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Full text of "Arms and pedigree of Semour of Payson, Illinois"

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We certify that the accompanying pedigree hai> hern compiled by The 
Genealogical Department of The Gkaiton Puioss from the sources referred 
to in the authorities following it, and that all the facts and dates given are in 
strict accordance with the evidence, to the best of our knowledge and belief. 


~}'/I£l/KAS>. \Xxjl. ft/H/VL Genealogical Director. 


irpmour of IDa^son, Sllinot! 












Two Copies Received 

NOV 19 !906 

, Ci'PyriKdt Enl.y 

6'eA as. l<)aL 

CLf^SS Q- XXr,, N?. 
COPY n. 

Copyright, 1906 
By The GRAfTON Press, New York 





CIjc Qirms 


Seym our 


"The Visitation of the County of Devon in the Year 1G20" (Ilarln'an Society 
Publications, vol. G, p. 2.jti) gives the amis of Jv\vmour of " Bury Pomeroy " substan- 
tially as here shown exoept that the charge in the first and fourth iiuartcrs is "throe 
lions passant guarilant" instead of "three lions passant regardant, langued and 
armed azur." The Visitaiion states that the quartering is " an augmentation gratited 
by Hen. S." Since the time of Somerset, Lord Protector, his descendants, without 
exception, seem to have borne the lions guardant upon their shield. As the arms 
are described in the Visiiation of Kil-'O and a.ssigned to Sir Ildward Seymour of liury 
Pomeroy, so do they appear in the Bible of his brother, Richard Seymour of Hartford, 
Connecticut, as well as ujwn early monuments of the family of the Earls of Hertford. 
.Vn examination of standard works on the English peers and county families will 
make plain that the lions guardant have continued to prevail to the present time 
among all branches of the descendants of the Lord Protector. All heraldic authorities 
so describe the arms, some stating that the lions are "lion.s of England," and others 
afTirming that the augmentation was granted by Henry VIII upon the occasion of his 
marriage to Jane Seymour. 

Yet no patent from Henry VIII has ever been produced, and the College of Arms 
has no record of such a grant. But in 1890 a transcript of a genuine grant of aug- 
mentation to the Lord Protector was printed in The Acts oj the Council oj England. 
This is the only known documentary authority for the augmentation, which was 
granted by Edward VI and not by Henry VIII. 

In a note in The Genealogust (New Series, vol. 8, p. 190) J. H. Round cites the 
above authority for his remark that "the three lions on the pile are not, as stated 
by Sir Bernard Burke and others, 'lions of England,' but are 'lang^veen et armes 
d'assur,' alias 'langued and armed with azur.'" But he fails to note that the grant 
descriljcs the lions as "pa.s.sant regardant," instead of "passant guardant." It is 
true that the printed transcript is accompanied by a rough drawing of the augmen- 
tation showing two of the lions guardant and the third neither guardant nor regardant. 
But the artist did not follow his text, in which the arms are described in Latin, French, 
and English, as "gradientcs respicientesque," "passant regardaunt," and "pa.ssant 
regardantc," respectively, leaving little room for doubt. We believe, therefore, that 
the coat-armor of the descendants of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, is here 
emblazoned correctly for the first time, in accordance with the only authentic record 
of the original grant which has so far come to light. We here give a transcript of 
the grant in full, from which it will l)e seen that the right to use the augmentation 
is expressly conferred upon all the descendants and every branch of the Protector's 

Grant of arms to the Protector 

♦Edwardu.1? sextas, Ac, universis et singulis Imperatoribus, Ccsaribus, Regibus, 
Monarchiis, Principibus, Archiepiscopis, Ducibus, Marchionibus, Episcopis, Com- 
mitibus, Baronibus, Satrapis, veil aliis quibuscunquc nationum, rcgnorum, ac popu- 
lorum, gubcrnatoribus ubilibet per universum orbem constitutis; necnon Caducia- 

*This grant ia not among the documents preserved in the College of Arms. 



toribus, Fecialibus, Heraldis, Artisquc Heraldice Professoribus ac Ministris omnibus 

turn nostria subditis quam exteris quibuscunque has literas nostras inspecturis, 

Iccturis, vel audituris, salutem: in universa regie dignitatis administracione que 

latissimc patct nullum est clarius et excelsius et regia majestate dignius officium et 

munus quam cum exelento virtute decus, claritatem, honorem ac nobilitatsm regis 

prudens bcneficencia tribuit et impartitur. Nam punire eos qui malefecerunt licet 

boni principis officium, sine quo rcgna nullo modo queant administrari, tamen officium 

magis necessarium quam jucundrum, honore vero afficere quorum excellens virtus 

hoc premium meruit vere augustum est et gratissimum regie majestatis munus. 

Quo nullum libentius abivit dominus Henricus Octavus, pater noster felicissime 

memorie, et famatissimus Aiiglie, Francie et Hibernie Rex, qui vetus et antiquum 

institutum nobilissimorum principum sequutus, cum alios multos propter virtutes 

illorum et egregia facta nostris honoribus auxit et cumulacite [sic] dum etiam charis- 

simam ac nobilissimam femina [m] et conjugem, consortemque thori sui, ac omnium 

regnorum ac dominiorum suorum reginam ac dominam, dominam Janam Semour, 

matrem nostram pientissimam, ac omnium feminarum illius etatis prestantissimam, 

ejus nobillitate, pudore, pudicitia, prudentia, viteque innocentia delectatus, non 

preteruit, sed cum propter egregias ejus corporis [?virtutes] atque turn ex regia sua 

liberalitate et beneficentia multis honoribus et beneficiis afecit, interque unum erat 

insigne regiumque monumentum armoris [sic] quod veterem et amitam nobillitatem 

predicte charissime matris nostra novis insignibus atque armis e regio suo clipeo 

desumptis augeret insuper atque accumularet, voluit ut cujus vitam probitatis vere- 

cundiaque fidei conjugalis et nobilitas exornasset, ejuse arma et clipeum de regiis 

insignibus splendore deducto illustraret, hanc parentum nostrorum gloriam et 

augustissimi mariti in amantissimam conjugem, patrisque nostri magnificentis- 

simi in pientissimam nostram matrem amorem et beneficentiam ab interitu vindi- 

care volentes, et quo testatum universo sit orbi ex qua illustri familia quoque loco 

nostro sepe dicta charissima mater procreata sit perpendentes, insuper et ulterius 

in memoriam, revocantes insignem nobillitatem, prodentiam, fortitudinem, cete- 

rasque virtutes quibus ceteros mortales longe antecellit illustris ac prepotens 

Princeps Edwardus, Dux Somersettensis, avunculus noster charissimus, dicteque 

charissime matris nostre frater germanus, omnium regnorum, dominiorum et sub- 

ditorum nostrorum Protector fortissimus, et nostre regie persone fidelissimus Guber- 

nator, cujus fides, industria, fortitudo et invicti animi magnitude, sanum denique ac 

prudens semper consilium domi militeque, multis eisdemque certissimis argumentis 

patri nostro ante dicto tarn liquido comperta et prospecta fuerunte [sic] atque congnita 

[sic], ut idem parens noster jam morieens [sic] nos et nostras ditiones omnes illi nobis- 

que ilium et honorem ac dignitatem meretissime comendaret. Quem etiam vivente 

patre nostro predicto non solum in Gallicis verum etiam Scoticis expeditionibus pres- 

tantissimi ducis ac fortissimi imperator[is] mumus sic prestantisse inteleximus, ut 

inde ad serenissimum patrem nostrum amplissimus glorie fructus rebus feliciter et 

ex sententia, Dei optimi maximi beneficio et tante viri virtute vigilantiaque, confectis 

redundarit, cujus denique fidem jam inde ex quo ipsi ad regie majestatis fastigium 

evecti simus eam perpetuo extitisse cognovimus, ut nihil ab eodem omissum unquam 

esse videatur quod aut ad fidi consultoris, aut providi ac vigilantes [sic] tutoris, aut 

ad fortis ac magnanimi Protectoris munus attineat, ob eamque rem nosmet nobis 

neque satis munifici principis neque grati nepotis officio satisfacere posse videamur 

nisi eum modis omnibus evehendi ac premovendi curaverimus. Et quemadmodum 

ille nos et diciones nostras fideli consilio, prudencia, fortitudine, aliisque etiam emi- 

nentissimis virtutibus, tuetur, defendit atque exormat, ita nos ilium vicissim ampliorem 


indies titulis, honoribua ac dignitatibus quam cumulatiasiinum roddrderinius. Quo 
ciri'a vobis omnibus et unicuicjue veslruni eoi;niluni et testatum I'sso voiumus nos ex 
certa sciencia et mero motu nostris, rugatu et suiusu omnium Consiliariuni nostrorum, 
dedisse et conces^sesse predilecto, illustri uc prepotenti Principle Edwardo, Uuci 
Somerset, et heredibua suis tanquam illius famile principo paliorum et capitibua 
dcindc I'tiam ]KT(>re.s [sic] omnibus posteris suis totiiiuc faniilie ct his que vel (jue oiim 
familiam aliqu<i gradu sanguinis et cognationis accingnat [xic], scd sub suis cujusque 
differentiarum notis in liac parte usitatis et cousuetis, eadeni armaet easdem armorum 
sustenta [.s'l'r] trices belluaa que et quas predicta [sic] pientissima nostra mater et 
felicissimc memorie regina doraina Jana Semour a sepedicto serenissimo nostro patre 
concessa portavit, im|)eriali corono et diademate solum exeepto; (viz.) in platticea 
aurea tres Icones gradientcs re.'ipicienksque pUinicci coricolores pile rubie super im- 
positas, Unguis et unguibus ceruleis inter sex lilia itidcm cervlea; Gallice, d'or ung 
pille goules la dessus trois lions passant rcgardaunl dti champe, langwecn ct armes d'asur, 
cntre six flourdelices d'asur; viz. iij et Hi] [sic]; Anglice, gald, a pile gules t}uTeon,iij 
liones passatU regardanic oj the jccld, lamjued and armed xrilh azure, beluTn six fltnttr 
delates in asur. Que quiiicm insignia anna ceteraquc preniissa cum omnibus eorun- 
dem appwndicibus, exeepto preexcepto, Duci reliquisque personis prenominatis eo 
mo<lo quo supradictum est damus, dicamus, addicimus; ac omnibus imposteris de 
familia ilia Scnioriaiiis, ut supra memoratum est, propria ct peculiaria esse volunnis 
haljenda, utetuia, frucnda, gestanda, atcjue unacum difTcrentiis usitatis differeiiti- 
arumque signis vire [sic], hereditario possidenda, &c.; uberiore gratia nostra volumus 
et consedimus quod libcrum integrumque sit prefato Duci et heredibus, suis reliquisque 
personis prenominatis et eorum cuilibet scparatim, ct omnibus impostcruni dc familia 
ilia Sonioriana insignia, notas et arma supra scrii)ta quandocum<iue et ubi('uni(|ue 
ipsis visum fuerit erigere, expnndere, portare, avatis(|ue suis arniis atcjuc insignibua 
i.nnectere adjungereque, segilis imprimere, paludamenta [sic] intexere, tentoriis 
affigere, eademque tam bello quam pace in scutis, clipeis, vexillus signisque suis mili- 
taribus imponcre, inserere, tam in exercitu quam alibi expandere, comonstrare, 
circumferre, ceteraque omnia in hac parte facere et exequi que jure et legibus feoialium 
sive lege heraldica fieri aut soleat aut debeat, ita tamen quod quandocunque veteribus 
eorundem armis atque insignibus ea adjungi, connecti, commiscerevc contigerit, non 
aliter quam imprima regione cli[)ei sive scuti collocentur; mandantes igitur ct auc- 
toritate nostra regia firmiter injungentes precipimas Christofero Barker alias Carter, 
eciuiti aurato, patri patrato, ordinisquc Fecialitnn seu Heraldorum nostrorum Hcgi 
ac judici supremo, cetcrisque omnibus Aduciatoribus, Fecialibus et Heraldis et eorum 
cuilibet, ut insignia et arma predicta liberis, monumentis et armorum insigniunujue 
registris inferant atque inscribant, ejusdemque Ducis titulos, honores, laudis [sic] ac 
preconia festis solenuiibus, ludis e<juestribus, i)rinci[)uni ac procerum mangureionibus 
[sic], triumphis ac jx'lupis triumphalibus r|uil)isiuin(iuc, faustis aoclamHcionibus 
more tamen solito et usitato honorifice presonent ac concelebrent, et quoad eorum 
fieri potest perpetue memorie comendanda curent; in cujas rei, &c.; datum apud 
Honorera nostram de Hampton Courte, xv° die Augusts, Aimo rcgni nostri prime. — 
Acts of the Privy Council of England, New Series, vol. ii. A.D. 1547-1550, London, 
1890, pp. 530-3. 

Cbe ^P^tiigree 


Arms: Quarterly ; 1 and 4, or, on a pile gules three linnx pnx.iant regnrdunt nf 
the field, langued and armed azure, between three jleurs-de-lix oj the 
Im^t (luignirntation granted 15 Aug. 1517 by Ivhvard \'I of England); 
2 and 4, gules, two wings conjoined in lure tips downward or (Seymour). 

Crest: Out oj a ducal coronet or a demi-phccnix in flames proper. 

Motto: Fay pour devoir. 

Saint Maur-sur-Loire in Tourainc, near Saumur, France, was the site of an 
early ^(Mirdictine monastery founded by Saint Maurus and destroyed by the 
Normans in the ninth century. From thi.s place it is supposed that de St. 
Maur derived his svirname. He came into England as one of the com- 
panions of the Conqueror in 1066 a.d., and is believed to have been the 
ancestor of the de St. Maurs of England.' 

Sir William de St. Maur, Knight, who about the year 1240 .v.n.. with=p 
the helj) of Gilbert Marshal, Earl of I'embroke, from the Welsh wrested 
Woundy and Penhow in Monmouthshire and became Lord of the 
Manor of Woundy and Lord of Penhow, fixing his family seat at the 
latter place, where were located St. Matir Park and St. Maur Castle, 
and where the church was dedicated to St. Maur.^ 

Sir Roger de St. Maur, Knight, alias de Scimor, son and heir of Sir= 
William,' Ixird of the Manor of Woundy 23 Henry III, as appears by 
an assize wherein it was found that Roger de St. Maur ought to have 
housebote and heybote at his house at Woundy by the moiety of 
Magorpark and upon his fee of Woundy by the feoffment of Sir Barth 
de .Moor;* in a grant by him of a messuage to Thomas Elliot, of the 
chapel at Woundy, his seal appendant was a pair of wings, circum- 
scribed Sigill. Rogeri de Seimoref' died before 28 Edward I.' 

Roger de St. Maur, alias de Seymour, son and heir. Lord ' 
of Penhow and Woundy ;= living S Edward II as appears 
from an inquisition of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, 
which finds that Roger de Seymour, William de damage, 
and their tenants in Woundy are answerable in pleas of 
the crown in the court of Caerlton.' 



Joan, dau. and 
heir of Damarcl 
of DevofLsliire.' 
Arms: Per jess, 
gules and azure, 
three crescents ar- 



John Sey- 

Sir = 

mour, 1st 


son and heir, 

de St. 

who died 32 


Edward III, 




Roger, his 


son and heir. 

S e y - 

on whose de- 


cease the i n 




passed by his 


daughter to 


the Bowlays 

K n t . , 

of Penhow 


who took the 





Cecelia, daughter and co-heir of John de Beau- 
champ, Baron of Hacche, co. Somerset, who was de- 
scended from Sibyl, one of the co-heiresses of the 
most puissant William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, 
and from William Ferrars, Earl of Derby, Hugh 
de Vivon, and William Malet;' on partition of the 
Beauchamp inheritance 26 Edward III, she had the 
manors of Hache, Shepton-Beauchamp, Murifield 
and the third part of the Manor of Shepton-Malet, 
CO. Somerset, certain lands in Sturminster-Marshal, 
CO. Dorset, the manors of Boultbury and Haberton, 
CO. Devon, Dourton, co. Bucks, Little Haw, co. 
Suffolk, and two parts of the Manor of Selling, 
CO. Kent;" died in 1393 seized of the Manor of Shep- 
ton-Beauchamp and the advowson of the church, 
Roger Seymour, son of Sir William Seymour, being 
her grandson and heir, then aged 27 years.'" , 
Arms: Vairy, azure and argent." 

Sir William Seymour of Even Swindon, co. Wilts, = 
Knight, son and heir, who in 36 Edward III 
accompanied the Prince of Wales into Gascony 
and had the King's letter of protection dated 
at Bamburge 8 February of that ycar;'^ some- 
time resided at Woundy as appears by his deed 
36 Edward III wherein he is styled William 
Seymour, Miles, filius at hcercs Rogcri Seymour, 
Militis;^^ died 15 Richard II.'* 

•Margaret, dau. and heir 
of Simon de Brockburn, 
CO. Hertford, by Joan, 
sister and heir to Sir 
Peter de la Mare, 

Arms: Gules, six eagles 
displayed double headed, 
three, two, one, or.'^ 

Roger Seymour of Even Swin-' 
don, CO. Wilts, Esquire, son and 
heir of his father. 15 Richard II, 
being then of age, and grandson 
and heir of his grandmother 
Cecilia in 1393, being then 27 
years of age;'° died when his 
son and heir was a minor." 

= Maud, daughter and co-heirof Sir William 
Esturmi, alias Esturmy or Sturmy, of 
Chadham, co. Wilts, whose ancestors 
by right of inheritance were bailiffs and 
guardians of the forest of Savernake from 
the time of Henry II. '° 

Arms: Argent, three demi lions, ram- 
pant, gules." 

Sir John Seymour of Wolf Hall, co.- 
Wilts, Knight, a minor at the death 
of his father," who at the age of 27, 
at an inquisition taken in Glouster- 
shire,'» Henry V (1022) was found 
"cousin" and heir of Sir Peter de 


•Isabel, daughter and sole heir of 
Mark Williams, Mayor of Bristol, 
CO. Gloster; married 30 July 1424; 
died 14 April 1485, seized of divers 
messuages, cottages, and gardens 
in the town and suburbs of Bristol, 



la Maro, Knight, being son of Mar- 
garet, diuightor of Joan, sister of the 
said Sir IVtcr-,'" Sheriff of .South- 
hampton 9 Henry VI, 15 Henry VI 
and 32 Henry VI;'" Sheriff of Dorset 
and Somerset;'" knighted before 15 
Henry Vlr" Sheriff of Wiltshire 29 
Henry VI ;-" one of the Knights of 
Wiltshire in the Parliament at Read- 
ding 31 Henry VI;" died 4 Edward 
IV.' Will proved 1464 (Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury, 8 Godyn.) 

and holding in dower or by joint 
feoffment with her late hiusband, 
Sir John Seymour, various lands in 
cos. Southampton, Wills, Hereford, 
and Somerset, leaving as heir her 
grandson, John Seymour, of Wolf 
Hall in co. Wilts, Esquire, then 
34 years of age." 

Arms: Per bend, argent and gules, 
three roses in bend countercharged. 

Crest: A fhamix in fUimes 

John Seymour, of Wolf = Elizabeth, dau. and heir of = Sir Nicho 
Hall, CO. Wilts, Esquire, 
Sheriff of Wiltshire 36 
Henry VI;'" died 29 Sep- 
tember 1463, the year be- 
fore his father's death." 

Sir Robert Coker of Lawrence 
Lydiard, co. Somerset, 

Arms: Argent, on a bend 
gides, three leopards' faces, or.^' 

las C a r c w , 
Knight, of 
H a c c o m b . 
2d husband. 

Elizabeth, dau.= 
of Sir George 
Darell of Little- 
cote, CO. Wilts, 
Knight, by his 
wife Margaret, 
dau. of Sir John, 
first Lord Stour- 
ton, of a family 
older than the 
Conquest.-' 1st 

■John Seymour of = 
Wolf Hall, CO. 
Wilts, Esquire, 
first son and 
heir; aged 14 
years at the 
death of his 
grandfather 4 
Edward IV;' 
aged 34 at the 
death of his 
Isabel;" died 7 
Henry VIIL" 

■daughter Humphrey= 
of Robert Seymour of 

2d wife. 

Even .S win- 
don, CO. Oxon, 
Esq., 2d son, 
from whom 
descend the 
Seymours of 

and one of 
the heirs 
of Thomas 
Wiaslow of 
Burton, CO. 

Roger Seymour, Esq., who had 
4 daughters and co-heirs. 

Sir George Seymour, 
2d son: Sheriff o"f Wilt- 
shire 14 Henry VH." 

.Line, married 

Sir John 


Sir Robert 
3d son.'" 


Margaret, married 
Wm. Wadham." 


Sir William Seymour, 

Knight, 4th son; made 

Knight of the Bath at 

the marriage of Prince 

Arthur, eldest son of 

Henry VII. '» Will dated Catherine, died unmar- 

19 Henry Vll (3 Sept. ried." 


Elizabeth, espoused 
John Crofts, Esq." 




Sir John Seymour of Wolf Hall, co. Wilts, Knight, 1st son and= 
heir; succeeded his father 7 Henry VII;" one of the com- 
manders who vanquished the Cornish rebels at Blackheath 
in Kent 12 Henry VII (1497), where for valiant conduct he 
was knighted by the King in the field of battle;^" Sheriff 
of Wiltshire 23 Henry VII and 10 and 16 Henry VIII;" 
served in the wars in France and Flanders, and in 1513 was 
made Knight-Banneret by King Henry VIII for gallant be- 
haviour at the sieges of Theroung and Tournay and in the 
action at Guinegaste, called the Battle of the Spurs ;^' Sheriff 
of Dorset and Somerset 7 Henry VIII ;'" obtained a grant of 
the Constableship of Bristol Castle to himself and son Edward 
9 Henry VIII;" attended Henry VIII in 1518 at the inter- 
view with Francis, the French King, between Guisnes and 
Ardes," and at Canterbury 27 May 1522 when Emperor 
Charles V came into Eng'and;" waited on Henry VIII as 
Groom of the Chamber in 1532 at a second interview with 
Francis, King of France, at Boulogne;" one of five from 
Wiltshire appointed to inquire into the possessions of Cardinal 
Wolsey;" died 21 December 1536, aged 60, and was buried in 
the church of Easton Priory, but in 1590 was reburied in the 
church at Great Bedwin, Wilts, where a monument was erected 
to his memory by his grandson, Edward, Earl of Hertford.'^ 

2d dau. of 
Sir Henry 
of Nettle- 
sted, CO. 
Knight of 
the Bath;" 
daughtcr of 
III, King 
of England, 
of "Hot- 
spur ";" 
died 1550." 

John Seymour, 1st son, 
died unmarried," 15 
July 1510.'» 

Sir Henry Seymour, 
Knt. ; married Barbara, 
dau. of Thomas Mor- 
gan, Esq., and had 
issue;" knighted 20 
February 1546." 

Thomas, Lord Seymour 
of Sudley, High Admiral 
of England, married 
Katherine, Queen of Eng- 
land, widow of King 
Henry VIII." 

John Seymour and An- 
thony Seymour, who 
died when infants.^ 

Jane, Queen of England, 
wife of King Henry VIII 
and mother of King 
Edward VI." 

Elizabeth, mar. 1st, Sir 
Henry Ughtred; 2dly, 
Gregory, Lord Cromwell; 
3dly, the Marquis of Win- 

Margery, died an in- Dorothy, married Sir 
fant." Clement Smith." 


dau. and 
heir of 


^Edward, Duke of Somerset, Earl of Hertford, Viscount- 
Beauchamp and Baron Seymour, Lord Protector of 
England, 2d and oldest surviving son and heir; 
knighted at Roye 1 Nov. 1523;" esquire of the King's 
household 1524;" a gentleman of the privy chamber 
March 1.535-6;" created Viscount Beauchamp of Hache. 
Somerset, 5 June 1536;" Governor and Captain of the 
Isle of Jersey 7 July 1536;" Chancellor and Chamber- 

D E 

■Anne, ^ 
ter of 





CO. Es- 


ter of 
of Fil- 
CO. Es- 
Arni.s : 
Vair, a 

lain of North Wales Aiipust 1636;" created Earl of 
Hertford IS Oct. 1.337, and the same year had livery 
of his father's lands;" elected Knight of the Garter 9 
January 1540-1;" as cousin and heir to Sir William 
Sturmy, Kniglit (as son of Sir John Seamour, Knight, 
son of John Seamour, Esquire, son of John Seamour, 
Esquire, son of Sir John Seamour, Knight, son of 
Maud, dau. and heir to Sir William Sturmy, Knight), 
he had livery of Sturmy's lands 1542;" Lord High 
Admiral of EngUuul 28 Dec. 1542;" Lord Great Cham- 
berlain of England for life, January 1542-;?;" Lieuten- 
ant-Gcneral of the North 5 March 1543-4;" Lieutenant 
of the Kingdom under the Queen Regent 9 July 1544;" 
Lieutenant and Captain-General of Boulogne 21 March 
1545;^" created Protector of all the Realms and Do- 
mains of the King's Majesty and Governor of His Most 
Royal Person 31 January 1546-7;^' High Steward of 
England for the Coronation of Edward VI;" Lord 
Treasurer of England 10 Feb. 1546-7;" Earl' Marshal 
of England for life 10 Feb. 1546-7;" created Baron 
Seymour of Hache 15 Feb. 1546-7;^' created Duke of 
Somerset 16 Feb. 1.546-7;" Protector and (iovernor of 
the King and Realms by patent 12 March 1546-7;'" 
victor over the Scots at Musselburgh 10 Sept. 1547;" 
deposed from the Protectorate and deprived of all his 
offices through machinations of the Earl of Warwick 
14 Jan. 1549-50;" Lord-Lieutenant of Buckingham- 
shire and B<>rkshire 10 May 1551;" condemned for 
felony 11 Dec. 1551;" beheaded at Tower Hill, Lon- 
don, 22 Jan. 1551-2;" buried in St. Peter's Chapel in 
the Tower, between Anne Boleyn and Catherine 


of Sir 

Edward, Earl of Hert- Anne, married 1st John Mary, married 1st, An- 

ford." Dudley, called Earl of d rew Rogers, Esq ., 

Warbeck; 2dly, Sir Ed- 2dly, Sir Henry Pey- 

Henry Seymour; mar. ward Unton." ton." _^ 

Joan, dau. of the F^arl 

of Northumberland; Catherine, died unmar- 

j g p HI Margaret, died unmar- ried." 


Sir Edward Seymour, 

^„ _^ ^.^ Elizabeth. 2d wife of Sir 

Knight; died unmar- Jane, died unmarried." Richard Knightly." 





Esq., 1st 
and heir; 
d. s. p." 
Will dated 7 
Dec. 6 Ed- 
ward VI., 
proved 26 
April 1553;"' 
his brother. 
Sir Edward 
named as 
his residuary 
legatee. °' 

Sir Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy, co. = 
Devon, Knight, Lord Seymour, 2d and old- 
est surviving son; knighted for his valor 
in the battle of Musselburgh 10 Septem- 
ber 1547;"* heir of his brother John Sey- 
mour;"^ restored in blood by Act of Parlia- 
ment, 7 Edward VI, which described him 
as Sir Edward Seymour, Knight, oldest son 
of Edward, Duke of Somerset;"^ had a grant 
from the King of the lordships and manors 
of Walton, Shedder and Stowey, Stowey 
Park, and the hundred of Water-Stock, co. 
Somerset, late the possessions of his father, 
Edward Duke of Somerset, 6 Sept. 7 Ed- 
ward Ylf" Sheriff of co. Devon 25 Eliza- 
beth;"" died 6 May 1593 and lies buried at 
Berry Pomeroy." 

■ Mary, dau. 
and heir of 
John Walshe 
of Catengar, 
CO. Somerset; 
Justice of 
the Common 
Pleas, 10 Feb. 
1 Elizabeth."' 
Arras : 
Azure, six 
mullets or , 
three, two, 
one, a bordure 
argent and 

Sir Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy, Knight and- 
Baronet, son and heir; administrator to his father 18 
May 1593;°" one of the Knights for co. Devon 35 and 
43 Elizabeth;'" member of the first parliament of 
James I;'" created a Baronet 29 June 1611;" died 11 
April 1613;" buried at Berry Pomeroy 27 May 1613." 

■Elizabeth, dau. of 
Sir Arthur Cham- 
pernowne of Dart- 
ington, CO. Devon, 
Knight ; married 30 
Sept. 1676 at Dart- 

Sir Edward Sey- 
mour, Bart., 1st 
son, who himself 
had 6 sons, Sir 
Edward, Henry, 
Thomas, Sir 
Joseph, Robert 
and John." 

John Seymour, 2d 
son; mar. Eliza- 
beth, sister of Sir 
Richard Glan- 

Walter Seymour, 
4th son." 

Bridget, bapt. at 
Darlington 1 
Dec. 1577; mar. 
Sir John Bruen.''' 

Mary, born 1579; 
mar. Sir George 

Elizabeth, mar- 
ried Sir George 


Ann, married 
Edmimd Parker, 

Two who died 
when infants.'" 

William Sey- = 
mour of Plymp- 
ton, 3d son; bur. 
at Plympton 30 
Jan. 1621-2." 

Ric hard Sey- = 
mour of Cock- 
ington, born 
1604;'" buried 
22 August 1637 
at Berry Pom- 

■Joan, dau. of 
John Young; 
mar. 8 June 
1602 at St. Ste- 
phens, by Salt- 
ash, Cornwall.'* 

Mary, dau. of 


mar. 20 May 
1626 at Plymp- 
ton St. Mary;" 
buried 14 March 
1675-6 at Cock- 

Richard Seymour, 
u n m. ; bur. 2 6 
August 1684 at 

Amy, bapt. 10 
May 1629 at 

13 rid get, bapt. Anne, mar. 1 
30 August 1632 April 1662 at 
at Cockington.*^ Torr Mohun to 
Robert Ball." 



Richard Soymour of Berry Pomproy, eo. Dovon, Enp;- = Arprcy, daughter of 
land/* ami Hartford and Norwalk, Connectieul, 5th 
son; matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, 5 Feb. 
1612-13, at the age of 17;" emigrated to Hartford, 
Conn., 1639-40;" signed the agreement for the plant- 
ing of Norwalk, Conn., 19 June 1G50, where he settled 
and died." Will dated 29 July, provetl Oet. 1655."" 

named in her 1ms- 
band's will;" mar- 
ried secondly John 

John Seymour of Hartford, 2d- 
eon," named in his father's will 
as "under age" 29 July 1655;" 
of Hartford in 1664;*"' freeman 
1667;''"' Leather Sealer 1673;"** 
C h i m n e y-viewer 1693.^ Will 
dated 10 Dec. 1712, proved 3 
Aug. 1713." 

Mary, Thomas .Seymour of Nor- y' 
dau. of walk. Conn., 1st son." '^ 




Zaehary Seymour of Wethers- 
field, Conn., 3d son." 

Captain Richanl Seymour of 
Farmington and Kensington, 
Conn., 4th son." 

Ruth, =Capt. Thomas Sey- = 

dau. of mour of Hartford, 

John 2d son;" born 12 

Norton Mar. 1669; Ensign 

of of Southside Com- 

Farm- pany, Hartford 

ington. Train Band May 

Connec- 1713;™ Lieutenant 

ticut; 1721;*' Captain 

married 1725;*° Deputy to 

Feb. the General Assem- 

nOO."" bly 1719-172S;'" 
1st wife, died 30 Aug. 1740.«' 

dau. of 
of Hart- 
21 June 
died 14 
1746, aged 


John S e y - 
mour, born 12 
June 1666."" 

Mary, b. Nov. 

Zaehary Sey- 
mour, b. 22 
Dec. 1672.'" 

Richard Sey- 
mour, b. 11 
Feb. 1676."" 

Seymour, b. 
10 Jan. 1678."" 

Seymour, b. 6 
Nov. 1680."" 

Margaret, b. Zaehary Sey- 
17 Jan. 1674."" mour, b. 10 
Jan. 1684.™ 

of Edward 
Dodd; died 
16 Jan. 
nSO." 1st 

■Lieutenant Bevil Seymour of Newington,- 
Conn.; bapt. in Hartford 11 Jan. 1712-3;"" 
represented Newington as a remonstrant 
before the assembly 3 May 1754;"" Ensign 
of the 10th company. Sixth Regiment, in 
1755;"" Lieutenant 1758;"" died at New- 
ington 17 Sept. 1774."" 

^Thankful, dau. of 
Abel Merrill of 
Hartford ;"" mar. 23 
April 1740;"" died 
24 Sept. ISOl in her 
90th year."" 

Lydia, mar. Zepha- 
niah Webster." 

Theodore Seymour, 
died 13 Dec. 1760, 
aet. 27.^ 

Mary, born 4 Dec. 
1735; mar. Moses 

Abel Seymour, born 13 
Feb. 17 41."" 

George Seymour, bom 

Mabel, bom 5 June 1744; 
mar. Charles Morgan."" 

Elias Seymour, born 28 
April 1746."" 

Tliankful, born 5 April 
1750; mar. Abijah Flagg."" 

Roswell Seymour, born 
20 July 1752.*' 

Lois, born lU Oct. 1753; 
marrieil Thomas Fox."" 

Theodore (?) born 13 
Dec. 1760."™ H 



Abigail, daughter of Cap-- 
tain Robert Welles of 
Newington, Conn. ;"" mar. 
13 Feb. 1777;°" died 4 
Dec. 1786."" 1st wife. 

Ashbei Seymour, bapt. 
28 Dec. 1777." 

Erastus Seymour, bapt. 
18 July 1779." 

Bevil Seymour, born 4 
Sept. 1782."° 

•Sergeant Ashbei Seymour of = 
Newington and West Hartford, 
Conn., born 25 Jan. 1748;'" a 
Revolutionary soldier who served 
in the Lexington alarm, 1775, in 
a company from Wethersfield,'"' 
again in 1776,'" and as sergeant 
in Capt. H. Welles' company, 2d 
Regt., in 1782;"'' purchased land 
in West Hartford 15 June 1804, 
and removed there;*" died 31 
July 1814;"' buried at West Hart- 

daughter of 
Daniel Wil- 
lard;"" mar. 
11 Sept. 
1788;"" died 
10 or 13 Feb. 
1819, aged 


Martin Seymour of West Hartford,^ 
Conn., and Payson, 111., born 24 Aug. 
1789;"' baptized in Newington, Conn., 
25 Oct. 1789;"" removed with his 
parents about 1804 to West Hartford, 
and in 1830 removed to Payson, 
Adams County, Illinois;"" died in Pay- 
son 19 Nov. 1842."' Will dated 7 
Sept., proved 10 Dec. 1842."' 

Lucy, dau. of Gideon 
Butler and Abigail Olm- 
sted ;"" born 23 Aug. 1789 
in West Hartford ;"" mar. 
27 or 29 June 1814 in 
West Hartford;"" execu- 
trix of her husband 10 
Dec. 1842;"' died at Pay- 
son, 111., 4 Sept. 1845."" 

26 Feb. 
1792 in 

Lucy Henrietta, born 8 Aug. 1815;"^ 
married to R. R. Greene 14 Dec. 1837;"^ 
a legatee of her father 1842;"* died at 
Pittsfieid, 111., 4 Dec. 1896."' 

Edward Seymour, born 15 Sept. 1818;°' 
legatee and executor of his father 1842;"' 
died unmarried at Payson, 111., 15 July 
1904."= Will dated 4 Jan. 1900; filed 
19 July 1904; proved 1 Sept. 1904.'"' 

Lewis Butler Seymour, born 6 
1820;"' legatee of his father 1842."' 

Henry Martin Seymour, born 21 
1822;"' legatee of his father 1842;"' 
in Alamo, Cal., 29 May 1858."' 



Frances, born 20 March 1824;"' 
legatee of her father 1842;"' 
married George H. Ames 13 
Nov. 1846;"' died 24 April 

Evalina Abigail, born 20 Nov. 
1825;"' legatee of her father 
1842,"' and of her brother Ed- 
ward 1904;'°' living unmarried 
at Payson, 111., in this year 

George Seymour, born 15 Sept. 
1827;"' legatee of his father 

Julia Annette, born 12 Jan. 
1830;"' legatee of her father 
1842;"' married Joel K. Scar- 
borough of Payson, 111., 30 
Oct. 1849."' 

y E V .M U L' K 


Cliarlcs Willnrd Rrymoiir of Pnyson, Til; = 'Emily C, dniiRlitrr of Rolx-rt 

horn noar Paysdii 23 Auj:. ISot;"'' always 
resided there; died 11 Oct. ISDS,'^ intes- 
tate. Letters of administration issued 
15 Nov. 1898."° 

Kay and Cynthia Burroughs of 
Payson, 111.; married 14 May 
IStJS;" now living at Quinry, HI., 
in this year of our 1/ord I'.KJti. 

Henry Martin = 
Seymour o f 
I'ay.son, 111.; 
born at Pay- 
son 9 June 
1864;»* lega- 
tee of his 
uncle Edward 
Sey mou r;"" 
now living in 
this year 1906. 

Lucy White, 
dau. of John 
Nicholson and 
Mary .■\iin( !il- 
bert; born t 
Nov. lS(j;5;"° 
mar. 29 Aug. 
1S95;'" and 
now living in 
this year 190G. 

Carrie, daugh-= 
ter of Oscar 
Kay and Har- 
riet Scarbor- 
ough of Pay- 
son, 111., and 
widow of 
Cephas Rob- 
bins ; born 1 
Feb. 1S()7;'"^ 
died 17 April 
1901.'"* 1st 

Lyman Kay= 
S e y m our of 
Payson, 111., 
born at Pay- 
son, 111., 2 

Oct. ises;"* 

now living 
without issue, 
in this year 

•Agnes, dau. of 
James Jarrett 
a n d Ann a 
13 y w a t e r of 
Quincy, 111.; 
born 21 
1874 ;'»« 
ried 29 
1901 ;'"< 
now living 


Charles Wil- 
lard Seymour, 
born at Pay- 
son, 111., 22 
Oct. 1898;"" 
and now liv- 
ing, 1906. 


Gaskin, born 
27 Sept. 


born 30 






=Stella May, 


born 14 April 


1872 ;»= mar- 

ried 14 Mav 

1899 ;"» and 

now living, 

without issue, 


Loren Butler Sey-= 
mour of Los Ange- 
les, Calif., born in 
Payson, 111., 12 
Oct. 1869;"^ and 
now living, without 
issue, in this year 

=Susan Baxter, 
dau. of James 
Jarrett and 
Anna By water 
of Quincy, 111., 
born 21 Oct. 
1874; mar. 19 
Aug. 1903."» 

Julia An- 
born 27 
Aug. 1867; 
died 28 



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The identity of this Richard Seymour is not open to question, since he was a "Baronet's 
son" in February 1613. The rank of Baronet was then a new dignity of very recent 
creation, and at the time there was but one Seymour, Baronet, in the United Kingdom — 
Sir Edward of Berry Pomeroy, who had been made a Baronet in 1611. In a list of donors 
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for on documentary evidence; (2) the descendants of Richard Seymour of Hartford always 
understood that he was of the family of the Earl of Hertford (Mrs. Pinney, pp. 24-5); 
(3) Richard Seymour of Hartford owned a " Bishop's Bible" printed in 1584 and now owned 
by one of his descendants, which on the title-page of the New Testament has a drawing 
of the original Seymour arms, a pair of wings conjoined in lure, with the royal arms, 1st 
and 4th the fleurs-de-lLs, 2d and 3d the lions of England, and also, on a fly-leaf of the 
book, a drawing of the crest and arms (with augmentation) of the Seymours of Berry 
Pomeroy exactly as they appear in the Visitation oj County Devon, 1620, credited to Sir 
Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy, brother, as we suppose, of this Richard of Hartford, 
while underneath this drawing of the arms and crest appears the following : " Richard 
Seymor of Bery Pomery heytor hund. in ye Com. Devon, his booke. Hartford, ye Coliony 
of Conecticot in Newe England. Annoque Domini 1640 " ; (4) Collins, Peerage, i. 192, writing 
at the beginning of the 18th century, states that Richard, fifth son of Sir Edward Seymour 
of Berry Pomeroy, first Baronet, "married ... a dau. of . . . Rashleigh," which agrees 
with the tradition among the Seymours of Connecticut that the wife of Richard Seymour, 
of Hartford, was Mary or Mercy Rashleigh, and that the marriage occurred at Barnstaple, 
CO. Devon. (Mrs. Pinney, p. 6), and is corroborated by two rings handed down by her 
descendants, on one of which are engraved the charges of the arms of Rashleigh of Devon 
and Cornwall, England, while the other ring tears features of the Seymour and Rashleigh 
arms combined; (5) Miss Mary K. Talcott of Hartford has an old paper on which is written, 
"Richard Seymour, first of the name who came to Hartford from England at an early 
day — aged 46 y^," which agrees well with the birth-date of the fifth son of Sir Edward 
Seymour, first Baronet, as deduced from the record of matriculation at Oxford. If Richard, 
son of the Baronet, were bom between 5 February and 1 March 1594-95, and appeared 
m Hartford between 1 and 25 March 1639-40, his age would have been 17 when he ma- 
triculated at Oxford and 45 when he appeared in Hartford. We know of no reason for 
douliting that the Bishop's Bible which gives such decisive testimony was actually owned 
by Richard Seymour of Hartford, the emigrant. In the inventory of the estate of his 
son John, dated 10 Dec. 1712, "a great Bible, 10 shillings," is mentioned. Its present 
owner, Mr. Charles J. Seymour, of Boston, a descendant of this John, acquired the book 

by inheritance; while the book itself, in addition to the coat-armor and references to 

Richard Seymour, already quoted, also contains an acknowledgment by John Green that 
he owes " to John Seimore seven bag of barly," etc., dated " Hartford 1666," while we know 

that the John Seymour in the inventory of who.se estate the "great Bible" is itemized, 
was a resident of Hartford in 1606. The compiler of this pedigree has before him a set 

of six excellent photographs of pages from the Bible, for which he is indebted to Hon. 

Henry W. Seymour of Washington, D. C. 

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that "Ashbel Seymour died July 31st 1814, aged 66 years." 

SEVMOUll 31 

92. Stiles, Ancient Welhrrn field, ii. 021, Rives l,"? Feb. ax the dat« of Heath, hiil the Ftimihj 
Register referred to in tlie preceding note fitules that "Honor Seymour died Kelinmry 
10th 1819 aged 72 yrs." 

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97. In his will, recorded at Quincy, 111., "Martin Seymour of the County of Adams and 
State of lUinoi..;," directs that his l>ody 1« buried "in the burj'ing Ground of the Villiigo 
of Payiion," and makes licquests to his "Wife Lucy Seymour," his "oldest son l'>l\var<l," 
his "oldcit <laiighter Lucy H." his "son Louis M," his "son Henry Martin," and his 
"three daughters Francis, Evaline A. and Julia A. and two sons George and Charles." — 
Copy of the will furnished the compiler in 1905 by Henry Martin Seymour and Lyman Kay 
Seymour of Payson. 

98. Stiles, ii. 621. The Family Register in the Seymour Bible at Payson, III., gives the 
following: "Gideon Butler died Feb. 27th 1810, aged 73 years. Abigail Butler died June 
11th 182S, aged S3 years. Parents of Lucy Butler Seymour." 

99. Stiles, ii. 1)21, gives the date of marriage as 27 June. The Family Register in the 
Seymour Bible at Payson, 111., states that "Martin Seymour was married to Lucy Butler 
June 29th 1814." 

100. Stiles, ii. 621, gives 5 Sept. as the date of her death. The Family Register of Sey- 
mours of Payson states that "Lucy Seymour, wife of Martin Seymour died Sept. 4, 1845, 
aged 50 years." 

101. Recorded at Quincy, in the office of the Probate Justice of Adams Co., III., WilU, 
vol. No. 8, p. 238. In this instrument "Edward Seymour of the township of Fall Creek 
in the County of Adams and State of Illinois " makes bequests to his "sister Evalina A. 
Seymour," his "nephew Henry M. Seymour," his "nephew Lyman K. SeJ^nour," his 
"nephew Ixjren B. Seymour," and his "niece Stella M. Starr." .46.s(raW, furnished the 
compiler by the two nephews first mentioned. 

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Justice of .\dams Co., 111. 

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the compiler in 1905. 

104. Family Register in the Bible of Lyman K.iy ScjTnour of Payson, III., fumi.shed the 
compiler in 1905. 

105. Supplemental Marriage Register fumi.shed the compiler in 1905 by Henry Martin 
Seymour and Lymau Kay Seymour of Payson, III. 

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