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in 2011 with funding from 

Ashbury College 




At the conclusion ot the academic year, it is good to 
reflect on the considerable achievements of the gradu- 
ating class and, indeed, the whole school. In that sense 
the 1993/94 year has been an excellent one with many 
accomplishments in a whole realm of activities: drama, 
2 ij^^^ music, art, athletics and community service. The leader- 
ship of the school by the School Prefects and School Cap- 
tain, J.J. Rawlinson, was of high quality. The new Student 
Forum made important strides in its first year and set some 
important paths for future years. The "School Blazer" with 
il^^^ V ^4 a new challenging focus was stimulating and, to a de- 

^■fc;<^^.^^H gree, controversial. It is said, "The pen is mightier than the 

m ^Ifei- sword" and, as a result great care must be taken with a 

fl . ' W&F pen which presents itself in a public forum. The challenge 

AM v,-. ' for attaining accuracy, balance and a high degree of 

interest is a formidable one. 
Each year our students take with them from Ashbury spe- 
cial experiences and particular memories. Most of these are bound up with special friends. 
Indeed, the friendships formed at the school will greatly enrich your life. At graduation, some 
of the friendships, due to separation of time and space, will fade to but a memory, while 
others will flourish and remain strong. I trust that the friendships made with your fellow stu- 
dents and with teachers will be continuing and positive influences in your life. 

This year, my task, with the Board of Governors, has been focused on the planning of ex- 
citing new facilities and a plan to double our endowed funds for financial aid. This will be 
a tremendous step forward for the school since improved facilities and, simply, more space, 
are urgent reauirements for Ashbury as we move forward to the Year 2000. The enormous 
amount of work in planning, with numerous meetings and planning sessions, has placed 
considerable demands on my time. My one regret is that these demands separate me some- 
what from the daily life of the school and, in particular, from the senior class. I have de- 
pended on others to carry extra burdens and I thank most warmly those who have shouldered 
these extra responsibilities. 

As the school grows silent and graduation fades to but a memory, shovels are in the ground 
and a new beginning is underway!! Our graduates will step into new beginnings - into the 
new world of university life in September - facing formidable challenges and a great deal 
of hard work at levels which are often unaerestimated. The challenge is there and I am con- 
fident that the Ashbury experience can, indeed, be an Ashbury advantage - but only if it 
is combined with a firm resolve to face and overcome the challenges of the future. 
Best wishes to the Graduating Class of 1994. 

Robert B. Napier 


Make New friends, 
but keep the old; 
Those are silver, 
these are gold; 
New-made friendships, 
like new wine; 
Age with mellow and refine. 
Friendships that have stood 
the test - Time and change- 
are surely best; 
Make new friends, 
but keep the old; 
Those are silver, 
these are gold. 

-Joseph Parry 




V -' 


4 1 





J J. Rawlinson 
School Captain 1993-94 









G M. Allen 

P Carleton 

R.J Coles 

I. Deakin 

C.C Denison 

T.A. Duggan 

L.D. Ford 

S.K.C. Grainger 

v < H 

R.I. Gray 

B. Herique 

D.E. Hopkins 

ME. Jansen 

N. Jowett 

J. Kennedy 

M. Landry 

D.D. Lister 

MR. Mousseau 

P.G. MacFarlane 

F. Mueller 

No Photo 

T C Meaker 

No Photo 

K.D. Niles 

A. Novick 

MA Pelletier 

M.H. Penton 

R Rice 

H.J. Robertson 

R Sikora 

G H Simpson 

A.J. Sparks 

W E Stableford 

:: - : . c 

LA Tanod 

G G Thomas 

R Todd 

J.N. Valentine 

G R Varley 

MA Varley 

O Villarreal 

M G Wearrlng 

D R Wilson 

R J Zettel 

EW Zrudlo 


R. Marcotte. J. Shindani. A. Bisson, J. Parisien, B. Gravel. A. Parisien. M. Francis. 


W. Williams, A. Blanchette. A. Leslie. A. Villeneuve. 



1st Row: V Wilgress. T Holden, E Pryde, J. Jensey 2nd Row: A Valiquette. E Valiquette. D. Barnett, M Gauthier. L Hand. 
L. Pryde. M. Kane. A. Macmillan. P. McKim. 


Norman. Maria. Marcel. 

A Herauf 



1st Row: M Scuby, M. Veillette. C Brans. C. Chan, K. Kuran 2nd Row: D Hunter. C Mitchell. J. Wang, 
F. Eden-Walker, J, Clarke, A. Meyers 3rd Row: A Mintsioulis. J. Sweetnam, A. Eyre. M Gagnon, R 
Power, R, Lichem 4th Row: A Delvecchio, E, Mill, D. Maxwell, Mr. P MacFarlane 



1st Row: P O'Brian, C. McCormack. A Smellie, T. Al-Zand. M Lasserre. V. Chan 2nd Row: L Jan- 
sen. B Stanley. J. Massie. D. Ramsden. S McMerty, D Kim 3rd Row: J.-P Yong. S. Kaminski. A. 
Acharya. D Prevost. E Cohen. C Siddons. A Kaup 41h Row: M Capello. D McCansh. D Bad- 
ian, S Basi. B. Meloche. 


1st Row: M Skaff. C Rocheleau. N Barbeau. A Beltran. J. Scuby. I Ortusi 2nd Row: J.S. Blan- 
chette. N Eden-Walker. J Harwood. B Ritchie. A Davis. J Ramsden 3rd Row: C Ho. B Yazdi. 
M. Merkley. Ms Duggan. B Storey. J. Mohns. M Parkinson 




1st Row: M. Varley. T. Yoda, K. Jansen, S. Smellie. 2nd Row: K. Chin-Quee. X. Fan, A. Geronimi. 
N. Dhalla, C. Kindle. J. Howes-Siekierski. 3rd Row: B. Kroll. S. Acharya. J. Boyce, S. Heidemann. 
M. Lichem. M. Stanley. 4th Row: R. Pearson, S. Murphy, P. Zambonini, S. Mintsioulis, M. Sacco. 
5th Row: R. Singh. M. Kennedy, E. Niles, B. Merkley, R. McGregor. 


1st Row: J. Prevost, J. McGilveray. N. Rocheleau, V Chhura. 2nd Row: W Fan, A. Scorsone. A. Shill- 
ington, P O'Leary, L. Quevillon, A. Inch. 3rd Row: J. Eyre, J. Gavrel, C Pryor, T. Houston, P Hucal. 4th 
Row: M. Labarge. K. Campbell. D. Anders, N. Charbonneau. 


1 * (S0r\nh3fT\m5^ 

1st Row: G Nelson. A Singhal. A. Frewer. B Vanveen. D. Rath, R. MacUnfraidh 2nd Row: V. Sung. 
H Burn. J. Polk, M, Kyriacopoulos. A. Merchea. B. Estabrooks. W. Diu 3rd Row: P. Vaz. C. Hallett. 
A, Bryden-Loiselle. R. Heffernan, C. Smith. J. Bethune. 4th Row: D Chang, J, Mouaikel. N. Sep- 
pala. M Baxter (Not Present: E. Huitzing. L Rogers). 




1st Row: N. Bennett, T. Dinwiddy, A. Cheung, F. Delapree, A. Bourne 2nd Row: K. Muchantef, M. Nic- 
olini, A. Higginson, L, Weatherill, M. Peters 3rd Row: E. Day. M. Kucey, J, Evans. D. Sun, S. Armand. 
4th Row: A. Johnston, N, Kyriacopoulos, D, Baxter. A Harrington, A. Austin, (Not Present: J. McCulla) 


1st Row: J, Ku. J, Moore, T. Hargreaves, A. Sinclair, A. Riff. 2nd Row: C Harwood. K Lardner, V. Smith, 
J. Cole, A. Beattie, I, Quan. 3rd Row: R. Brandon, D. Ffetridis, R. Capern, L. Vanveen, M. Tattersfield, 
Z Mawani. (Not Present: J. Lee). 


1st Row: N. Kellett. T. Dawson. K. Muchantef. A Kucey. A. Deslaurier 2nd Row: S. Corall, T. Story. N. 
Gandhi. R. Durrett. K. Chui, J. Wisniowski. 3rd Row: S Aggarwal. P Nicholini, J. Nabwangu. S Frewer. 
J. Tsai. M. Koizumi. 4th Row: F. Boucher. R. Ruperelia. J. Higgmson, J Bowness. 


1st Row: S Patel. D. Nabwangu. Z Allen. D Ku. S Roberts. M. Tahirkheli 2nd Row: A. Haughton, A 
Otupiri. K. Lindsay. A MacLaughlin. J. Lavoie-Copeland. R. Clarke 3rd Row: C Dinwiddy. M Fortier. 
J. Perez. J Riff. A Leach 4th Row: N Day. A. Mills. L. Erb S. Gundy. D. Chang 






IH ..Till 


1st Row: P Francis. H. Katugaha L Miranda, T. Dougherty, B Goodman, A. Wadsworth. 2nd Row: L. San- 
chez, R. Crump, E. Zrudlo, N, Park, J. Sebesta, S. Dubuc 3rd Row: M. Gellman, M. Collerte, G. Baylis, S. 
Malhotra, J, Connelly, M, Mount, P Holliday. 4th Row: J. Saenz De Heredia. K. Sullivan, V. Puri, P Tremblay, 
P Larsen, J. Schow, J. Kambites. 



1st Row: A. Ashekian. K. Cimone, J.-C. Lize. S. Ventureyra. J. Arron. N. Chaney 2nd Row: R Hen- 
din, A. Shamji, N. Taylor. J. Sanchez. M. Pettit. A. Cheung. 3rd Row: K. Hall. J. Miller. M. Chu. L 
Appleton. A. Piamonte, J. Yang 4th Row: A. Rankin. R. Rothstein, R. Wilkinson. C. Madill. 


<&& , 

1st Row: J. Tremaine. M Butler. L. Cousineau. M Siddigi 2nd Row: 8 Prior. K. De Jesus. K Starr 
3rd Row: C. Singh. C. Romkey. D Schow. N Malhotra. O Kane. S Rask Absent: S Glynn. 





1st Row: A. Cousineau. D. ElSawey, J. Hanna. M. Rizwanullah. J. Chan. 2nd Row: M. Theodas, J. San- 
chez, M. Morisette, V Puri. S. Connelly. W. Giziewicz. 3rd Row: Mr. S.KC Grainger. M. Shamji. M. Derouin, 
F. Hanson. A. Kirchhoff, D. Starr, T. Hyde. 4th Row: M. Sullivan, D. Di Marino, L. Aggarwal, N. Baylis, S. 
Thomson, J Robinson. 



1st Row: R. Hopkins, M. Holland, M.-C. Adam, M. Simmonds, K. Tremblay. 2nd Row: J. Theodas, 
G. Blair, C. Braithwaite, J. Appleton, A. Leduc, N. Dougherty, A. Richards, E. Tjepkema, D. Fair- 
banks. G. Miranda. 3rd Row: R. Sanchez, A. Kane, S. McDonald, S. Crombie, O. Maier. Absent: 
P. Maglieri, A. Mandy, R. Zrudlo 




D. Beaupre D Cheng. I. Deslauriers. Ms. P Carleton 




1stRow:S. Yeh, R. Rawlinson, J. David. T. Van. 2nd Row: E. Dickson, R. Alikan. G. Adcock. W. Hen- 
drawan, D. Poirier. 3rd Row: Ms. P. Carleton, Justine Sun. 


1st Row: N. Nanaya. S. St. Jean, H. Neelin, C. Heinbecker. 2nd Row: U. Haastert, J. Hellmann, I. 
Sun, W.-J. Yoon, Mr. M.G. Wearring. 3rd Row: A. Hill, M. Penney, B. Cheng, V. Aubry, D. Collacott. 
(Not Present: Marie Beaudoin) 



1st Row: K Tineo. Myriam Beaudoin, D. Shelly, F. Doring. M. Puranik, S. Hicks. 2nd Row: Mrs. J. 
Kennedy, S Sandler, L. Adcock, C. Chao, J. Chen 3rd Row: M. Lam, P. Strunkmann-Meister. C. 
Lin. F. Guindo. N. Putten, C. Mathias. J. Smith. 4th Row: M. Stubbing, B. Yip. A. Winterborn, D. Walsh 
F. Lemieux. Z. Wells 5th Row: M. Madden, S. David, M. Breidenbach. P. Mann. J. Rawlinson, N 



1st Row: S Martel. K. Heuckroth, V. Lin, D. Blair, C. deFontes 2nd Row: C Hibbard, N. Lin, M Twain, 
K Penney 3rd Row: J. Rawlinson. I. Talapatra. C. Ruggiero. G. Dickson, C. Collacott 4th Row: 
D. Hwang. M. Son, F Bourgouin, J. Noonan, A. Craig. O. Guinao. 




ft j#h T\ tr 

Front Row: Andy Mills. Adam Kane, Danny Starr, David Nabwangu, Dino DiMarino, Tom Houston, Andrew Scor- 
sone, Graeme Blair. Second Row: Brian Cheng, Mike Derouin, Jerrid Tremaine, James Nabwangu, Jason 
Robinson. Third Row: Matt Stanley, Tom Hyde, Jamie Boyce, Rob Durrett, Simon Frewer, Nick Baylis. Fourth 
Row: Michael Stubbing, Sean David, Alex Hill, Stephen Mintsioulis, D'arcy Walsh. Fifth Row: Chris Ho, B.J. Me- 
loche, Matthew Tattersfield, Raju Ruperalia, Jens Hellman, Stephen Heidemann. Sixth Row: Mr. Deakin, Mr. 
Gray, Mr. Spencer, Mr. K. Guarisco, Luke Van Veen, Mr. D. Cripps, Mr. R. B. Napier. Absent: Mr. T. Hains. 

The 1993 Senior Boys Football Team finished with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. The 
playoffs began with a auarter final win over South Carleton (20-14). After advancing 
to the semi finals, a loss to Merivale (21-14) ended the season. Graduates include Adam 
Kane, Graeme Blair, David Nabwangu, Tom Houston, Andrew Scorsone, and Andy Mills. 
Many thanks to coaches Trevor Hains, Ken Guarisco, Bobby Spencer, and Derrick Cripps 
for all their help. 



Front Row: Amar Acharya Mathew Buchan. Andres Beltran, Mathew Merkley, Daniel Baxter. Mathew Ca- 
pello. Robin Wilkinson Second Row: Mathew Baxter. Anik Merchea. Patton Holliday. Elli Cohen, Andrew John- 
ston, RJ. Coles Third Row: Michael Gagnon, Jeff David. Alexis Mintsioulis. Mathew Mount Fourth Row: Daniel 
Suh. Neil Nanaya, Robert Rothstein. Riyaaz Alikan, Mathew Collette, John Kambites Fifth Row: WE Stable- 
ford, Kevin Sullivan, Craig Smith, Patrick Tremblay, Nick Seppala Sixth Row: Ewan Mill, Nick Kyriacopoulos. 
Juan Sanchez, Jason Mohns. 

The Junior Football Team went through an interesting learning experience in 1993. 
After beating Glebe in their first game, the Juniors went on to play against bigger, much 
bigger, much much bigger, people. Their season ended in the auarter-finals, at the 
hands of Sir Robert Borden. The team would like to thank the coaches, Mr. Stableford 
and Mr. Coles, for their time and devotion (and patience - NOT!) 



Front Row: J.J, Rawlinson, Deenah Shelly, Jill Howes-Sikerski. Second Row: Amantha Kucey, Kerry Starr, Ruth 
Sanchez, Vanessa Smith. Back Row: Mr. Napier, Ms. Toaa, Sylvia Smellie, Courtnay Romkey, Nadia Dhalla, 
Jennifer gavrel, Mr. Sparks. Absent: Jill Napier (Asst. Coach). 

The Senior Girls Basketball team had another awesome season, going undefeated 
throughout the season and the playoffs. The only blemish on their perfect season was 
their close loss in the City Finals. The team will lose three players to graduation, J.J. Raw- 
linson, Jennifer Gavrel, and Ruth Sanchez, but it promises to be strong again. The play- 
ers would like to thank Mr. Sparks, Ms. Todd, and Jill Napier for their patience and 
coaching expertise. Thanks to all the people who came out and cheered us on to vic- 
tory; you made a lot of noise. 




Front Row: Bonnie Prior. Chantal Rocheleau, Barb Stanley Middle Row: Meredith Kucey. Marianna Kyriac- 
opoulis, Rebecca Rawlinson. Andrea Higginson. Last Row: Mr Wearring. Kathleen De Jesus. Elspeth Day. Lauren 
Appleton. Leigh Jansen, Ms. Duggan Absent: Robin Hefferennan. 

This year, the Junior Girls' Basketball Team worked together and improved greatly. 
They won some game(s) and lost some games, and had incredible stats(?). Each player 
improved greatly, and those players moving to the Senior Team will be greatly missed. 
Next year, the team will be even stronger, and we look forward to it. 



Front Row: Mike Varley. Jesse Noonan, Magic Pole. Vikas Churra. Second Row: Patrick Strunkmann-Meister, 
Francois Lemieux. Nick Eden-Walker. Andrew Davis. Third Row: Bill Kroll. Jose Sanchez. Jason Higginson. Fourth 
Row: Nick Day (captain). Peter Nicolini. Graham Dickson, Angus McLaughlin Fifth Row: Mark Hearn (coach). 
Mike Sacco. Jesse Bowness. Andrew Craig, Antoine Mandy. 

The 1993-94 version of Senior Soccer journeyed to Toronto in October and returned 
having won the Consolation Final at the National Independent Schools Soccer Tour- 
nament for the second year in a row. We struggled into the playoffs and capped an 
interesting season with an undeserved penalty kick against us. Oh well, hopefully next 
year's team will carry on the tradition of body sliding across wet fields and screaming 
"Fitgar" at any given moment. The graduating players: Nick Day, Vikas Churra, Angus 
McLaughlin, Antoine Mandy, Jesse Noonan, Graham Dickson, and Andrew Craig, would 
like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us at our home games. Good 
luck next year. 



Front Row: Gregor Nelson, David Maxwell, Dean Petridis. Kris Hall, Anthony Rankin, Alan Smellie, J.N. Val- 
entine Middle Row: Jean Paul Yong, Duncan McCansh, Craig Singh, Eric Dickson, Michael Nicolini, Chris 
McCormack Back Row: Jamie Clarke, Ashley Austin, Sebastien Armand, Jamie Miller. 

The Junior Boys Soccer Team had an excellent season, performing beyond anyone's 
wildest hopes. After flying through the regular season unblemished, they annihilated 
their opponents in the playoffs. After capturing the Ottawa Board Championships in 
convincing fashion, they went on to the regional championships, the Mud Bowl, unfor- 
tunately losing in penalty shots. The players would like to thank Mr. Valentine for his 
valuable time and for his unending supply of Rolaids. 



Names (L to R): Marc Briedenbach, Aaron Meyers, Karl Muchantef, Christopher Mercer (coach), Jimmy Yang, 
Jessica Hanna, Robin Zrudlo. Louis Quevillon, Jon Lee, Kim Heuckroth, Celine Heinbecker, Ann Bourne, Marie- 
Christine Adam, Natalie Bennett Absent: Mike Sullivan. Zaheed Mawani, Scott Ventureyra, Cristina Ruggiero, 
Mathew Veillette. Julie Appleton, Letitia Weatherill, Ruth Sanchez, Lucy Sanchez. 

This year's tennis season was deemed a rebuilding year, since most of the top tennis 
players had graduated over the past tew years. With this in mind, the team went through 
some very extensive team building and goal setting exercises. Captained by Mike Sul- 
livan and Jessica Hanna on the A team, and Louis Quevillon and Cristina Ruggiero on 
the B squad, we managed to win all of our regular season matches and captured the 
A and B city championships. This has never before been accomplished by Ashbury. 
Not bad for a rebuilding year! My thanks to all the team members, and especially to 
Mr. Tanod, for their support during the season. 

C. Mercer 
Tennis Coach 



Back Row: D Poirier, Ms. R.E. Todd. Rebecca Rawtinson, Leigh Jansen, Bonnie Prior. Chantal Roche- 
leau. Kathleen DeJesus. Tara Dougherty. Front Row: Hilary Burn, Letitia Weatherill. Chantal Brans. El- 
speth Day, Alex Frewer, Jen Massie. 

The team had one goal this year: a championship. This year's Junior Girls Vol- 
leyball Team rewrote history at Ashbury, with the first ever Junior Girls' Sports Cham- 
pionship. The beginning of the season was tough, with many new faces to add 
to the few old ones. As the season moved on, a playoff final match against arch 
rival Elmwood loomed large. The match was intense and hard fought, but the team 
was egual to the challenge, and with the match deadlocked at 2, the team ral- 
lied to win the deciding game 15-13. The team would like to thank Ms. Todd for 
putting up with us, and leading us to a memorable and amazing season. Good 
luck next year! Douje! That could have been you! 


Front Row: Nick Seppala. Geoff Adcock, Patton Holliday. Matthew Baxter, Ted Van, Juan San- 
chez. Second Row: Kris Hall, Jon Schow, Anthony Rankin, Dean Petridis, Craigh Singh, Dan 
Baxter, Andrew Johnston, Robin Wilkinson, Mr, R.I, Gray 

The Ashbury Junior Boys' Basketball team had a frustrating season. De- 
spite promising beginnings at camp in mid-November, the team began 
its season with four straight defeats, the team went on to finish at 4-6. The 
team made it to the city auarter finals before losing a hard-fought heart- 
breaker 46-42 to the # 1 team in the city. The team would like to thank Mr. 
Gray, Mr. Sparks, and all the fans who supported us this year. 


'/la fun/Ma^ / 



CX^ * fi/cjf 


'Game Pzlai^ 

nope yov <xk. 


Front Row: Tom Hyde. Stephen Mintsioulis. Johnson Ku. Nathan Daughterly, Mike De- 
rouin. Back Row: Mr. R.B. Napier, Mr. M.G. Wearring, Jason Higginson, Davia Schow, 
Raju Ruperalia, Andrew Davis, Mr. A.J. Sparks Absent: Matt Stanley, David Anders 

This was the most successful season ever for the Senior Boys' 
Basketball Team, as we finished league play with a record of 
10-3, and were 27-7 overall. Thanks to the two graduating play- 
ers, Nate and Dave, and best of luck to those players return- 
ing next season. The team congratulates Ottawa All-Stars Dave 
Schow, Tommy Hyde and Johnson Ku on their fine performances, 
and wishes to thank Mr. Sparks and Mr. Wearring for excellent 
coaching and preparation of the team all year long. 



— | — 1 — r ' I i 1 

if ■',- 35^ 

^L . 1 E ■ 

i i~ — ^mm, i 

If r 1 13 



j j ? * 

. — ! &i 


Front Row: Chantal Rocheleau. Deanah Shelly, Amantha Kucey. Vanessa Smith. Mr. R.I. 
Gray. Back Row: Jamie Boyce, D'arcy Walsh, Andy Shillington, Oliver Kane 

For the second straight year, the Alpine Ski Team won the City Com- 
bined Title, and the odds of the trophy remaining at Ashbury seem strong. 
We are a very young team, however, most of our racers have valuable 
experience from a competitive skiing background. Those racers who 
were new to competition also performed well, and were a valuable as- 
set to our team. Unfortunately, the team was not able to participate in 
the Ontario Championships this year. 




Front Row: Jamie Riff. David Badian, John Evans. Jason Robinson. Neil Malhotra. Andrew Leach. Darren Prevost, John 
Connelly Second Row: Carline Kindle, Robert Rothstein. Jamie Boyce. Nick Eden-Walker. Jason Mohns Third Row: 
Mr. S. Grainger, Adam Kane, Mr M Schneider. Scott Thomson. Andre Leduc. Denholm Blair. Ted Niles 

After years of futility, and at times, embarrassment, the Senior Hockey Team won the Tier II 
City Championships! That's right - the HOCKEY TEAM. Finishing round-robin and playoff com- 
petition with a perfect 11-0 record, the team clinched the League trophy with a thrilling 4-3 
overtime win over St. Peter's in the final. The team wishes to thank Mr. Grainger and Mr. Schneider 
for their coaching, and sends best wishes to graduating players Andrew Leach, Andre (Biff) 
Leduc, Jamie Riff, Denholm Blair, Ted Niles, and Adam Kane. 

* & ° % 




Front Row: Meredith Kucey, Peter Hucal. Andrea Higginson. Back Row: Leonard Erb. 
Rev. T. Meaker, Nicholas Kellett. Absent: Mohammad Shamji, Barbara Stanley, Allan 

When the curling team sets out to break records, we seem to know 
no limits. Even though no goals were set out at the beginning of 
the season, with the obvious exception of placing in the top 50, we 
managed to break three records this year. Mr. Sparks' Phys-Ed class 
helped us break our fan record, three female members allowed 
us to break our player gender record, and a third place finish for 
the 'A' team provided the best ever finish for the team. The year 
brings to an end many an illustrious curling career. Those leaving 
include Leonard Erb, Andrew Scorsone, Allan Richards, and Peter 
Hucal, who will all be pursuing post-secondary curling endeavors. 
(Hurry Hard guys!) The team may never be the same without them 
(maybe next year they'll place second!). 


Front Row: Sylvia Smellie, Jilt Howes-Siekierski, Janet Rawlinson, Charlene Mathias, 
Sarah Connelly Back Row: Mr. R.B Napier, Kerry Starr. Courtnay Romkey, Julie Ap- 
pleton. Nadia Dhalla. Nicole Rocheleau, Mr. M. Mousseau. Absent: Judi Shum- 

This year's Senior Girls Volleyball Team had a very successful sea- 
son despite our loss in the guarter finals. We made a good showing 
in two tournaments, which took place at Ottawa University during 
the pre-season and at Immaculata during the season. J.J. returned 
this year and proved to be as effective a setter as she was before 
her injury. Thanks to the team for a good and fun season and to 
Judi and Mr. Mousseau for their continued support and determi- 
nation. We would like to extend special thanks to J. J., Julie and Ni- 
cole, who will be missed next year, and congratulations to the 

Mousseau's on the new addition to the 

Mousseau family. 


Back: Mr, Grainger, Jill Howes-Siekierski. Julie Appleton. Carline Kindle. Lauren Appleton. Amantha 
Kucey, Courtney Romkey Front: Deanah Shelley. Ruth Sanchez. Leigh Jansen. Vanessa Smith. Chantal 

This year's Senior Girls team, faced with an uphill battle after losing many young 
players to the juniour team, responded brilliantly with an excellent season. Start- 
ing with some brutal early morning sessions in April, the team progressed enough 
to enter an indoor tournament at Hillcrest. Surprising all, the team went undefeated 
in the tournament, capturing the trophy by winning six thrilling games. At the end 
of the season, the girls found themselves in first place with only one loss to blemish 
their record. Unfortunately, Ashbury lost in the city semi-finals on a very lucky goal. 
A great season by any standards! 



Back Row: Mike Sacco (Coach), Marianna Kyriacopoulous. Natalie Bennett, Elspeth Day, Rebecca 
Crump. Celine Heinbecker Middle Row: Alexandra Frewer. Robin Heffernan, Barb Stanley Front Row: 
Erica Zrudlo, Laura Miranda, Fiona Eden-Walker, Tara Dougherty, 

The first ever edition of Junior Girls Soccer at Ashbury had a roller-coaster like 
season. Under the helpful guidance of Mr. Valentine, the girls accomplished four 
of their five goals: they scored a goal, they got a shutout, they tied a game, and 
most importantly they improved tremendously. They plyaed with enthusiasm 
throughout the season and look forward to an even better year next year. 



Back Row: Chris Ho. Bradley Yip. Mike Sullivan, Meiro Koizumi, Bill Kroll. Middle Row: Tom Houston, 
Simon Frewer, Jerrid Tremaine, Jose Sanchez, Front Row: Craig Pryor, Andrew Craig. Mark Son, Adam 
Kane, Peter Hucal, Matt Fortier, 

The 1994 Senior Boys rugby team had a somewhat disappointing season that 
consisted of 7 games: 4 wins and 3 losses. We started the season oft with a loss 
against Rideau. The final score was 8-7, with Simon Frewer scoring all the points. 
Next we played a tough team at Hillcrest and lost a respectable game 12-0. The 
team started coming together and we went on a 4-0 run: winning 13-0 against 
Canterbury; 21-3 against Glebe; 5-0 against Lisgar; and finally 24-0 against Glebe 
in the opening round of the B playoffs. That put us in the B finals against Nepean 
and Rideau. The entire team played horribly and we lost 20-10. This ended our 
disappointing season with Dan Starr as MVP and Jim Nastic winning the best-all- 
around-guy award. Thanks to Jimmy Norton, Mark Schneider, and the other coaches. 


Back Row: Alexis Mintsioulis. Oliver Kane, Joseph Morissette (Coach). Third Row: David Poirier. Geoff 
Adcock. Chris Ho, Robert Rothstein. Jason Mohns. Second Row: Riyaaz Alikhan. Matthew Cappello, 
Robin Wilkinson, Jamie Miller, Matthew Collette, Matthew Merkley, Mr, Herique (Coach] Front Row: 
Masauel Lassere, Amar Acharya, Ted Van, Andres Beltran, Jeff Davia. Matthew Buchan, Anik Merchea. 

Under the watchful eyes of Mr, Herique and Joe Morissette, the Junior Boys 
Rugby team had an exciting season. The team would like to thank their coaches 
for their time and effort and especially for their help and insight, 



Back Row: Jeff Hill (Coach). Bonnie Prior, Jennifer Smith, Denholm Blair (Manager), Katy Tineo, Marie Mor- 
issette. Third Row: Max Storey (Coach), Natasha Putten, Michelle Twain, Charlene Mathias, Sonya Corrall. 
Second Row: Alexandra Dufresne, Rebecca Hopkins, Kerry Starr, France Bourgouin Front Row: Shelley 
Roberts, Seifali Patel, Nicole Rocheleau, Stefanie Martel. 

Girls Rugby had a somewhat disappointing, but very enjoyable season. We played 
some close games against some strong teams. Graduating players Shelley Roberts, 
France Bourgouin, Mandy Holland, Michelle Twain, Stef Martel, Nicole Rocheleau, 
Seifali Patel, Rebecca Hopkins and Alexandra Dufresne will be greatly missed. How- 
ever I'm sure killer Kathleen and Big bad Bonnie will lead the team to be absolute 
terrors next year. 

Good luck to next years team! Special Thanks to Max Storey, Jeff Hill and Denholm 
- the water boy! 


Senior Football 

The Lee Snelling MVP: David Nabwangu 
The Tiny Hermann MVP: Tommy Hyde 
The Stratton Memorial HVL: Tom Houston 
The Ken Guarisco Award: Dino DiMarino 

Junior Football 

The O'Brien MVP: Andres Beltran, Mathew 


The Boswell MIP: Jason Mohns 

The MacFarlane Memorial MVP: Andres 


Senior Boys Soccer 

The R.J. Anderson MVP: Angus McLachlin, 

Mike Sacco 

The R.H. Perry MIP: Jason Higginson 

Junior Boys Soccer 

The Pemberton Shield MVP: Dean Petridis, 

Anthony Rankin 

MIP: Sebastian Armand, Craig Singh 

Senior Girls Basketball 

The Willis O'Connor MVP: J.J. Rawlinson, 

Deanah Shelley 

The H.G. Bate MIP: Jill Howes-Siekierski 

Junior Girls Basketball 
MVP: Leigh Jansen 
MIP: Elspeth Day 


MVP: Jon Lee 

MIP: Jimmy Yang 

Senior Boys Basketball 

The McAnulty MVP: David Schow 

The Snelgrove MIP: Johnson Ku 

Junior Boys Basketball 

The Rhodes MVP: Dean Petridis 

The Devine MIP: Anthony Rankin, Nick 


Senior Girls Volleyball 

The Fleming MVP: J.J. Rawlinson 

The Fleming MIP: Nicole Rocheleau 

Junior Girls Volleyball 

MVP: Rebecca Rawlinson, Kathleen 

De Jesus 

MIP: Elspeth Day, Leigh Jansen 

Senior Hockey 

The Fraser MVP: Jason Robinson, 

Andrew Leach 

The Irvin MIP: Darren Prevost 

Europe 86: Denholm Blair 


The Carling Cup MVC: Peter Hucal 

MIC: Leonard Erb 

Alpine Skiing 

MVS: Deanah Shelley 

Cross Country Running 
MVR: Hilary Burn 

Senior Boys Volleyball 
MVP: Mike Madden 
MIP: Stephen Gundy 


MVP: Louis Quevillon 

MIP: John Bethune 

Senior Boys Rugby 

The Macoun MVP: Dino DiMarino, 

Dan Starr 

The Cole MIP: Robin Durrett 

Junior Boys Rugby 
MVP: Andres Beltran 
MIP: Riyaaz Alikhan 

Girls Rugby 

MVP: Nicole Rocheleau, Bonnie Prior 

MIP: Kerry Starr, Marie Morisette 

Senior Girls Soccer 

The NHL Cup MVP: Amantha Kucey, 

Deanah Shelley 

The Chester MIP: Nhon Barbeau 

Junior Girls Soccer 
MVP: Fiona Eden-Walker 
MIP: Celine Heinbecker 

Special Awards 


The Wright Cup: Michael Sullivan 


The W.E. Stableford: Andrew Leach 


The Coaches Cup: J.J. Rawlinson 


The Arvid Paasonen: Nicholas Day 


The Connaught Cup: J.J. Rawlinson 


The Biewald: Adam Kane 


Nathaniel Boswell 

Meiro Koizumi 


I'd rather be alone 

He said 

An aching breaking sensation 

From Heaven and Hell 

To the holiness of Dawn. 

I'd rather be alone 
He pleaded 

And begged me to stop 
From all the directions 
Of galaxies from afar . . . 

I'd rather be alone 

He demanded 

Yelling screaming shouting 

For life to disappear 

And darkness to engulf him. 

I'd rather be alone 

He cried 

Tears glistening in the dusk. 

The streaks across his ruff cheeks 

A symbol of wanting no more. 

I'd rather be alone 

He said 

Whining, screeching tires of the car 

Looking at me, utter misery 

My look saying simply 

Oh, but you are! 

Chloe Harwood 

Edward Niles 

Andre Kirchhoff 


Andre Kirchhoff 

Meiro Koizumi 

Cherry Chao 


It is here I walk 
Smelling the sweet cologne 
Avoiding their eyes completely 
Knowing that I am alone. 

Trying to think of some way to smile 
Seeing I never could 
Loving the air, the blowing wind 
Thinking I'm no longer a child . . . 

The bridge I walk on 
Will be there always 
Wishing I could too 
I stop, I look, think of you. 

But the world is spinning 

And the sun is sleeping 

And the ground is always strong 

If only this deep sorrow could lift. 

Forever be gone. 

A fear of hurting 

Afraid to touch 

Too scared to have no one 

Afraid to love too much . . . 

But here I am. 
I'm waiting 
Waiting to be told 
That my lucky fortune 
Can only turn to gold. 

It is here I've stopped 
To think and smell and see 
I do not need to run or hide 
For alone is where I'll be. 

Chloe Harwood 
Josie Chen 


A chuckle breaks the silence 
The clown glares around 
From behind his smiling mask 
Then breaks into laughter . . . 
Sarcastic laughter . . . 

Did you hear the one about the . 

He says to his audience 

They all look on 

In horror 

As he mucks up the joke 

Sweat beads on his shaven head 
As he pulls out tour shiny blades 
The spotlight reflects off one 
while he hacks at a melon . . . 
Or is it a head . . . 

No! Can't lose control now 
Got a show to do 
He throws one blade 
Into the air and catches it 
With one padded glove . . . 

One by one 

He tosses the knives 

Into the air 

And the crowd roars 

As he opens his mouth 

And one by one 

The knives disappear down his throat 

A great performance, they say 
As the make-up runs into his eyes 

Phillipp Mann 

Meiro Koizumi 


Justine Eyre 


Spring has come and with it gaiety, 

The birds salute it with joyous song, 

And the brooks, caressed by Zephyr's breath, 

Flow meanwhile with sweet murmurings; 

The sky is covered with dark clouds, 
Announced by lightning and thunder. 
But when they are silenced, the little birds 
Return to fill the air with their song; 

Then does the meadow, in full flower, 

Ripple with its leafy plants. 

The goatherd dozes, guarded by his faithful dog 

Rejoicing in the pastoral bagpipes, 
Nymphs and Shepherds dance in the glade 
For the radiant on set of Springtime. 

Sujeet Acharya 

Nathaniel Boswell 

Justin Eyre 

























Tenor Saxes: 


Jennifer Smith 

Andrew Cheung 

Matthew Buchan • 


Isabelle Sun 

Elspeth Day 

Elli Cohen 

Akua Otupiri • 

Justiine Sun 

Eric Dickson 

Mathieu Cohen 

Indrani Talapatra 

Jenny Harwood 

Peter Hucal •♦ 

• Jazz Band 



Baritone Sax: 

♦ Senior 

Chris Collacott • 


Lisa Adcock •• 


Bryan Estabrooks 

Daniel Kim 



Steve Heidemann 

Karl Muchantef 

Thomas Dinwiddy 


Andre Kirchhotf 

Jennifer Massie 

Bryan Estabrooks 

Ken Cdmpbell 

Peter Larsen 

Akua Otupiri •« 

Fred Hanson • ♦ 

Leonard Erb 



Rebecca Hopkins •» 

Sujeet Acharya 

Marie Morissette • 

Duncan Hunter 

Band & Choir 

Denholm Blair 

Jennifer Polk 

Peter Larsen • 


Andrew Craig 


Chris Mitchell 

Mr. L. Tanod 

Scott Crombie " 

Sujeet Achan/a ♦ 

Matthew Mount 

Alex Deslaurierrs 


Andrew Scorsone •♦ 


Xavier Fan 


Jordan Sweetnam 


Wojtek Giziewicz 

Ann Bourne 

Electric Bass: 

Nhon Barbeau 

Fred Hanson 

Nadia Chaney 

Amar Acharya 

Martha Butler 

Andre Leduc 

Xavier Fan * 


Jenny Chan 




Josie Chen 



Anik Merchea 


Robbin Zrudlo ' 

Kara Jansen 


de Fontes 

Patrick O'Brian 

Veronique Aubry* 

Justine Eyre * 

* Chdmber Choir 


Myriam Beaudoin* 

Oumou Guindo 


Cherry Chao • 

Jessicd Hanna * 

Blair Richie* 

Josie Chen i 

Kara Jansen ■ 

Nick Taylor 

Wayne Diu • 

Akua Otupiri 

Jennifer Wang 

Connell Siddons 

Kate Penney 

Robbin Zrudlo* 

French Horns: 

Sylvia Smellie 

Alto Saxes: 

Neil Rask 

Letitia Weatherill 

Allister Cheung 



Sarah Connelly t 

David Badian 

Veronique Aubry 

Graham Dickson •♦ 

David Collacott •♦ 





Eden-Wdlker •» 

Winterborn • 

Celio Dinwiddy ' 

Matthew Merkley •♦ 


Rebecca Hopkins 

Nicholas Seppala 

Mark Skaff » 

Meghan Kennedy * 

Deven Rath 


Carline Kindle ' 

Alykhan Shamji 


Jennifer Mdssie 

Jimmy Yang 

Charlene Mathias 
Marie Morissette ' 






map ■ 






; ■ c. 

* ^ 


» ' T 

** ■-" ij 

1 tMl 



_ i 


• ; 



kI "w 


fckix^ ■ 


T "* 1 n 




Charles Haines reviews 
I Never Saw Another Butterfly 

(JENNIFER SMITH:) What's next on your list? Ashbury 
College, isn't it? 

(CHARLES HAINES:) Yes, because in April I regularly go to 
the Theatre Ashbury production at Ashbury College partly 
because Greg Simpson, the theatre director there, is 
unqualifiedly a genius when it comes to getting young 
people to put on a play. 

This time, they're doing / Never Saw Another Butterfly by 
Celeste Raspanti: an episodic, not really very well written 
piece about World War II Jewish children confined in prison 
at Terezin, with deadly knowledge of Auschwitz — where 
many were sent — always on their mind. Two hours 
of unrelieved gloom, grief; the cast of nineteen do an 
excellent, tender job — the production better than the text. 
Marie-Soleil Beaudoin, in the part of a child bride, plays a 
marvelous, strong violin solo of her own composition. 
Tara Story: excellent as an understanding teacher. 
Jamie Wisniowski is truly moving as a heartbroken girl who 
survives. Greg Simpson directed. 

All In A Day, 
CBC Radio, 

April 29, 1994. 










/ * 



Zoe Allen 

Ciccolina, the jokes of God. the man shortage myth. Akua and the car- 
pet, France (before) and Kim (after), Seifali's 'mediocracy'. pseudo in- 
tellectuals, communism, anti-Americanism (Nate, you only enforced my 
bias), fascist dictators, stop signs, the DMV, early morning francais. Phil 
& the role switch (I will never have any Italian in me), red lips. Biff's Oe- 
dipal complex, Camille, Paglia and Jean Lesage. WF & CD - if I won 
it was only by default, A grecian urn, Proffesor X. Vic's panacea, and 
a hotel room too small for the six of us, 

Thanx to: AN, NJ, EWZ, DDL, MEJ, GRV, AO, SP, RH, CD, CR, KT, MA, JG, 

David Anders 

So this is what it's come to after 7 years Storosko's flying rulers, Ben's bird 
threats, Jim's shorts, and Tom is still vertically challenged. Thanx to all 
those who made my stay bearable: cookie the swede. Matt & Graham, 
Asli. The Daniel's crowd: Carole, Mom, Tony. Jen. Ray & Fred. Thanx for 
the support and the coffee. Quarter century club at peel "I've got Andy's 
zippo" . . . toeneppodeus, Don't ask it's a long story, Grad trip, Thanx 
for carrying me back to my room Adam, tequila. Fizz Buzz & Fuzzy duck 
with green drinks, Dancing in the rain, roof jumping, "Hola senor ready 
to go por favor." Thanx also to those who helped me through it AS, VC, 
MH, SR, KL. SM. Thanx to KDN, AJS. MAP, JHH, BH. thanx above all to my 
best friends Jeff & Aimee "thanx for saving me," Above that Krista I don't 
know how I could have made it without you. Love Always. "What a long 
strange trip it's been." 

Julie Appleton 

FSTCB Aka Bronco; fish tails, Massena, paddling topless, Swiss '92 Paris 
Lights FYM '93 Road trip Boston or maybe NY. City, three card Annie, 
Boca Bake: little tennis a lot of nightlife. 3 AM swims, the monkeys. Bal- 
cony escapes cottage Bash, Barbarian, X-mas Party "I don't want to 
dance", K + K, Crazy Road Warrior, "I've never", Baby kisses. 
Soccer Champs OFSAA X 3 North Carolina 
Yours Forever Sweat Sisters 


Ken Campbell 
switch on 

Well, my 4 years here are up. I've worked. I've played, some- 
body break out a duck Things I'll miss; Homeroom pranks 
("CAMPBEEEU"), physics class ("What're you doing?") Chem 
class ("Get oft your mass!"), doing the sound for the fashion 
shows ("Look Helen, a slow Mexican whale ") and coffee hou- 
ses ("That is so darn wicked!"). Grade 10 geographie ("Mes- 
opotamie"). comfy chairs, daily trips to Danny's, ad infinitum 
Teachers to thank; MAP, NJ, KDN. SUPER C, DOC HOP and 
UNCLE ROSS Fellow Yahoo's to thank; Featherbeaver (Dave). 
Pete-o. Inchy, Len, Scorsone, the rest of the Danny's crowd (most 
notably MH. SR, SM, the other AS, VC, Vim). Last but not least, 
thank you to my caring and supportive parents. (Thanks guys!), 
my beloved Evie (kiss kiss), and my toaster "Bob". Hope to see 
y'all again, take care, adios until next time 

switch off 

Denholm Blair 






There are a lot of ups and downs (Re- 
becca and Andrew) 
You tend to lose things. (Rebecca) 
You can steer your own future and not let 
anyone else screw it up. (Andrew) 
You may drown or survive the hard times 
but still manage to get your pants wet. 

If you get in a lot of trouble you may end 
up stepping in a lot of manure. (Craig) 

Graeme Blair 

Graeme can be heard saying "I'll pay you back. I promise", or "I 
got the Jeep", Purple will be remembered for blasphemous rumours 
and creative driving skills. PP's are ID, debtors, taxi cab drivers and 
finding a ride home. Highlights include cottage '92, '93, Grad '93. 
Crowes '93, drivers ed, tackle hoops in Cedarhill, the isolation room. 
Hull hopping, bummings cigs from Newsline host, being propositioned 
in class. Driving west bound traffic, sharing cabs with Chuck and MK. 
hosting party Fall '93, hotels and wine cellar floors. Aspires to find 
a real job and a steady girlfriend. Thanx to MK, DG, SM. CP. AR. RM 
and BW. 


Marie-Christine Adam 

Yes, there is a spurt of energy, smile or even name to the face otherwise known 

as Mc (a name which I never commented to). My two years at Ashbury were quite 

interesting and sometimes hard (good luck to all IB diploma students!) 

1st year: Brad, it was a rollercoaster ride . . . Jen P., thanks for the rides . . . Indi, 

whatever happened to those aimless walks around the school!?! , . . Jen G. and 

Nick, you're welcome. 

2nd year: Jen P. and Jen R., when will I ever break from you guys!?! . . . Indi, I 

don't know what I would have done without you (love life is so weird!) . . . Akua, 

those phone calls died but through it all, you learned that you don't GO for a 

guy! . . . James, yes I was gone for a week after Christmas break . . . And finally 

and most importantly, thanks to my parents for all the trouble they went (and still 

go) through for me. 

Goodbye everybody, I'll be outa here. 

% * 


1 \s 


1 * 






France Elizabeth Bourgouin 

"Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life you'll regret the things 
you didn't do more than the things you did." 
Thank you to all my friends, 

Charlene (Nounou is cute in his own little way) 

Stef (my little honey bun) 

Kim T. (for being you) 

Debbie (who is the dearest friend I will ever have in this world) 

Michelle T. (want to go for a walk?) 

Rob B. (3 weeks of silence) 

Charlotte (you can't get — from the phone !?@ # &"!?) 
W.F.B. (Thank you 'cause you have given me something that my heart will never forget) 
Good luck to all those who remain behind (Steve, Craig, Dean, Ty, Kara, Andrew, 
Tom, Mike, J.R.) & to those that are leaving with me (Z.A., CD., N.D.. R.H., K.H., S.P., 
J. P., A.S.). 

I would like to thank my teachers for their guidance and support: Mr. Merritt, G.R.V., 
S.K.C.G.. N.J.. R.J.C 1 also wish to thank my family and the Wheelers for never under- 
estimating my ability to succeed. 

Carlos Braithwaite 

I've reached the end of the beginning. Seven years, five blazers and one education 
later, and I'm still laughing. I'm trying to write ultimate cheesy hoop-la but I must bid 
a fond farewell to all my friends. Come and see me at work when I'm 30! (Do you 
want fries with that?) Good luck to my grade nine friends and thanks to all the teach- 
ers. Finally with my departure, I pose a question: 
Why is the word abbreviation so long? 
P.S. I, DO. NT. K.N.O.W. 

Toodilee doo 
Carlos B. 
P. P.S. Hey Marianna, you're in grade 10 now! You know what that means! Hubba 

Keep smilin' kiddo. 
P.P.P.S. Good bye to R.H., A.C.. N.D.. J.J., M.S., N.R., J. P., 

M.F., AH., M.T., C.P., S.P., "Biff", L.Q., 

P. P.P.P.S. I love doing this "P.S." thing! 


Neil Charbonneau 

Having spent 5 years at Ashbury has enabled me not only to get a great edu- 
cation but to be able to see education from a unique point-of-view That is why 
I have to start off by saying very special thanks to Mrs. J.N. MacLaren If it was 
not for her and the 5-year scholarship. I would never have been able to go to 
this great school 

I would also have to say thanks to all of my teachers. But special thanks to Mr 
Penfon. Mr. Robertson. Mr. Niles. Mrs. Jowett, Mrs. Novick, Mrs. Allen, and Mr. Var- 
ley all of whom have given me consideration, encouragement, and support when 
I needed it the most. Also, thanks to Mr. Alan Leslie and Mrs. Kane who have pro- 
vided me with some employment, when employment was hard to find. 
Good luck to Peter ('Timmy'). Stephen. Mohsin, Alan, Nancy, and J.L.C. I hope 
you can reach your destination in the future 
Again, thank you. and see y'a later! 

Vikas Chhura 


- A Brown Man in a White school! 

- It's whiting outside 

- Yes. this is my own hair 

- New York City 


- Which Holocaust. Jacques? 

- Rugby/Soccer (FITGAR!) 

- Spenny 

Go Forth and Graph! 
Thanks to: Mr. Varley (DAD)! KDN, Nate, Krista. Mandy. Vimi. Tash. Nick, et al. 
Thanks for the Grad Trip - it was a blast! (151) 

My mother is a 20ft. what? 



Sheishund Pub 

Do you know who ! 

4 foot negresse 



Chris Collacotf 

All that I have experienced in the last four years will soon become memories: quar- 
ter. Venizia. guitar, pavillion. Star Trek, choir, chapel. Cheers. Dehin, Les Suites, 
fresh air. Cumberland, Kate's. *1, signing out. sleep, off property. 5:15. gating. 
ties. Mt St-Anne trip. 

In my memories I thank the following: K.D.. A.R.. C.R.. AC A.M. 
As much as I like my memories, I'm glad to move on 



Nicholas Day 

Yes my initials do spell NERD! That would be Nicholas Edward 
Ross Day for the few of you who don't already know. Seven years 
of Ashbury has quickly come to an end. and left me with an 
unforgettable collection of happy memories: soccer trips, pe- 
nalty shots (yes I know Jon); soccer City B Champs; character 
building; sports - you name it I'll do it; indecent exposure at 
fashion show, spending an hour searching for my ski under the 
chairlift (uncool); Whiteface wipeouts; surprise B-Bay party; darn, 
another double spare; trust me; Brown, what just happened? 
Dominican!!! absolutely unbelievable! Orange pants are cool; 
151; swimming fully clothed; beach strolls, sunrise X 2; I don't 
burn, I tan; get me some Solarcaine; Merengue with strangers 
• you never know what could happen ... A special thank you 
to KDN, GRV, RJC, GMA, MAP, AN, and to FB, JS, JG, VC, RH, 
IT, CR, AL, AS, WER, and most important of all: Mummy, Daddy, 
and Elspeth • Thank you and I love you. 

If you can do it today . . . put it off until tomorrow 

"I need a holiday" 
- Nicholas E.R. Day 

Graham Dickson 

. . . and furthermore I believe the rationale supporting the previous proposition to 
be flawed due to the inherent uncertainty in the issue; so I will not attempt an answer 
at this time to avoid further confusing an already misconstrued abstraction. Yes, the 
past few years have been fun. Did I ever directly answer a question? Well of course 
that depends upon one's own personal semantical definition of a direct answer 
. . The enthusiasm of my studious classmates and endearing names I've been be- 
queathed, "Wart" being my personal favourite, will not soon be forgotten. I've had 
a blast, at least when I wasn't working, so what, the last five minutes! Boarding has 
been great, the fine cuisine, the flexible schedule, and (seriously) the great com- 
pany. I've learnt that rules are meant to be broken, just discretely and with a smile 
(and a little technology occasionally helps). Mr. Deakin remember: the man who 
dies with the most toys wins! Thanx to all of you who've made this time so memorable! 

Catherine Defontes 

My four years of boarding are over and I've survived .. . albeit not un- 

Much has happened that has changed me for life. 

Grade 10: "You didn't tell me you were going to prison." . . Montreal . . . 
Angela in Bermuda . . . "pink and blue" 
Grade 11: You again. Angela? . . . Lisa in Bermuda 

Grade 12: Charlotte and Heather . . . canoeing . . . Lisa's cabin . . . Dakar 
. . . Jamie 

Grade 13: no roommate! . . . paperwork . . . photo club? . . , graduation 
Thanks everyone for everything. 


Mandy Holland 

AL lalalalala-Baby Alrighty then. Are you going down (the hill)? Rahr. Uhh 
I'm gonna stare all day. Tramapoline! All Right. Let's go for coffee That's 
wick. Oh no Beta! Oh no Bette Midler Steve's face. Ala . What's that? Half 
of ALA lalala! Snarf What are you doing, where dre you going. What's for 
Dessert? Where's my fish? Skinny dipping in Costa Linda. Disco suits and 
scooters. Vodka-Ouva. Fizz Buzz Burn! Fuzzy duck. Thanks to NATER: I will be 
forever licking your eye and feeding you orange tic tacs. LOU: "With or With- 
out You" ■ I think I'm getting sentimental. Wish you were here ANDY My confi- 
dant, thanks for always being there. SHELLE: I'll buy you a coff . . REBECCA: 
We depress each other - the Map club. ANDREW CRAIG: Money ahhh VIMER/ 
TASH: Grade 12's who should be graduating. BIFF: They're playing our song. 
STEVE No comment JESSE: Our beach walks. LEACH: Who is this guy? JJ: Un 
cervesa avec limon and a blond. OK, OK, that's the deal. STEF: I had a good 
one . . NICOLE: My roomy. DREW: comfortably numb. KRISTA: Bum Bum? And 
of course VIK-ala la Y'all have made my two years in Canada wicked. Asta- 
la-vista! senor! 

Thomas Houston 

Thanks to Football coaches, Mr. Deakin, 
and to Rugby coach Jim Norton. 

U. Grey and Bobby Spencer 

Rebecca Hopkins 

Five years ago when I came to Ashbury I was short, quiet and innocent. I 
am now leaving short and the rest I don't know! Mt Ste Anne (gas!), NYC 
trip, Colorado, Florida, canoeing (Denholm you are my hero), sorry about 
the drapes Biff. The most memorable, if you can remember it was the Do- 
minican: Nater & Al: we get the room tonight, crys on the beach (Mandy), 
scabbies (Carlos), breakfast; do they have that here? Cave bar (nice 
pants!) My friends, you know who you are, I will miss you all. Andrew: MAP 
club, drives, pillows. & in general all the insults (mine were better though) 
Anyways . . Al, here's to swiss chalet and sleazy Hull men, Akua, Calc, you 
smoke - ', AD. it's been a long time. Hopefully I am on to a new life - Univer- 
sity (subject change please 1 ) I will think back often but I know Dominican 
reunion is in the future Bye! 1 


Celia Dinwiddy 

"Education is what survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten ." - B.F. 

I may forget some of the details I have learnt at Ashbury, (how to prove a mathe- 
matical proposition b.m.i., for example, or the philosophical argument that I might 
not be Celia - a.k.a. Cynthia - but Matilda. Celia's twin sister), but my Ashbury ed- 
ucation will survive for the rest of my life. 

Many thanks to my teachers for the inspiration and encouragement, to my friends 
for the fun, the support and the hug therapy, and to my family for all of the above 
and more. 

Good luck to the Grads of '94 and to the Grads of the future. Whatever you do in 
life, don't get caught up in the big whirlwind; take time to stop and think every once 
and a while. 
"Thought is a universe of freedom." - Anon 

Catwalks and cats 
And pyramids of people 
Foreign men and sushi. 
Debating in the boomdocks. 
Not playing tennis in Grade 9 & 10 
Being d queen, a comedian, and 
A girl from Salem 

legs and a walk 

and high heels x3 
Choirs in Toronto 
A bus ride to Washington. 
Repelling from rocks 
And drowning in tents. 

Justine Eyre 

Staying up all night discussing bats. 
A sudden interest in hockey and wind- 

Through to New York with Chicho Venzoli 
and back to Ashbury where some of the 
best sat. 

Green apples and books 
Morky, my soulmate, 
And long exotic nights. 
Five years and a lifetime 
I don't think I'm old enough 
but I've run with the boys. 
And I know how to sink 
ond to swim. 

To Hardcore '94; When you're blue, just think of the zoo song . . . "An amoeba goes 
squish, squish." 

To my English buddies; Will he ever shut up? 
To the French Department; Sorry Guy, it was nothing personnel! 
To all the Curlers; They card you at Fat Albert's. Order one beer at a time. 
"What are you doing?!" 

To C.H.; Even in the worst of times, I always had fun. 
I will always love you. You're my best friend. 
I'm a lifer; Done a lot! 

This has been the best year of my life (so far), 
And I hope I never go through it again. 

Luck and lots of love to all . A. I., AC, A.R., AS., CD., H.N., K.C., K.P.. M.H. (a.k.a. 
L.O.), Ml., N.L., S.P.. V.L., W.'P'.F. 

Leonard Erb 


David Fairbanks 

So many things, so little space I would like to thank my parents ana grandparents 
for, without them, this Ashbury experience would never have been possible My frienas 
who have supportea me throughout the years. Ken, Len, Pete, Pete, Adam, Eve and 
especially Brenna. I'll never forget the Rob big Bash. Ken's Dog ana Grogs, the Camp- 
bell Cocktail, Memories (the Hypocrites), Guy Lemelle's French class, France. Danny's 
the Abode. TKD. Callebogie, Ekbert Alert's. Homeroom (What homeroom?). Bob's ap- 
ple shooters. Stray toasters and sporks Thank you also to Mr. Maurier, Mr. Jackson 
and Ben Hedges 
"I will survive" - Duracell Ostrich. 
Exit Ashbury left - Dave. 

Winston Fan 

I wouia like to thank the staff for their time ana patience that they have expended 
on my behalf for the last five or, for some (eg M. Mousseau), seven years Special 
thanks to Mr Thomas and Mrs Barnett, who dragged me kicking and screaming 
to university. I would also like to thank my friends and fellow students for the mem- 
orable experiences that we have gone through together. Finally, I would like to leave 
you with a quote: 

"We are . . one equal temper of heroic hearts. 
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will. 
To strive, to seek, to find and not to yieia." Lord Tennyson. 

For those that I leave behind, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours! 
For the Grads of '94, let's go challenge the unknown! 
May you all live life to the fullest. W.F 

Matt Fortier 

4 years at Ashbury. from 4ft 10, 105 lbs., to 5ft 10, 186 lbs. I never once, in my wildest 
dreams, thought this day wouia come. I would like to thank MOM and DAD et al., 
AH.. J. P., C.B., B.L., A.O. Bob Guccione. Jr., at RCA Records for all his support R.P.C.. 
the Allman Bros.. Jethro Tull. The Who. etc., Kathy Ireland, Hardcore '94, Freeway, 
teachers from A.N. to K.D.N, and everybody in between, D.N., Rugby. Homer J. Simp- 
son, all the people at NIKE, to those who made me laugh and think. Frank Zappa 
and the Mothers of Invention. 
Words to live by. Mmmm Chooocolate. - Homer J. 

I'm not gonna' let 'em catch me no. not gonna' let 'em catch the Midnight Rider. 
The Allman Brothers Band 


Jennifer Gavrel 

My stay at Ashbury has been short, but not without memories. I've 
learned a lot about myselt and others during these past two years. 
I'd like to thank all the teachers who helped me along the way. And 
of course I can't forget AJS and the senior girls basketball team • good 
luck next year • kill the Heffer! 
NERD • thank you for everything. 

Just remember, the trick isn't to rid your stomach of butterflies but to 
make them fly in formation. 

Oumou Guindo 

It would be so difficult for me to sum up in a few words my two years 
at Ashbury and the experiences I have had. I will still remember Char- 
lotte in the closet and the huge knocks on the walls after lights out. 
The bung boug! Every Friday that comes from CHARU's window will 
always be so surprising for me; Hey sexy girl, don't play with your eyes!! 
To "I don't know", you know who you are, the noises and the deep 
conversations at 3:00 am won't bother me anymore!!! 
Quant a Kim (Ma chouette) je ne peux rien dire, sauf que . . . tu vas 
me manquer; Ainsi qu'Eva I will miss you very much. Miss Bibian!!! don't 
speak any English in the house because you have to practice your 
CHINESE!! Thanks to all my teachers, I owe you all very much. Thanks 
also to Indy T., Justine E., Cristina R., Celia and all the ones who had 
to give me some support. Bye everybody, I love you all. and I will 
miss you. 

Steve Gundy 

I'd like to thank all the people that made my stay at Ashbury bear- 
able. I'd like to thank Mr. Zrudlo for having different perspectives on 
life. Oleg. Jacques, Dennis, you guys have made the last year of my 
life at Ashbury the Best. I'd rather forget about my amateur volleyball 
career, but I couldn't forget Mike, Olley, Bob, Zak, Ted. John, and 
Nate. For some reason I still think these guys are great. 


Andrew Houghton 

Who are you. 

Drew Houghton. Drew Drew . . . Drew Drew 

I really wanna know 

Drew Haughton. Drew Drew . . . Drew Drew 

sung to the tune of "Who are you" The Who. 

Whoever said you can't run away from your problems obviously wasn't running 

fast enough. "They say the only thing between you and the perfect run is fear. 

Fear of failure What you should really be afraid of is what you'll miss if you don't 

try. Sell the buick, sell everything you own. but never, never sell out No matter 

how many times you crash, get up. Point the tips downtown and let em run. Life 

is vertical. And there is no feeling on the face of the earth like living on the fall 

line." - Glen Plake 

Ignore your problems and they will go away. Rules are just a set of guidelines 

subiect to your own interpretation. Live in the now. If it doesn't have to be done 

until later ... do it later. And don't ever, ever save the best for last! 

Kimberly Heuckroth 

Changing schools for my last year of high school was not easy. I, however, would 
not have been successful without support from my friends (both here and in Tan- 
zania), teachers and my parents. 

Thanks Cathie for all the help. Good luck with vet school and Jamie! France, thanks 
for being my roommate and putting up with my 'complaining' and my cold blood. 
Deanah, I will never forget you and Bessy •• your ice-age computer! Lisa, thanks 
for everything. Good luck next year Charlotte, take care of Virgilia for me! Wins- 
ton, thanks for the help . . . remember. I have the sixth sense! 
I would like to especially thank Ms. Pritchard. my house mother for everything she 
has done for me all year long 

Finally. I would like to thank my parents and my cat, Festus for being there when- 
ever I need them, standing by me in everything I do and believing in my ability 
to succeea 

Luv Kim 

Charlotte Hibbard 

I would like to thank all my friends and teachers who have made my two years 

at Ashbury exceptional! 

Heather: Mr. Willy, Virgilia. Murder 101, Damage and "Guess what I'm thinking of?" 

Meenal: Byob. Zionism, Bronze Canoeing: "Draw, draw, draw! No pry! Pry! I SAID 


Lisa: My first roommate. "Ploop . . . ploop . . ploop - AH inspiration!" How many 

times did Unsay fall out of bed anyway? "You didn't see me!" "Neither did I!" Out 

to Len's . . . 

Len. I love you! 

Michelle: Roombutt. Jelly Beans and Candy Canes - Yummy! 

France: "You can't get — from a phone?!" 

Kim: You are the greatest! (and the shortest) 

Alex: You still owe me a canoe lesson. 

Thanks to: W.F.. ML.. CD., DNA, CM., J.S.. K.P.. OG, N.L.. S.C., P.M., MP., N.J.. 

A.N . S.K.C.G.. ML.. G.G.T., HP 

I always knew that one day I would laugh at all the times I had cried, but I never 

thought that I would cry at all the times I laughed 

It's classified. I could tell you. but then I'd have to kill you. TOP GUN. 

Andrew Craig 

What I have learnt in my two years at Ashbury College: Biff and Nate 
like to hang around River Road at weird hours, Jesse likes the EC. Den- 
holm can't steer a canoe. Alex's boyfriends have problems, Mandy . 
. . alalalala. John likes sipping Gin and Juice. Zach has a lot of running 
shoes. Vik is a real sheister. Scorsone still calls me sheist, Ted likes piggy 
backs in the Rideau centre. Vimi's my Nepean buddy and I live at Becca's 
house [Thanks Doc) and I know she just loves my late night calls and 
insults. Thanks for all the fun and of course to Mom and Dad. To every- 
one else it's been a blast! 

- Responsibility is a Heavy Responsibility 

Nathan Dougherty 

It was daylight when you woke up in your ditch. You looked up at your sky. That 
made blue your colour. When you stood up there was goo all over your clothes 
Your hands were sticky. You wiped them on your grass so now your colour was 
green. Oh, lord why did everything have to keep changing like this? You are get- 
ting nervous again. Your head hurt like this. You crawled up out of your ditch 
onto your gravel road. You began to walk waiting for the rest of your mind to 
come back to you. You can see the car parked far down the road and you walk 
toward it. "If god is our brother," you thought, "then satan must be your cousin." 
Why didn't anyone else understand these important things. When you got to your 
car. The doors, they were locked. It was a red car and it was new. Out across 
your field you could see two tiny people walking by your woods. You began to 
walk towards them. Now red was your color and of course those little people out 
there were yours too. 

Scott Crombie 

Thanks, to my mother and father who gave me the freedom to pursue my cho- 
sen craft. 

Yvon Chouinard 
Thanks also to Michel Landry. Ted Zrudlo, and the Zrudlo family. Doc, and Mrs. 
Hopkins, The Varleys, Mr. Coles, and Ms. Allen for the help along the way. 

Thanks to my wonderful, awesome totally wierd sister. She's the best in the whole 
world. And to Nadia. Angela, Alex, Paul and Martha, Rob, and the Flying Dutch- 

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, 
unless you do it right! 

chapter 198 of Ottawa- 

Adam Kane 

Co-President KISS ARMY 

Hockey. Football. Rugby that is all I remember 
The best fifty is under the cap, so ask for it 
Dominican 94'. football + Rugby takes priority 
Thanks to U. Gray. IHD, DOC. SKCG. HJR: F.M. Universe 
Chris, Kev, Football, Freedom 
I am better than I started. It's been 5 years and Al- 
abama is still the place to be. "I'll be at the bar" "An- 
other closing night", 

"Hey are those cobwebs on your glass?" 
Keep the tradition 

Matthew Labarge 
"To fill the time: that is happi- 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Dennis Ku 

InfnMh arS 'l Ashbury ' if has not been lon 9 but jt ha * been enough I 
v£fJ I nfif , t y°/ h ears as a dQ V student, and I met a lot of friends. I am 

thTdSg hoN r foo e d mQny *"* ^ "** ' 8pent h Chinat ™ n to av0ld 
Anyway, I did enjoy my two years at Ashbury. I would like to say thanks 
^ V «,T"L al1 the teacher s (especially RJC, GGT, RS, DDL) and my 
friends (ML NL. VL, BC, JT, PM. OM) as well as all the others wHI mTss 
all of you. Good Luck!! 


Andrew Leach 

Seven years ago, in the first days of grade 7, I knew 
nobody except my '12 guppies'. Now, as I leave this 
school. I have many memories and people to thank. 
Thanks to my friends JDR, DVC, JLC, NERD, MH, AKUA, 
and all of those whom I've forgotten. To my teachers, 
especially SKCG, GRV. and KDN, thanks for everything 
you've given to me. To Doc keep cycling and keep 
skiing! Thanks for everything! I will always remember 
- MAAH! ... I don't even know'er. Pool, Twenty foot cues 
and things, 4.5 ft . . . alrighty then, Spenny, Sherwood's 
Latin, Doc's Chem - WHO IS THIS GUY! Super Coles, 
Cancun '93, Sorry! . . . Ow!. Calabogie '91 -'94, Peee- 
teuh. The yeep, grad trip to Ottawa, forest full of trees, 
the peel pub, go southwest!, Jenigh (em-PHA-sis), cross- 
word puzzles. Sheep rule!, hockey of course. We lost 
by 2 td's and a field goal, city champions '94. Thanks 
a lot, guys, see ya! 
Shut up and ride! - Onza Racing 

Jonathan Lavoie-Copeland 

Farewell to all 
Big Thanks go out to F.M. and Doc, E.W.Z., and Mr. Niles. 
I'd also like to thank all you guys that were there for me and 
with me for those long years. You know who you are. 
I'll miss some parts of Ashbury, but not enough to want to re- 
live it. If anything, it taught me never to get involved in the pol- 
itics of things. 

I'll never forget Mt. St. Anne, Calabogie, and Winter Survival. 
I will remember 

Andre Leduc 

I believe in; 

The Boulevard of broken dreams. The Buffalo 

God, and that I have talked to him. 
Traditions, My family and friends. Gin & Tonic, 
Adoption over abortion. The death penalty for sex of- 

The Apocalypse, Being truthful and honest! 
The purity of mind and body. Good Vodka, Ready 
to go's. 

The original six, Elvis is dead, BaBe, 
The CIA killing JFK, leaving room for dessert, 
Five star Whiskey, The old star Trek, Purple Jesus, 
Black & White movies and digging beneath the sur- 

The Ottawa Valley Ballet, 
I don't care if you don't like me. 
Freedom of speech. 


Stephen McDonald 

I came. I saw . . . I alalaed. I would like to thank the blues for telling me where my 
mojo at, all my BUDS and of course my parents, and Patty and Betty. Danny's where 
I plot my revolution. All my heroes: Jimi, Duane, Dickey, Jerry, Frank, Buddy, Muddy, 
Robert. Keith. Brian, Mick, David Lisgar! DMB, AP. SF, DJ. DM, I and N, Ashbury! MH, 
AS. VC. ND. KL. SR. and all others gone but not forgotten 

"The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye. 

The story of love is hello and goodbye until we meet again." 

James Marshall Hendrix 

Jeanie McGilveray 

5 years at Ashbury! Pretty eventful, mostly unprintable . I learned much more about 
life than about academics. Thanks to: AL. RKB, DUC, ZA, RH, JLC. PM. AS & Hendrick! 
Gr. 9: "Sometimes life is obscene." Black Crowes 

Gr 10: "When my back is broken & the mountain moves away all the dreams & pro- 
mises that we give, we give away." INXS 

Gr. 11: "Confused like hell & who could tell, confusion is a bad game." SoupDragons 
Gr. 12: "There are two paths you can go by. But in the long run. There's still time to 
change the road you're on." Led Zeppelin 

Gr 13: "You perfect using all the things that you play cut clearly like a knife to the 
bone." The Cult 

RL "And so we are told this is the goldenage. And gold is the reason for the wars 
we wage." U2, HT "I could never change just what I feel My face could never show 
what is not real." RHOP, Future "We're free to fly the crimson sky, the sun won't melt 
our wings tonight." U2 

Love always Jenigh 

Stefanie Martel 

And a youth said. Speak to us of Friendship. 

And he answered, saying: 

Your friend is your needs answered 

- words from "The Prophet" 

The happiest moments I will remember are the 
ones in which my heart is full of affection for 
a few esteemed individuals. To these true and 
constant friends, my sincere appreciation 

Love. Stef 


Nancy Lin 

Two years of Ashbury is ended at this point! Can't believe how fast the time has gone by 
. . . "99 roses" "Telephone Queen" "Party Animal" . . . sum up my life here! BUT . . . NEVER 
ask me how it is!! That can only belong to my memory, deep down in my mind!!! Just wanted 
to say "THANKS" to all of my friends. I will always remember you and miss you all!!! 
"Special Thanks to: 

V.L.: "Let's go downtown today!" 

K.P.: "Could you wake me up tomorrow at 7?" 

O.G.: "TURN OFF the music before going to sleep!!!" 

D.K.: "The existance of a 'wonderful' brother!" 

O.M.: "Leaving me with all the Eco assignments!" 

J.T.: "Keep burping right beside my ears!" 

L.E.: "Fighting through Cal. • Finite-A/G" 

D.H.: "For all the help in Eng." 

K.T.: "Three of one; All for love" 
P. S. /NOTE — For my best friends "Viv, Kate, and Oummm . . ." 

Vivien Lin 

Two years in Ashbury, I have got a lot of friends, D.K, J.K, B.C. I.S, J.T, D.L O.M, L.E, D.H, espe- 
cially A.Y. I have a wonderful time with them and wish them "Good luck in their future." 
The first experience in residence with my roommates. Nancy, Kate, Oumou and Sparks family. 
I have a lot of fun with them and I thank them for making me feel like being home. 
For my roommates: 

Nancy - "My best friend, don't invite me to Downtown everyday." 
Oumou - "Don't use the bathroom for such a long time in the morning." 
Kate • "Thanks for teaching me English and making me listen to the same songs on your stupid 
radio everyday." 

Therefore. It's hard to forget you guys 
I love you. 


Krista Lindsay 

Listen to the Mustn'ts 

Listen to the Mustn'ts, child 
Listen to the Don'ts 
Listen to the Shouldn'ts 
The impossibles, the Won'ts 
Listen to the NEVER HAVES. 
Then listen close to me -- 
Anything can happen, child, 
ANYTHING can be. 

By: Shel Silverstein 


I have tried to say so much while I was here There is so much to say. Now, I would 
rather say nothing. I can't do that. I dislike this place. I may have needed it. Now 
I will go to other places. More importantly, places I will help make better. 

- Philip Maglieri 

I've spent only 2 years at Ashbury. but those 2 years were enough to alter the 
course of my life. Having a vivid picture of my future in my mind. I'm more than 
anxious to leave this place. But I certainly won't forget it. Special thanks to all 
the teachers who educated me and my friends who kept me company. But mostly 
I would like to thank my mother for her sacrifice and love. 

• Oleg Maier. 

Antoine Mandy 

Sapphire became the enclosure, the shield to prepare us for the non-existent re- 
ality. He turned on an element and poured out a drink, food for thought. Odd 
how a learning institution can stifle intellect and format young, impressionable 
minds into drones, products of a religiously historical establishment. Pilote picked 
up a smooth, silver-coloured pebble. "This looks like a platinum couteau", ex- 
claimed he. With a flickering motion. Pilote released the platinum pebble into 
a short life of total freedom. It sailed through the atmosphere over mountains and 
open fields gathering speed and yet never losing its fluid grace. When Pilote lost 
sight of the stone it struck his mouth. Feeling only confusion, he entered the school 
only to find a foreign place. The school was reassuring when the halls were full, 
now they were empty but for one, Sidney. In a relaxed way, Pilote spoke, "Where 
is everyone? Am I lost?" "No, you're not lost. School's over that's all" returned Sid- 
ney. "Over? What do you mean?", Pilote guestioned. "Well, it's over, sort of like 
Friday - you know . . . Fri . . . Day . . . 



Akua Otupuri 

To anyone who may actually be reading this: is there nothing else you 
would rather be doing? If all you have to do is read cutesy quotes that 
you don't have a prayer of understanding, knock yourself out. Gr 13 has 
been memorable. I got kicked out of Mel's diner, the library, band and 
choir about 3 times each (anyone notice a recurring theme there?) Gosh. 
Come to think of it there sure was a lot of kicking going on. To my un- 
forgettable buds Al and Reb: "I admit nothing" and "Becca! Smile you 
look distressed!" To SP. ZA, KT (90210). CR. IT, AC (smelly). ND. CB, LW 
(dancing queen). TD (fashion expert). CB (la blonde francais). RH, MK, 
CD. ET, JN. LQ. MF. DB. AL, JR (harvard of course). JP. SC. SR, KL MH, JG. 
FB, LE, AS and all the others I might have forgotten. Thanks for it all! See 
ya! I'm outta here! Hi Pooh, remember 3-way prank calls " I didn't call 
you ... I didn't call you . . . SAMN! AHH!!, The piano man, beasts of the 
sort etc etc Thanks for always being there! Love SEIF. 

Peter O'Leary 

Many things to say, just a matter of putting them together. Thanks to Mum 
and Dad and certain people who helped me survive: Ken, Eve. Dave. 
Vik, Al, Inchy. Rob. you'll never read this, but thanks anyway. Tara my 
love, thank you, and also anyone else I missed. You know I meant the 
thanks, unless you know I didn't. A few random thoughts, a couple of 
Dog 'n' Grogs. A Rob big bash, few times with a car, couple of Cala- 
bogies. four Paineau's, lots of coffee, Memories, Danny's, one suspen- 
sion (all inclusive), an Airport, a pack of PJ's, and a small plate of fries 
on the side ... to go 

- That comes to $70952.62 

- hold on, let me see how much change I have 

- Thank you sir. Please come again 
hmmm . . . not likely. 
Mospuransa - it's a Pook - 
Goodbye . . . 

Jesse Noonan 

Alalalalalala! Special thanks to Ben Dover and Phil McCreviss . . skinny 
dipping in Costa Linda . . . OOOPS. No Beats . . . Canadalcoholics 
. . . You put your weed in it man! Extra special thanks to Mike Roch 
Anita Hanchob and Mandy Holland . . Fishing for snapper with Biff, 
armwrestling with Andrew and Denholm on the flats at night. Beats 
in Mike and Darcy's room, sin city with Peter and Jason, crackin brew 
at EC after school on Friday's, 
It's my Noondoggy style, isn't it? 

Thanks to everyone who at one time or another saved me from drown- 
ing in DR, "I've never seen such a groupy like you. But what is funny 
is you wanted to be down with my crew." DEL THA FUNKEE HOMO- 

Craig Pryor 

Here is to 4 great years at Ashbury. When I look 
back there are many good and bad things over 
the past 4 years which I will remember for a long 
time to come. The thing I owe Ashbury for is. the 
great friends that I have made over the past years, 
without them I don't know where I would be. WHAT 
EVER!! OK That was a little bit cheesy for me! Ash- 
bury is really the best. NO JOKE! RIGHT GUY! Well 
thanks to all my friends for the good times and the 
good times to come! Extra thanks to Seifali for be- 
ing such a good friend and my parents for mak- 
ing me come to Ashbury. Take it Easy Lads!!! 

Seifali Patel 

Well, my five years at Ashbury are up and I have no idea what comes 
next. Out of these 5 years have come many fond and not so fond mem- 
ories; an unfriendly aquaintance with a fence and a certain cliff!! 
(Whiteface '90). numerous encounters with my head . . . and the 
ground. (Rugby) My 1st and last time to play house basketball 
(" . . . dribble the ball??"). I can probably also safely say that I won't 
be falling up or down any more common room stairs. Flying desks! 
(bet you didn't know desks could fly Meg!). 3 Papineau's (spaghetti 
will never be the same Doc), 2 Mt St Annes (romper room at 4am). 
Fashion show 92. 93. Dominican Republic . . . the best time of my 
life! (too many memories, to little space) Special thanks to all my friends 
and for the few who have been true just remember that I'll always 
be here for you! CRAIG, will you ever stop smiling? ... no wait that's 
impossible, thanks for everything!! Also thanks to all my teachers esp 
RJC - YOU'RE THE GREATEST, Special thanks to Mr. Niles for being there 
for me in my many times of need. I will be forever grateful. Mom. Dad 
and Trushar - the best family a girl could ever ask for. 
Dear Boo, 1st there were 6 & now there are 5 left to remember crank 
calls, hide S go seek in the woods. Jacuzzis, the way you cross the 
street, my couch in one piece then my couch in 2. Piano Man and 
everything else awesome and bad over the last 8 years. I'll miss you. 
Remember me, remember it all. Your friend Akua. 

Peter Hucal 

Two years at Ashbury have been phenomenal. I can't forget my 
friends Vikas "Whoomp there it is!" Churra. Jacques "The rule - 
always a "Theodas, and Dave "a little slap and tickle" Fairbanks. 
Also my OAC geography class. My sports career has come to an 
end. Being a multisport athlete has allowed me to play football, 
rugby and curling, but I'll always regret not playing on the com- 
petitive lawn bowling team. My haircut is better than Dave's. So 
goodbye and hope to see you again. 


Nicole Rocheleau 

Bellybutton hands lobes and toes, grilled cheese served with a side of rejection, 
caught in the middle of a lake on a stolen surfboard at night by candlelight, sum- 
mer camping trips (death to the chipmunks!), girls rugby (drink the oozo Max, what 
are you a WIMP?) McDonalds (god those eggmcmuffins are good) DQ (money 
can't buy ice cream, but strangers on the street can), Mel's Diner (does he ever 
smile?), memories and chocolate oblivion, tuck (it's a dangerous thing being able 
to get in there whenever you want), EAON, EAT WOOD, take the plunge, jockey 
pants, Cheverolet Cavalier, Nutcracker (what is that stuff on their heads?), hang- 
ing out at Louis, 15 mini 3-5 X a day? Virginia (Canada Day! I can't believe my 
shoes are still on!). Myrtle Beach (I am going to swim even if it means hypother- 
mia). DRM! and Daniel (and how did my underwear get in every picture?) Hull (when 
will I learn that it's just not the place to pick guys!) Thanks to my family, I couldn't 
have done it all without you. And to my friends, you know who you are. I love 
you all very much, please don't ever be strangers. 

Shelley Roberts 

Mandy and Krista, Blaze, hissed, bind, libe; coffee & smokes at Dan's. 

Mands: R.A.H.R. I taught my dog how to say I love you. 

ARARAR, is it on straight, Alalala. babe. Mich; What happened this weekend? 

Rebecca T., it's my birthday don't have too many rum and cokes, Ready-to-go. 

Steve, watch out for that pole! Andy, Nater and Rebecca always look for our trip star, 

Adam and Devon, who's house? Another night of EC and beer, 

Stef: can you get rid of it with cream? Vik, loved the ice baby. 

Vimer, stop with the bouncing (knockwurst). Reb and Andrew, S 150 worth of phone calls. 

To all 30 grad trip members, may all reunions be in Costa Linda. Thanks to everyone 

who made my 2 years at Ashbury memorable. 

X Thanks to J.R., M.S, N.R. L.Q, AH. S.P. C.P. A O, N.G. Rugby Babes 

Hasta la vista! I'll miss you all 

Cristina Ruggiero 

This is not the end - it's only the beginning, Rome: a lifetime of unforgettable memories, Search 
'92. Coco: Monte Livata - recharge, Augusto. Good Friday, Paris X 3. DG. - tante memorie. Ash 
bury: 1 1/2 years - it was an experience, after all Kimmy - will you ever get my name right? Keep 
smiling! Eva: my European friend - Derek's Pub, Mel's - again? Celia - I'll visit you at Oxforc 
. . . Justine - we survived the class! Fashion show '94, Akua - track practice? Not. J.J + Stef - es 
caped from Ashbury to Peel Pub! Nick - what's on your mind this time? Lizy - we're too similar 
llona - Pub + Quarters: Thanx sisters! Kyle - see ya on the dunes. Indi - he's a boy! Alcohol pads 
worthwhile people! Ball '93 + '94, 8:25, Dec, 17 - what night? Waltz. Thanx for every minute Love 
ya. Mr. Thomas - my second father, thank you so much for all your time, education and care 
Andy: Mr. Fusto. the best brother, thanx for your "saggezza". Love you. Mom + Dad - thank yot 
would never be enough. With this concluding paragraph, a new chapter can be opened . . 


Angus McLachlin 

Growing up it all seems so one-sided. Opinions all provided, the future 
pre-decided Detatched and subdivided in the mass production zone. 
Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone. Some will sell their dreams 
for small desires And loose the race to rats, get caught in ticking traps 
And start to think of somewhere to relax their restless flight. Somewhere 
out of a memory lighted streets on quiet nights. Any escape might help 
to smooth the unattractive truth. But the suburbs have no charms to soothe 
the restless dreams of youth. - RUSH 

The final blessing will slash the wrist of grace. Silence the cries of blinded 
lives, wipe their trusting blood in thy holy face; The final blessing is the 
power to erase. Beneath a burning sun. a blue dark as night, the statue 
arose from the sands of timeless might, I take the throne, bare of fear, 
to watch the sands for another ten thousand years. Alone I stare, the 
shifting plain, in my endless horizon all I have is my pain. 

Louis Quevillon 

Grade 8 • Nicole, Grade 9 Col. By. The John years, skiing at St. Anne, 
(well not really). "Okaay!" "as iff!". "Whatever Guy!" (Mike words) Gam- 
bling: Trumells 1 Trumells 2 (Thanks Sean). The O's and Spo's Beached 
Whales? Where? "Golf in Carolina and Florida with Pryor. Lou, Boo. and 
Drew. "Show a little respect ladies! "Pink Floyd:" Wish you were here 
Mands!" Saturday mornings spent in the jungle, "look at the talent!) Cap- 
ture the Gourd. University of Tennessee Chatannooga "Tanking!" Stef 
and Megs: yes 15 min. plus more than once a day! Queens. The Jays 
win the series! "I've been Kristallized", frista. 4 am conversations. Twenty- 
one with Carlos, NHL 94 crashing the car. Cards with the boys. "You 
have a tude!" camping with Craig and Mike; Smiths Falls hospital. The 
Dominican Zit, rum and coke. JJ at 6 am. Porch talks. Omaha, the pier, 
Costa Linda. Squigee, Lougan, Luigi, Lougie, Lourd, Lou Lou 
Thanks RJC. MH, AO, DB, JN. SR. 
XX - THANKS Mom. Dad and Mel 

Dumas Hwang 

I suppose my three year Ashburian life has been made of tartness, sweetness, 
bitterness, and pungency Thanks to all of my friends. You are the best part of 
it. Thank You 

Special Thanks: RJC, RJZ, EWZ, CL, MS, SY, BC, DC, ML, JC, AND JS. 


Indrani Talapatra 

Becky and Julie - frosted animal cookies, camping. SALAD SHOOTER! 1 green 
haired troll. Hey, Where's my other half? 

. . . Running in puddles, caves, Friday night skiing, Airband. canoeing. Strad- 
dle it like a cow! 17 midnight candles Kiki, snowboarding, Vern has the gig- 
gles, blueberry waffles, Christmas lights, bowling, Toronto, Smile Oumou! Let's 
get ICECREAM! . , , Bugs or apple cores? Green milk? Could you make any 
MORE of a mess with your cereal? Tell me again where you were EXACTLY 6 
months, 4 days, and 26 hours ago, Kiki? He's a BOY! X-country ski adventure, 
why are all those M&M's on the floor, Celia? Billions of HUGS! Marie, I think we're 
on the wrong planet! (We never figured out the schedule!) I love you guys! Kiki, 
don't ever forget LYLAS forever. Ned - sorry about V.C.. Elephant Shoe Always 
. . . I'll meet you by the waves . . . 

Thanks to Mr. Varley, Mr. Sikora, and Mr. Zettle. Special thanks to Mr. Thomas. 
Mutti and Baba ... I love you . . . Anika - U R the greatest dude! The cave 
in a mountainside may be dark, but we have lit little candles and their reflec- 
tions on the polished granite sky are the comets that we follow. 

Mohsin Tahirkheli 

When I first came to Ashbury I was a little scared about attending a private 
school. I didn't know what to expect. Over the past 6 years, to my surprise 
I've developed a great bond with the school which I will cherish forever. 
It is something I will never forget. Thanks to my parents for paying the tuition 
to allow me to attend this fine institution of great learning. 
HOLD ON, REALITY CHECK! Is this me talking? I sound like some sort of weird 
intellectual. Maybe that's what private school has done to me, molded me 
into something I'm not and maybe it just made me more wise and disci- 
plined, an asset worth having. I would like to thank my mother, father and 
sister, Halima. The family values they provided me with would even make 
Dan Quayle jealous. A special thanks also to all my teachers, I'm sure what 
they've taught me will not come to waste. To all my lunch room buddies, 
I shall miss our lunch hour matinees. To everyone else including Allan, Den- 
nis and Michel, I wish you the best of luck, thanx for the memories. 

Megan Simmonds 

My apologies to those who were victims of savage mood swings, and 
also to all the MacDonald's Drive - thru workers for my indecisiveness. 
Thank you to all my close friends. I am confident that we can take on 
anything after that, and sorry for making you eat all that junk food. 
Few people in High School really know anyone, let alone themselves. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for the support and Patience (Yes I admit it re- 
quired patience) 

And thus Welsh Woman rides on with dreams of falling in love and dis- 
covering the meaning of life. 

Andrew Shillington 

"All I can say is that my life is pretty plain, I like watching the puddles gather 
rain." Well that just about sums it all up. I came. I saw. I ah la laed. Biff and 
Bell from Buffalo. Alcoholic excellence is the thriving spirit of Canadians in the 
Dominican Republic, but who other than the Noondog would know that? Mach- 
ucaro. "quiet I am sleeping." I wish to thank all my best BUDS along the way 
for inspiring me to be my best! Thanks go to MH for always being there for con- 
fidant talks. SR. ND. VP. AS. CP. JR. VC. SM, DA. KL. JN. AK and to all who I've 
forgotten, thanks for being there when I needed you. 
"Mindy. you are an elf, uncontrollably, I think, a wee-num yohorenkyo." 

Homer Simpson 

Eva Tjepkema 

"How many times do I have to tell you! My name is pronounced 'AvA', ok? 
Now with this out of the way, I would like to thank all those who filled my years 
at Ashbury with wonderful memories. "I loved the spring, summer and fall 
..." Anyways for those who weren't there this is what happened; trees, lakes, 
mountains, landed, "And I have to wear a tie?". "Dutch-English", parties. Head 
of the Charles at Boston, staying at the Walkate's, rowing! with the guys . . . 
and Chris, thanks Fred, for lending me your boat, choir trip, 'White Sands' with 
Andrew, grad '92. Amsterdam Choir, going to Adam's . . . (oh well!), ESL with 
Oumou, winter survival with Cat, NY. trip, shopping, labs with Kara, fashion 
show, grad with Alfredo (you're the best!), 'get togethers' with Rebecca, long 
hours for the Ashburian, 'Traffic jams at Mariposa . . . right Kim?", "STRESS? Who 
me?", 'Europolising' with Cristina at Mel's, 'the 3 muskateers'. Washington, "Ce- 
lia. we're almost there . . ." Daily's with Kim. 'wining & dining', "uuh. I think I've 
had too much wine . . .", phone calls from Holland at 7am, IB. Art and of course, 
the endless letters with Boudeewijn ... AN. KDN, GRV. RS. NJ. MAV. MHP - Thank 
you for all your help & support, Mamma & Pappa - thanks for putting up with 
me and all your love and support., Michiel "Augurken zijn net krokodillen, toch?" 
Eileen - 1 could never have managed without you! Kim & Cristina, thanks for 
everything, lets keep in touch! Adam you've been a real friend - thanks. Celia 
- thanks for the support at difficult times. Andrew - you'll be missed. And thanks 
to the rest of you 

The pain of leaving those you grow to love is only the prelude to understand- 
ing yourself and others. - Shirley MacLaine 

Jacques Theodas 

Of my 3 years at Ashbury: Grade 1 1 was an eternity, 
school was home, home was school, but I survived 
G1 1AC Grade 12 and my Civic. Zouk & Zouk culture! 
Grade 13. I must say it went quite smoothly, IB., was I 
out of my mina! Not to mention enaiess meetings with 
G.G.T. Thanks a million Mr. T. To Oleg, Denis and Michel: 
I couldn't have maae it without you guys. These three 
years really changed my life and I doubt i will ever for- 
get them. 3 of the best?! Could be. could be not. can't 
say for sure? I wouia also like to thank the teachers who 
are an amazing bunch and who were always there when 
I needed them. To everybody else out there. Goodluck! 
"If you don't know me by now. you will never, never, never 
know me." Simply Red 


Jennifer Prevost 

Well, that's all folks! Grade 13 is over! These past three years 
at Ashbury have been fun - when I was in school! You could 
usually find me in a pool somewhere. AH MEMORIES! P at C'S. 
Cottage life. CID. Florida 93 and 93/94 New Years Eve (and 
the champagne], where to sleep? Drivin' around, "I saw the 
sign" • FOR SALE!! Shoppin' (HA! HA!), Pubs, Car Rally • Not!, Chez 
Henri. I could go on for hours which is what I usually do but I'm 
only allowed to write 150 wds. Thank you Mom and Dad for 
everything you've given me, especially your love and support. 
Chauffeur to the STARS! (Vost and Smel) Smel - good luck with 
gymnastics and school. I hope you don't get too lonely without 
me there to bug you! (CB.) Hey Vost-life will be pretty boring 
without me there! But I'm sure you'll manage Thanks DQ, Thanks 
to JD, CDR, NL, AO, MCA, IT, CD, ZA, JR, and the Crew for all 
the good times! 
'Til the next party! C. Ya!' 

Katherine Penny 

The last 2 years of my life have created some of the strongest mem- 
ories I ever hope to keep. I have found friends that take my worries 
and struggles and turn them into laughter. Ashbury, to me it isn't school, 
it's faces, voices and emotions; a celebration of friendship. I want 
to thank these friends. Nancy, Vivian, you are my family. We laugh 
and cry together. Late night snacks and talks. Dancing and Singing. 
Go down the hill or downtown. Let's go for icecream! I'm going to 
the chicken to get some kitchen! How many red roses do you have 
now? Your teddy bears are taking over your bed! What does that 
alarm clock say when it goes off anyway? Charlotte and Heather; 
a toast to the midnight roomraids, hiding in the closet (or out of it) 
The crowd goes wild! You must be the jellybean queen. Meenal and 
Indrani Chemistry won't be the same without you. Weekends at Lisa's 
Taking over Len's car. Grad trip, now I truly know the meaning of sun. 
I could never write everything I remember here. I love you all, be for- 
ever in my heart. Ciaos Bella! 

Jose Perez 

Well my eight years at Ashbury have finally come to an 
end. That's a very long time. I suppose it's safe to say 
that I've gotten to know and understand the school pretty 
well by now; although chapel, math, and the house run 
are three things that continue to elude me. Looking back 
on the years I've come to realize that it has been a good 
experience and that I've been wearing this uniform for 
way too long, so goodbye to CB, MF. AL, SP, RH, FB, AH, 
JE. AO, ND and until next time. Thanks to all the staff at 
Ashbury and good luck to all the graduates of 1994. 

"Go in peace, and celebrate life!" Rev. Todd Meeker 


Michelle Twain 

To all my friends; Stubbs. Jon. Zach. & Zafuud (Jesse B), I'm going to miss you 
guys next year, remember love BBS! Mikey. you're the bestest friend a girl 
could have, thanx for listening. Shelley & Mandy, I love ya! Sonya, love you 
babe, thanx for teaching me how to drive stick. DNA. Chazz. and France, let's 
talk about bad stuff, by the way DNA does smell Roomster (92-93). I loved our 
bed talks, twas the night before exams . . ., roomie (93-94), Candy canes, jelly 
beans & corny presents. D-man. thanx for the date, love ya hon. Caress. I'm 
going to have my cheeks surgically removed for you. Tis Matt and BJ. (little 
James) be good cuties. To everyone else: have a happy day! 
Thanks to JK, IHD. GRV, GGT, PGM. PC. AP. MOM & DAD. 

Kim Tremblay 

I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and not sad because I have it no longer." 
- Collette 

As my time at Ashbury comes to an end. I look back at some of my fonder memories: KIMMY: 
The little Sis/ Sweety! . . . lots of work & stress, play & cast parties. N.Y. with Luis, Choir trip, Stowe 
with Christopher, late night talks with Luis. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame 
on me!" - HA! I've fooled you more than once! Montreal with France. Man list * 1 .2,3. boat cruise 
'92, June 24, 1992. my moonlight caller, My Brothers, Port Hope with Justine, Friday night tennis 
lessons, girl bonding with Eva & Cristina, and my house hunt. KDN, GRV, DS, DDL, MAP, JK - Thank 
you for your kindness, patience and belief in me I'll never forget it! Thanks to my close friends: 
Eva, for the laughter, tears & advice; Cristina (Tina!), for your unfailing friendship; Oumou, tu seras 
toujours ma p'tite chouette que j'adore!; Rob, for the talks and constant teasing; France, for your 
support and chats; my bothers luis & Akbar, for laughs, fun, deep talks & support . . you two are 
the best!!! I love you all . . don't ever change! Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me 
. . I know it's been difficult! Finally thank-you to my best friend Christopher for the most memor- 
able 2 years and being there with me every step of the way. I'll see you in a little house by the 
lake. I love you. To my friends and family: "Only you and I can help the sun rise each morning. 
If we don't, it may drench itself out in sorrow." - Joan Baez. 

Ruth Sanchez 

Changing schools in your last year of high school can be nerve-wrecking and depress- 
ing. But I found Ashbury full of vitality, friendship and fun. Although academics is one 
of Ashbury's priorities, athletics is also stressed. Who can forget those long B-ball prac- 
tices (another pro-sprint!?!), early morning soccer (it's too early!), tennis (we won!) and 
badminton practices (you play badminton?) Walking down the hall (What do I have 
now, I'm late!), attempting to find my books (I'm sure I put them there!!) It all happened 
at Ashbury College 

All righty then! Enough said. I had a great time at Ashbury. I hope that everyone will 
be successful with their future plans. Good-bye guys, but remember . . . there are still 
three Sanchez's left!! Special thanks to my family for being there. 


Jamie Riff 

- Rise free from the down and seek adventure, 

Let the moon find thee, thy other lakes 

And the night overtake thee, everywhere . . . 

At Home. 
It's been five years that went by quickly. 
Thanks to all the people that have made it a mem- 
orable time 

The reason we say goodbye is so that someday, 
we may say hello again 

Andrew Scorsone 

Well what can I say? . . . It's finally over! Eight years at Ashbury and 
what has it given me . . How to sleep in class, annoy teachers, sell 
eggrolls. Thanks to long haulers; Viking, Nick, Len, Winston (seven year 
math tutor), DA., Andrew. Peeter. All those in the Senior school, you 
were the reason I survived; Beck, Akua, Nate, Andrew C, Biff, Eva, 
Mandy, Ken, France, Shell, Alfredo, Felix, Gerald and my last trench 
class. Grade eleven was a blur, well more of a spin. "Assume the 
Crash Position. The rest of the years are summed up with, "I think we 
have a problem!", "I forgot to do WHAT!" and "Wake me it's over." 
Places also have special meaning but maybe it's the company, Da- 
niels, Les Suites, the Dominican Republic, "My Place", the Corner 
Pocket and HULL! . . 
Why I do what I do: just read the quotes 

"Nothing to it, but to do it!" - Sharbot Lake Airborne 

"Come! Sit! And Drink!" - some bartender 
Thanks also to; ID. TF, MF. NH, TH, KJ, AK, JK. RK, ML, TN, CW, MT, SP. 
B. "Ping" Y., the JC crew and especially Mr. Coles for putting up with 
all of us. 

Janet Jay Rawlinson 

Cheers! To great friends, great times and a bewildering, inspiring and 
challenging experience. My five years have come and gone, but the 
memories will never fade . . . Thanks to all who helped me through. 

There is always a place for you at my table, 

You never need be invited. 

I'll share every crust as long as I'm able, 

and know you will be delighted. 

There is always a place for you by my side, 

and should the years tear us apart, 

I will feel lonely moments more satisfied 

with a place for you in my heart! 

love, JJ 
P.S. To JDR, RBR and DJR; Although I never say it, I do love you all very 


David Nabwangu 

Thanks to: I.H.. D.D.L, Mr. Grey and K.D.N 

Gustavo Miranda 


Grade 9; a recent arrival in Canada. I was a naive 
child eager to "northamericanize." 

Grade 10, 1 became a pseudo-intellectualist teenager 
who quietly rebelled against the rebels and 

Grade 11.1 was transformed into a right-wing capit- 
alistic adolescent willing to die for the sys- 

Grade 13; I am a man who asks why?" 

Adam Inch 

Since I've never had much to say. I guess this would be a 
good time to make up for it. Well after 7 years I figure I've 
accomplished a few goals, but I do know what I've enjoyed 
while doing this. Let's see 5 Papineau's. 2 and 3/4 Calabo- 
gies; snow not included, weekly visits to Danny's and can't 
forget Dominican '94 with a Presidente in hand! Then there's 
the people, Kev, I made it to one Dog and Grog. Dave; what 
can I say (Bumble Bee), Pete; um . . . um yaa!. Al. Lev. Lopez 
and my bus buddy. 

Special Thanks to Doc; for many a fine O/E trips. FM, uncle 
Ross. GL. where did he go? Seifali and Megan for organis- 
ing the DR and to all who were there And to anyone else 
I've bumped into or tripped over in the last 7 years I say 
thanks and this Bud's tor you! 





Never let anything get you down, 
Put on a smile and never frown, 
Never, no never, let anything ever, 
Let anything get you down. 

Life is a ladder of downs and ups, 

You've got to have thistles and buttercups, 

Life is a bubble that bursts in dreams, 


Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. 


- Rumpebtiltskin 




c ? 

5 * 


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° A ° 

l\i -*J S^ \* . 

.rf — . 


b\o~ Wc-V, i^ccLc Ci-»«- »■ "^c-s" 


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o u i -5 x « • (-> 
<^»* X ^. a- ^ ? ' 

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■J c t ' . c a. o _; , C * ° a ,2. 

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jl I C 3- _, I I ' ■ S 

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fTkll IIpw ■* "** ir ^M 

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''■ < 






Grade 9 







Jennifer Massie. Matthew Scuby 

Hilary Burn 

Hilary Burn, Anthony Delvecchio 

Anthony Delvecchio 

Anthony Delvecchio 

Anthony Delvecchio 
Ashbury Guild Merit Award 

Hilary Burn. Philip Francis, Jennifer Polk 
Ashbury Proficiency Award 
Anthony Delvecchio 

Grade 12 

Geography Matthew Merkley 
Physics Paul Zambonini 

History Paul Zambonini 

History (ESL) Marc Breidenbach 
Philosophy Sanjay Aggarwal. Mohammed Shamji 
French Mohammed Shamji, Wojtek Giziewicz 

Business Lalit Aggarwal 

English Kurt Chin-Quee 

Mathematics David Collacott 
Music Marie Morissette 

Ashbury Guild Merit Award 
Nathaniel Boswell, Michael Stubbing 

Grade 10 

Grade 13 


Anthony Delvecchio 


Graham Dickson, Cristina Ruggiero 


Matthew Buchan 


Indrani Talapatra 


Alykhan Shamji 


Xavier Fan, Michel Theodas 


Alykhan Shamji, Leigh Jansen 


Steve Bourne 


Leigh Jansen 


Peter Hucal 


Leigh Jansen 


Andre Kirchhoff 


Daniel Baxter 


Kim Tremblay, Myriam Beaudoin 

Ashbury Guild Merit Award 


Lalit Aggarwal 

Daniel Baxter, 

Nadia Chaney 

English I 

Jill Howes-Siekierski, Sanjay Aggarwa 

Ashbury Proficiency Award 


Sanjay Aggarwal 

Leigh Jansen, 

Alykhan Shamji 


Mohammed Shamji 

Grade 11 


Mohammed Shamji 


Jean Sebastien Blanchette 

English IB 

Celia Dinwiddy, Matthew Labarge 


Jean Sebastien Blanchette 


Matthew Labarge 


Patrick O'Brian 

English II 

Zoe Allen 


Anthony Rankin 


Zoe Allen 


Marie-Soleil Beaudoin 


Zoe Allen 


Celine Heinbecker, Matthew Parkinson 

Economics IB Zoe Allen 


Blair Ritchie, Jennifer Ramsden 

World Issues 

Sujeet Acharya 


Jennifer Ramsden 

Ashbury Guild Merit Award 

Ashbury Guild Merit Award 
Jennifer Ramsden, Shamus Rask 

Ashbury Proficiency Award 
Jennifer Ramsden 

France Bourgouin, Celia Rose Dinwiddy 



Jean-Paul Yong 

Art (Year III, 

English (ESL) 

Wilson Hendrawan 



Jennifer Polk 



Alykhan Shamji 


Art (Year I, II) 

James Sebesta 

IV) Blair Ritchie 

Jenny Harwood 

Bryan Estabrooks, Christopher Mitchell 

Leigh Jansen, Xavier Fan 



Canadian Mathematics Competition 

Ashbury College Team 1 in Ottawa. 7 in Canada 

Steve Bourne. Mohammed Shamji, 

Wojtek Giziewicz 
Dr. J.L. Ablack Memorial Prize 

Mohammed Shamji 
Raina S. Shocotf Prize 

Andrew Leach 
Clive Baxter Memorial Prize 

Matthew Labarge 
Michael B Kirby Scholarship 

Zoe Allen 
Senior School Drama Award 

Jamie Wisniowski 
Best Supporting Actor/Actress Award 

Chloe Harwood 
Richard Burrell Drama Award 

Matthew Labarge 
Frank Hollington Memorial Award 

Micheal Varley 
Ross McMaster Prize 

Wojtek Giziewicz 
Gary Horning Memorial Shield 

Mohammed Shamji 
John K.B Robertson Shield 

Eva Tjepkema 

Senior School Music '82 Award 

Akua Otupiri, Robbin Zrudlo 
Centennial Choir Prize 

Jessica Hanna, Bryan Estabrooks 
Coulson Trophy 

Kara Jansen 
Charles Rowley Booth Trophies 

Jason Higginson. Deanah Shelly 
Southham Cup 8c Beardmore Trophy 
Adam Kane, J.J. Rawlinson 
Boarders Shield 

Denholm Blair 
Headmaster's Award 

Matthew Labarge, J.J. Rawlinson 
1977 Cup 

Celia Rose Dinwiddy 
Nelson Shield 

J.J. Rawlinson 
Wilson Shield 

Alexander House: Nicole Rocheleau 
Guild Centennial Medal 

Matthew Labarge 
Governor General's Award 

Zoe Allen 


The production of the 1993-94 Ashburian got off to a rather late start this year. In November, 
a handful of students headed an organizing committee which put out a call for interested 
volunteers. From the many who answered the call, a board of editors was established and 
many sub-committees were formed. I would like to thank those who took the initiative to con- 
struct the framework for the organization and also the many people who responded and 
helped in either an active or a behind-the-scenes manner. I know there were numerous stu- 
dents whose interest and talents were not tapped. Please do not let this discourage you 
from coming out and participating next year. 

The pace of the year has been a hectic one highlighted by the many deadlines that had 
to be met. Minor crises sometimes intervened, but these obstacles were nothing that a few 
midnight sessions could not overcome. Thanks to those who rose to the occasion when re- 

Bouguets to: 

- everyone who took and donated pictures. 

- the teachers and students whose eauipment we used and supplies we borrowed. 

- those who contributed art and literary pieces. 

- those students and coaches who submitted write-ups on time. 

- the Junior School for their input and co-operation. 

- those core individuals whose leadership qualities prevailed. 

Finally, to the graduates, undergraduates, faculty, parents and friends who may peruse 
this book, please: 

- applaud the effort it reveals. 

- excuse any errors it contains. 

- treasure the memories it arouses. 



Senior School Yearbook Advisor. 



"%g,f factions of the ytar" 

3rd 'Edition 

Cover by 'Bryan Chan 


With all the activities Junior School participates in, 
it is difficult to comment on one page, particularly 
as this message is written at the start ot the new year, 
but I would like to comment on our newcomers. 

Ours is a unique school which cannot be all things 
for all people. New students invariably have to make 
adjustments as our expectations, our manner of do- 
ing things, is often different from what they are ac- 
customed to. Some cannot or will not adjust and they 
become our loss. Fortunately such loss is very rare. 
As I reflect on the many new students this year (sixty- 
three in all, or 45%) and not just incidently having 
completed all the first term reports, I can't help but 
remark on their success as students and as members 
of our community. They have not only added to the 
school, but also help shape it as each year takes 
on new definition as reflected by the people in it. 

It follows that next year again promises to be dif- 
ferent and that's what makes our association with the 
Junior School so refreshing; so we thank our new 
members for helping make it so. 

Peter Montgomery, Director. 


For the third year in a row, we, the Junior School have our own yearbook. However, this is only the sec- 
ond year that the production of the Junior Ashburian has been taken on by a group solely made up 
of members of the Junior School. 

Although most of the committee was made up of students, a few members of the staff played very 
important roles. We would like to thank Mr. King for all the time he dedicated as our staff advisor. He 
organized every meeting and gave us invaluable guidance throughout the year. In addition we extend 
a sincere thanks to Mr. Valentine and Ms. Lahey for helping us along with their advice and many pictures. 

After looking through the numerous photos and reading many write-ups, we realized what a great year 
it was and we hope it brings back great memories for you as well. 


Johan Berggren 
Young Fan 
David French 
Bryan Chan 

Allan Dafoe 
Andrew Magnus 
Winston Bennett 
Mr. King (Staff Advisor] 













GRADS '94 



Fourth: M MacSween, G. Payne, G. Cogan, S McDonald-Curley, D. Rawlinson. A Chaney. A. Watt, T Baumgarten, G. Reid 
Third: J Ages, N. Foran. R. Near, C. Cwynar, T. Buckley, F, Kim. P, Garneau, B. MacEwen. T Kenny, R, Brooks, A, Dafoe, S Armand. 
I. Carveth, G. Reid, D Skahan, P. Beauregard, J. Berggren, Y. Fan, H. Maier, M. Stadnik, M. McCarthy, M Wyman, W. Hali Sec- 
ond: C, Fannin, K. Massie, W Bennett, T. Feigel, M. Newburgh, J. Tang, B. Chan, J. Gray First: A. Mason, E. Wheeler, R Perera. 
R. Cushman Absent: N. Firestone, A, Kelen, M. Whitehead. J, Mills, J, Davidson, C. Keary-Taylor 




Back: J. Berggren, A. Watt, J. Mills, A. Chaney. G. Cogan, M. Wyman Middle: I. Carveth. Y. Fan, 
A. Dafoe, A. Mason, C. Cwynar, Mr. D.C. Polk Front: K. Massle, T. Feigel. T. Kenny, W. Bennett, B Chan 


Back: M. MacSween, T. Baumgarten, J. Payne, S. McDonaia-Curley, D. Rawlinson Middle: T. Buck- 
ley, R. Brooks, W. Hall, P.W. Kim, A. Kelen, H. Maier Front: N. Firestone. J. Gray, C. Fannin, P. Gar- 
neau, G. Reid, M. Whitehead 



Back: N Foran. Geo Reid. B MacEwen, J Ages. Mr. J.H. Humphreys Middle: M McCarthy. C. 
Keary-Taylor. E Wheeler. D. Skahan. R. Cushman. R Perera Front: J Tang, M Newburgh, S. Ar- 
mand. R Near. J Davidson, P. Beauregard 



Back: H. Southee. A. Surani. T. McCarthy, P. Glinski. D. Kilgour, C. Boadway Middle: Mme. L. Mo- 
rel. A Cheng. G Seppala. D. French, B Quan. N Charland Front: A Thompson, K. Kwofie. R. 
Ruparelia, H Vaidyanathan, A Magnus, P. Marrell 




Back: N. Brewer. M. Mouaikel. P. Willis, I. Arora. Mr. T.A. Menzies Middle: S.K. Ng, J. Helm-Youngs, 
J. Petridis. R. Kroll, S. Pandher, L Greco Front: L. Greenberg, A. Puri. R. Diaz. J. Rocheleau. M. 
Lynch, M. Sewanaku 

Back: N. Woods-Amos. P. Greco. S. McNulty, E. Pook. N. Snook. D. Robinson Middle: C. McCul- 
lough, M. Lapner, N. Gauthier-Spooner. C, Ruddy, A. Taggart, M. Lyman Front: M. Sallot, A Parkes, 
D. Counihan, D. Smith, J, Smith, T. Houston 


Back: Mr G Valentine. A MacDonald, S Watson, K. Piuva. D Pyper, A. Lima. C Maclean, B 
Burns, S Osachotf Middle: Z, Cogan, J. Guilbault, C. Burn, B. Barry, D. Fisher. O, Razavi Front: 
J, So. D. Turnbull. F. Welsh, O. Cullen. Z. Kassam, K. Corbett Absent: A, Burns 

4t W^ & M WWW 



Back: J. Hickman, T. Bowman, A. Hill. M. Wolf, K. Young, Ms I Lahey. M. Hooper, D. Plyler Middle: 
P. Brunst, S Eden-Walker, R Courtemanche. M, Lafleche. R Aarian. F Bada'an Front: A Young. 
B Dickinson. S Hall. J Sherman. J. Mziray, A Boay 




Back: M. MacSween. J. Ages, T. McCarthy. F. Kim, G Reid. D. Skahan, A. Dafoe, Y Fan. M, Wy- 
man Middle: L. Greco, N, Snook, A, Burns. R. Near, S. Osachoff, T. Feigel, J. Guilbault, R. Brooks. 
B Barry, S Armand. J. So, L. Greenberg, T Houston, M Newburgh, M. Hooper. P. Greco. T. Bow- 
man Front: A, Surani, M Lapner. J. Hickman, C, McCullough. J, Mziray, R, Courtemanche 


Back: C. Keary-Taylor. M. McCarthy, I, Arora, R Cushman. E. Pook. J, Berggren. D Rawlinson. 
N, Foran. E. Wheeler, W. Hall, D, French. S Pandher, D Pyper Middle: K. Corbett, A Thompson, 
C Burn, S, Watson, J. Gray. D. Robinson. N. Woods-Amos, N. Brewer, A Lima, J, Petridis, A Mason. 
J. Helm-Youngs, H. Vaidyanathan Front: A. Parkes. O Sheik, P Martell, A Young, R, Adrian, S, 
Eden-Walker, M Sallot. B. Chan, J, Tang Absent: K, Young 



Back: D Kilgour, B MacEwen, A. Chaney, A Watt. T. Baumgarten. R Perera. P Beauregard. M 
Staanik Middle: R. Ruparelia. A. Hill. O. Razavi. B. Burns. A. Cheng, A Magnus. D. Fisher. R. Kroll. 
C Boadway. C. Fannin Front: R. Diaz. M. Sewanaku, D. Turnbull. O Cullen. B. Dickinson, P. Brunst. 
J Sherman, A Puri Absent: J, Davidson. N Firestone. A. Kelen, M Whiteheaa. F. Welch. C Ruddy. 
N Charland. J, Mills 


Back: C Cwynar. P. Glinski. S. McNulty. M. Mouaikel. G. Cogan, J, Payne. S. McDonald-Curley. 
H Maier, T Buckley. I Carveth, C, MacLean Middle: M Lynch, D. Smith, W Bennett, K Massie, 
G, Reid, T Kenny, P Garneau, S.K. Ng, B. Quan, M Lyman, Z, Cogan, J Smith Front: D, Plyler, 
G Seppala, Z. Kassam. K, Kwofie, S Hall. A Body. M Lafleche. F Baaa'an, D, Counihan. A, Mac- 
Donaia. M Wolfe. J Rocheleau Absent: P. Garneau. G Reid. P. Willis. K Piuva. T. Kenny, A Tag- 
gart, H Southee. W Hall 






/>v^ ■■■■■ 

93p/</ m < 






Mr. G. Valentine Mr. P. Montgomery Mr. M. King 

Mr. A. Menzies 

Ms. T. Duggan 


Mr. P. McLean 

Mr. D. Polk 

Ms. L. Lahey 

Mr. S. Grainger 


Mr. A. Thomas 

Mme L. Morel 

Mr. B. Rice 

Mr. J. Merritt 


Mrs. M.A. Varley Mrs. M. Baxter Mrs. J. Kennedy 

Rev. Meaker 

Mrs. R. Cadieux 

Mrs. A. Pritchard 

Mr. J. Humphreys 

Mr. S. Claus 

Mr. B. Herique 


Ms. P. Vallee 

Mr. T. Street 

Ms. A. Herauf 

Mr. G. Simpson 





This year's poetry competition was a great success. There were twelve contestants, all teaturing unigue 
and original poems. The students, all from grade 7 and 8, expressed great emotion when speaking 
on such various topics as the gruesome story of a vampire to the light-hearted narrative about the 
cat. There was even a poem written by one of the students himself. 

The sight poem, which was about "The Bath", was exceptionally well read. It was often humourous, 
especially when one of the readers (EricPook) improvised and ended up amusing the entire audience. 

The overall winner was Jonathan Ages whose poem was about a vampire. Kweku Kwofie, reading 
the poem called "Colonel Fazackerley" finished second, followed by Alastair Cheng, using the poem 
"Cats". However, everyone did a great job. 

Finally, we would wish to extend a great thanks to Mr. Penton, from the senior school, for adjudi- 
cating the poetry competition. 

By: Allan Dafoe and Johan Berggren 


As you know, on October 25, 1993. there was a federal election in Canada. The Junior School de- 
cided to have our own mock election. 

The results were quite similar to that ot the actual election. The Liberals took the election by a land- 
slide, with 62%. The Conservatives followed with a measly 18%, Reform with 13%. the NDP and the 
Bloc tied with 3%, and there were only 2% spoiled ballots. This year the voter turnout was a major 
improvement on the 1992 referendum, with an impressive 90%. Thanks for coming out! 

Special thanks to Winston Bennett, Johan Berggren, Bryan Chan, Young Fan, and Bryan Chan for 
organizing the event 

(Editor's Note: Sorry, Andrew Mason!!) 



This year's house music competition was extremely successful. All the houses came out with a strong 
performance, but unfortunately only one house can win. The battle for first place was taken by the 
Dragons with 433 points. The Goblins were a close second with 419 points, and the Hobbits placed 
third with 406 points. In fourth place came the Wizards with a score of 335 points. We would like to 
acknowledge Mr. Merritt for spending his valuable time organizing the competition, and Mr. Moyer 
and Mr. Montgomery for adjudicating our performance. We thoroughly enjoyed the intermission per- 
formance by Geoff Payne, Colin Keary-Taylor, and George Reid. 

By David French and Bryan Chan 


This year's speech competition was of a very high calipre. The guality ot the speeches was immense, and all the contestants recited 
their creations very well 

There was a wide range of topics, from Kurt Cobain. to Amnesty International, to the Montreal Expos. Unfortunately there can only 
be one winner. This year the winner was Colin Burn from 6V. who related an interesting experience that occurred while he was com- 
peting in the National Speedskating Competition in Fredericton. A close second was Andrew Mason who informed us about Amnesty 
International, their triumphs, losses, and how we couia help their cause. 

This year there was a tie for third between Jeff Payne who did a biography on Kurt Cobain, and Reia Adrian who told us about 
cancer, and how it touches everybody's life at some time 

On behalf of the Junior School, we would like to thank Mrs. Lahey for organizing this event, and Mrs Jowett for adjudicating the 

By: Andrew Magnus and David French 


This year an actor, commonly known as Mr. Monks, came to Ashbury to perform a rendition of Oliver 
Twist, with students in grades 5, 6, and 7 as the actors. Thomas Houston played the leading role as 
Oliver Twist, along with Mr. Monks from the Erewhon Theatre Company. The students each acted out 
their roles, mostly as pickpockets, orphans and servants while Mr. Monks played four major roles. The 
students only had twenty minutes to rehearse their parts and they did an extremely good job. Thomas 
confesses that he did not even know what he was doing half of the time but he got through it. Another 
interesting part was when the play concluded and Mr. Monks let members from the audience try on 
the different costumes that he used in the performance. He also answered guestions and gave us 
pointers on how to act when in a real play. Overall, this play was well acted and thoroughly enjoyed. 

By Allan Dafoe and Andrew Magnus 



De nouveau, du 15 au 19 Janvier, des etudiants de la 7 e annee ont passe un sejour tres agreable a St. Donat, 

Cette activite d'immersion francaise favorise non seulement la communication mais permet aux eleves 
d'ameliorer leur technique de ski alpin grace aux moniteurs du programme Perspectives. 

Tous les jours, les eleves participent a differentes activites qui leur permettent d'enrichir davantage leur vo- 
cabulaire tout en s'amusant. Chansons, lecons, theatre, danses et jeux dans une ambiance chaleureuse font 
que St. Donat s'avere un sejour linguistique et de ski inoubliable! 


Mme. Morel 



Every year students trom Ashbury and Elmwood join together for a five kilometer run to raise money 
for the United Way by finding sponsors. 

This year the trek was particularly grueling but everybody finished the race showing good form and 

For this run the school, through sponsors made by the students and teachers, made a total of $2,848.94. 
Acknowledgments to Mr. Humphreys who collected $1,838 from 368 sponsors. 

By: Andrew Magnus 
David French 


The 1994 Winter Olympics were a great success. It was the second time the Junior School has held the Games. 

The Olympics consisted of eight events. There were the team sports; hockey and basketball. Also, there was 
orienteering, wrestling, snow/ stationary biking, cross-country skiing, triathlon, and the final event, a four way tug 
of war. 

The Olympics were won by the Hobbits with 64 points. The Dragons finishea second with 41 points, closely fol- 
lowed by the Goblins who had 40 points. The previous winners, the Wizards, were last, accumulating 35 points. 

The triathlon race was particularly exciting. The athletes began with a one kilometer jog, succeeded by a one 
kilometer skate, and finished with a one kilometer ski. Hugh Southee, of the Wizards, enjoyed a commanding 
lead after the first leg. During the skating portion Hugh continued to lead the pack, while Rob Cushman, of the 
Goblins, held a distant second. Then in the final stage, Rob skate - skiied extremely well and overtook Hugh to 
take first place by half a lap. 

The Junior School would like to thank Mr. G. Valentine for organizing the events, along with all the other staff 
members who supervised the games. Also, we would like to thank the Senior School students who gave up their 
afternoon officiating. Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to the students who gave up their time to or- 
ganize the second annual Winter Olympic Games. 

By: Andrew Magnus and Johan Berggren 





VERBal Abuse 

Ashbury College Creed 

I will never bring disgrace to this my school, by any act of dishonesty or cowardice. I will fight for 
the ideals and sacred things of the school, both alone and in company. I will revere and obey the 
school's regulations and do my best to earn the respect of those in authority. I will strive unceasingly 
to be courageous, honest and courteous, and to uphold the best traditions of the school. Thus in all 
these ways, I will transmit this my school not only not less, but greater, better and more beautiful than 
it was transmitted to me. 

Adapted from 

the oath of 

Athenian Youth 

French Verb 






je punit 

je dois 

je ris 

tu aimes 

tu punis 

tu dois 

tu ris 

il aime 

il punit 

il doit 

il rit 

elle aime 

elle punit 

elle doit 

elle rit 

nous aimons 

nous punissons 

nous devons 

nous rions 

vous aimez 

vous punissez 

vous devez 

vous riez 

ils aiment 

ils punissent 

ils doivent 

ils rient 

elles aiment 

elles punissent 

elles doivent 

elles rient 

Math Verb 

1x1 = 1 




1x2 = 2 

2x2 = 4 

3x2 = 6 

4x2 = 8 

1x3 = 3 

2x3 = 6 

3x3 = 9 


1x4 = 4 

2x4 = 8 



1x5 = 5 



4x5 = 20 

1x6 = 6 



4x6 = 24 

1x7 = 7 

2x7 = 14 

3x7 = 21 

4x7 = 28 

1x8 = 8 


3x8 = 24 

4x7 = 32 

1x9 = 9 


3x9 = 27 

4x9 = 36 


2x10 = 20 

3x10 = 30 

4x10 = 40 

1x11 = 11 





2x12 = 24 

3x12 = 36 

4x12 = 48 

The Grammar Verb 

Pronoun A pronoun stands for a noun in a sentence. 

The boys are going on holiday, so they won't be here for the party, 

When my sister went to camp, / sent a letter to her. 
Adjective An adjective is a word that tells something about a noun. Usually an adjective 

tells which, what kind of, or how many. 

the brave girl the older brother the six cookies 
Adverb An adverb is a word that answers how, when or where. 

Many verbs end in -//. 

Yoko ran quickly down the street. 

I'll see you tomorrow at the gym. 

Come here at once. 

That book is very interesting. 
Preposition A preposition show the relationship of one word to other words in a sentence. 

The duck swam across the gym. 

The girls walked to the gym. 




Back: Mr Valentine. N. Brewer, W. Hall. D. Skahan. J. Mills. M. MacSween. R 
Cushman, T. Buckley. Mr. King Middle: H Southee, J. Rocheleau. C. Fannin. 
T. Houston. S. Armand, T. Kenny. N. Firestone. J. Petridis. Front: S. McDonald- 
Curley. K. Kwofie. L Greenberg. G. Seppala. T. Feigel, H. Vaidyanathan. R. 
Brooks. J. Tang. J. Gray. T. McCarthy. B. MacEwen. 


Back: Mr Valentine. L Greenberg. T. Kenny. N Brewer, M Lapner. J. Tang. 
Mr. King Middle: C Burn, H. Southee. D Skahan. G. Seppala. A. Magnus. J. 
Rocheleau. Front: A McDonald, T, Houston, T. McCarthy, R. Brooks. K. Kwofie. 
H Vaidyanathan. C, Ruddy. 

For the most part, the '93 Under-14 soc- 
cer season was a success and an improve- 
ment upon the '92 season. The grade eight 
veterans were very privileged to have 
some extremely talented players trom 
grade seven. Right off the bat the team 
went to a tournament held at Bishops Col- 
lege School in Lennoxville, Quebec. 
Throughout the tournament our play was 
very strong and solid, which lead us to the 
consolation victory. I must make mention 
that during this and other trips we made 
it a tradition to stop and eat at "Barby-Barn 
Ribs and Chicken" restaurant in Montreal. 
On this occasion Mr. King demonstrated 
his monstrous appetite by devouring the 
whole hog (12 large ribs] with a side order. 

The team played in a challenging 
league for the remainder of the season. 
We were off to a nervous start at the be- 
ginning of the league season, but, towards 
the end of the year, we pulled together as 
a powerful scoring force. 

Every single member of this soccer team 
benefitted and raised their level of skill from 
this experience. On behalf of the entire 
team I would like to thank Mr. Valentine, 
Mr. King, and Mr. Hearn, for their time and 
super coaching. 

by Rob Cushman 

This year the Under-13 soccer team was 
very fortunate to have the opportunity to 
travel to Victoria, British Columbia, to play 
in a tournament. On our way, we stayed 
with families from Maple Ridge School in 
Vancouver. The next day on the field when, 
to our surprise, Maple Ridge School called 
out, "Wow, they have shin pads and 

While in Vancouver we visited Science 
World and a salmon hatchery. 

Our next stop on the trip through British 
Columbia was Victoria, where we stayed 
with families from St. Michael's University. 
Here we played our first tournament. After 
a day of competition, we remained unde- 
feated by beating Crescent College 3-2. 
Unfortunately, our second day of soccer 
was not as successful as the first. An unpre- 
dicted loss to Selwyn House kept us out of 
the final round of play. On our last day in 
the tournament, we tied Ridley College, 
which gave us a sixth place finish. 

After departing Victoria on a midnight 
flight, we arrived home safely. On behalf 
of the team, I would like to thank Mr. Val- 
entine and Mr. King for coaching us 
throughout the season and organizing a 
trip which we all enjoyed and gained from. 
By: Taylor McCarthy and Reid Brooks 


The '93 soccer season was busier than 
most for the Under- 12 soccer team. We 
played in two tournaments and had one 
single game. 

The first tournament that we played in 
was held at Ashbury. For a team which 
hadn't had much time to practice we did 
very well, winning two games, losing one, 
and tying the other. 

The second of our two tournaments was 
held at Lower Canada College (LCC). Our 
first game, which we won, was against Sel- 
wyn House. We lost to LCC in the second 
and final game. 

The last game of the season was against 
Turnbull. Our offence was very strong and 
our defence was solid, helping us to out- 
score them six to one. 

On behalf of the whole Under- 12 soccer 
team and ourselves, we would like to thank 
Mr. Street, Mr. King, and Mr. Valentine for 
coaching us. 

by: Jonathan Guilbault and Andrew 



Back: Mr Valentine, S. Eden-Walker, M. Lafleche, Z. Kassara, Mr. Street, J. Mzi- 
ray, F. Welch, O. Cullen, S. Hall, Mr. King. Middle: M. Hooper, J. Hickman, D. 
Pyper, J. Guilbault, Z. Cogan, K. Corbett, D. Fisher, D. Turnbull Front: A Mac- 
Donald T. Bowman, R. Courtemanche, C. Burn, K. Piuva, P. Brunst, A. Burns. 


Before the regular season, we went to a 
tournament in Montreal at LCC. Out of 
three games, we won only one. 

Later in the season, we lost one of our 
players to a broken leg. Despite this and 
other difficulties we managed to place first 
in our league with 7 wins and 3 losses. 

In our own tournament in February, we 
played three games and only won once. 
This was very disappointing, but competi- 
tion was tough and we learned from our 

This season was filled with ups and 
downs, but overall it must be considered 
a success. The players all improved and 
we can expect further accomplishments 
in the future. 

On behalf of the whole team, I would like 
to thank Mr. Street and Mr. Merritt for their 
dedication and for their time. 

By. Sean McDonald-Curley 




:-fflf l^*.|.| 


ft H'M 


**^^RtrnBB*M& VM "•'* * 

1- . 

Back: Mr Street, W. Hall, A. Chaney, J. Ages. M. MacSween, S. McDonald- 
Curley, G. Payne, D. Rawlinson, F. Kim, L. Greco. Mr. Merritt. Front: T. Kenny, 
R. Perera, R. Brooks, G. Seppala, J. Gray, T. Buckley, L, Greenberg, N. Firestone. 




Front: N. Snook. M. Lapner, C. McCullough, G. Seppala. T. Houston, L. Greco. 
Back: L. Greenberg. C Ruddy, S. McNulty, G. Payne, D. Kilgour, R. Brooks, E. 
Pook. Mr. Street Absent: Mr. Merritt, W. Hall. 


The under 13 basketball team had a suc- 
cessful season. We attended two tourna- 
ments, the first of which was at Selwyn 

We played four games (one exhibition 
game). Our opponents were from all over 
Montreal and our first game was against 
Selwyn House. We beat them. Later that 
day we played Brebeuf and we won 
again. Our last game was with St. Eudistes, 
and it was a close game. With five seconds 
left they scored to beat us by one point 
which put us in second place overall, 

Our next tournament was hosted by Cres- 
cent School in Toronto. This, as well, was 
a very successful tournament for us. 

We won our first game against Hillfield, 
and also won our next game against Cres- 
cent. We continued our winning streak with 
a win over Royal Saint-Georges College. 

The championship game was Ashbury 
v.s. Royal Saint-Georges. They beat us 
soundly. We were disappointed because 
we lost our M.V.P. to a sprained ankle in 
the first half. 

We were pleased with our season and 
we had a good time. On behalf of the un- 
der 13 basketball team, we would like to 
thank Mr. Street and Mr. Merritt for out- 
standing coaching and their time, which 
lead us to our very successful season. 

By: Geoff Payne 

Back: Mr. T. Street, J. Guilbault, C. Burn, A. Burns, C. Piuva, S. Osachoff, D. Pyper 
Front: M. Hooper. O Cullen, R. Adrian, D. Fisher, A. MacDonald, R. Courte- 
manche, D Turnbull Absent: Coach Mr. J. Merritt 

The U-1 2 basketball team had a success- 
ful season. Our first trip was to Selwyn 
House. Our first game was against our 
hosts, but unfortunately we lost the game 
by a narrow margin. Then our luck 
changed by beating LCC. Our next two 
games were both unsuccessful as we lost 
to Royal St. Georges and to a community 
team called Westmount Lakers. Thus, we 
returned slightly disappointed. 

Our next tournament brought us back to 
Montreal where we were hosted by LCC. 
First, we lost to Selwyn House but then we 
won against LCC's number two team. Af- 
ter this game, Andrew Burns won the shoot- 
ing contest. The tournament ended with a 
close loss to St. Pat's. 

The year's final trip was to Toronto. We 
had to be at the train station by 4:45 a.m. 
for the train which left at 6 a.m. On the train, 
Kris Piuva commented on the water that 
tasted like toilet water. When we arrived 
at our destination, we played against John 
Wanlass. We lost although we almost 
staged a huge comeback. Our next op- 
ponents were St. Georges, whom we beat. 
In the final game, we lost to U.C.C. in a well- 
played game. 

On behalf of the team, I would like to 
thank our coaches, Mr. Street and Mr. Mer- 
ritt, for spending their time and effort on 
the U-12 Basketball team. 

By: Sami Osachoff. 

On a beautiful October afternoon, the 
cross-country team drove to Sedburg for 
our annual cross country meet. The com- 
petitors were placed into four major 
groups: Junior, Intermediate, Bantam, and 

The cross-country run was 3 1/2 km long 
and seeing as it had rained the day 
before, it was necessary to jump over many 
puddles. In addition, there were many hills 
and lots of mud, which kept us working 

The finish was very exciting due to a long 
downhill stretch. Maintaining control was 
very difficult at this point, causing several 
wipeouts. The whole team placed well in 
all of their categories and the coach, Mr. 
Street was very pleased with the team s 
effort.' Our top place was second, in Ban- 
tam, by Henry Maier. 

By: Henry Maier 


Back: Mr. Street, M. Lapner, C. Born, H. Ma,er Front: P. Greco: F. Welch, D. Fisher. 
S. Eden-Walker, C. McCullough 


This year the Junior School had an excel- 
lent hockey team. Our team consisted of 
some very skilled players from both house 
leagues and competitive teams. Our 
coaches, Mr. King and Mr. Valentine, were 
very dedicated, taking us to the rink every 
odd day. Also, we met for a period of time 
at the coldest and smallest arena in Ot- 
tawa, the Belldome. 

The high point of our season was when 
we went to Lower Canada College. In 
Montreal, we stayed at a fantastic hotel, 
"Ruby Foo's." Our first game, against Jean- 
Eudes, was very exciting. After the first per- 
iod we were trailing 0-2 but managed to 
come back and win 4-3. Special mention 
goes to Kevin Massie and Matt Lyman for 
some tremendous goaltending. That night, 
we went back to B.B. Barns with much to 
celebrate after our win. This meant we 
would have to play Upper Canada Col- 
lege in the last game. We ended up losing 
5-3 although it was one of our best finishes 
against U.C.C. and our best finish ever in 
the tournament. On behalf of the whole 
team, I would like to thank Mr. King and 
Mr. Valentine for a great season. 

by Andrew Kelen. 

manche, A. Surani. A. Taggart 


Back: Mr. Humphreys, N. Foran, F. Kim. D. Skahan, A. Chaney, A. Watt, S. 
McDonaia-Curley. M, MacSween, D. Rawlinson, T. Baumgarten, H. Maier, Mr. 
Herique. Back - Middle: R. Perera, J. Gray, G. Reia, S. Armand, W. Hall, R. Cush- 
man, L. Greenberg. M. Arora, B. MacEwen, R. Brooks, S. McNulty, M. Stadnik. 
Front • Middle: A. Surani, C. Fannin, A. Thompson, T. Buckley, P. Garneau, M. 
Lapner, D. French, N. Charland. C. Ruddy, J. Davidson, P. Glinski, T. McCarthy, 
M. Mouaikel Front: R. Ruparelia, J. Rocheleau, K. Kwofie, H. Vaidyanathan. 
A. Parkes, M. Sewanaku. N Firestone, G. Seppala, O. Sheikh, A. Magnus, P. 
Greco. R. Kroll 

This year Ashbury sent two excellent 
rugby teams to Bishob's annual 7-a-side 
Bantam rugby tournament. . 

The bus trip to Bishop's took five and a 
half hours. The bus driver got lost and went 
down a snowmobile trail before realizing 
his mistake; eventually, we reached the 
motel after asking for directions three times. 

The next morning, the Ashbury 'A' team 
played our first game against Bishop's, win- 
ning 33-0. The next game pitted the 'A' 
team against St. Thomas. They beat us 14-5. 
In the following game, we got a victory, the 
score being 17-5, against Selwyn House 'A'. 
The final and most grueling game saw us 
come up against L.C.C. Despite a great 
defensive game, we lost 14-5, thus placing 
us third in the tournament. 

Although the 'A' team played well, the 
day belonged to the 'B' team. We finished 
first overall, in total scoring 1 1 7 points. Am- 
azingly enough, we didn't even give up 
one single point while winning all our 

The tournament was a total success; we 
learned a lot about the game and our 
physical limits. We all had a great time. We 
would like to thank Mr. Humphreys and M. 
Herique for coaching us and putting up 
with us on the bus. 

by: George Reid. 


lunior School Athletic Awards: 1993-1994. 

Under-14 Soccer Team: 

M.V.P. -- J. Gray 
M.I. P. -- L. Greenberg 

Under- 13 Soccer Team: 

M.V.P. -- R. Brooks 

M.I. P. -- C. Ruddy 

Under-12 Soccer Team: 

M.V.P. -- C. Burn 
M.I. P. -- R. Courtemanche 

Under-14 Basketball: 

M.V.P. - Sean McDonald-Curley 
M.I. P. -- J. Gray 

Under-13 Basketball: 

M.V.P. -- R. Brooks 
M.I. P. -- G. Seppala 


M.V.P. -- R. Brooks 
M.I. P. - L. Greenberg 

Grade 5 & 6 Basketball: 

M.V.P. -- D. Fisher 
M.I. P. -- A. Burns 

Cross Country Running: 

M.V.P. -- H. Maier 


M.V.P. --T. McCarthy 

M.I. P. - G. Reid 

Special Awards: 

Coaches Trophy in Soccer: 

"For outstanding sportsmanship and effort in Ashbury soccer" 
*R. Brooks* 

Junior School Athletics Award: 

'In recognition of exceptional effort, attitude on Junior School teams" 
*R. Brooks, J. Gray, G. Reid* 

Europe '86 Trophy in Hockey: 

"For sportsmanship and effort in Junior School hockey" 
*T. McCarthy* 

The Boys Choir, comprised of 
boys from grades five through 
eight, has enjoyed great suc- 
cess this year. 

Our first performance was 
during the Christmas season 
when we performed The Christ- 
mas Carol Service at Mackay 
United Church. 

We also had the opportunity 
to play at other locations such 
as the Royal Ottawa Golf Club. 

After the Christmas season, 
we performed a concert with 
the junior school band for all 
the students, parents, and staff. 
Our last major performance 
was at the Good Companions 
Senior Citizen Day Centre. Dur- 
ing this performance we put on 
a mini-musical written by Mr. 
McLean called "Piper". 

On behalf of the choir I 
would like to give a special 
thank you to Mr. Humphreys for 
providing our transportation, 
and especially to our choir 
master, Mr. McLean, for mak- 
ing a group of boys into a 

by Andrew Mason 

Back: A. Mason, Y. Fan, C. Boadway. C. MacLean, A. Hill, Mr. McLean. 
Lynch, A. Parkes, S. Osachoff. Front: A. Young, B. Dickinson, R. Adrian, 


O. Cu 

J. Guilbault, M. 

Back: M McCarthy, G- Reia 
Fannin. J. Gray, T. Feigel, J 
Cogan, B. 
J Ages 

Da foe, 

Buckley, D. Skahan. A. Chaney. G. Payne Middle: C. 
Charland, G. Reid Front: S. Osachoff. J. Guilbault, Z. 

This year's Junior School 
band focused on jazz and 
the blues. Our first perform- 
ance was at the Christmas 
Concert, where the Junior 
School choir also per- 

The Junior School divides 
its instrumental talent 
among the Grade 6 Band, 
the Jazz Ensemble, and the 
full band. The full band con- 
sists of over two dozen 
members, and has a full 
complement of woodwinds, 
brass instruments, and per- 

Unlike the 1992-1993 
school year, this band did 
not go to Toronto in the 
spring. However, we did 
perform several times. Spe- 
cial thanks go to Mr. Merritt 
for leading our brass 

by Young Fan. 

Chan. Y. Fan Absent: Mr. Merritt, A. Thompson, C. Keary-Taylor. O. Cullen, F. Welch, 




Daffodil Day 

Christmas Hamper 
United Way Run 



There was a goaltender called Roy 

Who couldn't believe what he saw. 

The puck went so fast 

That he let it go past 

There was a goaltender called Roy. 

Chris McCullough (7S) 

Disaster on the Slopes 

The skis grew farther 

control is lost 
at a high speea 
that couia be deadly 

Skis comes spinning off 

Maier takes flight 




a sickening sound 

The body flips and twists 
like a toy boat in a storm 
across the icy slope 
till it stops 
in the middle 



oblivious to her surroundings 

someone screams in agony 

not she 

Someone over the fence 

no one's holding him back 


to the body 

a briefcase with a cross 

I move away from the fence 

My skis need waxing 

I like them fast. 

Chris Cwynar (8P) 



Road to Victory 

The Bakery Window 

To win the World Series of ninety-three, 
Teamwork and good players would be the key. 
Alomar, Borders, Molitor, and White, 
All helped the Blue Jays to win the fight. 

The Blue Jays won the Eastern Division, 
The next step they faced made the decision. 
The White Sox for the pennant they beat. 
World Series now - or was it defeat? 

The White Sox were beaten and now at last, 

The Jays had a chance at a second-round 


To the World Series again they would go, 

Was this going to be their second big show? 

The famous Phillies was the team to beat, 
The bleachers were full - not one empty seat. 
The first game they won - the second they lost. 
They just had to win whatever the cost!! 

After five games it stood three games to two, 
Oh, what were the Blue Jays going to do? 
It was Carter's big blast that won the game, 
And the Blue Jays go down in baseball fame. 

To win the World Series of ninety-three, 
Teamwork and good players would be the key. 
Alomar, Borders, Molitor, and White, 
All helped the Blue Jays to win the fight. 

Chris McCullough (7S) 

On a cold winter's night in a downtown street; 
An orphan looks in the bakery window. 
Through the glass he feels the heat, 
Watching the people come and go. 

He stands watching quietly, 
Through the window of the shop. 
Staring at the food, all he can see 
Food is stacked from bottom to top 

He walks to the door and turns the knob, 
His clothes are in tatters as he walks in. 
He offers the clerk to do a job. 
The clerk accepts, tells him to sort the bins. 

The pay for his job is a meal and ride, 
To a place that he can spend the night. 
A place that's warm and dry inside, 
Somewhere that has heat and light, 

His hunger is gone and he is warm. 

The clerk has phoned an orphanage. 

He brings him there, and is assigned to a dorm 

His name is written on a page. 

He is no longer on the streets, 

He can sleep and eat in here. 

He does not sleep on the ground but under 


He no longer lives in fear. 

Another orphan on the streets, 

Looks in the window of a shop. 

Another orphan on the streets, 

Staring at store shelves from bottom to top. 

Paul Greco (7S) 


Commencer la partie, 

patiner, frapper, passer, 

tomber, intercepter, tirer, 

concentrer, massacrer, eluder. 

Preparer pour la deuxieme periode, 

trebucher, entailler, sauter, 

glisser, batailler, plonger, 

echapper, penaliser, positioner. 

Organiser pour la derniere periode 

de la partie, 

encourager, esquiver, blesser, 

epuisser, rater, insulter, 

cracher, essayer, et finalement gagner 

la Coupe 



Hari Vaidyanathan (7M) 

. 1 

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 

He jumps up in his black latex suit and swings his 
sword. It hits the enemy's chest and sparks tly out. 
Oh no, he's really hurt now -- look at the sparks. I 
mean, when was the last time you were hit in the sto- 
mach with a sword and sparks tlew out? And why 
do those odd little grey people in skintight suits make 
infantile noises with their tongues. I wonder why a 
woman who has horns and a super telescope and 
ives on the moon speaks faster than her lips move. 
The real guestion is; how can monsters be 

made from Play- 
Dough(?) The end is al- 
ways the same; they 
turn into a big robot 
and kill the bad guy. 
But they have to wait 
until they're really 
"hurt" before they do 
turn into the robot, to 
waste time of course. 
Why don't they just use the robot from the beginning, 
it would make the dumb show go a whole lot guicker, 
but oh yeah, they can't because some people sup- 
posedly like this show. I also wonder how they jump 
that high. Do they really have to say the names of 
their weapons before they use them, and do they 
have time? They must freeze time or something. I sup- 
pose they all just happened to be teenagers who 
were experts in martial arts. How does the city get 
rebuilt after the big, bad guys knock down the buil- 
dings? And how does that woman throw a staff from 
the moon with that kind of accuracy to make some- 
one grow? I don't think the show makes children more 
violent because no one in their right mind would be- 
lieve the junk in this show, not ever a toddler. I do 
think it should be cancelled though, not because it 
is too violent, but because of its stupidity. They should 
have a law which bans shows like this, such as: an 
I.Q. of 2 is needed to create a show. Or even: no 
shows with geeky, little teenagers who think they're 

Zak Cogan (6V) 

Young Fan 
362 Mariposa Ave. 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1N 0T3 

Dear Baseball Fan: 

Thank you for your recent letter. I am sorry I cannot 
address this letter to you personally, but you ne- 
glected to write your name down . . . 

. . . Something to keep in mind as you watch both 
Canadian baseball clubs play, in sport nothing is for- 
ever. You cannot always win, year after year. The 
Blue Jays have had their day in the sun, perhaps it 
is now our turn. 


Claude R. Brochu 



Magic Snowflakes 

Winter wraps around the earth like a snowsuit. 

Cold winds blow like Mother Nature's breath. 

Frost forms on window panes like a child's painting. 

Snowmen stand at attention. 

We rejoice in the wonderful, winter wonder. 

Calvin MacLean (6V) 


Pads as soft and dark as black velvet 

Sleek toned body as powerful as an elephant 

Sharp, cold eyes like shards of emerald 

Sleek well toned body making as much sound as an 

owls flight 

Moves through the jungle like those of the dead 

A bringer of death 

The cat pounces, white canines tearing flesh and muscle 

A deep purr fills the moonlit jungle night 

And all is safe, 

Until he stalks again 


White fluffy 


the trees 

covering their 
naked arms with 

a blanket of 
Each delicate 


in the sun 




Eric Rook (7S) 

By: Jonathan Guilbault (6V) 

Then the graceful predator, the owl swoop- 
ing silently, instinctively, unnoticed cutting 
through the black night like a hot knife 
through butter, pretending now to be a tree, 
now a bush, now a dark piece of bark, while 
its unsuspecting prey scurries through the for- 
est. It swoops, then watches the small rodent as it be- 
gins to scurry towards safety, and as it stalks silently, its 
blood runs cold and its sharp claws clasp the tree on 
which it was perching. Then suddenly, it lunges back 
in to the air as aggressively as a ferocious tiger. It plum- 
mets sharply towards the helpless rodent, there is a high 
pitched squeel, and the sprawling mouse tries to strug- 
gle free before the owl punctures the rodent's mid- 
section with his beak. 

By: Thomas Kenny (8P) 

Not So Mighty Andrew at the Bat 

Things looked quite grim in Ottawa, 
On that soggy windy day. 
The score stood two to four, 
With but one inning left to play. 

Mikey popped to shortstop. 
And Dennis died at first, 
The coach began to grumble 
The players feared the worst 

But Eric hit the ball, 
To stop the parents moanin'. 
And stood upon first base, 
As big and proud as Conan. 

Now Nicky batting eighth, 
Advances to the plate 
(He bats a one six five). 
We know that's not so great. 

But little Nicky hit the ball, 

As hard as Nicky can, 

And round and round the bases, 

Eric and Nicky ran, 

The throw came from the outfield, 
But safety was insured, 
For Nicky stood on second, 
With Eric safe at third. 

Now standing on the sidelines, 
Is one frightened little hitter, 
Though scared he has to go up next, 
Because he is no quitter. 

So Andrew walks up to the plate, 
His body filled with fear, 
And at his cruddy misery, 
The other team did jeer. 

They pointed his little arms, 
Which just increased his woes, 
They said, "You'll never hit the ball, 
With just a pair of those!" 

And now the pitcher throws the ball, 
Like a bullet from a gun, 
Andy say's "I didn't see that!" 
The umpire say's "Strike one!" 

Now the ball is flying, 

From its home upon the mound, 

It rockets faster than fast, 

At super sonic sound. 

Andy thinks: "What am I to do?" 
He swings and cleaves the air in half, 
The umpire says, 
"Striiike two!" 

And now the players begin to boo, 
The crowd does the same. 
They said "The kid with the little arms, 
Is going to lose the game!" 

The pitcher leans and heaves the ball, 
The spheroid clean and white, 
But Andrew cannot see it, 
His eyes are closed quite tight 

He opens one lid cautiously. 

And takes a mighty swing. 

Time seems to slow down to a crawl. 

As he thinks of many things. 

He remembers the lessons learned, 
Throughout his younger years, 
Of how a person, everyone, 
Must confront their greatest fears. 

Now one thing sticks in his mind, 
That winners never quit. 
And you should learn this lesson well. 
Because Andrew got a hit! 

Andrew Farkes (7S) 

Paval "Russian Rocket" Sure 

As fast as a cheetah 

As smart as a computer 

As graceful as a swan 

Stick hanaies like a genius 

When he skates its music to your ears 

When he shoots its like a rocket 

Paval "Russian Rocket" Bure 

Zain Kassam (6V) 

An Unbelievable Attempt 

A teenage villain with a lot of money 
Ownea a team he kidnapped-funny 

Imagine if you can today 

A team the owner doesn't pay 

He kidnapped players as reguired 
Bigger, faster ones desired 

Kenneth was the villain's name 
I guess he loved the hockey game 

But surely there's a better way 

To have your deams and make it pay 

Player Crandall through 9-1-1 
Saw that Kenneth was undone 

Rich little Kenneth went to jail 
Where hoodlums go and without fail 

The story's inconceivable 
In fact it's unbelievable 

Kenneth learned crime doesn't pay 
that is why he doesn't play 

Olivier Cullen (6V) 


Le navire de pirates est pres, crier, atta- 
guer, tuer, voler, emporter, bruler, tirer, as- 
sasiner, couper, attraper, torturer, piller. 

Les pirates ont vaincu le village, danser, 
chanter, manger, amuser, nager, plonger, 
moguer, coucher. 

C'est le matin, les pirates sont ennuiees, 
chercher, naviguer, trouver, bombarderl, 
accrocher, retaillier, frapper, s'agripper, 
emporter, echanger, massacrer. 

Tous les pirates sont morts. 

Andrew Magnus (7M) 

The Stowaway. 

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa was out. 
And Mrs. Claus was sitting around, beginning to pout. 
"I'm lonely," she thought, "I never have fun, 
I never go out on the Christmas Eve run." 

Suddenly, Mrs. Claus had a thought in her head. 
"I know," she thought, "I'll go jump in his sled!" 
Santa was ready, ready to go. 
There was a great gust of snow. 
Whoa! Look how high they go! 

So Mrs. Claus hid there, under the toys; 

the toys that were meant for the good girls and boys. 

She peeped her head out, there was something to 


a supersonic airplane flew by Santa's head! 

"Look out!" screamed Mrs. Claus; he knew she was 


He smiled, and turned around in his chair. 

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf. 
He laughed when he saw her, in spite of himself. 
"Why are you here?" he asked, twitching his ear. 
"I'm here because I'm lonely," she said with a tear. 

Why don't you help me, on this Christmas Eve, 
so we can get finished guickly, and leave! 
Get back home to the pole, all snug in our beds, 
while visions of happy children dance in our heads. 

And you could hear Santa say, as they drove out of 


Bart Dickinson (5L) 


It was midsummer. I was with two friends from Saskatchewan and their dad. We had just finished some shop- 
ping at Place d'Orleans and were now trying to get out of the crowded parking lot. Normally it would take 
aPout a minute and thirty seconds. This day it took aPout a minute and fifty. No Pig deal. I had Pought a 
fortune-telling device and asked it many questions to which it would answer positively or negatively. Amongst 
these was, "Are we ever going to get home?" It had answered, "Don't count on it," which proved to Pe startingly 

At that time, we had paid no attention to the warning the device had given us or the extra twenty sec- 
onds we had spent in the parking lo1. We were speeding down highway 417 and aPout seventy-five metres 
ahead of us we saw a Plue car swerve into our lane. It collided head-on with the car in front of us. At the same 
moment, to avoid hitting the Plue car, a large grey Ford had turned so sharply into the soft shoulder that it 
had flipped over in mid-air and landed upside-down in the ditch. 

We Praked immediately and slid to the side of the road. Kunal, the elder of my friends, threw open his door 
and jumped out to see if he could help. Arup, my other friend, and I jumped after him. There was chaos. Smoked 
filled the air. The cars of the head-on collision were crumpled and the passengers were unconscious. I re- 
memPer feeling helpless. There were injured people only feet away and there was 
nothing any of us could do. We ran to the Plue car alongside two men and a woman who had all stopped 
to help. The crushed hood was smoking furiously and was Pound to Purst into flame at any second. One of 
the men tried the hood Put found it too hot to touch. Arup and I went to the other car and attempted to open 
any door we could. Only the trunk and the left rear door would open. The driver's legs were jammed up against 
the dash and I rememPer his trying to say something. 

We went to the ditch to see if the people in the flipped car were injured. Kunal and another man comPined 
to rip off the driver side door. An elderly couple rolled out. We helped them out of the ditch and got them 
to a car to sit down. They were not severely hurt. After what seemed like forever, the police arrived. We were 
told to leave our names and phone numPers and Pe prepared to answer any questions if they needed to 
verify anything. We got Pack into our car and left. 

I rememPer thinking to myself later aPout the little device and its answer. Also it occurred to me that if we 
had not spent those extra twenty seconds, we could have Peen hospitalized or dead. That night I realized 
how short life could Pe. I always think to myself, "I'll live until I'm eighty or ninety; I've got my whole life ahead 
of me." Now, I'm not too sure. We hear aPout it every day. Until then a traffic accident had only Peen the thing 
slowing us down or the reason I gave when I was late. The next day I read that the man in the Plue car had 
died in the night. It was as though I had known him; almost as if I had let him down. 

Aron Chaney (8P) 


the spotlight glaring at the Poard 
television cameras 
mikes point menacingly 
directly at the helpless player 

spectators on the edge of their seat 

preparing to spring 

cheers, shouting echoing ecstatically everywhere 

hundreds of TVs 

Millions of watchers 

Bryan Chan (8P) 


Its movements are as graceful as a gazelle 

Its purring sounds like a well-tuned engine of a 


Its hissing sounds like an electric shock 

Its movements are sly, Paffling and 


Ben Barry (6V) 

In winter the snow falls Peautifully, 

While children throw snowPalls dementedly 

Everyone has fun, 

Until out comes the sun. 

Frosty the Snowman dies Prutally! 

Calvin Maclean (6V) 

On with The Game 

The Real Mikhail. 

the one nobody saw 
coming around the outside 
looking for his target 

steaming towards the QB 
standing tall, oblivious 
to the 300 lbs. of brawn 
racing towards him 

then just a spot 
in the corner of his eye 
before he could realize 
what was happening 
his body was shattered 
by the sheer impact 

up into the air he flew 
no control over anything 
his body twisting 
in ways unimaginable 


after the twisting 

and flailing of limbs 

his head collides with the ground 

a crumpled heap lays on the turf 

not moving, no sign of life 

just laying there with his eyes 

open, frozen in fear 

fear that he could not feel anything 

no pain, no nothing 

the throngs of witnesses 

stand in a hush, no one moves, no one talks 

at home millions of viewers 

see a listless, languid body 

surrounded by legs and feet 

the silence is- broken 

only by the far off sound of an ambulance 

the crowd then sits down 

and waits for the game to go on. 

Winston Bennett (8P) 


He! La neige! 

Quand vas-tu tomber? 

J'aimerais aller glisser. 

On est dejd au mois de decembre. 

Depeche-toi jdi hate! 

Ah! Qu'il fait beau aujourd'hui. 

De la neige folle partout. 

Je glisse, je saute, je danse 

Que la vie est belle! 

Non! Ne commence pas a 


Je veux encore jouer. 

On est juste au mois ddvril. 

Quel malheur! 

Ce n'est pas vrai! 

Maintenant je ndi rien a faire. 

Mikhail was just a young man when the war broke out. He 
had been a carefree lad who did not give much thought or 
effort to what he said or did. That was the Mikhail who ran with 
a lively gait, the Mikhail with dancing brown eyes and a shock 
of blond hair. Now that part of him seemed to have left so many 
years ago. 

He had lived a hard life since that blissful time. Everyday he 
lived in fear for his life. He had to take care of his wife and 
kids, and take care of himself. Everyday he risked his life to get 
just the tiniest morsel of food to support his family and got it 
anyway he could -- he begged, pleaded, cajoled, even stole; 
but this was the war. Laws did not matter now; Mikhail just 
wanted to make sure his family survived. Yes, he persisted; he 
persisted to make sure those merciless soldiers never found 
them; he persisted in finding food and clothes; he persisted 
because he knew that he had no choice. 

All of this fighting -- fighting his dwindling health, fighting with 
the fear that screamed at him whenever he saw The Enemy; 
all of it had only made him tell himself that he could do it. 
Yes, he could survive and his family would survive; he had 
vowed to himself he would never rest until the war was over 
and they were safe. But his persistent fighting had also made 
him no longer the lively man he had once been. He walked 
over the dusty ground and along broken-down homes, 
hunched over, his clothes in tatters and his hair an unkempt 
grey mess. 

Mikhail always took care to travel at night; yet twice he had 
been seen by the patrols. He lost no time waking his family, 
for he and his wife watched in shifts, and they ran. It seemed 
they ran for hours, but they never gave up. Sometimes his chil- 
dren lost hope, but he spurred them on; he told them about 
how all the wrongs will be made right once they were out of 
the country. 

There were times when, purely by chance, Mikhail met old 
friends on this quest for freedom. They would talk of the old 
days, and share whatever food or information they could before 
going their separate ways. Only when Mikhail spoke with them 
did he realize how much he had changed; he was so differ- 
ent from the unaware, easy-going youth he had been on that 
fateful day he first heard news of the war. 

But he turned away from all those thoughts 
now; he had a family to support, he was 
going to have to look ahead, never lose 
heart; or all he had worked so hard for, 
persisted so long for, would be in vain. 

David French 7M 





Intense Heat 

Total Darkness 








Struggling Together 





Nicholas G.-Spooner (7S) 

Young Fan (8P) 

Je connaissais un petit chat, 

qui avancait a petits pas, 

elle aimait le riz, 

mais pas les souris, 

parce que celd faisait trop de 


Alex Young (5L) 

June/1 91 7/Somme 


Their faces saddened 

Angered and maddened. 

Sickened and frustrated and yet 

Glimmers of hope and desire emerged from the 

showers of 


Their disturbing surroundings. 

The mud, the chilling cold. 

The horrible rats who steal and kill for small things 

Emerge from nature's mold. 

The huge cannon, 

Rears its head in a terrible roar, 

And fear arises when the shells fell, crashing, killing 


Shrapnel fell, 

And it killed all to well 

Voyager c'est tres stressant 

II faut acheter les billets. 

Preparer les baggages. 

Organiser, Manger, Barrer, 

Partir, Payer, Courir, 

Rouler, Tenir, Attraper, 

Verifier, Crier, Donner, 

Monter, Voler, Relaxer. 

L'avion descend 

Preparer, Verifer, Descendre, 

Planifier, Recouperer. 

On est arrive au club 

Chercher, Prendre, Monter, 

Relaxer, Reposer. 

Pour deux semaines. Et on recommence. 

Marc Mouaikel (7TM) 

The smell, the scent 

Of figures mangled and bent. 

Blood flowed in huge clods 

A sergeant got up and yelled, "You Dodo!" 

As he found his brother's body 

Could these be the lads of '14 
In bright-coloured uniforms, 
Cheering and yelling patriotically, 
God save the King? 

Andrew Mason (8P) 

Is Ski Alpin 

Monter la piste. Aller a la ligne de depart. 

Se preparer, prier, commencer. 

Degager, skier, vivifier. 

Tourner, aller, descendre. 

Sauter, oublier, tomber. 

Recommencer, descendre avec vitesse. 

Voir un autre saute. Sauter. Continuer. 

Passer la foule Les entendre crier. 

Regarder, toumer, sauter. 

Aller sur les sautes. 

Glisser, tourner, vivifier. 

Regarder pour la ligne d'arrivee 

Prier, aller comme une bombe 

Glisser autour des poles. 

les poles se balancent. 

Passer, voler, sauter. 

Glisser, tourner, vivifier. 

Les feules orient, le vent te frappe les yeux. 

Voir la ligne et vivifier. 

Passer la ligne. 

For: Shan Fandher (7TM) 


The Forgotten Face 

The cheerful face, 

smiling contently, 

exposing the glory of the achievement, 

the puck Puried in the net. 

Excitement betrayed the victor, 

hailed by all. 

The goalie's eyes; 

moist, red, 

focused on the puck. 

The red light 

flashing, stinging brightly 

while despair and misery looms; 


The fans, 

on their feet; 

inspired, exhilarated, spirited 

cheering and screaming jubilantly. 

The crowd, proudly acknowledging 

the conquerors 

amidst a fuzzy, thick rain of hats. 

The lone, unassuming hand, 
in the air immediately, 
pointing to the net 
The striped man. 
quickly, quietly doing his job, 
signalling the goal; 
forgotten, isolated, 
noticed by none. 

A lone figure, poised, 

away from the celePration 

Without reaction to the 

rattling net. 

Staring indictively 

cold eyes burning with 

anger, rage, want. 

If looks could kill . . . 

The enviou.s, covetous 

glances, desperately longing for 

revenge and victory 

Wondering why him and not me? 

Johan Berggren [8P] 




Summer has come with fresh green grass 
The blue birds are singing "The Spring showers have 

Summer is and extravagant season 
I love it without rhyme or reason 

Fall is a sign that winter is coming 

You can no longer here the blue birds humming 
I can teel a real cold breeze 

And all of a sudden you start to freeze 

Winter is here and everyone's skiing 

You know this because the blue birds are fleeing 
Winter has come, say bye to those ducks 

Get rid of your baseballs and bring out the pucks 

Spring is coming and I know why 

The birds are flying with their wings spread wide 
You can tell Spring is near 

Cause the ice turns to water off the seaside's pier 

Summer. Spring. Winter, and Fall 

Near and far the birds all call 
These are all extravagant seasons 

I love them without rhymes or reasons 

By: Dennis Counihan (7S) 

Changer d'Uniforme, 

Se Lever pour I'hymne Nationale, 

Chanter, Arreter. Jouer, Fbsitionner, 

Crdcher, Lancer, Frapper, Sprinter, 

Elancer, Attraper, Insulter, Cesser, 


Une prise. 

Sprinter, Glisser, Voler, 

Exciter, Jeter, 

Deux prises, 



Bouger, Aller, Aller, 

Cest un Circuit, 

lis ont gagne la serie mondiale. 

Celebrer, Manger, Feter, 

Fdyer, Acheter, 

Recommencer I'annee suivante. 

par Taylor McCarthy (7M) 


Les Oiseaux 

A Deep Sea Fishing Trip (an excerpt) 

The forty foot glistening white fishing boat moved slowly away 
from the small marina. The stench of fish filled my nostrils and 
the smell of the sea gave me an auspicious feeling and my sen- 
ses were overwhelmed by the natural wealth of the forests off the 
starboard side. Huge mansions with beautiful garaens and ar- 
tistic architecture gleamed on the other side of the wide chan- 
nel in the sunlight. A red sign rising out of the water to our right 
read, "Caution: Manatees." I had never seen a real manatee 
and I hoped to see one but to my disappointment none chose 
to appear. 

We left the harbour through a narrow channel surrounded by 
pelicans, most of which sat contentedly watching us pass under 
the low bridge that guarded the small inlet. The Captain navi- 
gated the narrow tributary with the ease of many years of ex- 
perienced seamanship. As we left the protected waters of the 
harbour, mammoth waves rose up to nine feet in height. The ship 
rocked violently in the choppy seas and I was a little embarrassed 
to admit I felt slightly nauseous. I was embarrassed because I 
spend so much time swimming and playing in the ocean; to my 
relief the feeling soon passed. 

Jonathan Guilbault (6V) 














Est Fache 



Nicholas Charland 











en danger, 

La beaute. 

Cyrus Boadway 

G hastly ghouls 

versized ogres 

B umbling bigfoots 

L onely lizards 

1 solated owlets 

N erdy nightmares 

S ad shadows 

pooky skeletons 
orrible horrors 
I mighty doctors 
readful dragons 
ffending ogres 
hispering werewolves 
uspicious serpents 

Alex Young (5L) 

Published by 




■ 10 

1 1 P^*|b| 

B f 


- ■**■:■. -^1 




The Woods Shield - the Junior School Award of Merit, for 
academic, character and extra-curricular contribution. 
Young Fan 

The Stephen Clifford Memorial Cup - for great contribution to 
House Competition and life of the school 
Reid Brooks 

The David Polk Senior Award - to a boy who is gentle, 
honest and friendly and who possesses a conscience which 
allows him to present only his best work. 
Mark McCarthy 

The Bernard Deslauriers Memorial Shield - awarded to an 
unassuming Grade 7 student who best represents the quality of 
courage in accepting the challenge to offer his very best in a 
variety of endeavours. 

Andrew Magnus 

The Irene Woodburn Wright Music Award 

Tommy Feigel 

French . 

Overall Excellence in English 
Proficiency in Art (Grades 5-8) 
The McLean Choir Prize 
Polk Prize for Poetry Reading 

Bryan Chan 
Young Fan 
Young Fan 
Mark Whitehead 
Young Fan 
Jonathan Ages 

The Charles Gale Prize for Junior School Public Speaking 
Colin Burn 

The Junior School Prize for Highest Standing in Grade 8 

Bryan Chan 

Coyne Prize for Improvement in French 

David Turnbull 

The Benko Memorial Shield for outstanding contribution of a 

Junior Boarder to the spirit of Boarding Life at Ashbury College 

Felix (Pil Won) Kim 

Drama Prize for excellence in the Performing Arts 

Olivier Cullen 

The Pitfield Shield for Junior School Inter-House Competition 
Senior Captain - Reid Brooks 
Junior Captain - Rafael Courtemanche 

The Aylwin Cup - Junior Track and Field Champion 
Sean McDonald-Curley 


Form 5L 
Form 6V 
Form 7M 
Form 7S 
Form 7TM 
Form 8S 
Form 8P 
Form 8H 

Alexander Young 
Jonathan Guilbault 
Taylor McCarthy 
Daniel Smith 
Shan Pandher 
Reid Brooks 
Young Fan 
Mark McCarthy 

effort and greatest improvement. 

The Grade 8 Keyboarding Prize 

Young Fan 

Form 5L 
Form 6V 
Form 7M 
Form 7S 
Form 7TM 
Form 8S 
Form 8P 
Form 8H 

Phillip Brunst 
Benjamin Barry 
Omar Sheik 
Eric Pook 
Siu Kei Ng 

Sean McDonald-Curley 
Johan Berggren 
Justin Tang