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The Myar Libruy Series No. 76 


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Professor and Deputy Director, 
Visvabharati Cheenabhavana, Santiniketan 



Printed by C. Subfearaydu, at the Vasanta Press, 
The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras 


THE publication of the S'alistamba Sutra along with 
other two Sutras was planned long ago and commenced 
in October 1943 through the Bulletin and continued to 
appear through the issues of the Bulletin till May 1949. 
The acute paper shortage at the time of commence- 
ment, in 1943 did not allow the printing of sufficient 
number of copies to issue the work as a separate 
volume, though the entire body of the book, omitting 
of course the Introduction, etc., appeared in the 
Bulletin. In pursuance of the plan to issue the book 
separately, the whole matter had to be reprinted- In 
so reprinting, the main change I have introduced is the 
replacement of the reconstructed text of the Vibhanga 
Sutra by the original one which escaped my notice at 
that time. I must apologize to my readers that no 
attempt was made to translate into English any of the 
texts, although I have given in the Introduction a short 
summary of the contents of the S'alistamba Sutra. I 
have discussed there in full all such topics that would 
interest the scholars in the present context. Some 
information from epigraphical records in regard 
to the Buddha's worship and image are also culled 
in the Additional Notes (pp, 31-33). The Tibetan 


text which is presented in this volume is reproduced 
from the xylograph copy of the Kanjur collection 
in Narthang Edition preserved in the Adyar Library. 
Since no Peking Edition of the collection was avail- 
able to me, I was not able to consult that edition in 
preparing my Tibetan text. Full particulars about the 
Chinese translations are supplied in the Introduction, 
IV. Index of the Tibetan-Sanskrit words is intended 
to cover only the authentic terms ; thus the terms from 
the last Sutra are left unrecorded in the Index. I have 
likewise also prepared a Chinese Index of such techni- 
cal terms, Since the facility for printing Chinese 
characters is not available at present, I have deferred it 
for a future occasion. 

Now I should like to offer my sincere thanks to 
Dr. G. Srinivasa Murti, the learned Director and 
General Editor of the Adyar Library series for his 
continued consent to include this Buddhist book in the 
series. I must also thank the Vasanta Press for the 
excellent and prompt execution of the printing of the 

Santineketan N. A. SASTRI 

15th November, 1950 



Preface ....... v 

Introduction ....... ix 

Appendix ....... xxiii 

Additions and Alterations . xlii 


Samskrta Texts ; 

S'alistamba Sutra ,.,,,. 1 
Pratityasamutpadavibhanga , . . ,21 
Pratityasamutpadagathasutra . . . . 25 

Additional Notes , . > . . .29 

Comparative Notes , . , , , .35 

Tibetan Texts 41 

Index to Tibetan-Sanskrit words , , . .73 

Sanskrit Index 94 

A Guide to the Quotations in the BodhicaryavatarapanjikS , 97 


THE Canonical literature of Mahayana Buddhism 
almost all of which has been in so called a mixed 
Sanskrit or more precisely a popular Sanskrit appears 
to have been completely obliterated from the soil of its 
birth mainly due to the vandalic events of history. 
Fortunately for us, however, the majority of that lite- 
rature has been preserved in their translations into 
foreign languages such as Chinese and Tibetan, etc. 
The orientalists having noticed the importance of that 
literature attempted to discover the original texts from 
the centres of Buddhists like Japan, Nepal and Kash- 
mir and others where the religion survives qyen to the 
present day. The 1 earnest attempt happily bore fruit 
in unearthing some of the important canonical and 
other texts which were subsequently despatched to dif- 
ferent centres of studies in Europe and Japan. The 
scholars of these centres undertook to study them 
in comparison with their translations and finally to edit 
them critically. The most important texts so studied 
and edited, to mention a few, are the Sukhavativyuha in 

1 The first discovery of the Northern Buddhist literature by 
Hodson is discussed by H, P. Sastri, IHQ. I, pp. 18ff. 


two versions, larger and smaller, Vajracchedika, Ami- 
tSyuh Sutra, Saddharmapundarfka, and Lankavatara 
Sutra, etc. (vide the Appendix for detailed list of the 
texts so far edited). Simultaneously a similar centre 
was founded in India under the auspices of the 
Asiatic Society of Bengal in Calcutta and the important 
texts that appeared from this centre are the S'atasahas- 
rika PrajSaparamita and Astasahasrikap, etc. The 
careful comparison of the Tibetan 'translations which 
are true to the spirits and letters of the original with 
their available original Sanskrit texts suggested to the 
scholars that if the attempt is made by an expert hand 
to re-render the Tibetan translations into Sanskrit 
those texts which are not traceable at all in their 
originals, the text so re-rendered may not be far re- 
moved from the original both in spirit and letters. It 
was probably W. F, Thomas who first attempted in 
this direction to re-render a small text, viz. Hastavala- 
prakarana of Sryadeva from its Tibetan version. Such 
an attempt would be more successful and fruitful in 
the case of those canonical texts which are cited seve- 
rally and extensively by the Buddhist Acaryas and 
commentators in their treatises that are available to us. 
I have? likewise attempted on previous occasions to 
restore a lost Sutra and S'astra and have edited them 
in this series (Nos. 19 ; 32). 

The Sutra which is now edited in its entirety is the 
most important Mahayanic text frequently mentioned 
in the commentarial and the like works. It is exten- 
sively quoted by Cancjrakjrti in his Prasannapada, by 


Prajnakaramati in his Panjika and by S'antideva in his 
S'iksasamuccaya, With the help of these citations it 
was possible for me to restore the Sutra to its original 
form almost completely omitting only the beginning and 
end of the Sutra. Prof. L. de la Vallee Poussin had long 
ago promised an edition of the Sutra in the Bibliotheca 
Buddhica (v. Bodhic. Pan., p. 477, n. L). But I have 
not seen it so far appeared in that series. He had also 
translated it into French under the title " Theorie du 
douze causes ". I tried more than once to consult his 
translation, but in vain. No copy of this important 
publication is available in the Libraries accessible to me. 
The Sutra is a discourse by Bodhisattva Maitreya 
to Ayusman S'ariputra on a detailed explanation of one 
of the fundamental doctrines of Buddhism, viz., the 
Pratltyasamutpftda. S'ariputra reports to Maitreya : 
" The Buddha once looking at the stalk of a S'ali plant 
addressed to the Bhiksus this Sutra : Whoever beholds 
the Pratityasamutpada, beholds Dharma. Whoever 
beholds Dharma beholds the Buddha". What is the 
Pratityasamutpada here intended, asks S'ariputra ; what 
is dharma and what is the Buddha ? In answering the 
Jftrst query Maitreya enumerates the usual formula on 
Pratityasamutpada, viz, twelve Nidanas and their pro- 
gressive and regressive operations. The dharma is 
explained as the same as the path of eight limbs. The 
Buddha, the World-honoured is so called because he has 
realised all dharmas, and is endowed with wisdom-eye 
and embodied in the Dharmakaya. The Pratityasamut- 
pada is further divided into external and internal which 


both are distinguished by way of hetnpanibandha 
(causal relationship) and Pratyayopanibandha (con- 
ditional relationship). The causal relationship for 
the external Pratltyasamutpada is the successive pro- 
duction of the following things : seed, sprout, leaf, 
etc. Conditions for the same Pratltyasamutpada are 
six elements co-operating, viz., earth, water, heat, wind, 
ether and season. Again the external Pratltyasamutpada 
is to be understood with the five conceptions (riknra), 
namely, not permanently, not destructively, not by 
way of transmigration, because of achieving immense 
result from a tiny cause, and because of succession of 
homogeneous result from its homogeneous cause. 

Similarly the internal Pratltyasamutpada is ex- 
plained. The twelve Nidanas as enumerated form the 
causal relationship. The six elements, earth, etc*, with 
Vijfiana as the sixth are conditions. These six elements 
are neither soul nor Sattva, neither Jlva nor Jantu, etc. 
Then comes a detailed explanation of these Nidanas, 
Avidya, etc. Next follows another explanation of the 
same Nidanas, There are four factors which operate 
for assembling (sanghntakriyri) these Nidanas together. 
They are : Ignorance, thirst, deed, and consciousness.^ 
How and under what circumstances does the visual 
consciousness arise? Eye, matter (rupa), light, ether 
and attention (manask&ra) are causes which co-operate 
to bring it forth* It is stated that all these Nidanas 
and other causal elements discharge their functions 
without having any sense of discharging their respective 
functions. There is none of the elements that 


transmigrates from this world to the next one. Absurdity 
of the transmigration theory is pointed out with 
illustration of the moondisk reflected in the water. 
The possibility of rebirth is maintained with an apt 
illustration of the fire burning in the presence of fuel. 
Then follows the description of five aspects (nknra) 
as related to the internal causation. One who realises 
this doctrine well as taught by Bhagavant becomes 
free from two extremes (anta) of previous births, and 
of future ones. He becomes also free from the specu- 
lation about the present life. All the speculations of 
Sramanas and Brahmaijas relating to the dogma of 
Sattva, Jiva, Pudgala and Kautukamangala are re- 
moved from him, and dawn in him the dharmas of no 
birth and no destruction. The Tathagata reveals the 
ultimate true wisdom to one who has viewed clearly 
and perceptibly this doctrine of Pratltysamutpada- 
These are the main topics dealt with in the Sutra. 

It becomes now evident that the Sutra is an 
explanatory discourse on the Tathagata's terse saying 
of the graded realisation of the Buddha through the 
Dharma and of the latter through the Pratltyasamut- 
pada. This terse saying is already known to us from 
the Pali sources, e.g., Maj. 1, 28 (Mahahatthipa- 
dopama Sutta). But the dharma in the Pali discourse 
is not identified with the eight-fold path as we 
have in this Sutra. We may however, suppose 
on the authority of S'ariputra's discourse in the 
Majhima Nikaya, that the doctrine of Pratlyasamut- 
pada forms one of the fundamental teachings of the 


Buddha. Traditionally speaking the formula of causal- 
ity has been assigned to a, rank second to four noble 
truths. Its obvious purpose is to supplement and 
strengthen the tenets regarding the origin of suffering 
and its cessation, (Oldenberg, Buddha, p. 224). The 
first sermon sets forth in brief the thrist as the origin 
of suffering and its cessation as the end of suffer- 
ing. Then the origin and cessation were detailed at 
length in a formula known as Paticca-Samuppada. 
Buddhist tradition narrates that the formula dawned 
in Goutama Buddha during the first week of his stay 
under the tree of wisdom after his enlightenment. 
(v. Dharmapala's comm. on Therigatha, p. 2 ; and 
Oldenberg, Buddha, pp. 114-115 ; Thomas, Life, p. 85). 
Buddhaghosa says that Buddha preached it in 
four different orders, vi*., (1) from the first Avidya to 
the last jaramarana as it is found everywhere ; (2) from 
the middle vedana to the last ; (3) from the last to 
the first ; and (4) from the middle Trisna to the first a 
(Vis-Magga, pp. 523-4). The Abhidharmikas (Abh. Kos'a, 
III, 20) have classified the Nidanas into three groups : 
Kles'akanda, Karma- and Duhkhakanda whicfcclassifica- 
tion has been adopted and well elucidated by Nagar- 
juna in one of his short treatises, Pratltyasamutpa- 
dahrdaya 3 (see my English translation of this work 

* On the inscriptional evidence in regard to different stages of 
the formula, see E. H. Johnston's paper in JRAS. 1938, pp. 547-553. 

8 Prof. Th. Stcherbatsky thinks that this treatise is a spurious 
one and wrongly attributed to Nag&rjuna (see his Nirvana, pp. 66 
n. 1). I may point out now the work is a genuine one as Candrakirit 
has quoted a verse from the treatise in his Prasannapada, and he 
also names its author Acarya Nagarjunapada ; v. Mad, Vrtti, p. 428 5 


in Rangaswami lyengar's commemoration volume, 
pp. 485-491). The first, ignorance, the eighth, craving 
and the ninth, clinging constitute the Kles'a group ; the 
second and the tenth actions (Samskara and Bhava) 
the Karma-group, while the remaining seven links 
form the Duhkha group. The three groups are also 
spoken of as Trivartman by the later commentators 
(see, e.g., Bodhicar-pafijika, pp. 351, 2-5). 

According to Mrs. Rhys Davids the theory of 
causation is not to be included in the original gospel 
of the Buddha, but it was introduced by one of his 
earlier disciples, most probably by Kapphina, a royal . 
ascetic from some North Western country. She has 
tried to convince us by several arguments in support 
of her surmise (see her S'Skya, pp. 133-162). It is 
not, however, our aim at present to judge whether 
she has succeeded in her purpose. I should like to 
point out in this connection one established fact that 
the Buddha was much respected and admired by his 
contemporary disciples as a true Hetuv5din, a man of 
sound reasoning. Read his dialogue to the King 
Pasenadi where the latter is. pleased to remark: 
Saheturnpam bhagavU nha, " the Blessed one speaks 
with sound reasoning " (Maj., II, pp. 127-130). This 
remark quite accords with, the spirit of the gatha, 
"Ye dharrnaV etc. which credits the Buddha with 
declaration of the hetu, cause for all dharmas, 
composite things. 

Svadhyaya, etc, The same Arya is also cited on p. 551 which 
verse forms the fifth of this treatise. 


question as it has been referred to in the Bhabra Edict 
of Astoka, says E. Hardy. As regards the antiquity of 
metre, I may point out that the metre has been much 
in vogue even in the days prior to the beginning of the 
Christian era. Note, e.g., the verse, Purarenukunthita- 
sfarirab, etc. in Bodhayana's Dharma Sutra, which 
is definitely in an Arya metre. I may cite another 
instance of the Mahabhasya where several verses in 
the metre are quoted or composed, see e.g., M. Bhasya, 
Vol. II (Bombay edition), pp. 86, 272, 309, etc. So the 
argument that the metre is not found in usage earlier 
than the beginning of the Christian Era in Jaina 
literature is far from solid as Prof. E. Hardy pointed 
out (v. Nettippakarana, Introduction, XXII-III). The 
earlier Buddhists followed rather closely the Brahmani- 
cal traditions than the Jainas 1 ; this has been proved in 
several instances. 6 

Offering homage to Caitya is also referred to in 
the Sutra. The custom of Caitya 6 worship (Caitya- 
vandann} has been very ancient. The Caitya is defined 
by Haribhadra as a place where some material contain- 
ing the formula, Ye dharmah, etc. and other sayings is 

4 Confirm this from my paper, The Message of the Buddha in 
the Prabuddha Bharata, May, 1950. 

8 Read an interesting note on Caitya in an Appendix to the 
Geography of early Buddhism by B. C. Law. The author has 
shown the word Caitya being used much in wrider sense including 
a vihara, and an assembly hall of monks, etc. But this seems to 
be too wide to hit the mark ; because the Caitya and Vihara are 
two separate things. Vihara is defined in the Buddhist literature 
thus: 3^3K*RWcT fl faf K : i (Gilgit MSS. ed. N. Dutt, Vol. Ill, 
pt. 2 P. 200), For expression Caityavandana, see, Gil. MSS*. 
Vol. Ill, pt. 2, p, 120, 


deposited underground (his Abh. Sloka, GOS. p. 179). 
Its other synonym is stupa which is a vedic word indi- 
cating the reminiscence of some other object ; note the 
mantra ; Visnos stupo'si (T. Sam. I.) addressed towards 
Yupa, the sacrificial post. Afterwards the sacred 
monument in the shape of mound erected by bricks 
pilled up, also came to be called stupa (v. Moniar 
Williams, Sanskrit Diet. p. 1260-c.I.)- The erection 
of stupa in memory of the four important persons 
is already spoken of by the Buddha himself in one 
of his dialogues ; such four persons are the Tathagata, 
a Pratyekabuddha, a disciple of Tathagata and an 
Emperor (Dig. II, p. 141). This saying quite fits 
in with the tradition which attributes some stupas 
to the Nanda 7 kings who were Buddhists and rivals 
of Chandragupta (v. V. A. Smith, History of India, 
p, 41, n. 4). The Cetiya existing at the time 
of Buddha is also confirmed by the A^thakatha on 
Dhammapada (Vol. Ill, p. 250, XIV, 9.) I do not 
intend, as a result of these remarks to prove such an 
antiquity of the Sutra any more than I do so to eluci- 
date the topics dealt with therein. 

The Sanskrit original of this Sutra being not 
available, I have rendered it into Sanskrit from its 
Tibetan translation, 

7 The possibility of the Nandas being Buddhists is discussed 
in my Note on the Mudraraksasa ; v. Journal of S. V. Research 
Institute, Tirupati, Vol. p. 131ff; K. P. Jayaswal, Imp. Hist, of 
India, p. 77. On the Brahmanic influence on the structure of the 
Stupa read J. Przyluski, The Harmika and the Origin of the 
dhist Stupas in IHQ. Vol. II, pp. 199-210. 



As to the Chinese translations there are about 
four of the S'alistambasutra, The following are their 
descriptions : 

(a) S'alisambhava Sutra (Nanjio No. 867), trans- 

lator Sh. Fu; fasc, 1, 8 leaves, later than 
the following two translations. 

(b) S'alisambhava Sutra (Nj. No. 281), translator, 

Chi-Chien, fasc 1, 8 leaves of the Wu 
Dynasty, A. D. 222-280. 

(c) S'alisambhava Sutra (Nj. 280), translator un- 

known, fasc 1, 8 leaves under the Eastern 
Tsin Dynasty A.D. 317-420. 

(d) S'alisambhava Sutra (Nj. No. 963), translator, 

Amoghavajra, fasc 1, 9 leaves. 
The No. 818 in the Nanjio's catalogue as a trans- 
lation of the S'ali Sutra is a wrong entry. Of the four 
translations only the third agrees quite literally 
with the Tibetan and Sanskrit versions, and I have 
compared it with Sanskrit and Tibetan versions 
and noted all the differences separately under compara- 
tive notes. The translator appears, from the style 
of Chinese to be most probably Kumarajlva, the 
famous Indian Sramana (v. Nanj., Cat* p. 406). 

The Vibhanga Sutra also has four Chinese trans- 
lations as described below : 

(a) NidSna Sutra (Nj. No. 628), translator, 
Hiuen-Tsang, A.D. 661 of the Tan dynasty, 
3 leaves. 


(b) Nidana Sutra (Nj. No. 627), translator 

KumSrajiva, of the latter Tshing dynasty A.D. 
384-417, 5 leaves. 

(c) Nidana Sutra (Nj. No. 544). This translation 

is included in the Samyuktagama Sutra collec- 
tion translated by Gunabhadra of the earlier 
Suns dynasty A.D. 420-479. 

(d) Nidana Sutra (Nj. No. 543). This also is 

included in the Ekottaragama collection trans- 
lated by Dharmanandi, A.D. 384-385, of the 
1 former Tshin dynasty. 

Of these four translations I have compared only 
the first described above, i.e., (a) Nj. No. 628 which only 
agrees quite literally with Sanskrit original, and the 
important differences between them are also noted in 
the comparative notes. The third sutra appears to 
have no Chinese translation so far. 

The Tibetan translation which is edited in this 
volume is based on the Kanjur Collection, Mdo. Vol. 
Ma of the Adyar Library. The translator's name is 
not known except in the case of the last sutra of which 
Surendrabodhi Ye Ses-sde is mentioned as the trans- 
lator (A complete catalogue of the Tib-Bud-Cannon, 
Japan 1934, p. 43). I have also added an Index 
of Tibetan-Sanskrit words to facilitate the interested 
students in their Tibeto-Sanskrit studies. 



[This Appendix is prepared with a view to providing the interested 
scholars with an insight into the extent of the scholarly labours in relation to the 
textual critical studies of Buddhism. Though it may appear imperfect it is 
hoped, it will at least pave the way for further inquisitive search for textual and 
other problems of Buddhism.] 


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[The beginning portion of the Sutra is cited in the Abh. 
Kos'avyakhya III, p. 48] 

: I 

P. 18-19, 2. 
This idea is confirmed in the Abh. Kos'a, III. 25 c-d : 

P. 26, I 9-11. Read : 

f| cf. the 

Sutra cited in the Kos'avya. p. 438, 4. 



1 '.. toi: I Tib. Byams. pat. bgrod. par. bya. bai. sa. 
phyogs. cp. Vin. Texts (S. B. E.) II, pp. 7, 390, n. 4. 

2 Pali expression : ^Tt^M 3H W$ti ^^1^31 , *&-, in the 
Maj. I. (27) p. 178. 

" These sentences are reproduced in the Abh. Kos'avyakhya 
ad III, 28, N. Dutt's ed. p. 48. See L. V. Ponssin's note in his edition 
of Mad. vrtti, p. 6, n. 2. .The phrase q: S^R^WR etc., is oft-quoted 



: 5frft?T[Tib. f. 191 & ] 

as agama in the Bud. Sanskrit literature ; e-g., Mad. vritti, p. 160, 6 ; 
and Bhavya's Karatalaratna, p. 39, Visvabh. Stud. 9. 

M This portion is cited in Bod, car. pan. p. 386 p. 387 omit- 
ting srfwi $fo . . . >dcM^ \ 

5 This is frequently referred to in the Bud. Literature both in 
Pali and Sanskrit. Its Pali form is : ^fifr flfa ^ >ft I 

I ^qq Q?efa ^ ?f itfe I f q^r f^^rr ^ ft^fr I Nidanasam- 
yutta in Sam, II, pp. 28, 65, 78, 85, Majjhima. N. Ill, p. 63. Other 
references : Mahavastu II, p. 285 ; Mad. vrtti, "p. 9 with note 7 ; 
Bodhic. pan. p. 182; Dharmapala's comm, on Alambanapariksa ed. 

by me, pp. 28 

), 68 \ My Central Teachings of Maijimekhalai 4, III. 

It is also referred to as Dharmasanketa in the Bod. car. panjika. 
p. 414, 18. . 

See Buddha's teaching this dharma toUdayifi, Maj, II. p. 32. 

: I S^FRftfcn f^TFTft^T: | 

: I 


ib. f. 



q^frf i gtegR^rtft |t- ^^f l 

6 - s Cited in Hod. car. pan- pp. 576-577. 

6 Cited also, Ibid., p. 387, 11. 8-12. 

* This formula is also repeated in the last para of this Sutra 

8 Omitted in Tib. 

9 Bod. car. reads simply ^4 I Tib. seems to read : t$fH 

10 Ibid, shortened : ftsffoftwrfe Ifra. I 
"Tib. construes this sentence thus : ^ 


f fir 



qcft?rag?nd swt 


: I 

5TS^ I W 


I gsr 4ta^ IN 

13 Bod. car. : 

w The shorter form of this formula is oft-repeated in the other 
canonical works, S^prarogl (Tokio) p. 144, 218, etc. Kumarila 
also refers to it in his Tantravartika, p. 163, and further see Mad. 
vjtti, p, 40 and L, V. Poussin's extensive note upon it. Cp. Bod. 
paS. p- 588. also. 

14 Bod. car. panjika, pp. 577-579 quotes from this to the end of 

I 4P4HI omitted .in Tib- 
6 5$: I ?3raL omitted in Tib. 


[f. i94] 5ffgrif5rpif^r i 


IT II3 omitted in Bod. 
18 Tib. omits IT3. 
15 Bod. omits ga: 


flft f^Tftftlfafoft | 

: I aw ^: 

|ft | 


fft I 

30 This sentence omitted in Bod. 

n Omitted in Tib. 

Bod. reads sfcF^I: 

M-a3 This portion omitted in Bod. 

34 3ft omitted in Tib. 

45 So reads Bod. But Tib. reads : IWSf s^gij; | 
*T tpff ^ ^^[ ^5H | Note this explanation is also given in connec- 
tion with ?r w%33: I - 



26 ^Jf ?T . . . ^^cT: omitted in Tib. 

37 End of the explanation of ^sraT^TCTg^. The full text of 
this portion is cited in Bod, car. panjikaas stated above, see Note 14. 

38 Candraklrti quotes a larger extract from this Sutra covering 
the whole explanation of a^psqif^TOsr^I^gcTI^ in his Madhyamaka- 
vrtti (abbreviated MV. below) ed. L, V. Poussin, pp. 560-570. 

29 S'antideva also draws a similar extract from this almost to 
the end of Sutra, in his Siksasamuccaya (abbreviated S'S. below) 
ed. C. Bendall, pp. 219-227. 

30 MV. repeats the formula fully. 

31 MV. are m. 

32 S's, 


: \ 

: I ?T: 
: I q: 


33 MV. 
" S'S. 

SS. 4 

Tib. adds *&& , , , yid. kyi.rnam.par. 
37 S'S. aracg 5ra%. Tib. and S'S. omit ?fsr. 

38 MV. and S'S. ; 

39 MV. after this adds : 


40 - 40 Omitted in S'S. 

41 MV. 8{q ^ 

ia ^s3^ra: added in M Vi 

43 The following passage is also cited in the Bodhicar. panjika, 
pp. 387-389. 

44 Bod. q%qt . . . I S'S. *T <?%3 <*?3 ^33 ... I 

45 S'S. ^T^5ft^T3^WR^f|IT ^^5R ... I MV. 

K ... i Bod. 



So MV. But &S. 

Bod. -^wifi wi3r^ ^lii^iiiPi ^wi^ni 1 

3MWIW ! ^r fR I OTFWIH I Tib. has much simplified the sentence 
thus : 

48 Tib. 


M S'S. ftsnjft ^^ I Bod. ^K|^ ... i 

BI S'S. Bod. and MV. aip^f?: I 

" S'S. 3TM|*i|it, <T^^: l Bod. ^ft^lcq^'R . . . I . 

61 S'S. aramq: i 

44 MV. JiTOT^g^ni Bod. 

TEXT 11 


*T^: i -1 ^^in*ir ^T: i 

f^^H [Tib. 198 6 ] n(g 

65 This para is omitted and abbreviated by I) ^ II in S'S. 
M MV. %r . . , I 

67 Bod. f^W ... l 

55 Omitted in Tib. Bod. fCTnfa ... I 

50 Bod. anqgrcf . . . I Tib- skye- bai- sgoi- phyir, lit. 

60 MV. 

61 MV. 

omitted in MV. 
omitted in MV, 
M Bod. ^ql^^r ... I 
** The citation in Bod. ends here- 

68 Cited from this para in S'S- and Bod- pp. 479-483- MV. m IT 



T3; F?ffl 3^93^1% ^E^flFT frfgft | 



ib. 199] 

67 Omitten in MV. 
M srs. ^ HW^I MV. 


68 MV. adds. $$&*% \ 
n MV. adds. f*nR : | 

S'S. and Bod. s^lf ^Jrfr . . . qvqmfli ajfagfa | Tib. reads 
. . . omitting ?T: \ 


Bod. . . . 

Jiphrr i S's. . . . *tf nr ^ fe^qw^q f^tnt 
t cft ^^ sn^rr . . . i MV. . . . 

... I Tib- omits fsfa and qr I 
71 MV. adds ft^t \ 

TEXT 13 



^ iN^^T^T fe: I 
I 3ft 

70 S'S. and Bod. qt . . . =TO . . I Tib. ffftqi^t ftwra *^fcf . . I 
"" This para and upto 3% ftgH in the next para are omitted 
and contracted by ^TT3 in Bod. 
76 Omitted in S'S. 

78 MV. adds 

60 S'S. omits 

81 S'S. adds if flRpwf : I 

'"'Omitted in S'S. MV. reads . . . 

" S'S. and Bod. 


M W [Tib.200] ^ 

ra^ft I 

: I w 


56 S'S. and Bod. qfr 3 i 

ma: f fttlfft I 5|PWlIfHWftftRj5ilfc I Bod. . . . 

i IR . . . 'pnfHftiRT'fefe i 

"STS. IwftPrffe: I Bod. 

89 Tib. omits ^ I 

110 S'S, aiWKigsil^B; V Bod. 

" Bod. air ^qie 

91 S'S. and Bod. add 


B ' 

clef: flfrt 


1 1 ^sf^TRqift ^ *raft 

[Tib. 201] 

92 This para omitted in Bod. by peyalam. 
33 S'S. 

94 ffs. 

95 S's. 

96 MV. adds ^ 

97 ffS. 3T^^^T ... I 

98 Omitted in S'S. 

99 S'S. *rPra ?fe i 

100 MV. are ^ ecTF^f 

101 MV. wlta I S'S. 



^ '3 

T: I [Tib. 20l b ] 

1W This para and the following are cited in Bod. 
103 Bod. Slfef sfeflfer ^ %%: ... I 

iw-io* jj 0( j om it s this entire example by peyfflam, and S'S. does 
so without it. MV. adds fts^: after 
105 Tib. omits 
108 MV. adds 

107 MV. adds 

108 S'S. . . . 3qHF&65iro 35Bft | Bod. reading like S'S., adds : 

I Tib. reads : . . . 



TEXT 17 

I rat ^T STW5RF: I [Tib. 202 ff ] W ^^^T: I 

: I 

110 This clause omitted in MV. and S'S. 

111 M V., S'S. and Bod. 

118 Bod. adds 

u * Tib. omits clfeRW ^ Bfl^t I Bod. omits this clause ; B?ft g . . . 
S'S. . . . ^KIT fr$eaj*TT*r 

114 S'S. omits <J5f and 

115 S'S. omits. 

116 MV. adds. 

117 S'S. and Bod., 

Tib. frossiTci: ewft^wraL www srert 5iifeftft. L. v. 

Poussin reports that Tib. of MV. reads with negative : mgon. par. 
hgrup par. mi. byed. pao. (See. MV. p. 569, n. 50 But our Xylo- 
graph has no such reading. 


T: *WT*rRt 

f^lfta [Tib. 202 6 


3 iffzn^Rros^ft 12 ^ g 
i s(?3?i7T gj 3^ irfira^r f% fN^ vr ^ 

119 Tib. S'S. and MV. omit this clause. Thus ends the citation 
in Bod. MV. also closes its long citation here. 
11 MV. cites thispara on p. 593, f. 

... i 


This set of phrases is already referred to on p. 3. See note 7 
" l MV. and S'S. 
m S'S. Ki*Rt: i 

MV. and S'S. 

1_HS g,g om j 


% *rfrsn*T: 126 , stf a**: 1 " fcl anTO:, S *wra: ^ 

b. 203] 

1 sfrrferaift ftftflraift 

203 6 ] 

I ^ 

126 Quotation in S'S. ends here 

1W Tib. | 

1M Tib omits 

" 9 MV. omits 

130 MV. omits this para 

m MV. 

*njf ^ 5| 

I ^-[Tib. 204^] 
. I ^^^^T %^T 

1 Vasubandhu calls this Sutra simply as Vibbanga see his 
Kos'a, III, 28, (Bbasya) p. 55, 5. (N. Dutt's ed.) 

The Sanskrit original of this Sutra is found inscribed in 
duplicate on two bricks (marked A. and B.) which were dicovered by 
Mr. J. A. Page in a small votive stupa near the main stupa at 
Nalanda, and studied by N. P. Chakravarti (v. Epigraphia India, 
XXI, No. 32, Jan. 1932) to which article a note from the Chinese 
source has been added by Dr. P. C. Bagchi (Ep. Ind. XXI, No. 33). 
A fragmentary portion of the Sutra is also found inscribed on a 
dhvaja-villzr situated in the Minchou temple five li to the south- 
west of the city of Tunhuang in China and studied by Dr. V. V. 
Gokhale in a paper " A Brahmi Stone Inscription from Tunhuang " 
(v. Smo-Indian Studies, I, p. 19, ff). 

2 None of the Sanskrit texts has this title; so it is supplied 
from the Tibetan version of the Sutra, 

3 This clause is omitted in Tib, version. 



^JKT: f 1% 


' Cited in the Abb. Kos'avya, II, 36, p. 62-3-4 and III, 28, 
p. 48, 4. 

* Ibid., Ill, p. 54, 25. 

8 This clause is omitted in Tib. version. 


[205 6 ] 


: I 

7 /6M., Ill, p. 55. 

8 A adds here ^. 

9 A. : STTS^r. 

10 Cp. Maj. I, 88 where jara is described 







(qfn 1^5!f) | Similar description is also 
made in the Mahaniddesa I, 120-121 : ^QT faroit itfci |i> 

11 This clause is omitted in Tib. version. 

" A. : 



1 Tib. Ad. mo. nig. Ita. buhi. But the Xyl. reads : ar. mo 
See.Avadana^ataka, II, p. 90 
Av. kalpalata, 14, 2 : qi 
Ramayaua, II, 89 12 : 

9 rdo. leb. la. 

3 rta. thul ; cf. fa^fol dftaft. 

4 mi. mjed. kyi. bdag. po. 
4 sred. med. kyi. bu. 

' dbafi. pfeyug. chen. po. 

7 brgya. byifi. 

8 gtsug. phud. Ifia. ba. 

9 stan. 

10 bla. gos. 

KlQ fifOS 

11 mchod rten. bgyid. par. htshal. ba. sTa. stags I mchod. 
ren = Stya I ?a stags = ^a mtshan- lucky or unlucky marks on 
the body, VtW&l. (Sarat Chandra Das). * 


cist! cTCT 

lf TO3P^ 

11 ci. nas. 

13 tshans. pa tshafls. par. sbyod. pa ? 

14 skye. dgu. las. 

16 skyu. ru. rahi. hbruBTTfl^^^T^T. 

16 srog. s'in=life-tree=bla. zhin. Belief about this, sec 
Ssu-atchandra Das, pp. 901, 1296. 

17 tshafts pahi* bsod^ nams. 

lfl 91 OTpRpn=skal. pa. ronam. par, 

TEXT 27 


l * 

- 207 6 1. 7] 

J * The same Gatha as cited above in the body of this Sutra. 
* Pali original in the Digha Nikaya II, 14 runs: 


P. 1. 1. 4. Cankrama is a place where a monk walk in 
circuit while reciting some dkaratfl, a 
prayer; cp. Bhartrahari's verse: ^^H- 

cited in the 

M. Bbasya, Vol. II, p. 247, (Bombay 
edition). A reference to Buddha's can- 
kama at Sarnath is made in the Inscrip- 
tion in the third year of Kaniska, see Ep, 
Ind. VIII, p. 176. 

1. 8. Cp. Maj. I. 28, Mahahatthipadopama Sutta, 
p. 191, 11. 1, 26-27 : tf q3fei WRIT $T ^fef- 
t w$ V&fa \ % tt y&fa 9t 
^ TOlfcl I a discourse by Sari- 

putta. Note Dhamma in this passage is 

not the eight-fold path as understood in 

" the S'alistamba Sutra; Sam. III. 120: 

qt t=R q^fe H IT Wife I $t it TOtfe Ft 

tRgfe 1 cp. Itivuttaka, 92. See L. V. 

Poussin, 'Notes sur les corps du Buddha 

1 in Le Museon, 1913 pp. 259-290. 

P. 8. 14. q^Nflfa) cf. M. Nidana Sutta, Dig. II, 

55 ; Sam. I ; Oldenberg, Buddha, p. 230; 

Abh. Kos'avya (ed. Vogihara), VIII, 

p. 667, 31 : 

Yasomitra cites some pass- 

ages from a Sutra : 



: | p. 668, 1-6. Nagarjuna also uses 
this simile in his Pratityasamutpada- 
hrdaya ad ver. 1. 
P. 12, 9. Cp. Maj. I, p. 267 : qr 

P. 15, 2. Cp. Maj. I, pp. 190-191 : Where the mention 
is made only of the three : Cakkhu, rupa 
and manasikara. 

P. 16, 12. Maj. I, (72) p. 487: 

I etc. Upadanasutta, Sam. II, 84, 
fully developed simile. 

P. 18,10-12. 3RKi: .... SWgTRfo I Cf. Maj. I, (64) 
p. 435, 32-34 and p. 436, 30-32. 

P. 18 p. 19, 2 : jpRI 3*^ M-^-M*! are detailed 
exactly in similar terms in Maj. I, p. 265, 

P. 19, 4. Cp. Maj. I, 265, 25. 

P. 19, 6. Cp. Maj. I, (72) p. 487 : 

... I and 

p. 250 : 


P. 26, 5. This gatha is said to have been uttered by 
As'vajit to Sariputra, see Vin. ed. Olden- 
berg I, p. 40 and his Buddha, p. 135 for 
the narrative of when As'vajit uttered this 
verse. I-tsing says that the gatha has 
been put on the images or under the 
Caityas of the Buddha, v. his Records, 
p. 1 50, some details of Buddha's image 
worship. Haribhadra gives definition of 
the Stupa as a place where this verse is 
deposited ; v. his Abh. Aloka, GOS. p. 179. 
In the early period of the Buddhist art 
represented in Sanchi, Bharhut and 
Buddagaya Buddha was never portrayed 
in human form, his presence being indi- 
cated by a symbol or empty throne. 
Images of the Buddha began to be erected 
in the first century A.D. in North-West 
India and Mathura under foreign influ- 
ence. A tradition is recorded by I-tsing 
that Kaniska engraved some Buddhist 
scriptures composed by the fourth Bud. 
Council on some copper sheets, deposited 
them in a stone receptacle and built a 
Stupa over it. v. Beal, Bud. Records of 
the Western World, I, as noticed in the 
Guide to Nalanda of A. Ghose, p. 36, 
and see Ibid., p. 24. 

An inscription on the Buddha image from 
Muthura records during the reign of 


Huviska in the 51st year of the Russia era 
the erection of the image by a Bhikkhu 
named Buddhavarman in the temple built 
by the king himself, .... 3qA<Ji: 

Ind - 

p. 113. 

J. Ph. Vogel, discussing on some Inscriptions 
of the third year of Kaniska on the 
Bodhisattva statue from Mathura con- 
cludes thus : " This fact not only confirms 
the theory that the practice of making 
Buddha images originated from the North 
West, but also indicates that the flourish- 
ing period of the Gandhara School must 
be anterior to Kaniska's reign. We should 
be led to the conclusion that Graeco- 
Buddhist school of. Gandhara flourished 
not under the Kaniska kings but under 
the earlier Yavana and Saka rulers." (Ep. 
Ind. VI] I, p. 178). 

It is interesting to note that this gatha in its 

Pali version is found engraved on the two 

Maugyun Gold Plates discovered in a 

brick by some people who were digging 

foundation for a new Pagoda at Maugyun 

village near Hmawza in the Prone district. 

They are written in characters which, it is 

believed, were in vogue in he 1st century 

A.D., (see Ep. Ind. V, p. 101). The Pali 

version of the gatha is also found on a slab 


containing some conventional representa- 
tions of scenes of the Buddha's life, The 
characters of 3rd or 4th century A.D. 
(Ep. Ind, IX, p, 291), 

P, 26, 10, The gift of cktn to Chaitya in the Aroara- 
vati Inscriptions, see Luders 1 list in Ep. 
Ind. X, p, 152, No. 1276. Similar in 
natore is w, coping-stone to Chaitya, 
Ibid., No. 1281. 


Name of the Translator is lost. The Chinese text used here is 
the latest Nanking edition of the Sutra with one Chinese com* 

P. 1, 1. 4. . The Chinese equivalent is cJiing-hsing. 
1. 5- Chinese omits ' Spqj ' 
1. 7. Chinese reads simply 3W chin-shih omitting "$?f". 

p. 2, 1. i. 913: ^fofft*teci i wN (or 33) 3*3 1 for 3<r- 

P. 3, 11. 10-11. faf<Tfi55$: for "Eaarafolfowqftat <?fl: I 

1. 12. The word 3IR is omitted in 

1. 12. ^fwi is added before $gig . . . . I 

1. 15. ^s'l'-f is omitted as in Tib. 

1. 16. tp SRflft fl?l?lftan 

P. 4, 1. 1. This sentence is made easier in Chinese 

swra; anj?i4fl[f*ie 
1. 2. ti^ra aatwg?irs (lit. 
1. 3. g?sii3P5an for | 
11. 4-5. " qqr ^hm" " t^f " omitted. 

11. 5-6. sdtewg? ( i$ ( ift**raT for sjftsrggcqr^prar, arft- 
q(lcrai for Biftq^twar, 3iw?Ti for 

1. 12. " l; I I*l^" omitted as in Tib. 


P. 5, 1. 2. <3*nft for 3?sj g^: 

L 3. " HTS*?f?: omitted. 

1. 9. After . . . W^Wtt is added : 

P. 6, 11 2, 5. OTTft for on gsr: 

L 4. 51 WKfcI: for 

1. 5. u SN&Wire'ta >' omitted as in Tib. 

1. 11. f^i sfl% for ft^Icl , .... 1 

1. 12. *% fifW^I^ 3J^i* ^c^% for 

1. 14. 'sftsn^' is omitted as in Tib. 
1. 16. Chinese gives the same explanation for ^q 
fls&Tfcffi: as Tib. does. 

p. 7, L i. irftan&sira: ft& ^sqftf^q^ for q^fr . 
ft^^nlr i 

L 15. cTClfa for 9T5T ^, 
P. 8, 1. 2. ' 5ir|^fe ' is omitted again. 
1. 8, sfa^tera^ for sPrafarg: 

L 14. ^rs^^N^^ is rendered iiito Chinese as : 

^I^ct = *like the binding or joining by a 
madder " (?) 

L 15. Chinese supports the reading 3TBci for 3TCcfn3[ . 

P. 9, II. 8, 14. *TW is rendered ' ^ '. 

1. 8. 3Tm is rendered |^C or 5rg Su*tasi. 

P. 10, L 3. Chinese adopts the much simplified reading as in 

. Tib. : ft8R65?p 

1. 7. g^^ is omitted in 

L 8. Chinese supports Tib. reading : 3$$% for 

L 9. fl'jS^T is omitted. 



11. 10-11. Chinese reads simply : 

11. 11-12. wfe^rw-ilrftwwi 

gg^R etc. 
P. 11, I. 3. TSFVSyi for 3TRSTR; as in Tib, 

L 6. Chinese adds ^6*q before ftrr$L 

in ^nK?3^ as in MV. 
11. 11-13-p/ 12, 1. 1- After gwftwfo %pf 

sir arfeirsrewr: S^KF 555^?% i After 

is added : 33 &3EK$I? 
is added ; 

f : 

P. 12. 11. 1, 2. 
1. 7, 
L 9* 

I. 11. 
P. 13, L i. 

L 8. 

II. 11-12. 

L 15* 

P. 14, L 8. * 
L 9. 

L 11. 

1. 12. 
1. 14. 

P. 15, 1L 2, 12. 
11. 3, 9. 
11. 4, 10. 
1. 13, ? 

is omitted 
is added : 

^M . , . 

g^^ | 

is omitted. 

fclgRr ' is omitted. 

" ' is omitted. 


n ^iq is omitted. 
' is omitted. 
is omitted. 

for ... 

. . . Wl5t for 
is rendered 
is omitted. % 

for *RH5R3I. * 



is added before 


L 14. VR or *^fq for 

1.15. qR^fortr^. 

P. 16. 1. I* W for ^- 3*nFj is added before 

1. 6. fjTf^rROTt'snwra for wfSfcra. . 

1. 7- * 3T4 ^ Jp: * is omitted. 3^? is added before 

I 8. cT^before^?5o. ' ^r^T^ is omitted. 

1. 12. ajfa: %jsrOTlw> (Ht. ijsrads ft^s 

%J*9r-raRgj- (lit- ^^) 3 ^^ I which reading 
almost agrees with Tib. v. foot-note 108. 
1L 14-15. The same different readings as noted on p. 14, 
1. 14 above- ^JSa^^a is the epithet to 
5JC in Chin. 

P. 17, 1. 5. Chinese simply reads ^TcH^Rf: for 
1. 8. ' ^trt^ ^^ ' is omitted. 
L 10. ll in ^Ift^S is omitted as in 
P. 18, 1. 1. [: fSieWiTa: ^ai^Wf! ^r^Rfiff^l^f=cT for 

f^e^r: eww^wr: etc. 

1. 4. c ^'4 ac6^ir3^^ ? *=J^: ' is omitted as in Tib. 

fcT: %l: OTI (lit- 


11- 7-8. aiT*%5i sfi^ for 

1. 8. ' ^4 ^\^ * and * ^cTSWT ' are omitted^ 
1. 12. S^Tgi^ft for efra^^fcT. Construe the sentence 

11. 13-14. * ^s*^wnratas*ift ^ ^f^H5wms^ft ' is 


11. 14-17. Chinese reads : amT'cf 3F ^ R%e^fcf f ^ fl^F- 
*Wm%S^fr omitting all the rest. ^W?T is 


P. 19, 1. 1. ' % *rfETBror: ' is omitted- ^ flr3T: etc. as in Tib. 
11. 2-7. Chinese simplifying this passage reads: 

3t% $ra ETTSI: (Ht. 
: (lit. ffeywRRisfaww 
*: a^taftwww: i [am] 

1. 8- ^ ft>JT3 = qnr* for 
1. 1 1. Chi- adds : 3TSF^- 
11. 11-12. 4 WPfl^ SfJ 5?t ^ftr*& I is omitted. 
1. 12. Add 3pl or *W before q^^flf etc. 
1. 13. * aw ^3 ' omitted. 

L 14. 


Chinese version by Huan Tsang. Taisho. Vol. 2 No. 124 
(= Shanghai, Vol. Tse, part 4, p. 32). 

The title of this Sutra in Chinese is simply : 

P- 21, L 2. aTsftlttmfy tsnroftPlTOI^jg^: nl?[ for 

L 5. After wftsSf Chinese adds : 

^?CT i w srg gyr^r ?fa i 

P. 22, 1. 5. STcfterigW^W f^^S: ^a*T: for 
1. 9. After ^cTreVTffl^ is added 



1. 14. " SjfarrsraRT: OTU |fct " is omitted. 

1. 15. " ^Jt 35Jpfr sfaRT: " is added after 

I 17. Add SSg^cf foflRq; after JpftRf R^ I 

1- 19. ' ^ ^IK: ' is omitted as in Tib. 

1. 22. Kgo& JimS^ for 3& i 

P. 23, 1. 3. " f^ qsrcftJTiJxqt " is added after , . . 

1. 5. ' 3W$zift w%: > i s added after . . . 

1- 7. ' $^% %^r ' is added at the end. 

1. 9. Add ^gxql ^WTT at the end. 

1. 11. Add 5?g^ sqj^Ri^at the end. 

I, 13. Add swgsaft y&: at the end. 

1. 17. Add $H$s{& 511%: at the end. 


1. 19. Chinese appears to omit JJtaftgt in 

P. 24,1. 2. if^qf^ for 

I. 8. T^arq; f 

1. 8. ft jnS: for 

1. 10. For fc ftgf: Chinese reads : 

1. 10. fsfor 

1. 11. The last ending phrase goes : 









.[F. 190, b. L. 4] Rgya. gar. skad. du I 5. rya. 
Sa. li. sa. mbha. va. na. ma. m. ha. ya". na. su. tra I , 

Bod. skad. du I Hphans, pa. 'Sa. luhi. Ijan. pa. 
zhes. bya. ba. theg. pa. chen. pohi. mdo 1 1 

Sans, rgyas. dan. byan. chub. sems. dpah. thams. 
cad, la. phyag. htshal. lo 1 1 

Hdi. skad. bdag. gis. thos. pahi. dus. gcig. na \ 
bcom. Idan. hdas. rgyal. pohi. khab. na. bya. rgod. 
phun. pohi. ri. la. dge. slon. ston.nis. brgya. Ina. bcuhi. 
dge. slon. gi. dge. hdun. chen. po. dan I byan. chub, 
sems. dpah. sems. dpah. chen. po. rab. tu. man. po. 
dan. thabs. cig. tu. bzhugs. te I dehi. tshe. na. tshe. dafi. 
Idan, pa S'a. rihi. bu. byan. chub. sems. dpah. sems. 
dpah. chen. po. byams. pahi. bgrod. par. bya. bahi. sa. 
phyogs. ga. la. ba. der. son. ste. phyin. nas. phag. tshun, 
.yan. dag. par. dgah. bar. bya. bahi. gtam. [f. 1910] 
rnam. pa. man. byas. nas. hdus. te. g5is. ka. rdo. leb. 

de. nas. tshe. dan. Idan. pa. s'arihi. bus. .byan. chub, 
sems. dpah. .sems. dpah. chen. po. byams. pa. la. hdi. 
skad. ces. smras. so 1 1 byams. pa. den. hdir. bcom. Idan, 


hdas. kyis. Sa. luhi. Izan. pa. la. gzigs. nas. dge. slon. 
rnams. la* mdo, hdi. gsuns. so 1 1 dge. slon. dag. sus. rten. 
cin. hbrel. bar. hbyuft. ba. mthon. ba. des. chos. 
mthon. no tl sus. chos. mthon. ba. des. sans, rgyas. 
mthon. no zhes. de. skad. bkah. stsal. nas 1 bcotn. Idan. 
hdas. can. mi. gsun. bar. gyur. na. byams. pa, bde. bar. 
gs'egs. pas. -bkah. stsal. pahi. mdo. sdehi. don. ni. ci I 
rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. ni. gan. I chos. hi, gan I 
safts. rgyas. ni. gan I ji. Itar. rten. cin. hbrel, bar. hbyun. 
ba. mthon. na. chos. mthon 1 ji. Itair. chos. mthon. na, 
sans, rgyas, mthon \ 

de skad. ces, smras. pa. dan \ byan chab. sems. 
dpah. sems. dpah, chen. po. byams. pas. tse. dafu 
Idan. pa. S'a. ra. dva. tihi. bu. la. hdi. skad. ces. 
smras. so 1 1 btsun, pa. S'a. rihi. bu. hdi. la. bcom. 
Idan. hdas* kyi[s]. chos. kyi. bdag. po. thams. cad. 
mkhyen. pas. dge. slon. dag. sus. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. 
hbyun. ba. mthon. ba. des. chos. mthon. no 1 1 sus. chos. 
mthon. ba. des. sans, rgyas. mthon. no. zhes. gsuns. pa. 
[I] de. la. rten. cin. hbrel. [f. 191b] bar. hbyun. ba. 
gian. zhe. na I rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. zhes. 
bya. ba, ni. hdi. Ita. ste I hdi. yod. pas. hdi. hbyun. la I 
hdi. skyes. pahi. phyir. hdi. skye. ba. ste I gan. hdi. ma. 
rig. pahi. rkyen. gyis. hdu. byed. rnams I hdu. byed. 
kyi. rkyen. gyis. rnam. par. s'es. pa I rnam. par. s'es. 
pahi. rkyen. gyis. min. dan. gzugs I 'min. dan- gzugs. 
kyi. rkyen. gyis. skye. mched. drug I skye. mched. drug, 
gi, rkyen. gyis. reg. pa I reg. pahi. rkyen. gyis. tshor. ba I 
tshor. bahi. rkyen. gyis. sred. pa 1 sred. pahi. rkyen. 
gyis. len. pa I len. pahi. rkyen. gyis. sirid. pa 1 srid. pahi. 


rkyen. gyis. skye. ba I skye. bahi. rkyen. gyis. rga. s'L 
dan I mya. nan. dan I stnre. snags, hdon. pa, dan I sdug. 
bsnal. ba. dan. I yid. mi. bde, ba. dan. I hkhrug. pa. 
rnams. hbyuns. ste I de. Itar. sdug. bsfiah gyi. bhun, pa. 
chen. po. hbah, zhig. j>a. hdi. hbyun, bar. hgyur. ro 11 

de. la. ma. rig. pa. hgags. pas. hdu. byed. hgag I 
hdu. byed. hgags. pas. rnam. par. s'es. pa. hgag I 
rnam. par. s'es. pa. hgags, pas. min. dan. gzugs. 
hgag I min. dan. gzugs. hgags. pas. skye, mched. 
drug, hgag 1 skye. mched. drug, hgags. pas. reg. pa. 
hgag I reg. pa. hgags. pas. tshor. ba. hgag I tshor. ba. 
hgags, pas. sred. pa. hgag I seed. pa. hgags. pas. len. 
pa. hgag I len. pa. hgags. pas. srid. hgag I srid. pa. hgags. 
pas. skye. ba. hgag I skye. ba. hgags. pas. rga. s'i 
[f. I92a\ dan ' mya. nan. dan 1 smre. snags, hdon. pa. 
dan I sdug. bsfial. ba. dan I yid. mi. bde.> ba. dan I 
hkhrug. pa. rnams. hgag. par. hgyur. te I de. Itar, sdug. 
bsnal. gyi. phuA. po. chen. po. hbah. zhig. po. hdi. 
hgag. par. hgyur. ro II hdi. ni. boom. Idan. hdas. kyis. 
rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. zhes. gsuns. so II 

chos. gan. zhe. na I hphags. pahi. lam. yan. lag. 
brgyad. pa. ste I hdi. Ita. ste I yan. dag. pahi. Ita, ba. 
dan I yan. dag. pahi. rtog. pa. dan I yan. dag. pahi. nag. 
dan. I van. dag. pahi. las. kyi. mthah. dan I yan 
dag. pahi. htsho, ba. dan. I yan. dag. pahi. rtsol. ba. 
dan I yan. dag. pahi. dran. pa. dan I yan, dag. pahi. tift. 
ne. hdsin. to I hdi, ni. hphags. pahi, lam. yan. lag. 
brgyad. pa. zhes. bya. ste I hbras. bu. thob. pa. daft, 
mya. nan. las. hdas. pa. hcig. tu. bsdus. te I bcom. Idan. 
hdas. kyis. chos. so^zhes. bkah. stsaL to 1 1 


de Ja. sans, rgyas. bcom. Idan. hdas. gan. zhe. na ! 

sus. chos. thams. cad. thugs, su. chud. pahi. phyir. 

sans, rgyas. zhes. bya. ste I des. hpags. pahi. s'es. rab. 

kyi. spyan. dan I chos. kyi. sku. dan. Idan. pa. dan I slob. 

pa. dan. mi. slob. pahi. chos. de. dag. gzigs. paho 1 1 
de- la. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. mthon. ba. 

ji. ka. bu. zhe. na I hdi. la. bcom. Idan. hdas. kyis. sus. 

rten. [f. 1926] cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. rtag. pa. dan I 

srog. med. pa. dan I srog, dan. bral. ba. dan I ji. Ita. 

bu. Sid. daft I ma. nor. ba. dan. I ma. skyes. pa. dan I 

ma. byun. ba. dan I ma. byas. pa. dan. I hdus. ma. byas. 

pa. dan I thogs. pa. med. pa. dan I dmigs. pa. med 

pa. dan I zhi. ba. dan. I hjigs. pa. med. pa. dan I mi. 

hphrogs. pa. dan I rnam. par. zhi. ba. ma. yin. pahi 

ran. bzhin. du. mthon. ba. ste I gan. gis. tshul. hdi. 

hdra. bar. chos. lahan. rtag. pa I srog. med. pa. dan I 
.srog. dan. bral. ba. dan I ji. Ita. bu. fiid. dan I ma. nor. 
.ba. dan I ma. skyes. pa. dan I ma. byun. ba. dan I ma. 
byas. pa. dan I hdus. ma. byas. pa. dan I thog. 1 ma. med 
pa.' dan I dmigs. pa. med. pa. dan I zhi. ba. dan I hjigs 
,pa. .med. pa. dan I mi. hphrogs. pa. dan I rnam. par. 
.zhi. ba. ma. yin. pahi. ran. bzhin. du. mthoii. ba. 
.de. hphags. pahi. chos. mnon/par. rtogs. te I yan 
dag. pahi. ye. s'es. dan. Idan. pas. bla. 2 na. man 
.pah,, chos kyi. skur. sans, rgyas. mthon, no. zhes. 
gsufcs. so 1 1 

smras pa I cihi. phyir. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hby.un. ' 
,ba. zhes. bya I smras. pa I rgyu. dan. bcas. rkyen. dan. 


bcas. pa. la. byahi I rgyu. med, rkyen. med. pa. la. ni. 
ma, yin. te I dehi. phyir. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyuA, 
ba. zhes. byaho II de. la. bcom. Idap. hdas. kyis. rten. 
cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. bahi. mtshan. Hid. mdo*. bsdus. 
te. bkah. stsal. pa. rten. hdi. [f. 193^]. 5id. kyi. hbras. 
bu. ste I de bzbin. gs'egs. pa. rnams. byuft, yafu run 
ma. byun. yaii. run I chos. rnams. gyi. chos. fiid. hdi. ni. 
hdug. paho. zhes. bya. ba. nas. gan. hdi. chos. nid. 
dan I chos. gnas: pa. fiid. dan I chos. i*ii. hgyur. ba. 
Bid. dan I rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. mthun. pa. 
dan I de. bzhin. fiid. dan I ma. nor. ba. de. bzhin. fiid. 
dan I gzhan. ma. yin. pa. de. bzhin. fiid. dan I yan 
dag. pa. fiid. dan I bden. pa. kho. na. dan I ma. nor. 
ba. fiid. dan I pbyin. ci. ma. log. pa. fiid. ces. bya. 
bahi. bar. du. gsuns. so 1 1 

hdi. Itar. yaii. rten. cin. hbrel. bar hbyun, ba. hdi. 
gfiis. kyi. phyir, hbyun. ste I gnis. gaft. zhe. na I hdi. Ita. 
ste I rgyu. dan hbrel. ba. dan I rkyen. dan. hbrel. bahi. 
phyir. ro 1 1 dehan. phyi. dan I nan. gi. dan. rnam. pa. 
gfiis. su. bltaho I de. la. phyi. rol. gyi. rten. cin. hbrel. 
ba. hbyun. ba. rgyu. dan. hbrel. ba. gan. zhe. na I 
fedi. Ita. ste I sa. bon. las. myu. gu I myu. gu las. 
hdab. ma I hdab. ma. las. sdon. bu 1 sdofi. bu. las. sbu. 
bu I sbu. bu. las. snin. po I sfiin. po. las. me. tog I me. 
tog. las. hbrus. buho 1 1 sa bon. med. na. myu. gu. mi. 
hbyun. ste I me. tog. med. na. hbras. buhi. bar. duhan. 
mi. hbyun. no II sa, bon. yod. na. myu. gu. mnon. par 
hgrub. par. hgyur. te I de. bzhin. du. me. tog. yod* na. 
[f. 1936] hbras. buhi. bar. du mnon. par. hgrub. par. 
hgyur. ro II 


de. la. sa. bon. ni. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. myu. 
gu. mnon. par. bsgrub. bo. sfiam. du. mi. sems. so 1 1 myu. 
guhan. hdi sfiam. du. bdag. ni. sa. bon. gyis. mnon. 
par. bsgrubs. so. sfiam. du. mi. sems. so II de. bzhin, du. 
me. tog. kyan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. hbras. bu. 
mnon. par. *bsgrub. bo. sfiam. du. mi. sems. pahi. bar. 
du. ste I hbras. buhan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. ni. me. 
tog. gis. mnon. par. bsgrubs. so. sfiam. du. mi. sems. 
mod. kyi I hon. kyan. sa. bon. yod. na, myn. gu. mnon. 
par. hgrub. cin. hbyun. bar. hgyur. ba. nas. de. bzhin. 
du. me. tog. yod. na. hbras. buhi. bar. duhan. mnon. 
par. hgrub. cin. hbyun. bar. hgyur. te I de. Itar. phyu 
rol. gyi. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba, rgyu. dan. 
hbrel. bar. bltaho II 

phyi. rol. gyi. .rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. rkyen. 
dan. hbrel. ba. ji. Itar. blta, zhe. na I khams. drug. hdus. 
pahi. phyir. te I khams. drug. po. gan. dag. hdus. pahi, 
phyir. zhe. na I hdi. Ita. ste I sa. dan I chu. daft I me. daft I 
rlufi. daft I nam, mkhah. dan I dus. kyi. khams. rnams. 
hdus. pa. las. phyi, rol. gyi. rten. cin hbrel. bar. hbyufi* 
ba. rkyen. dan. hbrel. bar. blta ho 1 1 de. la. sahi khams. 
ni. sa. bon. rten. bahi. bya. ba. byed. do 1 1 chuhi. 
khams. ni. sa. bon. brlan. pahi. bya. ba byed. do 1 I 
mehi. khams. ni. sa. bon. yons. su. dro. bahi. bya. ba. 
byed. do 1 1 rlun. gi. khams. [f. \94a] ni. sa. bon. hbu. 
bahi. bya. ba. byed. do 1 1 nam. mkhahi. khams. ni. sa. 
bon. la. mi. sgrib. pahi. bya. ba. byed. do II dus. ni. sa. 
bon. hgyur. bahi. bya. ba. byed, do 1 1 rkyen. hdi. rnams. 
med. par. sa. bon. las. myu. gu. mnon. par. hgrub. p^r. 
mi. hgyur. gyi I nam. phyi. rol. gyi. sahi. khams. ma. 


tshan. ba. med. par. gyur. la. de. Whin. du. chu. dati. I 
me. dan I rlun. dan 1 nam, mkhah. dan I dus. khyaft. 
ma. tshan. med. par. gyur. te I thams. cad. hdus. pa* 
las. sa. bon, hgags. pa, na. de. las. myu. gu. mfion. par. 
hgrub. par. hgyur. ro I de. la. sahi. khams, kyan. hdi. 
sfiam. du. bdag. gis. sa. bon, rten. pahi. bya. ba. byaho. 
sfiam. du. mi. sems. so II de. bzhin, du. chuhi. khams. 
kyan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. sa. bon. brlan. par. 
byaho. sfiam. du. mi. sems. soil mehi. khams. kyan, 
hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. sa, bon. yofts. su. dro. bar. 
byaho. sfiam, du. mi. sems. so II rlun. gi. khams. kyan. 
hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. sa. bon. hbu. bar. byaho. sfiam 
du. mi. sems. so 1 1 nam. mkhahi. khams. kyan. hdi. 
sfiam. du. bdag. gis. sa. bon. la. mi. sgrib. pahi. bya.)>a. 
byaho. sfiam. du. mi. sems. so I dus. kyan. hdi. sfiam* 
du. bdag. gis. sa. bon. bsgyur. bahi, bya, b%. byaho. 
sfiam. du. mi. v sems. so I sa. bon. yan. hdi. sfiarn. du. 
bdag. gis. myu. gu. flanon. par. bsgrub. bo. sfiam. du. 
mi. sems. soil myu. guhaft. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. ni 
[f. 1946] rkyen. hdi. dag. gis. mnon. par, bsgrubs. so. 
sfiam. du. mi. sems. mod. kyi I hon. kyaft. rkyen. hdi. 
dag, yod. la. sa. bon. hgag. pa. na. myu, gu. mfton. par. 
hgrub. par. hgyur. ro II de. bzhin. du. me. tog. yod. na. 
hbras, buhi bar. du. han. mnon. par. hgrub. par. hgyur. 
te I myu. gu. de han. bdag. gis. ma. byas I gzhan. gyis. 
ma. byas I gfiis. kas. ma. byas I dban. phyug. gis. ma. 
byas I dus. kyis, ma. bsgyur I ran. bzhin. las. ma. byun I 
rgyu* med. pa, las. kyan. ma. skyes. te I hon. kyan. sa. 
dan I chu. dan I me. dan I rlun. daA I nam. mkhah. dan I 
dus. kyi. khams. rnams. hdus, nas. sa. bon. hgag. pa. 


na. myu. gu. mnon. par. hgrub. par. hgyur, te I de. Itar. 
phyi. roh gyis, rten. cin hbrel. bar. hbyuft, ba* rkyen. 
dan, hbreL ban bltaho II , 

de. la. phyi. rol, gyi. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. 
ba, rnam, pa. Inar. blta. ste I Ifia. gaft. zhe. na I rtag. 
par. ma. yin. pa. dan I chad, par, ma. yin. pa. dan I 
hpho. bar. ma. yin. pa* daft I rgyu. chun. du. las. hbras. 
bu. chen. po mfion. par* hgrub. pa. dan I de. dan. hdra. 
bahL rgyud. duho II ji, Itar. rtag, par. ma. yin. zhe. 
na I gafi. gi. phyir. myu. guhafi. gzhan. la. sa. bon, yaft 
gzhan. te I myu. gu. gan, yin. pa. de. fiid. sa. bon. ma. 
yin. la I sa. bon. hgags. pa. las. myu. gu. hbyuft. ba. ma. 
yin I ma. hgags. pa. las. kyan. ma. yin. gyi I sa. bon. 
y^n. hgag. la, de Sid. kyi. tshe. myu. guhan [f. 1950] 
hbyufi. ste I dehi. phyir. rtag. par. ma. yin. no 1 1 ji. Itar. 
chad. p^r. ma. yin. zhe. na I snon. hgags. pahi. sa. bon. 
las. myu. gu. skye. ba. ma. yin I ma', hgags. pa. las. 
kyan. ma. yin. gyi I sa. bon. yan. hgag, la. de, fiid. kyi. 
tshe. sraft. mdahi. mtho. dmah. bzhin. du. myu. gu. 
skye, bas. dehi. phyir. chad. par. ma. yin. no II ji. Itar. 
hpho. bar. ma. yin. zhe, na I gafi. gi, phyir. myu, gu 
han. gzhan. la. sa. bon. yan. gzhan I myu. gu. gan. yin. 
pa. de. fiid. sa. bon. ma. yin. te I dehi, phyir. hpho. 
bar. ma. yin. no II ji. Itar. rgyu. chun. du. las. hbras. 
bu. chen. po. mnon. par. hgrub. ce. na I sa. bon. chun. 
du. btab. pa. las. hbras, bu. chen. po. mnon. par. hgrub. 
par. hgyur. te I dehi. phyir. rgyu. chun. du. las. hbras. 
bu. chen. po. mnon. par. hgrub. bo II sa. bon. ji. Ita. 
bu. btab. pa. de. Ita. buhK hbras. bu. mnon. par. hgtub. 
pas. dehu phyir. ,de. daiu hdra, bahL rgyud. du. ste I 


de, Jtar. phyi. rol. gyi. rten. cift. hbrel. ban hbyun. ba. 
rnam. pa. Inar. bltaho 1 1 

de, bzhin. du nan. gi. rten. cifu hbrel. bar. hbyuft. 
bahan. gnis, kyi. phyir. hbyun. ste I gnis. gan. zhe. na I 
hdi. Ita. ste * rgyu. dan. hbrel. pa. dan I rkyen. dafi. 
hbrel. paho II 

de. la. nan. gi. rten. cin. hbreL bar. hbyun. ba. rgu. 
dan. hbrel. ba. gan. zhe. na I gan. hdi. ma. rig. pahi. 
rkyen. gyis. hdu. byed. rnams. zhes. bya. ba. nas. skye. 
bahi. rkyen. gyis. rga. s'i. zhes. bya. bahi. bar. du ho 1 1 
gal. te. [f. 1956] ma. rig. pa. ma. byun. na. hdu. byed. 
rnams. kyaru mi. mnon* pa, zhig I de. bzhin. du. skye. 
ba. ma. byun. du. zin. na. rga, s'ihi. bar. duhan. mi. 
mnon. pa. zhig. na I hdi* Itar. ma. rig. pa. yod. pa. las. 
hdu. byed* rnams. mnon. par. hgrub. par. hgyur. ba. 
nas. skye. ba. yod. pa. las. rga. s'ihi, bar. du. mnon. 
par. hgrug. par. hgyur. ro II de. la. ma. rig. pahan. hdi. 
sfiam. du. bdag. gis. hdu.. byed. rnams. mnon. par. 
bsgrub. bo. sfiam. du. mi. sems. so 1 1 hdu. byed. rnams. 
kyan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag, cig. na. ma. rig. pas. mnon. 
par. bsgrubs. so* sfiam. du. mi. sems. pa. nas. de. bzhin; 
du, skye. bahan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. rga. s r i. mnon. 
par. bsgrub. bo, sfiam. du. mi. sems. s'in I rga. s'ihan. 
hdi. sfiam, du. .bdag. ni. skye. bas. mnon. par, bsgrubs. 
so. sfiam. du. mi. sems. pahi. bar. du. ste I hon. kyan. 
ma. rig. pa. yod. pa. las. hdu. byed, rnams. mnon. par, 
hgrub. cin. hbyun. bar. hgyur. ba. nas. de. bzhin. du. 
skye, ba. yod. pa. las. rga. s'ihi. bar. du, mnon. par. 
hgrub. cin. hbyun, bar. hgyur. te I de. Itar. nan. gi. rten, 
cin, hbreL bar. hbyun, ba. rgyu. dan. hbreL bar blta, ho 1 1 


, naft. gi. rten. cifi. hbrel. bar. hbyuu. ba. rkyen. dafi. 
hbrel. bar. ji. Itar. blta. zhe. na I khams. drug. hdus. 
pahi. phyir. te I khams. drug. po. gan. dag. hdus. pahi. 
phyir. zhe, na I hdi, Ita, ste I sa. dai I chu. dan I me. 
dafi I rJun. dan I nam. mkhah. daft I rnam. par. s'es. 
[f. 196#J. pahi. khams. rnams. hdus. pa. las. nan. gi. 
rten. cin. hbrel, bar. hbyun. ba. rkyen. dan. hbrel. bar, 
bltaho II de. la. nan. gi. rten.< cin, hbrel. bar. hbyuft. 
bahi. sahi. khams. gan. zhe. na I gaft, hdi. hdus. nas. lus. 
kyi. sa. bahi. dnos. po. mnon. par. hgrub. par. byed. pa. 
hdi. ni. sahi. khams. zhes. byaho 1 1 gan. lus. sdud. pahi. 
bya. ba. byed. pa. hdi. ni. chuhi. khams. zhes. byaho II 
gafu lus. kyis. zos. pa. dan I hthuns. pa. daft I hchos. pa. 
daft I myans. pa. rnams. hju. bar. byed. pa. hdi. ni. mehi. 
khams. zhes. byaho II gan. lus. kyi. dbugs. phyi. nan. 
du. rgyu. bahi. bya. ba. byed, pa. hdi. ni. rlun. gi. khams. 
zhes. byaho If gan. lus. kyi. nan. sbubs. yod f par. byed- 
pa. hdi. ni. nam. mkhahi. khams. zhes. byaho 1 1 gan. 
mdufu khyim. gyi. tshul. du. lus. kyi- mifu dan. gzugs, 
kyi. myu. gu. mfion. par. hgrub. par. byed. pa. rnam. 
'par. s'es. pahi. tshogs. Ina. hdus. pa, dan I zag. pa. dan. 
bcas. pahi. yid. kyi. rnam. par. s'es. pa. gan. yin, pa. 
hdi. ni. rnam, par. s'es. pahi. khams, zhes. byaho 1 1 
rkyen. hdi. dag, med. par. lus. skye. bar. mi. hgyur. gyi I 
nam. nai. gi. sahi. khams. tshan. zhin. de. bzhin. du. 
chu. daft I me. dan I rlun. dan I nam. mkhah. dan I rnam, 
par. s'es. pahi. khams. rnams. kyan, tshan. bar. gyur. la I 
thams. cad. hdus. pa. de. las. lus. mnon. par. [f. 1966]. 
hgrub. par. hgyur, ro II de. la. sahi. khams. kyan, hdi. 
sflarn. du. bdag. gis. hdus. nas. lus. kyi, sra. bahi. dnos. 


po. mnon. par. bsgrub. bo. sfiam. du, mi. setns. so 1 1 

chuhi. khams. kyaii. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. lus. kyi. 

gdud. pahi. bya. ba. byaho. sfiam. du. mi. sems. so 1 1 

mehi. khams. kyan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. Jus. kyi. 

zos. pa, dan I hthuis. pa. dan I hchos. pa. dan I myafts. 

pa. rnams. hdsu. 1 bar. byaho. sfiam. du. mi. sems. so 1 1 

rlun. gi. khams. kyan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. gis. lus. kyi, 

dbugs. phyu nan. du. rgyu. bahi. bya. ba. byaho. sfiam. 

du. mi. sems. soil nam. mkhahi. khams. kyan. hdi. 

sfiam. du. bdag. gis. lus. kyi. nan. sbubs. yod. par. 

byaho. sfiam. du. mi. sems. so 1 1 rnam. par. s'es. pahi. 

khams. kyan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag, gis. lus. kyi. min. 

dan. gzugs. miion. par, bsgrub. bo. sfiam. du. mi. sems. 

so II lus. kyan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag* ni. rkyen. hdi. dag. 

gis. bskyed. do. sfiam. du. mi. sems. mod. kyi I hon. 

kyan. rkyen. hdi. dag. yod. na, lus. skye. bar. hgyur. ro 1 1 
de. la. sahi. khams. ni. bdag. ma. yin I sems. can. 

ma. yin I srog. ma. yin I skye. ba. bo. ma. yin I sted. las. 

skyes. pa. ma. yin I s'ed. bu. ma. yin I bud. med, ma. 

yin I skyes, pa. ma. ytn I ma. nin. ma. yin I na. ma. yin I 

bdag. gi. ma. yin. te I gzhan. suhi. yaft. ma. yin. no II 

de. bzhin. du. chuhi. khams. dan I [f. 1970] mehi. khams. 

dan I rlun. gi. khams. dan. I nam. mkhahi. khams. dan I 

rnam. par. s'es. pahi. khams. kyan. bdag. ma, yin I sems. 

can. ma. yin I srog. ma. yin I skye. ba. bo. ma. yin I tfed. 

las. skyes. pa, ma. yin I's'ed. bu. ma. yin I bud. med. ma, 

yin I skyes. pa. ma. yin I ma. nin, ma. yin I na. ma. 

yin I bdag. gi. ma. yin I gzhan. suhi. yaft. ma. yin. no II 
de. la. ma. rig. pa. gan. zhe. na I khams. drug. po. 

hdi. dag. fiid. la, gan. gcig, pur. hdu. s'es, pa. dan. I ril. 
1 Read "hju" for "hdsu 11 . 


pon hdu. s'es. pa. dan I rtag. par. hdu. steSr pa. daft *l 
brtan. par, hdu. s'es. pa. dan I ther. zug. tu. hdu'. s'es. 
pa. daft I bde. bar. hdu. s'es. pa. dan I bdag, tu. hdu. 
s'es. pa. dan. I sems. can. dan I srog, dan I skye. ba. bo. 
daft 1 gso, ba. dan I skyes. bu. dan I gan. zag. tu. hdu. 
s'es- pa. dan I s'ed. las. skyes. pa. dan I s'ed. bur. hdu. 
s'es, pa. dan I na. zhes. bya. ba. dan I bdag. gi. zhes. 
bya, bar. hdu. s'es. pa. ste I hdi. Ita. bu. la. sogs. pa. 
mi. s'es. pa. rnam. pa, sna. tshogs, hdi. ni. ma. rig. pa. 
zhes. byaho 1 1 de. Itar. rna. rig. pa. yod. pas. yul. rnams. 
la. hdod. chags. daft. I zhe. sdaft. dan I gti. mug. hjug. 
ste I de. la. yul. rnams. la, hdod. chags. dan I zhe. sdan. 
dan I gti. [f. 197&] mug. gan. yift. pa. hdi. ni. ma. 
rig. pahi. rkyen. gyis. hdu. byed. rnams, zhes. byaho 1 
I dftos. po. so* sor. rnam. par. rig. pa. ni. rnam. par. s'es. 
paho II rnam. par. s'es. pa. dan. lhan. cig, byun. ba. fie. 
bar. len. pahi. phun. po. bzhi, po. hdi. dag. ni. mift. dan. 
gzugs. so (I min. daft, gzugs. la. brten. pahi, dbart. po. 
rnams. ni. skye. mched. drug, go II chos. gsum. hdus. 
pa. ni. reg. paho 1 1 reg. pa. myon. ba. ni. tshor. baho I 
I tshor. ba. la. zhen. pa. ni. sred, paho II sred. pa. hphel. 
ba. ni. len. paho II len. pa. las. skyes. pahan, bskyed. 
pahi. las. ni. srid. paho II rgyu. de. las. phun. po. byun. 
ba. ni, skye. baho II skyes. nas. phun. po. smin, pa. ni. 
rga, baho 1 1 rgas. nas. phun. po. zhig, pa. ni. hchi. baho I 
I hchu zhift. myos. te. mnon. par. chags. pa, dan. bcas. 
pahi. nan. gi. yofts, su. gduft. ba. ni. mya. nan. rto II 
mya. nan t las. byuft. bahi. tshig. tu. smra. ba. ni. smre. 
sftags. hdon* paho II rnam. par. s'es. pa. Inahi. tshogs. 
daft. Idan. pahi. mi. bde. ba. myon, ba. nL sdug* bsnal. 


lo II yid. la. .byed, pa, dan. Idan. pahi. yid. kyi, sdug. 
bsnal. ni, yid. mi. bde. baho II gzhan. yan. hdi. Ita. bu. 
la. sogs. pahi. fie. bahi. fion. mofts. pa. gaft, yin, pa. de. 
dag. ni. hkhrug.. pa. zhes. byaho II 

de. la. mun. pa. chen. pohi. phyir. ma. rig, paho II 
mfton, par. hdu. byed. pahi. phyir. hdu. byed. rnams. 
so H rnam. par. rig. pahi. phyir. ^rnam. pan ses. paho H 
rten. pahi. phyir [f. lQ8a] mift. dan, gzugs. so 11 skye. 
bahi. sgohi. phyir. skye. mched. drug, go II reg. pahi. 
phyir. reg. paho 11 myoft. bahi. phyir, tshor. baho II skom. 
pahi. phyir. sred. paho M fie. bar. len. pahi. phyir. len. 
paho II yaft. srid. pa. skye. bahi. phyir. srid, paho H 
phun, po- hbyun. bahi. phyir. skye. baho 1 1 phun. po. 
jsmin. pahi. phyir. rga. baho I hjig. pahi. phyir. hchi. 
baho 1 1 mya. ftan. byed. pahL phyir. mya. 6an. to 1 1 
tshig. gis. smre. bahi. phyir. smre- siiags. hdon. paho II 
lus, la, gnod..pahi. phyir. sdug. bsnal. lo H sems. la. 

gnod. pahi. phyir. yid. mi. bde. baho I fion, mofcs. 

pahi. phyir. hkhfug. paho II 

gzhan. yaft. de. kho. na. mi. rtogs. s'ift. log. par. 

sres. te. mi. s r es. pa. ni. mi. rig. paho II de. Itar. ma. 

rig. pa. yod. na. hdu. byed. rnam. gsum. mtion. par. 

hgrub. ste I bsod. nams. su. ne. .bar. hgro. ba. daft I 

bsod. nams. ma, yin. par. fie. bar. hgro. ba. daft I 

mi. gyo. bar. fie. bar. hgroho II de. la. bsod. nams. su. 

fie. bar. hgro, bahi. hdu. byed. rnams. las. bsod. nams. 

su. fie. bar. hgro. bahi. rnam. par. s'es. pa. nid. du. 

hgyur. ba. dan I bsod. nams. ma. yin. par. fie. bar. hgro. 

bahi. hdu. byed. rnams. las. bsod. nams. ma. yin. par. 

fie. bar. hgro. bahi. rnam. par. t sres. pa. Rid- du. 


hgyur. ba. dan I mi. gyo, bar. fie. bar. hgro. 1 bahi. 
hdu. byed, rnams. las mi, gyo. bar. fie. bar. hgro. 
bahi. rnam. par. s'es, pa. [f. 1986] fiid. du. hgyur, 
ba. hdi. ni. hdu. byed. kyi. rkyen. gyis. rnam. par. s'es, 
pa. zhes. byaholl rnam. par. s'es. pa. daft. lhan. cig. 
skyes. pa. phun. po. gzugs. can. ma. yin. pa. bzhi. daft I 
gzugs, gafi. yin. pa. de, ni. rnam. par. s'es. pahi. rkyen. 
gyis. min. dan, gzugs. zhes, byaho 1 1 mift. daft, gzugs. 
rnam. par. hphel. bas, skye. mched. drug. gi. sgo. zhes. 
bya. ba. byed. pa. rnams. hbyuft, ste I de. ni. mift. daft. 
gzugs. kyi. rkyen, gyis. skye. mched. drug. ces. byaho I 
I skye, mched. drug. po. dag. la. reg. pahi. tshogs. drug, 
hbyuft. ste I de. ni, skye. mched. drug. gi. rkyen. gyis. 
reg. pa. zhes. byaho II ji. Ita, bur. reg. pa. hbyuft, ba. 
de. Itar. bur. tshor. ba. hbyuft, ste I de. ni. reg. pahi. 
rkyen. gyis. tshor, ba. zhes. byaho 1 1 tshor. bahi. bye. 
brag. dag. myoft. ba. daft I tnfton. par. dgah. ba. daft I 
lhag. par. zhen, pa. daft I lhag. par. zhen. nas. hdug. 
pa. [i] de. ni. tshor. bahi. rkyen, gyis. srod. pa. zhes. 
byaho II myofi. ba. daft I mfton. par. dgah. ba. daft I lhag. 
par, zhen. pa. daft I lhag. par. zhen. nas. hdug. pa. las. 
bdag. sdug. pahi, fto. bo. daft I bde. bahi. fto. bo. daft, 
hbral. bar. ma. gyur. tsig, sfiam. du, yofts. su. mi. gtoft. 
bar, phyir, zhin. smon. pa. hdi. ni. sred. pahi. rkyen. 
gyis. len, pa. zhes. byaho 1 1 de, Itar. smon. cift. yaft. 
srid, pa. bskyed. pahi. las I lus. daft I fiag. daft I yid. 
kyis, kun. nas. slafi ba. [i] de, ni. len. pahi. rkyen. gyis. 
srid. pa. zhes. byaho II las. de. [f. 199a] las. skyes. 
pahi. phuft. po. Ifta. rnams. hgrub. pa. gan. yin. pa. 
1 Xylograph reads : *hbro. 


de. ni. srid. pahi. rkyen. gyis. skye. ba. zhes. byaho 11 
skyes. nas. mnon, du. hgrub. pahi. phufi. po. rnams. 
kyi. hphel. ba. yons. su, smin. pa. dart I hjig. par. hgyur. 
ba. de. ni. skye. bahi. rkyen. gyis. rga, s'i. zhes. 
byaho II 

de. Itar. rten. ein. hbreL bar. hbyufu bahi. yan. lag. 
bcu. gnis. po. hdi. dag. ni. rgyu. gzhan. dan. gzhan. las. 
byun. ba I rkyen. gzhan. dan. gzhan. las. byun. ba I rtag. 
pa. ma. yin I mi. rtag. pa. ma. yin I hdus. byas. ma. 
yin I hdus. ma. byas. ma. yin I rgyu. med. pa. ma. yin I 
rkyen. med. pa. ma. yin I myon. ba. yod. pa. ma. yin I 
zad. pahi. chos. ma. yin I hjig- pahi. chos. ma. yin I 
hgog. pahi. chos. ma. yin. te I thog. ma. med. pahi. 
dus. nas. zhugs. pa I rgyun. ma. chad. par. klun. gi. 
rgyun. bzhin. du. rjes. su. zhugs. paho II 

rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. bahi. yan. lag. bcu. 
gfiis. po. hdi. dag. ni. rgyu. gzhan. dan. gzhan. las. 
byun. ba I rkyen. gzhan. dan. gzhan. las. byun. 
ba I rtag. pa. ma. yin I mi. rtag. pa. ma, yin I hdus. 
byas, ma, yin I hdus. ma, byas, ma. yinj rgyu. med. pa. 
ma. yin I rkyen. med. pa. ma. yin I myon. ba. yod. pa. 
ma. yin I zad. pahi. chos. ma. yin I hjig. pahi. chos. 
ma. yin I hgog. pahi. chos. ma. yin. te I thog. ma. med. 
pahi. dus. nas. zhugs. pa [f. 1996] rgyun. ma. chad. par. 
klufi. gi. rgyun. bzhin. du. rjes. su. zhugs. mod. kyi I 
hon. kyafi- yan. lag. bzhi. po. hdi. dag. ni. rten cin. 
hbrel. bar. hbyun. bahi. yan. lag. bcu. gnis. po. de. dag. 
bsdu. bar. gyi. bahi. rgyur. hgyur. ro 1 1 bzhi. gan. zhe. na I 
hdi. Ita. ste I ma. rig. pa. dan I sred. pa. dan I las. 
daft I rnam. par. s'es. paho 1 1 


de. la. rnam. par. s'es. pa. ni. sa. bon. gyi. raft, bzhin. 
gyis. rgyu. byed. do II las. ni. zhifi. gi. ran. bzhin. gyis. 
rgyu. byed. do 1 1 ma. rig. pa. dan. sred. pa. ni. fion. mons. 
pahi. ran. bzhin. gyis. rgyu. byed. do II de. la. las. dan. 
fion. mofts. pa. dag. ni. sa. bon. rnam. par. s'es. pa. skyed. 
do II de. la. las. nil sa. bon. rnam. par. s'es. pahi. zhifi. 
gi. bya. ba. byed. do I sred. pa. ni. sa. bon. rnam, par. 
s'es. pa. brlan. par. byed. do II ma. rig. pa. ni. sa. bon. 
rnam. par. s'es. pa. hdebs te I rkyen. hdi. dag. med. na. 
sa. bon. rnam. par. s'es. pa. mfion. par. hgrub. par. mi. 
hgyur, ro II de. la. las. kyaft. hdi. snam. du. bdag. gis. 
sa. bon. rnam. par. s'es. pahi. zhifi. gi. bya. ba. byaho. 
sfiam, du. mi. sems. so II sred. pa. yafi. hdi. sfiam. du. 
bdag. gis. sa. bon. rnam. par. s'es. pa. brlan. par. byaho. 
sfiam. du. mi. sems. so 1 1 ma. rig. pahan. hdi. sfiam. 
du. bdag. gis. sa. bon* rnam. par. s'es. pa. gdab. bo. 
sfiam. du. mi. sems. so II sa. bon. rnam. par. s'es. pa, 
haft. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. ni. rkyen. hdi. dag. gis. 
bskyed. do. sfiam. du. mi. sems, so II 

hon [f. 200<z] kyafu sa. bon. rnam. par. s'es. pa. 
las. kyi. zhin. la. brten. pa I sred. pahi. rlin. gyis. brlan. 
pa I ma. rig. pahi. lud. kyis. bran, pa I skye. ba. na. 
skye. bahi. gnas. Rid. mtshams. sbyor. ba I mahi. man. 
la. de. dan. der. min. dan. gzugs. kyi. myu. gu. mnon. 
par, hgrub. ste I min. dan. gzugs. kyi. myu. gu. dehafi. 
bdag. gis. ma. byas I gzhan. gyis. ma. byas I gfiis. kas, 
ma. byas I dban. phyug. gis. ma. byas I dus. kyis. ma. 
bsgyur I raft, bzhin. las. ma. byuft I byed. pa. la. rag. las. 
pa. ma. yin I rgyu. med. pa, las. kyan. mi. skyes. te I 
hon. kyaft. pha. dan. ma. phrad. pa. daft I zla. mtsan. 


dan. Idan. pa. dan I rkyen. gzhan. yan. htshogs. na. 
bdag. po. med. pahi. chos I bdag. gi. med. pa I hdsin. 
pa. med. pa I nam. mkhah. dan. mtshufis. pa I sgyu. 
mahi. mtsan. nid. kyi. ran. bzhin. dag. la. rgyu. dan. 
rkyen. ma. tshan. ba. med. pahi. phyir. skye. bahi. 
gnas. nid. mtshams. sbyor. ba* mahi. man. la. de. dan. 
der. myon. ba. dan. Idafi. pahi. sa. bon, rnam. par. 
s'es. pa. mifu dan. gzugs. kyi. myu. gu. mnon. par. 
hgrub. bo 1 1 

hdu Ita. ste I mig. gi. rnam. par. s'es. pa. ni. rgyu. 
Inas. hbyun. ste I Inaf gan. zhe. na I mig. la. brten. pa. 

dan t gzugs. dan I snan. ba. dan 1 nam. mkhah. dan I 
de. skyed. pahi. yid. la. byed. pa* la. hafi. brten. nas. 

mig. gi. rnam. par. s'es. pa. hbyun. no 1 1 de. la. mig. ni. 

mig. gi. [f. 2006] rnam. pan s'es. pahi. rten. gi. bya, 

ba. byed. do II gzugs. ni. mig. gi. rnam. par. s'es'. pahi. 

dmigs. pahi. bya. ba. byed. do 1 1 snan. ba. ni. mnon. 

pahi. bya. ba. byed. doll nam. mkhah. ni. mi. sgrib. 

pahi. bya. ba. byed. do 1 1 de. dan. hbyun, ba. yid. la. 

byed. pa. ni. bsam. pahi. bya. ba. byed. do I rkyen. de. 

dag. med. na. mig. gi. rnam. par. s'es. pa. hbyun. bar. 

mi. hgyur. gyi I gafi. gi. tshe. nan. gi. skye. mched. mig. 

ma. tshan. bar. ma. gyur, la I de bzhin. du gzugs. dan I 

snan. ba. dan I nam. mkhah. daft I de. dan. hbyun. ba. 

yid. la. hyed. pa. dag. ma. tshafi bar. ma. gyur. te I 

thams. cad. hdus. pa. de. las. mig. gi. rnam. par. s'es. 

pa. hbyun. bar. hgyur. ro II de. la. mig. ni. hdi. snam. 

4u. bdag. gis. mig. gi. rnam. par. s'es. pahi. rten. gyi. 

bya. ba. byaho. s5am. du. mi. sems. so 1 1 gzhus. kyan. 

hdi. snam. du. bdag. gis. mig. gi. rnam, par. s'es. pahi. 


dmigs. pahi. bya. ba. byaho. sfiam. du. mi. sems. 
so 1 1 snaft. bahan. hdi. sfiam. du, bdag, gis. mig. gi. 
rnam. par. ses. pahi. mfion. pahi. bya. ba, byaho. 
sfiam. du. mi. sems. so 1 1 nam. mkhah. yan. hdi. 
sfiam. du. bdag. gis. mig. gi, rnam. par. s'es. pahi. 
mi. sgrib. pahi. bya. ba. byaho. snam. du. mi. sems. 
so 1 1 de. dan. hbyuii. bahi. yid. la. byed. pahan. hdi. 
sfiam. du. bdag. gis. mig. gi. rnam. par. s'es. pahi. bsatn. 
pahi. bya. ba. byaho. sfiam. du. mi. sems. so II mig. gi. 
rnam. par. ses. pahan. hdi. sfiam. du. bdag. ni. rkyen. 
hdi. dag. gis. bskyed. do* sfiam. du. [f. 201 a], mi. sems. 
te I hon. kyan. rkyen. hdi. dag. yod. pa. las. mig. gi. rnam. 
par. s'es. pa. skye. bar. hgyur. ro II de. bzhin, du. dban. 
po. lhag, ma. rnams. kyan. ci. rigs. su. sbyar, ro 1 1 

de. la. chos. gan. yan. hjig. rten. hdi. nas, hjig. rten. 
pha. rol. tu. mi, hpho. mod. kyi I rgyu. dai. rkyen. ma. 
tshan. ba. med. pahi. phyir. las. 'kyi. hbras. bur. miton. 
pahan. yod. do M hdi. Ita. ste [ dper. na. rab. tu. phyis. 
pahi. me. loi. gi. dkyil. hkhor. la. bzhin. gyi. gzugs. 
brfian. snan. bahan. bzhin. me. loft. gi. dkyil, hkhor, du. 
ma. hphos. mod. kyi I rgyu. dan. rkyen. ma. tshan. ba. 
med. pahi. phyir. bzhin. du. mnon. pahan. yod. do 1 1 de. 
bzhin. du. hdi. nas. kyan. suhan. s'i. hphos, pa. med. la. 
gzhan. diihan. ma. skyes. te I rgyu. dan. rkyen. rnams. 
ma. tshan. ba. med. pahi. phyir. las. kyi. -hbras. bu. 
mfion. pahan. yod. do 1 1 hdi. Ita. ste I dper. na. zla. 
bahi. dkyil. hkhor. ni. dpag. tshad. bzhi. khri. fiis. ston. 
nas. hgro. ste I hon. kyan. snod. chun. du. chus. gan. 
bar. zla. bahi. dkyil. hkhor. gyi. gzugs. brfian. snan. 
bahafu zla, bahi. dkyih hkhor. ni. gnas. de. nas. ma, 


hphos. te I snod, chun. du. chus. gan. bahi. nan. du. 
son. bahan. med. mod. kyi I rgyu. dan. rkyen. ma. tshan. 
ba. med. pahi. phyir. zla. bahi. dkyil. hkhor. du. mnon. 
pahan. yod. do 1 1 de. bzhin, du. hdi. nas. kyan. suhan, 
s'i. hphos. pa. med. la. gzhan. duhan. ma. skyes. mod. 
kyi I rgyu. [f.201 b] dan. rkyen. rnams. ma. tshafi. ba. med. 
pahi. phyir, las. kyi. hbras. bu. mnon. pahan, yod. do 1 1 
hdi. Ita. ste I dper. na. me, ni. rgyu. dan. rkyen. 
ma. tshan. na. mi. hbar. gyi. rgyu. dan.^ rkyen. 
htshogs. pa. las. hbar. ro 1 1 de. bzhin, du. bdag. po. 
med. pahi. chos I bdag. gi. med. pa I hdsin. pa. med. 
pa I nam. mkhah. dan. mtshuns, pa I sgyu. mahi. mtshan. 
nid. kyi. ran. bzhin. dag. la. rgyu, dan. rkyen. rnams. 
ma. tshaii. ba. med. pahi. phyir. skye. bahi. gnas. nid. 
mtshams. sbyor. ba. mahi. man. la. de. dan. der. sa. 
bon. rnam. par. s'es. pa. las. dan. Son. mons. pa. rnams. 
kyis. bskyed. pa. min. dan. gzugs. kyi. myu. gu, mnon. 
par. hgrub. ste I de. Itar. nan. gi. rten, cin. hbrel bar. 
hbyun. ba. rkyen. dan. hbrel. bar. bltaho II 

de. la. nan. gi. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyufi. ba. 

rnam. pa. Inar. blta. ste I Ina. gan. zhe. na I rtag. par. 

ma, yin. pa. dan I chad. par. ma. yin. pa. dan I hpho. 

bar. ma. yin. pa. dan I rgyu. chun. du. l^s. hbras. bu. 

chen. po. hbyun. ba. dan I de. dan. hdra. bahi. 

rgyud. duho II ii. Itar. rtag. par. ma. yin. zhe. na I gan, 

gi. phyir. tha. mahi. hchi. bahi. phun. po. rnams. kyan. 

gzhan. la I skye. bahi. char, gtogs. pa. rnams. kyan. 

gzhan. te I tha. ma. hchi. bahi. phun. po. gar. yin. pa. 

de. Bid. skye. bahi. char, gtogs. pa. rnams. ma. yin. 

gyi I tha. mahi. hchi. bahi. phun. po. rnams. kyan. 


hgag. la. skye. bahi. char, gtogs. padL phun, po. rnams. 
kyan. hbyun. has. dehi. phyir. rtag. par. ma, yin. 
[f. 202 &} noil ji. Itar. chad. par. ma. yin. zhe. na I 
tha. rnahi, hchi. bahi. phun. po. rnams. snon. hgags. pa. 
las. skye. bahi. char, gtogs. pahi. phun. po. rnams. 
hbyufi. ba. ma. yin I ma. hgags. pa. las. kyan. ma. yin, 
gyi I tha., mahi. hchi. bahi. phun. po. rnams. hgags. la I 
de. fiid. kyi. tshe. skye. bahi. char, gtogs, pahi. phufu po. 
rnams. sraii. mdahi. mtho. dmah, bzhin. hbyufi. bar. 
hgyur." te I dehi. phyir. chad. mar. ma. yin, no 1 1 
ji. Itar. hpho. bar. ma. yin. zhe. na I sems. can. gyi. 
ris. mi. hdra. ba. nas. skal. ba. tnnam. pahi. skye. bar. 
skye. ba. mnon. par. sgrub. pas. dehi. phyir. hpho. bar. 
ma. yin. noil ji. Itar. rgyu. chun. du. las. hbras. bu. 
chen. po. hbyun. zhe. na I las chun. du. byas. pa. las. 
hbras. bu. chen. pohi. rnam. par. smin. pa. myon. ste I 
dehi. phyir. rgyu. chun. du. las. hbras. bu. chen. po. 
mnon. par. hgrub. bo II ji. Itar. myon. bar. hgyur. bahi. 
las. byas. pa. de. Itar. myon. bar. hgyur. bahi. rnam. 
par. smin. pa. myon. pas. dehi. phyir. de. dan. hdra. 
bahi. rgyur. duho 1 1 

btsun. pa. S'3, rihi. bu. rten. cin, hbrel. bar. hbyun. 
ba. bcom. Idan. hdas. kyis. yan. dag. par. gsuns. pa. 
hdi. gan. la. la. zhig. gis, yan. dag. pahi. s'es. rab. kyis. 
de. Itar. yan. dag. pa. ji. ha. bzhin. du. rtag. par. 
rgyun. du. srog. med. pa. daft I srog. dan. bral. ba. 
dan I ji. Ita. bu. fiid. dan I ma. nor. ba. dan I [f. 202 b] 
ma. skyes. pa. dan I ma. byun. ba. dan I ma. byas. 
pa. dan I hdus. ma. byas. pa. dan 1 thogs. pa. med. 
pa* dan I migs. pa. med. pa. dan I zhi. ba, dan I hjigs. 


pa. med. pa. daft I mi. hphrogs. pa. dan I zad. pa. 
med. pa. dan I rnam. par. zhi. ba. ma. yin. pahi. 
ran. bzhin du. mthon. ba. dan I med. pa. dan 1 gsog. 
dan I gsob. dan I snin. po. med. pa. dan I nan. dafi I 
hbras. dan I zug. rnu. dan I* sdig. pa. dan I mi. rtag. 
pa. dan I sdug. bsnal. ba. dan I ston. ba. dan I bdag. 
med. par. yan. dag. par. rjes. su, mthoft. ba. de. 
ni. ci. bdag. hdas. pahi. dus. na. hbyuft. ba. zhig. 
gam I hon, te. bdag. hdas. pahi. dus. na. ma. byufi. ba. 
zhig I bdag. hdas. pahi. dus. na. cir. gyur. pa. zhig I 
bdag. hdas, pahi. dus. na. ji. Ita. bur. gyur. ba, zhig. 
gu. snam. du. snon> gi. mthah. la. mi. rtog. go II ci. 
ma. hofts. pahi. dus. na. hbyun. bar. hgyur. ram I hon. 
te. ma. hons, pahi. dus. na. hbyun. bar. mi. hgyur I 
ma., hofis. pahi. dus. na. cir. hgyur I ma. hons. pahi. 
dus. na. ji. Ita. bu. zhig. tu. hgyur. snam. du. phyi. 
mahi, mthah. la. mi. rtog. go II hdi. ci. zhig I hdi ji. 
Ita. bu. zhig I ci. zhig. yod I cir. hgyur I sems. can. hdi. 
dag. gait. nas. hons I hdi. nas. s'i. hyphos. nas. gan. du. 
hgro. bar. hgyur. zhes. de, Itar. byun. ba. lahafi. mi. 
rtog. go II hjig. rten. na. dge. sbyon. nam I bram/ze. 
dag [f. 2030] gi. Ita. bar. son. ba. tha. dad. pa. gan. 
dag. yod. pa. hdi. Ita. ste I bdag. tu. smra. ba. dafi. 
Idan. paham I sems. can. du. smra. ba. daft. Idan. 
paham I srog. tu. smra. ba. dan. Idan. paham I gan zag. 
tu. smra. ba. dan. Idan. paham I dge. mtshan. dan. bkra. 
s'is. su. smra. ba. dan. Idan. pa. dag. kyan. run. ste I 
lhag. par. gyo. ba. dan. bral. bar. gyo. ba. de. dag. 
dehi. tshe. na. des. spans, par. hgyur. te 1 yons. su. 
s'es. nas. rtsa. ba. nas. bead, de I ta. lahi. mgo. bzhin. 


mi. snafi, bahi. raft, bzhin. du- phyis. mi. skye. mi. 
hgag. pahi. chos, can. du. hgyur. ro II 

btsun, pa. S f 3. rihi. bu. gan. la. la chos. la. bzod. 
pa. hdi. Ita. bu. dan. Idan. te I rten. cm, hbrel. bar. 
hbyun. bahan. yan. dag. par. khon. du. chud. na. de. la. 
de. bzhin. gsegs. pa. dgra. bcom, pa. yafi. dag. par. 
rdsogs. pahi. sans, rgyas I rig. pa. dan. zhabs. su. Idan. 
pa I bde. bar. gs'egs. pa I hjig, rten. mkhyen. pa I skyes. 
bu. hduL bahi. kha, kha. lo. sgyur. pa. bla. na. med. pa I 
lha. dan. mi. rnams. kyi. ston. pa 1 sans, rgyas. bcom. 
Idan, hdas. kyis, yan. dag. par. rdsogs. pahi. sans* 
rgyas. su. hgyur. ro. zhes. bla, na. med. pa. yan. dag. 
par. rdsogs. pahi. byan. chub. tu. lun. bstan. to II 

byan. chub. sems. dpah. sems, dpah. chen, po. 
byams. pas, de. skad. ces. smras. nas I tsho, dan. Idan, 
pa. S f 3. rihi. bu [L 203&] dan I lha. dan I mi. dan I lha. 
ma. yin. dan I dri. zar. bcas. pahi. hjig. rten. yi. rans. 
te I byan. chub. sems. dpah. sems. dpah. chen. po. 
byams. pas. bs'ad. pa. la. mnon. par, bstod. do 1 1 

Hphags. pa, S'3. luhi. hah. ba. zhes, bya, ba* theg. 
pa. chen. pohi. mdo, rdsogs. so II 


[F. 203, b. L. 2] I Rgya. gar. skad. du I Pra, tl. tya. 
sa, mut. pa. da. a" di. na. tsa. bi. bha. nga. nir. de. zha. 
na. ma. su. tra I 

I Bod. skad. du I Rten. tin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. 
.daft. po. dan, rnam. par. dbye. ba. bstan, pa. zhes, bya. 
bahi. mdo I 

I Dkon. mchog. gsum. la. phyag. htshal. lo I 

I Hdi. skad. bdag. gis. thos. pahi. dus. gcig. na I 
bcom. Idan. hdas. rnfian. yod. na. rgyal. bu. rgyal. byed. 
kyi. tshal. .mgon. med. zas. sbyin. gyi. kun. dgah. rab. 
na. bzhugs. so II de. nas. bcom. Idan. hdas. kyis. dge. 
slon. rnams. la. bkah. stsal. ba I dge. slon. dag, khyed. 
la. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. dan. po. dan. rnam. 
par. dbye. ba. bstan. gyis I de. legs. par. rab. tu. fion. 
la. yid. la. gzun. zhig. dan. bs'ad. do II 

rten. cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. dan. po. gan. zhe. 
na I hdi. Ita. ste I hdi. yod. na. hdi. hbyun I hdi. skyes. 
pas. hdi. skyes. ste I hdi. Ita. ste I ma. rig. pahi. rkyen. 
gyis. hdu. byed I hdu. byed. kyi. rkyen. gyis. rnam. par. 
s'es. pa I rnam. par. s'es. pahi. rkyen. gyis. min. dan. 
gzugsl min. dan [204 a] gzugs. kyi. rkyen. gyis. sky e. 
. mched. drug I skye, mched. drug. gi. rkyen, gyis. reg. 


pa I reg. pahi. rkyen. gyis. tshor. ba I tshor. bahi. rkyen. 
gyis sred. pa I sred. pahi. rkyen. gyis. len. pa I len. 
pahi. rkyen. gyis. srid. pa I srid. pahi. rkyen. gyis. skye. 
ba I skye. bahi. rkyen. gyis. rga. s'i. daft I mya. ftan. 
daft I smre. snags, -hdon. pa. dan I sdug. bsftal. ba. dan I 
yid. mi. bde. ba. dan I hkhrug. pa. rnams, hbyuft. bar. 
hgyur. roll de. Itar. na. sdug. bsfial. gyL phun. po. 
chen. po, hbah. zhig. po. hdi. hbyun. bar. hgyur. ro II 
hdi. ni. rten. cifi. hbrel. bar. hbyuft ba. dan. po. zhes.* 
byaho II 

rteru cin. hbrel. bar. hbyufi. bahi. rnam. par. dbye. 
ba. gaft. zhe. na I ma. rig. pahi. rkyen. gyis. hdu. byed. 
ces. bya. bahi. ma. rig. pa. gan. zhe. na I gan. snon. gyi. 
mthah. ma. s'es. pa, dan I phyi. mahi. mthah. mi. s'es. 
pa. daii I sfion. dan. phyi. mahi. mthah. mi. s'es. pa. 
dan I nan. mi. s'es. pa. dan I phyi. mi. s'es. pa. daft I nan. 
dan. phyi. mi. s'es. pa. dan I las. mi. s'es. pa. dan I 
rnam. par, smin. pa. mi. s'es. pa. dan I las. dan. rnam. 
par. smin. pa. mi. s'es. pa. dan I sans, rgyas. mi. s'es. pa. 
daft I chos. mi. s'es. pa. dan I dge. hdun. mi. s'es. pa. dan I 
sdug. bsftal. mi. s'es. pa. dan I kun. hbyun. dan I hgog. pa. 
dan I lam, mi. s'es. pa. dan I rgyu, mi. s'es. pa. dan I rgyu. 
mi. s'es. pa. dan I rgyu [204 6] las. yaft. dag. par. hbyun. 
bahi. chos. mi. s'es. pa. dan I dge. ba. dan. I mi. dge. ba. 
daft I kha. na. ma. tho. ba. dan. boas. pa. dan I kha. na. ma. 
tho. ba. med. pa. dan I bsten. par. bya. ba. dan I bsten. par. 
bya. ba. ma. yin. pa. dan I nan. pa. daft I gya. nom. pa. 
daft I nag. po, dan I dkar. po. dan I rnam. par. dbye. ba. 
daft. bcas. pahi. rten. cift. hbrel. bar, hbyun. ba. dan I reg. 
pahi. skye. mched, drug. yaft. dag. pa, ji. Ita. ba, bzhin. 


. t du. mi. chud. pa. dan I gaii.l!de. dan. der. yan. 
dag. p#. ji. Ita. ba. bzhin. du. mi. s'es. pa. dan I ma. 
mthoii. ba. dan I mnon. par. ma. rtogs. pa. dan I rmons. 
pa. danJ kun. tu. rmons. pa. dan I ma. rig. pa. dan I 
mun. pahi. rnam. pa. zhes. bya. ba. hdi. nL ma. rig. pa. 
zhes. byaho 1 1 

ma. rig. pahi. rkyen. gyis. hdu. byed. ces. bya 
bahi. hdu. byed. gan. zhe. na I hdu. byed. ni. rnam. pa. 
gsum! .ste I gsum. gan. zhe. na I lus. kyi. hdu. byed. dan 1 
nag. gi. hdu. byed. dan I yid. kyi. hdu. byed. do II 

hdu. byed. kyi. rkyen. gyis, rnam. par. s'es. pa. zhes* 
bya. bahi. rnam. par. s'es. pa, gan. zhe. na I rnam. par. 
s'es. pahi. chogs. drug, ste I mig. gi. rnam. par. s'es. pa. 
dan I rna. bahi. rnam. par. s'es. pa. dan I sna. dan I Ice. 
daft I lus. daft I yid. kyi. rnam. par. s'es. paho II 

rnam. par. s'es. pahi. rkyen. gyis. min. dan. gzugs. 
zhes. bya. ba. la. min [205 a\ gan. zhe. na I gzugs. can. 
ma. yin. pahi. phun. po. bzhi. ste I tshor. bahi. phun. po. 
dan I hdu. s'es. kyi. phun. po. dan I hdu. Joyed, kyi. phuia. 
po. dan I rnam. par. s'es. pahi. phun. po. ho I gzugs. 
gan. zhe. na I gzugs. gan. yin, pa. cihan. run I de. dag, 
thams. cad. hbyun. ba. chen. po. bzhi. dan I hbyuii. 
ba. chen. po. bzhi. dag. rgyur. byas. pa. ste I gzugs. hdi, 
dan I sna. mahi. min. gfiis. ka, gcig. tu. mnon. par* 
bsnus. nas. min. dan. gzugs. zhes. byaho II 

min. dan. gzugs. kyi. rkyen. gyis. skye. inched. 
drug. ces. bya. bahi. skye. mched. drug. gan. zhe. na 1 
nan. gi. skye. mched. drug- ste I mig. nan. gi. skye. 
mched. dau I rna. ba.,dan I sna. dan I Ice. dan I lus. dan I 
yid. nan. gi. skye. mched. do I 


skye. mched. drug. gi. rkyen. gyis. reg. .pa, zhes. 
bya. bahi. reg. pa. gan. zhe. na I reg. pahi. tshogs. drug, 
ste I mig. gi. hdus. te. reg. pa. dan I rria. ba. dan I sna. 
daft I Ice. dan I lus. dan I yid. kyi. hdus. te. reg. paho II 

reg. pahi. rkyen. gyis. tshor. ba. zhes. bya. bahi. 
tshor. ba. gan. zhe. na I tshor. ba. ni. gsum. ste I bde. 
ba. dan I sdug. bsnal. ba. dan I bde. bahan. ma. yin I 
sdug. bsnal. bahan. ma. yin. paho 1 1 

tshor. bahi. rkyen. gyis. sred. pa. zhes. bya. 'bahi. 
sred. pa. gan. zhe. na I sred. pa. ni. gsum. ste I [205 6] 
hdod. pahi. sred. pa. dan I gzugs. kyi. sred. pa. dan I 
gzugs. med. pahi. sred. paho 1 1 

sred. pahi. rkyen. gyis. len. pa. zhes. by a., bahi. len. 
pa. gan. zhe. na I len. pa. ni. bzhi. ste I hdod. pa. fie 
bar. len. pa. dan I Ita. ba. fie. bar. len. pa. dan I tshul. 
khrims. dan. brtul. zhugs. fie. bar. len. pa. dan I bdag. 
tu. smra. ba. fie. bar. len. paho I 

len. pahi. rkyen. gyis. srid. pa. zhes. bya. bahi. srid. 
pa. gan. zhe. na I srid. pa. ni. gsum. ste I hdod. pahi. 
srid. pa. dan I gzugs. kyi. srid. pa. dan I gzugs. med. 
pahi. srid. paho I 

srid. pahi. rkyen. gyis. skye. ba. zhes. bya, bahi. 
skye. ba. gan. zhe. na I gan. sems. can. de. dan. de. dag. 
gi. sems. can. gyi. ris. de. dan. de. dag. tu. gan. skye. 
ba. dan I s'in. tu. skye. ba. dan I hpho. ba. dafi I mnon. 
par. hbyuiu ba. dan.l rab. tu. byun. ba. dan I phun. po. 
so. sor. thob. pa. dan I khams. so. sor. thob. pa. dan I 
skye. mched. so. sor. thob. pa. dan. I phun. po. rnams 
mnon. par. grub. srog. gi. dban. po. rab. tu. skyes. pa', 
hdi. ni. pa. dan I skye. ba. zhes. byaho.ll 


skye. bahi. rkyen. gyis. rga. s'i. zhes. bya. bahi. 
rga. s'i. gan. zhe. na I gan. dehi. spyi. ther. dan I skra. 
dkar. dan I gner. ma. tshogs, pa, dan I rfiis. pa, dan I 
zhum. pa. dan I ba. Ian. chu. hthun. ba. Itar. gug, pa. 
dan I lus. nag. pahi. thig. les. gan. ba* dan I lud. pa. lu. 
zhin. dbugs, rgan, pa. dan I mdun. [206 a] du. lus. 
hbub. pa. Itar. byed. pa. dan I hkhar. la. brten. pa. dan I 
blun. pas. mo. brtul. ba, nid. dan I zhan. pa. fiid. dan I 
nams, pa. dan I yons. su. fiams. pa. dan 1 dban. po. rgud. 
pa. dan I flams, pa. dan I hdu. byed. rnams. rfiifts, pa. 
dan I s'in. tu. rfiins. par. gyur. ba. hdi. ni. rga. ba. zhes. 
byaho 1 1 

hchi. ba. gan. zhe. na I sems. can. gan. yin. pa. de. 
dan. de. dag. sems. can. gyi. ris I de. dan. de. dag, nas. 
hphos. pa. dan I hpho. ba. fiid. dan I zhig. pa. dan. 
nan! fiams. pa. dan I tshe. nams. pa. dan I drod. yal. ba. 
dan I srog, gi. dban. po. hgags. pa. dan I phun. po. 
rnams. hdor. ba. dan I s'i. ba. dan I dus. byed. pa. hdL 
ni. s'i. ba. zhes. bya, ste I s'i. ba. hdL dan I sna. ma. rga. 
ba. gfiis. gcig. tu. bsdus. nas. jga. s'i. zhes. bya. ste I 
hdi. ni. rten, cin. hbrel. bar, hbyun. ba, rnam, par. dbye. 
ba. yiiv, no 1 1 

dge. slon. dag. khyed. la. rten. cin. hbrel. bar. 
hbyun. ba. sdan. po. dan. rnam. par. dbye, ba. bs'ad. par. 
byaho II zhes. nas. smras. pa, gan, yin. pa* dehi. ched. 
du. nas. smras. par, di. dag. yin. no 1 1 

rten, cin. hbrel. bar. hbyun. bahi. dafi. po. rnam. 

par. dbye. ba. bstan. pa. zhes. 

byahi. mdo. rdzogs. so 1 1 


[F. 1060, L. 7] Rgya. gar. skad. du I Ary. Pra. ti, 
tya. sa. mud. pa. da. na. ma. ma. ha. ya". na. su. tra I 

[2066] Bod. skad. du I Hphags. pa. rten. cm. 
hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. zhes. bya. ba. theg. pa. chen. 
pohi. mdo I 

I Satis, rgyas. dan. byan. chub. sems. dpah. thams. 
cad. la. phyag. htshal. lo I 

, I Hdi. skad. bdag. gis. thos. pahi. dus. gcig. na I 
bcom. Idan. hdas. sum. cu. rtsa. gsum, gyi. lhahi. nan. 
na I ad. 1 mo. nig. Ita. bui. rdo. leb. la. rta. thul. la. sogs. 
pa. Ban. thos. chen. po. rnams. dan I hphags. pa. byams. 
pa. dan I hphags. pa. spyan. ras. gzigs. dban. phyug. 
dan I lag. na. rdo. rje. la. sogs. pa. byan. chub, 
sems. dpah. sems. dpah. chen. po. yon. tan. rin. po. 
che. dpag. tu. med. pas. brgyan. pa. rnams. dan I mi. 
mjed. kyi. bdag. po. chans. pa. chen. po. dan I sred. 
med. kyi. bu. dan I dban. phyug. chen. po. la. sogs. pa. 
lha. rnams. dan I lhahi. dban. po. brgya. byin. dan I 
dri. zahi. rgyal. po. gtsug. phud. Ina, ba. dan. thabs. 
cig. tu. bzhugs. te I de. nas. byan. chub. sems. dpah. 
sems. dpah. chen. po. Ina. na. ras. gzigs. dban. phyug. 

1 Xyl, reads : Ar. mo 


.stan. las. Ian- ste. bla. gos. phrag. pa. gcig. tu. gzar. nas I 
pus. mo. gyas. pahi. Ihan. ri. rab. kyi. rtse. mo. la. 
btsugs. te I bcom. Idan. hdas. ga. la. bde. logs, su, thai, 
mo. sbyar. ba. btud. nas. bcom. Idan. hdas. la. hdi. 
skad. ces. gsol. te I bcom. Idan. hdas. lha. hdi. dag. ni. 
mchod. rten. bkyid. par. htshal. ba. s'a. stag [s]. [207<z] 
ste I hkhor. gyi. dkyil. hkhor. hdir. mchis. na I ci. nas. 
tshans. pahi. bsod. nams, hphel. ba. dan. lha. dan. bcas. 
pa. bdud. dan. bcas. pa I tshans. pa. daft. bcas. pahi. 
hjig. rten. na. dge. sbyoh. dan. bram. zer. bcas. pahi. 
skye. dgu. las. dge. sloft. dan I dge. slon. ma. daft I dge. 
bsfien. dan I dge. bsfien. ma. dag. bsod. nams. tfin. tu. 
man. du. hphel. bar. hgyur. ba. de. Ita. de. Itar. bcom. 
-Idan hdas. kyis. de. dag. la. chos. bstan. du. gsol I 

de. nas. bcom. Idan. hdas. kyis. rten. cin. hbrel. 
bar. hbyun. bahi. tshigs. su. bead. pa. bkah. stsaL pa I 
Ye. dha. rma. he. tu. pra. bha. ba. 

he. tu. nte. san. Ta. tha. ga. to. hya. ba. ba. t I 
Te. sa. fica. yo. ni. ro. dha. 

e. bam. ba. di. m. ha. sra. ma. na 1 1 
chos. gaft. rgyu. byuft. de. dag. gi I rgyu. daft. de. 

hgog. gan. yin. pa. haft I 
de. bzhin. gsegs. pas. bkah I stsaL te I dge. slofi. chen, 

pos. de. skad. gsuns 1 1 

spyan. ras- gzigs. dbaft, phyug. hdi. Ita. ste I rten. 
cift. hbrel. bar. hbyun. ba. hdi. ni. de. bzhin. gsegs. pa. 
rnams. kyi. chos. kyi. sku. yin. te I sus. rten. cifi. hbrel. 
bar. hbyuft. ba, mthoru ba. des, de. bzhin. gsegs. pa. 
mthon. fto I spyan. ras. gzigs, dbaft. phyug. rigs. kyi. 
bu, ham. rigs. kyi. bu, mo. dad. pa. can. gan, la. la, 


zhig. gis. mi. gnas. pahi. phyogs. su. [207&] mchod. 
rten. ni. skyu. rvu rahi. hbru, tsam. srog. s'iii. ni. khab. 
tsam. gdugs. ni. ba. kul. hi. me. tog, tsam. zhig. byas. 
la I rten. cift. hbrel. bar. hbyuft. ba. chos. kyi. dbyifts. kyi. 
tsigs. su. bead. pa. naft. du. btsug. na. de. tshafts..pahi. 
bsod. nams. bskyed. par. hgyur. te I hdi. nas. s'i. hphos, 
s'in. hchi. bahi. dus. byas. nas, tshans. pahi. hjig. rten. 
dag, tu. skye. bar. hgyur. ro 1 1 de. nas. s'i. hphos. te. 
hchi, bai. dus. byas. nas. gnas, gtsaft, mahi. ris. kyi, lha. 
rnams. daft. skal. ba. mfiam. par. skye, bar. hgyur, ro 1 1 
bcorn. Idan. hdas. kyis, de. skad. ces. bkah. stsa!. 
nas. nan. thos. de. dag. dan I byan. chub. sems. dpah. 
de. dag. dan I thams. cad. dan, IdaL pahi. hkhor. de. 
dag I lha. dati. mi. dan I lha. ma. yin. daft. dri. zar. 
bcas. pahi, hjig. rten. yi. rafts, te I bcom. Idan* hdas. 
kyis. gsufts. pa. mfton. par, bstod. do IJ 

Hphags, pa. rten. cift. hbrel. bar. hbyuft. ba. 

zhes. bya. ba. theg. pa. chen, pohi. 

mdo. rdzogs. so ! I 

Ye. dha. rma. he. tu. pra, bha. va. he, tu. nte. san. 

Tatha. ga. to. hya, badat I 
Te. sa. fica. yo. ni. ro. dha. e. vam. ba. di. maha. 

sra. ma, na II 
Sa. rba. pa. pa. sya. ka. ra. nam. ku, s'a. la. syo. pa. 

sam. pa. dam 1 
Sva. ci. tta. pa. ri. da. ma. nu. me. ta. dbu, dha. 

nu. s'a, sa. nam. [II] S'u. bha, ma. stu, sa, rba. 

ja. ga. tarn I [207W. 7.] 




N.B. References to the pages of the Tibetan Xylograph, 
Bkah-hgyur mdo, vol. ma. No indication is given of the same 
words repeated on the same page. 


Kun, dgah. rab. na. 3TfTlJf 203b, 
kun, tu, rmons, pa. wft? 2Q4b- 
kun, nas. slon, ba. Qgc^I^fcI 


kun. hbyun, flg^T 204a. 
^yan. qfo 194b, 195a, 196b ; 3 
196a, 202 ; s5 Skt, 201a, b. 
kyi. genetive, 
klun. gi. rgyun. bzhin, du, !{% 

Stctf^ 199a, b, 
dkar. po. gg 204b. 
dkyil, hkhor. n^3 ^ zla- 
bkah. stsal. nas,^3i(ff 191a; 
ba,3TR 191a, I92b; 
^Tff^^n 203b ; 
te 9T^f^ 207a ; 
to tt 192a. 
bkra, s'is. fllfS 203a, 
rkyen (gyis) S5W 191b, I95a, 

196a,b, 197b, 199b,200a,b, 

20 la, 203b, 204a; 
dan. bcas. pa, 3SRW 192b; 
dan. hbrel. ba. 

193a, b, 194b, 195a, b f 

J96a, 201b ; 
hdi. Sid. hbras, bu, ste. 

^95W^r^5 193a; 
gzhan. dan* gzhan, las, 

byun, ba.QT^?55i5rzil99a, 
skal ba. mnam. pahi. skye, bar. 

sku. ?H 192a, 51^ 192b. 
skom, pahi. phyir.qf?cTS[^r^l98a. 
skye. mched. W*RR 200b, 205b; 
qer- 191b, 197b, 198a, b, 

204a, b, 205a. 
skye. na. fifafo 200a. 
skye. ba. suf^t 19 lb, 195a, b, 



198a, 202a, 204a, 205b; 
et Wiqft 195a; 
196a, b, 201a ; 
bahi. sgohi. phyir. SFflgT- 
1$3 for 3TI2T- 198a ; 

bahi, phyir. Scqi^t. 191b; 

bahi. char, gtogs. pa. 3ff<I- 
qT^ftl^ 20 Ib, 202a ; 

bahi. gnas, Sid. mtshams. 
sbyor. ba. 

^f?q 200a, 201b ; 

ste Sequel 191b ; 
bo. 5F=g 196b, 197a. 

skyed. 5R9fo 199b. 
skyes. nas. ^f^ 2 ? 197b ; 


skyes. ste. ScTO 201a; 3?VB^ 203b. 
Skyes. pa, 3^ 196b, 197a ; srftcf 
197b; ftaifcr 199a; x 

pas. ^7r?TcT 203b. 
Skyes, bu. g^r 197a ; 

hdul. bahi. kha. kha. la. 
sgyur. S^WeTCfa 203a. 

bskyed. (do) srfarT 196b, 199b, 

200b ; 
pa. 201b. 
skra. dkar. qrfe^j 205b. 


kha. kha. v. skyes. bu. 
kha, na. ma. Iho. ba. dan. bcas. 

kha. na. ma. tho. ba, med. pa. 

3T?Rq 204b. 
khoms. IT3 passim ; 

drug, ispruif ^T?pm 193b, 

195b, 197a. 
khon. du, chud. na, ^To^Rf 

khon. du. mi. chud. pa. pro* 

esfi^tft 204b. 

khyed. la, ^: 203b, 206a. 

mkhyen. pa. f^cl 203a. 

hkhar. ba. la. brten. pa. ^rsfts^. 

^R^IT 206a. 

hkhod. do. (3qft^) 191a. 
hkhrug. pa. OTTOra. 192a, 197b, 

198z> 204. 


ga. la. ba. $fr 190b. 
gan. Tel passim ; ^TFf: 191a ; 
dag . . . zhe, na. 

193b ; 

du $5f 202b ; 
dehi ^fTct 205b ; 
hdi. qj^^q; 195a, 

gi. phyir. ^RJTR^ 194b, 

195a, 201b; 
gi. tshe. 3??T 200b ; 
nas. $3: 202b ; ba. 

v. lus ; 

bar v. snod ; 
na f 



zag. tu. hdu, stes. pa. 35 

*5fl*lT 197a ; 
zag. tu. smra. ba, 


yan. 35^ 201a ; 
yin. pa. cihan, tun 

yin pa. de. Sid. 3 

cT trsr 20lb ; 
la. la. *: 203a ; 
-r-la. la. zhig, gis, 3: 

l, te. %^ 195a. 

nom. pa. scjftcf 204ft. 
gyi. at the end of a clause, gene- 
rally followed by hon. kyan 
196a, 200b, 201b, 202a. 
gyur. Rfa 194a. 
Dge. hdun. flf 190b, 204a. 
dge. spyon. 3TOT 202b. 
dge. ba. ^iT55 204b- 
Dge. mtshan. dan. bkra. s'is. su. 

smra, ba. ^3^*TS^R 203a. 
Dge. slon. fiig 191a, 203b ; 

chen. pas. ^1^01: 207a ; 
ston ^?f I90b ; 
dag fa^: 203b, 206a. 
Dgra. bcom. pa. 3??^ 203a. 
bgrod. par. bya. bahi, sa. phyogs. 

^f q 190b. 
mgo, JT^^J 203a, 

Mgon, med. zas. sbyin. gyi. 

fqtr^?^ 203b. 

hgag. f^sq% 194b, 195a, 201b. 
hgags. pa. fSp?5 194b ; ma. 3fl%- 

195a, 202a; fJp^i^ 202a; 

ftfcr 206a, 19 Ib ; -na ft^flft 

194a, b. 
hgog(pa). ftd^ 204a, 207a ; 

pahi chos ftfta^R 199a 
hgyur sr^lct 199b ; 

194a, b, 195b, 196a, b, 
198a, 199a,b,201a,203a; 

ro. tf^jfo 203a; 
904a ; ^ 

bahi. bya. ba. 

hgrub. pa. 3jf5rft|f^ 199a f v. 


hgro. ste. ^srfe 201a. 
hgro. bar. hgyur. Tlfil^i% 202b. 

rga. ba. ^^T 197b, 198a, 

rga. sfi. 3rWW i r 191b, 195a, b, 

199a, 204a, 205b, 206a. 
rgan. ba. i?. lud. pa- 
rgas. nas. ^sftq^T 197b. 
rgud. pa. qf^TT^ 206a. 
Rgyal. pohi. khab. na. ^T^SHll: 

Rgyal. bu. rgyal. byed, kyi. tshal. 




rgyu. 3>r*G? 200a ; |3 204a, 207a ; 
dan bcas. fl^$ 192b ; 

dan. bbrel. ba. 
193a, b, 195a,b; 

chun. du. las. 

194b, 195a, 201b> 202a ; 

dan. rkyen. t^^T^T for 
^qi^R 20 la, b ; " 

-de. las. cf^3^ for *&%$% 

byun. t3^^r: 207a; 

byed. %3 199b ; 

med(pa) er^ I92b, 199a; 

med. pa, las. kyad. ma. 
skyes. te. *ntegfW 
194b, 200a ; > 

gzhan. dan. gzhan. las. 
byun. ba. 3^>^|j^ 199a; 

las. gan. dag, par. hbyun. 

rgyun. ma, chad. pa. 3?^ 

199a, b. v. rtag, pa. 
rgyun. bzhin. du. sta^ 199a, b. 
rgyur, %g?%^ 199b. 
rgyus, byas. pas. ste 3Tr^T*T 205a. 
sgyu. mahi. mtshan. nid. kyi. 

ran. bzhin JTWR^WTT* 230a, 


sgyur. ba. v. skyes* bu. 
bsgyur. qft"lfa^ 194b, 200a; 
bahi. bya. ba. q 


na ef^q; 196b, 197a; 

zes. bya. ba, 3T5fTE 197a. 
nag. qr^ 192a. 

nan. pa. $ft 204b. 

nam, after the word ending in n, 

[W] 202b. 
nas. [^T] 206a. 
dnos. po. so. sor. rnam. par. 

rig. pa. Eregsrfirftaflr I97b. 

mnon. pa. srEfftufff 20 la, b ; 
pa. zhig. 5Ifir^r?^ 195b 
pa. zhig. na. STUr^% Do. 

pahi. bya. ba. 
. 200b; 

par. bgrub, pa 

193a, b, 194a, b, 195b, 

par. hgrub. par. byed. pa. 
^ftN&Tfa 196a ; 

par. bsgrub. bo effaffr!^ 
qrfir 193b, 194a, 19Sb, 

par, bsgrubs. so. QjfVrfM- 
McT: 193Jb, 194b, 195b; 

par. hgrub. ste ^fJr^& 
198a; 3T^f^VcT 200a, 

par. dgah. ba. 

198b ; 



par. chags. pa. dan- bcas. 

pa Slfani 197b; 
par. rtogs arfaSFRI I92b ; 
par. bstod. do. apww^ 

par.hdu* byed. pahi. phyir. 

3lfirarfl2fa 197b ; 
par, bsdus. nas 

205a ; 
par. hbyun. ba, 

par. ma. rtogs. pa, 

3W 204b ; 

Ina. H%^passim\ Inar qsft: 201b. 
sna. ma(hi) <$* 205a, ^F 206a 
snon. *J5 195a ; 

gyi. mthafr *%$*$ 202b, 


hgags. pa. ^ft^ 202a ; 
dan. phyi. mahi. mthah 

204a ; 



can. mi. gsun. bar. gyur. na. 

qsuff ^fqyT 191a. 
ci. BOTa:191aJ f^5 202b; 

hbyun. ba. zhig. gam f% 

^*EWt 202b 5 
hbyun. bar, bgyur. ram 

202b ; 

zhig. yod. % f?T: 202b ; 
rigs. su. ^r^q; 201a ; 
cihi. phyir. 
cir hgyur $1 g 
% qfiiwjra: 202b. 
cir. gyur. pa. zhig, 


cin. a conjunct particle 193b. 
ces.--bya. ba fRT 204a, b, 205a; 
byahi. bar. du. ?Tr^l93a; 
byaho ?cfsq% 198b. 
gcig. tu. ipi 192a; ^fM 205a, 
206a, gcig. na IJ^fCT^ 190b, 
gcig. bur. hdu. ^es. pa. t^fF 


bead. v. rtsa. ba. 
bcom. Idan. hdas. ^^1?5 passim. 
Ice. f^if [ 204b, 205a. 


chags. pa. v. mnon. 

chad. par. ma. yin. pa. sfteifc^: 

194b, 19Sa, 20 lb, 202a. 
chu, $\\ 193b, 194a, b, 19Sb, 

196a, b. 

chun. du q^ 195a, 201a, 202a. 
chen. po *?5^19Qb, 192a, 204a; 

mjH 195a, 202a. 
ched. du. . . . smras. par. di. dag. 

yin. no. 5Tc^ 206a, 


chos. W passim ; . . . zhe. na, 

khy. sku. Slto. 192b ; 195a, 201b, 202a, b. 

Sire 192a ; hjig- rten sste 202b ; 

kyi. bdag. pa, ^rfoq; mkhyen. pa ?5t^5, 203a ; 

191a ; nas 55taaT?l 201a ; 

gaa. 5f qqf : 207a ; pha. rol. tu. qj^JfoJI 201a ; 

f ^ * 

Sid. SW3TT 193a ; hjig. par. f^ffl 199a ; 

thams. cad. SRtW 192a; pa hi. chos ftqTOnf I99a ; 

gnas. pa. Sid foraOT pahi- phyir fe^j^ i 9 8 a ; 

193a; hjigs. pa. med. pa. 3W3 192b, 

-mi. hgyur. ba. Sid. ^^ 

ftqrflcIT 193a ; ^ bgr byed> pa ^ ^^ 

la. bzod. pa. hdi. Ita- bu. \9fa, b. 

dan. Idan, te. Ifif^'W- i.:. 1D . Qf#a ra? S-^ 107,. 

^ njug. sre y^Q'O j.y/a. 

E[rf5TO*rfNcf 203a ; . ' . 

rjes. su. 373 tj t yan. dag. par. 

hchi- ba. mT 197b, 198a, 206a; 

zhugs. paho 

-zha firwrn WTb. 199a)K 

hchos, pa. ^f^cl 196a, b. 


Sams. pa. fTM 206a ; qRJt^ 206a. 

ji. Ita. bu. *?R31 195a; 3T^rrat? Sid. du. tp 198a. 

198b ; Sis. brgya. Ina. bcu. 
bu. Sid. ^[3^ 192b ; 190b, * 

bu. zhig. tu. hgyur $q | Se. bar. len. pahi. phun. po 

^^ffq 202b ; ^R^B?^ 197b. 

bu. zhe, na, 35^ 192a, Se, bar, len. pahi. phyir ; 

193b; 198a. 

bur. gyur. pa. zhig, gu. Se. bahi. Son. mons. pa. 

TO ^^^ 202b. 197b. 

ji. Itar. ^^ 191a ; Son, mons. pa g^l 197b ; 
myon, bar. hgyur. ba. ran. bzhin. gyis 

202a; ^ I99b ; 



pahi. phyir. 
non. la. >Z3JcT 203b. 
gfiis. <T*TO 206a : 

ka. S*ft 191a,.sme Skt 

kyi. phyir. ST^TTH 193a, 
195a ; kas. ma. byas. 
^2Tf 3 194b, 200a, 

gSer. ma. tshogs. pa. 33^5^ 


mnan yod. na, STN^cSUH 203b. 
rSins. pa ..... gyur. pa. 

*TR 206a ; v. s'in. tu 
rnes. pa. ^O|%T 205b 
snam. du. sine Skt. 202b ; 

mi. sems. so. 5T 
193b, 194a, b, 195b, 196b 
1996, 200b. 

snin. po. *T*f 193a ; 

med, araRcl: 202b. 

i$|198a. rtag. pa. 



ta. lahi. mgo. bzhin. 


tin. rie. hdsin. ^rf^T 192a. 
tu, an accusitive particle 201a, 


gtam. efiSJT 190b. 
gti. mug. *Ttf 197a. 
gtos. pa. v. skye. ba. 
btab, pa, ^qcl 195a. u 

199a; mi. 

par. rgyur. du. 

par, hdu, s'es. pa. 

par. ma. yin. pa, 

^T: 194b, 195a, 201b. 
rten. gyi. bya. ba. 3JW?^ 200b; 

pahi phyir 

pahi. bya, ba. 

193b, 194a. 
rten. cin. hbrel. bar, hbyun, ba. 

rtog. go. srf^^fcf 202b/ 
rtogs. pa, v. mnon 
brtul- zhubs. v . tshul. khrims 
rtog. pa. &E^I 192a. 
brten. pa. Rfafga 200a ; 

par. hdu. sfes. pa., gfqf^cT 197b; 
si^tczr 200a, la nas, 

Ita, ba fe 192a ; 

Se. bar. len. pa. 

bar. son. fftifcl 202b. 
blta (ho) (ste) 3$&! 193a, b, 



ston par. ^faffi: 202b. 

ston. pa. SI^cTF 203a. 

bsta (ho) $25^ 194b, 195a, b, 


bstan. gyis. ^srf^ITfiT 203b. 
bstan. pa. ft% 203b. 
bstan. par. bya. ba, %^^ 204b; 
ma. yin. 3?% 2Q4b. 


tha. dad. pa. 3^ 202b. 
tha. mahi. hchi. phun. po. fTR^- 

feffiF: ^-^r: 201b s 202a. 
thabs. cig.^tu gpfn 190b. 
thams. cad. $39^ 194a, 196a, 

200a; - 

mkhyen, pas. el^ 19 la. 
thig. la. v, lus. 
thugs, su. chad. pahi. phyir 

sjsretera: 192a. 
then zug. tu. hdu. s'es. pa. 

^r^cT^nr 197a. 
thog. ma. med. pahi. dus. nas. 

zhugs. T^lf^^R5ai^r 199a. 
thogs. pa. med. pa. 3?sff%^ 192b, 


thob. pa. ^R 192a. 
thos. pa. cT 190b, 203b. 
mthah a^^T v. las ; srari ; 

snon , 
mthun. pa, ^1^1 193a, 

202b ; 

hthuns. pa. 

191a, 192b, 

196a, b. 



da. Itar. byun. ba 

dag. a plural particle. 

dan. pro instrumental 198b. 

dan. po arrfe 203 b, 206a. 

du. a locative particle, 20 la; -c?. 

dus. ^ 193b, 194a,b; 

202b ; wm 203b ; 

kyis. ma. bsgyur. 
q^fiT^T 194b, 200a ; 

gcig. na.^f^rr^^q3ri90 

byed. pa. ^T^f^T 206a. 
de. cRi; passim ; ^q; 198b ; 

200b; des 3; 191a; 3^3? 203a ; 

han ^T ^ 194b, 200a; 

skad ces ^q; 191a, 203b ; 

skad. gsuns T^fer^ 207a; 

skyed. pa. rTvSr 200a ; 

kho. na. clr% 198a ; 

hgbg. gan. yin. pahan 
%^ra aft ft^nr: 207a ; 

nid ^ ^ 194b; 

nid, kyi. tshe. ^ 194b ; 

*ft*ffa (^) ^FT% 195a, 
202a f 


-Itar. na ^^ 204b ; Itar. myori. bahi, gyur ; 

-dan. der *R ^ 200a, bahi 3*?I%5tfte 202a ; 

201b, 204b ; Ita. na. tpq: 201b. 

-dan. hbyurl. &3t 200b ; " de, dag. gi %qrq, 207a. 

-dag. thams, cad. 3?tSRJ den. hdir aran3f(?) 191a. 

205a ; don - *rf 19 la- 

-dan. de. dag. %qf %qnj dri. za- 1^1 203b. 

206a ; drin. ^J% 192a. 

-dan. de. dag. gi. ctqt ^Ml^ drug. q^!98b, 204b, 205a. 

205b ; drod. yal, pa. 3>"^w(t ?T^ 206a. 

-dad, de. dag. nas. rfWraL gdab bo wW>R* 199b - 

cT^Tcl 206a - bda ^' ^^ 196b - 197a * 198b ; 

-dan. hdra. bahi. rgyun. du. "I* 193b ' 194a ' 195b 195b ' 

^:194b,195a, l"b, 200b, 202b ; 
cag ^^TH 195b ; 

201b ; - i^ irvr 

gi. im 196b, 197a ; 
-nas. 3TT 191a ; 35f 203b ; 5 . ^ n _ 

gi. med. pa. ?OT 200a, 
-bzhin, nid. cflrl[ 193a; 201b ' 

-bzhin. du. ^H 193a,b, _ gi< zhes bya- ^ 

194a, b, 195a, b, 196a, b, 197a; 

200b, 201a, b ; _ gis< ^ L lgob> 3^ 

-bzhin. gsegs. pa. ^TmcT lg4a> 195b> 196b ^ 199bi 

193a,203a;207a; 20Qb; 

-hi. phyir. ^rra: i92b, _ giSi ma< byas- ^ ^ S5l 

195a ; a?cT: 201b, 202a ; 194b> 200a ; 

-hi. tshe, na 3W 190b, t u< hdu. s'es. pa. ancfl^fT 

?Tftq^ *W^ 203a ; 197a ; 

-la. cT5j passim ; ^^T 203a ; 9TTcfl^T^[ 203a, 

-las acT: 194a, 200b ; 205b ; 

-Itar. TJ^l passim ; pa ^ift^ v, chos 

-Itar. bu cfrcsi I95a ; po. med. pa. 

-Itar. bur cWTcfte I 9 8b ; 201b ; 



med. par, 9T^R*KI! 202b. Ita. bu. la. sogs. pa. 

bde. ba. g*sf 205a ; tpmf^ 197a, b ; 

-ba. ma. yin 3Tg^ 205a ; Itar. spr 195b, ^ij 202a ; 

bahi. no. bo. *?TcI^ 198b ; ~ ltar - y*n- W * 193a; 

-bar. hdu. *es. pa. priT "" lta ' ste dper ' na ' WT 

197a; 201a ' b ;'egs g^ 191a,203a. ~ dagr ' fii<L la ' ^ 197a 

V, , i -rin3 nas.8|^ra^201a;^r:202b; 
bden. pa. kho. na. ^IcT^ir 193a* 

yod. na. 9?f^H^ ^ 203b ; 

mdah. V. sran ^ _. 

yod. pas. arfwi.Sm 191b; 

mdun. khim. gyi. tshul. du. *T3>- , _ 

la. ^g 192a- 

^ q ^^ * hdu. byed. *fc$R, passim. 

mdun. du 3 W: 205b. hdu ^ ^ pa- w> ^^ 

mdo^p 191a. hdug. pa. f^ctf 193a. 

sde ^T?cT 191a. hdul. ba. v. skyes. bu 

mdor. bsdus. te. ^fal 192b. hdus. te. WK$ 191a ; 

hdab. ma. q=( 193a. nas. ^?%qfl: 196a, b ; 

hdi. ^4^ > \j^^pas$im ; pa. $2^ff 196a ; ^jrf^TRT 

skad. upr^ 190b, 203b ; 197b, QTcftcf 202b ; 

skad. ces T^K 191a; pahi. phyir ^UT^f^T^ 193b, 

skyes. pas. ^^tc^RTcI. 195b ; 

203b; P a - las. W^r^rcl 194a, b, 

ci. zhig. ft fi^q; 202b ; 1Q 5a, b ; 

ji. Ita. bu. zhig. qiqf^^n byas. S^rf I99a; 

202b ; ma. byas. 3ffi^firr 199a ; 

snam. du . . . , sSam. du. m i- byas. pa. QflKl^T 192b, 

t^q[ 193b, 194a, 195b, 202b ; 

196b, 199b, 200b ; hdebs. ste. 3?^f^1% 199b. 

Ita. ste *rf^dt 191b, hdod. 

193a, b, 195a, b, 33PW chags. tf*i 197a; 

192a, 200a, 203a, ^ _ pa . Be. bar. len. pa. 

199b,203b; ^R205b; 



pahi. srid. pa. 

205b ; 
pahi. sred. pa. 


rdo. leb. la. f$l*$TcT% 19 la. 
hdor. ba. f^R 206a. 
Idan. pa ; 

d an , OTfNcT 192a, 203a ; 
197b ; srf^g^T 203a; 

200a ; 

dan. pas. OT^Rffl! 192b, 
sdig. pa tr] 3^: 202b. 
sdug. bsnal ba. J:^ passim ; 

yan ma. yin. pa. 3J:*i 

sdug. pahi, no. bo. fa^T^T 198b. 
sdud. pahi. bya. ba. 

196a, b. 

sdon. bu, 3>I^ 193a. 
bsdu. bar. gyi. bahi. 


bsdus. te. S^te 192a, t>. mdor 
bsdus. nas. aifa^f^ 20Sa, 206a. 


na. pro locative, 202b, 203b, v. 

gcig , dus , yod . 
nag. pa. v. lus 
nag. po. fJ5l 204b. 
nan. (gyi). QTF^rfr^ 204a, 205a ; 

gi. 3TTanfc*F 193a, 195a,b, 
196a, 200b, 201b; ^r^: 
dan. phyi. B^j^^f^^f 


nams. pa. 3T?cR?Tf&! 206a. 
nad- frlcf: 202b. 
nam. ^[ 194a, 196a. 
nam. mkhah. ^n^RI passim ; 

dan. mtshuns. pa. 

*W 200a, 201b. 
nas. pro ablative, 202a; 

gnas. CTF? 20 la ; 

Sid. 3TT2?OT 200a, 20 Ib. 
gnod. pa. ^<ft^*r 198a. 
rna. ba. sfa 204b, 205a. 
rnam. pa. 3ff^ 194b, 195a, 201b; 

man. po zpjfal 191a ; 

-sna. tshogs. f^f^ 197a; 

gsum. ste 5R: 204b ; 

par. hphel.bas ^f^Trl98b; 

par. gnis. su f|f3^ 193a ; 

par. dbye. ba. f^H 203b ; 

par. dbye. ba. dan. bcas, 

pa. flsrfcRil 204b ; 
par. smin. pa. f^TT^i 202a, 

2Q4a ; 

par, zhib- ma. yin. pahi. 
ran bzhin. du. 

192b, 202b ; 



par. rig. pa. fMl%- 197b ; 

par. rig. pahi. phyir f^q- 
in*l 197b ; 

par. s'es. pa. fif^TT^ passim. 
rnam. gsum. ftf^ 198a. 
rnams. a plural particle. 

sna. BTO 204b, 205a. 
snan affSte 200a, b. 
snod. chun. du. chus. gan. bar 

20la ; 

bahi. nan. du. 
^T^3r 201a. 


dpag. tshud. bzhu khri.fiis. stori. 
2 Ola. 

spans, par. Sf^fa 203a. 
spyi. ther. ^Tlf^ 205b. 

pha. dan. ma. phrad. pa. 

4^tn 200a. 

phan. tshun 3&3t*3 190b. 
phun. po. ^5q passim ; 

byun. bahi. phyir 
gsftwfa 198a ; 

smin. pahi. 
qra$5T 198a. 

phyi. wft^f 204a ; 

mahi. mthah.^T^F'cl 202b, 

hi. ^Tif 193a ; 

rol. gyi. ^TU 163a, b, 
194a, b, 195a. 

phin. ci- ma. log. pa. Sid. ^^qq-- 

^F 193a. 

phin. nas sqe&PWT 190b. 
phyir. a?qff 197b, 198a ; pro 

ablative 191b, 192a. 
phyis 3?T3$nH 203a. 
phyis. pa. v. rab. tu 
phrad. pa, &?Vr 200a. 
hphags. pa. 3ff4 192a, b. 
hphel. ba. Igsq 197b; ^raq^ 199a. 
hpho. ^TU% 201a; 

ba. 3{c|*[pcf 205b ; 

ba. Sid. ^cRcl: 206a ; 

bar. ma. yin. pa. T ^T- 
f^Tcl: 194b, 195a, 201b, 

hphos. ^mfcl 20 la ; 

pa : gf^ 206a. v. s'i 


ba. Ian. chu, hthun. bltar. gug. 
205 b. 

193a, b, 194b, 

bar. du. 

195a, b. 

bu. g5( v. S'arihi 
bud. med. ^Jt 196b, 197a. 
bya. rgod. phun. po. ^ST^S 190b. 
bya. ba. l^T 193b, 194a. 
bya ho. ^tftr 194a, 196b t 200b. 



yan. chub. sems. dpah 
yams. pa. %^f 190b, 191a, 

203, b. 

>yun. Sc^R 193a ; 
bar. hgyur. ro. 

^31% 200b ; SW3 207a. 
byas. nas. ^foc^T 191a. 
byas. pa. (las) fiw% 202a. 
byed. (do) 3*tfa 193b, 194a, 
199b, 200b; 
pa. $(tfcl et 

pa. la. rag. las. pa. 

sffa 200a; 
bran. pa. v. lud* 
bram. ze. 81911 202b. 
bral. bar. gyo. ba. ftftfiw 203a. 
bla. na, med. pa. ara^R 192b, 


blun. pas. mon* rtul. ba. Sid. 

.^f^pr, 197b, 201a, 206a. 
dban. phyug. gis. ma. byas. 

%WfrT 194b, 200a. 
dbugs. SI^T^ 205b. 
dbugs. phyi. nan. du. rgyu. bahi. 
bya. ba. on^T^a^f^T 196a, b- 

hbah. zhig. po. %^5 192a, 204a. 
hbar, ^55^1 20 Ib. 
hbu. bahi. bya. ba. bycd. do. 

hbu. bar. bya ho3?ftfM*lft 194a. 
hbub. pa. v. lus 
hbyun. (ba), (-ste), (-no). 
191b, 193a, 194b, 20 
198b, 203b; wnfe 191b; sw- 
to 201b, 202a ; 
, 204a, 5TT|^ 193b, 
195b ; Sfftfoffa v, hbras. bu ; 
ba. chen. po. HfT^J? 205a ; 
bar. hgyur (ro), 

202b ; ^srfNf 204a ; 
bar- mi. hgyur. 


hbral. bar. ^^ 198b. 
hbras. T^i: 202b. 


hbras. bu. *G& passim ; 

chen. po. milon. par. 

hgrub. pa. f^g55 

194b, 195a ; 

bhen. po. hbyun. ba. f%3&- 

q5^Tf*rH^ 201b 202a * 
hbrel. ba. ^qf?f^^ v. rkyen , 


sbu. bu. 5?R5 193a. 
sbubs. yod- par. ^fw[^T^] 

196a, b. 
sbyan. 3ft 192a ; 

ras, gzigs. dban. phyug. 

^|fc?te* 206a, 207a. 
sbyor. ro. ^1*t 20 la. 




ma. skyes. pa. a^KI 192b, 202b. 
ma. gyur. tsig. sSam. du. *TT ^fcf 


ma. mthon. ba. e^sfr 204b. 
ma. nin. ^PS 196b, 197a. 
ma. nor. ba, sjfrRfa 192b, 193a, 

Sid. arf^rftam 193a. 
ma. hphas. te * ^ ^cT 20 la. 
ma. byun. (ba). s?gWR 193a ; 
OT^cT 192b, 202b ; 
ba. zhig, ifnpq^ 202b ; 
du. dsin. na. 
195b ; 

na. srrofow 

ma. byas. BTfrr 192b, 202a, ff 

f^T 194K 

ma. tshan. na. (l^q) 20Ib. 
ma. tshan, ba. med. par. 

ma. tshan. ba. med. pahi. phyir. 

l^aTT^200a, 20 la, b. 
ma. tshan. bar. ma. gyur. arf^B 

^sjj% 200b. 
mahi. man. la. *ng: 5^ 200a, 

ma. hons, pahi. dus. na, 

S^Pr 202b. 
ma. yin. 3 passim. 
ma. rig. pa. Off^JT passim ; 

pahi. lud. kyis. bran. pa. 

srf^Pff ^^tlV 200a - 
ma. s'es. pa. 3RJFI 197a, 
mi. tf passim ; 

skye. mi. hgag. pahi. chos. 
can. du. hgyur. ro 
ft^W^ 203a. 
mi. gyo. bar. ne. bar. hgro. 

s^q^l 198a. 
mi* sgrib. pahi. bya. ba. sn 

55T 194a, 200b. 
mi. dge. ba. 3^35 204b. 
mi, rtag. par ^fff^rcf: 202b* 
mi, rtogs. zhin. 3T5|fcfqf^ 198a. 
mi. bde. ba. aTHTcI 197b. 
mi. hdra. ba. 1%S$r 202a. 
mi. snan. bahi. ran. bzhin. du. 

^RT^TRIIcf 203a. 
mi. hphos. pa. ^-11^1^ 202b, 
mi. s'es, pa. afflW 198a, 204a. 
mig. ^g: passim ; 

gi. hdus. te =3g: ^ft^fecf 

pro =^g: 20Sa. 
min tfiJT 205a, 

triin. dan. gzugs. H3R^qr passim ; 
kyi. myu. gu. 3?^ 196a, 

200a, 201b. 
mun. chen. pohi. phyir 

yfa 197b. 
mun. pahi. rnam. pa. 
me. cl^ 193b, 194a 3 b, 195b, 
196a,b, 197a;3?fq 201b. 



me. tog, geq- 193a, b, 194b. 
me. Ion. gyi. dkhyil. hkhor. 

qu3*5 201a. 
med. 3 201a ; 

na. 3Tefa 193a; 3^3: 200b; 
nas. 3TCffin^ 199b ; 
pa 3TO3; 202b ; 
par SftKTT 196a ; 
pas erseg 194a; 
ban 3ft . . . *wfa 20 la. 
mod. kyi. used at the end of a 
sentence, generally followed by 
hon. kyan. 193b, 194a, 196b, 
199b, 201a. 

mya. nan $fa 192a, 197b, 198a, 

byed. pahi. phyir 3TNifjfo 


las. hdas. pa. f^R^T 192a. 
las. byun 5Tt^cJ 197b. 
myans. pa. sine* Skt. 196a, b. 
myu. gu. 3^ passim. 
myon ste 3?g^q% 202a ; 
pas 3T3^% 202a ; 
ba. 3*3*13 197b; Q?3^^ 
197b ; 198a ; 3TT^^T% et 
STT^T^T 198b ; 
ba. dan. Idan. pa. 

f^5 200a ; 

bahi* gyur. bahi 

bahi. phyir e^q^i^f 198a; 

ba. yod, pa. %^ftflT 199a. 
myons. pa. ^\ 201b. 

myos. te %i$ 197b ; 

dmah. v . srari. mdah. 
dmigs. pa. med. pa. 3?Uc5*3fr 192b, 


dmigs. bya. ba. 3TT55WRf ^ 200b. 
smin. pa. qftqi^J 197b. 
smon. cm St^ffiR 198b; 

pa. gpfor 198b, 
smra. ba. ^T? 203a. 
smras. nas. ^'gj 203a ; 
pa. OT5 191a, 206a, 

192b ; 

so arafaci 19 la. 
smre. snags, hdon. pa. 
192a, 197b, 198a,204a. 


btsun. pa. *T^I 191a, 202a, 203a. 
rtsa. ba. nas. bead, de 

rtsoL ba. s^RW 192a. 

tshan. zhin 3T^o5 196a; 

bar. gyur. 196a. 

tshig. gis. smre. bahi. phyir 
q^qR%^fm?r 198a; 

tu. smre. ba. QTRSq'T 197b. 



tshul. khrims. dan. brtul. zhubs. 

6e. bar. len. pa. ^ifa^dfaRH 1 


tshul. du. ^ftffff 196a. 
tshogs wr 196a, 197b, 198b, 

204b, 205 ; 

pa. Sl^F 205b. 
tshor. ba%^T 

204a, 205a ; 

bahi. bye. brag. 

N for^ff^ra 198b. 
mtshan. Sid, 55^ 192b, 
msthams. sbyor. ba. 5r 

20 Ib. 

htsho. ba. 3|Rte 192a. 
htshogs, na. SW^Rfa 200a. 

pa. las. pro. 3r|^r1TcI > 201b. 
rtshe. Sams. pa. BTTg^t f ffa: 206a. 
rtshe. dan. Idan. pa. aflgstRTL 

190b. 191a, 203a. 


hdsin. pa. hied. pa. wftflf 200a, 

rdsogs. pahi. sans, rgyas ^55 

rdsogs. byun. chub, ^tfr 203a. 

zhin. %3 200a ; 

gyi. bya. ba. ^t^T^ST 199b; 
gyi. ran. bzhin. gyis. %5f- 

^^TR^R 199b, 
zbib, f$m 192b, 202b. 
zhugs SJ^T v. thog. ma. 
zhum. pa. JJITclT 205b, 
191b, 197b, 198a, zhe. sdan. gft 197a. 

zhen. pa, (la.) ajsqsfflR 197b. 
zhes. (bya), ^ 19 la, b, 192a, b, 
193a, 202b, 206a; 
-de. skad^ft 191a; 
bya. ba. ?fo 204b, 205a a b, 

*TJT 191b ; 

byaho 5% 197b, 198b; 
197b, 199a, 205a; 
204a, b, 206a ; sine 
Skt. 204b, 196a, 197a ; 
bya. ba. nas. gan. hdi. 
chos. Sid. 
bya. ba. byed. pa, 


gzhan. apq?t 194b, 195a, 196b, 
197a, b, 200a, 201b ; 
gyis. ma. by as. 

194b, 200a ; 
daA 3??^t?3T 199a ; 
ma. yin. pa. 9TfMT 193 ; 
yad 5TWH 198a. 
ma-duhan ifT^Fasr 201a. 


zhan. pa. Sid. q?^ 206a. 
zhig. pa. fiRT^T 197b, 5^ 206a. 



bzhi. (po). =3g^l97b, 198b, 199b, 

205a, b. 
bzhin, SRL 19Sa, 199a, b t 202a, 

201a, 203a ; 

gyi. gzugs, brnan. 
ftssr 20 la ; 

du. rnSon. pa. 

bzhugs. te. ft??;% *R -190b ; 
so. 190b. 203b. 


zag. pa. dan, bcas. pa. 


zad. pahi. chos. qw^fi 199a. 
zad. pa. med pa. 3&*W 202b. 
zug. rnu. 3T^TrT: 202b. 
zos. pa. 3?%3 196a, b. 
zla. bahi. dkyil. hkhor. ^r 

201a f ^ 201a ; 

med. pahi, sred* 

gsqr 205b. 
bzod. pa. grfcf 203SL 

mtshan. dari. 5Rg- 
grrcfTq 200a. 

gzigs. nas. 9T^tW 191a ; 

paho. *K%fa 192a. 
gzugs. ^q 198b, 2oOa, b, 205a ; 

can. ma. yin. pa. 3?^f^ 
198b, 20Sa. 

kyi srid. pa. ^T^ 205b ; 

kyi. sred. pa. ^M'^ s ir 205b ; 
brnan Slfofsr^ 20 la ; 

med. pahi. srid. pa. 

205b ; 

hari. srft 193a, b. 194a *T 194b, 

195a, 201a, 207a ; 3f JST: 202b ; 

bskyed. pa. 3T*^5R^ 

197b. sine Skt. 201a. 

ham. 3T 203a. 

hons. 9?rn^: 202b. 

hon. te. 3?ritfeKt 202b. 

hon. kyan. (generally after a 
clause ending in mod kyi) W 
$3; 193b, 194a ; 3|T ^ 196b, 
199b ; without mod. kyi. BpT 
(^r) S^T: I94b f 195b, 199b,200a, 
9TI ^ 199b, 3TJ ^ 3^: 201b. 


yan. ^ 194b, 195a, 197b, 200a. 

g^T: 200a. 
yan. dag. pa. WF 192a, b, 

203a. 202a; 

ji. Ita. bu. bzhin. (du) 
^TH? 204b ; 

nid. H?^T 193a ; 

pahi. ji. Itar. bazhin. du. 
*TOT*l5T 202a;-par, dgah. 
bar. bya. bahi. B^t?ft (?) 

I90b ; 



par, rjes, su. mthori, ba. 
SWgwrfct 202b. 

yan. run. qr 193a. 
yari. lag. ^ 199b; 

brgyad. pa. 3TSrflf$ 192a ; 

bcu. gSis, po. gJ^Tff 
199a, b. 

yan. srid. pa. skye-. bahi. phyir. 

g*T*M*ffiWI 198a. 
yan. srid. pa, bskyed. pa. 

5WS 198b. 

yi. rans. te, ajgswter 203b. 
yid. wqr 198b, 204a, 205a ; 

kyi. *TR*r 197b ; 

kyi. hdus. te. pro 

kyi. rnam. par. ses. pa, 
tRtf^TR 196a. 

mi. bde. ba. <frfo^ 192a, 

197b, 198a, 204a; 
la. byed. pa. ^ft^JR 197b, 

200a, b ; 
la. gzun. zhig. fR% f5cT 


yul. f^TW I97a. 
ye. ses, pa. $R 192b. 
yons. Bams. pa. qf^rfa 206a. 
yons. su. gdun. ba. qft^Tf 197b; 

dro. bahi. bya, ba. byed. 
do, qR^F^Rt 193b ; 

ma- gton. bar. phyir. 

3?qffernTT3T 198b ; 
smin, pa. qftqRJ 199a ; 
s'es. nas. qft^Tffi 203a, 
yod. do. 3T%T 20 la ; 

na. eft 193a, b, 194b, 

196b, 198a ; 
pa. flf^rf?cT 203a ;-pa. la. 

Scg 194b; 

pa, las. *rernj; 195b, 20 Ib ; 
pas. ^^TW 197a. 


ran. bzhin, las. ma. byuri. ff 

g^yf 194b, 200a. 
rab. tu. g ^ 203b ; 

skyes. pa. [sTT|] *?k 205b ; 

phyis. pa. gqftg? 201a ; 

byun. ba. RI|*rfo 205b ; 
man. po. ^ps 190b. 

ri. la. qsft 190b. 

rig. pa. dan. habs. su. Idan. te. 
KiH?I 203a. 

dro. bar. byaho. 

rigs: P. ci- * 

ril. por. h<Ju. s'es, pa. 


ris. f^2T 205b, 2D6a. 
run, v. gan- 

run. ste. sine Skt. 203a. 
reg. pa. ^ 191, 197b, 198a, b, 

204a, b, 205a. 



pahi. phyin ; 
rlan. gyis. brlan. pa. 

rlun. 373 193b, 194a, b, 195b, 

196a, b, 197a. 
brlan. pahi. bya. ba. byed. do. 

^t^fcT 193b. 
brlan. par. bya. ho. 

I94a, 199b, 
brlan, par. byed. do. 



la. locative. 197a. 201a ; genitive 
198b, accusitive 202b, con- 
junct particle 201a, b, 202a. 

bya. hi. sine Skt. 193a. 
lam. *TTH 192a, 204a. 
las, 35fk 197b. 198b, 199b, 204a. 
ablative generally ; locative 
202a, genitive. 198a ; 

kyi. tnthah. ^flfcf 192a; 
kyi, hbras. bu. 3J?Tfi*5 

201a, b ; 
kyi. zhin. la. brten. pa. 

^^t5T5ff^frf 200a ; 
dan. myons. pa* rnams. 
kyi. bskyed. pa. Bflg5T- 
5f^ 20 lb. 

lun. bstan. to. sqi^dfcl 203a. 
lud. kyis. bran. pa. ^Rffijfar 200a. 
lud. pa* lu. zhin. dbugs. rgan. pa 

lus. $re 196a, 198b, 204b, 205a ; 
nag, pahi. thig, les. 

gan. ba. fe^^s^f^OTRf^r 

hbud, pa. Itar. byed. pa, 

SfWRctt 206a ; 
la. gnod. pahi. phyir. 

legs. par. 3Tg ^ 203b. 

len. pa. sqp^r 191, 197b, 198a,b, 

204a, 205b. 
log. par, s'es. te, fiwrsrftqff! 198a. 


S'a. ra. dva. tihi, bu. ^Rgcftg^f 

Sa. rihi. bu. STTf^ 190b, 19Ia, 

202a, 203a. 
s'i. hphos. pa. =55^ 201a ; 

nas. =sgcT 202b, 
s'i. ba. JT^oj 206a. 
s'in. tu, skye. ba. ^srrfa 205b. 
s'in. tu. rnins. par. gyur. ba 

^taFSf 206a. 
s^ed. bu, qr^ 196b, 197a. 
s'ed. las. skyes. pa. sqgsi 196b, 


s'es. te. 5T%qff! 198a. 
s'es. rab. ygr 192, 202a; 
bs'ad do. ^fq^ 203b ; 
pa. ^rf^cT 203b ; 
par. byaho.^rf^rfo 206a. 


Sa sran. mdahi. mtho. dmah. bzhin. 

sa, gft* 193b, 194a, b, 195b du, gsr^^faRra^TW^ 195a, 

196a, b. 202a. 

sa. bon. *ft*T passim ; srid. pa. *\3 191b, 197b, 198a, b, 

gyi. ran. bzhin. gyis. ^fa- 204a, 205b. 

^TORc^r 199b ; sred. pa. g*qr 191b, 197b, 198a, b, 

-rnam. par. s'es. pa. ft?|R- 199b ' 200a ' 204a ' 205a - 

sfa 199b, 200a, 20 Ib. sr g- ^ 196a ' 1Q 7a ; 

Sa. luhi. Ijan. pa. ^rrfe^cT*^ 19 la- * dban. po. ^ftft^f^q" 

sans, rgyas. |5 190a, 192a, 203a, 205b, 206a ; 

204a. dan. bral. ba. ftsffq 192b, 

su. sus. m 191a, 192b; 202a; 

-ban Sfot 201a ; suhi. yan ~ meci ^ ^^ 192b ' 202a ! 

196b, 197a. ~ tu * smra ' ba ' ^^^ 203a 

sems. can. flfcj I96b, 197a, 205b, slob ' pa - dai ' mL slob * P ahi - chos - 

206a ; ^lirgw 192a. 

-gyi. ris. ^fow 202a; g sufis -""P a - ^^ 202a; 

-du. smra. ba. S^ -so. ^% 192b, ^ 191a, 

OAa sine Skt. 193a. 

2iuoa. ^ 

, , , gsum. ftf 197b, 205a. sine Skt. 

sems. dpah, chen. po. RfTCl^ ,,., 


190b, 191a, 203a, b. ggo ^ ^ ^ 

sems. la. gnod. pahi. phyir f^T- gsogs> ^. 202 b. 

dftwiftr 198a. gsob . j^j. 202b< 

so. sor. sr^f- 197b, v. dnos. po ; bsam. pahi. bya. ba. 

thob. pa. SlfclSSFf et sjf^OT^r 200b. 

205b * bsod. nams. su. Se. bar. hgro. ba. 

son. ste. ^OT^aWfc^ 190b ; 3^?^ 198a. 

ba. ^^rra 201a. bsod. nams, ma. yin. pa. Se. bar. 

sra. bahi. dnos. pa. *fifcmre hgro. ba, ejgu^qq I98a. 

I96a > b ' lha. dan. mi. dan. lha. ma. yin. 


dan, dri, zar. bcas, pahi, hjig. 

rtcn. ^fl^rp^fei 203b, 198b. 

lha. dan, mi, mams, kyi. ston. lhag. par. gyo, ba. sfafci 203a, 

pa. TOT fafSWim 203a. lhag. ma. $q 201a. 

lhag. par, zhen, pa. TOftfe, lhan. cig. skyes. pa. 8^ 198b. 

3is*ffilR 198b, lhan, cig, 

lhag, par. zhen. nas, hdug, pa. 197b, 

ClV.B. Thick figure refers to pages and others to lines.) 

: 18,11. sjnsNj 15,4, 10. 

, 1 1. amiresivrcf & 8, 1 1. 

: 18, 12. $roa 6, 4; 14, 10. 

21,2. 9^tr: 6, 9 ; 1 7, 4. 

5, 11. 33OTPR 16, 7. 

: 18 11' anwroiTOfirefa 14, 9, 13 ; 16, 
8, 9. 13. 

13, 4. gq^H 10, 7 ; 11, 4; 12, 9; 23, 
13, 4. 10-11. 

18, 14. sqi^Rsr?!? 16, 12. 
5, 10, 17 ; 8, 10, 19 ; 9, 9. wm 10, 12 ; 11, 8. 

5, 11. g|Q 5, 12, 20. 

25, 3, 5. ^qqc^TC 17, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12. 

, 12, 15; 11, 1, 9; 13, fcmR 8, 8. 

14 -,14,1, 4, 8; 22, 5-13. wf 13, 13, 15; 14, 2. 

8, 10. ^ 13, 14 ; 14, 7. 

3 . 8, 10. wrasfci%fa 16, 2, 5, 11. 

: '8, 10. 

: 18, 11. WSqfalfflrT 6, 4; 14, 10. 

6, 8 ; 7, 4 ; 1 7, 3, ig^rjrawr? 19, 4. 

15, 5, 11. TO 4, 12. 

5, 11, 19 ;8, 13 ; 9, 3, 9. qg^. ]8, n. 

19, 3. ^ 4 f 12 

16, 3. qp, r 26, 4, 11. 

1,3; 18, 5. 


i: 15, 3, 8. flTfl^Ff? 14, 9, 13 ; 16, 14. 

15, 1, 3, 8. TRT1T 25, 4. 

16,6,8. iffS 4, 12. 

25, 8; 26, 10. qg%* 25, 5. 

5RT 10, 8; 11,6; 13, 3; 23, 19- TO 4, 11. 
24, 3. qjste 16, 1. 

10, 8; 11, 5; 13, 1; 23, 

14-17. qRfc 10, 10; 11,7. 

19, 4. qftTr^Tfef 5, 10. 

21, 2. qr"p>K5 25, 2. 

4, 4; 26, 8; 27, 1. 3sW? 19, 4, 

19, 6. ST 4, 13. 

: 18, 11. <jgfor 18, 12. 

6, 15; 17, 12. sfoftsrrg 5, 9, 16; 8, 9, 18; 9, 7. 

10, 6 ; 1 1, 4, 12, 7, 14, 1, 3 ; srf %SH? 6, 4 ; 14, 10. 

23. 8-9. srateRfg??!? 1 8; 2, i, 2, 5, 7; 

, 10, 17; 8, 11; 9, 1,9. 3, 7, 13; 4, 1,2, 8; 5, 6; 6, 8; 

*T 10, 11; 11, 7. 7, 5; 8, 4; 13, 4, 8; 18, 7; 21, 

;a: 18, 12. 3, 6 ; 22, 4 ; 24, 9 ; 26, 7. 

'^ * jfcftewjiw^iniir 26, 4, 11. 

10, 12; 11, 7. jj-^j^q-^ 4j g . ^ ^ g . ^ 6 . 

1, 8;2,1,2;3,8. 7, 6; 8, 4; 17, 1. 

", 12; 26, 10. 1ft .. 

strg^w io, 17. 

^2 4 " 4 ' 13 ' 

req 2, 4. 

.i , ^rf^Ef^ftcT^g- 4, 10 ; 5, 4, 6 ; 6, 

4, 1. 

5, 8; 6, 6; 8, 5, 6. 7) 8 ' 

8)14< 53 1, 8; 2, 1, 2; 3, 11,16, 18; 

,7,11. 19,9-11. 
10, 5; 11,3; 12,2; 22, pra^im 27, 4. 

18-22, *fa 4, 11. 


26,10. *nww: 6, 9; 17, 4. 

26, 12. 35RRraTffl3 26, 13. 
10, 7; 11,5; 12, 11; 23, 12. ajR 4, 12. 

15,5, 12. ^=qrr: 18, 12. 

10, 9 ; 1 1 , 6 ; 24, 4-8. fan$9? 3, 12. 

27,2. ti 10, 10; 11,6. 

25,4. swuOTirr 19, 2; 26, 2. 

25, 4; SfrafsrT 21, 1. 

17, 6, 7, 10. qeRrW 10, 5 ; 11,3; 12, 3 ; 23, 

25, 7. 1-3. 

qfa 1, 3, 6; 19, 12, 14; 25, 3. 3%^: 8, 8. 

fl!? 1, 1. e^STC 10, 2; 11, 1, 10; 22, 
it: 18, 11. 14-15. 

1 5, 4, 9. g^TfcfiT: 6, 9 ; 1 7, 4. 

8, 11. BT^ftWT 17, 1. 

5, 10, 18 ; 8, 12 ; 9, 2, 9. ^gg^ 19, 3. 

10, 2 ; 11, 2, 12 ; 12, 1 ; 13, eS^SR^cT: 6, 10; 17, 5. 

13 ; 22, 16-17. ?PWIi>?'T 5, 9. 

8, 15; 9, 4, 9. gqpr 17, 1. 

[ 13, 15 ; 14, 1-5, 7, 12 ; HT^fa 19, 11. 

16, 13. sgg 2, 5. 

22, 5. gtfiw 8, 12. 

10, 6; 11, 4; 12, 5, 6; s^srfci 5, 10. 

23,6. *^ 10, 6; 11, 3; 12, 4; 23, 

25, 4. 4-5. 

23 -,_ 1 "* >i 

1 3 - ^^r^PT 'A 4. 

1,3.6; 18,7; 19,8, 13. ^fjfrwq 4, 9, 11; 5, 4; 7, 6,7, 




SOME years ago Prof. Louis de la Vallee Poussin edited 
this work in the Bibliotheca Indica of the Asiatic 
Society of Bengal. He promised to complete the 
work by providing some Appendix and other necessary 
apparatus for general references. But unfortunately 
he was not able to fulfil the promise and his edition 
still remains unprovided with any such apparatus. 
To facilitate the scholars in persuit of their critical 
studies of the original texts of Buddhism this guide 
is compiled and published as a separate pamphlet. 
References are given to pages and lines of the edition. 
The extent of each piece of quotation can be mea- 
sured from the lines cited. The subject of each 
quotation is also stated to make easy reference to the 
passages dealing with a given subject. With regard to 
metrical quotations the sources are given just after 
the entry of the quotation. Sources which are not 
stated in the commentary entered within the bracket. 
There are some verses whose sources still escape 

my notice. 



81, 5-12; 

5-11 ; OT& ^t^fT 118, 5-6; 
173, 7-12 ; ^r||H^q 522, 12-14 ; WJ^JTOH 527, 
16-528, 8. 

of ^MRuiiRioi^^ 20, 1-5; 

comparison of %f^[Tl with Wlffr and 
21, 16-17; comparison with ^ftf?rag^ 21, 4-6. 
lT Characteristic feature of Buddhavacana 

431, 17-432, 12. 

Impossibility of fulfilling all paramitas 

26, 6-27, 5. 

35R, 8-359, 6. 

IX, 104 ; rjdtowRl 147, 14-148, 5 ; 
159, 8-160, 10; ^fF^160, 12; 163, 8. 

House-holder Bodhisattva's behaviours, 123, 

division of 

and ^Ritn% 139, 8. 

139,7; r 

153, 14. 


i Cure of disease through the flesh of 
Rohitafish 69, 4-15. 

10, 3-8; 

etc. 23, 3-9 ; 

24, 12-16; 32, 2; faxTCEflHisr 104, 11-16; 
108, 2-7 ; i^jqgTOT 157 > 10-158, 13, 

487, 6-8. 

67, 12-14; TTmt^T^lH 1531-13; 
, 2-4. 

117, 1-2; STTIP; 141, 7-11 ; 

172, 13-14. 

Bodhisattva's characteristic behaviours 

123, 13-124, 3 ; fefrRPT 493, 12-14. 

^nf^T 57, 12-58, 1. 

as a sutra, gr^468, 6-9. (=471, 5, 14). 

R: 105, 10-15 ; g^nfo 136, 10-14; 
: 172, 4-6; ymRd^d^ qn^i^H 348, 

12-349, 5; i^fiWTFfri^ %83T 486, 11-487,5. 
504, 10-505, 5; ^Mfrq 522, 15-18; 

588, 14-589, 10. 

5H 37, 21-38, 7 ; cWT 85, 19-86, 4. 

Merits caused by the sight of the 

Bodhisattva 41, 7-14. 

*rnft and zmnft 581, 18-582, 6. 

177, M3; 

367, 3-9 ; 593, 2-8 ; floras 361, 15-362, 2 ; 


*CT, ^fffe 477, 2-479, 4 ; thm^fa and the descrip- 
tion of ^ng g^r : 508, 7-511, 2. 

Merits from ct^Hd'iyll 424, 1-10. 

108, 10-109, 4; ^jfzrcTF 416, 11; 

16-417, 5 ; Bodhi through SJ^T^fa not through 
k 427, 13-430, 21. 

towards Bodhisattva 39, 

5-8; 94, 12. 
119, 10. 

HiSjr CZTFI 85, 12-18; sTiqfrr 92, 11-93, 2; 

of other than Htfferc 142, 4-10; rf, srrfte^ 143, 
15-145,6; 152,5. 
474, 10. 

q 141, 14. 

Bodhisattva having no fear of |;qft 42, 1-4. 
168, 1-3. 

aj Conception of Bodhicitta 16, 17-17, 6 ; it is 
18 > 13-20; g%^nMt^n^r 25, 13-26, 2; 155, 1. 
-~14, 1 ; 43, 7- cp. WTTOM 51,17. 

147, 3-7; f^t^gq^TR 526, 3-527, 4. 
108, 2-7; ft^^r 392, 10-393, 5. 

58, 1-5; ^fe^fw^ 91, 15-92, 3; 
Mind's action 99, 13-100, 3 ; manners of taking 
food 139, 14-140, 13 ; ^^m^ 150, 1-7 ; : 
172, 15-16; %ft&^r 253, 14-254, 8. 
140, 14-141, 4. 

~ Four fears and their remedies 601, 1-602,16. 


ftrRPl 484, 8-9. 
^T (verses) 532, 6-533, 7. 
442, 13-443, 9. 

--VII, 46; qRoTFH 79, 6-19. 

32, 13-14; srfoifefM^ 33, 


fidfcf 346, 1 1-347, 20. 

386, 14-389, 5 ; 

479, 6-483, 10; sOSJ^tei 576, 13-579, 15. 
352, 9-10. 

I etc. 24, 13-14. 

40, 3-11. 

f8if IX, 103, v. 
Double Truth defined 366, 10-16; same 

593, 2-8. 

28, 13-15 ; 340, 10. 

147, 8-13. 
RTS: 5I3W^a3PI 168, 4-169, 2. 

VIII, 106. ^^fc!?^ summarised 339, 
1-340, 9. 
I, 20. 

: 155,4-5. 

155, 3-5. 


: 474, 15-18. 
488, 9-10. 
505, 7-15. 

Tathagata uttered not a single word 419, 8-12. 
424, 13-425, 5. 

TOr 176, 14-18. 

33F{. . . 363, 1-2. 

stftfcr my qi^fo qsstRCT: 375, 16-17. 
: . . . 391, 15-16. 

439, n-13. 

Denial of Reality to every thing even to 
Nirvana 379, 5-16. = 

. . . 588, 4-7. 

408, 15. 

, 7. 

471, 15. 

f ^: 398, 10 ; 525, 12. 
: (on ^) 217, 14-15. 

, 2-3. 

ft: (^IWIf) 108, 9 from Ab. Kos'abhasya, 

v. Vyakhya, II, 24. 


: 546, 4-5. 

. ^T. II, 17) 533, 11-12. 
365, 9-10. 

g a eft: (ft. a.) 136, 16-17. 

(<T. S. 171) 185, 6-7 ; 453, 4-6. 
^f. in, 12) 555, 10-11. 
, 11-12. 
} 13-14. 

475, 6-7. 

. ^1) 562, 4-5. 

514, 16-19. 
(attributed to Sugatakirti in the 

Yas'astilaka, II, pp. 252) 492, 5-6. 
(ft. a) 165, 11-12. 
t (%. ) 92, 6-7. 

ft 3TTrJWt ?IT?7: (qTSTTqR) 483, 16-17. 
. 33. Ill, 18) 375, 4-5. 

(^r. ^r. ill, 27) 528, 9-10. 
SIB: (*r. ^. III, 34) 573, n.- 
T (^. ^. VI, 80) 372, 15-16. 
, 7. 


(f^T. *f.) 125, 4-5. 

ftfcl 522, 17-18. 
T. *3. II, 8) 476, 14-15. 
. eft. IV, 1.) 98, 1-2; 472, 1-2. 
78, 9-10. 
- ^cT- UI> 34) 573, 12-13. 

: (cp. f^T. e. p. 358) 500, 9-10. 
HMl: (g. . 336) 456, 1. 

. tf. 2001) 396, 16-17. 
. ^f- VI, 1) 426, 1. 

(ftr. ^T.) 167, 3-4. 
: 376, 1-2. 

7, 1-2. 

, 2vers. 33, 11-14. 

. 3. 329) 455, 14-15. 

IX, 17, c-d; 99, 15. 

?) 99, 16. 
: 99, 15. 
484, 3. 
5p^ 97, 13. 
^?T 97, 14. 
q-^ (^ m ^. 285) 454, S-9. 
SITf: (Ibid. 311) 454, 3-4. 
gr: (Ibid. 176) 470, 10-11. 
: 185, 13. 
(-5T. SS. Ill, 39) 528, 13-14. 


593, 9-12. 

3RT WT (%. ?f.) 125, 3-4. 

(^. ^r. Ill, 38) 528, 12. 
(<T. 3. 224) 453, 17-18. 

(f^T. 5T.) 95, 7. 

(cT. ^. 3241) 419, 14-15. 

. 3242 ) 419 > 16 ' 17 - 
T- P- 469 ' 3 ) 424 U - 12 - 
; ^-^MOM, 141, 8-11. 

(flf^RRTt^ff^) 502, 


(ST. fit. I, 8, c-d.) 406, 1. 

(t^T- ) 87, 4-5. 

(R. q>T. XXIV, 8) 361, 13-14. 

(^ ^. 26) 421. 10-11. 

l (^. ^f. II, 9) 476, 16-17. 
(f^. 3T. 504, 25 ; 582, 4, etc.) 468, 

. ^- VI, 27) 369, 15-370, 2. 

t 406, 6-7. 

(on 8 vtqws) 10, 14-15. 
: (*nkft, II, 92) 547, 3. 
3^358, 17 ; 359, 10-11. 
^: (^T. W. H, 13 ; III, 9) 587, 7-8. 
*r T^J-lHt 545, 7-10. 
WT: (T. W. I, 1) 357, 13-14 ; 540, 8-9. 

^q;^si*^544, 1-4, 



mm fan ^n&wti g (r. ^r.) 474, 6-7. 
22, 5-6. 
449, 11-12. 

Sffo: snfer (=3. ^T. II, 18) 533, 13-14. 
T. fl. 328,) 455, 12-13. 

22) 489, 17-18. 
(^- f. II, 16) 533, 9-10. 
98, 4-5. 

of Bhavya) 358, 1-2. 

c^TT ^it^ ^J^ (I, 7)' 420, 2-3. 

. %) 95, 5. 

: ?Riicl: ^FBTT: ^fl^TK, 484, 8-9. 
t. *tt. 22) 561, 4-5. 
(g. tf. 286) 455, 1-2. 

43) 455, 3-6. 

. ^f. HI, 40) 590, 14-15. 
(sifNK-ed. Rajendralal, p. 3) 430, 2-3. 
- 32, 13-14. 
145, 3-6. 

10, 9-12. 

-) 376, 15-16. 

. ?l.) 92, 5. 

9, 9, ( = 263, 6) ; 598, 11. 

439, 8-9. 

438, 1. 

: (at. m. 3) 561, 18-19, 


: II 11 verses, (f^T. s.) 162, 8-163, 12. 
. ar. VI, 28) 353, 3-6. 

: sifT cfcsf i3r% EI^UJT gffoRcT: 488, 13-16. 
cf. g. 4) 562, 6-7. 

, ST. ^t. Ill, 

19, 200-6) 389,9-11. 

(6 verses), 532, 12-533, 7. 
. g. 223). 453, 15-16. 
T. g. 112) 541, 8-9. 

. VI, 276) 378, 19. 
(Buddhavacana defined) 432, 

R^ (attributed to Sugatakirti in the Yas'a- 

stilaka, II, p. 252) 492, 1-2. 

; (^. ^f. 20) 417, 7-8; 528, 11. 

355, 10-13. 

-) 33, 13-14. 
473, 10-11. 

201, 13-14. 

155, 4-5. 

549, 16-17. 
, 5. 

* ST. VI, 29) 

365, 2-5. 

: (cf. . 2000) 396, 14-15. 

(T. ST. VI, 25) 353, 13-16. 
522, 15-16. 

(Ft. W. XXIV, 10) 365, 14-15. 
f. ^. 222) 453, 13-14. 


. e.) 149, 13-u. 

. *i. HI) 541, 6-7. 

t ^crft (3. S. 172) 185, 8-9; 453, 6-7. 
. W. XIII, 8) 414, 11-12. 

355, 14 ; 532, 5, 


503, 6-7. 

(2 verses) 532, 7-10. 

5TClll5: 593, 13594, 2. 

, 561, 16-562, 2. 

, 112. ( P . 231). 
3 ~ 6 ; 472 > 3 ' 7 - 

^FT ^. ^ (I,' 9) 489, 1-2. 
n^i SfSTRlfe (ftr- S.) 287, 16-17 ; 348, 11 ; 
cp. ^. f^FPT HI, 13 ; frfe^ 39, 3. 

i (ff. ST. VI, 23) 361, 4-7. 
. 5T.) 136, 7-8. 

. ver. 8) 348, 2-3. 
. *cT. II, 21) 359, 8-9 ; 415, 3-4. 

. no) 54i, 4-5. 

. ^. 46) 545, 5-6. 

^RfT 548, 20-549, 3. 

(cf. g. 14) 563, 12-13. 
%xf5i (%. g. p. 358) 500, 11-12. 
516, 3. 

gq^^, 581, 11-12. 
(Nagarjuna's g^^fg^r) 500, 14-15. 
. *a. II, 4) 583, 19-20. 


438, 16. 
362, 4. 

362, 15 ; 437, 22 ; 475, 6 ; 491, 17 ; 

^5) 389, 8 ; 503, 6. 
, 27. 

256, 13, (n. 2.) 
434, 18. 

> 7; 465, 7. 

454, 5 ; 465, 6 ; 562, 9 ; 571, 2. 
, 17. 


, 17; 533, 8. 
337, 4 ; 598, 6. 
) 6. 

453, 19. 

, 8, 19; 465, 6. 
, 2c. 

, 3. 

VI, 13. 
t ftq 559, 13. 

- V, 106. 
, 13. 

452, 10, 14 ; 453, 2 ; 465, 9 ; 544, 20. 
, 17; 467, 14, 16. 

205, 6. 


, 16. 

> 64 (P- 
VI, 27. 

w VI, 113, 116, 118. 
, 1;397, 9. 

371, 12; 434, 7; 559, 21 ; 598, 7. 
-) 438, 16. 

389, 15. 

, 10. 
390, 10 ; 391, 1 1 ; 395, 1 ; 402, 1 6 ; 413, 5. 

434, 19. 

425, 12. 
453, 2. 

i-) 362, 14. 

32, 3; 85,11; 94, 10; 111, 15; 141, 12; 
153, 15 ; 163, 14 ; V, 105 ; 165, 4 ; 348, 9 ; 451, 16. 
IX, 2d. 

: VIII, 101. 
, 454, 16. 

456, 5 ; 560, 6, 9. 

, 1; 571, 2. 

V, 106, pp. 164, 13 ; 165, 4. 
468, 5. 

540, -It 5. 541, 5 ; 543, 12; 544, 6. 
371, 14. 


of Vasubandhu. 
of Nagarjuna. 
S'anti Raksita. 
of Candraklrti. 
of Nagarjuna. 
of S'antideva. 

of Nagarjuna. 

=5IT<eM < wR e ni.