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Arsenal technical 
high School 06-07 


eL "n Field frip 



No. 0006 


No. 00Q6 
Starlit Nig ht 

April 21, 2007 
Saturday -8 PM -12 AM 



?c * *0/,, 

£o r, 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 




Table of Contents 


What Happened During 2006-07 


History of Arsenal Technical 


Changes to Tech 


l-Beam Signing 


Student Life 


Fall Sports 


Fall Homecoming 


Student Life 


Fall Play - Harvey 


Faculty Musical - Wizard of Oz 


Student Life 




Clubs and Activities 


Student Life 


Winter Sports 


Student Life 


Student Musical - Joesph and The 

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 


Spring Sports 






Faculty and Staff 


Freshman Class of 2010 


Sophomore Class of 2009 


Junior Class of 2008 


Senior Class of 2007 


John Baker Memorial Page 


i Scrapbook Pages 

106-108 Autographs 

World Events 2006-07 


The conflict in Iraq 
continues with the 
US maintaining its 
military presence in 
Iraq despite much 
homeland opposition. 

.~; : ,.~....»~..,^;.^. „. *■■'»>><*'■■-•}_ 



Saddam Hussein 

executed by the 

Iraqi government 

after being 

found guilty 

of murdering 



„„.,.„, ,,..,„;, y „„^„ 

In August 2006, Pluto lost its planet 
designation, bringing the number 

of planets around our solar system 

to 8. Pluto is now classified as a 

dwarf planet due to its irregular 

orbit that causes it to overlap the 

planet Neptune's orbit. 

Pop Culture 2006-07 

Steve Irwin, the environmentalist and 

star of The Crocodile Hunter, died after 

an accident with a stingray near Cairns, 

Queensland in Australia. 

t& *t r 
0t m «•# 



MySpace is a social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of 
friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos. 


YouTube is a popular free video sharing website which lets users upload, view, and 

share video clips. Videos can be rated, and the average rating and the number of 

times a video has been watched are both published. 

Award Winners 2006-07 

Grammy Award Winners 2007 

Album of the Year: Dixie Chicks , "Taking the Long Way" 

Record of the Year: Dixie Chicks , "Not Ready to Make Nice" 

Song of the Year: Dixie Chicks , "Not Ready to Make Nice," 

R&B Album: Mary J. Blige , "The Breakthrough" 

Rap Album: Ludacris , "Release Therapy," 

Rock Album: Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Stadium Arcadium" 

Pop Vocal Album: "Continuum," John Mayer 

Female R&B Vocal Performance: Mary J. Blige, "Be Without You" 

Male R&B Vocal Performance: John Legend, "Heaven" 

Female Pop Vocal Performance: Christina Aguilera, "Ain't No Other Man" 

Male Pop Vocal Performance: John Mayer, "Waiting on the World to Change" 

Rap Solo Performance: T.I., "What You Know" 

Rock Song: Hot Chili Peppers , "Dani California" 

J. Blige 


Grammy Award Winners 2007 

Golden Globe Awards 
Best Drama: "Babel" 

Best Actress Drama: Helen Mirren, "The Queen" 
Best Actor Drama: Forest Whitaker, "The Last King Of Scotland" 
Best Musical or Comedy: "Dreamgirls" 

Best Actress Musical or Comedy: Meryl Streep, "The Devil Wears Prada" 
Best Actor Musical or Comedy: Sacha Baron Cohen, :Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For 
Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan" 


I Sp orts Highlights 2006-07 

Superbowl XL! 

Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears, 29-17. 

zs \ 

i NCAA Conference 

| Butter University men basketball made it to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament, finally loosing 
I to defending champions, Florida University 

| Indiana University men basketball made it to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. 
Purdue University men's basketball made it to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. 
\ Purdue University women's basketball won the Big Ten tournament, beating Ohio State, The 
Purdue women's team advanced to the Final Four of the NCAA tournament, 




The Arsenal 
(ca. 1864) 

Allen Hall, "The Barn' 
(ca 1869) 

Stuart Hall 
(ca 1900's) 

Morgan Hall 
(ca 1900's) 




The Powder Magazine 
(ca 1860's) 

The former United States Arsenal was 
established by an Act of Congress 
on July 11, 1862 during the height 
of the Civil War. Captain Thomas J. 
Treadwell was the first commanding 
officer of this United States Arsenal. 

In 1903, the United States government 
stopped using the Arsenal. Another 
school was attempted, but arguments 
over land ownership eventually led to 
the failure of the school. 

In 1912, Arsenal Technical High 

School was founded to alleviate 

overcrowding in Shortridge and 

I Manual High Schools. Milo Stuart was 

I Arsenal Technical's first principal. 




Conor*** in HHK iMt 1 

Hrsetmi fvntlrfwd itmnHtons t 

fer Ur5. UmctS until W03. f 

Is IwuuM ttte how* of II 

Arsenal -Tethntcal HMh II 

School in mt. 

Civil War Guard House 
(ca. 1865) 

The Barracks 
(ca 1860's) 

West Residence 
(ca 1865) 

Lone Hall 
(ca 1900's) 


These last four years has brought 
many changes to the campus of 
Tech. We added Sustained Silent 
Reading (SSR) to our daily schedule. 
Tech's campus was divided into six 
academies: "A", ACE, Enterprise, 
Leadership, Magnet, and Technology 
Careers Academies. There were 
renovations of many of the buildings 
that included the addition of air 
conditioning. For the first time ever 
in Tech history, students were given 
lockers. New tables were added in the 
cafeteria and a bookstore was added I 
to hand out textbooks to students. J 



In Decemeber of 2006, ATHS 
students were invited to sign an 
beam. This I-beam was on its way 
to be part of the new Indianapolis 
I Airport terminal 



Row 1: Mark Thompson, Joshua Person, Antonio Bledsoe, Desmond Johnson, Jarrell Davenport, Dontae 
Crooke, Bernard Mickle, Tyren Futch, Kevin Richardson. Row 2: Rodney Coe, Wayman Howard, David 
Flagg, Timothy Jewell, Carl Manual, Jeremy Wallace, Dominique Harvey, Adrian Russell, Aaron Hughes, 
Brandon Harris. Row 3: Tyrone Burris, Eric Harris, Matt Green, George Nelson, Alonzo Parnell, Curtis 
King, Jordan Alvies, Antonio Tiggs, Maurice Jones, Geron Bullock, Phillip Person. Row 4: Michael Beckner, 
Joseph Locke, Vincent Ash, Kyle McCombs, Russell Mize, Devin Howard, Pavel Polochanin, Lovester 
Posey, Dennis Lee. Row 5: Cameron Tunstill, Brondon McFarland, Brittney Weathers, Megan Jeter, Ashley 
Caudle, Latoria Weathers, Jumanah El Shabazz, Shawnee Wills, Robert Lewis, Dasmond Parson, Adrian 

The 2006 season was to be a 
season of unfinished business 
and as we got underway it 
proved to be just that as our 
seniors lead the team to it's 
first 3-0 start since 1994. The 
2006 edition of Titan football 
had a few set back during the 
season before going into the 
sectional and pulling out a 
sectional win. 

Success is measured in win 
and losses for the 2006 they 
went 7-4 best record since 

Junior Varsity 

"Arsenal Tech always Fights for the Victory" 


..::,-. . ;,:. 


Row 1:Kayla Richardson Row 2: Janee Busby, Jade Yount, 
Jasmine Hagler, lesha Wilson, Danielle Briggs, Keira Tucker, 
Jennifer Bolger Row 3: Ashley Richardson, Coach Saunders, 
Tanesha Springfield-Jones Row 4: Coach Richardson 

Junior Varsity 


Row 1: Claire Alexander, Brittany 

Lafara, Colin O'Banyel, Sean 

'Banyel, Mckenzie Spotts, Pavel 

olochanin, George O'Dongo, 

Megan Mitchell Row 2: Asst Coach 

Baumann, Wellington Ginah, 

Abraham Gomez, Isaac Garcia, 

Robert Alexander, Brian Casteneda, 

Barnard Mondal, Coach Arnold 

Row 3:Zach McGuire, Eric Oprisu, 

Eduardo Acevedo, Coner Mather- 

icht, Kris Williams 


Emily Lucas, Anna Lucas, Alyssa Casey, 
Ericka Byrd, Reddi Garrett, Coach Taylor 




Row 1 : Devine Barnes, Alyssa Lovett, Joya Eldrigde, 
Holyn Cash, Coach Stewart Row 2: Brittany 
Weathers, Shawnita Shackelford, Verana, Reedi 




Front Row: Diana Hoskins(mgr), Garth 
Wk Campbell, Kris Williams, Landon Turner, 
Megan Monday(mgr) Back Row: Joe Palmer, 
Matthew Straine, Edgar Garcia, Wayne 
Holland, Coach Jones 



Back Row: Katie Berry (mgr), Austin Crawford, Casey Drummer, 
Allan Summers, Desmon Clark, Mary Wilkins (mgr) Front Row: 
Diadriene Ferguson, Isiah Hudgins, Andrew Hogg, Rob Glasser, 
Johnny Gutierrez Not pictured: Sam Marks, Niklas Wulff 

The 2006 Boys' Tennis Team repeated 
as IPSAC Conference Champions. 
Casey Drummer at #1 Singles, Niklas 
Wulff at #3 Singles, and Diadriene 
Ferguson and Andrew Hogg at #2 
Doubles all were individual conference 
champions. Austin Crawford at #2 
Singles and Allan Summers and 
Johnny Gutierrez at #1 Doubles were 
conference runner-ups. 

The team's overall season record 
was 6-8. 

MVP: Casey Drummer 

Outstanding Character Award: Austin 


Best Mental Attitude: Andrew Hogg 

Most Improved: Allan Summers 

Row 1: Asst. Coach Flood, Asst. Coach Nimnierman, Coach Hammon Row 
2: Micara Holloway(mgr), Kelly Fritz, Stephanie McCoy, Sarah Keevil, Cynthia 
Perez, Emily O'Connell Row 3: Sarah Helfgott, Jenaya Hooks, Womba 
Siangonya, Heaven Scott-Hendricks, Stephanie McCoy, Mari Flood Row 4: 
Jessica King, Sarah Zheng, Ashley Huizer, Tanya Argillander, Marisol Lopez, 
Sarah Bauchle 

For the first time in 
Arsenal Technical 

history, there was a 
girls team playing on 
the soccer field. Led by 
seniors Emily O'Connel, 
Dana Harkins, Mari 
Flood, and Cynthia 
Perez. The girls won 
the first game of the 
city tournament, and 
participated in their first 
sectional game. They 
ended the season with 
a 4-3-2 record. 

r i <m 




V^ .ft. - 

' 'dot I'l^^MH 

k § /J - M 

1 ^ml jt^kA 

flL Jly JBS 

JH ^1 mHn5. Ji ■X^^l 

WW^\ 9 



, DID! 

v _ J 

1 1 111 



IlJwooa ]J)owd, the main character and played 
bu P dric M'tchell, had an imaginary friend, a six-and ~a~ 
naif foot rabbit. \\\s sister, V e ta, acted by senior Maire 
jlood, tried to nave him committed to a sanitarium to spare 
her daughter, Myrtle M ae > played by Jessica j riedlu, 
from embarrassment. ] roblems arise, however, when \Jeta 
is misinterpreted by two of the doctors, played by seniors, 
(_.urtis ]_)ard ar, o AHias Jones, and she is assumed to be 
on the ver^c of lunacy. /\ nurse, acted by senior /\bby 
/\dams, tries to keep some order to all of the turmoil and 
falls for the younger doctor. Judge Qmar (_jaffney, 
senior jrancis fjliott, defends V e ta. With the help of a 
taxi cab driver, senior Monika W a then, everyone realizes 
that riarvey isn't so bad after all. Additional supporting 
roles included seniors L_mily 0'C- onne 'l> Lyesmon CJark, 
and junior /\mber Ijarris. ^enior [J)ana |jarkins was the 
Student [director. 

Jne ^tage Resign (_Jass and after school 
,3tage (__.rew included biennis Jj)aumann, CJairessa 
J3rown, | atricia ]3)emaree, John | ields, jj)avid fladdix, 
K.ule Hubbard, £)ritttany l_afara, Jeddy J_ewis, C onor 
M a ther-|_jght, Z.acharu \\^cCju\rc^{ asmin jNjavaro, j^ rik 
Oprisu, K a v'n | artee, [Dominique [ atrick, Michael 
^mith, [j)rendan | iernan, |vy j homas, M a hana V a den, 


,nd Charles W a 'l 




.''"- ■ :"■ ; ; ■ ■ ■■■-■- 

phe Vviza rd of O z 

J his Y earJs faculty musical was none other 
than, "I he Wizard of (J)z." Leading roles were 
played bu M rs - I rombleu as L^orothu,, f\4r Jjjaldwin 
as L-ion, \\\r. Jones as | in Man, M r - /\rmbruster as 
Scarecrow, M rs - Laker as the Wicked Witch of the 
Vv es t, M r s- Durdette as (jlenda the (_jood W'tch, 
M r - Jessup as (Jncle rjenru, M rs - Mi'' er as Auntie 
f 7 m, and Mr Jensen as the Wizard of O z - M an M other 
facultu members were involved as munchkins and other 
roles. Look for them as uour favorite munchkin. 

M r - Arnold's stage crew class did a wonderful 
job with the sets and running; the show. 

V ,. _ 5 # 

,imm * nM t>m*mm>m 



Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps 

What is JROTC? 
Junior Reserve Of- 

rs s Training Corps 
"C) is a program 
ored by the United 
States Armed Forces in 
iols across the 
United States. The pro- 
gram was originally cre- 

f the 1 9 

National Defense Act 

and was later expanded 

under the 1964 ROTC 

Vitalization Act 

Last Row C/MAJ Juan Villalobos. C/MAJ John Andersoi 
(The - pecial Projects Officers) 

Third R OPT Tabitha Smith, 

C/CPT Evan Barriett (The Battalion S-2, S-5) 
Second Row: C/CPT Yasmin Navarro, C/1LT Ryan Brute 
C/CPT Elijah Staley (The Battalion S-1 , S-3, S-4) 
First Row: C/CSM Kevin Thorsen (BN Command Ser- 
geant Major), C/LTC Charles Walls (BN Commander), 
C/MAJ Robert Alexander (BN Executive Officer) 

Top Row: W. Stokes, W. Wallace, M. Mitchell, C. Walls. Mid- 
dle Row: A. Thompson, M. White, D. Jordan, A. Mason-Vance, 

J. Villalobos, E. Barnett, X. Clark Bottom Row: S. Berry, A. 

Thomas, M. Atatorre, 1SG Calloway, K. Thorsen, T Smith, 
Y. Navarro, C. Jones 


Top Row: A. Mitchell, D. Guerra, D. Stephany, M. Peeler. 

Middle Row: N. Codina, J. Horst E. Staley, A. Madden. 

Bottom Row: M. Madden, MSG. Smith, R. Alexander, 

E. Turner. 

Top Row: K. Thorsen, W. Wallace, M. Mitchell, C. Walls. 

Middle Row: M. White, D. Jordan, A. Mason-Vance, 

J. Villalobos, X. Clark. Bottom Row: S. Berry, A, Thomas, 

Y. Navarro, 1SG Calloway, E. Barnett, T. Smith, M. Alatorre 

Top Row: J. Boger, J. Perez, O. Gama, A. Sweet. 

Bottom Row: M. Beckner, C. Walls, 1SG Ridenour, 

M. Heitzman, A. Parish. 

Top Row: M. Beckner, C. Carson, M. Johnson, A. Sweet. 

Middle Row: A. Holtsclaw, O. Gama, J. Perez, C. McDowell 

Bottom Row: R. Wert, C. Clowers, MSG Smith, A. Mitchell, 

M. Moore, L. Bustamante. 

Top Row: J. Perez, 0. Gama, M. Beckner, M. Mitchell 

Middle Row: J. Boger, X. Clark, A. Mitchell, 

A. Mason-Vance, M. Madden, M. Heitzman. Bottom Row: 

C. Walls, J. Villalobos, 1SG Ridenour, R. Alexander, E. 

Barnett, Y. Navarro, T Smith 

The Color Guard posts and presents the national colors 
(American Flag) at athletic events, school functions, school 
board meetings, and many community events in the India- 
napolis area. 

The Armed Exhibition Drill team performs non-military drill 
movements (spinning) with de-militarized Springfield M-1903 
rifles. The team competes in area drill meets and additionally 
conducts exhibitions for community functions. 

The IDR team focuses on the snap and precision of basic 
military drill movements as prescribed by FM 3-21.5. 

The Raiders receive training in rappelling, land navigation, 
physical fitness and other related military subjects. 

The members of the Rifle Team fire Daisy Model-853 air rifles 
in matches against other JROTC units in Indiana. 



Bottom to top: 
Tim Martin, 
Patrick Meyer, 
Jonathan Gutier- 
rez, Peter Meyer 

Bottom to Top: 

Renee Beckett, 

Takeysha Battle, 

Tiffany Mantle, 

Tiffany Price, 

April Hayes, 

Brittney Hamilton, 


Gossett, Patreice 




Row 1 : LaKesha 
Mack, Jaqnicka Mack, 
LaShell Brown, An- 
thony Sharpe, Bernard 
Mickle, Markia Moore, 
Sharita Shannon, An- 
gelina Thompson, Jor- 
dan Jackson (musi- 
cian) Row2:Shonl_ee 
(director), Shy'a White, 
Shantone Hopkins, 
Alyssa Lovett, Land on 
Turner, Desmon Clark, 
Jasmine Brounson, 
Jada Calloway 



Row "1: Maire 'FK^/'Tirra^ Pnceron^nee "Wins, Takeysna Battle; Dana HarkinsT Sarah Helfgott, 
Jo-Hanna Bauchle, Danille Foster, Patreice Bass, Francis Gray, Brittney Hamilton, Amber Harris Row 
2: Abby Adams, Monika Watham, Desmon Clark, Isaac Adams, Tim Martin, Landon Turner, Jonathan 
3utierrez, Erick Gama, Clairessa Brown, Audrey Speraw, Angela Hiizer, Renee Beckett Row 3: Danielle 
Briggs, Patrick Meyer, Edric Mitchell, Karl McMichel, Zach Schlangen, Roger Martin, Niklas Wulff, Emily 
O'Connell, Austin Crawford, Allias Jones, Frankie Elliott, Tiffany Mantle, Terasedia McFerson 


Megan Mitchell, Sean O'Banyl, Robb Glasser, Alexandra Lyster, Conner Mather-Licht 



1st row: Lilliana Hernandez, Mercedes Laland 2nd Row: Shanea Leggs, Barnard Mondal, Abraham, Gomez, Jessica Friedly, Kuntola Ray, Ranissa 
Dycus, Amber Lloyd, Xavier Pedigo Back Row: Mamadou Dem, Jocelyn Harris, Katia Murphy, Tierra Anderson, Omar Hassan, Casey Drummer, Chris 
House, Eric Clanton, Ronald Archer, C. Evan Barnett 

Not Pictured: Jamil Ahmad, Donald Anderson-Ingram, Ashley Berryman, Kristin Blunt, Danielle Briggs, Ashley Brown, Ryan Brutz, David Burke, Ericka 
Byrd, Judy Calvert, Dustin Campbell, Joshua Campbell, Brandon Chestnut, , Jamese Cole, Jamicia Cole, Adrianne Council, Austin Crawford, Jarell 
Davenport, Detrionne Davis, Keegan Dunn, Asa Floyd, Michael Ford, Edgar Garcia, Reedi Garrett, Tracy Guerrero, David Haddix, Timothy Irvin, Rico 
James, Allias Jones, Tatyana Jones, Tiffany Legge, Samuel Marks, Jasmine Mckenzie, Darryl Mclaurin, Sierra Merriweather, Lavash Miller, Paola Montes 
De Oca, Colin O'Banyel, Michael Ramirez, Titilayo Rasaki, David Richardson, Emma Robertson, Esmeralda Sanchez, Lady Sanchez, Kyle Saunders, 
Womba Siangonya,Scott Sizemore, Luther Smith, Taneisha Springfield- Jones, Shecara Squires, Elijah Staley, Jasmine Stanfield, Emilea Stegner, 
Matthew Straine, Allan Summers, Miranda Sweet, Mark Thompson, Quentin Vaden, Ashia Wilson, Richard Wimberly, Latonya Yarbro, Yiwei Sarah Zheng 




1st Row (on floor): Megan Jeter, Taylor Allen 2nd 
Row: Shawnee Wills, Paola Montes De Oca, 
\udrey Speraw, Janine Choung 3rd Row: Michelle 
Holloway, Michelle Johnson, Margarita Rodrieguez, 
Jbdalyz Hernandez 4th Row: Latonya Yarbro, 
David Haddix, Mary Wilkins, Dennis Green 

1st Row (on floor): Le'Aira Sprowel, William Jones 
2nd Row: Rachel Sundt, Michelle Haddix, Tiffany 
Virden 3rd Row: Ashley Berryman, Mayra Arteaga, 
Crystal Twyman, Megan Patterson, Taneisha 
Springfield-Jones 4th Row: Francis (Frankie) 
Elliot, Krystal Highbaugh, Jamicia Cole, Brandon 



Back Row: Ms. Nimnierman, 
Megan Oldfather, Mr. Hammon 
Middle Row; Sarah Helfgott, Jon 
Anderson, Alexandra Lyster, Lena 
Bishop Front Row: Stephen 
Palmore, Josh Rafail, Rachel 
McCoy, Austin Beidelman 


4th Row: 
Russell Mize, 
Mr. Trombley 
3rd Row: Tyler 
Glover, Jasmine 
McKenzie, Mrs. 
Trombley, John 
Fields 2nd Row: 
Ashley Berryman, 
Angela Huizer, 
Audrey Sparrow, 
Rachel Sundt, 
Kathy Queen, 
Mack 1 st Row: 
Kaleem McGill 




Picture courtesy of Picture Perfect Studio 

8th Row: Curtis Bard, Erik Oprisu, Sean 
Parchman 7th Row: Emily O'Connell, Abby 
Adams, Shatoyia Moss, Allan Summers, 
Luther Smith 6th Row: Keegan Dunn, 
Ernest Evans, Janeia Brounson, Danielle 
Briggs, Sherman Woods 5th Row: Dana 
Harkins, Kayla Collins, Richard Wimberly 
4th Row: Conner Mather-Licht, Mariam 
Bah, C. Evan Barnett, Katia Murphy 3rd 
Row: Danielle Foster, Fatoumata Bah, Mi- 
chelle Haddix, Taneisha Springfield-Jones 
2nd Row: Rachel McCoy, Ryan Brutz, 
Agustin Martinez 1st Row: Mr. Armbruster, 
Katrina Jones, Mayra Arteaga 
Not Pictured: Tashiana Avery, UnoBlessed 
Coons, Lorraine Elliott, Mairi Flood, Teigra 
Ivey, Itavia Jones, Alexandra Lyster, Janelle 
Robinson, Shanice Stone, Charles Walls, 
Chiffon Warner 





3hairs: Maire Flood*, Dana Harkins**, Abby Adams*, Patrick Meyers**, Alexandra Lyster* Front Row: Myra 
Vteaga, Tashianna Avery, Curtis Bard, Ashley Berryman, Joel Eldridge, Dashuana Green, Itavia Jack- 
jon, Richard Johnson, Allias Jones Back Row: Lucas Kashman, Timothy Martin, Aubrey Mayes, Megan 
Dldfather, Bernard Mickle, Emily O'Connell, Erik Oprisu, Crystal Tyman, Juan Villalobos, Charles Walls, 

\isha Wilson *Captains **Co-Commanders 



Back Row: Coach Craig, 
Frank Smalls, Detrionne 
Davis, Anthony Young, 
Tyrone Henson, Charles 
Jones, Asst. Coach 
Hamilton, Asst. Coach 

First Row: Eric Wilson, 
Don-Michael White, 
Dominique McClendon, 
Dewayne Stevens, Chris 

GIRLS basketball 

Last Row: Asst Coach Smith, 
Holyn Cash, Jasmine Woods, 
Cortney Cross, Catherine 
Gibson, Asst Coach Stewert, 
Coach Fyfe Middle Row: 
Marisol Lopez, Janell Robinson, 
Donelle Bullock, Danielle 
Mitchell, Shecara Squires First 
Row: Shaniece Wynne, Britney 
Weathers, Angelica Henry, 
Reedi Garret 

9th Grade 



Back Row: Kevin Stone, Darrell Smith, Renee Davis, Oreanna Howard, Wayne Holland, Lovester 
Posey Middle Row: Arthur Wright, Pavel Polochanin, Dan Hinkle, Antonio Bledsoe, Donte' Ingram, 
Geron Bullock, Wayman Howard, Dominick Duff, Devin Howard, Coach DeFreese, Coach Logan, 
Front Row: Coach Mendoza, Coach Yound, Joe Palner, Jarell Davenport, Dontae Crook, Leslie Trotter, 
Tiana Smith, Whitney Jones, Tatiana Martin 


Back Row: Coach Shaw, 
Coach Sego, Ivy Thomas, 
Rachel McCoy, Abby 
Adams, Erik Oprisu, 
Dennis Baumann, Wrianna 

Middle Row: Brittney 
Lafara, Claire Alexander, 
Emily King, Austin 
Crawford, Sabrina Moore, 
Haruka Uchida, Stacee 
Thompson, Stephanie 
McCoy Front Row: Josh 
Rafail, Jenaya Hooks, 
Krystal Highbaugh, 
Wellington Ginah, Austin 

•'''.. "" ■::''::X:'~ 

O ur all-school musical, "Joseph and the /\mazing 
) echnicolor ]J)reamcoat," was an amazing success 
and played the last weekend in j ebruam! | his col- 
orful production featured great musical talent, exu- 
berant dancing, fantastic costumes, imaginative stage 
sets, and a cast of almost i OO students. W e even did 
an "encore" presentation in mid-March! J he title 
role of Joseph was plaued bu senior | atriclc M e M er ) 
and /\bbu /\aams starred as J he Narrator. Junior 
/\llan Rummers brought down the house as ] haraoh 
"I he Kjng" I wo choruses made up the rest of the 
cast, along with our excellent orchestra. 


i I 



Back Row: Austin Crawford (mgr), Emily Lucas, Dana Harkins, Emily O'Connell, Kelly Fritz, 
Clairessa Brown, Stephanie McCoy, Jesi Friedly Middle Row: Krystal Highbaugh, Anna Lucas, 
Annette Tinsley, Rachel McCoy, Stacee Thompson, Mary Wilkins Front Row: Monique Haggins, 
Sarah Helfgott, Tesia West, Sarah Zheng, Yasmin Navaro, Audrey Speraw, Melanie Bennett Not 
Pictured: Katie Berry, Sarah Bruno, Erica Davis, Karissa Martin, Ashia Wilson, Casey Drummer 
(mgr), Coaches Kinghorn, Fritz, and Spears. 


Back RowTAmber Sweet, Clarra Smithsoh, Jennifer Boger, Shecara Squires, 
Ashley Edmonds, Coach Brutz Middle Row: Shanez Savage, Amber Harris, 
Danielle Foster, Charli Ralston, Angela Huizer Front Row: Taneisha 
Springfield-Jones, Renee Davis, Marisol Lopez, Kandice Chapman, Ashley 
Huizer Not pictured - Coach Smith and Coach Woodling 



s . .-. 

Back Row: Micnael warren(mgr), Reviri Richardson, Allen Summers, Justin Kloss, Kyle White, Sam 
Marks, Dennis Baumann, Kyle Hubbard, Brandon Featherston Front Row: Trent Johnson(mgr), Lavash 
Miller, Terrell Love, Keegan Dunn, Larry Lynch, Anthony Parrish, Jacob G'Sell 



Prince and Princess 

Austin Crawford^ 

Ericka Byrd 



w ^F 

r ^^ ■ 



Aman, Pat 

Anderson, Gail 

Armbruster, Michael 

Arnold, John David 

Austin, Sandra 

Avila, Eva 

Baldwin, Kevin 

Batz, Michael 

Beck, Karen 

Blachly, Dr. Mark 

Blackmon, George 

Bogard, Sarah 

Breyer, Linda 

Brown, Kandis 

Buckley, William 

Burdette, Desiree 

Butler, Julia 

Byers, Justin m 

Byrd, Deanna B 

Calloway, Gonzales I 

Campbell. Travis |j 

Capshaw. Janice 

Carlino, Sharon 

Caslin, Luisa 

Chambers, Cheryl 

Clyburn, Sandra 

Cooper. Sharlene 

Craig, Frank 

Dadon, Marcia 


Davidson, James 

Davis, Alberta 

Davis, Susan 

Defreese, Scott 

Delong, Sharon 

Dickerson, Patricia 

Dinkens, Dale 


Doane, Peter 

Dolanger, Gisell 


Elmore, Mary 

Elmore, Tobi 

Elson, John 

Fadae, Mary Ann 

Fak, Donna 

Fair, Sharon 

Ferguson, Joseph 

Ferguson, Patricia 

Foreman, Daniel 

Fowlkes, Nancy 

Frank, Lisa 

Freeman, Carolyn 

Freeman, Kenneth 

Fuller, John 

Fyffe, Ron 

Gardner. Robert 

Garing, Martha 

Gay, Linda 

Gaynor, James 

Godsey, Jason 

Green, Tanya 

Gray, Yvonne 

Greskamp. Ronald 


Grubb, Joe 
I lalvorson, James 
Hamilton. John 
Mammon, Troy 
Hartshorn, Cynthia 
Herring, Karen 
House, Pamela 
I louser, Aleta 

Muggins, Robert 
Hunter, Diana 
Hyde, Robert 
Irwin, Patricia 
Irwin, Stan 
Jannotta, Alice 
Jaynes, Andrew 
Jensen, William 
Jesse, Kathy 
Jessup, Tim 
Johnson, Forrest 
Johnson, Russell 
Jones, Timothy 
Kamo. Carolyn 
Kelly, Frederick 
Kin, Ann 
Kinghorn, Kathy 
Kissee, Augustus 
Kitchell, Linda 
Knue, Francis 
Koenig, Peggy 
Krasienko, Tonya 

.aker, Mary Ann 

.angford. Parti 
Parkin, Jim 

doyd, Cedric 
Madison, Marcella 
Malone, Ryan 
Markman, Karen 
Martich, Vicki 
Martin, Willie 
Martz, Kevin 
Mcburnie, Vicky 
McCoy, Jennifer 
McCreary, William 
t"»McDonough, Kate 
|M McGill, Louise 
M -McGlinchey, Catherine 
^Mendoza, Mark 
Meyer, Beth 
Miller, Vicki 
Minks, Stan 
Minner, Frank 
Mitchell, Suzanne 
Montgomery, Kim 
Moss, June 
Mumford, Lewis 
Myers, Prof. Patrick 
Newsom, Sarah 
Noel, Vickie 
Nolan, Mary 
Nolan, Sandra 
Oliver. Alan 
O'Neal, Marsha 
Orella, Amaia 
Peachey, Doug 
Pence, Becky 
Perkins, Cynthia 
Peterson, Joyce 
Pettet, Jack 
Petty, Sandra 
Pillar, Patricia 
Pote, Lucinda 
Pruett, Lindy 


Ransdell. Beverly 

Reese. Jeffrey 

Ridenour. Jerry 

Robbins, David 1 

Sanders. Davina 

Savage, Howard 

Scering. Debbie 

Schuessler, Joni 

Scott, Clara 

Sebastian. Kristy 

Shaw, Sharon 

Slack, Fred 

Smith, Alan 

Smith, Charlie 

Soendlin, Richard 

Solchik. Judith 

Strodtman, Elizabeth 

Sweitzer. Hong | 

Taylor. Janice 

Trainor, Kathleen 

Wann-Bobo Clarissa 

Wemple. Randy 

West, Mark 

Westerhouse. Beate 

White. William 

Wilson. Angela 

Wise. Hillary 

Woods. Suellen 

Zortman. Hillarv 

Not Pictured 
Anderson, Laverne 
Branca. Dr. Ron 
Butts, Thomas 
Carmon. Yvette 

Childers, Suelynne 
Collier, Dorothy 
Conn, Bessie 
Daley, Deborah 
Hall, Lesley 

Helm, Mikisha 
Hopkins, Ruth 
Keaton, Evelyn 
Kueterman, Rebecca 
Macias, Brenna 

McGhee, Jim 
McNally. Jennifer 
McReynolds, Joyce 
Newsom, Eunice 
Noe. Carita 

Shimer, Katie 
Short. Maria 
Singh. Jasbeer 
Scudder. Karen 
Smith. Diane 

Smith. Pam 
Trombley, Sarah 
Richer. Nancy 
Turner. Rosa 
Woodling, Paul 

.. -:,.:.,:■■", . 



Alatorre, Maria F 

Albani. Salvatore F 

Alexander, Claire E 

Allen, Jasmine 

Alvarado, Krystal M 

Anderson. Charles D 

Anderson, Devin D 

Anderson, Patricia L 

Arthur, Jodi K 

Austin, Marisha W 

Bacon, Kenisha M 

Bailey, Rosa R 

Baker, Alisha D 

Ball, Timothy D 

Balsley, Marianne E 

Bandy, Brendon J 

Bass. Patreice N 

Bates, Alicia D 

Bauchle, Jo-Hanna A 

Beasley. Victoria L 

Bellamy, Traneec R 

Beverly. Anikaa P 

Biagi. Benjamin 

Biagi, Thomas 

Birk, Monique L 

Blakley, Dale 

Booker, Devan J 

Bowen, Michael A 

Bradford, Audris A 

Bray. William N 

Brooks, Derrick R 

Brown, Ashley N 

Brown, Demetrius E 

Brown, Jesse A 

Brown. Jonathan 

Brown, Ronald E 

Bruno, Sarah 

Burnett, Aanja C 

Byrum. Christopher S 

Caldwell, Tiffany R 

Calvert, Kevin A 

Carbajal, Katie 

Carson, Andrew D 

Carson, Casey A 

Carson, Shakiyla M 

Carter, Joshua A 

Chapman. Daniel S 

Clark, Charles J 

Clowers, Chasity 

Coe, Icees H 

Compton, Aignea N 

Conn, Mark A 

Cook, Brandy L. 

Cook, Zamire A 

Cooksey, Lee M 

Cosby, Storm 

Cotner, Joshua M 

Cowherd, Shawn S. 

Crawford, Adria L 

Crawford, Kierra 

Crenshaw, Anzia M 

Cruise, Brittany T 

Cummings, Terrence L 


Curlin, Johnctta N 
Currie, Nathan Andrew 
Davis, Moses A. 
Dean, Ashley M L 
Dejournett, Devon I. 
Dem, Mamadou 
Dillon, Kassaundra N. 
Duff, Dominick C A 
Dunn. Audrey L 
Edmundson, KylaT 
Emmanuel, Gregory V 
England. Cassandra 
Eve, Brandi E 
Ewing, Elease C 
Flagg, Clarence D 
Flores, Jose L 
Floyd, Asa 
Ford, Chelsea 
Fredline, Briana N 
Fredline, Kristen R 
Fuller, Victoria L 
Gamill, Tamika 
Garcia, Edgar 
Garcia, Isaac 
Garcia, Javier 
Garmany, Caleb D 
Gee, John A 
Germany, Tiera M 
Gilbert, Ciera M 
Gilpin, Justin 
Ginah, Wellington O 
Glaspie, Raven J 
Godbold, Jennifer Elaine 
Gomez, Abraham J 
Gomillia, Daymon A 
Gonzalez, Cesilia 
Goodson, Dorian M 
Goodwin, Natasha B 
Gossett, Samantha Mj 
Grams-Stant, Martin N 
Green, Rebecca E 
Greene, Brittany N 
Grooms, Michael A 
G'Sell, Jacob 
Guerrero, Tracy 
Hacker, Randall D 
Hall, Shar'Quarion 
Hardy, Fiona K 
Harkins, Tyler 
Harp, Naja C 
Harris, Jocelyn 
Harrison-Hudson, D 
Hatchett, Judge B 
Hayes, KFRee D 
Henderson, Ashley 
Hendricks, Frank A 
Henry, Angelica R 
Hermosillo, Yajaira 
Hernandez, Lilliana J 
Hill, Nicholas S 
Hollowell, Lamont K 
Honorio, Maritza 
Hope, Christopher J 
Hopkins, Kiara D 
Horner, Nathan M 
Hoskins, Adrian J 
Howard, Brent A 
Howard, Jason E 
Huett. Christopher D 
Huizer, Ashley S 
Ingersoll, Devin M 
Irvin, Timothy L 


Isbell, Yashema U 

Jackson, Justinn S 

Jackson. Kyla J 

Jackson, Michael 

Jackson, Natasha 

James. Deondrae R 

James, Jerica V 

James, Kavvana S 

James, Tashana M 

Jefferson, Cheynae N 

Jennings, Chaz-Denise A. 

Johnson, Alana K 

Johnson, Ashley A 

Johnson, Breanna N 

Johnson, Chanelle C 

Johnson, Clarine Lr 

Johnson. Desirae S 

Johnson. Jabril 

Johnson, Tyesha M 

Jones, Celyna M 

Jones, Da'Juan L 

Jones, Dorian D 

Jones, Jonathon T 

Jones, Kala M 

Jones, Shante' 

Jones. Shonta R 

Jones- Williams, Cierra D 

Kalber. Davious 

Kay, Terrel D 

Keevil, Sarah L 

Kennedy. Isiah F 

Kimbrough. Veondra T 

King, Emily F 

King, Jessica D 

Kirk, Shelby C 

Kirtley. Antonio L 

Kloss, Shawn G 

Knox, Kevin T 

Laboy. Shi' La 

Laland, Mercedes N 

Lambert, Ty'Ran 

Lampkin, Christopher L 

Legge, Jasmine R 

Leggs. Shanea M 

Lewis, Jonathan F 

Lewis, Shaniqua M 

Lucas, Anna M 

Lynch, Larry M 

Mack, Issac 

Madden, Morgan V 

Manning, Carl E 

Manuel, Brian A 

Marshall, Keri K 

Martin, Jayla R 

Martin, Roger 

Martin. Shariese L 

Martin, Willie A 

Mason, Mickiala 

Massey, Birchard E 

Matlock, Monique Lashawn 

Maxwell, Brittney N 

McNeil, Myron 

Mcafee, Gerald 

Mccaston. Miranda M 

Mccoy, Stephanie E 

Mcdowell, Cassandra M 

Mckenzie, Jalen M 

Mclaurin, Darrick E 

Mcmorris, Jalisa M 

Medina, Jose M 

Merritt. Samantha J 

Merri weather. Sierra L 


Middlebrook, Joseph I) 
Millen, Rashawne M 
Miller, Aigner L 
Miller, Angel S 
Miller, Caroline 
Mintze, Kendrid D 
Mitchell, Brianna J 
Mitchum. John L 
Mondal, Barnard S 
Montes De Oca, Baltazar 
Montes De Oca, Jesus 
Montgomery, Victoria N 
Moreno, Braulio A 
Morris, Arielle S 
Morrow, Shayla N 
Mosley, David 
Murry. Menard 
Nabors, Kevin J 
Neff, Tiffany B 
Neville, Cody 
Newsom, Stephen K 
Norris, Tiffany S 
O'Banyel, Colin J 
O'Dongo, Philip 
Oliver, Juwan N 

I Osborn, James M 

j Osborne, Jordon D 

; Owen, Malcolm S 

■ Owens, John P 
Pandya, Binal H 
Papenmeier, Jonathon L 
Parham, Antonio 
Parks, Kenneth M 
Parson, Dajon 
Patterson, Ryan A 
Peeler, Luke 
Penrod, Joshua A 
Pettigrew, Stephanie E 
Phillips, Katrina S 
Pierson, Jermain L 
Pinedo, Elizabeth 
Poole, April S 
Poole, Katie M 
Powell, Jasmyn A 
Price. Sylvia Y 
Profitt, Jorden S 
Purvis, Jesse A 
Ratcliff, Asia A 
Ray, Kuntola 
Rincon, Pablo P R 
Robinson, Cornelius A 
Robinson, Vanesia S 
Rush. Shaquana S 
Russ, Tiara M 
Sanders, Anthony 
Sanders. Jocquin C 
Sanders, Shalonda 
Saunders, Kyle C 
Schlangen, Zachary 
Shackelford, Shawnita 
Shafmer, Tonya N 
Shannon, LaTerrick 
Shaver, Benjamin L 
Shipman, Robert S 
Shoemaker, Courtney L 
Simpson, Thomas O 
Sims, Devin Q 
Sisk, Adriana L 
Sizemore, Scott H 
Smith, Cassie S 
Smith, Desmond A 
Smith. Dominique J 


Smith. Kierra E 

Smith. Kristina B. 

Smith. Lauren N 

Smith. Marisa 

Smith, Sean E 

Smith. Teaira T 

Spearman. Paul S 

Spellman. Dustin S 

Sports. Mckenzie D 

Sprowel. Dineesha T 

Stewart. Shs-Dora E 

Stout, Amanda M 

Straine. Matthew D 

Sturdivant, Keanen 

Sweet. Amber D 

Tate. Samson E 

Tellez, Urania Jose 

Thompson. Angelina M 

Thompson, Jasmine S 

Tiggs. Gahrielle N 

Timberlake. Roderick 

Tipton. Redericka R 

Toombs, Christopher L 

Trice, Myesha R 

Trittipo, Paige L 

Tucker. Anthony D 

Turner, Erik D 

Turnley, Tasheika L. 

Twyman. Chelsie R 

Tyler, Kaniesha L 

Upshaw, Taneisha L 

Utley, Nigel B 

Ventress, Emily A 

Vinson. Deanna C 

Wallace. Robert D 

Wallace, Rodney 

Warren. Antonio J 

Warren, Michelle M 

Washington, Lloyd E. 

Watson, Terra 

Webster, Armani 

Webster, Marcus G 

Welch. Thomas E 

Wells. Robert L 

White, Amoni A. 

White, Derrick A 

White, Martha K 

Wiley. Xavier B. 

Williams, Ethan J 

Williams. Felicia F 

Williams, Jeffery T 

Williams, Kimberly M 

Williams, Kristopher A 

Williams, Timothy 

Wilson, Christian B 

Wilson. Jennae I) 

Wilson, Rachel N 

Wilson, Scottie L 

Witherspoon, Ieshie P 

Woods, Shatosha M 

Wright. Arthur L 

Wynn. Antonio M 

York, Kelsea L 

Young. Demarkus 

Young. Jasmine M 


Not Pictured: 
Alexander, Delesha S 
Allen, Cristen 
Anderson. Dorothy Marie 
Anderson. Mary F 
Anderson, Michael 
Anderson, Sadqh 
Andrews. Antonio L 
Anthony, Chaitina T 
Anziani, Eluri 
Anziani, Luis 
Arias, Melissa 
Ashby. Timothy H 
Bacon. Donesha N 
Bacon, Risha R 
Baldock, Tommy A 
Ballesteros, Arturo 
Barbour, Rodney Lee 
Beasley, Clarence 
Belk. Latoya 
Bell, LakeishaA 
Bibbs, ZanitaNikkita 
Bledsoe, Nyesha S 
Briscoe, Serina E 
Brown, Lashell L 
Burr, Tyler W 
Butler, Anthony C 
Butrum, Natasha D 
Calvert, Tammie K 
Campbell, Latisha 
Campbell, Stephen 
Carey, Chantel L 
Carpenter, Twyla 
Carter, Samantha D 
Casas, Jorge 
Cegueda, Viridiana 
Clark. Xavier A 
Clifton, Ta'Shawna D 
Codina, Damaris 
Cole, Tiarra D 
Cook, Michael R 
Cox, Brandon N 
Crawford, Tiffany 
Cruz. Karina 
Davis, Angelik Rn 
Davis. Hannah 
Davis, Shanee N 
Davis, Tyesha A. 
Dailey, Veronica L 
Davenport, Isaiah L 
Deamus, Morany D 
Dillman, Travis D 

Dinkins, Se'Lara 
Diosdado, Edward 
Dixon. Lavon 
Donahue. Christian 
Dudley, Diamond L 
Easley. Jaron A 
Echols, Quantell I 
Edwards, Tawana 
Ellery, David 
Elliott. Charles 
Eudaly, Jessebeth 
Evans, Joshua W 
Fabian, Esther V 
Farral. Deionte 
Ficklin, Michelle L 
Flores. Maria 
Forrest, Alexis C 
Fugate, Andrea R 
Garcia, Henry A 
Gates, Carlvion 
George, David L 
Graham, Tiffany D 
Grant, Melvin T 
Greer, Nathan L 
Griffin, Dasha T 
Griffin, Shameka 
Griffin, Stacy L 
Griffis, J'Ceeka 
Griffith, Carlena R 
Groves, Ariel 
Hall, Michael M 
Hall, Rondal W 
Hamilton, Jacquitta I 
Harris. Deonna L 
Hatchett. Andrea L 
Henderson, Deidre S 
Hendricks, Michael 
Herring, James C 
Hi! lard. Latroy R 
Hinkle. Roshene T 
Hinkle. Steven A 
Holiman, Brian K 
Holts, Mariah S 
Hood, Dontriell D 
Hood, Rebecca D 
Hooks, Jenaya N. 
Horst. Jason R 
Hoskin, Raven L 
Howard, Levern N 
Howard, Loretta 
Hurley. Ralph L 
Huskins. Kasey 

Hyche, Andre L 
Jackson, Keandra L 
James. Rico 
Jefferson, Daphne E 
Jefferson, Javon J 
Jelks, William H 
Jimison, Alexia 
Johnson. Antonio 
Johnson, Dominique T 
Johnson, Milton K 
Jones, India R 
Jones, Michael J 
Jones. Tatyana S 
Jones, Tiara M 
Jones-Magsby, Tatianna E 
Jordan, Deandre L 
Joseph, Kiera P 
Keeylen, Kendra 
Kemp, Paris 
King, Asia L 
King, Darius L 
King, Kyrin T 
Knowles, Logan T 
Lacy. Daniel 
Lamb, Billie J 
Lancaster, Laquita T 
Lara, Antonio J 
Lasley, Desmond C 
Legge, Jamica L 
Lester. Chris 
Lizarraga, Mietzh 
Lopez, Ana M 
Lopez, Christian 
Macias, Jason 
Mack, Lakesha G 
Maloy, Bryan L 
Mapp, Sherry D 
Martin, CorinaN 
Martinez, Domingo 
Mathews. Tyonna T 
Mayes, Joshua D 
Mccray. Leterrance D 
Mcgee, Donte J 
Mcguire, Scott 
Mckinney, Cierra A 
Merrifield, Timothy D 
Middlebrook, Tonisha 
Miller, Amelia C 
Miller. India 
Moore, Melanie D 
Morphew, David 
Nelson. Brockelle S 

Norris, Courtney S 
Olds, Candi M 
Orr, Jamika M.R. 
Osborne, Christina J 
Owens, Latricia A 
Pacheco, Maria D 
Parham, Michael S 
Patterson, Devon D 
Patton, Dominic J. 
Payne, Rinecia T 
Pena, Sandra 
Perez, Beatriz A 
Peters, Tarrell C.E. 
Phillips, Alicia 
Pittman, Billy R 
Pope. Joshua L 
Portales, Alfredo 
Powell, Tevin M 
Pruett, Amber A 
Pruett, Chad A 
Purvis, Erica R 
Quiroz, Joel E 
Ramirez, Diana K 
Ramirez, Jorge 
Ramos, Lilibeth 
Ratcliff, Aunya K 
Redden, Arielle R 
Redman, Harold 
Reeves. Raven D 
Rice, Jason A 
Richardson. Brionna L 
Rivera, Claudia Nohemi 
Rivera, Oscar O 
Roach. Amanda 
Roberts, Christopher 
Robson, Zachary L 
Roby, Britney D 
Rodriguez, Caty Nancy 
Rosales, Claudia 
Ryans, Deangela D 
Sanders, Shanika S 
Santiago, Dany 
Saunders, Derrick A. 
Scheetz, Derek 
Scott, Toshia M 
Scruggs, Ashley N 
Scruggs, Kyre 
Session, Malcolm J 
Shaler, Sam 
Shaw, Kevin R 
Shockley, Luveesa R 
Shoffner. Sharon V 

Simmons, Jessica 
Simon, Quiona S 
Slaughter, Aushonte V 
Smith, Briana O 
Smith, Ja'LisaC 
Smith, Ja'Nice R 
Smith, Joshua S 
Smith, Shawnika L 
Sonnier, Marvin 
Stegner, Em ilea D 
Stevenson, Jayce E 
Strong, Melvin L 
Surber, Shianna L 
Sweat, Tori D 
Taylor, Eric F 
Taylor, Ginger Kyerra 
Taylor, Kenya Dashay 
Thomas, Jelisa R 
Thompkins, Oliver I 
Thompson, Jeffrey A 
Thompson, Kristin L 
Triblet, Antonio D 
Troutman, Jessica M 
Turner, Andre D 
Turner. Phillip A 
Ulloa, Javier J 
Underwood, Alaina 
Wagers. George W 
Ware, Nakaysha L 
Warfield, Anthony L 
Warren, Dontaz L. 
Webster, Derrick T 
Weston, Jermain R 
White, Lee A 
White, Myiesha V. 
White, Shanika M 
Whitfield, Eric M 
Whittle, Jennifer 
Williams, Ajia A 
Williams, Akeem E 
Withers, Brittany D. 
Woods. Dewuan D 
Woodward, Corey A 
Woolen, Tyler 
Wright, Anthony D 
Wright, Joseph R 
Wright. Joshua J. 
Wynn, Kimberly 
Yegger, Terry L 
Young. Tyeasha N 



Aceveao, tauarao 

Adams, Aaron J 

Adams. Isaac G. 

Ahmad, Jamil K 

Allen, Taylor S 

Alvies. Jordan M 

Anderson. Ariane' C 

Anderson, Tierra D 

Andrews, Kyle Ray Moses 

Armstead, Ariana A 

Arteaga. Sonia 

Arthur, Brian D 

Arvin, Nicholas A 

Ash, Vincent A 

Austin. Lashanta T 

Bailey, Demetri 

Banuelos, Jessica 

Bauchle, Sarah H 

Beatty, Brittany L 

Beckner, Michael S 

Bedgood, Thomas S 

Beechler, Stephanie L | 

Beidelman, Austin 

Beltran, Aidee B 

Bennett, Melanie N 

Berberena, Mariano G 

Berry, Katherine N 

Bess, Lavonna C 

Blackwell, Geoffery S 

Bledsoe, Cory A 

Booker, Christa D 

Bowman, Timothy D 

Brady, Brittany M. 

Branch, Dequan D 

Briddell. Orion T 

Bridgeforth, Jonathan M 

Brooks, Nevin R 

Brown, Jasmine L. 

Browne, Patricia 

Bullock, Candice M 

Bullock. Demetrius 

Bullock, Donielle D 

Bullocks, Geron 

Burns, Keyauna 

Burris, Tyrone L 

Butler, Justin L 

Butler, Na'Shaee 

Butler, Suzanne R 

Byrd, Kristina M 

Caldwell, Eric R 

Caldwell, Nykeisshia F 

Cannon, Roneisha L 

Carlos, David 

Carroll, Sean A 

Carter, Emily D 

Chapman, Kandice L 

Chinchilla, Carmen 

Choung, Janine L 

Christl, Cody M 

Clanton, Eric L 

Clark, Connor E 

Codina, Bianca Y 

Codina, Nicky J 

Coffer, James E 


% I M 

Coffer, John Eric 
Cole, Jamese E 
Collins, Stephanie Eynn 
Cooper, Anthony J 
Costa, Travis J 
Crafton, Kristina 
Crain, Jay D 
Crank, Casandra J 
Crist, Paige L 

Cunningham, Christopher A 
Cunningham, Kirstie A 
Curry, Christopher M 
Daniels, Ollie S 
Darling, Tiffany 
Davenport, Ranicka S 
Davis, Latesha L 
Davis, Nyesha A 
Dawson, Sylvia L 
Dejournett, Lerron S 
Delacruz, Jason S 
Diaz, Daniel 
Dominguez, Bernice 
Douthit, Jermaine 
Duerson, Stanley 
Duerson, Stanyell 
Dumes, Magic D 
Easier, Andre L 
Edmonds. Ashley D 
Edmonds, Mersades J 
El Shabazz, Jumanah A 
Elder. Robert 
Elliott, Angela U 
Enoch, Raekesa M 
Ervin, Shaila K 
Esparza, Bryan 
Faulkner, Samantha F 
Fenton. Jeremy J 
Ferguson, Diadriene L 
Fernandez, Martha A 
Flemming, Kiswana R 
Fletcher, Michaela L 
Ford, Felicia M 
Forte, Sherrice N. 
Fowler, Paco R 
Fox, Jeremy S 
Franks, Crystal R 
Frazier, Jm-Mease 
Friedly, Jessica B 
Fritz, Kelly L 

uller, Kayla S 
alloway, Tesh-Lanea 

jama, Erick Andres 

jama. Uriel Omar 

jarnica. Erick J 

jauthier, April M 
Gilbert, Dequintin V 
Gilbert, Meagan 
Glasser, Robert E 
Glover, Tyler L 
Gourley, Jessica 
Golay, Alicia M 
Gowdy, Don 
Gray, Shardai N 
Green, Dennis A 
Gregorek, Andrea M 
Gutierrez, Jonathon 
Haddix, David T 
Haggins, Monique L 
Hall, Frederick E 
Hamilton, Karl B 
Hampton, Darrin E 
Hardy, Robert D 


Harris, Eric B 

Hatchett, Teri R. 

Hayes. James C 

Helfgott. Sarah E 


Henshaw. Jacob D 

Hicks, Daniel J 

Hiland, William 

Hill, Todd A 

Hinkle. Daniel B 

Hogg. Andrew K 

Holloway, Micara B. 

Hollovvay. Michelle C 

Holmes, Zonte' S 

Hooks, Adrian 

Hoosier, Joyce M 

Horst, Joshua 

Hoskins, Diana E 

Howard, Devin 

Hudgins, Isiah D 

Huizer. Angela G 

Hunt, Ariel C 

Jackson, Jemarcus D 

James, Shaunze D 

James, Quaniece C 

Jeter, Megan A 

Jimenez, Saul 

Johnson, Benjamin Lamont 

Johnson. Danika J 

Johnson. Destany 

Johnson, Joshua 

Johnson. Joshua D 

Johnson, Michelle C 

Jones, Brittney Leora 

Jones, Charles A 

Jones. Christopher D 

Jones, Jamese 

Jones, Jasmine M 

Jones, Peter L 

Jones, Shaviana T 

Jones, Whitney A 

Jordan, Michael D 

Juarez, Stacy 

Kelley, Allante D 

Kendrick, Ashlee N 

Kidd, Phylicia R 

King. Curtis M 

Kloss, Justin S 

Kumalo. Matthew T 

Lasley, Keith L 

Laws, Shawndell 

Lloyd. Amber M 

Locke, Passion L 

Lopez, Marisol 

Lozada, Sarah F. 

Lucas. Emily A 

Lynn, Allen M 

Mack, KemDeLasha D 

Mantle, Tiffany 

Marshall, Charita B 

Martin, Greven Y 

Martin, Sandra 

Mason-Vance, Aurelious 

Mayes, Daniel T 

Mcclain, Treallaina N 

Mcfarland, Joshua L 

Mcgill, Kaleem R 

Mckenzie, Jasmine R 

Mclaurin, Darryl A 

Meyer, Peter G.A 

Miller, Clifford 

Milton, Vashawn A 


Mitchell, Anthony 
Moistner, Jason D 
Monday, Megan L 
Montgomery, Bianca K. 
Moore, Katrina 
Moore, Pachae' R 
Moore, Sabrina 
Morrison, Michael J 
Mullenix, Monnette M 
Murff, Morgan J 
Murphy, Quincy D 
Myers, Adam C 
Neal, William A 
Nelson, George B 
Newson, Robert 
Nguyen, Chuong T 
Nieten, Tabatha A 
Nixon, David M 
I Outlaw, Ismail K 
Outlaw, Jarell D 
Palmer, Joseph T 
Panchot, Kellie D 
Parish, Anthony M 
Parnell, Alonzo A 
Patrick, Dominique E 
Perdue, Danny J 
Perez, Paola B 
Perry. Alexander 
Perry, Antwan L 
Person, Phillip L 
Phillips, Rachel L 
Pierce, Britney N 
Pippens, Torry N. 
Polochanin, Pavel 
Posey, Lovester J 
Powell, Rhea 
Preciado, Martin F 
Price, Christopher S 
Price, Tiffany M 
Purvis, Charles D 
Rafail, Joshua M 
Ramirez, Michael E 
Ransom, Kierra D 
Rasaki, Titilayo S 
Richardson, David W. 
Robertson, Emma S 
Robinson. Corey 
Robinson, Martha 
Rodriguez, Daria 
Roman, Jose-Manuel 
Russell, Myron A 
Rutan, Shauna D 
Sanchez, Elizabeth C 
Sanders, Iesha R 
Sanders, Sherita 
Santana, Alberto Pacheco 
Sasberry, Terrell 
Savage, Shaniqua J 
Schelli, Kathleen E 
Schult, Isaiah S 
Scisney, Michael D 
Scott, Steven J 
Scott-Hendricks, Heaven L 
Scrougham, Melissa 
Scruggs, Chakia R 
Shanklin, Cortez 
Shannon, Skye M 
Shaver, Zachery D 
Shepeard, Dyneshia Marie 
Simmons, Amber M 

j|i Simms, Sharee 
{JP Sisk, Tiana R 


Smalls. Laverne F 

Smith. Clarissa N 

Smith. Derrick L 

Smith. Elijah D 

Smith. Helene 

Smith. Kayla D 

Smith. Michelle N 

Smith. Whitney A 

Smith, William A 

Snowden. Andrew A 

Speraw, Audrey B 

Spivey. Brandon D 

Springfield, Samuel 

Stanback, Justin T 

Staten. Zackery D 

Stephany, Drew A 

Stephens, Brandon M 

Stewart. Marcus C 

Stewart, Mellisa K 

Stewart, Raven 

SUohn, Dominique T 

Stockman. Sam 

Stokes. Warren S 

Story, Brianna 

Taylor, Carlicia 

Taylor. Cordaryl Darwin 

Taylor. Daymond A 

Thomas, Dominique D 

Thompson, Britt A 

Thompson. Cierra O. 

Thompson, Elynia S 

Tinsley, Annette R 

Toney. Christina A 

Trice, William R 

Trotter. Leslie Ar 

Tucker. Jennifer R 

Tucker, Tony E 

Turner, Kylia D 

Turner. Tamara L 

Valentine, Quinton J 

Vales, Jaymeese R 

Vance, Terrell L 

Venerable, Daphne Lashay 

Walden. Cierra C 

Walton, Bianca C 

Walton, Erica J 

Ward, Corey 

Ward, Dominique T *% 

Washington, Simone M 

Watkins, Dixie J 

Weathers, Eatoria D 

Webster, Anthony D 

Wert, Rebeka R 

Wert, Robyn Rynae 

West, Tesia C 

Westmoreland, Mercede N 

White, Alonzo 4 

White, Erston D 

White, Kyle A. 

White. Shy'A L 

Wickersham. Kattie M 

Wilkins, Mary N 

Williams, Sharise 

Wills. Shawnee L 

Wilson, Donnie J 

Wilson, Jered H 

Wilson, Kevona 

Wold. Eddreianna A 

Woods, Jarril T 

Woodson, Davia S 

Wynne, Chynise' R 

Yarbro. Eatonya Z 


Yates, Monique 
Young. Anthony R. 

Not Pictured: 
Abernathy. Tamika K 
Abner, Kimberly M 
Aguilar. Manuel D 
Anderson, Steven D 
Anthony, Patrice L 
Bailey, Ashley 
Bailey, Octavia 
Ball, Theodore Nr 
Barger, Melissa M 
Barker, Amber L 
Barrett, Bradley A 
Beeman. Summer D 
Bellamy. Brittany N 
Benjamin. Shalei 
Bennett, Colin 
Biagi, Albert 
iBiddle, Jesse E 
Bilbrey, Michael R 
Blaising. Nicholas 
Boyd, Tosha N. 
Brown. Charlie Michell 
Brown, Jimmy W 
Brown. Michael R 
Bryant. Raven S 
Bryant, Wesley D 
Burgess, David 
Burke, Brian M 
Burrus. Takita M 
Byrd. Randy A 
Caceres, Jennifer 
Calaway, Monique D 
Campbell, Eddie 
Canterbury, Zachary 
Carter. Keila M 
Casey, Alyssa C 
Caudle. Ashley R 
Chaney, Christina R 
Chapman, Stanley S 
Chatman, James M 
Civils. Michael R 
Clarke. Symandy J 
Clay, Jerry J 

Clayton, Lauranichole G 
Clements, Latonya L 
Coble, Sterling A 
Coleman, Ashley M 
Coleman, Gregory L 
Compton, Kenneth L 
Conely, Talilia 
Cotton. Shante L. 
Covington. Jordon N 
Creamer, Antonio 
Crombaugh, Keyatta V 
Crowe, Patrick M 
Dates, Catherine M 
Davis, Arlando B 
Davis, Ryan K 
Delehanty, James 
Deloney. Danielle 
Ditchley, Michael S 
Dixon, Erica T 
Donnerson, Aundrean M 
Duerson. Stanyell S. 

Dul ten, Christopher A 
Duncan, Donnell D 
Dunne, Thomas C 
Ealy, Phillip D 
Eaton. Rachel L 
Edmonds, Jackie R 
Edwards, George E 
Edwards, James 
Fields, Breona M 
Fields, Jazmine E 
Flores, Stephanie S 
Fonseca, Glenda R 
Ford. Michael J 
Frentz. Chris 
Furman, Deanthony 
Galloway, Michel-La A 
Garman, Michael D 
Garrett, Andrew T 
Gholston. Lachelle A 
Gibson, Nicholas 
Gomes, Katrina E 
Grady, Qwamae J 
Green, Adrian K 
Green, Michael H 
Green, Nicole R 
Gregory, Brittany S 
Gupton, Terrell L 
Gwinn, Erica N 
Hall, Kenneth W 
Haney. Michael D 
Harris, Mckinley J 
Harris, Porsha M 
Harris, Quinn 
Harvey, Dexter W 
Hatley. Alesha M 
Hayes, Delesha A 
Hayes, Justin C 
Hayes, Lameshia V 
Hayes, Paris Ds 
Heard, Lakreisha M 
Henson, Tyrone 
Hernandez. Guadalupe Z 
Hernandez, Jorge 
Hernandez, Katteren T 
Hernandez, Ubdalyz 
Herron, Joshua 
Hill, Deandre E 
Hill, Graham L 
Holland, Roger 
Holland, Wayne E 
Hopkins, Kenya Shawnice 
Hoskin, Krysten 
Howard. Andrew 
Hughes, Brittany D 
Jackson. Dominique Y 
Jackson, Eddie L 
Jackson, Isaiah Q 
Jackson, Jeremy D 
Jackson, Johnathan E 
Jackson, Jordan K 
Jackson, LaToia R 
Jaramillo, Irvin 
Jenkins. Lomark H 
Jimison. Kevin D 

Johnson. Anthony Lee 
Johnson, Cornel ious L 
Johnson, Danielle M 
Johnson. Derrell L 
Johnson, Samantha C 
Johnson, Savina L 
Johnson, Trent 
Johnson. Wenshi L 
Jones, Bryant K 
Jones. James E 
Jones, La'Dell D 
Jones, Leora Brittney 
Kelly, Eric L 
Kenney, Tyshay Tk 
King, Whitney M 
Lampkin, Lakisha S 
Lampkin, Ronezieo 
Lewis, Bianca E 
Lewis, Calvin 
Lewis, Ebony T 
Lewis, Hazmin E 
Lewis, Marquisha L 
Lewis, Robert L 
Little, Mark H 
Lomax, De'Airra P 
Lozano, Veronica 
Lynn, Nicole J 
Macdonald, Bryce 
Mack, Jaqnicka K 
Manuel. Carl Allen 
Martin, Arica D 
Martin. D*Angelo 
Martin, Ryan E 
Martinez, Bertha Borrego 
Mcafee, Courtney L 
Mcafee, Tiffany D 
Mcgill, Michael R 
Mcginnis, Wayne A 
Mcintosh, Christopher L 
Mcneal, Jermas R 
Mendoza, Irma 
Meriwether, Jerome 
Middlebrook. ChristopherD 
Miller, Amanda J 
Miller, Tonika M 
Minor, Marcus A 
Monroe, Kenneth M 
Montes De Oca, Paola 
Moore, Kevin D 
Moorman, Leroy 
Moreno, Diego J 
Morris, Steven A 
Murphy, Brian L 
Nance, Demetrius R 
Nunley, Rodney R 
Nunn, Tiffany N 
Ogletree, Desmond D. 
Osborne, Scott 
Owens, Delia 
Owens, Tiara M 
Payne, Hannah 
Payne, Ricky B 
Pedigo, Xavier R. D 
Pelfrey, Ryan E. 

Penaloza, Jesus 
Perdue, Alaura N 
Perez, Jorge A 
Person, Candey R 
Phillips, Reno 
Pierson, Desmond L 
Pinkins, Sinclair B 
Pinner, Camille A 
Pinner, Donta L 
Pittman, Charles D 
Pittman, Lacy E 
Porter, John 
Prieto, Alan 
Pulley, Shanice M 
Pyles, Blake A 
Ray, Allen A 
Razo, Maria J 
Redding, Aleemah 
Reed, Michael B 
Relford, Casey L 
Reyes, Eunice 
Rice, Stephanie M 
Richey, James W 
Riggs, Adrian D 
Rodriguez, Margarita 
Rogers. David C 
Runner. Heather S 
Rutledge, Annie W 
Sadberry, Terrell D 
Sanders, Antrinique J 
Sanders, Deandra C 
Sargent. Nahamani I 
Sargent, Tierre T 
Savage, Shanez T 
Scott, Dewayne 
Scruggs, Shane A 
Serviss, Jennifer L 
Shackelford, Christopher T 
Sharp, Jeremy 
Sharpe, Anthony T 
Shaw, Jasmine M 
Sheahan, Kristine 
Shelton, Glenda R 
Simmons, Samantha M 
Sims, Kevin Q 
Sims, Christopher 
Smith, Jasmin M 
Smith, Jeffery R 
Smith, Mark A 
Smith, Shanakia S 
Smith, Stephanie M 
Sneed. Nicole S 
Snider, Ayana R 
Stanovic, Kara L 
Stephens, Alisha M 
Stephens, Shatya S. 
Stevens, Dustin L 
Stone, Audres'E J 
Strahan, Dilasia C 
Streiff, John 
Strong, Lanisha A 
Stump, Selina R. 
Sullivan, Demuree L 
Sweet, Miranda C 

Tate, Jammie L 
Taylor, Adrian Jahumar 
Telfair, Donicia L 
Terrell, Danisha B 
Thomas, Christopher A 
Thomas, Heather M 
Thompson, Stacee N 
Tillman, Dominique B 
Timberlake, Derrick T 
Toombs, Robert Keith 
Torres, Jose 
Trotter, Dontrill L 
Troutman, Michael 
Truax, Brandy R. 
Tucker, Chonna L 
Tumblin, Amber N 
Tunstill, Cameron Lamont 
Turner, Cody D 
Turner, Gerald M 
Turner, Kevin S 
Tyler, James N 
Ulloa, Martha 
Velazquez, Ninfa I 
Vizcarra, Alex 
Walker, Kevin 
Walker. Shalonda M 
Wallace, Jeremy 
Waller, Dai'Samona 
Watkins, Brianna M 
Watkins. Christopher A 
Wearren, Kyle L 
West, Charles C 
Wheeler, Chelsea 
White, Amanda R 
White, Tiffiany I 
Whitley. MylesA 
Williams. Brandon K 
Williams, Chante 
Williams. Diamond L 
Williams, Jeffery J 
Williams, RomaraD 
Williams, Sade Tewana 
Williams, Stephanie 
Wills, Tiffany La 
Wilson, Bradd A 
Wilson, Earl G 
Wilson, Porsha D 
Wilson, Quintez D 
Wilson, Terence W 
Wilson, Tiffany P 
Wisdom, Shamika S 
Woods. Listopher J 
Wyche, John L 
Wynn. Jasmine L 
Yates, Gary P 
Young, Courtney D 




Adams, 5>ean t 

Amador, Margie P 

Anderson, Gerald W 

Anthony. Brandon A 

Archer. Ronald L 

Arnold, Trevor T 

Ash-Buck. Gregory 

Austin, Yamoniah D 

Bacon, Curtis 

Bah, Fatoumata B 

Bailey, Ryan K 

Ball. Teleses K 

Ballard, Willie Houston 

Banks, Monique S 

Banks-Holton, Brittany N 

Barnes. Johnathan 

Barnett, C Evan 

Bartlett, Dwaine 

Baumann, Dennis M 

Benefiel, Jeanne L 

Blunt, Kristin S 

Bobo, Wrianna D 

Bolick, Emily F 

Bradley, Tyler K 

Breitwieser, Amanda F 

Brewer, Tatiana M 

Briggs, Danielle A 

Brounson. Janeia 

Brown, Clairessa Marie 

Brown, Monica S 

Brutz, Ryan J 

Bryant, Jerry 

Buckhalter, Brandon D 

Buckley, Stephanie 

Bustamante, Judy T 

Bustamante, Leah 

Byrd, Ericka J 

Calvert, Judy I 

Campbell, Dustin C 

Campbell, Joshua L 

Carlton, Taylor 

Cash, Holyn K 

Cavendish, Matthew L 

Chacon, Jose 

Cheatham, Natasha M 

Clark, Chad N 

Clark, Charah 

Clark, Shantise S 

Coe. Rodney D 

Cole, Jamicia E. 

Coleman, Derrick 

Collins, Kayla B 

Cook, David Kenneth 

Crawford. Austin 

Crawford, Joshua O 

Cross, Cortney L. 

Cummings, Terri L 

Dabney, Nakia D 

Davidson, Demetrius L 

Davis, Brandy M 

Davis. Erica N 

Davis, Renee A 

Davis, Timothy 

Davis, Vestonia L 


Davis, William J 
Delgado, Zulcima 
Dildine, Christina M 
Donaldson, Luke A 
Doulaki, Bridget A 
Drummer, Casey R 
Duffy, Ebony D 
Dunn, Keegan E 
Edmondson, Alexandria E 

sldridge, Joya S 
Escobar, Wendy D 
Espinoza, Brenda N 
Evans, Dareis D 
Evans, Ernest C 
Featherston, Brandon S 
Fields, John W 
Florence, Danielle M 
Ford, Rayland 
Foster, Jamel M 
Fowler, Kiare D. 
Fox, Shane D 
French, Carey S 
Galloway, Sequintis K 
Gentry, Ashley A 
Gibson, Catherine C 
Gonzalez, Carmanny S 
Gomes, Jonathan T 
Gordon, Andrew A 
Gray. Frances 
Green, Fiera N 
Green, Matthew T 
Green, Robert L 
Greer, Ronald D 
Gutierrez, Sandra 
Haddix. Michelle N 
Haggins, Michelle L 
Hagler-Ash, Jasmine L 

Jail, Travell 

Jail, Tyrell 
Harris, Amber N 
Harris, Whitney 
Hassan, Omer S 
Hatchett. Ieshia L 

layes, April J 

leitzman, Micah J 

Jerron, Branden J 
Highbaugh, Krystal S 
Holloway, Bryce D 
Hood, Amber L. 
Hopkins, Tanesha N 
House, Tiffany M 
Howard, Larry L 
Howard, Michael W 
Howell, Derrick A 
Hudson, Dechelle A 
Huete, Esmeralda 
Humphrey, Dewayne W 
umphrey, Donyell L 
unt, Alicia 
Hunt, Kimea D 
Imel, Robin 
Ingram, Veionte D 
Jackson, Johnathan 
Jackson, Robert Jerome 
Jasso, Lizeth 
Jefferson, Cornelius E 
Jessie, Anthony M 
Jewell, Timothy L 
Jimenez. Sara M 
Jones, Airlia I 
Jones. James 
Jones, Maurice T 


Jones. Steven Duane 

Jones, William A 

Juarez, Anahid 

Kay, Kiera Lynn 

Keener, Kenneth J 

Kelley, Annaleshia D 

Kendrick, Kejuana R 

Kendrick, Whitney Rene 

King, Terry A 

Kinman. Michelle 

Kirtley, Briannca T 

Knighten, Deanthony L 

Lafara, Brittany K 

Lawson, Jessica N 

Lee, Dennis 

Litherland. Jessica A 

Locke, Joseph D 

Long, Amanda K 

Long. Joshua L 

Lopez, David M 

Lott, Latrece S. N. 

Lovett, Alyssa R 

Luster. Krystal D 

Mack. Tiffany M 

Marks. Samuel J 

Martin, Karissa R 

Martinez, Agustin 

Martinez, Milton A 

Massey. David D 

Mathis, Tiffanni D 

Mcclendon, Dominique C 

Mccloud. Stephanie L. 

Mccombs, Kyle R 

Mccoy, Curtis J 

Mccoy, Rachel M 

Mccreary. Latoya Shonice 

Mcdonald, Tranaye 

Mcfarland, Brondon C 

Mcferson, Terasedia L 

Mcknight. Ross A 

Mcmichel, Karl 

Mcmiller, Rosa L 

Miller, Lavash T 

Mitchell, Danielle A 

Mitchell, Edric 

Mize, Russell E 

Montes, Jairo M 

Moore, Markia S. 

Moore, Timothy L 

Moore-Scott, Lakia I 

Moss, Shatoyia T 

Mumaw, John R 

Murff, George D 

Murphy, Katia K w^*' Ifcp^ 

Murray, Ivory J i^%^^ 

Nasir, Mai id 

Naue, Heath M 

Navarro, Yasmin N 

Newson, Bobby L 

Owens, Gaylon 

Panchot, Scott A 

Parchman, Sean L 

Partee, Rav'N M 

Patterson, Megan A 

Peeler, Michae 

Pettit, Cory S 

Polin, Nathaniel B 

Powers-Ivey, Tyrese D 

Procter, Kyle E 

Quinn, Mannie B 

Reagan, Cory 

Rehmet, Nicole C 


Rice, Bryan C 
Robinson, Janelle 
Robinson, Reuben L 
Ross, Derris J 
Sanders, Lillian A 
Sargent, Greta M 
Shaw, Kimberly 
Sherrell, Teanna 
Siangonya, Womba 
Simmons. Brittany 
Sisk, Kevin L 
Smith, Laurin E 
Smith, Luther 
Smith, Malcolm J 
Smith, Michelle T 
Smithson, Ciara M 
Sprowel. Leaira O 
Staley, Elijah D 
Staples, Chryslyn C 
Stone, Audrese 
Strode, Brittany M 
Summers, Allan C 
Taylor, Troy A 
Teague, Lutece T 
Thomas, Alan M 
Thomas, Aram is A 
Thomas, Ivy I 
Thurman, Terry L 
Tucker, Ericka D. 
Tucker, Kierra L 
Upshaw, Kiesha L 
Vaden, Quentin 
Valladares, Tiffany D 
Vargas, Monica E 
Virden, Tiffany D 
Warner, Charon N 
Warren, Michael 
Warren, Terry E 
Washington, Demetrius 
Washington, Shaquisha T 
Watts, Demarcus R 
West. Erica Ann 
Wilson, Eric L 
Wimberly, Richard 
Woods, Jasmine N 
Woods, Shatonea K 
Wright. Alexander R 
Wulff, Niklas M 
Young, Erica D 
Young. Yolonda R 
Zheng. Yiwei Sarah 


Not Pictured: 
Anderson, Laqueatia R 
Anthony, Elie D 
Areola, Mahealani 
Argil lander. Tanja 
Ashby. Clyde X 
Atwell. Randi 
Avina. Jonathan R 
Bailey, Kenyota 
Baltimore. Sierra Renee 
Batchelor. Gary 
Battershell, Isaac 
Bell, Stephanie N 
Beverly, Ana Alicia 
Beverly, Ryan K. 
Bledsoe. Lynece J 
Bonner. Phillip-Anthony L 
Booker, Jacquelyn R 
Bradfield, Michael 
Bradley. Shonda M 
Brown. Danquita M 
Bryant. Allison R 
Buckhalter, Jaleesa N 
Buckles, Aaron M 
Burroughs, De'Andre 
Caldwell. Leonard 
Calloway, Jada 
Campbell, Megan 
Carr, Tiara M 
Carter, Gwendolyn H 
Carter, Patricia 
Chacon, Israel 
Churchwell, Darius M 
Cochran, Regenena S 
Cole, Chakirah S 
Compton, John L 
Cook, Keshia 
Cooper, Shalice B 
Crawford, Josephine 
Cunningham, Andrea M 
Davis. Donnesha S 
Davis, Quierra B 
Davis. Ronald E 
Davis. Sharron T 

Dennison. Skyler P 
Dent, Carlotta 
Diaz, Vanessa 
Dickerson, Ashley S 
Doolittle. Amanda R 
Duerson. Anthony L 
Duerson. Stanley D 
Dunn. Timerea F 
Duskin. Andrew S. 
Earthman, Brandon M 
Edwards, Elijah D 
Ellery. Jermaine T 
Elliott. Desmond R 
Ferguson, Thomas C 
Flynn, Victoria N 
Fox, Emily M 
Fry, Kevin S 
Futch, Tresa A. 
Galloway, Cortezah L 
Galloway, Sequintis K 
Gamble, Candice 
Gamill. Michael D 
Garcia, Anna Elisa 
Garrett, Donta W 
Garrison. Marvin 
Gearlds, Jerome E. 
Gholston, Daimeshia S 
Gilbert. Dysheka 
Gilbert. Shayla M 
Gilham, Ashley R 
Gill. Deondra Dominique 
Glaser, Katrina L 
Grady, Daniel D 
Grady, Michelle L 
Green. Dacia L 
Green, Katherine 
Green, Sarah E 
Griffin, Tamara J 
Griffith, Michael 
Hamilton, Christopher D 
Harrell, Janniecissha L 
Harris. Rodney A 
Hash. Michael J 
Hawkins. Teya L 

Henderson-Wells. Chris- 

Hendrickson, Candace 
Highbaugh. Kwesi F 
Hightovver. Daryn 
Hillery, Randy C 
Holifield, Jilletta E. 
Holman, Kasie N 
Holtsclaw, Amber D 
Howard, Brandon Angelo 
Howard, David T 
Huggins. Darius L 
Hughes. James A 
Hull. Christopher J 
Hums, Keyauna S 
Hutchinson, Corey D 
January, Joann 
Johnson. Benjamin 
Johnson, Chante T 
Johnson, Erin N 
Johnson, Herbert 
Johnson. Jessica 
Johnson. Stevie E 
Jones, Paul J 
Knighten, Ashley N 
Lacey, Ashley J 
Laraway, Regina N 
Lee, Reneisha R 
Lewis, Dereka 
Lopez, Norma 
Lovell, Kevin 
Macdonell, Patrick 
Majors, Delisa N 
Malespin, Zoila 
Marin. Hugo 
Mccarty. April D 
Mcclure, Courtney N 
Mccoy, Sha'Rikka B 
Mcgill, Vanessa 
Mcintyre. Sidney D 
Mckinney, Gayland R 
Medina, Eduardo M 
Melton, Christopher A 
Mendoza, Cecilia 

Minor. Angela 
Minor, Porsha A 
Mitchell. Laporsha M 
Monsivais, Mayra 
Montgomery. Kristen 
Moore, Lakiesha T 
Moorman, Adriann M. 
Morris. John 
Morris, William E 
Mundy, Luana J 
Myles, Darian L 
Nava. Erika 

Northington. Takweesha L 
Northington, Vakweesha M 
Parson, Dasmond D 
Patton, Jeffery D 
Peterson, Ashley M 
Phillips, Dominique 
Phillips, Shantelle L 
Plesner. Jacob 
Price, Ashley N 
Price. Devin 
Price, Kendra D 
Reynolds, Tyaira L 
Richardson, Alfred L 
Rivera. Mari Carine 
Robinson. Rodre L 
Robinson, Theresa L. 
Rodriguez. Erika 
Samuel, Siahntae S 
Sanchez. Julio Cesar 
Sanchez, Lady L 
Sanchez, Rosa M 
Sanders, Sharra N 
Sellers-Bibbs, Raphael A 
Shaver, Daniel W 
Sherels, John A 
Shields, Ashlea M 
Short, David L 
Short. Randy C 
Simmons. Joseph 
Skiles. Christopher D 
Smiley, Lashelle N 
Smith. Bre'AnnaC 

Smith. Michael A 
Smith, Teren L 
Snow, Quinton L. 
Spinks. Joshua L 
Stephens, Dwayne L 
Stepherson, Sharae 
Stillabower. Amanda 
Stone, Breianna S 
Stone, Kevin 
Tapia, Alfredo G 
Taylor. Brittany Mona 
Taylor, Elise L 
Thomas. Omega S 
Thompson. Timothy 
Tiggs. Antonio 
Torres, Pedro 
Turner. Collene R 
Turner, Marlon D 
Turner, Monteius D 
Tyler, Paul D 
Vinson. James T 
Walker. Sandra G. P. 
Ward, Corey R 
Washington. Greggory 
Watson, Leandre A 
Watts, Kristyn 
Webster, Sherrice B 
Wells, Robert C 
White. Desmond L 
White. Donmichael 
White, Jimmy D 
Williams. Antwain L 
Williams, Jonathon M 
Williams, Manuel R 
Wilson, David C 
Woodard, Amber B 
Woods, Sherman L 
Word, Ciaire L 
Wright. Kenneth G 
Yancey. Jonae L 
Young. Kaitlin 


■ ■ ■ 





Adams, Mty € 

"Soprenderse, extranarse, 
es comenzar a enteder." 
"To be surprised, to won- 
der, is to begin to under- 
stand."- Jose Ortegay 

Alexander, IZghertO 

"Live everyday like there's 
no tomorrow." 


Haft, Tvfariam 

"The future belongs to 
those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams." 

Hard, Curtis € 

Battee, Nickeffe 

Berry, Samantha 

Academic Honors, Base- 
ball Manager, Student 
Leadership Alliance, Boys 
Tennis Manager 

"Beckett, Ashfeu tynee 

All State Choir, Guys and 
Dolls, Joseph the Amaz- 
ing Technicolor Dream- 
coat, Technicians, Techoir, 

Brickies, Samanwa 

"I'm not even supposed to 
be here today. Where's 
my moose?!" 

Brounson, jasmine 

"Brown, Smrifa 

"You as a person will nev- 
er be truelly happy unless 
your heart is satisfied." 

Bmani, JAaree N 

"If it doesn't kill you, it only 
makes you stronger. So 
don't give up!!" 

Bruson, Simone <D 

Buraess, Andrew 

Student government/sen- 
ate, dance team, JROTC 

Bushy, Oanee % 

"Bushy, tynee N 

"Make the most of every- 
thing and regret nothing." 

Busk, Christopher <D 

Cram, Oreanna S 

"Work hard, play harder." 

Crook, fiontae 7A 

"In life, people are their 
own portraits. Paint your 
own, don't trace anyone 

Crosswriqm, Huqina JA 

Currie, Shawna Isd 

"Was I funny, or was I 

Davis, Shane ^ 

"Live life to the fullest and 
always remember to get 
that money." 

^Br _-*^^^. i^B 

Deem, Alexandra *R, 

■ ^L / xji- 9 

"The past four years of my 
life have truly been a jour- 
ney. 1 will never forget the 
obstacles, laughs, cries, and 
troubles that have made it 
unforgettable. Good Luck 
class of 2007. One Love 

Deems, Sasfm *R. 

"Remember, you have 
one free shot at educa- 
tion, so don't ruin it!" 

Donaldson, Oawana 

Dmus, l^anissa jE 

"Ask, and it shall be given; 
seek, and ye shall find; 
knock and the door will be 
opened unto you." 
-Matthew 7:7 

jEfdridqe, OoefO 

"Above all my problems 
and above all that my 
eyes can see... yet still 
I rise!" ATHS class of 
2007... "Standing Ovation" 

Tzlfiott, Francis 2f 



Ellison, TerriU 

"Always remember you 
will only go far in life when 
you try. Your choices 
reflect your character." 

'Evans, Justin U 

"I never allowed my 
schooling to interfere with 
my education." -Big Jay 
aka Da Dough Boy 

fahrner, Weather U 

"Even impossible says I'm 
possible!" -Anonymous 

T-laqg, Euaene 

flood, TAaire A 

Fall Play, Musical, Model 
United Nations, National 
Honor Society, Soccer, 
Techoir, Technicians 

foster, Uannieffe N 

"Remember that people to 
weak to follow their own 
dreams, will always find a 
way to discourage yours. 

fitted, Tyren A 

Garrett, Jessica E 

Garrett, tyedi 

"Impossible is nothing. I 
can do all things through 
Christ that strengthens 

Gf'Sm, Sadie 2F 

"Congratulations Seniors! 
We finally made it! Class 
of 2007!" 

'Haff-tjmw; flevm £ 

"Get rich or die trying, is 
not my motto... because I 
stay rich!" 

TJardij, Oanetfa ^ 

"You can't change your 
past, but you can change 
your future." 

T-farfam, <Dana ls/l 

"Expecting the world to be 
fair to you is like expect- 
ing a bull not to run at you 
because you are a vegi- 

Tiofisor), Uominiaue £ 

"I don't know the key to 
success, but they key to 
failure is trying to please 
everybody." - Bill Cosby 

7/ouse, Cfimfopfter Jvf 

"On ne voit qu'avec le 
coeur. L'essential est 
invisible aux yeux." 

Onqram, Uonte L 
Varsity Wrestling 

Oveij, Teiqm 


The people who succeed in 
life are often those who know 
consciously, or unconsiously, 
how to make the most of their 
talents, advantages, and their 
strengths, while understanding 
how to maintain control over 
their weaknesses." 


Oacfavn, Otavia N 

Oimison, O^smim 

Oones, Hafrina C 

IPS Math Day 2nd Place, 
Honor Awards for Ace- 
demic Journalism intern- 
ship, Honor Society, 
Honor Roll, Math/Science 

Jones, Kyk 7 

Kashman, Lucas A 

Lafara, HJiffiarn 

Marching Band, Concert 
Band, Brass Quintet, Te- 
choir, Techromatics, stage 

Lame, Tarn £ 

Academic Team, Inter- 
national Club President, 
JROTC Rifle Team, Key 
Club President, J. V. & V. 

Leaae, Tiffany $ 

Lewis, Christina <R. 

Lewis, Oerrief 

Luster, Alexandra Jv( 

Academic Team, Band 
Manager, HOSA, Model 
United Nations, National 
Honor Society, Orches- 
tra/String Ensemble/Pit, 
Softball, Volleyball 

JAanom, Justin 

Tdattiis, Himher % 

"Life is way too short for 
me to give up now, I'm go 
ing to the top!!!" 


Jvfemr, "Patrick A A 

"Garvin, Herald, Nathan, 
Joseph... how many faces 
can one man wear? It's 
music that matters!" 


"Person, Joshua 2f 

V. Football, V. Track, JV. 


Price, Anthony U 

tysnover, Uauneisfia Gj 

"No matter how hard 
it seems to get, never 
EVER give up. Don't 
worry about others, just 
take care of Your busi- 

^Richardson, Kevin ft 
V. Football, V. Baseball, 
Small Engine Repair 

tysseff, Adrian vVf 
"... but God..." 


Smifti, Taktffia Nfmofe 

"Live the life to the fullest! 
Never g-i-v-e-u-p! Keep 
your h-e-a-d-u-p!" 

Sprmafief/- 9 ones, 


"Just remember if you 
stand for nothing, you are 
bound to fall for anything." 

Sawm; Smcara ^ 

"Sacrifice who you are in 
order to discover who you 
can be." 

Syfa, *RpdmiA ,f Ka £ 

"Nothing in life comes 
easily. When times get 
hard, never give up!!!" 

Tayfor, 'Rpauel'D 

Thomas, Uonte C 

A.C.E. Mentor program, 
Student leadership alli- 

Truitt, Jlafcsha U 

Skills USA 

Turner, Landon U 

"Don't let anyone hold you 
down, because if you do 
then that does not make 
you strong. Live life to the 

"Wafl^er, Stephanie 7v( 

Student council, student 
leadership alliance, stake- 
holders' committee, cos- 

Wallace, William £ 

"We learn the ropes of life 
by untying its knots. 


Wathen, 7vfoniha£ 

"Always do your best; 
never settle for less." 

Weathers, "Brittany ^ 

"White, Constance % 

"I am friends, understand 
ing, care, kindness, de- 
voted, aspiring, wonder- 
ful, outstanding, realistic, 
lovable, delightful, think 
about it." 

Whitney, Tzfizaheth 

"Life is only what you 
make it." 

Wilson, Ashia 
Chearleader, Tennis 

Wifson, <Daquania £ 

Wilson, Oesha % 

"Lord grant me the seren- 
ity to accept the things I 
cannot change, the cour- 
age to change the things 
I can, and the wisdom to 
know the difference." 

Conqrafmation to 
the Cfass of ZOO J ! 

Abernathy, Rekita L 

Adams, Kiosha R. 

Adams, Matthew 

Alexander, Blake R 

Alexander, Candace M 

Alfaro, Arianna 

Allen, Kari 

Anderson, Anton D. 

Anderson, Jonathon M 

Anderson-Ingram, Donald 

Arvin, Jonathan Alan 

Austin, Whitney 

Baker, John E 

Banet, Frankie S 

Banks, Shanise L 

Barnes, Devine D 

Barnes, Phillip T 

Bell, Ashley 

Beverly, Andrew 

Bishop, Lena Marie 

Blevins, Matthew A 

Bobb, Barry L 

Boger, Jacob B F 

Bolden, Maxie D 

Branch, Shericka 
"Let your effors rise 
above your excuses." 

Bridgewater, Stanley E 

Bridwell, Antonia T 

Brown, Brandi C 

iBrown, Devon C 

Brown, Joshua D 

(Brown, Julian T 

Buckner, Davaughn 

Burke. David B 

Butler, David D 

Cairns, T Michael 

Calloway, Anika D 
"Choa Babe!" 

Campbell, Danny R 

Cannon, Kenya M 

Carter, Ryan B 

Chaney, Ola-Elizabeth 

Chatmon, Amanda L 

Chestnut, Brandon C 

Chowning, Kenneth M 

Clarke, Laura A 

Cleary, Joshua M 

Cobb, Trenice D. 

Coe, Erika D 

Cole, Marlena M 

Council, Adrianne D 

Cox, Ebony A 
"The only person you 
need to help you succeed 
is yourself." 

Cox, Janise K 

Craig, Donte 

Crawford, Ebony R 

Crutcher, Erwin M 

Cummings, Darrill L 

Davis, Detrionne D 

Davis, Tiffany A 

Davordzi, Eunice 

Delay, Carlos M 

Demaree, Patricia E 

Dewes, Joseph 

Dinkins, Isaiah M 

Dortch, Antwan L 
"Never be boring, live 
life to the fullest." 

Douthit, Jermane 

Ealy, Lester T 

Easton, Christina A 

Edmonds, Anthony J 

Edwards, Candice J 

El, Dionna R 

Erler, Margaret 

Ervin, Ashley Q 

Ferguson, Johnathan 

Fitzgerald, Briana N 

Flagg, David D 

Flemmonds, Christopher 

Flores, Javier 

Franklin, Ashley D 

Fulton, Samantha R 

Gamble, Kendra S 

Garrett, Brian William 

Gaspar, Humberto 

Gibson, Britney 

Gilder, Justin C 

Gillum, Alexandra 
"I am no longer in high 
school, now I am offi- 
cially grown, it's time 
for me to be on my 

Gonzalez, Emmanuel 

Goodman, Antonio C 

Goodman, Shontelle 

Goodson, Mallea D 

Gowdy, Donisha M 

Griffin, Joshua T 

Griffis, Allbreyale 

Hadden, Katelyn 

Hagedorn, Elizabeth M 

Halsmer, Adam S 

Hamilton, Brittney R 

Hampton, Adrian L 

Harris, Ashley N 

Harris, Brendan 

Harris, Carson L 

Harris, Ciara D 
"Don't worry about it. 
It's nothing. Do what 
you can, while you can." 

Harris, Tashe' C 

Harrison, Crystal L 

Hart, Reid 

Harvey, Dominique 

Haynes, Courtney L 

Haynes, Trent 

Heard, James J 

Heard, La'Kiea 

Helm, William T 

Hey, Larry L 
"Life comes at you 
quick. For everything 
else use Mastercard." 

Higgenbottom, Matthew 

Hinkle, Michael D 

Hogston, Donna R 

Holtsclaw, Mary E 

Hoover, Joshua K 

House, Jeffrey L 
"Good guy, honesty, 
respectful, laid back, and 

Howard, Oreonna J 
Wrestling manger, 
Student Council, SBDM 
commitee for A Acad- 
emy, Stakeholder's 
Committee for IPS, Vale 
dictorian for A academy 

Hubbard, Joseph D 

Hubbard, Kyle D. 

Hudson, Michael Anthony 

Hughes, Aaron M. 
Football, JROTC, 
School Paper 

Hughes, Brittany R 

Hughes, Jennifer N. 
School newspaper, 
student council 

Jackson, Amia D 

Janson, Julie A 

Jenkins, Courtney D 

Jensen, Chris 

Jimpson, Gecorri M 

Johnson, Ashley N 

Johnson, Aubrey L 

Johnson, Desmond L. 

Johnson, Heather L 

Jones, Charles L 

Jones, Jayla 

Jones, Jerameye J 

Jones, Michael S 

Kaensup, Panida 
"In many years from 
now, you will regret the 
things you didn't do 
more than the things that 
you did." 

Kahl, Matthew 

Kantola, Tara 

Kennedy, Antonio 

King, Andrea 

King, Brandi N 

Kinney, Robert A 

Knowles, Skylar R 

Koontz, Jeffrey A 

Lee, Shaunella R 

Legg, Eric M 

Lents, Allison M 

Lewis, Jeddy J 

Lindsey, Mitchell C 
"How you act and 
present yourself shows 
more of your character 
than anything else." 

Lloyd, Jessica N 

Logan, George 

Love, Terrell M 

Lowery, Tre'Nae Yvette 

Macias, Benjamin 

Madden, N Alex 

Madden, Stephanie 

Mariscal, Edgar A 

Marks, Catrice C 

Marler, Bridget 


Martin, Tatiana M 
Wrestling manager 

Martin, Timothy J 
"Believe in your dreams 
of your heart." 

Matthews, Joseph L 

Maul, Deandre 

Mayes, Aubrey E. 
"For what its worth, it 
was worth all the while." 

McAfee, Lawrence D 

McGhee, Antonio 

McGinnis, Stephanie M 
"We all did it. We made 
it out alive. Have fun 
and do well in life."" 

McGraw, Francheska N 

McKallip, Courtney M 

Mickle, Bernard J 

Miles, Paris J 

Mitchell, Megan R 
"If you cab read this, 
you have just invaded 
my soverignty! Blessed 
is He whose hand is in 
sovereignty, and He is 
able to do all things!" 

Moistner, Amber M 

Moreno, Leonardo J 

Morrison, Benjamin A 

Muir, Bobby M 

Murphy, Timothy E 

Muthig, Joshua S 
"Don't take pride in 
exceeding your expecta- 
tions if your goals were 
only mediocre." 

O'Dongo, George 
"Life is like a hill that 
takes determination and 
heart to conquer it." 

Ogundayomi, Yetunde 

Osan, Fritz K 

Osman, Somiyyah R 

Packer, Joseph 

Padilla, Daisy Y 

Palmore, Stephen F 

Perez, Laura 

Pettigrew, Michael D 

Petty, Lora Ann 


Pittman, Willie J. 

Primus, Rakim 

Reyes, Samuel 

Rios, Ivan A 

Ritter, Kyle 

Roach, Jessica Lynn 

Rogers, David E 

Russ, Tyiesha M 

Samples, Benjamin K 

Sargent, Chaniea C 

Schnitz, Phillip 

Schrunder, Cesar Ernesto 

Scott, Andrea S 

Scott, Ra'Zee L 

Short, Justin D 
It's not our destination 
that determines our suc- 
cess, but the journey we 
took to get there." 

Sims, Darryle 
V. Track, 
V. Cheerleading, 
J.V. Basketball 

Smith, Antwon R 

Smith, Darrell L 

Smith, Robert Alex 

Stewart, Scott A 
"Anything worth having, 
is worth working hard 

Strouse, Sarah 

Sullivan, Shawn M 
"It's hard to succeed 
when you fear failure." 

Sundt, Rachel N 

Taylor, Kevin R 

Thomas, Phillip M 

Thompson, Christopher E 

Thompson, Mark A 

Thorsen, Kevin J 

Thurman, Anthony D 

Tiernan, Brendan J 
"We finally did it. I 
can't believe it. Hope 
everyone does well in 
their next step in life. 
Wooo, for not having to 
wear uniforms." 

Tormaschy, Marcia 

Trevino, April S 

Triblet, Juanita M 

Utley, Nicholas W 

Utley, Noah C 
"Stay on top of yo 

Villalobos, Juan Carlos 
"Have no regrets, don't 
look back, have fun, and 
live life!" 

Villanueva, Gerardo 

Walker, Tashia 

Wallace, Quairra S 

Wann, Alan J 
Fr. Basketball, Track, 

Wardell, Latora A 

Watson, Jessica F 

West, Aaron C 

White, Shana L 

Wigginton, Christopher A 

Williams, Anton L 

Williams, Camille 

Williams, Candace E 

Williams, Carmen M 

Williams, Janae L 

Williams, Tony T 

Williams, Tyra N 

Witherspoon, Kearia R 

Wood, Nathaniel C 

Woods, Eric J 

Young, Joseph L 
"If it is to be, it is up to 
me. I don't have 20-20 
eyesight, but I will help 
the blind see. I can't 
hear out of one ear, but I 
will help the deaf hear 
with two. I don't know 
everything, but I will 
make the unknown 
known." - Anonymous 

Yount, Jade N 

In memory of 
John E. Baker III 

Son, brother, and friend. 

"Dream big. A mind is a terrible thing to waste." 

- John Baker, Class of 2007 


a o_ 


Although confined to a wheelchair, John was one of the most 
energetic, active members of the Class of 2007. His vitality, upbeat 
attitude, outgoing personality, and strong determination set an 
example for all of us. We shall miss him and never forget him. 







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