj éxcitement, s. 
£x-//m-tf4ff'/fbn Pongency ; exeiting motion, s» 
Gran-U'IaUiun A fbrming mto graine!, s. 
CtÊrmu4mUkn A heaping together, s. 
Ac^at'fnM'iaUion A beaping ap, s. 

Ep^-laHUm A banquet ; a fcast, s. 
Strp-u^'Hon An agreement { a baiigaiD, & 
Cbp-M-/a'//oii The jcNnmgv>f sexes, s. 
ftd'rxhcop^-tafiion Vost co'tk», s. 

Pbp-U'la'ikm Tbe number of people, s. 
De-p&p'U-fn'tktn Havock $ vaste, s. 

Grat'u4a'iiùH Rejoicing «ith anotber, s. 
Cm-graf'^i'hHion A givîng joy, s. 

€^-pt/-«-/b'/io'r Conditions ; terins, Sw 
JU-ca-pi-itt-li^ffon A distmet répétition, s. 
O-pit-m-iatitiii An aidîn^ ; a bélp'ng,* s. 
^t-*U'ia'tion A snpposing vithout proof, t. 
Eg~pus>4H-isUkm A debate ; a reasoning with, s. 
jb^.^hwm^tkm Slander j reprooch ; censure, s. 
A'Wêi'f-wm'iêim Tbe alhaigamating of metais, s; 
Jr-c^Ma'fNM A shéut of appiadse, s. 
Jietf44hmàfilhH Adiicoane i atr hamngiie, s. 
CbM-dlt^Ma'/w»! Aaontçfy, s. 

i^4a-inaUhm A pnblieation by autbiMity ; a pabCc décla- 
ration of the liing*s will, s. 
Ex-ch-maUfon An oatcry$. a eiamour» s. 
Dt^qum-ma'iion The scaling of foal bones, i. 
J?«r-«-ma'/R>n A ctnÂeHug likegrapes, s. 
Cm-maUioH A bariimg, s. 
Cbfi-riv'^fMi'Cfoii A'baraing togetherj s. 
A'pot-te-maUhn th& gMliering of a pantmt tumotu^ s. 

PUfg-maUiaH Formatién of phlegm, s. 
2)i«p&-A^HNa'/ioR A sejfMunftion of phlegm, s. 
Dee-i-mafthn A takrngoftbeteiith, s. 
&ib-li-^ma'tion A cbemieal opération by fire, s* 
AnF^'ma'tion An ebli^icning, - s. 
2>Kh.aii-t-«M'<NMi Privation «if Ufe, s; 
TVoiM^tf-auHNaVîm A transfeffhait ^t^'smil, S* 
Ex-^M-^i-maHion DcpriYatkm oflife^ % V 

ijÊ'git-i-maUiék £^ttnaey ; aet of legitimattog, %. 
ii^g'gft-^-auPtièt^iSta^^i^MiMPiyt s. 

Jn-tt-maUion A hiut-; an indirect 4toc)arni6on, «» * '* 
£tf-i>-«a'/#0M P^teenif opinion; aralningj's» ' * 
J>i*'é»-4t^lkù'ikmlliÊttspéi!ti ktibestenin, 8. 
JEr-tH»-4Nâ'<«on Opinion ;• ««toem, s.'' 
w4{p-p/«r-4-«a'|joR Approacb-loany thiogi f« ' 
EUm-maUion A .«^etting on flan^ s. 

In-ftm-mafti&n Tbetta«e«fbeiii|: inOsine*; h« Mooâ, 9l 
:V)0-4MM-i)Ki//^nA|ièir«ctiiin$ tfMIIUi«gc; «iidîng, s» ^ 

Af-ff^-mattion Conârmation ; d«cliratien, è. 

ION 313 

Fur-maUion Theact or maimer of formlngi s. 
T>ef-or-ma'iion Adefaciiig, s. 
Ref'or-maHion  change in morals, &c. s. 
Ef-for-maUion A fashioningor formîng, s. 
In-for-maUion Intelligeuce given ; a charge, s. 
MiS'in-for-ma'tion False intelligence, s. 

Con-for-maHion Good disposition of parts, s. 
Trant'for-maHhn A change of shape, s. 
Im-pott-fm-maHion The forniing of an abscess, s. 
Dep-lu-maUion A plucking off the feathers, s. 
De$-pu-maHion A throwing offby scum, & 
Dé-lac-ry-ma'tion The waterishness of thè eyes, s. 
Lttch-ry-maUion The act of weeping, s. 

NaUion A distinct people ; a country, s. 
Prof-m-naUion A violation of sacred things, &, 
Ex-pla-naUion An interprétation, s. 
Em-a-na'tion The act of Issuing, s. 
Traîna fiion A svvimming over, s. 
Sa^naUion The act of curing, s. 
A-li-en-afiion A making over ; a selling, s. 
Ven-e-naUio7i Poison ; venom, s. 
Hef-re-naHion The act of restraining, s. 
Cat-e-naUion Link ; regular conneidoD^ s. 
Con-cat-e-na^tion A séries of links, s. 

FÎ?-7ia'//o» The practiceofhunting, s. 
Ag-naHion Direct descent from the same Êith^r, s. 
Siag-naUion An entire stop of course, s. 
ReS'tag-naUion A standing still, witbout flow, &c. 
Im-preg-noUion A making fruitful, s. 
In-dig-naUion Anger with contempt, s. 

Sig-naUion Betokening ; a sign given, s. \ 

Des-ig-naUhn Appointment ; meaning, 8s,c, 
Res-ig-naUton A resigning ; submission, s. 
Con-jùg-naUion A signing ; or consigning, 8« 
As-ng-na^tion An appointment, s. 
Con-iig-naHîon A frame ; or the act of framing, s. 

G^-na'/toRKindred; oftliesamekind, s. 
iVop-ug-na'/ion^efenoe, s. 
Ex'pug-naHion K taking by assault;, s. 
Com-bi-naHion An association ; conspiracy, &c. s. 
TuT'bi-naHion A spinning like a top, s. 
Cal-ci-naHion A pulverislng by fire, s. 
Lan-ci-naUion A tcaring, lacération, s. 
Rai-i-oc-i-naH'ion A reasoning, s. 
Ser-moc-i-naHion A speecli-making, s. 
Qmsar'ci-na'tion A patching together, s. 
Cir-ci-na^Uon Orbicular motion, s. 
Fas-ci'naUion An enchantment, s. 
Hal'lu-ci-naHion An error; blunder, &c. 
C^m'pe'ren'di-naUion Dolay, s. 

Or-di-na^/fonTheact ofordaining, s. 
Vol. I. P Sw*. 

■•jJi*»^'-** u.»-* 

-**-r »H>'^''.'^: \^ - -3^/" -«7 


Pn-er-di-na'lian An ordBJning befoi^ 
In-or-di-na'lim IrrcgnlsritT, t. 
Cn-nT-^-ia'tiott A holding of the ira 
I-maiç-i-na'inni Fanoy; ide»; c 
Oun-pnj-i'na'fiim Unions structure, s. 
0-rig-ï-na'liM A briD^ns mto existence, s. 
Mad-i-na'tiùn A tnaticious n-heme ; an aitifiM, > 
J3n>/t-Rn'(toii The actof beadhig, (lecST, >. 
In-tli-Ba'liBn Tpndency to a point ; al^ctioD, s. 
Dii m^i-na'fwn ntïtike; tvant oTaObctiDn, s. 
£bn-(am-t->ia'(ibn PuHutxni ; defilenient, t. 
£i-aKt-i-iM'fnin KsquisitioB; qoeHioning, s. 
^Jint-i-Ba'iwn A growinjt or being womsiûïh, s. 

Gtta-i-na'lioa Répétition; rectiiplication, s. 
ta-gem-i-na'tion 'RepA\tàon ; rattipllcatiim, s. 

Swi-ï-oB'(ion Tbeactof «owing, s. 
tn-um-i-na'lha A aovlng nf seed, s. 
Pft-trm-i-na'itim Propagation by seed, t. 
Dit-^em-i-na'liim The act Of scattering, K. 

Crm-i-na'liim Aa tcvas'tis i airrefgninent, &<!. ( 
Se-crm-ï-aa'rinn An awiisatïon reiurned, a. 
Dû-eriiH'^-na'lioTi A distingiû^iing, a. 

E-lim-i-Bc'lia» A banisliiTig; reicetion, s. 
Cal-mi ■Ha'Iioa Aplanet'stmnsitthrouj^tht 
JIi^iiu-Ha'ttaa AthunderiOg ; churt^ censn 
G>Fii^ na'liDit A threabeaing oF pinDEhmcnt, 

Om-i-na'lîon A proçnofitit, s. 
Â-èem-i-no'lion An object of hatred ; pnUntif 
Dwi-Utta'tSon Power; dominion; tyranny, 
JVt»»-i-itfl'l(Dn A powerof appointïng ; ana 
De-iKm-i-aa'tion A namegÎTen t»; atitle, s. 
Pn-mom-i-na'tSon A Daming fint, S. 
^-nom-i-na'lim AUuSÎon of one «ont to anMh 
Cog-mm-i-rta'lhit A Siimame, S. 

Lu-mi-na'tixm Emission of Hetit, ê. 

^-gbi-tî-na'lionVB\eiDi actvfuniting, s. 

In-coT'itB'iion The ai't of asaoïfiinit flesh, a. 

Otr-nd-M'Hint A sproalmg ; growtli, 9. 

Rt-ger-mi-nii'liBn A sprotiting trat Bgam, i. 

T^-ai-xa'tia» A cooclusiofi; MtnitiBg tend, 
De-kt-m-Ha'tim Oetlsion-s conofustcm, 1. 
Prt-dt-teT-mi-na^lion A previotls resotution, s. 
I»-dt-ter-jiù-jui'liert Wont of tleienniBation, t. 
Et-rff-fcr-BB-ita'liBi Uncerttinly, I. 
/n-ter-Bu-jM'/nm AtKreat, s. 
Sx-ttr-iâ-na^lion A rootjng ont; âeStracliim, 
Ver-air-iui'tim A breedlog i£«erinin, 1, 
A-Iii-iiB-iia'fHin A giving light; (trightoett, 1 
Mtrtiùialtkn MeAtatlotii refllMtiMi, «. 

ION 9iS 

Op-i-naUhn Opinien ; noiMn, s. 
Su'pi-naUïon A lying with tlie ùlcq ttpwAnlf s. 
Re-su-pi-na iion Alymgonthe back, s. 
Per-e-grin-naUion Trarel in foreign lands, s. 
AssaS'ii'naHion The act of asàateinuting, s. 
Pec-ti-naftion A bdittfforaied likea CMob» c 
Cra^-ii-TuiUioH Delay^ s. 
PrO'cras-ti'naHion Delay; dilatoriiKSS, s. 

DeS'ti-nafiion The purpoee iotetnied» s. 
Pre-des-ti-na'tion Pre-erdioation; a fetal dectee^ s. 

/<sf-/<-na'/rân Haste; horry, â. 
Con-glu-ii-naUhn A fluii^ together, s. 
Tru-ti-nafiion The act of weighing, 8. 
Div-i-naUion A prédiction ; a foretelling, a. 
//2-^u2-na '//on Corruption; pollution, a. 
Jiu-i-na-tion Subversi<Hi ; detthiiition, 6. 
Dcmi-m'tion Tbe punisbtnent of the damned, s. 
Con-dem-na' tion A sentence of punisioneiit, s. 
Do-noUioM A gift; a grant, b. 
In-gan-naHion Fraud ; dcception , impostlim» St 
Cach-m JiaHion A loud laughter, s. • 

Cbn-</o-tiQ'//on A pardoning; afbrgiviog, s. 
Cor-O'TiaHion The solemnity of cromiiag, s". 
Op-so-naUion Caterlng; a buying of provisions, & 
Per-so-naUion CoimterteitÎQg another person, s. 
Det-o-nu'tïcn A thundering; agréât noise, s. 
Jn-to-na tion A thundering ; a deep noise, •» 
Car-naUion Flesh colour j a flower, s. 
G^-ier-na^/io/r Government; supmriiltendatioy, s. 
As-per-naUion Negiedt; diaregard, s. 
Al'ier-na'tion Rccipiocal tucceBsioii of things, s. 
Con-xter-na'lion Astonisbmenty wondiA', ibar, «. 
Proi-ter-na'tionDQ^ect'ioia; a throwing down, s. 
Sub-or-na'tion Tbeseduoingtoa base aotion^ s. 
Ex-or-naUîon Orwiinent; eariieUishmefit, s^ 
Ad-u-na tion A being united ; anioQ, s. 
i^-iia'/ion The révolution ofthenoon, i, 
Bo-aUion A roaring notée» s. 
Re-bo-aUion Retum of a beltowhig sottnd, s« 
In-^ho^Uion A beginnii^; ittoeption, s» 
In-cre-paUioH Reprsnenftion ; chiding, s . 
An'tic-i-pa'Hon Prévention ; foretaste» & 
Par-tic-i-pa'tion A partaking of sf^etfaitig, s. 
K-man-ci-paUion A deliventnce firoBt slavery, «• 

Dis-si'pa'tion A dtspersing ; estrav^âgant sjietiding, s. 
Ob'Sti-paUion A stoppiiig up of a paiMge, k 
Con-sli-pa'tion The act of crowding ; itoppage, ■• 

Pa/.pa '/ion The aotoffioelfilg, s. 
Ex'tir'paUion The act of rootiugout, s^ 
U-sur-paHion Itttiigal possession, s. 
Cris'pa'tion The «et or ctate of oornng*, g* 

P 2 Oc 

316 ION 


Oe cu-j action Business ; etnployment ; trade, 9. 
Pre-oc-cu-paUion Preposaession; préjudice, s. 
Au'-cU'paUion Fowling ; bird catchiug, s. 

A-taHion Thcact or practice of plowing, s. 
Vec-la-raUion Affirmiiig publidy, s. 
Ex-kd-a-f action A givÉg or haviiig gaiety, s. 
i?«/>-a-ra'//on The actofrepairing; restitution, s. 
Prep-n'raUion A maktng ready for some purpose, s. 
Im-prep-a-raHion Unpreparedne», s. 

Sèp-a-raUton. A disjanction ; a divorce» s. 
Ex-ka-raHion Themanual act of writing, s. 
Cel-ê'bra^tion Solemn performance ; praise^ s. 
Ob-ien-e-braUion Darkness; a being darkened, s. 

Ter-e-braUhn A boring, or piercing, s. 
Pet-ieT't'bra^tiun A boring through, s. 

£i-6/ia '/l'on The State 4>fbeing balanced, s. 
f-^tfi/- i-^ra '/ion Equality ofweight; equipoise, s. 
Cri-bra'iioH The act of stfting, s. 
Vi'hraUion A movlng witfa quick return, s. 
Um-braUion A shadowing, s* 
9b'îtM-èra'iion A darkcning or cloudin.?, s. 
^-iim-V^'/ion Ashadowing out; a faint sketch, s. 
Jju-rurbra'thn A mightystudy orwork, s. 
0&-«tf-cra '/ion An intreaty; a supplication, s. 
Det-t-craHhn Abolition of consécration, s. 
Con^-te-craHion The act of making* sacred, s. 
Ex^-eraHion A curse ; an imprécation, s. 
J7«-/r6-^-ra '/ion A ci rcumspectiun; thunght, s. 
Kirr-fe-raVion The act ofbeaiting, s. 
i2«-i'er-fo-ra'/ion A beating, or driving back, s. 
XfttT-tf-ra'/ion The actoftearingor roiding, St 
De-iac-t'raUion A tearing in pièces, s. 
Di-iac-e-raUion The act of rending in two, s. 
Mac-t'raflion A wasting ormaking lean, s. 
Ul-tX'ta'tion A breaking into sores ; a sore, s. 
£x'u/-c«-fa'/K>n AbegJnningof erosioo, &c. s. 
Conct^-ra'/ion A growingcancerous, 8. 
In-ce'^a^ion A covermg with wax, s. 
Jnrcar-ce-raHicn Imprisonment ; ccmfniement, s. 
CoH-fed-^-taftion League ; alliance, s. 

Sid-é-fafiiott A sudden deprivation of sensé, s. 
Con-^-e-mfthn Regard ; scrious thought ; produce } recociprase, s. 
In-con-sidre-mUion Inattention, inadvertence, s. 

Pon-dt-ràftion The act of «eighing, ». 
Pre-pon-de-tafiien An outweigh'ng of any thiag, s. 
Mod-t'raHion Porbearance of extremity, s. 
Im-mod-e'-raHion ExCess, s. 

Ru-de'raftion A paving witb smalt pebbles, 8. 
Vo-ctf-C'taHwn Oxùcxy \ clamour, s. 
Ex'Og'ge'ra^tion A heaping up ^ àggrayatkm, s. 
Be/rig-e'raUhn A cooUng ', a cool fitt^te, s. 

t • _. . . j - «t.^ t 

ION 317 

Dej-e-raftion A taking of a solemn oath« ». 
Ae-teUe-ra'tion A hastening or quiokening, s. 

Tol^-ra^tion Allowance ; permission ; sufferance, s. 
Gm-g&mi'e'raUion A collection; a mixture, s. 
JNu-me-raUion The art of numbering, s. 
E'fiu-me'ra'iion A numbering, or counting over, s. 
Di-nu^me-raUion A iiombering out singly, s. 
A-nu-me-raUhn Addition to a forioer number, s. 
Fen-e-raHion Usary ; tbe gain of interest, s. 
Gen-e-raHion An âge ; progeny ; race j family, s. 
De-gen-e-ra'tion The act of degenerating, s. 
Jte-gen-e-ra'tîon New birth; birth by grâce, ^. 
Ag-gen-e-raUhn A growing tQgether, & 
Pro-gen-e-raUion A begetting j propagation, s. 
Jn-ten-e~ra'lion A softening or making tender, s. 
Ven-e-raHion A révérend regard, 8. 
Cm^'raUion Réduction of any thing tcashes, i. 
In-àn^-raHion A bnrning of any thiug to aihes, f. 

On^-^a'tion The act of loading, s. 
Ex-on-e-raUion A disburdening, s. 
Sg^nui-ne-raUion A reward j a requital, s. 
C0n-ton-)!)e>ra'/#on A tempering; proposition, •• 
Op. e-ra '/»« Agency; action; eilect, s. 
Co-cp-e^ra^tion Joint labour for one end, 6. 
As^pe-raHion A making rougb, g. 
Ex-as-pe-raUion A provocation ; ai| exaggeratk», i. 

pet'pe-raUhn A hopeiessness ; despair, s, 
Vi'tt^pe-ra'tion Blâme ; censure, s. 
Com'tnù-e-raUion Pity j compassion, s. 

In-vet-e-raUton Confirming by long oontinnance, t. 
It-e-raUion A récital over «gain; répétition, s. 
Re-iUe-raUion A répétition, s. 
OA-tt-e-ra'/w» The act of blotting out, s. 
Ai^it-e-ra'thn Choosing words beginning with the same letters, s. 
AUie-raUinn The act of changing, or change made, s. 
A-duUie-raiiion Corruption bv mi^ures, s. 
Ex-en-ie^ra'iion The act of embellowing, s. 
As-sev-e-ra'iion Solemn affirmuti<»i, s. 

Fla^raHioa A burning, s. 
Dtf'ia-graftion Settiog fire to things in préparation, ^ 

Con-fia-graftion A greiien»! fir**, s. \ 

Fer-Q^gmHion A passing through a State, &c. s. J 

Jie'dtn'te-gra'tion A rénovation ; a restoration» 8. -i 

Mi-graftion The act of changing place, s. i 

Em-i.gra lion A change of iiabitation, s. " 

Hem-ugra't'vm A removul liack agnin, s. 

Jn-ter-mi-graH'uM An exchange of place, s. ' 

Trans-mi'graf'iion A passage from place to place, s. 

Den'i-gra'tion TJie apt of blackening, s. 

i)if/-;-r^'//ovDotag:e;'foUy, s., 

j4</-m/-ra'/ion Act of admirtUg ; ' wondering,' &c. 
. •. A*-pi-raftion Ardeut'wish ; fûll pruuunciation, s. 




318 ION 

Res-pi-raUtom A Vreathiiwr; « relief ffom toil, s. 
Trtm-spi-TaHian Rminion in vapour, s. 
. /«-'.hi-ra^liM AdhrawÎBgofbraath; âivine wisdeni^ s. 
Con-îpi'raUkm A plot, s. 
iVr-«ptVa'<Nm A sweatin^, s. 
Sus-pi-ra'tmn A sigb ; the act clbresthing deep, s. 
£x-j[>i-ra'/ràn A brcatkiiig ; aii«a«t; dkath, s. 
0-ra'tiom A riietorical speecb, s. 
i?-&i5-o-ra'/io/i iinproiveineBt^ygreat pains, s. 
Cor-rob-o-ra^tian Tlw actof strrngthciiiiif^, s. 

De(-<}-ra '//on Ornameut; an», s, 
De-dec-o-ra'tim Th« act of dis^^raetng ; disgraee, «. 

Dul-co-raUhn The act of svreetening, s. 
E-dul-co^ra'thn The actof sweeteaing, s. 
Ster-co-raUton The act of danginç, s. 

^</-o-ra'/fon Divine wership; bornage, 8. 
Per-fo'ra'Howrhê mttaShonng'y orholebofed, s. 
In-cig-o-raftion Tl» act af îayigomtiBg, s. 
Me-li-o-raUMn Abctterii^; a» iflaprovenent, 8. 
De-U-ri-o-nUion A makin^ wone j a growÎBg woree, 9, 
Def-lo-TaHhn A selectio» of wKat W bent, s. 

Colno-raHion Tfce avt or practioe of cotouriiig:, s. 
Beplo-ra'tion Thaaetordepkmag or lamenting, •• 
£r-p&>-ra '/ion Search; cmniàatioii; eoqiiiiy, 8t 
Com-mem-o-ra'tion Public célébration in memory of anjT tàÎBg, s. , 
Pig-na-m'éiam Tbeact of pledging, or pawming, s. 
Im-pig-no^raUton The act of pawmt>g, s. 
Vnp^-raUion An escaping in vaponra, s. 
E-vap-o-faUion A flying away in ftises, 8. 

Cor-po-ra'iioa A bodypoKtic, s, 
/n-cor-po-ra'lràa An union of divers iogredieiits, s. 
Con-€Dr-po-r/t'/fon Union intoonemasa, ». 
Hora'tion A falling of dew, s. 
J^T'^rt^titm The cioeî» of an «ration, 8. 
Ex'peç'tO'fa'iiom A discharge by coughing, 8. 
Ex'Ouc-to-raUion Dismisston him service, s, 

lies -to-ra' lion A placing in a former state ; comiptly written for 

RestattraiMm\ wbiehsee, s, 
Deo'O-ra'tion The act of devouring, s. 
Stu-pra^tion A râpe ; vic^tion, s. 
Con-stU'praUion A violation j a deàemmnng, ». 
JVdri'-ra'/ion A narrative; a history, s. 
En-or-raHion Ezplanation, s. 
Ab-er-ra'iion The act of wandering, s. 
Ob-er-raUion The act of wandering abont, s. 

Ser-raHion Formation Uke a saw, s. 
jD0/-tfr-râ'/K}n A discoverybyremovingtheeartb» s. 
Susur-raUion Whisper ; soft mnnnur, s. 
In-tu-ntr-rafiion The actofwhispering, s. 

Pèn-e^raUion A piercing ; acuteness ; sagacity, t. 

{im'pe-traHiQm An oUaining by intreaty, s. ^ 



I O N 319 

Per-pe-trahwn The commission of a crime» d* 
Ar-bi-traUion Décision; détermination, s, 
FU-traUion The actofiiltering, s. 
Con-cen-traftion Collection into narrower s|»ace, s. 

CaS'iraUion A geldiug of any maie, &^. s. 
Seq-ues-iraUion A séparation ; a deprivation of profits, eipccially 

in the church, s. 
Min-is-traUion An office ; agency ; function» s. 
Ad-min-is-iraUlon The act of administering, g. 
MaU-ad-min-iS'traHwn Bad management» %, 
JDem-on-straUion Indubitable proof, s. 

Pro*-/ra7/ort The act of adoration; déjection, s. 
Lus'traUion A poriûcatlon by water» s. 
Jl-Ius-tra'tion An explanation ; an exposition, i. 
De-aU'Ta'tion The act of gilding, s. 
In^-aU'raHion A covering with gold ; gilding, s, 
JUt-tau-raftion A placuig in a former state, ff. 
In-itaw-rattùm Restoration ; renewal, s. 

Ck'U-raUion A tamhig ; or reclaimipg itouk w>l4Keffl, 9» 
ProC'U'-raHion The actof procurings •«• 
Ob-scu-ra'tion A darkening, or stat^ of dark^ess^ 8, 

Du^rafHon Continuance, s. 
Ob-dtL-raUion Uardness of heart, g, 
In-du-raftùm The act or state of hardening, 8» 
Per-du^raUion Long continuancet, s. 
Fig-u-raHkn The giving of a certain form, s. 
'Pre-Jig'U-raHion Antécédent représentation, s. 
Con-fig'W-raHion The act of forming or faahiqmng, j. 
^''ife-M-»"»'/»» Adisûguring; defoimity, ii. 
Trans-J^-u-raHion A change of form, «. 

Au-gu-raftion The practice of aogury, s, 
Jn-au-gU'raUion A solemn investiture, s. 
Ab-ju-raUion The act of abjuring, g. 
Ad-ju-raHion A tendering of an oath^ g. 
Con-jti^raUion An incantation ; a plût, 8. 
Ad-mttr'tnU'TaUton A muripuring to anoUif r, & 
Dep-u-raUion A making purei, h. 
Sup-pu-raUion A ripening of soret to matter, s. 
Men-tu-raHion The act and resuU of meciauring, s. 
AS-men-su-ra'tion A mea&wing to each bis part, a. 
Com-men-nL-raUion Réduction to a cooiaiOQ measuN^ ^ 
Mat'U-raHion A suppuration; a ripening, a^ 
Ob^u-raHion A stopping up by $mearii^ 9. 
Trit-u-raUion Arubbingto powder, s. 
Gy-raUion A turuug any thing about, a. 
C'tr'Cum-gy-raUion The act of runniag ruund, 9. 
Ex-irav-a-saUion A forcing out of proper veaseUl, t. 
Puî-saWton Pulsion ; a drivinac.^orward, 8. 
Con-den-sa'tiçn Thaact oftbickeniâg abody, s. 
Com-pen-*aHion Récompense, s. 
Dis-pen-saHion A distribution ; an «KSiiiptiQii^ 8. 

S20 ION 

Sen-m^tfon Perception by the sensés, s. 
Dis-pat-tti'twm A betrothing in mariîage» s. i 

jiv-^-ta'tkm Hatred ; abborrcace, s. 
Trr-fis-rr-sa'lipn A slûft; evasiott; dday, s. 
Mal-ver-m'tkm Mean artiiire ; erask», s. 
CV>i»-<ier-.i0'/ii(n Familiar discoarse; behaviour, s. 
><lf-jaVion Koastin^, s. 
Cas-sttUion A making nulloTToid, s. 
In-cras-sa'tMm A thickenixtg, s. 
Com^uaS'Sa'iîon A'/it3Xion; ooDcnssion, s. 
Ces-safthn A stop, rest, or panse, s. 
/■-^itr-ja'/iba A tbickeninç of iîqnids, s. 
IVe-«»nia'<«niTbeactof Crossing, fiû^ s. 

Causa'tion Power or act of can^ny, s. ' 

^c-of-ja'^nCbargeofsonie crime, s. j 

JBjr-<tt-«a'/Mm Excuse; plea; apology, s. .j 

Di^O'^'/Hm The act or State ofextending, s. ' 

AVi^'/iwn The act of sviniming, s. 

Su-per-nm-ta^Hon A swîmming on tbetop, s. 

Lac-ia'titm The act or tînie of giving suck, s. 1 

Ab-lae-tm'iion A method of grafting, s. 
Del-cc-ta^lion A weaning frona the breast, s. 

ilfac-/a'tioii A killing for sacrifice, s. I 

i?^-rac-<a 'tf on Recantation, s. 
At-traC'taUion Fréquent handlîog, s. 
Af-Jec-ta^tion An art'ficial aj^iearance, s. 
Ob-Iec-taHhn Delight; pleasare, s. 
Del-^'iafiûm Pleasure; delight. s. i 

Su^mee-taUton A wetting or moistening, s. 

Spee-ta'ticM Regard ; respect, s. 
Ex-pec-Ut^Uon A looking or waîting for, s. 

Oè-/r0r te'ilMn Slander; detraction^ &c. s. I 

Càn-tree-taflma A touching, s. 
jii-gtc-taUion Attendance, s. 

Dlio^/a'ixonTheactofdictatÎDg, t. 
Chn-niC'ta^ihn A winking; cotmiyance, s. 

Cèmc'imfiûin Delay, dilatoriness, s. 
Gh-are-ta^^on Confinement; restraint, s. 

Luc-taHion Struggle ; ethtt ; contest, s. 
JRel-'ue-taHum Répugnance; résistance, s. 
Col'luC'tufthn Contest ; opposition, s. 

Ruc'ttt'iion A beich from indigestion, s. 
Er-ue-taUkm A belch ; a sudden burst, s. 
Heb-e-taHion The act of dulting, s. 
Su^per-fe-la'tion One conception on another, s. 
Veg-e-taUton A growing like plants, s. 
A-ri-e-taftion A butting like a ram, s. 
Trans-fre-taHion Passage over the sea, s. 
In-ter-pre'taHhn An explanation ; an exposition, s. 

/ra6-i-/a'/ion A place ofabode; a direlling, s, 
In-kab-i'taUion An habitation, s. 


J » 

ION 321 

Co-hah-i'taUion The state of living together, s. 
Du-bi-taHion A doubting, or doabt, s. 

O- to '//on A summons; a quotation, s. 
Hec-i-taUion A rehearsal or rept»tition, s. 
E-lic-i-taftioa A reducing of the will into act, s. 
Fe-Uc-i'taUion Congratulation, s. 

In-â-iaftion Incitement ; impulse, s. 
Con^-iafiion The act of stirring up, s. 
Croc-^i'taflion The croaking of frogs, &c. s. 
£x-«r-cf-/a'/ion Exercise; practice; use, s. 
Mit-à-taHion Unfair or false quotatioQ, s. 
Os-ei-laflion The act of yawning, s. 
Stu-àr-ia'tion A rousiog or exciting, s. 
He-tus-ei-ia^iion A stirring up anew, s. 

Ex-ci-taftion The act of stirring up, or moving, s. 
3f«^-f-/a '/''on Contemplation ; séries of thoughts, s. 
F^-med-i-iaUton A meditating befbrehand, s. 
Ven-di'taHion A boasted dispïay, s. 
^g-î-/a'//on The act of moving; examination, sr. 
Ex-ag'i-ta'tion The act of shaking^ s. 

Dig.i'iaUhn A pointing with the ûnTcr, s, 
In-dig-i-ta'tion A pointing out or shewing, s. 

Cbg.t./a '//on Thought; purpose; meditatioui s. 
J?i»-^tt/-g-/-te'</on Aswallowingback; absorption, s. 
fn-gur-gi-Mion Vomcity, s, 
pèr-i-cli-taition A being in danger ; trial, s. 
Ha-bU'i-tn'tion Qualification, s. 
De-bil-i-iaftion The act of weakening, s. 
Vol'i-taUion The power or act of fl jnng, s. 
Im-i-taUion Anattemptto resemble, s. 
JL/m-î-/û'//o« A restriction ; a circumscr'.ption, s. 
Cflp-?-/a'/«>n Numeiatioaby heads; a poll-tax, s. 
Crep-i'taUion A small crackling noise, s. 
Pre-cif>-t'iattion Blind haste ; a throwiiig down, s. 
Pal'pi-ta'tion A beating or panting of the heart, B,^ 
Het-i-iaUion A stop in speech ; a doubt, s. 
Vis-i'taHion A judicial visit ; act of visiting, s. 
Ne-cetsi-iaftion A making nccessary ; compulsion, s. 
Mus-si'ttt'ikm A murmuring; a grumbling, s. 
X,a/-{-/a'/K>n A lyingconcealed, s. 
Jac'ii'ta'lhn Tossing ; restlessness, s. 
Vec-ti-4ttUion A carrying or being carried, s. 
Grao-i'taUion A tending to the centre, s. 
Ev'i-ta'tion The act of, s. 
Dev-i'la'tton The act of escap'ng, s. 
In^vi^ia*iion An invitinç ; bidding, &c. 
Oh^'Ui-ta'thn The act of riding about, s. 

Sal-taftion A dancing or jumping ; a palpitation, s. 
Ex-al-taUion Elévation ; the act of raising, s. 
Oe^eid'iaUion The timethata star, &c. is hidden^ •. 
^u-Mu/'/a'/ion A bearkening or listening to, s. 

2 ION 

(i*-.»u/-lfiVionTheactftf Consulting, i. 
Ei-ul-tii'lim Joy ; triumph, s. 
Cm-te'tion The nciofainging, i. 
Dic-m-la'lion The act of decaming. i. 
Jîrcnit-f<i'''as A letracting of upimoux, ■. 
In-mn-la'lion Ënchsntnieat, i. 
Ex-tm'la'Hon KtmchantmcDt by > conuteT-ctam, k, 

Plini-la'lhn Ap\ac&\i\aD.ltdi a eolony, a. 
Teplm-ta'iion Atakii^ up of pluib, t. 
Rc-pbm-la'lien A plandns agaln, a. 
ht-piall-la'''On Atelt'ufOifiatitJiis, s. 
Dii-flaH-la'licn l'hit leaunaiot a fiarA, •. 
jyimi'iibm-la'l'oa A Teroovhigto uutltei pUce, i. 
in-dm-ta'lion An indmture, or wavîug, si. 
ZAn-es-fa'fHin Aiieiprèsiioii nf wrrow, i. 
Gu-frD-neii-i'a''»n The act {^mcuii{Nnf, i. 
Cem-tn-la'/ii"' Tbeact of cementlng, g. 
Dm-m-ta'Hon A being mad or franlio, a. 
ram-O^-mm-la'lioa Change of elemenU, t. 
Ca-ag-men-la't.on Coacervation, a. 

^^-■'.«i-f<i''M'iThequalitf of noinihing, %. 
Fo-men-ta'lîaii A batbing witithot water, a. 

Rr-mm-la'tioa A fermenting m vorkiog ; beat, i. 
^r-gu-nKn-fl'fibnTbe actofreosaning, s. 

t^r-tn-la'iim An honouriag of (he dead, b. 
Ar-ruTi-ta'lion Leaveto incloW lanb, ■. 
JVM-ra-fa'fwn Thegiftof a beneScei exbitntioB, ■■ 
Sep-Tt-tm-tii't'«a' An image; octing (or another, a. 
\lm-Tip-rc-itn-ta'tiort An actuiint inalicionsly false, s. 
Ai-KS-la'lioit Compliance out of flattei]', s. 

Ten-la'tioa Trial ; tfmptation, ». 
Giii-«n-(n''m-iSatiifaclionj content, s, 
Oi-len In lioa Outward or vain show ; boaitîi^, t- 
Sai-len-la'iion Support; Duintenance, a. 
Coa-frim'ta'tion Briogir g évidences fiiceto &ce, s; 
Bs ta''io'i The acl of giving a dowry, a. 
Sal-lol-a'li'm A voting by ballot, a. 
jtfo-lo'fwiTbeactofaioïing, ». 
JVa-la"MRTfaeBCtofiiatii^; meauing, s. 
Dtt'O-la'tim The act of denoting, a. 
An-aa-la'tion Fx)dicatioa; note, a. 
Cpn-oo-fa'fwn The actuf ImplyiBgaoïnething, «. 
R>-(a'/ioii A drinkingabout; a draoght, a. 
Par-po-la'lhn A drinkiog largely, a. 

Ro-ia'lioa A whiriing round ; a caurne or tum, ■. 
Cir-aon-TO-laltkin A ohlrliiig round as a Hhcel, a. 

Suo-la'liai A citation; a passage qootéd, a. 
Ad-ap-^la'lkm The act of filting, t. 

Cep-la'titn Tkc practiccsfcatckiBgfiivonr, ■. 
Ca-ap-ta'lh'i Adjustment of parti lo eachotber, ». 


ION 323 

A^eep-ia^lioH Acceipt^aice ; mcanin^of a word, i. 
Mu-cC'Cep'ta'tlon AUkingin a wrong seiue, s. 
Er-ep-taftion A crecpinje^ forth, s. 
Temp-taUion The act oftempting, «. 
Co-op'taUion Ado^toQ ; aMumpCioB, s. 
Stuar-laHion A cbymical opération, a. 
Dec-er-taUton A contention ; a striTiiif , &€. i* 
Con-^er-taHion Strife; coatentioa, t. 
Dis-ser-ta'tion A discourfle; essay; treatisé, S. 
FUr-taUton A Kprightly motion, 8. 
Hor-iaUion The act of exhorting, a. 
D€'hor-ta*tùm Disauasioo, s. 
Co-hor-iaUion Incitement, b. 
Ex-hor-taHhn A persuasive argnmeot, s. 
Dep^r-ta'iion TVanqpmtaticn, s. 
Im-por-ta'tion A bringlag fron abroad, a. 
StA-por-ia^iion Maintenance; support, t. 
As'por-ta^tion A carrying away, s. 
Traru-por-ta'lion A removal ; a banishownt, •• 
Ex'por-iaUion Carrying goods abroad, s. 
Cur^iaUion A plaaetary dbtanos, s. 

«SS^a'/ion Act of standing ; post; mnk; charactar, 9. 
To Haïtien To order into a certain place or post, t. a. 
Vas-taUion Waste; dépopulation, s. 
Dev-as-iaUion Havock ; wasta ; destruction, s« 
Man-i-fes'ia'ùon A diaoovery ; a publication, SL 
Get'taUion Carrying young in the womb, «. 
ilfo/-e«-/a'lion Adistorbanoc; iaterruption, s. 
Ob~tes-ta'tion A supplication ; an entreaty, s. 
Deiet-taftion Abhorvejace; abomination-; hatreâ, s. 
Con-teg~taUion Aconteitiag; debatc; str?f«, s. 
Prot-et-tttUion A soiemn déclaration, s. 
At'tet^taWton A testimony ; évidence, Hc, u 
Con-tris'ta'iiom A makingor being sad, ». 

GM./ii'<rànThe4CtoftaatiDg, s. 
jDég:-«*-/a '/iba A tastiiig, s. 
i^'/«m A tasting bcfereanoOier, s. 
An-gut'iaUion The act of making narrow, .a. 
In-crus-taUion SoûMsthing stiperaiduccd, s. 
Jief-u-ta'tkm A refuting of an aastrtion, ' s. 
Con'fw4a*tion Disproef, s. - 
&i^'Arôn Greeting ; a salntîng coaortaonsly, s. 
J/ii-/a'6an A cbaïq^e; an attraction, s. 
ComrmU'iaUion A change ofone thing for anotlier, %, 
per-mu-iaUion An exehange ofone for aaother, s. 
Trans-mu^taUhn Change into another sobstance, s. 
âiter-fftt-te'/fon The act of sneezhig, s. 

Scm-ia'thn Search ; examiostion ; enqairy, s. 
Rep^u^iaftion HonoMT 'f crédit; mtrit, tk 
i>t/-r^tt-ta'4toa Disreputa; disgraca; dishoDOnr^ i. 
i^m-^ta'liowThâactalaattiiigotf; \. 

P6 /m- 

■ «I 

324 ION 

Jii'Pu-a'lioH AnaiitT^MiBjeiituny thiag; Fensare, i. 
Com-pu-ta'liunTbetaaicampoted; ealcnlation , s. 
Sirp-pu-la'fiaa A reckonng; aceount; uominUtioiii «. 

SlM-la'lion The act oî (pittiof;, ■■ 
Dii-pu-la'lianThciCtor skilL crf cuntroTerry, ». 

Ca-vn'fwa Alioltowingofrarthfore«li«rige, s. 
Om-ca-voUion Act of inmking concvrei t^ 

Ji;-e"Ka'fioi AmaliiDgvone; pron>c>tioii, a. 
D^Ta-va'lkm Dcpratity; degeoerecy, &e. s. 

Vac-u-a'Ho» The act of emptfiof , ». 
B-vae-a-a'làm Anemptyinf ; diacbarge, ic >. 

Ar-ta-a'lion An arihing ; crookediien, i. 
Grail,a-a'tha Kegular progrenAi, i. 
la-di-eid-ii-a'liBii Thaï which nukes an ïniUvidaal, ■. 
SrtS'lt^jja'tiùn Act of lalun^ oa iûgb, a. 
El-r-wi'lion Euhatiou ; beight, s. 
Rrl-e-callian A nsing or lifting up, >. 
Bt-eiit'i-va'tion Back-slidmg ; Àlliag aga!», c 
Sal^-ca'tion A purgïng by ifntUdg, ■. 
J)tr-i-ta'lkm A tracing froin the original, i. 
Fri-vaUèni A Iw w destnictitn atwoj thing, f. 
Dfp-Ti-Bn'lhn Tbe act of depririag, i. 
OJ-^'-cvî'/icin Maaurlng j impraTem^mt, t. 
Cïp.«.B0'(»a The acltrftaking captive, s. 
Ei-H-va'tion The act of passiug the lunuiieT, s. 
Sal-va'lâiit Fre&eivatioa Irom etenial deatb, a. 
ri^-u-a'fisn Ad apprajienieiit; laloeofs tbing, *■ 
Va-Ar-val-ii-a'lion Ratebelov tbe vortli, a. 
Dii'-aat-v-a'lion Dùgrace; a loai of crédit, a. 
Ex-tm-ti-a't'ion fivM<gM\oa; ap^liatioa, a. 

Sia-u-a'lha A beoding jo and oat, a. 

7n-int-H-a'fâinTbe actorinainoating, a. 

Om-iin-u-a'lhn Conalaotsacceaioa; peraereraïKC, a. 

Ks-fon-lmji-a'lion A breakingoff; aiepaiatioo, a. 

Sa-prr-an-nu-a'tiim Disqualifiratidoby âge, a. 

At-tm-u-a'lhn A makingthinor alender, 1. 

O-sa'r»* An înlèriortriuinplilbr Tictory, s. 
Tio-wi'lion latroduction irfaamethin|; Dcw, '*. 
Sai-o-va'lkm Tbe act of rtaewlng , a. 
/n-no-wi'fJDii The intmductJOTi of noreitf, a. 
E-fua'lùm A briuging of things to an eqaality, a, 
£i-^'/H>riCapnhleofme1ting<ur belngmelted, •. 
Ct-ii-fna'tioa Ohliquitf. a. 
Drl-ifaa'lion A me\tjag ; a dissoliing, a. 
Cil-li-qia'lion A melting or runnii^ together, a. 
Ac-tt-vall'ioB Heaping together, s. 
Ci-v<r-»'(wnTlie Bctofbeapmg, a. 
KT-aca'-«'(»nTheact ofbeaptngup, I. 
En-tr-fa'lim Aweakening; eBeminacy, a. 
Ob-i*r-Ta'tioit A DotiBgi reiDuk, w BOte, ■• 


"^ «i ' J" J« 


ION S25 

Res-er-vaUion A reserve ; somethhtg kept backj s. 
Pres-er-vaUion Theact of preserving, «, 
Con-ser-caUlon Préservation, s. 

Cur-vaUion The actofbenémgf s, 
Re-ci/r-vaUion A bending backwards, s. 
In-cur-vaUton The act of bowiiig or bending, t. 
//t-/a/-z<-a'//on Adeprivationof reasfHi, s. 
Punc-tu-aHion The act and metbod of pointing, s. 
FluC'tu-aUion Uneertainty ; motion; change, s. 
Per~pet'U-aUion The act of makinsr perpétuai, s. 

SU'U-aHion A position; condition; local state, s. 
Tu'mul-tu-aHion Confused agitation, s. 
Ao-cen-tu^aUwn A placing of tfae accent, s. 

Es-tu-a'thn A boiling; rising andfallingas tides, s. 
Ex-es-tu-aUion The act or state of boiling, fcc. s. 
Lax-a^tion The act of loosening, s. 
M<d-ax-aHion The act of softening, s, 
JFtel'OX'aUion Remission from study ; cessation, s. 

Tax-a'tion The act of laying a tax, s. 
An-nex-aUian ConjuncUon ; union ; addition, s, 
Vex-aHion Act orcauseofplaguing or teasing, s. 
l^j?-a'/son Steadiness ; abode; confinement, s. 
El'Ux-aHkn The act of boiling, s. 
Lux-aUton A disjointing, or thing disjointed, s. 
Al-hal-i-zanion The act of alkalizating, s. 
Nat-u-ral-i-zaUion Admission to native privilèges, s. 
JS^dr^.i^ùt'MLisaaUioa. Xhe«ot49f'«pir^tna1izing, s. 
Vol-a-til-i-zaUion The act of making volatile, s. 

Sub'ti-li-za*tion A making subtile or volatile, s* 
Crys-tai-£-*éHkn A. congélation into cry s ials , 's. 
Sipn-bol-i-zaUion A s3rmbolizing ; resemblance, s, 
AÎ-co-hoïri-zaf^n The act of rectifying spirits, s. 
Or-^an-s-za'/KM^^çjuJjustmentof parts, s. 

Den-i'Za^^n The act of making free« s. 
Sol-em-m-zaftion a célébration, s. 
Can-onri-zafiion The making cf a saint, s. 
Cau-ter-i-zaftion A buming with an iron, s. 
PuUver-i-za^tion A reducing to dust, s. 
Au'thor'i-zaHion Establishment by authority, s, 
Cic-a-tri-'Zafiion The act of healinga woutid, s. 
Ar-<Mnat-i~2aft^n A scenting with spices, s. 
Bap-ti-za^tion A baptizing, s. 
JU-hc^-ti-zaftion A répétition of baptism^ s. 
A'inor-ti-zaHion Transie rring lands to mortmain, s. 

^c'/7on Thing done ; battle; suit at lair, s, 
Sub-ac'tion The act of reducing or sobduing, s. 
Re-ac^tion Reci procation of impulse, ». 
FacUion Aparty; tomult; sédition, s. 
Tab-e-facUion A wastingaway, s. 
Mad-e-f action The act of making wct, s. 
^m-ge-facHion The act of sprinkling, s. 
Cd-^-facHion Act of heating, or state ofbeÎDg bot, s. 


326 ION 

Mairt'facHtùn, A crime; an oiEeiice, s. 
CtofUt-fac^tion Theprocess offorming chyle, s. 
Tu-me'fae^tion Swelling, s. 
Benf^-facHUm A charitable glft, s. 
Tép-e-fuc^tian The act of warming alittle» s. 
SiU'pe^ac^tion Stupidity ; insensibility, s. 
Oh-ttU'pe-fac^iion An inducing of stupidity, s. 
Ar-e-fac^tùnt A drying, or being dry, s. 
Rar-e-fae^ih» An extension ofthe parts, s. 
Tor-re-fae^tion A drying by the fire, s. 
Pu-tre-fac^iwt Putridness ; rottenness, s. 
Làq-UÉ'facHion The act of œelting, s. 
. Cùl-i^-ue-fac'tioH A melting together, s. 
As-tu-e-focftion A being accustomed, s. 
Zu-bri-facUion Theactof smoothing, s. 
Pet-ri-facUitm A becom ng of st(»>e, s. 
Un-der-facHion A subordinate faction, s, 
Sat-û'facUion A being pleased ; atonement, s, 
Insai-it-fac'tùmWant; unsatisfied state, s. 
Dit'ttU'is'facUion Discontent, s. 

fn-oeffion A state of rest, & 
Co'oc'tion CoDipuIsion; force, s. 
^ PaeUion A bargain ; a eovenant, s. 

Un-àer-acHùm A snbordinate action, s. 

Frac^tion A breaking ; part of an int^per, 6« 
lU'fradtion Variation of a ray c^light, s.. 
In-frae*tion Tbe act of breaking; violation, s. 
TracUion A drawing or being drawd^ g. 
Sub'traeUkn A taking a sum •r part away^ raore pro< 

perlyiSoif^Metîo», whichsee, s. Johnson. 
De-tracUion Slandeff; defiunation, s. 
He-tracUion Withdrawing of a questioA, s. 
Con-irac'tion A shortening ; abbieviation, % >- 
PrO'trac'tkm A delay, s. 
i^^-Wrac'/ràn Theactof abstracting, s. 
SubstracUion A taking of a part firom the who!e, a. 
Dif-^r/N- '/ion Confusion; madness; séparation, i. 
Ât'tracUion The power oldrawin^^ io^ a. 
JEx-tracUion A drawing ont ; lineage ; descente s. 
Trans-ac'tion Managenaent; negociaticMij s. 

TacUion The act jsf touchkig, s. 
Con-tac'tkm The act of touching, s. 
Ex'QcUion Extortian; serere tribnte, s. 
De-fec^tion A iaUing away; a revoit, s. 
Re-fecfthn Refircshing after hu»ger, &e. s. 
Af-Jec'Hon L«ye ; zeal ; qiMbUty ; feadaBS», s; 
Vis-af-fecHion Want of loyaity, s. 

Con-frcUion A sweetmeat ; a miionre, & 
Pro'fecUion Advancement; pregre8»i«n, a. 
Per-fecUion A being perfect j exceUeotee, t. 
Jm-per-fecHion A defect ; faiiure ; iuiH, Sw 

//2-jM/i«A A ooeftagK» ^ «vilcttaunuakated^ ^ 

L mMnMÉKfk mt^ 

ION 32T 

Tra-jecUlon A darling through ; emUstoa» f« 
Ob-jecUion Opposition; fault; charge, b. 
Sub-jec'tiiin A being under governiueut, s« 
Ad'jecHion The act of adding ; thing mddeci» t» 
E-jetUion A casting out ; an expulâoa, s. 
De-jec-tion Melancholy ; weakness, s. 
Re-j&iHion The act of casting offor aside, s. 
In-jec'tion The actof throwing in, s. 
Su-per-in-jec^tion Injection upon injection» a. 

Pro'jec'tion A shootiog forwards; a pluii» s. 
Inrter-jecHion An iat«rveiition ; a part of speech, s, 
LecHion A reading ; variety in coptes» s. 
E'IeeUion The act of cbooslnç» s. 
He-e-lecHion A repeated élection} s. 
Pre-UcHion A lecture; a reading, s. 

Se-lecUion The act of choosing; ohoice madë, s; 
De^ecHion A déviation; a tuming aside, s. 
Re-fiecHian Censure; considération, s. 
In-flecUkn The act of bending or Tarying, f. 
Ven-u-Jlec'tion A religions kneoling, s. 
Neg-lecUion State of bsing négligent, s. 
I^fec'/7on The act ofloving; kindiness, s. 
Predri'lec'tion Favour ; préférence ^ partiality ; Juiiius's liCtter to 

the King. 
In-ieUîecHion The act of understandin^, s. 

Col-lecHion Things gathered ; a conclusion, s. 
Rec-oî'lecUion To recover in memory , s. 
AspecUion View i act of beholding, s. 
Gr-'Cum-specUion CaoAxon; watchfuhiess, su 
IrtM'-cum-specHion Want of caution, s. 

In-tpecHion A close survey ; snperinÉendance, s. 
Ret-ro-spec'iion A looking backwards, s. 
Inrtro-specHlon A view of theinside, & 

E--recHion A buikling or raiaing np, u 
Di-recHion Aim ; order ; superscriplion, s. 
In-di-redîton Unfaimess ; dishonesty, s. 
Cor-recfiion Punishmetit; amendaient, Sw 
Por-recUion The act of reaching forth, s. 
BeS'Ur-recUion A rising firom the grave, s. 
in-iMr-r«c'/ios A rébellion; a sédition, s. 

&rc'/7on A distinct fMtrtofwriting; acntting, s. 
Sub-tecUion A section of a section; a smaller dhrision, s. 
Ven-e-secUion A blood lettii^, s. 

Bi-tecHion A division inko two eqnal parts, s. 
Tri-sec' tion Division into three eqnal parts, s. 
Con*iC'SecUion A section or division ol a oone, s. 
In-ter-secUion A point wherelines cross, s. 
DiS'secUion T dissecting ; anatomy, s. 
De-tecUion A discovery ; a finding out, s. 
Re-teeUion A disoovering to the view, s. 
Pro-tecUion Defence; a shelter f rom hariB, s. 
VecHion The act of carrying, s, 
Cir<umrV€cHiQn A carrying round, f* 


828 ION 

£jr^«r'lm» Tbeactofcattingoixt, s. 
Die'/ion Style; language; expression, «• 
Cb»-<ra-dr'/«>n Opposition; inconsistency, s. 
Ad-dkftiom State of being det'oted, s. 
Jlfo^^-cfic'/WR Acune; an exécration, s. 
Val-^-dk^thn A fiurewell, s. 
Ben^-dkUioH A bleising; acknowledgement, s. 
Pre-dicUion A propbecy, a. 
In-Ac'tum A proclamation ; filteen years, s. 
In-4er-<BcUion A prohibition ; a earac, s. 
Ju-ns-dicftion Lc^l aatbority ; a district, t. 

i^c '/ion An inventedstory; a lie, s. 
Der^'keftion An ntter forsaking or leaving, s. 
^f-fic^Uon Grief; distress; misery, s. 
In-flkUion The act of punishing ; punishment, s. 
E-mieftion A making of urine, s. 

Fric'thn The act of rabbing together, s. 
Jf-frkftion Rubbing against each other, s. 
A*-4rkHkm Act of contraeting parts, s. 
Ob-HncHkm An obligation ; a bond, s. 
Ad-ttrkUhn The act of binding together, s. 
Restrkftwn Limitation; confinement, s. 
GM-f/ric '/km A contraction; a compression, s. 
E-vkHion Proof; évidence; conviction, s. 
Re-vkHkm A retumtolife, s. 
Om-vkHion Détection ofguilt; fnll proof, s. 

SaneUkn Ratification ; confirmation ; a laWj s. 
Re-ttmcHkn Act of extinguishing, s. 
Dk-tmcUian Différence; séparation; quality, s. 
Om-ira-'dit-tineftion Distinction by opposites, s. 
In-àfs-tincUion Confusion; uncertainty» s. 

Ex^iincftion An extinguishing ; an abolishing, s. 
I7nc'/N»n The act ofanointing, s. 
/iMc'/«pii An office ; employment; powe^, s. 
i>e-/»nc'/fon Death» s. 

Junc'tktt An union ; a coalition, s. 
Sub-juncHwn The actof sulgoining, s. 
^<£-junc'/^ The act of joinmg ; thingjoined, s. 
Con-jundiion Union ; the sizth part of speech, s. 
Z>}.f^'unc'/aon A disunion; séparation; parting, s. 
/n-Jimcf/zon A command; order; prohibition, s. 
In^uncUion A smearing or anointing, s. 
Com-puncfiion A pricking; repentance, s. 
Jn-ter-punc^tùm Pointing-between words, &c. s. 
£!x-/Mmc'//on Abolition, s. 

Coc'/wn The act ofboiiing, s. 
De-cocUhn A préparation by boiling, s. 
Con-cocUion Digestion, s. 
Iti-ron-cocHion Uniipened, or indigested state, s. 
Jn-fareUhn The act of btufiing or cro'Tding, s. 

AueUkn Sale to the best bidder, s. 
Tra- cEuc 'lion Deh Yation ; propagation, &c. $• 


I O N 329 

Âlh-àiicUion Theactofdrawingback, s, 
Sub'ducHion The act of taking away, s. 
E-ducHion A bringing iiito TÏew, s. 
De-AtcUion An abatement ; a conclusion, s. 
Re-ducUian The act of reducing, s. 
Se-ducUion The act of seducing, s. 
Cir-cum-ducUion Aleading about; nullification, -s. 

Jn-ducUim, A taking possession ; introductiODy s. / 

Skt'per-in-ducUion Actofsaperinducing, s. 

/Vo-r&ic'/îb« Actofproducingj aproduct, s. 
He-pro-ducUion The act of producing anew, s. 
In-tro-ducUion A bringing in ; a préface, s. 
jlfa72^z<-c&<c'/ion A guidanceby thehand, s. 
Ob-slrucUion A hindrance; an obstacle, s. 
Sub-strucUion An under building, s. 
Ve^strucfiion "Ruïn ; massacre ; eternal death, s. 
/n^/ruc'/ton The act ofteaching; direction, s. 
Con-f/ruc'//on Act of building ; meaning; syntax, s. 
Mû-con-tirucUion A wrong interprétation, s. 
Su-per^ruc'tion A building on any thing, s. 
SucHion The act of sucking, s. 
Ex-tucUion The act of sucking out, s. 
JDe-pleUion The act of emptying, s. 
JRe-pieUion A being too fnli, s. 
Tm-pleftion The act of filling, s. 
Com-pleUion A fulfilling; perfect state, s. 
Ac-creftion A growing to another, s. 
Se-cre'lhn The secretcd fluid, s. 
Con-cre 'tion An union of parts, s. 
D/f-cre/'/o» Prudence ; liberty to act, s. 
In-dis-cret'ion Imprudence ; inconsideration, s. 
Ex-creftion Séparation of animal substance, s. 
Im~bi~bit'ion Act ofdrinkingor sncking, s. 
Adr-hi'bii'ion Application; «se, s. 
In-hi-bit^ion A prohibition ; an embargo, s. 
PrO'hi'bit'ion The a<;t of forbiddii^, s. 
i?T-A/.6//'/on Asettingforth; anallowanoe, s. 
^m-6iVVoA Eamc'St désire; pride, s. 
Sor-bit'ion The act of supping, s. 
A'dii'ion The act of going to another, s. 
Tra-dit'ion An oral accounl of things, t. 
Sur-ad-dit^ion Something added to the name, s, 
Ad^dit'ion An adding to; increase, s. 
Su'per-ad-dUHon Asuperndding; thing added, s. 
Red-diOion Restitution; a surrender, s. 
E-diOion The impression of a book, s. 
De-<AV'/on The act ofyieldi ng up, s. • 

Ex-pe-Âit'ion Speed ; a warlike enterprize, s. 

&-£&'/ 'ion Tumnlt; insurrection; commotion, s. 
Ren-dii'wn The actofsuiTendering» s. 
Ven-dH'ion Sale; the act of selling, s. 




aso ION 

Om^diiHon Rank; disposilioa; temoi asi«enMNti prepertf^ 
temper* s- 
To eon-dii'ion To make tenus, v. a. 
Ph>-<#/'io»TreM<M»i treaciiery, s. 
Pw-d// 'ion Destruction; ioss; death, s. 
Vtp^-dlt'ion Loss; destruction, s. 
Au^t^ion Henriog, s* 
Er^u-ditfh* Leaniag i knowledge, s. 
Lar-gitfion The act of fiviag, $. 
Co-a-lit'ion Uiûon «k eue «kass or body, a. 
Ites-ilit'ion Act of spr.HgÎBg back, s. 
IHssi'litfton Aburst^ni; ia two, s. 
Ex-i-Ut^ion Slendemess ; smaUness, s. 

Bul-lit'ion The act or «Ute «f boiliug, S. 
Eh-vl-Wion The act of boiling up, s. 
Ab-o-liVhn Tbe act of repealiag, s. 
Em-o-lii'ion The act of saftening, s. 
Dem-o-Ht^ion. The actof denolisluag, s. 
Na4iifion Unwillmgness, s. 
Va4ii*vm The act of willkigi po««r to chowia, a. 
Vo-miifion The act of vamitisig, ». 
Ev-o-mitfim The act of vonùting oot, s. 
In-a^nitfion Emptiness of bodyt s- 
Sx'i»'a-nitfion Privation ; loss, s. 
Ag-nitfion Acknowledgement, s. 
Ig-mt^ion The act of setting oa fira, & 
Coi^.n}/ 'ion Knowledga; eonvictioM, ». 
JRec-og'mt'ion An acknowledgement ; a review, ib 
Prec-<^-'mt'ion Foreknowledge, »♦ 
Z^-i-m/^'on Descnpt'a»; detemwnatkm, & 
Ma-mttion Information ; iaitmotton, s. 
Admo-nit'ion Counsal ; advioe ; iBStrficlioil« i. 
Prem-o-nWion Previous natice, & 
Com^nuhmt'ion Advice; wamiiig, t. 

U-nil'ion The aot or power of uoitinit» •• 
Co-ad'U-nit'ion Union of différent things ioto oae> a. 

Mo-mUion Aoiinvn'.tion ; a fortiÉwation, s. 
Prem-u^iOion Anticipation of aa ol^tHm, a. 
Am-nm-niVion Mihtary stores, 8. 
Pit-mVion PuniihnMBt, s. 
Co'iVion Copulation ; a «ieeting, i. 
Ap-pa-ritHon Aji appearanee; a^ghofit^ s. 
/>«/-er-î<'to« Actof goingpafltr or Hatc of bciog past, a. 
De-irii^ion The act of weariag away, t. 
Con-inUion Real sorrow for s » ; a grinding, s. 
At'trHHon Act of rubbing ; sorrow for «in, s. 
Nu-trUHon Tbe quality of aoarUhing, s. 
Par-tu^rit'ion Tho state of beiuf about to bring forth, S. 
Dis-qm-ifi'km Bzamination i crïiical cDquiry» s. 
Ac-quistlfion Attainment ; gain, t. 
fn-qui-sWion An ecclettaatieal court ; anquiry» & 
Per-§tti-rà'iaa An accurate enquiry i search, &c/8. 

ION .331 

Tran-sU^ion A removal ; passage ; ciiaiige, 9. 
In-sit^ion A graft or grafF, s. 
Po-rà 'ion A situation; principle laid down, s. 
Con-tra-po-s^U'ion A placing over against, s. 
Jux-ia-po-sitHon The act orstate of placing near, s. 
Defi-O'sitfion Public évidence ; a degrading, s. 
Rc'pO'SWion The act ofreplacing» s. 
Prep-O'SWion A particle goveming a case, s. 
Sep-csHHon A setting apart ; ségrégation, $• 
Im-po^itiion An injunction ; a cheat> s. 
Com-po-sitHon A mixture-; invention; .agreement to accept leO 
thaii a debt ; work, s. 
De-com-po-sWion A compounding of things alre«dy compounded ; 

usod sometimes improperly for analyaatign, s. 
JRe-com-po-sit^ion Composition renewed, s. 
Cir-iuM-po-sUHon A placing circularly, s. 

Prop-O'sU^ion A sentence to be considered, s. 
Ap-po-sit'ion A putting unto ; an addition, s. 
Op-pO'tU'ion A facing or c^^osing another, s. 
Sup-pO'sit^ion Something suppased (x laid down, 8. 
Pre-sup'posilUon A supposition previouslv forauiid, s, 
In-ter-po-tU^iott A placing betwecn ; médiation, au 
Dis-po-nifùm Method ; tendency ; temper, s. 
iVv-cfif-po-W^ '/on A previous adaptation, s, 
In~dii'po-sitfion Disorder of health ; dlsUke, 8« 
Trans-pO'silfion A tlûogs into each other's place* ; a reci- 

procal ehange of place, s. 
j^f-;>(vfi^ 'ton An explanation; situation, s. 
Pe-tit'ion A request ; a prayer, s. 
7b/>0-^iV'/o/iTo supplicate; solicit; entreat, t. 
JUp-e-tit-ion A rehearsing; a repeating^ r#cital, S. 
Com-pe-iU'ion Contest ; dispute, s. 
Ap'pe-tWion Désire, a, 
Dên-tWion A breeding or cutting of teeth, t. 
Ded-en^tWion Loss or shedding of teeth, s. 

Par-titfion A division ; that which divides, s. 
Bip-ar-tWion A division into two parts, s. 
Com-par-iit^ion The act of comparing or dividing, «, 
Quad-ru-par-iit^itm A division into four parts, s. 
Su-per-ttie'ion False religion or dévotion» s. 
Deg-lu-tilUon The act of swallowing, s. 
Cir-cu-ii^ion A goiug round any thing, s. 
/Vi£-i7 'ion Ënjoy ment; possession, s. 
Tu-itHon Instruction ; guardianship^ g. 
In-ta-iVion Immédiate perception, s. 

MenUion Expression in words or writing, s, 
De-lenUion The act of detaining; restraint, s, 
Jie-ten'tion A retaining ; memory ; custody, s. 
Jn-ienUion Eagerness of désire ; design ; pinpose, 9, 
Con-ten'tion Strife ; debate ; zeal, s. 
Ab-sienUion The act of holding oflf, s. 
Dù-tenUion Breadth ; a stretching ; enlarging, &c. s. 



At-4enU}on The act of attending to ot mindin^, s. 
I n-tU-tenUion Disregard ; neglect, s. 
Con'-tra'ven^tion Opposition to an agreement, s. 
Ob-'jenUion A happening, s. 

Pre-venUion A going before ; hindnuice ; préjudice ; anticipa- 
tioD, s. 
Cir-cum.'ven'thn Fraud i imposture ; prévention, s. 
JruvenUh» A fiction ; a discovery, &c. s. 
Con-ven^tion An assemblyf a contractfor a time^ s, 
Su'per-venHion An extraneous addition, s. 
In-ter-ven'tien Agency; interposition, s, 
LaUion A médicinal wash, s. 
MoUîon The actof mbving; a proposai, s. 
£-mo'/»on.I>iRturi>anceof mind; sudden motion, 9» 
Re-mo^tion The act of removin^, s. 
Lo-dhmoUion Power of changing place, s. 
Pro-moUion Adranccment ; preferment, s, 
CowUUr-mo'tion Contrary motion, it. 

No'tion A sentiment ; opinion ; thought, s» 
Pre^no^tion Foreknowledge j prescience» s. 
Dig-HoUion Distinction, s. 

Po'thn A draught, especially in medicinc, s. 
2>«-oo^<K>n Pîety; disposai; power; worship, s. 
Inrde-voHion Want of dévotion ; irreligion, s. 
CapUion The actof taking any person, s. 
U'iUr-câpftioH Right aristng from possession, s* 
A'dap'tion The actof fitting or adapting, s. 
Ac-cepfiion The recei^ed sensé of a word, s. 
Ve-cepUion A deceiving ; a beguiling ; a cheat, s. 
Re-cepUion The act of receiving ; treatment, s. 
IiKejftUion A bcginning, s. 

Con-cèpUion A formiug in the womb or mind ; an idea, Sk 
Pre-con-cep^tion Previous thought or opinion, s. 
Su-per-con-cepHion Conception upon conception, s. 
Mis-con-cepUion A (aise (^inion ; wrong notion, s. 
Pro-cepUion A taking sooner than another, s. 
P<?r-fe/)'/jon Knowledge ; a notion; an idea, s. 
In-'ter'CepUhn A stoppage ; a hindrance, s. 
Sus~cepUion The act of taking, s. 
Ex-cep' iion An exclusion ; objection ; dislike. S* 
A-depUion An attaining ; a gptting, a. 
Re-a-depUion The act ofregainfng; recovcry, s. 
Ob-repUion The act of creeping on, s. 
Sub-repUioa An attaining by surprise, s. 
E-repHion A snatching or taking by force, s. 
Di-repUion The act of plundering, s. 
Cor-repUhn Chiding ; reproof, s. 
Sur-rep'tion Surprise; a sudden invasion, s. 
A'Scrip'tfon The act of ascribing, s. ^ 

^.7&-f cr//) '/ion An underwriting; an attestation, s. 
De-icripHion The act of describiog ; représentation, s. 


ION 333 

P/e-nripUion A custom; a médical recei{»t; right by contînued 
long possession, s. 
Cèr-tum-scripUion L'mitatioij ; confinement, s. 
Tran^scripUion The act of copying, s. 
In-scripUion An epitaph ; any thing written, s. 
Con-scripUion Aft eiirollng, s. 
Pro-scrrpUion Configuration ; a doom lo dcath» s. 
Su-per-scrrpUio7i A writing on theoutside, s» 
fmp'/aoftTheactofpurChasing, s. 
A'dempfthn A taklng away ; privation, s. 
Re-dempHion A ransom ; purchase of God's favour by tlie deatli 

of Christ, s. 
Pre-enipUion A right of buying bf^ore another, s. 

Co-empUion A bUying up of thc whole, s. 
Per-empHion An extinction ^ a crush ; a killing, s. 
Ex-empfthn A frecing from ; a privilège, s. 

SumpHion The àct of taking, s. 
/?«-«ump'£ioii The act ofrcsuming, s. 
Pre-suntpHlon Arrogance ; confidence, s. 
Tran-sump^tlon A taking from one place to another, s. 
Con-swnpUion The act of cousuming; a disease, s. 
As-tumpHion A taking to one's self; apostulate, s. 
OpHion A choice, s. 
A-dop'tion Thc act of adopting, s. 
De-cerpHion The act of plucking off, s. 
Dis'CerpH'ion A pullîng to pièces, s. 
Ab-sorpHian The actol swallowing up, s. 

Itup'Hon A breach ; solution of continuity, s. 
^&-ri/p'/wn Violent and suddcn séparation, s. 
£-rvp'/2on Abreakingout; biirst; pustule, s. 
Di-TUpUion The act or stateof burst ng, &c. s. 
Pro-n^'i/on The act ofbursting ont, s. 
In-ier-rupUion A hindrance ; stop ; obstruction, s. 
/r-ri(p'/7bn An invasion; an inroad» s. 
Cor-rup'iion Rottenness ; wickedness, s» 
In-cor-rup'tion Incapacityof corruption, s. 
Dis-rupHion A breaking ai^nder; a rcMt, s. 
A'petUton An oi>ening j a passage or gap, s. ' 

De-serf Hon The act of forsaking, s. 
In-serftion The act of inscrting ; thing inserted, s. 
Jn-ier-serUion An insertion, s. 

Js~serUiùn The act of assert! ng, s. - ^ 

Ex-erUion An effort; act of exerting, s. 
A-bor^tion A miscarriage in women, s. 

PorU'nm A part ; a fortune, s. 
7b^r'//an Todivide; toendoW, v. a. 
PrO'porHion Equal part ; ratio ; symmetry ; size, s. 
Topro-por'tion To adjust parts lo each other, v» a. 
Su-per-pro-porftkn Overplus of proportion, s. 

X)w-pro-por'fton Want of proportion, s. 
Jh di*-pro'por*tt(m To nvsnnatch, v. a. 
Jlftf-pro-por'/ionTojoinwithoutprop.rtion, s. 9 

' To 

3S4 ION 

Tq tf^r'Uon To set ont in jost proportions, t. a* 
CÔn-tor'tion Partnership; society, s. 
Re-4oT'tion The act of retorting, s. 
Con-torUion A twist ; a wry motion, s. 
Du'iorUion Grimace; ttiisrepresentation, s. 
Ex'torHion An unlawful exactioii, s. 
BatUmn A balwark or fortre.^s, s. 
E-gesUion A throwing out digested food, s. 
Sug-getHion A hint ; an intimation, s. 
• Di-geg'tion A dissoWing of forjd in the stomacb» 8, 

in-di^gei*tùm The state of uoconcocted méats, s. 
In-gtsH'ton Throwing into the stomach, a» 
Con-gesHion A cotlccticxi of humours, s. 

âtfe*''t<'on An interrogatoryj dispute; search, & 
To mtftHion To enqùire, debate or doubt, v. a. 

misUion The state c>f being minglcd, s. 
Per-mùUion The act of mtxiug, s. 

UiHion A burniiig or being bumed^ 8. 
Ex'ktauUion The actof drawingout, s. 
Am'bnsflion A bnm ; a scald, s. 
/Gom-AwV/oA A buming; hurry; confusion^ s. 
A-d^x^tian A baming or drying up, s, 
Ju-Ms^ùon The act of bumiiig, s. 

GauUion Prudence; waining; foresight, s. 
To cauftion To wam ; to give notice, v. a. 
Prd-cau'tton A preveutite measure, s. 
To pre-cauUion To wam beforehand, v. a. 
jhtt^ri-ba^iion A repayment; a restitution, s* 
Càn'tri'bu'tion The act of coutributing, s. 
Dis-tri'buniêfi The act of distnbuting, s. 
Al'iri'bu^ivin Ass gnroent; coHUUfiodatioo, &• 
Jti^te-cuUion Pursuît, s. 
Con-te-cu*ii9n A train of conséquences; snccession, a. 
JàroS'e'<uUîon A Ctim'iTaal suit ', apursuit, s. 
Per-ie-cuUion The aot of persecutii^, s. 
A*-se-<uUion An obtainixig, s. 
JEx-e-^u'iion A performance ; seiziire ; death, s. 
£/-o-cu ^to>i Uttèrànce; detivery; flaency, & 
El'lo-cuHiaii A speaking to another, s^ 
G>/-/b-cu'fi'on Coi^erence; conversation, s. 
0r~cum-lo-<uUion The use of indirect words, s. 
Jn'Utr-io-cu'tton Dialogue, s. 

Ab^lu'tion The actof cleansingor wasbin^ St 
Vi'luUion The act of dil'uting, s. 
/W-^u'^/on The actof deûliug; defilexhent, s. 
âb'^<-/'o« A séparation; explanation; aasver, s. 
Ab-sô-inUien A pardoning ; fbrgiveness, s. 
Jles-^'hiUion A ^issolving ; detÉsrminatioH, s. 
ir-ret'So-tuUion Want of iirmnessofmind, s». 
Disso-lu'Uon A dissplving ; a breaking ; death, ^ 
Ad-vQ-luUhn A rolhng to soiDething, s. 
JiV'O'iu'liûn An unfolding ; military ex«x^e,\s. 


Ihtf'O'luUhn A rolling do^m, s. 
Rev'CluUion Aretmmng ; motion; rotation, s. 
tAr-cum-vO'lu'iion  tarning about or round, s. 
tn-vô-luUkm A complication, s. 
Con-vo-btUion A rolling together, s. 
X>tm-i-nu '/ion The actoflessening; discrédit, s. 
Com-fni-miH'u>n A reditcing to smali parts, s. 
Suih-sti-tuUfon A putting oae thing for another, s. 
£>es'ti-tu^ionWa.nti fbrsaken state, s. 
Het-ti-luffion A restoring or recovering, s. 
Itt-tti-tuUian An establishment ; éducation, s. 
'Su'per-'W^sli'tuUion One institution apon another, s. 

Om-sti'tu'tiun Frame ofbody or mind; law of a coontry; form 

of govemment, s. 
PnU'ii'tuUion The act and state of settmg to sale, s. 
Mix'tion Actaîm'i'; things mixed, s. 
Ad-mixHion Union of one body trith another, 8. 
Com-mixUion Mixture ; incorporation, s. 
P^r-mixUion A mingKng or being mingled, s. 
O-bUv^ion Forgetfuhiess; a gênerai pardon, 8« 
Al-lu'vi-an A carrying any thing by vrater, s. 
FUx'ion A bending, s. 
Com-piex^ion Thecolour oftheiaee; constitotioi, s. 
An-nex'ion Addtion; union, s. 
Con-nexUon Union; relation, s. 
Tran-sex'ion A change of sex, s» 
Pre-Jîxfion The act of prefixing, s. 
Af-JixHon Act of affixing, s. 
Cru-ci-JixUon The nailing to a cross, s. 
CoïïL-nàxfion A mixture ; compound, s. 

'Ftux^'ion A meltiog ; a flowiog of humours, S. 
P«-/lkr^on A faliingof humours, s. 
^-Jlux^ion The aot of flowing; whatflows, s. 
^^ujr'ràn Afiowing out; an effluvium, s. 
To bec'kon To make a sign. v. n. 
7b rec'kon To number ; estcem ; compute, T. a. 
'G«n{fa-4on An ensign ; a standaitl, s. 
Taifon A claw of a bird of prey, S. 
Doub4onf ASpanish coin, s. 

JRî/'o« One gulUy of felony, s. • 

/v?/'on Cruel ; traiterons; inhuman, a. 
Mel'on A dêlicious fruit, s. 
Bâillon A vessel «sed in chymistry, &c« s. 
GtdHon A measure of four quarts, s. 
RI ton A whitlow, s. 
Mp-dUHon (In architecture) a khidxtf bracket, «. 
BcinUlon' (Fr.) breth i sonp, s. 

CoUon The point (: ); the great gut, s. 
'Sem-i-eoflon A point made tixus ( ; L s. 
Cm^na-mon A spice; thebûrk of â tree, s. 
Z>« 'mon A spirit; generatly afl^vilspirft, s. 
De^mon A spirit ; generally an «vil spirit, s. 




O O N 

Lem^tn A fniît, s. 
Phlegfmon An inflammation ; a bumlng swelliog, s. 

Salm'on A fish, s. 
Gam*mon A buttock of a hog salted and dried, s. 
BÊgk^amffmm A game with diCe and tables, s. 
Mum^mon Riches, s. 
Com^mon Ëqual ; Fulgar ; usual ; public, a. 
C/n-eom'moi Not fréquent, a. 
Tosmnimon To call with authority ; to cite, v. a. 
Gno'mon The hand or pin of adial, s. 
Ser^mon A pious discourse, s. 
léh'-neu^mon A small animal, s. 

£4'y-m(mOrigin; a primitive word, s. 

Aon (Lat) Not; never used se|>arate)y, but sometimes 
prefixed with a négative power, ad. 
^-non' Soon; quickly; in a sborttime, ad. 
Can 'on A rule; law; ecclesiastical injunction ; membcrof 
a cathedra!, s. 
Pkafnom^-non An appearance inthe worksof nature, s. 
t^e-nomU-tton An appearance ; a new appearance, s. 
Ten'on A teim in carpentry, s. 
Ckam-pign'on A kiiid of mushroom, s. 
Can'non A great gun, s. 
Penfnon A flagpointéd, s. 
Ster^non The breast bone, s. 
JSoon Gay ; merry, a. 
Boon A gift ; grant ; présent, s. 
JSa^won^ A large moukey, s. 
Pùt'tKoon* A Spanish coin, value four shillings and eight 
pence, s. 
Rig-ga-dconf A dance, s. 

Buf-foon^ An arch fellow; a rocny andrew, s. 
Dra-goon^ A kind of horse soldier, s. 
To dra-goon' To enslave with soldicrs, v. a, 
Sa-ihocn' Leathern stufiing in aboot, s. 
Rae^koonf An animal like a badger, s. 
Xoon A mean fellow ; a scoundrel, s. 
Pan-ta-loonf Anciently a man's garment, s. 
Douh'loonf A Spanish coin, s. 
Bal-loonf A vessel used in chymistry, &c. s. 
Gal'loonf A kind of close lace, s. 
Shtd'Ioon' A slight woollen stuif, s. 

Moon The great luminary of the nigbt, s. 
JTalf'moon The moon at half incroase or decrease, s. 
IIon'ei/-moon The first month after marrlage, s. 
A^oon The middie hour of the day, s. 
Torehoon The lattcr half of time from the dawn to the meri- 
dian, s. 
^Her'Tiàon Time ftom meridian to evoning, s. 
Z«u»-;ioon' Abuse; personal slander, s. 
7b /oM'poon' Toabiuiepersonany, v. a. 


R O N 837 

tÊar-poon^ A hftrpiagiron tostrike whales, &c. a. 
Spocn A vettttl uied in eating liquide, s. 
7b jr/NN>» To sail before the wind, ▼. n. 
Mao^h'roon' Asweeteake; ariide fellow, t. 
Pic^'foonf Arobber ; a plttnderer» s. 

Soon Befôre long; eariy ; réadily, ad. 
Mrni-êoon' A thiftiiig tràde wind, 8« 
O-ver-'ioanf Too toonf ad. 
* Bot-toctn* A DNuical wind instrament, •• 
'^fl-^oon* Soon afterwanU ; frequently, ad. 
Ba-ioonf A staff or club $ a tnmclieon, s. 
P^-too«' A square bodyofmuM^ueteersi 8. 
Mui-ke-toon' A short (j^ua witha lafge bore, a. 
Car'toon* A pamting on large paper^ t. 
AMooa' A ^ariand or border «rf* flowert, à. 
Jlai'.êoonf A West Indian fox, a. 
7b «niooa To faint, v. n. > 

iSziPOon A faintiiig fit, s. 
Ca^pon A gelded eonk, s. 
IfVflp W An instrument of offence or defenoe, s* 
Jup'pon A short ckweeont, s. 
C^4m' Net iiader ; with respect to, pr^ 
Then-up-ùn' Onthat, ad. 
|f7id7«-i^MM< On which, ad» 

Barbon A dogree -of nobility next to a TÎscoant, #^ ' 
l^t^iwvn'A bullf; Afalustever, s. 
Squa^dron Part of an armyorfleet, s. 
Cal'dron A large kettle^ i. 

OiaV^on Ameasnre of <MNds$ thirty-«ix bcuMs, i. 
Cha»'dron EaRraitt, t. . ' ' 

Erfon A<H)ttage, «. '- ^ 

ChU-i-a-êf droit A figure of a thonsaiid lideb, s. 

Pol'y-e'dran A solid fig«fef eonsittiog of meny tidis, •• « 
Hang-êrH>n^ A dépendant, t.' 

Oiû'pef'cnf A kincTof hood womby kmgfats of thegmftei^ % 
Jh-^^-tes^M-ron An interval in music, t. 

Sttf'fnn A yellow physical plant, s. 

J'ron A métal ; any iastrument mad« of it, il 
/'fon Mada«f îron, a* 
To Vtr^n To smooth ^ith an iron ; to shackle, ▼.- a. 
Gri<^i-fon A gratetubroil'meat upon,'0. 
AndH'Ton lifon'iftttMe^nd efa fire grate, a. ' 
ToenF-jfVron To sui-roubd j'bem in ; tnvest, t. a. 
Ox-y-moffcn In rhetorlc oppAsité epfthets, aaa^itter«8weety g. 
^'/SRTOfi' FaH of a we«i«ii*s dress, s. 
Lam'ttron A kind bf sea fi8h,> s. 
Moiiron Au elderly woma-ii, s. 
ArVron An advocate; defen4er, benefactor, t. 
Ciifron A fhxit tomeàilng Kfce « lemon» t. 
yOC. I. Q WoLf 

388 .SON 

/liu'imnApieMiifftiiflEedleatiier, f. 

&m Amale child; nativ»; deMendant, pronouieedai 
tbe noim San, t. 
i2fa'jDfi Acanse; principle; motive ; moderatioa, i. 
To rm'mm To vgae or «Mimine latkmaUy, ▼• 
Tfva'iM Anoffeiiceagaiiiitkingaildcouiitry, s. 
5«m'jo» Afourtbpartof tbeyear; fittimej relisbi s» 
Totea'mmTo give relish to ; quaUiy^ makefil, v. «. 
Car'gtt'-mm Aship^s lading, i. 

Ma^ttm. One who works mstonep &• 
Di-^t-pafson An octave in nmâc, s. 
Grmdftom The aoo of a ion or daiighter, s, 

GM'jon.One for whom one baa beea qponsor mlMi|ttitni, u 
Whareften A bastard, t. 
Or'oi-tim A prayer, t. 
.fim'i-jiw A blessing; a bénédiction, a. 
X3lBB't^i(Ni Aireeman; oae enfirancbised, t. 
Vm^h^on The lle'>h of deer and other game, i. 
IPm-9on Sounding alone«r the iame, a. 
Ufni-ton A stria^ofthetaokefioundi uDvaried.aote, s. 
Foifion Plenty ; abondance, . a. 
Pn^êon That which destroyg and iiiînrealile» a. 
Tà^VMTo infect with poison; toocrrupt» ▼• a. 
Tb em-poi'ion Or Jmpoison ; todestnq^ by poiko, v. a. 
Count'er-poi'ton Antidoie, a. 

Ca-par^h-ton Dressibrahorse» s. 
To ca-paHûtan To dress pompoualy, ▼. a, 
CMi-;kir't-«oaSiinile; estimate; lil^enesib •» 
J)ii4ii-hetfi-mn A ddbarring from inberitiing, a. 

Prii^on A gaol ; a place of coi^nement, a. 
7b cNi-pm'oaTo confine; toshntop inpriwm, v. A» 

Omr'ri^ton Fortified place stored with aoldien, a. 
3^gar'r»iioaTotecureby soldiers, kA* i. 
Dam'ton A small black pliun, 8. 
Oimdon A deep red colour, s. 
To €rmftam To die red, ▼.a. ' . 

Boston Comiptedfiroin boatawain^i* 
. .Pvr'jo;iAclergyman,.s. f 

Ptr'fon A man or woman ; the shape of a body, a» 
Bat-mm^ A wind instrument of muaic, i. 
Lttfion A task to leamor read, i. 
To let'ton To instruct, ▼. a. 
Cait-tonf (Fr.) A chest of bombe or powder,. a. 
Bit' ton Blind, a. 

Jet'ton Goo?^8 thrown asbore after sbipwreck, Sic. a. 
fjoi^toa Goods swimming witbout an owner at Ma» a. 
Àd'vouffton A rigbt to présent to a bénéfice, f • 


A R N 33» 

Thn A iveîght of 20 hanclred vmght, rkymes ^n, s. 
AH'tom'é-tom Anengioewhtch moveRof Hself, s. 
Âsjfn'de-ion A figtire in grammar when a conjonction copnlattTt 
is omitted, s. 
J^y-iyn'cbt-ldfi A figure of rhetoric by which the copulative is often 

repéated, s. 
Skd^e-Um The human boues entire, s. 
Sku'pk-Um A 6il>y mortal ; a foolish fèlkjWy 8. 
PoU'pe-tonf A puppet or Httle baby, s. 

' J^ef/ûn An issue ; or rowel in the neck, X 
Hagfue^ton A pièce <^ armour, s. 
Hacqfue-'ton. A pièce of armour, s. 

Goi'^tm The divis on ofa country ; a c!an> s. 
To canHon To divide land, v. a. 
Punftan A particular kind of horse-shoei s. 
IVanUfjn Licentious; sportive; lustful; looie, a* 
ÏFanUonA strumpet; whoremonger j triflur, s. 
J^n-iom' A Ûéa^ng bridge» t. 
Mé-o^o^tom A qoinoe» i. 

Okt^te» A kttd of pluni, fl. 
PUb»f»'<mTh« inflammable part ofanybody» s. 
' Jlt'itois Partof a pump and syringe, s. 
CÛ'toiA'plant; stuffmadeof it, t. '^ 

T> eot^ion To rise with a nap ; to unité, t. n* 

BiU'ton Aay knob or bail, s. 
7b iutfUm To ftsten with a button; todreaa, r. a. 
7b um-kàftom To kitme any tliiag bottoned, t. a« 
4Nkl'ld»Oiiewlioeatf toexceM, a» 
JHîU'Um Thfl flash of ibeap ; a Âeep, s. 
&sr'flm An under officer of the chareh, t. 

t9^on Pi^t àndpart paas. of wil^ rhymet fttli, • 
7b BBon Todwéll; Ure ; hare abode, ihyineB svn, T. ^ 
n^aDwelUng; habilatioii, fhyinieaaub, s. 
i^ BsrDg at a distaiice wHhîii viaw, a. 
Km Atadiataacewithhiyiew, ad. 
0<y 'on A paste ; pencil; pietore, a. 
Hdfey-on Happy; quiet; ftill, a. 
Halfty-on A btrd, s. 
Em'bry-m A cbild IndHitiBCtIy iomed ; tfny thîng unfinished, ty 

Ga'zon{lPr»)lnforttÙealtioai earthinrormofatradge^ f. 
Th èiafton Toexplain; adoM; diiplay; lell, y. a« 
Sla'zoH Act()f bermldry; shovr, a. 
To m-àtafsQH To adocn Wfâi figares^ heraldry, &e. s. 
Am^a-wit A masculine warlîkewomatt; a virago^ s. 
Mo-rifwn The tiM thattacminate* the sight, s. 
Bam A country storehonse for corn, &c. s. 
To in-^amf Tocover with, or breed flesh, t. 
To dtttn (See IVom) Tomend holet» r. «• 
TbearnTo gain by laboor; to éMainj prottounced ern, 
rhymes fera, ▼. a. 
7b deam To nendholesi, ffiyflMS htà^ t. a. 

Q ft Tù 

S40 O R K^ 

TokarnTofftâa faigivMgei to tetcb» vit^iQÇftlbriii fs. 
7b uii-ikam^ Tpforgety V. flu 

TpywmTo fieil gveaX imeasiness ; to grieve, iliyiiiei 
fiem, V. a. 
Am A Biitiib word for pavement or steppipg «ton», K 
TomAbog; afen; amarsh, a. 
7b Wang To cantioQ ; give ootice> v/tu 
Ib/ort-womf To admonish; to caution» ▼• a. 
Ymrn Spun wool ; voolleo threaid, s. 
7b te^anf To aepaiate finer from grosser matter» ▼• •» 
7bcoi»-eeni'Toaâect; ioterest; beluQgto^ ▼• 
I7b-coii-«eni' Négligence; indifférence, ■• 
Tbdlir-eini'Toaee; jndge> distingolah, ▼• a* 
Tbcr-tfm' To airain out, t. a. 

DernSÊÂ; aolkary; barbarcnUi a» 
AVdtm Made of aider, a. 
Mod^tm Lata; racen^ a. 

/bm A plant growing fai «oodi» k,^ 
Btn Cwitracied frwn ntrofh tt ^ ^ 
CStt'm Akindof harp, g. 
l»r'l*i»»B«îafwtlm«9rth, a. i. , 
8tmlh*«rn Belongingto tbo9ontjis .mecidiOBal» a. 
Km Attciavttjf an Irisb fbotyoMieri ** 
iritn»Abpn4iailli6rgrindipgooni» i.. 
7b iwr» To haiden as ripemed cpm ^ to gvwiiilatt^ Tt •• 
JM^^rn Aa ifpQtt eodiag in.a point, a. . 
Cm 'era A l>tilf room l^etf een tb« nuuparl «nd t)ia bomff, •• 
Ai-êem* Actiiig by turpi^ a.r 
(8àkfai4ern Inferior^ anbordiottCy «• 
M'^mi^sâkwçric, g. . 
tm^itm Trimappueii^ çaae^r « cmp^le^ i^ 
sIfhUrmi Jinward( i«tattiQ»'s oot IbneiaOt •* 
" I^MorV^m Tba fowlh pari of» pint, 9^ 

&0ra .Seire«a i« lo(A ; harilis afflk:tiT% i, 
A'tUmf Inâ|e|iind^.piijrtof avhip» «4« 
£a«<'«niBelo9giagtoâieeagti orientait g. 
h esifem Benig in t\^ weit, a. . 
Cft'tern A vessel to catch or bold water, if 
Pas'tem A ima^l ^aïka,; a tittle door, «• 
Pat'iern A spécimen ; exemple j figur% s. 
£2a^'/^M A,i^gligentiiastyfromaii9 s. . 
Bit'ùm A sea water fowlj, 9. 
CaoUm AtCayoj a!hollpw plaoe^ s. * 
Tqv Urn A boii»^. whfMne wijws is sçU Igr r^MÙI» «■ * 
TtgovUrn Torule; regolataj iwMl»« v, g« 
âucm A handmiil, a. 
2b ifern See l^éam, ¥• a. . 
Bom Part. pass. of bear. riiymea nxmnu 
Ta V ^" l'o coBBc ipto lifie^ ribsmea bom, t. a. pvss» 
iSea'bom Bom of the ^ea» paît. 
Stttbfborn Obstpalr ^bfffdf ^ jrwgtiij. a.. . 


k. j» 


^ ' "-■ 

U R N 341 

Ditsen>orn Born <mt «f wediock, part 
Ea/Wbom Boni of the earth ; meanly boni, paît. 
&iWbùm Dead m tbe birth, part. 
Hettof^-^tom DesceiMtod from Heare», part. 
In'born Implantedby natare, part. 
TwmfSarn Born at Hia famé birth, part 
Uk-bornf Not yet broaght into life, a. 
7Sint&H»rii'To procure by&bemeaiis, ▼. a. 

Cbrn Grain; a hard lump in tbefiesh, s. 
To corn To sprinkie with fait, t. a. 
^^cDrnTheaeedorfniitof tbefMtk, s. 
Bread^com Coni of whiefa bread is made, t. 
Mangftorn Corn of aèrent kindaniKedy a. 

Ufni-com A beast witb «ne bon, s. 
Cob^ri-com The winter solstice, s^ 
Pep'per-eom Any thing of little ndne» s» 
Scom Contempt, s. 
7»«eioni'f\>despi9e; scoff; sKght, v. a. 
BorHey-com A grain of barley ; tbivdpart of an inck,. % 

l>of^ Thename of a fliBh, ■«. 
To a-dorn' Toétck; dressf enbellish, ▼. a. 
Hom Défensive weapon of an ox, ram, Icc 
Bu-gU^hom* Ahantittgbom, » 

InVhorn Acaseof wfiting instnments, i; 
<S6or»Part pass. of shear, rhymcsnumnk 
To dir'komf ToBtripof homs, ▼. a* 

Thorn A priekiy twe ; a difficnlt point, s. 
LaMifhorH A case for a candie, properly lantem, s» 
HaviUhom The tbom that heam haws, s. 

lam Part pais, of lopm», Sax. ftirsaken ; lest, rhymes 
tooe^forn Forsaken ofone'alore, a. 
Ftyr-lom' Forsaken; lost^ despicaUey a» 
Mom^ The firat part of a day, s. 
Sorn A kind of serrile tenure formerly inScotland and 

Ireland, s. 
Tora Pavt patf.eftear, rhymes montn. 
Worn Part pass. of wear, rhymes nonm» 
ffar'wom Womwith war, a. 
0-ofr-4aûra' Worn ont, spoiled by time, part 

Snorn Qnalified by eatb, rhym<^ moiinr, part 

Vrm A Téasel naed fbr the ashes of the dead, &c. s» 
7b éiifR7>> consume byfire; to be hot or in a passion, ▼• 
To ckum To makc batter, ▼. 
GhcmThe ressel to chusn in,, s;. 
To m-wm' Toentomb j to bary, v» a-.. 

fournAbound; alimît'; atorrefity.rbynieamourn, s» 
To ad-journ' To pot off to a certain time^ v. a; 
To toj-oum' To live as notât home, v. n. 
3o tmntm To grieve ; wear Uack^; lament, pronounccd as tbe 
a^iectire more, tarmiaiMd by n. 

. Q 3 To 





Tbj^umTokkk; toU««tcoiitepifteoatly, t. 
Th JÊtm Tofrwwfniwi ; cbsoffe; mo^eroond, y. f« 

Tirm The ■ct.of aoviiif akouts chasge^ cfaanoe^ t. 
Sc'ter» Aptendt; {end iii ohy«i«try y s. 
JfoeUitm De^notkn (iBiiMVied Vy pight, s. 
Torr-lnni'XoMviitorgolMJi:; «mi^f «oiwer; reloft; lej^y; 
sead iMck; tnuiait, v» 
Itfr-ticnt'TheiMAfllMnungëAoki profit; vepVinEli'» nsti- 
teCioB; nfait»!; ralajjpe, il 
To o-ver-tmmf To tbrov dows; tooMiqiiar, v. ». 

C^fi A^ftjco» pnTiftiv«, or negAtive paiticle. 
Dka a tewMtâiMfte oliworgiiw CTeditor, s. 
Toéun T9pra8ar«ik|DlitBaforA4«bty y, o. 
A» Joke;.higli»mm0ii; «port» «• 
Gaw A caonoa; mfpmqogt^ ^. f. 
Be-m' PreUBriteInon bcgÎQ» 
/^{pVttfi A chikl's gun, t. 
JRbVidi A gunnakingasBMdljnart noise^ •• 
SÏJÉMi ToavQii ; to aidear<mr to «K»pe, ▼. iu 
^Rno» In gimnunftr; theaMW^fathrag» s. 
iVo'noiM A Word «sed forancna» t. 

Jhm A qoibfaêe; a ludkanDUtreptrtee, ,«• 
Spun Fret, and paît. paas. oC to spûi. 
Home^spun Madeat home; ooano, povt. - 
TàrmTomowswiftly, v. a. 
UuH Cadence; prooew; coarse; long réc ep tion, s. 
Tofore-twif To oone befiire ; topreeede^v. n* 
7b o-wr-noi' To ontran ; ntTage ; oTerspread» ▼. a# 
7b mU-muf To leave bi^ind ma race, v. a. 

Al ThehuBinaryoftiieday ; afVHiyplaoa, s* 
To tun Toexpwe to the son, t. a. 

Ttm A large caek of ter ii^g^shcads. t. 
jPb/vnTopatintoacuki tolwrrel driak, ▼. «• 
7o xAoi To make flemeleee whh a blour, Ac. ▼. a. 
Todamn To grow Ujght; to appear, t.. a. 

Damn The firet rise ; a beginner, f. 
To/oMaTosocthe; to flatter, v. & 
JRiBM A youBg deer, •• 
Guwn A tmalltab, «. 

Ijorn A plajnbetwaen i^oods; fine lincB, s. 
jRoaB A sortof custariy &c. a. 
i^nm Apledgefor eecaiity; acbeeman, f. 
7b;»ainiTopledge; toleaTeaeecority, t. a. . 
7b im-pamnf To pawn ; to pledge, y. a« 

Spamn The cggs of a fish ; 9fi oftpring, a. * 
7b«2»<niBR Toiasue; produce; ,^bed the fpawn, «t Jk 
Bramm The fleeh of a boar'; holk, s. 
PrtnM .Unaheathed 3 equal; <q^en, part* 
Prawn A shell fish iike a sbiNup» s. 
Tbyowa To gape ; openwide, t. b. 
F«Hi>àgaptog, a> . ... 


-— • "m 

ICO 3j^ 

Own DeôotÎQg pn^pw^y, ati my owff , &c rhymes ^pne, s. 
Tbozm Tt>.ackiiowlc4ge$ cûiiii; coi^fesa, v. a. 
Dù^n A l«rge open plaia ; soft£eaÙ)ief9y ^ i* 
i>oton AU»tg 1^ 4e6C€pt> prep. . 
Down Oirthe giound, «d. 
TodownTosfjibàae; opaquer; rnlp, v. a. 
^-4»ni'DQwa; towar^ th^e ground, pfep» 
Vp-^tde-downf With total reve^'sement, a4. 
Gozvn A long upiper g^miept, f» 
Sbam Part pas8.€fto show; «diibitwla rbymefbone. 
Loton A scouixdi^ ; a rafcal, prQaoïmoed loop, s. 
Blomi Part pass. of the yerfo neiiter, po Jblow, rbymesbone* 
G£9C0/i An unmsgui^ly ill bre4 iQfua; a ohorl, 9. 
i^nm Part offlyorflee ; f^%*^9j ipr^fiksd, rbymesbone, 
Hi^fflûum ]g|evate4; vmoâi a&çted, «• 
Jb re-nownf To make fampns, ▼. a. 

JKtf-noaot' Famé ; gioett praise ; merit, t. 

Knaam Part pass. (rf* the verb toknow, x^yvoM b(nie» 
CTn-ÂoioapA' Njotkmwp, «. 

^rown Xhenameofa cdiour, 8. 
To im-brown* To make bc^MTV j to darken, v. a. 
Nut'hromt Brown like a nut, a. 

CoimiT«pof4iiebea<t; omament; monejj g^gtiand; rè- 
gcU power, «. 
To crown To invest with a crown ; adorv; finish, ▼» a* 
To drown To choak with water ; tooverâow, v. a. 

Fromn A wrioUed look; a look of dislike, s,. 
Tofrown To shew dislike by frowns, v. a. 
Grown 'Patt. oi grow; advanced in growlU^ rbymes boue* 
^ Sowt Part of to sow, rbymes bo^e. 
Toâii-own' To deny ; reBojiace ; not own» T. •• x 
Vnrtomaf Kot pown, a. 

Tovm AfCoUectii» of bouses» a. 


Bo! A word uf terror, mteiô* 
BWbo A rapler ; a swotd». s. 
Cram'bo A rbyme ; a play whereiç ibgnMi «se made, s. 
Km^bo OcwSieA ; be^; arehad» a. 
Um fbo The point of a buckler, s. 
Tke-or'bo A large lute, s. 

Bu^bo A svelling in the groin, s. 
To^bae'co A plant lued in smoaking, .«• 
Si-roc'to The south-east wiud, s. 
4IJrtic((;o Fine plaisterwork, s. 
Fifco Contempt shown by the fingers, s. 
Bêe-a-Ji'eo A sm^l bird ; a fig-pecker, i. 
Mag'tiifi-ço A grandee of W&aifin, g. 
CÛ'f-co A cotton stHfl^ s. 

344 N G O 

^^ti'€0 Apîaasft; aoovend walk, s. 
M^h-bam'eo Aqaacfc; a rnoontebuik, s. 
CSi^«-ma]i'co A kmd of «rooilen tttaS, s. 

Fret^eo Coomen ; 8had6 ; paintinf on planter irhQemont, & 
Mo-rit^co A dancerof the ncirrts dance, s. 

7« db To act any thiaip ffood or *lMid, pronoanced doov 

rhyoïeswho, t. 
il-db' Trouble; dificultyj bosUe, i^ymet wko, i, 
Gma-ha^do Spatterdashes» t. 
Stoe-ea'do A thrutt wHii arapier, •. 
Bar^ri-ca^do A fortSAcation ; a bar, u 
Tm bar-ri-ca'do Tolbrtify ; to bar, ▼. a. 
Ao-^}^a^d9 A plant, i. 
Am-httt'Ctt'do A place oftnrprize, s. 

Dakh A tem in arcbiteetnre, s. 
Sea-Ut'dj The ttorming of a town witb ladders^ &. 
A-ma'db A smoaked Ish, s. 
iV-ae'db Bread bmled in water, t^ 
Grv-fM'db A lire bail, s. 
Ba#-<Mui'db A beating on the feet ; a codgeling, a. 
CSu'-Ao-iw'db Méat ont acro» to be broUed, s. 
To car-Ào-m'dIr To cal or hack» ▼• a. 
Tbr-na'db A hurricane, s. 
8inp-pû'«h A dha^tnement with a itrap, s. 
«M-t-M'db An attack made m the dark, &c. s. 
Cntsa'do A holy war, s., 
Poê-ta'do A posfa ; a thmst, s. 

Cru'-éûféf (See Crointde) An expédition against infidels, s. 
Bra-va^do A boant ; a bng, s. 
iVi-oa'flfo (Spanish) A secret fïiend, s. 
TùT-pedo (Lat) A fish whofietouch is saidtobenumb, s. 
In-u-^'éo An oblique bint, s. 
Ro-tun'do A roabd building ; tbe Panthéon, s. 
To unTàtr-éo^ To do-tess than requisife, t» n. 
To O'ver-dof To do moie than enoogh, ▼. a. 
To mi»^' To do wrong ; to commit a &ult, v. 
To out-ib' 10 ezcel ; to sarpaas, t. a. 
pKu'eh False ; coonterfeit, a. 
TbgoTowalk; more; proceed^ v. Ur 
Ji-mf Part, ÏEul. 
X/um-telfoÀpainabouttbeloins, s. 

Vi-ra*go A bokl, mohite woman, a. 
Rr-ra^go A confosed heap ; a medicy, s. 
Sa' go A sort of grain, s. 
Jn'di-ço A fiUnt nsed in dymg, s. 
Ser'pi'-go A kind of tetter, s. 
hm'ii'go (Lat) A freckly éruption «ithe skin, s. 
Ver'ti^o ( Latin) A giddiness, 8. 
Mamfgo An Indian fruit or pickle, s. 

JUn'go A langaage ; tongue ; speecli^ 8» 
f -fin 'gd Tbe bcrb sea UipUy, s. 


M O tiS, 

SUHfgo Fine old béer, •• 
Em^barfgo A prohibition to pais or saH» h 
Coffgo A fthip'8 ladiqg, 9. 
Su-per-^ar'go An officer to manage trade» f» 

Ih-tarfgo A Weitlndian pickie» s. 
To tm-€kr^go' To do less than requisite, ▼, n. 
Tbou^-go'Tosurpafis; excel^ over-reach, t.i|* 
^^6u'^ (Lat.) Adiseaseof theéye, •• 

Ho! AcaAli giviiig notice ofapproachf 9^ Inteij. 
Eehh A loond returoed, s. 
To echfo To aend back a Toice» v. a. 
He^^chfo To écho back» v. n. 
Hêigh^ho I An expression of slight nneastness» interj. 
So^f Afonn of oalling froma distant placei inteij* 
Tkùf Contraction of tbottgh. ^ 
Wkù Whichpenoiit pronounoed whoo, rhymii dO| proa» 
relative. . 
Aim'et-o A metsenger ; envoy from the pope, •« 
/»-kf-mM'et-o Messenger betveen two parties» p. 
Brug-phdo't^o A pai&ng» boasting fellow, s. 

itf 'gt-o (Italien) A mercantile term for th»dKfereaoel> etw ee a 
the vahieof bank notes and current money, s. 
if<^'|»^(ItaUan)AtsrmtoinarkslawtiaieiEJQUiiç9 s. 
Bs-ra'm-ao A dninkard, s. 
PMafekU Adrj fruit} pisUchnot» u 
OhpH'eh'h Fveaki fimcj^ whim* s. 
JFUrafek4o Fennely s. 

Se^ragVùo A honse for womeoof pleasiune» % 
In^agl'ùo (ttaltaii) Any thing tbat baa 4gures «igrmytdoi» 
it, s. 
Ofglh-o A dtsh of BÛxed meals i m medlejr, ■• 
I^t-^UU-o Abutterflyj akindofmoto, s. 
PwÊù*iU^M> NiOÊlty in behaTioiur^ exafitnesst a. 
Ofli-o A medley of meata, herbs» and roots, i. 
#b'tf-e A largebeok, s. 
' Ge^ni-o One ^a pafticular tom of mind* a» . 
JDûgn'i'^ A hiMie for balhing and iweatiffg, s» 
RaHi^ A proportiepiv s. 

Lo! Look! see! behold! hsteij. 
Bt^a-h (Itptt.^ A kiod of wildex, a. 

Ha^lo A circle round the sun^r nwMM^ a» 
Vt^o-kn-cel^lo A stringed musical instrument» s. 
Pimeh-i-nd^io A sqnat fellow; a stage pu|^t, s. 
Pn^ntifh A kind of silk stuif ; a sort of plnm* <• 
DuMfh à,àmà\ ; the nile of dudling, s. 
Ptc-ea^dU'h A petty Êmtt; a yenial oflÉniee, i. 
Ar-ma-dH^lo (Span. ) An animal of Brazil» - s. 

So% A tune played by a single iatftrumeotf & 
Noi-Um^àu^o One wbo walke inhiasieep, a. 

jMb Aneiendy making grsater number^ non^ i* 
i/o Attciently (nrther;. lopgery td* 


«IMtea^jillMMk' '»Î4»i^'*" 

946 NTO 

^n-mo A eaàaoËaàer m cKief, t. 

No The Word of refiisalor deolàl, ad?. 
Né Notany; noue, a^ 
Ar-*rf-«a'fM Avièleiitqtorai, s. 
Fot-ca'm A barniiig mounUin, s. 
VtJ^fno (Ital.) A bttnitii«r mountam j irokano/ » 
|Imi4oo' An Indiau plant oftfaereedkiiid, i. 
Ta CM To cry as adovc or pigeon, t. h. 
Cbc'IoaAbird; anameofeontempt, s. 
X«o A game ai cardt, s. 
7b «^Am'To selon; to incite, ▼. a. 
Ttkd'kiof To encourage with sbouts, ▼. a. 
TboOverandabove; Ijkewise, ad, 
Tfd'ioof Tbebeat ofdrum toquartera* s. 
39 1000 To court j make love, v. 
Cuerffo (Spanisb) in a dreas dote to the body, ao. 
StMrffo Cormpted firom cueipo. 
Hè'ro A brave man, t. 
iVi-aw'ro A game at oardi, t. 
Mt-tr-êifo A twivel gun, writtenalto pttonto, t. 
Moit-4fffo A honeBian>f cap, a. 

fh Backanard ; r^greMively, ad. 
> .^Mr'gro A wo(d denoting a aprigktly motMm, % 

^e'gro A blackamoor, i. 

AoLaLfor; indefeoceof, aspmand«9n. 
Ji^ro Abeginner j studeot; novice, i. 
So In like manner ; thua i provided, ad, 
Wkfrt^M In wbat place Boever, ad. 
Aomm'jo a stipulation ; eautiGn; pfOvÎMi» «• 
Al^to Likewise ; in like manner, ad. 
I^Ao'MAny; without restriction, pron. 
ilawï-ro'jo A galla«t j a lover, s. ^* «- 

y^r-Itt-o'ioOneikiUed in corioeities, pLural, soaietima Fir^* 
ttwti, a. 
WkaifMo Having one nature or anokher; any thing, pw»- 
Ta Signof tbe inftnitive mood of veibs, as to love, &Ck 
pronoancod as if written too, rhymes do» ad. 

To Unto,rhynies do, piep. 
/V-fo'te An escolent root, s. 
Pune^to The point infencing ; carWMByi i. 
Here'/o Tothis, ad. 
TAer^'/oTothat, ad. 

IFAere'to To which, ad. « 

Inrtog'tA-iQ In a sUte of concealment, ad. , 

Al^to The upper or counter ténor in BUisie* t. 
inrdul^ta Privilège or exemption,' s. 
Cwr-an'to A nimbte dance, ^c s. 
Cenfto A collection of soraps, s. 
At-n-en^to A contractaboot slaves, s. 
M^^mm^to (LaL) A hint to «wakaatha SMiBOfyy> 
fi-menfto^etPmmUfit u* ., 

/n'to Notingentranoei prep. 
ffen^in-io lato ibis, ad. 
There^m-to Intothat; intotliifl, ad* 
WhenHn^to Into which, ad, 
Mesb^to-tinUo A kind of engraving on copper, ft» 
Unfto To, prep. 
Herefun^to To this, ad. 
'7%ertf'i«-/o Tothat, ad. 
fVkêrefun-io To which, ad. 
JunUo A cahal, i. 

60 igf Corne, come, take tbo right oomnê, iiitei); 
fl?M Vr-to To thi* time, ad. 
lltUh'er'to To that end ; fo far, ad. 
Man-i-fe$'to A puhlio protestation, t. 

/Véf#'/o Quick ; at once ; w ithout delay, ad. 
Ouifto The relish of a thingj taste ; liking, t. 
Mu-îatfto (Spanish) One begot betweenawbite and black» % 
Am-n^^ffo A eort of pear, s. 
SH'kt'io Aimalldagger, i. 
Pal-mêt'to A ipecies of the palmtree, f. 

P^'h (Itel. ) The breast ; âgnrative by privacy. 
lAZ^^rci'to An hospital, §, 
Cor-fw^'IoTbecurvet, a. 

Ihiffo The aforesaid ; the lame thi^g n^ieatedy •• 
Bmu4U'to A man oatlawed, plural baiidittij s. • 
JU'âot^tQ An assembly of œusio, f. 
MotHo Aientence preftxed or added, s. 
GwtHo A caverni a eave,, g. 
Cor-fiu to A onckold ; a man homed, % 
Bra^vo One wbo murdert for hire, s. 
Oe-iû'ro A sheet folded into eight leavet, a. 
Rg'Hefvo The promtnenceof a pictureor iigtti«, f. " 
Sai'vo An exception j reiervatioa ; excuse^ t. 
H^o Oiief { forrow | a çurte, s. 
7wo One and ooe» rhymet do, a. 
Em^kry^ç A cbild indittlocUy formedj nny thiogutt6iiished,-«k 


9. Brjf0r, DrhU^^ Bri^g^Strecf^Bhci^Mrt, 






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