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Full text of "A Samoan dictionary: English and Samoan, and Samoan and English;"

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Harvard College 



ClBMof 1839 

S» Samoan Grammar, 

3: Adiectives. 

Some adjectives are formed from nouns by the addition of a — like y in- 
English ; as word, wordy; seed, seedy: — thus, c/ee/e,dirt, eleelea, dirty; 
pdlap6la, mud, pdlapald, muddy; or by doubling the word: as, jjona, a 
}linot, pSnapona, knotty. 

The plural is sometimes distinguished by doubUng a syllable : as, sinay 
white, pL sisina. 

Comparison is generally effected by using two adjectives, both in a po- 
sitive state : thus, E lelei hnei, a e leaga lela, this is good, but that is* 
bad — i,e, not in itself, but in comparison with the other. 

The superlative is formed by the addition of an adverb : such as, matua:, 
iasiy siliy silisili ese^ &c. : Ua lelei tasi, it alone is good ; or, nothing, 
equals it. Ua matud silisili ona lelei, it is very exceedingly good-* 

Numerals and ordinals. — These are : 


£ tasi, one, £-sefulu, tien. 

£ luo, twoi £ Befulu ma le tasi, eleven, 

£ tolu, three, £ lua fUlu, twenty, 

£ fa, four, 11 tolu gafulu, thirty, 

£ lima, flve, £ fa gafulu, forty, 

£ ono, six, £ selau, one hundred, 

£ fltii, seven,' £ lua lau, two hundred, 

£ valu, eigh^, £ tolu galau, three hundred, 

£ iva, nine, £ afe, a thousand. 

Seme say mana is used for ten thousand, but it is doubtfltl whether it means* an^r 

move than a very great number. 


O le muamua,^«f. O lona lua, or le \\my second. 

And so on, adding ga to the others : as, O le limaga masina. 

The numeral adverbs, once, twice, &c., are expressed by atu : thus,- 
o le atu lua, twice. Also by preHxing yaa; as, Ua ou sau jaalua. 

The cardinals may either precede or follow their noun : thus, mea e 
lua, or e lua mea, two articles. 

Very many things are counted each in its own peculiar way. A know- 
ledge of this is absolutely necessary, ^s being always used by the native^i^ 
and also to prevent mistakes : tnus, to say, i^a e lua lau, instead olfs 
meaning two hundred, would only mean two, \ 

The following are the principal forms : — 

Men are counted by prefixing to^a: e toatasi, 1 ; e toatinoagafuhi, 10. 
l^ung pigs and cocoanuts, by suffixing oa, or in couples : as, e lua oa, 4 ; 

e fa gaoa, 8. The odd one being expressed separately: thus, O popo e 

ono gaoa ma le popo e tasi, 13. 

Cbeoftnuts by the score, thus : e seaea, 20 ; e lua ea, 40 ; e tolu gaea, 60. 
Fowlsj-breadfrult, and some shell-fish : e tasi, 1 (as often with other things); 

6 luarfua,-2 j-etolu gaf\ia, 3j efuagafulu, 10; e fua lua, 20; e fua se- 

Itiu, 100;' 

Crayfish : wWen ten, e tu'engafUlu j tu'elua, 20.- 

Samoan Grammar'. 


l^ish : e lua lau, 2 ; e tola galau, 3 ; e laa agafulo, 10; e Ian lua, 20; e Ian 
selau, 100 ; e lau lua lau, 200 ; e laa afe, 1 ,000. 

Bonito (not called Va by Slunoans) ^ o ata e lua tiuoy 2 bonitos; e tinoaga- 
fulu, 10. • 

Taro : e lua mata, 2 ; e matagafnlu, 10 ; e matalna, 20y &c. 

Vams : units as cocoanuts, tens as bananas. 

Bananas : le 'au fa'i, 1 buncb (or stem); e lua 'au, 2 buncbes; e 'au aga- 
fulu, 10;.eaulua, 20. 

Masij in round cakes or baHs (potoi): e potoi agafhlu, H). 
in flat cakes: afi agafulu, 10. 

Native made dishes (cooked in leaves): e faaoluagafuluy 10; oFu lua, 20.' 

4. Prokocxs. 
Personal Pronouns. 

Tinart pebsoit. 


N. ^ a«u, <ou, t&, r. 
(3t. o and a a*u, of me. [me. 

t>. mo o'u (mo'u), ma a'u (mahi), /or 
A. ia te au, or ia te ita, me, in me. 
Ab. e a<u, by me. 

from me requires two preposifious, 
mai ia te au. 

(Including person addressed).- 
N. 'O i taua, we tieo. 
G. o and a i taua, of us ttoo. 
D. mo and ma i taua, for us two. 
A. ia te i taua, or ia *i taua, us two,' 
Ab. e i taua, by us two. 

^ i maud, we two (excluding the pec^on addressed), is declined in the same way'.« 


'O i tatou, we (including person or persons addressed) ; 
'O 1 matou, use (excluding person or persons addressed) ; 
arc declined the same as the dual. 


N. <0 «be, tJum. 

G. o and a oe, of you. 

D. mo and ma oe (contracted to mau 

and mou), for you, 
A\' ia te oe, you, 
Ab. e oe, by you,- 



N. *0 oulua, you two. 

G. o and a oulua, of you two. 

D. mo and ma oulua, for you two, 

A. ia te oulua, you two. 

Ab. e oulua, by you two. 

'O ontou, you, declined as the dual.^ 


1^. <0 ia,* he or she. 

G. o ia, and a ia, of him or Tier. 

I>. mo and ma ia, mo ona (mona), and 

- ma ana (mana), for him, ^c. 
A. ia te ia, him 9r her, 
Ab. e ia, 6^ him. 


*0 i \^MA,they two, declined as o i taua.^ 

*0 i laton, they, declined as o i taua. 

♦ Na is al<o used, but only in the nominative.- 

I ■ ■ . 

H Samoan Grammar, 

The Passive 

h formed by affixing ina, ia^ a^fia, gia, lia, mia, sid, tia : thus,- wwia 
tuluia (shortened from tutulu, as is often the case); sailm, inofiayuloj 
ifia, tauiia, si^omia, Hnosia, pulutia. 

A Causative (like Uipheiy 

h formed by preHxing/aa ; as faatupu, to cause to grow. Paa also c 
hotes a diminished degree : as faalelata, not quite at home. Alst) it 
used in comparison : ^s Jaatamaiiiiti, to be like a child. 

The Reciprocal (ttithpa'el) 

is formed by prefixing /e and affixing ni, aHy faH^ saH, taH, &c. : feal 
/anij to love one another ; feahiaH, to go about from place to place ; J 
iamataHy to watch for one another. 

Contimted Action', 

(1) is denoted by prefixing taut as taufaatupu, to continue to caui 
<o grow. 

(2) by reduplication : as sailiilL Reduplication is also used to exprti 
i^itensity: as mw, to burn;- mumu, to burn brightly. And also the plurai 
^s alolofa. 

The affix aina denotes' intensity of afction, (Piel) : fuiaina,' to be ovei 
come, surpassed ; teleaina, to hurry on ; tuliaina, to drive on. 

Ma prefixed makes the sense (1) neuter : thus, ^a^aa, to spill; masaa *} 
h spilt; or (2) ability — can: mafaij to be able;- ua ma mdhava, he can*f 

Verbs signifying " to abound in *' are formed from the noiin, by eiddin^'j 
a: m'u, a cocoanut ; ua nma, abounding in cocoanuts. 

The prefix ^a expresses equality or companionship: g^fusa, to be ex^ ^ 
actly equal; gdtasi, to be together; gdsolo, to glide alobg. 

Impersonal Verb. 
Fd-i, It is supposed. 

Irregular Verbs' 

«tre, first, those whicli ate irregular in forming their plural : tlius^-^-*^ ] 

Sing, Plural, 

Sau, to come, o. 

Alu, to go, o. 

Pupula, to shinSf fepulafl. 

Morao'e, to run, femo'ei and tiMif^ali.;' 

Tu^o, tb take hold of, fetagoii. » 

■?■■•-, -s 

Samoan Grainmar- 


^c;^iuiHy, those which are irregular in forming their pa&sives : 

Active, Pfusive. 

Aumai, to bring, anmaia. 

4>^atu (ave atu). avatiia. 

The peculiarky consists in cornhiningthe.directiveparticle with the word.. 

Some verbs are formed from nouns, by adding the verbal particles : as^ 
pla, life ; ua ou ola, I live. In t^e same way, also, do the adjectives be,- 
jCome verbs : Ua eleelea, it is dirty. 

Particles, directives to Verbs,, 

Maiy direction towards the speaker. 

AtUy direction from. 

A^e, above : Ua alu a*e, it is gone up. 

ffo^ below, down. 

Ane, a more indirect motion. 

6. Adverbs. 

linei, here. 
tildy there. 
/ 5, yonder. 
Nei, now. 
lOf ioe, e, yes. 
E ieai, Vai, no. 
SoOy often. 
Oiy yes (to a call). 
Afea? when? 

Ofea? where? 
Analeiltty just now^ 
Naneiy presently. 
Taluy since. 
Aneiy by-and-bye. 
Vave, quickly. 
Faapefea? how? 
Faapea, thus. 

With many others. 

7. Prepositions. 

{) and a, of. 

Mo and wia, for, on account of. 

ta (to proper n^mes), to. 

/, in, at, to. 

-F, by. 

Maiy from. 

/ totonuy within. 

/foto, within, 

I fafoy without. 

/ lugay above. 

/ laloy under. 

/ tala atu^ beyond. 

/ tala maiy on this side^ 

/ tutty behind. 

/ luvuiy before. 




j A^ if (fumre).. 


^tunoan Gnnnmar. 

Ana, if (past). 

E ui lava ina, altliough. 

Peitai and peisai, but. 

A, but. 

Faitai, but (obsolete). 

Peiseai, like as, as though. 

Ma ^ndfot, also, likewi 

Ana le se anoa, except. 

Aua, because. 

Atoa ma, and also. 

NbH, lest. 

E ui ina mea, notwithst; 


Oi } oh ! 

Oi, oi, oi ! oh, oh! 
^Ue! exclamation of delight. 
Isa! of contempt. 
Faauta ! behold 1 
Tdfefe! (literally, '^ I fear ! '') 

wonderful ! 

Maeu ! ) 

Ola ! S 

Ena ! well done ! 

Alili! atita ! ? p i 

Eemt ! enuenu ! j 

Ta HnoHno ! abominable 

Se paga ! what a pity ! 


The AiiTiCLt;, 

Rule 1. — Every noun, word, or sentence standing as a nomim 
solute requires the *o before it: thus, *0 lonafaatoa sau lenei, tl 
first time he has come. 

Exceptions, — 1. It is omitted after the conjunction ma: '0 

2. Before nominatives following the verb it may be omitted : 
ligoligo le ulufanua, 

3. In poetry, it is often omitted : 

'* Fagalii ma Selea le fanua." — Muliau la Tuu. 

Rule 2. — Verbs preceded by ana and followed by lea take an ' 
the nominative : as, Ona tagi lea *o Sina, 


Le is often indefinite : thus^ le alii o ia, he is a chief. 

It is omitted in the adverbial expression if ale, in the house, oi 


This article is rather sparingly used. Its chief use is in regard t 
unknown or future : E te se Amoa ea ? are you an Amoan ? 

— — *' ne*i to se matagi fetauu'i."— n///a vil. 10. 

£am0an Vnimmar. 15 

*^ A se alii, nvane lona siiafa." — Mvliau ia Tuu. 
— (If it should be a man child, give him his title). 

The Article as a Pronoun. 

O le Atua lefetalai mai, it is God who is speaking ; properly, le efer 
falai maiy the [one] speaking. 

"O le Tupu o tupu, o afio i le lagi.'* — Viiga i. 
— (The King of kin^, t»fio dwells in heaven). 


The singular is sometimes used for the plural : 1 , In nouns of multitude : 
Va o mai le nuu, the people are come. 2, Where one stands for a class? 
E fausalaina le pagota, the ill-doer will be punished. 


The 'o before the second name is dropped : as, lesu, le Alii, Jesus, 
the Lord. 

Exceptions. — If the office precedes the name, then both have it : O le 
alii, Malietoay the chief, Malietoa. 


The noun usually follows the verb : Ua sau le tamaloa, the mah is 

When it precedes the verb, it is usually emphatic, and requires to be 
followed by a pronoun after the verb : thus — 

" Filoilupo ma Lemaluosamoa, 
Avatu i latta e fai ma oso." — Lagiaolo ia Tato, 
— (F. and L., take them for food on the journey). 

Nouns standing in apposition, whatever case the first may be in, all the 
subsequent ones are in the nomir.ative ; as, Na e tagi i lau tane, o le gogo 


This is indicated by the prepositions a or o (soft). As to which of these 
should be used, as well as the pronouns lo7t, lau, Inna, Inna, lo and la 
mntou, &c., it is difficult for a foreigner to know, There is no general 
rule which will apply to every case. The governing noun decides which 
should be used: thu<, manao o le tino; but amh>ga a le tino ; upu o 
Fagotto ; but upu a tagata. 

The following hint* may serve in some measure to guide as to which 
j^me classes of nouns govern : — 

I. O is used with — 

1. Nouns denotii bs of the body : fofoga o le alii, eyes of the 
tcbief. Saof Ka hai>, .; except the beard, which takes tx. 

2. The : o le toasa o le alii. So o^ *^'' 
1ir|ll, del 

J 6 Sumikcui (JifDnrnfcy. 

3. Houses, and all thtir parts ; canoes, land, country, trees, plan- 
tations : thus, pou o le fale, posts of the house ; lona fanua, lona 
nuu, &c. 

4. People, relations, slaves : o ona tagata, his people ; o le fale^ 
tua o le alii, the chiefs wife. So also of a son, daughter, father, &g. 

Exceptions, — Tane, husband ; ava, wife, (of a common man), 

and children, which take a: lana ava ma ana fanau. 
;5. Garments, &c., if for use: ona ofu. 
Except when spoken of as property, riches, things laid up in store, 

11.-4 is used with — 

1. Words denoting conduct, custom, &c. : amio, masani, in, 

2. Language, words, speeches : gugana, upuyfetalaiga, afioga, 
4*3. Property of every kind. Except garments, &c. for use. 

4. Servants, animals, men killed and carried off iij wgir ; lana ia^ 

5. Food of every kind. 

6. Weapons and implements, as clubs, knives, swords, bows, cups, 
tatooing instrumens, &c. 

Except spears, axes, and 'oso (the stick used for planting taro), 
which take o, 

7. Work ; as lana fale^ which he is building for another ; lanq^ 

'Except faiva, which takes o, 
Some words take either a or o ; as manatu, taoji, 



Mo and ma governing this case, usually signify /or •* as, Au mat lea mt^ '. 
w*M, give that to or for me. 

Ma also means, on account of, because : Sau ifale, ma le la, come in, 
because of the sun. 

A peculiar use is, Ou te alu ma a^u, I will go with me, (i.e. I will t^ke 


Tlie cause or occasion of a thing is signified by ona o. 


This case mostly follows active verbs. 

It is also used in sentences which require the verb to be or to have h 
translating them: Ua ia te ia le mea, the property [is] to him,' (i.e. h< 
lias it). 

The preposition i is often omitted after the verb : as, Lafoai lena msa 

la is used before names of persons : Ona latoufai atu lea ia Sina, 

The Vocative 

^sometimes takes the article le : Le alii e ! Le ula e ! but most comnionlj 
|t is omitted. 

Tfie proper place for the vocative -is at the commencement ott soi^eoci^ 

Samoan Grammar, 17 

It is occasionally found (mostly in poetry) in the middle or at the close of 

the seiitence : 

•* E, ata tapa fiia ia te oe, le Atua e ! "— r%a v. 
It is often omitted : as, '* Soufuna, Sina, le tamn fafineV 
When two vocatives are connected by tlie conjunction wa» it is omitted 

after the second: *' Tux e ma Tui!'* Sometimes a pro. oun is used in 

such cases : as, ''Alii e, ma outou,** 

In poetry, the vocative e is used after verbs and sentences : as, " Faa* 

tali atu e,*' 


This is governed by mai, ?iai, ai, from ; *z, into ; e, by (confined mostly 
to persons). 


The adjective follows its noun : as, le tagata umi, a tall man. 


There are different ways of expressing them : thus (besides those already 

fiven), E tolugafulu i lefa^ twenty- four. le aso lima, the hfth day; 
ut o le tausaga e Jitu, the seventh year. lona onoga masina tenei^ 
this is her sixth month. 

Tua and sautua are used to express times, fold : as, le pa tua lua^ a 
double wall ; le ie sautua lasiy a cloth doubled in many folds. 

Ta^i added to the numerals expresses distribution : E taitolu, three to 
each it 


Tlie pronoun before the verb is often emphatic ; and in that case it ia 
repeated after the verb : i matou nei, o le a o % mxitou, we are going; 
or, us for us, u^e are going. 

Whc^ii it follows the verb, the *o of the nomnative is usually dropped : 
Ua sese i matou nei, we are in fault. On the contrary, E le toe sau lava 
o ia, he will not come again. Euphony seems to direct this usage. 

The Relative is often understood in Samoan : le laau lea na a^u 
liaiina, that is the plant [which] I pulled up. In this case the passive 
termination seems to supply the place of ai. More commonly it is ex- 
pressed by ai : le mea lava lenti na au manao ai, this is the thing 
which I wanted. 

O le mea lea, therefore, aud Se a le men, wherefore, are always fol* 
lowed by ai after the verb : as, O le mea lea na au sau ai^ 

The Interrogative Pronoun is much used instead of direct negatioii : 


1 8 t^amoan OraynrntLr* 

Ou te alu o le a? what shpuld I go for? instead of I wjill not §[o. E i/tff I 
€ di? iP^holtnbws? I donH. ^' - .. ^ ' j 


E is used of that which remains the same : as, E pule le Atuay EleUi 
IfiAtua, Bv^tLj, O.lpo spifua le.Atiia^ 

Imperative, — Tna is used in positive commands. la is precative. Of-'' 
ten both are omitted. 

For intensity, the verb is repeated, followed hyta: Alu, ma alu itf, 
Go, begone ! Alu ia, ina alu ! 

The future tense is also used as an imperative : E te alu lava oe, go 
you, or you shall go. 

The infinitive sometimes takes i instead of e : Ou te musp, i aju. 

Participles govern the same case as their verbs. 

A peculiar use of o loo is, loo malolo, he is well. Ua malolo, in an* 
swer to an inquiry, would signify, that he had been ill, but was now re« 

Pc^ssive forjns have an aqtfve signification when the pronoun pre^ce^des^,^ 
Namaiou sailia^ we sought. 

Many verbs become nouns by a^dding ga, saga, taga : as^ sa^vali^ sava*^ : 
liga; tatdlOykalosaga ; faauma\faaufnataga. 

' ' ';•■'■ , "^ 

The verb to he is used only at Tutuila : as, E hi sau ava ? It is eithet ;?- 
understood or expressed by some phrase in the larg. r islands : as^ Pe ai ,1 
ea sau avd? Ua if ale, le taui o le agasala, o le oti lea, 


In some cases, the verb agyeps with its object in number : as, Ua ou 
tutuli id i laiou;' Ua nafafdsi ia i latou. 

V . I ■ ■ I ■ f . » • 


jHheir position in a sentence* — ^The interrogative ea should not be piit 
for on — generally not farther than from the tSrd to the Hfth word : ** Ua 
afio ea Gogo?'* FoH, a conjunctive and also a qualifying particle^ about 
tJNird or foUrthi 


. iTie adverb is^ofteh expressed by a noun joined tp the verb by the cott- 
juhction : as, Na id tautaiafnai ma le iid, he talked angrily, (literally, Be 
• talked with, or in, anffer; 

Sumoan Grammar* 19 

Sometiroes the adverb precedes the verb, but tiiore coittftionly it follows: 
IS, Ua vave oti, be is soon dead. Ua savaii taalise, he walks quickly. 

Sometimes it is ex premised by two verbs : Ua laaonu sau^YiQ came long 
igo, (lilerallyi It is long his coming, or since he cinne). 


The preposition is omitted after the conjunction : as, E pule oia i te 
tagi ma le lalolagi. 


A adversative is often followed by a nominative absolute : A o au, oh 
f« ie alu, but as for me, I will not go. 


There is a large number of words used to chiefs and strangers ; and to 
use any other wl)en addressing such is equivalent to an insult. These 
(vords are never used by a chief speaking of himself. 

Amongst these are words used according to the rank' of the person ad- 
iressed : e.g. tattsami, to eat,' — a respectful term to a "tulafale;" lau^ 
ma/a — to a chief; tauU — to the highest chief. 



The Samoan has many different kinds of poetical compositions. Mel 
js altogether |in known ; but the best kinds of poetry are in rhyme, 
^re mostly responsive ; each verse bting conimenced by a few perspl 
and is called the usu, the remaining half being taken up in chorus, ^l 
)vith strict attention to time, by all present ; it is called the fali. 

* m 



Popular songs on passing events, are, as in other lands, very commoi 
They are sung to the stroke or* the paddles when on a journey, or whe 
engaged on ^ny work requiring united exertion. 

At the time when religion was beginning to take root, the lovers 
flarktiess thus expressed their regrets at the prospective loss of their ple«: 

Tini, tinio, tipio J 
Maumau o mea faamalamai 
A tiai e le malo. 

II. War Songs, 

1*6 tipa i le lo, 
Ve tuli fao. 

Spa le anefe^ 

Ta le alogo. 

£ ^la i le ifa tui o^o. 

\\\, J*ke fagong. 
jf[ partly narrative, partly sung by pne person :-t Isf^ 


-Tk ; 

Samoan Grcaiimar. it 

b le Fagono. A o Tafltolku la lenei ma Ogafau : 
tue! a o fanau la la tama, ona fanau lea o Tui. Toe funau o Tai ; toe faaau 
ui ; toe fanau o Tui ; toe fonau o Tui ; toe fanau o Tui ; toe fanau o Tui ; toe 
au o Tui ; toe fanau o Tui $ ona fanau lea o Sina. Upu o Fagono ; pe moni ? 
Ja leai lava le au uso * ma lo latou tuafafine : ua soona inaitutua, mu sooria mta-^ 
laiay ma lalelei lo latou tuafafiue. Le au uso o lo ua matutua. 
)na fai atu lea lo latou tuafafinei '^ Tui €, ma Tui ma Tui ma Tui;o leilel ua ta- 

matutua ; pe ni a of tatou faiva a fai nei ? £ lelei ina iti tatou ta ti'a.*' Oni^ 
tai lea i at o le nuu : ona latou ta. ti<a lea. Ta le ti'a a Sitia ; mua i toi. Ta 
i^a a Sina; mua i uta. Toe ta le ti*a a Sina -, mua i tai. Ua leai lava le fa- 
I — ua soona lalelei : lift u miai mata, lia nil aiga faal&l& : u mai le tua, ua oo le 
lama i Sdu&.f 
)na vaaia lea e Sina o le gogo sina, ua tipatipa mai tai; Ona faapea lea 6 Sinaf 

^' Oi la'u tane ! o le gogo sina. 
Ou te matomea! i ana tip^.'* 

yna fai atu fea o le nuu, '' Senia e, o toat la, ina; tatoii sailia le tane a Sina.^' 

EL latou fai atu ai lea fa ^na, *' Sitf a e, tou ia \ ina e nofo iinei ; a e matou o e' 

i i lau iane, o le gogo sina, e te m&namea i ana tipa. Siiia e, aua e te tatf- 

Euiu." Ona latou o ai lea. 

»na tauvalaau lea o Sina, <' Tui e,' ma Tui ma Tui t " Ona satr ai Ida o^ Tuile- 

I'e, o le saualii ; ona fefe ai lea o Sina. Ua sau le aitu \ omt moe lea i vae d 


^na o miu lea le au uso tuagane o Sina, ma lana tane, o le gogo sina; oaa iept 

lea ua i ai le aitu ia Sina, ona tag^ lea. 

» Fagono a tagi ; a o tagi le tamaloa : — 

^< Soufuna Sina, soufuna Sinif,' 

Le ta^a faflne, le feagaiga/ 
Lota tua&fine, na e tagi i lau tane, 6 le gogo siiiff^.' 

£ te manamea i ana tipa; 

Ifo vanu, a'e vanu, au manu itft.' 
A e t& alu ita, ne'i tft paii ; t& lilia e." 

A o tagi Sina r 

<^ Sole Tui, sau i fale ;„ 
Tui e, sau i fale, i ta g^ase. 
Na^u.valaau, o Tui ma Tui! 
Od mai ai le tasi Tui; o Tuili6tafU'*^e i le m'oe net/ 
Le toik i o^u vae nei/ 
Tui e, sau i fale nei." 

^ tagi lea o le aupito ane i al. E' faapea uma lava a latou ^gi/ 

Ona tagi lea o Sina : 

'« Sole Tuf e, sati i fttle'; 
ii2M i fale, i ta gagase. 
Na'u valaau, o Tui ma Tui ! 
Oe mai ai le tasi Tui, Tuileta^u'e'; le moe nei.' 
Tui e, sau i fole nei/' 


'< l^oufana Sinia, le tamafafln^, 

Lota tuafaflne, le feagaig^, 

Na e tagi i lati tane, o le gogo sina ; 

£ te manamea i ann tipv. 

Ifo vanu, a'^c vanu, au manu na.' 

A e ahi ita neij t& patt$ tfr^ lilia e." 

Ok alu ai lea o le uii,' na tago i MT lahiilu 6'le'aiita ; ua aVe fe taA fiiaftiati iu^* 

'#.«•• •beauty.' 

t ' 


Samoan Grammar, 

ulu ; ua ave, nonoa i'lelaoa. Toe alu ma letaai foafiia,ti lauuluf vf^ naifitl 
Qitt : ua fai^pea solo i la^u uma. Onn ta^^o atu lea e le tuagaoe o Sinm, ua 
lie lima o Sina ; ona la speola lea. Ona oso atu lea le aitu ; oso i aasAe^ pa; 
uma mai laau i sisifo. Ua toe 000. siaifoy. oua pauU; uma n^U If a^ o Iwi 1 
ona taomia.lea le a^tUj oti a|^ 

2nd, The Fit, the most common of alt, is used in praise of chieft« 
first half of each verse is sung by some three or four, and then tW 
half is taken up in full chorus. It is accompanied with beating^ oa» 
voUed up, and dancing. 

O le VU o Leti%taugn* 

Faatali atu e ; a o tiu i le manu. 
Faatali atu e, Tagipo ; a o tiu i le.manu^ 
Ua Hgoligo Ic ulufanua ; a ua tau raatagi, 
A sa niatou taumaten^ pe ni sasa o papalag^ ? 

Oiy Ian tama e ! sa faaolioli nei lava lie nuu o manu e le tan. 
Oiy le ula ! e moni o le fuai mamao se alii nei, ua gutu. i aka iluil< 
Letiutauga, ina folau ; po o lelei lava le tagata o le atu toeiau. 
A e-le/olo lea \ ina gpase moe, o le f]^va,o tama tane o tau«. 

3rd, The Lagisolo, or funeral dirge, is in form much like the precedir 
It is sung slowly, without di^ncing, in honour of a, deceased chief. One 
considerable length, in honour of Tato, of Safune, commences— 

O le li'a mat ; aue, li^ mai, &c. 

4th, The Vila^ the above,, accompanied by clapping of hands, but no 1 
dancing. It has also a commencement of its own : thus, and a chorus^ 

Ua taaflli i mauga lega, ua lupe. 

Lupe, lupe ulu iva. 
O le li'a mtA, aue li'a mai ! 

Lupe, lupe ulu iva; dec. 

5th, The Talalo is sung slowly, with motion of the hands, and b^atoig 
the mat. The following is a 

Talalo i MatatUu, 

Ua tutunoay tutunoa, 

Au le foa, au le foa, 

Tutunoalenei aao vale. 
£ le iloa se ata sopovale lo^a e. 
Nuu a uma si ata sa tane i le utu tau, 
Se vaa Tufblele^ ma nai iagaali o Magjfau. 
Ua fkaee ma mu atoa le tuavao. 
Al^t^maile.ftd matatao, Mataia e* 
Toll mal.sea.ula.ey^ t&u mamao^ tk gale e. 

Samoan Grammar, ^ 23 

6tli, The Fiti is quite new to Saraoans, having been introduced from 
the Fijiis. It is accompanied with beating the mat, and motion of the 

7th, The Fatu is sung in honour of a deceased chief, not danced to, 
nor even used at a dance ; more properly in this respect a funeral dirge 
than the Lagisolo, "^ 

Imoa a! manu e i logologo ua'u sau. 
Nau sailia mai se pupu e logona i vao. 
Soufuna faufau, &c. 

8th, The Solo in praise of chiefs' lands and laumua; sung by one. 

Nau tipa ifo, tipa ifo i niu-lega.* 

Faataulia i tafetafe lou fia inu le'a.f 

Fai atu i fale na, le galu teine ma le g^Iu taulele'a. 

Sei latou maia ai se *ava o i fole na ; 

Sei taumafa ane alii, a lailoa i le tuneva. 

A tufa lava, ia o<u mua, o au o Letuuga. 

Ou te faanau ala i Piu ; 

Seu ai lota vaa i fanua ; 

Ou futia se i'a se lautua ; 

Faataatia i le taumua. 

9th, The MuWau (including the Mualeva) is like the Vii, struck up by 
two or more, and answered in full chorus, accompanied by the beating of 
an instrument called the faaaUi. 

O le Mualeva, 

Aae maugal maug^ o Saraii, 

£ tuu feta^. 
£ tiga mauga, xnauga o Savaii, 

£ tuu feta'i« 
£ fetaitai ma fkle, 
Ma mauga loa ma Vaete, 
Ma utu a lau fku. 
Aue maugay &c. 

Se pule a le a. 
Ma maluatea. 
Ma mulimauga o Olomea, 
Ma le vao na o masa tuai. 
Lopa mai i le Nuanua, 
Ma le Afl'a i mulimauga. 
Aue mauga* Sec, 

• A 1 a at Sa&i. 




e, and sometimes le. 
tn, tuulafoai. 
;n, manava. 
fiafaiy lava, 
n, papa, 
i luga. 

I, V, adj. matua tele, 
a, {aSy a alu, about to go,) 

iy faaitiiti, faasaasaa. 
I, ma'i e faasua. 

d, lafi. 

, e le i ai. 

nce^ taumafa, tele lava. 



ala e sao ai. 
It, mao. 
)any, o gatasi. 
)lish, uma ona fai. 
ng, faatatau. 
t, tala. 
ilate, faupu'c, faula4, auWi. 

e, tatau lelei. 

I, faafano, fetuu. 
>m, faamasani. 
iga, gaoi. 

Acquiesce, usiusitai. 

Acquire, maua. 

Acrid, *a*ava. 

Across, faalava. 

Act, fai. 

Adapt, faatatau.- 

Add, faaopoopo. 

Adhere, pipii. 

Adjourn, tolo. 

Admirable j maeu. 

Admonish, apoapoa^i. 

Adopt, e fai mona atalii. 

Adorn, teteu, teuteu. 

Adversity, mala. 

Adult, tagata matuav 

Adultery, mulilua. 

Advocate, fautua. 

Afar, mamao. 

Affable, nofo lelei. 

Affectation, faafia, (as of wisdom f 

Affection, alofa. 
AfHrm, matua fai atu. 
Afflict, faatiga. 
Afiiighty ^amata'u. 
Affront, faaonoono. 
Afraid^ faamata^utia^ 
After, mulimuli ane. 
Afterbirth, fanua. 
J lOOD, ua i gagaifo le la. 

toe (as come again, toe sau)** 
Ojppositey feagai. 



Age, tuputag;a. 

Aged, men, toeaiaa ; women, loo • 

A^resaor, o le na tupu ai le miaa. 
Agiiait?. I'llu. 

Ago, {at long ago) leva, anamua. 
Agony, tiga telt. 
Agree, in concord, ua Hei; yield 

to, usiusitai ; same Mind, loto 

Aground, pa'ulia. 
Ahal ue! 
Aid, fesoasoani. 
Aim at, fuatatau. 
Air, V. rausavili. 
Alas! oi latofa! ane! 
Alike, tutiisa. 
Alive, ola. 
All. uma. 

Alleviate, faafilemu, e filemu ai. 
Allow, to yield, uaiusitai ; to pet- 

mil, tuu atu. 
Allure, taalatalata. 
Almost, toe ina, tali (a tali oti), tai. 
Alone, toatasi, na o Ja. 
Also, fo'i. 
Alternate, auaua'i. 
Although, e ui lava. 
Always, soo, i aso nina, e le anHoa. 
A mass, faaputu. 
AmazeLl, segia le manK. 
Ambassador snvaii. 
Ambiguous, faalepu|mla lona aiga. 
Ambition, fia aili. 
Amends, totogi, taui. 
Amidst, i totonu, i le va, i loto. 
Amongst, faatasi. 
Ample, tele. 
An, a. se. 

Anchor, s. taula, v. tttu tavla. 
And, ma. 
Anger, ita, (to chiefs) tomi, tdatff- 

Animal, manu. 
Ankle, ponaponiva:e. 
Aanoy, faasoe«a, feAUIi. 
Anoint, faan'u. 
Another, k tan. 
Answer, tali. 

Ant, loi. 
Anxious, popole. 
Any, ni, nbi. 
Apart, luuesea. 
Aparlment, afeafe. 
Apologize, toeae. 
Apparel, "ofu. 
Apparition, aitu. 
Appear, aliali. 
Applaud, vivii. 
Appoint, toto6. 
Approach, faalaialata. 

Arise, tula'i. 

Arm, lima, {chief t) aao. 

Arms, auupega. 

Army, 'au, itu taua. 

Around, soo, faasi'osi'o. 

Arrive, o'o. 

Arrogance, Taasia^la, iaiCiii«aA\t^ 

Arrowroot, mas«». 

Artery, ua. 

Artifice, tt^fiti. 

As, pei, faapei. 

Ascend, a'e. 

Ascent, a'ega. 

Ashamed, ma, misiasi. 

Ashes, leCulelu. 

Ask, ole, Taanoi; sill, f^siU. 

Aslant, faasapasapa. 

Assemble, t'aapotopoto. 

Assist, fesoasoani. 

Asthma, sela, 

Aatoniah, ofo, S^U litEluli. 

Astray, sese. 

Asunder, eseese {at, bait QtXm, H 

put asunder). 
Asylum, lafitaga, malu. 
At, i. 

Atonement, toglsal^. 
Atone, faalelei. 
Attain, maua. 
Attempt, tanmafai. 
Attend fo, t'aait^ologo i ott, ttJA^' 

(to be with). 
Avail, ao^. 

Avarice, manumanu, mftCipt'ttii^- 
Avoid, 'alo, igoigo. 


Austere, nofi^ta, matapaii. 
Await, tsli atu. 

Afvake, fafdgu ; of one't. own ac- 
cord, ala. 
Away, *se, 
Ase, to'i; (to fihlefs) faasa^eie. 


Babe, tama meainea. 

Back, tua. 

Backbite, Cuaupua (jiott.) 

Backbone, ivitu. 

Backside, muli, nofoagA. 

Backwards, tuumuli. 

Bud, leaga. 

Bag, taga. 

Bait, mauiiu. 

Bake, t>. taj>. 

Bald, tula. 

Bale, ». ta'ui. 

Bale, t>. asa, lata. 

Bamboo, 'o(c. 

Band, fusi. 

Bandy leg^, raepi'o. 

Banish, faateva, tuU. 

Banuer, lu'a. 

B&rb, Ula. 

Baric, *. pa'u; v. fisi, fofoc. 

Bark, r. ou. 

Barren, animals, pa; Ireet^ le fua; 

iattd, larulafna. 
Barter, faatau. 
Btuket, 'ato, ete. 
Bat, t. pe'a. 
Batiie,c. taele; (tochiafi) &aDulu, 

Battle, taua. 
Beach, taga, tuatafaga. 
Bead, uamea; itriitff (>f, lop^ 
Beak, gutu. 
^tMi, V. are; toendure, onoaai; as 

a tree, fiia mai ; ajnnaU, &nau. 
Beard, s. ava; (of chief t)totii» 
Beast, manu. 
Betit, tm,U 
BeautiAil, la 

BLA 27 

I Because, ma, ona o, autl. 
! Beckon, negonego. 

Become, avea, lin. 
j Becoiiiiiig, {propriety) om, ono- 

moii, luaiiapagotie. 
I Bed, mopga. 
I BedrJddrii, faasugalugalufale. 

Before, i luma. 

Beg, iai, faatoga, ole, aioi. 
; Beget, fauaua. 
> Begin, amata, afua. 
I Behaviour, amio. 
: Behind, i tua. 

Behold, V. vaai; tntetj. faauta.! 

Bi-lcli totoniamala. 

Believe, to a promite, faatuatua; 
credit, ua maiiatu e moni. 

Belly, inanava; {ofuckief)a\o. 

Beloved, alofaina, pele. 

Below, j lalo. 

Belt, fusi, taliaeh. 

Bench, nofua taau. 

Bend ii. lolo'u; to make crooked^ 

Beneath, i lalo. 

Beiielicial, aoga. 

B»ieraknce, loto alofa, Bgfdi.let. 

Benight, pc^a. 

Beseech, 'ai'oi. 

Beside, i tafala&. 

Besiege, vagal. 

Best, e siU ona lelei. 

Bestow, avatu, foa'i. 

Betray, faalaia. 

Betroth, faul'autaae. 

Between, i le va> e va a'i. 

Bewail, tagi aue. 

Bewilder, tememea*!. 

Beyond, i tala atu. 

Big, liteJe. 

Bigamy, nofo lua. 

Billow, peau. 

Bind, fusifusi. 

Bird, manu. 

Bite, u. 

Bitter, 'o'ona. 
k. uliuli. 




Bleed, toto; to lei blood, tuu le lima. 

Bles$, faamanum. 

Blind, tauaso ; {to chiefs) tauvale. 

Blink, faasegose^o. 

Blister, v. manunu. 

Blood, toto. 

Bloody, totolimav 

Blossou), fuga. 

Blotch, po*u. 

Blow, V. ula, of the breath; mata- 

gi, of the wind; or savili, or agi 

le matagi. 
Blue, uli, lanu moana, &c. 
Blunder, sese. 
Blunderbuss, apir. 
Bkint, matatupa, tulaH. 
Boar, po'a. 
Board, laupapa. 
Boast, mitamita. 
Boat, tulula. 
Body, tina. 
Boil, v. ttrnuf. 
BoH, 5. ma'^i faafoa. 
Bold, loto tele, toa. 
Bone, ivi. 
Bonnet, pulou. 
JBony, iviivia, pace ; of persons y ti- 

Book, tusi. 
Bordt'r, of country ^ tuaoi; garment y 

Bbre, t>. vili'. 
Borrow, nono*. 
Bosom, fatafata. 
Both, o i laua uma. 
Bottle, fagu ; for water^ vai. 
Bottom, s. taele. 
Bough, la (laau). 
Boundary, tuaoi. 
Bow, V, ifo. 
Bow, s, aufana. 
Bowels, gaau.- 
Bowl, tanoa. 
Bowstring, fu^a. 
Box, atolaau. 
Boy, taroa. 
Boyish, faatamaitiiti. 
IK kish, mai, faasualua, taitainono. 

Brain, fai^ai. 

Branch, la. 

Brandish, ailao. 

Brave, toa. 

Breadfruit, <ulu. 

Breadth, lau. 

Break, gau ; cups, S^c. ta^e. 

Breaker, galu. 

Breast, moa, fatafata, susu. 

Breathe, manava. 

Breeches, ofu vae.- 

Breed, fanau. 

Breeze, saviH. 

Bridge, faia, alaniu.- 

Bright, pupula. 

Briinful, tumu satsaif. 

Bring, aumai. 

Brink, auvai. 

Brittle, ta*e gofie. 

Broad, vateatea, lautele.- 

Broil, mtsa. 

Broil, V. tttnu. 

Brood, V. as chickens, ofaofata'i*.- 

Brood, s. toloa4. 

Brother, ttso; o/ a W^er, tuaganeV 

Brown, ena. 

Bruise,- uno'<y. 

Bn!ish, V, taBtafiv 

Brush, s. tafi. 

Bud, V, togo. 

Buffet, tu'i. 

BuHd, fau, fai; ati, df a tOall. 

Builder, tufuga; {to chiefs) matalsair 

Bullet, pulu fana. 

Bunch, s, cluster, fuifui, 'au, (qsr 

Bundle,- s. tuai, ta'QT. 
Burden, avega, faafafa, amoga, tat^w 

Burn, V, susunu, mu.- 
Burnish, faapupula.* 
Burst, pa. 

Bory, tanur; {to chiefs) fele kuauv' 
Bushy, felefele. 
But^ a, peita'i.- 
Butterfly, pepe. 

Buttock, muli; of beasts, taldL^in.* 
Button, fuamau. 
Buy, faatau.* 




By, near, i tafatafa^ e lata ane. 
By and- by, nanej. 
By world, inuaga^na. 

Cable, maea. 

Cackle, to*uto*u. 

Cadaverous, mata-tagataoti. 

Cage, faga, aoa. 

Cake, faapapa. 

Calamity, mala. 

Calculate, faitau. 

Caldron, *ulo. 

Calk, V. monomono. 

Call, V. valaau, alaga. 

Call, to visit, afe, asiasi. 

Calm, of the windy malu; of the 
sea, Inolao. 

Calm, quiet, filemu. 

Calm, V, faalaulelei. 

Calumniate, faatuaupua. 

Camp, togalauapi. 

Can, V. maf^^i, 

Cane, suf/ar, tolo ; rattan, lafo. 

Cannon, fanafanua. 

Cannot, le mafai, le lava. 

Canoe, vaa. 

Cap, pulou ie. 

Cape, tolotolo. 

Captive, tagata-o-taua. 

Care, popole. 

Carpenter, tufuga, mataisau. 

Carry, ave ; on the back, faafuata ; 
by the aid of a stick, faafafa ; ba- 
lanced at its ends, amo ; also a 
post, SfC, between two, tausoa. 

Carve, wood, togitogi ; food, pena. 

Case, faamoega. 

Cast, V. lafo, togi, 

Castle, 'oIq. 

Cat, gose. 

Cataract, afi). 

Catch, w. pu'e. 

Catch, V, n. by contagion, piptsi. 

Catechise, fesili* 

Cave, ftna. 

gavil^ V. finau^ 

Cause, V, faatupu. 

Caustic, adj. feu. 

Caution, i'. lapata*i (perfect only). 

Cease, uma, iu, mapu, tuu ; soia 

Celebrate, v. vivii. 
Censure, v. a*oa*i; 
Centipede, atiialoa. 
Centre, totonugalemu. 
Chain, maea uamea, ftlifili u^mes^. 
Chair, nofoa. 
Challenge, r. lu*i. 
Chamber, afeafe. 
Chance, tupu fua. 
Change, fesuia*i. 
Chant, pose. 
Chap, ipayaevae. 
Character, amio. 
Charcoal, malaia. 
Charge, v, apoapoa*i, fai atu. 
Charge, a gun, utu. 
Charge, 5. utufaga. 
Charity, alofa. 

.Charm, v, fai togafiti ^ataulaitq. 
Chase, V. tuliloa. 

Chasm, mavaevae. 

Chastise, a*oa*i, sasa. 

Cheap, tau^ofie. 

Cheat, pepeio. 

Cheek, alaf'au. 

Cheerful, mata *ata. 

Cherish, tausi. 

Chest, box, atolaau; of the body^ 

Chestnut, ifi. 

Chew, lamulamu. 

Chicken, tamai mqa. 

Chide, a*oa'i. 

Chief, alii. 

Child, tama, 

Childish, faatamaitiiti. 

Chill, maalili. 

Chin, auvaealalo. 

Chip, V. tipi. 

Chip, 5, malamala. 

Chirp, tagi. 

r sel, tpfi. 

* ice, f)Ii61iga. 

ke, f. laoa ; titjnet (acti 

■ 30 CHO 

Choose, V. filifili. 

Chop, t'. tipi, soni. 

Clammy, apulupulu> 

Clamour, pisao. 

Clang, tagitagi. 

Clap, V. the hand*, pati lima. 

Clasp, V. fiisi. 

Class, vasega. 

Clatter, pa '6. 

Claw, of a bird, vae. 

Clay, oniea. 

Clfan, matni.. 

Cleanse, v. faamama. 

CWr, maniiio. 

Cleave to, pipii. 

Cleave, to split, Ui, taisL 

Clever, poto. 

Climb, a'e. 

Cling, pipii. 

Close, V. pupimi, faatoo. 

Cloth, s. le ; native, siapo. 

Clothe, V. faa'ofu. 

Cloud, ao. 

Cloudv o/(/ai/,lagilagia; of night, 

Cloven, magalua. 
Club, uatoni. 
Cluck, V. to'uto'u. 
Clu.usy, visiviiBi. 
Cluaer, fuifui. 
Clutch, 'u'u. 
Cobweb, apogaleveleve. 
Cock, toa. 

Cockcrowing, vivini o moa. 
Cockle, pip I. 
Cocoa, niu. 
Coequal, tutusa. 

Coffin, vaa; (o/a cAM/)«lalttfagB. 
Cogitate, mafaufuu, 
Coil, taai. 

Cold, maatili ; laater, Src. milulii. 
Colic, manava tului. 
Collar bone, ivi tau'au. 
Collect, me«, faapotopoto; thingi, 

Collection, faupu'ega, faula'iga. 
Collision, fetoa'i. 
Color, ianu- 
Comb, i. lelu. 


Combat, ». taua. 

Combine, laatasi, aoo. 

Combustible, mugofie. 

Come, sau. 

Comet, pusaloa. 

ComTort, v. taamBfanafana, faanu-' 

Command, v. poloa!, fa! atu. 
Coinmaitdmont, poloatga. 
Commemorate, tkamanatu. 
Commence, amata. 
Commend, vivii atu, 
Commit, tiiu atu [e tausij. 
Common, tuu tele. 
Con'motioD, ». nunuvale. 
Commotion, v. vevesi, ualolo. 
Co.npaiiion, toalua. 
Company, Aiapot(^toga. 
Compare, faatusa. 
Compassion, alofa. 
Compel, faamalosi. 
Compensate, totogi, taw. 
Complain, muimui, tagi atu. 
Complete, iaaatoatoa. 
Complex, c. felelele. 
Comply, usiusitai. 
Compose, a song, fatu, 
Co'iiprchinrd, lagona. 
Uompiite, &iitau. 
Comrade, toalua. 
Conceal, nflna, ufiu6. 
Conceited, faafiamea. 


, to. 

Concli, faafoa. 

Conciliate, faalelei. 

Concise, saasaa. 

Concourse, faapotopatogx. 

Condemn,. faaBala. 

Condescend, Caamaiilalo. 

Conduct, s. amio. 

Conduct, V. ta'ita'i. 

Cunfer, v. tautalatala faatasi, fllitili> 

Coafess, faaali, ta'u. r 

Confiim, faamaoni. 
Conflict, ». taua. 
Confounded, .feraemni, 
Con|^eg8te, faapotopoto. ' 

Conjecture, taurokte. ■-I 


• CRI 


ct, faasoo, f^atjasi. 

er, manumalp. 

ence, loto fuatiaifo. 

it, V. usiusi^tai. 

ler, manatunatu. 

:n, V, tuu ata. 

Ie,v. faamaise,faai|iafanaian^^ 

icuous, aliaJi tele. 

ire, V, taupulepuie. 

int, tumau. 

mtly, soo, e le aunos^ 

^rtiation, segia maiilj. 

pation, ma4 m^ti\tu, matps^ 


•uct, fau. 

It, filifili. 

me, V, t'aauma. 

mption, ma'i faaiya. 

^ious, pipisi. 

minate, taaleaga^ 

iin, *ijio*ino. 

iipjate, mafaufau. 

id, (inau. 

)t, loto malie. 

ition ) n 

^^ J finauga. 

ruous, tuaoi, 

lual, soo, e le aunqa. 

lue, tumau, 

ict, V. shrink, mem^^i, 

vance, togafiti. 

)versy, finauga. 

macy, finauvale. 

ne, V, faapotopoto. 

rsatioii, faatalanoaga, tautala- 


rt, liliu. 
y, ave. 

2S a pigeon^ olp, 
s. faiuiiiu. 
V, fufui, tao. 
v^ faamalulu. 
IS, tele. 

r, *apa memea. 
ition, moega. 
'amu, lapa, puga. 
maea tuaitiiti, manoa. 
f, ex^^rwa^, tuli^ 

Corner-stone, tulimanu. 

Corpse, tagata oti. 

CorpuJeQl:, tutu*a, puta.. 

Correct, v, a*oa*i. 

Corrode, *a*ati. 

Corrupt, V, fa^leaga, 

Corrupt, adj, leaga. 

Costive, matutu. 

Cotton, laau alala. 

Covenant, feagaiga. 

Cover, ufi. 

Covet, manumanu, mat^pe'ape'aj^ 

Cough, tale, (chief* s) malemale.. 
Council, le au faipule, le fOno. 
Count, V, faitau. 
Countenance, mata; {cMfjTs) fqfp- 

Counteract, faalavelave, faaleaoga. 
Counterfeit, faataga. 
Countless, le masino, le mafa^itaulia*. 
Country, nuu. 
Couple, w?ien more than one, such^ 

aSy e lua oa ; men and, bird^, ulu- 


Courage, loto tele. 

Courteous, agauialii, migao. 

Courtezan, o le fafine tali tane. 

Cousin, uso. 

Coward, palatal. 

Cower, lofa. 

Coy, scgisegi. 

Crab, pa* a ; land, mali'o. 

Crack, ta*e. 

Crackle, gase; o/^re, talali. 

Craft, faiva. 

Cramp, pe, gase. 

Crave, faatoga. 

Crawfish, ula. 

Crawl, totolo. 

Creak, *i*i. 

Create, fai. 

Creep, totolo. 

Crevice, mavae; in- the reef, vai- 

Crew, auvaa. 
Cricket, se. 
Crime, pagota. 
Crimson, totototo, mijmu. 




Cripple, pipili. 

Crisp, pa*a*a. 

Crockery, ipu omea or uamea. 

Crook, v. faapi*o. 

Crook back, tuapi'o. 

Crossway, Etia faalava. 

Crouch, lofa. 

Crow, vivini. 

Crowd, V, fetuleni. 

Crown, pale. 

Cruel, sau^. 

Crumb, momoi mea. 

Crumble, v, momomo. 

Crumple, manuminumi. 

Crush, nuti- 

Cry, tagi. 

Cubit, laui'a. 

Cumber, faalavelave. 

Cunning, poto. 

Cup, ipu, ipi. 

Cure, faamalolo. 

Current, au, tafe. 

Curse, ietuu. 

Curve, lolo*u. 

Custom, tu, niasani. 

Cut, V, pcna, tipi ; down, tuu ; off, 

Cut, s, manu'a. 
Cutlass, pehi, 
Curly, piipii. 


Daily, aso fai soo, o lea s^so mai lea 

Dalliaiioe, ula, taaloga. 
Damage, v, faasaunoa. 
Damp, nialulii, 
Dance, saa, siva. 
Dare, v, faamalosi. 
Dare, u. to defy, Wu 
Dark, pogisa, poulitjli. 
Darling, pele. 
Dart, V, velo, 
Dash, V, lafotu, palasi. 
Daughter, a mans, afafine ; of a 

chief, alofefin^ ; of a woman, ta- 

Vf}^ telne.. 

Daunt, faamata'u. 

Dawn^ le tafa o ata. 

Day, ao ; natural day, aso. 

Dazzle, sesega ; (pass,) segaia. 

Dead, oti ; to a chiefs maliu ; 

mat, mate, pe. 
Deaf, tutuli. 
Deal, tut, tufatufk. 
Dear, pele ; in price, t^ugata., 
Dearth, oge. 
Death, le oti. 
Debate, ftriauga* 
Debauch, faaleaga. 
Debilitate, r. faavaivaia. 
Decapitate, vavae le ulu or uto (i 

ver used except in cursing)^ 
Decay, pala. 
Decease, oti. 
Deceit, pepelp. 
Decent, teu lelei. 
Decide, pule, uma le filifili. 
Deck, ?;. teuteu. 
Deck, s, fo^a v£|a, 
D» clare, tala*i, faaiW. 
Decorate, teuteu; the person ^ti^tii 
Decoy, mailei, faalata. 
Decrease, maui, faaitiiti. 
Dedicate, faasa, tapui, taputapu^ 
Deep, loloto, maulalo. 
Defame, faaleaga, tuaupua. 
Defeat, v. tulia, lafoi;^. 
Defend, leoleo. 
Defer, tolo, faatuaj. 
Deference, avgt, 
Defiance, hi*i. 
Deficient, le atoa, le lava. 
Defile, faaleaga. 
Define, tnsi tinp. 
Deform, faamataga. 
Di 'formed, matapuaa, 'auvale* 
Defraud, pepelo. 
Defy, lu*i. 

Degrade, faap^,u, faa le igoa. 
Delay, faatuai ; fa,atamala {in a 

Deliberate^ manatunatu, filifili. 
Delicious, sua malie. 
Delight, fiafia, *oli'oli. 
Deliver, tuu atu e alu ; /roijji^Ui 







ge, lolo. 

sion, pepelo. 

olish) faautua, lepetf. 

on, aitu. 

a], faafitiga. 

rt, alu ese. 

ind, faalagolago. 

»pulate, faatuufua. 

»se, faapa^u, fao le igoa. 

ave, faaleaga. 

h, loloto. 

ity, sui. 

ie, tauemu. 

end, ifoifo. 

endant, fanau, aiga, gafa. 

crate, soli. 

rt, s. vao. 

rt, V, tuulafoai. 

!^n, manatu. 

e, manao, mo*omo*o, naunau, 


it, tuu ; prohibition, soia. 

late, tuufua. 

air, ua leai se toe faamoemoe. 

alch, faavaevave. 

[cable, faatauvaa. 

Ise, *ino*ino. 

ond, vaivai le loto. 

tute, tuulafoaiina, mativa. 

oy, faauma, faatafuna. 

:h, tuu ese. 

1, talatala. 

n, taoB. 

;t, maiia. 

mine, uma ona filifili. 

it, *ino*ino. 

ite, sese. 

le, togafiti. 

id, aunoa. 

te, faasa, faato. 

ur, lotulotu 'ai. 


;m, pale, 
ct, gagana. 
gue, tautalatalaga. 
iragm, ga'o piinipu. 
hoea, manavu tati, 
le, *oso, suo. 

na taia. 

Die, V. a. faalanu. 

Die, V. n. a7iima Is ytiiditQ; man, oil; 

{chiefs) maliu. 
Differ, escese. 
Difficult, faigata. 
Diffident, ma, matamuli. 
Diffuse, faasalalau. 
Dig, *eli. 

Dilatory, telegese. 
Dim, faalepupula. 
Diminish, faaitiiti. 
Dip, 17. fufui. 
Dire, mata'utia. 

Direct, v, faasa^o, faasino, faatonu. 
Dirt, eleele. 

Disagree, taofi eseese, masesei. 
Disappear, mou, le iloa. 
Disaster, mala. 
Discern, faailogaina. 
Discbarge, s, from a wound, sua- 

vai, alou. 
Discharge, v. gun, S^c, pa. 
Disciple, soo. 
Disclose, faaali. 
Discompose, faanuniinumi ; mind, 

faatiga loto. 
Discord, misa, maseiga. 
Discover, faailoa. 
Discourse, tautalaga; lauga. 
Discourteous, faalemigao. 
Discriminate, faailogaina. 
Disdain, ^ino'ino, faasiasia. 
Disease, ma*i ; {to chiefs), gasega- 

se, &c. 
Disfigure, faasaunoa. 
Disgrace, faama. 
Disgust, 'ino'ino. 
Dish, tanoa. 
Dishearten, faamata^u, faavaivai le 

Dishevelled, scuseua. 
Disinter, laga. * 
Disjoin, tuu eseese. 
E ke,/iao4no. 
ha ^,tee [le ivi]. 

J^ B, laaatu e alu. 
h a. >. 
miu ifo. 
kgata, faalogogata. 


■ 34 


Disown, faaliti. 
Disperse, faataape. 
Dispirit, faavaivai ie loto. 
Display, feaali, faalialia. 
Displease, faaitaita, faat^a le loto. 
Dispossess, fao; tuli. 
Dispute, finau. 
Disregard, le maiiatunatu. 
Disrespect, le ava, le taualoa. 
Dissemble, pepelo. 

Dissimilar, eseese. 

Di^ssipate, taapeape. 

Dissolve, 11 u suavai. 

Dissolute, ulavale. 

Distant, Tnamao. 

Distemper, ma'i. 

Distend, fefete. 

Distinguish, faailogaina, tilitaa. 

IKstress, atuatuvale. 

Distribute, tufatufa. 

District, itu. 

Disturb, faaatuatuvale, faalavelave. 

Ditch, utu. 

Dive, tofu. 

Diverse, eseese. 

Divide, vavae, pena ; tuu eseese; 

Divorce, alei. 
Divulge, faaali. 

Do, fai. 

Docile, a'oa'o gofie. 
Doctor, foma'i. 
Dog, maile, uli. 
Dolptiin, masiuiaM. 

Dolt, Tlllf. 

DominioD, nialo. 

Doom, fttasala. 

Door, feitotoa, pupuiii, puipui. 

Dotage, (aavalcnoitiia. 

Double, sautualua,jailun. 

Doubleminded, faalotolotolua 

Doubt, V. ma^alosatovale. 

Dove, matiutagi. 

bown, i lalo. 

Downward, ifo. 

Draff, toso. 

prukc, tijloii po'H. 


Draught, fluid drank, inuraag: 

Dread, iiiata'u. 

Dream, moemiti ; (o/ a chief) 

Dregs, 'alu. 
Dress, t;. faa'ofu. 
Drill, s. faavili. 
Drmk,t>. inn. 
Drip, II. I 


, tuli. 

Drivel, tafe le faua. 
Drollery, faianaga. 
Droop, of trees, lautagilagi. 
Drop, V. sisina, faatulutulu ; d 

Dropsy, fula. 
Drown, malemo. 
Drowsy, tuletnoe. 

Drunk, ona. 

Dry, popo, mago; of herbs, m 

Duck, toloa. 
Dull, a'oa'o gata; of tools, r 

tupa, tulali. 
Dumb, gugu. 
Dung, tae, otaota. 
Duiigv, savasava. 
Durublc, ariagatS. 
Duriig prep a o. 
Dusk, segisegi. 
Dust, efu. 
Dwell, nofo, mau. 
Dysentery, sana toto. 
Dyspepsy, tooala. 
Dy^pjicea, sela. 

Each, ta'itasi. 
Eager, tu'inanau. 
Ear, taliga. 
Early, vave. 
Earnest, naunau. 
Earth, eleele ; lalolag^ 
Eartliquake, mal'uie. 
Earthworm, anufe. 

Ensc, lilL-i, 

, faigofic 

'ai; ((ocAie/s) taumaia, taute. 
ble, 'aina. 
s, tulutulu. 



«p, o/fAesun, gaaetoio; 


linate, amio fkafafine. 
g;eDt, pupula. 

teen, e sefulu ma le valu. 

Ly, e valu gafulu. 

r, po o. 

, faafefete, faamauaiuga. 

V, tulilima. 

5, toeaina. 

/, tagisolo. 

lantiasis, feefee, vaetupa. 
ite, sii i luga, f^aea. 
II, e sefulu ma le tasi. 

:iale, faa'iiva. 

culate, faalave; animals, fA&- 

ilni, at'ialalaina, 

lasy, savali. 

illish, tcuteu. 

•ra, nialala ola, malala aasa. 

■ace, fusi, 

ge, maiiu. , 

ence, mauga, mea mauuelie. 

wry, o le lalo, 

et, loi, 

y, luul'ua ; le'i'o. 

ate, losilo^i. 

up, to lauapi. 

<&e, pupuni, si'osi'o. 

npass, fiiataamilo. 

I Hiicoimter, s. tana. 

Encourage, raamatanaluna , faaina- 
I tosi, faamatalaloto. 
I Encroacli, faaaimago. 
j Encumber, foahvelave. 
■ End, Si, gataaga. 
j Endeavour, tauinalai. 
I Endlpss, le i'u, faavavau. 
I Endure, oiiosa'i. 

Enemy, le ita mai; the object of 
hate, lili. 

Enfeeble, faavaivai. 

Enforce, faamalosi. 

Engage, in combat, tau. 

Engrave, togitogi. 

Enjoin, poloai, fai atu. 

Enjoy, liafia. 

Enkindle, faamu, tiStu. 

Enlarge, faatele. 

Enlighten, feamalatnalama. 

Enougii, lava. 

Enrage, faaitaita, faalili, 

Enslave, faapologa. 
Entangle, faalavelave. 
Enter, ulu, olufale. 
Enlice, faalata, 'ole, faa'ole'ole. 
Entire, atoatoa. 
Entrails, gaau, totoga. 
Entrance, ala. 
Entrap, faamailei, sele. 
Entreat, 'ai'oi. 
Envelop, aui, taai. 
Ennnieratr, faitau. 
Envoy, savali. 
Envy, matau'a. 
Epidemic, faania'i. 
Epilepsy, nia'i maliu. 
Equal, gatusa. 
Equivalent, mea e tusa. 
Erelong, toe itiiti, e le pine. 
Erect, tu sa'o. 
Err, 3ese, se. 
Errand, feau. 

Eruption, Mi-i, fotuga ; mageso, 
Escape, sola, 
Escort, 17. leoleo, monioli. 
y, V. taumarai. , 
, faatumau. 




Kternal, faavavau. 

Evadp, *aio. 

Evnsive^ fe^alo'alofa'i. 

fivetif laiigatasi. 

Eveninpr, afiafi. 

Ever, e faavavap. 

Every, tait^si um^. 

Evident, mautinoa, pupula. 

Evil, leaga. 

Evil-speaking, faatuaupua. 

Eulogy, viiga. 

Exact, V. faatauanau. 

Exalt, faam^ualuga ; praise, vivii. 

Exapdine, fkamasino, suesue; 4Io'ilo. 

Example, faaaoap. 

Px^specate, fkalili, faaopoono. 

Exceed, faasilisili. 

Excel, alua)u. 

Except, prep, tau lava, na o. 

Exchange, faatau. 

Excite, faaoso. 

Exclaim, uio, alaga. 

Excrement, tae. 

Excuse, s^lanj. 

Execrate, fetuu, tu^i, faafano. 

Execpte, fai. 

Exemplify, faatusa. 

Exempt, taga {applied to things ta- 

Exert, taumafai, fa^malosi. 
Exhibit, faaali. 
Exhort, apoapoa'i. 
Exile, Vi roateva, fkaaumau. 

.jtpand, fofola. 

Ixpect, fuatiili atu. 

IjCpoctorate, feanu. 
Expedient, r. tatau. 
Expedient, 5. togafiti. 
Expedite, faataalise. 
Expel, tulL 
Expert, poto. 
Expiate, togiola. 
Expire, to le manava. 
Explain, taamatalfi. 
£xplode, pa. 
Bxpoae, iHaali. 
Expound* taamatala. 
^Jttend« taalploa, hialautelo. 
|\Me)tuato. faamama. 

Exterior, i tua, i fafo. 

Exterminate, faauma, tinei. 

Extinct, mate. 

Extirpate, lia*i. 

Extol, vivii. 

Extort, fao. 

Extreme, aupito maipao, tupitc 

Extremity, i*u : pito. 

Extricate, lavea*i. 

Exuberant, uluola. 

Exult, *oIi*oli. 

Eye, mata ; (to chiefs) fofoga 

your own, lauifi. 
Eyeball, ioimata. 
Eyebrow, fulufulii i mata. 
Eyelid, laumata^ 
Eyesore, mataga, 


Face, mata ; (chiefs) fofogpa, 

Face, V, fesaga*i. 

Fade, wither, mamae. 

Faint, v. matapogia. 

Fair, lalelei. 

Fair, weather, laoHe. 

Faith, taoB ; faatuatu^. 

Faithful, faamaonj. 

Fall, pau. 

Fallow, faavaoa. 

False, pepelo. 

Falsehooa, tala pepelo. 

Falter, as the voice, nanu; fs 

Famed, ta'ua. 
Family, aiga. 
Famine, oge. 
Famish, faamatelaina. 
Fan, ili. 
Fan, V. aloalo. 
Far, mamao. 
Farewell, tofa. 
Farthest, e aupito mamao. 
Fashion, 5. tu. 
Fast, V. anapogi. 
Fast, adj^ mau. 
Fasten, faamau. 
^ Fasihandrd, liraavale, 


less, 'olo. 

adj. men, puta ; ammaU, peti. 

«■ gu'o, mea lololo. 

er, tama. 

am, gafe. 

rue, lailoa. 

t, sese. 

ur, alofa. 

urite, pele, 

. mata^, feCe. 

t, taiisaiaiga. 

ler, fulufulu, fulu, 

le, vaJvui. 

wilhtkehandfla^t&^o; men- 
'ly, lagiona^ 
1, faataga. 
ity, manuia. 
V. a. faapa'u, tuu i Ia)o. 
w, toalua. 
lie, fafine. 

.ent, Tefcte. 

, vaotuaniu; giant feT7i,aave. 
:iou3, fe'ai. 
le, lafulemu. 
;i)t, naunau, 
■X, faapepe. 
1, aaroi, aumai. 
f sauga. 

i niaseiga, misa. 
fy ma'i vevela. 
■; of cocoamtl husk,- moi&'si. 
e, fefo'ifo'ia'L 
e, fe'ai. 
;n, e sefulu ma le lima. 

:tb, o le lima garulu. 
, e lima gafulu. 


;, u. tau ; witkjists, fftsn. 

re, tiim. 


, niea leaga, sata, eleele,, oU- 

Final, toe. 

Fine, V. iaasala. 

Finger, tamatamai limd. 

Finish, g. faauma, faaiu. 

Fire^ s. aft. 

FirCj V. faamu ; gun, S[c. faapi.- 

Firesiia^el, s.ilelu 

Firenood faht 

Firm, mau, malosi 

First, muamua 

Firstborn, ulumatua 

Fish, I'a 

Fish u fdgota 

Fishhool,, mdtau 

Fisliprraan, tautat 

Fissure, inavae 

Fit, s. pu'ega. 

Fit, adj. tatau. 

Five, e lima. 

Fix, v. raamaii. 

Flabby, vaivai, venia.- 

Flag, V. faaiva. 

Flag, s. fu'a. 

Flame, afi mumu. 

Flank, puimanava.- 

Flannel, ie mamoe. 

Flap, wings, palalij. 

Plat, salatalafa. 

Flatter, &alupe. 

Flavour, manogi^ 

Flaw, pona. 

Flay, fofo'e le pa'u.- 

Flea, 'utu 6ti. 

Flee, sola. 

Fleet, fua. 

Fleet, adj. tele vave^ 

Flesh, aano. 

Flexible, vavai. 

Flinch, ne. 

Fling, togi.- 



Flirt, faateine, taalo. 

Float, opeope. 

Flock, V. lolofi ane ; of chitdreAf 




Flourish, v. uluola. 1 

Flow, V, tafe. « 

Flow, 5. fana*e. 

Flower, fuga. 

Fluenty in speech ^ cpau upu. 

Fluidy s, sua. 

Flute,, fa^ifagu. 

Fly, V, lele, sola. 

Fly, 5. lago. 

Foam, of the sea, piapia ; from the 
mouth, faua. 

Foe, le ita mai. 

Fog, puao. 

Foil, V. idAdimdi {passive only). 

Fold, sautua {as ^i^o/o/fi?,saiitualua). 

Follow,, v^ mulirnuli. 

Follower, soo. 

Folly, valea. 

Fond, faapelepele. 

Food, mea e 'ai ; {to chiefs) mea e 

Fool,, vale. 

Foot, vae ; {to chiefs) aao. 

Footpath y a La. 

For, mo, ma, ona o. 

Forage, feioso. 

Forbear,, onosa'i. 

Forbid, vavao. 

Force, faamalosi. 

Ford, asa. 

Forefinger, lima tusi; 

Forefoot, lima. 

Forego, tuu atu. 

Forehead, muaulu. 

Foreign, papalagi; cloth, apapa- 

Foreland, tolotolo. 

Foremost, muamua. 

Forenoon, oauli, aoauli, oatea. 

Forest, vao matua, vao puanea, &c. 

Foretell^ vavalo. 

Forget, galo. 

Forgive, not to be angry with, loto 
nialie ; in reference to punish- 
ment, faamagalo. 

Fork, tui. 

Forked, magamaga. 

Forlorn, ausage. 

Form, tiiiQ. 

Formerly, anamua. 

Fornication, faitaaga. 

Forsake, tuulafoai. 

Fort, *olo. 

Fortitude, loto tele, maloei. 

Fortunate, manuia. 

Forty, e fa gafulu. 

Foster, v. tausi. 

Foul, eleelea, leaga. 

Foundation, faavae, no'opa, 

Founder, tofatumoanaina. 

Fountain, vai puna. • 

Four, e fa, e soani. 

Fourfold, sautuafa. 

Fourfooted, vaefa. 

Fourteen, e sefulu ma le fa. 

Fowl, moa. 

Fowling piece, fana manu. 

Fragile, magaugpfie, ta*egofie. 

Fragrant, manogi. 

Frail, vaivai. 

Frame,, v. fai.^ 

Frantic, valemalosi. 

Fraud, pepelo. 

Free, sa'oloto. 

Freight, uta [o le vaa]. 

Frequent, soo. 

Fresh, not salt, magalo ; new, fi 

Fretful, itagofie, tagivale. 

Friend, uo. 

Frighten, faamata'u. 

Fright, te*i. 

Fringe, pau-. 

Frisk, taalo. 

Frivolous, faatauvaa^ 

From, mai, nai, ai. 

Front, i luma. 

Front, V. fesaga*i. 

Frontier, tuaoi. 

Froth, piapia; from the mouthy 

Frown, faanounou mata. 
Frugal, faatoto mea. 
Fruit, fua. 

Fruitlessly, fai fua, noa. 
Frustrate, faaleaoga. 
Fry, s, pine (tt swarm of small Jt. 

Fuel, fafie. 




t'iigli, interj. Isa f 
FulHl, taunuu. 
Fulgent, pupula. 
Full, tumu. 
Fumble, vasivasi* 
Fun, taaloga. 
Fiirbish, faapupula. 
Furious, faavalemalosi^ 
Furniture, mea fale. 
Further, mamao. 
Futile, le aoga. 
Future, atali, amuli. 
Fy, isa ! 


Gad, v. tafatafao. 

Gain, v. maua. 

Galaxy, aniva. 

Gall, 5. auT. 

Gall, V, a, faatiga loto. 

Gall, v. n. aia. 

Gambol, taalo. 

Gaol, fale puipui. 

Gape, faamaga le gutu. 

Gargle, v, piipii. 

Garment, *ofu. 

Garnish, r. teuteu. 

Garrulous, tautala soo. 

Gash^ manuka. 

Gasp, ga*e. 

Gateway, faitotoa. 

Gate, puipui. 

Gather, faaputu, faapotopoto. 

Gaze, pulato^a. 

GeW, faapo^a. 

General, lautele, salalau, le faapito. 

Generation, tupulaga, auga-tagata. 

Gentle, filemu, agamalu. 

Gentleman, alii^ 

Genuine, moni. 

Germinate, tupu ; togo. 

Get, maua. 

Ghost, aitu, agaga. 

Giddy, niniva. 

Gift, mea alofa, mea foai fi 

Gill, pa*o'o^ 

Gknlet, vili. 

Ginger, 'avapui. 
Gird, fusi. 
Girl, teine. 

Give, foai, avatu or etumai. 
Glad, 'oli'oli. 
Glare, pupula. 
Glass, tioata. 
Glisten, pupula i 
Globular, lapotopoto. 
Gloom, segisegi. 
Glorify, vivii. 
Glow, *a*asa. 
Glutton, omomi, *ai tele. 
Gnash, with teeth, lilivau. 
Gnaw, gali. 
Go, alu, aga; 
God, Atua ; aitii. 
Godliness, amio-atua. 
Goggleeyed, matasipa-. 
Good, lelei. 
Gore, 5. toto. 
Gore, V, sua. 
Gorge, V. ma*ona a pa. 
Gossip, talanofa. 
Govern, pule. 

Government, malo ; le au faipule» 
Grace, alofa fua. 
Granulate, ea. 
Grapple, fagatua. 
Grasp, 'u*u. 
Grass, mutia. 
Grate, olo. 
Grave, tuugamau. 
Gravestones, loa. 
Gravel, 'ili'ili. 
Gravy, sua. 
Greasy, lala. 
Gceat, tele, la tele. 
Greedy, faaumuumua. 
Green, usiusi, lau'ava. 
Greensickness, lopoto. ' 
Greet, alofa. 
Grey- hair, ulusina. 
Grieve, faanoanoa. 
Grind, olo. 
Grindstone, foaga. 
i pe, r. a, *u*u. 
;. ©.n. tutui.' 

411 am 

(iristly, teteiia. 

Grom, 6i. 

Gron, tega. 

Grope, tautapotago. 

Ground, eleele. 

GroBodless, fua. 

Grow, tupu. 

Growl, gu. 

Grub, (. anufe. 

Grudge, V. muimui. 

Grudge, ». faalotoloto. 

Grnfi', voice, leo pualli. 

Grumble, v. muimui. 

Grunt, 'ua'ua. 

Guard, V. leoleo. 

Gneu, mate, taumate, laupe. 

Gueat, malo. 

Guide, ta'ita'i. 

Gnitty, nofb sela. 

Gull, t. gogo. 

Gullet, aia 'ai. 

Gulp, lotulotuiou. 

Gum, pulu. 

Gums, taiailo. 

Gun. fa„a. 

Gut, gaau, filr. 
Gut, V. fkatiau. 


Habit, masani. 

Habitation, fale. 

Habitual, boo. 

Habituate, foamasani. 

Hack, V. tipi. 

Haft, «. 'au. 

Hair, fulufulu; human htad, lau- 

ulu ; (©/"ocfiiV") lauao. 
Hale, malosi. 

Half, vaeluaga, vaeluagalemu. 
Half- full, osaosa. 
Half-way, tuluaga o le ala. 
Half moon, on the incretue, matua- 

tua ; DM (Ae deertase, matofitele. 
Hallow, feapata, (aasa. 
Halo, li'o figota. 


Halt, V. setu. 

Halve, V. vaeluagalerou. 

Hamper, v. faalavelave. 

Hand, lima; (cAte/s') an. 

Handful, uulaga. 

Handterdiief, eolosolo. 

Handle, v. lote. 

Handle, i. 'au. 

Handsaw, 'ili. 

Handsome, msnaia, 'auletei (o/'MMt 

only) ; lalelei. 
Hang, V. tautau. 
Hank, i'o faa'afaga. 
Hanker, naunau. 
Happy, manuia. 
Harangue laugu, fetaliuga. 
Harbor 'ava, tauhiga. 
Hard, ma a'a, tralo. 
Hardly, faigata. 
Hark ! set laalogo atu ! 
Harlot, o le fafine talhaQe. 
Harm, v. faaliga. 
Harpoon, tao uamea. 
Harsh, fasfe,'a'ava; conduct, t 
Haste, V. faataalise, vave. 
Hasty, tn temper, itagofie. 
Hat, pulou. 

Hatcli, V. fofoa. ; ■ 

Hatchet, mStau, to'i; (lo clU^Jil 

Hatchet face, I'auvaa. 
Hatcbet-head, ulu to'i. 
Hate, 'iDO'ino. 
Have, maua. 

Haughty, faasjasia, fiamatMliigs;- 
Haul, toso. . . 

Haunch, noFotiga. - I 

Havock, faatafuna, Atauma. i.l 

Haze, asuasu. -i 

He, o ia. 

Head, ulu; (chiefs') ao. i' 

Headland, tototolo. >'' 

Headlong, titoifo. i 

Headstrong, finaiivale. ,■ 

Heal, faamalolo. e 

Heap, &upii'ega, faula'igs. ,,r 

Hear, faalogologo; {fo cAif/ft) ftftr'f 


t, fatu ; teat of affections, lo- 

Hoarse, fa le leo. 

: {to chiefs) finagalo. 

Hobble, V. setusctu. 

th, ta'igi a(i. 

Hc^, puua. 

, vevek. 

Hoist, sisi i luga. 

hen, faapaupau. 

Hold, taofi. 

■e, v.a. sii. 

Hold! interj. sa'ua ! sola! 

e, ti. 11. polepolevale, sapotu- 

Hole, pujua. 


Hollow, 'o'5. 

en, lagi. 

Home, aiga moni, . 

y, mamafa. 

Honor, v. ava. 

. n-uKvae. 

Hoof, atigivae. 

ht, maualuga. 

Hook, matau. 

., foeuli. 

Hooked, pi'o. 

, Tesoasoani. 

Hoop, taai ; piece of taivai. 

B, 'au. 

Hoop, B. maiiu, 'u'u'u. 

, afe. 

Hope, faamoemoe, faatuatuaga 

orrhoids, sila-i lalo. 

Horizon, tivfaiai'u i lagi. 

iiiatua moa. 

Horn, nifo. 

loo a, lana. 

Horrible, muta'utia. 

, lafu. 

Horrified, mata'utuia. 

i inei 

Horse, aolofanua. 

after, amuH. 

HoBpitabio, lalimalc, tote. 

, toa. 


in^, atuli. 

Hotheaded, loto*. 

, tuu. 

Hover, faapepe. 

Dugh, toomaunn. 

House, fale. 

, la(i, na. 

Household, aiga. 

, s. pa'u. 

Householder, nratai. 

, mmalup. 

HousewarmiEig, uliifalega^ 

How, faapefea' 

-water, tumu le tai. 

However, e ui inu mea. 

way alutele. 

Howl, uio, tagi aue. 


Hug, fusi. 

ck, mauti'etl'e, manpu'epu'e. 

Huge, mataa tele. 


Hum, g«. 


Humane, alofa. 

er, V. faalavelave. 

Humble, faamauklo. 

ermosl, aupilo i tua. 

Humid. 3iJ, maiulu. 

e. faainau. 

ta'u fa&tafatafa. 

Humpback, tuapi'o. 


Hundred, selau. 


Hunger, fia'ai. 

Jonajanai ona, ana. 

Hunt, tuli. 

ry, tala. 

Hurl, lafo. 

n. a. ta. 

Hurricane, afi. 

B.n. lavea. 

Hurry, ". 1 taaliw. 

:r and tliitWr, tleanwi 

1 t. ,. 

. faaputUr 



Hush! infrrj. sola le pisa! faalolo- 
go! respectfully/, aua le toia le va I 
Hush-up, tanu, uHufi. 
Husk, aputi, pa*u, pulu. 
Husk, V. fofoe, niele*i. 
Hut, fale 00. 
Huzza, u^u^u. 
Hymn, pese, vii. 
Hypocrisy, pepdo. 


I, o a*u. 

Jagg, faagafoafoEt. 

Jangle, tauaiupu. 

Jargon, nanu. 

Jaw, ivi auvae. 

Idiot, vale. 

Idle, paie. 

Jealous, fua; matau^a. 

Jeer, tauemu. 

Jest, ulaga. 

f, afai, a. 

gnitc, faamu, tiitu. 

gnoraut, valea. 
Jingle, V, faatagitagi. 

II, badf leaga ; sick, ma'i. 

mage, faatagata. 

magine, fa {as fa te a*u). 

mbolden, faalototele. 

mitate, faaaoao. 

mmature, of fruity moto. 

m mediately, adv. loa. 

mmerse, faagoto; fufui. 

mmortal, ola pea, e le au oti. 

m moveable, le mafaagaeetia, mau- 

mmunity, taga. 

mmutable, e le au liua. 

mpartial, le faailoga, le faapito. 

mpatient, le ma onosa*i. 

mpede, faalavelave. 

mpel, faaoso. 

mperfect, le atoatoa. 

mperious, faaalii. 

mpertinent, faasiasia. 

mpetuous, osovale, faamalosi. 

ai plant, toto. « 


Implore, faatoga, ole, 'm^ot 

Importune, nati, tauanau. 

Impose, as a burden, faaee. 

Imposition, pepelo. 

Impossible, le mafai. 

Impotent, le lava. . 

Imprecate, tu*i, fetuu. 

Improper, le tatan. 

Improve, v. n. tuuau ina lelei* 

Imprudent, faalemafaufau. 

Impudent, mata le ma. 

Impunity, le sala. 

Impure, leaga. 

In, i. 

Inability, le lava. 

Inaccessible, of persons^ notog^&i 

places, le masaofia. 
Inactive, paie. 

Inarticulate, le matala, nana. 
Incapable, le mafai, le lav&. 
Incarnate, tino tagata. 
Incessant, soo, le aunoa. 
Incest, faivale. 
Incision, tuu. 
Incisor, muanifo. 
Incite, faaoso. 
Inclined, sapa. 
Include, pupuni. 
Incomparable, silisiliese, eieaismut 

Incompatible, le tutuBa. 
Incompetent, le mafai. 
Incomplete, le atoatoa. 
Incomprehensible, e le mafai 009 

Incongruous, e le tusa. 
Inconsiderable, faatauvaa. 
Inconsistent, le tatau, le ono.- 
Inconsolable, faanoanoa pea lavflu 
Inconstant, faalotolotolira, e le tv^ 

Incorrect, le tonu. 
Incorrigible, vaogata. 
Increase, tupu. 

Incumber, faasoesa, faalavelave. 
Indecent, mataga. 
Indeed, e moni, lava. 
Indefatigable, le au musu^ toagav 
Indefinite, faaletonu. 




ble, e le matafi. 

cate, le ma. 

inify, taui. 

srmined, le iloga se mea e fai. 

tte, faailoa. 

ereiit, faalenaunau. 

ent, mativa. 

nant, toasa, lili, mateilili. 

nity, faaleagaina. 

3ct, faalesa*o, faatafatafa. 

ireet, faalemafaufau. 

:riminate, e le faailogaina. 

DOsed, mentally, e le mafai, 

su ; bodily, ma*i. 

linct, of an object of sight, faa- 

upula ; q/soMwrf, faalelagona. 

ent, musuy paie. 

itrious, gao. 

iate, ona. 

cacious, le aoga. 

quent, le mau upu. 

table, e le ma *alo. 

laustible, e le uma, e le mate. 

)edient, e faaletatau. 

jerienced, e le iloa ; e le masa- 

• • 

)ert, vasivasi. 
ibie, e le masese. 
lous, ta'uleagaina. 
t, lama meamea. 
t, t'aapipisi. 
or, faatauvaa, le tusa. 
ite, e leai se meae gatamai ai. 
n, vaivai. 
m, V. n. ta'u. 
ige, soli, 
ititude, agavale. 
)it, mau, nofo. 
e, manava. 
itance, tofi. 
nrian, saua. 
ity, amioletonu. 
iction, poloaiga, fetalaiga. 
e, faasaunoa. 
tice, amioletatau. 

d, i uta, gauta. 
der, utafamia. 
St, i tolonu. 

Innumerable, e le mafaitaulia. 

Inquire, fesili. 

Insane, valea. 

Insatiable, e le ma*ona. 

Insecure, e le mau {of anything with 

Inseparable, e le mate*aescese< 
Inside, i totonu, i fale. 
Insignificant, faatauvaa. 
Insincere, le faamaoni. 
Insinuate, faali*a. 
Insipid, le manogi. 
Insist, finau, tausisi. 
Insnare, sele, mailei. 
Insolent, faasiasia. 
Inspect, iloilo. 
Inspire, v n, manava. 
Inspire, v. a. faamatalaloto^ 
Instability, faaletumau. 
Instantly, loa. 
Instead, e sui ai. 
Instigate, faaoso. 
Institute, faatu. 
instruct, a*oa*o. 
Instrument, o le mea e fai a*i^ 
Insufferable, le maonosa^i. 
Insufficient, le lava. 
Insult, V, soli, faaleaga. 
Insupportable, le maonosa'i/ 
Insurrection, fouvale. 
Intention, manatu. 
Inter, tanu. 
Intercede,^ pupulu. 
Intercept, pupuni, sisi*o.- 
Interchange, fesuia'i. 
Interdict, vavao. 
Interior, i loto, i totonu. 
Intermediate, vailoto. 
Interminable, le au in. 
Internal, i totonu. 
Interpose, pnpulu. 
Interpret, faamatala. 
Interrogate, fesili. 
Interrupt, faalavelave. 
Interval, va. 
Interview, feiloa'i. 
Intestine, s, gaau. 
I nth rail, faapologa. 
Intimate, fefaauoa^i, faaaumear 



lutimidute, tuamata'u. 

Into, i, i totonu. 

Intolerublc, le inaonosa'i. 

Intoxication, ona. 

Intractable, Ic mataoHa^ 

fntrepid, totoa. 

Intricate, faafelefele, faafflavci. 

Intrude, sau fua. 

Intrust, tuu e taosi. 

Invade, oso atu. 

Invalid, s. ma'i, vaivai. 

Invert, v. faatao. 

Investigate, su'esu'e, faa'masino. 

Invidious, e tupu ai le matau*a. 

Invigorate, faamalosi. 

Invincible, e le mafai ona torlalo. 

Invisible, e le ma vaaia. 

Invite, valaau. 

Inundation, lolo^ 

Invoke, valaau atu. 

Inure, faamasaui. 

Inward, i totonu^ 

Jocose, faiaiiaga. 

Jog, tu*itu*i. 

Join, faasoo, faatasi. 

Joint, gaugaivi. 

Joke, ulaga. 

Jostle, feto'ai. 

Journey, malaga. 

Joy, *oli*oli, fiafia. 

Ire, ita ; {of chiefs) toasa. 

Irk, musu. 

Iron, u*amea. 

Iron, V, auli. 

Ironical, faataaemu. 

Iron wood, toa. 

Irrecoverable, e le t6e maua. 

Irrefutable, e le mautali. 

Irremediable, leal se togafiti. 

Irreprehensible, e le aoaiina. 

Irreproachable, e li mata'uleagarna. 

Irresolute, e faalemau le manatu. 

Irreverent, le migao, le ava. 

Irritate, fualili. 

Island, nuu tuloto, nuu tutai^. 

Issue, alu atu ; tafe ; iuga. 

Itch, niageso. 

Itinerant, maumausolo. 

Judge, V. faamasino, faasala. 


Jug, ipu faaofuofu. 
Juice, sua. 

Jumble, soona nuauodi. 
Jump, 080. 
; Just, tonu. 
Justice, amiotODU. j 

Justify, faatonu ; ta'aamiotond^ 
Justle, faafeto'aL 


Keel, ta'ele. 

Keen, maai. 

Keep, taofi ; tausi, leoleo^ 

Keeper, leoleo. 

Kernel, a'ano. 

Kick, a'a. 

Kid, tama*i *oti. 

Kidney, fatuga'o. 

Kill, fasi, fasioti : animals, ftsimati 

Kin, alga. 

Kind, agalelei. 

Kindle, tutu, faamur. 

King, tupu. 

Kinsman, aiga. 

Kiss, sogi. 

Kitteft,. tama'i gosi. 

Knee, tulivae. 

Kneel, tootuli. 

Knife, polo, pena. 

Knock, tu*iy ta.' 

Knot, pona. 

Know, iloa. 

Knuckle, tu'elimav 

Labor, guluega mamafa« 
Languish, faavaivai, laaiva. 
Languor, tino gagase. 
Lap, V. etoeto. 
Larboard, i a ma. 
Lard, ga'o. 
Large, latele. 
Larynx, faal. 
Lascivious, mataitu*. 
Lash, sasa. 






\g, faavavau, anagata. 
, vivii. 

h, *ata'ata ; {to chiefs) soisoL 
Jress, taofu. 

jss, le taupulea, 
V, tuu. 

, 5. pulu. 
, V, a, ta*ita*i. 
, V. 71. muamua^ ^ 


le, feagaiga. 
, mama. 
, V. lagolagot 

, adj. tinovale; of animals, 
2*e, iviivia. 

, *OSQ- 

1, a*oa*o. 

., aupito itiiti, 
ler, pa*u. 

2, s. tuu faitulia. 
?, V. tuu. 

2 off ! sola ! 
3n, fixafefete. 
ings, toe mea. 
erous, faamutaitu. 

faasi'ula [onavaai]. 
, *alu. 
{side), taiiagavale. 

vae ; (of a chief) a*ao. 
ilator, faipule. 
ire, paganoa, nofo aunoi). 
irely, faifaimalie. 
, avalu e toe aumai. 
th, umi. 

then, V. fealevaleva. 
;y, agamalu. 
, e itiiti lenei i lens^. 
;n, faaitiiti. 

ina ne'i- 
allow, tuu. 
hinder, faalavelave. 
T, mata-i-tufii; tusi. 
1, laugatsisi. 
y, laid. 
I, faamataitu. 

j Liar, o le tala pepelo> 
Liberal, matamau. 
Liberty, sa'olotoga ; tuu faitalla. 
Libidinous, faamataitu. 
License, tuu tajtalia. 
Lick, etoeto. 
Lid, ufi. 

Lie, 5. tjila pepelo. 
Lie, V. down, taoto. 
Life, olaga, ola ; {to chiefs) soifua. 
Lift, sii. 

Light, s. malamalama. 
Light, adj. mama. 
Light, V. tutu, faamu. 
Lighten, v. a. faamamasagia. 
Light-headed, faalemafaufau ; valea, 
Lightning, uila. 
Like, pei, faapei, tusai, 
Like, V. manao. 
Likeness, foliga. 
Linibo, fafa. 

Lime, panisina ; bird-lime, pulu. 
Lime-tree, tipolo. 

Limit, tuaoi ; le mea e gata mai ai, 
Limp, V, setusetu. 
Limpid, manipo. 
Line, fishing, taa, paala, 
Lineage, gafa. 
Linger, faatuai. 
Liniment, vai mili. 
Lip, laugutu ; lau. 
Liquefy, v. n, liu suavai, 
Liquid, faasuavai^ 
,Lisp, nanu. 
Listen, faalogologo; {to chief s) hdi" 

Little, itiiti. 

Live, V. ola ; {chiefs') soifuar 
Liver, -ate, finagalo. 
Lizard, piii, moo. 
Lo! faauta! 
Load, amo^a ; carried on the hack^ 

Load, V. a gun, utu. 
Loaf, potSii' 
Loathe, ^fi^a^no. 
liOck, i^kair, 8ope. 
o^,V.«. api. 

le, atonu. 

Might, nialosi. 

:re, tinovale; animals, ■pae'e. 

Mild, filemii, agamalQ, 

y, tnapo. 

Mildew, laetaepalolo. 

1, Taatauvaa. 

.Milk, suasusu. 

1, V. manatu. 

Milkyway, aniva. 

ure, fua. 

Mimic, faaa'oa'o. 

ure, V. gafa. 

Mince, tipi niuii. 

ate, pupulu. 

Mind, atamat, inaraufaU. 

ator, puluvaga. 

Mind, V. faalogo. 

Mine, lo'u, la'u, lota, lata. 

tate, mataufau. 

Mingle, palu fefiloi. 

:, ag'amalu. 

MirUter, auauna. 

, tatau. 

Minorily, o le toailiili. 

, letaia'i, feiloa'i. 

Mini, mili. 

in^, faapotopotoga. 

Minute, adj. la itiiti. 

)rat<!, faatVoloolo. 

Mire, palapala. 

)w, Ota. 

Mirror, I'aaaia. 

>w, V. fuiiota. 

Mirth, 'ata'rtta. 

. fat, usi ; metah, liu suavai. 

Misapprehentl, faalogoese, sese 

ory, manatu. 

Misbecome, le tatau, le ono. 

ice, faaniata'u. 

Misbehave, amio leaga, faaleva 

], toe teu ; a net, fai masae. 

Miscarry, papa. 

l.p.B. faaffoloolo. 

Mischievous faasaunoa mea. 

Miscount, faitau sese. 

enary, nianumanu, faifelaui. 

Misdemeanour, taasoesa. 

hant, le t'aatau oa. 

Miserable, malaia. 

iful, alofa mutimutivale. 

Misfortune, mala. 

iless, le alora, saua. 

Misgive, ma^alo. 

ly. Da ona. 

Misguide, ta'ita'i sese. 

dian, tulonu o le la. 

Mishap, mala. 

y, 'ata'ata. 

Misinform, faasese. 

1, mata upega. 

Misinterpret, faamatala ese. 

, 0. 'aai faatasi. 

Mislead, faasese. 

age, feau. 

Mispend, maumau. 

1, u'amea. 

Misrepresent, tala pepelo. . 

phor, faatusa. 

Miss, V. 18 iloa, le rnaua ; sese 

lOuglit, fa te au (perfect only), 


imys erroneously. 

Missionary, faifeau. 

opolis, laumua, tumua, lepule. 

Mist, puao. 

lay, tutonn o le la. 

Mistake, sese. 

»ay, le tuluaga o le ala. 

Mistrust, masalo. 

lie, i totouu, i loto, luloto. 

Miaunderstanduit, niaseiga. 

Ilea get!, pale. 

Misuse faasannoa. 

lling, faafeoloolo, faaleogalua. 

Mingtite, faamania, feafeoloolo. 

light, tulua o po nia ao. 

Mix, frtafefiloi. 

iff, ga'o punipu. 

Moan, 5i. 

t, i totoim. 

Mock, tauemii. 

vifc, le na te faatosaga le fa- 

Moderate, feoloolo. 


Modest, muta ina. 

48 MOI 

Moist, malfilu. 

Molest, faalili, faasoesa. 

Mollify, fa a mole mole, faalaulelei. 

Money, tupe. 

Month, Diasina. 

Monument, hia. 

Moody, ita. 

Moon, masina, tnauli, 

Moor, taufusiga. 

Moral, amiolelei. 

More, e sili. 

Morning, taeao. 

Mornrng-Btar, fetuao. 

Morrow, taeao. 

Morsel, mama e tasi, momo'i 


, lin 

Mosi, e sili ona tele, e aupito tele. 

Moth, pope. 

Mother tina. 

Mollicr of-pparl, tifa. 

Moilierly, fatine iii tama. 

Motion, gaoioi. 

Mould, pol(^ ; eleele. 

Moulder, liu efuefu. 

Moult, funa, mautu o fulu. 

Mount, ti, a'e ; tietie. 

Mountain, mauga. 

Mourn, faanoanoa. 

Mouth, enlu ; (to chiefs) (bfoga, 

MoutlifuT, mama. 

Mucti, tele. 

Mucky, savasava. 



Mud pnleipalE 

Muddy, V. foanenefu, faagaepu. 

Mulberry, paper, tutuga. 

Multiply, faatupu; faatele. 

[Hullitiide, vao (as o le vao tagata). 

Mumble, nanu. 

Munificent, matamau. 

Murder, fasioli lagata, fasi fua. 

Murderous, toto lima. 

Murmur, muimui. 

Muscle, 'ant^ase, a'ano. 

MuBcIe, ^A, tofe. 

Muse, V. mafauiau. 

Musket, fans. 

Musty, polopologii. 

Mulable, fcfoifoia'i, faatelumau. 


Mute, fualologo, le gagana. 
Mulilate, faamutu. 
Mutiny, fouvalega. 
Mutter, v.n. muimui. 
Mutual, fe prefixed, and a'i, i, • 
ani suffixed, {at fealofoni, mtihf 

Muzzle, gulu, 

My, lo'u, la'u, lota, lata. 

Myriad, mauomano. 

Mysflf, a'u lava. 


Nail, atigi lima ; fao. 

Naked, telefua, telenoa, le lavalavl 

Nahie, igoa ; (chiefs) suafk. 

Nape, tua ua. 

Narrate, ta'u, tulatala. 

Narrative, tala. 


Navel, pute. 

Naughty, leaga, vaogata, ulavale. 

Nauseate, 'ino'iiio. 

Nautilus, sesema. 

Navy, fua vaa. 

Nay, e leai. 

Neap tide, masa toto. 

Near, latalatn. 

Nearly, tai, tali (as tali oo). 

Neat, matagofie, teu lelei. 

Necessary, ao, tatau. 

Neck, ua. 

Neckcloth, fuai ua. 

Neckertliief, Jusi ua. 

Necklace, asoa. 

Need, niativa ; ao^. 

Needle, au 

Needlework, su'i ofii. 

Neglect, laalamala. 

Neiglihour, tuaoi. 

Ntigbboii ly, tuaoi lelei. 

Nest, ofaga. 

Net, upega. 

Nether, i lalo. 

Nettle, ogogQ. 




V. faaUPi. 

leless, e m ina mea. 
, solitu {applied only to lund^ 
oinivy -a war)- 

lupitp arie, 
d, Rmavale. 

S o lea po ma lea po. 
, vae vave^ 


d, sautnaiva. 

n, e sef'uiu ma le iva, 

e iva gafulu. 

mala susu. 
eai ; {prohibitory) *aua. 
adj, sili. 
T, e lta4 se tasi. 
of things y pa' 5 ; of voices, 

e, soesa, leaga ; elo, 
ite, ta*u. 

D leai. 

s, v. fememea'i. 

tutonu o le la. 


followed i)y pe -or po. 
itu i matu ; wind, malu. 
su ; {chiefs) fofoga. 

pogai isy, 


^aavaai lelei ; faalogologo. 
y, e leai se mea. 

vaavaai; faalogologo; ma- 

ta*u atu. 

)us, luu iloa. 
bstanding, e ui lava., 

', leai se inea. 
, le masani. 
1, fafaga. 
iment, m.* e *al * 

Now, iiei. 

Ntjwadays, iiei ona po. 
Noxious, soesa, -^atiga. 
Nudity, tdcfua, le lavalav^. 
Nuisance, soesa. 
Nullify, tatala, faaleaoga. 
Nuuib, pe, gase. 
Number, v. faitaa. 
Numberless, le masino. 
Numerous, tele- 
Narse, v. tausi. 
Nut, cocoa, niu. 
Nutmeg, atone. 
Nutshell, ipi niu. 
Nutament, mea e ^a% 


Oar, foe papalagi. 

Oath, tauto. 

Obdurate, lotd maaa, finauvale. 

Obey, usius'itai, anaana, gauai. 

Object, t7. le mafai, vavao. 

Obliging, jigalelei, alofa. 

Obscene, mataga., mjitaita. 

Obscure, poujiuli. 

Observe, vaavaai ; faalogo, tausL 

Obstacle, faalavelave. 

Obstinate, finauvale. 

Obstreperous, pisaplsao. 

Obstruct, pupuni. 

Obtain, maua. 

Obtrusive, faasoesS. 

Obvious, piipula mai, iloa tineu 

Occasion, le mea na tupu ai. 

Occult, Ulo. 

OccupatioQ, -e man ai ; faiva. 

Occupy, r. niau. 

Ocean, vasa. 

Odd, taisoa {of cocoanuls). 

Odious, 'inosia. 

Odour, sweet, nanm lelei, manoglj 

had, namu leajga. 
Of, o, a. 

Off, ese {as lele ese, tofy off). 
Offence, mea e tausuai ai ; agasa'^ 
Offend, fuatiga le loto, agasala. 
Offer, ibla£bJa; avatu. 




Offering, taulaga. 

Offspring, fanau. 

Often, soo. 

Ogle, vaai faasi*ula. 

Oh! oi! 

Oil, u*u, suau*u. 

Old, leva, loa; man, toeaina; wo- 
man, looinatua. 

Omen, faailoga, sasa. 

On, prep, i luga, i. 

On, adv. i luma. 

Once, faatasi, atu tasi. 

One, tasi. 

Onerous, maniafa. 

Only, tau, na o. 

Onward, i luma. 

Ooze, t7. tafetafe niuii. 

Opaque, nenefu, le manino. 

Open, tatala. m 

Openhandcd, lima )elei, map^mau. 

Opening, avanoa. 

Openly, faaaliali. \. 

Ophthalmy, ma*i mata. 

Opinion, manatu, taofi. 

Opponent, le finau mai. 

Opportune, tatau lelei, feagai. 

Oppose, tetee, faalavelave, finau. 

Opposite, feagai, fesagai. 

Oppress ;^ faasaua. 

Option, tuu faitalia. 

Opulence, mauo^. 

Or, po, pe. 

Orange, moli. 

Oration, lauga ; (chief's) fetalaiga, 

Orator, failauga. 

Ordain, totofi, faatu. 

Order, sauniga, pule, poloaiga, fe- 
talaiga ; a rank or class, vasega. 

Order, v, fa^ atu, pule, poloai. 

Ordure, tae, otaota. 

Orifice, pu. 

Origin, le mea na tupy ai^^ le aroa- 

Ornament, teuga ; persqnal, ti%^. 

Orphan, matua oti. 

Ostentatious, faalialia. 

Otiier, le tai^i, le isj. 

Oven, umu. 

Pver, i lug-^. 


Overawed, mata'ufuia. 

Overcast, of day, lagilagia; of night, 

Overcome, mamimalo; {passitfi) 

faiaina, toilalo. 
Overflow, oso. 
Overhang, faamalumalu. 
Overhead, i luga. 
Overlook, vaavaai ifo. 
Overmuch, silisili ese. 
Overplus, mea ua totoe. 
Overpower, fan toilalo. 
Overrun, v. n. soloa, ufitia, 08ofi^ 
Overset, fuli. 
Overshade, faapaolo. 
Oversleep, moeloa. 
Overspread, soloa, ufitia/ 
Overtake, maua atu or mau 
Overthrow, fuli i lalo ; tuli ; faatoi- 

Overturn, lafotu, fuli i lalo. 
Ought, tatau, tusa. 
Our, (dual) lo or la maua or taut; 

(pL) matou, &c. 
Ourselves, o i matou lava, or tatQ% 

taua, and maua. 
Oust, tuli, fao. 
Out, i fafo, i tua. 
Out of, prep, nai, mai, ai. 
Outcast, s. taase, tulia, faat^vaini^ 
Outcry, uio. 
Outdo, faiaina. 
Outer, i fafo. , 
Outlet, s. avai^oa, ala ; pi^. 
Outrage, faaleaga. 
Outright, loa ; matua. 
Outroot, lia*i. 
Outrun, ) , V . 
Outsail, 5 ^P^'-^ ^"""^- 
Outside, i fafo, le tua. 
Outward, i fafo. 
Owe, le taui^. 
Own, e ona, e ana, &o. 
Owner, le ona, le ana. 

P^GiFY, faalaulelei, faamplem^ ; 
Peddle, V. tuualo, alo. 





■ .7.,- 

Paddle, 5. foe. 
Pagan, faapaupau. 
Page, itu laupepa. 
Pain, tiga. 
Paint, vali. 

Pair, e lua, one pair ; e lua oa, two 
pairSf &c. {of pigs and nuts) ; 
uluga {of men and birds). 
Pale, sesega. 
Pale, ) . 
Paling, i^\ ^ 
Palliate, faamama. 
Palm, jfan-palfhy niupiu. 
Palm, of the hand, alofilima. 
Palpable, tino. 

Palpitate, sapotuvale, polepolevale. 
Palsy, supa. 
Paltry, faatauvaa. 
Pander, soa. 
Pang, tiga. 
Pant, ga*ega^e. 
Pap, matasusu. 
Papaw, esi. 
Parable, faataoto. 
Parade, faalialia. 

Paralytic, supa. 

Paramount, silisili. 

Parcel, ta'ui, ta*ui*ui, afi. 

Parch, pa*a*a, faamu. 

Pardon, remitting a punishment, 

Pardon me, vaeane oe. 

Pare, fisi. 

Parent, malua. 

Parley, fai fetalaiga. 

Paroxysm, pu*ega. 

Paroquet, sega. 

Parsimonious, limavale. 

Part, nisi, se mea e tasi, tufaaga. 

Part, V. tufatufa, tuu eseese. 

Part, V, n, faamavae. 

Partake, e maua se mea, au mea. 

Partial, faapito alofa. 

Partially, e le soo, e le atoatoa. 

Participate, au mea. 

Partition, tufatufaga. 

Partner, le toalua. 

Party, e au faata&i. 

Pa98j t7« alu an« ; sopo atu, ulu loa. 

Passage, ala. 

Passenger, auoso, auee. 

Passing, ddj, silisili, mitua. 

Passion, lotoa. 

Past, mavae atu. 

Pastime, faataaloga. 

Pat, s. po. 

Pat, adj, tatau. 

Patch, s, fono. 

Pate, ulu. 

Path, ala. 

Patience, onosa*i, faatoatca, faapale- 

Patriotism, lotonuu. 
Pattern, faaa'oa'o. 
Paucity, itiiti. 
Pave, tanu, fofola i maa. 
Paunch, manava ; {chief's) alo. 
Paw, lima. 
Pay, totogi, taui. 
Peace, ola le taua ; fi lemu. 
Peace! int. faalologo ! {to chiefs) 

aua le toia le va ! 
Peak, tumutumu. 
Peal, taalili, gogolo. 
Pearl {in the eye) mualili. 
Peck, togi. 

Peculiar, adv. faapito, fuatasi. 
Pedigree, gafa. 
Peel, V. foible, fisi. 
Peel, 5. pa*u. 
Peep, tilotilo. 
Peerless, e leai sona tusa. 
Peevish, itagofie, *ote soo. 
Pelt, togi, fetogi. 
Penalty, sala. 
Pendant, tautau. 
Pending, faaietonii. 
Penetrate, ati {when it passes quite 

Penitence, salamo. 
Pensive, faanoanoa. 
Penthouse, faase*e. 
People, nuu. 
Peopled, aina {pass.) 
Peradrenture, atonu. 
Perceive, ilea. 
Perch, tula. 
Perchance, atonu. . 



Perdition, malaia, maumau. 

Perfect, atoatoa. 

Pierfidious, faalata. 

Perforate, ati. 

Perforce, faamalosi. 

Perform, fai. 

Perfume, s. mea manogi. 

Perhaps, atonu. 

Perish, fa no. 

Perjury, tauto pepelo. 

Permanent, tuniau, anagata. 

Permit, tuu. 

Perpetual, faavayau. 

fefplex, faalavelave. 

Perplexedness, femeraeai. 

Persecute, foasaua. 

Persevere, finaHnau, tausisi, filiga. 

Persist, finafinau. 

Person, tagata. 

Perspicuous, malaroalatna. 

Perspire, afu. 

Persuade, taufofo. 

Perturbation, atuatuvale. 

perverse, finauvale, faapi'opi^o. 

Peruse, failau. 

Pest, soesa. 

Pestilence, fkama^i. 

Pet, animal, fagafao; nieiiy pele. 

Petition, ole, talosaga. 

Petty, faatauvaa. 

Phantom, aitu. 

Physician, foma'i. 

Physic, vailaau. 

Pick, filifili. 

Piece, fasi/ 

Pierce, tutu'i. 

Pi^, puaa ; {(o chiefs) alou. 

Pigeon, lupQ. 

Pile, y. faupu*e, faula*i. 

Piles, sila-i-lalo. 

Pilfer, gaoi. 

Pill, vai folo. 

Pill, V. {peel) fofo*e, fiii. 

Pillage, vete. 

Pillow, native, ali; ioft, alqga. 

Pimple, po*u.. 

Pinch, una. 

piue, V, soIoalof». 

fiMe-i»!>plo, falu. 


Pipe, (pandean) faaili. 

Pique, faaitaita. 

Pish ! isa ! 

Pismire, loi. 

Pit, lua. 

Pitch, pulu. 

Pitch, V, puluti;. 

Pith, uso. 

Pitiful, alofa mulimuliv^le; faatai 

Pitsaw, ili tele. 
Pity, alofa mutimutivale. 
Placable, e faamolemole go fie. 
Place, mea, nuu, ^si. 
Place, V. tuu ; upon, faaee. 
Placid, filemu. 
Plague, faama*i. 
Plague, V, faalih, faasoesa. 
Plain, laugatasi ; pupula. 
Plaint, aue. 
Plait, lalaga. 
Plan, togafiti; faautauta. 
Plane, olo. 
Plank, laupapa. 
Plant, V, toto. 
Plantain, fa*i, moe, soa^a. 
Plantation, faato*aga, maumaga, 

(as tofa*i). 
Plaster, panisina ; vai fusi. 
Plaster, v. vali. 
Plat, r. lalaga. 
Plat or plot, se fasi fanus^. 
Plaudit, faaneeneega, tini. 
Play, taalo. 
Plead, fautua. 
Pleasant, faaBafia, malie. 
Please, faalotolelei, faafiaha. 
Plebeian, tagata ntiu, tagata kute 
Plenty, tele, taumafa. 
Pliant, vavai ; faigofie. 
Plot, pulepulega. 
Pluck, segi, fufuti. 
Plug, momono< 
i Plumage, fulufulu. 
Plump, puta ; animals^ pet\ 
Plunder, vete. 
Plunge, V. a, lolomi. 
Phinge, r. n, oso. 
Ply, tausisi, tinaHnau. 




Pod, atigi. 

Poet, fatupese. 

Point, mata. 

Point, V. n. tusi, faasino.' 

Poison, V. a, faaona, ona (pass.) 

Polish, faapupula. 

Polite, amio-alii. 

Pollute, faaleaga. 

Polygamy, taunonofo. 

Pomp, faalialia. 

Pond, lepa. 

Ponder, mafaufau. 

Ponderous, mamafa. 

Poor, mativa; faatauvaa. 

Pop, pa. 

Populace, tagata nuu, tagata lau 

Popular, manaomia, alofagia. 
Populous, tagata. 
Pork, puaa. 
Porpoise, munua. 
Port, taulaga. 
l^ortent, sasa^ faailoga. 
Portion, fifody tufaaga. 
Pose, 17. faafenriemeai. 
Possess, muua.' 
' Possible, mafai. 
Post, pou. 

Posteriors, muli, nofoaga. 
Posterity, tupulaga amull. 
Postpone, to1o, faatuai, faatamala. 
Potent, malosi. 
Poverty, mativa. 
Pound, 17. tu*i. 
Pour, liligi, sasaa. 
Powder, (gun) one. 
Power, pule, inalosi, mana. 
Powerful, malosj, mamana. 
Practice, masani. 
Practise, 17. faamasani. 
praise, faaneenee, vivii, faalupe. 
Prate, tautala soo. 
Pray, tatalo, faatoga, ole, aioi. 
Prayer, talosaga. 
Preach, lauga. 
Precarious, faaletona. 
Precede, muamua. 
Precept, poloaiga. 
Pfeeious, abga tele. 

Precipice, tofe. 

Precipitate, tito. 

Predict, vavalo. 

Preeminent, silisili. 

Prefer, iilitaa. 

Pregnant, to. 

Prepare, saiini ; for a journey, ta- 

Preposterous, sese, o le ulaga. 
Presage, iite, vavalo. 
Prescribe, pule. - ^ 

Presence, i luma ; (to chiefs) alala,' 

Present, r. e i ai. 
Present, at, nei. 
Present, s. mea mo fa, mea foa*i 

Present, v. avatu, foai atu. 
Presently, nanei, nanei nei. 
Preserve, faaola, faasao. 
Preside, pule. 

Press, oomi ; lolpmi ; tauanau. 
Presume, fa {as fa te ia). 
Pretend^ faataga. 
Pretty, lalelei, matagofie, mariaia.' 
Pretty, adv. feoloolo. 
Prevail, manumalo. 
Prevaricate, pepelo. 
Prevent, taofi, faalavelave, vavad: 
Previous, muamua, mua*i. 
Price, taii, totogi. 
Prick, tui* 

Prickly^ tuitui, talatala.* 
Pride, faamaualuga. 
Priest, faitaulaga. 
Prime, le mea sili. 
Princej alii, alo o le tupu. 
Principal, sili. 
Print, 5. faailoga; q/"aybo^,tulaga 

Priory muamua, mua*i, lua*i. 
Prison, fale puipui. 
Private, lilo ; toatasi, na *o. 
Privilege, tqfi. 
Privy, fale ui, maliuga. 
probable, ai lava, atonu.' 
Probation, faataMta'i. 
Probity, faamaoni. 
Proceed, alu atu.' 

.■.( 1M!0 

PrtH'kini, lulu'i. Tolafula. 

ProcroMinate, faatamiila. 

Procure, maua. 

Prodigal, fnamaumaii. 

Prodigious. BJlisili, (■se. 

Produce, v. tkaali ; fanau ; fua. 

Productive, soil, brulemu. 

Prorane, soli, faalta^. 

Proffer, ofo. 

Proficient, poto. 

Profit, aoga; inea ua maua ai. 

Profound, loloto. 

Progeny, fanau. 

Prognosticate, iile, vavalo. 

Prohibit, vavao. 

Project, s. tf^titi. 

Project, V. feasilisili mai or atu. 

Prolilic, gaau fanau, fanau tele , tii- 

pu tele ; soil, lafulemu ; Ireef, fua 

Prolix, levaleva naua. 
Prolong, faalevaleva. 
Prominent, faaailisili, tu mai 
Promiscuous, soona fefiloi, le faa- 

Promise folafola, ta'u. 
Promoiilorv, loloiolo. 
Promote, fesoasoani. 
Prompt, loa {as tali loa, a prompt 

Prompt, V. faalalo, vainiu. 

Promulgate, lala'i, faailoa. 

Prone, f^ano'uno'u; fao; maaani. 

Pronounce, ta'u. 

Proof, feailoga, man. 

Prop, te'e. 

Propagate, faatupu tele. 

Propel, tulei, faaoso. 

Proper, tatau, tusa. 

Property, mea (o( ana mea, hU pro- 

perty) ■ oloa. 
Prophesy, i', vavalo. 
Propinquity, latalata. 
Propitiate, faalelei. 
Propitious, lelei ; agalelei, alofa. 
Proportion, v. faalatau. 
Proprietor, le ana, le ona. 
Prosecute, finafinan, tuliloa. 
ProBperou!!, manuia. 


ProstilHte, fafine talitane. 
Prostrate, taatia- 
Protect, faamamalu. 

Protract, faalevaleva. 
Protrude, tuu mai, oso mai. 
Protubtrance, patupatu, fufula,|N 

Proud, faamaualuga. 
Prove, faata'ita'i, tofotofo. 
Proverb, mua gagana. 
Provide, sauiii j/or a journey, U 

Provision, for a journey, oso. 
Provoke, faalili, faaoDOono, ftait»- 

Proximity, latalata. 

Prudent, fai faautauta. 

Pshaw ! isa ! 

Public, faaaliali. , 

Publish, tala'i, faailoa. 

Pucker, numinumi. 

Puerile, faatamaitiiti. 

Puff, of wind, la'uta'u. 

Puff, V. ula. 

Pugnacious, fia tau, faomisa. 

Puke, puai ; {to chiefs) tulei. 

Pull, loso ; down, lepeti, sofoi; i^ 

Pulp, aano. 
Pulpit, tulaga. 
Pulse, manavanava o le ua. 
Pulverize, tu'i pala, tu'i ia efu. 
Pungent, feu. 
Punish, aoa'i, faasala. 
Punishment, sala. 
Puny, la itiiti. 
Pup, V. fanau. 

Pupil, 800 : offke eye, io-i-mitt. 
Puppy, tama'i uli, si uli. 
Purchase, faatau. 
Pure, lelei, mama ; le suia. 
Purge, faamama. 
Purloin, gaol. 
Purple, pauli. 
Purport, uiga, i'u. 
Purpose, mauatu. 
Pursue, tuliloa. 




Purulent, aloua. 

Push, tulei. 

Pushing, finaii. 

Pusillanimous, palaai. 

Pustule, po*u. 

Pustulous, po*upo*ua. 

Put, tuu ; down, faapau ; off^ faa- 
tuai, faatamala ; on (as clothes), 
faa'ofu, (oneself) *ofu ; out (as 
a light )i tinei, (to expel) tuli ; 
to it, fememeai, popole ; up, faa- 
ee, teu ; up with, onosa'i, faapa- 

Putrefy, pala, elo. 

Puzzle, fememeai. 


Quadruped, vaefa. 

Quake, tetemu, gatetc. 

Qualify, faatatau. 

Quality, uiga. 

Quantity, tele. 

Quarrel, misa. 

Quarter, s. Ion a fa, o le vaega e fa. 

Quarter, v. to give quarter, faaola, 

Quash, nuti. 
Queasiness, faagagafu. 
Queen, masiofo, tupu fafine.- 
Quell, faataape. 
Quench, tinei. 
Querulous, tagivale.' 
Query, fesili. 
Quest, saili. 
Question, fesili. 
Quick, vave, lise, taalise. 
Quicklime, panisina faatoa rnxx. 
Quiet, filemu. 
Quiet, V. a, faana. 
Quill, fulu. 

Quit, tuulafbai ; totogr. 
Quite, matua, lava. 
Quittance, totogi, taui. 
Quiver, tete. 
Quotation, upu sii. 


Rabble, Ic vac tagata, nuu. 

Rabid, fe*ai. 

tlace, auga tagata ; tausinioga. 

Radiant, pupula. 

Haft, fata. 

Rafter, fatug;a. 

Rag, *ie*ie, le fast ie,< saega ie; 

Rage, lotoa. 

Ragged, masaesae. 

Rail, s. laau faalava o le ai. 

Rail, V, upu leaga, fiifai. 

Raillery, upu faatauemu. 

Rain, ua, timu ; in the moUhtdini^ 

Rainbow, nuanita. 
Raise, sii, faatu. 
Rally ^ faamau; faatauemu. 
Ramble, evaeva; sese. 
Rancour, faalotoloto. 
Random, soona fai. 
Range, atu (as atu fale, ran^e of 

Rank, tauluulu ola. 
Rankle, faapepe. 
Ransack, vete, sailiili. 
Ransom, togisala, togiola. 
Rap, ta, fiti. 

Rapid, vave, faataalise^ saosabat; 
Rare, seasea. 
Rascal, puaa elo. 
Rase, lepeti, fiili i lalo ; tinei; 
Rash, s. mageso. 
Rash, adj. osovale. 
Rasp, ili. 
Rat, imoa, iole. 
Ratan, lafoa. 
Rather, sili. 
Ratify, faamau. 
Rattle, pa*o. 

Ravage, faataumaor; vete; 
Rave, uio. 
Ravel, filifili. 
Ravish, toso. 
Raw, mata, ota. 
Raze, lepeti, fuli i lalo, tinei.* 
Razor, taB. 
Reach ,^ oo, maua atuv 




Itead, faitau. 

Ready y saunia, taalise, loto. 

Real, moni. 

Rear, s. muli'ad. 

Rear^ r. tausi, fafaga. 

Reasom, mafaufau ; o te mea lea, 

that is the reason. 
Ke-, this pa?ticle is rendered by 

Reassemble, toe potopoto. 
Rebel, fouvale. 
Rebuke^ aoai. 
Reeant, faatoese. 
Receive, talL 

Recent^ fou ; time, latalata mai. 
Reciprocal, fe followed by aui, i, 

»r dL% (as fealofani, reciprocal 

Recite, ta'ii. 
Reckless, soon a fai. 
Reckon, faitau. 
Recline, faalagolago, taotd. 
Recognize, -iloa. 
Recollect, manatu ifo. 
Recommend, ta'ulelei, vivii. 
Recompense, taui, totogk 
Reconcile, faarleki. 
Recover, toe malolo; toe maua. 
Recountj tal2f. 
Recreate, faafkfia.' 
Recriminate, fefaaleaga*i. 
Rectify, faatonu, faasa'o. 
Red, miimu,ulaula, tototofo. 
Redeem, togiola. 
Redress, faatonu*. 
Reduce, faatoil'alo. 
Redundant, faasili.^ 
Keed, u. 
Reek, ausa, asu. 
Reek, v. pusa. 
R^el, r. tautevateva. 
I&fer, tuu atu. 

Reflect, manatunatn; toeta*^u. 
Reflux, maui. 
Reform, •toe faafou, toe amata, toe 

Refractory, finauvalie, vaogatd. 
ain, taof), onosai. 
!, Jafitaga, malu. 

Refuse, £»afiti, Ic mafai. 

Refuse, 5. mea ua tdtoe, mca ua Ur 

Regard, manatu, ava. 
Region, itu, huu. 
Regret, s. saafiga, salamo. 
Regular, tatau, faisoo, e le aunottA 
Regulate, sauni. 
Rehearse, tata. 
Reject, tetee, lafoaL 
Reign, t/. pule. 
Reign, s. nofoaiga. 
Rein, taofi. 
Rejoice, Baiia, *oU*olL 
Rejoinder, tali. 
Relate, ta*u, tala. 
Relative, aiga. 
Relax, faavaivai,r faamama. 
Release, tatala, tuu atu, tuu 8a*o* 

Relent, malulu. 
Relktnce, faafagolago. 
Relieve, f.a. fesuiVi, fesoasoani* 
Relieved, r. ». as ofpain^ malu^ fe* 

Religion, lotu {Tongari), 
Relinquish, tuu, tuulaibaL 
Relish, manogt. 
Rely, faalagolago. 
Remain, nofo>; behind y faamulf^- 
Remainder, mea ua totoe* 
Remedy, togafiti. 
Remember, manatu ifb. 
Remind, faamanatu. 
Remiss, faavarvai'. 
Remission, faamagalo; 
Remnant, toe. 
Remorse, salamo. 
Remote, mamao. 
. Remunerate, totogf, tauf. 
Rencounter, feto*ai, taua. 
Rend, saei. 

Rendezvous, le mea e potopoto afl- 
Renounce, fatifltl. 
Renowned, ta'ua. 
Repair, r. a. toe tew; 
Repair, r.71. alu. 
Repast, taumafatagii.' 
Repeal, tatala le tulafouo, faatagft^ 





« • 

atedly, soo. 

1, tetee. 

nt, salamo. 

ne, tagi, faanoanoa. 

ete, matua tumu, tumu saisai. 

y, tali. 

►rt, tala, ganngana. 

)se, v.a. faalagolagOi 

)se, V. 71. moe, malolo. 

ehend, a*oa*i. 

esent, faaali, faatusa. 

ess, faatoilalo. 

imand, a*oa*i. 

oacb, 5. luma, gao. 

odf*, a*oa*iga. 

ile, mea totolo. 

tdiate, alei, tuli, lafoai. 

ignance, *ino*ino, musil. 

ilse, tetee. 

itable, ta*uleleia. 

ited, ta'ua. 

lest, manaa. 

lire, fai atu. 

lisite, tatau, aa 

rite, taur. 

ue, laveai, faaola. 

arch, 5. su*esu*ega. 

mble, tusa, foliga faatasi. 

nt, fkalotoloto. 

ntment, ita ; (^to chiefs) toasa. 

rve, taofi, tnu. 

Je, nofo, mau. 

ient;^, fale, mea e man ai. 

iue, toe mea. 

jn, tuu atu'. 

^nation, usiusita4. 

1, pulu. 

5t, tetee. 

Ive, tuu i le loto. 

rt, potopotoga; 

und, taalili. 

nrce, togafiti. 

•ect, ava*. 

ire, manava. 

ite, mapu. 

Jendent, pupula.' 

ond, tali. 

, V. malolo, mapu, moe, filemu;' 

)wi wvrk^ manava. 


Rest, adj. nisi ; ni mea ua totoe. 
Restore, toe avatti ; to healthy tde 

Restrain, taofi. 
Result, j'u. 
Resurrection, toe til. 
Retain, taofi. 
Retaliate, taui ma sui. 
Retard, faalavelave. 
Retch, taupuai. 
Retire, sola, alu ese lemu. 
Retreat, solaaga ; lafitaga; 
Retreat, t?. tuumulii 
Retrieve, toe maua. 
Retrograde, tuumuli. 
Return, v,n. ^toe fo*i. 
Return, ii. a. toe avatu.' 
Reveal, faaali. 
Revenge, taui ma sui. 
Revere, ava. 
Reverse, faafao. 
Review, toe manatti ifo. 
Revile, fiifai, iipii leagar 
Revive, toe pupula, toe olai' 
Revolt, sola. 
Revolve, mafaufau. 
Reward, taui. 
Rheumatism^ gugu. 
Rheumatic, gugua. 
Rib, ivi 'aso'aso. 

Rich, maiioa, mau mea, tanfifaoaigS?' 
Rid, te*a. 
Ride, tietie. 
Ridicule, tauemu; 
Rifle, vete. 

Right, tatau, tonu, tusa. ' 
Rigid, maaa. 
Rigour, faamaalili. 
Rim, tafatafa. 
Rind, pa^u. 
Ring, 5. mama. 
Ring, V, tagitagi. 
Ringworm, la fa. 
Rinse, ta, fufulu. ' 
Rip, sae. 
Ripe, Ota. 
Ripen, v. a, faaota. 
Rise, tula^i, alu'a*e. 
Rival, V, va. 

W RlV 

Rive, isi. 

River, vaitatc. 

Road, ala. 

Roam, tat'ito. 

Roar, tagi. 

Roast, tunu. 

Rob, fao. 

Robust, malosi. 

Rock, papa. 

Rock, V. lulu. 

Roe, fua, ami. 

Roll, taavalevale. 

Roof, fale. 

Room, afeafe ; space, vateatea. 

Roost, moe. 

Root, pogai ; fibrei of, 'a'a. 

Root up, iia'i. 

Rose, aute. 

Rot, pala. 

Rove, ta&tafao. 

Rough, talalala ; ground, gaosa ; 

Round, lapotopoto. 

Round, adv. soo. 

Rouse, Tafagu ; taaoso. 

Routed, lafoia, taaape. 

Row, s. atu. 

Row, V. alo. 

Rub, olo ; as trees, femili. 

Rubbish, otaota. 

Rudder, foeuli: 

Rude, laalcvao, faalemigao. 

Tine, salarao. 

Ruffian, taasaua. 

Ruffle, faanunumi: Taatuputoto. 

Rugged, talatala, ponapona. 

Ruin, r. lepeti. 

Rule, pule. 

Rumble, gogoto. 

Rumour, tala. 

Rump, tulai'u. 

Rumple, faanuminumi. 

Run, momo'e, (pi.) femo'ei, laofe- 

tuli ; away, sola; over, oso i tua; 

after, tuliloa ; out, mam^ ; as a 

river, lafe ; wild, aivao. 
Runt, avtiu. 
itusli, ,. oso. 

Rust, 'ele. 
Rustle, gase. 
Ruthless, le alofa, saua. 

Sable, uli. 
Sabre, petu. 
Sack, taga. 
Sftck, V. vete. 
Sacred, sa, tapu, pala. 
Sad, faanoanoa. 
Saddle, nofoa a le solo&DUR. ' 

Safe, sao. t 

Sage, adj. poto. -j 

Sail, la. J 

Sail, V. about, felaulau ; to tei, ii 1 
hi. I 

Sake, ona(asonaoia,ybrAu*d^ j 
Salary, totogi, faaoloaga. ' 

Sale, featau. -i 

Saliva, anu, feanuga. , 

SaJvated, sasao. 

Snilow samasania. 

Sally, OSO mai. 

Salt, tnasinia (introduced). 

Salvation, olaiaga. 

Salute, ofo, Teasogi. 

Same, lea lava. 

Sanctify faapaia (introdvcedy 

Sand oiieorie. 

Sandstone, pugaone. 

Sap, uso. 

Sapient, poto. 

Sarcasm, upu faatauemU, j 

Satchel, taga tusi, 

Satiate, ma'ona; paai (of eyes imil -. 

Satisfy, faalaulelei, faalototnalie. i 
Saturday, aso ttfona't. j 

Savage, fe'ai. 1 

Sauce, i'i. | 

Sauce, v. 'ina'i. 
Save, faaola, faasao. 
Saviour, faaola. 

Saunter, taiata&oi'ale, savtii fSuf 




Savour, manogi. 

Saw, *ili. 

Sawdust, *iligalaau. 

Say, fai ; {(o chiefs) fetalai. 

Scab, faapa*upa*u. 

Scaffold, fatamanu. 

Scald, mu ; manunu i le vai vevela. 

Scale, una. 

Scale, V. a'e ; Jish, unafi. 

Scalp, le pa*u o le ulu. 

Scamper, sola tele vave. 

Scandal, v. faatausuai. 

Scant, lauitiiti, faatauvaa. 

Scar, iliganoa. 

Scarce, itiiti. 

Scarcely, toe ina le mafai. 

Scarcity, oge. 

Scare, faamata'u* 

Scarlet, mumu. 

Scatter, salalau, taape. 

Scent, raanogi, namu. 

Scent, V. sogisogi. 

Scheme, togafiti. 

Scholar, soo. 

School, a*oga. 

Schoolmaster, a'oa'o. 

Scissor, seleulu. 

Scoff, tauemu. 

Scold, *ote. 

Scoop, sali. 

Scope, uiga. 

Scorch, mu. 

Scorn, *ino*ino, ta'ufaatauvaa. 

Scour, olo. 

Scourge, sasa. 

Scout, asiasi ala. 

Scowl, matanono, popogir 

Scramble, taufao. 

Scranch, paagugu. 

Scrap, momoi mea, fisi mea. 

Scrape, valuvalu. 

Scratch, fela'u, (pass.) osia; valu. 

Scream, *i*i. 

Screen, puipui. 

Screen, v. faamamalu. 

Screw, $, fao fana. 

Scribble, v. soona tusi. 

Scriptures, tusi paia. 

Scrofula^ pato. 

I Scrub, olo. 

i Scruple, masalo. 

Scrutinize, *ilo*ilo, su'esu^e; faama- 

Scuffle, misa» 

Sculk, lafi. 

Scull, ulupoo. 

Sculpture, togitogi. 

Scurril, upu leaga, faifai. 

Sea, tai, sami, vasa. 

Seacoast, rocky, tai pupu ; sandy f 
faga oneone. 

Seasick, puai. 

Seaside, matafaga. 

Seawater, suasami. 

Seal, faamau. 

Seam, so*o. 

Search, su'esu'e, saili* 

Season, tau. 

Seasonhig, *i^i. 

Seat, notoa. 

Seaward, gatai. 

Secede, teva, vavae atu# 

Second, le lua, lona lua* 

Secret, na, lilo. 

Sect, itu aiga. 

Secular, mea faaletino.? 

Secure, saogalemu. 

Secure, v. faamau. 

Sedate, filemu, faatoeainaf. 

Sediment, mea to*a, *alu. 

Seduce, ta*ita*iese, faasese,- 

Sedulous, finafinau, gao. 

See, vaai, iloa. 

See ! int, faauta ! 

Seed, fatu, fua ; fanau. 

Seek, saili. 

Seem, peiseai; ataga; faataga. 

Seemly, ono, matagorie, napagofie«> 

Seine, upega. 

Seize, *u*u, pu*e. 

Seldom, seasea. 

Select, filifili. 

Self, lava (as o a*u lava, myself) r 

Sell, tau, faatau. 

Semblance, tusa, tino. 

Senate, taupulega. 

Senator, fai pule. 

Sendy au, feau; for, aami. 



Senior, ntipito matua ; toeaina. 

Sensitive plant, laau fefe. 

Sensual, faaletino. 

Sentiment, maaatu. 

Sentinel, teoleo. 

Separate, tuu eseese, vavae, alii eat, 

Sepiilt'lire, tungamau. loS. 

Sequel, i-u. 

Serene, filemu. 

Sermon, lauga. 

Serpent, gata. 

Servant, auauntr, tautita, sogd. 

Serviceable, aoga. 

Set, V. a. tuu; toto; aiii/e, lafoai ; 

vp, faatu. 
Set, v.v. alu itb, golcf. 
Settle, V. a. sauni lelei, totofi. 
Settle, V. n. lo'a i lalo, niau; 
Seven, fitu. 

Seventeen, e sefulu ma: le litu. 
Sevecty, e lilu gafulu. 
Sever, vavae, Imi eseese. 
Several, e tele, eseese. 
Severe, saaa. 
Sew, sii'i, tiii. 
Sliade, paolo. 

Shade, v. faamalu, faapado. 
Sliadow, atfi. 

Shake, lulu, luelue. 

Shake, f.n. gatete, tete. 

Shallow, papa'u. 

Shallow, s. Iota. 

Sham, adf. faataga, pepelo. 

Shame, ma, masiasi. 

Shameful, inatagi. 

Shape, tinS; 

Shard, ta'egaip». 

Share, «. tufatufa. 

Share, s. tu&aga. 

Sharer, o le pule, o le faOEoa' 

Shark, malie, tanifa. 

Sharp, ma'ai. 

Sharpen, I'aaniata. 

Shatter, nuiininii. 

Shave, tafi. 

She, ia. 

Sheath, faamoega. 

Shed, V. a. sasa'aL 


Shed, c. n. maligi, ntasaa. 

Sheep, mamoe. 

Sheet, ie afuloto. 

Shelf, fata ; at sea, a'au, to'it. 

Shell, atigi ; pule. 

Shellfish, flgota. 

Shelter, malu, llpoi, lafttagi. 

Shelter, v. a. faamainalu. 

Shelter, v. n. lalafi. 

Shelving, tafeto; 

Sherd, ta'egaipu. 

Shield, 1;, faamamalu. 

Shield, s. talita. 

Shift, sui: 

Shift, s. togafiti. 

Shin, tuasivi v 

btiine, V. pupul: 

Ship, folau, vaa papalagi: 

Shipwreck, vaa tu'ia. 

Shirt, ofiitiiio. 

Shiver, v.n. tetemu. 

Shiver, v.o. nutJninfl: 

Shoal, mea papa'u. 

Shoe, seevae. 

Shoot, fana. 

Shoot, V. n. totoga'. 

Shore, matafaga, faga onconie.' 

Short, saasaa, puupuu. 

Shortly, e le.pme. 

Shortwinded, sek. 

Shot, pulu fana. 

Shove, tulei. 

Shovel, V. asu. 

Shovel, «. 8H0. 

Shoulder, ta'u'au or tau'arf. 

Shoulder-blade, ivi sa. 

Shout, uio. 

Show, «. ^aall. 

Show, s. faalialiai. 

Shower, wa 'ale. 

Shred, fasi [ie]'. 

Shriek, i'i. 

Shrill, 11. 

Shrink, meme'i ; from contact, aSi 

Shrivel, manuminumi. 

Shudder tetemu. 

Shuffle, anno peprlo, fe'alo'alofc*!.' 

Shun, igoigo, 'alo ese. 

Shut, pupuni, puipui.' 

ma, sej^isegi. 

mipuitiga, mapusela. 
, vaai ; maimoa. 
y niatapaflf- 

faailog;a, sasa. 
1, s. faailc^a. 
I, adj. sili. 
y, laailoa. 

e, le tautala, le gagana. 
e ! int. Taalologo ! aiia le toia 

ir, pei, tusa, foliga. 
i, laatusa. 

re, ruamaoLit. 

, mu ; a pig, tolo. 
r, usu pese. 

i, lasi, tautasi, toatasi; un- 
Tried, taataauoa,/£»». nofofua. 
y, taitasi. 

liar, ese, uiga esf, tasi. 

r, tagata agasal^. 
miti, roilimiti. 
■, (i/'afiro/Aec, luafafine; of a 

lot'o; biids, moe. 

of a house, Sfc, tulafale. 

on, c sefulu ipa le (>no. 

, e 009 galulu. 

il, poto. 

s. pa'u, iliola. 

V. tbfo'e. 
liut, lima vale. 

isME 6{ 

>Skiiiiiy, pa'u niu ivi, iviivja, 

Skip, musa. 

Skipper, aliivaa. 

-SkirmJsli, tauii 

Skirt, piio ofu. 

-Skitlisii, segisegi, faaulavale. 

Skreen, fuapaolo, faamalu. 

Skulk, lat). 

Skull, atigi ulu, ulupoo. 

Sky, lagi. 

Sky culor, lanu diobdb. 

Slabber, tate le'faua. 

Shqk, sa'unu " 

Slacken, faamatagataga. 

Slander, tuuaifua, I'atufua upn- 

Slant, faalifa, faatafatafa. 

Slap, po. 

Slate, maa tusi. 

Slave, pploga, soga. 

Slaughter, I'asioti, 

Slay, fasi, Tasioti. 

Sleep, nioe; (ofchiefi) tofa, 19% 

Sjeiider, laitiiti. 

Slide, se'e. 

Slight, vaivai: laitiiti. 

Slight, V. li ava. 

Slim, laitiiti. 

Slime, palapala ; pulu. 

Sling, s. m:iata. 

Sling, If. sasau. 

Slink, alu ese lemu, sola lilo. 

Slip, se'e. 

Slipknot, matasele, noaunu. 

Slippery, mase'ese'e. 

Slit, masae. 

Slobber, tafe le Rua. 

Slope, f. taFa. 

Slope, V. faalifa, ^atafatafa. 

Sloppy, palapala. 

Sloth, pale. 

Sloven, faainaelo. 

Slough, taufusiga. 

Slow gesegese tfle'niula. 

Sluggard, tagata paie. 

Slumber, moe ; {of chiefs) tof*. 

Slut, fatine faainaelo. 

Small, laitiiti. 

Smart, v. main!, tiga. 

Smear, "■ nini. 

Smell, sogisogi. 

Son-in-law, tane a le arafioe ; o/i 

Smile, 'ata; (of chU/s) sotsoi. 

(wmjon, tane a lana Uma. 

Smite, fasi. 

Song, pese, vii. 

Smitten, toia. 

Sonorous, taalili. 

Smoke, as.i. 

Soon, vave, le pine. 

Sooth, faalaulelei, feamolemole. 

Smoke, u.n. iii. 

Smoke, v. a. faaasua. 

Soothsay, vavalo. 

Smooth, lamolemole. 

Sooty, taiilia. 

Smother, a mole, le mamanava. 

Sore, s. papala. 

Smutty, umuumua, tnuu uli. 

Sore, V. le atapaia, tiga. 

Snail, sM vao. 

Sorrow, faanoauoa, tiga. 

Snake, gata. 

Sovereign, tupu. 

Snap, gau hia. 

Soul, agiiga. 

Snare, sele, mallei. 

Sound, s. logo, pao, tsalili, leo. 

Snarl, gu. 

Sound, adj. le ma'i. 

Snatch, aegi. 

Sour, 'o'ona. 

Sneer, tauemii. 

Source, le mea e tupu a'i, puM, 

Sneeze, v. mafatua. 


Sniff, V. isu mili. 

South, le itu i toga. 

Snip, aele molu. 

Sowi, pua'a fafine, aumatua. 

Snivel, v. mona. 

Spacious, vateatea, lele, lautale... 

Snore, tagnlu. 

Spade, 9UO. 

Snot, isu alu. 

Span, aga. 

Snout, isu. 

Spare, faasao. 

Snuff, s. inatapa'u. 

Spark, aloiafi. 

Snuff, V. sogisogi. 

Spatter, pisipisi. 

So, pei, faapei. 

Spawn, fua o i'a. 

Soak, faavai. 

Speak, gaguna, lautala; (tochieji) 

Soap, moh. 


Soar, lele i tuga. 

Spear, tao. 

Sob, masusi. 

Specify, ta'utino, faaalttina. 
Speckle, ilaila. 

Sober, featoeaina. 

Sociable, nofogofie. 

Spectacle, mat it 'aga. 

Soft, malulii. 

Spectator, maimoaga. 

Soil, elede. 

Spectre, aitu. 

Sojourn, aumaw. 

Speech, gagana, tautalaga, fetahl- 

Solace, fuamatalaloto. 


Sole, s. alofi vae. 

Speed, faataaliae, tele vave. 

Sole, adj. toatasi, last, nao. 

Spell, faatatau. 

Solicit, 'ai'oi. 

Spend, faauma, maumau. 

Solicitude, popole. 

Spew, pua'i : (*o chiefs) tulei. 

Solitary, ausage, toatasi. 

Spider, apoga level eve. 

Solve, faamatala. 

Spill, V. a. sasaa, liligi. 

Some, nisi. 

Spill, V. n. masaa, maligi. 

Somebody, se tasi. 

SpiJie, iviiu. 

Something, se mea. 

Spinous, talatala. 

Sometimea, se aso ma se aso ; sea- 

Spirit, agaga. 


Spiritual, faaleagaga. 

Soil, alalii; {nj a chic/) ah. 

Spit, feanu. 

, faalili. 

Start, te'i, maofa. 

e, anuga, faua. 

Starve, faaotjlaina, fiiasalofia ; one 

1,. pi.i. 

self, faapa'upa'u. 

idid, matagofie silisill. 

Stave, tn'ia (pass.) 

ter, V. nutininii. 

Stay, nofo; faamuli ; tali mai. 

ter, s. malamala laau. 

Sieaiiv, mau. le gaoioi. 

v.a. isi. 

Steal," gaoi. 

Steam, ausa. 

, s. vete. 

Stedfast, mauaaK. 

, V. faalea^. 

Steep, adj. tii. 

ge, omotni. 

Steep, s. tofe. 

taiieous, fua. 

Steer, v. foemiili, uli. 

, fuaulaula, Ualo. 

Steersman, tautai. 


Siencb, elo. 

n, masui. 

Step, laasaga. 

!, afusigalu. 

Steril, pa ; of land, lafulafua. 

id, fcifola, sosolo. 

Stern, adj. countenance, matapau. 

g, alu a'e, puna, tupu a'e. 

Stern, s. taumuli. 

gtide, tai susu'e. 

Stick,*, laau; tootoo. 

kle, luluu, sausau. 

Stick, 0. tutu'i ; pipii. 

Stickle, Bnauvale. 

1, 'ino'ino. 

Sticky, apulupulu. 

vaavaai, tilotilo; lamalaroa. 

Stiff, ma'a'a. 

lass, faaata- 

Stifle, V. n. mole. 

jble, mUa. 
id, eleelea. 
1, uio; ta'uta'u. 

Still, adj. li gagana ; raalii ; le gn 

Stillborn, fanau ua oti. 

ik, 'i'T. 

Stimulate, faaoso. 

Sting, uogo. 

,t matasipa. 

Stingv. limavale. 

t, fatia vai. 

Stink', elo. 


Stipulation, feagaiga. 

;, mausali. 

SUr, seuseu. 


Rtornacli 1aga 'al, puta. 

■ST lautevatcva. 

Stone, maa, fattt. 

laiit, lepa. 

Stone, V. fetogi. 

, nini, fai lanu. 

Stony, gaol, gaosa, fatufatua, 

ala faaapefa'i. 

Stool, noba. 

adj. mafua. 

Stoop, ^ano'uno'u, punou. 

Stop, w. a. taofi, pupuni. 

mer, nanu- 

Stop, V. n. t«. 

hed, V. ulu. 

Storm, afii. 

h, adj. tiimau. 

Slory, tala. 

hion, to'ai. 

Stout, maloal. 

1, tu, tula'i. 

Straddle, magai. 

lard, lagivai, 

Straiglit, sa'o. 


Strait, apiapi. 

oard, malau. 

Strand, matafaga. 

, |n.lato'i(. 

Slrend, V. pa'Hiia, 




Strange, ese. 

Stranger, tagata ese^ 

Strangle, titina. 

Stratagem, togaf^ti. 

Stray, si. 

Streak, pulepule, tusitusL 

Stream, vaitafe. 

Strength, rnalosi, 

Stretch, fa 15. 

Strew, fahtaape, faasalalau. 

Strife, misa, Bnauga. 

Strike, v, a. ta. 

Strike, v. n, to*a. 

String, manoa. 

Strip, faatelefua. 

Stripling, tama le ta. 

Strive, finau, taumafai. 

Stroke, s, ta. 

Strong, nialosi. 

Struggle, s, finaugs^. 

Strumpet, fafine tali tane, taataa i 

le ala. 
Strut, savali faalialia. 
Stubborn, finauvale. 
Stubby, saasaa, putaputa. 
Study, a*oa*o. 
Stumble, tausuai. 
Stump, tagutu. 
Stunted, avilu. 
Stupid, valea, 
Sturdy, ma*a'a. 
Stutter, nanu. 
Subdue, faatoilalo. 
Subject, faatoilalo, faausiusitai. 
Submerge, faagoto. 
Submission, usiusita'i. 
Subsequent, mulimuli. 
Subserve, fesoasoani. 
Subside, to'a. 
Substitute, sui. 
Subterfuge, le mea e *alp ai. 
Subtle, togafiti poto, pepelo. 
Subtract, aveese. 
Subvert, fuli i lalo.^ 
Succeed, mulimuli; sui; manuia. 
Success, manuia. 
Successive, auaua'i. 
Succour, fesoasoar.i. 
Succumb, usiusitj^M, toilalo. 

Such, faapea* 

Suck, miti ; susu. 

Sucker, tatupu. 

Suckle, faasusu. 

Sudden, faafuase^l. 

Sue, faatoga. 

Suet, ga*o. 

Suffer, onosar ; tuu ativ 

Suffice, lava. 

Suffocated, v. n. mole. 

Sugarcane, tolo. 

Suggest, ta'u ; faamaoatu^ 

Suicide, toa*i. 

Suit, tatau, tusa. 

Sulky, mata nono, faaui\. 

Sultry, vevela. 

Summit, tumutumu. 

Summon, tala*i, valaau. 

Sun, la. 

Sunday, aso sa. 

Sunder, vaelua, tuu esefia<e. 

Sundries, mea eseese. 

Sunny, la. 

Superabound, taumafa. 

Superfluity, silisili. 

Superior, sili. 

Supine, faataliaga: faatitipq^ 

Supper, talisua. 

Supple, vavai. 

Supplicate, *ai^oi. 

Supply, V, a, sui, avane. 

Support, lagolago, te*e. 

Suppose, masalo. 

Suppress, faatoilalo; na; loloii4\ 

Suppurate, aloua. 

Supreme, silisili. 

Sure, mau, faamaoni. 

Surmise, masalo. 

Surpass, m\iamua, sili. 

Surplus, mea ua totoe. 

Surprize, fememea*i, ofp, te'i. 

Surrender, tuu atu, ifo. 

Surround, si^osi'o, vagavag^a^. 

Suspect, masalo. 

Suspense, faaletonu. 

Swallow, folo. 

Swamp, fusi. 

Swap, fesuia^i. 

Sway, pule. 



It, afii, 
;p, tafitafi. 
^i, suamalie. 
J, fufula, fefete. 

t, tele vave, saosaoa. 
n, aau; opeope. 

g, V. taopcope ; taupe. 
g, s. tatipega. 
)R, matapogia. 

-d, pelu. 
ptom, faailc^. 

.E, la'o'ai, laulaii- 

.uTnity, ^lologo, le gagana. 

■-, ave; take hold of , tap>. 

, tautala. 
Uive, tautala soo. 

umi, matialuga. 

le, filifili. 
tata malie. 
y, tele gese, tele n 
, tiilo. 
I, faata.. , 

■, tofo. 

t, fnaleagia, faalut 

, faalili. 

; (pass.) n 

>us, faatflegcse. 
I, gaau fanau ; fani 
cope, faaata. 

1 palas 

my, Kjona fai. 
lerancc, r.intiitau {«« 

■rity, 8 

ai faata- 


Tempest, afa. 

Temple, malumaln. 

Temporal. Taaleobnei. 

Tempt, tofotofo. 

Ten, sefulu; men, tdasefiiln. (Set 

Tenacious, taoli man, pipit. 
I Teod, leoleo, anaana, faiUaga. 
t Tender, adj. le atapaia. 

Tendon, ua. 
: Tentli, le sefutu. 
I Termination le mea e gata tnai ai. 

Terrible, maia'utia. 

Teiriiy, faamata'u. 

Terror, fefe, mata'u. 

Testify, molimau. 

Text, matija o le apa. 

Thanks, faafeui, feamanu. 

That, Itla, hoi. 

Thatch, lau. 

The, le. 

Their, lo <w la latou ; {dttal) k) or 
la laua. 

Them, ia te i latou, or lana (dual). 

Then, ona . . . ai lea (tu ona aau ai 

There, iila, iina. 

Therefore, o le mea lea. 

These, nei. 

They, o i latou ; (dual) o i laua. 

Thick, mafiafia. 

Thief, ^ioi. 

Thigh, ogavae. 

Thimble, aligi lima. 

Thin, nianifiiiifi ; laitiiti, UtioTale; 
animals, pae'e. 

Thing, mea. 

Think, Tnanatuuatu. 

Thirst, fiainu, galala. 

Thirteen, sefulu ma le tolu. 

Thirty, e tolu gafulu. 

This, lenei. 

Thorn, laau talatah or tuitui. 

Thorough, maiua. 

Those, o i latou ia. 

Thon, oe. 

Though, e ui lava. 

Thought, manatu. 

Thousand, afe. 





Thraldom, nofo pologa. 

Thrash, taisi, sasa. 

Thread, qianoa, filo. 

Threat, faamata*u. 

Three, tolu, fid. 

Threefold, atufia, atutolu. 

Threshold, faitotoa. 

Thrive, tupuolaola. 

Throat, ponaua ; (chief's) poiia fo- 

Throb, sapotuvale ; head, gaoi. 
Throng, le vao tagata. 
Throttle, s. faa'i. 
Throttle, v, titina. 
Throughout, uma lava. 
Throw, lafo, togi. 
Thrush, eaea. 
Thrust, tulei. 
Thumb, Hma matua. 
Thump, tu*i. 
Thunder, faititili. 
Thunderstrike, to'ia i le faititili. 
Tlius, faapea. 
Thwart, faalavelave. 
Tickle, eneene. 
Tidings, tala. 
Tidy, teuteu lelei. 
Tie, nonoa, faamau, faapona. 
Tight, fusi mau. 
Till, seia. 

Timid, poipoi, fefe. 
Tin, sheet, *apa. 
Tingle, mainiini. 
Tinkle, tagitagi. 
Tiny, laitiitk 
Tip, tumutumu. 
Tipsy, oua. 
Tire, musu, pasi; vaivai, le lava, 

Tiresome, faasoesa. 
Title, ao. 
Titter, nene'a. 
To, i (to nouns) ; i^. (to persons' 

To, (before the infinitive) e. 
Toe, tamatamaivae. 
Together, faatasi. 
Toil, i), fai galuega mamafa. 
Token, sasa, faailoga. 

Tolerate, onosa'i. 

Tongs, iofi. 

Tongue, laulaufaiva, alelo ; (chiefs) 

Tools, faatufugaga. 
Tooth, nifo ; grinders, gap. 
Top, tumutumu. 
Torch, sulu. 

Torment, faalili, faatiga, saunoa. 
Torrent, alia. 
Torrid, mu i le la. 
Tortoise, volu. 
Torture, faasaunoa, faatiga. 
Toss, lafo, togi. 
Total, atoa. 
Totter, tautevateva. 
Touch, papa*i, pa4. 
Touchy, itagotie. 
Tough, fefeu, fefena. 
Tow, toso. 
Toward, mai. 
Town, aai. 
Toy, V, faaulaula. 
Trace, faailoga, tulaga. 
Tractable, vaogofie. 
Trade, s. faiva. 
Trade, v, faatau. 
Tradewind, toelau. ' 
Tradition, upu tuu. 
Trail, v, to make, asa. 
Train, la*ei. 
Traitor, le faalata. 
Trample, v. soli. 
Tranquil, filcmu. 
Transact, fai, sauni. 
Transcend, faasilisili. 
Transfer, tuu atu. 
Transfix, soso'a ia ati. 
Transform, liliu. 
Transgress, solitulafono, sese. 
Transient, vave mavae. 
Translate, faamatala. 
Transmit, avatu. 
Transparent, manino. 
Transplant, sua ma toe toto. 
Trap, mailei ; rat's, vaa imoa. 
Trash, mea faatauvaa, otaota, (dot 

Travel, alu mala^a. 




eller, roalo. 

cherous, faalata, pepelo. ^ 

d, soli, tu ai le vae. 
son, faalata. 

sure, oloa ua teu. 
ty, mavaega. 
f luau. 
ible, tete. 

lendous, matua inata'utia. 
)u'oiis, tetetete. 
ch, s, utu. 
idation, gatete. 

lass, solitulafoMO, sopotapulaa. 
, tofotofoga ; faamasinoga. 
ilation, atuatuvale, puapuaga. 
:, togafiti pepelo. 
ile, sisina. 
?, s, mea faatauvaa. 
^er, amoti. 
, teu. 

e, sautuatolu. 
nph, mitamita. 
p, *au. 

ble, atuatuvale. 
blesome, faasoesa. 
gh, vai. 
sers, ofuvae. 
, moni, faamaoni. 
ipet, pu, foafoa. 
die, faataavalevale. 
:, faalagolago. 

faataitai, tofotofo, taumafai. 

of hair, sope. 

ble, pa*Q. 
id, fufnla. 

lilt, pisapisao, misa ; nunuvale. 
, fati. 
id, nenefu. 
ey, pi pi 
leric, lega. 

toil, atuatuvale, popole. 
, liliu. 
8, laumei. 
! isa ! 
, nifo. 

ve, sefulu ma le lua. 
ity, e lv;u fulu. 

Twice, atu lua. 
Twig, la. 
Twilight, segisegi. 
Twins, masaga. 
Twine, taataai. 
Twinkle, emo. 
Twirl, lialia*i. 
Twist, milo. 
Twitch, segi. 
Two, lua. 

Twofold, sautualua. 
Tyranny, faasaua. 


Ugly, matapuaa, 'auvale, 'aupiu. 

Ulcer, papala. 

Umbrella, faamalu, fale. 

Unable, le mafai, le lava. 

Unattended, toatasi. 

Unawares, faafuasei. 

Unbecoming, le ono. 

Unbend, faasa'o. 

Unbind, tatala. 

Unbounded, e leai se mea e gata 

mai ai. 
Uncertain, faaletonu. 
Uncivil, le tote. 
Uncle, paternal y le uso o le tama ; 

maternal, le tuagane o le tina. 
Unclean, leaga. 

Unclothe, tatala ofu, faatekfua. 
Uncommon, seasea iloa. 
Unconstant, faaletumau. 
Uncover, toese le uff, susu^«. 
Uncourteous, le tote. 
Unction, faauu. 
Unctuous, lala. 
Unculpable, le sala. 
Uncumbered, e leai se faalavelave. 
Uncurse, piipu, iaamagalo le fetuu. 
Undamaged, le afaina. 
Undecided, faaletonu. 
Under, i lalo, i lalo ifo. 
Undergo, onosa^i. 
Undermost, aupito i lalo. 
Understand, lagona, iloa. 
Undertake, tago, sii. 

Undo, tatala. 

Ui. ravel, talatala. 

Undress, ti.tala of.i. 

Biiripe, nidto, le matua. 

Unemployed, nolo paganoa. 

Uiirol. tatala. 

Uneven, le galasi, \h tu sa'o. 

UiiruJv, vaopita. 

Unexperted, faafuast'i. 

Unsatisfied, le mtiMe, Ic mifotid. « 

Unexperl, vasivasi. 

Unsiglittv, mataga. 

tJnfaaien, latala. 

Unskilful. le masani, vasitasi. • 

Uufijtiioiiied. le Tiiatia, 

Unsuccessful, malaia. 

Unfledged, le fuIuCultiEt. 

Unsuitable, le tii^a. 

Unfold, faamalal... 

Unthankful, I§ faafetai, agavale. 

Unfortunate, malaia. 

Untie, tatala. 

Unfreqaent, seasi^a. 

Until, se'ia. 

UnfreqQeiited, le iiia. 

Untrue, pepelo. 

Ungoverned, le taupiilea^ 

Unusual, seasea. 

"Unhand so mp 'an vale. 

Unwholesome, leaija, efdpualraa'i. 

Unhandy, le masani. 

UnwiJhng, le inatai. 

Unhappy, malaw. 

Unwontwl, seasta. 

Untionored, lelaualoS. 

Up, iluga, a'e (a parlicle). 

Unliospilable, le tote. 

Up ! interj. tula'i. 

Unhurt, le af'ainii. 

Upbraid, faa^'i. 

Uniform, gatusa. 

Uphold, (aoti, fesoasoani. 

Uni-.iured, le afaina. 

Upon, i luga. 

Uninientioral, mao. 

Uppermost, aupito i luga. 

TlninterniiLted, fai soo. 

Uppish, faasiasia, iaamaiialuga. 

Union, feasoo, faatSsiga. 

Upright, tu sa'o. 

thite, featasi. 

Uproar, pisaO. 

Universal, a5a5. 

Uproot, lia'i. 

Unjust, le tusa, le talatt. 

Upside down, fao. 

Unkind, agavale, li albk. 

Upward, faasaga i lugB; 

Unknown, le iloa. 

Un;e, faaoso. 

Unlawful, sa. 

Urii.e, niiaga. 

Unless, vagana, sei itoga; (past) 

Us, ia i latou, taua, inatoU, mloa. 

ana le se anoa. 

Use, aoga, nmsanj. 

Unlike, le tusa, eseese. 

Use, V. faamariani. 

Unlikely, e iloga. 

Useful, aog^. 

Unlock, taiald. 

Usual, masani, fai soo. 

Unloose, tatala. 

Usurp, fao fua. 

Unlucky, maldra. 

Uterus, mauava. 

Uiimannered, faalevao 

Unmarried, man laataanoa; «w- 

man, noib''un. 


TJnmeasiirabll', le fuatia. 

Untnercdi.1, saiia. 

Vacant, tuufua. 

Unmoveable. mausali 

VagaboLid, faasevasevaloaina. 

Unoeigtibour v tnaoi val^. 

Vain, le aoga. 

Unobiericd. le nanatua, le iloa. 

Vainglorious, fa alia lia vale- 

Unpaid, le lauia. 

Vale, vauu. 

Unpardoned, le magaJo. 

Valediction, faamavaega. ,; 

Uuiwofitalle, le aoga. 

Valiant, toa. d 


Valley, vanu. 

Valuable, noga, taua. 

Van, mua 'au. 

Vanish, mou. 

Vanqiiish, faatoila!o, 

Vapour, ausa. 

Variable, le tumau, teliqliua'i. 

Variance, maseiga- 

Varicty esrese. 

Vast mntua ti'lc. 

Vaunt, mitamiu vale. 

Veer, liliu. 

Vegetable, laaii ; Qi/.) mea e 

taro, &c. 
Veil, V. uHun. 
Vpin, .111. 

Velocity, tele vave, saosaoa. 
Vend, lautau 
Venemie ava. 
Venesection, tuu le lima. 
Vengeance, tau tna sui. 
Venom, mea o'ona. 
Venomous, uogo. 
Verbal, upu i le gutu. 
Verify, faamaoni. 
Verse, fuai tau (in poetry). 
Versed, masani. 
Vertex, tumutumu. 
Vertigo, niniva. 
Very, niatua. 
Vesicate, manunu. 
Vesicle, po'u. 
Vessel, ipu;'vaa papalagi. 
Vestige, luhgavac; faailoga. 
Yes, faiilili- 
Vexatious, soesa. 
Vial, fagu laltiiii. 
Vibrate, teletete. 
Vice, ulavale, pagota. 
Victor, le ua nialo- 
Victory, manumalo. 
Victuals, mea e 'm. 
Vie, losihai. 
View, V. vaavaai. 
Vigilant, mataala- 
Vigoroua, malosi. 
Vile, leaga. 
VaUy, faaleaga. 
ViUac^> '^'^ ^*- 

Vindicate, faatomi, dnsi'o. 
Vindictive, faalotoloto. 
Violate, soli. 
Violent, fa ava k malosi. 
Viiie.-, gata. 
Virgin, tiiupmi. 
VUit asiasi. 
Vixen, fatine 'ote. 
Vocation, I'aiva. 
Voicr, leo; (chiefs) ainiofoga. 
Void, le aina, tuntua, gangao. 
Volcano, niaoga mu. 
Volume, laulusi. 
Voluntarily, f«i fua i le loto. 
Vomit, B. pua'i ; (chiefs) tulei. 
Voracious, lotulotu'uj. 
Voyage, tbiaiiga. 


Wade, asa. 

Wag, the head. Violin']. 

Wages, totogi. 

WaH, aue, tagiaue, tagitu'i. 

Waist, sulugatiti. 

Waistcoat, taofu. 

Wait, tali, faatali. 

Wake, ala ; (chiefs) male! fua ; 

Wake, V. a. fafago. 
Walk, savali. 
Walking- stuff, tootoo. 
Wall, pa, nupa. 
Wallow, taafili. 
Wander, sese, 
Wane, gase. 
Want, mativa, manao. 
Wanton, ulavLtle, feamatako- 
War, taua. 
War, V. tau le (aua. 
Warm, mafanatana. 
Warm, v. faafana. 
Warn, apoapoa'i. 
Wurp, ala. 

t4« toffy, 

7(1 WA-* 

Wasp, lagomiimu. 
Waste, V. a. raamanmau. 
WaKte, V. n. faatinovale. 
Watch, v.a. leoleo, lametlama, vaa- 

Watch, V. n. tnataala, leoleo. 
Water, vai, siiavai; {(ocAi'e/i) tau- 

Waterfall, afu. 
Watery, suavaia, viiivai. 
Wattle, faati'a. 
Wave, penu ; breaker, galu. 
Wave, V. the hand, &c. tapa. 
Wax, pulu. 
Way, ala. 
Waylay, lamalama. 
We, o i matou or tatou ; {dual) 

Weak, vaivai, 

Weal, fBBlavalava o Ic ta. 

Wealth, oloft. 

Wean, faate'a i le busu. 

Weapon, auupega. 

Wear, ofu ei. 

Weary, lailoa, le lava, vaivai ; of the 

riir <'r i-ij'- |msi {as pasi i vaai). 
^^'cavc, liila^a- 

Web, {as cobweb) aporalevcleve. 
Wed, of a man, faiava ; of a ufo- 

fn»H, nnfu tanc; iiofo. 
Wedge, tina. 
Wednesday, aso lulu. 
Wee, laitiiii, uiiiii, tii. 
Wcotl, vao. 
Weed, V. vele vao, ini. 
Weep, tagi. 
Weigh, fua. 
Weighty, in a ma fa. 
Welcome, v. ofo. 
Well, (. vaieli. 
Well, aifi. tnalolo, m&loii. 
Wei), adv. lelei, maeu. 
Welliiigh, toeloe. 
Wellspring. puna. 
Weller, taafili. 
Wen, piitu. 
''f nch, leine ; fufinc talitBBO- 

«t, sisifo, gagaifo. 


Whale, tafola. 

What, o le a? se a? 

Wheedle, faaoleole. 

Whelp, tama'i uli. 

When, pea (/«/.); w^erroy. an(K 

fea? (past) afea? (fut.) 
Whence, maiiea? naifea? ifea? 
Where, o i fea? o fea? 
Wherefore, o le mea lea. 
Wherret, nati, faaaoesa. 
Whet, faainata, faamaai. 
Whether, pe, po. 
Whetstone, faamata. 
Wliich, le ; o le fea ? 
While, ^ao; man\i(_only in espru- 
WhiUt t siont denoting fortumtt- 

Whip, sSsa. 

Whirl, lialia'i. 

Whirlpool, vili. 

Whirlwind, asiosio. 

Whisker, vaega 'ava. 

Whisper, u. musumusu. 

W'hislle, mapu ; a bird, valovalo. 

White, ainasiiia, pa'epa'e. 

Whitewash, vat i ^asi nasi na. 

Whither, ifea? 

Who, ole? oal? 

Whole, atoatoa. 

Whoop, 'u'u'u. 

Whore, faflne talitane, faliiie taa i 

le ala, lafine mulilua. 
Why, ai se a ? se a le mea ? 
Wick, vavae. 

Wicked, ulavale, agasala, leaga. 
Wide, vateatea, lautele. 
Widow, fafine ua oti laiia Une. 
Wife, BvS J {chief t) faletua, ict»- 

Wild, nivao; feai; segisegi, 
Wile, ti^afiti pepel 
Will, loto, manao; {chief i 

Willing, mafai, bio. 
Win, ua Kini, tnalo 
Wince. » „„.;„ .. 
Winch f 





K)Qnd, puni matagiina. 
)w, faamalama. 



fiifulu, talimalu. 



i, ma. 

raw, alu ese. 
r, niamae. 
old, taofi. 
1, i totonu, i fale. 
ut, i fafo, i tu?. 
ut, C071J. sei iloga, vagana. 
land, tetee. 
ss, molimau. 
Lue, le paga. 
n, fafine. 
>, manava. 
er, ofo. 
erful ! int. ola ! maeu ! 

V, masani. 

laau ; vao matua. 


fulufulu o mamoe. 

upu ; (chiefs) fetalaiga, afi- 

V, galue. 

s. galuega. 

, laloiagi ; ** all the world,'* 
mausau uma lava. 
ly, faalelalolagi, faasalemau- 

, anufe. 

eaten, atiatia. 

, e sili ona leaga. 

ip, tapuai, ifo. 

, aupito leaga. 

ed, toilalo, tuKa, faiaina. 

, aoga. 

d, manuka. 

;le, femka'i, ieopua^L 

, aai. 

\, ita; (o/ekiefs) tooKl^ tea- 


Wreath, fill. 
Wrecked, tu*ia. 
Wrench, J . ., >... 
Wrest ' J "••"'•o. <^''- 

Wrestle, fagatua. 
Wretched, malaia. 
Wring, mimilo. 
Wrinkle, maanuminumi. 
Wfist, tapulima. 
Write, tusi. 
Writhe, vili. 
Wrong, sese. 
Wrong, v. agaleaga. 
Wry, pi*o. 

Yam, ufi. 

Yawn, mavava. 

Ye, outou ; (dual) oulua. 

Year, tausaga. 

Yearly, lea tausaga ma lea tausaga. 

Yearn, routimutivale. 

Yell, uio. 

Yellow, samasama. 

Yes, ioe, e, oi. 

Yesterday, ananaB. 

Yet, e ui lava. 

Yield, usiusita'i, gauaM. s 

Yonder, i o. 

You, (sing.)oe; (c?«a/)oulua; (pi.) 

Young, child, tama; man, taulea* 

lea ; animal, tree^ SfC, tama'f ; 

animals and birds, toloa'i, ofaga« 
Your, laa, lou; (dual) la cmloa; 

(pL) la oaton. 
Yoath, tanlealea* 


Zf,.\Ufi;%^ MikiM; ma'^l^^« 






t letter of the 8anK)an alphabet. 
s a long and short pronuncia- 
and, in gome few words, it is 
}h(Mrt, almost like U: as in matey 
y fsave, fanafanau. 

7, of, or belonging to. 
. 'wlien. 
)ut, if. 

. of surprize. 

«. what? (2LS Se a lea niea ?) 
ign of the future tense, when 
about to do a thing, 
affix to some verbs, to form 
passive ; (as ave, uvea), 
affix to nouns, to form adjec- 
, signifying full of, abounding 
(as niu, a cocoamit : niua, 
3f cocoanuts). 

1 of the dual and plural, in- 
1 of la, before the pronouns, 
fibres of a root ; fa-mily con- 
a kick, 
to kick ; jpL feaa ; pass* aa- 

. the name of a 6%l\ ; the 
»as substance which grows 
d the cocoanirt. JSee also 

t. an exclam^ioQ of < 

A^a^a, s. an odoriferous plant used 
for scenting oil. 

'Aai, s. a town, a village. 

'Aai, V, (pi, of^a,\)f to eat. 

*Aao, s. an arm, hand, or leg of a 

*Aao, a, proud bearing. 

Aau, 5. a reef. 

*Aau, V, to swim ; pL feausi. 

*Aau, v. (pi. o/'au), to send. 

*Aafia, V. to be taken away (of 
things) by a relation, without the 
permission of the owner ; to be 
involved with others in trouble. 

*Aafu, V, (pi of *afu), to cover up. 

Aaga, s. a kicking match. 

'Aala, V, to smart; intensive, fe'a- 

*Aale, V. to be prompt, to do things 
with despatch. 

'Aalii, s. a species of taro. 

^Aalo, a. deceitful, avoiding open- 
ness, covering up. 

'Aalo, V, (t»/ew5ii?€q/**alo), to avoid 
constantly or repeatedly. 

*Aalu, s, dregs; die cocoanut oil 
partially formed ; (as ^alu). 

'Aalu, V. to be only partially formed, 
(applied to scraped nuts which do 
not readily yield oil). 
I , «. I uts which ftitt 

jf themselves, 
en; pass, 'amia; 




*ami*ami, to fetch one after ano- 

*Aami*a, s. the name of a shrub. 

*Aamn, r. to whisper discontents 
with ridicule. 

Mano, s. flesh; the kernel; sub- 
stantial food. 

*Aapa, V. to stretch out the hand in 
order Jto take hold of something. 

*Aapo, u, (pi of 'apo), to nurse. 

*Aapu, v. to draw the wind, (applied 
to a sail). 

*A^a, a. 8f v, glowing hot. 

*Aasi, V, to scratch ; to scrape tu- 

*Aata, V. (pL of *ata), to laugh. 

Aatasi, 5. a species of cress. 

*Aati, V, to eat in, as an ulcer; to 
gnaw off (as the skin of sugar- 

'Aato, a, complete in counting en- 
tire tens : (as, e sefulu ^aatOf Sfc.) 

*Aava, a. bitter, acrid ; scorching 
hot (of the sun). 

*Aava, V, to be bitter; to be scorch- 
ing hot ; pass, 'avasia. 

Ae, int, used in chasing a wounded 
bird, or in forbidding a dog run- 
ning at something. 

A'e, V. to go up ; to ascend, as from 
fishing, from banishment; also 
used of the waves. 

A'e, adv» up. 

*A*e, V. to ascend, as to the top of 
a house, a tree, or a mountain ; 
pL fe*a*ei and tausili ; pass, Vea, 
to be taken (as a fortress). 

Aea, 5. a score. 

*A*ega, s. a stick used as a ladder. 

A*ega, s. an ascent; food prepared 
before going to catch pigeons. 

* A*egafale, v. to be provoked ; to be 
angry with. 

A*egafale, s, a number of houses 
built at the same time. 

Aemaise, c. also, together with, (as 
amaise); especially. 

*Acno, s. a species of land crab. 

Ai, s, a fence, a railing. 
Ai, V, to fence in ; pass. aia. 
A'lf s, a concession made in defer- 
ence to another party. 
A\, pr. who, whosoever. 
Ai, pr. him, her, it, that, which. 
A\,adv. there; probably, very lifce- 

Ai, prep, from, (as nat, mai), 
Ai, the reflective particle, referring 

back to the nominative, or to tho 

cause, time, place, consequeDce, 

reason, &c. 
*Ai, V. to eat; pi, Vai; pass.^Bim. 
*Ai, 5. a present of raw food,, (an 

introduced word) ; the stone witk 

which children playhide and seek; 

a count towards the numberwhich 

determines the game. 
A'i, a particle denoting the cause, 

means, or instrument. 
Aia, V. to be galled or chafed. 
Aia, V. (mostly preceded by a ne- 

gative), to have no authority in 

or over. 
A*ia*i, a, true, genuine ; adv. very, 

truly, really. 
*Ai'aiga, v. incomplete; partly con* 

sumed ; applied also to the moon, 

when either waxing or waning. 
*Ai*aiga, v, to go out to beg food. 
'Aiau, V. (lit. to eat the gall), to be 

cowardly ; (also ate^ai). 
*Aialii, v. to supply a chief with 

food and otherwise to assist him 

in expectation of getting properly 

in return. 


*Aiisi, V. (from 'at and wi), to beg 

Ai*oi, V. to beg, to entreat, to im- 

Aioge, s, one who removes to ano- 
ther land on account of a scarcitj 
of food. 

'Aiuli, V, to make much of by sup- 
plying with good things, and gir- 
ing the best of everything to. 


'Aiuli, s, ostentatious kindness to a 

'Aifanua, s, a tenant; a person cul- 
tivating another's land. 

Aifoi, s, a shellfish which has re- 
cently shed its shell. 

Aifuna, v to lay by food for the 
^^iga, 5. a family ; relations ; mar- 
riage (as the beginning a family). 

'Aiga, s. the act of eating; a meal. 

*Aigamea, s, a part of some food, 
being not a complete joint or por- 
tion ; a contemptuous term for a 
diseased person. 

'Aigaaleafi, s. ashes. 

AigoBe, s, a club match. 

Aigofie, a. pretty (of a village). 

'Ailao, V, to fence or flourish a club. 

Aile, 5. a cocoanut just formed. 

Aimalo, v, to be victorious, (mostly 
of animals). 

'Aimama, v. to eat chewed food ; to 
be severely beaten with fists or 

*Aimeo, v, to be angry on account 
of or in connection with food. 

'Aina, a, eatable. 

*Aina, v, to be inhabited. 

Air.aga, s, a child given to the gods. 

'Aisee, v, to beg food at a feast. 

'Aisila, V, to beg fish. 

Aisola, V, to steal property from re- 
lations ; to steal a wife. 

Aitia, 8. a child's game. 

Aitia, t7. to dance about in triumph. 
^Aitu, 5. a spirit ; a god ; a feast in 
honour of a god. 

Aitua, V, to be haunted. 

*Aitoto, r. to have a bloody mouth. 

Aituo, int. the call in tautapa, 

Aitutagata, s» a murderer by means 
of the f 0(0. 

Aivao, a, wild, (applied to animals 
which have run into the bush). 

'Aivale, v, to eat improper articles of 

Ao, s. a cloud ; day ; 
chiefs head ; name 



fern ; a title of dignity given to 

Ao, a. ten, (used in counting in 

Ao, V. iwp^rs. it is right, proper, 
fitting, necessary. 

Ao. V, a, to collect, to gather toge- 
ther, as stones, &c. 

Ao, V. to be perfect, as a house, 
boat, &c. 

Ao, aoao, v. to search, to look for, 
especially in the bush. 

*Ao, a, small made, slender. 

A*o, a'oa'o, v. to teach. 

Aoa, s. a fish trap ; a bird cage ; 
the hole of the cuttle fish. 

Aoa, s. the banyan tree. 

*A*oa*i, V. to reprove, to correct. 

*A'oa*iga, s. a reproof, a correction. 

Aoao, a. excellent, surpassing, su- 

Aoao, V. to be supreme. 

A'oa*o, 5. a teacher. See also a'o. 

*Ao'ao, s. the armpit; the sides of 
a canoe. 

Aoauli, 1 s. noon (not so late as 12 

Aoatea ) o'clock). 

Aoatai, 5. a large branching sea- 

Aoula, s. a day dance. 

Aofa*i, v.n. to collect together, to 
come together ; pL feaofa*i. 

Aofa*iga, s. the sum total. 

Aofaga, 5. a collection; a searching 

Aofia, V, to be assembled, to be col- 

Aoga, a. useful, valuable, profitable. 

A*oga, s. a teaching ; a school. 

Aogalemu, s. broad daylight. 

Aotele, V. to gather all in one (of 

Aotelega, s. a general gathering to- 
gether in one. 

Au, 3. a sharp thorn on a fish ; 
(hence) a needle ; a tatooing in- C/ 
nt; the gall: the liver; 
the seat of the af- 
a current at sea. 



An, a privative purticlo prefixed to 

verbs ; (as, E le an satt, he has 

not come at all, or lie has never 

A*u, proti. I ; also ta. 
'Au, s. a stalk of a plant; a handle ; 

a bunch (of bananas) ; a troop ; 

a class or gang ; a >hoal (of fish). 
*Au, V. to «end ; pans. *auina ; au 

mai, to bring. 
Au, auau, ?/. to carry away (as the 

stones of ;i wall) ; pass. aua. 
^Au^, v.impers. don't. 
Ana, c. because, on account of; just 

so, to be sure; used also as a par- 
ticle 9f dissent, as, Why, but. 
Alia, s. a young anae. 
' Auao, s. attendants of the aitu, be- 
ing inferior spirits. 
Auau, V. to pick out (as the bones 

of a fish). 
*Au*au, s. the ridgepole of a house. 
*Au*au, V, to swim about, (from 

'aau) ; to bathe (to chiefs), 
Au'au, V. to review troops, to make 

a display before going to war. 
*Au*aufau, v. to agree together (in 

regard to doing something). 
Auauli, s, a tree whose fruit blisters 

the skin. 
*Au*auloa, v. to pass right on to the 

journey's end without calling in 

on the road. 
*Au'auna, s. a servant (from *au, 

to send). 
*Au*auna, V. to serve. 
^Au'aumaile, s. one kind of wild 

'Au*aumama, a. not causing shame 

(as property of a good quality, 

and a troop or travelling party of 

good-looking men). 
^Au^afa, 5. fine mats, (so called as 

being tied up with 'a/a). 
Auaga*e, 5. (from auyaga, anda'e), 

a current setting eastward. 
'Auagafulu, a. ten (applied to yams 

and bunches of bananas). 
Auala, 8. the roadside^ 

Anala, s. the bier of a de^d chief. 
*Aualii, s, a, talie keel; a talietxjK, 
Aualofa, s. a keepsake, soraethiog 

to keep in remembrance the ab- 
sent or dead. 
Aualuma, s. a company of siDgb 

Auama, s. property of an inferior 

kind, and so causing shame to 

those giving it. (Tlie opposite of 

Au ane, v. to take the name of t 

head of a family who has died, to 

succeed another ; (au ifo, vhen a 

son or brother). 
Aue, int. alas! oh! (of wonder). 
Au*ee, s, a passenger, one who heff 

a passage in a canoe, (as auosa), 
Auega, s, a crying of aue. 
'Aueva, s, the shed skin of snakes 

and shellfish. 
*Aui, r. to wind round ; 'au^aui, to 

wind round and roun4. 
Aui, a, ten (bonito) ; alsg Uooaga^ 

Au'iliili, V. to take all ; to go all. 
Auitaliga, v. (from au, t, taliga)^ to 

be led away by reports. 
*Au*o'a, s. one kind of yam. 
Auoso, s. one who begs a passage^ 

(as duee)* 
Auosoga, s, the carriers of a dead 

chief's bier. 
Au'upega, s, weapons of war. 
*Aufa*i, .«. a bunch of bananas. 
Aufana, s, a how. 

Aufanaua, a. childless (from dciatli 

of children). 
Aufasa, v. to rise (of the mopn); 

(as i^na*e). 
Aufiti, V. to writhe in pain. 
Aufono, s» a division of a land, (liUfeA 

in some places instead of alf$)f 
'Auga, V, to look up to^ to m^ 

on, to depend on. 
Auga, 5. a make shift. 
Auga'au, s. a review, a disphj qt 
^ troops before going to war. 
Augafatu, s. a removing; oT j 




heaps of stones placed to attract 

*Augamalie, r. to come opportunely, 

{as taigalemu), 
Atigani, v. tc swear. 
Augapiu, a. very ugly, exceedingly 

bad, (apJDlled to men, houses, 6it.) 

{as aupiu); 
*Aug:ala, a, disobedieht. 
Augatagata, i| s, the succession of 
Augatupulaga \ generations of men, 
'Augarale, a. mortal, perishing. 
'AugoHe, a, obedient. 
*Augutuava, 5. the sides of an open- 

ing through the reef. 
'Aula, s, the top part of a Samoan 

Aula'atia, t?. tb be killed in war, and 

have the head carried off. 
Aula'i, V, to be heaped up, to be in 

abundance; j?/. aulalai; (as^ht^- 

Aula'igatagata, s. a generation of 

Aulaurtiea, s. fish gills. 
*Aulalo, V. to swim ofF in order to 

Aulama, «. dry cocoanut leaves; 

dry logs of the ifilele, 
Aulapata*i, s. the level land at the 

foot of a hill ; (also lapataH). 
*Aulape, s, witnesses or lookers on 

in the game of fologa, whose bu- 
siness it is to see that the tapulaa 

or boundary is not passed by the 

'Aulelei, a. handsome. 
Auleleia, s. to be carried ashore by 

the current ; to get a chieftainship 

or other honor. 
Auli, a, plain [water] : vai auli, 
Aiili, s. a clothes iron. 
Auh'a, V. to reach, to arrive; to be 

taken in war either dead or alive. 
Auliuli, a. spacious. . 
AuHuligia, v, to be far from, to be 

free from blame. 
'Aulold, ) 5. the stem frond which 
*Aul«soloso 5 the cocOa e 

bei?n picked. 

Auma, 5. a sunken rock. 

Auma ? V, to what purpose? of what 

use ? 
Aumau, 5. an alien, a stranger. 
Aumau, V. to sojourn. 
Aumafute, s. the wood of the paper 

mulberry after the bark is stripped 

Aumaga, s. the body df young men 

of a land who chew the *«ta, and 

attend on chiefs. 
*Aumageo, s. one kind of banana or 

*Aumalaia, v. to be continually in 

*Aumalie, s. one kind of banana. 
'Aumanuia, r. to be continually 

'Aumatua, 5. a breeding animal. 
Aumatua, 5. an orphan. 
'Aumea, 1 s, an associate, a 

'Aumeamamae J friend. 
Aumoe, v. to sleep away from home ; 

to go out courting ; to sleep in a 

woman's family with a view to 

making proposals ; pL 'aumomoe. 
Aumoega, 5. the party going to make 

proposals to a lady. 
Aumuli, s, a current setting west. 
Aunifoa, a. toothless. 
Aunoa, v, to be without; h aunoa, 

to be unremitting, 
*Aunofo, s. troops in reserve. 
Aunu*ua, V. to dwell away from 

Aunuiiu, s. the name of a ^amoan 

month answering to our May. 
*Anpa, s. a line of wall. 
Aiipaa, v. to be on a par, (used only 

in reproof). 
Aupiu, a. ugly, deformed, badly 

made, (as augapiu). 
Aupito, ti. very, exceedingly. 
Aupito, V. (followed by atn)^ to be 

farthest off; (followed by mai) to 

be nearest. 
Aupitoaluga, a, highest. 
Aupui, V, to splash- 
Ansa, «. steam, vapor; metaphor, 

o/* anger. 




'Ausa'alo, s, the wooden seat to 
which the cocoa nut scraper is 

^Ausaga, 5. a company of swimmers; 
anything to as;<ist in swimming. 

A usage, r. to be left few in num- 
ber ; to be desolate. 

*Ausi, ) a, good looking, (applied 

*Au*au8i 5 to men, plantains, &c.) 

Ausia, V, to pass (as the dart thrown 
in the game of tagati^a), 

*Ausiva, s. the band of singers at a 
night dance. 

Ausoa, V. to dance by companies at 
a night dance. 

*Auta, s, marks of burns inflicted 
on the death of a chief; a drum- 
stick used to beat the wooden 
drum or bell. 

*Auta, s. the agitation of the sea 
aft'^r a breeze. 

Autafa, V. to take out the bones in 
the side of a fish ; to take the 
thorns from the sides of the paogo 

* Autafa, s. the sloping side of a hill. 

Autapu, V. to swear, (as augani). 

Ante, s. the Chinese rose, or black- 
ing plant. 

Autonu, V. to keep things in order 
in a village or a family. 

Antu, s. the leader, director, or prin 
cipal agent. 

Autupua, V. to curse, to imprecate 
a curse on. 

Auva*a, V. (always used with the 
negative le, as e le duva^a), not 
fit, not proper, (applied to work, 
words, and conduct.) 

*Auva*a, s, a crew. 

•Auvae, s, the chin. 

*Auvaealalo, 5. the lower jaw. 

*Auvaealuga, s. the upper jaw. 

*Auvai, s, the brink of a river, well, 
or of any water. 

*Auvule, a. ugly (of men) ; bad (of 

Auvalea, v, to be carried away by 
thecnrrent; to lose a chieftain- 
ship out of a family. 

Afa, s. the name of a tree ; a sanD 
stick used in making nets. 

AfiL, s. a storm. 

'Afa, s. cinet ; the name of a fish* 

*Afa, V. to be proper, to be fit. 

'Afa'afa, 5. name of a fish. ' 

'Afa'afa, a. strong, robust, (applied 
to men). 

'Afa'afai, f/. to wind cinet round the 
handle of a weapon. 

Afai, c. if. 

'Afa^i'o, 5. a hank of cinet; (also 

Afaina, v, (from o/a), hurt injured; 
(used only interrogatively and ne- 
gatively, as, IJa afaina ea km 
lima ? E le afaina), 

*Afauto, s. the rope at the top of a 

Afafine, s, a daughter. 

'Afaga, s, the bandage for the feet 
in climbing the cocoanut. 

Afaga, s. a ^mall beach. 

Afagafaga, a. stiffened (as a limb 
from disease) ; tightened (as a rope 
overstrained) ; metaphorically ap- 
plied to anger. 

'Afatagai } *' " '*'«* ™" "^ ''''^ 
Afatia, v. to be in a storm. 
Afato, s. a large edible grub found 

in dry trees ; (also maeeseese). 
'Afavae, s, the rope at the foot of; (also, /auvae). 
Ah, a. a thousand. 
Afe, It, to call in at a place, house, 

&c. ; pass. afea. 
Afe, V. to turn up an end or corner, 

(as of a mat, lx)ok, &c.) 
Afea, adv. when ? 
Afeafe, s, a room. 
Afei, V. to line with leaves (as a 

basket, or the hole for ma#t). 
Afega, s, a person living at another 

land convenient for. his paasn^ 

townsmen to call on. 
Afetualaina, v. to call on caKoaBjy 

not having intended to do §0 OB 

setting out. 
Afi, 5. fire. 




Afi, s. u bundle, parcel, package. 
Afi, i>. to do up iu a bundle ; pL 

Afia, s, the name of a shrub. 
Afia, v.pass. (from q/f), to be burnt 

Afiaii, s. the evening. 
Afiagafulu, a. ten aft, or small bun- 
dles of fish, masi, &c. 
Afiavao, s. the name of a tree. 
Afio, y, (followed by mai), to come; 
(with aiu), to go; to be present; 
to die ; pL afifio ; (only used to 
high chiefs). 
Afioaga, s, a chiefs residence ; a 

chief's seat. 
Afioga, s. a word, a speech, the pre- 
sence of a high chief. 
A6tio, V. See Afio. 
A61aau, s, a great burning on ac- 
count of the death of a chief. 
Afllua, a. twenty bundles of fish, 

rnasi, &c. 
Afinaraea, s. the name of a fish. 
Afi si, V. to carry under the arm ; to 

carry a child on the hip. 
Afisiga, s, an armful ; a load car- 

ried under the arm. 
Afitulia, s, about 8 or 9 p.m., when 

most of the lights are out. 
Atb, s. a fishing line. 
*Afo, V, to be seriously wounded in 

Afolau, s, a long house. 
Afono, adv. perhaps. See Atonu. 
*Afu, s. a wrapper of siapo used as 

a sheet. 
*Afu, V. to wrap up in the ^afu. 
Afu, 8, a waterfall. 
Afu, r. to perspire ; to be heated 
(as an oven) ; to wither (as an- 
nual plants). 
Afua, 8, a feast made when the wife 

is fouud to be pregnant. 
Afua, afuafua, v. to begin. 
Afuafu, 5. a light shower. 
Afiiafu, V. to curl over as a wave 
about to break. 

'Afu^afu, s, the peritoneum ; the 

hvmen ; a true brother. 
Afulelea, v. (from afu and lelea),to 

be completely withered away. 
Afuloto, 8, bedclothes used under 

the tainamu, 
Afulu, V. to be overcooked. 
Afuluga, V, to be rotten, (applied to 
taro which has been planted in 
the stump of a rotten tree). 
Afusigalau, s, the spray rising from 

the waves on the reef. 
Aga, 8. a span : limasaga, five span ; 

Jitu8aga^ seven span. 
Aga, 8, conduct, manner of acting. 
Aga, V. to do, act, go, come : aga- 
pa mai; recipr. feaga*i, to go up 
and down. 
Agaese, 5. an axe, (used in the pre- 
sence of chiefs instead of lo''i), 
Agai, 5. attendants on a chief. 
Agaiafi, v. to make a burning for a 

dead chief. 
Agaiotupu, 8, a complimentary name 

for a carpenter or tatooer. 
Agafaafafine, v. to act as a woman, 

to act with mildness. 
Agafaamanu, 1 v. to act without 
Agafaapuaa 5 thought. 
Agafaavalea, v. to act as a foolish 

A gaga, 8, a disembodied spirit. 
Agaga, V, to devise, ^ to plan; to 

Agagafulu, a, ten spans. 
Agagamea, a. skilful. 
Agalelei, s, kindness. 
Agalelei, i/. to be kind. 
Agalii, 5. {figa a alii) chieflike con- 
duct; well behaved. 
Agamafu, y, to be ripe, (only of the 

Agamalu, a, mild. 
Agamasesei, 5. bad conduct. 
Aganuu, v, to act accordiiig to the 

customs of one's own country. 
Agasala,5. sin, (an introduced term). 
Agatele, v, to abuse, to use abusi\e 

^ ■ * 




Agatonu, v, literally, to g^o straight; 
applied to the people of a village 
having a chief over them ; to a 
head of a family in regard to vi- 
sitors by giving them food ; to 
one who has never been fined. 

Agavaivai, a. mild, gentle. 

Agavale, v, to be left-handed ; to 
come empty-handed ; to be un- 

A^.' . > V. to blow, of the wind. 
Agiagi S ' 

Agiagi, 5. a chiefs speech, (used 
only in a jocular way on Savaii). 

Agina, v. to be put in motion by the 
wind; to blow straight out as a 
flag : metaphor, applied to speech- 
es not meant to end in doing any- 
thing ; also applied to the ears of 
one running away; redvp, agina- 

Agini, V, to tuck up the lavalava 
so as not to obstruct the wearer. 

Agipo, V. to blow at night. 

Ago, s, the turmeric plant. See 

Ago, V. to mark with turmeric (as 
the planks of a canoe in fitting 
them); to draw the lines for ta- 

Agoago, V, to devi«»e, to plan. 

Agosi, V, to be wasted away from 

Ala, s, a path, a way, a road, a 
passage : the warp ; a cause or 

Ala, V. to spring from. 

Ala, V. to awake. See Maleifua. 

Ala, V. to angle in the morning. 

Ala, s. a stone worn smooth by the 
action of water. 

Ala, ?/. to scratch; pi. feala, to 
scratch with both hands. 

Ala*a, s. the name of a tree. 

Ala*afa, s. the mark of cinet tied 
round the body. 

Ala'alo, 5. a bye-road. SeeAi..\T\5A. 

Ala), ?/. to be forward in speaking 
(as a child before its elders, and 

as one interfering in a qiisF> 

Ala*u, V, spoken of anythmg not 
nearly finished; always interna 
gatively or negatively, as, Ua alaHn 
ea? E le ala^u. 

Alausu, y, to start the first thing m 
the morning. 

Alafa, s, fungus growing on rottes ] 
wood, highly phosphorescent. 

Alafau, s. the cheek. 

Alafaga, s, a morning angling* 

Alafale, s, landbelongingtotheoitK 
of a village. 

Alafia, V, pass, (from a /a), to be 
able to head for ; to be able to 
get at (as at a tree in order to cut 
it down). 

AlaRa, v. to be hurt by joining in 
another's quarrel, or through htt 
own wickedness. See Alataia. 

Alaga, ?/. to shout out, to call out; 
pL alalaga. 

Alaga, s. a shoulder or leg of aa ' 

Alagalima, s. the shoulder. 

Alagamea, s. a small net. 

Alagavaa, 5. a sore caused by rub- 
bing against the canoe in pulling'; 
the name of an artificial ny-hook 
for catching the bonito. 

Alala, V. {alaala, from a/a), to sit 
up at night ; to sit or dwell, (ap- 
plied to chiefs) ; a form of even- 
ing salutation. 

Alalafasfa, s. a number of people sit- 
ting together at night; a chieTs 
dwelling ; a chief's coflSn. 

Alalafutu, s. the name of a fish. 

Alamea, s. a stinging shellfish. 

'Alamisi, s. one kind of land crab. 

*Alamu, y. to go quickly; to go di- 
rect to. 

Alan a* i, s. one who dies with his 

Alana*i, v. to take with ; to cany j 
away as plunder ; pass, alana'^ii* 

Alani, s. an excuse. 

Alasca'c, s. a bve-road. 




Alisii, £, the row of ^nds left to fas- 
ten o£r a mat. 

ARtaia^ r, tobe hurt by joining an- 
other"* qnarrel, or by his own wic- 
kedness. See Axafia. 

Alatua, &. a back road. 

'Alava, «- the skin of the fiat part of 
the stem of the cocoanut leaf ; a 
prominent vta« ; fibres of the 
wood and stem of the cocoanut, 

*Alava*uhL, s, a species of shark. 

AlavHlai^, r. to be fibrous, to be 
stringy ; to h ave prominent veins ; 
applied to ijne scolding. 

'Ale, s. a sbellfislt. 

Aleale, s. a cocoai.ut in which the 
kernel is just beginning to form ; 
a term for a coward. 

Alei, V. to drive, to chase ; to di- 
vorce ; pass, aleia. 

Aleio, s. the tongue, (used only in 
cursing). See Laulaufaiva. 

Aleva, s. the name of a biixl hke a 

'Ali, 5. the bamboo pillow. 

Alia, s, a watercourse; the dry bed 
of a river. 

Alia, s, a double canoe. 

'Ali'ao, s. the name of a shellfish. 

Aliali, V. to appear; (also ali). 

Alii, s. a chitf. 

Aliita^i, v. to have as chief over; 
to be subject to a chief. 

Aliitia, v, to be inhabited by a chief, 
to have a chief residing in the 

Ahga, s. the name of a semi-trans- 
parent calabash. 

Aligaliga, a. smooth and shining, 
(applied to an abscess when near 
bieaking) ; thin (as the plauk of 
a canoe). 

Alila, int, pshaw ! 

Alili, 8. the name of a shellfish. 

Alise, 8. a cricket. 

Alititai, £ee Ilititai. 

Alitivai, see Ilitivai. 

Alivu, a. long ag^o. See Avilu* 

Ab, 8, the under side (as of < 

fish, Arc): a chiefs belly; H 

chiefs child. 
Alo, V, to paddle, to pull a canoe ; 

to go out bonito fishing ; pai>s, 

aiofia; {&]so a'onlo), 
Alo, ?/. to fan ; aloalo, to continue 

to fan. 
*Alo, V. to conceal, to liide ; to get 

out of the road ; to elude a blow ; 

to make excuses; pL *a*alo^ fe- 

*alo*alofa*i ; pcLSs. *alona. 
'Aloa, s. a worn out *asi, 
Aloalo, 5. the space between the reef 

and the boach, 
* Alo* alo, s. the flower of the r/atoe, 
Aloalofanu», s. the name of a plant. 
Aloalo vai, «. the name of a plant. 
Alo*ava*ava, a. hasty ^ irritablo, 
Aloi, V, to remove dirt from a bot- 
tle by introducing a slick, 
Aloiafi, £. sparks. 
Aloiniu, 5. the inner side of tho ker* 

nel of tlie young iml, 
Aloipopo, 5. the inner side of the 

kernel of the hard nut. 
Alou, 5. matter, pus ; a pig, (nsed 

before chiefs), 
Aloua, rt, having matter formed (a* 

an abscess). 
Alofa, 5. love, compassion. ^ 

Alofa, V. to love, to compassionate; 

to salute ; pL alolofa ; pass, nlo* 

faina, alofagia; recipr. lealofani. 
Alofa*i, V, (^from ah)^ to paddio, to 

pull a canoe. 
*Alofa*i, t/. (from *(//()), to oonceul 

(as food or property). 
Alofaga, 8. the exprc8(«ion of love. 
Alofaga, s» the distance which a ca- 
noe has to be pulled from one 

place to another. 
'Alofaga, «. a place foravuidingdati' 

Alofi, 8. the circle of chief*. 
Alofi, V. to sit in a circle. 
Alofi) f f. the palm of the hand* 
Al< Bc, f . the sole of the foot« 
i i, the sloping side of 9 




Ald^o, >. tlio ^,aine of a th\\. 

Alfilit'ti, .<. tlie name of q flat turtle. 

Alojiuta, >. tl.onair.o (,f a thick tur- ■ 
tie. '■ 

'Alovao, >'. out \vlif> gets out of the ' 
wav of visitors. i 

Alu, r. to ;ro ; pl.o\ tiffiipL silu ' 
alu : rrdpr. fcaliia'i, jii. feoa*i, to j 
jio l)a'*l; Willis and fiivaids; (in 
.<oriio |,'lac('S f aluma'i is ustd, also 
foaliiaiiiiiia'i and realualna*!). 

*Alu, 6. diejis, lees. 

*Alu, V. to anive opportunely. [ 

Ahialu, r. to excted, to excel ; to 
drive, to chase. 

*Alu*aIu, c<f. a species of starfisli. 

*Alu'alutoto, .s. clotted blood. ■ 

Alu^a, s. a soi'r pillow. . 

Ahij2^a, V. to place the head on a ■ 
pillow ; jjL aluluga. 

Ania, s. the outrigger of a canoe. 

Ama, V. ignorant, unable to do; 
(always used witli a negative and 
applied to one who is handy at 
any kind of work, as, E leai se 
mea e ama ai). 

*Ama*ama, s. a species of crab found 
on tlie rocks. 

Aniftise, c. also, tog( ther with, espe- 

Amana*i, v. to heap up, to exceed; 
to keep in mind an injury or a 

Amata, %'. to begin, to commence. 

Amataga, .s. the commei. cement. 

A mca, a phrase used sometimes in 
answering the (piestion, Why, &c. 
*' It was because," &c. 

Anieto, s. the name of a small crab. 

Ami, s. the roe of crabs and shcll- 

tish ; penis. 
*Amia, //. puss. fj/*aan i. 

Amio, } 1 ♦ • 1 • 

A • ; .s". conduct, oenaMOur. 
Amioga ) * 

Amiomio, ?/. to go about in the di- 
rection of. 

Amiga, .«?. a fetching ; the party who 
go to fetch anolher. 

Amo, s, the stick on which burdens 
are carried, a voke. 

Amo, J', to carry on the Rhooldnre. 

Amoga, s, a burden; the name of 
a cluster of stars. 

Anioti, s. the trigger of a gun. 

Amoti, {'. to pull the trigger. 

*Amu, s. a branching kind of coral. 

Amu, V. to speak thick (as the Yoke 
of a dying person). 

Anuiia, /'. to be blessed, to be hap- 
py ; (used only in congratula- 

Mmu'ula, s, red coral ; a name 
given to the dolphin. 

A mull, adv, hereafter. 

Amutia, z/. as amuiu. 

Ana, s, a cave. 

Ana, c. if; (used only in the past 

Ana, a particle expressive of paat 

Ana, pr, (pi. of lana), his, hers. 

'Ana, s, a soft kind of coral used as 
pumice stone. 

c\ ^^l ? V' to obey. 
*Ana*ana y ^ 

Anaana, a. full of caves. 

*Ana*ana, s. a small freshwater fish. 

Ana'ana, i'. to go into danger. 

Anae, s. the mullet. 

*Anai, v. to rub with *«»/«; *ana- 
*anai, to rub repeatedly. 

Anaoso, s, the name of a thorn tree. 

Anafea, c/c?v. when? (of past time). 

Anafiafi, ae/j/. this evening, (of past 

Anaga, s. a joke, a jest. 

'Anagata, a. durable. 

'Anagofie, a. perishable. 

*Analaufa*i, 5. a species of 'ana. 

Analeila, adv, to day, (past time). 

Analeseanoa, c. except, unless, (part 

Analulu, adv. quite dark. 

Anamagi, s. the full grown inaga. 

Anamua, adv, formerly. 

Ananafi, adv, yesterday. 

Anapo, adv. last night. 

Anapofiamaina, adv, recently; (li- 
terally, three nights ago). 





Anapogi, v. to fast; pL anapopogi. 

'Anapiiga, 5. a. species of *a7ia. 

Anataeao, ado, this morning, (past 

. time). 

Anava, s. the club of a great war- 
rior handed down as an heirloom. 

Ane, a particle used after verbs, de- 
noting generally indirect a tion, 
(as, Ua alu ane, he has gone 

Ane, s, the white ant. 

Anea, v, to be eaten by white ants. 

Aneanea, a. of long standing, (ap 
plied to the mulo) ; large quanti- 
ty, (as property too much to be 
attended to, and hence anea). 

Anei, adv, by-and-bye, (used con- 

Anefe, s, name of a small ftsh. 

Ane matii, ) - e ^x, 

AnesosolM'- »P^^»^* ^^ ^^^ «^^- 

*Ani*ani, a. large, (applied to men 
and beasts). 

Aniva, s, the milky way. 

Ano, V. to yield to, to listen to. 

Ano, s, the crater of an extinct vol- 

*Ano, a. good, (seldom used). 

Anoano, a, a great quantity. 

*Ano*ano, s, the grub .of the lago- 

Anogase, s, the lean part of flesh. 

Anomalae, s, those living nearest 
the ma foe, being of more conse- 
quence than those on the outskirts 
of the village. 

Anomanava, s. the discharge in me 
norrhagia and flooding ; a true 
brother ; evpho, testes. 

Anomate, 5. the lean part of flesh; 
(as Anogase), 

'Anomoea, a, wide, roomy, (applied 
to a house). 

Anovale, s, fllthy talk. 

Anu, V, to spit ; anuanu, to spit 

Anuilagi, v. to treat a superior with 
great contempt, to insult griev- 
ously. See Anusa. 

Anufe, 5. a caterpillar ; a worm. 

Anufea, a. having worms, full of 

Anume, s. the name of a tree. 

Anusa, ?/. to treat a superior with 
great disrespect, to insulr griev- 

Anusa, adv. notwithstanding. See 


Anusaga, s, spittle. 

Anusia, v. pass, hated, (literally, to 

be spit upon). 
*Apa, s. copper ; sheet tin or sheet 


'Apa*ula, } , 

i M^ > s, copper, brass. 

'Apamemea J ^*^ ' 

Apaau, s. a wing. 

Apaautane, s. a part of the end of 

the roof of a Samoan house ; a 

people distinguished for prowess. 
*Apa*apa, s. the fin of the shark ; 

the name of a small kind of fish, 

(the young of the Jiloa). 
Apapalagi, s. foreign cloth. 
*Apata, V. to clap the wings. 
Ape, s. a blunderbuss. 
*Ape, V. to pluck out the eyes ; 

pass. *apea. See Sali. 
Ape ane, v. had it been. 
Apeape, v. to be scarce. 
Apefa*i, s. a ladder. 
*Apegatala, s. a species of taarnu. 
Apele, V. to be full ; pL apepele. 
*Apemagauh, s. a species of taamu. 
A pi, s. a lodging house. 
Api, V. to lodge ; to be near. 
Apiapi, a. narrow, strait. 
*Api*api, ?/. to patch a cracked ca- 
noe with bamboo. 
Apitau, s. war lodgings. 
Apitaga, s. (from api), a tempoiary 

hut of boughs. 
Apitagalu, s. the place where tlie 

waves break along the shore. 
A p6, V. be quick ! (literally, " It 

will be night.") See A pouli. 
*Apo, V. to nurse ; to take care of 

(as land, &c.) ; pass, 'apoia. 
Apoa, $. the name of a fish. 




Apoapo, V. to poise the sptar, (as 

Apoapoa*!, v. to exhort. 
Apoapoaiga, s, an exhortation. 

A pouli, V, be quick ! (hterally, ** It 1 
will be dark night/') 

A po fia, uflv. three n'glits a^o, (as 
ava po fia), 

Apopiliveleve, s. a spider ; a cob- 

*Apu, .<?. a cup or dish made of a 

Apug^alevelcve, see 

*Apulaiitalo, s. a taro leaf cup; life 
(as being frail). 

Apulupulu, a. (from put a), sticky, 

Apulupulutia, V. pass, to be daubed 
with anything sticky. 

Aputi, 5. the husk, the shell of seeds. 

Aputi, ) ?/. to cover up (as the 

Aputiputi \ body, or a native oven, 
or breadfruit). 

Asa, s, the fin of the bonito. 

*Asa, V. to be without, to be lack- 
ing, to be destitute of; jiass, *asa- 
ia, sometimes 'asalia. 

Asa, V, to wade through (as water 
or grass). 

Asaga, s, a ford. 

Asamo, v, to beg raw food. 

Asamoga, s. a party begging food. 

Asi, s. the name of a treq ; sandal- 

*Asi, s, the name of a shellfish ; 
the shell of the same used to 
scrape ivtiiga; the shell of the 
sele used to scrape breadfruit ; a 
cocoanut shell used to scrape taro 
with ; the name of a disease. 

Asi, V, to visit ; asiasi ; puss, asia. 

* Asi* asi, s, the name of a fish ; one 
kind of clam fish. 

Asiosio, s, a whirlwind; a water- 

Asifa, s, a stratum of hardened sand 
under the soil. 

AsilauiH, s. the name of a tree. 

Asino, V. impers. n)ostly used with a 

negative, as, E le asino tii meai j 
fai, there is no knowing what to do. 

'Asi-tat-anu, s. the name of a dis- 

Asitoa, s. the name of a tree. 

Asivai, s, the name of a tree. 

Aso, s. a day ; o le a so, to-day. 

^'\so, s, the small rods forming the 
roof of a house. 

'Asoa, s, a necklace. 

*Aso*aso, s. a species of yam. 

Asoaso, ado, (from r75o), many days, 

Asoasoulumoa, s, a species of yam. 

Asosi, V, to persist in making offen 
of marriage after having been re- 
jected ; to persist in a quarrel 
when overmatched ; and also to 
persist in a fruitless attempt. 

Asn, V, to dip out, to bale. . . 

Asu, s, smoke. 

Asua, v.pnss. smoked; also a^inxa. 

Asnasu, Is, haze; dense almo- 

Asuasnsa ) sphere arising from 
smoke, spray, &c. 

Ata, s. a shadow ; twilight ; a spi- 
rit ; the emblem or representative 
of an aitu, 

Ata, pron, my. 

*Ata, V, to laugh ; pi, fe'atani ; w- 
dupl, *ata*ata; pass, 'atagia, *atft- 

Ataata, s, the red sky after sunset 

Ataata, ?/. to treat with propi-T re- 

Ataatai, v. applied to the moon two 
nights after full. 

*Ata'atamamala, s, the name of a. 
fish ; a poisonous shellfish. 

A taeao, adv. to-morrow. 

Atafa, s, the frigate bird. 

Ataga, s, (from ata^ a shadow), the 
mere appearance of a thing, not 
what it is in reality). 

*Ataga, s, laughter. 

Atagia, v, to glisten (as from a re- 
flected light) ; to bc»come evident 
(as anger). 

A tall, adv, hereafter. 




Atalii, s. a son. 

Atamai, s. the mind ; servants, or 
attendants on a chief. 

Atamai, a. clever, intelligent, sen- 
sible ; pL atamamai. 

Atamea, s, a breadfruit tree which 
has been barked, and bears a large 

Ata}>a*ia, see Leatapa*ia. 

Ate'ai, a. cowardly; (literally, liver- 

Ateate, s. the name of a plant. 

Ateatea, a. wide, spacious, (as va- 

Ate, s, the liver. See Fixagalo. 

Atepili, s. the spleen. 

Atevae, s. the calf of the leg. 

Ati, s, a speech in the malae. 

Ati, V. to pull up, (applied to ^ava 
and tigupuld) ; to pierce through. 

Ati, y. to build up (as stones in a 
wall) ; atiati. 

*Ati, y. to eat in, (applied to wood 
eaten by worms, to cloth, mats, 
&c., eaten by insects, and to ul- 
cers) ; pass, *atia, *ati*atia. 

Atia'i, V. to watch for faults ; to lie 
in wait in order to beat another ; 

*Ati*ati, s. the inside fibres of the 
paogo fruit ; worms in stagnant 

Atiu, s. the name of a plant. 

*Atigij, s. broken food, pieces of food 
partly eaten. 

Atigi, s. a nail ; hoof; shell ; husk. 

Atiginlii, ) s, the skull, (seldom used 

Atigipoo J except abusively). 

Alili, adv. increasingly, more ex- 

Atilo, s, the core of an abscess or 

Atiloto, 5. the disease called shin- 

Atita, int. see Alila. 

Ato, V. to thatch ; to throw a stick. 

Ato, s, a basket. 

*Atoa, a, all, whole, complete, per- 
fect; atoatoa. 

'Atoa, c. also, together with. 

Atoaga, s. property given on occa- 
sion of a death. 

'Atoaga, a. joking. 

Atofa, V. to appoint a time. 

Atofa*i, V, to thatch witii ; to throw 

Atofaga, s. the act of thatching; 
the thatchers. 

Atone, s, the nutmeg tree. 

Atonu, V. impers. it is likely, it is 
probable ; also natonu, 

Atu, a particL' denoting action from 
the speaker. 

Atu, s, a row or line of thing* (as 
houses, mountains, &c.); the bo- 

Atu, a. times, (as atu lua, twice). 

Atu, V, to be distressed, perplexed, 
troubled ; pass, atua, atugia. 

Atua, s, God. See Aitu. 

Atuao, s, the row of posts round the 
house ; the stick on which the last 
thatch rests (in some parts so 

Atuaulia, v. to be overtaken by dis- 

Atualo, 5. a bonito taken inside the 

Atualoa, s. the centipede. 

Atuapaoa, v. to be frightened. 

Atuatuvale, v. to be greatly dis- 
tressed in mind. 

Atufanua, 5. a group of islands; (as 
Atunuu, a line of lands). 

Atuga, s. distress of mind. 

Atugd, s, the fin of a fish (except 
the shark and bonito). 

Atulaulau, s. all lands. 

Atule, 5. the herring. 

Atululuga, 5. lands to the west. See 

Atunuu, s, a group of islands. 

Atusasa'e, s lands to the east. 

Atusisifo, 5. lands to the we^^t. 

Ava, s. an opening in the reef, a 
boat passage. 

Ava, s, a wife. See Faletua, Ma- 





*Avii, s. tlv. b^anl ; ( ^tr Soi.saV. a 
root {piper fniffhisticum) from 
viiich an intoxicating drink is 
made ; food. l 

*Ava*ava, *'. tlie name of a small 
lish ; tttet. a man who cannot be 
cauglit in war ; the oppressive 
lieat of a hazv day. 

Avaava, s. a small opening in the 
reef; full of openings. 

*Ava*avau, r. to speak over loud (ei- 
ther in quarrelling or public speak- 

i g). 
*Avu*ava*aitu, ) , 

•Ava'avatua } '■ ^'^"S I^PP^'" 

Avagfi, V. to marry, (applied only 
to the woman). 

Avagaga, s. a marriage. 

Avao^alafu, a\ a fireplace, a hearth. 
See TAKiAAFi, Magalafi;. 

Avagahma, v. to carry something 
in the hand for the sake of ap- 
pearance, (as a walking-stick, a 

*A 1 i *• ^*^^'"^"t kinds of^ava, 

A vane, see Ave. 

Avanoa, s. an open space. 

Avanoa, v. to be open (as a door- 

*Avapui, 5. ginger. 

*Avasa, s, a poisonous plartt. 

*Avasia, v. (puss, of ^a*ava), to be 
burnt in the sun. 

*Ave, V. to take; to give; to carry; 
to become, (in the passive) ; to 
conduct; to take away. Con- 
tracted with the particles into 
avatu and avane. (Pass, *avea, 
aveina ; recipr. fe'avea'i). 

Ave, s, a sunbeam ; the feeler of a 
cuttlefish; red lines proceeding 
from a swelling. 

*Ave*ave, .v. one species of the yam. 

Avei, 5. the cord for tying up the 
avega ; also aveave, 

Avei, s, sympathetic consequences 
of a complaint (as pain in the 
head froui earache) ; revenge. 

Avcga, .«. a burden. 

Avegalafo, 5. a hearth. 

Aveloloa, s, one species of bread- 

Avcnonua, s. phymosis. 

Avesaa, s. a species of breadfruit. 

Avesa*o, r. to be convalescent; to 
get a title wi-hout being disputed. 

Avesega, s, a withered fruit of the 

Avevalea, a. badly reported. 

Avi, a. desirable (of a kind hus- 

Avii, 5. a species of crab. 

Aviivii, s, the afato iu the winged 

Avilu, a. stunted, old. 

Aviti, s, a great tule teller ; a liar. 

Aviti, V. to give a false report, to tell 
lies ; recipr. feavitia*i. 


The second letter in the Samoan al- 
phabet. Its sound is like a short «» 
or like e in obey. 

E, pr. thou , (used with verbs). 

E, pr, those. 

E, V, to forbid by calling e I pan, 

E, the sign of the vocative, comiog 
after the noun. 

£, the sign of the infinitive mood. 

E, the sign of the present tense, in- 
dicating that which always is flOt 

E, the sign of the future tense. 

E, adv, yes ; as ioe, 

E, prep. by. 

E, int, an affirmative, (used at the 
beginning of a sentence, mostly iv 
poetry); expressing desire. 

*E'a, V, to do deUberately. &• 

*Ea, V, to fall away, to waste away. 

Ea, V. to rise (as a diver to the sur- 
face, as captives to their owa 
land, &c.); to granulate (as a 
wound or sore). 




*Ea, the sign of a question. 

Eaea, s. the thrush, aphthee. 

E*e, V, to ab uud (as fruit lying un- 
der the trees) ; to be piled up ; to 
raise on supports (as a canoe). 
See E*ENA*i. 

*E*e, *e*o*e*e, v, to pay respect to; 
to reverence* 

*E'e, V. to be dead, (applied to ani- 
mals) ; to be low tide. 

*E'e, i\ to squeak. 

*E'eu, V, to ward off in every direc- 
tion; to be full of; to be tame (as 

*E*efu, a. (the pi. of ^efu)y reddish 

•Eega, s, anything used as a buoy 
to support one in the water (as 
the outrigger of a canoe, &c.) 

*E'ela, see *Ela. 

*E*eina, see *Ema. 

*E*emo, V. (pi. of *e/wo), to wink. 

*£'ena, a, (pi. of ^ena), yellowish 

E'ena'i, v. to abound. See E*e. 

*E*enu, ^w^ pshaw! See^E^v'Esu, 


Eetaga, s, anything used to bear up 
a swimmer. 

*E*eva, V. to be weak in the joints 
from illness, hunger, or swim- 

Eu, 5. the point or corner of an axe. 

* Eu, ^ r. to remove, to take away; 

*Eu*eu 5 to snuff a lamp. 

£ ui lava, c. although. 

Eutasi, s, a felling axe. 

Efu, s. dust. 

Efu, a, reddish brown. 

Efu, V. to become dust. 

Efuefu, 8, dust. 

*Ela, a. mattery, (applied to the 
eyes, also to the hands and mouth 
after eating baked cocoanut juice); 
a term of reproach to a bastard, 
ulu ^ela^ela. 

'Ele, s. red earth; rust. 

^Elea, a. rusty. 

*Ele*ele, s, earth, dirt; blood (to 

chiefs) ; euphem. far the menses. 
*EIe'elea, a. dirty. 
'Elei, V. to make native cloth; pL 

'Elemutu, s, a worm in rotten wood. 
*Elemutua, «. worm-eaten; rotten. 
*Eli, V. to dig. 
Elilua, V. literally, to dig a hole ; to 

swear (implying the curse, xMay I 

be buried if, &c ) 
Elisopo, V. to dig down to the very 

end of thp yam ; to kill all in the 

war so as to leave none to increase 

*Elo, a. reddish brown (as the skin 

of some natives). 
Elo, V, to stink ; pass, elosia. 
*Ema, a, shining black (as siapo 

and marks of tatoo) ; (also eema 

and ''ema^ema). 
*Emo, V, to wink; figurative, to 

take a nap ; to flash ; pi, 'e*emo. 
'Emo'emo, v. (from ^emo), to wink 

repeatedly ; to flash ; to glitter 

(as glass in the sunshine). 
Ena, enaena, a. yellowish brown ; 

pL eena. 
Ena, int. That's it! (denoting ap- 
Eneene, v. to tickle. 
'Enu, s. the net for catching aiule. 
*Enu*enu, i/i^ pshaw! »Sce *E*enu, 
Epa, s, native mats and cloth on 

which a dead chief is laid in state. 
Epu, \ V, to stir about, to stir 
Epuepu 5 round (as water, &c.); 

pass. epua. 
*Ese, *ese'ese, a, different, strange. 
*Ese, adv. away from ; differently. 
Esi, s. the papaw. 

.-, .' . S V. to drive away; pass. esia. 

*Ete, s. a basket. 

'Eti, V. to blow freshly ; *Eti'eti, 

V. to limp, to be lame. 
Sec Sktu. 

'Etu, \ 
*Etu*etu \ 




Eva, ) V, to take a walk, especi- 
Evacva j[ ally by moonlight ; to go 

about ; to walk at liberty. 
Evaga, 5. a moonlight walk or play. 

The third letter in the Samoan alpha- 
bet, pronounced as in the continen- 
tal langui^es, or as ee in been. 

I, V. to take away the breath (as 
from a blow, from anger, or from 

I, occasionally used as a sign of the 
imperative and subjunctive. 

I, adv, yes. 

I, prep, in, at, with, to, for, of, on, 
on account of, concerning. 

*I, 5. a fly. See La go. 

la, prep, before pronouns and names 
of persons, instead of i, 

la, int, used in response to " toso!'* 
in pulling any heavy thing. 

la, pron, he, she. 

la, pron, these. 

*Ia, the sign of the subjunctive. 

la, before the imperative, as a pre- 
cative ; and^after the imperative 
when used imperatively. 

la, an affix to some verbs to form 
the passive. 

Pa, s, a general name for fish, but 
not applied to bonito or shellfish. 

Paafalelo, s. the name of a tish. 

Tai, udv, no, not so. 

lao, 5. the name of a bird. 

I*aui, s. the name of a fish. 

Pasina, s. the name of a fish. 

lato, 5. the bars connecting the 
outrigger with the canoe. 

latolo, s, boils in the head. 

le, V. to shout out. 

Pe, s, the mallet for making native- 

*Ie, 5. a fine native mat; cloth. 
(The different kinds of the fine 
mat are the Idlaga, ie taua, ie 
^ula, and the ie sina or si^aloa, a 


shaggy thrum rug worn by la- 

'le'ie, s. a rag of cloth; a species, 
of vine uW in making fish-traps. 

*PI, V. to give a prolonged squeak. 

Pi, s. sauce, or nearer to the Scotch 
*' kitchen,'' anything as a relbh, 
or to qualify other food. 

11, s. a small herb. 

Pi'o, a. (pi. of *i*o), full, full grown. 

*PiIa, ndo, there (at some distance). 

*Pila, V, to shine, to glisten or glit- 
ter ; applied to the eyes abusively. 

Pina, ?/. (from i'i), to be for ** kit- 
chen " or sauce. 

*l*ina, adv. there (close at hand). 

Pinei, udv, here. 

*Pini, V. to do things slowly. Sm 

* Pino, 2/1 ^ pshaw! iS'ee 'Ino'ixo. 

'Pite, V. to predict; pass. *itea. See 

*Piva, a. tall, (as vao a iiva)i red* 

Pivi, a, (pi. of ivi), bony. 

Jo, s. a long strip of fish or flesh. 

*Po, a. full (as a well, a bottle); 
full sized (as a taro or yam); co* 
vered (as a bone with meat) ; pL 

Po, V. to wind (as cinet round the 

To, ioe, adv, yes. 

*Io, io*io, s. the call of a chicken. 

15, ioio, adv, yonder (afar off). 

loao, see Iotua, (used on Upolu). 

loalo, s. the strip of fish or flesh 
from the belly. 

Ioio, s. the flesh by the side of the 

*I*o*i*o, V, to coil transversely; petu, 

'Po^imata, s. the eyeball. 

loH, 5. tongs; pincers. 

lole, s, a rat. See Imoa. 

Iotua, 5. a strip of fish or flesh firom 
the back. 

Pu, s. the tail ; the end, the 






I*u, V, to finish, to end; to fulfil; 

to come upon. 
Tuaina, v. to come to an end, to 

l*ufono, s. the decision of a council. 
l*uga, s. ending; determination or 

decision of a deliberation. 
Puleo, s. an echo. 
Pumatagi, s, the end of a storm. 
I uta. adv, inland ; ashore. 
Putagata, s. the last of a family. 
1 fafo, adv, without. 
1 fale, adv, within. 
I fea; adv. where. 
Ifi, 5. a chesnut tree ; a chesnut. 
Ifi, V, to blow smoke through an ifi 

leaf on to a diseased person ; to 

smoke (as tobacco). 

Ifialava, ) -ex.*. 

Ifi * i ** species of chesnut. 

Ifi*ulu, s. a smooth grained ifilele, 
Itifatu, s. a hard kind of ifilele. 
It ifi, s, the name of a tree. 
Ifilele, s, the name of a valuable 

timber tree. 
Ifimea, s, one kind of chesnut. 
Ifisoga, as Ififatu. 
Ifo, V. to bow down ; to descend (as 

from inland to the shore). 
Ifo, adv, down. 
Ifoa, V. to have repeated attacks of 

a complaint ; to produce largely 

(of nuts). 
Ifoifo, V, to descend (as from the 

top of a tree or a house). 
Ifoga, s. a bowing down, an act of 

Mfu, ) 

*Ifu'ifu S ^' ^^" ^'^^^' 

Igo, igoigo, v. to be wearied with, 
to be tired of; (nearly as^w). 

Igoa, s. a name. 

Igoa, V, to be named, to be called. 

Ila, s, a mother's mark ; a mark in 
the skin. 

Ilaila, a. marked^ spotted. 

Uia'iU, V. to glisten, to shine, (ap- 
plied to the eyes in abuse ; 4 'ila. 
See Papa*i*ila. 

I lalo, prep, under. 

llamutu, s, cousins, the relationship 
sustained by the children of an 
aunt to the children of her brother 
after the brother and sister are 
dead ; a father's sister. See Ta- 


Hi, s, a fan. 

Mli, s. a rasp ; a file ; a saw. 

*Iliasina, a, of a light colored skin. 

lliiii, s, erravel. 

4li*ili, see Le*ili*ili. 

lliilifia, V, to be blown about by the 
wind ; to feel the wind caused by 
a passing missile. 

lliola, s. the outer skin. 

Iliui, s, a dark skin. 

llifia, V, to be thrown down by the 
passing of a stone close to a per- 
son ; to be blown down by a wind 
(as a bottle, &c., standing on the 

'Iliganoa, s. a scar. 

llimanifi, s. a species of the banana. 

*Ilimatu, V, to be partially dry. 

'lliti, V. (from *i/i), to be pained by 
walking over sharp stones. 

Mlititai, s. the bed of the sea. 

Mlitivai, 5. the bed of a river. 

llo, 5. a worm or maggot in putrid 

llo, V, to know. 

lloa, V, to see; to know; to under- 

Iloilo, V, to look at ; to examine. 

lloga, V. to be known ; to be deter- 
mined on, decided on, settled. 

lloga, V, impers. it is doubtful. 

I loto, prep, in the midst. 

*llu, la, innumerable; 100,000, 

*Ilu*ilu ) (modern use). 

I luga, prep, above. 

f luma, prep, before. 

Imoa, s. a rat ; see Iole & Sumu ; 
the name of a fish. 

*Ina, s, the sea-egg; the throat, (a 
term of abuse). 

*lDa, V, passive of «. 

*lna, c. because that ; whcii. 




Ilia, a particle marking the impera- 

Ilia, a particle affixed to verbs to the passive. 

Ina'e, «'. to be wearied of. 

Ilia ia, c. ill order that, that. 

iiia'ilaii, s. a row of tliatch. 

*Iiia*iiia, ) ?'. to contend, to strive; 

Mna'iiiau J to be fierce in reproving. 

Ina iie'i, c. lest that. 

Inafo, s. a slioal of bonito ; a great 
number of people, (mostly applied 
to chiefs, as vao to common peo- 

Inaga, s, the name of a small fish 
having no bones. 

*Ini, V. to take hold of with the nails; 
to pinch ; to beat ; to kill ; to 
pull up weeds ; intoisive, *ini*ini ; 
jtass, *initia. 

*lni'ini, v, to do a thing gradually, 
(as to bring taro in small quan- 
tities so as to make the plantation 
eke out. 

^Iniini, s, an old cocoanut without 

*Ino, s. excrements ; (as otaota). 

Inoino, v, to demand ; pass, inofia. 

*lno*ino, r. to hate, to abominate ; 
pass, Mnosia. 

Inofi, a, beautiful, good-looking. 

Inu, V, to drink ; pL feinu ; pass, 

Inuitino, v. to drench (of heavy rain). 

liiumaga, s, a draught, a drink. 

Inupo, V, to fast till night. 

Inusami, s, a half-starved pigeon. 

Ipi, s. a cup, (ipi niu) ; an axe (to 

Ipiipi, s. an edible cocoanut shell. 

Ipo, s, an edible mud worm. 

Jpu, s. a cup. 

Isa, ) int, get out ! out upon you ! 

Isaisa 5 for shame ! 

Isi, o. some. 

Isi, V. to beg, (mostly of food). 

Isi, ?'. to split; intens, isiisi. 

Iso, V, to acknowledge oneself unable 
to solve a riddle, ("I give it up;") 

to be l)eaten in wrestling, k^ 
(only used by the conquering 
party, as, U a toe iso ua?) 

Isu, s, the nose; the snout. 

Isu, int, a term expressive of deli* 
ance and contempt. 

Isumene, s, a small nose. 

Isumiti, s, a sniffing nose. 

Isupapa, s. a flat nose. 

Isu})?, s, mucous from the note. 

Isupu, s, a diseased nose (partly eit- 
en off* by ulceration). 

Isiivaa, s, a laige nose. 

Ita, pron, I, me. 

Ita, s, anger. 

Ita, r. to be angry; pL feitataoii 
pass, itagia ; recipr, feitaga*L 

I tafatafa, j)rep. by the side. 

Itagofie, a, irritable. 

I tala atu, prep, on that side, be- 

I tala mai, prep, on this side 

Itiiti, a. little, small; few; pL iti; 
toaitiiti, a few persons. 

I totonu, prep, inside. 

Itu, s, a side. 

I tua, prep, behind, at the back. 

Itu alga, s, a division or branch of ft 

Ituaso, 5. a part of a day ; an hoar. 

Itu i matii, s, the north. 

Itu i toga, s, the south. 

Ituitu, V, to be tired of, to be wea- 
ried with. 

Itula, s, a 'part of a day ; an honr. 

Itumea, s, a division, a portion, (of 
food mostly). 

Itupo, s. a part of the night. 

Iva, a, nine. 

Iva, 1 V, to be exhausted, to be 

Iva iva 5 languid. 

Ivaiva, s, the name of the lo wheo 
grown large. 

'Iva' iva, a. tall. 

Ivagafulu, a, ninety. 

Ivi, s. a bone ; a portion of the back 
of the pig. 

Ivi, V. to bicome bone (as the eye). 

Iviauvac, ,s-. the jawbone. 




[vi*a90*aso, s, the ribs. 

[viivimaaa, a, strong. 

[yifaala, s. the shin bone, the tibia* 

, . -^' > s, the shoulder-blade. 
1 visa 5 

IvitO, s. the spine. 


The fourth letter in the Samoan alpha- 
bet Its sound is the same as a long 
o in English ; as o in bone. 

*0, tlie sign of the nominative ab- 
solute ; also used with a nomina- 
tive after the form ona .... ai 
lea. Very rarely used when a 
nominative follows the verb. 

O, the sign of the genitive ; of, be- 
longing to. 

O, a sign of the present participle, 
in some instances instead of o loo, 

O, before dual and plural pronouns. 

O, V, to go ; (followed by mai) to 
come ; (the plural of alu and sau), 

O, adv, yonder. 

*0, adv, yes, (in answer to a call). 
See Oe. 

Oa, s. a couple, (commencing with 
the second couple, as e lua oa, e 
tolugd 1, &c.); the gunwale. 

*Oa, s, lather, soapsuds ; pi. *ooa, 

*0*a, s. the stick for husking nuts 
with. See Mele*i. A tree, the 
juice beneath its bark is used for 
marking the native cloth. 

*0*a, V. to husk nuts. 

*Oa, s, property, goods, riches, (com- 
prisirjg all foreign articles, also 
houses, canoes, &c.) See Oloa. 

*0*ai, V. to mark or paint native 

*0'aiga, s, a marking of native- 
cloth. See Elei. 

Oaoa, s, a scarecrow. 

O*ao'a, s, a stake stuck in to the 
sand to secure a canoe to. 

*Oa*oa, s, delight. See Fiafia. 

Oauli, 5. noon. See Aoauli. 

*Oaluuluu, s. a mixed payment of 

oloa and toga, 
Oatea, s. noon. See A oatea. 
*Oavale, s. property of small value* 

See Oloavale. 
^Oe, pron, thou, you. See *E. 
'Oe, adv, yes. See *0. 
Oi, int. alas ! oh ! 
Oi, V. to groan ; pi, feoi. 
Oi, V, to touch; to cut down; pass4 

*0i, int, oh ! (expressing astonish-^ 

ment) ; intens, *oi*oi*oi. 
0*1, V, to creak; to grind the teeth; 

intens, o*io*i. 
O ifea, adv, where? See Ofea. 
*0*o, V. to be slack ; to be hollow; 

to be lodBely tied ; to be loose or 

light (as the soil). 
0*0, s, the spongy substance inside 

of a cocoanut just beginning to 

0*0, V, to arrive at, to reach to ; 

pass. o*otia. 
*Ooa, s, pi. of *oa. 
*Ooa, V, to praise one's own deeds, 

to boast. 
0*00*0, V, to visit (as a sick person). 
*Oofu, V, pi. of ^ofu. 
'Oola, a, half-cooked. 
Oole, V. to shrink, to shrivel up. 
*Oolo, a. indistinct utterance, hoarse* 
*Oomi, V, to squeeze or press in ; 

pass, *omia. 
*Oomo, a. indented, sunk in. See 

*Oona, a. bitter, sour. 
*Oono, V. to be patient, to endure ; 

to bear down (as a woman in la- 
bor). See Onosa*i. 
*Oopa, a. weak ; of weak speech, 

ignorant in maki.g a speech ; in- 
' tens. *opa*opa. See *Opa. 
*Oosi, V, to scratch ; pass, *os*a. 
Ootaga, s, property taken on occa- 
sion of a chiefs death. 
*0*oti, see 'On. 
Ootia, V, to be beaten and abused, 

(applied to travellers). 

9-2 <>U 

'Ou, pron. I. 

O'u, pron. (pi. of III' u), my, mine. 
Ou, pron. (pi. of /ou), your, your's 
Ou, V. to bark. 
Ou,i7it. fie! for shame I 
'O'u, V. to be uneven ; to be sbri- 
vtllc'd (as suipo, bark of trees) ; 

Ouiua, pron. you two. 

Outou, pron. you. 

Ofa, s. the gravestones of a chief. 

Olbora, s. the sea e^. 

Ofaofalauago, | s. two kinds of qfa- 

Ofaofaaiiia \ ofa. 

OfaofHia'i, V. to cover with the 
wmga ; to cherish. 

Ofaga, s. a nest. See Fatanioa. 

'Ote, s, a bamboo. 

Oft-a, adv. whijre ? See O i fea. 

Ofi, V. to enter ; to rover, (applied 
to male aniimls): pass. otia. 

Ofo, «. astomshment, wonder. 

Ofo, V. n. tobeastonished; to won- 
der ; iitleiis. olbofo. 

Ofo, 1'. to salute on meetiug; to 
make an otier of food, st-rvices, 
Arc. ; to shout before a wrestling 

Ofo, s. the first speech on present- 
ing food to visitors. 

Ofoaue, V. to salute with wailing. 

'Ofu, s. a garment. 

'Oti', V. to put on a garment; pi. 
'00 fu. 

'Ofu'ofu, V. to envelope in leaves 
(for cooking). 

'Ofu fetine, s. a gown. 

'Ofiilua, a. twenty Icafdislies of na- 
tive food. 

'Ofu-litio, s. a shirt. 

'Ofu-vae, s. trowsers. 

'Oga,«. the trunk of anything; a 
dimion ; apart cut ofl'; a prin- 
cipal part. (Always used with 
another noun, as ogalaau), 

Oga, V. to have the snuffles : intens. 


'Ogaumu, s. the hole in which tlie 

native oven is made. 
'Ogdiaau, s. the trunk of a tree; 9, 

large log. 
'Ogiijiianava, s. the sideof the belly 

above the hips. 
'0)jamati<gi, s. a circumscribed glut 

of wind. 
'Oganuu, s. a land, a village. 
Oge, s. a famine. 
Ogciuavai, $. a great famine. 
Ogo, ji. a (iisiMseof cliildieo'aeye*. 
Ogo, V. to scorch (as the sun); to 

be pained (as with words or by a 

disease); pass, ogotia; inleiu. 

Ogogo, s. the nettle. 
Ogogosina, s. a herb. 
Ogotea, ) s. species of the disease 
Ogotulo ( ogo. 
"' '" fi^h'basket. 


Ola, inf. wonderful! surprising! 

Ola'aga, s. lire<lime. 

Ola-aso, V. to threaten to kill when 

opportunity offers. 
Olaola, s. the wedge in the handle 

of an axe or a hatchet. 
Olaola, V. to flourish, to thrive. 
Olaga, s. lifetime. 
Olumea, t. the name of a tree. 
Olapito, s. the name ofa tree. Sea 

Olusina, s. the name of a tree. 
Olataga, s. a means of deliverance; 

Olavai, *. the name of a species of 
wild coffee. 

Ole, ti. to ask ; to beg. 

'Ole, V. to deceive; in fen*. 'ole* ole; 
pass, 'olegia and 'ole'olegia. 

'Oli, s. the name of a tree, called 

'Oli'oli, s. joy. 

'Oli'oli,!'. to be joyful. 

'Oliui, s. ihi^ dark specirs at 'oli. 

Otima'oiia, a. good-looking, well- 

'Oliloto, 1. the red species of 'oU. 




Olo, V. to rub down : to smooth ; 
to plane ; to destroy, as if every- 
thing were brought to a level with 
the ground ; to coo as a dove. 

Olo, s. a plane. 

*01o, s. a fortress. 

*01o, V. to consider ; to be about to 
attempt, (in reference to under- 
taking anything difficult to per- 
form) ; intens. *olo*olo. 

Oloa, s, property, (as houses, ca 
noes, cloth, &c.) ; a chiefs tooth. 

Oloamanu, s. the name of a Samo- 
an month (June). 

Oloataua, s. property (or even a 
wife) given to a chief to iuisure 
his assistance in war. 

Oloavale, s. property of small value. 
See (Javale. 

OIoolo. s, an uninhabited haunted 
place ; a method of fishing by 
rubbing down poisonous plants. 

*01ogo, s. (from *o/o), waiting for 
fair weather to set out on a jour- 

Olotu, 8, an old pigeon. 

Onia, s. a kii»d of dog^ collar. 

*Oma'i, V, to run in (as a bay or 
inlet). See *Omoa*i. 

Omo, a. indented ; bent in ; pi. 
*oomo ; intens. *omoomo. 

*Omoa*i, see *Oma*i. 

Omomi, s, a sponge ; a glutton. 

*Omota'i, see *Oma*i. 

Ona, pron, his, hers, pi. 

Ona, conj, because of, on account 
of; since ; now that. 

Ona, adv. then. (It is always fol- 
lowed by lea or ai lea coming 
after the verb). 

*Ona, s. the lower part of the ab- 

*Ona, rt. bitter ; poisonous. See 


*Ona, V. to be poisoned ; to be in- 
toxicated ; pass, *onasia. 
One, s, gunpowder. 
Oneone, s. sand. 
Oneonea, a. sandy. 

Oneuli, s. black sand. 

Onega, s. a place in which a river 
is lost or terminates without reach- 
ing the sea. 

Onepata, s, coarse sand. 

Ono, a, six ; becoming, appropri- 

*Ono*ono, ?;. to suffer under an in- 
sult or injury. 

Onogaoa, a, six couples (of nuts, 
young pigs, &c.) 

Onogafulu, a. sixty. 

Onomea, a. becomii.g, proper. See 

*Onosa*i, s. patience, endurance. 

*Onosa*i, v. to endure, to be pa- 

*Onosi, V, to strain, as in labour, 

'Opa, rt. weak; ignorant in making 
a speech ; intensive, *opa'opa, 

Opeope, V. to float ; pass, opea, 

Opoopo, V. to carry in the arms. 

Oponi, V, to strengthen by adding 
another beam, &c., to one da- 

Osaosa, s. a partly filled measure, 
bottle, &c. 

Osaosa, v, to be partly full. 

Osi, V, to make; to do ; to build ; 
pass, osia. 

*Osia, V. the passive of 'oosi. 

*Oso, s. a sharp pointed stick used 
in planting and digging. 

Oso, s. food for a journey. 

Oso, V. to jump ; to rise up (as the 
sun) ; to rush upon ; to throw 
oneself down ; to overflow. 

Osofua, V. to go uncalled ; to inter- 
fere without cause. 

Osopuna, v. to jump over. 

Ososua*i, V, to use bad language. 

Osovale, as Osofua. 

Ota, pron. the plural of lota ; also 
used in the singular, as. Si ota 
manao e ! 

Ota, a. uncooked ; unripe. 




Ota, V, to eat raw food. 

Ota, a ripe ; pi. otata. 

Otaota, s, rubbish; filth, ordure. 

Otaota, a. full of rubbish. 

Otai, s, a native dish of food. 

Oiaotagase, s, small rubbish. 

OtalaIa*oa, v. to eat raw fish un- 

*Ote, V, to scold; pass. *otegia. 

Oti, V. to die (of men) ; to faint. 

*Oti, 5. a black pig. 

*Oti. V, to cut, to clip (as the hair); 
pL *ooti ; intens. *oti*oti. 

Otiola, V. to be dead alive, (applied 
to a lazy person). 

*Oio, V. to pluck leaves ; to speak 
appropriately; dimin. 'otooto. 

*Otopuapua, s. a child's game. 

*Otu*otu, a. stiff, hard, (applied to 
cloth, cocoanut leaves, &c.) 

*Ovi, V. to be lumpy: to be uneven, 
(applit d to citrons and to palsied 
fingers) ; pL *oovi ; pass, *ovi- 
*ovia ; intens, 'ovi^ovi. 


The fifth letter in the Snmoan alpha- 
bet. Its sound is that of oo in fool, 

U, 5. a reed ; an arrow ; a brother. 

U, V, to direct towards. See Ua*i. 

U, V. to roar (as the waves). 

U, v. to bite ; pass, utia ; recipr, 


*U, V. to look angrily towards, to 
be sulky. 

Ua, 5. rain ; the neck ; sinews ; 

Ua, the sign of the present and per- 
fect tenses. 

U*a, s. the paper mulberry ; the 
bark of it; a young breadfruit; 
the temporary fastening used in 
making canoes ; a net made of 
the bark of the breadfruit tree. 

U*a, u*au*a, a. tough, tenacious, 

U*a, V, to envy. See Matau'a. 

*U'a, s, the name of a shelifisll. 
Ua'ale, 5. a shower of rain. 
Ua*i, V, to turn towards. See U. 
*Ua*ua, V, to grunt. 
U'au^a, see U*a. 
Uaua, see Solisoli. 
Uaua, s, a slight rain ; a lerer. 
Uauata*i, v, to raise by a lever. 
Uaga, s. heavy rain. 
Uagalu, see Fuatagalu. 
Uagani, s. the name of a tree. 
Uagani, v. to divide, or cut off (if 

the end of a post). 
Uala, V, to be rainy with sunshine; 

to have intermissions of pain and 

Ualolo, s. rain with a flood; crowdi ' 

of people passing and repassinf^; 

pi, feualolou*i. 
U'amea, s, iron ; beads ; eartben- 

ware ; anything very good. 
Uamuli, s, those who assist with food 

on the interchange of property. 
Uamuli, v, to prompt a speaker. 
Uasami, s, the spray rising like mill 

and carried inland. 
Uatea, s, rain with sunshine. 
Uatogi, s. a war-club. 
Ue, int, ah ! 
Ui, a, dark colored, (mostly sufBxed 

to the noun which it qualifies). 
Ui, V, to go along, to pass along; 

to have young (of animals) ; to g» 

to stool. 
'U*i, V, to solicit (a woman). 
Uii, s, the youngest, the last bom. 
Ui ina, conj, although. 
Uio, V, to cry out. 
Uiuiga, s, a chiefs canoe. 
Uiga, 5. explanation, meaning; mao- 

ner, way of acting. 
Ulla, s, hghtning. 
Uilelei, a, to be a good breeder^ 
Uisila, s, the name of a fish. 
Uitolu, V. to have three at a birth. 
Uiva, s. the malauli in its stage of 

growth before becoming ulna, 
Uivale, a, to be a bad breeder. 
Uo, 5. a friend ; a bosom compaoioii. 




TJoago, s, the name of a fish. 

Uouo, s. the name of a fish. 

Uogo, V. to sting. 

*Uu, 5. tlie name of a shellfish. 

*Uu, V. to take hold of, to grasp ; 
pass, umia. 

Uu, s. oil. 

Uu, V. to oil ; to soap ; to rub with 
leaves as soap ; to besmear the 

_ head. 

Uu, s. a large land crab which feeds 

___on cocoanuts. 

*U'u, V, to be rotten ; to weep ; to 

_ smell fousty or sweaty. 

Uiiii, i?it. a shout of triumph. 

*Uufatu, s, one kind of ^uu. 

Uufisoa, V, to anoint, soap, or wash 

*Uumala, s. one kind of *mm. 

*Uumi, a, pi. of ^umi, 

*Uuna*i, r. to take hold of; to urge, 
to compel. 

*Uunu, 5. the name of a tree. 

Ufa, s. the posteriors ; the rectum. 

Ufamea, s, ihe rectum. 

Ufi, s, the yam. 

Ufi, 5. a lid, a cov^r. 

Uft, Iv, to cover ; to conceal ; 

Ufiufi 5 pass, ufitia ; Cwith the in- 
strumental particle) ufita'i. 




Ufi poa, 



Ufi- toga, 


• See Lo'alo'a. 

t Varieties of this are ufilei^ula and 

Ufilola, s. a yam half cooked, which 
is slippery when skinned; a strong 
man difficult to be caught. 

Ufipula, s, another name for the 5oi. 

Ufisasa, a. anything which excels, 

Ufisoi, s, an edible soi, 

Ufitafagafaga, a, abounding, wide- 

s. the different kinds 
of yams. 

ly diffused ; covering extensively. 

Ufu, 5. the name of a fish. 

*Uga, 5. the soldier crab. 

Uga, V, to beg (as the use of tools, 
assistance at work, &c.) 

Uga, a, rotten, (applied to the 

Ugauga, a. partially grey (of the 

*Ugamea, s, one kind of soldier- 

Ula, s, the crayfish ; a term of re- 
spect to a woman. 

*Ula, s, a necklace. 

Ula, V, to blow with the mouth ; to 
smoke (tobacco); redup. ulaula ; 
pass, ulafia. 

Ula, V. to joke, to sport ; pass, ula- 

''Ula'ula]«-"*^= j^y*""'; 

Ulaulafiti, s. a small shrimp. 

Ula fa, s, a term of familiarity ap- 
plied to a man. 

Ulaga, s, a joking, a sporting. 

Ulala, s. a term of familiarity ap- 
plied to a man. See Ula fa. 

Ulapo,5. the yw.<7a when full grown^ 

Ulavai, s, a freshwater prawn. 

Ulavale, a. mischievous ; dissolute ; 
pi. ulavavale. 

Uli, s, sprouts from the taro. 

UlT, 5. a dog. 

UH, uliuli, a. black; blue; any dark 

Uli, v. to steer ; pass, uligia. 

UliuHpato*i, a. deep black. 

Uhga*i, V. to steer more before the 

Ulima'o, s. an incomplete rainbow. 

Ulito, ?/. to steer right before the 
wind ; to persist in anger. 

Ulitu, V, to steer in a standing pos- 

*Ulo, s, a pot; a cauldron ; a cask. 

Ulu, s, the head ; a grove or clump 
of trees ; a jutting point of a 
sunken rock. 




Uln, a. ten, (used in games). 
*Ulu, 5. tlie breadfiuit. 

There are niuny kinds, as ^ulu-eOf 

Ulu, V. to enter; pass, ulufia. 

Ulu, r. to make double (of a mat); 
pass, ulua, uliiinn. 

Ulu, V. to re thutch. 

Ulua, s. the malauli when full 

Ulu*aau, s. a jutting point of a reef. 

Ulua*i, a. lirst. 

Ulu*ao, .«?. the name of a fish ; a 
small man with a long head. 

Ulu*au, 5. the leaves of taro ; a na- 
tive dish of food made of taro 
leaves. See Paia'sami. 

Ulu*aufui, s. taro leaves cooked with 
salt water. 

Ului, V. to tempt, to urge on, to ex- 

Ulu*ia, V. to be overburdened; to 
be strained (as by a fall, when 
the bones are put out of joint). 

Uluia, V. to have a splinter in the 
body. Sec Ulufia. 

Uluitino, V. to enter the body ; to 
possess (as by an aitu); applied 
also to g^reat rain. 

Uluivale, as Ului. 

UIuoIh, ?'. to grow luxuriantly; to 

Ulunlu,s. foliage; anything spread- 
ing about (as a body of people) ; 
the name of one kind of net; the 
outir edge of the reef; a method 
of fishing. 

Uluulu, V. to remove the rtones 
from the cooking place before 
lighting the oven. 

Uluulumatafolau, v. (from mZm, ma- 
ta, and afolau\ to enter house 
after house ; to go from heart to 

Ulufido, V. to go out. 

Ulufale, V, to enter. 

Ulufia, V. to commit adultery, (ap- 
plied to a cliiefs wife) ; to have 
a splinter in the body. 

Ulnga, 8. a couple ; a man and his 
wife, {uluga tag aid); a couple of 
birds or fish. 

Ululasi, V. to be very numerous. 

Ululemai, v. to go about with salt 
water unwashed from the body(u 
if the salt had entered the body); 
to be highly criminal. 

Ulu'uluiua \ *• " 1""" "^"P"* '^ 
Ulu ma nu, 5. a portion of the tatoo- 

Ulumatautu, s. a stony point roo- 

nihg out into the sea. 
Ulumatua, s. the first-born. 
Ulupale, s. the head of a club. 
Ulupii, 5. curly hair. 
Ulupoo, s. the skull. 
Ulusina, a. grey-headed. 
Ulutega, s. tiie groin, the top part 

of the thigh. 

Ul"t*^*'' \ ^' liatchet-headed. 

Ulutula, s. a bald head. 
'Ulutunu, s. a broiled breadfniit; 

the name of a gelatinous fish. 
Ulututuga, s. a bundle of scraped 

bark of tutuga. 
Uluvao, s. the trees of the bush. 
*Uma, a. all. 
'Uma, V. to beHnished; ^umanudf 

to be all come. 
Uma, s, a wide chest. 
Uma, ) V. to intend, to purpose, 
Umauma ) (applied to a joumeyor 

work purposed to be undertaken). 

Confined in its use to questions 

asked by other parties: Pe uma* 

vma alu afea lau inalagaJ 
Umauma, 5. an un fledged manumeo. 
Uma-tagata, s. the human trunk 

when dismembered ; a cripple. 
Ume, s. the name of a fish. 

U 1 * i*' ^h^ <ii-'*^'^^^^ kinds qf 

Umelol'o S *""*• 

* Umete, s. a wooden bowl ; the name 

of a disease. 
*Umete-tatanu, 5. a disease. 

^ ' 




'. to desire ; to resemble. 

s ten fathoms. 

a. long ; pi. 'u*umi ; intens. 


V. to tiike food or property to 
ily connections; recipro, fe- 
a'i. See Usi. 

li, V. to follow after; to 
ch out to. 

s. a cooking place ; the food 
ced there. 

mua, a. dirty, smutty, 
i, V, to give property and 
on the completion of any 

iga, s. property and food given 

he completion of any work. 

. the scale of a fish ; tortoise 


K to pinch; to split off the 

of the taro ; to fetch out a 

on privately ; pass, unafia and 

id ; pi, unauiia. 

, s, a ftsh scale ; a speck in 


V. to clean off the scales of a 

; to pull up taro irregularly 

here and another there) ; to 
3ne by one. 

V. to break off piece after 
3 from food reserved ; to fetch 

sparingly, that it may last. 
J, s. the name of a poisonous 

'. to grant a request ; pass, 

. the one who begins the 

Q o( ta(/dli*a. iSee Sauni. 

?. a bruise. 

r. to stink (as fish) ; to be 

sd at heart. 

, the strainer used in making 

s. the name of a tree. 
0, 5. the stick used to tight- 
le unu, 

V, to pick out the full-grown 
; to pick out the chiefs in 
* to kill. 

Unususu, V. to pine away for want 
of the breast; pass, unususua. 

Upa, s. the name of an insect. 

Upa, a. small, bad-conditioned, (ap- 
plied to bananas). 

Upcga, s. a net. 

Upeti, s, the frame used in printing 
native cloth. 

Upolu, pron. I or me ; (as Ua le- 
aga upolu i le la), 

*Upu,5. a word; a knot in a bamboo. 

Upua, a. wordy. 

Upuia, V, to be often reproved, to 
be found fault with. 

Uputoina, v, to be cursed ; to be 
devoted to destruction. 

Uputuu, s, a tradition. 

Usaga, s. the proper time; about 
the same time ; a proper result ; 
a proper portion to give, (as ona 
usaga ia). 

Usi, s, the name of a shrub ; one 
kind of banana. 

Usi, V, to be green, (applied to the 
ii leaf before it turns yellow) ; to 
melt (as lard) ; to make smooth 
by adzing; to take food or pro- 
perty to family connections, (as 
*2imi); to be ashamed in presence 
of superiors ; to placate. 

Usi, usiusi, usiusita^i, v. to defer to, 
to obey. 

Usi^ulu, s. one kind of the usi. 

Usiusi, s. the name of a fish. 

Usiusi, a. sleek, in good condition ; 

Usiusita^i, v. to defer to, to obey ; 
(as usi). 

Usise, 1 

Usitoga, \ s, different kiuds of usi. 

Usituaniu } 

Usivao, s. the name of a shrub. 

Uso, s. the pith of a tree: the heart 
of timber ; the root of the ^ava ; 
a man's brother ; a woman's si<i- 
ter ; brothers and sisters ; cou- 
sin^, (if two, le usOy if three or 
more, le au uso) ; the umbilical 





Usoitama, s. the childion of one fa- 
Usoitina^ 5. the children of one mo- 
Usoga^ea, s, the strong love of a 
wife or brother, leading to die 
with the hnsband or brother. 
Usotaiifeagai, s, the children of ei- 
ther the same father or the same 
Us 11, usuusu, V. to start off early in 

the morning. 
Usu, V. to lead the singing; pass. 

Usu, V. to go to a fono ; to take 
food to visitors ; to make viasi ; 
pass, usuia. 
Usui, V. to spear with the hands de- 
pressed ; to praise undeservedly. 
Usnisui, v, to put a bait into the 
hole of an eel ; to urge to come ; 
to urge on, to entice. 
Usuitau, 5. a year or season. 
Usuga, s. those who start off to 
work early ; food given to a tra- 
velling party ; a formal visit to a 
sick chief; the preparing of ?»«.«. 
Usunoa, s. the first day of the ap 

pearing oi'palolo. 
Usupese, s. a singer, a leader of 

Usupo, V, to start off before day- 
Ususui, see Usuisui. 
Vt3L, s. ashore; inland; a load of a 

canoe, boat, &c. 
Uta, V, to take heed to ; to look 
ahead ; to consider beforehand ; 
redup. utauta. 
Utafanua, s. inland; a person living 

inland ; an ill-mannered person. 
Utalilo, 1/. to be concealed from 
view ; to be far back from the 
road (as a plantation). 
Utatai, V. to go from the plantation 
to fish ; to be pained with inces- 
sant work. 
Ute, s, the tail part of shellfish; the 
best of anything. 

Utefaiono, s, the inner side of Af 
nautilus shelly used as an orot* \ 

Utete, s. the name of a hummfnf 
plaything; a jewsharp. 

Uto, 5. the small spongy substtnce 
inside of a fullgrown cocoanut; I 
the corks on the upper edge of t. 
net ; the floating bait to catcb 
flying-ffsh ; the head, (a term rf 

Uto*i, V. to peck as a fowl. 

Utputo, s. the buoy of a ^shiug-fine; 
a buoyant canoe. 

*Uto*uto, 5. the name of a tree. 

*UtUy s, the louse ; an insect whid 
eats the skin of the bands and 
feet ; a rush. 

Utu, V. todraw water; to ^abot- 
tle, &c. ; to load a gitn ; jp/. fo* 
utnfa'i ; pttss. utuBa. 

Utu, adv, unceasingly, without in- 
termission ; (compounded witli 
verbs, as ututan), 

*Utuutu, 5. rushes; duckweed.' 

Utu utu, s, tlie sea close along the 

Utufaga, s. a charge of powder; ^ 
pipeful of tobacco. 

*Utufitr, 5. a flea. 

Utupupu, V. to store up in a bam- 
boo ; to take great care of. 

Ututaia, V. to be continually pained 
or afflicted. 

Ututau, s. a succession of wars ; » 

Utuva, see Leutuva. 

Utuvamua, s. the month aDSwerinf 
to January. 


The sixth letter in the Samoan alpba* { 
bet. Pronounced as the EngUsb* 

Fa, s. the stem of the taro leaf, 
nana leaf, &c. ; the name af 




'. four. See Soani. 
Drefix to verbs with the nega- 
not much, not quite, Sisfa- 
•a, not quite complete. See 

to be hoarse, to lose the 
: ; pi, faf^. 

to borrow, (applied only to 
)wing a boat or canoe). 
rreg. to suppose erroneously. 
, fa ita, fahi mat, fa te a^u, 
•uglit ; Jci oe and Ja te oe. 
question it merely asks an 
on, Pe ni a fa oe? What is 
opinion ? 

le causative prefix; with the 
tive it is used to signify •* not 
i/' ** not quite," see Fa ; as 
imparative, (as faafoeaina, 
an old man) ; sometimes it 
s to be added without alter- 
he sense of the word, (as jjo- 
oga , faapo topotoga ) , 
J, V, to do things expediti- 


I, V. to make red hot. 
s. the forfeit paid by the 
of a game. 

ago, v. to encroach; to claim 
ie*s own land, &c., which be- 
> to another ; to cheat, 
latij, V, to have weak eyes 
old age. 

1*0, V, to imitate, 
oina, V. to be left alone, to 
unned. See Faaagaganoa- 

a, s, a slight squall, 
ieamamae,?/. to make friends, 

on terms of intimacy. 

V. to cause to turn aside, to 
i to call in. 

s. the name of a month, 

, t/. to lay the firewood ready 

ganoaina, r. to be shunned, 
i left alone. See Faaaoao- 

Faa'alu*ala, f . to refuse to help; to 
impute misfortune as a judgment; 
to rejoice in the oppressions of a 
chief who had been brought to the 
place against the wishes of the 

Faaalata, v. to strike a blow in or- 
der to commence a club match ; 
to give a speech in order to com- 
mencea/ono. <Sce Faalaoata. 

Faa*aleale, v. to make a sudden hos- 
tile descent on ; to come upon 

Faa*ale*ale, v. to act heedlessly. 

Faaali, I/, to shew; pass, faualia ; 
in tens, fuaaliali. 

Faaalii, s. a wooden drum. 

Faaalii, v. to act the chief; to be 

Faaalitino, v. to shew distinctly. 

Faaalo, v, to pay respect to ; intent, 

Faaalo, v. to commence to blow a 

Faa'alo, v. to deny having some- 
thing belonging to another. 

Faaalofa, v, to resemble the father 
(of a son) ; to love falsely, faaalo- 

Faaalumaga, s. a portion of food for 
one person. 

Faaanoano, v. to be very much, to 
be in large quantities. 

Faaata, v. (pronounced /a* a /a), to 
shade the eyes or to partially close 
them in order to see clearly. 

Faaata, s. (from the above), a look- 
ing-glass; a spyglass. 

Faaata, faaataata, v, to treat with 

Faa*ata, v. to make to laugh. 

Faaatoatoa, v. to complete. 

Faaatuatautali, v, to be afraid of 
gods waylaying ; to be distressed 
or afraid at work, war, &c. 

Faaavauoa, v. to open. 

Faaaviavi, v, to shew peculiar fa- 
vour to, to show partiality. 

Faaea^ v. to raise up ; to exalt. 



Faaee, v. to place upon ; to place 

oneself upon or in a canoe. 
Faa*eefunuu, v. to be sulky. 

Faaete, 1 ^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ of 

Faacteete S 

FaaT, s. the larynx. 

Faaiaveloa, v. to continue a long 

Faaiiva, v, to be emaciated. 
Faai*u, ?/. to finish. 
Faaififatu, v. to persevere under dif- 
Faaifo, v. to make a hostile de- 
Faaifoga, s. a pigeon newly caught; 

a captive. 
Faaigoa, v, to give a name, to name. 
FaaigoigOy v. to be wearied of. See 

Faafli, s, a whistle. 
Faa'ilimatu, v, to dry in the house 

(as clothes on a wet day). 
Faailo, ) v. to make known ; to 
Faailoa ) show. ' 
Faailoga, 5. a sign, a mark. 
Faailoga, v. to mark ; to disthi- 

guish ; pass, faailogaina. 
Faa'inaelo, a. slovenly. 
Faa'inatoa, a. tough (as overgrown 

taro and iciamu). 
Faainuinu, v, to make off to wind- 
ward (as a shoal of bouito). 
Faaita, v. to provoke to anger. 
FaaitaVta, v, (a diminutive of faa- 
ita), to teaze. 
Faaitiiti, r. to make smaller, to 

abridge; pL faaiti. 
Faaituitu, v, to be wearied of, (as 

Faaiva, v. to be worn out, to be 

wearied, to be exhausted. 
Faa*oo, v. to loosen a fastening; to 

make slack. 
Faaofi, ?/. to bring through ; to 

cause to enter. 
Faaofo, v, to give (as a title to a 

chief, or food to a village). 
Faa*ofu, v, to dress another. 


Faa'ofuagafulu, a. ten (native d»hes 
of food cooked in leaves). 

Faa*ofu'ofu, a. deep (as a jug). 

Faaola, s. a saviour, a deliverer. 

Faaola, v. to make alive; to save^ 
to deliver ; to proclaim peace, 
{faaola le tana), 

Faaolaga, ^ 5. a means of deliver- 

Faaolataga ) ance ; a deliverer. 

Faaoleole, r. to entreat, persuade^ 

Faa'ole'ole, v, to drcefve. 

Faaolioli, v, to make a display of a 
young chief or a young lady; ta 
quiet a cross child by amusing it. 

Faa*oli*oli, v, to make joyful. 

Faaoloa, v, to give property ; to 

Faaoloaga, s. the giving of pay or 
property ; the property given.. 

Faaoloolo, v. to ask sideways 'by 

Faaoluolua, v, to be lumpy ; to be 
uneven. See Ovr. 

Faa*ono*ono, v. to provoke. 

Faaopeope, v, to float ; pass, fiia.* 

Faaopoopo, v, 16 put to, to add to- 
gether, to join to. 

Faaoso, s. food for a journey. 

Faaoso, ^v. to stir up, to excite, 

Faaosooso ) to incite. 

Faaosooso, r. to temjxt. 

Faaosoosoga, s. a temptation. 

Faaota, v, to ripen, to mellow. 

Faaotaga, s, bananas ripened in the 

Faaotr, v, to put an end to; to kill 
one already dying. 

Faaotiitua, v. to propose something 
else after a plan has been agreed 

Faaotilaina, v, to be starved. 

Faa*otopuapua, v. to be close toge- 
ther (as troops, fleets, &c.) 

Faau, V. to insist on, to urge upon; 
to shut in the sides' of a house 
with reeds ; to fish at night with 
the pa. 


Padualoa, i/, to end«re long. See 

Fuaualolo, ?/. to run about in con- 
fusion (as parties taking food to a 
Jbno, &c.) 

Faauarnau, v, to water at the moath 
with desire. 

Faaui, v. to call out; to disentangle, 
to remove from a hook, nail, &c. ; 
to lead through. 

Fa*au*i,i;. to beseech. 

Faauo, i'. to make friends with, to 
associate with. 

Faauouo, v. to walk with an arm of 
each round the other's neck. 

Faauovale, v, to be in confusion or 
disorder (as a concourse of people, 
troops, waves, &c.) 

Faauu, v, to anoint. 

Faa*u*u, a. angry looking,^ sulky. 

Faauga*o, v, to be skinned over (of 
a sore) ; to have mixed rods (uso) 
new and old, in a house ; to in- 
dulge angry feelings without shew- 
ing it. 

Faaulaula, v, to joke. 

Faaulavale, see Ulavale. 

Faauhulito, v, to have inveterate 

Faauluulu, v, to cry out, to shout. 

Faaulufalega, s, tlni induction of a 
chief; the opening of a chapel. 

Faaulugogo, v. to beg in a shame- 
faced way. 

Faauniiuminoa, v. to lose interest in 
everything from grief. 

Faaumuumua, v. to eat all alone; 
to be greedy. 

Faa*uiie, r. to grant a request; to 
ask the loan of; to lend. See 

Faauiiususua, v, to pine away for 
the breast. 

Faa'uputoina, see *Uputoina. 

Faausi, s, a native dish of scraped 
taro or yams. 

Faausi, v. to be ashamed ; to adze 
smooth ; to smooth. 



Faausuusu, r. to provoke, to stir 
up, to incite; i^ass, faausuia. 

Faausugasega, v. to cause the sega 
to come from its place ; to com- 
mit all indecencies after the pe^ 

Faauta, int. behoW. 

Faauta, v, to behold, to attend to ; 
pass, faautagia. 

Faautauta, v. to devise, to plan, to 

Faautuiitumanu, v. to reside in a 
family while waiting fur native 

Faafa*i, a, fed only witli tjie mother's 

Faafao, v. to turn iipside down. 

Faafaufau, ?/. to be qualmish, to feel 


Faafaula*i, ) . i 

T> e- c \ y- to heap up, 

raatatupu*e) ^ ^ 

Faafafa, s. a burden carried on th« 

Faafafa, a. rakish (as a mast), 

Faafafine, a. belonging to women 
(as work). 

Faafulealiiga, s, games; also a4erm 
applied to one who is learned in 
all the ancient lore ; as also to 
one who excels in games, fight- 
ing, &c. 

Faafalega, s. the intermarriage of 

Faafalema^i, v. to be ill constantly. 

Faafaletiniu, a. rainy. 

Faafana, v. to warm up food. 

Faafano, v. to curse, to devote to 

Faafatati, v. to be high in the eaves 
(of a house). 

Faafatufatu, v. to persevere indefa- 

Faafeao, v, to accompany as a pro- 
tector ; to guard, lo protect. 

Faafe'ia, s. ornamental siupo. 

Faafeoloolo, see Feoi.oolo. 

Faafelavei, faafelovei, v. to inter* 
cept ; to interrupt a speaker. 




Faiifefete, s. leavfn. 

Faafefete, ?/. to cause to swell ; to 

be puflftd up v'itl) pride. 
Faafe-aga'i, see FesagaM. 
Faafetai, v. to tliank ; pass, faafe- 

Faafetaia*i, v. to cause to meet ; to 

meet purposely. 
Faafetaui, v. to knock together; to 

Faafete, ?'. to tlireaten without do- 
ing ; to make a great show of a 

Faafetuaoiai, v. to place alternately 

difFerenJ kinds of things. 
Faafetuaoivai, ?/. to rinse a bottle 

with water. 
Faafia, a prefix to verbs, signifying 

to pretend to, to assume. 
FaaHa, a. pretending, assuming. 
Faafiaalii, ?/. to assume to be a 

Faafiafia, v. to please. 
Faafiamalosi, v. to pretend to be 

Faafiamatai, v, to assume to be a 

Faafiamca, a. presumptuous, as- 

Faafiapoto, v. to assume knowledge. 
Faafiapule, v. to assume the direc- 
tion or appropriation. 
Faafiasili, v. to assume to be the 

chief or best. 
Faafiuola, v. to be beaten within an 

inch of life ; to be sick almost to 

FaaHsi, v. to cause to entwine (as 

the vine of a yam on a stick); to 

add to a person's words wresting 

their meaning. 
Faafiti, v. to deny ; to refuse. 
Faafitiga, s, a denying. 
Faafoa, s, a boil. 
Faafo*i, v. to cause to return ; to 

bring back ; pass. faafo*isia. 
Faafo*iita, v. to cause anger to be 

restrained ; to chiefs, faafo*itoa- 




Faafofoga, t\ to hear (fo chiefs). 
FaafogHupolu, s. an easterly wind. 

See Mataupolu. 
Faafogafoga, v. to Wsten {to chiefs^ j 
Faafono, v. to call to. 
Faafua, v, to rise (as a waveorast 

Faafua'ava, v. to do a thing witb- 

out consulting others concerned. 
Faafualoa, see Faaualoa. 
Faafuanianava, v. to be startled. 
Faafuase'i, ddv. suddenly. 
Faafuata, v. to carry between tb6 

Faafuavaa, see Faafua* ava. 
Faafulu, v, to be overdone. 
Faafutefutca, a. puffed up, swollca" ■ 

(as in sickness). *See Venia. . ; 
Faagaau, s. a strip of cloth wom--; 

round the loins. 
Faagaee, v. to stir; to rouse up. 
Faagaepu, v. to stir up, to make 

muddy (of water). 
Faagaitoito, a. tall and thin, lank. 
Faagaoi, v. to steal from family con* 

Faagaugau, v. to bend down, to 

bow down the head. 
Faagaga, v. to ask permission. 
Faagagao, v. to abuse indirectly. 
Faagagafu, v. to feel sick. 
Faagiigak'hamoe, v. to be sleepy. 
Faagala, v, to desire earnestly (as 

for absent friends); j^^ss. faaga- 

Faagalogalo, v. to forget; to put 

from ones mind. 
Faagase, v. to sit quiet and silent; 

to hide behind anything; redupl. 

Faagasegase, s, an epidemic, (ap- 
plied to chiefs). See Faama*i. 
Faagi, ) V, to persiiade a sick per- 
Faagigi j son to eat. 
Faagogofala, v. to beg in a low tone 

of voice. 
Faala, v. to expose to the sun. 
Faalaa, 5. a stranger, (used with a. 

negative in speaking of quarrels) J 


lliey are not fuulaa (strangers), 

but your own children. 
jFaalaa, v. to pass one thing over 

another (as in twisting a rope with 

the hand) ; to interrupt a speech. 
Faahi*ei*au, s. a messenger to call 

out the troops for war. Ste La- 

Faalai, v, to induce a man to bring 
food by raising false hopCv^ of giv- 
ing a daughter in mirriage to 

Faalao, v. to carry things prepara- 
tory to work. 

Faahiolao, ». to finish up any work 
(as weeding, housebuilding, &c.) 

Faalati, s. a large siapo. 

Faalaua*itele, r. to spread abroad a 

Faalaufao, v. to shut in the sides of 
a house with thatch, 

Faalaulelei, w. to make level ; to ap- 
pease anger. 

Faalagata, v, to give a blow in or- 
der to commence a club match ; 
to give the first speech. SeeVw- 


Faalagi, v, to compliment ; to call 
over names and titles. See¥\A- 


Faalagilagi, v. to be angry on ac- 
count of disrespect shown. 

Faalagolago, v. to lean upon. 

Faaldla, s. scraped taro and cocoa- 
nut. See Faausi. 

Faalala, a, beautiful. 

Faalalao, v. to luy waste, to destroy. 

Faalala!»o, ». to bring death upon 
by an ^foga, 

Faalalo, v- to stir up, to excite; to 
tell of jhe enemy's movements. 

Faalalo, v to ii»tercede. Ste Fau- 


Faalalolajo, s. self depreciation. 

Faalani, r. to cause, to produce (as 
a quarrel or disease). 

Faalanu, ». to wash oif salt water ; 
to remit punishment ; to remove 
oiFence by undergoing a penalty; 



pi. faalalanu ; pass, faalanureiia ; 
ivith the instrumental particlsy 
Faalata, v, to cause to come near; 
to tame; to betray ; hUens, faa- 
Faalava, 5. a cross bar ; wood in 
roof of a house running parallel 
with the wall-plate, p«rlin. 

Faalava, a, across, cross. 

Faalava, «. to place across ; to make 
up a complement; recipr. faafe- 

Faalavaau, v. to kill (a chief) in war, 

Faalavalava, s. a weal, the mark of 
a stripe. 

Faalavalava, v. to put on the lava- 
lava ; to give clothes. 

Faalave, v. to take a turn of a rope, 
&c. ; to kill a champion ; to cas- 
trate ; to bring good property, in 
order to get the best ie in the toga 
to be divided. 

Faalavelave, s. a hindrance, an im- 
pediment ; a hinderer. 

Faalavelave, v. to hinder, to ob- 

Faaleaoga, v. to make of no value ; 
to treat with disrespect, 

Faaleaga, v. to abuse ; to ill-use. 

Faaleiila, v. to be disrespectful (a 
term of abuse), 

Faaleileia, v. to speak with the voice 
of an ait a (as when inspired to 
deliver an oracle). 

Faaleoiaralua, \ . , ,.. 

raaleogalua ) ° 

Faaleono, J «. shabby, unbecom- 

Faaleonomea ) ing. 

Faalele, s. the name of one of the 
circle of houses used in pigeon 

Faalele, «. to cause to fly. 

Faalelei, v. to reconcile ; to propiti- 
ate an offended party. 

Faaleleo, v. to continue angry. 

Faahleo, adv. secretly, 

Faalelelelea, v. to allow to fly, 

Faalemigao, v. to be disrespectful. 



Taalcpa, v. to lie too : to ])rrak oft , 
a s|iCL'rIi lor a liiiu' ; to dam up | 
or stop till' fourso of nmning wa- 
l'aaU'[)6. s. a cliicr's flrcam. i 

FaalettiupuKa, a. imgoverned, law- ! 
less. ] 

I'aaleiala, } v. to treat wiih unde- j 
raaletalae j served contempt ; re- | 
(hip. I'aaletalatalae. i 

Faalttatau, a. incorrect ; iiicongru- j 
,ous. ! 

Faaletino, a. relating to the body. : 
Faaletoiiu, v. to be undecided. , 

Faalevao, a. booii-ili, di:«respectiul. 
Faalevaleva, v. to lengthen (time). 
Faalevivi, } a. insignificant, of no 
Faalevovo ji account, treated as 

FaaU*a, v. to insinuate ; rcdupl, 

Faalialia, v. to make a display. 
Faalialiavdle, v. to make a display 

Faaliu, v. to hollow^ out (as a trough, 

Faalifa, v. to draw in the abdomen. 
Faalili, v. to teaze, to worry, to ir- 
ritate, to provoke. 
Faalili'a, v. to frighten. 
Faaliliu, v. to turn round. 
Faaliliu, a. covetous, (of one who 

turns all to himself). 
Faalilo, V. to do secretly; redupl, 

Faalilolilo, adr, secretly. 
Faaloaloa, v. to stretch out; pL 

Faalogo, v. to hear ; to obey ; in- 

tens, faalogulogo, to listen. 
Faalogoese, v. to misunderstand. 
Fi.aloloa, v. to stretch out the legs; 

plural of fauloaloa. 
Faalolo'i, v. to desiie earnestly ; to 

be daik and 
Faalologo, v. to hold one's tongue ; 

to be siknt. 
Fraloloto, a, close-fisted, miserly, 


Faalotolelei, v. to satisfy, to appease. 
F'aalotoloto, v. to cherish revenge. 
Faalotolotolua , v. to be in two minds, 
to be undecided. 

Faalotomalie, v. to satisfy ;• to ap- 
pease ; as faa lotolelei . 

Faalotoioga, v. to be without love; 
to be greedy ; to be revengeful 

Faalua*i, see Faamua'i. 

Faaluma,v. to stigmatize ; tocause 
to be reproached. 

Faaluma, 5. a jester. 

Fiialumaga, 5. a disgrace, a re- 

Faalupc, v. to be like a pigeon, 
(applied to an only child). 

Faahipe, v. *to compliment ; to call 
out names and titles ; redup. faa- 

Faalupelupe, v. to be left alone, to 
be shunned. 

Faama, v. to put to shame. 

Faamaai, v. to sharpen. 

Faamaauga, v. to be most excellent. 

Faamaalavaina, v. to abuse side- 
ways ; to provoke. 

Faamaalili, v. to be chilly; to be in 
the cold stage of fever. 

Faamae, v. to put by a fish till it 
is mae. 

Faamaela, v. to laugh scornfully; 
reduji. faamaelaela. See Faama- ^ 


Faama* i, s. an epidemic. 
Faama'ioi. a. slow, sluggish, not 

Faamailei, v. to entrap. 
Faamaise, v. to comfort those weep- 

Faaniao*i, v. to be in earnest; to 

speak the truth. 
Faamaofa, v. to startle. 
Faamaoiii, see Faamao*i. 
Faamau, s. a hinge ; a fastening. 
Faamau, v. *to make fast; to make 

a stand in war. 
Faamaualuga, v. to be proud. 
Faamaulalo, v. to be humble; to 

humble oiiesclf. 




^''aama'ulu, v. to slip away quietly; 1 
to steal off unobserved. | 

i^aania^uma'u, v. to endure, to bear 

Paamaumau, v. to waste. 
Paamaunu, v. to bait a hook ; to 
slacken a fastening; to leave a 
saofaiga quietly. 
Faamaupao, v. to stop from going 

Faamautu, v. to stand firm. 
Faamafanafana, v. to hearten, to 

encourage, to cheer up. 
Faamafimali, v. to use threatenings. 
Faamafola, v. to spread out the Hu- 
ge rs. 
Faamafolafola, V. to spread out; to 

Faamafua, s, a decoy. 
Faamafuhiuli, v. to waddle from 
fatness ; to sway the body from 
side to side (as in contempt or 
Faamaga, v. to open the mouth ; to 

gape ; /?/. faamamaga. 
Faamagalo, v. to retnit a fine ; to 

Faanialama, s. fire, a lamp ; a win- 
Faamalama, s. heathen customs (as 
war, dances, &c.) An introduced 
Faanialamalama, v. to cause to burn 
brightly ; to make clear, to ex- 
Faamalimah, a, disrespectful. 
FaamaJimali, v. to speak with great 
fanjiliarily ; to talk disrespect- 
fully to; pL faamamali. 
Faamalo, v. to act as a conquering 

Faamalofie, s. a chiefs dog ; a ble- 
mish in the body caused by an 
Faamalofie, v. to make a display, 

to show off. 
Paanialosi, v. to strengthen ; to en- 
courage ; to act with the strong 
hand ; to act with vigour. 

Faamalu, v. to bathe {to chiefs). 

Faamalu, s. an umbrella. 

Faamalu, v. to shade, to protect. 

Faamalu*aiga, s. a strong stout 

Faamalumalu, v. to overshadow. 

Faamama, v. to lighten ; to tr< at 
lightly ; to extenuate ; pass, faa- 

Faamama, v. to clean ; to lay waste. 

Faamamalu, v. to protect. 

Faamamanu, v. figured, carved. 

Faamamasa, v. to enclose fish at 
high water, leaving them to be 
stranded at low tide ; to starve 

Faamanaia, v. to dress up, to adorn ; 
to act the munaia, 

Faamanamana, v. to attribute an 
accident or misfortune to super- 
natural power. See Tuumana. 

Faamanatu, v. to remind, to put in 
mind of. 

Faamanava, v. to cause work to 

Faamanavan, v. to have a swollen 
belly (of children). 

Faamanu, v. to place a gift: on the 
head, to thank. 

Faamanu, v. to call out ; pL faa- 

Faamanu, v. to impoverish. 

Faamanuia, v. to bless ; to make 

Faamanuga, 5. one method of fish- 

Faamapa, v. to cause to crack ; to 
make a smacking noise. 

Faamapuna, v. to stir up the mud 
in water, to muddy ; to recall or 
stir up old grievances. 

Faamasa, see Faamamasa. 

Faamasaui, v. to accustom. 

Faamasavai, s. water-bottle emp- 
tiers, (applied to children, as be- 
ing useless in a canoe). 

Faamasiasi, v. to put to shame. 

Faamasino, s. a judge ; a consul. 

Faamasino, V. to examine; to judge. 

h"aoo>u*ofn, V. lit ii|i*i't; to break 

Kuaniii^uisiii, v. to begin to be in 

labor, to liave sliglil pains. 

sbarpeii ; to have a 


Fnamiita, a jjrefix expressing to look 

like, to iiavo tlie a|.].earance of. 
Faamatuai, v. tu dosire to eat lish; 

lo have no apjictite for ordinary 

food uKcept tliere be sometliing to 

relish it; pi. fanmata'a'ai. 
Faamam'ii, v. lo frigbten. 
Faamataga, v. in make ugly : to 

make bad looking. 
V'aamatagaliigii, v. lo make slack, 

to make loose. 
Pnamaialu, v. to loosen so as lo be 

oaaily untied; toexplain; redup. 

Faamatalalotn, v. to comfort. 
Faamataina v. to look ill. 
Faamalatiaiala v. to gad about 

FaaiiiataTLile,V to be ugly; to look 

ominous; to look half asleep. 
Faamatelaina, v. lo starve. 
Faamatii, v. to dry in the air or 

sun ; to drain sea eggs. 
Faamatiia, s. tilings prepared against 

tlie death of a parent. 
Faamavap v to take leave of, to 

bid t;in«ell. 
Faanieagotoimoana, v. to bury in 

Faaiiico, v. lo fret, to ch.Tfe. 
Faamele, v. to refusi-, to reject; to 

di preciate, to disparage. See 

Faamemelo, v. to look at angrily. 
Fnaniisa, a. (juarrel.-ome. 
Faamisa, V. to pick a quarrel; to 

stir up a quarrel. 
Faamoe, V. to put tosleep; to pre- 
pare a speech; redap. faanioe- 

Faanioe, v. lo make a feast prepa- 
ratory to war. 
Faanioega, a. a case, a sheath. 

Faamocga, s. a feast before war. j 
Faamoemoe, v. to expect, to hope; ] 

to prepare for war; to lay wwt i 

for. ; 

Faamoemoega, s. hope. ; 

Fa»m<>lemole, v. to make smooth; ' 

meluph. to smooth down anger. 
Faamomo, v. to break to pieces; 

intens. faamomonio. 
Faaniu, v. lo kindle, to set fire to. 
Faarnua, s. a Joke. 
Faamua'i, v. to forewarn. 
Faamuu'i, v. to send on a hi-ad, pR>- 

mising to folowntid notdoitigso; 

rediip, faamuamua'i. 
Faainiiamua, v. to send on ahead. 
Faamiili, v. t'l remain at home while 

others go ; to shout when a fish' 

or a pigeon is caught. 
Faaniuli'upu, v. to grumble ailer a 

thing is decided on. 
Faamumu, v. to cause to burn 

brightly. . '■ 

Faamutu, v. to cut off a part, to 

Faana, v. to quiet a child ; to con- 
ceal ; fnfens. faanani. 
Faanau, v. to desire, to long for ; 

intens. faanaunau. 
Faana'una'u, a. very great. 
Faanauiiauga, S. desire. 
Faanamusula, v. lit. lo make to 

smell of punishment, (applied to 

those who had hitherto been un- 

Faanamiitaiia, v. (lit. to cause to 

smell of war), to do some hostile 

act to bring on a war. 
Fuananamoiua, V. to be all dead; 

to be laid waste. 
Faaniinasua, \ v. lo rejoice in ; lo 
Faananaauaga 5 delight to talk 

about ; to siiow honor to. See 

also Faatuatua. 
Faananinaiii, V. to speak indistinct- 
ly ; to speak as a child. 
FaanapagoBe, v. lo prepare beftir»- 

hand, to be in readiness. 


Faanape, v. to tie loosely ; to speak 

in similes. 
Faanati, v. to be urgent ; intens. 

Faaneenee, V. to" praise; to make 

much of, to pet. 
Faaneetaga, s, a praising. 
Faanefu, v. to make muddy, to stir 

up (water). 
Faanenefu, v. to be indistinct ; to 

be dim of the sight and of words. 
Faanevaneva, v. to walk about idle ; 

pi. faaneneva. 
Faaniutu, v. to ascend straight (as 

a column of smoke) ; to act proud- 

Faanifo, v. to make forked (as the 

end of a post). 
Faanifo*oti, s, a blubber knife. 
Faanifonifo, a. toothed, jagged, un- 
Faanoanoa, v. to mourn, to grieve. 
Faanoanoaga, s. grief, mourning. 
Faanoi, v. to ask permission. See 

Faanounou, v. to frown, to scowl. 
Faano*uno*u, v. to stoop, to bend 

the back. 
Faanofo, s. a secondary wife intro- 
duced by the first ; the slow cry 
of the manutagi. 
Faanofo, v. to cause to sit up; di- 
minutive, faanofonofo. 
Faanoga*i, v. to cease from, to rest. 
Faanuiiu, v. to create a disturbance; 

iiitens. faanunununu. 
Faanuiiu, v. to look displeased. 
Faapa, v. to cause to explode, to 

Hre ort'(as "a gun). 
Faapd*ita*u, s. jesting. 
Faapaolo, v. to shade ; to protect. 
Faapa'u, s. a frying-pan. 
Faapa*u, v. to throw oneself down ; 

to cause another to fall down. 
Fadpa*ufao, v. to prostrate oneself. 
Faapaupau, s, a heathen. 
Faapa*upa*u, v. to be scabbed over 

(as a sore healing up). 
Faapa'upa*u, v. to starve oneself. 



Faapalalau, v. to put off on others; 
to be halfhearted, 

Faapalapala, v. to be remiss, to grow 
weary ; to be discouraged. 

Faapale, v. to catch liquid in any- 

Faapale*aute, 5. a fine mat with a 
red border. 

Faapalega, v. .to be exempted from 
work ; to be made much of. See 

Faapalepale, v. to bear patiently. 

Faapapa, s, a flat cake {o^ masi), 

Faapapafu, v. to be bulky and fat 
from always sitting in the house 
(as a cripple or blind man) ; to 
eat all alone {a^ faaumuumua), 

Faapapana, v. (from pana), to hin- 
der, to prevent, to keep under (as 
a disease, a war, &c.) 

Faapapateaina, v. to be all dead. 

Faapatapata, v. to bully when help 
is near. 

Faapavaina, v. to talk on one sub- 
ject only ; to keep on doing one 
thing, going to one place, &c. 

Faape, v. to guess. 

Faapea, adv, thus. 

Faapea, v. to say thus; to do thus. 

Faapea pea, v. to move oflP, to move 
out of the way. 

Faapei, adv. like. 

Faapefea, adv. how ? 

Faapelepele, v. to take care of, to 
make much of. 

Faapena, adv, like that. 

Faapepe, v. to fester. 

Faapepepepe, v. to hover; to flut- 
ter about (as loose parts of the 

Faupi*opi*o, v. to make crooked ; 
to act crookedly. 

Faapiu, v. to swmg. 

Faapiuga, 5. a swing. 

Faapili, v. to bring near; to de- 
coy ; pass, faapilia ; redupL faa- 

Faapilia, ) v. to place or hang up 
! Faapilitia J (as on the branch of a 




tree) ; to be caught or entangled ; 

to strain out (as musoa or soi 

through a strainer). 
Faapito, v. to confine to. 
Faapo, V. to go out to work till 

night ; to kill ; to bring to a close 

tiie aiyofie. 
Faapoa, i;. to feed young children 

with fish. 
Faupo*a, V. to castrate. 
Faapoi, v. to threaten to strike; to 

raise the hand in a threatening 

Faapologa, v. to enslave. . 
Faapolopolo, 5. the fi rstfruits. 
Faapona, v, to knot. 
Faapopo, v. to dry. 
Faapo poa, v. to leave nuts to accu- 
mulate on a piece of land ; to 

scent the water with fish in order 

to attract other fish. 
Faapotopoto, r. to gather together, 

to assemble. 
Faapotopotoga, s, an assembly. 
Faapua, «. to put a heavy fine on a 

small offence. 
Faapu*e, v. to heap up. See Faq- 


Faapuga, v. to crouch down (as 
from fear) ; to prepare to spring 
on (as a cat). 

Faapnpula, v, to make to shine; to 

Faaputu, v. to gather together 
(things) ; redupl. faaputuputu. 

Faaputuga, s, a gathering (of 

Faafmtuputu, a, close together. 

Faasa, v, to make sacred ; to con- 
secrate ; to prohibit. 

Fuasaau, s, a piece of cloth worn 
as an apron. 

Faasaei, v. to provoke. 

Faasa*i, f. to upbraid. 

Faas^ao, v, to save, to spare. 

Faasa'o, v. to make straight ; to 
direct ; to explain. 

Faasau, v. to bedew. 

Faasaua, v. to be oppressive, to be 

Faasauaga, s. an act of oppression. 
Faasaulala, see Faasaua. 

Faasaunoa, t/. to ill use, to damage. 

Faasausili, a. haughty, affecting 

Faasautamai, ) v. to be imperious; 

Faasautoga J to be oppressive. 
See Saua. 

Faasautu, v. to shake (as a sail in 
the wind) ; applied also to a per- 
son who, attacked on all sides, 
cannot reply. 

Faasautu, y. to refuse to acknow- 
ledge lawful authority. 

Faasaga, v, to direct to, to point to, 
to face to ; redupl. faasagasaga. 

Faasaga'ese, s. a helved axe (to 
chiefs instead of to''i), 

Faasaga*ese, v, to go out boqita 
fishing. See Alo. 

Faasagafulu, v. to be ten nights old 
(of the moon). 

Faasagiti, y. to be cold. 

Faasala, v. to fine, to punish. 

Faasalae, v, to abuse indirectly ; to 
address one and mean it for ano- 

Faasalalau, v. to scatter. 

Faasalasula, y. to be oppressive. 

Faasalofia, v. to be starved. 

Faasamoa, a, according to Samoan 

Faasanisani, v, to entreat the sick 
to eat ; to urge to make a will. 

Faasanosano, faasasano, v, to desire. 

Faasapasapa, a. aslant. 

Faasapihma, v, to take from a re- 
lative without permission. 

Faasapisapi, v, 2iS faasapilima} alao 
to provoke ; to be saucy to rela- 

Faasasa, v. to stand aslant; to speak 

Faasasau, i/. to blow (the trumpet). 

Faasasano, see Faasanosano. 

Faasavala, v. to long after some 
particular food. 




Faasavili, r, to air ; to cool one3elf 
in the wind. 

Faasee, v, to slide on the breakers, j 

Faasee. s. a small shed built against 
the side of a house. 

Faasegao, 5. a large mouthful. 

Faasegosego, v. to blink from short- 

Faaselevei, v. to interrupt a speak- 
er. See Faafelevei. 

Faasese, v. to cause to go astray, 
to mislead ; to bring the head of 
a canoe to the wiud so as to leave 
the sail flapping. 

Faaseloa, v, to express sympathy 
by setoa. 

Faasevasevaloa, v. to be a vaga- 

Faasiasia, a. haughty, contemptu- 

Faasi*ugutu, v. to talk to a person 
while looking away from him. 

Faasi*ula, v. to look askance, to 
dart angry glances. 

Faasifo, v, to bow down, (applied 
to chiefs instead of ifo) ; to de- 
vote to destruction ; to embrace 

Faasigano, v, to leave notches (as 
in cutting a breadfruit in halves); 
to make uneven (as a necklace 
with large and small beads) ; to 
make dovetail. 

Faasili, v, to go beyond, to project; 
to be superior ; intens. faasilisili. 

Faasili, v, to take off sleepiness by 
having a nap. 

Faasiliilemauga, v. to sleep (chiefs). 

Faasilitofo, v, to be relieved for a 

time ; to have a partial relief in 


Faasino, v. to point out, to show, 

to point to ; pass, faasinomia. 
Faasisasisa, v, to have a misunder- 
Faasisila, v. to look on while food 
or property is being shared out in 
order to get a share. 
Fuasisina, v, to cause to &vo\ 

to eat and destroy food before 
going to war. 

Faasiva, v. to tie hands and teet 
together crossways, the left to the 
right and the right to the left. 

Faasoa, v. to apportion, to distri- 
bute, to divide out. 

Faasoa, v, to seek a wife for ano- 

Faasoasoa, i'. to deliberate about 
the distribution of food or pro- 
perty ; to be prudent. 

Faasoata, s, crooked posts used in 
building boat sheds and cooking 

Faasoesa, v. to an no v. 

Faasoo, s. a war messenger. 

Faasoo, v, to join together; to en- 
crouch on adjoining land. 

Faasoosoo, v. to deliberate about 
the distribution of food or pro- 
perty. See Faasoasoa. 

Faasoosoogata, a. incomparable. 

Faasola, v. to cause to run away. 

Faasola, v, to kill. 

Faasologu, v, to answer indistinctly. 

Faasolomoo, v, to be slow and di- 

Faasosoagaloto, v. to try means for 
satisfaction sake, without much 
hope of success. 

Faasualua, a. brackish. See Faa- 


Faasuapanupanu, v. to make a butt 
of, to continue to jeer at. 

Faasufi, v, to endeavour to draw 
out a confession of guilt. 

Faasiigalugalufale, i/. to be bed- 

Fuasulamuaina, v, to act or talk 
saucily or haughtily. See Faa- 


Faasulusulu, v. to desert from ill- 
usage (as a wife her husband, &c.) 
Faasusu, v, to suckle, to give the 

breast to. 
Paata, v. to forbid. 

B. the fibres of the cocoanut 
td for making cinet. 




Faataa, v. to adze off the white 

wood from timber. 
Faataa6ti, i/. to make restless ; to 

cause to struggle (as an animal 

tied up) ; to struggle. 
Faataali*oli*o, v. to encircle. 
Faataalise, v. to make haste. 
Faataalo, z/. to make to sport ; -pi, 

Faataaloga, s, playing, sport. 
Faataa lutulutu, v, to shake the lutu; 

to shake against one another (as 

things in a basket half full). 
Faataa milo, v. to go round about ; 

intens. faataamiloniilo. 
FaataanTilosaga, s, a tour. 
Faataape, v. to scatter ; miens, faa- 

taapeape. . 
Faataataa, v. to let loose, to let go 

(of animals) ; to bark a tree. 
Faataatonu, v. to be lucky, to be 

Faataavalevale, v. to roll round and 

round ; pL faataa vavale. 
Faata^esea, ?/. to be refused, not to 

be received ; to be driven away. 
Faatai, v. to go to fish while others 

go inland to the plantations {faa- 

Faataio, v, to call out, to shout. 
Faataimua, v. to predict a calamity. 
Faataitai, v, to make approaches to 

(of one who formerly kept away). 
Faata*ita*i, v, to try, to prove; to 

Faataitainono, a, brackish. 
Faataoto, s. a parable. 
Faata*oto, v. to lay down ; pass. 

faata^otolia ; pL faata'ooto. 
Faatau, ?/. to buy, to barter ; to 

content! .or the privilege of being 

Faatau, adv. equally, alike. 
Faatauanau, f to importune. 
Faatau *ata ) v. to mock. See Tau- 
Faatauemu ) emu. 
Faatau'oa, s. a merchant. 
Faataufutimisa, v. to provoke a 


Faatauga, v. to ill-use. 

Faataulaitu, ?/. tc pretend to be i 
faulaitUf to pretend to iaspira* 

Faatau ma'oi, v. to ill-use. 

Faataumanufua, v. to be laid on so 
as just to touch without being 
fastened ; to engage in anything, 
or to dwell at a place, temporari- 
ly; to pay little attention to; to 
have no heart in. 

Faataunuu, v, to bring to pass. 

Fa at a upon, v, to bring up as a vir- 

Faatausuai, v. to cause to stumble; 
to offend. 

Faatautala, v. to ill use ; to bring 
disgrace upon. 

Faatautonu, v. to keep on with 
some work just for appearances 
while the principals are absent 

Faatautupe, v. to take place, (ap- 
plied to a war or a marriage). 

Faatauvaa, a, of small account, of 
little value, trifling. 

Faatafa, s. a chiefs illness. 

Faatafa, v. to step on one side, to 
get out of the road; pi. faata- 

Faatafa gafaga, v. to draw up all 
the pola of a house. 

Faatafatafa, adv. on one side, indi- 

Faatafatoina, v. to be driven away 
by one's people or kindred never 
to return ; to be disinherited. 

Faatahti, s. . the plaited cocoanut 
leaf forming the outermost covi;r- 
ing of the ridge of a house. 

Faatafiti, see Faataafiti. 

Faatafuna, s. a place for rubbish. 

Faatafuna, v. to lay waste. 

Faataga, y. to take off the «a, or 
prohibition ; redupl. faatataga. 

Faataga, v. to pretend to, to feign. 

Faatagata, s, an ima^e, a sculpture, 
a picture. 

Faatagata, y. to dress out, to adorn. 
See Faamanaia. 


Faatagataotaua, v, to treat like cap- 
Faatagataga, v. to put in readiness, 

to have at hand. 
Faatala*ese, r. to refuse saucily ; to 
disobey haughtily. 

Faatala'u'ula, v, to take unwar- 
rantable fieedom ; to present un- 
warrantable requests. 

Faatalale, v, to neglect, to disre- 
gard, to take no care of. 

Faatalanoa, 1 v. to take it easy, 

Faatalatalanoa J to sit idle, 

Faatali, v. to wait for; redup. faa- 

Faataliaga, v. to l.jy ^ person on 
his back, (applied also to things). 

Faatama, v. {literally, to be as a 
father), to wait on a chief. 

Faatama* i ma* i, v. to be small, (ap- 
plied to size, quantity, and men- 
tal capacity). 

Faatamaitiiti, v, to act like a httle 
child ; to quarrel. 

Faatamala, v. to procrastinate, to 
delay, to neglect, to be remiss. 

Faatamatama, v. to act like a child 
in dress and play. 

Faatano, ) v. to humble oneself, to 

Faatanoa J debase oneself; redupL 

Faatasi, a. once. 

Faatasi, v, to add to ; to join to- 
gether ; to be together. 

Faatasi, adv. together. 

Faatatau, v. to ht ; to apply ; to 

Faatataga, v. to eat food consecra- 
ted to aitu. 

Faate*a, v, to cast off, to reject ; to 

Faate*aga, s. expulsion ; banish- 

Faatei, s. younger brethren and 
cousins who are marked with 
their brother. 

Faate*i, ". to startle. 

Faateine, v. to act the girl ; to dress 
out, to adorn. 



Faate*inoa, ) v. to call on a per- 

Faate*ite*ivale \ son without hav- 
ing any particular business. 

Fuatefua, s, a widower ; a single 

Faatele, x\ to enlarge, to increase. 

Faateletelea*i, r. to make haste, to 
run quickly ; to be oppressive, to 
act overbearingly. 

Faatemutemu, v, to take slight hold 

Faateva, v. to banish. 

Faatiau, v. to disembowel. 

Faatiu, s, a northerly wind. 

Faatiga, v. a, to cause pain. 

Faatiga, v. n, to be in labor. 

Faatigatiga, »• to be pained (as with 
travelling, work, &c.) 

Faatilitili, v. to be sparing of, to use 

Faatinifu, w. to be cloudy. 

Faatinifuga, 5. persons incapable of 

Faatino, w. to grow stout; tofinish 
plaiting the body of a double 

Faatiti, ^ to be dangerously wound- 

Faatitino, «. to be greatly increased 
(as pain,. drought, famine, &c.) 

Faatitipa, v, to be careless. 

Faatito, v. to cast headlong, to pre- 

Faato, V, to give over (as land sold 
or given) ; to curse. 

Faato*a, a. now ; first, (used as su- 
perlative, O le faato' a maH tele). 

Faato* a, r. to commence a planta- 
tion ; to cultivate ground for the 
first time. 

Faato*a, adv, for the first time. 

Faato* aga, s. a plantation. 

Faatoatoa, v, to bear patiently, to 

Faatoeaina, a. sedate, sober. 

Faato*ese, ». to ask pardon, to apo- 
logize, (used when relating the 
fact). See To*ese. 

Faatoilalo, v, to subdue. 




Faatoga, v. to bog, to entreat. ' 

Faatolo*iilu,'t;. to find fault after a ; 

decision has been come to. See 

Faatololl, v. to make a grating 

Faatonu, o, to direct ; to instruct ; 

to put right. 
Faatosaga, v. to act the midwife. 
Faatotoinea, o. frugal, (contracted 

(rom faatotoe rnea). See Pana- 


Faatotope, v. to be too rapid, (ap- 
plied to speaking and paddling) ; 
redup. faatopctope. 

Faatu, V. to cause to stand up ; to 
place on end (as a post) ; to ap- 
point ; pi. faatutu. 

Faatua, v, to punish, to fine. See 
FAASALA(the more general word). 

Faatuai, v, to prolong ; to put off; 
to delay ; redupl. faatuatuai. 

Faatuaupua, v, to backbite. 

Faatuama'o, v, to tell some message 
after the time for attending it is 

Faatuatua, v. to delight in some 
acquisition ; to hope for some- 
thing promised ; to trust, to rely 
on ; to cherish revenge. 

Faatuatuaga, s. something to rely 

Faatuatuana*i, u. (lit. to put behind 
the back), to forget. 

Faatu*i^ese, v, to object, to oppose. 

Faatuituia, v, to indulge angry feel- 

Faatuu*ala, v. to refuse angrily; to 
upbraid. See Faa'alaala. 

Faatuumana, v. to apply an acci- 
dent as being a judgment ; to re- 
joice in another's misfortune. 

Faatuutuu, v. to yield to; to be 

Faatufugaga. s. carpenters' tools. 

Faatuga, v. (from tuga), to give 
trouble (as by calling unexpect- 

Faatulou, v, to apologize for mak- 

ing a sudden noise by calling ou 

tulou ! 
Faatulolo, a, bowing, inclmiog (at 

a wall about to fall). 
Faatulu'ipaepae, o. to be haunted. 
Faatulutulu, o, to drop. 
Faatumau, v, to cause to standfast 
Faalumu, v, to fill. 
Faatu polo, o, to act as a tupolo. 
Faatupu,e;. to cause to grow; U 

cause : to raise (a post). 
Faatupuloto, v. to provoke, to make 

Faatusa, s. a comparison. 
Faatusa, t\ to compare ; redup. faa 

tusatusaj pL faatutusa. 
Faatiitu, v. to ask for a share oi 

food taken to visitors ; to ask a 

larger share of the same; to re- 
fuse ; to walk about with a child 

in order to quiet it. 
Faatutue, v. to wait about for more 

food after being already supplied. 
Faatiitumalu, v. to act the protector 

without having the power. 
Faava, v. to cause a rivalry; redup, 

Faavaaasaga, v, to be treated as a 

conquered party. 
Faavae, 5. a foundation. See Noo- 

Faavae, v, to lay the foundation. 
Faavaegugu, v, to do a thing slowly 

and deliberately. 
Faavaesape, s, a club foot. 
Faavaevave, v. to hasten, to make 

Faavai, v. to place in water; to soak. 
Faavai, v. to cook. 
Faavaitausoa, s, winds at variance 

causing rain. 
Faavaivai, v, to make soft; to make 

tender ; to make watery. 
Faavaivai, o, to weaken; to lose 

Faavaoa, u, to let lie fallow. 
Faavaotula, v, to be destitute of 

trees, to be desert. 
Faavaovaotoafa, s, a scrubby bush. 




Faavauvau, o, to grieve, to mourn. 

Fauvagavaga, v. to sit all round in 
a circle ; to leave a space where 
the chief is seated. 

Faavagana, v, to talk without eat- 

Faavalea, v. to act foolishly; redup. 

Faavalemalosi, a, like a raving mad- 
man, outrageous. 

Faavalennatua, v. to act as one in 
his dotage; redup. faavalevale- 

Faavavau, s. a stone connected with 
a legend. 

Faavavau, v. to be perp tual, to be 

Faavela, v. to burn, to set fire to, 
(before chiefs for susunu), 

Faaveve, v. to do a thing by halves 
or ineffectually. 

Faavevela, v. to ripen by burying ; 
to warm up. 

Faavevesi, v, to put in commotion ; 
to create a disturbance; redup. 

Faaviivii, see Faaveve. 

Faavili, s. a drill. 

Faavovosolo, ) v, to go about in 

Faavovotuio ) crowds confusedly. 

Faeme, s. the name of a fish. 

Fai, 0, to do ; to say, to speak ; to 
get, to obtain, to possess ; to be- 
come, to be fL»r ; to make sail ; 
to comniit incest or bestiality; to 
cohabit with ; pass, faia ; intens. 

Fai, s. the skate fish. 

Fa4, 5. the banana or plantain. See 


Fa*i, see Fa. 

Fa*i, V. to break off; to pluck ; to 

extract; intens. fa*ira*i;/yZ fafa*i. 
Faia, s, a bridge ; a matrimonial 

connection between two lands. 
Fa*ia, 1 adv. exactly so ; that 's 
Fa*ieaea J it, that 's true. 
Faiaai, s, a new settlement, a i ew 


Fai'ai, o. to get food ; to bring up 

l>y hand. 
Fai'ai, s. the brain ; cooked juice of 

the cocoanut. 
Faiaina, v. to be overcoTie. 
Faiaga, s. antics, playing the fool; 

improper conduct (generally). 
Faianjuga, v. to come after the ihiiig 

is finished, to be too late, (always 

used with a ne gative). 
Faianaga, s. joking. 
Faiaso, 5. a cannibal; an oppressor. 
Faiaso, v. to be a loi.g time ago. 
Faiava, v. to marry. 
Fai*ili, s. a skate the bone and skin 

of which are used as a rasp. 
Faioso, V, to forage ; to s ek food 

in war time. 
Faiulu, .9. the teeth of a shark used 

as scissors. 
Faiumu, 5. a cook. 
Faifai, v. to become, to happen. See 

also Peapea. 
Faifai, v. to abuse ; pass. faia. 
Faifaifeoloolo, v. to be better, to be 

more tolerable. 
Faifaimalie, v. to do a thing delibe- 
rately ; to act with moderation. 
Faifeau, v. to go on a message. 
Faifeau, 5. a missionary, (by cor- 
ruption of the above). 
Failesia, v, an apologetic term used 

when dissenting from another : 

Ta faifes a ! 
Faifetaui, v. to pay for ; to avenge. 
Fa*ifuai iu. o to pick out an indi'. i- 

dual n o d r to punish. 
Faiga, s, a • abusing; labor pains ; 

canoe 8 keep ng tog.thtr m rac ng. 
Faiga, s, the getting; the making; 

the doing. 
Faiga, s, diffi ult. 
Faigamea, s. any occasion on which 

property is given or exchanged 

(as marriage, huu :ebuilding, &c.); 

badly made property. 
Faigata, a. difficult. See Faiga. 
Faigofie, a. ea>y. 
Failau^a, s. a speaker. 




Failamataf'uga, v. to set sail as eacli 
Gar>oe i? ready without waking for 
one another. 

Failele, s. a sucking w« man, a wet- 

FaiMe, v. to suckle, to nurse. 

Fain>ai, v. come together, (a call). 

Faimanu, s, a bird catcher, a sports- 

ry • I ' ? 5. si)ecies of the skate. 
Faipala S 

Faipesfga, v. to accompany music 

with singing. 

Faipo, %'. to be lorg ago. See Fai 


Faipule, s. a councillor, a ruler. 

Faisoa, 5. one who teaches the soa ; 
a man who has a large family and 
so exempted from the necessity 
of working. 

Faisoa, s. an odd one, (applied to 
things counted by pairs). 

Faisoo, adv. continually : aso fax- 

Faisua, s, food taken to relations 
when arriving in the neighbour- 

Faisua, 5. the clam fish. 

Faita, v, methought. See Fa. 

Faiiaa, v. to commit fornication. 

Faitaaga, s. fornication. 

FaitaM, c.ovj. but, nevertheless, (sel- 
dom used). See Peita*i. 

Faitau, v. to count; to read; to 
get leaves to cover in the oven ; 
•pi. faitau. 

Fa*itafa, 5. the top row in a bunch 
of bananas. 

Faitala, v, to give news; to be a 
talebearer ; />/. either of persons 
or things; faitala. 

Faitalia, v. as I, you, &c. please. 

Faitama, v. to be motherly; to take 
care of its young. 

Faitioina, v. to be done under the 
eyes of those watching for faults. 

Faititih, s, thunder. 

Faititili, v. to thund r. 

Faito aga, s. a delive er, a saviour. 

Fa'itoga, 5. one kind of banana. 
Faitoto, V. to take blood from tac 

Faitoto* a, s. a doorway. 

Faiva, s. a fishing; a trade, an oc- 

Faivaaulima, s. an occupation weak- 
ening the arms ; metaph. a speech 
supposed to have given o£Pence. 

Faivale, v. to act unbecomingly, to 
act scurvily ; to commit incest. 

Fao, .s. a wooden peg; a nail; a 
kind of punch used in making ca- 

Fao, V. to seize, to take violently, 
to rob ; pass. faoa. 

Fao, V. to be upset, to be turned 
bottom up ; to lie on the face. 

Fao^augutu, 5. a small open canoe. 

Fao^ato, v. to pack in a basket. 

Faofao,5. a long shell formerly used 
as a punch in making the holes 
for lashing together the canoe. 

Faofao, v. to nail. 

Faofale, v. to bring in, to cause to 
enter a house. 

Faofana, s. a screw. 

Fau, 5. the name of a tree ; the 
string for tying up the hair ; pe- 
culiar ways of fastening on the 
hook in bonito fishing ; the cir- 
cular beams in a house. 

Fau, V. to tie together, to fasten by 
tying; to build; pass, fausia; 
in fens, fau fau. 

Faua, s. saliva, spittle (as issuing 
from the mouth). 

Faua, V. to drivel. 

Faudlii, 5. a native custom in con- 
nection with exchange of pro- 

Fauepa, v, to prepare the property 
on which a dead chief is laid in 

FaQi, s, the name of a tree. 

Faufaafalt'ga, v. to betroth a chiU. . 

Faufau, V. to fasten on, to tie to- 
gether ; to feel sick. 

iv ufautane, v to betroth a daugkter. 




Faufili, s tberord used by a woman 
to fasten hoc burden to her back. 

Faiifilita, v. to come back empty- 
handed, (using the faufili to beat 
off the flies). 

Faufilo, 5. perineum (of the man). 

Faugata, a. difficult to be brought 
to obey the string by \v}iich a pi- 
geon is tied ; disobedient. 

Faula*i, v. to be heaped up : to 

Faula*iga, s. a heap. 

Faulalo, s. the lowest /wm in a house. 

Faulalo, r. to intercede, to advise. 
See Fautua. 

Faulalo, v. to fasten on tlie outrig- 
ger so that the canoe may lie flat 
in the water ; to demetin oneself, 
to humble oneself 

Fa*u mai, v. impers. It is said. 

Faumau, v. to hold firmly, to stick 
to an opinion, &c. 

Faupata, s. the name of a plant 
from which while mats, native 
string, &c., are made. 

Faupu*e, r. to be heaped up; to 
be abundant. See Faulai. 

Faupucga, s. a heap. 

Fausa, s, the woof; a bundle of 
taume or dry leaves ready for 

Fausaga, s. a fastening. 

Fausala, v. to fasten on wrong the 
h<jok for bonito fishing. 

Fausnga, s. the name of a plant. 

Fautane, v. to betroth a daughter ; 
intcns. fau fautane. 

Fautna, v. to intercede. See Fau- 

Fautuuaina, v unrestrained, un- 
checked, (of a child left entirely 
to take its own w<»y). 

Fauvae, s. the rope at the foot of 
the net. See Afavae. 

Fafa, V. to carry a person on the 

Fafa, s, the S»moan hades. 

tafa, s. taro tops denuded of the 
leaves a ad stalks ; cooked food 

taken to a fisherman preparatory 
to committing a fishing canoe to 
him ; lioarseness. 

Fafai, v. to bring taro from the 
plantation ; to scrape off the outer 
bark from lutuga, &c. ; to abu^e 
(pi. oi'fdifai). 

Fafa'i, v. pi. o^faH. 

Fafao, V, to pack into a basket ; 
pass, faoa and faoina. 

Fafau, V. to fasten on (as an adze 
handle, or an outrigger). 

Fafaga, ?'. to feed ; pass, fagaina. 

Fafaga, s. a woman's burden. 

Fafagu, V, to waken, to rouse 
sleep ; pass, fagua ; intens. fagu- 

Fafano, v, to wash the hands and 
mouth; intens fanofano ; to mis- 
carry, to abort. 

Fafano, a. made small by stretch- 
ing (as string). 

Fafasa, a. foolish, mad, crazed. 

Fafasi, v, to force open (as the 
mouth); to beat, (pi. oi' fasi), 

Fafati, v, pi. ofjati. 

Fafatu, I', pi. of fat u, 

Fafie, s, firewood. 

Fafine, s. a woman. 

FafOj prej}, outside. 

Faga, s. a bay; a fi>^h trap; a very 
acrid species of trtamn, 

Faga, see Lefaga. 

Fagai, 5. the hiding place of tliC 
bird shooter. 

Faga*ilupe, s. the time of day aboi;t 
9 o'clock. 

Fagafao, s. an animal fed in the 

Faga faga, 5. a small bay; the name 
of one kind of ti. 

Fagafaga, s. the hair at the tem- 

Fagafagalksi, v, to have many dif- 
ferent topics (of a speech). 

Fagaga, s, a herd. 

Fagaloa, s, a deep bay; oneppeeics 
of taro 

] $, specie i of the li. 




Fagatasi, 6te Toatasi. 
Fagatua, r. to wnsilc*. 
Fagaluaga, s, a wrest lisig. 
FTigono, 5. a tale intermingled with 

song; boasting. 
Fa«;ota, i'. to Irsh. 
Fapotaga, .<?. h Hslnng. 
Fa^u, *•. a small sj rcies of gourd ; 

the fruit of it used as a bottle ; a 

Fagufiigu, see Fai ai^i'. 
Fagaf;.gu s. a flute. 
iVla, .s. the name of a tree, (the 

pandanus) ; the pine apple ; a 

Fala, ?'. to clear tlie hole in which 

the taio is planttd. 
Falafala, s. an old nat. 
FalafalanaM, v. lo \k dow!i, to re- 
cline, (a term of respect) ; also 

to take things easy. 
Falaga, s. the work of clearing out 

the liole in which the taro is 

Fali'ga, s. the name of a tree. 
Falala, a. aslant. 
Fale, 5. a house; an umbrella. 
Tale, V, to dw(?ll in (as in a liouse). 
Fale, prep, ^vitllin, inside, indoors. 
Falea, a. full of houses. 
Faleauto, s. a stninger, an alien, a 

person residing away f'omhisown 

laiid, (a teim of respect). 
Falealo, s. children of a chief by 

different wives. 
Fale*ese, 5. a cooking-house, (so 

called before chiefs). 
Fale*esea, i/. to dwell apart (as a 

sick person, a husband driven 

away by his wife). 
Faleoo, .v. a small i^ack house. 
Falcola, s. a house built oi' olamea; 

a nunierons offsp i. g. 
Faleuli, s. a cooking house. See 

Fale*uln, 6\ a hn adfruit house. 
Faleuj.oUi, .s. the body of citizens; 

the p;?ople, (a term of respect in- 
stead of htiU). 

Falefale, s, placenta. See pAyCA. 
Falejrase, s. a numerous oiTspring 

all dying ; things taken from a 

family by their a;7u and buried to 

bring misfortune or death. 
Falelauasi, v. to bury, (applied to 

high chiefs). 
F'alema'o, 5. a house made of ma'o. 
Faleniu, s. a house in which the 

people of the land gather 00 the 

death of a chief. 
Faletama, s, the children of apoly- 

Faletele, v. to be not very large. 
I'^aletele, s. the large house of a h- 

mily or of a village. 
Faleto*a, 5. a cliiefs sleeping house. 
Faletolu, v. to unite for any pur- 
pose (three lands or villages); so 

2iho f diet un, falef a ^ &c. 
Faletu, s. a family without a head. 
Faletua, s. a small back bous^; a 

chiefs wife. 
Falevao, s, a house made of com^ 

mon wood. 
Fall, s. a species of grass. 
Faliu, V, to turn, (of the sun after 

Fahu, V, to turn the head, to look 

Falo, ?/. to stretch out. 
Falute, ) V. to gather up evenly, 
Falutelute \ (as the ends of the /f 

loaf in making a titt, a quantitj 

of cloth, sheets of paper, &c.) 
Fana, s. a gun ; a syringe. 
Fana, v. to shoot. 
Fana^asa, v. to shoot beside the 

mark, to miss. 
Fana*e, i/. to rise (of the moon). 
Fana'e, v, to rise ; redupL fana*e- 

na*e. to commence to rise. 
Fana'ega, s, a number of aitu i« 

one person. 
Fana'ela, see Fan a* as a. 
Fana*io, s. the nnme of a tree. 
Fanau, v. to brii.g forth ; lo evuk 

gum (as the maali); pi, fanaflii; 

intcns. fanafanuu ; jfuss, fantui. 




, s. oft'spring, cliildren. 

^a, s. child-beaiing ; off- 

!eau, u. to bring forth pre- 

palasi, V. to have children in 
k succession. 

set la, s. a loot presentation, 
na, V. to fire off guns re 
edly ; to go out shooting, 
naga, s. a shooting, 
nua, s. a cannon, 
anu, .s. a ib wliug-piece ; In- 

, ?/. to doctor the eye. 
lie, t'. to shoot beside the 

K, to mis.-i. 

u. to die, to perish ; to be 

c aji end of. 

adt/, along, passing along. 

iluga, ?/. to die oil one after 


no, see Fafano. 

s. land ; the fastening of 
)onito hook ; placenta, 
namala, s. the name of a 

anu, s, a stone pavement. 

. the name of a tree. 

a. foolish, mad, crazy; re- 
fa fa sa. 

ia, s. the name of a tree, 
a piece ; a place ; the pri- 

parls, (wiih o genitive). 

. to beat ; to kill ; to split ; 

afasi ; in tens, fasifasi ; pass, ' 

, pi tasia. 

, I/, to kill ; pass, fasiotia. 

i, y. to split up in pieces; to 

liue beating. 
s. a beatifig. 

. a raised house for storing 

i ill ; a shelf; a hand bar 
a bier. 

. to carry in difata. 

/. to sit crosslcgged ; pL fa- 

a, V. the chest, the breast. 
*, s a part of the old i» 

moan double canoe; an eminence; 
a bluff point. 

Fatamanu, s. scaffolding. 

Fataniga, s. a nest ; a number of 
snakes intertwined. 

Fatataiga, s. chiefs and heads of 
families who compose the coun- 

Fati, 5. a tune. 

Fati, V. to break (as waves) ; to 
break off (as twi^s of trees); pL 
fafati ; pdss. fatia ; redupl. fati- 
fati ; recipro. fefiitifatla'i. 

Fatia*ina, v. to rehipse (as in sick- 

Fatiatanui*i, s, uneven nesses in the 
ground ; abrupt rocks standing 
in the 

Fatitua, v. to alter plans, to change 
the mind. 

Fatiuli, V, to steal, (a term of ridi- 
cule and contempt). 

Fatifatiala, v, to be near being born. 

Fatipo, a, shady, (only used in poe- 

Fatisosoe, s. a thief. See Fatiuli. 

Fato, r. to eat, (only used in abuse). 

Fatu, s. a stone ; the core or stone 
of fruit ; seeds ; the heart ; the 
gizzard ; a song. 

Fatu, a. ha.d, (appUed to wood, as 
fau Jatii, fu ''ufa'a fatu). 

Fatu, V. to make a tltt ; to com- 
mence plaiting; to fasten fioats 
to a net; to compose a song; to 
raise a false report. 

Fatua*i, r. to lay up in the memory. 

Fatuaua, s. the name of a shellHsh. 

Fatuamo, s. the part of the shoul- 
der on which the burden nsts. 

Fatuamoa, v, to have a swollen 
shoulder from bearing burdens ; 
to be hard worked. 

Fatu^amu, s, a heap of ^amuy made 
to attract fish. 

Fatuati, s. a heap of stones and 
coral to attract tish 

Fatu'u V. to thatch over old 
, to store up g^.ievance*. 





Futufalo, 5. a species of brradfruit. 
Fatufhtu, 1 r. to fold up ; to lay 
I'atufatua*!, j- up word<; to pondr-r 
Fatufatui ) caietii!ly. 
Fittutatua. a, stony; having snnall 

Fatufua, r. to raise a false report; 

to accuse falsjlv. 
Fatnga, s. th. timbers to which the 

j)uilins of a hou>e are fastened. 
Fatiiij:a*o, .s. th' kidn(V3. 
Fattijrugu, s. a fatty tumour, 
l-'rttulan, 5. old thatch. 
F.itinnanava, 5. the motion of the 

Fatuinatau, s, a worn-out hatchet. 
Fatupese, \ ^, 
Fatusiva ^ 
F'UMto*i, s. a worn-out hatchet. 
Fatutu, »<:. a heap of stones in the 
soa left for a \on^ time without 
tfie I sh being disturbed ; an in- 
dustrious man. 
Fatuvalu, s. a bad siapo. 
1\\ a prefix to verbs, with i, a'i, 
td'i, avi, &c. suffixed, for the 
most part denoting reciprocal ac- 
tion, but in some instances only 
forming a plural. 
IVa, adv. where? 
]'• *a'ei, V. (pi. of o*e), to climb. 
l'\*ai, a. fierce, savage. 
Feao, V. to guard, to protect; to 

keep one company. 
lVaola*i, ?/. to collect together from 

ditlorent peaces. See Ao. 
l^Y'au, s. a message. 
I'c'au, 7'. to send for. 
Fe', V. (pi. of *fira?/), to swim. 
J'enjrai, v, to be opposite each other; 
to corre.<|)ond ; to dwell together 
(as a chief with his people). 
I'eagaiga, .v. an established nlation- 
ship 1) tw\ en rlifFerent partie.** (as 
between biotluTS and si-ters and 
their children, chiefs and fula- 
fale)\ adopted to mean gcmerally 
an agreement, a covenant. 
Fe*alasi, ?/. to smart. See A*ala. 

Fe'alo'aloVi, r. to evade, to make 

Fea!ofa*i, v. to commit adidterv or 

fornication secretly. 
Ferdofa*i, v. (pi. of a/o), to paddle. 
Fe'alofi, V. pi. of *a/»». 
Fealua*i, ) v. to go about, to go up 
FcalumaM J and down, to walk 
barkw^ard-^ and forwards ; rednp, 
Fcanu, v. to spit. 
Feas()fa*i, v. to rush upon ; to run 

madly about. 
Feasogi, v. to salute by rubbJDg; 

Fe*atani, v, (pi of *«^a), to laugh. 
Feavca'i, v. to be a talebearer. 
Ftavitia*!, ?/. to tell a tale in differ- 
ent ways ; to prevaricate. See 
Feavea*i, v, (recipr. of ave)y to take 

Fee, s. the cuttle fish. 
Feefee, s. elephantiasis. 
Feetietia*i, v. to be driven from post 
to pillar ; to be ordered on differ- 
ent messages at the same time. 
Fei'a, s. ornamentally marked na- 
tive cloth. 
Feitaga*i, v, (recipr. of ifa), to hate 
' mutually. 
Feiiatani, v, (pi. o^ ita), to hate. 
Feiteitea'i, v. to see indistinctly (a« 
at twilight); to be distinguisha- 
ble : as, Ua fetteifeaH uitu fM 
: Fe'iietelc, s. the moon a little past 
i full. 

i Feofeo, .s\ branching coral. 
Feoionlo, V. to be moderated, to be 

improved, to be better. 
Fmi, a. pungent, acrid. 
Feu, r. (pi. of w), to bite. 
Fe'u'ua*i, v. to mutually lay hold 

Feu*ua'i, ) v. to jostle ; to move a 
Fcu'una*i ) boundary baekwardi 

and for\Vi>rd^. 
Feufeu, a. tough. 



to be afraid ; to be wrin- 

to be sh I i veiled ; pL fefefe. 

' a. tough. See Feu feu. 

^K to mix. 
ia'i, t'. to be fickle. 
al*a*i, V. to be driven tirst 
rmy and then the other, 
'ai, r. (recipr. and pi. of 
m), to speak to one another, 
ectropion ; the eye (only in 


'. to scratch; to scratch in - 


1, V. to sail about, 
la'i, V. to spread outquick- 
to bring various charges 
5t one. 

'ua*i, V. (from la^u), to be 

itasi, V, to be the alone 
er (with whom none con- 
fer the privilege of speak- 

, V. (pi. of lata), to be near 

1^ V. to be intertwined, 
ivea-i ) to be intricate, to 

, a. bushy ; complicated, 

'i, u. to be intermixed. 
, V. (from luu, two), to go 
ogt tlier. 

u, V. to fill the hands with 
\\ different things. 
iaoga*i, V. to do mutually a 
to no purpose. See Mao. 
i*i, V. pi. of mea; also, to 

?a*i, V. to bv* confounded. 
V. to rub together. 
I, V. (pi. of mo/;20*e), to run. 
. the name of a tree. See 

, sleepiness, weariness, ex- 
ion : as, Ua tu le Jena. 
avia*i, see pEi.AVELAVF.A*i. 



Fenavunavua'iaa, v. t© be beaten 
about the head with a club. 

Fenu, V. to make a join in plait- 
ing, &c. 

Fepanipania*i, v. to ply with blows 
or words. 

Fesa*eaina, v. (from sasa'e), to be 
torn to pieces. 

Fesaeiaina, v. (from saei). to be 
pulled to pieces. 

Fesaga*i, v. to be opposite each 

Fesanui, v. to whisper together. 

Fesiita*!, v. to lift from place to 

Fesiiti, v. to take in the lap (as a 

Fesili, s, a question. 

Fesili, V. to question, to ask a ques- 

Fesilia*i, v. to pass one another un- 

Fesoani, v, to accompany another. 

Fesoasoani, v. to help, to assist. 

Fesusui, V, (pi. of susu), to suck. 

Fetaaloloa'i, v. to be in confusion 
(as a crowd moving backward and 

Fetai, s. the name of a creeping 

Feta'i, v. to lead others. 

Feta*i, v, (from ta), to fight with 

Fetaia^i, v. to meet. 

Fetaiaigafa, v. to connect by mar- 

Feta*ita*i, v. to take ho'd of hands. 

Fetaolafa*i, v. to make the H re burn 

Fetaoma*i, s. one kind of banana. 

Fetaoma*i, v. (pi. of tatao), to 

Fetau, s, the name of a tree. 

Fetau, V. to reproach, to upbraid. 

Fetau i, «. to clash together (as two 
trees falling). 

Fetaufetulia*i, v, (recipr. of (au/e- 
tuli), to run about. 

Fetaula*i, v. to meet ^aa two roads); 




to have a concurrence of misfor- 

F» taulaiga-ala, s. a place where t wo 

rouds nictt. 
Fttiig-ofi, I?, (pi. of tago), to take 

hold of. 
Fetala*i, v. to confess one to ano- 
ther in order to ascertain for whose 

sake one of the family is ill. 
Fetalai, v. to speak, (used of chiefs). 
Fetalai[i:a,5. a chief sword; a chief's 

Fetaniga, see Fataniga. 
Fetinia*i, see Fetoma*i. 
Fetina'i, v. to be pressed together ; 

to be choked for room. 
Feto, s. the eyes, (only used in 

Feto'ai, i'. to clash together, to fall 

or run one against another. 
Fetoa*i, r. to be undecided, to be of 

two njinds ; to take w^hat belongs 

to another in mistake for your 

Fetogi, r. (pi. o^ toyi), to stone, to 

throw at. 
Fetolofi, r. (pi. of to tola), to creep, 

to crawl. 
Fetoma^i, v. to mutually encourage. 
Fetu, s. a star. 
Fetiiao, 5. the morning star. 
Fetuana*i, v. to convey from one 

place to another, (applied to the 

non combatants in war taken 

about for protection) ; to sit with 

the backs to each other. 
F>tuatuaiia'i, v, to sit with the backs 

to each other ; to be at variance. 
Fetui, V. to pile the stones of the 

oven on the firewood. 
Fetiiu, t\ to curse. 
Ft'tuua'i, V. to accuse falsely one 

after another. 
Fetuutuua*i, ) ^. to be taken from 
Fetuutuijna*i ) one branch of the 

family to ai.otliir. 
Fetultle, A", a shooting star. 
Fetuleni, r. (from <w/6i),to press on 

•lit another, to crowd upon. 

Fetulia^ r. to run after, to givechtie 

Fetuliga, s. a chasinpj. 

Fetuta*i, v, to join by a knot; jrf. 

Fia, a. three. See Tolu. 

Fia, V. to wish, to desire. 

Fia, a particle suffixed to sonoeverbf 
to form the passive. 

Fia, adv. how many? 

F'ainu, 5. thirst. 

Fiaui, s. a dark kind of pigeon. 

Fial a, s. joy, delight. 

Fiafia, a. joyful. 

Fiafia, v. to rejoice, to be delighted. 

Fiasega, s, one kind of umbrefla 

Fiu, v. to be wearied of, to be tiied 

Fifi, s, the small intestines. 

Figota, 5. the general name fcr 
shelltish, including those of a ge- 
latinous nature. 

Filelei, ) a. quiet, easy; redup. fifi- 

Filemu ) lemu. 

Fili, s. one who is hated by ano- 

Fili, r. to plait ; pL fifili. 

Fili, V. to be entangled, to be in- 
volved, to be intricate; tochoofle, 
to select ; to deliberate ; mient, 

FiliBliga, s. a deliberation. 

Fihfuea, v, to be entwined and 
choked by ihefue, 

Filiga, s. perseverance, diligence. 

Filiga, a. diligent, persevering. 

Filiga, V. to be persevering, to ht 

Filiga, s. the quantity of cinet pbilc 

Filigata, s, a number of snakes in- 
tertvvintd. See Ekga. 

Filimoto, s. the name of a tree. 

Filitaa, r. to prefer, to give the pl#- 
ference to. 

Filo, s. twine ; thread. 

Filo, V. to mix ; pi. fefiloi. •• >■ 

Filoa, s, the name of a fish. 


Filou*a, s. envy. 
Filofiloa, s, the name of a tree. 
Filotai, 8. the name of a shellfish. 
Fimalie, adv. easily, gently ; intens, 

Finau, ». to strive, to contend ; iri- 

tens, finafinau; recipr. fefinaua'i. 
Finauga, s. a disputation. 
Finaumaua*!, v. to persevere till ob- 
Finauvale, r. to be obstinate. 
Finagalo, s. a chiefs will or desire; 

the liver. 
Finagalo, v. to will, (to chiefs), 
Finagaloa, v. to be angry, 
Fisaga, s. a gentle north-westerly 

Fisi, V. to peel ; to entwine as a 

Fiso, s. a species of reed; the flow- 
er of the sugar cane. 
Fisoa, s. a plant. 
Fita, s, a steep place; food brought 

to visitors : as, Faafetai Jita ! 
Fita, a. difficult. 
Fitafita, a. courageous. 
Fiti, 5. the name of a plant ; one 

kind of song borrowed from Fiji ; 

a somersault; a game. 
Fiti, V. to hllip ; to give a portion 

of food ; pL fitiHti. 
Fitia, V, to be restless with desire 

for war. 
Fitipuu, s, a short Jiti used in the 

game oi' Jiti, 
Fiioi, s, a brother or sister to whom 

to look for assistance. {See U). 
Fitu, a. seven. 
Fo, s. the name of a fish. 
Fo, V, to doctor, to apply remedies; 

redup. fofo ; pdss, foia. 
Foa, V, to chip (as a hole in a shell); 

to break (as a rock); to break 

(the head); redup. foafoa. 
Foa, *. a fracture of the head. 
Foa*i, V, to give ; pass, foaiina and 

Foafoa, s, the trumpet shell. 
Foaga, s, a giind^toue. 



Foaga, s, the young of wild birds. 

Foagafanua, 5. pigeons hatched early 
in cultivated land. 

Foagamagogo, s, pigeons hatched 
at the same time with the ffogo. 

Foe, s. a paddle. 

Foeuli, s. a steering paddle ; a rud- 
der; a strer-oar. 

Foemua, s. the bow paddle. 

Foemuli, see Fokuli. 

Fo*i, V. to return ; pass. fo*isia. 

Fo'i, conj. also ; a diminutive in 
qualifying assertions ; as, Su ua 
foHy It did rain, but not much. 

Fo*isa*i, v. to send back. 

Fo*isaga, s, the place from which a 
party returns ; the party who re- 

Fou, a. new, recent. 

Fou, ». to rise against ; to attempt. 

Fouvale, v. to rebel. 

Fofo, V. to doctor. See Fo. 

Fofo*a, V. to eat loathesome food ; 
to eat voraciously. 

Fofoa, V. to break the shell, to 
hatch ; to begin a taro planta- 

Fofo*e, V. to skin ; to bark ; pass, 

Fofoga, V. to sing a song. 

Fofoga, s, a chiefs htaJ, face, eye, 
mouth, tongue, or ear. 

Fofola, see Fola. 

Fofolo, V. to go and look on in or- 
der to get tood. 

Fofomomono, see Fuafuamomono. 

Fofono, ». to send on a message one 
who has just come in ; to send to 
forbid a party coming on. 

Fofota, V, to have elephantiasis in 
scroto; to be always sitting about. 

Foga, s. the hair tied up in a knot; 
a knot of false hair. 

Foga*ele*ele, s. the surface of the 

Fogaitua, s, the knot of hair tied 
on the top of the head when about 
to iighl. 

F u, 8, a Mtter of broken bones. 

1 •■ w 



Fog:afoga, s. a great talker and liar. 

Fogafogaola, v. to look lively (as 
on recovering from sickness). 

Fognfogavale, v, to look sickly; to 
look fVightened (as troops about 
to run away). 

Fogalele, 5. a precipice. 

Foganuu, s. a night breeze from off 

Fogase*i, s, the hair tied in a knot 
and the end pulled out so as to be 

Fogatai, s, the surface of the sea. 

I'ogatoafa, .v. the bush skirting a 
too fa. 

Fogavaa, s. the deck of a vessel. 

Fogavai, s. the surface of the wa- 

Fogi, V. to blow the nose. 

Fogitbgi, s. the part between the 
nose and the lip. 

Fola, V. to spread out ; to unfold ; 
redupL fofola and folafola ; pass, 

F'olau, V. to apply ointments or other 
external applications to a wound 
or sore ; to go a voyage ; to die. 

F'olau, I 5. a voyage ; death ; the 

Folanga ) crew and vessel ; pL fo- 

Folafola, V. to spread out; to un- 
fold ; to promise ; to preach. 

Folafolaga, s. the proclaiming ; the 

Folasi, V. to spread about a report. 

Fole, 6". the name of a shellHsh. 

Fole, ?/. to be sunken (as the eyes); 
to be wasted away. 

Foliga, t/. to be like^ to resemble. 

Folo, I/, to swallow; redupL \'o\h\o\ 
iutens. folofolo ; pass, fologia. 

I'olomaga, s, the morsel swallowed. 

I olopa*o, V. to swallow whole, to 
swallow wi-thout chewing. 

F6ma*i, s. a doctor. 

I'ono, s, a council, a legislative as- 
sembly ; cold food ; a plank of a 
caiioe ; a patch in a garment. 

I'ono, V. to hoJd a council ; pass. 

fonotia ; to eat ; te patch ; ta in- 

Fono, V. to shout, to call out. 

Fonofono, v, to go and meet on the 

Fonofono, v. to patch. (See Fono). 

Fonoluluu, s, the council held before 
going to the war. 

Fonomanu, s. a council hastily call* 
ed by the crier. 

Fonotalaga, s. the council held at 
the close of a war. 

Fota, 5. the soil deposited by rivers; 
a large quantity of anything 

Fotaga, s. a larger deposit of soil 
than fota, 

Foto, s. the barbed bone in the tail 
of the skate. 

Fotu, V. to fruit; to appear, to 
come in sight ; to be stingy. 

Fotua, s. a large ^r;. 

Fotuapalolo, s. a party seldom go- 
ing a journey. 

Fotuga, s, a crop of warts or pim- 
ples; property given after the 
death of a chief by people from 
another village. 

Fua, s. fruit ; seed ; an ^g ; a 
good looking child of a chief ; a 
fleet ; a measure. 

Fua, a particle >uffixed to the units 
in counting breadfruits, shellfish, 
&c. ; prefixed in counting Itens. 

Fua, V. to produce fruit; to pro- 
ceed from ; to begin ; to measure; 
to collect the leaves of the sugar- 
cane for thatch, &c. ; to poise the 

Fua, adi/. without cause ; without 
success ; uselessly ; to no pur- 

Fua, s. jealousy. 

Fua, V, to be jealous. 

Fu*a, s. a bowstring ; a banner or 

Fu*a, V. to cut the hair. - 

Fua*aga, s. the beginning ; the 
cause. • i 




Fnainpu, s. a single sentiment in a 

Fua*ira*i, s. a single banana 
Fua*isisila, t\ to measure by the 

Fuaitau, see Fuaiupu. 
Fna*ivai, 5. a single water bottle. 
Fuao, V. to be excellent ; to be su- 
Fua'o, s. the name of a bird. 
Fuauli, see Uli. 
Fuafua, s. abscesses in the hands or 

ftet ; a young anae, 
Fuafua, v. to measure ; to weigh ; 

to ponder; to take aim with a 

Fu*afu*a, s. the name of a tree. 
Fuafiia*iiii, s. pimples. 
Fuafua momono, v. to doctor a sore 

Fuafuati, 5. a lock of hair. 
Fuaga, s. a crop ; a children's game 

with native oranges, &c. See 


Fualeva, } . r ^ 

P I ' > V. to be long smce. 

Fualuga, 5. blindness; as, ua malu 

Fuamanava, v, to be startled. 

Fu*apini, s. the name of a tree. 

Fuapolo, s, one kind of chesnut. 

Fuasou, 5. the jabble produced by 
the current in an opening in the 

Fuita, s. a crop of any fruit ; the 
handle of a spear. 

Fuata*i, v, to begin. 

FuatfUi*upu, V. to place the hands 
on the loins (as when quarrelling). 

J'uatautau, s. a species of banana; 
a pair of scale s. 

I'uataga. s. the quantity of sugar- 
cane leaves collected by one per- 
son ; the displaying of property in 
the malue, 

Fuatag-alu, s. a succession of heavy 

Fiiatasi, V. to be confined to, to be 
p( culiar to. 

Fue, s. a creeper, a wild vine ; a 

fly whisk. 
Fue, V, to beat (persons) ; pi. fufue ; 

pass. fuea. 
Fu'e, V. to put into a basket ; to 

uncover an oven of food ; redup. 

fu*efu'e ; pi. fufu*e. 

Fueuli, s. one kind oi* fue. 

Fu*efna, see Sauatoa. 

Fuefue, v. to drive off flies. 

Fuesa, 1 s. different names of one 

Fueselela ) kind of fue. 

Fuesina, ) c ^-/r ^ y^ 

T? J.- } •'^' names ot difierent fue. 
Fueto ) ^ 

Fui, s. a cluster of nuts. 

Fuia, s. the name of a bird. 

P'ui*ava, v. to eat. 

Fuiono, s. the nautilus. 

Fuifui, V. to dip. See FuFur. 

Fuifui, s. a bunch or cluster of fruit; 

a flock of birds ; a succession of 

Fuifuioso, s. a succession of leaps 

(as of bathers, dancers, fishes). 
Fuipani, v, to die with the pani. 
Fufui, V. to dip; to bathe; to bake, 

(before chiefs instead of tao). 
Fufula, V. to swell : rccZw/?. fulafula. 
Fufuii, i\ plural offuli, 
Fufulu, V. to rub; to wash; to wipe; 

redup. fulnfulu. 
Fufuti, V. to haul in the fish line; 

also pi. o\' futi ; pass, futia. 
Fuga, s. flowers, blossom; the name 

of a fish. 
Fugafugamutia, 5. grass seed. 
Fula, s. dropsy of the belly ; food 

taken to visitors, (a compliment- 
ary term used by the visitors in 

Fula, a. stout, (a jocose term) ; also 

a term applied to the neap tidts. 
Fulafula, s. swellings on the body. 
Fulafula, 1 

Fufula, V r. to be swollen. 
Fulaga'i } 
Fuli, V. to turn over, to capsize ; 

pL fufuii ; redup, fulifuli ; pasti. 





Fulifui"), /'. to turn upside down. 

FulitacKa, v, to bo turned keel up. 

Fulitua, V, to turn the buck to (as 
in anger or in flight ). 

Fuh', s. a hair; a feather. 

Fului, s. a kind of entropion. 

l''u!ufulu, see FuLU. 

F'lilut'ulua, a, haiiy. 

Fuhifuhilele, v. to be hasty in quar- 

Fuhiga, 5. the rubbing of anything. 

Funa, s. an epithet in addressing a 

Funa, ?/. to moult. 

F"una*i. r. to re>ide temporarily at 
a place \\\ order to fish for bonito. 

Funafuna, 5. the nauie of a gelati- 
nous tish. 

F'nnanita, a. frugal. See Pax a pa. 

Fune, 5. the coie of the breadfruit. 

F'usi, s, a belt, a girdle ; a piece of 
a swamp ; a portion of the tatoo- 

Fusi, V, to tie, to bind, to gird ; to 

embrace ; />/. fufusi; intens. fusi- 

fusi ; pass, fusia. 
Fusiua, s. a neck handkerchief, a 

FusifusI, V. to bind hund and foot; 

pass, fu.sifusia. 
F'usiga, s, a marsh, a swamp. 
Fusipuga, V. to tie very tightly. 
Fusu, V, to box, to fight with fists; 

pi. fu!usu. 
Fusuaga, s, a boxing match. 
F'utamea, a, fat to excess, (applied 

to pigeons and jocularly to men). 
F'uti, s. the banana. 
Futi, V. to pluck feathers or hairs ; 

redupl. fufuti ; pass, fulia. 
Futia, s. a cinetring into which the 

end o' ihe fishing rod is inserted. 
Futiain s, the basin of a waterfall. 
Futu > the name of a tree. 
Futu ^ . to be a long time since. 


The seventh letter in the Samoan al- 
phabet. It has always the naial 
sound, as ng in singing. 

Ga, a prefix to some few verbs, ai 
gatusa, yhso^o, making them neu- 
ter; also prefixed to some adverbs, 
as yafea? gatai, guufUy indicat- 
ing only a short distance in such 
direction ; it is suffixed to verbs 
in order to form nouns, as yalue- 
ga^ work, from galue to work; a 
connective particle in countings 
couples, tens, and hundreds, about 
two of each, as e tolugaoa^ efa 
gafalu, e lima galau; it is u^ 
in particular cases in counting 
units and ten : thus, for bread- 
fruit, e limagafuu, five, e fuuga" 
fulu, ten. 

Ga, s, the name of a fish. 

Gaau, s, entrails. 

Gaauafea, v, to be starved. 

Gaau fa nana, s, a prolific woman. 

Ga.iusalo, v, to be starved. See 

Ga*e, V, to breathe hard ; to be out 
of breath ; redup. ga*ega*e. 

Ga'ea'i, v. to set agoing any diffi- 
cult work. 

Gaee, v, to move (as a stone by 
means of a lever); to stir up, to 
excite ; to toss about (as a per- 
son in pain). 

Ga*ega*e, ?/. to be out of breath ; to 
be asthmatic. 

Giiegae, v, to be loose, to shake. 

Gaele, a, soft, yielding (as the body, 
muddy soil) ; redupl. gaeleele. 

Gaepu, V. to be stirred up, to bc 
troubU-d, to be agitated (as wa- 
ter) ; redup. gaepnepu. 

Gai, V, to be surprized, to be asto- 
nished. (A jocular word). 

Gtii, V. to be pained or injured ia- 




Cai*oi'o, V, to wriggle (as snakes 
aod eels); applied to a lanky 

Gaigai, r. to be 6xhaust( d (as by 
work or exposure to the sun). 

Gaito, 5. the name of a fish ; a tall 
lanky man. 

Gao, 5. the double teeth ; a re- 

Ga*o, s. lard, fat. 

Ga*o, a, diligent. 

Gaoa, a, rough, stony; rerfwjt?. gao- 

Gaoi, 8, a thief. 

Gaoi, v. to steal ; pass, gaoia. 

Gaoi, v. to throb, to ache. 

Gaoia, a. restless, active (as one 
who is always at work or doing 

Gaoioi, v, to shake. 

Gaofe, a. bending, yielding, flexi- 
ble ; redup. gaofeofe. 

Gaogao, a, empty, deserted. 

Gaogaoina, ?/. to be reproached. 

Ga*ogd*ooletai, s, one who has many 
methods of catching fish. 

Gaolo, V. to rattle ; to crepitate (as 
broken bones) ; to abound (as 
people in a family). 

Ga*opunipu, s the midriff. 

Gaosa, a. rough, stony; redup. gao- 
gaosa. See Gao a. 

Gaosa, v, littered, in confusion. 

Gaosi, V, to make, to prepare. 

Gau, 5. the name of a gelatinous 
fish ; the name of a disease. 

Gau, V. to break ; to chew sugar- 
cane or ti root ; to yield ; pi. ga- 
gau and gaugau ; pass, gausia. 

Gaui, t/. a. to break ; intens, gau- 
gaui; pass. sing, gauia; pass.pL 

Gaua*i, v. to yield to, to obey. 

Gauaugutu, a. raised at both ends, 
but low in the middle (of a canoe). 

Gaualofa, v. to yield from love. 

Gauolosaa, v. to dit , (applied to sa 

Gaujjaivi, *. a joint. 

Gaugau, v, to fold up ; plural of 
gau. See Gagau. 

Gaugatino, s. a joint. See Gauga- 

Gaumata, v. to die young ; to die 
suddenly or by accident. 

Gauta, adv. towards inland. 

Gautou, V. to break straight through; 
to die young ; to die suddenly or 
by accident. See Gaumata. 

Gafa, 5. a fathom ; ancestors ; de- 

Gafata, s. marriages into another 
land or family ; also the child or 
children of such marriages ; pL 

Gafea, adv. w^hereabouts ? 

Gafigafi, s. an old siapo used to 
wrap up native property in ; a 
rich man. 

Gafoa, V, to be notched (as a knife, 
axe, &c.) ; to be daybreak. 

Gafua, V. to be made common ; to 
have the prohibition removed. 
(Used both of the sa and paia). 

Gaga*e, v. to spring up, to arise (as 
a disease, a wish). 

Gaga*e, adv. eastward, a little to- 
wards the east. 

Gaga'e, adv. eastward, at some dis- 
tance (as at the next village). 

Gagaifo, adv. westward, a little to- 
wards the west. 

Grigan, V. to break ; to fold up. 

Gagafa, v. to measure with the arms; 
intens. gafagafa. 

Gagafo, adv. westward, at some dis- 
tance to the west. 

Gagalu, v. to be rippled (as by a 
canoe or Hsh swimming) ; redup. 
gal u gal u. 

Gagana, s. speech, language. 

Gagana, v. to speak to; recipr. fe- 

Galala, v. to have intense thirst, to 
be parched with thirst; to long 

Galegale, s. a young: cock n«t full 



CalegiiU-atfl, i-. to lie Jawn. 

(lalepu. V. to be stirred up, to be 
lioiibled, to be apiiHlKtl (as wa- 
I'-r); in/ejis.gale|iutr[)U. .SpcCia- 

Gali. ('. to gnaw; rciliip. galigdi; 
iiiltns. ga^ali ; jHtss. ^ali;i. 

fiyli'o, a. a spa st'rpent. 

(iiilo, s. a full grown iifiwi. 

("lalo, v. to pass out of sisrhl. 

Calo, t'. to forget ; ]>l. gii^ulo. 

GaUi, s. a wavf, a lirvakcr ; a num. 
her of joiing piT.-'ins. 

(ia'u, V. to bi' riiii;;li, to break hea- 
vily on llie roef. &v. 

Giilue, !'. lo work, (particularly of 
cultivating ll.e ground) ; pi. ga- 

Galue, *. food tiiWeii Ity llie whole 
town lo visitors. 

Galuefaafafa, s. food consisting of a 
pig and a basket of vcgitables 
taken by each head of a fiimily to 

Caliiega, *. work (especially hus- 

Galuellli, s. a small ijalue. 

Galuetali, «et Galukimafava. 

Gali.galu, ^ee Gao.alu. 

Gaiuiu. v. to shake (as a nut not 
full of juice; wetiqih. of a land 
influenced by a chiDf). 

Galulu, V. to liavc the hcadaehe. 

Galutsa, s. waves roll ng from west 
to eiist, or the opjiosite. 

Galulati, £ a high wnve which takes 
the rubbish irom the beach. 

Ganagana. v. to be talked about, 
to be tlie subject of conversa- 

Ganagana, w. to talk, to 

to chat ; pun. ganaia ; reci/jr. fe- 

Ganagaia, a. difficult to be per- 
suaded, disobedirnt. 

Ganagofie, a. easily persuaded, obe- 

Gii|.e, V. to be broken ; pi. ppepe. 

Ga->ia, i. tish taken to relations. 


Ga«e, a. palsied, lifeleM, languid; 
pi. gagMse. 

Ga«e, f . to be languid, to be lifelt'ii; 
lo die ; to wane as the moon. 

Gnsp, V. to rustle. 

Gase'ele'ele, v. to be eclipsed (of 
he moon). 

Gasegase, i. a chiefs illness. 

Ga;egasemalu, s. a chiers ulcer. 

Gasemoe, v. to die. 

Gasese, a. industrious. 

Gasese, ) s. an oven of food being 

Gasesega ( prepai-ed, {lo ehieftv 

Gasetoto, v. to be cclipstd (of the 

Gasolo, a. swifi. (of canoes). 

Gasolo, V. to pass along. 

Ga^oloao, o. to die, (spoken of tic 
highest chiefs). 

Gasu, 0, to be wet (of the bush). 

Gata, s. a snake. 

Gata, s. a custom of giving proper- 
ty when girls first menstruate. 

Gata, u. lo finish, to end, to lermi- 

Gata, suffixed to verbs to expreu 
difficulty; as mtiujrafa, difficult rf 

attain nie lit. 
Gati'aga, s. the end. 
GBla'e,f. to be cracked, to be split 
Gatae, s. the name of a tree. 
Gutai, adv. towards the sea. 
Gata'ula,) ^ !■ i / i 
Galauh \ *' ** kinds of snakes. 
Gatala, s. the name of a fish. 
Gatasi, n. equal; together; inJeni. 

Gatasina, s. one kind of snake. 
Giitfte, (I. ji. lo shake; to l>e irou- 

bled ; inttns. gateletele. 
Gati, s. one kind of song sung by 

Gatilo, 0. 10 grow in great numbers, 

Gatogia, s. the honito season., s. the stick used lo rub fii« 
with; an old siapo tised as^a 



to I 

: head <|iiarten; 




to come t© one point from difFar- 
ent places. 

Gatusa, a. equal, alike ; intens. ga- 

Gege, V. to die (of animals, applied 
to men abusively); to be pained 
(as with the sun, cold, &c.) ; to 
be very slow. 

Geli, s, a cat. See Gose. 

GenOj't;. to nod, to beckon ; intens. 
genogeno. See Nego. 

Gese, a. slow ; intens gesegese. 

Geti, 6\ a full-grown lomu, 

Getigetia, a. fat. 

Gigi, V, to obt y. 

Gita, s, the head shaved down the 
middle (as practised by virgins). 

Gofie, suffixed to verbs, meaning 
easy ; as maugofie, easy of attain- 

Gogo, 5. a seagull. 

Gogofala, s, a bird having a small 
voice ; a child's whistle. 

Gogolo, s. a rushing sound. 

Gogolo, V, to make a rushing sound; 
to come in crowds. 

Gose, s, a cat. See Geli. 

Goto, V, to sink ; to swamp (as a 
canoe) ; to set (as the sun) ; in- 
tens. gotogoto ; pi. gogoto. 

Gotouga, V. to sink like an uga, to 
sink to the bottom. 

Gu, s. a dark colored artificial fly- 

Gu, u. to growl ; to make a mur- 
muring noise (as the voice of men 
at a distance). 

Gufee, s, the name of u fish. 

Gugu, s. rheumatism of the joints. 

Gugu, a. dumb. 

Gugu, V. to scranch. See Paagu- 

Gugua, fl. rheumatic. 

Gugutu, s. a great talker who dis- 
regards truth. 

Gulu, V. to sleep ; redup. gulugulu. 
(A jocular term). 

Gutu, s. the mouth (of men, aai- 
mals, wells, bottles, &c.) 

Gutu, 0, to excel. 

Gutu, V. to eat his own food by 

himself alone ; to trespass against 

Gutuaitu, s. a man full of words ; a 

Gutuaopo, a. sore-mouthed. See 


Gutufagu, s. one kind of breadfruit. 
Gutufiloa, a. prominent niouthed. 
Gutugutu, V. to promise and not 

Gutulei, s. the name of a bird. 
Gutumoo, a. small- mouthed. 
Gutupoto, a. clever in talk. 
Gutusega, a. beardless. 
Gutusolosolo, a. sore- mouthed. See 

Gutusua, a. jesting; redup. gutu- 

Gutusumu, a. small and prominent 



The eighth letter in the Samoan alpha- 
bet ; pronounced, for the most pnrt, 
and by some natives always, as the 
English I. When preceded by a or 
o oru, and followed by i, it has, with 
most natives, the sound of a soft (not 
a rolling) r. 

La, s. the sun ; a sail ; a branch. 

La, pron. they two, (abbreviated 
from Idiia ; used before verbs). 

La, a particle of emphasis, much 
used in the eastern part of the 
group. It might perhaps be ex- 
pressed by then, at once , disSuu 
la iuy Come then, or at once. 

La, V, to be intensely hot (of the 
sun) ; pass, lain a, to be exposed 
to the sun. 

Laa, V. to step ; to pass over ; re- 
dup, lalaa, laalaa ; pass, laasia. 

Laai, v. to break over, (the wave 
rising on the one side of the ca- 
noe and making a breach clean 




over to tlie otlicr side) ; to pass 
over ; to join another's quarrel ; 
recipr. i'elaaia*i. 

Laau, 5. a tree; wood, timber; a 

Laaualala, s. the cotton tr e. 

Laaufefe, s. the sensitive plant. 

Laaulalagd, s. the cotton tree. 

Laauta, s, a stick for striking: the 
sea to drive fishes into the net. 

Laautauta, s. a lono; stick for driv- 
ins: fowls out of the house. 

Laauvavae, s. the cotton tree. See 
La AU A L ALA , La aula laga. 

Laaga, ) «. a step ; a stepping 

Laasaga ) over. 

Laalaa, v, to step over something 

Lae, s. the space between the cor- 
ner of the mouth and the chin. 

Laca, s. the usiusi when grown lo a 
moderate size. 

La*ei, v. to wear a train ; to dress 
for a review of troops. 

La*ei*au, s, a messe»;ger to call to 

La*ei*an, v. to exercise at a re- 
view; to have got all ready for 

Lai, s, the name of a fish. 

La*i, s. a westerly wind. 

La*ia, v. to be blighted by the west- 
erly wind. 

Lailoa, v. to be exhausted, to be 
tin d, to be pained. 

Laina, v, to be starved; to be hun- 
gry ; also passive of la. 

La*ita, s. a cocoanut bearing large 
clusters of small nuts. 

Laitiiti, a. small ; pi. laiti. 

La*o, 5. the name of a fish. 

La*o, V, to be low tide ; to be satis- 
fied with food ; to be experienced, 
accustomed to. 

Laoa, V, to be choked ; to have 
something lodged in the throat. 

Laoa*i, v. to pull in the ** sheet " of 
a boat sail. 

La*o*ai, s. a plaited cocoanut leaf 

used as a table ; a table. See 

La*oifua, v, to be well, to be ia 

health (of a chief). In use od 

Laofie, V, to be fair weather, to be 

Laolao, a. smooth (as the sea) ; fi« 

nished (as the body of a canoe, a 

bush being cleared, a taro plant- 
Laolao, s, an open space in the 

bush free from trees. 
La*ola*o, conj, no wonder that; for 

that reason. 
Lau, 5. a leaf; thatch ; a lip; the 

brim of a cup, 
Lau, s, breadth. 
Lau, a particle used in counting fish; 

as, ra € IdLHogafulu ma i*a e lua 

Lau, a particle prefixed to some 

verbs, indicating uniformity, uoi- 

versality, as laufola^ lauiloa. 
Lau, pron, thy. 
La*u, prtm. my. 
La*u, V, to clear off, to carry away; 

(with mai)f to bring; intens, la*a- 

La*n, see'u. 
Laua, pron. they two. 
Lau'aa, s, the fibrous substance 

which grows round the cocoanut 

tree, (the stipule). 
Lauaai, s. the town (in opposition 

to the bush). 
Lauaitu, s. a weeping, a wailing. 
Lauao, s. a chi^-fs hair. 
Lauauta, s, a plant. See Laufalb. 
Lau*afa, s. the larger cinet fasten- 

Lauafia, s, the name of a tree. 
Laualo, s. a malauli caught iosidA 

the reef; the belly of a chief. 
Laualou, s, one kind of breadfirait 
Laualuga, v. to be on the top, to be 

Lauama, s. the Upolu fleet. 
Lauapi, s. a war lod|^ing houfe. 





Lau;itra, s. thi' Sjavaii fleet. 

Lau%na, a g^reen.*avravi, s. one kiml of banana. 

Lau'elc'ele. .%-. hnd. 

Laui*a, s. a fish eookcd in a cocoa 
nut Iv^af; a measure from above 
the wrist to the tips of the rin- 

Lauifi, s. ch(;stnut leaves; the eyes 
(when spcakin*; of one's own). 

Lauilo.j, V to be known to all. 

Lauitiiti, a. narrow ; /;'. lauiti. 

Lauo*o, s. a leaf of a yonnjj cocoa- 

Lan*o*o, s. one kind of the umbrel- 
hi plant. 

Lau*ofe, s. one stage in the growtli 
of the atule. 

Lauolaola, v. to g;row luxuriantly. 

Lauu*a, s. the paper mulberry; the 
bark of it prepared. See Iutuga, 
for which word it has been sub- 
stituted on accoint of supersti- 
tions in connection with fishing. 

Lauulu, s. the hair of the head. 

Lau'ulu, 5. a breadfruit leaf. 

Lauusiusi, a, shining green (as 

F.aufao, s. the name of a plant. 

Laufafa, 5. a support for the jaw of 
a dead person. 

Laufdj^ufitgu, s. the name of a tree. 

Lanfale,*'. branches and leaves used 
to covt'r over I lie faleseu; the 
na:ne of a plant. See Lauauta. 

Laufunua, a. the cultivated land. 

Laufatu, s. the name of a tree. See 

L A V M A A . 

Lanfola, s. one kind of the umbrella 

Laufola, a. steady, without squalls 

(as the wind). 
Lauga, s. a speech : a sermon. 
La'nga, s. a carryirjg ofF. 
Laug.tasi, a. even, level. 
Laugutu, 5. the lips. 
Laulau, s. a temporary cocoanut- 

leaf iiouse. See alio La'o'ai. 
Lauluu, see Atulaulau. 

Laulau, v. to lay out fool ; to nar- 
rate ; to abuse indece'tly. 

La*ula*u, v. toberott n ; to be very 
soft (as ulu^an ). 

Lanlaufaiva, s. the loniiue. 

Laulaufau s. the nanit* of a Hsh. 

La'ula'unoa, see LaMlv'i;. 

Laiilaulu, s. ooroanut-L'af house 
built on occasion of the death of 
a chief. 

Laulautu, v. to sta:i(l up ^Jg^■rll*.'^ ; 
pi. laulaututu. 

Lanlagi, s, the hair of the highest 

Laulala, s. the name of a plant. 

Laulalo, a. underneath, u.idrrrnost. 

Laulalo, v. to be at the bottom, to 
be underneath. 

I.aulata, 6\ a levt.l place on a ni >un- 
tain's side or at its foot. 

Lauleagj, a. uneven. 

Laulelei, a. even, level ; satisfied. 

Laulelei, v. to be wtill, to be reco- 
vered {of a chief). 

Lauloa, s, one method of catching 

Lauloto, V. to be between, to be in 
the middle. 

Lauloto, a. middle. 

Laumaa, s. the name of a tree. See 


Laumaile, *'. the name of an od. ri- 
ferous creeper. 

Laumalie, v. tu be enough, to be 
complete ; to be in go;)d health, 
to be well. 

Lauma<»amasa, a. narrow (of nets). 

Laumanea, v. to be eaten by the 
white ant, (spoken of the living 

Laumata, 6. an eycl d. 

Laumea, &\ leaves of trees; a coun- 
try, an island; a large fish or a 
large tree floating out at sea and 
attracting fish to it. 

Laumea, adv. a long time ago. 

Laumei, s. the turtle. 

Li^nrnua, s. applied to Sagana as 
leading land in the Tuama- 



saga. (The lau was the tupc first 

Launiu, s. a cocoanut leaf ; a ham- 
boo, (so called before chiefs). 

Laupac, r. to sit toffcihcr. 

Laupapa, s. a board, a ])lank. 

Laupata, s. the name of a tree. 

Lausae, s. a portion of the tatooinp:. 

Lausoo, V. to be spread over (as with 
weeds or men, or as the Iieavens 
with clouds'). 

Lausului, 5. dry banana loaves. 

Lautagitag;!, a. drooping (as leaves 
of a tree). 

Lautaliga, s. toadstool. See Mo- 


Lautalotalo, s. a shrub. 

Lautele, a, wide ; widely krown ; 
common piople; p!. lautefele. 

Lauti, *-. a ti leaf; a bamboo, (be- 
fore chiefs, instead of ^qfe). 

Lautiti, s, a leaf of the tlii ; fish 
caught in numbers ; men killed 
in numbers in war: Ua viotu le 

Lautoi, s. one stage in the growth 
of the atule, 

Lautolu, s, three lands going toge- 
ther on an embassy. 

Lautua, s, the name of a malauli 
wh^ found outside the reef. 

Lauvao, s, the wild ti plant. 

Lauvale, a. bad, worthless, (only in 
a question and negative sentences: 
Pe lauvale ea mea a lena taya- 

Lauvale, a. thin, a falHng away of 
the body previous to being ill. 

Lauvivilu, see ViviLU. 

Lafa, s, the ringworm. 

Lafalafa, s, the level top of a moun- 

Lafasupa, s, an ulcer supposed to 
indicate paralysis. 

Lafi, t\ to hide oneself; pi. lalafr. 

Lafita*i, v. to hide away; to con- 

Lafitaga, s. a hiding place. 

Lafo, I', to throw; to clear off the 


bush ; pi. lalafo; intensAofohfo. 
Lafo, .f. property given to tulafale, 

^^^?- J s. the rattan oane. 
Lafoa S 

Lafoa*i, v. to throw away; to de- 
sert ; to reject. 

Lafojra, s. a game played with tupe. 

Lafohifo, v. to deh berate ; to be, 

Lafotn, V. to throw down. 

Lafu, s. a herd. 

Lafu, r. to prohibit the killing of 

Lafulafii, 5. one kind of tare. 

Lafnlafu, a. dingy, dusky (as the 
body for want of oiling). See La- 


Lafulafua, a. barren, unproductive^ 
exhausted (of the soil). 

LafuJomu, a. rich, productive. 

Laga, V. to rise to arms; to raise 
up; to rise from sitting; redup. 

Laga'ali, s. a plant, its fiowers used 
to scent oil. 

Lagauta, v. to carry a large load, 
(applied to canoes and men), 

Lagalajra, s. a stick used to raise 
the flat coral used to keep down 
fish traps. 

Lagalaga, v. to raise up (as a heavy 

Lagalaga, v. to reconnoitre (applied 
to a small party sent out before 
the advanced guard to reconnoi- 

Lagalagaola, v. to raise the finger 
nails from the flesh. 

Lagamuli, v. to gain the victory 
after having been frequently de- 
feated ; applied also to a speaker 
who after being severely reproved 
afterwards gets the better of his 

Lagapaia, v. to be struck accident- 

Lagapalo, v. to contend with one 
who has conquered another in a 
club match. 




Lagapapale, v. to bear with, to en- 
dure. Sec Faapalepale. 

Lagavaa, see Lagai'alo. 

Lagi, s. the sky; heaven ; customs 
observed on the death of a great 

Lagi, 5. the head of a chief. (It 
has the phiral form). 

Lagi, V. to sing; redvp. la^ilagi. 

Lagi, V. to call out the different por- 
tions of food and the parties for 
whom intended. 

LagifeIo*ua*i, ^ v. to marry into an- 

Lagifetaopea*i \ other land or. fa- 
mily {of chiefs), 

Lagilagi, v. to warm anything at 
the fire ; pL la lagi ; pass, lagia. 

Lagilagia, a, cloudy, threatening 

Lagiiagimua, v. to remind those 
about to distribute food or pro- 
perty of some party having a 
claim, that they might not be 

Lagisiva, s, a singer. 

Lagisolo, s, a long song, unaccom- 
panied with dancing. 

Lagivalea, v, to be obscured by 
clouds (of the moon). 

Lago, s. a fly ; props of a canoe. 

Lago, V. to lean against or upon ; 
to raise on supports; to take ])art 
with one against another ; pi. la- 
la go ; redupl. lagolago; pass, la- 

Lagoa» a, cranky (of a canoe) ; 
easily displeased (of chiefs) ; re- 
dup. lagolagoa. 

Lagoia, v. to be covered with flies. 

Lagogalemu, a, steady, not cranky, 
(of a canoe) ; quiet in disposition, 
not easily provoked. 

Lagolau, s, neatly plaited cocoanut 
leaves used to keep the ends of 
the thatch from hanging down. 

Lagolemu, see Lagogalemu. 

Lagomau, v. to be the confidence 
of, to be the support of, (in war, 
work, &c.) 

Lagomumu, s. the carpenter bee. 
Lagona, v. to understand; to feel. 
Lala, V, to be pierced with a sptar 

which remains in the body ; to 

stand against (as firewood against 

a tree) ; to stand up (as a comb 

in the hair). 
Lalii, s, (pi. of /«), branches. 
Lala, a. greasy. 
Lala, V. to leap upon (as the male 

La!aa, see La*a. 

Lala*oa, v, to have a fishy smell. 
Lalau, V, to be in leaf (of annual 

Lalau, V, to speak, to make a 

Lalafi, s, the name of a fifsh. 
Lalafi, v, pi. of laf. 
Lalafo, V, pi. of lafo, 
Lalafu, a. dingy, dusky. See La- 


Lalaga, v. to weave, to plait. 
Lalaga, 5. a fine mat partly finished; 

a new fine mat. 
Lalagi, v. to broil, (used before 

chiefs instead of tunu), 
Lalag©, s. a chief's bamboo pillow. 
Lalago, V, to ward off a blow ; also 

pi. of la(/o, 
Lalama, v, to be ripe, (applied to 

chestnuts, bananas, and yalns); 

also pi. oi' lama, 
Lalano, s, the name of a poisonous 

Lalano, a, deep (of water). 
Lalanu, v, pi. of lanu, 
Lalase, v, (pi. of lase), to clear off; 

to destroy. 
Lalata, v, pi of lata, 
Lalato, V, to have the mouth stung 

by acrid substances. See Salato. 
Lalatoa, s. the name of a shrub. 
Laleag'i, a, bad looking, ugly. 
Lalelei, a, good looking, fine look- 
Lalifau, s, mucous from the mouth. 
Lalilali, v, to mistake in naming 




persons, cailiu^: by the wrong; 
name ; pi. lulili. 
Lalo, s. d m* sstngtr sent secretly. 
T.alo, 7>/Y;y. below, down, nnder. 
Laloaoii, /•. to be pitinring (as 
elonds in tlie part of the heavens 
a^ it'nn(hrtlit* mui, thence spread- 
in'j: all ()\t r). 

I.alntale, .V. eondiK't of a faniilv. i 

Lal«Mj!.roa, a. n\crslia<lovved, (ap 
pli'ii to a small plantation, and , 
to a >peo(h iiitcrrupted by ano- , 
ilur'). 1 

J.alolagi, >'. I lie W(»rid ; a part, of , 
the W(Kld : as. // if la>t liilolityi. \ 

L;i!(nasa. >-. t'>L'. sp,u"e between a 
(luiible I'anoe ; the space between 
a eanof ;;nd its oiitrijrger; scro- 
tum . (til pin in. lor /aso). 

Lama, s. the candlennt. 

J.ania, /*. to li.«-h with torches; pi. 

J/ana, /-. to watcli for, to he in 
wail; ifiteriii. lamalamu; pi. la- 
huna ; pasm. lanuitia ; recipro. fe- 

l/amaj2,a, s. a fishing with torches. 

Laniala, s. a drought. 

Lanio'imo'i, ti. small. 

l.amolemole, a. smootli ; good 
look in*!:. 

Lamn, v. to chew; dimln. lamula- 

J.ana, prun, his, her. 

Laninii, a. S'nall. 

Lano, s. a lake; liquor arnnii, {also 

Lanu, s. color ; liquor antinii, (so 

Lanu, V. to wash off salt water ; to 
oil the body all over ; to be free 
tVoni punishment after paying the 
jKMiaUy ; pi. lalanu. 

Lanua, s. sore eyes ; pi. lanua ; 
red up. laiiulanua. 

Lannaoa, a\ an early setting sun. 

Lannfalea, /;. to be dim (of a fly- 
ii^hhook); to be obscured (as 

the eyes from not Ixjing exposed 
wlien diseased). 
Lanumoana, a. skv colored. 


Lapa, .«?. a fiat species of coral; a 
Hat slab at the root of large trees 
acting as buttresses to the trunk. 
Lapa, V. to warn. 
Lapala])a, s. the stem of the cocoa- 
nut leaf and banana leaf. 
Lapata'i. s. the level land at the 
foot of a hill. Ste Aulapata*i. 
Laj)ata'i, /•. to warn. See Lapa. 
Lapavale, s. a slip of the tongue, a 

Laj)avale, /'. to n»ake a slip of the 
tongue, to mispronounce; to make 
a blunder in speaking. 
Lape, .V. a n^an who sits and wishes 

bad luck in tagiiti^n. 
Lape, r. to sit and wish bad luck to 
the opposite party in tagati^a; 
pass, lapea; rednp. lapelape. 
La pea, r. to be visited by a calatni- 
ty after warnings rejected ; redup. 
lapelape a. 
Lapo'a, a. large ; pL lapopo'a. 
1/dpotopoto. a. globular. 
Lapusa'i, r. to reproach as the cause 

of calamity. 
Lase, ?;. to scrape off (as warts); 

pL lalase. 
Lasi, a. many. 

Laso, s. scrotum. See Lalova^^a. 
i Lv'ita, a. tame, domesticated; at 
! home in a place. 
1 Lata, pr(fn. my. See La*u. 
Lata, r. to be near, redup. latalata; 
to be tame ; to feel at home ; pL 
Latafanua, ) ik to be attached to 
Latanuu ) one's own land. 
Latavale, a. not afraid of strangers, 
not shy, easily made friends. 
I Lalelo, a. large ; pi. latetele. 
I Latou, pro7i. they. 
Latulatu, s. the nmne of a chatter- 
ing bird ; a man who talks ra- 




Lava, .<?. ornaments worn across tlie 

Lava, ndv indeed, very. • 
Lava, s. a payment given on catch- 
ing a shark. 
Lava, V. to be enough; to complete 

the complement. 
Lava, V, to be able; ^;a5i\ lavatia. 
Lavaau, v. to call, to call out to; 

pass, lavaauia. See Valaalj. 
Lavai, s. the leaves of the o"a used 

as stuffing to baked pigs. 
Ldvaidapua, a. black in the fore 

and hind parts and white in the 

Lavalava, s. the wrapper worn round 

the loins. 
Lavalava, v to put on the wrapper; 

to dress. 
Lavalavao, a. clamorous, noisy. See 


Lavasi, v. to tie round and round ; 
to entwine (as a serp- nt). 

Lavasi, v, to entwine the hand with 
a cord so as to form a boxing- 
glove, (the cestus). 

Lavata*i, see Lapata*i. 

Lave, 5. a part of a head dress. 

Lave, V. to steer free, to keep before 
the wind ; to take a turn of a rope 
round a pin, &c, ; to be of great 
service in a family; to be intri- 
cate (as sub.ects to be di-cussed, 
sen Lavklave). 

Lavea, v. to be struck ; to be 
choked ; to be removed (as a dis- 
ease). See Safka. 

Lavea* i, v, to extricate, to deliver. 

Lavei, s. one kind of taro. 

Laveitiga, r. to save from pain or 

Lavelave, s. a short fishing rod. 

i^vtrluvc, t\ to entangle ; to be in- 
tertwined ; to be intricate (as sub- 
jects under discuss.on) ; piiss, la 

Lavena, s. the name of a fish. 

l^vetemutemu, r. to be struck side- 
ways so as to eseap'..' the full force 
ot the blow. 

Le, art. the. (It is also often used 

where tlie English would recjuire 

the indefinite article). 
Le, pron. who, that. 
Le, adv. not. 
Lea, pron. that. 
Lea, a particle following the verb 

when it takes ona before it. 
Le*a, s. one kind of *ay// ; one kind 

of cocoanut. 
Leai, adv. no, not. 
Leaia, v. to have no say, power, or 

authority in. 
Leausilia, v. not to be exceeded, 

not to be surpassed. 
Leaga, a. bad. 
Le'ale'a, v. to be one night after full 

(of the moon). 
LeatapaMa, v. not to b:'ar being 

touched, to be tender and painful 

to the touch. 
Lei, s. whale's teeth; a necklace of 

whale's teeth. 
Le'i, s. the prominence in the helve 

of an adze against which the end 

of it rests. 
Le*i, ndv. not (past time). 
Le*ileai, ndv. no. A diminutive ac- 

k novvledging the omission of some- 
thing which should have been 

done. • 

Le*ile*i, s. anything very good (as a 

good-looking man, a house, *ai;a, 

&c.) ; the name of a tree. 
I.eileia, ( v. to be frightened by a 
Le'ile'ia ji taulaitu pretending to 

be irispired. 
Le'ili'ili, adc. unbecomingly. 
Le'imai, adv. long sincf. 
Leo, .V. the voice; a sound; a guard, 

a watchnan. 
Leo, V. to watch, to guard; redup. 

leoleo ; pi. leleo. 
Leofaamama*i, s, a doleful voice. 
Leoleoa, a. loud talking, clamorous, 

Leoleo, s. a guard, a watchman. 
Leoleoga, s a watching. 
Leoleuia'i, v. to watch. 




T.ooj^ualii, .<?. i\ ^o(h\ vf»ico. 
Ia'u, r. to knock a«i;iinst accident- 
ally, to strikr accidentally. 
Lnilcu, .»;. an old siapo. 
l^MituM'i, r. to be unintcrn]ittinp:. 
Lefapt, V. to bo. inso])arable from, 

to follow without fail. 
Lefea, pron. which. 
Lcfii, ^/. Ui^ly. 
Lcfii, } 1 

Lefulcfu 5 *• ''''"^'- 
Lejra, 5. turmeric (prepared). See 

Legaoia, a. quiet, mild, chaste. 
Lcgalega, a. yellowi.<ii (as the body 

from sickness. Sec Sfxiasega. 
Lela, adn. that ; there. 
Lelavalava, a. naked, (euphem. for 

Lelc, r. to fly; to escape, to run 
away ; pi. fclelei ; 2)ass. lelea ; 
redup. lelelelea. 
Lelea, v. to be carried away by the 
wind ; to be driven off by a strong 
wind (of vessels). 
Lelea'i, v. to be puffed up with pride 
on account of sudden promo- 
Leleaga, 5. a party driven off by a 

strong wind. 
Lelei, a. good. 
Lelei, V. to be on good terms, to be 

reconciled, to be at peace with. 
Lcleo, V. pi. of Ico. 
Lelefu, x\ to be burnt to ashes. 
Lelefua, 5. a species of moth. 
Lelena, i\ to spread out. See Fo- 


Lclovi, a. rude. See Lrmigao. 

Lemafai, r. to be unwilling; to be 
unable; pi. lenjafafai ; pass, le- 

Lemigao, (i. disrespectful, rude. 

Lemu, adv. quietly ; privately. 

Lena, s. the name of a plant of the 
yam kind. 

Lena,;>/Y>M. that; udv, there, (near- 
er than JelTi). 

Lenei, pron. this. 

Lenci, adv. now. 

Lenei, conj. therefore. 

Ixpa, s. a pond, stagnant water. 

Lepa, i'. to be stagnant ; to lie to 

(of a vessel). 
I^peti. s. one kind of breadfruit 
Lepeti, v, to break down ; pau, le- 

Lepu, V. to be stirred up as water; 

pass, lepu a. 
Lepulepu, v. to stir round. 
Lesolosolou, r. to have no remission 
of pain, to be no better; to have 
no cessation (as in tlie arrival of 
Letiiitai, r. to be not near, to be far 

off; to be wide of the mark. 
Letaualoa, v, to be treated with dis- 
Letauia, v, to be disregarded, to be 

treated as of no account. 
Letauj)ulea, see Faaletaupulea. 
Letagatoi, v, to be not near the 

mark ; to be not near finished. 
Letalatalae, r. to despise, to treat 
with contempt, to make no ac- 
count of. 
Letalitalia, ) v, to be unrestrained; 
Letatali ) cannot be restrained, 

checked, or stopped. 
Letioa, v. not to be blamed, not to 
be found fault with. See Tioa. 
Letuli, adv. not only. 
Leva, s. the name of a tree. 
Leva, a. long (of time); pi, lelevt; 

redup. levaleva. 
Leva, V. to be long since ; rcrfwp. 

levaleva, leleva. 
Levavao, s, the name of a tree. 
Li, s. the cinet which secures the 
outrigger to the canoe ; the name 
of a shellHsh. 
Li, V. to set firmly (as the teeth). 
Lia, s. a net, a louse's egg. 
Li*a, 5. a chief's dream. See Faa- 


Lia*i, V. to root up; to pull up; 
to throw away ; pass, lia'ia anrf 




Lia*iniemea, s. the name of a cliild*s 

game of play. 
Li*aga, s, a giddy lieiglit. 
LialiaM, v. to whirl round ; to shake 

the head. 
Lii, s, the name of a cluster of 

Lii, a. finely plaited (as a basket). 
Lii, V. to be rippled; to be pimpled; 

redup, hi lii. 
Li*o, s, one method of fishing ; the 

net used in it. 
Li'ofigota, 5. a halo round the moon. 
Li*oli*o, V. to surround ; pi. lili*o. 
Liu, 5. the inside bottom of any ves- 
sel, box, &c. ; the inside of a pig 

after it is cleaned. 
Liu, V, to turn ; to turn over ; to 

turn into, to change; redup, li- 

liu, liuliu. 
Liua, a. wide (as a canoe of too 

great beam). 
Liua, s. a hollow place. See Ma- 


Liualo, V. to turn the belly to ; to 
regard ; to be favourable to ; re- 
dup, liuliualo. 

Liuiofaga, v. to exhume the bones 
of a dead chief for the purpose of 
reinterring in another place. 

Liutua, V. to turn the back upon. 

Lila, a, sloping (as some small de- 
clivity, applied also to the surf 
before it breaks) : thin, wasted, 
(of the belly, from disease or hun- 

Ligi, see Liligi. 

Ligoa, a. frightened away; redup. 

Ligoligo, s, a cricket. 

Ligoligo, V. to be calm, to be quiet, 
to be undisturbed. 

Lili, V. to be angry, to be enraged. 

Lili, /;. to be Hrnily fastened. 

Lili'a, a. timid, atlrighted. 

Lili'a, V. to be timid, to be affright- 

Lili^au, V. to set the teeth fast toge- 
ther ; to be enrage d. 

Lilii, «. small. 

Lili'o, r. to surround ; to circumvent, 
to hinder. See Sisi*o. 

Lilifa, a, sloping (as the side of a 
mountain). See Lifa. 

Liligi, V. to pour ; redupL ligiligi. 

Ligiligi, V. to pour gently ; to make 
water (of children). 

Lilivau, see Lili*au. 

Lilivu, V. to be long ago. 

Lilo, a. secret, hidden. 

Lilo, V. to be hidden, to be con- 

Liloia, V. to be covered. 

Lima, 5. the hand; the arm; the 
foreleg of an animal. 

Lima, a, live. 

Limaleigoa, s. the fourth finger. 

Limalima, v. to do quickly. 

Limaiima, v. to be clever at all work. 

Limamalie, s. one expert in catch- 
ing fishes with the hand. 

Limamatua, s, the thumb. 

Limamulu, a, greedy, breaking up 
food so as to appropriate it in- 
stead of distributing it. 

Limasaga, a, five span. 

Limasee, s. a quick carpenter. 

Limasusunu, a. greedy, (burning 
the hand in the haste to st^ize on 

Limatama, s, the little finger. 

Limatolotolo, s. a thief. 

Linmtusi, 6'. the forefinger. 

Limavale, a. stingy (in regard to 

Limavela, s. a quick carpenter. 

Limu, s. seaweed, riverweed ; moss. 










Limulimu, s. 

s. different kinds of 

seaweed detaclicd 




, .' . 1 ; /•. to die M.ildtii.v. 
l.ipiolu S 

Lipoi, y. a shelt r, a place of refuge 

from a sionn. 
Lif)<)i, .V. a It'af'-hil oC ufato. 
Lisf, adv. quickly. 
Lisi.^a, *. a iiiini'. Ic. See Vavfga. 
J.i\.»liva, .«. thi ciicular plate of a 

Lo, s. the name of a fish ; the name 

of the muntli answering to April. 
Lo, t)ic p(>>-t ssi\>' pH'rix to tlie 

(iiial aiul ))l« of proiioM!)s when 

the i.ouu is singular: as, In hitou 

Loa, s. g:ra vest ones ; a grave built 

ov( r wiih si« ]\v<. 
Lea, a. loii^ ; pi. loloa ; red up. 

Loa, V. to be lontj since. 
Loa, adv. directlv, instantlv. 
Lo'alo*a, A. a pniple yam. »SVr Ufi- 

LoaloaNale, >*. the middle finger. 
Loata, 6. a large venemoiis ant. 
Loi, s. the ant. 
L()*j, s. a shed built on to the side 

' a house : a pigsty. 
Loia, s. full cf aiits. 
Lola, r. to be surfeited willi rich 

Lr»iiili,V'. one kiiul of ant. 
Loiuln'au, .'•. a n. dive dish of cocoa- 
nut luire. 
Loiniatji, .V. a tear 
L()*iiutiiiiia, /•. to be shut up (as 

p'ias in a sty, or nu-n in a fort). 
L(iO, the sign of the present parti- 

Lcofah\ } V. to speak first, to give 
Loofono i the openii g spe. eh at a 

Leoni;»lu:i, s. an old woman ; pi. 

lot man tna. 
Leu, 6. a lonji pole with a crook at 

til (nd used in gathering bread- 


J. on, p/ort. iliine, thy. See Latt, 
i.i.'n. ;• on, M-fie, mv. jSVc La*l\ 

f-ou, r. to turn round ; to steer a 

Loua, a. troublesome, ofTensive; 

intens. louloua. 
Lou loua, ?•. to be very \W{ofu chief). 

See Mai.omaloa. 
Lofa, r. to cower down', to crouch. 
Lofatci*iina, v. to cause lo crouch. 
Loha, V. passive o\' lolo. 
Loiituiria, r. to be overwhelmed by 

Logata, V. to be oflensive. See 


Leg ), 5. a report, a sound; a wood- 
en drum. 

Lfgo, I', to hear; to feel. 

Logo, r a to report ; pi. lologo ; 
ndup. logologo ; pass logoina. 

Logouli, s. the ! ame given to the 
viaomao when it changes color 
preparatory to becoming a pa" 
I a 'la. 

Lngologoa, a. famed, renowned. 

Lfjgologosa'i, I', to report. See 

Logona, v. to hear. 

Logouoa, r. to be deaf. 

Logosa*iina, r. to listen to, to obey. 

l>og{.tiiiO, r. to rejoice because of 
success in fishing, shooting, &c. 

Logovale, r. to report erroneously. 

Lola, r/. hard, stiorig ; raw. 

Lolalola, ?'. an indecent term used 
by a won)an in repelling a man. 
impoituninir her. 

Lole, V. to rub smooth (as bread- 
fruit in mailing faufflu): to beat 
and press down a fallen iov; peas, 

Loli, s. the sea slug. 

Lolo, 5. a flood. 

Lolo, V. to overfl(jw ; pass, lofia. 

Lolo, s. the cocoanut prepared for 
making see;, ted oil. 

Lolo, V. to be wet (of clothes). 

Loloa, s. the name of a fish. 

Loloa, a. pi. ot lo^f. 

Lo'oi, s. a native dish of taro and 
cocoanut juice. 

Loioi, t: to bind o» Mnotlier stick 

U'bcn ihe outrigger i^.tuo small 



Liilo'u. t'. to betid, to bend down, 

lo l>end round. 
Lolotita, s. a flood coming down 

from inland. 
Lolofi, f. to crowd to, to flock to- 

Lologo, V. pi. of logiK 
Li'loml, V. to prcssdown; to knead; 
mpoo; to print; redap. lo- 



Lolotat, s. a flood I'rom the sea. 

Loloto. a. deep. 

Lomaloma, v. to be quiet, to cease, 

to tnicntiit (as the wind, a war, 

Loiiiea, s. (from /oandmeme«), tlie 

general name Tor a cUdS of small 

fishes, iacluding the lo, the aiipfe, 

and the lolua. 
LoTni, V. to knead gently; to press 

on the sprit of a catioe in order to 

adjust it properly. 
Lomu, s. the name of a gelatinous 

tish ; a coward. 
I.ona.proB. his, ht-r's. 
Lona. If. to be pained in swallowing 

a hard iinma'^lic^tcd subsiaiice. 
Lopa, g. it ut'cklaie. <b'ee Am)a. 

Losi. s. ni.ulution ; redup. lusilosi. 
Lo?i, t'. to eiiiuUte; to be ji'nious 

of, to envy, 
Lo-iivali', r. lo be jeolous of, to be 

LoUi,pnin. my. See hti'i-. 

Lot.', I', til handle, to pull about; 
rcd'ip. lolelote ; pass, iotea. 

I.(iio, «. the hiart as the seat of ilie 
aff.ctioMs: the d.'sire, Ihe will. 

LolO, i. a di-vji pluce in the sea in- 
side tile reef; the interior (as of 
a house, loldfale). 

Loio. u. to regard with affection; 
lopreii-r; to desire : to will, 

Lot6.>, s. iii'ijt r, j);i*siun. 

I.CA I J? 

Lotoalii, if. nobh^niindi'd. 
Lotonti, V. to be courageous, 
Lotofale, f. the inside of a lionse. 
LotoiiiaulBlo, s. deep holes within 

I he reef. 
Lotomawklo, a. rofound, thought- 

fu humble. 
Lotoniasagii, ». lo love as twins. 
J.olomonmlu, a, unkind, ncglecliiiji^ 

the family 
Lotoniu, s, love of country, 
Lotopa, a the inside ofdn enclosure. 
Loloiaia'e, * (trom lot'i,iaUiii, and 

a'e). shallow holes within the 

Lotolaia'e, a shallow brained, of 

small undrr<,tdnding 
Lototele ! to be ot good cheer, tci 

Lotovii, » self piaise, love of praise. 

Lotu, s. religion ; religious persua- 
sion; a religious service, (A term 
intixxluced from Tonga). 

Lotu, V. to turn over fiomheathen- 

Lotn, V. to make a hollow smvtii in 

the water with the hand ; iiilens. 

lotulotu, to do so continually. 
Loiuiiga, s. the niime of a nuintli 

corresponding with Ocioiier 
Lotulotu, V. to dn iinylliing liastilv, 

lo mase haste; lo bo ui^eiit. 
Lovi, V. to bi' respectful. 
Ln. s. a native dish of taro leaves. 

a ho 

hll^, pron. you two. See 

Luai, (1. to spit out. 

Lna'i, *. the hoh- in which taro or 
other vegetable is planted, or has 
been phnted ; the hole in which 

Lna-i, u. fir-t. 

Liia'i, i: to pive the taro its la -t 

wiis'ding; to incite to anything 

(as a quarrel, &c.) 
Lua-iga, t the firat weedin|^of taro. 




I.iiSui, s, a native dish of cooked 
taro leaves; raw laro leaves. See 

LuajjM, .v. ilie small purlins of the j 
roof of' a iiouse. 

Luafaatau, s, a hole from which 
iishes are easily obtained. 

Lualoto, .s'. a dfcp hole ; thafafd, 

Lualua, a. two or three, a few (as j 

Lualua, a. full of holes. 

Luamatou, acc Luafaatau. 

Luatagata, s. the name of two stars. 

Lue, V. to shake; infens. luelue. 

Lu*i, V. to challenge ; redup. lu*i- 
lu*i ; pass. lu*ia. 

Luo, r. to be in consternation ; to 
be ready to run away ; to be 
rough (of the sea) ; to be rainy. 

Luuluu, 5. one kind of crab. 

Luutaga, s. a handful. 

Lufa, s. a large black siapo, 

Lufilufi, V, to divide out the food 
according to orders given, (ap- 
plied to the young men who wait 
on the faipule). 

Lufiluri, s. a bamboo knife (so called 
before chiefs). See Laumu. 

Lu^a, prep, upon, above. 

Liigaluga'i, v. to increase in violence 
atttT a partial cessation (as war, 
wind, disease). 

Lull, s. the screeching of the vam- 
pire bat. 

Lulu, s. the owl. 

Liilu, V. to shake more violently 
than lue. 

Lnluu, V. to take up a handful; to 
sprinkle with juice of the niui any 
thing used by an alii puia so that 
it may be made common ; so also 
of a new net, canoe, &c. 

Lululu, s. fat choeks. 

Lulutai, s. the name of a sea-bird. 

Luluti, V. to be in great pain. 

Luma, s. a disgrace, a reproach. 

Luma, jjrep. in front of, in presence 
of, before. 

Luma*ava, s. a public morning meal. 

Lumana'i, v. to have in front. 

Lumane, s. the name of a gelatinous 

Luna, V. to cause a return of swell- 

Lupe, s, a pigeon ; the name of a 
disease of the skin. 

Lupea, a, full of pigeons. 

Lupefaamuli, v. to shout or to blow 
a trumpet .as a sign of having 
caught pigeons. 

Lupelupe, a. very aged. 

Lupepe, 17. to crowd to, to crowd 

Lupo, s. the name of a small fish; 

Lupoa'e, v. to come in shoals (of 

Lupolago, 5. a small tupo, 

Lupolupo, s. a small lupo; the name 
given to the ulua when the fish- 
erman wishes to ^conceal his suc- 

Luposeuseu, s, the name of the Ivpo 
when one stage from becoming a j 

Lupota, s, a large lupo. 

Lutaluta, v. to begin to blow hard. 

Luti, V. to be pained ; to urge to 
be expeditious; redup, lutilutii 
pL luluti ; pass, lutia. 

Lutitau, V. to urge on a battle. 

Lutu, 5. a rattle shaken to attract 

Lutu, V. to make a hollow sound 
with the hand in the water ; re* 
dup. lutulutu. See Lotu. 


The ninth letter in the Samoaii alphf 
bet. Pronounced as the English. 

Ma, s. shame. 

Ma , a. clean, pure (as arterial b1ood)>| 

See ToTO ma, also Pakpae ma. 
Ma, V. to be ashamed; all destro] 

(applied to a great slaughter, 





Mai, /;/•('//. from. 

Ahii, //. hiiM.'kisJj. 

Mai. ?•. h> 1)1' hrackisli. 

Mai, .s. sickiios, discus'', illness. 

Ma*i, r. to be ill. 

Mu*i, n(U\ \crv: as wa'i idarule ! 

111 w very njiscliievousi (as it'll 

wvvkr a tlisease). 
Maia, v p.issive oi'mama. 
Ma'ialoalu, .v. a disease that admits 

of a reniedv. 
Ma'ialii, s. paralysis. See Supa. 
Ma'i'i, I'. l<» be slow in doing any- 
thing; redfip. nia'i*ii'i. 
Maio, s. a small piece of pork. See 

Maioa, v. expressive of negation, 

to be without ; very variously ap- 
]Vla*ioi, a. slow. 
Maioio, a. distinct, clear (of the 

voice in speaking). 
Mai*n*u, s. the tinger nail. See 

Miiifea, Qciv. whence? 
Ma*iga, s. an epidemic. 
Maile, s, a chief's dog. 
Mailei, s. a trap. 
Mailei, v. to entrap. 
Maili, V. to commence to blow, to 

sj)rin<r up as a breeze ; dimin. 

Mailo, \ s. a basket in which faausi 
A;a*ilo j( is served U[) ; a spittoon 

or ?;piliihg d«sh for a sick person. 
Ma*ima*i, ?;. to have elephantiasis in 

the leg. 
MaMma'i.'OO, v. to be often ill. 
Ma'imaliu, .s. epilepsy. 
Ma'injulu, ,s\ ai ulctr. SeeVAiwhA. 
Mainioa, r. to look at, to view as 

an object of curiosity. 
Muinioi'ga, s. a jariy ul" sight seers. 
Main-a, v. to shine (of hie). 
MiVina, V. to be ashamed, (always 

with ihe negative le). 
MaHiii, v. to tingle, to sn>art; re- 

dnp. m.i'ini*ini. 
Ma-inonoto, *'. paialy^is of the legs. 

Maise, r. to (pnet, to comfb.t one 

Maisi, V. to be split, to be cracked. 
See G.\TA*K, which is usually sub- 
stituted for this word. 

Maisu, .s\ the name of a gelatinous 

Ma'itaga, s, a lying in, a confine- 

Maitolania, s. the name of a fish. 

Mao, s. a lull in the wind, or waves, 
or rain. 

Mao, >'. an accident. 

Mao. V, to come or go fruitlessly; 
to do a thing accidentally or in 

Mao, adv. accidentally; to no pur- 
pose ; by mistake ; it alio inten- 
sities a prohibition : as, NeH mao 
sau, don't come by any means. 

Mao, 7'. to be far oflT, (compounded 
with other words). See Mahao. 

Ma*o, s, the name of a tree. 

Maoa, V. to make a chopping or 
hammering noise. 

Maoa, V. to scold. 

Maoama, t;. to steer towards the 
ama ; to speak so as to give of- 

Ma'oi, 5. particular kinds of food 
demanded from the conquered 

Ma*oi, V. to act contrarily. 

Ma*o*u, V. to bi' uneven, to be shri- 
velleti (as siapo, bark of a tree, 

Ma'oul, s. one kind o\' ma^o. 

Maofa, V. to be startled. 

Maomao, s. the name of a young 
pa la in. 

Ma*oma*o, s. the name of a bird. 

Maona, v. to subside, (applied to a 
wave, and hence to anger). . 

Ma*ona, r. to be satisticd (with 
food); to be overloaded (of a 
gun) ; pi. ma*o'ona. 

Maono, 5 th nan^cofafish. 

Maopo, s. th<' name of (we kind of 
bread iVu it. 




Maopoopo, a. compact, close in tex- 
ture ; retentive in memory. 

Ma*6si'o>^i, V. pained with scratches; 
obtained with pain and difficulty, 
(applied to food, es[)eci.dly of food 
in war time). 

Ma*osina, s. one kind of ma^o. 

Maota, s. the name of a tree. 

Maota, s. the premises of a chief. 

Maotamea, s. the name of a tree. 

Ma*otea, s. the name of a tree. 

Ma*oti, V. separated (as a branch 
from a tree) ; metuph. expressive 
of oneness of n^ind and purpose. 

Maotua, a. far back, (applied to a 
cave, also to past time, and also 
to a man of understanding). 

Mau, s. a testimony. 

Mau, V. to be firm, to be fast ; to 
have plenty of food; and by add- 
ing mea, olo , toga, &c., to pos- 
sess plenty of such .articles ; to 
dwell; to be decided, to be un 

Mau, V. to run off, to drain through 
(as water through sand); to sink 
down (as earth); to depart, to 
disperse (as large numbers of 
people ; to result, to terminate (as 

Mana, v. to get, to obtain, to ac 
quire ; to reach, to get to ; to 
overtake; to "Cattrh ; jd. maua. 

Maua, pron. we two (excluding the 
person addressed). 

Mau'a*a, v, to get roots, to take 
root; to have connections in a 
land, and through whom a right 
to dwell there. 

Mauaga, s. joking, sporting, dalli- 
ance ; i«/e/fd*. miuunauaga. 

Maualalo, n. hnv; depressed; deep. 

See M Ai'i.Ai.o. 
Maualuga, a. Iiigli; elevated ; tall ; 
]fL. maualuluga. 

Maui, V. to ebb (of the tide) ; to 
sub?*ide (as a swelling, or war) ; 
to fall down (as achisler of nuts); 
to excel in the game of iayati^a ; 

a form of salutation used at Ma- 

Ma'u*u, s, grass and weeds ust d to 
cover round the roots of tho taro. 

Mau-upu, V, have a cotninand of 
language, to excel in Sj>eaking. 

Ma*u'utoga, s, the name of a weed.^ 

Mauga, A*, a hill, a rnountai:! ; a 
residing at a place (from mau). 

Mauga, s. the draining oft' or run- 
ning away (as of water) ; the re- 
sult. (Chiefly used in the verbal 

Maugata, a. obtained with diffi- 

Vlaugofie, a, obtained easily. 

Maulalo, a, low; deep; pi. maula- 

.Vlauli, s. the moon. 

:Vlauli, s, the heart (in the expres- 
sion seyia mauli). 

Maulu, V, to creep under, to creep 
through; to swim under water. 

\'la*ulu, V. to sprinkle with rain ; to 
shed feathers ; to fall through ; 
to drop (as dew) ; intens. ma'ulu- 

Ma'ulu*ulu, ) V. to be very weak ; 

Ma*uluola ) to be very fatigued, 
as if about to drop to pieces. 

Mau mau, ?'. to break one's own 
head (with a stone) ; to abuse. 

Mau mau, v. to waste, to lose. 

Maumauaga, v. to practise buffoon- 
ery, to play tricks. See Mauaga. 

Maumausolo, v. to move from place 
to place, to be unsettled 

Maumaga, s. a plantation of taro. 

Maunu, 5. a pigeon long tame; 
youHg tutuya plants. 

Vlaunu, .?. a bait. 

Maunu, v. to bait. 

Maupipii, ??. to remain, to continue. 

Maupu'epu*e, s, a rising ground. 

Mausa, s. an emblem of a chief or 
land ; ironically applied to con- 
duct: as, O lann m-iusa le f/aoi. 

Mausali, v. to be Hrmly fixed, to be 



Mnutali, r. to have an answer, to be 
able to answer (as an accusation). 

., . ' > r. to know certamly. 
IVlautnioa ) •' 

Mauli'eti'e, s. a rising ground. Sec 

Mantofn, .«. the name of a shrub. 

Mautofutwi, .s'. the name of a weed. 

Mafa, *\ the brow of table land. 

Mafa, r. to be disproportionately 
la.ffe in (piantity or iiuniber (as 
food, or nianv houses and few peo- 

Mafai, v. to be willing; to be able; 
7;/. mafafai. 

JVlafa*ifa*i, r. to be broken out, to 
be extracted, to be wrenched out. 

Mafala, «. wide spreading, umbra- 

Mafa mafa, a. somewhat lieavv. 

Mafana, s. a married pennon who is 
not allowed to marry again ; a 
liusband who gets plenty of pro- 
perty through his wives; a species 
of crab. 

Mafanafana, v. to be warm. 

Mafati, v. to be easily broken off 
(as branches) ; redup. mafatifati. 

Mafatia, s. the distribution of pro- 
perty at the death of a head of a 

Mafaiia, v. weighed down, burden- 
ed, oppressed. 

Mafatua, v, to sneeze. 

Mafega-ala, s. the place wliere a 
branch road joins the maia one. 

MiiHa, «. thick ; redup. matiafia. 

Matiuga, 5. the origin, the cause. 

Mafine, s, a woman, (a term ©f re- 

Mafiti, a, blustering, quarrelsome. 

Matiti, V. to spring out (as a spark 
from the fire) ; to spring up (as a 
sj)linter of wood). 

Mafoa, s, the name of a tree. See 


Mafo*e, ??. n, to be skinned; redup, 

Mafola, V. to be spread o»it ; to be 


extensive, to be wide; to be plain, ' ' 
to be perspicuous. i 

Mafu, 5. the fat of a pigeon; the ' 
pieces of faausL 

Mafu, a. stale, musty, (applied to 
cooked food). 

Mafu, V, to heal up. 

Mafu, V. to burn ; to emit a sweet 
smell, and of cooked food. 

Mafua, s, the young fishes which 
serve as food to the larger, and 
used as bait for them ; the ripe 
seeds of trees attracting pigeons, 
and thus nnaking them easy to 
catch; a dead man lying between 
the combatants, and thus tempts 
ing others to be killed in the at- 
tempt to carry him off. 

Mafua, V. to cause, to originate. 

Mafui^e, s. an earthquake. 

MafiiR, V. to laugh suppressedly. 

Mafuli, V, to be turned over, to be 
upset ; to have the heart set on. 

Mafulifuli, v. to be cranky (of a 
boat) ; to be unwieldy (from fat). 

Mafulu, a. disagreeable (of con- 
duct) ; bright (of tatooing lately 
finished); very fat. 

Mafuna, a, rugged, not having a 
smooth surface ; redup. mafuna- 

Mafuna, v, to peel off as the skin. 

Mafuta, s. communion, association, 
dwelling together. 

Mafuta, V. to dwell together; to be 
roused from sleep. 

Mafutamoeafiafi, v. to go to sleep 
early in the evening. 

Maga, s. a branch (as of a tree, a 
road, a stream, or anything hav- 
ing a branch, or forked) ; the 
curved or hook part of the artifi- 
cial fly-hook. 

Maga, s, a mouthful of *av« chewed 
for mixing. 

Miigaegae, v. to be loose, to be 
moveable (as a stone, a tooth). 

Magai, v, to sit astride. 

Magaugau, v, to be broken. 


Magaugau, a. brittle (of wood). 
Magauli, «. thenameof one kintlor 

Magaulipute, \ s. different kinds 
MagaulitalBmoli ( of wagauli. 
Magagalo, v. pi. of rnagah, 
Magaiafu, s. the hearth. See Ava- 


Magalo, s. one kind of taro. 

Magalo, a. fresh, sweet, (not acid, 
as the vi, &c.) 

Magalo, w. to be fresh (not salt); 
to be sweeHnot sour); to be ex- 
|pi;itt'd, til bo atoned for; to be 

Magalogylo, o. partly fresh. 

Magalua, a. having Iwo bmnebes. 

Magamaga, a. branching, forked. 

Magamagalima, s. the divisions be- 
tween the fingers. 

Magamagavae, *■. the divisions be- 
tween the toes. 

Magasiva, s. a branching kind of 

Magavaai, v. to see double, to be 
failing in sight. 

Mageo, s. the name of a sliellfish ; 
the shell of the same used to scrape 
the luluffa. 

Hagele, s. the name of a tree. 

Mageso, s. the nettle-rash, prickly- 
heut ; the ilch. 

Mageso, a. anything which irritates 
the skin. 

Magi, s. a hero; a fearless man; a 
hard-working man. 

Magi, a. courageous; re<fcp. magi- 

Magiagia, v. to be set on edge (of 
the teeth). 

Mago, s. a small eel. 

Mago, a. dry; pi. mamago. 

Miigomagoa, a. peraistiitg in (as 





Magolo, V. sunken low (as a deep 
canoe); to have the property of 
Kinking; rediip. magotogoto. 

Ma^togoto, ti. to be uneven, to be 

L road I 

full of ridges (i 

Magu, «. dried up (as gt 

sun, or as biood on a wound; r 

dup. magumagu. 
Magiiy;ii V to be soranched; to I 

scranchable; to be cracked i 

broken (as a bone) ; to make 
'e as in walking over gravel. 

id the 
in the 

Mala, i 






open space where 


Malae, s. the 

public meetings are held. 
Mala'i, v. to do a thing in the 

morning (mostly used in reproach 

to an idle person). 
Malal, .(. the name of a fish. 
Malaia, s. a calamity. 
Malaia, a. unhappy; unfortunate; 

Malaia, v, to be unfortunate; to be 

Malaise, s. the block for beating 

cinet on. (A new term for saga). 

Malauli, L rfiu 

Malanloa, (as *■ names of fishes, 

Ma I au tea, 
Malaulau, a. new, fresh (as food 

cooked the first time); applied 

also to a young man, 
Malauvai, s. the name of a fresh 

water fish. 
Malafatn, s. one kind of banana, 
Malaga, s. a journey ; a travelling 

Malaga, v. to cause, to originate ; 

to luff (in sailing). 
Malaga'auseuga, s. a party going a 

journey begging implemeiits for 

the Beuya. 


Malili, s. the name of a tree. 
Maliliu, n pVoimalia. 
Mnlimali, see Mamali. 
Malivao, s. an insect tliat burrows 

Malo, s. a narrow girdls worn In 

Malu, V. to hang down the tail (as 

a dog when afraid). 
Malo, s. I he conquering party; vi- 

Miilo, V. to be victors in games or 

Malo, a. hard; rediip. malolo. 
Mai. .a. V. to Imve visitors. 
Miiloi, ti. lo be out of season (nf 
the bonito); to be free from viii- 

Miilofie, s. moonlight sports ; a 
chief being latooed, 

Maiolo, V. to be subdued, to be 

Malolo, s. the flying-fish, 

Malolo, a. bard. See Malo, 

Maluio, V. to rest; tube recovered; 
to be well : as, Ua malolo ea ? is 
he recovered? malolo ea? is 
lifi in health? 

Malologa, s. a resting place. 

Malomaloa, v. to be in pain {of a 

Mahina, v. to be filled out, to be 
swelled out (as abas^ket); rediip. 
malonalona. See Malfna. 

Mulo^i, a. strong; ;j/. nialoliisi. 

Malosi, V. to be strong; dlmin. ma- 
lo --ilosi ; pi. malolosi. 

Malosi, V. to snmrt, to tingle (of a 

Malosigiitu, 71, to be stronger ill talk 
than at work. 

Malo^ilosi, u, a little strong; begin- 
ning to regain strength. 

!MhIij, V. tobeslicliered, to be tight, 
to lie impervious; to be shaded; 
^ to be protected. 

Alalu, a. sofi ; redup. maliilu. 

Mala, B. culm, lutlLd (of the wind). 



Malu, 1. cool ; redup. maliilu ; 

eased (of pain). 
Malna, s. a hole in the reef. 
Maluauli, v. to return safe from 

Maliialii, a. stout, large-bodied ; 

Maluapapa, x. a sheltering rock. 
Malnia, v. passive of mniirxlu. 
Malufanua, v. to be hidden under 

the shadow of the land (as seen 

D the 


Maliilu, V. to be cool; to impart a 
feeling of cold ; pass., malugia, 

Malulii, a. soft. See Mali.'. 

Malijlii, v. to be shakeable. 

Malumaln,a. overcast, cloudy, 

Malumahi,s. the residence of a deity 
whether a bouse or tree, &c.) ; a 

Malumoca, ti. to be overshadowed, 
so as to hinder growth (trees). 

Mahipo, s. the shades of evening. 

Mama, £. aring; aleak; a mouth- 

Mama, ti, to chew : pass. maia. 

Mama, v. n. to leak. 

Mama, a. clean ; free from weeds. 

Mama, v. to be clean ; al^o plural 
of ma, to be ashamed. 

-Mama, s. the lungs. 

Mama, ii. light, not heavy; trifling. 

Mama, v. to be ligiil ; intens. ma- 

Mamaa, v. to be troilden down (as 
grass, from people walking over 
it). See Asa, 

Mamae, i, one kind of banana. 

Mamae, i>, to wither, to fiide (as a 
leaf); to be unwilling to lend or 




of the 

Mama'i, V. plural of ma'i. 
Mamao, v. to be far ofl", to be dis. 

Mamao, adv. far off", distant. 




Maniau, v. to be fast, to be fiiin ; 
(sec Mait) ; to be costive. 

Maniata, *'. wciglit. 

Mamafa, «. heavy; bad (applied to 

Mamafa, r. to be heavy; pass, ma- 
fatia, to bv^. burdened. 

ManiaH, v. to be honored. 

aMaina^i, s. a creeping- plant ; (scr: 
Mamalui'k) ; the name of a dis- 

!Mamapjo, c ])lural of rnar/o, 

^Maiuala, .s*. the name of a tree; (see 
Fam'atviamala); food, (so called 
by JNf'Jo in rctnrninp: thanks). 

Manilla, «. di-'case producing, (spo- 
ken of a husbaid or v.ife who is 
supposed to communicate disease 
to tlie partner, and of a nurse or 

Mamala, r. to have a bad taste in 
the mouth after eating poisonous 

Mamala, i«^ well done! capital! 

Mamalava, s. the name of a tree. 

^lamali, r. to be disrespectful to; 
rcdnp. malimali. 

Mamalu, 6\ glory; influence. 

]\[amalu, (/. overshadowing ; influ- 

]\Iamalu, r. to overshadow ; to pro- 
tect ; pass, mahiia. 

^lamahipe, .v. the name of a plant; 
(sec Mamagi); food prepared for 
tlie pigeon-catching matches. 
?,r-nnana, s. sui)i;rnatural power. 
,SV'6' Man A. 

]\ramapu, see Matu. 

]Mamasa, see Mas a. 

Mamasagia, r. (intens. of 7)inuta), 

to be light, to be very light; to 

be made lijaht of. 
Mamasi, a. smarting, tingling. See 

Ma LOS I. 
^famata, see AIatamata. 
^Jamate, i\ plural of w/^e, 
Mamatia, ?'. to be easily settled, to 

be a light matter; to treat as a 

light matter. 
]Maino, s. the name of a fish. 
^Vfamoe, s. a sheep, 
^lanndu, v. to slip throuirh, to slip 

]\[ana, .<?. supernatural power. See 

Mam AX a. 
]Mana, r. to exert supernatural pow- 
Mana, pron. tvith the prep, ma ana, 

for him, for her. 
Manaia, s. a man having more than 

one wife. 
Manaia, a. fine-looking, handsome. 
!>,rana*o, i\ to desire, to wish; pass^ 

^rana*omia, a. desirable, coveted. 
]\!ana*ona*o, v. to desire continually. 
Mana*ona*oga, s. earnest desire. 
]\ranaui, 5. the name of a tree. 
IManafa, a. industrious; having 

cliickens : as, iitia vinnafa, 
.Managata, 5. a pig C before chiefs). 
?i!anagofie, a. easily settled fas a 

quarrel confined to one family or 
one vil!ag(»). 

Manjana, r. to di>si;e, to love ''of the j Manamana, v. to bear constantly in 

husband and Vvii'e). Sec ?>1ana- 


Mamanu, s. the name of a fish. 
i\Iamanu, .«?. iigiwod work in cloth, 

clubs, ciiiL't, <^'c. 
Mamapo, v. "shut your mouth," (a 

word of recrimination used to a 

reprover who is himself faulty) ; 

to abu>e a reprover, 
^lamapo, v. to show off, to put on 


mind, to t easnre u> in the me- 
mory : as, inrni'imaaa i lofo; be 
it far fiom : as, AV*/ iminainand 
toe sau, never never return. 

Manamanailoto, x\ to remember an 
injury, to cherish revenge. 

Mimamanaloloa, r. to hold in lb® 
breath fas in divingV 

!Manamatua, s. supernatural power 
of a parent bringing a curse on * 
disobnlieut child. 




aioa, V to desire, (of limited 


ill, V. to tcilk together in a 

voice ; rtdup. maiianr.inanu. 
>Liu, 5 tl)e name of a tree. 
II, A\ a tlioiiglit. 
u, r. tothif»k; to remember; 
n.aiiatu ; redup. manatuiiatu ; 
». iTiaiiatua. 

a, s. the belly ; the womb ; 
aiiterior fohtanelle of children, 
a, r. to throb; to exist on 
a sick man on water alone), 
a, r. to breathe; to rest from 
k: to palpitate, to |)ulsate. 
aalofd, i\ to love, to compas- 
ate, to be benevolent. 
^a'ilga, a. perseveri; g". 
ao^«, s. a company returning 
1 work. 

anava, s. arterial action, 
ase, a. fearful. 

5. a custom, a liabit ; one 
I of v.hite ant. 
, 5. the name of an insect. 
, r. to walk proudly. 
, V. to b' gin to rise (as the 
, or a person sittirirr down), 
a, s. a custom, a habit. See 
< i:. 
iMiie, s. an ealing away of the 

of the palms of tlie hand and 
sol( s of the feet. 
lanea, a. worm-eaten, 
e, r. to be slow in w dking, 
»iter; to fall slowly (us from a 
' i'l I he c!ub mutches), 
iiiu, s. a j»Init; a gristly sub- 
c-e in a pi^'s head. 
, (I. thin; rethtp, maniftnifi. 
, s. tlie name of a fish. 
aiii, A', the tempi s. See^1\- 

;, .s". the name of a fish. 

D, a. clear, not disturbed (of 


3, s. peace. 

>, V. to be calm, to be qujet; 

. maiiinoa ; red. maniiiouino. 

MaJio, a. a myriad, a gr. at nundier. 
('i'his was the utmost bounds of 

Maiioa, s, thread, strin^i^. 

^lanoatuina, v. to b* h Id back or 
interrupted in ma'viiig a speech. 

Majioo, s. the name of a Hsh. 

Man:)gi, n, odoriferous, swt et snv II- 
ing; by euphcm. applied to a dead 
body beginning to be offensive. 

Manogiriogi, n. one whose oppres- 
sive acts are borne with because 
of his former character. 

Manon)awo, (i. innumerable. 

Manu, s. a bird, (the general name 
for); a b.ast. 

Manu, V. to be poor, (ap|)lied to a 

Manu, s. luck, good fortune. 

Manu, adv. whiUt, (always in a good 

Manu, V, ijnpers. it was as if, all 
but, methought: as, Na manu 
ov oti. 

Manu, V. to rise above (as a rock 
out of the water, or a tree above 
the rest) ; to float high (as a ca- 
noe) ; to b^^come well known ; to 
show itself through the disguise 
attempted ; redup. manuanu. 

Manu'a, s. a cut, a wound, a bruise, 
a scar. 

Manu'a, s. a wounded person. 

Manu'a, v. to be wounded ; j)l. nra- 


Manuao, s. the name of a bird wh'ch 
whistles at daybreak ; a song in 
praise of a chief sung while walk- 
ing along the road. 

Ma:;u'aga, s. a party of wounded 

Maimalii, s, the name of a bird, 
(marju a Lii). 

Manuena, 5. a white sentinel gull. 

Manui, a. figured (as cloth, clubs, 
posts of tlie house, &c.) ; redup, 
manumanu, mamanu. 

Manuia, a. happy, fortunate, lucky, 

1 (:5 



Mjiiiu'ia. V. to ciill oi!t to ^lo^) a 
thiol. 6:v. 

Mrnno, /•. to rroclaiin aloud. 

Mamj iita, a. !)in s wliuli breed in- 

Maindele, s. tlie general name for ' 


Alanuliia, ) r i * i 

-, - > .s\ names of bndr^. 

Manuma ) \ 

.Manumalie, r. to have in alum- ^ 

dance. | 

Manunrrdo, r. to be vietorions. 

Mai.umMi n, 5. tlie tooth-ache; the j 

faee-aclie. \ 

Mrsnnmann, a. covetous. See also \ 

Mami. I 

^lanuniaiiua, r. to liave the tooth- ' 

ache. i 

Mannmea, s. tlie name of a bird j 

now ahnost extinct. 
!Mannnn, s. the name of a tree. 
Mannnu, a. blistered. 
Alanusa, see Man u alii. 
Manntaele, s. the part of the belly 

under the navel. 
Manntai, s. a s^^a-bird. 
.Mamitairi, a\ the name of a bird. 
Manutasi, o. of one mark (as (;loth 

of one pattern). 
Mahuti, a friable, brittle (as dried 

Mapii, r. to snap, to make a crack- 
ing noise. 
Ma])(*lu, <•. to bend, to stoop, to bow 

down ; rcihtj). napelnpeUi. 
Mapeva, /'. to twist the foot. See 

Mapo, u. mealy ; pi. mamapo. 
Maj)omalri, (t. mealy and soft. 
Maponjapo, r. to make pretensions, 
to talk lar<;ely, to exaggerate ; 
applied also to one who is urgent 
that his opinion be adopted in 
preference to one thought better. 
Mapu, z'. to whistle; to rest; pL 

mamapu ; redup, mapnmapu. 
Mapu*e, s. a rise, a hillock. 
Alapuea, v. to breathe hard, to be 
out of breath. 

Mapnitiga, v. to sigh. 
]Mapugairima*i, v. to breathe hard, 

rspecially from anger. 
Ma])im)apu, r. to whistle re|)eat- 

Mapnmapu, r. to grumble, to be 

Mapuna, v. to sprain, (applied to 

tlie back). 
Alapuna, v. to spring from, to ariifc. 
^rapnni, r. to be shut. 
Mapusaga, s. a resting place. 
Mapusela, v. to breathe hard from 

fatigue, pain, or anger. 
Masa, V. to be low tide; to be sour; 
to have an offensive smell ; redup. 
Masaa, r. to be 8})ilt. 
Masae, v. to be torn ; ititens, ma- 

saesae, to be torn to rags. 
>rasa*i'i, i\ to be dead low tide. 
Masau, a. very large, exceeding 

great; pL masasau. 
Masaga, s, twins. 
Masagalei, s. twins, one of each 

Masagatama, s. twins, both boys. 
Masajj'dtcine, s. twins, both girls. 
Masagi, a. light (as a burden); 
nimble ; high (as the eaves of a 
^fasalo, s. suspicion, doubt. 
Masalo, r. to suspect, t© doubt; rc- 

fJnp. masalosalo. 
Masalosalovale, r. to be suspicions 

without cause. 
Masa masa, ?'. to be falling (as ibe 

tide). See Laumasamasa. 
]SIasame, s. the namt^ of a tree. 
Masani, s. a custom, a habit. 
Masani, v. to be accustomed to, to i 

be in the habit of. 
Masato, ik to be very low tide; re* 

dup, masato to. See Masa*i*i. , 
Masee, s. the name of one kind of ; 

Maseesee, a. slippery. 
Masei, s. a misunderstanding, a \ 
mistake ; applied in a verbal fbni 





to sonietliing that lias resulted 
badly, ahhough done with a good 
in ten I ion: as, Ua musei ia te ia% 

Masei, a, ungrateful, improper (con- 

Masei, v. to be uncovered, to be 
exposed (of the body) ; to act 
shamefully (as marrying a rela- 
tion); to use words giving of 

Mastiau, s. slaughter, murder (of a 

Maseiga, s, misunderstanding ; re- 
dap, maseseiga. See MAbESEi. 

Maseu, v. see Masei; also to be 
able to steer. 

Masele, s. a temporary moderating 
of rain. 

Masele, a, sharp, cutting ; redup. 
masele sole. 

Masepu, s. a fault, an error in word 
or conduct. 

Masesei, v, to be at variance, to have 
a misunderstanding. 
• Masi, s. fermented breadfruit. 

Masiasi, v. to be ashamied. 

Masii, V. to be raised, to be lifted 
up ; to be oft* on a journey or 
a war. 

Masii H, s. mast made of chestnuts 
instead of breadfruit. 

Masiofo, s. the wife of a high chief, 
a queen. 

Masifa'i, s. masi made of bananas. 

Masima, s. salt. 

Masimasi, s. the dolphin. 

Masimasi, s. the pain of a wound or 

Masina, s, llie moon; a monlh. 

Masino, v, to be countable ; to be 
conipreliensiblc ; rcdap, masi..o- 

Masisi, V, to be broken obliquily. 
Masisi, a\ the piece of wood used in 

operating for tajuo ; a term of 

Masilalo, s, nmsi made from taro. 
Masoa, s. ariowroot. 
Masoa, «. Hithy (of words). 

Masofa, v. to be broken down ; to 
disperse suddenly ; redup. maso- 

Masoli, s. one kind of banana. 

Masoli*ula, ) 5. different kinds of 

Masolisina- J rndsofi, 

Masologa, s, a walking about in 

Masomaso, s, the tail of the uga, 

Masu, s. the sound produced by the 
waves forcing the air through cre- 
vices in the rock ; the hard breath- 
ing of a dying person. 

Masua, v. to run over, to spill from 
being full ; to be poured out (as 
anger); redup, masuasua. 

Masua, u. (derived from the above), 
to run over with bad words ; to 
praise oneself; to promise and 
not perform. See also AIatele. 

Masuasu, v. to laugh scornfully. 

Masu*e, r. to be forced up, to be 
raised up ; to be turned up ; to 
break up as clouds ; redup, ma- 

.Masui, V. to act perversely. 

Masui, V. to be put out of joint ; 
redup. masuisui. 

Masusu, V. to sob. 

Mata, s, the eye ; the face, the 
countenance (in the plural) ; the 
point of anything ; the ed^^ ; the 
boundary (in compound words, 
as rnutdoao). 

Mata, a. raw ; unripe ; used in 
counting taro, as e tobiga mata. 

Mata, a. looking ; as, mala fcai, 

Mata, V. to look at, (compounded 
with nouns, as mdtafolau). 

Mataa, v. to be se[)arc*ted (as the 
shell fiom the nu ) ; to be raised, 
to be louse and separated (as the 
skin); red <p. m.ilaataa. 

Malaa'aiga, a. h Iping the family. 

Mata^ai, v. to desire to eat lish, ic. 
as ina^i, 

Mala^aiga, v. to eal delil)cr.itely. 
See Sasalu. 


>• \i 


i\';i!.;ali, X w Ii;iL'.«- iir,- to cUar up 

tin' wooil ill u ..i.i'it.'.ticm. 
Mill I'jiir-', .''■. i».> <-!)>'.'rv.itu;v ; a 

\v;i;( ll t(.\.rr ; In k r>-ull. 
]\l.ii;iala, /'. l(» h.' wakd'nl, to wali'li. 
iM.i'.aali, .s'. a !)'iglit«.d tulkn eocv>a 


IMatali, /•. to Tall In-lbre inatu.e(as 
ruts ai;(l 1 it\('S). 

Maia'aia, >. a sniilipg t'onntoi ancc. 

MiitaciJiM, >-. iliL' iiaiiic ol' a sIr'11- 
i sh. 

Miita(i'.«a, r. to look inclined to 
heal (of ult'«MS). 

IMata-rU-'oK', ,s-. ll:e name of a ri>li. 
Sea Tamtam*. 

M-.ia't'ina, s. a clK'Stnut k'll in store 
till it s^paiates fVoin the skin. 

Matiii, .s\ a htacl of a t'uinilv. 

^ialai•a, 3. one to see fish ; 
one portion of a fish. 

IMataioloa, .s\ the best article amongst 
a lot of ^oods. 

Rrataijni, .s. the top half of a nut- 

Mataisau, s. a carpenter (a re?pcct- 
ful terui). Set' TiiroA. 

Matailagata, i\ a ^rcod Icoking' num. 

]\lalait( p;a, .V. ihe best /o^-a spread 
<.nt the list of tlie lot. 

MataivU, s. {mata^ a, uilu)^ lascivi- 
ous looks. 

Mata'iins!, s. a letter of the alpha- 

INl'.itaola. a. \\\\\\ looking (as unex- 
hauried by woik or war); re- 
vived alter sickness; lascivious- 
lookihg ; rcdfip. niataoiaola. 

!Vlat;t'o:i;o, n. a sunken eye ; ;>/. 
niala'o oiiio. 

MalaoJie, .s'. the nau'e of a gelatin- 
ous ii>h. 

Mat one, a. ^^ofl (Of a native grind- 

>t()i (' i. 

MaJaot.iO. /• to be pressed down as 
bv a wii'^lii. 

Mal.'tola ), a. spr;ir pointed. 

iMa'au, /*. to en; i-.e;*, to mjrk at- 
tentively; ir:ss. 

Matau, s. a i'.shhook. 

Matau, .s*. iin axe; tiie riglit-hand 

side, the stai board. 
Mata'u, c. to look cross. 
Mata'u, .s\ fear. 
Mata*u, V. to fear, to be afraid; pL 

niiitata^u ; puss, matt^utia. 
Mataira, a. jealous, envious; pL 

mat at au* a. 
Mataua, .<?. a drop of rain. 
iMatauli, a, d-.g-faced, ugly. 
iMatanp: ga, 5. the meshes of a net. 
Maiaupolu, 5. an ca>)ter!y whid. See 


iMataupu, &'. a subject of discourse; 
a cha»>ter. 

Matautu, s. a point of land running 
out into tiie sea. 

i\laia'utuia, c. to be terrified, to be 
gri^atly frightened. 

IMatafa, .s. boils on the face. 

Matiiiai, s. the side of the planta- 
tion from which the taro is being 
])ulled up ; old people likely to 
die first. 

IMatafaga, s. the beach, the seaside. 

Matufanua, s. the windward end of 
an island. 

Matafatu, a. hard, unimpressible(a3 
one struck by a club and yet not 
falling); not asliamed (as one cast 
oil' by liis wife and yet remaii.iug 
in her lamilv). 

Matafi, r. to be swept or blown 
away as cloud-; to be well, to be 
in good heahh {of chiefs); redup. 

Malu;:a, a. bad looking. 

iMataga, s, one kind of dragon-fly. 

Mataga, r. to be loosenc d ; redup* 

Maiagaoi, v. to have a tliiefs look. 

iViruagataga, //. ca.-iy of dispOsiuon, 
as loto mata(/nUif/a, 

Matagi, s. the wind. 

Matagi, v. to blow, to be windy; 
pass, niatagia. 

Matagi'olo, 5. bastions defending 
the entiance ol a fort. 




Mutagofic, a. pleasant to the eye, 

I bt'uuliful. 

Mataia, v. to be open; to be uii- 
t'olded ; to be untied ; to make 
Iiaste ; rcdup. niatalatala. 

Matala6, s. tlie naine of a tree ; 
wedges lor tightening the cinet 
fastenings of canoes. 

Matalasi, v, to be varions, to be 

Matalave, v. to be intricate looking. 

Matalemanu*a, i s. two kinds of ta- 

Matalemanusa j ro. 

Mcitalepola,s. a north-easterly wind. 
*S'ee Fa AT lu. 

Matalepopo'ulu, ( 5. two kinds of 

Mataletaliga j taio. 

Matalii, s. the name of a cluster of 

Matamai, v, to look towards (as a 
man desirons of joining a family, 
or as property coming in to a fa- 

Matamau, v. to be unyielding; to 
have the appearance of plenty; to 
be liberal; to be stingy (on Sa- 
vaii).; pL matamamau. 

Matamalae, r. to look about un- 
dauntedly (as one about to en- 
gage in a clnb-match). 

^Jatainalali, s. the disease called 

Matamanu'a, s. the edges of a 

Matamata, v. to look at, to view ; 
jjL muniata. 

Matamata, .v. a large afuto. 

Mat.mata, a. huvnig large meshes. 

.Matania.aupt ga, .s\ a large cobweb. 

iMalanialagi s. the wnicl a eye, the 
quaiter fujui uliieh the wind 

Muicimea, s. one kind of crab. 

iMalaniemea, i. the name uf a star. 

Malamoe, a. slee^jy- 

^Mutamoe, s. a picket, an outpost for 
kee[;ing watcu at night. 

Malamoe, v. to watch, to keep guard 
during night. 

Matamosomoso, s. the name of a 

Matamua, s. the title-page, the first 

Matamua, a. brazen-faced, not 
ashamed ; redup. matamuamua. 

Matamuli, a. shame-faced; pi. ma- 

. tamumuli. 

Matanana, a. boastful. 

Matanei, «. incestuous. 

Mataniu, s. the eye end of a half- 

Matanonou, a. surly-looking. 

Matapa, s, a fence. 

Matapu*u, s. the snuif'of a torch or 

Matapau, a. of a forbidding aspect. 

Matapalapala, a, prosperous (of a 
fisherman and a man who gets 
plenty of property through his 

Mataj)e'ape^a, a. covetous. 

Matajiisu, s. one kind of shellfish. 

Mata^jO, a. blind. 

Matapo, V, to look at a night- dance. 

Matapoo, s, sunken eyes ; pL. ma- 

Matapogi, a. forbidding looking. 

^latapogia, v. to faint. 

Matapona, a. good looking. 

Matapoto, s. the name of a shell- 

Matapoto, a. sharp-sighted to avoid 
a sp'ear. 

]\rata[)uaa, a, ugly. 

Matapula, s. the name of a fish. 

Matasa, s. a bhnd pigeon ; a biind 
man (in contempt j. 

^f itasasa, s. the name of a shell- 

Matasele, s. a noose. 

Matascpa, a. S(piinl-cyed ; pi. ma- 

^latasuauna, s. sure eyes. 

Matasusu, s. a t^'.it. 

Matatii, s. ilk- edge or line of cut- 
ting, (applird to the line of bnsli 
along which trees have been cut;. 

Matatai, s. a clever H>1k rmun. 



M itatiiii. II. Iiiivii (J li[;lirui|T looks. 
Muiiilii'u, r. i.luiulof »«,Wu'u. 
MutiiiriiTii, Me 
.Miiiut-Hl(i. K. ilif tyi; or upiier end 

ot'lhi.' tuio. 
Mataiiiiiiili), r. lo go g;-.i<l(liiig abotit 

olW sights. 
Xlaliilili, i: to sproiit, to giTmiiinIc 

(as ymiis, Ac, left itirovt' ground); I 

to be lioiriticd. See Tii.t.Mocr 



. one of the divisions of 

a cocoaiiut liiisk. 
-MataHijin, o. blunt. See Tui.ali. 
MatSvai, *. a spring, a foiintuii:. 
Jliitavao, ». Ilie edge of the bu.^h 

IowskIs whieli llie plantation Is 




. s. a re p on n oiler in g party. 

Alatavule, a. dull sigliled in avoid- 
ing a spear. 

Matavalc, i: to look hke a coward; 
pi. ma tarn at a vale. 

Malavalea, a. ignorant -looking. 

Maliitaiia, s. nails. 

Alate, V. to d;e ; to be extinct (as 
aniuiuls treus, fire); lo be upset 
(of canoes); lo be benumbed, to 
be rramped ; jil. mamate. 

Hiile, ('. 10 guess; pugs, matea. 

MitLilili, c. to be enraged. 

Mattle, V. to run swiftly; to be 
pulled swiftly. 

Matele, r. expressive of intensity ei 
tlier of tliougljt or action ; lo ex- 
ceed, lo go beyond (as in abus- 
ing); reduji. maieletele. 

Matemate, s. a means, a plan, a 

Malcvalea, a. very ignorant. 

Miiii, s. a species of fig. 

Mali, «. stale (as water long drawn, 

or nuts picked some days). 
Mati'u'u, s. llie finger nails. See 


one kind of the 


Manila, s. a short fishing rod. 

Matiiii, s. an oHering of branches of 
ce^iain trees to iiidnce aita to 
pii.<9 ovi-r wiihoiit calling in at 
the place where lliesc are bung 

Jliili|iitipi, a. having an edge. 

Maliia, (1. poor; ;)/. matitlva. 

Mativao, s. one kind of the jnati. 

Miito, s. a steep place, a precipice. 

Maio, a. [irecipitous ; redap. nia- 


Mafon, prtiji. we (excluding the 
person addressed). 

Miitofi, )'. to be split; to be quar- 
tered (as the moon In the IM 
quarior) ; rcdup. malofitoli. 

Matolitoli, a. scranchable (applied 
to things less iiaid tlian to paa- 
guyii, as gristle, cocoanut, &c.) ; 
tender (of pork, &c.) 

;Matoli<toIu, a. thick (only of pork). 

Matosi, a. scratched, marked with 
scratches ; shreded ; Ttdup. ma- 
les itosi. 

Matu, s. a northerly gale. 

Malu, c. to be dry, (a compliment- 
ary Word to those returning from 

Matu,s. the name of a fish. 

Matua, «. a parent; pi. niatua; a 

Maloa, a. elder ; mature ; pi. ma- 

Matiia, r. to frequent, lo make a 
home of: as, E mataa mat ixntt. 

Matiia, a. very, aiiogether, quite, 
(u^ed to mark the superlative de- 

Matua alii, s. aa aged chief. 

Maiua'i, II. very exceedingly. 

Matuaisu, s. an old pigeon. 

Matuar)ti, s. an orphan. 

Matiiafiifine, s. a matron, an eiderlj 

Maiuanioa, s. a hen. 
ilatiiatua, a. dimiiiulive of vuttMi, 
Malun, s. a crane. 
Matriluu,s, the n^ancofafish. 




Matutu, V. to be dry; to be costive. ! 

Mavae, v, to pass by ; to be at an 

Mavae, s. a parting. 

Mavae, v, to be split, to be cracked 
open, to be chapptd ; intens. ma- 

Mavaeifiuimaifimea, v. to commence 
the development of" the kernel in 
the chestnut. 

Mavaega, s. a parting command, 
engagement, or promise. 

Mavava, v. to express wonder. 

Mavava, v. to yawn. 

Maveu, v, to be in confusion, to be 
unsettled ; redup. maveu veu. 

Maveve, a. dry and clotty (as the 
earth, arrowroot, &c. 

Maveve, v. to have a thick head of 
long hair ; to be thick with fea- 
thers (as an ornament of red fea- 

Mea, s, a thing ; a place ; an ani- 
mal ; the private parts when used 
with loU, loiia^ &c. 

Mea, V, to do, to prepare. 

Meaaaitu, ) t. i i 

,, '- \ V. It was our luck. 

Meaamanu ) 

Meai, v. to tapul nuts on the death 

of a chief, by adzing the trees. 
Meafale, s. furniture, household 

Meafono, s. food taken to a fono ; 

cold food. 
Meamea, a. young (of infants). 
Meavale, s. the populace, common 

people ; anything vile and bad. 
Me*i, Uyto shrink, to shrivel; re- 

6//<p./memeM, nie'ime'i. 
Meoyv. to be sulky; pL memeo ; 

):4dup. meomeo. 
"iviele, V. to refuse, to reject. 
Mele*i, s, the stick used to husk 

nuts with. 
Mele*i, v. to husk a cocoanut. See 


Melomelo, a, red ; pi. memelo. 
Memta, a. yellowish brown; sear 

(as leaves). 

Mcmea, s. the name of a frsh. 
.Memee, v. to boast ; redup. mee- 

Meme4, see Me'i. 
Memu, V. to move the lips as if 

Menemene, a. small (of the breasts). 
Miaga, s. urine. 

Mio, V. to wander about, to go 
round about ; to act strangely, 
to be cool towards (as a husband 
and wife) ; redup. mimio, mio- 
Migao, V. to shew respect to, to 

Migi, a. curly; redvp. m\g\\x\\^\. 
Migimigi,5. dry cocoanut husks. 
Mili, V. to rub ; to rub in (as an 
ointment); /?/. mimili, fcmili; in- 
tens, milimili. 
Milo, s. the name of a tree. 
Milo, V. to twist ; pi. mimilo; pass, 

milosia; redup. milomilo. 
Milosi, V. to be twisted; to be cross- 
grained ; to be perverse ; redup, 
Mimi, V. to make water. 
Mimio, V. to be perverse. See Mio. 
Mimili, v, to rub together. See 


Mimilo, V. to be perverse. 

Misa, 5. a quarrel. 

Misa, V. to quarrel ; to make a 
noise, as Pjsa ; recipr. femisa^i. 

Misaaga, s. a quarrel on a smaller 
scale than rnisa, 

Misi, ) V. to make a kissing 

Misialofa J noise with the lips as a 
token of affection. 

Mitamita, v. to boast; niimita. 

Miti. s. the name of a small bird; a 
dream ; rain or mist on the moun- 

Miti, V, to suck; to sip; to kiss; 
to snuff up, to sniff; to make a 
kissing noise with the lips. 

Milimiti, v. to call to by making a 
kissing noise ; to suck out a 




Mo, prep. tor. 

i\io;i, .s\ II fowl; the cn:l c^f a buiicli \ 
of bii-.iuiias ; t!i«^ (I( shy part of 
thi! liiili ; \\\p (\V^.\\\'w. region; 
a t'liiMs to}); tlic niiil-.ik'. i,as of a 
road or river). 

Moii^a, s. llij name of a fjsh. 

Moiilili, .s\ X\w c\\\) of \\i(i uLlli ; a 
speck in the eye. 

IMoamoa, s. the i;amc of a fi^li. 

Mo'arno'a, a. slack, not stretched 
out (as a net, &c.) 

Moainoalcga, s. one kind of bread- 

^Moana, s. the dcip sea. 

IMoana, a, sea bhu?. 

Mounauli, s. the (h ep blue sea. 

Moai;asriii;>au, s. the ^reat ocean. 

j\Joana\alevale, a, far out to sea. 

Moo, i\ to sleep; to be conjj^ealed ; 
to sit (as a hen); pi. niomoe ; 
pass, nioea. 

Moe, adv. to no purpose, uselessly. 
See Mao. 

Mo'e, 5. a general name fortlie ba- 
nana. See Fa*i. 

Mocatu, V. to sleep in fear. 

]\!oea))uaa, v. to sle<.^p soundly. 

Moe'ese'ese, 5. \\\e afuto , {^so called 
before chiefs). 

Moe'iini, v. to shut the eyes forci- 

JMoei'ula, v. to dchghtin, to rejoice. 

JMoeivai, v. to go to sh'ep hungry. 

Moeu'u, V. to be restLss from pain. 

MoeHti, V. to be re:stle>s in sleep. 

iMo(ga, s. a sleeping place, a bed. 

l\iooga, s. a cohabiting. 

lMoega*i, v. to convey over night; 
to convey so as to be in readiness 
over night. 

Moegase, ?;. to sleep soundly. 

Moemaleiila, v. to put in the tila 
over night; to get ready over 

Moenioe, s. a sprout, a shoot. 

Mouiioe, V. to sleep lightly. 

Moemoegamalie, v. to be prepared 
over night. 

Moemoegitama'i, v, to be unpre- 

Moouioetonu, v. to be prepared over 

Moenoa, a. inconsiderate, thought- 
less ; rediip. moemo'-noa. 

xMoMaM, V. to nui wiih a thing, to 
convey speedily. 

Moetau, v. to dream of business ia 

Mo'i, a. true. See Mont. 

Moia, ?;. It is enough ; leave off. 
See SoiA. 

Moi'aa, s. fibres of tlie coooanut 
husk. See Mori' a a. 

Moini(;i, s. the name of a large fish; 
the small fish left in the net atler 
the large ones are taken. 

Mo'imo'i, a. small. 

Moo, s. a lizaid ; the name of a 

Moo, V. to be surprised. 

Moo, interj. of surprise and admi- 

Moomoo, s. a cocoanut either with- 
out siiceor without much kernel; 
a (• -v'ase. 

Moomoo, see Momoo. 

Mooiuooga, s. covett>u3 desires. 

Mou, r. to vanish. 

Mou, a. many ; (used in a grum- 
bling way, as when having done 
some unnecessary work, Se mou 

Mogunioga, 5. a roach ; a beetle. 

Moge, .S-. horripilation. 

Mogea, a. shrivelled from cold or 
friglit, also of bad taro ; redap. 

nu)g«. mogea. 

M'^' I'i, V. to convey, to take back, 
(a[;[)lied to a present taken by the 
peison, and also to the convey- 
ance by which he is taken). 

Molaga, s. property taken with a 
w .mm on her raurn to her bus- 
baud's family. 

Mol ', s. a si;ft oily matter between 
the* spongy and the hard kernel 
of an old cocoanut. 



1 .5.' 

Mole, V. to be faint, to be cxliaust- 
ed (as witli hunger, thirst, or 
pain) ; to be suftbeated ; to die ; 
p/. niomole. 

Molemole, a. smooth. See Mo- 


Moh, 5. tlie orange ; soap ; one 
kind of song. 

Moll, s. oil. See Suauu. 

Moliamolia, v. to be disappointed or 
deceived, (as to be promised aid 
and ihen to be left unsup;jorted ; 
to have plenty followed by a 

Molioo, v. to carry or convey all the 

Moliga, s. the sending, the convey- 

Molimau, s. a witness. 

Moliman, v. to bear witness. 

Klolimoli, V. to accon)pany a part of 
the way ; tQ carry about to dif- 
ferent fauiiliL'S (as portions of 

Molimua, v. to send off a party 
while the sender stops himself. 

Molimuaina, see Moliamolia. 

Molitasi, v. to report as the words 
of oJie person the sayings of a 
whole company. 

Molitino, V. to tell plainly. 

Mdlo'au, 5. a toad tool. 

MoloiuH, s. a young yam ; reduji. 

Moloi*ulu, s. the blossom of the 

Momo'a, (i, niueh, abounding ; Jn- 
tense (as pain). 

Mouioe, v. (pi. of /;/c?e), to sleep. 

Momo'e, v. to run ; pi. femo'ei, 
^ taufetuli. 

Monioi, s. crumbs, as momoi ujiy 
(.rumbs of yam. 

Moih( o, r. 10 express covetous de- 
sires ; to long fur ; to express 

Momole, «. sn.ooth. Sie Mole- 


Momole, V. [Jural of wio/e. 

Moir.ole'a, s. tlie name of a tree the 
wood of which is veiy brittle; a 
weak man. 

Momoli, V. to carry, to bring ; to 
report a pt rson's c nduct, to ac- 
cuse ; redup. molimoh ; pass, 
molia, molimolia. 

Momomo, v. to brrak in pieces ; 
jiass. momoia and momoinoiua. 

Momona, a. fat, rich (as pigeons, 
fish, &c.) 

Momono, v. to cork ; to plug ; re- 
dup. monomono. 

Momose, a. beautiful, handsome, 
pretty ; rcdap. mosemose. 

Momoto, a. plural o^ niolo. 

Momotu, V. plural ol motu. 

Mona, V. to burst forth (as faiai 
from the leaf dish) ; to have a 
motion while seated (as a child) ; 
to snivel, to run at the nose ; to 
muddy the feet ; to excel in ta- 
c/atia ; to work with all the might 
(as one wishing to disprove the 
charge of laziness : Ua ita le mo- 

Moni, a. true. 

Monoi, V. to come in quick succes- 
sion (as troul)h^s, afllictions, &c.) 

Monotaga, s. the portion of food 
prepared by an individual to take 
wiili all the rest of ihe villige to 
a party of visitors. 

iMonoii, V. to cork, to plug. See 

Mo MO NO. 

Mosemose, sec Momosf,. 

Mosi, s. a you g cray;ish. 

Mosimosi, s. a young freshwat'T 
prawn ; a small hsh seen the day 
before the pdit'to. 

Mosooi, s. the name of a tree bear- 
ing most fragrant flowers. 

Mosuoitai, s. the name of a para- 
sitical plant. 

Mosomoso, s. the name of a bird. 

Mo:i, v. to burn the ami on account 
of the dead. 

Moti'a'a, s. the fibre of the cocoa- 
nut husk. Ste Moi'AA. 




Moto, a. uniipt', uot mature ; ;>/. 

^luto, r. to strike witli the fist; pass. 

Molomoto, .9. a part of the inside of 
a luiile. 

^Iot.(K<ioso'a, s. a straiglit blow with 
tlie list. 

JMolu, V. to be broken uff; to be 
sna[)t asunder, to be severed ; pi. 
nioniotu ; redup. motuniotu; 2>a**5. 

Motu, s. an isKt ; a district or vil- 
hi^e ; the people of a place ; a 

!^^otu^au, a. childless, liaving none 
to succeed to. 

Motufau, V. to get loose from a 
strinji: (as a pigton); to be set 
free from ; to be quite discon- 
nected with. 

Motumea, v. to cross the place where 
they are catching pigtons ; to 
cross through the house where 
chiefs are siuhig. 

JMotumotu, 5. a firebrand. 

]\Iotumotu, V. to be broken or torn 
in several places. 

JMotuniotuga, s. a ragged cloth or 
fine n)at. 

Motusi, c. to break off, to tear. 

Motusia, V. to come in small and 
detaclu'd (piantities, (•u})plied to 
\\\Q j)al(ilo, on the first day of ap- 

Motusaga, s. the First day o^ palolo. 

AFu, s. the name of a fish. 

]\lu, V. to burn; to glow. 

]\Iua, a. first; rtdup. muamua. 

Mu^d, s. a cocoanut with the ker- 
nel half formed. 

Mu'a, a. tender, young, green, (ap- 
plied to the new growth of vege- 
tation, as boughs, young trees, 
&c.) ; redup. nm*amu*a. 

Mua*au, s. the van of an army. 

Muaava, s. the part of an opening 
in the reef towards the shore. 

Mua'i, «. liiist. 

Afua'i, see Faamua*j. 

Mu*aifi, s. the young leaves of the 

Muaulu, s. the forehead. 

Muafofoga, s, the lips ; speech. 

Muagagana, s. a proverb ; a pro- 
verbial expression. 

Muagutu, see Muafofoga. 

Mualeva, 5. the name of one kind 

Muamalaga, s. tliose who go on 
ahead in a travelling party. 

Muamua, a. first. See Mua. 

Muamua, v. to go before. 

Mu*aniu'a, a. gre«-n ; immature; 
easily corrupting (as the dead 
body of a young person). 

Muanifo, 5. the front teeth. 

Muavae, s, the projection under the 
foot at the root of the toes. 

Muimui, v. to murmur ; pass, muia, 

Mule, s. the scraped nut collecting 
in a lump in the tauaga, and so 
the juice not expressed. 

Muh, if. the end ; the rump. 

Muli, u. young (as men, women, 
and trees in their prime). 

Mulia'i, adv. last. 

Mulia*iia*iga, v. to follow on in the 

Muli*au, 5. the rear of an army; 
the name of one kind of song. 

Muli'auloa, v. to follow in great 
numbers (as men, lish, or ani- 

!Muliafe, V. to commit adultery re- 

Muliatea, s. the rump of the turtle. 

Muliava, s. the end of an opening 
through the reef which is on the 
outside of the reef. 

Muliipu, s. the bottom half of a nut- 

Mwli*olo, 5. the hind part of a fort- 
ress on the inside. 

Muliologa, s, the ends of tare left 
after making /aawA-i. See Muu- 





M ulione, 5. the name of a gelatinous 

Muliuhi, s. the back of the head. 
Mulifa, s. the name of a month, 

Mulifanua, s. the lee end of an is- 
MuHhia, V. to commit adultery; pi. 

Mulimauga, s, the hind part of a 

Mnlimafu, see Muliologa. 
Mrilimafua, 5. the trees whose fruits 

are last eaten by the pigeon. 
Mulimalo, s. an ornament worn like 

a tail ; a bunch of red feathers. 
Miilimatagi, s. the place where the 

wind ends at. 
Mulimuli, V. to follow after, to come 

Mulimuli ane, adv, afterwards. 
Mulimulia, v. to dirt about from 

place to place (as young children 

Miilisua, V. to prompt. See Vai- 


Mulitau, V. to commit adultery. See 


Mulitataga, a. obedient. 

Mulivae, s. the heel. 

Midivai, s. the mouth of a river or 

Mulo, s. a young yam. 
Mulu, V, to be slow; to grumble; 

to sii'ge a pig, (in Atua); to 

Muluia, V. to be rubbed off (as the 

Mulumea, r. to handle covetously. 
Mulumulu, V. to rub; to wash ; to 

warm oneself by the fire; pass. 

muluia; mumuluina; pi. mu- 

Mumu, V. to burn brightly, to glow. 
Mumu, a. red. 
M'1mn, V. to be in swarms (as flies 

or small fish). 
Mumulu, V. plural of mulumulu, 
Mumusu, V. plural of musu. 

Mutiamoa, "J 
Mutiatai, v* 
Mutiatoga ) 

Mumutu, a. plural of mutu. 
Muna, V. to grumble ; reclup. mu- 

Munua, s. the porpoise. 
Musa, V. to skip, to hop ; rediip, 

Musu, ?;. to be indisposed, to be 


Musu, ) . J , .,,. 

M- : s, indolence, unwillmffness. 
usua J ' ^ 

Musuia, V. to be doomed to be killed 

or otherwise punished. 
Musumusu, V. to whisper. 
Musuva, V. to whisper together. 
Muta, V. to be finished, (a chief's 

word for iima viat, gata mai). 

Mutia, s. the general name for grass. 

Mutiamoa, 1 ,wr 1 • i /. 

■ ' dilierent kmds of 


Mutimnti, v. to yearn over. 

Mutimutialofa, v. to commiserate, to 
compassionate, to love fondly. 

Mutimutivale, v. to be distressed in 

Mutitini, 1 v. to be fiercely hot (of 

Mutoto*a 5 the sun). 

Mutu, s. the name of a fish. 

Mutu, V. cut off, defective, incom- 
plete ; pass, mutui'ri. 

Mutuia, V. to be forbidden ; to be 
cut short in a speech. 


The tenth letter in the Samoan alpha- 
bet. Pronounced as in English. 

Na, a particle used before verbs to 
mark the imperfect tense. 

Na, pron. he. she ; (used before 
verbs ; as, Na te sau). 

Na, pron. this, tlat, these, those ; 
(it always brings the accent from 
the penultima to the last syllable: 
i le nvu na), 

Na, V. to quiet, to hush (as a cry- 





Na, V. to con'-'(>al. to lU ny ; rednp. 

nana a i ul nana; pa rs . ii a !: i a . 
Naa. A". I lie pole to wliicli the net 

for |)'<.r< on catcliiiig: is fixed. 
Nai, r/.. sorni' ; an etidcaring dimi- 

Na', prep. from. See ?»r.\i. 
Naiiif], .«••. the name of a iish. 
Nai'iai, r. to H,\ on, to select beforc- 

Nainai, adr, nn v.on«ler, that is tlie 

na.-on : as, Ncnudi sottniu le fe- 

tiiao. See S'.).\soA. 
Nai:o, 5. the name of a tree. 
Naliolair.a, .s. t'^e name of a ftsli ; 

(more ])ro;'C ly riuiitolcnna). 
Na 'o, < dr. only. 
Naonao, .v. llic; name of one kind of 

Nao'.iao, v. to feel for (as for fishes 

in holes). 
Naonaofaga, s. the fiihescauglit by 

Nan, s. the name of a creepi»)g 

Nan, i\ to desire earnestly, to long 

for ; rcdup. naunau ; 2)ass, nau- 

Na'ua, adv. very, oxc^'edingly. 
Nanmati, «. dry, destitnte of water 

(as a country or distiict). 
Nvnman, i\ rednp. of i^au; to be 

verv jrri-at ; to exceed. 
Nan>os()lo, .v. the name of a creep- 

inir plant. 
Nafa, s. a native drnm. 
Nafa, V. to appoint (as an opponent 

in S( nf/a, or in a chibbir.g match, 

or to appoint with whom to lodge 

in some p:rcat festival). 
Nafanal'ata^i, v. to bear in mind, to 

lay up in memory. 
Nara, .v. the ])!ace wliere the net is 

hidden (va) to take the fish. 
Namo, s. a lag(?on or small bay 

abounding in fish. 
Namu, .S-. the musquito. 
Namu, .s'. a smell, an odour. 
Nuniu, /*. to have a b^id su) II. 

^amua, r. to be fi\^ of mu5f|uitoes. 

Namidega, s. the name of a tree. 

Nana, s. a swarm of soldier crabs. 

Nana, v. to urge a refjuest, to per- 

si-;t in asking; to boast. 

Nana, \ j.. 
J.J -' > see Na. 
Nana ) 

Nanamu. ?\ to be fragrant, to give 
a sweet smelh 

Nanaru, r. to grow rankly (as w^eeds 
on a good soil): to abound (as 
the dry sugarcane leaf used as 

Naui a, V. to be sufficient. 

Nanei, adv. by and-bye, presently. 

Naneinei ane, adv. presently, very 

Nani, v. to talk indistinctly (as a 
child); redap. naninani. 

Nanu, V. to stammer, to pronounce 
wrongly ; recip. fenanui. 

Nanue, s. the natne of a fish. 

Nanuga, v. to talk nonsense (as a 
delirious person). 

Nanngama'ltiga, v. to ask for pro- 
perty as a sick man talks, (applied 
to themselves by those who go to 
beg help iu native property). 

Napagofte, v. to prepare before- 

Naj:>f', i\ to be entangled ; rednp. 
n a pen ape. 

Na^^e, .s'. the giant fern. 

Nase, a. bad flavoured, unsavory 
(as the flesh of wild pig^). 

Nasu, s, the crrass, leaves, &c., used 
to iicf-u with. 

Nasn, V. to covrr th.e earth round 
the taro with leaves, &c. 

Nati, V. to tease, to be importunate; 
]d. nanali ; rednp, natinati. 

Nativale, r. to be unduly importu- 

Navu, s. lime. 

Navu, V. to dress the hair with 

Navua, ?•. to break the head. 

Ne, ?;. to draw back from a disgust- 
ing or iiijuriuus object-; to keep 




back (a> offensive words); to wiih^ 
draw from sliame. 

Nee, V. to bfar up, to lift up (as a 
boat by tbe water); to inflate, to 
pnfF up (as with pride) ; redap. 
nenee, neenee ; pass, neetia. 

Neetao^a, v. praises, flattering atten- 

Nei /?ror2. tin's; (pi. of /e«e/), these. 

Nei, adv. now. 

Ne*i, ado. lest ; not. 

Nefu, V. to be stirred up, to be tur- 
bid, to be muddy; redup.\\Qv\Qh\\ 
dimin. nefu nefu. 

Negro, V. to beckon ; redup. nego- 


Nene, 5. the name of a game of 

Nene'a, v. to laugh heartily, to con- 
tinue to laugh. 

Nenee, v. to act the manaia. See 


Nenefu, v. to be dim, to be indis- 

Neva, a. friendless, destitute of fa- 
mily connections ; (a term of re- 

Ni, a. some, any. 

Niau, V. to desire, to long for. 

Niinii, a. small, minute. See Ni- 

Ni'o, s. the rope of the old Samoan 
sailing canoe 

Ni'o, V. to catch backhanded ; to 
cover up a bad word uttered; to 
say something, and t i en try to 
deny the meaning atta^^'od to it: 
to make excuses; to 'urn aside 
and take things belonging to an- 
other rather than your own, or 
other than you ought, &c. 

Niu, s. the cocoanut tree, also the 

Niuaimoa, s, the name of a plant. 

Niu*afa, s. a cocoanut fronj which 
cinet is made. 

Niualava, ^ s. two kinds of cocoa- 

Niui ) nut. 

Niui, V. to sprinkle with the juice of 

niii/ • to make common; to par- 

Niufetepnlu, s. a cocoanut with 

much ]p>isk and a small nut. 

Niule/a, ) . , • i ^ 

T.T- > vS. two kmds o! cocoanut 

^iumca S 

Ninpiu, s. the fan palm. 

Niusami, s. the cocoanut in the last* 

stage before bv^comitig popo. 
Niutetea, s. a pale leafed cocoanut. 
Niuvao, s. the name of a plant. 
Nifo, s. a toO'h ; a horn ; a tusk. 
Nifoa, a. haviiig teeth. 
Nimo, V. to be out of s!2:ht ; to be 

unknown ; redup. ninimo, nimo- 

Nina, v. to converse together (as 

friends about to part). 
Nini, V. to daub, to smear. 
Nini ane, ) v. to be far off, (in re- 
Niui o J ference to something 

which at last comes upon a per- 
Ninii, a. small. 

Ninifi, V. to adorn. See Titifi. 
Ninimo, see Nimo. 
Niniva, v. to be giddy. 
Ni.>i, a, some, any. 
Nivaga, s. a giddy height. 
No, V. to borrow; reduj), nono ; 

pass, nogia. 
Noa, V. to strangle oneself; to com- 
mit suicide. 
Noa, adv. without object, without 

cause. See Vv\. 
Noaunu, s. a slip knot. 
Noanoa, a. caliu, quiet, hushed (of 

the wind). 
Noanoa, v. to tie hand and foot. 
Noanoaga, s. bonds, fistenings. 
Noataga, s. a tie ; a place to tie to; 

a law ; redup. noanoataga. 
Noati, V. (pi. of nonoa), to tie up 

Noi, V. to ask permission. See Faa- 

Noo, s. the hips. 
Nooia, V. to be pressed down ; to 

be bent in (as the od^^Q of a hat- 



chet) : to be pained at heart ; to 
be forbidden (as to continue a 
Noopa, s. a foundation. See Faa 


No*uno*u, V. to bend down, to 

No*ntua, v. to bend down the back 
(as in eating, paddling a canoe, 

Nofo, V. to sit ; to dwell ; to re- 
main ; j;/. nonofo ; redup, nofo- 
nofo ; pass, nofoia. 

Nofoa, s. a seat. 

Nofoa'i, i\ to live in virginity; to 
sit and talk over news. 

Noroaip:a, s. a roigii ; the time dur- 
ing which a man bears the family 

Nofoao, r. to be a titled chief. 

Nofoa la, v. to have four pullers in 
a canoe. (The same also with 
any other number, as iiofoalua, 

Nofoaibno, s, a seat in the council 
held in the malae. 

Nofonga, s, the posteriors; the place 
in which one sits. 

Nofoaseu, s, the seat used in pigeon 

Nofoatau, 5. the war stool. 

Nofoi, i\ to be in a sitting posture. 

Nofofua, V. to be single, to be un- 
marrii d. 

Nofogata, a. inaccessible, of a re- 
served and distant temper. 

Nofogofie, a, accessible, of an easy 
disposition. ! 

Nofolua, s. a bigamist. (In the '■ 
same way with the other numbers, 
as nofoiolu^ &'C.) 

Nofonofonoa, v. to be unprepared ; 
to be doing notliing. 

Nolbiiofotonu, V. to be prepared, to 
be wailing for. 

Nofonofovale, see Nofonokoxoa. 

Nofopologa, V. to be a slave. 

Nofosala, v, to be under condemn- 


Nofotane, v. to be married (of the 

Nofu, s, the name of a stinging 

Ncga, ) V. to be quiet, to be easy 

NogHta*i ) (as from pain); to leave 
off; to leave; rec?t<j9. nonoga, no- 

Nono, 5. the name of the white ant 
when being winged it swarms; 
the cord used to wind round a 
canoe; the siring attached to a 
stone taken down by a diver. 

Nono, V, to make a pause in a 
speech waiting for the prompters. 

Nono, V. to borrow. See No. 

Nonoa, v. to tie, to bind ; redup, 
noanoa ; pass, noatia ; pL noati. 

Nonou, a, cross, surly looking. 

Nonu, s. the name of a tree. 

Nonu'ulu, s, a large kind of the 

Nonufi^afi'a, s. a fruit tree. 

Nonuvao, s. the wild nonu, 

Nuaga, s, a grating down (as of ar- 
rowroot, turmeric, &c.) 

Nuanua, s, the rainbow. 

Nu'anu^a, s. the name of a plant. 

Nui, V. to be great, to increase (as 
the wind, pain). 

Nuu, s, a district or town ; a coun- 
try ; people. 

Nuupo, ( adv, formerly, in olden 

Nuutu J times. 

Nuutumatafaga,5. a maritime place. 

Nuututai, 5. an islet near the main- 

Numi, V. to be involved, to be in- 
tricate; to be jabbled (as the sea); 
pi. nunumi; pass, numia; redup. 

Nunu, V. to be angry, (applied to 
chiefs and the gods). 

Nunu, s. a gathering, a concourse 
of peo|)lc gathered in one village. 

Nunu, V, to crowd together; to 
grate down. 

Nunun)i, v, plural of wi/mi. 

Nunuti, c, plural of WM/i. 




Nuuuvale, v. to be in confusion (as 
troops, &c.) 

Nupani, 5. warts. See Ton a. 

Nusa, conj, even although, notwith- 
standing. See An USA. 

Nuti, V. to crush in the hand ; to 
break in pieces ; pi. nunuti ; re- 
dup, nutiniiti ; pass, nutiia. 

Nutimomomo, v. to crush to atoms. 

Nulinifiii, v. to break up very small. 

Nutipala, v. to crush to dust. 

The eleventh letter in the Samoan al- 
phabet. It is sounded as in English. 

Pa, s. a wall ; a fly-fishhook ; an 
indentation in a tree. 

Pa, V. to explode (as thunder, a 
gun, &c.); to burst (as an ab- 
scess) ; pi. papa ; to burst forth 
into lamentations : Ua pa le lau- 
aitu; to be barren ; to turn (as 
the tide at full : Ua pa le foya- 

Paa, s. the general name for crabs. 

Paa, V. to be scarce (as of food). 

Paaa, a. crisp, dry, making a crac- 
kling noise when trodden on (as 
dry leaves) ; oppressive ; bully- 

Pa*au, V. to come down upon the 
enemy (as in making a hostile de- 
scent from inland). 

Pa*au*au, v. to be full of water (as 
the water holes, from rain or high 
tide); to be swollen (as the belly); 
to be surfeited. 

Paaga, 5. a titi dyed black. 

Paagatagotino, ) 5. a black titl ; 

Paagatotino J true relations (as 
children, or a brother's children). 

Paagugu, V. to scranch as bones. 
Ste Pagugu. 

Paala, s. a small fly-fishhook. 

I^aalimago, s, a large sea crab. 

Paapaa, 5. small crabs. 
Paatea, s, a poisonous crab. 
Pa-atu, s. a large fly- fishhook for 

Pae, s. a seat erected in the open 

air ; a house built on poles. 
Pa*e, a. white ; redup. pa*epa*e. 
Paea, a. friendless, poor. 
Paea*e, v. to sit together. 
Pa'e'e, a. lean, skinny (as animals); 

poor, having no relations (a term 

of contempt) ; pi. pa*e*e*e. 
Paega, s. a supper held with a sick 

chief or in honor of a dead one, 

or a ball. 
Pa*epa*e, a. white. 
Paepae, v. to heap up, to pile up ; 

to go to a supper prepared for a 

sick chief; to sit down together. 
Paepae, s. a pavement. 
Paepae, v. to lay stones (as in mak- 
ing a road, pavement, &c.) 
Pacta u, V. to be in battle array, to 

be ranged for battle. 
Pai, s. somebody, such-a-one. 
Pa*i, V. to touch ; redup. papaH, 

pa*ipa*i; pass. pa*ia. 
Pa*i, V. to reach to ; to arrive at ; 

redup. papa*i; pass. pa*ia. 
Pa*i, s. mast made from refuse food; 

anything of little value. 
Pa'ia, 6/. sacred; (a term applied 

to titled chiefs). 
Pa*iau, V. to be heart stricken, to 

be greatly grieved. 
Pa*i*au, see Paau. 
Paie, a. lazy. 
Pa*i*u, V. to dart the tVa so that 

only the end of it shall touch the 

ground ; to engage in battle. 
Pd'ifailelea, v. to die in childbed. 
Paipai, s. one kind of crab. 
Pa*ipa'i, s. the name of a fish. 
Pa*ipa*i, see Paga ! 
Pa^isa, V. to abound. 
Paita'u, ) . ^. 

Pa'ita'il !*•*•'«*""«• 
Paito, s. a cooking house. See 





Pa*ivao, v. to work quickly in clear- 
ing the bush; redup, pa'ipi'iirao. 

Pa'ivalea, r. to be struck accident- 
ally ; to be set on 6 re by acci- 

Pao, s. a fringe. 

Pao, r. to stop, to check Cas a flying 
pigeon by a string to its foot); to 
correct, to chastise. 

Pa'o, 5. one kind of chestnut. 

Pa*6, V. to make a chopping or 
hammering noise. 

Pa*6, 8, the butt end of the cocoa- 
nut tree. 

Paoa, V. to be overawed. 

Pa*o*a, V, to use too much o*fl in 
coloring the siapo. 

Pa*o*6, 8. the bony covering of a 
fish's gills. 

Paofii, 8, the name of a fresh- water 

Paoga, s. the tree fern. . 

Paoga, a, tall, running up high and 
slender (as the cocoanut at the 
top of its growth). 

Paogata, a. disobedient; redup, 
paopaogata ; pi. paogatata. 

Paogo, 5. the name of a tree from 
the leaves of which the house mat 
is made, (the pandanus). 

Paogofie, a, obedient ; redup, pao- 

Paolo, 5. shade ; protection. 

Paolo, V, to be shady ; to be pro- 
tected ; pass, paologia. 

Paolosauni, v. to connect by mar- 
riage ; pi. paolofesaunia*i. See 


Paopao, s. a small canoe. 

Pao pao, V. to forbid ; pass, paosia. 

Paopaoitua, ) v. to keep in the rear; 

Paopaoniuli J to proceed with cau- 
tion (as in speaking). 

Pau, 5. the name of a tree from 
which clubs are made. 

Pau, V. to be as far as, to reach to, 
to be bounded by. See also Ga- 


Paii, a. dreaded. 


Pa'u, 8, the skin; the bark of trees; 

the rind. 
Pa'u, V. to fen, to fall down ; pL 

pa'u'u ; /KUf. pa'utia; redgr. fe- 


Pau'i, V. to attend to the duties of 
a family. 

Pa'u'ii, 8. a footfell, the soaod of a 

Paufu, 8, one kind of chestnat 

Pauli, a. purple. 

Pa'ulia, f). passive ofpapa'u. 

Pa'umatiiy 8. a place left dry by the 

Pa'npaogo, a, beaatiful. 

Pa'upa'u, 8, a scab; a shalbw; a 
dry titi. 

Paga, 8. a plaited cocoanot leaf used 
as a boundary in the game of /a- 
faga tupe ; the hard earUi ato 
tlie sand is cleared away for the 
game of tagdli^a. 

Paga, 8. trouble, distress. 

Paga, interj. How annoying I how 
unfortunate! how. sad! alas! re- 
dup, paga paga ! 

Pagai, V, to strike on both sides; 
to give a double blow ; recipr. fe- 

Pagalemu, ^ v. to arrive opportuoe- 

Pagamalie S ly. 

Paganoa, v, to be at leisure. 

Pagaiia, v. to be in distress, to be 
in difficulty. 

Pagati^a, s. the ground cleared for 

Pago, V. to forbid (from envy) ; to 
forbid things being given to otben 
in hopes of getting them himself; 
redup, pa pa go. 

Pago, v. to have a command of lan- 
guage and a knowledge of titles, 
&c., in speaking. 

Pagoa, a, stony, rugged. 

Pagoa, 8, the well of the old Sa- 
moan sailing canoe. 

Pagoagoa, v, to persist in (as scold- 
ing, quarrelling, eating); redup. 




Pagopagoa, v. to work alone. 
Pagota, s, a transgressor, an offen- 
der, a criminal ; pL pagotata. 
Pagovivilu, a. grasping. 
Pagugu, V, to scranch as bones. 

See Paagugu. 
Pala, s. a muddy deposit in the sea; 

a black mud from the swamp used 

to dye with. 
Pala, V, to rot; to be rotten ; pi, 

pa pa la ; pass, palagia. 
Palaai, a. cowardly ; pi, palaai, pa^* 

Pala'aia, v. to be surfeited, to eat to 

satiety. See Palasia. 
Palai, s, a hard kind of yam ; a 

Pala'ia, s, the name of a fish. 
Paiaufau, v. to be full of water (as 

river beds, &c., reaching to the 

fau leaves). 
Palagi, s, the name of a fish. 
Palalau, v. to drift on to, to drifl 

along (as by the wind or current); 

to lean upon others ; pass, pala- 

Palalau, s. the name of one of the 

houses in which they sit to catch 

Palalu, s, the noise made by the 

wings in flying. 
Palana*i, see Talana'i. 
Palapala, s, mud. 
Palapala, a, muddy. 
Palapalau, s, itch between the toes 

caused by mud. 
Palapalana^i, v. to lean upon others, 

to be guided by others. 
Palapu, V, to smoke, to send forth 

smoke ; to light the oven ; (used 

before chiefs instead of pusa), 
Palasi, V, to drop down (as overripe 

fruit) ; to fall down (as a person 

from a tree); to fall down with 

violence (as a house) ; pL palasi. 
Palasi, V, to dash to the ground (as 

a child). 
Palasia, v, to be surfeited, to eat to 

satiety. See Pala*aia. 

Palavao, v. to be rotten from being 
left in the ground too long (as 

Palavale, s, dry ti leaves. 

Palavale, v, to liquify only (as nuts 
scraped for oil). 

Pale, s, a head dress, a frontlet ; a 

Pale, V, to put on the frontlet ; to 
show anger (as if it were on the 

Pale, V, to catch water (as in a leaf, 
&c.); to catch a pigeon missed 
by another; to decline to the 
west (of the moon). 

Pale, V. to row, to paddle ; redup* 
palepale ; (a complimentary term 
on meeting a canoe : Ua pale 

Pale, V. to be over the shoal of bo- 
nito ; pi, papale. 

Palefogatai, v, to be on the ebb. 

Paleni, v, to line a basket with 
leaves so as to keep the contents 
from falling through. 

Palepale, s, sticks or bamboos fixed 
to the posts of a house, which 
serve for a shelf. 

Palepale, v, to hold up. See Tali- 

Pale pale tao, s. a place over the out- 
rigger of a canoe on which the 
spears were placed. 

Palepo, V, to start on a journey by 
sea during night. 

Palepoi, \ s, 2l plaited cocoanut leaf 

Paleta | stood up against the 
posts around the house. 

Paletua, s, a stick for the steersmati 
to lean against. 

Paletua, v. to lean upon. 

Paletualapalapa, v, to lean upon a 
weak support; (a depreciatory 
term used by a land to those seek- 
ing their aid). 

Pali, s, pubes. 

Palo, s, a defeat in war or in games. 

Palolo, 5. a small sea worm found 
flouting in some openings of the 




reef for a few hours only twice a 

Palolomua, 5. the name of a month 

Palolomuli, s. the name of a month 

Palopalo, c. to be beaten ; to be 

Palu, s. the name of a fish. 

Palu, /;. to mix, to stir together with 
the hands; redup. palupalu; pass. 

Palui, V. to depreciate another; to 
try to imitate. 

Palumatuina, r. to kill a person af- 
ter the war is over. 

Palusami, s. taro leaves cooked with 
the expressed juice of the old co- 

Palutn, s. the name of a shellfish. 

Palutu, /'. to beat ; jjL palutu. See 

Pana, a. stunted, slow of growth. 

Pana'i, v. to hrap up (as deprecia- 
tory words of the speaker, or in 
abuse, or things to be cooked in 
the oven). 

Panapa, a. frugal. See Faatoto- 


Panea, s. the name of a shellfish. 
Panepanea, a, ripe, fuilgrown (as 

Paui, s. the name of a tree. 
Pani, /•. to go to stool in the road 

(as a child) ; redup. panipani. 
Pani, r. to smear the head with 

Paniloa, .v. a pig with a white spot 

on the forehead. 
Panisina, s. lime ; mortar. 
Pano*i, V. to heap one thing on to 

another; redup. panopano'i. 
Panuu, V. to touch or call at on a 

journey by sea. 
Panupanu, v. to be smeared over, 

to be bedaubed (as a mat with 

filth or food). 
Papa, s. a rock; a floor mat; a 

board ; one kind of banana* 

Papa, a. plain, level, flat; redup, 
pa pa pa pa. 

Pai)a, s. a general word for the titles 
of high chiefs ; one method of 

Papa, see Pa. 

Papa, V. to miscarry, to abort. 

Papaaegata, v. to cease from evil. 

Papae, v. to take supper with visi- 
tors or a sick chief. 

Papai, s. one kind of necklace. 

Papa'i, V. to reach to, to tonch. See 

Papa*iila, s, a bare rock. 

Papa*o'a, s. a siapo hardened by 
too much *o*a. 

Papaofo, 5. a rock showing through 
the soil. 

Papaone, s. a sandstone; redup* 

Papaono, 5. the name of a tree. 

Papa*u, V. to be shallow ; ptiss. 
pa'ulia, to be left aground by the 

Papafu, a. fat, bulky from sitting 
in the house (as a blind man or a 

Papafu, V. to remain silent (as the 

Papaga, s. a neighbor ; the hole of 
the sea eel. 

Papagata, a. difficult to be brought 
to perch down, (applied to pige- 
ons, also to fish difficult to catch); 
disregardful of reproof. 

Papagi, a. palsied in the fingers and 

Pa pal a, s. a sore, an ulcer. 
Papala, v. to have an ulcer, to be 

Papakigi, s. a foreigner. 
Papalagi, a. foreign. 
Papale, v. to go to the aid of, to 
lend assistance (as a younger bro- 
ther to the elder one, or children 
to their fatlier) ; to go to be chief 
or speaker to a land which had 
none; also plural of pa /a*. • 
Papalilii, s. a fine house-mat. 




Papal u, V. to plant land which has I 
been laid waste or left desolate ; 
to seize the testes in quarrelling, 
(see Deut. xxv. 11). 

Papani, s, tlie cross poles of a scaf- 

Papanu, v. to be bedaubed (as with 
mud); to be overdone with cinet; 
to be daubed on thickly (as paint, 
coloring on cloih, &c.) 

Papapapa, a, even, level (as a rock). 

Papasi, V. to be accustomed to one 
another (as a husband and wife). 

Papata, s, a shellfish ; anything 
done quickly : Ua se papata, 

Papata, «. large patterned ; of coarse 

Papate, a, plural o^ pate, 

Papatetele, s. a coarse house mat ; 
a woman who has committed for- 
nication while professing to be a 

Papati, V. plural of pati, 

Papatoa, s. a bare rock. See Pa- 


Papatu, s. a standing rock that can* 

not be moved ; a hard-working 

man ; a courageous man. 
Papatu, V. to crack while standing 

(as a tree about to fall) ; to get 

reports beforehand of something 

about to happen. 
Papatua, v. to clap the wings on 

first flying (as a pigeon). 
Papeva, v. to stumble ; to make a 

n)istake in speaking. 
Pasapasa*i, v, to spread abroad what 

was secret. 
Pasi, V. to be wearied, (applied to 

the eyes and ears) ; redup. pasi- 

pasi, papasi. 
Pasu, a. large ; pi. papasu ; redup, 

Pata, s. one kind of banana. 
Pata, a. coarse (as sand). 
Pata, V. to be swollen, to be lumpy, 

of the skin in some eruptive com- 

Pata, a. blustering, bullying when 
help is near; redup. patapata. 

Patamemea, ) s. red gum ; patches 

Patamumu J of red in the skin of 

Patato, V. to make a hammering or 
chopping noise. See Pao. 

Patatu, V. to resound (as the beat- 
ing of the mat at a night dance). 

Pate, s, a small wooden drum. 

Pate, a. aged (but still strong); pL 

Patealomea, a. middle-aged. 

Pati, V, to clap hands; to smite the 
hands together as a sign of grief 
on receiving bad news ; redup, 
patipati ; pi. papati. 

Patilima, v. to clap hands. 

Pati no, V. to deliver a message to 
the person himself for whom it is 

Pato, s, a duck. 

Pato, s. scrofula in the neck. 

Patu, s. a fatty tumor. 

Patua, a, having a. patu. 

Patumimi, s, a kind of phymosis 
occasioned by the operation of 

Patupatu, a, lumpy. 

Patupatu, s. a shellfish. 

Patutu, V, to beat. See Palutu. 

Pava, s, the name of a tree. 

Pava, V. to speak evil, to use bad 

Pe, a restrictive particle in count- 
ing : as tasi pe, only one. 

Pe, s. the matter of an abscess; rot- 
ten breadfruit. 

Pe, V. to be dead (as animals and 
trees) ; to be extinguished (as 
fire) ; to be dead low (as the 
tide) ; to be dried up (as water). 

Pe, co7ij. or, whether. See Po. 

Pea, adv, still ; continually ; yet. 

Pe a, adv, when (future). 

Pe*a, 5. the vampire bat ; aSamoan 
title of nobility. 

Peau, s. a wave. 

Peaua, a. rough, boisterous. 




Peapea, r. to act thus ; to continue 
thus : IAS, And peapea pogia. 

Peapea ane, r. to move away, to 
stand aside. 

Pe*ape'a, s. the swallow ; a child*s 

Peapeafua, v. to scold causelessly. 

Pe*ape*avai, s, a very small bat; (so 
called at Manu'a^ in other parts 
called apaauvai), 

Peepee, s. a number of ujilei grow- 
ing together ; the expressed juice 
of the cocoanut used as a sauce. 

Pei, V. to be broken (as a cup) ; to 
be broken in halves (as a cocoa- 
nut) ; to be divided (as the malo); 
pass, peia. 

Pei, adv, like. 

Pel, adv, like as if, as though. See 

Peiga, s. the division of the malo* 

Peisa*i, conj, but. See Peita*i. . 

Peiseai, adv, like as if, as though. 

Peita*i, conj, but. 

Pefea, adv. how about ? A peculiar 
use of this word is, NeH ai se pe- 
fea, lest anything should happen 
to some of us. 

Pefu, s, salt water crystallised on 
the body ; small weeds hanging 
about the net. 

Pefupefua, a. covered with salt; 
(on Tntuila) dusty. 

Pela, s. the name of a fish. See 


Pela, adv, as if, as though. 

Pele, a. dear, beloved, petted ; re- 

dup. pelepele. 
Pele, V, to serenade, to sing in front 

of a house in order to get food. 
Peleue, s. a coat. 
Pelu, s. a sword. 
Pelu'i, s, a billhook. 
Pelupelu, s. one kind of yam ; the 

name of a fish sometimes fatally 

Pena, s, a knife ; a snare, a noose. 
Pen a, v. to cut up ; to snare ; re- 

dup. pena pena. 

Pena, adv. about this time. 
Penapena, v, to soap the head, (to 

chiefs instead of «'u). 
Penei, adv. like this ; about this 

Penu, s, scraped cocoanut. 
Penu, a. old, soft from wear (as 

siapo) ; redvp. penupenu. 
Penupenu, s. the name of a fish. 
Pepe, s, a butterfly ; the corners of 

the tula or round end of a native 

Pepe, v, to flutter about; redyp, 

Pepe'ava, s. one kind of butterfly* 
Pepee, a, cripple from tona on mt 

soles of the feet. 
Pepeigalemu, v. to be broken in 

halves (as a mit). 
Pepe'u, a, decrepit. See Pepelu. 
Pepe'u, v. to be disgusted (as with 

filth or with abusive language) ; 

to walk with difficulty. 
Pepefui, s. one kind of butterfly. 
Pepelo, s, a lie. 
Pepelo, v, to lie, to deceive ; pass, 

peiogia ; redup, pclopelo. 
Pepelu, a. decrepit. See Pepe*0. 
Pepena, v, plural of pena, 
Pepenu, a. dry (as the core of avt, 

sugarcane, &c.) 

Pepesama, f s, names of batter* 

Pepeti, a. plural of peti. 
Pese, s. a song, a ballad, a hymn. 
Pese, V. to sing ; pi, f>epese. 
Pesega, s. singing accompanied by 

Pesi, V. to beat upon, to come with 

force (as a storm, an epidemic); 

to dash dowu (as something beat 

against the ground) ; to come in 

large quantities (as a crop of 

Peti, a. fat, good- conditioned (as 

animals and bananas) ; j»/« pe- 


Petogi, V. to throw at, to stone. 

See Fetogi. 
Peva, s, the name of a gelatinous 

fish ; a weak man. 
Piapia, s. froth ; scum. 
Pidpio, 5. an outcry, a shouting. 

See PisAPiSAO. 
Piasua, s, arrowroot cooked with 

expressed juice of the cocoanut. 

(Pia, the old name for arrowroot). 
Pii, 5. a throwing by entanghng the 

feet in wresthng. 
Pii, V. to draw up (as the pola of a 

house) ; to cling to : to fold (as 

the arms) ; to climb. 
Piilima, v, to fold the arms, (a sign 

of distress). 
Piimau, v, to cling firmly. 
Piipii, a, curly. 
Piitaga, s, a person through whom 

others are connected with a fa- 
Piituli, V, to pursue closely. 
Piivaa, v. to stick to the canoe (as 

a good steering paddle, thus mak- 
ing it easy to steer). 
Pi'o, a, crooked ; wrong, in a moral 

sense; pL pipi*o; redup. pi*o- 

Pi'oi, v. to make crooked; to be 

Pill, s. the lizard. 
Pilia, V, to be caught, to be lodged 

in, to be entangled (as one tree 

falling against another, &c») 
Pilipili, V. to be near, to approach ; 

pi, pipili. 
Piliti, 5. the name given to the fresh- 
water prawn by some chiefs whose 

emblem it is. 
Pilo, V, peditum pedere; />/. pipilo; 

redup» pilopilo. 
Pine, s, fry, a shoal of small fishes. 
Pine, V. to be long ; redup, pipine ; 

(always negatively : E le pine), 
Pipi, s. the cockle ; the name of a 

Pipi, s, the turkey. 
Pipii^ V, to stick to, to adhere to, to 



cling to ; pass, piitia ; recip, fe- 

Pipili, s. a cripple. 

Pipili, V, plural o^ pilipili, 

Pipimalosi, s, an advanced stage in 
the growth of the chestnut. 

Pipine, s, the name of a fish. 

Pipine, see Pine. 

Pipisi, V. to be infectious, to be con- 
tagious ; to be influenced by ex- 
ample; pass, pisia. 

Pipivaivai, s, a less advanced stage 
in the growth of the chestnut than 

Pisa, s, a noise, a confusion of 

Pisao, ) s, an outcry, a shouting; 

Pisatalau ) redup, pisapisao. 

Pisi, V. to splash with water ; re- 
dup, pisipisi. 

Pisi, V, to fall. 

Pisu, V, to be spread abroad (as a 

Pito, 5. the end of anything, z.%pito 

Pitopito, s, anus. 

Po, s. night ; redup, popo. 

Po, V, to be night ; pass, pogia, to 
be benighted. 

Po, V, to slap ; to seize, to catch as 
a cat or an owl does ; pass, po^ia. 

Po, adv, by night : as, Ua sau po. 

Po, conj, whether, or. 

Poa, s, one kind of yam. 

Po'a, 8, a male animal. 

Poapoa, a, fishy-smelling. 

Po*e, a. awkward at work ; redup. 
po'epo'e. See Vasivasi. 

Poi, s, the name of a small fish. 

Poi, V, to venerate, to pay deference 
to; to stand in awe of; redup, 
popoi, poipoi. 

Po*r, V, to kill flies by slapping. 

Po*ia, V, passive o^ po, 

Poipoi, s, a shoal of poi. 

Po*itau, V, to be a long time, to be 
of long standing. 

Poo ifea, adv. where? a/50 Poo fea. 

P0U9 s. a post, a pillar. 



Po*u, s. a pimple. 

Potila, s. a ni^ht dance. 

Pouliiili, s, darkiu ss ; ignorance, j 

Pouliuli, r. to be dark ; ignorant, . 
(in a good si?nse implying inno- j 
cence ; as, ** Ua pouliuli afii o 
le au ma'ile ; " as now used sim- 
ply, ignorance); pass, pouligia, 
(a salutation at night). 

Poumuli, s. the name of a tree. 

Po*upo*ua, a. covered with pimples, j 

Poupou'i, r. to put posts into a 
house ; to support, to bear up (as 
a sick person). 

Pogai, s. the root and stump of a 

Pogai mata, .s. the eye of the cocoa- 
nut, taro, &c. ; applied abusively 
to the human eye. See loi 


Pogaiisu, s. the nostrils. 

Pogapoga, V. to be alone. 

Pogati, s. flat slabs of wood rising 

from the ground to the trunk of 

some trees. 
Pogi, a. harsh, sour, severe. 
Pogia, V. passive oi' po, 
Pogipogi, s. twilight. 
Pogisa, s, darkness. 
Pogisa, V. to be quite dark. 
Pola, s, a plaited cocoanut leaf used 

to shut in the house. 
Polani, V. to carry on a pola (as a 

Polapola, s, a double pola used to 
carry food to chiefs. 

Polata, s. a layer of the trunk of 
the banana peeled off; firewood, 
(used to chiefs instead o^ fajie), 

Polataufafo, s, the outside pola of a 
house ; metaph, strangers having 
no conned ion with the family, or 
knowledge of their doings. 

Polataufale, s, the inner pola. 

Polavaa, s, plaited cocoanut leaves 
used to cover a canoe. 

Polepole, s. the portion of food for 
a favourite child. 

Polepole, V. to eat a part of some 


food leaving the bulk to be ill* 
vided out. 
Pole pole vale, v. to palpitate (as the 

Polili, s. the second crop of taro. 
Polili, r. to have a second crop of 
taro ; to strike a second blow ; to 
rei)eat a bad word. 
Polo, s. Chili pepper; a knife. 
Poloa'i, r. to send a message to, to i 
command a person at a distance; 
to leave commands (as on going 
a journey or when dying) ; redup. 
Poloa^ga, s, a message or command 

to one at a distance. 
Pologa, 5. a slave. 
Pologa, a. mouldy; redup, polo- 

Polovao, s. the name of a tree. 
Pona, s. a knot ; a lump ; a fault. 
Pona, a. faulty. 

Ponaata, ) s, the throat, that part 
Ponaua ) called Adam's apple. 
Ponaivi, s. the projecting bones (as 

the elbow, &c.) 
Ponauli, 5. the budding of the fruit 

of breadfruit. 
Ponaulia, a, mildewed, (only ap- 
plied to nets). 
Ponapona, a. knotty ; lumpy. 
Ponaponavae, 5. the ankle. 
Pone, 5. the name of a fish. 
Ponoi, V. to do a thing frequently,- 
to keep on doing (as eating, send- 
ing messages, asking for property,' 
Popo, 5. a cocoanut fully ripe. 
P®po, a, dry ; pL popopo. 
Popo, v. to be dry ; pL popopo. 
Popo, s, one method of Hshiog. 
Popo, V. to pat gently (as a child 

in order to quiet it to sleep). 
Popo, see Po. 

Popoa, a, abounding in po/7o; fishy- 
smelling (of the sea). 
Popo*a, a. large. 

Popoa* i, V. to be many nights (in a 
place) ; to be a long time gone. 




Popo'e, a, timid, frightened ; weak 
of body. 

Popoga, a, angry-looking. 

Popogi, V, to scowl; to be dizzy; to 
begin to be blind. 

Popole, V. to be in trepidation, to 
be anxious, to be flurried; redup. 
polepole ; pass, polegia. 

Popole, see Polepole. 

Popomalo, V, to beg the malo to 
keep quiet. 

Popona, a. filling out (as the breasts 
of a young woman) ; bulging out 
(as the point of a spear passing 
through the body, and raising the 
skin on the other side). 

Popopopo, ^ a, very dry (as wood 

Popotea \ inclining to rot). 

Popoto, a. round (as the trunk of a 
tree) ; well shaped (as a well- 
formed man) ; (from potopoto). 

Popoto, a, plural of poto. 

Popotu, V. to be swollen (as the 

Popua, s. a blow-hole in the clifF 
through which the waves send a 
fountain of spray. 

Pose, r. to catch crickets. 

Pota, 5. cooked taro leaves. 

Poto, s. a hard-working man ; wis- 

Poto, s. a short- legged avii. 

Poto, a, wise ; pL popoto. 

Poto, V. to be wise ; pi. popoto. 

Potoi, s. a cake, a loaf. 

Potoiagafulu, a. ten cakes; potoi- 
lua, twenty, and so on. 

Potopoto, s. a small portion of fish 
or pork. 

Potopoto, V. to assemble, to gather 

Potopotoga, s. a gathering, an as- 
^ Potu, s. the siapo screen from be- 

\ hind which the aitu spoke ; the 
white border of a siapo; a room, 
(from the 'J'ongan). 

Povalea, a. conquered ; dead. 

Pu, 5. a hole ; a trumpet shell. 

(Always with lana ; when lona 

is used it means anus or vagina). 
Pu, V. to have a hole in. 
Pua, s. the name of a tree; the 

name of a fish ; the mouth of the 

fish trap. 
Pu*a, s. the name of a tree ; the 

Pua, s. a shoal of bonito. See Ina- 


Pua, V. to be bad-flavored (as wa- 
ter in a water-bottle from which 
the nut is not cleared properly). 

Puaa, s. a pig ; pork ; an animal, 

Pua*i, V. to be sick, to vomit. 

Pua*iina, v. to be emitted; to be 
diflused as an odour. 

Pua*iga, 5. vomit. 

Puao, 5. a mist. 

Puaoa, a. misty (as the eyes). 

Pualii, a. sonorous, deep-sounding 
(as the voice). 

Pualulu, s. the name of a tree. 

Puanea, a. dense, uncultivated (as 
the bush). 

Pu*anivai, s, a species of the bana- 

Puapua, s. the name of a tree. 

Puapuaga, s. pain, distress, tor- 
ment of mind or body. 

Puapuaga, a. painful, tormenting. 

Puapuaga, v. to be tormented; pass. 

Pu*e, s. the hillock or mound in 
which the taro or yam is planted. 

Pu*e, V. to seize, to catch hold of; 
pi. pupu*e ; pass. pu*ea. ^ 

Pu*eia, s. a fit of the elephantiasis, 
a fit of ague. 

Pu*ega, s. a catching; a fit of a 

Puia*i, s. a place sheltered from the 

Pui*aiga, s. the family living under 
the same roof. 

Puii, s. a small pig. 

Puimanava, &•. the hypogastric re- 

Puipui, s. a duor; a partition. 



Puijmi, r. to sliut ; to shut off; to 
shut up ; pass, piiipuia. 

Puou, 5. a species of the breadfruit. 

Puoso, >'. the j)art of a canoe uiider 
the half-deck. 

Puupuii, a. short ; pi. pupuu. 

Pufao, s. a shell used as a gouge in 
building canoes. 

Pufatn, s, a shell used as a trumpet. 

Puga, 5. tlu' general name for the 
larger kinds of coral ; the groin ; 
a disease. 

Puga, a. mouldy, (applied only to 

Puga-ala, s. a species of puga, 

Pugai, see Pogai. 

Pugaone, s. a kind of sandstone. 

Pugau, s. a stinging kind of coral. 

Pugaufi, s, a species of pu(/a. 

Pugapuga, 5. small pieces of coral, 

Puke, interj. Catch you ! (a word 
used to startle another). It and 
the following compound are the 
only instances in which the k is 

Puketa, interj, an exclamation of 
triumph in the game of tagati^a, 

Pula, V, to shine (as fruit yellow 

Pula, s. a general name for one spe- 
cies of taro. 

Pula, s, the eyes, (a term of abuse). 

Pula, interj, the answer of the per- 
son sneezing to the exclamation 
Soifua ! 

Pulaa, s, a species of wild taro. 

Pula'au, s, one kind of pula. 

Pulaii, s. a species of wild tare, 
rotten taro. 

Pulafeial '' varieties of pula. 
Pulafui, s, a species of wild taro. 
Pulamanu*a, ^ s, varieties of the pu- 
Pulanefu ) la, 
Pulapo, V, to shine at night (as the 

glowworm, &c.) 
Pulapula, s. the root of a tree ; a 


shining appearance at the bottom 
of the sea, on the outiiide of the 
reef, in places where it is not blue 
deep ; a slice of yam cut for the 
convenience of cooking. 

Prdapula, V. to shine a little. 

Pulasina, s, one kind of pula. 

Pulato'a, V. to stare at, to look fix- 

Pulavale, v. to stare (as fix)in fear, 
anger, &c.) 

Pule, s, a command, an order ; a 
decision ; authority ; certain lahds 
on Savaii which have the dtrectioa 
in councils, and to whom it per- 
tains to divide out food ; a shell- 
fish having a white shell used to 
adorn canoes, &c. ; the general 
name for shells. 

Pule, V. to order, to command ; to 
decide ; dimin. pulepule. 

Pulea, V, to be decreed (as the death 
of a person). 

Puleaoao, v. to be supreme. 

Pulei, V, to be mixed alternately (as 
new and old aso in a house, or 
different colored beads in a neck- 

Pule'oto, 8, the name of a shellfish. 

Pulega, s. a determination, a deci- 
sion (as to kill a party) ; the par- 
ty who carry out the decision. 

Pulega, IT. to determine on (as a 

Pulepule, s. small sheltfish. 

Pulepule, V. to decide secretly. 

Pulepule, a. spotted ; striped with 
various colors. 

Puleta'ifee, s. the name of a shell- 

Puli, s. a species of banana. 

Pulou, s. a covering for the head ; 
a hat ; a bonnet. 

Pulou, V, to cover the head, to put 
on a hat or bonnet; to cover over 
with leaves (as the native oven) ; 
to be overhead (as the sun at 
noon : ua pulou tonu le la). 


Pulotu, s. the native drum; (see 
Faaalii); ihe residence of the 
gods under the sea, 

Pulu, «. glue, gum, resin ; shot; 
lead; the husk of the cocoanut; 
a species of banana. 

Pulumna, s. a bullet. 

Putunautiau, v. to be ut^cnt with, 
to persuade, to constrain. 

Puiupulu, j. a large cloth to wrap 
roiiiid he person. 

Puiupulu, v. to cover the body with 
a cloth, &c. 

Pulupului, s. a number of cocoa nuts 
tied together. 

Puluputusi, s. a chiefs sickness. 

Pulutai, s, the name of a weed. 

Puluti, f. to glue topiiL'h; to ap- 
ply pu/a to anything- 

Pulutia, V. passive of pupnlu. 

Puluvao, *. the name of a tree. 

Puluvaga, s, a mediator. 

Pumala, s. a species of tlte trumpet 

Puna, s. a spring. 

Puna, V. to spring up ; to boil up, 
to bubble to ithou^id tu fly up; 
to leap; Tedup, piipuna. 

Punefu, s. an old man who is look- 
ed up to as an able councillor. 

Punefu, a. stiOiig; smelling (us fish 
often warmed, old siapo, &c.) 

Punefu, ». to be disordered and 
dirty (as an uninhabited house). 

Punialo, t. pubes. 

Puni&ga, V. to be nearly full (as the 

Puniniaiagi, u. to be windbound; 
pass, piiriimatagia. 

Punimalagi.s. irees planted to screen 

Punjpu, see Ga'opumpu 

Punipuni, v. to shut in, to close in 
(as many apertures) ; to cover 
over (as holes in lutuj/a). 

Puiiita'i, V. to stop with. 

Punivaia'i, a. a large crop of chest- 

Punoii, V. to bow the head, to bend 



down ; pi. punonou ; redap.- pu- 

Punuamanu,'*. a young bird, espe- 
cially the (uau'e; a fat, child; a 
white head of hair. 

Punupunu, s. a cluster of parasiti- 
cal plants. 

Pupa, 11. to shut the mouth, to hold 
the tongue, (a term of abuse), 

Pupu, s. a clumpof trees, as pupu 

Pupn, V. to be distressed, to be per- 
plexed, to be agitated. 

Pupu, s. a cliff, a bold coast. 

Pupu, V. to give out the heat (as 
from an aperture in the oven, 
leaving the food uncooked); to 
shew forth anger ending in no- 
thing when the time for action 

Pupii, s. a sheath ; a case. 

Pupil, V. to gargle; to rinse out the 

Pupua, see Popua. 

Pupu'e, V. to have a fit of any com- 
plaint which affecia two parts of 
the body, as the teeth, &c. ; the 
plural ofpa'e, 

Pupuiono, s. the name of a shrub. 

Pupuu, see Puupuu. 

Pupuga, s. a person diseased in the 

Pijpuga, s. the removal of a curse 
by s|.irtitig cocoanut juice from 
the mouth over the party. 

Pupuia, s to shine ; pi. fepuIaG ; 
redup, pulapula. 

Pupulu, V. to interpose, to mediate; 
piiss. pulutia. 

Pupuna, V. to boil, to bubble up. 

Pupuni, V. to shut, to inclose; past. 
punitia; m^H/T. punipuni. 

Piipusolo, a. full of holes. 

Puputa, s. a species of banana. 

Puputa, a. plural of puta. 

Puputama'i, v. to be enraged, to be 
angry {to chiefs). 

PupuvBO, s. a clump of bush. 

Piisa, V. 10 send up a smoke, (also 




ai^pli'^d to s|»r;iy,(li!st, and lioat); 
to lijiht an ovon ; /yf/.s's. pnsagia. 

l^isaloa, s. a conu't. 
nsi. A*, a sea e* 1. 
nsi'ula, \ 

usinli, ( s. species of the sea 
usi«;at;ilji, I eel. 
usisina J 

Puso, A*, the licad of a fish or a pig; 
a])])hed H|xiirativ( ly to head quar- 
ters, S( at of anthority, chief divi- 
sion of a land, &'0. 

Puta, s. iht' stomacli. 

Pnta, a. fat; pi. puputa; dimin, 
putaputa, rather fat. 

PntagaeK*, a. shaking with fat. 

Pute, s. the navel. 

Puto, s. the |)urse of a pigeon net. 

Puiu, s. a feast. 

Pntu, r. to make a feast. 

Putuga, sec PiTU. 

Putunonofo, v. to live joyously. 

Putuputu, a, close together. 

Puvava, r. to talk, (used only in 

Puvaavaa, s. ribbon, (Tahitian). 


Tlie twelfth letter in the Samoan alpha- 
bet. Pronounced as in English. 

Sa, a. forbidden, prohibited; redup, •. 
sasa. (This word was formerly < 
used to mean sacred, and is still ■ 
much used in that sense, as aso j 
sUyfale .sa, &c.) 

Sa, V. to be bhnd (of a pigeon) ; a 
term of abuse to man. 

Sa, a distributive particle used be- 
fore pronouns, either, one of; as, 
sa lutou rnea, one aiticle of their's. 

Sa, a particle used to mark the im- 
perfect and aorist tenses. 

Sa, a particle used before names of 
persons, signifying the family of. 

Sa*a, V. to dance ; redup, saasaa. 

Saa, sue Puu. 

Saafi, r. to regret, to grieve for; rt- 
dup. saafiafi. 

Saatiga, s. regret, grief for a loss. 

Saaga, s, the branch of the pigeon's 

Saah>, see Ausaalo. 

Saaluu V. to shake. 

Saasaa, a. short; pi. sasaa. 

Saasaa, see S.\a. 

Saati, r. (pi. of sasaa), to pour out 

Saatula, s. the name of a shellfish. 

Sae, r. to tear off the bark or skin; 
redup. sasae. 

Sa*e, r. n. to upset (as a canoe); 
to elevate one leg (as in the act of 
falling in a club match). 

Sa'e, s. a naked dance. 

Saei, V. to tear ; recipr. fesaeia'ina, 
to be torn to pieces. 

Saele, v. to swing the arms (as in 

Saesae, adv. brightly, brilliantly (as 
a Hre). 

Sa*esa*e, s. a species of crab. 

Sa*esa*e, v. to carry between two in 
the hands. 

Sai, 5. So-and-so, Such-a-one; as, 
Pai ma Sai. 

Sai, s. a pigsty; a tightly-bouad 
bundle (as of tobacco, &c.) 

Sa*ili, r. to seek; />/7«5. sailia: re- 
dup. sailiili ; pi. saili. 

Sa'iliga, s. a seeking, a search. 

Sa*ina, r. to throw down (as a bur- 
den of food brought as a present). 

Saisai, a. full to overflowing, full so 
as to require to be bound up. 

Saisai, t'. to bind round, to tie toge- 
ther ; pass, saisaitia. 

Saisaigalaufa*i, s. filthy conversa- 

Saisaitaga, s. a binding up ; the 
bindings or fastenings. 

Sao, s. the appointed portion of 
property or food brought by each 
individual preparatory to present- 

Sao, a. unblamcable, without fault 
or blemish. 




Sao, V. to enter as where there was 
difficulty ; to escape ; pi. sasao ; 
pass. saoHa. 
Sao, V. to collect together food or 
properly preparatory to present- 
ing ; pi. sasao. 
Sao, V. to sit in a circle ; redup. 

Sa*o, s. a term applied to a head of 
a family ; the principal chief or 
chieftainess of a village. 
Sa*o, a. straight ; correct, right ; 
long, tall. 

Sa*oaualuma, see Sa*otamaitai. 

Sa*cahi, s. a principal chief, with 
whom it is to determine what is 
proper (su^o) to be done. 

Saofa*i, v. to sit round in a circle; 
redup. saosaofa'i. 

Saogalemu, v. to enter safely ; to 
be in safety ; to escape dangers ; 
rtdvp. saosaogalemu. 

Sa'oloto, V. to be at liberty, to have 

Saosao, s. the name of u fish. 

Saosao, v. to collect food from house 
to house for a travelling party ar- 
rived late in the day. 

Saosaoa, a. swift. 

Saosao*o, s. one kind of fishing. 

Sa*otamaita'i, s. a chieftainness who 
has the direction. 

Sa*otulafaIe, ♦;. a tulafule as above. 

Sau, 5. the dew. 

8au, V. to come ; pi. o mai. 

Sau, V. to fall as the dew ; pass. 
sautia ; redup. sasau. 

Sau, V. to angle. 

Sau, pron. thy, your. 

8a*u, pron. my. ' 

Saua, V. to have a return of sick- 
ness; to be ill of an epidemic. 

Saua, a. cruel, oppressive, despotic. 

Sa*ua, interj. Stop ! wait a little. 

Sauauli, s. a place where pigs are 
allowed to range. 

Sauafa, v. to fasten with cinet. 

Sauaga, s, oppressive couduct, ill- 

Saualii, s. a god, (the respectful 
term for an aitu). 

Sau*atoa, s. a canoe hollowed out 
of one tree. 

Saufono, v. to cut the planks for a 

Saufua, V. to utter cries rapidly (as 
the manutagi) ; to make a speech 
without calling over names and 
titles ; to do anything hastily. 

Sauga, a. strong smelling, pungent. 

Sangafono, s. a cutting of planks. 

Sa*nla, s. the name of a fish. 

Saulala, a. oppressive, cruel. See 

Saulalo, V. to prepare the material 
for making mats ; to prepare the 
materials before building. 

Sauleia, a. withered, blighted (as 

Sa*umi, s. a species of the banana. 

Sauni, s. he who beg^ins the game 
of taguti^a. 

Sauni, v. to prepare, to get ready; 
pass, saunia ; redup. sauniuni. 

Sauniga, s. preparation. 

Saunoa, v. to damage, to injure, to 
maltreat ; to beat the wooden 
drum ; to make a rattling noise 
to please a child ; to be engaged 
in games; rcc?aj9. saunoa noa. 

Saunoaga, 5. games; war; conver- 
sation {of chiefs). 

Sa*unu, a. wrinkled; puckered; 
slack ; redup. sa*unu*unu. 

Sausau, s. the name of a fish. 

Sausau, v. to sprinkle ; to build up 
a part of a wall that had fallen 

Sausau, s. the mallet used in tatoo- 

Sausau, v. to flutter the wings as 
when about to fly; to throw the 

Sautia, v. (pass, of ^au), bedewed. 

Sautualasi, a. manifold, many thick- 

Sautualua, a. twofold, double ; (so 
nf any other number). 




Satea, v. to be struck ; to be re- 
moved (as a disease); to be 

Safole, s, the name of a 6sh. 

Safue, i\ to beat. 

SagH, s. the dowry, property given 
by the woman*s family at her mar- 

Sag^, adv, continuedly ; redup, sa- 

Sagasagatea, s. one species of the 

Sagatonu, v. to be in a straight di- 
rection, to face towards. 

Sagiga, s, rejoicing, boasting (most- 
ly causeless). 

Sagini, v. to talk of work and not 
help at it ; to forbid a thing and 
do it himself. 

Sagisagi, a. light (as a burden); 

Sago, v. to boast of a quantity of 
food or property received; to move 
the lips as in eating or talking ; 
(a term of abuse) ; redup, sasago 
and sagosago. 

Sagole, V. to ransack, to pull about; 
redup. sagolegole. See Tagole. 

Sala, s. a fine, a punishment. 

Sala, a. incorrect, wrong (as a hook 
fastened wrong, or a word in a 

Sala, V. to cut off, to lop ; redup, 
sasala, salasala. 

Sala, adv. continuedly. See Saga. 

Salaamu, s. the name of one growth 
of the atule, 

Salaiavala, r. (sala ia Vala), to be 
punished on account of the head 
of the family. 

Salafalafa, a. flat ; pi. salalafa. 

Salalau, v. to be scattered, to be 
spread about. 

Salama, v. (sala ama), to cut off 
the outrigger of a canoe ; to leave 
off the morning fishing. 
Salanio, v. to repent. 
Salani, s. gravel, broken pieces of 

Salato, 8. a stinging tree. 

Salato, see Lalato. 

Salefee, s. the land of aitu, the Sa^ 
moan hades. 

Salefu, s. an ashpan, used to carry 
the hot ashes to the roota of trees 
to destroy them. 

Salefuga, s. the third day of /mi/o/o. 

Salemausau, s. all the world* a great 
concourse of people ; (derived 
from a tradition of Mauaab). 

Sali, V. to scoop out; ^. aaaali) 
pass, salia. 

Sail, «. the name of a fish. 

Saliga, s. a girdle of leaves ; (so 
called before chiefs for tifi), 

Salisali, s. a thin layer of the flesh 
of the young cocoanut adhermg 
to the shell after the bulk of the 
kernel has been removed. 

Salo, V, to tell a thine over and over 
again • to tell all the particulars ; 
to grumble, to complain of; pau, 

Saloa, interj. thanks! thank you! 

Salofia, V. to be starved ; pL saio- 

Salulu, V. to shake. 

Salulu, 5. a chiefs anger. 

Salusalu, v. to prepare the keel of 
a canoe. 

Salusalu, r. to rejoice in prospect 
of some good ; to hope. 

Sama, v. to stain yellow (as the skia 
with turmeric, the Samoan rouge). 

Sama'aga, s. the application of tur- 

Samaivao, s. a pigeon cauffht from 
the bush having one eye blind. 

Samaola, v. to look yellow while 

alive; (a reference to the practice 

of applying turmeric after death). 

Samani, s. the end of the suati of a 

Samanu, s. a chiefs anger. 
Samasama, a. yellow. 
Sami, s, the sea; salt water; a co- 
coanut in the stage before becom- 
iu^ pojw. 


Sami, a. strong tasted as if brack- 
ish, as, le niu sami. 

Samialaina, v. to be redde*)ed by 
exposure to the sun on the salt 

Samilolo, s, a native dish of food. 

Samoanioa, a, dried up ; become a 
skeleton (as tish dried up from 
being cooked often, or a skeleton 
from which the flesh has dried 

Samusamu, v. to pick up crumbs 
and fragments, to eat the remains 
of food. 

Sana, s. Indian corn, maize. 

Sana, pron. his, hers. 

Sana, v. to spirt out (as blood from 
a vein) ; to make water (as into a 
bamboo) ; to shoot, to dart (as 
pain from one part to another) ; 
redup, sasana. 

Sanatolo, 5. dysentery. 

Sani, 5. a law, by which all pigs 
found in the plantations were kill- 
ed and eaten by the finders, or to 
punish any infringing on things 
prohibited ; as, Ua iu le sani. 

Sano, V. to long for, to be intent 
upon ; to abound (as property, 
speeches, &c.) 

Sanoola, v. to earnestly desire to 

Sanuu, 17. to be loose (as a rope not 
tightened) ; to be wrinkled, to be 
puckered. See Saunu. 

Sapa, V, to be unequal (as a paddle 
larger on one side than the other, 
the sun more to the west than the 
east; the night more than half 
past : Ua sapa i ao), 

Sapasapai, v. to take in the arms ; 
to take hold of (as any one's 
words) ; pass, sapaia. 

Sapatu, s. the nnme of a fish. 

Sape, a. club footed. 

Sapi, a. quarrelsome, snarlish. 

Sapo, V. to catch anything thrown ; 
to catch up a word and answer 
it ; to put in a new plank or kieel 



to a canoe; redup. saposapo; pi. 

Sapotuvale, ) v. to palpitate, to flut- 

Sapupuvale J ter (as the heart). 

Sasa, s. a scourge, a rod, a whip. 

Sasa, V. td beat ; to reprove in a 
speech ; pass. saia. 

Sasa, s. a sign, a portent. 

Sasa, a. forbidden. 

Sasaa, a. plurzH x)^ saasaa, 

Sasaa, v. to pour out ; to show the 
cause of anger in order to making^ 
friends ; the plural of sua, to 

Sasae, v. to tear, to rend; p€iss. 

Sasa'e, s. the east ; the stick for 
spreading out the hot stones of 
the oven. 

Sasa'e, v. to capsize, to upset ; to 
move a house ; pass, sa'ena. 

Sasao, V. to terminate on some part 
(as an internal complaint break- 
ing out into a rash, &c.); to bo 
salivated ; plural of sao, to collect 
together food or property. 

Sasa*o, a. plural of 5a*o. 

Sasao, V. (pi. of sao), to enter. 

Sasau, s, heavy dew. 

Sasau, a, mischievous, unrestrain- 
able (as animals breaking into 

Sasau, V. to fall (of the dew). 

Sasau, V. to sling a stone; to swing 
the arm (as in giving a blow) ; to 
blow the trumpet shell. 

Sasau, s. one kind of cuttle fish 
having long feelers ; a long legged 

Sasauli, s. a species of taro. 

Sasaga, s, a bottle rack. 

Sasagi, v. to boast of, to rejoice in, 
(mostly used wlitn causeless). 

Sasala, v, to be diffused (as a per- 
fume) ; to be spread abroad (as a 
report) ; plural of sala, to cut off. 

Sasali, v. plural of sali. 

Sasalu, V. to eat or work very deli- 
berately ; to make a thorough 




flearaiioe of anytliinp ; to long 
for : to njoicf in prospect of any 

Sasami, a, (pi. of sami), strong- 
tastod as [f brackish, (a[)plieJ to 

Sasana, see Sana. 

Sasapo, r. to CPtch in the mouth (as 
a doj;); phiral o( sapo. 

Sasave, s. a cocdanut having no 
stem tr) the fruit. 

Sasi, V. to make a shp of the tongue 
in speaking ; to talk nonsense (as 
in delirium); redup. sa>isasi. 

Satane, s. handsome men. 

Satia, V. to be eaten ; to be torn (as 
by dogs, &'c.; applied to pigeons, 
food, fine mats). 

Satuia, s. the name of a shellfish. 

Sava, s. filth, ordure. 

Sava*i, 5. one species of the seaegg. 

Savala, r. to desire to eat rich things. 

Savali, s, an ambassador. 

Savali, V. to walk ; pL savali and 

Savallga, s. a girdle of leaves. See 

Savallga, s. a walk ; the distance to 
be walked. 

Savalivali, v. to walk on, to keep 

Savasava, a, bemired with filth. 

Saveu, ^ 

Savelu, \sce Sa*eu. 

Saveve } 

Savili, s. a breeze. 

Saviii, V. to blow, to be windy; pass. 

Savilivili, v. to blow gently. 

Se, art. a, an. 

Se, s. Friend ! (a call to a man). 

Se, 5. the general name for the 

Se, a. afraid, as vianuva ac. 

Se, V. to wander ; to mistake ; re- 
dup. sese ; recipr. fesea'i. 

Se anoa ana, cortj. if 1 had. 

Sea, s. the name of a tree ; the in- 
side of the lomu. 

Sc a, pron. what? 

Sea'e, a. back; as, ala sea^e, a 
back road. 

Scaea, s, a score of nuts. 

Seasea, s. the name of a tree and its 
fruit ; a child^s penis. 

Seasea, adv. seldom. 

Seasiasi, s. one species of the se. 

Seatua, interj. an expression of as- 
tonishment on escaping from dan- 
ger : It was by the power of God; 
as, Seatua ma i matou. 

See, s. a method of catching fish. 

Sec, V. to slip, to slide, to glide 
along ; to be dislocated ; to beg 
food (*at see) ; redup. sesee, see- 

Seea, a. weak (as the hair, lauulu 

Seega, s. the party gliding on the 

Seesee, s. one kind of tare. 

Seesee, r. to drag oneself along sit- 
ting on the ground. 

Seeti, s. a sandy plain at the mouth 
of a river; a contrivance for bring- 
ing a canoe more on a level by 
wedges driven under the iato. 

Seevae, s. a shoe. 

Sei, s. a flower put into the hair or 
behind the ear. 

Sei, V. to put a flower into the hair 
or behind the ear ; redup. seisei. 

Se*i, i\ to jerk; pass, se*ia; redup. 

Se*i, a sign of the imperative mood, 
used prccatively. 

Se*ia, coTfj. (se*i ia), until, till. 

Seilala, s. the name of a tree. 

Se*imai, see Le*imai. 

Seisei, v. to adorn the head with 
flowers. See Ski. 

Se*ise*i, v. to jerk repeatedly (as a 
rope in order to disentangle it). 

Sen, s. the method of catching mul- 

Seu, V. to stir round ; to turn the 
head of the canoe, to steer to ; to 
catch in a net (as pigeons or mul- 


let) ; to ward off a blow ; to in- 
terrupt a speech ; to prevent (as 
a figlit between lands); />/. seseu; 
dimin. sen sen. 



be*u, s. the name of a seabird. See 


Se'u, V. to move up and down the 
feathers of the tail (as a maniialii 
wlien friglitened and about to fly 
away) ; applied figuratively to a 
coward : Ua se^u le fulu. 

Seup^a, s. the method of catching 
pigeons with a net. 

Seuga*i, udv, to no purpose, use- 

Seugu^imiti, s. a youth, not a full- 
grown man; (a term of contempt). 

Se'ulu, s. one kind oi se. 

Seuspu, s. leafless branches. 

Senseu, v. to stir round repeatedly. 

Sc*use*u, V. to be matted together 
(as hair from wet or dirt). 

Se'iitapeau, .v. the name of a sea- 

Sefa, J?, the name of a weed. 

Sefea, /7ro/z. which? 

Sefea, adv. whence ? 

Sefulu, a. ten. 

Sega, s. the general name for the 
parroquet; the tail of the fly-fish- 

^/■jpro * III ji J 

, ° ' > s. two kinds of seqa, 

^egasamoa ) ^ 

Segasega, s, the name of a fish. 

Segasega, a. yellowish (as the body 

from disease). See Legalega. 
Segasegama*u*u, s, one kind of se- 

Segavale, v. to stare from fear ; to 

shine dimly (as the sun through a 

5egi, a. wild, shy, not tame ; pt, 

sesegi ; rec/w/?. segisegi. 
5egi, V. to snatch, to catch away ; 

pass, segia. 
$egi, r. to burn a scar as a beauty 

^egiamauli, v, (literally^ to have 

tlie heart snatched away), to be 


Segisegi, s. twilight. 

Segisegi, see Seoi. 

Sela, 5. asthma. 

Sela, V, to be out of breath ; to be 

Selau, a. a hundred. 
Selauselau, a, very many. 
Sele, s. a snare; the name of a shell- 

Sele, V, to cut (as the hair); to 

Sele, 5. the name of a sharp-cutting 

Selea, v, to be cut ; redup. sele- 

Selei, r. to cut, to slash. 

Seleulu, s. scissors. 

Selefatu, s. the shell used to scrape 

Selesele, s. an evenly cut head of 
hair ; a cloud bringing a squall of 
wind and rain. 

Selesele, v. to cut into several pieces; 
to shear. 

Seleseleafo, v. to be in commotion 
(as the sea is by a fish dragged 
through the water at the end of 
the line, or when rippled by a ris- 
ing breeze). 

Selogologo, 5. a name given to some 
kinds of se when they come into 
the house. 

Selu, s. a comb ; the feathers on a 
cock's head which are erected 
when he is beaten : Ua tu le selu. 

Selu, r. to comb; to praise; redup. 
seselu, seluselu ; pass, selua. 

Seluga, s. praises. 

Sema, s. Friends ! (a call for atten- 

Sema, s. a red siapo. 

Sema, v. to agree with another to 
be his antagonist at a club-match ; 
to sop up the scented oil as it is 

Semanu, adv. hardly, it was as if. 

Sematapia, s. one kind of se. 

Semu, V. to cut oflP what is above 
or beyond the rest (as a post too 





Ini.;;. a loi W ot'liaiv, &o.); to cnt 
otVoiio in iidvaniH' ot'tlio trotip. 
Sma, .<. failior! moilicr ! also used 

in addn'ssinir any aged jH^rson. 
IvMia, proN. tliat. 
Sv-nei, prou. this. 
Si'pa, a. s»juinlinu: ; pf. sesepii. 
St'|.(), s. tlie naujo of an uiiu, nnniod 

in ciirsiiijj^ cliildifn. 
Se|.iite, s. a species of s7;, 
S^^e, .<. a mistake. 
SC'<;r», a, nearly blind. 
Sesee, v. to slide along sitting ; to 

jxlide 0!i the waves. 
Si?e*i, A. tiie stick used to extend 

the muscpiito screen. 
Sosou, i\ plural of sen, 
Sec'u, (I. Ij;nin^ a bad taste: 7/a- 

''.-;?r sc^c'ti, 
Siv Ml, r. to nmkea smelUfeupliem. 

\h{ pni> ; lo be disagreeable in 

CO' jI;:- i. 
Si . ' 'C;', ^' ^ snrcies of banana. 

'. to h(\ dim, to be ob- 




• I 

to (Mt O'X (as a ^t;ip of 

^^i*a, > tlu' <tick u<«(l in mukinsj a 
n( t. 

Si*a. r. tf) ji;. t {^ivv by rubbing one 
stii'k o;i nn»»tbtT, 

Si*ai:;5, >. t?!t! larc:er stationary stick 
u<'.*'l in ffi'ttiii';: a fire. 

Si'aloa. s. t^ie f^nnipof a sbrnbfr»>m 
tlic i>ark of wliicb tlie sbaggywliite 
mats arc mndo. 
^iapo, v. native clot]!. 

Siapoatn:), .s*. tlio !ianio of a *ilmil). 

Siasi, jnou that Oi'^ar at ha?:dV 

Sii, r. to lift: to levy a fine; to 
take the war into a country; to 
take oncsrlf off in a prudoje: as 
Un sli le trra ; pi. sisii ; pn$s, 
siitia; dimin. siisii ; recipr. feiii' 

Siiloto, V. to be in the niid'^t (as a 
tare pRintation in the midst of the 
bush) ; to begin in the middle (as 
a tale). 

Siisii, s. a method of taking fish. 

Siisiiloto, v. to seek a disproportion- 
ate marriage (as an old man seek- 
ing a young girl). 

f^iisiitama, s. property given on oc- 
casion of a woman's first confine- 

Sii<iitolela, see Siisiiloto. 


■-.v.. ' 

» t 

. Siila, V. to raise the arms to strike a 
•.. I)i...c l.air \villi the ^jo^v in club matches; to lift all 

together; to bring property all 
Siila*i, V. to make larger than ne- 
cessary ; to exaggerate. 
i Siit.iga, s. a lifting ; the party lift- 

■: ^:tr«.!,ii(.<:o imui of- 


r — • 

■ I. 3 


"1 •••(■jiv \<) !i:or'-o 

Setu, V. '.n J;i -.^ , re^'j'p, sctn^ctu. 
Sevaa, 5. ' '.v kind o! ^•?. 
Seve, s. ; ichaone: as, Pai ma 
L'lToi r-n Tin ma Seve. 

Si*o, r. to surround ; pass, si'omia; 

lerfup. si*osi*o. 
^'ioiaita, a salutation. See Talofa. 
?ii'u, s. the name of a fish. 
Si^u, s. the extremity, the end, the 

corner (as of the rye, mouth, a 

_,. ,. , / T . . ., wave, &c.) ; the refuse of turme- 

Si, ^'. liMe; (a dimnuuive particle ^ic. 

ofien (•:;; ic^sin- endearment: as, I r.j'uaan. s. an eMrrnrty of the reef. 

Si ana .: w.t), \ si'imv.u 5. one. pcint or outerextre- 

Sia, pron* iLi>. 

I n.liy cS AW f:y>oninj^ in the reef*. 




Si*ufofoga, s. a chief's voice. 
Si'iig-ahf, .9. llie extremity of a wave. 
Si'iigutu, s. a corner of the month. 
SiMimannnu, s. the name of a fish. 


Si'umata, j.*. the outer corner of the 

Si'unniti, s. the name of the Inlaji 

wlieii full j::rown. 
Si'usiMi, s. the point (as of a knife, 

sword, (Sl'cJ; the extromitv (as of 

.1 tuil, leaf*, hnnho >, &c.) 
SiSite;), .s. 0!»(' kiiid of ilie /?' plant. 
Siirano, s. ihc friiii. o^tUefdla. 
Sjo^o, see Au^ico. 
Siti. .?. an o\tr niity of a raiiihow. 
8il;i, V. to 1)0 asliaiHt^d : U(i siia le 

}'.f<it i ft' 'I tiKjchi. 
Sihi'iluLii, .N*. ail uictr in the b.ick. 
Silri'ilalo, .s". pi Irs. 
8i'afu*^a, s. a chit^fs viewino;^ or 

Silai.a, V. p isssive of sisi/a. 
Si'ajj: itaifalc, /'. to vi(?w the wind 

and weather of the 
Silata^imataj]^i, s. the slla wliich 

brings wind ; a chief who causes 

Sili, a. principal, best, highest. 
Sill, V. to lodge in, to stick in (as 

anything behind the car). 
Sili, y. to inquire, to ask ; pass, si- 

Sili, adv. exceedingly. 
Silia, V. to le^t pass, to pass over ; 

(mostly used with a negative). 
Silifa'i, V. a. to go beyond (astiXK)ps 

making a detour and thus turning 

the flank of the enemy). 
Siliga, s. the place to stick in the 

II V fishhook. 
Siliga, r. to have got bi'yond the 

pjf'per or expected time ; to be 

Kio late, past, gone by. 
Siliiiafanaua, v. to be too old to 

bt-ar children. 
Silitonn, v. to ascertain correctly. 
Silivale, r. to grumble; to rebel. 

See ills') r AC. I VALE. 

Silo, s. the entrails of the shark. 

Sina, art. a, (a diminutive). 

Sina, s. a gourd. 

Sina, a. some. 

Sina, a. white; pi. sitjina ; yalup, 

Sinii, a. grey (of the head). 

Sina'ainga, («. greyheaded iVom rat- 
ing the u(/a. 

Sinasi, pron. that (of a more distant 
object than siasi). 

Sinei, pron. this. 

Sini, s. the goal in racing, and in a 

Sinio, V. to race. 

Sinioga, s. a race. 

Sinoi, V. to find fault with another's 
conduct while doing the same 

Sipa, s. the name of a fish. 

Sipa, V. to be awry, to incline to 
one side; to make a mi>takc iu 

Sisi, s. the freshwater winkle ; a 
fissure or hole from wliich water 
trickles ; streams in the sand at 
low water ; the two hard eyes iu 
the cocoanut. 

Sisi, pron. that. 

Sisi, 17. a. to hoist up, to draw up. 

Sisi, V. to trickle down. 

Sisi, V. to make a hissing noise (as 
green wood in the fire). 

Sisii, V. to lift; to make great, to 
make oneself great : as, A slsii^ 
in an.iwer to a person comptiring 
a small thing to a large ; to be 
l^ruud without cause; to use abu- 
sive language iu a haughty man- 

►Sisii, V. to make a liin;.'e ; also the 
plural of .si'i. 

Sisi'o, /'. to circumvent. 

Si.^ifo, *-. West. 

Sisi la, t'. to look {of chiefs) ; puss. 
silafia; rednp. silasila; reeipr. fe- 

Sisila, s. the fixing of the eye in 
death ; Ua tu le siilu. 



varieties of the soaa 

>i>jli. V. n i!'nij«i:c«T. 

M>ili, /'. 1u Ih s|iu ,i<I iilii(M»l I u^ the 
v.iihr In ni h \v:it» jcoursf) ; lo 
siidot, to (lar! : as jiimi iVt'iii oi:e 
jK.rt (.r I hi- lu.ily tf» ;t!i(ithrr). 

S Mi'»iilu't, >. a >j'Miis ol the .nv.n/. 

^^ls:I ii. /•. to <!inji (h»v\n, to iiin; 
fmsii. >iiiuia ; rulnp. sih.!>iiia. 

Si>itaii(>a. ) i* • • 

^,. . \ S. SIX CK'S ol Stfii. 

Sisitui \ ' 

Si>i\ao, >". a Miaih 

Si\n, N. a >c»ii[r. 

Siva, /'. to <hitM'i' ; {'((hip. >i>asiva. 

Siva'ote. >. a bamboo Mute. 

So, (t. cither, one of, so laiua, any 
one of tiieni. 

Soa, N. a com|)anion,a seeond ; one 
who procnres a wife for another ; 
a (lance witli sonjj. 

So*a,,s. a method of fi.shitig by nigljt; 
the brace of a house ; a jj;un. 

Soaa, .s. the mountain [)lantain. 

Soa'ai, v. to steal food to eat. 

Soaa*ulu, 1 

Soaase J ' ' 

So'ai, /'. to brace the house. 

Scjaijiioa, y. nanus of y( nng chiefs 
bv which thev are praised. 

S<)\>ilu, V, to speak without show- 
ing respect. 

Soafafine, *'. the female servant of a 

Soamoemoe, s. the leaf just un- 

Soani, a. four, (used on Savaii). 

Soania, r. (from soa), to bo compa- 
nioned, to have a second or com- 

S{>'aso*a, r. to spear fish. 

Soa soa, ste Nainai. 

Soata, s. a stony tract of land. 

Soatau, s. a large canoe made from 
one tree. 

Soatau, s. an armour-bearer; a com- 
panion in arms. 

Soavaa, s. two or three canoes go- 
ing together. 

Soesa, a. disagreeable, ofTcnsive, 
annoying ; redup. soesoesa. 


>^oe>oe, .s. vniniir taro bhoots. 

Scii. >. a sp«'cies of yam. 

So'i, /'. to swaru) {\\< mice, men, 

tVc. '. ; n tin ft. so'i so'i. 
Soia. thldj. enough! desist! let it 

Soi'nla, a. osie kind of .v«i. 
Soit'ua, .N". life {nf f/iiffs). 
Soifna, r. to live (of chiefs). 
Si)\\\\\\, i:!f( ij. bliss you! U)ay yon 

live I an ejaculation to onesiitez- 

Soisina, .v. one kij d of .so?. 
So'iso'i, see So*i. 

V. .^^^^^ [ r. to laniirh (Jo a chief). 
Soisoilua S ^ ^ 

Sao, a. anv : as, soo se laau. 

Soo, I', to encircle, to surround ; to 

join ; pass, soolia ; intens. soo- 


Soo, adv. frequently, continuedly, 

without intermission. 

Soo, V. to be pained, to be troubled: 

i as, soo ma aa, &c. 

i Sooga, s. property given to the fa- 

! mily of the wife on fetching her 

home after a separation ; perineum 

j muliebre. 

Soona, adv. at random, anyhow; 

So*oso*o, V. to be joined in many 
j places ; to be close t(jgether. 
' Sou, a. rough, foaming ; rcdup, 

1 Sou, pron. thy (so ov). 
So*u, pron. my (so oUi). 
So*u, c. let me (for sc^i o*u), 
Soua, a. laboring ia a cross sea; 

beset with tongues, scolded on all 

Soufuna, 5. a call to a woman. See 

Sofai, V. to break down ; to break 

through (as troops); pass, sofaia. 
Soga, s. a shaver, a servant or at- 
tendant peculiar to certain chiefs. 
Soga, s. a plant from the bark of 

which nets and red shaggy mats 

are made. 




Sogasoga, «. |jer5cvering(as in work , 
anger, &c.) 

Sogi, ?'. to rub noses, to salute ; jd. 

Sogisogi, V. to smell; pass, sogit'a. 

Stjgo, s. 4:lie flesliy end of tlic sol- 
dier crab ; a cliild's penis. 

Sola, ?\ to run away, to escape, to 
fiy away ; pi. sosola ; puss, sola- 
tia ; rcdup. solasola. 

Sola'aga, .<. a flight; the pjjrty run 
ning away ; pi. sosolaaga. 

Solaoo, i\ to run away home (as a 
woman running from her hus- 

So'.asulusijlu, V. to flee far away. 

Solata'i, v. to abscond with, to carry 

Solataga, s. a company of persons 

Solatia, 5. a species of crab. See 
Paalauii I. 

Solatia, v. to be avoided, to be de- 

Sole, s. friend I (a call to a man). 
See Si:. 

Soli, V. to tread upon, to trample 
on ; puss, solia ; rediip. sosoli, 

Soli aan, ?•. to beg seu implements 
of a village employed in seurju. 

Soli aitu, s. large gatherings of peo- 
ple for wrestling and games on 
removing a prohibition from places 
made sacred to tiie gods. 

Soliga, s. native cloth given as pre- 
sents by a viigin. 

So!iga-aau, s. a begging party seek- 
ing seutja implements. 

Solileiiiogamoga, v. to have a house- 
warming by a 1)0 u la. 

Soli.-oli, .V. prostration ; putting the 
soles of the chiefs feet against 
the palms of the hands and the 

Solisoli, V. to tramp, to tread. 

Solisoli, V. to commence a taro plan- 
tation. See Ual'a. 

Solitfi, r. to remain away from the 

war for a tiiDC ; to forbid, as a 
travelling party, troops, &c., from 

Solo, s. a land slip. 

Solo, V. to slide away, to fall down 
(as a wall); to pass along (as a 
number of peopk^ in the road). 

Solo, adv. along, from place to 

Solo, s, a song in praise of a chief's 
lands, &c. ; a towel. 

Solo, (/. swift. 

Soloa, passive of sosolo. 

Soloa'i, V. to go along to a place (as 
troops to the seat of war); to suc- 
ceed to a title or possession. 

Soloalofa, V. to pine after (as a child 
for its absent parent). 

Soloatoa, i\ to be all in a piece, to 
have no break or join. 

So'.oi, .V. a towel. 

Soloi, i\ to wipe ; pass, soloia. 

Soloi, V. to tlirow down (as a wall); 
to slide down (as a wall or a pile 
of stones) ; puss, soloia. 

Soloiluma, v. to improve. 

Soloitua, V. to get worse, to deterio- 

Solofa, V. to slip down, to run down, 
to fall down. 

Solofanua, *\ a horse. 

Sololelei, v. to pass along happily 
and without accident. 

Solonma, v. to go ahead, to take 
the had ; to be beforehand (as a 
crop of breadfruit). 

Solomuli, V. to back the paddles, to 
pull backwards ; to be behind- 
hand (as a crop of brt;adfruit) ; to 
walk backwards; logo bdck. 

Solosolo, s. the name of a lish, {see 
Usiusi); a handkiTchief. 

Soiosolo, /'. to ^lip awuy (as the earth 
on the side of ii hill;. 

SoIosoKjU, see Lf.sdi.osolcju. 

Solovl, s, a word shouted out on 
getting the victory. 

Solovi, V. to slide down. 

Soma, gee .ma. 




Solium s. \\w g'lm n^y stcrction on 
(ii: eased evrs in the niuniiny:. 

Son oa, V. to liave llic eyes ag^luti- 

Somosonio, s. a sniall sprout. 

Bona, jivan. liis, lier's (so ona). 

Soni, V. to clio|) ; rcduji. sonisoni. 

Soiii, A", a water bollle. 

Sope, .v. a lock of liair left longer ' 
tlian the rest. 

Sopo, V. to step over; to p,ass over; \ 
pi. sosopo ; rc^hij). soposopo ; re- 
dpi', fesopoa'i. | 

So;,oviga, .9. a step. 

Sopolagi, r. to |)ass over the lira 
vens, (applied to the morning star ' 
when seen in the evening ; and 
looked upon as a sign of deatl) to • 
the family of Pe*a). j 

Sopohu, V. to transgress the laws of; 
bonito 'fishii.g by stepping over , 
the canoe. | 

Soposopo, V. to pass over; to trans- i 
gress; to raise the feet in walking 
so as to leave but a small trail ; 
to many or approach to a rela- 

Soposopolol(»a, r. to take loig steps ; 
to maU' lonii i^tages in a journey. 

Sopotofijga, s. adultery with achiif s 

Sopovale,"/-. to passover unceremo- 
n ousiy ; to use bad words to a 

Scsia, .<?. riches or property spread 
out to view. 

Sciso, r. to move aloig ; to draw 
near (with i/ia't) ; to move oil' 
(with af2/). 

Scso, r. to decay before growing 
again (as bull;ous roots. 

Srso, V. to turn from side to side, to 
be restless (as in a fever) ; rcdup. 

Sosoa, V. to dance accompanied by 

Soso'a, r. to spear; to husk nuts. 

Sosoo, ?'. to join toii;ether, to uni:c 
lotiftther ; t-* rtcoiicile. 

Poogo, ?'. to smell of nrin'.\ 

So-oli, V. to tnad on ; to eat things 
which were representatives of the 

Sosolo, V. to run, to spread (as li- 
quid<, as fat when melting, or as 
cieeping [)Iants); to act cowardly; 
2)ass. soloa. 

So^oni, s. a cutting blov/ in a club- 
ma t(*h. 

S<isoni, r. to chop ; to notch. 

Su, a, wet; waxy (as tare); pL 
snsu ; dimin. susu. 

Sua, V. to plough up, to grub up 
(as the soil; ; to toss as a bull ; 
pass, suatia. 

Sua, s. cooked food (especially as 
prepared for the sick) : juice or 
liquid of any kind, as sua susu^ 

Sua, V. to contain liquid (as a bot- 
tle); to discharge matter (as an 
abscess) ; to tack (of a boat or a 
sliip) ; pi. susua. 

Sua, v. to jest, to joke; pi. susua. 

Suaa!ana*i, v. for one chief or his 
followeis to speak against another 
chief to the lady to whom he is 
paying addresses. 

Suiiuu, A*, oil. 

Suafa, 5. the name {of chiefs). 

Suaga, f;. the tacking of a ship; the 
rooting of a pig; jesting. 

Suage, .V. a male fiiend of a woman 
(with the idea of illicet inter- 

Sualua, a. brackish. 

Suamalie, a.- sweet. 

Suanuia, v. to be first in speaking, 
fighting, <?tc. ; rcdup. suasuamua. 

Suamuli, r. to be last in speaking, 
fii;hiing, &c. ; rcdup. suasua- 

Sua sua, v. to root up, to turn up 
the ground (as a pig does). 

Suasuai, } v. to work hard for others 

Suasno ) (as a man in the wife's 
family, or vice* versa). 

Suususn, 5. milk. 




Suata<>^a, s, a tack of the ship ; tlie 
rooting" of a pi^. 

Suati, s. an outrigger on the riglit 
side of a casoe, to keep the (ima 
from beinti; submergjed when sail- 


Suaii, V. to spit out; to throw oul 
rubbish ; to use bad hinguage 

Snavai, s. water ; food (so called 
before cliiefs). 

Sue, s. a hsh, (sometimes poisoi»- 

Sue, V. to projrct (as the boily of a 
pig or a fitt person) ; redup. sue- 

Su'e, V. to search, to examine ; 
pass . s u ' ea ; r edup. su'esu'e. 

Su'e, V. to renew the ciuvt fastcjn- 
ings of a caisoe. 

Su*esu'e, see slsu'k. 

Su'esu'euga, v. to search diligently. 

Sui, V. to dilute ; to add fresh in- 
grtdients to a batch of oil ; re- 
dup. suisui. 

Sui, s. a substitute. 

Sui, V. to substitute ; to be a sub- 
stitute ; recipr, fesuid'i, to ex- 

Su'i, s. a young cocoanut, having 
only water and no kernel. 

Su'i, t;. to do needlework ; to thread 
on a string (as beads, &c.); to 
twist the sugarcane leaf ou to a 
cane (as in njaking thatch). 

Suilcipaiapa, .s. the hips. 

Suiiu, V. to exchange standing (as 
the girdle of leaves); to exchange 
a rotten post in a house ; to take 
a substitute oli" hand ; to take the 
father's place. 

Suo, s. a sjjade. 
u6, V. 10 iail wiih the head boiii»g 


into the ground. 
Suugea, V. to beg food after having 

alicady got aouiidance. 
Suosuo, Stasuai. 
Siih. s. the name of one kind of 


Suti, V. to choose, to select (as 

shall furnish pigs for a travelling 
paity); to scold on account of a 
small contribution; pL susuH ; 
pass, sufia; redup. suHsufi. 
Sugale, s. a species of tarp; the 
name of a fish. 

"j ° T ' '^ § s. the different 

^.iga cgasufi, Ui,Hisofihefisli 

Suyjalematapaogo, 4 n i i 

o 1 f- I called suqale. 

bugalepagota j ^^ 

Sugalu, *•. taro left till over ripe ; 
an old pigeon ; the fishing by ^ew, 
(a term of respect) ; an old per- 
son who is still good-looking; an 
old arrow taken great care of; 
applied also to some other things 
which are old and good. 

Sugaluaualuma, a\ the refusal of 
proposals of marriage. 

Sugalu faiva, s. a term of respect for 
all faiva, as pigeon-catching, to- 
loga^ &c. 

Sugalu vai, s. the ifiji found in the 
water ; a good looking man. 

Sula, V. to praise on account of 
riches, b.auty, &c. ; redup. sula- 

Sula*ese, v. for others to praise us 
and not one's own self or imme- 
diate relations ; pass, sula'esea. 

Sulali, s. the name of a shellHsh. 

Sulasula, s. one species of the ba- 

Suli, •;. a young banana ; the true 
son of a chief. 

Sulisidi, s. a species of starfish. 

Sulu, s. a torch ; dry leaves oi' pao- 
<jo; ffptr. the tye ; the true son 
of a chief, (used on Savaii instead 
of sidl) ; a south-v.-esterly wind ; 
a yellowi>h lly-Hshhook. 

Sulu, V. to light by a ; jjass. 
suluid ; pi susu.ii. 

bulu, V. to ilirust into; to fa>>^ten on 
(as the native wrapper); lo plunge 
into (as a <!cni<)e iu ihew.ivesi; 
to take refuge in ; to taiv pro- 

. Eierty to the fau.ily of a dead chief; 




Siilui, see Laumtlut. 

Sulufa'i, r. to take refuge with. 

Suluf'a^ga, s. a refuge. 

Suluga, s. property given after a 
chief s death bv those of his con- 
nections living at a distance. See 


Sulugatiti, s. the place where the 
t'Ui is fastened ; the loins. 

Suluma'i, v. to thrust or push 

Sulunia*ia, v. applied to a boat or 
canoe whose bo\\ is buried in the 
waves or surf, also to a person 
carried headlong iiito a cave, &c. 
by the surf, and one who falls 
head foremost into a hole ; to die 
having previously been healthy- : 

Sulumua, 5. the pieces of tortoise- 
shell near the head of the tortoise. 

Sulumuli, s. the pieces of tortoise- 
shell near the tail. 

Sulusulu, V, take about a torch to 
look for something ; to persevere 

Sulusulua, a. ripe, full grown (as 

Sumu, s, the name of a fish ; a 
cluster of stars ; an ambassador 
from the camp of the enemy pro- 
voking to war. 

Sumu, r. to tie on as the ridgepole; 
to enter (as a spear into the 

Suni, s. the name of a tree from 
wliich garlands are made ; the 
piece of tutufja used as a sponge 
to take up the scenttd oil as it 

Suni, V. to polish the ii'a; redup. 

Sunisuni, s. the name of a shellfish. 

Sunu'i, V. to tliru5>t in (as a stick 
into the ground). 

Sunu*ilauniu, v. to insert acocoinut 
It af into tlio bonndury on each 
side of two Contending parties, to 

indicate that the war is to be con- 
fined to themselves. 

Sunuga, s. a burning. 

Sunusunu, s. the burnt bush where 
a plantation is made. 

Supa, s. paralysis. 

Supa, V. to be palsied ; pi. susupa. 

Susu, 5. the breast; the dug or teat 
of animals. 

Susu, V. to suck the breast ; pL fe- 

Susu, a, plural of 5m. 

Susu, r. to con^ (withTwai); to go 
(with atu); (only used to titled 

Susu, a. a little wet; a little waxy 
(as of taro). 

Sfisn, V. to be pierced so nearly 
through that the point of the 
spear shows on the opposite side. 

Susua, a. plural of sua, 

Susua, V. plural of sua. 

Susu'e, V. to lift up, to open, to un- 

Susu*e, r. to be spring tide, (so 
called because it lifts up the vines 
on the beach). 

Snsu*i, V. to fasten on the tanaluga; 
to pierce a hole in a young cocoa- 
nut ; the plural of 6•M*^. 

SusuMa, V. to tingle, to smart (as 
the heel); supposed to be a sign 
that some one is speaking ill of 
the person. 

Susuga, 5. the speech of a titled 

Susuga, a, having little n)ilk. 
Susulu, V. to shine (as the moon, 
fire, &c.); to be handsome; to 
plunge under (as a canoe in the 
waves) ; to be good-looking but a 
cri})ple ; pass, suluia ; also the 
plural of sulu. 
Susunu, V. to burn up ; pass, sunua 

and susunuina. 
Susutau^a. strong for war. 
Sutulia, V. to be frightened by being 
constantly beaten. 






The thirteenth letter in the Samoan al- 
phabet. It is pronounced as in En- 

Ta, s. a stroke, a blow. 

T^., j)ron, 1. 

Ta, pron. we two, (abbreviated from 

Ta, V. to strike; to reprove ; to cut 
down (as a tree) ; to tatoo ; to 
open a vein ; to beat time to a 
night dance ; to jump a somer- 

Ta, a prefix to verbs expressing re- 
peated action, as tutu^u, &c. ; also 
applied to the plurality of things. 

Ta e, 5. child ! (a call to a child). 

Taa, s. a small fishing line for paala. 

Taa, A\ the party who go to a wo- 
man's family to carry proposals of 
marriage from their chief; the 
food taken on such occasioiis as a 

Taa, V. to go at large, as animals 
and fish ; pi. tataa ; redup. taa- 

Taa, u. to commit fornication. 

Taai, i\ to wind round; redup. taa- 

Taai, see * A fata. at. 

Taa*ina, v. to be gathered together 
(as the gravel by the waves) ; to 
be drawn in, to be induced; to 
stagger urjder a heavy load. 

Taaivai, s. iron hoop; (corrupted 
into tdicai). 

Ta'au, v. to strike the handle of the 
paddle against the gunwale in 

Taa la In, sec Tuataafalu. 

Ta'air, s. rags of siapo ; redup. ta- 

TaaHli, r. to roll; to wallow; to 
struggle with ; ;;/. taaHtili. 

Taafiti, v. to struggle about, to be 
restless ; redup. laaHtititi. 

Taafua, s. a detached clan j fish ; also 
called t nation. 

Ta*aga, c«f. a shoal ; a herd. 

Taalaelae, s. a wide or bald fore- 
head ; a beardless chin; spec, 
pndend. muliebre depile. 

Taalaelae, a. open (as the country 
without trees). 

Taalao, /'. to finish up (as any job 
of work). 

Taale, s. the soft insideof thetop of 
a cocoaiiuttree; the head, (a term 
of abuse). 

Taaligoligoa, a. quiet, still. 

Taalili, a. resounding, sor)orous. 

Taalili, v, to resound; to come in 

Taalise, ndv. quickly. 

Taalise, v. to be quick; /?/. taalilise. 

Taalo, V. to play, to sport ; to dally 
with ; pi. ta'a'alo. 

Taaloo:a, s, play, sport ; dalliance. 

Taalolo, s. the taking of food to vi- 
sitors by several villages at once. 

Taalolo, v. to go in crowds- 

Taaloto, s. a small inclosure for pigs. 

Taaloto, v. to put pigs into an in- 

Taa mala, ) v. to go about with a 

laaniidaia J wala impending. 

Taamanuia, y. to go about attended 
by prosperity. 

Taainilo, v. to go round about; re- 
dup. taamilomil). 

Taamu,5. the name of a plant, (arum 

Taaneva, s. the name of a ftsh ; a 
man wandering about frit^ndless. 

Titani'o, v. to go round about in 

Taanoa, s. an animal that is weaned. 

Taanoa, 5. a detached clamtish; a 
man or woman whose husband or 
wife is dead or gone away. 

Taanoa, v. to be at liberty (as an 
unmarried man orwonian;; redup. 

Taanuu, v, to wander from land to 


'r\ \ 


I I i ■)( 

.'* !' I/!-.:,'. -■■ 1, ;i'- Im.' 


' I • • J* 

:•. vl ['> .-« lilt :»: :;i i.'i'l'ls j. 

Tail-* . N. ',i u.nwi'.'ivr, an ulitMi, (a 
tiTin lit" :rjii<»:i"';i ;.' 

Tijii-?!, r. to i lit SuIhI :!\VUU,I. 

Ta-nai, .S-. a sp.'oit'S oliirass. 

"^1 aataii, <i. s'loiijj^. 

'rauTaa'k'a'ia, (/. well ki:owu ; com 

n;()i), ordiiia. y. 
TaatiiaalLala, r. lo ho a proslilulc. 
'Iciatamna, ^s- e Taanox. 
'iiiataaioaiaoi, r. to ^u ahout abnu'. 
Ta itasi, .s. a j;i^* bi'ioii^i.i^ lu llic 

wliolo \ i 111; [;•(.•. 
Taatia. r. lo be prostrate, to he ly- 
ing" down ; ;;/ laatitia. 
Taatm, r. lo diti (applied only t© 

chii Is styled Tagaloa). 
Taalua, v. to sit apart from the 

chief's ; to be confined to a few 

(as a tale not generally known). 
Taauiuimalae, s. food given in the 

VKildc as an oiler oi niairiage. 
Taatn uo, r. to be about to separate 

(^as friends who have been silling 

togt ther ill the dusk) 
Taatululo, v. to rumble (as thun- 
Taavao, ?;. to wai:drr in the bush ; 

to take to the bush. 
Taavaoga, s, a wandering in the 

Taavale, i\ to roll ; pi. laavavale ; 

redup. taavalevale. 
Tauvula, a. very fat (as men and 

laavulavula, a. fat (as cliildrenand 
^^ young pi^s). 
Tar, s. e.vennient, fieces. 
'iae, V. to gather up rubbish ; pi. 

talae ; rcdiip. i\xv\'tx^. 
Ta*c, r. t(» be craeked ; to be hxo 

ken ; pi. lala"e and ia\.'i ; r((h,p. 

'j'a'v, .s. the to;; of a roeoauut biO- 

kv n loi tiiiiik!;^^. 

'l:iia, V. to be reached, to reach to. 
r.uao .s\ the morninj::; tomorrow. 
T.i'ei, i\ to bicak to pieces. 
'I'aii'a, 5. the rich part of the fa- 

Ta*eililii, v. to break up small. 
Ta'eina, v. to be forbidden, to be 

driven awav. 
Ta'eu, V. to scratch the ground (as 

a fowl) ; to rake away (a* rub- 

Ta*i'gaij)U, 5. a sherd. 
Ta'ele, s. the keel ; the bottom of 

a box, pail, &c., &c. ; a red 

shaggy mat. 
TiiVle, I', to bathe ; to open a dead 

body ; pL ta*e*ele ; pass. ta*elea. 
Taclela, interj. how hot is the sun ! 
Ta^eleto, a. deep keeled. 
Ta*eletoto, v. to be bathed in blood 

(as from wounds). 
Ta*elepolapola, a. fidt-bottomed. 
Taemanu, s. a species of breadfruit; 

a species of banana. 
Taemo, i\ to wink repeatedly. 
Taeaa*i, v. to gatlier together (as 

tish, food, property). 
Ta'enu'enu, see Ta*ixo*jno. 
Taepu, V. pcdere. 
Ta'esea, v. to be blown off by the 

Taetae^ see Tar. 
Ta'eta'e, see Ta*e. 
Taelaepalolo, s. mildew. 
Taetaepaloloa, v» to be mildewed. 
Taetafe, 5. rubbish brought down by 

Ta'etu, V. to limp; redup. ta*etu- 

Tactuli, s. a species of glowworm. 
Tui, 5. the sea ; the tide ; pi. tai; 

a number : as, se tui lima, (ouly 

in expressing inability or unwil- 
lingness to do anything). 
Tai, s. the heart of a tree. 
'j ai, adv. nearly. See Tali. 
'j'a'i, s. the tnotlier yaw. 


Ta'i, a distribiilive particle prefixed 
to numerals^ meaning each. 



Ta'i, V. toaitpmllo tile fire, lokeep 
up Ihu flame; lo WJ a Uugj>. 

'faia, V. to be niiiiure, lo lie lit 10 
Iw cut (as irers); In in- lii li. be 

(■ of I*.-, r. to be slmlli 
Ty'i'.m,i'. lolcn.l » tioop. 
T;i'iiliHli, s. thi I'vci.ii.^' low tide. 
Taiulii, seeTi'UiAi... 
Tiiiiifuln, *. ilie pii.t of the timber 

belv.'e.^n llu- wliiieuiid nd. 
Ta'i'i, s. ihe elepliaciiusis of au old 

TiVi'ia, r. to have cleplianliusis ; to 

be abused. 
TuiiJela, I), lo fiili while tlie sun is 

Tai'itiiina,^. lodiia, 
Ta'i'o, «, the iiiinie of a sea bird. 
Taioauli, «. a noon low tide. 
'I'uiulu, s. a yam top, !ie|)t Ibr plant- 

TAO " tH7 

TiMlo, r. 

dan't kauw, (iVoiii (,< te 

k ilcu 



a linle 

T.'i.ii., , 

f. a piecuofpoodfortiin.-. 
!■. li) cimif 0]ijn)ituiiply. 

s. ii li'adcr, oae w}io goca 
dllPaU tu laact l!ie way. 



nd sIk 

iittcrj. t liuti'! 
ro walk along singing 


V of a bunt-li of ba 

Ta'ifuii.s. a dog, (so called bofoie 

cliiefsj. See M.uli;. 
'J'aifeile, s. flood tide, 
'lu'igaali, s. tlie li.-aitli, tlic fire- 

plaec. .Vie .\vA(i.iL.VKO. 
Taigaitrinu. | v. to be just in lime, 
Taigan'iilif ( h> e.ime opportunely. 

Ste P.10.1M.U.IE. 
Taikla, st;eTAiri.KLA. 
TaikUigi, V. to be exalted (as tlie 

Taipu|iti, s. an ironbound coast. 
Tdisi, V. lo smite, to Heat; to break 

«p (as lirewood) 
Ta'isi.s. vegetable): coo lipd in leaves. 
Taisina, s. the while liwirt of wood. 
TaisusuS', s. spring tide. 
Taitacuo, J-. a nmrning low tide. 
Ta'iia'i, s. anylliing carried in the 

Ta'ita'i, V. lo itad. 
Tititai, see Li^rAiTAi. 
Taitaiipo, \ 
Taiiaiipu I 

Taitai.iOiio, a. br..ckisl 
have a i 

biiitoii) inside th 

the name of a tree. 

loth sandy 



ink oi'llie other pa 

, lo h 


Ti,iletele, s. flood lide. 

T.iih tele, s, large galhering.-' of peo- 
ple ; applied also to pei-sons wctl 
known lis being brave, or liaud- 
guod spe,ikers able to 

as, le 
Taitna, s. i 

H RiPi 

'J;a!iieia, i', ti> be priisperous, to be 

'Jail.'hia, V. to be sick, to vomit- 
Tnili, '■. In f.lii (as a lire); to blow 

(as llio wind); lo sen'i about a 

Ta'ili, II. siony, gravelly (especially 
when coming lo ytonysoil iu dig- 
ging) ; rdup. lu'ili-ili. 

■■ li (iiiu-t.'ic. 
backhand, d blow. 
be d((:r,idid (as 1 

low phcu withi 
'g or l,,w ii,k.. 




"^I .;<'i\i\ I'. >. it ('(Ko.i'iUt tiL'O veiv 
j)r(»(iiiiii\ 1". 

Tao'otu, .<. a waistcout ; a shawl. 

TaoH, r. to n t;iiii ; ti) ho'd to (as 
an oj)iiiion); to h«»|(l on; pass. 
taoHa ; rcfiitp, ta'^Tioh. 

Taf Ibiio, /*. to oook footl the day 
boforo wanted. 

Ta'otn, r. to wash clothes. 

Taog^asea, /'. speared hy aeoident. 

Taoleoleo, .s\ a luuce, a spear not 

Taonia*i, v. to press down with. 

Taonia;2;a, s^ lhin|rs pressed. 

Taomea, .v. food, &c. taken i.j order 
to bv^^ a pig. 

Taomi, v. to press down by wci^lit 
or by force; rcdfip. taotao. 

Taona*i, r. to bake food the day be- 
fore giving it. 

Ta*osi, I', to scratch. 

Taoso, V. to prepare for a journey. 

Taosoga, s. the preparing lor a jour- 

Taotao, s. the name of a fish. 

Taotao, V. to press down (as by 

Taotaoama, s. the name of a fish. 

Ta^oto, V. to lie down; p/. td*o*oto; 
dimin. ta'ot.o*oto. 

Tau, s. leaves used to cover in the 
native oven of food ; a year ; a 
season ; a price ; something to 

Tau, a sign of the plural, applied to 
birds, le tau manu, 

Tau, a. fixed (as coloring in cloth). 

Tau,?'. to fight; pi. tatau ; pass. 

Tau, V. to arrive at, to eiid at ; to 
fit in; to hit or strike against ; to 
be anchored ; to buy ; to pluck 
fruit with the hand ; to be swol- 
len uniformly (as in confirmed 

Tau, V expressive of sympathy with 
ano'.her's pain or trouble: as, tau 

ma ia ; (only used in the second 
and third persons). 

Tau, a prefix to verbs, denoting in- 
tensity, or continued action ; and 
sometimes united with fui, form- 
ing tlie plural, as tovfaitayi. 

Tau, a prefix dei oting that which 
belongs to, or has respect to : as, 
tala taualiiy reports concerning 

Tau, adv. only. 

Tau, r. to press out (as juice) : as, 
tau siiSJi, to milk ; rcdup. tatau. 

Ta*u, I', to tell, to mention ; ///. ta- 
ta'u; ta'ua and ta'uina; redup. 

Taua, 5. a war, a fight. 

Ta*ua, a. talked about, well known, 

Tfiua, a. precious, valuable. 

Taua, pi'on. we two. 

Taua^i, r. to be wounded slightly, 
not in a dangerous part. 

Taua*i*upu, v. to fight with words, 
to quarrel with abusive language. 

Taua'ifusu, v. to box, to fight with 

Taua'imisa, r. to quarrel. 

Taua'iveeveeo, see Pisao. 

rj^ , , ' > 5. the shoulder. 
ra*u*au J 

Tau*a'u, s. the tapui which impre- 
cates death by the *a*tt. 

Tauau, v. to tend towards, to be on 
the decline, to be on the increase. 

Tauaga, s. a press, a strainer. 

Tanagafau, 5. n\iid conduct; kind- 
ness. See Agamalu. 

Tauaga vale, a. the left. 

Tauala, v. to luff; to watch by the 
sick at night. 

Tau'alalia, v. to make attempts; to 
attempt to go; to feign as though 
about to strike. 

Taualo, v. to row or paddle, tocoii- 
tinue to paddle. 
; Taualoa, i\ to be treated with re- 




Taualoga, s. the paddling of a boat 
or canoe. 

Taualuga, s. the covering of the 
ridge of a house ; a cock's comb. 

Taualuga, v. to raise the hands in 
holding the club ; to be victori- 

Taualuga, s. a flag, a pennant. 

Taualasa, i\ to desire earnestly, es- 
pecially in rrgard to the sexes. 

Tauama, s, the name of one rope of 
a canoe. 

Tauamo, v. to carry about a dead 
chief; to find fault with an absent 
person, as if they were carrying 
iiim about dead. 

Tanamoga, s. the carrying about of 
a dead chief; the bearers of the 



Tau'amu, v. to chop or adze off the 
end of a beam when a little too 
long; ret/z/p. tau*amu*amu. 

Tauanau, v. to be urgent, to be im- 

Tauanau, v. to use provoking words 
after being worsted. 

Tauanave, s, the name of a tree. 

Tauapa'i, v. to be involved with an- 
other in some foolish act. 

Tau*apatotolo, t\ to begin to try to 

Tauape, i'. to endeavour to raise the 
skin over an abscess so as to let 
out the matter ; to aim at casting 
the spear so as to lilt and loosen 
the tausala in the game of to- 

Tau'apo*apo, l\ to adjust a bad 
wrapper so as to cover the body. 

Tauaso, s. a blind man. 

Tauaso, v. to be blind. 

Tau'aso, v. to put up the uso of a 

Tauatuatugia, a. to be of no import- 

Tauava, s. pilots through a boat 

Tau'ava, r. to strain the ^ava. 

Tana vale, see Tauapa*i. 

Tau'ave, v. to bear about. 
Tauernu, v. to mock, to ridicule, to 

Tauemnga, 5. mocking, ridicule. 
Tauene, r. to stretch up the hand 

and not to be able to nach ; to 

long for, to desire and not be able 

to obtain. 
Taui, s. a reward, a payment. 
Taui, V. to reward, to repay, to re- 
Ta*u'i, V. to entreat for assistance ; 

to entreat (as a woman to con- 
sent to, be his wife). 
Ta'ui, s. a bundle. 
Tauia, see Letauia. 
Ta'ui^ui, s. a small parcel. 
Tauiao, s. confusion (as from all 

talking togtither). 
Tauia ma, s. the nnmeof one ropeof 

the sailing canoe. 
Tauiama, v. to be on the leftsideof 

a canoe (as a fishhook). 
Taui ma sui, v. to revenge. 
Tauitua, see Taitua. 
Tauivi, v. to work with all the 

strength ; to wrestle ; pi, tauivi. 
Ta^uo, s. the name of a fish. 
Tau-u*a, s. a temporary fastening 

used in building. 
Tauufi, s. a yam plantation. 
Tau*ulu, s. a method of fishing. 
Tau-upega, s. the owner of a net 

under the care of a fisherman. 
Tau'upu, s. the waist, the loins. 
Tau uta, 5. a landsman. 
Tau uta, v. to take a canoe load of 

Tau utaga, s. a carrying of taro in 

a canoe. 
Tau-uto, V. to gather up a net by 

taking hold of the uto. 
Taufa, 5. water {to chiefs), 
Taufaalalo, v. intensive otfaalalo. 
Taufaasala, v. to endeavour to bring 

under punishment or fine without 

cause ; to accuse falsely. 
Taufaasua, v. to beat to windward. 
Taufai, a prefix to some verbs to 



f;il"<l>. to erv. 
Tiiiirirtitili, s. Ill'' ti'pui imiiivciilin^ 

Tiiurno, ('. lo scMttiiiln for, to take 
from OHO andtlier iiy ioret'. 

Tiiiifiiii, c. 10 lush togcllier: lo ex- 
bo. t. 

TaitfTila, i: fo jm"!! ainirt so as to 
iviii;-ii ins tilt' l)u-lK■^ over 
fii a?i to l)e iibi;' to ahstracl some- 

Ta'ifTil-i'iiiiiii. ". liavinp; watpr iittlio 
r,o; 'ii< » 

Taiilal,% .-•, t!i.Thtvail5(('»r.'i?-;,':0. 

Tiiiifalo, ?■, ioL- one to sit with i!te 
pai|.piiIi.T.s while at work on his 

Taiif^hiffa, ». a bra.idi of a tree 
hanging over a iilantalioii ; gci:e- 





o be from off the land 

Taiilaniiii, s. clouds risii.g from the 

mountains inland, and gradaally 

spreading towards the sea, during 

the middle of the day. 
Taiifiitn, V. lo tie on a stone as a 

weight lo the lishlmok. 
Taidiitu, ) s. stones collerled lo- 
Tan;Ht«ati ( (telhfr insidethe reef 

lo form a harljor for fi>h. 
Tanfeluli, v. pi. to riiti. 
Taiiti, r. to cover in the native oven 

ivilh leaves. 
Taafilnga, s. the making of twine 

for nets. 
Taiifoe, a. the fa-icning of the sleer- 

in;r m>\Ci\f-. V. to tie the end of th,- j.i 

a:cr,n'a slrii:p: to llie s( (i honsc ; to 

warn, lo eyhort, 
Tanfoesiala, ". di-'o!)edicnt. 
*riinf'^fi"i, r. Ill ]'ev«iiadc. lo enlrcat, 

(M'iih |i.rli<-idar referenei- lo a 

■ Tiinfolonln, s. taufolo made with 

Tiiiii'olo'ami, s. tavfolo made with 
salt water. 

Taijfola, XM Fota. 
I 'ITmfna, r. to rrtnro from fishing 
v.'Ithoul any fish. _ - 

Tanfniftii, v. lo hear frait in clusters. 

Tanlhhifnlu, «. Iiairy. 

Tanfnsi, ) 

TanfmiRa ( ' ' ' ' 

Tanfiitifiiti, V. to bes; continually; 
lo conliniie to be troidilcsome af- 
ter the other party has given up 
and u])olot!;i/ed. 

Tangi, ji. the basket of provisions 
reserved for the next meal ; food 
taken to a female as proposals 
either of marriage or coucubia- 

Taii^a, V. to do as he like>, to a<-t 

perversely ; to waste, to neglect : 

as, Ua tau<ia le maiu. 
Tan^'.a, i'. lo be speared in a mortal 

part ; to be pained with words. 
Tanga, s. a fighting, as tavga ntna. 
Taugailii, V. to be independent, lo 

at't independenily. 
Tangatili, n. dirty, black, unwashed. 
Tanijalatiilatti, x. ihe chattering of 

lil.uUi hi 0]ii noise of many talk- 

ioHT all together. 
Taairaleirn, si:e P.vgamalte. 
Taugaloloo, s. a long girdle of leaves ; 

a burthen hanging low. 
Taugamalic, sec P.*(iamai.ip.. 
Tangatti, a. high-priced, difHcult to 

TanpHa,o. diflicult to deal wirh ; 

sirikini; hard bargilins. 
Taur.atama'i, ) c. to come iiiopjwr- 

', ic; T.i IT 
a. easily purchased; low 

a. easv to deal with. 

an ntiehov. 

the keeper or feeder of a 


Tiuila, II. to he brcuglit to abun 
'lantly (as food and property con- 
liniiiiily brought lo a chief), 

Tiiula, «. a sailing cauoe. 

Tnii'a'i, v. to anchor wiih ; to an- 
chor lo; to liang up witli ; to 
hang OR lo (as an^er. hojje, &c.) 

Tiiiilaitii, s, a priest of thi; aifu ; a 

ITmlap:.!, s. a sacred offering : an 

Taiilaga, s. the roost of ihe vampire 
bat; a place wliere fialna coEigre 

Ttiulaga, V. to endeavor to raise (a? 
a swamptd canoe, ot a conquered 

Taiil;igai-a, s. a place frequented by 

Taulagape'a, s. a tree frequented by 
the vampire bat. 

Taulagr, see Tailki-agi. 

Tanlaiji, v. to sing a song adapted 
to the danoinff ; to m-ke an ap- 
pixipriiite speech. 

T^ulagi, s. a chiefs bhndness. 

Tiiiilngiiiigi, V. to put in mind (ns 
tlmae dividing out food, of some 
visitors present, or a speaker of 
sometliiiig to be said). 

Taulalo, s. a crouching action in 
dancing; a pig's cheek; a low 
place in a rock or hil! ; a promp- 
ter to a apeaker, or to one distri- 
buting ''iva. 

Taulalo, i'. to let the hands drop 
down in a club match; to be con- 
quered ; to intercede. 

Taidalo, v. to hang low (as fruit). 

Taolulocsp, V. to tnttlalii onl of time 
in dancing; 10 spoaW against, 

Taulaiii, s. a small cauoe taken in 
a large sailing canoe, or going in 
company with it to distant fishing 

Taiilala, i'. lo hang neat the body 
uf the 1 1PC (as fruit) ; to be near, 

Tan!,'-.i.'„, ,,. a vo-ng m;m ; pi. 

Ta'M!^'ae-:nMa,«. „f Iwd report. 

Tifuleia.i, r^>M>^ ofn R^h : (.the 
emblfni ofS^ii'nrnl.lai), 

Ta'uleleia, u of good repo/t. 

Tauli, II. dirty, U!i-craped (as taro 
baked with the skin on). 

Taiiiia. v. to be dirty ; to he found 
fault with, 

Taulia, v. (passive of tau). to be 
fought (as .a battle); to be en- 
gaged (hs troops in a fight) ; to 
contnnd for the privilege of speak- 
ing ; to be lodged in (as a spear 
in the body) ; to be interrupted 
(asa/fincl; to be bought. 

Taulo'u, s. t!ie name of a plant. 

Tauloto. V. lo desire. 

Taulo'oa'ig?, 1 s. the middle, the 

Tiudotoga \ half way. 

Taulu, V. to be in great pain. 

Taiilua, s. a fonple gio'.ving toge- 
ther in a ckulcrfas fruit); a cou- 
ple hung together (as waler bot- 

Tauliia, s. a pair (as two children 
equally praised, or two canoes 
anchored together, or two dogs 
fed by one man). 

Tauluuhiola, a. umbrageous, flou- 
rishing; abounding (as in peo- 

Taululanti, s. a top of the ti plant 
used as an emblem of a message 
of peace. 

Taumaa, see Taufatu. 

Taiimau, v. to continue, to remain 
firm, to persist in. 

Taiimaunu, «. to bait; to entice, 

Taumafa, a. plenty, abundance, 

Taiiniafa, v. to eat; to drink (of 
chiefs); pi. taumamafa; pass. 

Taumafai, v. to strive, to endea- 

Taumafiimna.s. ihe name of a nionili 


'I vl M 


Taiiiii^itlit.i^.i. >. a III* ill. 
I aiiinaluua, r. In [mt a \«;m| iiinit' 

hi'oii- tl.f N\ii.«I ; to eiKKavdur t<» 

laisi' (;is a war, \'c'. ) 
Tau!na](>;«», r. to (|iii(t down ; to 

siilf-idt* vas air^M ). 
TanpiuiDao, r. to kcrp oO, to k<rj) 

awav iVoiii. 
'r:'.un»:.m..o, r. to liaiiir on an oiit- 

ii.osf Ixiii^li ; to l;i^ Car ofK. 
Taiiniasina, x. the attendants on 

Malictoa, whose (hity it. was to 

kt(|» n|> tlie tiro while he sh pt. 
Tanni:i- ':aM::i, a. full to overfl-winir. 
'i . nniat;i. y. ;, sliacK* for tip- i y s. 
"J'anniatiHi, a. llu- licrlit siile. 
'launiaUiu, r. to angle, to fisli with 

a hook. 
Tannifitan, ?'. to bnv fishliooks. 
Tanniato, r. to guess. 
Tantno, s. the cover or shrnth of the 

cocoanut l)lossom'5, used as a 

I'annioa, s. a lever. 
Taumna, .v. the fore part ol' a canoe. 
Tauninli, .<?. the stern. 
Tanmulia, r. to be baffling and un- 
certain (as the wind). 
Tanninliga, jf. taro lately planted, 

(the op]iOsite to rnatajai). 
Taunonolb, r. to be a polyji:amist. 
Tannuu, v. to reach to, to aniveat; 

to come to pass. 
Tanpa, Oflr. seldom. 
TaTipao, V. to ror])id. 
Tanpan, v. to stumble as if falling. 
Taupan, l\ to count out in equal 

Taupaletuolela, 5. about nine in the 

Taupanau, ?'. to persevere. 
Tan pat i, v: to strive, to persevere. 
Taupe, V. to swing. 
Tanpoga, s. a swing. 
Tau})i, ?'. to engage in certain games 

on the death of a chief. 
TaupTga, .s\ games and jesting on 

the death of a chief. 
'J anpo, ,v. a night attack. 

Taupon, .s\ a virgin. 

Tanpoln, see Tai^oi.a. 

TanpnaM, r. to retch. 

Taupuga, .v. a piece of coral hung to 
a tree as a (apui, imprecating 
disease on a'thief ; a large block 
of ctjral. 

Thupnle, V. to be ornamented with 

Taupulea, sre FAALF.TAUrrLEA. 

Tan})ulc*( sea, r. to be privily con- 
demned to death. 

Taujjulega, s. the rulers of a land. 

Tanpulepule, v. to consult together. 

Tan saga, .v. a season ; a year. (It 
only embraces six months in a 
native's counting). 

Tausala, 5. a titled lady, a chief- 
tainness; the spear planted high 
in the cocoanut butt in the game 
of foloffa. 

Tausala, v. to go ahead of the troop. 

Tausama, r. to make a marriage 

Tansamaaga, s, a marriage feast. 

Tausami, v, to eat, (a respectful 

Tausann'ga, 5. a feast. 

Tausani, v. to sing; to crow; to 
whistle (as birds in the morning). 

Tausea, seeTAVVop., 

Tauseagata, a. disobedient. 

Tausi, V. to take care of; to nurse; 
to observe, to keep (as a com- 
mand); redap, tausiusi; pass, 

Tausi'usi'u, s. the top brunches. 

Taiisi*usi'u, v. to hang on the top 

Tausi'usi'uga, s. the extremity of a 
land ; tlie end of a speech. 

Tausili, v. to climb. 

Tausinio, v, to race. 

Tansinioga, s. a race. 

'J'ausisi, V, to strive after, to perse- 
vere in ; to follow up, to hold on 
to (as a report, &c.) • 

Tausoa, s. a burden carried on a 
stick by two. 




Tausoa, v. to carry a burden be- 
tween two. 

Tausna, v. to joke, to jeer; to en- 
deavor to raise (as by a lever). 

Tausuai, v. to stumble forward ; 
also of the Uiind, to be stumbled. 

Tausuavale, v. to jest using bad 

Tauta, s. a landsman. 

Tauta, 5. a long stick for driving 
animals or fowls from the house. 

Tauta, V. to fish with a lart^e net, 
driving the fish into it by striki'jg 
the water ; to keep back, to hold 
back by persuas'on. 

Tauta-riiniu, s. a tapni imprecating 

Tautai, $, a seaman ; a fisherman ; 
a steersman. 

Tautau, v. to hang up ; jmss. tau- 
tauina and tautaulia. 

Ta*uta*u, s a squall. 

Ta'uta*u, v. to mention, to tell 

Tautaulaga, 5. a hook to hang things 

Tautafa, see Ta*uta*u. 

Tdutaga, s, a canoe carrying a load 
of taro. 

Tautagata, 5. the people of an aitu^ 
(applied to a family). See Ai- 


Tautagata, v. to count people in 
order to apportion out food. 

Tautagata, v. to find people at home; 
to fall in with (as troops in war). 

Tautala, v. to talk ; redup tautala- 
tala; recipr. fetautalatala*i ; pass. 

Tautalaga, s. the speech of a tula- 
fa le. 

Tautalagia, v. to be spoken against. 

Tautali, v, to follow after. 

Tautama, a. concerning chiefs. 

Tauta pa, v. to shout the praises of 
a chief and his bride. 

T^utasi, V. to hang one alone (as a 
single nut) ; to be one alone (as 
the eg^ or young pigeon, or an 
only child). 

.Tautatau, s, one who sits with the 

Taute, V. to eat, (only used to the 

highest chiefs). 

Tautefateva, ) - ^ 

rp ., . * > w. to stai^ffer. 

lautsvateva ) ^^ 

Tauii, V, to hang the water bottles 
on to trees in order to catch raii.- 

Tautinm, v. Co exhort. 

Tautina'ava, J m 

r,, .. ^ ' > see llNATOA. 

lautmatoa ) 

Tautino, v. to hang near the body 
of the tree (as fruit). 

Ta*utino, v. to declare plainly. 

Tauto, V. to take an oath, to swear. 

Tauto'ai, v. to run against (as a 
blind man does). 

Tautoo, V, to urge on a canoe with 
a pole ; to cut up breadfruit for 

Tautootoo, V. to walk with a. slick 
(as a sick person). 

Tautoga, s, an oath. 

Tautoma, see Fet'oma'i. 

Tautomua, v, to come first. 

Tautomuh, v, to come last. 

Tautonu, v. to come right, to come 
direct to a party. 

Tautu, s. a large block of coral 
in the sea; the stick into which 
the pigeon's perch is thrust ; the 
joining at the end of the planks of 
a canoe. 

Tauiu, s, the name of a fish. 

Tautii, V. to attempt to stand ; to 
stand straight out (as aso which 
do not bend to the shape of the 

Tautu, 5. a method of fishing. 

Tautu, V, to keep the musquito cur- 
tain hanging up ; to repeat the 
same thing over and over again. 

Tautua, 5. a servant ; the basket for 
keeping fly-fishhooks in. 

Tautua, v, to serve, to take care of. 

Tautuao, v. to rise and pass over 
(as clouds). 

Tautualaliga, r. to turn away the 




ear truni hearing, to refuse to 

Tantu'i, r. to insinuate an impreca- 

Tautuu, r. to carry off, to clear off 
(as a quantity of things taken in 
different lots). 

Tautufala, s, the name of a fish. 

Tautuluaga, s, the half, midway. 

Tautnpe, r. to take place. 

Taututa, r. to rebound (as an axe 
or spear from hard wood). 

Tauvaa, v, to sit with the carpenters 
who are building a canoe. 

Tauvaa, s. the owner of a canoe un- 
der the care of a fisherman. 

Tauvae, s. anklets. 

Tauvae, v. to hang on to the feet 
(as nuts picked by stealth, so as 
to prevent the noise of their fall- 

Tauvai, s. the conductor over a tor- 
rent or to an inland lake. 

Tauvao, s. he who directs the seuga; 
one who is accustomed to the 

Tauvale, v. to come inopportunely. 

Tauvale, a. blind, (a respectful term). 

Ta*uvalea, v. to be badly reported; 
to be wrongjfully reported. 

Tauveve, s, an oven maker, a cook, 
(a term of reproach). 

Tafa, s. a gash, an incision ; the 
side of a hill. 

Tafa, V. to cut, to gash, to scarify ; 
redup. tafa tafa. 

Tafa, V. to dawn ; pi. tatafa. 

Tafa, s. a battle field. 

Tafa*i, s. those privileged to sit on 
the right and left hand of a titled 

Tafa*ia, v. to get before another in 
swimming in the surf; to circum- 
vent another by getting his wife. 

Tafaifasia, ) v. a word of apology 

Tafaifesia ) when about to disagree 
with a former speaker ; also when 
about to administer reproof. 

Tafailautalo, see Pl^sigatala. 

Tafailautolo, 5. the edge of the sa-. 
garcane leaf; a calm in the morn- 
ing succeeded by wind. 

Tafao, 5. the fetid flower of the feve. 

Tafao. V. to walk about, to take a 
walk ; pL tafafao ; redup. tafk- 

Tafao, V. to perfbrm an operatioD 
similar to circumcision, (euphem, 
for tefi) ; to hammer or strike the 

Tafaoata, s, the dawn. 

Tafaoga, s. a walking about, a walk. 

Tafa fa, a, four- sided. 

Tafaga, s. a bonito fishing canoe. 

Tafaga, r. to be clear of trees ; to 

smell of pork. 
Tafagafaga, a. thrown open (as a 

house with all the pola drawn up); 

open, clear (as a place in the bush 

without trees) ; smelling of pork. 
Tafagaloa, a. open, clear of trees ; 

redup. tafagaloloa. 
Tafale, v, to go from house to house 

on any business ; to commence 

building after the wood has been 

prepared in the bush, (of canoes 

and houses). 
Tafani, s. the name of a portion of 

the tatooing. 
Tafani, v. to divide off pieces of 

food so as to leave the original 

joint small. 
Tafano, v. to make short stages on 

a journey. 
Tafasi, v, to split open ; to break 

off (as branches); to lance (as the 

Tafatafa, $, the side. 
Tafatafa, v. to cut in many places, 

to make many incisions in the 

Tafatafa'ilagi, s, the horizon. 
Tafa tafao, see Tafao. 
Tafatafalauniu, s. a species of lociut 

found on cocoanuts. 
Tafatasi, a. one-sided, united in one 

(as a title held by one); appKed 

also to the heart, the government 




Tafato, s. a perpendicular steep, (as 

seen from above). 
Tafatolu, s, the name of a weed. 
Tafatolu, a, three- sided. 
Tafntu, s. a perpendicular steep 

place, (as seen from below). 
Tafatua, s, the back portion of a 

Tafatua'ese'ese, v, to be divided in 

Tafatuafaatasi, v. to be of one mind. 
Tafe, V. to flow, to run down ; pL 

tatafe ; pass, tafea ; dhnin. tufe- 

Tafea, v. to be carried away (as by 

a flood); to be banished. 
Tafeaga, s. exiles in wa^ 
Ta fefe, hiterj. 1 fear ! I am afraid ! 
Tafega, s. a fresh, a flow of a river. 
Tafelalomaa, v. to have a small 

Tafetinoivai, v. to flow in the river 

Tafi, V. to brush, to sweep; to 

shave; to pluck cocoanuts by 

jerking or sweeping them off; to 

drive away. 
Tafi, 5. a razor. 
Tafio, s, certain timbers of a large 

canoe ; the bones of a strong 

Tafili, V. to fly the pigeon ; to go 

about on many errands. 
TaHlitaimai, v, to keep near at 

Tafitafi, V. to sweep, to brush. 
TafitaHituaniu, v. to brush up clean; 

to clear a piece of land. 
Tafiti, V, to be restive, to struggle, 

to twist about ; redup, tafitifiti. 

See Taafiti. 
Tafiti, V. to somersault. 
Tafi to, s. the end of a tree or post 

nearest the ground ; the penis, 

the part nearest the body. 
Tafitoipou, s, the end of a post near- 
est the ground. 
Tafito*ulu, 5. the root end of a bread- 
fruit tree. 

Tafitonunu, s. the chiefs at the head 
of a nunii. 

Tafoa, V. to break the edge (as of a 

Tafoe, V. to cut paddles. 

Tafo^i, V. to return. 

Tafola, V. to be shoal, to have a 

Tafola, 5. the whale. 

Tafolo, s. a preparation of bread- 
fruit pounded ; (so called on Tu- 
tuila instead of taufoh). 

Tafu, V. to make up the fire. 

Tafu, s. the god of fortune; fortune, 
luck : a.*, O le tafu le mea, 

Tafua, V. to beat a mat rolled up as 
a drum preparatory to commenc- 
ing the dance. 

Tafua, s. a common man, (an abu- 
sive term). 

Tafua, V. to cut timber without ask- 
ing permission. 

Tafue, 5. a skipping rope. 

Tafue, v. to beat. 

Tafu*e, 5. the part of the tree just 
above the glound. 

Tafuefue, v. to be shaken by the 
wind (as leaves of trees). 

Tafula'i, s. a large fire to burn rub- 

Tafuli, V. to turn over (as a stone, 
&c.) ; redup. tafuhfuli. 

Tafuhi, V. to work quickly. 

Tafuria, s, a rocky place in the sea. 

Tafuna, v, to strike accidentally (as 
in throwing a stone). 

Tafuna*i, v. to gather together as 
clouds to leeward. 

Tafuna*iga, s, a gathering of clouds 
to leeward ; hard words heaped 

Tafuti, s. the name of a fish. 

Taga, s. the shark's stomach ; a bag. 

Taga, V. to have the restriction re- 
moved from things that had been 
prohibited to be used. 

Taga, s. a cutting or felling of wood; 
a marking of the latoo; the mo- 
tion of the hands in dancing. 

1 Do 



Tajra'ai, >-. tlie crop of a bird ; the 
stomuch ( by way of reproof). 

Tagai, see T.\.\i. 

Taga*i, v. to shew off a new dress 
by wearing it ; to light the even- 
ing 6re. 

Tagaisa, v. to l^ privileged to use 
things forbidden to others. 

Tagau, s. the name of a fish. 

Tapau, V. to suck the breast; to 
break the /i*a of the one who loses 
the game in tar/ati^a. 

Tagafa, v. to have numerous off- 
spring and family connections 
widely spread about. 

Tagamimi, s. the bladder. 

Tagata, s. man, mankind. 

Tagatai, v. to warn. See Lapata*i. 

Tagataola, 5. a prosperous man. 

Tagataotaua, s. a captive. 

Tagataga, 5. a net to hold the trum- 
pet shell or water bottles ; the 
buoy of the bait for flying fish. 

Tagataga* i, v. to look out, to look 
out for ; to look about after dis 
ease of the eyes, (a respectful 

Tagatagau, see Tagau. 

Tagatafanua, s, men of the place, 

Tagatanuu, i\ a common man. 

Tagati*a, s. the name of a game. 

Tagatoi, see Letagatoi. 

Tagavai, s. an emblem in war, a 
war device used by certain privi- 
leged persons. 

Tagege, a. tough. 

Tagi, V. to cry ; to chirp ; to bel- 
low ; to complain ; to sing (the 
Jayono) ; pL fetagisi ; pass, ta- 

Tagi*a*a, s, the name of a shellfish. 

Tagi'a^au, v. to cry after (as some 
one who has gone). 

Tagiaue, v. to wail. 

Tagifale, v. to weep with closed 

Tagilaue, v. to wail (of many). 

Tagilauloa, v, to cry all along, fa- 

mily after family (as on receiving 

news of many slain). 
Tagisa'i, v. to complain of a person 

as having caused the death of an- 
Tagi<:uga, s, prayers ; imprecatrons. 
Tagita, see Tuutaoita. 
Tf.gitau, V. to call for war. 
Tagi^agi,5. a young parroquet; a 

Ti'gitat.utuvae, v, to cry and stamp 

with the feet. 
Tagitofu, V. to bleed from the nose 

and cars after diving ; pa$$. tagi- 

Tagitu'i, V. to cry and beat the' body. 
Tagitului, v. to ask for additional 

pay or a larger share of food. 
Tagivale, v. to cry without cause, 

to be fretful; to beg for more 

than be has a right to. 
Tago, V, to take hold of, to feel ; 

pL fetagofi ; redup. tatago ; pass. 

tagotia ; dimin. tag^tag^. 
Tago*au, see Tagotaua. 
Tagogataua, s. the seeking of troops; 

the party coming to seek troops. 
Tagole, V, to ransack, to pull about 

and pry into the property of ano- 
ther ; redup. tagolegole. See Sa- 


TagoHma, v. to have plenty. 
Tagosumu, s. a method of fishing. 
Tagosusu, s, the chicken-pox. 
Tacrotaua, v. to seek assistance 10 

Tau:otago, v. to take hold of lightly. 
Tagotago, v. to grope the way. 
Tagulu, V. to resound (as a blow or 

a falling tree). 
Tagulu, V. to snore. 
Tagutu, s. a stump of a tree or a 

tooth ; a short jabbly wave ; r«- 

dup. tagutugutu. 
Tala, 5. a tale, a narration ; news ; 

a thorn; the barb of a s|jear; the 

round end of a house ; a species 

of gull. 
Tala, V, to tell, to relate; to untie. 




Tala, V, passive of tatala, 
Talae, s, the name of a rish. 
Talai, v. to adze. 
Tala'i, v. to narrate ; redup, talata- 

Tala*i, s, the name of one kind of 

Tala*i, v. to proclaim. 
Talaia, v, (a pass, of tatala), to be 

relieved of sickness. 
Talaia, v. to be pricked ; redup. ta- 

Tirla*iutuutu, V. to take a canoe 

along by the beach. 
Talaoso, v. to be in a hurry to tell 

without knowing correctly. 
Talau, a. ten score, (in counting 

Talau, V. to grow luxuriantly after a 

drought ; to make a noise (as a 

number talking together). 
Tala*u*ula, v, to make unwarranted 

requests ; to make vain boasts, 

(chiefly applied in answer to a 

person so doing). 
Talaulau, adv. luxuriantly, greatly, 

increasingly, &c. 
Talausui, v. to make much out of a 

little, to exaggerate. 
Talauto, v. to lay down the uto for 

flying fish. 
Talafa, s. a hairy face. 
Talafaaoti, v. to tell everything (oti, 

all, as in Tonga) against a per- 
Talafaatupua, s. traditionary tales. 
Talafalu, $. the name of a tree. 
Talafa tai, s, the seacoast, the land 

near the sea. 
Talahli, v, to talk against, to mur- 
mur against. 
Talafii, 5, the cooking place in a 

large canoe. 
Talaga, 5. the undoing; a relating; 

also see Fono. 
Talaleu, v. to act against the rules 

of seu(/a ; to commit any wrong. 
Talalefaiaai, v, lo reinstate a people 

in their own land. 

TalalT, v, to blaze, to crackle. 

Talalo, 5. a song with clapping of 

Talaloa, v. to whistle as they fly 
along (as birds) ; to talk as they 
walk along (as a company of wo- 

Talaloa, adj, long and loose (as a 

Talamau, v, to hold firmly, to stick 
to an opinion. 

Talamoli, 5. a thorn of the orange 

Talamu, v. to chew ; to eat, (in 

Talana*i, v. to leave a canoe half 
drawn up on the beach ; to take 
the luggage, &c., from the canoe 
into some house just for a time. 

Talanoa, v, to chat ; to talk non- 
sense ; redup, talatalanoa. 

Talanoa, v, to boast, to brag. 

Talanoaga, s. chatting, conversa- 

Talapepelo, 5. a lie. 

Talasa, s. the remains of a crop of 

Talasamusamu, s, one kind of gull. 

Talasua, v. to tell a secret jeeringly. 

Talataualii, s, bad news concerning 
a chief. 

Talatala, s, a disease of the head. 

Taldtala, v, to converse ; to relate. 

Talatala, v. (from tatala), to untie, 
to unloose ; to increase beyond 
the bounds (as a town). 

Talatala, u. prickly ; rough. 

Talatala*!, v. to tell what was hid- 
den . 

Talatalao, v, to cackle (as a hen) ; 
to scold. 

Talatala moa, s, one species of the 

Talatalanoa, v. to relate ; to take it 
easy, to be living at ease. 

Talatalatasi, r. to relate each parti- 

Talato, V. to undo and let go^ (as 
the sheet of a sail, a fishing line, 




&c.) ; to relate everything against 
a person so as to cause him to 
Talatfi, V. to boast of jwwer, &c., 

and not have it. 
Talatuu, see UruTuu. 
Talatupua, see Talafaatupua. 
Talavale, v. to tell tales of not being 

fed, or of being badly treated. 
Talavalu, s. one kind of war club. 
Tale, 5. a cough. 
Talefiti, v. to throw a somersault. 
Talele, v. to break a cocoannt, re- 
jecting the liquid for the sake of 
the kernel ; to escape swiftly (as 
the bonito). 
Talepapa, v. to bury the dead. 
Tali, s, an answer ; food given to 

Tali, r. to answer ; to wait for ; to 
receive ; to receive (as food in the 
stomach); pass, taliaaTzc^talitalia; 
recipr. fetalia*i. 
Tali, adv. nearly. See Tai. 
Taliaga, v. to lie on the back. 
Talialaina, v, to lie in wait for. 
Talialoga, s. a chief's meal. 
Taliava, v, to stand at an opening 
in the reef in order to assist a ca- 
noe entering. 
Talie, 5. the name of a tree (a spe- 
cies of almond). 
Talieula, s. a kind of talie from 

which necklaces are made. 
Taliefoagia, s. a species of talie the 

fruit of which is eaten. 
Taliofo, s. the one who answers the 

Taliuli, V. to steer without assisting 

to pull ; redup. talitaliuli. 
Tahuta, s, those who wait for the 

landing of a canoe. 
Talifiti, V. to wait for presents. 
Taliga, s. the ear ; a receiving. 
Taliffa, s. a species of taro ; food 
taken to visitors by the young 
Taliga* imoa, s, a stage in the growth 
of the iji ; a species of toadstool. 

Taliga pe'a, s, a stage in the growth 

of the iJi next to taligaHmoa, 
Talimalo, v. to receive guests. 

Talimatu, v. to wipe dry (as dishes). 

Talisela, s, a belt worn to prevent 
gettin r out of breath. 

Talisua, :■. ;o have supper. 

Talita, c lie club used as a shield. 

Talit^, t'. to :;hield off blows. 

Talitah, r. f j jabble from the re- 
bound .r . e waves on the iron- 
bound she V ; the shelf or frame 
on whicl: lite sleeping mats are 
placed by J.ny. 

Talitalia, see Lktalitalia. 

Talitalia, see Letalitalia. 

Talitaliuli, s, the pilot fish ; one who 
follows in the train of another. 

Talitaliuli, see Taliuli. 

Talitalinoa, v. to wait uselessly. 

Talitalitu, v. to wait for. 

Talitane, s, a harlot. 

Talito*ai, v, to be nearly come. 

Talito'ai, ) . ., 

T r* « • ; V. to answer saucily. 
Talito*asi y ^ 

Talitua, v. to have the back to, to 
be goi e 

Talo, s. an edible root, (taro, arum 

Talo, V. to beckon, to make signs to 
go on ; to wave a piece of tutuga 
over the dead, begging him to 
take calamities and diseases with 
him ; to fan. 

Taloa, s. the garboard streak of a 

Talon, V, to pluck fruit with the /ok. 

Talouli, V, to put a small taro on to 
the end of a spear, to indicate the 
wish to wound the enemy. 

Talofa, interj, my love ! or I love I 
(a form of salutation) ; an expres- 
sion of sympathy, pity, or sor- 
row ; also a denunciation ; as, Oi 
talofa ! 

Taloloa, ) 5. a plantation held in 

Taloloaga J common. 

Talosaga, s, a praying. 

Talosia, v. passive of tatalo. 




Talotalo, see Tatalo, 

Talotaloga, s. prayer. 

Talotasi, s. one taro and one fish 
taken by each woman to visitors. 

Talu, adv. since. 

Talu, prep, on account of, through ; 
redup, talutalu. 

Talusa, v, to bring evil on others. 

Talutalu, s, the young trees grown 
up where there had been a plant- 

Talutalu, see Talu. 

Tama, s. a child: a boy; a wo- 
man's offspring of either sex and 
any age ; a chief. 

Tama, s, a father. 

Tama-a-aiga, s. a person of large 
family connections. 

Tama-a-le-eleele, s, a chief who rules 
supreme over his land. 

Tama-alii, s, a chief's son ; a chief. 

Tama*i, s, the young of animals or 
plants ; bad news, a message of 
ill tidings. 

Tama'i, s. luck; good fortune: as, 
O lo matou tamuH ua matou man 
atu^ Sfc. 

Tama*i, v, to beat, to abuse; pass. 

Tama*ima*i, v, to be ill; to have a 
scarcity ; to be small in quantity 
or deficient in quality. 

Tama'ima*i, v. to delight in, (the 
opposite to taHnoHno), 

Tama*ita*i, s, a lady; an abscess in 
the armpit. 

Tamaoaiga, v, to be rich, to have 

Tamafafine, s, a daughter of a wo- 
man ; the children of a sister. 

Tamala, s. the name of a fish. 

Tamala, v. to moderate (as the wind 
and waves, sickness, anger, &c.); 
redup. tamalamala. 

Tamala, v. to burn dimly. 

Tamaloa, s. a man, (a term of fa- 

Tamanu, s, the name of a tree. 

Tamanu, v. to make the pigeon flut- 

Tamasa, s, the children of a sistev 
See Tamafafine. 

Tamatama*ilima, s, fingers. 

Tamatama*imata, s, the pupil of the 

Tamatama*ivae, s. toes. 

Tamatane, s, a boy ; the son of a 

Tamate, v. to kill, (as trees and 

Tamo'e, v, to run. 

Tamole, s, the name of a weed. 

Tana, V. to shame another by telling 
his faults : to say or do what will 
cause oneself shame. 

Tana'i, v. to overload ; to put too 
much in an oven ; to go to excess 
in quarrelling. See Pana'i. 

Tanafa, v, to beat the drum; to 
talk incessantly. 

Tanana, v. to make a beating noise 
(as a number of soldier crabs) ; 
to talk incessantly. 

Tane, 5. a disease of the skin ; the 
stain of *ava, 

Tane, s, a man, a male. 

Tanea, v. to be stained with *ava. 

Tanea, r. to be full of handsome 
men ; to have known a man car- 



TanesLj „ ^ 

Tanetane, s, the name of*a shrub. 

Tanetanea, v. to be full grown (as 
the ^ava plant). 

Taniu, v, to cut down cocoanuts for 
spears or for timber. 

Taniu, s. a bad ti'a. 

Tanifa, s. a large species of shark. 

Tanifatea, s, a variety of the ^awi/a; 
a licentious woman. 

Tauo, V. to have a disgust at food ; 
to be distasteful (as one kind of 
food eaten constantly). 

Tano, V, to call over names and ti- 
tles ; to leave a speech unanswer- 
ed and introduce another subject; 
pans, tanoa. 

""' Is 

moo, \ 

supa 3 

the different kinds of 
the disease called tane. 


TA \ 


Truioa, s. the ^ava bowl ; a disli, a 

Tanu, V. to bury ; pi. tatanu; pass. 

taniia ayid tanumia. 
Tanuuli, a. covered with smut ; 

blackened ; unscraped (as taro 

baked with the skin on). 
Tanuga, s. a burying. 
Taiiuma*i, v. to cover up with ; to 

cover up closely (as a person in a 

shivering fit); to bury in oblivion, 

to conceal ; redup. tanutanuma'i. 
Tanumaga, s, the part buried (as of 

a post). 
Tanutanu, s. the name of a fish. 
Tapa, s, an agreement to exchange 

Tapa, V. to beckon with the palm of 

the hand inclining towards the 

body, signifying to come. 
Tapaau, s. cocoanut leaf mats ; a 

chief (so called because he sits on 

a tnpaau at 2ifono), 
Tapai, inierj, oh that ! had it only 

Tapau, V. to cut to the exact length. 
Tapnfua, V, to call to, to address, 

(in speaking to a high chief). 
Tapala, ?'. to dye tlie titi in the 

swamp ; to be rotted. 
Tapa'aoa, s. a native remedy for 

Tapale, air. constantly ; as, Ua 'ai 

Tapale, v, to play at tapalega ; to 

break up firewood with quickly 
. repeated blows ; to strike on every 

side, to knock about. 
Tapalega, s, a game played in the 

water, similar to hocky and shinty 

on land. 
Tapapa, v, to cover or shut in with 

Tapasu, v, to strike a heavy blow. 
Tapatapa, v. to oil the body exces- 
sively ; to have a disease, a kind 

of leucorrhoea. 
Tapatapalala, v. as the above ; re- 

dup, tapatapalalala. 

Tapatele, v. to a^k for what one has 
no right ; to ask for what is diffi- 
cult to grant, and to^which one 
has no claim. 

Tapati, v. to clap the hands. 

Tapena, v. to carry offload by load; 
to stow away. See La*u, Tau- 


Tapepe, see Topepe. 

Tapi, V. to wipe, to wipe up ; 9pec. 

de muliebr. pudend. ; rec/n/i. tapi- 

Tapii, V, to close the eyes, (a jesting 

Tapiga*ese, r. to act differently from 

others ; to act independently. 
Tapili, s, a fan to blow the fire with; 

Tapili, V, to fan the fire. 
Tapisa, r. pL to laugh. 
Tapo, see Sapo. 
Tapo, 5. the name of a net. 
Tapo, V, to fish at night with the 

Tapou, V, to put in the posts of a 

Tapola, 5. a white crab. See Tau- 


Tapolaipu, ^ s, varieties of the /S- 

Tapolasina ) pola. 

Tapona, v, to strike the loser in to- 
gati'-a a certain number of blows; 
to reprove. 

Taponaga, 5. the beating afler the 
game of tagatVa. 

Tapoto, V. to Strike cleverly with the 
club ; to make a telling speech. 

Tapu, V, to make sacred ; redup, 

Tapua, s, the long entrance of a 
cage or fish trap. 

Tapua^i, v, to abstain from work and 
to sit waiting for success or pro- 
tection (as during war or the pro- 
gress of adangerous disease, &c.); 
adopted to signify to worship; 
redup, taputapua^i. 

Tapua^iga, s. lands which did not 
engage in war, but served as a 




refuge to those who fled ; adopt- 
ed to signify Christian worship. 

Tapualagaiia*i, s, the fish called la- 
lafi in its third stage of growth. 

Tapuamili, s, one kind of banana. 

Tapu*e, V. to heap up earth (as 
around the yam) ; to catch. 

Tapui, s. anything hung up to de- 
note trees made sacred. 

Tapui, V, to prohibit from picking 
the fruit by hanging the tapUi to 
the tree. 

Tapuitea, s. the evening star. 

Tapuituaina, v, to be dead. 

Tapu*u, s, a short t?a. 

Tapulaa, s, the boundary in the 
game of tologa ; laws and cove- 
nants ; the name of a shellfish. 

Tapulima, s, the wrist, the hand 
from the wrist. 

Tapulu, 5. the part of the tatooing 
made all black. 

Tapulu, V, to get gum from trees by 

Tapumiti, s. the name of a shell- 

Tapuna, s, a parasitic plant. 

Tapuni, v, to shut. 

Tapupu, V. to talk quickly ; to 
breathe quickly ; to do anything 

Taputapu, v, to make sacred. 

Taputapugagana, v. to be forbidden 
to speak. 

Taputu, V, to speak rapidly; recipr, 
fetaputua*i ; redup. taputuputu. 

Tapuvae, s. the foot fiom the ankle. 

Tapuvaeianua, v. to walk briskly 
from being accustomed to the 

Tapuvaetasi, s, roads meeting in 
one. * 

Tasele, v. to strike in the belly with 
a club ; to strike the mat drum 
with rapid strokes; to turn the 
skipping rope quickly. 

Tasele, see Faufilo. 

Tasetu, see Ta*etu. 

Tasi, a, one. 

Tasi, adv, very. 

Tasina, s. a striped siapo. 

Tasisi, v, to draw up (as the pola of 
a house) ; to drive away. 

Tasoni, v. to chop. 

Tata, s. the figurehead of a canoe ; 
a siapo rubber. 

Tata, V. to jerk off, to pluck with 

Tata, s, the wooden baler of a ca- 

Tata, V. to bale out ; to be relaxed 
(as the bowels); to speak rapidly; 
to cover up with leaves in order 
to keep dry. 

Tata, 5. sweat. 

Tata, V, to flap the wings. 

Tataa, v. (pi. of taa)^ to go at large. 

Tatae, v. to gather up rubbish by 
all the families. 

Tata*e, v, to be cracked. 

Tata*i, v, to lead (as a sick man) ; 
to drag along (as the lauloa) ; to 
lead a quarrel to others, to in- 

Tatao, v. to press, to squeeze ; to 
put under a weight; to lie in 

Tatao, s, a stick to strike down 
spears with. 

Tatao, V, to cut spears ; to ward off 

Tatau, s. a pennant, a flag to a ca- 
noe ; tatooing. 

Tatau, a. alike ; right, proper ; fit. 

Tatau, V, to fight two together, to 
fight a duel. 

Tatau, V, to strain out, to wring 
out ; to milk. See Tau. 

Tata'u, V, plural of to*u. 

Tatafa, s, the net for catching ^a. 

Tatafa, t?. (pi. of tafa), to dawn. 

Tatafe, v, plural of tafe), 

Tatafi, V. to clear and weed a piece 
of land ; to wash the hands {of 
chief s), 

Tataga, see Tag a. 

T&iagase, s. perspiration, sweat, 
(used chiefly of that caused by a 




paroxyani of pain, or of one near 

Tatagri, s, the call or note of the 

Tatag^i, r. to tinkle; to rinj^ ; to 

sound as a wooden drum. 
Tatagia, s. the name of a tree. 
Tatago, V. to seize, to lay hold of. 
Tatala, r. to untie, to unloose; re- 

dup, talatala. 
Tatali, v. to wait for. 
Tatalo, V. to pray ; pass, talosia ; 

redup. talotalo. 
Tatama, v. to have chickens in (as 

Tatanu, v. plural of ^anw. 
Tatapa, v. plural of tapa; also see 

Tatapi, r. plural of tapi. 
Tatapuvae, .-5. a long robe reaching 

to the ankles. 
Tatasia, s. the name of a tree. 
Tatatau, v, to mark the tatooing. 
Tatatia, see Tatagase. 
Tatatino, see Tatino. 
Tatatuli, v. to tap the knee ; to cau- 
tion ; to intercede. 
Tatea, a. strewed about on the 

ground from abundance (as fruit). 
Tatele, v. to apply a speech to all ; 

to fish for palolo on the great day 

of it. 
Tatelega, s. the great day (2nd) of 

Tatino, see Ta*utino. 
Tatipi, V. to cut, to slash. 
Tato, a, light, giddy (of the con- 
Tatu, V, to cut long ^aso of a house ; 

to stamp with the feet. 
Tatuu, V. to cut down (as a tree) ; 

to let down (as the cocoanut 

screens of a house). 
Tatula'i, v, to cut down young trees 

leaving the stumps standing. 
Tatupu, s. a shoot or sprout of a 

tree ; a sucker. 
Tatiitii, v. to stamp, to kick with 


Tava, s. the name of a tree. 

Tavaa, v, to cut out a canoe. 

Tavae, v. to strike the feet. 

Tava^e, s. the name of a bird. 

Tavai, s. the name of a tree. 

Tavao, v. to cut timber for building 
and leave it in the bush. 

Tavau, s. a species of leech. 

Tavale, v. to cut a tree on the 
boundary ; to cut wood withoat 
measuring it ; to speak without 

Tavani, see Tafani. 

Tavasa, v. to play the gaioe of to- 
gati^a between two village. 

Tavasaga, s, a match of tagati^a 
between two villages. 

Tavatava, s, the name of a fish. 

Tavatavamauu, s. the name of a 

Tavava, s. an opening between the 
planks of a canoe or timbers of a 
house not fitting properly; the 
wide opening between the thighs 
of a -thin person. 

Tavave, v. to strike quickly. 

Tavio, v. to send forth a bad odour. 

Tavinavina, see Vina. 

Tavoi, V. to do a thing anyhow. 

Te, a particle used before verbs in 
the future, and oblique cases of 
the pronouns. 

Te, V, to be split open (as chestnuts, 
&c., and beginning to grow, or 
cooked banana bursting from its 
skin) ; redup. tete. 

Te*a, s. the name of a game. 

Te*a, V. to be away from ; to be 
clear of, to be rid of; to be wean- 
ed ; pL tete*a. 

Teane, conj. although, even al- 
though. * 

Tea tea, s. the name of a fish. 

Teateavale, v. to be pale (as from 
sickness or fear. 

Tee, s. a prop. 

Tee, V. to prop up ; redup. teetee. 

Teela, s. a pole to keep out the sail 
when running before the wind. 


Tfena, v. to refuse ; to reject ; to 

Te'ena'i, v. to reAiae ; to reject. 

Tei, g. a younger brothiT or sister, 

Te'i, V. to startle ; pi. lete'i; redup. 

Teitie, «. a girl. 

Teisi, adv. in a short time, for a lit- 
tle space ; somewhat. 

Ten, s. adornings. 

Tcu, V. to adorn ; to put in order ; 
to put away ; pi. teteu ; pass. 
teua ; redap. teuteu. 

Teu'eae, s. false hair. 

Teuga, see Teu. 

Tefa, V. to stumble sideways ; pi. 
tetefa; -ri^'/Hp. telatel'a. 

Tefi, ti. to jjcilbr 



r to 


T^a, s. the thigh ; the upper part 

of the arm. 
Tegalima, t. the upper part of the 

Tegavae, s, the tlirgh, 
Tege, V. 10 swell up, to pufFup (as 

arrowroot when mixed, as a fat 

man, or a dead body ; redup. te- 

tege, tegetege. 
Tclatela, A. bad tempered ; (used 

on Upolu). 
Tele, ji. a plane. 
Tele, a. great ; many ; plentiful ; 

large ; pi. tetele ; intens. teletelc. 
Tele, V. to plane. 
Telea'i, v. to run quickly. 
Telefua, a. stark naked. 
Tclegese, s. the name of a star. 
Teleeeae, ) , 

Telemub J "■ "'J ''™- 
Telenoa, see Tflefua, 
Teleieie, v. to be quick, tostepout. 
Temeteme, s. the stock, &c. of the 

Tenane, see Teake. 
Tene, ». a species of banana. 
Tene, v. to move the hands about 

(as in dancing); pi, tetene; re- 
dup. tene tene. 

Tenininini, a word used only inyh- 
gonn, its meaning unknown. 

Tepa, V. to look towards ; pi. te- 

Tete. II. to shake, to quake (as with 
fear, cold, &c.) 

Teiea. s. a white-skinned native, an 

Tetea, a. light colored : as, le niu 

Tetee, v. to refuse ; to reject ; to 
oppose ; pass, teena. 

Tetc'i, see Sehr'i, 

Tete'i, v. to distend the musquito 
curtain with sticks. 

Tete'i, V. plural of te'i. 

Teteu, see Teu. 

Tetega, v. to be pained in the arm 
or leg; to be angry with. 

Tetele, a. plur«l cf tele. 

Tetele, V, to shave; to clear (as a 
cocoariut of fniir, dry leaves, *c., 
or a breadfruit tree of young and 
useless brandies I to rub quickly 
(as when the wood is about to ie- 
nile). * 

Tetemu, v. to tremble, to qiiake. 

Teteva, s. a blighted banana, stunted 
and small. 

Tetevii, ti. plural of /em. 

Teva, V. to ilo^nrt in .iispjcasure ; to 
die ; pi. teteva ; redap. tcvntcvu, 

Tevoteva, tt. to be constantly leav- 
ing in anger, 

Teve, «. the name of an acrid plant 
therootofwhichculpriU are made 
to bile as a punishment. 

Tevemanu'a, s. a species ofteve. 

Ti, s. the plant from the leaves of 
which girdles are made (drcecena 

ia, s the apace cleared for pigeon 

i'a, *. the slick used in tagati'a ; 
the head of a pig after the cheeks 
and ears are removed; a man's 
head (in abuse), 
ia'i, V. to throw awny, 

!, *. a sow that has hft off 




breeding; tYie fruit of the pua. 
Tiapula, s, the head of the taro for 

replanting. See Tigapula. 
Tiatuli, 8. the name of a plant. 
Ti*e, s. a species of crab whicli bur- 
rowing throws up the earth in a 

mound, one specits of the avii. 
Ti'eti*e, r. to sit upon, to be seated 

on something above the ground. 
Tio, 8. the name of a shell-tish; one 

kind of fly-Hshhook. 
Tio, a. sharp- looking (as the eyes); 

lively, animated ; 7>/. titio. 
Tio, V, to find fault with, to blame; 

pL titio ; pass, tioina, tioa ; re- 

dup. tiotio. 
Ti*o, V, to defecate, to go to stool ; 

pL titi*o. 
Tioa, see Letioa. 
Tioata, s, glass. 
Ti'otala, s. the name of a bird. 
Tiu, r. to go on a fishing voyage ; 

to place a rat trap. 
Ti-ufi, 5. a species of tL 
Tiuga, 5. a fishing voyage. 
Tiuli, ) /. ,. 

Ti*ulu \ ^' ^P^^'®^ ^^ ^*- 
Tifa, 5. mother-of-pearl. 
Tifaga, s. jugglery. 
Tifanua, s. a species of ti. 
Tifi, V. to adorn ; redup, titifi and 

Tifiga, s, adornings. 
TifitiH, 5. the name of a fish. 
Tiga, s. pain. 
Tiga, V, to be in pain ; to be near 

death ; pass, tigaina. 
Tigapula, see Tiapula. 
Tila, s, the yard of a Samoan sail. 
TilaumaniH, s, a species of ti. 
Tilalalo, s, the sprit of a Samoan 

Tili, s. a message sent in haste. 
Tili, V, to be quick in order to get 

in time ; to go a message of life 

and death ; redvp, tilitih. 
Tili, s, a method of fishing by a 

small net. 
Tili, Vk to cast the net. 

Tiliola, ) . r i-«« 

rp...,. ' > V. to run for life. 

Tilivaagoto, v. to have the canoe 
sinking with fish, and yet refuse 
to give one to less fortunate fish- 
ers ; to be without love. 

Tilo, 8, the innermost sprout of the 

Tilomalae, v, to receive a blow in a 
club match which causes to stag- 
ger and look down to the ground. 

Tilopa, 8, a species of ti, ' 

Tilotilo, a. straight (as a tree). 

Tilotilo, V, to peep, to spy ; pa$s, 

• tilofia. 

Tilotilo, V, to adorn, to set off the 
person as young people do. 

T' t " * C *• species of the ft". 

Timatimaloloa, v. to be lazy and 

sluggish in one's movements. 

Timu, V, to rain. 

Timu, ) 

rp- ? J' rain. 


Tina, s. a wedge. 

Tina, 5. a mother. 

Tina, v, to split (as with a wedge). 

Tina-'au, s, the main body of the 

Tina'ava, s, a strong wedge; one 
who causes divisions in a femily. 

Tinaelega, s, the name of a fish. 

Tinai, see Tinei. 

Tinamailo'i, s, a fat sucking pig. 

Tinatoa, see Tina* a v a. 

Tinei, t;. to extinguish Xas a fire); 
to kill ; pass, tineia. 

Tini, 8. shouts of praise on the mar- 
riage of a high chief to a virgin 

Tinifu, ) s, those unable to fight 

Tinifuga ) (the women , children, 
aged, and sick). 

Tinitinio, s, a shout of victory in 
games, boat-racing, and fighting. 

Tinitinio, v, moving from place to 
place (as a person constantly go- 
ing on malaga) ; changing from 


one to another (as a woman from 
one husband to anoilier). 

Tiiio. «- the body (as of a man, 
beast, tree, canoe, &c.) 

Tino, V. lo be bodily present ; to be 

Tino, an affix to some verbs making 
them JnteiisiTe in sigiiificatioii , as 
ta'utino,faa.d''lhin. Sic. 

Tinoa, a. thin (as the body); redap. 

Tinoagafiilu, a. ten (in counting bo- 

Tino'ese, a. tall; pi. tino'e'ese. 
Tinoiaiga, s. a true family coiinec- 

Tinoifili, s. those peculiarly hated. 
Tinoimatagi, a. a strong breeze; 

er-^at angcf. 
Tiiiou, V. to desire intensely. 
Tinogagase, v. to be languid. 
Tinovale, a. thin, skinny. 
Tipa, V. to glide, to fly or swim on 

the side with a gliding, motion ; 

redjip. tipatipa and titipa. 
Tipatipa, s- the name of a she116sh. 

"Hpi, u. to cut; tocutup; to hack; 
redap. tipitipi, titipi. 

Tipolo, s. a lime. 

Tipuna'i, 1 species of the i». 

Tipunaoa S "^ 

Tiputa, 3. a woman's upper gar- 
ment, (Tahitian). 

Tita'e, v. to break open a cocoanut. 

'I'ltafua, ,v a species of the ti, 

Titi, s. a girdle of leaves. 

Titi'e, s. to swell (as the belly) ; lo 
be angry. 

Titio, V. p'luralof (in. 

Titi'o, V. plural of ti'o. 

Titiu, see Tiu. 

Titifi, see TiFr. 

Titina, v. to strangle, to choke, 

Tiiipa, a. careless, negligent. 

Titipaola, a. very careless. 

Tito, ». the name of a fish. 

Tito, r. lo fall headlong; to preci- 



species of the H. 

Titoa, i 

Tivai ; 

To, *. the strainiT of the 'at 
hole in the earth. 

To, V. to plant; to build ; to open; 
to fall (as rain or dew) ; to come 
upon (as a calamity); to give; 
to give over (as lalid); to lake 
down, as toifo; to remove, as 
to 'ese; to be with child, to be 
with young ; lo separate ; to take 
an oath. 

Toa, s. the name of a tree ; a war- 
rior; a cock. 

Toa, a. courageous ; pi. totoa. 

To'a, V. to strike on a rock, to 
ground (as a carioi; ; pi. t5lo'a. 

To'a, u. to subside, lo seule ditwn 
to get hard (as cocoanut oil from 
the cold ; to sleep {of chiefs) ; 
pi. to to'a. 

To'a, a prefijt to the numerals in 
counting persons. 

To'ai, K. the timliers of a canoe. 

To'ai, V. to go direct to ; to head 
towards (as a canoe); to arrive at, 

Toa'i, V. to commit suicide; to do 
a thing from constraint. 

Toa'ina, s. an old man. See Toea- 

Toiifa, s. a tract of land destitute of 

treee and covered with fern. 
To'aia, a, four (persona). 
Toulia, ff. three (persons). 
To'afia, adv. how many? (persons). 
TS'aga, *. a planting; a building 

(of houses). 
To'aga, V. to be in earnest in doing 

To'aga, V. (from to'a), to be with ; 

to be in (as birds frequenting a 

certain tree); to remain with ; to 

settle down with. 
To'agalanapi, i. a war camp. 
To'agamafaoa, s. a chiefs sleeping 

To'alauama, a. many persons. 
To'alemu, a. sntislied ; quiet; at 





Toalii, s, the time when the sun be- 
gins to sliine on the tops of the 
coroannts, being the time when 
rliii'fs left off work. 

To'upaipai, 8. a malo which is at 

To'asii, s, a chiefs anger. 

To'aseruhi, a. ten (persons). 

To*atama*i, sceToASA. 

To*atinuagafulu, a. ten (persons). 

To*ato'a, r. to be begrimed ; to 
smell of (as of pork). 

Too, s. tlic last ; a remnant. 

Toe, V, to remain over ; redup, to- 

Toe, adv. again. 

To'e, *. the sea eel. See Pusi. 

Toeuina, s. an old man ; an old 

Toe*aiga, s. the remains of a meal. 

Toeutuva, s, the name of a month 

To*egatala, see Pusigatala. 

To*elau, 5. the trade wind. 

To*ele, V. to reach to the ground, to 
be down to the ground. 

To*ele*ele, v, to fall on the ground ; 
(a word used in self abasement 
when a favor is conferred, as the 
pardon of a criminal, &c. : Ua 
to^ele^ele lau pule), 

Toepalolo, s. the name of a month 

To*ese, v. to commit a fault ; to 
beg pardon, to apologize, to con- 
fess to being wrong. 

Toese, v, to remove, to take off. 

Toetaumafa, s. the name of a month 

Toetoe, s, a small crab. 

Toeloe, adv. almost, nearly. 

Toi, s. the name of a tree. 

To*i, s, a hatchet; an adze. 

To'ia, r. to be struck (as by a falling 
tree, lightning, &c.) 

To'iaileulia, | v. to have a presage 

To*iailesu j) of death (as by a li- 
zard falling on a person it is 
used by those who have cumniit- 

tcd a crime and are awaiting the 

Toialc fala, v. to pass evacuations 

To'ialiu, s. the first bonito caught 
in a new canoe. 

To'ialo, V. to pass safely to the io- 
side of the reef. 

Toio, V. to divide a iish into four. 

To'ifale, s. a bastard. 

To*ifale, v, to be with child in her 
father's family while unmarried. 

To'ilalo, V. to be conquered, to be 

To'ito'iave*a, s. the name of a creep- 
ing plant. 

To'itua, V. to pass safely to the out- 
side of the reef. 

To'o, s. a pole with which to urge 
on a canoe in the shallow; a 
stick in which is fixed the perch 
of the pigeon. 

Tooa, 5. a railing along the top of 
a wall to keep out pigs. 

Tooala, s. diseases of the stomach. 

Tooalo, £. one kind of club; the 
part of the reef on which canoes 
are thrown when swamped. 

Toomaa, s. an abscess in the foot. 

Toomaunu, s. hiccough. 

Toona'i, s. food prepared before- 
hand ; Saturday : o le aso toth 


Toona'i, v, to prepare large quanti« 

ties of food for cooking ; to eat 

together the food prepared; re- 

dup. tootoona^i. 
Toona'i, v, to lean upon a staff; to 

lean on anything for support; re- 

dup, tootoona^i. 
Tootoo, 5. a staff, a walking stick. 
Tootoo, s, a method of fishing. 
I'ootoo, V, to pull with a slow and 

steady stroke (as a canoe). 
Tootu, 5. a branching stick stood 

up to hang baskets on. 
Tootuli, V, to kneel. 
To*u, V. to scold ; redup. toto'u ; 




as a verbal noun, o le *ai to^u, a 

Tou, s. the name of a tree, the wood 

of which is used for cork, and the 

berries for paste. 
Tou, pron. you, (used before verbs 

in the future and the imperative 

instead of outou). 
Tou, V. to paste siapo with tou; 

pass, toua ; redup. totou. 
To'ii, s, an adze. 
To*iilu, V, to fall (as a leaf, &c.); to 

fall through (as through a hole in 

a basket) ; to beat the mat drum 

(as in the night dance). 
Tpulu, V. to have a blow on the 

head (as in a club match). 
Toutou, a. having thick substantial 

fat (as pork). 
To'uto'u, V. to cluck, to chuckle (as 

a hen). 
Tofa, s. determination, intention, 

something agreed upon. 
Tola, I', farewell ! a parting saluta- 
Toii, V, to sleep (of chiefs) ; pL to- 

Tofaga s. the sleeping- place (as of 

a chief or a pigeon). 
Tofale, V, to build houses. 
Tofaleauga, v, {literally, to build 

houses all around), to desire for 

a wife (as when many are paying 

addresses to a lady); to have ma- 
ny wives. 
Tofatumoanaina, v. to founder ; to 

come to an end (as a family). 
Tofe, s, the name of a shell6sh. 
Tofe, s, a precipitous place. 
Tofe'ula, 5. one kind of ^o/e. 
Tofelanifi, s. a large tofe, 
Tofetofe, s. small tofe, 
Tofetofea, a. rough (as the body 

with dirt, or a canoe covered with 

TotT, V, to split up ; to divide ; to 

give an inheritance ; pa^s, tofia, 

toiitofia ; redup. tofitofi. 
ToH, s. a chisel. 

Tofi, ) s. an appointment ; an in- 

Tofiga S heritance, a patrimony. 

Tofilofilo, s. the second night of the 
appearance of the land crab. 

Tofo, s. a tempting. 

Tofo, V. to taste ; to try; to tempt; 
redup. tofotofo. 

Tofoga, s, offerings to the priest to 
ascertain the cause of some sick- 

Tofono, r. to be in time for a meal 
which is being eaten. 

Tofotofo, V. to try ; to tempt. 

Tofototofoga, s. a temptation. 

Tofu, V, to dive; pi. fetofui; redup, 

Tofii, V, to be distributed to each, 
to have each a portion, to be all 
supplied ; pass, tofusia. 

Tofua, 5. a mat made with unpre- 
pared leaves. 

Tofutofu, V. to dip under repeatedly 
(as the head in bathing). 

Toga, 5. native property consisting 
of fine mats and siapo. 

Toga, s, the south wind. 

Toga, s. a grove, a plantation (as of 
any plant or tree, as toga^ulu; 
it differs from ulu, which refers to 
the umbrageous tops, while this 
refers to the ground). 

Togai, s. the name of a tree. 

Togafau, v. to deliberate on. 

TogaHti, s. a scheme, device, means, 

Togalauapi, see To*aoalauapi. 

Toganofo, v. to sit and devise mis- 
chief privily. 

Togapulau, s. a handsome man. 

Togavao, s. a grove of trees. 

Togi, 17. to carve ; pa^s, togia ; rc- 
dup, togitogi. 

Togi, V. to throw, to cast (as a stone); 
pi. fetogi. 

Togia, V. passive of toyi and totogi, 

Togiola, s, a price for one*s life, a 

Togimamanu, v. to be carved; re* 
dup, togimanumanu. 



Togimanua*e, s. the chestnut when 
grown large enough to throw at 

Togisala, s, the payment of a fine ; 
the one who api)oints the fine. 

Togitcigi, V. to carve a stick ; to 
mark a part of the tatoo; to mea- 
sure off, (because the part mea- 
sured was marked with the adze); 
to throw lightly. 

Togitu, V. to appoi'it another with- 
out previous consultation. 

Togo, s, the name of a tree. 

Togoto;io, s. one species of fL 

Toiovj^o, s, thf name of a tree. 

Tolai, s. the name of a bird. 

Tolaulau, v. to build temporary co- 
coaout-leaf houses on occasion of 
tatooing, the dei«.th of a chief, &c. 

Tolcla, V. to do aiiythmg in a bad, 
slovenly manner. 

Toli, V. to gather (as fruit from high 

Tolii, a. cloce and small (as the ^aso 
of a house ; a ba>ket neatly made; 
cinet fastenings laid on evenly). 

Toliu, V. to open internally (as an 
abscess); to recede (as elephan- 
tiasis to the bowels). 

Tolifili, V. to choose what to gather 
(as fruit). 

Tolo, 5. the sugarcane; the stick 
to stir round the hot stones in the 
arrowroot ; the name of a fish. 

Tolo, 5. a point, a promontary ; the 
crooked body of a yam. 

Tolo, V, to keep back, to put off, 
to adjourn ; to push forward (as 
a net with the feet); to stir round 
the hot stones in the arrowroot ; 
to dart the spear in the game of 
tologa ; rediip, tolotolo. 

Tolo, V, to singe, to burn off the 
hairs (as of a pig) ; pass, toloa. 

Tolo, V. to kindle a fire by rubbing 
sticks ; pi. totolo. 

Toloa, s. a wild duck; the name of 
a cluster of stars. 


Tolo'aano, v. to mix stiff (as arrow- 
root, &c.) 

Tolo*i*'i, V, to collect, to gather to- 

Toloa*i, s, a brood ; a litter. 

Toloaguluguluy s. a fat pig ; a fat 

Toloi, V- to have a smoky taste. 

Toloia, V. to be scratched (as by 
being thrown on the reef). 

Toloipalai, s. the crooked body of 
the palai running along under 

Tolo'ula, 8. one kind of sugarcane. 

Tolouli, 8, a bl'ght in taro aud 

Toloulia, V. to be blighted. 

Tolofia, V, passive of totolo, 

Tolofiso, 8, one species of sugarcane. 

Tolofualau, 5. the kind of sugarcane 
the loaf of which is used for 

Tologa, 5. the game of throwing 
spears at a mark. 

Tologa, a. enduring ; longrlived. 

Tolopra, V, to send forth an odour. 

Tololi, V. to make a scraping noise. 

Tolomati'e, v. to appear abov6 
ground (as the top of the palai), 

Tolomiti, 5. a small bad- conditioned 

Tolopa, V, to put off, to defer. 
To^opaa, v. to give way, to step 
backward in a club match, &c 

T^\^f ' > species of sugarcane. 

Toloto, V. to get between (as the 
enemy's troops; to get into the 
midst (as of a party of chiefs, &c.) 

Tolotolo, see Tolo. 

Tolotolofa'i, V, to creep or crawl 

Tolotovae, v. to stand between the 
feet of an opponent, by which he 
gets the advantage. 

Tolotui, 8. the name of a fish. 

Tolovae, v. to push on the net with 
the feet. 




Tolovai, V. to mix tin i (as arrow- 

Tolov<ilo, s. tlie first night of the 
appearance oF the land orab. 

ToUi, a. three. 

Toma, V. to curse. 

Toma, V, to give directions; to ex- 
hort ; redup. tonjatoma. 

Toniaaga, s. a begging of native 

T(;mai, s.- promotion. 

Toman, s, land not re(|uiiing to lie 

Tomasaga, r. to be both pregnant 
together (as two wives of one man, 
or two women in otie family). 

T()matai>ga, v. to be admired for his 
looks but US less. 

Tomatomj, v. to l)r'g ])roperty ; to 
give directions. 

Torim, V. t<3 sink in (as th.e foot in a 
hole) ; to drop through ; pL to- 

Tomua, r. to be first. 

Tomuli, V. to be last. 

Tomumu, v. to grunible at. 

Tona, 5. a wart ; the yaws. 

Tona, V. to have the yaws. 

1onau!u, s. the side of the head. 

Tonamuli, .<?. tlie posteriors. 

Tonatonafee, s. a wait, a fungus. 

Tono, s. the name of a weed. 

Tonoa, r. to fall down (as birds, 
al-:o chiefs). 

Tonu, a. right, straight, correct; 
pi. totonu. 

Tonn, V. I suspect, 1 imagine. See. 
AroNU, (/Iso Natonu. 

Tonnga, ik to be ascertained; to be 

Trpala, V. to fall rotten ripe. 

Topahga, V. to e<it its own dung (as 
the se(jii). 

Tope, V. to be rapid so as to be in- 
distinct (as in spea'Aing); to be 
rapid so as to be irregular in pad- 
dling ; />/. totope ; redup* lope- 
tope, topepe. 

Tojn Ian, tce ToPE. 

Topisi, V. to h\\ rotten rip?. 

Topo*a, V. to b(ar a child in ol<l 

Topu*epu'e, v. to cotic in puffs (as 
squalls of wind) ; to seize in (its 
or paroxysms (as an illness). 

Tosaga, see F.\.\Tos.\(i.\. 

Tosi, V. to tt^.ar in strips tliough not 
separated (as the /?' leaf in maki* g 
a girdle) ; to be drawn out, to be 
formed (as the limbs of tiie foetus). 

Tosina, v. (jjassive of /cso), to be 
drawn ; to be drawn in, to i»e in- 

Toso, ?;. to drag; to carry oT by 
force (as a woman); to commit a 
rape; pt. toso, io'o^o^ and fetoso; 
pasa. tosoa and tosina ; dimhi, 

Tosoga, s, the dra^rging. 

Tosomanu, 1 

Tosotde, \s. names of a game. 

Tosotelega ) 

Tosotoso, V, to drag away (as food 
or property abstracted by a favo- 
rite child); to drag gently (as in 

Tota'uta'u, v. to be squally, to blow 
in sudden gusts. 

Totatau, »;. to upbraid as being the 
c;urse of calamity. 

Tote, ?;. to receive hospitably ; re- 
dup. totetote. 

Toto, s. blood; the namt* of a finh. 

Toto, V. to bleed ; pL fetotoi; pass. 

Toto, see To. 

Totoa, a. p'ural o( fnt. 

Toto*a, a. quiet; j)eaceful ; easy (as 
pain) ; gentle, slow. 

Toto'a, s. a doorway. S/'e F.xiro- 


Totoa, s. a thief. 

rotoa*i, r. loimpncatesudden deatli 
on oneself. 

Totoe, V. phiral of foe. 

Toloe, V. to laugh (as a great num- 
ber in company). 

Totoo, V, to lesHi iip>n (:»15 a slafi'j. 


•2 in 



Totou, jsetf Tou. 

Toto uli, «. venous blood. 

TotoK, 17. to split up, to divide (us 
faro, &c.) ; to appoint. 

Totoga, 8. tlie inside, the entrails. 

Totog^i, s. the payment of a fine ; 
now used generally for a payment 
for labor or produce, &c. 

Totogi, V, to appoint or decree the 
amount of f ne, or the quantity of 
food to be taken to a travelling 
pHrtv ; to drive oif (as a hen does 
her chickens) : to peck, to nibble 
(as Hsh at a bait) ; to give a pay- 

Totogo, V. to spring up (as herbs). 

Totolima, a» bloody, murderous. 

Totolo, V. to crawl, to creep ; pass, 
toloria ; redvp, tolotolo ; pL feto- 

Totoma, v. to beg native property ; 
redvp, torn atom a. 

Toto ma, s, arterial blood. 

Totomamala, v, to belch. 

Totonoa, a. strong and quick at 

Tolonn, a. plural of /otzk. 

Tulonu, prep, in the midst, within. 

Toionugalemu, s, the exact middle. 

Totoso, 17. plural of toso. 

Totototo, fl. bloody; red. 

Tovale, v, to give away recklessly ; 
toRnish improvidently(asthe taro 
plantation); ree/n/A totovale; pass. 

Tovale, see To*e:se. 

Tn, s. a custom, a habit; a disease 
of the eye (pteryjiium) ; a ground 
pigton; a large piece of coral in 
diep w.iter in.side the reef. 

Tu, V, to stand; pL tutu. 

Tua, s. the back ; the next in order 
(especially of children, the next to 
the eldest) ; a thickness, as tua- 
ralu, eightfold. 

Tua, V. to take behind ; to remove 
to a place of safety (as the women 
and children in war) ; to tru!>t in 
the protection of ; to return back 

upon (as the confleqaenceB of one*i 
own conduct: Ua tva ia i9 oe 
luu nmio), 

Taa, prep, behind, 9t the back. 

Tua*a, 5. R brother's brotlier; a lii- 
ter*s sister; a father who hvpR* 
ceded in name or office, bat ii 

Tuaefu, «. a bad-looking pigeon; 
ugly men. 

Tuai, V. to be a long time. 

Tua'te, V. to be torn slightly (ai t 
fine mat). 

Tuaoi, 5. a boundary. 

Tuaoi, r. to be a neighbor. 

Tuaoivale, a. unneighborly. 

Tuaolo, 5. the back of a fort. 

Tuaoloa, s, a south easterly wind. 

Tuaua, s. the nape of the neck. 

Tuaupua, v, to backbite. 

Tuafaiine, s. a brotlier'a sister; p/. 

Tuafanua, s. land at the back 'or 
beyond the wall of a village* 

Tu*aga, B. the root, the causey the 

Tnagane, s. a sister*8 brotlier. 

Tuala, s. the prime portion from tk 
back of a pig. 

Tuala, '7. to put a canoe more before 
the wind. 

Tualagi, s, beyond the skies, hea- 

Tualiali, v. to make clear, to tell 

Tuillima, s. the back of the band. 

Tualimafulufulua, s. kvL old haird- 
working maii. 

Tualoa, 5. one kind of crab. .,.t 

Tualua, s. a black liti. See I^AAf A. 

Tuaftia, a. double^ of two thick- 

Tualuuluu, s. a species of crab; one 
kind of fly- fishhook; an ugly ma^ 
who gets a wife. 

Tuamafa, s. a chief of pigeons. 

Tuamata, s. the eyelid. 

Tuamati'e, v. to rise from the sit- 
ting postute while part of tl.% 




troops are fighting^ ; a comparison 
with the ti^e; the sig^n t>f cowar- 

T>«ana*i, v, to be behind, to be pass- 
ed by. 

Tuania, v. f o be left out, to be pass- 
ed over (as in appointing to some 
work T)r message) on account of a 
plea of ah urgent pre-engagenient: 
as, Ou te le aln ; e tuatuunia au, 

Tuaniu, 5. the rib of the cocoanut 
leaflet ; bonnet wire. 

Tuapa, ptTp. behind, outside (of a 

Ti>apHpa, .^. the back of a roci; the 
sea along an iron bound coast. 

Tuapi*o, a. humpbacked. 

Tuapi*o, s. a humpback. 

Tuapipi, s, the second growth of 
the paper mulberry. 

Tuasivi, s. the backbone ; a ridge 
of mountains. 

Tuasivivae, s, the shin. 

Tuataafalu, s. the upper part of a 
chief's back. 

Tuatua, a. thick (as string, rope, 

Tuatua, s, the skin on the kernel of 
the cocoanut. 

Tuatua, see Faatuatua. 

Tuatuai, v, to be somewhat long ; 
to delay. 

Tuatuania, see Tuania. 

Tuavaava, s. a method of fishing by 
placing the net across the small 
openings of the reef. 

Tuavalu, a. eightfold, (applied to 
the heavens, a thick wall, &c.) 

Tu«*, s. a species of wild yam. 

Tu'e, s. the body of a crab or cray- 
fish after the hgs are broken off. 

Tu'eagafulu, a. ten (of crayfish). 

Tu*elima, s. the knuckle. 

Tu*elua, a. twenty (of crayfish). 

Tu*etu*e, v. to be striptof its leaves 
(as a taro with its leaves eaten off, 
or taro tops with the stalks rotted 

Tu*i, i\ to thump ; to strike with 

the fist : to devote to destruction ; 

pass, tu'Ia ; rediip. tu'itu*i. 
Tu'i, 5. the purse of the lanloa 
Tui, s.'2l high chief, a king; the 

name of a shellfisfi. • 

Tui, V, to prick ; pmts. tuia. 
Tu*ia, V, to be wrecked. 
Tu*ia, V. to strike the foot against a 

stone ; to be pierced as by a spear 

or the 'a'tf fish. 
Tu'ifana, s, a ramrod. 
Tniga, s, a head dress of brown 

Tuiga'ula, s. a head dress of red 

Tui^alauulu, 5eeTuiOA. 
Tuigalama, s. a torch made of can- 

Tu*igamata, 5. the part immediately 

under the eye, (so called because 

beaten as a sign of grief). 
Tuila, V. to sew sails. 
Tu'ilealelo, v, to eat, (a term of 

Tu*imomomo, v. to beat to pieces. 
Tu'inanau, v, to desire intensely. 
Tu*ipe, V. to beat severely. 

•p i- • * i V. to beat to a mummy. 

Tuise, s. the flower of the grass, &c. 

Tu*itama*i, s, a deliverer. 

Tu*itama*i, v, to deliver from being 
killed (as a warrior who keeps the 
pursuers at bay while his own 
party make their escape); to save 
a piece of land from being left 

Tu^itiga, V. see Tu'itama'i; also 
applied to a young chief raised up 
over a land in danger of being 
left without a chief. 

Tuitui, a. prickly, thorny. 

Tiiitui, see In a. 

Tuitui, s. the beam running through 
a long house. 

Tu'ituM, s, the small sticks between 
the outrigger and into ; a bundle 
of bamboOH round which the »at 




\< lollod to maki'ilKMlrum Ibrtlio 
u\]lhX daiut' ; the stick on whirli 
voj:- tiiMi'H are rested while being 

« Tii*ilii*i. r. to bruise, to |)Oiinrl ; to 

thMnij) c:(Mitly (as a part of* the 

l><.<ly ill )iain>. 
TiriluM, /'. to forhid the duing of a 

thin^i:; to forbid a payment; to 

remit a dfbt. 
Tuivevo, s. leaves sewn together to 

rover in tlie native oven. 
Tuii, r. to place: to appoint; to 

permit ; to set free, to Ut jro ; to 

put aside; to pass by; to desert; 

to leave ; to deliver over ; to cut 

down ; to desist, to cease ; puss. 

tuna nn(f tuiiiia. 
Tuna, r. to be K f t ; to be dismissed. 
Tiiua'i, r. to accuse falsely. 
Tun'aii, s. the wooden end of the 

Hshiiijji: rod. 
Tiin*au, 1-. to disband troops. 
TnnautHpu, c. to swear. 
Tunatrrt, ft' having the fringe left (as 

a white mat). 
Tiiu^ala, v. to imprecate a misfor- 
Tnu*ali, v. to beg for '/'///. 
Tunava, v. to pay respect to. 
Tuiiiala, n. of the wayside (as words 

or reports picked up). 
Tn*ii*n, s. the name of a small fish. 
Tuufaa!ele, v to let go by tlie run 

(as a sail); to leave the attack in 

a body so as nut to be cht off by 

stragglii g. 
Tdiifan, 7\ to be left to itself (as a 
p'jreoii left to go the whole ler.gth 

of its line): to be uncorrected (as 

children) ; to be uncared for. 
Tiinfaia, r. to leave inside of the 

sleeping mats (as the curtains), 
'luufatu, r. to place stones (as in 

marking a boundary). 
TuuCeaugani, v. to swear, to take an 

ToufuH, a. deseited, uninhabited. 

Tuujra, 5. a f portion of food for a 

\illage or land. 
Tuuga*ofe, 5. a cutting of bamboos. 
Tiingalemn, see Tui*oamalie. 
Tuutraman, s. a erave. 
Tuiigamalie, v. to have plenty of 

prrsons in a family to help at 

Tuugata, v. to leave unfinished; to 

be unable to do more ; to be un- 
able to do better. 
Tunlafoa*i, r. to reject; lo abandon. 
Tuulalo, r. to whisper. 
Tu-nli, s. one method of fishuig'^ 
Tu-ulu, V. to cut off the end of the 

Itipalapa in order to makes club, 
Tuumana, v. to attribhte a cctlamity 

to some supernatural power; to 

curse ; to rejoice in another*8 

Tuumavaega, s. covenant breakii.g. 
Tniimuli, v. to walk backward, to 

yield ; to backslide ; redup, tuu- 

Tuuna, r. to be lefl behind^ to be 

Tunpalasi, ?^ to throw down vio' 

lently (as a hi avy burthen). 
Tun pea, v. to leave alone. 
Tuusaoloto, ) ^ 1 , ,., 

Tunsaunoa \ "• '° '*'''® "^ •'''*rty- 
Tuusua, see TausIta. 
Tuutaula, v. to anchor. 
Tuutaffita, v. to leave the sides of 

the head unshaved. 
Tuutalo, V, to beg for raw taro (by 

a whole village). 
Tuutele, v. to be in common. 
Tuiitigapula, v. to b g for taro tops 

(by a whole village). 
Tuutuu, V. to pass alor'g ; to pass 

up ; to let down. 
Tuutuu rluma, v, to make easy; to 

act gently ; to be easily led. 
Tuutiiuifo, V, to lower, to let down. 
Tuiituusina, v, to pass on fond to 

the elders when not ent)ueh for 






Tuiivaa, v, to set sail, to depart from 
a port. 

Tufa, V. to divide, to share out, to 
distribute ; recipr, fetufana4 ; re- 
el up. tufa tufa. 

Tufaiiga, s. a division, a portion, a 
share of food. 

Tufa*i, V. to divide out in portions. 

Tufaga, s. the division, the divid- 

Tufale, V. to remain at home (as a 
pigeon unfit for the seuga^ or a 
chief too old for war). 

Tufanua, s. a common man ; a boor- 
. isU fellow. 

Tufaso, s, a dry maota tree. 

Tufena, s. the company of water- 
drawers ; the water itself. 

Tufi, V. to pick up (as fruits fallen, 
shells, &c.) 

Tufilaupapa, v. to be broken up (as 
a wrecked vessel). 

Tufu, 5. a spring below high water 
mark in the sand ; the name of a 

Tufue, a. first (especially of a wife). 

Tufue, V. to be first. 

Tufuga, s. a carpenter ; a tatoo 

Tufumea, s, menorrhagia. 

Tuga, s. a maggot. 

Tuga, a. maggotty. 

Tuga, 1?. to be late in the evening 
(about 9 o'clock). 

Tuga, V, (for tuf/ata), coming inop- 
portunely ; standing in the way 
(as a rock in the middle of the 
road ; an abscess forming in an j 
awkward place wlu-re it cannot bi: i 

Tuga, 5. a portion or appointed 
share of food or properly ; the 
acquisition of all the great titles : 
as, Ua oo i tuga, 

Tugaee, r. to be unsettled. 

Tuga'i, V, to light up a tire on the 

Tugafana, s. the step of a mast. 

Tugage, s. the name of a shellfish. 

Tugagi, a. dull, blunt. 
Tugalemu, \ a. Wfll-placrd» well-si- 
Tugamalie \ tuated. 
Tugia, V. passive of tutu, 
Tula, «. a bald-headed jm r>ou, 
Tula, a, bald ; deittilute of tvmv«. 
Tula, s, a perch ; tlio st(»nen tit \\\^ 

entrance of fish encloMUt ». 
Tulai, V, to fine up, to «lwhd up 

redup. tutula'i. 
Tula*iu, 8 tlie loin of poik. 
Tulaumn, s. a place to build \^ ruuk- 

ing house on. 
Tulafale, 8. a ruU«r of Ilia luud^ ^ 

counsellor; a place on whirh h 

house standi. 
Tulafdtia, Hct'lviiAVAW, 
Tulafono, 8, u law. 
Tulaga, 8, a place to MtMud un } m 

footmark ; a pulpit. 
Tulagavae, 8, a loot print. 
Tulagogo, 8, thu dorMttl tin uf iW 

Tulali, 8ee Ti/(iA(il. 
Tulama'i, 8, the nuiMe ttf m iiiok« 

Tulavae, 8. the porlicni of M \\\\ \\\ 

be made by eucli piMirnn, 

Tulavcio, 8iiH Til LATH. 

Tuh'i, V. to »liovt\ to \\\\A\ 

Tuin, V. to %\m\V \ to ht* Mit«katN^\lv 

applied to \\\^\\ ('lil(«(M> 

Tul^-ti;, 8. the tniini* ol' u ulnub. 

Tul'ftna, i , , , . , 
rp , ' / V, to bn nIiuMiy. 
juUnioe ) * ' 

Tulenio((<', v, to be honillid^ \\s b\^ 

TulcKisila, v. to Inivi' tin* i»y»» \\\\\\ 

(aH in dyin^). 
Tnle»oli, v. to trHinplf on, to ill \im^ 

(as a coiMjUirrd party). 
Tuli, 8. i\\v nauhi ol' a blul ; rtnnvil- 

siile corner. 
Tuli, «. d«'af ; ;//. tntull. 
Tuli, V. to dnv«?; to cliaf^e ; to pnr- 

sue ; to follow np; /)/. tutuli ; 

pa88. tulia. 
Tuli, see Lktiij. 
luli, see Tu-uu. 




TuliaMiia, v. to follow up, to persist 


Tuliaii, r. to be viry deaf. 

TtilioK va I], f. a species of the iuU. 

Tuliiilu, 8, the side of the head. 

Tiilitra, 8. n drivii g ; a hunting. 

Tulilima, s. the elbow. 

Tulilo, i;. to stand concealed (as a 

pigeon among the leaves). 
Tuliloa, r. to give chase to. 
Tuliloaga, s. a chasing, a pursuit. 
Tulimanava, s. the side of the belly. 
Tulimanu, s. the corner (as of a 

mat, pavement, &c.) 
Tulimata'i, v, to look stedfastly. 
Tulita, s. diseases of the bladder. 
Tulitauta, v. to pursue and continue 

to strike. 
Tulitatao, v. to pursue closely. 
Tulitulisega, v. to follow up, to per- 
sist in (as the bonito follows up 
the scga). 
Tulivae, s, the knee. 
Tulivalaau, v, to run and call after. 
Tulou, V, an apologetic word used 
on entering the house of a god, 
or when about to make a sudden 
noise, as on throwing down a log 
of wood, or on commencing a 
Tuloua, V. to stand in the way, to 

be a nuisance. 
Tulolo, V. to bend down (as a tree^ 

Tulolo, V. to be in the midst. 
Tulua, V, to divide in halves. 
Tuluaopo, s. midnight. 
Tului, V, to drop into (as the eye, 

nose, &c.) 
Tulu'i, a, long, lasting. 
Tulu*iga, 5. the end (as of a road, 

Tulu*ipae, s, the front row of stones 

in a pavement. 
Tulu*itanu, s, the end of the pave- 
Tulula, s. a basket to keep oil bot- 
tles in ; a boat. 
Tulutuiu, s. the eaves of a bouse. 

Tuluvao, s. the dropA from tfieCrMf 

after rain. 
Tuma, V, to strike with the knuc- 
kles ; to be extensively weeded. 
Tumau, v, to stand (ast. 
Tumatafaga, a. mariUBM, at mm 

Tumu^ f . a hollow place ia a tree 

where water lodges. 
Tumu, V. to be full; pL tutamo. 
Tumua, s. the name of two of tbflrr 
directipg or leading knds on Jjffi- 
lu ; (used as/m/e on Savaii). 
Tumua'i, n. the crown of the head* 
Tumut-umu, s, the top, the summit. 
Tana, «. the freshwater eel. 
Tunale'a, «. a short thick kind of 

Tunasi, s. the branches of the 'ova 

Tuneva, t). to go and ait in the 
house where the single ladies le- 
side, (applied to men). 
Tunoa, s. one method of' fishiag; 
a cooking-house, (a polite nami). 
Tunoa,. a. free (as love). 
Tunoa, v. to stand idle; to havana, 
standing place, (applied to Uiota 
fishing where they have no right; 
to go). 
Tunu, r. to roast, to toast, to bn^ilf 

to fry, to boil. 
Tttiiuafi, V. to roast done ap in 

Tunuu, see Taunuu. 
Tunuma, s. the case for tatooipg 
instruments. , | 

Tunupa^u, v. to broil in ita owi^r 

skin ; pL tunupapa^u. 
Tupa, s, a species of crab withJntge 
claws ; hence the name vae i^pa^ 
for elephantiasis. 
Ttipa, s. one method of (tshing. 
Tupa'ia, s. an insect of the beetle 
kind which makes an incessant 
rapping with its feet ; an active 
industrious man. 
Tupapa, s. food given for- 6sli. 
Tupe, s. a sort of die made from, a 




cocoa nut shell, used to play a 

game like pitch-penny ; a large 

bean, the fruit of a vine ; the cap 

of a winkie ; money. 
Tupea, a. friondless, destitute of fa- 
mily connections. 
Tupito, a, last, at the end. 
Tupoupou, V, to stand erect, to 

stand straight up, (a disrespectful 

attitude) ; pL tutupoupou. 
Tdpolo, s, a stranger, one residing 

iH £i family to which he does not 

Tupoto, 5. the moxa, (Tongart). 
Tupu, s, a chief of the highest rank. 
Tupu, 5. the units in counting above 

tens and hundreds: as, e sefulu 

ma ona tupu ejitu, seventeen. 
Tupu, V, to grow, to increase; to 

spring up; to arise from, to cause; 

pL tutupu ; redup. tupu tupu. 
Tupua, s, a stone supposed to have 

been a man petrified ; an image ; 

a riddle; a Hne mat when torn ; 

certain privileges in seuga and 

Tupua, V, to be over ten, or over a 

Tupu'aga, s, ancestors. 
Tupuolaola, v, to grow luxuriantly; 

to increase. 
Tupuga, see Tupu*aga. 
Tupula^i, v. to grow greatly; to in- 
Tupulaga, s, a growth; those of one 

age ; a generation. 
Tupulua, V, to grow two together. 
Tupulupulu, w. to continue to cover 

up the body; to be low in the 

eaves (as a house). 
Tuputama*i, r. to be angry (of a 

Tuputupula'ina, r. to begin to grow, 

to increase. 
Tusa, 17. to be like, to b6 equal. 
'J'usaga, s. see Usaoa ; also (at Tu- 

tuila) the appointed portion of 

food or property brought by a 


Tusala, s, the spear planted highest 

in the game of tologa, 
Tusala, u. to stand in the wrong 
place in tologa; to stand in the 
front of the troops in battle. 

Tusani, v, to divide equally. ' 

Tusapau, v, to be exactly equal or 
alike; pL tusapapau. 

Tus', s. a letter, a book. 

Tusi, r. to mark siupo; to write; 
to point out. 

Tusilima, s, hand-writing. 

Tusitusi, a, striped. 

Tuta, v. to arrive at (as a canoe); 
to reach the beach. 

Tutai, see Nuututai. 

Tuta*i, 5. the leader in a dance; a 
broad net. 

Tiitaga, s. a landing-place; the cut- 
ting off of a part of a tree. 

Tutataga, see Tugaee. 

Tute, s, elephantiasis on the inside 
of the thigh ; redup, tutute. 

Tutia, V. to be cutoff; especially to 
cut off a part of the army from thie 

Tutogi, V, to chop the bark all 

Tutu, V. to set fire to, to light ; to 
beat cloth. 

Tutu, s. the whale. See Tafola. 

Tulii, v. to divide off, to cut off; to 
fill ; also plural of ta. 

Tutu, v. to reach to the end (as ^aso 
laid on to the house reaching the 

Tiitu, 5. a large crab. 

Tuiii, V. to wipe the feet ; to shake 
out of a bottle. 

Tutuu, s. the wooden block to beat 
cloth on. 

Tutu'a, a. short and thick, (applied 
to men). 

Tutui, V. to seize with the claws (ns 
cats and owls do); to be griped. 

Tutu*i, V. to pierce, to drive in any- 
thing sharp. 

Tuluu, V, to race (on foot or in ca- 
noes) ; to have the bowels mOveA 




iu« iViiiii iiit'ilkine^i, or at'tcr bcinj^ i 

CO stipiitcd). i 

'I'lauiihi^i, r. to cut a (-liicf s hair, i 
Tiitu^a, .N. till' ()a[H'r uuilherry ; tlie | 

pppatil h.tik of it ; tin* ii^htiiiy: ; 

ot u tire. 
'l'iinj:.i. .s. the stpj oiiilcd jiortion or 

>ii,tri of aiiytlii t^. , 

'rtriil.i'i, stf Ii'LaM. 
Tutdli', .s*. tlu* II. line of a s1icllfi4i ; 

tlu- ('oiu'!u>inii oi' tlio iii^lit dunce. 
T'ltiili, (I. (|)l. ot'/u//), (Ituf. 
Tutuli, r. (|)l. of tuli), to drive. 
Tutulii, r. to Itak (as a house); to 

\Vi'i|j {nf rfiicjs). 
TulU.ii.ihl, >r(' F.\.\TUTlM.\I.l'. 

'J'utuna. .*:. iho name of a shrub. 
Tutuiiu, '/. U\v;\i al-o\e the rest; 

hi^h, a< a cliii'f. 
Tutuii«;a, (idr. us. lessly, causelessly, 

uufxp cirdly. 
Tuiuju, ?'. to s|)rout. See Turu. 
Tuiu-a, i\ plura! of /wA'a. 
I'ululutu, a. sptckkd. 
Tuvaa, ?\ to ji^row bent to the sliape 

of a canoo (as a tree). 

Tli«! fourteenth letter in the Sumoan al- 
liliabet. It is pronounced as in £n- 


Va, .v. a space between ; a noise. 

\ a, V. to rival. 

\'aa, s. a canoe ; the priest of an 

Va*a-alo, 5. a bonito tishing canoe. 

Vaai, V. to look at ; to see ; pass. 
vaaia ; recipr. fevaaia*i ; redup. 
vaa\aai ; />/. vaai. 

Vaai, s. the handle of the gouge. 

Vaaiga, s. a prospect ; a look-out ; 

Vaaimoa, s. a rat-trap. 

VaafadUiu, $. the minister who con- 
veyed the nnessage of the uitu } a 
media or. 

Va apidpi, a, narrow. 

Vaatu*itu*i, s. a kind of rail for sail- 

intc about on. 
Vuavan, 5. the breastbone of birds. 
Vuavaalauti, «. a child's canoe made 
with a /{-leaf sail. 

\ ao, 5. a leg of an animal, stool, 

Vaeane, v. an apologetic term when 
about to say what might be offen- 
sive : as, Vaeane lau afiogUy 
** saving your presence." 

Vaeoso, a, ready, prompt (as to go 
on a message). 

Vaefa, 8, a pig, (hefitrt chiefty 

Vaefua, v. to separate without eitlier 
party being worsted. 

Vai'ga, s. a division. 

Vai^alemu, s, the half. 

N'aelnagalen.u, } v. to divide evenly 

Vaeluagamalie \ in halves. 

Vaemaiua, s, the big toe. 

Vacsala, r. to be very quick; to be 
foremost (as iu war). 

Vaeta, s, the name of a land crab 
before full grown. 

Vaetupa, s, elephantiasis in the leg. 

Vaetusa, v. to divide evenly. 

Vaevae, t;. to divide in parts, to cut 

Yaevaeula, s, a species of the sugar- 

Vaevaegalelei, ) 

Vaevaegatasi 3 

Vaevave, a, quick. 

Vai, s. water; a water bottle. 

Vai, s. the name of a bird. 

Vaiania, s. a hssure in the reef. 

Vaiaso, s, a part of tlie day. 

Vaiati, s, after speeches, given when 
! each land has had its turn. 

Vaioa, s. a fissure in a rock. 

Vaiola, s, water not drying up ; 
fabled miraculous water giving life 
to any who bathe in it. 

Vaifanua, s. land. 

Vaifolo, s. a pill. 

' Vaifusi, s. a plaster. 

Vaiga, 5. water standing on the 

see Vaetusa. 




Vailaau, s. medicine. 

Vailau, v. to lie. 

Va'ili, V. to take out (as something 
from out of a basket). 

Vailogoua, s, a water hole supplied 
by the rain. 

Yailolo, s. cocoauut juice poured 
over the lolo after the oil is press- 
ed out ; cocoa nuts {to dnefs). 

Vailoto, V. to be between, to be in 
the midst. 

Vaimasima, s. Epsom salts. 

Vaimasina, s, the space of time be- 
tween the old and new moon ; the 
night on which there is no moon. 

Vaimili, s, liniment. 

Vainiu, v. to prompt (as a speaker). 

A ainuu, s. the space between two 
islands ; a north easterly wind. 

Vaipa, V. to strike the body or the 
house with a strip of the banana 
stalk after attending on the body 
of a dead chief, by which the ta- 
boo was removed. 

Vaipalolo, s. the wet sea -on. 

Vaipulu, 5. one of the small divisions 
of the husk of a cocoanut. 

Vaipuna, s. a fountain. 

Vaisa, 6\ the preparatory wash used 
to fix the dye. 

Vaisii, s. a native preparation of 
Hsh and nut. 

Vaita, s. an intermission (as in the 
time of music and in pain). 

Vaita' i, s. a gutter, a channel to 
lead off water. 

Vailausaga, s, the time between the 
two seasons. 

Vaito'elau, 5. the dry season. 

Vaitusi, s. ink. 

Vaivae, s. euphem. ^ov faufilo, 

Vaivai, a. loose (as a rope); watery; 
weak, easily broken (as a slick of 

Vaivai, a, weak (as the body). 

Vaivaiatai, v. to be weak ashore but 
able to Hsh. 

Vaivao, s. the space of bush be- 
tween two villages. 

Vao, .<?. a bush; a tree (not edible); 
a plant ; a weed ; the bush, as 
distinguished from the villages 
and cultivated lands. 

Vao, a sign of the plural to some 
few nouns : as, ** Lenn vao taga-- 
ta vale,** 

Va'o, V. to eat; redup. vava^o, va*o- 
va'o (only used in abuse). 

Vaoa, a. overgrown with weeds. 

Vaoa*iiva, 5. a forest. 

Vaogata, a. disobedient. 

Vaogofie, a. obedient. 

Vaolo, s. a poisonous crab ; a dis- 
obedient troublesome child. 

Vau, V. to rub down (as arrowroot); 
to mix (as mortar); to be grieved 
at heart ; pL vafau ; pass, vaua. 
(It differs from palu, which is al- 
ways with the hand). 

Vauliuli, a. wide, spacious. 

Vagai, t7. to face each other (as ar- 

Vagdia, V. to be besieged, to be sur- 

Vagana, s, the speech of a tulafale 
(at Sagana). 

Vagana, conj. except, unless. 

Vagana, a. loud sounding (as waves, 
a waterfall, &c.) 

Vagatai, s, a quarrel at sea. 

Vagatootoo, s, a quarrel between 

Vagavao, s, a quarrel in the bush 
about boundaries. 

Vagavaga, s. one kind of net. 

Vagavagai, v. to surround ; pass. 


Vagivagi, r. to talk constantly with 
lies and jests (a jocular term). 

Valaau, v, to call to ; to invite (as 
persons passing by to come in and 
partake of food) ; pass, valaauina 
and valaauia ; recipr, fevalaaua*i. 

Valasi, see Sa*otamaitai. 

Valavala, a. wide apart. 

Vale, s. a fool ; an idiot. 

Vale, a. worthless; unproductive; 
.needless; inactive; also sufiixcd 




to some words adding intensity to 
their meaning, as atuaturale, 

Valra, a, ignorant; pL valea and 

Vale'ai^afa, i. one who eats cinet ; 
a great Tool. 

Valeosi, r. to govern badly (as a 
family, a country). 

Va legale, «. boxing matches and 
other games on the occasion of 
the death of a chief. 

Valeleu, ) V. to take no care of; 

Valetuuiima ji to neglect. 

Valevale, a. young (as a child); 
childish (of the aged and dying). 

Valevalematua, r. to be in one*6 do- 

Valevalenoa, a. beautiful (as a pro- 

Vali, s. paint. 

Vali, v. to paint (as under the arms 
with turmeric); to paint (as wood); 
to whitewash ; pass, valia. 

Vuli, a, plastered, whitewashed : as, 
o lefale vali. 

Valo, s. a very delicious sort of cray- 

Valo, see Va*o. 

Valo*a, s. a sort of jelly fish. 

Valoaga, s. a prediction. 

Valo*i, V. to express covetous de- 
sires ; redtip. valovalo*i. 

Valovalo, v. to whistle (as birds). 

Vahi, a. eight. 

Valu, V. to scrape out nuts; to 
scratch ; pi. valu. 

Valu, V. to scrape (as taro, &c.) ; 
pi. vavalu ; pass, valua. 

Valuapo, s. night, dark night. 

Vakifau, s. the name of a shell fish. 

Valusaga, s. scrapings (as of taro, 

Valu valu, s. a native preparation of 

Vana, s. a see-egg ; a spike of the 
sea egg used to point the drill ; 
a sail needle,- u«ed for the same 

Vane, s. the cry of the parroquet. 

Vane, v. to sharpen tatooitig instnl* 
ments; to sharpeo the fly-fish- 

Vanevane, v. to cry as the pano- 
quet ; to talk (in abuse). 

Vanimonimo, #. the distant sky, the 

Vanu, s. a valley, a mvine, a chtftin. 

Vanutato, a. deep down (as a tal-. 

Vanuvanu, o. full of vcmtr. "- 

Vasa, 8. the ocean, (ei|)ieciany-'6f 

the space between ti^o 8tMlh]| 

points, as along aii iroribodnd 

coast, or between two islands). 
Vasa'i, v. to alternate^ to* mte^ett6. 
Vasamasina, $ee Vaimasiita-. . 
Vasavasa, s. the namieofabircl. &e 

Vase, V. to rule lines ; /nut. tatea: 
Vase, s. a species 6f taro. • ' 

Vaseuli, s. one species of th6 tus^, 
Vasega, $. a- class. 
Vasesina, «. one specter of thi; ^ekw. 
Vasevase, v. tri poise* the speat pr^ 

paratory to throwing. *' 

Vasivasi, v. to be unatcitstoiiled', to 

be not well acquainted* (ai With 

some work). 
Vatau, V. to be at variance, to be 

at war with^ 
Vateatea, a. wide, spacious; 
Vatele, a. wide. 
Vatia, s. a rtativedishof fisod-nhtide 

of cocoanut and arrowroot; 
Vativati, s. the name of a bird; jSSm 

Vatu'e, 8. a species of the sea- ^^ 
Vavae, v. to divide ; to cut w; 

pass. y^e!9i\ redup. r^eyne, 
Vavae, s. the cotton tree ; a htnp^ 

Vavai, a. flexible. 
Vavao, V. to forbid ; pass,- Taoitf. 
Vavao, s. a confused ndise. 
Vava*o, 5ec Va'o. 
Vavau, s. ancient times. 
Vavau, a. lasting, perpetitaK 
Vavau, see Vau. 




Vavala, v. to be str^akej (as the 

sky with the dawn), 
Vavalalata, a, near together. 
Vavale, s. snail glim^; slime from 

the /aw tree. 
Vavale, a. slimy. 
Vavalo, V, to bubble iip(as a spring); 

to predict ; to express covetous 

desires; pass, valoia. 
Vavaloloa, s, the wide ocean. 
Vavamamao, a, far apart. 
Vave, a. quick ; pi. vavave. 
Vave, V. to be quick ; redup. vave- 

vave ; pL vavave. 
Vaveao, s, the early morning. 
Vavega, s. a wonder, a miracle. 
Ve*a, «. the name of a bird. 
Veu, «;. to grow in great numbers, 

to increase greatly (as men or ani- 
Vela, V. done, well cooked, (theop- 

pi)8ite to mata, raw). 
Velasia, r. passive of vevela. 
Vela vela, v, to be very severe (as a 

famine or epidemic). 
Vele, V, to weed ; pL vevele; redup, 

Veliveli, v, to be eager for ; to be 

disgusted with ; to long after the 

absent or the dead ; pass, veli- 

Velo, s. the cover of the stern of a 

canoe ; the horns of a crayfish. 
Velo, V. to dart ; to cast a dart ; 

pass, velosia. 
Veloa*i, s. the oldest of a litter of 

Velovelo, s, a point of land jutting 

away beyond the straight line into 

another piece of land. 
Velovelo, v, to spear (as fish). 
Veni, a, bloated and puffed up from 

Venia, v, to be bloated with veni; 

redup. venivenia. 
Veta, V, to peel off (as the skin of a 

young child). ' 

Vete, s, the name of a fish. 
Vete, s, booty, prey. 

Vete, V, to spoil, to seize as booty ; 

p^jiss. vetea ; redup, vetevete. 
Vetiveti, s, the name of one kind of 

Veve, s, leaves covered over the 

oven of food to keep in the heart. 
Veve, V. to be numerous, (applied to 

men and animals). 
Vevela, v. to be hot ; puss, velasia. 
Veveli, v, to long for; to shew af- 
fection on meeting with friends. 
Veveni, v. to have the veni ; pass. 

venia and venivenia. 
Vevesi, v. to be disturbed, to be in 

confusion, to be in disorder. 
Vevete, v. to undo (as a parcel); 

pass, vetea. 
Vi, s, the name of a tree and its 

Viavia, see Vagivagi. 
Vii, v. to praise; pass, y\\Si; redup, 

vivii ; dimin, viivii. 
Vii, ) 5. a song in praise of a 
Viiga i chief. 

Viigase, v. to praise after death. 
Vi*o, V, to curl the hair. 
Vila, s, a song with motion of the 

Vili, s. a gimblet ; a whirlpool ; the 

name of a game of hazard ; the 

name of a tree. 
Vili, V, to bore a hole ; to writhe (as 

in pain) ; to desire earnestly ; pL 

vivili ; redup, vilivili. 
Viligase, see Fitigase. 
Viligia, V. to dry in the wind ; to 

air; to cool in the wind. 
Vilipa, s. the sail needle used to 

point the drill. 
Vilita^i, V, to desire earnestly; to 

persevere; redup. vilivilita'i. 
Vilivili, s, a small imperfectly formed 

Vina, V. to urge on those already at 

work ; redup, vinavina. 
Vi-vao, s, a wild vi. 
Vivi, a. prolific (as trees). 
Vivii, V. to praise, to extol ; puss, 




Vivijra, A'. n«io, wortli : a^*, Se a fe 
ririf/a a toe att mtti ai Icna tfiea. 

Vivili, r. pliiial of riii. 

Vi villi, /'. lo briiin lo understand 
and talk (iis a child) ; to be for- 
ward in aski.ip for food or pro- 
perty, or in (juarrcUing. 

Vivini, r. to crow. 


Vo*ivo*i, ) 1- u J' * 

\ OMIVO u J 

Volii, 5. a tortoise, a turpin. 

Voluvolua, a, pimpled. 

Vovo, r. to be able, to be powerful: 
as, E roro oe, e te mafaia, Ua 
vovo le aiiij ua sen le taua. 

Vovoga, see Viviga. 






hfb. signifies such word was disrived from the He])rew; gr. frcm the Greek; 
eng. English ; lat. Latin ; tah, Tahitian ; tog. Tongan. 

Akto, f/r. an eagle. 
Aila, heb. a hart. 
Aokuso, en(j. August. 
Auri, tall, a clotlies iron. 
A I no, lat. gold. 
Afatala, eng. iialf-dollar. 
Agelu, //r. angel. 
Akarava, heb, scorpion. 
Alope, gr. fox. 
Aniiotonu, rigliteousness. 
Auiani, etig. onion. 
*Apa, entj, copper, brass, tin. 
Aperila, eng. April, 
Apo-;* tulo, ^r. apostle. 
Arasi, heb. cedar. 
Arcto, gr. bread. 
Ario, L(tt. silver. 
Asini, lat. ass. 
Asi|)i, eng. asp. 

Asolulu, tall. Wednesday, (son c, 

Ek.\ij:si.\, gr. cliurcli. 
Elet'ane, eng. elephant. 
Kpikupo, gr. bishop. 
Evagt lia, gr, gospel. 

I »M- \K , (ng .January. 

lulai, eng, July, 
luni, eng. June, 
lupeli, heb. Jubilee. 

Ok ETC PA, eng. October. 
*Oti, eng. gout. 

Uaina, eng. wine. 
[Jali, eng. watch, ch ck. 
Ulaone, Aitlerican axe. 
*Ulo, tog. a caldron, pot. 

Faaipoipo, rarotongaji, to marry 

with a religious service. 
Faaipoipoga, the marriage service. 
Faatuatua, faith; (a Samoan word, 

but with a new application). 
Fa la i If, eng. Friday. 
Falaipani, eng. frying-pan. 
Falaoa, eng. flour. 
Y'dVkywe^frenvh^ a franc. 
Faresaio, gr. phirisee. 
Fepuari, eng. Februaiy. 

Kai.kna, eng. calendar. 
Kale hi, eng, gallon. 
Kamela, eng. camef. 
Kariota, enj, a war chiridt. 


Karite, gr, barley. 

Kena, heh, hell. 

Kerupi, heh, cherub. 

Ki, eng, key, lock ; to lock. 

Koale, eng, coal. 

Kiona, gr, snow. 

Kupita, eng, cubit. 

Lam EPA, eng, lamp. 

Lepela, eng, leper. 

Leona, eng. lion. 

Lino, lat, linen. 

Lotu, tog, Christianity, religious 

Luko, gr, wolf. 

Mamoe, sheep. 
Manai, heK manna. 
Manuao, eng, man-of-war. 
Masima, tog, salt. 
Mati, eng, March. 
Me, eng. May. 
Meleni, eng, melon. 
Meli, gr, honey. 
Mili, eng, mint. 
Moll, tah, oil. 

Naifi, eng, knife. 
ffila, eng, needle. 
Novema, eng, November. 

Paklo, eng, barrel. 

Paia, a Samoan word adopted to 

mean holy. 
Paina, eng, pine. 
Paipa, eng, pipe. 
Pauna, eng. a pound. 
*Pakete, eng, bucket. 
Palake, gr, concubine. 
Pa ma, eng, palm tree. 
Pamu, eng, lo pump. 
Pani, eng, pan. 
^apaliso, gr, baptize. 
Paseka, gr, passover. 
Peni, eng, a pen ; penny. 
Penimaa, eng. a slate pencil. 
Penina, heh, a pari. 
Pciiiiala, entj, a lead-} encil. 
Pepa, eng, paper. 


t^eleue, tah, a coat< 

Pe ri to me, ^rr. circumcisioilt 

Perofeta, eng. prophet. 

Pesini, eng. basin. 

Pini, eng, bean, ptn. 

Polo, a knife. 

Potu, tog, a room. 

Povi, lat, cattle. 

Pulu, shot, lead; (a Samoan word 
with the introduced new mean- 

Punu, eng, spoon, 

Pust, eng, cdt. 

Piivaavaa, tah, ribbon. 

Saito, gr, wheat, corn. 
Salanio, gr. palm. 
Sapati, eng, sabbath. 
Satauro, gr, cross. 
Satani, eng, Satan. 
Sutukaio, gr, Sadducee. 
Seoli, heh, helL 
Seleni, eng, shilling. 
Seni, cent. 

Setema, eng. September. 
Sila, eng, steel. 
Silika, eng, silk. 
Sinapi, gr, mustard. 
Sisippni, eng, sixpence. 
Solofanua, tah, horse. 
Suka, eng. sugar. 
Sunako, gr, synagogue. 

Tatmi, eng, dime. 

Taivai, iron -hoop. 

Taofe, eng, coffee. 

Tahe, a shawl. 

Tala, eng, dollar. 

Tnleni, eng, talent 

Tapaa, eng, tobacco. 

Tapasa, eng, compass. 

Tapuai, worship ; (a Samoan word 

with an introduced meaning^). 
Tarako, eng, dragon. 
Teio, gr, sulphur. 
Telo, gr. tribute. 
Telona, gr, tax-gatherer, ** pafaK- 

Tenioiii, eng, demon. 

Tesema, eng. December. 
Tiakono, gr. deacon. 
Tiapolo, gr, devil. 
Tioata, glass. 
Titata, eng, teakettle. 



To'u, ail adze. 

Vase, to rule lines. 
Vine, eng, the vine^ 
Vineta, eng, vinegar. 



AuAi, V, to agree with, to take part 
with, to unite with, to have an in- 
terest in. 

Auaga, } V. to cast the skin or shell 

Aueva ji (of shell fish, &c.); to 
become young again (of men, only 
with avaga seemingly), 

Agafoua, a. practicable. 

*Apa, V. to have to do with, to have 
a right in, (used only negatively : 
as, E te le toe ^apa i ai), 

Atesu, ) J 

Alelalamu \ *" * ^°*"«^- 

*Ia, a particle at the commence- 
ment of a sentence, used in speak- 
ing, chiefly to call attention. 

Isumu, s. u rat. See Imoa and 


Faamafiti, v. to turn anything inside 
out (as a dress). 

Faapau, v, to bring to a stand, 16 
cause to stop. 

Faasaolo, v. to destroy. 

Faatolopine, v. to be quick, to do 

Faatolosisi, v. to be urgent, to be 

Fetaena*i, v, to come or gather to- 
gether ; applied also to the heal* 
ing of a sore. 

Lafetona, s, a wart. 

Lave, see Lavea*i. 

LimataoHa, s. a woman nursing. 

Pa'usMf, f. the sides of a house un* 
der the eaves. 

sAmoa: ui 

fAET »0:'IET\ S PRE99. 


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