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in 2011 with funding from 

Ashbury College 


Ashbury College 

362 Mariposa Avenue 

Ottawa, Canada 

KIM 0T3 

(613) 749-5954 

•■ photo by Brendan Leung 


As I sit down to write this message for the yearbook, the front office is 
being torn apart to install a new air handling unit. The theme of 
disruption readily comes to mind. One need only reflect back to the 
start of this term to the onslaught of the "ice storm" of the century. 

Despite the disruption of the ice storm, the school coped very well. The 
devastation of many trees on the campus will, no doubt, become more 
noticeable as Spring comes. School Closing, normally under a canopy 
of leaves, may be set more in the sun (I hope!). 

Another major event in the life of the School was the Canadian 
Education Standards Institute (C. E.S.I.) report. There were many 
suggestions and recommendations emanating from this report. In 
particular, there were some very significant comments about our 
student body which I found to be most important. "Ashbury is a 
school with . . . , teachers who are dedicated to the school and students 
who are proud of their school ..." and "... students are polite and 
articulate young men and women". Of course, there were many other 
complimentary comments, including "The environment of Ashbury is 
a stimulating and caring one where the staff works hard to ensure 
students are challenged to attain excellence in a wide variety of 
programs ..." I believe that this challenge to excellence in a caring 
environment is what Ashbury is all about. We are successful because 
our students do that, day in day out, in a whole host of activities. 

This yearbook is a record of your year at Ashbury, for graduates of the 
Class of 1998, a most significant year. You will take from Ashbury memories which will endure — mostly good memories, I hope, 
centred on the friends you had at Ashbury and the events with which you were involved. The range of events, athletic, academic and 
otherwise is just amazing. So, too, is the talent of our students. 

Your experience at Ashbury will, of course, be very much related to what you personally have put into the school, in the classroom, 
on the sports field, in the common room, and in the various events of the year. Each School Assembly, as I look out on a sea of faces, 
I am always impressed by the enormous pool of potential and talent which I see. In the many highlights of this year, ranging from the 
tragic death of Princess Diana, to the ice storm, to your graduation, it is my hope that your 1997/98 year or your 1998 graduation year 
will be most notable for strong personal achievements and a happy and successful school year. In particular, I send best wishes to all 
our graduates for success at university and in life. 

Robert B. Napier 

Assistant Headmaster 

"Another year, another Ashburian." This is a deceptively simple way to look at 
the publication of another in a very long line of Ashbury yearbooks. The 
statement ignores the very real importance of the Ashburian as a part of the 
history and tradition of the school. The Ashburian is a vital element of the school 
history - a record of the students themselves in a particular year. For each 
student, who may end up with a collection of Ashburians, or maybe just a single 
one, each yearbook is in some way of record of your time at the school. Certainly 
not "another Ashburian", but your Ashburian. 

The arrival of the Ashburian early in the new school year is a remarkable event. 
"Ashburian day" has to be the quietest day of the school year, with everyone 
busy checking out the pictures, the literature, the art & the write-ups. Later 
comes the important part of getting your yearbook signed, maybe with some 
special dedications. 

At this point the Ashburian really does become a personal history of your 
school year. It's something for you to keep, to look at later on and to remember 
with. But the yearbook is something more. Friends will use their Ashburian to 
remember you by. As well, the school will have a yearly record of you and the 
contribution that you have made. In that way the Ashburian makes you a part 
of the history of the school. And in that sense, you never really leave Ashbury 
at all. 

G.R. Varley 



- 1 




Home Forms 









2C1 & 2C2 


2S1 & 2S2 


9 & 10 Candids 






3W& 11 Candids 










12 & 13 Candids 


Tara, Emily, Joshua, Jessica 
and Christopher: "Hey 
wha's up?" 

FIRST ROW: Joshua Sherman, Laura Argument, Missy Leger, Christina Kindle, Richard Zussman 

SECOND ROW: Christopher Tang, Brooks Hunter, Brian Leung, J.J. Wilson 

THIRD ROW: Geoffrey Heintzman, Tara Pryor, Reid Adrian 

FOURTH ROW: Tim Booth, Jessica Greenberg, Jonathan Mintz, Emily Jamieson 

ABSENT: Stephan Ignatow 

Homeroom Teacher: L. McNairn 

Brian, Omar, Alison, Cath 
erine and homeroom pre 
feet Robin Heffernan. 

Alison, Danielle and Alex- 
ander: "Yeh, it was about 
this big". 

FIRST ROW: Catherine Dubuc, Danielle Simpson, Julia Agapitos, Nicole Choo 

SECOND ROW: Hugo Mintz, Alison Hanvey, Ali Low, Kate Mulligan, Christopher Montenegrino 

THIRD ROW: Omar Southam, Jimmy Cheng,' Stephen Norton, Jonathan Estabrooks, Dennis Sham, Ben 


ABSENT: Craig Heffernan, Scott Helgesen 

Homeroom Teacher: M. Sinclair 

Inside 1 G: Anthony, Cameron, 
and Falk-Christian. 

FIRST ROW: Anthony Body, Maria Valenzuela, Sarah Bragg, Falk-Christian Ibrom 
SECOND ROW: Michael Polis, Darren Pyper, Simon Eden-Walker, Cameron McWade 
THIRD ROW: AH Hashemian, James Sutherland, Titus van den Heuvel, Adam Azzabi 
ABSENT: Alexander Rohling, Sulafa Silim 

Homeroom Teacher: H.U. Sikora 

James the intellectual master. 

FIRST ROW: Matthew Booth, Nick Skok Hobbs, Lee Patrontasch, Pia Mastromonaco, Howard Miller 
SECOND ROW: Kyle Young, Jessica Steinberg, Michelle Bissada, Andrew Valentine, Sarah Frood 
THIRD ROW: Lacy Lauks, Jordan Aronson, Omar Mahmoud, Christopher Garrard 
FOURTH ROW: Jason Haney, Stuart Robinson, James Kenny, Ben Scott, Louis Roy 
ABSENT: Alyssa Herzig 

Homeroom Teacher: MA. Varley 

Lee and Michelle: 




Mrs. Edwards and Andrei 
smile in Spanish. 


Anne, Amitha and Alex. 


FIRST ROW: Ian Sanderson, Ali Lakhani, Alexander Boulos, Nathaniel Daudrich, Benjamin King, Asif 


SECOND ROW: Patrick McNairnay, Nicolas Hibler, Marc Lafleche 

THIRD ROW: Anne Dickens, Emily Mirsky, Joseph Gallo, Ariel Vered 

FOURTH ROW: Alistair Hill, Andrei Dragoi, Ben Gitterman 

Homeroom Teacher: C. Edwards 

Sae and Stephen in ESL 

FIRST ROW: Heather Maclaren, St. Clair Pennyfeather, Bavidra Mohan, Amitha Kalaichandran, Sae Park 

SECOND ROW: Andrew Park, Rachael Dobson, Shelly Huxtable, Stephen Lee, Andre-David Valle, Ian ■ 


THIRD ROW: Alex Littlechild, Tony Navaneelan, Gustavo DiazDeLeon Rocha, Ian Howard 

Homeroom Teacher: J. Kennedy 

FIRST ROW: Natalie Goldenberg-Fife, Mythri Kappagantula, Katie Mitchell, Alexandra Murray 
SECOND ROW: Masaki Watanabe, Jonathan So, Eric Johnson, Rosie Zollinger 
THIRD ROW: Tim De Raedt, Greg Ross, Kalessy Lasserre, Marie Dubrule 

. III ROW Mike Peterman, Chris Harasym, Simon Clarke, Peter MacEwen, Genevieve Smillie, 
[an Matyas 

FIFTH ROW: Charles Archambault, James Poston, Guido Regien 
ABSENT: Charley Corbett, Neil Williams 
Homeroom Teacher: MA. Pelletier 

FIRST ROW: Rob Prior, Olivier Chenier-Cullen, Tyler Berringer, Kelley Giffin 

SECOND ROW: Paula Romkey, Etienne Tipple, Katrina Rogers-Stewart, Christine Zadorozny, Mathevv 


THIRD ROW: Sami Osachoff-Morsy, Christopher Marcotte, Jonathan Guilbault, Stephen Watson, Jamie 


ABSENT: Andrew Sharp 

Homeroom Teacher: C. Rust 


Genevieve Smillie: what 
magic potion? 

Tim, Rosie, and Mythri: 
"Hyuck, hyuck, that was 

Tyler readv to beat Stuart 
and Dave in musical chairs. 

Tanya busy at work 

FIRST ROW: Sara Dudley, Tanya Corrall, Larissa Karam, Whitney Kucey, Carol Boate 
SECOND ROW: Nikola Jurisic, Justin Dhaliwal, Scott Campbell, Benjamin Barry 
THIRD ROW: Sandy Johnson, Blake Burns, Jonathan Lawrence, Colin Burn 

Homeroom Teacher: A. Moore 

Ben smiles for Jen 

Maryam looking as suave 
as usual 

Kartik stretching out after 
a hard day's work 

FIRST ROW: Krystina Mierins, Kim Wong, Maryam Southam 

SECOND ROW: Julian Sinclair, Andrew MacDonald, Jennifer Olivarez, Christian van der Does 
THIRD ROW: Kartik Subramani, Ryan Semple, Simon Taylor, Andrew Zarama, Matthew Mendell 
ABSENT: Michelle Olivarez 

Homeroom Teacher: R. Holman 

FIRST ROW: Alexa Young, Julie Lafleche, Julia Galwin, Laura Francis 

SECOND ROW: Josef Malonzo, Jonathan Bower, Farah Merani, Omid Razavi 

ItllRD ROW: Richard Hollidav, Sean Pilgrim 

FOURTH ROW: Daniel Barbarie, Jason Richards, Calvin MacLean, Christopher Napoli 

ABSENT: Klara Boadw ay 

Homeroom Teacher: O Villarreal 

FIRST ROW: Andrew Kergin, Christopher Montenegrino, Liam Buckley 

SECOND ROW: Justin Burt, Philip Brunst, Lisa McVeigh, Trevor Matthews 

THIRD ROW: Anthony Lima, Aaron Barth 

ABSENT: Shingirai Kanhukamwe, Uros Maksimovic, William Wells, Alexander Young 

Homeroom Teacher: S. Rajani 

Alexa and Calvin happy to 
go to homeroom 

Rachael and Julie 

Shingi and Mrs. Rajani pro- 
moting Spanish 

Liam trying to busy himself 

Grade 9 and 10 Candids 

Clockwise from top left: Natalie Goldenberg-Fife chit-chattin on the phone; Sarah F.: quite an 
enthusiastic b-ball fan; Danielle S.: someone called a doctor?; Etienne T. "He he he, me is Igor!"; 
Liam B. in a head lock; Laura Francis and Genevieve Smillie: the best of friends; Calvin MacLean 
and Guido Regien with Simon Taylor. 


Aisha and Avneet just 
before homeroom. 

FIRST ROW: Amanda Bon, Robyn Wiltshire, Lisa Okun, Avneet Basi, Alexandra Eden-Walker 
SECOND ROW: Shovana Sen, Nicholas Spooner, Christopher Ruddy, Rodrigo Diaz, Siu Kei Ng 
THIRD ROW: Daniel Soloway, Jeremy Soloway, Aisha Dhalla, Lee Greenberg, Alykhan Surani 
FOURTH ROW: Jordie Thomson, Jamie Gannon, Cyrus Boadway, Eric Pook 
FIFTH ROW: Jessie Reynolds, Adam Taggart 

Homeroom Teacher: P. Carleton 

Shovana, Rod, Jordie, Jer- 
emy, Lee and Amanda. 

Natasha, Natalie, Mona 
and Victoria in homeroom. 

FIRST ROW: Mona Lemp, Natasha So, Hayley Greenberg, Charlotte Mintz, Victoria van Veen, Natalie Choo 
SECOND ROW: Bryan Quan, Tait Simpson, Jacob Fortier, Sam Cheng, Andrew Parkes, Timothy Wilson 
THIRD ROW: Samuel Adjaye-Kwofie, Marc Mouaikel, Inderveer Arora, Kyle Bournes 
FOURTH ROW: Gregory Seppala, Raj Ruparelia, Jonathan Petridis, Joel Boulvais 
ABSENT: Nick Kramer, Nicholas Lewis 

Homeroom Teacher: T. A. Duggan 

Monu, Marc, Kyle, Raj and 
Kweku hanging out. 


Michelle, Devon, Colleen 
and Kyla. 

FIRST ROW: Colleen Cimone, Kyla Armstrong-Miller, Michelle Taggart, Lydia Rogers-Stewart, 

Annabel Springfield 

SECOND ROW: Omar Sheikh, Matthew Salvatore, David Kilgour, Jessica Young, Aidan Thompson, 

Wendy Kwong 

THIRD ROW: Nicholas Brewer, Devon Gowling, Volker Schuett, David French, Veljko Bajagic 

FOURTH ROW: Javed Bagha, Daniel Pereira, Drew Robinson, Geoffrey Walker, Dimitry Yashin 

Homeroom Teacher: L. Lewick 


Dylan, Andrew and Pat: 
Listen Snake, I'll give ya till 
the count of 10 . . . 

Justin hard at work. 

FIRST ROW: Michael Sallot, Kirsten Weld, Annie Tourangeau, Collin Soame 
SECOND ROW: Justin Rocheleau, Matthew Lynch, Charles Roy, Nicholas Charland 
THIRD ROW: Dylan Argument, Andrew Magnus, Patrick Glinski, Shan Pandher 
FOURTH ROW: Andrew Nicholson, Brian Heffernan 
ABSENT: Matthew Lyman, Amanda Veillette 

Homeroom Teacher: R. Parsons 



FIRST ROW: Han Park, Sheila lurshewskv, Nataly Spears, Ronnette Collie, Eric Soubliere 
SECOND ROW Holger Mebes, Dae-Hvun Lee, Robert Joyce, Abraham Verwey, Paul Chiu 
ABSENT: ]ana Sontneimer, Soung-Mok Won 

Homeroom Teacher: B. Keyes 

Sheila: "Do I have to go to 

Soung and Han in class 

Grade 11 

Bottom left: Andrew Parkes and Drew 
Robinson out to lunch; Middle left: Jacob 
Fortier, his specks and Dan Soloway: 
Right: Pat Glinski, Jeremy Soloway, Omar 
Sheik and Monu Aurora on Hallowe'en. 

Mathieu, Bill and Mike 

FIRST ROW: Adam Daudrich, Emma Jowett, Rebecca Anisman, Jennie Perrin, Kelly Findley 

SECOND ROW: Emilv Mawhinnev, Erin Williams, Meghan Walker, Carl Fannin, Sean Finnegan 

THIRD ROW: Young'Fan, Mark Butt 

FOURTH ROW: Bridget Adrian, Daniel Ignatow, Billy MacEwen, Kelly Peterson, Cassandra Tang, Josh 

Grav, Mike MacSween 

FIFTH ROW: Mike Stadnik, Mathieu Cleroux, Chris Brownlee 

Homeroom Teacher: N. Jowett 

Kristin and Kathv 


FIRST ROW: Henrv Maier, Janice Sham, Radha Subramani, Nadia Lemp, Allan Dafoe 
SECOND ROW: Mansi Kothari, Greg Powell, Gavin Reid 

THIRD ROW: Felix Kim, Stephane Armand, Monika Merchea, Menno Versteeg, Jeremy Ditz 
FOURTH ROW: Kristin Dudley, Kathy Boate, Ian Carveth, Christopher Cwynar (4N) 
FIFTH ROW: Tommy Feigel, Winston Bennett, Sacha Imbert, Justin Tang, Amv Brandon 
ABSENT: Jon Ages ' 

Homeroom Teacher: P. MacFarlane 


Zein and All hanging out 

in hiimtTi" 

/KSI Kc >U Grace Tsang, Marsha Taichman, Katherine Langford, Sarah Bresolin, Victoria Rivers 

ID ROW Zein Odeh, Tanya Skok-Hobbs 
IIIIRD ROW: Christopher De lesus, Thomas Kennv, )voti Aggarwal, Aron Chaney 
OURTH ROW: Andrew Mason, Chris Tsang, Adrian Galwin, Dan Skahan, Dave Steinberg, Stephanie 
^nna, David Carr-Harris, Thomas Bucklev 
IFTH ROW: Julian De Hoog, Christopher Cwynar, Andrew Kelen, Devon Gowling (3N) 

[omeroom Teacher: C. Hergert 

Common Room buddies 
Tanya and Sarah 



Duncan and Jerome cheer 
on the football team. 

FIRST ROW: Julia von Planta, Candice Siu, Defne Saylan, Tanva Navaneelan, Sarah Dobson SECOND 
Rt >IV. Katsuhiko Morimoto, Rickv Bowness, Shawn Sudan, Mladen Lazie, Kerry Roulston, Erin Choi, 
babelle Ares TH7RD ROW: Rizza Osman, Nobutaka Tanaka, Kouka Sawadago-Lewis, Rieke Tinneberg, 
Gabnela Silva Carreras FOURTH ROW: Dannv Rvu, Thomas Derungs, Matthew Ryan, Jerome-Alexander 
Soumastre, Shano Mohan FIFTH ROW: Duncan Rawlinson, Masao Anzai, Now shad Rizwanullah, Oat 
Surwanatemiya, Ryan Yoon ABSENT: Sang-Mok Won, Julia Schumacher 

Homeroom Teacher: D. Featherstone 

Candice, Defne, Julia and 
Rieke in the locker room 


Chris and Dave try to be 

Brendan at the Icebreaker 

FIRST ROW: Michele Megson, Shaunagh Stikeman, Fiona Eden-Walker, Jennifer Wang 

SECOND ROW: Nefertiti Gittens-Stronge, Caroline Chan, Kevin Massie, Brendan Leung 

THIRD ROW: Ryan Power, Matt Veillette, Aaron Meyers, Liz Frank 

FOURTH ROW: Dan Thomson, Anthony Delvecchio, Roland Lichem, Christopher Mitchell 

FIFTH ROW: Nicholas Malewski, Alex Mintsioulis, David Maxwell, Jamie Clarke, Jordan Sweetnam 

ABSENT: Sam Lee 

Homeroom Teacher: W. Stableford 

Joe and Robin in the Com 
mon Room. 




a, Matt and Dr. Brod- 
n homeroom. 

FIRST ROW: Nana Adjaye-Kwofie, Bryan Estabrooks, Hilary Burn, Deven Rath 
SECOND ROW: Angela Singhal, Jennifer Polk, Alexandra Frewer, Charlotte Hill, Anik Merchea 
THIRD ROW: Caroline Anderson, Robin Heffernan, Isabelle Deslauriers, Matthew Baxter 
FOURTH ROW: Vincent Karam, Benjamin vanVeen, Nick Seppala, Joseph Mouaikel, Allan Thomas 
FIFTH ROW: Christopher Kergin, John Bethune, Aimy Bryden-Loiselle 

Homeroom Teacher: L. Brodskv 


Vijay Puri and Laura Mi- 
randa: what a funny couple. 

FIRST ROW: Pamela Chahine, John Connelly, Karrina Norris, lohn Kambites, Shawn Malhotra, Laura 

Miranda, Phil Francis 

SECOND ROW: Shubra Agrawal, Sylvie Lamouline, Matthew Mount. Neil Rask, Katie Lazaro 

THIRD ROW: Fernando Valenzuela, Vijay Puri, Kevin Sullivan, Marcus Dirnberger, Kieran Verboven, 

Garth Baylis 

FOURTH ROW: Patrick Tremblay. lonathan Schow, Ivan Saenz De Heredia 

Homeroom Teacher: H Penton 

John having a roaring good 


FIRST ROW: Ki Goo, Matthew Scuby, Sophie Kerr, Mathieu Collette 

SECOND ROW. Jorge Nasrallah, Malik Amir, Seung Shon, Lucv Sanchez 

THIRD ROW: Phillip Todd, Dan Beaupre, Samuel Ares, Alexandre Arjanov, Rodrigo Rios 

FOURTH ROW: Bikalpa Khatiwada 

FIFTH ROW Victor Naranjo, Kelly Choi, Amy Wadsworth, Su-Eun Heo 

Homeroom Teacher: S. Grainger 

Malik Amir future Nobel 

Jorge, Alex and Victor in 
the main hall. 

Grade 12 and 13 Candids 

Clockwise from top left: Mark Butt hard at work in the library; Jeremy Ditz and Duncan Rawlin- 
son picking up "The Globe and Mail"; Chris Kergin tired out during a volleyball game; Phil 
Francis and Anik Merchea at the Icebreaker picnic; Sarah Bresolin and Radha Subramani in home- 
room; Danny Ryu and Rodrigo Rios discuss grammar in their room; Amy Wadsworth and 
Nefertiti Gittens-Stronge hanging out in the Common Room 


Student Life 





School Captain 




Boarding Life 












Coffee House 




School Trips 


Japan Exchange 




Field Trips 


International Day 





Ashbury Out of ^ 
Uniform . . . 


Clockwise from top right: 3A Geography at the caves in Luskville; Bren- 
dan Leung, Ali Lakhani and Bryan Quan take apart a photocopier; Jana 
Sontheimer and Kelly Choi in the common room; C-house members com- 
pete against W-house at the Ice Breaker picnic; Pat MacNairny on the side- 



Clockwise from top left: Mike Sallot being buried by group 12; Avneet 
Basi the ace; Ronnette Collie in conversation; Matt Lyman, Cyrus Boad- 
way', Marc Mouikel and Michelle Taggart all dressed down; Dave Kilgour, 
Vijay Puri, John Connelly and Matt Mount glowing in the sun. 


Perfect Prefects 

Clockwise Spiral from Top 
Right: Matt M. [N], Tony D. 
[A], Dave M.[A], Kelly C.[W]; 
Alex A.[W], Matt S.[WJ, Bikalpa 
K.[W], SamA.[W]; Robin H. 
[C], Jennifer P. [C], Nick S.[C], 
Hilary B.[C], Sophie K.[W, 
Katrina N.[N], Snaunagh S. 
IA|; Kevin S.[N], Alex M.JA); 
Jordan S.[A); Neil R. [NJ; 
Bryan E.[CJ; John C.[N1; Alex- 
andra F.|CJ; Fiona E.-W.[A1. 


<* — — ^^ 


riA * 


School Captain 

"I count myself in nothing else so happy 
As in a soul remembering my good friends." 


Say Cheese! 

Top right: Jacob Fortier, Jen Wang and Ian Carveth at the Blazer Dance; 
Bottom right: Shano Mohan takes a break; Top left: Anthony Lima, Aa- 
ron Barth, Alex Young and William Wells; Middle left: Kerry Roulston 
and Kouka Sawadogo-Lewis; Bottom left: Matt Baxter, Laura Miranda, 
Isabelle Deslauriers, Robin Heffernan and Aaron Meyers in Economics 


rop left: < onnaught House crew com] 

r picnic; Top right: Andrew Val- 
,.,i.l ,it work; Bottom n«ht: Members 
,,i the |i : ■ am; Bottom left: Mike Stad- 

mk hoists Nathaniel Daudrich 


''Boarding is like a sleep 
over every night!" 

Clockwise from top right: The Holman Housers (without Sarah D); Full House; 
Third floor Grads, where is Oat?; Fighting for a seat!; Hail! The beloved Sign! 


**-A*i\t , a^L 

Clockwise from top left: Josh Gray; Kristin Dudley; Cassandra Tang; "Play Struc- 
ture by Kerry Roulston; photograph by Brendan Leung 8 "V«™c 




1 ^" 


Counter clockwise from top right: Su Eun Heo; "AIDS Prayers" by Cas- 
sandra Tang; Missy Leger; Felix Kim; Su Eun Heo; "Favourite Park" by 
Kelly Findley 


CJ&f /ant O,' am a/one wi/A my tAouyAti. 

G,' tAinA ofa//tAose G, 9 love, and tAoie Q$ utAlooon love. 

G,' ie/ony to myte/fnow, music taAe me away to tAe world Q§ dream of. 

2)ay wi/A oome soon, <$ /enow, lu/riyAlnow, Q^tAinAon/yofmyse/fofmy 

future, oftAe /if G,' am dying to live. 

Qp'm not tired now, or euiset. 

Qj'm simfdy Aere, 

wi/A on/y my tAcuyAib and my dreams to Aee/i me mm/iany. 

- %2,mi/y (SttawAimney 

I am an Outsider 

I am an outsider. 

No feelings do I have. 

I am an angel in hell. 

No content do 1 feel. 

I am death among the living. 

No friends do I share. 

I am the first snowflake. 

No praise do I obtain. 

I am ripple in the water. 

No appreciation do I receive. 

I am an outsider. 

I lament the norm 

Monika Merchea 


It's only words. 

Seen through your eyes, 

Tasted sweetly on your lips 

Echoing and Resounding in your ears. 

The roar of a Tiger. 

A word, on a page, 

in a book. 

Amongst books. 

A speech at a conference. 

Signs on a street. 

The meaning is lost, 

Their value is gone. 

Like wood in a raging fire. 

Dew drops of communication 

Taken by the sun 

Never to be the same, 

We have mangled Words 

into hollow caverns. 

Once precious moments, 

Like everything else. 

In this day and age. 

Have become concrete 


-Alex Murray 

I skali eat g ou soon, my muffin of life 

Bom into- tkis world In totment and strife. 

from mixing and turning 

to- Keating and burning 

"Prepare, to- meet tke butte/d knife! 

In the 

of Vense 

drawing Eru £miLj d\j\iiikij 

- flrng Brandon 

Ike Pilgrimage 

~fkeu are all pilgrim! on a \n>ijaee 
3ut don't know wkere tke f re heeded. 

■fit tkey fjloat down tkeh 

?2i\rer ofo Vettiny 

llncomcioui ii wkai Hei ahead, 

"Tkey bunt and disappear, 

Mike tke Pied Piper 

"They koUow tke leader, 

"floating witk tke current 

jSke kli ckildren 

"Tkey are loit Torever 

SJn a puddle of) contusion 

- Tarak /Heron! 


Softly flickering, 
greedy tlame twitching 

I fro, 
Highlighting the darkness. 
From where we .ire lying 

I can barely see the dying embers; 

the tire's passii m as exhausted as ours, is lapsing away. 

Before the kindling was lit 

you were a virtuous, pure white sheet. 

In my selfishness I have ruined you. 

In my own mind you are debased tor accepting me. 

As the warmth from the hearth tades 

so too dix'S my love. 

Once satisfied, your sleeping form is a reminder ot my betrayal to you. 

1 sit up, looking to the ashes tor a sign. 

The Cigarette 

The Cigarette 

Like a friend 

Like a killer 

The destroyer of life 

The creator of death 

The Cigarette 

- Ian Matyas 

- Mason 

Dear Death 

Heaven cries on my soul 

The light weeps 

Trie dark laughs 

My world is destroyed 

The grass grows longer 
The memories are weaker 
The glorious lamp of heaven 
Shines down 

Streaming tears that never stop 

Fall down my cheek 

Sting my heart 

I do not smile anymore 

My spirit rests 
Among the dead 
Buried with him 
My heart is lost 

I see his reflection 
In the light 
My life written 
In sand 

My heart is nothing 
But a broken flower 
That dances in the wind 
On his grave 

- Stephen Norton 

The rush hour traffic was starting to reach this 
part ot town by now. and even after the fii 
days you could tell when they would all ^ome. It 
was almost as if the brighter it was. the more that 
came, but I guess that doesn't really apply now, 
with the days getting SO steadily darker. I can't say 
I enjoy doing this. I don't know about Jamie - I've 
never asked. Jamie and I have always disagreed 
over just about anything, since the day we met 
here on the street, doing what we were doing 
now. I guess the only thing we really agreed on 
was that this kind of work really is boring hell. 
After awhile, I had almost given up on this whole 
idea, but it's still work, and we all know how hard 
it is to find work worth doing these days. I was 
just going to add that life was really not that 
exciting after all - it really is rather bland and 
nothing like they make it to be - but then I 
remembered what they must think of me. 

an excerpt from •'The Outsider" by Young Fan 


The sun reflects off of his shining bald head 
as he listens. Listens to the silence and to 
the ocassional roar of a passing car. The 
rhythmic clicking of his walking stick and 
the endless path of bird seed leaking from 
his bulging bag distinguishes him as he 
plods down the street. Behind those deep 
black shades, flutter his eye lids. Clean- 
shaven his prune like skin is exposed. A 
warm smile greets you but within rest 
revolting baked bean teeth- 
Swaying like a sea ot in the ocean breeze, 
his frail body shivers. Five bony fingers 
clench his exhausted canteen This 
shrinking mass of skin and bones, hunched 
over in the grass Is resting. Feeding his 
only companion th birds. Still, with his 
bags and rags, wearing his U.S. dog tags. 

- All Lakhanl 

Tic CAacatcUe. "Kua 
T V u Htt iq Co etzAUi itca; 

A -IMtt tm&>UL£C U/lOK t&c Up~i 

TOcvuh. actuation danci n g an. t/lc tongue 

Tingi n g-. Shivering. TXcltut^ 

TAiouj}A you.: tout 

fra, inc. (Ju. Uu i ii nf (taxi. iceuUtf 

T&At cajUiwUct t/tc AcAtt 
' : ic ovcwAcOtung. dejt-.e £a-i mote 

TiU lAc it/HHAC/i cJucTJCJ CX ticAcKtMq- iC / f «C nC C 

tfawi tenia ic/ut 
And you. unuU no *tto:e:' 



The First Term interhouse events were 
filled with excitement and anticipation. As 
well, the New House Airbands and a 
teacher cake auction for the grad commit- 
tee were held. Memorable moments in- 
clude the judging at the m&m toss and 
many of Woollcombe's many resounding 
victories. At the end of the term, Wooll- 
combe leads, followed closely by New 
House, Alexander and Connaught. The 
stage is set for an exciting Winter Term 
in interhouse competition. 

Top right: Getting "jiggy with'it" at the New House 
airbands; Middle right: Male boarders take the cake 
with their $152 purchase; Bottom left: Monu Aurora 
and Mike Sallot inspect the C-House pasta line; Bot- 
tom middle; W-House takes apart their line of coins; 
Bottom right: Mr. Grainger discusses the rules for Jr. 
Interhouse "snoccer"; Middle Left: Chris Kergin af- 
ter winning the Halloween costume contest. 


Top right: Pat Glinsky hangs out in Vendoland on Hallowe'en; Top 
left: Dave Kilgour and Matt Salvatore looking suave on Hallowe'en; 

left Gavin Reid and Matt Baxter prop up the C-House can pyramid; 
Bottom right: Prefects Alex Mintsioulis and Nick Seppala causing a 
ruckus at musical chairs; Bottom left: A-House prefects Fiona Eden- 
Walker and Jordan Sweetnam start their pyramid 

2nd and 3rd Term Interhouse Events 

Both pages, clockwise from top: Does Michelle 
Taggart make the bar at the house track meet?; 
Andrew Kelen attempting to juggle during the 
swim meet; being short has its advantages, right 
Chris?; Dan Pereira launching the discus with nis 
brute force; the girls mentally preparing 
themselves while stretching before the house run; 
Mike Peterman, a la Al Iarrate style, teeing it up 
during the slapshot competition (won by Mr. V); 
Chris Mitchell, huffing and puffing during the 
track meet; Senior boys, led by the barefoot Matt 
Baxter with Tait Simpson and Cyrus Boadway 
close behind, rounding the corner; Christine 
Zadorozny, in her Nike swimsuit, backstroking 
her way to victory; Alex Young seems to think 
turning his head will help him decipher a word 
search; Rod Diaz, the future Olympian, smashing 
all swim meet records 


The Love of ( 

"Myth is the oblique image of an 

unwanted truth reverberating 

through time." T.W. This years 

performance was based on the 

timeless greek myth of Philomele 

and Procne, using the script of "The 

Love of the Nightingale" by Timberlake Wertenbaker. The dedicated cast and 

crew first began rehearsals in mid October, and began full rehearsals just after 

Christmas break. The issues were strong and public response varied. During the 

Marchbreak we visited Germany, performing three times in Heidleberg and once ] 

in Munich. The run in Ottawa, though panged with controversy over the I 

'censorship', went extraordinarily well. The emotionally mature play tried both 

actors and audience with their own understanding of morality. 

Many memories were made: two hour naps before performance in a stuffy " 
student lounge, German Disc-O-Very, rowdy Italian men, Munich subway 
system (with luggage), Mr. Simpson's expanded vocabulary ('Mac'), excellent 
youth hostel meals, eight sets of 'wild rain', 'in former times', Coke on the bus, 
Joe's red face, Oinkus meeting many nice Germans, MacDonalds anyone?, happy 
dance and an over zealous 'PROST' to all. 


the Nightingale 


Opposite Page in "C" Formation: Sarah Bragg as Aphrodite in 
IHippolytus' play; Procne (Sarah) and Philomele (Michelle) talk about 
;men; Allan and Natalie catching up on some sleep lost to late night 

"German Disco"; To Joseph, comfort is irrelevant to sleep; Meghan and 
Laura after too much ice-cream; Every girl but Sarah D.; This Page 

Above: Tereus (Allan) as a bird of prey; Top Right: "Night Flight" by 

G.H. Simpson; Middle Right: Laura and Steve dining out; Below: The 
j boys of Nightingale; Below Right: Mr. Simpson teaching the cast to 
• dance. 

To Mr. Simpson we say thanks. 

Every curtain call we said thanks,but still it isn't enough. The effect you 
had on us will last forever, and so will our gratitude. You taught us 
strength, courage, respect, and integrity. You showed us the value of 
hard work and dedication, and instilled in all of us a great sense of self- 
confidence. Over the year you have been our teacher, our father, our 
harshest critic, our mentor, our brother, and our friend. You have been, 
and still are our inspiration. (Cast & Crew of Nightingale, 1998) 

The 1997-1998 Season of the 
Ashbury Music Department was, 
as usual, a great success. An 
unfortunate start with the contro- 
versial planned trip to South 
Africa, but talent and energy swept 
through all groups nonetheless. In 
April, members of the choir went 
on a rockin' trip to Toronto. "Can 
we use your stere-oh!", NSYNC at 
EC, Rent, Roy Thomson Hall, the 
new MEC. A fantastic Fall Concert, 
Carol Service at MacKay United 
Church, and out with an excep- 
tional Spring Concert left all in 
high spirits. To all those continuing 
next year, practice starts at 8:00 not 

Tine year had various musical 
highlights. Bryan, Stephanie, and 
Jonathan in West Side Story; Last 
Minute's popularity in assemblies; 
Chris winning the Trumpet Con- 
certo Contest; Sarah winning Silver 
and the Brass Ensemble's Bronze at 
Kiwanis; and many others, a mere 
cross section of the vastly talented 
students. This year marks the 
passing of a musical group who 
passed through from Grade 7 with 
Mr. Merritt and Mr. MacLean, into 
Grade 9 with Mr. Tanod and gather- 
ing steam along the way. On our 
way out now, we wish good luck 
and best wishes to all continuing and 
new participants in the Ashbury 
Music Department in years to come. 
Just remember, it's not how you 
play, it's how loud you play! (Neil) 

Clockwise from top left: Marie Dubrule, Erin Williams 
and Mansi Kothan were thoroughly entertaining; Lisa 
Okun and partner were a great opening act; Alex 
Mintsioulis and Ian Matyas wowed the crowd with 
their original tunes; Stephanie Hanna and Dave Max- 
well were a hit with awesome vocals; Menno Versteeg 
earned rave reviews for his funky guitar 





Ashbury Goes j 

Extra-Curricular I 

Clockwise from top left: Jon Petridis, Haley Greenberg, Kweiku Adjaye-Kwofie, Michelle Taggart 
and Monu Aurora in the common room; Grade 10s hang out in the theatre foyer; Allen Dafoe, 
Victoria Rivers, Chris Tang, Cassandra Tang, Chris Kergin and Greg Powell cheer on the Sr girls 
volleyball team at Ottawa University during their OFSAA game, Caroline Chan and Radha 
Subramani; Anthony Delvecchio with Mike Stadnik 



iBr^ixn i 

iitiiniiiie ^iiiiiiiiiiiii;r *r.\ *\i 

Bavidra, Shano, Biku and Matt; 
Biku, Shano, and Matt: everybody 
knows their name; Rieke Tinne-, 
berg munching on the way to Bos- 
ton; Bram snoozing. 

LEFT TO RIGHT. Jeremy, Daniel, Brian, Pat, Mike chilling on the hills; Sarah, Liam, Lee and Danielle 
pose for the camera; St. Bernard and friend. 


LEFT TO RIGHT: French Cathedral in Strasbourg; Michelle and friends at Place Stanislas. 


Japan Trip 

During the March Break, 12 Ashburians ac- 
companied by Miss Lewicki and Mr. Mont- 
gomery visited the land of The Rising Sun. 
The trip was part of the exchange program 
with Asago Junior High School and gave the 
group the opportunity to spend two weeks 
in Asago, Hiroshima, and Kyoto. Asago is a 
picturesque little townof 7,000 people, about 
2 hours from Osaka and Kyoto. The genuine 
friendliness and warm hospitality of our 
homestays, and indeed all at Asago Junior 
High School, put us quickly at ease. A busy- 
daily schedule included visits to Jinsho 
Temple, Dajyogi Temple, as well as partak- 
ing in traditional Japanese activities such as 
Ikebana and the elaborate Tea ceremony. 
Next, a few days in Hiroshima were an op- 
portunity to enjoy the Japanese experience in 
a large city (1.5 million inhabitants). How- 
ever, the visit to the Peace Museum and 
Monument was a sober reminder of the hor- 
ror of the war. The last two days were spent 
in beautiful Kyoto, the capital of medieval 
Japan, and home to the famous Nijyo castle. 
The group was immersed in the pleasures of 
experimenting with Japanese cuisine, absorb- 
ing aspects of local customs and culture, and 
simply enjoying the beauty of nature and our 
colourful surroundings. A truly memorable 
and highly recommended experience. 
(Alexander Boulos) 

CLOCKWISE: Kate, Danielle, Rosie, Annie, Jus- 
tin, Blake, Mike, Alex and Lucas on the road; 
Alexandre Boulos learning Japanese characters; 
1ST ROW: Mike, L. Lewicki, P. Montegomery, 
Lucas, Alex, Adam. 2ND ROW: Alex, Blake, 
Justin, Rosie, Danielle, Kate, Annie, Sarah. 


This year Ashbury College gave fifteen of its stu- 
dents an experience of a lifetime by offering the 
exchange program to Mexico City. I think I speak 
on behalf of all of us when I say that it was "da 
bomb!" Not onlv did we visit the beautiful sites, 
Mexico City had to offer such as the Pyramids of 
Teotihuacah, the Floating Gardens of Xochimiko, 
the Museum of Arthogeology and of course the 
clubs. But we attended the beautiful Westminister 
School during our stay just as the Mexican stu- 
dents had done during their time in Canada. At 
the school, although we attended "some" of the 
classes, we mainly lounged around most of the 
time with the students of the school and came to 
the realization that we are not all that different in 
our views. I believe the three things that we en- 
joyed most during our stay were all the life long 
friends we made, the warm hospitality and gener- 
osity of our host families and of course our week- 
end in ACAPULCO! That was the most memo- 
rable of all: the sun, the beach, the clubs, Planet 
Hollywood, Hard rock Cafe, the latino music, the 
idea of lazing around in a hammock while sipping 
on a strawberry daiquiri, etc. Now we all, who 
werepart of the exchange, have easily 200 reasons 
to go back. On behalf of all of us ( Farah, Chris, Erin, 
Aisha, Greg, Kathy, Sean, AH, Andrew, Maryam, 
Kalessy, Amid, Ben and Mansi) I would like to 
give art enormous thank vou to Mrs. Edwards 
a.k.a. "Mother Edwards" for her to valiant time 
and effort put forth in this exchange. 1 would also 
like to thank Mr. Stojanovic and Mr. Napier. We 
love 'ya all as we love Mexico. (Mansi Kothari) 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Sean, Maryam, Greg, Erin, All, Kalessy, Kathy, Chris, Mansi, Farah, Omid, Andrew pose for the camera; Mansi, Farah, Kathy, Chris 
taking a break; Aisha, Kathy, Maryam and Mansi having fun in the sun. 


Top left: Katrina Norris, Aaron Meyers 
and Vijay Puri at the Semi-Formal; 
top right: 'The gang' hangs out at the 
semi; middle left: Dan Skahan danc- 
ing it up while Emma Jowett looks on; 
middle centre: Caroline Chan and 
Monika Merchea smile for the cam- 
era; middle right: Jen Wang and Alex 
Mintsioulis; above left: Drew Robin- 
son and Natasha So - cute couple of 
the year; above right: Sylvie 
Lamouline, Victoria Rivers and Katie 
Lazaro; right: Ian Carveth, Nadia 
Lemp and Kweiku Adjaye-Kwofie 
doing the Macarena 

Field Trips 

Clockwise spiral from top left: 4A 
Geography at Mer Bleu Bog - Mathieu 
Cleroux, Dae-Hyun Lee, Danny Ryu, 
Matt Ryan and Sean Finnegan; The 
ladies of 2A Science at MacSkimming; 
Gavin Reid examines an exciting in- 
formation plate (no, he's not laughing 
at his classmates); 3A Geography pre- 
pares to go spelunking - nice hats, 
guys and gals (it's off to work we go 
. .); The 2A Science guys - Julian 
Sinclair, Sean Pilgrim, Peter MacEwen 
and Ben Barry - in the woods; Matt 
Salvatore, James Poston and Lee 
Greenberg at Champlain Lookout 

International Day 

International Day was a huge success. It 
consisted of a mosaic of countries, cultures 
and people. On February 26, 1998 the stu- 
dent body was awe stricken by the many 
dazzling performances of internationalism. 
The day was divided into two sections, a 
show and food booths; 80 students were 
involved. The show contained various per- 
formances such as dances, music, plays, a 
fashion show and a Black History presenta- 
tion. There were 16 different countries which 
put on a delectable symphony for the senses 
for all to enjoy. (Monika Merchea) 

Clockwise from top left: Sarah and Cassandra 
representing Tonga, the first country to cel- 
ebrate the millennium; Victor, Maria, Laura, 
Rebecca and Jorge enjoying the Spanish food; 
Chrisand the Filipino Dance Troupe of Ottawa; 
Monu, Raj and Kweiku - wanna buy a samosa; 
Anik posing for the fashion show; Whitney 
tapping away; the black history presents . . . ; 
Brian, Shaunagh, Kevin, Jacob and Kathy - Kiss 
me I'm Irish; Ian, Greg, Julian hand out German 
yummies; Middle: Monika and Mansi - thanks 
gals, you made it all happen 

P^.i— -J 


f I 


Ashbury Staff 

Support Staff 



This page, clockwise from top left: (library) C. Hazel, B. Rice and R. Cadieux; (health unit) T. Noonan and S. MacKay; (front office) T. Quinn, 
M. Miedema, D. Braun, D. Mayer, P. McKim, A. Valiquette; (accounts office) 1ST ROW: L. Cruise, L. Pryde, 2ND ROW: D. Comeau (network admin.), 
E. Valiquette (info. sys. dir.), B. Wirtanen, M. Gauthier, E. Hand; (physiotherapy) K. Wearring; (boarding) C. Arril and C. Trites 
Opposite page, clockwise from top right: (organist) M. Games; (chaplain) Reverend C. Fulton; (university guidance) G. Thomas; (development office) j 
J. Hepburn, V. Wilgress, V. Petzold; (maintenance) M. Lewis, A. Villeneuve, A. Leslie, L. Goodwin, R. Miedema; (housekeeping) N. Boutin, L. | 
Corrales, M. Garcia, MISSING: M. Kane; (kitchen) 1ST ROW: D. Massia, D. Parisien, 2ND ROW: A. Parisien, A. Parisien, Jr., K. Power, P. Adriano, B. ! 
Gravelle, MISSING: L. Blais, A. Ings 

Teach'er, n. one who imparts knowledge or skill; one wh< 
gives instruction or lessons; 

G. Allen 

M. Baxter 

L. Brodsky 

P. Carleton 

R. Coles 

C. Duschinsky 

T. Duggan 

C. Edwards 

J. Ehly 

D. Featherstone 

D. Ford 

S. Gomme 

S. Grainger 

R. Gray 

C. Hergert 

B. Herique 

M. Holman 

R. Holman 

D. Hopkins 

M. Jansen 


i river of work; dedicated to excellence; omnipotent, 

omniscient, and omnipresent; student role mode 


T. Juane 
\. Jowett 
J. Kennedy 
B. Keyes 

L. Lewicki 
P. MacFarlane 
L. McNairn 
C. Miedema 

V Moore 

J. Valentine and D. 
Featherstone show off 
their cakes 
R. Parsons 

M.A. Pelletier 
H. Penton 

L. Perrault 
S. Quinn 
S. Rajani 
J. Richardson 


coach of students' academic lives; one who deals ou 
detentions; invaluable; irreplaceable. 

C. Rust 

M. Schneider 

R. Sikora 

G. Simpson 

M. Sinclair 

OAC students Alex 

Arjanov and Anthony 

Delvecchio with Mr. 


A. Sparks 

W. Stableford 
D. Stojanovic 

L. Tanod 
C. Trevisan 
J. Valentine 

R. Varley 

M.A. Varlev 

O. Villarreal 

M. Wearring 

R. Zettel 



Girls' Basketball 
Cross Country 
Bovs' Soccer 
Boys' Basketball 
Girls' Volleyball 
Alpine Skiing 

Track & Field 
Girls' Soccer 
Boys' Volleyball 
Co-Ed Volleyball 



Jr. Girls' Basketball 

Junior Girls Basketball had a spectacular sea- 
son as we exceeded our expectations. Me? 42? 
I'm on? With only one returning player (thanks 
a lot Farah) we made it to the playoffs but 
unfortunately lost in the semi-finals. At the 
beginning of the season, most of us were 
simply acquaintances, but by playoff time we 
played as the best of friends, 1-2-3 BUTCH! 
Thanks to Miss Duggan and Miss Gomme for 
taking time out of their 'busy' schedules to 
help us improve our basketball skills, Rosie's 
cool t-shirts, and Powerbars ® for Animal. 
Good luck to the graduating players, Rosie 
Zollinger and Farah Merani, and wishing the 
best to all returning and new players next 
year. Don't forget to UNLEASH THE BEAST! 
See ya! (Farah Merani) 


Team Photo, SITTING: Mona Lemp, Emily Jamieson, Farah Merani, Maria Valenzuela, Laura 
Argument; STANDING: Miss Gomme, Rosie Zollinger, Lacy Lauks, Ali Low, Sarah Frood, J.J. 
Wilson, Heather Maclaren, Jessica Greenberg, Miss Duggan; Top Middle: Emily looks for a pass; 
Middle left: Jessica blocks Blues; Middle Centre: Farah caught in a struggle; Top right: Maria makes 
a spontaneous decision; Bottom Right: J.J. setting up for a pass. 


* Sr. Girls' Basketball 

Sr Women's Basketball sea- 
son was . . . FUN! Tonia 
Shwain. Cruisin' in the 

Ankle injury. Study ses- 
sions, what? Sexy warm-up 
outfits. Ankle injury. Shave 
our legs, what? Oh mv god, 
WE WON A GAME!!! 'I ley 
Pele. A cigarette is not a 
meal. If you want to eat you 
will die. Japanese flag in 
the locker room. Shack is 
alive in Ottawa. Thank you 
Mr. Sparks and Mrs. Hol- 
man for your patience, en- 
couragement, and words of 
wisdom. Good luck to the 
team next year. (Shaunagh 
Stikeman and Robin 

Below Watch oul for 1 iz; Below centre Mr 
Sparks coaches (mm the floor; Top left: Pia 
struggles past an opponent; Middle left Paula 
sets up lor .1 shot; Bottom left: Time Out! 


Team photo, STANDING: Mrs. Holman, Kathy Boate, Aisha Dhalla, Paula Romkey, Jessica Young, 
Katie Lazaro, Mr. Sparks; SITTING: Emma Jowett, Sarah Bresoiin, Pia Mastromonaco, Robin 
Heffernan, Shaunagh Stikeman; ABSENT: Liz Frank. 




Top: Sr. team photo, 1ST ROW: Jamie Clarke, 
Vijay Puri, Kevin Sullivan, John Kambites, 
Mathieu Collette, Alex Mintsioulis, Matthew 
Baxter, David Maxwell, Philip Francis, Anik 
Merchea; 2ND ROW: Coach M. Robb, Kyle 
Bournes, Ian Carveth, David Kilgour, Andrew 
Magnus, Devon Gowling, Jeremy Ditz, Thomas 
Kenny, Tait Simpson; 3RD ROW: Coach J. Starr, 
Greg Powell, Lee Greenberg, Patrick Tremblay, 
Patrick Glinski, EricSoubliere; 4TH ROW: Coach 
R. Gray, Allan Thomas, Dan Skahan, Coach K. 
Guarisco, Coach, Marc Mouaikel; MISSING: 
Coach A. Moore. 

Above: Jr. team photo, 1ST ROW: Daniel Pereira, 
Sandy Johnston, Scott Campbell, Jamie Bresolin, 
Steve Watson, Jordie Thomson, Aaron Barth, 
Richard Holliday, Matthew Salvatore; 2ND 
ROW: Chris Napoli, Andrew MacDonald, Rob- 
ert Prior, Robert Joyce, Jonathan Guilbault, 
Calvin MacLean, Aidan Thompson; 3RD ROW: 
Chris Tang, Simon Eden-Walker, James Kenny, 
Nick Skok Hobbs, Emily Mirsky, Dennis Sham, 
Tim Booth, Coach C. Gillin; 4TH ROW: Greg 
Seppala, Stephen Ignatow, Michael Polis, Ian 
Sanderson, Alistair Hill, Coach L. Murphy; 
5THROW: Coach W. Stableford, Coach B. Keyes, 
Anthony Lima, James Poston, Chris Marcotte, 
Matthew Ryan, Stephen Norton, Coach M. 
Schneider; MISSING: Chris Harasym. 

Top center: Coach W. Stableford discusses strat- 
egy with his team at the City Finals at Carleton 
LL Left to right: the Jr. team s Matt Ryan rushes 
for a down in the Finals; Sr. QB Jamie Clarke 
escapes to score a touchdown; Matt Baxter scores 
another of his many TDs for the Sr. team; Juniors 
Chris Harasym and Sandy Johnston tackle an 
opposing player. 


hi the beginning, there was "Mr. Plow" Chad Hallett and Robin "four 
touchdowns in one game" Wilkinson and a chance for the coveted ( 

Now there are some new names, a new year, and 
a brand-new inspiration . . . 

Some believed that we had become nothing Some believed that v, e would 
never be anything again Some believed that we would not survive the 
"onslaughts* from the other teams. THEY WERE DEAD WRONG! 

Ashburv football '98 was absolute DYNAMITE! We faced other teams as 
the underdogs and i ame out on top . . over the top, if you will. Constant 
practicing made us intowell tuned machines It wasasifourpracticesiwis/ite 
some -erf of switch thai would eo off to turn us into man-imals. Many thought 
that because we bad lost Mr Plow and Wilkinson from the year before, that 
we would be mere puppies in a destruction site, however, thej tailed to 
think about the veterans and the "up and coming" young stallions. They 
tailed to think about the cagev veterans "White Lightning ' Kevin Sullivan 
and "Brown Thunder" John Kambites (Kambeezeez), Alex MANsiouhs, 
Pat/Fat Tremblay, Jamie Clarke, Vijay "18" - GUNS" Pun, RUDY (Allan 
Thomas), and Matt "OW my shoulders" Collette. 

The veterans led the pack of mean-dog-nasty wolves into the fields. 
Ashburv foughl hard with the intension to kick another #@%@S into the 
other team and most of the time that's what we did. We played by Bangkok 
Rules. Although we were the smallest teams in the league, we had the 
biggest hearts and the most talented rookie stallions. At the top of the rookie 
list was Jeremy Ditz (the man who would always get PLAYing time), Dan 
Skananny (you know who you are), and the new quarterback sensation on 
the team'(also a rookie), Tait Simpson. 

The season was tremendous for the Ashbury football team. With a season 
of 5 wins and 1 loss and the #1 ranking in our league, we were defeated in 
the semi-finals and missed our chance to capture the City Championship 
Title (we blame it on the public school strike). The glory, however .was still 
ours. We were the underdog team that had beaten all the odds ... CRY OUT!! 

Ashbury football '98 would like to thank all of the coaches for putting up 
with our wild locker-room shenanigans, and for training us to be all that we 
could be. All the Vets will forever miss the good ol' times. Good luck next 
year boys, and see you in the Sauna (you know what we are talking about 
Ditz)! (Vijay Puri) 

Jr. & Sr. Football 

Our goal at the beginning of the season was to 
have fun, make the playoffs, and win the city 

Our first game was a hard-fought 0-0 tie with 
South Carleton. We then lost our second game 
to St. Matt's, but bounced back with a win 
against St. Peter's. We played St. Peter's again a 
few davs later and came up short, but recovered 
with a 24-7 confidence builder against Philemon 
Wright. It may have built a Tittle too much 
confidence, because we lost to Gloucester in our 
final regular season game. Our season ended 
with a 2-3-1 record and a playoff berth. 

Our season seemed in jeopardy when the 
teacher's strike occurred. But thanks to our 
coaches driving us onward in the snow, sleet 
and rain, we were ready when the season re- 
sumed. Playing at the Minto Field, we beat 6-0 
Confederation 21-14. We squeezedout a victory 
the following week with a soccer-like score of 3- 
1 against St. Matt's. We were now in the city 
championships. On a cold, early morning, we 
started our game against Gloucester well We 
held them to one touchdown until the fourth 
quarter but we couldn't pull it off. Although we 
would rather have won, we proved many people 
wrong by reaching the finals. 

We would like to thank Coach Stableford, Keyes, 
Gillin, Schneider, and L. Murphy forpushing us 
to success. Thanks also go to Mr. Holliday for 
providing us with game films. We would also 
like to thank the fans for their support, and 
finally the players for such an outstanding sea- 
son. Now, Dummy Up! (Aaron Barth and Rich- 
ard Hollidav 


Cross Country Running 

The X-country running team ran away 
with the season and the school's best 
athletes (not to mention the school's 
best coach). We competed first in the 
OBE race. Every member of our largest 
team to date qualified for the National 
Capital Race. At that meet, two of our 
members, Zein Odeh and Hilary Burn, 
qualified for OFSAA. Hilary won the 
National Capital Race. The OFSAA 
meet was the highlight of the season. 
Hilary's fantastic performance in this 
elite race ameliorates Ashbury's stellar 
accomplishments in X-country running 
by winning a third place. We would 
also like to thank our terrific coach Dr. 
Brodsky for all of her hard work. We 
would also like to wish the best of luck 
to our graduating member, Hilary, who 
created the team and is a quintessential 
example of hard work, determination, 
and success. Good luck to next year's 
team! (Ben Barry) 

1ST ROW: Fiona Eden-Walker, Kerry Roulston, 
Julia von Planta, Zein Odeh, Cyrus Boadway, 
Ben Barry 

2ND ROW: Tim De Raedt, Mathew Bedward, 
Coach Brodsky 

Clockwise from top left: "Mathew Bedward! 
Hee hee hee hee hee hee"; "And they're off!"; 
Hilary, Fiona, Kerry, and Julia psyched for the 


'A" Team 


With a lot of hard work and many hours 
training, Ashbury's "A" tennis team suc- 
cessfully completed their season wit I 
another City Championship. KclleyGiffin 
came away with a gold medal in girl's 
singles. Aaron Meyers and 1 won gold in 
mixed doubles, Matt Veillette and Stuart 
"Swoosh" Robinson bronze in boy's 
doubles and Amanda Veillette and 
Rebecca Anisman bronze in girl's doubles. 
Andrew Kelen, although not receiving 
any of the hardware, came away with a 
fresh new haircut from the salon! Thanks 
to Mr. Holman for his brilliant coaching 
and support. Best of luck to the other 
graduating players, Aaron Meyers and 
latt Veillette. (Alexandra Frewer) 


1 ST ROW: Philip Brunst, Amanda Veillette, Rebecca 
Arusman 2ND ROW: Radha Subramani, Kelley 
Giffin, Alexandra Frewer, Matt Veillette3RD ROW: 
Coach Holman, Andrew Kelen, Stuart Robinson, 
Aaron Meyers 

Above left: Andrew taking a swing at the ball; 
Above right: Philip at the service line 

The "B" tennis team had another cham- 
pionship season. Nicole Choo and 
Danielle Simpson were undefeated in 
girls' doubles and won the City Cham- 
pionships. Jon Ages and Tommy Feigel 
were city champions in boy's doubles, 
and Bridget Adrian was a silver med- 
alist in girls' singles. Shano Mohan, 
Chris Tsang, Natalie Choo, Klara 
Boadway, and William Wells also 
played well all season. Thanks to all 
the' players for a fun and successful 
season. (Mr. Holman) 

1ST ROW: Jon Ages, Danielle Simpson, Nicole 

Choo, Natalie Choo, Bridget Adrian 

2ND ROW: Shano Mohan, Tommy Feigel, Chris 

Tsang, Klara Boadway 

3RD ROW: William Wells, Coach Holman 


Jr. Boys' Soccer 

First of all I would like to thank all the 
juniors that made my final year an enjoy- 
able and successful one. Joe "it's my 
gloves!" Gallo, Ryan "did you play any 
games" Semple, Mike "digger" Peterman, 
Blake "CP" Burns, Josef "am I on the team" 
Malonzo, Chris "GROW" Montenegrino, 
Alex "you're not part of the joke" Boulos, 
Kartwheel, Alykhan(t), Naddi "the four 
foot wonder" Daudrich, Dan "the four 
toothed wonder" Barbarie, Jacob 
"Pilsbury" Fortier, Omar "someone pay 
attention to me" Sheikh, and last but not 
least, Raj "the heart/star of the team" 
Ruparelia, I don't think they saw your 
hidden talent for the game, maybe next 
year! Huge thanks to coaches D.J. Dunc- 
the-funk and Fuzzy. They helped make the 
year more exciting with their made up on 
the spot drills. They worked because we 
made it to the semi-finals against St. Pats. 
The result doesn't matter, it's the fact that 
we got there that's important (we lost 3-2). 
As the season went on it got colder and 
then the strike began postponing our sea- 
son a few weeks. Eventually the semi- 
finals were played in a foot of snow and 
cold weather. Congratulations to all the 
juniors and thanks to Rev. Fulton (sorry 
about the dinner) and everyone who helped 
us. (Jon Petridis) 



Team photo, 1ST ROW: St. Clair Pennyfeather, 

Joseph Gallo, Ryan Semple; 

2ND ROW: Omar Sheikh, Kartik Subramani, 

Jacob Fortier, Alex Boulos, Nathaniel Daudrich; 

3RD ROW: Coach Sebastien Armand, Blake 

Burns, Josef Malonzo, Alykhan Surani, Colin 

Burn, Daniel Barbarie; 

4TB ROW: Rev. Cathy Fulton, Raj Ruparelia, 

Jon Petridis, Coach Duncan McCansh; 

Top photo: Dan - taking an on-field rest - watches 
for a chance to make a move; Middle: Mike 
Peterman shows off his awesome soccer skills; 
Top right: Nat goes for a goal and made it (we 
hope and assume)! 


Pi u 

w3 * "- 

Sr. Boys' Soccer 

Another solid season is finally behind the 
players of Ashbury's Sr. Soccer team. 1997 
was a year of great heart and tremendous 
progress by everyone. As I look back on it, 
I can't say the team ever stopped trying or 
was ever out of contention. On the field, 
we were one of the strongest teams ever, 
but a few unlucky breaks just hurt our 
result in the end. The team strengthened 
by the new acquisition of Dave Carr-Har- 
ris and led by Victor's non-stop effort on 
offense and Chris' solid defense helped 
propel us to a new level of playing success. 
I can't begin to express the thanks that 
Mark Hern deserves after another season 
of loyal support and great coaching. Most 
of our achievements were the result of his 
unending determination to get the most 
out of us. With his help, we were ready to 
play every game and easily survived the 
two weeks that our season was postponed 
because of the strike. 

Overall, the team had another strong finish 
during the regular season, ending it in 
second place. Unfortunately, we were 
knocked from the playoffs in the semi's 
after the OBE's disorganization saw sev- 
eral players miss the last game. We also 
played well at the Independent School's 
Tournament in Montreal, finishing fifth 
after a great shootout and a couple of very 
close games. I'll never forget the Mexican 
Connection, Red Guard, Pro-Star, Spunky 
Hip-Hop, Penetrator, that inspirational 
tape, super sexe, the bananas, Shebupu, 
that Alumni game, and that night in 
Montreal when Gus disappeared. Special 
thanks to Mr. Gray, Duncan, Seb, E.C., J.V- 
P, C.L., R.S., and everyone else who showed 
up and supported us. Victor and I wish the 
best to all players, and good luck for next 
season! (Dan Thomson) 

Team photo, 1ST ROW: Julian de Hoog, Chrisde 

Jesus, Gustavo DiazDeLeon Rocha, Chris Ruddy, 

Dan Thomson, Victor Naranjo; 

2ND ROW: Adam Daudrich, Stephane Armand, 

Justin Tang, Veljko Bajagic; 

3RD ROW: Jorge Nasrallah, Josh Gray, Eric 


4TH ROW: Coach Mark Hern, Dave Carr-Har- 

ris, Mike MacSween, Nick Brewer; 

Top left: Nick takes a shot at the ball; Middle left: 
Dave lets everyone know he's in control of the 
situation; Top right: Julian makes his move; 
Middle right: Eric and Victor overwhelm the 
opposition with their superior soccer skills 


Sr. Boys' Basketball f* 

The Sr. basketball team had a phenomenal finish to an otherwise mediocre season. Well 
maybe not phenomenal but still decent nonetheless. Our team was always competitive, 
never losing to anyone by more then 10 points and we even beat some excellent teams as 
well. Definitely the highlight was the team beating #3 ranked Louis Riel for the title of AA 
city champs. Basking in the glory of our greatness we ended up getting an early march break 
vacation and headed to Peterborough to play in the OFSAA AA tournament, where we 
finished 10th out of 16 teams (give or take a couple spots). Ok . . . time for the cliche! I'd like 
to thank the coaches Mr. Sparks, Mr. Holman, and Hugh Bell for the time they spent with 
us trying to make us a better team. Thanks to the graduating players Baxter and Bethune for 
their service and dedication to the team year after year. Well that's about it, unfortunately 
there still seem to be a few questions that are still keeping me sleepless. For instance, I still 
can't figure out why the girls V-ball team got ten times as many fans as we did. Hmmm 
. . . maybe Baxter was right, the team should have invested in some spandex. (Nick Seppala) 

Below left: Matt speeding for the net; 
Below middle: Lee in stridant form; Top 
right: Nick"Up, up, and away"; Middle 
right: Josh in motion; Bottom right: Jon 
attempts to pass a block. 

TOP ROW: Coach R. Holman, Tait Simpson, Jon Ages, Dan Skahan, Tom Buckley, Nick 
Seppala, David Carr-Harris, Coach H. Bell, Coach A. Sparks; 

BOTTOM ROW: Lee Greenberg, John Bethune, Matthew Baxter, Duncan Rawlinson, Josh 
Gray, Gregory Seppala. 


Jr. Boys' Basketball 

The Junior Boys' Basketball team had one of its best seasons 
in recent year's. The team was 9-0 in tournaments, winning 
both the Ashbury College and Colonel By Invitational tour- 
naments. We beat St. Matthew's for the first time during the 
Colonel By Tournament. The regular season (9-4) was capped 
off with a loss in the Ottawa Board Final, so we came second 
in the league. We won more than 5 games by 20 points or 
more each, and were 1-1 in the playoffs. Much luck to Mr. 
Gray and next year's team. Thanks to all the fans that came 
out to our games and supported us. Respect to "Mr. Funny" 
for attempting THE DUNK! (Eric Johnson) 

Top Left: Jordan making the block; Top Middle: Eric ready to make a move; Top Right: Matt 
"I think that's out of bounds"; Bottom Left: Eric and Aaron go for the ball; Team photo I UF 
ROW- Coach B Gray, James Kenny, Tim Booth, Dan Barbarie, Matt Ryan, Jon Petndis, Stuart 
Robinson, Nick Kramer, Coach D. Featherstone;BOTTOM ROW: Stephen Lee, Sami Osachoff- 
Morsy, Jordan Aronson, Eric Johnson, Greg Ross, Marc Lafleche, Jimmy Cheng 

Sr. Girls' Volleyball 

Top right: Meghan strikes a pose; Middle right: Ashbury girls at the net; Left: 
Emma and Alicky prepare for the attack; Team photo, TOP ROW: Coach C. 
Miedema, Kelly Peterson, Emma Jowett, Katie Lazaro, Jessice Young, Alexandra 
Frewer, Liz Frank, Coach R. Parsons; BOTTOM ROW: Tanya Skok-Hobbs, 
Alexandra Eden-Walker, Meghan Walker, Shaunagh Stikeman, Janis Sham 

Coming off a 1-9 season the previous year, the 
Senior Girls Volleyball Team did not know what to 
expect this season. After a home defeat at the hands 
of perennial powerhouse Samuel Genest the team 
made fine progress posting 3-0 wins over arch rivals 
Glebe, Lisgar and Immaculata as well as solid 
postings over Brookfield and Canterbury. Only 
Nepean and Sammy G stood in our way as Ashbury 
finished third in Tier 1 . Playoffs saw us defeat Lisgar 
3-0 in the quarters and then an agonizing 3-2 loss to 
Nepean, a team that had lost only one set up to that 
point in league play. Later that week we defeated 
Cairine Wilson in the NCSSAA championship 10- 
15, 15-8, 13-15, 15-2, 16-14 in front of a packed house 
at Carleton University. Everyone who was there 
will remember game 5, 14-12! 

The team travelled to the OFSA A championships in 
Chatham where we put a scare into the home team 
and number one seed Chatham-Kent by losing 15-8 
16-14, the narrowest margin of victory the eventual 
gold medallist would have all championships. Al- 
though we did not pick up any hardware it was a 
great end to a seaseon full of memories . . . Kelly's 
pancake, Katie's jump serves, Jess and her dino- 
saurs, the "middles", Dirty Dancing with Patrick 
and notes and quotes from Mr. Parsons. Bye to the 
grads, we'll miss you! (Mr. Miedema) 

Jr. Girls' Volleyball 

Top left: Kalessy serves a point; right: Lacy and 
Farah deep in thought; bottom left: Danielle, Larissa 
and Paula plan their strategy; learn photo, TOP 
ROW:Coach M. Holman, Kalessy Lasserre, Danielle 
Simpson, Ali Low, Emily Mirsky, Emily Jamieson, 
Heather Maclaren, Julie Lafleche,CoachS.Gomrne; 
BOTTOM ROW: Larissa Karam, Jessica Greenberg, 
Farah Merani, Lacy Lauks, Alexa Young 

This year the junior girls' volleyball team 
had a great season with a lot of fun and a 
little work (the four corner drill). We won 
the majority of our games. 
Although the team started as a fairly inex- 
perienced one, we soon developed the 
skills required to work well together. We 
made some bad calls (it's out, it's out . . 
oops), but always played enthusiastically 
even during tough matches. 
Finally, we owe a great thanks to netted 
mechanism, Tamagotchi, strange smells, 
and, of course, our excellent, upbeat 
coaches Mrs. Holman and Ms. Gomme. 
Good luck to next year's team. (Kalessy 


In the words of the immortal Dr. 
John "Hosekneeack" Connelly, 
"Get tough in the corners and put 
the puck in the net. " Great advice 
from a great Canadian, however, 
this year's hockey squad didn't 
listen to the Doctor. Things we 
did do, incidently, included going 
to Toronto and paying $5 for a 
jigger of O.J., and watching a 
convincing 11-2 win over 2nd 
place Glebe in the final game of 
the year. We were pleased with 
our performance in this final 
game and we decided to verbalize 
our excitement with statements 
like "Look at the scoreboard Glebe 
chumps!" They responded with 
short responses accompanied by 
"Good work Ashbury, we'll see 
you at the playoffs ... Oh right, 
we won't - you finished last in 
your division." Even though our 
results were less than stellar, 
every player still managed to have 
fun in our games and three 
practices. The contact tournament 
in Toronto was an added bonus. 
Perhaps we would have faired 
better if we had fewer team 
meetings in the hotel sauna. Those 
meetings, however, were Mr. 
Keyes' and Mr. Schneider's 
fondest memories of the trip. 
Thanks to these two fine coaches 
for their guidance and sense of 
humour throughout the season. 
It was greatly appreciated. Good 
luck to the team next year and all 
graduating players. HIO! 
(Matt Scuby and Kevin Sullivan) 

Clockwise from top right: Ashbury 
players on the defensive; John Connelly 
makes a move; Kevin Sullivan goes for 
the puck 

Team Photo, TOP ROW: Jacob Fortier 
Ricky Bowness, Chris Napoli, Julian De 
Hoog, Andrew Kelen, Shawn Malhotra 
Brian Heffernan,PatGlinski, Malik Amir' 
Dan Thomson, Menno Versteeg, Kweiku 

BOTTOM ROW: Andrew Zarama, Kevin 
Sullivan, Coach Keyes, Matt Scubv, Coach 
Schneider, John Connelly, Kouka 
Sawadogo-Lewis, Matt Lyman 



1ST ROW: Coach M. Wearring, Aaron 
Meyers, Jordan Sweetnam, Ryan Power, 
Andrew Magnus 

2ND ROW: Julian Sinclair, Pamela 
Chahine, Kerry Roulston, Bikalpa 
Khatiwada, Kelly Choi, Julia von Planta, 
Jyoti Aggarwal, Brian Quan 

The Ashbury Curling team had its 
most successful year in recent memory, 
obviously due to the presence of 
numerous veterans (people who had 
already curled before the season 
started) and to the hours and hours of 
unwaveringly intense training, both 
on and off the ice. 

Good fortune was with us this season. 
Not only did we avoid any personnel 
losses due to injury, but, by the end of 
the season, our record was rather 
impressive: we had captured three 
victories, all hard fought battles (well, 
two of them were by default, but 
nevertheless) and had minimized the 
number of incidents of inter and intra- 
team violence. 

Although mocked on the last day of 
the regular season by other teams 
saying: "So, are we going to see you in 
the playoffs?", the team managed to 
maintain its composure and uphold it 
reputation of good sportsmanship. 
The brightest point of the season would 
be, without question ... the end-of- 
year pizza party. But in a close second 
place, during one of our last games, for 
the first time in modern history, we 
had tworeal fans, Neil R. and Chris K., 
came out to cheer us on. They too were 
mocking us by the end of the game, but 
it really was the thought that counted, 
and all our hearts were warmed by 
their actions. 

Kudos to graduating players (Ryan, 
Jordan, and myself), good luck to those 
moving up from recreational to 
"competitive", and an extra special 
thank you to our coach and mentor, 
Mr. Wearring, for his patience and his 
ability to pretend not to be embarrassed 
by our performances on the ice. 
(Aaron Meyers) 

Clockwise from top right: Ryan shows 
off his perfect form; Jordan in intense 
concentration; Aaron: "hurry, hurry 
hard!"; Andrew "easy, easy, easy" 


Alpine Ski Team 

Clockwise from top right: Geoff at the starting gate; Brooks and 
Geoff pose at the sidelines; The team, 1ST ROW: Nadia Lemp, 
Matthew Mount; 2ND ROW: Brooks Hunter, Lucy Sanchez, Billy 
MacEwen, Caroline Anderson, Fiona Eden-Walker, Thomas Derungs; 
3RD RO W.Geoffrey Heintzman, Chris Mitchell, Kyle Bournes, Bryan 
Estabrooks; PERCHED ABOVE: Jonathan Estabrooks; Continuing: 
Race spectators on the sideline; Caroline whizzes past on her way to 

The ski team rebounded from a disappointing 
season last year, to capture a box full of medals in 
1998. This is most certainly due to the strict dryland 
training sessions enforced by coach Featherstone. 
With the help of these sessions and constant 
monitoring by our coach, the Level 1, 2 and 3 skiers 
were able to enter the NCAS Championships with 
a level of confidence and enthusiasm second to 
none (other than the teams that beat us). The event 
was held at Edelweiss Valley on Feb. 16 and 17 with 
the Giant Slalom the first day and the Slalom on the 
second day of the competition. In our Level 3 
category, Caroline Anderson showed the field how 
it was done, winning the GS by a considerable 
margin and bringing home the gold. She did an 
excellent job on the second day of racing when she 
demonstrated the how-to's of painful and 
spectacular wipe-outs while racing. In the same 
category, Bill MacEwen took the Bronze in the 
Slalom. Our other categories placed extremely well 
much to everyone's surprise. The Boys Level 2 and 
Girls Level 1 both won bronze medals in GS and 
Slalom and the Level 1 Boys took the bronze in the 
GS. Best of luck to all those graduating and special 
thanks to Mrs. Featherstone for all her time and 
hard work this season! (Bryan Estabrooks and Billy 




I1STROW Rob Prior, Matt Baxter;2ND ROW JoeGallo, Cameron McWade, Greg Seppala, Dan Thomson, 
Dan Beaupre; 3RD ROW: Coach A. Moore, Aaron Barth, Jordie Thomson, Matt Scuby, Shawn Malhotra, 
Jamie Clarke, Winston Bennett, William Wells, Coach R. Coles; Top righr. Chns Marcotte 

The baseball team made the move to Tier 1 
team. Our (new look) was complemented by 
new uniforms, including pants that Mr. Coles 
said "fit really well". Needless to say, neither 
coach wore their team pants for the rest of the 
season. Our defensive play was unimpressive 
attimes and wedesperately lacked consistency 
at the plate. Some players, however, had a 
knack for sparking team offense. ShawTi, for 
example, was a pillar of strength and of clutch- 
hitting for the fourth year in a row. Thanks to 
stellar pitching fromjordie (who wall represent 
Ontariointheunderl8 category this summer), 
Jamie and Chris, we were able to win some big 
games, but unfortunately bowed out 3-1 in the 
first round to the eventual city champions, 
Louis Riel. Thanks to our fearless leaders, Mr. 
Coles and Mr. Moore, and to all of our 

Saduating players, Mart B., Dan T., Shawn, 
an B., Jamie and Matt S.. Good luck to the 
team in 1999! (Matthew Scuby and Coach A. 


Jr. Boys' 

This was another eventful and successful season for the 
Junior boys rugby team. The season opened up with two 
home exhibition games against Assumption School. 
They were good, but we were better - bea ting them both 
times. The team traveled away from "home base" this 
year. Our first stop was Albert College in Belleville, 
where we won easily. We kept our unbeaten record until 
we moved on to face Trinity College in Port Hope. 
Teammates will remember the South African player 
who taught us a thing or two! The regular season opened 
well. We were undefeated until we met our old rivals, 
the Brookfield Blues. Once again they beat us 10-5 in a 
close game, our only loss of the regular season. Now it 
was on to the playoffs. The semi-final game versus 
Nepean was a close game, but we were victorious even 
though both team MVPs suffered injuries. The City Final 
played against Hillcrest was tough, but we came out on 
top 24-1 2 and were crowned City Champs for the second 
year in a row. Like last year we then played in the 
National Capital Final. Unlike last year, we won, bea ting 
a very strong team from St. Peter's 7-5. Matt Ryan scored 
the game try with a dummy scissors move in front of the 
posts and then Chris Napoli kicked the conversion to 
put us ahead with just over 10 minutes remaining in the 
game. Every player agrees that our successes could not 
have been possible without our great coaches. Once 
again, on behalf of the team, I would like to thank Mr. 
Schneider, Darcy Walsh, and Mr. Trites for their time 
and patience. I would also like to thank all my teammates 
and especially the 18 graduating players for their 
commitment to Ashbury rugby. Good luck next season 
to all of the returning players and the new recruits. High 
oh!!!!!! (James Poston) 

Team photo: 1ST ROW: Chris Napoli, Scott Campbell, 
Stephen Watson, James Poston, Andrew MacDonald, 
Calvin MacLean, Ben Gitterman, Daniel Pereira; 2ND 
ROW: Coach M. Schneider, Rob Joyce, Andrew Sharp, 
James Kenny, Nick Eden- Walker, Geoffrey Heintzman, 
Uros Maksimovic; 3RD ROW: Andrew Valentine, 
Jonathan Lawrence, Jonathan Bower, Matt Ryan, Ian 
Howard, Jason Haney, RyanSemple;4TH ROVV. Sandy 
Johnson, Charley Corbett, Jamie Bresolin, Michael 
Peterman, Jacob Fortier, Gustavo DiazDeLeon Rocha, 
Greg Ross. Top left: Matt Ryan wins the lineout for 
Ashbury; Top right: Surrounded, Ryan Semple 
contemplates his next move; Middle right: Ashbury in 
the scrum 


This was definitely our most successful 
season in recent years. From the beginning 
of April to the end of May, thirty-three 
players gave everything thev had to rugby. 
Highlights included the Stanstead and 
Sydenham trips, and several victories after 
being down at half time. The team played 
a total of 16 games in just less than 6 weeks. 
With such a busy schedule, there were 
many injuries in key positions. Fortunately, 
we had enough depth to carry us through 
to the semi finals. It was a heartbreaking 
loss to a tough team. We couldn't have had 
a better group of players that worked so 
well together. Congratulations and good 
luck to all of the graduating players. We 
are all looking forward to next year! 
(Coach D. Featherstone) 

Team photo: J ST ROW: Ki Goo, Nick Seppala, Malik 
Amir, Joe Mouaikel, Menno Versteeg, Anik Merchea, 
Alex Mintsioulis, Phil Francis, John Connelly, Sam 
Ares;2iVDROW:AllanThomas,LeeGreenberg, David 
Kileour, Kouka Sawadago-Lewis, Greg Powell, Mike 
MacSween, Pat Glinski, Sang-Mok Won; 3RD ROW: 
Dan Skahan.Brian Quan, Thomas Derungs, Chris De 
Jesus, Andrew Magnus, Kvle Bournes, Thomas Kenny, 
KatsuhikoMorimoto;4TH ROW: RizzaOsman, Coach 
D. Featherstone, Mark Mouaikel, Carl Fannin, Chris 
Brownlee Top: Menno and the boys in a scrum; Right: 
Dan and Ki in the lineout; Middle left: "Angry" Nick 
goes for the steal; Middle right: Chris De Jesus getting 
rid of the ball 



If ever there was a team that 
could have made it this far, it 
was the talented, spirited, 
enthusiastic, young women of 
the Ashbury Girls' Rugby 
squad. Led by the infamous Mrs. 
Featherstone, dedicated Francis 
and Laura, these striving 
winners fulfilled the basics of 
what is needed and required to 
be as successful as what is put 
in. Congrats on a well deserved 
finalist position and with special 
consideration to the talent being 
lost. Take good care of the 
returning players but remem- 
ber rookies need love too. 
(Fiona Eden-Walker) 



^^OT ju WPfjyii* 

Team photo, 2ST ROW: Defne Saylan, 
Julia von Planta, Monika Merchea, Lucy 
Sanchez, Alexandra Murray, Laura 
Francis;2ND RO W.Sara Dudley, Kerry 
Roulston, Caroline Anderson, Robin 
Heffernan, Fiona Eden-Walker, 
Alexandra Eden-Walker; 3RD ROW: 
Tanya Corrall, Rachael Dobson, Kristin 
Dudley, Emily Mirsky, Sarah Bresolin, 
Whitney Kucey; 4TH ROW: Coach, 
Heather Maclaren, Shelley Huxtable, 
Jessica Greenberg, Erin Choi, Kathy 
Boate, Jessica Young, CandiceSu, Coach 
K. Featherstone. At left: Fiona taking a 
much-needed break during a tough, 
tiring match; Middle right: Ashbury 
p lay ers Jessica Y . , Tanya, Fiona, Monika, 
JessicaG., Alexandra and Julia converge 
on a lone Lisgar player; Bottom left: 
Ashbury girls in a scrum against Lisgar 

Track & 

Five years ago, the Ashbury track team 
took a cab to theOttawa High School Track 
& Field Championships. This year, 53 of 
our best throwers, jumpers and runners 
took over the meet and placed an amazing 
3rd as a school. Most notably, the team 
fielded seven different relay teams who all 
medaled. Three-quarters of the team all 
returned for the National Capital meet. 
Several athletes had great performances 
and coaches. Ms. Duggan and M rs. Holman 
took four athletes down to the Eastern 
Ontario Regional Championships in 
Kingston. Dan "the Barbanan" Barbarie, 
Hilary Bum and Zein Odeh then traveled 
down to Sudbury for the OFSAA 
Championships. We would like to thank 
thecoaches fortheir hard workand patience. 
(Hilary Burn) 

Top left: Ryan is loving the cold; Left: Ashbury 's 
first female relay team; Bottom left: Emily 
Mirsky, Mrs. M. Holman and Danielle Simpson; 
Bottom centre: Rvan, Dan B., and Dan T.; Bottom 
right, 1ST ROW. Daniel Barbarie, Farah Merani; 
2ND ROW: Richard Holliday, Emily Jamieson, 
Hilary Burn;3RD ROW.Chris Cwynar, Heather 
Maclaren, Zein Odeh;-4TH ROW: Julie Lafleche, 
Julia von Planta, Alexa Young; 5TH ROW: 
Colleen Cimone, Jessie Reynolds, Jessica 
Greenberg, Danielle Simpson, 'Klara Boadway, 
Alex Mintsioulis. 


Jr. Girls' 

The all-rookie team worked hard each game 
and had a great season! Laura and Maria 
shared the goal-keeping responsibilities - 
they faced the competition admirably. They 
were assisted by a solid defense provided by 
Alison, Pia, Sulafa, Missy, Lee, Chrissy and 
Carol. Maryam, JJ, Amitha, Alyssa, Julia, 
Anne and Nicole played aggressively at 
midfield and forward and had many exciting 
scoring opportunities. Thanks to everyone 
who helped out and cheered on the team. 
Best of luck to the team of 1999 - keep up 
those skills during the summer! 
(Coach L. Brodsky) 

Team photo: 1ST ROW: Lee Patronasch, Sulafa 
Silim, Maria Valenzuela, Laura Argument, Pia 
Mastromonaco;2ND ROW. Carol Boa te, Amitha 
Kalaichandran, Alyssa Herzig, Nicole Choo, 
Maryam Southam, Missy Leger; 3RD ROW: 
Coach L. Brodsky, Alison Hanvey, JJ Wilson, 
Julia Agapitos, Anne Dickens; Top left: She 
shoots, she scores! Julia going for a goal; Middle 
right: What pizzaz, what finesse - Missy up 
against an opposing forward; Bottom right: 
Alison gets by an opponent with her awesome 
skill and talent 



Sr. Girls' 

After five years of playing 
soccer, this year was by far 
the most successful for me. 
With twosupercoachesand 
teammates full of personal- 
it}' and determination, we 
managed to enter the 

E layoffs being undefeated, 
htortunately after a two- 
hour match, confronted by 
EXTREME aggression, our 
season sadly ended in 
penalty shots. (They 
seemed SO much better 
during practices!) Thank 
vou to Dede Hunt and Mr. 
Keyes, and good luck to all 
the graduating and non- 
retuming players: myself, 
Liz, Pam, Laura, Charlotte, 
Sophie, SuEun, Gabby and 
Rieke. Thanks also to 
linesman/manager Holger 
for his entertaining antics. 
(Alickv Frewer) 

im Photo, 1ST ROW: Kalessy Lasserre, Pamela Chahine, Rieke Tinneberg, Charlotte Hill, Larissa Karam; 2ND ROW: SuEun Heo, Liz Frank, 
?xandra Frewer, Laura Miranda, Nadia Lemp, Rebecca Amsman;3RD ROW. Coach D. Hunt, Sophie Kerr, Cassandra Tang, Kyla Armstrong-Miller, 
briela Silva Carreras; 4TH ROW: Holger Mebes, Nataly Spears, Bridget Adrian, Coach B. Keyes. Above, left: Liz prepares to send the ball into the 
atcsphere, middle: SuEun guards the ball; right: Alicky on the move. 


Jr. Boys' Volleyball 

1 m ~^m 



Clockwise from top left: Ms. Gomme coaches her boys; 
Kartik serves another winner; Team spirit! All smiles!; 
Ben and Philip ready to pounce; Ready to dance, Chris? 
(Ed. Note: No team photo was taken) 

The Junior Boys' Volleyball team competed in a 
tough Tier 1 division this year. Despite their 
record in league play, the team played well in the 
Franco-Cite tournament. Ashbury's improved 
level of play at the tournament carried the team 
into mepreliminary round of the OHS AA playoffs 
where tne team lost to Woodroff e. Team members 
include Alex Boulos, Philip Brunst, Blake Bums, 
Ben Mann, Chris Montenegrino, Jon Petridis, 
Darren Pyper, Raj Ruparelia,MattSalvatore,Omar 
Sheikh, KartikSubramani and Alex Young (Coach 
S. Gomme) 


Sr. Boys' Volleyball 

Team photo: ] ST ROW Shano Mohan, Bikalpa Khatiwada, Alexandre 
Arjanov, Dan Beaupre, Jon Ages; 2ND ROW: Coach C Miedema, 
Andrew Kelen, Chris Kergin, Thomas Derungs, Duncan Rawlinson; 
Top left: Coach Miedema, Tom and Duncan shove the ball; Top right: 
Dan, Andrew, Chris, Biku and Alex; Middle row: Up goes the ball - 
Chns; Bikalpa blocking; Bottom left: Ryan Yoon serves; Andrew 

This year, the team had a great start considering the looming strike 
that Fiung over the fall term. We managed to pull a 4th place in our 
league w'hich was amazing considering the size of our team which 
continued to diminish as the season went on. It was a team where 
there was a common bond that held us together. The friendships that 
we made along the way were vital to me. When we won, we won as 
a team and when we lost, we lost as a team. I would like to thank the 
graduating players: Chris - in my eyes you were the captain, Dan - 
maybe we can get the rotation right next time, Alex - Russians rock. 
For some players that won't be returning: Thomas - have you 
considered the German National team?, Ryan - the whole team 
missed you. The team was young and inexperienced but Mr. 
Miedema molded us into real players. The team would like to thank 
Mr. Miedema for his time and effort and we wish him the best for the 
future (Bikalpa Khatiwada) 77 


Clockwise from top left: Chris T. waiting 
for the serve; Shano M. "Are you talking 
to me?"; Julia S. "warming up" for the 
game; Joel B. thinking of his next brilliant 

Ashbury fielded a badminton team 
after a long absence. The season 
was extremely short (too short), 
but will serve as a foundation for 
future years. The junior and senior 
team competed very well at the 
year end tournament, and should 
be pleased with their results. Junior 
Team members include Danielle 
Simpson, Emily Jamieson, Lacy 
Lauks, Michelle Olivarez, Masaki 
Watanabe, Craig Hef fernan, Stuart 
Robinson, and Bavidra Mohan. 
Senior Team members include 
Wendy Kwong, Julia Schumacher, 
Annabel Springfield, Oat Surwana- 
temiya, Joel Boulvais, Chris Tsang, 
and Shano Mohan. Thanks 
everyone. (Mr. Holman) 


Clubs & 


'■'' % % •; 


Investors & Blazer 80 

Science & Math 81 

Outdoor Education 82 
Community Service 

& Tae-Kwon-Do 83 

Debating 84 


f\mom DeweccHto Young Fan Mrs. Jou/en 
bsvm Rffli Joxsan Su/e&NAM Marsha Jaichhan 

Investor's Club 

The 1997/ 1 998 school year saw many changes in 
the Investor's Club. For the first time since its 
inception, the club was run by a group of dedi- 
cated students who formed the Executive Com- 
mittee of the Investor's Club. The students con- 
sisted of Winston Bennett, Bridget Adrian, An- 
drew Nicholson and Andrew Magnus. Mrs. 
Hergert remained an integral part of the club as 
our staff advisor. While some of least year's stock 
picks proved to be less than profitable, all of this 
year's choices have earned respectable returns. 
Our choices for this year were Yogen Fruz, 
Loblaws and Unihost. The first two are well- 
known food distributors and the latter is a resort 
operator, whose assets include the Journey's End 
chain. Over the course of the year, we invited 
three guest speakers to aid our learning of the 
world of investing. Mr. David Smith, Ms. Eliza- 
beth MacLean, and Mr. Robert H. Orange all 
delivered stimulating lunch-hour seminars. Over- 
all, the year turned out to be a great success as we 
profited not only from the seminars, but from our 
investments too. (Winston Bennett) 

Artwork at top of page: The school's literary 'vox pop' 
publication was put out three times this year - many 
ihanks for the hours of humourous and debate-inspiring 
entertainment and information. Above, right: Members of 
the Executive Winston, Andrew N., Bridget. At right: 
Henry Maier, Dan Pereira, Chris Brownlee, Winston, An- 
drew, Eric Pook, Titus van den Heuvel Ben Barry, C. 
Hergert, Mike Sallot, Bridget, Rebecca Anisman 

M § a a ^ £ 

Science Team 

The Ashbury Science Team began to break through new frontiers 
this year, pushing science to both its educational and recreational 
limits. The crew was anchored by a slew of dedicated junior 
students, determined not only to learn, but also to prove that 
science can be an incredible extra-curricular activity. 
Our first important event was the celebration of National Science 
and Technology week, for which a variety of events were organized 
for junior school students. From jeopardy to drinking straw canti- 
levers, the juniors amazed us all with their bright smiles, innovative 
spirit and genuine competitive interest in doing the best that they 

Following this, a long period of preparation began for the annual 
Science Olympics, held at the Museum of Science and Technology, 
and sponsored this year by the University of Ottawa. Our team set 
out in 5 events: the spaghetti bridge competition, the drinking- 
straw cantilever contest, the bionic arm battle, the fun machine 
venture, and the audio-visual presentation challenge. We came out 
of the event with a plethora of top five finishes, although, sadly, 
none in the top three. What was the most wonderful about the day 
was the imaginative and resourceful display put on so brilliantly by 
many of the competitors, both from Ashbury and the other con- 
tending schools (I hesitate to call the opponents, or even competi- 
tors: the whole event was really about pushing forward the fron- 
tiers of the application of the imagination to the concrete world, not 
about who came first, second and third!) 

All that can be said about the 1997-1998 Science Team season is that 
it was a whole lot of fun, and a whole lot of learning. Many thanks 
to all the faculty advisors, and, most importantly, to Coach Wearring 
for his steady, confident (and very patient!) leadership. Without 
their enthusiasm, none of it would ever have been possible! Good 
luck next year, Science Team! (Aaron Meyers) 


Certificates of distinction were awarded to 35 of the 124 
students who participated in the Canadian Mathematics 
Competitions. These students finished in the top 25% of all 
participants across Canada. Special recognition goes to Sae 
Park who tied for 6th place out of 36,275 students who wrote 
the Cayley contest in Canada. Certificates of distinction were 
won by Anthony Delvecchio, SuEun Heo, Bikalpa Khatiwada 
and Chris Kergin in the American High School Mathematics 
Examination (AHSME). In the American Invitational Math- 
ematics Examination (AIME), certificates of merit were pre- 
sented to SuEun Heo and Anthony Delvecchio. SuEun Heo, 
Aaron Meyers, Bikalpa Khatiwada, Young Fan and Philip 
Francis were awarded certificates of merit in the Canadian 
National Mathematics League. In the Canadian Open Math- 
ematics Challenge, certificates of distinction were awarded 
to SuEun Heo, Anthony Delvecchio, Malik Amir, Allan Dafoe, 
Chris Kergin, Aaron Meyers and Bikalpa Khatiwada. 

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the 
various contests held throughout the year. (Head of Math- 
ematics, W.E. Stableford) 

Editor's Note: Last minute results can be found on page 109 

Canadian Mathematics Competition Results 

Contest: Team: 

Pascal Brian Leung, Scott Helgeson, James Sutherland 

Cayley Sae Park, Katrina Rogers-Stewart, Andrew Sharp 

Fermat Dae-Hyun Lee, Jamie Gannon, Javed Bagha 

National Standings: 
162 out of 1529 
46 out of 1467 
281 out of 1435 


Outdoor Education 

Well, we've managed to have another 
safe and "successful" year. Thanks to, 
mastering ancient Ashbury anti-rain 
dances.all of the trips in the fall were 
able to remain dry. Unfortunately, 
the dances do not work for American 
rain gods who snowed on the leaders' 
hike and rained on the gold hike. Al- 
though the ice storm eleminated the 
prospect of having Winter Survival 
and Night Navigation trips, us coun- 
try folk were given ample opportu- 
nity to do these on our own. There are 
two and two-fifths student leaders 
graduating this year. Neil, Chris (who 
forgot to come on any trips in grades 
11,12, and 13), and myself. We will go 
on wearing our Goke-Tex® through 
rain and snow, never leaving home 
without somebody else's rope, and 
continue to climb bigger, tougher, and 
more goat-like mountains. Good luck 
to those who will continue on and 
make sure you are always ready to 
catch the Aerobie. (Jordan) 

Left Column (Top to Bottom): Ian at Mt. Washington "Hi 
look guys, snow in September!"; Neil leads a pack of destin< 
soakers up Marcy; Greg takes a break to pose for thecamei 
Bronze Hiking group getting set to go; Atop Mt. Man 
"Hhurry uupand ttake me picture, itssccold!"; Faded Bac 

f round Top Right: Olivier, on a picturesque morning 
itver Canoeing, filtering some water; Right Column (Top 
Bottom); Mr. Holman, the less-heaxd-of Gorrest Fump; N las 
ter Chef Neil prepares Pesto Dumplings 


Although the class changes with the different seasons 
there is emerging a hard core group of Tae-kwon-Do 
enthusiasts. Whatever the reasons for our enthusiasm 
our bodies are learning all about flexibility and bal- 
ance As well as fitness the class involves various self 
defense techniques, learning the prescribed movements 
and patterns, and meditation exercises. Many of us are 
progressing through the belts and some of the students 
have progressed as far as the green stripe. Congratula- 
tions are extended to our instructor, Aron Chaney, 
presently a grade 1 2 student at the school who received 
his black belt second dan. this year. (R. Zettel) 

Top: Aron Chaney instructing from left to right, An- 
drew Kergin, Titus van den Heuvel, and Dylan Argu- 
ment. Far left: Angela Singhal and Benjamin King in 
position. Near left: Aron Chaney and Mr. Zettel in 
unison. Bottom: Mr. Zettel and Adam Azzabi looked 
upon by Instructor Aron Chaney 

Community Service 

As a part of the Ashbury Diploma grade 12 students an 

fl Sjg S ScfiSg fiS* required to do 30 hours of community service. This yeai 

students were divided into nine different groups according tc 

iSSgSSS* their personal interest Unfortunately halfway through th< 

)£Sfm "S« year we lost Communit) Service Director Reverend Fulton 

9^Ct al 5S5" Thank you to Mrs. Mackay and Mr Jansen, for helping th, 

^^ir^i Si**6iBl^ffB leaders at the end of the year. 

As a part of the Ashbury Diploma grade 12 students are 
required to do 30 hours of community service. This year 
students were divided into nine different groups according to 
their personal interest. Unfortunately half way through the 
year we lost Community Service Director Reverend Fulton. 
Thank you to Mrs. Mackay and Mr. Jansen, for helping the 
leaders at the end of the year. 

TEAM #1 "Island Lodge Bingo was an interesting experience 
for all who attended this year, I'm sure. We would go in for our 

ij^^HH regular Wednesday sessions to our frequent Bingo junkies 

■ I fl k iL^i with their handfuls of quarters. Words of the wise: It's 'B' n' 

HJF ^"*«fl V'M^I Sf C - 'S^fl 'O', not 'B' and 'O'. (Chris Brownlee, Island Lodge) 

K-* «T -^B Bj^V J^^ i TEAM #2 "The team started off with a great bang, every day 

Y /4?a ^B^r^^flP^^^L^ _* - ^^^^ ^H 2 students were sent to the Shepherd's, local soup kitchen, to 

^L^fl Bk^'^i help out the kitchen staff I'm positive that everyone had a 

great experience (esp. the 3 that went through the whole 
year!), and at times it did take a strong stomach to handle 
situations. Highlights include, Orlando, Finny's temper, and 
of course Dan". (Jyoti Aggarwal, Shepherd's of Good Hope) 
TEAM #3 "The Rockliffe Park Public School's 'homework club' 
(definitely the coolest club in school) consisted of helping el- 
ementary school children with their homework and participat- 
ing in their other after school activities. Thank you to all volun- 
teers - your help was greatly appreciated by both the school and 
the children." (Nowshad Rizwanullah, RPPS Homework Club) 
rEAM #4 "We enjoyed many hours, spent with children grades 1-4. As there were only a few members ,n our group, we were able to build up individual relationships 
and hopefully create a lasting impression." (Jeremy Ditz, RPPS Daycare) „*__i ,„h ^lavinou/ith them 

TEAM #5 "For seme \.\ was at Manor Park School. This was quite an easy job that consisted ,n watching the kids who stay after school and play ngwththem. 
lomet'mesthev wanted to play tag, and other times we were in the gym where we played many different types of games. I would definitely recommend this placemen, 
for anybody who doesn't mind watching kids." (Sacha Imbert, Manor Park Public School Children's Programme) 

TEAM #6 "Several students dedicated hours at the local hospitals, thanks to all of them! " (Cassandra Tang, Hospitals) stud ents feel 

TEAM #7 "Personal options was one of the b.ggest groups with a plethera of services ranging from working at Nursery Homes to Summer Camps. Many students feel 
that community service is a hassle but I think that most people enjoy what they have done and I know the community apprecates our time. We had a great year. (Sarah 

te#8^ wala^usyyiar for Seasonal Activities, with events ranging from Alumni Weekend to the Reach Celebrity Auction to Daffodill Days. Thanks to all those 


thanks to Miriafn S.opar and Mr. MacFarlane for organizing such a rewarding way of achieving our hours." (Kelly Peterson, Special Needs Tutoring 

Thank you to all grade 12 students for their cooperation, it made all of our jobs easier. Good luck to next year's leaders, don't forget to en |0 y yourselves!! (Jyot. Aggrau alt 


Community Service Pyramid - FRONT: Sacha, Jyoti, Jeremy, Nowshad. MIDDLE: Sarah, 
Cassandra,' Kelly. BACK: Sarah, Chris. 


English Debating 

Debating had a loud and strong year, with 
many firsts in numerous areas and activities. 
We became a member of the renowned Fulford 
League, a debating organisation of indepen- 
dent schools. We also expanded into the Junior 
School, with much success, sending delegates 
to the Junior Provincials and Nationals. The 
World Affairs Conference was also attended 
by our members, showing an increased aware- 
ness of the role of youths in the world. We 
participated and returned victorious in debates 
at the Toronto French School. We also attended 
the International Independent Schools Public 
Speaking Competition in Montreal. Some de- 
baters traveled to the Forum for Young Cana- 
dians. The Ashbury debating society was ac- 
tive on a more local level, hosting the Ottawa 
Regionals, and the Inter-House debates in which 
Alexander house triumphed at the senior level, 
and Connaught house winning it at the junior 
level. Congratulations are in order for those 
who received awards in the events, namely 
Benjamin Barry, Allan Dafoe, Ryan Davies, 
Andrew Magnus, Kevin Massie, Emily 
Mawhinney, Tony Navaneelan, and Jason 
Richards. The society would like to thank Ms. 
Sinclair and Ms. Hergert for their support and 
coaching this year. Our graduating members 
are Caroline Chan and Kevin Massie, who have 
given so much time and dedication to the soci- 
ety. (Jonathan So and Benjamin Barry) 

French and Bilingual Debating 

Cette annee, malheureusement, le debut de 
notre programme de debat a ete assez dur. 
Dans la region, il y avait une greve dans le 
secteur public, suivie d'une tempete de verglas 
et, f inalement, l'absence imprevue et prolongee 
de 1'entraineur, Monsieur Stojanovic, n'a 
surement pas aide a la preparation des 
etudiant(e)s. Nos etudiant(e)s ont, malgre tout, 
demontre de l'enthousiasme et Malik Amir et 
Kouka Sawadogo-Lewis ont pris l'initiative et 
se sont presentes au Tournoi Regional des 
debats francais. Du cote bilingue, on avait Hilary 
Burn, Joseph Mouiakel, Zein Odeh et Andrew 
Magnus qui ont defendu la tradition 
prestigieuse d'Ashbury lors du Tournoi 
Regional des debats bilingues. Hilary Burn 
s'est classee parmi les trois meilleures orateurs 
de la region et elle est allee au Seminaire 
provincial a Sudbury ou elle s'est meritee la 
troisieme place. Le plus important est que nos 
etudiants ne se sont pas laisse decourager par 
certains evenements imprevus et qu'ils ont 
consacre de nouveau beaucoup d'energie et de 
temps libre pour exercer ce "sport vocal". 
Felicitations et merci a tous et a toutes! (Dejan 

Top Photo: FIRST ROW: Jordan Aronson, Zein Odeh, Radha Subramani, Caroline Chan, Joshua Sherman, Ms. Sinclair; SECOND ROW: Allan Dafoe, Andrew Magnus. I 
Jessica Greenberg, Emily Mawhinney, Andrew Kergin, Richard Zussman, Ms. Hergert; THIRD ROW: Jason Richards, Calvin MacLean, Tony Navaneelan, Koukal 
Sawadogo-Lewis, Ian Matyas, Mr. Stojanovic, Malik Amir; Additional members: Benjamin Barry, Hilary Burn, Alex Bou les, Nick Char I and, Lachlan Cheng, Olivier Cullen.l 
Jamie Gannon, Titus van den Heuvel, Kevin Massie, Andrew Nicholson, Alexander Noonan, Jonathan So, Tim Wilson. Middle photo: Fulford League debate at Havergal, I 
Calvin MacLean, Peter Kent, Jason Richards. Bottom photo: IISPSC in Montreal: Ms. Sinclair, Emily Mawhinney, Andrew Magnus, Jon Schovv. 



Grad Write-Ups 86 

Grad Candids 100 

Reception 102 

Grad Dance 103 

Lifers 104 

Nanakarina Adjaye- 

Ottawa, Ontario 
October 28, 1978 

My 2 years at Ashbury have been short 
and sweet. Shriek! I'm leaving! it's hor- 
rifying yet wonderful because I'm 6- 
nally on my own. No overprotective 
daddy watching over his littlegirl-sorry 
pops! 1 would like to thank Mr. Penton, 
Mrs. Jowett, Mr. Coles and Dr. Brodsky 
for the best classes I've ever had! A 
hyperbole? Naw! Good luck to RC, SJ 
you are de queens you run da pack! KS 
my Lionel! MS, AM the most handsome 
punx from around da way! JIGAH! 
Teddy, stay hugable! MaSe miss you 
like Puff misses Biggie. Rabs, Shaynay 
TO was thebomb! AF tackle and throw- 
ingchamp! Need toGrow League,Note 
to self BH, Bonar: pull up those sagging 
pants! Somedecorum please, your styles 
arewhacker than Wu-wear!Nef, Queen 
Nefertiri would have been proud! I 
would like to thank my parents for the 
immeasurable support in my life and 
all those who supported me when the 
skies were not as clear as they are now. 
SAK represent like you do. I'll miss 
you. Love peace and nappiness. 

Eeoow!!! What's that? 

Phulease!! As if! 

When you hear these words being 
recited in the hallways or any- 
where in Ashbury College, you 
know it is Shubhra. or Shubs, as 
her friends say it. expressing her 
reactions towards some very ex- 
citing and overwhelming news. 
This 5'4" South Asia beauty is a 
wonderful blend of fun. mischief, 
wisdom, and sarcasm. She works 
hard to excel in her studies and 

surprisingly enough get there!! 

Shubhra has contributed signifi- 
cant hours in the gym. especially 

during the house run as if?!! 

She sure is going to miss her 

lifestyle at Ashbury yuh 


Shubhra Agrawal 
Bombay, India 
September 6, 1979 

Listen carefully 

Ashburians, what is the 
most important thing for 
you? Probably not study- 
ing hard right. You are 
wrong. Everybody should 
be working hard, be suc- 
cessful at school, and for 
the rest of your life. Don't 
sit back and relax, be ac- 
tive, and try reaching your 
highest goals. It only takes 
perseverence, and hard 
work. I know you can do it. 
Good luck. 

Malik Amir 
Montreal, Quebec 
June 27, 1979 

Caroline Anderson 
Victoria, British 
December 1, 1979 

Summer cottages and rough stuff 
in between-I'm sorry I left you all 
behind NCD Flying chickens Ben 
& Jerry Dave Matthews Joodles 
Vanmusic You never stopped 
making me laugh One day we will 
look back and think what a 
(happy?) experience it was Swing 
the pole Ernie-it's sleeping in my 
memory I won't disturb the slum- 
ber of feelings that have died if I 
had never loved I would ha\e 
never criedfP Simon I Ashburv 
chicks ALL OF YOU thanks for 
changing my view on friendship 
Backbarpitchers Take risks 
Closetsmoker Boytalk Confidence 
problems? Who was it that said "I 
feel sorry for all the boys who had 
never met me?"To friendships that 
worked and those that didn't-do 
any of you regret the things 1 do? 
AIMirErfor getting me through 
and not turning your backs on 
meBros I made it! 

Samuel Ares 
Deshambault, Quebec 
October 20, 1978 

Three years of boarding have fi- 
nally come to an end. All I have to 
say is that if the chupacabras are 
invading, the foliage will always 
be of biblical proportions. May 
the Russian grow to be strong like 
bull, and Phill. become fluent in 
the art of braiding his back hair. 
Malt R. I'm sure will develop 
Haaard Muscles. Jorge. Victor, 
viva Mexico cabrones! Ki. you 
got to get that whole chicken. 
Scuby. how about them Oilers... 
Julia, remember that life is like a 
box of chocolates, always pick 
out the good ones. Kerry, nice 
clothes... I don't hate you. 
Jacinthe, thank you for two great 
years. Thanks to Shawn, the little 
big man, Fer. V. Matt C. board- 
ing and communal showers. Now 
finally I've learned when to go to 

It always seemed so far away and 
now it's my turn to leave. Strange, 
but I never thought that I would 
have to say goodbye to this place. 
Weird as it is. it has become home 
for me. I hated it. loved it. feared 
it. denied it, and then believed and 
missed it. Boarding, night par- 
tics, noodles, blackjack. netduke. 
Danny's. Broken Cue... I'll miss 
this' I owe some people for what I 
may later be calling the best sears 
of my life. Boarding prefects. 
Indain club. Ki & his casino. Mexi- 
can parties, all Germans. e\erv- 
one who "did homework" in 
Danny's. Scott, Mamir. Koux, 
Jorje. Colette, Kerry. Beaupres. 
Al. some more "foolish games"? 
Scoob - zulen ! Sam. no more candy 
for you... Phil. Party time! Julz S.- 
"all my life..." JVP thank you for 
everything. I will never forget you ! 
Hilary... I'll miss you. 

Alex Arjanov 
Moscow, Russia 
April 27, 1979 

Matthew Christopher 


London. England 

October 6. 1979 

Things I love: Nutella, touch- 
down Tan. Rudy, 
lohnny&Rhonda (yesssss! i Big 
Grainger, Co Hens Co, 
Scubby&D.G. Al&pizza?! 1 love 
Joe. Shawn loves Robin; on an 
unrelated note; Brazzzzzzil. Bop, 
un poquito por la maricona. 

Florida ' l > 7 . Nikec. do you conic 

with the dunkaroos? Bingo with 
old people, Poker&Cookie Crisps. 
Thank you Romina&Subhash. 
After- \fter-grad'97, ( Inanda Day, 
Kev&Naked Kev; I'm not sure 
w huh I like more. Mr. Gray; The 
Notorious B.O.B Hilary, I'll be 
there lor \ on; "Return of the Mack. 
you know that I'll he hack" Dame. 
you're jusl a young puppy and 
I'm the big dog. Mummy, I love 
you more&Daddj always will be 
the Great One. 

Well it's been six years with a few 
slop-, here and there, wov, what a 
long and strange trip! Do/ens of 
DT's and numerous Saturdays, 
well that's .ill behind me Spares, 
what an adventure ; >' Good 
friends come and gone. 
Dl .SC..RL..KL..PF..JM..RB. 
Uways to be remembered, never 

I oi gotten Ah Damn s.thememo- 

i ies! I ook ahead to the future but 

glimpse at the past. It's better to 
hum out than fade awa\ ' 

Garth Baylis 
Ottawa, Ontario 
September 24, 1979 

Wow. 5 \c.iis .a \shbur) gone by so 
quick \ lot ol things have happened 
some had hut mostly good 1 can recall 
an incident that involved pi//a al 2:30 
in the morning. 11:30 roomraids and 
running the 2.5. The finer times in- 
cluded painthalling with the boarders, 
snow hoarding with Pat and Liz. play- 
ing coffee house with Shawn. Char- 
lotte and Isabelle, Baseball champion- 
ships in'17. and playoff in volleyball. 
The change from hoarding to being a 
da) student w as hard. Thanks to SKCG, 
and JK and [he hoarders for letting me 
he a part ^i Woollcombe in my final 
year rhanks to Alev for the loonies 
you lost playing pool. Kouka you re- 
member the movie kids'. Julia .... 
would you not!. Charlotte thanks for 
singing and lor patience. Pal G. 
Snowboarding BuddC. RJC. CR. 
Rev. F. MAP. DF. JK. and SKKG. 
Named or not named you'll always be 
remembered Elohim and ihe Pedes- 
trian will be back 

Dan Beaupre 
Ottawa, Ontario 
October 8, 1978 

John Bethune 
Ottawa, Ontario 
November 13, 1979 

Seven years .it Ashbury and lots ol 
memories. Poker till 8:00 am. Don'l 
call me JBJ. It" you dyed your hair 
blonde it would explain everything. 
Anybody ha\ e a che^ > or some marsh- 
mallows? Chiclet. New Years '98. 
OUZO, beer burgers. Golfing at Troon, 
March Break in Marco Island, Niki T. 
OFSAA *98. Hey that reminds me of 
somebody else I know' Costa 14 years 
and you still haven't gone to the store, 
but you will always be the Pu ft Daddy. 
Natty you were the first girl who ever 
packed me playing basketball. Emily 
your onion rings taste the best. Mike- 
Tennis ball fights in your basement. 
Alan-Our buddies Mark and Wayne. 
Jimmy-Cruisin' on the Sovereign. 
Aimy 19 years later. Thanks to SKCG. 
LL. Big Mac. RP. And of course Mom. 
Dad and Grammy-thanks for all you 
support and encouragement. Bubba- 
I'm always thinking of you. 


Congrats 2 all the grads of 98 ! Thanx 


for a gi -is year & 1 wish U all the best! 

|v% .^ 

K.L.-ITI always luv U. we'll never 

ly ^■^^^■4 

lose touch no matter where we R in 

VrJ^_JV^ ^M 

the world-ONLY YOU haby! 2 all 

K. J^4' 

you guys, thanx 4 opening my eyes 
2 the WRESTLING world. SABLE 

i^^i^kv ^LW\\ ^^H 

loves you! V.P.-1T1 seel' in the ring 

4^. .mmWM 

and my basement. S.M.-is that you 


with the hiccups 'J K -we'll see U& 

Kamcol at the Oscars. M.C.-U bet- 


ter bring $800 2 our 25 yr reunion! 


K.S.-Play ffs-U against me' J M -can 
U pass the baby oil? Mom. Kev. 

mm / i 

Gramma and the rest of ni> lamily- 

—\ wr 

U've been the best-] lu\ U more than 

^m^mW\ V ^^H 

anything in this world! Mr. & Mrs. 

Treinblay-UTI always hold a spe- 

Aimy Bryden-Loiselle 
Ottawa, Ontario 
February 2, 1979 

cial place in my heart. Pat-the last 
2.5 yrs have been ihe best yrsol my 
life. 1 love I with all m> heart. 1 
always have cc 1 always will. 

Trackairls-Churchill 4ever; Boogie 
Nights; Grads&Semis; ONEC; 
Claridge Homes; ToniB; Country mu- 
sic; U2; Karen; "I'm not a debator"; 
oral presentations with MHP, 
Shaunagh. Dave&Sir Tony 111. my 
hero; programming with RJC&Rob; 
math with Chantal my sis, weights 
with Alex. VJ&Jon; MAP; GGT's ,,| 
fice; Tom "Featherstone" Cruise; 
vou're welcome Dann; love triangles, 
crushes & hot chocolate; Liz+Fight; 
Sophie's punk; Charlotte the poet; 
Shawny the harasser, naked Kev, 
Matthews&Mrs Baxter, crazy Russian, 
I isj Magnet Magnus, Chris, email 
buddies-AS. FD. JY, PL. PH. NT; 
Elmwood+Ash=Al, Caroline. Fi. Jen. 
Katie. Laura. Nana. Rob & everyone 
else- I miss you all already (Matl-I 
think you'll gel the drift) Thanks to all 
m\ teachers/coaches sv. especially 
Mom, Dad, Col. & Mo foi everything 
& tolerating m\ moods lu\ Hil, Hil- 
billy. Bill. Larry, Hilroy. the H. Ree. 
Bev-Go IRISH! 

Hilary Gwyneth 
Richardson Burn 
Ottawa, Ontario 
April 28, 1979 

Pamela Chahine 
Beirut, Lebanon 
September 28, 1979 

Two years have passed, hut the 
memories of an unforgettable ex- 
perience will last forever. Kelly 
you made it, you won in the end 
and you got Puffy and every- 
thing else, but wait you're too 
old!! Don't forget to invite me to 
your wedding, Mooch, Jen 'Is 
there a volleyball game?', 
Caroline 'You work too hard' 
Shubs, Neff it's over, we're fi- 
nally out! Chris 'but you don't 
need to know that for the exam', 
Biku - I'm still waiting for my 
kissogram. Good luck next year 
Jyoti (B...) and keep that smile! 
"Ouch, my neck hurts." Soccer, 
curling, yearbook, pizza guy, 
doorknob & doorknob sidekick, 
greenish blue, "There's nothing 
wrong with staring", "I want one 
of those!" Guess 2. 

It finally had to happen. ..I'm leav- 
ing Ashbury. I want to thank ev- 
erybody I know for the wonderful 
time I've had, but I must now find 
my happiness in another kind of 
wood. Major thanks to my parents 
for making the sacrifice and sup- 
porting me in every way, Arthur 
for being so cool, June {well, you 
know), my bro Chris (date for life), 
The Polks (my second home, my 
second family), Pam (just ask), Dan 
(giggle), Jyoti (Jyoti!), Radha (Dick 
Morris), Em (tfie parties and the 
trips), Matt (Gogo, je t'adore), Eric 
dear, Jen (this — big), Charlotte (the 
lounge and English class), Julie and 
Emily (the coolest Gr.lO's I know), 
Ian M. (if only you were older), The 
DebatingSociety (esp. Ben, Andrew 
N. and Titus (special thanks for 
keeping count)), WES, GRV, MS, 
and too all my other loves, Thank 
you and I'll miss you terribly. 
SPELL MY NAME ; ) " What'ill I do 
when you are far away and I am 
blue, what'ill I do?" 

Caroline Chan 
Barrhaven, Ontario 
October 6, 1979 

Ashburv Fashion show, a link be- 
tween us, especially through tall- 
d. On the phone, forever exchang- 
ing the valuable thoughts, Leba- 
non style, Korean style. PAM, don't 
worry, you will be the first one 
who will be getting a call for my 
wedding. Afraid of speaking up to 
specific ones. Forest G and Door- 
knob. From Pam with phone, Jen 
with blonde, Sue with violin, Jyoti 
with M&M, Neil with Mell, 
Caroline with gossips, Bikalpa with 
non-existing kiss o gram, Candice 
with Biku, Tony with physics, Chris 
with height, Julia with Sun Flower 
Seeds and my sister Erin with sto- 
ries & rugby, I love her the most, to 
Mell with HGP & HGB & laughs. 
Puffy with long curly hair-my Big 
brother, Bernie with languages, 
Tania with discussions & advices, 
here I am moving. Very special 
thanks to Dr. Hopkins being al- 
ways there for me to come by and 
bug him. 

Kelly Baekyung Choi 
Seoul, Korea 
May 2, 1978 

Jamie Clarke 
Ottawa, Ontario 
November 30, 1979 

I can't believe I'm going to be fin- 
ished high school forever. It seemed 
to take so long when I was but a 
minor niner, but now that I look 
back on my years at Ashbury, 
(seven in total), I realize how 
quickly it went. I don't think I 
would have survived without some 
friends who have been so support- 
ive and entertaining. B.V., DM., 
N.M., Tony Macaroni, GUY., D.B. 
the senior football team and the 
baseball team, and anyone whom I 
missed. Some of the teachers I need 
to thank, Mr. Varley, Mr Coles, Mr. 
Gray, Mr. MacFarlane, and Mr. 
Penton. Special thanks to mom 
and dad. 

Remember, always be yourself and 
don't let anyone stand in the way 
of your dreams. 

Mathieu Collette 
Beijing, China 
September 16, 1978 

The Dawn Of A New Age! KamCol 
will rule the earth. JK-eeeee!!oo!! 
This was our year.VP-That's it, 
get out of my car. I'm serious get 
out of my car! JM-bargaining in 
China, time to get some new shoes. 
PT-Tormenting Mr. Rice was the 
best. AB-you better have $500 in 
25 years. HN-Soils and Glaciers. 
JW-Talks. SM-the best parties in 
town. ID-bonne chance au Casino. 
JC-Tiger, punching contest. NS- 
kinder surprise and movies. KL- 
Prep. AM-Can I have my Diablo 
back please. MT-Don't argue too 
much your cat will go crazy. Five 
great years of football. AMB-Roof- 
tops, 1 1 :00 phone calls. Thanks to 
all the boarders: SA, AA, DR, MR, 
PT, ST.C, MS, KS, SK, RB. Special 
thanks to the teachers who put in 
so much-NJ, RC, AN, PM, RIG. I 
would especially like to thank my 
parents who gave up so much in 
order to send me to Ashburv. 

Amigos una cerveza por favor. 
A motto well learned. A few 
things to ponder. 5 years of 
hockey, two city champion- 
ship, countless injuries, and 
great friends made , a special 
thanks to SKG. Football, "ti- 
ger" I never thought the nick- 
name would stick. City final- 
ists '97 Rudy you were the heart 
of the team. Golf K.S., J.K., 
S.M., M.B., M.C., A.M. you 
have to love free passes. It's 
been fun and the ride's only 
just begun, so sit back enjoy the 
ride and I am sure our paths 
will cross again. Thanks to 
everyone who has made the 
past 5 years memorable, take 
care and best of luck to all. 

John Connelly 
Ottawa, Ontario 
August 3, 1979 



Anthony Delvecchio 
Gloucester, Ontario 
March 25, 1979 

It has taken me 7 j ears at Ashbury 
College to recognize the truly 
meaningful elementeofm) high 
school career. All oi which hap- 
pen to be inanimate objects Spe 
cial thanks to: the hoi chocolate 
machine m) longesthighschool 
relationship; the mirror ball in 
the theatre [smirk]; the librarj 
bookshelvea always room for 
one more potato; and the Cor- 
vette [big smirk] Advice to fu- 
ture grads: don't let high school 
interfere w ith > our education. 
Seriousl) . I've had a wonderful 
time. I want to thank EVERY- 
ONE - friends, faculty members, 
and above all those who man- 
aged to be both: Mi Coles, thanks 
tor making it all entertaining. Mr. 
Thomas, thanks lor making it all 
count. And Mrs. Jowett, thanks 
tor making it all make sense. 

94, '95, '96, '98, I'll never forget 
mj years at Ashbury. Gr. 9, 

boarding with RR,JS. Driving 
in the Civic at 4am in the mar- 
ket Gr. ID. thanks to DOC that 
made me realize that 
chemistry+physics+me=0. Jen 

remember 30 hr famine.. Trip 
to Florida with Alicky! My 
experience at Coffee House 
with DB. Hey Dan what a hard 
time! SSJ, PL, MD, VP. O. 12 
Montreal. ..It went by too 
quickly. CE you're the best xx 
Then, 'back in Gr. 13, Syl, I'll 
miss you and our lunches on 
the terrace and Bagel Bagel. 
Thanks to MC for everything. 
Le Bop, ma deuxieme maison, 
(ya ya I know) Al, NN, MAP, 
MZ, AV. Je vous adore! 
See ya Ashbury and good luck 
to everybody!!! 

Isabelle Deslauriers 
Hull, Quebec 
May 10, 1979 

An Ashbury education has 
helped me to one day fulfil my 
dream of becoming a flying mon- 
key, like from The Wizard of Oz, 
and tor that 1 will alwavsbe grate- 
ful. But it is the people I wish to 
thank for not ostracizing me be- 
cause of the antennas, long tail. 
and hard exoskeleton which 
make me different. Specifically, 
thanks to the people in all my 
classes and more importantly 
those who helped make the mo- 
ments in between great. 1 don't 
want to leave anyone out, so "You 
know who you are". Super 
thanks to those who shared some 
laughs, food, conversation, fire 
walking and ritual sacrifice. May 
the inside jokes live on and tor- 
ture those who never knew of 
Ashburv. "Warrio." Bestwishes 
to everyone. 

Bryan Estabrooks 
Ottawa, Canada 
July 27,1979 

Marcus Dirnberger 
Wakefield, Quebec 
January 5, 1979 

Feels strange to finally leave this 
place. Manv people to thank: Mr. 
McLean, Merritt, Tanod, Angus, 
Simpson, A. Thomas.Dominic, Mr. 
Ewashko, CM, P.L., D.M., M.M., 
N R J.S., DR., B.L., AD. (What a 
triangle THAT was!) The list goes 
on Things to remember; "Anyone 
seen mv ssnorkel?", "Mustard! 
Snoutwack!", Jazz Combo, "Last 
Minute" (no kidding!), •'Scatologi- 
cal'", "Consecutive Growling", 
Choir Trips, DENMARK!!, "Gone 
shopping vet?", LB. Compositions 
(AHH!), "The Mirror Ball.", all 
those shows with CMT(learning to 
tap- Thank you Peter), HotChoco- 
late, "Coffee 'Ouse'V'I.B.Eng. With 
Mr.P!", and much more! Thanks to 
all the staff! I'm going to miss the 
place. I've had some of the best 
vears of mv life here (7 yrs! ) Time to 
move on though. Best of luck to all 
upcoming musicians! Advice for 
future musical grads: Never con- 
fuse Haydn with Handel and never 
ever put things down the bell of a 
baritone. Till we meet again' 

Fiona Eden-Walker 
Ottawa, Ontario 
March 16, 1979 

"That's not the moon Mel that's the 
clock tower" I don't know how we 
met but I know fate had something 
to do with it. This applies to you 
too Tara wav back in gr8. Iqaluit 
and V A are prettv far places, what 
are the chances!? Tim, I never fell 
in love until I fell in love with you 
Having vou for as long as I did 
made me the luckiest gal in the 
world. Cheers to: DG and lunch at 
mv house, CM, NB, Twins, Skankin 
Skat, AH, LS, AS, KL, Matty Key, 
Lex RJ.ES.M.Sacco, Robs, BH, the 
great Ash & Seb, Punk Crew, 
Warped '97, UranusTour and spots 
on the window, AM ,EJ, Ditz, the 
Peons, the Oxvmorons, MAC, 
MrsF, MrS, MrC.'all mv Buddies in 
gr9 & Shamir. I love the great, 
loving, giving family that I grew 
up with PEW & MEW, thank you 
for an education & saying all that 
needful info that I disliked vou tor 
at the time but will someday use 
tor some reason I don't know yet. 
That's me and vou know it! 
Cheers to my best companions ot 
all time: Al.'Simon, Nick & Kako 

R U Sti II Down I Remember Me)? Foot- 
ball '94--97 Ruabv '95-'98 MKM Oil 
Spill in Dallas '97: Glen. Matt S. 
Shoulders. Boyz 'N' The Rock: Matt 
B Shawn. John C Too much to re- 
member... Never forget the decade ot 
decadence when rock, rap and wres- 
tling reached a scientifically proven 
level of perfection. ( Mr. Roboto. Don't 
Sleep On It. Sheik el Adnon) Grad 
Tnp' 1 CB and Ash! Belgian ladies. 
getting punched in the head by Robert, 
Casino Playa Dorado (Alex?), fat boys 
on the beach... EngOAC/lB two years 
of fun ne\er broke the crazy U for- 
mation, far loo many people to name 
'em all. just one; Nick M with Das 
Kapitale. Weird classes physics 4a, 
chem oac. . . work and fun together? eh ? 
The common Ihreadl si ' " So you 
think school's hip and with til Teach 
ers that helped and to whom 1 give 
much thanks in chronological order: 

•Double diamond hotel ' Ribo?' "Girl 
of my dreams, dreams are as bad as 
they seem." - Hayden 

Philip Francis 
Kingston, Ontario 
August 9, 1979 


Elizabeth Joan Frank 
Chelsea, Quebec 
March 13, 1979 

Party in grade nine, 24 seconds left in 
the game, green naii, Italian ice cream, 
who's at the door?cars in lakes, exit 
signs, chunks/davis (what were we 
minking?)x-c skiing, the "list", syn- 
dromes, lexus rides, painting to 
madonna, d-sized, Moist /IME,this is 
better than an...., what planet are you 
on #47?Sophs has seen the Pole-land 
, Banff '98, Clint, texans, password, 
waslander?!? jen you're one of a kind, 
missions, phatties (what's that smell 
dad?), rankin's cottage, char's hip 
attachment, Birthday 
presents(oops!),flavourof the week, the 
day ( 7 am!), welsh soccer team,george, 
pro's friends x 5, spandex, Nahanni '97, 
the Hip, Randv (what is that thing on 
his face?), bowl o' pressure, the 
"goal",Fazzo, monster,/ boxes, wrong 
boyslblind love,which one will it be, 
jen? a mustang tony? tournaments, 
OFSAA x 3,dancing'in blizzard out- 
side Pizza Hut, menthane girl, open 
the windowlThanks to JW, CH, SK, 
moments... to DS,AS,MH,]V,MAP,]I, 
MM,TD. Thanks to Sr. Barefooter, 
Dragon and G F Frank, you guys are 
everything. Engage. 

May I suggest something a 
little. .hmm, sinful perhaps!! Alicky, 
who? Also known as thumbs McCoy, 
al, ali, lickster, ak, alex, alexandra, 
chicky, alikiki, malicky, balky,, 
not the alcoholic(gr 9). From loafers 
and braces to heals and illegal ear- 
pierces, ash has left me with memo- 
ries and friendships I will never for- 
get! To Robs,Eruption! Lola Beggles 
n'struddles, K-T\ bootmeoffthebus, 
nans treatthemirror, shush 
howrwegettingtoschool, hil 
tennisclubbud, carry beergulp, 
rebecs, yaknow!, volleyball off-sides 
rock, Paula, deepchats.icq,chenel#5, 
shawn, whvrumad@mebiglug, ya no 
ehh, Hamie's! Kambites.. p. e.tesfs sly- 
stay farrraway! Kev, baho, HOT TT 
and Scubs(#T), thanks for alwavs 
being there! To all the rest, Domini- 
can fives on biggitv bop! I love you 
all. stay in touch. To my coaches & 
teachers, thanks for the opportuni- 
ties. Mum, dad, slidog, you're the 
best. Goodbye sweet hot chocolate 
machine! Good luck grads of 98'. 

Alexandra Frewer 
Ottawa, Ontario 
September 5, 1979 

I can say that during my years 
in school I longed to finish, 
hoping everyday could be the 
last. But now I've realized other 
things; school days are our best 
days. So to all you Ashburians, 
enjoy each moment of 
Ashbury. Remember, don't put 
off for tomorrow what you can 
do today. Ga bye 2 ma home 

"Queen of da Pack". Ronette. 
"Bruce Lee". Sheila. "ILL 
NaNa". Nana. "I Swear". 
Shubbs. "Franky". Amy. Peace! 
I'm Out (4 Good). SEE YA! 

Nefertiti Gittens-Stronge 
Freetown, Sierra Leone 
December 23, 1979 

Ki Goo 
Seoul, Korea 
June 23, 1979 

Three years of Ashbury Col- 
lege was not that fantastic. 
However, I loved the 'Ashbury 
food'. Two hours prep, bed 
time, 9:05 Detention and Run- 
ning 2.5 miles. I enjoyed my 
boarding life. Thank you ev- 
erybody - African, European, 
Asian, Canadian and Mexican. 
Special thanks to Mr. Grainger, 
Mr. Thomas, Mr. Featherstone, 
Mr. Keyes, MissCarleton, Mrs. 
Ford, Mr. Holeman, Mr. 
Wearring and Mr. Miedema. 
Oat, Felix, Sam L. Riza, Seoung, 
Duncan, Noshad, Bikalpa, 
Sherry, Koux, Malik and ev- 
erybody in the boarding flats. 
Our Business is not over Oat. - 
Black Jack -. 

Robin Noel Heffernan 
Ottawa, Ontario 
16 December, 1979 

People change. I cherish the memo- 
ries of Manotick, Elmwood, Gr. 9 
France, chocs, U2, Camp O, JWs '95, 
Camp K, L1TS '96, Staff '97, Arlos 
Girls, B-Ball & toumis, V-ball, Rugby, 
Stanstead, Choir, being tone deaf, 
ISMF, Rebellion, fav neighbours, C 
House, 1C '98, Dic2a, physics 4a, 
Eng3e, P5 chats, phys ed„ DR '98, 
roomates, Big nights, my 3 part dance 
move,gastritis,CHS-Li, canoe trips, 
Picasso, Top 5, Coffee House, school 
dances, summer nights, movies, 
Dairy Queen, crushes, commitment 
phobia, lunches in the Tuck Shop, 
making faces, horoscopes, weight 
training, Gr. 12 parties, laughing, 
dancing in the rain, mud fights, keep- 
ing secrets, Bevs at SM's, "take the 
risk", and all the time I've spent with 
good friends, teachers, coaches, over 
the past five vears. I leave knowing 
more about myself. Big hugs and 
kisses to Mom, Dad, Bri and Magoo. 
Love Robs xo - "If our hands should 
meet in another dream we shall build 
another tower in the sky." The 

I'd been deceiving myself: what 
I'd called indifference was in 
fact aversion; The motivation 
for it had escaped me, because 
here as elsewhere but there it 
was; and it was this trip that 
made me conscious of it. 

Milan Kundera "The Joke" 
I'll remember you, Writing Ma- 

SuEun Heo 
Pusan, Korea 
January 7, 1979 


— ^a 


Charlotte Hill 
Ottawa, Ontario 
October 31, 1980 

, si. 

spont two years at Ashbury 

ollege.and it's incredible how 

low time flies. Ashbur) Col- 

legc has been the best thing 
that's ever happened to me, 
thanks mom and dad for mak- 
ing all this possible. Bov am I 
going to miss it. Hillcrest for 
life! "Only fools learn from ex- 
perience; I learn from the expe- 
rience of others." -Bismarck 

I hree years in 800 i harai ins 1 

I here is so nun h to s.i\ In n\v 
friends thank you & 
remembei lenawangan rai kers, 
Benjamin Buruij ■ Gladstone, I i/ 

& l)-si/n\g, Dan-coffee houses, 
Mu hele \ on re mv I ero\ . I e 

v loune Samuel, Aaron-oh my!, 
Sladia&Marsh- thank you, 
Danny's, the boarding crew, 
mood swings, smokaee, hot 
chocolate, Kim toothpaste, 
skinn\ dipping ( ot too talks, Ian- 
throwing rocks, choir & choir 
trips Mexico!, the Monu Pj 
thou c rew Brian & Noil, Maiko 
my little roorm . rugbj & soci er 
girls, lutiuli.i, me lounge", had 
nun ies, Ion. Caroline, Pam & the 
IB English crow rod hot pas 
sion.' Steve-lots&lots. Ion Mat 
again. Sofa & loss- I Float My 
Boat, lo those from the past 
Claire, Shawn, Matt, Greg- lsend 
my love. Mr. Ponton, Mrs. K., 
Ms Noonan thank you for the 
ongoing support & of course 

Vincent Karam 
Majdel Belhis, Lebanon 
June 9, 1979 

I ho biggest thing thai l want to 
take with me is the friendships I 
made and never to forget the run 
Memories from the football field, 
keggers .it Shawn 5, weight train- 
ingwith VijfNOT BUFF), hanging 
out 111 the sauna, taking over the 
work! with kamt ol nriagii il jour- 
neys to Buglreland with K.\ pi 
ing golf with tiger, getting high 
two from Boh Cray, gutting lec- 
tures trom Matieuuuu, listening to 
Joe s sinister laugh hanging out 
wih my spare lnnl Alicky, De- 
stroying Pat at Mario Karl. \m>. 
taking us to Senators games, 
Nick. ..well Nick is Nick, Rudy, 
Shawn and loo talking lank, 
Maaaaaaat and the II lor hooking 
mo up, my Greek brothers \l,-\ 
and Scuby and to all tm other 
friends thanks tor a great fiveyears 
I also wish to thank my parents, 
Mr. Gray and Mrs low eft for their 
inspiration II w as I IO t I I I I I I " 

Christopher William 

Ottawa, Ontario 
April 10, 1980 

John Kambites 
Hamilton, Ontario 
September 25, 1978 

And now for the write-up: 
Alter 4 years, 7 seasons of vball, 
2 broken hands, 1 Nationals 
weekend, 3 billion hours of home- 
work, and 1 used-too-much- 
pick-up line, it's finally over. 
Thanks to all m\ friends who 
helped me through it (espccialllv. 
those in room 224 1, you know 
who you are. DR '98 - raise the 
roof. To my incredible parents, 
who have opened every door for 
me -I thank you. Mr. Revenaz-if 
it wasn't for you, math would 
still be foreign to me. Mr. 
Miedema, these last 4 years of 
volleyball have beeen great - and 
my career has not yet hi t the wall. 
Mr. Mousseau, thanks for turn- 
ing me onto club. Finally, Mrs 
Jowett, you are definitely a 
teacher like no other. Thank you 
for believing that 1 was capable 
of more and never letting me oj u 1 1 . 
To all those out there: be young, 
have FUN. Hey, you know what? 
It's over, I did it. 

Sophie Jane Kerr 
September 11, 1980 

A little taste of two years at 
Ashbury: less Lottie- You signal 
my intentions. Jen-Uugh! You're a Treat 'em mean. ..Talk about 
stringing. Spice up vour life! Diss 
Yo. kerrv Erin-Sailor Moon 
double act. SheimUy!/ (Wheezing) 
Heather-Down at the peanut gal- 
lery, See ya in the pit. Dave/ 
Shaunagh/ Robin- Roomies! it's 
vour Big Night tonight. Liz/Jen/ 
lony- Wanna go for lunch? Amv- 
Has he dialed yet?Shaunagh-You, 
me. Kurt, and a Go-Go Bar... Liz - 
How man) ?6?7? Let it rip, Gutter 
Girl, Ian- you're the bomb. AJicky- 
Soccer Songs(Oh, I think I love 
you I len/Robin- Weightlifting 
Chicks' Robin- Dr. HeebyGeeby. 
YouhaveTHl moves Mom Dad'/ 
Georgia- I missed your lectures... 
Ok, Well, you too. Calculus- There 
is alw ays an easier way. Ah, good 
times. Thanks to all friends and 
family Ipresent or not) for your 
support. To all the grads- A little 
decorum, would you please? 

Two years, countless friends, and 
the time of my life. Boarding made 
the difference; the late night par- 
ties, the lewd showers, the 'maud' 
jokes, the zanv Indians, the proud 
africans, the comical germans, the 
krazy koreans, the mperfect pre- 
fects, the wild latinos, the tortur- 
ous teachers, the devoted Mrs. Kane 
and everyone else in Woollcomho 
There are a few guys that i would 
like to thank personally, they know 
who they are. This year has been 
great, and i owe a big part of it to 
them. For the girls that l know . mj 
15% is due, but since i'm leaving, 
send the cheque to one of my asso- 
ciates, otherwise i will have toCYW. 
;-) There is still one person i need to 
mention C, u a re the sun, the moon 
and the stars to me. I think i have 
mentioned everyone if not, sorry. 
Well, i guess ive How n the cuckoo s 

Bikalpa Khatiwada 
Kathmandu, Nepal 
June 23, 1980 

Sylvie Lamouline 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 5, 1979 

Well this is it, another stage 
done.Congrats to aU.The past 4yrs 
taught me a lot about myself. What 
stronger LK- you've always been like a 
sister to me, wherever I go you'll be in 
my heart.LM-1 line can t sum up the 
past,thanx for always standing by 
me.LS&AS-Da best roommates 
ever!AB-tharix I OUl.ISA-we won't 
give up the lunch ritual.RA-the talks 
were great, what are you going to do 
now?BA -don't worry as or dec. U can 
was the only time you will ever catch 
me wa tching wTestlingThanx for keep- 
ing an eye on meAF-DONT stand so 
close to melMS-Dominican made up 
for the past 4yrs!BV-It's been 
funlMom&Barry-fhanx for putting up 
with me throughout theyears, I know 
it wasn't easy at times.Mom you gave 
me the best, 1 love U with all my heart.To 
all, good bye and just remember to 
follow your dreams and never give up 
hope. If you want something bad 
enough, you'll get it. Good Luck& 

4schools in 5yrs. So many memories. 
ABL "Only you..." I've enjoyed ev- 
ery min. w/u. PT-Thanx 4 always 
beingthere. FrydayGirls/'Shritup, 
little darlings..." AB-If only we d 
met sooner, u'r so good 2 me. LS & 
AS-8yrs later & still chillin'; I luv U 

fals. Dilly,u'rlOO%sweetheart!The 
ush/Pr'ep/the bench/the rock/ 
B.C. /France/ 
Dominican. ..Apparently *#?!$.. .Raise 
the roof. OFSAA. Sstrong like the 
Irish. JL- je t'aime. CA-glad U made 
it 2 Ash. SM-Pssht! Clem -on a tout 
fait a fond, je t'adore. MC- roulette, 

f)rep-talk...u'ra truegent! MS-prob- 
em w/ the radar, sorray!! AF- 
Elmwood to now, tons of fun. To the 
gals: AF, RH, CA, SS, LM, NKK, 
ABL, SL etc... It's been fun! Katie vs. 
Joe, teehee. AM-4 what it's worth, I'll 
always luv U. Special thanks to JK, 
AS, CM, KF-great coaches, special 
people. To my beautiful family: Mom, 
Papa, Charley, Marcela, iMoelle, 
Bryant, Miguel, Sebastian, Donnell- 
presh, Francisco, I love you all and 
wish you health and happiness al- 
ways. Thank you. Toodles. 

Katie Lazaro 

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

August 11, 1979 

Streetballing.watchin' and 
learning, ballin' with the Bombs, 
representing, a trip to Denmark, 
Stvna and the Christina. Sam the 
gay bar. One yr. Boarding 
International. M-concerts, B-plays 
and physios. OC-Transpos. Lat'es 
'n' DTs, skips 'n' worries. Scratchin' 
'n' mixin' Cd. OACs, OKCCEs. 
UniversitieS.& the closing Day. I'm 
done, finally. 4years of my life at 
Ashbury and also 4 years of my life 
inCanada. It was a challenge and it 
won't be forgotten The challenge 
will continue as i graduate from 
here and move on. Thanks to all 
who helped me throughout the 
years of my stay and best wishes to 
y'all. Don't forget: There's a lot 
more to see, a lot more to do and a 
lot more to learn out there. Live 
your life to the fullest Peace. 
PS:My thanks: DT, BE, VK, NS, 
DSDBs, JK & the OKCC members 
and much love to KU. Very special 
thanks to my parents for their un- 
conditional love and support. 

Sam Lee 


September 12, 1978 

Brendan Leung 
Hong Kong 
February 7, 1979 

Three years three years in 

Ashbury, how was it?.. ..I'd say time 
well spent! Memories of good times 
and bad times were flashing in front 

of my eyes I don't know about 

you, but I definitely had a great 
time at Ashbury. First day of 
school., 'why do I have to come to 
school 30 min. early and sit in a 
class room doing nothing V.' ... first 
swim meet. .'who's that geek in a 
speedo ??'.. first semi- 

formal. .'couldn't the people just 
spread out V.' ... first day out taking 
picture...' why's that guy looking 
thru a water bottle ?? 
whatareulookingat ?'. There are too 

many things to mention but I 

must thank all the teachers and 
friends for their support over the 

past three years Mr. Coles, Mr. 

Miedema, Mr. Wearring, Mrs. 

Ford Neil, Jen P., Roland (when 

are you going to have another party 

?), Chris K., Ivan thank you 

and best of luck to you all. 

Roland Lichem 
August 5, 1978 

It all began in the year 1993, 
when 1 walked through the 
wooden doors of Ashbury. All 
that I have experienced will 
soon become memories. 
Thanks to all those special 
friends who have made my stay 
at Ashbury more 

enjoyable. ..especially AH S., 
Biku, Nadia L., Robin H., 
Gabriela S., Alex A. and 
Brendan L... 

Eso es para todas las estrellas, 
Victor ('naranjas'), Jorge ('Aus- 
tin'), Ricardo ('rico suave'), 
Fernando ('don juan'), Ivan ('el 
zorro')y Gustavo ('chamaco')... 
Thank you to all the teachers 
who have taught through the 
years that hard work and dedi- 
cation pays off... I am off to 
University. ..***el lobo 

Cheers to Jamie. C and Ben.V (some- 
day you will realize that us Brits 
are superior, until then I will pray 
for you) and Dan.B, for being such 
a Dan. Also, thanks to those I got 
along with (or so I think). That 
being FEW, FV (don't forget our 
World Cup bet), CH, Mr Penton 
and all me mates outside of this 
school (please play nice). If I forgot 
anyone then you probably weren't 
important enough. I hope every- 
one mentioned here succeeds and 
the rest all fail miserably. 

And finally, just to shut you up... 
"soccer" (although do not assume 
that this means I have said this 
dirty word). 

Just remember that ambition makes 
you look pretty ugly (TY) and hy- 
ing is the first step to failing (HS). 
'miff said 

I / 

Vick Malewski 
London, England 
[anuary 11, 1980 



Shawn Malhotra 
South Central Los 
December 28, 1979 

Den) 'I tenj 'I >eny! I didn'l do it! 
I m shll waiting lor my red ja< ket 
I hanks to e\ eryonel! Kev ~i ou 
thought thai ■ gonna 

blo« you awaj ' I ha Colors Keep 
it read [oe-What did girls want to 
do with you?? Rudj 1 low 's 
i. in rnej I \!mm so good I s < ubj 
We built the ball program, Pal ^ » >n 
better own the Sens, Ryan-1 thought 
I told you that we don't stop! I mill 
the lovely ladies-Thanks lor the 
headaches! \nd oi course .) super 
big th.mks to Robs, I couldn't have 
asked for a better best Friend, 1 love 
you! lo the rest ot the boys the I 
crew-Rick lames forever, l)it/- 
never forgel playing suns' .h 
Kumar's Return ot the Mack Kill.i 
iummei school/Hull/ 
Florida Washington Dominican/ 
legendary parties Bop the Rock/ 
c oBensCo? Duh..FidoDido?/Ca- 
sino Football Sunday's football/ 
hockey tennis/baseball/ Munch- 
ing??- 1 still haven't gone out tor 
dinner" thanks to 6igMac/BK/ 
1-2.1 ST1LI WANNA ROCK 1 " 

fa all those who made life here 

tolerable, thanks. 


To Aidan, remember.. .+ to + 


and - to - 

To Sarah, who knows where 

thoughts come from, wiggle 


To Mike "the P"-My friend/ 


V ^ 


y ' 

To GHS- The clouds will al- 

ways hide u i til the moon 


To C.C. of T.A.- Good luck in 


To A. Leslie and the mainte- 
nance crew. ..Thanks for all the 

aircraft cable 

Kevin Massie 
Milton, Ontario 
March 31, 1980 

In Requiem 

Se\en vcars ha\e passed. seven 
years in which Iprobahh owe as much 
thanks to the hot chocolate machine as 
to the people around me lor the happy 
journcv 1 have learned how a tie 
works and why the Dominican Repub- 
lic is better than this frozen tundra 
ever could be and that there is no waj 
to mention everybody in 800 charac- 
ters (including spaces), but mostly I 
have learned that I can't stay. Better 
things await and e\ery night from 
now on will be Dave's big night. Thank 
you to everyone who has made that 

"I don't want to achieve immortality 
through mv w ork, I want to achieve it 
through not dving " 

Wood) Allen 

Anik Merchea 
Ottawa, Ontario 
St Pat's Day 1979 

Dave Maxwell 
The Glebe 
June 9, 1979 

Thanks Mom & Dad. You have 
given me the greatest gift possible, 
and 1 will he forever grateful. Rev. 
C Fulton, you always listened to 
me, and helped me a great deal, I 
will always remember you. JM, we 
went through a lot together, and 
we are kindred spirits, may we both 
find the light we seek. RJC: all Kan 
say is 5 years \S: goodluck Scan- 
dinavian boy and I will always re- 
member those great "Rick Pick- 
MC: we fought, but we always re- 
mained friends. I could always 
count on you and that will never 
change, OH Yeah, "Collette The 
Best A Man Can Get", that was for 
grade 7. TD: you know more about 
me than anyone else, and I trust no 
one more. You could always make 
me laugh, no matter what. You 
knew when to call too, thanks 1 
care about all of you dearly, and 
wish you all the best of luck. 

Michele Megson 
Ottawa, Ontario 
May 23, 1979 

"Trying to cope in the world when 
you're just as dumb as everybody 
else, only uglier."/ Scuby: theory 
guides, experiment decides. 
Phonocomb's bassist, groovy un- 
derwear: vou understand./ Doug: 
not even monkeys! Mo'money 
mo'bitties, girls who put ke\ 
scratches. ..You're my friend. Stay 
jiggv./ Chuck: We '11 never be cow- 
boys, (tie in mouth) Oh my!/ Kat: 
no beauty will ever compare to you. 
Don't change./ Bullet/Blade: sad 
days, combo Cat PFK, Mount Gay. 
I don't want two green apples, I 
need them. Dumb'n' Dumber. 
Shadow, please stop smokin' la-la. 
Hi-tops, you lazy-eyed crazy man. 
I can't believe they don't give re- 
fills on pitchers' No me gusta lini 
Bean/ Helios: Fi, Greg, Jen, Keeley 
Velocity, Liam (sno), Marsha, 
Nadia, NWO, Robin, Swoosh, NJ, 
dance with yourself, and wag umi 

Listen to the MUSTNTS, child 
Listen to the DONTS 
Listen to the SHOULDNTS 
Listen to the NEVER HAVES 
Then listen dose to me- 
Anything can happen, child, 
-Shel Silverstein 
To mv friends: vou know who you are- 
thanks. (HotHotHot-Baily's off an 
Englishman-vacuum cleaner boys- 
don't telL..!-] am not Benedict Amold- 
Cheroset-cottages and ice-cream cake- 
hockey games-hockey guys (you love 
it, I know you do!!r-semi-permeable 
people-Canada days-champagne and 
chocolate-oh vuck, she told you 
you?-Singapore (giddyupFToronto- 
random road trips-camping on the 
peak-gimmie a guy hug-little M-new 
years- tigger- 

Maman et Papa- 1 love vou lots- thank 
vou for everything 

Chantal-wnatwouid Idowithoutyou? 


Aaron Meyers 
Aylmer, Quebec 
November 6, 1980 

Alex Mintsioulis 
Ottawa, Ontario 
September 25, 1979 

5 yrs of smash-mouth football & 
Rock'em sock 'em rugby. Thanks 
to all my coaches, DF, Bobby Gray, 
Patch, WES, and Mr Herique. To 
my best friends Dave, Fiona, and 
Craig Smith (who left us in grade 
9), to the Greek Brotherhood (three 
strong and counting), and to my 
brother Steve, love and luck to all 
of you. To my teammates, I could 
never have asked to play with a 
better bunch of guys. We were 
never the biggest, but we were al- 
ways the meanest. We'll all meet 
again, and when we do, I'll enjoy 
running over each of you like I did 
everyone else. There's nothing 
wrong with getting in touch with 
your violent side.. .winning isn't 
everything, but if you're losing 
feel left out, don't worry, I have all 

the important paople written down 
in my Oscar speech. 

These past years at Ashbury have 
given me great opportunities. All 
which 1 have enjoyed, learned from 
and will never forget. Ali-this IS 
our last...gonnamissya. Aim-dont 
4get all the crazy things. Becca-I 
think I. ..and never 4get the CC! 
Sly-Through thick&thin u know ill 
b there. Angie-class buddy! Keep 
up your 4x4ATV career. MattyB- 
leBop! Kates-Raisetheroof! MattyS- 
"Matt that man's bothering me!" 
room#395(Hatie), Top.'Femando- 
chaval!no olvides hi amiga Tica! 
Gus-mi ahijado, la creacion! 
Jorge(Austin)- "shah pon los 
zapatos en el closet!" Victor-Es 
viernes! Gracias a Montreal! 
Naranjo! Remy !apuestas!confite! 
escritorio de economia, locuras!el 
futuro nos espera! TQMxS! Mami 
y Papi gracias por todas las 
oportunida des que me han dado. 
Everybody: good luck and enjoy 

Laura Cristina Miranda 
San Jose, Costa Rica 
February 21, 1979 

1 entered grade five at Ashbury as a 
little nine year old sporting a'very 
stylish green blazer. I saw those 
giant blue jacket people and 
thought how far off it all seemed. 
Now 1 am there, saying goodbve to 
my blue blazer at the end of a long 
journey. There are so many memo- 
ries that I will take with me: 7k, 
singing with Mr. McLean, grade 8 
camping trip, Mr. Merritt, vou are 
the trumpet god, jazz combo, espe- 
cially Otterdale, Mr. Sir with no 
pants, a broken door and the Kellv 
dance, senior school music my fel- 
low musicians, I learned a lot from 
all of you, Denmark "I hope you 
know where we're going, Chris", 
Last Minute, MAP and the Coffee 
House (Caffa 'Ouse), it was so dam 
intense, wassup. LL, JM, PM, MK, 
LT, AA, GT, NJ — vour teaching 
was inspiring. Bryan, Deven, 
Emma, Matt, Neil and Jordan — 
thank you all, especially for mak- 
ing me laugh so much. It's time to 
go, but you'll always be with me. 
Thank you Ashbury, it was fun 

wr n 

Christopher John 

Mountain, Ontario 
2 May, 1980 

Joseph Mouaikel 
Aylmer, Quebec 
17 June, 1979 

Well, what can I say, nine years 
have come and gone. My experi- 
ence as a lifer at Ashbury shall never 
be forgotten. NickS, AlexM, KevS, 
it's been great knowing you guys 
for so long, even since the Elm wood 
years. MattB and Allan, we'll al- 
ways chill. Pat and Aimy, thanks 
for all the hockey tickets. VK mj 
Leb pal. Vijay "The Rock" and 
wrestling king. Shawny you're al- 
ways there to have a jankfest. MartC 
and JohnK, China will always re- 
mind me of good memories. Et 
maintenant Candy... Grad trip '98: 
"come back here, the difference 
between you and me is that I'm 
sexy". Special thanks to coaches 
Mr. Gray and Mr. Featherstone for 
showing me that there is a fitness 
side to the "Big Bad Shawarma" in 
Football and Rugby. Added thanks 
to: NJ, DS, GA, MM, MS, GGT, 


Matthew Mount 
Ottawa, Ontario 
May 4, 1979 

Wassup?! September 11, 1991. 
Stepped into a world of crazyness, 
7K. Who would have thought that 
first year of fun machines and a 
mulridude of INSs and projects 
would lead to 7 amazing years. 
School always seemed like an 
extenrion of me with the time I 
spent there. Never forget Running 
in Manhattan/"Lets make a CD 
Right!?/Scotish MacGables/BlO/ 
Last Train, "Matt we gotta go!" 4:30 
AM "I'm lost!!"(tanx for keeping 
me alive)/Winter Hot Tub/ 
Wassup Cancun. Dancin at Senor 
Frog's/Maybe??/Cubanos in the 
Library/L'ast Minute/ Jazz 
Combo/ Drag Racing Down 
Beachwood?j(?jf Forever/ "What? 
Can't Hear Ybu"/2nd Cup?/Mu- 
sic Room Madness. Tanx Bryan, 
Chris, Dev, Jord, Neil, Tony, 'and 
those I'm missing for the "many 
adventures. Thanks to those who 
helped shape me: MK, GRV, NJ 
PC, KDN, GGT, LAT, A A, JM, and 
PmcL. Thanx Ash, it's been fun 
Wassup 1 ! Keep Smilin. 

Hello people. It is time to say: 
Thank you, Kouka, for keeping me 
up with your dancing. I will never 
forget Semi-formal dance with a 
very special person "Laura" y con 
toda la raza y mis compadres.. I 
will never forget one special friend 
(Fernando Valenzuela), "he's sim- 
ply the man". Compadre, la pase 
fregon en Montreal. Nunca olvides 
el metro de Montreal. Jorge, no te 
olvides del ladrillo que tenemos en 
la Embajada (Hermano). Gustavo, 
mi ahijado, nuestra creacion, voy a 
extranar todos los fines que 
pasamos. Ten cuidado con "Old 
Navy Rocks", dale gracias al 
celular. Maria, Thanks for taking 
careofmeonerime(durete). Laura, 
gracias por hecharme a peder mi 
espanol. Recuerda siempre que los 
gays salvan ru vida. Recuerda que 
solamenteyopuedocantar: "Canto 
al pie de tu ventana" Never forget 
Montreal!! Remy!, Cementos 
Atlante! Laura, no me da pena decir 
qe TE AMO v novios por simpre. 

Victor Manuel Naranjo 


Monterrey, N.L. Mexico 

September 24, 1978 

JoRgE NiCoLaS 
nAsRaLLaH mArOn 
TaMpICo TaMpS.,MeX. 
October 17, 1978 

\ unas de las pocas personas .1 los 
que quiero agradecer son a mis 
padres, porquegraciasaellospude 
estar aqui, gracias pur su apoyo \ 
.n uda, \ estero que se mantengan 
mucho riempo .1 mi lado Gracias 
abuelitos, son lo maximo 

Y e! resto es para la KaNpA 

In 1997, sex was -.iii\ pleasure 
was .1 business and business was 


lh\n\ boarders, da) students, 
1 ,1 1 iNoS ( rl u you .in- the best 

I hAnXtothatspet ial person You 

know who you are!!!!! 

I azy mExiCans???? 
What do vour MeaN? 

WiSh YoU LuCk 

sEE ^i ,i 

Foui j ears later, I'm graduating. 
Fun! To my sidekick/Stinky and 
mj best friend, thanks Qoveyou 

111. 111. it'-, been great' Anmn am <■ 
and POW1 Rful charm will lead 
to the girl eventually! Stephers 
you rock, keg magnets, Burger 
king Period, jungle pants Ross, 
lunatics-we got .1 nine Viijaay! 
I ho Spunks Me&Commonroom 
Boys- David, Gr.12 French. Snow- 
plow. Poptarts in my pants. 
Fizoulis. Crazy h.ur Mar< us 
A&G adongdongdong 

WWRafting, whore's Kev? Mont 
Ste Anne, Chaperones' T.nt has 
the cranberry juice ! I'o my men- 
tors: NJ, TAD, DS, WES, GA, GT, 
GS; thanks tor everything. Thank 
you Mom, \liss\ . Rj an and Dad 
up above tor .ill the hugs. Babye, 
until next time! 

Katrina Norris 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 16, 1979 

Typical grad write-up anyone? MyS 

years at Ashbury have shaped my 
life and changed me in profound 
w ays. Grade 9 - New York and Es, 
burger-binders w ith Mr Robertson 
and France with Caroline el al. 
Grade li 1 Mr. Zrudlo and 
Chaucer/ Ariel. Grade 11 - Den- 
mark, zombies in Amsterdam, 
gables, three fingers and the 
Bngroupable group. Lasttwoyears 
and IB English with Mr. Penton - 
red hot passion, fundamentally 
honest, morally ambiguous, "oral 
:ions"; IB History with in- 
tellectuals. Thanks! HEM i the guys 
from mv past). mv grade Ills, MHP, 
C Duschinsky, I \T, RJC, Mrs. 
Ford, yearbook, band, the lounge. 
Thanks Caroline. Pa m.Kellv, Char- 
lotte. Michele, Dan, boarders. Tho- 
mas and volleyball, football cheer- 
ing, and every body in all my classes 
or spares who made life interest- 
ing Mommy, Daddy, Booboose, 
Clancv University, lite awaits ... 

Jennifer Polk 
Ottawa, Ontario 
25 October, 1979 

Ryan Power 
Ottawa, Ontario 
August 3, 1979 

Grade 9, fro. Now, no fro. 
Dave. didn't even go to 
Ashburv" and It's your fault most of 
my work was late! Thank you. But 
you all know what I say. ."till" that 
noise! KS, M.S., AM. Want some 
Nutella? YO, I thought I told that 
we won't stop! AM.. We don't even 
know how to stop! Kev, Pat. Here's 
to Lake Louise, Joe E. Tata and the 
Easiest Way. HI Amy B. Remember 
dming lessons and washing mv 
hair? Sorry. SM. MV. IS, AM. Just 
land in the air man! Punk is Dead! 
80's live! Summer school. Pizza 
Hut. Duhh.Fido Dido? Viiay. 
What's up! Uh.I applied to Yale. 
MW and the curling team. Better 
luck next year! NJ, I appreciate vour 
encouragement, TD, CRY, Rev. F, 
Thank You! Mrs. N and MN. 
Thanks for the second home! Steph. 
I'm a turnip! 

Keep in touch. Katrina, if I built a 
place, vou could come, Jor. Stav out 
of trouble. Mom and Dad. Thanks 
for the sacrifice, support and love. 

Vijay Puri 
Ottawa, Ontario 
February 22, 1979 

I had a dream, I had an awesome 
dream! The past seven years of mv 
life made me who I am today: a big, 
brown, greased-up, love- 
machine. ..o.k. maybe not, but I'll 
always "Remember The Times" 
when Shawn, John, and I sang that 
song for kareoke(we won). 
WAZZUP! Jooo-ohn! We'll always 
I'monly laughing because I'm Hav- 
ing problems with the radar sir.. Scub', 
1'mTheWIZ!. .. Coach Grev thanxxx 
for the great times. ..Football Is Life. 
H'lvou know who you 
are).. Katrina!. Jank from Joe /Rudv. 
Jon&de'Bovz.-DlTZ'Weall live for 
the Sauna/DEF-VACCOM'! Hev, 
thanks to NJ, RP, MAP and 
I \.\.T.A./Matiuuw?'Aimy/Pat 
just go to vour basement, I'll be 
there. Hev Nick' I know that I 
missed people, I'm "Sorry", just 
remember that Vij Loves vou 
XOX..See va' in the Sauna 

Whassup! Junior School Dragons 
RuleCadman follies TRE KRONER 
Main Duck Is Grade 8 camping trip 
the beginning of an outdoor epi- 
demic: Schooner lake Mt Marcv 
bear attack Mt Washington NO 
Jazz Combo: Toronto Niagra Falls 
mini putt till midnight Camp 
Otterdale! New York Denmaark 
Legoland "Turgor" Toronto: Rag- 
time & Rent Theatre Ashburv : Zom- 
bie through Nightingale OAC 
fins with Marsha. Many thanks to 
those who shared. GRV LTanod 
NJowett ML RJC Angus Doc 
GGThomas [ Merntt! LDFTDuggan 
ZrudloCMiedema RHolman RRice 
Kelly Me! Chris Jordan Matt Bryan 
Tony Deven CK Emma Erika 
Masquel Jen Caroline Kim Michele 
Pam Sophaloph Chill Nana Allan 
The Horn Section Julia Ian i 
and many more thank you all for 
making my 7 years at Ashbury so 
memorable. Ta ta 

Neil Rasmus Rask 
Chelsea, Quebec 
September 2, 1979 

Deven Rath 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 24, 1979 

Greece, Algeria, Peru, Great Brit- 
ain, Spain, Canada, five years at 
Ashbury were the best. Costa Rica 
'94, Washington '96 and Mexico '97 
(VIVA MEXICO), 4semi-formals, 5 
ice breaker picnics, 2 hiking trips, 
and 2 ski days. 2 DT's, 2 parking 
rickets and Mr. Gray's threats of 
scratching my BMW. Mr. Pelletier's 
"Epicentre of Intensity", Geo with 
Mr. MacFarlane. Pretending being 
a fundamentalist terrorist. Frisked 
beforeentering class. AKA Bad boy, 
Pretty boy, Ivan Drago. Driving 
borders and macking Biku's girl. I 
want to thank Mr. MacFarlane who 
has been like a father to me, Mrs. 
Jowett, Mr. Stojanovic and Mr. 
Lister for pushing me above my 
limits. Mr. Miedema (El CAPITAN) 
you always made me laugh. The 
Mac boys Roland, Bikalpa, Ali. My 
Hispano brothers Jorge, Victor, 
Fernando and Gus. To my sisters 
Gabriela, Candice, Defne, Nadia, 
Mona 1 will always remember your 
friendship, you are all in my heart. 
Adios Mucnachos! 

Seven years of Ashbury to sum- 
marize in eight hundred char- 
acters . . . Instead of going 
through the multitude of 
memories (from fun machines 
and plaster of Paris to Rec 
Hockey and oral presentations 
and the Blazer to Cancun and 
everything in between) and 
inside jokes acquired over that 
time, and trying to mention all 
of them while respecting the 
character limit, I would like to 
give my thanks to three groups 
of people. My teachers, for 
teaching me how to think, and 
occasionally making the pro- 
cess fun, my family, for your 
support and understanding, 
and my friends, for making all 
of it fun and memorable. 

I'm writing this one month before 
the year finishes up and I feel that 
Ashbury is a great school. I was 
already graduated from where I 
come from. Mexico, and suppos- 
edly I came here just to learn En- 
glish, but I learned so much more, 
and I feel glad to be a graduate of 
Ashbury College. I'd like to thank 
everyone who taught me some- 
thing in one way or another. I'll 
never forget this year because it 
has been so special. My advice is 
to take advantage of the huge num- 
ber of opportunities that Ashbury 
offers. Thank you. 

Ivan Saenz de Heredia 
Madrid, Spain 
July 28, 1978 

Lucy Sanchez 
Madrid, Spain 
December 12, 1979 

Rodrigo Rios 
Merida, Yucatan, 
June 17, 1978 

Things I have learnt at Ashbury: 
Boarding is a whole different ball 
game, stress is the ultimate theme 
at Ashbury, Rugby is the only real 
sport and always rage against the 
system. There is more to the five 
years that I have spent here though: 
Frieday Girls, the spirit lives on 
forever. Dylan take care and be 
good! Sylvie da best, Dominican 
forever,' "Raise the Roof". Katie, 
you're nuts, but you know how to 

Barry and make me laugh, love ya! 
'evon, nobody compares. 
Amanda, after prep friend and 
chillin' buddy, I love you, I'll al- 
ways have a smile on my face when 
I think of you. Becky, my adven- 
ture buddy, never say never. Sean, 
Rob, Eric be good! Amy, just do it! 
Angela, to many memories, we 
thrive in the art of lies, however, 
we made it. Be proud, it only hap- 
pens once, I love ya and I'll miss ya. 
1 can never forget my famblv, thank 
you mum, Jose, Juan and fJuth. To 
all my teachers: Thank You. To the 
class of '98: Good Luck. Finally, 
Aron Rules!! 

Jon Schow 
Metcalfe, Ontario 
February 22, 1979 

"I remember times I've had, some 
were happy some were sad, 
memories of me and my part- 
ners." My time at Ashbury has 
been filled with its ups and 
downs, but I have always found 
a way. Matty V and Aaron, my 
boys, memories of Lake Louise 
and going 'out of bounds'. Ryan 
stay a way from the cider. Vij keep 
drop kicking and stay hottt. 
Now to my ladies, Nana, 
Caroline, Robin, Alicky, Steph H., 
Katrina, Bridget and any I forgot 
stay beautiful. Shaunagh all I can 
say is Liebhobin for ever. Kat, 
Steph Bobbie lives and haunts 
me. What's up Shawn, Kev, John 
C. Matty S, Jorge, Joe, Skanannie, 
Pat, Marsh T, Deven and all the 
rest of the crew. See y'all in 2 

"Though I long to embrace, I 
will not misplace my priori- 
ties: humour, opinion, a sense 
of compassion, creativity and 
a distaste for fashion." 

Matthew J. Scuby 
St. Albert, Alberta 
February 15, 1980 

Nick Seppala 
Ottawa, Canada 
July 21, 1979 

["o be honest I've hated school foi 
.is long as I can remember, but I'll 
always appreciate the education 
in.! experiences I'm taking awaj 
mtli me \K thanks to \shbur) foi 
nine good ut nol Ion.',! years rhe 
sports (basketball & rugbj (and the 
musical opportunities \ r ou A c pro- 
\ ided me w ith define who I am 
todaj More important though I 
wanttosaj goodbye to all mj teai h 
ers especial!; tol r.,A.S and N I 
for getting me through m j Ashbury 
career Special thanks to fohn 
Merritt lor his musical influences 
and lor simply being one of the 
greatest people 1 know. I'll never 
forget the close friends that've 
helped me through life on (ho out- 
side of highschool, Matt "Papaa 
dfulasyou" Kambites,\ ij therock 
and peoples champ" Puri, I M. & 
\ k i\l\ two favourite lebs). Ti- 
ger, A.M. and the rest (you know 
who you are! Good liu k to all of 
you in Ihe future whatever you do. 

I hank no" Ma & Pop I u 

thine thai j "" ha\ e gi\ en and 

taught ""' I '"li I learn the world 

from you. I hanks toMr. Ma< &Mr, 
Zettel I thank ( .•»! foi the theatre 
and everyone in it I unm Mike 
m\ darling Koss. my sister Alex, 
and k"ki i \o\ ed out talks lo all 

the friends with whom I grew 

Chrissie, Nana, Fiona, I aura and 
Katie tor you, the world. Good 
luck to ineiuls lett behind: Devon, 

Dilly, Aron. Nick, anil Marco. 
Fryclaj girls rule' NGF nose best. 
Hayle; we stick together Mandy 
in\ new best friend". Michelle - 
wot, Is , ant s,i\ Sylvie you are 
definitely da best! Be< k\ [\o\ eour 
world And I u< \ w iili you I've 
shared the most ol me Kites golf, 
the bush, Ihe bench, and band - ha 
ha! Fun with friends All, RR, \l 
And Dominican '98 Bop-Bop-Raise 
the Roof! Oh, I .mi so happy. 
"Good friends we've hod and good 
friends we've lost along the way. But 
in tin- grail future you can't for gel 
your past soary your tears I say '-Bob 

Angela Singhal 
Ottawa, Canada 
October 23, 1979 

1 don't know where I came from, 
don't know where I'm going, but 
it'll be good Its been the best, it's 
been the worst. Felt the highs and 
crawled from the- lows Grade 9 at 
Glebe; pavilion, miracle I'm alive. 
I hen to Ashbury; Shmucker, Cof- 
feehouse, U2 "This close baby!", 
Cuba, Potato campaign, London 
Go-Go Bar. the Grove, Hull "Work 
it baby!", Top ? — . Oral Presenta- 
tions? Red Hot Passion Forever, 
Ireland, Lost in Galway, Manor 
Park Crew, Boyer, B-ball and V- 
ball teams (splinters), OFSAA, 
ChoirTrip bathrooms. Dominican: 
Big Nights, Roommates, Gastritus, 
Andromeda, Free from Desire, 
Arikikiki! Hot Chocolate. Thanks 
to those who kept me sane, or drove 
me insane: My family, |E, AF, RH, 
SK,CA,ZB,JS,DMand m\ mentor 
Mr Penton. Believe me, we. ire still 

Shaunagh Stikeman 
Ottawa, Ontario 
April 4, 1979 

Kevin Sullivan 
Ottawa, Ontario 
October 17, 1979 

The following have my eternal 
gratitude tor making these past 
years very hot My parents, Mike 
for leaving me in Perkins with 
Tommy. Hotty - we'll always have 
Florida. Matt) - well always have 
\ ickee, D.S. Vij - it's like a sauna in 
here, John - Buglreland beckons, 
Scuby - you want Boom-Boom, 
Nick, Pat and Aimy, Ryan, Kit, loe 
and Rudy keep talking jank, the 
ladies, NJ tor the Stone Angel, 
SKCG, BK, MS, AM, Coach Gray, 
Ditz and all the Sexecutioners, 
GWAR, Ken Daneyko, DEFVAC, 
Fred McGriff (see picture), Bryan 
Trottier, Scott Paper products, Joe 
E. Tata, and Ralph's - You can run 
but you can't hide! Finally, a spe- 
cial cheers to Mike, Rob, Dave, and 
Stew (the pink panther). Dean said 
it best: "You're some good kids, 
you keep me in business. Here, have 
some watered down Canadian!" 
Stay Hungry boys. 


Suvarnatemiya (Oat) 
March 9, 1980 

Bye Bye Ashburv !I would like to thank 
my aunt and uncle for putting up w ith 
me for the past 2 years and for always 
being there when I needed them. I will 
never forget what you did for me and 
I cannot thank you enough. I would 
also like to thank my parents and my 
grandma for supporting me through- 
out my high school years. Thanks to all 
the teachers for letting me sleep in class 
and for helping me when I needed it, 
especially the boarding teachers. 
Thanks to my roommate Nowshad for 
helpingmegrammarcheck,prix>l read- 
ing, being such a good friend for the 
past 2 wars, doing nu bear project. 
Thanks to KG for doing business with 
me after school- finallv our business 
has gone bankrupt. Thanks to all mv 
friends for making mv life so much 
better Thanks to veriezia Pizza for 
delivering fix*.! every night Thanks to 
Chinese and Thai food tor helping me 
survive. Thanks to mv friends m En- 
gland, Thailand and USA for caring 
about me. Thanksagain to BK. DF, CT, 
MES.SKCG.CM, MVV. AS, Mr,. Kane, 
|k, (I am business nun #1 1. KF. TN, 
RH, 1 DF. PC. 

Well, I made it. I can still remember 
grade 5 when I started my 9 years 
here. I will never forget the Out- 
door Ed trips in the green van with 
the yellow box 'o' fun. Canoes 
smashing in half, trees crashing 
down, and 200 mph winds tearing 
at my body. It started as a good 
way to miss Fridays, but soon 
turned into something that helped 
me tremendously. The vast num- 
ber of firsts will never be forgotten. 
Mv first car, first speeding ticket, 
first radar detector, first date, first 
... I will never forget: NJ, ML-, JM, 
RC. RH, Outdoor Ed buddies, 
friends, and fellow drivers. Re- 
member, if you feel like going some- 
where on a whim just do it! PS If 
whileon yourwhim you seea green 
Jeep w yellow tog lights in the 
mirror, ple.isr move to the slow- 
lane It you see a Corvette on the 
shoulder, please stop and help:-) 
See ya! 

Jordan Sweetnam 
Carp, Ontario 
July 15, 1979 

Hugh Allan Thomas 


New Brunswick 

September 11, 1979 

Guy do you know who the $@&* 
I am! Wo, guy. My 4 yrs. at the 
college; Talkin' jank 24-7. Foot- 
ball, and Rugby. Dynamiiiite! 
Keggers all around, especially 
Shubash's, Le Bop, le C de H, "Go 
nuclear, drop a bomb!" (Matty 
lost all his coin), and the Pige. 
The Elgin Street Diner @ 4 am. 
Washington and Boston '98. Do- 
minican '98 with CB. "Catch da 
ball ya boob!" "The difference 
between you and me is that I'm 
sexy" To my teachers, thank you. 
Cheers to the boyz, Matty, Joe, 
SM,KS,]K,VP and PT, may the 
jungle be with you. To my par- 
ents, a special Thank You. HA 
Thomas, Infantryman I s ', 
Ashburian 2 nd , Canadian 4ever. 
Army all the way, and back again. 
All the best to the Class of '98. 

Well, this is it, anything can hap- 
pen from here The last four 

years?. ..Le'me think. After being 
rudely transplanted in grade 10, 
Ashbury has Decome a place that 1 
have learned to both love and hate, 
I know I will miss this place and all 
the people who made high school 
for me. Special thanks to all the 
people who were part of the expe- 
rience: C. Friis(the man who started 
it all), R. Lawrence(and the 
Manotick guys), the St. George's 
guys, G. Baylis, Caroline, Jen P., 
Jen W., " All tnose y's and e's", Nat., 
Sam L., my soccer, baseball, hockey 
and track teammates, the older 
grads who looked out for me(Tobv, 
John, Rob, Sebs, Duncan and oth- 
ers), those wonderful 
boarders(especially my "Sister"), 
Neil, Dino, Jane, Sarah, Felix, many 
future grads and everyone else. 
And I could never forget all those 
"big" people who watched over 


"When one door of happiness 
closes, another opens' -Helen 

Dan Thomson 
The Glebe 
Halloween, 1979 

Sleep comes to no one else like we 
have falling through the ground. 
Fulfilling promises of endless sum- 
mer nights, I'm losing ground, 
you're losing sound. Somewhere 
through a thousand blues a drag- 
onfly descends with just a whisper 
- I'm lonelier than God. And all mv 
wishes spin the fishes in the air and 
everyone a different shade of you. 
And to the left where up is down 
there stands a zebra made of shapes 
of me it's silver and the sun. So 
bring no guilt with you up above 
the flat-line, lets just hit the sky 
exploding into one. ..-Hum 
To all of You who have shown me 
the way, Let's hit the sky exploding 
into one...(IM,NMJKR,KJ-of 
Walri + other 
SUB-POSSE-to revive old 
terms), (TD,AA,SA,3rdFLOOR), 
(MS,NT,AP,+FAM), (MM - a smile 
to remember)* anyone else- thanks 
for 4 great years. 

Fernando Valenzuela 
Zaragoza, Spain 
April 20, 1980 

Phillip Todd 
Ottawa, Ontario 
January 8, 1980 

Ya he terminado? Como MOLA!!! 
These last two years at Ashburv 
were wicked. Who could imagine 
that being Spanish, I would gradu- 
ate in Canada? The point is that I 
finished something that I've done 
everywhere in the world and's 
lasted 12 years!! I, nevertheless, 
wished I was done studying but I 
am at the beginning of a new era 
(again)... The only thing I've left to 
do is thank my parents, Fernando 
and Rocio, for all they've done for 
me. Maria, hermanita,buena suerte 
el ano que viene, sin tu hermano 
para protejerte! A few sentences 
that marked my years at Ashburv: 
-Vamos a olviaar! -Bare, Bare. - El 
Parlamento.- Vine, did u revise? - 
Montreal 1 y '2' (la Saga continua) 
- Feliz ano nuevo! - San Valentin - 
Viva Espana! I'd like to thank all 
my friends: Jorge B, Paulino, Eric, 
Jorge N, Vind, Tiger, Victor, Laura, 
Gustavo, Ricardo, Roland y sobre 
todo mi novia Sonia (Te quiero!) 


Pat Tremblay 
Buckingham, Quebec 
October 17, 1978 

Here's the memories forks; 
here's the memories 
Rideau Centre plant bombs 
Glen know's what he's doing 
on Thursday 
Unplugging the buffers 
Elguapo is near 
So, ya like stuff? 
Small rodents deserve a proper 
burial too 

Little weenies with ski poles 
I swear odiffer, it's water 
Lime green makes for interest- 
ing decor 

Chasing kids in beastor 
Parachute boy! 

TZ / NJ,AN,AV,WV,LV / W / AV, 


You didn't make me, you made 

me better. 

Eh d 'there! 7 years has flown by & 
what an experience it has been. N], 
there are no words 2 express how 
appreciative ! am for your patience 
& time, despite your tardiness. 
DaddyMac, your joke-de-jour & 
your early morning socialization 
class will always be remembered. 
Bobby, thanx for the 5 years of foot- 
ball & the endless supply of B-Ham 
jokes. Hottie, 569 Mariposa will 
forever be a shrine, Kev, we'll al- 
wayshave the phenomenal discov- 
ery of Ralph's. Rudy & Joe, you'll 
never cease 2 amaze me how far 
you'll take your jank, it's HILARI- 
OUS! VJ, once u move in there will 
always be lots of cold beer waiting 
for u.JK, "shut-up peanut gallery!" 
MC, we'll always share the com- 
mon foe. KL, we'll always have our 
4:00am's. 2 both sets of parents, 
thanx for everything, u are abso- 
lutely the best. Alex & Adam (&JK), 
anytime Goldeneye. Lastly, Aimes 
u are the absolute greatest I love u 
2 death (baby talk rulz). 


Benjamin van Veen 
Kingston, Ontario 
March 8, 1979 



Matt Veillette 
Ottawa, Ontario 
May 18, 1979 

Was up) .ill ' I low ssi h 
how's yo Mom? 7 \ cars nol 1 DT. 
I totallj fooled ya Sir how much 
is the well marbled? I hese guys 
arc .i bunch ol farmers Who 
needs girls when you gol bowl- 
ing Crazy l razj I low much is 
the Blue rare? lies [on nice 
tonguedo Chad give me bock 
m\ chindo Shadow how 'si arrj ' 
Blade have fun in the poonanie 
strip Poison Snow Qake (Bishop) 
Mount Ga) Rebecca thanks for 
.ill the chats, roronto boys 
Surfside i Airwalk FPK Hi 
Katrina. Should we tell Ryan 
what - going on \ I \ mi got nice 
foot Kambites how are ya par 
Ryan easj on the growers. Los 
Maricones. Ashley thanks for let- 
ting mi' sleep 1 u\ yalots Vvoid 
ing an avalanche: I ake the jump 
staj inair lOsecsand land on air. 
Ya whatever buddy. I .iter 

\ few words that have kept me 
inspired through theyears:"! le 

died with his lace in the mud" 

1 1 Penton. "It's not what j our 

ni do foi ) ou, hut the 
only thing to feai is tear itself" 
Eddie Murphv. "All he did u as 
bump the corner and his whole 
arm ripped off" Bruce. "If we 
gave the vote to the likes ,.t 
Ha Id rick, we'd go back to death 

bj stoning and eating dung for 
dinner" Edmund Blackadder. 
"Such are the changes which a 
tew years bring about, and so 
do things pass away, likea tale 
that is told" Charles Dickens. 

Kieran Verboven 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 2, 1978 

sue are you sleeping 1 " Late 
stud) again 1 1 have so much 

work to do. I'm going to kill 


Ol I DEAR. Hello? "Did hecall?" 
I am sleeping today. What 1 Oh 
boj Oh my goodness. Oh my 

i need to sign out this week- 
end like now. Nef - never forget 
nn yawn RC-Franky's got you 
hot like fire. This is a long one 
boy. I et's role our eyes today. 
Not today, maybe tomorrow 
"The phone is oft I miss Franklin". 
1 need coffee. Tea times. SAT 
studying I'm slow today boy. 
"Look Sue I wrote this much!" 

id job man." "Can you draw 
me?" You have a serious prob- 
Thanks to those who I'll miss, 
you know who you are. I'm gone. 

Amy Wadsworth 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 21, 1978 

Jen Wang 
Ottawa, Ontario 
March 5, 1980 

Phatsacs&missions, hveaks&peaks, 
Shaft & Walk On By, Rankin's cot- 
tage, Canada Da\z. mosh(\l&IME), 
OC Transpo, sell. 

wishingwelKWhit), Bust a move, 
Phoobs, Boogie Nights, Pstar, Spice 
Girls, Back St. Boys, laugh-ay, 
Waslander, IxTrojan, Coasters, Sub- 
lime, PVV . . and other nostalgia Bop- 
to LF(buddhahead). Sopha (diss), 
HB+MB, Alex+Dave(Goldene\e 
Punks), AD(vnoT), AF+Nana(icq), 
FEW MC CC fJTCH EZ BV JC, rest ot 
crew), TS, Greg Ross ( you), Lisa, [C. 
Shout outs: JH(BF),'AA(ChiefB), 
NT(succa), Seb+Shley, Glebe 
bovzjthanks for all the brews & 
chillfests), Mer+Whit, 

McCormacks(350, 1 - nighters), Dan 
B. Teachers who made a difference: 
LL, N], RJC A special shout out to 
my best buddvee, Tarek . you've 
been great! & "it's all good". Mom, 
Dad. Jon: Thanx for everything & for 

fiutring up with mv shenanigans I 
ove you and will miss you. Oi Oi . 
Absolut Graduation . yeah, babyee, 
yeah . . 



Conf d . . . 

Our last 
year of high 

school; the fu- 
ture awaits for 
^. those illustrious 

^P» few who have sur- 

vived and who will 
■^ live to move on- It is with 

w& heavy hearts that we de- 

part from the halls of this, 
our school, to venture into the 
world of other pursuits. We will 
never forget the good times we 
had, the friends we made, and the 
lessons we learned. Special thanks to 
all past and future grads; we hope you 
will have as much fun as we did. 

iIRlih 1 

^~ &~ m 

1) Jordan S., Chris M., Emma J., Deven R. having a grad ole time; 2) Charlotte H. and Bryan E. mugging for the camera; 3) SuEun H. and Kelly C. - allil 
decked out for the dance; 4) Ben V. grinning from ear to ear; 5) Blonde ambition - Katrina N. and Ryan P.; 6) Mr. Sparks and his boys - Matt O, Patl 
T., Allan T., and Alex M.; 7) Bosom buddies Fiona E-W. and Robin H.; 8) Laura M., Alexandra F., and Vijay P. - all smiles at the reception; 9) Dancing 
into the night- "Do you goto Ashbury too?"; 10) All grown up- Sophie K., Dave M., andShaunaghS.; 11) The happy smiley couple: Jorge N. and Paula 
R.; 12) Boy, can those boys sing! - Bryan E., Peter Larsen, Chris M., Dave M., and Matt M. - for the longest time; 13) Best buds Lucy S. and Angela S 




Male and Female Lifers 

Nine years ago, seventeen 
'ittle Doys entered Mrs. 
Lahey'sGrade5class. Eight 
class have survived until 
Grade 13. 1 think that Ispeak 
for every lifer when I say: I 
have known you guys for 
so long and I cannot wait to 
finally get rid of you . . . 
(Philip Francis) 

1ST ROW: Gregor Nelson, 
Wayne Diu, Joseph Mouaikel, 
Alex Mintsioulis, Jordan 
Sweetnam, 2ND ROW: 

Nicholas Cole, Kevin Sullivan, 
Matthew Brigham, Misha 
Gellman; 3RD ROW: Sammy 
Vaidyanathan, Clifford 
Roberts, Phil Francis; 4TH 
ROW: Chris Mitchell, Anik 
Merchea, Charles Cadman, 
Nick Seppala; Top: Ewan Mill 

pftOM s-u rt to 



ft Sill 

Polk, Jen 
Wang; 2ND 
ROW: Fiona 
Frewer; 3RD 
ROW: Lucy 
Hilary Burn; 









Phil Francis, 





Bottom Left: 





In Closing . . . 

Closing Ceremonies 106 

Awards 108 

Current Events 110 

Grad Survey 111 

Yearbook Staff 112 

Closing Ceremonies 


Right: Doc & Mrs. Hopkins - retiring after 23 
years; Above: Mr. C. Bennett, Dave Maxwell- 
Wilson Shield for A-house; Top left: J.J. Wilson 
- Year 1 History; Top Center: Mr. R. Napier; Top 
right: Hilary Burn- valedictorian. Oppositepage: 
Top right: Missy Leger - Hugh J. Robertson 
prize; Top left: Vijay Puri - MVL - Senior Football; 
Bottom right: Liz Frank - MVP - Senior Girls' 
Soccer; Bottom left: Tim Booth - MIP - Junior 





X Sports Awards 

Year 1 


Intermediate Music 







Hugh J Robertson Prize 

Ross McMaster Shield (Jr. Debating) 

Ashbury Guild Merit Award 

Ashbury Proficiency Award 

Year 2 

Computer Studies 







Ashbury Guild Merit Award 

Ashbury Proficiency Award 

Nicole Choo 

Danielle Simpson 

Sarah Bragg 

Ali Lakhani 

Adam Azzabi 

Brian Leung 

Tim Booth 

J.J. Wilson 

Missy Leger 

Jessica Greenberg 

Jessica Greenberg & Danielle Simpson 

Brian Leung 

Brian Leung 

Farah Merani 

Brian Leung 

Rachael Dobson 

Kelley Giffin 

Rachael Dobson 

Ali Lakhani 

Benjamin Barry & Kimberly Wong 

Rachael Dobson 

Senior Football 



Ken Guarisco Award 

John Biewald Memorial Trophy 

Junior Football 


Year 3 

Business Accounts 

ESL (Effort & Achievement) 

Core French 

Computer Studies 


Spanish (Improvement & Progress) 



Litterature Contemporaine 






Gary Horning Memorial Shield (Sr. 

Benko Memorial Prize (Jr Boarder) 
Ashbury Guild Merit Award 
Ashbury Proficiency Award 

David French 
Sae Park 
Omar Sheikh 
Jonathan So 

Alykhan Surani & David French 
Holger Mebes 
Sae Park 
Joel Boulvais 
Joel Boulvais 
Omar Sheikh 
Jonathan So 

Kirsten Weld & Andrew Magnus 
Tony Navaneelan 
Alykhan Surani 

Andrew Magnus 
Alex Littlechild & Holger Mebes 
Ian Howard & Holger Mebes 
Annie Tourangeau & David French 


MacFarlane Memorial Trophy 

Senior Boys' Soccer 



Arvid Paasonen Trophy 

Senior Girls' Soccer 



Junior Girls' Soccer 



Senior Boys' Basketball 



Connaught Cup 

Year 4 

Business Studies 





Computer Programming 




Coulson Trophy (Community Service) 

Bruce M. Hicks Public Service Award 

Charles Rowley Booth Trophies (Sports 

Ashbury Guild Merit Award 
Ashbury Proficiency Award 

Winston Bennett 
Jyoti Aggarwal 
Julian de Hoog 
Chris Cwynar 
Young Fan 
Brian Heffernan 
Young Fan 
Kerry Roulston 
Shan Pandher 

Julia von Planta & Kouka Sawadago-Lewis 
Jyoti Agganval 
and Sholarship) 

EmmaJowett& Duncan Rawlinson 
Monika Merchea & Tanya Navaneelan 
Young Fan 

Senior Girls' Basketball 



Junior Boys' Basketball 



Junior Girls' Basketball 



Senior Boys' Volleyball 



Coaches' Cup 

Senior Girls' Volleyball 



Junior Boys' Volleyball 



Junior Girls' Volleyball 






Europe '86 Trophy 

W.E. Stableford Award 






Cross Country 


Jamie Clarke 
John Kambites 
Vijay Puri 
Kevin Sullivan 
Alex Mintsioulis & 
Mathieu Collette 

Jamie Bresolin & 
Richard Holliday 
Tim Booth & 
Calvin MacLean 
Rob Prior & 
Daniel Pereira 

David Carr-Harris 
Nick Brewer 
Daniel Thomson 

Liz Frank 

Rieke Tinneberg & 

Pamela Chahine 

Pia Mastromonaco 
Missy Leger 

Matt Baxter 
Lee Greenberg 
Nick Seppala 
Robin Heffernan 
Shaunagh Stikeman 

Paula Romkey 
Liz Frank 

Eric Johnson 
Greg Ross 

JJ Wilson 
Jessica Greenberg 

Chris Kergin 
Bikalpa Khatiwada 
Chris Kergin 

Liz Frank & 
Katie Lazaro 
Shaunagh Stikeman 

Jonathan Petridis 
Alexander Boulos 

Emily Mirsky & 
Kalessy Lasserre 
Ali Low 

Matthew Scuby 
Ricky Bowness 
Kevin Sullivan 
John Connelly 

Aaron Meyers 

Caroline Anderson 
Nadia Lemp 

Hilary Burn 


Track and Field 
MV Athlete 


Contribution Award 

Senior Boys' Rugby 



Girls' Rugby 



Junior Boys' Rugby 







Hilary Bum & 
Dan Barbarie 
Zein Odeh & 
Ryan Semple 
Hilary Burn 

Chris De Jesus 
Philip Francis 

Fiona Eden-Walker & 
Robin HetTernan 
Julia von Planta & 
Heather Maclaren 

Matthew Ryan & 
Jacob Fonier 
Jamie Bresolin & 
Ryan Semple 

Jamie Clarke 
Rob Prior 

Matthew Veillette & 
Kelley Giffin 
Chris Tsang 
Alexandra Frewer 

'lop: Robin Heffernan and Fiona Eden-Walker with 
Mrs. Featherstone receiving the Girls' Rugby MVP 
award, the Prior Cup, at the Sports Banquet; Above: 
Jamie Bresolin and Richard Holliday with the O'Brien 
Trophy, their Football MVP award. 






Spanish Prize 

English OAC I 

Writers' Craft (English OAC II) 

Annie Tourangeau 
Fernando Valenzuela 
Sarah Dobson 
Kevin Sullivan 

Drummond D. Lister Award (English OAC III/IB) 

Anthony Delvecchio 
University of Toronto National Book Award 

Hilary Bum 
German OAC I Adrian Galwin 

German OAC II Julia von Planta 

Art Marsha Taichman 

John k B Robertson Shield (Art) Alex Mintsioulis 

Computer Applications Winston Bennett 

Computer Programming Young Fan 

Philosophy Young Fan 

French OAC I Young Fan 

French OAC II Hilary Bum 

French IB Aaron Meyers 

Physical Education Chris De Jesus 

Southam Cup (Sports and Scholarship, male) 

Matthew Baxter & Matthew Scuby 
Beardmore Trophy (Sports and Scholarship, female) 

Liz Frank 
Geographie Sarah Dobson 

Geography Mathieu Collette 

World Issues Mathieu Collette 

Sociology Robin Heffernan 

History OAC/IB Shaunagh Stikeman 

Michael B kirby Scholarship (History) Jennifer Polk 
Clive Baxter Memorial Prize (Contemporary History & Public Affairs) 

Caroline Chan 
Economics Jennifer Polk 

Economics IB Anthony Delvecchio 

Mathematics Anthony Delvecchio 

Dr. J. L. Ablack Memorial Prize (Mathematics) 

SuEun Heo 
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education 

Anthony Delvecchio 

Chris Kergin 

SuEun Heo 

Malik Amir 

Bikalpa Khatiwada 

Aaron Meyers 

Anthony Delvecchio 

Hilary Bum 

1. Chris Kergin 

2. SuEun Heo 

3. Brendan Leung 
Sarah Dobson 

Pamela Chahine & Kevin Sullivan 
SuEun Heo 
Gavin Reid 

Christopher Mitchell & Bryan Estabrooks 
Bryan Estabrooks & Radha Subramani 
Cast of "The Love of the Nightingale" 
Jordan Sweetnam 

Bikalpa Khatiwada & Samuel Ares 
Shaunagh Stikeman & Matthew Scuby 
Hilary Bum 

Christopher Mitchell & Bryan Estabrooks 
Alexander House - David Maxwell 
Hilary Bum 
Chris Kergin & Hilary Bum 



Leonardo Da Vinci Competition 


Ashbury Guild Merit Award 

Senior Music 

Music Prize (Jazz Performance) 

Music '82 Award 

Centennial Choir Prize 

Director's Award 

Outdoor Education 

Boarders' Shield 

1977 Cup (Character and Spirit) 

Edwards Cup (Intramural Program) 

Headmaster's Prize 

Wilson Shield (Interhouse Competition) 

Nelson Shield (School Captain) 

Guild Centennial Medal 

Governor General's Award (Highest Standing in Year 5) 

Anthony Delvecchio 



, .. ,: ",- ■ 




Top right, clockwise: Matt Lyman (second from right) celebrates the Ottawa Senator's victory with friends 
(photo courtesy of Patrick Doyle, The Ottawa Citizen, May 3, 1998, p. A2); Mild-mannered Canadian causes 
a ruckus on the international scene. Our home-grown hero, Ross Rebagliatti showed the world that Canadians 
can snowboard and nothing can stop us from taking home thegold.noteven marijuana (photocourtesy of Rick 
Lau,; A winter wonderland during the 1998 ice 
storm - Beautv among the ruins (photo courtesy of Dave Chan, The Ottawa Citizen, January 9, 1998, p. Al); 
Glaming it up'for thefirad, Ashburv girls got top billing for their fashion sense (photo courtesy of Julie Oliver, 
The Ottawa Citizen, June 18, 1998, p.F3); Diana will forever be remembered as the Queen of Hearts. Even 
amidst the controversy, we never lost sight of her and the good that she did. 


What a year it 
has been!!! 
1997-1998 will 
definitely go 
down in the 
history books. 
We watched 
the whole 
world go into 
mourning at 
the deaths of 
Princess Diana 
and Mother 
Theresa, and 
questioned the 
role of the 
media in our 
ives. The Clinton sex scandal shook the 
establishment and fueled the jokes of late-night 
talk-show hosts. The postal strike gave us an 
excuse for why our Christmas cards were so late 
in their arrivals. We went to school while our 
public school friends stayed home because of the 
two-week-long, Province-wide teachers' strike. 
Ice storm '98 (the "Storm of the Millennium") 
showed us that Mother Nature was still the boss, 
but it also taught us that as a community we could 
come together in a time of need. Ashburv trees 
were first ravaged by a huge rain storm in the fall, 
then by the ice storm'in January - the Grad gift was 
a bunch of trees for the front lawn. El Nino ravaged 
the planet with a year of the weirdest weather 
anyone will ever see. It also became the scapegoat 
for just about anything. On the sports front, the 
Ottawa Senators made it to the semi-finals, 
showing the NHL they were a power to contend 
with. We were all glued to our TV screens for the 
1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan - our 
hearts soared with Elvis Stoiko as he performed 
his triple- triple, and sank as he limped off the ice. 
The buzz of The World Cup of Soccer, France '98, 
brought us out in droves. Viagra was introduced 
-we're still not sure if it works, but there are things 
going bump in the night. The Canadian dollar has 
seen better days and the Asian Flu has hit the 
world economy. Steps are finally being made to 
bring peace in Ireland with a referendum pushing 
for changes. All in all, it has been a year to 
remember. Good luck to all in your future 
endeavors. (Caroline Chan) 


Grad Survey 

Join the military 1 Allan 

Best sense humour 

1 Vija) 

Get married m the Ashbury Chapel 

2 Kevin S 

1 Pat and Ainu 

3 Tony 

2. John U 

Most successful 

1. Tony 

Be a multi-millionaire: 

2. Chris K 

1 Tony 

Nicest eyes: 

1. Ryan 

2. MattC 

2. Liz 

3. Angela 

3 Dave 

Run amok in an orgy of violence/destruction 

Nicest smiles 

1 Alicky 

1 Vijay 

2. Isabel le 

2. Ki 

3 Sophie 

3 NickS. 

Best haircut: 

1. Michele 

Be elected Prime Minister: 

2 Alex A 

1 Dave 

Most laid-back 

1 Marcus 

2. Jorge 

2 Descn 

Appear on Jerry Springer: 

3 Lucy 

1 Sylvie 

Most athletic. 

1 Hilary 

2. Kevin S 

2 DanT 

Go bald in the next 5 years: 

Look the same at our 50 year reunion 

1. Vincent 

1 Anik 

2. Deven 

2 Brendan 

Win a Nobel prize 1. Bikalpa 

Most musical: 

1 Bryan 

2 Aaron 

2. Chris M 

3. Malik 

3. Sue 

Be the next Matt Perry: 

Most aggressive: 

1 Jamie 

1. Kevin S 

2 Alex M 

2. MattS. 

Biggest flirt: 

1 Laura 

Win an Oscar: 1 . Matt C and John K (KAMCOL 

2 Fernando 

Future librarian: 1 Kieran 

3 Phil F 

2. Ivan 

Most spirited 

1 Robin 

Be an airplane pilot: 1. Pam 

2 Shaunagh 

2. Jordan 

Most "jiggy" 

1 Nana 

3. Sam 

2 Charlotte 

Become a teacher at Ashbury: 

Most organized: 

1. JenP 

1 Robin 

2 Caroline C 

2. Caroline A 

Most disorganized: 

1 Katie 

3. Rodrigo 

Best handwriting: 

1 JenW 

Win the New York Marathon: 

Best dressed: 

1 Nana 

I Hilary 

2. Anik 

2. Shawn and Joe 

Biggest "Mac": 

1. MattB 

Become a lawyer: 1. Kevin M. 

2. Roland 

2. Ben 

Most busy: 

1 Brian 

Be living with parents in ten years: 

2 Hilary 

I. Shawn 

3 Phil f 

2. JohnS 

Nicest person 

1 Katrina 

Be a dentist, have a trophy wife. 2 kids and live in the 

2 Alick) 

suburbs with a dog named Spot: 

3 Kelly 

1 JohnC. 

Skipped most classes:!. Sylvie 

2.. Neil 

2. Sam 

Never to be a dentist, have a trophy wife. 2 kids and live in Best nails: 

1. Fiona 

the suburbs with a dog named Spot: 

2 Amy 

1. Pat 

3. Nef 

2. MattV 

3. Oat 


Yearbook Staff 

Another yearbook laid to rest, finally. It's after graduation, and a few brave 
souls have braved the halls of Ashbury to finish off the Ashburian. To all who 
helped out with photos, layout, write-ups and other various things, thank you. 
Thanks especially to Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Rust, Neil, Brendan, Caroline, Pam, Biku, 
Ali, Phil, Jon, Kim, Matt L., Kelly C, Young, Kelly F., Julia, Thomas, Bridget, 
Rebecca, Monika, Kerry and Jessie (in no particular order) and anyone else 
we've forgotten. We met all our deadlines, sort of, and didn't have to stay too 
late on too many occasions. When you glance through this book, you will 
hopefully notice the many horizontal eyelines and dominant elements that 
gave so many headaches and other pains. Hopefully you will appreciate the 
many hours of hard work and diligent efforts put into crafting a lasting 
memory of the year 1997-98. It's been fun, if a little hectic. (Jennifer Polk) 

Clockwise from top right: Bridget Adrian and 
Rebecca Anisman at work; Staff Advisor Mrs. 
Rust with Ali Lakhani; Co-Editors Jennifer Polk 
and Neil Rask flank Kim Wong and Brendan 
Leung; Staff Advisor Mrs. Ford; 7:22 PM - still 
working are Ali, Pamela Chahine, Jen and Caroline 
Chan; Thomas Derungs and Julia von Planta 

Whether alone 


in a group 




with a troop 

Andrew recuperating, Hugh 
and Stuart resting, Tondi and 
Anis replenishing themselves, 
Peter resplendent. 



A Druid of Dragons: Lucas and Matt resting on their laurels. 

Julian wanders behind Victor, Graham, Arthur and Evan 

Taking a Break 

Crumpets and tea, 
Crumpets and tea , 

We are the boys 
of Ashbury. 
We gather in groups, 
and let the time pass, 
At times in the gym, 
or else in the grass 

Taking time out of their hectic schedule, Ross, Rajan and Sascha ponder whether or not the Goblins 
have any chance at all. 


Clockwise from top: Arthur and Lachlan recuperating after the United Way Run; 
Alexander lost in thought; Billy with Chris, Matt, Sascha, Ross and Andrew refuel- 
ing. Opposite page: Its all down hill from here: Michael surrounded by Stephen, 
David, Colin and Cameron prepare to head down hill; Ralph and Lucas unstrung; 
Nicolas and Stephen - Men in Black; 

Whether in 


or pairs 

or in between 

it's always great 

to be a part 

of the f 

Ashbury scene. 

Page 120-121 Pairs clockwise from left: Lucas & 
Christopher, Michel & Judd, Graham & David in 
disguise, Ian & Omar, James and Samuel. Packs 
clockwise from left: Fives & Sevens enjoying the 
first snow, Sevens & Eights in the Fun Run, Eights 
all dressed up - here and in Quebec City. 

Page 122-123 Clockwise from left: Michael & Cam- 
eron, Josh & Barrett, Michael Johnson, Nicholas, 
Bryant & Chris, Ryan & Pablo, Nazaam & Graham, 


Large groups, small groups, 

or no groups at all 

Fooling around, kicking a ball. 

Andrew and Sandy hitting the hr 

Nicholas planning his move 

Daniel having a break 


r m 



• JIL 


B/IOC ROW: Mrs. L. Booth SECOND ROW: I. Turner, I. Tattersfield, S. Miller, M. O'Keefe, N. Jans- | 
sen, J. Russell-Brunet, D. Lenouvel, R. Wilson FRONT ROW: D. Tanghe, C. Perry, A. Doran, Ml 
Burt, C. Hunter, D. Soong, B. Lazaro ABSENT: K. McGibbon 

If I were prime minister I 

I would make a new law of no DTs. - Sandy Miller. 

I would make a law saying that there would be no creeds, no math verbs, andj 
no detentions - Daniel Soong. 

I would say that the teachers could not go on strike - Nicholas Janssen. 
Day 8 would be phys ed all day. - Dave Slaght. 
I would make every day Halloween. - Ian Tattersfield. 
I would make the DT room a swimming pool. - Robert Wilson. 
I would declare a holiday on my birthday, May 23. - Bryant Lazaro. 
I would make golfing a school subject. - Matthew Burt. 
I'd buy Hawaii. - Andrew Doran. 

I would change the name of the Northwest Territories to RADAR, the name of 
my teddy bear. - Daniel Lenovel. 

I would have the star wars A wing star ship as my vehicle form of transporta- 
tion. - Michael O'keefe. 
Day 1 would be all French, and every other day games all day. 

- Derya Jeroen Tanghe. 

I would make every second year a holiday in Canada. - Chris Hunter. 

I would sit back and relax. - Chris Perry. 

I would make the week shorter by making Thursday and Friday a holiday. 

- Keith McGibbon. 

I would have a contest for King and Queen of Canada. - Ian Turner. 

I would make the week of my birthday a holiday. - Julien Russel-Brunet. 



Matthew guarding the net 

FRONT ROW: R. Cushing, J. Buchanan, L. Huang, A. Lysyshyn, R. Naug, G. Santos-Neves, C. 

Bbck Q. Deacon 

SECOND ROW: Ms L. Lahey, R. Caprio, N. van der Does, M. Wallack, N. Charania, G. Booth, M. 

Gallo, J. Runnalls 

PACK ROW: D. Nestor, A.J. Pandher, C. Nicolson, P. Bolink, S. Rock, M. MacDonald-Beraskow. 

Now that I'm in grade 5 . . . 

We have a lot more homework. Cameron Black 

I get more projects, more math verbs, more assignments but less free time. 

Peter Bolink 

I am in the double digits. Graham Booth 

There are more teachers and it's harder to get good marks. Judd Buchanan 

I have more responsibilities at home. Ralph Caprio 

I can do homework quickly. Nazaam Chararia 

I am the shortest person in the whole school. Robbie Cushing 

I have to do a lot more writing. I am also older and like hockey cards. Quin Deacon 

I am a year older. I can stay up later at night. 1 learn more stuff like division 

and climate graphs, and I am a year closer to graduation. Matthew Gallo 

I get a bigger allowance. Lucas Huang 

We get more math verbs and creeds. Alex Lysyshyn 

I can join the cadets. Michael McDonald-Beraskow 

I love the fact that we get to play an instrument of our choice with, the one and 

only, Mr. Merrit. Romith Naug 

We have more teachers. David Nestor 

I have more work and projects. A.J. Pandher 

I can look forward to a better year. Colin Nicolson 

I can pick on grade fours. Stephen Rock 

I am in a larger class. Jeremy Runnalls 

1 can think back at grade 4 and say to myself boy was I small. 

Gabriel Santos-Neves 

I have the best teachers I had in a long time. Nicolas van der Does 

I broke my leg. Michael Wallack 

Alex, Peter, Stephen and Romith 

A.J. pacing the streets 


Thomas holds the fort 

Duncan and Michel (with as- 
sistance) have a ball 

FRONT ROW: G. Kao, M. Lesiuk, N. Mason, B. Sherman, S. Miller, J. Middleton, M. Mcenery 
SECOND ROW: M. Lafleche, A. Polk, T. Uden, D. Mackenzie, B. Karam, S. Street. R. Eyamie' 
BACK: Mr. G. Valentine ABSENT: Greg Pilon 

What's hot and what's not . . . 

Spandex on women is hot, Richard Simmons is not! Amen! - Rony Eyamie 

Nintendo 64 is hot, and Playstation is not. - Gary Kao 

G.I. Joes are hot, and Barbies are not. My nickname (Fridge) is hot, and any 

other is not. - Barrett Karam 

Computer is hot, Nintendo is not. - Michel Lafleche 

Ice is hot, Fire is not . . . wait a minute. - Mike Lesiuk 

A's are hot; failing is not. - Duncan Mackenzie 

Baywatch is hot, Batman is not. Goldeneye is hot, Bomberman is not - Neil Mason 

A few girls are hot, but most are not. Sportscars are hot, but Fords are not. School 

is hot, but homework is not. I'm hot, but Lucien Bouchard is really hot! - Matt 


Beavis and Butthead are hot; Care Bears are not. - Josh Middleton 

American Werewolf in Paris, Pamela Anderson, mopeds, Blueline taxis and ska 

are hot. The Brady bunch, George Bush, cars and Regal Taxis are not. - Stephen 


Mopeds are hot, certain drivers are not! - Greg Pilon 

The Simpsons are hot; Melrose Place is not. International Poeggy is hot. Polky 

is not. - Andrew Polk 

Seattle Supersonics - Hot; Vancouver Grizzlies - Not. Phys. Ed. Is hot, Social 

Studies is not. - Steve Street 

Skiing is hot; all other sports are not. - Ben Sherman 

Superman is hot; Doomsday is not. - Thomas Uden 

Rony and Steve out of uniform 

\ Kindle of Kids 

Joshua getting ready to leave 

Tim and Michel playing board games 

Peter relaxing after a long run 


BACK ROW: Mr. King, 

SECOND ROW: A. Amdiss, R. Maclean, M. Pratte, R. Franklin, M. Brown, J. Elcombe, T. Herauf 

P. Ivanoff, S. So, J. MacMillan, R. Pander, 

FRONT ROW: S. Adler, M. Johnson, S. Witherspoon, A. Abdullah, R. Davies, A. Mimeault, P. Behn 

What makes Ashbury a good school. \ 


The thing that makes Ashbury a better school is Friday night skiing. 

- Rajan Pandher 

The best thing about Ashbury is the sports and the education. - Michel Pratte 
There is a demanding schedule and teachers are willing to help. - Ross Franklii 
It touches responsibility, one of the most important values. - Sascha Adler 
When you all wear the same clothes no one can judge you by what you wear 
Samuel Witherspoon. 

The thing that makes Ashbury a good school is "The Lounge". - Stephen So 
The fact that we aren't allowed into vendo-land, yet everyone always goes! (I'n 

not implying that I go he, he, he, he ....). - Ryan MacLean. 

What makes Ashbury so good? Teachers forget to put your name in the book 

- Tim Herauf. 

Ashbury's great, useful, facilities make Ashbury a good school. - Alym Abdulla 
The thing that makes Ashbury a good school is the people who make it worl 
day in and day out. - Alex Mimeault. 

The Ashbury spirit makes Ashbury so good. - Anis Amdiss. 
All the sports that we play makes this school great. - Peter Ivanoff. 

The deten No wait, that's bad. - James Macmillan. 

The opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities of your interest 

- Paul Behne. 

Ashbury is a good school because it gives young adults the opportunity to chal 
lenge themselves and use their imagination to its fullest extent. - Matthew Brown 
Ashbury is a good school because it offers many sports programs and is ver) 
orderly. - Michael Johnson. 

I think that the main reason that Ashbury is a great school is the teachers. The) 
make learning colorful and fun and they ensure a high quality education. If the) 
seem strict, it is only to make sure everyone tries hard and does not disrupt 01 
slow down the rest of the class. - Joshua Elcombe. 



Chris keeping warm on Hallowe'en 

K ROW K. McWhinnie, S. deRaedt, A. Kuzmicz, A. Black, Mr. D. Polk, J. Low, O. Alsaffar, 
B Simpson, M. Poupore 

FRONT ROW. A. Burt, C. Parkes, P. Viguera, J. Unsworth, D. Yachnin, J. Gallo, 
\ ABSENT: D. Matyas 

Ashbury is the only place where . . . 

Every room in the school is donated. - Omar Alsaffar 

They flip you upside down to teach fractions. - Andrew Black. 

Every book a teacher gives you is already bought. - Andrew Burt. 

A four o'clock membership is . . . free! - Sepp deRaedt 

Kids play hockey on a tennis court. - James Gallo 

A teacher drives a moped, and wears knee high socks and shorts. - Alex Kuzmicz 

Being sick is not an option. - Jamie Low 

Every last brick is dedicated to an old Ashburian. - David Matyas. 

School is open in a state of emergency. - Kyle McWhinnie. 

The blackboards are green - Chris Parkes 

They have a truck fill up the vending machines once a day, and we are not al- 
lowed to use them. - Michael Poupore 

CDs are not considered compact disks. - Billy Simpson. 

Grey socks are happenin'. - Jared Unsworth. 

They care about the colour of your socks. - Pablo Viguera. 

Detentions are traditional. - Daniel Yachnin. 

Omar was a soccer as well as an Algebra star 

Alex and )amie load the bus 


Evan, Justin and John 

Max and Conor 



BACK ROW: L. Fraser, M. Helgeson, J. Matthews, F. Oliemans, N. Lyman, Mr. B. E. Storosko, J 

Ward, K. Korjus, T. Deacon, E. Dow, T. Houston. 

FRONT ROW: S. Gulliksen, S. Lauderdale, C. Steinberg, C. Polan, P. McGuire, O. Anderson 

Weird things that lurk in the halls 
ofAshbury . . . 

I don't know, but I hear there is a bug going around. Oliver Anderson 

There are too many teachers lurking in the halls. Tyler Deacon 

There are a few too many Mr. Humphreys in the hall at Hallowe'en. Evan Dow 

All the blackboards in the halls are green. Logan Fraser 

There is nothing. It is only your imagination. Stephen Gulliksen 

Teachers. Max Helgeson 

Homework assignments. Ted Houston 

Mr. Humphreys' darkest secret. For him, it is beyond mortal fears: CHEESE 
CAKE! Kristian Korjus 

The Ashbury Ghost. Sean Lauderdale 

I went outside in the halls, and I think I'm seeing double - four Mr. Humphreys 
Nathaniel Lyman 

My French books. Paul McGuire 

Mr. Storosko scaring grade 5 with a mark at Hallowe'en. Floris Oliemans 

Dirty socks. Clayton Polin 

Girls periodically sneaking inside. Conor Steinberg 

Locker number 75. Why would there be three full lunch bags in a locker? 
John Ward. 






Lucas and Aaron at Quebec City 

ACk ROW: T. Kanhukamwe, T. Mirskv, R. Rov, A. Noonan, A. Noble, A. James, 

ECOSD ROW: L. Piazza, M. Burn, M.' Runnalls, A. Slade, P. Furjarczuk, D. Mirsky, C. Doyle- 

.ellv, A. Huang, Mr. J. Humphreys 

ROST ROW: S. Gray, R. Malik, A. Robertson, L. Wood, C. LePan 

Fond memories 

remember when Mr. Menzies said, "It's quick, it's simple, it's fast and it's 

lirty." He was talking about a shortcut in math. Chris Doyle-Kelly 
remember when we did the mad lib in English class. Peter Fujarzuk 
remember when Lee Piazza was late for the 29th time in the term. Stuart Gray 
remember when I tried sniffing coke, but the ice cubes kept getting up my nose. 

fonderai Kanhukamwe 

remember when Peter crashed in the snow drift. Chris LaPan 
remember when Tondi ate a donut with bacteria on it in the science lab. 

*ahul Malik 

remember when Mr. Montgomery sat on a noodle. Daniel Mirsky 
can't remember when Mr. Humphreys was young. Alex Noble 
remember life before Ashbury, before work. Alex Noonan 
remember when Aaron said: "Why don't you want to sit with me . . . It's not 

ike I'm not cool or anything.'' Rajeev Roy 

remember when Chris Colton ran into the football post. Matthew Runnalls 
remember when T bombed a black diamond and crashed into a tree. Aaron Slade 
remember when every time a teacher was late, Ted jumped up and started play- 

ng charades. Lucas Wood 

I remember when those god-darn sheep took over my computer! They are the 

Antichrist! Lee Piazza 

! remember when a senior threw an apple into my math class. Andrew Robertson 

1 remember when Alex stabbed me in the face with a meter stick. Alasdair James 

Fond memories of Ashbury? N/A Andrew Huang 

I remember when I got 99% on my grammar test (I failed the rest). Morgan Burn 

I remember when we cut off Lee's nail on the way to Toronto. Lachlan Cheng 


Rahul, Chris and Rajeev plotting 

Victor preparing for geography 

Graham at the head of the line 

Anthony on the bus 


BACK ROW: Mr. A. Menzies, B. Hermon, J. Giannetti, V. Drury, D. Young, A. Yeh, G. Page, \ 

Prior, R. MacLean, A. Razavi. 

FRONT ROW: K. Merani, A. Rocheleau, D. Purcell, N. Paget, E. Okun, A. Chan. 

What I like about Ashbury 

The thing I like most about Ashbury is the variety of sports. There are man 

more sports that we can do and choose from than at other schools. - Arthur Chai y 

No one can criticize you on your clothes, every one has the same. So new kid 

are accepted a lot faster. - Victor Drury 

I like the reassurance that I will not be distracted by the other sex, therefore 

am able to achieve my full education. - Joseph Giannetti 

It's fun to tease the goldfish in Mr. Menzies' class. - Brian Hermon 

I get more time off than at my other school. - Travis MacLean 

The sports programme, particularly because it allows me to play my favourit 

sport: hockey. - Karim Merani 

I like waking up on a dark morning at 6:30 - Eddy Okun 

The capability of the new computers. Having the Pentium 166's is a fast relit 

from the slower 486's of last year. - Graham Page 

I like Mr. Comeau. - Nick Paget 

The feeling that I might actually graduate. - Mike Prior 

There are a lot of sports and we get a long March break. - Devin Purcell 

The long holidays we get. - Ameer Razavi 

Most of all the variety of sports, also the teachers are not that bad. 

- Anthony Rochelaeu 

The school has been welcoming and kind to me. - Alistair Senn 

Holidays, Holidays, Holidays! - Alex Yeh 

I like the trips. - Douglas Young 




I.4CK ROW: A. Cohen, P. Tipple, C. Colton, A. Jackson, H. Denton, D. MacLeod, S. Bali, C. Lazaro 
'RO\T ROW: R. Dhalla, M. Park, J. Schofield, I. Rutherford, T. Wilgress, P. Rozanski 
\BSENT: T. Street 

Collected thoughts 

The funniest thing was when Matthew Park was dumped out the window. 

\dam Cohen 

The most important thing I learned in 8S was that not every word is a verb. 

Zhris Colton 

Mways leave a window open because you should always expect a surprise from 

Tyler. Shamir Bali 

lite most memorable thing was when I caught the winning touchdown in the 

3avside Valley game. - Hugh Denton 

ITie best thing was when the ice storm closed the school for the first time in 

30 years. Rahim Dhalla 

You must be on time for class even though the clocks have different times. 

\lex Jackson 

vVhat can you do when you live in a shoe. Roman Kowalski 

!f you can't win, don't try. Charley Lazaro 

The most important things I learned were during my Saturday morning studies. 

Devin MacLeod 

Green eggs and ham can kill you. Peter Rozanski 

f learned always to do my homework for Mr. Street. Ian Rutherford 

I learned that I should always get my Daily signed. Jon Schofield 

The most memorable thing were the frequent visits from Jon's cat. Pierre Tipple 

The quote of the year was when the teacher said there was not any homework. 

Tyler Wilgress 

Shamir and Devin 

Peter making a mess 

Alex in casuals 


The wisdom of Lahey of Polk and of Booth 
Exhorts me this year to be clever 
To write this missive with a collective of nouns 
And to that end shall I pen my endeavour 

- P.H. Montgomery 


We know that a group is made of ones who muster 
Then gain intricate names as soon as they cluster — 
Like watches of birds though not nearly so strange 
As troops of kangaroos hopping Aussie's wide range. 

But turn to the scared - an exhaltation of larks 
To crows who in a murder profane our fine parks. 

A litter of piglets, a pod of seals, turtles in a bale: 

Shall we tie them with a string of ponies, set them out in a sale? 

Pride, all but the lions know, is commonly counted a sin — 

A plague of locusts on your house, should you let such vices in. 

What can we learn from animal terms, against which you may readily 


From teams of horses, a clutter of cats or from coveys of partridge and 


The words are stuck like a knot of toads to tell me who 1 might be. 

How should I live, travel, or stay close to home, like ants in a colony? 

Am I just part of a swarm or a clan 
Mere member of some coterie? 
Or perhaps, perhaps am I a man 
Alone, myself, silly me? 


Yearbook staff 

Year three. We're finally geting the 

hang of it. This year we were able 

to cull a wonderful yearbook staff 

from our grade 8 population, and 

to coerce Mrs. Booth into joining 

the team. Our core team is 

pictured at left. Andrew Robertson 

(thanks for all the write ups), 

Lucas Wood, who also designed 

the cover of the Junior Ashburian, 

Aaron Slade, who liked to write 

captions, and Matthew Runnalls 

who, midway through the year, 

discovered the existence of clip 

art. Missing from the picture are 

Stuart Gray (a great typist) and 

Peter Fujarczuk our inker. Many 

thanks also to all the students who 

contributed their art work and 

creative writing. Also, to the 

faculty who helped with write ups 

and photos. Without all this help 

we would not have been able to 

produce this book. L.L. and D.C.P. 


A Plague of Pedagogues 

BACK ROW: Alex Menzies, David Polk, Peter Mclean, Ben Herique, Peter Montgomery, Jim Humphreys, Mike King, Guy 

Valentine, Brian Storosko, Tom Street. 

FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Arbuckle, Lise Morel, Christine Edwards, Lisa Lewicki, Leslie Lahey, Leslie Booth. 

Would the real Mr. Humphreys please step forward. 

Agent Armstrong undercover for term 1, replaced missing Mr. 
Merrit, above right. Mme. Perault bottom right. 

. • * - 

Top: Nicholas, Duncan and Peter; Above: 7P in Science class 
Right: Grade 5's surfing. 


Group Shots 

Collective nouns 

Look over these pages 

and you will see 

some groups we have 

at Ashbury: 

A trio of on-lookers 

A cell of scientists 

A network of computer 

A tapping of typists 
A gaggle of gamesters 
A melodium of musicians 

From top: Peter, Alex, Charley and Ameer; 
Paul, Michael, Michel and Alym; Robbie, 
Peter, Romith, Lucas and Jeremy 

Helping Hands and Feet. 


Thank You! 2** Merci! 

A Big Thank You to all the Junior School students from the United 
Way. Over $4,000 was raised through the annual Fun Run and a 
new fund raising idea submitted by grade 5, Halloween Dress Up 
For a Toonie Day. Page 138: Junior Fun Run winner, Ben Sherman 
flanked by Neil Mason and Stephen Miller; Jon and Lee meet 
Graham and David at the finish line; Anthony Rochleau surveys 
the scene. Page 139 clockwise from left: Alex as Darth Vader; Alex, 
Devon and Morgan displaying the latest fashions; Jamie Lowe, 
Senior Fun Run winner; Sepp at rest. 

Visitors: from Across the Sea 

Top: Andrew gets an origami lesson. Left: Our Japanese visitors 
sample Canadian treats provided by grade 6. Above: Ms. Lahey and 
Greg enjoy a Japanese lunch. 

■ ' 

. . . to Across the Continent. 

This year Ashbury was invited to participate 
13 Basketball Tournament. The tournament 
was hosted by Glenlyon Norfolk School in 
Victoria, B.C. and took place from Thursday, 
February 12 to Saturday, February 14, 1998. 
The team, accompanied by Coach Street 
and Mr. Storosko left Ottawa on Tuesday, 
February 10 and returned on Sunday, 
February 15. 

The purpose of the trip was basketball, but 
we did some touring and saw some 
interesting sights as well. The players were 
billeted by St. George's School in Vancouver 
and also in Victoria by our host school. One 
parentbilletedtenofourplayers and another 
billeted two of our players plus an entire 
other team. Never in my experience as a 
coach have I seen such dedication from 
billeting parents. Many positive reports 
were received from different sources 
commenting on the behavior of our team. 
The boys represented the school with 
courtesy and pride. 

On the basketball court we had our share of 
success despite the fact that many of the 
players were suffering from symptoms of 
colds or flu. We earned victories over 
Collingwood, Glenlyon Norfolk and St. 
Andrew's and suffered losses to Royal St. 
George's and the eventual champions from 
Upper Canada. These results were good 
enough for us to place fifth out of twelve 

All in all it was a most enjoyable trip. 


f I 

<- * £ $ £ $ 

■ * 

r* M 3 K 4 *!&** 

The team, variously attired, enjoying western hospitality 

A Quebec 

Le 2 octobre, vingt-cinq eleves de la huitieme annee 
sont alles a la ville de Quebec. Ce voyage d'immersion 
f rancaise, de decouverte historique ainsi que culturelle 
fut comble de nombreuses activites. Au cours de leur 
sejour, les etudiants ont visite les Plaines d'Abraham, 
le Musee du Fort, le spectacle 3-D Quebec experience, 
le Musee de la Civilisation, la haute et la basse ville, le 
Musee de l'abeille, les chutes Montmorency, la 
Basilique a Ste. Artne-de-Beaupr£ ainsi qu'une 
erabliere. Malgrecethorairetresrempli^es etudiants 
ont pu s'amuseret appreaercette belle ville historique. 

L. Morel 



i m' 

Les Voyageurs 

Un tres agreable sejour a St. Donat fut apprecie par des 
eleves de la 7 e annee. Lors de ce voyage d'immersion 
francaise, les voyageurs ont pu participer aux divers 
activites et aux ateliers, tous relies au theme des legendes. 
Chaque jour, en dehors des ateliers et des activites 
linguistiques, les eleves ont recu des leqons de ski au Mont 
Garceau\es conditions de ski etaient ideales cette annee 
et les eleves en ont profite. 

L. Morel 

Le group; Alex and Dave head for the slopes; Sepp, Steve, Mike 

and Andrew out to prove boarding is better. 


Poetry Reading 

The annual grade seven and eight poetry reading contest was a great success once again. The Junior School students enjoyed listenin 
to the talented readings of a broad selection of poetry. Matthew Runnalls emerged as the winner with his animated version c 
"Cuthbert the Dragon" followed by Lee Piazza (bottom left) and David Matyas (bottom right). Other participants included Om; 
Alsaffar, Matthew Brown, Ross Franklin (pictured), Ian Rutherford, Ted Houston and Nick Paget (not shown). Thank you to Mr. Ri 
Parsons from the Senior School for adjudicating and to all the participants for their well executed renditions. 



ome Say Ice. 

Ballad of '98 

The enormous weight of the ice on the trees, 

left the work) in much peril from wet winter 


Eighty millimeters of rain would eventually fall 

By the end all the trees would not be so tall. 

They snapped and they snagged onto wire below 

under great pressure from ice and from snow 

The wake of the storm had vet to be seen 

for this raging storm woulcf soon turn fierce and 


Birches and cedars would soon start to fold 
even though they were strong and enormously old 
The rains kept on coming for numerous days 
and the storm just kept worsening in so many 

The damage so massive in back vard and street 
and there was a sad face on all that you'd meet. 
Gone were the trees we had long watched to grow 
destroyed by the hideous ice and the snow. 

The face of the countryside was not left alone, 
The sight of the damage would chill to the bone. 
Heard were the sounds of the deafening booms 
As the trees were exploding on their hillside 

Thirty times their own weight was the ice on the 


The sound of their falling would shiver your knees 

Even the evergreens were covered with ice, 

and the storm left no shelter for raccoons or mice. 

So all of the evergreens turned glassy white, 
and many cried out at this horrible sight. 
The birches were cracking - falling in place 
Soon all that was left was wide open space. 

The battle was raging for the trees to survive, 
for they had to be strong to come out alive 
But in time we all know that the trees will succeed, 
for a ray of bright sun is all that they need 


Icicles handing off the roof late at night 

The moon light shining makes them twinkle so 


gleaming like stars, the ice so pretty hanging there. 

Suddenly the wind blows them off one by one 

falling like trees in the forest 

onto the ground and shattering like glass. 

The Storm 

The branches bow down to the mighty storm 
the streets are covered with ice 
on the ground power lines lie, torn 
The city is locked in a bitter cold vice 

Glass storm 

Each leaf, each branch, 
each blade of grass - 
seems to be coated in 
a sheath of glass 

The beautiful ice 
once all is said 
can be quite as heavy 
as a coating of lead 

The branches crackle, 
snap crash and roar 
as they topple to 
the ice covered floor 

The city cries out 
in utter dismay 
as the ice storm causes 
such total disarray 

We start with a snippet from 

Robert Frost. 

Original poetry, clockwise from 

top left: 

Matthew Brown's Ballad, 

Peter Fujarczuk's Storm, 

Alasdair James' Glass Storm 


Duncan MacKenzie's Icicles 

Musical Moments 



_», .^MfcM 

Music continues to thrive at Ashbury 
thanks to Messers Merritt and 
McLean. There were two House 
Music Competitions and the Choir 
traveled extensively to private 
functions and senior citizens' resi- 
dences. Musical highlights, clock- 
wise, page 146, Chris and Sandy 
perform a duet; Barrett and Mr. 
Merritt share a laugh; Nicolas does a 
drum solo; Bryant and Daniel put a 
little heart and soul into their perfor- 
mance. Page 147, Ian and Eddie help 
out the Hobbits; Josh's artwork; 
Oliver's solo; the choir at the Rideau 
Club helped out by the Ashbury 
Singers; Music Award winner Paul 
Behne on drums; Andrew on bass. 


House Soccer 


Clockwise (from top): Goblins appealing to Mr. 
Montgomery's sense of fair play; a tripod of hobbi ts; 
Mike takes on some Dragons; Wizards defend en 
mass; Dragons vs Wizards. 


An Army of Ashburians 

A string of sevens 

An enigma of eights 

Science Activities 

Planting blue spuce seeds on Earth Day 

Getting to know volcanoes 

Building a tower of straws 




and Future Stars? 

Arctic diver, Nicholas Janssen 

Jet pilot, Stephen Rock 

"Darn it, I *m locked in this 
room without any scissors 
andl have a cravin' for 

AHI have is ammonia 
nitrate, zinc, and water. 

As he began to ponder, he 
scratched his head with the 
three substances on his 

Suddenly he began to feel a 
burning sensation and he 
smelled smoke. 

Hoorabl A Chemical Reaction had taken place. The 
substances burned off almost all his hair! Who needs 
scissors when f\iH 1> MQ,+2n+H z O=Znfs/0 3 +f\/H f OH?! 



Mano a mano . . . 

1 1 

Opposite page: a drudge of Dragons pull, but in vain; Ice hockey was popular, 
here the Goblins defend against the Dragons; Jon, Daniel and Ian for the 
Hobbits; Winning Wizard's Devin rebounds against the Dragons; Ameer of the 
broomball winning Hobbits. This page: Eddy serves for the Hobbits, who won 
the badminton competition; Ryan breaks against James and Andrew; Overflow 
crowds attended the events; Devin pulls for the Hobbits, but it was the Wizards 
(background) who won the rope pull, and the overall Olympics. The Hobbits 
were runners up, followed by the Goblins and the Dragons. Mr. Valentine was, 
again this year, responsible for a most successful afternoon. 

the El Nino Olympics 

Friday Skiing . . . 

iBIil ffiif IMffll 

Excellent weather, great skiing conditions 
and enthusiastic participants made Friday 
night skiing a resounding success. A fine 
time was had by both beginners and experts, 
skiers and snowboarders alike. Many thanks 
to Mr. Valentine for all his time and effort in 
its organization. 

Winter Fun 

A Loquation of Speakers 

Grade 7 & 8 public speaking: N. Lyman second, M. Runnalls second, J. Giannetti first, M. Johnson third 






li^^tf A ' 



M -» 

' ^ 


■C Al 



Winning speakers from left to right: 

Junior Provincial Debating champions 

Ryan Davies and Chris Parkes; winner of 

the Abinger Hill Shakespeare Reading 

Contest Lee Piazza, public speaking 

finalists Rahim Dhalla and Lucas Wood. 




Much ado about nothing 


Numbers have always fascinated me. My favorite number, believe it or not, is 
zero. Now, I don't want to get this number in a test of or a speech contest - it 
would be disastrous. The number zero has infinite possibilities. It has an 
intriguing past and a fathomless future. 

To say that zero is nothing, zip, zilch is a fatal mistake. Without this funda- 
mental number, there would be no mathematics, no science and no comput- 
ers. So let's start at the very beginning. How was zero invented? 

Our pre-historic ancestors performed basic calculations by using pebbles and 
by counting off notches carved in bone or on cave walls. Numeric notations 
appeared around 3000 BC. The Roman numerals, we learned in grade IV, 
were based on these early systems. For example, the year 2000 is written as 
MM. The ability to describe this number without a barrel of pebbles was a big 
step forward. However the Roman numerals could not be used to accomplish 
the simplest of calculations. For example, just try multiplying 2000 by 5 in 
Roman numerals - quite a formidable task for a grade fiver. 

The ingenious number "zero" we use to-day was developed in India by 
monks in the 5th century AD. The number was nothing less than perfect! 
How else can one describe an invention that has been adopted around the 
world and remains unchanged in 1500 years?! 

The concept of zero brought in a whole new world and, in this century, 
helped develop the universe of computers. Did you know that data used and 
processed by computers is coded in a language made up exclusively of ones 
and zeroes called a binary code? Even with computers, zero is still a formi- 
dable number. As we face the next century, BANG! The power of zero is 
again upon us. We apparently face annihilation around the year 2000 since 
manv computers can't differentiate between the '00' in the year 2000 from the 
year 1900. Millions and billions are being spent trying to teach that the '00' 
really mean the year 2000. 

And finally, to test the power of zero, try to divide any number by zero on 
your calculator. Some calculators show the answer as an error, and some as 
infinity. Didn't I tell you that zero has infinite possibilities? 

Left: Romith Naug's award winning 
speech for the Grade 4, 5 & 6 Speech 
Competition. Above from top to 
bottom: Second place winners 
Robbie Cushing and Alex Lysyshyn; 
Third place winners Andrew Doran 
and Stephen Street. 


A Troop of Actors in . . . 

v v 

On April 30th the Junior School drama department, under the direction of Mr. John Richardson, presented Scenes from Macbeth in the Ashbury 
Chapel. After a hiatus of several years we were delighted to view the talents of the Junior school on stage. Three performances were all enthusiastically 




tcnes iflrom iHatbetlj 

Opposite page: Charley Lazaro, Out out, damned spot; Nick Paget's Lady Macbeth was eye-catching; Hugh Denton made a powerful Macbeth; Bubble, 
bubble - a trio of witches This page: Ted Mirsky plays Macbeth; Alex Noonan as Banquo, Lee as Lady M., and Rajeev as Lennox conspire; Sasha Adler 
and Andrew Burt as the doctor and the gentlewoman; Hugh and Lee ponder their evil ways. 


Greek Day - A Classy Event 


Clockwise from top: 

Michael as the Argonauts; 

Kyle as Dionysius; Sean: the 

Greek ideal of beauty; Alex 

as Midas; Athens, Corinth 

and Sparta; The Chorus. 


Upper Canada Village 

Clockwise from top: Sasha and Peter on the wagon; Sepp was framed; Alex, Tim, Ted, Stephen and Matthew getting 
pumped; The tinsmith fascinated the boys. 161 

Congratulations to the 

Grade 6 Daffodil Day 



$1,634 was raised 

for the 

Canadian Cancer 



f^m m m 














A ■ 






U-ll/12 Soccer 

The U-ll/12 Soccer team enjoyed a successful 
season. Every player made significant progress, 
and I was always impressed with the effort I 
saw on the field. We were visited by teams 
from the Priory and LCC. While our win/loss 
record was not what we hoped for, our players 
acquitted themselves in every game. 
Characteristically, when our trip to Montreal 
was smothered by 15 cm of snow, the U-12's 
were itching to go in spite of the mud and 
slush. My thanks to Ms. Gomme, Mr. Street, 
Mr. Keyes and Mr. Schneider for all their help. 

U12 #1 FRONT ROW: M. Lesiuk, G. Booth, M. 

Gallo, R. Naug, N. van der Does, B. Karam, G. 


BACK RO W.R. Cushing, Q. Deacon, J. Runnalls, 

S. Street, T. Uden, D. Nestor, M. Laflech, N. 

Mason, Mr. G. Valentine, B. Sherman, C. Black, 

S. Miller 

U 12 #2 FRONT ROW: L. Huang, G. Pilon, C. 

Nicolson, N. Charania, A. Lysyshyn, K. 


BACK ROW: R. Caprio, R. Eyamie, M. McEnery, 

J. Middleton, Mr. M. Schnieder, M. Mcdonald- 

Beraskow, I. Tattersfield, P. Bolink 

UU #1 FRONT ROW: M. O'Keefe, S. Rock, C. 
Hunter, I. Turner, D. Slaght, S. Miller, N. Janssen 
BACK ROW: B. Lazaro, J. Russell-Brunet, A. 
Doran, A.J. Pandher, Mr. G. Valentine, M. 
Wallack, D. Lenouvel 



BACK ROW: P. Ivanoff, L. Wood, L. Piazza, M. 

Pratte, T. Herauf, Mr. M. King, D. Mirsky, J. 

Low, O. Alsaffar, A. Black. 

FRONT A. Abd ullah, M. Johnson, A. Robertson, 

R. Davies, B. Sherman, S. Street, P. Viguera, S. 


BACK ROW: P. McGuire, T. Kanhukamwe, Mr. G. 
Valentine, T. Deacon, P. Ivanoff.O. Alsaffar, J. Mathews, 
J. Low, J. Ward. FRONT: D. Mirsky, L. Wood, A. 
Abdullah, T. Herauf, A. Robertson, 5. Gulliksen, A. 

The Ashbury U-13 team's first tournament of the 
year was in Lennoxville at the beginning of October. 
Although we did not return successful, we gamed 
vital experience in this first competition. Later in the 
year, the team went to Toronto for the annual CAIS 
U-13 national soccer tournament. Our first game 
was an exhibition against St. John's Ravenscourt. We 
played very well, and won 4-0. Following the game 
we briefly visited the Hockey Hall. Embarking on 
our first day of tournament play, we found 
ourselves in a vary challenging four-team divisions 
in the tournament. Our lack of focus allowed 
Appleby to win the first game. Later on, we played a 
superb but unlucky game against Glenlyon-Norfolk 
School which ended in a 1-1 tie. A final 1-4 loss to 
Upper Canada College, the eventual championship 
winners, put us in the consolation playoffs. On the 
second day of the tournament, we beat Royal St. 
George's College 3-0, then squeezed by the skilled 
Countrv Day School 1-0. For our last game, we 
slaughtered St. Michael's University 4-0. Our series 
of wins placed us in the consolation semi-finals, 
where we managed a 1-0 win over Lower Canada 
College. Unfortunately, Country Day School beat us 
in double overtime for the Consolation finals with a 
score of 2-1. 155 

U-14 Bishop's Bashers 

Joseph glides into a kick 

Above:The once and future Bishop's Champions. BACK ROW: A. Senn, I. Rutherford, J. Giannetti, H. Denton, 
C. Doyle-Kelly, M. Burn, M. Runnalls, D. MacLeod, R. Kowlaski. 

FRONT: D. Purcell, A. Rocheleau, J. Gray, P. Rozanski, T. Wilgress, L. Piazza. Below: The Under 14's getting 
instructions from Mr. King at the Hornet's Nest. 

Above: Matthew, Below: Roman and 
Ian, Below right: Mr. King was not 

The Under 14's, set off for Bishop's College School two weeks 
into the term. The highlight of the trip, apart from the soccer 
of course, was the annual stop at the Bar B Barn. The timid U- 
13's walked into the restaurant preceded by the wise U-14's 
who were excited at the prospect of eating the whole hog! 
Devin Macleod won the competition by eating 12 ribs. Once 
in Sherbrooke the excited gaggle of soccer players managed 
to keep Messers Storosko, King and Velentine up most of the 
night. The tournament started well for us, as we won against 
Centennial from Montreal 5-0. This was followed by two 
more shut outs. The Colts ruled for the second straight year! 
We had less success in our other major event, the Catholic 
Soccer tournament (1-1-2 record). 


c c c c 
c c c 

Soccer Moments I 

Springing into Action 



Tyler, Brian, Dan and Chris come 

out swinging as Alistair looks on; 

Morgan - gotcha; Max and his ode 

to spring; Flores limbers up; Logan 

is finally free; the bikers gear up. 

A Dribble of B'Ballers 

The U 14s. BACK: O. Alsaffar, C. Colton, M. Runnalls, D. Macleod, 

S. Dhalla, Mr. Street. 

FRONT: H. Denton, S. Bali, I. Rutherford, C. Doyle-Kelly. 

U-12 BACK: R. Eyamie, D. MacKenzie, S. Rock, G. Booth. 
FRONT: G. Pilon, Matt. Gallo, S. Street, N. Mason, C. Nicolson. 

Messers Storosko and Street flank U-13s. (BACK): P. Ivanoff, T. Hous- 
ton, R. MacLean, D. Mirsky, R. Brown, (FRONT): J. MacMillan, J. Low, 
S. Gulliksen, A. Robertson, A. Kuzmicz, M. Johnson 

Michael Johnson and Jamie Low bring it up against St. George's 

We were invited to participate in the CIS Under 13 tourna- 
ment hosted by Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria, from 
February 12 to the 14th. The purpose was basketball, but 
the trip was a rewarding experience for all involved. On 
the court we had our share of success despite the 'flu that 
affected many of our players. We won three games, losing 
to the eventual champions, Upper Canada, and placed 5th 
of 12 schools. Mr. Street and Mr. Storosko were most 
impressed by the behaviour of all the boys. The U14 were 
competitive in the Ottawa league, just missing the play- 
offs and having, all in all, a successful season. The U 12s 
had their share of difficulties, but there are positive signs 
for the future for this development team. Thanks to Ms. 
Gomme. At right: Shamir and Matt strut their stuff. 



A Galaxy of Stars 


Closing Ceremony gave an opportunity to 
honor the stars of the Junior School teams. 
Some are pictured here. Left from top: 
Graham Booth, MIP U-12 Basketball; Shamir 
Bali and Devin Macleod were co-MVPs in 
U-14 B'Ball; Alex Jackson, MIP U-14 B'Ball; 
Michael Johnson and Ryan Davies, co-MVPs 
for (a very good) U-13 soccer team; Ian 
Rutherford and Matthew received the 
prestigious Coaches' Trophy for soccer. This 
rewards sportsmanship as well as talent; 
Graham Page and Omar Alsaffar shared the 
first ever Effort and Achievement award for 
squash; Anthony Rocheleau and Michael 
Prior were awarded the Euro '86 trophy for 
hockey; James MacMillan was MIP for U-13 
soccer. It was a very good year, as you can see 
by looking through the Sports section. 


X-C Team - FRONT: A. Robertson, J. Mac- 
Millan, L. Piazza (also, above with medal), 
J. Schofield, O. Alsaffar 
BACK: Mr. Street, B. Hermon, C. Lazaro, 
M Runnalls, D. Macleod, I. Rutherford 

Cross-Country Running was a tremendous success 

this year. Under Mr. Street's guidance, we were 

impressive repeat city champions with Lee finishing 

first in the bantams, followed byrunners in 4th, 5th, 

and 6th place. In midget we also finished first. The 

best showing was Matt Runnalls in 4th. Obviously 

Ashbury rules x-cj Thanks to the expert coaching of 

Mr. King, Badminton was another area of great 

success. The Catholic Schools tournament was easy 

picking iar our guys, with Pablo and the team of 

James and Sascha going through undefeated in the 

»--" grade 7 division. Under Mr, Menzies' mentoring, 

squash Was a popular winter activity. We hosted 

for what will be, perhaps, an annual event. In 

years to come we hope for greater success! 

Hockey: In House & Out 

The season started well when our Hertz van broke 
down on the way to the Selwyn House tourna- 
ment. We and all our equipment all were forced 
into the school bus - quite a tight fit. Perhaps 
because of the transport problems we started off 
poorly, losing our first two games, but thanks to 
the strange system we made it to the playoffs. We 
beat the teams that had beaten us (Selwyn and 
Brebeuf) and won the tournament! Our next chal- 
lenge was the UCC tournament - one victory but 
no championship this time. UCC came to visit 
later and we combined hockey (two ties - thanks 
to Alistair Senn) and skiing. Most enjoyable. One 
more Montreal tournament (we finished 4th) 
ended our season. Thanks to Messers King and 
Storosko for all their time and trouble. 

BACK: T. Mirsky, Mr. Storosko, A. Senn, J. Giannetti, L. 
Piazza, Mr. King, H. Denton, M. Burn, T. Herauf 
MIDDLE: A. Black, L. Cheng, M. Prior, M. Pratte, P. McGuire, 
T. MacLean 

FRONT: D. Purcell, A. Rocheleau, A. Abdullah, C. Steinberg, 
T. Wilgress 

Track J 


& Field Images 


Sports Awards 

Every year the Junior School awards its finest athletes. There was no banquet this year 

because of the separate Junior School Closing, and the winners were announced at 

Closing. The Junior School coaches ( Ms. Gomme and Messers Valentine, King, 

Street, Storosko and Schneider), after much debate, came up with the following list. 

Congratulations to all! 

Most Valuable 


Under 11 Soccer- Chris Hunter 

Under 12 Soccer - Neil Mason 

13 Soccer - Ryan Davies and Michael Johnson 

Under 14 Soccer- Joseph Giannetti 

Under 12 Basketball - Stephen Street 

Under 13 Basketball - Michael Johnson 

Under 14 Basketball - Shamir Bali and Devin MacLeod 

Under 14 Hockey - Conor Steinberg 

Squash (Effort and Achievement} - Omar Alsaffar and Graham Page 

Most Improved Players 


I * 


c^j t \ m 

Under 12 Soccer - Ian Turner 

Under 12 Soccer - Barrett Karam 

Under 13 Soccer -Tim Herauf 

er 14 Soccer - Lee Piazza 

Under 12 Basketball - Graham Boo 

Under 13 Basketball - James MacMillan 

Under 14 Basketbatt- Alex Jackson 
Under 14 Hockey - Samuel WitherspodfV 

Special Awards 

Coaches' Trophy: Sportsmanship and Effort in Soccer: 
Ian Rutherford and Matthew Runnalls 

Euro 86: Contribution to Ashbury Hockey: 
Anthony Rocheleau and Michael Prior 

Contribution to Junior School Athletics: 

Matthew Runnalls, Ian Rutherford, Chris Doyle-Kelly, and Anthony Rocheleau 


Great Grade 8 Bash 

Many thanks to the parents who organized the Bash. Clock- 
wise from top left: Nick & date; Jon; Lachlan & Lee; the Party's 
over. Lucky Charley; Devin was in top form; Stuart, Joe, 
Douglas went wild. 


I am Allen the alligator 
and my idea of fun, 
Is to write animal poetry 
in the sun. 

I've got the pencil 
in my teeth, 
This next poem is 
going to be really neat. 

I am planning to write 
about billy goats, 
OH-NO!!! here come, 
the tourist boats. 

I should get a salary 
for all my hard work, 
Entertaining these silly 
tourist jerks. 

No sooner do they 
leave the dock, 
Than I hear them 
Calling me a croc. 

While crocs and gators 
have lots the same, 
Alligators are more 
Intelligent game. 

The tourists' cameras 
go click-click-click, 
I could sink their boats 
with just one flick. 

My tail is long 
and very strong, 
But to use it badly 
would just be wrong. 

It's not that I'm 
so very mean, 
I just don't like 
their noisy machines. 

We gators got 
to this swamp first, 
All I want is quiet 
to write my verse. 

Judd Buchanan 5L 





Michael O'keefe *B 


Gold is the taste of fame 

Gold feels hard and rich 

It sounds like a deep cello 

Gold is buttery popcorn 

Gold is warm, cosy sweaters 

Gold is the colour of my mom's hair 

The setting sun makes my lake turn gold 

Loonies shine like gold in the sunlight 

Gold is crispy, golden french fries 

A baby lab is a bundle of gold 

Sunny days in the Fall are gold 

But when Winter comes 

Gold is gone 

Andrew Doran 4B 

Silver is a swift fish in the sea 

Silver is a sparkling nickel 

A glittering quarter, a shiny dime 

Silver is a happy feeling 

Silver is a shining diamond in the moonlight 

Silver is a cavity that aches all night 

Silver is a curved spoon 

A pointy fork, a sharp knife 

Silver is an echo in an empty cave. 

Daniel Lenouvel 4B 


Orange is a juicy mandarin 

Orange is the flames that crackle 

Orange is in the morning 

Orange is a goldfish in a pond 

Orange is a marigold in the grass 

Orange is an oriole flying in the sky 

Orange is when you're angry or bad tempered 

Orange is my swimsuit 

Orange is the crunch of Cheetos 

Orange is a spicy Nacho chip 

Orange is the sun 

Orange is the colour of fun 

Nicholas Janssen 4B 

The Slithering Slimy 5nake Slurped up a Sour 
Slush puppy and Sizzling hot Soup for Supper 

Matthew Burt 4B 



My Kingdom DARK NIGHT 

The kingdom I rule 

is an isolated land 

where no one dare go. 

It is guarded by 

fierce Doberman pinschers 

and terrifying pit bulls. 

I live with my subjects 

side-by-side and I keep 

the land isolated. 

No people allowed, 

that is my rule. 

I live with my dogs 

and with no one else. 

I rule myself and 

my dogs obey me. 

I live by myself and 

that's fine with me. 

I wear shorts and a t-shirt 

and I am covered in 

dog hair. 

I am happy living 

in my private lair. 

I see to it that I am left alone 

and my subjects and my land 

are left unharmed 

and unchanged. 

My name is Dog, 

that's all I'll say; 

and I rule my way. 
182 J 

The sea is my blood and stones are my bones 
and the animals are my heart. 
I am Dark Night. 

My eyes are made of the rarest jewels 
and my clothes are made 
of the finest diamonds. 

I rule the golden land and own a silver village 

called Dark Village. 

It is built of silver and it shines day and night. 

My land is full of gold and my village 

is crowded with people. 

I like the fact that I am a ruler. 
I can do whatever I want. 
There is nobody 
that can boss me around. 

I am a god. 

I own everything. 

When I sing at night 

the glistening red flowers and 

the bright green seaweed 

dance to the tune. 

I am Dark Night. 


I am Gray 

The ruler of ice. 

My veins so clear 

and teeth so white. 

If you saw me 

I might give you a little fright. 

When winter comes. 

That's when I come out. 

I'm under the canal 

I'm under the sea 

I'm under some rivers 

I'm under your lake 

My people are nothing but 

a frail piece of snow. 

That's when I die 
I wait for people to come 

back again until 
the new leader takes over. 

That's when I go. 

Spotted Dog by Peter Rozanski, 8S; My King- 
dom by A.J. Pandher 5L; Dark Night by Quin 
Deacon; Gray by Graham Booth 5L 

Tours of the Planets 

Mercury is the small planet nearest to the Sun. 

\s you might have thought, living on Mercury isn't fun. 

If the heat Joes not get you, the boredom probably will. 

So little happens on Mercury, it's enough to make you ill. 

Venus was once thought to be where tropical jungles have grown 
Unfortunately, this is not true: it's the hottest planet known. 

\ enus is a planet on which life may never lurk. 
Its heat is caused by a greenhouse effect gone totally berserk! 

Earth is our home planet, as most of you know. 

To get to Mars, sou don't have far to go. 

Mars, the Red Planet, is not so different from here. 

There are canals, volcanoes, polar caps and an earthly atmosphere. 

fupiter is the largest, with 16 moons or more 

It is made of hydrogen gas with a solid rocky core. 

Jupiter is the place that most great storm systems have their birth. 

The Great Red Spot for example, is twice as big as Earth. 

After Jupiter comes Saturn, another giant proud and tall 

Much like Jupiter in most ways, but a slight bit small. 

Rocks, dust, ice bits and many other things 

Make up the jewelry of the system: Saturn's enormous rings. 

Uranus is the most deserving planet of attention 

With a weird name, a set of rings and very strange rotation. 

If Pluto was at your feet and Mercury from where you see, 

Uranus would be . . . urn . . . right where vou think it would be. 

The eighth planet is named Neptune because of its distinct blue. 

Other than its colour, it is not very interesting, it's true. 

Smallest of the gas-giants, and with five moons or so, 

About Neptune, there's not much else to know. 

Last of all is Pluto, cold and all alone. 

It is the smallest planet, and little of it is known. 

Beyond Pluto is the vast blackness of interstellar space. 

In all of the 9 planets, Earth is the nicest place. 

Joshua Elcombe 

Blazes Across 
The Night Sky's 
Silent Hemisphere 
And Illuminates The 
Starry Tapestry Of 
Space For A Moment, 
Before It Vanishes Over 
The Horizon, Leaving Only 
The Faint Slow Of It's Fiery 
Tail, And The Look Of Interest On A 
Young Star Gazer. 

how to achieve world peace 

the serpent tempted eve with fruit 

a very tasty piece of food 

that would (when eaten) 

show the difference between evil and good 

by eating this wonderful apple 
the world would be thrown into chaos 
with school all day, no time for play 
and every day meeting with the boss 

lives would be lost 
to the evil enemy named death 
animals would become extinct 
there would be no air to breathe 

"well, in that case," said eve 
"i think i'll just have an orange" 

andrew huang 

I stood at the top of the mountain and took a deep breath. The cold fresh and pure 
mountain air burned my lungs but I didn't care. The incredible beauty of my surround- 
ings had shocked me and succeeded in dulling every sense other than sight. In my life 
never has anything so utterly silenced me. The unimaginable dazzle of the panorama that 
lay before me was enough to silence anyone. The snow capped peaks reached to the sky 
in a futile attempt to pierce the heavens. The emerald blue of the sky was so utterly pure 
that the perfection of the most flawless sapphire could not be compared to it. The strong 
white brilliance of the sun reflected off the snow in an awe inspiring reflection that was 
more powerful than a hundred thousand lights. 

I crouched and my skis dug into the snow. Faster and faster I went. The wind rushed 
by in a roar that increased in strength. I felt the incredible pressure of the wind against 
my face. I soared off the ledge into the air and in that moment, I experienced true joy. 

Matt Runnalls 


The Eye 

Through a pocket of light 

I am given a scene so fair 

I am given a vision of a magnificent blue bird 

whose wings flutter lightly 

in the evening sky 

Through a pocket of light 

I am given a scene so true 

I am given a sun diving into a rich haze 

of lush green trees 

and flowers of the whole spectrum 

Through a pocket of light 

I am given a sense so magnificent 

I am given a smooth pebble hitting a lake that has not been 

touched in over a thousand years 

or maybe just not been touched since the night before 

Through a pocket of light 

I am given a scene so familiar 

I am given lush green trees, 

I am given stars sparkling in the sky so high 

I am given life and all its pleasures 

Through a pocket of light 

D. Matyas (7p) 

How few poets seem to write 
About the sense that we call sight 
With such a wide variety 
Of what we can or cannot see. 

When I think of sight I think of eyes, 

Gazing up into the skies. 

Or to pond or up a tree, 

These are the things I like to see! 

Some other things I like to see 
Are apple pies or Christmas trees, 
Feminine bodies from up above, 
That sparks a sense that we call love. 

Sometimes our eyes deceive us though 
Seeing things that are not so. 
Seeing one thing then another, 
Or seeing starts when hit by brother! 

And so I close this sightly tale, 

That talks of seeing grassy vale, 

With a word to poets to guide them right, 

Make more poems with the sense of sight. 

Christopher Parkes (7P) 













Victor and Eddy constructing houses 

Works in progress by Adam and Alex 


What do you see when you look into a mirror? 

Do you see pride, do you see joy? 

Do you see a blind rage hidden under a calm exterior? 

Tell me child what do you see? 

I am what you see 

I am your mother, your father, your brother, your sister 

I am the tear in the eye of a child 

A young child, wishing his pain would go away 

I am your one, your only, your everything 

I am . . . You 

Tido (Tonderai) Kanhukamwe 

"Self Portrait" by Michel Lafleche 


Rights of Spring! 

Neil and Matthew get into the swim of things The Kiwanis is another Spring thing. Jeremy David and Gary celebrate the return of spring 

was successful! 

Above: The BBQ was popular - just ask Alistair, Ryan and Stephen. 
Below: Mr. V's annual spring clean-up. 

Above: Doug, Eddy, Justin, Nick and Morgan in summer dress. 
Below: The bridges of Carleton County 


(jlo&uig/ (jeremofUf *s€co<ifH£& 

The Guild Merit Award Winners 

Grade 4: Ian Turner 
Grade 5: Matthew Gallo 

Grade 6: Gary Kao 

Grade 7K: Alym Abdulla 

Grade 7P: Andrew Black 

Grade 7S: Clayton Poulin 

Grade 8H: Morgan Burn 

Grade 8M: Arthur Chan 

Grade 8S: Christopher Colton 

French Prizes 

Grades 4-5-6: Michel Lafleche 

Grade 7: Pablo Viguera 

Grade 8: Lucas Wood 

Coyne Prize: Alym Abdulla 

Mathematics Prizes 

Grades 4-5-6: Lucas Huang 
Grade 7: Stephen So 
Grade 8: Lucas Wood 

English Prizes 

Grades 4-5-6: Romith Naug 

Grade7: Ryan Davies & Joshua Elcombe 

Grade 8: Lucas Wood 

Science Prizes 

Grades 4-5-6: Michel Lafleche 

Grade 7: David Matyas 

Grade 8: Rahul Malik 

Junior School Drama Prize 

Hugh Denton 

Keyboarding Prize 

Rahul Malik 

Art Prize 

Grade 7: Nathaniel Lyman 
Grade 8: Lucas Wood 

Music Prizes 

Grade 7: Paul Behne 

Irene Woodbum Write: Aaron Slade 

Choir : ian Rutherford 

The Form Prizes 

4 - B Matthew Burt 

5 - L Ralph Caprio 

6 - V Michel Lafleche 

7 - K Ryan Davies 

7 - P Pablo Viguera 
7 - S Clayton Poulin 

8 - H Lucas Wood 
8 - M Victor Drury 

8 - S Alex Jackson 

Citizenship Awards 

Grades 4-5-6 (Brine Award): Barrett Karam 
Grade 7K: Matthew Brown 

Grade 7P: Andrew Burt 

Grade 7S: Floris Oliemans 

Grade 8H: Peter Fujarczuk 

Grade 8M: Graham Page 

Grade 8S: Alexander Jackson 

Special Awards 

Excellence in Debating: Chris Parkes 

David Polk Sr. for Poetry: Matthew Runnalls 

Grades 4-5-6 Public Speaking: Romith Naug 

Charles Gale Public Speaking: Joseph Giannetti 

Abinger Hill Shakespeare: Lee Piazza 

Bernard DesLaurier: Michael Johnson 

John Hilliard Award: Lucas Wood 

Stephen Clifford Memorial Cup: Ian Rutherford 

David Polk Sr. Memorial Award: Victor Drury 

The Woods Shield: Matthew Runnalls 

Pitfield Shield (Inter-House): Dragonsl 


An Armload of Awards 

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Barrett and Michel displaying their awards Woods Shield winner Matthew Runnalls Bernard Deslaurier winner Michael Johnson 

Award winners 

clockwise from 

left to right: 

Lucas Wood, 

Romith Naug, 



Matthew Burt, 

Pablo Viguera 

and Ben 


Matthew, Chris, Ian and Anthony share the award for outstanding contribution to Junior School athletics P. Montgomery, Jr. School Headmaster 

clockwise from 
left to right: 
Graham Page, 
Lucas Huang, 
Brown, Rahul 
Malik and 
David Matyas 

Published in Canada 
Printed in USA 

Good Old Daze 

I remember the first day of school 

The anticipation of which class you were in, 

I remember assembly Monday morning 

Being tired and crammed against the wall, 

I remember when Junior School Drama 

Presented plays to the parents, 

I remember the never-failing feeling 

Of the thirty seconds before the bell rings 

That announces the beginning of a weekend or holiday, 

I remember the Hockey Trips with Kinger and Storosky 

The Bar-B-Barn and the short lived lie about the Bacon Warehouse, 

I remember the four corner tug-of-war that lasted for almost forty minutes 

And all the blistered and bleeding hands afterwards, 

I remember Phys. Ed. 

With Schneider and the crew, 

I remember studying for exams 

(And still getting so-so marks), 

I remember Mr. Humphreys' pep talks for our form room 

Before a fundraiser took place in the Junior School, 

I remember when rock was young 

Me and Susy had so Much Fun 

I remember the good old days 

by Ted Mirsky 



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