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Full text of "A rhyming, spelling, and pronouncing dictionary of the English language in which, I. The whole language is arranged according to its terminations. II"

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Dr. Philip Gralf 



€^t (Bn^Ws^ langnage, 

I. nie whole Lanauoife Is amaged •> 
flording to Its Txrmin AnoNS. 

IL Mrery Wokd Is explained and dl- 
Tided Into Stllabub ezaetiy aa pro- 

m. Multltiidea of Wobu UaUe to a 
VouMLM PBomncdAiioif are fixed In 
their Tbub Soum, hj a Rhyme. 

lY. Many of the moat dUBcnlt Words 
are rendered easy to be pronoimoed 
being daaeed aeeoiding to their 

y. Nomeroiu Claaaes <^ Words are aaQa>> 
tained in their pronnndation, by dls* 
tingulahing tliem into Perfeot, nearly 
Peribot, and Allowahle Khymea. 

TO wmoH B PBlFHro 







Avnoft VTBM** CBBSOML noaouKCOQ monm/AMj," Aa 







1^ ' u 



Among the various attempts to &oiIitate the orthography 
and pronunciation of the English language, it is not a little 
surprising that the method here adopted should have been 
either totally overlooked or neglected. A Khyming Dic- 
tionary in a living language, for the purposes of poetry, 
seems no very unnatural or useless production, and imper- 
fect sketches of such a work have already been given us 
by Poole and Bysshe ; but no one has hitherto thought of 
making a dictionary of terminations subservient to the art 
of spelling and pronouncing. The more obvious use of a 
work of this kind was perhaps an obstacle to the comple- 
tion of it, and its latent, though more useful qualities, were 
by this means unobserved. A mere rhyming dictionary 
was looked on either as a bauble for school-boys, or a re- 
source for poetasters^ and the nobler ends of pointing out 
the analogy of orthography and pronunciation, like many 
other advantages, were overlooked in the insignificancy and 
puerility of the means. 

Johnson's Dictionary is scarcely more valuable for so 
nicely tracing the various and almost vanishing shades of 
the same word, than for furnishing us with so copious a col- 
lection of nearly similar words of a different form. Those 
who understand the harmony of prose, pay a cheerful tri- 
bute to Dr. Johnson on this account, as he admits them to 
a more easy and extensive view of the powers of the lan- 
guage, than can possibly be suggested by the memory 
alone ; and by this means assists that delicacy of choice, on 
which the precision and harmony of expression so essen- 
tially depend. This advantage, which perhaps was not fore- 
seen by Dr. Johnson himself, was no more than a necessary, 
though not an obvious, consequence of so copious and 
perfect a distribution of the language into its constituent 
parts; and without the vanity of pretending to a parallel, 
it may naturally be presumed, that an arrangement, which 
is perfectly new, may posdbly produce advantages which 
were entirely unnoticed before Uiis arrangement was actu- 
•lly drawn out; for experience furnishes us with a variety 
of insteDoes of unexpected improvements arising from new, 




and perhaps fortuitous combinations, which were never 
suspected bv theorists, until a discovery had been made. 

The Engush knguage, it may be said, has hitherto been 
seen through but one end of the perspective; and though 
terminations form the distinguishing character and specmo 
difference of every langua|;e in the world, we have never 
till now had a prospect of our own, in thu point of view. 
Dr. Wallis has, with great penetration and sagacity, shown 
the general import of initial consonants; and with more 
appearance of truth than could have been conceived, has 
evinced, that words of a similar signification, which are ra- 
dically English, commence with nearly the same radical 
articulations. Mr. Elphinston too has given us a very good 
idea of the general import of terminations, by strictures on 
the greatest part of them; but none have yet thought it 
worth their while to give us a complete and alphabetical 
enumeration of the whole, by which alone we can have an 
adequate idea of every part In this arrangement of the 
language, we easily discover its idiomatic structure, and 
find its several parts Ml into their proper classes, and al- 
most every word as much distinguished by its termination 
as its sense. We at one glance perceive the peculiar vege- 
tation of our own language, and the alteration foreign words 
undergo, by being transplanted into English sou. And 
thus by an acquaintance with the specific character of every 
termination, we are the more readily led to assimilate foreign 
terms, by stamping them with the current impression of 
our own. 

— — lieuit semperque licebit 

Signatum prmseiUe not& procudere nwimum, — HoR. 


But an analogical insight into the recesses of formation 
is not every advantage arising from this new and complete 
prospect of it. Our orthography is not only an insuperable 
difliculty to foreigners, but an eternal source of dispute and 
perplexity to ourselves; and would be in vain to 
think of removing every intricacy that is constantiy arising 
from indolence and caprice, yet that a considerable number 
may be remedied by a view of the general laws of formation, 
will bo readily conceived by those who inquire into the 
origin of the difficulties complained of. By an a£fectatioii 


of approximating to the orthography of Uie learned lan- 
guages, we haTe rooted out many nseful letters that spning 
up naturally with exotic words, and have been led to ex- 
olttde all letters in our compounds which are not actually 
pronounced, though their existence in these words is often 
no less necessary to prevent ambiguity than in the simples 

Thus the useful servile e is hardly ever suffered to have 
a place in composition, though from a feeling of its import- 
ance, we are almost intuitively tempted to let it remain in 
the branches, whenever we recollect it in the root. The 
omission or insertion of this letter occasions a numerous 
catalogue of rules and exceptions. The other serviles, /, Sj 
&c. are no less absurdly omitted in composition, though 
their power remains, and by this means both orthography 
and pronunciation are confounded. The duplication of 
consonants, when an additional termination is assumed, 
forms another difficulty in our terminational orthography, 
as it may be called, which has embarrassed the most correct 
and accurate writers. Now the only clew to extricate us 
from this labyrinth seems the method here adopted. An 
immediate view of the similar formation of similar parts of 
speech, gives us a competent idea of the laws of termina- 
tional orthography, and enables us to detect the least vio- 
lation of them. Thus, when in our best dictionaries I find 
saleable, tameable, and a few other words of the same 
form, retain the mlent e, I conclude these are either slips 
of the pen, or errors of the press ; for that the whole cur- 
rent of similar endines, as blamable, adorable, definable, 
&c. omit the e, and Siat no reason appears for retaining 
it in the former, and not in the latter words. 

But in order to detect the orthographical irregularities 
of our language, it will be necessary first to lay down such 
general maxims in spelling as have almost universally 
taken place. By these we may judge of the impropriety 
of those deviations, which are owing perhaps to a want 6( 
seeing the laws of formation as here exhibited, and know- 
ing how fiur the irregularity extends. 



Monosyllables ending with /, I, or «, preceded by a sin- 


;le vowel, doable the final cmisonant; as stcffy mW, pass, 
'•• of 9 if 9 ^9 ^9 ^^9 ^^7 y^^9 ^ tkusj ZTQ the odIj ex- 
ceptions; and addj buUy ebb, egg, odd, err, buzz, are the 
only words where other consonants are doubled in the same 


Words ending with y, preceded by a consonant, form the 
plurals of nouns, the persons of verbs, verbal nouns, past 
participles, comparatives, and superlatives, by changing y 
into t ; as spy, spies, I carry, thou carriest, he carrieth, or 
carries, carrier, carried, happy, happier, happiest ; but the 
present participle in ing retains the y, that i may not be 
doubled, as carrying : y preceded by a vowel is never 
changed, as boy, boys, I cloy, he cloys, &c. 


By this rule we may perceive the impropriety of writing 
Jlyer for Jlier, and defyer for defier, and the still greater 
impropriety of writing fainer, oflner, and softner, for fat- 
tener, oftener, and softener ; though we meet with them in 
our best dictionaries; for the common terminations of 
verbs, verbal nouns, participles, &c. never occasion any 
contraction in the radical word ; entrance and remembrance 
pretend kindred with the French entrant and remembrer, 
and are therefore incorrigible; but wondrous ought to be 
written with the e, as well as slanderous ; and if we write 
dexterous, why should we see sinistrous f 


Words ending with the hissing consonants, ch, s, sh,x, 
z, form the plural of nouns by adding es, and the persons 
of verbs by est, eth, or es, as churchy churches, I march, thou 
mar chest, he marcheth, or marches. Genitives of words 
ending in these consonants are formed by adding s with an 
apostrophe ; as St, James's church, the church's ceremonies. 


Words ending with any consonant and silent e, form their 
plural by adding s only, as a place, places, and persons of 
verbs, by adding st, th, or 5, as / place, thou placest, he 
placeth, or, places. Genitives of words ending with these 
letters a^re formed by adding s with an apostrophe, as the 


places pleasantness. Material adjectives in y, and compa- 
ratives m ish, are formed from substantives of this termi- 
nation by omitting the silent e, and annexing y or ish to 
the consonant, as ropy, unny, slavish, swinish, &c. from 
ropty wine, slave, swine, &c. The past participles, verbal 
nouns, and comparatives and superlatives, add d, r, and 
si, to the simple, as placed, a placer, wise, wiser, wisest ; 
but the present participle cuts off the e, and annexes ing, 
as placing. However, where the silent e is preceded by 
the soft g, the e must be preserved, if the sense of the 
word would otherwise be ambiguous; for we have no 
other means of distinguishing singeing, the participle of to 
singe, from singing, the participle of to sing ; swingeing, 
from swinging, &c. As to cringing, twinging, &c. from 
cringe, twinge, &c., we trust to the common power of the 
letters, as we have no verbs to cHng, iwing, &c. to occa- 
sion any mistake; for with respect to participles and ver- 
bal nouns, a previous knowledge of the theme is supposed 
to be indispensably necessary. — See Aphorism x. 


Words ending with a single consonant, preceded by a 
single vowel, and with the accent on the last syllable, upon 
assuming an additional syllable, beginning with a vowel or 
y, double the consonant, as to abet, an abettor ; to begin, a 
beginning ; a fen, fenny ; thin, ihinnish, &c. but if a diph- 
thong precede, or the accent be on the preceding syllable, 
the consonant remains single, as to toil, toiling; to offer, 
an offering, &c. 


By this rule, which is founded on an intention of ascer- 
taining the quantity of the accented vowel by doubling the 
consonant, and which would be infinitely useful and agree- 
able to the analogy of the language, if extended universally, 
we perceive the impropriety of spelling the adventitious 
syllables of terminations with double letters, when the ac- 
cent is not really upon them. Bp. Lowth has justly re- 
marked, that this error frequently takes place in the words 
worshipping, counselling, &c,, which having the accent on 
the first syllable, ought to be written worshiping, counsel- 
ing, &c. An ignorance of this rule has led many to write 
bigotted for bigoted ,* and from this spelling has frequently 


arisen a hhe pronunciatioD ; bat no letter seems to be 
more frequentlj doubled improperly than /. Whr we 
should write UbeUing, levelling, revelling^ and jet offering^ 
offering J reasoning, I am totally at a loss to determine; 
and unless I can give a better plea than any other letter in 
the alphabet for being doubled in this situation, I must^ in 
the style of Ludan, in his trial of the letter T, declare for 
an expulsion. 


Words ending with y, preceded by a consonant, upon as- 
suming an additional syllable beginning with a oonsonanty 
change jf into t, as happy, happily^ happiness ; but y pre- 
ceded by a Towel is never changed, as coy^ coyly ^ gay, 
gayly, Ac. [We write now, gay, gaily, — Ed.] 


By attending to this rule, we detect a number of typo- 
graphical errors, from which even our best dictionary is 
not free; such as shyly^ dryly, dryness, instead of shily, 
drily, driness, Warburton, in his edition of Pope, every 
where adheres to this analogy. 

Some drilv plain, without inveniion's aid. 
Write dull receipts how poems may be mace. 

Ettay on Crii. 

Though in the first edition of this Essay, published by 
Pope himself, we find this word written dryly. Why the 
y should be thus converted into i is not easily conceived, 
unless it was feared we should confound words of our own 
language with those derived from the Greek; for with re- 
spect to the distinction of the plural number from the ge- 
nitive case, as this does not prevent the similitude when a 
vowel precedes, why should we fear a mistake between flys 
and /ly*s any more than between boys and boy's f It is highly 
probable that the origin of this insignificant and embarrass- 
ing change of the y into i, arose from the taste and sagap 
city of English printers, who considered the y as bearing 
too little proportion to the number of the other letters, 
and made this weighty reason the foundation of the altera- 
tion. But this alteration once allowed by custom, even a 
Baskerville must submit to it; and certainty being more 
the object of language than perfect propriety, it would be 


die last absurdity, to deprive a rale, which has nothing 
else to recommend it^ of its only merit — nniformity. 


Words ending with any doable letter but I, and taking 
uesSy le$Sy ly^ or Jidf after them, preserve the letter double ; 
as hannieunesa, carelessness, carelessly, stiffness, stiffly^ 
successful, distressful, &o. ; but those wordd ending with 
doable I, and taking ness, less, ly, or fid, after them, omit 
one Ij as fulness, skilless, fully. 


Why one I should be omitted when less or ly is assumed, 
may be easily conceived to arise from the uncouth appear- 
ance three letters of the same kind would have when meet- 
ing together; but why the analogy between these simples 
and compounds should be destroyed when ness or ful is 
assumed, is not easy to comprehend; why should we not 
write dullness, fullness, skillful, and willful, as well as 
stiffness, gruffness, crossly, and crossness? Nay, the pro- 
priety of this orthography makes it almost impossible to 
root it out entirely, and we find these four woi^, illness, 
fellness, shrillness, and stillness, left in our best dictionary 
with the double /, but a greater number of words of the 
same form having the single /, as smalness, talness, chilness, 
dulness, fulness, and the long catalogue of won^ of this 
termination, as wilfulness, olissfulness, &c., sufficiently 
show to which orthography custom has the greatest par- 
tiality; and indeed as tne rage for curtailing our language 
of double letters seems incurable, the disease will at lei^ 
be more tolerable if we determine its progress to some 
nniformity, and since there is no hope of restoring the 
lost I to 

Smalness '\ 

Talness ( Illness 

Chilness ^, ^ „t^„ij Wellness 

^ness^^y^^^^ \ Shrillness 

Fuhessl ™™*^ I and 
And its nnmerons [ Stillness, 

compounds, J 
unless we are determined to have no rule for our orihogra* 


pby, good or bad? This rule likewise serves to correct 
several typographical errors in our best dictionary, as care- 
lesfy, needksly, &c. for carelessly, needlessly, &c.* 


JSTessj less, ly, and ful, added to words ending with silent 
e, do not cut it o£f, as paleness^ guileless, closely, peaceful, 
&c. except e is preceded by a vowel, and then it is omitted; 
as dvly, truly, from due, and true. 


But what shall we say then to hluely, hlueness, rueful, 
&c. which, strange as it may seem, would be more agree- 
ably to the general current of orthography, written bluly, 
bluness, ruful, &c. The reasons seem to be these : wherever 
the general laws of pronunciation in compounds supply 
the place of serviles in simple words, there the serviles are 
omitted; but hhdy, bluness, ruful, &c. according to the 
common rule of pronouncing would be as justly sounded 
as bhuly, blueness, rueful, &c. and at the same time would 
preclude the possible mistake which might arise if the 
simples blue and rue were not understood to be the roots 
of the words in question; for in this case blueness and 
rueful might be pronounced as if divided into bltt^e-ness 
and ru-e-ful ; but as it is necessary the spelling should 
convey the sound of the compound, without supposing a 

Erevious knowledge of the simples, and without being 
able to a double pronunciation, the omission of e in bluly 
and bluness, as well as in duly and truly, seems most anar 
logical. — See Aphorism x. 

This rule serves to rectify several mistakes of the press 
in our best dictionary. 







Gent ee fly 

Nor can wholly, though universally adopted, make us 
forget that it ought to be wholely. 

* The above observations are not now applicable, for we write in- 
variably smallnest, taUnesM, ehillncBs, duUncMit fullnesM, &c. with a 
doable /. Ed. 



Meni added to the words ending with silent e, preserves 
the e from elision, as abatement, incitement, chagtisemenif 
Ac. bat, like other terminations; changes the tf into t^ 
when preceded by a consonant, as accompaniment. 


Mle and ible, when incorporated into words ending 
with silent e, almost always cut it off, as blamahle, cttrable, 
sensible ; but if c or g soft come before e in the original 
word, the e is then preserved, as changeable, peaceable, &c. 


This exception is fonnded on the necessity of showing 
that the preceding c and g in these words are soft, which 
might possibly be mistaken, and pronounced hard, if written 
changable, peacable, &c. Another exception seems to take 
place in the compounds of move and prove, which are ge- 
nerally written moveable, proveable, &c. but on an inspec- 
tion into all the compounds of these words in Johnson's 
Dictionary, we find the e so often omitted as to make it 
very doubtful whether these words are an exception to the 
general rule or not, for thus they stand: 











' Reprovable 

^ Approvance 

C Removable 
< Irremovable 
(^ Immovably 

The uncertainty of our orthography in this class of words 
may be presumed to arise from a confused idea of the ne- 
cessity of ascertaining the sound of the simple by inserting 
the mlent e, and the general custom of omitting this letter 
when words are compounded wit^ these terminations; and 


it will require Bome attention to discover to which of these 
modes of spelling we ought to give the preference; how- 
ever, till better reasons are of&aed for a decision; let ns . 
suppose the following. 

The first object oi n>elling compoimd words seems to be 
merely a conveyance of the sound, without necessarily sup- 
posing a knowledge of the simples; that the elements of 
which the compound is formed, may be sufficient of them- 
selves to suggest their sound. The next ol^ect of spelling 
compounds seems to be an omission of all serviles in the 
iimples which were not actually sounded, and whose use 
may be supposed to be superseded in the compounds by the 
general laws of English pronunciation, which, contrary to 
uiose of the leamM languages, suppose every accented 
vowel to be lonsand onpen, wmch is followed but by a sin- 

ge consonant. Thus the e in desirable is omitted, because 
e common rules of pronunciation indicate that the accent 
upon i, followed by a consonant succeeded by a vowel, with 
the accent upon it, has necessarily the same sound as in 
desire. But when the radical letters have not their ordi- 
nary sound in the simples, the first law of orthography 
takes place, and inserts the servile e to suggest the sound 
of the simple, when blended with the compound; for 
though we are fnml of our letters to a foult, yet when the 
sound of any of the radical letters might be endangered by 
such an omission, we then find the e preserved. Nor is a 
previous knowkc^ of the simple supposed to be a suffi- 
cient securify, as in eha$igeahle, peaeeablsy &o. From hence 
we may gaUier that every compound word is supposed to 
convey its own sound agreeably to the common sound of 
the letters, without the necessity of having recourse to a 
knowledge of the simples from which it is formed, and 
therefore as the sound of o in move, prove, &c. is not the 
general sound of that letter, and consequent! v if the e were 
not preserved to suggest the simple, it might be liable to 
the sound of o in rove, grove, love, or shove, we find it per- 
fectly agreeable to the first genend law of English ortho- 
graphy to retain the letter by which alone the sound of the 
radical part of the word can be ascertained ; and therefore 
as we very justly write moveahle, proveable, &c., so we 
ought to write removeable, improveable, &0, moving, proo- 
ingf &o. being afieotions of the verbs move and profk^ 


neoesaaiily suggest their simples, and make the inaertion 
of e unnecessary. — See Aphorism iv. 

With respect to recfmciUabley imreconcileahle, and reeatk' 
cikablemsSy which we find in Johnson with the e, though 
irreconcilable, irreconcilably, and irrecancilabUness, are 
without it, we must class these with saleable, tameable, 
unshakeable, untameahle, and sizeable ; for as these are the 
only words of this form in the whole language where the 
silent e is |»reserved; it is reasonable to suppose that its 
insertion here was owing to the inadvertence either of the 
author or printer; for as the preservation of e in these words 
is founded on such reasons as would oblige us to preserve 
the silent e in all compounds where it is now omitted, and 
consequently entirely alter the current orthography, the 
omission of it, wherever the preceding vowel or consonant 
retains its general sound, is certainly the most analogical; 
as there is no more reason for retaining the silent e in 
saleable, tameable, &c. than in blamable, tunable, consum- 
able, &c. : iitheable has a proper claim to the e, to show 
that th has its flat or obtuse sound. 


The verbs to lay, pay, and say, by an nnaoconntabk 
caprice, form their preterits and participles passive, by 
changing y into i, and omitting e in the assumed termini^ 
tion ed ; and instead of layed, payed, sayed, we always 
see laid, paid, said, which orthography is preserved in 
their compounds, as unlaid, unsaid, r^aid. This is an 
exception to Aphorism ii. 


Words taken into composition often drop those letters 
which were superfluous m their simples, as Christmas, 
dunghil, handful, &o. 


The uncertainty of our orthography in this article ealla 
loudly for reformation, and nothing can better show the 
danger of indulging this excision, than a display of the 
diversity that reigns in Johnson's Dictionary. 
To recall To miscal I Clodpoll To enrol 
To comptroU To control | To wider sell Toforeiel 












To foreslal 
To heihral 
To irahral 





To repass 






To reinslal 


Quarterstaff Windfal 
Tipstaff Walerfal 

Scwrvygrass Twibil 

The origin of this ridicaloiis irregularity which has pre- 
vailed within these few years, is not hard to guess. Some 
shallow writers, or perhaps printers, have heard that good 
authors have complained that our language is clogged by 
clusters of consonants. This was sufficient to set these 
smatterers at work on so easy a business as that of un- 
loading the language of its useless letters; and we find, 
under the notion of useless letters, and clusters of conso- 
nants, we are near being deprived of the most useful letters 
we have. But words are evidently mistaken for things. 
Clusters of consonants to the ear are very difibrent from 
assemblages of consonants to the eye; these are often no 
more than double consonants of the same kind, and are 
sounded as easily as single ones; but those knots of dis- 
cordant consonants to the ear, however disgustful, are not 
to be removed without entirely altering the language. The 
clusters of consonants of which Mr. Addison complains, 
are those that arise from sinking the intervening vowels 
in pronunciation, as drowned, walk'd, arrived, for drowned 
walked, arrived. The double letters at the end of words, 
which are ridiculously confounded with what is termed 
clusters of consonants, as to install, windfall, kandfull^ 
&c., are often so essentially necessary to preserve the true 
sound from being mistaken, that if we deprive words of 
one of these double letters, they are in danger of degene- 
rating into a different sound : for what security have we 
but a previous knowledge of the simples, which is contrary 
to the first principles of our orthography, that the last 
syllable of walerfal is not to rhjme with the first of shal- 
low, and the last of handful with the monosyllabic dullf 

Note, — Some of these double letters have been inserted by the sab- 
sequent editors of Johnson's Dictionary ; but whether from the re- 
marks here made, or their own sagacity, we are not informed. 


In short, as Mr. Elphinston very justly, as well as plea- 
santly, observes, " Every reader, both yonng and old, 
must now be so sagacious an analyst, as to discern at 
once, not only what are compounds, and what their sim- 
ples, but that al in composition is equal to all out of it; 
or, in other words, that it is, both what it is, and what it 
is not" — Prin, Eng. Lang. vol. i. p. 60. 

Thus have I ventured, with a trembling hand, to point 
out a few of the most glaring inconsistencies under which 
the orthography of our language labours, without daring 
to make the least step to a reformation myself; for if ever 
this be done to any good purpose, it must certainly be by 
the joint kbour of both our universities ; till when, no' in- 
dividual can do better service to the orthography of his 
country, than to let it remain as it stands at present in that 
monument of English philology erected by Johnson. Those 
who see beyond the surface, regret the many deviations 
from that only standard of our language by the Greeklings 
and Latinitasters of this smattering age ; and it is certainly 
to be feared, that if this pruning of our words of all tb^ 
superfluous letters, as they are called, should be much 
firther indulged, we shall quickly antequate our most re- 
spectable authors and irreparably maim our language. 


As the inverted order of arrangement gives ns a oon- 
ostent idea of the structure of language, so a division 
of words into syllables durects us in Uieir sound; for the 
division here adopted, is not founded on any rules drawn 
from etymology, or the practice of languages essentially 
different from our own, but on such prinoipfes as are the 
result of the language itself, and arise naturally from the 
very nature and practice of pronunciation. This part of 
language, which has been left to chance and caprice, is of 
all others the most important and delicate. H^ly any- 
thing like a system has been chalked out, or have any rules 
been eiven that have produced the least uniformity, or an- 
swered any valuable purposes of pronunciation. Till Dr. 
Kenrick's Rhetorical Dictionary, we have scarcely seen 
anything like an attempt to divide words as they are pro- 
lumnoed; but the Latin and Gredc syllabication implicitly 


adopted, to the evident disadvantage of ohildren, and em- 
barrassment of foreigners ; and for the very same reasons 
that Ramos contends we ought to divide doctus and AtUu, 
into dthctus and A-ikUf Mr. Ward insists we most sepa- 
rate magnetf foplcWy lustre and repiilty into ma-gnety po-pUxr, 
lu-strCf and r&^lile. 

Now if the end of syllabication may be supposed to be the 
most likely method of directing us to the means, we shall 
find nothing can be more absura than such a division. For 
the object of parcelling out a word into distinct portions, 
seems to be to instruct us either in its etymology or pro- 
nunciation. If in the division of words into sylUbles we 
have only etymology in view, we must undoubtedly resolye 
eompounds into their simples, without paying the least at- 
tention to the sound of Uiese simples, eiUier as united, or 
in a state ci separation. But though this method of syl- 
labicating be very proper when we would investigate the 
origin of a word and show its derivation, yet, when a dis- 
tinctness of sound is the only object of such a division, as 
is ever the case in the pronunciation of language, it would 
be the highest absurdity to clog the instruction with etymo- 
logical divisions, as these are frequently q>po8ite to actual 
pronunciation. Here then, sound alone should be the cri- 
terion of syllabication, and we ought to reduce a compound 
word to its simple impulses of the vdce, as we would a 
bfl^ of music to its smiple notes; for etymologists may 
surely content themselves with their own divisions where 
sound is not in question, without disturbing those whose 

rdpal object is the conveying of sound, and who consi- 
etymology as entirely independent on it. 
Easy, however, as such a division may appear at first 
view, an attempt to extend it to every word in the lan- 
guage, will soon convince us that the ear in a thousand 
instances will prove but a yery uncertain guide, without a 
knowledge of those principles by which the ear itself is 
insensibly' directed, and which, having their origin in the 
nature of language, operate with steadiness and regularity 
in the midst of me fioklest affsctation and caprice. It can 
scarcely be supposed that the most experienced speaker 
has heard every word in the language and the whole circle 
of sciences pronounced exactly as it ought to be; and if 
this be the case^ he must sometimes have recourse to the 


principles of pronuncistiony when his ear is either nnin- 
formed or imfaithfdl. These piindples are those general 
laws of articalation which determine the character, and fix 
the boundaries of every language } as in every sjrstem of 
speaking, however irregular, the organs must necessarily 
£dl into some common mode of enunciation, or the pur- 
pose of Providence in the ^ of speech would be abso- 
lutely defeated. These laws, like every other object of 
philosophical inquiry, are only to be traced by an attentive 
observation and enumeration of particulars, and when these 
particulars are sufficiently numerous to form a general rule, 
an axiom in pronunciation is required. By an accumula- 
tion of these axioms, and an analogical comparison of them 
with each other, we discover the deviations of language 
where custom has varied, and the only clew to guide us 
where custom is either indeterminate or -obscure. 

Thus, by a view of the words ending in ity or ely, I find 
the accent invariably placed on the preceding syllable, as 
in diver'sityy congru'ilyy &c. On a closer inspection, I find 
every vowel in this antepenultimate syllable, when no 
consonant intervenes, pronounced long, as de'ityj pi'ety, 
&c. : a nearer observation shows me that if a consonant in- 
tervene, every vowel in this syllable but u contracts itself, 
and is pronounced short, as sever'iiy, curios'ity, impt/fdty, 
&c. I find too, that even u contracts itself before two 
consonants, as cur'vity, iacUu/nityy &c., and that scarcity 
and rarity (for whose irregularity good reasons may be 
given), are the only exceptions to this rule throughout the 
language. And thus we have a series of near seven hun- 
dred words, the accentuation of which, as well as the 
quantity of the accented vowel, is reduced to two or three 
simple rules. 

The same uniformity of accentuation and quantity, may 
be observed in the first syllable of those words which have 
the accent on the third, as devM>nr$traltum, dim-i-^nu'tioTif 
Ivrcurbrcitiony &c, where we evidently perceive a stress on 
the first syllable shortening every vowel but ti, and this in 
every woid throughout the language, except where two 
consonants follow Sie u, as in cur-vi-lirt'ear, or where two 
vowels follow the consonant that succeeds any other vowel 
in the first syllable, as de-vi^aftion ; or lastly, where the 
word is evidently of our own composition as re-conHoe^ : 


but OS tt in the first syllable of a word, having the accent 
on the third has the same tend^icT to length and openness 
as was observable when it preeeded the termination t/y ; I 
find it necessary to separate it &om the consonant in bth 
ty'TciceouSy which I have never heard pronounced, as well 
as in lu^ctt-hraftionf which I have, and diis from no pre- 
tended agreement with the quantity oi the Latin words 
these are derived firom, for in the former word the u is 
doubtful; but from the general system of quantity I see 
adopted in English pronunciation. This only will direct 
an English ear with certainty; for though we may some- 
times place the aooent on words we borrow fi:^m the 
Greek or Latin on the same syllable as in tiiose languages, 
as acu'tnerif ekgi'ac, &c, ] nay, though we sometimes adopt 
the accent of the original with every word of the same 
termination we derive from it, as assidu^ity, vidiiilyy &o. 
yet the quanti^ of the accented vowel is so often contrary 
to that of the Latin and Greek, that scarcely the shadow of 
a rule can be drawn, in this point, from these languages 
to ours. Thus in the letter in question, in the Latin ac- 
cumvlo, dtihiaus, tumor, &c., the first u is every where short; 
but in the English words accumulate^ dubious, tumour, every 
where long. JVuptialis, murmur, iurbulentus, &c. where the 
tt in the first syllable in Latin is long, we as constantly 
pronounce it short in nuptial, murmur, turbulent, &c. Nor 
indeed can we wonder tnat a different economy of quan- 
tity is observable in the ancient and modem languafles, 
as in the former, two consonants almost always lengthen 
the preceding^ vowel, and in the latter as constantly shorten 
it. Thus, without arguing in a vicious circle, we find 
that as a division of tne generality of words as they are 
actually pronounced, gives us the general laws of syllar 
bication, so these laws, once understood, direct us in the 
division of such words as we have never heard actually 
pronounced, and consequently to the true pronunciation 
of them. For these operations, like cause and effect, re- 
flect mutually a light on ^ach other, and prove, that by 
nicely observing the path which custom in language has 
once taken, we ean more than guess at the line she must 
keep in a similar case, where her footsteps are not quite 
so discernible. So true is the observation of Scaliger, Ita 
omnibus in rebus certissima ratione sibi ipsa respondet na- 
tura. — De oausis Ling. Lat 



Syllabication having sound for its object, and the asso- 
eiation of similar terminations contributing so largely to 
fiicilitato syllabication^ it is evident that the most obvious 
advantage of this inverted prospect of our language is the 
assistance it affords to pronunciation. In other dictiona- 
riesy words of a totally different form promiscuously succeed 
each other, while in this we find the words sorted by their 
species as well as letters. It is recommended by Mr. She- 
ridan, in his Lectures on Elocution, to select those words 
which we find difScult to pronounce, and to repeat them 
frequently till a habit is acquired. Ijiis rule is founded on 
good sense and experience, and ought to be carefully at- 
tended to by foreigners and provincials ; but if the difficulty 
of pronouncing lies in the latter syllables, as is most fre- 
quently the case, what immense labour must it be to select 
these from a common dictionary ? But in this, how readily 
are we introduced to the whole species of any termination 
at once, and by seeing the whole class, gain an intimate 
acquaintance with its specific orthography and pronuncia- 
tion : for by this means, not only a more precise idea of the 
spelling of words is obtained, and an opportunity of habit- 
uating the organs to every difficult termination, but the 
dependence of accent on termination is at large displayed, 
and a habit induced of associating the stress with its cor- 
respondent ultimate syllable. This view of accent will 
show us that our language is much less irregular than is ge- 
nerally imagined, and we soon discover termination to be, 
as it were, a rudder to accent, a key that opens to us an 
unexpected scene, of uniformity, and proves, as Mr. Elphin- 
ston admirably expresses it, ^Uhat speech, the peculiar 
fflory of rational intercourse, is neither given nor guided 
by an arbitrary power, but that use in language^ as in all 
nature, is no other than the constant agency of harmony 
and of reason.''— Prin. Eng. Lan, vol. i. p. 8. 

There are few but must observe with what difficulty 
< children, and even youth, acquire a secure pronunciation 
<^ the technical terms in the learned professions, and how 
frequently they are at a loss for the sound of an English 
woni they have not been accustomed to, even at the time 
they ase making great advances in the learned languages. 


This observation will natnrallj lead us to presume thai 
the present work, of all others, must be the most useful for 
such schools as are not entirely negligent of their mother 
tongue. Here the words of any difficulty are selected in 
a moment, and by being repeated a few times over in the 
order they lie, will imbue the ear with such an accentual 
rhythmus, if I may call it so, as will infallibly regulate the 
pronunciation ever after. 

The division and accentuation of words according to the 
length or shortness of the vowels, is an advantage to pro- 
nunciation which must strike the most cursory inspector. 
The utility of such a method, if just and agreeable to the 
analogy of the language, will be readily acknowledged by 
those who are so frequently disappointed in the inspection 
of other dictionaries. It is not a little surprising that a 
method of accentuation, so peculiarly useful, should till 
lately have been almost entirely neglected. This defect in 
the generality of our dictionaries did not escape the judi- 
cious Mr. Sheridan, who insists largely on the utility of 
placing the accent on the consonant, when the preceding 
vowel is short, and on the vowel, when the vowel itself is 
long; and though this does not spccifv the kind of vowel, 
with respect to sound, which is the subject of accentuation, 
it at least determines its quantity, and is so far infinitely 
superior to the common method of placing the accent on 
the vowel, whether it be long or short. 

Another and almost exclusive advantage of the present 
work is, that every monosyllable which swerves from the 
general rule of pronunciation, is rhymed with such a word 
as cannot possibly be pronounced otherwise than it is 
written; or if this cannot be done, it is spelled in such a 
manner as to take away all ambiguity. Thus as the more 
general sound of the diphthong ea is like e long and open 
m Jiere, mere, &c. wherever it deviates from this sound, a 
rhyme is inserted to ascertain its pronunciation; head 
therefore is rhymed with bed, that it may not be liable to 
the Scotch pronunciation of this word, as if spelled heed ; 
and great is rhymed with bate, that it may be distinguished 
from the sound the Irish are apt to give it, as if spelled greet. 
A bow (to shoot with) is rhymed with go, and bow (an act of 
reverence) with cow ; and prove, dove, &c. are determined 
in their pronunciation by the univocal orthography proove, 


dtfov^ &c ; by this means the stamina of our lanmiage, as 
monosyllables may be called, are freed from ambiguity of 
sound; and compounds rendered easier by fixing the pro« 
nunciation of their simples. 


The last, though perhaps the least, advantage of the fol- 
lowing work, is the complete collection of all the rhymes in 
the l^guage. However insignificant it may seem in this 
respect, it is at least new. For though Byshe has given 
us a Dictionary of Rhymes at the end of his Art of Poetry, 
his Dictionary, if it may be called so, does not contain six 
thousand words, when Johnson's Dictionary, to which this 
approaches nearer than any other, has very few short of 
forty thousand. Here then, as in the French Diclionnaire 
des Rimes of Richeletj the whole language is arranged 
according to its similar endings, and the English are no 
longer unfurnished with an assistance to versifioition, which 
Abb^ du Bos tell us the French poets Quoiqu'Us en diseni 
ils ont Urns ce livre dans lettr arrih'e- cabinet. But had the 
author seen no fiirther advantage in this work^ than barely 
furnishing similar sounds fcnr the purposes of poetry, he 
should have thought his labour ill bestowed. It is by no 
means his intention to vindicate the cause of rhyme to the 
least prejudice of a nobler verse, which is the peculiar glory 
of the English as a living language ; nor will he insist on 
the proofs, both from nature and experience, that rhyme 
may be sometimes admitted to advantage, while Waller, 
Dry den, and Pope are in every body's hands.* It will only 
be necessary to observe, that for fear those who have been 
accustomed to the common dictionary of rhymes annexed 
to Byshe, should find a difficulty in discovering words by 
this new arrangement, an index of Bhymes, much more co- 
pious and correct thfm any hitherto published; is added, in 
which the old method of classing the words is continued, 
and a new and numerous class oi allowable rhymes pointed 
out, with authorities for their usage from our best poets; 
but for a more satis&ctory account of this part of the work; 
see the Pre&ce to the Index, at the end of this Dictionary. 

* See the subject of rhjrme jiidiciamly diBcuMed by Mr. Rice, in hif 
Art of Reading. 





As in other dictionaYies words follow each other in an alphabetical 
order according to the letters they begin with, in this they follow each 
other according to the letters they end with. All words therefore that 
end with a are placed first in this Dictionary ; as all those that begin 
with a are placed first in other Dictionaries ; those that end with 6 are 
placed next, and so of the rest. The directing letters at the top of 
each page, are likewise in the same order ; that is, they are the last 
letters of words instead of the first. 


In looking for a word, the last letter is to be sought first, the last but 
one next, and so on from the last to the first letters of a word in an 
order exactly contrary to that of other dictionaries. Thus, if I want 
to find the word Idea^ I must first look for a, among those words which 
end with a ; these I find in the page opposite to this. The next letter 
I want is e, I therefore look among those words that end with a, for a 
word whose last letter but one is e, and find it in the word Panacea^ 
the seventeenth word fi'ora the top ; the next letter J, 1 look for among 
those words that end with <xi, and find it in the word after Panacea, 
which is the word I sought. So that for the last letter of a word, I 
look among those words ending with the same letter ; for the last letter 
but one of a word, I look among the last letters but one of these words, 
and 80 of the rest. 

It must be particularly noted, that the directing letters on the top of 
each page, are to be looked for in the same order, that is, fi-om the 
right hand to the left. 

The best way to avoid confusion, will be to look for the letters one 
by one, and to begin with the first word of every class, and so proceed 
downwards till the word is found. Thus, if 1 want to find the word 
Alphabet, I keep the last letter t in my mind, and turn ro that part of 
the Dictionary where the words ending with ( are classed, which is 
near the end. The first word of this class I find to be at ; the next 
letter I want is e; I therefore run my eye down the last letter but one 
of this class till I come to bet, the next letter I want is a, which leads 
me to fix my eye upon the fourth letter from the last, which brings me 
to abet, and so of the rest. 

As this arrangement is perfectly simple, two or three trials will 
render it as intelligible as the common order, especially if the word 
we look for be first written down, and carried along with the eye in 
its search. 






A The first letter of the alphabet, a. 
Baa The cry of sheep, s. 
Ayba A Syriac work, signifying father, s. 
AM-8€Hrarbac^ea A plant, s. 

Fe-lue^ca A small open boat, s. 
An-geVi-ca A plant, s. 
Ba-tiVt'Ca The middle vein of the arm, s. 
VomH-ca An encysted tumour in the lungs, s. 
PVea The green sickness ; a printing letter, ■. 
Sei-at^i'Ca The hip-gout, s. 
An-a-sar^ea A sort of dropsy, or pitting of the flesh, ■. 
Ar-ma^da A large fleet of ships of war, s.. 
Cayta-da An American plant, s. 
Co'lo-^in^ti-da The bitter apple, s. 
Aa-^-foetH-da A stinking gum, s. 
Cre-den^da Articles of Faith, s. 
Fan-a-ce^a An uniyersal medicine ; an herb, s. 
I-de^a Mental imagination, s. 
Bo-hea^ A species of tea, s. 
Lea Ground enclosed, s. 
Flea A troublesome insect, s. 
To flea To clean Arom fleas, v. a. 
Flea Allegation ; form of pleading ; excuse, •. 
Ouin^ea A gold coin, value 21s. rhymes whinny, •. 
Diror-rhoe^a A flux of the belly, s. 
Chn-nor^hoe^a A venereal running, s. 
Ap-ar-rhoe^a Effluvium; emanation, s. 

Dyap-noe^a A difficulty of breathing, 8. 
Or-thSp^oe^a A disorder of the lungs, s. 

Fea A well known kind of pulse, s. 
A're-a An open surface, as the floor of a room, b. 
Sea The ocean ; large lake, s. 
Tea A Chinese plant, s. 
Yea Yes, ad. 
So^fa A splendid seat, covered with carpets, 8. 
A'ga A Turkish military officer, s. 
O-mefga The last letter of the Greek alphabet^ s. 
Hal An. ezpreseioii of wonder, int. 

24 OLA 

A'ha! Denotes pleasure, triumph, int 
Bdf ha I ha! Of laughter, int. 

E-p^/eha The time from which we date, t, 
(y^y'cha The onyx, or odoriferons shell, s. 

E^pha A Hebrew measure, s. [poetry, s. 

Syn-a-he^pha The contraction or excision of a syllable is 

AVpha The Greek A or a, s. 
A-poe^ry-pha Doubtful authors, s. 
Mar-a-nath^a A form of anathematixing, s. 
Naph^tha An unctuous fiery mineral, s. 
Hy-dro-pho'bia Dread of water, s. [called, s. 

A-ea^d^a A drug brought ftrom Egypt; also a tree so 
Cy-elo-pa^di-a A body, or circle of sciences, s. 
En-cy-eh-pae'di-a A circle of sciences, s. 

Phar-ma-c<hpoe^i-a Knowledge of drugs, &o. s. [personification, i. 
Prot-^hpo'poe'i'a A figure by which things are made persons; 
Rat-i'fi^a A cordial, s. 
Par-<hnych^ira A whitlow, s. 

Re-ga^U-a The ensigns of royalty, s. 
Far-a^her-na^U-a Goods in the wife's disposal, s. 
Bat'ta^U-a The order of battle, s. 
Au-re^U-a Change of a caterpillar towards a moth, s. 
Du'U-a An inferior kind of adoration, s. 
Her^ni-a Any kind of rupture, s. 
Ohh-u-Wrira A flosoulous flower, consisting of many florets, s. 
Ad-ver-sa^ri-a A common-place book, s. 
Ac-^v-te^ri^ In architecture, little pedestals without bases, s. 
Scc/ri-a Dross ; recrement, s. 
A'p</r%'a A figure in rhetoric, doubting where to begin, •. 
La^tri-a The highest kind of worship, s. 
Far-^MKh^na^ti-a A figure in rhetoric resembling a pun, s. 
Af^Uhno-ma^si-a In rhetoric, substituting the dignity for the 
Eu-tha^a^ti^ An easy death, s. [person, s. 

Oe-o-^UB'n-a In geometry, the mensuration of surfaces, i. 
Am-bro^n-a The imaginary food of the gods, s. 
Coi^ti-a A fhigrant aromatic spice, s. 
QalrUrmaHx-a Nonsense ; talk without meaning, s. 
Mi-Wi-a National forces ; trained bands, s. 
Ef-fiu'vi-a Particles flying off bodies, s. 
At-a-raz^i-a Exemption from vexation ; tranquillity, s. 
Lai See; look; behold, int 
Otn-H-an-nd^la A kind of blue colour, s. 

Um-brd^la A sort of screen to keep off the sun or rain, s. 
Mi'teVla A plant, s. 
Va-niyia A plant, s. 
8ar-9a-pa-riVla A plant and tree, s. 
ViVla A countey seat, s. 
Hol-W I Used in calling to any one at a distance, int. 
To Kol-W To cry out loudly, v. a. 
Me-tab^o-la In medicine, a change of time, air, or disease, b. 
Pa-ray o-ia A conic section, s. 
By-per^bo'la A section of a cone, a. 

BNA 25 

Omf^o-U A boat used at Yeoice, 8. Jlialf oonTez, 8. 

4h^kt Ib ftrdiite«t!ise, a member hafr coneave, and 
Cfit^pO'la A doBie ; an arched roof, a. {bod j, b. 

IfeS^u-Ia An- afupearance, like a ^oad, Sn the human 
Fil/u4a The smaller bone of the leg, s. 
Mae^u-la A spot, s. 
AurfWu-la A kind of flower, a. 
Sarofu-la The king's evil, s. 
Banfu-la A swell^g under the tongue, 8. 
Set^u-la The shoulder-blade, s. 
Oip'U'la The word uniting the subject and predicate, 8. 
Fer^fhla A slapper used in schools, s. 
Penrin^9u~la Land almost eurrounded by water, s. 

^pat^u-la A spreading slice, used by apothecariee, s. 
Ta^an'tu-la A poisonous spider in Italy, s. 

Fii^tu-la A sore disease, s. [throat, 8. 

U^vu'la A spongeous body at the entrance of the 
A-ma^ffa-ma The mixture of metals procured by amalgama- 
Dnxmfa The action of a play, b. [tion, s. 

A^ntUk'^-ma A curse ; an excommunication, s. 
(E-defma A tumour, 8. 
Ep^luHki^fna An exclamation, s. 

Smrfy^mtk A ceUeotion of purcdent matter, 8. 
^leg^ma A form of medicine, 8. 
JB-n^ma A riddle, s. 
SUg^ma A mark of infamy, s. 
Dog'ma An established principle, 8. 
Zeug^ma A figure in grammar, s. 
Aaih'ma A disease of the lungs, 8. 
Pe-nuVti-ma The last syllable but one, 8. 
AnrU^t-nulfti-ma The last syllable but two, 8. 

MamrfML' Uied by children for mother, s. 

Lem^ma A proposition previoudy assumed, 8. 
Di-lem^ma An acgnment in logic ; intricacy, difficulty, 8. 
Com' ma The point ( , ) implying a little pause, s. 
Wma A morbid disposition to sleep, s. 
Sar-co'ma A fleshy excrescence, chiefly in the nostrils, 8. 
Olmhco'ma An imperfection in the eye, s. 
Dip-Wma A deed of priTtlege or degree, 8. 
Oar-d-nf/ma A cancer, s. 
SU'drU/ma Matter in a wen composed of fiit, s. 
Bua'ma Jl cosmetic, to t&ke off kaitf>, 8. 
Em-py-reu^ma The burning of any matter in boiling, s. 
Slru'ma A glandular swelHng ; the king's evil, s. 
Par-en^chy-ma A spongy substanqe, through which the bloed la 
strained, s. 
Sy-non^y'ma Names which signify the same thing, 8. 
Ba-ika'na Plaatain, s. 
StU-ta/na The Turkish empress, 8. 
O'Zae'na A foetid uleeSr in tiie nostrilB, s. 
Phag-^-defryoi An ulcer that diaehargea oorroding hlmours, a. 
iVol-«^o8^0-fMi A pMfiovs ditaeanaf introdueiioii, s. 


Pkoe-^iM^e-na Th« Oreek plural of phenoiiiflSOB, ■. 
Amrphit-biB^na A serpent supposed to kaye two heads, 8. 

Sub-jHE^na A writ oommajiding attendanoe, s. 
ChUfta-^e^e^na A disorder of the eye, s. 
Hy-e^na An animal like a wolf^ s. 
Chi'na China ware ; a country, s. 
Qi-^d-a-Wna Earth of a gold colour, s. 
Lam^i-na Thin plate, s. 

Stavk'i-na £folids of the body ; threads of plants, s. 
Hem'trfia About ten ounces, s. 

Ciorri'na The empress of Russia, pronounced Zareena. 
Al-can^na An Egyptian wood used in dyeing, s. 

Man'na A physical drug, s. 
Mo-tan^na Praise to Ood, s. 
Ven-tan^na A window, s. 
Sa-van^na An open meadow, s. 

Sen^na A physical tree and drug, s. 
Jht'^n'na An old govemante, s. 

^ct-di/na An image or picture of the Blessed '^^rgin, 8. 
Co-n/na The crown of an order, s. 
C</eo-a A kind of nut, property mkoo, s. 
Ca-no^a An Indian boat, s. pronounced canoo. 
Pthpa/ Used by children for father, s. 
Ti-a^ra A diadem ; a head-dress, s. 
Ab^thca-dayra A superstitious charm against agses, s. 
La^bra A lip, s. 
AVge-hra A branch of arithmetic, s. 
Pe^um^bra An imperfect shadow, s. 
Scol-o-pm^dra A sort of yenomous serpent, s. 
Hy-dra A monster with many heads, s. 
E'ra An qM>ch, s. 
E-phtmU-ra A feyer that terminates in one day; an insect, 8. 
Chi-mi^ra A fictitious monster ; a wild fancy, s. 
Qtn'%-ru (the plural of genus) kinds, s. 
Op'€-ra A musical entertainment, s. 
U^re-tkra The passage of the urine, s. [Arabians, s. 

Ht^'ra A term in chronology ; an epoch used by the 
A-wnphfo-ra In rhetoric, beginning different sentences with 

the same word, s. 
E-pipkfiHra An inflammation, s. 
PUtk'ihTa Fulness of humours, s. 
Bem^ihra An obstacle ; impediment ; a fish, s. 
Au-^i/ra Poetically, the morning, s. 
Su'jnn In eomposition, signifies aboye, or before. 
dm'tra Against, prep. 

Lut'tra Sacrifices eyery fiye years in old Rome, s. 
(7asi^«-f a ob-^tMfra A philosophical apparatus and optical machine, s. 
Cat-^u'ra A figure in poetry, by which a short syllable, 
after a complete foot, is made long, s. 
Saar'm Both a tree and a plant, s. 
Abt-m^m A section of the diameter of a conic section, 8. 
JbHNi-MMi/4H« SfloreMaMw; «r«ptkii% ■. 

ABB 27 

SoHu/U A tim«, fl. 

Br-ra^ta Faults made in printing, &e. 0. pi. of Emftiim. 

Stra'ia Beds ; layers, s. pL of Stratom. 
Can-ia^ta A song, s. 
Taffe-iA A thin rtlk, s. 
Ptt^og^m-ta Things prerlonsly knoim, 8. 
LthvoVta An old danoe, s. 
In-fan'ta A Spanish prinoess, s. 
Pirmenfta All-spice ; Jamaica pepper, s. 
Qw/ta A share ; a proportion, s. 
A-ar^ta The great artery arising out of the he4fty •• 
Vk^ta A Tiew ; a prospect through trees, b. 
A-rirtt^ta A short air, song, or tune, 8. 
Bur-kt'ia A musical entertainment ; a farce, fl. 

La'va The overflowing of a Volcano, s. 
Ouai-a^va A plant, s. 
Oua'va A plant, s. 
Sa-U^va Spittle, s. 

A^fua Water, s. Latin. 
SUfirqua A cart ; also a seed yessel or husk, s. 
dm-troryer^va A physical root, s. 
Man^tu-a A woman's gown, s. 
Co-pay' va A gum taken from a tree in Braiil, i. 
Max' a An Indian moss, s. 
Qan'ta A kind of wild goose, s. 
Sianfza A staff of yerses, s. 
Pi-Qz'ta A walk under arches, s. 
Htut-zal' A shout of joy, int. 
To hwhzaf To utter exclamations, t. a. 


Cab A Hebrew measure, s. 
Scab Incrustation oyer a sore ; itdi ; mange, i. 
To dab To slap gently ; to moisten, y. a. 

Dab A gentie slap ; a ilsh ; an adept; a lump, §. 
To 9hab To play mean tricks, y. a. 
To blab To tell a secret publidy, y. a. 
Blab A ten-tale, s. 
Slab A plane of stone ; a puddle, i. 
Ta nab To catch by surprise, y. a. 
Bay nab At random, ady. 
To knob To bite, y. a. 

Crab A fish ; a wild apple, s. 
Drab A dirty wench : a thick wooHen cloth, s. 
To Hab To wound mortally or mischieyously, y. a. 
Stab To wound with a sharp weapon ; a sly hurt, i. 
Quab A sort of fish, riiymes fob, s. 
Squab A couch or sofa, rhymes fob, s. 
SmuEb Unfeathered ; fat, rhymes fob, a. 
Swab An ordinary mop, rhymes fob, s. 
To npob To dean with a swab, rhymes fob, y. t. 
Abb Tarn of a weayer's warp, s. 

28 0MB 

Ebb Rofluz of the tide ; decline, s. 
To M ^o flow back ; to waste, t. a. 
Cu^beb A small dried fruit ; resembling pepper, ■. 
Bleb A blister, s. 

Neb A mouth ; bill of a bird. See nib, B. 
To meb To check ; to chide, ▼. a. 

Web Any thing woven ; a film on the sight, •• 
Coh'toeb A spider's web, s. . 

Bib Part of the dress of infant?! 8* 
To bib To tipple, y. a. 
Fib A falsehood, s. 
To fib To tell a lie, v. a. 
OHb Smooth; slippeiy, a. 
Nib Point of a pen ; beak of a bird, s. 
To tnib To check ; now written and pronounced snub, 8. 
Bib A bone in the body ; piece of timber in ships, s. 
Crib A manger ; a cottage, s. 
To crib To pilfer, v. a. 
To drib To crop / to cut oflF, v. a. 
Spare^rib The ribs of pork, with little flesh, s. 
Quib A sarcasm ; a bitter taunt, s. 
I^uib A paper of wildfire ; a puffing fellow, s. 

Alb A surplice, s. 
BuUf A round body or root, s. 
Jamb A supporter, as a door-post, rhymes dam, s. 
Lamb A young sheep, rhymes dam, s. 
(yri'flamb A golden standard, s. 

Kemb To separate by an instrument, rhymes hem, t. a. 
Chimb The end of a barrel or tub, rhymes lime, s. 
Limb A member ; articulated part, rhymes dim, s. 
To limb To dismember ; to tear asunder, t. a. 
To eUmb To ascend, rhymes lime, ▼. a. 
To tHi-Umy To dilaniate ; to tear limb from limb, y. a. 
Bomb A kind of ordnance, rhymes hum, s. 
To bomb To attack with bombs, rhymes hum, ▼. a. 

Comb An instrument to adjust the hair ; of a cook ; of 
honey, rhymes home, s. 
To comb To divide ; to dress ; to clean, rhymes home, y. a. 
Code 9^ comb Upper part of a cock's head; a plant, s. 
Ve^nu9-^»mb A plant, s. 
Flas/eomb An instrument to clean flax, s. 

Cox^eomb A fop ; a superficial pretender, s. 
Curry-comb An instrument to dress horses, s. 
Bhomb A quadrangular figure, s. 
Chmb Preterite of to climb, rhymes hum. 
Coomb A measure of corn, s. 
Tomb A monument over the dead, rhymes boom, s. 
ffec^a-tomb A sacrifice of an hundred cattle, s. 
To en-tomb' To bury, v. a. 
To in-tamy To bury, ▼. a. 

Womb The place of generation, rhymes room, s. 
To womb To inclose ; to breed in secret^ rhymes room, y. a. 

EBB 20 

fb m^oml/ To makt pregnnt; to bury, t. a. [y. a. 

2b ac-^uml/ To lie at Ad tabla, m in llie tadent manner, 
7b iue-cunU/ To yield; to dnk imder, t. a. 

Dumb Mute; speeohleea; sQent; liijmes hum, a. 
Thumb The short strong ftnger, rhymes hvm, s. 
To thumb To handle awkwardly, rhymes haB^ t. a. 
JSl4ei'»'ikumy A small fish fomid in brooks, s. 

Ihpbimb To sonnd the depth, rhymes ham, t. a. 

Pkmtb A leaden weight on a Une ; a phimmet, rhymea 
Pbtmb Perpendionlarly, rhymes ham, ad. [ham, s. 

Numb Torpid ; chill ; rhymes ham, a. 
To numy To make torpid, rhymes ham, y. a. 
To b&-numy To stapefy ; to make nomb, y. a. 

Crumb The soft part of bread ; a small i^eoe, s. 
To bob To dodge ; to cheat, y. a. 

Bob A thing that hangs loose in ear-rings, &e. s. 
Ji^^um-bob A kniek-oaek; a trinket, s. 

Cob The head or top ; a sort of sea-fowl, s. 
Fob A small breeches pocket, s. 
To fob To cheat; to trick, y. a. 

Chb A small shapeless mass, s. 
To job To strike, y. a. 
To Job To play the stock-jobber, y. a. 
Job A piece of chance-work, s. 
Lob A heayy fellow ; a worm, s. 
To lob To let HXi in a lazy manner, y. a. 
. Mob A woman's cap ; a crowd ; the p^mlaoe, s. 
To mob To seold; to harass, y. a. [speart. 

Hob-nob Corrapted from habnab. Johnson from Shak* 
Knob A protaberance, s. 

Rob Inspissated joioes of frait, s. 
To rob To plander ; to take m^ostly, y. a. 
Ca'rob A plant, s. 
To b&robf To rob ; to plunder, y. a. 
To throb To heaye; to beat; to palpitate, y. a. 
Throb A heaye ; a palpitation, s. 
To 9ob To cry with conyolsiyd sorrow, y. a. 
Sob A conyulsiye ory, s. 
To guob To moye as the embryo does in the womb, y. %, 
Barb The beard of an arrow ; a Barbery horse, s. 
To d&4>ary To depriye of the beard, y. a. 
Bhu^barb A medicinal porgatiye root, s. 

Chtrb Dress ; clothes ; outward appearance, s. 
Bferb A plant, s. 
Pot-herb An herb fit ft»r the pot, s. 
JShhpery Grand ; pompous, a. [fering, or being, s. 

Verb One of the 8 parts of speech, signifying doing, suf- 
Ad'verb A word usually joined to a yerb, to express the 
time, manner, &c. of an action, s. 
To r&4>ery To rebound ; to rey ^berate, y.' a. 
Prof^erb A maxim ; adage ; common saying, s. 
Am-^BUfirtHy verb A yerb that helps to ooi^ugate other y«it>8, s. 

30 lAO 

Orb A sphere ; wheel ; ein^ 8. 
Chrb A iMikei need in eoUieries, s. 
To ah-^orl/ To snok «p ; to ewellow vp, y. a. 
StU/urb Out psrt of a eitj, e. 
To curb To restrain, t. a< 

Curb Part of a tnidle; reetraint, s. 
To courb To b^^ ; to bow, rhymes curb, t. a. 
To dit-tury .To diaqniet; to iatermpi, t. a. 

To daub To smear; to flatter; to trim gaadily, y. a. 
Bub Strong beer, s. 
' Siyta^bub A posset made at the cow, 8. 
ffub^bub A tomult; a riot, s. 
WluH/bub A habbnb, s. 

Cub The young of a beast, 8. 
To cub To bring forth a beast, t. a. 
To dub To confer a title or digni^, t. a. [fob. 

Tofub To put off, y. a. ; now written and prononnced 
J^ A plump chubby boy, s. 
Chub A fish, 8. 
Ju^Jub A plant, s. 
To ehtb To join in common eiq>en8e, y. a. 

Chtb A heayy stick ; an assembly of persons at a publie 

house, tayem, ftc s. 
Snub A knot in wood, 8. 
To mub To reprimand, y. a. 
2b ru^ To scour ; to fret; to polirt, y. a. 

Rub Impediment ; difl^lty ; act of nibbing, s. 
i&rub A mean fellow ; a broom worn out, s. 
To aerttb To rub hard, y. a. 

To drub To thrash, bang, or beat with a stick, y. a. 
Cher'ub A celestial spirit, plural Cherubim^ s. 
To grub To dig up so as to destroy, y. a. 
Chrub A worm ; a dwarf, s. 

Shrub A bush ; spirit with acid and sugar mixed, a. 
Sub In composition, signifies a suboitiinato degree. 
Tub A yessel of wood of yarious sizes, s. 
Pow^der-ing-tub The yessel in which meat is salted, s. 
Stub A log ; a block, s. 
To »tub To root up ; to force up, y. a. 
To daufb To smeM* ; to make dirty, y. a. 
To bo-4awb^ To besmear, y* a. See daub, 
Syb Belated by blood, a. 


Pro-ao^dirae Pertaining to prosody, a. 

Zo'dUic The sun's track through the twelye f ' 
Car^di-ae Cordial ; inyigorating, a. 
JSl-e-gi^ae Used in elegies; mourn fol, a. 
Ce^li^ac Kelating to the lower belly, a. 
H^i-ac Belonging to the lower bowels, a. 
Ma^m-ac A madman, s. 
De-nui^ni-ac Belonging to the devil, a. 
De-mo^ni^ac One possessed by the devil, s. 

FIO 81 

Am-nu/nir^ie The name of a drag, s. 
O tm am-mt/ni-ae A gam brought from tlie Bui Iiidiei» •. 
Sa^-am-mt/ni-ac A Tolaiile salt, •. 

Ar-nu/ni-ae Properly ammoniac^ whidi 8M. 
Hjfp-o-<h9nfdri-ae MeUmoholj, a. 

0»-4e^ri-ue Turnip-rooted oelerj, t. 
Afhrro-^Ut^i-ae Belating to the yenereal difeaM, a. 
Symrp</n-ac Hating to merry makings, a. 
AVnuHMC A calendar of the moon's ohaage and other par- 
ticulars for a year, s. 
Al-gt-hra^ic Pertaining to Algebra, a. 
Mu-^-rt/ic Belonging to the mysentery, a. [called, a. 

Mosa^ie A kind of painting in pebbles, riieUB, &c. so 
Pro^M^ic Belonging to or resembling prose, a. 
Syl-kU/ic Relating to syllables, a. 
I-am^bic Verses composed of a short and long syllable 

alternately, s. 
A-lem^bie A ressel used in distilling, a. 
Ehom^bie Shaped like a rhomb, a. 

Cu^bie Relating to a cube, a. 
Ohe-ru^bie Relating to the Cherubim, a. 
TluHTcu/ic Belonging to the breast, a. [foot, a. 

It-ehi-^^ie In anatomy, applied to certain Tcins of the 
l^aa-mod^ie ConyulsiTe, a. 
An-Uspat-fnod^io HaTing the power of relieving the cramp, a. 
Sy^d^ie Relating to, or done in a ^ynod, a. 
Bjh^-sod^ie Contained in an episode, a. 
B^M>-<trd'i§ Compounded with beioar, a. 
Ma-lefie Mischieyous, a. 
Mor^fic Causing diseases, a. 
Burbif^ie Making red, a. 
Fa^ic Mild ; peaceable, a. 
Sie-^ie Causing dryness, a. 

^^ic A remedy adapted to a particular disease, a. 
J'ie Distinguishing one sort from another, a. 
cif^ic Making or ppoduoing light, a. 
Oran-^iJ^ie Making great, a. 
AUgif'w Producing cold, a. 
Pro-Ufic Fruitful ; generative, a. 
Ctr-^Mrifit Having power to produce a blue colour, a. 
Mag^ific Illustrioas; grand, a. 
Smrir^if^ic Produotive of seed, a. 
Dam-niffic Procuring loss; mischievonfl, a. 
Om-ntf^ic All-creating, a. 
Soa^-w^ie Causing sleep, a. 
Sae-rifU Employed in sacrifice, a. 
Lu-crif^ic Producing gain, a. 
Surdo-Ttf^ic Provoking sweat, a. 
CaUo-rifie Having the quality of prodncing heat, %» 
CoJro-rifif: Having the power of producing colom, a. 
Dol-o^fic Causing grief or peia, a. 
8on-<Hr^ie Producing sound, a. 

» MIO 

8ap-^h^ie Prodacing tafto» ft. 
Sojh^^m CMSiBg iletp, ft. 
Ter^ie Dreftdfnl : cftuaiiig ter, ft. 
H<yr-Tifie Gftwiag Wrror, ft. 

Pt-ir^ie HftTing the power of e h ftn ghig to ttOM, ft. 
09-9ifie HftTing the power of mekfaig or ohftaging te 
Be-atrif^ie BlisifiiU ft. [boM| ft. 

Sd-en-^ic Pveduebig eertftln knowledge, ft. 
Ft99-im^ie Ifftking preeent, ft. 
F»-t;^ie OiTing liife, ft. 
Me^ie Necromftotie, a. 
Jtfi^^M; A deftling with epiritB, &c. B. 
Trc^ie lioumfftl ; eftlftaiHoiiB, ft. 
An-tal^ffie Hftting the power of mfteBiag pftin, ft. 
Od-on-iaVffU! Pertaining to the tooA-ftoho, ft. 
iMff^k The art of reaeoBing, b. 
Artk-ai-o-b^ie Relating to a dieeonne on aBti<iaity, ft. 
Ai-tro-^off^ic Relating to Astrologj, a. 
Lfihar^gic Sleepy ; drowey, a. 

Qtor^gie A rural poem, a. 
Chi-rur^gie Belonging to a svgeon, ft. 
mthmach'ic Relftting to the stomftoh, ft. 
JBron^ehic Belonging to the throftt, ft. 
8e-raph^ie Angdical, a. 
Se-lm-a-gre^ie Belonging to the selenograph j, a. 
Hi-^-ro-ffli^h^ie An emblem ; ft iigare, 8. 
Hi-e^ro-^iypk^ie Emble mat i oal , a. 

Ethnic Moral, a. PI. Moral Fhilosoph j, a. 
Hd-fidn'ihie Relating to worma, a. 
An-thel-min^thie Having the power of killing worms, a. 
Didrot-^Vic Preceptive; didactic, a. 
Ce^haVie Easing the head, a. 
Ptd/Ue Open ; notorious, a. 
PvX/Ue The body of a nation, a. 
Re-pul/Uo A commonwealth withoat a king, s. 
An-geVic Angelical ; resembling angels, a. 
Areh-^uvifeVic Resembling angels, a. 

Ba^tiVie The basilic vein ; a large hall, s. 
Me-daVlic Pertaining to medals, a. 
Me4aViie Pertaining to, or consisting of metal, a. 
Di-a-boyie Devilish, a. 
Hy-per-boVie Exaggerating, a. 

CoVic A distemper affecting the bowels, s. 
BurcoVie Pastoral, a. 
JS^Vic Relating to the JEolians, as the .SoUo dialeet, a. 
Md-WirchoVie Hypochondriacal, a. 
Cath^O'Ue Universal, a. 
VU-ri-ol^ie Containing vitriol, a. 
Ap^ioifie Tauc^t by aposties, a. 

AM/Ue Bdonging to the court, a. 
Ey^au^Ue Relating to water-works, a. 
Bol-tam^ic Unctuous : mitigating, a. 


Ae-^hdem^ie Belonging to an aoMtemj, a. 
Ae-a-dem^ic A student of a nniTersitj, 8. 
Ep4-dem'ie General ; affecting numbers, a. 
Pan-dem^ic Incident to a whole people, a. 
JSn-dem^ic Peculiar to a country, a. 
Fo-km^ie ControTerslal : disputatiTe, a. 
The-^hrem^ie Consisting in theorems, a. 
7b mim^ic To ridicule by a burlesque imitation, y. %, 
Mim^ic A ludicrous imitator, s. ImitatlTe, a. 
Opk-ihat^mie Relating to the eye, a. 

Oom^ie Raising mirth ; relating to eomedy, a. 
Oec-o-nom^ie Frugal, a. 
AB-tro-nom'ic Relating to astronomy, a. 
A-lez-i-phar^mie Antidotid, a. 

Lox-o-drom^ie The art of oblique sailing by the rhomb, 8. 

Chym'ie Made by chemistry, a. 
(Toc-o-eAym^tc 'Having the humours corrupted, a. [oestor, 8. 
PatrTO-nym^ic Name expressing the name of the fiather or an- 
0-^e-an^ie Pertaining to the ocean, a. 
M&-ehan^ic Constructed by the laws of medhaniot, a. 
Me-chan^ie An artificer, s. In the plural, the science of 
DirOrphan^ic Transparent^ a. [motion, 8. 

Tairit-man^ic Magical, a. 

Pan^ie Violent fear without cause, 8. 
Pontic Violent without cause (applied to fear), a. 
At^a-pan^ie The flying squirrel, s. 
Sortan'ic Devilish ; infernal, a. 
Bo-ian'ie Relating to herbs, a. 
Semite Theatrical ; dramatic, a. 
Splm'ui Belonging to the spleen, a. 
Af^-ie-nie A violent poisonous mineral, 8. 
Eth'nic A heathen ; a pagan, s. 
CUn^ic One who keeps his bed, s. 
CUnfie Eeepine one's bed, a. 
Oym^nU Practising the athletic exercises, a. 
Hym'nic Relating to hymns, a. 
Ty-ran^nie Like a tyrant, a. 

Connie In form of a cone, a. 
La-eon^ie Short; brief, a. 
Stm-iof-thpfum^ie Loudly speaking or sounding, a. 

I-on^ie Pertaining to the lonians, a people of Qreeoe, a. 
HU-tri-^m^ie Belonging to the stage, a. 
Pul-mon^ic Belonging to the lungs, a. 
Path-^>ff'n(Mnon^ic Inseparable ; eesential ; not symptomatic, a< 
Phy-i-og^o-mon^ic Drawn from the contemplation of the fMO, a. 
ffar-mon^ie Musical, a. 

Chron^ic Durable ; in diseases, opposed to acute, a. 
Tbn^ie Being extended, a. 
Di-a-ton^ie An epithet given to a species of music, a. 
Tee-ton^ie Pertaining to building, a. 
ArchF'i^tee'ton^ic Having the skill of an architect, a. ^mans, a. 
Tm-Um^ie Belonging to ' the Teutons, or ancient Oer- 


iVfiftc Belongltig to AfHoa or Csrthage, a. 
Tu^nie A coTering, part of the Roman dress, s. 
Cyn^ie A snarling philosopher, s. 
C^ffi'ic Snarling, satirical, a. 
H<Hr</ic Brare, a. 
Sti/ie A philosopher of the sect of Zeno, s. 
Ep^ic Narrative, a. 
Mhcr^'^cop^ie Resembling a microscope, a. 

T^ie A general head of discourse, B. 
ffy-drcj/ie Dropsical, a. 

Trop^it Astronomical line, s. 
PhiU-ip^pic Any invective declamation, s. 
PhiU-ip^pie Pertaining to an invective declamation, a. 

Typ'ie Emblematical, a. 
Sar-bar^ie Foreign ; far-fetched, a. 
Pm-dar^ie Relating to Pindar ; a kind of verse, a. 

Fa^brie An edifice ; a building, a system, s. 
Cam'brie A kind of fine linen, s. 
Lu^bric Slippery ; smooth on the surface, a. 
Ru^bric Red, a. 

Rtt^brie Directions in the common prayer, s. 
Oy-Un^drie Relating to, or like a cylinder, a. 
Spher'ic Round ; globular, a. 
ffem-tB-pher^ie Half round ; containing half a globe, a. 
Sei-a-ther^ic Belonging to a sun-dial, a. 

CkoVer-ie Angry ; ftdl of choler, a. 
E-phem^er-ic Diurnal, a. 
Tur^me-ric An Indian root which makes a yellow dye, a. 
Qe-nerHc Comprehending the genus, a. 
CUmHte-ter^ic A critical period of life, s. 
CUm-ae-ter^ic Relating to a critical period of life, a. 
A'lex-i'ter^ie Having the quality of driving away poison, a. 

Li-en-ter^ic Pertaining to a lientery, a. 
Mes-en-ter^ic Relating to the mesentery, a. 
Ne-o-ter^ie Novel ; late ; modem, a. 
Hyt'ter'ic Troubled with fits, a. 
Bm^pir-ie A pretended physician, a quack, s. 

DoT^ic An order in architecture, s. 
Tke-ar^ic A speculatist, s. 
The-or^ie Speculative, a. 
Alrh-gor^ic Not real'; not literal, a. 
Pav't-gor^ie In medicine, having the power to assuage, a. 
Mel-a-phor^ic Figurative, a. 

Rhet^o-rie Oratory ; art of speaking, s. 
ffis'ior^ie Pertaining to history, a. 
Buh^op-rie A diocese ; the jurisdiction of a bishop, 8. 
Arch-bish^op-rie The jurisdiction of an archbishop, s. 
The-at^ric Suiting a theatre, a. 
B-Uc^trie Attractive without magnetism, a. 
Qe-o-met^ric Pertaining to Geometry, a. 
Ob-Het'rie Befitting a midwife, a. 
Cm^trie Placed in the centre, a. 


Con-cen^trie Haying tLe sam* eeatrt, a. 
Oe-^Mxn^tric Having the earth for a centre, a. 
ffe-H-^Msen^tne Having the ton for a centre, a. 

Di-ap'tric Affording a mediiim for the sight, a. 
Cal'Op^irie Relating to catoptrice, a. 
Gat' trie Belonging to the belly, a. 
Hj/p-^gaa'tric Seated in the lower peart ef the Mlj, a. 
Spa-gyr'ie Ghymioal, a. 
Pmnre^^gyr'ie An eulogy ; encomium, e. 

Lyr'ic Pertaining, or singing, to a harp, a. 
PhihU'ie Consumption ; shortness of breath, s. 
Tit'ie Consumption ; shortness of breath, s. 
FihTtn'nc Belonging to courts of Judicatnre, a. 
In-trmfkie Inward ; internal ; real, a. 
BxriiHnfnc Outward; external, a. 

Claaa'ic Relating to standard antiiots of the first rank, a. 
Cktu^ic An author of the first rank, s. 
Mu'tie The science of harmony; harmonioiis sounds, s. 
Pkyt'ic The science of healing ; medicine, s. 
TopJ^M^ie To purge; to cure, y. a. 
M^Uhpi^ie Ontology, s. 
Me-torphyt^ic Relating to metaphysics, a. 
Pa$^ere-^'ie Contaii^ in the pancreas, a. 
Skm-phmt'ie Strong; forcible; striking, a. 
Lym-phat'ie A small pellncid tube in the human body, s. 
Sd-^U'ie The hip-gout, s. 
Oen-ith-K-ai^ie One who calculates natiiities, s. 
Mu-H-^'ic Partaking of the nature of brine, a. 
FbMnroifio Belonging to rivers, a. 
PthUU'it Belonging to the palate, a. 
VU-UU'ie Belonging to villages, a. 
Drorwiat'ie Represented by action ; theatrical, a. 
Maih-t-mat'ie According to the doctrine of mathematics, a. 
Efi^k-mat'ie Allusive, a. 
The-o-re-mai'ie C<msisting in theorems, a. 
CfO-^tg-mat^ie Having the quali^ of consolidating, a. 
Prag-mat'ic Meddling; impertinent, a. 
Pkii-mat^ie Abounding in phlegm ; duH, a. 
Lnt-eo-pkUg-ma^ie Pertaining to a pecuUsr kind of dropsy, a. 
Ap-o-phlig-mat^ic Drawing away phlegm, a. 
Smiff-mat^ie Soapy; detersive, a. 
8tig'ma«/id Bn»M with infiuny, a. 
Dog-maHfic Opinioaative ; magisterial, a. 
Qnm mmt 'ie Belonging to grammar, a. 
Bp-p-ffram-nuU'ie Belonging to, or of the nature of epigrams, a. 
Attk-^mat'ic Troubled with an aathma, a. 
AtU-astk-mat'ie Good against an asAma, a. 

Id-i-o-mai^ie Peculiar to a language ; phraseological, a. 
ChnMHot^ie Relating to colours or a kind of music, a. 
SjfmahUHtuO^ie Happening eoneuvtently, a. 
Sptr-^Ml/ic Seminaly a. 


Schit-mai^ie One who MpanitM from the ehoreh, e. 
Pria-mai^ie Formed as a prism, a. 
Traurffiat^ie Vulnerary, a. 
Kheu^mat^ic Troubled with the rheumatism, a. 
Pneu^mat'ic Mored by, or oonsisting of wind, a. 
AnrU^tTu-mai^ic Good against the king's evil, a* 
Fornai^ic Enthusiastic, a. 
FcHMl'ic An enthusiast, s. 
Ve-nai^ic Used in hunting, a. 
Lu^nohUe Mad ; influenced by the moon, a. 
Lt/na-tie A madman, s. 
ffe^Mt^ie Belonging to the liyer, a. 
Qwhdrat'ic Foursquare, a. 
Bt-^ua-drai^ie Pertaining to a square, multiplied* by itself, a. 
Er-rat^ic Wandering ; irregular, a. 
Pro-taVic Pertaining to relation ; narrative, a. 

Statute Bdating to weighing, a. 
Ec-sUU^ie BaTishing; rapturous, a. 
Ex'UU^ic Tending to something external ; rapturous, d, 
JH-cUu/He Preceptive; doctrinal, a. 
Proph-y-'ku/tic Preventive ; preservative, a. 

Pra</Uc Relating to action ; not merely speonlatfTe, %, 
Corchee^tie Having an ill habit of body, a. 
Di-a-lec/tic Logic ; the art of reasoning, s. 
A'cat-a-lec^tie A verse, having its syllables complete, s. 
Jp-o-pUe^tie Relating to an apoplexy, a. 
Ant'ajM>-plee^tie Good against an apoplexy, a. 

An/Uc Northern ; lying under Arctos, a. 
Pro-cchtare^tie Forerunning ; antecedent, a. 
AtU-cTC^Ue Relating to the southern pole, a. 

A-Bcet^ic Belonging to religious exercises ; monastic, a. 
Ascet^ie A hermit ; a monk, s. 
A-pol-o-ifi^ic Defending ; excusing, a. 
Sn-^r-gel'ic Forcible ; vigorous ; active, a. 
Pro-pkei^ie Foretelling events, a. 
Porthel'ic Affecting the passions, a. 
Symrporihet^ic Having mntu^ sensation, a. 
8yn-thei'ic Compounding; coi^oining, a. 
Hyp-o-thel'ic Including a supposition ; conditional, a. 
Ath-Ut^ic Strong ; belonging to wrestling, a. 
Au-Wie Belonging to pipes, a. 
E-met'ic Provoking vomits, a. 
E-mei^ie A medicine to cause vomiting, s. 
Ant-e-met^ie Having the power to prevent vomiting, a. 
A'riih'met'ic Science of numbers ; art of computation, s. 
Co-mei^ic Relating to a comet, a. 
ffer-met^ie Chymical, a. 
Cos-met^ie Beautifying, a. 
Co9-mei^ie A beautifler, s. 
Spkn^ehic Fretful ; peevish ; fiiU of spleen, a. 
Anrit-tple-neVic Bfi^eacious in diseases of the spleen, a. 
Fre-^Mt'ic Mad ; distracted, a. 

TIO »t 

Pkn^netfi^ Mad; fnaOU, «. 
Mag-net^ic AttractiTe, ». 
Di-ar-rAflrf^ic Porgatiye, a. 

Po-et'ic Expressed in, or perUlniiig to poetry, a. 
Ohy-h-po^^ie Haring a power of formiiig ohyle^ a. 
No-to-po-et^ic Produeiiig dioeaaea, a. 

Ber^et'ie One who holds a fnndamental error li rriiglon, a. 
Tke-o-ret^ie SpeovlatiTe, ft. 
JH-thpho-rtt^ie Promotuig perspiration, a, 
Pleth-o-ret^ie HaTing a ftill habit, a. 
J8m p 9^tt^ie Used in markets and in merehandise, a. 
If-ekunret^ie Provoking urine when si^prassed, a. 
IH-u-ret^ie ProToking urine, a. 
JH^tet^ie Beating to diet, a. 
Ze-Ut^ie Proceeding by inqoiry, a, 
A'9€e^te Dropdoal, a. 
Ant-aphrro-dii^ie AntiTenereal, a. 

PoVirtie Politioal; oinl; prudent; artfiil, a. 
Im^Virtic Imprudent ; indiscreet, a. 

Crit^ie Critioal ; relating to oriiieism, a. 
Orii^ie Criticism ; censure, s. 
Orit^ic A nice oensnrer; one skilled in oriAteiam, a. 
To crWic To play the eritia, ▼. a. 
Hyp-o-^ril'ic Dissembling ; insincere, a. 
O-nei^o-^rit^ic An interpreter of dreams, a. 
Hy-ptr-eril'ic A eritie ezaot beyond reason, a. 

N9-phrU^ic Belonging to the organs of urine; troobled with, 
or good against the stone, a. 
AahH^n^fhrU^U Good against diaeaaee of the ndna and kSdneya, a. 
Ar^thrU^ie Gonty, belonging to joints, a» 
AfU-^xr-ikrit^U Good against the gout, a. 
PleuMit^ie Diseased with a plenrisy, a. 
Per^MtaVUc A particular motion of the guts ao ealled, a. 
Anftic Odd ; ridiculously wild, a. 
An^tic A buffoon, a. 
P^^dm^He Like a pedant, «. 
Girifon'tic Like a giant; bulky; big, a. 
Syfi^-phm^ik flattering; paraaitioal, a. 
At-lanUie The Western Oeean, a. 
Oe-o-mm^tk Pertaioing to the art of eaating figuraa, a. 
So-man^Ue Wild ; improbable ; false, a. 
Fran'tie Mad ; transported with paaaiea, a, 
Ldm^ik The same, a. 
Au-then^tie Genuine, a. 
Chthot^ie ResembUhg chaoa; confused, a. 
Ge^Vic Belonginf to the earth, a, 
A-re^Vie Medicines that open the porea, ao aallad, a. 
JBp-thlot^ic A cicatrising medicament, a. 
Anrihg^'nolfk Having power to prevent aleep, a. 
Dti-pot^ie AbaolQto In power c unlimited, a. 
Bt'cha-rot^ie Caustic, a. 
Hy-^rot'ic A pargor of waiter or pUagm, a. 


Hyp-not'ic Any medidne that prodooei deep, s. 
Mx^i^ic Foreign, a. 
Ex^i^ie A foreign plant, s. 
Scep'tic See Sl^ftiU. 

Skep^Uc One who pret^idi to donbt of all things, b. 
An-tb-l^iiii Comforting ; corroborating, a. 
Sp-irlep^tic ConTulBed, a. 
Ant-^i-lep^tie Good against conTolsions, a. 
I-atrTo-lep^Ue Haying power to cure bj anointing, a. 
Pqf^tic Helping digestion, a. 
E-ct^Uc A line, or sphere of the world, which the ton da> 

scribes in its aanoal revolotion, s. 
El-Uj/tie HaTing the form of an ellipsis, a. 
LUhron-trip'Ue Medicines for dissolying the stone so called, a. 
An-cHsamp^tie Reflecting or reflected, a. 
Phon-<hcamp^tie Haying power to inflect and alter sound, a. 
Omrpha-lop^tie An optic glass, called a oonrex lens, a. 
Cryp'tie Hidden; secret; occult, a. 
Styp^Uc Astringent ; able to stop blood, a. 
Styp^Uc A medicine to stop blood, s. 
Ca-thar^tie Purging, a. 
Oorthofi^tic A purgatiye medicine, s. 
An'<i-e<y4har^Hc Any medicine that works upwards, s. 

Sar^aa'tie Keen; taunting; seyere, a. 
En-co-mi-at^tie Panegyrical ; bestowing psaise ; 
Hc-^U-n-at^He Relating to the church ; not ciyil, a. 
Ee^le-Miroa^tie A clergyman, s. 
En-thu-n-aa^iic Oyer zealous in any thing, a. 

JS-lat^Hc Haying power of returning to its original ftirm ; 
springy; springing, a. 
Seho-laytie Pertaining to, or practised in schools, a. 
Unrteho-laa'tic Not bred to literature, a. 

PUu^tie Haying the power to giye form, a. 
Em-pUu^tic Viscous; glutinous, a. 
Oym-nat^tic Pertaining to athletic exercises, a. 

Mo-nay He Religiously recluse ; belonging to a monk or coo- 
Ep-u-piu^tie Drawing; blistering, a. [yent, a. 

AnrUi-pa9^tie Medicines causing a reyulsion are so oaUeil, a. 
J>r<u^tic Powerful; yigorous, a. 
Tet^rat^He An epigram or stanza of four yerses, 8. 
Fan-toy tk Whimsical; fanciful, a. 
Phan-taytie See Fantastic, 
Pen-taytie A composition consisting of fiye yerses, s. 
Hex-ay tic A poem of six lines, s. 
Ma-^'eytic Qnnd; noble, a. 
Do-meytic Belonging to a house ; not foreign, a. 
Dihrnn'tic A household seryant, s. 
A-the-iytic Giyen to atheism, a. 
SyUlo-giytic Pertaining to, or consisting of a syllogism, a. 
Cab-4i-liytic Haying an occult meaning, a. 
ffe-nUytic Half a yerse, s. 
Char-ac-ter-%ytic Constitating the character, a. 

EAD 89 

Ohar-^ie4er^Ho That which eonstitatee th0 ehantcter, b. 

FthHs^He Relating to eyeiy method of Bolnog a pro- 
blem, a. [ed, 8. 
IH-off-nog^tie A symptom by which a disease is distingaish- 
Proff-not^He Foretokening disease or reoorery, a. 
Brc^-not^Hc A prediction, s. 
PoB^tie Backward, a. 
A'crof'iie A poem whose initial letters form the name of a 
person or thing, s. 
Caut^Uc In medicine, burning, a. 
Oaut^tie In medicine, a burning application, s. 
FuyUe A sort of wood from Uie West Indies, s. 
Biu^tie Bond ; rnde ; artless ; plain, a. 
Biu^tie A clown, s. 
Ap-o<nts^iic Repelling and astringent, a. 
Oya^tic Contained in a bag, a. 
Myt^iic Sacredly obscnre ; secret, a. 
At^Uc Relating to Athens, a city in Attica ; neat, a. 
Pkar-mthceti^Ue Relating to the art of pharmacy, a. 
Seor-lm^tie Diseased with the scurry, a. 
Par-a-fyt^ie Palsied; inclined to palsy, a. 
At^ti-pthra-fyt^ie Efficacious against the palsy, a. 

Wie In Saxon, a Tillage, a bay, or a castle, s. 
TWtule A thing of three points, s. 
To mam'moe To tear; to pull to pieces, t. a. 
Mam'moe A large shapeless piece, s. 
Ore A sort of sea-fish, s. 


Bad m ; yioious ; hurtfhl ; sick, a. 
Dad AbbrcTiation for father, s. [gl^^ &> 

Bead A small drop strung for the neck, rhymes 
Dead Depriyed of life ; duU ; stupid, rhymes bed, a. 
Dead Stillness ; silence, riiymes bed, s. 
To dead To deprive of sensation, rhymes bed, t. a. 

Head Top ; chief ; what contains the brain, rh. bed, s. 
To head To lead ; to command, rhymes bed, y. a. 
A'headf Forward ; headlong, rhymes bed, ad. 
Bound^head A name of reproach to puritans in Oliyer's time, s. 

Ood^he€ui Deity ; diyine nature, s. 
To be-headf To cut off the head, y. a. 

Fore^head Upper part of the face ; impudence, s. 
Block-head A stupid person, s. 
Bulk-head In a ship, a partition of boards, s. 
Maid-en-head Virginity ; newness ; first use, s. 
Log-ger-head A blockhead, s. 

Eogt-head A measure of sixty gallons, s. 
Cat-head In a ship, a piece of timber so called, s. 
Bolt-head A long-necked glass vessel for distillation, s. 
Lead The heayiest metal except gold, riiymes bed, s. 
To lead To guide ; to conduct ; to go first, rhymei 
Lead Quidance, rhymes glede, s. [gi^^ ▼• ^ 

40 OAD 

Ghad A kite, pron. m if writton ^Ms, irbi<sli se«, s. 
To plead To detod; to ftrgne btfbre a Judge, rhjmM 
To em-plead^ To indict ; to prefer a eharge, t. a. [glede, t. a. 
To mi94ead^ To guide a wronff way, ▼. a. 

Mead A meadow; a uqiior made of I10M7, rliymee 
7b knead To press dou^ with the iet, t. a. [giede, 8. 

To read To pemse, pronoimoed as the Boim reed, t. a. 
Read SkiUed, pronoimced as red, a colour, part pass. 
Bread Food made of com, riijmes bed, s. [of read. 
Oin^ifer-bread Bread made of flour, f^ger, and ti 'sao l e, s. 
Sweet'bread The pancreas of any animal, s. 
Shew^bread Holy bread under the Jewish law, s. 
Dread Fear ; terror ; awe, rhymes bed, s. 
Thread Small twist ; uniform tenour, i^hymee bed, a. 
To thread To put upon a thread, t. a. 
Pael/thread Coarse thread for packing, s. 
Uh-read^ Not read ; not learned, a. 
To tpread To expand ; to corer oyer, rhymes bed, t. a. 
Spread Part pass, of to spread, rhymes bed. 
To be-spread^ To spread OTer, rhymes bed, y. a* 
To die-^pread^ To spread different ways, rhymes bed, t. A, 

Tread A step with the foot ; part of an egg, r. bed, s. 
To tread To set the foot ; to trample on, riiymes bed, t. a. 
Stead Place ; nse ; room ; ftrame, rhymes bed, s. 
Bed^stead Frame of a bed, s. 
To be-etead^ To profit, rhymes bed, t. a. [bed, ad. 

In-etead^ In the place or room of any thing, rhymes 
Oad A wedge of steel ; a graver, s. 
To gad To ramble abont idly, t. a. 
Had The preterite and participle of the terb to haTe. 
Chad A sort of fish, s. 
CkiVi-ad A thousand, s. 
ifyrfirad Ten thousand, & 

Lad A boy advanced towards manhood, s. 
Saifad A food oomposed of raw herbs, s. 

Clad Part pass, of the verb to clothe, nearly obsolete. 
Y-iHad^ Obsolete participle for clad; clothed. 

OUid Cheerful; pleaidng; gay, a. 
BaVlad A song, s. 

Mad Disordered in mind ; enraged, a. 
To be-mad^ To make mad; to turn the brain, v. a. 
ffeydo-^nad A week ; a space of seven di^s, s. 

Mo^nad An indivisible thing, s. [&c. s. 

Ooad An instrument to drive oxen, rhymes ode, code. 
To goad To prick with a goad ; to vex, rh. ode, Ac ▼. a. 
Load A burden; freight; rhymes ode, code, &e. s. 

in. ^^'^ l"" ^?^•^♦ ^'«*«^'» ^^^•'•g®* 'h- ^«» Ac- ▼. ». 
To un-ioad^ To disburden, rhymes ode, v. a. 

To o-ver-had' To charge too heavily, rhymes ode, v. a. 

D ^ ^7J*J 'or travelling ; a path, rhymes ode, s. 

Broad Wide ; exteodcd ; open, rhymes fraud, a. 

A^troad^ Out of doors; in another country, rh. frvud. ad 

inrroad Incursion; sudden invasion, rhymes ode, s. 

PEP 41 

Ibad A poisonooB anima], riiyraes ode, s. 
Wood A plant used in dyeing yellow, rhymes ode, 8. 
Pad An easy-paced horse ; a foot-robber, 8. 
Tot^ue'pad A great talker, s. 
fooi'pad A robber on foot, s. 
Brad A sort of nail, s. 
Sad Sorrowful ; gloomy ; bad ; hea^y, a. [&o. ■• 

Wad CoTer of the charge of a gun, riiymes hod, nod, 
To add To join, to put to, ▼. a. 
To tfjhper-add^ To add over and aboTe, t. a. 

Bed A place to sleep on ; channel of a rirer, &c. •• 
A'htd^ In bed, ad. 
Seab^bed Full of scabs; paltry, a. 
Crab^bed Peevish; testy; difficult, a. 
Web^bed Joined by a film, a. 
Nii/bed Having a nib made, a. 
Rib^bed Made with ribs, a. 
Ckub^bed Big-headed; blnff, a. 
Stubbed Short and thick, a. 
ChUd^bed The state of being in labour, s. 
Bride^bed Slarriage-bed, s. 
Ihic^kle-bod A bed that rons under another, s. 
Death^bed The bed on which a man dies, s. 
KVbed Having sores, chiefly on the heels, a. 
Limb^ed Having limbs, a. 
Barb^ed Having a barb or beard ; armed, a. 
Orb^ed Formed in a circle, rounded, a. 
Dia-^yrb^ed Thrown out of the proper orb, a. 
Hot^bod Earth heated by the fermentation of dung, i. 
Shame' fa-ced Bashful ; modest, a. 
Bar^forced Scandalous ; in public riew, a. 
Smockffa-eed Beardless ; maidenly, a. 
Bra' zenr forced Impudent; shameless, a. 

StraU'la-ced Scrupulous; over-conscientious, a. 
JPa'ced Having a certain gait, a. 
Tho'rough-pa-eed Perfect ; complete, a. 

Bra'eed Tied strongly together ; tight, a. 
Ufirbra'ced Relaxed; loose, a. 
Jawn'die-ed Infected with jaundice ; prejudiced, a. 
Pr^xtrdk-ed Prepossessed on one side ; iiijured, a. 
UnrfTt^Vrdit-ed Impartial ; not prepossessed, a. 
Ei^ri-en<ed Wise by long practice, a. 

Poun'eed Furnished with daws or talons, a. 

Por</$d Obtruded ; compelled, a. 
Re^w/ed Made less ; brought back ; subdued, a. 
Se-due'ed Inveigled ; deceired ; led astray, a. 
Bro-ca'ded Furnished with brocade, a. 
Light' head-ed Delirious; thoughtless,* a. 
Mot'head-ed Passionate; quarrelsome; yioleni, a. 
CHd'ffy head-^ Wavering ; uncertain ; thoughtless, a. 
Fa'd^ Withered ; grown weak, a. 

4t SEP 

Bla'ded IXftting blades Or spires, a. 
Pro-^^ded Upon these terms ; if, oo^j. 
Fn>-vi^ded Prepared ; famished, a. 
Oiid^od Covered thinly with gdd, a. 
Childbed Famished with a child, a. 
Ha/ndfed Having the use of the hand, left Or Hght, a. 
Tmo-kand^ed Big; balky; enormous, a. 
L^trhat^^d Using the left hand better than the right, a. 
Land^ed Having an estate in land, a. 
Bi^-pand'ed Spread out ; laid open, a. 

Smnd'ed Cotered with sand ; ooloored like sand, a. 
Un-friend' td Wanting friends, support, or assistanoe, a» 
InrUnd'ed Designed, a. 
Uh-tend'ed Not having any attendance, a. 
Mmd'ed Disposed ; inclined ; affected, a. 
Light^mmd^ Unsettled ; unsteady, a. 

Brindled Streaked ; tabby, a. 
Long-wind'ed Tedious ; long^breathed, a. 
Baund'ed Limited, a. 
Un-4>ound'ed Unlimited ; Irithout boondi, a. 
Con-found' ed Hateful ; hurtM ; enormous, part 
Com^^pound'td Composed or formed of various simples, a» 
Oround'cd Fixed; setUed, a* 
Wound'ed Hurt by a wound, a. 
Beard'ed Having a beard ; barbed ; jagged, a. 
Vhrffuard'ed Careless; negligent, a. 
Cord'ed Made of ropes, a. 
Cloud' od Variegated with dark veins, a. 
Chrowdfed Straitened for want of room, a. 
To tuc-ceed' To follow in order ; to prosper, a. 
Topro-eeed' To go on; to prosecute; to take effect, t. a. 

Pto-eedd' Produce, as the proceeds of an estate, 8. 
To txr<Md' To surpass ; excel ; go too flu*, t» 
Dwd' An action; exploit; fact, ■• 
In-deed' In truth, ad. 
MU-deed' An evil action, s. 
To feed To supply with food ; to eat ; to nourish, t. i 

Feed Food; pasture, s. 
To heed To mind ; to regard, v. a» 
Heed Care ; fearftd attention, s. 
To bleed To lose blood ; to let blood, ▼. 
Gleed A hot glowing ooal, s. 
Meed Reward; gift; present, s. 
To need To want ; to have neoessity of any thing, Y. 

Need Exigency ; necessity ; want, s. 
To weed To make haste ; have sncoeis ; assist, t. 
&a^ Quickness ; suooees, a. 
Seed A plant; a small pipe ; an arrow, s. 
To breed To hatch ; to bring up ; to oontri?a» V. IL 
Breed A oast; kind; offiipring, s. 
Freed Blade free, pretwita of to ftraa. 
A-gre«df Settled by oonsent, part a. 


8etd The partide which prodnoes plants and animals; 

original; progeny; generation; offspring, s. 
Weed A useless herb { a mourning habit for womeiii s. 
Fed Preterite and part. pass, of to fsed* 
Ker^ehttf-ed Dressed ; hooded, a* 
Stuffed Filled with stuffing, a. 
Coifed Wearing a coif, a. 
StaU^'fed Fed not with grass, but dry food, *» 
Hoofed Furnished with or haTing hoofs, a. 
Loofed Qone to a distance, a* 
A^ged Old, a. [life, a. 

Mid-dlt-a'ged Placed; with respect to years* the miodle of 

En-gag' ed Attached ; embarked in any affairi a. 
Dii-en-gag'ed Vacant ; at leisure ; easy, a. 

Man'a-ged Broken by horsemanship ; tatot«d| IL 
Edg'ed Sharp ; not blunt, a. 
Fledg'td Having wings or feathers, part a. 
UnrJUdg'ed Not coTered with feathers, a. L 
Two^-tdg-ed Having an edge on either side, ^ 
Dit-edg'ed Blunted ; obtunded ; dull» a. 
A-hridg'ed Shortened, a. 
A'hridg'ed (Used with of) deprived of» prep. 
SKagfged Rugged ; haiiy ; rough, a. 
Snag'ged Full of sharp protubcoranoes, 4. 
Rag'ged Rent into tatters ; uneven, a. 
Orag'ged Full of inequalities and promineaoee^ a. 
Serag'ged Rough : uneven, a. 
DueH/l^-ged Short-legged, a. 
Bov/Ug-ged Having crooked legs, a. 
Ban^dg-l^'ged Having crooked legs, a. 
Dog'ged Sullen ; sour ; gloomy, a. 
Rug'ged Rough; shaggy; stormy; sour, a. 
Wing'ed Furnished with wings, a. 

Togged Gowned ; dressed in a gown* or toga, *» 
Beach'ed Exposed to the waves, a. 
Stom^aeh-ed Filled with passions of resentmeat> %, 
Highfttom-aeh-ed Obstinate ; lofly, a. 

De-taeh'ed Drawn off; disengaged, a. 

Inch'ed Having inches as two-inched boards, *» 
Un-bUnehUd Not disgraced, a. 
Un-Mtaunchfed Not stopped ; not staved^ a. 

Archied Bent in form of an aroh» part a. 
Uh-^mireh'ed Unpolluted ; not stained, a. 
Un-maich^ed Matchless ; having no equal, a. [a. 

Far-feteh^ed Brought from places remote ; elabotfat^iirained, 

Wretch' ed Miserable ; unhappy, a. 
Ca-pouchfed Covered over as with a hood, fti 
Weighted Experienced^ a. 
To %ked To emit; to spill; to let fall, t. 
Shed A slight covenng of tilea, &o. s. 
Blood' eked Murder ; slaughter, s. 
Un-JU$h'ed Not fleshed ; not seasoaed to Uoed ; l»ir» A. 

44 KED 

jB-atat/lish-ed Fixed; settled firmly, a. 
An^guiah-ed fixcessiyelj pained, a. 
Du'tin^guUh^ Eminent; eztraordinarj, a. 
Am^bwh-ed Placed in ambnsh, a. 
Irirbreath^ed Inspired ; infiuted by inspiratioii, a. 
Faith' ed Honest; sincere, a. 
Tooth'ed Having teeth, a. 
Mouth/ed Furnished with a month, a. 
Hard'mouth-ed Not sensible of the bit, a. 
Hum^ble-mouth-ed Mild ; meek, a. 
Ftmymauth-ed Scurrilous, a. 
(ypm-mouih-ed Gaudy ; ravenous, a. 
Deq^'mouth-ed Having a hoarse and loud voice, a. 
Meal^y-mouth^ed Unable to speak freely, a. 
Ru'bi-ed Bed as a ruby, a. 
Ec^ata-ti-ed Ravished ; rapturous, a. 
A'ble-bod-irad Strong of body, a. 
Cloae'bod-ired Made to fit the body exactly, a. 
IHa-em-bod^i-ed Divested of the body, a. 

Stttd'i-ed Learned ; versed in any study, a. 
Af^fi/td Joined by contract ; affianced. 
Dig^m-fi-ed Invested with some dignity, a. 
Tn/phi-ed Adorned with trophies, a. 
LU'i-ed Embellished with lilies, a. 
Big^bttrU-ed Pregnant, a. 
Pot^beUhred Having a swoln paunch, a. 
Cranfni-ed Full of chinks, a. 

Hon'i-ed Covered with honey ; sweet, a. 
A-aton'i-ed A word used for astonished, Isaiah. 

Fi'ed Variegated ; party-coloured, a. 
Can'o-pi-ed Covered with a canopy, a. 
(Tn-wea^ri-ed Not tired ; not fatigued, a. 
Un-va'rired Not changed ; not diversified, a. 
8to'ri'€d Adorned with historical pictures, a. 
Mar^ri-ed Conjugal; connubial, a. 
Un-mar^ri-ed Having no husband or no wife, a. 
PaVai-ed Diseased with a palsy, a. 
Drop'ai-ed Diseased with a dropsy, a 
Tonaue^Ured Having an impediment of speech, a. 
DUHi-ed Sung ; adapted to music, a. 
Daz'i-ed Besprinkled with daisies, a. 
Daugh^bak-ed Unfinished ; not hardened to perfection, i 

Beak^ed Having a beak, a. 
Bing^atreak-ed Circularly streaked, a. 
Uh-^Wked Not quenched, a. 

Narked Wanting clothes ; uncovered ; bare, a. 
Buneh'baek-ed Having a crooked back, a. 
Crook'baek-ed Having bent shoulders, a. 

Unrback^ed Not tamed ; not countenanced, a. 
8Uff'neek-ed Stubborn ; obstinate, a. 
Hm'peek^ Qovemed by the wife, a. 
Un-Uckfad Shapeless ; not formed, a. 

LED 46 

Piok'^ Sharp ; smftrt, a. 
Wick^ed Giyen to yice ; not good, a. 
Land^htk-ed Shut in or inclosed with land, a. 
Cktr^ry-ckeek-ed HaTine ruddy cheeks, a. 
Weikfed Wrinkled; wreathed, a. 
Tnmk^ed Having a trunk, a. 
Hookfed Bent; currated, a. 
Un-lookfed Unexpected ; unforeseen, a. 
Down^look-^ Having a d^ected countenance; sullen, a. 
Crook^ed Bent; not straight, a. 
Forkfed Opening into two or more parti, a. 
UnniMuk'ed Naked ; open to the view, a. 
Un-atk^ed Not sought by solicitation, a. 
HtUkfed Bearing or covered with a husk, a. 
Twk'ed Furnished with tusks, a. 
Hawk^ed Formed like a hawk's bill, a. 
Led Part and pret. of to lead. 
Fa^bled Celebrated in fables, a. 
Pel/bled Sprinkled or abounding with pebbles, a. 
Car'hun^Ud Set with carbuncles ; spotted, a. 

Chicled Having the fbrm of a circle ; round, a. 
Uh-bri^dled Licentious ; not restrained, a. 
BrWdUd Brinded; streaked, a. 
Pie'hd Bald, a. 
Unrpar^tU-kl-ed Not matched ; having no equal, a. 
Fled Pret. and part, of to flee. 
Un-Tuffied Calm ; not tumultuous, a. 
Fan'gled Contrived ridiculously, a. 
Nw/fan-gkd Vainly fond of novelty, a. 
Bob^taiMl Having a tail cut, a. 
Un-rec^on-^hd Not reconciled, a. 
Ir^ee^on-ci'led Not atoned, a. 
Un-de-fi^led Not polluted, a. 

Tkree^pi'ied Set with » thick pile *, piled one on another, a. 
Tack^led Made of ropes; tacked together, a. 
Peck^Ud Spotted ; varied with spots, a. 
Freckfled Spotted ; maculated, a. 
Cock^Ud Shelled or turbinated, a. 
Kmith'hd Jdnted, a. 
Un-ifol^led Unhurt; unwounded, a. 
Spur^aVUd Hurt with a spur, a. 
Un-ap-par^elrUd Not dressed ; not clothed, a. 

Ufh-trav^el-led Never trodden by passengers, a. 
DU-tn^-how^ el-led Taken from out the bowels, a. 
SkU^led Knowing ; dexterous, a. 
Uh-ekiyied Wanting skill or Imowledge, a. 
Un-troVled Not bowled ; not rolled along, a. 
Thiek/9kuU-ed Dull ; stupid, a. 
Num^ekuU'ed Dull ; stupid, a. 
Uh-^hooVed Uneducated ; not learned, a. 
Vn-frm^d-^kd Devoid of principles ; fln^tious, a. 
Un-€3Mmfpkd Not known by any precedent or example, a. 

46 NEB 

Dm^pled S«t ivitk fimplM, a. 
Wkimfpkd Distorted with ciTiiig, a. 
PtM^pUd HaTing red postoleft; full of ptiaphi, a. 
Ccp^pUd Risiiig in a eonio form, a. 
PearVed Adorned or set with peads, a. 
QnarVed Knotty, a. 

Sled A carriage drawn without wheela, a. 
Meayied Infected with the measles, a. 
Siffh^wuir4led Proud or ardent of spirit, a. 
SouFed Furnished with mind, a. 
Oru^zled Interspersed with grey, a* 
Farmed Renowned; celebrated, a. 
A'tka^med Touched with shame, a. 
Fort^nam-^ Nominated before, a. 
A'JorVnam-^ Named before, a. 
JH*ardem~td Adorned with a diadem, a. 
Hdm^ed Furnished with a head-pieoe, a. 
FuWbotrtom-^ HaTing a large bottom, a. 
Arm'ed Furnished with arms, a. 
Bi^form-td Compounded of two forms, a. 
ImrpWmed Without feathers, a. 
TuT^ban-td Without a turban, a. 
Un-tkrem^ed Not coTered ; not protected, a. 

(ymen-^ Containing prognostics, a. 
Uh-leat/en-td Not mixed with fermenting matter, a. 

Ufh/eiffn^ed Not counterfeited ; real, a. 
Hare^bram-td Volatile ; unsettled, a. 
Shat^ter-bram^ InattentiTe ; not consistent, a. 
Mair^brain-ed Wild ; irregular, a. 

Orainfed Bonn^ ; made less smooth, a. 
Croit'gram-ed Haying the fibres transrerse ; perrarsa, a. 
Haffttram-ed Half-bred ; imperfect, a. 
Un^rain^ed Easy ; not forced, a. 
Cai/m-€d Belonging to a cabin, a. 
Un-rein^ed Not restrained by the bridle, a. 
Vem^ed Full of Teins ; streaked, a. 
A/'ft^ned Relating to another, a. 
Bu9^kkk-ed Dressed in busldns, a. 
Unrde-^U'ned Not grammatically Taried by terminatioii, a. 
Er^mm-ed Clothed with ermine, a. 
Ifirde-ter^mm-ed Unsettled; unfixed, a. 
Uthde-ier^min^ Unsettled; undecided, a. 
Dam^ned Hateftil ; detestable, a. 
Fin'fud Furnished with fins, a. 
Raw^bon-ed Haying bones scarcely coyered with flesh, a. 
Uthpar^a-ffon^ed Unequalled ; unmatched, a. 
Cush^ion^d Seated on a cushion, a. 
Im-poi^tum-ed Seized with passion, a. 
Con-dU^ion-ed Haying qualities, or properties, a. 
Fore^fneti'Uon'ed Mentioned, or recited before, a. 
A-fort^mm-tion'td Mentioned before, a. 
A'bavymmhtUm^ Cited before, a. 

BED 47 

A'fnmrtd Wearing an apron, a. 
ISighfuik-wt^^ Piquant to the palate, a. 
Uh-Ui^ton-ed Not taught, a. 

Un-K/ned Not bound with a girdle, a. 
Learn' ed Versed in science uid literature ; skilfbl, a. 
Un-Uam^ed Ignorant ; not learned, a. 
Can^em-ed Full of caverns ; hollow, a. 
Un-ttraU'ened Easy ; not forced, a. 
For'lu-ned Supplied by fortune, a. 

Chvm'ed Dressed in a gown, a. 
B&^nown'ed Famous ; celebrated, a. 
Fin'to-ed Haying a membrane between the toes ; patanipe- 
dous, a. 
Se^neap'ed Left on the ground by a neap tide, a. 
Warped D^ected ; crushed by misery, a. 
T-clq/ed Called ; termed ; named, a. 
Bt'ped An animal with two feet» s. 
ParnA-ldro-pi'ped A prism whose base is a parallelogram, 8. 
Chap'ped Cracked; cleft, a. 
BM/lyp^ped Haying swelled or thick lips, a. 
.B{o6^6er-2^>^ed^Haying swelled or thick lips, a. 
C^ped Rising to a top or head, a. 
^ed Pret. and part pass, of speed. 
Tkor^ough-iptd Finished in principles ; thorough-paced, a. 
Quad'rxt^^ An animal that goes on four legs, 8. 
(iuad'rvhped Haying four feet, a. 

lUd Coloured like blood, a. 
Bark'ba-red Stripped of the baric, a. 
FuU'ear-ed Haying the heads ftdl of grain, a. 
FUy/ear-ed Haying loose and broad ears, a. 
O^tr-year'ed Too old, a. 

PWlca^-td Supported by columns, a. 
Nte^tar-ed Tinged with nectar, a. 
Hom^hrtd Natiye; natural, a. 
True-bred Of a right breed, a. 
Thi/rough-bred Completely educated, a. 

WdVbred Elegant of manners ; polite, a. 
In'hred Brcwl or hatched within, a. 
Un'bred Not taught ; ill educateici, a. 
Sabered Holy; dedicated; inyiolable, a. 
EWdred Relation; affinity; relatiyes, s. 
Em'dred Congenial ; related, a. 
Mun'dred The number 10 multiplied by 10, 8. 
Mvn'dred A diyision of a county, s. 
Tim^her^ Built; formed; contriyed, a. 
Umfber^ Shaded; douded, a. 
Moi'dar-ed Crazed, a. 
Fug^ger-ed Crowded ; complicated, a. 
lAgWjm^eT'ttd Nimble at conyeyance ; thieyish, a. 
Hun^ger-ed Pinched by want of food, a. 
Feath'er^ Clothed with feathers, a. 
Pm^feath-tr-ed Not fledged, a. 

48 8 ED 

Un-mm^ner-ed Eude ; bmtal ; ondyil, a. 

Tm^per-ed Disposed with regard to the paseieiii, a. 
Blood-boU^er^ Blood-sprinkled, a. 

CloWUr^ Solitary; inhabiting oloiiteri, a. 

L0lfUr^ Literate; edueated to learning, a. 
Uh-Ut^ier-ed Unlearned ; nntaag^t, a. 
Qtdt/er-«i Famished with a qniTer, a. 
To Mhred To mince ; to ent in mall blti, ▼. a. 
Shred A small piece eut off; a ftigment, 8. 
Ae-ro^^red Having spronta, part a. 

Re-H^red Secret ; prlTate, a. 
UnrfofgiHred UnahaTen, a. 
Oot^np-red A spiritual affinity, a. 

Star^red Influeneed by the stars ; decorated with atari, a 
Ha^Wed Ill-will ; malice, a. 
iR'irtd Adorned with a mitre, a. 
CctnHred An hundred, a. 
Set^trtd Bearing a sceptre, a. 
Ob-du^red Hardened ; inflexible, a. 
Fa'vour-ed Regarded with kindness; featured, a* 
Hard^forvour-ed Coarse of feature, a. • 

WeU/fo^vour-ed Beautiful ; pleasing to the eye, a. 
lUya-vour-ed Deformed, a. 

As-^u^red Certain; not doubting; immodest, part a. 
WeU^Tia-tur-ed Good-natured ; kind, a. 
IWrnp-tur-ed Habitually malcTolent; ndachieroua, a. 
DU-na^tur-ed Unnatural, a. 
Down^gy-red Let down in circular wrinklea, a. 
Prfd6-cea9^ed Dead before, a. 

DU-eat^ed Afflicted with a diatemper, a. 
Un-dr^eum-eir^ed Not circumcised ; not a Jew, a. 
Inrci'sed Cut ; made by catting, a. 
Un-prat/U-^ed Not skilful by experience, a. 

Ad-vi^»ed Acting with deliberation ; prudent, part a. 
Uh-ad-vi^ted Imprudent; indiscreet, a. 
Mi8-€KM^$ed lU-direoted, a. 

Pre^eM^ed Forethought; preconeelTtd, a. 
In-com-pi/ted Disturbed ; diacompoaed, a. 
Bf/sed Crimson; flushed, a. 
De-lapt^ed Bearing or falling down, a. 
Pre-ter-laps^ed Past and gone, a. 
De-mert^ed Plunged, a. 
To be vere^ed To he skilled in; to be acquainted with, ▼. n. 
Un-vere^ed Unacquainted ; unskilful, a. 

Curbed Under a corse; hateful; deteataliAe, a. 
Ac'Cure^ed Cursed or doomed to misery ; execrable, a. 
Paes^ed Pret and part of to pass. 
» BUsi^ed Happy ; Mjoj^ heaveiily felicity, part a. 

Un-in-ter^t^ed Not having InteAst, a. 
Du^mrter-eat^ed Without regard to private advantage, a. 
Trended Knotted or curled, a. 
Dif'fitfted IrreguUr; uncouth, part a. 

TED 40 

h^Uit-fu^9td Poured or Bcatlered betweMn, a. 
Be-mu^9^ Oyeroome with masiBg, a. 
Spoused Wedded; espoused, a. 
Uh^&^^ted Not blunted, %, 
S-Utm'ba-ted Weakened in the loins, a. 

Olo'ba-Ud Formed in the shape of a globe ; spherusal, a. 
BaefeorUd Beset with pearls ; having many berrisa, a. 
Im^bri^O'ted Indented with concavities, a. 
Su^bHrca-ted Smeared with red, a. 
Bi-fitr^corted Shooting out into two heads, a. 

Fu^ca-ted Painted; disguised with pahit* a. 
Bif^irca-Ud Opening with a cleft, il 
Cut^pirdarUd Ending in a point, a. 
Du-^al^ee-a-^ed Stripped of shoes, a. 

Ck/le^'ted Covered as with an helmet, a. 
Coeh^le-a-ted Of a screwed or turbinated form, a. 
Meat^ed Fed ; foddered, a. 
Cfu^ne-^ted Made in the form of a vedge, a. 
In-^e-a^ted Not created, a. 
Uh-cre-a^ted Not yet created, a. 
Mu-^e-a'ted Formed nnnaturaUy, a. 
Farted Decreed by fate, a. 
Halted Detested ; disliked, a. 
Lym^phorted Mad, a. 
La^btro-Ud Formed with lips, a. 
OoTym'hi-a'ted Qamished with branches of berrisii a. 
Foi^d-^iried Bound with fillets, a. 
Ra'diro-ted Adorned with rays, a. 
Ftu^Hg-i-^i-ted Roofed, a. 
Ah-wt^thira-ted Impregnated with wormwood, a. 
Quki^que^fo'U-^ted Having five leaves, a. 
Mantyri-a-ted Consisting of matter, a. 

Lasted Belated ; surprised by the ni|^t, a. 
Um^bd-kt'ted Applied to flowers growing in uab^ a. 
Can^cd-la-ted Cross-barred, a. 

O-ed^la-ted Resembling the eye, a. 
Lam^dAa-Ud Covered with films or plates, a. 
Tu^Melrta-Ud Variegated by squares, a, 
Clat/el-khUd In chymistry, made with burnt tartar, a. 
Ar^milrlo'ted Wearing bracelets, a. 
Cu^culrla-ted Hooded ; covered as with a hood, a. 
Vil^ri-^'la-4ed Impregnated with, or consisting of vitriol, a^ 
Is'o'la-ted Separated ; detached, a. 
Tab^uAa-ted Having a flat surface, a. 
Or-bic^U'lorUd Moulded into an orb, a. 
Can-a-lie^u-la-ted Made like a pipe or gutter, a. 
0&^nie^u-4a-ted Knotted; jointed, a. 
Re-Ue'u-larUd Made of net-work, a. 
Den'ttt/u-la-ted Set with small teeth, a. • 

Biran^gu4a-ted Having two comers or angles, a. 

In^tu-la-Ud Not contiguous on a^y si^ a. 
Pmr4n^m»rla-Ud Almost surrounded by water, i^ 

60 TED 

Oapyu-Utrted Enclosed as in » box, a. 

Mam^a-ted Hooked ; set with hooks, a. 
An^i-ma-ted LiTely; Tigoroas, a. 
In-an't-mtt-twi Void of life, a. 

Cre^na-Ud Notched ; indented, a. 
Tkif^bi-^ui-ted Twisted; spiral, a. 
LacfirfMrted Adorned with fringes and holders, a. 
Tet-tu^di-na-ted Roofed; arched, a. 
Un-o-rig^i-na-ted Having no birth ; ungenerated, a. 
Mar^gir^ta-ted Haying a margin, a. 
Eek^i-na-Ud Bristled like a hedgehog, a. 
Dec-a-cu^tm-na-ted Having the top cut off, a. 
Pee^ti^na-ted Formed like a comb, a. 

Fm^na-ted Winged, a. 
Bi-pen^na^ted Having two wings, a. 
Mu^ero-na-ied Narrowed to a sharp point, a. 
Lu^na-ted Formed like a half moon, a. 
Clod'pa-ted Doltish; thoughtless, a. 
Far^d-por-ted Formed, like pincers, to open and onoloae, ■ 
Cu»^p<i-ted Ending in a point, a. 
Ce^ra-Ud Waxed, a. 
Sid^e^a-ted Blasted; planet-struck, a. 
Cam^er-a-ted Arched, a. 
Conrtem^er-a-ted Violated ; polluted, a. 
In-gen^er-orted Inborn; innate; unbegotten, a. 
Un-gm^tr-a-ted Unbegotten ; having no beginning, a. 

Ser^ra-ted Formed with jags or indentures like a saw, ( 
Bot^tra-ted Adorned with l^aks of ships, a. 
JSs^traf/a-^a-ted Forced out of the proper vessels, a. 
An^M'ted Having handles, a. 
JEx-oyga'ted Deprived of bones, a. 
Ore-tasted Rubbed with chalk, a. 
Dig^i-ta-ted Branched out like fingers, a. 
Jie-^es^n-^a-ted Forced ; pressed by necessity, a. 
Mar^i-ta-ted Having a husband, a. 
E-den^ta-ied Deprived of teeth, a. 
O-ri-en^ta-ted Turned to the east, a. 
Dit^iMi-en'ta-ted Turned firom the east, a. 

Frcnfta-ted In botany, used in opposition to cuspated, a. 
Ro^ta-ted Whirled round, a. 
OtU^ta-ted BesprinUed with drops, a. 
CWva-ted Knobbed, a. 
Unreul^ti'va'ted Not cultivated, a. 
Lar^va-ted Masked, a. 
Cfur^va-ted Bent, a. 

In-Mft^ed Having incurred debt, part a. 
Be-doubt^ed Dread ; awful ; formidable, a. 
A-dact^ed Driven by force, part. a. 
In-com-paet^ed Not joined; incoherent, a. 
Ufhre^/raet^ed Not refracted, a. 
Vh-^e-traet^ed Not revoked ; not recalled, a. 
Ab-^tractfed Separated; refined; abstrvtse, a. 

TED 61 

Af-feet^ed MoTed ; studied with over much eare, a. 
Un-af'fect^td Real ; not hypocritical, a. 
Du^f-feciUd Not disposed to seal or affection, a. 

In^tinct'ed Impressed as an animating power, a. 
In-ean-coct^ed Unripened; immature, a. 

PdfUi-ed Consisting of bullets, a. ' 

Oj/ple-Ud Filled ; crowded, a. 
^r^rtt-ed Formed like a tower, a. 

Qifi'ed Endowed with extraordinary fkTonn» a. 
TufVed Growing in tufts or dusters, a. 
NigWed Darkened; clouded; black, a. 
Un-he-nigWed Nerer visited by darkness, a. 
Qmck^siffht-fd Having a sharp sight, a. 
Sharp^gifffa-fd Having a quick sight, a. 
CUar^9ight-ed Discerning; judicious, a. 
Near^sighirtd Short-sighted, a. 
Short' sight-ed Unable to see far, a. 
Lou/thottghi-td Having sordid sensual thoughts, a. 
Fore-d'Ud Quoted above or before, a. 
Ahovtr^ted Quoted before or above, a. 
Conrceit'ed Proud; opinionatlve, a. 

lAm'tt-td Bounded ; restrained ; narrow, a. 
H-timfU-ed The same as unlimited, a. 
Uh-Um'Ured H^thout bounds ; unrestrained, a* 

Spir'U-td lively ; full of fire, a. [vftte, a. 

Pvl/Uo-ipir^'td Regarding general advantage more than pri« 
Meanfspir^'ed Base-minded; parsimonious, a. 
Lov/apir-U^ Melancholy; hypochondriacal, a. 
Poa'Ured Placed; ranged, a. 
D&pot'U-ed Laid up carefUfy; placed as a pledge, a. 
Be^ooU'ed Swerved from duty ; fallen off, a. 
VauUfed Arched as a vault, a. 

PlarU'ed Fixed in the earth ; settled ; well-grounded, a. 
Unrprte^e-dent-td Not having a precedent, a. 
CU'ent-td Supplied with clients, a. 
A^ni'mi-ed Annihilated, a. 

Tent'ed Having tents, a. 
Con-tent' ed Satisfied ; easy ; well pleased, a. 
Dia-^on-teiUfed Not satisfied ; uneasy ; displeased, a. 
Uh-tent'ed Haying no medicaments applied, a. 
Saint' ed Holy; sacred, a. 
TaisU'ed Corrupted; infected; depraved, a. 
Jbint'ed Having knots, joints, or commissures, a. 
A-nomt'ed Rubbed over with oil, a. 
Point' ed Sharp ; divided by points, a. 
Front'ed Made with a front, a. 
Wont'ed Accustomed ; usual, a. 
Saunt-td Frequented; invested with evfl spirits, a. 
Big'ot'td Superstitious ; attached obstinately, a. 
Un-b^ot-ed Free Arom bigotry, a. 

Jfo'ted Celebrated ; remarkable, a. 
Boot^ed In boots, a. 

52 TED 

FoWei Shaped in the foot, a. 
Mooi^ed Plncked up by the roots ; argued, a. 
Rootled Fixed ; deep ; radical, a. 
De-v</Ud Dedicated ; consecrated ; appropriated, a. 
Ae-^qft^ed Taken ; reoeiTed faTOnrablj, a. 
Cor-rupt^ed DepraTod ; Titiated ; bribed, a. 
In-eor-n^t^ed Not corrupted, a. 
Un-€or-rvpt^ed Not corrupted, a. 
Hard^keart-^ Cruel ; inex<»tible ; mennless, a. 
Hen'heartred Dastardly ; cowardly, a. 
Chick/ enrhearP-ed Fearftd ; pusillanimous, a. 

(ypenrkeart-ed Hospitable ; generous, a. 
Ten^der-heari-ed Compassionate ; humane, a. 
Faint^heartred Cowardly; fearful; easily dgected, a. 

Fart^ed DiTided; s^aarated, a. 
Peaet^pari-ed Dismissed from the world in peace, a. 
Fort^ed Secured as by a fort ; lasting, a. 
Sort^td Classed; arranged in order, a. 
Mast^ed Furnished with masts, a. 
(yver-maat-ed Having too much mast, a. 
Im^aUted Covered as with paste, a. 
Ta'aUd Having a purtioular relish, a. 
High^ tasted Qustf^l; piquant, a. 
In-cUrffet^Ud Not regularly disposed, a. 
Un-di-geat^ed Not concocted, a. 

Crest^ed Wearing a crest, a. 
In^ier-eatred Concerned ; having a share in, a. 
Un-tn^ier-eaired Not having interest, a. 
JHa^n^ter-eat-ed Not interested ; void of eelf interest, a. 
Teat^ad Witnessed ; tried by a test, a. 
Citt^ed Contained in a cist or bag, a» 
LUt^ed Striped ; streaked, a. 
EnrUt^td Enrolled; registered, a. 
Froai^ed In imitation of frost, a. 
Worat'ed Defeated ; overcome, a. 
Worai^ed A kind of woollen yam, «. 
Duat^ed Freed from dust, a. 
A'duai^ed Burnt; dried by fire, a. 
En-eyat^ad Enclosed in a vesicle or bag, a. 
Wit^ied Having wit, a. 
Ealf^untrted Imperfect of understanding, a. 
Dia-wit^tad Deprived of the wits ; mad, a. 
Big^ot-ad Superstitious ; grown a bigot, a. 
Knot^ted Full of knots, a. 
Spoiled Full of spots, a. 
Un-apot^ted Not spotted ; immaculate, a. 
Pol-lusted Defiled; tainted, a. 
CarMHhbi^ted Twisted ; rolled upon itself, a. 
Cor-nu^tad Having horns ; cuckolded, a. 
Clout^ed CongeflJed; coagulated, a. 
Snout^ed Having a snout, a. 
Mouthed Vanqiidshed ; overcome, a* 

AID 68 

Leav^ed Fnrniahed wiUi foliage, a. 
De-pra'ved Vitiated; corrupted, il 
Prt^og'ct-Hv'ed Having an exclusiTe priTilege, a. 
Re-9oVv€d Fixed ; determined, a. 
Be-loi/ed Loyed; dear, a. 
R9-fiu/ved Bemote ; separate from others, a. 
Ap^i/ved Tried; received, a. 

Slarv'ed Made lean or killed with hunger, a. 
Un-nen/ed Weak; feeble, a. 
Rt-aerv^ed Modest ; excepted ; sullen ; dose, a. 
A^gu-9d Struck with an ague ; shiyering, a. 
Tongu^ed Having a tongue, a. 
Douyie-Umgu-^ Deceitful, a. 

To wed To marry ; to join in marriage, t. a. 
Thew^ed Educated; habituated, a. 
Fleu/ed Chapped; mouthed, a. 
S^^ew-ed Furnished with sinews ; strong, a. 
Uh-tin^ew^ Nerveless; weak, a. 
Vin^new-ed Mouldy, a. 
Fal'low^ Laid up to recover strength, a. 
Hal'low-ed Consecrated; reverenced, a. 
Mel^lovh-ed Ripened; matured, a. 
Fil^low^ Rested as on a pillow, a. 
Un-ovm^ed Having no owner, a. 
Beet^U-brow-ed Having prominent brows, a. 
Faz^ed Hairy, a. 
Fer-pUz^ed Involved ; complicated ; entangled, a. 

Vex^ed Disturbed ; out of humour, a. 
Corirvex^ed Protuberant in a circular form, a. 
Fizzed Certain; firm, a. 
Mix^ed Joined; mingled, a. 
Uh-miz^ed Pure ; not mixed, a. 

8taj/ed Fixed ; serious ; grave ; stopped, a. 
Dy^ed Coloui^ ; tinctured, a. 
Sky'dy^ Coloured like the sky, a. 
^^ed Having an eye or eyes, a. 
Chg^gle^ed Squint-eyed ; not looking straight, a. 
Wall^ey-ed Having white eyes, a. 
FearUey-ed Having a speck in the eye, a. 
Moon^ey^ Dim-eyed ; purblind, a. 
Monfey'td Rich in money, a. 
Sgumt^ey-td Having an oblique sight, a. 

Sky'ed Enveloped by the skies, a. 
FaVfrty-td Riding on a palfrey, a. rsurd, 8. 

Ztd The letter Z, more property inuxecC <nr 8 
Fa' zed Overthrown ; ruined, a. 
Crafted Lunatic, a. 
Fria'ed Shagged or napped friese, a. 
Cp/i-U-ztd Reclaimed from savageness and bmtaUty, «• 
Or'gan^k-ami Constructed with organs, a. 
Aid Succour ; help ; assis t anoe, a. 
To aid To snoooitr; to help; to asaist^ t. a. 


FUtr'id Bright in cokrar ; flnahod with red, ft. 
Sordid Dewy, a. 

Hor^rid Dreadfol; offensiYe; rough, a. 
roKrirf Baming; scorching, a. 
Pu^trid Botten ; corrupt, a. 
Lu^rid Gloomy; dismal, a. 
Fet^id Stinking; rancid, a. 
Nil^id Bright; shining, a. 
Ca-Tot'id Soporiferous, a. The name of two arteries, a. 
Pa-roi^id SaliTaiy glandules near the ears, s. 

PuHid Mean ; low ; worthless, a. 
Lan^guid Faint; feeble; heartless, a. 
Pin'guid Pat ; nnctnons, a. 

Fbi^id Not solid; flowing; running as water, a. 
Liq^tUd Liquid substance ; liquor, s. 
Liq^uid Fluid; soft; dissolved, a. 
Ln/id Discoloured as with a blow, a. 
Vn/id Quick; active, a. 
Per^vid Hot; vehement, a. 

Bald Without hair; inelegant; naked, a. 
Pie^baU Having various colours, a. 
Eil/ald A loose mean wretch, s. 
7b seald To bum with a hot fluid, v. a. 
Scald Paltry ; sorry ; scabbed, a. 
Weald In Saxon, signifies a wood or grove, 8. 
Mermaid An officer in blaxonry ; a harbinger, s. 
Em^e-rald A precious stone of a green colour, s. 
JSld Old age ; decrepitude, s. 
ffeld Prct. of the verb to hold. 
Be-held^ Pret and part. pass, of behold. 
Up-held^ Supported, pret. and part. pass, of uphold. 

Fidd A piece of meadow ground; extent; pronounced 
as if written feeld, s. 
A'field^ To the field, ad. 

Shield A buckler ; defence ; protection, rhymes field, 8. 
To shield To defend ; protect ; secure ; cover, v. a. 
To wield To use with full power, rhymes field, v. a. 
To yield To produce ; give up ; surrender, rhymes field, t. 
God-yield A corruption from God shield, or protect 
To gild To wash over with gold; to illummate, rhymes 
fiU'd, the apostrophized preterite of fill, T. ft. 
Child Male or female offspring ; an infant, 8. 
To child To bring forth children, v. n. 

Mild Kind; soft; mellow, a. 
To build To raise a superstructure, rhymes gild, T. a. 
To build To depend on ; to rest on, v. n. 
lb re-^fuHd' To re-edify ; to restore from demolition, v. a. 
OuHd A society ; a corporation, pronounced as gDd, 8. 
WUd Not tame; desert; savage; licentious; torba- 

lent ; fickle ; strange, a. 
Wiid A desert; a tract uncultivated and uniiLhabitedy f. 
Old Andent; long practised, a. 


Bold Daring ; 8tont ; impudent, a. 
Cold Not hot; reserred; nothastj, a. 
Cold ChiUness ; a disease, s. 
Scold A clamorous fool-mouthed person, 8. 
To scold To chide ; to quarrel rudely, t. 

Fold A pen for sheep ; a double ; a plait, 8. 
To fold To double up; to put she^ into a fold, r. a. 
BUndyold Haying the ejes corered, a. 
Jb bUnd^fold To coyer the eyes, t. a. 

Threefold Thrice repeated ; consisting of three, a. 
Scaffold A temporary gallery or stage, s. 
To tcaf'fold To furnish with frunes of timber, r. a. 
BVfold Twofold ; double, a. 
Man^vfoid Many ; divers, a. 
To in-foW To inTolve ; to inwrap, ▼. a. 

FWfold A confinement for strayed cattle, s. 
To vn-foW To expand ; discover ; display, t. a. 

Qold The heaviest and most valuable of all metals, pro- 
nounced familiarly as if written goold, a. 
Mar^i-gold A yellow flower, e. 

To hold To keep ; retain; detain, t. a. 
Hold Support; custody; power, 8. 
To he-hoW To view; to see, v. a. 
Bo-hoW Lo ! see t int. 
Free^hold Land held in perpetual right, 8. 
Houte^hold A family ; fkmily life, 8. 
To wUh-koW To restrain ; to keep back, r. a. 
To in-hold^ To have ii^erent, r. a. 
To up-holdf To lift on high ; to support, r. a. 
Threth^old, The step under a gate or door, s. 
Coj/f-hold A tenure for a term of years, s. 
Fram^pold Peevish ; boisterous ; rugged, a. 
Sold Pret. and part pas. of to sell. 
Told Mentioned ; related, pret and part pass, of tell. 
Re-toW Related or told again, pret and part pass, of retell. 
Cr».to«^ Not told, a. 
* ifw-<oW^'Part pass, of mistelL 
Wold A plain open country, 8. 
World The earth ; mankind ; publio Hf^ 8. 
Auld Old, obsolete, a. 

Could The imperf^t pret. of can, rhymes good. 
Should Verb auxiliar in subjunctive mood, rhymes good. 
Mould Mouldiness; earth; cast; form, s. 
To mould To knead ; model ; form ; shape, v. a. 
Would Pret of will, riiymes good. 
And The particle by which seateneee are joined* 
Band A tie ; a company ; linen worn under the chin, 8. 
To band To unite together ; to bind, ▼. a. 
Sar^a-b€md A Spanish dance, s. 
Con^ira-band Prohibited ; illegal, a. 
To du-hand^ To dismiss ; to break a regiment, v. a. 
ffuyband A married man ; an eecon^Biat, s. 

86 AND 

To hut'hand To mmnsge fragmny, t. %. 
MuyU-pU-cand In ariUunetie, Uie Dumber to be multiplied, a. 
De^o-dand A forfeiture in cma ee of accidental death, s. 
Brig' and A robber, 8. 

Hand The palm and fingers, s. 
To hand To transmit; to delirer down; to lead, y. a. 
To wier'chand To transact by traffic, t^ n. 
Be-hind'hand In debt ; not in a state of forwardness, a. 
See'ond-hand Possession receired from the first possessor, ■ 
Sec'fmd-kand Not original ; not primary, a. 

Fore'hand The part of a horse before the rider, s. 
Fore'hand Done too soon, a. 
A-fore'hand By a prerioos provision, ad. 
Be-fore' hand. In a state of anticipation ; prefionaly, ad. 
Strong'hand Force; Tiolence, s. 
Whip'hand Advantage over, s. 
Dj/hand Lifted by the hand, a. 
Uh^der-hand Clandestine ; secret ; sly, a. 
Un'der-hand Clandestinely, ad. 
Up'per-hand Advantage over any one, e. 
Mayter-hasid The hand of a man eminently skilful, s. 
Shori'hand Art of writing in compendious characters, s. 
Land Country ; region ; earth ; ground, s. 
7b land To set or come on shore, v. 
A-landf At land ; landed, ad. 
Bland Soft ; mild ; gentle, a. 
Head'land A promontory ; a cape, s. 

Mid'land In the midst of the land, a. 
Wood'land Land covered with woods, s. 
Fore'land A promontory ; headland, s. 

OUmd A soft spongy substance in the human body, a. 
High'land A mountanious region, s. 
HoVland Fine linen made in Holland, s. 
In'land Remote fh>m the sea, a. 
In'land Interior or midland parts, s. 
Main'land Continent, s. 
Uyiand Higher ground, s. 
Vyiand Higher in situation, a. 
Oar'land A wreath of branches or flowers, s. 

Ftland Land surrounded by water, s. 
Lota'land A low part of a country, s. 
To de-mandf To claim ; to ask with authority, v. a. 

De-^nand' A claim ; a question, s. 
To re-mand' To send back ; to call back, v. a. 
To rqh-ri-mand' To chide ; to reprove, v. a. 
Rep-ri'mand' A reproof; reprehension, s. 
To com-mand' To order ; govern ; overlook, v. a. 
Com-mand' The right or act of commanding, s. 
To eounrter-mandf To order contrary to former orders, v. a. 
Coun'ter-mand An order contrary to a former order, s. 
Ghr'mand A greedy eater, s. 
To exrpcndf To spread ; to lay open, v. a. 

END 69 

Sand The border or seam of a shoe, s. 
Brand A stick lighted ; ft mark of infamy, s. 
7b brand To mark with a note of infamy, t. a. 
Fire-brand A piece of wood kindled, s. 
Grand Great ; illnstrions", noble, a. 
Er-rand A message, s. 
Strand The verge or shore of any water, s. 
To Strand To be driven ashore, t. 

Sand Small particles of stone ; a barren oountry, B. 
Weat'and The wind-pipe, s. 
Thou-tand Number ten hundred, a. 

Stand A station ; port ; difficulty ; stop, s. 
To Hand To be on the feet ; stop ; remain ; offer as a 
candidate; persist; to 1>e consistent; to 
abi<fe ; suffer ; endure, r. 
To withrttand- To oppose ; to resist, v. 
7b gam-Hand- To withstand, t. a. [t. 

7b tmrder-tUmdf To comprehend fully ; to be a consdomr beings 
To mu-iin-der-stand- To misconceive ; to mistake, v. a. 

Wand A small stick ; a long slender staff, s. 
Tardfwand A measpre of a yard, s. 
Wez-and The wind-pipe, s. 

End A design ; point ; conclusion ; loss ; death, s. 
To end Tiy conclude ; to cease ; to come to an end, v. a. 
7b bmd To make crooked ; to bow ; to yield, v. a. 
Preb-end A stipend granted in cathedrals, s. 
7b ae-eend- To kindle ; to set on fire, v. a. . [a. 

7b aa-eend^ To mount upwards ; to climb up any thing, v. 
7b re-oi'cend- To climb or mount up again, v. a. 
7b d&^end- To come down ; to come fh>m, v. a. 
7b con-de-tcendf To yield ; to depart from, v. n. 
7b tran^aeend- To surpass; to excel; to lise above, v. 
Dn/i-dend A share or number to be cUvided, s. 
Fore- end The anterior part, a. 
7b fend To keep off; to dispute, v. a. 
7b de-fend- To stand in defence ; to vindicate, v. a. 
To fore-fend- To prohibit; to provide for, v. a. 
7b of-fend- To make angry ; to be criminal, v. 
Fag-end- The end of a web of doth, s. 
Leg-end An inscription ; an incredible story, s. 
7b hend To seize ; to crowd, v. a. 
7b dqM'e-hend- To take unawares ; to find out a thing, ▼. a. 
7b rqhre-hend^ To chide ; blame ; reprove, v. a. 
7b eomrpre-hend- To include ; to comprise ; to conceive, v. a. 
7b ajhprs-hend- To arrest ; to understand, v. a. 
7b mii'iyf-pre-hmd- Not to understand rightly, v. a. [feend, 8. 
Fiend A devil ; an' enemy ; pronounced as if written 
Friend A familiar companion, rhymes end, s. 
To friend To favour; to befriend, v. a. 
7b befriend- To favour; to use kindly, v. a. 
7b lend To grant the use of a thing, r. a. 
7b blmd To mix ; to comfort, ▼. a» 

«0 IND 

To mmd To repair; to ntprore; to grsw WCter, t. 
To Mrmmdf To oofroct ; to grow better, t. 
To eom-men/i^ To reeoauBcnd ; to ipmise, t. a. 
To ree-am-mmd^ To oonnneBd to ftaetber, t. a. 
lb dia-com-mend^ To blMie » to dJap rai ae, t. a. 
To de-pend^ To hang from ; to relj on, t. a. 

Stipend A settled piqr; a aalarj, a 
lb im-pend' To haag orer; to be handj, y. a. 
Oaim-ptmd^ An abndgeBent; a wammastj^ a 
Topro^pmd^ To incline to aay pert, y. |l 
7b ap-pmd' To hang imto or «poa, y. a. 
Toper^pemd' To weigh in tiie mind, y. a. 

To apmtd To eoneniae ; eipoid ; waato; iktigae, y. a. 
To dk-pmd^ To spend; to eonsaae, y. a. 
To wtu^end^ To q>ead ill ; to wa s te, y. a. 
To tuo^fend^ To hang ; delaj ; pot off, y. a. 
To ex^pend' To spend ; lay ooi ; eoBsame, y. a. 

To rmd To tear with Yieleaoe ; to lacerate, y. a. 
Reo^er-md Deaerring or entitled to rsYfTfee, a. 
UtM-eo^tr-trnd Ir ref ei eat; disreipeotfiil, a. 

To trend To lie in any particular <tirectioii, y. n. 
To tend To despatch ; commission ; propagate, y. a. 
To tend To attend ; to wait; to moYO towards, y. a. 
To ob-tend^ To oppose ; to pretend, y. a. py, y. a. 

Topro-^end^ To play the hypoerito; to olaiai; to allege fslse* 
To m-Und^ To mean ; to design, y. a. 
To sihper-in-tend^ To OYsrsee, y. a. 

To eon-tmd^ To strire ; to Yie with ; to dispvte ; contest, y. a. 
Topro-4endf To hold out; stretoh forth, y. a. 
To par-tend^ To foretoken ; to show by omeos, y. a. 
To du-tend^ To stretdi out in breadth, y. a. 
To atrtmd' To wait on ; to hearken nnto, y. a. 
£uU-end^ The blnnt end of any thing, s. 
To ex-tend^ To stretoh oat or enlarge, y. a. 
7b eo-^x-tend^ To extend to the same place, y. a. 
To vend To sell ; to c^flfer for sale, y. a. 
7b wend To go ; to torn round, y. n. 
7b mis-wend^ To go wrong, y. n. 
By-end Priyate adyantage, s. 
7b bind To gird ; fssten ; confine ; tie i^, y. a. 
Wood^lfind The honeysuckle, s. 

Bear^bmd A species of bind-weed, s. [stantiye wind, y. a. 
7b ah-temd^ To cut off; rhymes the fikmiliar sonad of the sub- 
7b re-^emd^ To cut off ; to abrogate a law, y. a. 
Topre-ecmdf To cut off; te abstract, y. a. 
7b die-tcmd^ To diyide ; to cut in pieces, y. a. 
7b mrter^ocindf To cut off by interruption, y. a. 

To find To discoyer; meet with; g^ye; allow, y. a. 
7b dif'find' To cleaye in two, y. a. 

Hind The she to a stag ; a boor ; a senrant, a 
Hmd Backward, a. 
Bo-Und' Out of sight; not yet produced, ad. 

UND a. 

Kind Bace^ nature; tart, B. 
Kind BeneTolent; faToursble, a. 
€hf/el-kind A oostom for disposal of laads, 8. 
Man-kmd^ The human raoe» 8. 
W</manrkind Th^ female aez, 8, 
Hufnuairkind The race of man, s. 
Unrkindf Not kind, a. 

BUnd Without sight; dtfk, K 
To bUnd To darken ; to 8top the sight, t. a. 
BUnd Something to intercept the sight, s. 
Pore^bUnd Near-sighted, a. 
PuHbUnd Near-sighted ; short-aig^litedf a. 
ffood-man^9'bl»nd^ A juvenile sport, s. 

Mind Intelligent power ; sentioieni ;• <^iinion, 8. 
To mind To mark ; attend ; inoUse, t. 
To re-mind^ To pat in mind, t. a. 
Bind Bark; hnsk, s. 
To rind To decorticate ; to bark ; to hnsk^ t. a. 
Tam^orrind A sonr Indian frait, 8. 

To grind To sharpen ; to oppress, r. a. 
T9 Und To kindle ; set on fire, t. a. 
Wind Flowing wave of air ; breath ; ntlerasfie ; the fami- 
liar pronnnoiation of this word does not rhyme 
with mind ; bat the t is short, as in pin'd, the 
apostrophised preterit of the Terfo to pin, s. 
To wind To blow ; to turn round, rhymes mind, y. a. 
WhirVwind A s^rm moTing circulariy, s. 
To vn-wind^ To untwist; untwine; diBentan^^ t. a. 
Bond Any thing that binds, s. 
Bond In a senrUe state, a. 
Vag^a-bond A vagrant ; a stroller, 8. 

Sec^ond Next in order to the first; inferior, a. 
Sec^ond One who backs another; the 60th part of a 
minute, s. 
To iee^ond To support; to follow, T. a. 
To ab-teond^ To hide one's self^ t. a. 

Fond Foolishly delighted ; foolishly tender, a. 
To fond To caress ; to be fond of, t. a. 
JH^thmond A most valuable gem, 8. 
Almond A nut of a tree, s. 
Pond A standing water« s. 
To de-tpondf To despair; to lose hope, t. n. 
To ro-^xmd^ To answer; to correepond, v. b. 
To eor-re$^pond^ To suit; to answer; to fit, v. a. 

Tond Being at a distance within view, a. 
Fond At a distance within view, ad. 
Bo-fond^ A cross ; out of reach, prep. 
Laund A plain between woods, 8. 
Mound A hand basket, s. 
To eund To give notice, v. a. 
Fa-cundf Eloquent, a. 
Ftfeund Froitful; prolifie» a, 

02 UND 

Ver^e-inmd Modest; bftdiM, a. 
Mufbi-€und Inoliiied to redness, a. 
Joefymd Merry; gay; lively, a. 
Fund A stock or bank of money, 8. 
To re-fund^ To repay ; to restore, t. a. 
Mund Peace, s. 
Bound Part pass, of to bind. 
To bound To limit; to spring; to fly back, ▼. 
Bound Destined; going to, a. 
B&umd A boundary ; a Umit, s. 
To a-hound^ To have plenty, r. n. [t. a. 

fb wrper-a-hound^ To be exuberant; to bare more tban enon^ 
Wmd^bound Confined by contrary winds, a. 
Hard-bound CostiTe, a. 

Midy bound Having the skin or bark too tight, a. 
To refund- To spring back ; to reverberate, v. n. 

Re-hound- The act of flying back, s. 
To im-4>ound/ To enclose ; to shut in, v. a. 
Unrbound- Wanting a cover; not boond, a. 
Out-bound Going a distant voyage, a. 
To To-doundf To conduce in the consequence, r. n. 

Fmmd Pret and part pass, of to find. [v. a. 

To found To lay a foundation ; to establish ; to cast metals, 
To dumb- found To conftue; strike dumb, v. a. 
To con-foundf To mix ; perplex ; disturb, v. a. 
Pto-foundf Deep, a. 
Pro-found- The sea ; the abyss, s. 

Hound A dog used for the chase, s. 
Cfrey-hound A tall swift hunting-dog, s. 

Mound A fence raised to fortify or defend, s. 
Pound A weight ; a sum of money, s. 
To pound To beat vHth a pestle ; to shut up, v. a. 
To im-pound- To shut up in a pinfold, a. 
To eom-pound- To mingle ; to come to terms, v. 

Corn-pound The mass formed by union of several ingre- 
To do-compound- To compound a second time, v. a. [dien^ s. 
To pro-pound- To propose ; to exhibit ; to offer, t. a. 
To ex-pound To explain ; to interpret, v. a. 

Bound A circle ; orb ; district ; mndle, s. 
Ti> round To make circular ; to surround, v. a. 
A-round- About, prep. 
A-round- In a circle, ad. 

Ground The earth; floor; cause of any thing, s. 
To ground To lay on the earth ; to instruct, v. a. 

Ground Pret and part pass, of to grind. 
A-ground- Stranded ; run aground, ad. 
Fore- ground Part in a picture, s. 
A-bove-ground Not in the grave, ad. 
Ui^der-ground Subterraneous space, s. 
To em^round- To environ ; to encompass, v. a. 
Sound Healthy; tight; stout; fast, a. 
Sound A shallow sea; a probe; a noise, a. 

OOD 66 

7b tound To search wHh a plummet; to tiy, r. a. 
3b n-tound^ To echo ; soond ; celebrate, t. a. [dox, a. 

Un-toundf Wanting health; rotten; not honest; not ortho- 
To ortUnmdf To astonish ; to confound, t. a. 

Wownd A hurt giyen by yiolence, pronounced as if 
To wound To hnrt by violence, t. a. [mritten woond, s. 

Wound Pret of to wind, rhymes bonnet 
Oer^und A kind of verbal noon, s. 
To ob-tund^ To blunt; dull; qneU, v. a. 
To re-4undf To blnnt; to turn the edge, t. a. 
Bo-tundf Round ; circular, a. 

Cod A sea-fish ; a natural bag or husk, s. 
Peat^eod A hull containing peas, s. 

Feod Fee; tenure; pronounced feed, s. 
Leod A country ; nation, &c. rhymes feed, s. 
Chd The Supreme Being, s. 
Pa'god An Indian idol and temple, s. 
. Dtfmirgod Half a god, s. 

Hod A briokUyer's trough, s. 
Eph'od A linen girdle, s. 

Shod Pret and part. pass, of to shoe. 
Slipffihod Not having shoes pulled up, a. 
Dry^9hod Having the feet dry, a. 
Meth^od Convenient order, s. 
Pe^ri-od Circuit; epocha; end; ftiU point, e. 
Clod A lump of clay or dirt , a clown, s. 
To clod To coagulate, v. n. 
To elod To pelt with clods, v. a. 
To plod To toil: to study closely, v. n. 
To nod To be drowsy ; to bend the head, a. 
Nod A quick declination of the head, s. 
Byn^od An eoclesiastieal assembly, s. 
Food Victuals ; provisions for the mouth, s. 
Chod Having desirable qualities ; the diphthong in this 
word has the sound of u in bull, taSl, &o. 
rhymes stood, hood, &o. a. 
A^ood' In earnest, a. 

Hood A covering for the head, rhymes good, s. 
CkOd^hood The state of a child, s. 
Fakykood A lie ; cheating ; want of truth, s. 
Like^Urhood Appearance ; probability, s. 
Live^Urkood Maintenance ; means of living, s. 
Lut^a-hood Bodily strength ; sprightliness, s. 
Man'hood Virility ; courage ; resolution, s. 
Broth^er-hood Fraternity; vmion; society, s. 
Sis^ier-hood Women of the same society, s. 
Netgh^bour-hood People and phice adjoining, s. 
Knight^hood The dignity of a knight, s. 
Priett^hood The office of a priest, s. 
Widfouf-hood The state of a widow, s. 

Boy^hood The state of a boy, s. [&e. 8. 

Blood A red animal fluid; family; rtoe, ihymes bud, 

64 ARD 

Life^bhod The blood noeeestrj to Hf^ 8. [fte. s. 

Flood A deluge ; a ooming in of the tide, rhymes mod. 
Mood Temper of mind ; a term in grammar, a. 
Rood The fourth of an acre ; the cross, a. 
Brood Offspring ; production ; progenj, a. 
To brood To sit on eggs ; to hatch, y. il 
Stood Pret. of stand, rhjmes good. 
With-ttood^ Pret of withstand. 
Un-der-ttood^ Pret and part pass, of understand. 

Wood A thick plantation of trees ; the substance of 

trees ; timber, rhymes good, s. 
Wood Mad ; furious ; raging, a. 
Thy'nt-wood A precious wood, s. 

Log' wood Wood brought f^om Campeachy, 8. 
Toxuik'vood Rotten wood, s. 
Brush' wood Rough shrubby thickets, 8. 
Worm' wood A plant, s. 

TJn' der-wood Low trees that grow among timber, a. 
Choi' wood LitUe sticks ; fuel, s. 
Pod A case of seeds, s. 
Tri'pod A seat with three feet, s. [sceptre, s. 

Rod A tirig; instrument of correction; kmd of 
An'gk-rrti A ro-i io fix a fishing line upon, s. 
Blfiek-^od' The usUer of the parliament, 8. 
TVorf Part. pass, of to dread. 
Un-trod' Not tr<>ijden down by a foot, a. 
Sod A tx ■. , clod; surface of land, 8. 
Sod Preu of to seethe. 
T"d A bush; a weight of 281b. s. 
Bard A poet, 8. 
Toward A long gown ; a herald's ooat» 8. 
Seab'bard The sheath of a sword, s. 
LU/bard A leopard, s. 
Luybard A lazy sturdy fellow, 8. 
J\> bom-bard' To throw bombs, t. a. 

Card For gaming ; combing wool, &e. s. 
To card To comb wool, t. a. 
To discard' To dismiss ; to throw out cards, t. a. 
Stand' ard An ensign in war ; undoubted authority, 8. 

Beard Hair on the chin ; a jag ; this word is fi^quently 
pronounced so as to rhyme with herd, s. 
A-feard' Frighted, part a. 
Heard Pret of to hear, pronounced as the noun herd. 
Ouard Wardship ; care ; custody, s. 
Bag' ard Deformed ; ugly ; wild ; untameable, a. 
Rt-gard' Attention ; respect ; note ; look, s. 
To re-gard' To esteem ; obserre ; respect ; yslue, v. a. 
DU-re-gard' Slight notice ; neglect, s. 
To dia-re-gard' To slight ; to condemn, v. a. 

Hag'gard Any thing wild; a kind of hawk, 8. 

Nig'gard A miser, s. 

Skij/gard A dron«; an idle fellow, 8. 


Hard Firm ; difficult ; laborious ; aTmrieioiiSy ft. 
PUeh^ard A fish ; a thing lined with fur, 8. 
Or^ehard A garden of fruit-treeB, s. 

Shard A piece of a pot ; a plant ; a flah, 0. 
Lizard Mingled roan, 8. 
OtU/U-wrd A sprightly man or daaeOy s. 
Fonfi-ard A dagger or such like weapon, s. 
Tank^ard A drinking-yessel with a lid, s. 
BUnk^ard One who has bad eyes, s. 
Stink' ard A mean, stinking, paltry fellow, s. 
Drunk' ard One giyen too much to drink, s. 
Lttrd Grease of swine, s. 
To lord To stuff with (at bacon, t. a. 
Mallard The drake of wild ducks, s. 
PoVlard A tree lopped ; fine sort of bran, s. 
DuVlard A blockhead; a stupid person, s. 
To w-ter-lard' To insert between ; to diyersi^, ▼. a. 
Nard An odorous shrub, s. 
Sjpikt^nard A medical drug, s. 
Ren' card A fox, s. 
Our'nard A kind of sea-fish, s. 

To board To lay with boards ; to enter a ship ; to attack ; pro* 
nounced as bor'd, the apostrophiied preterit of the 
Terb to bore, t. a. 
Board A piece of wood ; a table ; a court held, s. 
To board To pay or be paid for lodging and eating, t. 
A-board' In a ship ; safe, ad. 
Sound'board A board which propagates sound, s. 
A'bove'board Without reserre or artifice, ad. 
Coun'cUrboard A table where matters of state are debated, s. 
Sktp'board As a ship-board ; in a ship, ad. 
Cv^board A repository for cups, glasses, &c., s. 
Lar'board The left-hand side of a ship, s. 
Star'board The right-hand side of a ship, s. 
Cver-board Out of the ship, ad. 

To hoard To lay up priyately ; rhymes board, t. a. 
Board A hidden stock, s. 
Fard The leopard, s. 
Tojtopfard To hazard ; put in danger, r. a. 
Loop'ard A spotted boast of prey, s. 
Ca-md^o-pard A large animal, s. 

IWard A pn^er ; a boasting talker, s. 
To ro-twrdf To hinder; delay; stay back, t. 
Do'tard A doting fellow, s. 
Bat'iard A spurious child or thing, s. 
Das' lord A coward ; a fidnt-hearted fellow, 8. 
But'tard A wild turkey, s. 
Ctu'tard A sort of sweet food, s. 
Mut'tard A plant; seed; condiment, 8. 
Dot'iard A tree kept low by cutting, a. 
To guard To defend ; rhymes hard, y. a. 
Chtaird Defence ; caution ; part of a 8word*hilt» •• 


8afe^ guard Deftaoe; wmYOj; piM0poi% i. 
Black/ gitard A dirty feUow, 8. 
Van' guard The first line or front of an «ni^, 8. 
A-vanV guard TIm front of an army, 8. 
Out' guard The advanced guard, 8. 

Forc^ Watch; garrison; distriot of a town; oostody; 
part of a look; one nnder a guardian; pro- 
noonoed as warr'd, the i^ostrophizod prolorit of 
the Terb to war, s. 
To ward To act on the defensive, v. n. 
To a-ward' To acyodge ; to determine, v. a. 

Va'ward Fore part, s. 
Wind'ward Towards the wind, ad. 
Ood'ward To godward is towards €K>d, ad. * 
Wood' ward A forester, 8. 

Lee' ward From the wind, ad. 
ffome'ward Towards home, ad. 
To re-ward' To recompense, v. a. 
Re-ward' A recompense ; a puniAment, b. 
Rere'ward The rear or last troop, 8. 
Fore'ward The van ; the front, s. 

Suw'ard One who manages anoth^B estates, 8. 
Baok'ward Unwilling; dull, a. 
Awk'ward Unpolite ; unhandy ; clumsy, a. 
ffeav'enrward Towards heaven, ad. 

In' ward Any thing witliin ; the bowels, ■. 
In' ward Internal ; placed withinside, a. 
In' ward Towards the internal paits, ad. 
On' ward Forward ; progressively, ad. 
Down'ward Bending down ; directed, a. 
Down' ward Towards the centre ; from higher to loww, ad. 
Cow'ard A poltroon ; one who wants oonrage, b. 
Fro' ward Peevish ; ungovernable, a. 
To' ward Ready to do ; forward, a. 
Vhrto'ward Froward; vexatious; awkward, a. 
Up'ward Pireoted higher, a. 
Up'ward Towards a higher place, ad. 
Bear'ward Towards the end or tail, ad. 
TMth'er-ward Towards that plaoe, ad. 
After-ward In time to come, ad. 
Foreword Warm ; violent ; oonickmt, a. 
For' ward Towards ; inward ; pregrOBsively, ad. 
Hence-for'ward From this tune, ad. 
Thmce-for'ward On from that time, ad. 

Sward Green surfkee of <lie ground, s. 
Qrem'tward The turf on which grass grows, s. 
Out' ward External ; extrinsio ; foreign, a. 
Out'ward To foreign parts, ad. 
Wag' ward Froward; peevish; morose, a. 

Yard Ground endoeed to a house; neaBOe of three 
feet; a pole to hang bbUb on, e. 
Ba^'ard A bay horse, B. 

OED m 

Vme^yard A groniid planted with Tines, b. 
Steelyard An iron rod to weigh goods, s. 
Win^yard A large crooked sword, e. 
Haz'ard Clumce ; danger ; a game at diea, s. 
To haz'ard To expose to chance ; to adyentora, T. a. 
ffap-kaz^ard Chance ; accident, s. 
Maz^zard A jaw, s. 
lAz^ard A creeping animal, 8. 
Vh^ard A mask nsed for disgnise, s. 
To viz^ard To mask, t. a. 

Wiz^ard A conjuror ; an enchanter, 8. 
Diz^zard A blockhead ; a fool, s. 
Oiz'zard The muscnloos stomach of a fowl, fl. 
Bm'zard A hawk; a dance; a blockhead, a. 
Tai/erd A long gown ; herald's coat, a. 
Eal^berd A battle-axe, fixed to a long pole, a. 
Herd A flock ; a company, s. 
To herd To associate ; to ran in companies, t. a. 
Swme^herd A keeper of hogs, s. 
8kq/herd One who keeps sheep ; a swain ; a pastor, 8. 
Pot^sherd A fragment of a broken pot, s. [cattle, s. 

Neat-herd A cow-keeper; one who has the care of black 
Ooat'herd One who tends goats, s. 
Cow^herd One who tends cows, s. 
To iwerd To breed a green torf, t. n. 
Laird A Scotch lord of a manor, a. 
Bird A feathered animal ; rtiymes cnrd, word, &c. 8. 
JaU^bird One who has been in a jail, a. 
To gird To bind round ; inyest ; approach, r. a. 
To be-gird' To bind round ; to shot in, v. a. 
To en^gird^ To encircle ; to sorroand, t. a. 
To un-gird^ To loose a girdle or girth, t. a. 
Third Next after Uie second, a. 
Third A third part; the sixtietii part of m second, 8. 
Ord An edae, s. 

Cord A smaU rope ; a measure <»f wood, s. 
To ac-cord^ To suit widi ; to agree ; to unfiie, ▼. 

Ae-eord^ Agreement ; harmon j, a. 
To record' To celebrate ; to re^^ster sriemnl y, t. a. 

E&/ord A register ; an antheniio emeitoent, s. 
Clar'ircord A musical instrument, s. 
To eon-cord' To agree with, v. n. 

Con'cord Agreement ; union ; harmonj, a. 
To die-cord' To disagree; not to suit with, ▼. n. 
Die' cord Disagreement; opposition; anger, s. 

Ford The shallow part of a rWer; rhymes board, 8. 
To ford To pass a riyer without boats, v. a. 
To af-ford' To yield; produce; giTs; grant, ▼. a. 
Oord An instrument of gaming, s. 
Chord A string of a mos^ imtranient, a. 
PerU'a-chord A five stringed instrument, a. 
Marp'ei-^hord A stringed muaical i 

f» TUB 

Jfon^o-chord An InstnimeDt of one string, s. 
Lord A title of honour ; master, s. 
7b lord To domineer, t. n. 
Land^lord The master of an inn ; owner of land, &c., s. 
Loord A drone, s. 
8ord Turf; grassy gronnd, 8. [&c, s. 

Word A single part of speech; talk; Ac, rhymes cmd, 
7b word To express properly ; to dispnte, t. a. 
ib re-word^ To repeat in the same words, t. a. 
Caieh^word The last word in a page, s. 
WaUh^word A sentinel's night-word, s. 

Sword A weapon ; yengeance of justice, rhymes board, 8. 
Backftword A sword with one edge, s. 
Oreen^sward The tnrf on which grass grows, s. 
By' word A cant word ; a proTerb, s. 
Curd The coagolation of milk, s. 
To curd To torn to cnrds, y. n. 
Oourd A plant; a bottle; rhymes board, s. 
Surd^ DcMtf ; nnheard, a. 
Ah-wwrdf Contrary to reason ; fooHsh, a. 
Laud Praise, s. 
To laud To praise ; to celebrate, y. a. 
To eol-laud' To join in praising, y. a. 
To ap-plaud' To praise, y. a. 

Fraud Deceit ; cheat ; trick ; rhymes broad, bawd, and aw'd, 
caw'd, the apostrophized preterits and participles 
of the yerbs to awe, caw, kc. 
To do-fraud' To rob by a trick, y. a. 

Bud The first shoot of a plant ; a germ, s. 
To bud To put fbrth buds, y. n. 
To bud To inoculate ; to graft, y. a. 
Cfud Food half digested, a. 
8eud A small flying cloud, s. 
To scud To fly as a doud before wind, y. n. 
Feud A quarrel ; contention ; deadly hatred, s. 
Mud Wet dirt; street dirt; slime, s. 
ThaVmud A book of Jewish traditions, s. 
TaVmud A book of the Jewish traditions, s. 

Loud Noisy; clamorous; turbulent, a. 
A'loud' Loudly ; with a great noise, ad. 

Cloud The dark collection of yapours in the air, &c., 8. 
To doud To darken with clouds ; to go cloudy, y. 
Croud See Crowd, 
To shroud To dress the dead ; to conceal ; to cover, y. 
Skroud Burial-clothes; sail ropes; shelter, s. 
Proud Elated; arrogant; lofty; ftmgous; exuberant, a. 
Purse'proud Puffed with riches, a. 
Spud A short knife, s. 
To rud To make red, y. a. 
Crud A concretion ; coagulation, 8. 
Stud A stock of horses j button for shirt-sleeyee, &c., 8. 
To ttud To adorn with studs or knobs, ▼. a. 

XJBE 60 

Ta be-^tud To adon vitii stois, t. b. 

Bawd A proonrMB of lewd women, •. 
Lewd Obeoene ; lostfol ; wioked, a. [artftil, 8. 

Shrewd HftTinf the qualities of a Arew; cmming; 
Crowd A oODfoBod mnltitade; a fiddle, ritymee loud, 8. 
To crowd To press dose togefiwr ; to enoamber, t. 
Tol^d To know, t. n. 


Cor^nu-<o^p%-a The horn of i^eit^, a. Tplwe. 

Stri^ce Small channels in the shells of cooUes, &c. s. 
JBx-^vi-cB Cast skins, a. plor. 
A-qutMn^UB Vinous spirits ; brandj, s. 

To be To hare a eertaln state ; exist, r. n. 
Babe An infant, s. 
Ai^iro-labe An instniment for taking obserrations at sea, s. 
Oibbe An old worn-out aainial, s. 
Olebe A ohnroh estate; torf; soil; ground, 8. 
To im-bibe^ To drink in ; to admit into, y. a. 

ToffUte To sneer; to reproadi with contempt, t. 
Oibe A sneer; sooflf; Unnt; flounee, s. 
Kibe A ch^ in the heel; a Ailblain, 8. 
To bribe To gain bj bribes, t. a. 
Bribe The price of iniqui^, 8. 
Scribe A writer; a puUic notarjr, ff. 
To orecribef To attribute to, y. a. 
To mis-a-^eribe^ To ascribe fislselj, t. a. 
To eub-^cribe^ To attest; to lindt; to gire conasnt, t. 
To de-^eribe^ To r e pr es e n t bj words, or figures, t. a. 
To re-scribe^ To write back, t. a. 
To pre-ecribe^ To order ; to direct medioaBy, t. a. 
To dr-eitm-eeribe^ To eneloee; to limit, r. a. 
To trat^-^cribe^ To copy, t. a. 
To inrtcribe^ To dedicate, t. a. 
To pro-eoribef To outlaw; to censure eapitaHy, y. a. 
To ett-pcr-scribe^ To write at top or on tibe outside, y. a. 
To in^ier-eeribef To write between, y. a. 

Tribe A certain generation of pec^le, s. 

Lobe A part of the lungs, s. 

Oiobe A sphere ; a ball ; the unhrsrse, s. 

To cof^lobe^ To gather into a round mass, y. a. 

To cou-gUhef To coalesce in a round omss, y. n. 

Bobe A long Yest or gown ; dress of dignity, s. 
To robe To dress pompously ; to inyest, y. a. 
Wardfrobe A place where apparel is k^t, s. 
To gRrrobe^ To dress ; to dothe, y. a. 
Probe A surgeon's instrument, a. 
To probe To search; to try with a probe, Y. a. 
To di^Tobe< To undress ; to uncoYer, y. a. 
Fourbe A cheat ; a trickling fellow, s. 
(Mt A regular eolid body; a square number, s. 

70 ACE 

Tube A pine; ftcjpboB,f. 
7\> gybe ffo sneer; to tomit^ t. n. 

Gyb6 A sneer; a tonnt; a sureasm, s. 
Au A nnit in cards or dioe, s. 
Dam a fidi resembling a roaeb, s. 
Peaet Bespite frwnirtr ; quiet; rest; ewitent, s. . 
Face The Tisage ; front ; eonftdence, s. 
To face To meet in front; to coTer in front, t. a. 
To d^fau^ To disfigore ; to destroy ; to erase, t. a. 

Pfif^au Introduction; proem, s. 
To pref^aee To introdnoe a treatise, t. 
To ef'fac^ To destroy ; to deface, v. a. 

Swr'faee Superfice, s. 
To ou^faeef To brare; to bear down, ▼. •• , ^ , . ^ 
Laee A cord; an ornamental tnmming of gold, sO- 
Tor, or thread, cnriondy woren, s. 
To lace To &8ten with a string ; to trim; to beat, T. a. 
FaVaee A noble or royal house, s. 
Neek^laee An ornament worn on womoi's necks, s. 
Bid^laee A wild sonr plom, s. 
To wk-laee^ To loose a tiimg laced np, t. a. 
1\> eoVace To comfort; cheer; amuse, t. n. 
SoVace Oomfbrt ; pleasure ; alienation, s. 
Place Locality; residence; rank; office; state of be- 
ing; space in general ; room ; way ; ground, s. 
To place To rank; fix; establish, v. a. 
To re-place^ To put again in place ; to supply, ▼. a. 
Land^ing-place The top of stairs, s. 
To eom^monrplace To reduce to general heads, t. a. 

To dU^laee^ To put out of place ; to disorder, t. a. 
To mit-place^ To mislay, t. a. 
To trane^flaee^ To remoTC ; to put into a new place, ▼. a. 
Marl/etrplace The place where a market is held, s. 
To en-ter-laee^ To intermix, t. a. 
To inter-lace^ To intermix, r. a. 

Poj/U'lace The common people ; the multitude, s. 
Qrirmaee^ An air of affectation, s. 

Pom^ace The dross of cyder-pressings, s. 
To menface To threaten, t. a. 
Men'ace A threat, s. 

Pin^nace A boat belonging to a ship of war, s. 
Fur^nace An enclosed fire-place, s. 

Pace A step ; gait ; measure of five feet, s. 
To pace To move slowly or gently as a pad, v. 
A-pacef Quickly ; hastily, ad. 
Cinque-pace A kind of grave dance, s. 

Space Local extension ; quantity of time, s. 
Foot-pace A slow walk ; part of a stair-case, s. 
To wtrpace^ To out-go ; to leave behind, v. a. 

Race Family; generation; particular breed; run* 

ning-matoh ; progress ; train, s. 
Brace Cincture; bandage; a pair; aoouple, 8. 

lOB 71 

lb Mt-^fOM^ To squeeze in kindness ; to wMoome ; to join in 

an embrace, t. 
lb mirlfraee^ To loose; to relax; to nnfoM, y. a. 
Mor$0^-raee A match of horses in running, s. 

Cfraee FaTonr; prlTilege; Tirtne; ornament; a craying 
a blessing npon onr meat, s. 
To grace To adorn ; to fayonr ; to dignify, a. 
To a-^acif To grant faTonrs to, y. a. 
Bon-^graetf A coyering for the forehead, s. 
To dit-^aee^ To dishonour; to dismiss; to tarn out, y. a. 
Du-^aee^ Dishonour; ignominy; state of being out of 
&your, s. 
Ter^raee A raised walk, s. 
To trace To follow ; to mark out, t. a. 

Trace Mark left bj any thing passing; footsteps, s. 
To re-irace^ To trace back, y. a. 
Ambe-^ue^ Two aces thrown at dice, 8. 
Fleece The wool of one sheep, 8. 
To fleece To strip a person of his substance, y. a. 
Oreece A flight of steps, s. [fleece, s. 

^iece The daughter of a brother or rister, rhymes 
Fieee A patch; a part; a coin; a gun, rhymes fleece, s. 
To piece To enlarge ; to join, rhymes fleece, y. a. 
A-piece To the part or share of each, ad. 
Mae^ter-piece A capital performance ; chief excellence, s. 
Front^ie-piece A picture facing a title-page, s. 
Ckm'ney-pUce The ornamental piece round a fire-place, s. 
Ice Water frozen ; sugar concreted, s. 
To ice To cover with or turn to ice, y. a. 
Fkttce A flat flsh, s. 
Bice Colour used in painting, s. 
Dice The plural of die, s. 
Ad^dice A cooper's axe, s. 
Jaun^dice A distemper, s. 
Bod^ice A sort of women's stays, s. 
Cow^ard-iee Want of courage, s. 
Fr^u-diee Prepossession ; ii^jury, s. 
Topr^fk-dke To fill with prejudice ; to iigure, t. a. 
Benfe-fice An ecclesiastic liying, s. 
Ven^&flee The practice of poisoning, s. 

Office Public employment; business; also the place 
where it is traniMCted, s. 
To euf-fite^ To be enough ; to satisfy, y. 
Bd^i-fice A building ; a fabric, s. 
Lanfi-fice Woollen manufacture, s. 
Sac^rirfice Any thing offered or destroyed, s. 
To eac^rirfice To immolate; to kill; to destroy, y. 
Or^i-fice Anj opening or perforation, s. 
FotU^i-fice Bridge-work ; the edifice of a bridge, s. 
Art^iflee A trick ; a firaud; a stratagem, s. 
Su^per-fice Surface ; outside, 8. 
Lice Plural of louse. 

n ici 

OaViet A enp ; ft efaaliee, t. 
Chal^iee A cup standing on » foot, 8. 
MaViee Bad dongn ; ovil intontion, t. [bibabltaBta, a. 
Po-Ueef Tho regviatioo of a plaot so fkr as regards the 
Com^pUu A oonfederate, a. [sense, a. 

Ae-eom^pUee An assoeiste; a partaker; nsnallj in an 01 
Sur^pUu A minister's irldte garment, s. 
To tpUce To join ropes withont a knot, t. a. 
To iHee To cnt into thin pieces ; to divide, t. 

Mice Plnral of moose. [pUee, a. 

Am'iee The priest* s shonlder-oloth, worn nnder his sor- 
Pum'iee A kind of spongy stone Ml of holes, s. 

Nice Aocnrate; squeamish; refined, a. 
Cor^niee The hl^^iest projection of a wall or eohnnn, s. 
Ft/ mice A walMoose ; a bog, s. 
Choke Election ; a thing ehoeen, «, 
Choice Select; of great Tahie, a. 
To re-joiee^ To be glad; to make glad, T. 

Voiei Sonnd from the month ; a rote, s. 
In'voiee A catalogue of a ship's freight, s. 
T» oui-voieef To ontroar ; to exceed in clamour, t. a. 
FrtcfyfiM A headlong steep ; a fSUl perpendicular, a. 
Cop'fkt Wood of small trees, s. 

Spice An aromatic substance used in sauces, a. 
To tpice To season with spice, t. a. 
To be-epiee^ To season with spices, ▼. a« 
Ai/niee Influence : protection ; fatour, s. 

Mice An esculent grain, s. 
Av^orriee Coretonsness ; insatiable dedre, & 
Dm'H-friee A powder for the teeth, s. 

Oriee A little pig; a step or greese, s. 
Thriee Three times, ad. 
Lie^o-^iee A root of a sweet taste, s. 

Price Value ; estimation ; rate, s. 
Corpricy Whim; fhacy; flreak, s. 

Trice A short time ; an instant, s. 
Oie^a^trice A scar, s. 
Cocl/a-iriee A serpent, •. 

Ma'trice The womb ; a mould to oast in, b. 
Sice The number six at dice, s. 
To Hee To draw; to allure, ▼. It. 
Prac^iiee Habit ; use ; method ; art, s. 
Mairprae^iiee Practice contrary to rules, s. 
Poul'tiee A soft mollifying application, s. 
To en-tiee^ To allure ; to draw bj ftdr promises, T. ft. 
Pm^tiee A sloping roof, s. 

Pren'tiee One bound to a master for Instruction, s. 
Ap-pren'tiee One corenaated to learn a trade, s. 

No'tice Heed; information; warning, s. 
Pro-pku^tice The art of making moulds for casting, a. 
Armfie-iice A cessation of arms; a short truce, s. 
Sol^iHee The tropical point d tfie sun, s. 

NCE 7t 

Lufier'itiee Spaoe between thingi, 8. 

Jtu^tiee Right; equity; puniehmrat, 8. 
Itk^itt^tiee Injury; wrong; imqnitj, 8. 
L<U^tie$ A retioolated window, s. 

Vice Opposite to Tirtae; deprafi^; an iron preee, 8. 
Vice In composition, signifies second in rank, a. 
Ad^viee^ Counsel; intelligence; information, s. 
D&-viee^ ContriTanoe ; an emblem ; a sobeme, 8. 
Cfrw^iee A crack ; a deft, s. 

Juiee Sap in YCgetables ; fluid in anunals, s. 
Vtr^fine* A sour liquor from crab-apples, s. 

Skiiee Ayent for water; a flood-gate, s. [ed person, 8. 

Nov^iee One not acquainted with anj thing ; an unlearn- 

JSm^viee Menial office; obedience; office of derotion; 

employment ; faTour ; cnrder of dishes, s. 

Bjft^ur^viu Serfice performed only under inspection, 8. 

DU-ter^vice Iiyury ; mischief; s. [of their lord, s. 

BmtUer-viee In law, attendance which tenants owe the court 

Twice Two times ; doubly, ad. 
To ad-dukef To sweeten, ▼. a. 
Dit-turl/anee Perplexity; confusion; tumult, 8. 
Sig^^i«mee Meaning; importance, s. 
In-^^g^n^ircane$ Want of meaning ; uiiimp<tftaace, 8. 
To donee To moYC by music, ▼. n. 
To donee To wait upon ; to put into motion, T. a. 
Donee A musical motion, 8. 
for-bid^donee Prohibition, s. 

Rid^danee Deliyerance; the act of dealing ftway, s. 
Aid^amee Hdp; support, s. 
A-vcid^anee The act of aToidin^ 8. 
Om^donee Direction; goremmenty s. 
Mi»-^fuif donee False direction, s. 
Dtrfen'dame State of hanging down ; connection; relianoe^a. 

Tend' once Attendance ; a waiting upon, s. 
At-tend'anee The act of waiting on another, s. 
A-bun'danee Great plenty, s. 
Af^MT-a-^tm^iofietf More than enough, s. 
Be-dtm'danee Superfluity, s. 
Ae-^ord'onee Agreement with, 8. 
Conrcord'onee An index to the scriptures, s. 
Die-eord'onee Disagreement; opposition, s. 
Mor'ru'danee A particular Idnd of dance (a Moorish dance), s. 

Ven'geonee Punishment, s. 
A-vmfgeamce Punishment; rerenge, s. 

Oryonee A fine small line fastened to a hawk's leash, s. 
Ex-trat/a-gance Waste ; superfluous expense, s. 
El/ Oconee Beauty without grandeur, s. 
In-tlfe^ance Absence of beauty ; want of degance, s. 
Ar'ro^anee Unbecoming pride ; presumption, 8. 
Chance Fortune; acddent; events s. 
B^-eKance' Without seeking, ad. 
To bo<kanetf To ha{^[>en; to beCd, t. n. 


Per-ehanet^ Perhaiw ; permdTeiitar«, ad. 
Mit-tkanee^ HI lack ; ill fortune, b. 
To m-hanee^ To adyanoe ; to raise the prioe, t. a. 
Ra'di-anee Sparkling loatre, 8. 
Ir-ra^dianee Beams of light emitted, f. 
D&Ji^anee A challenge, s. 
Af'fi^anee Confidence ; tmst ; hope, s. 
To af-fi'<mct To confide in ; to betroth, ▼. 
Al-Wgi-anM The dutj of subjects, s. 
Ycifi^mM Valour ; personal courage, s. 
R^WcMM Trust ; dependence ; confidence, s. 
AirM'wnu Convention by treaty or marriage, s. 
Dal'U^mu Fondness ; delay, §. 
Sal'li-^mot The act of issuing forth ; a sally, 8. 
Com-pli'ance Submission, s. 
BirDom-pU'ancB TJntractableness ; r^iisal of compliance, 8. 
Ap^^ance The act of applying, or thing applied, s. 
Noi'anot Mischief; InconTenience, s. See Aimotyanctk 
Va'ri-anu Disagreement; dissension, s. 
Tar'ri-^mct Stay ; delay, s. 
Lux^^nnmee Excess of plenty, s. 

Ret^irance Residence; abode; dwelling, s. 
A-^kohM^ Sideways ; obliquely, ad. 
LoMt A long spear, s. 
To kmee To pierce ; to out, t. a. 
Bal'anet A pair of scales ; equipoise of a watch, jl 
To bal^anee To make even weight, y. n. 
Cotm-ter-bayanee Opposite weight, s. 
To eoun^ter-beU^anee To act against with an opposite weight, t. a. 
O-ver-bal^ance Something more than equivalent, s. 
To o-ver-hal'anee To weigh down ; to preponderate, t. a. 
To otU-bal^anee To overweigh ; to preponderate, t. a. 
Val^anee Drapery round the tester of a bed, s. 
To val^anee To decorate with drapery, v. a. 
Sem^blanee Likeness ; resemblance, s. 
Me^em^bkmee Similitude; likeness, s. 
To &-lance^ To throw out ; to dart, t. a. 

Olanee A quick view ; a dart of a beam of light, s. 
To glance To view obliquely ; to censure, ▼. n. 
De-fail^anee Failure, s. 

Viff^i-lanee Watchfulness, 8. 
Dem^i-Umce A light lance ; a spear, 8. [sider, 8. 

Em-par^lanee In law, a petition in the court for time to con* 
En-ter-poT^lanee Parley ; mutual talk ; conference, s. 
Fet^u4ane4 Saucinees; peevishness, a. 
Bo-manes^ A fiction ; a fable ; a lie, s. 
To ro-manee^ To lie ; to forge, v. n. 
Ae-ciu^UmHmee Custom ; habit ; use, s. 

Af'firm^atte$ Confirmation, s. 
Be^/'firm^ance Second confirmation, s. 
J>u^'Jirm^anee Confutation; negation, s. 
JPer-^orn^anee Work done; the act of performing, i. 

Ord^rumce Ofeat gum; eumon, s. 
Am^e-nance Conduct ; behayiour, s. 
Pen^anee The act of atonement, 8. 
Mttin'te-nanu Sustenance ; support, s. 
Cciun'te-namu Face; look; patronage; support, f. 
To coun'te-nanee To support ; to patronise, y. a. 
Dii-cmin^te-nanu Cold treatment ; unfiriendlj regard, f. 
To dtB-eoun^te-namM To discourage by cold treatment; to put to 
riumie, T. a. 
Ap-ptir^U^Mtnce That which belongs to another thing, s. 
Pur'te-^uMce The pluck of catUe, s. • 
Sm^U-nanee Maintenance ; use of food, s. 
Sou^ve^-nance Remembrance; memory, s. Fr. 
Or^di^mmee Law ; rule ; precept, s. 
Pre-^di-rumee Antecedent decree ; first decree, s. 

Fi-nofiee^ Rerenue ; income ; profit, s. 
Fre-dom^i-^umce Prevaience ; superiority ; asoendan<7, i. 
Or^don-nance Disposition of figures in a picture, s. Fr. 
Ret^o-nanee Sound; resound, s. 

Con^tO'iutnee Accord of sound, s. Rt, s. 

At^to-nance Reference to one sound of another reeenibHng 
Dis^to-nance A mixture of unharmonious sounds, s. 
Cfov^er-nance GoTemment; rule; management^ s. 
Dit' are-ponce IKfFerence ; contrariety, s. 
For-bear^anee I«nity; mildness; delay, s. 

Clear^anee A certificate that a ship has been cleared, s. 
Ap-pear^ance Semblance; show; a coming in sight, s. 
BeAnem^l»rance Recollection ; account p reserved, 8. 
Cum^brimee Burden; hindrance; impediment, s. 
Sn<um^branee An impediment ; a clog ; a load, s. 
I)»-m^€um^^€mee Deliyeranoe fh>m trouble, s. 
Pro-tu^ber-anee A swelling abore the rest, s. 
Ex-tu^ber-anee A protubmot part ; a knob, f. 
Bz-u^ber-anee Orergrowth; luxuriance, s. 
Con-^td^er-anee Consideration ; reflection, s. 
Hin'der'ance An impediment ; a stop, s. 
Bq-^-pon^der-anee Equality of weight, s. 

Su/yer-anee Permissioa; patience; misery, a. 
FaHther-anee The same as furtherance, which see, i. 
Fur^iktr^amet Encouragement ; promotion, s. 

ToVer-ance Power or act of enduring, s. 
Tem^per-ance Moderation; patience; calmness, s. 
In-tem^per-anee Excess ; want of moderation, s. 
JBt^per-anee Hope, s. Fr. 
JSa^^per-anee Orerfoalance ; greater proportion, s. 
UtUer-anee Pronunciation ; Tocal expression, s. 
Sev^er^anee Separation ; partition, s. [grora» B. 

Per-te-ve^rance Persistance in any attempt ; constancy in pro* 
Ve-Ui/er^ance Freedom ; rescue ; elocution, s. 

Fra^ffrance Sweetness of smell, s. 
Comfm4hram€e Dwelling; habitation; residence, 8. 
Ig^wHranu Want of knowledge; imtkilftilneaB, f^ 


To prance To spring and mote in high mettle, t. n. 
Ah-^rance An error ; a deTiation, s. 
Trance An eostasj, 8. 
En^trance A going in ; a passage ; admisidcm, b. 
To en-trance^ To pnt into a trance or ecstaej, v. a. 
R&-en^trance The act of entering again, s. 
To du-^nrtranee^ To awaken Arom a trance or deep sleep, t. a. 
MdfKon^strance Show; representation; discoteiy, s. 
Du'ramce Imprisonment; duration, s. 
Sn-4m'nmce Continuance ; act of enduring, s. 
Ma-nu^ranee Agriculture ; cultiyation, s. 

Si/rance Warrant; security, s. 
£n-8u^rance Security firom hasard, 8. 

Ae-^u'rance Certain expectation; confidence; want of mo- 
desty; certainty; security, s. 
De-fea'tance The act of annulling ; defeat, s. 
Coui^Ur-fea^eance The act of counterfeiting; forgery, s. 
Plea^eanee Gaiety; pleasantry, 8. 
Die-plea^ eanee Anger; discontent, s. 

A'bai^tanee An act of reyerence ; a bow, i. 
Coahfilai'Mnee Cirility ; obliging behaviour, s. 
Mei^tanee The act of rererenoe ; courtesy, 8. 
Suffi-tane$ Excess ; plenty, s. Fr. 
Re-^g^nireoMe A bond of record ; a badge, s. 
Chef/i-eance An enterprise ; an achierement, s. 

Nu^eanee Something offSenriye, s. 
Jou^i-eamee Jollity; merriment; festhity, 6. 
Pu^i»-^ance Power; strength, s. 
Im-pu^ie-donee Impotence ; inability ; feebleness, s. 
U^eance Use ; usury ; interest for money, s. 
Con^u-tance Cognisance; notice, s. 
Hn-treat^ance Petition; entreaty; solidtatioa, 8. 
Ex-pecifamu Something expected ; hope, s. 
Be-lue^tance Unwillingness; repugnance, s. 
Hat/i-tanee Dwelling; abode, s. 
Jn-hai/i-tanee Residence of dwellers, s. 
Ez-or^bi-tance Enormity ; exoessiye wrong, 8. 
Con-com^i-Umce Subeistence together with another thing, 8. 
Pre^^i-iance Rash haste ; riolent hurry, s. 
In-her^i'tance Patrimony ; hereditary possession, s. 
Su-per-fiu'i-tanoe The act of floating abore, 8. 
Re-niU'anee The act of resulting, s. 
Ex-uU^anee Transport; Joy; triumi^, 8. 
R&pent^anee Sorrow for any thing past, s. 
Ac-guamt^ance Familiarity ; a person with whom we conTerse, s. 
Ac-cept^<mce Reception with approbaticm, s. 

Port^ance Air; mien; demeanour, s. 
Imrffcrt^anee Matter; subject; moment, s. 
Com-pcrtfance Behaviour, b. 
Sup^port^anee Maintenance; support, 8. 
JVmuhporVance Conveyance ; carnage ; removal, s. 
BortfoMt Suitableness; agreemeiit, a. 

NOB 77, 

Suysianee Being; eBseotial ptrt; bodj; wealth; meaiui 

of life ; something solid, §. 
Dit^tance Space of time ; respect ; behamiiry s. 
Ih dU^Umce To leave behind, ▼. a. [eeliptio, 8. 

Cur^iaU dit^tanee Distance of planets from the muk oa the 
De-titt^anee The act of deusdng; oessatioB, •• 
Re-nMt'ance The aet of resisting ; oppositioii, s. 
Non-rt-tiMi'ance Failure of resistance, s. 
A»-^t^ane« Help ; aid, s. 
Ck^cum-MUmce Incident ; condition ; event, i. 
InUioHM Solicitation ; motive ; occasion, s. 
Ad-mH/ttmM The act of entering, s. 
Me-mit^tanee A snm sent to a distant plaiee, s. 
O-mit^tance Forbearance, s. 
Per-mit'tance Allowance ; permission, s. 
Pittance A small allowance, s. ' 

Omittance A discharge ; a receipt for monej, s. 
Ac-^uUUanee A receipt for a debt, &o. s. 
To ad-vanee^ To prefer ; to proceed ; to improve, v. 
Ad-vanee^ Progression, s. [oovnt, s* 

CMe^vance Traffic in which money is extorted as dis- 
OrU^vance A state or coarse of trooble, 8. 
Ag-grie^vance An injury ; a complaint, s. 
Con-ni^vance Volontary blindness, s. 
Ar-ri^v€Mce Company coming, s. 
Con-tri'vance A scheme ; an artifice, s. 
Oon-'Un^tt-anee Duration; perseverance, s. 
Du-etm-tin^U'aikee Intermission; disruption, s. 
Ap-^i/vanee Approbation, s. 
Olhser^vance Bespect; attention; regard, i. 
Pursu^anee Prosecution; process; consequenoe, 8. 
Al'lov/ance Portion; license, s. 
DU-at-loy/anee Prohibition, s. 

Can-v^^ance The act or means of conveying, 8. 
" Pur-vey^anee Procurement of provision, 8. 
Joy^anee Gaiety; festivity, s. 
An-noy^ance The act of annoying, s. 
Cog^tU-gane^ Judicial notice; trial; distinguishing badge, 8. 
D^ium^benee The act or posture of lying down, 8. 
ComrpWeence Pleasure; joy; civility, 8. 

JDe^cenee Propriety; modesty; beooming oereauiiy»' i^ 
B^-n^'i-cmu Active goodness, s. 
Mag-nif'iremet Grandeur ; splendour, s. 
Mu^ni/^insmce Liberality; generosity, 8. 

Li^eente Permission; exorbitant liberty^ 8. 
In^no-eence Purity; integrity; haradessnees, 8. 
Con-noi^cence Common bir& ; comnumity of birth, 8r 
Pthhet'cmu The state of arriving at puberty, n, 
JSh-'U-bet^cenee Redness ; blush, s. 
ln^'i-det^emee Stony concretion, s. 
JSx-can-^Ut^eenee Heat; the state of growing angry, 8. 
Titr^et^eence Aet of sweUing; ftat* of being 8W«b^ I* 

re NCB 

Qui^cmua Rest; npose, b. 
Ae-itd-ta^cenee duDami; oomplianoe, s. 
Inrcorla'eenca Ineipient heat; wormtli, 8. 
C<ha-les^eenee Concretion; onion, a. 
U-va4ei^eenee Strength ; heilih, s. 
Conrva-Ua^cenee Benewal of health, s. 

Ad-o4e9'emc€ The flower of youth, 8. 
Jn-turmu^cence Tnmonr ; swelling, s. 
, S&-ne8^eenee A growing old ; decay by time, 8. 

Conrcrea^cence A growing by the union of seYeral parttoleB, s. 
8tsrpefH!re8^eeMe Something growing on that whidi grows, 8. 
Ex-erea^eenee An irregolar and nselese growing out, s. 
Su-per^ez'cre$^eenu SomethSig superfluonaly growing upon, 8. 
£f'fi(Mre$^eenee A production of flowers, s. 
Pthtrea'eenct The state of rotting, 8. 
Lac-Ut^cence Tendency to milk, s. 
Oh-wurtet^eence Loss of speech, s. 
Ef-fer-vet'eence A boiling up ; a heat of passion, s. 
Rem-i^nWcenu Recollection; recovery of ideas, s. 
BM-^irfu^eenu Wisdom after the &ct; repentance, s. 
Con^thpia^eenee Irregular desire, s. 
Cog-fiot^cenee Knowledge, s. 

Ca^dence Fall of the tone of tMcc, s. 
Fre~ce^denee Foremost place ; priority, s. • 
An-i&^detice The act or state of going before, s. 
Ore^denee Belief; credit, s. 
Ai/ci'denee The first rudiments or prindples of grammar, %, 
Dec'i'dmu A being shed; the act of falling away, s. 
In'drdence An accident ; a casualty, s. 
Co-tn^d-denc^ Concurrence ; joint tendency, s. 
Dif^flrdmea Distrust; want of confidence, s. 
Con^firdenee Assurance ; firmness ; trust, s. 
SulHti^denee A tendency downwards, s. 
Bea^i-dence A place of abode, s. 
Non-rea^i<lenee Absence from a charge or office, s. 
Dia'ai-4mce Discord; disagreement, s. 

Ef/i'dmoe Testimony ; proof; a witness, s. 
To ei/i-denee To proye ; to give testimony, t. a. 
CourU^er-ev^denee Oppoate evidence ; contradictory testimony, s. 
Prot/i-dence God's care; foresight; prudence, s. 
Im-prm/irdenca Indiscretion; want of prudence, s. 
Con-d^cend^enee Voluntary submission, s. 
Tran-aeendfenca Unusual excellence ; supereminence, 8. 
R^apUndfenea Lustre; brightness, s. 

Fend^anea Slopeness; inclination, s. 
D&pend^enea Connexion; reliance; trust, s. 
In-de^tend^anea Exen^tion from control, s. 

ImPpend^enea The sUte of hanging over; near approach, s. 
Tend^anea Drift; course, s. 
attpar-m-tand^anea The act of oversedng with autiiori^, 8. 
C^r-ra-qHrnd^anea Intercourse by letters, Ac s. 
/m^MHlmM 8haiBele80ies8; immodesty, s. 

NCE n 

Fru^dmee Wisdom applied to praetioe, 8. 
Im-pru^denee ladisoretion ; want of prndenoe, i. 
J%Hrii-pru'dme€ The science of law, s. 

Fmee A guard ; seoority ; inclosmre, s. 
To fence To inclose ; to praetiBe fencing, t. 
De-feMef Guard ; findication ; resistance, s. 
Of'fence^ A crime } an iigniy ; disgnst, s. 
In'dl^enc0 Want; penury, s. 
Neg^lt-gence A habit of acting carelessly, s. 
DWi^enee Industry ; readiness ; as^duity, s. 
In-UVl^enee Notice ; skill ; understanding, s. 

Eifirgmyot An immediate demand ; need ; distress, 8. 
In^vVgeMe Fondness ; faYour ; forbearance, s. 
R&-ful^genee Brightness ; splendour, s. * 
Ef'fuVgenee Lustre ; brightness ; splendour, s. 
Con-tin' genee Accident ; casualty, s. 

E-mer'genee A rising out of any fluid ; any sudden oeeasion, s. 
Dirver'genee Declivity; declination, s. 

Hence From this place or thing, adv. or inteij. 
To hence To send off, t. a. 

TKence From that place ; for that reason, ad. 
SiUi'ence Since; in latter times, ad. 
Whence From what place, ad. 
De-fic^i-ence Defect; imperfection; want, s. 
Ef-fif/i-ence A producing effects ; agency, s. 
In-eu/'fic'i-ence Inadequateness to any end or purpose, s. 
Un-ettf-fifirence Inability to answer the end proposed, s. 
Per^^fnc'i-^nce The act of looking sharply, s. 
Pro-Spic'irence The act of looking forward, s. 
Sdfenee Knowledge, s. 
Neefdence Ignorance, s. 
Fre^ediowe Foreknowledge, s. 
Om-nit'eience Infinite wisdom, s. 
Confidence The judgment of the soul on moral actions, i. 
O-befdimce Obsequiousness, s. 
ZHi-o^e'dience Breach of duty ; frowardness, s. 
Exrfe'dience Fitness ; propriety ; despatch, s. 
JnrexHpefdxenu Want of fitness ; unsuitableness, s. 
Aufdirence An auditory ; admission to speak, s. 
Rt-eH/irence A starting or leaping back, s. 
TrcanreiViHnce A leaping from thing to thing, s. 
Dit<iVirtnu The act of starting asunder, s. 
ConHoe^nirence Fitness ; propriety ; ease, s. 
In^on-^nirence Difficult; disadTantage, s. 
Tht-^on^nirence Incongruity; disagreement, s. 
Sa'pirence Wisdom; knowledge, s. 
Jnrs^i-ence Folly ; want of understanding, s. 
Ex-pe^ri-ence Frequent trial; knowledge gwbed by praotioe, s. 
To ex-pe^rirence To try ; to know by practice, v. a. 
InreiPpe^ri-ence Want of experimental knowledge, s. 

Fn/rirenee An itching or great desire to any thing, f. 
Fn^asnce Endnranoe ; power of suffering, s. 

•0 NCE 

Imrpa'tunee Uiieasiness under sufferiiig, 8. 
8ub-ter^vi-€nee Instntmental fitaess or lue, t. 

Prei/a-lenee Inflaence, s. 
jE-^[uh/a4enee EqwtUtj of worth, 8. 
Si'lme$ Bidding nlenee, int. 
Si'lenee StiUnees ; tamtnmitj ; seorMj, n. 
To ti^lenee To make silent, ▼. a. 
Pea^ti-lenee Plague ; oontagione distemper, a. 
Sz'cdrlenee Greatness ; a title of honour, s. 
E-qwp'ol-lenee Eqnalitj of force or power, s. 
Bed^o-lence A sweet scent, s. 
]k^do-4me$ Laiiness ; inattention, s. 
Con-do'Unce Grief for another's loss, 8. 
Vi'o-lmce Force; outrage, s. 
In^so'lence Petulant contempt, s. 
Ma^det/o-lence III will ; malignity, s. 
B^^nm/o-lence Kindness ; good will, s. 
Tur^bu-lence Tumult; confusion, s. 
Fe(/»-lenee Muddiness; sediment, s. 
Trw/u-lence Sayageness of manners, s. 
Fraud^U'knee Deceitfnlness, s. 
Cfrap^u-lenee Drunkenness, s. 

C^tt-Unee Wealth ; riches, s. 
Cor^jnh-lence Bulkiness of body, s. 
Ful-ver^U'lence Dustiness ; abundance of dust, s. 
Vir^u4mee Malignity ; wicked temper, s. 
Pu'rurUnee Generation of pus ot matter, s. 
Ve^h&^mence Violence; ardour, s. 
To com-mmee^ To begin, ▼. 
To re-^om^menee^ To begin anew, t. a. 

Fer^mornmee Duration ; consistency, s. [title, •. 

Hm^irnmce Height ; a part rising aboTS the rest ; a cardinal's 
Pre-em^i-nenee Precedence ; superiority, s. 
Surper-em^p-nenee An uncommon degree of eminence, s. 
Im^mirnenee Any ill impending ; immediate danger, 0. 
Prom^i-nenee A protuberance, s. 
Con^ii-nence Chastity ; moderation, s. 
In-eon^irnmce Intemperance ; unchastity, s. 

Per^ti-nenes Propriety ; to the purpose ; appositeness, s. 
Imrper^ti-nmee Folly ; intrusion ; trifle, s. 

Ab'tti-nence Forbearance of any thing ; temperance, s. 
In^ab'tU-nence Intemperance ; want of power to abstain, •« 
Pence Plural of penny, s. 
Dit^enctf Expense; cost; charge, s. 
Ex-ptneef See JEs^eiue, s. 
JDef^e^enee Regard; respect; submission, s. 
Rrf^e-rmce Relation ; admission to judgment, s. 
Pr^&^mee Estimation of one thing aboTC another, i. 
JXfy&^enee Unlikeness; disagreement, s. 
In-^k/f&^mce Unconcemednees ; negligence, s. 
OiT'enmyit^mee Compass ; circuit ; per^>hery, s. 
Li^fsr-mee CoBohuion firom premisee, a. 

NCE 81 

Con^/er-enee Oral disoossion, b. 
In-ter'fe^rene^ Interposition, a. 
* Ad-ke^renee Attachment, a. 
Co-WrmM Connexion, a. 
In-^o-he^rence Incongruity ; want of connexion, a. 

Bef/&^moe Veneration ; title of the clergy ; act of obdaaaeey % 
Ir-reo^&^mc$ Want of Toneraftion, a. 

Flor^mee A kind of doth ; also a sort of wine, a. 
Ab-hor^rtnee Deteatation ; areraion, a. 
Oe-^ur^renee An incident ; an accidental erent, a. 
R&<ur^rmee Return, a. 
Con-eur^rmee Union ; help, a. 
Inrter-eur^reiice Paaaage between, a. 
Al/senee A being absent, s. 
Pret^enee A being present ; mien ; readineaa, a. 
Om^nirpret'ence Ubiquity ; unbounded preeenoe, s. [time, a. 

Mul-ti-prei^mee Presence in more placea than one at the aama 
lysenee Existence; constituent substance; perfiune, s. 
Qumt-^sence The Tirtue of any thing extracted, s. 
Com^ps-ienee Sufficiency, a. 
Ap^pe-Unee Carnal or sensual desife, s. 
Fre-tenee^ A showing or alleging what is not real ; daim, a. 
Pm^irience Repentance, a. 
Imrpmfi-tenee Obduracy ; want of remorse for crimes, a. 

SenfUnee Determination ; condemnation ; a period in writing, a. 
Ar-m^o-tenee Power in war, a. 
Ple-mp^o-tenee Fulness of power, s. 
Opk^p^o-tenee Almighty power ; unlimited power, a. 
Im^po-tenu Want of power ; incapacity, a. 
Ad^ert^ence Attention to any thing, s. 
Inrod-vert^ence Negligence; inattention, a. 
Sub-titt^mee Rod being; means of supporting life, a. 
Con-tiit^mee Natural state of bodies ; substance, a. 
Inrcon-tUt^mee Unauitableness ; inconsistency, s. 

Exritt'enc$ State of being, a. 
Pr^-^xrigi^enee Existence beforehand, a. 

In-txrift^mee Want of being or existence, a. 
Non-t3>ut'm^ Inexiatenoe; state of not existing, s. 

C<h€Xritt^mu Existence at the same time, s. 
Inrco-^xritt^enee The quality of not existing together, s. 
Af'fiMrmM Plenty ; wealth ; great store, s. 
^'fmrfOMt That which issues f^om some other prindple, a. 
JJ^fiurme% Quality of filing away on all sides, a. 
Mel4if^lu-^nce A flow of honey or sweetness, s. 
Oir-cum^flt^enee An indosure of waters, s. 
In'fiMHnt^ Ascendant power, a. 
To in'fiM-enct To modify to any purpose, v. a. 
Con'Jkhmce Conflux ; a concourse, s. 
ProfUk-mct Progress; course, s. 
Fr§^quene€ Crowd ; concourse ; aaaembly, a. 
Se^quenee Series ; order of succession, s. 
Con^M&^umice Event; in^»ortanoa; tendeney, a. 

^ BCE 

In-c(m^8e-^[uenee IneonolnaYeness ; want of just iaferenee, 8. 

El'o-qumce Elegant language uttered with fluenoj, a. 
StuirtU'o-qumee Foolish talk, s. 
Al-HVo-guenee High speech ; pompous language, s. 

Con'gra-ence Agreement ; suitableness, s. 
Iry-wn^gru-mee Inconsistency ; disagreement of parts, 8. 
To mince To cut small ; to palliate, t. a. 
Prince A king's son ; a sovereign ; a chief, 8. 
Since Because that; before this, ad. 
Since After, prep. 
E-vmce^ To prove ; to show, v. a. 
To eon^vmce^ To make one sensible, v. a. 

Frov^mce A region; tract; conquered country, 8. 

Quince A tree and the fruit of it, s. 
To wince To shrink from pain, v. n. 

Once One time ; formerly ; rhymes dunce, ad. 
Sconce A fort ; a hanging candlestick ; the head, 8. 
To inreeonee^ To cover as with a fort, v. a. 
Skonce The same as eeonccy which see. 
Nonce Purpose ; intent ; design, s. 
A-ekaunce^ Sideways ; obliquely ; rhymes dance, ad. 
Dunce A dullurd ; a dolt, 8. 
Ounce A weight ; the lynx ; a panther, 8. 
To bounce To leap ; spring ; boast ; bully, v. n. 
Pounu A leap ; a sudden noise ; a boast, s. 
To flounce To plunge ; to be in a passion, v. n. 
To flounce To deck with flounces, v. a. 
Flounce A kind of trimming on women's apparel, 8 
To de^nounce^ To threaten ; to declare against, v. a. 
To r&^nounce^ To disown ; disclaim ; disavow, v. a. 
To an-nounee^ To publish ; to declare, t. a. 
To pfiHnouncef To speak articulately ; to speak with autiior^y, v. 
Pounce A claw of a bird ; gum-mastich powdered, 8. 
To pounce To seise; to sprinkle with pounce, t. 
To frounce To frixile or curl the hair, v. a. 

Frounu A distemper in hawks, s. 
To trounce To punish, v. a. [another, 8. 

Ep-i-plo'ce In rhetoric, where one aggravation is added to 
Scarce Not plentiful ; pronounced as if written scairce, a. 
Scarce Hardly ; with difficulty, ad. 
Scarce A sieve ; a bolter, s. 
To eearce To sift finely; rhymes terse, verse, &«., v. a. 

Farce A dramatic representation without regularity, s. 
To farce To stuff; to extend, v. a. 

Fierce Savage ; riolent ; furious ; rhymes verse, a. 
To pierce To penetrate ; to enter; to bore through, v. a. 
To em-pierce^ To pierce into, v. a. 
Ti> trane-pierce^ To penetrate ; to permeate, v. a. 

Tierce A vessel holding the third part of a pipe, s. 
A-merce^ To punish with a fine, v. a. 
Com^merce Trade ; traffic ; barter, s. 
To eom'merce To hold intecoouxse, t. n. 


Ttree A vessel holding the ihitd pttrt of a pipers. 
Sea-teree^ Among the Romans, about 81. Is. M. sterling, 8. 
/bred Strength; violence; armament, rhymes course, 
To force To compel; to ravish, v. a. [&o., s. 

lb tf'force^ To force ; to break throngh, v. a. 
To m-foTctf To invigorate ; to urge ; to proTO, v. a. 
To re-m-foree^ To strengthen with new assistance, v. a. 
Fer-force^ By violence ; violently, ad. 
Di-voreef A dissolntion of marriage, 8. 
To di'Voree^ To separate a husband and wife, v. a. 

Source Spring; origin; sometimes pronounced sooroe, •. 
Rs-€Ource^ Besort; expedient, b. 
To ef-fer^veece^ To generate heat by intestine motion, v. n. 
8€tuce Something to improve the relish of food, s. 
To tra-duee^ To oensure ; to misrepresent, v. a. 
To ab-duee^ To separate ; to draw away, v. a. 
To olMiuee^ To diaw over as a covering, v. a. 
To eub^uee^ To withdraw, v. a. 
To e^uee^ To bring out ; to extract, v. a. 
To de^uee^ To gather or infer fh>m, v. a. 
To re^uee^ To make less ; to discharge ; to subdue, v. a. 
To te-duee^ To tempt ; to deceive ; to mislead, v. a. 
To in-duee' To prcTail with ; to introduce, v. a. [v. a. 

To su-j^-in^duee^ To bring in as an addition to something else, 
To eon-duee^ To help ; to promote ; to conduct, v. 
Topro^ucef To bring, v. a. 

Pro^duee Product ; that which anything yields, a. 
To r^^o-4uetf To produce again or anew, v. a. 
To in-iro-^ucy To bring or lead in, v. a. 
Luce A pike full grown, s. 
Prej/uee The foreskin ; that which covers the glands, s. 

SprtM Neat; nice; trim, a. 
To tpruee To dress with affected neatness, v. n. 
Spruce A kind of American fir, s. 
Truce Temporary peace ; intermission, 8. 
Let^tuce A salad plant, s. 
To eowee To throw into the water, v. a. 
Bade Pret. of bid, rhymes had. 
Chmrhade^ Spatterdashes, s. 

Cade Tame; soft; as a cade lamb, a. [horse, s. 

8ae^9ade A violent check which the rider gives his 
De^eade The sum of ten, s. 
Bar-rircadef A stop ; an obstruction; a bar, 8. 
To harTircade^ To stop a passage, v. a. HioTse, s. 

Fal~cadef A term applied to the particular motions of a 
CtNMtl-^ade^ A procession on horseback, b. 
JBro-^ade^ A kind of flowered silk, s. 
Ar-cade^ A continuation of arches, s. 
Cat-^ady A water-fall, s. 
Am-iu8-cade^ A private station in order to surprise others, s. 
To fade To wither; to grow weak; to lose colour, v. n. 
Een^e^fode Aa apostate ; a revolter, a. 

84 ADB 

Bri-gadef A diinsion of forces, 8. [tioa, f. 

Shade Screen ; shadow ; a soul in a state of separa- 
To shade To coTor from light or heat ; to protect, y. a. 
7h o-^)er'Shade^ To cover with darkness, t. a. 

Night^ehade A plant of two kinds, common and deadly, f. 
Jade A bad woman ; a worthless horse, s. 
To Jade To tire; to weary; to ride down, t. a. 
Cockrode^ An ornament worn on a hat or cap, s. 
Block-^td^ The military shutting up of a town, s. 
To block-ode^ To shut up ; to surround, ▼. a. 
To lade To load ; to freight, t. a. 
Lade The mouth of a riyer, s. 
Seorlade^ A storming of a place by ladders, s. 
Ee-^a-lade' The act of scaling walls, s. 
Mar^ma-lade Quinces boiled with sugar, s. 

Blade A spire of gross ; the cutting part of a weapon, 8. 
Olade An opening in a wood, s. 
Enrfirlade^ A narrow passage, s. 
To en-fi-lade^ To charge in a right line, t. a. 
Chil-lade^ Any thing broiled on a gridiron, 8. 
To vn-lade^ To exonerate ; to put out, t. a. 
7h o-ver-lade^ To overburden ; to overload, v. a. 

Made Pret of to make. [s. Fr. 

Chormade^ The beat of a drum which declares a surrender, 
Un-made^ Not yet formed ; deprived of form, a. 
Po-made^ A fragrant ointment, s. 
Ba-pla-nade^ A term in fortification, s. [niglit, s. 

Ser-e-nade^ Music with which ladies are entertained in the 
To ter-e-nade^ To entertain with nocturnal music, v. a. 
Gre-nade^ A small bomb, s. 
Bae-H^nade^ A beating on the feet, s. 
To hae-ti-nade^ To beat, v. a. 

Pan-node^ The curvet of a horse, s. 
CoUon-nade' A peristile of a circular figure, 8. 
• €he-co-na^ A boast ; a bravado, a. 
Mo^nade An indivisible thing, s. 
Le-^mon-ade^ A mixture of water, sugar, and lemon juice, s. 
To ean-non-ade^ To discharge cannons, v. 
Fan-far-o-nadef A bluster, s. 

JBt-trorpadef A particular defence of a horse, s. 

Spade An instrument for digging ; a suit*of cards, s. 
Pa-rade^ Show; military order ; guard, s. 
To a-brade^ To rub oflF; to waste by degrees, v. a. 
Maek-e-rade^ A masked assembly, s. 
To matk-e^ade^ To go in disguise, v. n. 
Cam-er-ade^ A bosom companion, s. 
Masqu^er-ade^ An assembly in which the company are masked, s. 
To masqu-^-ade^ To go in disguise, v. n. 

To de-graded To lessen ; to place lower, t. a. 
Ret^ro-^ade Going backward ; contrary, a. 

Comrade A companion ; a partner, s. 
To eor-radef To mb off; to scrape together, v. a. 

IDB gfr 

7Mk Commerce; oooagMmk; eaqdoymcat, ■. 
lb trade To traffic ; to act for money ; to seil, t. n. 
Ei-irade^ An even or leyel space, b. Fr. 
Bal4u»-4rade^ Row of little tamed pillars, s. 

Pesade^ A motion which a horse makes, s. 
Lanee-p&^ade^ The offioer under the corporal, s. 
FaH^ade^ Pales for indosnre, i. 
Crat^adi^ A holj war, s. 
Am-ba9-9ade^ SmbaaB7» >• [coin, s. 

Cru-Mde^ An expedition against the infidels ; a Portugal 
Bod-o^man-tade^ An empty, noisy bluster ; a rant, s. 
To rod-o-fium-tadt^ To brag thrasonically, t. n. 

To vade To Yaidsh ; to pass away, t. n. 
To m-^Htde^ To enter in an hostile manner, v. a. 
Toper-vade^ To pass through, ▼. a. 
Toper-wade^ To bring to an opinion ; to influence^ ▼. a. 
To die-^uadef To adTise contrary, t. a. 
To wade To walk through water, t. a. 
To a^-oede^ To come to ; to draw near to, t. 
To re^edef To fall back ; to desist, t. n. 
To pro-cede^ To go before in rank or time, t. a. 
To ee-^ede^ To withdraw from fsllowship, ▼. n. 
To amrWt^der To precede ; to go before, ▼. a. 

To eon-cede^ To admit; to grant, v. a. 
To mrier-cedt^ To treat in behalf of another, r. n. 
QUde A kite, s. 
Sol^i-pede An animal whose feet are not doven, s. 
Palmfi-pode Web-footed, a. 

PWmi-pede A fowl that has feathers on the foot, s. 
Mul^ti-pede An insect with many feet, s. 
Cent^i^fede A poisonous insect, s. 
To im-pede^ To hinder; to obstruct; to let, v. a. 
Rede Counsel ; adrioe, s. 
Brede See Braid. 
To whper-eede^ To make void ; to set aside, v. a. 
To hide To endure ; to dwell ; to lire, t. 
To orhidef To stay in a place; to continue; to endure, r. n 
To de-<Adef To determine, t. a. 
DefiriAde Death of our blessed Saviour, s. 
S^p-eide The murder or murderer of a king, s. 
StilfU-eide A suocession of drops, s. 
Hom^i-eide Murder; a murderer, s. 
T^f^am^m-dde The aoi of killing a tyrant, s. 
Lap^i^eide A stone-cutter, s. 
So^or^i-^ide ^Hie murder or murderer of a sister, s. 
Par^ri-^ide The murder or aturderer of a father, s. 
Mat^rirdde The murder or murderer of a mother, s. 
Frat'ri-<ide The murder or murderer of a brother, s. 
Vatfi-^ide A murderer of poets, s. 
In-fan^U-^ide The slau|^ter of an infiuit, s. 
Su^i-dde Self-murder, s. 
To m-mda^ To out or <Kfide as by sharp medidses, r. a. 


To eo-inrdde^ To agree wHli, t. n. 
Ta dtf'fide^ To dutrost ; to haTe no confidence in, v. n. 
To con-fide^ To tmst in, t. n. 
To hide To conceal, v. a. 
To chide To scold ; to reprove, t. 
To d-Ude^ To break in pieces, t. a. 
To glide To flow gent^, silently, and swiftly, v. n. 
To eol-Ude^ To beat ; to dash ; to kaock together, t. a. 
To elide To pass smoothly ; to pnt imperceptibly, ▼. 
Slide A smooth easy passage, f. 
To haek-elide^ To fall off, v. n. 

Nide A brood, as a nide of pheasants, s. 
To ride To travel on a horse ; to be carried, v. 
Bride A new-married woman, s. 
To de-ride^ To langh at; to mock, v. a. 
To gride To cut, t. n. 

Pride Inordinate self-esteem; insolence, s. 
To cur-ride' To langh at ; to smile on, t. a. 
To stride To walk with long steps, ▼. n. 

Stride A long step, s. 
Astride' With legs open, as upon a horse, ad. 
To be-^tridy To stride over any thing, v. a. 

To side To take a party ; to Migage in a fMtion, v. n. 
Side' Oblique ; not direct, a. 
Side The rib part of an animal ; edge ; party, s. 
Aside' Away from the rest, ad. 
To subside' To sink ; to tend downwards, v. n. 
Broad'side The side of a ship ; a volley of shot fired firom the 

side of a ship, s. 
Blind'side Weakness ; foible, s. 
Beside' Near ; at the side of another, prep. 
Beside' Over and above, ad. 
To reside' To live in a place, v. n. 
Topreside' To be set over, v. n. 
Weahside' Foible; infirmity, s. 
Backside' The hinder part ; the breech, s. 
Ifiside' The interior part, s. 
With'inside' In the interior parts, ad. 

Outside' Appearance ; the external part, s. 

Tide Flux and reflux ; stream ; flood ; time, s. 
To tide To drive with the stream, v. 
To be-tide' To happen ; to befal, v. n. 
Shrove'tide The day before Ash-Wednesday or Lent, s. 
Spring'tide Tide at the new or ftdl moon ; high tide, s. 
Twdf'tide The Epiphany or twelfth-day, s. 
JS'ven-tide The time of evening, s. 
Noon'tide Mid-day, s. 
Noon'tide Meridianal, a. 
WhU' sun-tide The feast of Pentecost, s. 
Coun'ter-Ode Contrary tide, s. 

To guide To direct; to regulate, v. a. 

Guide One who directs another in his way, tr 

tJDB 8T 

IV) mu-gwde' To direct ill ; to letul the wrong way, t. a. 
> To di^oidef To part; to separate; to ctistribiite, y. 
To tub^i-vide^ To dlTide a part, y. a. 

To pro-vide^ To procure; to prepare; to stipulate, T. a. 

Wide Broad ; remote, a. [made, s. 

A-mende^ A fine by which recompense is supposed to be 
Ode A poem to be sung to music, rhymes goad, loa<], 
and mowM, sow'd, roVd, &c. the apostrophized' 
preterits of the Torbs to mow, to cut grass, to 
sow, to row, &o. s. 
To bode To foreshow ; to portend, s. 
A'bode^ Habitation ; stay ; continuance, s. 
Tofore-^pode^ To prognosticate; to foreknow, ▼. 

Code A book or yolume of civil law, s. 
7\> dis-plode^ To yent with yiolence, y. a. 
To ex'plode^ To decry ; to make a report, y. a. 

Mode Form ; state ; appearance ; fashion, s. 
A'la-mode^ According to the fashion, ad. 
Com-fnodef A woman's head-dress, s. 
To in-eom-mode^ To hinder or embarrass, y. a. 
To die-^om-Ttiodef To put to inconyenience ; to molest, y. a. 

Node A knob ; an intersection, s. [strophe, s. 

E^pode The stanza following the strophe and anti- 
Rode Pret of to ride. 
To e-Todef To canker or eat away, y. a. 
To ar^ode^ To gnaw or nibble, y. a. 
To eor-Tode^ To eat away by degrees, y. a 
Trode Pret of to tread, rhymes hod. 
Ep'i-tode An incidental narratiye or digression in a poem, a. 
Vai^vode A prince of the Dacian proyinces, B. 
fforde A tribe of wandering Tartars, s. 
Oaude An ornament ; a fine thing, s. 
To gaude To exult ; to rejoice, y. n. 
To ae-etude^ To shut up, y. a. 
To re-elude^ To open, y. a. 
Topre^ude^ To shut out; to hinder, y. a. 
To ee-clude^ To exclude ; to confine from, y. a. 
To inrdttde^ To comprehend ; to comprise, y. a. 
To con-dude^ To finish ; to close ; to determine, y. 
To m-ier-lnde^ To shut from a place, y. a. 
To ex-eludef To shut out ; to debar ; to except against, y. a. 
To e-lude^ To escape or ayoid by artifice, y. a. 
To de-lude^ To beguile ; to disappoint; to debauch, y. a* 

Prd^udef Some&ing introductory, s. 
Ih preclude To serve as an introduction, y. n. 
To al-lude^ To have some reference to a tiling, y. n. 
To U^lude^ To deceive ; to mock, v. a. 
To eol-lude^ To conspire in a ftrattd, v. n. 
In^ier-lude A farce, s. 
To d&-nude< To strip ; to make naked, y. a. 
Rude Uncivil; ignorant; brutal, a. 
Crude Raw ; immature ; undigested) •• 

88 UBE 

JPmde A WMMn ftfliaetedly ttodMt» i. 
7\f ob-tmde^ To thnwt into bj foro«, y. a. 
To de-trude^ To thrust down, t. a. 
Tb m-inkU^ To enerofteh ; to come imtnTited, t. m. 
To pro-trude^ To thrust forward, y. tu 

To ea>%nM To thrvst off, y. a. 
To tranrtudt^ To pass throng in YaponrSy T. n. 

Qut^^-tude Rest; repose, s. 
In^qm^^-hide A disturbed state ; want of peace, b. 
JHa-qui^e-tude Uneasiness, §. 

Dea^ue-tude Cessation from being aoonstomad, i. 
Man^aue-tude Tameness; gentleness, 8. 
Con^tut-tude Custom ; usage, s. 
At'tu&'tude Aocustomance ; custom, a. 
Hai/i-tude Relation ; long custom, a. 
Am^bi-tude Compass ; drcuit, s. 
So-Ut/i^ude Anxiety ; carefulness, 8. 
Lon^ffi'tude Length ; distance from east to wett» a. 
Simnl^i-tude Likeness ; resemUasoe ; oomparisoii, s. 
Dia-^i-mU^i'tude Unlikeoess, s. 

8oyi4ud§ A lonely life or plaoa; a desert, s. 
Am^pU-tude Extent; copiousness, s. 
PlmfirHide Fulness ; completion ; rei^eteness, s. 
8e-rm^i-tude Calmness ; coolness of mind, s. 
Mag^ni'tude Chreatness ; comparatiTe bulk, s. 
Fin^i-tude Limitation ; confinement within boundaries, s. 
In-^le-fin^i^ude Quantity not limited by our understanding, ■• 

In-finfi-tude Infinity ; boundless number, ■• 
J>t<tq^¥*u4f The last stage of decay, s. 

Ly/pi-tude Blearedness of eyes, s. [less, s. 

Tor^pi-tude A being slug^psh; the state of being motion- 
Tur^pi^tude Inheroit Yileness; badness, s. 
A-fnar^i'tude Bitterness, s. 
Crd/fi-tude Frequentness, s. 
A</ri-tude An acrid taste, s. 
Pui^ehri-tude Beauty; grace; handsomeness, s. 
Cd/airtude Height; hig^ess, s. 
Lat^tirtude Weariness; fatigue, s. 
Croi^si-tude Orossness ; coarseness, t. 
ye-ees^si-tude Want ; need, s. 
Vi-dt^tUude Change ; rcYolution, s. 
Spis^ti-tude Orossness ; thickness, 8. 
Be-iU^'Utde Blessedness, s. 
Lat^i-tude Breadth ; extent ; distance north or south, s. 
Orat^irtude Duty to benefactors, s. 
In-i^rat^f-tuds Unthankfulnees, s. 

Ret/ti-tuda Straightness ; uprightness, s. 
Sane^H-tude Holiness ; goodness, g. 
AyU-tude Height, s. 

Mul^H'tude Many; a crowd; thcYulgar, s. 
Ap^H-tude Fitness ; tend«>cy ; disposition, s. 
In-^U-Uuk Unfitness, s. 

BBS 9$ 

Pnmp^ti-tude Readinesfl ; qmckness, t. 

Cer^U'tude Certaintj ; freedom from doubt, 8. 
In-^er^ti'tude Unoertainty ; doabtfalness, s. 
For^U-tude Courage ; strength ; force, s. 
At^t^4ude Posture or posidon of the human figure, ftc. s. 
Par^vi^tude Littleness ; minuteness, s. 
Ser^d-tude Slavery ; bondage ; apprenticeship, s. 
To ez^ude^ To sweat out ; to issue by sweat, y. n. 
Bee An insect that makes honey, s. 
Burnable Bee A large buzxing wild bee, s. 
Ckor-deef A contraction of the f^num, s. 

Fee A reward ; a perquisite ; a perpetual right, s. 
Cof^fee A berry and liquor, s. 
Feoff fee One put in possession, s. 

Qee A term used by waggoners to their horses, int 
Mori-ga-gee^ One who takes or reoeiTes a mortgage, s. 
ObAirgeef One bound by contract, s. 

O-gee^ In architecture, a sort of moulding, s. [earth, s. 
Ap^a-gu The most distant situation of a planet from the 
Ref^ip-gee^ One who flees for protection, s. 
Trc/chee A foot of long and short syllable, s. 
De-henhcheef A lecher ; a drunkard, s. 
Cou^chee Bed-time, s. 

Thee The oblique case of the pronoun thou. 
Prith^ee A familiar corruption of pray thee. 

Kee A proYincial plural of cow, properly kine. 
Lee The side opposite to the wind, s. 
To flee To run from danger, y. n. 
Oiee Joy ; merriment, s. 
Jufhi-lee A public periodical festirity, s. 
Ap-pet-lee^ One who is accused, s. [mine, s. 

Ar-aignree' In fortification, a branch, return, or gallery of a 
At^ngn-ee^ One appointed to do any thing, s. 
Bar-gain-ee' One who accepts a bargain, s. 

Knee The joint between the leg and the thigh, s. 
Do-ntef He to whom lands are giTcn, s. 
Ep-o^ee^ An epic, or heroic poem, s. 
Courpee^ A motion in dancing, s. 
To ree To riddle ; to sift, y. a. 
Be-ereef An edict ; a law ; a determination, s. 
To de-cree^ To appoint ; to sentence ; to doom, y. 
Free At liberty ; ingenious ; innocent, a. 
To free To set at liber^ ; to exempt, y. a. 
Shot' free Clear of the reckoning, a; Yulgariy Scot free. 
Oree Good will ; fayour, s. 
To orgree^ To consent ; to strike a bargain ; to reconcile, y. 
To die-orgreef To differ; to quarrel; not to suit, y. n. 

De-gree' Quality; station; proportion; 8d0th part of the 
circle ; on the earth, GO geographical miles, s. 
Ped'i-gree Genealogy ; lineage, s. 
^o wnrgree^ To agree ; to join, y. n. 
Three Two and one^ a. 

Bo^rtef A kind of dflioe, a. 
Ref-er-ee^ One to whom mny thing is referred, 8. 

Trte Anj tlung T^;etable, tall, and braadied, a. 
See The diooese of a biidiop, t. 
^ Me To p«<oeiTe by the eye ; to be attentlTe, t. 
Frie-a-^ee^ A French diah ; a kind of bask, s. 
To foresee^ To see beforehand, t. a. 
Cog-nirsee^ One to whom a fine is acknowledged, s. 
Re-cag-nirteef The person in wboee faToor a bond is drawn, s. 
To o-ver-eeef To saperintend ; oTerlo<^ t. a. 
Let^ee^ One who takes a lease, s. 
Fwttf A ilrriook ; a part of a watch, •. 
Leg-a-teef One who has a legacy left him, s. 
Cov-e^iumt-ee^ A party to a coTenant, s. 
Quar-^nr*^ One who undertakes to see stipnlations performed, t. 
Qrani-^ One to whom a grant is made, s. 
Ab-jfent-ee^ A term given to Irishmen liTing ont of their conn- 
Fre9-4iU-ee^ One presented to a benefice, s. [try, s. 

Pat-^nt-ee^ One who has a patent, s. 
Den-o-te^ A superstitions person ; a bigot, s. 
Rep-^xr-teef A smart witty reply, s. 
Tnut-eef One entrusted with any thing for another, s. 
Set'Ue^ A long seat with a back to it, s. 
ComrmU^tee A number of persons diosen to consider, examine^ 
or manage any matter, s. 
Wee Litae; snwll, a. 
Av-ow-ee^ One who has a right of adyowson, b. 
Ad-vov-ee^ One who has an adyowson, s. 

To chafe To fret the skin ; to rage ; to fume, ▼. n. 
To chafe To warm ; to make angry ; to heat, y. a. 
Safe Free from danger, s. 
Se^fe A buttery ; a pantry ; a oool cupboard, 8. 
To voueh-eafe^ To condescend ; to grant, t. 
TJnreafe^ Not secure ; dangerous, a. 

Fif^ A pipe commonly used with a drum, s. 
Life The state of a liying creature ; a spirit, 8. 
Knife A steel utensil to cut with, s. 
Rife Preyftlent; much about; abounding, s. 
Strife Contention ; discord, s. 
Wife A married woman, s. 
Mid^vife One who deliyers women with child, s. 
Mouee^wife A female economist, s. 

I>4^0 A mine ; a quarry ; a kind of earthen ware, 8. 
Age A space of time ; a man's Hfe ; 100 years, s. 
Cal/bage A plant, s. 
Crii/bage A game at cards, 8. 
Gar^bage The offal ; the bowels, s. 
Herbage Grass ; pasture ; herbs in general, s. 

Cage A place of oonfnement, s. 
Tic' cage Money paid at fairs for ground for booths, 8. 
Socfeage A law term, s. 
To inrcage^ To coop up ; to confine in « cage, ▼. a. 

AGE 91 

Br</eage Agenoj; trade in deaUiig in old things, 8. 
Bot^cage Wood or woodlands, s. 

Ad^age A proTorb ; an old saying, s. 
Oui'dage The reward given to a goide, s. [sheep, s. 

Fal'dagt A privilege reserved fmr setting «p folds fox 
Band' age Something bonnd over anything, s. 
Appmd'age Something added to another thing, s. 
Bond' age Captivity; imprisonment, s. 
Found' agt A sum deducted from a pound, s. 
Quard'agt State of wardship, s. 
Cord' age A parcel of ropes ; ropes of a ship, 8. 
lAn'e-age Progeny ; family, s. 
Wharfage Dues for landing at a wharf, s. 
Oage A pledge ; a pawn ; a caution, 8. 
To gage To wager ; to measure, v. a. 
Bag' gage A worthless woman ; utensils of an army, i. 
Img'gage Any cumbrous thing, s. 

To engage' To encounter ; to persuade ; to siake liable, t. a. 
To engage' To embark in any business, T. n. 
To pre-m-gage' To engage by precedent ties or contracts, t. a* 
To dU-^n^gagei' To quit ; to extricate ; to Aree from, t. 
Weath'er-gage Any thing that shows the weather, a. 
To mort'gage To put to pledge, v. a. 
Mort'gage A pledge ; a security, s. 
To dia-mort'gage To redeem from ntortgage, v. *• 
Hem'or-rhage An effusion of blood, s. 
Sul'li-age Pollution ; filth ; foulness, s. 
Fo'Uroge Leaves ; tufts of trees, s. 
Car'ri-age A vehicle ; conduct, s. 
Mu-^ar'ri-age Abortion; failure, s. 

Mar^ri-age The act of uniting a man and woman for life, s. 
hmter-mar'riragt Reciprocal union of families by two marriages, s. 
Fer'ri-age The fare paid at a ferry, s. 
Leak/age An allowance for loss by leaks, s. 
Oal'age A shepherd's dog, s. 
Vat'taJroge The state of a vassal ; slaveiy, s. 
Aa-iem'blage A collection of things, s. ' 

Car'c&4age Prison fees, s. 
Fu'ee-l<^e A state of virginity, s. Fr. 
Mu'eUroge A slimy or viscous body, s. 
CoTt'irlage A gristle, s. 
FoH'i'lage A little fort, s. 

Smal'lage A plant ; a species of parsley, s. [changed, s. 
En-nal'la-ge A figure in grammar, where a mood or tense is 
Hy-pat'la-ge A figure by which words change tiieir oases, s. 
Tal'lage Impost ; excise, s. 
Treil'lage A contexture of pales to suj^rt espaliers, a. 
FU'lage Plunder, s. 
TopOflage To plunder; to rob, v. a. 
Pu'pUrlage Wardship ; the state of a scholar, s. 
TU'lage The practice of ploughing or coltvre, c 
VUflage A smaU collection of booses, s. 

&i AGE 

SmVloffe Dndn of filth, s. 
Ful'la^e The money paid for Ailling cloth, s. 
Naul^age The freight of passengers in a ship, b. 
Mcige A magician, s. 
To dam'agt To mischief; to ii^nre ; to take damage, t. 
Dam' age Mischief; hart; loss, s. 
To m-^mfagt To mischief; to prejudice, y. a. 

Im'age A picture ; statne ; idol ; idea ; likeness, s. 
To im'age To imagine ; to conceiTC in thought, y. a. 
FU'grimage A journey to -visit shrines, &o., s. 
Pri'mage The freight of a ship, s. 
To rum'mage To plunder ; to search places diligently, t. 
Rum'mage An active search for things, s. 

Hom'age Obeisance ; service to a lord, s. 
To hom'age To reverence by external action, ▼. a. 
Eoom'age Space ; place, s. 

Rom'age A bustle ; an active and tumultuous search, s. 
fWmage Hearth money, s. 
PWmage Feathers, s. 
Or^phan-age The state of an orphan, §. 
Vil'lan-age The state of a villain ; base servitude, b. 
2\> man'age To conduct ; govern ; transact, v. a. 
Man'age The government of a horse, s. 
To mii^man'age To manage ill, v. a. [children, t. 

Aj/pan-age Lands set apart for the maintenance of younger 
Cra'nage Liberty to use a crane for drawing up goods, s. 
Cot' enrage A cheating ; fraud ; deceit, s. 
Con<u^bin-age A cohabiting with a woman .without marriage, b. 
Vie'i-nage A neighbourhood ; a place a^oining, s. 
Affirnagt A refining metals by the cupel, s. 
Chin'i^nage A toll for passing through a forest, s. 
Com' age The practice of coining ; forgery, s. 
Spin' age A plant, s. 
Aln'age KU-measure, s. 
Ton'nage An impost upon every ton, s. 
Tun'nage The contents of a vessel ; a tax laid on a tun, b. 
Comfmon-age The right of feeding on a common, s. 
Non'age Minority in age, s. 
Bar'on-age The dignity of a baron, s. 
Pai'ron-age Support ; protection ; a right of giving, 8. 
Pai^%onrage A parson's benefice or house, s. 
Per'son-age A considerable person, s. 

Page A lad attending on a great person ; one side of a 
leaf of a book, s. 
To page To mark the pages of a book, v. a. 
TH'Ue-page A page in the front of a book, s. 
Eq'td-page Carriage of state ; attendance ; retinue, 8. 
Scrip'page That which is contained in a scrip, s. 
Stop'page The act of stopping or being stopped, 8. 
Rage Violent anger; passion; fury, s. 
To rage To be in a fhry ; to ravage, v. n. 
YWrn^age The benefioe of a vicar, b. 

AGE 98 

Ar^ear^age The remainder of a debt, b. [cellars, 8. 

OtVlar-agB The part of the boildiiigs which makes the 
To dig-par^age To treat with contempt; to leuen, t. a. 
AVtar-cigB An emoloment from oblations, s. 
Um^brag^ Shadow; offence; resentment, s. 
Peer^age The dignity of a peer ; the body of peers, s. 
SUer^agt The act of steering ; the hinder part of a ship, ■• 
Bro^ker-age The pay or reward of a broker, s. 
iiuar^ter-ag9 A quarterly allowance or payment, 8. 
Por^ier-age Money paid to a porter, s. 
Af/er-ag^ A mean proportion ; a medium, a. 
Bet/er-age Drink ; liquor to be drunk, s. 
Sv^'frage Vote; approbation, s. 
Otfti-fragt A kind of eagle, s. 
Sax^irfrage A plant, s. 
Un^jpir^age Arbitration, s. 

Bor'agt A plant, s. 
Seig'nor-^e Authority ; acknowledgment of power, s. 
Tu^tor^e The authority or solemnity of a tutor, s. 
Cart^rage A case filled with gunpowder for charging guns, s, 
OuVrage Violence ; tumultuous mischief, s. 
To oui^rage To yiolate, y. a. Jvnbu, 

Mufragt Money paid to keep walls in repair, s. 
Har^hotiir-agt Shelter; entertainment, s. 

Courtage BraTery ; active fortitude, s. 
To m-cour'age To animate; to support the spirits, t. a. 
To dit-cour^age To depress ; terrify ; dissuade, ▼. a. 

P<u'tur^ag$ Lands grazed by catUe ; the use of pasture, s. 
8ag9 A plant; a man of wisdom, s. 
Sage Wise ; grave ; prudent, a. 
Topr&^age^ To forebode; to foretoken, t. a. 
Pres^age A prognostic, s. 
Prit^age Custom upon lawful prizes, s. 
Visage The face; countenanoe; look, •. 
Amfhat-tage An embassy, s. 

I!mfha9-9ag$ An embassy ; a public message, s. [book, s. 

P<u^»agt A journey by water; act of passing; part of a 
Me9^$ag6 An errand, s. [ture, s. 

Bot'tage In architecture, any stone that has a projeo- 

U^9age Treatment; custom; practice, s. 
Sau^tage A composition of meat and spice, t. 
8w'pbi9^e A supernumerary part; orerplus, s. 
Dii-u^tage Disuse, s. 
MiB^9ag§ 111 treatment; abuse, t. 
Wtft^age Texture, s. 
FraugM^age Lading; cargo, s. 
ffer^mH-age A hermit's cell, s. 
Ber^U-age Inheritance ; the people of God, s. 
Fndi^agt Fruit coUectiyely, s. 
VauU-^ige Arched cellar, s. 
AdHoanftage Superiority ; gain, s. 
^^^•-^drwmftag^ Loss; pn)iiuiice» a. 

Pmr'enriagt Extnctioii ; birth, 8. 

Mmtfoffe Tlutt whieh is coined ; duty paid for coining, a. 
Vwi^agt The time of making wine, s. 
PorU^age Dntj paid for reparation of bridges, s. 
Dot' age Loss of understanding ; OTer-fondness, 8. 
Ptfloi-age The sidll or hire of a pilot, s. 
Fart^agt Difision ; the act of sharing or parting, s. 
Pori'agt The price of carriage, s. 

8Ui^t The theatre; a place for public transactionB, or 
of rest on a jonmej, s. 
Powi'agt Momej paid for the carriage of letters, a. 
Cot'tage A cot ; a little hat or hoose, s. 
PoViagt Anything boiled or decocted for food, s. 
Pu^tage In law, prostitution on the woman's part, t. 
Rwo'age Spoil; plunder; waste; ruin, s. 
To rai/age To lay waste ; to spoil; to pillage, t. a. 
Sav^cige WUd; cruel; barluurous, a. 
St-cu^age An ancient kind of knight's service, a. 
Lan^guage Human speech ; tongue ; style, s. 
Eiv^age A bank ; a coast, s. Fr. 
Salvage Wild; rude; cruel, a., obsolete. 
SaVvage A reward for saying wrecked goods, •. 
Selvage The edge of cloth, s. 
To M-^udge^ To mitigate ; to ease ; to pacify, t. a. 
Met^tU'^e A small house, s. 

To wage To lay a wager; to TCnture, ▼. a. 
Brev/age A mixture of various things, s. 
Stov/age Room for laying up ; a being laid up, s. 
Key^age Money for lying at a key or quay, s. 
Voy'age A travel or journey by sea, s. 

Badge A marie of distinction, s. 
Tofadge To agree; to succeed; to hit, y. n. 

Edge The sharp point of an instrument, s. 
To edge To sharpen ; to border ; to exasperate, ▼. a. 

Hedge A fence made of bushes, s. 
To hedge To inclose with a hedge ; to shift, y. 
Ledge A small raised moulding on the edge, s. 
Fledge Full feathered, a. 
Tofiedge To furnish with wings, y. a. 

Pledge A pawn, s. 
To pledge To pledge : to invite to drink, y. a. 

Sledge A heavy hammer ; a carriage without wheels, ■• 
Knov/Udge Skill; understanding; learning, s. 
To ac'knoii/ledge To confess ; to own as a benefit, v. a. 
Fore-knoto^ledge Knowledge of that which has not yet happened, %, 
In-ter-knov/ ledge Mutual knowledge, s. • 
Dredge An oyster-net, s. 
To dredge To fish for oysters with a dredge, y. n. 
To dredge To sprinkle flour on meat roasting, y. a. 
Sedge A growth of narrow flags, s. 
Wedge A body with a sharp edge ; an ingot, s. 
To wedge To fasten or cleave with tredgeey y. a. 

IGB »6 

fb ai4tg€^ To affirm ; to declare, t. a. 
Qor'hSigt Corrupted from garbagty which see, 8. 
Tofidge To move nimbi j, v. n. 
Mid^t A gnat, 8. 

Ridge The upper part of a slope, s. 
Bridge A building raised over water ; the rising part of 
the nose ; a supporter of the strings in a musi- 
cal instrument, s. 
7h thbridge^ To abbreriate ; to shorten words, t. a. 
Foot-bridge A bridge for foot passengers, s. 
Draw-bridge A bridge meant to lift up, s. 
To en-ridge- To form with longitudinal protuberances, t. a. 
For-ridge Broth, s. 
Fium-por-ridge Porridge with plums, s. 

Cart-ridge A paper case of gunpowder, s. 
Fart-ridge A biid of game, s. 
To bodge To boggle, t. n. 

To dodge To prevaricate ; to follow artfully, v. [reside, v. 
To lodge To place ; to settle ; to fix ; to harbour ; to 
Lo<fye A small house in a park ; a porter's room, s. 
To dia-hdge- To drive out ; to move away, v. 

Fodge A puddle ; a plash, s. 
Hodge-podge A medley of ingredients boiled together, ■• 
To budge To stir ; to move off the place, v. n. 
Budge The dressed skin or fur of lambs, s. 
To judge To judge; to discern, v. 

Judge One who presides in court; a skilful person, •. 
To ad-judge- To judge ; to decree ; to pass sentence, v. 
To re-judge- To re-examine ; to review, v. a. 
To forejudge- To judge beforehand, v. a. 
Topre-judge- To determine beforehand, t. a. 
To mie-judge- To judge wrongfully, v. a. 

Sludge Hire ; dirt mixed with water, I. 
To anudge To lie idle or snug, v. n. 
To drudge To labour in mean offices, v. n. 

Drudge A mean laborious servant, s. 
To grudge To envy ; to give unwillingly, v. 

Orudge An old quarrel ; envy ; ill will, s. 
To trudge To travel laboriously, v. n. 

Li£ge Trusty; loyal, pronounced as if written leege, a. 
Liege Sovereign ; superior lord, s. 
Siege The besieging a place, rhymes liege, s. 
To be-tiege- To attack closely; to beleaguer, v. a. 
Sae-ri-lege Robbery of a church, &c. s. 
Sort-irkge The act of drawing lots, s. 
Friv-i4ege A peculiar advantage ; public right, 8. 
To priv-irleige To grant a privilege, v. a. [gion, 8. 

CoVl^e A society of men set apart for learning or reli« 
To re-ruge- To disown, v. a. 

To o-bUge- To bind ; to compel ; to please, rhymes liege, t. a. 
To di9-^b^e- To offend; to di^^ust, v. a. 
SMf-f^mige A medical fiime, s. 

96 NOB 

Tige A term in torddteotiire, xlijmM liegt, •. 
Vu^iiffe A footstep ; the mark leit behind after pasiing, a 
To bilge To spring a leak, ▼. n. 

To bulge To take in water ; to founder, t. n. a sea term. 
To in-dulge^ To fondle ; to faTonr, ▼. a. 
To o-mulgef To milk out, t. a. 
To pro-nudged To promulgate; to publish, t. a. 
To di-vulge^ To publish ; to proclaim ; to disclose, ▼. a. 
To ekcmge To alter ; to mend ; pronounced ohainge, t. a. 
Cfumge An alteration ; small money, 8. 
To re-ckange^ To change again, y. a. 
To m^er-ehange^ To put each into the place of the other, t. a. 
In^Ur-change Commerce ; mutual donation and reception, s. 
Coun^ter-change Exchange ; reciprocation, s. 
To ooun^ter-change To give and receiye, y. a. 

To ezrckange^ To give and take reciprocally, y. 
Ex-change^ A bartering ; a place of meeting for merchants, s. 
Mange The itch or scab in cattle, rhymes change, s. 
Range Bank; excursion; a kitchen grate, rhymes 
change, s. 
To range To roYe at large, y. n. 
Orange A farm, rhymes change, •. 
To m-Tongef To place regularly, y. a. 

Or'ange A fruit, s. 
To air-range' To set in order, y. a. [a. 

Strange Foreign; wonderful; odd; new, rhymes change, 
Strange An expression of wonder, int 
To o-etrange' To keep at a distance ; to alienate, y. a. 
To chal'lenge To claim ; demand ; accuse, y. a. 
Chal'lenge A summons to combat, s. 
To venge To arenge ; to punish, y. a. 
To a-venge' To rcYcnge ; to punish, y. a. 
To re-venge' To return an injury ; to aYCnge, t. a. 
Be-venge' A scYcre return of an inrjuiy, s. 
Loz'enge A rhomb ; a form of medicine, s. 

Einge A joint upon which a gate or door tmiis, s. 
To hinge To ihmish with hinges, y. a. 
To un-hinge' To throw firom the Mnges ; to conftise, Y. a. 
To im^pinge' To fall or strike against, y. n. 
To cringe To bow ; to fawn ; to flatter, y. n. 

Cringe A bow ; serYile ciYility, s. 
To fringe To adorn with fringes, y. 
Fringe An ornamental appendage to dress, &o. s. 
To he-fringe' To decorate with ninge, y. a. 
To in-fringe' To Yiolate ; to destroy, y. a. 

Springe A gin; a noose that catches by a jerk, s. 
To a-etringe' To draw together, y. a. 
To ro-ttringe' To limit; to confine, y. a. 
To eon-etringe' To compress ; to contract, y. a. 
To per-etringe^ To gate upon ; to glance upon, Y. m. 
To singe To scorch ; to bum sli^itly, y. a. 
To QirUnge^ To touch lightly, y. a. 


1\> mpmff To whip; to battiixit ; to pmiM, t. ft. 

Swiaige A sway ; a sweep of anytbiiig in motion» 8. 
To twmge To pinch ; to torment; to distress, t. a. 

Tvomge A sharp sudden pain ; a pinch, •, 
Syr'inge A pipe to sqturt liqnor, s. 
7b iyr'tngt To spout by or wash with a qrnnge, t. a. 
Conrg^ An act of reyerenoe; leave; £urewell, «• 
To eon^fe^ To take leaye, t. n. 

Conge In architecture, a particular kind of moulding, s 
AlrUmge^ A pa^or thrust with a rapier, s. 

Sponge A soft porous substance, pronounced spunge, s. 
To sponge To blot; to wipe awi^ ; to gain by mean arts, ▼. 
2h plunge To sink or ^ut suddenly into water, ?. 

J*lunge Act of putting or sinking under water, •. 
To lounge To idle ; to Uto lazily, t. n. 

Spunge A sponge, 8. 
To tpunge To hang on others for maintenance, y. b. 
To ex-punge^ To blot out ; to efifaoe ; to annihilate, ▼. a. 
Oam-boge^ A yellow resinous gum, s. 

Doge The chief magistrate of Yenioe, s. [letter, s. 

PoT-orgo'ge A figure in grammar ; adding a final syllable er 
HoT^o-loge Any instrument that tells the hour, s. 
Barge A row-boat for lading or pleasure, s. 
To charge To accuse ; to attack ; to load, t, a. 
Charge Care ; precept ; expense ; a load, s. 
To re^harge^ To accuse in return ; to charge anew, y. a. 
To o-ver-charge^ To oppress ; to rate too high, y. a. 
To wT-ehargef To OTorload ; to overburden, y. at 
To du-charge^ To dismiss ; to pay ; y. a* 
Dit-charge^ Dismission ; acquittance ; explosion, s. 
LUh^arge Vitrified lead, s. 

Large Big ; bulky ; copious, a. 
To en-large' To release; amplify; inoreaae; expand, t. 
O-ver-large' Larger than enough, a. 
Marge A border ; brink ; edge, s. 
Targe A kind of buckler or sUeld^ 8. 
Cierge A candle carried in procesaon, s. Fr. 
To o-fMrgef To rise out of any thing ; to issue ; to proceed, y. n. 
To imr^mergef To put under water, y, a> 
To dU'perge' To sprinkle, y. a. 

Serge A kind of cloth, s. 
To d^-Urge^ To cleanse a sore, y. a. 
To ab-^Urgef To cleanse by wiping, y. a. 

Verge A rod ; a mace ; the brink of ai|y thing, 8. 
To verge To bend downward ; to tend, y. n. 
To dirvtrgef To tend yarious ways from one point, y. n. 
To eon-verge' To tend to one point, y. n. 

I>irge A mournful dit^, rhymes yerge, 8. 
Virge A dean's mace, pronounced yerge, s. [garter, s. 
Chorge A figure of St George worn by knights of the 
Forge The place where iron is beaten into form, pro- 
nounced nearly as the words fo$j wrgt^ 8. 

08 SHE 

To forgt To form by any means ; to connterfeit, y. a. 
Gwgt The throat ; tiiiat which is swallowed, pronounced 
gawrgOy s. 
To gcrge To fill up to the throat ; to glut, t. a. 
To re-^orge^ To Tomit up ; to swallow back, y. a. 
To m-gorge^ To wallow ; to feed with eagerness, y. 
To o-^er-gorgef To gorge too much, y. a. 
To dit-gorgtf To yomit ; to pour out with force, y. a. 
To urge To incite ; to proyoke ; to press, v. a. 

Qurge A whiripool ; a gulph, s. 
Scourge A whip ; a lash ; a punishment, rhymes urge, s. 
To scowrgt To lash ; to whip ; to chastise, y. a. 
Lourge A tall clumsy person, rhymes urge, s. 
To purge To cleanse; to clear from guilt; to eyacuate by 
stool ; to clarity ; to haye stools, y. 
Purge A medicine causing stools, s. 
Spurge A plant, s. 
Surge A swelling sea, s. 
To eurge To swell ; to rise high, y. n. [y. a. 

To gauge To measure the contents of a yessel, rhymes age, 
Gauge A measure ; a standard, s. 
Refuge Shelter from danger, s. 
To rif^uge To shelter; to protect, y. a. 
Ver'mi'fuge A medicine that destroys worms, s. 
Fd/rirfuge A medicine seryiceable in a fever, s. 
Fd/ri-fuge Haying power to cure foyers, s. 
SuX/ter-fuge A shift ; an eyasion ; a trick, s. 
Huge Vast ; great ; immense, a. 
Del/uge An oyerflow of water, &c., s. 
To dd'uge To drown ; to oyerwhelm, y. a. 
To bouge To swell out, rhymes judge, y. n. 

Oouge A chisel haying a round edge, pronounced googe, 8. 
Eouge Red paint, pronounced rooje, s. 
A-popk^y-ge The spring of a column, s. 

Ache A continued pain, rhymes bake, s. 
To ache To be in pain, y. n. 
Tache Any thing taken hold of; a loop, rhymes ash, s. 
Pa-taehe^ A small ship, s. 

To miche To be secret or coyered, rhymes dycho, y. n. 
Niche A hollow to place a statue in, rhymes itch, s. Fr. 
CarU-hlanchef A blank paper, s. 

Sg-nec^dUh^he In rhetoric, taking part of the whole, and vice 
Ca-roche^ A coach, s. [verto, s. 

Fp^i-graphe An inscription, s. 
Stro^phe A stanza, s. 
An-at^tro^hM In rhetoric, an inyersion of the order of words, s. 
Ca^tas^tro-phe A final event ; generally unhappy, s. 
A-poe^tro-phe In rhetoric, an address to things absent, as if 
present ; in grammar the elision of a yowel by 
a comma, s. 
Ouphe A fairy ; a goblin, s. 

She The female pronoun personaL 


The AitkiU denoting a i>artioal«r thb^. 
To bathe To wash in « bath, or tho water, pronounced 
baithe, y. 
To iheathe To put into a sheath, t. a. 

Meathe Ihrink, 8. 
To breathe To draw breath, t. n. 
To breathe To ezeroise ; to fpLYt air, ▼. a. 
To wreathe To turn ; to twist; to interweare, t. a. 
To m^wreath^ To sarround with a wreath, t. a. 
To be-queathe^ To leave by will, t. a. 
Lathe A tamer's tool, b. 
To loathe To hate ; to create disgost, y. a. 
To swathe To bind with rollers, y. a. 

Le^the ObliYion ; a draught of obliYion, ■• 
Mithe A small haYon or landing place for goods, b. 
ZAthe Limber; flexible, a. 
Blithe Gay ; airy, a. 
To writhe To distort ; to be oonTolYod with agony, y. 
Sithe An instrument for mowing, s. 
Tithe A tenth part, s. 
To tithe To tax ; to pay a tenth part, y^ 
Withe A willow twig or band of twigs, riiymes pith, 8. 
Ne-^pen^ihe A drug that drlYes away all pains, 8. 
To clothe To invest with garments, y. a. 
To toothe To flatter ; to cahn ; to gratify, y. a. 
To emoothe To make even or easy ; to flatter, y. 
To be-trothe^ To give or receive a marriage pron^se; to aft 
ance, v. a. 
To mouthe To mutter ; to grumble ; to speak big, y. 
Slaie A weaver's reed, s. 
Die A small cube to play with ; a stamp used in coin- 
age; colour; tincture; stain; hue, s. 
To die To tinge; taint; expire; lose life, Y. 
To hie To hasten ; to go in haste, y. n. 
To /m To tell a lie ; to lie along, 8. 
Lie A fiction ; a fiedsehood, 8. 
To be-4ie^ To calumniate, y. a. 
Cap-d-pie^ From head to foot, y. a. 
Bie An esculent grain, s. 
A^er-^ A nest of birds of prey, 8. 
JSe-u^rie^ A place for the housing of horses, 8. Fr. 
To tie To bind; to fasten; to constrain, y. a. 
Tie Knot; bond; fastening; obligation, s. 
To wt'tie^ To unbind ; to clear, v. a. 

To vie To show or practise in competition, y. a. 
To vie To contest ; to contend, v. a. 
7b ake To fed a lasting pain, v. n. 
To bake To heat or harden by fire, y. a. 
Cake Flat bread, s. 
Oheeee^eake A cake made of curds, sugar, and butter, 8. 
Hake A kind of fish, s. 
To shake To cause to totter or tremble ; to deproes^ y. 

100 IKfi^ 

Shake Coii«v0bIoii ; Tfbntotj motion, •. 
ZoJb A tract of inland water, s. 
Flake A scale of iron ; a flock of snow, s. 
To elake To qncneli ; to cztingnisli, t. a. 
To a^ldkef To remit ; to slacken, y. a. 

To make To create; to form ; to produce, ▼. t. 
Make Form; nature; stru c tar e, s. 
To mer^ri-make To ftast ; to be Jorial, t. n. 
Snake A kind of serpent, s. 
Mat^tU-enake A snake making a rattling noise, s. 
Spake The old preterit ef the Tcrb to speak. 
Bake A tool with teeth ; a loose man, s. 
To rake To gather or dear with a rake, t. a. 
Brake Pret ef the Terb to break. 
Brake A thicket of brambles or thorns, s. 
Brake The male of the dock ; a kind of gon, s. 
FM drake A ilery serpent, s. 

Jkmfirake A plant hating somewhat of hnmaa form, s. 
Stroke The obsolete preterit of strike. 
Sake Cause ; purpose ; amount ; end, f. 
Namefeake One of tiie same name, s. 
Tofor n Jte^ To desert; to leave, t. a. 

To take To reoelTe; seise; suppose; hire, &c. y. a. 
To be-iake^ To hare recourse to ; to apply ; to moye, y. & 
To re-take^ To take again, y. a. 
Waj/en^take A diyision of a country; a hundred, s. 
Topat^takef To share With ; to haye part in, y. 
To un-der-take^ To engage in ; to promise ; to take charge, y. 
To o-ver-iahe^ To come up with in a pursuit, y. a. 
Stake A post; a wager; a hasard, s. 
5Po etake To deftod With posts ; to wager, y. ft. 
Mii^takef A misconception ; an error, s. 
To mie'tahe' To conceiye wrong ; to err in judgment, y. 
Stoeq/ttake That wins all, s. 

To quake To shake With cold or te$T, y. n. 
Earth' quake A trembling or shaking of the earth, s. 
To wake To watoh ; not to sleep ; to rouse, y. 
To OrVfakt' To cease to sleep, y. n. 

A'wake' Without sleep ; not sleeping, ft. 
Eke Also; likewfse; beside, ad. 
Bike A ditoh; a hedge; bank; mound, s. 
Like Resembling; equal; likely, a. 
To like To approve; to choose; to be pleased with, y. 

Like In the same manner ; probably, ad. 
A'Uke' In the same manner or form, ad. 
Ood'Uke Divine ; resembling a divinity, a. 
Be4ike' Probably ; perhaps, ad. 

Olike A sneer; a scoff, s. See Oleek. 
Man' like Becoming a man ; manly, a. 
Oen'tle-man-Uke Becovilng a man of birth, a. 
Un^en'tle-^nan-like Not becoming a gentleman, ft. 
UMikef fHssimilar; improtiable, a. 

UKB 1« 

Wartlike Military; disposed ftf irir, «,' 
Dit-Ukef Disinoliiiation; distaste, 0. I '•'.'./' 
To dis4ik6^ To disapproTO, v. a. .-.••".:. * 
MtM-Uky Misai^robation ; distaste, s. 
SahU^like Suiting witli or resembling a saint, a. 
CourVUke Elegant; polite, a. 

Pike A fish ; a lanoe osed by soldiers, s. 
Turn' pike JL toll-gate on a road, s. 

Spike An ear of com; agreatnail; a pointed iron, s. 
To etrike To hit with a blow; to dash; to sound, y. n. 
Strike A bushel, s. 
To ikumfder-ttrike To blast or strike with li|^tidng, t. a. 
Tike The louse of dogs or sheep, 9, 
Coke Cinders made of pitcoal, s. 
To choke To suffocate ; to suppress, t. a. 
Choke A part of the artiehoke, s. 
Ar'H-ehoke A wholesome plant, s. 
Joke A jest, s. 
To joke To jest; to be meny, t. n. 
Smoke A sooty exhalation, s. [B^jlyy ▼ 

To emoke To emit smoke ; to use tobaooo ; to discoTei 
To be-emoky To foul with smoke, t. a. 
Foke A pocket; a small bag, s. 
To poke To foul with smoke ; to seraioh out, t. 
^9oke A bar in a wheel, s. 
Spoke Pret of the yerb to speak. 
Be-^poke' Pret of the yerb to bespeak. 

Broke Pret of the yerb to break. 
To broke To contract business for another, t. n. 
To stroke To rub gently or tenderly, y. a. 

Stroke A blow ; touch ; or sound of a eloek, s. 
Mat'ter-etroke Capital performance, s. 

Stoke The body of a tree, s. ; Saxon. 
To re-voky To withdraw ; reyerse ; reyeal, y. a. 
To in-vokef To pray ; to implore, y. a. 
To con-voky To summon ; to call together, y. a. 
Topro-voke' To rouse ; to enrage ; to challenge, y. a. 
A'wokef Pret of the yerb to awake. 

Yoke A kind of collar; mark of servitude; a couple, 8. 
To yoke To couple tqgether; to enslaiye, t. 
To un-yokef To loose £r<HB a yoke ; to diijoin, y. a. 
Erke Idle ; lasy ; slotaftil, a. Saxon. 
To dirke To spoil ; to ruin ; rhymes, perk, jeriE, fte. T. a. 
To rt-btdce' To chide for a &ult, y. a. 
Re-bukef BejffehensioB ; friencQy admonitiion, s. 
Duke The next in dignity below a prince, s. 
Arehfduke Title of the pinees of Austria and Tuscaoy, s. 
Huke A doak, s. old French, obsolete. 
To juke To perch as Hxds, y. n. 
To puke To spew; to yomit, y. n. 

Puke Vomit ; medidne causing yomitiBg, s. 
Fer'uke An artificial eo? eriag of haiv for the head, a. 

1JD8 B L E 

' 'JVU X nm^ liqoor, t. 
.*: . J»afcA|tacJt-9f goodg; atowy; ^tlamity, 8. 

Scale A regokr gra4ati«ft; |Md*t of tii« coreriDg of » 
fish, s. 
To $caU To mount bj Md9f« ; to ptre off scales, t. a. 
i>a2« A Tale or Tallej; spaoe between two hills, s. . 
TeaU A wild fowl, •. 
GnU A steoag toeeze of wind, «. 
To ro^gaUf To rvfresh; to enteitain; to gratiff, t. a. 
Far'ihmr-gaU A hoop used to spread the pettlooat, s. 
Night^m-gak A bird that sings meetly in the night, s. 
*Hah Healthy; robust; hearty, a. 
To hale To dnns by foroe, r. eorrapdy pronounced kaU. 
To hale Te oall mrto, «speeially at sea, t. a. Ikeelhall. 
To ked^hale To drag nnder the keel of a ship, pronounced 
To innhale^ To draw in with th« a^ in breathing, v. «. 
To over-haU^ To examine oyer again, pron. corruptly overhaU, 
WhdU An exoeedlBg large fidi, s. [t. a. 

T9 ex'hale^ To stream; to oast o«t taponrs, t. a. 
Mah llaeonlxne, a. 
Male The he of any ereature, s. 
Fe^male The she of aay ereat«e, «. 
Fefmide JPemiBiBe, a. 

Pale A jurisdiction ; an enolosore, s. 
Pale Whilirfi; wan, a. 
To pale To moloBe with pales^ t. a. 
To em-pale^ To indoee; to put to death by transfixing, t. a. 

Bale The act of selting; the Tent; price, &o. s. 
WholefeaU fiah» in the lump, not fai parcels, ad. 
Taie A story; a aarratiTe, s. 
Love^tale A narrattive of lore, s. 
Tdl^tale An officious informer, s> 

Stale (Hd; long kept; oorrupt; stinking, a. 
To stale To make water as a horse, t. 
SttUe Urkie ; a handle ; a prostitute, s. 
F«fe A vaUey ; low ground, «. 
WaU A lisiBg pait in cloth, s. 
^m^wUe Tite gmoa^ of a ship, e. [r. n. 

To ewate Or Sioe^ to WB6t0 or blase away as a candle, 
A^hle HaTing power, eapaUe to do, a. 
Ae-cn'harhle Capable of being ascribed, a. 

Ptoi/a^U Likely; credible, a. 
Im-proyorbie Incredible; unlikely, a. 

Va'bU A thick rope for an asdior, e. 
PWcarUe Willing or possible to be i^ppeased, a. 
im^plafearUe Inexoralde ; maKeious, a. 

Pet/ca-bU Liable to sin, a. 
Im-pee^ea-ble Not sul^eot to sb^ a. 
Med^i-earble Curable, a. 
Jm-med^i<a-bU N«t to be healed; iaeurable, a. 
JfVeiI^*H)«-Me6«ohasiii^beaffiimedof «omethiBg, a. 


Pred^i-corhU A logical U/tWk, one of tlM fit e predioftblM, ■. 
In-fu^di'Cthble Not oogniiable by a judge, a» 
Mo-difi-carbU DireviiiaUe bj Tanona moiea^ a. 
Sorcrif'i-^m'kk Capable of befaig offmd ia saerifiee, a. 
Virtnfi'ta4>U ConTortible iaio gtaas, a. 
MiO-t^li-ca-ble Capable of being aritkmetleallj moltipliad, a. 

jypU-^tMe Capable of being applied, a. 
Inrap^pUrca-lie Not capable of being applied, a. 

Ex^pU'COrble Possible to be explained, s. 
Inr-tx^pU-eaMe Impossible to be explained, %, 
Atnfi-ctirhle Friendly ; kind, 8. 
Ccm^iM»^n^<a-bU C^>able of being commimioated, a. 
Jfirwmr^mu^ni-^€hhU Impossible to be eommnnicated, a. 
Det^pp^a-ble Contemptible ; vile ; worthless, a. 
Ex'tri'C&rUe Capable of being disentangled, a. 
In-ex'tri-earble Not to be disentangled, a. 
Prae^H-corble Capable of being redoeed to praetioe, a. 
Itn-pra4/ti^^thbU Not to be performed or practised, a. 
Un-fTQc^H-ea-ble Not feasible ; nor practicable, a» 
Proi-naa^H-eo-bie Capable of being foretold, a. 

Rev^o-ca-ble Capable of being recalled or repealed, a. 
Ir-rm/o-^thble Not to be recalled or repealed, a. 

Mer^ea-bU Capable of being sold or bon^^t, a. 
Oon^JU-tehbU Liable to confiscation, a. 
PUad^orbU Capable of being alleged in plea, a. 
Per-MofdorbU Capable of being persuaded, a. 
For^mirda4>U Terrible; dreadAd, a. 

VM^orbU Capable of being annulled, a. 
A-voidfa-bU Capable of being aTotded, a. 
UnniHVoid^ihbU Not to be aToided ; ineritable, a. 

DiHvi^d(t4>le Capable of dirision, a. 
De-mand^a-bU Capable of being demanded or reilftested, il 
Bem^orbU Capable of being bent or inourrated, a. 
Ih-fmt^tMe Capable of being defended, a. 

Mtnd^a-ble Capable of being mended, a. 
E-mmd^OrhU Capable of emendation ; oorrig^ble, a. 
Comrmmd'ihHe Laudable; worthy of praise, a. 
JSse-om-fiMuf^a-Me Worthy of recommendation or praise, a. 
Dii-^om^mmd^tMe Blameable ; censurable, a. 
C 9m p fmBd'<xrbU Capable of being compounded, a. 
Ai6<»m'mx>-^iarbU Capable of being fitted, a. 

Re-gard'aMt Obserrable; worthy of notice, a» 
Re-wardforhU Worthy of reward, a. 
HaM^ard'OrhU Venturesome ; liable to chance, a. 
Ford^a-bU Passable without swimming, a. 
Laud^a-bk Worthy of praise, a. 
Ilriaud^arble Unworthy of praise, a. 
Dd-lu^da-ble LiaUe to be deodTcd, a. 
Peaeya-bU Free from war ; quiet; goed-natorad, «. 
UnrpMcythbU Not peaceable, a. 
UtHraee^o-bU Not to be traced, a. 
Str^vke-^t^ble Aotive; «seM; offidoot, il 

104 BLB 

Urn §er ^ 9 i ee a -Mt Not wsMicoiM e, a. 
Su-per-ter^viee-a^hU Orer-oflieioiis, a. 

Du-ter^vin-^hhU Detriracntal ; ugnrkms, a. 
Im - p i eree^ a Ut iBpeaetrmble ; not to be piorood, ^ 

A-fyree^a-^fle Soitablo; grmoefiil; plemsing, a. 
Dig^a^p^a-^le Unsuitable ; nnplearing, a. [a&^ 

Mar'ri-^ige'a-bU Of age to be married, a. pronomeed mar-ridp^' 
Dam^offs-a-^U Lialde to damage ; peridbable, a. 
Man^offe-^t-hU Ooremable; tractable, a. 
Un-man^age-a-hU Not to be goremed ; refraetorj, a. 
Du-^id-van^teige-^i-hU Contrary to profit ; prodndng loss, a. 
Unrvoy^age-a^bU Not to be passed over or Toyaged, a. 
Al4effe^a-^le Capable of being alleged, a. 
Change^tMe Subject to change, a. 
Un-ehanf^fa-^tU Not sabjeot to change ; immntable, a. 
In-ter-ekange^a-bU OiTcn and taken alternately, a. 
Vau^a-4>U RerengeAil ; malicious, a. 
Charge' a-bU Imputable ; ezpensiye ; costly, a. \«Me, 

Tithe^a-bU Subject to the payment of tithes, a. See Jfoos- 
Un-^hake^a-ble Not subject to be shaken, a. See MoveabU, 
JB»-iak«fa-bU Liable to be conceired wrongly, a. See MweahU, 
SaU^a-bU Vendible; fit for sale, a. See MoveabU. 
Unrmm'gl&orUe Not susceptiTe of mixture, a. [abU, 

Reo-on-eUe^a-ble Consistent; capable of kindness, a. See Move- 
Unrrec-onrdWorbU Implacable ; not to be reconciled, a. 
Mal/le-^Me Capable of bearing the hammer, a. 
Tame'a-ble SusceptiTe of taming, a. See Moveable. 
Un-tame'a^fle Not to be tamed, a. 
Ir-re^me-a-ble Admitting no return, a. 
Per^me-a^de Capable of being passed through, a. 
Loee^a-ble Subject to priration, a. See Moveable, 
Move'a-ble Portable; changeable, a. 

*^* For the propriety of writing Moveable, 
ProveablefLoseabU^Uid all words compound- 
ed of them, as ReproveabUy RemoveabUy &c., 
with the silent e in the antepenultimate 
syllable, and not ReprovabUy Removable, 
as found in our best dictionaries, see Intro- 
duction to this work under the article Or- 
thography, Orthographical Aphorism 10. 
Move'a-ble A piece of furniture that may be taken away, a. 
Re-movefa-ble Capable of being remored, a. 
Uh-^e-move^a-ble Not to be taken away, a. 
Ir-re-mave'a-^le Not to be mored ; not to be changed, a. 
Im-move^a^de Unshaken ; firm ; stable, u. 
Prove^a-ble Capable of being proTod, a. 
Re-proveforbU Descrring reproof, a. 
Unrre-prove^orble Not liable to blame, a. 
Jr^e-prove'eMe Not liable to reproof, a. 

Im-prove'a-ble Capable of being improTed, a. 
Ufhim^prove'aMe Not improToable, a. 
Ap^oveftMe Yforthy of approbation, a. 

BLE 1«6 

SiM^arbU Beasonablj Iralky, a. See MttvtahU, 
Fafhlt An instruotiTe ilo^on ; a falsehood^ 8. 
Tofa'hU To feign, t. n. 
Affa-hU CivU; benign; mild, a. 
EfforbU Expressible ; ntterable, a. 
IniffoAiU Inexpressible ; unutterable, a. 
Qa'hUt The sloping roof of a building, s. 
Prop^a-gorbU Capable of being spread or multiplied, a. 
Refn^^a-hU Liable to confutation or conyiction, a. 
Ir^'rorgarHU Not to be confuted or denied, a. 
Fat^i'ifthhle Easily wearied, a. 
In-de-fat'i^arbh Not to be exhausted or wearied bjr labour, a. 
In-vu^H-^a-bU DisooTerable by rational disquisition, a. 
Nav^i-gorbh Passable for ships or boats, a. 
CHr-cum-ruti/i-ffa'bls Capable of being sailed around, a. 
In-nav'irga'hU Not to be passed by sailing, a. 
Un-fUtt/i-ga-ble Not to be passed ; not to be navigated, a. 
Im-ptach^orble Aoousable; chargeable, a. 

Teach^a-4>le Docile ; susoeptlTe of instruction, a. 
Be-proaeh^a-bU Worthy of reproach, a. 
Ir-rt-proach^a-blt Free ttom reproach or blame, a. 
Quench^ a-bU Capable of being quenched, a. 
Un-quench^a-bU Impossible to be quenched, a. 
Uf^9earchf€M$ Not to be explored, a. 

MaUh'a-ble Suitable ; correspondent, a. 
Touek^a-bU Tangible ; capable of being touched, a. 
A-voueh^a-bU Capable of being aTOuched, a. 
Laugh'ti-bU Worthy ef laughter ; exciting Uug^iter, a. 
Rel/ish-^t-ble Haying a taste ; gustable, a. 
A-bolfiah-^hbU Capable of being abolished, a. 
PoViah-a-bU Capable of being polished, a. 
Pun'iih-^t-^fU Worthy or capable of punishment, a. 
Dit-pun^ith-O'bU Without penal restraint, a. 

Per^ith-d-bU Liable te perish ; subject to decay, a. 
Jmrper^iih-orble Not to be destroyed, a. 
Un-par^iak-^i'bU Not liable to perish ; everlasting, a. 
Nou^rith-a-bU SuBceptiTe of nourishment, a. 
Dia-lm^guuh-a-bU Capable of being distinguished, a» 
Ex^tm^guuh-iirble Capable of being extinguished, %, 
In-eib-^in'gttuh-a-bU Not oapaUe of being extinguished, a. 
Un-ej^iinyuith-^i-ble Unquenchable, a. 

Oath'a-bU Capable of taking an oath, a» 
Ef'frai'a'bU Dreadf^; fHghtliil, a. 
Jus-tii/i-a-bU Proper to be judicially examined, a. 

S(/ci-a-bh Friendly ; familiar ; fit to be Joined, a. 
Inrw/ei-<irbl6 Incapable of union, a. 
Un^w/d-a-bU Arerse to company or oourersation ; ifay, ik 
Atst/d-a-bU Capable of being Joined, a. 
ET-cru^d-orhle Liable to torment, a. 
B&^ms^di-arble Capable of remedy, a. 
Un^re-me^di-a-bU Admitting no remedy, a. 
Jr-fm/e^di'QrbU Admitting no cure, a. 

1«6 BLS 

Be^mfdi-orUe Fit to be r^eoted, ». 
Bar't'fo'H^tU Admitting rmrefaction, ft. 
Liq^td-fi-aMe Capable of being melted, a. 
Mod^i'fi^a-bU Capable of being fashioned or modified, a. 
MoVU-firiirbU Capable of being mollified or softened, a. 
Moff^m-fi^a-bU Worthy of being extolled or praised, a. 
Fal^n-fi-a^-bU Liable to be falsified or eonnterfelted, a. 
Dirv^tirfi-eMe Capable of being altered, a. 
Rec^ti'firOrhU Capable of being set right, a. 
For^ii-fi-a-bU Capable of being fortified, a. 
Ju9^ti-fir€t-bU Defensible ; according to law, a. 
Uw^U'fi-<hbU Not jostifiable ; illeg^ a. 
Li^arhU Subject to ; obnoxious, a. 
PU^a-ble Flexible ; easy to be bent, a. 
Mul^H-pU-th^U Capable of being multiplied, a. 
Ajhpli'orUe Capable of being applied, a. 
A^mirOrbU LoTelj, a. 
De-ni^a-bU Capable of being denied, a. 
Ut^€UrmfarbU Not capable of being denied, a. 
Ve-ni'cb-hU Pardonable ; allowed ; venial, a. 
Ex^pi-orhU Capable of being expiated, a. 
In-ex'pira'hle Not to be atoned, a. 

Va'ti-a-ble Changeable; mutual; inconstant, a. 
Inrva'ri-^-ble Constant ; firm ; unchangeable, a. 
Vh^a^ri-a-bU Not changeable, a. 

Fri^a-bU Brittle ; easily reduced to powder, a. 
Ap^t/pri-ct-bU Capable of being appropriated, a. 
lW€Me Capable of trial, a. 
Sa^tira-hU Capable of being satisfied, a. 
Insa^ti-a-bU Qreedy beyond measure ; not satiable, a. 
Vn-ia^H-a-ble Not to be satisfied, a. 

PU'-ira-^de Claiming pity, a, pronounced jnVy-o^ld. 
Pro-pit^i-a-ble Capable of being made propitious, pron. 
Lev^iro-^de Capable of being levied, a. ~ 

H-leo^i-orble Not capable of being levied or exacted, a^ 
R&plei/irarhU Capable of being replevined, a. 
Ir-T^UvH-a-bU Not capable of being replevined, a. 
En^vir€i^bU Deserving envy, a. 
S^eak^a-ble Possible to be spoken, a. 
Un^qfeak^a-bU Not to be expressed, a. 
Mock^a-ble Liable to derision, a. 
Drink^a-ble Potable, a. 
Re-mark' orble Worthy of being remarked, a. 
Me-buk'a-ble Worthy of reprehension, a. 
Uh-re-buft/a-bU Not obnoxious to censure, a. 
Con-cecU'a-bU Capable of being concealed, a. 
Bi-con-eeal'arble Not capable of being hidden, a. 
Con-geaVa-ble Susceptible of congelation, a. ■ 
Fhc'ha'la-ble Capable of being evaporated, a. 
In-ex-ha^la-bU Incapable of being exhaled, a. 
Sem'bla-bU Like ; resembling, a. 
Qd'a-ble Capable of being congealed, a. 

BLE 107 

Per^fiorhU Haying the wind driren throngfa, a. 
BaWa-bk Capable of being bailed, a. 
AM-wUVa-bU Capable of being attacked, a. 
A-vail^a-bU Profitable; powerful, %. 
Un-OrvaU^a-^ Unprofitable ; onaTailing ; nseless, a. 
Ree-on-ei^lorble Capable of being reconcUed, a. See MoviabU. 
Ir^ee-on-d^la-bk Not capable of reconciliation ; inconriBtent, a. 
An^'hi-la-ble Capable of being reduced to nothing, a. 
A9'wm^i-la-bk Capable of being assimilated, a. 
Com-fteVlorbk Capable of being forced or compelled, a. 
Ooun'id4arbk If illing to reoeiye and follow advice, a. 
Unrcoun^id-Ut'bk Not enduring to be advised, a. 
TUflcMe Arable ; fit for the plough, a. 
Con-troVkhhk Subject to control, a. [ters, s. 

Syl^Up-bk An articulate sound made of one or more let* 
Quad^ri-^l'la-bk A word of four syllables, 8. 
Trit'yl-larble A word of three syllables, s. 
Mon^o^UlorbU A word of one syllable, s. 
PoVy-tyl-kt-bk A word cft many syllables, s. 
Dit^tyl-kt^U A word of two syllables, s. 

Vi^o-k^-ble Capable of being violated, a. 
In-vi<o-4a-^k Not to be violated or profaned, a. 
Con-s</la^k Admitting of comfort, a. 
In-conrsi/larbk Incapable of being comforted, a. 
Co^off^u-la-bU Capable of being congealed, a. 
If^'eo-aff^u4a-bU Incapable of coagulation, a. 

Bla^ma-bU Worthy of blame, a. See Moveabk. 
Un-bWrna-bU Free from blame ; innocent, a. 
Un-frafma-bU Not to be moulded, a. 
Re-deem^a-bk Capable of redemption, a. 
Inrcrem^orbk Not consumable by fire, a. 
Claim^a-bU Capable of being claimed as a due, a. 
Ir-re-elaim'arbk Incapable of being reclaimed, a. 
Sub-li^mihbk Capable of being sublimed, a. 
An^i-^n€t-bU Capable of being animated, a. 
Et'H-ma-bk Worthy of esteem, a. 
Inret^ti-ma-bk Transcending all price, a. 
Inr-flamfma-hU Easy to be set on flame, a. 
Drnnfa-hU Tameable, a. 
Un^fcoh^om-a-ble Not to be fathomed or sounded, a. 
Cw'tom-a-hU Common ; habitual ; frequent, a. 
Ae-^ut'tom-a^U Of long custom or habit, a. 
Af-firmfthUe Capable of being affirmed, a. 
Con-ftrrn'oriiU Capable of incontestable evidence, a. 
Con-farm' a-hU Similar ; suitable ; compliant, a. 
Per-form'or^U Practicable, a. 
R&^u'fnorbk Capable of being resumed, a. 
Conrtu'morbU Susceptible of destruction, a. 
In^eon-tu^morbU Incapable of being wasted, a. 
Math'ry-mo'bk Incapable of weeping, a. 
Ac-^omfnorna^^ Sociable, a. 

hmf^-kU Remediable; curable, a. 

108 BLB 

Inrtat/a-bU iDflorftbto; irremediaMe, a. 
To m-a'bU To mmke able; to confer poiww. 
A^U-en-a-^le Capable of being aUenated ; transferabk, r. a. 
In^^U-enrOrhU Incapable of being transferred, a. 
Unra^li-en-a-bU Incapable of being transferred, a. 

A-me^na-bU Responsible, a. 
J\> du-^n-a^ffU To dopriTe of power, t. a. 

Tm^a4>U Capable of being maintained, a. 
Un-ten'orbU Ineapable <tf being possessed or defended, a. 
Con-vefntMi Consistent witk; agreeable to, a. 
Im^eg'narhU Not to be taken; nnmoved, a. 
De-ngn'orhU Distinguishable, a. 

,4t-^/a-*fo Capable of being marked ont or transferred, a. 
Ji^-ex-puyna-hU Impregnable ; not liable to be subdued, a. 
£x<>lam^a-bU Capable of being explained, a. 
Re-ttrain^arbU Capable of being restrained, a. 
Con-stram^chble Liable to constraint, a. 

Ob-tam^arUe Capable of being procured; a. 
Main-tain^ arbU Defennble; justifiable, a. 
Cfm-tain^orbU Capable of being contained, a. 
Sw-tain^a-ble Capable of being sustained, a. 
At-tam^arbU Capable of being attained or proeured, a. 
Unrotrtam'a-Ue Incapable of bang attained, a. 
Me-du/i-na-ble Having medicinal power, a. 
Or^di-na-bU Capable of being appointed, a. 

Fi^na-ble Liable to be fined, a. 
De-fi^norble Capable of being ascertained, a. 
Unrde-fi^fu^-bU Not to be mariced out, a. 
I-mag^tma-ble Possible to be conceived, a. 
ITa-j-ma^f-wo-ftfe Incapable of being conceived, a. 
De^^na-ble Capable of being declined, a. 
In-de-cH^norble Not varied by terminations, a. 

In-cti'norhU Favourably disposed ; willing, a. 
DU^d-pli-na-bU Docile ; capable of being tan^^t, a. 
ZHi-erim^p-na-bU Distinguishable, a. 
A-bom^ima^ble Detestable ; hateful, a. 
Ter^mi-na-bU Limitable; admitting of bounds, s. 
De-ter^mi-norbk Capable of being decided, a. 
Iftrde-Ur^mv-norbU Incapable of being decided or settled, a. 
Un-de-ter^mirna-bh Incapable of being decided, a. 
In-ter^mi-fiOrbU Immense, a. 

0-pi^na-hU Which may be thou^t, a. 
Dam^na-bU Destructive; deserving condemnation, a. 
Con-dem^norble Deserving blame or condemnation, a. 
Par^don-or-ble Deserving excuse ; excusable, a. 
Un-par'donrarbU Irremissible ; not admitting forgiveness, a. 

Con^acwn-arbU Reasonable; just, a. 
Inrcon'tchnrcMe Void of the moral sense; unjust, a. 

Fash'ion-<^Ue Approved by polite custom, a. 
Un-fash^ion-a-ble Not fadiionable ; not modish, a. 
Com-pan^um-a-ble Sociable, a. . , . , 

A</tionra-bU Admitting an action in law ; punishable, a. 

9LB vm 

JEa^eq/Hon^-^ loabU to elgectkni, a. 
Un-^x^q/twH-a-'hU Not liable to ol^jection, a. 
Pro-^^or^tionro-ble Adjueted by oomparaUve relation, a. 
Dia-pro-por^tioT^-a^U Not proportionable ; defonaed, a. 
Ques^tian-a-ble Liable to qaestion; aoapicioiu, a. 
Unrquea^tian-^-ble Not to be doubted or qaestioned, a. 
Rea^wnro-ble Agreeable to reasoo ; rational, a. 
UtM'ea^toih^B-ble Contrary to reason ; irrational, a. 
Trtafmm-nhhU Haying the natare of treason, a. 
8eaf9on-^B-^)U At a proper time ; opportune, a. 
Un-Mta'ton-a-bU Not seasonable, a. 

Per^ton-thhle Handsome ; graoef ol, a. 
Mam-per^na4>U Bailable, a. 

Goi^em-<h4>U Easy to be goremed; p eaeea b t e , a. 
Un^ov^em-orhU Not gOTemfU)le ; unruly, a. 

Ra-tum'a-bU Allowed to be reported back, a. Law term. 
Un-a'hk Not haying ability, a. 
Tufnorble Musical ; harmonious, a. See MopeabU. 
Uk-tu^na-bU Inharmonious ; not musical,^ a. 

Ca^pa-hU Able to do or receiye any tiling ; saso^tible, a^ 
In-ca'jHhbk Not oiq^le; disqualified, a. 
Unrca'pa-ble Not capable, a. 
Par-tie^p^pa^le Capable of being shared, a. 
Dit^ti-p{t-bU Easily scattered, a. 

Fal^pa-bk Perceptible by the touch ; plain, a. 
Jmrpal'porbU Not perceptible by the touch, a. 

Ctd^pa-ble Criminal ; blameworthy, a. 
In<ul^p€Me Unblameable, a. 
Uf^-^ul^porhU Not culpable, a. 
Ar^a^le Fit for tillage, a. 
D&<ia^ra4>U Capable of proof^ a. 
In-ar^orhU Incapable of tillage, a. 
Par^a-bU A similitude ; figuratiye spee ch, s. 
Ir-np^tHra-hU Not to be repaired, a. 

Sq/orra-bU Susceptiye of disunion, a. 
In-^q^€Hra-4>U Not to be dl^oined, a. 
Com^pa-rchhU Worthy to be compared, a. 
Inrcom'pa-r<i-bk Transcending all comparison, m, 
8par^a4dt A smidl nail, s. 
Ex^&^oMt Hateful ; detestable ; accursed, a. 
Lae^er-a-bU Capable of being torn, a. 
Cot^-tid^er-a4fk Worthy of consideration ; inportant^ a. 
Jftrcon-nd^er-a-Ue Trifling; not worthy of regajnd, a, 
Pfm^der-a-ble d^tal^ of being weighed, a. 
Pref^er^orhle Worthy of preference; eligihle, a, 
Suffer-QrbU Such as may be endured ; tolerable, a. 
Inrtuf'fer-a^U Not to be endured; intolaraUe, a. 
Unrnif^fer^'bU Not sufferable, a. 
TranM-fer^orble Capable of being transferred, a. 

Td^er-a-bU Supportable; passable, a. 
In-toVer-OrbU Insupportable, a. 
Nu^mer-ihble Capable of b^ng numbered^ a. 

no BLB 

Ithnu^mer-a-iU InoapftMe of being numbered, a. 
(hn^er-a-bU Capable of being generated, a. 
It^m^er-4hbk Not to be produced bj generation, a. 
Vm^a^4hble Worthy of Teneration or rererence, a. 
Vul^ner-urbU SoooeptiTe of wounds, a. 
InHntynerHhble Not to be wounded, a. 
UnrvuifnoMirble Not Tuhierable, a. 
B^-mu^fur-a^U Rewardable, a. 
Op^er-a-bU Practieable, a. 
Spe'ra-hU Suoh as maj be hoped, a. 
Re-cu^per-chbU Capable of being reoorered, a. 

Su'per-arbh Conquerable, a. 
In-tu'per-ii-bU Unconquerable, a. 
Vi-tu^per-^hbU Blameworthy, a. 
Ex^u^per-orbU Conquerable; finoible, a. 
Mti^et'^-bU Unhappy; wretched; stingy, a. 
Com-mit^er'a-hle Pitiable, a. The second syllable rhymes hm, 
AVtar-a-hle Capable of being changed, a. 
Un^'ter-fMe Not alterable; fixed, a. 

Ut^ier^orke Expressible, a. 
Unr^'ter-a^h Inexpressible ; not utterable, a. 

Ptiyver-orhie Possible to be reduced to dust, a. 
R^-oon/er-orbU Capable of recoTering or regained, a. 
Ir-r4<ot/er-arbU Not to be remedied or regained, a. 
Dit-cov^er-m^le Capable of being traced or discovered, a. 
Un-4i9-<ov^ertMe Not to be discoTered ; inscrutable, a. 

Confguer-arhU Capable of being OTereome, a. 
Uftrcon'querHMe Not to be overcome, a. 

Fov/er-a-bU Able to perform anything, a. 
An^twer-a^bU Correspondent; agreeing, a. 
Vh^an^swer-a^de Not to be refuted, a. 
De-floff^ra-bls Consumable by fire, a. 
R&^air^arhU Capable of being repaired, a. 
Ad^mi-ra-bU Worthy cf admiration ; wonderftil, a. 
Per^^ra-ble Emitted by the pores, a. 
Ih^^ra^h Pleasing; deUghtftd, a. 
Un-d&^^rchble Not to be wished, a. 
Ae-^^rti-^Ue Capable of being acquired, a. 
Rt-gm^rorhle Fit to be required, a. 
In^quifra-bU Capable of being inquired into, a. 

B</rarbU Capable of being bored, a. 
A-di/ra-^tle Worthy of adoration, a. 
Per^/<hTarbU Capable of being pierced through, a. 
Im-per^fo-ra-bU Incapable of being bored, a. 
De-pU/ra^U Pit to be deplored, a. 
Mtm^o-^thble Worthy of being remembered, a. 
lm-^nem^<Mra-^U Not worthy of remembrance, a. 
Comrmem^<hTa-bh Deserving of commemoration, a. 
S-^Htj/fMra-ble Capable of or liable to evaporation, a. 
MthHo^ra^Ue What may be restored, a. 

Bx^o^ra^ls To be moved by entreaty, a. 
In-nfihT^'hU Not to be moTed by entreaty, a. 

BLE 111 

Sa^gor-a-bU Fit to be shaTod, a. 
Har^ra-ble Capable of being told, a. 

Er^r<i-hle Liable to err, a. 
In-er^ra-ble Not liable to err, a. 
Se-qtie9^tr<t-ble Subject to sequeetration, a. 
De-mom^ttra-bU Capable of demooBtratioii, a. 
Un-de-monUtrc^hle Incapable of demonstration, a* 
Pm'&'tr€hbU Capable of being penetrated, a» 
Im-pm^&-tra~bU Incapable of being penetrated, a. 
Im^pe-tra-ble Possible to be obtained, a. 
Ar^bi-trcMe Depending on the will, a. 

Cu'ra-ble Admitting a remedy, a. 
In-^u^ra-ble Not to be cured ; irreooTerable, a. 
Pro-eu^ra-ble Obtainable; acquirable, a. 

Du^ra-bU Lasting, a. 
Per^dthTii'bU Lasting ; long continued, a. 
Fig^u-^a^U Capable of being formed into a figure, m, 
Ma-nu^ra-bls Capable of cultiration, a. 
Cot/our-OrhU Capable of being coloured, a. 
ffon^our-a-ble Worthy of honour; noble, a. 
Dia-hon^our-a^U Unworthy of honour ; disgraceful, a. 
Fa^vcvT'Orhle Kind ; propitious ; conyenient, a. 
Pleaa^vrTOrhle Delightful ; full of pleasure, a. 
Meaa^vrTOrbU Capable of mensuration, a. 
Iin-fnea$^u^a-ble Not capable of being measured, a. 
Unrmeat^u-TOrble Not measurable, a. 
Lei^wu^orbU Done at leisure, a. 
Cen^tu-ra-4Ue Worthy of oensure; culpable, a. 
Mm^nM-orhU Measurable, a. 
ImHrnm^nHTthbU Immeasurable, a. 
Corn-men' 9u^a-ble Reducible to a common measure, a. 
In-^omrmm'nirrcMe Not commensun^e, a. 

Sat^u-ra-bU Unable to receiTO any more, a. 
In-aat^wra-bU Not saturable, a. 
Conrjee'tU'^a^ble To be disooTered by coigecture, a. 
Trit'u-^a-bU Capable of being pounded into parts, a. 
Pof^tu-TOrble Fit for pasture, a. 
Sa'bU Fur, s. 
Sa'ble Black, a. 
Ap-pea'ta-bU Easy to be ai^[>eased, a. 
Unrap-pta^Bo-^ Not to be appeased, a. 

In-crea^BOrbU Liable to increase, a. 
Un-inrcrea'tarhle Admitting no increase, a. 
Pur'eka^a^le Capable of being purchased, a. 
To dU-a'bU To weaken ; to impair, t. a* 
De-^^MC^hU Contemptible ; despicable, a. 
Unrpri'ta-ble Not Talued ; not of estimation, a. 
Ad^torble Prudent; fit to be adTised, a, 
Con-dent^a-bU Capable of condensation, a. 
Com-peru'a-ble Capable of being recompensed, a. 
Di^^pent^orhU Capable of dispensation, a. 
Ji^riu-ptM^a-bU Not to be dispensed nith, a. ^ 

ns DLE 

Un-Ux/aa-hle Not to be loosed, a. 
Sup-po'sa-ble That maj be supposed, a. 
Ad'ver^»a-ble Contrary to, a. 
Con-ver^aa-ble Qualified for ponrersatioii, a. 
In-con-ver^ta-ble InoommiinScatiTe ; tmsooiable, a. 

Pat^sa-ble Capable of being passed ; tolerable, a. 
Im-pat^ta-bU Not admittlDg a passage, a. 
Un-pag^sa-bU Not passable, a. 

Cau^Mi-bU That which may be caused, a. 
Ae-^M^aa-ble Blameable; culpable, a. 
Ex-cu^$chhU Pardonable, a. 
Ih-ex-cu^sa-bU Unpardonable, a. 

Ta^ble Any flat or lerel surface, a. 
BaHa-bU Disputable, %, 
De-ba^ta-bU Disputable, a. 

Eat^orble Fit to be eaten ; esculent, a. 
Un-^HM-ai^orble Inaccessible ; unattainable, a. 
Trfiit^ti-hft\ M<jJcrnt^ x Dot Tiolettt, a. 
Un-tTfttt'a-hU Not trtiattibl* - not praoticable, &. 
Paf'iit-a-bU PleaEfiog to the t^9i^, o. 
Vn-paFtii'^t-hh Nauseous; tHs^sting:, a. 
DiAn^in*LU Capable of eitcnalooj a. 
tia^ta-hk Set at a certftju vf^lue^ a* 
Rf-doubt' a^Ai Formidable ; terrible to foes, a. 

Trnei'a-bl9 MannF^tiable : eom pliant; obsOqidous, a. 
In-tract^o-bk Uninannj^eivblo, n. 
Un'traet^a-bh Not tradable, a. 
D&-iect*a-hh Fl&ising \ delightful, A. 

At-pxt^a-bk ViBrble^ a, fo^fe, a. 

Re^fct^a-bU Worthy of respect, frequentJj pron. Ru^ptct" 
dm-^ttt^ft-hif Easy to be seen* a> 
ET-pert^a-bie To be expeoted, a. 
Vfff^ff-fa-bk AnythiQg that ha^ j^owth withotit sensation, s. 
Viff'e~(a-bfe Belongtug to ar hnvingr the nuttirQ of plants, a. 
' M(ir¥el-a-bli Saleable ; ourrent at lujirket, a. 
Ifi-ter'pf^-ii-bh Capable of beltig cipoand^jd^ a. 
Cov^€l-a-ble DesirftbiOt ft. 
Uah'i'ta-blt Cftpable of being: dwett in, a. 
In'k&h'i-ia-hk Capable of aflbtiHng htibilalionj a. 
t/n-in-ht^h^i^ta-bh Not capable of being inhabited, a<^ 
fht^bi-ta-bU Doubt ftii j unecHaia, a. 
In-du^bi-ta-hte Certain j not doubtftd, a. 
Cft%i^i*tu-W R«putflbli?i efltimable, a, 
H*!-fd'i^m-lde Capable of being ocdupied as inlierltanoe, a. 
F4tryfit^fi'bk Liable to be forfeited, a. 
Fti/'U'^a^bff i^ueratiye ; useful, a, 

tTseieflB \ laerring no purpg^e, a. 

t Capable of being put itk motion, a» 

__ ' €apiiH* of being the snbjoct of Uiought, a. 

'^h ^ '■!♦ fotttiil out, a. 

I -r poiilblc tfl be imitated J a. 

.L^iiiii of bdug Umlied, a. 

BLE 118 

Uu-limH'ta-4fU Admitting no bounds, a. 
In-im^v-tarhU Abore imitation ; not to copied, a. 
Un-4m^^ta'ble Not imitable, a. 
ffotfpi-ta-bU Kind to strangers^ a. 
Inrhoi^pi-ta-ble Affording no kindness to strangers, a. 
Un-hoa^pi-U^bU Not hospitable, a. 

Ckar^i-ta-ble Bountiful ; candid ; kind, a. 
Dnrchar^i'ta-bU Haying no mercy ; not charitable, a. 

Har^^ta-bU Oapableof inheriting, or being inherited, a. 
In-her^irta-ble Transmissible by inheritance, a. 
Un-fruT^irtorble Haiing no merit ; not deserving, a. 
Ver^i-ta^le True ; agreeable to fact, a. 
Via't-ta-bU Liable to be visited, a. 
Ev^i-ta-ble AToidabie, a. 
Dev^iria-ble Possible to be ayoided, a. 
In^ev^i-ta-ble Not to be escaped or aroided, a. 
Un-et/i'tthble Not avoidable, a. 
Eq^m-UhbU Just; impartial; candid, a. 
Ut^eq'ui-tO'ble Not impartial ; not jost, a. 
UtirTe-qm^tchUe Not to be retaliated, a. 
Unrre-cruU^a-4de Not to be recruited, a. 

8uU'€hble Agreeable ; according with, a. 
Uit^uU^a-bU Not congruous ; not proportionate, a. 
Mer^chant'O-ble Fit to be bought or sold, a. 
Ten^arU-€t-bls Inhabitable ; fit to be held by a tenant, a. 
Orcmt^a-ble That may be granted, a. 
War^rant-^i-^le Justifiable, a. 
Un-war^rant-a-bU Not defensible ; not justifiable, a. 
Lam^en-ta^ble Mournful; miserable, a. 
Ffr-mait^orble Capable of fermentation, a. 
Rent^a-ble Capable of being rented, a. 
Pre-serU^orbh Capable of being presented, a. 
Ir-r^-re^erU^a-bk Not to be figured by any representation, a. 
Jh'e-qu&iU^a'bU Conversable; accessible, a. 

Count^a-bU Capable of being numb^ed, a. 
Ae-coutU^thbU Subject to an account ; answerable, a. 
Vh-ae-^ount^a-bU Not explicable ; not subject, a. 
Un<ounifa-ble Innumerable, a. 
Sur-mount^orbU Conquerable ; superable, a. 
Ith^ur-mount^a-ble Insuperable; unconquerable, a. 
Uh-wr-mourU^a-bU Not surmountable, a. 
NoUa-bU Remarkable, a. 

N</ta-bU (Applied to women) diligent ; officious, a. 
Po^tchbU Such as may be drunk ; drinkable, a. 
Ao-eepi^a-ble Pleasing; agreeable, often pron. Ae^eeptahUt a, 
Un-ac-^ept'orhU Not agreeable, a. 

Tempt^a-bk Liable to temptation, a. 
At-Umpt^orbU Liable to attempts or attacks, a. 
Opt'a-ble Desirable ; to be wished for, a. 
Bz~opt^a-ble Desirable ; to be sought with eagerness, %, 
Part^a4>le Divisible ; capable of being parted, a. 
Cmf/oiiHhUe Giving satisfaction, a. • 


114 BLI 

TTn^comyart-a-ble Affordiag bo comfdrt ; din&al, a. 
Dia-com^/oH-urbU Refusiiig comfort ; oannng sadiiMS, %, 
Port'aMe Capable of being earned, a. 
Im-part^a-ble Not sapportable, a. 
Com-port^thbU Oonaisteiit, a. 
Un-port^a-hU Not capable of being earned, a. 
Sup-port^ a-bU Tolerable, a. 
In-tup-pori^tMe Not to be endared, a. 
Uftrtup-^part'o-bU Intolerable ; aoi aeeisted, a. 
Consort^a-ble Buitable, a. 

Sia'bU Fixed ; steady ; strong, a. 
Sta'bU A plaoe for horses, s. 
Tatt^orble Capable of b^ng tasted ; first sjlL rlijmes watU, 
In-tast^a-ble Not capable of being tasted, a» 
De-tett^orble Hateful; abborrent, a. 
Inrteat'orbU Disqualified to make a will, a. 
Con-tett^orble Disputable ; controrertible, a. 
Jn<onriut'a-hle Not disputable ; not liable to oonteet, a. 
In-tta'bU Inconstant; not firm, a. 
Con'itcMe A peaoe officer, rhymes JDmutMej s. 
Un-tta^bU Inconstant ; irresolute ; not fixed, a. 
Ac-cott^orhle Easy of access, a* 

Chut^a-hU Pleasant to taste ; capable of being tasted, a. 
Inrgu9t^a-ble Not perceptible by the taste, a. 
Ad-mil'ta-hU Ci4>able of being admitted, a. 
At^trib^u-ta-ble Capable of being ascribed or attributed, a. 
Ir-ref^u-ta-ble Not liable to be oterthrown by argument, a. 
Con-fu^ta^U Liable to be disproTed, a. 

Mu^ta-bU Alterable ; sulject to change, a. 
Im-^u^tor-ble Invariable; unalterable, a. 
Comrmu^torbU Liable to be exchanged, a. 
Traru-mu^tthble Capable of change, a. 
Jn4ran9^mu^ta-U6 Unchangeable to any other substance, a. 
Rqp^wiorble Honourable ; creditable ; of good report, a. 
Uihrq/u-ta-ble Not creditable, a. 

Im-pu'UhbU Chargeable upon any one; aocusible, a. 
Com-pu'tthble Capable of being numbered, a. 
Du'punta^ble Liable to contest; oontroTertable, a. 
In-dit^ptf-ichble Incontestible, a. 

Scru^ta-bU Discoyerable by inquiry, a. 
Inrteru'ta-ble Unsearchable, a. 
Suu'u'ta^bU According to statute, a. 
Un-Hat^vr-torbU Contrary to statute, a. 
• £e-lie^vaMe Credible, a. 

Re4ie^varbU Capable of relief; a. 
Unrt^lie^wi'bU Admitting no succour, a* 
Un-re-prie^vorbU Not to be respited from penal death, a. 
Ir-re-trie^va-ble Incapable of being repaired ; irrecoTeraUa, a. 

D0-^^varbU Sulgect to firaud ; deceitful, a. 
Uhrde-cei^va^tle Not liable to deceive, a. 
Re-cei^vorbU Capable of being received, a. 
Oim<m^varbU Capable of being imagined er msderstood^ ft. 

BLE 115 

In-eon-ed^va-bU Incomprehenaible, a. 
Unrconrcei^va^ble Not to be understood, a. 
Per-cd^va-bU Perceptible, a. 

De-ri'va-hle Coming by deriration, a. 
Con-tri^va-bU Possible to be contriyed, a. 
Sal^vc^-ble Citable of being sared, a. 
Val^u-a-bk Worthy of ralue ; precious, a. 
In-vcUfii-a^ble Transcending all Talae, a. 
Un-vaVu-a-bU Inestimable, a. 
Re-9oVva-bl€ Capable of solution, a. 
In-ioVvorbU Not to be solved, cleared, or paid, a. 
Dia-aoVvck-ble Capable of dissolution, a. 
Inrdia^oVu'bU Not separable ; indissoluble, a. 
E^quorhle Equal to itself; eyen; uniform, %, 
Un-e^quorhU Different ftom itself; diyene, a. 

Liq'ua-bU Such as may be melted, a. 
OoUliq^uorble Easily dissoWed, a. 
Ob-HTv^a-ble Remarkable ; eminent, a. 
Un-ob-sen/a-bU Not to be obserred, a. 
Con-ten/orble Capable of being kept, a. 
Pur-tu^a-bU Liable to pursuit, a. 
JS8-chew^a-ble Capable of being aToided, a. 
Re-^ien/a-ble Capable of being renewed, a. 
AUlov/a-ble Such as may be allowed ; lawAd, a. 
Dia-aJrlow^a-bU Not allowable ; unlawftd, a* 
Knov/a-ble Possible to be understood, a. 
A-vov/orble Capable of being arowed, a. 
Taz^a-ble That may be taxed, a. 
Mix^a^ble Capable of mixture ; sooiaHa, a. 
Im-mix^a-bU Impossible to be mingled, a. 
Pay^a-Me Doe ; liable to payment, a. 
Sway^a-bU Capable of being govemed, a. 
Em^Uiy^a-bU Capable of b^g used, a. 
Un-de-8troy^a^U Not susceptiYe of destructieB, a. 
Cog^ni-za-ble Subject (o notice on trial, a. 
Bab'bU Clamorous contest, s. 
To bab^bU To talk idly, v. n. 
To dab^ble To play in water; to wet; to smear, t. 
To be-dab'ble To wet; to besprinkle, T. a. 

To gab'ble To prate aloud without meaaing, t. n. 

Rab^bU An assembly of low people, s. 
To brai/ble To contest noisily, t. n. 
To scrab^bU To scrape ; to paw with tha hands, t. n. 

Squal/ble A petty quarrel, s. 
To 8qual/bl$ To wrangle ; to debate peevishly, t. n. 
To vnU/bU To shake or swag in moring, t. n. 
Peb'ble A sort of stone, s. 
Dib^ble A gardener's planting-tool, 8. 
To nil/bU To eat external p»ti bj little and fitOe; to 
carp at, t. 
Criyble A corn-sieve, a. 
To fcriyble To write without care or beauly, r. n. 

116 BLE 

To drU/bU To drop slowly ; to bUtot, t. n. 

Frib^hle An effeminate fop, s. 
To qtdyble To pnn ; to eqoiTOcate, t. n. 

Quil/ble A pan, s. 
To eol/ble To mend coarsely, t. a. 
To gol/bU To swallow hastily and with noise, r. n. 
To hoyble To walk lamely, t. n. 
To amrjob'bU To conoert ; a low word, t. a. 

Bub^ble A water-bladder; a dieat; a fraud, s. 
To btii/bh To rise in bubbles, t. n. 
To bubfble To cheat ; to defraud ; to deceiTe, t. a. 
To nub'bU To bruise with handy-cuffs, t. a. 
To knub^bU To beat, y. a. 
To ffnU/bU To feel in the dark, t. n. 

Stub^ble The stalks of com left after reaping, a. 
Fee^bU Weak ; debilitated ; dckly, a. 
Tofee^ble To enfeeble; to weaken, t. a. 
To en-fee^ble To weaken ; to enerrate, t. a. 

Tremble Threefold ; triple ; sharp-sounding, a* 
To tremble To multiply by three, v. a. 

Bi^ble The volume of the Holy Scriptures, s. 
Fen^d-ble Capable of defence, a. 
Vin^ei'ble Conquerable; superable, a. 
E^n'ci-bU Demonstrable, a. 
In-vm^d-bU Unconquerable, a. 
Conrvm'ci'ble Capable of conviction, a. 
In-con-vin^ci'ble Not to be convinced, a. 
Do^d'bh Tractable ; docile, a. 
In-do^d-ble Unteachable, a. 
Co-er^ei'ble That may or ought to be restrained, a» 
For^ci-ble Strong ; valid ; binding, a. 
Un-for^d-hle Wanting strength, a. 
Ee-^nas^ci'ble Possible to be produced again, a. 
I-ras^d-ble Capable of or prone to anger, a. 
Mit^ei-ble Capable of being mingled, a. 
Per-mis^d'ble Such as may be mingled, a. 
Cor^-eu-pU^drbU Impressing or prone to desire, a. 
Ig-not^d-bU Capable of pardon, a. 
Cog-no8^d-ble Capable of being known, a. 
Trordu^drhU Such as may be derived, a. 
De-du^d'ble Collectable by reason, a. 
Ee-du^d'ble Possible to be reduced, a. 
Ir-re-du^d-bU Impossible to be reduced, a. 
Se-du^d-ble Capable of being seduced, a. 
Con^u^drbU Hating the power of conducing, a. 
Fro-du^d'bU Capable of being produced, a. 
Oru^d-ble A chymist's melting-pot, s. 
Ad^dirble Possible to be added, a. 

Sd'irbk Eatable ; esculent, a. 
CrtdH-ble Worthy of credit, a. 
Inrcred^t-bU Surpassing belief, a. 
Man^di-Ue The jaw, s. 

BLE itr 

Ih-Mcend^i-hU TmunMible 1>y inlierttuoe, a. 
Ez-Und'irhU Capable of extonsioii, ». 
Vend^i-ble Saleable ; marketable, a. 
(ydi-bU Hateful, a. 
Cor-rt/di-ble Possible to be corroded, a. 
Au^di-ble Capable of being heard, a. 
It^-au'di-bk Not to be heard, a. 
E-litfdirblt Possible to be eluded, a. 

Leff^i-bU Sooh as may be read ; apparent, a. 
BAeg'i'bk What cannot be read, a. 

S^i-bU Ooyemable, a. 
JBI/i-$i4>U Fit to be chosen ; prefsrable, a. 
Un-d'i-gi-bU Not worthy to be chosen, a. 
In-UH/U-gi-ble To be oonoeiTed by the understanding, a. 
Ufhin-td^U-gi-bh Not such as can be understood, a. 

Cwr^H^^gv^U Capable of amendment; punishable, a. 
In^or^ri^bU Bad beyond correction, a. 
Fran^gi^h Easily broken ; brittle, a. 
S^fran^gi-bU Turned out of their course, a. 
Inrfranfgi^ble Not to be broken, a. 

Tan^girhle Perceptible by the touch, a. 
AVirbU NutritiTe; nourishing, a. 
Dd^i'ble Capable of being effaced, a. 
In-^Ui^irbU Not to be efTaced^ a. 
Se-piyi-ble That may be buried, a. 

Fal^U-bU Liable to error, a. 
InrfaifU-hle Not capable of error, a. 

Ten'i4)h That may hold, a. 
In-tm^i-bk That cannot hold, a. 
DU-cem^irbU Distinguishable ; discotwable, a. 
In-du-^em^i-bk Undistinguishable, a. 
Un-du-eem'i-bU Not discemable, a. 

Foi^bU Weak or blind side, •. 
Quad^ri-biB That may be squaiisd, a. 
In-fer^i-bk That may be inferred, a. 
Re-fer^i-bk Capable of being refer re d , a. 
Ter'ri-hU Formidable ; dreadf^, a. 
Sor^ri-bk Dreadfiil; shocking; hideous, a. 
Fea^n-^k Practicable, a. 
De-fea^n-^k That may be annulled, a. 
Inrfea'tirbk Impracticable, a. 
In-de-fet/n^k Not to be cut off", a. 
Unrde-fea^ti-bk Not to be annulled, a. 
Unrfea^tirbk Impracticable, a. 

Sua^ti-bk Easy to be persuaded, a. 
Per-mta^ti-bk That may be persuaded, a. 
Itthpersua^n-bU Not to be persuaded, a. 

Prai^ti-bk Worthy of being praised, a. 
Dit^at^ti'bk Unworthy of praise, a. 
Ru^irbk Exciting laughter, a. 
Vit^i-bk Apparent; open; ooaqiicuous, a. 
DMt^i^bk Capable of diTision, a. 


In^i^oWi4)U IiiMt]MUe of dirisioa, a. 

In-vu^i-ble Not to be seen, a. 
Ex-fan'ti-ble To be expaadcd, ft. 
De-fm^tirhU Cftpftble of defence, ft. 
In-de-fen^ti-bU Not to be defended, m. 
Difhre-hen^n-hle That may be oanght, a. 
Bep-re-hen^n-^U Culpable; blameable, a. 
Ir-Ttp-re-hen^ti-hle Unblameable, a. 
Com-pre-hen^ti^e Capable of eomprehension, a. 
[n-^om^e-hen^tirbU Not to be conoeiTed, a. 

Ap-pre-hm'ti-hU What may be apprehended, a. 

Sen^n4>U Haring sense ; con-rinced ; wiae^ % 
Insm'sirbU Without sense ; stupid, a. 

Ten^n-bU Capable of extension, a. 
Ez-ien^n-bU Capable of extMision, a. 
Ee-^pon'ti-bU Accountable ; answerable, a. 

R^afn-ble Possible to be reTeraed, a. 

Ir-re-ver^n-ble Impossible to be roTersed, a. 

Pas^ti-bU Capable of suffering, a. 

Im-pat^ti'bU Incapable of suffer&g; a. 

Ces^n-bU Liable to giye way, a. 
Ae-eea'n'hU Possible to be come at, a. 
'In-a^^u'ti-ble Impossible to be come at, a. 
Im'tnar-ees^n-bU Unfading, a. 

Im-pret'n-ble Capable of being impressed, a. 
Com-pres^tirble Yielding to pressure, a. 
Inreom-pres^si-ble Not yielding to pressure, a. 
Ex-pret^ii-ble Possible to be expressed, a. 
In-€x-pres^ti-bU Impossible to be expressed, a. 
Uh-ex-pres^tirbU Not expressible, a. 
Seit^n-bU Possible to be out, a. 
A-mia^n-^le Possible to be lost, a. 
In-a^mu^ti-bU Impossible to be lost, a. 
Ad-mit^n-ile Fit to be admitted, a. 
Be-mis^si-ble Admitting forgiTcness, a. 
Ir^e-mit'tirhU Not admitting forgireness, a. 
Tot'tirhU Haying the power to be, a. 
Im-pot^airble Not possible; impracticable, a. 
In^cotn-pot^n-ble Not possible together, a. 

PUtu^ii-bU Superficially pleasing ; specious, a. 
Im-plau^si-ble Not specious, a. 
Un^flau^n-^U Not plausible, a. 

Fu^tirhle Capable of being melted, a. 
Ittrfu^tirhU Incapable of being melted, a. 
Con-du'tirhle Determinable, a. 

Pat^irbU Sufferable ; tolerable, a. 

Com-pat^i-bU Suitable to ; consistent, a. 

In-€om-pai^i'ble Unsuitable; inconsistent^ a. 

Con-traet^i-bU Capable of contraction, a. 

In-tact^irbU Not perceptible by touch, a. 

De-feet^i-ble Imperfect ; deficient, a. 

Jn^fed^yUe Without defect; perfect, a. 

BLB 119 

^f'fiet^UU PnMSiioable, a. 
Col^ket^i-ble Gapftble of being gathered, a. 
De-peet^i-bU Tough ; clammy, a. 
Dthcoct^i-hh Possible to be boiled or digested, a. 
Ddstrud^i-ble Possible to be destroyed, a. 
In-d^-ttruct^i-hle Impossible to be destroyed, a. 
Com^^i-bU Suitable to ; consisteiit with, a. 
Ap-pet^i-bU Desirable, a. 
fff-nit^i-ble Inflammable, a. 
De-^q/ti-ble Liable to be deceiTod, a. 
dm-^tj/H-bU Intdligible, a. 
It^-co^-cq/ti-bU Unint^gible, a. 

Per-cq/H-Ue Capable of being peroeired, a. 
Im^er-c^tirbU Incapable of being perceiTed, a. 

Biu-cip^t^U CvptkWt of admitting, a. 
Un-^tu-cq/H-bU Not liable to admit, a. 
Con-temp' H-hU Worthy of contempt, a. 

Comp'ti'ble Accountable, a. 
Ccn-eump^H-bU Consumable, a. 
Inrcon-tump'ti-bU Not to be consumed, a. 
DU-^erp^Hrble Frangible; separable, a. 
In-<li»-cerj/ti-ble Incapable of separation, a. 

Cor^rup'iirbU Capable of corruption, a. 
In^cor-nq/li-bh Incapable of corruption, a. 
Pari'irbU Divisible ; separable, a. 
Jm-part^i-bU Communicable, a. 

Vert'irbU Capable of turning, a. 
Se-vert'i-ble Returnable, a. 
Con^eri'irbU Capable of being changed, a. 
In^eoti^^feri'i-ble Incapable of change, a. 

Per-tert'i'bU Capable of being penrmrted, a: 
Con-tro-vtrt'i-bie Capable of being disputed, a. 
lnrC(m'irihvert'i4fU Not to be disputed, a. 

Man^-feat'i-bU Easy to be made eyident, a. 

Dirgeit'i-ble Capable of digestion, a. 
Inrdirgett'i-hU Incapable of digestion, a. 
Con-gui^irbU Possible to be heaped up, a. 
Vett'i-ble A porch, s. 
Re-Htt'i-ble Possible to be resisted, a. 
Ir^esitt'i'bU Impossible to be resisted, a. 
Ez'kaust'i-^le Possible to be emptied, a. 
In-ex-hatut'i'ble Impossible to be emptied, a. 

Cofn-btut'i'bU Possible to be burned, a. 
In^^omrbuti'i'hU ImpoesiUe to be burned, a. 
A-duit'irbU Possible to be burned up, a. 
Cam-mii'ti'bU Liable to be committed, a. 
Sol^vUle Possible to be resdred, a. 
Di»-9oVvUle Possible to be dissoWed, a. 
Comrmi-nu'i'bU Possible to be pulTerited, a. 
Flex'i-ble Pliant ; complying, a. 
Re-ftex'irbU Capable of being reflected, a. 
In-JUa/i-bU Immorable; unalterable, a. 

130 BLB 

To am'hU To more easify, or at ta Msy paoe, t. b. 
To team^ble To get bjr ttrog^g ; to thift awkwardljy t. n. 
Pre^am-bU An iotrodaction, 8. 
Tofam'bU To hesitate, t. n. 
To ham^hle To cot the ainewf ; to hamftring, t. a. 
Skim^kU^kam^bU Wandering; wild, a. 

To ram^ble To roTe loosely ; to irander, t. b. 
Ram^bU A wandering excnrsion, s. 
Bram^bU A prickly bush, s. 
To Bcram^ble To catch eageriy; to climb, t. b. 
Seram^ble An eager contest for any thing, s. 
To wam^bU To roll with noise, as the bowels waable, t. b. 
To trem^ble To shake ; to qnake ; to shndder ; to quhrer, y. 
To sem'bU To represent ; to make a likeness, t. n. 
To resem^bk To be like ; to have likeness of, r. 
To ai-9em^bU T<T bring together, t. a. 
To du-^em^bh To put on a Iklse appearance, t. n. 
Thim'bU A cap for the needle inger, s. 
Nim^bU Quick; actiye; ready, a. 
Wim^bU An instruBeiit to bore holes with, s. 
Tofum'ble To do awkwardly, t. a. 

Burnable Modest ; not proud ; low, a. 
To kum^ble To make submissive ; to crash, t. a. 
Tojum^ble To mix together confusedly, t. 

Jum^bU A conftued mixture, s. 
Jb mum^ble To speak inwardly ; to chew slowly, t. 
To rum^ble To make a hoarse, low, rolling noise, y. n. 
To erutn^bU To break into small particles or crumbs, y. a. 
To erum^bU To fhU into pieces or crumbs, y. a. 
To drum^bU To drone ; to be sluggish, y. n. 
To gmm^ble -To murmur; to growl, y. n. 
To tum^bk To fidl ; to roll about ; to turn oyer, y. 

Tum'ble A faU, s. 
To stum^bU To trip in walking; to dtp ; to err, y. 
Stutn^bU A blunder; trip; afttilure, s. 
Nobble Great ; illustrious ; stately ; generous, a. 
No'ble One of high rank; a coin, yalue 69. 8<f., s. 
To m-fu/bk To make noble ; eleyate ; dignifjr, y. &. 
Bose^no-bk An ancient coin of 16«., s. 
fy-no^bk Mean of birtii ; worthless, a. 
UtMu/bk Mean ; ignoble, a. 
To gar^bk To sift ; to separate ; to part, y. a. 
Mar^bk A stone; little balls of stone, pi. s. 
To mar^bk To yein or stain like marble, y. a. 
To war^bk To quayer a sound; to sing, y. a. 
Bav/bk A gewgaw ; a trifling thing, s. 
So^u^bk Capable of separation or dissolutioB, a. 
Bet^o-lu-bk Capable of being melted or dissdyed, a. 
Ir-Tet^o-lu-bk Not to be broken, a. 
, In-tol^u-bk Not to be dissoWed, a. 
Du^9o4vrhk yL%y be separated or parted, a. 
Inrdi9^9o4u'bk Binding for ever firm, a. 

OLB 181 

VoVu^U FlMBt ia words; mAw, %. 
Dotty U Tiro-fold ; twice »s miioh, amlogiMUj dotMU^ %, 
To doub^le To fold ; to enlarge ; to pass round, t. a. 
To dotib'U To play tricks ; to wind in numing, t. n. 
Doul/le Twice the qnantiiy or nnmber, s. 
To re-dou^bk To repeat oflen, t. a. 
Sem^i-dou^U Among Roman Catholics, half-solemn, a. 
To troub'U To perplex ; afflict, analogically troulMe, t. a. 
Troul/le Disturbance ; oalamitj ; ineonTeniei&ce, s. 
Trea'de A sort of medidne ; molasses, s. 
Pt^orcU An Miormoos erime, s. 
Man^a-de A chain for the haads, s. 
To man^orcU To chain the hands, t. a. 
To im-nusn^a<le To fetter ; to oonfine, t. a. 
Pm^norcU A high spiring point, s. 
Bar^na<k A bird like a goose, s. 
Tat/eT-narcU A temporary plaoe of worship, s. 
' Mtr^orcle A supematoral act, s. 
Sptr^O'de A breathing hole, s. 
Or^orcU A wise sentence or person, s. 
Cor'arcU A leathern boat, s. 
Sptcfiorde A gasing-stock ; plural, glasses for the sight, s 
Bee-q/ta-<le A place to reoerre things, s. 
Com^etp-ta^U A container of any thing, s. 
OytUhde A hinderanoe ; obstruction, s. 
BUfia-<U A ftrame for the compass, s. 
Se^cU A century, s. 
Pdrde Dropping water frosen, s. 
Ped^i-de Foot-stalk of fruit, s. 
Ve^Mrcle Carriage ; conveyance, s. 
Pd^U<U A thin skin, s. 
FoVU-de A small cairity, s. 
Ad-mm'i-cU Help ; support, s. 

Chron^p^le A history or record, s. 
To ehron^i-de To record in hisUnry, t. a. 
Cor'm-<ie A little horn, s. 
Fu'ni-<le A small cord, s. 
Tu^nMe A coTer ; an integument, s. 
Vm'tri-de The stomach ; a cavity in the heart, s. 
Av/fircU The external ear, s. 
Pti-de A pendent shoot of ice, more properly IMt^ a. 
Vu^i^U A small cuticle filled or inflated, s. 
F«^#»-cfe A little verse, s. 
Os^tirde A little bone, s. 
Ed^i-de A small net, s. 
Can^ti^e A little song, s. 
Con-ven^ti-^ A meeting-house ; a aeoret assembly, s. 
Ar^tircU A part of .speech, or a discourse, s. 
To ar^ti-de To covenant with, or make terms, v. 
Par^a-^ Any small word or part; an atom, s. 
Tet^H^ Stone, s. 
Bm^tiMt A small fish, a stieklehaekt s. 

12t DLB 

Cfu^a-de The ontemoit sidn'; the soaittin, u, 
Cia»^f-eie The coU«^-bo&^ 8. 

Un^ele Father oir mother's brother, 8. 
Car^bim-eU A precious stone ; • red sore spot, s. 
Car^un-de A snail fleshy protiiberanee, s. 
Fu^run-^ Any angry pnatnle, s. 
Bm^(heU A kind of telesoope, s. 

8(/de A flat square base of Tases, &c., s. 
To 9ar^d$ To weed c<an, t. a. 
Tu^her^U A fleshy ezeresoenee ; a pimple, s. 

Cir^eU A round body ; a company, s. 
To tirade To mo^e round ; inclose ; confine, t. a. 
Sem^ir^!ir-€U A half-circle, s. 
lb m-cir^ele To surround or inclose in a circle, t. a. 
Sur^cU A shoot, twig, or sucker, s. 
Ar^but-de Any little shrub, s. 

Mut^de Fleshy fibres ; a sheU-flsh, s. 
Cor^ptu-^ A small body ; an atom, s. 
Cj^eU A circle ; a round of time, s. 
Hem't-cy-de A half-round, s. 
I^i-cy-de A small circle upon a larger, s. 
CWff'-de A small bud of a plant, s. 
Bea^dle An officer in a parish or uniTersity, s. 
Suybea-dle An under-beadle, s« [treadiOe, s. 

Tread^U Part of a loom; sperm of a cock, properly 
La' die A large spoon, & 
Cra'dU A moTcable bed; infSui^; firame, s. 
To cra'dU To lay in a cradle, s. 

Siafdle A stay; a staff; a crutch, s. 
To ad'dle To make barren ; to corrupt, y. a. 

Ad'dle Barren ; empty ; rotten, a. 
Tofad'dU To trifle; toy; play the fool, &c., t. n. 
Fid'dl^-fad-^ik Trifling; giring trouble, a. 
* Skad'dk Hurt; damage, s. 

Topad'dU To play in water; to row, ▼. 
Pad'dU An oar used by a single rower, s. 
JSpad'dle A little spade, s. 
Ih $trad'dU To stand or walk wide, y. n. 
A'ttrad'dle With legs across any thing ; astride, ad. 
Sad'dU A seat on a horse's back, s. 
To •ad'dle To put on a saddle, y. a. 
Side'tad-dle A woman's saddle, s. 
Pack^tad^le A saddle for burden, s. 
To wad'dU To walk like a duck, y. n. 
To twadfdh To swathe ; bind round ; cudgel, y. a. 
^ad'dU Cloths bound round the body, s. 
To med'dU To interpose, or act in any thing, y. n. 
To m-ter-med'dU To interpose officiously, y. n. 
Toped'dh To be bu^ about trifles, y. n. ' 
Red'dU A red kind of earth, s. 
Fid'dle A musical instrument, s. 
Tofidfdle To plsy on the fiddle ; to trifle, y. b. 

BLB 12S 

Mid'dU Middle part, way, or time, 0. 
Tomd^dU To fMd squeamishly ; to trifle, t. n. 

Rid'dU A paxzling qaeetion ; a coarse sieTe, 8. 
To rid^dle To speak obsoarely ; to sift, t. 
To tm-rid^dU To solve a diffioulty ; to explain, t. a. 
To tid'dU To fondle, ▼. a. 

Nod' die In contempt ; a head, s. 
To cud'dU To lie dose, t. a. 
To acud'dle To ran with affected haste, y. b. 
Tofud'dle To make dnmk ; to drink hard, t. 
To hud' die To do in a hurry ; to crowd together, t. 

Hud'dle Crowd j confusion, s. 
To mud'dle To make half drunk; to stupefy, t. a. 
Pud'dle A dirty i^ash ; a settling of water, s. 
To pud' die To make muddy, t. 
To whee'dle To entice by soft words, t. a. 

Nee'dk For sewing ; in a mariner's compass, s. 
To twee' die To Imndle Hghtly, v. a. 

J' die Laxy ; unemployed ; worthless, a. 
To i'dle To spend time lazily; to trifle, y. n. 
Bri'dle For a horse ; restraint, s. 
To si'dle To walk sideways, t. n. 
To iwCdie To touch lif^tly, t. a. 

Can'dle A light made of tallow, wax, ftc. •. 
To dm' die To fondle a child on the lap, y. a. 

Han'dU The part laid hold of, s. 
To hanrdU To touch; feel; treat in discourse, y. a. 

Tren'dle Any thing turned round, s. 
To km'dle To set on fire ; to inflame, y. a. 
To km'dle To catch fire ; to bring forth, y. n. 
To re-km'dle To kindle or inflame again, y. a. 
Bnrkin'dle To set on Are ; to incite, y. a. 

Si'dle The pin to form thread, s. 
To apm'dle To grow thin and tall, y. n. 
Brin'dle The state of being brinded, 8. 
Win' die A spindle, s. 
To dwm'dU To shrink or fall away, y. n. 
Tofon'dle To caress ; to cocker, y. a. 
Bun'dle Things bound together, s. 
To bun'dle To tie in a bundle, y. a. 
Pvn'dle A short and fat woman, s. 
Bun'dle A step of aladder ; a round, 8. 
To fnin'dU To roll ; to bowl along, y. a. 
Trun'dle Any round rolling thing, s. 
To eo'dU To parboil ; to dress badly, properly eoddU, y. a. 
Doo'dle A trifler; an idler, s. 
Fop-^Ux/dle An insignificant wreteh, s. 
Noo'dU A fool ; a simpleton, s. 
Qir'dU Any tldng tied round the wai8t» s. 
To cut' die To coagulate, y. 
Hur'dh A texture of sticks for indosure, s. 
Oau'dU A kind of gruel, 8. 

124 GLE 

Rud^dU Red earth, 8. 
7\> crud^dle To coagulate ; to congeal, t. %, 
Bu-bon-iM^M A rupture in the groin, s. 
Hy-daro-^eU^ A watery rupture, 8. 
En'ter-o-cek^ A rupture in the scrotum, s. 
BronF-eho-^eUf A tumour in the throat, 8. 
Sper-mai-o-^de^ A seminal rupture, s. 

8ar«hcde^ A swelling in the scrotum, s. 

Quer^ek A complaint in law, s. 
CfU-en-teU^ The state of a client, 8. 

8UU A stalk ; a handle, s. 
To haffit To elude ; to confound, ▼. a. 
To maffie *Io stammer, t. n. 
To tnaffle To bridle ; to manage, y. a. 

Smrf^fie A bridle crossing the nose, 8. 
To raffia To cast dice for a priie, t. n. 

BafffA A lottery by casting dice, 8. 
To whifflA To prevaricate ; to shuffle, t. n. 
To huff fie To pussle, t. a. 
Buffle A buffalo, s. 
Scuff fit A confused quarrel, s. 
To 9cuffft$ To fight confusedly, t. o. 
To Bhufffia To change the position of cards ; to preTaricate, t. 

Shufffie A disordering of things ; a trick, s. 
To muffle To corer from weather; to blindfold, ▼. a. 
To un-muffle To take off a covering, t. a. 

To mwffle To speak or brea^e &rough the nose, t. n. 
To ruffle To disorder; to fret; to plait, t. 
Ruffle Omament for the hands, s. 
To unnruffU To cease fh>m commotion, t. n. 
Truffle A subterraneons mushroom, s. 
To riffle To pillage ; plunder ; rob, &c. t. 
Triffle A thing of no moment or value, 8. 
To triffle To act with levily, ▼. n. 
To sHffle To suppress ; conceal ; extinguish, t. a. 
Tojntrffle To decorate with a flowered border, t. a. 
SafgU A bird of prey, s. 
BeafgU A small hound, or hunting dog, 8. 
OVer-ea^U A kind of eaf^e, s. 
To dagfgle To trail in the dirt, t. a. 
To h»-dagfgl6 To bemire the skirts, t. a. 

To gaggle *Io make a noise like a gooee, t. n. 
To hagfgU To mangle ; to bargain te^ously, v. 
To draggle To throw dirt up wi^ the feet, t. 
To be^ragfgle To soil the clothes behind, t. 
To Hmgfgle To wander ; to ramble, &c. t. n. 
To wagfgU To move briskly up and down, v, n. 
Toh^fgU To bargain penuriously, t. n. 
Togigfgle To laugh idly; to titter, v. n. 
To migfgle To fish for eels, t. n. 
To wrigfgle To move to and fro in the joints, t. b. 
Toho^gU To start; to hesitate, t. n. 

GLS Itt 

To gog'gU To look Mquini, t. n. 
Tojog'gU To shake aligbtlj, t. a. 
To gug^gU To BO«nd m irater out of % botUe, ▼• a. 
TojugfgU To plaj tricks by skight of kand, ▼. b. 
Jug^gie A deoepCkm; an impoatove, a. 
To itintg^gle To oomrey hj ttealUi, ▼. a. 
To mug^gk To lie dote or warm, t. a. 
To Btrug'gU To striTe ; to endeavour, t. n. 
StrugfgU Labour; effort; agony, a. 
Rd'gU A liollow cot, used as a guide, a. 
To m-vei^gU To wheedle ; to allure, t. a. 
Por^wi-gU A tadpole, or frog in embryo, s. 

An'gU A comer ; a flaking-rod, 8. 
To an^gU To fish witili a rod and hook, t. n. 
To dan'gU To hang looee, or follow idly, t. n. 
Fan^gU A silly attenpt, or trifling scheme, 8. 
Fm^gU-fan^gU A trifle, s. 

Tofan^gU To wrangle, or be out of tune, t. b. 
Tri^an-gle A flgure of three angles, s. 
To man^gU To cut or tear irregiparly, t. a. 
Man^gU A machine for woiking, s. 
Span'gle A small plate of shining metal, a. 
To tpon'gU To beeprinkle with spangles, t. a. 
To be^n^gle To adorn with span^es, t. a. 
To bran'gle To wrangle, or squabble, t. n. 
Bran^gle A wrangle, or squabble, a. 
To im-bramfgU To entan^, t. a. 
QuadWan-gle A aqnare, s. 

To ttran^gU To choke ; suffocate ; suppress &o., T. a. 
To wran^gle To dispute i^eerishly, t. n. 
To tan^gle To embroil ; to ensnare, t. 
Tan^gU An entanglement, s. 
Beet^an-gU An anele of ninety degrees, s. 
To m-tan^gle To twist; to conftise; to ensnare, t. a. 
To dit-enrtan'gU To unraTel ; to loose; to extricate, T. a. 
To tm-tan^gU To loose from intricacy, t. a. 
Hn^gU A gull ; a put ; a bubble, s. 
Cin'gle A girth for a horse, s. 
Shr-cm^gk A girth ; a girdle of a cassock, s. 
Dm^gk A hollow between hills ; a dale, s. 
Tojin^gk To sound corresiKmdently ; to clink, ▼. n. 
JWgk Any thing sounding ahaq>ly, a. 
Shm^gk A thin board to corer hovses, s. 
To mm^gk To mix; to compound; to join, t. a. 
To imrmm^gk To mingle; to mix; to unite, t. a. 
To com-^mn^gk To mU into one mass; to blead, t. a. 
To mrmm^gk To separate things mixed, t. a. 
To m^^gr-mm^gk To min|^e together, y. a. 

Hn^gk A small dose ; an inelosur^ s. 
Sprm^gk A springe ; an elastio noose, s. 

Sin'gk Alone; unmarried; uncorrupty a. 
To tmfgk To separata, or take from othm, t. %, 

12< ILB 

To tm'gU To feel % sharp pain, t. n. 
To twm^gU To wave hanging, y. n. 
To hvm^gU To do olnmeily ; to botch^ ▼. n. 

To o^gU To look at irith pleaaore, or dily, y. a. 
To garfgU To wadi the throat with medioine, Y. a. 

Oar^gU A medioine to wash the throat, s. 
To gar^gh To gush with a nrarmuring noise, y. n. 

Bungle A shining bead of glass, s. 
To wri^thle To wrinkle ; to oorrngate, y. a. 
JU A walk or alley in a chnieh, s. 
BiU Gall; a sore pimple, s. 
In-ha-biU^ Unskilful; unqualified, a. 
Fldb^Ue Subject to be blown, a. 
Dd/ile Weak; feeble; languid, a. 
Mol/Ue The populace ; the mob, s. 
Sorl/iU Capable of bdng drunk, a. 
NvfhiU Marriageable, a. 
Fat/Ue Basy ; not difficult, a. 
Orcu/iU Slender; small, a. 
Im^bet/Ue Weak; feeble, a. 
To im-het/Ue To spend money dandestinely, y. a. 
To rec^onrdU To make things agree, y. a. 
E'diU A otYil officer in old Rome, a. 
Croc^o-^tUe An amphibious Yoradous animal, s. 
JDo</iU Tractable; teachable, a. 

File A smith's tool ; a wire for papers, s. 
File A row of soldiers one behind the other, s. 
To file To march in file ; to cut with a file, y. 
To derfU' To make impure ; to eormpt, y. a. 
De-fi^ A narrow passage, s. 
Pro^fiU The side-fiMO ; half-face, s. 
Pw^fie Trimming for women's gowns, s. 

Ag'Ue Nimble ; actiYe, a. 
Frag^Ue BritUe; easily destroyed, a. 
WMle Time ; space of time, s. 
WhUe As long as, ad. 
To vfkUe To loiter, y. n. 
A-whUe^ Some time, ad. 
Sotn&^wkUe Once ; for a time, ad. 
Mr6-wkUe^ Some time ago, ad. 
Olh'er-wMU At other times, ad. 

ift^ A land measure ; 1760 yards, 8. 
Sim'i'le A oomparison ; a likeness, s. 
Cham^o-mUe A bitter herb, s. 

Smile A look of pleasure or kindness, s. 
To smile To look gay or joyous, y. n. 
Se^nUe Belonging to old age, a. 
Jt/ve-nUe Toung ; youthAil ; gay, a. 

PHe A heap ; edifice ; piece of wood ; nap, •. 
To pile To heap upon, y. a. 
E-<iVi^^ A hollow globe to generate wind, s. 
To comrpiief To ooQeot and write from authovs, y. n. 

ILB 127 

Fet/rik Constituting a firer, %, 
An-H'fA^riU Qood against fsrers, a. 
Pu^er-iU Childish ; boyish, a. 

Vir^ile Belonging to a man, a. 
PenfnU Hanging suspended, a. 
Tm^tiU Capdi>le of extennon, a. 
ScU^tiU Capable of diTision, a. 
FWdU Capable of being eleft, a. 
MitftUe Thrown by the hand, §. 
Ctr-cwnrfu'sUe Poured round about, a. 

Tile Burnt clay to oorer houses, s. 
VoVortiU Flying; OTaporating; fickle, a. 
VoVa-tile A winged animal, s. 
Um'bra-tile Being in the shade, a. 
Ver^ia-tiU Turning round ; Tariable, a. 
Aq^uortik Inhabiting the water, s. 

Sul/tile Thin ; piercing ; conning ; refined, a. 
Trcu/iile C^>able of be&ig drawn out, a. 
Tae^tile Capable of being touched, a. 
Pro-^WHU Impelled forward, a. 
Pro^tc^tUe A body put in motion, s. 
In-see^iiU Haying the nature of insects, a. 
Fie^tiU Made by the potter, a. 
Coe^HU Made by baking, a. 
Du</Hle Tractable ; pliable, a. 
Pr<hdue^Hie Which may be produced, a. 
Mer^can-tiU Trading; commercial, a. 
In^fan-HU PertaiiSng to an infant, a. 
PannUe A gutter tile, s. 
Oen^tUe A heathoi, s. 

Pen^tile A tile for the sloping part of roofs, s. 
Qum^Hle A planetary distance of 72 degrees, s. 
Sem'i-gtdn'tile A planetary distance of 86 degrees, s. 
Bq/tik A creeping thing ; a mean person, s. 
Sctdp'tik Made by carving, a. 
Quar^Hk A planetary distonoe of 90 degrees, s. 
Sem^irquar'tik A planetary distance of i5 degrees, s. 
Fer^UU Fruitful ; plenteous, a. 
In-fer^Hk Unfruitftil, a. 
Unrfer^Hk Not fertile, a. 

Tor^Hk Twisted ; wreathed, a. 

8tik Steps into a field; gnomon, s. 
Tum^sUk A whirling stile, s. 

ffoytik AdTcrse ; opposite, a. 
Uh'koytik Not belonging to an enemy, a. 
I\§^1ik Trifling; worthless; talkatiTC, a. 
U^tik Useful ; profitable, a. 
In^^Hk Useless ; unprofitable, a. 
dm-tuftik Sewed or stitched together, a. 
Bex^Uk Distance of 60 degrees, s. 
8emri-9€xftik A planetary distance of 80 degrees, a. 
Bk-^ex^Hk IiM^year, s. 

1S8 KLE 

Textile Capable of being woTen, a. 

Viie Sordid ; wicked ; wortfaleee ; meeii, a. 
Ti> re-ifUe^ To reproach ; to TilifjTr ▼• »• 
€htiU Deceit ; hantt, 8. 
To he-ifuiW To deceiTe ; to anrase, t. ». 
Ser^vUe SlaTish ; dependent ; fewning, ». 
* WiU A deceit ; • firand ; a trick, t. 

Ex^iU Banishment; a person banished, 8. 
To ex-Ue^ To banish ; to drive away, t. a. 
Ex^iU Small ; slender ; not fkill, a. 
Flex^Ue Easily bent; pliable, a. 
To ea</kle To cry Hke a goose or hen, t. n. 

Cae^kle Noise of a goose or fowl, s. 
To luu/kU To dress fli^ t. n. 

ffa</lde Raw silk, s. 
To Mkac^kle To chain ; to fttter ; to entangle, T. a. 
To erae^kk To make light cracks, t. n. 

Tae^kU Ropes of a ship ; instruments, &c. s. 
To kee^kU To tie rope round a cable, t. a. 

Spm^kle A small spot or speck, s. 
To tpee^kie To mark with small spots, t. a. 
To be4tpee^kU To mark with speckles, y. a. 
F^ee^kU A spot in the skin, s. 
IWkle Changeable ; unsteady ; wavering, a. 
Mu/lde Much ; great, a. 
Pu/kle Salt liqwor ; thing pickled ; state, s. 
Topu/kU To preserve in pickle, v. a. 
Pric^kU A sharp point ; a thorn, s. 
To iru/kU To fall in drops, v. n. 
Strii/kle An instrument to level com with, s. 

Sie^kU A reaping hook, s. 
To tie^He To touch with pleasure, v. a. 

Fie^kU Unsteady; wavering, a. 
To Btie^kle To contest : to labour, v. n. 

Coi/lde A small shell-fish ; a weed, s. 
To eoc^kle To run into wrinkles, v. a. 
To hoc^kU To hamstring, v. a. 

Bue^kle Fastening of a shoe ; curl of hair, s. ^ 

To bue^kU To fasten with a buckle ; to curl, v. a. ^ 

To bue^kle To bend, bow, or submit to, v. n. i 

To tm4fu</kU To loose the buckle, v. a. 
To chue^kk To laugh vehemently, v. n. 
To ehw/kU To fondle ; to call as a hen, v. a. 

Mue^fde Much, a. 
To knue^kle To submit, v. n. ^ 

To tnte^lde To submit to another, v. n. " 

To tue^kU To nurse at the breast, v. n. 
ffoH^mf-nte-kle A sweet flower, s. 

Stue^kle A collection of sheaves, s. 
An^kU A joint between the foot and the leg, a. 
To ranfkU To faster ; to be inflamed, Y. n. 
To cnm^kU To run in and out into an^ee, t. a. 

OLE 129 

In^kle A sort of tope, s. 
To erin^kU To ran into wrinkles or folds, t. a. 
Crin^kU A wrinkle ; a winding, s. 
To tprin^kk To scatter in small dn>p8, t. a. 
To be-iprin^kle To sprinkle over or about, t. a. ■ 
To wrin^kle To canse creases or wrinldes, y. a. 
Wrm^kle A crease in the face, in doth, ftc, 8. 
To tin'kU To make a small sharp sonnd, t. n. 
Per^t-wn-kU A sea snail ; a plants s. 
To twin^kU To sparkle ; to open and shut the eye, t. b. 
Unhide Father or mother's brother, s. See UnOe, 
To erun^kle To cry like a crane, t. n. 
To tpar^kU To emit sparks, t. n. 

SpoT^kU A small particle of fire ; a spark, %* 
Belle A handsome gay young lady, i. 
Ba^-a-telU^ A trifle, s. 

Bu-^lle^ An assembly in priyate, s. 
CcMuxiUe^ The lowest among the people, s. 
Taille A law term, opposed to fee-simple, s. 
DU-horhUU^ Undressed; negligently dothed, a. 
Spordille^ The ace of spades, s. 
Co-dille^ A term at ombre, s. 
F€hmilUf In a family way, ad. Fr. 
Qua-drille^ A game at cards, s. 
Jon-quiUe^ A species of daffodil, s. 

Bole A kmd of earth ; a round stalk, §. 
Boe^am-bole A sort of wild garlic, s. 

Oyole In pharmacy, twelve gruns, s. 
Hy-per^bo-U A rhetorical figure ; an exaggeration, f. 
Cole Cabbage, s. 
Caar'a-eoU In horsemanship, an oblique tread, 0. 
To car^a-coU To more in caracoles, t. n. 

Dole Share; gift; sorrow, moan, s. 
To dole To distribute alms, t. a. 
To eo9hdole^ To lament ; to bewail with, t. 
Jlole A cavity ; a mean habitotion, s. 
Toueh^hole The fire-hole of a gun, s. 
Loop-hole An aperture ; an erasion, s. 
To thole To wait awhile, t. n. 
Whole All ; entire ; perfect, a. 
WhoU The totality, s. 
Heart'whoU Unfixed in affections, a. 
CM^fy'hole A hole into a common sewer, s. 

Jole The cheek; the head of a fish, s. 
To eor^oW To deceive ; to flatter, v.^ 
Ca^pri-oU A leaping motion of a horse, s. 

Mole A natural spot ; a mound ; an animal, s. 
PoU A stoff ; extremity of the earth ; 6 yards and a 
Tad^pole A young frog or toad, s. [haH s. 

Bant^i-poU Wild ; roving ; rakish, a. 
Bant^f^ltole A wild talkative person, s. 
Mojf^pok A pole to dance round, s. 

180 PLB 

Pa-roW Words giTen in assunuice, b. 
Sole The bottom of the foot; a fiah, 0. 
To sole To fbmish with soles, y. a. 
Sole Single ; only ; not married, a. 
To eon-9oU^ To comfort ; cheer ; revive, v. a. 
Stole A royal robe ; a long vest, 8. 
StoU Fret of to steaL 
JH-^is^to-k A figore in rhetoric, making a short syllable long ; 
the dilatation of the heart, s. 
PiM'icle^ A foreign coin, value lie, s. [liable, s. 

Sy'tO'le Contraction of the heart; shortening a long syl- 
Per-i-^s^to-U Interval between the two motions of the heart or 
pulse, s. 
Vole At cards, the winning all ^e tricks, s. 
Sta^ph A settled mart for goods, s. 
Sta'ple Settled ; established in commerce, s. 
Stee^pU The turret of a choreic s. 
Par^ii-d-ple A word partaking of a noun and verb, a. 
Man'ci-ple A purveyor; a steward, s. 

Prin'cirpU Fundamental truth ; original cause ; motive; ground 
of action, s. 
To prin^d-pU To instruct; to fix in a tenet, v. a. 

Dis-ci^pU A scholar ; a learner ; a follower, s. 
Cot^-dU-d^pU A school-fellow, s. 
Ori^ple A griping miser, s. 
Trip^le Treble; threefold, a. 
Suh-tr^le Containing one part of three, a. 
MuLHi-ple An aliquot part or number, s. 
Svh-fnul^t^pU An aliquot part or number, s. 
Am^ple Large ; wide ; diffusive, a. 
Tram^pU To tread under foot, t. a. 
Sam^ple A specimen, s. 
Enrsam^pU Example ; pattern, s. 
Ez-am^pU A pattern ; an instance to prove by, a. 
Tem^ple A church; the upper part of the sides of the 

head, s. 
Dim'ple A cavity in the cheek or chin, s. 
To dim^pie To sink in boles, y. n. 
Pim'pU A small red pustule, s. 
To rim^ple To contract into corrugations, v. a. 
To crim^ple To lay in plaits, v. a. 

Sim'ple A single ingredient ; a herb ; a drug, s. 
Sim^ple Artless; unmingled; silly; single, a. 
To eim^ple To gaUier physical herbs, v. n. 

Wim^ple A hood, s. 
To rum^ple To contract into inequalities, t. a. 
To erum^pU To make wrinkly, v. a. 

People A nation; the vulgar; persons in general, s. 
To re-peo^pU To stock with people anew, v. a. 
To wt'peo^ple To depopulate, v. a. 

Sm^o^ A species of earth ; ruddle, s. 
Ap^ple A firuit ; the pupil of the eye, s. 

TLE 181 

9b hMffjiU To break off wHli a sliMrp noiie, t. n. 
To grap^ple To lay fast hold of; to fight oloie^ t. a. 
Tkrap^pU The windpipe of any animal, a. 
I^ple A stopper, a. 
Nip^pU A teat ; a dug, s. 
To r^^jpfe To wash gently oyer ; to mb off, t. n. 

CHj/pU A lame person, s. 
To crij/pU To make lame, t. a. 

T^^ple Brink ; liquor, a. 
1\> tip^ple To drink laznrionsly, t. 
To top'ple To tumble down, t. n. 
Stcj/pU Anything by which the hold of a Teasel is filled, f. 
Sup^ple Pliant; yielding; fawning; sofk, a. 
Pur^ple Eed tinctured with blue ; in poetty, red, a. 
To rnn-puf^pU To make of a puzple colour, y. a. 
To tm-pur^pU To colour with purple, t. a. 

Def/vrple Tenfold, a. 
8ub-^ke^u^ Containing one part in ten, a. 
Du-o-dee^u^le Consisting of twelvee, a. 

Du^pU Double ; once repeated, a. 
^ Sulh-du^pU Containing one jNui of two, a. 
Coup^le A brace; two joined together, a. 
To coup^U To join together, y. a. 
To ae-coup^le To join together, y. a. 
To un-eot^le To loose dogs from their couples, y. a. 
Scru'pie Doubt; a weight of twenty graina, s. 
To Bcru'pie To doubt; to hesitate, y. n. 
Quad^ru-pie Fourfold ; four times told, a. 
Sub'-quad^rurpU Containing one part of four, a. 
0</tw-pU Eightfold, a. 
Sub-^tu^lfU Containing one part of ei^t, a. 
Cen^tu^ Hundredfold, a. 
Quin^tu-pU Fiyefold, a. 
Syh-qum^tu^ Containing one part of fiye, a. 
Sqytu^U Seyen times as much, a. 
8u^t^tu-ple Containing one of seyen parts, a. 

Sex^tu-ple Sixfold ; six times told, a. 
Sub-^ex^Hhple Containing one part of six, a. 

Cork A mean rude man, rhymes anarl, s. 
KnarU A knot; hard substance, s. 
Itle An island, s. 
Aide A walk in a church ; wing of a choir, rhymea pile, a. 
Jfot^le The extremi^ of a things as of beUowa, a. 
Buy tie Artful ; sly ; cunning, a* 
B&^Oe An Indian plant, s. 
Bee^tle A heayy mallet; an insect, a. 
To beef tie To jut out; to hang oyer, y. n, 

Tifti£ Appellation; claim of right; name of honour; 
general head of particulars, s. 
TfUftie To name; to call; to entiUe, y. a. 
To en-Wtie To giye a title or right to, t. a. 
QmfUe A piece with o(«iien» a. 

18S TLB 

Jian^tU A olottk «r gansflnt, 8. 
To man^tle To ferment m Uquor ; to re^el, t. s. 
To di»-man'tU To strip ; to orertkrow ; to dinnn, t. a. 
Om^tU Soft ; tame ; meek ; paoifio, a. 
Oen^tle A kind of wonn used in ishing, 8. 
Un-genftU Hard ; rade ; ragged, a. 
To grtm'tie To murmur like a hog, t. n. 
To atar^tU To fright; to be frighted, t. 
Star^tle A sudden alarm ; a shock, s. 
Kir^tk An upper garment ; a gown, s. 
To hur'tle To skirmish, t. n. 
To hur^tk To moTe riolentlj, t. a. 

Tur^tU The turtle-dore ; a sea-tortoise, s. 
Myr'Ut A fhigrant tree, s. 
Caa^tle A house of defence, s. 
Fore^ca$-Ue The fore part of a ship, s. 
To net^tle To settle ; harbour ; cherish, t. 
Fet^tle A tool to beat in a mortar, s. 
Tret^tle A firame to support anything, s. 
To wret^Ue To struggle ; to contend for a fhll, t. n. 

Tkia^tU A pricklj weed, s. 
To wkis^tU To blow a whistle ; to sound shrill, t. 
Whu^Oe A small pipe to whisUe with, s. 
JS-pu^Oe A letter, s. 
Brit^tU The stiff hair of swine, s. 
To brit^Ue To erect in bristles ; to grow angry, t. 

Orii^tle A cartilage, s. 
Tojos^tle To pu^ or run against, t. a. 
A^fHu^tU A messenger sent to preach the gospel, a. 
Tkro^'tle The thrush, a small singing-bird, s. 
To but^tle To be busy; to stir about^ t. n. 

Bua'iU A tumult ; a hurry, s. 
To hw^tle To shake together, t. a. 
Tojus^Ue To encounter; push; driye, ▼. 
To nut' tie To fondle ; to cherish, t. a. 
To rut^iU To make a low rattle, t. n. 

BatnU A combat; a fight, s. 
To bat'Ue To contend in fight; to argue, ▼. n. 
To emrbat'Ue To arrange in order of battle, t. a. 

Cat'tU Beasts of pasture, not wild or domestic, s. 
Blaek-cat^Ue Oxen, bulls, and cows, s. 

To rat'tle To nil ; to scold ; to make a noise, t. 

RtttfiU A quick noise ; empty talk ; a talkatiTe person ; a 
child's plaything, s. 
To he-^atfiU To rattle off, t. a. 
Toprat'tle To talk lightly; to chatter, t. n. 
Prat'iU Empty talk, s. 
To UU'tU To pnte; to talk lighUy, t. n. 

Tat'tle Prate; idle chat, s. « 

TU^Oe-tat'Oe Idle talk; empty gabble, 8. 
To WiU'tttt'Oe To prate idly, t. n. 

Wat' tie Red flesh under a cook's bill; a hurdle, s. 

ULB 1B8< 

To toat'tU To form or bind witk twigs, t. a. 
To twat^iU To prate; to gabble; to obatter, Y. b. 
TwU^iU-twai'tU Tattle ; gabble, s. 

To feL^tU To do trifling business, t. n. 

Kei^tU A vessel in whiob liqoor is boiled, s. 
Mei^Oe Spirit; sprightliaess ; eonrage, s. 
Net^iU A stinging herb well known, s. 
To nei^tle To sting ; to irritate, t. a. 

Set^tle A seat; a bench with a back, 8. 
To aet^tle To fix ; establish ; determine ; rest upon, t. 
To un-set^Ue To make uncertain ; to OTcrthrow, ▼. a. 
WhU'iU A white dress for a woman ; a knife, s. 
To wkU'lle To oat with a knife, ▼. a. 
LU'lle Small ; diminntiye, a. 
lAt'iU A small spaoe or jmrt, s. 
LU^Ue In a small degree, ad. 
KnU^iU A string that gathers a pnrse round, s. 
&nt^ile Corrupted ftom hospital, s. 
J^^Ue Moisture of the month ; saliTa, s. 
Brit^Ue Fragile; apt to break, a. 
TU^tie A point; dot; small particle, s. 
Bot^iU A vessel to contain liquor; a quart, s. 
To bot^tU To inclose in bottles, v. a. 

Fot^tle A liquid measure containing four pints, s. 
Throt^tk The windpipe, s. 
To ikrot'Oe To choke ; to suffocate, t. a. 

Cut^iU A kind of fish ; also a foul-mouthed fellow, s. 
Scut^iU A vessel for coals ; a short run, s. 
To tciU'tle To run with affected precipitation, v. a. 
To gut'iU To gormandise ; to swallow, t. 

J&ut^tU An instrument used bj weavers, s. 
Vet'UrbuU The porch or first entrance of a house, s. 
Olol/uU A snmll particle of a spherical fc^m, s. 
Jftu/ule A spot ; a stain, s. 
Bid^i-eule Wit that provokes laughter, s. 
To Hd^i-ade To expose to laughter, ▼. a. 
Ver^mi-cuU A little grub, s. 

CaU'euU Reckoning; computation, s. 
AnrirfndL'eule A small "»i"M^i^ s. 
Cre-jnu'eule Twilight, s. 

Schtd^uie A small scroll ; an inventory, s. 
OUm'duie A small gland, s. 
Mod'uU An empty representation ; a model, s. 
Nod'vle A small lump, s. 

Mule An animal between an ass and a mare, s. 
For^muU A set or prescribed model, s. 
Oran^tde A small compact particle, s. 
ChouU The crop of a biid, s. 
Tomde To whine; to whimper, v. n. 

Mule Government; direction, s. 
To rule To govern ; to manage ; to control, t. 
To ferrule To chastise with the ferula, v. a. 

134 AMB 

4»A«K«20 A Utae g^obe, 8. 

Fa^ruU A sort of ring put at the end of stacks, &o., s. 
To o-ver-ruU^ To inflaence with predominant power, t. a. 
Mit^rtUe^ Turanlt ; confusion ; reTel, s. 
Spon^tuU An alms ; a dole, s. 
Fust^ule A small swelling; a pimple, s. 
Valvule A small TalTO, s. 

Yule The time of Christmas, s. 
As/U The pin on which a wheel rans, 8. 
KajfU A ninepin, s. 

Chyle White Juice firom digested aliment, s. 
Scroyle A mean fellow ; a wretch, s. 
Dac^tyle A poetical foot, consisting of a long syllable and 
two short ones, s. 
Di^at-tyle An edifice, distinguished bj the distance of the 
pillars, s. 
Pen^ta-^tyle In architecture, a work wherein are five rows of 
columns, s. 
Per^i-efyle A circular range of pillars, s. 
Pn/siyle A building that has only pillars in the f^nt, s. 
Ot/to-^le The face of a building containing eight columns, s. 
To fris'le To curl in short curl^ properly frixdet v. a. 
To bamrioo^zle To decelYe ; to impose upon, t. a. 
To das^sle To orerpower with light, t. a. 
7b be-dtu'ile To dim the sight by too much lustre, t. a. 
To em-bex^sle To appropriate by breach of trust; to waste, ▼. a. 
To driz'tle To shed or £eJ1 in low drops, y. 

Oriz^xle Gray, a. 
To guz'zle To drink immoderately, v. n. 

Mvz'ile The mouth of anything, s. 
To muz^de To bind the mouUi, v. a. 
To mut^ile To nurse ; to go with the nose down, t. a. 
Topuz'ile To perplex ; to embarrass, t. a. 
Pua^He A perplexity, s. 

Me The oblique case of the pronoun I. 
Came Pret of come. 
Be-eamef Pret of become. 

Dame A lady ; a woman in general, s. 
Fame Reputation ; glory ; report, s. 
To de-famef To censure falsely ; to scandalixe, v. a. 

Qame Sport ; jest ; mockery ; animals pursued, 8. 
To game To play extravagantly, v. a. 
AfUr-gaiM Method taken after the first turn of affairs, s. 
May' game Diversion ; sport, s. 

Home The collar of a waggon^horse, s. 
Shame Disgrace; ignominy; reproach, s. 
To shame To make or be ashamed, v. 

Lame Crippled ; imperfect ; not satisfactory, a. 
To lame To cripple, y. a. 

To blame To censure ; to charge with a fault, t. a. 
Blame Imputation of a fault ; crime, s. 
Flame Light emitted from fire; passion, s. 

IME 185 

7h flams To shine or bum -with fire ; to be angry, t. n. 
To m-fiame^ To set on fire ; to provoke ; irritate, v. a. 

To name To disoriminate bj a particular appellation, y. n. 
Name The term by which any species is distinguished, s. 
Nick^name A name given in scoff or contempt, s. 
To nickfname To call by an opprobrious appellation, t. a. 
Chrie^iian-name The name given at the font, s. 
Sur'name The family-name, s. 
To ettr-name^ To give a family-name, v. a. 
To mis-name^ To call by a wrong name, t. a. 
By-name A nickname, s. 

To frame To make ; to invest ; to put in a frame, t. a. 
Frame Disposition; order; case, s. 
Frame A flat-bottomed boat, s. 
Same Of the like kind ; identical, a. 
Bdf'tarM Numerically or identically the same, a. 
Tame Not wild ; subdued ; spiritless, a. 
To tame To make gentle ; to subdue, v. a. 
A(/me The height of any thing, particularly of a distem- 
Erne Uncle, s. [per, s. 

Scheme A plan ; a project ; a contrivance, s. 
Fkirloe^o-pfieme Principle of reasoning ; theorem, s. 
To blae-phemef To speak blasphemy, v. 

Theme A subject ; task ; dissertation, s. 
Fhleme An instrument for bleeding horses, s. 
JEn^ihy-meme An argument in logic, s. 
Breme Cruel; sharp; severe, a. 
Quad^ri-reme A galley with four banks of oars, s. 

Tri^reme A galley with three benches of oars on a side, s. 
Su-freme^ Highest in dig^ty or authority, a. 
Ex-ireme^ Greatest; utmost; last, a. 
Exrtreme^ Utmost point ; extremity, s. 
Aj/o9-teme A hollow swelling ; an abscess, 8. 
Ih queme To please, v. n. 

Chime The harmonic sound of bells, &c., s. 
To chime To make to sound, or to sound harmonically, v. 
Thime A fragrant herb, s. property thffme. 
Lime A stone ; a fruit ; a tree, s. 
Sub-lime^ High in style or excellence, a. 
Svb-Umef The grand or lofty style, s. 
To tub-lime^ To raise by chymical fire ; to heighten, t. 
CUme Climate; region, s. 
BirdHime A glutinous substance to catch birds, s. 
Slime Viscous mire ; any glutinous substance, s. 
Mime A buffoon, s. 
Fan^t<hmime A mimic ; universal mimicry ; dumb show, b. 
Bime Hoar frost ; a hole ; a chink, s. 
To rime To freexe with hoar fr^st, v. n. 
CHme An offence, s. 
Orime Dirt deeply insinuated, s. 
To grime To dirt ; to sully deeply, y. a. 
To he^mef To soil with dirt deeply impressed, ▼. a. 

18« M E 

Prinu The dawn of daj; best pert; spring; height of 
perfection ; the first canonical honr, s. 
To prime To pat powder into the pan of a gun ; to laj the 
first eolours on in painting, v. a. 
Time The measure of duration, age, season, s. 
To time To adapt; regulate; measure harmonicallj, t. a. 
Sometime Once; formerly, ad. 
A'fore'time In time past, ad. 
Bt-foreftime Formerly, ad. 
Pud^dinff'time Dinner-time ; the nick of time, 8. 
Mar^i-time Marine ; naval ; near the sea, a. 
In-time^ Inward; internal, a. 
Din^ner-time The time of dining, s. 
Coun^ter-time Defence; opposition, s. 

Fae^time Sport; amusement; dirersion, s. 
7b mis^Ume Not to time right, y. a. 
Holme The eyergreen oak, s. 
To come To draw near ; to happen ; to issue, ▼. n. 
Come Be quick, int 
To he-eome^ To fit ; adorn ; be made or done, t. 
To mit-be-come^ Not to become ; not to suit, y. 

WeVeome Reoeiyed with gladness ; grateful, a. 
Welcome Kind reception, s. 
To vel^eome To reoeiye with kindness, y. a. 

In^eome Beyenue ; produce of any thing, s. [com, s. 

Soc^ome In law, a custom about tenants grinding their 
To o-^er-come^ To subdue ; conquer ; gain the superiority, y. 
Dome An arched roof; a cupola; a building, s. 
Gome The grease of a cart-wheel, s. 
Eome One's own house or habitation, s. 
Home To one's own habitation or country, ad. 
Har^vett-home The feast and time of gathering harvest, s. 
Home A dull stupid blockhead ; a stock : a post, s. 
Mon^ome In algebra, a quantity that has but one name, s. 
To pome To grow to a round head like an apple, y. n. 
Payin-Avme A word, &e. the same read backwa»l or forward, s. 
Syn^dro-me Concurrent action ; concurrence, s. 

Some More or less ; certain ; not many, pronounced as 
the noun sum, a. 
Frol^iek-eome Full of pranks, a. 

Olad^eome Pleased; gay; causing joy, a. 
Hand^eome Graceful; elegant; generous, a. 
Troul/le-eome Vexatious ; tiresome ; teasing, a. 
Med^dk-^ome Intermeddling, a. 

Dole^eome Melancholy ; gloomy, a. 
WhoWeome Contributing to healUi ; salutary, a. 
Met^tle-eome Lively ; gay ; brisk ; airy, a. 
Oame^eome Frolicksome; gay; sportive, a. 
Lone^eome Solitary; dismal, a. 
Tire^eome Wearisome ; tedious, a. 
Ad-ven^ture-^ome Haxardous ; bold ; daring, a. 

Lon^eome Tedious; wearisome by its length, a. 

YMB 187 

Loath^some Abhorred; cansmg dislike, s. 
LUh^ttme Limber ; flexible, a. 
Blith^tome Cheerfid; gay, a. 
Tooth' 9ome Pleasing to the palate ; grateAiI, a. 

Ndi'wvM Noxious; offensive, a. 
Wea'ri-^omt Tedious ; tiresome, a. 
DarkfwrM Gloomy ; obscure, a. 

IrWiomt Troublesome ; tedious, a. 
MirW%omt Dark ; obscure, a. 
Quar'rdsome Irascible ; easily irritated, a. 
ToU'some Laborious; weary, a. 
FuVtome Nauseous ; obscene ; rank, a. 
Ran' tome A price paid for liberty, 8. 
To ran'aome To redeem, ▼. a. 
Bur^den-^ome QrieTous; troublesome, a. 
Cum'ber-9ome Troublesome ; unmanageable, a. 
ffu'mour^ome PeeTish; odd; humorous, a. 

LigWtome Luminous ; gay ; airy, a. 
Ih-Ughi'9ome Pleasant; delightful, a. 
Play'tome Wanton ; ftill of lerity, a. 

Tome A Tolume ; a book, s. 
E-pit'o-me An abridgment, s. 

A-pot'o-me The difference of two incommensurable quantities, s. 
Oerme A sprout or shoot, s. 
Churme A confused sound ; a noise, s. 
Disme A tenth; the tenth part; tithe; rhymes theme, 

dream, &c. 
Fume Smoke; yapour; rage; pasdon, s. 
To fume To smoke ; to be in a rage, v. 
Per' fume Sweet odour ; fragrance, s. 
Toper-fw/ne' To scent with sweet odour, y. a. 

Leg'ume Seeds gathered by the hand, not reaped, e. 
To in-hume' To bury ; to inter, y. a. 
Imrpoat'hume A collection of matter in a bag or cyst, 8. 
To re-lume' To light anew, y. a. 
To illume' To brighten ; to illuminate, y. a. 

Vol'ume Something rolled or convolyed; a book, 8. 

Plume A feather ; pride ; token of honour, 8. 
To plume To ao^ust feathers; to adorn, y. a. 
To de-plume' To strip of its feathers, v. a. 
Spume Froth; foam, s. 

Orume A thick yisoid consistence of a fluid, 8. 
To ab-eume' To bring to an end by a gradual waste, y. a. 
To de-ewne' To take Arom any thing, y« a. 
To re-9ume' To take back ; to begin again, y. a. 
Topre-^ume' To suppose ; to yentore ; to press, t. n. 
To eon-tume' To waste ; spend ; destroy ; exhaust, t. 

To as-eume' To take ; to arrogate, y. 
fb ro-a^-tumef To resume ; to take again, y. a. 
A'poe'tume A hollow swelling ; an abscess, 8. 

Awme A liquid measure ; one-seyenth of an iCngiiwh tmiy i. 

Bhyme The consonance of yerses ; poetry, 8. 


188 BNE 

To rhyme To agree in sound ; to make veraes, t. n. 
To he^hymef To celebrate in rhyme or Terses, y. ». 
Thyme A plant, 8. 

Ne Neither; and not, ad. 
Bane Mischief; ruin; poison, a. 
Wolfi^hane A poisonous plant ; aconite, 8. 
Eate^bane Poison for rats ; arsenic, a. 
Cane A kind of strong reed, a. 
7h cane To beat, y. a. 
Chi-cane^ Artifice in general, s. 
To chi-cane^ To prolong a contest by tricks, y. n. 
ffur^ri-cane A yiolent storm, s. 
Mun'dane Belonging to the world, s. 
XJlftrcHmtn^dane Being beyond the world, a. 
Bx^tra-^nun'dane Beyond the yerge of the material world, a. 
An'te-^wfi'dane Before or prior to the world, a. 
In'tcr-mun^dane Subsisting between worlds, a. 

Pro-fanef Irreyerent ; polluted ; not sacred, a. 
Thane Saxon title of honour, s. 
Lane A narrow street or passage, s. 
Plane A leyel surface ; a joiner's tool, s. 
To plane To leyel; to smooth with a plane, y. a. 
To com-plaW To leyel, y. a. 

Mane Hair on the neck of a horse, s. 
Im-mane^ Vast ; prodigiously great, a. 
HtHnanef Kind; ciyil; beneyolent, a. 
I-nane^ Void; empty, a. 
Fane A square of glass ; a mixture of squares, s. 
Mareh^pane A kind of sweetbread, s. 
El-e<amrpane^ A plant, s. 
Coun'ter-pantf A coyering for a bed, s. 
Mem^brane A web of many fibres, s. 

Crctne A bird ; an engine ; a kind of pipe, 8. 
Sane Sound in mind ; healthy, a. 
In-eanef Mad ; out of one's mind, a. 
Tane For taken ; ta'en. 
UVtra-mon^tatu Being beyond the mountains, a. 

Tar^tane A yessel used in the Mediterranean, i. 
Vane A plate to turn with tiie wind, s. 
Wane Decrease of the moon ; decline, s. 
Scene The stage ; part of a play ; appearance, s. 
Dam^arseene A small black plum, s. 

Ohteenef Inunodest ; offensiye ; disgusting, a. 
Ve-nene' PoisoAOus; yenomous, a. 
Se^enef Calm ; eyen of temper ; quiet, a. 
Chmfgrmt A mortification in its first state, s. 
Ttr^me^ Earthly; terrestrial, a. 
To eon-tra-vene^ To oppose ; to obstruct, y. a. 

To adrvene^ To accede to something ; to be superadded, y. 
To eon-vene^ To call together ; to summon iudidally, y. a. 
To tu-per^oenef To come as an extraneous ad^Uon, y. n. 
Toinrttr-venef To oome between things or peiaons, y. a. 

INB 189 

To sur-vene^ To saperYene ; to come •» an additioB, t. 
Eiffne Eldest, or first born, rhymes bane, a. 
Cotffiu A comer, rhymes join, s. Fr. 
To 6-loignef To put at a distance^ t. %» 
Can^nonbine Hempen, a. 
Oar^a-bme Small sort of fire-arms, 8, 

Sab^me A plant, s. 
Wood^bme The honeysuckle, s. 
To eom-bme^ To agree ; join together ; eoalesoe, ▼. 
OoVum-hine A plant ; a kind of yiolet colour, t. 
Jae^o-bine A pigeon with a high tuft, 's. 

Carabine A small gun, s. 
Con^cu-bine A harlot, s. 
In-ter-ne^eiM Endeavouring mutual destruction, a. 

Med^i-cme Any remedy in physic, s. 
To med^ircme To operate as physic, t. 
Vie^me Near; neighbouring, a. 
To eaUeme^ To bum to powder, v. a. 

Faa-<ine^ A fagot used in war, s. 
Fet-tu-cine^ Straw-coloured, a. 

To dine To eat or give a dinner, y. ' 
Mus^ca-dine A kind of sweet grape ; wine and pear, t. 
To inr€ar^na-dme To dye red, v. a. 

Sma-roff^dine Made of, or resembling emerald, a. . 
Bng^an-dine A light sailing yessel ; a coat of mail, t. 

CtVan-dme A plant, s. 
AVmanrdiM A particular kind of ruby, s. Fr. 
Set/unrdine The afterbirth, s. 
Ox-yrr^ho-dme A mixture of oil and yinegar of roses^ 8. 
Chb^ar^dme A coarse frock, s. 

Sar^dine A sort of precious stone, & 
Hai/er-dine A dried salt cod, s. 

Sor^dine A pipe put into the mouth of a trumpet^ ■. 
Fine A mulct ; forfeiture ; conclusion, s. 
Fine Not coarse; handsome; clear; pure, a. 
To fine To refine ; to purify ; to mulct, y. a. 
To de-fine^ To explain; mark out; decide, y. a. 
To re-fine' To purify ; to dear from dross, y. a. 
To pre-fine' To limit beforehand, y. a. 

Con' fine A limit ; a boundary, s. 
To eon-fine' To border upon, y. n. 
Su'per-fine Eminently fine, a. 
To irtnag'ine To fancy ; to contriye, y. a. 
En'gine Any machine or agen^ s. 
Ru'gine A chlrurgeon's rasp, s. 
Chine A part^n the back of an ammal, s. 
Morchme^ An ennne ; any complicated workmanship, 8. 
Trephine' A small irepan, s. 

Er^rhine Snuffed up the nose ; occasioning aneedng, a. 
Myr'rhine Made of the myrrhine stone, a. [olou^ y. n. 
To thine To glitter ; to be conspicuous ; to be withfl«t 
Shine Fair weather ; splendour ; lustre, s. 

140 INB 

Mo<m^9kme The lustre of the moon, e. 
Moon'tkme ninminated by the moon, a. 
Sun'thme Action of the snn, b. 
To tmi-tkinef To emit lustre ; to excel in lustre, t. 
Thine Belonging or relating to thee, pron. 
Am-CHTon' thine Consisting of amaranths, a. 
Ter-e-bin^ thine Consisting of, or mixed with, turpentine, a. 
Hy-a-dn^thhM Made of hjacinths, a. 

To whine To make a plaintive noise, y. n. 
Wkme A plaintive noise, s. 
Kine From cow, s. plur. 

Line Longitadinal extension ; a string ; verse ; trench; 
an angler's line ; equator ; progeny ; 10th of 
an inch, s. 
To Une To cover on the inside, v. a. 
Am^g^da-Une Resembling almonds, a. 

Al^ka-Une Having the qoalities of alkali, a. 
Sorline^ Consisting of, or constituting, salt, a. 
De-cUnef Decay ; tendency to worse, s. 
To dfi-eHne^ To lean ; deviate ; decay ; shun, v. 
7b de-<liny To modify words, v. a. 
To r&<Une^ To lean sideways ; to rest, v. 

Re-dine In a leaning posture, a. 
To tn-eUne^ To bend ; lean ; be disposed, v. 
To dii-tn-cUne^ To make disaffected, v. a. 

Fe^Une Like, or pertaining to a cat, a. [hooked, a. 

Aq^uirUne Resembling an eagle (applied to the nose) ; 
Cci/al-Une Belonging to a horse, a. 
CoT^al-lme Consisting of coral, a. 
Cor^al-line A sea plant used in medicine, s. 
Met'al-line Consisting of, or impregnated with, metal, a. 
Crye^tal-line Consisting of crystal ; clear ; transparent, a. 
Dit^d-pUne Rule; order; education, s. 
To dit'cirpline To regulate ; punish ; educate, v. a. 
Com^pUne The last act of worship at night, s. 
Mar'line Hemp, &c., with which cables are guarded, s. 
To tm-^Ur-line^ To mark with lines below the words, v. a. 
To inrter-Unef To write in alternate lines, v. a. 
Outline Contour; extremity, s. 
Mae^cu-Une Male ; rough ; like a man, a. 
Vit^u4ine Belonging to a calf, a. 
Bov/line A rope in a ship, s. 

Mine Possessive ; belonging to me, pron. [&0. 8. 

Mine A cavern in the earth where minerals are dug, 
To mine To dig mines ; to sap, v. 
Sye'a-mine A tree, s. 

Fam^ine Dearth ; scarcity of food, s. 
Cal^a-mine A kind of earth, s. 
Jei^ett-mine A flower and plant, s. 
To eX'om'ine To interrogate ; weigh ; consider, t. a. 
To ro-ez-^m^ine To examine again, v. a. [ing, ▼. a. 

To eroee-ez-am'tne To try the fiuth of evidence by oroea-qnestioiir 

INE 141 

Coal^fniM A mine whore eoals are dog, s. 
Car-mine^ A crinison ooloar, b. 
Er^mine A beast; also its sidii, b. 
To wnrdtr-mintf To sap ; to injure secretly, t. a. 
To de-ter^mme To decide ; resoWe ; settle ; conclude, t. 
To pre-de-ier^mine To doom by previous decree, t. a. 
Count' er-mme A stratagem to defeat the enemy, a. 
To count' er-mint To defeat by secret measoree, ▼. a. 
To ex'Ur'mine To exterminate, t. a. » 
Ver'mhu Any noxious animal, s. 
Jaa'mme A flower, s. 
To r&Wmine To light anew, t. a. 
To U-Wmine To enlighten ; to adorn, v. a. 
To en-lu'mine To illumine ; to illuminate, t. a. 
Ifme Eight and one, a. 
CoHMMf lake a dog, a. 
Fem'i-mne Of the female kind ; effeminate, a. 
At'i-nine Belonging to an ass, a. 
Le^o^iM Belonging to a lion, a. 
Sat'uT'.nme Grave ; melancholy ; seve(re of temper, a. 
Ber'o-^ne A female hero, a. 
JSk-^oine' Excuse for non-appearanee, a. 
Fine A tree, s. 
Topme To languish with pain or desire, t. 
Rap'tne Act of plundering ; Tiolenoe ; force, a. 
To re-pins' To ft-et; to be discontented, t. 

VuVpme Belonging to a fox, a. 
To o-pme^ To think ; to judge, v. n. 
Ckirop^piMf A high shoe formerly worn by ladies, s. 
Olivine Liverer, or rose root, s. 
J^mie The back-bone, s. 
Por'ohpme An animal covered with quills, a. 
Lu'pme A kind of pulse, s. 
Su'pme In grammar, a kind of Terbal noun, s. 
Su-pine' Indolent; careless, a. 
jTom-dar-trM^ A tabour ; a small drum, a. 
8ae'ehar-ine Having any of the chief qnalitiea of aogar, a. 
Ma-rme' Belonging to the sea, a. 
Ma-rmef Sea affairs ; a soldier taken en ship-board, a. 
UVtrormtHrinef Foreign ; being beyond sea, il 
Ul'trorma-rme' A colour used in painting, a. 

Sub-ma-rinef Lying or acting under the sea, a. 
Trant^mcHrinef Lying or found beyond sea, a. 
Nee'ia^rine A firuit, s. 

Brwe Liquefied salt; the sea, s. 
Oo-lu'brine Relating to a serpent; cunning, a. 

Serine A repository for writings or curiositieB, a. 
Oed'rtM Of or belonging to the cedar-tree, a. 
BalrOrman'drine Resembling a Mlamander, a. 
Airex-^m'drine A verse consisting of twelve syllables, a. 
Fe'rine Wild ; savage, a. 
Wper-me Belonging to a viper, a. 

142 INE 

A-dul^ter-ine A ebild born of an adnlteress, 8. 
U^ter-ine Belonging to the womb, a. 
Per^e-fftine- Foreign ; not domestic, a. 

Skrine A case containing something sacred, s. 
To enshrine^ To preserre as sacred, t. a. 
To in-thrine^ To inclose in a shrine, t. a. 
Sap^pkir-ine Made of, or resembling, sapphire, a. 
I/qf/o-rine Haying the nature of a hare, a. [gon, s. 

Trine An aspect of planets placed in three angles of a tri* 
Doe' trine A precept ; principle ; the act of teachLig, s. 

CU'rine Lemon-coloured, a. 
Tex'trine Relating to weaTing, a. 
U'Hne Animal water, s. 
Tab-our-ine' A tabour ; a small dram, s. Fr. 
Vul'tu^ne Belonging to a vnltnre, a. 
Sine A geometrical line, s. 
Codeine A geometrical line, s. 

Tine The tooth of a harroir, 8. 
To tine To kindle ; to light ; to rage ; to fight, t. 
Leg'a'tine Belonging to a legate, a. 
Pal^a-tine One inyested with regal perogatiTes, s. 
PaVa-'tine Possessing royal priTileges, a. 
OeVa-tine Formed into a jelly, a. 
Pat'ine The cover of a chaUce, s. 
Brig'an^ne A light sailing yessel ; a coat of mail, s. 
El-^-phan'tine Pertaining to an elephant, a. 

Eg'lan-tine A species of rose, s. 
Ad-^Hnan'tine Haying the qualities of adamant, a. 
Quar-anrti-Mf A forty days* sequestration, s. 
Biz'an-tine A piece of gold offered on festiyals, s. 
Byi'tm-tiM A piece of gold, s. 
Val^en-tine A sweetheart chosen on Valentine's day, a. 
Lam'en-tine A fish called a sea-cow, s. 
Ar^men-One Belonging to a herd of cattle, a. 
Ser^pen-tine An herb, s. 

Ser^pen-iine Resembling a serpent ; winding, a. 
Tur^pen-4ine Gum exuded by Uie pine, &c. s. 
Ad'ven-tine Adyentitious, s. 
LH/er-tine A dissolute liyer, a. 
Lil/er-tine licentious, a. 
Col-ber-Hne' A kincl of lace worn by women, s. 
Vea'per-tine Relating to the eyening, a. 
M&4i-ae'tiM TVhat the guts adhere to, s. 
Ae-bea'tine Incombustible, a. 
To dee' tine To doom ; to appoint ; to deyote, y. a. 
To pre-det'tine To decree beforehand, y. a. 
Ckmrdee'tme Secret: hidden, a. 

In-tee' tine Internal; inward; domestic, a. 
Prie'tine First; original, a. 
Am-^thpe'tine Resembling an amethyst, a. 
Mu'tine A mutineer, s. 
Bou'tine Common method, s. 

ONE 140 

Vine The plant which bears grapes, s. 
San^ffume Red ; warm ; abounding with blood, a. 
7b en-9an^ffume To smear with gore, y. a. 
JHrvintf Heayenly; god-like, a. 
To di'visie^ To foretell ; to foreknow, t. a. 
Bet/Uirine Beastly; brutal, a. 
Oen^u-ine Not spurious, a. 
C<n/me A deceitful agreement, s. 
Topr<M)me^ To set a branch of a Tine, v. n. 
Ver'vine A plant, s. 

Wine Fermented juice of gprapes, &c. s. 
Swme A hog ; a pig, s. 
To twine To twist ; wrap round ; wind, t. 
Thoine Twist ; twisted thread, s. 
To in-twine^ To twist or wreath together, t. a. 
To yn-ttoine^ To untwist, t. a. 
' To tn-ter-ttmne^ To unite bj twisting, y. a. 
Mag-a-zinef A repository of stores, &c. s. 

One Less than two ; single, rhymes done, bun, &o. 
One A single person or thing, s. 
Bone The most solid part of the body, 8. 
To bone To take out the bones, y. a. 
Eladefhone The scapular bone, s. 
Huek^le-bone The hip-bone, s. 
Share^bone The os pubis, s. 

Cone A solid body in form of a sugar-loaf, s. 
Done Part. pass, of to do, rhymes gun. 
Done An assent to the laying of a wager, int. 
WeUrdone A word of praise, int. 

Oone Part of the yerb to go, rhymes don. 
A-gonef Ago ; past, ad. 
Be-gonef Go away I hence! int. 
Wo-be-gone^ Lost in woe, ad. 
By' gone Past ad. 

Hone A whetstone for a razor, s. 
To hone To pine ; to long, y. n. 
Shone Pret of to shine, rhymes gone. 
Lone Solitary; single, a. 
A-Ume' Single, a. 
To de-pone' To lay down as a pledge, «y. a. 
To an'te-pone To prefer, y. a. 
To poet-pone' To put off; to delay, y. a. 
Crone An old ewe, s. 

Drone A bee which makes no honey ; a sluggard, 8. 
To drone To Uye in idleness, y. n. 

Throne The seat of a king, and of a bishop, s. 
To throne To enthrone, y. a. 
To de-throne' To diyest of royalty ; to depose, y. a. 
To en-throne' To place on a regal seat, y. a. 
To in-throne' To seat on a throne, y. a. 
To un-throne' To pull down from a throne, y. a. 

Prone Bending downward ; inclined ; disposed, a. 

144 LOB 

Tone Note ; loiiiid ; a wUnc, 8. 
To a-tone^ To mgree ; to accord ; to expiate, ▼. 
To m-tony To make a slow protracted noise, t. n. 

Stone Hard substance of the earth ; in firnit; ike kid- 
neys ; a gem ; a woght of 141b. s. 
Load^Hone The magnet, s. 
FrtefeUme A stone commonly used in building, s. 
Orm^dU-stone A stone on which instmmenU are shaipaned, 8. 
Mile^ttone A stone set to mark the miles, s. 
OravefeUme A stone laid over a grave, s. 
Toueh^tUme A stone by which metals are tried, 8. 
BaU^eUme A particle of hail, s. 
MUy»Ume The stone by which com is ground, 8. 
BHm'eUme Sulphur, s. 
CcT^ner-eUme A stone that unites walls at the comer, s. 
Whet'eUme A stone on which any thing is made sharp, ai 
Kfy'tUme The middle stone of an arch, 8. 
Skne A girdle, s. 
Erne A cottage, s. 
E-teme^ Eternal ; perpetual, a. 
Bi'eome Haring two horns, a. 
Au^hwme Brown, a. 

D&^menuf Land a man owns originally of himseli^ 8. 
Pu'ime Young; pretty; pronounced puny, a. 
Tnf/une A Roman officer, ciTil or military, s. 

June The fifth month ft-om January, s. 
Je-june^ Wanting; unaffeciing, a. 
Tri-une^ At once three and one, a. 

Z^ne Any thing in shape of a half-moon ; a fit of Innmoj^ a. 
To eom-nwne^ To impart sentiments mutually, y. n. 
Prune A dried plum, s. 
To prune To lop ; to dear flrom excrescences, y. a. 
To re-prune^ To prune a second time, y. a. 

Tune Harmony; order; fit temper, s. 
To tune To put into a musical state ; to dng, ▼. 
To un-tune^ To make incapable of harmony, y. a. 

For^tune Chance ; riches ; a marriage portion, s. 
Miffor^tune Calamity ; ill luck, s. 
To im-por-iune^ To teaie with solicitations, y. a. 

Imrpor-tune^ Troublesome by ^qnency ; unseasonable, a. 
Op^por-tune^ Seasonable ; convenient, a. 
In-op-poT-twM^ Unseasonable ; inconyenient, a. 
To at'tune^ To tune one thing to another, y. a. 
An^o-dyne Having power to mitigate pain, a. 
7\> royne To gnaw ; to bite, v. a. 

Doe A she deer ; a feat, s. 
Roek^doe A species of deer, s. 

Foe An enemy ; an opponent, 8. 
Shoe The cover of the foot, s. 
To ehoe To fit with a shoe, v. a. 
Fel'loe The circumference of a wheel, s. 
She The fhiit of the black thorn, s. 

OPB 145 

OnHMt^ A boat made of the bark of a tree, s. 
8o€ A wooden yesBel for water; a eowl, 8. 
Tot The extremities of the foot, s. 
Mi8^tie-toe A plant, s. 

T»^toe The end of the toe, t. 
A ape To imitate as an ape, t. a. 
Ape A kind of monkey ; an imitator, 's. 
Cape A headland ; the neek-piece of a garment, 8. 
Scape Eseape, s. 
To teape To escape ; to Yoid, ▼. 
Land^teape A prospect of a country ; a picture, s. 
To e-eeape' To pass nnobsenred ; to get out of danger, t. 
S-tcape^ Flight ; a getting oat of danger, s. 
To ffope To open £e month wide; to yawn; the a in this 
word is pronounced like that in father, and the 
word nearly as if written garp, y. n. 
A-gapef Staring with eagerness, ad. 

CKape A catch by which any thing is held in its plaee, s. 
To shape To form ; to mould, t. a. 

Shape Form ; external appearance, t. a. 
Nape The joint of the neck behind, s. 
Rape Violent defloration ; a snatcbing away ; a plant, s. 
Cfrape A thin stuff, s. 
To scrape To pare lightly ; to erase, ▼. 

Scrape Difficulty; distress, s. 
To drape To make cloth, t. n. 

Chape The fruit of the vine, s. 
To trope To run idly and sluttishly about, t. a. 

Tape A narrow flUet or band, s. 
To eUpe To call, v. a. 
Rec^irpe A medical prescription, s. 
Snipe A bird ; a blockhead, s. 

P^e A tube ; a musical instrument ; two hogsheads, s. 
To pipe To play on a pipe, y. n. 
Wind^pipe The passage of the breath, s. 
Bag'pipe A musical instrument, s. 
Honi'ptpe A kind of dance, s. 

B^pe Brought to perfsction in growth ; mature, a. 
To ripe To ripen ; to mature, ▼. 
To gr^ To hold fiist ; to squeese ; to pinch the belly, ▼. 

Gripe Grasp; oppression, s. 
Un-Txpt' Immature ; too early, a. 

Tripe Part of the entrails of oatUe, s. 
To stripe To variegate with different lines, t. a. 

Stripe A lienary variation of colour ; a lash, s. 
To wipe To cleanse by rubbing, v. a. 
Wipe An act of cleansine ; a reproof, s. 
Cope Any thing with which the head is covered, s. 
To cope To cover as with a cope ; to contend, v. 
Sgn^co-pe A fainting fit ; a cutting off part of a word, s. 
Os-tyo-^ope Pains in Uie bones, s. fftway, a. 

Ap'^>c^o^ A figure when the last letter or syllable is taken 

146 ABB 

/SSeqpe Aim ; intentioii ; room ; libertj, a. 
Td^&scope A glass to Tiew distant objects, s. 
He^li-^'scope A sort of telescope fitted to yiew the sun, 8. 
Po-lem^o-8cope A kind of oblique perspectiTe glass, s. 
A'Uent^oscope An instrument to foretell the changes of the wind, a. 
Ther^mo-sccpe An instrument to discover heat, s. 
Bar^o-8cope An Instrument to show the weight of the air, s. 
Mi^crosecpe A magnifying optical instrument, s. 
Hy^gro-tcope An instrument to show the moisture of the air, 8. 
Fol^yscope A multiplying glass, s. 

Hope Expectation of good ; confidence ; a slope, s. 
For'4om'hop&^ Soldiers sent on the first attack, a. 
Lope Pret. of to leap. 
To e-lope^ To run away ; to escape, t. a. 
An'U-iope A goat with curled or wreathed horns, s. 
Oan^te-lope A military punishment, s. 
En've-lope A wrapper ; an outward case, s. 
To in-4er-lope^ To intercept ; to preyent right, y. a. 
Slope Oblique; slanting, a. 
To slope To form or cut obliquely, y. 
Slope Obliquely, ad. 

Slope An oblique direction ; dediyity, s. 
Mope A stupid lifeless person, s. 
To mope To be spiritless or drowsy, y. n. 
Nope A kind of bird, s. 
Pope The bishop of Rome ; a fish, s. 
An'H-pope He that usurps a popedom, s. 

Rope Thick cord ; a row of things depending, s. 
To rope To form into filaments, y. n. 
To grope To feel in the dark, y. 
Mis^anrSirope A hater of mankind, s. 

Craek^rope A fellow that deseryes hanging, s. 
Wain'rope A rope belonging to a waggon, s. 
Trope A figure in speech, 8. 
Sope See Soap, 

Type An emblem ; a printing-letter ; a stamp, 8. 
Ee^iype A copy, s. 
Arek't-iype The original from whence any resemblance is made, 8 
An'tirtype That which is resembled by the type, s. 
Fro^UHype The original of a copy, s. 

Are Plural of the present tense of the yerb to be, rhymes 

&r, mar, &c. 
Bare Naked ; plain ; simple ; poor, a. 
To bare To strip ; to make naked, y. a. 
Thread^bare Depriyed of the nap ; worn out, a. 
Care Uneasiness ; charge ; regard, s. 
7b care To be affected with ; to be anxious, y. n. 
To teare To fright; to terrify, y. a. 
To dare To haye courage ; to challenge, y. 
Dare Defiance, s. 
7b mU-daref To yenture beyond, y. a. 

lbr« ProyiBionB ; hire of carriages, 8. 

BRE 147 

7b fart To be in a state good or bad, y. n. 
Fidd^fare A bird, 8. 
ThtiT^ougk'fare A passage through, s. 
Wei/ fart Saocess ; prosper!^, 8. 
War' fart Military serrioe ; military life, 8. 
Gart Wool on the legs of sheep, s. 
Bart A small qnadraped, s. 
To hart To fright, y. n. 
To short To diTide ; to partake of, y. 
Shart Part; diTidend; a plough-iron, s. 
Cav^art^ The eggs of a sturgeon salted, s. 
To blart To bellow ; to roar, y. n. 
To de-daref To make known ; to proclaim, y. 

To ftart To glitter offensiYoly, or with a splendid show, T. a. 
To glart To shine so as to dazile the eyes, y. 
Olart OYorpowering lustre, s. 
Mart The female of a horse, s. 
Night'mart A morbid oppression in the night, s. 
Nart A nostril, s. 
Snort A gin-; a trap, s. 
To tnart To entrap ; to entangle, y. a. 
To m-mort^ To entrap ; iuYeigle ; entangle, y. a. 

To part To cut off extremities ; to diminish, y. a. 
Topre-partf To make fit; qualify; form, y. 
To eom-partf To liken ; to examine one thing by another, t. 
To tpart To be fragal ; omit ; allow ; forglYO, y. 
^^t Souity ; lean ; parsimonious, a. 
^art Parsimony ; frugal use, s. 
RoTt Scarce; excellent; raw, a. 
Wood'tart A kind of spittle found upon herbs, s. 
Tart A weed ; an allowance in weight, s. 
Tart Pret. of to tear. 
To ftart To look with wonder or assurance, t. n. 
Start A fixed look, s. 
To outrttart^ To outface with effrontery, t. a. 

Sqwxrt Having right an^es ; equal ; stout, a. 
Siquort A figure ; an instrument for measuring, s. 
To tquart To form with right angles ; to fit; to adjust, t. 
Four-tqu4trt^ Quadrangular, s. 

Wart Cautious ; wary, a. 
To wart To take heed of; to beware, y. n. 
Wart Commonly something to be sold, s. 
A-wartf Vigilant; attentive, ad. 
To a-w<trtf To beware, y. n. 
Unro-wart^ Without thought ; suddenly, ad. 
To bt^art^ To regard with caution, v. n. 
Hard^wart Ware made of iron, steel, &c., s. 
Swart Pret of to swear, obsolete. 

Yart Ready; dexterous, a. 
Sc/brt A cimeter ; a sort of sword, s. 
Ver'tt-bre A joint of the back, s. 
SVhrt A smaU thread or string, s. 

148 IKE 

Om'bre A game at oarda, a. 
A^ere A piece of land containing 4840 squm yards, s. 
Wi»e^a-cre A fool ; a donee, a. 
Mas^ta-cre Butchery; murder, a. 
To nuu^ta-cre To ilan^ter indiacriminately, t. a. 
Chan'crt A venereal nicer, a. 
Lu'cre Gain ; pecaniaxy adTantage, a. 
QwB^re Inquire; seek. Lat. 

JSre Before ; sooner than, ad. 
To cere To wax, v. a. 
8m-ceref Honest; pure; unedrrupt, a. 
In-wircere' Not hearty ; dissembling, a. 
To af-fere' A law term ; to confirm, t. a. 
To tf^^ear-fertf To interpoae ; to elaah, t. n. 
Y-feref Together, ad. 
Bert In this place, ad. 
To ad^here^ To stick unto ; to take part with, t. ' 
To wrhtrtf To exist in something dee, y. n. 
To co-heref To stick together ; to agree, y. n. 
Sphere A globe ; an orbicular body, a. 
Hem'i^here The half of a globe, s. 
Flan^i-ephere A sphere projected on a plana, a. 
To m^here^ To pUoe in an orb or sphere, t. a. 
7b %tn-^heref To remoYe from its orb, y. a. 
At^imhephere The air encompassing the solid earth, s. 
There In that place ; rhymes air, care, &c., ad. 
Where At which place ; at what place ; rhymes air, &o., ad 
Some^where In one pliMC or other, ad. 
Elee^ where In any other place, ad. 
Oth^er-where In any other places, ad. 
Ca-von-fd-ere' A term in fortification, a. Fr. 
t/m-bri-ere^ The Yisor of the helmet, s. 
Ar^-ere^ The last body of any army, a. Fr. 
Lere A lesson ; lore ; doctrine, a. 
Mere Such and nothing dse, a. 
Mere A pool ; a boundary, a. 
Sere Diy ; withered, a. 
Wood^eere The time when there is no sap In the trees, a. 
Au-eiere^ Severe ; rigid ; harsh, a. 
To re^ere^ To reverence ; to regard with awe, T. a. 
Se-vere^ Sharp ; rigid ; cruel ; painftil, a. 
To per-se-i>ere^ To persist in attempt, y. n. 
Were Pret. of the verb to be. 
Sa^ffre A tide swelling above another tide, a. • 
Mau^gre Notwithstanding ; in spite of, coig. 
Sej/td-^e A grave ; a tomb, s. 

(ythre A particular kind of earth, a. 
Ire Anger ; pasaionate hatred, s. 
Olaire The white of an e^ ; a kind of halbert, s. 
Sol4-taire^ A recluse ; an ornament for the neck, a. 
Dire Dreadf^ ; dismal, a. 
ftre The igneous element ; any thing burning ; oourago, s. 

IBE 14t 

WUd^fire Gunpowder rolled up wet» 8. 
Bon' fire A fire made for triumph, 8. 

Qin A circle described by auy thing in motion, b. 
To hire To engage for pay, t. a. 
Hire Bewani or recompense ; wages, s. 
Cam'phin A white gum, s. "^ 

Sam'phin A plant preserred in pickle, s. 
S<^phire A precious stone, s. 

Shirg A diyision of the kingdom ; a country ; rhymes 
fear, mere, &c. 
Co/Urge^ e-Uert^ Permission to choose a bishop, rliymes dear, s. 
Mirt Mud ; dirt, s. 
To mire To whelmi in the mud, t. a. 
To ad-mire' To regard with wonder or Ioto, t. 
To be-mire^ To drag or encumber in the mire, T. a. 
Quag'mire A shal^g marsh, s. 
Fii'mire An ant ; an emmet, s. 
Pren^uHni-ref Difficulty ; distress ; also a law term, s. 
Ee-car-ga-ioiref A nursery of snails, s. Fr. 

Seru-toire' A ease of drawers for writing, s. 
Em'pire Imperial poiTer ; region, s. 
Um'pire An arbitrator, s. 

Spire A curre line ; round pyramid ; wreath, s. 
To spire To shoot up pyramidieally; to breathe, y. n. 
To a-8pire'' To desire eagerly ; to aim at, t. 
To re-spired To breathe ; to rest, t. n. 
To trana-pire' To emit in vapour ; to escape firom secrecy, T. 

To in-epire' To breathe or inftise into, y. a. 
To eonrtpvre^ To plot ; to agree together, y. n. 
Acfro-epire A shoot fh>m the end of seeds, s. 
Toper-spire' To sweat; to get Yent, y. 
To sus-piref To sigh ; to breathe hard, y. n. 
Toex-pire' To breathe out ; exhale; die; eonclnde, t. 

Sire Father, s. 
Orand'sire A grandfather, s. 

De-^ef Wish ; eagerness to enjoy, s. 
To de-sire' To wish; to long for; to ask, y. 

Tire Rank ; row ; head-dress ; ftimiture, s. 
To tire To fa<igue ; to be fatigued ; to dress, y. 
Saftire A poem censuring Yice, folly, Ac., s. 
To re-tire' . To retreat ; to withdraw, y. 
En-tire' Whole ; undivided ; complete, a. 
In-tire' Whole; unmixed, a. 
To at-tire' To dress; haUt; amy, y. a. 

At-tiref Clothes ; appard ; horns of a buck, s. 

Qwre Twenty-four sheets of paper ; a body of siiigw^ l^ 
To quire To sing in concert, y. n. 
To ac-gtt^ To gain by industry ; to purchase, Y. n. 
To re-guu'ef To demand ; to miJie necessary, y. 
To pre-re-qmref To demand prcYiously, y. a. 
To in-quire' To ask; seek out; examine, T. a. 
E-^qitire< A titie below a kni|^t, s. 


Wire Metal drswB lato tbreadt, •. 
Ore Metal in ita mioenX stiita, t. 
7b b0M To Make a lK>le; ta porii forwaids, t. a. 
Bore A hole made by boring; aiae of a liole, a. 
HdfU-hore A plant; GfaxiatauM flower, a. 
Core The heart or inner part, a. 
Enrcoref Again ; onee mora, adr. Fr. 

Score A line drawn; an aoeoont; debt; aake; notiYe; 
the number 20, a. 
To ecore Xo impute ; set down ; mark, y. a. 
To e^-dore^ To wonAlp ; to lore greatfy, t. a. 
Matro-^bjre^ A term at ombre or qnadrflle, a. 
Moi^doire A Portugal cmn* Tahie IL 7t. a. 
Comfmo-dore The oommander of a aqnadron, a. 
Fore Coming befare; anterior, a. 
A'fore^ Before, prep. 
A'fore^ In time past, ad. 
Bo-fore^ In front; above, pr^. 
Be-fore^ Already; In time paat, ad. 
There^/ore For thm re aaon ; in oooaeqnesoe, ad. 
Where^/ore For whioh, or for what reaaon, ad. 
JSere^to^ore Formerly, ad. 

Oore Blood ; olotted blood, s. 
To gore To atab ; to pieroa, t. a. 
Shore Part of to shear. 
Shore A ooast ; a drain; a prqi, a. 
7b ehore To prop ; to support, y. a. 
A-ehore^ On ahcre; on the land, ad. 

Whore A proatitate ; a strtunpet, i^ymes poor, s. 
To whore To conTerse carnaUy and nnlawfolly, t. n. 
Lore Learning ; dootrine ; instrootion, a. 
Lore Lost; destroyed, a. 
Bhre The aot of blowing ; blast, a. 
To de-plore^ To lament ; to bewail, y. a. 
To im-plort^ To ask ; beg ; beseeoh, t. a. 
To oomrploref To make lamentation together, t. n. 
To ez-phref To try ; to search into, y. a. 
For-Uyro^ Deserted; forsaken, a. 

JVore To a greater decree; longer, ad. 
More Greater in degree, nnmber, or quantity, a. 
More A greater qnantilgr; degree^ &o., s. 
Su/a-more A tree, a. 
Syc^a-more A tree, s. 
Far^ther-more Bendes ; OYor and abore, ad. 
Fur^ther-more Besides, ad. 
M9wmn^ Always; eternally, ad 
To ig-nore^ To be ignorant of, y. a. 

To more To breathe hard in sleep, y. b. 

Snore A nqise made in sleep through the noae, a. 
Sx-iem^vo^e Readily ; without premeditation, ad. 
Prore The prow; the fore part of a ship, s. 
Sore A plaoe tender a&d painfUi, s. 

URE 161 

Sore Tender to tke tcraeh ; painM, a. 
Sore Very mnok, ad. 
Bye^wrt Something offensive to ttie sight, s. 

Tvrt Fret, and sometimes part. pass, of to tear. 
Start Hoarded ; laid np, a. 
8twr% Plenty; sto^ aoonrnnlated ; almndance, a. 
To Hore To fturnish ; to stock; to lay up, y. a. 
To re-stor§^ To retrieve ; to bring or give baok, y. a. 
Wore Pret of to wear. 
Swore Pret. of to swear. 
Yore Long; of old time; long ago, ad. 
Pre A pMiide indicating priority. 
To dis-en-terre^ To nnbmy, v. a. 

Far-terre^ A lerel diyision of groimd, 8. 
To eMrre To coo as a pigeon, t. 

To tkirre To soonr ; to scad ; to nm in haste, rhymes err, y. 
The^thire A playhonse; a place for public shows, s. 
Am'phi-the-a-tre A circular or oy^ theatre, s. 
E-let/ire Amber; a mixed metal, s. 
Spef/tre An apparition ; spirit; phantom, s. 
Me^ire Cadence or measure of Ysrses, s. 
Peftre Nitre; saltpetre, s. 
Salt-pe^tre Nitre, s. 

Mi^ire A bishop's cap ; also a term in joinery, s. 
NVtre A kind of salt, s. 
Tofd'tre To clot together, y. n. 
An'tm A eare or den, s. 
Ctn'tre The middle, s. 
To empire To place on tiM centre ; to rest on, t. 
To con-cm^ tre To come to one point, y. n. 

Se^tre A royal ensign carried in the hand, s. 
Bis^tre A colour made with chinmey soot, s. Fr. 
Lustre Bri^tnees; eminence, s. 
Laeh-lue^tre Wanting brightness, a. 

Ap-lut^ire The ensign in sea Ycssels, s. Lat 
To ao-cou^tre To dress ; to equip, y. a. 

Ure Practice; use« s. 
Bof^uo4amy A man's cloak, s. Fr. 

Cfure A remedy ; the employment of a curate, s. 
To cure To heal ; to restore to health, y. a. 
St^no-atre An office without employment, s. 

Se-€ure^ Free from fear or danger; saft, a. 
7b te-cure^ To make fast; to protect, y. a. 
Inree-eure^ Not safe ; not secure, y. a. 
Unma a r t^ Not secure, a. 

Ep^ircure One given to luxury, s. 
TofTO-cwef To manage; obtain; p^mp, y. 
Ob-eeure^ Dark; diffioalt; not known, a. 
To ob-eeure^ To darken ; to make lees intelligible, y. a. 
Ohre-ob-eeury Light and shade in painting, s. 
To dure To last; to continue, y. n. 
To adr^mV To bun up, y. a. 

us UBE 

Jb en-^uref To undergo; snstem; besr; last; brook, t. 
Ver^dure Oreen colour ; greeniMMy 8. 
Or^durt DoDg ; filth, 8. 
Cwffwt Head-dress, s. 
Coif^furt Head-dress, s. 

Fig^ure Number; ^ape; image; perscm; type, s. 
To fig' we To form into anj shape, r. a. 
To pr^fig'uTt To represent beforehand, t. a. 
To eon-fig' ure To dispose into form, y. a. 
To dis'fy'ure To deform ; mangle ; deface, y. a. 
To trana-fy'ure To transform, ▼. a. 

To abjure' To reject upon oath ; to quit religioa, r. ft. 
To ad-jwtf To charge in Qod*s name, y. a. 
Li'vTt A French shilling, s. 
To in'jwt To annoy ; to hurt uigmstly, y. a. 
To eon-jure' To enjoin solemnly ; to conspire, y. ft. 
To eon' jure To practise encha^ntment, y. n. 
To per' jure To forswear, ▼. a. 
Per' jure A forsworn person, s. 
To bare To entice ; to call hawks, y. a. 

Lure An enticement, s. 
Soi'lure Stain ; pollution, s. 
To al'lure' To entice, y. a. 
Ve-Uare' VclYCt, s. 
Mure A wall, s. 
To mure To enclose in walls, y. a. 
Con-tra-mure' An out-wall built about the main wall, s. 
J)e-mure' Qrave ; affectedly modest, a. 
To im-mure' To inclose ; confine ; shut in, y. a. 
Cotm-ter-mure' A wall behind another wall, s. 
Mchnure' Dung ; soil to be laid on land, 8. 
To manure' To dung ; to cultivate, y. a. 

Ten'ure A condition by which a man eqjoys an estate, s. 
To in-ure' To habituate ; to bring into use, a. 
Pure Unsullied ; chaste ; uncorrupt, y. a. 
To de-pure' To free from impurities, y. a. 
Im-pure' Unholy; unchaste; drossy, a. 
Eq'ui-erure Having legs of an equal length, a. 
Sure Certain ; safe ; firm, a. 
Sure Surely; certainly, aid. 
Pleat' ure Delight ; gratification ; choice, s. 
To pleas'ure To please ; to gratify, y. a. 
DU-pUat'ure Uneasiness ; offence ; anger, s. 

Meae'ure That which gives quantity to any thing; oadenoe 
in verse ; time in music ; degree ; portion, 8. 
To meoi'ure To compute or allot quantity, v. a. 
Meat'urt Ways; means; actions; proceedings, 0. 
To cuirmeat'ure To exceed in measure, v. a. 
Treat'ure Wealth hoarded or laid up, s. 
To treat'ure To hoard ; to lay up, v. a. 
To Uh4reae'ure To lay up, v. a. 

Ea'eure A scraping out of writings &o. 

URE 168 

In-dt^wre A out ; ftn aperture, a. 

Lti'mrt Freedom from businefls, b. 
Cock'suref Confidently certain, a. 
To en-ture^ To ascertain ; to make certain; to Beonre, t. a. 

Cen^ture Blame; judgment; reproach, 8. 
7h cen^sure To blame'; to condemn, y. a. 
Ten^aure A stretching or being stretched, s. 
Ton^aur* A clipping or shaving of hair, s. 
Un-ture^ Not certain ; not fixed, a. 
CU/wre An indosnre ; end ; conclnmon, b. 
En-cU/twre The act of inclosing ; ground indoeed, b. 
Dis-ek/ture Discovery ; a revei^g of any secret^ s. 

Cy^no-^ure The north star, s. 
Cvm-fo'turt Order; form; Arame; dispoaitioB, B. 
Dia^om-jn/aure Troable; disorder, s. 

Du-fo^wm^ Disposal ; postore ; state, s. 
Exrpo'mrt Sitoatiqn ; the exposing to sight, B. 

Mor'aurt The act of biting, s. 
To aa-aurtf To make secure or confident, y. a. 
Em-brar9ur€< Battlement ; an opening in a wall, B. 

Prea^aure Force ; impression ; affliction, 8. 
Im-prea^aure A mark miMle by pressnre, B. 
Com-prea^aure A pressing against another, s. 
Cmm^ter-prea-aura Opposite force, s. 

Exrfrea'aure Expression; utterance; ferm, B. 
Sda^aura A crack; rent; fissure, B. 
IWaure A cleft ; a chasm, s. TmB givin, s. 

ContHra-fia^aura A crack of the skim opposite to iniere Sie blow 
Com-mia^aure A joint, s. 

Clau^aure Confinement, s. ^^ 

Cu^ba-ture A finding of the Bolid contents of a body, b. 
Ju^di-cchtura Power of distributing justice, s. 
Plu/a-ture Fold ; double, s. 
Du^pU-ea-ture A fold, b. 

Mer^ca^ture The practice of buying and selling, s. 
Jf'fid^a-iwe Mutual oath of fidelity, s. 

Fea^ture Any single part, car the cast of the face, s. 
To/ea^Uare To resemble in countenance, v. a. 
De-fea^ture Alteration of countenance or feature, s. 
Craa'ture A thing created ; a dependant ; a word of con* 

tempt as wdl as tenderness, s. 
Lifffa-tura A bandage ; anything bound on, s. 
Nun'eirchtuire The office of a nuncio, s. 
Fo'U-^tura A being hammered into leaves, s. 
Mtn^i-^tura Bepresentation in a small compass, s. 

Stri^chtura Dispositi<m of strin, s. 
Bre^vi-thtura An abbreviation, s. 
Ab-bra^vi-orUtra A mark used for the sake of shmiening, s. . 

Sn-UU/Uk-tura A term in architecture, s. 
Nom-anrcWtura A vocabulary, s. 

Cat/a-tura The art of engraving, s. 
Prelfahtura The state or digni^ of a prelate^ B. 

164 URE 

CoVa-ture The act of stndning, or matter strained, 8. 
Leg'u-la-ture The power that makes laws, 8. 
Ma-ture^ Ripe ; well digested, a. 
2b morturt' To ripen, v. a. 

Pre^ma-ture Too hasty ; too early ; ripe too soon, a. 
Li^morturt Filings of any metaT, a. 
CU^fM'ture The same with climate, s. 
Ifn-marture^ Not ripe ; not perfect ; too hasty, a. 
Ar^ma-ture Armonr, s. 

Na'ture The original state or regular conrse of things, s. 
Sig'narturt A marie ; a letter to distingnish the sheets of a 

book, s. 
lU-na^ture Habitual maleyolenoe, s. 
Or^nortttre Decoration ; ornament, s. 
Qttad'rct'ture A being square, s. 
Tem^per-ar-ture Constitution of nature ; mediocrity, s. 
In-tem^per-a-ture Excess of some quality, s. 
DU-Um^per-a-iure Intemperatenees ; confttsion, s. 
LU^er-a-ture Learning, s. 
R-Ut'er-a-iwrt Want of learning, s. 
Cor^por-a-ture The state of being embodied, s. 
aer^ra-ture Indenture like teeth of saws, s. 
DU/ta-twre The office of a dictator, s. 

Suu^ure The height of any animal, s. 
Cfur^vorture Crookedness; inflexion, s. 

Fae^ture The act or manner of making any thing, s. Fr. 
Man-iSrfae^ture Any thing made by art, s. 
To man-u-fae^ture To form by workmanship, t. a. 
Com^at/ture Structure ; compagination, s. 

Frae^ture A breach ; a separation of parts, s. 
To froi/ture To break a bone, t. a. 
Fref^ee-ture Command ; offioe of gOTemment, s. 
Ih-^ture The excrements, s. 
Conrjee'iure Guess ; conception, s. 
To ton-jtcftwrt To guess, v. a. 
Fro-jee'UtTt A jutting out, s. 
To lee^ture To read lectures ; to reprimand, t. 

Lee^ture A discourse on a subject ; a reprimand, s. 
Our^iatn-lee-ture A lecture from a wife in bed, s. 
Arch^irtee'ture The science of building, s. 
Vec^ture Carriage, s. 
Fu/tura A resemblance in colours, s. 
Topu/ture To paint; to represent, y. a. 
Ric^ture A gaping, s. 
Siru/ture A contraction ; a slight touch, s. 
Cine^ture A belt ; a sash ; a ring, s. 
Thu/ture Colour ; infusion ; extract of drugs, s. 
To ime^ture To colour ; to imbue, v. 
Viru/ture A binding, s. 
Juncture Critical time ; joint, s. 
Oon-june^ture Critical time ; combination, s. 
Punc^Uif9 A small prick or hole, s. 



J)^-coc^tw€ Something drawn ^y decoction, b. 
Sinu/twe Edifice ; form ; make, s. 
Con-8trw/tfire Pile; building, s. ^. » 

Su-per-strtu/tare What ia built upon something elae, 8. 
C(m-cre^iwt A mass formed by coagulation, s. 
WafHure The act of waving, a. , ^ , . 
De-eum^bi'ture The time of taking to one's bed in a diseaae, ■• 
For^feirture A thing forfeited, 8. 
Com^fi'ture A sweetmeat, 8. 
Difcom^fi-ture Loss of battle ; overthrow, 8. 
Con^fi-ture A sweetmeat ; a confection, s. 
PoVt-ture The gloss given by polishing, 8. 
Pri-mo-gm'i-ture Seniority ; eldership, s. 
Oar^ni-ture Furniture ; ornament, 8. 
Fur^ni-ture Moveables; goods; decorations, 8. 

Voi-ture^ Carriage, s. Fr. 
Nu'tri'turt The power of nourishing, 8. 
Ifour^i-ture Education ; institution, s. 

Po9^i-ture Manner of being placed, s. 
In-ves^ti-ture The act of giving possession, 8. 

CuVittre The act of cultivation, 8. 
Ag'ri-culrturt Husbandry, s. 
ffor^H-cul-ture Art of cultivating gardens, 8. 
Sej/ulrlwre Interment; burial, 8. 

VuVture A bird of prey, s. 
De-hen^ture A writ by which a debt is claimed, 8. 
In-den'tur€ A covenant, or deed, 8. 
CaVenrUire The sun-fever, s. 
To ven^ture To dare ; to send a venture, v. 

Vm^ture Haaard; hap; a thing at stake, s. 
Ad-ven^ture Accident; chance; enterprise, 8. 
7b ad-ven^ture To try the chance ; to dare, v. n. 
Per-adrvmHure Perhaps; by chance, ad. 
Mi9-ad^en^ture Mischance ; (in law) manslaughter, 8. 
Pam'ture The art of painting, 8. 
TamUure Taint; defilement, 8. 
Airtam'ture Reproach; imputation, 8. 
JomHure Estate settied on a wife, 8. 
Cap^ture Priie; act of taking, s. 
Rt^twe Ecstasy; transport; rapidity, 8. 
Jb en-rtq/ture To transport with pleasure, v. a. 
Ser^iure The Bible ; the sacred writing, 8. 
Seulp^twre A carved work, s. 
To Bcu^tuTt To cut; to engrave, v. a. 
In-teulp^iurt Any thing engraved, 8. 
Promp'twe Suggestion, s. 
D&par^iure A going away; death, 8. 
Of'fer-ture Offer ; proposal of kindness, 8. 
O^ver-ture An opening; a proposal, s. 
Cyper-ture Shelter ; state of a married woman, 8. 
Dor^twre A dormitory, s. 
Tor^ttiri Pain; aDgoish; sort of panishment, a. 

156 ASE 

To tor^ture To panish by tortare ; to vex, t. a. 

Nur^ture Food; diet, 8. 
To nur'ture To educate ; to bring up, v. a. 

Pas^ture Laud for grazing ; food ; education, s. 
Topas^ture To graie, t. a. 
Re-patHure Entertainment, 8. 

Bi^twe Violence; commotion, s. 
Ou'ture Action ; posture ; morement of the body, a. 
To ges^ture To accompany with action, y. a. 

Ves'turt A garment ; dress, 8. 
Di-vea'iure The act of putting off, s. 
Moia^ture Small quantity of liquid, 8. 
In-Mature Constancy or regularity, s. 

Posture Place; situation; disposition, 8. 
To posture To put in a particular place or disposition, t. 
Imrpos^turt Cheat, s. 
Comrpoaftwrt Soil; manure, s. 

Fuftvre Not past ; not present ; to eome, a. 
Fu^ture Time to come, s. 
Tez^ture Web ; manner of weaving ; form, 8. 
Con-tex'ture An interweaTing ; a system, s. 
In-ier-tex^ture A mingling one among another, 8. 
Fixfture Any thing fixed to the premises, s. 
Mix^ture A mixing ; mass formed by mixing, 8. 
Ad-mixfture The body mingled with another, s. 
Com-mix^ture A mingling ; compound, s. 
Tn-ter-fiiix^ture Mass formed by mingling, s. 

Conrftex^itre Act of bending ; form of any thing bent, a. 
Comrpkx^ure Involution of one thing with another, s. 
Fixture Position : stable state, s. 
Rapture Act of erasing, s. 

Sei^zure The act of seising, or the thing seixed, 8. 
Dowre Portion given with a wife, rhymes hour, 8. 
Oyre A circle, s. 

Zyr0 A harp ; a musical instrument, 8. 
Pyre A pile to be burnt, s. 
Base Mean ; vile ; wortiiless, a. 
B<ue The bottom of any thing, s. 
To a-hate^ To bring low ; to humble, v. a. 
To de-baae^ To lessen ; adulterate ; degrade, y. 
To em-base^ To impair ; degrade ; make worse, ▼. a. 
PriUon-bcue A kind ofNrural play, s. 

Case A box ; sheaUi ; state of any thing, s. 
To in-case^ To cover ; to inclose, v. a. 

Pin^cate A pincushion, s. 
To un-case^ To uncover, v. a. 
Stmr^case The part that contains the stairs, 8. 
Door-case The Arame of the door, s. 
To dis-ease^ To strip ; to undress, y. a. 
Hat'case A box for a hat, s. 
Fox^case A fox's skin, s. 

Ea»e Rest ftrom labour ; comfort, 8. 

ESB 157 

1^ etue To reliere ; Mmage ; ilMkcD, y. a. 
Jb eea$e To Ioato off; to pot a stop to, y. 
D&-€eaMf Departure fh>m life ; death, ■. 
To de-eeoH^ To die ; to depart from life, y. n. 
To tur-ceaae^ To be at an end ; to stop, y. 

LM$e A temporary oontraot for lands, fto. sl 
To leate To let by lease, y. a. 
To lease To glean, y. n. 
To re-leaee^ To set free ; to quit, y. a. 
Be-kaae^ Dismission firom obligation or pain, s. 
TopUaee To delight ; to giYe pleasnre, y. 
To dii-pletue^ To offend ; to disgnst, y. a. 

- Peaee PL of pea ; peas ; food of pease, s. 
To (qhpeate^ To qniet; to pacify, Y. a. 
Create A plait or fold, s. 
To creaee To mark for folding, y. n. 
To de-^eaaef To grow lees ; to diminish, y. n. 

De-creaee^ A growing lees ; decay, s. 
To m-ereaeef To grow, or make more or greater, y. 
h^-creaee^ Augmentation; prodnoe, &o. s. 

Qreaee Soft part of fat ; disease in horses, s. 
To greate To smear with fat ; to bribe, y. a. 
To be^eaee^ To danb with fkt matter, y. a. 
Ver^Vgreaee The met of brass, s. 
Dit-eaee^ Distemper; sickness, s. 
To dia-eaeef To aflUet; torment; pain, y. 
To lease To comb wool ; to vez, y. a. 

ChoH Pursuit of game, &c.; station for beasts, a. 
To chase To hunt ; pursue ; diiye, y. a. 
WUd-goose^ chase A foolish pursuit, s. 
To en-'chase^ To infix, y. a. 

Topur^ehate To buy for a prioe ; to atone for, y. a. 
Pur^chase Axkj thing obtained for a price, s. 
Foz^chase Pursuit of a fox with hounds, s. 
DirOrpase^ A chord including all tones, s. 
To rase To skim ; destroy ; erase, T. a. 
To e-rasef To destroy ; to root up, y. a. 

Phrase An idiom ; mode of speech ; style, s. 
To phrase To style ; to call ; term, y. a. 
Par^orpkrase An explanation in many words, s. 
To par^orphrase To translate loosely, y. a. 

Met^arphrase Verbal translation, s. 
To per^i-pkrase To express by oiroumloomtion, y. a. 
Vase A Yessel with a foot, s. 
0-^>ese^ Fat; leaden with fledi, a. 
Oeese PI. of goose, s. 
Cheese A food made of milk card, s. 
Topheese To comb ; to fleece, t. a* 
T> leese To lose, y. a. 
Breese A stinn^ng fly, s. 
Theee PL of this ; opposed to those, proa. 
Cher-so-neae^ A peninanla, a. 

158 ISE 

Chaiee A cairiage of pleasure, a. 
To raise To lift ; erect ; levy ; collect, y. a. 
Fraise A pan(ULke with bacon in it, 8. Fr. 
Praise Renown; commendation, a. 
To praise To applaud; commend; worship, t. a. 
• 7b ap-praise^ To set a price upon anything, y. a. 

Dts-praise^ Blame ; censure, a. 
To dis-prtdse^ To blame ; censure, y. a. 
Pre-cise^ Exact ; nice ; formal, a. 
To crii^i-eise To animadyert ; censure ; Judge, y. a. 
To dr^eum-cise To cut the prepuce, y. a. 
Con-cise' Brief; short, a. 
Ez^er-dse Employment; use; a task, s. 
To ex^er-cise To employ ; to practise, y. a. 
To ez^or-cise To cast out evil spirits ; to adjure, Y. a. 
Par'O'dise Garden of Eden; place of bliss, s. 
To im-par^a-dise To make happy, y. a. 

Mer^chan-dise Trafi^; commerce; wares, 8. 
To fner^chan-dise To trade ; to traffic, y. n. 
To nuth^o-dise To regulate ; to dispose in order, y. a. 
OalrU-ardrise^ Merriment ; exuberant gaiety, s. Fr. 
Pal-U-ard-ise^ Fornication, & 
To dast^ard-ise To intimidate, y. a. 
To cai^e-ehise To instruct by asking questions, y. a. 

Franfehise Privilege ; immunity, s. 
Tofran^chise To enfranchise; to inake free, y. a. 
To af'Jran'ehise To make free, v. a. 

To enrfran'ekise To admit to the priyileges of a freeman, y. a. 
To dis'fran'chise To deprire of chartered righta, y. a. 
To mon^areh-ise TTo play the king, y. n. 
To e-ter^nal-ise To make eternal or immortal, y. a. 
To nat^thral-ise To admit to natiye privileges, y. a. 
To dis-nat^thral'ise To make alien, y. a. 
To e^qual-ise To make even, y. a. 

Mise Issue, law term, s. Fr. 
De-mise' Death; disease, s. 
To de-nUse^ To grant at one's death, y. a. 
Topre-mise^ To lay down premises, y. a. 
To sy-^um^o-mise To express the same by different words, y. a. 
Pro^mise Declaration of a benefit intended, s. 
To pro^mise To give one's word ; to assure, v. 
Break^pro-^nise One who usually breaks his word, s. 
Com^pro-mise A reference to another ; bargain, s. 
To eom^pro-mise To adjust a compact; to agree, v. a. 
To er^pit'o-mise To abstract; to diminish, v. a. 
To sur-mise^ To suspect ; to imagine, v. a. 

Sur-mise^ Imperfect notion ; suspicion, s. 
Pre-sur-mise' Surmise previously formed, s. 
To man'u-mise To set free, v. a. 

An'ise A species of parsley, s. 
To ree'og-niae To acknowledge ; to re-examine, T. a. 
7b lyr^aa-niae To play the tyrant, v. a. 

ISB 150 

7b eoV<hnm To plant with inhabitants, y. a. 
Topat^ro-nue To protect; to countenance, t. a. 
To glui'tonrue To play the glutton, t. a. 
To mod^emr^ To reduce ancient to modem, y. a. 
To e-ter^rUte To make endless ; to perpetuate, t. a. 
Noite Any sound ; outcry ; clamour, s. 
To noite To spread a report ; to sound loud, y. 
Poise Weight; balance; regulating power, s. 
To poise To balance; weigh; oppress, v. a. 
Eq^ui-poise Equality of wei{^t ; equilibration, s. 
To eount^er-poise To counterbalance, y. a. 
Count^er-poise EquiYalence of weight, s. 
To o^ver-poise To outweigh, y. a. 

Tor^toise A testaceous animal, 8. 
Tur^quoise A kind of precious stone, s. 
To des-pise^ To scorn ; contemn ; abhor, y. a. 

To rise To get up ; grow ; increase ; be improYed, y. 
Bise Beginning; increase; ascent, s. 
To a-risef To get up, y. n. 
To sane^tu-OHrise To belter in a sanctuary, y. a. 
Cheo^aux-do-friaef A sort of fence, s. 

Qrise A step or scale of steps, s. 
Ver^di-grise The rust of brass, s. 
Stmfrise Morning, s. 
To au^tfunrise To empower ; to giYe authority, y. a. 
To dit-^tu^tho-rise To depriye of credit or authority, y. a. 
To sei^gnor-ise To lowl over, y. a. 
To iem^por-^se To delay ; to comply with the times, y. a. 
To con-Um^por-ise To make contemporary, y. a. 

Frise Reward gained by merit ; plunder, 8: 
To prise To value; esteem; rate, y. a. 
Ro-prise^ Seizure by way of retaliation, s. 
Emrprisef An attempt of danger ; an enterprise, s. 
To eomrprise^ To contain ; to include, y. a. 

En^ter-prise A hazardous undertaking ; project, s. 
To m'Ur-prise To essay ; to attempt, Y. a. 
SuT-prisef Sadden conftision, s. 
To sur-prise^ To take unawares ; to perplex, y. a. 
To mitPpirisef To mistake ; to despise, y. a. 
To %ip-ristf To rise firom decumbiture, y. n. 
Up'rise Appearance above the horizon, s. 
Sise Contracted flrom assise, s. 
Treaftise A written discourse, s. 
Toprae^tise To use ; exercise ; do ; transact, t. 

Coi/et-4se Govetousness, s. 
War^rani-ise Authority; security, s. 
To ad^er^Use To inform another; to publish, t. a. 
To dH-ver^Hae To please ; to divert, v. a. 

Mor^Hse A term in carpentry, s. 
To ormor^tise To alien lands, &c, to any corporation, t. a. 
To chas-Use' To pvnish ; to brmg to order, y. a. 
Trao^ise A frame for shoeing unmTy horses, s. 

160 OSE 

To ad-vise^ To gire adnce ; to oonsttlt, y. 
To de-vitef To oontinue ; consider; bequeath, t. 
To re-vise^ To re-examine, ▼. a. 
Re-vi$e^ A proof re-examined or reriewed, a. 
€hu9$ Manner ; praotioe ; drees, a. 
Oth^er-ffuise Of another kind, a. 
2b dU-fiuiie^ To oonoeal ; diafigore ; defonn, y. a. 
Dit-gtiue^ A dress to deceire ; a pretenoe, a. 
To bruise To hurt with blows, y. a. 
Bruite A hart in the flesh, s. 
To m-per-vise' To overlook ; to oyeraee, y. a. 
Wise Judging rightly ; skilf ol, a. 
Wue Manner ; way iA being or acting, a. 
Like^tme In like manner ; also, ad. 
Lmgth^toite According to the length, ad. 
No^wise Not in any manner or degree, ad. 
Wm^ther-vntt Able to foretel the weather, a. 
Oth^er-wm In a differoit manner, ad. 
Slant^tnae Obliquely, a. 
Ai'leasi^unae To say no more, ad. 

False Not true ; not just ; not real, a. 
BUe Other ; one besidea, pr<m. 
EUe Otherwise, adv. 
Mtdae Wine boiled, and hon^, 8. 
Puiee Motion of the blood ; peaae, fto., §• 
To puhe To beat as the poise, y. n. 
AypuUe Act of striking against any thing, b. 
To €x-ptUt$^ To driye out, y. a. 

In-etdeef Dull ; insipid ; heavy, a. 
Trante A temporary abeenca of the ionl ; an ecstasy, a. 
Dmae Close; compact, a. 
To con-den$ef To make or grow thick, y. 
Con-4eMe^ Thick ; close, a. 
To To-wnrdtMef To condense anew, y. a. 
ImrmenH^ Unlimited; infinite, a. 
Prt-peMtf Contrived beforehand, a. 
To eom-pmse^ To requite ; to make amends, v. a. 
To rocfo-m-ptMe To repay ; requite ; redeem, v. a. 
To dit-penee' To distribute ; exempt ; excuse, v. a. 

Seme Faculty of pM'ceiving; meaning; opinion, s. 
Terue A variation of the v^ to signSy tim«. s. 
Tente Stretched ; not lax, a. 
SvX/tenae The chord of an arch, s. 
OUhboMe^ Spherical ; round, a. 
Ver-hoeef Exuberant in words ; prolix, a. 
Mor-boee' Proceeding from disease, a. 
Fu-li-eoae^ Abounding with fleas, a. 
Te-neb^ri'Cote Dark; gloomy, a. 
Cor^U-eoee Full of bark, a. 
Jo-oot^ VLvnj ; given to jest, a. 

Doee Enough at one time ; a Badidne, a. 
0-U^mf OUy, a. 

OSB 161 

R\k-gou^ Fall of wrinUes, a. 
Ho%t Breeches; stockings, s. 
ChQ9t Pret of to choose. 
QuOq^ue-ehaie A trifle; a kieksfaaw, s. Fr. 
Trunk^hote Large breeches, s. 
fb fM^o-mor^jpAoM To transform, t. a. 

Those Plural of that, pron. [pron. 

Wkote Qenitiye of who and which, rhymes choose, &c. 
De-^id^i-ose Idle; laxy; hea^y, a. 

To lose To suffer loss ; to fiul ; to destroy, t. 
To close To shut ; to end ; to coalesce, y. 
Close A small enclosed field, s. 
Close A pause ; a conclusion, s. 
Close Shut fast ; private ; concise, a. 
To fore-^lose^ To shut up; to preclude, t. a. 
To en-close^ To encompass ; to fence in, y. a. 
To un-close' To open, v. a. 

Per-close^ Conclusion ; last part, s. 
To dis-^se^ To tell ; rcYcal ; disooYer, y. a. 
An-ho-lose^ Out of breath, a. 

To glose To flatter ; to collogue, y. a. 
Si-Ue-U'losef Husky ; fall of husks, a. 
Cal-cu^lose' Stony; gritty, a. 
Tu-mu-lose^ Full of hills, a. 
An-i-^nose^ Full of spirit, a. 
Nose Part of the face, s. 
To nose To bluster; face ; oppose ; scent, y. 
V&ae-nose^ Poisonous; Yenomous, a. 
Ar-e-nose^ Sandy, a. 
Si-Ug-irnose^ Made of fine wheat, a. 

Cri-nosef Hairy, a. 
Cop^per-nose A red nose, s. 

Oo9e Soft mud ; slime ; spring, s. 
To oose To flow by stealth ; to run gently, y. n. 
Boou A stall for a cow, s. 
Qoose A fowl ; a tailor's iron, s. 
To choose To make choice of; to select, y. a. 
To loose To unbind ; set free ; set sail, y. 
Loose Unbound ; wanton ; lax, a. 
To un-loose^ To set loose ; to fall in pieces, y. 
Moose An American deer, s. 
Noose A running knot ; a trap, s. 
To noose To tie in a noose, y. a. 
To pose To punle; to examine, y. n. 
To de-pose^ To lay down; degrade ; bear witnees, y* 
Jh re-pose^ To lay to rest; lay up ; confide in, y. 
Be^pose^ Sleep; rest; quiet, s. 
Topro^fose^ To put before, y. a. 
To mrpose^ To enjoin as a duty ; to deceiYC, y. a. 
To tmi-postt Ck>mmand ; ii^unetioo, s. 
To eomrpowf To quiet; settle; pt^ together, T. a. 
To rt<omrpomf To quiet anew, y. a. 
14 ♦ 

lfl> BSE 

Topro-poae^ To offer for oouM^nrtioa, t. ft. 
To ap-fOM^ To question ; to e»>miiie, t. ft. 
To op^fo%tf To ftot ftgftinst; to ebjeot In ft dispate, t. ft. 
To wp^fOHf To Ifty down witkoot prosf ; to isftgine, t. ft^ 
Sup-po%tf Soppodtion, b. 
To pr&'ftqhpote^ To suppose as prerioQS, t. n. 
To in'ttr^pOM^ To mecUate; to plaoe betwaen, t. 
Fw'pom Intentioft ; effect ; example, s. 
Topur^poMt To intend; to resolye, t. ft. 
To dit^poae^ To prepare ; adapt ; inoUne ; bargain, t. 
To pre-dis-pose^ Te adapt beforeliand, t. a. 
To m^u-pose^ To make unfit ; to disorder, t. a. 
To tram^fose^ To put eaok in the plftoe of the other, t. ft. 
Bote A flower, s. 
BoM Pret. of to rise. 
A-^rose^ Pret of to arise. 
Tu^b&T09e A Bweet-smelliDg flower, s. 
Op^er-o$e Laborious ; full of trouble, a. 
Mo-roie^ Sour of temper ; peerish, ft. 

Pro§e Language not restrained to numbers, s. 
7b tote To comb wool, t. n. 
E-dem-a-tote^ Swelling ; ttlSl of bumours, a. 
Comrotrotef Much given to sleep, a. 
Ae-^iotef Containing acids, a. 
A-quote^ Watery ; like water, a. 
SUrirquote^ Having a pod, a. 
Ac'ttMftt^ Having strong powers, a. 
To Icpte To lose tiie proper time ; fall ; i^ds, v. 

Lapte Flow ; fall ; small error, s. 
H-lapetf Gradual entrance ; sudden attacic, s. 
To eolrlap%ef To close together, v. n. 
In-UrAaptef Time between two events, s. 

GUmpte A weak fiunt light ; a short view, s. 
To vnrtmpte^ To ineorporate, v. a. 

Hearte A carriage for the dead, s. 
To re-heartef To repeat ; to redte previouslj, v. a. 
Coane Vile ; rude ; not fine, rhymes foree, s. 
Hoarte Hftving the v<^ce rough, rhymes force, ft. 
To parte To resolve by grammar rules, v. 
8arte A fine hair sieve, s. 
JSerte A carriage for the dead, s. 
To herte To pnt into a hearse, v. a. 
To m^herte^ To put into a f^meral monument, v. a. 
To tm-merte^ To sink, or pnt under water, v. a. 
Im-mtrm^ Buried ; oomed ; sunk deep, a. 
To ^ptane To disperse, v. a. 
To orspertef To slander; to eensore, v. a. 
To dit-perte^ To separate ; drive away ; scfttter, v. n. 
To imrUr-^femf To mingle here and there, v. a. 

Ttirte Smooth ; eleanly writlen ; neftt, ft. 
To ab-^Une To deaase; to pwiiy, v. n. 
VtT9t Poetry ; ft pftiftgrftph^ s. 


A'V€r$ef Not ftivourable ; oontrarj, a. 
Trav'ene Crosswise ; athwart, ad. 
Trav^erse Through ; crosswise, prep. 
Trav^erse Lying across ; lying a^wart, il 
Trav^erse Anything laid or bmlt across, a. 
To trat/erte To cross ; to wander otot, ▼. a. 
To trai/erse To use a posture of opposition, t. n. 
To sub-verte^ To overthrow ; to subyert, v. a, 
Ad^verse Contrary ; calamitous, a. 
To e-verte^ To overtlurow ; to destroy, t. a. 
To re-vertef To repeal ; contradict ; OTertom, t. a. 
Re-vtrte^ Opposite side ; change, s. 
IH-ver9t^ Multiform ; different ; unlike, a. 
U^ni'varte General system of things ; the world, a. 
Inrverte^ Inverted; reciprocal, a. 
To eonrveraef To discourse or cohabit with, ▼. n. 

Con'vene Acquaintance ; manner of dlBOonning, a. 
Per-verte^ Obstinate; petulant; stubborn, a. 
Jh'OM'Verse^ Being in a cross direction, a. 

Cor$e A dead body ; a carcase ; rhymes force, a. 
To enrdorse^ To write on the back of a writing, t. a. 
Gorge Furze ; a prickly shrub, s. 
Bbrse An animal; a wooden machine, 8. 
To hone To mount upon anything, y. a. 
Sea-horse A fish; the hippopotamus,* a. 
Sialk^tng-horee A mask ; a screen ; a cover, s. 

Padcfkoree A horse employed in carrying goods, s. 
To.unrhoree^ To throw out of the saddle, v. a. 
Morte A sea-horse, s. 
Be-moree^ Pain of guilt; tenderness, s. 

Worse More bad ; more ill ; rhymes purse, a. 
To worse To put to disadvantage, v. a. 
Worse In a more bad manner, ad. 
Burse An exchange for merchants, s. 
To im-bursef To stock vrith money, v. a. 
To re-tm-hurse^ To repay ; to repair loss or expense, v. a. 
To dis-burse^ To pay out money, v. a. 

Curse Bad wish ; vexation ; torment, a. 
7\) curse To wish evil ; to torment, v. 
To ac-^mrse^ To execrate ; to doom to misery, v. n. 
Pre-^urse^ Forerunning, s. 

Nurse One who takes care of a child or sick person, s. 
To nurse To bring up a child ; to tend a sick pmen, v. a. 
To dry-nurse To feed without the breast, v. a. 

Course Race ; passage ; order of sveeessieB, s. 
To course To hunt ; run ; pursue, ▼. 
Mid' course Middle of the way, s. 
Re-course' Access ; application for help, s. 
Con'course Confluence of many persons or things, s. 
In'ter-course Communication ; commerce, a. 

Dis-tourse' Conversation; speech; treatise, s. 
To dis^ouTsef To talk; x«asoB; treat apoa, v. D. 


Pwte A small t>ag for money, 8. 
TopuTU To pot into a pone, ▼. a. 
Cut^jmne A pickpocket ; a thief, s. 
Ourt^e-laue A broa4 cutting sword ; a eotlass, i. 

Feste A term in heraldry, s. 
Om-U-Utte' Complaisance; ciyility, s. Fr. 
JhirTttttf Imprisonment; constraint, s. Fr. ["' ^ 

8au-ci$u< In gunnery, powder, &o. ; to firt a bomb-chesty 
Pou9$e The old word for pease, s. 

Ute The act of employing; need of; help, b. 
Toute To employ ; frequent ; treat, v. 
Canue Reason ; motiye ; party, s. 
To cause To effect ; to produce, t. a. 
B»-^au$e^ For this reason, coi\j. 

Oaute A kind of thin transparent silk, s. 
Clause A sentence ; an artide, s. 
AjhpUtuse^ Public praise, 8. 

Pause A stop ; break in discourse ; suspense, s. 
To pause To wait ; stop ; deliberate, y. n. 
To orbusef To treat ill ; to deceive, v. a. 

A-buse^ The ill use of anything ; an affVont, s. 
To dis-^i-buse^ To set right ; to undeceive, v. a. 
Ar^que-buse A hand gun, s. 

To ac-cuse^ To charge with a crime ; to censure, v. a. 
To re-cuse^ To revise, v. n. 

To ex-cuse^ To extenuate by apology ; to forgive, v. a. 
Ez-cusef Apology; pardon, s. 

Deuse The devil, s. 
To fuse To melt ; to put into fusion, ▼. a. 
To re-fuse^ To reject ; not to accept, v. 

Bif'use Worthless remains, s. 
To af'fusef To pour one thing on another, v. a. 
To ef-fusef To pour out ; spill ; shed, v. a. 
To dxf-fusef To pour out ; scatter ; spread, v. a. 

Dif'fusef Copious ; widely spread, a. 
To suf'fusef To spread over with a tincture, v. a. 
To dr-eumrftuef To pour round, v. a. 

To tn-fuse^ To pour in ; tincture ; inspire with, v. a. 
To eon-fuse^ To confound ; perplex ; mix, v. a. 

Pro-ftuef Prodigal; lavish; overabounding, a. 
To per~fusef To tincture ; to overspread, v. a. 
Oe-iluse^ Shut up ; closed, a. 
B&^luse^ Shut up ; retired, a. 
Re-dMsef One shut up in a monastery, s. 

Muse Power of poetry ; deep thought, 8. 
To move To ponder ; think close ; wonder, v. n. 
To ar-muse^ To entertain ; to deceive, v. a. 
Hy-poi'e-nuse The longest side of a ri^i-angled triangle, a. 
To bouse To drink lavishly, v. n. 
To douse To put or fall suddenly into water, v. 

HouH A place of human abode, s. 
To house To put under or take shelter, v. n. 

ATE 166 

Ih ehouae To cheat ; to trick, t. n. 
Ware^housd A storehouse of mejrohandiM, 0. 
Stare^hotue A magazine ; a repositorj, s. 
^ioi^ging-house A temporary house for debtors, s. 
Count^mff'houte Place where accoonts are kept, s. 
Watch-house Place where the watch is set, b. 
Block-house A fortress to block up a pass, s. 
Work-house A place for parish poor, s. 
Char-nel'house Place where bones of the dead are kept, s. 
Cus-tomrhouse House where duties are paid, t. 
To un-house- To drive from the habitation, t. a. 
Pent-house A sloping shed firom the main wall, s. 
Play-house A house for dramatic performances, 0. 
Louse A small body animal, s. 
To louse To clear from lice, t. a. 

Mouse A small quadruped, a. 
To mouse To catch mice, v. n. 
Bear-mouse The leather-winged bat, s. 
FUt-ier-mouse The bat, s. 

Dor-mouse A mouse that sleeps much, s. 

Spouse A husband or wife, s. • 

To e-spouse- To marry ; to defend, t. a. 

To rouse To wake or awake from slumber, t. 
To corTouse- To drink ; to quafl^ t. 
Ca^ouse^ A drinking-match, 0. 
Orouse A kind of fowl, s. 
To i^hTouse- To waken from sleep, t. a. 
Trouse Breeches ; hose, s. 
To^e To steep; to duck; to faU as a bird on its pr^, t. 

Souse With sudden yiolence, ad. 
To souse To puU; to haul; to drag, t. a. 
Buse Cunning; little stratagem, 0. Fr. 
Ce-ruse White lead, s. 
Top^-ruse- To read; to examine, ▼. a. 
Ab-strtise- Hidden ; remote from conoeption, a. 
Ob-tuse- Not pointed; duU; stupid, a. 
Inriuss- Bruise, a. 
To cortrtuse- To beat together; to bruise, t. a. 
Ate Preterit of to eat 
Bate Strife ; contention, s. 
To bate To lessen anything ; to remit, r. 
To achate- To lessen or grow lose, t. 
To re-bate- To recover a hawk to the fist again, r. a. 
Breed-bate One that breeds quarrels, s. 

De-bate- A personal dispute ; a contest, s. 
To der-bate- To dispute; to deliberate, t. 
Make-baU A breeder of quarrels, s. 
J'o rebate- To blunt; to deprive of keenness, t. 
To eo-ho-haU To re-distil, v. a. 
OonrgWbaU Formed into a hard ball, a. 
Bep-ro-baU Lost to virtue ; abandoned, a. 
B^To-ltAe One lo«t to Yirt«ie, 1. 

^66 ATE 

To np^r<hhaU To rtjeet : to abandon wiUioiit hope, t. a. 
To im'pro-htUe Not to approve, t. a. 
To ex'pro-hate To upbraid ; blame ; oensnre, t. a. 
To ex-ac^er-bate To embitter ; to exasperate, y. a. 

To tur-bate^ To fatigue ; to batter the feet with trayel, ▼. a 
To per-tur^baie To distnrb ; to disorder, r, a. 
To m'airbaU To sit npon eggs, t. a. 
TopWcate To appease; to reconcile, t. a. 
To o-pafeaU To shade ; to obscure, ▼. a. 
To va'eaU To annul ; to make vacant, r. a. 
To tu/caU To dry, t. a. 
To d&-nc'caU To dry np, r. a. 
To tx-nt/eoU To diy, ▼. a. 
To ex-ic^caU To dry, r. a. 
To d^t-<aU To cleanse ; to pnrify, t. a. 
D^t^aU Purged from lees, a. 
To dep^re-eaie To pray for pardon and mercy, v. 
To im'pre-caU To call for evil on one's-self or others, t. a. 
Ifh-trtn^te-cate Perplexed, a. 

To rad'i-cttU To root; to plant deeply, r. a. 
To &-rad'4-caU To pnll np by the roots ; to end, ▼. a. 
To ab^dircaU To resign ; giro np right, v. a. 
To ded^i-caU To inscribe ; to appropriate, t. a. 

DedH-caU Consecrated; dedicated, a. 
To med^i-caU To tincture with medicines, v. a. 
To pred^ircaU To aflirm anything, y. 

Pred'i<aU That which is affirmed of the subject, as 
is rational, where ratwrud is the predicate. 
To men^di-caU To beg; to ask alms, t. a. 
To ap-pm'di'CaU To add ; to annex, y. a. 
To in^di-eaU To point out; to c^ow, y. a. 
• To etm^a-m^di-^aU To indicate contrarily, y. a. 

To vm'dircaU To justify ; to revenge ; to clear, y. a. 
To tyn^dircaU To judge; to censure, y. n. 
To dau'di-caU To halt, y. n. 
To ad-ju^di-eaU To adjudge, y. 
To pre^ju-di^eaU To determine beforehand, y. a. 

Pre^ju'direaU Formed by pr^udice ; prepossessed, a. 
To 9pe^p^ate To distinguish particularly, y. a. 
To tm-pro-lijri-caU To impregnate, y. a. 

To am-pli/^i-caU To enlarge ; to amplify, y. a. 
To vi'tfif^i'cate To change into glass, y. a. 
Pon-^f^i-catt Papacy; popedom, s. 
Cer-tiffi-caU A testimony in writing, s. 
To vi-vifi-eatt To make aUve ; to animate, y. a. 
To r&-vi-vtf^i-eaU To recall to life, y. a. 

Del^i-cate Nice ; dainty ; polite ; soft ; pure, a. 
Iiudel^i-caU Coarse ; wanting decency, a. 
To vd'li-caU To twitch ; plucSc ; stimulate, y. a. 
Tr^'U-cate Made thrice as much, a. 
Mvl-Up^UreaU What consists of more than one, s. 
8$»-qu^U-^aU Proportion, as one to two, a. 

ATE 107 

To im^pU-^aU To entangle; to emburnuM, t. a. 
lb eom^pU-eate To entangle ; to fold together, ▼. 
Com'pli-cate Compounded of many parts, a. 
Ap^pU-caU In conios, the ordinate or semiordinate, ■. 
To tup^pU-cate To implore ; to intreat, v. n. 
To du'pU-cate To fold together ; to doable, t. n. 

Ihi^pU'Cate Another correspondent to the first, s. 
Sub^u^pli-cate Containing one part of two, a. 
To r^u'pli-<at6 To redouble, v. a. 
To qutt-dru^pU-caU To doable twice, ▼. a. 
7b eenrtu'pU-cate To make a hundred fold, t. a. 

To ez'pH<aU To unfold ; to explain, y. a. 
To eom-mu^ni-caie To impart ; to reveal, v. a. 
To ex-^om-mufm-^aU To eject from communion, y. n. 
To pre-var^i-eaie To cavil; shuffle; quibble, v. n. 
To di^var^i-eaU To divide or be parted into two, v. 
To/al/fi-^aU To build ; to forge, v. a. 
To lu'hri'CaU To smooth ; to make slippery, v. 
To per^fri-caU To rub over, v. a. 
To hr^i-caie To plate over, v. a. 
To rhe-tor^i-^ate To play the orator, v. n. 

In^iri'Cate Entangled ; complicated ; obscure, a. 
To dit-in^tn-cais To disentangle, v. a. 
To ex^tri-cate To disembarrass, v. a. 
To vet^i-eaie To blister, v. a. 
To aU'then^H-caU To establish by proof, v. a. 
To de-cor^H'Cate To divest of the bark or husk, v. a. 
To do-mes^H-cate To make domestic, v. a. 
To to^hu^ti-caU To adulterate, v. a. 

So^hit^U-cate Adulterate ; not genuine, a. 
To prog-not^ti-^aU To foretel; to foreshow, v. a. 

7b rut^U-aUe To reside in, or banish into, the country, r. 
7b ii^toxfi-eaU To inebriate ; to make drunk, v. a. 
7b de-fal'cate To lop ; to take away part, v. a. 
7b in~cul'caU To impress by admonition, v. a. 
7b eon-euVeaU To tread under foot, v. a. 

Jun^caie A cheesecake ; a private entertainment, a. 
7b av-er-rtm^caU To root up, v. a. 
7b de-trvn^eaU To lop ; to shorten, v. a. 
7b 9uf'fo-taU To choke ; to stifle, v. a. 
7b eol^lo-eate To place; to station, v. a. 
7b dU^lo-cate To di^oint ; to displace, v. a. 
7b em^bro-eaie To foment a part diseased, v. a. 
7b re^ip^ro-eau To act interchangeably, v. n. 
7b av^o-eaU To caU away, v. a. 

Ad^vo-caie A pleader ; a defender ; an excuser, s. 
7b rei/o-cate To recall ; to call back, v. a. 
7b e-^tt/o-eaU To use doubtfbl expressions, v. n. 
7b in'vo^aU To invoke ; to call upon, v. a. 
7b eon'vo-caU To call together, v. a. 

ScaU A fish ; an iron to slide with, 8. 
7b teaie To slide with scates, v. n. 

168 ATB 

To eon^Ju-eaU To seise on prirate property, t. il 
Con^Ju-caU Forfeited, a. 
To m-Ju^eaU To entangle in glntinons matter, t. a. 
To of-fut^cQJU To dim ; to cload ; to darken, t. a. 
To ed'urcaU To breed ; to bring up, y. a. 
To man'du-^iaU To chew ; to eat, ▼. a. 

DaU Point of time; duration; a Amit, a. 
To date To give the precise time, ▼. a. 
To dq/re-4ate To rob ; spoil ; deTour, v. a. 

Se-daUf Calm; qniet; serene; andistnrbed, a. 
To an'te-daU To date before the time, ▼. a. 
To e-Wd^daU To explain ; to dear, y. a. 
To di'lu^d-daU To make clear ; to explain, y. a. 

Can^di-^iaU One who solicits adyanceraent ; a competitor, & 
To m-frig'irdaU To chill ; to make cold, y. a. 
To wrvaVi'daU To depriye of force or efficacy, y. a. 
To eon-wVi-dale To grow hard ; to form into one body, y. 
To m-Hm^i-4aU To make fearfiil, y. a. 

To lap^i-daU To stone ; to Idll by stoning, y. a. 
To di-lap'i-datt To rain ; to throw down, y. a. 
To wrlaj/i-4aU To make stony ; to turn to stone, y. a. 
MUk^ri-daU Medicine against poison, s. 
To Kq'tti-daU To clear away ; to lessen debts, y. a. 

Man^daU A command ; a charge, s. 
To ex'tm^date To oyerflow, y. n. 
7\> ac-eorn'mo-date To suit ; supply ; reconcile, y. a. 

Ae-com'mo-daU Suitable ; fit, a. 
To m-com'mo-daU To be inoonyenient to, y. a. 
Con'eord-aU A compact ; a conyention, s. 
To poti-daie^ To date later than the time, y. a. 
To oui'daUf To antiquate, y. a. 
To deH'u-daU To diyest ; to strip, y. a. 
Ckarlyl/&-€tU Impregnated with iron or steel, 8. 
To e-nu^d&-<Ue To solye ; to clear, y. a. 
To maJ/le-^tU To hammer, y. a. 

A-cu^le-a(e Terminating in a sharp point, a. 
To per^me-ate To pass through, y. a. 
To dt^m'e-ate To draw ; to paint ; to describe, y. a. 
Re-ate^ A kind of grass growing in water, s. 
To er&-tae^ To form out of nothing ; to beget, y. a. 
To ree^re-aie To refresh ; amuse ; delight ; reviye, y. 
To un^ere-ate To depriye of existence, y. a. 
7b pro</re-€Ue To generate ; to produce, y. a. 
To ex^cre-ate To hawk up phlegm, y. a. 
Et^tre-ate A true copy of a writing, a. 
Lat/r&-aie Decked or invested with a laurel, a. 
Jto^se-ate Rosy ; fall of roses, a. 
To nau'at-aU To grow squeamish ; to loathe, y. 
To U4a^qu&-aU To entangle ; to ensnare, y. a. 

Fate Destiny ; event predetermined ; death, t. 
Oaie Door of a dty, ^o. ; an opening, s. 
Agnate A kind of precious stone, a. 

ATB 169 

Tcf infia-^aU To searoli ; ta hmX out, r. a. 

Run'a-gaU A ftigitive; an apostate, 8. 
Toproj/a^aU To generate; to spread abroad, r. a. 
To ntf'frorgaU To yote or agree in Toiee with, ▼. n. 

FtoodfgcOe A gate to stop or let out water, s. 
To pt/ri-e-ifaie To diyersify with coloors, v. a. 

Leg^aU An ambassador, especially firom the pope, s. 
To ayUhffote To send abroad upon business, t. a. 
To deV^-gaU To send away ; appoint ; entmst, t. a. 
Dti/o^aU Deputed; appointed, a. 
DeV&i/aU A deputy ; a eommissioner, s. 
To rtVe-gate To banish ; to exile, t. a. 
To al/ne^ate To deny, t. a. 
To ieg^re-gaU To set apart; to separate, r. a. 
To ag^gre-gate To eoUeoi together, t. a. 
Ag'gre-gaU Sum or whole of sereral partionlars, t. 
Ag^gre-gcUe Colleoted from many parts into one, a. 
To eoi^gr^aU To assemble; eolleot; meet, t. a. 
Con'gro^aJU Collected; firm, a. 
To ex^trm/a-gaU To wander out of limits, y. n. 
To oi/U-gaU To bind by contract or duty, t. 
PfofU-gaU Abandoned ; lost to Tirtue, a. 
Frof^U^aU An abandoned diameless wretch, s. 
' Tofv/mi^aU To smoke; to perfume, t. n. 
Frig'aU A small vessel of war, s. 
To tr^H-gaU To wet; to water; to moisten, t. a. 
Tofaifi-gaU To weary; to fatigue, t. a. 
To d&-fat^i-gaU To weary, ▼. a. 

To Ut'i-gaU To contest ; to debate, ▼. a. 
To tfU'i-Ut^i-gate To contend in law, t. n. 

To mU^i-gaU To alleriate; lessen; moderate, t. a. 
To eat^H-i^aie To chastise ; punish ; correct, t. a. 
To m-vet^li-gaie To search out, y. a. 
To tn^tH-gate To tempt to do evil, t. a. 
To nav^i-gate To sail ; to pilot ships, &o. T. 
To re^nof/i-gaU To sail again, r. a. 
To dr-cum^ruN/i-gate To sail round, ▼. a. 
To lev^i-gaU To rub or grind, t. a. 
To pro-mul^gate To publish; to make known, t. a. 
bi'gaU Entrance ; passage in, s. 
To e-hn^gaU To draw out ; to depsrt, r. 
To al/ro-gaie To repeal ; to annul, t. 
To al/ro-^ate To proclaim a law contrary to another, t. a. 
To der^o-gaU To detract ; disparage ; lessen, t. 
To wrwr-tr^o-gaU To do more than duty, t. n. 
To ar^ro^aU To claim unjustly, t. n. 
To m-ter^ro^aU To examine by questions, t. a. 
Sur^fih-gaU A deputy ; a delegate, s. 
To oh-juT^gaU To chide ; to reprore, t. a. 
BiVling9^aU Ribaldry ; foul language, s. 
To mb'ju-ifate To conquer ; to suMue, t. a. 
To at-^uyju^ate To subject to, t. a. 

170 ATE 

To ad^ju-gate To joke to, ▼. a. 

To eon^ju-gate To join ; to inflect yerbe, ▼. 

To eor'ru-gaU To wrinkle or pone np, ▼. 

To haU To dislike greiUly ; to detest, ▼. n. 
HaU Malignitj ; detestation, s. 
Pa-iri-arck'aU A bishopric superior to archbishopriei, 8. 

Te-4rarek'aU A Roman goremment, s. 
To eu'nuth-^Ue To make an ennoch, ▼. a. 
To gia'd-aU To tarn into ice, y. n. 
To eonrffla'd-aU To torn to ice, ▼. n. 
To e-^na'd-^EU To waste ; to lose flesh, t. a.^ 
To de-pre^d-^Ue To nnderraloe, t. a. 
To of-fiefiroU To perform anoUier's daty, t. 
To fTo-vmfd-iUe To tium into a prorinee, ▼. a. 
To e-nun^d-<U€ To declare ; to proclaim, ▼. a. 
To am-^mn^d-iUe To bring tidings, ▼. a. 
To oon-to'd'aU To onite ; to coalesce, ▼. 
To iu-to^d'Oie To accompany ; to unite with as a confederate, ▼. 
Aa-w/d-aU A partner ; confederate ; companion, s. 
Ai-tf/droie Confederate ; joined in leagne, a. 
To dia-^o^d-<tU To separate ; to disonite, y. a. 
To eru'd^Ue To torture ; to excruciate, y. a. 
To ex-cru^d-iite To torture ; to torment, y. a. 
To ra^dt'Ote To emit rays ; to shine, y. n. 
To ir-ra^di-aU To adorn with rays of light, y. a. 
To me^di-aU To interpose ; to limit, y. 

Me^di-aU Intenrening ; acting as a means, a. 
Re-me^di'OU Affording a remedy, a. 
Im-me^dt-aU Instant ; acting by itself, a. 
In-ter-me^di-ate InterYening ; lying between, a. 
PHrmor^di-ate Original ; existing from the first, a. 
To rt-pu^di-aU To diYoroe ; put away ; reject, y. a. 
Colrle^ffi-aie Like a college, a. 
Col-U^ffi-hte A member of a college, s. 
To ef'fig'i-ate To form in semblance, y. a. 
To re-tal^i-ate To repay; to requite, y. a. 
7b con-dl^i'OU To gain ; to reconcile, y. a. 
To 9ub-tiVi-aU To make thin, y. a. 
Topcd^U'OU To coYor; excuse; extenuate, y. a. 
Tofo'U-aU To beat into plates or leaYes, y. a. 
To vn-fo'li-aU To coYer with leaYes, y. a. 
To ex-fo'liroU To shell ; to scale off, y. n. 
To spo^U-ate To rob; to plunder, y. 
7b am'pli-aU To enlarge; to extend, y. a. 
To vin-de^mi^U To gather the rintage, y. n. 
7b la^ni-ate To tear in pieces; to rend, y. a. 
7b di4a'ni-^sU To tear; to rend in pieces, y. a. 
7b ett-lum^ni-aie To accuse falsely ; to slander, y. a. 
Soamrmo'ni'CUe Made with scammony, a. 

(ypi~€Ue A medicine that causes sleep, b. 
(ypi-^iie Soporiferous; causing sleep, a. 
7b txfpi-aU To atone for a crime, y. n. 

ATE in 

Ih in-e^hfiroU To intozioate ; to grow dnmk, t. 

Ma-te^ri-ate Consifltiiig of matter, a. 
Imrma-te^riroU Incorp<nreal, a. 
To ex-et/ri-ate To flay ; to strip off the skill, t. a. 
7b im-pn/priraU To oonvert to private use, r. a. 
To ap^o^pri-^Ue To assign ; annex ; claim, v. n. 
To ez-pro^pHrote To make no longer oar own, r. a. 
Stri'aU Formed in strise, a. 
To e-Ut^tri-^Ue To decant or strain out, t. a. 
In-fu'rirott Enraged; raging, a. 
To cm-tu'ri^te To divide into hundreds, ▼. a. 
To lux-u'ri-aU To grow exuberantlj', y. n. 

To tpa'ti-aU To rove ; to ramble at large, ▼. n. 
To ex-pa^H-iUe To enlarge upon in language, ▼. n. 
To in-ffra^U-^Ue To put in faYOur, v. a. 

To 9a^H-aU To satisfy; to glut ; to saturate, t. 

Sa^H'OU Glutted ; full of satiety, a. 
InrM^U-ate Greedy, so as not to be satisfied, a. 
To m^'i-^ue To admit; to enter; to instruct, ▼. 
IfirU^i-aU Unpractised, a. 
To pro-pU'i-aU To induce; to favour; to gain, v. a. 
To vU^iroU To deprave ; to spoil, v. a. 
No-vU^i-aU The sute of a novice, s. 
To suh'$UmUi-aU To make to exist, v. a. 
To tran'tub-ttan^U-aie To change to another substance, v. a. 
To can-^ub-^tan^H-aU To unite in one substance, v. a. 
To dr-cum'StanUi^aU To place in particular circumstances, v. a. 
Lircm^ti-cU A man who uses licence ; a graduate, s. 
To Urem^UraU To permit; to licence, v. a. 
Topre-tm^ti-aU To make present, v. a. 
To n&^ti^aU To traffic ; to treat with, v. a. 
To ter^ti-ate To do any thing the third time, t. 
To oy-virote To prevent, v. a. 
To de^vi-^tU To wander; to go astray; to err, v. n. 
To aUUfvi-^xU To ease ; soften ; make light, v. a. 
To ab-bre^vi-^tU To shorten ; to abridge, v. a. 
IAjmv'uoU Making a lixivium, a. 

Skate A fish ; a sliding sort of shoe, s. 
LaU Slow ; out of time ; advanced ; deceased, a. 
Late Far in the day or night ; unseasonably, a. 
To ttir-ter^ea-late To insert an extraordinary day, v. a. 
A-myg^dorlate Made of almonds, a. 
Car'di-nairau Office and rank of a cardioal, s. 

Palmate The instrument of taste ; mental relish, s. 
Ob-late^ Flatted at the poles, a. 
E'UUe' Flushed with success ; lofty, a. 
To e-latef To puflF up; exalt; heighten, v. a. 
To epluu/e-late To affect with a gangrene ; to mortify, f . 
To de-pu^ee-laU To bereave of virginity, v. a. 
To de-late^ To carry ; to convey, v. a. 
To re-late^ To tell; recite; have reference, T. 
Fre^late A Inahop, s. 

172 ATE 

Areh^pr&4at€ Cbkf prelate, 8. 

To cor^re-late To have a reeiprooal relation, t. n. 

Cor^re-4ate One that standa in the opposite relation, s. 
To mii^^-latt^ To relate inaocnrately, ▼. a. 
To m-ZUay To swell with wind, ▼. a. 
Toper'/UU9^ To blow through, t. a. 
To nt/H4aU To cloud, t. a. 
To e-nu^bi-laU To clear from clouds, t. a. 

To dirlak' To extend ; relate at large ; to widen, t. 
To tug'gi-laU To beat black and blue, ▼. a. 
To an-m'kirlat€ To reduce to nothing; to destroy, t. a. 
To aa-tm'irlate To bring to a likeness, t. a. 
To of/pi-laU To heap up obstruction, y. a. 
To vm'ti'laU To fan ; examine ; discuss, ▼. a. 
To e^en^U'laU To winnow ; examine ; sift out, t. a. 
To dr-eum^al^laU To inclose with fortifications, t. a. 
To de4>d'laU To OYcrcome in war, r. a. 
Ap-pel/laU The person appealed against^ b. 
Std^laU Pointed as a star^ a. 
To wn-tUl'laU To shine with one general light, t. 

VeT'tircil/laU Knit as a Joint ; apt to turn, a. 
To de-op^UrlaU To deobstruct; to clear a passage, ▼. a. 

To tU'il4aU To tickle, t. n. 
To tcm'tHrlaU To sparkle ; to emit sparks, r. n. 

To eol-laUf To compare ; examine ; plaoe in a benefice, t. 9u 
Cu-cuyiaU Hooded ; like a hood, a. 
Ohoc^o4aU A liquor made of oocoa-nut, 8. 
Toper^co'laU To strain, y. a. 
Ta trant'co-laU To strain through a sieye or colander, y. a. 

Caj/r&^laU Creeping as plants bj tendrils, a. 
To ex-^uf^fo'kUs To whisper ; to bus in the ear, y. a. 
VWri-^hiaU Impregnated with yitriol, a. 
To vi^o-laU To injure; infHnge; ratish, y. a. 
In-vt^o-kUe Unhurt; uninjured, a. 
To tm^mo-laie To sacrifice, y. a. 
To m-ter^po-UUe To foist in words ; to renew, y. a. 
Topro^ate^ To pronounce; to utter, y. a. 
Pro-late^ Oblate; flat, a. 
Dei^o4at4 Uninhabited ; solitary ; laid waste, a. 
To dm^o4aU To depriye of inhabitants, y. a. 
To m^so-laie To dry in, or expose to, the sun, y. a. 
2\> eon^MO'laU To comfort ; to console, y. a. 
ZHt-eon^to-kUe Without comfort ; hopeless ; sorrowful, a. 
Plate Wrought silyer ; dish to eat on, s. 
To plate To coyer with, or beat into, plates, v. a. 
Oround^plate (In architecture) timber lying near the ground, s. 
Di^al^laU That on which hours are marked, s. 
To eofh-tem^plate To meditate ; to muse, y. 
Cop^per^UUe A plate for engrayings, s. 
Breatt^plate Annour for the breast, s. 
Slate A gray fossil stone, s. 
To elate To coyer with slates, y. a. 

ATE 178 

To troM-laJtef To remoTe ; e^»lain ; interpret, r. a. 
To ex-arU^kUe To draw out ; to exhsuBt, y. a. 
To e<m-/ab^u-Iate To talk easily together; to ehat, t. n. 
To tab'U'laU To reduce to tables or synopses, t. a. 
To con-taJ/u-laU To floor with boards, t. a. 
To ctT'Cum'am^bU'UUe To walk round about, y. n. 

Toper-am^ bu4aie To walk through ; to surrey, ▼. a. 
Jb oh-nu'lm-laU To cloud ; to obscure, ▼. a. 
To fMt/u-laU To stain ; to spot, r. a. 
To erjae^u-UxU To throw ; to shoot out, t. a. 
Im-^uie^u-late Spotless; pure; undefiled, a. 
To spee^u-kUe To contemplate ; to considw attentirely, t. 
To ver-mie^u-laU To inlay ; to woiiL in chequer-work, t. a. 

Oal-er-ie^u-laie Covered as with a hat, a. 
To ma-trie^u-laU To enter youths in a college, t. a. 
Martrie^u4ate A man matriculated, s 
Ar-tie^vrlate Distinct in speech, a. 
To ar-tu/u-late To form wonls distinctly, r. a. 
7k> de-ar-tit/u-laU To disjoint ; to dismember, r. a. 
In-ar-Hc^U'laU Not uttered distinctly, a. 
To par-Ucfu-laU To make mention sin^y, t. a. 
To ffu-Ue^ti-laU To play antic tricks, t. n. 
To eaVcu-laU To compute ; to reckon, t. a. 
To mit-cal^eu-Uite To reckon wrong, ▼. a. 

To in-oe^t*-laU To propa^te by insertion, t. a. 
To eir^eu-late To move in a circle ; to put about, t. 
To e-nuu^eurlaU To castrate ; to effeminate, y. a. 
To mros^cu-laU To unite by opposition or contact, t. n. 
To a-dd'ti-laU To tincture with a^ds, y. a. 
To mod^u-laU To form sound to a key or no^ t. a. 
To co^g^u-laU To force or run into concretions, t. a. 
To eon-co-a^U'laU To congeal together, y. a. 

To reg'u-laU To ac^ust by rule ; to direct, y. a. 
To tr-reg^u-laU To make irregular ; to disorder, y. a. 
Fig^U'laU Made of potter's clay, a. 
Topol^lu-laU To germinate; to bud, t. n. 
To re^^lu-laU To bud again, y. n. 

To em'u'laU To rival; resemble; imitate, v. a. 
To 8tim^u-laU To prick ; to excite, v. a. 
To ez'Hm^u-late To prick on ; to exmte, v. a. 

To eu^mu-late To heap together, v. a. 
To ac-<ufmu'lau To pile up ; to heap together, t. a. 
To tu^murlaU To swell, y, n. 
Cam-pan^u-late Gompaniform, a. 

To gran^yrlaU To form, or be formed into, small graina, y. 
To ttip^u-laU To contract; to settle terms, v. n. 
To e^u-laU To unite; jto join as diffierent aezee, r. 
Topop^u-laU To breed people, v. n. 
To dejpop^wlaU To lay waste ; to unpeople, y. a. 
Uon^su-late The office of consul, s. 
Caj/9u4ate Inclosed, or in a box, a. 
To grat^u-UUe To congratulate ; to salute with yxj^ T. a. 

174 ATB 

in> e(m-gra^u4tl$ To Irish Joy; U ooapOiient, ▼. 
To]^mu/tu^UU To mark wHh smin spote, t. %, 
To earfUfwktU To yield on oonditioiifl, t. a. 
fb re<arpUfu4aU To ropoat a^^ cttstiiiofly, ▼. 

Po$^tMrlaU Something aeeiimed without proof, s. 
To ex-po9^tu4aU To debate ; dispute ; reason, ▼. 

Mate A oompaaion ; a seeond in eommand, a. 
To mate To mateh; to equal, t. a. 
To a-^naty To terrify ; to strike with horror, t. n. 
To Or^maVga-maU To unite iMtals with qnioksilTer, t. a. 
Sed^mate A bed-Mlow, s. 
YokefmmU A companion in labonr, s. 
CoM^maU A kind of arch of stone-work, s. 
To a-poe^t&^nate To swell and oompt into matter, t. n. 
To de-pKUg^maU To elear from phlegm, ▼, a. 

To det/irmtUe To tithe, or take the tentii, t. a. 
Ta ad-dec^i-mate To take or ascertain tithes, t. a. 

Sul/U-mate Any thins raised by fire in a retort, s. 
To eut/U-mate To raise By ohymical fire, t. a. 
CUfnuUe Air ; tract of land, s. 
To eU^mate To inhabit, r. n. 
To an^irfnate To spring np ; to qniekeo, t. n. 
To re-^m^i-^naU To restore to life ; to reyiTO, t. 
To m-Htn^i-mate To animate ; to quicken, t. a. 

In-an^i-mate Yoid of lif<», a. 
To dit-mi^iF^Mie To depiiye of life ; to discourage, t. a. 
Esxtn'i-mate lifeless ; spiritless ; dead, a. 

Pri'maU The chief ecdesiastic, s. 
Le-git^i-mate Bom in marriage ; lawfully begotten, a. 
To U^irmate To make lawfVil, ▼. a. 
UrUiitfi-mate UnlawfUly begotten, a. 
UVH-maiA The last, a. 
In^ti-mate Inmost; near; familiar, a. 
To tn'O-meOe To hint; to point out indirectly, t. a. 

In^ti-mate A fttmHiar friend, s. 
To ee^ti^mate To rate ; set a Talue ; compute, t. n. 
JBt^O-mate Calculation ; Talue ; computation, s. 
Prox^i-wMte Near and iinmediate, a. 
Ajy-prox^irmate Near to, a. 
To ap-prox'irmate To drMf near, r. 
CheeH/nutte A term at chess, s. 
Bool/mate A sohool-fDllow, s. 
To eon^eum-tnate To complete ; to perfect^ t. a. 
Con-ettm^mate Complete ; perfect, a. 
Inornate A lodger, s. 
Commote A compuiion, s. 
Chpm^mate A companion ; a friend, s. 
Steert^mate A pilot, s. 

Mete^mate One who eats at the same table, s. 
To inrWnuUe To bury; to inter, ▼. a. 
To im-pott^hiHBMUe To form an abscess ; to gather, t. 
To ^^-^mMte To throw Off parts In foam, t. n. 

ATE 175 

lb wm^jMwxU To lerel, t. a. 

Gran^ate A kind of nuurlile, s. 
T9 v«m<§^naU To poison, t. a. 
InfnaU Inborn; natorml, •» 
Pom»-j/ranf<U$ A tree, and tlie fimit of it, s. 
To a^U-m-ate To tranafer ; to witibdnw the afieetiein, t. a. 
A^a^ennxU Withdrawn Arom, a. 

Sen^ate An assembly of oonnseUorf ; the parliament, a. 
To cat^o^naU To chain, t. a. 
To eon-eai^e-nate To link together, r. a. 
Bx-trat/e-naU Let out of the Teins, a. 
To Hag^naU To lie motionless, t. n. 
To im^ig^naU To fill with yoong ; te fill, t. a. 

ComfbirnaU Betrothed ; proaniBed, a. 
To do-ray i-nat9 To plnek up by the roots, T. a. 
To va-tic^i-naie To prophesy, r. n. 
To Um^d-naie To tear; to rend, t. a. 
To rat-i-^i-nate To reason; to argoe, t. n. 
To pa'iroe^i-iuU§ To patronise; to protect, T. %, 
To dr^ei-naU To make a drole, t. a. 
To fat^ci-naie To bewitch ; to enchant, t. a. 
To eo m -p o -rm^d^^naU To dday, r. n. 

Or^di-^naU A line crossing a conic sectioii, s. 
To or^dirf%aU To appoint, ▼. a. 

Or^di^naie Regnlar; methodical, a. 
Sub-^tr^dirwUt Inferior in order, a. 
To tuihor^tUrnate To range under another, r. a. 
Sem^-cr^dhnaU Half an ordinate, s. 

Inror^dimtUe Irregular; disorderiy; deviating, a. 
Co-o^diriMU HolcBng the same rsak, a. 
Dit-cr^di-naU Not living regolarly, a. 
To o^^irntUe To bring into existence, v. a. 
To etnar^ffi^nate To take away a margin or edge, v. a. 
To maek^^4imte To plan ; to contrire, ▼. a. 
Eeh^i-nate Bristled; set with prickles, a. 
Ter-o-bin'thirnaU Consisting of torpentine, a. 
To cofiriamfi^iuiU To corrnpt by base miztore, t. a. 
Cotirtam^i-naU Polluted; defiled, a. 
To at-tam^irfuUe To corrapt, ▼. a. 

JSE-afii^>-fui<0 The person examined, s. 
Ef'fem'imaU Having the qnallties of a i 
To ef-fem^imate To emasculate; to soften, v. 

To gem^i^mU To double, v. a. 
To m-gm^imaU To double; to repeat, v. a. 
To eonstm^i-iuUe To sow different seeds together, t. a. 
To du^em^i^naU To scatter as seed, v. a. 
To ro<rm^i-naie To accuse in return, v. 
To dis-onm^^-mate To mark; select; sepaiate, v. a. 
In-^it-^rim^i^ntae Undistinguishable, a. 
To euVnuMUtU To be vertical, v. n. 
ToJitVim^naU To make a loud neise; to thwider, T. 
Tb om^irimU To fiaretokes, t. a. 

176 ATE 

To a-homH-naU To abhor ; detest, t. a. 
To dom^i^naU To preTail oyer the reet, y. a. 
7b pre-dom^hnate To preyail; to be asoendant, r. n. 
To prt-^ftn^irnaU To prognosticate, ▼. a. 

To nom^irnaU To name ; to appoint by name, t. a. 
To de-nom^i-nate To name ; to give a name to, t. a. 
To pre^om^i-naie To forename, y. a. 

To ger^mi-naie To sprout ; shoot ; bnd, y. n. 
To ter^mirnaU To boond ; to be limited, y. 
To de-ter^mi-naU To limit ; to fix, y. a. 

De-ter^mMiaU Limited; dedsiye; eonolusiye, a. 
In-de-ter^mMioU Unfixed ; indefinite, a. 
Uti'd&'ier^mi^naU Not dedded ; not fixed, a. 
In-ter^mi-ruUe Unbounded; unlimited, a. 
To ez-ier^mp^tate To root out; to drive away, t. a. 

To ver^mi-fuUe To breed yermin, y. n. 
7b ea-<u^mirnate To make sharp or pyramidal, y. a. 
To ilrWrni-naU To enlighten ; to illustrate, y. a. 
To ru^nU-ruUe To chew the cud ; to muse on, y. 
Per^e-gri^naU To trayel ; live in foreign countries, y. n. 
To m-doet^ri-nate To instruct, y. a. 

A»-s(u^n-naie One who kills by sudden yiolenoe ; murder, j 
To (u^at^n^nate To murder by yiolence, y. a. 

Pa-UU^irnate The jurisdiction of a count palatine, s. 
To pro-^aa^ti^mie To defer; to be dilatory, y. 
Ol/sti-naU Stubborn; contumacious, a. 
To det^H-naie To design for a particular end, y. a. 
To pre-dea^ti-nate To appoint or decree beforehand, y. a. 

Fea^H-fuUe Has^; hurried, a. 
To ag-glufU^att To unite one part to another, y. a. 
To eon-glufti-naie To cement ; to coalesce, y. 
Ih in^qui-wUe To pollute ; to corrupt, y. a. 
To ru^m-ate To subyert ; to demolish, y. a. 

In'naU Inborn ; natural ; not superadded, a. 
Con^naU Bom with another, a. 
To aep-tm^trv^y-naie To tend northerly, y. n. 

Pat^non-aU Moyed by passion ; soon angry, a. 
To pat^non-att To affect with passion, y. a. 
Com-pat^tum-ate Inclined to pity ; merciful, a. 
To com-paa'sion-ate To pity ; to commiserate, y. 
In-com^pas^non'Ote V<Md of pity, a. 

Un-paytion-ate Free from passion ; calm, a. 
Dia^paa^non-aie Calm ; moderate ; temperate, a. 
To eom-mu'non'Ote To empower, y a. 

Af'fet/tUm-^Oe Full of affection ; tender ; sealous, a. 
To per-fef/tum-ate To make perfect, y. a. 
To eonrdi'tum-(Ue To regulate by certain conditions, y. a. 

Con^i^tUm-ate Established on certain conditions, a. 
In-conrdi^tiim'^te Not restrained by any conditions, a. 
Pro-poT^tion-ate Adjusted by certain proportions, a. 
To pro^9or^iianr€Ue To ao^just by certain proportions, y. a. 
ZHt-pro-por^Uon-aU Unsuitable to somethmg else, a. 

ATE 177 

Ta etm^po-naU To sell inne or Tiotoftls, t. a. 
To per^tan-^Ue To represent; to counterfeit, t. a. 
Ih m^to-nate To thunder, y. a. 
To m-car^nate To embody with flesh, part a. 
In-^ar^naU Clothed with flesh, t. a. 
Un-car^naie Not fleshly, a. 
To ex-ear^naU To clear from flesh, t. a. 
Al-Ur^naie Being by turns; reciprocal, a. 
AJrter^naU Vidssitade, s. 
To al-ter^nate To perform alternately, t. a. 
Sub-al-ter^nate Succeeding by turns, a. 

Or^ruUe Bedecked ; decorated ; fine, a. 
For^tthnaU Lucky; happy; suoceisftil, a. 
In-for^tUrfiaU Unhappy, a. 
Ufi'for^UMuUe Not successfhl ; unproiperons, a. 
Jm-por^tu-nate Incessant in sdicitations, a. 
To in-c/u/ate To begin ; to commence, t. a. 
Pate The head, s. 
ClodfpaU A stupid fellow, s. 
To imftf-poU To chide ; to reprehend, t. a. 
To an-He^i-pate To preclude ; to foretaste, t. a. 
To par-tie^i-paU To partake; haye share of, t. 

To man^cirpaU To enslaye ; to tie, y. a. 
To e-man^d^xtte To set fVee fh>m seryitude, y. a. 

To dia'si-paU To disperse ; to spend extrayagantly, y. a. 
To eon^9ti-p<Ue To crowd; to stop, y. a. 
To txr-eul^paU To excuse ; to clear of a fault, y. a. 
E-pif^co-paU A bishopric, s. 
To eX'pir'paU To root out ; to exscind, y. a. 
To oi/eu-paU To take up, y. a. 
To pro-^m-paU To anticipate ; to prepossess, y. a. 

Rate Price fixed ; tax imposed ; degree, t. 
To rate To yalue ; to chide hastily, y. a. 
Rhthhari/aTaU Impregnated with rhubarb, a. 
To ez-hiya-rate To make cheerful, y. a. 

To »tj/a-rate To diyide; diqoin; set apart; secede, y. 
Sq/orTote IKyided tnm, ; disengaged ; disunited, a. 
To uVe-hrate To praise with distinction, y. a. 
To Whrate To poise ; to balance, y. a. 
To e-^fuil^i-braie To balance equally, y. a. 

To vi^brate To brandish ; moye to and firo ; quiyor, ▼. 
To ob-um^brate To shade ; to doud, y. a. 
To ad-am^hrate To shadow out, y. a. 
To in-um^brate To shade ; coyer with shades, y. a. 
To WiM-brate To watch ; study by night, y. n. 
To dee^e-erate To pollute things sacred, y. a. 
To con^ee^raU To make sacred ; to deyote, y. a. 
To txfe-craU To curse, y. a. 
Oxfy-ttaU A mixture of water and yinegar, s. 
Quad^rate Square ; haying four equal ndes, a. 
Birquad^rate A square multiplied by itself, s. 
8 m % fuadfrau A planetary distance of 45 degrees, •. 

178 ATE 

Stc^ond-raU The seeond order in dignity or ralne, t. 
See'ond-raU Of tlie second order, a. 
To de-W/tr-aU To think in order to choose ; to hesitate, t. n. 

De-Ub^er-aU Ciromnspeot ; adTised ; slow, a. 
In^'Ub'er^U Unpremeditated, a. 
To ver^ber-ate To beat ; to strike, y. a. 
To re-ver^ber-aU To beat back ; resound ; rebound, t. 
Topro-tu^btr-aU To swell forward, v. n. 
To ez-u^ber-^e To abound in the highest degree, t. n. 
Ce^rate A medicine made of wax, s. 
To lac^er-aU To tear ; to rend, y. a. 
To di^ac^er-aie To tear ; to rend, y. a. 
To mac^er-aU To make lean ; mortify ; steep, t. a. 
To uVcer-aU To disease with sores, y. a. 
'10 ex-uVce^ate To make sore with an ulcer; to afflict, y. a. 

To can^cer-ate To become a cancer, y. n. 
To tn^car^cer-aie To imprison, y. a. 
To dU-in-car^cer-aU To set at liberty, y. a. 

To vis^cer-aU To embowel ; to ezenterate, y. a. 
7b o-vu^cer-ate To embowel ; to depriye of the entrails, y. a. 
Fed^er-aU Leagued, a. 
To con-fed^ er-aU To unite ; ally ; league, y. 
Conrfed'er-aU United in a league, a. 
Conrfed^er-aU An ally ; companion ; accomplice, s. 
To d&^id^er-aie To want ; to miss, y. a. 

Con-sid^er-aU Serious ; prudent; moderate, a. 
In-con-tid^er-ate Careless; thoughtless; inattentiye, a. 
To pre-pon^der-aie To outweigh ; oyerpower ; exceed in wei^t, y 
To eq-m-pon^der-ate To weigh equal to any thing, y. 
Mod^er-ate Temperate ; not ezoessiye, a. 
To mod^er-ate To regulate ; restrain ; quiet, y. a. 
Im-mod^er-aU Ezcessiye ; more than enough, a. 
To ag'erg-cUe To heap up, y. a. 
To ez-off^ffer-ate To heighten by representation, y. a. 
To rt-frig^er-aU To cool, y. a. 
To ae-^'er-ate To hasten or quicken, y. a. 

To tol^er-ate To allow so as not to hinder ; to suffer, y. a. 
To eon^Mm^er-aU To arch oyer ; to yault, y. a. 
In-tem^er-aU Undefiled ; unpolluted, a. 
To gUm^er-aU To gather into a ball or sphere, y. a. 
To ag-glom^er-ate To gather up into a ball as thread, y. a. 
To con-glom^er'ate To gather into a ball as thread, y. a. [y. a. 
To e-nu^mer-ate To reckon up singly ; to count oyer distinctly, 
To an-nu^fner-aU To add to a former number, y. a. 
To gender-ate To beget ; cause ; produce, y. a. 
To de-gen^er-ate To decay in virtue or kind, v. n. 

De-gen' er-aU Unlike ancestors ; unworthy ; base, a. 
To re-gen'er-ate To make or be bom anew, y. 
Un-re-gen^er-aU Not brought to a new life, a. 

In-gen'er^U Inborn; innate; unbegotten, a. 
To in-ien'er-aU To make tender; to soften, y. a. 
To vem^er-ate To reyerenoe ; to regard with awe, y. a. 

ATE 179 

To m^in'er-ate To barn to ashes, t. a. 
To vul^ner-aU To wound ; to hurt, t. a. 
To onfer-aU To load ; to burden, y. a. 
To ex'on^er-ate To unload ; to disburden, y. a. 
To re-mu'rur-ate To reward ; repay ; requite, y. a. 
Tem'per-aU Not ezcessiye ; moderate, a. 
In-Um^per-cUe Immoderate; passionate, a. 
To eon-tem^ptr-aU To moderate ; to temper, y. a. 
Dia-tem^per-ate Immoderate, a. 
To at'tem^per-ate To proportion to something, y. a. 
Im^per-aU Done by direction of the mind, a. 
To op^er-aie To act ; to produce effects, y. n. 
To eo^^er-ate To labour jointly to the same end, y. n. 

To (u^per-ate To make rough, y. a. 
To ex-at^per-aU To proyoke ; to yex ; to enrage, y. a. 
Vet^per-aU Without hope ; rash ; furious, a. 
To ad-vet^per-aie To draw towards eyening, y. n. 
To de-pau^per-ate To make poor, y. a. 

To vi'tu^per-ate To blame ; to censure, y. a. 
To eom-mig^er-€Ue To pity ; to compassionate, y. a. 

In-vet'er-aU Old ; obstinate by long continuance, a. 
To ii^er-aie To repeat ; to do oyer again, y. a. 
To re-il^er-ate To repeat again and again, y. a. 
To ob-Wer-ate To efface ; destroy ; wear out, y. a. 
H-Wer-oU Unlearned; ignorant; untaught, a. 
To cb-^tuVUr-aU To corrupt, y. a. 

A-dtd^ler-aU Corrupted with foreign mixture, a. 
To e-vm^ter-aU To rip up ; to open the belly, y. a. 
To ex-m^terntU To embowel, y. a. 
To (u-Mex/o-ToU To affirm solemnly, y. a. 

QtoU a partition made with bars ; a fire-place, s. 
To ptr^a-grate To wander oyer, y. a. 

To re^ grate To engross ; forestall ; offend^ y. a. 
B&-din^U^ate Restored ; made new, a. 
To de^^u-^aU To diminish, y. a. 

To re-m^ie^graU To renew with regard to any state, &c., y. a. 
To ddfi-ToU To dote ; to raye, y. n. 
To emfirgraU To remoye from one place to another, y. n. 
To rem'i-^raU To remoye back again, y. n. [other, y. n. 

To ccm^mirffraU To remoye from one |Aace or country to an- 
To tratu^mi-iptaU To pass from one place to another, y. n. 
To dm^irgmU To blacken, y. a. 
In^graU Ungrateful, a. 
Pi^raU A sea robber, s. 
Topi^raU To rob by sea ; to take by robbery, y. ». 
To (u^pirTaU To pronounce with ftdl breath, y. a. 
A^pirToU Pronounced with full breath, a. 
At^pi^aU A mark of rough breathing, s. 
To e^raU To depriye of manhood, y. a. 
Do^eem^virraU Goyemment by ten rulers, s. 
THrvm'virrate A concurrence of three men, s. . 
To e^al/o-raU To produce with labour, t. a. 

180 ATE 

E-lab^o-raie Finished with gnat dfligenoe, a. 
To eor-rob^o^ate To oonfirm ; to strengthen, y. a. 

To dec^o^aU To adorn ; to beautify, t. a. 
To de-<Ui/o-raie To diflgraoe ; to bring reproaoh on, t. a. 

To did^co-ToU To sweeten, t. a. 
To e-4td'c(Hraie To sweeten, t. a. 

O^do^ate HaWng a strong seent, a. 
To^er'fo-TaU To pierce; to bore, y. a. 
Im-per^fo-rate Not pierced through, a. 
To in-viff^o-rate To strengthen ; to animate, y. a. 

Cam'pho^aU Impregnated with camphor, a. 
To me^U-o-raU To better ; to improye, y. a. 
CoVo^ate Coloured; dried, a. 
De-plo^rate Lamentable ; hopeless, a. 
To ex^plo-raie To search out, y. a. 
To eom-mern'o-raU To preserve the memory of any thing, y. a. 

To rem^o-raU To hinder, y. a. 
To im-fig^no-rate To pawn ; to pledge, y. a. 
To op-piff^ruh-rate To pledge ; to pawn, y. a. 
To mm^o-rate To lessen, y. a. 
To e-vap^ihToU To fly away in fumes, y. 
To ob-tem^per-aU To obey, y. a. 
To top^o^aie To lay asleep, y. n. 
Cor^po-rate United in a body or oommnnity, a. 
To in-cor^po^aU To form, or unite, into one mass, y. 
In-eor'po-raU Immaterial ; unbodied, a. 
E-Ut/to-rate The territory of an elector, s. 
7\> ex-aue^ locate To dismiss from seryioe, y. a. 

TopraU To talk without weight; to chatter, y. n. 
FraU Slight talk ; tattle, s. 
To ttu^praU To rayish ; to violate, y. a. 
To eon-atu^prate To yiolate ; to defile, y. a. 
To un-der^ate^ To rate too low, y. a. 

Un-der-ratef A price lees than is usual, 8. 
Ser^raie Jagged like a saw, a. 
To o-ver-raU^ To rate too much, y. a. 
To pen'e-trau To pierce ; reach the meaning ; make a way, y. a. 
To tm^pe-trate To obtain by entreaty, y. a. 
To per^pe-trate To commit (in an ill sense), y. a. 
To ar^bi'traU To decide ; to give judgment, y. a. 
To JU'traU To strain ; to percolate, y. a. 
To con-cenHraU To drive into a narrow compass, y. a. 

To cat^trate To geld ; to take obscene parts from writ- 
To 9e-que8^trate To separate ; to deprive, v. [ingS) ▼. a. 

Mag^ia-trate One invested with authority, s. 
To tub^Un^i-^iraU To supply ; to afford, v. a. 
To ad-mm^i-tiraie To give ; to supply ; to perform the office of 
an administrator, y. a. 
To de-mon^itrate To prove with certainty, y. a. 
To re-mon^9traU To make a strong representation, y. n. 
ProtUraU Lying at length, or at mercy, a. 
To pros^trate To lay flat ; to throw down in adoration, v. a. 
To U-lui^traU To explain, y. a. 


1\> frut^traU To defe&t ; make nidi ; baulk, t. s. 
FnuHraU Vain; ineffectual, part. 
AufraU A iort of pear, 8. 
To de-itufraU To gild, or cover with gold, t. a. 

CuWaU A clergyman who does the duty ci a parish 
under the inonmbent, e. 
A(/ curate Sxaet; cnrious; nicely done, a. 
In-at/eu^aie Not exact; not aocnrate, a. 
UnrOc^cuM-aU Not exact, a. 

To eie^i^aU To tame ; to reelaim firom wildness, t. a. 
Oydu-rate Hard of heart; impenitent; Btnbbom, a. 
To WdurraU To grow or make hard, v. 

Fig^u-raU Of a certain and determinate form, a. 
To vre-fig^urraU To represent beforehand, t. a. 

To au^gu-^aU To guess ; to conjecture by signs, t. n. 
To in-au^gu^aU To consecrate ; to inrest by solemn rites^ y. a. 
To d^'u-^raU To purify; to cleanse, t. a. 
Sup'pvrToU Cleansed; not contaminated, a. 
To mm^surrale To measure ; to take dimensions, t. a. 
To eom-mer^tthraU To reduce to some common measure, t. a. 

Corn-men^ 9u-raU Beducible to some common measure ; equal a. 
Ir^-eom^mn^tu-^aU Not admitting one common measure, a. 
To Moi'vrraU To fill till no more can be received, v. a. 
To wr-tum-gy'rate To roll round, v. a. 

7b «afe To glut; to pall, v. a. 
Uar'qinrMaU The seignory of a marquis, s. 
To con-dm^sate To make or grow thicker, v. 
To corn-pen' 9aU To recompense ; to counterbalance, v. a. 

In-sen'tate Stupid ; wanting sensibility, a. 
To de-^pon'tate To betroth ; to affiance, v. a. 

To eaa'tate To vacate ; to invalidate, v. a. 
To in-cras'sate To thicken, v. a. 
To eon-quat^MaU To shake ; to agitate, ▼. a. 
To tn-apif'taU To thicken; to make thick, v. a. 
To de-cut'sate* To intersect at acute angles, v. a. 

Trae'taU A treatise; a small book, s. 
To ab-laeitate To wean from the breas^ v. a. 
To kuMnee^taU To wet; to moisten, v. a. 

To die'iaU To tell what to write; to command, ▼. a. 
To nie'taU To wink, v. a. 
To re-lw/taie To resist; to struggle against, v. n. 
To m-per-fe'taU To conceive after conception, v. n. 
To veg'e-tate To grow as plants ; to shoot out, T. n. 
To a^rie-iaU To butt like a ram, v. n. 
To exror'bi'taU To deviate, v. n. 

In-du'bi-UUe Unquestioned ; apparent, a. 
To cchpae'i'taU To enable; to qualify, v. a. 
To inrcorpae'irtaU To weaken ; to disqualify, v. a. 

To fe-lii/i-taU To make happy ; to congratulate, ▼. ft. 
To f^-brie^irtate To be in a fever, v. n. 
To Uirbrie'irUUe To smooth ; to make slippery, v. n. 
To nu'd'tate To rouse; to excite, v. n. 

182 ATB 

lk> f'9U9'ci4aU To stir op anew ; to reriTe, t. a. 
To est-mu^d-iaU To rouse up ; to stir up, t. a. 

To mtdfiriaU To plan ; contriye ; contemplate, t. 
To pre-medfirtaie To contriye or think befordband, v. 
To ag'i'tate To more ; to shake, t. 
To ex-ag^irtaU To pnt in motion ; to reproach, t. a. 
To mrdiff^i'taU To point oat; to show, t. a. 

To eog'irtaU To think, t. n. 
To pre-^g'i-taU To consider beforehand, y. a. 
To ej^^ogH-taU To inyent ; strike ont by thinking, y. a. 
To itirgur^gi-taU To swallow, y. a. 
To hcMl^i-taU To qualify ; to entitle, y. n. 
To de4)U/i4aU To weaken ; to make faint, y. a. 
To no-bil^i'UUe To make noble, y. a. 
To fa^^i-taU To make easy, y. a. 
To fer-tU^irtaU To fecundate ; to fertilize, y. a. 

To im'i'taU To copy ; to endeayour to resemble, y. a. 
To eotKom^irtaU To be connected with any thing, y. a. 
To de-ce^i-taU To behead, y. a. 

To erq/i-taie To make a small crackling noise, y. n. 
To d&<rq/irtaU To calcine salt, y. a. 
Topro^ip'irtaU To throw or &U to the bottom, y. 
Pro^p'i4aU Steeply falling ; hasty ; headlong, a. 
Pr^-^^irtaU A mercurial medicine, s. 
To pat/pi-taU To beat as the heart ; to flutter, y. a. 
To hot^pi-iate To reside under the roof of another, y. a. 
To ir^ri-taU To proyoke ; to tease ; to exasperate, y. a. 
To htt'yiaU To be doubtful ; to pause, y. n. 
To ne-cet^H-taU To make necessary, y. a. 
To (U-quan^H-taie To diminish the quantity of, y. a. 

To grav'irtaU To tend to the centre of attraction, y. n. 

To ei/i-taU To ayoid ; to shun, y. a. 
To de-mm^taU To grow mad, y. n. 

Po^ten^taU A monarch ; prince ; soyereign, s. 
Cru'enrtaU Smeared with blood, a. 
To con^no-taU To designate something besides Itself, y. a. 
To aj/taU To make fit, y. a. 

State Condition ; grandeur ; the community, s. 
To 9iaU To settle; regulate; represent, y. a. 
H-ttate^ A fortune ; rank, s. 
Ta^taU Haying made a wHl, a. 
In-Ut'taU Not haying made a will, a. 
Ab-m-^ea^tcUe Inheriting without a will, a. 
To tnit-ttaie^ To state wrong, y. a. 
To eon-trit^taU To moke sorrowful, y. a. 

To in-ttaU^ To place in a certain condition, y. a. 
To re^staie^ To replace in its former state, y. a. 

A-pot^taU One who forsakes religion, s. 
To in-eru$^taU To coyer with a crust, y. a. 
To tm^pu-tate To cut off a limb, y. a. 

To ca^vaU To make hollow, y. a. 
To ix^ea^vaU To make hollow, y. a. 

ETE 18S 

lb ag'grcHiHUt To make w<«8e; to proroke, t. 

To ae^u-^e To Bharpen, y. a. 
To e-vae^ihate To make void ; to empty ; to quit, t. a. 

Ar^eu-aie Bent like an lurch, a. 
To grad'tHUe To admit to academical degrees, t. a. 
Orad^ti-aU One admitted to academiciS degrees, s. 
To m-dirvid^u-<Ue To make single, t. a. 

To d^e-vaU To exalt ; to make glad ; to elate, t. a. 
To tm-ping^u-aU To fatten, y. a. 

To 9<d/i'vaU To purge by the saliyal glands, y. a. 

Pri'vate Secret ; alone ; not open, a. 
To euyti'vaU To till ; improye ; manure, y. a. 
To eap'ti-vatt To subdue ; charm, y. a. 
To at-ten^u-ate To make thin or slender, y. a. 

Atrtm^vroU Made thin or slender, a. 
To exF-tm'u-cUe To lessen ; to palliate, y. a. 

To sm^u-eUe To bend in and out, y. a. 
To m-tm^u-ate To hint; to convey, or be conveyed, gently, y. 
Cofi-tin^u-ate Immediately united ; unbroken, a. 
To w-per-an^nu-aU To disqualify by age ; to last beyond the year, y. 
To rm^o-vcUe To renew, y. a. 
To m^ruhvate To bring in something new, y. a. 

Ad^e-quate Proportionate; equal, a. 
In-ad^e-quate Defective ; not proportionate, a. 

7b Uq^-uaie To melt ; to liquefy, y. n. 
To del^i-quaU To melt ; to be dissolved, v. n. 
To col^li-quate To melt ; to dissolve, y. a. 
To an^ti-guate To make obsolete, y. a. 
To a^er^vaU To heap up, v. a. 
To eo-^t^eer^vaU To heap up together, v. a. 

To e-ner^vaU To weaken ; to deprive of force, v. a. 
Un-mr^vate Weak; feeble, a. 
To m-cur^vaU To bend, v. a. 
To m-fai^u-aU To strike with folly, v. a. 

To ac^lu-^Ue, To put into action ; to move, v. a. 
To tf-fet/turou To bring to pass ; to fulfil, v. a. 
To fiue^tu-aU To float ; to be in an uncertain state, v. a. 
To per-pet^iMUe To eternize; to make perpetual, v. a. 

Sit^u-ate Placed, a. 
To turmul'tik-aU To make a tumult, v. n. 
To ae-em^tu-aU To accent words properly, y. a. 
To ar^tu-^tte To tear limb from limb, v. 
To vir^tu-aU To make efficacious, v. a. 
To et^tu-ate To swell and fall reciprocally ; to boil, v. n. 
To ad^Ju-vate To help ; to further, v. a. 
To ma-lax^ate To soften or knead to softness, v. a. 
To htz^ate To put out of joint ; to disjoint, v. E. 
To al-kalH'ZaU To make bodies alkaline, v. a. 
Alrkal^i'SaU Having the qualities of alkali, a. 
M'feUf Barren ; worn out with age, a. 
Ytrgtitf Vigorous; active, a. 
Tht^mo-thdn A law-giver, s. 

184 ITB 

To de-leti^ To blot out, t. a. 
Oyto-leU Worn out of use ; disuaed, a. 
Ex^o-leU ObioletA ; out of use, a. 
Re-pUte^ Full ; completely filled, a. 
Com^leU^ Perfect; fall, a. 
To com^f>UUf To finiih, t. a. 
In-com-pUte^ Not perfect ; not finished, a. 
Un-com-pUte^ Not complete ; not perfect, a. 

To meU To measure ; to reduce to measure, t. [t. a. 
To ae-ereU^ To hide; in the animal economy; to separate, 
To eon-crete^ To coalesce ; to form by concretion, t. 
Con^cnU A mass formed by concretion, s. 
Dit-cretef Distinct; di^unctiTe, a. 
Tiu a au Cheek by jowl, rhymes with hate. Fr. 
Man^suete Tame; gentle, a. 

BUe A piece seixed by the teeth ; a trick ; sharper, s. 
To biu To separate with the teeth ; to trick, t. a. 
FUa^biU The bite of a flea ; a trifling pain, s. 
To back^biU To belie an absent person, t. a. 
Cu-cur^biU A chymical Tcssel, s. 

To dU To summon ; to quote, t. a. 
To ae<Ut' To call ; to summon, t. a. 
To re-cUe^ To repeiett ; to tell over, t. a. 

iZ^-oto^. Recital, s. 
To e-lu/iie To fetch out by labour, t. a. 
To in-cW To stir up; to animate ; to spur, t. a. 
To mis'cUe^ To quote wrong, t. a. 

To ez-eite^ To animate ; encourage ; raise, v. a. 
To ex^pe^iU To facilitate ; hasten ; (Uspatch, y. a. 
Ex'pe-diU Hasty ; soon performed ; nimble, a.- 
To in-dile^ To compose a letter, &o., y. a. 
To con-diu^ To pickle ; to preserye, y. a. 
Ree^on-dite Profound; secret; abstruse, a. 
In^eon-dite Irr^^ular ; rude, a. 
Her-maph^ro-diU An animal haying both sexe^ t. 
White Snowy ; pale ; pure, a. 
White White colour ; whiteness, & 
To white To make white, y. a. 
Kite A bird, s. 
Het^er-o^iie A noun irregularly declined, a. 
Car^melrite A sort of pear ; an order of monks, & 
Sat^d-Utt A small attendant planet, s. 
The-od^O'lite An instrument for taking heights, &c, & 
Polite^ Elegant of manners, a. 
Im-po-Ute^ Not elegant ; not refined, a. 
Un-po-Ute^ Not elegant ; not refined, a, 
Coe-mcj/o-lite A citizen of the world, s. 
Chrys^o-Ute A precious stone, s. 

Mite A small insect ; any thing Tery small, s. 
Bed'lant'ite A madman, s. 
Br^e-mite A hermit, s. 
To smite To strike; kill; afflict; collide, t. 

ITE 186 

Oran^iU A kind of mar]t»le, s. 
Jn-gm^iU Innate; native, a. 
Con-gm^iU Of the same birth ; connate, a. 
To ig-mt^ To kindle; to set on fire, t. a. 

Fi'nite Limited; bounded, a. 
Defi-nite Certain ; limited ; exact, a. 
Defi-niU Thing explained or defined, s. 
In-def'imite Not determined ; not settled, a. 
In^firniU Unbounded ; unlimited ; immense, a. 
Ori'niU Having long shaggy hair, a. 
Ae^(h-niie Wolfsbane ; a poisonous herb, s. 

Snite A snipe, s. 
To u-mte^ To join ; agree ; grow into one, t. 
To r$^urnite^ To join or cohere again, t. 
j7b mthniie^ To fortify ; to strengthen, v. a. 
To dia-u^nite^ To divide ; to fall asunder, t. 

I^te Malice; rancour; malevolence, s. 
To spite To vex ; to thwart malignantly, v. a. 
De-tpite^ Malioe; anger; defiance, s. 
Rei^piU A reprieve ; pause ; interval, s. 
To ret^piU To relieve by a pause ; to suspend, v. a. 

RUe A solemn act of religion, s. 
Mar^gorrite A pearl, s. 
Hyp^o-eriU A dissembler in morality or religion, s. 

Bed^rite The privilege of the marriage bed, s. 
An^cha-rite A recluse ; a hermit, s. 

t^mie A spirit ; an incorporeal agent, s. 
Trile Worn out ; common ; not new, a. 
Con^ trite Truly penitent ; very sorrowful, a. 
At'tfite Ground ; worn by rubbing, a. 
Fa^vourAte A person or thing beloved, s. 

To write To express by letters ; to compose, v. 
To un-der-wriie^ To write under something else ; to ensure, t. a. 
Site Situation ; local position, s. 
Mar^ca-nte A sort of metallic mineral, s. 
Par^a-site A fiatterer at great men's tables, s. 
Beq^ui'site Necessary; needful, a. 
Req'fd-nte Any thing necessary, s. 
Pre-req^ui'tite Previously necessary, a. 

Per^qui'rite Profit over and above settled wages, s. 
Ex^qm-eiie Excellent; complete, a. 
To de^pos^ite To lay up ; to lodge as a security, v. a. 

De^poe^ite Something entrusted to another ; a pledge, b. 
To re-pos^ite To lay up, v. a. 

Com-poyiu (In architecture^ the last of the five orders, 8. 
D^eom-poe^ite Compounded a second time, a. 

Ap^po-nte Proper ; fit ; well adapted, a. , 

Op'po-eite Placed in fix>nt ; facing ; adverse, a. 
Op'po^e An opponent; an adversary, s. 
Ap^pe-tUe A good stomach; desire, s. 
B^ar^tite In two parts, a. 
Quadrr^'ar'tiie Having four part0, a. 
16 * 

186 STE 

Tr^^ar-iiU Between three parties, a. 
Con^ver-tite A convert, 8. 

Le^vite A priest of the tribe of Levi, s. 
To in^viuf To bid ; ask ; allare ; or pemade, t. a. 
Quite Completely; perfectly, ad. 
To re-quUe^ To repay ; to recompense, y. a. 
PU'uriie Phlegm, s. 
An-dcm/te In music, ezaetness in time, s. 
Chv-er-nanU^ A governess to young ladies, e. 
Dt-a-pen^ie A medicine of five ingredients, s. 
To cote To leave behind, v. a. 
To dote To love extremely ; to grow silly, v. n. 
An'ec-dote Something unpublished ; secret history, s. 
An^U-dote A remedy agslnst poison, a. 
To flote To skim, v. a. 

Mote A small particle of matter, s. 
Ward' mote A ward meeting, s. 

Qtmfote A court of the hundred, s. 
Re-motef Distant ; foreign ; abstracted, a. 
FoWmoie A meeting of folk, s. 
SvHJxnfmoie A court concerning the forest, s. 
To pro-mote' To forward ; to advance, or prefer, y. a. 
Smote Preterit of the verb to smite. 
Note A mark ; a writing ; a sound ; a comment, s. 
To note To observe ; to attend ; to set down, y. a. 
Wood'note Wild music, s. 
To de-note' To mark ; to betoken, y. 
To con-note' To imply ; to betoken, v. 

Rote A harp ; words extempore, s. 
Wrote The pret and sometimes pari of to write. 
Ap'tote A noun without cases, s. 
JDy^'tote A noun with only two oases, s. 
Tr^tote A noun used but in three cases, s. 
Ae'ymp-tote A line in geometry, s. 
Monf op-tote A noun used only in one oblique case, a. 
Vote A suffrage ; a voice, s. 
7\> vote To choose by vote, v. a. 
To de-vote' To dedicate ; to curse, v. a. 

To quote To cite, or recite another's words, v. a. 
To out-vote' To surpass in votes, v. a. 
Femi'le-marte The colour of a faded leaf, s. 
To haete To drip butter ; to beat, v. a. 

Haete Hurty ; speed ; passion, s. 
To haste To make haste ; to move swiftly, y. n. 
Ouute Undefiled; pure, a. 
Un-chaste' Lascivious; lewd, a. 
Poit-hatte' Full-speed, s. 

Peute A thick mixture of solid and fluid, a. 
To paste To fasten or stick with paste, v. a. 

Taste The sense of tasting or distinguishing; ■• 
To taste To try the relish ; to feel ; to enjoy, y. a. 
Fore'tasie An anticipation of^ s. 

UTB 187 

After-tatU The taste tliat remains, s. 
- Dia-Uute^ Dislike ; disgost ; avennoii, s. 
To dis'taate^ To didike ; to disgust, t. a. 

Wd$U To diminish; to spend; to dwindle, t. 
Waste Desolate ; uncnltiTated, a. 
Watte Desolate gronnd ; wanton destnietion, s. 
Pist$ The track of a horse's feet; rhymes with fist, s. 
Pal^ette A painter's board for ooloors, s. 
BaVlette A dance, s. 
Jfal-ctm-^tte^ A small piece of ordnance, s. ^ 
Lu-nette^ A half moon in fortification, s. 
E^ettef Flower for a woman's head, s. 
JBan-quette^ In fortification, a small bank, s. 
Co-quette^ A jilting young woman, s. 
Oa-utte^ A newspaper, s. 
Ca-lotte^ A cap, or coif, s. 
Trib^uU Payment made in acknowledgment, s. 
To re-tribute To pay back, t. a. 
To eon-trii/uie To give unto ; to bear a part, t. 
To die-tsrU/tUe To diTide among many, t. a. 
To atrtril/ute To ascribe ; to impute, t. a. 
At^tri'bute An inherent quality, s. 
Ar-butef The strawberry tree, s. 
A-cutef Sharp pointed ; keen ; subtle, a. 
A-cuU^ An accent in grammar, marked thus (^), to show 

when the voice ought to be raised, s. 
A-ciUef A high or shrill note, s. 
Per^a-eute Very sharp ; very violent, a. 
To pro9^e-€tUe To pursue; to sue; to indict, v. a. 
To per^ee-eute To pursue with enmity, v. a. 
To ez^e-eute To perform ; to put to deatii, v. a. 
To re-fute^ To prove false or erroneous, v. a. 
To eon-fuief To disprove ; to convict, v. a. 

Ar^gvU/ Subtle ; witty ; shrill, a. 
To adr^utef To keep ; to concur, v. a. 

LuU A stringed instrument of music, s. 
To bite To close witii chemist's clay, v. a. 
To sa-lute^ To greet ; to hail ; to kiss, v. a. 

Sa-lute^ A salutation ; a kiss, s. 
To ^lute^ To wash off, v. a. 

Fbtte A musical pipe ; a furrow in columns, s. 
To flute To cut hollows in pillars, v. 
To dirhUe^ To make thin, or weak, with water, v. a. 
Topolr-hUe^ To defile; to taint ; to corrupt, v. a. 
Al/eo-lute Not limited ; arbitrary, a. 
Bee^o4ute Determined; fixed; steady, a. 
Ir-rea^o-lute Unfixed; wavering, a. 
Dit^so-lute Loose; unrestrained; luxurious, a. 
V»-bste^ Member of a column in architecture, s. 
Mute Silent ; not speaking, a. 
Mute One silent ; a letter without sound, s. 
To mute To dung as birds, v. n. 

188 AYB 

To com-mvie^ To exchange ; to atone, t. a. 
Toper-mute^ To exchange, t. a. 
To trans-mute^ To change to another snbstance, t. a. 

Min^vte The sixtieth part of an hour ; a diort note, t. 
To mWute To set down in short notes, t. a. 
Mi-nute^ Small; little; slender, a. 
To com-miriitUe^ To grind ; to reduce to powder, t. a. 
To cor-nuttf To bestow horns ; to cuckold, t. a. 

Route A road way ; a march, s. 
To de-pute^ To empower one to act instead of another, t. a 
7\> im-pvtef To charge upon, t. a. 
To com-pute^ To calciUate ; to reckon, y. a. 
To re^mte^ To account ; to think, t. 

Re^te^ Character; reputation, &c. s. 
Die-re-pute^ 111 character ; want of reputation, s. 
To eup-puty To reckon ; to calotdate, t. a. 
To die^puU^ To contend for ; to oppose, t. a. 
JHe^pute^ A contest ; a controversy, s. 
Brute An irrational creature, s. 
Bntte Senseless; savage; rough, a. 
Hir^nUe Rough; rugged, a. 
Stat^uie An act of parliament, s. 
To eub^etirtuie To put in place of another, t. a. 
Sub^eti'tute One acting for another, s. 
Deyti'tute Forsaken ; abandoned, a. 
IV> in^eti'tute To establish ; to instruct, v. a. 

In^eti'tute Established law ; principle ; maxim, s. 
To con^eti-tute To make ; to depute ; to establish, t. a. 
To proe^ti-tute To expose upon vile terms, t. a. 
Froe^ti'tute Vicious for hire ; sold to vice, a. 
Froyti-tute A public strumpet, s. 
Troff^lo-dyte An inhabitant of cayes, s. 
Ne^o-pkyte One regenerated ; a convert, s. 
Zo^O'phyte Substances half animal, half vegetaUe, s. 
Pros^e-lyte A convert, s. 

Cave A cavern ; a den, s. 
Con^cave Hollow on the inside, a. 
To heave To lift ; to vomit ; to throw, v. a. 

Leave Permission ; farewell, s. 
To leave To quit ; to forsake ; to bequeath, v. 
To cleave To adhere ; to unite ; to follow, v. n. 
7b cleave To split ; to divide, v. a. 
To m-ter-leave^ To insert blank leaves, v. a. 

To reave To take away without mercy, v. a. 
To he-reave^ To deprive of cruelly, v. a. 

Oreave A grove, obsolete, s. 
7\> un-reave^ To disentangle ; to unwind, v. a. 

To weave To form by texture ; to insert, v. a. 
To in-^eave^ To weave any thing into ; to entwine, v. a. 
To m-ter-weave^ To weave with each other, v. a. 
Oave Fret, of the verb to give. 
For-gave^ Pret. of the verb to forgive. 

DUE 189 

To hMve To possess; to contain; to rnjoy, pronoiineed as 
if written hay, rhymes the first sjUables of Ut- 
ender, ray-enous, &o. t. 9l 
To b^-haoy To carry; to condact; to act, rhymes graye, y. n. 
To mu^ft-havt^ To act improperly or ill, rhymes graye, y. n. 
To shave To pare close with a razor, Jto. y. a. 

To lave To wash ; to bathe, y. a. 
Con^dave An assembly of cardinals, s. 
Olave A broadsword ; a falchion, s. 
Slave One depriyed of freedom, s. 
To slave To dmdge ; to toil much, y. n. 
Bondslave One in edayery, s. 
To enrslavef To depriye of liberty, y. a. 
Gal^Uy-slave A slaye in the galleys, t. 

Nave The middle of a wheel ; of a church, &c. s. 
Knave A petty rascal ; a scoundrel, s. 
To pave To floor with stone ; to prepare, y. a. 
To rave To be delirious, or out of one's mind, y. n. 
Brave Courageous; gallant; noble, a. 
Brave An hector ; a bully, s. 
To brave To defy ; to challenge, y. a. 
To out-brave^ To bear down ; to diare, y. a. 
To crave To ask ; to long for, y. a. 
Drave Preterit of driye, obsolete. 
Orme The name of an accent, mailed thus Q), s. 
Orave A place where the dead are laid, s. 
Orave Solemn ; serious ; not tawdry, a. 
To grave To insculp ; to canre in metal, &e. 
Land' grant A German title of dominion, s. 
To en-grave' To out characters or figures, y. a. 
Mar'grave A German title of soyereignty, s. 
Pals' grave A German title ; keeper of a palaoe, s. 
Port' grave A keeper of a port, s. 

Tkrave A herd ; a droye ; two dot en, s. 
To de-praoe' To yitiate ; to corrupt, y. a. 

Traive A frame for shoeing unruly hones, t. 
Arth'^trave The upper part of a column, s. 

J\> save To preserye from ruin ; to lay up, y. a. 

Save Except ; not including, ad. 
Oe'tave The eighth day; an eighth in music, s. 
To stave To br^ into stayes or pieces, y. a. 
To stave To push off as with a steff, y. a. 
To wave To fluctuate ; to be unsteady ; to beckon, t. 
To im-bue' To tincture deeply, y. a. 

Cue The end of a thing ; a hint ; humour, s 
Bar'ba-^ue A hog dressed whde with spices, s. 
Pes'eue A pointer used with a horn book, s. 
7h res^eus To deliyer from restraint, &c. y. a. 
Bes'cue A deliyerance from restraint, s. 
Due Owed; proper; fit; exact, a. 
Due Debt; right; titie; tribute; custom, s 
To tub-duy To oonqoer ; to crash ; to reduce, t. s. 

190 QUE 

Be9^dm$ The Tematmng psrt ; whftt if Icft» 8. 
To m-diuf To snpply with gnboes, t. a. 
To in-due' To inTest^ t. a. 
Per-due^ Close in ambush, ad. 

Eve Close of the day ; the Tigil of a holiday, t. 
Sleeve The coTenng of the arm, s. 
Reeve Steward ; a bailiff, s. 
To Orchieve' To perform ; to finish, t. a. 
To thieve To steal ; to practise theft, v. n. 
lAeve Willingly (see Urf) rhymes ere, ad. 
To be-lieve' To cr^t; to confide in, t. a. 
Ta du-he-Ueve' Not to credit, or belieye, v. a. 

To re-Ueve' To saccour ; to ease ; to change a gnaid, t. a. 
7h grieve To afliict ; to hart ; to mourn, v. 
To ag-grieve^ To injure ; to yex, v. a. 
To re-prieve' To respite from punishment, t. a. 

Re-prieve' A respite ; delay of sentence, s. 
To re-irieve' To recover ; to repair ; to regun, t. a. 
Sieve A boulter ; » searce, rhymes give, s. 
Eeve A bailiff of a corporation or manor, s. 
A'gue An intermitting fever, s. 
To feague- To whip ; to chastise, t. a. 

League A confederacy ; measure of three miles, t. 
To league To unite ; to confederate, t. n. 
Col'league A partner, s. 
To colleague To unite with, y. a. 

Teague A nickname for an Irishman, s. 
Plague Pestilence; trouble; vexation, s. 
To plaifue To tease ; to trouble ; to afflict, v. a. 

Vague Wandering ; unsettled ; unmeaning, a. 
In-trigtief A plot ; a secret correspondence, s. 
To in-tngue^ To carry on private designs, v. n. 

For^gw/ Weariness; labour; toil, s. 
Toforiigue^ To tire ; to weary ; to perplex, v. a. 
Ha-ranguef A speech ; a popular oration, s. 
To hor^anguef To make a speech, v. n. 

Tongue Organ of speech, language, &c. rhymes bung, a 
To di»-emrbogue^ To discharge; to empty, v. a. 
Ped'a^ogue A pedantic schoolmaster, s. 
Demfa-gogtie The ringleader of a rabble, s. 
Ptys^ma-gogue A medicine for discharging spittle, s. 
Men'a-gogue A medicine to promote the menses, s. 
En^-mem'argogue A medicine to promote the courses, s. 
Synfa-gogue The place of Jewish worship, s. 
Mye'tc^gogue An interpreter of divine mysteries, s. 
Dee^orlogue The Ten Commandments, s. 
Di'a^logue A conference between two or more, a. 
Tri^a-logue A conference between three, s. 
CcU'a-lc^gue A list of names or things, a. 

Ec'lcgue A pastoral poem, s. 
Tke'O'logue A student in divinity ; a divine, s. 
JBp'i-k^ A speeoh at the end of a play, a. 

IV B 191 

To eolrhgw^ TcT wheedle ; to flatter, t. n. 
Mon'o-logue A soliloqay, 8. 

ProVogue Preface ; introdaction to a plaj, b. 
* Rogue A vagabond; a knaye; a wag, s. 
To rogue To play knavish tricka, v. n. 
Brogue A uioe ; oormpt speech, s. 
To fTO^ogue^ To protract ; to put off, v. a. 
Vogue Fashion ; mode, s. 
To ar'gue To dispute ; to debate ; to prove, v. 
To re-dar^gue To refute, v. a. 

Fugue Music, whose parts fly and follow each other, s. 
Co-^eive Serving to restrain, a. 
Cree^cive Increasing ; growing, a. 
De^u^eive Performing by deduction, a. 
Conrdu^eive Promoting ; leading to, a. 

To dive To swim under water; to go deep, v. n. 
En^dive A salad herb ; succory, s. 
To de-ceive^ To mislead ; to delude, v. a. 
To un-de-eeive^ To inform justly ; to disabuse, v. a. 
To re-^ve^ To take; to admit; to entertain, v. a. 
To eon-^ewe^ To become with child ; to understand, v. 
To pre-eon-ceive^ To form an opinion beforehand, v. a. 
Toper-eeivef To discover; to know ; to observe, v. a. 
Five Four and one, a. 
To give To bestow ; to deliver ; to pay ; to yield. The t 
in this word is short, which makes it sound as if 
written giv ; rhymes with the verb to live, v. a. 
Tofor-give^ To pardon; to remit, v. a. 
To nUt^ve^ To suspect some ill ; to forbode, v. n. 
Hive A place for bees ; a company, s. 
To kive To put into a hive, v. a. 
Beef hive A receptacle for bees, s. 
Skive A slice of bread, wood, &c. s. 
To live To be in the state of life, rhymes give, v. n. 

Live Quick; active; merry, a. 
A-Uvef Active ; not dead, a. 
OVioe A tree and fruit ; the emblem of peace, s. 
To ehve To divide longwise, v. a. 
To out-Uve^ To live beyond; to survive, v. a. 
To eoTMUve^ To wink at, or pretend ignorance, v. n. 
To rive To split or divide, v. a. 
To rive To be split or divided, v. n. 
To drive To force; knock in ; urge; animate, v. n. 
To o-ver-drive^ To drive too hard, v. a. 

To de-rive^ To trace ; deduce ; descend from, v. n. 
To thrive To hear at confession, v. a. 
To thrive To grow rich; to prosper, v. n. 
To de-privy To bereave ; to take away, v. a. 
To ar^rive^ To come at or reach anything, v. n. 
To eon-trive^ To plan ; to invent ; to excogitate, v. b. 
To tHive To struggle ; to labour, v. n. 
E-va^tive Elusive; sophistical, a. 

192 IVB 

JB^-va^noe IiiT»di]ig» a. 
Smafnt HaTiog the power of pcmiKtiag, a. 
Per-nuEfnM HaTiag tbe power of petmmding, a. 
AM-tua'tme Softening; mitigAting, a. 
DU-tma'aw€ Tending to deter, m. 
Dia-nM'noe An argument to deter, a. 
Ad-he^twe Sticking ; tenadons, a. 
Co-he^twe HaTing the power of sticking togedier, i 
J)&-€i^twe Having ^e power of dedding, a. 
Un-d&<i'9we Not conclnsiTe, a. 
Fr&<i^9we Limiting exactly, a. 
/n-o'^MM Of a catting qmlitj, a. 
De-H'tht Mockmg; scoffing, a. 
Cie-a-iri^the Inducing a cicatrice, a. 

Wtwt Formed in the act of seeing, a. 
Es^ml^tkfe Driving off; repdHng, a. 
Im^ptd^tive Impellant; moving, a. 
Oom^nd^nve Compelling; forcible, a. 
Ex^ml^the Driving out ; expdling, a. 
Coftrwuynve Giving twitches or spasms, a. 
Ex-poH^nve Spreading wide ; expanding, a. 
A-sem'tive In a stato of ascent, a. 
CoH-tb-scm^noe Conrteons, a. 

De-fm'nve Safeguard ; stato of defence, s. 
Ih-fenftwt Proper for defence, a. 
Of'fenfn^t Disgusting ; assailing ; attacking, a. 
bk-^f-fm^Hoe Harmless; hnrtless; innocent, s. 
Re-pr^-hen^tive Given in reproof, a. 
Coptrpre-hm^tive Understanding ; capacious, a. 
In-<om-pre-hm'iiv€ Not comprehensive, a. 

Ajhpre-hm^tive Qnick to understand ; fwuM, a. 
Uh-ap-pre-ken^the Not intelligent; not suspecting, a. 
Di-men^noe Marking the ontlines, a. 

Fen^M9€ Thong^tAil; melancholy, a. 
Ex-pen' tive Dear; extravagant, a. 

Ten'nve Giving a sensation of stiffness, a. 
/fi-<«ft^nM On the stretch ; fdQ of care, a. 
OM-ien'tive Showing; betokening, a. 
Ex'tm'tiv Wide; large, a. 
B&-qHm'iive Answering ; correspondent, a. 
Cor-re-tpon'tive Answerable, a. 

Ex-plo'nve Driving ont with violeoce and noise, a. 
Cor-ro'twt Able to corrode, a. 
CoT-To'twt That which corrodes, s. 
De-ter^twe Cleansing, a. 
De-ter'twe A cleanser, s. 
Ab'tter'nve Cleansing, a. 
Sulhver'nve Tending to overtom, a. 
An-i-mad-ver'tive Having power to judge, a. 
Con-ver^tive Conversable; sociable, a. 
Ex-tor'tive Drawing out violently, a. 
Du-eut'twg Roving ; progressive, a. 


Sxrmr^wbot Rambling; wandering, a. 
DU-^aur^the Relating to argumentaJl diaoonney a. 
M(u^8we Weighty ; ponderous ; bulky, a. 
Fat^nve Suffering; notaotiye, a. 
Im-paynve Incapable of Buffering, a. 
Sne-eet^swe Flowing in order, a. 
£z-ce9^noe Vehement; beyond proportion, a. 
Be-^et^nve Succouring; affording remedy, a. 
Cotirffres^sive Meeting ; oioountering, a. 
Pro-ffrea^the Going forward ; adyanoing, a. 
TroM-grea'wot Faculty ; culpable, a. 
Be-jprea^tifoe Acting so as to repress, a 
Cp^eyahe Cruel ; inhuman ; heavy, a. 
Ez-pret^Hve Proper to express or represent, a. 
Mia^nve Such as may be sent, or thrown, a. 
Mta^nve A letter or messenger, s. 
Sub-fnu^noe Humble ; testifying submission, a. 
FoMTtia^Hoe Granting liberty, a. 
In-ter-mia^nve By fits ; not continual, a. 
TrttM-mia^the Deriyed fh>m one to another, a. 
Con-cut^tive Haying power to shake, a. 
Per-cua^sive Haying power to strike, a. 
Se-per-cua^aive Rebounding ; driying back, a. 
ZHa-eua^aive Able to discuss, a. 
Plau^aive Applauding; plausible, a. 
A-bu'awe Practising abuse, a. 
Ef'fu^aioa Pouring out ; dispersing, a. 
D^'fu^awa Scattering ; extending every way, a. 
fn-fu^aiva Capable of infusion, a. 
Inrdu^aive Inclosing; comprehending, a. 
ConrtHu^ahe Deoisiye; consequential, a. 
In-eotirdufaioa Not cogent ; not including, a. 
JShc-du^awe Denying admission ; excepting, a. 
E-Waive Practising elusion, or deceit, a. 
De4ufawe Apt to deoeiye, a. 
Pra-Wawt Prerious ; introductory, a. 
AJrlu^awe Hinting at something, a. 
HrWaioa Deceiying by false show, a. 
CoJrht^awt Fraudulently concerted, a. 
A-mu^awa Haying power to amuse, a. 
Ob-tru^aive Obtruding, a. 
In-trufawe Intruding ; eneroaohing, a. 
Lam^ba-tive Taken by licking, a. 
Lam^bortioa A medicine taken by licking, s. 
De-aie^ea^Uve Having the power of drying, a. 
Ex^ea-twa Drying in quality, a. 
Aydk-ea-iive That which causes abdication, a. 
Vm-diya^we Revengeful, a. 
Dq/re-c&-tive Serving to deprecate, a. 
B'Tad'i-ca-tive Curing radicfdly, a. 
Jn-dk^ehHoe Showing; pointing out, ft. 
Mimrdtf^i-ea4ina Cleansing, a. 

104 IVB 

Sig-n^i-ea-lmt BetokMiiiig; strongly tipresBlY*, «. 
Purrif^i-^i^^m Ttnding to purify, a. 
Ju»'^f^i^^M^tive Jastifying, m. 
Ap^pli-ea-twe Capable of applying, a. 
jfu^pU-cc^-iive Doable, a. 
M0-du^pli-€a-tive Doable, a. 

ExfpU^a^tm Tending to explain, a. 
Com-mu^ni-cthtwi Liberal ; not eelflih, a. 
Incommu^m-<a-4w€ Not oommnnioatiYe ; eelfiah, a. 
Sirf^/<M^tw4 Choking, a. 

Vb^ea-Hoe The grammatical case need in calling, s. 
Pro-vi/ea-iwe A reTiyer of cloyed i^petite, t. 

Da'txot The g ra m matio ai case need in giving, e. 
Cre^iio$ Having power to create, a. 
Rec'r^^b-doe Befireshing; diyerting, a. 
Frf/cre-^B-tive G^eratiye; prodoctiye, a. 
Neg'thiPM Denying, a. 
Ntg'a-4xo€ A proposition that denies, s. 
Dt-Togfa-ixot Lmening the yalae, a. 
Prt-rog' (k-tiot A pecaliiir priyilege, t. 
In-ter^og^a-Hoe Denoting a qaeetion, a. 
In-ter-rog^a-tivt A pronoan osed in asking questions, as, who 7 a. 

Purg^a-tM Ca^artio, a. 
jS-nun^n-a^twe Deolaratiye ; ezpressiye, a. 
PaVU-ft-tive Extenaating ; mitigating, a. 
Ex-fi/U-oriiot Having power to exfoliate, a. 
O-fnn^i-a-tive Stiff in opinion ; conceited, a. 
TaWiHme Fall of prate ; loqnaoioos, a. 
Ab^lortine The depriving case in grammar, s. ^ 

8em'blartw€ Snitable ; fit ; resembling, a. 
Ret/a-tht Having ration ; respecting, a. 
Bel^a-Hve One a-kin ; a pronoun, s. 
Ir-rel^thtive Without reference ; unconnected, a. 
Cor-rel^a-iive Having reciprocal relation, a. 
Op^pi-la-Hve Obstructive, a. 
Ap-pd'la-twe Common to all of one kind, a. 
Ap^^la-twe A common, not proper name, s. 
Jl^la-tive Belattng to inference, a. 
De^^pU-la-tive Deobstruent, a. 
Con^tem^pla-Uve Dedicated to study ; thoughtAil, a. 
Su-per^la-twe Expressing the highest degree, a. 
Leg^it-la-Hve Law-giving, or giving laws, a. 
Spee^u^a-tive Contemplative ; theoretical ; ideal, a. 
Co-ag'u-la'the Having power to coagulate, a. 
Em'u'lO'twe Inclined to emulation, a. 
Ae-^u^mu-la-tive Having power to accumulate, a. 
Cop'u4ariii>9 Having power to Join, a. 
Cop^U'lortwe A joining particle in grammar, as and, &c, a. 
An'ima-iwe Having power to give life, a. 
&^U-ma-twe Having power to estimate, a. 
Af'Jirmfthiwe Afiurming ; positive ; not negative^ a. 
For^mart¥H Having power to form ; plastic, a. 

IVE 196 

Na^tive Pertaining to birth; orlgiiialf ft. 
E-^mm'a-1ive Issuing Arom anothor, a. 
San^a-tive Healing, a. 
Sat'i-oi/i'na'Hve Argumentatiye, a. 

I-mag^i-ruhtivt Fantastic, a. 
Dit-crim^i-na'twe Distingaishing ; oharaoteristieal, a. 

Nom^i-na4ive The firat or naming case in grammar, a. 
De-nom^i-no'tive Giving or obtaining a name, a. . 

Car-mm^a-Hve DUutinf and relaxing, in me^eitte^ a. 
De-ter^mi-narUve Determining; limiting, a. 
lUWrni-na-tive Oiving light, a. 
U^HnrOrtioe ProYoking urine, a. 
Ag-gUt'ti-^na-the Haying power to agglnttnato, a. 
Con-fflu^U-na-tive Having power to nniie woondiy a. 
Don^a-Hvt A gift; a present, s. 
In-ear^na-iive Generating flesh, a. 
Al-ter^norUoB One of two things, s. 
In^cho-a-tive InceptiYe ; noting ; beginning, a. 
yun-cu^pa-tive Verballj prononnoed, a. 
De-clar^ortioe Making declaration ; explanateorj, a. 
Re-par^a-tioe What makes amends, 8. 
FrePpar^a-Hve Having power to prepavtt^ a. 
Fre^for^a^Uve Whatever prepares, s. 
Com^Mir^a-tive Capable of oomparison, a. 

Lu^cra-iive Chiinftd ; profitable, a. 
D^Ub^er-a-tive Pertaining to deliberatioo* a. 
Lac^er-ortive Tearing, a. 
Oen^er-a-tive Havii^ power to propagate, a. 
Bd-mufner-a-tive Exercised in giving rewards, a. 
Imrper^a-twe Commanding, a. 
Op'tr-4i'th$ Having the power of acting, a. 
Un-cj/er^'tht Producing no effects, a. 
Co-^er-u-the Promoting the same end Jointly, a. 
AVter-a-tive Tending to promote change, a. 
AVtet-crtive A medicine that alters, s. 
Pet^tpi-Tartive Performing perqnratioa, a. 
Cor-royo-rthtwe Having power to strengthen, a. 
Com-mem^o-raUive Tendinj^ to commemorate, a. 
JSz-pee^to-ra-tive Promotmg expectoration, a. 
JU^U/rct-Uve Having power to restore, a. 
B&^u/ra-Hve A medicme that restores health, a 
Nar^ra-Hv An account, relation, Mr history, ■. 
Nar^rarthe Relating; recounting; a. 
^ Fm^^-ira-iive Subtle ; acute ; sagaoionS) a. 
Ad^mm^is-tra-iive Administering, a. 
J)&-mon^ttra-tive Invindblj conclusive, a. 
Il4ti9^ tractive Tending to elucidate, a. 

Ou^ra-tive Relating to the cure of diseases, a. 
Fiff^u-rchUve Representative ; typieal, a. 
Am^pthra-tive Digestive, a. 
Mat^u^ra-tive Conducive to ripeness, a. 
D^j€Mfortx9t A guard; a dofenoe, i. 

196 IVB 

Com-pena^a^ive Oompensftiing, a. 
AdPver$^a-twe Marking oppositioii, or Tariety, a. 
Con-ven^a-tive Relatmg to public life, a. 
In-crat^ta-iwe Thickening, a. 

Cau^sa-Hve Expressiye of a oaoBe or reason, a. 
Ae<ufiar4w€ The accusing case in grammar, s. 
Veg^e'tthtive Having power to grow, a. 
In-ter^pre-Up-tive Collected by interpretation, a. 
Bet/irtorHoe Tonefdl speaking, channting, a. 
Medft-ta-Uot Addicted to meditation, a. 
Ooff^i-ia^twe Having power to think, a. 
Inr€0ff^v4a^iiue Wanting power to think, a. 
Im^i-ta-iive Inclined to copy, a. 
Aththor^i-ta-iine Having dne authority, a. 
Fer-maU^a-iive Cansing fermentation, a. 
Ar-gu-mmt'ortive Containing argument, a. 

Fre-tmt^a-tive Having the right of presenting, a. 
BqMre-^eni^a^twe Exhibiting a similitude, a. 
Jtqhre-aeni^a-tive A substitute in power, s. 
TerU^thHoe Trying; essaying, a. 
Fre-^uem^ortive Repeating frequently, a. 
Oj/ta-tive £^>re68ive of desire, a. 
Conrcert^€htive Contentious, a. 

Ebrt^a-twe An exhortation, s. 
Com-mu^ta^tive Relative to exchange, a. 
Ster-nu'ta-Uot Having a sneezing quality, a. 
Ptt^Utrtwe Supposed ; reputed, a. 
Im-jn/tO'tive Capable of imputing, a. 
JHt^m^ta-Hve Disposed to dispute, a. 
De^v^a-tive Derived from another, a. 
De^v^a-Uffe A word derived from another, s. 
Fri^vct-iioe Causing privation, a. 
In-nn^u^a^4ioe Stealing on the affections, a. 
Can-Hn^u-^i-twe Permanence ; duration, s. 
Cotrliq^uortive Melting; dissolvent, a. 
Fre-sen/a-tive What has power to preserve, s. 
Cofi-ten/a-twe Having power to preserve, a. 
Laz^a-tive Having the power to loosen, a. 
Ae^the Acting nimbly ; lively, a. 
Cal^ae^tive Heating; making hot, a. 
Stu^pe-fae^twe Causing insensibility, a. 
Obstu-p&fae^tiffe StupifJ^ng; dulling, a. 
Fu-tr&fae^tiM Making rotten, a. 
Chy-Urfacfiivt Having power to make chyle, a. 
Sat-ts-fae^twe Giving satisfaction, a. 

In-aet^ive Indolent ; sluggish ; at rest ; idle, a. 
Un-ad^we Not active, a. 

Co-aetHve Acting in concurrence ; compulsory, a 
Re-firaetHve Having the power of refraction, a. 
Fro-traetfwe Dilatory; delaying; spinning out, a. 
Ab-ttraet^ive Having power to abstract, a. 
A^Uractftot Inviti^ ; alluring ; enticing, a. 

IVE 197 

At-tract^ive What draws or entioas, 8. 
De-feei^ive Imperfeot; blamaable; irioioiiB, a. 
JJ'fdct^ive HaTiBg power to affeci a. 
Ef-feet^we Able to produce; uacAil; •erviaaaUa, a» 
Iit^-feet^we Producing no effect, a. 
inrfhCifvH AUe to infect, a. 
Per-ftO/wt CondnoiTe to perfectioB, a. 
OfhjtUfwt Proposed as an object, a. 
Ad'jec-tioe What is added, a. 

Ad'jee-Uot A word added to a sabstaatha to danota soma 
property of it, s. 
E-Ud^ive Capable of being elected, ■. 
Be-fleet^ive Considering thiii^ past, a. 
InrJUcl^we Able to bend or rary, a. 
Neg-hei'%v€ InattentiTe ; regardless, a. 
In-Ut-lect^ive Able to understand, a. 
Ccl4ect^ive Apt to gather, or infer, a. 
Se-tpMl^ive Partlci&r ; relatiTe ; aceuata, a. 
Uhrre-tpect^ive Taking little notice, a. 
Ir-T&^tpwt^ive Not regarding dronmstanees, a. 
Pro-tpect^we Viewing at a distance, a. 
Be-tro-tpect^ive Looking backwards, a. 
Ctr-cum-tpeet^ive Attentiye; cautions, a. 

Fer-tpect^ioe Optical ; relating to Tisioa, a. 
Per-tpeet'iv A yiew ; Tista ; spying-i^ass, 0. 
JH-reei^ive Informing ; showing the way, a. 
Cor-reet^iv€ Able to correct or alter, a. 
Arek-i'tectHve Performing architectore, a. 
Pro-teci^ive Defensiye; sheltering, a. 
In-veei^ive Abusire, a. 
In-ved^ive A railing speech, s. 
Vm-diet^ive Reyengeful, a. 
A/'fliet^ive Painfi3 ; tormenting, a. 
In-fiiciHve Laid on as a punishment, a. 
A-tirietHve Binding; astringent, a. 
Re-^trietHve Expressing limitation ; astrinfent^ a. 
Can-viet^ive Haying power to conyinoe, a. 
DU-tmet^ive Able to distinguish, a. 
In-Mimet'we Without rational choice, a. 
Sulhjunct'we Subjoining to somethings a. 
Ad^nct'we Something joined, s. 
Con-jtmet^we United ; a mood of yerbs, a. 
Dit^tmet^wt Causing separation, a. 
Com-punet^ive Causing remorse, a. 
Aue^tiwe Increasing, a. 
D9-4uet'we Dedudbl^ a. 
Re^uet'wt Haying power te reduce, a. 
In^uet^ive Able to infnr; persuasiye, a. 
Pro^uct^ive Generatiye; fertila; caosing, •• 
In-tro^tiet^ioe Introductory ; preyieos, a. 
Ob-Hruet^ive Hindering ; stopping, a. 
De-9(ruu^ive Destroying; wastdUy*. 

1&8 IVE 

Inrstruet^ive Conrejing knowledge, a. 
Con^9truet^we HsTing power to build, a. 
8»^9er-€iruet^ive Built upon something elae, ft. 
Veg^e-Uoe A regetable, s. 
V^e-tiDe Vegetable, ft. 
Ez^pU-the A word or sylUble that serree merely to fill vp 

the Terse or phrase, s. 
Ez^pU-Uve Serying only to fill up, a. 
At/ere-Uve Growing ; added by growth, a. 
Con^ere-lwe Gan^g concretion, a. 
JWcre-Hve Implying opposition, a. 
JSz^ere-tive Haying power to ^ect, a. 
Trad^irtive Transmissire from age to age, a. 
Al/di-tive Haying power to hide, a. 
Red^di-Uoe Answering to an interrogatnre, a. 
Fu^gi-tiio€ Flying; unstable, a. 
Fu^ffi-twe A run-away, s. 
Voyi'ti9e Haying power to will, a. 
Prim^i-iive Ancient ; original ; formal, a. 
Vomfi-the Causing to Tomit, a. 
Oen^p-Uve The posseesiye case in grammar, e. 
Len^t-Uve Assuasiye; easing; softening, a. 
Splm'i-tive Hot; fiery; passionate, a. 
De-fin^i'iive Determinate; express, a. 
In-fin'i-twe A mood in grammar, a. 
U^fd-the Able to unite, a. 
Pu^ni'iwe Inflioting punishments, a. 
A-per^i-twe Haying an opening quality, a. 
ift/tri-twe Nouridiung, a. 
Det^i'Hve Ended ; concluded, a. 
Ae-guis^i-tive That which is acquired, a. 
In-quia^i-tive Prying; curious, a. 
Tran^H-the Haying the power of passing, a. 
Sm'ti-thB Haying sense without reason, a. 
Po9^i-tive Absolute ; certain ; obstinate, a. 
Cam-pot^i-twe Compounded, a. 
Dia-po8^irtwe Implying disposal, a. 
Ap-pet^i-iioe Desiring; Graying, a. 
Quan'H-tioe Estimable by quantity, a. 
FruH'UvB Eigoying; possessing, a. 
Iw-tu'i-the Seeing ; not barely belieying, a. 
SuXHwVtive Founaing ; moying by starts, a. 
SuX/Han-the A noun betokening the thing, s. 
Suyttan-tive Solid; denoting ezistenee, a. 
Irk-€ent^iv$ An incitement ; encouragement^ s. 
Itk-cent^we Inciting; encouraging, a. 
Be-tent^ive Haying power to retJn, a. 
In-ient^we Diligently applied, a. 
At-tm^the HeedAil ; regardftil, a. 
In-^st-im^iioe Begardless; negUgent; careleis, ft. 
AdF^m^iwe Adyentitious, a. 
Pre-vmU^we Preseryatiye ; hindering, a. 

IVE 199 

Pr9^o€iUHve An untldote, 8. 
In-vent^ive Quick at discoTery, a. 
Plami^ive ExpressiTe of sorrow, a. 
M</tive The reason of an action, 8. 
M</iwt MoTing, a. 
Li/t(hmo'iv6t Changing of place, a. 
V</tioe Giren by tow, a. 
Caf/the One taken in war ; a slaTe, s. 
Cap^Hve Made prisoner, a. 
Pre-^q>t^ive Giving or containing precepts, a. 
lfk<ept^ivt Noting the beginning, a. 
Con-cqft^ive Capable of oonceiTing, a. 
Fer-cept^ive Able to perceiye, a. 
Ex'cept^ive Including an exception, a. 
Be-8ump^twe Taking back, a. 
Fre-tun^tive Supposed ; next in inheritance, a. 
Con-tump^ Hve DestructiTe; wasting, a. 
A9-tump^tive Capable of being assumed, a. 
De-cep^Hve Haying power to deceiye, a. 
Re-^ep^Hve Capable of receiying, a. 
8u9-cep'tivt Capable of admitting, a. 
A'dopt^ive Adopted by, or adopting another, a. 
E-rupt'ive Bursting forth, a. 
Cor-rupt^ive Able to taint or corrupt, a. 
Aa-$ertHve Positiye ; peremptory, a. 
Di^ertHve Recreatiye; amusing, a. 

Or^tive Rising as a planet or star, a. 
A-bor^tive Untimely; unsuccessfU, a. 
Spor^Hve Gay ; merry ; ludicrous ; wanton, a. 
Tor^twe Twisted; wreathed, a. 
Fur^Hve Stolon ; got by stealth, a. 
Bs^tive Belonging to summer, a. 
Fet^Hve Joyous; pertaining to feasts, a. 
IH^es^tive Causing digestion ; methodixing, a. 
Fer-tit^tive Steady; perseyering, a. 
Coi^Uve Bound in body ; close, a. 
Be-trU/u-tive Retributory; repaying, a. 
Can-tril/thtive Able to promote, a. 
Dia-trU/thtive Serving to distribute, a. 
8ub^e</u-tive Following in a train or order, a. 
Con-Hc^u-tive Following in order, tf. 
JEx-ec^u-dve Haying power to act, a. * 

SoVvrtive Laxative; causing relaxation, a. 
Re-^Vthtive Having power to resolve, a. 
JH-mm^u-tive Small; littie, a. 
Con^9ti'tU'tive Essential ; able to establish, a. 
To re-vive^ To return to life ; to renew, v. a. 
To con-vivy To entertain ; to feast, v. a. 
lb iu-per^ve^ To overlive ; to out-live, v. n. 

To tur-vivef To live after any thing ; to out-liTe, T. 
To wive To take a wife in mairiage, t. 

too OYB 

7\> caioe To bear a calf; the « in tiiis word haa tke same 

8<rand aa in fathar, t. a. 
To habfe To diTide into two parti, riijmea ealve, t. a. 

Sahe Anempla8ter;ahelp; aremed7,rh7Bie8oalve,a. 
7\> salve To help ; to saye by a salvo ; to cure, y. a. 
Vahe A folding door; a ooTer of a syphon; ihymee 
calTO, 8. 
Bi^valve Having two Talresy a. 

Va^lue Price ; worth ; high rate, a. 
To valgus To fix a price ; to esteem, t. a. 
To un-der-va'lue To rate too low ; to deepiae, t. a. 
Un-der-va^lue Low rate ; vile price, s. 
To o-ver-va^lue To rate too hi^^dy, y. a. 
Blue Sky ooloor, a. 
Blue 81^ colour ; blank ; dejeoted, a. 
Delve A ditch ; a j^tfal; a den, s. 
To delve To dig ; to &thom ; to sift, y. n. 
Hdve The handle of an axe, s. 
Twelve Two and ten ; the No. 12. a. 
Flue Soft down ; the pipe of a chimney, a. 
Okie A cement to join wood, s. 
7\> glue To join with glue ; to unite, y. a. 
To unrglue^ To loose any thing cemented, y. a. 

To solve To dear ; to explain, y. a. 
To ah-solve^ To pardon; forgiYc; acquit, &c, y. a. 
To re-solve^ To inform ; solve ; melt, &c., v. a. 

B&^olve^ A fixed determination ; a resolution, s. 
To dis-^olve^ To melt ; to separate ; to destroy, y. a. 
To e-vohe^ To unfold ; to disentangle ; to diselose, v. a. 
To de-volve^ To fall by succession ; to roll down, y. 
To re-volve^ To perform a revolution ; to consider, v. 
7b dr-eum-volve^ To roll round, v. a. 

To inrvolve^ To join ; to mix ; imply ; entangle, &c. y. a. 
To eonrvolve^ To roll together, v. a. 
To (X'olvef To loose ; to pay v. a. 
To mue To moult as birds, v. a. 
Av^e-mue Entrance to any place ; walk. s. 
jRev^e-fiue An income ; yearly profits, s. 
Det^i-nue A writ against one who keeps goods unlawfully, i. 
Rei^imtte A train of attendants, s. 
To oon-tm'ue To remain in the same state ; to repeat ; to per* 
• severe ; to unite, v. n. 

To du-^on-tm^ue To drop ; to break off; to cease, v. a. 
A-bove^ Higher ; more ; beyond, prep. 
A'bove^ Overhead, rhymes love, ad. 
Cove A small creek ; a shelter, s. 
AVcove A private recess to lie or sit in, s. 
Dove A sort of pigeon ; a wild pigeon, riiymes love, a. 
Tm^il&4ove A species of dove or pigeon, s. 
' Rmq'dove A Idnd of pigeon, s. 
Sloek^dinfe A ringdove, s. 

QUE 201 

Ih ffove To pat in a mow, t. n. 

ffove Pret. of the verb to heave. Rove, ▼. a. 

To thoffe To puah forcibly ; to drive forwara, rhymes 
8hoff€ The act of shoving ; a push, s. 
7b love To regard with affection, pronomioed as if 
written luv, v. a. 
Lave A passion ; friendship ; kindness, s. 
True-love A herb, s. 

Chve Pret of the verb to deave. 
CUove A spice ; a grain or root of gaxlio, s. 
Jb re-lovef To love in return, v. a. 

Olove A cover for the hands, riiymes love, s. 
To glove To cover as with a glove, v. a. 
Hand and ghve Intimate; familiar, a. 

To move To change place ; to propose, Ac, pronounced 
as if written moove, v. a. 
To chmovef To remove, v. a. 
To ad-movV To bring one thing to another, v. a. 
To r&-move^ To change place, or place at a distance, v. a. 
Rotnove^ The act of moving ; a change of place, s. 
To corn-move^ To disturb ; to unsettle, v. a. 
To he-hove^ To be fit or meet, v. n. 
Groove A hollow cut with a tool, s. 
7\> groove To hollow into a groove, v. a. 
To rove To ramUe, wander, or range, T. n. 
Drove Pret of the verb to drive. 
Drove A herd of cattle ; a crowd of people, s. 
Orove A walk shaded by trees, s. • 
Throve Pret of the verb to thrive. 
To prove To evince ; to try ; to experience, rhymes move, v. 
To re-prove^ To blame ; censure ; disprove, &c., v. a. 
To im-provef To raise from good to b^ter, v. a. 
To ap^ove^ To like or allow of; to render one's self agree- 
able ; to justify, v. a. 
To dis-ap-prove^ To oraisure ; to dislike, v. a. [v. a. 

To eounrter-prove^ To take off the form of any thing by impression. 
To ditPprove^ To confdte ; to convict of an error, v. a. 
Strove Pret of the verb to strive. 
Stove A hot-house : a place to make fire in, s. 
To stove To keep an artificial heat, v. n. 

Wove Pret and part pass, of to weave. 
Opaque^ Dark ; obscure ; not dear, a. • 

8al-ique^ Excluding females from the crown, ^. 
Ob-Uque^ Not direct ; not perpendicular, a. 
To pique To offend; envy; provoke; value, &c., rhymes 
speak, ▼. a. 
Pique An offence ; a petty malevolence, s. 
An-tique^ Ancient; old; wise, &c., a. 
An-tique^ A remnant of antiquity, s. [the plague, s. 

ProrUque^ A ship's license coming from a place liable to 
Cinque Five, s. Fr. 
Appro-pinque^ To draw near to, v. a. 


Cirque A drom, 8. 
Ccuque A belraet, s. 
Ta bur-kequy To ridioiile Indiorooslj, t. a. 
Bur-latque^ Lndioroas ImnguAge ; ridicule, t. 
6'r»-tet9iM^ Comical ; ridicnlooB ; nnnatonl, a. 
Bisque See Riek, 
Moeque A Bfahometaa temple, i. 

&ue A bitter herb, 8. 
To rue To griere for; to regret; to lament, t. 
To MfM To cat wood, stone, or meat, y. a. 
To eiarve To perieh, or kiU with hunger or cold, t. 
To m-irui^ To steep, soak, or wet much, t. a. 
To ae-crue^ To arise by profit ; to be added, t. n. 

Nerve A sinew ; a tendon, s. • 
To e-nerpe^ To weaken ; to crash, ▼. a. 
\ To un-nervef To weaken ; to enfeeble, v. a. 

To serve To attend at command ; to obej, t. a. 
To observe^ To watch ; ebej ; regard ; murk, y. a. 
To sulhserve^ To serre sabordinately or instrnmentallj, y. n. 
To de-^erve^ To be worthj ; to merit good or bad, y. a. 
To re-serve^ To ke^ in store ; to retain, y. n. 

Re-served A store ontoached ; exception ; modesty, s. 
To preserve^ To save; to defend; to keep fniits, &c., y. a. 

Frerstrve^ A firnit preserred with sugar, fto., s. 
To vnrservef To be of use to an end, y. a. 
Conrservef A sweetmeat, s. 
To co ns er v e^ To presenre or candy fruit, y. a. 
To as-serve^ To serye, help, or second, y. a. 
To disserve^ To injure ; to harm, y. a. 

To swerve To wander ; to deviate ; to climb ; to ply, y. n. 
To tfrn-grue^ To agree ; to suit, y. a. 

True Not false ; genuine ; steady ; exact, a. 
Xln-truis^ False; not faithful, a. 
To con'sirue To explain ; to interpret, y. a. 
To mis-con^strue To interpret wrong, y. a. 
To curve To bend ; to crook, y. a. 

Curve Any thing bent ; crookedness, s. 
Curve Crooked ; bent, a. 

To sue To prosecute by law ; to intreat; to b^, y. 
Is^sue An end ; eyent ; offspring ; charge ; trial, s. 
To is^sue To come out; to send out, y. 
To (is'sue To interweaye ; to yariegate, y. a. 

Tis'sue Gold and silyer cloth, s. 
To staUue To place as a statue, y. a. 

Stai^ue An image of metal, stone, or wood, s. 
Vir^tue Moral goodness ; eiOBcacy ; yalour, s. 

Cfyv^ A fetter, s. 
To gyve To bind fast; to fetter, y. a. 
We Plural of I, pron. 
Awe Beyerence ; fear, s. 
To awe To strike with awe or reyerence, y. a. 
Ewe The female sheep, s. 

IZB 208 

lb awe To h% in dtbt; to be obUgtd, riiyiiM go, ▼. a. 
Lowe A hill, heap, or barrow, rhymee go, 8. Sax. 
Stowe A plaoe, rhymes go, s. Sax. 
Axe A kind of hatchet, a. 
PoWaxe An axe at the end (mT a pole, B. 
Te Norn, plural of thou, proa. 
Aye Always ; for ever, ad. 

Bye Not the direct objeot of regard; as by the bye, 
dwelling, s. 
How^d^ye In what state is your health ; oontraeted fh>m how 
do ye. 
Eye The organ of sight; Tiew; look; iS^oe, rhymes lie, 
die, high, ^. 
To eye To watch ; appear ; show, &c. t. 
Pope^^eye The UX gland in the thigh, s. 
She^e'eye A modest diffident look, s. 
Lye See Lie, 
Pye See Pie, 
Mag^pye See Magpie, 

Rye A coarse black kind of bread-corn, s. 
To daze To dazzle ; to orerpower with Ug^t» y. a. 
Tofeau To untwist the end of a rope, y. a. 
To yaae To look earnestly, y. n. 
Oaze A fixed look, s. 
JIau A fog ; a mist, s. 
To haze To be foggy; to fHghten, y. n. 

Blaze A flame ; the light of a flame, s. 
To blaze To flame ; to publish, y. 
To em-hUae^ To blazon ; to adorn, y. a. 

To glaze To fbmish or coyer with glass, y. a. 
Maze A labyrinth or confusion of ndnd, s. 
To maze To bewilder ; to confuse, y. a. 
To ormaze^ To perplex ; surprise ; astonish, &e. y. a. 
A-maze^ Amazement; astonishment, s. 
Miz'mau A maze; a labyrinth, s. 
Raze A root of ginger, s. 
To raze To OTerthrow ; to subyert, y. a. 
To braze To solder with brass, y. a. 
To eraze To break ; crack the brain ; powder, y. a. 
To graze To eat grass ; to touch slightly, y. 
To whmze To breathe difficultly with a noise, y. n. 
To tneeee To emit wind by the nose yiolently, y. n. 
Sneeze A conyulsiye emission of wind by the nose, s. 
Breeze A gentle gale, s. 
To freeze To be congealed with cold, y. n. 
Qreeze A flight of steps, s. 
To equeeze To press close ; to crush ; to oppress, y. a. 
Squeeze Pressure; compression, s. 

' iVKM A warm cloth; a member in architecture, rhymei 
sneeze, s. 
Baiu A sort of wooUen cloth^ s. 

204 IZB 

Toju^da4u To conform to Jodftism, t. n. 
Maize Indian wheats 8. 
Size The external bnlk of any thing, i. 
To gor'man-dize To feed rayenonsly, t. n. 
To ag^gran-dize To make great; to advance, y. a. 
Ta ekig^gard-ize To make idle or droniah, y. a. 
To bat^tar-dize To declare one illegitimate, y. a. 
To eeize To take by force ; to fasten on, t. 
To du-^teize^ To dispossess ; to depriye, y. a. 
To a-ndlfo-gize To explain by analegjr, y. a. 
To $yVlo-gize To argue syllogistically, y. n. 
To my-ihoVo^e To relate or explain mythology, y. n. 

To orpoVo-gize To plead for; to defend; to excuse, y. n. 
To a-etroVo-gize To practise astrology, y. n. 
To a-poi^tro-phize To address or out oflf by apostrophe, y. n. 
To phi-loa^o^kiu To reason like a philosopher, y. n. 
To tym^pa-thize To feel T\'ith another, y. n. 

To vo^ea^ize To form into yoice, y. a. 
To t€an^da4iu To offend, disgrace, or defame, y. n. 
To re^a-Uze To bring into being or act, y. n. 
7h Wgctlrize To authorize ; to make lawM, y. a. 
Topar'tialw To make partial, y. a. 
To fot^tnaJrize To model; to affect formality, y« a. 
To ng'ndtrize To make eminent ; to distinguish, y. a. 
7\> mor^al-ize To make moral reflections, y. n. 
To nat^u-ral-iu To admit to native privileges, v. a. 
To tan^torlize To teaze with false hopes, v. a. 
To im-^nor^ta-Uze To become or make immortal, v. 
To erge'tal-ize To make like crystals, v. a. 
To bru^tal-ize To grow brutal or cruel, v. n. 
To een^sthol-ize To sink into sensual pleasures, v. n. 
To tpir^i'tu-al-ize To apply to a religious sense, v. a. 
To roy^al-ize To make royal, v. a. 
To e^an^ge-lize To preach the gospel, y. a. 

To eter^i'lize To make barren, v. a. 
To voVa-ti'Uze To make volatile, v. a. 
To fer^ti'lize To make fruitful, v. a. 
To civ^i-Uze To make civil, v. a. 
To tym^bo-lize To represent; to resemble, v. 

To i^dol-ize To worship as a deity ; to adore, v. a. 
To al^eo-ko-lize To subtilize ; to reduce to alcohol, v. 
To mo-nop^o-Uze To have sole power to sell ; to engross, v. a. 
To a-nat'o-mize To dissect animals ; to lay open, v. a. 
To phle-bot'o^mize To let blood, v. a. 

To vU^lanrize To debase ; to degrade, v. a. 
To ku^manrize To civilize ; to make humane, v. a 
To or^gan^ze To construct so as that one part co-operatet 

with another, v. a. 
To en-^len^iu To enfranchise, v. a. 
To ItU^i-nize To make or use Latin phrases, v. n. 
To ecruUi-nize To examine diligently ; to search, v. a. 
To toVemrnize To celebrate ; to perform religiously, y, a. 

IZB iO$ 

fb ag-fihe' To ftcknowledge ; to own, ▼. n. 
To ag'(Hniz€ To be in great pain, ▼. n- 
To an-tag^o-nvse To contend against another, y. n. 
To har^tno-nize To make i^nsical or proportionate, t. a. 
To ean^o-nize To make a saint, y. a. 

Topat^ro-nhe See Patronise. [y. a. 

To im-pat^ro-nUe To gain one's self the power of any seignory, 
To det'o^ize To calcine with detonation, y. a. 
To can^o-niie To divide land, y. a. 
To e^ier-niu To immortalize, y. a. 

To poize To balance; weigh; oppress, y. a. 

Poiu A weight ; a balance ; regulating power, s. 
To eount^er-poize To oppose an equal weight, y. a. 
CowU^er-poize Eqtuyalence of weight, s. 
To gar^gar-ize To wash the throat, y. n. 
Tofa-^nU^i-ar-4u To make easy by habit, y. a. 
To eee^u-lar-ize To convert to common use, y. a. 
To par-ik^u-lar-ize To mention distinctly, y. a. 
To tm^gu-lar^e To make single, y. a. 

To tar^torrize To impregnate with tartar, y. a. 
To aanc^tu-chrize To shelter in a sanctuary, y. a. 

Brize The gad-fly, rhymes ease, s. 
To ehar^ae-ter-ize To give a character ; to mark, y. a. 
To cau^ier-ize To bum with irons, y. a. 
To pul^ver-ize To reduce to dust or powder, y. a. 

To eat^ir-ize To censure as in satire, y. a. 
To al'le-go-rize To form an allegory, y. a. 
To au^tho-rize To justify ; to give authority, v. a. 
To mem^o-rize To record ; to commit to memory, v. a. 
To tem^po-Hze To comply with the times ; to delay, v. n. 
To ex-tem^po-rize To spealt extempore, v. n. [enemy, 8. 

Prize A reward to merit ; something taken from an 
To prize To value; to esteem; to rate, v. a. 
Main^prize Bail, s. 
To apprize' To inform ; to acquaint, y. a. 
To dc^a-trize To skin over, v. a. 
To irdoVa-trize To worship idols, v. a. 
To ge-om^e-trize To perform geometrically, v. n. 
Size Bulk ; a glutinous substance, s. 
To tize To adjust ; to smear with size, &c. v. a. 
A»-tize^ A measure ; a rate ; a court of justice, 8. 
To o-fMih^e-ma-Uze To excommunicate, v. a. 
To etig^ma-Uze To mark with infamy, v. a. 
To dog^ma-dze To assert magisterially, v. n. 
7b anra-gram^ma-tize To make anagrams, v. n. 

Sya'tem^a-Uze To reduce into a system, v. a. 
To a-rom^a-tiu To scent or perfume with spices, v. a. 
To eper^ma-tize To yield seed, v. n. 
To echism^a-Hze To commit the crime of schism, y. a. 
To a-pot^ta-tize To forsake religion, v. n. 
Topo^e-Hze To write like a poet, v. n. 
To tye^o^hant-ize To play the flatterer, v. n. 

906 AFf 

To i^o-iaa$ T« telk of one*! nU; t. b. 
To hap-tiuf To gtre baptini; to ofanitaB, ▼. a. 
To Tt-ht^^-tiMef To baptiio agmiii, t. a. 

lb o-vtM^ To ooQDsel ; to ooninder, t. a. 
Bronte Brmn ; brasi ooknir ; a neUl, ■. 
To dou To domber ; to st^Mfy ; to dall, t. 
To gi4m To flatter; to iw^Mwrt, t. a. 
(72oM FUtteiy; i^om, •. 
Oou Soft mad ; diiae ; a q^riag, s. 
To oou To issae out slowly; to nm gvatly, t. a. 
R4mrboo9tf A drink mada of ale, wine, eggs, and soger, a 
fTo^NKw To poxsle; to exaialae, t. n. 
To tou To towie or teaie, which eee, ▼. a. 
Fitru Gone ; a prickly ehrab need for firing, s. 
Omae A Tory thin eilk, Ac. 8. 
Blowze A roc^ ttX weoeh, riiymee tiie Tcrfo to honee, s. 

Detf/- Wanting the sense of heering, Byrnes tiie lettet 
To dtif To deafen, or make deaf; t. a. [F. a. 

Sktaf A bundle of new cat corn, s. 
Lei/ Ot a tree; of a book; of a table, Ac a.* 
Keaf A fist, s. 

Oaf A changeling ; idiot ; a silly fellow, i^ymee loaf, a. 
Loaf A mass of bread, pronounced lofe, a. 
Beef Flesh of en ox, cow, or boll, s. 
Leif Kind ; fond, a. 
Fif A fee ; a manor, rhymes beef, s. 
Chief Principal ; eminent ; capital, a. 
Ker'chief A head-dress, s. 
Neckfer-chitf A woman's handkerchief, a 
HoMd^ker-ehief A piece of silk or linen used to wipe the noee, s. 
Mie' chief Harm ; hart, s. 

Thief One who steals ; a blemish in a candle, s. 
Lirf Lieye ; williDgly, rhymes beef, ad. 
LUf Dear; beloYed, a. 
BeAief' Persuasion ; opinion ; creed, s. 
Un-he-Uef Infidelity ; incredulity, s. 
Die-be-Utf^ A refusal of credit, s. 
Mie-be-lief A wrong belief, s. 

Be-lief^ Succour; mitigation; reliero, s. 
Baet'TO'U^' Sculpture, whose figures do not stand out from 
their ground in fiUl proportion, s. 
Britf Short extract; instructions. in a few words, s. 
Ofief Sorrow ; grierance ; harm, s. 
Clef A mark in music, s. 
Nef (Old French) the naye of a church. 
Bemfi-href A noto in music, s. 

Oaff A harpoon, or large hook, s. 
Naff A tufted sea-bird, s. 
To raff To sweep ; to huddle, T. a. 

tlFf 2W 

Draff BcrfdM; ftny thing east awsy ; swill, s. 
Qrag A jonng soion, &c s. 
To graff To insert a jonng selon, t. a. 
To wrgrajr To propagate trees by incision, ▼• 

^aft A stick ; prop ; ensign of office ; stansa, s. 
Dit'taff The staif used in spinning, s. 
Wh^8i4^ The staff irliioh mores the mdder, s. 
Tij/staff An officer, and his staff of justice, s. 
QuaHUr-ttaff A staff of defence, s. 

To quaff To drinlc loxorionsly, rhymes staff, ▼. 
Ifkiff Pnff ; blast, s. 
81^ A small Ught boat, s. 
Clxff A rock ; a steep hill, s. 
Bai'Uff An officer that arrests ; a steward, s. 
Bum^ai^Uff A bailiff of the meanest kind, s. 

To tniff To draw breath andiUy np the nose, t. b. 
Tar^iff A cartel of commerce, s. 
MidfHff The diaphragm ; skirt, s. 
Sk&r'ig A coon^ officer, s. 
Uh'der-sker-iff The deputy of a sheriff, s. 
S^po-ffriff Astolfo's horse in Ariosto, s. 
T^ Liqaor; drink; pet, s. 
7b ft/ To be in a pet, t. n. 
CaVHff A base fellow, s. 
PUtmt'^ One who commences a snit, s. 
FotaHff High priest; pope, s. 

8i^ Bi^d ; stnbbom ; formal, a. 
Maa^Hff A large fierce dog, s. 
Rmff^ Unwilling to stir; stubborn; at rest, a. 
6^ Signifies distance from ; not on, ad. 
Scoff An expression of scorn, s. 
To doff To pat off dress; to strip, t. a. 

Buff A sort of leather made of 'boffalo's skin, s. 
B&4ntff^ Deniil ; quick and sudden resistance, s. 
BUmd^magCt'lmff' A play in which a person is hoodwinked, s. 
Cuff A blow with the fist, s. 
To eti/ To strike with the fist, t. a. 

Huff Swell of sudden anger, s. 
To huff To chide; treat with insolence, t. a. 

Okuff A blunt <down, s. 
To luff To keep close to the wind, t. n. 
Bluff Big ; surly ; blustering, a. 
Muff A warm eorer of skin for the hands, s. 
Knuff A lout, s. 

8mi^ Useless ezcreseence of a candle; candle's end; 
penrerse resentment; tobacco powdered, s. 
To mvuff To crop ; to scent ; to draw breath, t. 

Piff Blast of wind ; any thine porous ; toc^ to powder 
hair ; undeserred praise, s. 
To puff To blow ; swell with wind ; praise too much, t. 
Uif Linen ornament ; a fish, s. 
Seruff A corruption of scurf, s. 


Qr%4f Sour of mtpeet or speodi, a. 
Siuff Any thing ; funiitare ; medieiiie ; toxtnrey 8. 
ffoute^kold-^tuff Furniture ; utensils, &c. 8. 

KUeh^en-sti^ Grease from the dripping-pan, &o. a. 
l[f Suppose that; allowing that, ooi^. 
Waif Qoods lost and not claimed, 0. 
CaUf A Mahometan title of honour, 0. 
Cltf A rook ; a steep hill, 0. Raw, 8. 

Cotf A woman's head-dress ; the cap of a 8ei;)eaat at 
Quoif A cap, s. 
To guotf To cap ; to dress with a head-drees, ▼. n. 
Calf Part of the leg; the young of a cow, 8. 
Moon' calf A monster ; a dolt, s. 

Half A moiety ; one part in two, 8. 
Be-half Favour; Tindication, s. 
Elf A fairy ; a dcTil, s. 
Dtlf A mine ; quarry ; earthenware, 8. 
Shdf A board to lay things on ; a sand bank in the 

sea ; hard coat of earth under the mould, s. 
Tdf Money; riches; food, s. 
8df One's own person, pron. 
Him-self' In the nominatiTe he, pron. 
Her-a^f The female personal pronoun. 
Our-sdf (In the regal style) myself. 

li-^f It and self, pron. 
Thy-tdf Belonging to thee only, pron. recip. 
My-idf I myself; not another, pron. 
Wolf A beast ; an ulcer in Uie breast, s. 
Qvlf A large bay ; an abyss ; a whirlpool, s. 
To m-ffuff[ To swallow up, v. a. 

Of Concerning ; among, &c., pronounced as if writ* 
ten OT, prep. 
A'hridg'ed'Of Depriyed of; debarred from, a. 
Un-taSc'edrof Not mentioned in the world, a. 
Un-htard'of Unprecedented, a. 

Tofeof To inyest with possession, riiymes leaf, ▼. 
To en^feof To inyest with possession, ▼. a. 
Here-^f From this ; of this, ad. 

Hoof The homy substance of a horse, 8. 
Be-hoof Profit ; advantage ; what behoves, 8. 
Loof Near the wind, s. 
A'loofi At a distance, ad. 
Roof Cover of a house ; palate of the mouth, 8. 
Proof Evidence ; test ; rough sheet of print, s. 
Proof Impenetrable ; able to resist, a. 
Re-proof Blame to the face ; reprehension, 8. 
Ap-proof Commendation, s. 
Jh^proof Confutation ; refutation, 8. 

Woof Threads that cross the warp, s. 
Un-thoughi'of Not regarded, a. 

Scarf A loose covering for the shoulders, 8. 
Wharf A bank or place to land goods, 8. 

AGG 209 

Dwarf A roan beknr the iisiuil iktAi S. 
Scurf A dry scab ; sn adhereal stdn, %, 

Turf Clod covered with groflf ; heme eowsey •• 
Tb tef/ To oorer with torf^ r. n. 

Auf A fool, or silly fellow, §. 

Ca^r A ehest to keep fieh ftUTe, 8. 


^<^ A sack ; % pouch ; a purse, 0. 
Stie'kkrhag The smallest of ft^sh-water fish, s. 
Cloak^bag A bag to carry clothes in, s. 
C<ig A litSe barrel, s. 
To dag To bemire, t. a. 
Dag A dagger, s. 
To iweag To pinch, t. a. 

Fag The worst part or end of any thing, s. 
Hag A fury ; an ugly woman ; a witch, s. 
Shag Rough hair ; rough cloth, 8. 
NigWkag A witch that wanders by night, 8. 
Lag Coming behind, a. 
To lag To loiter, t. n. 

Tofiag To grow weak; feeble; to droop, t. n. 
Flag A plant ; ship colours ; a flag stone, s. 
Slag A dross or recrement of metal, s. 
Nag A saddle horse ; a yonng or little horse, s. 
Ttt-ta-nag^ The Chinese name for spelter, 8. 
Knag A hard knot in wood, s. 
Snag A tooth standing out, s. 
Rag A worn-out piece of cloth, 8. 
To hrag To boast, t. n. ' 1 

Brag A boast ; a game at cards, s. 
Crag A roug^ rock ; the neck, s. 
Scrag Any tMn lean thing ; the neck, s. 
To drag To pull by force ; to draw ; to trail, t. 
Drag A hand cart, net, or hook to drag with, 8. 
To tag To hang heavy ; to burden, ▼. 
Tag Metal at the end of a lace, s. 
To tag To fix on a tag, t. a. 
SUig The male of the hind, 8. 
Wag A merry droll ; an arch fellow, rhymes bag, 8L 
To wag To move or shake slightly, rhymes bag, ▼. n. 
Swag To sink down by its weight, ▼. n. 
Btg To ask earnestly, t. a. 
Beg^Ur^g A governor of a province among the Turks, s. 
Keg A small barrel used for a fidi bsrrel, s. 
&Btg A wild plum, s. 

Leg The limb between the knee and foot, b. 
Nut' meg A spice, s. 

Peg Nickname for Margairet; a wooden pin, 8. 
To peg To fasten with a peg, v. a. 
^jogg To out into notches, t. a. 

210 ING 

Jagg A denticolftlioo ; nnereiuiess, 8. 
Egg The production of fowls and in 
To egg To incite; instigmte, t. a. 

Big Large ; swollen ; proud ; pr^juant, a. 
To£g ^o turn up land, t. a. 

Fig A tree ; a fruit ; a note of contempt, 8. 
To fig ^o insult with fieoes ; to gire useless adfioe, t. 
Qig Kd.^ thing that is whiried round ; a vehicle, s. 
WhkrVi-gig A child's plaything, s. 

Fizfgig A spear to s^ike fish with^ s. 
Whig A party man ; opposed to a Tory, s. 

Jig A kind of dance or tune ; intention, 8. 
To Ug To lie down, t. n. 

Fig A young sow ; a mass of lead, &c., s. 
To pig To farrow ; bring forth pigs, ▼. a. 

Rig A back ; top of a hill, s. 
To rig To fit with rigging ; to accoutre, ▼ a. 
Orig A small eel ; a merry fellow, s. 
Prig A pert, conceited, saucy fellow, s. 
Sprig A small branch, s. 
Wig A cake ; a coTcring of hair for the head, s. 
Bol/toig A short wig, s. 

Per^i-wig A man's covering of hair for his head, 0. 
To per^i'wig To dress with false hair, t. a. 
To twig To drink by large draughts, ▼. n. 

Ttoig A small branch ; a switch, s. 
To bang To beat ; to thump, t. a. 

Fang A long tusk ; a talon ; a nidi, s. 
Oang A number herding together, s. 
To gang To go ; to walk out, t. n. 
Pttnfgang A crew that strolls about the streets to press 
into the nayal serrice, s. 
To hang To suspend ; to choke ; to furnish, ▼. a. 
To o^er-hang' To jut over ; hang over, y. n. 
Clang A sharp shrill noise, s. 
To dang To clatter ; to strike together, t. 
Slang Pret. of the verb to sling. 
Pang Extreme pain ; sudden pain, s. 
To pang To torment cruelly, v. a. 

Kang Pret of to ring. 
Sprang Pret of the verb to spring. 
Sang Pret of to sing. 
Par-a-tang^ A Persian measure of length, s. 
Tang Strong taste ; relish ; sound, s. 
To twang To sound sharply, or with accent, v. n. 

Twang A sharp quick sound ; an accent, s. 
CHn-smg^ A restorative root from China and America, 8. 
Farcing An ornamental covering, s. 
Farcing Opposite to ; as facing the church, prep. 
Piere^ing Sharp ; penetrating, part, a. 

To ding To dash ; to bluster ; to huff, t. 
Lead^ing Principal, part 

INQ 211 

Pkad^ing Act or form of pleadiog, 8. 
Readying Study ; lecture ; varUtion of copies, 0. 
Landing Freight; burden, s. 
Tra^ding Engaged in commerce, a. 
Wad^dmg Coarse stuff; used for padding coats, 8. 
Bed^ding Sheets and blankets, s. 
Wed'dmg Nuptial ceremony ; marriage, s. 
Bid^dmg A command ; publishing, s. 
For-bid^ding Raising abhorrence, a. 
Pud^ding A kind of food, s. 
Jaek-pud^ding A merry-andrew, s. 
Pre-^dmg Qoing before, a. 
Pro-tud^ing Transaction ; legal prooess, s. 
Ex-eeed^ing Excessife ; surpassing, a. 
JBx-ceed^mg In a great degree ; eminently, ad 
BUed'mg An issue and letUng of blood, s. 
Breed^ing Education ; manners, s. 

Bidding Residence ; habitation, s. 
A'bi^ding Continuance, part. 
Ridding Of to ride, psjrt 
Ridding A county diyision, s. 
Tri^dmg The third part of a county, s, 
Faid'ing A kind of coarse cloth, s. 
Otld^mg A horse castrated, s. 
QUd^mg Gold laid on for ornament, s. 
Hild^ing A sorry paltry person, s. 
Bundling An edifice ; a fabric, s. 
WUdfing A wild sour apple, s. 
Scaffolding Support for workmen, s. 
OM'ing A sort of apple, s. 
Hold^ing A tenure ; a farm, s. 
Be^hold^mg Corrupted from beholden, a. 
Land^ing The top of stairs ; place to land at s. 
Stand^wg Continuance ; station ; condition, s. 
SUmd^mg Settled ; lasting ; stagnant ; on feet, » 
Not'Withritand^ing However ; nevertheless, conj. 
Ufirder-Hand^mg Intellectual powers ; skill, s. 
Dk-der-$tand^mg Knowing ; skilful, a. 
Mit-un-^Ur^iand^mg Disagreement, s. 

Pend^mg Depending ; undecided, a. 
Pre-pend^mg Claiming ; boasting, a. 
Bind^mg A cover ; a bandage, s. 
Wind^ing Meander; flexure, s. 
Sound^ing Sonorous, a. 
FoTt^'ding Giving omens, a. 
Ac-eord^mg Agreeable to, prep. 
Bering Existing; existence, s. 
In-be^mg Inheritance ; inseparableness, a. 
Well-by ing Prosperity ; happiness, s. 
Seeding The sight ; vision, s. 
Seeding From to see, part 
Seeding Since, ad. 

tia iMO 

Ofpmg A Mft Wrm fmr tte open sea, g. 
Stuffing Belishiog i a gte di e nt e pvt into mmA, i. 
Edg'ing A BMrow khee; b<ffder, s. 
Lodgfmg Roems hired, s. 
Rig'ging Salle esd ta^:liBg of a ship, e. 
O^Wgmg CiTil ; complaisant, a. 
Dit-o-Wging OffensiTe; vnpleaeing; disgastiii^ a. 
Hang^ing IXraperj himg against walls, e. 
Hang'mg Foreboding death bj the halter, a. 
Swingeing Great, huge, a. 
Swmg'ing Part of to swing. 
Ixmg^ing An earnest desire, s. 
Di^oerg^mg I^ergent; going fSutiter asmder, a. 
Con-verg^ing Tending to one pointy part 
Planch^ing The laying of ioors in a bnikfing^ c 
Weneh'ing Whoring, 0. 
CaUih'ing Infeotioos, ai. 
Waichfing Inability of sleep, 0. 
FUh^ing The art of eatebing fish, s. 
Fush^mg Enterprismg ; Tigorons, a. 
Thing Whatever is, s. 
Brea^ thing Aspiration ; Tent, s. 
Somef thing More or less, part 

TiHhing A part of a parish ; tithe, s. 
CU/ thing Qarments ; dress, s. 
Noth'ing Not any thing, s. 
Far-thing The one-foorth of a poirny, s. 
Mouth^ing A grumbling ; talking sancily, s. 
South^ing Approaching to the sooth, a. 
Flay^ thing A toy ; a thing to play with, s. 

King A monarch ; a supreme governor, 8. 
Spmk^ing Talking, part. ; conveying of words, a. 
SnmUcfing Servile ; mean ; covetous, a. 
Tak^ing Distress; difficulty, s. 
Un-der-tak^ing Enterprise ; business ; afRur, 8. 
Fmnt-ia^Jdng Laborious; industrious, a. 
Trickling Dress; ornament; cheating, s. 
Tickling Cover of feathers in a bed, s. 
Cockling A fighting of cocks, s. 
Stocking A covering of the leg, s. 
Duckling Putting under water, s. 
Linking Plumpness ; good state ; inclination, s. 
Strik^ing Affecting; surprising, a. 
Think^ing Imagination, s. 

Ling A fish; heath, s. 
Deal^ing Practice ; business, s. 
J>ouyU-4eal4ng Artifice; dissimulation, s. 
Fktin-^kal^ing Management without M-t, s. 
Bediming Mild ; assuasive ; mollifying, a. 
Am^bUng The most easy pace of a horse, s. 
Sham^Ning Moving awkwardly, a. 

INa 218 

Bau^bling Trifling; eontemptible, a. 
To ding To twine round, y. n. 
Cupeling Circular ; roundish, part a. 
Ped^dUng Pettj dealing, a. 
SeetyUng Offspring; young plant not bloim, f. 
Mid^dUng Of middle rank ; moderate, a. 
World^Ung An idolixer of his money, s. 
Fond'Hng One much cockered or doated on, 0. 
Faund^Ung A deserted infant, s. 
Chound^Ung A fish ; one of the vulgar, s. 
Cod'Ung A sort of apple, s. 
LordfUng A diminutiye lord, s. 
FeeVing Etpressiye of sensibility, a. 
Fedfmg SensibiUty; tenderness, s. 
Vn-ftd'mg Insensible, a. 
Ftl-Um-feeVmg Sympathy ; joint interest, s. 
Change^Ung Aji idiot ; a child changed, s. 
HirtfUng A mercenary prostitute, s. 
Shovelling A man shayed ; a friar, s. 

To fling To throw; to over-reach ; to flounce, v. 

Fling A sneer ; a gibe ; a throw ; a cast, s. 
Tri^ fling Wanting worth, a. 
Twan'gUng Contemptibly noisy in music, a. 
Toun^gUng A creature in the first part of life, s. 
AWing Sickly, part 
Un-ii-vaiVing Useless ; vain, a. 
Pre-vail'ing Having influence ; predominant, ai. 
Wanting Lamentation ; audible sorrow, s. 
CeU'ing The inner roof, s. 
Ti'ling The roof covered with tiles, 0. 
Weak^ling A feeble creature, s. 
Tael/Ung Furniture of the mast, s. 
CMeJI/ling A small chicken, 0. 
Dudk^Ung A young duck, s. 
Sud/Ung One fed by the pap, 0. 
Ink^Ung A hint; information; whisper, 0. 
SpfinkfUng Wetting gently ; a small quantity, 0. 
iSrink^l^ Motion of the eyee ; 0park of light, 0. 
Dark^Ung Being in the dark, part. 
Caiying Vocation ; profeedion ; trade, 0. 
Com^eVUng Forcing, a. 
CUmd^wmrpetrUng An epithet of Jupiter in Homer, a. 
Dufd-Ung The act of fighting a du^ s. 
DwdfUng HabitaUon; abode, s. 
Swd/Ung Morbid tumour ; protuberance, 0. 
Shil^Unjg A coin, value 12<f., s. 
Wil^Ung Inclined to any thhig ; consenting, a. 
Uh-^n^Ung Loth ; not inclined, a. 
Wean^Ung An animal newly weaned, s. 
Yean'Ung The young of sheep, 0. 
Twin^Ung A twin lamb, s. 
Bc^Ung A young tree, 0. 

214 INO 

Jhmp^lmg A sort of boiled pndcBiig, 0. 
Crump'Ung An ill-4haped oodHng, 0. 
F^Ung A pettj fop, 0. 
Dat'lmg A fftTonrite; MoYed, s^ 
Dear^Ung A i kf ourilt ; a dftriing, 8. 
YeaHUng A ereftturt a joar old, 8. 
Star^lmg A Urd ; dtfenoe to |rfon itt a rtttt, ii 
Vap^per-Ung A dwarf, •. 

SUr^Ung GenniiM; pure; Kagligh, a. 
8cat^ier4mg A yagabond, & 
Oot^lmg A joung gooat, 8< 
Nura^lmg One niirMd in ; a fotkdllilg; c 
Nun^Ung The nurse ; the avrBliiig, 8< 
Hout^Ung Hoase-warming, a. 
Fat^Ung A kuttb or kid fed for saolflo^ a. 
WU^Ung A pretender to int, s. 
Bant^Ung A litUe chfld, a. 
Seani'Ung Timber out into saall siie^ s. 
TarU'Hng CHm seised witb Tain, hopes, s. 
Faml^lw^ Timoroos, a. 
Cfrunt^Ung A Joung hog, s. 
Caat'Hng An abertiTe, s. 
NettrUng A bird just hatehed^ s. 
Firtt'Utig The first produced, s. 
Tar-pav/lmg Cloth covered with tar, s. 
Bat^fowUmg j^rd-eatohing by nii^ •• 

Seem^mg Appearanoe; show; senblaiiee, a. 
Unrbe-uem^ii^ Unbecoming, a. 

Trim'ming Lace, fte., on eUthea, a. 
Be-^om^mg Graceful ; soitaUe ; agreeable, a. 
Forthrcom'mg Beady to i^paar, a. 
Charm'ing Very pleasing, a. 
A'larm^mg OiTing the aUorm, pari 
ffou$e^warm-ing A feast upon going into a aew hoase, a 
Aa-w^mmg Arrogating, pari 
OUan^ing The act oxgleaaing, or thing gleaned, 1 
Mean^mg Intention; purpeae; sense^ s. 
€hr^den-ing The act of ciilti?ating gardens, s« 
Dam'atk-^n-ing Inlaying steel with silTer, s. 
(y pending Aperture ; breach ; dawn, a. 
Chrit^ten-mg The act of baptinng^ s. 
iyveip4ng The dose of Uie day, s. 
De-^ign^ng Insidious ; treaeberons, pari a. 
Unrde-tign^mg Sincere, a. 
En-Ur-tam'mg Pleasing ; divertin|(, a^ 

Limning That which is within any thing, s. 

Pinning Wasting ; languishing, a. 

B^fH^ning Complaining, a. 

Win^nmg AttractiTe ; charming, a» 

Cun^nmg Bkilf ul ; subtle ; cra^, a. 

Chm^nmg Slyness; deceitfnlness, s. 

INO fflifit 

pyothhtff Works of pioneers, 8. 
Beck^on4ng Estiinaiion ; oomputatioo, i. 

Noon^mg Repose at noon, s. 
Bea^ totting Argument ; act of reasoning, s. 
Sea'ton-ing That which gires relish, s. 
Letan'mg literature ; skill in any thing, s. 
Book-Uam'mg Skill in literature, s. 
Wam^ing Preyious notice, s. 
Con^em^ing Relating to, part . 
Du<em'ing Judicious ; Imowing, part a. 
Un-dit-eem^ing Iigudicious, a. 

Mom'ing The first part of the day, i. 
Bumping State of inflammation, s. 
Moum^mg Dress of sorrow ; sorrow, i. 

Tumping A winding flexure, s. 
higWrnng The flash that precedes thunder, s. 
Avm^ing A coTor ftom the sun, s. 
Tawn^mg Sleepy; slumbering, a.* 

Oi/ing Act of walking ; departure ; pregnancy, s. 
A-go'mg In action, a. 
A-fore^go-mg Going before, a. 

Keq/ing Correspondence ; reserre, s. 
Houie-keq/ing Hospitality ; plenty, s. 
Bool/keq>-ing Act of an accountant, s. 

Pimping Boiling; hot; weak; feeble, a. 
Lamping Shining; sparkling, a. 
Pw^mg Little ; sniyelling ; sorry, a. 
Lump'mg Large ; heayy ; great, a. 

Co'ping CoTering of a wail, s. 
Siraj/ping Well grown ; large ; bulky, a. 
Chip^pmg A fragment cut off, s. 
ShSp'pmg Vessels for naiigation, i. 
Dryf'pmg The drops ft>om roasted meat, s. 
Tnp'ping Nimble ; passing quickly, a. 
Chip^pmg A sort of high-heeled shoe, s. 
Toj/pmg Noble ; fine ; gallant, a. 

nmg Any cirde ; sound ; number of bells, s. 
Th ring To fit with rings ; tinkle ; to be filled with a re< 
Da^rmg Bold ; adventurous, a. [port» ▼• 

Bearding The site or distance of a place, t. 
CkUd^bear-ing Bearing children, part ' 

TaU^bear-ing The act of informing, s. 

Hearting The sense of rooeiying sounds, s. 
8heq/shear-ing The time of shearing sheop, s. 
Sea^fa-ring Using the sea, a. 
Wagya-rmg Travelling, a. 

Ola^rmg Evident, in a bad sense, a. 
Pairing What is pared off; the rind, s. 
Sparring Parsimonious ; scanty ; scarce, a. 
To bring To fetch ; produce ; conduct, v. a. 
Sabering Consecrating ; devotional, a. 
Ck4sm'ber'ing Deban^ery ; riot ; luxury, s. 


Hmotd^der-ing Smoking withoat yent, a. 
Wan'der-ing Unoertainty ; mistaken way, 8. 
Of'fer-ing Sacrifice; oblation, b. 
Suffer-ing Pain suffered ; execution, s. 
Oath'er-mg A charitable contribution, s. 
Aih^ler-ing Quartering in garrets, s. 
En^ier-ing A passage into a place, s. 
Weit'er-mg Passing to the west, a. 
Mut^ter-ing A grumbling, a: 
Cot/er-ing Dress ; any thing that coTers, s. 
Anting A short tour abroad, 0. 
Fair^ing A gift at a fair, s. 
Fi'rmg Fuel, s. 
Floor'mg The bottom ; the floor, 8. 
To spring To grow ; start ; fire a mine ; bound ; leap, t. 
8pring A season ; elastic force ; a leap ; leak ; fountain ; 
source ; original ; rise, s. 
Off'tpring Propagation; generation, s. 
Daig^tpring The dawn, s. 

Ear-ring A ring in the ear, 8. 
Alner^ring Qoing astray, a. 

Her^ring A fish, 8. 
Un-er^ring Certiun ; not mistaken, a. 

String A slender rope ; a cord ; a nerre, 8. 
To string To fhmish with strings, t. a. 
To un-string^ To relax strings ; to untie, v. a. 
Mdt^ter^tring The principal string, s. 

Du^ring For the time of continuance, prep. 
Non-ju'ring Refusing to swear allegiance, a. 
Ojf^ieour-ing ReAise, 8. 
CoVour-^ng An art in painting, s. 
To wring To turn round by yiolence ; to press, t. a. 
7b ting To form the voice to melody ; celebrate, t. 
Un-pUat'ing Offensite ; not pleasing ; disgusting, a. 
Sun^ri-ting Morning, s. 
Sur-pri^ting Wonderfiil, a. 

Fass^ing Supreme; exceeding, part a. 
8ur^as$^ing Excellent ; in a high degree, a. 
Bleas'ing Benediction ; dirine favour, s. 
DreM^mg The act of clothing, s. 
Em-bost'ing The act of making figures in relievo, s. 
Deqhmu'ting Contemplative, a. 

Bousing Ornamental cloth to saddles, 8. 
Baiting Except, part a. 
Beat'ing Correction by blows, 8. 
Fuelling Passing swiftly, a. 
Mtti'ing An assembly ; convention, s. 
Chrut^ing Saluting; addressing, part. 
Weet^ing Part of weet ; knowing. 
Jen'net-ing A kind of forward apple, 8. 
Fight'ing Fit for war, part a. 
Wttit^mg Attending, a. 

INO 217 

Bi'img Sliarp; eager; nipping, a. 
WH^tmg A small fish ; soft ohallE, a. 
Om^i-tmg An early apple, s. 
Wrifting A thing written with a pen and ink, s. 
Hand-wri^ting Anj one's writing, s. 
SuU'mg Fitting, a. 
Pending Casting; pitifnl, a. 
Slant'ing Oblique; sloping, a. 
Re-lent^mff Tender; forgiring, a. 
R&wnt^ing Penitent, a. 
PamU^mg A deUqoiun ; depression of b^xHb, s. 
Pamt'ing The art of laying on oolonrs, s. 
Jf'frorU^mg Causing affront, part 

BmUfmg Thin linen eloth ; name of a bird, s. 
Footling The aot of walking; basis; tread; step, s. 
Bx'€q>t^mg Except, part a. 
Di-vert^mg Merry ; agreeable, part a. 

To itmg To pierce with a sting, t. a. [epigram, s. 

SUng An animal's weapon ; point in the last yerae of an 
Loathing Durable ; continaing, a. 
Bo-er-latt'ing Perpetual ; wiUiout end, ai. 

Coatt^mg Sailing or trading within sight of land, a. 
Wa^ttmg Decaying, a. 
At'titt^mg Helping; auxiliary, a. 
Bs-9itt^ing Opposing ; stopping, a. 
Be-fit'ting Becoming, a. 
FWting An offence ; a fanlt, s. 
aU'tmg The act of resting on a seat; session, s. 
Pointing Drinking, s. 
ducting A piece cut off; a chop, s. 
Lea'ving Bemnant; offal, s. 
Shafving A thin slice paired off, s. 
Salving Frugal ; not losing, s. 
For-gii/ing Placable ; relenting, a. 
TkanJu-gii/ing Celebration of mercy, s. 
Law^gw-ing LegislatiTe, a. 

Lh/ing LiTclihood ; benefice, 8. 
Thrit/ing Growing much ; prospering, a. 
Shdv^ing Sloping ; having decUfity, a. 
C</ving Term in building, a. 
Loft'ing Kind ; affectionate, a. 
M</ving Affecting, a. 
Can/mg Sculpture ; figures oarred, s. 
Startling Perishing with hunger, a. 
Sen/ing Being in serritude, a. 
Ob-ien/mg Begwding; watchful, a. 
De-ten/ing Meritorious, a. 
Time-ierv^ing Meanly complying with power, a. 
Su^mg Soaking through, a. 
It^tu-mg Springing from, a. 

Wmg A limb of a bird; the side of an anny, «. 
To wmg To ftumish with wings, t. a. 

S18 UNG 

Drav/ing Delin6atioii ; reptesentation, 8. 
Dag'gett^aw'ing Approach to open tiolenoo, s. 

Breu/mg The quantity brewed ; a plottingi 0. 
Floyt/in§ Exuberant; copious, a. 
Know'ing Skilful; cooscions, a. 
Coek^crow-ing The time at which cocks crow, s. 
Lap' wing A bird, s. 
Sagging An expression ; opinion delltered, s. 
Dyeing Expiring ; giting a colour, part 
Un-^at^iB-fy-ing Not able to satisfy, a. 

Lifting Pari act oiT to lie, (or tell a falsehood). 
Ly'mg Part of the yerb to lie, (or be prostrate). 
Dovmrlg'ing Near childbirth, a. 
Olast'ga-tmg Fond of the looking-glass, a. 
La'tmg Sluggish ; idle, a. 
A-^ma^zing Wonderful; astonishing, a. 
Ding-dong' Imitation of the sound of bells, s. 

Tlumg A stn^ of leather, s. 
Diph'ihong Two towels Joined, s. 
Triph'thong A coalition of three Towels, s. 

Long In time, in place, Ac. ; protracted, a. 
2b long To desire earnestly, t. n. 
A'long' Onward; forward, ad. 
Ob'Umg Longer than broad, a. 
Head'Umg Rashly; hastUy, a. 
End'Umg In a straight line, ad. 
To be-long' To be the property of, t. n. 
Side'kmg Lateral ; oblique ; not in front, a. 
Ere-long' Before a long time elapse, ad. 
Lwe^long Tedious; lading; durable, a. 
To pro-long' To lengthen out ; to defw, t. a. 
O'ver-long Too long, a. 
Fur'long The eighth part of a mile, s. 
A-mong' Mingl^ with, rhymes bung, prep. 

Throng A crowd, s. 
To throng To incommode with crowds ; to crowd, y. 
Frong A fork, s. 

Strong Vigorous ; potent ; firm, a. 
Head^ strong Obstinate; nngoyemable, a. 
Wrong Injury; iigustice; error, s. 
Wrong Not right ; not true ; unfit, a. 
To wrong To iigure, y. a. 

Song An ode modulated by the Toice, s. 
Wvtn-wng Vespers, s. 

Tong The catch of a buckle, s. 
Bung A stopper for the mouth of a barrel, 8. 
To hung To stop close, y. a. 
Dung Boil; excrement, s. 
To dung To manure land with dung, y. a. 
To bo-dung' To coyer with ordure, y. a. 

Bmg Pret and part. pass, of the yerb to hang. 
Clung Prtt. aad part, of to ding. 

ACH 31S 

Flung Pret and part. pass, of to flmg. 
Sbmg Pret. and part of to sling. 
Toung Youthful ; not old ; ignorant, a. 
Rung Pret. and part paw. of to rin^ 
Sprung Pret and part pass, of to spring. 
Strung Pret and part pass, of to string. 
Wrung Pret. and part pass, of to wring. 
Sung Pret and part pass, of to sing. 
Stung Pret. and part pass, of to sting. 
Swung Pret. and part pass, of to swing. 
Bog A marsh ; a fen ; a'taiorass, s* 
Dog A domestic animal ; a lump of iroft, •. 
To dog To follow silly and continnaUy, t. a. 
Ban' dog A mastiff, s. 
Lap-dog A dog fondled in the lap, s. 
Hog The general name of swine, s* 
Frog A small amphibious animalf ■• 
Leap-frog A play of jumpincf, ** 

Bug A stinking insect bred in hons^old stofl; i. 
Dug The p^> or teat of a beast, s. 
Dug Pret of to dig. 
To lug To pull with enraged rioltfiea, ▼. m 
Lug A fish ; the ear ; a pde or pmwh, f. 
Mug A small Tcssel to drink out of, •, 
Slug A slow creeping snail, s. 
Sug A kind of worm, s. 

Ah/ Denotes distaste, didike, inteij. 
Bah I An expression of sudden effoii, intaij. 
Su/e^h An attendant, s. 

E^phdh A Hebrew measore, about three pecks, a, 
Met-^'ah The anointed ; the CSirist, s. 
Al-U-WJah Praise ye the Lord, s. 
Eal-l^-Wjah Praise ye the Lord, s. 

Sir' rah A name of reproach and insnlt, a. 

Ach Continued pain. Bee ache, rhymes bake, •• 
Head'aeh A pain in ute head, s. 
Each Either of two, pron. 
Bioch A shore ; atrtuid, s. 
To bUaeh To whiten in the sun, t. a. 
To pleach To bend; to interweaTe, t. a. 

Peach A fruit, s. 
To preach To accuse of a crime, t. n. 
To vnCftach' To accuse by public authority, ▼. a. 
To ap-peach' To accuse ; to reproach, t. a. 

To reach To extend unto ; hold out ; arrive at, T. 
Reach Power; ability; extent; fetch; seheme, si 
Breach An opening; difference; quarrel, a. 
Bea'beach An irruption of the sea, s. 
To preach To deliver a pubtio retigieus diseoorse, ▼• 

220 LCH 

To o-ver-reaeh' To deoeive ; go beyond, t. a. 
To out-reach^ To go bejonC t. a. 

To teach To instroct ; inform, t. a. 
Tooth^ach A pain in the teeth, s. 

Li^lach A tree, s. 
Stom^aeh The yentriele of digestion ; appetite ; anger ; pride ; 
haaghtinees ; obetinaoy, s. 
To Hom^aeh To resent ; to brook, t. 
Spm'aeh Spinage, s. 

Coach A double chariot, s. 
To coach To oarry in a c5ach, t. a. 
8t>agef coach A ooach that trayelB by stages, s. 
Loach A fish, s. 
To poach To boil slightly ; to steal game, t. 
Roach A fish, s. 
Broach A spit, s. 
To broach To tap ; to spit, t. a. 
A-broach^ Ready to mn out, ad. 
To en-croackf To invade ; to advance by stealth, t. a. 
To rcfroach' To upbraid ; oensnre severely, v. a. 

Rc-proach' Censure; shame; infamy, s. 
To ap-pToach' To draw near, v. a. 
Ap-proach' The act of drawing near ; access, s. 

Brach A kind of dog, s. 
To dc-tach^ To separate ; to send a party, v. a. 
Htari'ach Deep sorrow or fear, s. 
To attach' To lay hold on; to arrest; to win, v. a. 
Beech A tree, s. 

Leech A water-worm that sucks blood, s. 
CofD^leech A cow-doctor, s. 

^»eech Articulate utterance; talk; oration, s. 
Breech Backside; back of a gun; hind part, s. 
To breech To put into breeches, v. a. 
Screech Harsh horrid cry, s. 
To be-eeechf To intreat ; beg humbly, T. a. 
To lech To lick over, v. a. 
Saich A Turkish vessel, s. 
Which That; relative, pron. 
Lich A dead carcass, s. 
Rich WealUiy ; valuable ; fertile, a. 
To enrtich^ To make wealthy ; to fertiliie; to store, v. a. 
Ee'trich An osirich, s. 
Os^trich A bird of the largest siie, s. 
Mat^tich A sweet-scented gum, s. 
Dit'tich A couple of verses, s. 
Sem'i-etich See BenUitie, s. 
Mon'oe-^ich A composition of one verse, s. 
Wich See Wic, s. 
To belch To eject wind from the stomach, v. a. 

Belch Act of bdching ; eructation, s. 
Squelch A heavy fall, s. 
T\>fikh To steal; to pilfer, v. a. 

N0^ 921 

3iileh GiTiiig milk, a^ 
Guleh A litUe glutton, 0. 
Ti> ganch To fall upon hookg, t. a. 
To laneh To dart ; to cast as a lance, ▼. a. 
To blanch To whiten ; to skin almonds, t. a. 
To ranch To sprain ; to force (^>fin, t. a. 

Branch A small bough ; a part; offspring, f. 
To branch To spread in branches, t. n. 
To branch To divide into parts, t. a. 
To teranch To grind between the teeth, t. a. 
To stanch To stop ; to stop blood, t. 

Stanch Sound ; firm ; determined ; strong, a. 
Bench A seat to sit on ; a judge's seat by way of emi- 
nence, a 
To blench To shrink; to hinder ; to obstmot, t. 
To clench To make fast ; to pin down, ▼. a. 
E-lench^ An argument ; a sophism, s. 
To drench To so^ ; to steep ; saturate with drink, t. a. 
Drench A horse's physical draught ; a swill, s. 
French Of or belonging to Fraaoe, a. 
Trench A ditch ; a defence to cover soldiers, s. 
To re-trench^ To reduce ; to cut off; confine, y. a» 
To m-trenchf To fortify with a trench, ▼. a. 
To wrench To pull by force ; to strain, t. a. 
Wrench A sprain ; violent twist, s. 
Tench A delicious pond fish, s. 
Stench Stink ; bad smell, s. 
To quench To extinguish fire ; to allay thint, v. 
Wench A young woman ; a strumpet^ s. 
Inch Twelfth part of a foot, s. 

Finch The name of a species of birds, as buUfineh, &C9 •• 
To clinch To hold fast; to confirm, v. a» 

Clinch A pun ; ambiguity, s. 
Tofiinch To shrink under pain, v. a. 
To pinch To squeeze with fingers; gall; press, v. a. 
To pinch To be frugal ; to be pinching, t. n. 
Pinch A painful squeeze ; a difficulty, s. 
Winch A handle to turn a mill, or screw, s. 
Coneh A shell ; a sea-shell, s. 
Haunch The thilh; hind part; the diphtbong au in this 
word has the sound of a in father, and the word 
sounds nearly as if written hamoh, s. 
Tolauneh To put to sea; oast forward; rove, rhymes 

haunch, v. a. 
Topeainch To take out the ptJUich, zhyaes hanoeh, ▼. a. 

Paunch The belly, s. 
To eraunch To crush with the teeth, rhymes h»mcih| ▼. a. 
Bunch A knot; cluster; hardlam^^. 
To bunch To grow in nobs, v. a. 
To hunch To strike with the fist, v. ft. 

Lunch A handful of food, s. 
To muiuh To eat greedily; «hew 9^S'^^^f ▼• 9^ 

222 TOH 

To mouneh To eat, ritymefl bunch, t. a. 
To punch To make holes with a punch, t. a. 

Punch Instrument to make holes with; buiFoon in a 
puppet show ; a liquor, s. 
Pnck^punch A punch to mark iron, s. 

Loch A lake, rhymes dock, s. Scotch. 
Brooch An ornament of jewels, s. 
lypoch The time ftrom whence we date, s. 
Arch A part of a circle, s. 
Arch CMef; principal; notorious, a. 
To arch To build arches, t. a. 
To search To inquire ; examine ; try ; seek, t. 

Search Inquiry ; quest ; act of seeking, s. 
Research' Inquiry; diligent search, s. 
Ci-mefli-aTch Keeper of sabred utensils, s. 
Mye-te'ri-^trch One presiding oyer mysteries, s. 
Larch A tree, s. 

March The third month; a moTcment of soldiers; a 
procession ; a solemn walk, s. 
To count'er-march To march backward, t. a. 
Anfareh An author of confusion, s. 
Mon'areh A soTereign ; a king, s. 
To parch To scorch, or be scorched, t. 
Ei'er^areh The chief of a sacred order, s. 
T€t'r€trch A governor of a tetrarchate, s. 
H&WnrOTch A leader in heresy, s. 

Starch Made of flour to stiffen linen, s. 
To starch To stiffen with starch, t. a. 
Starch Stiff; precise; formal, a. 
To cUar'etarch To stiffen with starch, t. 

Perch A fish ; fire half-yards ; bird's roost, s. 
To perch To Ug^t as a bird ; to roost, t. 

Birch A tree, rhymes church, s. 
To smirch To cloud ; to dusk ; to soil, rhymes church, t. a. 
To scorch To bum ; to be dried too much, pronounced as 
if written scawrtch, t. 
Porch A portico ; entrance with a roof, pronounced as 

if the word pore was terminated by tch, s. 
Torch A large wax light, rh^ies scorch, s. 
Church A place of divine worship, s. 
Church An assembly of Christians, s. 
To church To return thanks after childbirth, t. 
Lurch Forlorn condition, s. 
To lurch To lurk; to defeat; to pilfer, y. 
T^-o-cAimV a kind of tablet or loxeiige, s. 
Batch A quantity of any thing, s. 
2b eateh To strip ; seiie ; ensnare, t. 
To hatch To produce young ; to contrive, v. a. 
Batch A half-door ; openings on ships' decks, s. 
Thatch A straw cover of a house, s. 
To thatch To cover with straw, v. a. 
Laieh A oatoh of a door» 8. 

TOH 228 

SkUeh The middle of a rope or cable that hangs down 

loose, s. 
Match A contest; marriage ; what catches fire, s. 
To match To pair; suit; to be equal to, t. 
lb iM>eT-maUh' To be too powerful, t. n. 

Smateh Taste ; twang ; tincture, s. 
To nnU-match' To match unsuitably, t. a. 

To match To seiie hastily ; to catch eagerly, t. 
Snatch A hasty catch ; a broken part, s. 
Patch A piece to cover a hole ; a small piece of black 
silk used on the face, s. 
To patch To piece; to put on patches, t. a. 
To du-paich^ To send away ; finish ; kill, t. a. 

Dea^atch' Haste ; express, s. 
To det^patch' To accomplish ; send away ; kill, t. a. 
Dit^atch' Expedition ; an express, s. 
Batch A sort of wheel in a watch, s. 
Cratch A rack for hay, s. [make outlines, t. a. 

To scratch To rub with the nails, &o.; to write badly ; to 
Scratch A slight wound, s. 
Watch A night guard ; a pocket dock, s. 
To watch Not to sleep ; to guard ; to obsenre, t. 
Death-watch A small noisy insect, s. 

Swatch A swathe, s. 
Night-watch A period of the night, s. 

Yatch Or yacht; a small ship for passengers, rhymes 
To etch To make prints with aqua-fortis, t. a. [hot, s. 
To fetch To go and bring a thing, t. a. 
Fetch A stratagem ; an artifice ; a trick, s. 
Ketch A large ship; the executioner, s. 
Bomb- ketch A ship for bombarding, s. 
To sketch To d»w roughly ; to plan, t. 
To retch To vomit, or force up, v. a. 
To stretch To extend ; make light ; display, v. 
To out-stretch^ To extend ; spread out, v. a. 
Wretch A miserable person, s. 
VOch A leguminous plant^ s. 
Itch A teasing desire ; a disease, s. 
BUch The femide of canine animals, s. 
JDitch A moat in fortification ; a trench, s. 
Fitch A small kind of pea ; a vetch, s. 
To hitch To catch ; to move by jerks, v. a. 
Flitch A side of bacon, s. 
FUch Siie; height; a kind of resin, s. 
Tbpitch To fix; light; drop ; smear with pitdi, v. 
To stitch To sew; to unite; to join, v. a. 

Stitch The pass of a needle ; a ^arp pain, 0. 
Thor-ouffhrgtitch Completely; Ailly, ad. 

Witch A woman accused of magical arts, 0. 
To ho^witehf To charm ; injure ; insinuate, v. a. 
Ssrikh A flexible small twig, s. 
To tmUek To jerk ; lash, v. a. 

884 IGH 

To iwUeh To saatch ; pluck fordblj, t. ». 

TwiUh A quick pull ; a twinge, b. 
To botch To mend dnaurilj, t. a. 
JBoieh A boil ; patok-work, a. 

Scotch Belonging to Sootlaod ; f reqveiitt j, tkovgh eoatrary 
to Englith analogy, written Soots, as Scots snuff, 
&C. PrietOey. 
To scotch To cut slightl j ; to cut off, t. a. 
Scotch A slight cat, s. 
BloUh A pnstnle on the skin, a. 
Notch A nick; a hdlow cut, s. 
To notch To cut in small hollows, t. a. 
To potch To posh ; to boil slightly. Be^ poach, r. 
Hotch-potch See hodge-podge. 
Crotch A hook, s. 

HuUh A corn chaoi ; a rabbit box, a. 
CluUh The grasp ; gripe with the hands, a. 
To emuteh To black with smoke, t. a. 

Crutch A Bapp<»t used by cripples, s. 
To grutch To enry ; to repine ai, t. n. 
De-bauch- Excess ; lewdness ; laznrj, s. 
To de-baych- To ritiate ; to corrupt moa^als, t. 
Pen-ta-teuch The fiYC books of Moses, s. 
Much Large ; long ; many, a. 
Much A thing strange or nnoommon, ■. 
Jn^o-much- So that, ad. 
0-ver-much- Too much, a. 
Eu^nuch One castrated, a. 

Ouch An ornament of gold or jewels, s. 
To couch To sqnat down ; to lie down, t. a. 
Couch A seat for r^f>ose ; a bed, s. 
Slouch One who looks heary and clownish, a. 
To slouch To have a clownish look, t. n. 
Scar-a-mouch A buffoon, s. 

Pouch A small bag ; the paunch, s. 
Corpouch- The monk's hood, s. 
To crouch To stoop low ; to fawn ; to eringe, ▼. a. 
To touch To adhere; come to ; mark out, rhymes much, such, 
&c., T. a. 
Touch The sense of feeling ; the ac^ of touching, s. 
To re-touch- To improTe by new touches, t. %. 
Car-touch A case for baUs, s. 
To vouch To bear witness ; to attest, t. 
To a-vouch- To affirm ; rindicate ; Touch, ▼. a. 
To dit^oueh^ To destroy the credit oi; to contradiot, t. a. 
Such Of that kind, a. 
Sigh I Exinressing pleasure, inteij. 
7b neigh To make a noise like a horse, rhymes dajr> T. a. 
Ne^ The Toioe of a horee, s. 
To m-^eigh- To ezdaim against one, t. a. 

To lodgh To try the wraght of any thing ; hea^e up ; eon* 
aider ; e x a mine ; judge, rhymes daj, ▼. 

FOH 226 

To f/ver^vmgh To preponderate, v. a. 
To {nU-weigh' To exceed in weight or yalae, ▼. 
High Lofty; proud; great; dear, a. 
High High place, 8. 

Thigh T&e part between the legs and the body, 8 
Nigh Near to ; allied by blood, a. 
WeU'nigh Almost, ad. 

Hogh A hill ; rising ground, 8. 
Bvrgh A borough ; town, 8. 
Ut-^ne-^Hfugh^ A compound spirit, s. 

To IcMgh To make that noise which mirth excites, ihymef 
staff, Y. n. 
Laugh The couTulsion caused by merriment, 8. 
JSorte^laugh. A loud rude laugh, 8. 
Eugh K tree, s. 

Fugh I An expression of abhorrence, inteij. 
Bough Arm of a tree, s. 
Cough A oonrulsion of the lungs, rhymes off, 8. 
Bie^cough A convulsion of the stomach, s. 
To hic^eough To sob convulsiyely, t. n. 
Hoop^ing-cough A convulsiTe cough, 8. 
Chm^eough A disease of children, s. 

Dough Unbaked paste, rhymes go, s. 
To hough To hamstring ; to hock, or hex, t. a. 
Hough The lower part of the thig^ ; the hock, s. 
Chough A bird that frequents the rocks by the sea, 

rhymes stuff, s. 
Shough A shaggy dog; a shock, s. 
Though Like as if, rhymes go, cosj. 
AUthough' NotwithstandLag, ad. 

Lough A lake, rhymes dock, s. Irish. 
CUmgh Cliff, rhymes brow, now, &c., s. 
CUmgh An allowance in weight, rhymes off, s. [now, 8. 
Plough An instrument in husbandry or joinery, rhymes 
To plough To turn with a plough ; to divide, t. 
Fttt^lough Leave of absence from duty, s. 
Slough A deep miry place, rhymes now, 8. 
Slough A cast skin of a snake or sore, rhymes buff, 8. 
Enough' Sufficient, rhymes stuff, a. 

Rough Rugged ; harsh ; severe ; stormy, rhymee stuff, a. 
Through By ; from end to end, rhymes do, prep. 
Bor^ough A corporate town, s. 
Head^bor-ough Subonlinate constable, s. 
Thtrd^bor-ough An under constable, s. 
HtT^bor-ough A place of temporary residence ; a harbour, 8. 
Thor^ottgh Complete; perfect, a. 

Trough Any thing hollowed, riiymes off, s. 
Sough A subterraneous drain, rhymes now, s. 
Tough Stiff; brittle ; not viscous, rhymes stuff, a. 
Pugh! Word of contempt, inteij. 

Oh I Denotes sorrow ; surprise ; pain, inteij. 
Foh! An inteijection of abnorrenoe. 

220 ASH 

Ser'aph An order of angds, •. 
Par^a-graph A distinct part of a disoomM, 8. 
AuHo-graph An original writing, b. 
JE^i-tapk Monumental inscription, «, 
Cm^o-taph An empty, honorary monameat, 8. 
CaHiph A Mahometan title of honour, 8. 
Sylph An aerial spirit, s. 
Tri^umph Joy for success, s. 
Jb tri^umph To rejoice for victory, ▼. 
Lymph Pure transparent water, s. 
Jiytnph A goddess of the woods ; a lady, 8. 
Par^Or-nymph A bride-man, s. 

Soph An under graduate of two years, s. 
Tri^glyph Fluting on the tops of eolumns, &o., s. 
JSi^er-o-glyph A hieroglyphic, s. 

Ca-tarrh^ A deflnxion of rheum in the head, s. 

Myrrh A strong aromatic gum, rhymes the first syllable 
of ser-mon, ser^viee, &o., s. 
Ash A tree, s. 
To bash To be ashamed, t. n. 
lb a-boih^ To make ashamed, ▼. a. 
Cash Money at hand, s. 
Jb dash To strike against ; to mix ; to blot out, t. a. 
Dash Collision ; mf nsion ; this mark ( — ) s. 
Dash An expression of the sound of water dashed, ad. 
To be-dash^ To bespatter, ▼. a. 
Slap-dash^ All at once, ad. 
Bald'er-dash Rude mixture, s. 
To hald'er-dash To adulterate liquor, t. a. 

Leeuh A leather thong ; a tierce ; three, s. 
To Uash To bind ; to hold in a string, ▼. a. 
To gash To cut deep, t. a. 

Oash A deep and wide wound, s. 
To hash To mince ; to diop in pieces and mingle, t. a. 
Lash A stroke with any thing pliant ; a leash ; a sar- 
casm, s. [t. 
To lash To scourge ; satirise ; tie to a ship ; ply the whip, 
Ca-lash^ A small carriage of pleasure, s. 
To clash To oppose ; to contradict, v. n. 
To dash To strike one thing against another, t. a. 
Clash A noisy collision of two bodies ; opposition, s. 
Flash A sudden transitory blase ; a dash of water, s. 
To flash To throw out sudden bursts of light, wit, &o., T. a. 

Phuh A small puddle of water, s. 
To plash To throw or kick up water, t. a. 
To slash To cut ; to lash ; to strike with a sword, t. a. 
Skuh Cut in any thing ; a wound, s. 
Mash Interstice of a net; mixture for a horse, &c, s. 
7b mash To beat into a confused mass ; mix mal^ &c., t. a. 
Mish^mash A mingle, s. 
To gnash To clash ; to grind the teeth in a rage, t. 
Pash A kiss, 8. 

ISH 227 

To path To strike; to onish, y. &. 

Ra9h Haaty; violent; precipitate, a. 
To crash To make a loud noise ; to break or bmise, ▼. 

Crash A load mixed sound, s. 
To thrash To beat com ; to drub ; to labour, t. 
Trash Any thing worthless ; dross, s. 
Sash A belt worn for distinction ; a window, s. 
Pot^ash Ashes made from Yegetables, s. 
To quash To crush ; annul ; to be shaken with a noise, t. 
Qtutsh A pompion, rhymes wash, s. 
Squash A sudden fall ; any thing easily crushed, s. 
To squash To crush into pulp, t. a. 
To wash To cleanse clothes ; to colour by washing, t. 
Wash A bog ; a marsh ; a cosmetic lotion, s. 
WhUe^wash A wash to whiten any thing, s. 
Hog'wash Draff given to swine, s. 

Swash (In mechanics) an irregular oral, s. 
To swash To make a great clatter or noise, t. n. 
FUsh A part of the animal body ; carnality, s. 
To flesh To initiate; to harden; to glut, t. a. 
Pksh A puddle ; a boggy marsh, s. 
Mesh The space between the threads of a net, s. 
To mesh To catch in a net ; to ensnare, ▼. a. 
To en-mesh^ To net ; to entangle, t. a. 
Nesh Soft; ea^y hurt, a. 
Fresh Cool ; not salt ; new ; florid ; sweet, a. 
Fresh A fall of land water into a rirer, e. 
A'fraW Anew ; again, ad. 
To re-frah' To recreate ; repair ; cool, v. a. 

Ba'hish Childish, a. 
Squab'bish Thick; heavy; fleehy, a. 
Mol/bish Mean ; done after the manner of the mob, a. 
Rut/bish Ruins of buildings ; any thing worthless, s. 
Tofur^bish To burnish; to polish, v. a. 

Dish A table utensil for meat; meat served up, s. 
To dish To serve in a dish, v. a. 
Ja^dish Vicious ; in a horse, unruly ; unchaste, a. 
Rad^ish A root well known, s. 
Cha^finff-dish A portable grate for coals, s. 

Child'ish Trifling ; simple ; like a oluld, a. 
To bland^ish To smooth ; to soften, v. a. 
Out^land'ish Not native ; foreign, a. 
To brand^ish To wave ; to shake ; to flourish, v. a. 
Stan^dish A case for a pen and ink. s. 
Mo^dish Fashionable, a. 
Prufdish Affectedly grave, a. 

Fish An animal that inhabits the water, s. 
To fish To search for, or be employed in catching fish, v. 
Oafi^ Stupid; dull; dotish, a. 
SHff^ish Stiff; harsh, a. 
Huffish Arrogant; insolent; hectoring, a. 
Sd^ish Attentive to one's own intwett only, a. 

228 ISH 

Wolfith Reeembling • wolf; ». 
Dwarfish Below the common 8iie ; smally a. 
Crav/fith A small crostaceoaa fish, s. 
Cray^fiik See CrawfUK 

Tofy^fish To angle with a fly for the bait, t. a. 
Wag'gith KnaTishly meny ; frolicksome, a. 
Rig^guh Wanton, a. 
Dog^gUh Cnrrish ; brutal ; chorlish, a. 
Hog'guh Selfish ; brutish ; greedy, a. 
Slug'gUh Dull; lazy; slothf^ a. 
Freak^ish Capricious; humoursbme, a. 

Ra^kish Loose ; lewd ; dissolute, a. 
JBraek^ith Salt; somewhat salt, a. 
Bloek'iih Stupid ; dull, a. 
Dank^Uh Somewhat dank, a. 
Monl/ish Monastic ; pertaining to monks, a. 
Book^iih Given to books, a. 
Spark^iah Airy; gay; showy, a. 
Jhuk^uk Inclining to darkness, a. 
' Lusk^ith Somewhat inclinable to laziness, a. 
Mawk^ish Apt to give satiety ; unsaTOuiy, a. 
A^lish Resembling ale, a. 
Pa^lith Somewhat pale, a. 
To ttab'Ush To establish ; to settle, t. a. 
To e^tal/luh To settle firmly ; to ratify, t. a. 
To re-^stab^Ush To establish anew, t. a. 
To pre-e-ttab^luh To settle beforehsnd, t. a. 

Topub^luh To make known ; to set forth, ▼. a. 
Ed^uh Taste ; liking ; delight, s. 
To rd^ith To season ; to give or haye a flayour, t. 
Dis-rd^ish Bad taste ; nauseousness, s. 
To dit-rd/ith To make nauseous ; want a taste of, t. a. 
Eng^lith Belonging to England, a. 
To English To transUte into English, t. a. 
Dev^Urish Bad ; like the devil, a. 
Tick^lUh Sensible to titillation ; tottering, a. 
To em-bd^lish To adorn ; to beautify, ▼. a. 
HdVith Infernal ; wicked, a. 
To a-boVUh To annul ; to destroy, ▼. 
To de-moVuh To destroy ; raze ; overthrow, v. a. 
FooViah Weak of intellect ; imprudent, a. 
To poVish To make smooth and glossy, v. a. 
PoVith Artificial gloss; elegance, s. 
To aC'Com^pUth To complete ; to fulfil ; to obtain, v. a. 
Fur^plish Somewhat purple, a. 

OirVUh Suiting a girl ; youthful, a. 
ChurViih Kude; brutal; selfish, a. 
Sfueam^uh Fastidious ; nice ; easily disgusted, a. 
Tofam^ith To starve ; to kill with or die of hunger, T. 
To en-fam^isk To starve ; to famish, v. a. 

To bUm^Uh To mark with deformity ; to tarnish, t. a. 
Blem^Uh A mark of deformity ; a reproach, s. 

ISH 229 

Dim^iih Somewhat dim, &. 
Qualm^ish Seised with eickly langaor, a. 
Ram'mith Strong scented, a. 
R</muh Popi^ a. 
Sktr^nUsh A ^ight fight ; a contest, s. 
Mawm^ith Foolish ; nanseous, a. 
To ban^ish To drive out of a ooontry, t. a. 
Toplan^Uh To polish; to smooth, t. a. 
Wom^an-ith Suitable to a woman, a. 

To van^ith To disappear ; to be lost, t. n. 
To e-van^itk To escape from notice ; to yanish, t. n. 
• SpUm^iik Fretfol ; peoTish, a. 

Mea^then-ith Belonging to the Gtontiles ; savage, a. 
To re-plm^iih To stock or be stocked ; to complete, t. 
» To ftn'iih To make complete ; to perfect, ▼. a. 

To min^ish To make less ; lop ; impair, t. a. 
To di-min^iih To make less ; degrade ; impair, v. a. 
To di-mm'iak To grow less ; to be impaired, ▼. n. 
BH^nUh Having the taste of brine ; salt, a. 
Swi^nuh Befitting or resembling swine ; gross, a. 
To mon'Uh To admonish, v. a. 
To ad-mon^iah To warn ; to reprove gently, v. a. 
Topr&-mon^uh To warn or admonish beforehand, v. a. 
Dro^nuh Idle; sluggish, a. 
To a-^Um^iih To confoimd with fear or wonder, v. a. 
To gar'nUh To decorate ; to ornament a dish, v. a. 
Oar^nish Ornament ; decoration ; prison fee, s. 
To tar^nUh To soil ; to lose brightness, v. 

Var^nith A shining Uqaid sabstance ; a cover, s. 
To vcar'puh To cover with something shining, v. a. 
To bur^nUh To polish ; to grow bright, v. 
To /w^nith To supply ; equip ; fit out ; adorn, v. a. 
To un^fur^nith To deprive ; strip ; divest, v. a. 
To dia-fwr^nith To unfnmish ; to strip, v. a. 

Topun^iih To chastise; afflict with penalties, v. a. 
Clown^iih Uncivil ; ill>bred ; clumsy, a. 
Royn'iah Paltry ; mean ; rude, a. 

Pith A contemptuous exclamation, inter}. 
Topiih To express contempt, v. n. 
A^pitk Foppish; silly; affected; wanton, a. 
Dump^ith Sad ; melancholy ; sorrowful, a. 
Lump'ialv Heavy ; dull ; inactive, a. 
Snap^jrith £ag^ to bite ; peevish, a. 
H^piih A corruption of hypochondriacal, a. 
Fop^piiiK Foolish ; idle ; vain, a. 
Up'pith Proud ; arrogant, a. 
Wasp'Uh Peevish ; malignant ; irritable, a. 
Oa^riih Shining; gaudy, a. 
Boat^iih Swinish ; brutal, a. 

Par^ith The particular charge of a secular priest, ■. 
Par^iih Belonging to or maintained by a parish, a. 
Out^pat-uh A parish without Uie walls, s. 

»e isH 

Oa/Ur-itk Cant; lAiigiiftg« of rogiM, fta., ■. 
To eker^iih To nppori; none up; BkeUar, t. m, 
Liek^er-uk Nice ; delicate ; greeidlj, a. 
Toper^iih To die; to be destroyed; to deeaj, t. 
Fe^vtr-iik Bnniiiig ; tending to a ferer, a. 
To ewkrpof/er^h To make poor; rednoe to indigenoe^ t. a. 
Wkt/ritk Unchaste; inoontinenty a. 
Boor^ith Clownish ; rost&e, a. 
Moor^uk Fenny ; watery, a. 
Va'por-itk Vaporons ; spleiietie, a. 
Cur^riih like a dog, a. 
To fiou^rith To be in a proeperons atate ; to boast, t. m. 
To fiou^ruk To adorn ; to embellish, ▼. a. 
To fwufriih To support by food ; to maintain, t. a. 
La^tUh Somewhat late, a. 
Ooat^ith Bank, or Instfol, as a goat, a. 
Whi^Uth Somewbat white, a. 
DoU'itk Stnpid ; dnll ; mean, a. 
Pet^Uth Fretfdl ; peefish, a. 
SkU^tuk Easily frighted ; wanton, n. 
8ot'tuK Stnpid ; dull with intempenaoa, a. 
SUU'tuK Not cleanly ; nasty, a. 
Rut'titk Wanton ; libidinous, a. 
Bru^tUh Rough ; savage ; untau^t, a. 
Beau^iah Befitting a bMtu ; foppish, a. 
Lat/itk Wasteful; proftise, a. 
To lav^ith To scatter with profusion, t. a. 
8Uu/uk Senrile ; base ; dependent, a. 
Kna^viih Dishonest; fraudulent; waggish, a. 
To rm/ith To oonstuprate by foroe ; to transport, t. a. 
To m-rett/itk To throw into eostaoy, t. a. 

Cttiih The armour that ooYers the thighs, ■. 
Pee'vith Petulant; waspish; hard to please, a. 
Thiev^ith Giying to stealing ; sly ; secret, a. 
A^quruh HaTing the qualities of an ague, a. 
An^guiah Exoessiye pain of mind or body, s. 
To lan^guuk To pine away ; to lose strength, t. il 
To diM-tin^gmah To judge ; specificate ; make distinction, t. 
To ex-Un^guith To put out ; suppress ; obscure, t. a. 
Ro^guUh Fraudulent; Ti^grant; wanton, a. 
Elv^ith Relating to oItcs, a. 
WoWith See Wolfiah, a. 
To van^quith To conquer ; to confute, t. a. 
To r&-Un'quith To abandon ; to quit ; to giro up, t. a. 
To wish To hare strong desire ; to long for, t. 
Wish Longing desire ; thing desired, s. 
Shrew^Uh Haying the qualities of a shrew, a. 
To fore-tmhf To desire beforehand, v. n. 
WtU^wiah A wish of happiness, s. 
To unr^oiah/ To wish that which is not to be, t. n. 
Cov/iah Timorous, a. 
ShoM/iah Splendid ; gaudy, a. 

ATH 281 

Yd^lovf-ish Approacbing to yellow, ». 
WiVhw^h Resembling tbe coloar of willow, a. 
To vt-ter-vUh^ To wisb mataalljr to each other, t. a. 
Whe^^uh Partaking of, or resembling whey, a. 
Sky'ith Coloured like the ether, a. 
Boy^ith Belonging to a boy; trifling; childish, a. 
Cloth A distemper in the feet of cattle, s. 
Marth A fen ; a bog ; a swamp, s. 
Earsh A ploaghed field, pronoonced ersh, s. 
Bwh A thick shmb ; ^e k in this word is the same as 
that in bull, and bush is pronounced nearly as if 
written boosh, s. 
To huth To grow thick, t. n. 
Am^huih A post to surprise an enemy, 8. 
To m^m^bmh To hide in ambush, ▼. a. 
To gush To flow with Tiolence, t. n. 

Oiish A sudden eruption of liquor, a. 
Huth I Silence ; be still, inteij. 

Huth Still ; silent; quiet, a. 
To huth To be still ; to silence ; to appease, t. 
Luth Of a deep colour ; opposite to pale, a. 
To hhith To betray oonfumon by looking red, ▼. n. 

Bluth The colour in the cheeks, s. 
Tofluth To flow with yiolence; to coloar, t. 
Fluth Full of Tigour ; abounding, a. 
Fbuh Afflux ; Tiolent flow, s. 
Phuk A kind of shaggy cloth, s. 
Toputh To thrust; press forward; inrge; tease, t. 

Puth A thrust ; impulse ; trial ; pimple, rhymes bush, ■. 
Ruth A plant ; any worthless thing, 8. 
To ruth To move wiUi violence, t. n. 
Ruth Violent coarse, s. 

Bruth An instrument for nibbing ; an awault, 8. 
To bruth To sweep with a brash ; move with haste, T. 
To crush To press ; sqneese ; be oondensed, t. 

Ortith A collision, s. 
To /ruth To break ; braise ; or crash, t. a. 
Ihith A disease in a horse's foot, s. 
Thruth A bird ; a disease in the mouth, 8. 
BuVruth A large rush, s. 

Tush ! An expression of contempt, inte^. 
Bath A bathing place, s. 
Say bath Sunday ; time of rest and worship, 8. 
Bath Easy ; not difficult, a. 
Bath Easily, ad. 

Death Extinction of life; mortality, pronounced deth, a. 
Heath A plant ; a place orergrown with heath, s. 
Sheath The case of any thing ; a scabbard, s. 
To sheath To inclose in a sheath or scabbard, T. a. 
To un^heath^ To draw from the scabbard, v. a, 
Be-neathf Under; lower in place or rank, prep. 
Bt-neath^ In a lower place ; onder, ad. 

tS2 ITH 

Un-der-neatk^ In the lower place ; beneath, acL 
Unrder-neatk^ Under, prep. 

Breath Life ; air ; respiration, rhymes death, 8. 
Wreath Any thing curled or twisted ; a diaplet, a. 
}ro wreath To curi ; twist ; conToWe, t. a. 
Hath Third person singolar of to hare. 
Lath A thin slip of wommI to support tiles, a. 
To lath To fit np with laths, t. a. 
Lath A paK of a country, s. 
After-math The second crop, s. 

Oath A solemn appeal to Heayen, s. 
Loath Unwilling ; not ready, a. 
Paek^doth A cloth in ^hich goods are tied np, a. 
To un-doath^ To strip ; to make naked, ▼. a. 
Path YfKj ; road ; track, s. 
Foot-path A way for foot passengers onlyy 8. 
By-path A prirate or obscure path, a. 
Rath A hill, s. 
Rath Early, ad. 

Rath Early ; coming before die time, a. 
Wrath Anger ; Airy ; rage, rhymes moth, doth, &c a. 
Swath A line of grass cut down ; a fillet, s. 
Breadth Measure from side to side, pronounced bredth, a 
Hair^breadth A rery small distance, s. 
Hun^dredth Ordinal of 100, a. 

Width Breadth ; wideness, s. 
Thou^tandth Ordinal of 1000, a. 

To tmeeth To smoke ; to blacken with smoke, t. a. 
2b weth To decoct in hot liquor ; to be hot, t. a. 
Teeth The plural of tooth, s. 
Twen'ti-eth The tenth twice told, a. 
Mon^ieth A yessel for washing glasses, s. 
Fifth The ordinal of five, a. 
Twd/th The ordinal of twelve, a. 
Length From end to end ; extent, 8. 
A-Ungth^ At fall length, ad. 
Strength Force ; power ; yigour, s. 
To strength To strengthen, v. a. 

Eighth The ordinal of eight, pronounced luth, 8. 
Faith Belief; fidelity ; yeracity ; promise, s. 
Tur^bith Yellow precipitate, s. 

Oith An herb called Guinea pepper, 8. 
Smith One who works in metiJs, s. 
Ze^nith The point oyer-head ; opposite the nadir, s. 
Pith Marrow of a plant ; strength ; energy, s. 
IVith A strait in the sea ; a kind of net, s. 
SUh Since ; seeing that, ad. 
With By ; noting &e cause or means, &c. prep. 
Here^with With this, ad. 
There^wUh With that, ad. 
Where'mth With which, ad. 
Forth-wilh^ Immediately ; without dday, ad. 

KTH 233 

Health Freedom from siokness ; pnrity, pron. helth, 8. 
Stealth The art of stealing ; a secret act ; rhymes health, s. 
Wealth Riches; money, &o. ; rhymes health, s. 
Com-mon-wealth^ General body of the people ; a republic, s. 
FUth Dirt ; nastiness ; corruption, s. 
SjcnUh Any thing poured out or wasted, 8. 
Tilth Husbandry ; culture, s. 
Tilth Arable; tilled, a. 
Warmth Gentle heat ; leal ; passion, s. 
Cor^mth A fruit commonly called currant, s. 
Month A space of time of four weeks, s. 
Both The two, pronounced as if bow, to shoot with, 

were terminated by th, a. 
Both As well, oonj. 

Doth The third person singular of do, pronounced duth. 
Cloth Any thing woven for dress or covering, s. 
Cere^doth Cloth smeared oyer with glutinous matter, s. 
Sack/cloth Cloth for sacks or mourning, s. 
Neek^doth That which men wear on their necks, s. 
Oreen^cloth A board held within the palace, s. 
Sear^eloth A plaster ; a large plaster, s. 
Hair^doih Stuff made of hair, s. 

Sloth Slowness ; laziness ; idleness, rhymes both, s. 
Moth An insect that eats cloth, &c., s. 
Be^he-moth The hippopotamus, or rirer horse, 8. 
Booth A house built of boards ; a stall, s. 
ToWlooth A prison, s. 

Smooth Eren on the surface ; adulatory, a. 
To smooth To make even or easy ; to flatter, ▼. a. 
Sooth Truth ; reality, s. 
Sooth Pleasing ; delightful, a. 
To aooth To flatter ; please ; calm ; Boflen, t. a. 
JPor-footh^ Certainly ; in truth, ad. 

Tooth A bone in the jaw ; palate, s. 
CoWtooth Love of youthful pleasure, s. 
Broth Liquor in which flesh is boiled, s. 
^Troth Truth; fidelity, s. 
To be-troth^ To contract to any one ; to aflianee, t. 
Wroth Angry, a. 
Quoth For say, or said; quoth I, say I; quoth he, 

says he, rhymes doth, ▼. imperf. 
Depth Deepness ; abyss ; abstmseness, s. 
Barth Land; mould; one of the four elements, pro- 
nounced ertii, rhymes birth, s. 
To earth To cover with, or get under earth, v. 
Dearth Scarcity ; famine ; barrenness, rhymes earth, ■. 
Hearth The place on which a fire is made, pronounced 

harth, s. • 
Owih The bulk round the waist, s. 
Swarth Darkly brown ; tawny ; gloomy, a. 
Birth The act of coming into life ; rank ; risei 8. 
ChUd'hirtk The state of being in labour, 8. 

284 LLI 

Af'Ur-inrtk The Beonndine, s. 

Mirth Merriment; jollity; gaietj, a. 

Forth Forward; out of doors, pronoimoed as fourth 

the nmnbery ad. 
Forth Out of; prep. 
To hold-forth' To harangae ; to exhibit, y. n. 
Henuf forth From this time forward, ad. 
Thancef forth From that time, ad. 

Nvrth The point opposite the sun in the meridian, ■. 
North Northern, s. 
To v>orth To betide, pronounced wnrth, v. n. 
Worth Price ; yalne ; importance ; merit, a. 
Worth Eqoal in Talue to ; deserring of, a. 
Fourth The ordinal of four, a. 
Wurth See Worth for the word. 
Az'i-muih An arch of the horizon, s. 
Bu'muth Marcasite ; a mineral substence, s. 
Un-couth' Strange ; odd ; unosual, a. 

Mouth An entrance for food, &o. ; a wry face, a. 
To mouth To q>eak big ; to mutter ; to chew, v. 
South The part where the sun is at noon, s. 
South Sontnem; meridianal, a. 
South Towards or from the south, ad. 
YotUh One past childhood ; tender age, rhymes truth, s. 
Ruth Mercy ; sorrow ; tenderness, s. 
Truth Honesty ; reality ; faitbfolness, 8. 
Un-truih' Falsehood ; a false assertion, s. 
Blowth Bloom or blossom, rhymes growth, s. 
Growth Vegetation ; product ; increase, a. 
(yver-grototh Exuberant growth, s. 
Sixth The ordinal of six, a. 
Sixth A sixth part, s. 


Rab'hi A doctor among the Jews, s. 
AVirhi (In law) in another place, ad. 
Anrtoe'd Inhabitants under the same meridian, but oppo- 
site panllels, s. 
Oa'di A TorMsh magistrate, s. 
Sal-ma-gun^di A mixture of herrings, apples, &c., s. 
Ar^thro-foph^a-gi Man-eaters; cannibals, s. 
So'phi The emperor of Persia, s. 
Ai^dri Inhabitants of the torrid lone, s. 
AmrpMt'ci'i Inhabitants under the torrid zone, a. 
An-tit'ci'^ People whose shadows fall opposite ways at the 
same time, s. 
Ka'U Sea-weed, s. 
AVkorli A substance fermenting with adds, a. 
ShiWi-thaU-i A cant adverb of doubting, ad. 
Ver-mi'Cd^U A paste rolled iqp like worms, a. 
Den-tdfU Modillions; projecting brackets, a. 

OAK 285 

Vil/U Fibres s. 
Bro</co-U A kiichen plant, 8. 
La^pu-Uu^u-U Azure stone, 8. 
DemH Half, a. 
Eye-mi A drug of the resinous kind, a. 
SemH In composition signifies half; s. Latin. 
Cer-ti-o-ra^ri A particular kind of writ, s. Latin. 
Tri-um^vi-ri A coalition of three men in goyemment, 8. 

LU-er-aHi The learned, s. Italian. 
Sper-ma-ce'ti An oily substance in some wales, s. Latin. 
Mufti A Mahometan high priest, s. 
An'U A particle signifying contrary to. 
Ca-pi^vi A tree yielding a bfdsam, 8. 
Ban-dit^ti A gang of outlaws, s. 

Maak A fish, rhymes bake, 8. 
Beak The bill of a bird, s. 
Leak A hole which lets in water, 8. 
To leak To let water in or out, v. n. 
Bleak Pale; cold; chill, a. 
BUak A small river fish, s. 
Fleak A small lock ; thread or twist, 8. 
Meak A hook with a long handle, 8. 
To tneak To creep slily ; to crouch, v. n. 

Peak The top of a hill ; any thing acuminated, 8. 
A-peak' In a posture to pierce the ground, ad. 
To tpeak To talk ; pronounce, t. 
To b&^eak^ To order ; speak to ; show, ▼. a. 

To break To part by force ; tame ; ruin ; not keep to, rhymes 
cake, lake, &c., y. 
Break An opening ; pause ; failure, b. 
Day^break First appearance of day, s. 
To creak To make a harsh noise, y. n. 
To screak To make a shrill or hoarse noise, y. n. 

Freak A whim ; a sudden fancy, 8. 
To freak To variegate, y. a. 

Streak A line of colour ; a stripe, 8. 
To streak To stripe ; variegate ; stretch, y. a. 
To wreak To revenge, v. a. 
Wreak Revenge ; passion, s. 
Steak A slice of flesh ; a coUop, rhymes break, a 
To squeak To cry shrilly, v. n. 
Squeak A shrill quick cry, s. 
Weak Feeble; pliant; unfortified, a. 
To tweak To pinch ; squeeze, v. a. 

Tweak Perplexity ; ludicrous distress, s. 
Oak A tree and the wood of it, s. 
To doak To cover with a doak^; to conceal, y. a. 

Cloak An outer garment ; a concealment, 8. 
To croak To cry like a frog, raven, or crow, v. n. 


Croak The erj of a frog, nTon, or erow, 8. 
To took To steep ; lie steeped ia Boiotore ; dnia, t. 
San^da-rai A mineral ; ilso a wluto gmm, b. 
Back The hinder pert of a thing, a. 
Back Behind, ad. 
Ih back To mount a hone; to Meood, t. a. 
JBuek^a-baek A kind of Hnen, s. 
Hone^boek Seat of the rider; state of riding, 8. 
Jhaw^baek An allowance on exportation, Ac, a. 
Jb Atfok To ovt irregnlarly ; chop ; nse often, t. 

Jack An engine ; a fish ; a l ea thern can, a. 
7b lack To want; to he in want, t. 

Lack Want; need; fhilvre, s. 
A4ack ! Alas ; ao expression of sorrow, inteij. 
Black Dark; wicked; moomfol, a. 
Laa^blaek Smoke canght from a lamp, s. 

Clack Part of a mill ; a repeated noise, s. 
To clack To make a repeated noise ; to chatter, t. n. 

Slack Loose; remiss; relaxed, a. 
To slack To be remiss ; abate ; loosen, t. 

Slack Coal dost, s. 
To stnack To make a smart noise ; haye a taste, t. 
Smack Saronr ; a small ship, s. 
Al^ma-nack See Almanac, s. 

Knack Dexterity ; a nice trick ; a toj, 8. 
Snack A share, s. 

Pack A large bundle ; a set of cards, Ac, 8. 
To pack To bind np for carriage ; to pat cards together, t. 
Pkkfa-patk In a manner of a pack, ady. 

Rack An engine for torture ; extreme pain ; a frame for 
hay or bottles ; a distaff, s. 
To rack To stream as clouds ; to torture ; harass, t. 
Brack A breach, s. 

Crack A sadden noise ; a chink ; a boaster, 8. 
To crack To break into chinks ; split ; craze ; boast, t. 
Oim^erack A slight or trivial piece of mechanism, 8. 
Ar^rack A distilled spirit ; a plant, s. 
Bar^rack A building to lodge soldiers, s. 
Car^rack A large sUp of burden ; a galleon, 8. 

Track A beaten path ; a mark left, s. 
To track To follow bj the footsteps or mark, t. a. 

Wrack Destruction of a ship ; ruin, s. 
To wrack To destroy in the water ; to torture, ▼. a. 

Sack A bag of three bushels ; a woman's robe ; storm of 
a town ; plunder ; a sweet wine, 8. 
To tack To put in sacks ; to plunder, y. a. 
To ran' tack To plunder; to search narrowly, y. a. 
Knaj/tack A soldier's bag, s. 
Snaj/tack A soldier's bag, s. 

To tack To (ksten ; join ; turn a ship, y. 

Tack A smaU nail ; a turning of ships at sea, s. 
Tick-tack A game at tobies, s. 

I C K 287 

Stack A pile of haj, &o. ; a number of chinmejB, 8. 
To stack To pile up in lioks, y. a. 
To at-tack^ To assault ; impugn in any manner, t. a. 
At-tackf An assault on an enemj, ic, s. 

Quack An ignorant pretender to physie, rhymes back, s 
To quack To ory like a duck ; to brag loudly, rtiymes back, t. 
To thwack To bang ; strike ; thrash, rhymes back, t. a. 
Thvfock A heavy hard blow, rhymes back, s. 

Beek A sign with the head or hand ; a nod, s. 
To beck To make a sign with the head or hand, y. a. 
Be^beck A three-stringed fiddle, s. 
Lim'beck A still, s. 
To deck To dress ; adorn ; eoYer, y. a. 
Deck The floor of a ship ; pile of cards, s. 
To be-deck^ To deck ; to adorn, y. a. 
Quar^ter-deek The short upper deck, s. 

Oeck A bubble ; easily imposed upon, 8. 
To geek To cheat, y. a. 
To check To reprove ; curb ; stop ; clash, y. 
Check Restraint; dislike; stop, s. 
Coun^ter-cheek A stop ; a rebuke, s. 

To keck To heave the stomach, v. n. 
To fleck To spot; to streak; to dapple, y. a. 
ifeck A part between the head and body, s. 
Feck The fourth part of a bushel, s. 
To peck To strike as a bird with its beak, y. a. 

I^feek A spot of dirt, &c., s. 
To epeek To spot ; to stain in drops, v. a. 
To reck To heed ; to mind ; to care for, v. a. 
To week To suffer wreck or loss ; to ruin, v. 
Wreck A shipwreck ; destruction ; ruin, s. 
8k^ wreck The destruction of a ship, &o., s. 
To elw/wreck To destroy by dashing on rocks, &c., y. a. 
To queck To shrink ; to show pain, v. n. 

*^* For those words from the learned languages 
formerly written with k, as Oriiicky Fub&k, 
Mueick, &c. ; see Critic, PubUc, Music, &c 
Traffick Ck>mmerce; commodities, s. 
To traffick To practise commerce ; to trade, y. n. 
Chick The young of hens ; a girl, s. 
Thick Dense ; gross ; muddy ; close, a. 
Thick The thickest part, s. 
Thick Frequently; fast; closely, ad. 
Kick A blow with the foot, s. 
To kick To strike with the foot, v. a. 
To Uck To touch with the tongue ; to lap, v. a. 

Lick A blow ; rough usage, s. 
To click To make a sharp successive noise, y. n. 
To klick To make a small sharp noise, v. n. 
FroVick Gay; fWl of levity, a. 
Tofrol^iek To play wild pranks, y. n. 
Qm^Hck A plant, 8. 

288 OCK 

SUek Qe9 Sleek, a. 
Nkk A notch ; an exact pointy s. 
Topick To chooae; gather; clear; strike; rob; open; 
eat slowlj, or a little, t. 
Fkk A sharp pointed iron tool, s. 
Rick A pile or heap of com or hay, 8. 
Brick A mass of bomt clay ; a kind of loaf, b. 
To brick To lay with bricks, t. a. 
Camf brick Fine Unen originally made at Cambray, 8. 
Crick Noise of a door ;. stiffness in the neck, s. 
To prick To pierce; incite; affect with remorse; make 
acid ; mark a tune, y. 
Prick A puncture ; point ; remorse of eoneoience, s. 
Bith^op-rick See Bithoprie, s. 
Areh-biek^ op-rick See Archbishopric, 8. 

Trick A fraud ; dexterous artifice ; habit, a. 
To trick To cheat ; drees ; live by fraud, t. 

Sick Afflicted with disease ; disgusted, a. 
To tick To sicken ; to take a disease, t. n. 
Sea' tick Sick by being at sea, a. 
Love'eick Disordered with loye, a. 
Fo-ren'tick See Forenticy a. 

Brain' tick Diseased in the understanding ; giddy, a. 
Crop' tick Sick through excess, a. 

Tick A bed case ; a dog louse ; a score, s. 
Stick A small piece of wood, s. 
To etick To fasten on ; adhere ; stop ; scruple ; stab, ▼. 
To be-tOek' To stick oyer with any thing, t. a. 
Ma-jee'tick See MajuUc, a. 
Fid'dU-etiek The bow and hair for pitying on a fiddle, s. 
Can' die-stick An instrument to hold a candle, s. 
Fus'tiek A wood used in dyeing, s. 
Qwck Living; swift; actiye; ready, a. 
Quick Nimbly ; readily, ad. 
Quick liying flesh ; sensible parts, s. 
Wick The cotton of a candle, lamp, &c., s. 
Sher'if-wick The jurisdiction of a sheriff, s. 
Bai'li-tnck The jurisdiction of a bailiff, s. 

Cock Male of birds ; form of a hat ; part of a gun ; 
spout to draw beer, &o. ;' small heap of hay, b. 
To cock To set erect ; set up the hat ; sinkt, t. 
Mea'cock An uxorious or effeminate man, s« 
Pea' cock A fowl beautiful in feathers, s. 
Wood' cock A bird of passage, s. 
Shit'tle-cock A cork stuck with feathers, s. 
Shut'tle-cock A cork stuck with feathers, s. 
Oame'cock A cock bred for fighting, s. 
To spitch'cock To out in pieces and roast an eel, y. a. 
Spiich'cock An eel cut in pieces and roasted, s. 
Heath'cock A large fowl frequenting heaths, s. 
Prin'eoek A coxcomb ; a conceited person, s. 
Weath'er-cock A Yane on a spire ; any thing fickle^ i. 

00 K 289 

Dock Place for bailding ships ; a stamp ; aa herb, s. 
Had^doek A sea-fish of the cod kiad, s. 
Pad^doek An inclosure for deer ; a frog, s. 
Pud'dotk A proYincial word for an iDclosnre, s. 

Bock Hie joint between the knee and the fetlock, s. 
To hock To disable in the hock, y. a. 
Mo^hock A barbarous Indian ; a mffian, s • 

Shock A conflict; concussion; pile of sheaves, s. 
To thock To shake ; be offensiye ; build up, y. 
Jffol^l^'hock Rose mallow, 9t^ 

Lock A fastening for a door, &c.; part of a gun ; small 
quantity of hair, &c., a. 
7b lock To fasten with a look ; to unite, y. 

Block A heayy piece of wood ; pully ; stop, s. 
To block To shut up; to inclose, y. a. 
Stum^bUng-block Cause of stumbling or offence, s. 

Clock An instrument to show time ; part of a stocking ; 
a beetle, s. 
Fad^lock A depending" kind of lock, s. 
Topad^lock To fasten with a padlock, y. a. 

Wedflock Marriage ; matrimony, s. 
To he-lock^ To fasten, v. a. 
Doui/h-lock To shoot the bolt of a lock twice, y. a. 
Firtflock A soldier's gun, s. 
Fore^lock Hair on the forepart of the head, s. 
Elve^lock Knots in the hair, s. 

Flock A company of sheep, birds, &c., a. 
To flock To gather in crowds, y. n. 
Elf lock Knots of hair twisted by eWes, s. 
HiWoik A little hill, s. 
Pol'lock A kind of fi^ s. 
BuWock A young bbll ; a steer, a. 
Hem^hck An herb, s. 
To wirlock^ To open a lock ; to open in general, y. 
To slock To slake ; to quench, y. n. 
Fet^lock Hair behind the pastern joint, s. 
To mock To mimic ; deride ; elude ; make sport of, t. 
Mock Ridicule ; contemptuous mimicry, s. 
Cam'mock An herb, s. 
Ham'mock^k swing^g bed, 8. 
Mamfmock See JVommoc, a. 
Mam^mock See Jfammoe, s. 

Smock Under garment of a woman ; a shift, a. 
Nock A slit; a notch, s. 
To knock To hit or strike upon ; to clash, y. 

Knock A sudden stroke ; a blow, s. 
Ban'nock A kind of oaten cake, s. 
Pin'nock The tom-tit, s. 

Pock A pustule; a scab, 8. 
Rock A vast mass of stone ; protection, 0. 
To rock To shake ; moye a cradle ; lull ; reel, t. 
Brock A badger, s. 

240 EEK 

Crotk An e&rthen pot, s. 
Frock An outward garment ; a coat, b. 
Sham^roek Irish name for three-leayed grassi 8. 
Oir^roek A kind of fish, s. 

8o€k Something put between the foot and shoe; the 
shoe of the ancient comiq actors, s. 
Bat^toek Bass, 8. 

Cat'tock A close garment worn by clergymen, s. 
Hat^sock A stuffed mat to kueel on, s. 

Slock A log; trunk; Uumi for the neck; lineage; quan- 
tity ; tand of money, s. 
Laugh' ing-Mtock An object of ridicule ; a butt, s. 
Qa'xing-stock One gaxed at with scorn, s. 

Lin'ttoek A stf^ with a match at the end, 8. 
SalUock A shock of com, s. 
Mat'tock A tool to grub up trees ; a pickaxe, s. 
Butftock The rump ; part near the tail, 8. 
Put'iock A buzzard, s. 

Buck Washing liquor ; male of deer, rabbits, &c. 
To buck To wash clothes ; copulate as bucks, &c., t. 
Duck A water-fowl ; word of fondness, s. 
De<oy'duck A duck that lures others, s. 

To chuck To call as a hen ; to touch under the chin, r. 
Chuck The noise of a hen ; word of endearment, s. 
Luck Chance ; fortune, good or bad, s. 
7h cluck To call chickens as a hen, y. n. 
To pluck To snatch ; draw ; strip feathers, t. a. 

Pluck A pull ; heart, liver, &o., of an animal, s. 
War'luck A witch ; a wizard, s. 

Muck Dung for manure ; any thing filthy, s. 
To muck To manure with muck ; to dung, y. a. 

Puck Some sprite among the fairies, s. 
To truck To exchange ; to traffic by exchange, y. 
Truck Traffic by exchange, s. 
Struck Pret. and part pass, of to strike. 
Moon'itruck Lunatic ; affected by the moon, a. 
Plan'et'Struek Blasted, a. 

To tuck To draw the breast ; drain ; imbibe, t. 
Tut'suck A tuft of grass or twigs, s. 
To tuck To lay close ; to inclose under, y. a. 
Tuck A kind of sword ; a net, s. ' 
Stuck Pret. and part pass, of to stick. 
Tuck Itch, s. 
To eck To make bigger ; supply deficiency, y. a. 
Cheek Side of the face, of a machine, &c., s. 
Leek A plant, s. 
Oleek Music or musician, 8. 
Sleek Smooth ; glossy, a. 
To sleek To comb or render smooth or glossy, y. a. 
Meek Mild of temper ; soft : gentle, a. 
Reek Smoke; steam; pile of com, hay, &c., 8. 
TV) reek To smoke; to emit vapour, y. 

ANK 24T 

To efuk To mftke % httsh boIm, Ormk^ t. b. 
{>0db A small Imy, fti).; an aUej, i. 
Cretk Pertaming to the Oreeks, a. 
Fen'u-greek A plant, 8. 

7b Mtft To look or seanh ibr; ondearoir aftor, t. 
Week The space of semi days, s. 
To shriek To scream, rhymes week, t. a. 
Shriek Aerj of aagiush er horror, s. 

Balk A great beam, s. 
To eaik To stop the leaks ef a sUp, t. a. 

Chmlk A white fossil, s. 
To chalk To mark or manvre with elwlk, t. a. 
To talk To speak in oonversatioa ; to prattle, t. n. 
Taik Oral oonTersatioo ; rumour; a saiBeral, s. . 
Ta^ble-talk Conversatioa at meals, s. 
Town' talk Common prattle of a fdaoe, s. 
To italk To walk proocUj and awkwardly, ▼. n. 

Staik A proud and stately step ; a stem, s. 
To walk To more by leisor Ay steps, t. 

Walk Act of walking; gait ; path to walk in, s. 
By' walk A priTate walk ; not the atain road, s. 
To out'Walk' To leaTO one in walking, ▼. a. 

Elk A stately animal of the stag kind, s. 
To welk To cloud ; to ohecsre, y. a. 
Yelk The yellow part of an egg, a. 
Hk £k^ ; also, ady. 
To bilk To cheat; to definnd, y. a. 
Thilk That same, prom. 
Milk A liquor from the paps of ftaules, s. 
8iik The prodooe of worms, s. 

Folk People; natioas; mankind, rhymes with oak, 
Oen'Ud-folk Persons aboye the ynlgar, s. [poke, &c. 

Tradetyolk People employed in trades, s. 
Kiny/olk Relations, s. 

Yolk TeUow part of an egg; the yelk, s. 
Bulk Size; ehief part; a staU, s. 
To over-bulk' To oppress hj balk, y. a. 

To tculk To lurk secretly ; to lie oloae, y. n. 

Hulk Body of a ship ; any thing bulky, s. 
To hulk To ezenterate ; to embowel, y. a. 
To skulk To lurk in fear or malioe, y. b.. 

Bank A fence of earth ; repository for money, s. 
To bank To inclose with banks ; to lay up, y. a. 
Moun'te-bank A stage doctor ; a quack, s. 
To moun'te-bank To cheat by false boasts, y. a. 
Dank Damp ; humid ; moist, a. 
Hank A skein of thread, s. 

Shank Joint of the leg; long part of aa instrament^ s. 
7b thank To return aoknowledgments, y. a. 
Thank Expression of gratitude, s. 
Itek'thank An officious person, s. 

Lank Not filled up ; faint : not fat, a. 

142 INK 

BImi WUto; ovrittMi; dijjectod; pale,*. 
BUmk A Toid ^Mt ; ft butt ; VBWiittcn p^icr, «. 
7V> &2aiiifc To damp ; oosftMe ; efkee, y. a. 
CbiiJfc A load shrill shmip noise, s. 
FUmk Fwi of tke side ; nde of aa armj, fto., •. 
TojUmk To attack or be on the side, ▼. a. 

Plamk A thiek strong board, a. 
ToflUmk To corer or \kj with plaaka, t. a. 
SUmk An herb, s. 

BAJmk Strong; InximaBt; frnitfol, a. 
Eakk A line of men ; row ; dass : dignitj, s. 
To rank To arrange methodieaDj ; to be ranged, t. 
Brotik Buckwheat, a. 

Crank The end of an iron axis ; bending passage, Ac, %, 
Crank Healthj ; deep loaded (with seamen), a. 
Drank Preterit of to drink. 
Frank Liberal ; open ; sincere, a. 
^rank A hogstj ; free letter ; French coin, s. 
To frank To fMd hi^ ; to exempt from expense, y. a. 

Skrank Preterit of to shrink. 
To prank To decorate; dress to oetentatioD, y. a. 
Prank A frolic ; a wicked act, s. 
Sank Preterit of to sink. 
Tank A large cistern or basin, s. 
Stank Weak ; worn ont, a. 
SUmk Preterit of to stink. 
To twank To make, to soond, y. n. 
Ink Liquor to write with, s. 
To ink To danb with ink, y. a. 
T7 thmk To haye ideas ; judge ; mate ; imagine, y. 
To b&4kmk^ To recal to reflection, y. a. 
Skink Drink ; anj thing potable, s. 
To skM To serye drink, y. n. 

Link Part of a chain ; a torch of pitch, s. 
• 7b link To combine ; unite ; connect, y. 
To Uink To wink ; to see obscnrely, y. n. 
To clink To otter a small intemipted noise, y. n. 
CUnk A sharp noise, s. 
To m-link^ To-chain to ; to bind, y. a. 
To in-ter-Unk^ To join one in another as chains, y. a. 
7b sUnk To sneak : to cast its young, y. 
Slink A cast calf, s. 

Pink A flower ; colour ; kind of fish, s. 
To pink To pierce in holes ; wink with the eyes, y. 
Brink The edge of a riyer ; precipice, &o., s. 
Brink Liquor to be swallowed, s. 
To drink To swallow liquors ; suck up, y. 
Wdrdrink Medicated liquor, s. 
To Mkrvnk To contract itself; to withdraw through fear, t. 

Shrink A contraction of the body, &o., s. 
To prink To prank; to dock for show, y. n. 

OOK 24t 

To tmk To fftU gradnaDj ; decline ; diminish ; snp- 
press ; oonoeal ; depress ; degrade, t. 
Sink A drain ; a jakes, s. 
To Hnk To make a sharp shrUl noise, y. n. 
To ttmk To emit an offensiTe smdl, y. n. 

Stink OffensiYO smdl, s. 
To wink To shut the eyes ; to oonniYe, y. n. 

Wink A olo^g of the eye ; something as a hint, a. 
To hood^wink To blind by coYering the eyes, y. a. 
To 9wink To toil ; to OYer-labour, y. 
Swink Labour; toil; drodgery, s. 
Twink Motion of the eye ; a moment, s. 
Monk One who Uyos in a monastery, rliymee trank, s. 
Fonk Touchwood, rhymes trunk, s. 
Sponk A nocturnal spirit; a hag^ rhymes trunk, i. 
Funk A stink ; fear, s. 
Jtmk A Chinese ship ; pieces of old cable, a. 
Slttnk Preterit and part pass, of slink. 
Funk A common prostitute, s. 
I^nmk Rotten wood ; touchwood, s. 
To erunk To cry like a crane, y. n. 
Drunk Intoxicated with strong liquor, a. 
Shrunk Preterit and part pass, of shrink. 
Trtmk The body of any thing; sort of chest; pro- 
boscis of an elephant, &c.; a long tube, a. 
Sunk Preterit and part pass, of sink. 
Stunk Preterit of stink. 
Book A Yolume in which we read or write, 8. 
To book To register in a book, y. a. 
Com-mon-place^book A book for general heads, s. 
Min^uU-book A book of short hints, s. 
Hom^hook The first book of children, a. 
Doomf^day-book An ancient register of estates, a. 
Cook One who dresses Yictuals,'s. 
To eook To prepare Yiotuals for the taUe, y. a. * 

Jlook Any thing bent to catch hold, a. 
To hook To catch with a hook ; to ensnare, y. a. 

Shook Preterit and part pass, of riiake. 
Pot-hook A hook on which pots, &c, are hung, a. 
To look To behold; seek; search for, y. 
Look! Seel lol behold 1 inteij. 
Look Air of tiie face ; act of seeing, i. 
Fhok The broad part of an anchor, s. 
To o-vtr-look' To superintend; peruse; neglect, y. a. 
To outrlook^ To face down ; to browbeat, y. a. 
Nook A comer, s. 

Rook A bird ; cheat ; mean chessman, a. 
To rook To rob ; to cheat, y. a. 
Brook A running water ; a riYulet, s. 
- To brook To endure ; bear ; be content, ▼. 

Crook Any bent instrument; a aheephook, i. 
To crook To bend, y. a. 


Ark A vmmI to npuB on tie «»ter; » dMil» •. 
Bark Bindof »trM; » Basil riiip, s. 
7V> bark To Biko » BoiM m » dog ; strip trees, ▼. 
lb <i»-6aH/ To JiiSMtsrlr, t. a. 

To em-barkf To pot m* go ob ship6oorti, ▼. 
To du-am-harkf Tokwl; to eviT to lud, t. 
T^Mo^Mrkf TolHKlfroa»8yih»v.a. 

Vwrk Notl^ht; bUnd; oboeore, a. 
Dark Want at tight or kaowlodge, s. 
To dark To dflilnn; to o b e citt e, ▼. a. 
To hark To tistea, t. b. 
jBor*/ list! iMarl tistm! intoj. 
lb cAori^ To ¥«B to a Maek dnder, t. a. 
Shark A yonakaoB ish ; a trieUng fdlow, s. 
Jjark A SB&all singiiig bird, s. 

JIM; nie sot of Ids. 4d.; a token; oljectto shootat; 
iMprssBon ; proof, s. 
lb mark To make a nark ; to note, t. 
Soa^wark A mark to direct tkose at sea, s. 
Landfmark A mark of boondaries, s. 

Be-mark^ An obssifstion ; aote ; notioe ; token, s. 
lb ro-moH/ To note ; obeerre ; point ont, t. a. 
Wa^tet-mark Uie timit of tke flood, s. 
Couni^tr mark A mark of Taloe, property, &o., s. 
Park An eneloeed ground for deer, Ac., s. 
To park To inelose as in a park, t. a. 
lb im-pari/ To inelose witii a park, t. a. 

&Mirk A particle of Ire or l!|^t; a gaj lad, s. 
%>ark To emit partieles of fire, t. n. 
8ark A shark or shirk (in Seottand a sMrt), s. 
Siark Strong; deep; simple; plain; 8tl€^ a. 
Wofk Bnikyng, rhymes eerk, s. 
BvVwark A f ortiieation ; a s eetu ity, s. 
- MMt/bark A coat of mail, s. 

Toferk To giye a qmck smsrt Mow, t. a. 
J^rk A qnick smart oast ; a qmek jolt, 8. 
CUrk A dergjman; a scholar, s. 
Okrk A book-keeper, riiymes aik, s. 
Town' clerk A manager of corporatiOB hnsiness, s. 
To tmerk To smile wantonly, ▼. a. 
Toptrk To hold np the head affectedly ; to prank, y. 
lb yerk To throw out with a spring, t. a. 

jitrk A quick motion, s. 
lb irk It irks me ; I am wesry of it, rhymes jerk, t. a. 

Dirk A kind of dagger, rhymes jerk, s. 
lb dirk To qE>oil ; to rain, rhymes jerk, y. a. 
Tofirk To whip; to bea^ rhymes jerk, y. ». 
Kirk A church ; the church of Scotland, rhymes jerk, s. 
Smirk See Smerik, rhymes jerk, s. 
Qmirk Quick stroke; artful distinction, rhymes jerk, s. 
Cork A tree ; bark ; botde stopple, s. 

USK S46 

F^k An instmrnent with two or three prongs, 8. 
Fiteh^/ork A fork to toss oom or haj, &o., s. 
Pork Swine's flesh, s. 
Stork A bird of passage, s. 
To work To labour; be agitated; fmaeDt; prodnoe; 
effect ; embroider ; make waj, rhymes lurk, y. 
Work Labour; employment; a deed, s. 
A-work^ On work ; in a state of labour, ad. 
Firefwork A show of fire, s. 
Hand^i-work Work of the hand ; manufacture, s. 
Plain' work Needlework ; not embroideiy, s. 
Homework A kind of angular fortification, s. 
Cheek^er-work Work Tsried idtemately, s. 
Walter-work An hydrauUo performance, s. 
To count' er-work To counteract; to hinder, t. a. 
Jour'ney-work Work done by a journeyman, s. 

To lurk To lie in wait ; to lie hidden, t. n. 
Murk Husks of Aruit, s. 
Turk A natiye of Turkey, s. 
Sturk A young ox or he^er, s. 
To cuk To beg ; claim ; inqcdre ; require, t. a. 
To bask To lie exposed to the heat of the sun, t. n. 
Cask A barrel ; wooden vessel for liquor, s. 
Cask A helmet ; armour for the head, s. 
Hask A habitation made of rushes, &c., 8. 
Fkuk A kind of bottle ; a powder-horn, s. 
Mask A disguise ; pretence ; entertainment, s. 
To mask To disguise ; hide ; ooTor ; revel, r. 
Dam' ask Silk or woollen woven into flowers, s. 
To dam' ask To weave in flowers, ^., v. 
To hnrmask' To cover ; to disguise, v. a. 
Th un^mask' To remove a disg^uise, v. a. 

Task An employment ; business imposed, s. 
To task To impose something to be done, v. a. 
Desk An inclining table for writing, &c., s. 
Bisk Broth; soup, s. 
Disk A quoit ; tiie face of the sun, s. 
Whisk A small besom; a kind of tippet, s. 
Bas'i4isk The cocatrice serpent ; a cannon, s. 
Ol/e-lisk A pyramid ; a mark, s. 
Risk Hazard ; danger ; chanoe, s. 
Brisk Lively; gay; bright, a. 
To frisk To leap; .skip; be flnoticsome, v. n. 
As'ter-isk A mark in printing, (*), s. 

Busk Something worn to strengthen the 8layf» •• 
Dusk A tendency to darkness or blackness, s. 
Husk The integument of fruits, s. 
To husk To strip off the husks, v. a. 
Lusk Idle ; lasy ; worthless, a. 
Jiusk A perfume ; a flower, s. 
Busk Htfd bread for stores, s. 
Tusk The fang; the holding tooth, 8. 


Cmk A MttM tOky wfm, ii 

Z>mpi; An inoiaioii im. wbtM, & 
lb dawk To mark viAb hi iinttiiifla, T. ». 

^^bmfc A cmIbm; » fiKOiak Mlow, s. 

£ra»k A bM of fMy» •. 
^ Aov A To iatrem «p fUtgn ; 07 good^ 1^ 

J9mr* AiouMktvs. 

Ca-haV A |ffrate jvala of mob; «ii uktncviw i^ 
Carbalf The JMriflb tndilios, & 
7b c4k-b€J/ To uiteigBO pa^til^j, ▼. ^ 
Can^fd-bol A mm oator, s. 
Cym'haL A i^niod inatnynaii^ & 
Ji^6aj A ketao-<tniin» ■. 
Herl/al A book of pUota^ s. 
Feryo/ Spoke»; onl; d«ri^ed from * Torb, a. 
ProB-o-di^a-cal PertainiBg to proaody» a. 
Car^a^tU Cordial ; imiisaratiiig, a^ 
ffe4i^a-eai Beladng to the 8«ii» a. 
Ot-neUk-Uftk-eal Rcdating to ciaiwilatioii of natiTities, a. 

Jfo-nt^o-MJ Ba^g with madness, a. 
Demron'i-areal Derilish ; Tory bad, a. 
Amrftuhn^ortal Haling the nature of ammoniac salt, a. 
By-po-chom-^ri^thcal Melancholy, a. 

The^orwd Physical ; medioinal, a. 
Pcar-ordi-n^a-^al Suiting or making paradise, a. 
AphrTo-dUi^a-cal Relating to the Toiereal disease, a. 
Bib-U-otk^6<al Belonging to a library, a. 
In-lrin^ti-cal Inward ; real, a. 
JSz-trm^ti-eal Outward, a. 
Tro-^sht/i-eal Consisting of trocheee, a. 
La^p-cal Beloi^png to the laity, a. 
Al-ge-^a^i-cal Relating to algebra, a. 
Phar-i-^a^ircal Ritual ; externally rdigions, a. 
Syl-lal/p^Ql Coaaistang of sylUblea, a. 
Mon-o-tyt-lab^i-Ml Consisting of one syllable, a. 
Polr^-tylr-lai/i-cal Relating to a polyfl^rllAble, a. 
Tria-yl-lab^i-cal Consisting of three syllables, a. 

Cu^bircal Haying the form or natore of a cube, a. 
Far^e^-eal Belonging to a farce, i^ 
Ead^i-cal Original ; implanted by nature, a. 
Spo-rad^^^al Endemial ; affecting bat few peraoHB, a. 
Med^ireal Bating to healing, a. 
Pyr-a-mid^ircal Having the form of a pyramid, ft. 
Cfo-noid'i-eal Approaching a oonic form, a. 
Spke-roid^ireal Formed like a spheroid, a. 
Ve-rid^i-cal Tellii^ truth, a. 
Jthrid^ircal Used in coiots of justice, a. 
Fc^Udfireak PM^etieal ; fovetelling, a^ 

€AL 247 

M&-ihod'i-<dl Ranged in due order, a. 
Am-&-ihod^ireal Out oi method ; irr^^iilar, a. 
Im^m&ihod^i^al Goafftted ; nithont method, a. 

PeM-od^i-cal Begolar ; at etated times ; eirenlar, a. 
Sy-nodfi-cal Relftting to, or done In a eynod, a. 
S^p-4'$odfiF-cal Contained in an ^^eode, a. 

Spe-effi-cal DistingnishiBg one aort troim aaother, a. 
Dd'&^i^ai Having yirtne to aeenage pain, a. 
Mag-ii^i-^al IllQStrioiis ; grand, a. 
Sem-i^'iredl Prodnoing seed, a. 
Sa^crif^i^al Employed in saoiiiloe, a. 
Be-a-Hfi-cal Bliteftil, a. 
Sdrm-i^i-^iU Prodnoing certain knowledge, a. 
Pon-Hf^ircal Belonging to a bifhop ; splendid, a. 
Mag^i<al Performed by magio, a. 
Trag^i-^al Blonmftil; oalanitooa, a. 
P^A-OF^og^iHsal Suitable to a schoofanaster, a. 
Syn-Q^g(^i-€al Pertaining to a synagogue, a. 
Ap-^i^og'i^al Not directly proving a thing, bol diowing the 
absurdity of denying it, a. 
Log^i-eal Of or belongmg to logic, a. 
Oenr&^log^ircal Pertaining to genealogy, a. 
An-a-log^i-cal Used by way of analogy, a. 

Urlog'ircal Contrary to the rules of reasoning, a. 
Amrphib-o-logH-eal DoubtfiU, a. 

Ths-o-log^i^eal Relating to theology, a. 
Me-te-or-o-log^i^eal Relating to meteors, a. 

Faih-o-logH-cdl Relating to tokens of a distemper, a. 
Ethrihhg^i^isal Treating of morality, a. 
Ifyth-ihlog^i-eal Relating to fables, a. 
PhUro-log^i-cal Critical; grammatical, a. 
Et-y-mo-log^i-cal Relating to etymology, a. 
Ckronro-log^i-cal Relating to chronology, a. 
Trop-<hiog^i<4d Varied by tropes, a. 
A^tHhlof/i-eal Relating to astrology, a. 
Tau-Uhlog^i-cal Repeating the same thing, a. 
Pkgt^Mog^i-cal Rdating to physiology, a. 
Cki-n$i^gi^eal Belonging to surgery, a. 
Sto-maeh^i-eal Relating to the stomach, a. 
8ynrm-dochfi<tU Implying a synecdoche, a. 
MtMutreh^i-eal Vested in a single ruler, a. 
Anrti-mo-narehfi-eal Against monarchy, a. 

Ht-er-archrircal Bdonghig to sacred goyemmeBt, a. 
Se-rapk^i-eal Angelical ; aag^ic, a. 
Qr^hfi-cal Well delineated, a. 
Oe-o-graph^i-eal Relating to geography, a. 
' Or'0u>^aph'i'CtU Rightly spelled, a. 
Co9-^m>-^r€^h'ircal Pertaining to cosmogr^hy, a. 
Seenro^grmph'v'eal Pertaining to soenography, a. 
S^-lenrihgrc^h^i-cal Relating to selenoc^hy, a. 
Ty-po-graphfi-eal Belonging to prinluig, a. 
Chor-ihgraph^i-cal Belonging to ohorography, a. 

2tt CAL 

Am-io-^r^k^i-eml Of one's ova wiitiag; a. 
PkU-o-sopk^i^mi Belanging to pUlooophj, a. 
Un-pkO-o-Mpk^i^ml Not ooofomablo to phfloooplij, a. 
Bi-e-nh0i9p k^» <ai Eiabkiitkri, a. 
JBtk^i-tai Moral, a. 
Me-iaVU<ml Contijamg, or ooosistiiig of metal, a. 
A-cye^^HeoJ Cireular ; eant itmnd, a. 
An^fd/i'tal Beeembliiig angeU ; abore hiumi, a. 
Um-biVi-cal Bfrfonging to tJbe naTol, a. 
Ba-^^i-cal Bdongiiig to tlie basiUe Teiii, a. 
Di-^B-M^i-cal Derilich, a. 
F4ir-€hM^h<al Expreeeed in parables, a. 
Sjfm-M^p-€«l Typioal ; ex press in g bj signs, a. 
Hf-per-boi^i-eml Exaggerating, a. 
Ap-ot-iol^i-cal Delirered bj tbe apostles, a. 
Hy-dnn/U-ad Relating to hjdraiilicB, a. 
PatHiirld'O-ffrttmtfi^dl Haiing the propertieo of a panJlriogram, a. 
B<U'9am'i<«i Unetnons ; mitigating ; besling, a. 
Ao^a-dem^i<ml Belonging to an academy, a. 
Ep-i-dem^i-tal General ; affeeting nambers, a. 
En-dem^ircdL Peeoliar to a country, a. 
Po-lemfi-tal Controrersial ; di^otatiye, a. 
Rhyih'mi-cml Harmonical, a. 

Mw^i-€«l Acting the mimic ; imitating, a. 
Jn-im^i-cal Unfriendly, a. 
Com^i-tal Direrting ; merry ; droll, a. 
Trag-i-eom'i-cal Conmsting of mirth and sorrow, a. 
Coz-com^f-ceU Conceited ; foppish, a. 
Quad-ri-nom^i-eal Consisting of four denominatioBS, a. 
Eo^>'nom^i-cal Fmgal; regulating, a. 
A§-4ro-nom^i-€€U Belonging to astronomy, a. 
A'tom'i-aU Consisting of atoms, a. 
An-a-trnn^i-^al Belonging to anatomy, a. 

Co^mi-cal Rising or setting with the son, a. 
Ckym'ircal Made by, or relating to chemistry, a. 
Al-^kym^i-tal Relating to alchymy, a. 
Cae-^hchym^y<al Haying the hnmoors corrupted, a. 
Met-o^ym'i-eal Put by metonymy for something else, a. 
In-or-gan'i-cal Void of organs, or instruments, a. 
Me-^um^ircal Done by the law of mechanics ; mean, a. 
Im-^ne-^han'i-eal Not mechanical, a. 
Char-Ut-tan^p-cal Quackish ; ignorant, a. 
Sa^toH^i-cal DoTilish; infernal, a. 
Purfi'ianH'Cal Relating to puritans ; demure, a. 
Bo-tan^i-^al Relating to herbs, a. 
O-ee-u^mm^p^al General; uniTorsal, a. 
Catr&-ch!iMnen^i'€al Belonging to the catechumens, a. 
Ar-aenfi-cal Containing arsenic, a. 
Tech/ni<al Belonging to arts and sciences, a. 
Pyr-fy-Ueh'm-aU Engaged or skilful in lire-workSy %. 
Cher-Vrbm^ireal Angelical, a. 

Fm^i<al Nice; foppish; effected, a. 


Clin^i-€0l Keeping bed, a. 
Do-min^i-cal Denoting the Lord*8 day, a. 
Ty-Ton^ni-^U Like a tyrant, a. 
Plar^-o-^xm'i'eal Flat and conical on different sidei, a. 
Eu-phon^i-cal Sounding agr^oeably, a. 
Bit-tri-on^i-eal Befitting the stage, a. 
Har-monH'Cal Musical, a. 

Cd-non'ircal Regular ; scriptnral ; ecdeeiastloal, a. 
Oe-o-jxm^i-eal Relating to agricultiire, a. 
Syn-^hron^i-eal Happeidng at the same time, a. 
I-ran^i-^al Spoken bj way of irony, a. 
Thro'-ion^i-eal Boasting ; bragging, a. 

Ton'i-cal Extended ; relating to sonndiy a. 
Cyn^i-cal Satirical ; snarling, a. 
He-rt/i^ai Braye, a. 
Td-e-teop'i^eal Belonging to a telescope, a. 
Hy-droj/i-^al Dropsical, a. 

Troj/i-cal Fignratiye ; near the tropics, a. 
Top'i-eal Relating to some general head, a. 
Typ^ircal Emblematical ; fi^uratiye, a. 
An-ti'typ^i-^xU Explaining the type, a. 
Oe-to^^ri-eal Haying eight sides, a. 
Polry-ed^rircal Haying many sidee» a. 
Cy-Un^dri-eal Like a cylinder, a. 
Spher^i-cal Round ; globular, a. 
Helri-tpher^i-cal The rhomb line in aayigatioa, a. 
Hem-i-spher^i-cal Half round, a. 
Sem-irtpher^ircal Belonging to half a sphere^ a. 
At-mo^her^i-^al Belonging to the atmosphere^ a. 
Scira-ther^ireal Belonging to the sun-dial, a. 
CUr^i-cal Relating to the clergy, a. 
Chirmer^i-cal Imaginary; fuieied, a. 
Nu-vwr'i-eal Of the same number; numeral, a. 
09-ner^iredl Comprehending the genus, a. 
CU-macUr^i-cal Succeeding ; dangerous ; fiktai, a. 

le^ter^i-cal Afflicted with the jaundice^ a. 
Alr^x-i-ter^v^al Haying power to expel poison, a. 
Hyt'ier^i^eal Troubled with fits, a. 
Po-^loff^ri-cal Qouty, a. 
Chirrag^rireal Haying the gout in the hand, a. 
Sa-tir^i-eal Seyere in language ; bitter, a. 
The-or^i-cal Speculatiye, a. 
Al-le^o^ircdl Pertaining to an allegoiy, a. 
Cat-e^cT^i-cal Absolute ; positiye, a. 
Met'O^hor^i^eal Not literal ; figuratiye, a. 

Or-a-tor^i-^al Rhetorical ; becoming an orator, a. 
Rhe-toT^i-aU Oratorical ; pertaining to rhetotie, a» 
His-tor^i-cal Pertaining to history, a. 
The-at'ri^al Suiting a theatre, a. 
B-let/trucai Attractiye without magnetiam, a. 
Mel^rircal Pertaining to metre, a. 
IH-a-met'rircal Describing, or like a diamatar, a. 

250 GAL 

PUm-i-mut^ri-edl Belongisg to pUoimetry, a. 
Ji-Hhper-i-met^ri-cal HaTing eqaaA cironmfereiioeSy a. 
Sym-^net'ri-eal Proportioiiate, a. 
Oe-^Mnet^ri-cal Pertaining to geometry, a. 
Uh-ge-o-met^ri-^al Not geometrical, a. 
Ther-mo-met'ri-eal Relating to the measure of heat, a. 
Trig-o-no-met^ri-cal Relating to trigonometry, a. 
Bar-o-mft^rp-eal Relating to the barometer, a. 
Ta^H-cal Perrerse ; eonr ; froward, a. 
Par-€hcm^tri-cal Deriating from oircolarity, a. 
JBe-^m^trircal Deriating from the centre, a. 
Con-^en^trucal Haring the same centre, a. 
Dirop^tri-^al Affordhig a mediam for the sight, a. 
Cc^toj/irircal Relating to catoptrics, a, 

Lyr^i-ccU Pertaining, or singing to a harp, a. 
Phthit^i^al Wasting; short-breathed, a. 

Tia^i'cal ConsumptiTe, a. 
Whim'tircal Capricious ; oddly fanciful, a. 
Non-Mnftircal Unmeaning; foolish, a. 
Jn-trin^fircal Internal; real, a. 
Drop^n-eal Troubled with a dropsy, a. 
CUu^H^al Relating to standard authors of the first 
Mu'ti-cal Harmonious ; melodious, a. [rank, a. 

Im-muftircal Harsh; unmusical, a. 
Uh-fHu^n-cal Not harmonious ; harsh, a. 
Pkjft^i-^al Medicinal ; relating to nature, a. 
Metrt^-pf^t^i-cal Relating to metaphysics, a. 
SiUhbat^i-cal Belonging to the sabbath, a. 
Bnrn6-<it^i-cal Every ninth day of sickness, &c. a. 
Bm-phtO^y^al Strong ; forcible ; striking, a. 
Sd-^^i-cal Troubled with the hip-gout, a. 
Pre4at^i^al Relating to prelate or prelacy, a. 
Ae-ro-^t^mat^p-cal Of or pertaining to deep learning, a. 
Dra-^nat'i-cal Represented by action ; theatrical, a. 
Math-e-nuU^p^al According to mathematics, a. 
An^-the-mat^i-cal Haring properties of an anathema, a. 
Em-ble-mat^i-eal Allusive ; using emblems, a. 
Prob-le-^nat'i^al Uncertain ; disputed ; disputable, a. 
The-o^e-mat^i-^al Relating to theorems, a. 
Syt-t&^nat^i-^al Methodical, a. 
En^ig-mat'i-^Ml Obscure; doubtful, a. 
Stig-mat^i-cal Branded with infamy, a. 
Dog-mtUfi-eal Magisterial ; positive, a. 
Aath-mat^i-cal Troubled with an asthma, a. 
Oram-mat^i-cal Belonging to, or taught by grammar, a. 
Ep-^'gram-^mai^i-^al Dealing in epigrams ; pointed, a 
Chr^-no-^am'-matH'Cdl Belonging to a chronogram, a. 
Jd't-o-mai^ireal Peculiar to a tongue, a. 
Ar-o-nuU^i-^al Spicy; fragrant; sweet, a. 
Symp-to-mat'y^al Happening concurrently, a. 
Au-ta-mat'i-^al Having power to move, a. 
Sper-mairi-eal Seminal, a. 

CAL 251 

Sehu-mat^i-cai Separated ; divided, a. 
Em-py^eu-mat't'eal Resembling bamt substances, a. 
Fa-nat'ircal Enthusiastio ; mad; possessed, a. 
He-pat^i-cal Belonging to the liver, a. 
Da-pat^i-eal Sumptuous in cheer, a. 
Fan-erat^i'cal Excelling in all the gymnastic exercises, a. 
The-^crat^i'cal Relating to theocracy, a. 
Id-i-o-cratfi-cal Peculiar in constitution, a. 
Dem-o-creU^i-cal Belonging to a democracy, a. 
A-ru-to-crat^i-eal Relating to aristocracy, a. 

Pi'Tot^i-cal Predatory ; thieyish ; robbing, a. 

Stat^i-eal Relating to weighing, a. 
Ec'Stai^i-eal Ravishing; enrapturing, a. 
Ap-o-stat^i-cal After the manner of an apostate, a. 
Hyp-o-tiat'trcal Constitutive; personal, a. 
Hy-dro-ttatH-cal Relating to hydrostatics, a. 

Ex-tat^i<al Tending to something external ; rapturous, a. 

Di'dcu/ti-eal Perceptive; doctrinal, a. 

Sta-la</ti-c(U Resembling an icicle, a. 

Far-al-lae^ti-cal Pertaining to a paraUax, a. 

Prac'ti-edl Relating to performance, a. 

Ai-trcte^ti^al Having power to draw, a. 

Ta</H-cal Relating to the art of war, a. 
Syn-Uu/tv-cal Fitted or relating to syntax, a. 

Hee^H-eal Habitual; continual, a. 
Ca-chee'tircal Having a bad habit of body, a. 
DirOrUc^H-eal Logical ; argumental, a. 
Ap'^plec'ti'Cal Relating to an apoplexy, a. 
Ap-O'die^ti-cul Demonstrative, a. 
Gt-^hdcet^i-c&l Relating to measuring surfaces, a. 
AUplKk-betH'Cal According to the series of letters, a. 
Quod'U-bei'i-eal Not restrained to a particular subject, a. 

Ex-e-get'ircal Explanatory; expository, a. 
An-a-ffo-get^i-cal Relating to spiritual- elevation, a. 
Ap-^)'lo'ffet^i'eal Defending; excusing, a. 
Cat'&^het^i-eal Consisting of questions and answers, a. 
Pa-thet^i-eal Affecting the passions, a. 
An-U-pa-thet^i-^Ml Having a natural contrariety, a. 
Sym-pa-thei^i-cal Having a mutual sensation, a. 
Fa^m'thet^i-eal Pertaining to a parenthesis, a. 
Syn-thetH-eal Conjoining; compounding, a. 
Hy-po-ihet^i-eal Supposed ; conditional, a. 
Ho-mi-Ut^ircal Sociable, a. 

E-met^i-cal Promoting vomits, a. 
A-rith-mei^i-^al According to arithmetic, a. 
Her-met^i-^Ml Chymical, a. 
Fla-net^i-eal Belonging to planets, a. 
Dirnet^i-cal Vertiginous, a. 
Al-a-et^i-eal Consisting of iJoes, a. 
Fihtt^i'cal Expressed in, or pertaining to poetry, a. 
Dk-po-et^i-cal Not becoming a poet, s. 
Me-ret'i-cal Holding a fundamental error in religion, a. 

252 OAL 

IH-€'tet'i-eai B«l«tuig to diet, a. 
Cen-o-bit^i-eal LiTisg in oommnnitj, a. 
At'Cit^i-cal Dropsical, a. 
ffer-ma^kro-dil^i'Cal Partaking of both 8«xet, a. 
M&ffkti^i-cal Stinking, a. 
Eet-er-o-clit^t'Cal Irreg^ar, a. 

Po-Wi'Cal Rating to politioa ; ennning, a. 
Im-po-Wi-cal Imprudent; indiacreet, a. 
Met-TO-po-Wi-eal Chief or principiU of cities, a. 
Er^-mii^ircal Religious ; solitary, a. 
Her-e-mit^i-cal Solitary; retired, a. 

Crit'i'cal Nioe ; judicious ; aooorate, a. 
BiffMh<rii^i-cal Dissemblhig ; insincere ; false, a. 
O-nei^o-crit^i-^al Interpreting dreams, a. 
Hy-per-crit^i^al Griti<Md beyond use, a. 

Ar-^tHi^i-cai Gouty ; bdonging to joints, a. 
Par-a^^i-cal Wheedling ; fluttering, a. 
Le-vit^i-^al Belonging to the LcTitet, a. 
O-no-man^ti-ced Predietii^^ by the name, a. 
I'den^U'Cal The same, a. 
Au-thentfi-cal (Genuine, a. 
De9-pot^i-^l Absolute ; arbitrary ; unlimited, a. 

Scq/ti<al UniTersal; doubting, a. 
Pro-lq>^ii'Cal Previous ; antecedent, a. 
Pro-tr^ti-cal AdTising, a. 

Sep^ti-cal Causing or promoting putrefikction, a. 
StipHi-cal Stanching blood, a. 
M-Up^H-cal Oval, a. 

C^^H-cal Relating to optics or the eye, a. 
Sy-nop^ti-cal Showing many parts at once, a. 
Au-top'ti-eal Seen by one's own eyes, a. 
A-po-ea-lypHi'cal Containing revelation, a. 
Cryp'ti-cal Secret ; hidden, a. 
Ca-thar^ti-cal Purging, a. 

Ver^ii<al Placed in the zenith ; perpendicular, a. 
Cor^ti-cal Barlq^ ; belonging to Uie rind, a. 
Vor^H-cal Having a whirling motion, a. 
Sar-catHi-cal Severe ; taunting ; keen, a. 
En-eo-mi'cu^ti-eal Panegyrical ; laudatory, a. 
Ee-ele-^-at^tircal Relating to the churdi^ a. 
En-thu-n-cu^H-cal Over-iealous in any thing, a. 
E-las^H-cal Springing, a. 
Scho-ku^ti-eal Belonging to a school, a. 
Par-a-pkras^ti-cal Not literal ; verbose, a. 
Per-i-phrat^H'Cal Circumlocutory, a. 

Fan-tat^ ti-cal Capricious; whimsical, a. 
Phan-tas'ti-cdl See FarUastkaL 

Ma^Wti-<€il August; stately; sublime, a. 
Do-met'tireal Belonging to a houae, a. 
Cat-a-ckret^ti^eal Forced ; far-fetdied, a. 
Dt^'tircdl Belonging to Deism, a. 

DAL 268 

A'th&^U-cal Wieked; d«iijiiig God, ft. 
8yl4o-ffU^tircal CSonsisting of a syllogim, a. 

So-phitHi^al Fallacious ; logi<Md ; deoeitful, a. 
Cab-a-Ut^ti-cdl Mysterious, a. 
A-non^a-Wti-cdl Irregular, a. 

PorpiaHireal Popish ; adhering to the pope, a. 
Eu-cha-ris^ti-eal Relating to the Lord's supper, a. 
Ohar-ae-ter^Ui-cal Belonging to a character, a. 
Aph-o^rii'ti-eal Written in separate sentences, a. 
Caa-u^H'Cal Relating to oases of conscience, a. 
Bus^ip^Ml Boisterous ; rude ; savage ; onpolite, a, 
Nau^U-ceU Pertaining to seamen or ships, a. 
Seor-bu^tircal Diseased with the scurry, a. 
An-U-tcor-bufU-eal Ck>od against the scurry, a. 
E-ria^U^eal ControTcrsial, a. 
Caus^ti-eal Burning, a. 
Phoh-ma-ceu^H'eal Relating to the art of pharmacy, a. 
Vh/i-eal Giving life, a. 
Cer^vi-cal Belonging to the neck, a. 
An'€hlsfi^i-cal Of dt belonging to analysis, a. 
^ Par-ordozH-cal Inclined to contrarieties, a. 

Tox^i-eal Poisonous ; depriving of senae, a. 
Tin^cal A mineral, s. 
Fo^cal Belonging to the focus, a. 
Lo^eal Of^ or in a place, a. 
Rtrc^ro-cal Alternate; mutual, a. 

Vo^cal Having, or modulated by, a voice, a. 
U-nh/iMMl Haring one meaning ; certain, a. 
E-quiv^o^dl Uncertain; doubtful, a. 
y<M>er^eal Relating to a step-mother, a. 
Reu^eal A mean scoundrel ; fellow, s. 
Fiscal Exchequer; revenue, s. 
To mit-eal^ To name improperly, v. a. 
Cat^eal A squeaking instrument, s. 
Du'cal Pertaining to a duke, a. 
A-cron^lf-eal Importing the beginning of nig^t. a. 
ffeb-^hm^a-dal Weekly, a. 

Dctd^cd Cunning; intricate, a. 
Medial An extraordinary coin, s. 
Feudal Belonging to a foot, a. 
Bi-pe^dal Two feet in length, a. 
Sem-i-pe^dal Containing half a foot, a. 
TV^^e^al Having three feet, a. 
8ei-quip^6-dal Containing a foot and a half, a. 
De-cem^pe-dal Having ten feet in length, a. 

Fre^dal Robbing ; practising plunder, a. 
Hom-i-d^dai Murderous; bloody, a. 
Far-ri'ci^dal Relating to parricide, a. 
Lam-boi^dal Like the letter lambda, a. 
Rhom-boi^dtU Shaped like a rhomb, a. 
Hemror-hoifdal Belonging to the veins in the fundament, a. 

254 BAL 

8m i ifkit roifdal Fotmed like a katf q^horaU, a. 
Brifdal A anRuge Utmt, s. 
Bri^dal Bekmging to Barmge, a. 
Amidol A looae i£oe,"8. 
IVt/dla/ Held from aaotiMT, a. 
Sifn^oHlal Bditing to a ByBod, a. 
uli»-2j/o-d^ ReUtiiig to tke antipodes, a. 
Feu^dal Held from a lord, a. 
" Fm^iaX Dependeooe; tenoie, 8. 
Btal A whdk or pimple, 8. 
To beal To ripen ; to gather matter, t. b. 
To eomreeal' To lude ; keep secret, t. a. 

Dtai Quantity; portion; fir-wood, s. 
To deal To distnbnte ; to ghre each his dae, t. a. 
To deal To traffic ; to trade ; to contend with, t. a. 
rder^ Mental; inteUectoal, a. 
Wdib-^d Trial by fire or water, s. 
To oonrgmV To freoe ; grow stiff; t. 

To heal To core a woond ; reokicOe ; grow well, t. 
To tkeal To shell, t. a. 

Wlual Pnstole; bodj of matter, s. 
To meal To sprinkle ; to mix, ▼. a. 
Meal Com floor ; act of eating, s. 
Pieeefmeal In small pieces ; singly, ad. 
Ineh^meal A piece an inch long, s; 
Oai'meal Floor of oats ; a h^b, s. 
To neal To temper by heat, t. a. 
Sub-ter^a^ne-al Lying onder the earth, a. 
Ho^mo^e'n&al HsTing the same natore, a. 
Hetr&ro^e^ne-al Unlike in nature, a. 
Hy-me'tie^al A marriage song, s. 
ffy-me-^ie^al Pertaining to marriage, a. 
Coeh^i-neal An insect used to dye scarlet, s. 

Lin^e-al Descending in a right line, a. 
Unrlm^e-al Not in order of saccession, a. 

Pm^&-al Resembling a pineapple, a. 
To an^neay To temper glsM, &o., t. a. 
Ct/ne-al Like a wedge, a. 

Peal A succession of loud sounds, as of bells, §•• 
To peal To play solemnly and load, t. n. 
To re-peal^ To recall ; reroke ; abrogate, t. a. 

Ap-peaV A calling for relief or justice, s. 
To ap^peal/ To refer to another judge, t. n. 
Re^al True ; genuuie ; immoTcable, a. 
B-the^re-al HeaTenly, a. 
Ve^ne^re-al Relating to loTe, a. 
An'ti^w-ne^re-al Against the foul disease, a. 
Furne^renU Suiting a funeral ; dismal, a. 
Uh-re^al Unsubstantial, a. 
Bo're^ Northern, a. 
Cor-po^re-al Having a body, a. 

lAL 266 

Inrcor-p(/r&-al Immaterial; unbodied, a. 
JSm^-re^al Refined beyond aerial, a. 
Seal The sea-calf; a stamp, b. 
To seal To fix a seal ; confirm ; ratify, t. 
Lae-te^al MUky ; conyeying chyle, a. [silently, t. 

To ileal To take by theft ; gain by art ; go or pass 
Veal The flesh of a calf, s. 
To te^taJl/ To make known ; disclose ; show, ▼. a. 
To squeal To cry -shrilly as a child, y. n. [stripe, s. 
Weal Happiness; prosperity; state; mark of a 
Com-monrweal^ A polity ; a republic, s. 

To tweal To melt ; to blaie away, ▼. n. 

Zeal Passionate ardour for a person or cause, s. 
Wmd^/al Fruit blown down, s. See Introduction, p. ziii 
To be'faV To happen ; to come to pass, t. a. 

Qf^fal Waste meat ; refuse ; entrails, s. 
Dovm'fal Ruin ; calamity, s. 
Wa^ter-fal A cascade, s. See Introduction, p. ziii. 
O^ver-fal A cataract, s. 
Ai^tra-ffol Ornament in ai'bhitecture, s. 
Le^ffal According to law ; lawftil, a. ' 
n-Wgal Contrary to law, a. 
Re^gal Royal ; kingly, a. 
Bengal The royal prerogatiye ; instrument, 8. 
Pe-re^gal Equal, a. Pr. 
Ore^gal Belonging to a flock, a. 
Prodfi-gal Wasteftil ; ezpensiye ; proftise, a. 
Prod^i^al A spendthrift ; a waster, s. 
Mad^ri-gal A pastoral song, s. 
Oal^an-gal A medicinal root> s. 

Spring^al A youth, s. 
Mar^in^al A leather to keep down a horse's head, ■. 
Or^gul Lees of wine, s. 
Cm-trif^u^al Flying f^om the centre, a. 
Con'ju-gal Matr&onial, a. 
FrWgal Thrifty; sparing, a. 
BJUp-^hchon-dri^cHshal Melancholy, a. 
Mon^a-chal Monastic, a. 
Pa-iri-Htreh^al Belonging to patriarchs, a. 
Mo-narch^al Regal ; suiting a monarch, a. 

Ore^hal A stone ftrom which a blue colour is made, 8. 
Pas^ehal Relating to Easter or the Passoyer, a. 
Sen^es-chal A steward ; a head bailiff, s. 
Mar^et^hal A chief commander of an army, s. 
7H-un^h^al Used in celebrating yictory, a. 
A-poc^ry-phal Not canonical ; uncertain, a. 
Ca-tar^rhal Relating to the catarrh, a. 
Mar^shal A military officer, s. 
With^V Along with the rest, ad. 
Thert-wUh-aV Oyer and aboye ; with that, ad. 
Where-wiih-aV With which, ad. 

La^lri-al Uttered by the lips, a. 

256 lAL 

StU/i-al AntimonuJt a. 
Ad-verl/i-dl Belongiiig to an adsorb, a. 
Pro-vert/i-al Common ; mentioned in a prorerb, a. 
Ma-m/bi-al Taken in war, a. 
CoH^u^bi-^ Relating to marriage, a. 
Qla'ck-al Made of iee ; f rosen, a. 
Spec't-al Partienlar ; peculiar ; chief; a. 
B-tpee^i-^d Principal ; chief, a. 
Jtt-du/i-al Belonging to a cause; trial, &c., a. 
Ejt-trarjw^ic^i^ Oat of the course of law, a. 
Pr^-tt<lu/i-al Contrary ; hurtful ; iigurious, a. 
Inrju-dU/i-al Not according to form of law, a. 
Bmrt^fit/i-iU Advantageous ; profitable, a. 
Vei^-^fic^i-dl Acting b j poison ; bewitching, a. 
OfficfiriA ConduciTO ; relatiTC to office, a. 
Of'fic'i-al An officer in the ecolesiastioal court, ■. 
Ar-tirfit/i-dL Made by art ; fictitious, a. 
In-^tr-U-Ju/i^ Contrary to art, a. 
Stirper-fie^i-al On the surface ; shallow, a. 
Pro-vm^d-al Belonging'to a prorinoe or district, a. 
Pro-fwi^c^-al A spiritual goTemor, s. 
Camrpar-im^ci'id Belonging to the same prorince, a. 

So^ci-al Familiar in couTersation ; fit for society, a. 
Com-mer^ci-^ Relating to trade, a. 
Fi-du^ci-al Confident; certain, a. 
Cru^ci-aX Transrerse, a. 

Di^al A plate whore a hand shows the hour, s. 
In-ter-me^di-al Intervening ; lying between, a. 
Fre^di-al Consisting of farms, a. 
Pre-tid^i-al Relating to a garrison, a. 
Noc-Hd'irol Containing a night and day, a. 

Swt^di-^ A plane to ^ow time by the sun, i. 
AJrlo^di-al Independent, a. 
Cor^di-al A cherishing medicine, s. 
Cor^di-al Reviying ; hearty ; sincere, a. 
Pn-mor^dt'cU Existing from the beginning, a. 
Cd-U^gi-al Belonging to a college, a. 
Braneh^i-al Belonging to an arm, a. 
Pe-iefchi-al Spotted wiUi the pestilence, a. 
Bron^cfd-al Belonging to the Uiroat, a. 
ParT</ehiral Belonging to a parish, a. 
A-nar^eki-Ml Confused ; without nde, a. 
Phi^al A small bottle, s. 
Fi^i-id Belonging to, or becoming a son, a. 
Ae-^i^de^mi-al Relating to an academy, a. 
Bn-de^mi-al Peculiar to a country, a. 
Vin-de^mi-al Belonging to a vintage, a. 
Qre^mi-al Pertaining to the lap, a. 
De-^i'al Reftisal ; objection ; negation, s. 
Oe^ni-al Contributing to propagation ; gay, a. 
Con-ge^m-al Partaking of the same nature, a. 
Prm-^>^e^niHU First bom ; (»riginal ; oonBtituent, a. 


lAL 257 

Me^ni-^ Domestio, a. 
Me^m-al A domestio seryant, 8. 
Ve^ni-al Pardonable ; allowed, a. 
De-^sm^ni-al Continaing ten years, a. 
Bi-^n^niral Continaing two years, a. 
TH-m^ni-dl Lasting tlut« years, a. 
Mil4m^ni-al Pertaining to the millminii^m^ a. 
Qua-^m^ni-al Once in fonr years, a. 
Per-m'nirol Lasting a year, a. 
Oc-tm^ni-al Happening every eighth year, a. 
Sep-ten^ni-al Lasting, or happening in seren years, a. 
Qum-quen^ni-al Lasting, or happening in five years, a. 
Sex-en^ni-al Lasting, or happening in six years, a. 
Cer-e-nu/ni-al Formal, a. 
Cer-e-^ru/ni-al Outward form ; book of rites, s. 
Mat-rirmt/ni^ Nnpdal ; pertuning to marriage, a. 
Fttt-ri-nu/ni-al Derived by inheritance, a. 
An-ti'mo^niroi Made of antimony, a. 
Tet'H-mo^niral Evidence of one's character, s. 
Par-ti-c^i-al Having the nature of a participle, a. 
No-ta^ri-al Taken by a notary, a. 
De-m^al Clamorous censure, s. 
A-e^rv^ Belonging to the air ; high, a. 
Ma-U^ri^al Essential ; important ; corporeal, a. 
Im-marte^rtHjil Void of matter ; unimportant, a. 
Cotn-fna-tefri-dl Consisting of the same matter, a. 
Imr^ri-^ Belonging to an emperor ; royal, a. 
Ar-te^ri-al Belonging to an artery, a. 
Mag-ia^te^ri-al Lofty ; proud ; imperious, a. 
Mtn-it-ie^rirtU Of a minister of church or state, a. 
Me-mo^rirol Something to preserve memory, s. 
Mt-m(/riral Preserving remembrance, a. 
Ifn-me-ftu/ri-al Past time of memory, a. 
Ar-m</rir4U Belonging to family arms, a. 
Comrpr<hfnit-9</ri'(U Relating to a compromise, a. 
Me-diro-to^ri-al Belonging to a mediator, a. 
Sm-a-u/ririU Belonging to senators, or parliament men, ■• 
Proe-HrTOrto^ri-al Made by a proctor, a. 

Die^torU/ri^al Authoritative ; dogmatical, a. 

Yia^iorU/H^al Belonging to a judicial risit, a. 

E-quorto^ri-al Pertaining to the equator, a. 

Pic-to^rir-al Produced by a painter, a. 
C<mrnt-t(/ri-'dl Relating to a consistory, a. 

Tribal Test of virtue ; experiment; temptation, ■. 
Ter^ea^tri^ Not celestial ; terrene, a. 

Bu^rinU A funeral; act of burying, a. 
Mer-cu'rirol Compound of quicksilver ; sprightly, a, 
Seig-neu^riral Invested with large powers, a. 
A^gu^rirol Relating to augniy, a. 
Am-brt/n-al Delicious, a. 

Ofm^tro^er^ri^ Relating to disputes, a. 
-^-t»iioc^<*^ Pertaining to the equinox, a. 


Pri-mU^i-ia Being of the fint prodvctioi^ a. 
Cow^-mit^p^ Rda^Bf to iMCfblicg of the poople, a. 
Liut^i-al PIaomI at tiie bcginamg, a. 
7W^«-fitr^»Hi/ SaitiDg a Inbaaa, a. 

Sofr^titfi^ BdoagiBg to tke aolttke, a. 
In-ier^-Mtiifw-cl Cootatmiig ioteratioes, a. 
Sulh^tm^ii-ml Baal ; troe ; corporMl ; •trtag, a. 
C<m-milh^t4m^ti-<d Of the nme aabftanoa, a. 
Un-nA-^Um^ti-^ Not soBd; not r«al, a. 
8ft^per-mlh9Um^ti^ Mom tluui sabstaatial, a. 
Ci r c w w M tam ^thoL Aeddeatal; partwolar, a. 
Bern I ni §€mfti^ Balatmg to reeoUeetioii, a. 
C<m-€u-pi^ieemftiHU Ruiathig to commpiaeflooo, a. 
Cre-4m^ti^ A testimonial, s. 
/Vo-p>-<i8n^<»^ Effected bj PtoTidenoe, a. 
Pru-^Un^tirol Upon prinietples of pradeBoe, a. 
In'td4i'gm'1i'<d InteUeetoal, a. 

Sa-m^H-al Prodocmg adenoe, a. 
O-^e-di-en^ti-al Relating to obedience, a. 
PeB-Mtnfti-^U Infediovs ; pemieions, a. 
An-U-pf-ti-lm^U-al Good against the plagne, a. 

Ej^-po-nen^H^ A term giren to particnlar omres, a. 
Dif-fer-m^thoL Comparing diffnenoes of infinitesimals, a. 
BeoHr-mfUrol E xpfc a siu g roTerenoe, a.. 
Presm^tirol Supposing actual presence, a. 
Et-^en^ti-al Neoessarj ; Tcry important ; pore, a. 
JE$^m^ti-^ Existence ; nature ; chief point, s. 
Un-f-MnfU-al Not essential, a. 
Co-et-ten^ti-al Of the same essence, a. 
Qumt-^^-un^U-^ Consisting of qmntessence^ a. 
Pm-i-tenfthaL Expressing repentance, a. 

Po-tm^dHd Existing in pcmbility ; powerfU^ a. 
Inrfiu^^n^ti-al Exerting influence or power, a. 
C<m-^e-^lumHi-<U ConolosiTe ; conceited ; pompons, a. 
Pre^^ep^ii-al Consisting of precepts, a. 
Nup^1i-dL Pertaining to marriage, a. 
Mar^ti^ Wariike ; suiting war, a. 
Im-fnar^ti-al Not warlike ; weak, a. 

Par^ti-al Inclined to fkronr ; nnjost, a. 
Im-pca^^ti'dl Equitable ; equal ; jast, a. 
Uthpar-ii-al Impartial; just; honest, a. 
Ben^ti-al Brutal; carnal, a. 
Ce-Ui^H-^U HeaTenlj ; dirine, a. 
Ce-les^ii-al An inhabitant of hearen, s. 
Sub-ee-la'tiral Placed under the heaTens, a 
8u-per'€e4e$'ii^ Placed aboTe the firmament, a. 
Vi^dl A small bottle, s. 
To vi^al To inclose in a yial, t. a. 
Qtuhdriv^i-al Haying four ways meeting in a point, a. 
TrU/i-ai Inconsiderable; worthless; trifiuig,a» 
C<m^f/i-al Festal; social; joTial, a. 
lAXrWi-^l Obtained by liiuTium, a. 

NAL - 9M 

Jo^vi-al Oay ; merry, a. 
Ez-e^qui-al Relating to funerals, a. 
Col-lo^qtty-al Relating to conTersatioii, a. 
Flu^vi-al Rainy, a. 
Qmn-cun^ci-al Having the form of a quincimx, a. 

Jaek^ai A beast said to start tlM lion's prey, 8. 
Dec/i-mal Numbered by tens, a. 
An^i-mal A living creature, s. 
Quad^chgetH'tnal Belonging to Lent, a. 
Sep'tu-orgetH-mal Consisting of seventy, a. 
Sex-a-get^i-mcd Numbered by sixties, a. 
Milrle»^i-mal Thousandth, a. 
In-fi-m-tes^i-mal Infinitely divided, a. 
Cenrte8^i-mal Hundredth, a. 

Morrit^i-iruU Relating to the sea, a. [chinery, s. 

Oim^mal Some little quaint devices of pieces of ma- 
FoT^mal Ceremonious; regular; outward, a. 
In-for'mal Accusing ; informing ; out of order, a. 

Du'mal Sorrowful; uncomfortaUe ; dai^ a. 
Bap-tis^mal Pertaining to baptism, a. 

Bru^mal Belonging to winter, a. 
Laeh^ry-mal Qenerating tears, a. 

Cornai/ A basin or course for water, s. 
Cru^me-nal A purse, 8. 

Pe^nal Inflicting punishment ; vindictive, a. 
Ar^te-nal A repository for arms ; a magazine, s. 
Vernal Mercenary ; in the veins, a. 
Sig'nal A sign that gives notice, s. 
Sig^nal Eminent; memorable; remarkable, a. 
Me-dic^i-nal Having the power of healing, a. 
Of'JU/i-nal Used in shops, a. 

Vie^i-nal Near, a. 
Car^di-nal Principal; chief, a. 

Car^dirrud A dignity of the Roman Church of vriiich there 
are seventy-two ; a woman's cloak, s. 
Or^di-ruU Noting order, a. 
Or^di-nal A ritiud ; book of rites, s. 
Lon-gi'tu^di-ndl Measured by or running in length, a. 
Fi^nal Last ; conclusive ; mortal, a. 
Pag^i-nal Consisting of pages, a. 
O-rig^i-nal Source ; first copy, s. 
O^g't-ruU Primitive ; first of a sort, a. 
Mar^gi-nal Placed in the margin, a. 
Vir'gi-nal A musical stringed instrument, s. 
Vir'gi-nal Maiden ; maidenly, a. 
Sem^i-nal Radical ; containing seed, a. 
Ag^mirnal Belonging to a troop, a. 
Crim^i-nal Faulty ; guilty, a. 
Crim^i-ruU A man accused, or guilty, s. 
Nom^i-nal Only in name ; not real, a. 
Cog-nom^irfuU Being of the same name, a. 
Mulrtirnom^irfuU Having many names, a. 


Spi^nml Bdongiiig to tke baek-boM, a. 
Tri'md Threefold, %. 
Doe^tri-nal Conteiwng w relatiiig to doctrine, a. 
U^rittal A bottle to keep urine for inspection, s. 
Pee^ti-nal Formed like * comb, s. 
Im-ia'a-nal Bdonging to the gnts, a. 
In^gtd-wd Belonging to the groin, s. 
Aurtum'mal Of or belonging to antonin, a. 
Arck-i-di'cc'o-nal Belonging to ftn nrehdeneon, a. 

IH-c^o-nal A line drawn from an^e to an^e, a 
IH-ag^iMud From an^e to angle, a. 
Tetrrag^iMMl Square, a. 
Oe-toff^o-nal Haring ei^t sides or an^es, a. 
Pm-tag^o-fud Haring fiTS an«^ a. 
ffip-Utf^o-nal Haring seren an^es or sides, a. 
Bex^o-^uU Haring six sides or angles, a. 

Tr^o-nal Triangular, a. 
Or-tfu^o-^uU Rectangular, a. 
P<hlyg^o-nal Haring many angles, a. 
Me-rid^i-<Mud Southern; hi^est, a. 
Ob-tid^iro-nal Belonging to a siege, a. 
Sep-ten^tri-iMuU Northern, a. 

Oc-^a^tion-al Casual ; incidental, a. 
Fro-vit^ion-ul Temporary ; for present use, a 
De-tcen^non-al EeUting to descent, a. 
Fro-^eynon^U Relating to procession, a. 
Con^/ts^sion-al A confessor's seat, a 
Pro-fu^non-al Relating to a profession, a. 
Pro-gru^tUm^ AdTsncing; increasing, a. 
Can-ffre^a^tion-al Belonging to a congregation, a. 

Nat^wn-al Public ; favouring our own people, a. 
Rat^ionrol Agreeable to reason ; haring reason, a. 
Ir-rat^ion-al Void of reason ; absurd, a. 
Frac^tum-^ Relating to a fraction, a. 
Tra-iHt^um-al Delivered by tradition, a 
Ad-dU^ion-al Added to something else, a. 
Con-dU^ion-al Upon condition or terms, a. 
In-€fmrdU'ionral Unlimited ; unrestrained, a. 

Fo-tit^ion-al Respecting position, a. 
Prcp-a-ni^ion-al Considered as a proposition, a. 
Inrtm^tion-al Designed ; done by design, a. 
Fre^en^tion-al Tending to prevention, a. 
Con-ven^tion-al Agreed on by contract, a 
N</tionral Imaginary; ideal, a. 
De-vo^Uon-al Pertaining to devotion, a. 
Pro^orHvm-al Having a due proportion, a. 
Dia-pro-pwHum-al Disproportionable ; unsymmetrical, a. 
Con-tii'tu^tion-al Legal; according to the original established 
government, a. 
Com^lex^ion-al Belonging to complexion, a. 
Mat^ro-nal Suitable to a matron, a. 
FcU^r<Mial Supporting ; guarding ; defending, a. 

RAL 261 

Per^ton^ Peenliar ; proper to him or her, a. 
Imrper^to-nal Having no persoiui, a. 
Ccar^nal Fleshly ; loBtful, a. 
MVber-ruU Belonging to winter, a. 
In-fer-nal Hellish, a. 
Hod-i-a^fuU Of to-day, a. 
Su-per^nal Celestial ; plaeid ; above, a. 
Ma-ter^tuU Motheriy, a. 

Pa-Ur^nal Fatherly; hereditary; affectionate, a. 
IVa-ter^nal Brotherly ; pertaining to brothers, a. 
E'Ur'nal Perpetual; endless, a. 
'E-ttT^md Qod, s. 
Co-e-ter^ruU Equally eternal, a. 
Sem^'ter^nal Everiasting; without end, a. 
Efhi-ter^nal Eternal ; in a limited sense, a. 
In-ter^nal Inward; real, a. 
JEx'ter^nal Outward ; only in appearance, a. 

Veronal Belonging to the spring, a. 
Di-ur^ruU Daily ; pierfwrmed in a day, a. 
Dirur^nal A day-book ; a sort of broTiaiy, 8. 
Journal A diary ; a daily or weekly newspaper, s. 
Noe-ptr^nai Nif^tly ; in the nid^t, a. 
Noc-tur^nal An astronomical instrument, s. 
Tri-Wndl A court of justice ; seat of a judge, s. 
An-drog'y-nal Having two sexes, a. 

Coal A mineral used for firing, ■• 
Char' coal A coal made of wood, s. 
PU'eoal A fossil coal, s. 

Foal The offspring of a mare ; a yonng mare, s. 
To foal To bring forth a foal, t. n. 

Qodl A starting-post; final purpose, s. 
To tkoal To crowd ; to grow or be shallow, t. n. 
Shoal A crowd ; a sand-bank ; a shallow, s. 
Palpal Belonging to the pope, i. 
JVu-ftu/i^M^ Belonging to a corporation, a. 
Prin'ei-pal Chief; ci^tal; essential; princely, a. 
Prm^d^xU A head or chief; a capital sum, s. 

(ypal A precious stone reflectiag Taritms colours, s. 
Co'pal The Mexican term for a gum, ■. 
E-pU' co-pal Belonging to a bishop, a. 
Archri-e-pu'co^al Belonging to an archbishop, a. 
To ap^al/ To fright ; depress ; daunt, y. a. 
Mti-arear^pcX Belonging to the metacarpus, a. 
Arch-e-ty'pal Belonging to the great original, a. 
Ver't&-6ral Relating to the spine, a. 

Li'hral Of a pound weight, a. 
Conthe'dral Episcopal church, a. 

Lib^er-al Qenerous ; bountifU ; genteel, a. 
IlrUl/er^ Sparing ; mean ; disingenuous, a. 
Fed'er-al Relating to a league, a. 
Sid^er-al Starry, a. 
Pon'der-al Estimated by w^ght^ a. 

262 BAL 

Wral Fnnenl ; motmiftil, a. 
3-phem'ei^-ai Dinrnal, a. 

Hu^me^al Belonging to the shoulder, a. 
Nu'me-ral Consisting of nnmber, a. 
Om^er-al Usual ; common ; extensiye, a. 
Oen^er-al The whole ; a great military officer, 8. 
Mm^er-^ Matter dag out of mines, s. 
Mm^er-al Consisting of fossil bodies, a. 
Fu^ner^ The solemnisation of a borial, s. 
Fi^fWMil Used for a burial, a. 
' Lat'er-al Parallel ; on or near the side, a. 
Quad-ri-lat'er'al Having four sides, a. 
Tri-lat^er-al Having three sides, a. 
Mvl-ti-lai^er'al Having many sides, a. 
Sep-H-lai^er-al Having seven sides^ a. 
E-qui'lat^er-al Having all sides equal, a. 
CoJrlai^er-al Side by side, a. 

LU'er-al According to the letter, a. 
Lil^er-al Primitive or literal meaning, s. [does six, a. 
Ses-gui-al^ter-al Containing any thing once and a half, as nine 
Sef/er-al Divers ; distinct, a. 

8et/er-al State of separation ; indosure ; pavtioulars, s. 
InHe-gral Whole ; complete, a. 
Se-pul'ehral Monumental ; relating to burial, a. 
To be-thralf To enslave ; perplex ; conquer, v. a. 
En-thral^ See Inthral, v. a. 
To dU-m-ihraV To set ftee, v. a. 

Ad^mi-ral A principal sea officer, s. 
SjpiWal Curved ; winding upwards, a. 
(yral Delivered by mouth ; not written, a. 
Corral A sea-plant ; a child's ornament, s. 
ffo^ral Relating to the hour, a. 
Cfu/ral Belonging to a choir, a. 
ThoWal Relaiing to the bed, a. 
FU/rcH Relating to flowers, a. 
Mortal Regarding vice or virtue, a. 
Mortal InHruction of a fable, s. 
Fam^o^dl Belonging to the thigh, a. 
Im^mor^al Dishonest ; wicked ; irreligious, a. 
ffu^nuhral Proceeding from humours, a. 
Tem^p<Hral Not eternal; not ecclesiastical; not spiritual; 
secular ; measured by time, a. 
Ex-tem^po^al Uttered vrithout premeditation, a. 

Cor'po^aX Bodily; material, a. 
Bi-cor^po-ral Having two bodies, a. 
Tri-cor^po-Tal Having three bodies, a. 
In-^or^jxhreU Immaterial ; unbodied, a. 
Con-eor^po-ral Of the same body, a. 

Doc^to-ral Relating to the degree of a doctor, a. 
E'Ue^UhTol Of or belonging to an elector, a. 
Pe</UHral Stomachic ; belonging to the breast, a. 
Fa$^io-ral Rural ; relating to the cun of souls, a. 

SAL sea 

lAl'to-ral Belonging to the sbore, a. 
Thtfa^raX Belonging to a theatre, a. 
IH-am^e-iral Describing the diameter, a. 
Ge-om^e-tral Pertaining to geoQietry, a. 
Cm'tral Belonging to the centre, a. 
Antral Relating to the stars ; starry, a. 
Camrpet^tral Growing in fields, a. 
Au^itral Southern, a. 
Clau'ttnU Relating to a cloister, a. 
Neu'iral Indifferent ; of neither party, a. 
Ntu^iral One who stands neuter, s. 
Dez'tral On the right side, a. 
Fig^u-ral Reduced to form, a. 
PWral More than one, a. 
MuWal Pertaining to a wall, a. 
In-ter-mu^ral Lying between walls, a. 

Rubral Country ; resembling the country, a. 
Cru^ral Belonging to the leg, a. 
S-qui-^ruWal Having the legs of an equal length, a. 
SuWal Belonging to the calf of the leg, a. 
Men^nhral Relating to measure, a. 
Nat^tt-rdL Produced by nature ; base-bom ; easy, a. 
Con-nat^u-ral Suitable to nature ; like, a. 
Un-ruU^u-ral Forced ; contrary to nature, a. 
Su-per-mU^u-ral AboTO nature, a. 
Pre-Ur-nat^u-ral Not natural ; irregular, a. 
CourU-er-tuU^u-ral Contrary to nature, a. 

Con-jec^lu-ral Depending on conjecture, a. 
Sar^^tu-ral Contained in the Bible, a. 
Out^tu-ral Belonging to the throat, a. 

Na^iol Belonging to the nose, a. 
R&-pr%'9<d Seizure by way of recompense, 8. 
Sur-pri^sal Sudden perplexity, s. 
Be-vi'nal A re-examination ; a roTiew, s. 
Menftal Belonging to the table, a. 
Se-pi/tal The act of reposing, a. 
Pro^x/sal A scheme ; design propounded ; offer, ■• 
Sup-portal A proposition without proof, s. 
Pre-Mup-po^sal A supposal preriously formed, s. 
In-ter-po'tdl A placing between ; a meditation, s. 

Dia-po^tal Management; regulation; conduct, 8. 
Traru^pi/tal A misplacing ; a changing, s. 
Re-hear^tdl A repetition ; a prerious recital, 8. 
Ver^tal Total; whole, a. 
Re-vtr^tal A change of sentence, 8. 
U-m-vtr^tal General ; total, a. 
U-ni-vtr^tal The whole, s. 
TVoitt-vtfr^^aZ Running across, a. 

Vaa^fol A subject; dependant; slaTO, 8. 
Mu^tal The mass-book, s. 
Cau^sal Relating to causes, a. 
Re-fu^sal A denial ; right of choice ; option, •• 

264 TAL 

Spou^Mol NiqplUl; bridal; mstrimoniml, a. 
Spou'tal BiarrUge, a. 
E-^pou^Mol Relattng to espousals, a. 
CcM'ou^tal A festival ; a drinking-boat, s. 
Fe-ru^Mol The act of reading over, s. 

Fa'Ud Deadly ; mortal ; destmotiTe ; necessary, a. 
Na^Usl Relating to natiyity, a. 
Pa-ri't-ial Making sides or walls, a. 

Mti^al A hard compact body, capable of ftision, s. 
Sem^i-mei^al Half metal ; imperfect metal, s. 

Pelted The fine leaves of flowers, s. 
Cen-trip^e-Ud Tending to the centre, a. 
De-cre^tal Of or belonging to a decree, a. 
Cu'bi-tal As long as a cnbit, a. 

Ci^tal A summons ; a quotation, s. 
£e-ci^ial Rehearsal ; repetition, s. 
C(^i-tal Principal ; deserving death ; large, a. 
Cap'i-Uil A principal sum; stock; large letter; upper 
part of a pillar ; chief city, s. 
Oe<iyi-tdl Placed in the hinder part of the head, a. 
Bi^^i-tal Having two heads, a. 
ffot^pi-tal A receptacle for the sick or poor, s. 
MaPi'Ud Pertaining to a husband, a. 

Vi^tal Necessary to life ; essential, a. 
B&-qui^tal A retaliation ; recompense ; reward, 8. 
Dmt^al Belonging to the teeth, a. 
Ventral A small fish, s. 
Lm-^ua-derU^al Uttered by the tongue and teeth, a. 
Bi-dent^al Having two teeth, a. 
Ac-d-dmi^al Casual ; happening by chance, a. 
Oc-d-dmt^al Western ; sitting, a. 
In-d-derU^al Casual; happeninjg, a. 
Tran-scm-derU^al General ; surpassing, a. 
La-bi-o-deni^al Pronounced by the lips and teeth, a. 
O^-ent^al Placed or coming from the East, a. 
0-^ri-ent^al An inhabitant of the East, s. 
Menthol Intellectual ; in the mind, a. 
Med-i^ea-ment^al Relating to medicine, a. 
Pre-4ie-€hment^al Rela^g to predicaments, a. 
Fun-da-^mmt^al Chief; principal; original, a. 

Ltg-cHnent'al Composing a ligament, a. 
Fir-tna-menyal Belonging to the firmament, a. 
Or-na-merU^al Giving b^uty, a. 
Sac-rcMnmt^al Constituting a sacrament, a. 
Tem-per^a-ment^al Constitutional, a. 

£l-^-ment^(U Produced by elements ; simple, a. 
Sup-ple-ment^al Additional, a. 
Re-cre-metU'al Drossy, a. 
Ex-ere-merU^al Voided as excrement, a. 
Ru-di-meiU^al Relating to first principles, a. 
Reg-i-ment^al Belonging to a regiment, a. 
Al4-fiunt'dl Nourishing, a. 

UAL 2«6 

B^'di4-ineni^dl Affording bo nouriahmattty tb 
ComrfU-rnent'dl Expresshre of roepeet, a. 
Bx^pi-ri-merU^al Founded «pon experitne«» a. 
Det-ri-meni^al Hurtful ; caosing loss, a. 
Nu-tri-mmt^al Affording nouriahment, a. 

Ar-meni^al Belonging to a herd of cattle, a. 
Fer-meiU^al Cauaing fermentation, a, 
Ar-ffUrment^al Belonging to argnment, a. 
Mo-nurmenVal Preaerring meiaory, a. 
Inrftm-mmt^al CondndTe to aome end, a. 

Beni^al An accoont or achednle of an eatata let, a. 
PcHreiU^al Becoming parenta, a. 
Ih-erU^al Thirty maaaea in thir^ daja for the dead, a. 
FrorU^al Medicine to be applied to the forehead, a. 
Hor4-zon^tal Near the homon ; IcTel, a. 
Do^tal Relating to a portion, a. 
An-a-tU/lal Haying the quality to counteract poiaon, a. 
Sae-er-di/tal Priestly ; belonging to a prieat, a. 
T(/t€U Whole ; complete ; full, a. 
Mor^uU Subject to death ; deadly ; yiolent, a. 
Mor^tal A man, a. 
Im^mor^tal Exempt firom death ; perpetual, a. 

Por^UU A gate, a. 
Tkumi/tial A cap for the thumb, a. Bee IntrodueUou, p. xiii. 
HeadUtal Part of the bridle coyering the head, a. 
Ped^es-tal The baaia of a atatue, a. 
TofortrttaV To anticipate; to preyent, t. a. 
Vta'ial A yirgin conaecrated to Veata, a. 
Vts'ial Benotiug pure virginity, a. 
To re-in-ttaV To put again in poaaeaaion, t. a. 

Coastal Belonging to the ribe, a. 
Pen-U-^ot^tal Belonging to WhitaunUde, a. 
In-Ur-eoi^tal Placed between the riba, a. 

Cryt^Ud A mineral ; tranaparent atone, a. 
Cryf^Ud Tranaparent ; clear, a. 
Sag^U'tal Belonging to an arrow, a. 
Tram-mit^tal A tranamitting ; tranamiaaion, a. 
SpU'Ud A charitable foundation, a. 
Ae-qm^tal Deliyerance, a. 
Re-fii^tal Refutation, a. 
Bru^tal Sayage ; cruel, a. 
Nc/wU Conaiatlng of, or belonging to ahipa, a. 
Du^al Expreasing the number two, a. 
Orad^u-al Step by atep ; regular, a. 
Orad^u-aX A set of atepa, a. 
Di-vid^ip-al Biyided; parted, a. 
Ifirdi-vid^u-^d Not to be diyided ; numerical one, a. 
In-dirvid^u^ Every single peraon, a. 
Roun^ee-val A kind of pea, a. 
Prirm^val Such aa waa at firat; ori^al* a. 
Co-e^val Of the aame age, a. 
SufhUnfgual Placed under the tongue, a. 


Qm'gi-val Belongliig to tiie g«ms, a. 
Sa^i-val Bela&g to spittle, a. 
Ni^val Aboanding with omw, a. 
Cm^nMfdl ShroTetide; time of mirUi, s. 
Mur^ni-val Four cards of a sort, s. 
Ei^val A eompetitor, s. 
Ri^val Emuloiis ; making the same claim, a. 
7b ri^val To emulate ; to be a competitor, t. 
Ar^^val The act of ooming to a place, s. 
Cor^'val A rival ; a competitor, s. 
St^a-val Pertaining to sommer, a. 
Fet^U-val Joyous ; pertaining to feasts, a. 
Fet^ti-val A feast or solemn day, s. 
Rs^^val A recal from a state of obscurity, ftc, u, 
Con-vVval Relating to an entertainment ; social, a. 
Man^u-al Performed or used by the hand, a. 
Mai^u-al A small book of prayers, &c., s. 
Con-im^u-al Incessant; nninterrapted, a. 
An^nunol Yearly ; bearing erery year, a. 
(ywU Oblong like an egg, a. 
O^val Figure shaped like an egg, s. 
B&4H(/val Dismission from a post or place, s. 
Dee-enrfu/val Relating to nineteen, a. 
Ap-pr</val Approbation, s. 

Ungual Like another ; uniform ; just, a. 
To e^qual To make or become equal, y. 

lyqual One of the same rank or age, s. 
Un-e^qual Not erenj not equal ; partial, a. 
Co-e^qual Equal with, a. 
In^ter^al Space between places, and in time, s. 
Mm^9tru-al Monthly ; once a month, a. 
C(u^u-al Accidental ; not certoin, a. 
Ftt^tf-oZ Used in sight ; exercising sight, a. 
8ai^tu-al Pleasing to the senses ; carnal ; lewd, a. 
U'tu-al Common; customary, a. 
Un-u^tu-^ Not common ; rare, a. 
Ae^tu^ Really in act ; real, a. 
Ef'fee^tu-al Efficacious; powerful, a. 
In-ef-fee^tU'dL Without power ; weak, a. 
In-id-lec' iu-td Ideal ; relating to the understanding, a. 
In-tel'Ue^tu-al Intellect; understanding, s. 
Vie^tu-al Provision of food, s. 
To vif/tih<U To provide with food, v. a. 
Putu/tu^ Exact; nice; consisting in a point, a. 
Per-pei^u-al Continual; never-ceasing, a. 
Hchhit^u^ Customary, a. 

RU^u-td A book of religious ceremonies, s. 
Sptr^i-tu-al Incorporeal ; heavenly ; mental, a. 
A<Uven^tu-al Belonging to Advent, a. 

E-ven'tth^ Consequently ; accidental, a. 
Conrvent'u^ Belonging to a convent, a. 
OonrvmL^iKd Jl moiSk ; a nun, s. 

EEL 26T 

Vtr^tw-td Effectual, %. 
MuHu^ Reciprocal, a. 
Com-muHur-dL Reciprocal; matnal, a. 

Re-netP^al RenoYation ; act of renewing, b. 
A-ffOw^al A jostif jing deelaration, b. 
Dis-O'vav/al A denial, 8. 

Lcy'al True to a soTereign, &o., a. 
Du-loy^al Not true to allegiance ; treacherous, a^ 
Eoy^al Kinglj ; regal ; becoming a king, a. 
Ga^bel An excise ; a tax, s. 
La^bel A short direction upon any thing, s. 
To deb-d' To conquer in -war, v. a. 

RebUl One who opposes lawftil anthorify, s. 
To rc'bd' To oppose lawful aathoritj, t. n. 
Cer^e-bd Part of the brain, s. 
To Wbd To satirise ; lampoon ; defame, t. a. 

Li^bd A defamatory satire ; a progress in law, 8. 
Bar^bd A fish, large bat coarse, s. 
Cor^bd The representation of a basket, s. 
To canned To blot out; to destroy, v. a^ 
Changed East end of a church, s. 

Parked A small bundle ; mean company, s. r- 

To parked To divide into portions or parts, v. a* T 

To ex-odf To surpass ; exceed in k great degree, y. a^ 
CU^cL-dd A fortress ; a castle, s. 
Inffirdd An unbelieyer, s. 
As^pho-^Ul Day-lily, s. 

Mod^d A copy ; a minute representation, 8. 
7h mod^d To plan ; shape ; mould ; delineate, t. a. 
Far^dd A pack saddle; a little pack, s. 
Sar^dd A sort of precious stone, s. 
Bor^dd A bawdy-house, s. 
A^lu-dd A subliming pot used in chemistry, b. 
Ed A slimy fish, s. 
To fed To perceiye by touch ; to try ; to know, t. 
Fed The touch ; the sense of feiiing, s. 
Bed The hind part of the foot, s. 
To hed To lean on one side ; dance, y. n. 
W?ud An instrument for torture and sj^nning; » com- 
pass about ; rerolution, s. 
To foked To more on wheels ; to take a round, y. 
To ked To cool, y. a. 

Ked The lower timber of a diip, s. 
To ked To bend the knee, y. n. 
Toped To flay; scale off; plunder, y. a^ 

Fed Rind ; shell ; a board used by bakers, s. 
Reel A firame on which yam, ftc, is wound, s. 
7b red To wind on the reel ; to stagger, y. 
To sed To close the eyes ; lean on one side, y. 
Oen-ied^ Polite; elegant; gracefdl, a. 

Sted Iron pr^ami; sharp weapon; hardness, 8. 
To 9t$d To edge with steel ; to make hard, y. a. 

168 NEL 

Wked A wliirlpool ; a trap for fiah, 8. 
To re-fey To refute ; to repress, t. a. 

Cu^^d A fighting stiok, b. 
To eudg^d To beat with a stick, y. a. 

An'gd A heayenly messenger ; a beaotifiil person, s. 
An^gd A gold coin, yalue ten shiUingB, s. 
Archron^gd The chief angel ; a plant, s. 

Sacked A UtUe bag, s. 
To haieh^d To beat so as to separate the fibres of flax, y. a. 
Matched Instrument for beating flax, s. 
ScUeh^d A little sack or bag, s. 
Hitched A tool to oomb hen^, s. 
Droieh^d An idle wendi ; a stnggard, s. 
Bushed A dry measore of four peeks, s. 
BroWd A bawdy-house, s. 
apanfid A dog for sport ; a sneaking person, 8. 
Mocked Much ; many, a. See Midok. 
Shek^d A Jewish ooin, yahie two shillings and sixpence, s. 
Par^al-ld Extended in the same direction ; eqnal, a. 
Far^al-ld Besemblance ; line for latitade, &c. ; line at the 
same distance from another line, s. 
Topar^al-ld To preserre the same direction; to eqnal; com- 
pare, y. 
Am^d The substance used in enamelling, s. 
Catn^d An animal oommon in Arabia, s. 
To e-nam^d To inlay with colours, y. a. 
JB-nam^d The matter used in enamelling, s. 
T^am^md Shackles for a horse ; a net, s. 
To ircm^md To cateh ; to intercut, y. a. 

Fom^md A knob of a sword ar saddle, s. 
Topom^fnel To bruise; beat; pinch, y. a. 
Pum^md See Pomfnd, s. 
CaVo-md A preparation of merouiy, 8. 
PhWo-md The nightingale, s. 
Eyd^rQ-md Honey and water, s. 

Oz^y-mel Mixture of yinegar and honey, s. 
Weaned An anim^ newly weaned, s. 
Spm^d A sort of minefal, s. 
SenftM^ A soldier on guard, s. 
Sim'nd A kind of sweet oske, s* 
F<m^nd An ornament worn by a mass priest, s. 
FUui'nd A soft woollen stuff, a. 
Chan'nd The course for a stream of water, a. 
Pan'nd A sort of mean saddle, s. 
To m^an'nd To settle a jury, y. a. 

Scran^nd Vile ; worthless ; grating, a. 
Tran^nd A sharp pin, s. 
Ken^nd A cot for dogs ; a watw-course, s. 
To ken'nd To lie; to dwell, y. n. 
To vnrken^nd To driye from his hole, &c., y. 

Wm^nd An animal newly taken from its dam, s. [ney, s. 
FuM^^nd An instrument for filling bottles ; part of a chim- 

Oun^nd A part of a ship, •. 
Bun^nd A riyulet, s. 

^n^iidl An «xoaTatio& tluTDii^ ; partof aohimiiey; aiiet,8. 
To tun^nel To form like a ttrnnel ; to ostoh, y. a. 
CoJ/o-nd A oommandaiit of a re^pmeiity a. 
PetWiHMl A pistol, s. 
Chap'nd A small anolMMr, &o., a. 
Dar^fui A common field weed, a. 
Char'nd Containing flesh, or careaaeea, a. 
• Par^rUl A punk ; a slnt, s. 
Ker^nel A substance within a shell, a. 
Chap^d A place of worship, s. 
To rerpd^ To drive back ; to act with foroe, T. 
. Sca^el An instrument to mtw^ a bone, b. 
To im-pd/ To urge forwards; to press on, T. a. 
To eom-pd/ To force ; to oblige, t. a. 
Topro^d' To drive forward, ▼. a. 

Cop'pd An instrument to txy gold, &o., •• 
Cup^pd See Coppd, s. 
!Zb dis-pey To drive away ; to dissipate, t. a. 

Ooa^pd God's word through Christ, s. 
2b ex-pd^ To drive out; banish, v. a. 
Ap-pm-'d Outward clothes ; raiment; dress, a. 
To im-poT'd To dress ; adorn ; cover, v. a. 
Qamfbrd The leg of a horse, s. 
Timflrd A musical instrument, a. 
Umfbrd A cover from the sun, s. 
Tum^brd A dung-cart; cart for artilkry, a. 
Seoun^drd A mean fellow, s. 
Dog^ger-d Vile, despicalde, mean verses, s. 
Dog^ger^ Mean ; vile ; wretched, a. 
Hog'gtr-d A ewe of two years old, s. ! 

Matk'er-d A sea-fish, s. 
Cockftr-d A young cock, s. 
Monfgrd Of a mixed breed, a. 
Lof^d An abandoned scoundrel, s. 
Mor'd A kind of cherry, s. 
Sot'd A buck of the third year, s. 
Bar^rd A measure of thirty-six galloas of beer, s. 
Bar^rd The hollow part of a gun; a cylinder, s. 
Quar^rd A brawl; scuffle; dispute; contest, s. 
Toquar^rd To debate; fight; find fault, v. a. 
Squir^rd A small animal, s. 
Bor^rd A mean fellow, s. 
Sor^rd A plant ; a reddish colour, s. 
Poi^trd A breast-iOate ; a graving tool, 0. 
ChapHrd Pilasters which support arches so eaUed, a. 
Weu^ird Commons, s. 
An-^iet^ird Claimed fVom ancest<»s, a^ 
Min^Btrd A WMidering musician, s. 
Co9^trd A botUe, s. 

Ctu^trd A buckler bearer ; vessel tatmiun^ i. 

170 ¥BL 

Lau'rd An e T gg re i tne, s. 
Wte/Md A Bmall uiimal, ■. 
Tohmnd*9A T# use or d» «iy ttiag tke ink time, t. t. 
ffand^sd fint act flf Mle» «. 
.^m{ Vinegar, ve^(iilee» b. 
OafMd A oarpmter's tool to pare wHk, s. 
DamUd A young maidon; a oovntry laas, s. 

Ttn^Mf Laee r cae mbli ng goM, fto.; Moe h^tro, s. 
CounUA Adrioo; teiga; aploa4«r, a. 
7b cowi'td To giTO adrioe, t. a. 

Lot^ei A sconndrel; a waiikkn ftDow, a. 
Tor^M/ A kind of hawk, a. 
Dor'td A panaiar, b. 
JToKmI AmouHiM; a wnan ifoastHj, a. 
TbKMf Any thing in a twisiad form, a. 
Tatf9d An ornamental bnneh of silk, fte., 8. 
Vt»f9d Anj thing to held liqnidi; oonlaining parts of 

animal bo^y; *hoat erihip, a. 
Ou^td A blaekbird, b. 
Bou^id The holy Soeharial, a. 
To fwu^Mtl To norae np, y. a. 
Tof&r^4id^ To tell beforehand ; «a ptfopheey , t. a. 
ifon^^ Work ofer a el^onej, a. 
lAii'id The upper pari of a door firame, a. 
PoitU^d Any tiling on a point, a. 
Car^td Agreement be#ireea eMoiiea, a. 
Hotted An inn, a. 
Cau^td Gantian; aon^e, a. 
2b a-vty To pnll away, ▼. a. 
Oav^d A prorinoial word f^ grennd, 8. 
Jai/d A wandering Mlow, a. 

Nd^vd Point in the middle of the belly ; tiie middle, b. 
To rat/d To entande ; nntwiat ; nnweare, t. a. 
Car^orvd A kind of ship, a. 

Qrar/d Very small pebble stones ; a disease, s. 
To graved To ooTor wUfa grayel ; to pnzde, ▼. a^ 
To un-rai/d To disentangle; explain, ▼. a. 

To irtu/d To make a jomraey; toil; pass, ▼. n. 
Trav^d Journey; labaor, s. 

Dufel A ighl between two pc rs oa s, s. 
To dvfd To l^t a sln^ eombat, ▼. 

Ben/d A terat in masonry and joinery, s. 
To bm/d To eat to a beyel angle, y. a. 
To duh-eo'd To spread hair disorderly, y. a. 
Lef/d ETon ; smootii, a. 
To lev^d To make iat; to take aim, y. a. 

Lev^d A plaae ; an faistrament in boildlng, a. 
To ref/d To caronse, y. n. 
Ra/d A loose and noisy ftast^ a. 
lU^d Coal; firewood, s. 
IhJ^d To feed with toial, y. a. 
Ont^d HasBdheartad; tnhianan; bloody, a. 

AIL 271 

Cfrufa Oatmeal boikd in iratir, •. 

Ihifd The anus, a. 
Smi/d Snoi; the nmning of the noif, m* 
2b mif/d To cry as a child; to ran at tiie nose, t. n. 
To rn/d To oontraot into wrinkleB, ▼. a^ 
2b drii/d To elaTer; to dote; to be foolish, y. 

Ihv/d Slayer; a fool ; an idiot, a. 
To thrn/d To eontract into wrinkles, t. 
Swk/d A thing to turn upon, s. 
Nu^d See Newd, s. 
8cof/d Gloats for swe^ing an oren, a. 
Hot/d A rtied ; a mean cottage, s. 
Shat/d A hroad Made with a long handle, a. 
To shot/d To throw np with a rtiord ; to heap, t a. 
Nov^el New ; sppendant to the code, a. 
Nw'd A fngned stoxy; law to the code, s. 
To grov'd To be mean ; creep on the gronnd, t. n. 
Se^qttd Conseqnenee ; sooeeeding part, s. 
Car^vd A small ship, 8. 
Mar^vd A wonder, s. 
To mar^vel To wonder; to be astotdehed, t. n. 
Jew^d A predoos stone; name of fondness, s. 
Neu/d The apright in a staircase, s. 
Fanfwd Adien ; a parting compliment, int. 
Orev/d A ball of worsted, s. 
Twf'd A pipe at the back of a forge, s. 
To bou/d To pierce the bowels, t. a. 
To emrhou/d To take oat the entrails, y. a. 
Sow^d The point of a spar ; a seton, s. 
To roM/d To keep open with a seton, y. a. 
Tm/d A cloth to dxy hands, s. 
Trou/d A tool to lay bricks in mortar, s. 
Vou/d A letter ntterable by itself, s. 
Sem-i-wHo^d A consonant with imperfect soond, s. 
jffc/id A plant or tree, s. 
JBd^zd li^t brown, a. 
Jc/zd A predoas blue stone, s. 
Draz^d A mean low wretdi, s. 
Weet^d See Wmtd. 

Not^d The nose ; firont ; end of a thfaig, s. 
7b at2 To be disordered ; to be siek, y. n. 

BaU A surety for another, s. 
TohaUTo giye bail; to admit to bail, y. a. 
To fail To break in badness; miss; perish, T. n. 
TofttU To desert; neglect; omit, y. a. 

EaU Frosen ndn, s. 
To haU To poor down hail; to salnte, y. a. 
HaU! All health, inter). 
AUhaUI All health, s. 
Tothml To walk sideways, y. n. 
JaU A prison; a gaol, s. 

2T8 GIL 

Flail A threifaiag iMtnuBMit, 8. 
Mail Armour ; a bag of pott letters, 8. 
Nail Horn on fingers iaid toes; an iron pin ; sixteenth 
part of a jard; a stud, s. 
To nail To fasten or stod with nails, t. a. 
Ag'nail A disease of the nail ; a whitlow, s. 
Snail A testaoeoos insect; a slow person, s. 
Pail A wooden Tessel for water, milk, &c., s. 
Rail A sort of wooden or iron fenoe ; a Urd, s. 
7h rail To inclose with rails ; to insult, t. 
Frail Weak; ItaUe to emnr, a. 
Orail Small particles of anj kind, •. 
To m-graU^ To indent in cnrred lines, t. a^ 
To in^raiy To indose with rails, y. a. 
To trail To draw or be drawn ak>Bg, t. 

Trail Track of a hunter ; any thing drawn behind, •. 
Pm^&-trail Interior parts, s. 
NightWail A linen ooTer ai the shoulders, 8. 
Sail Canrass sheet ; a ship ; vessd, s. 
To tail To moye with sails ; swim ; fly through, t. n. 
To at-^ail^ To assault; attack, y. a. 
Wa$8^ttil Drink made of apples, sugar, and ale, s. 
Spril^tail Sail on the bowsprit, s. 
To out-tail^ To leaye behind in sailing, y. a^ 
Tail The lower part ; hinder part, s. 
Bob^tail Cut taU ; short taU, s. 
De-tail^ A minute relation, s. 
To de-tail^ To relate particularly, y. a. 
Dag^gU-tail Bemired ; bespattered, a. 
To re-tail^ To diyide or sell in small parcels, y. a. 
Reftail A sale by small quantities, s. 
Sn'tail The estate setUed, s. 
To en^tail To fix an estate unalienably, ▼. a. 
Ven'tttU Part of the helmet made to lift up, s. 
To cur-taiV To cut short ; to shorten, y. a. 

Vail A coyering to conceal ; a perquisite, s. 
To vail To coyer ; let fWl ; yield, y. 
A-vaiy Adyantage; benefit; senrioe, s. 
2b a-vail^ To profit ; prosper ; assist, y. a. 
To trav^ail To toil ; bear a child ; harass, y. 
Trav^ail Labour ; labour in child-birth, s. 
To prs-^ail^ To be in force ; to oyercome, y. n. 
Quaa A bird, s. 
T^ quail To languish ; to crush, y. 
To coun^ter-vail To haye equal power ; to requite, y. a. 
To wail To lament ; to bewail, y. a. 
Wail Lamentation ; audible sorrow, s. 
To be-wail^ To lament ; to grieye for, y. a. 
Twi^bil A halbert, s. 

Cor^bil Piece of tinber sticking out firom a waU» B, 
Cod^i^ An addition to a will, s. 
Dtf^fi^ Hard ; scrupulous, a. 

OIL 278 

Domfi-<U A nuuisioii house ; an abode, 8. 
Pet^ipt'eU An optical glass, s. 

Pm^eil A tool for drawing and painting, 8. 
Topen^eU To paint, y. a. 
doun^eil An assembly for consultation, 8. 
In-dot/il Incapable of instruction; untraotable, a. 

Fi/cil Bone between the knee and ankle, or elbow and 
wrist, 8. 
Daffodil A flower, s. 

lb ceil To make a ceiling, pronounced seal, rhjmes hea], ▼. a. 
Non-fOrreU/ An apple ; a sort of printing letter, 8. 

To veil To coyer ; inyest ; hide, rhymes bale, t. a. 
Veil A coyer to conceal the fi^ce, s. 
To fujrfii/ To perform ; complete ; answer, t. a. 
Ridff^il A ram half castrated, s. 
Si^il A seal, s. 

Vig^il The eye of a holyday ; watch, s. 
Ar^gU Potter's clay ; fat soft earth, 8. 
Pu^ffU A small handful, s. 
Dung^kil A heap of dung ; a mean low man, s. 
MueJ/hU A dunc^iil, s. See IntrodveHonf p. zili 
Down^hil Descending, a. 
Down'hil A descent, s. 
Ver^mU The cochineal, ^., s. 
An'U A shrub tram which indigo is prepared, 8. 

OH The Juice of oliyee, &c., 8. 
To oil To smear with oil, t. a^ 

Boil A sore pimple, s. 
To boil To bubble through heat ; to dreaa meat, t. n. 
Oar^boil Disorder; tumult; uproar, b. 
Topar^boil To half boil, y. a. 

Coil To roU up a rope; to wind in a ring, ▼. a. 
Coil Tumult ; bustle ; stir, s. 
To ac-eoiy To bustle ; to be in a hurry, y. n. 
To re<oiV To rush back ; shrink ; fall back, ▼. ik 
To foU To defeat; to oyercome, y. a. 

Foil A defeat ; deoeption ; fencing swerd, 8. 
Tre'foil A plant, s. 
dnque^foU A kind of fiye-leayed doyer, s. 

To moil To toil ; drudge ; daub ; weary, ▼. 
To he-moiV To daub with mire, y. a. 
To tur-moil^ To labour hard ; to weaiy, y. 

Tur-moH^ Trouble ; disturbance ; uneasiness, b. 
Train-oil^ The oil of whales, s. 
To un-oiy To dear from oU, y. a. 
To epoU To rob ; corrupt ; grow useless, y. 
^foil Plunder ; corruption ; slough of a serpent, 8. 
To de-^poiV To rob ; to depriye, y, a. 
Broil A tumult; a quarrel, s. 
To broil To roast on the fire ; to be yery hot, y. 
To emrhroU/ To disturb; confuse; distaraet, y. a. 

£74 ALL 

Jb dit-em-h-oiP' To dear ap; to diaentuq^e, ▼. ft. 
To droU To work idlj and slowlj, y. n. 
To soil To pollute; stain ; sully; dung, y. 

Soil Dung ; compost ; land ; earth ; dirt, •. 
To toil To labour ; to be weary with labour, y. 
Quoil See Coil, s. 

Pu^pU A scholar ; the apple of the eye, i. 
Ten^dril The clasp of a vine, &c., s. 
Fer^il Danger; hazard; jeopardy, s. 
SUr^il Barren ;^ unfruitful, a. 
A^pril The fourth month of the year, s. 
Scur'rU Grossly opprobrious, a. 
Not^tril The cavity of the nose, b. 
Bat^il The skin of a sheep tanned, s. 
Bas^il The angle to which the edge of a joiner's tod !■ 
Bra-sil^ An American wood, s. [ground away, •. 

U'ten^til An instrument for any use, b. 
Ton^tU A gland at the root of the tongue, b; 
DoM'tU A pledget ; a lump of lint, s. 
Foa^tU Any mineral or shell, s. 
Fu'tU Capable of being melted, a. 
Lm^Hl A sort of pulse or pea, s. 
Un-tH/ To the time or place that, ad. 
Pof^tU A roll of paste, s. 
To dii-tUf To drop ; flow g^tly ; use a still, y. 
To uirsHl^ To infuse by drops ; to insinuate, y. a. 
Topot^til To illustrate with notes, y. a. 
7b ex-til^ To drop ; to distil from, v. n. 

Cav^il A groundless objection, s. 
To cav^il To raise captious objections, y. n. 
JE^vil Wicked ; mischievous ; miserable, a. 
JS/vil Wickedness ; calamity ; disease, s. 
Bev^il A kind of square, s. 
De-^^il A fallen angel ; a wicked person, •. 
Vau^de-vU A common song or ballad, s. 
Wee^vil A grub amongst com, s. 

Civ^il Political; civiliied; gnve; kind, a. 
In-civ'il Unpolished, a. 
Un-civ^U Unpolite ; rude, a. 
Ful^vil Sweet scented powder, s. 
An^vil An iron block for smith's work, s. 
Tran'quU Peaceful ; undisturbed ; quiet, a. 
Bez^il Place for the stone in a ring, s. 
AU Every one, a. 
AU The whole, s. 
AU Wholly, ad. 
Ball Any round thing ; an entertainment of dancing, 8. 
Snou/ball A round lump of snow, s. 
Fuiz^bdU A kind of mushroom, full of dust, s. 
To call "io name ; write ; publish ; summon, y. a. 
Call Demand; claim; address; summons, s. 

ELL 275 

2^ re-caU^ To reyoke; to eaU back agun, t. a^ 
/9(;a22 The leprosy, s. 
Save^aU A pan to save candle's ends, 8. 
To faU To tumble down ; rerolt ; decrease ; drop, v. n. 
Fall The action of fallmg ; disgrace ; ruin ; sin, s. 
Windfall Fruit blown down, s. 

Gall Bile; rancour; sore; great anger, s. 
To gaU To hurt the skin ; Tex ; Aret, t. a. 
Hall A manor house ; court ; large room, s 
8haU A defectiye yerb used as an anxiliary, being a sign 
of the future tense. Rhymes the first syUable of 
tal-low, malrlow, &e. 
To mall To strike wHh a mall ; to beat, rhymes shall, v. a. 
Mall A genteel public walk; hammer; blow, rhymes 
maXLf B. 
Fall-mall A game at ball, rhymes bell, s. 
Small Little ; slender ; weak, a. 
Small The small or narrow part of a thing, s. 
Fall A cloak of state ; a covering for the dead, s. 
Spall The shoulder, s. 
Thrall A slave ; bondage, s. 
To thrall To enslave, v. a. 
7b m-tkrall^ To shackle ; to enslave, v. a. 

Tall High in stature ; lofty ; lusty, a. 
To stall To keep in a still ; invest ; inhabit, v. 
Stall A crib for a horse or ox ; seat ; booth, s. 
To m-ftaU/ To put into possession, v. a. 
Lay^staU A heap of dung, s. 

Squall A sudden wind ; a loud scream, s. 
To squall To scream suddenly, v. n. 
Wall A partition of brick, &c., s. 
To wall To inclose or defend with a wall, v. 

BU The measure of one yard and a quarter, s. 
Bell A sounding vessel of metal, s. 
7b bell To grow like a bell in shape, v. n. 
Fas^sing-beU The death-beU, s. 

Cell A small close room, cave, or hut ; partition in plants ; 

bag of fluid in animals, s. 
Ddl A pit ; a valley ; a cavity in the .earth, s. 
Fell Fierce; savage; bloody, a. 
Fell A skin ; a hide, s. 
To fell To knock down ; to beat down, v. n. 
Hell The place of the damned ; the grave, s. 
Rake'heU A very debauched sorry fellow, s. 
Shell A haid covering ; a superficial part, s. 
7b sheU To take out of or cast the shell, v. 

KeU Pottage ; that which covers the guts, s. 
7b meU To mix ; to meddle, v. n. 
Fell-mell^ Confusedly ; without order, ad. 
7b smell To perceive by the nose, &c., v. a. 
Smell The power of smelling ; scent ; odour, s. 
Kndl The sound of a bell tolling, a. 

27» ILL 

A obarm ; ft tmn si irailc, •. 
To spell To form words of letters; to ehftrm, t. 
To tOl To part witk for a priee, t. a. 
To un-der^eiy To sell ebeaper, t. a. 

To tell To utter; hifann; oovat; vepori» t. a. 
To quell To crush; subdue; appeaae; die, ▼. 

Well A spring ; souroe ; ctrnty, 8. 
To veil To sinring, y. n. 

Well Not sick ; happj ; oonyenieBt, a. 
WeU Properij; sufficiently, ad. 
To dwell To inhabit ; speiJc toe leng; live, ▼. a. 
Bride^weU A house of oorreotion, & 
Fare-weiy Adieu ; a parting eompliiMBt, int 
Fare^well LeaTe, 0. 
To well To grow bigger, proud, or angry ; to make bigger, t. 
Swell An increase; extension of bulk; anger» s. 
Draw-well A deep well, s. 

Ill Bad; sick; disordered; not in health, a. 
Ill Wi<^edness; misery; misfortune, s. 
HI Not rightly ; amiss ; not ea^ly, ad. 
Bin Beak of a fowl ; hatehet ; aecount of money or other 
things ; charge ; preecription, a. 
To bill To kiss ; caress ; publish, t. a. 

DiU A plant, s. 
TofiU To make full; satisfy; glut, y. a. 
Fill Fullness ; part of a carriage, s. 
Om Apertures on the side of a fidi's head, s. 
GiU A measure ; an herb; a liquw, 8. 
ma High land, s. 
Chill Cold ; discouraged, a^ 
ChiU Coldness, s. 
To chill To make cold ; digect; blast, y. a. 
Mole^hiU A hillock made by a mole, 0. 
Up-hia^ Difficult; laborious, a. 

Thill The shaft of a wagon, s. 
7b ArJW To deprive of life, y. a. 
Skin Knowledge ; dexterity, s. 
MUl An engine to grind or cut, 8. 
Hand-mill A small mill turned by the hand, •. 
Wind^mill A mill turned by the wind, •. 
Walter-mill A mill turned by water, s. 
To nill Not to will ; to refuse, y. a^ 
Fill A small ball of physio, s. 
Spill A small quantity ; shiyer ; thin bar, s. 
To apia To waste ; lavish ; be lost by shedding, y. 

MiU A small brook, s. 
To riU To run in small streams, y. n. 
BriU A fish resembling a turbot, s. 
To drill To bore ; delay ; draw slowly, y. a^ 

DriU A sharp instrument ; a small brook, 8. 
TofriU To quake or shiver with cold, y. n. 
To griU To broil on a gridiron, y. a. 

OLL 27T 

8MU Of a rery pieroing SMOid, a. 
iTb ghrill To pi«rott the ear with a sharp soand, t. n. 
To thrill To i»eroe; bore ; penetrate ; tingle, t. 
Trill A quayer, 8. 
To trill To quayer ; trickle, y. n. 
Sill The foot of a door-case, b. 
Till A money-box in a shop, b. 
'Till To the time or degree, conj. 
TaUll To cnitiyate; te plough, y. a. 
To still To silence; appease; drop; distil, y. a. 
Still Silent; calm; motionless, a. 
Still To this time ; till now ; oontinnally, ad. 
Still A yessel for distillation; silence, s. 
8toek-€tay Motionless, a. 

ViU A coontry-seat ; a Tillage, s. 
QittU The hard and strong fe^er of the wing, n. 
Squill A sea-onion ; fish ; insect, s. 

Will Choice ; command ; beqvest ; testament, s. 
To wiU To eommand; direct; dedre, y. a. 
Free-wUF The power fut acting, s. 
To twtU To drink Isxnriovsly ; to inebriate, y. a. 

JBoU A round stalk or stem, s. 
To hoU To rise in a stalk, y. n. 
DoU A little girl's puj^t or baby, rhymes loll, s. 
GoU Hands ; paws, s. 
TojoU To beat tiie head against any thing, &c., y. a. 
To Ml To lean on ; to hang out the tongue ; tiie o in this 
word is short as in the first syllables of hol-low, 
col-lar, &c., with which loU perfectiy rhymes. 
NoU A head ; a noddle, s. 
To knoU To ring or sound as a bell, y. 
KnoU A littie hill, s. 
To poll To lop the tops of trees; take a list of Toters; 
shear ; cut off hair, y. a^ 
Clod-poll A stupid fellow, s. 
Catd^poU A seijeant; a bumbailiff, s. 
Clot^poll ThiokskuU; blockhead, s. 
To roll To enwrap ; move in a circle ; float, y. 
Roll A thing rolling ; mass made round ; public register ; 

catalogue ; chronicle ; warrant, s. 
Scroll A writing wrapped up, s. 
DroU A &roe, rhymes loll, s. 
Droll An arch fellow; a jester, s. 
To droU To play the buffoon ; to jest, y. n. 
DroU Comical; farcical; humorous, a. 
Bead-roll A list of those who are to be prayed for, s. 
To troU To moye circularly ; to fish for pike, y. 
To wmp^roW To control ; oyenule ; oppose, y. a. 
To ttroU To wander ; roye ; ramble, y. n. 

Toll Excise of goods; the sound of a bell, «. 
To toll To pay toll ; ring a bell ; take away, y. 

278 L 

BuU Biale of bUok o^ttle; pope's edict; a btniiderbafls ; 
the u has here the short soond of oo, ih fool, pool, 
&c., whioh are the long sounds of fioll, poll, &o., 
as boll is but a short sound of bool, s. 
To chU To select fh>m others ; to pick, y. a. 
ScuU The arched bone of the head ; a small boat, s. 
Dull Stupid; dejected; blnnt; gloom j, a. 
7b dull To stupefy; blnnt; damp; sadden, y. a^ 

Full Filled with; satisfied ; entire ; plnmp, riiymes bnll, a. 
Full Complete measure ; the whole, s. 
Full Without abatement; exactly, ad. 
Dare^/uU Full of defiance, a. 
To gull To cheat; trick; defraud, y. a. 

OuU A sea-bird ; one easily cheated ; a cheat, s. 
Hull An J outside inclosing a thing; a hulk, s. 
7b hull To driye to and fro ; to float, y. n. 
SkuU A bone that incloses the head ; a shoal, s. 
Numbskull A dunce ; a blockhead, s. 

7b luU To put to rest; to compose to sleep, y. a^ 
7b muU To warm and sweeten wine, ale, &c., y. a^ 
7b null To annihilate ; to annul, y. a. 

yiill Void ; of no force, a. 
To pull To pluck ; to draw yiolently, riiymes bull, y. b. 
Full The act of pulling ; a pludk, s. 
Trull A yagrant ; strumpet, s. 
8ull A plough, s. 

Gaol A prison ; place of confinement, riiymes pale, s. 
Cil/ol A small sort of onion, s. 
Ghm^bol A frolic; a wild prank, s. 
7b gam^hol To frisk ; dance ; start, y. n. 

Sym^bol A type ; abstract ; creed ; emblem, s. 
Pro'Uhcol The original copy of a writing, s. 
Pdol An image worshipped as God, s. 
Ri^gol A circle, s. 
Oar'gol A distemper in hogs, s. 
AVco-hol Substance of any thing reduced into an impalpable 
powder, or rectified spirit, •. 
VU^ri-ol A kind of mineral salt, s. 

VVol A stringed musical instument, s. 
Bate-vi^ol An instrument of music, s. 
BoM-vi^ol See Bate viol. 

Fool A foolish person ; buffoon ; wicked man, s. 
To fool To trifle; toy; disappoint; cheat, y. 
7b he-fool^ To deoeiye ; to make a fool, y. n. 
School A place for education, a. 
7b tehool To Instruct, y. a. 

Pool A standing water ; a term at cards, 8. 
WhtrVpool Water moying circularly, s. 
Spool A weayer's quill, s. 
Tool An instrument; a hireling, •. 
Edge-tool^ A cutting instrument, s. 

AUL 279 

Stool A seat without a baok ; eraenatioD, 8. 
Close-stool A chamber implement, s. 
Foot-stool A place to put the feet on, 8. 
Wool The fleece of sheep, 8. 
Lamb*s-wool Ale and roasted apples, s. 
Car-ol A song of joy or deyotion, 8. 
To car-ol To sing ; warble ; praise, y. 
Band-Tol A little flag or streamer, s. 
Ban-ne-rol A little flag or streamer, s. 
To en-roV To register ; record ; enwrap, ▼. a. 
To tm-ToV To open a roll of parchment, &c., t. a. 
To eoun-ter-rol To keep a check in acconnts, t. a. 
Mus-rol Noseband of a horse's bridle, s. 
Pat-rol A guard to walk the rounds, s. 
To pa-troy To go the rounds appointed, t. n. 
Pet-rol A liquid bitumen floating on water, 8. 
Con-troV Power; authority; check, s. 
To eon-trol/ To goyem ; check ; overpower, ▼. a. 
Par-a-sol A small sort of canopy or umbrella, s. 
Turn-sol A plant, 8. 
Pis-tol The smallest of fire-arms, s. 
WU-tol A contented cuckold, s. 
To exriof/ To praise ; cry up ; magnify, ▼. a. 

Earl A noble title, pronounced erl, s. [earl, 8. 

Ptarl A gem in shell-fish ; a film on the eye, rhymes 
Mothfer-of. pearl A find of coarse pearl, s. 

Harl The filaments of flax, &c., 8. 
Marl A kind of fat clay, s. 
To marl To lay on marl ; to fasten with marline, y. a. 
To gnarl To growl ; murmur ; snarl, y. n. 
7h snarl To growl like a our ; to entangle, y. 

Oirl A female child, rhymes earl, s. 
To thirl To pierce ; to perforate, rhymes earl, y. a. 
To whirl To turn or run round rapidly, rhymes earl, y. 

Whirl A rapid circumyolution, s. 
To twirl To turn round quick, rhymes earl, y. a. 

Twirl A quick circular motion ; a twist, s. 
To burl To dress cloth as f^ers do, y. a. 

Curl A ringlet of hwr ; a wave, s. 
To curl To turn into ringlets ; to twist, y. a. 
Tofiirl To draw up; to contract, y. a. 
To un-furV To expand ; unfold ; open, y. a. 
To hurl To throw with yiolence, y. a. 
Burl Riot, s. 

ChuH A niggard ; a rustic ; a rude man, s. 
Purl A sort of lace ; a bitter malt liquor, s. 
To purl To flow with a gentle noise; to adorn, y. n. 

Caul Part of a woman's cap ; of a wig ; the integument 
that coyers the guts, 8. 
To haul To pull ; to drag by yiolence, y. a. 

JEfaul A pull, 8. 
To maul To beat in a gross manner, y. a. 


Mml A hmrj wooden hammer, b. 
To eat-er-weml^ To cry like a emt in rutting time, t. a. 
Dread^ftd Terrible; frigfatfol, a. 
Heed/ful Watchful ; eantions ; attenttre, a. 
Nted'fvl Indispensably reqniaite ; neoessary, a. 
Hand^ftd As mnoh as the hand wOl h<^ s. 
Mind^fid Attentire ; haying memory, a. 
Un-mmd^ful Negligent ; inattentire, a. 
Re-^ard'ful Attentiye ; taking notice of^ a. 
Fraud' fvl Treacherous ; arifol ; triekiah, a. 
Peace' fid Quiet ; mild ; nndistvrbed, a. 
Orace'ful Beantifiil ; comely, a. 
XJn-graeefful Wanting beauty or air, a. 
Di»-grac^fvl Shamefiil ; infamoos, a. 
Of'fence'ful Injurious, a. 
Force' ful Violent; strong, a. 
Olee'ftd Gay ; merry ; cbeerfal, a^ 
Change' ful Inconstant ; uncertain ; mvtable, a^ 
Vmge'fvX VindictiTe ; reTengefn!, a. 
Re-vehge'ful Vindictiye ; fuU of rerengey a. 
Wake'ful Not sleeping ; watdiAil, a. 
BaWful Sorrowful; sad; fall of miaekiei; a. 
Nee'dU-ful Quantity of thread, &c., put into a aeedle^ g. 
OuiWful Treacherous ; artful ; deceitful, a. 
DoWftd Sorrowful ; piteous ; dismal, a. 
Shame' ful Infamous; disgraceful, a. 
Blame' fvl Criminal; guilty, a^ 
Bane'/td Poisonous ; destraotiTe ; hartftil, a. 
Tune' ful Musioal ; harmonious, a. 
Hope'ful Full of expectation, a. 
Care'ful Full of care ; eautious ; diligent, a. 

Ire'ful Angry ; raging, a. 
Direfful Dire ; dreadM, a. 
Uee'fuL Conyenient; seryiceable; oondudye, a^ 
Orate' ful Haying a due sense of benefits ; aooeptable, a. 
In-gratefful Ungrateful; unthankful, a. 
Un-graWful Unthankful ; unpleasing, il 

Spite'ful Malicious ; malignant, a. 
De-epUe'ful Malicious ; full of spleen, a. 
Dia-tatte'ful Nauseous ; offensiye ; maleyolent, a. 
Waete'ful Destructiye ; layish ; unoccupied, a. 
Be-hove'ful Useful ; profitable, a. 

Rue'ful Mournful ; wof^ ; sorrowf^ a. 
Wrong' fvl Unjust; injurious, a. 
SUm'ach-fvl Sullen ; peerish ; loth to submit, a. 
Re-proach'ful Scurrilous ; infamous ; yile, a. 
Wiah'ful Showing desire, a. 
Bash'ful Modest; shamefaced; sheepish, a. 
Scath'fiU Mischieyous ; destructiye, a. 
Death'ful Full of slaughter ; murderous, a. 
Loath'ful Hating; hated, a. 
Wrath'ful Angry ; raging ; furious, a. 

F U L 281 

Faith^ful Finn to the truth ; loyal ; trusty, a. 
Un-faitk^ful Treacherous ; impious, a. 
HtaUWfid Free from sidkness ; weH-disposed ; wholesome, a. 
Un-health^fid SicUj; wanting health, a. 
Mirty/ul Merry ; gay ; cheerfol, a. 
Sloth^ful Idle; laiy; indolent, a. 
MotUh^ful As much as fills the mouth, s. 
Youth^fid Toung ; iVolicksome ; Tigorous, a. 
Suih^ful Rueful ; woeful ; sorroi^til, a. 
Fan^d^ful Imaginative ; whimsical, a. 
'Mer^cirftd Compassionate; tender; kind, a. 
Unrmer'ci-ful Cruel; unconscionable; severe, a. 

PU'irfvl Tender; paltry; despicable; wretched, a. 
Flm^ti-ful Copious ; abundant ; fruitf^, a. 
JBaun^ti-fiU Liberal ; generous ; kind, a. 
Beau^ti'ful Fair ; charming, a. 
Du^tt-fid Obedient ; submissiYe, a. 
Thank^ful Full of gratitude, a. 
Un-ihank^M Ungrateftil, a. 

Book^/ul Full of undigested knowledge, a. 
Skillful Knowing ; well qualified, a. 
Vh-8kil^ful Wanting art or Imowledge, a. 

Wil^/ul Stubborn ; tenacious ; derigned, a. 
Brim^ful Full to the brim, a. 
Harmful Hurtful ; mischievous, a. 
Man^ful Bold ; stout ; courageous, a. 
JHa-dainyul Scornful ; haughty ; proud, a. 
Qaxn/fvl Profitable; advantageous, a. 
Pain' fid Full of pain ; afflictive ; diflloult, a^ 

Sin'fid Unholy ; wicked, a. 
Spoonsful As much as a spoon holds, b. 
Scom'fvl Contemptuous ; insolent ; proud, a. 
Moum'ful Sorrowftal ; causing sorrow, a. 

W(/fid Sorrowful ; calamitous ; wretched, a. 
Wbr^th^/ul Respected for dignity, a. 
Hdpffid Useful; wholesome, a. 
Topfful Full to the brim, a. 
Ftar^ftd Timorous ; awfril ; afraid; a. 
Won'der-fid Admirable ; strange ; astonishing, a. 

Cheer' ful Gay ; full of mirth and life, a. 
Pov/er-ftd Potent ; mighty ; efficacious, a. 
Sue-^ess'/td Prosperous; happy; fortunate, a. 
Uh-^ue-eett'/td Not successftil ; unfortunate, a. 
Dii'tress'/td Miserable; ftOl of trouble, a. 
Blise'M Happy; full of joy, a. 
Doubt' ful Uncertain ; not determined, a. 
Ntff-Uct'fid Heedless ; disregarding, a. • - - 

R&^peet'ful Full of outward civility, a. 
Dit-re-speet'Jfd Irreverent ; uncivil ; rude, a. 
For-gefful Not remembering; careless, a. 

Fret'ful Peevish ; angry ; uneasy, a. 
JMight-fid Pleasant; charming, a. 

282 EWL 

Right^ful HaYiBg ft ri^t or just eUuii» a. 
Fnghl'ful Terrible ; -full of terror, m. 
Sprig Wfui Lively; Mek; gay, ». 
Thought^ fid ContempUtiTe ; tAzioot; careful, a. 
FiVftU Varied bj fits, a. 
FruU^ful Bearing fhiit ; chUdbearing ; plenteoa^ a. 
Rt-tent^ful Malignant; easily proToked, a. 
JS-veni^Jid Fall of incideata, a. 
Pkant'ftd Complaimng, a. 

AfiffvH Cunning ; dexterous, a. 
Sport' ful ilerrj ; frolicksome ; done in jeet^ a. 
ffurt'/ul Pemicions; mischieToiis, a. 
Boaai'/tU Proud ; Tain, a. 
Trist'ful Sad ; gloomy ; melancholy, a. 
Wisi'ful Attentive; full of thought^ a. 
Omt'ful Tasteful; well tasted, a. 
Dis-gtuVfvl Naoseons ; unpleasant ; distasteful, a, 

Luti'ful Having irregular desires ^ raising lusti a. 
DU-trtut'JtU Suspicious ; timorous, a. 
Mit-truti'ful Diffident; doubting, a. 

Av/ful Striking awe ; timorous, a, 
Lav/ful Conformable to law, a. 
Ufirlaw'fvl Contrary to law, a. 
Sor'nm-ful Moumliil ; expressing grief, a. 
Play'ful Spordve ; full of lerity, a. 
BeV^-ful As much food as fills the belly, a. 
Joy-fid Full of joy ; glad ; exulting, a. 
Mo-guy The emperor of India, s. 
To an-ntdf To make void; to abolish, ▼. a. 
To <U9-€m-nul' To make void; to annul, ▼. a. 

Foul Not clean; impure; winced; not bright^ a. 
To find To daub ; to bemire, v. a. 
To ht-foul/ To make foul ; to soil, v. a. 

Noul The crown of the head, rhymes poll, hole, &o., a. 
To troul To move quickly, rhymes hole, y. a. 

Soul The immortal part of man ; spirit, riiymes hole, s. 
Con'nd A chief civil officer at Rome ; a chief manager 
of tvade for his nation in foreign parts, s. 
Fro-can'wl A Roman officer or governor, s. 
Awl An instrument to bore holes, s. 
To bawl To speak very loud ; to cry out, v. n. . 
To spawl To spit much, v. a. 
^awl Spitde, s. 
To he-tpawV To daub with spittle, v. a. 

To brawl Td.speak indecently or loudly, ▼. n. 
To crawl To creep ; move slowly, v. n. 
To icrawl To write or draw badly ; to creep, ▼. 
To drawl To speak in a slow drivelling way, v. n. 
To tprawl To tumble with agitation; to sttnagj^ey v. n. 
To wawl To ciy ; to howl, v. n. 

Yawl A ship's boat, s. 
To mewl To squall as a child, v. n. 

BAM &» 

Owl A bird that fliet bj night, s. 
Bowl The hollow of a cup or glass ; a yeesel for punch, 
&c. ; a wooden ball, rhymes hole, s. 
To bowl To play at bowls, rhymes hole, ▼. a. 

Vowl A monk's hood, &o. 
To scowl To frown ; to look angry, rhymes owl, ▼. n. 
Scowl A gloomy look, rhymes owl, s. 
Fowl A winged animal ; a bird, rhymes owl, i. 
Shaw^/owl An artificial fowl made to shoot at, s. 
To howl To cry as a dog, or bitterly, v. n. 
Howl The cry of a dog, s. 
Thowl A place for oars to torn in, rhymes owl, s. 
Joi/ber-nowl A blockhead, s. 

To growl To snarl ; grumble ; murmur ; rhymes owl, ▼. n. 
To prowl To rove over ; seek for prey, plunder, rhymes owl, T. 
To ttrowl To range ; to wander, rhymes owl, t. a. 
To $owl To pull by the ears, rhymes owl, ▼. a. 

Pdyl A small short poem, s. 
Ber^yl A precious stone of a greenish east, a 


Am The first person of the Terb to be. 
Dam A mother of brutes ; a bank to stop water, s. 
To dam To stop or shut up ; to confine, ▼. a. 
Mad' am An address to gentlewomen, s. 
EoVi^dam Blessed lady, s. 
Qui'dam Somebody, s. 
Bd'dam A hag; a scolding woman, s. 
MUVdam Mound to keep and raise water, s. 
Chran'dam Grandmother, s. 
Com^nm'dam A double benefice, s. 
Qwm'dam Haiing been formerly, a. 
To unrdam' To open banks, y. a. 
Bam Uncle, s. 

BMm Main Umber ; balance of scales ; ray of the sm } 
yoke of a chariot; horn of a stag, s. 
To btam To throw out rays, t. n. • 
FUam An instrument to bleed cattle, s. 
Gleam Sudden shoot of light, s. 
Seam Twenty quires of paper, s. 
Bream The name of a fish, s. 
Cream The oily part of milk, s. 
To scream To ciy out violently, shrilly, t. n. 
Scream A quick, shrill, loud cry, s. 
Dream Thoughts in sleep ; idle fancy, s. 
To dream To roYO in sleep ; to be sluggish, ▼. d. 

Stream Bunning water ; a current, s. 
To stream To flow ; issue^eontinually ; streak, t. 
Mid' stream Middle of the stream, s. 

Seam That joins two pieces together; a 0ear; mfasnro 
of eight bushels ; tallow, s. 

284 BBM 

7b seam To^iiiak« a ■atare ; to mark, ▼. %, 
To en-team^ To sew up, ▼. a. 
To in-uam/ To mark by a seam, ▼. a. 
To un-teamf To rip open a seam, t. a. 

Team A number of hones for dranght, a. 
To tUam To send up or pass in Tapour, y. a. 
8Uam Smoke or vapour of hot liquor, s. 
A-maJ/gam Mixture of metals produced by amalgamation^ a 
Ham Leg of pork cured ; the thig^ s. 
To thorn To counterfeit ; to cheat, y. n. 

Sham An imposture ; a delusion ; a trick, s. 
JSham Counterfeit; false; pretended, a. 
Jam A conserve of fruits ; a child's garment, 8. 
Kam Crooked, a. 
Bed^lam A madhouse ; a confused place, s. 

Flam A pretence ; a lie ; falsehood, s. 
To fiam To deceive with a lie, v. a. 
To $lam To slaughter; to crush, v. a. 
* Mam A term used by children for mother, s. 
Oran^nam Grandmother, s. 
To foam To froth ; to be in a rage, v. n. 
Foam Froth ; great passion, s. 
Loam A sort of fat earth ; marl, s. 
To loam To cover with loam, v. a. 
To roam To ramble ; rove ; wander, v. 
Fam The knave of clubs, s. 
Bam A male sheep ; a tool to batter walls, a. 
To cram To stuff; thrust in ; eat greatly, v. 
Iham A small quantity ; spirit, s. 
Oroff^er-am A kind of silk and stuff, s. 
JX^a-gram A mathematical scheme, s. 
An'a-gram Transposing the letters of a word, thus of mh 

we may Ibrm km, and of pily Up, s. 
Ep^i-gram A kind of short pointed poem', s. 
Tan^gram An intricately contrived things s. 
Par-al-lel^o-gram A right lined square figure, s. 

Mon^o-gram Character made of several letters, s. 
Chron^o-gram A kind of verse whose letter shows its date, s. 
FoVy-gram A figure of many lines, s. 
Lothfram A sort of coarse linen, s. 
Buck'ram Cloth stiffened with gum, s. 
Ban' tram A plant ; pellitory, s. 
Bal'ectm Ointment; unguent, s. 
Jei'tam Qoods from a shipwreck, s. 
Swam Preterit of swim. 
^Em A contraction of them. 
JH'a-dem A crown ; a mark of royalty, s. 
Deem Judgment; opinion, s. 
To deem To judge ; conclude ; think, v. 
To ad-4eem' To esteem ; to account, v. n. 
To ro-deem' To ransom; recover; atone for, t. a. 
To mU-deem' To judge ill, v. a. 

AIM 285 

Jh stem To appear ; to haye resemblaoee, r. a. 
To he-Hemf To become ; to befit, y. n. 
To mia-aeem^ To make false appearasee ; misbecome, y. n. 
To teem To bring forth joong ; to poor, y. 
To be-ieem^ To bring forth ; to l^tow, y. a. 
To e-steem^ To yahie ; think well of, y. a. 

EreUem' High yalue in opinion ; regard, 8. 
Die-^eUem' Slight regard ; dislike, s. ^ 

To die-^^teem^ To regard slightly, y. a. 

Oem A jewel; the first bod of a tree, s. 
To gem To pot forth bods, y. n. 
Strat^chffem An artifice ; means to deceiye ; a triok, s. 
Hem The edge of a garment, s. 
To hem To close with a hem ; to call unto, y. a. 
Them ObUqae case of they, pron. pi. 
Ej/i-them A liquid ; external application, s. 
An^them A holy song, s. 
lU^quirem A prayer for the dead; rest, 8. 
Em^blem A moral deyioe, s. 
Prol/lem Question proposed, si 
Po^em A metrical compoedtion, s. 
Pro' em Prefkce; introduction, s. 
Thefo-^em PodtiMi ff aa admowledged truth, s. 
PUim Also, ad. 

Bum Stalk; Ikmily; race; prow, 8. 
To ttem To oppose; to keep back, y. a. 
I^i'iem Method; theory; scheme, s. 
Wem A spot; a sear, b. 
Aj/o-um A medical deooetion of herbs, Ac, 8. 
Di^ehphragm The midriff, s. 
Ap'o-lh^ A remarkable saying, 8. 

Phlegm A watery humour of the body, s. 
To de^hlegm' To clear from phlegm, ,Ac., y. a. 
^Par^orpegm A table on which laws were, and an account of 

eclipses, &c. is, engrayed, 8. 
Par^ordigm An example, s. 

Draehm One eighth of an ounce; a Roman coin, rhymes 
dam, s. 
Log'cMiihm The index or ratio of one number to another, 8. 
AnrHrlog^a-rUhm The complement of the logarithm of a sine, &c., 8. 
Al'go-rUhm The science of numbers, s. 
Pm Contracted £rom I am. 
Im Used in composition for m before muto letters, 
lb «B» To take sight; to design, y. n. 

Aim Endeayour ; design ; direction ; guess, s. 
Claim A demand ; a title, s. 
To ekrim To demand of right, y. a. 
Ae-eUtim' A shout of praise; acclamation, s. 
To de-claim' To harangue; to speak in public, y. n. 
To re-etaim' To reform; correct; recall, y. a. 
To pro-claim' To publish solemnly, y. a. 
To dia^laimf To disown; to deny, y. a. 

286 ELM 

Jtfti-eZatsi^ llistaken oUim, i. 
To ex-claim^ To cry oat ; to rail against, t. n. 
To maim To hurt; wound; cat off, y. a. 
Maim PriYation ; iigaiy ; defect, t. 
Saim Hog's lard, s. 
Chet^unbim The Hebrew {doral of chemb, 8. 

Dim Not dear in sight or apprehension, a. 
To dim To cload ; darken ; obscure, y. a. 
To he-^im' To obscure ; doad ; darken, ▼. a. 
Oim Neat; 8prace,jk 
Him The oblique case of he, pron. 
Ser^orphim Angels of a certain order, s. 
Whim Odd fancy ; caprice ; Areak, s. 
Skim The firoth on boiling liquor, properly scum, s. 
To tkim To take off the sorfiikoe of liquors ; to fly quickly 
to glide along, t. 
Slim Slender ; thin of shape, a. 
To tdm To steal, ▼. a. 
Pam^im Pagan ; infidel, a, 
MWim A dwarf; a small being, s. 
Rim A border ; margin ; edge, s. 
Brim Edge ; lip ; bank of a fountain, & 
8an^he-drim The chief council of t^e Jews, s. 
In^ter-im Mean time, s. 

€hvm Ill-looking; horrible; ugly, a. 
Me^grim A painful disorder in the head, s. 
PjH^grim One who visits shrines of saints, s. 
Prim Formal ; precise ; affectedly nice, a. 
Trim Nice; neat; dressed up, a. 
To trim To dress ; shave ; fit out; balance a vessel, v. a. 
Trim Dress; condition, s. 
Ver-ha^tim Word for word ; literally, ad. 
Vic^Um A sacrifice, s. 
Shit'tkn A sort of precious wood, s. 

Swim Bladder of fishes, s. 
To nrtm To float on water ; to glide along, v. n. 
Max'im A general prindple ; an axiom, s. 
Bairn The name of a sweet plant, s. 
To em-balm^ To impregnate with spices, v. a. 
Calm Quiet ; still ; ondistorbed, a. 
To calm To pacify ; appease ; still, v. a. 
Calm Repose; stillness; quiet, s. 
To b&^alm^ To quiet; make easy, v. a. 

B^m Kingdom ; kingly government, riiymes helm, 8. 
ffalm Straw, s. 

Shalm A musical pipe ; a comet, s. 
Palm A tree ; victory ; three inches; part of the hand, a 
To palm To cheat; handle; conceal, v. a. 
Psalm A holy song, s. 

Qualm A sudden fit of sickness in the stomach, 8. 
Mm A tree, s. 
To whdm To cover; to bury, v. a. 

OOM 287 

T9 o-ver^hdmf To onirii ; to fill too mneh, t. ». 
Film A thin skin, s. 
To film To cover with a thin akin, ▼. a. 
Sea'holm A small nninhabited island, s. 
To lamm To beat sonndlj, y. a. 
To clamm To clog ; to starve, y. n. 
Scomm A buffoon, s. 
Prince^dom Rank, estate, or power of a prince, s. 
Frte^dom Liberty ; privilege ; unrestraint, s. 
Dtdce^dom Possessions and quality of a dnke, s. 
Pope^dom Jurisdiction and dignity of the pope, s. 
Wlwn^dom 'Fornication ; playing the whore, s. 
Sher^iff-dom The office of a sheriff, s. 
King^dom The dominion of a king, s. 
Birtk^dom Privilege of birth, s. 
Thral^dom Slavery ; servitude, s. 
Sel^dom Rarely ; not often, ad. 
€fue^kold-om Act of adultery ; state of a cuckold, a. 
Earl^dom An earl's seignory, s. 

Ranfdom Want of direction ; hazard ; chance, s. * 

Ckris^tm-^lom Body or general state of Christians, s. 

Peer^dom Dig^ty of a peer ; body of peers, s. 
Mar^tsfT-dom The death of a martyr, s. 
Wisdom Power of judging rightly, s. 
Falh^om Six feet ; penetration ; reach, s. 
Tofaihfom To encompass; sound; penetrate, v. a. 
Whom Accusative of who, rhymes doom, pron. 
Id^i-om A peculiar kind of speech, s. 
Ax^i-om A self-evident proposition, s. 
WhVlom Formerly ; once ; of old, ad. 
Ven'om Poison, s. 
To m-vm^om To poison ; vex ; make hateful, v. a. 

Boom A bar of wood laid across a harbour, 8. 
To boom To rush with violence, t. a. 

Coom Grease for wheels, s. 
To doom To sentence ; to judge ; to destine, v. a. 
Doom Judgment ; sentence ; destruction, s. 
Toforo-doomf To predestinate ; determine beforehand, v. a. 
To loom To appear at sea, v. n. 
Loom A weaver's for work ; a bird, 8. 
Bloom A blossom or flower of a tree, &c. ; line natlvf 
colour; perfection, s. 
To bloom To yield blossoms ; to be young, v. n. 
To doom To shut with viscous matter, v. a. 
Gloom Cloudiness ; obscurity ; heaviness of mind, s. 
ffeir^loom What goes with the fireehold, s. 
To ipoom To pass swiftly, v. n. 

Boom A place ; stead ; chamber, 8. 
Broom A shrub ; a besom, s. 
Hout^room Place in a house, s. 

Oroom One who tends horses, 8. 
Bridt^groom A new-married man, s. 

288 ERM 

Draw^mff-room A room iniHii^ o ompmaj r a — imb iot at ooort, il 
WUh-^raw^ing-room A room for redreimot, •. 

Mush^room A flpungy plaiit ; ao upstart, 8. 

El'bow-room Boom to ttreteh ont tlie elbows, a. 

DiHi^drom Time of performing a motion, s. 

Ih>m Away ; noting priTation, prep. 
There^from From that ; from this, ad. 
Be^mtm A tool to sweep with, s. 
Chrit^om A ohild that dies within tiM month, 8. 
TroH^tom A lintel over a door-oaae, s. 

£</tom Breast; heart; tender affeetions, a. 
To bottom To inclose in the bosom ; to conesal, t. a. 
7b tm-^x/som To hold in the bosom, t. a. 
To un-bo^Mom To rereal ia confidence, ▼. a. 
Chet^tom Yellow earth, s. 
Blot^tom The flower of trees or plants, s. 
To blot^tom To put forth blossoms, y. n. 
At^om An extreme small particle, s. 
Phan'tom A spectre ; fancied Tision, s. 
Symp^tom A sign ; token ; indication, s. 
Cut'tom Habit; fashion; nsage; Idng's dntiea, s. 
To ae-cu9^iom To habituate ; to inure, t. a. 
To dii-ac-€U9^U>m To destroj the force c^ habit bj disnse, t. a. 
Bot^tom Lowest part ; foondation ; Yallej, s. 
J\> bot^tom To make secure ; rest upon, y. 
Sworn Preterit of to swim. 
Bux^orn Lively; brisk; wanton; obedient, a. 

Arm A limb of a man, of a tree, &c., s. 
To arm To furnish with or take up arms, y. a. 
Barm Teast ; the head of malt Uquor, s. 
To fore-arm^ To provide for assistance, v. a. 
Farm Land occupied by a farmer, s. 
To farm To rent or let ; to cnltiyate land, y. a. 
Fteffarm Tenure of lands from a superior lord, s. 

Harm Injury ; mischief^ s. 
To harm To hurt, y. 

Charm A spell ; an endiantment, s. 
To charm To bewitch ; to delight, y. a. 
To de-eharm^ To disenchsAt, y. a. 
2b couni^er-charm To destroy an enchantment, y. a, 
Tharm Guts twisted, s. 
A'larm^ Notice of danger, s. 
To a-iarm^ To call to defence ; to surprise ; disturb, y. a. 
To dis-arm^ To take away arms, y. a. 

Warm A little hot ; sealous ; furious, a. 
To warm To heat moderately ; to grow hot, y. a. 
Lukefwarm Moderately warm ; indifferent, a. 
Swarm A crowd ; a multitude, s. 
To 8warm To crowd ; to breed in multitudes, y. n. 
^I>erm Seed by which a species is propi^^ted, 8. 
Term Limit; word; condition; space of time; times 
for seats of jostioe, and exercises at uniyer 
sities, 8. 

ASH 289 

To term To nune; to eall, t. a. 
Jb m»4ermf To term or name erroneously^ ▼. a. 

Firm Strong ; constant ; unshaken, rhymes term, a. 
Infirm To settle; to confirm, y. a. 
To a/-firmf To declare ; to confirm ; to ratify, y. a. 

In-firm^ Weak ; feeble ; irresolute, a. 
To m-firm^ To weaken ; shake ; enfeeble, y. a. 
To eon-firm^ To make certain ; fix ; strengthen ; administer 
the church rite of confirmation, y. a. 
Vh-firmf Weak; feeble; not stable, y. a. 

Form Shape ; method ; ceremony, pron. fkwrm, s. 
To form To model; arrange; settle; make, y. a. 
Form A bench, pronounced as the number four, ter- 
minated by «n, s. 
To de-form^ To disfigure ; dishonour ; disgrace, y. a. 
To re-formf To make better in morals, &c y. a. 
To ef-form^ To form ; to fashion, y. a. 
D^f'fwrm' Not uniform ; irregiilar, a. 
OufU-form Of the shape of a cube, a. 
Rv/hi-form Of a red colour, a. 
Orufa^form Haying the form of a cross, a. 

De^i-form Of a godlike form, a. 
(h/nei^form Haying the form of a wedge, a, 
Hy-ftrAioVi-form Form^ like the hyperbola, a. 
Inrfim^irMli-form Of the shape of a funnel or tundish, a. 
Mam^mi-form Haying the shape of paps, a. 
Ver^mi-form Haying the shape of a worm, a. 
Comrvan'irform Applied to flowers formed like a bell, a. ' 
Om'rA-form Haying eyery shape, a. 
U'ni-form Similar to itself; agreeing with, a. 
Un^m-form Wanting uniformity, a. 
Tri^form Haying a triple shape, a. 
En^tirform Haying the shape of a sword, a, 
Retfi-form Haying the form of a net, a. 
Lenftirform Haying the form of a lens, a. 
MuVU-form In many shapes or appearances, s. 
Scu^tirform Shaped like a shield, a. 
To in-formf To tell ; accuse ; acquaint ; animate, y. 
To mit-inrformf To deoeiye by false accounts, y. a. 
Con-form' Agreeable ; conformable to, a. 
To eori'form' To comply in opinion ; to suit, y. n. 
Toper-form' To do; execute; succeed; discharge, t. 
To trwM-formf To change riiape ; to be changed, y. 
Plat' form An horisontal plant ^ leyel, s. 

Worm An insect without legs; pipe used in stills, 
pronounced as if written wurm, s. 
To worm To act slowly and secretly, y. 
GUm/worm An insect with a luminous tail, •• 
Titrm A troop, s. 
Sar'eatm A gibe ; taunt; reproach, 8. 
Or'gatm Sudden yehemence, s. 
Cmtm A deft; yacuity; opening, s. 

«M> ISM 

Pkatm Appeannoe ; faaoied appMritioii, b. 
MVatm Atoms that ariflo ftma putrefying bodies, 8. 
Sn-ihu^d-aam Heat of imagiiiatioii, b. 
Flatm A mould, s. 
Cai^orpUum A pooltioe, B. 

MU^a-plMtn In rlietorio, a traoBpoBitioB of words, &o., 8. 
Fn/plasm A model ; matrix, s. 
PWo-ntum Bodundance of words, s. 
.Em^asm A powder to oorreot the bad scent of the body, s. 

S^Mum A convulsion ; invduntary contraction, s. 
Fan^tatfn See PhatUasm^ s. 
Phan^tatm Vain imagination, 8. 
Ju^da-itm The practice of the Jews, e. 
Ar^choritm An ancient phrase, B, 
ffeb^raritm A Hebrew idiom, B. 
08^tra-€ism Public censure, s. 
SoVd-cism Impropriety of speeeh» B. 
Chre^dtm A Greek idiom, s. [English, 8. 

An^ffK-citm An English idiom, or the manner of speaking 
Chl^li-ciitn A French idiom, s. 
Ca-thoVi<Um UniTersality, b. 

Em-jnr^irciam Dependence on mere experience ; quackery, s. 
Fornat^ireitm Enthusiasm ; religions firensy, b. 
Crit^i-citm A standard of jiM^fuig well, s. 
Segt^ti-cwn UniTersal doubt, s. 
Wit^H-cism Mean attempt at wit, s. 
A'tuU^o-dsm Accumulation of intoreBt up<m interest, b. 
Ez^or-ciam Ac|juration ; coiguration, 8. 
Tur^cism Mahometanism, s. 

De^iem A denying of Uie Scripture, b. 
A^ih6-ism Disbebef of a Ood, s. 
Tri^the-^am The worship of three Gods, B. 
Po^ff'the-iim Plurality of Gods, 8. 

Whig^gitm Principles of tiie Whigs, 8. 
Porral/o-gitm False reascming, s. 

8yl/lo-gi$m An argument of three propositions, s. 
Pro^Vlo-gvmi Syllogisms connected together, 8. 
Mon^a^ehum The monastic life, 8. 
Cat'e-ehitm A form of inBtruction, 8. 
8chi»m Separation; divlBion, s* 
Soph^itm A fallacious argument, b. 
Tan^ta-Usm Punishment of Tantalus, s. 
O^-ent^a-litm An eastern mode of speech, 8. 

Pty^orliam SaliTation } effusion of spittle, B. 
E-van^g&'Uam Promulgation of the gospel, s. 
Par^aJrU-Usm State of being parallel, b. 

Om^ii-lum Heathenism, s. 
Pa-raX/iy-litm A term in Algebra, s. 

Ihn^bo-4itm Intercalation ; time inserted, B. 
A-nom^it'ligm Anomaly ; irregularity, s. 
Pa^ffon-um Heathenism, s. 
Or^ganriim Organioal structure, s. 

AUM 991 

Mechfon-itm Gonstniotion of a body or en^iie, 8. 
Or^phan^Mfii State of an orphan, s. [tlon, 8. 

Ar-mmfian^4tm The doetrino of fireo-iriU and vniterMl redemp- 
Chrw^H<m-4tm The ChristlaB religion, 8. 
Pu^ri-tanritm The opinions of a Puritan, a* 
PuftanHiam Trade, ^to., of a proetitate, 8. 
Pol/y-fho-niam Mnltiplicitj of sound, s. 
Hea^thenritm Pagaidsm ; denial of the true Qod« 8. 
HttfUnrMm An Idiom of the Greek, 8. 
. Lat'm^iam A Latin idiom, s. 
lAX/er-tinfiam Lioentiousnese of life, 8. V 

Cal^mn^itm Doctrine of Calrin, s. 
Lac^o-nitm A oondse style, s* 
Aff^o-nitm Contention for a prise, a. 
Pyr^rko-nitm Scepticism } uniTorsal douht^ 8« 
Syn^ehro-nitm Ck>ncurrence of erents, 8. 
Proeh'rxMDitm An error in chronology ; an antedating, s. 
Mod^tTfiHkm Dejiation from ancient custom, 8. 
£fer^(Hum The qualities of a hero, 8. 
Pri^a-pitm Preternatural tension, s. 
Bar^bcHritm Ignorance ; brutality ; cruelty, s. 
Oar^ga-riam A medicine for the throat, n* 
Ploff^i-orrum Theft, espedaUy in books, &c.} literary theft, 8. 
Seet^a-ritm Disposition to schisBH, s. 
Aa^ter-ism A constellation, b* 

Okritm Hoty unguent, or oil, s. [numbers, 8. 

Al^ffo-riam An Arabic word used to imply the science of 
Apk^iMiam A maxim or general rule, s. 

PritM A kind of mathematical glass, 8i 
Ep^Uvrtiam Luxury; gross plessure, s. 
An^eu-riam A disease of the arteries, a* 
Sat/ba^Uam A superstitioas obsenranoe of the Sabbath, s. 
ScAe^mu-tiam Combination of the aspects of heaTsnly bodies, s. 
Ap-^hphieg^ma^tiam A medicme to draw phlegm, s. 
Anr€hfram^ftuh4iam Practice of «i*ir4<^ aaagraas, a 
Rhau^nuhHam A paiidrU disorder, s. 
Ped^o-b^qHtiam Infimt baptism, s. 

Qm^at-iam Opinion of the Quietists,^. 
Mag^mtriam The power of attraction, s. 
Eg^o-Uava Sdf commendation, s. 
Id^i-oi-iam Peculiarity of expression, s. 
PaftHrotriam Lore and seal for one's country, a 
Nep^(h4iam Fondness for nephews, s. 
Dea^po-Ham Absdute power, b. 
Bap^Uam A sacrament that admits into the church, s. 
Boy'iam Childishness, s. 
Maafro-coam The whole Tisible world, s. 
Mifcrotoam Man, the little world, s. 

A-hgamf A bottomless pit, s. 
Catfordifam A dehige; an inundation, s. 
Par^in^am A fit; periodical return of a fit, 8. 
Emm Straw of peas and beans, s. 


Ami Thebreeeh«8. 
M-fyp-WtHMm, An ointment of honey, vcrdigwnae, *«., ■. 
Q%^9rfimm A ph jsioal wood, nsed ss a porifier, «. 
JKNTt^mn A smaU portkm; » pittance, i. 
Yi~ai'i<um ProTiaion fkwr a jovrnej, t. 
Ormfam A whim ; a eramp, a. 

Sctim Droes; refoee ; dregs of Uqnor, 8. 
MaiHHrmrdwm A note to help the memory, e. 

Fer^e^um A planet's nearest distance from the earth, 8. 
Ap-o-^vm A planet's greatest distance from the earth* s. 
Mvp-c-ge^vm An ancient name for cellars and Yanlts, s. 

i2A«tfiii Thin watOTy matter from the month, 8. 
Pe-tn/le-wn liquid bitumen floating on wato- of springs, a. 
Ma»-to4e^um A pompons funeral numument, e. 
3Me<e-d4ifM-um That which serres for something else, s. 
Per-i-Uhne^um A membrane in^osing the bowds, s. 
Cat^re^um A medicine taken from the beayer, s. 
Emrpyr^t-wn The burning of matter in boiHng, &«., s. 
Mu-^um A repository of curioeitiee; a library, s. 
Per-i-ot^ie-wn A s^isible membrane coyering the bones, 8. 
Cfmm The liseous juice of trees, s. 
To gwm To dose with gum, t. a. 
Tm^gum The Chaldee paraphrase, s. 
To hum To sing low ; to deceiTe, t. n. 

Hum A low noise ; a deception, s. 
Hum / An expression denoting doubt^ inteij. 
Chm A chamberHBate, s. 
EurphoHbirum Ai^t; agum, s. 
Ep-i^dirum An elegy; a funoral poem, 8. 

Me^di^im The mean or middle, s. 
Com-pen^di-um An abridgment, s. 

(ydi^im Infidiousness; Uame; hatred, 8. 
D^-a^^di-wn The syrup of poppies, s. 
AlrU/di^um An absolute independent possession, 8. 
Per-i-car^di-wm Hembrsne ronnd the heart, 8. 
Scof^di^m A plant; a medicine, s. 
EjHff^di^um An introdnetion to a discourse, 8. 
Pr&-Wdi^im Frelnde, 8. v ^ ^ 

Cen-o-taph^i-wn A tomb in honour of the dead, s. 
Per^he^U^wn Place of a planet nearest the sun, s. 
Ora^ftMtm The skull, s. Lat 
Par-i-cra^fi»HMi Membrane corering the skull, s. 
(ypi-vm The juioe of Turkisk poppies, s. 
Bdd/U-^m A sweetHonelling gum, s. 
8ehf/UrWn, An explanatory note, 8. 
3p%'1harWmi-um A nuptial song, s. 

Pr^mi-wn An adyance to a bargain; a reward, s. 
Enreo^m^^um A panegyric ; eulogy ; praise, s. 

Min^i-mtm A chemical preparation of lead, s. 
MUrUnHiU'um Christ's reign of one thousand years on earth, & 
M&<f/ni<m Juice of poppies; first excrement, s. 
P«-rf-caf^ji»-iMi A pellicle enoompassmg thefindt of a plant, s. 

RUM 298 

JBg^-Ub^ri-um Balaaoe ; equipoise i. 
McMtu^bri^m A hmdle, 0. 
E^-ri^H^um Any thing ihrni oools, i. 
M^-te^rir-um Jnioe from the wild 6tioiimb«r, 8. L«i 

JMir^i-um Alienation of the mind ; dotage, 8. 
JBm-p</rPMm A seat of merdiaodiie ; a mart, •. 
JEm^H/ri-um A place of merchandise ; a plant, 8. 
8enU</ri'um Seal of sense ; organ of sensation, s. 
Cfol-lj/r^i-um An ointment for the ejes, s. 

E-lyt^i-um The heayen of the heathens, 8. 
Cy-nu/H-um A conoaTO-ooBTe^ member of an^teetnre, a 
Lix-ii/i-um Lje ; water impregnated with salt, s. 
De-Uq^ui-um A distillation by fire, s. 
Sf'fiu^virum Small particles fljing off bodies, s. 
I^ihpe^zi-ttin A qoadrilateral nne^ud figure, s. 
Oak^tim Old ropes untwisted, s. 
Alburn A kind of mineral salt, of an acid IMe, s. 
Roehe^ai'um A pnrer sort of alvm, s. 

Olutn Sullen, a. 
Phone' dirvm A kind of asbestos, s. 
Skd^btm A villain ; a seonndrd, 8. 
Veyium Fine parchment, s. 
Flum A fmit ; raisin ; sum of £100,000, s. 
8pe</u4um A mirror ; a looking-glass, s. 
Pen'du-lum A wei^t that swings backwards and forward^ ■. 
A^'btm A refio^ ; sanetnarj, s. 
Mum I Hnshl silence I inteij. 
Mum Ale brewed of wheat, s. 
Op-O'bal't€t'mum Balm of Gilead, s. 
Car-darmo^mum A medicinal seed, s. 

Oal'ba^um A substance between a gum and a resin, s. 
Ar-ea'num A secret, s. 
Lab-da'tmm A resin of the softer kind, s. 
Lau'da-num Tincture of opium, s. 
Tjfm'pthnum The drum of the ear, s. 
In-ter-reg'num The time a throne is vacant, s. 

Minium A ssuill type ; note of slow time, s. 

Rum Spirit distilled ftrom sugar ; a parson, s. 
Lar'um Alarm ; a machine that strikes loud, s. 
Crum The soft pasi of bread ; a smaU piece, 8. 
Drum A militarj instrument; part of the ear, ■. 
Humfdrum A stupid persod, s. 
Ket' tie-drum A drum made of brase, 8. 
Con-un'drum A quibble; a low jeet, s. 

Se'rum The thin watery part of Uood, 8. 
Orum Sour; surlj, a. 
Thrum The end of a wearer's ^read, s. 
To thrum To plaj badly on an instrument, t. a. 
De-€o^rum Decency; order, a. 
InHh-ci/rum Indecency, s. 
Mar'jo-rum A sweet-smelHng herb, 8. 
Qik/rum A special commisiiim, 8. 

294 BAN 

Spec^inim An image, b. 
Not^trum A medicine not made pnbUc, 8. 
Rot^trum The beak of a bird ; a place to declaim in, 8. 
Fi/fwn Any pnblic place, a. 

Sum The whole of any thing ; abstract ; hei|^t, i. 
To 9um To compute ; comprise ; be grown, ▼. 
Po»-tu-Wtum Position without proof, s. 
Ulrti-fM/tum A final answer or reeolntion, s. 
Fo-ma^tum An ointment^ s. 
Strt/ium A bed or layer of earth, i. 
A^hal^tum A bitaminons stone, s. Lat. 
Quanftmn The quantity ; the amount, s. 
0^-mm^tum The cawl, s. Lat 
Fac-U/tum One employed in all business, s. 
Stum Wine unfermented, s. 
To itum To renew wine by new fermentation, y. n. 
Frut^tum A piece cut off fhMn a regular figure, s. Lat 
Vae^u-um Space without matter, s. 
Mm^8tru-um Liquor used in infusions, s. 
Swum Pret and part pass, of swim. 
Shawn A hautboy ; a comet, s. 
Sym A species of dog, s. 


An Article ; one, but with less emphasis ; any. 
PcB^an A song of triumph or praise, s. 
Ban Public notice of marriage ; a curse ; censure of 
the empire of Germany, s. 
To ban To curse, y. a. 
Cor^ban A gift; alms; alms-basket, s. 
Suh-wr^ban Inhabiting the suburb, a. 

TuT^ban The head ooyering of the Turks, s. 
Can To be able, y. n. 
Bar^ba^an Outward fortification ; watch-tower, s. 
Bar^ro'ean A thick kind of camelot, s. 
Ru^bi-^an A term for a particular colour of a horse, 8. 
PuX/U<an A toU-gatherer ; a yictualler, s. 
Re-puX/U-ean Placing goyemment in the x>eople, a. 
RePpub^U-ean A commonwealthsman, s. 

Fel^i^can A bird yeiy fond of its young, s. 
OayU-ean Of or belonging to France, a. 

To scan To examine nicely ; to canyass, y. a. 

Dan f Spanish) for don; master, s. 
Se-danf A chair for carriage, s. 
Oj/pi-dan A townsman, s. 
Hariri-dan A decayed strumpet, s. 

SoVdan The emperor of the Turks, 8. 

Bean A sort of pulse, s. 
(yc&^m The great and main sea, s. 
Dean A diguitainr of the Ohureh, 8. 
Suydean A dean's depuly, 8. 

IAN 296 

Skwn A short sword ; % knife, 8. 
Lean Thin ; bareboned ; poor, a. 
To lean To indme ; to rest against, t. b. 

Clean Free firom dirt; neat; innocent, a. 
To dean To get oat the dirt, y. a. 

Clean Quite ; tuUy ; perfeotiy , ad. 
UnrcUan^ Not dean ; wicked ; lewd, a. 
TojsfUan To gather the remains, t. a. 

GUan Collection made slowly and laborionsty, s. 
C&^n/U-^xn Bine ; si^-coloored, a. 

Mean Low in toth, bdiaTioor, or worth, a. 
Mean The medium ; instrument ; rerenne, s. 
To mean To intend ; to haye in nund, ▼. 
De-mean^ Mien ; presence ; carriage, s. 
To de-mean^ To behave; debase; nnderralne, y. 
To nuB-de-mean^ To behaye ill, y. a. 

Pyg-me'an Very small; belonging to a dwarf, a. 
Sulhter^a^no-an Beneath the earth, a. 
Med^-ier-ra^ne-an Sourronnded with land, a. 
Hy-me^nefan Pertaining to marriage, a. 
Eu-ro^an Belonging to Europe, a. 
Tar-ta'r^-an Helli^ a. 
Hy-per-bo're-an Northern, a. 
Mar-mf/re-an Made of marble, a, 
E^-i-eufre-^aa Lnxarions, a. 
Em-py-re^an Highest heayen, s. 

Sean A net, sometimes written seine, s. 
Col-oe^e^an Gigantic, a. 
Ad-^Hnan-lefan Extremely &ard ; impenetrable, a. 
Stean For stone, s. 

Quean A worthless woman ; a stmmpet, 8. 
Cot^quean He who interferes in a woman's department, s. 
To wean To depriye of the breast, &c, y. a. 
To yean To bring forth young as sheep, y. a. 

Fan An instrument used by ladies to cool themselyes, 
also for winnowing com, s. 
To fan To winnow and cool wiUi a fiui, y. a. 
Pa'gan A heathen, s. 
Pa^gan Heathenish, a. 
Sv^frorgan A bishop under a metropolitan, s. 
Wirgan Wild maijoram, s. 
Origan A natural or musical instrument, •. 
Or^phan Bereft of parents, a. 
Than Placed in comparison, ad. 
Le^a-ihan The largest of all sea-monsters, •. 

Orefd-an Of or belonging to Greece, a. 
Ma-gic^i-an An enchanter ; one skilled in amgio, 8* 
La-gkfiran One yersed in logic, s. 
At-^i-4&-miicfi'an A member of an academy, & 
MeckHJHnkfi-an One fond of orprofessing meehaniot, •• 

HtAtrvsfiran One skilful in Hebrew, s. 
fiAet-o-fK/t-on Suiting a master of rhetoric a. 


Rhet-OTic^i-an Oae who teaokw rii«torie, b. 
Pa-tru/iran Senalorial ; mM% %. 
Pa-trif/i-^m A doUomub, s. 
Oe-om-^trie^i^m Oae skilkd ia geometryy 0. 
Jftf-Mc^i-an One skUled in maale, •. 
Physic^i-an One who profeesee the Mt of healing, e. 
Maih-^-ma-Hc^i-^m One Tereed in mathem«tie8» s. 
A-rithrfM'lic^i'on One skilled in arithmetioy 8. 
Pol4-4ie^i-^m Oae Tereed in polities, s. 
Op-tic^y^m One skilled in opties, s* 
Tra-ge^di'wn A writer or aotor of tragedy, s. 
Co-^mt^d^-mt An actor or writer of co medi e e , s. 
Solri-fid^i-tm One who h<dds faith only, s. 
Me-rid^i-€M NooB-daj ; line dividing the wmM, b. 
An-te-m&rid^i-^m Being before noon, %. 
PoH-nu-rid^i-an Being in the afternoon, a. 
Quo-Ud^i'^m A ferer which retam daily, e. 
Pro-si/tU'tm One skilled in proeody, s. 
Ouar^di-an One who has the eare of another, 8. 
Ouar^dp-an Defending ; proteeting, a. 
Pri-fHor^di-tm A qpeciee of plnm, s. 

Ple-be^i-an Popular ; yulgar ; oobummi, a. 
Ruf'firon Bratal ; savage, a. 
Ruf^firon A robber; murderer; brutal f^ow, 8. 
Col-Wgi-an A member of a oollege, e. 
The-o-U/ffinm A divine ; a professor of divinity, i. 
At-tro-U/fi-oH An astrcdoger, s. 
Styg'i-<m Hellish ; infernal, a. 
Set-qui-pe-dafli-an Containing a foot and a half, a, 
Bao-Aorna^U-an A dninkard ; a riotous pttrson, a. 
Cor-ne^U-cm A preoions stone, s. 
Cirvi^U-an A professor of oivU law, s. 
Ram-pay li-^m A mean wretch, s. 
Ae-a-<k^mi-an A sohc^ar of an academy, &e., s. 

Ban-ni-^tn^ A man's undress ; land of morning gown, 1 
De-mo'ni-an Devilish, a. 
SaUur^ni-an Hi^^py ; golden, a. 
Bar-ha^riron Savage; cruel, a. 
A-be-ce-da^ri-an One who teaches the alphabet, s. 
At-ra-bt-la^rirOH Melancholy, a. 
C^jT-pua-cihla^riran Relating to, or comprising bodies, a. 
Oram-ma-ri-an One who teaches gramoBar, s^ 
MUrU-na^ri-an One who expects a millenniuai, s. 
Cat-€-na^ri-an delating to a chain, ». 
VorU-tu-^i-na^ri-an Weakly ; infirm, a. 
Dit-e^-pU-na^ri-an Relating to discipline, a. 

Vet-^r-i-na^n-an One skilled in the diseases of cattle, 8. 
Pr&'du-H-fMfri-an One who holds predestination, i. 
CoJHum^na^ri-an Formed in columns, a. 

Li-kra^rifm One who has the eare of a library, a 
A-ffra^ri-an Relatiog to land, a. 
(h-^afrinm (In surgery) opraing by enttiiig, •• 

MAN 297 

Quod4i4t^ia^ri-<m A dkpntMit; a eontroTertbty s. 
Frol-e-ta^ri-an Mean ; irrefcohed ; Tulgar, a. 
An-U-tHn-i-ia^ri-an One who denies the Tnmtj, s. 
Va-l^ri-mi A plants s. 
JPrea^'U^ri-an A follower of CalTin, s. 
JPrea^'U^ri-^m Aooording to Calyin's dlBoipUne, a. 

Cm-tf/ri-^m Belonging to a censor, a. [nient, a. 

Seth^t-ii/ri-im Belonging to senators or members m parli^ 
Pre-U/ri-an Jndicial ; belonging to a pretor, a. 
HiM-U/Hron A writer of history, s. 
Ssfm-tne^tri-^m One Tery fond of proportion, s. 
JSr^uet^trinm Noble ; spearing on honebaok, a. 
CM-^rm^siron Belonging to a camp, a. 

Per^ti-cn Of, from, or like to Persiai a. 
B-lyt^i-an Exceedingly delightful, a. 
Gen^U-an Feltwort or baldmony ; a plant, s. 
Ter^U-^m Bieij third day, a. [dian, s. 

Semfi-Ur-tiron An agae compounded of a tertian and quoti* 
Set^gtnF-ter-tiHm Proportional as six to eight, a. 

ChrWU-cn A follower of Christ, s. 
An-U-^hris^ti-^m Against Christ, a. 
Un^hrWti-an Contrary to Cli^tianity, a. 
JFWH'<M Cotton doth ; bombast BtjU, s. 
Fuyti^m High swelling ; made of f^tlaii, a. 
Sub-da^vi-an Under the armpit, a. 
Di-Wvi-an Relating to the deluge, a 
AM-te-dy-Wvinm Before 3ie flood, a. 
Poft-^Wvi-^m LiTing after the flood, a. 
Poti-di'lu^vi-an One who liyed after the flood, s. 
My-Tol/a^an A firoit firom the East bidies, s. 
Clan Family ; race ; sect, s. 
PUm A scheme ; form ; model, s. 
To plan To scheme ; to form in dedgn, t. a. 
Or^Uhian A delicate small bird, s. 
Sbr^Uhlan Belonging to a garden, a. 
Man The human b^g ; male, s. 
8$afman A navigator ; a mariner, s. 
8o</man A tenant who holds lands, &e., by aooagOi's. 
Leadsman One who be|^ a dance, s. 
Uad'man A man depriTcd of reason, s. 
But^hand-man One who works in tillage, s. 
BondffMn A man-sUve, s. 
Ooadfman A slight appellation of oivility, s. 
Herdsman One who tends herds, s. 
Swordsman A fighting-man ; a fencer, s. 
Ooffie-man One who keeps a coffee-house, s. 
Frttfvum One at liberty or free of a corporation, s. 
LtffMn A sweetheart ; a gallant, s. 
N</bU-man A man of high rank, s. 
CUn^iU'man A term of complaisance, s. 

Fore^man A chief man in a shop, s. 
Mam^mam One skilled in riding; a rider, &e., s. 


Hang'man Tho ptiblio ezeoiitioiiery 8. 
Cunfnmg-man A fortime-teller, &o.y s. 
Church^ man A member of the church of EnglfUid, 8. 
Plough' man One who attends tiie plough, 8. 
Watch'man A night guard ; a sentinel, s. 

Ctri'tfum American name of a crocodile, 8. 
Dem'i-man Half a man, s. 
Wotk'man Maker of a thing, 8. 

BtH/man A orier of lost goods, &o., a. 
SchooVman One versed in school divinity, 8« 
Mtu'ttd-man A Mahometan belieter, s. 

Fen'man One who teaches writing ; a good writer, b. 
To un-man' To deprive of the qualiUes of a man, r. a. 
Oovm'man A man devoted to the arts of peace, s. 
Yeo'man A gentleman farmer; a. freeholder, s. 
Ot'to-matt Belonging to the Turks, a. 
Worn' an A female of the human race, b. [gar, &c., b. 
Oen'iU'Wm^an A woman of birth or education above the vul- 
Tir^wom-an A woman who makes head-dresBes, b. 
Char^wom-an A woman hired for odd work, s. 
Kins^ufom-an A female relation, 8. 

Ckap'man A dealer in goods, 8. * 
Mid'thip-man An officer on board a man of war, 8« 
Sfu^man A journeyman to a shop-keeper, 8. 

Caramon One who drives carte, s. 
Shear'man One who sheatis doth, 8. 
AVder-man An incorporate magistrate^ 8* 
Bal'der-man Alderman, 8. 

Oer^tnan A brother or relation, b. 
Oer'man Related, a. 
Walter-man A boatman, 8. 
LigWer-man One who managea a lighter, 8. [sedan, 8. 

Chair^man The presidoit of a Bociety ; one who carriee a « 
Beada^man One employed in praying, b. , 

Bondt'man A surety ; one bound for aaotlier, 8. 
Tradea'man A shop-keeper, s. 

Sidea'man An assistant to a church-warden, 8« 
Spoka'man One who speaks for another, 8. 
Salea'man One who sells ready-made clothes, 8. 
States'man One employed in public aiEairs, s. 
Tal'U-man A magical character, 8. 
Almt'man One living upon alms, 8. 
Tovmt'man One of the same town, s. 
Kint'man One of the race ; male relation, 8. 
Sieers'man A pilot, 8. 
Crafts^man An artificer, 8. 
Mand^i-erqfU'man A manufacturer; a labourer, a. 
Bunta'man One who managea the clmse, a. 
S^orWman One who lovee hunting, fte., 8. 
Nigkt'man One who empties priviee, 8. 
Mer' chant-man A ship of trade, a. 

/bo^mofi A aervant ua livery ; a ranaer, a. 

VAN 29» 

Bufman Belonging to a man, a. 
In-hu^man Barbarous ; incompasnonat^, a. 
Lay'man One of the laity, 8. 
JERgh^way-man A robber on horseback, ■. 
Jour^ney-man A hired mechanic, s. 
CUr^gy-fnan One in holy orders, s. 
Ju'ry-fMOi One who is empannelled on a jury, s. 
C(nu^ try-man A rustic ; one of t|i8 same country, s. 
Loan Asij thing lent, s. 
To moan To grieve ; deplore ; lament, ▼. 
Moan Lamentation ; audible sorrow, a. 
To be-^oan^ To lament ; bewail, ▼, a. 

Roan Bay, sorrel, or black, with grey or white spets, a. 
To groan To mourn with a hoarse noise, ▼. n, 
Oroan A hoarse dead sound, s. 
Pan A kitchen yessel ; any thing hollow, s. 
Ja^an' Vamish to work in colours, s. 
Sauee^pan A pan to make sauce in, s. 
Knufpan A bone of the knee, s. 
' Trt-pan' A snare ; a surgeon's instrument, s. 
Brainpan The skuU containing the brains, B. 

^»in A hand's length ; nine inches ; a short time, s. 
JSjnek and span Quite new, a. 

Ran Preterit of to run. 
Bran Husk of ground com, s. 
Vet^e^an An old soldier, s. 
Vet^e-^an Long practised or experienced, a. 
Qrog'ran A sort of stuff, s. 
AVeo-ran The Turkish bible ; the Koran, b. 
Oar^ran A small horse or hobby, s. 
DirOi/t-9an A bishop, s. 

FWtan A cooling drink, s. 
Ar-H-MOH^ An artist; professor of an art, s. 
Partisan^ A party-man ; head of a par^ ; a staff, s. 
7\a^tan A plant, s. 
To tan To cure skins ; to sunburn, t. 
Ohar^a-tan^ A quack ; a mountebank, s. 
Rattan A small Indian cane, s. 
Saltan The prince of hell ; the derll, 8. 
Or-vi^e-tan An antidote or counter-poison, s. 
Caftan A Persian garment, s. 
Cot-mo-poyi^an A citizen of the world, 8. 
MeirTo-poVi-tan An archbishop, s. 

Pvfri-tan A sectaxr ; a demure person, 8. 

Std^tan The TurkiBh emperor, 8. 
Quar^tan A fourth day ague, s. 
Cap^ttan A engine to draw up weights, a. 

Van The firont of an army, 8. [gnms, 8. 

Car-^-van^ A large carriage ; a body of merchants or pil- 
IVid^u-an Lasting for or happening once in three days, a. 
Di-van^ The Ottoman grand council, 8. 

800 EEN 

8iVv<m Woody; inliabltiiig woods, s. 
SyVvan Woody ; belonging to the woods, a. 
Wan Pale ; languid of look, rhymes gone, s. 
Swan A large water-fowl, rhymes gone, s. 
Cour-U'Zan^ A woman of the town, s. 
Ta^m Contraction of taken. 
El/m A heavy black Talnable wood, see Bbm^ s. 
Den A caTom ; a caTe for beasts, &o., s. 
To dead^en To depme of force or sensation, t. a. 

Lead^en Made of lead ; heavy, a. 
Thread^m Made of thread, a. 
Olad^en Swordgrass, &c., s. 
Togladfden To delight ; to make glad, t. a. 
To mad' dm To become mad ; to miBtke mad, t. 
To broad' en To grow broad, t. n. 
To ead'den To make sad, ▼. a. 
*To red' den To make or grow red ; to blush, t. 

Bid' den Inyited ; commanded, part 
Uh'bid'den Uninyited, a. 
Hid'den Part pass, of hide. 
SUd'den Part of sUde. 
Bidfden Part of ride. 
PrUti'rid-^kn Managed by priests, a. 
Trodfden Part pass, of tread. 
Uh-trod'den Not passed or marked by the foot, a. 
Sod'den Part pass, of to seethe ; boiled. 
Cud'den A down ; a dolt, s. 
Sud'den Without notice ; hasty; fiolent, a. 
Sud/den An unexpected occurrence, s. 
Hoi' den An awkward country ^1, s. 
To wi'den To make or grow wide, ▼. 
To hold'en To make bold, t. a. 
2b im-hold'en To raise confidence ; to encourage, t. a. 
QoWen Made of gold ; valuable, a. 
Be-hold'en Obliged in gratitude, a. 
WUhrhold'en Part pass, of withhold. 
Bound'en Required, a. 
Wood'en Made of wood ; clumsy, a. 
To gar' den To cultivate a garden, v. n. 
Oar' den A place to grow flowers, &o., s. 
Bear'gar-den A place of noise and confusion, s. 
To hard'en To make hard ; to confirm in vice, T. a. 
To caee'hard-en To make hard, v. 

Ward' en Head officer ; a guardian, s. 
Ckwrehrwardfen A principal parish officer, 8. 
Jor'den A chamber-pot, s. 
Bur'den A load ; a birth, s. 
To o-ver-bur'den To load too much, T. a. 
To dMmr'den To unload ; to discharge, t. a. 
E*en Contracted firom even, ad. 
Been Part of to be. 
Sheen Brightness ; splendour, s. 

HEN 301 

Ksm Sliarp; etgvr; Nfire, a. 
To kern To sharpen, v. a. 
To gleen To shine with heat or polish, y. n. 
Spleen Milt; spite; melancholy; anger, 8. 
To ea-reen^ To oaulk ; stop leaks, t. n. 
To screen To shelter ; hide ; oonoeal, ▼. a. 

Screen Something that oonoeals, ooTers, or sifts, t. 
Cheen Unripe; yonng; freeb; not dry, a. 
Oreen A colour; grassy plain; leaves, &c., s. 
To green To make green, y. a. 
Sea'grtm Of a sea colour, a. 
To ehtp^een' To proyoke ; to be yexed, ▼. 
Shor^grunf A fish-skin remarkably rough, 8. 
Bowl/ing^een A leyel green for bowlers, s. 
Ef/er'green A plant always green, s. 

^een A coarse sieye ; shelter ; eoneealmenti s. 
To ikreen To sift; shade; shelter; conoea], y. a. ^ 

Seen Skilled ; yersed ; beheld, a* 
Dh-fore-^een^ Not foreseen by presdenoe, 8. 
Uhreeen^ Not seen ; invisible, a. 
O^er-eeenf Mistaken ; deoeiyed, part 
Teen Sorrow; grief, 8. 
Nme'teea Nine and ten, a. 
Ftf^teen Five and ten, a. 
Eigh^teen Twice nine, a. 
Sev^en-teen Ten and seven, a. 
Thir^teen Ten and three, a. 
Four^teen Four and ten^a. 

Steen A vessel of clay or stone, 8. 
BtUrUen' A kind of stuff, s. 
SiX'teen' Six and ten, a. 

Queen The wife of a khig, s. 
To ween To think ; suppose ; imagine, y. ■, 
To o-ver-ween^ To think too highly; to be pnmd, v. n. 
To mii-toeen^ To mi^ndge; distrust, v. n. 
A-twe€n^ In the middle of two, ad. 
Be-ttpeen^ In the middle, prep. 
Oo^be-tween One who interferes oflidously, 8. 

Fen A marsh ; a bog; flat moist land, 8. 
T» deafen To make deaf, v. a. 
To ttiff^en To make stiff; to grow stiff, y. 

A-gen^ Again, ad. 
Tiffig^gen Made of twigB, a. 
Nog'gen Hard; rough; harsh, a. 

Hen The female of any bird, s. 
Pea^hen The female of a peacock, 8. 
Beeeh^en Made of beech, a. 
Myneh'en A nun, s. 
Birehfen Made of the biroh tree, a. 
KUeh'jsn A room for cookery, 8. 
To rough' en To make rough, v. a. 
To tough' en To grow tough, v. a. 

802 KEN 

Hy'phm The maziL (-) between words or qrflalilet, s. 
Atk'm Made of ash wood, a. 
Uhrwash^en Not washed, a. 
Tofreth^m To make or grow fresh, t. 

Then At that time ; in that case, ad. 
Hea^then Savage ; gentile, a. 
To Imgth^en To grow or make longer, t. 
To Hrmgth^m To make or grow strong; to animate, t. 
To Mtnooih^m To make eren or smooth, t. a. 
To dqfth^en To deepen, t. a. 

Earth^en Bfade of earth or elaj, a. 
Bw^then See Burden. 
To wnrbw^then To rid of a load ; to disclose, t. a. 
When At the time that, &c, ad. 
Li^en Participle of Ue. 
A^U-en Foreign, a. 
A^U-en A foreigner, s. 

Mien Air ; look ; manner, rhymes lean, s. 
To ken To see; to diseoTer at a distance, t. a. 
Ken View; reach of sight, s. 
To wea'ken To make weak, t. a. 
Sha^ken Part pass, of shake. 
Odkfen Made of; or gathered firom the oak, a. 
F^'safhen Part pass, of forsake. 
Tafken Part pass, of take. 
Uft-der-ta'ken Part pass, of undertake. 
Mit-ta'ken Part pass, of mistake. 
To or^ea^ken See To awake. 

To blaek^eri To de&me; darken ; make black, t. a. 
2b ilaek^m To be remiss; abate; loosen; relax; unbend, t. 

Chick' en The young of a hen ; a girl, s. 
To thick' en To make or grow thick or close, t. 
Striek'en Adyanoed; struck, a. 
To tiek'm To make or grow sick ; to decay, v. a. 
Tick' en A cloth for bed-cases, &c., s. 
Tb qidek'en To make or become alive; hasten; ezeite; more 
quickly, t. 
To re-qukkfen To quicken again ; to roTiye, t. a. 
Struek'en Old part pass, of strike. 
T) Wken To make like ; to compare, y. a. 
MUk'en Consisting of milk, a. 
Silk' en Made of silk; soft; dressed in silk, a. 
Drunkfen Having too much liquor ; intoxicated, a. 
Shrunk'en Part of shrink. 
8^'ken Part pass, of speak. 
Fair'tpo'ken Courteous in speech, a. 
Bro'ken Part. pass, of break. 
Un-bro'ken Not tamed, a. 

Wro'ken Part. pass, of to wreak. 
To'ken A sign ; a mark ; an eyidenoe, s. 
To be-U/ken To signify ; foreshow, y. a. 
To fore-tf/ken To foreshow, y. a. 

SEN 808 

Ik> dairy m To make or grow dark ; sally ; perplex, ▼. 
To hMrVtn To listen ; to attend onto, t. n. 
Jer^km A jaoket ; a short coat, s. 

OUn A valley ; a dale, s. 
FaJ/lm Preterit of to fall. 
Crett'falrUn Dejected; spiritless, a. 
WooVkn Blade of wool, a. 
PoVlm A fine powder; a sort of fine bran, s. 
Potty Im Ponltey, s. 
SuVkn Qloomy ; obstinate ; angry, a. 
Slo^lm Taken away felonionsly, part 
SwoVlm Swelled, part 

Mm Plural of man, s. 
A-mtnf So be it ; yerily ; so may it be, ad. 
FUtrn^m A priest among the pagan Romans, s. 
Ex-am^m Disquisition ; questioning, s. 
8pe*/i^mm A sample ; part of the whole, s. 
Meg^i-mm Diet in the time of sickness, s. 

(ymm A good or bad sign, s. 
Ab-do^mm The lower part of the belly, s. 

Wom^en Plural of woman, s. 
A-eufmm A sharp point ; quickness of intellect, s. 
Le-^^mm Seeds gathered by the hand, as beans, s. 
Cat-e-^u^men A person catechised, s. 
Ce-ru^men The wax of the ear, s. 
Bi-tufmen A glutinous earth like brimstone, s. 
Hy^mm The god of marriage, s. 
Linden Made of linen, a. 
lAn^m Cloth made of hemp or flax, s. 

Pen An instrument to write with ; a coop, s. 
To eheaj/m To ask the price of a thing ; to lessen, r. %• 
UnrMhap^m Deformed; misshapen, a. 
To deq/en To make deep ; to darken, t. a. 
To ri'pm To grow ripe ; to make ripe, t. 
To enrrifpm To ripen, v. a. 
Holp'm Part pass, of help. 
Hai^m Made of hemp, a. 

To o^pm To unclose; unlock; divide; explain; begin; 
show, T. 
To lumpen To fall out ; to chance, t. n. 
To Mharp'm To edge ; point ; make quick, t. a. 

Ai^pm A tree ; the poplar, or a species of it, s. 
Breth^rm Brothers, s. pi. 

Bi^rm A goddess famed for singing, s. 
Fhr^m A gold coin, value six shillings, s. 
Bar'rm UnfhiitfUl; dull, a. 
War^rm A park for rabbits, s. 
Tren A fish spear, s. 
Wren A small bird, s. 
Clu/een Part pass, of to choose. 
To looe^en To relax any thing; to part, t. a. 
Ti lea^een To grow less ; to degrade, t. 

804 TEN 

Tm The miinber twiee i:f%, a. 
Beat^m Part from beat 
Weath^er-beat-m Seasoned by l>ad weatlier, a. 
Wheat^m Made of wheat com, a. 
Worm^eat-m Gnawed bj worms ; wortfalees, a. 
lb threat^en To menace ; to denoonoe eril, T. a. 
Flatten Part of a printing prees, 0. 
OcU^m Made of oats ; bwing oats, a. 
Patten A plate used for bread at tlie altar, s. 
To tweet^en To make m become sweet ; to palliate, t. 
Ofl^m Frequently ; many times, ad. 
To soft^en To make soft or easy; to be appeased, t. 
7b ttrcUgWen To make straight, t. a. 
To height^ en To raise ; improve ; aggravate, t. a. 

To UgWm To flash, t. 
To ilrlighi^m To enlighten, t. n. 
To en-ligWm To give light ; instmot, t. 
To bright' en To polish; to make bright, T. a. 
To brighl'en To clear up, ▼. n. 
To tight' en To straiten ; to make dose, ▼. a. 
Fought'en Pret of to fight 
To tirait'en To make narrow or tight; to distress, t. a 
To wkU/en To make or grow white, t. 
Molt'en Part. pass. iVom mxAi, 
Lent'en Used in Lent, a. 
To heart' en To stir np ; enoonrage ; manure, t. a. 
To die-heart' en To discourage ; deject ; terrify, ▼. a. 
Mar' ten A large weasel ; a kind of swallow, s. 
To short' en To make short; lop; cut oiF, r. 
Tofore-^hort'en To shorten the fore figures, v. 
To hasi'en To hurry ; to urge on, t. a. 
Tofoit'en To make fast, firm, &c., t. a. 
To un-fast'en To unloose ; to unfix, t. a. 
To ehast'en To correct ; to punish, y. a. 
To liet'en To hearken ; to attend to, t. 
To glitt'en To shine, ▼. n. 

To moist'en To damp ; to wet in a small degree, ▼. a. 
To ekritt'en To baptize ; to name, t. a. 
Buret'en Haying a rupture, part 
To bat' ten To fatten ; to grow fat, T. 
To fat' ten To make or grow fkt; to be pampered, ▼. 

Lat'ten Brass, s. 
To flat' ten To make leyel ; to dispurit, t. a. 

Fat'tm Base of a pillar; clog shod with iron, b. 
Bit'ten Part pass, of to bite. 
Kit'ten A young cat, s. 
Smii'ten Part pass, of to smite. 
Writ'ten Part pass, of to write. 
Oof ten Part pass, of to get 
Be-got'tm Preterit of beget 
Mu-be-got'ien Unlawfully begotten., a. 
Firet'be-goUten The eldest of children, s. 

ION 805^ 

For-got'im Part. pass, of forget ; not remembered, a. 
SAot^tm Having cast the spawn, a. 
Blood' Mhoi-ten Filled with oyerflowing blood, a. 
Flot'tm Skimmed, part 
Rotften Patrid ; not firm ; not sonnd, a. 
WUh'Wtt'm Without, obsolete, prep. 

Htav'm The habitation of the blessed ; the sky, s. 
Leav'm Dongh fermented, s. 
To leav'en To imbne ; to ferment, t. a. 
Ha'vm A harbour, s. 
Ra'vm A black carrion fowl, s. 
To ra'vm To deTour greedily, v. a. 
Crafven A conquered cook ; a coward, s. 

E'vm Level ; parallel ; calm ; uniform, a. 
To e'ven To equal ; to balance an account, t. 
E'vm Verily, od. 
Lm>'m Ferment to work bread, s. 
E4ev'm One more than ten, a. 
Un-^ven Not level ; not even ; not equal, a. 
Severn One more than six, a. 
8tm/m A cry or loud clamour, s. 
To enrWveu^ To make lively or cheerful, t. a. 
Rit/en Part of to rive. 
Drvo'tn Part of to drive. 

Op' en A place for baking, s. 
CWvtn Cleft; divided, part 
Slov^m One dirtily or carelessly dressed, s. 
Dro'vm Driven, part 
TTo^twi Part pass, of to weave. 
Wen A fleshy excrescence, s. 
Yeu/m Made of yew, a. 
Rov/m A field kept up till after Michaelmas, s. 
Flax'm Made of flax ; fair, a. 
Wax'm Made of wax, a. 
BHx'en A dunghill ; a laystall, s. 
Vix'm A she fox ; a spirited woman, s. 
Box'en Made of or resembling box, a. 
Wax'en Part of to wax, obsolete. 
Bra'zm Made of brass ; impudent, a. 
To bra'zen To bully ; to be impudent, v. n. 
To diz'en To deck ; to dress gaudily, v. a. 
To be-^Hz'en To deck, y. a. 
Dm'i-zm A citlien ; a freeman, s. 
dt^i-un One inhabiting a city ; a freeman, s. 
To eoz'en To trick ; cheat ; impose upon, v. a. 
Doz'm The number twelve, s. 
Fn/zm Part tram freese. 
Miz'zm The stem mast, s. 
To im^egn' To make fruitful ; to fill, y. a. 
Cam-paign' A large open level country ; the time that an anny 

keens the field, s. 
Okam-paign' A flat^»pen oonntry, s. 

106 AIN 

To de-raigmf To prove ; to justiiy, t. a* 
To ar^aign^ To accoso ; lel in order ; indict, t. a. 
To dhgn To Tonohsafe, t. jl 
To dagn To grant, t. a. 

In^ignf Unworthj ; nndeserring, rhymes ine, a. 
Con-dign^ Desenred ; aeeording to merit, rh jmee ine, a. 
To feign To invent; to eoanterfeit; to diesemUe, rhymee 

pain, T. a. 
7\> reign To role as a king ; to prerail, rh jmee pain, r. n. 
Be^ The time of Idngij goremment, s. 
Soi/e-reign Supreme lord, 8. 
Sof/e-reign Supreme in power, a. 

For^eign Outlandish ; not belonging to ; excluded, a. 
In^ter-reign The time a throne is Tacant, s. 

Ma4ign^ UnfaTOurable ; fatal ; infectious, rhjmes line, a. 
To mor-lign^ To hurt ; injure ; backbite, rhjmes fine, t. a. 
JBe^nign^ Kind ; generous ; liberal, rhjmes fine, a. 

Sign A token; mirade; symbol; derioe hung out; 
constellation in the lodiao, rhymes fine, s. 
To 9ut/tign To sign under, t. a. 
To de-eign' To propose ; intend ; plan, t. a. 

De-eign^ Intention ; plan ; scheme, s. 
To re-^ign^ To give or yield up ; te submit, t. a. 

En'eign A flag or standard ; officer who carries it, s. 
Con-sign^ To make over to another ; to trust, t. a. 
7b count^er-eign To undersign, ▼. a. 

7\> OS-sign^ To appoint ; transfer ; make over, ▼. a. 
To im-pugn^ To attack ; to assault rhymes tune, t. a. 
Topro-pugn^ To defend; to vindicate, rhymes tune, v. a. 
To op-pugn' To oppose ; attack ; resist, rhymes tune, v. a. 
To exrpugti^ To conquer ; to take by assault, rhymes tune, v. a. 

In Within some place, prep. 
To or^-dain^ To appoint ; establish ; invest, v. a. 
To re-^tr-dem^ To ordain again, v. a. 
To fore-oT-dain^ To determine beforehand, v. a. 
To pre-OT-dainf To ordain beforehand, v. a. 
To dit-dain^ To scorn ; contemn ; reject, v. a. 
Fain Glad : merry ; obliged, a. 
Gain Profit; advantage, s. 
To gain To obtain ; procure ; get forward, v. 
A-gam' Once more, ad. 
To re-gain^ To recover ; to get again, v. a. 
Un-gain^ Awkward, a. 

Cham A line of links ; continuation, s. 
To chain' To fasten with a chain, v. a. 
To en-chain' To fasten to a chain, v. a. 
7b un-chain' To firee from chains, v. a. 
Lam Part pass, of to Ue. 
Biam A boil or bHstar, s. 
ChU^blam A sore made by cold or firost, s. 
Por'ee-lam China ware ; an herb, s. 
Cat'Ul-lam A constable of a oastle, s. 

AiN aw 

VU^lam A irioked mretoh ; also a Berrant, c 
Plain Smooth ; flat ; simple ; eTident, a. 
Chaj/lain Clergyman of a shq^ ; of a reshn«iity ftc, i. 
To comrpUUn^ To murmur; lament; bewail, t. 

To explain' To expound; illustrate; clear up, t. a. 
Cham^btr-lain One who takes oare of ehambers ; sixth officer of 
the crown, s. 
Slain Part of to sUy ; killed. 
Main Principal ; chief; important, a. 
A-main^ With yigour, ad. 

Der-main^ Land held by a man originally of himself s. 
Leg-er-de-mainf Sleight of hand, s. 

To re-main^ To continue ; endure ; be left, T. a. 

Do-main' Dominion; estate, 8. 
Pear-main' An apple, s. 
MoTi'mam Unalienable estate, s. 

Pakn Sensation of uneasiness ; penalty, s. 
To pain To afflict; torment; make uneasy, t. 

Sain Water from the douds, s. 
To rain To fall as rain ; to drop ttom the clouds, v. a. 

Brain Soft substance within the skull; sense, s. 
7k> brain To knock or take out brains, t. 
To drain To empty ; to make quite dry, t. a. 
Ihain A channel to carry off water, s. 
7b re-frain' To keep from action ; to forbear, t. 

Cfrain A sin^e seed of com ; a minute particle, s. 
To m-grainf To dye deep in grain, t. a. 

Sprain A Tiolent extension of the tendons, Ac, 8. 
To iprain To stretch the ligaments yiolently, y. a. 
Mur'rain A plague amongst cattle, s. 
To train To educate ; breed ; draw, v. a. 

Train Tail of a bird; of a gown of state; retinue; 
procession ; train of artiliery, s. 
Quat'rain Four lines rhyming alternately, s. 
To ilrain To squeexe through something ; sprain ; squeese ; 
mi^e tight ; force ; constnin, y. a. 
Strain Style of speaking ; song ; race ; rank ; hurt, s 
To re-strain' To withhold ; keep in ; suppress, y. a. 
To di^-train' To seise goods or chattds, y. a. 
To con-9train' To compel ; force ; confine, y. n. 
To o^er-ttrain' To stretch too far, y. a. 

To oh-ttunf To gain ; procure ; preyail, y. 
To de-tain' To hold in custody ; to ke^ back, y. a. 
To re-tain' To keep ; hold in custody, y. a. 
Chief' tain A leader ; a head, s. 
Plan' tain An herb ; a tree, s. 
To main-tain' To preserye ; keep ; support, y. a. 
Quin'tain A post with a turning top, s. 
To con-tain' To hold ; comprise ; keep chaste, y. 
Fomftain A spring; spout of water; firvt cause, e. 
Moun'tain A hill ; a large heap, s. 
Moun'tain Found on mountains, a. 

808 GIK 

CatrCrmomtftam A icree lafmal, 8. 

Cap^Uun A oonmander of a ddp ; troop, Ac, c 
CflKtoM Sore; resolrod, a. 
Un-ear^iam DoubtAd; mMetUed, a. 
To a§-€er4am^ To make oertain; to fix, t. a. 

fb jwr-faHt^ To belong; to rdate imto, t. n. 
IV> a^-ptr-iam' To belong nnto, t. n. 
To m-ter-iak/ To conTene wHh ; treat; reeeiTe, t. a. 

Cur'Um F uniitur e of a bed, window, &e. ; also a term ia 

fortification, s. 
To 9tam To blot; spot; disgrace, y. a. 
/S^OOT A blot; a spot; infuny, s. 
To ab-^tam^ To forbear, t. n. 
To ho-tta^ To maziL with stains ; to spot, y. a. 
To diM-Uimf To stain; tinge; blot, t. a. 
To nu^UM To bear; prop; help, y. a. 
To aJirUM To gain; come to; bring about, y. a. 
Sexftmn A stanxa of six lines, s. 

Vam Fniitlees; meanly prood; ineffectual; idle, a. 
Warn A sort of cart, s. 
Cw^toam Spanish leather, s. 

Swam A pastoral youth ; a young man, s. 
Cock^twam The commander of the cockboat, s. 
Boat^ncain One tAo has the care of a ship's rigging, s. 
Twain Two, a. 

Bin A repository for com or wine, &c., s. 
Cai/m Apartment in a ship ; cottage, &c, s. 
Bol/bm A small piece of wood with a notch, s. 
Rd/in A bird, s. 
Cher^u-bm Angelical, a. 

IHn A noise ; a continued sound, s. 
To din To stun with noise, y. a. 
Skein A small hank of silk, &c., rhymes pain, s. 
Bein Part of a bridle ; act of governing, rhymes pain, a. 
7b ran To goyem; restrain; control, rhymes pain, y. a. 
J7«re-m^ In this, ad. 
There^^ In that; in this, ad. 
Wher&4n^ In which, ad. 

Vein A tube in the flesh; course of metal in mines; 

current ; turn of mind, rhymes pain, 8. 
Fin A wing of fish, s. 
Orif^ftn A fabled animal, s. 
Cqf^fin A cheA for dead bodies, s. 
Muf^fin A sort of light cake, s. 
Bag-ormuffin A paltry, mean fellow, s. 
Puf'jvn A water-fowl ; a fish, s. 
Qtn A snare ; a trap ; genera, s. 
To he-gin' To take rise ; to enter upon, y. 
Big'gin A kind of child's cii^ or coif, s. 
P^gin A wooden yessel for pottage, fto., s. 
Nog'gin A small wooden cup, s. 

LIN 800 

Or^i-gin The beginning ; aooroe ; deftoent^ i. 
Com-triff-in^ Revenae; income, 8. 

Vir'gm A maid unacquainted with man ; sign in tlM lodiao, fl. 
Vir^ffin Untouched ; unmingled ; pore ; maidenlj, a. 
Rug^in A nappy cloth, a. 

Bin A meaeure of ten pinte, s. 
Chin The lowest part of the iSftoe, 8. 
Ze^chin A gold coin, value nine shillingB, 8. 
.Oulch^in A little glutton, 8. 
Ureh^in A hedgehog; a child, 8. 
CajhVrchm^ A friar; a kind of woman's doak, •. 
Dol^phm A sea fish, s. 

Dau'phin The eldest son of the king of Franoe, 8. 
Shin The forepart of the leg, s. 
Thin Lean ; slim ; small ; slender, a. 
Thin Not thioklj ; not closely, ad. 
To thin To attenuate ; to make thin, t. a. 
With-in^ In the inner part, prep. 
Whin Furze ; a prickly budi, 8. 
Kin Relation, s. 
A'kin^ Related ; aUied by Wood, a. 
Laml/kin A little lamb, s. 
Bod'kin A small pieee of iyory or metal, 8. 
Dod^kin A doitkin or little doit, s. 
Tam^kin The stqpple of a great gun, •. 
Man^i-kin A little man, s. 
Min^i-kin Small ; diminudTe, a. 
May kin A dirty wench, s. 
QrirmaVJan An old oat, s. 

Wel'kin The yisible region of the air, 8. 
Naj/kin A linen cloth used at mMlfl to wipe hande, 8. 
F^kin An earthen boiler, b. 
Bumj/kin An awkward person ; a down, 8. 
Cinder-kin Inferior eider, s. 
KiVder-kin A liquid measure of sixteen and eighteen gallons, s. 
Oher^kin A pickled cucumber, s. 
Jer^kin A jacket; a kind of hawk, 8. 
Sof/Ur-kin A kind of false birth, 8. 
Fir^kin A Tessel of nine gidlons, s. 
Mor^kin A wild beast dead through sickneee, Ac., 8. 
Skm A hide; natural cover of flesh, &a, s. 
Ibre^ikin The prepuce, b. 
Searf^tkin The cuticle, s. 
Orit^kin The yertebne of a heg for boilings 8. 
Buskin A kind of half-boot worn <m the stage, 8. 

TDUn To stop ; to give over, v. n. 
CM/Un An evil spirit ; an el^ 8. 
Hob-^ol/lin A sprite; a fairy, 8. 
Maudlin Drunk ; stupid, a. 
Home^Un A kind of fish, 8. 
Jai/&-lin A spear or half-pike, 8. 
Mtn/e4in A half-moon in fortifioatioii, 8. 

810 SIN 

Mt-iheff^lin Drink made of honey and water, a. 
Flu-eVlm The herb speedwell, 8. 
Viro-Un^ A fiddle, 8. 
Ber^lin A kind of ooaoh, s. 
Smer^lin A fish, s. 
Mes^Un Mixed corn, as wheat and rye, b. 
Mua^Un Fine staff made <^ cotton, a, 
Mast^lm Mixed com, s. • 
Oer^min A shoot ; a sprouting seed, s. 
Cummin A plant, s. 

Coin A comer; a piece of money, s. 
^ coin To make money ; to forge, v. a. 
T'o/otn To posh in fencing, t. n. 
Sain'foin A sort of grass, s. 

To join To add; unite; encounter, y. 
To tub-join^ To add at the end, y. a. 
To adrjoin^ To join onto ; to be c<mtignov8, y. a. 
To re-join' To join again ; reply ; answer, y. 
To en-join' To prescribe ; direct ; command, y. a. 
To in-join' To conmiand, y. a. 
To eon-join' To connect ; league ; unite, y. 
To inrter-join' To join together ; to intermarry, y. a. 

To dia-join' To separate ; part asunder ; put out of form, t. 
To mis-join' To join unfitly or improperiy, y. a. 

Loin The reins; the back of an animal, s. 
To pur-loin' To steal ; to thieye priyately, y. a. 
Oroin Part next the thig^ B. 
Quoin The comer, s. 
Toproin To top; cut; trim; prane, y. a. 
Ben-zoin' A medicinal kind of reein, s. 
Pin A pointed short wire ; a peg, b. 
To pin To fasten; join; close with pins, y. a. 
Cork'inff-pin A large pin, s. 

lAnck'pin An iron pin of an axle-tree, s. 
Puih'pm A child's play, s. 
Inch'i-pin Part of a deer's innde, 8. 
To un-pin' To open what is pinned, y. a. 
Ch^'in The Scotch quart, 8. 
P^pin An apple, s. 

To spin To draw up into threads; protract; exercise the 
art of spinning, y. a. 
Man-4tMin' A Chinese magistrate, s. 
Qua-drin' A mite ; a small coin, s. 
Cul'ver-in A species of ordnance, 8. 
Chan'frm The forepart of the head of a horse, 8. 
Grp^ An affected laugh ; a trt^ s. 
To grin To set the teeth together, y. n. 
Cha-grin' HI humour ; yexation ; firetf^ilness, 8. 
To eha-grin' To yex; to put out of temper, y. a. 
Flor'in A foreign coin of different yalue, 8. 

Sin The tnmsgressicm of the law of God, b. 
To sin To transgress the law of God, y. n. 

ANN- 311 

Ba^nn A tmmI ibr irttdiiDg haods^ a pond; reserroir; 
dook, 8. 
B<mr^bw•w^' Slight staff mixed irith silk, s. 
Ris'in A clammy drag, s. 
Bxaftm A dried grape, s. 
Dit-^ei^tin Unlawfol ejectment, 8. 
Cfrim^o-tin A species of red colour, s. 
Motrin Spissated turpentine, s. 
Ih ro$^in To rab with rosin, r. a. 
At^at^mn A murderer, s. 

Coui^m A relation at a distance, s. 
(7c/<0r^eotf-«m A petty fkyonrite; relation, 8. 
Bam' tin A badger, s. 

Tin A aort of white metal, s. 
Lat'in The ancient Roman language, s. 
Motrin Used in the morning, a. 
Sai'in A soft, dose, shining silk, s. 
Qwn'im A post, &c., used in tilting, 8. 
jPor^Cm A little fort, s. 
Bat/in A bundle of small wood ; fagots, s. 
Cat/m A natural hollow, s. Fr. 
Spat/in A disease in horses, b. 
Rai/in Prej; rapaciousness, b. 
Sai/m A tree, s. 

Plei/in (In law) a warrant or assurance, 8. 
7\> r&plei/in To release goods distrained, t. a. 

Cot/in A deoeitftil agreement, s. 
Har^le-quin A principal character in pantomimes, 8. 
Pal-an-gtdn' An Indian sedan or chair, s. 
Pat'quin A lampoon, s. 

Rufin A fall ; oyerthrow ; destraction ; bane, 8. 
To ru'in To demolish ; destroy ; to run to ruin, t. 
To win To gain by conquest or play, t. a. 
Twin One of two produced together, s. 
To twin To bring two ; to be paved, y. n. 
StiM^in The act of taldng poesession, s. 
Fain See Fallen. 
Chap' fain Haying the mouth shrunk, a. 
KUn A stoye to dry or bum thhigs, 8. 
Swoln Part pass, of to swell. 
Atdn A French measure of lengtii ; an ell, 8. 
To damn To curse ; condemn ; hiss down, y. a. 
To eon-demn' To pass sentence upon ; blame, y. a. 

Solfemn Awful ; graye ; serious, a. 
To ean-temnf To scorn ; despise ; neglect, y. n. 

To Umn To paint or diaw a fkce, y. n. 
To di»-Unmf To unpaint, y. a. 

Col'umn A round pillar ; part of a page, &c., b. 
Au'tumn The third season of the year, s. 
To hymn To praise in songs of adoration, y. a. 

Hymn A (Urine song, s. 
To vann To winnow ; to fiui, y. a. 

812 BON 

Bm A hoofli of «Dtartfliiimeiit to trsv«Den, &c., s. 
To inn To pat up at an inn, t. n. 
Bun A land of sweet bread, 8. 
Glynn A hollow between two mountains, a. Irish. 
On Upon, prep. 
Bil/b<m A fiUet of sUk, s. 
Syon A black Talvable wood, a. 
Con (Abbreriation for iMmtra) against, ad. 
. Ba^eon Hog*s flesh cured with salt and (faried, a. 
Bea^eon Certain directing marks bj fire, s. 
Dea^eon A chnreh officer, s. 
8ul/dea-eon An order in the chnreh of Bome, a. 
Areh^dtd-c^ A bishop's deputy, s. 

Peon A piotnre or representation, s. 
Ba-til^i-eon A sahre; an ointment, s. 
Ca-thoVi-con An uniTcrsal medicine, a. 
Sal^pi-eon A kind of fuce or staffing, s. 
Lex^i-con A dictionary, s. 
FaX'con A hawk ; a sort of cannon, s. 
FavO/ton See Fidcon^ s. 

Don The Spanish title for a gentteman, s. 
To don To put on, t. a. 
A-bad^don A name giren to the deril, s. 
Myr'fiU'don Any mde ruffian, s. 

ChU^don A standard-bearer ; a standard, s. 
To orban'don To forsake ; to desert, ▼. a. [mored, s. 

Tai^dan A sinew ; a ligature by wliich the joints are 
Smfdon A wrapper ; a fold, s. 
Lar^don A bit of bacon, s. Fr. 
PoT^don Forgiyeness ; remission of penalty, s. 
To poT^don To ibrgiTe ; excuse ; remit, y. a. 

Ouer^don A rewtfd ; recompense, s. 
R^gwT^don Reward; recompense, s. 
Cor^don A row of stones, hills, &c, s. 
Bu-roc^ly-don Tempestuons north-east wind, s. 
Ap-o-ffo/on A planet's greatest distance from Uio earth, a. 
Widff^e-^m A water-fowl, s. 
Piff-widg^e-on Any thing pretty or small, s. 

Dudg^&<m A small £igger; ill-will; malice, s. 
Oudg^e-^m A small fish ; a man deceiyed, s. 
Bludff^e-^m A short thick stick, s. 
Cur^mudg^^on A miser ; a niggard ; a griper, 8. 
P\g'tr<m A doye, s. 
Dun'ge-on A dark prison under ground, s. 
PUm^ge-on A searbird, s. 
Horher'gt-on Armour for the neck and breast, 8. 
To hour'ge-on To sprout ; shoot out, t. n. 
CM-TXtr^ge-an A surgeon, s. 
Bar-ber-chi-rur^ge-on A man both a barber and a surgeon, s. 
Sur^go-on One who cures by manual operation, s. 
Stur^ge-on A sea-fish, s. 
Lunch^e-on A handftil of food, s. 

ION 3» 

Punekfe-am A tool to nutko % hole; % large oaak, •. 
2Vupie4^»-on A steff of oommaad ; a short staff, s. 
8ctUeh^0-<m A shield represented in heraldry, s. 
Sa-euteh^e-on The shield of the family, &c., s. 

Pon-Me^on A temple of all the gods, s. [touches, s. 

C/uhtne^U-on An animal that takes the colour of whateTer it 
OatrU-^m^ A large ship witii four or five deoks, s. 
Here-^ Upon this, ad. 
Tkere-on^ On that, ad. 
When-an^ On which, ad. 

Fon A fool; an idiot, s. 
OHffon A fabled animal, s. 
Dtcfa-g<m A figure of ten sides, s. 
En-die^ orgun A plain figure of eloTen sides and angles, s. 
Menrdic^argm A figure of eleren sides and anises, s. 
Un-d£ef argon A figure of elcTen sides, s. 
Do-dtc^ argon A figure of twelve sides, s. 
Enrnefa-gon A figure of nine t^g^o^i s. 

Flag' on A two quart measure of wine, &e.y t. 
To parf argon To compare; to equal, ▼. a. 
Par'a-gon A modd, s. 
Dragoon A serpent; constellation; plants t. 
Flaj/drag-on A game, s. 
Snaj/drag-on A kind of play ; a plants a. 
Tar^rargon A plant called herb dragon, a. 

Oet^a-gon A figure with dght sides and angles, a. 
Pmi' argon A figure with fire anises, s. 
Hept^a-gon A figure with seren sides, s. 

Waggon A four-wheeled carriage for burdens, a. 
Hex' argon A figure of six sides or angles, s. 

Tri'gon A -triangle, s. 
Or'Uio-gon A ri^t-angled figure, s. 

Jairfgon Gibberish ; gabble ; nonsense, a. 
Oor'gon Any thing ugly and horrid, s. 
Pol'y-gon A figure of many angles, s. 
Sore'hon A kind of arbitrary exaction of serrile tenure, a. 
Si'phon A pipe to convey liquors, s. 
^'phon A tube ; a pipe, s. 
Oa^bi-on A basket to contain earth, used in war, s. 
Ci'on A sprout ; the shoot of a plant, s. 
InrUr-ne^don A massacre ; a slaughter, s. 
Su$-pifdon The act of suspecting, a. 
Co-^cion Restraint; check, a. 
Sci'on A small twig, s. 
Con-ta'gi-on An infection ; a pestilence, a. 

l^giron A body of soldiers ; a jast number, s. 
Re'giron A country; a tract of land or space, s. 
R^-Ug'iron Virtue; a system of iSftith and worshqt, a. 
Ir^e-Ug^i-^m Impiety ; a contempt of religion, s. 
Our'giron Coarser part of meal sifted fh>m bran, a. 
Btanrchiron A prop ; a support, s. 
Nun^cki-on Victuals between mefOs, a. 

S14 ION 

Fam^dd-^H A erooktd sword, s. 8«e Fdlekkm. 

Fask^um A form ; costom ; sort ; tilings worn, s. 
Tofoihfion To form; mould; figure; adapt, t. n. 
Cwk^ion A soft pillow to lean or nit on, s. 
Li^on The king of beasts, s. 
Ra»'eal'i'<m One of the lowest people, s. 
Tat-ter-de-^Hol^i-^m A ragged fellow, s. 

Bairtal'i-^m A body of foot, from 500 to 800 men, s. 
Dan-deAi'on The name of a plant, s. 
A-phefU-on The part of the orbit of a planet most remote 

from the snn, s. 
Par-htfU-^m A mock son, s. 
8e^U-on A ridge of land, s. 
Oan^ffU-on A tumour in the nervous parts, s. 
Oar^gU-cn An exudation of nerrous juice from a bruise, s. 
Man-^U't-on A soldier's ooat, s. 
Ver-mU'i-^m Cochineal ; a fine red eolour, s. 
Fa-vil^i-on A tent ; a moTeable house, s. 

Seal^li-om A kind of small green onion, s. 
Me-ddUU-on A large medal, s. 

Sud^U-an A horse kept for mares, s. 
Be4fel^li-on Opposition to lawful authority, s. 
8tel^U-<m A newt, s. 
Bil/li-<m A million of millions, s. 
MWU-^m The number ten hundred thousand, s. 
PU^U-an A woman's saddle, s. 
IVU^li^n A million of millions of millions, s. 
Po-^iVU-on One who rides the first ooaoh horse, s. 
Bul^U-on Gold or silyer unwroug^t, s. 
Cul^U-an A scoundrel ; a mean person, s. 
Scul^li-on The cook's servant, s. 
Scht/U-on An explanatory observation, s. 
Com-pan^i-on A partner ; a comrade, s. 

Min^i-on A low dependant, s. 
Do-minH-on Sovereign authority ; a territory, s. 

Pin^i-on A wing ; tooth of a wheel ; fetters, s. 
7h pin^i-on To bind the wing ; to shackle, y. a. 
O^pm^i-on A sentiment ; judgment ; notion, s. [Lat 

Am^nCan A membrane imm^iately covering the foetus, s. 
Mun^ni-on Upright posts in a window frame, s. 
On^i'on A plant with a bulbous root, s. 
Don'jcn The strongest tower in a castle for prisoners, s. 
Ron^i-on A fat bulky woman, s. 
Tar^fU-on The number three, s. 
Quthier^ni-^m The numbw four, s. 

U^ni-cn The act of joining ; concord ; a peari, s. 
Re-u^m-^m A re-uniting, s. [union in faith, s. 

Cam-^u^ni-on A taking of the Lord's supper; fellowship; 
Di»-u'ni-<M Separation; di^unction, s. 
Chamfpiron A single combatant ; a hero, s. 
Pom^pi-on A pumpkin, s. 
Pum^pi-on A plant, s. 

ION 816 

Seor^pi-^m A poi8onoii8 reptile ; ft ilsli, b. 
CWfi-<m A trumpet, s. 
Cri-iyriron A mark whereby the goodness or bftdnesB of ft 
thing mfty be judged, 8. 
CJu/ri'On The ontward membrane that enwraps the fcetos, i. 
M(/fi-<m A helmet, s. 
Car^ri-^m Bad meat, s. 
Mur^riron A helmet, 8. 
Sqt-im^triron Northern, a. 
De-cu^ri-cn A oommander oyer ten, s. 
Cen-tu^H-an A commander orer a hundred, s. ^ 
Oe-ca^tion An incident; opportnnit j ; need, s. 
To oc-ca^sian To cause ; to influence, t. a. 
A-bra^tion A rubbing off^ s. 
E-va^sion An ezouse; an equitocation, s. 
Inrvafticn A hostile entrance ; an attack, s. 
Per-va^sion The act of passing through, s. 
Per-8ua^non Act of persuading ; an opinion, s. 
Mia-per-twi^non A wrong notion ; a false opinion, s. 
JHt-ma^sion Importunity against, s. 
Ad-he^wm The act of sticking unto, s. 
In-he^tion Inherency s. 
Co-heftwn State of union ; connexion, s. 
Ex-e^tion The act of eating through, s. 
Oe-ds^ion The act of killing, s. 
De-cis^ion The determination of a question, s. 
Be-^ia^ion A cutting off, s. 
Fre-^it^ian Exact limitation ; exactness, s. 
Otr-eum-cia^ion The rite of circumcision, s. 
Un-^tr-eum-dt^ioH Want of circumcision, s. 
Inrcu^ion A cut ; a wound made, s. 
ConrcU'ion Gutting off; excision, s.' 
In-ter-cia^ion Interruption, s. 

JBjHsia^um An extirpation; destruction; ndD, a. 
JS-Wion A cutting off; a separation, s. 
A^lu^um A striking <me thing against another, «. 
Col4i8^um A striking together ; a dash, s. 
De-rit^ion Scorn ; a laughing-stock, s. 
Mit-pris^ioH Contempt ; mistake ; oversight, B. 
Ar-ris^ion A smiling upon, s. 
Ir-ris^ian A laughing at another, s. 

Vu^ion A sight; a dream ; a phantom, s. 
Se^is^ion A review, s. 

Di-via^ion A dividing; a variance; a part, s. 
Sub^f-via^um The act of subdividing, s. 
'jPr<hvia^ton A providing beforehand ; measures taken ; stores 
laid up ; victuals ; stipulation, s. 
Ln-pro-ffit^wn Want of forethought, s. 
Srtnulfnon A Uquid medicine, s. 

Pid^tum A driving forward ; opposed to suction, m 
Ih-pul^tion A thrusting away, s. 
lUpulfaUm A driving off from itself s. 

816 ION 

Im-pul^sion An infloence on tibe mind or bodj, 0. 
Com-puVtion The aot of compelling, b. 
Pro^pvVtion A driying off or forward, b. 
Ex-pul^tion An expelling or driring oat, s. 
A-wtH/tion A pidling one thing from another, b. 
S-vtd'aion The act of plucking out, b. 
E&-vul'sum A taming back of homoars, b. 
Di-vul^sion The act of plucking away, s. 
Con-vtd^tion An irregular and violent motion, 8. 
Sean^tion A seanning of rtne, b. 
Man' nan. A place of residence ; a great honse, b. 
Ptr-manfwo/n A oontinoance, 8. 
Dis-pan'sion Diffusion ; dilatation, s. 
Ez-pan'tion A spreading out ; extent, b. 
Ae-cen'sion A kindling, or being kindled, b. 
Be-cen'tion Enumeration: review, s. 
In-cm'sion A kindling, or being on fire, 8. 
Aa-cm'sion The act of ascending, 8. 
De-icen'aion The act of descending, s. 
Con-de-sem'non Submissloa; compliance, 8. 
DqHre-hen'sion A catching unawares ; a discover^, 8. 
Rqhre-hen'non A reproof; open blame, b. 
Com^e-ken'sian Knowledge; capacity, s. 
Ap-pre-hen'sion A conception ; fear ; suspicion, s. 
Pre-ap-pre-hen'sum An opinion formed before examination, s. 
Mit^p-pre-hm'ium Mistake ; misconception, s. 

De-den' don Variation of nouns ; depraTation of morals, s. 
Di-mm'sion The solid bulk ; capacity, s. 

Pen'sion A settled allowance, s. 
Topen'eion To support by allowance, b. 
Per^en'eion Consideration, b. 
Stu^en'tion A hanging up ; a oeaslng for a time ; the being 

suspended ftrom an office, s. 
Pra^eK^ihn A preconception, s. 
Con-ten'eion Agreement ; accord, 8. 
Dk-ten'iion Contention ; strife ; disagreement, 8. 

Ten'aion The aot of stretching, s. 
Ob-ten'sion The aot of obtending, 8. 
Pr&-ten'8ion A claim ; a fictitious appearance, 8. 

In-ten'tion The act of stretching, 8. 
PoT'ten'non The act of foreshowing, s. 
Ex'Un'mxm An extending, or being extended, s. 
Oo-ex-Un'non The state of extending to the same space with 
another, s. 
Spon'non Becoming surety for another, 8. 
B6-i»on'tion The act of answering, 8. 

E/'/ymon A digging up ; deterration, 8. 
XHt-plt/non An explosion, s. 

Ex-plo'don A driving out with noise and violence; a dis* 
^ charge of gunpowder, &o., 8. 

E-ro'non An eating away ; corrosion, b. 
AjHr</sion A gnawing, s. 

ION tlT 

Cor-ro'tiim Aa eating or weariag away, •. 
Col-lap^tion The act of cloeing, s. 
Mer^tion The act of emking, s. 
Sub-mer^iitm A drowning or bewg drowiiedy a. 
S-fiur^non A rising out of water, s. 
D&'mer^sion A drowning, b. 
/fiMiMr^Mbfi A dipping under water, e. 
Ai-per^tUm A sprinkUng; oensnre; ilander, a. 
Rt-iptr'win A sprinkling, 8. 
Dithper'twn A spreading abroad, s. 
/n-^'^MOfi A sprinkling, s. 
In^ier-qfer^non A sprinkling between or among, s. 
De-ter^tum The aot of cleansing a sore, b. 
Ab-tter^tion The aot of cleansing, a. 

VeHmn A translating or tranalatioii, a. 
^-ver^tiofi Hatred ; didike, a. 
jBbE-lra-ver^nofi The aot of throwing out, s. 
Sub^er^non Orerthrow ; min ; deetmodon, a. 
Anri-mad-ver^non Criticism; reproof; blame, a. 
Sd'ver^non A rigjiit of soooesaion, s. 
IH^er^non A taming aside ; qK>rt ; pastime, s. 
In-ver^tian A change of order or time, &c., s. 
Con-ver^tum A change from one state to another, s. 
Per^ver^tion A change for the worse, s. 

Tor^tion A taming or twisting, s. 
Oe-eur^Hon Clash ; motaal blow, 8. 
De-eur^tum A ranning down, s. 
JU-^ur^tion A retoming, s. 
In^ur^tion An attack ; a hostile entrance, a. 
TroM-^ur'tion A ramble ; a passage oTer, &c, s. 
Ex-cur^ tion A deriation ; digression ; ramble, s. 
Pat^non Anger; seal; Ioto; lust; soffexing, n 
U-iroc-paa^tion A kind of nerroos colic, a. 
To em^pat'tion To moTe or indue with passion, t. a. 

Comrpiu^iitm Pi^ ; mercy, s. 
To com^jHu^wm To pity, t. a. 

Dii^piu^non Freedom fh>m pertorbation, a. 
Cf^rion A retreat ; a resignation, s. 
Ao'cet'tion An arriiing at ; addition, s. 
8uc-cet^9ion A series ; rig^tftil inheritanoe^ a. 
De-eet^mon A departare, s. 
Re-^ea^tion A retreating, s, 
Pre-^ea^tion A going before, s. 
Sd-eet^mon A withdrai^ing, a. 
Cofirdt^non A yielding ; a grant, Ac., a. 
Pnhcea^mon A trun marching solemnly, a. 
Jtd-ro-^ei^Hon A going back, a 
In-ier-eea^iim Mediation; prayer for another, a. 
Conrfu^tion Acknowle<]^ent ; profession, s. 
Pro'f upturn Vocation ; declaration ; opiaion, 1^ 
B-^rtt'tion A going out; departure, s. 
^•ifru'tion A retaining back, s. 


Ag-ffm^dcm OMMMMOMrt of liolaiee, •. 
Di^iret^sum A toniiiig nom tite sabjeei, •. 
In-grea^tion An enternig, 8. 

/Vo^TTer^non A regular a&d grmdatl adruiee, b. 
Bel-ro-^eymon A going tMuskinirds, s. 
In-trfhgru^wum The Mt of entering, 8. 
Traau-^u'tion An offsnee; rin; iriolatioB, b. 
Freafmion The act of pressing, 8. 
De-prt9^nim Lownese of spirit ; homOiatiea, & 
Re^eM^ntm The act of crashing, s. 
/m^^Tflt^MMi'Astamp; e^Btion; inlloMMe; motto, s. 
Com^pres^dm 1%e act ot bringing parts near, s. 
Qp^v^tum Biisery ; hardship ; dnlnees, s. 
Bwp-pret^awn The act of sappressing, s. 
^c^et^tion A pressing out ; a form of speeeh, s. 
JSeytion The act, or time of sitting, s. 
Ob-Met^ turn A berieging ; the first attack of Satan antecedent 

te possession, s. 
Con'Cu^tum A sitting together; a yieliBiig^ s. 
Ai-tet^tum A sitting down bj one, s. 
Po^ses^Mon A baring in one's own power, s. 
Pr&ffO0-^tt^9itm nrst possession ; prejudice, s. 
Sds^tion The act of cutting, s. 
Ab-^cu^noH The act of catting o% s. 
R&-9da^tion An abrogation ; a catting off, s. 
Dif'fit^tion The act of cleaTing, s. 

Mit^iion A commission ; sending ; legation, a. 
A-mie^tum Loss, s. 
Ba^-trtMnii^tioH An emitting oatwwds, s. 
Sub^mit^tum Obedience; resignation, s. 
Ad-mii^mon LeaTC to enter ; ooncesaon, s. 
Be-ad-mia^non An admitting again, s. 

E-mu^tion A tiurowing oat ; Tent ; shooting, s. 
D&^mia'non A degrading ; a lessening, s. 
Be-mu^aion An abatement ; rdease ; pardon, s. 
Im-mia^aion A sending in, s. 
Cam-mit^tion A trust; warrant of office, s. 
To comrfnit^non To empower; to appoint, t. a. 

O-mia^tion A neglect of duty, &c., 8. 
In-tro-mU^rion A sending into, s. 

Per-mu'tion A grant of liberty, 8. 
Pre-Ur-mia^non An omitting, s. 
Irh-ier-mia^aion A pause ; cessation, for a time, s. 
Dia-mia^aion A sending away; a discharge, s. 
Trana-mia^aion The act of transmitting, s. 
ManrVrmia'awn A giying liberty to sUtcs, 8. 
8ue-cua^aum The act of shaldng, s. 
CoTKua^aion A 8hating ; a shodc, s. 
Per-cua^aien A striking; a stroke, s. 
Be-peT'Cua^aion A driving back; a rebound, s. 
I)ia'Cua^aion The examination of a question, a. 

ION 819 

Sx-cua^sion S^are by law, s. 

Fu^eion The act of melting, g. 
Af'fitfmm A pouring on anytibing, b. 
Ef-fWnon A pouring oat; wild talliee, s. 
Dtf-fu^iUm Dispersion; copionsneie, s. 
Bif'fu'non The aot of OTerspreading, s. 
Oift-ewmrfWnon A spreading around, b. 

In-fu'sUm A pouring or steeping in, s. 
Con-fu/wm Disorder ; ruin ; astonishment, s. 
Pro-fufaion Exuberanoe ; plenty, s. 
Trant-fu'tion The act of pouring into another, s. 

Oe-elu^tum A shutting up, s. 
Con-du^tion The close ; end ; consequence, s. 
If^ter-du^MOH Obstruction ; interception, s. 

Bx-€U/t¥m A rejection ; exception ; dismission, s. 
RWwm An escape from inquiry, s. 
jD^-Wntm A cheat ; guile ; deception, s. 
Al-4u^mon A hint ; reference ; comparison, s. 
HrWnon False ^ow ; error ; mockery, s. 
Col-Wtion A deceitful agreement, s. 
Pr<hlu'non A diTsrting performance, s. 

Tru'tion A thrusting or pushing, s. 
Ob-iru^aion A breaking in upon, s. 
De-traction A thrusting down, s. 
In-truftion The act of intruding, s. 
Pro-tru'non A thrusting forward, s. 
JEx'iru^non A thrusting out, s. 

Ob-iu^mon A dulling or making obtuse, s. 
Con-tu^sion The act of bruising ; a bruise, s. 
PtiMM/wm A piercing or being pierced, s. 
lA-hafiiton An offering of wine, s. 
Dd-t-ba^Hon An essay ; a taste, s. 
Pre-U-ba^tion A taste beforehand, s. 
De-al-ba^Hon A bleaching, s. 
Co-luhba^tian Repeated distillation, s. 
CcnrgUh-hc/Uon A round body, s. 

Pro-ha'tion A proof; trial; testimony, s. 
Rqhro-ba^iion A being abandoned to destruction, s. 
Itn-pro-baUum The act of disallowing, s. 
XJom-j>r<hb€/H(m Proof; attestation, s. 
Ap-pro-baftion The approving of a thing, s. 
jDia-€q>^fr<hb^tion Censure; disUke, s. 

Ex-pro-ba'tion A reproach ; a censure, s. 
Ex-ac-er-ba^Uon The height of a disease, s. 

Or-ba^tion Privation of parents or childroi, s. 
Det-nr-ba^Hon A throwing down ; degradation, s. 
Per-tur-bt/tion Disquiet of mind ; disorder, s. 
Cthba'tion A lying down, s. 
Ao^u-ba^tiM The ancient posture of leaning at meals, b. 
Bee-u-^Hi^tion A lying down, or leaning, s. 
Su-nU-eu-ba^tion A lying on the ground, s. 

In^^u4f€/tian A sitting upon eggs, as a hen, s. 

«20 ION 

Sz-cu-ba^tion A wfttching all night, 0. 
TU'U-ba^tion A stumbling, s. 

Va-ca^tion Leisure ; intermission ; reoew, 8. 
Sk'Ca^Uon The act of drying, s. 
De-sic-ca^tion The act of making dry, s. 
Bx-ne-^aUion A drying up ; dryness, s. 
Ex-ic-ca^tion A drying up ; dryness, s. 
0<yce-ea^tion Th^ act of blinding, s. 
Def-e-ea^tum The act of purifying, s. 
Dep^e-ca^tion A prayer against evil, s. 
Im-pre-ca^lioH An iuTOcation of evil, s. 

U'bi-ca^lion Local relation ; whereness, s. 
Rad'i'ca'tum The act of fixing deep, s. 
Ab-di-ca^tion Resignation ; a giring up, 8. 
Ded-4rca^tUm Consecration ; the act of dedicating, s. 
Med-i-ca'tion Impregnating with medicament, a. 
Pred-i-ca^tum Affirmation concerning anything, e. 
In-di-ea^Uon A mark ; sign ; symptom, &e., a. 
C<m^tra-in-di-€aUion A contrary symptom, s. 

Co-tn-di-ca^tion A concurrency of symptoms, s. 
Vifi'di'Ca'Hon A defence; a justification, s. 
Mor^i'Ca^tUm A biting or corroding, s. 
Clau-di-ca^Hon The habit of halting, s. 
Ju-di'ca^tion A judging, s. 
Ad-ju-di-caHion The act of ac^udging, s. 
Pre-Ju-di-ca^tion A judging beforehand, s. 
Fac-if-i'Ca^tion The act of making peace, s. 
Spte^f-i-ca'Hon Distinct notation, s. 
Vtd-ei'fi<aHwn The act of sweetening, s. 
Ed-i'fi'caHion A building up in faith ; instruction, ■. 
Nid-i'fi-ca'tion The act of building nests, s. 
La-pid-i-fi-ca^tum The act of forming stones, s. 
Mun-di'fi'Ca^tion The act of cleansing, s. 
Mod-t-fi-eaHum The act of modifying, s. 
Lu^di-fi-ca^tion The act of mocking, s. 
De-i-fi-ca^tion The act of deifying, s. 
Pal'i'fi-ca^tion Making ground firm with piles, 8. 
QuaiM'fi-ca^tion An accomplishment ; capacity, s. 
DU-quafri-fircaHion That which disqualifies, s. 

Melrli'fi'Ca^tion The practice of making honey, e. 
Molrli-fi-ea'tum A mollifying or softening, s. 
PTofri-fi-caHUm Generation of children, Ac., 8. 
Am-pU-fi-ea^tion Enlargement, 8. 
Ex-em-jpl^fi-ca^ium A copy with confirmation, 8. 
Ram-i-fi-ca^tion A branching out, s. 
Dig-ni-fi-ca^twn Exaltation to dignity, 8. 
S^^^i-fircaHion A meaning by sign or word, 8. 
Se-min-i'fi'ca^tum A propagation by seed, s. 
In-demrni-firca'tion Security; reimbursement, 8. 
Per-son-i-fi'ca'tion A change of things to persona, s. 

Car-ni'fi^ea^tion A breeding of flesh, 8. 
Mh>car^-fi'Ca^tion A taking away of flesh, s. 

ION 821 

Bear-trfi-ea^tion An incision with a lancet, t. 
Clar-i-fircaHion The act of making dear, 8. 
Lu-brirji-caUion The act of lubricating, s. 

Ver-irfi-ea^tion Confirmation by evidence, t. 
Nig-rirfirca'tion The act of making black, s. 
Olo-H-fi-ea^Hon The act of giving 0ory, s. 
Cfor-por-i-fi-ea^iMon A giving of body, or palpability, 8. 

Vit-ri-fi-ea^tion A changing into glass, s. 
Mer-cu^ri-firca'tion A mixing with quicksilver, s. 
Thu-rirfi-ea'tion A fuming with incense, s. 
Pu-ri-fi-cafHon A making pure, s. 
FaM-fi'ca^tion The act of falsifying ; oonftitatioo, i. 
Ver-n-fi-ca'tion The art of making verses, s. 
Dirver-tirfi-ea^tion Change ; alteration ; variety, b. 
Ot-fi'fi-ea^tion A changing into bone, s. 
JBe-ai-i-fi'ca^tion Admission to heavenly honours, 8. 
Rat-i-firca'Hon The act of ratifying, s. 
Orai-i-fi-caUum Pleasure ; reward, b. 
Rec-H-firca^tion A setting right, s. 
Sane-U-fi-ca^tion The act of making holy, s. 
No'H'fi-ca'tUm The act of making known, 8. 
For-tirfir-ee/Uon A place built for strength, s. 
Mor-ti-fi-ca^tum A gangrene ; humiliation, s. 
Tes-ii-fi-ea^tion The act of witnessing, s. 
Jut-ti-firea^tum Defence ; rindication ; support, a. 
San-guirfircaHion The production of blood, 8. 

Viv-i-fircaUion A giring of life, s. 
Re^thi'firtM'Uon Recalling to life, s. 

Pub-U-ea^iion A publishing of an edition, 8. 
VeJrU-caUion A twitching or stimulation, s. 

Pli-ca'tion A folding or doubling, s. 
Rep-U^ea^Uon A reply ; repercussion, s. 
TryhU'CaHion The act of trebling, s. 
Mid-tirpU-caHum The act of multiplying, s. 

Im-pU-ca^tion An involution ; a tacit inferoioe, 8. 
dr-cumrplirca^Uon A wrapping round about, s. 
Com-pU-^a'Hon A mixture of many things, 8. 
Ap^plirca^tion Act of iqpplying ; close «tudy, s. 
Inr^p^Urca'tion Indolence; negligence, s. [w>s* 

Sup^U-ea^Uon Petition humbly delivered ; petitionary pray- 
Qua^rU'pU-^M'tion Taking a thing four times, a. 
Ex-pli-ca'tkm The act of explaining, s. 
Dur-pH-canion The act of doubling, s. 
Rt-du-pU'ea^tion The act of doubling, s. 
Canrdu-pH-^^tion A doubling, s. 

E-mirca^Hon Sparkling ; flying oif in small particles, a. 
Dim-i-ea^iion The act of fighting ; a battle, s. 
For-m-ea^tion Whoredom ; idolatry, s. 
Comrmurni-ca^iion The act of imparting or exchanging a bound- 
ary; conversation, 8. 
^J^com-fnu^^urca^iion An ecclesiastical censure, 8. 
Pre-va-ri-ea^tion A shuffling ; a cavil, 8. 

822 ION 

JH-var-i-ca^tum A straddUng ; a diTinon, 0. 
Fab-fi-ea^lion A bailding or framing, a. 
Im-bri-caHioH A conoaTe indenture, s. 
C(m-frirca^iMn A rubbing together, 8. 
OlhsUt-ri^a^tion The ofEice of a midwife, s. 

Nu-tri-caHion Manner of feeding or being fed^ a. 
Ez-tri-^a^tion The act of disentangling, a. 
Vet-i-iXkUion The act of blistering, a. 
V&^or-ti-^a^tum A stripping off the bark, a. 
Ex-wr-U-ca^iion A pulling off the bark, s. 

Maa-ti-ca^tion The act of chewing, s. 
So^hi^-ti-ea^Hon An adulteration, a. 
Prog-nos-ti-ca^tum A foretelling, a. 
In-tox-4-ta^tion Drunkenness, s. 
Fal-ea'tum Crookedness, s. 
Def-dirca'tion A lessening ; a cutting off, s. 
In-cuirca^tion Impression by admonition, s. 
Con-cuircaHion A trampling with the feet, a. 
Det-run-ea'tion The act of lopping, 8. 
Suf-fo-ca'tion The act of choking, s. 

Lo-^a^tion Act of placing ; situation, s. 
Alrlo-^a^tion A putting one thing to another, a. 
Col-lo-ea^tion A placing or being placed, s. 
Dia-Uh^a^tion A displacing ; a joint put out, a. 
TrttM-to-ca^Uon Beciprocal removal of things, a. 
Emrbro-ca'tiim A fomentation, b. 
Re-cip-^o-ca^tion An action interchanged, s. 

Vo-^a^tian A calling ; summons ; employment, a. 
AiM>-ca^lion A calling away ; hindrance ; employment, & 
Ad-vo-^a^tion The office of pleading, s. 
Ev-o^a^tion A calling out, a. 
Rev-o-^a^twn A recalling ; a repeal, a. 
Sev-^>-caHi(m A calling aside, a. 
S-guw-o-ca^tion Shuffling ; delusiye words, s. 
Inr^o-^a'tum A calling upon in prayer, s. 
Con-vo-ca^Uon An ecclesiastical senate, s. 
Prov-o-^a'Uon A cause of anger ; an appeal, s. 
Em-bar^a^Hon'A putting or going on shipboard, a. 
AJrter-caHion Debate ; quaml ; dispute, a. 
Bif-ur-ea^iion A division into two, s. 
In^et-caUion The act of baiting, s. 
Con-Ju'ca^tion The seizing of private property, a. 

Pis-caption The art of fishing, s. 
Of-Jw-ca^tion The act of darkening, 8. 
In-ftu^a^tion The act of darkening, s. 
Cor-us-ca'tion A flash of light, s. 
Ob'durca^tion The act of covering, s. 
Ed'U'ca^tion The instruction of youth, a. 
Man-du-ca^Hon The act of eating, s. 

Ora-da'tion A regular process ; order, 8. 
Deg-ra-da'tiMi A placing lower ; baseneaa, a. 
Metrro-ffra-dt/tion A going backwards, s. 

ION 323 

DqhT^^^Hon A robbing ; spoiling ; waste, s. 
B-lu-d-da^tion An explanation ; a clearing np, s. 
2Vu<i-da^tion The act of killing, s. 
Af'fi-da^tvm Mutual contract, s. 
Con^olri-da'tion An uniting into a solid mass, s. 

Z/<qhirda^(ian A stoning, s. 
JH-lap-i-da^Han A destroying of buildings, s. 
Trq>-irda^tion A state of trembling, s. 
Am-an-da^tion A sending on a message, s. 
Em-m-da^tion A correction ; an alteration, s. 
Com-mm-da^tum Praise ; a message of love, s. 
Ree-am-men-da^iion A recommending, s. 
Dig-cam-^nm-da^tion Blame; censure &c., s. 

Fee-^in-do^iion The act af making fruitftil, 0. 
Mun-da^iion The act of cleansing, s. 
In-un-da^iion An oTerflow of waters ; a deluge, s. 
Foun-da/tion A bottom ; rise ; establishment s. 
Ez-un^da^tion Oyerflow; abundance, s. 
Ae-^om-fno-da^tion An adjusting ; g^d lodgings, s. 
Def-(^da^tion A making filthy ; pollution, s. 

No-da^tion The act of making knots, 8. 
En-o-^'tion An untying of a knot, s. 
Tar^da^tion A hindering or delaying, B. 
Ret^r-da^tion Hindrance ; a delaying, 8. 
Rec-or-da^Uon A remembrance, s. 
In-feu^da^tion A putting into possession of a fee, ■. 

Nu^da'tion A making bare or naked, s. 
Denru-da^Uon A stripping or making naked, 8. 

Su-^^tum A sweating, s. 
Des-u-da^Hon A profuse sweating, b. 
Tran-m-da^tion A sweating through s. 
Ex-^thda'Uon A sweating out or firom, s. 
Cal-ce-<i^tum A putting on the shoes, s. 
Dit-^al^^&^tion A pulling off the shoes, s. 
Fer^me-a^tion A passing through, s. 

Linre-a^tion A draught of a line or lines, b. 
De-Un-e-a^Hon Outlines of a picture, s. 
In-ter-Un-e-a^tum Correction written between lines, s. 
Bdlrne-a^tion The act of bathing, s. 

Crt-a^Hon The act of creating ; the universe, s. 
Bee^e-a^tion Amusement; diversion, s. 
Proe-re-a^tion Generation; production, 8. 
Oothfar^e^tion Solemnisation of marriage by eating bread 
together, s. 
Lmirre-a^tion A conferring of degrees, 8. 
Conrtpur-et/tum Defilement; pollution, s. 
Ab4aq-ue-^tion Opening ground about trees, 8. 
B-Utq-ue-a'tifm A catching or ensnaring, s. 

Iftrdorga'tum Inquiry; examination, s. 
Ptop-a-gaftion (feneration ; production, 8. 
Mv-a-^aftian A wandering ; a ramble, 8. 
Vorrire-^it^tion A diversity of oolours, 8. 

t24 ION 

Le-g^Hom AnwibiWf; edooiiniooy *&, & 

Ah-U^aftion A sendiiif ftbctwd, 8. 
DeJrt-ga'ticm A sending aw»7 ; ftoainiarion, Ao., 
Relrt-ga'tum A baoishmoity t. 
Al4e-gm^tion Afimadoa ; pl«ft ; exense, s. 

Ne-ga^tum A denial ; not affinun^ & 
Ab-n&^^Hom Denial ; renmieiatieii, s. 
8eg^e-gaftion A separatioa, a. 
Ai-gr0^a^tkm A gathering togeUur, a. 
Coii-gre-g(/tum An aa eeibly of people, a. 
lA-ga'tkm The aet or alate of t»»^f, a. 
Ca^»^a^(»<m Darkaeas ; doadineaB, a. 
OlhU-ga'tkm An eogagOMBt; finroor, &e., a. 
Du-ob4i-ffa^ii<m A eanae of diagoat; aD offeaoev & 
Del^a^tion The aet of bindiag up, s. 
.^^o^laofi The aet of ^ing tog^her, a. 
Col-li^^Uon The aet <d hin<&ig together, a. 
Cir-eum-li^a^tion A hiading round, a. 

Fu^an-ffa^tUm Soent raised by ire, 8. 

Stf-furmi-ga'tion Fume raised hj ire, a. 

Rt-ga'titn The aet of watering, s. 

Ir-ri-ga^tion The aet of watering, a. 

Ait^ii-gc/tioti A driring of earriages, a. 

De-f(U-i^a^tUm Weariness, s. 

LU-i-gafium A contesting; a lawnmity a. 
VUri-Ut-i-gaftion A contention in law, a. 
Mit-i^a'Uon An abatement, s. 
Cat-U-ga^titm Pnnishifint ; eorrectioii, a. 
Pret-ti-ga^tion A deceiring; a jng^ing, a. 
In-vet-ti-ga^tum An examination ; a aearch, a. 
In-tH-ga^Hon Ineitement to a crime, s. 
Nav-i-ga^Hon A passing by water, a. 
Otr^um-^iav^a^Hon A sailing round, s. 

Lev^-ga^Uon Bedndng to powder, s. 
Prom-ul^a^tion A publication, s. 

Ev-ulrgt/tion A diselosing or diynlging, a. 
Elron-ga^Hon A lengthening; departare, 0. 
Prol^m-gaftiom Belay to a longer time, s. 
So^a^Uon A anpplieation, s. 
Ab^o-gt/tian The act of repealing, a. 

Er-o-ga^thn A giring or bestowing, s. 
Der-o-ga^tum A Ssparaging; a breaking, a. 
Sm^^ter-er-o-gt/tum A doing more than reqniied, a. 
Fror-o^a^Uon A prolongation; a putting off, n 
Ar-ro-ga^tion A claiming proudly, s. 
In-Ur-rfhga'tion A qneation; the note (?), a. 
Oh-juT-ga'lMm Reproof; reprehension, s. 
PuT-ga'iwn A cleansing or purifying, 8» 
Com-prtr-gaHion A Touching for another, s. 
Surper-pur-gaUion More purging than enough, 8. 
Ez-pur-gaHion A purification ; a deansiag, a. 
Suh^ga'tion The act of subduing, s. 

ION • 825 


dm^u-gc/tion Tlie inflexion of T«rb6» •. 

Nu-ga^Uon A trifling, 8. 
Cor-ru-ga^Uon Contraotion into wrinkles, g. 
Deb-ae-cha^tion A raging ; a madneas, 8. 

Ola-H-a^tion A taming to ice, b. 
Conrffla-d^^Hon A changing into ioe, 8. 
E^ma-^ira^Hon A making lean, s. 
JE-fiun^eira^tion Dedaratiion; infonnati<Mi, a. 
Df-nun-d^a^Uon A public threat, s. 
E&fnun^a^tion The act of renouncing, s. 
PT&-nunr<i-aftUm The act of telling before, s. 
PrfMum-ci-a^tion The act or mode of utterance, 8. 
dm-so-^a^Uon Allianoe; union, s. 
As-^o-d-a/Uon Union ; confederacy, n 
Fat-d-a'tion A bandage, 8. 
Dirffla-dira^tion A combat with swordfl, 8. 

Sordp-a^tion A beamy lustre ; emission of rays, b. 
Er-Ordira'tion Emission of radiance, 8. 
Ir'TOrdi-a'tion Illumination ; darting rays, i. 
Oor-ra-di-a'tion Junction of rays in a point^ s. 

Me-dira'tion Interposition ; agency ; adyiee, s. 
Dtrfnid^-a^tion The act of halving, s. 
Re-pu-^iraHion Divorce; rejection, 8. 
Trw-u-di-a'tion The act of HanAif ig^ g. 
Be-talri-a^tUm A return of like for like, s. 
Con-cU-i-a^tion The act of reooneiling, a. 
Rec-im-cUrira^tUm A renewal of love ; atonement, 8. 
FUri-a^Htm Relation of son to lather, s. 
Af-filri-a^tion Adoption, s. 
Sub-tUri-a^Hon The act of m^tVIng thin, s. 
Hu-mU-t-a'tMn The act of humility; mortificatiaii, 8. 
Aux-U-i-a^tion Help; aid, s. 
PaJrli--a'tion Extenuation ; imperfect cure, 8. 
Fo-U-a^thn A beating into leaves ; the leafing of plants, a. 
Ex-fo-Ura'tion Separation of rotten bone firom sound, 8. 

Spo-lira'Uon A robbery or privation, s. 
Du-po-U-a'tion A despoiling or stripping, s. 

Am-fHAra'tion Enlargement ; exaggeration, s. 
Vinrde-mi'a^tion Gn^[>e-gathering, s. 
Ca-jum^tura^tion False representation of words, Ac, 8. 
Prin-e^-<k'iion Analysis into principles, s. 
C<mr$o-piraftion A laying to sleep, s. 
Ex-pi-a'tion An atoning for crimes, a. 
Vorri-a^tion A change; difference, &c, a. 
In^e-bri-a^tion Drunkenness, s. 

Fe-nni^tion A keeping holiday, 8. 
Me^te-ri-a^Uon A forming of matter, s. 
Ex-eo-H-a^tian The loss of skin; plunder, Ac., 8. 
Imrpro-pri-a^tion Church lands in lay hands, s. 
Ap-pro-pri^^Uon Application to particular ubes, s. 
I-mf-i-a^tion Admission to any degree, s. 
Pro-pU-i-a'tion An atonement, s. 

125 ION 

yU-4-m^tiom DtfifSfvlioB ; eomptioB, s. 
Com §mk §tm H^^titm Two bodies in ooe sobstanoe, s. 
1^ — mft (rfaw ft' nftiom A ohaage of sabstenee, s. 
if0-^o-li-a'/^ A trea^ of bwiiMaB, s. 

/^■••-«^/^ A Bwenring firaai ; an offcnee, s. 
• Al-it-9i^^tiom A makiiig easy or light, e. 
JMrtf-fw-o^tiaii A ahortemng, a. 
Lt^Ur-ca-Iaftion An inserting of days, a. 
Jb>iU4a^<ioii A ftune ; steam ; Tapovr, s. 
Ab-ta^Utm A taking away, s. 
Ob-^a^tiom An offering ; a saeiifioe, s. 
Sttb-U^Uom A taking awaj, s. 
B4a^t»om Haughtiness; pride, s. 
De-Wtion A oonTejanee ; an aoonsation, si 
Com-ffe-ia^tion The state of being congealed, s. 
A»'ke-4a^lum The aei of panting, s. 

Rfittftiim Narration ; kindred ; reference, a 
Fre4a^iion Preference, s. 
JVw-re-to^fKm Fslse narration, s. 
Ba>-&4a^tum Commonioation of sacred traths, t. 
Af'fioftiim A breathing on anj thing, s. 
Dif 'faction Scattering with wind, s. 
Suf-Jla'tUm A blowing or puffing up, s. 
Ifk-tuf-fi/afiiofi A breathhig upon, s. 
Ex^tuf'fta'Uon A blast; working underneath, s. 
In-pi'tion Swelled with wind; flatulence, s. 
Coni-fia^tkm A blowing together, s. 
Per-fia^tUm A blowing tlurough, s. 
Ju-bi4a^tion A declaring of triumph, s. 
An'ni'ki4a^tioH A bringing to nothing, s. 
A9^ i m I k/Hon A making like, s. 
Oom-pi4a^titM A collection of passages, s. 
Op^fi^a^lum An obstruction, s. 
Sx^k/tion Bobbery, s. 
Vet^-4i4a^tion A fanning or cooling, si 
Ao<ip'ti4a'tion Remission of a debt, s. 
Mu-U4a^tion Deprivation of a limb, s. 
I»-Mtal4a^ti<m A putting into possession, s. 
Ccn-trarvdlrWtion A fortification to preyent sallies, 8. 
Cw'€um-val4a'tion A fortification thrown up about a besieged 
town, 8. 
Deb-tirla'tUm Conquest in war, s. 
CanrcetrlafUon An expunging, 8. 
Flag-Ma' tion The act of scourging, s. 
ComrpMa'tUm The style of address, s. 
Ap-pet-WHon Name ; title, s. 
If^Ur^pel'la'tion A summons, a. 

Std-Wtion Emission of light as from stars, s. 
Con^teUWUon A cluster of fixed stars, s. 
Sub-eon-^tel-h/tion 'An inferior oonstellation, s. 

Il'WtUm An inference ; a conclusion, s. 
Vae-il4a'iion A reeling or staggering, s. 

ION 827 

JPoe^l'la^iion Comfort; rapport, ■. 
Be-foe^Urla^tum Reetoration of strength by refreBbment, 8. 
Oi-ciHaUion Moying as a pendulum, s. 
Cap-Urla'lion ▲ small ramification of Teasels, 8. 
De-op^pilrla^iion A clearing of obstruotionB, s. 
TU-ilrla'tion A tickling ; pleasure, s. 
Scin'iU4a'iion A sparkling, s. 
Pet-tUr-Wtion A pounding in a mortar, §. 
DU-ti^Wtion The act of distilling, s. 
Fit-tU-ia'tum A pounding in a mortar, s. 
In-stUrWtion A dropping ; a thing infused, s. 
Ex-tU-la'tion A falling by drops, s. 
Cav^lrWtion A caTillmg, s. 
Dec^lrlc/thn A beheading, s. 

Co-la'iion A filtering or straining, s. 
Per-eo-laftion Purification by straining, & 
A-ri^'Wtum Soothsaying, s. 

Vi-o-WHon An infringement ; a deflowering^ s. 
Im-mo-lc/tion The act of sacrificing, s. 
In-ter-po-la^tion An addition to an original, s. 

Pr<hlafiion Utteranoe ; pronunciation ; delay, ■. 
Det-o-la^Uon Destruction ; sadness ; gloominess, s. 
In-to-4{/tiim Exposition to the sun, s. 
Con-^o-WHon Alienation of misery ; comfort, s. 
Av-o-la^tion A flying away, s. 
Adrvo-la'tion A flying to something, 8. 
Ev-^lc/tion A flying away, s. 
Otr-cum-vo-la^tion A flying round, s. 
Can-tem-pia^Uon Meditation; 8tu<ty, 8. 
Su-per-la^tian Exaggeration, s. 
LegAtAa^Hon The act of giring law, 8. 
Tran»4aftian A remoring ; a Tersion, s. 
Con-fab-thla'tion Easy couTersation ; chat, a. 

Pab-^la'tion A feeding or procuring food, 8. 
Ccnrtab-u-Wtian A joining of boards together, 8. 
TnlMi4a^lion Vexation ; distress, 8. 
Am-4m4a^tion The act of walking, 8. 
Ob-<m-4m4a'tion A walking about> 8. 
He-am-bu-Wtion A walking abroad, 8. 
An-t6-am-bu4a'hon A walking before, s. 
PerHxm-bii^'Wiwn A passing through ; an actual surr^, s. 
Bom-bu-la'tim A great sound ; humming noise, s. 

Jae-^WHon A throwing or darting, s. 
E-^ac^'WUon A shooting out; a ferrent prayer, 8. 

Mae-thla'tion A spot; a stain, s. 
E-mae^u^a^tion A freeing from spots, 8. 

Pec-u-Wtion A robbery of the public money, s. [spy, 8. 
^f>ee-'U-4a^tion Intellectual examination or contemplation ; a. 
Pati^^UM&'Wlum Restlessness attending agues, 8» 
Ver-tnie'u4a^tion The motion of worms, &c., s. 
O&^iie-U'la'tion Knottiness, s. 
Ma-tnc-^Wtkm The act of matriculatlDg, 8. 

328 ION 

Dm-tie-M-la^Uon A Mttiiig with tMth, s. 
Ar'tie^u4a^tum Juncture of bones or letters, B. 
Ex-ar-tic-u-Wtum Disloeation of jmnts, s. 

0€9'1io^ik4a'tion The moving, or motioi^of the bodj, s. 
Calrcurla^iwn Ck>mpiitstion ; reckoning, s. 
Car-bun-cu-la^tion A blMting of bnds, s. 
In-oe-urla'tion The act of inoculating, 8. 
Sar-cu-Wtion The act of weeding, a. 
dr-eu-Wtion A drcnlar motion, a. 
B-nuu-eU'laUicm A castration ; elTeminacy, B. 
De-<>9<u4a'tion The act of kissing, s. 
In-ot-cu-la^Hon A union ; a kiss, s. 
Ad-u4a'tum Flattery ; fawning, s. 
Nid-^i-Wtion The time of being in the nest, B. 
Mod-urWtion Agreeable harmony; proportion, e. 
CiMtg-u-la^tion A curdling ; a curd, e. 
Re^o-^-u-WtUm Second ooagulation, e. 

Con-co-a^-u-la^tum Formation of different things into one mass 
by coagulation, s. 
Reg-u-WHon A method ; form ; rule, 0. 
Strem-gu-U/tion The act of strangling, 8. 
E-jvrU/Uon Outcry; moan; wailing, 8. 
Em-u-Wtion BiTalry ; contention ; en?y, 8. 
Sim-u4a^iion Hyprocisy, s. 
Dia^im-vrWHon A dissembling; hypocrisy, 8. 

SUtn-u-la^iion Pungency ; exdtemMit, s. 
Ex-tm-u-WUon Pungency ; exciting motion, 8. 
Orcmru-WUon A forming into grains, 8. 
CtMnu-Wtion A heaping together, s. 
Ae-^u-^nu-la'tion A heaping up, 8. 

Ep-u-WtUm A banquet ; a feast, 8. 
St/^fhthla'tion An agreement; a bargain, b. 
Cop-U'WtiM The Joining of sexes, s. 
Betr^ro-^op-u-la'tion Post coition, s. 

Fojhiirlaftion The number of people, 8. 
De^p^h-u^la^Uon HaTOo; waste, 8. 

Oratru-laftUm R«joicing with another, s. 
Ccn-grat-u-laHion A giring joy, 8. 

Ca-pU-u-la^tion Conditions ; terms, 8. 
£&-c€t-pit'Urla^tion A distinct repetition, 8. 
O^t-u-ia^tioH An aiding ; a helping, 8. 
Po9-%urlafHon A supposing without proof^ 8. 
Ex^pot'tU'la'tion A debate ; a reasoning with, 8. 
Def-cHna^iitm Slander; reproach; censure, s. 
A-mal-^a-^na^iion The amalgamating of metals, 8. 
Ac-ik^-^na^lion A shout of applause, s. 
Dee-la-ma^tion A discourse ; an harangue, 8. 
Con-da^-mafUon An outcry, s. 
Proc-la-ma^thn A publication by authority ; a public deda* 

ntion of the king*s will, d. 
JEhc-da^ma^lion An outcry; a clamour, s. 
Dei-quorma^tion The scaling of foul bones, 8. 

ION 829 

Rac-e-ma'tUm A olostflring like grapM, B. 
Crt-ma^tion A burning, 8. 
Con-ere-ma^tion A burning together, ■. 
A-po^-te-fna^tion The gathering of a pnmleat tnmonry 0. 

FhUg-^ma'tion Formatiim of phlegm, s. 
De^helg-ma^tion A separation of i^egm, s. 
Dec4^ma^tion A taJdng of the tenth, 8. 
Sub-U^ma'tion A chemical operation by fire, a. 
An-irtna^tion An enlivening, a. 
Dit-an^i-fna^tion Priyation of life, 8. 
Thms-asi^'ma^Uon A transferring of the soul, 8. 
Hx-an-irma^tion Deprivation of life, s. 
Le-ffii-i-ma^tion Legitimaoj ; act of legitimating, s. 
H-le-git^irma'tion State of bastardy, s. 

Inrti-ma'tum A hint ; an indirect declaration, 8. 
Es-U-ma^tion Esteem ; opinion ; a valuing, a. 
Dia-^s-ti-^ma^tion Disrespect; disesteem, s. 
Ez-it-Hma^iion Opinion; esteem, 8. 
Ap-prox-i-maftion Approach to any thing, 8. 
Flam-ma^ tion A setting on flame, s. 
In-fiam-maUion The state of being in flames ; heat of blood, 8. 
Con-tum-maHum A perfection-; fulfilling ; ending, s. 
. Af-fir-ma^Hon Confirmation; declaration, 8. 
Con-ftr-ma^Uon Proof; rite of the church, s. 

For-ma^twn The act or manner of forming, b. 
D^'Or-ma^tion A defacing, s. 
Btf-or-ma^tum A change in morals, Ac., 8. 
F/'/or-ma^tion A fashioning or forming, b. 
In-far-'ma^tum Intelligence given ; a charge, 8. 
Mu^'for-ma^tion False intelligence, s. 

Conrfofma^lion CU>od disposition of parts, a. 
TruoM-foT-mafHon A change of shape, s. 
Imrpo9trhMrma'ivm The forming of an abscess, s. 
D^hirVM'iion A plucking off the feathers, s. 
Det-pu-ma^tion A throwing off by scum, s. 
De-lae-ry-ma^tion The watenihness of the eyee, a. 
Laek-^y-maUion The act of weeping, s. 

Na'iion A distinct people ; a country, a. 
Prof-a-na^Hon A riolation of sacred things, a. 
Exrpla-na'tion An interpretation, a. 
Emm-na^tion The act of issuing, 8. 
Trorfia^tion A awimming over, a. 
Samaftum The act of curing, a. 
A'Ure-na^tion A making over ; a aelling, a. 
Ven-^na^tion Poison ; venom, a. 
Bef-re-na^twn The act of restraining, a. 
Cai-e-na^tion Link-; regular connexion, a. 
Canreat-^-na^lion A aeriea of links, a. 

Ve-na^Hon The practice of hunting, a. 
Ag-na^tion Direct deacent from the same father, a. 
Sioff-na^tion An entire atop of oourae, a. 
^toff-na^tian A atanding atill : without flow, Ac 


In-dtff-na^tiom Anger, s. 

8^^-maftum BMoktmiag; a eign gmn, b. 
D m ^ m a ^tim Appotntaent ; aettdng. ftc c 
Eet-^f-na^Hom A wwigning ; m gnbtiriwiop, b. 
Cott-^ljf'nm^Hom A ligBiiig or oofwignfag, a. 
.d#-«4^-fia^fiofi An ftppointment, b. 
Cott-a^HM^imm A fhune or the Mt of frandng, b. 

Ct^Hu/tion Sndred ; of tiie Bune kind, •. 
Pnhjmg-na^titm Defence, s. 
Ex-pugfuaftUm A taking by asBanh, b. 
CW»-M-fia^ti(m An aaBoeiation ; oonapiraey, fte., s. 
Tmr-Uma^Um A spinning like a top, b. 
(7a^e»-fui^e»9ii A pahreriBing by fire, b. 
Lon-CMu/Um A tearing ; laeeration, b. 
£a^t-oe>*-fui^<»0fi A reasoning, & 
Sn-'Tnoe^Mta^tion A speech-making, B. 
Coii-^ar-€i-na^tion A {mtohiDg together, s. 
(7ir-c>-fia^(iof» Orbionlar motion, s. 
Fat-d-na^tioH An enehaBtment, s. 
Mal-lu-^i-iu/iwm An error; blander, ftc., s. 
Cowirp&ren^di^ut^titm Delay, 8.- 

Or-<£»-fui^liba The act of ordaining, s. 
8ulhor-di-na^tfm A state of bdng inferior, s. 
Be-or-di^M/Son A being ordained again, s. 
Fre-or-di^na^tion An oroUdning before, s. 
In-cr-di^na'timi Irregnlarity, s 
Cihor^i^na^tiom A holding of the same nmk, s. 
I-mag-i^na^tion Fikj; idea; contritance, s. 
Cam^png-i^na^tion Union; stmctore, s. 

O-rig-^-fia^lion A bringing into existence, 8. 
Maek-i-na'tion A malicious scheme ; sn artifice, %. 
Deo-U-naftion The act of bending ; decay, s. 
In-eliHnaftion Tendency to a point; affection, s. 
Dis^-cU-na^tiom Dislike; want of aflfeotion, b. 
Con-tam-4Hui^tioH Pollution ; defilement, s. 
Ex-amri^na^tion Disquisition; questioning, 8. 
Ef-femrir^naftitm A growing or being womanish, s. 

OemH-na^lion Repetition; redupHcation, s. 
In-gemrirfia'tion Repetition; redaplication, s. 

Sem-i-na^tum The act of sowing, s. 
In-^emr4^na^tion A sowing of seed, s. 
Fro-^em^-na^thn Propagation by seed, s. 
Dia-^em^-na^tion Hie act of scattering, s. 

Crimri-na^Uon An accusing; airaignment, &o., 8. 
Bd-cnm-i-na^tion An accusation returned, s. 
Du-erimri-nc/lion A disttnguiriiing, s: 
E-Urnri-na^tUm A bsnisUng ; r^ection, s. 
Ovl-mi^na^tion A planet's transit through the meridian, i 
FiU-mi-na^tUm A Sundering ; church censure, s. 
Com-minna^tim A threatening of punishment, B. 
Om^HMfUtn A prognostie, s. 

ION 881 

A-barn-i-na^tion An objeet of hatred ; pollation, b. 
Dom-i-na^Hon Power; dominion; tyrannj, s. 
Nom-^-na^ium A pow«r of appointing; a naming, 8. 
De-nom-i-^a^iion A name giyen to ; a title, s. 
Fre-nom-i-fia^tum A naming first, s. 
Aff-nomri-naUian Allosion of one word to another, s. 
Cog-nom-irnaftioH A somame, b. 

Lu^mi-na^tion Emission of light, s. 
Ag-glM-ti-na^ikm Union ; act of uniting, s. 
In-ear-naUum The act of assuming flesh, s. 
Oer-mi-^ia^tion A sprouting ; growth, s. 
Be-ffer-mi-na^tion A sprouting out again, s. 

Ter-ffU-na^Hon A conclusion ; limiting term, 8. 
De-ter-mi-na^tum Dedsion ; conclusion, s. 
Pre-^id-ter-fm-na^tian A prerious resolution, s. 
In^ter-mirru/tion Want of determination, a. 
Un-de-ter-mi-na^tion Uncertainty, s. 
In-ttr-mi-na^tion A threat, s. 
JEz'ter-fm-na^tion A rooting out ; destruction, 8. 
Ver-mi-na^tion A breeding of Termin, s. 
H-lutni-ne/Hon A giving light ; brightness, B. 
Bu-mi-na/tion Meditation; reflecoon, s. 
Op^Mia^tkm Opinion; notion, s. 
Su-pi^na^ium A lying with the face upward, 0. 
Rthtu-pi-nafHon A lying on the back, s. 
Fe^e-^-na^Hon Travel in foreign lands, s* 
As^M-ti-na^Uon The act of assassinating, s. 
Fe^ii-tu/tion A being formed like a comb, 8. 
Crag-ti-na^tion Delay, s. 
Fro-^at-ti-na^Hon Delay; dilatoriness, 8. 

DeB-Urna^Hon The purpose intended, s. 
Fre-det-tf-ne/Uon Pre-ordmation ; a fatal decree, s. 

Fea-H-fta^Uon Haste ; hurry, s. 
Con-ghi^ti'na^tion A ghiing together, 8. 
Tru-ti-na^iion The act of weighing, s. 
Dw-i-naftion A prediction ; a foretelling, s. 
In-quMifj/tum Corruption ; pollution, s. 
Ru-i-nc/tion Subversion; demolition, s. 
DamHM^iion The punishment of the damned, s. 
Conrdem-^M^tion A sentence of punishment, s. 
Do-ru/tum A gift ; a grant, s. 
In-gan-na^tum Fraud ; deception ; imposture, s. 
Cach'Wrnt/tion A loud laughter, s. 
Con-do-na^tUm A pardoning ; a forgiving, s. 
Cor-o-na^don The solemnity of 'crowning, s. 
Op-io-na^iion Catering; a buying of provisions, 8. 
Fer-to-na^tion Counteri^iting another person, s. 
Det-o-na^tion A thundering; a great noise, s. 
In-UHna^tion A thundering ; a deep noise, s. 
Car-na^Han Flesh colour; a flower, s. 
Qu-her-na^U^n Government ; superintendancy, s. 
At-per-na^tion Neglect; dimgard, s. 

«32 ION 

Al-Ur^ns^Uim BedproMl iiioeesRon of tfaingB, ■. 
Con-sier'nt/titm Agtoniiihmant ; wonder; fear, 8. 
Fr09-ier^iu/ti(m D^eetion ; s throwmg dowB, 8. 
Sub-or-nt/tion The eedaciiig to a base aetion, ■. 
BxHtr-na^tum Ornament; embetluhment, ■. 
Ad-^Mu/Hon A being united ; onion, 8. 
Lu-na^Uon The rerolotioa of the moon, s. 
JBo^^Hon A roaring noise, s. 
Be-bihc^tion Betom of a bellowing soimd, a. 
In-chfhoftion A beginning ; inception, 8. 
In-^re-pa/tUm Reprehension; chiding, b. 
AfHie-i-pa^tUm Prerention ; foretaste, s. 
Par-tie^i-paftmm A partaking^f something, s. 
JS-man-^i^pa^tion A delirerance from slaTery, s. 

DU-ti-paftUm A dispersing ; extraTagant spending, a. 
(Hh-ttirpaftum A stopping np of a passage, s. 
Con-^U-pa^Hcm The act of crowding; stoppage, s. 

PairpafHon The act of feeling, s. 
ExrUr^a^tUm The act of rooting out, s. 
U-tur-pa^Uon Illegal possession, s. 

Crit-pa'tUm The act or state of curiing, s. 
Oe-cu-pa^tion Business; employment; trade s. 
Pre-o&<u-pa^tion Prepossession ; pngudice, s. 
Au^u^aftion Fowling ; bird catching, s. 

Ar-a^tion The act or practice of plowing, s. 
Dec4arTa^Hon Affirming publicly, s. 
Ex-kU-arraftion A giving or haying gaiety, s. 
Rtp-tM'aftUm The act of repairing ; restitution, s. 
PrqMi-ra^twn A making ready for some purpose, s. 
Jm-prep^-ra^tum Unpreparedness, s. 

SqMi-Ta^tion A di^unction ; a dlToroe, s. 
Ex-<i-^ra/t¥m The manual act of writing, s. 
Celre-bra^Hon Solemn performance ; pndse, s. 
Ob-tm-t-bra^ium Darkness ; a being darkened, s. 

Ter-e-4»r€/tion A boring or piercing, s. 
Per-ter-e-hra'tion A boring through, s. 

lA^afHon The state of being balanced, s. 
E-^uUri-bra^tion Equality of weight; equipoise, B. 
CH-bra^Uon The act of sifting, s. 
Virbra^Uon A moring with quick return, s. 
Umrbra^Uon A shadowing, s. 
Ob-um-bra^tkm A darkening or clouding, s. 
Ad^mrbra^Uon A shadowing out ; a faint sketch, i. 
Lthcurbra^tion Nocturnal study or woi^ s. 
Ob'te^ra^tion An intreaty ; a siqyplication, s. 
Dei^e-cra^Hon Abolition of consecration, s. 
Con-s&^ra^tum The act of making sacred, s. 
Ez-e-cra^tion A curse ; an imprecation, s. 
Dt-Ub-^-ra^tion A circumspection ; thought, s. 
Ver-b&^a^iUm The act of beating, s. 
B»-ver4>&<€/tion A beating or dritfiig back, s. 
Lae-e^a^tion The act of tearing or rending, a. 

ION 888 

Z>d lae-e-ra^tUm A temring in pieeee, s. 
J}i4ac-e^a^tum The act of rending in two, b. 
Mac-^^a^iion A wasting or making lean, b. 
Uh-ee-ra^Hon A breaking into sores ; a sore, 8. 
JSkMil-ce^a^tion A banning of eronon, &o., B. 
Can-ce-raHion A growing oanoerons, 8. 
Irk<e-Ta^tion A coyering with wax, 8. 
In^ar-ee-ra^tion Imprisonment; oonfinemo&t, b. 
Conr/ed-e-ra^tion League; alliance, 8. 

Sid-e-raftitm A sadden deprivation of sense, b. [pense, 8. 
Cofk^nd-^^ra^Hon Regard; serious thought; produce; recom- 
In-con-^id-'erTa'tum Inattention; inadvertence, s. 

Fon-ds-r action The act of wei^ng, s. 
JPre-pon-de^a^Uon An outweic^nng of any thing, 8. 
Mod-e^a^Uon Forbearance of extremity, s. 
Im-mod-e-ra^tion Excess, s. 

Bu-ds^a^tion A paving with small pebblee, 8. 
Vo-ctf-&^a^iion Outcry ; clamour, b. 
Exra^^%'ra^tion A heaping up ; aggravation, 8. 
B0-fnff'&4^iiou A cooling; a cool state, s. 

Df^-^-roftUm A taking of a solemn oath, 8. 
Ae-^d-U^a^Uon A hastening or quickening, 8^. 

l}oi-^-Ta^tkm Allowance ; permi8si<m ; cradferincB, 8. 
Con-^hm-^-ra^titm A collection ; a mixture, 8. 
Nthme-ra^Uon The art of numbering, s. 
JS^imm$rc/tion A numbering or counting over, 8. 
ZH-mMHe^c/titm A numbering out rin^y, s. 
An^MMHe-ra^tion Addition to a former number, 8. 
Fm-^^rt/tion Usury ; the gain of interest, 8. 
Ger^-e-ra^Hon An age; progeny; race; family, 8. 
De-gm-^-rafUon The act of degenerating, s. 
Re-gm^-^^ra^Uon New birth ; Urth by grace, 8. 
Ag-ffenre-ra^tioH A growing together, s. 
Fro^m-e-ra^iion A begetting ; propagation, 8. 
In-tenre-ra^tion A seining or mi^dng tender, 8. 
Vm^e-ra^Uon A reverend regard, 8. 
Omr0-rt/tum Reduction of any thing to ashes, 8. 
In-dn-e-rt/tum A burning of any thing to ashes, 8. 

On-Mra^tkm The act of loading, s. 
Bz-on-^-nftion A disburdening, s. 
R^-mu^M-raftUm A reward ; a requital, 8. 
Cof^tem^f^^t/tiim A tempering ; prepositioB, 8. 
Op-^^afHon Agency ; action ; effect, 8. 
Co-op-t^afUon Joint labour for one end, 8. 

At-pe-^raftion A making rough, b. 
Bx-M-p^^raftion A provocation ; an exaggeration,^ b. 
Det^e^a^tion A h<^>ele8Bness ; despair, s. 
Virtu^p0^a^tion Blaine; cenBure, 8. 
Cws^-mia-^-ra'tion Pity ; compassion, 8. 
In-vet-e-r action Confirming by long continuance, s. 
It*§-ra^iiim A recital over aga& ; repetition, 8. 
B&U'&Ta^tum A repetitioii, 8. 

iS4 ION 

0^-m-e^raftiom Tke Mi of hlOtiing 0Qt» c [ten, i. 

ANitre-ra^tiom CluKwiiig words htginiring whh IIm MMie let- 

^U-ttf-ra^^iofi The ftct of fih>nging or change BHule^ a. 
A-<bil4»^a^tion Goinqptioii bj miztnree, a. 
£z'€it-4e-ra^tion The act of emboweUiiii^ a. 
AMseiht-ra^tum Bolenm affirmatioiiy a. 

FlorgraftMrn A bnming, a. 
D^Aorgra'timi Settiiig fire to thinga In preparatjon, a. 
Conrfia-^a^tUm A general fire, s. 
Per-Qrgra^ticm A paaaing through a state, &e., a. 
R^-dm^ergra'tion A renoTation; a reatorati^ a. 
Mi-gra/Uom The act of changing place, a. 
En^graftion A change of haMtation, a. 
Semri-gra^tioH A remoTal back again, a. 
In-Ur-m-gr action An exchange of plaoe, a. 
Tnmt-mi'gra'tion A passage from plMe to place, a. 
J)en4-gra^tian The act of blackening, s. 
Del4-ra^Uon Dotage ; folly, s. 
Ad-miFTa^Han Act of admiring, wondering, &e., a. 
AM-jnrra^tiom Ardent wiah ; foil fronnnciatioB, a. 
Set^n^aftion A breathing ; a relief firom toil, a. 
J^ans-fi-ra^tum Emission in Tapoor, s. 

In-tpi^ra^Uon A drawing of breath; (Uvine wisdom, a. 
Cim-tpi-ra^tum A plot, a. 
Per'9pi-ra^tion A sweating, a. 
Sut^MTo^Hon A aigh ; the act of breathing deep, a. 
JSx^n^a^tum A breathing ; an end ; de a t h , a. 
O^a/Uon A rhetorictu apeech, a. 
E-laiHy-ra^tum ImproTcment bj great pains, a. 
CofMrob-iHraftion The act of strragthening, a. 

Dec-o-rc/iion Ornament; dress, s. 
De-deo-o-raftUm The act of disgracing; disgrace^ a. 

Dul-co^a^Uon The act of sweetening, s. 
B-dtd^o-ra^tioH The act of sweetening, s 
SUr-co^a^tion The act <^ dunging, s. 

Ad-o-ra^Uon DiTine worship ; homage, a. 
Fer-fiM-a'tian The act of boring, or hole bored, a. 
In-vig-iM-aftion The act of inyigorating, s. 
Me-U-o-ra/tum A bettering ; an improTement, s. 
De-te^ri'iM'a'Uon A making worse ; a growing worse, a. 
D^4(hra'tMn A selection of what is beet, s. 
Co}r<hra'tiim The art or practice of colouring, a. 
Dep-lo-ra'iwii The act of deploring or lamenting, s. 
Ez-plo^a^tum Search ; examination ; inquiry, a. 
C^m-mem-o-ra^tum Public celebration in memoiy of any thing, a. 
Pig^no^afUon The act of pledging or pawning, s. 
Jm-pig-no-ra^tUm The act of pawning, s. 
Vap-<h-r action An escaping in Tapours, a. 
JE-^ap-<hra^tion A flying away in f^mes, s. 
Cor-p<Mra^tian A body politic^ a. 
In-eor-po-ra^Uon An union of divers ingredieatiy a. 
Con-^or-fo-ra'tion Union into one mass, a. 

ION 885 

Ro^raftian A ilUUng of dew, s. 
PoMhrt/tion The close of an oration, s. 
JBxrpee^o-ra^tion A discharge bj coughing, s. 
Bx-auc-UMTo^tion Dismission ftrom service, s. 

Bet-to-ra^tkm A placing in a former state, corruptly written 

for Rettaumiion, which see, s. 
DetHhrt/tian The act of deyooring, s. 
Sithjpra^tion A rape ; violation, s. 
Conrttu^a^iion A violation ; a deflowering, s. 
Nar-rt/Uon A narrative ; a history, s. 
Ett^uMTO^Uon Explanation, s. 
Ab-m'-ra^ticn The act of wandering, s. 
Ob-er-ra^ticn The act of wandering abont, s. 

8er^t/tion Formation like a saw, s. 
DH-^r^a^iion A discovery by removing the earth, s. 
Sh^-tur-ra^tion Whisper ; soft mnrmur, s. 
IfirtU'tur-Ta^Hon The act of whispering, s. 

Pm-^tra^tion A piercing; acnteness; sagacity, 8. 
Im-pe-^aftion An obtaining by entreaty, s. 
Per-pe-Ura^tUm The commission of a crime, 8. 
Ar^-traftion Decision; determination, s. 
Fa-traftwn The act of filtering, s. 
Con^en-traftUm, Collecting into narrower space, s. 

OaM-trafiion A gelding of any male, &o., s. 
Seq^uea-tra^tion A separation ; a deprivation of profits, espe- 
cially in the church, s. 
Mtn-u-Wa^tion An office; agency; function, i. 
Ad-mm-u-tra'tion The act of a^inistering, s. 
Mal-^Ed-mm-it-tra^tion Bad management, s. 
Dem-on-Hra/tkm IndubitaUe proof, s. 

Pro9^ra^tion The act of adoration ; dejection, s. 
Lu»^a/tion A purification by water, s. 
iNm-ira^tton An explanation ; an exposition, i. 
De-^iu-ra^tum The act of gilding, s. 
In-au^a^Hon A covering with gold ; gilding, s. 
Rea-tau^a'Hon A placing in a former state, s. 
Im-Utu-ra^Hon Bestoration; renewal, s. 

CiC'U'ra^Uon A taming or reclaiming from wildness, i. 
Proe-u-ra'tum The act of procuring, s. 
Oh-tm^aftUm A darlcening or state of darkness, 8. 

IhhTa^tion Continuance, s. 
Ob-^u-ra^tion Hardness of heart, s. 
In-du^a'Hon The act or state of hardening, 8. 
Per-di^a'tion Long continuance, s. 
Fiff-^irra^tion The giving of a certain form, a. 
Pre-fy^-ra^Hon Antecedent representation, s. 
C<m-fig^-ra'tim The face of the horoscope, s. 
Dis-fy-u-ra^tion A disfiguring; deformi^, s. 
T^'ona-fy^u-ra^tion A change of form, s. 

Au-ffu-ra^tum The practice of augury, s. 
In-^nt^ffu-r action A solemn investiture, s. 
Alh-fu^a^tion The act of alQuriag, s. 


Ad-jtHTofthn A teBd«viiig of ta Mth, 0. 
ConrjvM'a'tUm An inoMitation ; a plot, 0. 
Ad-mwMnu-ta^tion A murmaring to anotker, •. 
Zkp-u^a^Han A making puro, a. 
Sup-p%k^rQftUm A ripening of sores to mattor, ■. 
Mm-nhra^Uon The act or result of measuring, s. 
Ad-^nmsyrra^Hon A meaanriDg to eack his part, s. 
Com^mensu-ra^tion Bednotion to a oonmon measure, ■• 
Mairu^a^titm A sn^oratieB ; a ripening, s. 
Ob-tu-ra^tioH A stopping np bj smearing, s. 
Trit'tHra^tUm A mbbing to powder, s. 
Oy-ra'tion A taming anjrthing about, s. 
Cvr^um-gy-Ta^tion. The act of nuining round, s. 
Ex-4rao-^i-9a^tUm A forcing out of proper vessets, 1. 
JPul-^t/Uon Pulsion ; a driring firward, s. 
Con-densa^tioH The act of thickening a body, s. 
Com-pm^a'tion Reeomjpeuse, s. 
Du^pm-^a^twn A distnbution ; an exemption, s. 

Sen-^a^Uon Perception by the senses, s. 
Det-ponrMoftion A betrothing in marriage, s. 
Av-^r-aa^Uon Hatred; abhorrenee, s. 
Ter-ffw-er^a^tion A shift; evasion; delay, s. 
Mairver-ta^tAon Mean artifice ; evasion, s. 
Canrver-ta^iion Familiar discourse ; bc^aTiour, i. 
At-ta^Uon Roasting, s. 
Caa-^a^Uon A making null or Toid, s. 
In-crat-M^tion A thickening, s. 
C<m-quat-9a^ti<ni Agitation; concussion, s. 
Cet^a^iion A stop, reet, or pause, s. 
In-tjdt^a^tUm A thickening of liquids, s. 
Dee-ua-Ma^Uon The act of crossing, &c., s. 
Cau-aa'Hon Power or act of causing, s. 
Ae-eu-^a/tifm Charge of some crime, s. 
£x-cu-9a^tum Excuse ; plea ; apology, s. 
DOrarta'tum The act or state of extending, s. 
Na-ta'tkn The act of swimming, s. 
Su-per-norta^tion A swimming on the top, s. 

Lae4u^tion The act or time of giving suck, t. 
Ah-lae-ia^tion A method of grafting, s. 
Dd-ac-ta'tien A weaning from the breast, s. 

Mac'ta^tion A killing for sacrifice, s. 
Bet-rac-ta^tion Recantation, s. 
At^rae^^tion Frequent hsa(Bing, s. 
A/'/eo-ta^tion Aft artifimal appeenaoe, i. 
Ob-lee-ia^tion Delight; pleasure, s. 
JDelrec-ta^Uon Pleasure; deHght, 1. 
ffvr^mee-ta^tion A wetting or m<nstoning, «. 

Spec-ta'Hon Regard; respect, s. 
Ez-pe^-ta^Uon A looking or waiting for, i. 
Oih^ree-ta^tion Slander; detraction, &c., s. 
Con-tree-ta^Uon A touching, s. 
Ai-9ee-4a^iion Attendaaee, s. 

ION 88T 

Die4t/Hon Tlie Mt of dtotoUtg, ■• 
Can^nie^^tion A wixikiDg; eonaiTAiMO, 0. 

Ctmc-ta^tiott Delay ; dUatorineas, 8. 
Co-o'X'ta^tion Oon&tement ; restnunt, 1. 

Lue-ta^Uon Struggle ; effort ; eontesti 1. 
Rd-ue-ta^tion Repugnaiioe ; redstanoe^ b. 
Col-Ute-iafUon Contest; oppoaitioii, s. 
Ru^-ta'tUm A beleh from indigeetion, s. 
S-Tve-ta^tUm A beleh ; a ioddea burets 8. 
Heb-e-ta^Hon The act of doUiBg, b. 
Surper-fe'ta'Uon One ooneeptLon on another, s. 
Veg^&4e/tion A growing like plants, 8. 
A-H-^-ta^tion A butting like a raoit a. 
TrafU'/re-ta^tion Passage over the 8ea» s. 
In-ier-jn^ia^tion An exi>lanation ; an exposition, 0. 
Hab-irta^tion A plaoe of abode ; a dwelling, s. 
In-hab^ta^tion An habitation, s. 
Co-hal/irta^Hon The state of Uving together, 0. 
Du^H-WHon A doubting or donbt, b. 

Oirta'tion A sammons; a quotation, a. 
Rec^'ta'tion A rehearsal or repetition, s. 
E-lic^ta^tion A reducing of the wiU into aet, B. 
Fe-He^ta^tion Congratulation, b. 
In^ta^tum Incitement; impulse, b. 
Can-d'ta^tian The act of stining up, s. 
Croe^-ta^tion The croddng of frogs, &o., b. 
Ex-^r-drta^Hm Exercise ; practice ; use, s. 
Mia-^ta^thn Unfoir or fSUse quotation, s. 
Ot-d-ia^tion The act of yawning, s. 
SuM-drtaftion A rousing or exciting, s. 
Re-^tu-d-ta^tion A stirring up anew, s. 

Ex-d-ta^Hon The act of stirring up or moTing, b. 
Med-irta'Hon Contemplation ; series of thonghta, •• 
Pre-med^'ta'Hon A meditating beforehand, s. 
Vm-di-ta^tUm A boasted display, s. 
Ag-irta^tion The act of moring; eTaminatVm, b. 
Bz-ag-v-U/Uon The act of shaking, s. 

Dig^ta^tion A pointing with the finger, b. 
In-d^^tafHon A pointing out or showing, 8. 
Cog-i-ta^tion Thought; purpose; meditatioa, s. 
Re-gur^ta^twn A swallowing back ; absorption, a. 
In-gur-gi-ta^tian Voracity, s. 
Per-i-dirtaHum A being in danger; trial, 8. 
Hck-bU^'ta^tUm Qualification, s. 
De-bUri'ta^tion The act of weakening, B. 
Volri-ta^tion The power or act of flying, 0. 
Im^-'ta^ihn An attempt to resemble, s. 
Lim-ir-ia^tum A restriction ; a oircumscriptioii, 8. 
Cap-i^U/tion Numwation by heads ; a poll-tax, 0. 
Ci^hirta^Uon A smaU crackling noise, s. 
Pre-c^'tafUon Blind haste ; a throwing down, 0. 
Palrpirk/tUm A beating or panting of the heart, •. 

t88 ION 

Sa^-tm^HoH A slop In speech ; a doubt, s. 
V%a-i4a^tion A jndieial lisit; 4et of Tisiting, s. 
N&-ait-^i-4a^ti(m A makiiig neeesMry ; eompnlsioii, s. 
Mu9-^i-ta^tiim A nramrmring ; a grambling, s. 
LtU-i-ta'tion A lying ooneealed, s. 
Jac-U-ta'tUm Toaring ; restlessness, s. 
Vee-U-ia^tion A carrTing or being carried, s. 
Qrav-i-ta^tion A tending to tbe centre, s. 
Eihi-ta'tUm The act of aToiding, s. 
Dw^-ta^tion The act of escaping, s. 
In^'ta^Hon An isTiting; bidding, ftc, s. 
Ob-^q-vi-ta'tUm The act of riding about, s. 

Sal-taftion A dandng or jumping ; a palpitation, s. 
Bz-^U-tt/tion Eleradon ; the act of raising, s. 
Oe<ul-4t/tioH The time that a star, &c., is hidden, s. 
Au^9cul't0^tum A hearkening or listening to, s. 
Con-tul-tc/tion The act of consulting, s. 
Ez-ul-ta^tioH Joy; triumph, s. 
Caa-UrO'nie'ta'tkm The art of encamping, s. 
dm-ta^Hon The act of singing, s. 
Dec-an-ta^tion The act of decanting, s. 
Eee-^n-^a^Uon A retracting of opinions, s. 
In-ecm-ta^tion Enchantment, s. 
Bx-^an-ta^tUm Disenchantment by a counter-charm, 8. 

FUm-ia^tion A place planted ; a colony, s. 
De^lan-ta'tUm A taking up of plants, s. 
Re-plan-ta'tion A planting again, s. 
Im-plan-ta^tion A setting or planting, s. 
Dit^lan-ta^Uon The removal of a plant, s. 
Trant^Utn-ta^tion A remoring to another place, s. 
In-^tm-ta'tUm An indenture or waring, s. 
Lam-^n-te/Uon An expression of sorrow, s. 
Cem-m^ta'tUm The act of cementing, s. 
Dem-m-ta^tUm A being mad or frantic, s. 
TraaM-^re-mm-ta^tian Change of elements^ s. 
Co-^tg-mm-ta/Uon Coacervation, s. 
Aug-mm-ta'tiim The act of increasing, s. 
Ai^irmtn-ia^tion The quality of nourishing, s. [a. 

Fthmm-ta^tion A partial bathing with medicated decoctions, 
Fer-men^ta^Uon A fermenting or working ; heat, s. 
Ar-ffu-^neii'ta^Uan The act of reasoning, s. 
Par-m-ta'tUm An honouring of the dead, s. 
Ar-ren-ta^iion LeaTS to inclose lands, s. 
Pru-m-ta/tUm The gift of a boiefioe ; exhibition, s. 
Rep'T&^m'ta^tion An image ; acting for another, s. 
Mit-r&ftre-^m'ta^tum An account maliciously false, 8. 
At'-ten-ia^ium Ck>mpliance out of flattery, s. * 

Tm-tafHon Trial; temptation, s. 
Conrim-ta'tion Satisfiaotion ; content, s. 
(h-Un-ta^Uon Outward or vain show ; boasting, a. 
Sut'tm-ta^iian Support; maintenance, s. 
Con^^^m H ^iim Bringing eridences fiaoe to flhce, s. 

ION 88* 

Do-iaftkn The act of i^nng a dowvy, s. 
Bal-tot-a^tum A TOting by ballot, a. 
Mb-ia^tion The act of moring, a. 
No-ta^tion The act of noting; meaning, a. 
De-no-ta'thn The act of denoting, a. 
Anmo-ia^Uon Explication; note, a. 
Conrno-ia^lion The act of implying aomething, a. 

Po-ta^Uon A drinking bout ; a draught, a. 
PuT-po-ta^tUm A drinking largely, a. 

Ro-ta^Hon A whirling ronnd ; a course or turn, a. 
Cvr-eimrro-ta^tUm A whirling round as a wheel, a. 
Quo-ia^tian A citation; a passage quoted, s. 
Ad-ap-ta'tion The act of fitting, s. 

Cap-ia^Hon The practice of catching favour, a. 
Co-^tp-tt/tum Adjustment of parte to each other, a. 
Ae^ep-ia^tion Acceptance ; meaning of the word, a. 
Mu-ae-eep'ta^iion A ta^ng in a wrong sense, s. 
Er-tp-ta'Uon A creeping forth, s. 
Temp-ta'tion The act of tempting, a. 
Co-cp-ta^Uon Adoption; assumption, a. 
Quar-ta'tion A ohymical operation, s. 
Dee-er-taHion A contention ; a striving, &e., a. 
Con-^er^ta^tion Btrife ; contention, s. 
Dis-ter-ta^tion A discourse ; essay ; treatiae, a. 
FUr-taUion A sprightly motion ; coquetting, a. 
Hor-ta-tion The act of exhorting, a. 
De-hor-ta^tUm Dissuasion, s. 
Cfh-hoT'ta'tion Incitemenl^ s. 
Ex'hor-t€/tion A persuasive argument, a. 
D^^-or-tafUon Transportation, a. 
Imrpor-ta^Hon A bringing from abroad, a. 
Bup-par-WUon Maintenance ; aupport, a. 
AM-pcr-iaftion A carrying away, a. 
Tram-pcT-ie/titm A removal ; a baniahment, a. 
Ex^pwr-ta^tion Carrying goods abroad, a. 
Cut-ta^tUm A planetary diatanoe, a. 

Stt/Um Act of Btanding; post; rank; chaxacter» •• 
To ita^Hon To order into a certain place ix poet» v. a. 
Va^ta^tioH Waste ; depopulation, a. 
Dev-at-ia^tion Havoc; waste; destructioD, a. 
M(m-4-/e9-ta^tion A discovery ; a publication, a. 
€h»-taftion Carrying young in the womb, a. 
Mo^et-ta^tUm A disturbance ; interruption, a, 
Oh-teM-tafthn A supplication ; an intreaty, a. 
Dfte9-ia^Uon Abhorrence ; abomination ; hatred, a. 
Cov^Ut-ta^Uon A contesting ; debate ; strife, a. 
Prot-^t-U/tum A solemn declaration, a. 
At-Ua-ta^tion A testimony ; evidence, &c., a. 
Con-tm-ta^tian A making or being aad, a. 

Out-ta^Hon The act of tasting, a. 
De^-us-ia^tion A tasting^ a. 
PniBh^U'ta^tum A tasting before another, a. 

S49 ION 

An-gtu-ta'Uon The ft«t of mAkliig Dftrrow, a. 
In-cru9'ta^tUm Something snperindaced, s. 
Rff-u-U/Uon A reftitiiig of tn assertioB, a. 
Cvn-furia'tMh Disproof, s. 
Snir^k-ta'tion Oreeting ; m salotiiig ootirtoovslj, s. 
Mu-ta^Uon A change ; an attractioti, s. 
Com^mu-tytim A change of one thing for another, ■. 
Fer-ntu-tt/tim An exchange of one for another, s. 
Tratu-^mu-ia^tion Change into another enbstance, s. 
SUr-mhU/Hon The act of meeiing, 8. 

8eru-ta^tion Search ; examination ; inqnirj, b. 
Btp-u-ta^tion Honour; credit; merit, e. 
Dia^qh-u-ta^Hon Disrepute ; disgrace ; dishonour, s. 
Am-pu^ia^Hon The act of catting off, s. 
Im-jm-tt/tioH An attributing of any thing ; censure, 8. 
Cam-jm-ta^Hon The sum computed ; calculation, s. 
Sv^M^ta^tion A reckoning ; account ; computation, b. 

SpfJhta^tum The act of spitting, s. 
Dii^ptp-ta^tion The act or sUU of controyersy, s. 

CcHm^Uon A hollowing of earth for c^lmge, s. 
Ccn-^orva^tum Act of making concaTe, s. 

Lorwi^tkm The act of washing, s. 
Ag-gra-va'tion A making worse ; proTOcation, i. 
Dq^a^aftkm Depravity; degeneracy, &c, s. 

Vac-u-t/Uon The act of emptying, s. 
3-vae-u^^tion An emptying; cUscharge, Ac, a. 

Af'CiMt^iion An aroliing ; crookedness, s. 
Orad-u-a^iion Regular progression, s. 
In-dirvid-u-^^tum That which makes an inditidual, 8. 
Sub-U-va^tion Act of raising on high, s. 
El-^-va^Hon Exaltation; height, s. 
ReJre^a^tion A rising or lifting up, 8. 
Re-cid-^a^Uq^ Backsliding; fieilUng again, s. 
Sal-t-^a^tion A purging by spitting, s. 
Der-i-vafUon A tracing Arom the oririnal, 8. 
Prirva^tion A loss or destruction or any thing, 8. 
JDtp-ri^tion The act of depriting, 8. 
Oui-ti^vt/tion Manuring; improtement, 8. 
Cwp-H-wi^tion The act of taking captire, s. 
Et-H-va^Uon The act of passing the summer, s. 
Sal-^a^tum Preserration fh>m eternal death, s. 
VatrVra'tiim An appraisement \ Talue of a thing, s. 
Ufirder-vdru-^^tion Rate below the worth, 8. 
£H9-valru^'tion Disgrace ; a loss of credit, s. 
JBx'tm^u-^^tion A mitigation ; a palUatf on, s. 

Sm-u-a^thn A bending in and out, s. 
Inr-tm-u-a^Hon The act of insinuating, s. 
Con-tm^u-a^tum Constant succession ; perseyerance, s. 
Du-eon-tm-yna'ticm A breaking off; a separation, s. 
Surptr-anrfM^tion DisquallfioatMh by age, s. 
AtrtenrVHi'tion A making thin or riender, 8. 

O-vt/Hon An inferior triumph for Tictory, s. 

ION S41 

NfHsa^tUm Introduction of sometlung new, ■» 
Ben-o-^a^iion The act of renewing, 0. 
Jn^nihva^tion The introduction of noTeliy, e. 
E-^ua^tum A bringing of things to *n eqnalitj, 0. 
Li-quafUon Capable of melting or being melted, i. 
Ob-U-qua'Uon Obliquity, b. 
D^U-qua^tion A melting ; a dissolTing, 1. 
Cd-U-qtM^tion A melting or nmning together, 8. 
Ao-er-va^iion Heaping together, s. 
Co-ao-ar-va^Uon The act of heaping, s. 
Ex-^ie-^r-va^tion The act of heaping up, 8. 
Sn-er-va^Uon A weakening ; effeminacy, b. 
Ob-ier-va^tion A noting; remark or note,'B. 
Bet-er-va^tion A reserre; something kept back, 8. 
Fru-er^a^tion The act of preserring, s. 
Con-ter-va^tion Preservation, s. 

Cur-va^tion The act of bending, s. 
R&^ur-va^tum A bending backwards, s. 
In-<ur-va^1ion The act of bowing or bending, 0. 
Inr/at-^^a^tion A depriTation of reason, s. 
Pune-tu-a^iion The act and method of pointing, ■• 
Fbic-tu-a^tUm Uncertainty ; motion ; change, s. 
Ptr-pet-u-^^tion The act of making perpetui^ s. 

SU-u^'iion A position ; condition ; local state, ■• 
Tfk-mul'tu-a^tion Confused agitation, s. 
Ae-<m-tura'tion A placing of the accent, s. 

Et-tura^tion A boiUng ; rising and falling as tides, ■• 
EK-^t-tu-a^tUm The act or state of boiling, &c., ■• 

Lax-nation The act of loosening, a. 
Mal-az-^^tion The act of softening, s. 
Eel-az-^^tion Remission from study ; oessation, a. 

Tax-a^tion The act of laying a tax, s. 
An-nex^^tion Coig unction; union; addition, e. 
Vex-^^tion Act or cause of plaguing or teadng, ■• 
Fix-action Steadiness ; abode ; confinement, s. 
El-ix-a'tion The act of boiling, s. 
Lux-action A di^ointing or tldng dii(jointed, s. 
Al-kaJri-zaCtion The act of ^kalixating, s. 
Nat-^i-raJri-za'tion Admission to natiye privileges^ 8. 
Spir-i-t»-al-irsaCtion The act of spiritualiiing, 8. 
Vol-a-til-i-zaCtion The act of making volatUe, 8. 
Sub-tir-li-zaCtion A making subtile or volatile, s. ^ 

Cryt-tal-irzaCtion A congelation into crystals, 8. 
Sf/m-bol^zaCtion A symbolixing; resemblance, t. 
Alrco-hol4'taCtion The act of ratifying spirits, ■• 
Or-aan4-^aCtion A due adjustment of parts, 8. 

benri-M/iion 1%e act of malting firee, 8. 
Ahlern'm-iaCtion A oelebration, s. 
Can-on^zaCtion The making of a saint, 8. 
Cam-ter-4-iaCtion A burning with an iron, 8. 
Fulrver-i-za^tion A reduehig to dust, 8. 
Athtkor-i-zaCtion Establishment l^ authority, 8. 

84^ ION 

Ck-^tri-it^tion Tkft Mi of heaUo^ a wotuid, 8. 
Ar-<Mnair4-ea^(ion A soentliig wiUt spices, s. 
Bap-ti-M'tum A baptiziiig, s. 
Rerbap^tirza^tion A ^petition of l)f ptism, s. 
A-moMi^Ma'thn TnnsfiBRiiig laacfas to mortmain, s. 
Ai/Hon Thing done ; battle ; suit at law, s. 
Sub-^u/Hon The act of reducing or snbdidti^ s. 
Ee-^ti&n Redproeation of impulse, s. 
Fcu/iion A pur^; tmnnlt; sedition* s. 
Tah-e-fae^iion A irasttng away, s. 
Mad-e-fac^tion The act of makhig wet, a. 
Spar-g^facfUon The act of sprinkUng, s. 

CaJr0-fac^tkm Act of heating, or state of being hot, B. 
Mal-e-fat^tion A crime ; an offence, s. 
ChyJre-fac^Uon The process of ibrming chyle, s. 
Tuhme-fae^tMon Swelling, s. 
£en-e-/ae^Hon A chaerit^e i^ft, s. 
Tq)-0-fac^tion The act of warmlDg a little, fl. 
Stu-ptrfac^Hon Stapidity; insensibilil^, s. 
OlhstUrpe-fae^Hon An indncing of stapidity, s. 
Ar-e-faeftion A drying, or beinc dry, s. 
Rar^fae^tion An extension of the parts, s. 
Tor^-fae^Htm A drying by the fire, s. 
Pu-tre^facftioti Pntridness ; rottenness, s. 
Liq-ue-fae'tUm The act of melting, s. 
ColrUq-u^fiu/Uon A melting together, s. 
A9-tfBh&-fcu/titm A being accnstomed, s. 
Lit-hrirfae'tUm The act of smoothing, s. 
Pet-rirfac^tUm The act of taming to stone, s. 
Uhrder-fcu/tion A subordinate facnon, s. 
Sat^U-fac^twn A being pleased ; atonement, s. 
In-tat-ia-fcK/Uon Want ; unsatisfied state, s. 
DU^cUrit-fae'tkm Discontent, s. 

Bn^K^tkm A state of rest, s. 
Co^ac^Hon Compulsion ; force, s. 
Pac^Uon A beurgain ; a coyenant, 8. 
UMkr-nc'tion A subordinate action, s. 

Frac^tkn A brealcing ; part of an integer, s. 
Re-frac'tion Variation of a ray of light, s. 
In-frtu/Uon The act of breaking : Tiolation, s. 
Trtu/tion A drawing or b^g drawn, s. 
Sub-iraf/tkm A taldng a sum or part away ; mote property 

8tU>9tractionf s. which see. JbhfU(m, 
D&-ir<u/tkfn Blander; defamation, s. 
Re-tfoe^tUm Witiidrawing of a question, s. 
Cor^trtu/tUm A shortening ; abbreviatiott, s. 
Pro-trae^tion A delay, s. 
Ah-9trae^tUm The act of abstracting, s. 
Sub-^trae^tion A taking of a part from tiie whole, S. 
Dit-trae^Hon Gonftision ; madness ; separation, s. 
Airtra</iion The power of drawing to, s. 
JEx-trae^Uon A drawii^ out ; lineage ; descent, •. 

lom so 

fhrnt-ac^tion M«iiftg«iiieiit ; negodatioii, i. 
Tae^tkm The act of tonohiBg, «. 
Cim~taytiim The aet of touohiiig, •. 
Ex-acftion Extortkm; seTere tiibole, «. 
De-fteftum A fUling away ; a retolt, a. 
E^tcftkm Rafrwhing afbar hungar, fto., i. 
Af'ftef^ion Lore; leal; fbndnaaa, a. 
Dia^f'fet/tion Want of loyally, s. 

Con-fec^lion A sweetmeat ; a raiztoi^, a. 
Pro-fec^Hon Adranoement ; progreaaioii, a. 
Fer-fee^Uon A being perfect ; exeellenoe, a. 
Imrper^fec^liom Adefeot; fidlnre; flMilt, a. 

In-fe</tion A <)ontagioa ; OTil oommnnicated» s. 
Tra-jec^tion A darting through ; emisaioa, a. 
Ob-fet/tion Opposition ; fault ; oharge, a. 
Sub-^tkm A being under gOYemment» a. 
Ad-jec^tbm The act of adding; thing added, a. 
E-jecftwn A casting oat; an eicpnmon, s. 
De^tcfUxm Melancholy ; weakness, s. 
Re^'et/tion The act of casting off or aside, s. 
111-^^$% The act ef throii^ in, s. 
Su-per-m^'ee^Hon Iigection vpon injection, s. 

Fro^lkm A shooting forwards ; a plan, s. 
hi'ter-jtefUon An interreation ; a part of speech, s. 
Lecftum A reading*; Tariety in copies, s. 
E-Ut/tum The act of choosing, s. 
Re-e4m/ti(m A repeated Section, s. 
Pre-lee^tion A lectare ; a reading, s. 
SM$c^iim The act of choosing ; choice made, s. 
De-flee^Han A deriation ; a taming aside, s. 
Be-JUe^Utm Gensore; consideration, s. 
Ifirfi^ikm The act of bending or Taiying, a. 
Qmr^trfiee^iMm A religions kneeling, s. 
Neg^Ue^tion State of being negligent, s. 
DirU&Hnm The act of loving; kindness, s. 
Pred-i-lee^tum FaTonr; preference; partiality, a. JuriMt 

Letter to the King. 
In-id-4ec^ii(m The act of nnderstandlng, s. 

Col-Ue^tum Things gathered; a conclnsion, s. 
Bec-ol-kc^tion To recoTer in memory, s. 
A-spet/titm View ; act of beholding, s. 
dr-eum-^pet/tion Caution ; watchfulness, s. - 
ln-cir-€um'4pee^tim Want of eantion, s. 

Inrtpee^tion A dose snrfey ; superintendeDoa, a. 
Bei-ro-^pei/tum A looking backwards, s. 
Inrtm-^^tim A tiew of the inside, s. 
E-re(/tion A bidkUng or raising np, a. 
IM m^Hon Aim ; order ; sopersoripticn, s* 
Inrdirree^Hon Unfairness ; dishonesty, s* 
Cor-ree^tion Punishment; amendment, s. 
Por-rec^Uon The act of reaching forth, i. 
Ret-m^H^tkn A rising frwn the grave, s* 

844 ION 

In-^ur^et/Hon A rebcHion; a wdUion, 8. 

Set/Hon A distinot part of writing ; a eotting, s. 
Sub-tet/Uon A seotioii of a seotion ; a smaller division, 8. 
Vmre-tec^Uim A bloodletting, s. 

Bi-aeefUtm A dirisioB into two equal parts, s. 
Tri-^ee^tion Dirision into tluree equal parts, s. 
C(m-ic-9€(/ti(m A section or diTision of a oone, s. 
In-ter-tec/Uon A point where lines cross, s. 
JHa-Ht/tion A dissecting; anatomy, s. 
Jh-tet/Hon A discoTery ; a finding out, s. 
Re-tet/tion A discovering to the view, s. 
Pro-iet/tion Defence ; a shelter from harm, s. 
Vet/tion The act of carrying, •* 
Ctr-eum-vee^don A carrying round, s. 

Ex-e</tion The act of cutting out, s. 
Dit/Uon Style; language; expression, 8. 
Cwrtra-dit/Uon Opposition; inconustenoy, s. 
Ad-du/tion State of being devoted, s. 
Mafre-dicftUm A curse ; an execration, s. 
Valre-4u/U(m A farewell, s. 
Bm-e-du/tion A blessing; acknowledgment, •* 
JPre-di(/tum A prophecy, s. 
In-du/Uon A proclamation ; fifteen yean, a. 
ItirUr-die^Uon A prohibition ; a curse, s. 
Tu-rw-dit^liofi Legal authority ; a district, s. 

Fit/ Hon An invented story ; a lie, s. 
Der-e-tu/tion An utter forsaking or leaving, s. 
Ay-flu/ tion Grief; distress; misery, s. 
InrfiU/tion The act of punishing; punishment, s. 
E-nw/tion A making of urine, s. 

Fru/tum The act of rubbing together, s. 
Af-frif/ium Rubbing against each other, 8. 
As-tru/tion Act of contracting parts, 6. 
Ob-strie^tion An obligation ; a bond, s. 
Ad'8tri(/twn The act of binding together, s. 
Re-strie^tion Limitation ; confinement, a. 
Con-strii/twn A contraction ;. a compression, s. 
E-vu/tion Proof; evidence; dispossession, s. 
Re^vie^iion A return to life, s. 
Con-vieHion Detection of guilt; full proof, s. 

8an(/tion Ratification ; confirmation, 8. 
Re-ttinf/tion Act of extinguishing, s. 
Dia-tifu/ikm Difference; separation; quality, 8. 
Oonrtrondit-iiru/thn Distinction by opposites, s. 
Ifirdis-iifu/tion Confusion ; uncertainty, 8. 

Sx'Unf/twn An extinguishing; an aboUshing, a. 
Un</tion The act of anointing, s. 
Fufu/iwn An office; employment; power, 8. 
De-furu/tion Death, s. 

JuTu/tion An union ; a coalition, 8. 
Sub-j'utu/tUm The act of subjoining, s: 
Ad^wu/thn The act of joining ; thing jdned, a. 

ION 846 

Oon-y'uru/Hon Union ; the sixth part of speech, s. 
Dia-^nc^ium A disonion ; separation ; parting, s. 
Tn^'uru/tion A command ; order; proMbition, s. 
In-uncfiion A smearing or anointing, s. 
Com-punc^tion A pricking ; repentanoe, e. 
Jn-ier-puru/tion Pointing between words, &c., •* 
JEz-puru/tion Abolition, s. 

Coi/Uon The act of boiling, 8. 
De-eot/tion A preparation by boiling, s. 
Con-eoc^tion Digestion, s. 
In-eon-eoe^Hon Unripened or indigested state, s. 
In-fart/tion The act of staffing or crowding, 0. 

Aut/lion Sale to the best bidder, s. 
Thp^uc^tion DeriTation ; propagation, &o., 8. 
Ab-duc^tion The act of drawing back, s. 
Sub-duc'Uon The act of taking away, s. 
IndiK/tion A bringing into view, s. 
De-dw/Uon An abatement ; a condnsion, s. 
Re-ducUion The act of redndng, s. 
Se-due^tion The act of sedndng, •* 
dr-cum-due^tion A leading aboot ; nullification, ■. 

In-ducHion A taking possession ; introdnctidiiy ■• 
Su-per-in-dut/Hon Act of saperindncing, s. 

Pro-due^ tion Act of prodaoing ; a product, 8. 
Re-pro-^hu/tion The act of prododng anew, 8. 
In-tro-dw/tion A bringing in ; a prdfkoe, s. 
Man-u-duc^tioH A gui(Unce by the hand, s. 
Ob^true^tion An hinderance ; an obetade, 8. 
Sub-ttrtse^tion An nnder building, e. 
I>e-ttru</tum Ruin ; massacre ; eternal dealli, 8. 
In-Mtrueftion The art of teaching ; direction, 8. 
C<m-ttrw/tion Act of building; meaning; syntax, 8. 
Mit-am-itrme^iion A wrong interpreta)tion, s. 
Su-perstrue^tion A bnilding on any thing, 8. 
Sue^tion The act of socking, s. 
Ez'tw/lion The act of sacking out, 8. 
De-pUftkn The act of emptying, 8. 
Re-ple'Hon A being too fall, s. 
Im-ple^tion The act of filling, 8. 
Com-pU^iion A ftUfiUing; perfect state, 8. 
Ae-cre^iion A growing to another, 8. 
Se-^e^tion The secreied fluid, 8* 
Conrcre^tion An anion of parts, s. 
Dis-cret^ion Pradenoe ; liberty to act, 8. 
In-dit-^^et^itm Impradence; inoonsideration, s. 
Eiycre^tian Separation of animal sabstaaoe, 8. 
Im-bi-bi^Uon Act of drinkisg or socking, 8. 
Ad-hi-bi^Uon Application ; use, s. 
In-hi-bifiion A prohibition ; an embargo, 8. 
Pro-MM^tion The act of forbidding, 8. 
Ez-hi-bi'tum A seitiBg forth ; an allowance, 8. 

Am-bi^tion Earnest desire; pride, 8. 

846 ION 

Sor-bi^tion The act of rapping, b. 

A-dit^ion The act of going to another, 8. 
TVa-dit^ion An oral account of things, s. 
Sur-ad-dil^ion Something added to the name, s. 
Ad'dit^um An adding to ; increase, s. 
Bn-per-ad-^U^ion A snperadding; thing added, •. 
Red-dii^ion Restitation ; a surrender, s. 
E-dit^ion The impression of a book, s. 
De-4Wion The act of yielding up, s. 
Ex-pe-4U^ion Speed ; a warlike enterprise, s. 

Senlii^ion Tumult ; insurrection ; commotion, s. 
Ren-dit^ion The act of surrendering, s. 
Vm-dii'ion Sale ; the act of selling, s. 
Con-dU^ion Rank; disposition; term of agreement; pro- 
perty; temper, s. 
To eon-dit^ion To make terms, y. a. 
Pro-dU'ion Treason ; treachery, s. 
Per^Wion Destruction; loss; death, 
J)q>-€r-dit^um Loss; destruction, s. 
Au-dit^ion Hearing, s. 
Er-u-dU'ion Learning ; knowledge, s. 
Lar-ffit'ion The act of giTing, s. 
Co-€hlit^um Union in one mass or body, s. 
Sea^Wion Act of springing back, s. 
Dit-ai-Ul'ion A bursting in two, s. 
Ex-irWion Sl^idemess; smallness, s. 
BtU-Wion The act or state of boiling, 8. 
Eh-td-Wion The act of boiling up, s. 
Ah-o-lit'ion The act of repealing, s. 
Em-^>4U^ion The act of softening, s. 
Dem-o-Ut^ion The act of demolishing, 8. 
No-Wion Unwillingness, 8. 
Vo-Wion The act of willing ; power to choose, 8. 
Vo-mU'ion The act of Tomiting, 8. 
Eo-o-mit^ion The act of TomiUng out, 8. 
Iip-ip-nU^um Emptiness of body, s. 
Ex-^n-a-nii^um PriTation ; loss, s. 
Ag-nWion Acknowledgment, s. 
Iff-nit^ion The act of setting on flre, 8. 
Cog-nit'ion Knowledge ; con-viction, s. 
Ree-og-nii^ion An acknowledgment ; a roTiew, 8. 
Pree^-nil'ion Foreknowledge, s. 
D^-i-nit^ion Description; determination, s. 
if(Mut^ion Information ; instruction, s. 
Ad-mo-nWion Counsel; advice; instruction, s. 
Preok-^Mut^ion Preyious notice, s. 
Cam-fno-nU^ion Advice; warning, s. 

U-nit^ion The act or power of uniting, 8. 
Co-ad-u^rUi^ion Union of different things into one, 8. 

Mu-nii^ion Ammunition ; a fortification, 8. 
Prenhu-nit^ion Anticipation of an olgection, 8. 
Am^mu-nU^ion Military stores, 8. 

ION 847 

FiMiit^ion Ponishment, s. 
C(hit^ion Copulation ; a meeting, b. 
Jp-porrii^um An appearance ; a ghost, s. 
JPret-er-Wion Act of going past, or state of being past, s. 
De-trillion The act of wearing away, s. 
Con-trit^ion Real sorrow for sin; a grinding, s. 
At-trit^ion Act of nibbing ; sorrow for sin, s. 
Nu-trU^ioH The qualitj of nourishing, s. 
Far-tth-rU^um The state of being about to bring forth, s. 
Dif'^ui^^ion Examination ; critical inquiry, s. 
Ae-qm-nt^ion Attainment; gain, s. 
In-qui'tii^ion An ecclesiastical court ; inquiry, s. 
Fer-qtd-tit^ion An accurate inquiry; search, ac, s. 
Tra$^^^um A remoTal ; passage ; change, s. 
In-nt'ion A graft or graff, s. 
Po-tit'um A ^tuation ; principle laid down, s. 
Con-ira-po-tit'ion A placing oTer against, s. 
Jux^Uhpo-tU'itm The act or state of placing near, i. 
Dep-o-tit^ion Public eyidence ; a degrad^g, s. 
Re-po-nl^ion The act of replacing, 8. 
Prqho-nt'icn A particle goYeming a case, s. 
Sep-o^^ion A setting apart ; segregation, e. 
Im-po-tU'ion An iigunction ; a chea^ s. 
Com-po-tit^ian A mixture; inyention; agreement to accept 
less than a debt ; work, a. 
J)e-^om'p<hiii^ion A compounding of things already compounded, 
used sometimes improperly for analyzation, i. 
JU-cam-pO'tit^vm Composition renewed, s. 
dr-eum-po-tii^ian A placing circularly, s. 

Prop-o-tU'ion A sentence to be considered, e. 
Apposit^ion A putting unto ; an addition, s. 
Op-po-^^ion A facing or opposing another, s. 
Svp-po-^^um SomeUung supposed or laid down, s. 
Pre-tuppo-tU^ion A supposition preyiously formed, s. 
In-ier-po-tit^um A placing between ; mediation, s. 
Dit-po-tU^Um Method ; tendency ; temper, s. 
Prt-dia^po-tit^ion A preyious adaptation, s. 
In-^iM'po-nt^um Disorder of health ; dislike, 8. 
Trana^po-nt^ion A putting things into each other's places; % 
recipr<^ change of place, s. 
JSx-po-tit^ion An explanation ; exhibition ; situation, s. 

F&4U^ion A request; a prayer, •* 
To p&'tit^ioH To supplicate; solicit; entreat, y. a. 
R^-t-tU^ion A rehearsing; a repeating; recital, 8. 
Ccm-pe-U^ion Contest; dispute, s. 
Ap-pe-tit^ion Desire, s. 

Dm-Ul^ion A breeding or cutting of teeth, a. 
De-denrtii^ian Loss or shedding of teeth, s. 

Par-tit^ion A diTision ; that which diyides, 8. 
Bi-par-tU^ion A diyidon into two parts, s. 
Com-poT'tU'ion The act of comparing or diyiding, 8. 
Q^tad-ru^par'tU^um A diTision into four parts, s. 

84» ION 

Su-per-ttit^ion False religion or deroUoii, t. 
Veg-lurtU^ion The act of swallowing, s. 
Cir-cu-it^ion A going round any thing, s. 
Fru-il^ion Eigoyment; possession, s. 
Tu-it^ion Instraotion ; guardianship, s. 
In-iu-U^ion Inunediate pero^tion, s. 

Men^tkm Bxpreesion in words or writing, s. 
De-ten^tion The act of detaining ; restraint, s. 
M&'ten'tkn A retaining ; memory ; custody, s. 
In-ten^Hon Eagerness of desire ; design ; purpose, •. 
Con-tmHion Strife ; debate ; seal, s. 
Ab^Un^HoH The act of holding off, s. 
DuHlen^tion Breadth ; a streuSiingt enlarging, &o., s. 
At'tm^Hon The act of attending to or minding, s. 
Itirot-ien^tion Bisregurd; neglect, s. 
Con-tra-ven^Uon Opposition to an agreement, s. 
Oh-vm^Uon A happening, s. 

Prt-vm^tUm A going before ; hinderanoe ; pr^udice ; an> 
ticipation, s. 
Ctr-cum-ven'tiem Fraud ; imposture ; preTentioo, 8. 
In-venUian A fiction; a discoTeiy, &o., 8. 
Con^en'Uon An assembly ; a contract for a time, s. 
Su-per^mHion An extraneous addition, s. 
In-ttr-ven^tion Agency; interposition, s. 
Lo^tion A medicinal wash, & 
M(/tian The act of moving; a proposal, a. 
JS-tm/tioH Disturbance of mind ; sudden motion, a. 
Re-mo'tion The act of removing, s. 
Lo-<o-^moHion Power of changing place, s. 
Pro-moHim Advancement ; preferment, s. 
CowU^er-mo'tion Contrary motion, s. 

No'tion A sentiment ; opinion ; thought, s. 
Pf-no^tion Foreknowledge ; prescience, s. 
Dig-no^Uon Distinction, s. 

Portion A draught, especially in medicine, a. 
De-voHion Piety; disposal; power; worship, a. 
In-de-vo^tion Want of devotion ; irreligioa, e. 
Caption The act of taking any person, s. 
U-tu-cap^titm Right arising Arom possession, s. 
A-dap'tion The act of fitting or adapting, s. 
Ae^tp'iion The received sense of a word, e. 
Z>e'cq/tion A deceiving ; a beguiling ; a cheat, b. 
Re-cep'tum The act of receiving ; treatment, s. 
In-c^Uan A beginning, s. 
Con-cation A forming in the womb or mind ; an idea, 8. 
Pre-con'Cq}^tion Previous thought or opinion, 8. 
Su-per-eon-cq/tion Conception upon conception, s. 
Mii-eonrcep^Hon A &lse opinion ; wrong notion, s. 
Pro-cation A taki&g sooner than ano^er, s. 
Per-cepUion Knowledge ; a notion ; an idea, 8. 
In-ter-e^Hon A stoppage ; a hinderanoe, s. 
Sut'cep^tion The act of taking, 8* 

ION 849^ 

S^Hiq^^Hon An exclnsion; okJ9€^tm; diiiike, •. 
A'dqf^Hon An attoining; a getting, s. « 

Ee-^t-dq/tum The act of regaining ; reeoTeiy, i. 
Olhrep^tim The act of creeping on, & 
Sub-ration An attaining by enrpnae, s. 
E^rep'iion A Bnatohing or taking bj force, b. 
JH^r^lioH The act of plundering, s. 
Cwr^^'tifm Chiding; reproof, s. 
Svr-r^tion Surprise; a sadden inyasion, s. 
A-tcr^tion The act of aaoribing, s. 
Sub-saij/tum An underwriting ; an atteitation, s. 
De-serij/tion The act of describing ; representation, s. 
Pre^enp'tvm A custom; a medical receipt; ri|^t by con- 
tinued long possession, s. 
dr-eum-tcrip^tion Limitation; confinement^ s. 
Tran-tcrij/tion The act of copying, s. 

IfirscripHion An epitaph ; any thing written, s. 
Conrtcrip^iion An enroling, e. 
Fro-tety/tion Confiscation ; a doom to death, s. 
Surper-serip^Uon A writing on the outside^ 8. 
Bmp^tion The act of purchasing, s* 
A-^lea^iiim A taking away ; priYation, s. 
Ee-demp^Uon A ransom; purchase of God's faroor by the 

death of Christ, s. 
Pre-emption A rig^t of buying before another, s. 
Co-en^^Hon A buying up of Sie whole, s. 
Fer-emyHon An extinction ; a crush ; a killing, s. 
Ex^^mp'lion A freeing from ; a pririlege, s. 

Sump^tion The act of taking, s. 
lU-tumytion The act of resuming, s. 
Pre-tump^tion Arrogance; confidence, s. 
Tran-sump^tion A ta&ig from one place to another, s. 
Con-wmp^tion The act of consuming ; a disease, s. 
At-eunu/tion A taking to one's self; a postulate, s. 
Op^tion A choice, s. 
A'dop^tion The act of adopting, s. 
D^-cerp^tion The act of plucking off, s* 
Dit-cerp^tion A pulling to pieces, s. 
Ab-torp^ium The act of swallowing up, s. 

Rup^Uon Jl breach ; solution of continuity, s. 
Ab-rup^tion Violent and sadden separation, s. 
E-rup^Uon A breaking out; burst; pustule, s. 
Di-rup'twn The act or state of bursting, &c., s. 
Pro-ruj/tion The act of bursting out, s. 
In-Ur-rt^Uon A hinderanee ; stop ; obstruction, s. 
Jr-rup^tion An inTasion ; an inroad, s. 
Cor-Tup^tion Rottenness; wickedness, s. 
In-cvr-fup^tion Incapacity of cormptioQ, s. 
Dit-mp^tion A breaking asunder; a rent, s. 
A-per'tion An opening ; a'passage or gap, s. 
Ve-ter^tion The act of forsaking, s. 
In-ter^Uon The act of inserting ; thing inserted a. 

860 ION 

hirUr'mr^Um An isMHioB, 8. 

AM-9et^tkni The ftot of Mferdng, 8. 
Bxrm^aon An effort ; met of exeriiBg, ■ [tumfy, & 

A-hcr'Uon A misearriAge ; the aet of bringing forth «n« 

Por^tivn A pert; ft fortune, 8. 
Topor^tim To diTide; to endow, t. a. 
Pro-por'tion Equal part; ratio; ejmmetrj; eise, s. 
To pro^por'ticn To a^^aet parte to each other, t. a. 
Su'per^fro-por^tion Orerplne of proportion, & 

IH9-pr(hpor^tion Want of proportion, 8. 
2V» dk-pnhpor^tUm To miamatoh, t. a. 
To mit'pro-por^tkm To join withont proportion, t. a. 
To t^^^^tion To set ont in jnet proportions, ▼. a. 
Con-tor^Hon Partnerehip; sodety, a. 
Re-U^Hon The aet of retorting, s. 
Con'tor^tion A twiat; a wry motiim, a. 
Dii'tor^tiom CMmaee ; niiBrepreaentation, a. 
Exrior'tion An nnlawfU exaction, a. 
BayUott A bolwarfc or fortreee, a. 
E-ifu^tion A throwing ont digested food, a. 
Sug-gu^Uon A hint ; an intimation, a. 
Dirget^Uon A diaaolying of food in the atomaoh, a. 
In-di-ifti'tkm A want of concootiTe power, a. 
htrgeafHon Throwing into the stomach, s. 
Con-aei^tion A collection of hnmonra, a. 

Quit^tion An interrogatory; dispute; search, sl 
7b quet^Hon To inquire, debate, or doubt, t. a. 

Mu^don The state of being mingled, s. 
Per-mit^tum The act of mixing, s. 

Ut^Uon A burning or being burned, s. 
ET-hcau^Hon The act of drawing out, s. 
Am-but^tUm A bum ; s scald, s. 
Com-hut'Uon A burning ; hurry ; confusion, s. 
A-dut^tion A burning or drying up, s. 
In-tu^tion The act of burning, s. 
Caution Prudence ; warning ; fored^t, 8. 
To eaufiion To warn ; to giTe notice, t. a. 
Pre-cau^tion A prerentiye measure, s. 
To pre-cau'tUm To warn beforehand, y. a. 

IUirri4tu'tion A repayment ; a restitution, a. 
Con-tri-bu^Uon The act of contributing, a. 
JXt-tri-bu^tion The act of distributing, s. 
At-trirbu'tion Assignment; commendation, s. 
In^e-euUion Pursuit, s. ' 
Con-^o-at^tion A train of consequences ; succession, a. 
Proi^eu'twn A criminal suit ; a pursuit, s. i 

Per^e-eu'tion The act of persecuting, s. 
As-^e-^u^tion An obtaining, s. 
Ez-e-cu^tioH A performance ; seizure ; death, 8. 
Et-o-eu'tiim Utterance ; deliyery ; fluency, 8. 
AUlo-eu^tUm A speaking to another, s. 
Coi^O'Cit^iioH Conference ; conyersation, a. 

LON 851 

Cir-eum-lo-aj/tion The use of indirect words, 8. 
Jn-ter-UMM^ium Dialogae, 8. 

Ah-Wtum The act of cleansing or washing, s. 
Di-lu^ium The act of dilating, s. 
Pol-lu^Hon The act of defiling ; defilement, s. 
So-h/tion A separation ; explanation ; answer, s. 
Ah^o-WHon Apurdoning; forgiTcness, s. 
Ee-to-lu^tion A dissoMng; determination, s. 
Ir^e-to-lu^tion Want of fimness of mind, s. 
Du-to-lu'tion A dissolving ; a breaking ; death, s. 
Ad-whlu^Hon A rolling to something, s. 
Ev-o-Wtkn An unfolding ; military exercise, s. 
Veo-o-luHUm A rolling down, s. 
Rm>-o*Wtion A returning motion ; rotation, e. 
dr-eum-vo-Wtion A taming about or round, s. 
InrvoJu^Uon A complication, s. 
Con-^}o-lu^ium A rolling togetlker, s. 
Dim-4^u^tion The act of lessening ; discredit, 8. 
Cofn^mi-nw^iion A reducing to small parts, s. 
Sub-^ti-tu'ticn A putting one thing for another, s. 
Det-ti-iu'Uon Want ; forsaken state, s. 
Ba-U-itt^tum A restoring or recovering, s. 
In'tH-tu'tion An establishment ; education, 8 
ihhper^m-iti'tu^tion One institution upon another, s. 

Con-tH-tu'UKm Frame of body or mind ; law of a country ; 
form of government, s. [strumpet, s. 

Froi-U'tu^iion The act of setting to sale ; the lift of a publio 
Miz^tion Act of mixing ; things mixed, s. 
Ad-mb/tUm Union of one body with another, 8. 
Com-fnix^thn Mixture ; incorporation, 8. 
Per-mix'tion A mingling or being minglled, s. 

O^Uf/ion Forgetf^ilness ; a general pardon, 8. 
Alrlu^vi-cn A carrying any thing by water, s. 
FUx'ion A bending, s. 
Ccm^lexfion The colour of the fitce ; constitution, 8. 
AfiHnex^ion Addition ; union, s. 
Con-nex^ion Union; relation, s. 
TVon-fea/tem A change of sex, s. 
Frt-fixfion The act of prefixing, 8. 
Af-fix'ion Act of affixing, 8. 
Cru-d-fixfitm The nailing to a cross, 8. 
Com-mixfion A mixture ; compound, s. 

Flta/ion A melting ; a flowing of humours, s. 
De-fiux^ion A falling of humours, s. 
Af-flux^ion The act of flowing ; what flows, s 
Ef-fiuxfion A flowing out ; an effluvium, s. 
To bet/kon To make a sign, v. n. 
To r$(/kon To number ; esteem ; compute, v. a. 
Oon^fa-Um An ensign ; a standard, s. 

Tal'on A claw of a bird of prey, s. 
Doub-Um^ A Spanish coin, s. 
Fd/on One guilty of ftlony, 8. 


Felfon Croel; treMherotte; i*ilttf™«»^ a. 
Md^on A delicious fruit, t. 
Bol^Um A Tetsel used in dieaistrj, &o^ •• 
OidHon A meftsare of four qvarti, •. 
FeVlon A wliitlow, 8. 
Mo-diVUm (In architeetnre) ft kind of bnektt, t. 
BauU^Um Broth ; soap, s. Fr. 

C</l(m The point (:); the great got, t. 
8em-i-€o^Um A point made thns (0, 8. 
Cm'na-mom A spice ; the baric of a tree, i. 
Daemon A spirit; generally an eril spirit, iT 
DtffMn A spirit ; generally an eril spirit^ 8. 
Lem^on A fruit, s. 
Phkg'mon An inflammati<m ; a boming sweHiBg, •. 

Salm^on A fish, s. 
Oam^mon A buttock of a hog sahed and dried, •. 
Baek'ffom^mon A game with dice and tables, 8. 
Mam'mon Riches, s. 

Com'mon Equal ; Tulgar ; nsoal ; poUie, a. 
Un-tomfmon Not frequent, a. 
To ntm^mon To call with authority ; to dte, T. % 
Chu/mon The hand or pin of a dial, 8. 
Ser^mon A pious discourse, s. 
leh-net/mon A small animal, s. 

Et^y-fnon Origin ; a primitiye word, 8. 

Non Not ; nerer used separately, but sometimes pre* 
fixed with a negatire power, ad. Lat. 
A-noH^ Soon ; quioUy ; in a short time, ad. 
Cannon A rule; law; ecclesiastical injunction; member 
of a cathedral, s. 
PhtMum^e-^ian An appearance in the works of nature, 8. 
Fh^-fum^§-non An appearance ; a new ^ipearanoe, s. 

Tendon A term in carpentry, s. 
Chamrpign'on A kind of mushroom, 8. 
Cin/non A great gun, s. 
Pm'wm A flag pointed, s. 
Sier'non The breast-bone, 8. 
Boon Gay; merry, a. 
Boon A gift; grant; present, 8. 
Ba-hoon^ A Urge monkey, s. [pence, s. 

Pat'CH»<m' A Spanish coin, yalne four shOlSngs and ei|^i- 
Rig-ga-doonf A dance, s. 

Buf'foonf An arch fellow ; a merry andrtw, 8. 
Dra-goonf A kind of horse soldier, s. 
To dra-goon' To enslare with soldiers, t« a. 
8a-thoon^ Leathern stuffing in a boot, s. 
Rae-koon^ An animal like a badger, s. 
Loon A mean fellow ; a scoundrel, s. 
Pan-ta-loon^ Anciently a man's garment, 8. 
Doulh-loon^ A Spanish coin, s. 
Bal-loon^ A machine to narigate the air, 8. 
OaVloon A kind of ^ose lace, s. 

BON 86a 

8hal4o<mf A sBgfat woollen Btuff, s. 

Moon The great lominarj of the nig^t, 8. 
HaJifmo<m The moon at half increase or deorease, 8. 
Hvnfef-moon The first month after marriage, 8. 
Noon The middle hour of the day, s. 
Fwtfnoon The latter half of time firom the dawn to tha 
meridian, s. 
After-nocn Time firom meridian to erening, s. 
Lam-pocn^ Abuse ; personal slander, s. 
To lam-pocn' To abnse personally, t. a. 

Har^^omif A harping iron to strike whales, ftc, s. 
Spoon An instrument used in eating liquids, s. 
To i^foon To sail before the wind, t. n. 
Mae-orToon' A sweet oake ; a rude fellow, s. 
Pio-^EHToon' A robber ; a plunderer, s. 

Soon Before long ; early ; readily, ad. 
Mon-Moon^ A shifting trade wind, s. 
O-ver-toonf Too soon, ad. 
B€U'$oon^ A musical wind instmment, s. 
Eft-soon^ Soon afterwards ; frequently, ad. 
Ba-toon' Or haUm ; a staff or dub ; a truncheon, s. 
Fla-toonf A square body of musketeers, s. 
Mu»-ke-toon^ A short gun with a large bore, s. 
Car-toonf A painting on large paper, e. 
Fet-Unmf A garland or border of flowers, s. 
Rat'toon^ A West Indian fox, s. 
To twxm To fSunt, r. n. 
Swoon A fainting fit, s. 
Cafpon A gelded cock, s. 
Weap'on An instrument of offence or defenee, s. 
J^pon A short dose coat, s. 
tfp-on^ Not under ; with respect to, prep. 
There-^^honf On that, ad. 
Where-up-on^ On which, ad. 

Barton A degree of nobility next to a risoonnt, 8. 
Fan-fa-ron^ A bully ; a blusterer, s. 
Squa^dron Part of an army or fleet, s. 
CaVdron A large kettle, s. 

Chal^dron A measure of coals, thirty six bushels, e. 
Cfum/dron Entrails, s. 
Er^on A cottage, 8. 
CkH-i-a-td^ron A figure of a thousand sides, «. 
Fol-y^^ron A solid figure consisting of many sides, & 
Hang-er-imf A dependant, s. [attendant, 8l 

Chap^tr-nn A hood worn by kni^ts of the garter ; a female 
DirOrtu^MHron An interval in music, s. 

Saffron A yellow physical plant, s. 

Fron A metal ; any instrument made of it, 8. 
Fron Made of iron, a. 
To ifron To smooth with an iron ; to shackle, t. a. 
QHdfirTon A grate to broil meat upon, s. 
And^inron Iron at the end of a fire-giate, 8. 


To m^^nm To mnnmoA; htm in; m?«8t, ▼. a. 
Ox-y-imt/rcn In rhetoric ; opposU* epithets ; ae a hitter sweety s. 
A^frm^ Put ef a woaun's dreM, ib 
Lam'pnm A kind of nee Huh, s. 
Ma'tron Am. elderljr women, B. 
Paftr99^ AaedToeate; defender; bencfhotory t. 
outran A fruit something like % lemon, s. 
WaVtron The sea-horse, s. 
PolrtTom^ A coward; a scoundrel, s. 
PUu^tron A piece of stuffed leather, s. 

£hm A male child; natiTo; deeoeadant, pronoanoed 
as the noon son, s. 
Rea^wn A cause; principle; motire; moderation, Sb 
To rea^ton To argue or examine rationally, t. 
Trea'wn An offence against king and countzj, a. 
Sm/wh a fourth part of the year; fit time; relish, s. 
To 9ea'»on To give relish ; qualify ; make fit^ t. a. 
Car^ga-wn A ship's lading, s. 

Ma^ton One who works in stone, 8. 
JH-arpa^9on An octaTO in music, s. 
Qrand^ton The son of a son or daughter, s. 

God^ton One for whom one has been sponscv in baptism, a. 
Whore^ton A bastard, s. 
Or^ai'ton A prayer, s. 
BmH-Mon A blessing; a benedictioa, s. 
Den^i'Son A freeman ; one enfranchised, s. 
Ven^i-ton The flesh of deer and other game, Sb 
U^ni-Mon Sounding alone or the same, a. 
U^m-ton A string of the same sound ; unTaried note, a. 
Foi^ton Plenty ; abundanoe, s. 
Foi^aon That which destroys or iijores life, s 
Topoi^ton To infect with poison ; to corrupt, t. a. 
7k) em^^oifton Or impoiton ; to destroy by poison, t. a. 
CcwU^er^oi-ion Antidote, s. 

Ca-par^i-mm Dress for a horse, s. 
To corpar^i'ton To dress pompously, t. a. 
Conipar^i-ton Simile ; estimate ; liken^ s. 
Dit^n-her^irton A debarring from inheriting, s. 

Frit^on A gaol ; a place of coafinemoit, s. 
To imrpria^on To confine ; to shut up in prison, t. a. 
Oar^rison Fortified place stored with soldiers, s. 
To gar^rirton To secure by soldiers, &c., ▼. a. 
Dam^wn A small black plum, s. 
Crim^ton A deep red colour, 8. 
To crim'ton To dye red, y. a. 

Boston Corrupted from boatswain, •* 
Par^9on A clergyman, s. 

Ptr^oon A man or woman ; the shape of a body, s. 
Bat-aon' A wind instrument of music, i. 
Le$^ton A task to learn or read, s. 
To U^son To instruct, t. a. 
CaU-aon^ A ehest of bombs or powder, s. Fr. 

A&N 855 

Jet^son Goods tlirown ffehore after shipwreok, &o., 8. 
Flot^ton Goods ffwimmUig witlioat mi owner at sea, a. 
Ad'vow^mm A ri^t to preeent to » beiiefiee» a. 

Ton A weight of 20 hundred weight rhymea gnn, a. 
Au-tam^or-ton An engine which moTes of itself, a. 
A-fffn^de-ton A figure in grammar when a conjnnction copul»- 
tiye is omitted, s. 
FcH-y^tynf de-ion A figure of rhetoric by which the o(^«latiTe is 
often repeated, a. 
Skd^e-ton The human bones entire, a. 
8im'plA-ton A aiUj mortal ; a foolish fellow, a. 
Pourfe-ion' A puppet or little baby, a. 

8e^t<m An issue ; a rowel, a. 
Haq^ue-Um A piece of armour, a. 
ffaeq^ue-ion A piece of armour, a. 

Conxion The dlTision of a country ; a elan, a. 
lb can'Um To divide land, t. a. 
Pan^ton A particular kind of honeahoe, a. 
Wan^Um licentioua ; sportire ; lustAil ; loose, a. 
Wan^ton A strumpet; whoremonger; trifler, a* 
Pon^Um A floating bridge, a. 
Md-o-eo^tcn A quince, s. 

Chet^Um A kind of plum, a. 
Phlo^Hon The inflammable part of any body, a. 
Pia^ton Part of a pump and syringe, a. 
CofUm A plant; stuff made of it, a. 
To cot^Um To rise with a nap ; to unite, t. n. 

Butfton Any knob or ball, s. 
To but^ton To fasten with a button; to dress, t. a. 
To un-but^ton To loose any thing buttoned, t. a. 
ObU'ton One who eats to excess, s. 
Mut'Um The flesh of sheep ; a sheep, s. 
Sez^ion An under officer of the chmrch, e. 

Won Pret. and part. pass, of win, rhymes sun. 
To won To dwell ; Iito ; have abode, rhymes sun, t. n. 
Won Dwelling ; habitation, rhymes sun, s. 
Yon Being at a distance within view, a. 
Yon At a distance within yiew, ad. 
Cray^on A paste ; pencil ; picture, 8. 
Ual^cy-on Happy; quiet; still, a. 
Hal'cy-on A bird, s. 

Em^hry-on A child indistinctly formed ; any thing unfinished, fli 
Oa^zon In fortification, earth in form of a wedge, s. ih. 
To bla^zon To explain ; adorn ; display ; tell, v. a. 
BWaon Art of heraldry ; show, s. 
To em-hla^zon To adorn with figures of heraldry, &c., t. a. 
Am^a-aton A masculine warlike woman ; a virago, s. 
Bo-ri^zon The line that terminates the si^t, s. 
Bam A country storehouse for com, ko,^ 8. 
To m-^am^ To cover with or breed flesh, v. 
To dam To mend holes, v. a. See Dtam, 


7b earn To gain b j labour ; to obtain ; ptonooneed en, 

riijmM fern, t. a. 
7b deam To mend holee, rhymee fen, t. a. 
7b leam To gain knowledge; to teach, rhjnee fen, t. 
lb w^-iean^ To forget, t. a. [fen, t. a. 

To yearn To fori great oneaaineas; to grieve, rkymea 
iSbm A Britiah word for payement or atepping atonea, a. 
Tom A bog; a fen; a marah, a. 
7b warn To caati<m ; glTe notice, t. a. 
7b fore-warn^ To admoniah ; to eaotion, t. a. 
Yam Spun wool; woollen thread, a. 
lb ee-^em^ To aeparate finer from groaaer matter, y. a. 
7b conrcem^ To affect; intereat; belong to, y. 
Unnxmreem^ Negligence ; indifference, a. 
7b dia-eemf To aee ; jndge ; diatingoiah, y. a. 
7b ejD-eem^ To atrain ont, y. a. 

Dam Sad; aolitaiy; barbarooa, a. 
Modern Made of alder, a. 
Mod' em Late ; recent, a. 

I^m A plant growing in wooda, &o., a. 
Hem Contracted firom henm, a. 
Cith'em A kind of harp, a. 
Nor'them Being in the north, a. 
South' em Belonging to the aonth ; meridional, a. 
Kem Anoientlj an Iriah foot addier, a. 
Kem A handmill for grinding com, a. 
7b kem To harden aa ripened con ; to granulate, y. n. 
Bick^em An iron ending in a point, a. [honaea, a. 

Cae'em A little room between the rampart and the 
AViem Acting by tana, a. 
8ub'al-tem Inferior ; aubordinate, a. 
Sal' tern A salt work, a. 
Lan'iem Tranaparent oaae for a candle, 8. 
In-tem' Inward; intestine; not foreign, a. 
Quar'tem The fourth part of a pint, a. 

Stem Severe in look ; harah ; afflictiye, a. 
A'ttem' In the hinder part of a ahip, ad. 
East' em Belongpg to the east; oriental, a. 
Weet'em Being in the west, a. 
die' tern A yessel to catch or hold water, a. 
Poe'tem A small gate ; a little door, s. 
Pat'iem A specimen ; example ; figore, a. 
SUU'tem A negligent naaty woman, s. 
BU'tem A water-fowl, s. 
Cai/em A cave ; a hollow place, s. 
Taf/em A house where wine is sold by retail, a. 
To gof/em To rule ; regulate ; restrain, y. a. 
Quem A handmill, a. 
7b yem See Yeam^ y. a. 
Bam Part pasa. of bear. 
7b he bom To come into life, rhymea hon, y. n. paaa. 
Sea'bom Bon of the sea, part 

URN 857 

StuyixMm Obstinate ; hftrdy ; ragged, a. 
Ba»0^bom Bom oat of wedlook, part 
Earih'bom Bom of the earth ; meanly bom, part. 
StW/hom Dead in the birth, part. 
Heav^av^om Deaeended from HeaTen, part 
In'bom Implanted bj natare, part 
Twinfbom Bom at the same birth, part 
Unrbwmf Not yet broaght in to life, a. 
To sulMim' To procare by false means, ▼. a. 
Com Qrain; a hard lamp in the flesh, a. 
To com To sprinkle with salt, t. a. 
A^eom The seed or frnit of the oak, e. 
Bread^eom Com of which bread is made, s. 
Mang'com Cora of soTsral kinds ndxed, s. 

U'nircom A beast with one horn, s. 
Cap'ri-^om The winter solstioe, s, 
P^per-eom Any thing of little Tshie, s. 
Scorn Contempt, s. 
To team To despise; sooiF; slight, ▼. a. 
Bar^Uy-com A grain of barley ; th&d part of an inch, s. 
Dom The name of a fish, s. 
To chdom^ To *deok ; drees ; embelhsh, ▼. a. 

Horn Defensire weapon of an ox, ram, &o.| ■• 
Bu^le-hom^ A banting horn, s. 

Ink^hom A case of writing inBtrnments, s. 
Shorn Part pass, of shear. 
To dia-liom' To strip of horns, t. a. 

Thorn A prickly tree ; a diffioolt point, 8. 
Lant'hom A case for a candle, property lantern, 0. 
Ham^thom The thorn that bears haws, s. 

Lorn Part pass, of {lorUm^ Sax.) forsaken ; loet> rhymes 
Love-lorn Forsaken of one's lore, a. 
For-lom^ Forsaken; lost; despioable, ft. 
Mom The first part of a day, s. 
Som A kind of serrile tenore formerly in Scotland and 

Ireland, s. 
Tom Part pass, of tear. 
Wom Part pass, of wear. 
War-worn Wom with war, a. 
O-ver-wom^ Wom oat ; spoiled by time, part 
Sworn Qaalified by oath, pi^ 
Urn A Tessel need for the ashes of the dead, &e., s. 
To bum To consame by fire ; to be hot or in a passion, t. 
To chum To make batter, t. 
Ohum The Tessel to cham in, s. 
Td m-um^ To entomb ; to bary, t. a. 

Bourn A bonnd ; a limit ; a torrent, rhymes moom, s. 
To adrjoum' To put off to a certain time, t. a. 
To to-Joum^ To liye as not at home, t. n. 

Tomoum To gricTO; wear black; lament, pronoonoed as 

858 EWN 

Tb ipwm To kick ; io treftt ooateu i y U i ousl y, t. 
To turn To tranirfbnn ; change ; more round, t. a. 

TStm The met of moring about ; change ; chanoe, a. 
Sa'tum A planet ; lead in chemistry, 8. 
Noc^tum DcTotion performed bj night, 8. 
To re-tum^ To come or go back; make answer; retort; repaj; 
send back ; transmit, t. 
Be-tum^ The act of coming back ; profit; repayment ; rea* 
titntion ; requital ; relapse, s. 
To o-'oer-Utm^ To throw down ; to conquer, t. a. 

Un A Saxon priratiye or negatiye pardde. 
Dun A troublesome clamorous creditor, s. 
To dun To press or ask often for a debt, t. n. 
ISm Joke ; high merriment; sport, s. 
Oun A cannon ; a musket, &c., s. 
Be-gun^ Preterit from begin. 
Pop' gun A child's gun, s. 
Pot' gun A gun milking a small smart noise, s. 
To ihun To aToid ; to endeaTour to escape, t. a. 
Noun In grammar, the name of a thing, s. 
Pro'noun A word used for a noun, s. * 

Pun A quibble ; a ludicrous repartee, s. 
S^n Pret. and part. pass, of to sfun. 
Mome'tpun Made at home ; coarse, part 
To run To move swiftly, t. n. 

Run Cadence ; process ; course ; long reoeption, i. 
To fort-run' To come before; to precede, t. n. 
To o-vtr^run' To outrun ; raTage ; oTerspread, t. a. 
To out-run' To leare behind in a race, t. a. 

8vn The luminary of the day ; a sunny place, s. 
To tun To expose to the sun, t. a. 

Tun A large cask of four hogsheads, s. 
7b tun To put into a cask ; to barrel drink, t. a. 
To ttun To make senseless with a blow, ftc, t. a. 
To dawn To grow light ; to appear, t. a. 

Dawn The first rise ; a beginner, s. 
To fawn To soothe ; to flatter, t. n. 
Fawn A young deer, s. 
Ottwn A small tub, s. 

iMwn A plain between woods ; fine linen, 8. 
Flawn A sort of custard, &c, s. 
Pawn A pledge for security ; a chessman, a. 
To pawn To pledge ; to leaye a security, t. a. 
To un-pawn' To pawn ; to pledge, t. a. 

Spawn The eggs of a fish ; an offspring, s. 
To nawn To issue; produce; shed the spawn, t. b. 
Bawn The flesh of a boar; bulk, s. 
Drawn Unsheathed ; equal ; oi>eD, part. 
Prawn A shell-fish like a shrimp, s. 
To yawn To gape ; open wide, t. n. 
Tawn A gaping, s. 
Bough'hewn Unpolished ; unfinished, part 

100 «89 

Own Deaotliigpreperfy, m my own, &o., rikymas bout, s. 
Jb otm To aeknowledge ; dftim ; confess, t. a. 
Dotffi A large open plain ; soft feathers, &a, s. 
Dawn Along a descent, prep. 
Down On the ground, ad. 
To down To snbdae ; conquer ; min, t. a. 
A-down^ Down; towards the ground, prep. > ^ 

Up-mdo-down^ With total reyersement, ad. 
Oown A long upper garment, s. 
Shown Part pass, of to show ; exhibited, rhymes bone. 
Lown A scoundrel ; a rascal, pronounced loon, s. 
Blown Part pass, of the Terb neuter, to blow, vhymea 

Clown An unmannerly ill-bred man ; a churl, s. 
Flown Part of fly or flee ; gone away ; cracked, rhymes 
High'ftown Elevated ; proud ; affected, a. [bone. 

To ro-nown^ To make famous, t. a. 
Bo-nown^ Fame ; great praise ; merit, s. 
Known Part. pass, of the verb to know, rhymes bone. 
Un-known^ Not known, a. 

Brown The name of a colour, s. 
To im^own^ To make brown ; to darken, ▼. a. 
Nwtf brown Brown like a nut, a. 

Crown Top of the head; ornament; money; gailand; 
regal power, s. 
To crown To iuTCst with a crown ; adorn ; finish, t. a. 
To drown To choke with water ; to overflow, y. a. 

Frown A wrinkled look ; a look of dislike, s. 
To frown To show dislike by frowns, y. a. 
Chrown Part of grow ; advanced in growth, riiymes bone. 
Sown Part of to sow, rhymes bone. 
To dit-own^ To deny; renounce; not own» v. a. 
Un-town^ Not sown, a. 

Town Any collection of houses larger than a vittage, ■. 


Bo I A word of terror, inteij. 
Bil^bo A rapier; a sword, s. 
Cram^bo A rhvme ; a play wherein rhymes are made, a. 
Kim^bo Crooked; bent; arched, a. 
Um^bo The point of a buckler, s. 
The-cr^bo A lai^je lute, s. 

Bu^bo A swelling in the groin, s. 
To-^ac^eo A plant used in«smotdng, s. 
Si-roe^eo The south-east wind, s. 
Stuc^co Fine plaister work, s. 
Fi<eo Contempt shown by the fingers, s. 
Boo^'fifco A small bird ; a fig-pecker, s. 
Uag-nifireo A grandee of Venice, s. 
Cal'ireo A cotton stuff, s. 
Por^H-co A piazxa; a covered walk, a. 


U Mh hm^m A qoMk ; a iB«iial«b«alt, g. 
Cal-^Miuai^eo A kind of wooDen stoff, 8. [moist, t. 

Franco CooIdms; shade; pshiting on plaister whilk 
Mo-fii^co A dancer of the morris danee, s. 

2b (fo To act any thing good or bad, pronoimeed doo^ 
fh/iuee who, t. 
' A-tU/ Tnmble ; dilleiiltj ; ImsCle, rhjmes who, s. 
Oamrba'do Spatterdashes, s. 
Stoc-^a^do A thrust with a ra|ner, s. 
Btft-n-tafio A fortiiloation ; a bar, s. 
To har^fi-ca'do To fbrtify; to bar, t. a. 
Av-ihta'do A plant, s. 
Am4m»-ta'do A place of surprise, s. 

Da' do A term in arohiteetttrev s. 
Se4hk/do The storming of a town with ladders, s. 
Fvhmafdo A smoked fish, s. 
PeMia'do Bread boiled in water, s. 
Qf^-na'do A fire-ball, s. 
Bat4M%afdo A beating en the feet ; a ondgelling, s. 
CoT'bO'na'do Meat cnt across to be bppHed, s. 
To ear-bo-na'do To cat or hack, t. a. 
Tor-nafdo Akarriettie, s. 
Strap-^'do A chastisement with a strap, s. 
( k m I 90^ do An attack made in the dark, ftc, 8. 
Croisa'do A holy war, s. 
Pat-aa'do A pndi ; a thmst, s. 

Orvrtafdo An expedilion against inidels, & See Oroi$adt. 
Brorva'do A bosst ; a brag, s. 
Pri^a'do A seeret Mend, s. Spanish. 
Tor^do A tA whose touch is said to benumb s. Lat 
In^u-m'do An oUiqne hint, s. 
Ro'tun'do A round building, the Psntheon, s. 
To unrder-do^ To do less than requisite, t. a. 
To o^vv'do' To do more than enough, r. a. 
To mi9-4o' To do wrong ; to commit a fault, t. 
To out-do^ To excel ; to surpass, t. a. 
P$eu'do False ; counterfeit, a. 
Togo To walk; more; proceed, t. n. 
A-^o^ Past, ad. 
jA i mht/go A psin about the lofais, ■. 

Virra'go A bold, resolute woman, s. 
Far-ra'go A confused heap ; a mecDej, ■. 
Sa'go A sort of grain, s. 
In'di-go A plant used in dyeing, s. 
Str'fi-go A kind of tetter, s. * 
Ltn'Urgo A flreckly eruption on the skin, s. Iiatin. 
Vtr'ti-go A giddiness, s. Latin. 
Man' go An Indian fmat or pickle, s. 
Lm'go Alangqage; tottgue; speech, s. 
E-rm'go The herb sea holly, s. 
Stm'go Fine old beer, s. 
Bmrbar'go A prohibition to pass or sail, s. 


Cw^go A ship's lading, s. 
Sa-pmM^ar^go An offioer to msnage trade, s. 
^ Po-Uar^go A West Indian picUe, s. 
^ To vn-der^o^ To suffer ; to sustain, t. n. 

To out-go^ To surpass ; exoel ; over-reaeh, t. a. 
Al-bu^go A disease of the eje, s. Lat 

Hoi A call, giving notice of approach, &o., inteij. 
Eeh^o A sound returned, s. 
To ech'o To send back a Toioe, y. a. 
ReF^ch/o To echo back, t. n. 
Heigh' ho I An expression of slight uneasiness, inteij. 
So'ho' ! A form of calling tvim. a distant place, inteij. 
Tho* Contraction of though, con. [pron. relatiye. 

Who Which person, pronounced whoo, rhymes do, 
Nun'ei-o A messenger ; envoy from the pope, s. 
In-ter^-nvn'cio Messenger between two parties, s. 
Brag-gorcU/ci-o A pu£Eing, boasting fellow, s. 

A'gi-o A mercantile term for the difference between the 
Talue of bank notes and current money, s. Italian. 
A-da'gi-o A term to mark slow time in music, s. Italian. 
JBo-ra'ehi-o A drunkard, s. 
Pis-ta'ekh^ A dry fruit ; pistich nut, 8. 
Ca-pri'chi'O Freak ; fancy ; whim, s. 
Fi-fu/chi^ Fennel, s. 

Se-ragVi-o A house for women of pleasure, s. [Italian. 

In-tagViro Any thing that has figures engrayed on it, s. 

(PgU-o A dish of mixed meats ; a medley, s. 
Fa-piyi-o A butterfly ; a kind of moth, s. 
Punc-tU^i-o Nicety in behaviour ; exactness, s. 

O'li-o A medley of meat, herbs, and roots, s. 
Fo-Uro A large book, s. 
Qtffiiro One of a particular turn of mind, s. 
Bagn'i-o A house for bathing and sweating, s. 
Ra'ti-o A proportion, s. 

Lo! Look! seel behold! inteij. 
Buff^orlo A kind of wild ox, s. Italian. 
Ha'lo A circle round the sun or moon, s. 
Vi-^hlon-ceyio A stringed musical instrument, s. 
Puneh-i-nel/lo A squat fellow ; a stage puppet, s. 
Pru^ndrlo A kind of silk stuff; a sort of plum, 8. 
Du-el'lo A duel ; the rule of duelling, s. 
Pec-ea-diVlo A petty fault ; a venial offence, s. 
Ar-mordiVlo An animal of Brazil, s. 

So'lo A tune played by a single instrument, 8. 
Noe-tam'burlo One who walks in his sleep, s. 

Mo Anciently making great number ; more, •. 
Mo Anciently further ; longer, ad. 
Qen-^'OrWn'mo A commander-in-chief, s. 

No The wopd of relwa or denial, ad. 
No Not any ; none, a. 
Hur-ri'ca'no A violent storm, s. 
Volrca'no A burning mountain, s. 

•68 NTO 

Vul-ca^no A bnrniiig mountain ; Tolcftno, s. Italian. 
Barn-boo^ An Indian plant of the reed kind, b. 

To eoo To cry as a dore or pigeon, y. n. ^ 

Oue^koo A biid ; a name of contempt^ a. 
Loo A game at earda, s. 
Ih aUrloo^ To set on ; to incite, t. a. 
To kal4oo^ To encourage with ahonts, t. a. 
Too Orer and aboye ; likewise, ad. 
Tat'UH/ The beat of dram to quarters, s. 
To woo To court; to make loye, y. 
Cuer^po A drees close to the body, s. Spanish. 
Quer^po Corrupted from cuerpo, s. 
He^ro A braye man, s. 
Prirme^ro A game at cajrds, s. 
Ped'tr^ro A swiyel gun, written also paterero, s. 
Mon-te^ro A horseman's cap, s. 

fVo Backward; regresriyely, ad. 
JMe^ffro A word denoting a 8pri|^tly motion, s. 
Ntfgro A blackamoor, s. 

Pro l^i3it\ in defence of, as /to and con, Latin. 
TyWo A beginner; student; noyice, s. 
So In like manner ; thus ; proyided, ad. 
Wherefto In what place soeyer, ad. 
Pro^'90 A stipulatioh ; caution ; proyision, s. 
AVto Likewise ; in like manner, ad. 
Who^to Any ; without restriction, pron. 
Am~o-To'9o A gallant; a loyer, s. 

VvT'ttH/so One skilled in curiosities ; sometimes plural, Virttum, a. 
What'io Haying one nature or another ; any thing, pron. 

To Sign of the infinitiye mood of yerbs, as to loye, &c., 

pronounced as if written too, rhymes do, ad. 
To Unto, rhymes do, prep. 
Po-ta^to An esculent root, s. 
Puru/to The point in fencing ; ceremony, s. 
Hertfto To this, ad. 
Thert'to To that, ad. 
When/io To which, ad. 
In-coff^ni-to In a state of oonoealment, ad. 

Al^to The upper or counter t«ior in music, s. 
Tn-dul'to Piiyilege or exemption, s. 
Cour-an^to A nimble dance, &c., s. 

Cm^to A collection of scraps, s. 
At-n-m^to A contract about slaves, s. 
Me-men^io A hint to awaken the memory, s. Latin. 
Pi-mm^to See Piemmia^ s. 

In<to Notine entrance, prep. 
ffere^m-to Into wis, ad. 
There^m-to Into that; into this, ad. 
WTtere^m-to Into which, ad. 
Mez-Mo-tm^to A kind of engraying on copper, a. 
Un^Uf To, prep. 
Mtr§^mi'to To tiUs, ad. 

HAP tes 

There^un-to To that, ad. 
Where^un-to To which, ad. 
Jnn^to A oabal, 8. 

Oo U/ Come, come, take tiie rig^t ooime, intari. 
HUh^er-to To this time, ad. 
ThUh^er-to To that end ; so fSur, ad. 
Man^-fu^io A pubUo protettatlon, s. 

Fres^io Quick ; at once ; without ddaj, ad. 
Otu^to The relish of a thing ; taste ; liking, g. 
Mu4at^U> One begot between a white and black, s. Spanish. 
Am-ci-det'to A sort of pear, s. 
Sti'Ui^to A small dagger, s. 
Pahnet'to A species of the palm tree, a. 

Pet/ to The breast ; figorative of priTM^, s. Italian. 
Ido-^i-rei^to An hospital, s. 
Cor-vel^io The cnnret, s. 

Dit'to The aforesaid ; the same thing repeated, a. 
Ban^Wto A man outlawed, ploral bandHti, s. 
Ri-dotHo An assembly of mnsic, s. 
Mot^to A sentence prefixed or added, a. 
QroVto A cayem ; a oaye, s. 
Cor-nu^to A cuckold ; a man homed, a. 
Bra^vo One who murders for hire, e. 
Oe-ta^vo A sheet folded into eight leayea, s. 
Ro-Uefvo The prominence of a picture or figure, a. 
SaVvo An exception ; reeerration ; excuse, s. 
Wo Orief ; sorrow; a curse, s. 
Two One and one, rhymes do, a. 
Em-hry^o A child indistinctly formed ; any thing nofini^ed, a. 


Cd^ A ooTer for the head ,* reverence, a. 
To cap To coyer the top ; to pussle, t. a. 
Mad^eap A madman ; a giddy person, s. 
SeuU^eap A small oap for the head, s. 
SeuU^cap A plant, s. 

NigWcap A cap worn in bed or in undress, a. 
To dap To let fUl gently into the water, t. n. 
JJmjP a pile; confused jumble; cluster; crowd, a. 
Cheap At a low rate, a. 

Cheap Anciently market; purchase; bargabi, a. 
Dog-cheap Cheap as dog's meat, a. 

To leap To Jump ; to embrace as beasts, t. a. 
Leap A jump ; an embrace of animals, s. 
To o-ver-Uapf To go beyond by a jump, t. a. 
Out'Uapf A saUy ; fiight; escape, s. 

Neap Low; decrescent; used only of the tide, a. 
To reap To cut down com ; to obtain, y. a. 
To threap To argue much ; to contend, t. a. 

Oap An opening; breach; passage; hole, a. 
ffap Chance;, accident, a. 


CW Adcftr ft 


AfUr-dm^ A wbfq ft - 
i7^ AUam; mmf 

glim AU0V, •. 
A^ Wit^ftW 

Map A d^MstioB of laads, ft. 
To map To l«j dofwn, or sake m aa^ t. a. 

JTd^ PowB OB ciod^ ft. 
^ N^ To be drowof or off ow*! gm^ t. ■. 
To Uifwap To flml ddldres, Ac, t. a. 

Jtii^ A iweffiiig proadnaMe apo« oloA, a. 
To knap To bite; to break ibort, ▼. 
To $nap To break at ooee ; bite; eat^ at, ▼. 
Snap The act of bre al nag ; an eager bite, a. 
8mh-map Tart dialogve, a. 

Soap A rabfltaaoe used in waahing, a. 
Ct^(U-ooap A kind of soap, 8. 

Pap A nipple; the pulp of findt; mfiutfs BMal, a. 
Map A quick, smart Wow, s. _ 

To rap To strike smartly ; batter; Mirapiore, t. a. 
Scrap A little piece; a fragment, s. 
Trap A snare; ambnrii; plaything, a. 
To trap To ensnare ; catch ; adorn, t. a. 
Moute^trap A trap to catch mice, s. 
To m-Urap To ensnare ; to take adrantage, ▼. a. 
Strap A long strip of leather, s. 
To ttrap To beat, t. a. 
To wrap To roll together ; to contain, t. a. 
To irMfffap^ To coTer ; pnzzle ; raTish or transport, t. a. 
Sap The Tital jnice of plants ; a military mine, s. 
To tap To nndermine ; subvert ; destroy, v. a. 
To tap To tonoh softly ; to broach, t. a. 

Tap A rap ; gentle blow ; small pipe, s. 
Swap Hastily; with Tiolence, rhymes top. ad. 
To swap To exchange, rhymes top, t. a. 

Vetp Par to the bottom ; knowing ; affecting, a. 
Deep The sea ; tho most solemn part, s. 
Sheep An animal ; a foolish person, s. 


To keqf To datun; hold; z«tKbi; otneeal, ▼. ft. 
Keep Custody ; guard ; rtatraint^ 8. 
8leq} Bepose ; slumber, s. 
To sleep To suspend the mdntal pow«ani bj xett, ▼. n. 
A-tleq/ Sleeping ; at rest, ad. 
Dog^ekq) A pretended sleep, 8. 
To o^et-tleq/ To sleep too long, y. m 
To out-ele^' To sleep beyond, y. b. 

Peep A sly look; first appea r a no e, s. 
To peep To make the first appearance, t. u. 
Bo'peep A play among ohildnn, s. 
To creep To move slowly; fawn; loiter, t. tu 

Steep Slanting ; approaohing to a perpendienlar, a. 
To instep To soak, t. a. 

To weeip To shed tears; bewail; lament, t. n. 
To herwei^ To weep OTer or upon, t. n. 

To tiweep To clean with a besom ; pass qvdckly or with 
pomp; rub OTer; fetch a long stroke, t. 
Sweep Direction of a motion; deetractioB, •• 
Skip A basket for carrying com, 8. 
Nep An herb, s. 
Fare^nep A plant, s. 
To tUp To moye with the feet; to adyance, y. 

Stq» A footstep ; gait ; action ; round ii a ladder, i. 
In'eiep The upper purt of the foot, s. 
Foot^etep A track; mark of a foot; token, s. 
Tod^ To put into; sink; moisten; engage; pierce; 

look into, y. 
To g^ To take out the guts of herrings, y. a. 

H^ The joint of the thigh; fruit of the briar, s. 
H^ ! A calling to one, integ. 
To k^ To sprain the hip ; to be out of splritt, ▼. 
To eh^ To cut into small pieces, y. a. 
Cky> A small piece cut off, s. 
Ship A large yessel to sail on the seas, e. 
To ek^ To put into a ship, y. a. 
Friend' th^ Fayour; kindness; conformity, •• 
ffard'ehy} Fatigue ; injury ; oppression, s. 
Ward'eh^ Guardianship ; pupilage, s. 
SUw^ard-eh^ The office of a steward, 8. 

Lord'eh^ A title giyen to lords ; a manor, s. 
PrenUieersh^ The sendtude of an apprentice, s. 
Ap'prtn'tice-^h^ The years an apprentice is to seryiy 8. 
Fire^eh^ A ship filled with combustible matter, e. 
Sher^iff-eJi^ Office or jurisdiction of a sheriff, 8. 
Fki/ah^ The ship wherein the commander of the fleet if, •, 
King'eh^ Royalty ; monarch, s. 
Bee^re-iorri^ehip The office of a secretary, s. 

Swre'ti-^h^ Office of a surety or bondsman, s. 
Clerk'eh^ The office of a clerk ; scholarship, ■• 
Bi'val^hip The state and character of a riyal, s 
Chuar^dianrehio The office of a jraardian, 8. 
81 ♦ 


Hone^mtmrMp Art of riilBg or isaiisgiiig a borse, 8. 
Warkfmai^'Mp MaavliMtiire; ^01; art, 8. 

To m-9k^ To Bbut in a ah^ ; to stow, t. a. 
Ckaf/lam-9kip (Mom of a ehaphin, Ac., 8. 
Cap^taim-9h^ Rank of a oaptain, &e., s. 
2>«i^eof»-«%' Office or dignilj of a deacon, 8. 
Canfot^^p EodeeiaaCioal benefioe in a cathedral, &c, 8. 

Son'th^ Filiation, 8. 
To tm-Mh^ To take oot of a 8hip, t. a. 
Town^ih^ The corporation of a town, & 
Vie^ar-Mh^ The offioe of a Tiear, 8. 
Sehot'or-Mkip Learning; exhibition for a eehoUr, 8. 
SoVdier^l^ Bfilitary character, Ac, 8. 
ConrtTot/ler-9kip-l!h% office of a controller, 8. 
Comp-trol^ler-^kip Bnperintendence, 8. 

Part^nersh^ Union in trade ; joint interest, 8. 
Oo-partfner^t^ State of possessing an equal share, s. 
Exrtefu-ior^l^ Office of an executor, s. 
Sw^^vor-sk^ State of ontliring ano^er, s. 
Baeye-lor-thip The condition of a bachelor, 8. 
Ohan^eelrlor-th^ Office of chancellor, s. 
Cotm^ad-hr^hqf Offioe of a priyy counsellor, 8. 

Cm^soT'sh^ ^e office of censor, s. 
Pro-fu^tor-thtp Office of a public teacher, 8. 
Dicta' tor^h^ Offioe of a dictator, s. 
Bet/tor^Mp Office of a rector, s. 

Wor'sk^ Dignity; a term of honour; religious reverence; 
adoration, s. 
I\> wor'tkip To adore ; to perform adoration, t. 
SuT'VtSt'or^^ The offioe of a suireyor, s. 
Ser'geant'thip The offioe of a sergeant, s. 
Lieu-tei^ant^9^9 Bank or office of a lieutenant, s. 
CouTi'th^ The making lore to a woman, s. 
FeVlow-thip Company ; a station in a coBege, 8. 
La'cfy-s^f The title of a lady, s. 

Wkip A scourge with one thong, s. 
To wl^ To cut with a whip ; sew slightly ; correct with 

a rod ; move nimbly ; lash, t. 
To flap To leap quickly ; to pass, t. n. 
Sk^ A light leap, s. 

L^ Front of the mouth ; edge of a cup, ftc., 8. 
To dip To cut short ; embrace ; confine, t. a. 
FUp See Fl^, 
Tofil'i^ To strike with a jerk of the finger, ▼. a. 
Fa^l^ A stroke with the finger, s. 
^«^ To slide accidentally; commit a mistake ; steal 
away ; let loose ; pass over, t. 
iSZ^ A false step; mistake; twig; escape; narrow 
piece, 8. 
Oov/tJ^ A flower, s. 
Tit^Up A beautifiil flower, s. 
Ox'l^ The cowslip, s. 

AMP 8«7 

7b i^p To pinoh ; Tex ; ridkmle ; blast, ▼. a. 
N^ A pinoh; taunt; blast; small oat, s. 
To snip To out at onoe with soissors, s. 

Sr^ A small shred, s. 
Tur^n^ A root, s. 

iV A spot on oards ; a disease among fowls, t. a. 
Top^ To ohirp like a bird, t. n. 
To rip To tear up ; out asunder; disolose, y. a. 
8cr^ A small bag; schedule r small writing, ■. 
To drip To let fall in drops, t. 
Dr^ That which falls in drops, s. 
Grip A small ditch, s. 
7\> un-rip' To out open, t. a. 

To trip To supplant; err; stumble; deteet, t. 
Trip A stumble ; mistake ; short Toyage, y. 
To atr^ To make naked ; diyest; rob ; peel, s. 
Strip A narrow shred, s. 
To otU-ttrip^ To outgo ; leaTO behind, t. a. 

To tip To drink a little at a time ; to drink out ol, r. 
Sip A small draught, s. 
Oos^tip A sponsor in baptism ; a tatler, i. 
To got^tip To chat ; prate, &c, t. n. 
T%p A top ; end ; point, s. 
To t^ To top ; oorer on the end ; tap, y. a. 
To e-^u^ To dress out ; furnish, y. a. 

Scalp The skull; the flesh on the skull, s. 
To 9ea^ To out the flesh from the skull, y. n. 
To hdp To assist; support; sYoid; heal, y. a. 

H^ Support; assistance; aremedj, s. 
Whelp A puppy ; the young of a beast, s. 
To whelp To bring forth young, y. n. 
Kdp Salt from calcined sea-weed, ■. 
To yelp To bark as a hound, y. n. 

Hblp Anciently part pass, of help. 
7\> tetdp To canre ; to engraYO, y. a. 
To in-eeulp^ To engraYO ; to cut, y. a. 
To gulp To swallow eagerly, y. a. 
Oulp What is swallowed at once, s. 
Pulp The soft part of fruit; any soft mass, s. 
Camp The order of tents for soldiers in the firid, 8. 
To de-^amp^ To moYO off; shift a camp, y. a. 
To aircan^ To rest in or pitch tents, s. 
Damp Moist ; dcjjected ; sunk, a. 
To champ To bite ; chew ; devour, y. a. 
Lan^ A light made with oil or spirits, 8. 
Clamp A piece of wood Joined to another, Ac., s. 
To clamp To join together, y. a. 
To rmmp To climb ; jump i^ut ; play, y. n. 
Cramp A contraction of the limbs; confinement; a piece 
of iron to keep tlungs fast, s. 
To cramp To confine ; hinder; bind ; pain, y. a. 
Cramip Difficult; knotty, a. 

808 HOP 

To stamp To strike witk ik% foot; pomd ; nark, t. 9l 

Stamp An ingfarmiimt to make an imprestion ; thing stamp. 

ed; Taloe; ISorai; legal BUtfk, s. 
Vamqf The upper leather of a shoe, s. 
Ih voH^ To mend old things, y. a. 
Swamp A marsh; bog; fen, pronoiaoed swomp, s. 
Hemp A plant of which ropes are made, s. 

Imp An offspring ; a pnny doTii, s. 
lb imp To ealarge with any thing adsoalilioas» ▼. a. 
Oimp A kind of silk twist or lace, s. 
Limp Pliant ; weak, a. 
To Ump To walk lamely, t. n. 

Ptmf> A pander ; he bawd ; procorer, s. 
To pimp To proride lewd gratiCcations for others, ▼. a. 
Crimp Brittle ; easily crumbled, a. 
Shrimp A ssuJl shell'4sh ; a dwarf, s. 
Lamp A kind of roondish fish, s. 
Pomp Splendour ; ostentation ; show, s. 
Bomp Bode play ; a rode awkward girl, s. 
To romp To play mdely or boisteronsly, ▼. n. 

Bump A small swelling ; a blow, s. 
To hump To make a load noise ; to thump, t. b. 
But'ier^mmp A fowl ; the bittern, s. 

Dump Sorrow ; melancholy ; rererie, s. 
Hump A crooked back, s. 
Chump A short heavy pieoe of wood, s. 
To thxtmp To ftdl or strike with a doll blow, t. 
Thump A heavy blow, s. 
To be-thumy To beat, t. a. 

To jump To leap; Jolt; agree; tally, t. n. 
Jump A leap ; skip ; kind of stays^ s. 
Jump- Exactly ; nioely, ad. 
Lump A whole pieoe ; the gross, a. 
To lump To take in the gross, t. a. 
Clun^ A duster of trees, s. 
Plump A cluster, s. 
Plump Comely; sleek; fat, a. 
To plump To fatten ; swell ; fall at once, t. 

Plup^ With a sudden fall, ad. 
To mump To nibble ; speak low and quick ; beg, V. 

Pump A water-engine ; a kind of riioe, s. 
To pump To work a pump ; disooTcr artftdly, t. 
Buti^ The buttock ; the tail of a fowl, &c, s. 
Crump Crooked in the back, a. 
To frump To mock: to browbeat, t. a. 

TSrump A trumpet; turn-up card; expedient, s. 
To trump To win with a trump ; derise, t. a. 

Stump A block ; the remaining part of a limb, 8. 
Cop The head ; the top of any thing, s. 
F^ A coxcomb ; an effeminate beau, s. 
Mcp A plant ; Jump ; mean dance, s. 
To hop To ieap upon one leg ; impregnate with hofs, t. 

OOP 889 

Ibehcp To ont with a blow; detour; miiioe; oome 
qnioklj npon ; change, t. 
Chcp A small piece of meat; oraok ; jaw, 8. 
Sh^ A place of Bale or of work, s. 
Bitk^op Spiritual head of a dioceee ; a Hqaor, i. 
Jb biak^op To confirm ; to admit, t. a. 
' Arch-bith^cp Chief bishop, s. 
To unrhiah'op To dopriye of a bishopric, ▼. a. 
Oo'hiih'op A coadjutant bishop, s. 
OOfah^ A shop where oils and piddes are sold, 8. 
Toy^shap A place where toys are sold, s. 
To lop To cat short, v. a. 
L^ A branch cat off; a flea, 8. 
B-^oal^cp A shell-fish ; oysters boiled, s. 
Seed^kp A Tcssel to pat seed in, s. 
To th^el^op To onfold ; detect ; tmrarel, t. a. 
To en-vel/cp To cover ; sarround ; hide, t. a. 
To dia^d'op To ancover, t. a. 

To flop To dap the iHngs with noise, t. 
Seal^lop A shell-fish, s. 
To teal/l^ To indent the edge ; to boil oysten, ▼. 

Ddl/lop A toft or damp, s. 
To gal^lop To ride or mote away fast, t. a. 
CM/lop A horse's f^l speed, s. 
Hand'gaUlop A dow easy gallop, s. [ter, s. 

Can^ter-bwr^-gdi'lop The gallop of an amUing horse, called a can« 
Shaykp A smaU boat, s. 
To waVlop To boil, t^ n. 

CoVl^ A small slice of meat ; a child, s. 
Seolflop A fish; an indenting, s. 
To 90oVlop To indent, t. a. 

TroVlop A slatternly woman, s. 
Or'lop The middle deck, s. 
To $lop To make a paddle ; to spill, t. a. 
Slop A puddle ; mean liquor ; trowsers, s. 
Slip' 91^ Bad liquor; trifling incorrect language, s. 
Mop Cloth or wool fixed to a handle for deaning 
floors, s. 
To ntpp To rub with a mop ; to make wiy mouths, ▼. 
Knop Any tufted top, s. 
Coop A wooden cage for poultry, 8. 
To teoop To cage ; to shut up, y. 

Scoop A large ladle ; sweep ; stroke, s. 
To $eoop To empty; cut hollow; lade out, t. a. 

ffoop Any thing circular, s. 
To hoop To bind with hoops ; to diout, t. n. 
Whoop A shout of pursuit ; a bird, s. 
To whoop To shout with insult, t. 

Loop A noose to contain a rope, string, &c., 8. 
(yvtr-loop The same with oriop^ s. 
Sloop A small ship, s. 
Poop The hindmost part of a ship, s. 

«70 ARP 

M t^m m M t o p A tool ; a Irfiler, s. 

lb droop To pine awaj; to ftlat» t. a. 

Troop A body of soldian ; a namber of ptoide, ■. 
To troop To nurdi m a body, t. ■. 
To ttaop To bond down ; jield ; siiik, t. n. 

8u>op The act of ftooptng; a Tessel of Uqiior, 8. 
To twoop To fall at <moe upon ; to eatoh up, t. n. 
To twoop The fiUl of a bird oi prey, s. 

Pop A smail toiart sound from a gun, s. 
To pop To oomo or entar qaickly or slilj ; to shift, t. 

Crop Com gatbsred off a field ; an j tbing ent off, Ac a. 
To crop To lop ; to ent off tlie end, t. a. 
After-crop The Mooad crop, s. 

Drop A ■mail qaanti^ of liquid ; an ear-ring, s. 
To drop To let fall; titter sU^tly; qidt; iall in drops; 
faU ; Taidsli ; die, t. 
To he^rop^ To besprinkle ; to mark with drops, t. a. 
Etfe'dnp A tear, s. 
To oaoa'drop To listen ; to hearken, t. n. 
Dew' drop A drop of dew, s. 
Smow'drop A flower, a. 

Sir' op Juices boiled np wi^ angar, s. 
Prop A support ; that on which a thing reata, a. 
. To prop To support; sustain; keep up, t. a. 
To m^^er-pTop' To support ; to sustain, t. a. 
Strop A leaUier to sharpen raxors, s. 

Sop Bread in liquor; a thing to pacify, a. 
To top To steep in liquor, t. a. 
MUkftop An effeminate firibbling man, a. 
Hye'top A plant, a. 

Top The highest part; pinnacle; aurfaoe, a. 
To top To excel; coTer; crop; anuff, t. 
A'top' At the top, ad. 
Fore^top The fhmt of a peruke, Itc, a. 
MaWtop The top of a mainmast, a. 
To O'ver'tcp To exoeed in height, t. a. 

To etjop To hinder ; cloae up ; stand ; regulate, t. 

Stop A cessation of motion ; prohibition ; point in writ- 
ing; obataele ; regulation in masic, s. 
To insiop' To stop ; to close up, t. a. 
To unstop' To f^ee from stop or obstruction, y. a. 
To swop To exchange, t a. 

Fi^ Drinkmadeby mixingbeer with spirits and sugar, s. 
To carp To censure ; oaril ; find fault, t. n. 
Cctrp A fish, s. 

Scarp Slope of a ditch next to a fortified town, s. 
Counf'er-ecarp That side of the ditch which is next the camp, s. 
Harp A lyre ; a oonstellation, s. 
' To harp To play on the harp ; to dwell upon, t. n. 

Sharp An acute or sharp sound ; a sword, s. 
Sharp Keen ; piercing ; acute ; severe ; sour, a. 
To tharp To play thierish trieka; to make keen, ▼. 

HYP an 

Wairf The thresd that crosses the woof, pronoimoed 
waorp, 8. 
To warp To turn ; contract ; shrivel, pronounced waurp, T. 
To dia-cerpf To tear in pieoes, ▼. a. 

Chirp The voiee of birds or tnseots, s. 
To ex'tirp' To root oat ; to destroy, v. a. 

Thirp A Tillage, s. 
To u-iwp' To hold without right, t. a. 

A9p A serpent ; a tree, s. [labour, t. a. 

Togatp To open the month wide; to catch breath with 
Qfup A conTnlsiye catch of breath, ■« 
Hatp A dasp for a staple, s. 
To haip To shut with a hasp, t. a. 

Cl4up A holdfut ; an embrace, s. 
To ekup To embrace ; close ; hold fkst, ▼* a. 
To un-cUup^ To open what is shnt with clasps, ▼. a. 

Ratp A berry; rongh file for bread, wood, &e., s. 
To gratp To hold in the hand ; gripe ; seiie, y. a. 
Oratp The gripe or seiinre of the hand ; hold, s. 
W(up A brisk stinging insect like a bee, s. 
To lisp To clip words in pronnnciatioii, t. n. 
Li^ The act of lisping, s. 
Crisp Guried; brittle; winding, a. 
To crisp To cnri; twist; indent, t. a. 
Wisp A small handle of straw, &c., s. 
Cum The horns of the moon, &c., s. 
Up Aloft; oat of bed; aboTe, a(L 
Up! Rise, inteij. 
Up From a lower to a highw part, prep. 
Cup A drinking yessel ; part of a flower, s. 
To eup To bleed by scarification, y. a. 
Sneakf^ An insidions mean soonndrel, s. 
Hkk^up A conynlsion of the stomach, s* 
Houp The poet ; a bird, rhymes stoop, ■. 
Crm^ The battoeks of a horse, Ac., riiymes hoop, s. 
Oroup A chuter ; crowd ; huddle, rhymes hoop, s. 
To group To crowd, rhymes hoop, t. a. 
To ag^oup^ To bring together in one figure, ▼. a. 

8wtp A decoction of flesh for the table, rhymes hoop, a. 
To pup To bring forth puppies or whelps, t. n. 
Bring-eAup' Instructor ; educator, s. 

Sir^up Juices boiled up with sugar, s. 
Siir^rup An iron for a horseman's foot, s. 
To ssip To drink by sups ; to eat, or gire supper, t.' 

8%^ A mouthfdl of liquor, s. 
Cai'siup A kind of pickle of mushrooms, a. 

Tip A ram, s. 
To tup To butt like a ram, t. a. 
Start-up One who comes suddenly into notice, t. 
To sew-jw^ To inclose in any thing sewed, t. 

JSjp Melancholy; contracted from hypochondria, t. 
To f^ To make mdanoholy; to dispirit^ ▼. a. 

873 BAB 

Bar A bolt; stop; orofls-bMm for aeeiiritj; plaoe la 
% pvblie lumse, Ac, ; oourt of jnstioe, a. 
To bar To f Mtea ; hinder ; skat oat, t. % 
Om'na-bar Vermilion ; % mineral fubstaiioe, b. 
To de-bar^ To exclude ; to hinder, t. a. 
To iMi-6ar^ To nnbolt ; to remoTO % bar, t. a. 
To QiOrhar^ To that oat hy iiortifioation, t. a. 

Cat A oart; a chariot; Charles's wain, s. 
Vk^ar The incumbent of an appropriated or impropriated 
benefice ; a substitu^ s. 
Tii/ear A chirargical instrament, s. 

Sear The mark of a barn or cat, s. 
To tear To mark with a scar, t. a. 

Dor A fish found in the Serem, s. 
Ce^dar A tree, CTcrgreen, resembling a pyramid, s. 
Cay en-dor An almanac ; a register of the year, s. 
Pay en-dor A kind of coasting Tcesel, s^ 
Cuyien-dar A draining T se sel, s. 

Ear The organ of hearing, s. 
lb «ar To plow ; to shoot into ears, t. n. [t. a. 

To bear To carry a load ; endure ; comrey, rhymes care. 
Bear A rough sarage animal ; a rude man, rhymes care, s. 
Bug'bear A fri^tful olject; a false dread, s. 
To iip-bear^ To raiBe aloft ; to 8U|^>ort, t. a. 
To un-der-bear^ To support ; endure ; guard, t. a. 
7\> o^ver-bear^ To bear down ; to keep in awe, t. a. 
To far-hear' To cease; abstain; decline; spare, t. a. 
Dear BeloTcd; costly; scarce, a. 
Dear A word of endearment; Iotc, s. 
To enrdear' To make belored, t. a. 

Fear Terror; dread; reverence; apprehension, s. 
Gear Furniture; accoutrements; traces; stuff, s. 
To hear To perceive by the ear; to attend, t. a. 
To re-hear' To hear over again, t. a. 
To over-hear' To hear secretly, t. a. 
To ehear To clip or out, t. a. 

Blear Watery; dim, a. 
To blear To make the eyes watery or sore, t. a. 

Clear Clean; quite; complettty, ad. 
To clear To moke or grow bright ; gain ; remove, v. 

Clear Bright; guiltless; plain; out of the way, s. 
7b smear To soil ; daub ; defile, v. a. 
To be-tmear' To daub ; soil ; foul, v. a. 

Near Not distant ; parsimonious ; intimate, a. 
Near At hand ; closely ; sparingly, ad. 
Lin'e-ar Composed of lines, a. 
Ree-ti'lin'e-ar Consisting of right lines, a. 
Cur-vi-lm'e-ar Composed of crooked lines, a. 
Pfar A sort of fruity rhymes care, s. 

lAR 878 

To ap-ftoH To be in sight; to Mem, t. n. 
To dk^^p^pMT^ To Timish ; to be lost, t. a. 
^pear A long pointed weapon, s. 
To tpear To kill with a epear ; to spront or shoot, t. 
Reew Hinder troop of an army ; last class, s. 
Rear Raw; early, a. 
To rmr To raise up ; to nnrse ; to educate, t. a. 
Drear Moumf ol ; dismal ; gloomy, s. 
To t^Mrear^ To boild up ; rear on high, ▼• a. 
Ar-rtar^ Part of a debt unpaid, s. 
Sear Jhj ; not any longer green, a. 
To tear To bum ; to cauteriie, v. n. 

Tear Water firom the eye, s. 
To tear To rend in pieoes ; to rave, rhymes care, t. 
Tear A rent, s. 
Wheai^ear A delicate small bird, s. 
2b wear To waste ; haye on ; hold out, rhymes care, t. 

Wear The act of wearing ; a dam of water, s. 
To twear To declare upon oatii ; to put to an oath ; rhymes 
care, v. 
To tm-^wear^ To recant any thing sworn, t. n. 
7h for-ewear^ To swear fttlsely ; to abjure, t. a. 
To oui-ewear^ To orerpower by swearing, t. a. 

Tear The term of twelve calender months, s. 
Leaj/year Every fburth year, s. 
Far Distant; remote, a. 
Far To a great extent or distance, ad. 
A'far' At or from a great distance, ad. 
Zaf^far Sublimed cobalt, s. 
AVna^ar A measure by the ell, &g., s. 
Al/e-gar Sour ale, s. 

VmU-gar Any real or metaphorical sour, s. 
Beg^gar One who lires by beg^g ; a petitioner, s. 
To beg' gar To bring to beggary or want, v. a. 
Covq^U'heg'gar One who marries beggars together, s. 
BvlVbeg-gar Something terrible, s. 
VvVgar Mean ; low ; common, a. 
Sug'ar The salt of the sugar cane ; something sweet, s. 
To tug'ar To sweeten with sugar, t. a. [shire, s. 

Char A fish found only in Winandor-meer in Lanca- 
To char To bum wood to a black cinder, ▼. a. 

Char Work done by the day, s. 
To char To work at others' houses by the day, ▼. n. 
Ee^har^ A scar made by hot applications, s. 
Cotfeo-thar (In chemistry) dry substance remaining after dis- 
tillation, s. 
To jar To clash ; to disagree, y. n. 

Jar Discord ; harsh sound ; an earthem yessel, s. 
Li'ar One who tells Ihlsehoods, s. 
Fa-mU'iar Affable ; f^e ; common ; well known, a. 
FormiViar An intimate ; a demon, s. 
AuxF^Viar A helper ; an assistant, s. 

t74 lAB 

Pe-at^U-m' Appropriate; pwiioaltf ; Miftlii, %, 
Pe-a/U-m' Tke ptop w ij ; tbe iidBrin p t wp ci ij, b. 
i?ri^ar See SrMr, e. 

IW^er A reiigioiie bfother ef «mm otder, b. 
f^or Adreeefortke^eed; > diirti, s. 
Jm-Ur-€aifaT Ineerted out of tke rciwf otder, a. 
Jftftf/to- A tree sDd its frnft» «. 
IWf04<ir Onerduig; proieetinfe a. 
Aaikflar Free stoaee o«i of tlie qnaRy* s. 
9im^i4ar Homogoaeone ; gwwMm g; like, ^ 
Ver^t-nm'i'Utr ProbeUe; likelj, %, 
dm-^tm^i-Uw HeTing one eommoa rteeMhlfoe, a^ 
Di»'tim'i4Qr Unlike ; difieront, a. 

SU'lar Relating to the etile of a dial, a. 
CeVlar A plaoe nndergrovnd for storee, 8. 
SaU'cdrlar A tomoI to hold salt at table, s. 
Stel^lar Relating to etan, a. 
Jmrier-tUl'lar Placed betweoi the etan, a. 

PiVlar A column; sapporter; maintainer, 8^ 
Cat'er-pUrlar An insect ; a worm ; a plants s. 
Ax-il^Uw Belonging to the armpit, a. 

Coif lor Sometfiing round the neok, a. 
To eol^lar To seiie bj the collar, t. a. 
DoVlar A foreign ooin of different Talne^ 8. 
Bix-doVlair A German coin, Talue four and sixpence, a. 

Solflar A garret, 8. 
M&^ul^lar Pertaining to marrow, a. 
SehoVar A disciple ; a man of learning, 8. 
Po'lar Found or lying near the pole, a. 
dr-aim-po'lar Round the pole, a. 

So^lar Being of^ or belonging to the sua, a. [moon, a. 
Lu^ni-90-lar Compounded of the rerolutton of the sun and 

Tem'plar A student in the law, s. 
Bx-em^plar An example to be imitated, 8. 
Popular A tree, s. 
Pap^vr-lar Affordinff provender, a. 
Tat/u-lar Formed m squares or plates, a. 
Man-dib^u-lar Belonging to the jaw, a. 
Tn-ot/u-lar Vile ; mean ; worthless, a» 
Olob^u-lar Like a small sphere, a. 
TWhu-lar Long and hollow like a pipe, a. 
Pi-ac'urlar Expiatory ; very wicked, a. 
Ver-fuie^U'lar Of one's own country ; natiye, a. 
O-ra^u-lar Uttering oracles, a. 
Spec^u-lar Assisting the sight ; like a speculum, a. 
8ee^u4ar Not bound by tows ; laical ; worldly, a. 
Or-bu/u-lar Spherical ; circular ; round, a. 
Pe-4ie^U'lar I^usy, a. 
Per-pen-dk^u-lar In a straight line downwards, a. 
Per-pen^ic^vr-lar Any thing directly downwards, a. 
Vtr^mie^u-lar Acting like a worm, a. 

LAB 875 

CcHnt/thJar Belonging to tSie dogBtar, «. 
Ad^mi^ie^u4ar Giving help, a. 

Furmcfu-Uw Consisting of a small oord or fibre, a. 
Au^fie^u-lar Within hearing ; secret, a. 
Vesie^u-lar Hollow, a. 
Qum-^uar-tu/u-lar Gonristing of flye articles, a. 

Re-He^wlar HaTing the form of a small net, s. 
Len-tic^wlar Haying the form of a lens, a. 
Far-iie^U'lar Singnktr ; odd ; individaal, a. 
Far-tu/u^lar A point; oironmstance ; indlTidnal, ■• 
CthOc^u-lar Belonging to the skin, a. 
CUtn^ctp-lar Clandestine ; secret ; priyate, a. 
Omr-bun^eu-lar Bed like a carbuncle, a. 
Oe^u-lar Known by the eye, a. 
Joc^uAar "^firTy ; eiyen to jesting, a. 
Se-noe^ti-lar Haying nz eyee, a. 
Bi-fux/u-lar Haying two eyes, a. 
Mo-^ioe^u-lar One eyed, a. 
Oe-to-noe'u-lat Haying eight eyes, a. 
Mulntoc^u-lar Haying sereral eyes, a. 

Cir^eu-lar Bound like a circle ; ynlgar, a. 
8em4-cir^cu4ctr Half-ronnd, a. 

Vat'ctL-lar Consisting of or taHH of yeesels, a. 
Mw^ett-ktr Foil of moscles ; brawny, a. 
Cor^pw^eu-lar Belating to bodies, a. 

Reg^u-lar Agreeable to role ; aooording to fbrm, a. 
Ir-reg^u-lar Immethodical ; without order, a. 
An^ffu-lar Haying comers ; hooked, a. 
THron^gu-lar Haying three angles, a. 
Oh-UhMon^gt^lar Haying ao^^es linger than right anf^es, a. 
Ree-tan'gu-lar Haying right angles, a. 

Oe-tan'gU'lar Haying eight angles, a. ^ 

Mvl-tan^ffu-lat Haying many comers, a. 
Pm-tan^gu-lar Five cornered, a. 
Sep-tan^fftHlat Haying seyen comers or rides, a. 
3-quan^gu4ar Conristing of equal an^^es, a. 
Qttmr-quan'gu-lar Having fiye comers, a. 
Hex-^m^gurlttr Haying six comers, a. 
Sex-an^ffu-lar Haying six comers or angles, a. 
Sin'gthlar Single ; not complex ; particnlar, a. 
Ju^gu-lar Belonging to the throat, a. 
Od^ht-lar Conristing of liule cells, a. 
Stm^u-lar One that counterfrits, s. 
An^nu-4ar Haying the form of a ring, a. 
8eaj/u4ar Belonging to the shoulders, a. 
In-ier^Mj/u-iar Placed between the shoulders, a. 
Morti^uAar Belating to a maniple, a. 

Pop^urlar Plearing to the people ; yulgar, a» 
Un-pcj/U'lar Not popular ; disliked, a. 
Infturlar Belonging to an island, a. 
Con'm-lar Belating to a consul, a. 
Cap^turloT Hollow like a chest, a. 

S7« TAB 

Pm-ttKoj/nhhtr Having five rarities, a. 

H(p'ta-^ap'9u4ar HaTing seyen oaTities or wXLb, a. [parts, a. 
Bi^ai^turlar In plants having the seed-poaoh divided into two 
Mutrt^cap^tu-lar Divided into many partitions or cells, a. 
Cthpit^u-lar Body of the statutes of a chapter, s. 
TU^u-4ar Nominal ; only in name, a. 
Fiai^thlar Hollow like a pipe, a. 
Bi-val^vti-lar Having two valves, a. 
Sub^tty^lar A line in dialling so called, s. 
To mar To iigore ; spoil ; hurt, v. a. 
Si-mar^ A woman's robe, s. 
CoVnuar A sort of pear, s. Fr. 
Qtam'mar The science of writing or speaking correctly, 8. 
Cy-fnar^ A slight covering ; a scarf, s. 
To gnat To ^owl ; murmnr ; snarl, v. n. 
IH-lu'mi-nar Having three lights, a. 
Lu^nar Relating to the moon, a. 
Sub^lu^nar Terrestrial ; beneath the moon, a. 
8em'i'bi-nar Resembling in f<mn a half-moon, a. 
Su^per-hhnar Placed above the moon, a. 
Infter-hHftar Betwixt the old and new moon, a. 
Oar An instrument to row with, s. 
To oar To row ; to impel by rowing, v. 
Boar The male of swine, s. 
Char Any edging sowed upon doth, a. 
Hoar Grey with age ; white, a. 
To gloar To look earnestly, v. n. 
To roar To make a load noise, v. n. 

Roar A load noise, outcry, or sound, 8. 
Up^roar Tumult; confusion, s. 
To up-roar' To confuse, v. a. 
To out-roar^ To exceed in roaring, v. a. 
To toar To fly aloft; to rise high, v. n. 

Soar A towering flight, s. 
B&^u/at A medicinal stone ; an antidote, s. 
Par A state of equality ; equal value, s. 
Spar Marcasite ; a small timber, s. 
Bur^tar The treasurer of a college, s. 
Tar The juice of pines ; a sidlor, s. 
To iar To smear with tar ; to teaxe, v. a. 
Necfiar Imaginary drink of the gods, s. 
Pe-tar^ An engine to blow up gates or barriers, s. 
Scim'irtar A short sword with a convex edge, s. 
Sim^irtar A crooked sword with a convex edge, s. 
Oui-tar^ A stringed musical instrument, s. 
AVtar Place for divine offerings or communion, s. 
Tar'tar A native of Tartary ; wine-lees ; hell, s. 
Mor'Uxr A cement for building ; vessel to pound in ; a 
bomb cannon, s. 
Star A body in the heavens ; the mark (*), s. 
Lood'itar The pole star, s. 
Lode^ttar See LoadtUar, s. 

BEB S77 

PoU^aiar A star nevr the pole; a gidde, a. 
Dog'Btar A star giving name to the dogdaye, 8. 
North^ttar The pole-star, s. 
Day'ttar The morning star, b. 

Far Hostilitj; fighting; combat; foroee, 8. 
To war To make or carry on war, t. b. 
La'zar One afflicted with pestilential diseases, s. 

Ctar The title of the emperor of Russia, s. 
Crc/ber The water rat, s. 
Tojal/ber To talk idly; to chatter, t. n. 

Blai/ber A tatler ; a teUtale, s. 
To blab^ber To whistle to a horse, t. n. 
Bon-ny-dat/ber Sour buttermilk, s. 

To tlal/ber To driyel ; spill ; smear, t. 

Stab^ber One who stabs ; a priTate murderer, s. 
Swal/ber A sweeper of the deck, s. 
BU/ber A tipler, s. 
JFWber A teller of fibs, s. 
To gWber To speak inarticulately, y. n. 

Job^ber A dealer in stock; one who does chance work, 8. 
Land-job'ber One who buys and sells land for others, s. 
Stock' jolhber One who buys and sells stock for gain, s. 
BM/ber A bubble, s. 
8M/ber Slayer, s. 
Eob'ber A thief, s. 
Luh'bm' A lazy sturdy fellow, s. 
To bhtl/ber To swell the cheeks with weeping, t. a. 
To sbtb^ber To daub ; to do a thing lazily, y. a. 
To be^lub^ber To daub ; to smear, y. a. 

Rvl/ber One who rubs ; a cloth to rub, 8. 

Wber A scoffer; a sneerer, s. 
Cal/i4>9t The bore of firearms, s. 
Sub-tcri'ber One who subscribes or contributes, s. 
Tran-9cri'ber One who writes from a copy ; a copier, 8. 
Am'ber A yellow drug ; pale ale, s. 
Am'b&r Consisting of amber ; clear, a. 
Cam'ber A piece of timber cut archwise, s. 
Cham'ber Part of a house, gun, or mine, s. 
To cham'ber To be wanton ; to intrigue, &c., y. 
Bed'eham4>er A place to sleep in, s. 
Prtt'ence^ham-ber A room to receiye company, s. 

An'U-eham-ber Chamber leading to the chief apartmenti 8. 
An'H-chamrber Corruptly written for antechamber, 8. 
Star'eham-ber A criminal and seyere court, a. 
Chit^atn-ber Ambergris, s. 
De-etm'ber The last month of the year, s. 
Mem'ber A limb ; part ; clause ; one, 8. 
To re-mem'ber To call to, or keep in mind, y. a. 
To mia-re-^nem'ber To mistake by trusting to memory, ▼. a. 
To dk-mtm'ber To divide member from member, ▼. a. 
Sep-Um'ber The ninth month, 8. 
No-vem'ber The eleventh month of the year, 8. 
82 ♦ 

S78 OBB 

Lim^ber BmOj btnt; pU«tt, a. 
Climl/er One that olimbs ; a plant, s. 
Timfber Wood for boilding ; main beams, s. 
To im^ber To light on a tree ; furnish with timber, t. 
Bel/ly'timrher Food for the belly, s. 
Com!/er One who combs wool, s. 
UmfbtT A colour ; a fish, s. 
To eum'ber To dog ; embarrass ; distract, t. a. 
Cwn^ber Vexation ; embarrassment, s. 
To m-eum'ber To clog ; embarrass ; load, y. a. 
To dit-m-eum^ber To free from incumbrances, ▼. a. 
To m^eum^ber To embarrass, ▼. a. 
Ct/cum-ber A plant and its fruit, s. 

Lum^ber Any useless fiimiture, Ac., s. 
To num^ber To count ; to tell ; to reckon, ▼. a. 
Num^ber Many units ; poetry ; harmony, s. 
To ottHtttm^ber To exceed in number, t. a. 

Somber Temperate ; sound in mind ; calm, a. 
Oc-U/ber The tenth month, s. 
Bar^ber One who shaves beards, s. 
Daui/er A coarse low painter, s. 
IWa-ur An officer in Uie common pleas, a. 
Pa' car He that paces, s. 

Ra'cer A runner ; one that contends in speed, s. 
Bra'eer A cincture; a bandage, s. 

Di'cer A player at dice ; a gamester, s. 
Of'fircer One in office ; a commander in the army, &c, 8. 
FUtd'of-fircer An officer commanding a regiment in the field, s. 
Flag'of'fireer A commander of a squadron, s. 
Unfder-of-fi-cer An inferior officer, s. 

O-pif'i-cer One that performs any work ; an artist, s. 
Ar-^f^i-cer An artist ; manufacturer ; oontriTor, s. 
Spi'eer One who deals in spioe, s. 
JtuUi'Cer Administrator of justice, s. 
Ul'cer A running sore, s. 
Can'eer A crab-fish; one of the twelve signs of the 

lodiac ; a virulent sore, s. 
Dan'cer One who dances, s. 
Rope'dan-cer One who dances on a rope, s. 
Mor^rit-dan-cer One who dances the Moorish dance, s. 

Af'fifan-cer One who makes a contract of marriage be- 
tween two parties, s. 
€^o-man^cer A fortuneteller ; a caster of figures, s. 
Ro-man'cer A liar ; a forger of tales, s. 
Nee^ro-man-cer A magician, s. 

Cktr^o-^nan-eer One who foretels eyents by the hand, 8. 
Re-mem^bran-ur One who puts in mind, s. 

En-^u'ran-oer One who makes an insurance, s. 
Con-vey^anrcer One employed to convey, s. 

Fm'eer One who teaches or practises fendngy 8. 
InrtdfU-genrcer One who brings or sends news, a. 
Bwm'cer A boaster; a bully, s. 

DEB 879 

Chi/ctr A dealer in tea, Bogar, plums, &o., b. 
Pier^cer That which pieroeth ; a gimlet, s. 
Mer^eer One who sells silks, s. 
A-mer^cer He who sets a fine, s. 

Sau^cer A small plate for a teacup, &o., 8. 
Se-du^eer A tempter ; a corrupter, s. 
Pro-dxi/cer One that generates or produces, s. 
Htad'er One who heads nails, £c., s. 
Lead'er A conductor ; commander ; captain, s. 
Bmg'Uad-tT The head of a riotous body, s. 

Plead^er One who argues in a court of justioe, &c., s. 

Readier One who reads, s. 

OWder Swordgrass ; a general name of plants rising with 

a broad blade, s. 
Tra'der One engaged in commerce, s. 
Ir^-va^der An encroacher ; intruder ; assailant, 8. 
Ad^der A poisonous serpent, s. 
Oad^der One running from place to plaoe, s. 
Lad^der A frame wiUi steps ; gradual rise, s. 
Blad^der The yessel containing the urine, s. 
Air^blad-der Any cuticle filled wiUi air, s. 
Mad^der A plant, s. 

Pad'der A robber ; a foot highwayman, s. 
To ed^der To bind a fence, t. a. 
Ed^der Fencewood for the top of fences, s. 
Bed^der The netherstone of an oil-mill, s. 
Ted^der A restraint for horses at pasture, s. 
Bett-Ud^der One who offers the best price, s. 
To did^der To quake with cold ; to shiTer, t. a. 

Kid'der An engrosser of com, s. 
To iUd^der To slide with interruption, t. n. 
To Ud^der To use tenderly ; to fondle, t. a. 
Dod'der A plant, s. 
Fod^der Dry food for cattle, 8. 
To fod^der To feed, ▼. a. 
Plod^der A dull, heaTy, laborious man, s. 
Pod'der A gatherer of peasecods, s. 
XJd'der The dugs of a cow, &c., s. 
To thud^der To shake with fear, y. a. 

Pud^der A tumult ; a bustle, s. 
Ibpud^der To make a bustle, t. n. 

Mud^der The instrument by which a ship is steered, a. 
Se-ee^der One who from didike withdraws himself, s. 
In-tar-^der One that intercedes ; a mediator, s. 
Pro-cud'er One who goes forward, s. 
Sue-ceed^er One who succeeds, s. 

Feed^er One who eats ; gives food ; excites, s. 
Needier One that wants any thing, s. 
Breed^er One who breeds, s. 

Ci'der A liquor made of apples, s. 
Hinder He who hides, s. 
SWder He who slides, s. 

•8* DSR 

Saek^MK^4r Ab »o«teto, & 

To broifder To adom with ftgvnt «f needle-work, ▼. a. 
To em-hrmfder To deoormte witk ftgnred work, t. %, 
Void^er A Tossd to otny table Ikrutimy s. 
iSK^'^ Aninseet^fl. 
JU^cfer One who ridei, §, 
Bidder See Cider^ s. 
5b e(m-md^er To eramine ; requite; regard; doobt, ▼. 
Qwfder A guide ; a direetor, s. 
iVo-pi'^dler One wko providee or proenres, s. 
AVdir A weU-known tree, s. 
Chal'der A measure of coals of tlurtj-eix ba^eli^ a. 
MVdtr (Compar. of old) of more jears, a. 
EVder The name of a tree, s. 
Qddftsr One who gelds, s. 
Qild'a' One who gUds ; a coin, s. 
BvUdftr One who builds houses, Ac, a. 
To wiVder To pnxxle in an unknown tracts t. a» 
To ht-wl'dtr To pncxle; perplex, t. a. 

HoLdftr One who holds any thing; a tenant, 8. 
Be-hold^er A looker-on, 8. 
Land^hold-^r One who possesses land, s. 
Freefhold-er One who possesses a fireehold, s. 
HouBe^hold-^ One who pays scot uid lot, s. 
Inn^hold-^ One who keeps an inn, s. 
Up-kold^er A supporter ; an undertaker, s. 
Stadt-hold^er The chief magistrate of the United Prorinces, m, 
Cop'y'holdrtT One possessed of land in copyhold, s. 
Soldier Metallic cement, s. See Soder. 
8houl/der A joint to connect body and arm, s. 
To fhoul^der To lay on the shoulder ; to crowd, t. a» 
To mould^er To perish in dust ; to turn to dust, ▼. 
To tmould^er To bum and smoke without Tsnt, t. n. 
8hau/banrder (Among the Persians) a great officer, s. 
O-le-an^der The plant rosebay, s. 
Me-an^der A winding-place ; a maxe, s. 
Oan^der The male goose, s. 
Btr^gan-^Ur A fowl of the goose kind, s. 

Handler One who hands down, s. 
CfhTi'anfder A plant, s. 
Bi'Umd-tr A small vessel, s. 
Sd/lan-der A dry scab on a horse's pastern, s. 
InfUmdrtr Dweller remote fh>m the sea, s. 
WUm-der A kind of sieve, s. 
So'Um-dtT A disease in horses, s. 
To tlan^der To censure falsely ; to belie, t. a. 
Slan^der False invectiTe ; disreputation, s. 
h^land-er The inhabitant of an island, s. 
Saya-man-der An animal ; a kitchen uten^ s. 
Com-mand^er A chief; a leader; a mallet, s. 
Po-mand^er A perfumed ball of powder, s. 
O^-mand^er A plant, s. 

DER 881 

Pan^der A j^p '^ a male bawd, 0. 
Topan/der To pimp, t. a. 

Stand^er One who stands ; a tree that has stood long, B. 
By^9tand-€T A looker on ; one unconoemed, 8. 
To squan^der To spend layishly ; to dissipate, y. a. 
2b wan^der To rove ; to go astray, ▼. 

Bend^er That which bends or makes to bend, s. 
Fmd^er A fenoe i^^ainst cinders, &o., s. 
De-fend^ er A champion; assertor; advocate, g. 
Of'fend'er One who offends or transgresses, s. 
Qm^der A sex ; sort ; kind, s. 
To m-gen'der To beget; cause; excite; bring f<»th, t. a. 
Btp-re-hm^der A blamer ; a censorer, s. 
Ajhffre-hend^er A oonceiTer ; a thinker, s. 
Muek/en-der A handkerchief, s. 

LmdftT Chie who lends a thing, s. 
CaVen-der An engine to calender ; a hot-press, s. 
Slm'der Thin; small; sparing; weak, a. 
Mmd^er One who mends, s. 
Com-^nend^er A praiser; one who commends, 8. 
De-pend^er A dependant, s. 
Per-pend^er A coping stone, s. 

Spend^er One who spends ; a prodigal, s. 
Rm^der One who rends ; a surrender, s. 
To renfder To repay; restore; translate; glre, t. a. 
To tur-ren^der To yield up, t. a. 

8vr-ren^der The act of surrendering, s. 
Send^er One who sends, s. 
Tm^der Soft; easily pained; kind; young, a. 
To ten^der To offer ; exhibit ; esteem, ▼. a. 

Ttn'der A proposal for acceptance ; regard, s. 
Pr^tend^er One who lays daim to any thing, s. 
At-tend^er An associate; a companion, s. 
Ch<n/en-der The chub ; a fish, s. 
Lop^airder A plant, s. 
Prof/en-der Food for brute animals, 8. 
B&-main'der What is left ; a balance, s. 
Be-main^der Left; remaining, a. 
De-tain^der A writ to detain, s. 
At-tam^dtr Act of attainting in law ; taint, 8. 
Booi/bmd-er One who binds books, s. 

OwfdtT Coals burnt till tiie sulphur is gone, 0. 
Find^er One who picks up or happens on a thing, 8. 
QoWjindHT One who finds gold ; a nightman, s. 
To hm^der To stop ; to preTent, t. a. 

Hm^der Backward, a. 
OyVwrder A body with two flat surfaces and one droular, a 

Join-der Conjunction; a joining, 8. 
B&-join'der A reply to an answer, s. 
Bm'T^iom'der Second defence of the plaintiff's action, 8. 
CMnd^er That which grinds ; a back tooth, s. 
Tm'der Any thing placed to oatch fire easily, 8. 

883 DER 

Windier That wbieli winds ; ft plant, 9. 
Jb pon^der To consider ; muse ; think on, t. 
Topn^pon-dw To outweigh; overpower; prevail, t. ft. 
To won'der To be astonished, t. n. 
Ton'der Being within view, a. 
Un'der In a state of subjection to ; beneath, prepw 
Un'der Less, ad. 
To tnaun^der To grumble ; to murmur, ▼. a. 
There-un^dtr Under that, ad. 

Thun^der Noise in the clouds, s. 
To thun'der To make thunder ; to emit witii noise, ▼. 
To bbtn^der To mistake grossly ; to stumble, v. n. 

Blun'der A mistake ; a gross oversight, s. 
Toplun^der To pillage ; to rob like an enemy, v. a. 
Flun^der Spoil gotten in war, s. 
Found^er A caster ; a benefactor; a buOder, s. 
Bdl^found^ One who founds or casts bells, s. 

Floun^der A small flat fish, s. 
Tofloun^der To flounce; to have irregular motion, v. a. 
Foun^der A pestle ; a cannon of a certain bore, s. 
Corn-pound^ or One who brings to terms, or mixes, s. 
Fro-pound^er He that propounds ; he that offers, s. 
Ez-pound^er An interpreter ; an explainer, s. 
To sun^der To part; separate; divide, v. a. 

Stm^der Two ; two parts, s. 
A'tun'der Apart; separately, ad. 

Sod^er Metallic cement, s. 
To sod^er To cement with metallic matter, t. ft. 
Card^er One who combe ; one who plays at cards, i 
Lard^er A place where meat is kept, s. 
Foard^er One who eats wiUi another, 8. 
Hoard^er One who lays up in secret, s. 
Be-tard^er One who obstructs or hinders, 8. 
Ouard'er One who guards, s. 
Wordier A keeper; guard; truncheon, s. 
Re-ward^er One who rewards, 8. 
For^ward-er He who promotes any thing, 8. 
Haz'ard-er He who hazards, 8. 
Tab'erd^er One who wears a long gown, 8. 
Bird'er A bird-catcher, s. 
Gird^er The largest timber In a floor, 8. 
Or^der Method ; command ; rule ; rank, s. 
To or'der To regulate ; direct ; procure, v. a. 

Bor'der An edge or edging, 8. 
To bor^der To join unto ; ms]ke a border ; touch, T. 
Be-eord^er One who records ; a law officer, s. 
Dia-or^der Concision; sickness; discomposure, 8. 
To dU'or'der To disturb; make sick, &c., v. a. 
To mia-or^der To conduct ill, t. a. 

Swordfer A cut-throat ; a soldier, s. 
Mur^der Act of killing unlawftilly ; deetractioD, i. 
To mur^dtr To kill unlawf^y; to destroy, ▼. a. 

EEB 38& 

Ajh-plamd^tr He who praises or oomaends, «. 
D^fraud^er One who defrauds, s. 
Jh'WdBT A beguiler ; deoeiyer ; impostor, s. 
In-tru^der An interloper ; one that intrades, s. 

Pow'der Bust ; dost of starch ; gunpowder, s. 
Topow^der To pulTorise ; to salt ; to sprinkle with powder, t. 
Oun^pow^der Powder for guns, &o., s. 
Crowd' er A fiddler, s. 

Beer Liquor made of malt and hops ; porter, 8. 
Spruu-hter^ Beer tinctured with fir-4>oughs, s. 
Ta'bU-beer Small beer, s. 

D«tr A forest animal hunted for yenison, s. 
Bain' deer A northern large serriceable deer, s. 

Cheer Entertainment ; temper of mind ; jollitj, s. 
To cheer To encourage ; comfort ; grow gi^, t. 
Pheer A companion, sometimes spelt Feer, s. 
To sheer To cut wool, ▼. See To thsar. 
Sheer Clear ; pure ; yery fine, a. 
Sheer Clean; quick; at onoe, ad. 
To jeer To treat with scoffs, t. 
Jeer A scoff; a jest, s. 
Topie-heer' To rob ; to make a fliying skirmish, t. a» 

To leer To look obliquely or archly, t. 
Chan'U-cUer The cock ; a domestic fowl, s. 

To fleer To mock at; leer; grin with scorn, t. n. 
Fleer Mockery ; a deceitful grin, s. 
Meer Simple ; unmixed, a. See Mere, 
Meer A laJce ; a boundary, s. See Mere, 
Ne'er Used in poetry for neyer, ad. 
To ve-neer' To cover with very thin wood, &c., t. 
Motm-tain'eer' A rustic ; a savage ; a highlander, s. 

Bn-ffi-neer' One who directs engines, or artillery, 8. 
To dom-4^Heer' To hector ; behave with insolence, v. n. 
Mtt-U-neer' A mover of sedition, s. 
^eru-H-neer' An examiner; inquirer; searcher, s. 

Pi'O-neer' A military man to clear ways, s. 
Auc-tkm-eer' The manager of an auction, s. 
Har-po^neer' One who throws the harpoon, 8. 
To meer To show contempt, r. n. 

Sneer Contempt; scomfnl behaviour, s. 
To peer To come just in sight; to peep, t. n. 
Feer An equal ; a nobleman, s. 
Corn-peer' An equal companion, s. 
To o-ver-peer To overlook; to hover over, t. a. 
Carreer' Course ; race ; motion, s. 
Seer One who sees ; a prophet, 8. 
O^er-eeer' A superintendent; a parish officer, 8. 
Fri-va-teer' A private ship of war, s. 
MuB-kei-eer' A soldier armed with a mnsket, 8. 
Pam-phUt-eer' A writer of pamphlets, 8. 
Mvrle-teer' A mule-driver, s. 
Oor-reireer' One thai lives in a garret, 8. 


(Ht-etd t ^er^ Oae who trmrelfl a oironit, s. 
Vol-un-Uer^ A soldier of his own aocord, s. 
fV> vol^fm-teer^ To go for a soldier, ▼. n. 
Char-f-ot'eer^ A ohariot driver, s. 
Steer A young bnlloek, s. 
To steer To diroet a oonrse, y. a. 
Son-n^'ieer^ A small poety s. 

Oaz-et'teer^ A writer of news ; a topographical dictionary, a. 
To veer To torn abont ; change ; let out, t. 

Queer Odd ; strange ; particnlar, a. 
Cka'fer An insect ; a sort of yellow beetle, s. 
Wa^ftT A thin dried paste for several oses, s. 
To de-fer^ To pnt off; delay ; refer to, ▼. a. 
To re-fer^ To yield to another's jndgment ; to respect t. 
Topre-fer^ To regard more ; exalt; promote, v. a. 
To in-fer' To induoe ; oondade from, t. a. 
To mie-in-fer^ To infer wrong, ▼. a. 

Oaf'fer Anciently a word of respect, s. 
To chaffer To treat abont a bargain ; boy cautiously, y. 
To differ To be unlike ; to disagree, y. n. 
To offer To present ; exhibit ; sacrifice ; attempt, y. 
Offer A proposal ; attempt ; price bid, s. 
Coffer A chest ; a treasure, s. 
To coffer To treasure up, y. a. 
Scoff' er A saucy scomer, s. 
Feoff'er One giving possession, s. 
To proffer To propose; attempt; offer, y. a. 
Proffer An offer made ; essay ; attempt, s. 
Hvffer A blusterer; a buUy, s. 
Pvffer One who pv^ ; a boaster ; a deceiver, a. 
To euffer To bear ; undergo ; allow ; permit, v. 

Ee\f'&r A young cow, s. 
To pilfer To steal small matters, v. 
Cham(fer A small furrow on a column, s. 
To con-fer' To discourse with ; bestow ; compare, y. 
To traxu'fer' To make over ; remove ; transport, v. a. 
Tramthfer' The act of making over, s. 

Ea'ger Zealous ; quick ; keen ; sour ; hot, a. 
Mea'ger Lean; hungry; starved, a. 
Mori-ga-ger He who gives a mortgage, s. 
VWlorger An inhabitant of a village, s. 
Mamfa-ger A conductor; a friigal person, s. 

Xfea-ger One who has any thing in trust, s. 
Vm^ia-gcr One who gathers the vintage, s. 
Poi'a-^er A porringer, a. 

Stagger A practitioner; a player, s. 
CoVta-ger One who lives in a cottage, s. 

Wa'ger A bet ; (in law) an offer to make oath, s. 
To wa'ger To lay ; to pledge as a bet, v. a. 
Dow^orger A widow with dowry or jointure, s. 
Voy'a-ger A traveller by sea, s. 
Badg'er A beast resembling a hog and a dog ; a pedlar, a 

GBB 88| 

Cadg'er A hnokster, 8. 
Hefyer One who hedges, 8. 
Kedg^tr A small anchor nsed in a mer, s. 
Ledg^er A book of aooounts, s. 
Dredg'er One who fishes with a dredge, 8. 
A-bridg'tr One who abridges ; a shortener, 8. 
Lodg^er One who hires an apartment, s. 
E^ger An impetuous and irregular flood of tide, 8. See 
Lie'ger A resident ambassador, s. 
Be-9eifger One who besieges, s. 
A-Wger Gaj ; cheerful ; sprightly, a. 
In'te-ger The whole of any thing, 8. 
Dag^ger A short sword, s. 
Lag'ger A loiterer ; an idler, s. 
Brag'ger A boaster ; a puffing fellow, s. 
To 8tag^ger To reel; hesitate; shock; alarm, t. 
To twag^ger To bully ; bluster ; boast, y. n. 
Btir9wag^gtT A whoremaster, s. 
Dig^ger One who digs, s. 
Rig^ger One that rigs or dresses, 8. 
Trig^ger A catch of a wheel or gun, 8. 
Cog^ger A flatterer; a wheedler, 8. 
Dog^ger A ship with one mast, s. 
Pet^tt-fog-ger A small-rate lawyer, s. 
JSug^ger-mug-ger A bye-place ; secrecy, s. 

Tug^ger One that tugs or pulls hard, 8. 
0-i^ger He who binds by contract^ 8. 
Ti^ger A fierce beast, s. 
Man-U^ger A large monkey, s. 
Fro-muVger A publisher, s. 
Dirifuyger One who diTulges, s. 

An^ger Passion ; rage ; smart of a son, 8. 
To anfger To provoke ; to ycx, t. a. 
Dan' get Risk ; haxard, s. 
To dan'ger To endanger, t. a. 
To enrdan'ger To bring into danger, t. a. 
Hang'tT A short broad sword, s. 
Poi^hang-et A hook to hang pots on, s. 

Manager A wooden trough to feed horses, 8. 
Ranfger One who ranges ; a forest officer ; a dog, 8. 
Stran'ger A foreigner; a guest ; one unacquainted, %, 
Chal'Un-ger One who gives or claims a challenge, 8. 
PoVlm-ger Brushwood, s. 
MuWrnrgtr An overseer of a wall, s. 
Paa'tm-gtT One who hires a place in a carriage, 8. 
Mes'tm-ger One who carries an errand, 8. 
Seao'enrgtT One who cleans streets, s. 
Har^binrger A forerunner, s. 

FWger A part of the hand, 8. 
Tofin^ger To touch lightly; pilfer; steal, T. a. 
Fore'fin-^tr The finger next the thumb, 8. 


Wharf m-gtr A keeper of a wharf; s. 
Oinfger A spicj root, 8. 
To VmfgtT To renudn long ; pine ; hesitate, t. a. 
FUng^er He who throws ; he who Jeers, s. 
Fig^nrt-fimg-er A pretender to astrology, s. 

SUng'er One who sHngs or uses a sUng, s. 
Bn^er One who rings, s. 
Brings er He who hrings ; an instructor, s. 
In-frmfger A breaker ; a fiolator, s. 
Springier One who ronses game, s. 
Pvr'rt^gtr A ▼eesri for spoonmeat, 8. 

Wrings er One who sqneeses water oat of dothet, ■• 
Sdr^er One who sings, 8. 
Bal^lad-^ing-er One who nngs ballads, 8. 
Con^ger The sea-e^ s. 
Manager A detler; a seller, s. 
Wood'mon-ger A seller of wood for jbing, s. 
Whore'mon-ger One who whores, s. 
Cheese' monrger One who deals in cheese, s. 
Love^mon-ger One who deals in affairs of lore, s. 
FleeWfMn-ger A dealer in flesh ; a pimp, s. 
FUh'mon-ger A dealer in fish, s. 
FeU'monrger A dealer in hides or skins, 8. 
rnmrmtm-ger A dealer in iron, s. 
Newefmon-gtr A dealer in news, s. 

Swmfger A hanffer-on for a maintenance, s. 
Wnmg'er One who injures or does wrong, s. 
Plttnfger One who plunges ; a direr, s. 
Loun'ger An idler, s. 
Yownfger More jonng ; not so old, s. 
FhirUH/o^er A grammarian ; a critic, 8. 
Chro-nol^o-ger An explainer of past time, s. 
Ae-trWo-get One who fbretells by stars, s. 
Jn'»eeirol^i>-^er One who studies or describes insects, 8. 
Char'ger A Isrge dish ; a war-horse, s. 
Ver^ger A mace-bearer in cathedrals, s. 
Forager One who makes or counterfeits, s. 
Pwr'ger One who clears ; a purge, s. 
Au'ger A carpenter's tool to bore holes, s. 
Tg'ger See Tiger, s. 

Her Belonging to a female, rhymes sir, bur, &c, pron. 
Im^peaeh^er An accuser, s. 
Preseh'er He who preadies, s. 
Teaeh'er An instructor ; a preacher, 8. 
8tom'a-cher An ornament for &e breast, s. 
Poaeh^er One who steals game, s. 
Broach'er An Opener of a thing ; a spit, 8. 
En-croaehfer One who encroaches, s. 
Ap-proach/er The person that approaches, 8. 
Leekfer A whoremaster, 8. 
To Uek^er To whore, ▼. n. 
Mkh^er A laiff Mterer; a hedge creeper, t. 

HEB 887 

FUeh^et A tliief ; a petty robUr, i. 
Blanek^et A whitener, s. 
Flamk'tr A board ; a plank, s. 
Binck^tr A senior in Uie inns of ooivC> •. 
7}reneh^er A wooden plate to cat meat on, i. 
Weneh^tr A fornicator ; a whoremaster, i. 
CUneh^er A holdfast ; a I^U answer, a. 
Flmeh^er He who shrinks or fiuli, s. 
Punck'ar An instrument to make a hole, 4a.» s. 
Arch^er One who shoots with a bow, i. 
Seareh'er An examiner, s. 
Mcarch^er A president of the marches, i. 
Starehfer One who stiffens with starch, s. 
Lurch' er A hunting dog; poacher; thiel^ s. 
Btrd'cateh-er One that takes birds, s. 
Thi^cateh-er One that takes thicTCS, s. 
Boot'catch-er One who polls off boots, s. 

Fly^cateh-er One who honts flies, s. 
Cwn^y-tatek-tr A thief; a cheat, s. 

Thatch'er One whj^ ^vers with straw, i. 
Scratchier He that sCTatohes, 8. • 

Wateh'er One who watches, s. 
FUteh'er A manufacturer of arrows, s. 
StreUk'er Any thing used for extension, a. 
DUeh'er A maker of ditches, s. 
Fuehrer A large earthen pot, s. 
Botch^er A mender of old clothes, s. 
Buteh'er One who kills animals to sell, s. 
To hutek'er To kill ; to murder, t. a. 

Couch' tt He that couches or depresses cataracts, s. 
Vouch' er The person or thing which witnesses, s. 
A-vouch'er He that Touches, s. 

In-vdgh'er A Tiolent railer, i. « 

Weigh' er He who weighs, s. 
Burgh'er One who has a right to Tote, i. 
Lez-i'Cog'ra-phtr A writer of dictionaries, s. 
Chal-cog'ra-pher An engraTcr on brass, s. 

Oe-og're^her One who describes the earth, •. 
Or-thog'ra^fher One who spells grammatically, i. 
Birog'ra-pher A writer of li?es, s. 
Hcb^og'ra-pher A holy writer, s. 
ffie-UMrt^'m-phtr A writer of history, s. 
Mrmog'rorfher A writer of farces, s. 
Coe-mog'ra-pher One who describes the world, s. 
Zo^ra-pher One who describes the nature, &o. , of animals, s. 
To-pog'rorpher A describer of particular pUoes, s. 
Ty-pog'ra-pher A printer, s. 
Hy-drog'ra-pher One who draws mi^s of the sea, s. 
Chirrog'ra-pher An officer in the common pleas, i. 
BUh'U'Og'rarpher A describer of books, s. 
Cho^og'ra^ktr He that describes partisolar rsgloBfi fto., a. 
Oioe-^og'rorpher A scholiast ; a oomwenft«r» i. 

S88 HER 

2V» offhet To out Moounts, t. n. 

Cipher The figure or mark (0) in numbers ; the initUl 
letters of a i>er8on'B name intenroTen, bl 
To de-dfpher To unfold; unravel; explain; mark, t. a. 
TWumphrer One who triumphs, s. 
Phi4o9^o-pher A man deep in knowledge, s. 
ArehHoM-lot^o^her Chief philoaojAer, s. 

HaX/er-dath-fr A dealer in small wares^ s. 

Fkuh^er One having more show than reality, b. 
Baah^er A thin slice, s. 
Tkraah^er One who thrashes, B. 
Washier One who washes, s. 
Swath' er A blusterer ; a noisy fellow, 8. 
Re-freth'er That which refreshes, s. 

Threth'er Properly Thrasher, s. 
Fwr'hiah-er One who polishes any thing, s. 

Fuh'er One who catches fish, s. 
Kmg'fish-er A ^ecies of bird, s. 
PuJl/Uah-er One who publishes or puts out a book, s. 
A-bol^ith-er He that abolis)^ s. 
PoVith^ One that gives a gloss, s. 
Fin'ish-er One who accomplishes or comi^etes, 8. 
Mon'ish-er An admonisher; a monitor, s. 
Bm^fM-er The person or tool that burnishes, s. 
JExrUn^guUh-er An instrument for putting out a candle, s. 
Uth'er An under-teacher ; an introducer, s. 
To ush'er To introduce ; to forerun, v. a. 
Wish'er One who longs or wishes, s. 
WeB^wish'er One who wishes the good of another, s. 
Puth'er He who pushes himself forward, s. 
Feaih'er The plume of birds ; an empty title, s. 
To feath'er To dress with feathers ; tread ; enrich, t. a. 
• Leath'er The hide of an animal dressed, s. 

Brea'iher One that breathes ; inspirer, s. 
Weaik'er A state of air; tempest ; storms, s. 
To veath'er To pass with difliculty ; to gain, v. a. 
Farther He who begets a child, s. 
To farther To adopt a child ; to assign, t. a. 
Grand'Ju-iher A father or mother's fether, e. 
Ood'fa-iher A male sponsor in baptism, s. 
Foreyii-ther An ancestor, s. 
^ Fos^ter-fip-iher One who feeds in the place of father, s. 

Ibaath'er To bring together; bring up; crop; gain; 

thicken; swell; assemble, v, 
7b lath'ir To form a froth with soap, v. n. 
Lath'er Froth of soap and water, s. 
Bath'er More willingly; especiaUy, ad. 

Bother Pure air; pure element, s. 
Se^'er A boUer; a pot, s. 
To^dh'er In company; in concert, ad. 
Al-io-geUtfer Completely ; without exception, ad. 
Whath'tr Which of the two, pron. 

Neth^er Lower; Snfemal, «. 
Teth^er A restraint for horsee at pastnre, s. 
To teth^er To restrain as with a rope, t. a* 
Weth^er A ram castrated, s. 
Bet/wdh-er A sheep with a bell on his ned^ c 
Mother One or other, proa. 
Mother Or, aoL 
NH'ther Not either, coijmioi 
Nei'ther Not either; not one or other^ pv^n. 
Eith^er To this place, ad. 
Hith'er Nearer, a. 

Tkiih'er To that place, p<»nt, or end, ad. 
WkUh'er To what place or degree, ad. 
lAih'tr Soft; pliant; limber, a. 
Ti'thar One who gathers tithes, s. , 
To wtih^er To fade ; pine away ; make to Ud% t. 
Pan'UuT A spotted iHld beast, s. 

Oih^ar Not the same ; different ; next, a. 
Moth'er A woman who has borne a child, &o., & 
To moth^er To gather concretion, t. n. 
Moth'er NatiTO, a. 
Cfrand^moth-er A father's or mother's mother, 8. 
God^moth-er A woman sponsor in baptism, 0. 
Fot^ter-moth-er A nurse, s. 

To tmoth^er To suffocate ; to suppress, T. %, 
SmoUi'er A smoke ; a thick dost, s. 
An-oWer Not the same ; different, a. 
Poth^er A bustle ; a stir, s. 
BroWer A male bom of the same parents^ s. 
Fotfter-hroth-er One bred at the same pap, a. 
T'oWer Contraction of Vu other, 
Far^ther At a greater distance, a. 
Tofar^ther To promote; advance; encourage, t. a. 

Fur^ther At a distance ; beyond this ; moreorer, ad. 
To /toother To assist; help; promote, y. a. 

Bier A hand carriage for the dead, zhjmes dieer, •» 
Cfib-bi-a^ Wild fowl ; game, s. 
I^an-der^ One who schemes or collects finanoet» ■• 

IH^er One who tinges, stains, &c., s. 
Brig-ik-dier^ An officer next to a migor-general, ■• 
Oren-a-^Uer^ A tall foot-soldier, s. 

Soldier A warrior ; one who fights for pay, s. 
Bom-bar-dier^ The bomb engineer, s. 
ffai-ber-dier^ One armed with a halberd, s. 
Stud'irer One who studies, s. 
De-fi^er One who challenges or defies, p. 
Ed'i'fi-tr One who edifies, s. 
Tes^ti-Ji-er One who testifies, s. 
Pae^irfi-er One who pacifies, s. 
Ont^Chfi-er One who crucifies, s. 
Mol^U-fi-er That which softens or appeaMf» ^ 
Am^pU'fi-er One who exaggerates^ 0. 

890 lER 

Mag'm-fi-er One who pndsee or extols ; a glass that increases 

the bulk of an objeot, s. 
Stufpi-fi-er That which oaoses stapiditj, s. 
Scarf i-firtr One who scarifies, s. 
Pu'ri-firer A cleanser; a refiner, s. 
Falftif^rer One who falsifies ; a liar, s. 
Vet'n-firtT A maker of yerses, s. 
RaVirfiriT One who ratifies, s. 
SancfU-fi-fT The Holy Ghost ; one who makes holy, s. 
Far^tirfirer One who fortifies or supports, s. 
Jut^ii-fi-tr One who justifies, s. 
San^ffutrfi-er A producer of blood, s. 

Cath^ier^ A cash-keeper, s. 
To eath-isr^ To dismiss ; to discard, t. a. 
CWihi-er A maker of cloth, s. 

lA'er One who lies down or rests, s. 
Et-pal^ier Dwarf trees planted in rows, s. 
Can-^k-UBF^ A partisan ; a knight, s. 
CafMhUer' Gay; brare; hanghly, a. 
ChmMt-Uer^ A kidght, s. 
Chan-de-Uer^ A branch for candles, s. 
CcT^d^Uar^ A Franciscan fHar, s. 

FWer A runaway ; part of a machine, s. 
High-jUfer One extraTagant in opinion, s. 
Fu-H-Uer^ A soldier armed with a fusil, s. 
Dat^Urer A trifler ; a fondler, s. 
CoVU-tT A digger of or dealer in ooals ; a ooal ship, s. 
Chnrdo-Uer^ A boatman, s. 

MuVH^-er One who multiplies ; a mult^licator, s. 
Frt^mirv First; chief, a. 
Dewier' A French coin, s. 
Car-a-H-mer^ A sort of light horseman, a 
Fan^nier A basket carried on horses, s. 
Can^non^iei^ He who manages cannons, s. 
Der^mtr Last, a. 
Noifet One idio annoys, s. 

Fier The column of an arch, rhymes deer, s. 
Rafpitr A small sword, s. 
Cop^irtr One who copies ; a plagiary, s. 
Oo^cvrpi-tr A possessor ; one that occupies, s. 
Har^fi-er A dog for hunting hares, s. 
Briber A prickly bush, s. 
Cri^tr One who cries goods for sale, s. 
Det-^ri^er One who discovers or finds out, s. 
Drifv That which sucks up moisture, s. 
Ma-drifer In the military art, a plank armed with iron platet, 
^., s. 
Frifer One who inquires too narrowly, s. 
BoT^ri-er A boundary ; limit ; defence, s. 
Car^ri-tr One who carries ; sort of pigeon, s. 
Far^rirm' One who shoes horses ; a horse-doctor, 8. 
Ta/i^rirer One who tarries ; a small dog, s. 

KEB 891 

Ter^ri-er A Burvey of lands ; whimble ; dog, 8. 
Cur^ri-er. A dresser of leather, s. 
FwHri-tT A dealer in ftirs, s. 
SpuT^ri-^ One who makes spurs, s. 
Bur^h^ He that btaies, s. 
Cou^rirtr A messenger sent in haste, s. 
Vanre(nHrifer A harbinger ; a precursor, s. 
Brc/ner One who works in brass, s. 
Orafner A feeder of cattle, s. 
PropK'&^er One who prophesies, s. 

(ytier A tree of the willow kind, s. 
C</ner A botcher; a bnneler, s. 
H</t%er One who sells stockings, s. 
Bo'tier A rose-bush, s. 

On/ net The pastoral staff used by bishops in the ohnreh 
of Borne, s. 
Cvi^ai-^itr^ A soldier in armonr, s. 
Bar-que-but-^ier^ One armed with a harquebnss, s. 
Ar-qu&^tu-nar^ A soldier armed with an arqaebnse, s. 
Tier A row; a rank; rhymes deer, s. 
SatrWer An ornament in form of St. Andrew's cross, s. 
Fron-Her^ A limit ; a boond, s. 
Fron-Her^ Bordering, a. 
Cour^Her An attendant of a coiurt, s. 
An'ti'€(mr^tier One that opposes the court, s. 
Coi'Her One who inhabits a cot, s. 
Bui^tier A direction of the road or course at sea, s. 
Bre-vier^ A particular sixe of small printing-4etter, 0. 
Bn^vi-€T One who enyies another, s. 
QU/tier^ One who makes glass windows, 8. 
(Trainer A feeder of cattle, s. 
Via^ier The Ottoman prime minister, s. 
Bc/ker He whose trade is to bake, s. 
BtafhtT A cup with a spout, s. 
SneaJ/er A large reesel of drink, s. 
^Hokfer One that speaks, s. 
Break^er He that breaks any thing; a waye, s. 
Prom^iae-hrtah'tr A violator of promises, s. 
Hortefbreah-tr One who tames horses, s. 
Scme^brtak-^ One who breaks into houses to steal, s. 
SaX/bathrbreak-^ One who yiolates the sabbath, s. 

Ma' her The Creator ; one who makes any thing, s. 
Man'tuorma-ker One who makes women's gowns, B. 
Cuc'kold-iHa4xr A corrupter of wiTCS, s. 
Feaee^ma-ker One who makes peace, s. 
Miyehuf-ma-ker One who makes mischief, s. 
MtUeh^ma-ker One who makes matches, s. 

Bc/ker One who rakes ; a scaTcnger, 8. 
Backer Cannon, s. 
Tafker One who takes, s. 
Tki^t^-ker One whose business is to detect tfaieres, •. 
Unrder-iafher One who undertakes ; a buri«r of the dead, 8. 

892 EEB 

Pamt^Uhker A liborionf or iAdnstrioos person, s. 

Qua^ker A sect of Chriitians of a peculiar kind, s. 
Lae^ker A yellow TamiBh, a. 
To lae^ker To coTer with lacker, t. a. fslan^terer, a. 

Knackfer A maker of knacka; a ropt-maker; a horae- 
Pack^er One who hinds up packs, a* 
Crack^er A kind of fira-work ; a boaster, n 
WU^erack-er One who breaks a jest, a. 
DeeJ/er A dresser ; a oorerer, s. 
To cheekier To diyersify, t. a. 

Cheekier Work raried alternately, s. 
Fkck^cr To spot; to streak, t. a. 
Ptckfer One that peeks ; a bird, a, 
Wood^peck-tr A bird, s. 

To bick^et To skirmish ; wrangle ; qniTor, t. n. 
Kiek'er One who strikes with his foot, s. 
Cliek^er A senrant to a salesman, a. 
Toftiek^er To flvtiar; to play the wings, t. a. 
Fooi^Uek-^ A bUto ; a flatterer, s. 
To tniek^er To laugh slily or oontemptoonsly, t. n. 
Piek^er One who picks ; a pickaxe, s. 
TooWpick-er An instrument to cleanse teeth, s. 

Priek^er A pointed instmment ; a light horseman, a. 
Trickier Part to be puUed for firing a gqn, s. 
Sick^er Sore ; certain ; firm, a. 
Skyer Snrely ; certainly, ad. 
Wkkfer Made of small willows, a. 
To eockfer To fondle ; to indulge, t. a. 

Cockier One who follows the sport of cock-fighting, e. 
Lockfer A drawer ; cupboard, &c, s. 
Modeler One who mocks, scorns, or deceives, s. 
Knocks er He that knocks ; the hammer of a door, s. 
Duckfer A driver ; a cringer, s. 
To muck^er To scramble for money ; hoard up, t. n. 

Dottek^er A bird that dips in the water, s. 
Topueyer To plait or fold, t. a. 

Sueytr Any thing that draws ; a young shoot, s. 
Blood' tuck-er One who thirsts after blood ; a leech, s. 
Tuck^er A shred of linen about the breast, s. 
Seek^er One that seeks ; an enquirer, s. 
Siyer The old word for sure or surely, ad. 
OaWer One who calks ships, &c., s. 
TaUc'er A prater ; a boasting person, a. 
WaWer One that walks ; anciently a fuller, a. 
Skreet'tpolk-^ A common prostitute, s. 
NigWwaUc-er A strumpet ; a prostitute, s. 
Milkier One that milks cows, &c., s. 
Seulk^er A larker, s. 
An'ker A vessel of liquid measure, a. 
Banker One who traffics in money, s. 
(km'ktr A disease in plants ; an eating humour, •» 
To tonfket To grow cornipt; corrode ; pollute, t. 


lb han^ker To long for, t. n. 
Shan^ker A venereal excrescence, s. 
Flank^er A particular kind of fortification, 8. 
I^ank^er A small coin ; ynlgarly nsed for something huge, •. 
Think^er One who thinks in a certain manner, 8. 
Fret-ihinkfer A despiser of religion, s. 
Skmk^er One who serves drink, s. 
Drink^er One who drinks to excess, s. 

Tinkler A mender of kettles or pans, s. 
Tounk^er A young person in contempt, 8. 

(yker See Ochre. [answered, s. 

Ch</ker One that chokes ; something that cannot wdl be 
J</ker A jester; a merry fellow, s. 
Smo^kar One who dries with smoke, or smokes tobaoco, B. 
P(/ker The iron with which a fire is stirred, s. 
Brocket One who does business for another, 8. 
Pawn'bro-ker One who takes in pawns, s. 

Stacker One who has the care of a fire, 8. 
Barker One that barks ; a snarier, s. 
Mark^er One that sets a mark, or takes notice, s. 
Parkier A park-keeper, s. 
Matk'tr One who revels in a miisk ; a mummer, 8. 
ToikftT One who imposes tasks, 8. 
Whis¥er Hair on the cheeks, s. 
RUk^er One who risks, s. 
Pork^er A young pig, s. 
Work^er One who works, s. 
Friskier A wanton, frisky person, 8. 
Be-Wker One who rebukes, s. 

Pu'ktT A medicine causing a vomit, 8. 
EawkftT One who cries goods in the streets, 8. 
DecH'tT One who deals, s. 
DouXhMUayer A deceit^il mean person, s. 
Heal^er One who cures or heals, s. 
Steal^er A thief, s. 
BaybUr An idle talker, s. 

Day bier One that plays in water ; a superficial meddler, & 
8quai/hUr A quarrelsome fellow, s. 

NH/bkr One that bites a little at a time, s. 
Serib^bUr A petty author; a bad writer, s. 
Quiybier A punster ; an equivocator, s. 
Coy bier A mender of shoes ; clumsy workman, 8. 
Ghybler One that devours in hast^, s. 
Am^bler A pacer, s. 
Seam^bler A bold intruder on one's table, &c., 8. 
Oam^bler A cheating gamester, s. 
Ram'hler One who rambles ; a rover, 8. 
Dia-tem'Urr A hypocrite ; a pretender, s. 
Mum^bler A slow speaker ; a mutterer, 8. 
Orum^bler One who grumbles or murmurs, s. 
Tim^bler One who shows feats of agiUfy, 8. 


Qar^hUr One who eepMratet ; one who distorts, t. 
War^bUr A singer : a singing bird, s. 
Doui/ler He that doubles any thing, s. 
Troub^Ur A distorber ; oonfounder, s. 
ChronH'cUr A historian, s. 
Ccn'vm-ti'cUr One who belongs to a conventicle, s. 
Sad'dler One who makes saddles, s. 
Pad'dUr One who paddles, s. 
Medfdler A busybody in other men's affairs, s. 
Fid'dUT One who plays on a fiddle, s. 
Pid^dUr One who eats little or squeamishly, s. 
Nttd'ler One who makes needles, s. 
Peddler One who trayels the country with small wares, s. 
PdUr A lazy person ; a sluggard, s. 
Dan^dler One who dandles ; a trifler, s. 
Chan'dUr One who deals in candles, &c., s. 
Com^chah^dUr One who retails com, s. 
Tal^lovh-chan-dUr A maker of tallow candles, s. 
Wax^ehan-dler One who makes wax candles, s. 
Kin^dler One who lights or inflames, s. 
FondHer One who fondles, s. 
OirdfUr A maker of girdles, s. 
Fed'er One that feels ; the horn of an insect, s. 
Heel^er A cock that strikes well with his heels, s. 
Ped^er One who strips or flays ; a robber, s. 
Biffier A robber ; a pillager ; a plunderer, s. 
Tri'fier One who acts or Ulks foolishly, s. 
Baffler One who confounds or defeats, s. 
Whiffier A shuffler, s. 
Shuffle One who evades or plays tricks, i. 
Muffler A stammerer, s. 
Muffler A cover for the face, s. 
Sirag'gUr A wanderer, s. 
Hig^gler A travelling retailer of provisions, i. 
Jug^gler A cheat ; one who juggles, s. 
Smug^gUr One who cheats the revenue, s. 
AnfgUr One who fishes with an angle, s. 
DanfgUr One who hangs about women, s. 
JcanfgUr A wrangling fellow, s. 
Wran^gler A disputatious man, s. 
Bun'gltr A bad or awkward workman, s. 
JaU^er The keeper of a prison, s. 
Nail'er A nail-maker, s. 
SaiVer One who practises navigation, s. 
WoM^tailrtT A toper; a drunkard, s. 
De-fi^ler A corrupter ; a polluter, s. 
BoU'er A vessel for boilmg water, &c., s. 
Spoil^er One who spoils ; a robber, s. 
CoM-pi^Ur A writer of books collected from others, s. 
Tiller One who tiles ; a freemason's porter, s. 
Caek'ler A fowl that cackles ; a tell-tale, s. 


SHek^ler An obstiiiate contender, Ac., ■. 
Buek^ler A shield, 8. 
Sufinge^buckfler A man who pretends to feats of arms, s. 
Mar^thal-UT One that arranges, s. 
Sot^pi-ialrUr One residing in an hospital, s. 
Fore-^taU'er One that anticipates the market, s. 
lA^bttrUr A defamer bj writing, s. 
Mod^dr-ler A planner ; a schemer, s. 
ffateh^el-Ur A beater of flax, a. 
E-nam^el-ler One that practises enamelling, s. 
Ex-peVUr One that expels or driTes away, s. 
SeU'er The person that sells ; a Tender, s 
TdVtt One who tells or counts, s. 
For^tune-teU-er One who pretends to know futurity, s. 
Trat/9l4er One who goes jonm^ys, s. 
Let/el-ler One who destroys sobordinaAion, s. 
Rev^ drier One who feasts with noisy Jollity, s. 
Drn/elnler A fool ; an icUot; an idler, b, 

TkiU^er The horse that goes between the shafts, s. 
MiU'er One who attends a mill ; a moth so called, s. 
TUVer A ploughman ; handle of a mdder, s. 
Fos^tU-ler One who grosses or illostrates, s. 
(Jfa/HrUr A captions disputant, s. 
RoWer Any thing tuning on its own axis ; a bandage ; 
a fillet, s. 
En^oVUr He that enrolls, s. 
ConrtroVler One who has power to control, %i^ 
Con^troVler A superrisor ; a director, s. 

Stroller A Tagrant; vagabond; wanderer, s. 
OuU^ One who picks or chooses, i. 
SeuU^fr A boat with one rower, s. 
FWUr One who whitens cloth, s. 
Ooal'er The keeper of a prison, s. 
Choicer The bile ; anger ; rage, s. 
CooVer Any thing that cools the body ; a brewing Tessel, 8. 
8amj/Ur A piece of a girl's needlework, s. 
Simp^Ur A herbaUst, s. 
8narl/er A surly insulting fellow, 8. 
HwrVer One that ph&ys at hurling, s. 
AnfiUr A branch of a stag's horn, s. 
Fwni^kr One who has the care of bread, Ac, •. 
Wrai'Ur One who wrestles, s. 

OtfiitT One who takes care of horses, b. 
Hot^iUr One who takes care of horses, s. 
But^Oer An actiye man, 8. 
Frat^Oer A trifling talker; a chatterer, s. 
Tai^tier A prater ; an idle talker, s. 
But^ler One who has the care of liquors and plate, s. 
(hU'UT One who makes knires, &c., s. 
Sut'Ur A man that sells proTisiona, s. 
Ru'Ut a goTcrnor ; an instrument (o rule linaay •. 
BrawVer A wrangler; a aoiqr perten, n. 


BamVet H« wko bofwk. i. 

FvmVer A sportsman for birdfl, 8. 
Jom'Ur Th« bmm of % haatiiig-dog; 8. 
Pr^wifer One who smIcb for prtj, bl 
Fru^Ur On« who awkcs short eoria, propen j JVwIr, a. 
J aw ho</xkr A diemt; a doMmr, s. 
QatftUr A great drinker, s. 
Dreamt er One who dreaau ; a mope ; an idler, s. 
Streamftr An ensign ; a flag ; a peasant^ 8. 
O^mtrmer The down of plants, Sw 
B/t-4etm'er One who ransoms ; onr 8aTie«r, •• 
Seke^fMr A prqjeetor; a eontrlrer, s. 
Blaa-pke^mer One who speaks of God in imploos and irrerereai 

terms, s. 
D^-dmm'er One who declaims ; a oommen-plaee water, s. 
Duifdmm' A mnsieal inatrament, s. 

Mi^mer A mimie ; a buffoon, s. 
Lor'irmer A hit or bridle maker« s. 
Prim'9t A book for ehildren, &c., s. 
Paim'er A pilgrim ; a deer's erown, s. 
Chm^mer Name fmr a woman, oorrespon^ng with gaffer, s. 
Ham'mer An instmment to iaxn a nail, &c, s. 
Ta ham'fMr To beat with a hammer; to work, t. a. « 
Sham'mtr A cheat; an impostor, s. 
Nmfwy'hamr^BMT A simpleton, s. 

Ram'mer A stick to force the charge into a gon, s. 
To itam^mer To hesitate in speaking, t. n. 

Skimfmer A ladle to take off the seam, s. 
To gBm'mer To shine faintly, t. n. 
QUm'mer Faint splendour, s. 
NMvMT A thief; a pilferer, s. 
Brim^mer A bowl fall to the top, s. 
Trim^mer A tomcoat ; piece of wood, n. 
To tim^mer To boil gently, t. n 
Swim^mer One who swims, s. 
Seum^tmr A Tessel to scam liquors, s. 
Hum^mer One who applaads deceitftilly, s. 
Mum'mer A masker, s. 
Rumfmer A glass cop, s. 
Drum^mer One who drams, s. 
Sum^mer The second season ; the principal beam, s. 
Mid^tum-^ner The summer solstice, s. 

(ynur A Hebrew measure of three wine quarts, a. 
Comber Oue that comes, s. 
Ho^mer A measure of about three pints, s. 
PhyiA-og^no-mer One who judges of future fortune by the f^ataree 
of the face, s. 
AM-tron'o-mer One who studies the stars, s. 

MiM-no^mer An indictment under a wrong name, s. 
Cut^tom^er One who buys any thing, s. 
Jhrm^er One who rents land or any thing, s. 
Charm^er One who oluurms, s. 

NER d97 

Formfer One who fbrms, pirns, or oontriTas, t. 
Form^er The first of two, a. 
R&-form^er One who makes a reformation, s. 
In-formfer One who gives information, s. 
Per-form^et One who performs, s. 
Per-Ju^mer One who deals in perfumes, s. 
Con-tu'mer One who spends, destroys, or wastes, s. 

Rhy^mer One who inakes rhymes, s. 
CU^a^net A wrangler, s. 

Par'u^MT A term for daughters or sisters that inherit, s. 
Qar^denrer One who onltiTates a garden, s. 
Hard'm-er One that makes any thing hard, s. 
Con-gender Of the same kind or nature, s. 
Heaarifm^-ir A listener ; one that hearkens, s. 
War^ren-er The keeper of a warren, s. 
Sweet^en-^ That which sweetens or cajoles, s. 
WM^ten-er One who makes linen, fto., white, s. 
lAt^ten-er One who hearkens throngh enriosity, s. 
Serw^en-er One who draws oontraots for money, s. 
For'eign-er A stranger; one of another ooontiy, s. 
MorUgn^er One of Ul intention or malice, s. 
De-ngnfer A contriyer; an architect, s. 
Re-eign'er One that resigns, s. 
Ae-e^fn^er He that appoints, s. 
Intrpugn^er One that attacks or inrades, 8. 
Op^pvgn^er One that oppugns or attacks, a. 
Pro^nign^er A defender, s. 
Strength^en-er That which gJTes strength, s. 
Chancer One who recei?es adTantage, s. 
Bar^gtUn-er One who makes a bargain, s. 
Stramfer An instrument of filtration, s. 
De-tain' er One who detains or keeps back, s. 
Be-tam'er A dependant; serrant; prerious tee, •. 
Mam-iam'er A supporter ; a cheridier, s. 
Stamper One who stains or blots, s. 
Pa-per-eUm'er One who colours paper, 8. 
Cord'wamrer A shoemaker, s. 

Fi'ner One who purifies metals, s. 
MiyU-ner One who makes up women's caps, Ac, s. 
Mi'ner One who digs mines, •. 
Ex-am'i^ner One who examines, s. 
Vi^-dtr-mi'ner A secret enemy; one that saps, s. 
Ter'mirner Determining or trying of malefactors, s. 
Comber A maker of money ; an iuTcntor, s. 
Joinder One who joins wood, s. 
Mar'irnn A seaman ; a sailor, s. 
Lor'i-ner The same as LoHmer, s. 
Dirvi'ner A guesser ; one who pretends to diyinCy f. 
Ccn-dem'ner A blamer ; a censurer, s. « 
Con^Umfntt One that contemns ; a despiser, •. 
lAm'net A face painter, s. 
Bon' net A flag ; a standard, t. 


Mm^mr Afom; owtom; way; Wnd, i. 
Ja-pan'ner One skilled in japan work; a ihiM-deaBer, i. 
Tamfner One wko tans leather, s. 
Pm'^iMr A writer; a penoase, a. 

In^ner More inward, a. 
Dm^ner The chief meal at noon, a. 
Be-^^ner He who giTOS the first oansa, &o., i. 
Fin^ner A head-dress ; a pin-maker, s. 
Spm^ner A long-legged spider ; one that qpins, s^ 
Sm^ner An offender ; a criminal, s. 
Tm^ner One who works in tin-Jnines^ a 
Fm'fier One who wins, s. 
Ale^con-ner An officer who examines ate-potsy s. 
Oun^ner A cannonier ; one who uses a gun, s^ 
Sun^ner One who nins; a shoot, s. 
Fore-run^ner One sent before; a prognostic, s. 
Fay confer One who trains hawks, .s. 
Porfiih^ion-ar One who lives in a parish, s. 
Fm^tionrer One who receiTes a pension, b. 
Mit'nonrer One sent to propsgaU reli|^, s. 
Com-^ia^sionrer One empowered to act, s. 
Fnhbaftior^-tr A norice ; one upon trial, a. 

Sta^Uortrer A seller of paper ; a booksellefv & 
Con-fet/Uon-er One who sells sweetmeats, s. 
Frae-tU^ionrer One engaged in any art or bumness, t. 

Fe-tit^ion-er One who offers a petition, s. 
Ex-tor^tum-er One who uses extortion, s. 
E3>6<uHion^ One who puts the law in force, s. 
Al'ffwn^. A distaributor of alms, s. 
Cam^tnon-er One of the people not ennobled, s^ 
Wrhweom^mon^ One who has the same right of commona, s. 
Cor'o-ner A civil officer, s. 
Rea^$(m-er One who reasons or argues, s, 
Sea^ton-er He who seasons any thing, s. 
Foi^ton-er One who poisons ; a corrupter, B. 
EmrfxnUon-er One who poisons another, s. 
Frii^on-er One under arrest ; a captive, 8. 
Leam^er One yet in his rudiments, s. 
Gardner A granary for threshed com, a. 
To ffar^ner To store up, v. a. 
Tav^em-er One who keeps a tavern, ■» 
Sub-om^er One that procures a bad action to be doM, i. 
Coroner An angle ; extremity ; secret plaoe, s. 
Scor^ner A despiser ; ridiculer ; scoffer, s. 
Chmmey-eor^ner The fire-side ; place of idlers, s. 

Homier One who works or deals in horn, s^ 
So-joum'tT A temporary dweller, s. 
Moum'er One who mourns or follows a corpse, s. 
Tum'er One |rho turns in a lathe, s. 
FcA'fwr That which gives fatness, properly /oI^mmt, 8. 
Soft^twr A moderator; one who palliatew, properly 
softener, s. 

t>ER 89d 

Vmi'iwr Oti6 wbo MlU wtiie by retell, ■. 
ParVner A sharer ; a dandng mate, 8. 
Topart^ner To join with, t. a. 
Co-pofi^net A joint partner, s. 

Fawn^er One who fawns ; a parasite, 8. 
fyawH^er The female fish, opposed to the milter, s. 
Ovm^er One to whom a thhig belongs, s. 
(/er Contracted firom wtr, rhymes pore. 
Di/er One who does a thing, s. 
JB^ffU-do-er A malefactor, s. 
Mi»^d&-er An offender ; a criminal, s. 
Woi/er One who oonrts a woman, s. 
Camper A kind of berry ; a pickle ; a leap, 8. 
To camper To skip ; to dance, t. 
Reap^er One who reaps, s. 
Di'a-per A kind of flowered linen ; a napkin, 8. 
Uan^u-ptr The treasury ; the exchequer, s. 

Pamper A substance made of rags, s. 
T^ pamper To hang a place with paper ; to register, t. a. 
Scrapper The thhig with which we pare, clear, or erase ; 

miser ; THe fiddler ; iron to clean shoes, s. 
Dra'per One who sells or deals in cloth, s. 
Tamper A wax candle ; a light, s. 
Tafptr Sloping regularly, a. 

JTe^er One who keeps any thing, particularly lewd 
women, s. 
Oame^ketp-er One who looks after game, s. 
Houte^ke^htr One who has the care of a family, 8. 
Aiefhoute4ceep-et A Tietualler ; one who sells ale, s. 
Ctuh^keep-er A man intrusted With the money, 8. 
Iftn^keep-er One who keeps an inn, s. 
flW«ni-*«g>-«r One who keeps a tarem, s. 

8hop^heep-er One who sells In a shop l^ retail, 8. 
Door^keep-^ A porter at a door, 8. 
Cov/keep^er One whose business is to keep coIVb, 8. 
Crw/lcup'tT A scarecrow, s. 

Creepier A plant ; an iron instrument, s. 
W^er A mourner ; a white border of linen, 8. 
Lq/er One infected with the leprosy, s. 
Ju'fU-per The name of a shrub, s. 

PVper One who plays on a pipe ; a mean person, 8. 
Bag^pi-per One who plays on a bagpipe, s. 
Ori^per An oppressor ; a usurer, 8. 
Wper A serpent ; a mischievous person, 8. 
Hdp'tT One who helps or assists, s. 
Fet-low-help^er Coadjutor, s. 

To tcam'per To run with speed, t. n. 

Ham^per A covered basket, s. 
To ham^per To perplex ; entangle ; ensnare, t. m* 
Topam^per To feed delicately ; to glut, t. a. 
To tam^per To meddle ; to practise with, t. a. 
Stonier An instrument of pounding, 8. 


Tmfper A <!«• alactwe ; fhuae of mind, s. 
^ tem'per To qiuJify ; mollify ; mako fit» ▼. a. 
7b con-tem^per To moderate, t. a. 

Dw-tem^per A disease ; aneaainesB ; difl<Hrdei, s. 
^ diB-tem^per To disorder ; disturb, t. a. 
7b airUm'ptr To mingle; soften; fit; proportion, y. •• 
7b moi^ptr To smile like a fool, y. n. 
Sim'per A foolish smile, s. 
7b whim^per To cry lowly, t. b. 
Bum^per A ftdl glass, s. 
Thump^er One who thumps ; a large thbig, s. 
Mump^er A beggar, s. 
Landfli-per A landman, s. 
In-ter-lo^per One who interferes wrongftilly, i. 
Sm^o-per A kind of earth, s. 
Co</per A maker of barrels, &o., s. 
Hoop'er (In the west of England) a cooper, s. 
Troip'er A horse-soldier, s. 
Propter Peculiar; fit; one's own; just; tall, a. 
■ Im-pTop^er Unfit; unqnsJified; not jus^ a. 
To'per A drunkard, s. 
Dap^per Little and active ; liyely, a. 
Did'ap-per A bird that diyes into Uie water, i. 
Clap^per The tongue of a bell ; one who claps, b, 
Kid^nap-pcr One who steals children, &c., s. 
WU^map-per One who affects repartee, s. 
Rap^per One who strikes, s. 
Un^der^trap-per A petty fellow ; an inferior agent, s. 
Wr^per ThsX in which any thing is wrapped, s. 
Pep'ptT A sort of spice, s. 
7b p^per To sprinkle wiUi pepper ; to beat, y. a. 
D%pfper One who dips ; an anabaptist, s. 
Wor^th^»-per One who worships, s. 
Sky/per A shipmaster, s. 
Ci^per A mone^-cutter, s. 
SSp^per A mommg-3hoe, s. 
Cop'ptr A metal ; a large boiler, s. 
HopfptT A part of a mill ; a basket, s. 
Oratt'hopper An insect that hops in the grass, s. 
Crop^per A kind of pigeon with a large crop, a. 
Maioet^drop-per A listener under windows, s. 
Stop^per See StoppU, s. 

Uf/per Higher in place, a. 
Crup'ptT A leather to keep the saddle in its i^ace, s. 
St^per The evening meal, s. 
Cmrp'tT A caviller, s. 
Harp'er A player on the harp, s. 
Sharp' er A petty thief; a tricking fellow, 8. 
U-iurp'tr One who possesses another's right, s. 
At'per A Turkish coin, value three fuihings, s. 
At'per Bough, a. 
Jat'per A kmd of precious stone^ b« 

BBB 401 

Vea'per The erening star ; ^e «Teidng, s. 
To whis^per To speak with a low Toice, t. 

Whit^per A low soft ▼oioc, 8. 
Topros^per To make happy; be •aoeessftily r 
Pau^per A poor person, s. 
SufptT In compontlon, more ; oyer, as soperflne. 
Hy'pet In eomposition, too much ; as a h jpercritic, a. 
Bear^er A carrier of any thing, s. 
TaHefbear-eT An officious informer, s. 
Tram^hMT-er One who holds np a train, t. 
Cup^bear-er An officer of the household, s. 
Ar^mour-bear-er He that carries the armour of another, 8. 
Swear^er One who swears wantonly, s. 
For-9wear^er One who is pexjnred, s. 

Seaya-rer A travellar by sea ; a mariner, S. 
Way'fa-Ttr A passenger ; a trayeller, s 

Bhaftv A partaker ; a diTider, s. 
Jai/ber-er One who talks nnintelligibly, s. 
Slab^ber-^ He who slabbers, s. 
Cham^ber-er A man of intrigue, s. - 
Num^btr-er He who numbers, s. 
Sor^cer-er An enchanter ; a magician, 8. 
Em-broi^der-tr One who embroiders, s. 
Slan^der-er One who belies another, s. 
Wan^der-er A roTer ; a rambler, 8. 
Cai/m-der-er The person who calenders, 8. 
Tkm'der^ One Uiat thunders (in heathen poetry, Jupiter), 8. 
Blun^der-tr A stupid fellow, s. 
Plun'der-er A robber ; hostile pillager ; a thief^ 8. 
Lar^der-tr One who has charge of a larder, s. 
Ver^deT'er A forest officer, s. 
Bor'deMfr An inhabitant on the borders, 8. 
Mur^der-er One who kills unlawfully, s. 
Fi-queer^er A robber ; a plunderer, s. 
Pre-fer^er One who prefers, properly jw^<»ref, i. 
Chaf^/er-er A buyer ; a bargainer, s. 
Coffer-tT A great court officer, 8. 
Biffeh-m' One who suffers, s. 
Fd-lofw-auf'ftT^tr One sharing in the same etils, i. 
PiVftT^er One that steals petty things, 8. 
Bwag'gtT-tT A boaster; a bully, s. 
De^'pher-er One who explains characters, s. 
OiUh^er-er One who gathers ; a oollector, 8. 
Fur^ther-er A promoter; an adraneer, 8. 
Bick^er-er A skirmisher, 8. 

Fr^per-tr One who deals in old things Tamped up, 0. 
Whit^ptT-tT One who speaks low or talks secretly, b. 

Ca'UTHT A proTider of food, s. 
FruU^et-er One who sells fruit, s. 
Pal^tet'er An unsincere dealer; a diifter, 8. 
A-duVier-er One guilty of adultery, s. 
PouVter-er One who Bells fonte rea^y for the oook, b. 

4tt BEIl 

PUsU^ter-fr Om idko oorers wmUs with phtister, ■. 
HuckftUr-tT A retailer of goods in small quantities, n 
Up-hcVMUT'tr One who fturnuhes houses, &c., s. 
Bbm^ttr^er A swaggerer; a noisj person, s. 
FUWUtht a wheedler ; a ikwner, s. 
Bmal'UTHT One who has a sii|^t knowledge, s. 
XJi'Urtr A seller; divulger; speaker, s. 
Fm^Ur-tr A dog keeper, s. 
Pew^Ur-tr One who works in pewter, s. 
Slato'n^er An idiot ; a driveller, s. 
IWrer-er One nnsettled in his opinion, s. 
Bt-Ua/gtuT-^r One that besieges a plaoe, s. 
D^Uv'er-er A preserver ; Saviour ; relater, s. 
FiWer One who sets on fire, or stirs up, s. 
Hi'r§t One who employs or uses for hhre, s. 
Adrfni'rer He that regards ; a lover, s. 
Jn-qui^rer One who adcs, searches, or examinee, s. 

Bi/rer A pieroer, s. 
A-dt/rer A worshipper ; oo» that ad<Hre8, s. 
Ar^mor-tr One who makes arms, s. 
RvffMf^ A spreader of reports, s. 
Hon^or-er One who honours, or greatly reopeots, s. 
DU-hon'or-er He who treats another ill, s. 
Va'par-er A boaster ; a braggart, s. 
Be-^U/rer One who restores, s. 
Fa^var^ One who favours or regards, s. 
Ab'hor^nr A hater ; in the time of Charles IL an antipe- 

titioner, s. 
D&-mur^rer A stop in a law-suit, e. 

Cu'rer A healor ; a phjrsioian, s. 
Pro'cu^rer A pimp ; pander ; obtainer, s. 
En^uWer One that can endure; a sustainer, s. 
AvfgurTtT The same with augur, s. 
Con^jthter An enchanter ; a fbrtunet^er, s. 
Per^JuHr$r One that swears falsely, s. 
Al-lufrer One who entices or attempts, s. 
Mur^MUT'er A grumbler ; a repiner, s. 
Ma-nu^rer He who manures land ; a husbandman, s. 
La^bour-er One who labours or takes pains, s. 
Fdl^hw-khbour-er One labouring for the same end, s. 
Doff^la-^wur-er One who works by the day, s. 
Ta^bour-er One who beats a tabour, s. 
Har^bour-er One that entertains another, s. 

Seour^er One who scours ; a purge, s. 
Bu^mour-er See Bitmorer, s. 
ffon^our-er See Ebnorer, s. 
Du-hon^our-er See Dishonorer, s. 
Bf^-deav^our-er One who endeavours, s. 
Fa^vour-m' See Favorer , s. 
IVMt«^tt-r«r One who has the care of money, sl 
Cm'wHrer One who blames, s. 
U'wrrer One who practises usuiy^ s. 

Mm^^ac^tivk^nr An artifieer; a workBiSB» ■« 
Lee^iu^er A teacher by leotoree, s. 
F<n^<tt-rer He who Yentares, o. 
Adrvm'UiHrer He that haiards or Iriee^ •. 

Lta'itT One who gleans, 8. 
Tm^pUa-ttT One who compUea aerrilely, 8. 
Pur'eha^er One who makes a porohase, s. 

PraWer One who praises ; a eommender, 8. 
Ap-praia^tr One who sets a value on goods^ s. 
A^er-d-^er He that directs or uses exercise, 8. 
JBz^or-d-ser One who oasts out evil spirits, 8. 
CtU^&<hi-$€r One who catechises, s. 
JB^U^<hmi-8er An abridger ; an abstracter, 8. 
Bn^ter-pri-ser An adventurer ; a schemer, 8. 

Prae^U-ser One that practises any thing* a. 
AA-vtT-Wur That which gives informaHon, 8. 

Ad^'uT A person that advises ; a counsellor, •• 
R^-vVttT An examiner ; a superintendent, Sw 
D^-vi^9er A contriver; an inventor, s. 
CruifttT A ship ; one that seeks prey, s. 
Fala^er A deceiver, s. 
HalM^er A rope less than a cable, s. 
PWter The moth that runs into a candle flaaM^ » 
Olean'aer One that makes dean, s, 

Ctn'ur The incense pan, 8. 
Li'em-ier One who grants permission, s. 
Oon-dmUfr A vessel wherein to carowd the air, 8. 
Ditptn'ttT One who dispenses, 8. 

Lf/ur One who has suffered loss, 8. 
Choo^ur One who chooses, s. 
Imrfi/ufr He who ei\joins, s. 
Oow^uT An author ; a writer, 8l 
Dort^tr A pannier, s. 
Oomra^er A race horse ; a horse racer, s. 
Horte^court-^ One who runs, or deals in horses, 8. 
Pura^er An officer on board a ship, a. 
. Leu'er A barbarous corruption of less, a. 
LtM'er Formed by corruption from less, adv. 
Drtu^tT One who dresses ; a kitchen table, s. 
0lo99^er A scholiast ; a commentator, s. 
En-groM^er A monopolizer, s. 
JHi-cuM^er He that discusses, s. 
U^$er One who uses, s. 
Ac-cu^ter One who accuses another, & 

Mou^ier A cat that catches mice^ s. 
CorTou^ur A toper ; a drinker, 8w 
To carter To provide food, ▼. a. 
Beefeat-cr A yeoman of the guard, 8. 

Heather An iron to put into a box iron, &e., ■• 
Be-paal^er One who repeats ; a watch, s. 
Uan^ka-ter One who hates mankind, s. 
Wom^an-ha-ter One who hates women, a. 

iOi VBB 

Be-k/Ur A tdtcr ; % Mdtir, s. 
I-dol^orter A worahippOT of imagw, t. 
Blaster One who oofws with sl^oa, s. 
Piro-ma^ter A nMmhniM that ooT«n the brain, g. 
CoH^se-^or-Ur One who oonseorates, s. 
ExHu^pe-^<k4er He that exasperates, s. 

Be-gra'ter A forestyier ; an tog ro ss e r, s. 
Pre/ttr An Idle talker, s. 

Wafter One of the elements; the sea ; nrine; lustre of 
a diamond; i^oss on dyed nlk, &c., s. 
To wafter To ^?e water; to take in water, t. 
Sui/ter In composition, signifies under. T^rtu 
CUrmae^Ur B^taty serenth or ninth year, s. 
Char^ae-ter A mark ; reputation ; a letter, s. 
De-traetfer A danderer, s. 

Pro-tract^ er One who protraets ; an instmraent, 8. 
Ex-a€lf0r An extortioner; one iHio exacts, s. 
Ptr'SeOrm' One who makes perfect, s. 
NegAect^er One who neglects, s. 
Ex-peet^er One who waits or expects, s. 
Di^eet^er One that directs ; a cBscorerer, s. 
De-teet^er A discorerer, s. 
ConrifaHUei^tr One that contradicts ; an opposer, s. 
Af'/Uet^er The person that afflicts, s. 
In-Jlici^er He who punishes, s. 
Ob-itrue^ter One that hinders or opposes, s. 
2b de^ter^ To discourage ; to dishearten, t. a. 
Par^get^er A plaisterer, s. 

CaOi' trier An instrument to thrust into the bladder, s. 
Metier A measurer, s. [puis, s. 

Diram^erter A line of a eirde diTiding it Into two equal 
Sm-i-di-am^e-ter Half a diameter, s. 
Pen-tam^e-ter A Terse of fiye feet, s. 
Htx-amfe-ter A Terse of six feet, s. 

dm^f'ter A sort of sword, s. 
Pe-rim^e-ter Circumference or compass of a fig^ure, 8. 
O&^m^e-ier One Tersed in geomet^, s. 
^n-e-mofii V^ An instrument to measure wind, s. 
Ttur-mom't'ter An instrument to measure heat, s. 
Chro-nom^e-ter An instrument to measure time, s. 
Ba-rom^e-ter A weather instrument or glass, s. 
Mircrom^e-ter An instrument to measure small spaces, s. 
Hy-drom'trUr An instrument to measure the extent of water, s. 
' Hy-grom'&'ter An instrument to measure the degrees of mois- 
ture, s. 
Hy-per^me-ier That which is aboTS the standard, s. 
Trum'pet-^ One who sounds a trumpet or praise, s. 

Pre^ter A particle signifying beside, as preternatural, s. 
In-ter^pro-Ur An expositor ; a translator, s. 

Fer^ret-er One that hunts another in his priTaoies, 8. 
UWe^ter Vessels which cany the urine firom the kidnayi 
to the l^adder, s. 


Banfqud'^' A feaster ; he that makes faMs, a. 
After Behind, prep. 
AfUr Following another, ad. 
Here-after In a future Btate^ ad. 
Here-afUr A future state, s. 
There-after According to that, ad. 

Rafter The roof-timber of a house, 8. 
Shiftier An artf^ person, s. 
Shop'Uft-er One who steals from shops, s. 
FigWer A warrior ; a duelHst> s. 
Priu^fight-er One who fights for a reward, s. 
lAgWer A boat for unloading ships, s. 
Daagh'ter A female child, s. 
Laugh'ter A conYulslTe merry noise, s. 
SUsagWier Destruction by the sword, s. 
To tlaugh'ter To slay ; to kill with the sword, t. a. 
Man'tlaugh-ter Murder without malice, s. 

Wait^er An attendant in a public house, s. 
Land^wait-er One who watches the landing of goods, a. 
Tide^tDoHrer A custom-house officer, s. 

BVter He that bites; a sharper ; a trickster, s. 
Baekfbi-ter One who belies any one secretly, s. 
8heqf^bi-ter A petty thief, s. 

Ar^bUter An umpire to settle a dispute, s. 
Ex-ei^ter That which excites or stirs up, s. 

Sinister He who smites, s. 
Fu^mi-ter See Fumatory, s. 

U-ni^ter One who unites, s. 
To hitter To idle away time, t. n. 
Ohap^i-ter The dental of a pillar, s. 
WrVter An author; one who writes, s. 
Un-der-tmi'ter An insurer, s. 

Vie'uter One who visits ; an ocoaaioaal judge, s. 
InM'ter One who iuTites, s. 

Smt'er A petitioner ; a wooer, s. 
To aJi/Ur To change; to suffer change, t. 
To fainter To hesitate in q^eech ; to fidl, t. 
Master A rope, s. [six, s. 

See-qtd-ayter Containing another once and a half, as nine does 
To politer To shift; dodge; squander, t. 

SaU^er One who salts, seUs salt, or things salted, s. 
PeaVter A psalm-book, s. 
Shelter A coTer f^om iigury ; protection, s. 
To theater To defend ; protect ; harbour ; coyer, t. a. 
Hdfter-tkd-ter Confusedly ; without order, ad. 
8md/ter One who melts ore, s. 
Spd/ter A kind of semi-metal, s. 
To wel^ter To roll in blood, mire, or water, t. n. 
To ewel^ier To dry up ; to be pained with heat, t. 
Tofil^ter To pour clear off; to strain, t. a. 

FU^ter A strainer, s. 
Pha^l/er Something to canst lore, s. 


IbphOfUr f^ csttM tot«, T. tL 
MUfter The he of mny fish, s. 
BoVter A seiTe to s^Nurate meal Arom bnyi» il 
FiamU^er An offender, 8. 
FouZ^^A- A kftper; » jtnnper, 8. 
Ctdfter Part of a plough, 8. 
To a-duU^er To eommit adiStery, y. 
Counter A plonghshare, a. 
Bonnier Bidienle ; ndUerj, B. 
IV) handier To play upon ; to rally, ▼. a. 
To ean^ter To gallop gentiy and easfly. t. 
Cannier An easy gentle gallop of a horse, 8. 
AJrfMrcan'ter A circle drawn parallel to the hootixon, 8l 
De-cani'tr A glass Teesel fbr Uqnor, s. 
Chant' er A singer in cathedrals ; a songster, & 
En-cfumt'tr A s o rc e re r ; a magician, s. 

PUmt'er One who sows, or cnltiTates a colony, 8. 
Cov^e-nan-Ur One who makes a eoYenant, s. 

Rami'tr One who rants ; a dissolute religionist, 8. 
To m'Ur To go into ; write down ; engage in, T. 
To rt-enfUr To enter again, ▼. a. 
Com-^nent-er An explainer; an annotatof, 8. 
Fo-merU'er An encoarager ; a supporter, s. 
Rentier One who holds by paying rent, 8. 
Eaek'rent-tr One who pays the utmo^ 8. 
Dit-^erU'er One who dissents ; does not comply inth the dia* 
cipline of the established church, s. 
Tent'er An iron hook; nail; difficulty; trouble, 8. 
Vent'er Womb; mother, s. 
In-vent'er A producer or deriser of something new, a. 
Fre-quent'er One who goes often to a plade, s. 
To inkier' To bury, t. a. 
Pumlftt One who profesees pidnting, 1 
Miniver A coiner, s. 

PoirU'er The thing that points ; a dog, s. 
Prmt'tr One idio prints books of stains linen, 8. 
To dit^m-ter' To take out of a grate, t. a. 

Windier The last and cold season of the y^ar, 8. 
To win^Ur To pass or fted in the winter, t. 
Mid'win'ter The winter eolstioe, s. 
Af'froiU'tr The person that affronts, s. 

Haunt'er One who frequents a place much, 8. 
To taufU'er To loiter ; to wander about idly, ▼. n. 
T^unt^er A sauey answerer, s. 
Vaunt' er A boaster ; a braggadocio, s. 
Bun'ter A mean woman ; a rag-gatheref , 8. 
Hun'ter One who chaseB animals ; a horse, s. 
For'tune-hunt'er A hunter after women of fortune, s. 
Fox'himt-er One fond of hunting foxes, s. 
Coun'ter Base money ; a shop table, s. 
CourU'er Contrary to ; the wyotig way, ad. 
To en-^om'Ur To fl^t; attaek) oppose ; meet, t. 

TBB 407 

Bnrwm^ter Adnel; baUle; attack; aooid^t^ 9. 
Reti'Ctmnfter A personal opposition ; sudden combat ; easoal 

engagement, s. 
Fnd-hooifer A robber ; a plunderer, s. 
MocVer A disputer of moot points, s. 

Vi/ter One who has a right to TotCt 4. 
Qui/ter One who quotes or cites, s. 
Chap'Ur A diyision of a book; the whole body of clergy- 
men in a cathedral or collefipate church, s. 
Ae-eqtt^er He who accepts, s. 

Tempi' tr An enticer ; Satan, s. 
Pron^tfer One who helps a public speaker, s. 
Sump'Ur A horse that carries clothes or furmture, s. 
Phm-i-eop'ter A kind of bird, s. 
In^ter-Tt^t'er He who interrupts, s. 
Car-rt^t'er One who taints or corrupts, s. 
To barrier To exchange ; to truck, t. a. 
Bolster Traffic by exchange or truck,, s. 
Carrier One who drives a cart, s. 
Oar'ter A band to tie up stockings, s. 
To gcurfUr To tie up with a garter, t. a. 
Chart' er A royal patent ; a priyilege, s. 
Startfer One who shrinks f^om bis purpose, s. 
Quar'ter A fourth; eight bushels; mercy; part; station, s. 
To quar'ter To divide into fourths ; to board ; a term in 
heraldry, t. a. 
Dt-HTi'er One who deserts or forsakes, 8. 
An-ynhod-vtTi'er A critic ; a censurer, s. 
Dirvert'er Any thing that diverts, s. 
Qon^otri'er One who makes converts, s. 
PaM}€rt'er A corrupter, s. 
Com/^fort-er One who supports or eases, s. 

Por'ter One who has charge of a gate^ a carrier; a 
kind of strong beer, s. 
Im-por'ier One who brings fh>m abroad, s. 
Shm^pari'er One who supports ; a prop ; a defender, s. 

St-torV(T One who oppresses ; an extortioner, s. 
Afa-bat-ter Soft white marble, s. 
AVorbiU'ttr Very white, a. 

Catt'er A thrower ; a calculator, s. 
Qramrmat'i-^at'ter A low grammarian, s. 

Po-Wi-€a9-ter An ignorant pretender to politics, s. 
Count' er-eaa-ter A caster of accounts ; a reckoner, s. 
Featt'er One who fhrea deliciously, s. 
(yie-as-ter Wild olive, s. Latin. 
Pirot'ter A foreign coin of about five shillings, a. 
PirUu'ier A square column, s. 
Plat'Ur Salve spread upon Unen, &c., s. 
To mrplaa'ter To cover with a plaster, t. a. 
SmrpUu'ter A plaster, s. 

Mat'Ur The chief of anv place or thing, s. 
To mat'ter To conquer; role; perform, t. a* 

408 T E R 

Whpn'fiuu-4er One who Icecps irhores, s. 
Tatl/wmg-Ur One who imposes tasks, s. 
8ekooVm4u<er He who teaches a school, a. 
Bur^ffo-maa-ter A principal citizen, s. 
Quar^ter-ma^^er One who regulates quarters, 8. 
Mu$^ter'ma9-4er One who saperintends the moster, s. 
To o-ver-mat^Ur To subdue ; to govern, t. a. 
CrafWrnat-ter A man sldlled in his trade, s. 
MitU^mat-ter One who presides in coinage, s. 
Poft^maa-Ur One who has charge of conyejing letters, ■• 
Pa^moM-ter One who pays wages, reward, &c., s. 
Boatt^er A bragger, s. 
CoasVer One who sails near the coast, s. 
r<Nu< V He who toasts, s. 
ZHi-at^ier A misfortune; grief; blast, s. 
Tastier One who tastes ; a dram-cup, s. 
Po-€t-a»^ter A Tile petty poet, s. 
(H-i-vas^ter Dark brown ; tawny, a. 

Wa^tter A prodigal ; a Tsln consumer, s. 
Web^tter A wearer, obsolete, s. 
Lol/8ter A shell-fish, s. 
Lewd^iier One given to criminal pleasures, ■. 
Tofet'ier To corrupt; separate; rankle, v. a. 
Di-gett'er The person or thing which digests, s. 

Jett^er One given to merriment ; a buffoon, 8. 
Pto-tut^er One who protests, s. 
Oumtftter One viciously addicted 'to play, s. 
To pu'ter To disturb ; harass ; encumber, v. a. 
FoT^ett-er An officer or inhabitant of a forest, s. 
Wrett^er He who wrests, s. 
Tett^er A cover of a bed ; a sixpence, s. 
To 8e-quest^er To set aside ; separate : remove, v. a. 
Tet^ier On the day last past» ad. 
8ong^8ter A singer, s. 
Young^tter A young person, s. 

Drug'tter One who sells drugs, more properly druggist^ a. 
Seg^u-ter A list ; record ; keeper of a register, s. 
To reg^u-ter To record ; to place in a register, v. a. 
Soph^it'ter A sophist ; an insidious logician, s. 
Ar-curbal^ii-ter A crossbowman, s. 

To gWtet To shine ; to sparkle, v. a. 
Pal^mia-ier One who deals in palmistry, s. 
Can^it-ter A box for tea ; a small basket, s. 
Mtn^u-ter Officer of state, of the church ; a servant^ 8. 
To iub-mm^it'ter To supply ; afford ; serve under, v. 
To ad-^nm^u-ter To give ; perform ; supply, v. n. 
Sm^u-ter Left; bad; unfair; unlucky, a. 
Cloudier A place of religious retirement ; a square with 
piazzas, s. 
To eloia^ter To shut in a cloister, v. a. 
To roii^ter To behave turbulently, v. n. 
Quir^it'ter A chorister ; a singer in concert, s. 

. TBB 40» 

Ohof^u-Ur A idiig«r im oathodnls, s. 

Bar^rii-ter A person qualified to plead for others, s. 

I^ter A woman bom of the same parents; one Off the 
same faith, nature, or soeie^, s. 
Twist^er One who twists, s. 
BoVster A large pillow ; a pad or qnilt, s. 
To hoVsUr To pad ; support ; hold tt^ther, t. a. 

HoVtUr A case for pistols, s. 
Deem^$Ur A Judge, purticularly in the Isle of Man, 8. 
Mm'sUr A cathedral church, s. 
Bjpin'tUr A maiden woman ; one that spins, s. 
Mon'iUr Something unnatural or horrible, 8. 
To monaster To make or be monstrous, t. a. 
PunUUr Chie who puns, s. 
Tofotfter To nurse ; cherish ; support, t. a. 
Pat'er-no^-ter The Lord's Prayer, s. 

Pott^tr A courier; one who trayels hastlljr, s. 
Taj/iter One who draws drink, s. 
Wh^^8ter A nimble fellow, s. 
MaUftUr One who deals in malt, s. 
At'ter Corrupt matter, s. 
Bat^Ur A mixture of flour, water, and eggs, s. 
To battier To bruise ; to beat down, t. a. 
To teat'Ur To spread thinly ; to disperse, t. a. 

Roister A maker of hats, s. 
To hairier To harass, t. a. 

To chattier To make a noise like birds, or with the teeth ; to 
talk idly, t. n. 
Ohat'ter The noise of birds, &c ; idle prate, s. 
To ihat^ter To break into pieces ; to be broken, ▼. 

Lat'ter Modem; the last of two, a. 
To blat'ter To roar, t. a. 
To eku^ter To make a confused noise ; to jar, y. 

Clat^ter A confused noise, s. 
Tofiat^ter To soothe ; to please with tSilse hopes, T. a. 
Plat'ttr A large earthen or wooden dish, s. 
MaX'UT Body; materials; sulgect; affair; importance; 
object; purulent running, s. 
To mat^ter To import ; regard ; produce matter, y. 
To trruU^Ur To haTe a superficial knoirtedge, ▼. n. 
Smat^ter A superficial knowledge, Sw 
Topat'ter To make a noise like hidl, t. n. 
To apai'Ur To sprinkle ; spit; slander, t. 
To be-ipat^Ur To sprinkle with dirt; to slander, T. a. 
To tat'Ur To tear; to rend, t. a. 
TcA'Ur A rag, s. 
Bet'UT More good or chdoe, a. 
Bei'ter Advantage, s. 
To het^ter To improTc ; advance ; exceed, T. a. 
Tofei'Ur To bind; tie; chain; shackle, ▼. *. 
To tn-fei'Ur To put in chains, t. a. 
To ynrfet^ter To free from shacklee, t. a» 

41« TSK 

Jbr^ ^ftr A wriltw pOTMn, s. 
FAtf^ler Om tbttt whcta or r 
LitfUr One who lets ; a vritten meeeage ; plaiB ■fwnrag ; 
UmmdMldfm of tiie Alphabet^ s. 
9V> 2er^l«> To etMip wikk IcUotb, t. a. 
BUod^UtrUr A phlebotomist, s. 

Ar^Cv* Om wIm> mU ; a kisd of dog for game, • 
BcmtfmtrUr One who sets b o ae s, s. 

Bit^Ur Sharp ; eroel ; terwe, a. 
9V im-bU'ter To Make bitter ; to exasperate, ▼. a. 
Faster That which eoafers fttnesa, s. 
To iit^Ur To bring forth ; to scatter about, ▼. 
Lit^Ur A sedan; straw; brood of pigs; things Ijing 
disorderly, s. 
HoruflHrUT A carriage hong between two horses, s. 
To gWitr To shine bristly ; to gleam, ▼. n. 
OWter Lustre ; bri^tnees, s. 
SpWter One who splits, s. 
Rtrmit^ter One who remits, s. 
Com-mit^Ur One wIm oosunits, s. 
Knii^ter One who knits, s. 

Frit'ter A small pancake ; a pieoe cat to be Med, t. 
Tofrii'Ur To consume by {^eecmeal, t. a. 
Spii'UT One who spits ; a yonng deer, s. 
BiifUr One who sits; a bird that broods, s. 
To tii'Ur To langh with restraint, t. 
Qwt^ter A deliTcrer, s. 
To twii^ter To make a noise like swallows, t. n. 
TwU^ter Any motion or disorder of pasnon, s. 
Wier An amphibious animal, s. 
To dottier To curd ; to hang together, y. n. 
Plot^ter A contriver ; a conspirator, s. 
Oom-plot^ter A conspirator, s. 
Bog^trot'ter One who Utcs in a boggy country, s. 
To tot^ter To be in danger of &lling, y. n. 
Wter Outside ; extreme ; complete, a. 
To ut^Ur To speak ; sell ; publish, y. 

ButUer Food made from cream, s. 
To but^ter To coyer with butter, y. a. 
Re-bui^ter An answer to a rejoinder, s. 
Swr^re-biU-Ur An answer to a rebutter, s. 

Cut^Ur A nimble sailing small yessel, 8. 
Com^cut'ter One who cuts eoms, s. 
Output A passage for water, s. 
To ffut^ier To cut in hollows, y. n. 
Shut'ter One who shuts ; a cover for a window, s. 
CUu'ter A noise ; bustle ; hurry, s. 
Tofiut^Ur To fly heavily; to be oonfhsed, v. 
rUa^ier Hurry ; disorder of mind ; conAision, n 
l^utfUr A bustle ; a conAised angry speech, s. 

VER 411 

7^ nutfUr To gramble ; to speak eonfyraedly, t. 
To wput^ter To speak hastily ; to spit much, t. 
Ex^e-cu^Ur He that performs or executes any thing, 8. 
Nm'ter Indifferent ; of neither party, a. 
Ntu'ter One who stands neuter, s. 
Di'UifUt That which dilates or thins, 8. 
PoI-WUt a defiler ; a corrupter, s. 
Tram-^mu^Ur One that transmutes, s. 
Oui^et That which is without, s. 
Oom-fu'ier A reckoner, s. 
Dit^'ter One given to disputfaig, s. 
Con^tti-tth-ter He that constitutes, s. 
Peu/ter A compound of metals, s. 
Dex^ter The right; not the left, s. 
Am-^'dex^ier One who uses both hands ; a knaye, 8. 
Prea^by-ter A priest ; a presbyterian, s. 
To a-^er^ To declare positirely, t. a. 
Bea^ver An animal ; a hat of beayer ftar, b. 
CUafver A butcher's instrument, s. 
Clea^vtr The herb cllver, s. 
Weafver One who makes threads into cloth, 8. . 
Hav'er One who possesses or holds, s. 
Hax/tT In the northern countries signifies oat8, 8. 
Shafver One who shares ; a sharp dealer, 8. 
Clao'er Clorer, s. 
To fflai/ar To flatter; to wheedle, t. 
To skn/er To drivel ; to emit spittle, ▼. n. 
Slacker Spittle; drivel, 8. 
Cfra'ver The tool and man that migrsres, s. 
En-gra'^er One who engraves on copper, silver, ftc, 8. 
To mta'ver To shake the voice ; to ^brate, v. n. 
Qua^ver A shake, s. 
Semfi-guorver Half the quantity of a quaver, s. 
To waiver To be unsettled ; to move loosely, t. n. 
Ret'eu-^ One that rescues, 8. 
Sub^u^er A conqueror ; a tamer, 8. 

JBi/er At any time; eternally; always, ad. 
8an^de-ver Salts cast up in glass-mating, 8. 
Fe^ver A disease, s. 
Toft^ver To put into a fevei^ t. a. 
A-chie^ver A performer, s. 

Be-Wver He that believes; an orthodox ehrlstlaii, 8. 
Unrbe4ie^ver An. infidel, s. 
Dit-he-Wver One who does not believe, 8. 
Mu-^fe-Ue^ver One who holds a false religion, 8. 
Be-lie^ver One that relieves, s. 
Leaver A mechanical power, s. 
Clev^er Dexterous; handsome; fit; ready, a. 
Net/er At no time, ad. 
When-ev^er At whatsoever time, ad. 
Mi-nei/er A skin with specks of iHiite, 8. 
Who-m/er Any <me, pron. 

412 VEB 

8o-€f/er A word Joined with a pronoan or adTorb, 
whoBO«Ter, whatsoever, howsooTer, ad. 
Whenet-^o-^er From what place soever, ad. 
Where-tiy-w^er In what plaoe soever, ad. 
Wkichr9(h«/er One or the other, pron. 
Whom-90-^tr Any person whatever, pron. 
WhtnTto-tf/er At whatsoever time, ad. 
WTuhw-ep^er Any without exception, pron. 
WkUh-er-^Khm/er To whatsoever place, a4. 
What-^(hev^er This or that, pron. 
ffofP^<hei/er In what manner soever, ad. 
Wher-€i/er At whatever place, ad. 

To teo^er To part by force ; to divide, v. a. 
To M-zeo'er To afi&rm with great solemnity, v. a. 
To dit-tef/er To part in two ; to disunite, v. a. 
What-ev^er This or that, pron. 
How-^er Nevertheless ; yet ; at least, ad. 
Loa'gwT A siege, s. 
To be-lea^guer To besiege a town, &c., v. a. 

InrinfgwT One who intrigues or forms plots, 8. 
HcHTong^uer An orator ; a public speaker, s. 
Ar^gu-er A disputer ; a reasoner, s. 

Di'ver One who dives, s. 
D&^v^er One who deceives, s. 
Re^^v^er One who receives ; partaker with a thief, s. 
Oonrcwo'tT One who understands, s. 
Fw-giv^er One who pardons, s. 

Hi^ver One who puts bees in hiv^ 8. 
Skh/er A piece broken off. s. 
7b tkk/tr To tremble ; to break into shivers, v. 
Oif/er One that gives, s. 
Alms' gw-er He that gives alms, s. 
Law'gkher One who makes laws, s. 

Zti/er One who lives ; part of our entrails, s. 
CaVirvo' A hand-gun ; a harquebuss, s. 
CWvtt An herb, s. 
To dt-Wer To give up ; save ; relate, ▼. a. 
To n-de-Ui/er To deliver back, v. a. 

To $Uo'er To divide longwise ; to split, v. a. 

SUi/ir A branch torn off; a slice cut off, s. 
(hU4iv'er A survivor, s. 

Rioter A large current of water, 8. 
Dri'ver One who drives, s. 
Dt-ri'vet One who derives, s. 
SkrVver A confessor, s. 
Rt-vifver One who invigorates or revives, s. 
Qun/er Nimble ; active, a. 
To guiv'er To shake ; tremble ; shiver ; shudder, v. n. 

Quiv'er A case for arrows, s. 
Sur-vi'ver One who outlives another, s. 
Sat'ver A plate with a foot, s. 
Quaeh-saVver One who boasts of salves, &c., 8. 

WBS 418 

Val^u-^ An appndser, b. 
Deb/er A digger, s. 

SU^vtr A wMte hard BMtal ; mwMj made of it, 0. 
iSW^tw Made of silver ; white ; begoiliiig, a. 
To nVver To corer with leaf aUrer, t. a. 
Quick^nlrver Mercury, 8. 
Jt&^oh/er One who reaolTes, 8. 
D%8-^Wer That which dissohres, 0. 
Cul/ver A pigeon, 8. 
Hulfver HoUy, b. 
(yver Above in place; across; before, prep. 
(yver Above the top ; throngfaout, ad. 
To eov^er To overspread ; conceal ; hide, v. a. 

Cov^er A concealment ; skreen ; shelter ; pretence, 0. 
To re<of/er To grow well again ; to regain, v. 
To di§-^ov^er To disclose ; find out ; espy, v. a. 
Moreover More than yet mentioned, ad. 
To hotter To hang overhead ; to wander, rhymeo lorer, 
cover, &C., v. n. 
Loi/er One who is in love, or that likes a tiling, 8. 
Clo^ver Trefoil grass, s. 
Olof/er One who makes or sells gloves, 8. 
Ftov^er A bird, s. 

Mo^ver One who moves ; proposes, Ac., a. 
Ro^ver A wanderer ; pirate ; fickle person, 8. 
Dro^ver One who drites cattle to market, s. 
Ap-pro^ver One who approves ; he who tries, 8. 
Dit^m/ver One that conftites, 8. 

Tro^ver An action for goods fonnd and not delirered vpoa 
demand, s. 
Maff-te€U'0^ver Proterbially, half drunk, ad. 
Ex-cKequ^er The place for the king's money, s. 
To eonfquer To ruin ; overcome ; subdue, v. 
Carv'er He who carves, s. 
Ob-aerv^er One that remarks, s. 
Be^erv^er One that reserves, s. 
Fro-terv^er One who preserves, s. 
Pwr-w/tT One who follows in a hostile manner, 8. 
Drav/er He who draws ; a sliding box in a ehtst, 0. 
Pme^draw-er One who draws up rents neatly, 8. 
Wire^draw-er One who spins wire, s. 
Tooth^drauh^ One who pulls out teeth, 8. 
Sawder One who saws timber, &c., 8. 
Taw^er A dresser of white leather, s. 
Ew^er A kind of spout; a jug tot water, o. 
Htw'er One who hews wood or stone, 8. 
8keu/er A pin to truss meat, s. 
To ^ett/er To fksten with skewers, v. a. 
Brew^er One who brews, s. 
Sew^er An officer at feasts ; a passage for wvtar; he or 

she that uses a needle, s. 
BotD^er An arbour in a garden ; aa aadior, 0; 

414 YBB 

7b im-how^er To shelter witii trees, t. ft. f ▼. m, 

lb eow^tr To sink bj bending the kneee; to shrink; stoop. 

Dowser A jointure ; a wife's portion, s. 
Wi^dow-er A man whose wife is dead, s. 

Showier Bain ; a liberal distribution, s. 
To showier To wet ; to poor down, y. a. 

Lov/tT Cloudiness ; gloominess, rhymes hour, s. 
To low^er To bring low ; reduce ; sink, pronounced lore, t. 
To low^er To appear gloomy ; to frown, rhymes hour, t. n. 

Flow^er The blossom of a plant ; meal ; prime, e. 
To fiov/tr To be in flower ; to firoth, t. n. 
CoVUrficAD-^ Cauliflower, s. 
OcoA'irjUiVMT A species of cabbage, s. 

Fol^low-€r One who follows ; a dependant, s. 
Win^novher He who winnows, s. 

Fow^tr Command; strength; ability; gorenunoit; po- 
tentate; influence; reach, s. 
To em-j^v/er To authorise ; to enable, ▼. a. 
To o-ver-jifov/er To oppress by power ; to conquer, t. a. 
Rov/er One that manages an oar, s. 
Bor^row-er He that borrows, s. 

Sov/er One who sows seed ; a promoter, s. 
Tov/er A citadel ; high building ; head drees, s. 
A-vov/er He who aTows or justifles, s. 
To an^swer To reply unto ; to resoWe, t. a. 
An^swer A reply ; a solution, s. 
Coaz^er A wheedler ; a flatterer, s. 
Tax^er One who taxes ; one who inspects bills, s. 
Vex^er He who vexes, s. 
Foxier One who fights with the fist, s. 
Lay'er A stratum ; the sprig of a plant, s. 
Briek^lay-er A brick mason, s. 

Play^er One who plays, mimics, or performs plays, s. 
Slay'er A killer ; a murderer, s. 
Man^slay-er One that has killed another, s. 
Pay'tr One that pays, s. 
Pray'er A petition ; intreaty ; importunity, 8. 
Be-tray'er He that betrays ; a traitor, s. 
• SooWsay-tr A foreteller ; a predictor, s. 
SouthUay-er A predictor, s. 
OamUay-er An opponent ; an adversary, s. 
A%-9ay'tT He who tries metal, s. 
Mon'ey-er A dealer in money ; a banker, s. 

Prey'er A robber ; devourer ; plunderer, s. 
Convey' er One who conyeys anything, s. 
Dt-fy'er A challenger, s. 
Flyfet One that flies ; the fly of a jack, s. 
(yytr A court of oyer and terminer is a judicature 
where causes are heard and determined^ s. 
JEmrphy^er One that uses or causes to be used, s. 
An-noy^er The person that annoys, s. 
Dt^iroy'er One who destroys, s. 

EIB 415 

Bwjf^ef A piurehafler ; one who Imxs, b. 
LawfytT One who praotises law ; % pleader, &o., 8. 
Sawfyw One who eaws timber, s. 
Bov/yer An archer ; a bow maker, 8. 
Bray'er One that brays ; an instrument to stir np ink, ■» 
Qc/ter One who gases, s. 
8UEr^g€hur An astronomer ; an astrologer, s. 
BU/ur One that spreads reports, s. 
Mafter A maple onp, s. 
Oar^fMn-^i-ur A Toradons eater, s. 
Ag^gran-4i'ter He that makes another great, 8. 
B&-8€i^zer One that seises again, s. 
Mar^at^-ter He who moralises, s. 
Cv/iVi-ner He that redMms others firom sarageness, s. 
Tem^jpo-ri-Mer A time-senrer ; a trimmer, 8. 
Pri^Mer One who Talues, s. 
Si'ur A rank of students at college, s. 
A9-tVMer An officer who has the care of weij^ts, Ac, s. 
Dog^ma^irur A magisterial teacher, 8. 
Bap-H^zer One who cristens, s. 
An^a^ly-aar Tliat which has the power of analyiing, s. 

Bta'ter A whisperer, s. [tare, s. 

Air The element in which we breathe; tune; ges- 
To air To giye or take air, t. a. 
Fair Beautiful; white; clear; not cloudy; just, a. 
Fair Oentlj ; ciTilly ; on good terms, ad. 
Fair The female sex ; a free market ; honesty, s. 
Af'fair^ Business ; matter ; thing, s. 
Utirfair^ Disingenuous ; not hon^ a. 

Hair One of the ooTerings of the body, 8. 
Chair A moreable seat; a sedan, s. 
Arm-thair^ An elbow chair, s. 
Ml-how-<hmr^ A chair with arms, s. 
Hone^hair The hair of horses, s. 
Mi/hair Stuff made of camels' ix other hair, s. 
Lair The bed of a boar or wild beast, s. 
DetMHMk^ Elegant; well-bred; civil, a. 

Potr Two things suiting one another ; a couple, s. 
Topmr To join in couples ; to suit, t. 
To re-pair^ To mend; fill up anew; go unto, t. 

Bo^Ktir^ A reparation ; supply of loss ; abode, s. 
To im^pair^ To lessen ; injure ; make worse, t. a. 
Im-pair^ Diminution ; injury, s. 
De-tpair^ Hopeless state, s. 
To de-tpair^ To be without hope, t^ n. 
Cor'tmr A pirate, s. 

iSSfotr A step to ascend by, s. 
TTotr A particular piece of timber s. 
Nafdir The point opposite to the senith, s. 

Em He who inherits by law> rhymes care, 8. 
^ A«tr To inherit, y. a. 
Co'Mr A joint heir, 8. 

416 lOB 

7%eir Of tktm, pno. poasb of tlMj, ili jbm tare. 

Fir A tree, rl^rsee enr, s. 
CAotr Part of a ekwek ; naeen^ ^jmee fire, 8. 
Me-mair^ An acoonnt of U17 thisg, a. 
JB^-eri'toir^ A kind <tf desk on a efaeet of drawers, 8. 
Mon-toir^ A stone to mount a korse from, s. 
De-^Doir^ Serrioe ; an act of oivilitj, s. 
Rea-^T-voir^ A large ooBserratory of water, s^ 
Sir A word of respect, rhynee ear, ik 
To $tir To moTO ; incite ; animate, rhymes oar, ▼. a. 
Stir A tamult ; bustle ; agitation, s. 
lb be-ttir^ To moTO quickly or much, f. a. » 

E-Ux^ir The quinteseenoe ; a medicine ; a cordial, s. 
Or Gold in heraldry, rhymes pore, four, fto., s. 
Or Either, ee^|. 
Amrha8^$a-4or A representiTe oi a prince or state, sent npon 

* business to foreign powers, s. 
Bm'ba»'9€rdor One sent en a public message, s. 

Cor^ri-dar Covert way round fortifioatioiis, 4^, s. 
Splm^dor Lustre; magnificence; poBp,.s. 
Lau'i^*ar^ A French gold coin, vslue about 17t. 
Lew-it-d^or^ A French gold coin, value 17«. 

Mefi&^tr A preternatural appearance in the sky, s. 

For Prep, whose various significations see in Johnson. 
Ufirlook^edrfor Unexpected ; not foreseen, a. 
Un-hf/ped-for Not expected, a. 

Fra'gor A noise ; a crack ; a crash, a. 
AVgoT Extreme cold; chillness, s. 
To ab-hor^ To hate ; detest ; dislike much, v. a.* 
Anchor A species of the herpes ; scald head, s. 
Pchor A thin watery humour like serum, s. 
An^chor An iron to hold a ship, s. 
To an^ehor To cast an anchor ; to rest on, v. a. 
Skeet^an-ehor The largest anchor ; chief support, s. 
Met^a-phor A change from natural to figurative, s. 
Au^thor A beginner ; inventor ; writer, s. 
Ma^jor Greater ; senior, a. 
Ma^jor An officer in the army ; a term in logic, s. 
Drum-ma^jor The chief drummer, s. 
Se^ni-or Older than another, a. 
Se^ni-or One older than another, s. 
Seign^i-or A lord, with the Italians, s. 
Ju^ni-or The younger, a. 
In-ftfri-oT Lower, a. 
In-ftfri-^ir A person of lower rank, s. . 
Su-pe^ri-or Higher; greater; preferable, a. 
Surpe^ri-or One more excellent or dignified, •• 
An-U^ri'Or Former ; going before, a. 
In-tyri-or Internal; inward, a. 
Pot-Wri-or Following ; backward, a. 
JSx-te^ri-or Outward ; external, a. 
War^ri-or A soldier, s. 

ROB 41T 

Squa'loT NastinesB ; coftreeoess, s. 
Baek'e4or An unmarried man; one who takes his first 
degree in any profession, s. 
8ail/or A seaman, s. 
T€ti^lor One who makes men's olothes, s. 
CfuMfcelrlor A great officer of state, s. 
Vk^ehan-cMcr Second magistrate in nniTsrsitiee, s. 
Cre^moT A milky substance, s. 
Trt^mor A quiTcring motion, s. 

Nor A negative particle, oonj. 
Mem.' or A lord's jurisdiction, s. 
D&-mean'or Carriage; behayiour, s. 
Mit-^i^-fnean'or An offence ; ill behaTionr, s. 
AUi'tHMT A kind of digesting fhmace, s. 

Tm'or Continuity of state ; sound in music ; purport, s. 
^ Mi'nor Potty; inconsiderable; lees, a. 

Mi'nor One under age ; the second proposition, s. 
AUWmi-nor One who paints on paper, s. 
Di/ncT A giTer; a beetower, s. 
Honfor Dignity; reputation; Tirtue, s. 
To hoftfor To reyerence ; to di^^iify, t. a. 
MoiUh'honror A pretended regard, s. 

Dit-hon'or Reproach ; disgrace ; censure, s. 
To da-hon'or To disgrace; to deflour, t. a. 
Mam-per'nor Surety; bail, s. 
Ooi/em-or One who has high authority; a tutor, s. 
Boor A clown ; a lout, s. 

Door A gate of a house ; an opening, rhymes ore, ■• 
Bat'tie-door An instrument to strike shuttlecocks, s. 
Back-door The door behind the house, & 
Trapdoor A door in the floor or roof, s. 
Death* t'door A near approach to death, s. 

Floor The bottom of a room, &c., rhymes ore, s. 
To floor To lay a bottom to a room, t. a. 
Qround'floor The lower story of a house, s. 
Thrath'inff'floor An area to beat com in, s. 

Moor A negro ; a marsh ; watery ground, s. 
To moor To fasten; to fix with anchors, t. a. 
BUuk^Ormoor A negro, s. 
Blackfmoor A negro, s. 
To un-moor' To heave up an anchor, t. a. 

Foor Indigent; mean; paltiy; unhappy, a. 
Sa'por Taste; power of affecting the piOate, s. 
Te'jHfr Lukewarmness, s. 
Tor'por Dulness ; numbness, s. Latin. 
Stufjpor Suspension or diminution of sensibility, s. 
Em'per-or A monarch superior to a Idng, s. 
Con'quer-or One who orercomes, s. 

Br'ror A mistake ; blunder ; sin ; />ffeiioe, s. 
Ttr'ror Fear; the cause of fear, s. 
Mtr^ror A looking-glasB ; a pattern, s. 
Hor'ror Terror ; dreariness ; gloomineiSi s. 

418 TOR 

Ju'tw a jw r j F — ; oae of ft joy, ■- 
Kmfjm^rcr Om who Teftisa to swear anpgifctr, t. 

In-iirwr A tooth so eaDwl; tke e«tter, s. 
Cop^m-sor One who passes s tps to mnotkcr, s. 
M€-€og^ni-mr Hs who gircs th« reoogmsance, a. 
Ftf^or A aask ased to disguise, s. 
Di-irifm>r The aaaber given to dtride bj, a. 
athf«r-vif9or An oT crs ea r ; aa inspaetor, s. 

Cenfwr A Roman magistrate who taxed estates, a. 
In-ttmfwr One who prorokes or inflames, s. 
Ex-tenfwr The masele bj which anj limb is ex t ended, a. 

8pcnf9or A surety; godfMher; proxy, s. 
De-fwr'wr He who casts oat by force, s. 

Cf'tor One who inenrs a penalty by dday, a. 
Sm^u'wr One who suooeeds another, s. 
Pred^e-ce9-9or One going before, s. 
Ai^U-ca-fir One who goes before another, a. 
In^ter-ce»-^or A mediator; an agent, s. 
Conrfet'tor One iHio hears confessions, s. 
C<m'fea^9or One who saffers for religion, s. 
Pro-ftM^mr A pmblic teacher of some art, a. 

Le$^$or One who grants a lease, a 
Ag^et^miT The asssnlter or inTsder, a. 
TroM-gret^wr A lawbreaker ; sinner ; olTender, a. 
D^^prt^mrr He that keeps or presses down, s. 
Op-fTt^wr One who oppresses others, a 
Shf^ea^9or One that suppresses or emshes, a. 
OMwer^jor One that sits with others, s. 
A9'm»^9or One who sits by a judge; one who lays taxes, a 
Fo$'set^tor An owner; master; proprietor, s. 
Seia^sar A smsll psir of shears, &o., s. 
Tor A tower; a high pointed rock, s. 
Per-^ttr-baftor A raiser of commotions, s. 
Dof^re-co'tor An excuser, s. 
JDed't'Ca-tor One who dedicates, s. 
VWdi-cortor One who findicates, s. 
Pae-i-fi-eaftor A peace maker, s. 
Sac-Ti-Ji^<a^tor One who offers a saeriice, s. 
Ver-si-firca'tor A versifier ; a maker of verses, a. 
Ta-ti-fi-ca^tor One who witnesses, s. 
Jtu-ti-fi-ea'tor One who defends or justifies, s. 
Mulrti^-ea^tm' That which multiplies, s. 

JExyli-ca^tor An expounder ; an interj^eter, a. 
For^ni'ca-ior A whoremonger, s. 
Pre-var^i'Ca-tor A shuffler ; a caviller, s. 
So-phit^ti-eortor An adulterator, s. 
Prog-noi'ti-ca'tor One who foretells, s. 
E-quiv^o-ca-toT One who equivocates, s. 
D^f-^'Un A robber ; a devourer, s. 
JS-tu^ei-da-tor An explainer; an expositor, s. 

Man-da^ tor A director ; a commander, s. 
Sm-^nrdt/tor A eoirector ; an improver, s. 

TOR 419 

B^-^iktiOfor One who obBerres tke eioliem t s of th« king, 0. 
Exrcheat'or See Esckeator, 
Cr&^tor One who gives existence ; God, s. 
Proe-re-a^tor Generator; begetter, s. 
In^da-gaftor A searcher; an examiner, 8. 
Pnhporga^tor A spreader ; a producer, s. 
Ltg'orioT One who leaves legacies, s. 
Al-Urgaftor Chieflj the crocodile of America, s. 
In-tti-ga^tor One who incites to ill, s. 
NaoMrga'tor One who goTems or pilots a ship, s. 
Fro-mtU-ga^tor A pablisher ; an open teacher, t 
In-Ur-ro-ga^tor An asker of questions, s 
Com-pur-ga^tor Witness to the credibility of another, s. 
D&^nunrdra'tor He who informs or proclaims, s. 
Oktd^-a^ior A sword player ; a prize-fighter, s. 
Me-dira'tor An intercessor; an adyiser, s. 
In-nd-ira^tor One who lies in wait, s. 
Con-cUri-a^tor One that makes peace, s. 
O-pm-i-a^tor An obstinate stubborn person, s. 
Cit-lum-nira^tar A false accuser ; a slanderer, s. 
Im^o-prira'ior A layman possoBsed of church lands, s. 
Ap-fTo-prira^tor One possessed of an appropriated benefice, s. 
Cen-tu-ri-a^tar He who divides time into centniieSy s. 
Pro-pU'i-a-ior One who propitiates, s. 
Ne-go^U-cL-tor One employed to treat, 8. 
Ah-bre^vf-a-ior. One who abridges, s. 

De-ia^tar An accuser ;^an informer, s. 
Di-Wtor That which widens or extends, s. 
Vm-tirki^tar An engine to supply air, s. 
Col-la^ tor One who compares or prefers, b. 
Viro4a^ior One who violates, s. 
In-ter^po-ia-tor One who puts false passages into books, &c., s. 

Con-^o-la^tar A comforter, s. 
Conrtem-pla^tor One employed in study, s. 
Leg-u4afior A lawgiver, s. 

TramAaftor One who turns into another language, s. 
Pee^u-la-tor A robber of the public, s. 
Spee^urla-tor One who forms theories ; a watcher, a. 
Valfeu-lct-tor A reckoner ; a computer, s. 
In-^x/urithtar One who inoculates, s. 
Ad-u-Wior A flatterer, s. 

Mod^U'la-tor One who forms sounds to a key in music, &c., a. 
Co-ag'u-Wior That which causes coagulation, s. 

Reg^u4a^tor That which regulates, s. 
Dee-la-ma^tor One who declaims, s. 
Em^u-la-tor A rival ; a competitor, s. 
Ae^u^mu-la-tor He that accumulates, s. 
Dt'pcp'u^la-tor A destroyer of mankind, s. 
Ex^^tu-la-tor One who debates with another, s. 
An^tm-a-tor That which gives life, s. 
Bi^thma-tor A setUer of rates, s. 
Con-far-mafior An attester; an establisher, s. 

420 TOR 

8m^^4or A pobBe Mimsdlor, s. 

tkoMmoe-i^M^Ufr A premdier; % ^[Mechraftker, s. 

Dec-4i-na^tor An ioBtnimeiit in diftlling, s. 

JKE-ajn-f-na^lor An examiner ; an inqnirer, 8. 

JHt^em i nt/ior He that seatten ; a spreader, 8. 

Me-cnm^i^na-UfT He who returns one charge with anotiber, s. 

Ikm^i-na-tor The preriding power, a. 
De-nam^i-na-tor The giTer of a nune ; an arithmetical term, 8. 
De-Ur^mi-nthtar One fHio determines, s. 
Sz-4er^mi^na'U)r That which destroys, s. 
HWmi^nortor One iHio giyes light, s. 
Op-irna'tor One who holds an opinion, 8. 
U-^ri-naftoT A direr, 8. 
At^at^n-wt-ior A mnrderer ; a manHDer, 8. 
Pro-eras^ti-mUor A dilatory person, s. 
Pre-de$^tMUhtor One who holds predestination, 8. 
Coihifiu^ti-na-tor That which unites wonnds, 8. 
Ej^Ur^porior One who roots out; a destroyer, a. 
Sq/a-ra-tor One who dirides ; a ditider, s. 

Frthna^tor A mnsde of the radios to torn the pafan down, i 
Mod^er-orior One who roles ; restrains ; preades, s. 
NuffM-ra-tor A number which measures others, 8. 
Oenfer-a-tor That which begets or prodnoes, s. 
Vm'er'a-Uyr One who rererences, s. 
Op'er'a-Uyr One who operates, s. 
Co-^er<irU>r One who jointly endeaTomrs, s. 
Con-tpir^thtor A plotter, s. 

Or^a-iar An eloquent man ; a petitioner, ■. 
Deefihra-tor An adomer, s. 
Per^ftM'artor The instrument of boring, 8. 
JSjc^lo-ra^tor One who searches, s. 
Bar^rortor A wrangler, s. 
Nar^c/tor A teller ; a relator, s. 
Ar^bi'tra-ior A determiner; judge; president, 8. 
Seq-uet-ira'tor He who deprives one of profits, 8. 
jLd-mmti-^tra^tor He that administers, s. 
De-mon^ttra-tor One that proves or teaches, 8. 
(hi^a'ioT One who manages or directs, 8. 
ProefvrTOrtor A manager ; an agent, s. 

Put^ta'tor A striker ; a beater, s. 
Du-pmsa^tor One who deals out or distributes, 8. 
Oht-^a'tor A commentator, s. 
Cau^ta-tor A causer ; an author, 8. 
Spee-ta'tor A looker-on; a beholder, s. 
Sec-taftor A follower ; a disciple, s. 
In-Mec-ta'tor One who harasses with pursuit, b. 
DiC'ta'tor A ruler; an absolute magistrate, 8. 
Ounc-tc/tor One who delays or lingers, s. 
Hab-it-a'tor An inhabitant, s. 
Ag'i-ta-tor He who manages affairs, 8. 
Im'uia-tor One who copies another, s. 
Com-mm-ta^tor An expositor ; annotator, s. 

TOR 421 

AfHUhtt/tor A writer of notes ; a oommentator, s. 
Ra-ta'tor That which gives a circular motion, s. 
Tet-ta'tor A man who leaves a will, s. 
Seru-ta^tor An inquirer ; searcher ; examiner, s. 

Le-va'tor A ohirurgical instrument, s. 
EVe-wi'tor A raiser or lifter up, s. 
Cul^tirva-tor One who improves or promotes, s. 
VayuHt-tar An appraiser, s. 
In-tm^u-O'tor He who insinuates, s. 
Con'tin^U'thtar One who continues a thing, &c., s. 
NfM>a/tor The introducer of something new, s. 
In^no-va-tor The introducer of novelties, s. 

B-qua'tor A line dividing the globe into two equal parts, ■• 
Ob-uf-va^tor One that remarks, s. 
Con-ser-va^tor A preserver ; a defender, s. 
Debitor One who is in debt, s. 
Aei^or One who acts on a stage ; a doer, s. 
Factor An agent for another, s. 
Bn-aet^or One who enacts, s. 
Malrt-ffufUyr An offender against law, s. 
Benr-e-faeftor He who confers a benefit, s. 
Con-trae^tor One who makes bargains, s. 
Ai-traet'oT One who attracts, s. 
JSx-traet^or That by which any thing is extracted, s. 
Ef 'feet' or One who effects ; a maker, s. 
Htcftor A blustering noisy fellow, s. 
To het/tor To threaten ; to play the bully, t. 
Ob^ect'or One who objects, s. 
Con-jecifoT A gnesser, s. 

Pro^eet'or One who forms schemes or designs, s. 
E-Uct'or One who elects'; title of some German princes, ■• 
Se-Ud'or He who selects, s. 
R&-flect'or One who reflects, s. 
Col-Uct'or A gatherer ; a tax-gatherer, s. 
In-tpect'or A superintendent ; a nice examiner, s. 

Bee' tar A minister of a parish; ruler; president, s. 
Sulhrei/tor A rector's deputy, s. 
Dirrect'or A superintendaitt ; a ruler, s. 
Cor^eU'ar One who punishes or corrects, s. 

See' tor A geometrical instrument, s. 
Pro-teei'or A defender ; support ; regent, s. 
Fre^dici'or One who foretells, s. 
Lic'tor A beadle, s. 
Con^ttrict'or That which compresses or contracts, s. 
Vie'ior A conqueror, s. 

Doe'tor A degree in divinify, physio, law, &c, 8. 
2h doe' tor To physic; to cure, v. a. 
Proe'tor An attorney in the spiritual court ; an officer m % 
university, s. 
Alh-duct'or Any muscle that contracts, s. 
Conrduct'or A leader; director; general, s. 
De-ttnact'or One who destroys, s. 

^ TOR 

Jl^lruct'tr Abwlctor; •*'lf**«»' •• 
•^ j^ter A stink; a .teach, a. 

.# 7 A »n«RMsor in hi« own rigns »• 

iV^«'^ One /ko U«4b the oho^. 


Maxtor A mover, 8. «,« ■ 

cSX He who takes » prisoner, Ac- »• 
n*Zl'or A teacher; a tutor, s. 
^c?«^ One who is in his rudiment^ .. 
Ez-etjit'or An objector, a. 

aIIi'Z He who ai<ta or •»oonra««; ai^ther, s. 
^<m'i^ A favourer; » countenancer^ 
^„„j,^tor One who bears or gives a part, s. 
'':C^ A purser of «y P-W •• 

P^W^ The speaker of a oonyocation, s. 
/.S^^C One who talk, with another, s. 
Aih'u'tor A helper, s. 

no-ad-iu'tor An assistant, 8. 

rL'Uyr One who instruct. ; a P"««Pt«;^ , . 
JV, to'tor To treat with supenonty ; to tweh, T. •. 

OUR 428 

Ltfttirtvhior Oo% irlio mttlee or instnwts, s. 

FafvoT CoontenMioe ; rapport; reMinbkaoe; a knot of 
ribbons on a hat, &c., s. 
Tofa'vw To support ; assist ; spare, t. a. 
Dis-fa'vor Disconntenanee ; dislike ; ugliness, •. 
To dM-fa'voT To disooontenanoe, t. a. 
FWvor Taste ; smell ; fragrance, t. 
LanfguoT Faintnees ; heaiinets of spirit, s. 
FWor A flnid state, s. 
lAq^uor Anj liqnor; strong drink, s. 
To liq^uar To drench, ▼. a. 

Fer^vor Zeal ; heat ; passion, s. 

FUx'or General name of mnsoles that act in oontraoting 

the joints, s. 
May^or A chief magistrate of a corporation, s. 
FwMaey'or One who pi^des lictoals, &c.» s. 
Surety' or An OTcrseer; a measurer, s. 
DiM-zeifzfjT He who dispo ssesses , s. 

7b «rr To go ont oif the waj ; to mistake, t. a. 
To 9err To press close ; to cbriTC together, t. a. 
To wMrr To make a noise like the i^ht of a pheasant, t. n. 

Burr The lap of the ear, t. 
To whtsrr To pronounce the letter R too forcibly, ▼. n. 
To purr To sing like a cat, t. n. 
Cen'taur A poetical being, half man half horse, s. 
Bgf-po-^en^taur A monster, half horse half man, s. 
Mtn^o-iaur A monster, half man half boll, s. 
Bur Rough head of the wild dock, s. 
Cur A dog^ a bad man, s. 
To e9r^<ur^ To agree in one opinion ; meet; help, t. n. 
To tn-cnK To become liable, t. a. 
Cfran^deur State; magniiloence, s. 
Mon-^ieur^ A compellation in French, equiTslest to Bir, s. 
Conrnoit-^eur^ A critic; a Judge of letters, &c., s. 

ISir The skin of anhnals haTing soft hair, s. 
Fur^M ChaiT; scurf; &c, s. Lai. 
Sul^phur Brimstone^ s. 

Blur A blot ; spot ; mistake, 8. 
To blur To blot; stain; hurt; let flj, t. 
To ilur To sullj; cheat; pass Ught^, T. a. 
Slur A slight disgrace, a. 
To de-mur^ To doubt; hesitate; delaj, t. b, 

De-mur^ A doubt ; hesitation ; objection ; delay, s. 
To mur^mur To grumble ; to mutter, t. n. 

Mur^mur A priTate o<miplaint ; a grumbling, a. 
Kmir A knot or hard substance, s. 
Our Pertaining or belonging to us, pro^ ; 
La^bour Pains ; toil ; childbirtb, s. 
To Whour To toil; work; be in traTsil, ▼. 
To be-la^bcttr To thump hard ; to beat, ▼. a. 
To o~ver-la^bour To take too much pains, t. a. 
JOay'lorhour Labour by the day, s. 

424 OUB 

Ta^how A small dmm best«n with one stiok, 8. 
Netgk^bftwr One who lives near another, s. 

Ar'hour A bower ; a seat shaded with trees, s. 
Har^bour A port ; shelter ; lodging, s. . 
7\> har^bowr To shelter ; to entertain, t. a. 
To wefcour To help ; assist in distress ; relieTe, t. a. 
StK/cour Aid; assistance; help, s. 
Ran^cour Inveterate hatred ; implacaUe maliee, s. 
Mar^eour Leanness, s. 

lb Bcour To clean by mbbing ; be purged ; scamper, t. 
Can^douT Candidness ; sweetness of temper, e. 
Splen^dour Lustre; magnifioenoe; pomp, s. 
(ydovr A scent, good or bad ; fragrance, s. 
Four Twice two, rhymes ore, pore, &c., a. 
R^our Cold: severity; strictness; rage, s. 
Yig'our Foijrce ; strength ; efficacy, s. 
Fid^gow Dazzling brightness, s. 
Clan'gow A sharp shrill noise, s. 

Hour The twenty-fourth part of a day, s. 
In-fe^ri-^ntr See If^erior^ a. 
Su^pe^rirour See Superior y a. 
In-te^ri-our See Interior^ a. 
Ex-te^ri-our See Etteriory a. 
War^ri-our See Warrior^ s. 
Ha^vi'our Conduct; manners, s. 
Be-ha^vi^our Conduct ; course of life, s. 
Mia-htrha^vi-our 111 conduct ; bad practice, s. « 

Sa^vinour A redeemer ; he who saves mankind, s. 
Vayoim Personal bravery ; prowess r courage, s. 
Flour Meal, &c., more properly Flower ^ which see, ■. 
To de-flottr^ To ravish ; to take away beauty, v. a. 
Col^our Appearance of bodies to the eye ; dye, s. 
To eoVowt Tor mark with some colour ; to blush, v. 
Con<oVour Being of one colour, a. 
To dia-coVour To stain ; to change colour, v. a. 

DoVour Grief; sorrow; pain; lamentation, 8. 
Far^lour A lower room for entertainment, s. 
A-mour^ A love intrigtie, s. 
Olam^our Noise; disturbance, s. 
To dam' our To exclaim ; to make a noise, v. n. 
To en-am'our To inflame with love, v. a. 
Far' armour A lover; wooer; mistress, s. 
Trt^TMur A quivering motion, s. 
Ar'vMur Defensive arms to cover a body, 8. 
Hu'mour Moisture ; whim ; jocularity, s. 
To hu'mour To qualify ; soothe ; comply with, v. a. 
Dit'hufmour Peevishness; ill-nature, s. 
Ru'mour A flying report, s. 
To ru'mour To spread a report, v. a. 

Tki'mour A morbid swellmg ; puffy grandeur, b. 
De-mean'our Carriage; behaviour, s. 
Tm'our See Teiwr, s. 

IAS 42S 

Hon' our See Sbnor, 9. 

MotUh^hon-our See Mouthhonor, s. 

Dit-hon^our See Dishonor, s. 

Oof/erti-our Se^ Governor, 8. 

To pour To emit liqnidB; to rain heaTily, t. 
Va'pour Fume; spleen; wind, s. 
To va^pouT To fly off in fame ; bnlly ; brag, t. 
To out-pour^ To emit ; send forth in a stream, y. a. 
Emfper-ow See Emperor, ■. 
Er^rour See Error, 8. 
Hor^rour See Horror, s. 

5t>ur Acid ; peevish ; painf ol, a. 
To eowr To make or grow discontented, add, or harsh, t. 
Vcn/orsour A lord, next below a baron, s. Obsolete. 
Cop^nisomr See Cognieor, s. y 

Svc^cet-eour See Suceeaeor, s. 
/fM«r-«et<-«otir See InUreeeeor, s. 

Tottr A journey ; ramble ; torn, riiymes poor, s. 
Oe-Un-ta^touT A boaster, s. 

Con-tour' The outline of a figore, s. 
JSyi-<l«it^wr A labour for some end, s. 
To en-4eaf/our To strive ; attempt; try, t. b. 
Fa'vour See Favor, s. 
IHe-fa^vour See Ditfaoor, s. 
FWvour See Flavor, s. 

SafvouT A scent; odour ; taste, s. [taste of, t. 

7b ta'vowr To have a smell or taste ; betoken ; exhibit ; 
7b de-vour' To eat raTenously ; to consume, y. a. 
Fer'vour See J*«n»r. 

Jbiir Belonging to you, rhymes pure, pronoun. 
S^r A prick ; incitement ; post, s. 
To tpw To prick with a spur ; incite, ▼. 
Hoi' spur A heady passionate man ; a pea, s. 

Sw In composition, means upon, or orer and aboYe, ■• 

^ In the same manner, coqj. 
8ihper'9e'd6-iu In law, a particular kind of writ» •. 

Oal-Je-as' A heary low-built vessel, s. 
ComrmotirpUa$' A court of judicature, s. 

Fan'ere-^u The sweetbread, s. [Obsolete. 

Where-ae' When on the contrary; at which placa, ad. 
Bo're-ae The north wind, s. 

Oat A spirit not capable of being coagulated, s. 
Hat HaUi; third person singular of the Yerb to 

Bi'at Inclination ; bent ; weight on one side» •. 
To Wat To incline partially; to prep oos ee s, y. a^ 
Sei^e-fa'ci-^ In law, a kind of writ, s. 
A'Urot Otherwise, ad. 

Ni'at Simple ; silly ; foolish, a. 
Ca^pirot A writ of execution, s. 

4M lOS 

A-lat' Token of sorrow or |»iCy, intei). 
Br-f-^g/&4<u A disoMe called St Anthony's tit, ■. 
Jjflat A collection of mspe, s. 
Dow^la$ A eoerse strong linen, s. 
Om^dl^-mas Feest of the PorUlcation of tiie Blessed Virgin, a. 
JI!eA^a€{-0iaf The feut of 8t Miohmel, s. 

Lam^wuu The first of Aognst ; when the perochial dergj eol* 
leeted their tithes in lambs, s. 
Mar^tm-mat The feast of St Martin, s. 
C^^rist^moM The feast of the natiTlty of Christy a. 
A-na^nat The pioe-apple, s. 

Pas A right of precedence, s. 
IHp^a$ (Or D^tma) A serpent whose Ute onu ses thirst, b. 
Cop'ptfHu A sort of Titriol, s. 

Ar^nu Tapestry, so called ftrom Arras, in Flanders, s. 
!7b em-bar^ras To perplex ; entangle ; distress, t. a. 

Wiu Preterit of to be, prono un ced nearly as warn. 
'TtP4u Contraction of it was. 
Cat^a-^ombt Burial places, s. 

Sorbs Berries of tiie sorb or sendee tree, s. 
MuVU-ffrubt A twisting of the guts ; snllenness, s. 
Oe-neth^U^Mct Science of calculating natirities, s. 
Beeh^ks Medicine for coughs, s. 
Eih^ie$ The doctrine of morality, s. 
Rd'ict The remains of bodies, pi. s. 
Tro-ekiViet The science of rotary motion, s. 
Bu-col^iet Pastoral songs or poems; pL s. 
Hy^au^Uet Science of conTcying water, s. 
Oec-o-fumi'iet Management of household affairs, s. 
Or-tho^rom^ia The art of sailing in the arc of some great tnrolA, ■. 

Me-ehan'ies The science of motion, s. 
Pffr-o-teeh^mcM !rhe art of making fireworks, pi. s. 
Ethernet Helens, s. 

Convict The doctrine of conic sections, s. 
Phon^iet The doctrine of sounds, s. 
MM-mon'iet The art of memory, s. 
Ctno-mon'iet The art of dlalliiig, s. 
Qt-o-pon^iet Doctrine of agriciSture, s. 
Hys-ter^ict Fits of women, pi. s. 
JOi-cj/ tries A part of optics treating of the different refractions 

of the light, B. 
0&-toj/triet A part of optics treating of rision by reflection, s. 
Phys^ies Natural philosophy, pi. s. 
Met-a-phys^ia The science of mind, s. 
Maihr^-mai^iet The science of number and measure, & 
Pnm-matfies The doctrine of the air, s. 

Statutes The science of weighing bodies, s. 
JBy-tko-ttat^iet The science of weighing fluids, s. 

Tat/tie$ Art of ranging in OTder of battle, s. 
Cyn-^get^ies The art of hunting, s. [going syllable, s. 

En-dU^icM Particles that throw back the accent on the fore* 
Pol^i'Uet The science of goYomm^t, s. 

DES 427 

Ee-eo-prot'iet Gentle purgatives of the belly, 8. 
An-orcamp'tica The doctrine of reflected light, 8. 
(^'lia The science of yision, pL s. 
Fe-paa^iies Medicines against crudities, s. [ing, 8. 

A-ama^iies Doctrine of sounds ; medicines to help the hear- 
IH-a-CQus'tiei The doctrine of sounds, s. 

Becida Drops for the neck ; balls to count prajers, 8. 
JSy'ada A watery constellation, s. 
Dry^ads Nymphs of the wood, s. pi. 

Odda More than an even number or wager, s. 
Needs Indispensably ; necessarily, ad. 
Bridesmaids Attendants on a bride and bridegroom, 8. 
Hem^or^hoids The pUes, s. 
Em'er-oidi The piles, s. 

Liq^uids The four letters L, M, N, B, 8. 
T^am^bandt The militia, s. 
Low'lands A low country ; a marsh, s. 
Quick^sanda Sinking sands, s. ** 

Cal^enda The first day of a month, s. 
A-manda^ Recompense; satisfaction, s. 

Oooda Furniture ; ware ; merchandise, pi. 8. 
Bm^er-oda The piles, s. 

ffarda Reftise or coarser part of flax, s. 
BiVli-arda A game with balls, s. 
Hame^warda Towards home, ad. 
Back^warda Back ; in times past, ad.^ 

In'warda Towards the inside, ad. 
Downfwarda From higher to lower, ad. 
To^warda In a direction to, prep. 
Ti/warda Near ; at hand, ad. 
Hith^er-warda Towards this place, ad. 
Ibr^warda Progressively, ad. 
OtU^warda Towards the out parts, ad. 
ITurda The refuse of hemp or flax, s. 
Suda laxiyium of soap and water ; a difficulty, s. 
JWjvhea A plant and its fruit, s. [gular» >- 

Qra'cea Good graces for favour, seldom used in the siu- 
Fa'cea Settlings ; excrements ; dregs, pi. s. 
Fe^cea Settlings ; excrements ; dregs, pi. s. 
DerWeta Pleasures, pL s. 
Prem^i-cea First fruits, s. 
A-pi^cea Little knobs growing in the middle of a flower, 8. 
Land^/or-cea Soldiers that serve on land, s. 
Faa'cea Rods carried before consuls, pi. 8. 
PWi-'a-dea A northern constellation ; the seven stars, 8. 
CroU'padea^ Higher leaps than curvets in horsemanship, 8. 

ny^a-dea The seven stars, s. 
Mil-Up^e-dea Wood lice, s. 

Idea A term of time amongst the Romans, 8. 
Ar-ach-noi'dea One of the tunics of the eye, s. 

Aa-an^i-dea Little worms in the rectum, 8. 
Can-thar^i-dea Spanish flies for blisters, s. 

426 LES 

B&'sidet^ Neur, prep. 
Be^idet^ Over and above, ad. 
Hy-datH'det LitUe traDBparent bladders of water^ 8. 
Car^-at^i-dea Pilasters under the figures of ^womeo, s. 
Anrtip^9-d$8 Those who live on the other nde of the ^obe, and 
have their feet opposite to ours, s. 
Sordet Foulness; dregs, s. 
Cul^deet^ Monks in Scotland, s. 
Lees Dregs ; sediment, s. 

CUe9 Two parts of the feet of doren-footed beasts, s. 
Am-ba'gei Circumlocution, s, 
CQm-pa'gu A substance of many parts united, s. 
Wa^gtM Hire or reward for service, jd. s. 
Board'wa'gti Allowance for victuals, s. 
Pres^iirget Impostures ; juggling tricks, s. 
Breech^es The covering of the breech, pL ■» 

Rieh^a Plenty of money or possessions, pi. s. 
March^ea Borders; the limits of a countty, pL s. 
Latch^es In a ship, small lines like loops, s. 
A$h^ea Remains of what is burnt; dust of a dead body, p. a. 
Spat'ter-doik'^ Coverings for the legs, s. 
SUh^et Times, s. 
Clothei Raiment; garments, •. 
Spe^d-es A sort ; class of nature ; money, 8. 
Su-per-Ju/ies Outside ; surface, s. 
Effi-gies Resemblance ; image, s. 
Or^gies Mad rites *of Bacchus ; frantic revels^ •. 
Sa'ni-ei Thin matter ; a serous excretion, s. 
Ca^ri-ea Rottenness, s. 
Ata-^Vi-a-riea Troops assisting another nation, s. 

Con^ira-riet Propositions that destroy each other, s. 
ITet/es-ta-riea ^Things needful for life, pL s. 
Con-ge^ri-ea A mass of small bodies, s. 

Se^riea A sequence ; course ; order, s. 
E-iiwni/u>r4et Part of the body where- something ezorementitioiis 
is separated, s. 
0y9e-^[uiea Funend rites, s. 
Bz^e-quiea Funeral rites, pL 8. 
Jakes A privy, s. 
Move^a-bles Qoods; furniture, &c., s. 
Tabbies Used for backgammon, pi. s. 
Sham'blea The place where butchers meat is sold, f. 
Man^a-cles Chains for the hands, s. 

Ron^dlee A round mass, s. 
I-aoa^ce-les A triangle having only two sides equal, 8. 
Oaf^flea Artificial spurs upon cocks, pL 8. 
Pai^glea Flowers called cowslips, s. 
Stran^glea A disease in horses, 8. 
Shin^glea A distemper, s. 
Whika As long as, ad. 
Ere^whilea Some time ago, ad. 
Shof/kUa Fetters ; difficulties, pL 8. 

T E S 429 

Cat'hoUt In A ship,*' two little holes astern, s. 
Pur^plea The spots in a feyer, s. 
Mea'tUs A disease in men, swine, and trees, B. 
Wat^Uet Hurdles of willows ; cocks' gills, pL 8. 

ChUea In heraldry, red, s. 
IWuUt In astronomy, the sights of an astrolabe, 8. 
Be-timu^ Early ; soon ; seasonably, ad. 
Some^times Now and then, ad. 
After-timet Succeeding times, s. 

CftHimea Frequently ; many times, ad. 

Manfy-iime» Often ; frequently, ad. [kermee, 8. 

AJrker^mea A confection made of the scarlet grains cidled 

Ma^n-et A ghost, or ghosts; remains of the dead, s. 

Tric-o-ma^net A plant, s. [sing, and pL 

Ab-o-riff^i-net The first inhabitants, s. 

PaJ/cb-tmet The inhabitants of a palatinate, pL s. 
In-tes'Unes The guts ; the bowels, pi. s. 

BU^boes A sort of stocks on boafd a ship, 8. 
Al^oea A bitter guin, 8. 
lAgn-al'oea Aloes wood^ s. 
Po-ta^totM A' well-known root, s. 
Fet^ti-toea The feet of a sucking pig, 8. 
Jackfa-napa A monkey ; a coxcomb, s. 

Tra^ A slattern ; an idle nasty woman, 8. 
Her^pea A cutaneous inflammation, 8. 
Un'a-wareM Suddenly ; without preyious meditation, ad. 
Hyp-o^hon'dre» Regions containing Uie liyer and spleen, s. 
BdUa-Ut'tret Polite literature, s. Fr. [poles, s. 

Co-luret^ Two great circles supposed to pass through the 
Prtm'irua Antecedent matter ; houses, &o., s. 
Mo-lat^Ma Treacle ; scum of the juice of the sugar cane, 8. 
Mo-lo$^sea Treacle ; molasses, more properly Mkastetf s. 
Oai^Uw-ghu-tei Soldiers amongst the ancient Irish, s. 
Com'pa9-$a An instrument to make drcleB, s. 
T<u^$e9 Armour for the thighs, 8. 
Wa^ter-erei-aea A plant, 8. 

Tret'aea A knot or cuil of hair, 8. 
Hau/tea Holes through which Uie cables pass, 8. 
Catea Cakes ; nice and delicate food, 8. 
Dd^i-caUa Niceties ; rarities, s. 
Ddfe^atea A court of appeal, s. » 
Oth^er^eUea In another manner, ad. 
Dy^i-gryd'irateM Strong purgatives made with diagrydium, s. 
Com-pa-ra^Ua In logic, two things compared to one another, s. 
Dia-par-^tea Things that cannot be compared with each 
other, s. 
At-tmUatea ProceecUngs after an inhibition is decreed, s. 
Car-y-a^tea Pilasters under tiie figures of women, s. 
Di-a-be^Ua An inyoluntary discharge of urine, s. 
Oa-tra^tea The common oyster in its fossil state, 8. 
Aa-ci^iea A particular species of dropsy, 8. 
O^M^tea A stone, s. 

480 N G S 

Zf/o-pkUm Yog«UbIet p*rtokitig of the iUktor« botb of 
plants and animals, s, 
Sud-ajf'^m^tm Spar in the form of drops, s. 
Tymrporm^tm A dropsy often onred by tapping s. 
BeUem-ni^tet Arrowhead or finger stone, e. 
Msr^a'Wim An herb, s. 

SchH^tei Argoment npon argument, s. 
Py-ri'tes Firestone, s. 
Stalrae-H^tes Spar in the form of ioioleB, 8. 

JE-WUt l^lestone, s. [Lat 

An'Ut Pillars that support the firont of % hoilding, s. 
Oer^tet Surely ; irithont fail, ad. 
Ce-T<u^Ua A homed serpent, s. 
Af-^^nit^tet A prize fighter, s. 

EaveM The edges of a roo^ a. 
L^anea The plural of leaf^ s. 
Oreavei Armour for the legs, s. 
Laatfit Plural of loaf, s. 
Siavet Plural of stafi^ s. 
Beeve9 Oxen ; black cattle, pL s. 
GhoVa-goguet Medicines that purge lule, a. 
Phleg^ma-goguet Medicines to dear phlegm, a. 
Em-mm^a-gogxtet Medicines that promote the c owis ss, s. 
Hy^drarg9gmm Medicines to purge watery humours, s. 
Me-lan^a^oguta Medioines suppoMd to purge off Maok chder, a. 
Fiom A game at ball ; a disease, a. 
Ckhm A kind of onions ; threads in flowers, «. 
Ar^ehivu A place for records, s. 
Liom Plural of lifs, s. 
FtMt A distemper among horses, a. 
Witom Plural of wife, s. 
ffahet t An esqyression claiming half, istc^ 
Slnm The plural of eli; s. 
8doe9 Plural of seU; s. 
Them^dvet^ Their Tery selves, proA. pL a. 
Our-tdvet^ We, not others, pron. redp. 
Gyvea Fetters ; chains for the legs, 8. 

Ym A term of affarmalioA, ad. 
O-yeal Hear ye, inteij. 
Fit^a^ufft A battle with the fist, a. 

Dregt Sediments of liquors ; lees ; rel^otfe, ■• 
Ti^dingi News; intelligence, s. 
MMd^n^ All caTitiee in wood or stone^ s. 
Sound^wffi Places sounded at sea, pL a. 
Bang^ifn09 Ornaments hung against waUs, pi. s. 
Troeh'ingi Branches on a deer's head, s. 
Treth^mgt Taxes ; imposts, s. 
Car'Vngi In a ship, timbers lying fore and aft, ■• 
Infningt Lands reooY«red firom the sea, s. 
Doling* Actions; o<mduot; stir; merriment, ■• 
8weep^ing9 What is swept away, s. 
Trap^pmgt Ornaments ; dress, s. 

SIS 481 

Mo^rfingt The pUoe whore a ship anchors, 8. 
jAod^ing-ttringt Strings to hold children, s. 
Wri'tm09 Legal conTejanoes, &c., s. 
Eoi^tmgB Pease that come earl j, s. 
Biat'ingt liilk after oalTing, s. 
Htu^Ungt A eouncil ; a eourt held, 8. 
Leafvmgt Remnant ; relics ; offal, s. 

TongB An instrument to hold coals, &c., s. 
lAingt The lights ; the part for breathing, s. 
Cogt Teeth of a mill-wheel, s. 
Ib The third person singular of the verb to be. 
Ctk/m A doping bank in fortification, s. 
FnhhoB^cu A inont ; the trunk of an elephant, s. 

Dit Inseparable particle, implying a priTatiye or 
negatiye signification, s. 
Cai'du A kind of tape ; a worm or grub, s. 
Hit Belonging to him, pron. possess. 
TMb That which is present, pron. 
ProB^te-chu In snrgerj, that which fills np what is wanting, b. 
OhryB^a4iB First apparent change of a maggot, s. 

TVd/liB Lattice work of iron or wood, s. 
PorP<ul^JiM A machine like a harrow hung oyer the gates 
of a city, &o., s. 
Bo^Ub a fiery ball passing through the air, s. Latin. 
An'no-UB An American animal, s. 
Me^op^ihUt The chief city of a country, s. 

MiB Inseparable particle, marking an ill sense, s. 
Pyr-a^miB A pyramid, s. 
Ep^i-der^miB Scarf-skin of the human body, s. 

Tur-cou^ A bine stone, s. 
Bour^Boit' A kind of printing letter ; a citizen, s. 
Twr-hrit^ A blue ttone, s. 
Cham^oiB A kind of goat, s. 
Sham^aiB A wild goat; leather made of its skin, s. 
Aihoir^u-poiB^ A wdght of sixteen ounces to the pound, i. 
Tm'nU A play with a racket and a ball, s. 
Al-lanrtok^ Tunic between the amnion and chorion, s. 

La'pu A stone, s. Latin. 
Md-irce^fiB A tumour inclosed in a cystis, s. 
E-phemfe-riB Daily account of planetary motions, 8. 

But^t&^ A farrier's paring tool, s. 
Am^ber-griB A sweet-smelling drug, s. 

PriB The rainbow ; flower de luce ; circle, 8. 
Sher^rtB A sweet Spanish wine, s. 
Or^riB Gold and silrer lace; a plant; a flower, s, 
Ba^BtB The foundation ; bottom ; base ; pedestal, 8. 
Me-tal/arBiB In rhetoric, a figure whereby the orator passes 
fh)m one thing to another, s. 
Pha^BtB Appearance exhibited by any body (in the 
plural, phases), s. 
Bm^phorBU A remarkable stress on a word, s. 
A'popk^a-BiB A figure whereby the author seems to waive 
what he would plainly insinuate, s. 

432 SIS 

Proph'orm A foreknowledge of diseaaefl, s. [the son, s. 
. Si-ri^a-nt An inflammation of the hrain through heat of 
Sat-y-ri^a'tit A priapism ; kind of leprosy, ke., s. 
El-e-phan-H^a-9is A species of leprosy, s. 
Afi'tan-a-doi^is A rhetorical pun, s. 

An-tis-paa^is The roTulsion of any hnmonr, «. 

Crat^is Temperature; constitution, a. 
Pe-r^hWa-9i» Circumlocution, s. 
An-t^h^ra-na Use of words in an opposite sense, s. 
Pro'ta-M A maxim or proposition, s. 
Me-Uu^ta-nt A translation or removid, a. 
An-H-pe-riyia-tis Opposition which heightens a contrary quality, 8. 
Hy-poi'ta-tU Distinct substance ; personality, s. 
Ez-e-ge'tit An explanation, s. 

Sehe^ait Habitude ; the state of a thing, s. 
The^ais A position, s. 
Ma-the^ns The doctrine of mathematios, s. 
Mt'tath'e-na A transposition, s. 
An-tith'e-tia Opposition of words or thoughts, s. 
Er-pm^^-m Addition of a letter in the middle of a word, 8. 

Syn^the-iia The act of compounding, s. 
Porrm'tke-iia A sentence included thus ( ), s. 
Ey-poth^e-ns A system upon supposition, s. 

Oen^e-iia The first book of Moses ; generation, s. 
Pa-ren^e-ai* Persuasion, s. 

A-phcdr^e-tit A figure in grammar ; taking away a first letter 
or syllable, as 'pothecary for apothecary, a. 
JH-ar^e-ns Separation or di^juncdon of syllables, as poet, 8. 
Cat^a-ehre-au The abuse of a trope, s. 
Par-a'cen-te^aia An operation ; as tapping, &c., s. 

Au'Xe^aia Exomation ; amplification, s. Latin. 
A-poa-i'fhpe^aia A figure by which a speech is broken off, s. 

Ori^aia A critical time, s. 
A-fiMm-u-en^aia A writer of another's words or works, s. 
ffy-per-aar-co^aia The growth of fungus,, or proud flesh, s. 
Ap-o-the^o-aia A deification, s. 
Oom-pho^aia A particular form of articulation, s. 
An-a-mor^pho-^ Deformation, s. 
Met-a-mar^pho-aia A transformation, s. 

Syn-cB-cei^o-aia A figure of rhetoric ; conciliation, s. 
An-a-dip-lo^aia Reduplication ; a figure in rhetoric, s. 

Phdrmo^aU Such a tightness of the prepuce as proTents its 
being drawn oyer the glands, s. 
Par-a^hi-mo^aia A tightness which prevents the prepuce ttom 

being returned over the glands, s. 
A-naa-to-nu/aia The inosculation of vessels, 8. 

Ec-chy-mo^aia I^id spots on the skin, s. 
Syn-ekon-dro^aia A union by gristles of Uie stemon to the ribs, a. 
En-ar-ihro'aia Insertion of one bone into another, s. 
Syn-ar-thro^aia A close coz\j unction of two bones, s. 
JH-or-thro^aia An operation to make crooked members even, 8. 
CMo-ro^sia The green sickness, s. 

ALS 438 

Am-aiurr</tU A disorder of tiie ef6 oandng diniiiMS, s. 
SynHnm-n/m The eomtezioii made hj a ligament, 8. 
A-pon-^nj^rf/tiM Expansion of a nerve mto a membrane, 8. 
Ifmrpy-rt/tit Conflagration ; general fire, s. 
An-tip-tt/nt A figure in grammar ; chan^g a case, s. 
Sz-ot^to-tis Unnatoral protoberance of a bone, a. 

Aj/sia Situation of a planet, s. 
Cat-ihl^ni A disease, s. 

Ma-a-lq/tU Continuaiion of a trone in one word through 
a succession of sigmfications, s. 
Pro-lep^m In rhetoric, anticipation of objections, s. 
Elrt^sia A figure in rhetoric and in geometry, s. 
Sy-n^aii A general tiew, s. 

OUu'tU Order; sort; bodj, s. Latin. 

E-p^h^y-sii Accretion ; part added thereby, s. 

Sym^pl^-tU Bones in children not yet united, s. 

A-poph^y-aia Prominent parts of some bones, s. 

hi-al^y-aia In ihetoric, a figure by which syllables and 

words are divided, s. 
A-naVy-aia A Separation of parte, 8. 
Pa-ral^y-aia A palsy, s. 

*Tia A contraction of i^ w. 
Ora'Ua For nothluff, ad. 
Bp^-nye^Ua A sore at the comer of the eye, 8. 
Pkr^-ni^lia Madness, s. 
Par-€hphre-m^tia An inflammation of the diaphragm, 8. 
Ar-thrifUa The gout, s. 
Pa^roi^ia A tumour in the gilandules near the ears, s. 
Af^ua^/or^tia Liquor made of saltpetre and vitriol, 8. 
Syr^tia A quicksand ; a bog, s. Latin. 
Cya^tia A bag containing morbid matter, 8. 
Pd/via The lower part of the belly, s. Latin. 
Mar^quia A Utie next to a duke, s. 
Der^via A Turkish priest, s. [was, ▼. a. 

To wia Anciently to know, as he wist not where he 
Brew^ia Bread boiled with salt meat, s. 
Ax^ia Line passing through any thing, s. 
Par-oray-naz^ia A conventicle, s. 

Syrirtaxfia A construction of words ; a system, 8. 
Ap-o-dix^ia Demonstration, s. 
Proc^'tarx'ia Pre-existent cause of a disease, 8. 

%* For those words from tiie learned lan- 
guages formerly written with tdb, as Ethicks, 
Bucolicks, Conicks, &c., see Ethica, Bueo^ 
Ue8f Cornea, &e. 
Cha^aaeka A kind of soldiers in Tartary, pL 8. 

Stodca Prison for the legs ; the Auds, b. 
FiUHoeka Lower timbers in a ship, s. 
Me-ihinka^ I think ; it seems to me, t. imp. 
Hwika A sordid wretch ; a miser, 8. 

Ala Anciently, also, ad. 
Pa^daU The large pipes of an organ, b. 

484 WNS 

Stih-^tam^tiali BMcntiftl ptrtB, 8. 

Fnhden^Uals Maxims <^ prudence, 8. 

mu/iiaU Marriage, b. ^ „ , 

Bat/cha-naU The dnmkca feasts of Bacchus, a. 

An'naU Histories in exact order of time, s. 

Mor'dU Natural principles ; duties, s. 

TrnV-raZf Secular possessions, s. 

JViMMui^Wo^ Things that enter not into the nature of di»- 
J3l<mmai, »-r ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^ 

meat, drink, &c, s. 
B-^pw'taU The act of afl&ancing a man and woman, pL a. 
Qm^i-taU Parts belonging to generation, s. 
Vi^tah Parts essential to life, s. 
VicftuaU Prorision of food, s. 
JBn^traiU The intestines; the bowels, s. 
Cor^beiU Baskets used in fortifications, s. 

FelU An oflEice in the exchequer, s. 
Me^eems^ I tiiink ; it appears to me, v. imp. 
Log^a-rUhmt A series of artificial numbers, s. 
Mu^o^-ofi^hmt Logarithms of tiie oosmes and tangents, «. 
Aim What is giren to relieve the poor, s. 
Fire-arms Guns, &c., »• , , ^ , 
DettuoM^ An estate in goods or land, pi. s. 
ffeirer-os'eiaru Those whose shadows fall only one way, s. 
Au-rum-Jtd^mi'nana A combustible preparation of gold, s. 
jSant Witiiout, prep. Fr. 
Ent Any being or existence, s. Lat. 
2Vou Years by the termination teen, as 18, 14, s. 
Lou Part of a telescope ; a convex glass, «. 
SuVUtM Morose temper; gloominess, s. 
MU^iens A Idnd of ^oves without fingers, s. 
Befmahu Relics, pi. s. 
Paina Labour ; toU, s. 
Af^Ur-pauu Pains after birth, s. 

Ondfu Husks of malt after brewing, s. 
Rdfu The lower part of the back, rhymes grams, t. 
Oa8^kifu Wide hose; wide breeches, s. 
GMv-gas^kim Large open hose, s. ^^ 

Coi'to* Imperfect flowers hanging from trees, s. 
Qua^ter^otu-iru Friends, s. 

Mat^ins Morning prayers, s. 
Sou/ina Flummery; oatmeal made sour, s. 
Shad^doM The embryos of bees, s. 
Ma-nig^U-ottM Handles on a piece of ordnance, s. 
Trwi^niraru Knobs tiiat bear a gun on its carnage, s. 
Com^moTU The commonalty ; parUament men ; f ooo, s. 
Sum^mona.A call of autiiority ; a citation, s; 
Eft-aoons' Soon afterwards, ad. 
Cob'i-roM Irons with a knob at the upper end, 8. 
Or^i-tom A prayer; a supplication, s. 
Mod^ems People of late times, pi. s. 
Downs A hilly open country ; the sea near Deal, a 

ERS 486 

Cha^Qt An indigested heap ; conAuion, 8. 
Am^nirot A membrane coyering the foetus, s. 
JSx-om^pha-los A navel rapture, s. 
IH^po8 A tripod, s. 
Per-hapa^ Peradventure ; it may be, ad. 
For^cep€ A surgeon's instrument, s. 
JBipt Fruit of the dog rose, s. 
Dumps Melancholy; sullenness, s. 
Clumpa A numbskull ; a stupid person, s. 
Mumps Sullenness ; dlent anger ; quinsy, 8. 
Chops The mouth of a beast, s. 
JEgH-1^9 A disorder of the eye ; also a plant, s. 
Seotch'CoVlops Veal cut into small pieces, s. 

CaVtrops An instrument with four spikes, s. 
Corps A body of soldiers, pronounced core, 8. 
Sheoa-s A two-bladed instrument for cutting, s. 
Fin^cers An instrument to draw nails ; a claw, s. 
EVdars Ancient rulers ; presbyters ; ancestors, 8. 
MaVan-ders A scab on the pastern of horses, a 
Fd^anrders Worms in hawks, a 
Olan'ders A running at a horse's nose, 8. 
San^ders A kind of Indian wood, s. 
Con'ders Persons directing the fishers for herrings, 8. 
Sheers See Shears^ s. 
Banrdo-leers^ Cases for charges of powder, 8. 

Snuffers An instrument to clip the burnt wick of candles, 8 
Stag'gers Madness ; a disease in horses, s. 

Hers The female possjSssiTe, as this hat is her's, pron. 
Perch^ers A kind of candles used anciently, 8. 
QaJthfers Plaits ; a plaiting of doth, s. 
WUh'ers The joining of the shoulder bones in a horse, 8. 
PWers An instrument to bend any thing, s. 
Buc-eormtTs' Pirates in America, s. 

Balk' en Persons who direct those that fish for herrings, 8. 
Man'ners Studied oiTilitr ; morals, s. 
Feep'ers Chickens breaking the shell, s. 
CaVU'pers Compasses with l^wed shanks, 8. 
Canfnvpers Callipers, s. 
IQ^pers Small pincers, 8. 
Ves'pers Eyening serrioe, 8. 
Tros'sers Breeches ; hose, s. 
Trou^sers A kind of breeches, s. 
TVo-^han'tra Two processes of the thigh bone, s. 
Ac'ro-ters Little pedestals without bases, &c., 8. 
Fei'iers Chains for the feet, pL s. 
TVgv'ers Athwart; across, ad. Fr. 
Di'vers Seyeral ; sundry, a. 
Can-Hl^i-vers Wood that sustains the eayes of houses, 8. 
Drav/ers A kind of light or under breeches, s. 
Ar^ay'ers Officers who anciently had the care of sedng the 
soldiers duly appointed, in superintending the 
armouring of soldiers, ftc., s. 

4M AS8 

Tlfi'tn Set PlMTt, t. 
Cm4oif^en Monks of the Qr«ek diorch, t. 
Tweefun Nippers ; small pinoers, s. 
iStff^tfrt See Sdsian, s. 
Fo*4e^fi<n The binder parts, s. 

SeWwn A kind of smsU sheers, s. 
Cham^-pa^ton Thoee who moTe suits for riniste^ Tieiirs, s. 
Mn-nmn^ Sirs ; gentlemen, s. Fr. 
Cof/cmn A bsoner ; a flag, s. 

Am An animal of burden } % stui^d persen, a. 
Baaa GraTe ; deep in music, pronounoed base, a. 
Ba$$ A mat used to kneel on in ehurohee, rhymes pass, & 
Car^ean The deoajed or main ports of ai^ thhig, s. 
To im^tn^au To remore prejudioes, t. a. 
Lat$ A girl ; a young woman, s. 
Clou A rank ; OTder ; degree ; seii s. 
To eUu9 To range in order, ▼. a. 
Olam An artificial tranq[>are&t enbstance^ t. 
Olatt Made of glass, a. 
To gUui To see as in a glass ; to glass, t. a. 
Lookfvng^lau A ^ass that shows images of olgeets, s. 

Prin^Uui A transparent tou|^ J^J> ^n a fish of that 
Tm^glan Bismuth, s. [name, s. 

WeaUi^er-gUm A barometer, s. 

How^gUui A glass of sand for meiwuruig time, s. 
Cui'lau A broad cutting sword, s. 

Maaa A lump; a senrice in the Boman ohuroh, s. 
To 0-mau^ To he^t up ; to collect together, t. a. 

Topau To go; make way; proceed; emit; ranish; 
excel; transmit; enact a law, ▼. 
PatM A narrow entrance ; license ; push ; oostf tion, s. 
To ro-pau^ To pass again; pass back; go back, t. 
To com'patt To surround ; grasp ; obtain, t. n. 
Com'vam A cirde; space; moderatioB; gra^, a. 
To enreom/pan To shut in ; to surround, T. a. 
To mr-^otr' To excel ; to exceed, ▼. a. 

Tretfpan To offend; to enter unlawftiUy, t. a. 
Trypan A sin ; offience ; unlawful SBtiry, s. 
To ha^auf To weary : to fatigue, ▼. a. 

Brau Tellow metal ; impudeaeSi t. 
VmtfbratM Armour for the arm, s. 
Crasi Gross ; coarse ; thick, a. 
E^po-^ats A medicated wine, s. 
SM^torfroMt A tree, s. 

Oratt Food for cattle, s. 
To grau To breed grass, t. n. ^ 

Spar^row-grau (Corrupted from asparsgas), s. 
8euir^vif-gr<u» The spoonwort, s. 
Ctd^att^ A breast-plate, s. 
Mo^aas^ A tea ; moor ; bog> s. 
Mat'trau A quilted bed to lie on, s. 
CaH^v4u$ Coarse stiff cloth ; a soliciting^ & 

B S S 43ft 

To can^vau To examine ; sue for honour, &o., t. a. 
Ai/bett The governess of a nunnery, s. 
Ce88 Act of laying rates ; bonnds, 8. 
To ceu To tax or rate, t. a. 
Ae^cest Admission ; approach ; addition, s. 
Be-ae^eesa A Tisit renew^ ; re-admittance, s. 
Sue-cesi^ A happy termination, s. 
Be-^esi^ Retirement ; departure ; secret place, s. 
Prm^eess The daughter of a king ; -wife of a prince, s. 
Di^o-eetB The jurisdiction of a bishop, s. 
FrocfetB A method ; tendency ; coarse of law, s. 
Al/teets A spelling containing matter, s. 
Ex-eet8^ Superfloi^ ; intemperance ; riolence, s. 
Ood^deaa A female deity ; a charming woman, s. 
Sh^herd-eas A rural lass ; one that tends sheep, s. 
To wnrfttaf To acknowledge; grant; own; show, ▼. a. 
Topro'feat' To declare openly, y. n. 

Hag^geta A mass of meat enclosed in a membrane, 8. 
Lar^geat A gift ; a bounty at haryest, s. 
Bur^gesa A citizen ; a freeman, s. 

Cheaa A game, s. 
Dutch^eaa See Ducheaa, s. 
Duch^eaa The lady of a duke, s. 
Arehrdueh'eaa Grand duchess, s. 
To gueaa To conjecture, t. n. 

Jeaa Straps of leather on a hawk's legs, 8. 
Zma Comparative of little, a. 
Lesa Not so much ; opposed to more, s. 
Leaa In a smaller or lower degree, ad. 
To bleaa To wish or make happy ; to praise, v. a. 
Tomb^Uaa Wanting a tomb, a. 
No^leaa^ Nobility ; a body of nobles ; dignity, s. 
Head^leaa Without a chief or head ; obstinate, a. 
Dread^Uaa Fearless; undaunted, a. 
Heed^Uaa Negligent ; careless ; inattentiTe, a. 
Need' leaa Not requisite ; unnecessary, a 
CHld^Uaa Without children, a. 
End'leaa Without end ; infhiite ; continuid, a. 
Friend'leaa Wanting, or not having a friend, a. 

MM^leaa Inattentive; regardless, a. 
Bound'leaa Unconfined; tmlimited, a. 
Chrwtnd^leaa Void of reason or trath, a. 
Ood'Uaa Wicked ; irreligioas, a. 
Blood^Uaa Without blood ; dead, a. 
Beard'leaa Without a beard ; youtiifU, a. 
Be-gard^leaa Negligent; inattentive; heedlecRi, a. 
CUmd^leaa Clear ; without clouds, a. 
Oraea'leaa Without grace ; abandoned, a. 
Juke^leaa Dry ; without moisture, a. 
De-fence^leaa Naked ; unarmed ; unguarded, a. 
Force'Uaa Weak; feeble, a. 
lAfefleaa Dead; without spirit ; inaotive, a. 
87 ♦ 

«88 S88 

Sdg^lm Blwit; vatblt to Mi, a. 
irm-eMk^'Um^ NotwitMtwuliiif that, id. 

0%dk^lm mthost 4«ent, a. 
SMmatt^ltm Impudent ; imsodett^ a. 
Blmu^ttm IiMftoowt) tiiUltw, a. 
Nmme^lm Witbo«t bmm; not iuiOQS» tk 

Tmi^ltm UnMMonaUo; iBtii>\y, a. 

Om-fiMflm Unboqaded; wnlimitiwl, a. 
Simpe^tm WaatiBC ngolmtj of fon^ a. 
H^lm Without kope; \iix. a. 
Car«^tot HoodlMt; eheeiAil, a. * 

CmVlm Without a nnedj, a. 
Mmt'urt Imm \wmmwm ; boondloaa, a. 
CeoM^tet Inoeesaat; perpotoal, a. 
Smm^lm Without somo; stopkl; dollMb, a. 
No9e^ltm Wanting a nooe, a. 
Op-fomfltm Not to So oppoood ; greiirtible, a. 
R6-morm^km Cmal ; wvm^ ; unmoroiftily a. 
Ute^Um Answering no purpooo, a. 
Cmm^Um IHthout reason ; origina], a. 
Bomt'lm Without abode, a. 
DmUflm Without a date^ a* 
TatU^lmt Haying no relish ; insipid, a. 
Be^uWlets DisgrMoftil ; dishonourable, a. 
DiM^puWltm Undisputed ; unoentroTertible, a. 
SUePt'km Wanting sleoTes, reason or scdidi^y 1 

LvH^Uts WanUag life^ a. 
Nerve^tm Without strength ; iasipid» a. 
Eytflen Without ejes; blind* a. 
LiafUm Naked of leayesi a. 
Stmg'Um Having no sting, a. 
SfttekfUu Not haying power to speak, a. 
SUmKk'Um Not to be stopped, a. 
i^uiMk'Uu Unextiaguishable, a. 
MaUsk'Un Without an equal, a. 
JUuh^lets Gtreless ; wicked, a. 
Wretck^le$9 Oareless; heedless, a 
Dwth'lets Imniortal ; neyer <^ing, a. 
Breaih'lm Out of breath; dead, a. 
Nath^Uts NeyerthelesB, ad. 
Path'Un Untrodden ; not known, a. 
Wraih'le9$ Free from anger, a. 
StrtngWlmM Depriyed of strength ; weak, a. 
FaUk'Un Unb^eying; false; dislojal, a» 
PUhfUn Wanting pitk or energy, a. 
Health'lets Weak; sickly, a. 
Iboth^lets Derived of teeth, a. 
Troth^Uu Faithless; treacherous, a. 
Mtrth^lea Joyless; cheerless, a. 
Worih'len Undeserying; unworthy, a. 
Motukflm Without a mouti^ a. 

S88 480 

EtUh^lm PitilMB; oniel; bttrbvroiui, %. 
Mer^d-leu Without pity ; bftrd-hMrted, a. 
Rem'&^irkf Irreparable ; . without r«iaed|j» a. 
BodH'lm Without a body, a. 
Fen^ni'leu Wanting money ; poor, a. 
PU'i-Uti Withont pity, meroy, or oon^pasaMii, a. 
Traek^leu Untrodden; not marked oot^ %, 
Bed/leu Heedless ; carelees, a. 
Lucl/leu Unfortunate ; unhappv, a. 
Thanl/lat Ungrateful; unthaakraly a. 
SkiVUti Wanting art, a. 
SouVksi Spiritless; mean; low, a> 
Seam^Uss Haying no seam, ^ 
Fath^om-leu Impenetrable, a. 
Ran'9om-la» Without ransom, a. 
Bot'Um4ea9 Fathomless; irithomt botton, a. 
Marm^leu Innocent; unhurt, a. 
Term'lat Unlimited ; boundless, a. 
Form'leu Without shape or form, a. 
Sum^leu Not to be computed, a. 
Man^Uu Without men ; unmanned, a. 
SpUm^leu Kind ; gentle ; mild, a. 
De-tiffn^leu Unknowing; inadiertent, a* 
Oam^lets Unprofitable, a. 
Pain'lat Without pain or labour, a. 
Bram^Uu Without thought ; silly, a. 
Stam^leu Free from bl<^ sin, or r^reaoh^ a> 
Fin^Uas Without fins, a. 
Sin^Uu Exempt from sin, a. 
JH-mm^tiothleu Without any definite bulk, a. 
M(/Hon-le8t Without motion; a. 
Quea^tUm-leu Without doubt or controyer^, ad* 

Moon^lea Not enlightened by the moon, a. 
Weaj/on4eu Haying no weapon ; unarmed, a. 
Bea'mm-lett Void of reason, a. 
Unrleu^ Except; if not, co^}. 
ShunfU99 Ineyitable, a. 

ffaj/less Unhappy ; unlucky ; unfortunate, ad. 
8leq/U8t Wanting sleep, a. 
ff^leat Wanting power or assistance ; yoid, lu 
Sim^pleu Simplicity ; silliness ; folly, a. 
FeaS^Uu Free from fear ; undaunted, a. 
Num'btr-leu Innumerable ; not to be numbered, a» 
Cheer^leu Comfortless; sad; gloomy, a. 
Peer^lett Haying no equal, a. 
Fa'iher-leM Without a fS^ther, a. 
M6ih^er4et$ Haying lost a mother, a. 
Char^ae-ter-lett Without a character, a. 

Shd^ter-leu Exposed; without home or ntmgi^ a. 
Mat^Ur-Usi Wanting a master; iingoyenBed, a. 
Dow^er-leu Without a fortune, a. 
Pow^er-k$$ Weak, a. 

440 BBS 

Haxr'Uu B«re ; bald ; without hidr, a. 
Har^hovT-Uu Withont harbour, a. 
CoV<mr4e99 Without colour ; clear ; pale, a. 
Fa^vourAeu Unfayoured ; not regarded, a. 
Doubt^lets Withont fear, a. 
DoubtflmM Unqnestionablj, ad. 
Ef'feti'Un Without effect ; useleM ; weak, a. 
Feet^leu Without feet, a. 
Weet^Uit Unknowing, a. 
Shift'leu Wanting means to act or Utc, a. 
Thrift^Uts Profuse; extrayagant, a. 
WeighVleti Wanting weight ; light, a. 
lAght'lett Wanting light ; dark, a. 
SigWUtt Blind ; not sightly ; offensire, a. 
ThougWUu Airy ; careless ; dull, a. 
8[m^%trU$i Dejected; depressed; inaotiTe, a. 
FruU'lets Without fruit ; Tain ; unprofitable, a. 
(hnUfUn Innocent, a. 
FauU^lest Without fault ; perfect, a. 
R^Aent'lets Unmercifol ; unpitying; cruel, a. 
PoifUfleu Blunt ; not sharp, a. 
Prmt^Uss Leaying no impression, a. 
FrofU^lat Shameless; impudent, a. 
Count^less Without number, a. 
Boot^leat Useless; unaraiUng, a. 
Spottiest Pure ; immaculate ; holy, a. 
Ex-iept'U89 Neglecting exceptions, a. 
Cor-rupt^lett Insusceptible of corruption, a. 
Art^leti Without art or design, a. 
Btari'Uu Spiritless ; without courage, a. 
D&^ert^leu Without merit ; worthless, a. 
Shirt^leu Wanting a shirt, a. 
Comyort'hu Without comfort, a. 
Im^porP-leu Trifling ; of no consequence, a. 
Huri^Un Harmless ; innocent, a. 
Mati^Uat Bearing no mast, a. 
Rett^Un Without sleep or peace ; unsettled, a. 
Oreat^leu Without coat armour, a. 
LUVleas Indifferent ; careless ; heedless, a. 
B&^iti^leu That caxmot be resisted, a. 
Ex-hausi'Un Not to be drawn off or drained, a. 
Luttfleat Not vigorous, a. 
Tnut'Uu Unfaithful ; not be trusted, a. 
Mh^ruttflets Confident; unsuspecting, a. 
Atp^leu Without rererence or fear, a. 
Law^lets Contrary or not subject to law, lu 
Mar^row-lesa Void of marrow ; d^, a. 
Mon^ey-Utt Penniless ; without money, a. 

Joy^lett Without joy or pleasure ; insipid, a. 

Men A portion of food ; a feeding together, a. 
To men To eat ; to feed together, y. a. 
Ife$9 A headland, s. 

BSS 44) 

SulUan-es^ The Turkish empreos, 8. 

Olih'nest Smoothness ; slipperiness, t. 
Dumynest Silence ; inability to speak, s. 
Nttmb^neas Stapefaotion ; deadness, s. 
Le-thar^ffic-neas Very great drowsiness, s. 
Puf/lic-fuis Open state, s. 
CkoVer-uMiesa Anger; peeyishness, 8. 
Fran^tic-ness Mn^ess ; fury of passion, •. 
Au-ihen'tic-nesa Authenticity, s. 
Fan-tas^ tic-nest Whimsicalness ; capriee, s. 
Bad'nest Want of good qualities, 8. 
Dead^nett Faintness ; want of warmth, 8. 
Olad^nesi Cheerfulness ; joy, 8. 
Mad^nets Distraction ; fury ; rage, 8. 
Sad^ness Sorrowfulness ; melancholy look, 8. 
Odd^neas Strangeness ; particularity, 8. 
Seai/bed-nea9 The state of being scabbed, 8. 
Crab^bed-ne$s Sourness; difficulty, 8. 
Numb^ed-nesa Stupefaction ; deadness, s. 
Shame-fa' eed-neaa Modesty ; bashfulness, s. 

Bare-fa' ced-neaa Effrontery; audaciousness, 8. 
Light-head' ed-neaa Deliriousness ; disorder of mind, 8. 
Left-hand' ed-neaa Habitual use of the left hand instead of th« 

right, s. 
Uh-botmd'ed-neaa Unlimited extent or liberty, 8. 
Un-^ioud' ed-neaa Freedom ftrom clouds, &c, s. 
Seed'neaa The season for sowing, 8. 
Dia-en-ga'ged-neaa Qualitry of being disengaged, 8. 
Jag'gedrneaa Unerenness, s. 
Rag'ged-neaa A ragged state, s. 
Crag'ged-neaa Roughness ; steepness, 8. 
Scrag' ged-neaa Leanness; ruggedness, s. 
Dog'ged-neaa Gloom of mind ; suUenness, 8. 
Mug'ged-neaa Roughness ; asperity, s. 
Wreteh'ed-neaa Misery ; despicableness, s. 
Na'ked-neaa Want of corering ; evidence, 8. 
Wie'ked-^iesa Guilt ; moral ill ; corruption, 8. 
ffook'ed-neaa A being, bent like a hook, s. 
Crook'ed-neaa Crooked state ; deformity of body, 8. 
Fork'ed^neaa Quality of opening into two parts, 8. 
Con-eeal'ed-neaa Privacy ; obeourity, s. 
Un-aet'Oed-neaa Irresolution ; fluctuation, s. 
Con-firm' ed-neaa A settled state, s. 
I>t-form' ed-neaa Ugliness, s. 
Uh-con-eem'ed-neaa Freedom ftrom concern, 8. 
Red'neaa The quality of being red, s. 
Blear'ed-neaa Dimness of sight by rheum, 8. 
Pre-pa'red-neaa State or act of being prepared, 8. 
Un-pre-pa'r ed-neaa State of being unprepared, s. 
Sa'cred-neaa Holiness; sancti^, 8. 
Wilh'er-ed-neaa A being withered, 8. 
Ti'red-neaa Weariness, 8. 

442 ESS 

Re-H^red-ness Solitude; priTacy; secrecy, 8. 
lU-fa^vour-ed-ness Deformity, s. 
Un-lei^au-red-ness Wont of leisure, s. 

As'su^red-nets State of being assured ; certainty, a. 
lUrna^tu-red-fUM Want of kindly disposition, b. 
Dis-ea^sed-nesi Sickness; craziness, s. 
Ad'vVted-nas Deliberation ; cool procedure, s. 
Ee-pc/sed-nets State of being at rest, s. 
Com-po^sed-ness Calmness ; ease of mind, s. 
In-dU-poUed-nesi Illness; sickness; unfitness, s. 
ZHt-per^sed-nest Dispersed state ; thinness, s. 
Cur^8ed-ne89 State of being under a curse, s. 
BUa'sedmess Happiness; holiness, s. 
* Dif-fu'sed-ne88 State of being diffused, s. 

Can-fu^sed-ness Want of distinctness, s. 
Com-pctct^ed-neas Closeness ; firmness, s. 
Con-tract^ ed-^ust State of being contracted, 8. 
Dia-tracl^ed-ne$8 A being distracted ; madness, 8. 
Af-fect^ed-ness Quality of being affected, s. 
Dit-af'feei'ed-neM Quality of being disaffected, 8. 

Ve-Jeet^ed-nets Lowness of spirits, s. 
Un^ex-peet^ed-nest Suddenness, s. 

Adhdict^ed-mat State of being addicted, 8. 
Af'fliet'edrne99 Sorrowfulness ; grief, 8. 
Short-nght'edHMss A defect of sight, s. 
Cort'CeU^ed-nest Pride; fantasticalness, s. 
UrUm'tt-ed-neas Exemption from bounds, s. 
Un-mer^it'ed-nest State of being undeserved, s. 

Spir^it-€d-ne99 Liveliness; sprightliness, 8. 
ZHa^r^it-ed-ness Want of vigour, s. 
Poor^apir-it-ed-neaa Meanness ; cowardice, 8. 
ZHa-con-trnt^ed-nesi Uneasiness ; dissatisfaction, 8. 
Point^ed-neaa Sharpness; smartness, s. 
Wont^ed-neia State of being accustomed, 8. 
De-vo^tedrneaa The state of being devoted, s. 
Hard-heart^ ed-neaa Cruelty ; want of tenderness, s. 
O-pen-hearl^ed^neaa Liberality; generosity, s. 
Famt-heart^ed-neaa Cowardice; timorousness, s. 
Dia-tn^Cer-eat-ed^eaa Contempt of private interest, s. 
Pol-Wtedrneaa State of being polluted, s. 
De-pra'ved-neas Corruptedness ; vitiated state, s. 
Re-eei'vcd-neaa Oeneral allowance, s. 
Re-aoVved-neaa Resolution ; firmness, s. 
Re-mo^ved-neas State of being removed ; remoteness, B, 
Re-aer^ved-nea8 Closeness ; want of frankness, s. 
Un-re^er^ved-neaa Openness; fhinkness, s. 
Com-plez^ed-neaa Complication, s. 
Per-plex^ed-neaa Embarrassment; intricacy, 8. 
Fix^ed-neaa Stability; solidity, s. 
Stay^td-neaa Solidity; composure; gravity, 8. 
A-ma^aed-neaa Wonder; confusion, s. 
Cra^zed-neaa Weakness ; broken state, 8. 

ESS 448 

Skaidfnm Sobriety ; grftTity ; reguUrity, s. 
Uh-stmd^nest Indiscretion; inconstancy, 8. 

TcU/id-ness Consamptiveness, s. 
Mor^bid-nas State of being diseased, s. 
Tur^bid-ness Muddiness ; Uiickness, s. 

Ac^id-net8 The quality of being acid, s. 
San^dd-neas Strong scent, as of old oil, s. 
Can^did-fUM Uprightness ; openness ; fairness, s. 
Sof^did-ne$i Meanness ; nastiness ; niggardliness, s. 
Rig'id-fUM Severity ; inflexibility, s. 
Frig^id-nett Coldness ; want of affection, s. 
Od'id-nett Extreme cold, s. 
Sol^id-ness Solidity, s. 

Vbid^nett Emptiness; nullity, s. 
Rap'id-neas Swiftness ; quick motion, a. 
Sap^id-ness Tastefulness, s. 
Vap^i€i-ne8* A being spiritless or mawkish, s. 
In-s^id-ne9t Want of taste or spirit, s. 
Tor^pid-nesa A being sluggish, s. 
Fhr^id-nesa Fresh colour ; elegance, 8. 
Hor^ridrneaa Hideousness; enormia, s. 
Fet^id-neu The quality of stinking, 0. 
Pu'tid-neu Meanness ; vileness, s. 
Lan'guid-neu Weakness ; feebleness, 8. 
Flu^id-neu The quality of flowing, s. 
Liq'uid-neas A liquid state, s. 
Fer^vid-neas Zeal ; heat ; passion, s. 
Bald^neas Want of hair ; meanness of writing, s. 
, Mild^nest Tenderness ; clemency ; sweetness, •. 
Wild^neu Sayageness ; rudeness, 8. 
Old^nets Antiquity ; old age, 8. 
BoWneaa Courage ; liberty ; impudence ; trust, a. 
Cold' neat Coyness; want of heat; chastity, s. 
Kind'naa Benevolence ; favour ; love, 0. 
LofMnff'kind^neat Tenderness; mercy, s. 

Un-kmd'neu Malignity ; want of good- will, 8. 
Dia-kmd^neu Iigury ; want of affection, 8. 
BUnd^neaa Ignorance ; want of sight, s. 
Fond'nesa An excess of love ; foolishness, 8. 
Pro-fovndfneM8 Depth of place, understanding, &c., 8. 
Bounds neaa Circularity; openness; smoothness, s. 
Sound'neaa Health; strength; rectitude, 8. 
Unraaund'ntu Corruption ; wealmess ; error, a. ^ 

Qood'naa Desirable qu^tles, s. 
Nig'gardrMii Meanness; covetousness, s. 

Hardfnm Hard quaUty ; ill nature; stinginess, b. 
Badc^war^^^Mta Sluggishness; want of wiU, s. 
Awk^ward-neu Clumsiness, a. 

In^ward-neta Intimacy; familiarity, s. 
Fn/ward-fUM Peevishness ; perversoness, a. 
Tt/wttrd-ne$$ Tractableness, 8. 
For^ward-nm Eagerness; assuranoe; immodesty, s. 

444 ESS 

O-ver-foT^ward nmt Too groat fonrardnesSy t. 
Way'ward-nm Poo^shness ; frowardness, a. 
I>i$-or^der-ed-neM8 Irrogularitj ; eonfdsioii, s. 
Ab-^urd^fu$8 Aboiirdi^; impropriety, a 
Loud^neu Great noise, s. 
Lewdffun Lostftilness, s,, 
Shrewd^nut Archness ; sly cmmhif ; petulance, & 

Niee^nen Aoenraoy; delicacy, s. 
Choiu^nttt Nicety ; puiicnlar yahie, 8. 
Searce^nut Not plen^ ; peiniry, s. 
Fieree^neu Fury; saTageness, s. 
Spruce^nea Neatness without eleganoe, s. 
Wide^nm Breadth, a. 

Bude^neu Indfility ; Tiolence ; stomdness, & 
Crude^neu Indigestion ; want of ripeness, s. 
Free^fieu Openness ; nnreserretfaiess ; generosity, s. 
St^efmH Exemption from danger, s. 
Bift^nem AlMmdanee ; prevalence, s. 
SagtfnoM Wisdom ; grarity, s. 
San'agt^Mu Cruelty ; barbarity, a. 
8tT<mgtfnu» WonderAilness ; shyness ; cBslike, 8. 
Largt^ntn Greatness ; bulk ; wideness, s. 
Eugefntu Greatness ; vast bulk, s. 
LUke^ruM Limbemess; flezibaity, s. 
Like^nett Resemblance; form; appeartnce, s. 
Falconets Wanness ; want of cdour, s. 
StaU^nea Oldness; sonmess, s. 
A^bie-nets Force ; power ; strength, s. 
Ap^pU<€M&'ntu Fitness to be applied, s. • 

Am^irca-ble-naa Friendship; good-will, s. . 
Det'pirca-bl&^nett Meanness; TUeness, s. 
Im^aeft^-earbU^un Impossibility, s. 

Ret/o-^a-ble^iun Qnality of being rerocable, 8. 
F^nd-^UirbU^iiett Qoality of exciting terror, s. 
Laud^a-^le-nett Praiseworthiness, s. 
Peaee^(t-^>U'ne$i Qnietness, s. 
Ser^viee-chbl&^Mu Offidonsness; nsefiilness, 8. 
A-ffr^chbU^nttt Condstence ; pleasantness, s. 
Change^ a-hU-nett Fickleness ; inconstancy, s. 
Cluarg9^€M^^rm$ Expense; costliness, s. 
8aiya^l0-nm$ State of being saleable, 8. 
Eec-on-cile^a-^le-neai Gcmsistence ; disposition to renew love, a. 
Mal^U-arbU^M$9 QoaHty of enduring a hammer, s. 
Meat'ure-a^le-'Mta Qoality of admitting to be measured, b. 
Movt^a-bU-nett PossiMlity to be mored, s. 
Affa-hl&^iie99 Courtesy; condeBcension, s. 
Nav't-ga-bU^Mu Capadty to be passed in ships, &c., 8. 

Teaeh^orbU-netB Willingness or capacity to learn, s. 
Pun^ish-a-ble-^teu A deserring or admitting of punishment, a 
Per^uh-a-bU-nett Liableness to decay, s. 

8(/e^a-ble-neu Good fellowriiip, s. 
Jwi^ti'Jira'bU-nmt The possibiUly of defending, s. 

ESS 445 

UwJnt^U'fi-a'hle^iettM A not being justifiable, s. 
PU^a-ble-nesa Eaainess to be bent, 8. 
MuVH-pU-a^ble-^uu Capacity of being multiplied, 8. 
A^mi-a-ble-ne98 Loreliness, s. 
Va'r%-€^ble-nes9 Inconstancy; changeableness, 8. 
In-va^ri'ChbU-neM Unchangeableness ; constancy, 8. 
Inrta^li-a-^fU-naa Greediness not to be appeased, 8. 
A-vaiVa-hle^neis Power of promoting, 8. 
Bla^ma-ble-neu Fault, 8. 
Re-deemfa-He-ne$9 State of being redeemable, s. 
Sub-WmorbU-neta That which admits sublimation, b. 
Ea^U-^na-ble-nets Quality of deserving regard, s. 
In-fiam^morbU'MBt Quality of easily catching fire, s. 
Ctu^ion^a-bU^neat Habit ; conformity to custom, 8. 
At'tain'chble<ie89 Quality of being attainable, s. 
JHt^et-pU-na-'ble-^iest Capacity of instruction, s. 
A-bam^i-na-bl&-ne$t Hatefnlness; odiousncss, 8. 
Ptu^cUm-a^U-rusa Pardonable state, s. 
CoH^sd-^m-a-bU-neti Equity; reasonableness, s. 
Fa$h^ion'a'bU-iM$9 A modish elegance, b. 
Quea^tion-a^le^Hem A being questionable, 8. 
Bea^wnra-bU-nstt Faculty of reason ; moderation, t. 
Sea^son^a-bU-tuu Fitness of time, b. 

Tu^na-bU-nen Harmony; melodiousness, 8. 
Ca^pa-hietuMt Quality or state of being capable, 8. 
Ify^a^pa-bU-ness Inability ; natural disqualification, s. 
Fal^pchble-neat Palpable quality, 8. 
(hU^pa-bU-nes9 Blame; guilt, s. 
8ep'a-ra'ble-ne99 A capacity of separation, 8. 
In-tep^a-^a-bU-^Mta Inseparable quality, s. 
Su^per-a-bU-fuss A being conquerable, s. 
Inr^u^per-a-bU-neu luTindbleness, b. 
Ccn-nd'er-a-hUtiesf Importance ; value ; merit, 8. 
In-con-itd^er-a-ble-ness Trifling value, 8. 

Prtf^er-orbU-nett A being preferable, 8. 
Mia^er-a-bU-ness State of miBery, 8. 
Tol^er-a-^U-nets A being tolerable, B. 
Tn'tol^er-a-ble^ness Quality of a thing not to be endured, 8. 

Al'ter-a-ble-neta A being alterable, 8. 
Amftwer^a-bU-neu Quality of being anawerable, 8. 
Ad^mi-ra-bU-naa Quality of being admirable, s. 

A-do^ra-ble-neM* Worthiness of Svine honours, 8. 
De-pto^ra-ble-neaa A being deplorable, s. 
Er^ra-bU-nett Liableness to error, s. 
In-er^ra-ble-neat Exemption firom error, 8.- 
Un-er^ra-bU-nesi An incapacity of erring, 8. 
Cu'ra-bk-neu Possibility to be healed, s. 
In-cu^ra-ble-nest State of not admitting any cure, 8. 
Du^ra-hU-neti A power of lasting, s. 
ffon^our-^'ble-^ieu Eminence ; magnificence, 8. 
Fa^vour-a^le-nest Kindness ; benignity, 8. 
Crn'm^a-^U-neu BUmableness, s. 

446 ESS 

C o m w um ^nMrthbi&-ne$t C^jpmtiij of being eompared witk aao£k«r 
in measure or proportion, i. 
Ap-pea^9a4>l&^neis Reconcileableness, s. 
Ad-^ta-ble-noM A being a^viBable ; fitness, s. 
Lt-^/u-peti^t^t-bU-^heu A not being to be spared ; neceasitj, s. 
Ver^tO'ble'n^ Aptness to be tamed anj waj, a. 
Ckm-ver^9a-hU-ne»t Qoality of being a pleasing oompaiiioii, %. 

Ex'€u'9a-4>U-nett Pardonable state, s. 
In-ex-cti^^arbU-neu Enormity beyond forgiTeness, s. 
Traefta-bl&-neu A being tractable ; complianoe, s. 
In-trae'ta-ble-nett Obstinacy ; perrerseness, a. 
Un-tTM/ta-bU^neu An ontractable disposition, s. 
De-Ue^ta-hU-4ie$$ Delightfalness, s. 
Hal/U-a-bU^neu Capacity of being dwelt in, s. 
Cred'it-a-bU-neu Reputation; estimation, s. 
ProfU-n-bU-nets Gainfulness ; usefulness, a. 
In-hos^pit-a-ble-neu Want of hospitality, s. 
Un-char^i-Uhhle^ness The want of chari^, b. 
8uU'^-hl&^ne»t Fitness, s. 
Unr*uit'arhl&4iea» Incongruity ; unfitness, s. 
Not^a-bl&4u$t Diligence ; contriTanoe, a. 
Fi/UirbU-ruu Drinkableness, s. 
Ac-eept'orhU'neu A being acceptable, s. 
Un-a>cq>t'<i-bU-neM9 State of not pleasing, s. 
Un^om^foH-orhle-neu An uncomfortable state, s. 
Port^a-Ue-rutt A being portable, s. 
8up-pori^a-bU^neu State of being tolerable, s. 
In-^up'port^a-4Ue-ne$9 Insufferable state, s. 
Oon-ieti^a-ble-neu Possibilitj of contest, s. 

Mu^ia-bU-neaa Changeableness ; uncertainty, s. 
Im-fm^ta-ble-iu$t The quality of being imputable, s. 
Inrdit^pu-ta-bU-nest A being indisputable ; certainty, a. 
De-cei'va-bUHnaa laableness to be deceiyed, s. 
Conrcei'va'bl&^Mta Quality of being conceiTsble, a. 
Im-ffrov^a-ble-neu Capableness of being made better, a. 
Al-low^a-ble-neu Lawfulness, s. 

Fee^bU-nett Infirmity ; weakness, s. 
Treyu-neu The state of being treble, 8. 
Vm^d-ble-neu Liableness to be OTorcome, s. 
Ith^n^ci'ble-ness Unconquerableness ; insuperableness, t. 
Do^ei'ble-neas Aptness to be taught, s. 
F^ei-ble-neaa Force ; yiolence, s. 
Re^u^d-bU-neu A being reducible, s. 
Con-du^drbU-neu A contributing to any end, s. 

CredH-ble-neu A claim to credit ; probability, s. 
In-cred^i-hU-neti A being not incredible, s. 
Au'di'4)le-neu Capableness of being heard, s. 
El^i-gi'ble-nest Worthiness to bo chosen, s. [a. 

In-iel^li'ffi-bU-fUis Possibility of being understood; perspionity, 
In-eor^ri'ffi-bU-nas Hopeless depravity, s. 

Ter^ri-bU-ntu Formidableness ; dreadfulness, s. 
Bor^ri-bU-ntM Dreadfulness; tenribleness, s. 

ESS 447 

Per-mt/H-ble-nesa A being flexible by pennarion, 8. 
Viyi-bU-neM Qaality of being Tisible, 8. 
Di-ffit^i-ble-ness Divisibility, s. 
In-di-vis^i-bld-nesi Impossibility of being divided, 8. 
Dep^e-hen^n-bU-nesi Gapablenees of being caught, 8. 
Bep-re-ken^ti-ble-nen Blamableness, s. 

Sm^ti-hU^MSi Qniokness of sensation, s. 
In-sm^ti-bU-neai Stupidity; dulness, s. 
Exrien^n^le-nesM Capacity of being extended, s. 
B&^p<m^tirble-nes8 A being oUiged or qualified to answer, 8. 
Car-r</Mfle-ness Susceptibility of corrosion, s. 

Fas^H-^le-nest The quality of suffering, s. 
Im^pa9^n-ble-^ie$8 An exemption from pain, 8. 
Un-^Lo-eea^n-ble-neu Inaccessible state, s. 
Cam-pret^ti-ble^eti Capability of being pressed dose, s. 
Ir-re-mit^n-bU-ne$8 A being unpardonable, s. 
Plauftirbk-nesB Appearance of right, s. 
Com-pat^i-hU-netf Consistency, s. 
Con-trac^ti-hU-ne89 Quality of suffering contraction, s. 
Com-pet^i'ble-nesa Suitableness ; fitness, s. 
Im^per-cej/ti-ble^neft Quality of eluding observation, s. 
Con-tempt^i-^de-nest A being contemptible ; vileness, 8. 
Cor-rupt^i-ble-nesa Susceptibility of corruption, 8. 
Comrbtu^H-bU-neu Aptness to take fire, s. 
Nm^bl&^ne99 Activity; speed, s. 
Eum^bl&-net8 Humility, s. 
N</ble^ne99 Dignity ; greatness ; boldness, 8. 
Ir-ret^o-lu-bk-nesa Lnresoluble quality, s. 
Ii^dit^so-bt-bl&'neft Indissoluble quality, 8. 
DotU/le-neu State of being double, s. 

Pdle-ne98 Sloth ; laiiness ; unreasonableness, s. 
Sin'gle-neta Sincerity ; honest plainness, s. 
Aff^ile-neas Nimbleness ; quickness, s. 
Pm^tile-neat State of hanging, s. 
VoVa-tUe-neaa An evaporating ; changeableness, 8. 
Ver^aortUe-nett A being versatile, s. 
Sub^tUe-n£ss Fineness ; rareness ; cunning, s. 
Dw/tiUfUMs FlexibUi^; ductility, s. 
Fer^tiU-ness Fniitfulness ; fecundity, s. 

ViU^ne$8 Baseness; despicableness, s. 
Ser^viU-ne$a Slavishness; dependence, 8. 
Fic'kU-nett Inconstancy ; unsteadiness, 8. 
Am^ple-ne$8 Largeness; splendour, s. 
Sm<ple-nesi QuaJity of being simple, 8 
Crip^pU-neas Lameness, s. 
Stq/ple-^ieu Fliantness; flexibility, 8. 
Oen^tU-nest Meekness; kindness, s. 
Uh-ffen^ tie-nets Harshness; unkindness, s. 
LU^tl&^nete Smallness; meanness, s. 
Brit^Ue-nese Aptness to break, s. 
Lame^neee State of a cripple ; imperfiection, §, 
Same^nees Identity ; the same state, 8. 


TmrntTrnm Qwklitf of iMfaig teae, t. 
Wd^eome^nem QrateMnen, 8. 
IMfie-mmte-neu Wildnees of gaie^; pxmnka, a. 
(7(atf^«MMHMn Ctai^y; thowiiiees; deliglbt^ a. 
^oiuf '«oiiw-ii«M BeM^j ; gnM» ; eleguieo, 8. 
J}oie^9owu-n£$t Gloom ; BelAoeholj, t. 
lVoit6^<e-«MiM-4wn YezfttiiMMBMB ; nnfitrinfwi, a. 
FAofe^MMM-iMM Qaali^ oi oondvdBg to hMltfa, a. 
Oame^9om»nm9 SportiTaieaB ; menimait^ a. 

Tkrtfmm§nm t A being tireaone, 8. 
Loaik'wme^neu The quality of raiaiiig diagnat) a. 
BIHk^9ome-net» Quality of being blithe, a. 
Tooth^9ome^neti FleaaaatiieaB to the taate, a. 

Noiftomt-iun Aptness to disgust, a. 
Wea^ri-wm^^Mu Qoality of tiring ; state of being tired, a. 
Irk^tome^ness Tedionaneea ; wearisomeneaa, a. 
Quar^rel-m>me-ites8 GSiolerieneas ; petvlanoe, a. 

Tfnl^some-ne$$ Wearisomeneea ; UborioQaaeaa, a. 
FuV9o m $ n eu Nauseonaneas ; obaceaity, a. 
Bur^denr'$ome-ne$9 Weight; nneaainees, a. 
Cym^ber-tome^neu Enoombranoe ; obetrnetioB, a. 

Light' 9om^-ne»$ Lunanonaneoa ; oheerf^neaa, a. 
Dt-UgWwme-ntu Pleasantness ; d^ghtfolneaa, a. 
Ftay^wme-nen Wantonness ; levity, a 
Pro-fanefnett IrreTerenee of what is sacred, a. 
Ob-^emefnett Unohastity ; lewdness, 8. 
Se-rene'neit Serenity, a. 

Finefneu Elegance; purity; artftilneaa, a. 
MoM^cuAiM-iMn Biale figure or behavioiir, a. 
SurfinefneaM Carelessness, s. 
IWMM^sieM Barbarity ; saTageness, 8. 
San^guhM-nen Ardour ; oenfidence, s. 
Dirvine^nesa Divinity ; excellence, a 
Om'vrine-nu9 Freedom firom adulteration, 8. 
Lont^nem Solitnde ; dislike of company, a. 
Prone'nest foclination; descent, s. 
J^uM^fUM Poverty ; want of matter, a. 

S^neu Matoitty ; perfection ; fitness, a. 
Uh-ripe'netM Want of ripeness, s. 
(ypen-nesa Plainness; fi«edom firom diagolBe, a. 
Where'neu Ubiety, a. 

Dire'neu Dismalness ; horror, 8. 
En-tire'nets Totality ; ftJness ; integrity, a. 
In-iire^net9 Wholeness ; integrity, a. 
Sore'nesi Tenderness of a hurt, s. 
Dffnvre'neat Gravity ; affected modesty, a. 
Prem-^t-ture^net Unseasonable earlinesa, s. 
Im-mthture'nat Unripeness; incompleteness, a. 

Bcue^neta Meanness; vileness; bastardy; deepness, & 
O'bese'neu Morbid fatness, s. 
Pr^-ctse^nem Exactness ; rigid nioety, 8. 
Co»-cw«^n«M Shortness, 8. 

ESS 44» 

Wite^nesi Wisdom ; Mtpienoe, 8. 
FalK^nest Falsehood ; baseness ; deceit, s. 
Tau9^fu$9 Extension ; tightness, s. 
j&i-tMM^n«M State of being enfort^d in a high degree, s. 
Jo-eote^nesB Waggery; merriment, 8. 

Clo9e^neat Nearness ; priTacy ; want of air, s. 
MoTottfneat Peerishness; sourness, s. 
Coarttfnmi Meanness ; radeness ; roughness, s. 
Ebarse^neu Roughness of Toice, s. 
A-versefnesB Unwillingnees ; backwardness, a. 
Fer-verM^ne$8 PecTisliness ; obstinacy, s. 
Fro-fute^neu Lavishness ; prodigality, s. 
Ab-^ruse^fuu Difficulty; obscurity, s. 
Ob-tute^neBM Bluntness; dulness, s. 
£q/ro-b(MU-ne89 State of being reprobate, s. 

I)el^i-cat»-^iei8 Tenderness ; sof^ess ; eifominacy, s. 
Oom^pU-eaU-neas Difficulty; intricacy, s. 
In-lri^caU-neu Difficulty; obscurity, s. 

Se-date^neu Calmness ; serenity ; tranquillity, s. 
LaU^neu Time &r adranced, s. 
Dii-eon^to-laU-neti State of being disconsolate, s. 
Ar-tie^u^laU-neu Quality of being articulate, s. 
Lt-^r-tk^u^laU-neaa Want of distinctness in pronouncing, s. 
In-or^di-naU-ne$» Intemperance of any kind, s. 
Co-ar^di^naU-niM State of being c<M>rdinate, 0. 
Dia-erim^i-nat^nest Distinctness, s. 

IftrnaU^tuu Quality of being innate, s. 
PoM^non-^sU-ntu Yehemenoe of mind, s. 
Af-fec^tion-aie-neai Fondness ; tenderness ; good-will, 8. 
Fto-par^lum-^»ie-im9 The state of being acfjusted, s. 
A^Ur^ruUS'neu A being alternate, s. 

Or-naU^neu State of being embellished, s. 
Fbr^tu-nate-nett Good luck ; success, s. 
Im^por^tu-nat&iuu Incessant solicitation, s. 
Sej/orrat&'imt State of being separate, s. 
De-lH/er-aie-neis Circumspection, s. 
Con-tid^er-aU-nest Prudence, s. 

Mod^er-aie-neu A being moderate ; temperance, 8. 
Dergen'tr-aU-fiMt Degeneracy, s. 
Be-gm^er-at^-neta A being regenerate, s. 
Det^per-ate-neu Madness ; fury ; precipitance, s. 
Tem^per-aU-neu Freedom ftrom excesses, s. 
/fi-t^0r-ato-fWM Obstinacy confirmed by time, 8. 
llrWeTHUd-neu Want of learning, s. 
A-dtd^ter-ata-^uta A being adulterate, s. 
Car^jHhraie-nm The state of a body corporate, 8. 
Ae^eu-^rau-ne$8 Exactness ; nicety, s. 
0l/du^at4-ne»9 Stubbornness ; impenitence, 8. 

Pri^vaie-neis State of privacy, s. 
Ad^B-quate-neat A being adequate, s. 
Conrcrete^neu Coagulation, s. 
Obfto-UU-nm A being worn out of use, il 

4fi0 S8S 

Cam^leU^neu P«rfeotiMi, •. 
^t^com-plstynma Unfinished ttftta, s. 

White^neu Stoto of b«i«g wkdto; ylantw, 8. 
F9-MU^mit$ Goitility; good hMediag; tteguce, t. 
J^''mto-fiei» Finitude ; limitfttioB, s. 
D^Mitto waw Gertain^ ; limitodneea, i. 
/n^>f-mto-fMM Immensitj ; iafinitj, s. 

IW^uMf StaleneM ; oowBKwinftat, t. 
Con^^nto-fMM Contrition ; repentanc*, s. 
ul^<ri<«-fMff A being mueh woni, 8. 
iZe^'t<f-«it»-fieff State of being reqaiffite, 8. 
JSz^qui'tiU'nett Nicety ; perfection, 8. 
Ap^po-wU-neu Fitness; propriety, s. 
C^po-^ite-neaa A being opposite, b. 
M6-mote<ne$$ A being reiftote ; distaaoe, 8. 
A-cuia^neia Sharpness ; foree of intellect, b. 
Ayto-luU-^iest PositiTeaess ; arbitrarj power, 8. 
Be9^o-lui&-He9s Determinatenees, s. 
£Ha^so-4uU-nsti Looseness ; debauchery, 8. 
MirntUe^nest SmaUness, s. 
£rute^ne$$ Bratality, s. 
Con^cave-n€S9 HoUowness, 8. 

Or<w€^neu Seriousness ; Bolemnity, 8. 
Can-^u^cive-nets The quality of conducing, s. 

For-ffive^nets The act of forgiving ; pardon, 8. 
Per-aua^twe-netM Influence on the passions, s. 
Co-he^sive-fuss A being cohesiye, s. 
De^^nve-nett Power of detersaining any efen^ 8. 
Com-puynve-ness Force; compulsion, s. 
Of-fm^nve-neta Mischief; cause of disgust, 8. 
Comrpre-hen^nve-nesa Quality ckT containing vmek in a few worda 

or narrow compass, s. 
Ap^e-hm^sive-nest A being apprehensiye, 8. 

Pen^tive-^MM Melancho)^ ; sorrowftGneas, 8. 
Ex-pen^ twe-nen Costliness ; extravagance, s. 
Ex-tm'nv^-fUM Largeness ; wideness, s. 
Cor-To^sive-ruat The quality of corroding^ 8, 
Pur^woe-fieu Shortness of breath, s. 
Mat^aive-neu Bulk; ponderousness, s. 
Paa^Hve-ness Submission ; power of suffering, s. 
Suc-cea^swe-nest A being successive, s. 
Pro-grea'awe-naaa The state of advancing, s. 
E3^a^aw&-naaa The power of expression, s. 
Suly-mia'sive-neaa HumiU^ ; confession of a UxXi, 8. 
Dif-fu'aioe^Maa Dispersion ; copiousness, a. 
Con-il^aw^-fuaa Power of determining, a 
Inrconrdu^aive-neaa Want of rational conviotioB, 8. 

Alrlu'awe-neaa A b^g aUusive, s. 
Prw/re-a-twe-neaa Power of generation, s. 
Tdlkf<intw&-neaa Loquadty, s. 
Rd^c^-Uve-naaa State of having relatilon, 8» 
Na^Uvt-neaa A being produced by nature^ 8. 

B9S Ui 

San^a-tw^-mtt Power to ma% 8. 
O-ffm^vmro^iive'nest Obetinaoy, s. 
Al-ter^na-iioe-nesM A beiag altemattTO, s. 
Fm^e-ira-tive-^iess Quality of beiBg p«iietr»tif e^ s. 
Veff^e-ta'Hv&-M89 Qtudity of prodaoing growth, s. 
Laz^a^tw»<iu9 Power of easing coBtiYeneas, s. 

Ae^tioe-neaa Quiokness; nimbloiess, s. 
At'tra</tiv6-ne99 Quality of being attraetiTe^ f^ 
D^-fed^we-ne^a Want; &ultinew, 8. 
Obr^'eet^w^-nen The state of being an object, a. 
Destrw/tive-neu Qaality of destroying, s. ^ 

Prim'i-tivt-neu A being original ; antiquity, a. 
De-fin^i-tive-ness DecisiToness, s. 
In-^tUa^i-tive-iiesa Curiosity, a. 

Fo^i^iive-ness Obstinacy ; oonfidenoe, a 
Re-tm^Uv&'neu Haying the quality of retention, 0. 
At-tm^twe-neu Heedfulnesa; attention, s. 
Conrsump^tive-fuu A tendency to a eonsumption, a 
A-bor^tioe^nesa The state of abortion, a. 
Spor^ih&-ne88 Gaiety ; play, a. 
Cot^(w6'neu State of being coetiTe, a. 
Dirfkm^u-Uo&meu Smallness ; littleness, a. 
Blue^nett Quality of being blue, a. 
An-tique^nett A being antique, a. 

Truu^nen Sineerity ; unartftdness, a 
DtafntM The want of hearing, s. 
Bn^n$u Ckmoiseness ; shortness, s. 
St^^neaa Obstinacy ; formality ; htrdnies, a. 
Qruff'Mu Bug^edness of mien, a. 
Ru^t^-neu Obstinate reluotanoe, a. 

JBiff^neu Sixe ; greatness of quantity, a. 
A-greefing-neu Consistence ; suitableness, s. 
O-bWgmg-nett Obligation ; ciTility, s. 
Noth^tng-neu Non-existence ; a thing of no Talue, a. 
SparyUng-fUM Vivid and twinkling lustre, s. 

WUninff-nest Consent; ready compliance, a. 
Un-viVliniffUM Loathness ; dinnolination, s. 

Seem^ing-fieu Plausibility ; Uir appearance, a. 
Be-com^ing-neu Elegant congi'uity ; propriety, s. 
Charm^ing-nett The power of pleasing, s. 
Dam/nrnff-neis Tendency to procure damnation, a. 
Cfun^mng-nui Deoeitf nlness ; slyness, s. 
Da^rmg-neta Boldness, s. 
PUa^swg-nstt Quality of giving delight, 8. 
Lot/ing^ne89 Kindness; affection, s. 
Last^mg-^nea Durableness; continuaBoa, s. 
Sa^vmg-ne$s Frugality; tendency to promote aalration, 1 
. JEUchfnm9 Opulence ; finery ; fhdtftilneea, a. 
SUmch'nen Firmness^ 8. 
Stareh'neu Preoiseness; stiffhess, s. 
Tough'neaa Firmness ; tenacity ; dammiaeaa, a. 
B^tk'nm A foolish contempt of danger, a. 

4fie ESS 

Fretk^nm Ntwaess; rnddiaeM; c^olswik m. 
Child^iMk-nem Puerility ; triflingnees, B. 
Mf/dUh-nat Affectation of the Cuhioii, 8. 
Oafith-nm S^npMitj; dnlnees, •. 
Huff^UK-nem Petnlanee ; •noganee, 8. 
Selfish-neu SelMoTO only, ■. 
Wag'guh^MM Merry mischief, 0. 
Bog^guhrnett Greedineee ; eelfishnees, 0. 
8lug'gi»h--ne$» Sloth ; idlenees ; inertness, 6. 
ii-eaJk^uA-fieM Cspricionsness ; iHiimsioslness, s. 
Braek^uhnneu Saltness, s. 
BuUc^ith-ntn Orestnees of ststnre and nze, 0. 
Book^ith-ntn Orer-stttdionfflness, s. 
, Mawk^ish-ntn Aptness to cause loaUiing, s. 
Fool^ith-neu Want of understanding, s. 
Churyith-nm Bnggedness of manners, s. 
J3queam^ish-net9 DeUcacy; fastidiousness, s. 
Bri^nUh-neaa Saltness, s. 
Clown^ith-netB Rnstioity ; incivility, s. 

A^pith-nus Mimicry ; foppery, s. 
Sheep^ish-nat Bashfnlness, s. 
Lump^whrntM Stupid heatiness, s. 
8najppi»h-ne8$ PeoTishness ; Urtness, s. 
Fcp^piih-nett Showy Tani^, s. 
Wasp^uk-neit Peerishness ; irriUbility, s. 
Liek^er-ith'-nesa Niceness of palate, s. 
Wa^ter-i8h-ne98 Thinness ; resemblance of water, s. 
Boor^ith^nest Coarseness of manners, s. 
Whi^tiih-ne$$ A being somewhat white, s. 
Pet'tiihrnets Fretfulness; peevishness, s. 
SkU^tithmeit Wantonness ; fickleness, s. 
SotHuh-neu Stupidity ; insensibility, s. 
SkU^tith-nen Qualities of a slut ; nastinees, s. 
Lm/ith-neu Prodigality ; profusion, s. 
Sla'vith-neM Serrility; meanness, s. 
PeefvithriiMt Fretfulness ; perverseness, s. 
Thief vish-nest Disposition to, or hubit of stealing, a. 
A^gu-Uh-neu Quality of resembling an ague, s. 
Eo^gui»h-M9t The qualities of a rogue, s. ^ 
Boy^ish-MM Childishness ; triflingness, s. 
ffarsk^ness Roughness; peevishness; soumeas, a. 
Loath^ntM Unwillingness ; backwardness, s. 

Silh^ness Since ; obsolete, ad. 
Smooth'ne99 Evenness on the surface ; mildness, a. 

BUih^nesB Quality of being blithe, s. 
Seaybi-nesa QnaH^ of being scabby, s. 
Shai/hi-netB Meanness ; paltriness, s. 
Bc/ci-nets Quality of being racy, s- 

Pei-ness The state of generating ice, 8. 
Jvi^ei-nest Plenty of juice ; succulence, s. 
SoM^eimeae Impudence ; impertinence, s. 
Bead^i-neas State of being ready ; preparation ; williiigiiMSy 8. 

ESS 45B 

Btad^i^nm Runj; nalmesB; obstliuMy, •. 
Steadfi-neta A settled state ; uirraried e<mdQot, s. 
Sha^dirneaa The state of b^ng 8ha(|y, s. 
Cfid^dimeaa Carelessness ; a swimming in thrht^d, g. 
Mud^di-neas Fonlness; torbidnees, s. 
Budfd^-nen An inclination to redness, s. 
Oree^di-iutt Bayenoosnees ; eagerness, a. 
Tifdirtteu Neatness ; readiness, s. 
Un-wield^i^nesa A difficulty to moTe or be BiOTed, s. 
Mould^i-neu State of being mooldj, s. 
Hand^i-nen Readiness ; dext«ity, s. 
ffard^i-neu Courage; bravery, s. 
Tard^irneu Slowness ; sluggidmees, s. 
Chwr^di-neaa A swelling in a horse's leg, s. 
Stur^dMuu Stontnees; bmtal strei^^ s. 
Oau^di^neu Showinees ; tinsel appearance, s. 
CUmd^irnesa Dolness ; heaviness, s. 
Bawd^i-fieat Obsceneness, a 
Chuff^i-neu Clownishness, s. 
8cwfi-net$ State of being somrfy, s. 
Turf^i-neBM State of abounding with tozf, 8. 
^tag^gi^na$ Laxity ; limbemess, s. 
Crag^gi^MU State of being craggy, s. 
Scrag' gi-wM Leanness ; rtraghness, s. 
Dregfgi-fum Fulness of dregs or lees, s. 
Fog'gi^ntu Cloudiness ; mistinees, 8. 
Clog'gi^nm The state of being clogged, 0. 
Bufgi-ntM State of being infected with bugs, s. 
Man'gi-nef Scabbiness ; infected with the mange, 8. 
Sprmg'i^neu Elasticity, s. 
8im^gi-neat Avance ; niggardliness, a. 
Toueh^i-neti Peevishness ; irascibility, s. 
8hi'ne$s Unwillingness to be familiar, s. 
PUh'i-nem Energy ; strength, s. 
HeaUh'i^ne$9 The state of healtib, 8. 
WeaUh'imm Richness, 8. 
lUth'i-neM Nastiness ; dirtiness, 8. 
Earth'irneu Quality of containing earth, 8. 
8w€trth'i^Het9 Darkness of complexion, 8. 
Wkr'thi-neu Desert; excellenoe, s. 
UfhWitr'thi-neBa Want of worth or merit, 8. 

MUk'irnttM Approaching to the nature of milk, s. 
Bull/i-ne98 Greatness of stature or sise, s. 
IVitk'i-nest Chdety ; liveliness, s. 
' 8ea'U-fu$t State of being scaly, s. 
W€fid^Krne99 Covetousness ; addictedness to gain, 8. 
Frimd'Umm Eindness ; diq[K>sition to IHendship, 8. 
Ood'U'tuu Piety to God, s. 
Oood'U-nesi Beauty ; grace ; elegance, 8. 
Nig'gardrUrneti Avarice ; sordid parsimony, 8. 
CoM/ard-U-MM Timidity; cowardice, s. 
T(/watdriMim Docility ; oomplianoe, 8. 

IM £88 

Lard^U-neu Hi«|^t m 6 M ; pride; fignHr, s. 
Uk-^ikyU-nm ImptobiOiilitj, s. 
Come^U^nett Oraoe ; bean^ ; digmtj, 8. 
Eomt^ Um t n PUiimesB; nulenees, 8. 
L<me^U-net» Solitude ; irant of eompftn j, g. 
8hape^U-ne$i Proportion of form, s. 
lAot^U-iuu YiTMitj ; spri^tliness, s. 
LovtfU-neu Amiabkneee, b. 

Ug^U-nm Dcformitj, 0. 
Flah^U-nett Csmal ptssioiis or appetitee, 8. 
JBarth^li^ite$8 Qnalitj of contuning earth ; grossnesSy 8. 

Wi'U-neu Cunmng; gmle, b. 
Priek^U^neu Fnlnen of sharp points, s. 
8kJI/U-net$ Habitual disease, s. 
CkiyU-neu A sensation of shiTering eold, s. 

Sa^U-nm Weakness; harmless foUj, s. 
8eem^U-ne$i Decency ; comeliness ; grace, 8. 
Unseem^li^neaM Indecency; uncomeliness, s. 
CUan^U-ntn Freedom firom dirt ; parity, s. 
Man^U^MMs BraTcry; stonlxiess, s. 
8ht/en-U-net9 Neglect of cleanliness, s. 

H</Urnes8 Piety ; title of the pope, s. 
Beg^gar-U-neu State of being beggarly, s. 
Or^der-Urneat Begnlarity; methodicalness, s. 
Fa^ther-Urfimt The tenderness of a father, s. 
Manffur-Urneu Mannerly behayioor, s. 
£ur^U-ne8$ Balk ; blaster, s. 
Sur^U^MM Gloomy moroseness, 8. 
SWnett Designing artifice, s. 
8prigWUrne89 Briskness ; gaiety ; TiTadty, 8. 
Un-mgWU-nett Disagreeableness to the eye, s. 
Port^U-nest Dignity of mien, s. 
Court^U-nets Elegance of manners ; ciTzHty, s. 
Beatt^li^neta Bratality, 8. 

Cott^U-nttt Expensireness, s. 
Uk-^^U-neu Tarbalence ; tamoltnonsness, s. 
Low^U-neu Homility ; want of dignity, 8. 
SWmi^neu Viscosity ; glntinoas matter, s. 
Clam^mi^neu Viscosity; Tiscidity, s. 
CTum^mt-neM. State of being gammy, s. « 

Oloom^i-neas Want of light; cloadiness of look, a. 
Eoom^i-ne$t Qaantity or extent ; space, s. 
8u/nimeu Qaality of aboonding with stones, b. 
Pu^ni-neu Pettiness ; smallness, s. 
Brav/ni-nms Strength; hardness, s. 
SUq>'i^M9a Disposition to sleep, s. 
R</jn-ne9a Viscosity; glatinousness, s. 
Hap^pirneas Blessedness ; content ; good lack, s. 
Jfap^pi-nut Qaality of haying a nap, s. 
8^pi-ne99 State of aboanding in sap ; saccolenoe, •• 
Air^i-neaa Exposore to the air ; gaiely, s. 
&o^ofiHfa-r»-fi«M State of being secondary, 8. 

BSS 455- 

. Wk/fi-nmt Faiigiie; » being tured^ji. 
Cka'ri-n$8i Caation ; care ; nicety, 8. 
Sx-em^pUirTirfutt State of being exemplary, b. 

Pri'nuHri-nett State of being first, b. 
Chu^tom'arrirnet$ Frequency ; commonness, b. 
Mer^e^-na-ri-nnt Venality ; respect to hire, s. 
Flen^<Mi^net9 Folness; completeness, s. 
Ebar^i^Hett State of being whitish, s. 
' 7%m^jN>-ra-f»-fieM State of being temporary, s. 
ulK^A'a-ri-fiett Despoticidness, s. 

Conftrorri^nett Contrariety ; opposition, s. 

Ac-cu^tcHri-nesM State of being accessary, s. 

Nec^0t^a^rirne»$ State of being neceesary, s. 

Sed^en-ta-ri-fuit State of being sedentary, s. 

Alri-^nm^ta-ii^neit Qoality of being alimentary, s. 

Sayu^ta-H^teit Wholesomeness, s. 
IW-mti^ttf-a-rMteM Torbolence ; inclination to tomnlt, s. 
Fa^ft-fiest Caution ; 'prudent forethought, s. 
JV^or-f-fiMff Heat ; heat of temper, s. 
Hair^irneu State of being coTered irith hair, s. 
Ex'tem'po'fi-net^ Faculty of speaking, &c., extempore, s. 
(htH9(hri-neu Slight attention, s. 
De-roff^a-io-ri-nem Act of derogating, s. 

JJil^a-Uhri-neta Slowness; dnggishness, s. 
Sat^u-fac^to-ri-neti Power of satisfying, s. 
R€-frae^UMi-nen Sullen obstinacy, s. 
Tran'tirUhri-^Mw Speedy evanescence, s. 
Per-en^to-ri^neti PositiTeness ; dogmatism, s. 
Mer^riHMU Mirth ; merry di^K>sition, s. 
Sor^ri-nett BAMumess ; despicableness, s. 
Pai^ t r i n t$t State of being paltry, s. 
8ul^tri-fU9s State of being sultry, 0. 
8a^v<mr-4-neu Pleasing taste or smell, s. 
Ba^n-nei9 Freedom firom difficulty, f. 
Uk-^^n-neu Trouble; state of disqoiet, s. 
Orw'tirfuti Fatness ; oiliness, s. 
^iuea'ii^neu The sickness of a nauseated stomach, n. 
Noi^timsm Loudness of sound, s. 
Chim'ii^neu Awkwardness; want of dexterity, 8. 
PuT^n^nmt Shortness of breath, s. 
Miu'thnmt Bulk ; ponderousness, s. 
Bratt^iHMm An appearance like brara, s. 
OroMt'i-nen State of abounding in grass, s. 
Dro99^irnei$ Foulness; feculence; rust, s. 
OloMt'irneu Smooth polish ; superi&eial lustre, 8. 
Mou^i-neu State of being corered with moas, 8. 
But^iHMMi Employment; affair, s. 
Lau^H-neu State of abounding with lice, s. 
Drow/n^Mu Sleepiness; heaviness with sleep, 8. 
Orctf^U-neu Canning; stratagem; art, s. 
Tkriftk-ne$9 Frugality ; good husbandry, 8» 
Lqf^U^neu Pride; sublSnity; height, s. 


fr«^JU^f-fMM HesTiiiMB; ftirae; importeaM, sl 
Might'irnet Oreftto^; keiglit of dignity; paw«r, & 
Eaugh^H^neu Pride ; aaroguioe, 0. 
Naugh'ti-neu Wiokednest; badoMs, b. 
Drougk'tirnetM State of wsntlBg rain, a. 
OuiU^i-ne$t The atate of beuig gi:^ty, a. 
FauWi-netM Badneaa^ actual oflfeneea, ai 
Scant' i-ne$9 Narrowneaa ; saaUnesa, a. 
Dam'ti-ne$9 Delioafly; aq«eaaHlBhiie8a» a 
Javn'tMuu Airineaa; flatter; genteelaoaa, a. 
SootH-^Mw Quality of being aootj, a. 
Bmj/ti^neu Vanity; ignoraiiee; Toid q>aoe, a. 
ffeart'i-ness Diligence; aincerity, a. 
Dirt'i-nuM FiHluneaa; baseneas; meamieai^ s. 
Ha'gU-ntn Hurry; apeed; pasaionf a. 
Nat'tMuu Filth ; obaoenity, a. 
. Set^H-nett Obatinate relactanee, a. 
Tea'ti-nmi Moroaeneaa ; peeirirtmeea^ & 
Foitt'i-neM Fosttneaa; mouldineea, a. 
Fut^tinuu HooldineaB; atink, a. 
Lust'i^Heti Btontneea; Tigonr of body, a. 
Muit'i-neMt Mould ; damp ; fonlneiSy a. 
Crtut'i-neu Quality of a oruat; pee7ishne8a> a. 
Trust'i-neMt Honesty ; fidelity, s. 
Pet'tirneu Smallneas; unimportance, a. 
PrelHirfiesa Beauty irithout dignity, a. 
WWUnneta Quality of being witty, a. 
Knot'U-nesB Fnlneaa of knots ; hftrdneea, a. 
8mul'ti-nu$ Soil firom smoke ; obsoenenesa, a. 
ffeav^i-fuss Wei^^t; afiiiotion; oppreaaion, a. 
La'gi-neu Idleness; idnggishness; alothfUaeai, a. 
Cra'ti-^iess Weakness ; feebleneas of mind, a. 
Do'si-nesi Drowsineaa; slumbering, a. 
Diz'sti-nedt Giddiness ; thouc^ttessn^MS, s. 
BUak^Mu Chilness ; coldness, a. 
Weak'n€89 A defect; feebleneas; fisillttg, a. 
Blaekfmu Darkneaa ; black colour, a. 
Slaek'nesi Looseness ; nei^gence ; ramissneaa, a. 
Thick'nen Denaity; grossneas; doseness, a. 
Sick'nett Disease ; cBaorder of the body, a. 
FaU'tng-tUk^nett The epilepsy, a. 
Orem'nekHie89 A diseaae of maida; chlorcaia, ai 
F^an'tiek-neii See I^arUicHeaSf a. 
Au^thm'tick-ness See AuthenHemsa, a. 
FcM'taa'tick-nett See FankuM/OMaa, a. 

Quiek'neH Speed ; briakneae ; pungency, a. 
Meek^ness Gentleness; softness of temper, a. 
Lank'neat Want of fleah ; alendemesa, a. 
Rank'neat Exuberance; auperfluoua growth, a. 
Frank^neu Plainness; freedom, s. 
Dark'ness Want of Hght; obscurity; wickechieaa, a. 
Britk'neta ActiTeness; quickness; gaiety, a. 

ESS 46T 

Ou'hi-tid-nm State or quality of being oobieal, i. 
Rad^i-cal-nesM SUto of being radioal, 8. 
Trag^i-cal-nest Calamitoosness ; monrnftilness, s. 
An-a-log^i-^alrneta Quality of being analogical, e. 
An-gel^i-^al-neii Excellenoe more than human, a. 

Com'i-^alrneu Quality of being comical, 8. 
Or-gan^i-cal^nett State of being organical, 8. 
Me-<han^i-C4U-ne98 Agreeableness to mechanism, 8. 
Fm^i-eal-nets Superfluous nicety, 8. 
Con^i-eainneu State of being conical, 8. 
Cornon^i-cal-neta Quality of being canonical, 8. 
Typ^f-eo^fieM State of being typical, s. 
Spher^i-caJrfie$$ Roundness ; rotundity, 0. 
Non-ten^n-^al-neu Ungrammatical Jargon, s. 

Mu^n^at-nest Harmony, s. 
Prag-TtuU^i-^al^neu An intermeddling without right, 8. 
Dog-nuU^t-cal-neu Magisterialness ; mock authority, 0. 
Ar-it-to-^at'i-^alrneta An aristocratical state, s. 

^rae^ti-^al-neu Quality of being practical, s. 
Pa-thei^i-€al-neu Quality of movSig the passions, s. 
CrU^i-eal-n€»$ Exactness; accuracy, s. 
Au-thm^ti-cal-^ieu Genuineness, 8. 
Det-pot^i-^fdmeu Absolute authority, s. 
Ca-thar^ti-calmitt Purging quality, s. 
Fan-tat^ti-^dlrneat Whimsicalness ; caprice, s. 
A-ihe-ii^ti-eal-fieai Quality of being atheistical, s. 
Rut^U-eal-nett Rudenes8 ; saTagenees, s. 
Myt^H-^alrnesa luTolution of some secret meaning, s. 
Par-a-thx^i-eal-neu State of being paradoxical, s. 
Be-dj/ro-cal-nen Mutual return ; altemateness, 8. 
E-quii/o-^al-mess Ambiguity ; double meaning, 8. 
Ho-^no-ge^ne-alrneti Similitude of kind, s. 
Ben^-fu/irolrneu Useftilness; profit, 8. 
Ar-ti-fic^i-al-neii Artfulness, s. 
8u-per-fi4/t-^il-nest Shallowness ; slight knowledge, 8. 
So^ci-dlHMu Quality of being social, s. 
Ccn-ge^ni-alrneu Cognation of mind, s. 

Ve^ni-iilrfun State of being excusable, s. 
Ma-U^ri-al-ne»9 State of being material, s. 
Ma-gtM-U^ri-al-nets Hau^tiness ; airs of a master, 8. 
Sub-ttanUi-al-neu State of being substantial, s. 
Triv^i-al-iuu Commonness < unimportance, s. 
Joi/i-^neu Gaiety ; merriment, s. 
Dii^mal-neta Horror; sorrow, s. 
Ru'rairnett Quality of being rural, s. 
Nat^u-raJrmen Natural state ; conformity to truth, i. 
Oui^tu^al-netM Quality of being guttural, s. 
Stnal^fuu littleness; weakness, 8 

Tal^fuu Height of stature, s. 
Fa^talrneaM InySicible necessity, s. 
Ac-ci-dmt^a!rne99 Quality of being accidental, 8. 
Cat^u-al-^uu Aocidentalness, s. 

458 ESS 

U'tu-^iHMm CommooneM ; frequeiM^, t. 
Ftme^tu-al-neu ExAotness; nicety, s. 
Oei^teel^nett Gracefulness; politeness, 8. 
Let/el^nest Evenness, s. 
Cru^dmeu Inhumanity ; cruelty, s. 
Frail^neu Weakness ; instability, s. 
Chil^neu A shiYering, s. 
£^vil-nest Wickedness ; calamity ; disease, s. 
Fell^nsu Cruelty ; savageness ; fury, s. 
lU^nest Sickness; disorder; wickedness, s. 
SPuriWneu Quality of being shiill, s. 
SUU^nest Calmness ; quietness ; silence, s. 
Cool^fUM Freedom from passion ; indifference, s. 
Dul^neu Stupidity ; dimness ; sluggishness, a. 
Fid^nett Plenty ; extent ; the being full, s. 
J>read^fulrme*i Terribleness ; frightf ulness, s. 
Olad^ful-iuM Joy; gladness, s. 
Heed^fuirfuu Caution ; yigilanoe, s. 
Need'ftd-nett Necessity, s. 
Mmd{f%d-^uu Attention ; regard, s. 
Peaee^ful-ness Freedom from disturbance, s. 
Oraee^ful-^ieas Dignity with beauty, s. 
Wake^/td-nest Want or forbearance of sleep, s. 
OuUe^ful^neta Secret treachery ; tricking cunning, a. 
DoUffulHMU Sorrow; melancholy; dismalness, s. 
Bant^fulHMu Poisonousness ; destructiveness, s. 
Hoptfjvirntu A promise or ezpectaticn of good, s. 
Cartffu^-neu Great care ; watchfulness ; caution, a. 
UitfJvlrntM Conduciyeness to some end, s. 
HaUffulrntn Odiousness, s. 
Orate^fid-nett Gratitude ; a being acceptable, s. 
Wcute'ful-neu Prodigality, s. 
Spite^/ulrness Malignity ; a desire of vexing, s. 
J)e-8pUe^ful-ne99 Malice ; hatred ; malignity, s. 
Rue^jiU-neu Sorrowfiilness ; mournfulness, s. 
Watch'/ul-neu Great care ; want of sleep, s. 
Faith^/tU-^UM Honesty ; loyalty, s. 
HeaUh^/iU-ness State of being well, s. 
Sloth^/ul-nesM Laiiness ; inactivity, s. 
Bath^/ul-ness Modesty; sheepishness ; shame, s. 
Fan^d-'/ul-neM A fanciftil disposition, s. 
Mer^ei'ful-nesM Compassion > tenderness, s. 

PU^i'/ul-neu Tenderness ; mercy ; despicableness, 8» 
Plm'ti-fulrnesa Abundance; fertility, s. 
Boun^ti-/ul-net8 Generosity; kindness, s. 
Beau^ti-ful-ntBt Quality of being beautiful, s. 
Du^ti-ftd-ness Obedience ; reverence ; respect, s. 
Un-ihank^ful-neu Ingratitude ; neglect of thanks, s. 
Skil'fuirneu Art; dexterousness, s. 
WiVf%il-neu Obstinacy ; perverseness, s. 
Brtm^ful-neu Fulness to the top, s. 
Harm'fyiHMM Hurtfulness; misohievousness, a. 

ESS 459 

Mm'fvl^MtB Stoutness ; boldness, s. 
DU-dain'fulrneu Contempt; haughtj soom, s. 
Oatn^ful-neMi LaoratiTeness, 8. 
Famyui^neu Affliction; grief; laborionsness, 8. 
SWful^M$9 Alienation firom Ood ; irickedness, 8. 
Moum'fuirMU Orief ; appearance of sorrow, s. 
Fear'ful^Mt^ Timorousness ; dread; awe, s. 
Cheer^ful-neM Gaiety; pleasure; readiness, s. 
Pov/er-ful-nett Great power; efficacy; strength, s. 
Suc-^esy/ul^neiM Happ^ conclusion; desired issue, s. 
BUu'fulrnm Happiness, s. 

Doubt^ful-nest Suspense ; uncertainty of meaning, s. 
For^et^futrneat Inattention; carelessness, s. 

Fret'fuXrfuu Passion ; peerishness, s. 
Dt-Ughi'fulHMn Pleasure ; comfbrt ; satisfoctionf s. 

FngWfvir^Mn Power of impressing terror, s. 
Tk(mgWfuJrne$9 Peep meditation ; anxiety, s. 
De-eeU^ful-ne89 Tendency to deceiTO, s. 
FniU^fulr^M9$ Plenty ; abundance, s. 

Ari'fuirMu Skill; cunning, s. 
EhpKtrt^fvirntu Wantonness ; firolio, s. 
Mttrt^fid-nen MischieTousness ; pemidousnesB, s. 
Lutt'ful^neu Libidinousness, s. 
Aw^ful-neu Terribleness ; great awe, s. 
Law'ful-futt Allowance of law, s. 
Joy^fiU-nen Joy ; gladness, s. 

Fovl'futt Filthinees; u^ess; dishonesty, i. 
Bol^emrneiM Ceremony; graTity; grandeur, s. 
Oalm^nesi Mildness ; stillness ; peace, s. 
Dm^nen Defect of sij^t ; stupSdity, s. 
Orim^neaa Horror ; fri^tAilness of Tisage, s. 
Sd^dammeu Inflrequency; rarity, s. 
Buz^om-ne$t Wantonness; amorousness, s. 
Wdrm^ne$9 Gentle heat ; seal ; passion, s. 
Luke-'warm^nett Want of seal ; indifference, s. 

Firm'tuu Stability ; solidity ; constancy, a. 
Xean^nett Want of flesh or bulk, s. 
Clean^neu Neatness ; purity, s. 
Un-^ean'noi Want of cleanliness ; sin, s. 
Mean^nnt Sordidness ; lowness of mind, a. 
Ty'ranrneta A she tyrant, s. 

fTon^new Paleness ; languor, s. 
8ud^derMu$$ The state of being sudden, s. 
Keen^neti Sharpness ; eagerness, s. 
Oreen^neu Gr