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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

Ashbury College 





Ashbuiy College 
362 Mariposa Avenue 
Otta^iva, l^ntario 


^^ ^ David & Julia 

□ Mrs. Ford 8t 
Ms. AUen 

^H Chris & Alicia 

^m Ian shows enough 

Craig enjoying his new hair 
Greg and Tait dress to impress 
Natalie, Steve and Amanda 
No Argument Dylan & Laura 

Chris dressed in hot pink 

Natalie & Nicole Choo 
Heather & Bavidra 
Andrew & Anna 
Chris in rehab 
Emma, Farah & Sarah 

Mytfari ft Kim pcMving ' 

Joe wHh the amaang M*c 
Alex ft Alicia aR done up 

Awneetf Andrew^ Date ft 

2 of Mr. 


Orty, Grc^ Aaron ft 

Sr. Bof»f»6-0 

A ^rpkal picnic Kcne 

Lacj', Emily, AIeh, 
MoMi, MvexM ft GMjC 

Andri among nature 
Raj and Omar threaten 
The bikers arrive at the picnic 
Jen during the Girl's 25-0 run 

Nick frolicking in die water 
Kyle runs Twister at the picnic 
Erica puffs toward die Rnlsh line 

I Matt &James take a pause 

H Beach volleyball proves popular 

Andrew prepares to serve a zinger 
The village People arrive at Ashbury 
Andrew, Sarali, Missy, Oan & Jon 
Andrew, Caidin & Lauren 
Stephanie & Lydla up to no good 

Colleen & 

M Anthony & 



■ Grade 9s 



Published in Canada 
Printed in USA 

/fl y; 

/■■■■ ' ^ 


In late February, the landscape from my office is one 
of snow banks and it is hard to realise that in just a 
few short months we will be at School Closing. This 
is always a special time in the life of the School. 
This school year has been one of triumphs and trag- 
edies. The fall season was one of triumph for our 
various teams, with marvellous success in Football, 
Senior and junior, as well as in Girls' Basketball. 
Also, our Soccer teams acquitted themselves admira- 
bly. In many other activities the school has experi- 
enced great success. In this second half of the year, 
we can anticipate many more successes. 
Sadly, some of our Ashbury families have experi- 
enced great personal tragedy. At times such as these, 
the events of school which seem so important be- 
come second place to an atmosphere where support 
and comfort is abundant. Our students and staff 
show tremendous loyalty and compassion to their 
friends in distress, and that is a most uplifting char- 
acteristic of the school. This human touch is of vital 

During the Christmas break, I decided that it was 
time to retire from the Headmastership of Ashbury. 
Fourteen exciting and rewarding years have passed 
by at an alarming rate and it is time to hand over the 
task of leadership of Ashbury when the school is in 
good shape. Dorothy and I will leave many good 
friends in the school community of board members, 
parents, students and staff. It will be difficult to say 
goodbye. We have been privileged to work with 
many great people and, hopefully, together we have 
made a difference. 

Best wishes to an excellent graduating class ~ and 
you are an excellent group with whom to graduate! 

R.B. Napier 


Sometimes it seems that life is full of them. Deadlines for 
assignments, term papers and Independent Study projects. 
Deadlines tor tests, tven life outside of school has ciead- 
lines. Birthday and Christmas presents have to be ready 
on time. Mother's Day and Father's Day are important too. 
So are all the other days. Deadlines are everywhere. 
There are two kinds of deadlines really: Those you set for 
others, and those that others set tor you. The ones that you 
set for others often seem to be the most important. Some- 
times we think that what we want from others is more 
important than what others want from us. It seems quite 
natural. But think about it. It is a two way street. 
Meeting deadlines is important. Whether the deadline is 
self-imposed or set by someone else, it is important to try 
to meet it. Meeting a deadline is a personal victory in a 
sense. It is a kind of success. 

The yearbook staff struggles with deadlines all the time. 
The students want a good yearbook as soon as they can get 
it . . The yearbook publisher has deadlines for submission. 
So the Ashburian staff sets deadlines for pictures and 
write-ups. They work hard to meet internal and external 
deadlines all through the year. They ask things from us so 
that they can do things for us. 

So this book is a success. Theirs and ours. We made it 
Enjoy your suceess. 

G.R. Varley 

d^^t^i- <if^siif di^s 

Dr. Peter Orange began his IB career at the Inter- 
national School of Geneva, Switzerland in the late 
1970's. He has taught English, Theatre Arts, French 
and Information Technology. He has chaired Steer- 
ing and Subject Committees of the IB as well as 
being a Senior Examiner and Moderator. During 
his career, he has been instrumental in developing 
and offering teacher training workshops for the 
I.B. in both North America and Europe, as well as 
lecturing in Oxford, Cambridge ancl Boston dur- 
ing the summer months. He was an Assistant 
Professor at Homerton Ct)llege, Cambridge Uni- 
versity where he lectured in educational theory. 
Dr. Orange came to Ashbury this September from 
Philemon Wright High School in Hull. 




Christine Tordon joined the Ashbury staff this September 
after a career as Assistant Director of Admissions at Saint 
Mary's University at Halifax and as Registrar at Turnbuli 
School /Learning Centre here in Ottawa. 
It has been a busy year that has just flown by! hi September, 
October and November, university representatives from 
Ontario, out of province and the United States visited the 
Grade 13s's. hi earlv October, six applications were sent off to 
both Oxford and Cambridge. November was spent preparing 
the Ontario applications and other applications to the United 
Kingdom. Also, in November, Ashbury hosted, for the first 
time, a British Columbia University Night for students and 
parents interested in our school and the city ot Ottawa. In 
January, we sent over 20 applications to universities in B.C., 
hopefully ensuring another B.C. night next year. Continuing 
with past traditions, McGill received over 50 applications 
from our students. In addition, there is a lot of interest in other 
out of province universities as well as the United States. And 
in no time at all, graduation will be here. 


/^- •' "^v^ 




IrB . \€ iro r d i iia i ori" 

"Please could \ou write something up about the IB lor the 
yearbook? ..." 

As I try to wade through the mountain of paper that conies 
through the door to my office 1 struggle to think of what to say 
other Uian "Somebody help me witti this paper monster in my 
office!!!" Then it conies to me . . . the IB at Ashbury is all about 
some dedicated teachers trying to guide (and yes, sometimes, 
drag!) a group of highly (most of the time!) motivated stu- 
dents through what is'generally accepted to be the most 
demanding nigh school programme in the world. Last year 
we had 20 full Diploma candidates who all earned their 
Diploma (11 of these earned theBiiingualDiploma). Ihey did 
this while earning an average Diploma score of more than 35, 
which was above the world average. 

This year we have 27 Diploma candidates, 10 of whom will 
earn the Bilingual Diploma. With up to 37 possible candidates 
for the year after, the popularity of the programme continues 
to grow, as does the amount of paper generated by the 
students and by the IB. It surely all comes back to the teachers 
who maf.e the programme vvhat it is here - outstanding! 

f fM ♦ 

This page clockwise from top right: (Library) 

C. Hazel, R. Rice, R Cadieux, N. Sawyer, 
(Accounts Office) BACK: C. Arril, L. Pryde, 
C- Cruise, FRONT: C- Copp, J. Cook; 
(Director Food and Custodial) K. Power; 
(Manager Information Systems) J, Palmer; 
(Front Office) BACK: J Cole, D. Braun, D. 
Mayer, A. Valiquette, FRONT: T, Quinn, L. 
Atkinson, (Kitchen) BACK: D MacDonald, R. 
Petersen, P Adriano, B. Pryshlak, A. Ings. 
FRONT: P. Gervais, D. Parisien, S, Zahab, 

D. Massia, A. Parisien ABSENT: (Network 
Administrator) D. Comeau 

Opposite page spiralling from top left: 
(Development Office) A Muir, V Wilgress, 
M. Miedema; (Nurse) T. Noonan, (Nurse) S. 
Mackay; (Liteskills Coordinator) C, Uko; 
(Housekeeping) L. Fournier. M. Garcia, D. 
Labossiere, ABSENT: R. Tresanszki, N. 
Boutin; (Organist) M. Games, (Chaplain) B. 
Bradley; (Residence Assistants) S Martel, J, 
Marshall, C. Arril, (Maintenance) A 
Villeneuve, M Lewis, L, Goodwin, R. 
Miedema; (Physiotherapy) K, Wearring, 
ABSENT: (Housekeeping/Special Events 
Coordinator) M Kane. 


: fe r^ nX: 



G. Allen 

E. Arbuckle 

M. Baxter 

D. Beedell 

J. Boyd 

Rev. B. Bradley 

P. Carleton 

R. Coles 

N. Day 

L. Defosses 
V. Dragan 
T. Duggan 

C. Duschinsky 

C. Edwards 

J. Ehly 

D. Ford 

S. Gomme 

R. Gray 

E. Hardie 

Buddy day in August 

C. Hergert 
B. Herique 
M. Holman 
R. Holman 

N. Jowett 
J. Kennedy 
B. Keyes 
J. Lane 

L. Lewicki 
P. MacFarlane 
S. Martel 
J. McKirdy 

L. McNairn 
C. Miedema 
A. Moore 
M. Mousseau 

P. Orange 

R. Parsons 

M. Pelletier 

Mr. Day & Mr. Holman 

chow down 

M.H. Penton 

L. Perrault 

S. Rajani 

J. Richardson 

I. Romero 

G. Simpson 

M. Sinclair 

D. Smith 

A. Sparl<s 

W. Stableford 

Z. Stikeman 

D. Stojanovic 

L. Tanod 

D. Taylor 

J. Valentine 

G.R. Varley 

M.A. Varley 

S. Wall 

M. Weanng 

R. Zettel 






Alym Abdulla 

Anis Amdiss 

Ashley Bickerton 

Ashley Burk 

Thomas Christie 

Peter Chudak 

Marissa Dubrofsk}' 

Sophie Duchesne 

Ross Franklin 

Logan Fraser 

Stephanie Gaty 

Sam Hickman 

Ted Houston 

David Hughes- 


Robbie lanis 

Melissa Kennedy 

Jeremy Knight 

Frederic Langenhan 

Sarah Lefebvre 

Vincent Lo 

Shawn Major 

David Mat\''as 

Evan Millar 

Alexander Minnelli 

David Ouellette 

Raj an Pandher 

Da\'id Postle 

Priya Sen 

Stephen So 

Danielle Svveetnam- 


Jared Unsworth 

Matthew Whitcomb 

Cynthia Yeh 



Sascha Adler 
Omar Alsaffar 
Soraya Azzabi 
Gabor Bacskai 

Andrew Black 
Erika Boyle 
Andrew Burt 
Anu Chadha 

Joshua Elcombe 
Timothy Herauf 
Peter Ivanoff 
Robin Lavigne- 

Jamie Low 
Ryan MacLean 

Alex Mimeault 
Eve Moore 
Joshua Nadolny 

Lonny Nodelman 
Eric Normandin 
Floris Oliemans 
Christopher Parkes 
Michael Poupore 
Holly Ralph 

Vincent Schlag 
Amanda Shore 
Amna Silim 
Billy Simpson 

Mark Singer 
John Ward 
Daniel Yachnin 
Nicola Young 



David Adelberg 

Rakan Al-Dhafiri 

Nigel Allan 

Jenna Bond 

Matthew Brown 

Ryan Davies 

Evan Dow 

James Gallo 

Helen Habte- 


Hilary Kigour 

Marcela Lazaro 

Nathaniel Lyman 

James Mjcmillan 

Kyle McWhinnie 

Shenaaz Merali 

Sebastian Peleato 

Matthew Piggott 

Clayton Polan 

Michel Pratte 

Fiona Rask 

Lauren Rock 

Haben Serieux 

Jonathan Shiff 

Conor Steinberg 

Ian Syrett 

Andrea Toms 

Pierre Vachichin 

Peter Valentine 





Tim Burland 

Caitlin Fullerton 

Casey Huxtable 


Sang-Eun Ahn 
Maria De la Pena 

Tricia King 
Rasheed Musa 

Michelle Owusu 
Hamish Ross 


Crside 9 & lOtCiandids 

Clockwise from upper left corner: Left Page: 
Hanging out in the gym: Alym watching arm 
wrestling; Omar having fun; Jared, James and 
Alym in the gym; Eric and Dave outside; James 
and John in class; Nicola and Amna going for a 
stroll; Erica, Stephanie, David and Nigel outside; 
Hanging out in Gatineau Park. Right Page: 
Tarah, Stephanie, Ashley and Jessica in the 
theatre foyer; Anne, Christina, Jennifer and 
Farrah in conversation; Kathryn, Francisco and 
Kathryn taking a break; Kate, Kathryn and 
Christina chatting; Kate, Sarah and Shannon; 
Mike; Troy, Dave, Robert and Alex in the 
courtyard. 15 


Jenn Baker 

Shamir Bali 

Arthur Chan 

Rahim Dhalla 

Frarxcisco Diaz 

Julia Dickens 

Kathry-n Edelson 

Marius Faleide 

Stuart Gray 

Tarah Hunter 

R\'an Lo\'iner 

Eddy Okun 
Rachel Penich 
Brian Peterson 

Kate Poulin 

Lauren Power 

Troy Puddington 

Anthony Rocheleau 

Rajee\ Roy 

Matthew Runnalls 

Alistair Senn 

Noah Shack 

Paul Shinkman 

BJ Siekierski 

Syh'ia Simson 

Christina Stefanski 

Jonathan Vandor 

Peter Volynsky 

Tyler VVilgress 

Landin Williams 

Alexander Yeh 



Rachel Azoulay 
Alexander Baranick 
Clare Brunst 
Morgan Burn 

Adam Cohen 
Victor Drury 
Alexandre Dimki 
Brian Hermon 

Andrew Huang 
Shannon Kane 
Stephanie King 
Kris Kshonze 

Catherine Lemery 
Travis MacLean 
Devin Macleod 
Farah Mitha 
Alexander Noble 
Graham Page 

Matthew Park 
Andrew Robertson 
Ian Rutherford 
Melinda Sellers 
Emily Shore 
Aaron Slade 

Katheryn Viau 
Douglas Young 

Alexandra Zarana 
David Zeber 



Ahmed Al-Dhfiri 

Paul Bastianelli 

Adam Borer 

Darcy Caroline 

Christopher Colton 

Anthony De Jesus 

Christopher Doyle- 
Niall Filewod 
Peter Fujarczuk 
Jennifer Grantham 
Ashley Ham Pong 
Courtney Harma 

Robert Heater 

Alexander Jackson 

Roman Kowalski 

Charley Lazaro 

Fatima Merali 

Karim Merani 

Daniel Mirsky 

Alex Noonan 

Alexander Patrick 

Michael Prior 

Ameer Razavi 

Kathryn Sallot 

Caitlin Sparks 

Kylev Sroka 

Pierre Tipple 

Catherine Vincent 

Anne Wagner 

Lindsay Walker 

Caroline Welsh 

Lucas Wood 



Reid Adrian 

Laura Argument 

Sinan Baltacioglu 
Klara Boadway 
Tim Booth 

Liam Buckley 
Anne Dickens 
Jessica Greenberg 
Geoffrey Heintzman 
Brooks Hunter 
Emily Jamieson 

Christina Kindle 
Ali Lakhani 
Missy Leger 
John Lynn 
Tara Pryor 
Joshua Sherman 

Christopher Tang 
Cristina Venables 

J.J. Wilson 
Richard Zussman 



Julia Agapitos 

Shakeel Bhayani 

Alexander Boulos 

Justin Burt 

Alex Charette 

Jimmy Cheng 

Nicole Choo 

Julie Disher 

Jonathan Estabrooks 

Alison Hanvey 

Jamie Hardy 

Craig Heffeman 

Cindy Ho 

Andrew Kergin 

Benoit LeBlanc 

Ali Low 

Jin Ma 

Ben Mann 

Cameron McWade 



Stephen Norton 

Dennis Sham 

Danielle Simpson 

Omar Southam 

Alanna Street 

Stefano Taucer 

Alexander Young 



Michelle Bissada 
Matthew Booth 
Philip Brunst 

Gray Daniels 
Sarah Frood 
Michael Guilbault 

Jason Haney 
Alyssa Herzig 
Nicolas Hibler 
James Kenny 
Marc Lafleche 
Lacy Lauks 

Pia Mastromonaco 
Howard Miller 
James Miragliotta 
Lee Patrontasch 

Stuart Robinson 
Louis Roy 
Ben Scott 
Dana Shiff 

Nick Skok Hobbs 
Jessica Steinberg 

Andrew Valentine 
Patrick Welsh 



Edward Addo 
Donald Armbrecht 

Eloise Ballou 
Christina Brenzel 

Jimmy Chen 

David Evans 

Nicholas Gauthier 

Sean Cillis 



Fauzia Issaka 



Heather Maclaren 

Bavidra Mohan 

Christian Miiller 

St. Clair 


Leah Shearman 
Alexander Stubbing 

Caroline Trepanier 
Frank Wong 


Clockwise from top left: Brooks, Laura, and 
Alison; John, Julia, Pat, and John ; Stewart; Jan 
and Cindy at the icebreaker picruc; Dana and 
Michelle in the theatre foyer; fans watching 
the game; Ben revels in the glory of winning. 



.\sif Abdulla 
Daniel Barbaric 
Jonathan Bo\ver 

Charlev Corbett 

Camilo De Guzman 

Simon Eden-Walker 



Chris Haras\"m 

Joseph Hickman 

Daniel Horan 

Matthew" Home 

Stephan Ignatow 

Kalessv Lasserre 

Brian Leung 



Peter MacEw en 

Meghan MacSween 

Uros Maksimovic 

Josef Malonzo 

Ian Mat\"as 

Katie Mitchell 

Tonv Xavaneelan 

Emma Plaskacz 

James Poston 

Greg Ross 

Kimberley Ryerson 

Jonathan So 


van den Heuxel 

Ariel \'ered 

Masaki Watanabe 
Neil Williams 


-I 12C 

Adam Azzabi 

Benjamin Barry 

Carol Boate 
Jeremy Boyle 
Colin Burn 
Blake Bums 
Scott Campbell 
Tanya Corrall 

Justin Dhaliwal 
Sara Dudley 
Hussein El Aggan 
Maxime Imbert 
Sandy Johnston 
Whitney Kucey 

Jonathan Lawrence 
Calvin MacLean 
Matthew Mendell 
Krystina Mierins 
Kate Mulligan 

Darren Pyper 
Ryan Semple 
Sulafa Silim 
Julian Sinclair 

Maryam Southam 
Kartik Subramani 
Kimberly Wong 
Andrew Zarama 



Jordan Aronson 
Mathew Bedward 

Tyler Berringer 
Sarah Bragg 



Joseph Gallo 

Julia Galwin 

Christopher Garrard 

Ben Gitterman 

Jonathan Guilbault 

Julie Lafleche 
Cristopher Marcotte 

Farah Merani 
Matthew Miller 

Emily Mirsky 
Christopher Napoli 



Sean Pilgrim 

Michael Polls 

Robert Prior 

Jason Richards 
Paula Romkey 
Andrew Sharp 
Etienne Tipple 

Stephen Watson 

Alexa Young 

Kyle Young 



Emile Ares 
Subuhi Azad 

Olivier Ballou 
Michael Bell 

Pascale Boucher 
Andre Bourgeois 
Arianna Garcia- 

Frederic Gauthier 
Jose Herrerias 
Ameliah Jocklin 

Krishan Kapoor 
Hiroshi Kobayashi 
Alex Littlechild 

Christian McGuire 
Charles Owusu 
Ian Sanderson 

Orly Schwartz- 

William Wells 
Stephanie Willbond 
Geoff Van Praet 



,..J; *s 


Opposite page, clockwise from top right: The 
lovely Ben and Natalie; Titus guiding tours; 
Julie, Jon and Emily savour the fall air; 
Camiilo, Andre, Jose, Christian and Arianna; 
Dan. Ian, Kartiq and Aaron; Chris and Steve; 
That must be Greg and Andrew; grade 12s 
cuddle at the picnic; Sami, Chris and Matt. 
This page, clockwise from top right: Joel, 
Sarah and Christine enjoy the sun; Jacob, 
Sarah and Adam in limbo; Aidan and Andrew 
peruse Dylan's CDs; Dan peeking in behind 
Nick; Jessie as a fan; Matt in GQ mode; Jon 
prepares for a game; Hayley and Dmitry 
enjoying their early morning coffee. 


Dvlan Argument 
Avneet Basi 

C\Tus Boad%va\" 
Amanda Bon 

Nicholas Charland 
Aisha Dhalla 
Rodrigo Diaz 
Alexandra Eden- 
Jamie Gannon 

Lee Greenberg 



Matthew Lvnch 

Siu Kei \g 

Shan Pandher 

Sarah Penich 

V'anessa Piazza 

Eric Pook 

Jessie Re\"nolds 

Justin Rocheleau 

Christopher Ruddv 

Sho\'ana Sen 

Jeremv Soloway 

Nicholas Spooner 

Ah khan Surani 

Adam Taggart 

RobjTi Wiltshire 



Samuel Adjaye- 

Inderveer Arora 
Kyle Bournes 

Christina Burns 
Natalie Choo 
Patrick Glinski 
Hayley Greenberg 
Maggie Ho 
Larissa Karam 

Nick Kramer 
Mona Lemp 
Nicholas Lewis 

Andrew Magnus 
Alicia McCarthy 
Marc Mouaikel 

Andrew Nicolson 
Andrew Parkes 
Jonathan Petridis 

Bryan Quan 
Raj Ruparelia 
Gregory Seppala 

Tait Simpson 
van der Does 
Tim Wilson 



Javed Bagha 

Douglas Binkley 

Jamie Bresolin 

Colleen Cimone 

David French 

Kelley Giffin 

Richard HoUiday 

David Kilgour 

Matthew Lyman 

Arma Lyon 

Nicholas McAlister 

Daniel Pereira 

Omid Razavi 

Drew Robinson 

Charles Roy 

Michael Sallot 

Matthew Salvatore 

Omar Sheikh 
Michelle Taggart 
Aidan Thompson 

Geoffrey Walker 

Dmitry Yashin 





Sarah Anderson 
Aaron Barth 

Jennifer Bittner 
Joel Boulvais 

Paul Chiu 
Ronnette Collie 
Jacob Fortier 
Ian Howard 
James Irwin 
Eric Johnson 

Sheila Jurschewsky 
Wendy Kwong 

Dae-Hyun Lee 
Stephen Lee 

Rosanna Mak 

Holger Mebes 

Han Park 

Sae Park 

Katrina Rogers- 

Lydia Rogers- 

David Roulston 

Rieke Tinneberg 
Soung-Mok Won 


B 'otW' fi- (d- 

Spiralling from top right the 
group of Rasheed M , Chris 
M . Bavidra M . Nii A , and St 
Clair P , boarders at fun night; 
Sparks house girls Subuhi A , 
Annabel S , and Ameliah J,, 
Jacob F , lounging alone; 
Andre B getting comfortable 
with friends; Rosanna Mak 
and Sheila J ; all smiles; Leah 
S and Orly S friends 
forever, Jen B working hard; 
Tim 8 , Sean G . and Alex S, 
playing foosball. 


Clockwise from top right: Aaron B., showing 
Soung-Mok W. his too-slick moves; James I. and 
Wendy K., caught by surprise; minor-niners: 
Casey H. and Caitlin F.; boarders hanging out in 
the common room; Michelle O., Ronnette C, and 
Fauzia I. looking good; Eloise B., Amitha K., and 
Christina 8. chillin' in their room. 

Soon the blazer will come off, and so now is 
the time to reflect . . . 

The Junior School was the greatest start to 
my time at Ashbury. In class and on the 
field, my Junior teachers taught me about 
hard work and the need to excel in all 
pursuits. Once the green blazer had been 
traded for blue, opportunities presented 
themselves, which have turned into memo- 
ries -- Jr. Football, Jr. Rugbv, Debating, 
Japan, German\-, Sr. Football (Ironman - 
then quit for Tennis . . . ummm), Sr. Rugb\'. 
With \vhom it all began and will continue - 
Da\"e French, and Forever The Man - Aidan 
Thompson (It will never end . . .),Malhotra's 
(for Tait), the Blitz, the Lunch Crew Table 
(Dre\v, Dan, Tait, Lee, Jacob Brain, Jer), 
summers in Berlin (Volker, Imme), after- 
school watching Blind Date, and so much 
more. This \ear with the Prefects has been 
busy and fun, and I have learned a lot from 
the experience. I never could have done it 
without mv friends, and a 'thank vou' to mv 
parents for all of the opportunities, and you 
too Tanya. 


1 '1 1 Jl 




^^^^^^^r^^^^^^ ''^^^^^^HH 


i /^ ^ ^ 




Clockwise from top 
left: Rodrigo Diaz 
(OAC): Nicole Choo 
(1 1), Julian Sinclair 
(12): Hilary Kilgour (9) 
Christina Brenzel (1 1 


Clockwise from bottom left: Stephen Lee (OAC); Olivier 
Ballou (12) and Krystina Mierins (12); Chiristina Burns 
(OAC); Sang-Eun Ahn (10); Jonathan Vandor (10) 

Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same 
number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, 
Michelangelo. Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas 
Jefferson, and Albert Einstein. ~ H, Jackson Brown 

Ashbury has been like a home to me. At 
least it feels that way after being here till 
six each night. It is a very special and 
unique place. No matter where I go or 
what I do, it will always be with me in 
some way. This year was special as it 
brought me closer to my school and my 
fellow students. I am very fortunate to 
have had the opportunity to meet and 
work with many students who I never 
would have met otherwise. There is a 
lot that can be learned from them. 
1 enjoy what I do despite what other 
people may think. Ashbury is changing 
and it is an honour to be among those 
who are able to make a difference. 
This year's Council was fun. This was 
the first year that we have been around 
and we did a great job. We may not have 
seen eye to eye on everything but we got 
things done on time and looking pretty. 
You guys will be just fine. Good luck 
and remember to enjoy what you do. 



This year has been a time for learning and accomplishment for the 
Student Council. With our first full year now behind us we can 
say that life at Ashbury is now very different than before. While 
striving to improve the quality of life for our fellow students, our 
main objective is to showcase the special talents of our gifted 
student body. We attempted to create a whole new genre of 
programs that did not exist before our time. Niners Week, the 
Pancake Breakfast, Oscar Night, Matchmaker, just to name a few, 
are new programs initiated this year. 

A large amount of recognition and thanks should be mentioned 
for an exceptional amount of support and hard work contributed 
to Council activities. I would like to thank the Council for their 
dedication to a strong year with big results. The students of the 
school should be proud of their reps as they served them to the 
fullest. A man who deserves more recognition than this page will 
allow is the one and only Mr. Holman. Thanks to all the students 
and administration for making this year possible. 

President; Dave Kilgour 
Teacher Advisor: Mr. Holman 
Vice: Steve Watson Prefects: 
Jen Bittner, Natalie Choo 

' sey Huxtable, Bavidra Mohan, Jessica Greenberg, Natalie Choo, 
IjH Barry, Jen Bittner, Matt Salvatore, Emily Shore, Pat Glinski, 
■ijphanie King, Dave Kilgour, James Macmillan, Pat Welsh, 
i.jTies Irwin, Steve Watson, Ryan McLean, Mr. Holman, Orly 

















"Beef" Mohan 








James Irwin 





Emily and Stephanie: service with a 
smile; Jessica and Orly in a 
welcoming mood; Pat, Max Keeping 
and Matt at the pancake breakfast; 
Ryan McLean devours a sausage; 
Vice President Steve Watson and 
President Dave Kilgour looking 


1 1| t b^hvd^u s e l:f^ At^s 

Clockwise from top left: 
munchin' on M&M's; Ian 
Matyas and Katie Mitchell 
Ameliah, smile! Andrew 
Magnus and Pat Glinsky 
racing coins; the Hallow- 
een gang: a Woollcombe 
winner - Dave "Robo" 
Roulston: James 
Macmillan and Stephanie 
Gaty: Run Matt Run 


Clockwise from top left: 
Richard Holliday and Scott 
Campbell; Chris Mon- 
tenegrino, Dave Kilgour 
and Adam Taggart; 
Shakeel Bhayani, 
Shannon Kane, Sean 
Pilgrim, Mr. Penton and 
Dana Shift; Catch the 
M&M! Avneet Basi, Matt 
Mendel and Christian van 
der Does; Joel Boulvais, 
Eric Johnson, Aaron Barth 
and Ian Howard; Aidan 
Thompson; Jessica 
Greenberg takes the 


'^t ^x'^oqa. s (B[:M:v^ ^ f S 

Spiralling from top left: Craig 
long jumping: Intense 
Foozball action: the 
Woolcombe men prepare to 
swim: Natalie poised to throw 
the javelin: Chris, Frank. & 
Alex as each fight to the 
finish: Ashley just makes the 
bar: Anne and Jen dive into 
the front crawl race: Stuart & 
Greg still looking boyish; 
Aldan and Kelly lead New 
house to the swim meet 



This past fall, the junior football team 
spent o\'er one hundred hours prac- 
ticing on the barren Ashbur\- plaving 
field. Our stellar season ended with a 
respectable record of 7 wins and 2 
losses, with only one loss in regular 
season plav. The dedicated core of 
about 40 junior plavers were totally 
committed to a championship season 
in 1999. The captains, Xick Skok- 
Hobbs, Alex Jackson, Devin Macleod, 
Matt Runalls, and Alex Young, helped 
inspire the team. With a record of 5-1 
after the regular season, we cruised 
through playoffs. The final, plaved at 
Minto field, was a grueling experi- 
ence for the team. We failed to bring 
back our trophv, losing 35-22 to the 
St-Marks squad. Despite the untimeh' 
loss, the team members should be 
proud of an excellent season, and all 
the sacrifices, sweat, and blood that 
went into making Ashbury football 
an unforgettable experience. Thanks 
to Jeff A\-er)-, Jim Colton, Al Moffatt 
and Jim Clarke, Mr. Keyes and Coach 
Stableford. Thanks also to all the 
graduating plavers, the coaches, and 


1 ST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Patrick. N. Hibler. R. Zussman. N. Gauthier. A. Jackson, N. Skok Hobbs, M. Runnalls. 
A. Young. M. Burn. D. MacLeod. 2ND ROW; B. Hermon. E. Dow. N. Shack. N. Filewod. S. Gray. A. Senn. C. Doyle- 
Kelly. L. Roy. V. Drury. C. Colton. 3RD ROW: Coach Moffat. J. Gallo. A. Minelli. P. Ivanoff. R. Roy. T. Wilgress. A. Bur 
A. Boulos. C. McWade, Coach Clarke. 4TH ROW: M. Poupore, A. Borer. P. Bastinelll, B. Peterson. H. Al Aggan. O. 
Alsafar. F. Langenham. D. Ouellette. Coach Avery. 5TH ROW: R. McLean. Coach Stableford. K. Merani. S. Taucer. 
T. Christie. Coach Keyes. D. Matyas. Coach Colton. > 



RONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): R. Holliday, D. Binkley, N. McAlister, M. Mouaikel, K. 
iournes, T. Simpson, P. Glinski, L. Greenberg, N. Kramer, A. Barth. 2ND ROW: A. 
arama (trainer), S. Johnston, G. Heintzman, 0. Marcotte, J. Guilbault, A. MacDonald, F. 
jauthier, D. Sham, 0. Napoli, J. Poston. 3RD ROW: S. Campbell, J. Bresolin, B. Scott, S. 
iden-Walker, 0. McGuire, S. Robinson, T. Booth, C. Burn. 4TH ROW: S. Ignatow, Coach 
imith, A. Charette, Coach Guarisco, C. Tang, J. Kenny and Coach Robb. 

Epic. After a close call with St. Pete's in last 
year's city finals, the old boys regrouped for 
one last kick at the can. After deciding to 
play AA under the guidance of our new 
super coach, Mr. Smith, we were joined by a 
bunch of fresh new faces. The pre-season 
training dragged on for three weeks with 
more cones than Pat wants to remember. As 
the regular season began. Coach Guarisco 
armed his offence with deep threats at every 
position. Led by Aaron and Jamie and fol- 
lowed by the tight ends, our pass happy 
offence pulled the trigger on six straight 
wins! The regular season was made memo- 
rable by large crowds, Dick's dominance of 
opposing offences, and some new kid who 
thought ne could take a pass 41 yards for a 
score and then base a movie around it. When 
^reparations for the playoffs arrived, Stu, 
ames, Simon, Chris, and the rest of the new 
dds established themselves as a force to be 
reckoned with on the eastern Ontario foot- 
ball scene. After defeating Sir Will and 
Gloucester, we once again round ourselves 
in the city finals, this time against St. Mark's. 
From the start, we were all over them. The 
Big Leb came back to drive down for the final 
score, which drove the nail in the coffin for 
St. Mark's. It was an emotional afternoon. To 
everyone training for the repeat, work hard, 
play harder. Final score: 21-7. Final record: 

9-0. Hail to the victors! 


^untiy Rkuinfiiig 

Despite the wind, rain, and snow, the 
AshburyCross-Country Running Team had 
an extraordinary season. With one of our 
largest and most dedicated teams to date, 
the team trained hard and showed amazing 
results at the OBE and National Capital Races. 
All of our members placed within the top 25! 
Both the senior bo\'s and midget girls teams 
both competed at OFSAA, which was held 
in Toronto. This was the first time Ashbur\' 
ever had a x-countr\' team place for OFSAA. 
We ended the year with a well-deserved 
runners' meal at The Hard Rock Cafe. Thus, 
ha\'ing our best season to date, we would 
like to thank Mrs. Holman and Ms. Martel 
fortheirterrificcoaching, support, and lead- 
ership. We would also like to thank and wish 
the best of luck to David Roulston, Justin 
Rocheleau, Rod Diaz, and Christian Muller. 
This year paved yet another great path for 
continued successes next year. (Ben Barry) 

Clockwise from top left: D. Roulston, J. Rocfieleau, 
R, Diaz, and C. Muller at a meet: Team From left: 
Miss S, Martel, R, Diaz, I Sanderson, E, Boyle. B, 
Hunter, J. Bond, M. Lyman, T, Hunter, J Rocheleau, 
N. Young, D, Roulston, M Bissada, D, Shiff, C. 
Muller, B. Barry, Mrs, Holman: T. Hunter, J Bond. N. 
Young, and E. Boyle at a meet, the team in their 
sleeping bags; and M. Bissada, E Plaskacz, and D. 


lorn the top: C. Owusu, J. Shift, J. Petridis, B. Mohan, Mr. Holman, 
jShearman; K, Boadway, M. Salvatore, P. Brunst, T. Puddington, 

Holman, N. Choo, N. Choo; practice makes perfect!; Geoff taking 

perfect swing; The golf team. 

(T ^ i»:i4 rV \T (e\a ^3 

The tennis season started off with the annual invitational 
tournaments. Both the A and B teams played well, and had a 
postive start to the season. The B team qualified in boys 
singles, boys doubles and mixed doubles for the City Cham- 
pionships. All teams played very well and advanced to the 
finals. The team of Bavidra and Charles were victorious in 
boys doubles, Jon and Katrina were victorious in mixed 
doubles and Jon was the runner up in boys sirigles. The team 
was the overall boys champions. Congratulations on an 
excellent season. 

The A team qualified the entire team for the City Champion- 
ships by winning the qualifying tournament. In the champi- 
onships, we placed four teams in the five possible finals. 
Jacob and Natalie were mixed doubles champions, Phillip 
and Troy were the boys doubles champions, Kelley and 
Jamie were the runners up in the singles categories. The team 
was the overall City Champions. 

Best of luck and thank you to all graduating players. (R. 
Holman, coach) 

(-G brlf.f'" ^lr-€(-W- 



|i^ii^ip^r( Gi^ls Scrccerr 

The Junior Girls' Soccer team enjoyed a highly 
competitive season this term, which com- 
menced with the Indoor Tournament at 
Kingston and closed with the Outdoor at Rich- 
mond . Due to the size of Ashburv, the team was 
generally outnumbered and outclassed by the 
teams from the larger schools in Tier 1. How- 
ever, despite some early defeats, the Ashbury 
team was quicklv strengthened by the level of 
competition, and demonstrated certain charac- 
ter when pla\'ing against the odds. Their effort 
and determination was rewarded in the final 
tournament when an exhausted and limping 
team of 10, and no substitutes, pulled off the 
impossible, winning a game to qualify for the 

The coaches wish to acknowledge and con- 
gratulate every player for her contribution; in 
particular, Stephanie Gaty for scoring most of 
our goals, Lauren Power (Capt.) and Caitlin 
Fullerton for winning Most Valuable Player, 
and Caroline Welsh and Sophie Duchesne for 
winning Most Impro\'ed Player. 

- Coach Taylor and Coach McKirdy 

Clockwise from top right: Caitlin Fullerton way ahead of the rest 

of the team; Sophie Duchesne. Robin Lavigne-Green, and 
Caitlin Fullerton await the ball with goalkeeper Caroline Welsh 
in the background: Caroline Welsh valiantly defends the goal; 
Coaches Taylor and McKirdy bring on the beverages. 

FIRST ROW: Caitlin Fullerton, Katheryn Viau. Caroline Welsh. Lauren Powe 
Stephanie Gaty. SECOND ROW: Coach Taylor, Nicola Young, Robin Lavign, 
Green, Jennifer Grantham, Cristina Venables, Melissa Kennedy, Coach 
McKirdy. THIRD ROW: Amna Silim, Sophie Duchesne, Anu Chadha, Dana 
Shift, Michelle Bissada. Amitha Kalaichandran. , 


Well, what can I say? We moved up to division 
one and left our regular season undefeated. 
Unfortunately, the only loss we had came in the 
quarterfinals, cutting our season short. But we 
had a great year despite our loss. Nicko and 
Hardie. World Cup Practices. Nicko with his 
'not quite successfully executed moves' (i.e. 
tripping over the ball and landing on his butt). 
A couple of tournaments; South Carleton - one 
step closer to the ultimate victory, there's al- 
ways next year. Alicia kept us going with her 
'who let the dogs out!!' chant. Nick made us 
laugh with his inane comments like 'unlucky,' 
'marveleous,' and 'what you see.' We'd like to 
wish the graduating players luck in the future; 
Alicia, Larissa, Hayley, Michelle, Rieke, and 
Vanessa. All that is left to say is 'perfection.' 

- Whitney and Kim 

)N THE FLOOR: Nicole Choo; FIRST ROW: Alison Hanvey, Julia Agapitos, 
Ivlicia McCarthy, Hayley Greenberg, Michelle Taggart, Anne Dickens. SECOND 
j^OW: Coach Hardie, Alyssa Herzig, Riel<e Tinneberg, Kimberly Ryerson, J.J. 
Vilson, Kate Poulin, Coach Day. THIRD ROW; Sarah Frood, Laura Argument, 
Vhitney Kucey, Larissa Karam, Carol Boate. 

Spiralling counter-clockwise from top left: Kim Ryerson goes for 
the ball; Kate Poulin, Laura Argument, J.J. Wilson, Meghan 
Macsween, and Larissa Karam pause for a mid-game strategy 
meeting; Alicia McCarthy taking back control of the ball; 
Whitney Kucey sprinting along happily; J.J. Wilson goes for a 
headbutt; Kate Poulin cheerily skips after the ball. 


.^il 6 y s S 6 c c'ecT 

The Junior Boys' Soccer team enjoyed some success this year, but also suffe: 
some disappointing defeats. Both the players and the coaches felt the team v 
capableof more, but missed opportunities and inconsistent performance pro\ 
too costly, and qualification for the plav-offs was not to be. 
The team had recruited a sizeable number of new Grade 9 players this year z 

looks forward to next season when it will be stronger and more experienced. At the same time, we bid a fond farewell tothegraduat 

plavers who contributed to our successes and who helped de\elop our vounger plavers. 

Charles Lazaro is a quiet and unassuming plaver who made a significant impact during two games when he put his powerful s 

to use and produced excellent goals. He could always be relied upon for his positive attitude and enthusiasm for the game. 

Uros Maksimovic proxided a shining example to the younger players with his focus and serious attitude in both practices and garr 

He was alwavs willing to examine his game and be self-critical - a rare quality at this level. He is experienced in most positions on 

field, but his strength is defense. 

Rasheed Musa proxided the backbone to the team's defense, but could be placed in any position. He is physically strong and skillfi 

advanced for his age, and can motixate others. He was a superior player who offered more to the team than he received. He had h 

expectations of himself and his fellow teammates and helped to raise the level of play in others. 

Ian Rutherforci displayed flashes of brilliance this year with his speed and his goals. When his timing is right and he anticipates 

play, he has the acceleration to beat most defenders and proxide the team with a goal-scoring opportunity. Ian showed good leaders 

as one of the graduating players, and demonstrated commitment throughout the season. 

Pierre Tipple is a master of ball control. He made a significant contribution as stopper by gaining possession of the ball and stifl 

an opposing attack. When he combined this with a succcessful pass to his forward players, he created some of our best counter-attac 

Pierre has an infectious passion for the game, which was a positive influence in others. 

1 wish to thank these players for all their hard work and look forward to following their sporting careers 

through the senior years. 


Derek Taylor 

BACK ROW: Coach Uko, Uros 
Maksimovic. Rasheed Musa, Charley 
Lazaro, Pierre Tipple. Ian Rutherford. 
Rakan Al-Dhafirl, Peter Chudak, Matthew 
PIggott, James Macmlllan, David Postle, 
Coach Taylor FRONT ROW: Peter 
Valentine, Vincent Schlag. Arthur Chan. 
Andrew Robertson. Daniel Mirsky, Ryan 
Davis, John Ward, Nigel Allan, Lucas 
Uros Maksimovic, Pierre Tipple, Rasheed 
Musa, Ian Rutherford, Charley Lazaro 



Sir J -B 6 -y s( ^S^ c'-c/e;-r 


The Senior Boys Soccer Team unexpectedly met and 
burpassed all expectations this year tollowing the 
loss of almost half the team and many key players to 
graduation last year. This, however, allowed the 
younger players coming up from the Juni(.)r Team 
and tne new players to step up, which they did 
commendably. Tne team actually did better than 
last year's team, making it to the quarterfinals where 
we lost to number-one ranked Lester B. f^earson. We 
also finished third overall in this year's C.A.I.S. 
tournament held at Country Day School in Toronto. 
Overall, it was a great year filled with many high- 
lights, including Round 2 of the traditional hotel 
beats - Tyler, were you supposed to get it two years 
in a row?] would like to extend my thanks, on behalf 
of all of the players, to Mr. Hardie and Mr. McKirdy 
for their endless encouragement and commitment 
to the team. Thanks to all tne graduating players for 
their hard work over the years and good luck to next 
year's team. 
Omar 'Bones' Sheikh 

Kowalski, Masaki 
Watanabe, Chris Ruddy, 
Matthew Home, Joseph 
Gallo, Omar Sheikh, 
Samuel Adjaye-Kwofie, 
Anthony De Jesus, 
Etienne Tipple, BACK 
ROW: Coach Hardie. 
Tyler Berringer, Edward 
Addo, Kartic Subramari, 
St Clair Pennyfeather, 
Eric Johnson, Holger 
Mebes, Charley Corbett, 
Ryan Semple, Coach 
McKirdy. Clockwise from 
top left: Roman dribbles: 
Anthony De Jesus shoots; 
Yeah Etienne!; Eric boots 
the ball; Ryan runs to 
catch the ball. 


1|^. ^rls^Ba^k^ball 

Junior girls basketball had a great season this year with lots 
of fun and hard work. We started off strong and made it to the 
semi finals where we lost to some tough competition. Twelve 
Million Dollars! . . . the little bov and his dad (half time show) 
. . . all those crazy taxi rides (including the van) . . . Lauryn's 
6 fouls . . . You know that "Bone Movie?" . . . Miss Gomme's 
pen . . . Simon and Garfunkel ... "1 don't even care" Our late 
nights stuck at different schools . . , but that's okay we've 
always got Starburst soccer. And don't forget our "free" food 
(thanx St-Pats). Special thanks to Miss Gomme for all the time 
and patience she ga\-e us. Good luck to the team next vear! 

Sarah Frood and Laura Argument 

This page. Starting clockwise from top 
right: Heather Maclaren; From left; Lacy 
Lauks. Hilary Kilgour. Emily Jamieson, 
Ashley Bickerton, Sarah Frood, Fatima 
Merali, Ms. Gomme and Heather 
Maclaren: Team Photo: 1^' ROW: 
Lauren Rock Emily Jamieson, Sarah 
Frood, Fatima Merali. 2''° ROW: Hilary 
Kilgour, Heather Maclaren. Lacy 
Lauks, Farah Mitha, Ashley Bickerton, 
Ms Gomme: Lacy Lauks: Opposite 
Page. Starting from clockwise top left: 
Paula Romkey: Team Photo: 1^^ ROW: 
Caitlin Sparks. Jennifer Bittner, Pia 
Mastromonaco. Alanna Street, Alicia 
McCarthy, 2''° ROW: Coach Sparks. 
Danielle Simpson. Kate Poulin, J.J. 
Wilson, Emma Plaskacz. Paula 
Romkey. Kimberley Ryerson, Coach 
Bell: Kate Poulin: Fans 



Sr. <Girl$rBfa^ketball 

Wow, what a year Ashbury Senior Girls had. 

Few were the times Sparks and Hugh got mad. 

Winning so many tournaments and games. 

Even reporters were mentioning our names. 

We had caring fans out on so many days. 

To clap and to cheer for our beautiful plays. 

Our opponents were weak, until the end of the season. 

Mind you, we kept winning, but for a different reason. 

Before we played Glebe, no word of a lie. 

We were so pumped up, 1 couldn't help but cry. 

We wanted that win so very very bad. 

And when we did, it made us oh so glad. 

We qualified for AAA OFSAA, a historical feat. 

We deserved to be there and we were ready to compete. 

It all came to an end though, on one Friday night. 

When Kate Poulin went down, and we lost the fight. 

Fifth place in the province did make us proud. 

But knowing it was over, made us cry out loud. 

Since only 'Lish and 1 won't be back next year, 

Ashbury will reign again, opponents, beware. 

It's been a great time, we'll never forget. 

The memories we have, on that you can bet. 

I love all you girls, Mr. Sparks and Hugh too. 

You guys are the best, and I'll really miss you. 

This year's Junior Boy's Basketball team was faced with 
many difficulties from the start, but tl"iroughout the season, 
performed admirably. Coached by Mr. Holman and Mr. 
Moore, the team managed a moderately successful 1-10 
record. We participated in a tournament at Holy Trinity, 
although did not adx'ance substantially. With man\' players 
injured and other prior commitments, a few nanies stood out 
and played well consistently, game in game out. Alex Patrick 
and Ai"ithon\- De Jesus were among these t\^es of players. 
Next year, the team is sure to mature and flourish after tliis 
year's difficult (at times) learning experience. We would like 
to thank the fans that supported us tliroughout the season. 
Howe\'er, most thanks should be directed towards the coaches 
who put up with us tliroughout the \'ear aiid were patient 
\vith us. Good luck next year to the graduating players Chris 
Colton, Alex Patrick, Arithony De Jesus, Shamir Bali and 
Nick Gauthier. 

Counterclockwise from top left: Mr. Holman Inspires his team: 
Robbie with the ball: John guards the zone; Stuart demon- 
strates his skill; Tom calls for a pass; Dan in action; Shamir 
goes for the shot. 

1ST ROW, FROM LEFT: Tom Chnstie, John Shift. Stuart Gray, Shamir Bali, 
Anthony De Jesus, Dan Mirsky, 2ND ROW: Coach Moore, Robbie Jarvis, NicI 
Gauthier, Alex Patrick, Rasheed Musa, Coach Holman. 



The Senior Men's Basketball team had a fun and successful 
year. We survived in a league of giants with superb three- 
point shooting by Greg Seppala, Chris McGuire, Greg 
Ross, and Eric JoKnson. With the best coach in Canada, it 
is hard to compete with any team. For the eight seniors, 
this was the most fun of all. Unfortunately our chemistry 
never clicked, but all in all we liked each other. Our fan 
support was a little lack luster (The few girls obviously 
came to see Jon flex his muscles), but those of you who did 
make it to our games, thank you. The beginning of the year 
was scary, playing a team with 3 Ontario players one of 
which was 7 feet tall. It ended all to soon but we gave it our 
all, and know we're better than Ridgemont. Good luck to 
next year's team. Good luck on the recruiting process. 
Look for Seps on the National in 5 years (Give it everything 
you've got). Dave, you'll figure out the inbounds plays 
sometime. Chris you should be a coach someday. Lee, "I m 
sorry coach". Aaron, don't let the hard boys hurt you. 
Nick, Army's better than Navy. Eric, you've at least gotta 
try out for the Carolina team. Jon, maybe can follow your 
brother's footsteps at Carleton. What's that? 1 for 32 at the 
beginning of the year, "shut up, I'm trying to shoot." (T- 
Bone) 46 turnovers against St. Pats, then only losing by 16. 
Fresh's t - being Road Kill. Sp to Assist Ratio. Jon-Jon Land 
is Beautiful. Congrats and Good Luck in Univ. To all 
Graduating players: Nick Kramer, Jon Petredis, Greg 
Seppala, Dave Kilgour, Chris Ruddy, Lee Greenberg, Aaron 
Barth, and Erick Johnson. All the Thanks to Coach Sparks 
for being leader and more importantly teaching things we 
won't learn in class out of a book. 

IT ROW, FROM LEFT: Chris McGuire, Lee Greenberg, Eric Johnson, 
leg Ross, Nick Kramer. 2ND ROW: Coach Sparks, Greg Seppala, Aaron 
irth, Daniel Barbarie, Jon Petredis, Sami Osachoff, Chris Ruddy. 


Counterclockwise from top left: Greg works the court; Mr. Sparks 
encourages the boys; Jon takes a shot; Nick prepares to pass; 
Eric looks for open court. 


The Ashbury hockey team out did e\'erybody's expectations this 
year with a 3-6 record. The squad lost a close 1" round plavoff series 
to Sir Robert Borden. The team also had an impressive second place 
finish at the UCC tournament (not bad for a team that never won a 
game in the tournament in any pre\ious \-ear). Thanks to Mr. Keyes 
and Jason for putting up with a team with so many stars. These stars 
included Rob "I'll play coach, my arm will grow back" Prior and 
Matt "I'm still smiling" Mendell, and of course, representing for the 
boarders, Jacob "I promise a goal" Fortier. Special thanks to Matt 
Lyman for coming to UCC and stopping the puck, and Showtime 
for the sports nutrition tips. The last thanks go out to the training 
staff, Andrew and Postman. Season highlights would include the 
game that Postman recei\-ed a brutal blow and was listed day to day 
on the injury report. Good luck to next year's team from the 
graduating players, Tait, Jacob, Jamie, and Justin. 

- Justin Rocheleau 

Clockwise from top right: In his new mask. Andrew Zarama positions himself for one 
of the many shots he faced this season: Rob Prior cradles the puck like a pro as he 
grinds to a stop dunng the team's playoff run: Ben Scott attempts to skate through 
and clear the zone during a penalty kill: Sean Pilgrim picks up a loose puck behind 
Andrew Zarama's net and starts the breakout: Simon Eden-Walker shows grit as he 
takes shot after shot during the pre-game warm-up. Team Picture: 1 ST ROW (LEFT 
TO RIGHT): Simon Eden-Walker, Jamie Bresolin. Mr. Keyes. Justin Rocheleau. 
coach Jason. Robert Prior. Andrew Zarama. 2ND ROW: Andrew MacDonald, Justin 
Dhaliwal. Sean Pilgnm. Matt Mendell. John Lynn. BJ Siekierski. Etienne Tipple. 3RD 
ROW: Anthony Rocheleau. Matthew Whitcomb, Jacob Fortier, Mike Prior, Travis 
MacLean, Sandy Johnston, 




"H\ miHIJ j mlRtm ■108 





'■* ^ /\ 

^^ \7 \{i \y 


This year's edition of the down- 
hill ski team made up for its 
lack of numbers with enthusi- 
asm. Its intrepid members 
braved countless frigid Friday 
night training sessions as well 
as the grueling midweek work- 
outs, ultimately seeing their 
hard work come to fruition at 
the city championships - a well 
deserved 2"'^ place finish over- 
all. Two skiers went on to ad- 
mirably represent the school 
at OFSAA. Congratulations to 

Team Picture, 1ST ROW (FROM 
LEFT TO RIGHT): Josh Nadolny, 
Peter MacEwen, Geoff Heintzman, 
Tyler Wilgress, Nicole Choo. 2ND 
ROW: Mr. Day, Alex Charette, 
Matthew Booth, Sarah Frood. 
Clockwise from top left: Somebody 
takes a dramatic fall; Sarah halts to 
a stop after a successful run; Geoff 
takes pride in his dimples. 


The Ashbury Curling Team had a 
very illustrious season. With lim- 
ited experience, the team surprised 
many by winning five games 
throughout the season. (Three of 
which were against the redoubt- 
able Nepean and St. Matt's Girls 
Team). Season highlights include 
the team going to the Ontario 
Men's Finals (to watch) and chal- 
lenging ourselves by playing short 
handed against the number one 
rated team. The team would like 
to thank Coach Wearring and our 
veteran graduating players, Nick 
'the Skip' Spooner, Geoff 'beemer' 
Walker, David 'Robo' Roulston, 
Eric 'SVT Pook and Matt 'Taxi 
Target' Lynch. Thanks also go out 
to Matt Lyman for being our only 
fan who came out to take some 
pictures for our widely popular 
trading cards. Good luck to future 

Clockwise from bottom left: Eric, 
the lead; Nick, Geoff W. and Eric 
sweeping furiously; Dave reflecting 
after an end; Nick calculating a shot; 
Team Photo, 1ST ROW (FROM 
LEFT TO RIGHT): Coach Wearring, 
Dave Roulston. 2ND ROW: 
Geoffrey Walker, Eric Pook, Matt 
Lynch, Nick Spooner 



yjfi*>^ ^ % >v 

Ashbury Rowing returned to the competitive 
arena this year with many wonderful successes. 
In the fall, men's and women's crews performed 
admirably at the Head of Rideau, the Head of 
the Trent, and the University Championships 
in Montreal. Winter training followed, with 
more medals at the Brockville Ergometer Cham- 
pionship in February. When the boats returned 
to the water in spring, the women's four won a 
gold medal at the Kingston regatta and com- 
peted successfully at the national rowing cham- 
pionship in St. Catharines, while the boys rowed 
successfully throughout. Congratulations to all 
rowers for a terrific year! 

- Coach Richardson 

FIRST ROW: A. Burk M. Kappagantula. K. Lasserre, C. 
Venables, F. Rask. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach, A 
Dhalla, A. Lyon, J. Vendor, A. Dickens, J. Haney, I. 
Howard, Coach Richardson. 

Clockwise from top right: Cristina, Anna, Jess, 
and Kalessy getting ready for the regatta: the 
team is all smiles before stepping into the 
boat: the girls celebrate their victory: the girls 
looking proud with their medals. 



f|^ST ROW: Leah Shearman, Alanna Street, Sarah Anderson, Shannon Kane, Clare Brunst, 
rcela Lazaro, Casey Huxtable, Lauren Rock, Emma Plaskacz. SECOND ROW: Coach 

^/d, Courtney Hanna, Julie Disher, Hilary Kilgour, Orly Shwartz-Shapiro, Emily Mirsky, 

ftelie Goldenberg-Fife, Emily Jamieson, Jessica Greenberg, Maria de la Pena, Coach 
lier. Coach Gomme. THIRD ROW: Alexandra Eden-Walker, Lacy Lauks, Farah Mitha, 

father MacLaren, Paula Romkey, Danielle Simpson, Ronette Collie, Jennifer Bittner. 

The Girls Rugby Team had a tremendous 
year, ending the regular season unde- 
feated, scoring over 300 points without 
allowing an opponent to score, winners of 
the National Independent Schools tour- 
nament at Trintity College School and 
Eastern Conference Champions. I would 
like to take this opportunity to thank our 
graduating players: Ronnette Collie, Alex 
EdenWalker, Sarah Anderson, Jen Bittner, 
and Jessie Reynolds. I anxiously await 
next season when we will stop at nothing 
for a city championship of our own. (Jen 
Boyd, coach) 

Clockwise from top left: Danielle passing to a 
teammate; Farah and Jessica running for the ball; 
The team huddle; Marcela, Lauren, and Emily rest 
after a hard game; Our team in a scrum; Emily 
going for a try. 


ii^^i%iif^ fir€km 

The Junior Boys Rugby Team had yet another successful 
season this vear, finishing the regular season with a record 
of 4-2. With emotional wins over Osgoode, St. Peter's, 
Lisgar and Gloucester, and heartbreaking losses against 
Hillcrest and Colonel By, the regular season was full of 
highs and lows. The Team managed to finish the regular 
season second in the East and moved on to the playoffs. In 
the quarter finals, the team handily defeated Lisgar for the 
second time in 10 days. The Team moved on to face 
Hillcrest in the Semifinals. Unfortunately the end result 
was the same as it was in the first meeting, and Hillcrest 
came out on top. Despite ending the season on a down 
note, the team should be commended for an impressive 
season as the majority of players had never played before. 
A special thanks to coaches Andreas Beltran, Chris De 
Jesus, and Alex Mintsioulis for all of their time and hard 
work as well as congratulations to Anthony De Jesus, 
Morgan Burn, Omar Alsaffar, and Mike Prior for their 
achievements. Good luck to all the players moving up to 
Senior, the returning plavers, and the new recruits. (Alex 
Jackson and Anthony De Jesus) 

Clockwise from upper right: Our rugby 
wrestling for the ball!; Nick running up the 
field; Matt and Richard getting ready to score 
a try; Omar roughing up the other team; Omar 
and Anthony chasing the ball. 

FIRST ROW; Morgan Burn. Charley Lazaro, Alexander Young, Uros Maksimovic. Nick Skokf^f 
Hobbs. Alexander Jackson, Anthony De Jesus. Nicolas Gauthier. Ryan Maclean. SECOND 
ROW; Coach Beltran. Coach Mintsioulis, Matthew Park. Evan Dow. Victor Drury, Omar Alsa| 
David Matyas, Richard Zussman, Samuel Witherspoon, Stuart Gray, Darcy Caroline, Joshua 
Elcombe, Hamish Ross, Matthew Piggott, Coach De Jesus. THIRD ROW; Ross Franklin, Al^ 
Noonan, Peter Volynsky, Michael Prior, Peter Ivanoff, Matthew Runnalls, David Ouellette, 
Alexander Patrick. 



The senior MEN's rugby squad was underestimated until the 
results proved otherwise. With a diet of Wendy's and Energy 
To Go bars, we demonstrated our athletic prowess in mul- 
tiple distant tourneys this season. The season began prema- 
turely and existence was questionable due to an average of 14 
people per practice, 7 of whom had never played. At our first 
tourney in Port Hope, we embarrassed other schools and 
came away victorious. (Ten thu-thu thue Bananaw) The 
season had come and gone, and the wins had piled up, 
especially against LBP. At Eastern OFSSA, we represented 
our school well and qualified for OFSSA, where we all had a 
great time! 

Injuries: 3 broken noses, 2 bad shoulders, 2 busted legs, 1 
sore pinky, a case of ear rickets, Fred's ego, everyone's groin 
thanks to Aidan, McD/Rudolph, and mental scars from Jer's 
random stories. Grads (AKA Men): Andrew, Aidan, Adam, 
Dick, Doug, Dan, Dave, Jamie, Jacob and Jon. Points for = 386, 
Points against = 4 

We would like to thank the coaches, Daniel Alfredsson/Boris 
Becker and Tommy Hilfiger (AKA: Coaches McCauley & 
"You're all cute kids, don't ever change" 

FliST ROW; Jeremy Boyle, Sandy Johnston, Aidan Thompson, Douglas Binkley, David 
(■^our, Jacob Fortier, Daniel Pereira, Richard Holliday. SECOND ROW: Adam Taggart, 
(iristopher Napoli, Christian McGuire, Simon Eden-Walker, James Kenny, Justin 
taliwal, Stephen Watson, Ian Sanderson, James Posten. THIRD ROW: Coach McCully, 
Adrew MacDonald, James Miragliotta, Sean Pilgrim, Tim Booth, Geoffrey Heintzman, 
Fideric Gauthier, Jamie Bresolin. 

Clockwise from Upper Right: Our rugby team in a 
scrum; The Men taking the ball; Jamie trying to get 
the ball; Our team ready for a tackle. 





\y \ 

The junior boys \-olleyball team competed in the Tier 1 
competitive league this year, for the first time. The}' started 
the season at the Toimwi de volley-ball Franco-Cite, where 
they won some sets, and gained some match experience. 
The team then earned three victories in this league, and 
made it to the quarter-finals of the East Division. The 
roster, abl\- captained bv middle plaver Alex Young, in- 
cluded \-eteran setter Alex Boulos, veteran right side plaver 
Stuart "Stuff Block" Gray, \eterans Douglas "the Ham- 
mer" Young, and Rahim Dhalla, as well as newcomers 
James MacMillan, Alistair Senn, Eddie Okun, and Rvan 
Davies. This year, Alex Young won the Most Valuable 
Player award, and James MacMillan won the Most Im- 
pro^■ed Player award. The team would like to thank Ben 
Manii for assisting with the coaching, and Mr. Miedema 
for coaching one of the victorious matches and some of the 

- Malcolm R. Mousseau, Coach 

FRONT ROW: Alistair Senn. Stuart Gray. Alex Young. Alex Boulos. Doug Young 
BACK ROW: James Macmlllan. Ryan Davies. Rahim Dhalla. Coach Mousseau. 


Clockwise from Upper Right: James spiking the ball; 
Stuart ready to serve: Alex and Rahim set to return ti 
ball: The team watching the ball; Doug sets the ball fl 



The junior girls volleyball team had an exciting and suc- 
cessful season in 2000. We finished in first place in our 
division, and placed very well in several strong tourna- 
ments. We had a tough final match in the East Conference 
Championships, and finished second. We would like to 
thank our captain. Lacy, for her tremendous leadership, 
and all the other talented players on the team. Best of luck 
to those who are moving up to senior next season and to 
those remaining. 

Thanks for a great season. 

- Your coaches 




im^^ ji 






^ :kwise from upper left: Ashley serves the ball; Tarah 
'loing ready; Jenna attempts the block; Lacy admires 
I' handiwork; Lauren in the game; J.J., Caitlin, and 
'^9 smile after the match; J.J. ready to set the ball; 
< ry watching the ball; The front line anticipating a 

FRONT ROW: Fatima Merali, Hilary Kilgour, J.J. Wilson, Lacy Lauks, Emily Jamieson, 
Caitlin Sparks, Lauren Rock, Laura Argument. BACK ROW: Coach Gomme, Robin 
Lavigne-Green, Pia Mastromonaco, Erika Boyle, Ashley Bickerton, Kate Poulin, 
Lauren Power, Jenna Bond, Tarah Hunter, Coach Holman. 





The Ashbury Senior Girls completed another suc- 
cessful season this past year, establishing them- 
selves as Eastern Conference Champions, and 
winning their third straight National Capital AA 

Our preseason started well in the fall, when a split 
squad of seniors bolstered by several junior age 
players finished second at the Merivale tourna- 
ment. The season began in earnest in January. Our 
league record stood at 7-3 when playoffs began. 
This included a somewhat startling 5-0 road record 
(15-0 in games), proving that the team could play 
anywhere without fear. Our playoff run started 
by defeating Lester B. Pearson (3-0), Cairine Wil- 
son (3-1), and division first seed Immaculata (3-1). 
The conference final pitted Ashbury against pe- 
rennial powerhouse Samuel Genest, who were in 
their third straight trip to the finals. Things started 
well as we grabbed an 8-4 lead in the first game. 
Disaster struck as All-Star and team MVP Chris- 
tina Burns tore a knee ligament, ending her sea- 
son. However, most improved player Alexa Young 
stepped into her spot to save the day with some 
crafty hitting and murderous blocking as we pre- 
vailed 3-1 to win the Eastern Conference. We came 
up short in the city finals, losing to Earl of March, 
a team with a heavy investment in club players. 
Several weeks earlier, the team had qualified for 
OFSAA for the third straight year, in a new tour- 
nament format. We entered as the region's second 
seed, but moved up in ranking by defeating 
Osgoode (2-0) in the semi-finals and Cairine Wil- 
son (2-0) in the final. At OFSAA we were once 
again competitive, but were without our two all- 
stars, Christina (injury) and Danielle (travel), and 
failed to get into the top bracket. All in all, another 
very successful season. 

- Coach Miedema 

Spiralling clockwise from top left: Alexa Young prepares for a 
serve; Danielle Simpson, Jenn Bittner, and Alexandra Eden- 
Walker ready for the ball; Heatfier Maclaren also prepares a 
serve; Coach Parsons rallying the troops; Christina Burns goes 
for a spike. 

FIRST ROW: Heather Maclaren, Jennifer Bittner, Christina Burns, Kalessy 
Lasserre, Alexandra Eden-Walker, Emily Mirsky. SECOND ROW: Coach 
Miedema, Farah Mitha, Christopher Montenegrino, Danielle Simpson, Alicia 
McCarthy, Alexa Young, Farah Merani, Coach Parsons, Alison Hanvey. 


For the second straight year, our Ashbury base- 
ball team did not lose a game that we played 
during the six-game regular season. Going into 
the playoffs our goal was to win the champion- 
ship and avenge our loss in the finals last year. 
In the quarterfinals we came back to win a 
"thriller" in extra innings against Brookfield - 
keeping our season alive. A few days later we 
cruised to an easy 12-2 win over Immaculata in 
the semi-finals. We were then off to Jetform 
Park to play for the city championship. We 
started the game off on the wrong foot - down 
6-1 by the end of the 4th. After narrowing the 
game to 6-3 we headed into the final inning. 
After squandering back to back singles because 
of poor base running, we rallied to score 1 run 
before flying out to deep center field. Unfortu- 
nately it was too little too late. Despite the 
disappointing finish, we had a tremendous 
season. Our veterans Aaron, Eric, Rob, Chris, 
Joe and Will played well all season while our 
younger stars in Tim H., Alex, Pete and "Pea- 
nut" (with his fence climbing antics) gave us a 
glimpse of what to expect in the future. Great 
thanks is due to Coach Moore, Coach Coles and 
Coach Matty Baxter for leading us through yet 
another fantastic season. Best of luck in the 
future to Eric Johnson, Drew Robinson (#1!) 
and Aaron Barth, our graduating players. 
Team Leaders 

Hits: A. Barth, R. Prior - 7 

Home Runs: A. Barth, T. Herauf, R. Prior - 1 
ERA: R. Prior - 2.57 

Wins: C. Marcotte - 3 

Fust row: Tim Burland, Cameron McWade, Aaron Barth, Robert Prior, Eric Johnson, 
F:er Valentine, Timothy Herauf, Adam Borer. SECOND ROW: Jonathan Shift, Daniel 
^sky, Jordan Aronson, Coach Coles, Drew Robinson, William Wells, Joseph Gallo, Coach 
^ore, Alexander Boulos, Rakan Al-Dhafiri, Cristopher Marcotte. MISSING: Coach Baxter. 

Spiralling clockwise from top left: launch it, Oris!; 
Coach Coles admires Oris Marcotte's moves; Pat 
Glinski getting ready for the game; Eric Johnson, 
Peter Valentine, and Cameron McWade together 
on the field. 


The 2000 edition of the track team enjoyed much success 
during our season. Our returning coach, the valiant Mrs. 
Holman was joined by newcomers Ms. Martel and Mr. 
Marshall. Together, they provided us with inspiration, drive, 
determination and unparalleled support. The season started 
in early May, with the first round of qualifiers a few weeks 
later. Eventually, those who fought off the competition were 
off to eastern Ontario finals, and to the Ontario finals in 
London. While there were many spectacular individual per- 
formances, the team collectively established one (dubious) 
record: it took us two hours to set up our tent. Some days, we 
braved bone-chilling temperatures, violent winds (that blew 
our tent down) and scorching heat. The season was capped 
off with a lovely pool party and BB-Q. Overall, everyone had 
a highly enjoyable experience. Once again, thank you \'ery 
much to our amazing coaches. 

Congratulations to everyone; you all did a fantastic job. Good 
luck to graduating team members Justin Rocheleau, Rod 
Diaz, Dave Roulston and Matthew Lyman. 

Spiralling clockwise from top right: 
Dave wins his race; relaxing at the 
pool party; trying to set up the tent; 
Dan gets set; Stephanie charges 
ahead; Tarah nears the finish line; 
Jamie huffing and puffing; Ashley 
leaps ahead. 

1 ,^HC^i^^ri^ 







FIRST ROW: Erika Boyle. Prjya Sen. Paul 
Shinkman. Tarah Hunter, Katie Sparks. Ben 
Barry. 2ND ROW: Stephanie King, Anna 
Wagner, Jennifer Baker. Ashley Ham Pong, 
Katherine Vincent, Coach Holmam. 3RD 
ROW: Coach Marshall. Coach Martel, James 
Macmillan, Daniel Barbarie. David Roulston, 
Matthew Lyman, Arthur Chan, Anthony 
Rocheleau, Alex Stubbing, 


JU ^ b3 



C I e at i V e V? i i t i n o: P ub 1 i c a t i o n 

Editors: Jamie Bresolin, Calvin MacLean, Jason Richards. Producer: Ali Lakhani. Faculty Advisor: N. Jowett 

What better vear to graduate in than the vear 20001 This ga\"e us 
the determination to make our graduation one to remember! 
Vicky Wilgress was the dedicated faculty advisor who thought 
nothing of giving up time to help the grads. Student support was 
unfaiUng and overwhelming, a vital part of this committee. 
There were three principle events that spanned the year and 
kept the Grad Committee members well occupied. 
Our first e\'ent of the season was the unforgettable and original 
"Dress to Impress" (see page 40) Video Dance. While the "dress- 
ing to impressing" was lacking, there was an abundance of 
videos. Everybody got "Jiggy" with Will and "Mamboed" with 
Lou. We crowned an impressi\'e Royal Famly and enjoyed the 
company of Elmwood girls. One down, two to go. 
The Spring Semi-Formal jumped through two terms and thor- 
oughly confused everybody, but was a great success! Combined 
with International Day, students were able to really waltz the 
night away. 

We look forward to June 17th 2000 for the day and the evening 
that captures all the thrills and frills of an Ashburv Diploma and 
the unknown challenges and excitements that lie ahead for all of 
us in our future. We would like to thank all our fellow classmates 
who helped make this our millennium. Best of luck to next years 

We'll be back for reports . . . 
Andrew Nicolson and Anna Lyon 

Andrew Nicolson and Anna Lyon's zest and dedication made the 
Grad Committee a success; Group picture. LEFT TO RIGHT: 
Matthew Lyman, Anna Lyon. Aisha Dhalla, Robyn Wiltshire, Colleen 
Cimone, Kyle Bournes, Nick Kramer, Andrew Parkes and Richard 


This year Ashbury College formed a coalition with Elmwood to 
participate in the Canada FIRST Robotic Games. Approximately 
30 students from both schools eagerly undertook the challenge of 
building a hockey-playing robot. In addition the team docu- 
mented their progress in a video, a written binder, and a web page 
and created a short video documenting a significant Canadian 
achievement. The 8 weeks assigned to this project passed very 
quickly but when the time came everything was finished and we 
were all very proud of what had been done. 19 of these students 
left for Hamilton on the morning of March 2"''. When they arrived 
everyone was swept up in the incredible energy of the event. 
After a day of testing, practice and preparation the heats began. 
The first six heats were very successful earning us a playoff berth. 
When the dust finally settled at the end of the day the Ashbury/ 
Elmwood team placed a very respectable 3''^ especially for a first 
year team. The team would like to thank all their sponsors who 
made this possible: Nortel Networks, Ashbury College, Elmwood, 
Calian, Corel, Cognos, Shad Valley, The Fireplace Center and 
Patio Store, and Infinity Technology Services. We would also like 
to thank the National Research Council for providing us with 
access to a machine shop and Mr. Taylor for his assistance to the 
design team. 
By Sebastian Peleato 

Clockwise from top right: The star of the Robotics Team, the robot; 
group picture: LEFT TO RIGHT: Cynthia Yeh, Melinda Sellers, 
Sebastian Peleato, Brian Leung, Ian Howard, Stephen So (ABSENT: 
Shan Pander and Bryan Quan); the team and the robot take a rest 
during the games in Hamilton. 

The Ashbury Investors Club had a very energetic 99-00 
season. It was a record breaking year all around. We 
experienced the greatest amount of members, portfolio 
size, and overall growth. It was also a first for the club to 
have their own website where members could have an up 
to the minute quote of how their money was doing. The 
basic philosophy of the club this year was to adopt a safer 
approach for steady, long-term gains. To achieve this we 
invested in Toronto Dominion Bank, on the TSE, and two 
mutual funds, Merrill Lynch Institutional Holdings Fund, 
and a Global Technology Fund. However, we found these 
stocks to have anything but slow movement. TDjumped 
by 10% to 20% in a one week period, while our Global Tech 
Fund skyrocketed to over 60% growth in just under five 
months. I would like to thank the contributors of this 
year's monumental Investors Club, or broker: Paula 
O'Brien, our staff advisor: Miss Martel, and student execu- 
tives: Marc Lafleche, Andrew MacDonald, Matt Mendell, 
David French, our honorary member, Dan Pereira, and 
our co-presidents, Andrew Nicolson, and Eric Pook. 
By EricK Pook and David French 

Counter clockwise from top left: 
Group picture. Counter Clock- 
wise: Dan Periera, Andrew 
MacDonald, Miss Martel and 
Matthew Mendell; Co-President 
Eric Pook #1 furiously barking 
orders over the phone; Co- 
President Andrew Nicholson #2 
. and his winning smile; David 
|H French takes a pause from 
-'- ^" trading. 


M:;ii.sri t rI%o jg^ 4-^ 

The band and choir this year performed two great con- 
certs, in the fall and in the spring. We performed a wide 
range of music, from Brahms to folk songs, to "Cats" and 
"Grease." Jazz band was as popular as ever and chamber 
choir had even more members than in previous years. As 
always, Mr. Tanod was a formidable director and man- 
aged to wade through the sea of rehearsals and classes. He 
even managed a quick and intense tour of Austria. The trip 
was amazing and we were able to visit places as well as 
enjoy the experience of Europe. The chance to attend as 
well as participate in some amazing concerts was a rare 
one of which we took full advantage. From simple tuning 
in concerts to "The Rite of Spring," the music department 
offers a unique and memorable way to explore music as art 
and more. Thanks also to Miss Carleton who organized us 
efficiently and patiently. Again, thank you Mr. Tanod. 
Your efforts are acknowledged every time we pick up our 

This page, clockwise from top right: Mr. T, tal<e a bow!; Jazz band 
playing the blues; the whole choir; the grade 9 band; Mythri solo-ing; 
Concert Band; more Concert Band. Opposite page, clockwise from 
top left: the group enjoys some Austrian sun; the band plays at a mall; 
a gaggle of girls; a yummy Austrian meal awaits; a quick dip in the 
mineral spa; the group takes a brief pause from sightseeing; the 
group relaxing in a park; Mr. T. going for a ride; Steph eats after the 



^^B^y ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B 

Mk^io^ ^^^^PIR 

^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^F ' 

i:' J^BjI^^^^^^^^^I^H 


(jDc^A'n c e tC( Irii b 

Ashburv's debut Dance Group spun into 
action this year and unfurled their cre- 
ativity. The fall term artists revved up 
their heels and plunged into a fast-paced 
and highh' kinetic performance. 1, 2, 3, 
GO! It's the tribal dance! We need BLACK 
- no white. Dinner at Amanda's. Back- 
stage meditation. Remember, don't eat 
apricots! The Winter lerm dancers ex- 
plored workshops, technical classes, con- 
tact work and impro\isation. Thanks so 
much to Ms. Stikeman for initiating such 
an incredible program! Keep up those 
happy feet! 

Spiralling from top right: 
Christina S., Sheila J., 
Farah M., Fauzia I., 
Amanda B., and Sophie D. 
ALL SMILES!; First term 
dance members in 
hysterics; Second term 
dance members clockwise 
from top: Emma P., 
Sophie D.. Mona L., 
Nikola Y., Amna S., 
Rachel A., Helen S., & 
Anne D; Practicing for the 
big show; Sarah D., 
Hayley G., and Amanda 
B. strike a pose!; Alyssa 
H. and Sulafa S. say 


When I think of the Ashbury Community Service Program 
this past year, two moments stand out for me beyond the 
positive interactions each week with students and student 
leaders. In September, I was privileged to attend the Stop 
Racism Fashion and Talent Show on Parliament Hill. The 
show was a fast-paced, multi-cultural event organized and 
put together by Ashbury's Ben Barry. Ben's enthusiasm, 
energy, direction, and countless hours ensured the success of 
the evening. Well done! Early in the first term, Ian Matyas 
expressed an interest in performing his community service 
with the neighbourhood police in his community. This re- 
quired meetings, information sessions, application forms, 
references, and training. Ian never became discouraged as he 
pursued his goal. lan's determination to make a difference 
took his contribution beyond the fulfillment of a require- 
ment. It is always a pleasure to hear the many positive 
comments about our students from the various agencies 
where students serve the community. These young people 
are exemplary role models for their peers. (Barbara Bradley) 

Counter clockwise from top left: Kalessy and Natalie 
serve at Coffee House: Community Service team 
leaders: (LEFT TO RIGHT): A, MacDonald, M. 
IVIandell, F, Merani, Rev. Bradley, A Sharp, J, 
Bower; Team leader, B. Barry; Jonathan working as 
a steward. Team leader T. van den Heuvel; S. 
Willbond, F. Gauthier, A, Bourgeois, A. Garcia- 
Fialdini, G. Van Praet. yc 


Rehearsals began in October 1999 for Theatre Ashbury's 20"' anniversary production, "Joan of Lorraine" by Max\ 
Anderson, the classic story of Joan of Arc, with a twist. This play-within-a-play documented and paralleled the conflil 
between the life of Joan and the New York theatre troup producing a play about her. This year also saw the continuatif 
of what is quickly becoming a great Ashbury tradition: an exchange with the Holderlin-Gymnasium in Heidelbel 
Germany. The cast and crew of "Joan" were the second Theatre Ashbury cast to spend, two weeks in March performij 
overseas. The trip to Germany is certainly something we will never forget. Strong friendships were forged and the be 
for the exciting prospect of return visits was initiated. Having to assemble our set, redesign the lighting and re-block 
entire play in a day and a half was an incredible test of how strong we were as a cast. The two performances at the Holderl 
were both sold out and extremely well received. The third of our performances was at the Karlstor-Bahnhof, a professiojf 
theatre in a converted train station, was considered a favorite by some. The atmosphere of being in a professional tl 
was amazing, and e\'en though the show did not go quite as smoothly as we would ha\^e liked, we enjoyed the challer 
of having to solve the problems that arose on the fly. This year had the added bonus of touring through France to soJ 
of the more important sites in the history of Joan, especially her birthplace of Domremy . From making chainmail and bo^ 
to birthday wedgies to the Noodle Dance, impressions on the bus and, of course, the "Thong Song", 1999-2000 was a : 
year for Theatre Ashbury. We can be proud. 

Andrew Parkes, Arme Wagner and Sarah Bragg 


Page 76 - Clockwise from top left: Danielle Sweetnam- 
Holmes as Joan of Arc - Josef Malonzo, Matthew Miller and 
Andrew Parkes as tfie Dauphin, Tremoille and the Arch- 
bishop of Rheims - Chnstopher Parkes and Evan Millar as 
Pierre and Jean D'Arc - Calvin Maclean, Steven Watson, 
and Natalie Goldenberg-Fife as Andy Nobel, Brian Ashton 
and Chris Masters - Vanessa Piazza and Josef Malonzo as 
Aurore and the Dauphin 

Page 77 - Spiraling clockwise from top left: The Cast after a 
performance at the Hdlderlin, with a sweet surprise from 
our German friends! - The Cast at the Martin Luther 
Memonal in Wurms, Germany - Calvin doing his Mr. 
Simpson impression, and Mr. Simpson doing his Calvin 
impression. You can hardly tell the difference! - Allie 
Zarama, Calvin Maclean, Lee Patrontasch, Sarah Bragg, 
Danielle Sweetnam-Holmes, Alym Abdulla and Reid Adrian 
enjoying some traditional German food ... at the Hard 
Rock Cafe - TOP ROW: Marcel Frank (German), Andrew 
Parkes, Chris Parkes and Tim Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Evan Millar, Reid Adrian, Anne Wagner and Julia Dickens 
in downtown Heidelberg - This is how we got nd of the 
wood, a bonfire on the Philosofenweg. 


Getting outside and being active is a great way to find out 
about yourself and your fellow students. This year, a 
wonderful group of students hiked, oriented, learned first 
aid, exercised, paddled, portao;ed, camped and climbed. 
Some students cooked, argued, burned food, ignited stoves 
and vicinities, fended off racoons, tested the waterproof- 
ness of garbage bags, investigated the thermal properties 
of wet cotton shirts, savoured trail mix or limped along in 
fashionable shoes. 

We glimpsed wicked nocturnal eyes and heard the insis- 
tent trill of racoons that roam the Gatineau park in search 
of slopp\' campers. We learned that challenges can be 
relaxing and that relaxation is sometimes challenging. In a 
world of fast change and expensive luxury, we learned 
that a waterproof tarp, some rope and ski poles make a 
haven from tne rain. A thick handhold on the side of a cliff 
feels like a gift from God. 

Working together in a positive way gets the job done — and 
create smiles. Canned food is heavy food. Wool socks are 
warm. Small cliffs are prettv big. A school year is pretty 
Next vear will be even better. 


--. ""'l^'S^ ;l'»" . V^\l<" 'A.^' 



-^^^^> - ' 

from top left: 

a group 

carrying wet 


relaxing in 

the cabin: 


the ladies 

pause for a 

smile: Rob 


scaling a 

cliff: Evan 

daunted by 

the cliff: 

Chris before 


he attempts 

the climb. 




International Day 2000 was bigger and better than ever 
before! This was the first year that Ashbury declared a 
theme for International Day: Human Rights. 
The morning began with a musical performance by 
1999 Lilith Fair singer, Laura Langstaff, which was 
followed by an opening address by Paula du Hamel. 
The keynote adciress was given by the Hon. Mme. 
Justice Louise Arbour. Following were presentations 
from the former director of Multiculturalism for the 
director of Canada, Erica Claus, and Stephanie Coward 
of Amnesty International. Students then went to their 
homerooms where they participated in stimulating dis- 
cussions on the theme of Human Rights, moderated by 
World Issues OAC students and World Affairs stu- 

The afternoon moved away from the classroom aca- 
demic approach to the cultural aspect of the day. Stu- 
dents organized 20 food booths from various countries. 
The International show followed and it was filled with 
dance music and a fashion show. Thanks to everyone 
who participated and made this event possible. 
Ben Barry 

Counter clockwise from top left: Hussein & Michelle 
serve snacks; the African group performs; Larissa, 
Mark & tabouli; Ronnette & Sheila crank up the 
music; Dr. Herique & crepe mix; Mythri dances; 
Christian, Wendy & Kim serving rice; Ms. Defosse & 
Subuhi at their food booth. 


'• , \ 

At long last, Toronto with its ne\'er ending queues at 
Immigration, and the final stage of our journey began. All 
along the Toronto-Ottawa road with its spectacular 
colourful countryside, tension was mounting. Eventually, 
Ashbury College was sighted, and student welcomed l5y 
their Canadian families. The adventure had begun. 

From that moment on, everything was a varied program of 
cultural activities and visits, giving us an overall impres- 
sion of Canadian history and life, arts and traditions. 

However, it was not all work and no play- Both weekends 
were spent with our host families, visiting other towns or 
participating in tvpical Canadian pastimes such as rafting, 
ice-hockey matches or x'isiting cottages. 

The host families played an extremely important role in 
making the exchange a success. The teachers involved 
were Mr. Stojanovic, Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Rajani. Also, 
many other staff members gave up their time willingly. 

We take to Spain the warmth and hospitality of Canada 
and its people, and know that a very important and long- 
lasting friendship has started. 

- Mrs. Deidre McCarthy and Mrs. Mercedes Martos Lopez 
of Colegio Mirabal in Spain 


rtw%;:^e^a(|^i%e (^ 

Hey preppies .... some of the best memories I have from 
the "willenium" are the many hours spent watching and 
analyzing "Save By The Bell" and "Golden Girls'^. We 
truly believe that this club helped bridge the gap between 
all ages present at our school, from grade nine to OAC. 
Every Wednesday at 1:05 ten to twenty loyal patrons 
showed up and made this club as "phat" as Bayside or 
Shady Palms. The unspoken rivalry betw^een the Bayside 
(SBTBC) and Valley (The Beatles Club) made the club a 
success. For this we thank Calvin. It's ironic that as we, the 
founders of the sacred and prestigious cult, graduate, so 
does the class of "Save By The Bell: The New Class". Some 
memories include the time Dimitry Yashin spoke of the 
Russian equivalent to "Saved By The Bell" called "Sputnik 
in Space." And who can forget watching the movie "Ha- 
waiian Vacation," or the " A&E Biography" on Estell Getty. 
Thanks Matt Salvotore, and Jacob Forti'er for helping me 
start this wonderful organization. I would also like to 
thank Mike Sallot for helping cope with illiteracy (My 
hidden shame). For all the members who missed the photo 
. . . too bad. These created memories that will last a lifetime. 
Written by Drew & Matt. 


•^d- ei(u# 

"Tve got to admit it's getting better/ 
A little better all the time/ 
(It can't get no worse)" 

And so ends the first year of the Ashbury Beatles Club, the 
first of its kind in the history of Ashbury and the only such 
organization in our nation's capital. Such a prestigious 
achievement didn't come without a little help from our 
friends. Thank you to Mr. Varley for taking us seriously 
(well, almost) and letting us continue. Mr. Penton, thank you 
for disregarding your concern towards the legitimacy of^the 
club, ancf for supervising. Most of all, thank you to our group 
of semi-interested students, whose apathy continues to as- 
tound us. To each of you; The Ballous - our backbone; Emily 
and Julie - thanks for the laughs; Julia - great logos, thanks; 
James - we'd have more to say if you'd said anything; Aaron 
- the Monkees can NOT be compared to the Beatles; Dan - 
"You say you want a revolution, well you know/ We all want 
to change your head"; Sam and Floris - no thanks for you; 
Drew - If we're the Beatles, you're the Rolling Stones, always 
ripping-off our ideas. Thanks; Ricky - visit soon, buddy! Best 
of luck to graduating member Ian Howard . . . 
"And in the end, the love you take/ 
Is equal to the love you make" 
Ian and Calvin 


BACK ROW: Calvin MacLean, Mr. Penton, Emily Mirsky, Ian Howc|l, 
The Beatles, Aaron Barth, Daniel Barbarie, Olivier Ballou, Samuel 
Witherspoon. FRONT ROW: Eloise Ballou, Julia Galwin, Julie 
Lafleche, James Inwin, Floris Olimans. 

"Lennon and McCartney ... no wait! It's Calvin and Ian!" 

,s was the case last year, another brilliant session of L' ALTERNATIVE 
OFFEE HOUSE has yet again impressed the Ashbury public and 
:ored a truly major success! It has been a wonderful evening for an 
vent that celebrated its 10"" edition. Indeed, the adventure originated 
3 years ago! Among the performers were Ian Matyas and Aidan 
hompson, Masaki . . . , Ewan and the rest of the band, Matthew 
alvatore and Patrick Glinsky, Amanda Bon and Michelle Taggart, 
ndrew . . . Paul Benney, Sandy Johnston, Adam Azzabi and Soraya 
zzabi, both performing original and classical scores on piano. Pia 
lastromonaco and Chad . . . performing their mostly original and 
naginative material. Also, an impressive hip hop band under the 
irection of Dylan Argument managed to perform before an hypno- 
sed audience. Christina Brentzel also performed a long and fascinat- 
ig original for which she received a standing ovation as Adam 
zzabi did the year before. At the end, words of thanks and gratitude 
"lould go to M. Marc- Andre Pelletier, who has been the producer of 
ALTERNATIVE COFFEE HOUSE for ten years as well as this year 
dition of L'ALTERNATIVE 2000, and also to Andrew Magnus, 
shbury College School Captain and this year's Director of coffee 
ouse, competently seconded by Shan Pandher as Assistant Director 
nd Aidan Thompson Technical Director, and the whole coffee house 
rganizing committee. Finally, people from the cafe, servers under 
le direction of Jenn Bitner and Kalessy Laserre, and security crew 
ad by Shan Pandher as well as the school authorities and all the 
Limerous others who have spared their time to the establishment and 
ssurance of this year's triumph. As M. Pelletier stated since year one, 
ALTERNATIVE has always been a stage offered to students for 
lem to express themselves through what they like, through what 
"ley love: poetry and music. Thank you to all for making it happening 
)r ten years and years to come. 


i ; 1 

. ..... ^... I ■ 

Spiraling from top to bottom: The man 
behind it all, Mr. Pelletier; Tina B.; Pia 
M. and brother Chad; Dylan A.; Matt S., 
Pat G., and Menno V.; James M.; Jess 
G., and Stuart G.; Hayley G. and Matt 
L.; Adam A. 



a; Hi 

What were our debaters arguing about this year? Genetically modified food, forestry 

policy, the v^alue of history, union with the United States, the purpose of education, 

prohibition of alcohol. 

Where? Calgary, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Saskatoon, Brockville, Scarborough, Ottawa, 

and on to Johannesburg in local, provincial, national, international and world class 


Who was debating? Twenty or more regulars debated every Wednesday and, in the 

Junior School, OpTime debaters included P. Bolink, D. Lehrer, R. Naug, A. Polk and 

S. Robertson. The competitive teams consisted of: 

a. Fulford League: A. Magnus, T. Navaneelan, R. Davies, C. Parkes, M. Sellers, J. 
Gannon, J. Baker, A. Boulos, S. Baltacioglu, L. Wood, J. Richards, S. So. (T. Navaneelan 
and A. Magnus won the Fulford Cup!) 

b. The Saucer Tournament at Royal St. Georges: S. Baltacioglu, A. Boulos, J. Gannon, 
H. Greenberg, C. MacLean, J. Richards. 

c. The English and Bilingual Regionals: J. Gannon, A. Boulos, A. Bourgeois, O. 
Ballou, B. Barry, J. So, A. Magnus, T. Navaneelan. 

d. The Ottawa University High School Invitational: S. Baltacioglu, L. Wood, J. 
Richards, R. MacLean, A. Kergin, S. So. 

e. The English and Bilingual Provincials: J. Gannon, A. Boulos (named to the Ontario 
Bilingual Team!), T. Navaneelan (won First Place!) 

f. The Junior Provincials: R. Davies (was named to the Ontario Team going to the 
Nationals!), R. Naug, A. Polk, R. MacLean 

g. The Junior Nationals: R. Davies 

h. The Senior Nationals in Bilingual and English Categories: A. Boulos, T. Navaneelan 
(placed first in the World's Qualifier!) 

i. The Canadian Nationals: A. Magnus, T. Navaneelan (Third Place Team!) 
j. The International Independent Schools Public Speaking Tournament: J. Greenberg, 
B. Barry, T. Navaneelan 

k. The World's Debating Competition: T. Navaneelan 

Well done all! And thanks to our Number One Fan and Loyal Sponsor, Mr. Napier! 
We couldn't have done it without his support! (M. Sinclair, Coach and D. Stojanovic, 

Clockwise from top right: The Canad 
High School Championships, 
Branksome Hall: The Senior j 

Provincials, Toronto; The Internation' 
Public Speaking Competition, Calgarj 
The Bilingual Regionals, Ottawa; Th( 
Junior Provincials, Scarborough; The 
Fall Fulford, St. Andrews College. 











Kweku Adjaye-Kwofie 
Ottawa, Ontario 
May 13, 1981 

7 years, ups n downs. I've Learned 
Arid Will Never 4eet: Bones (topdoe) 
Tinkv (CX: 4 Uf) Bopart (SIO graS trip) 
urmv blood. Marco DJA broS 4 eva, 
CrisICQ. Stripes/ Just a Plant vou 
Know The Deals; Jul, Nat, Amanda, 
Orl\-, Kel, Steph, Jen, Ronnet (Nurse) 
U made Coming To bchool 
Worthwhile. JUICE mv freakin bro 4 
lifYaCan'tHitit',-' Cra'shin/ DIRTY/ 
Ontap HMVcharge 'off DA hook Yo!' 
Now Im a m6rC like CURY. 
gameo\er. Rod UBC! Kel n Lara My 
Sistas 4e\a. Jon Ian Ja enuf skilz to 
Meet The Bill. DJA Liam .AOT! HOT 
Bovz Represent Marcel WiU Help 
Hold it Efown. Majic cva in da North. 
Doni! Rotate! mv Pehda! Pino Bro, 
Li\- star! Kaidami, MrWahka! McAL 
Licia Chris Shotime grad tripWas 
HOT! Scott (A\oid Luggage) Richie 
we3 o\\'nd it! Steph .Anana WoW! 
.Amanda sta\' Hot, Jen too cute! Mar 
take care Grads, CC CR, Cat, IR, HG, 
Sheila Pook Demi Danv Kyle baby I 
luvYall! Fresh Sisco Sham Toru Keep 
Macin. Eric Sainatang, Mr. Smitn 
thanx, Mr. Parsons captain my 
captain'. It i Left On Bad Terms With 
.Anyone^ Sorr\' its not worth it V\Tiat 
Ya Don t Kno Won't Hurt You. I'm 
Out bi<i nigs, Qdot, LUD.ACRIS 
Brruupf\lO%l n DAD GOD BLESS. 

Ifyouonlyknew:DKmake iT seem so 
easy,Boy':Ill always be taller, 
CCcoffe'ewhat coffee? you didnt 
HA\e to WDGits beeN 7 \ears? 
KBJS: gradel2& the sumfner.Id do 
itagainAT:nuf said. GHS:You have 
mv utmost respect. Iwont crY TA 
(prOs from Do\er) Stand, Joan, 
EuropeTflcoUld do it a^gain. Id do it 
the same Good Luck Amays. Mv 
Surrogate Brother: Youhave it too, 
\'ou just dont know ityet. QV Crew: 
Its all in the tea. Liv:sentence? LP: 
vou know thati know that you 
know. Cal:only happytimes. 
Iames:have faith.\ou'dont always 
nave to know. Mv Angel: there has 
never been a child sucnasvou. Ill 
always remember. Anvtirfie or 
place' Illbethere. Mumfl hope you 
are watching. I love \'ou. On rnv 
adventure he learned its the li'llle 
things that count.lve learned 
everything happens for a reason, 
e\en' when vou dont know it.Only 
think of thehappy times because 
when its over wn'ocares about the 
rest? As this adventure ends and a 
new one begins,the most important 
thing I learned is:e\erything is an 
adventure. ThankvouaUofN'Ou for 
helping me with rriine.If \'6u ever 
need help with yours,Il] be 
there.Count me in. 

Sarah Anderson 
Canberra, Australia 
June 22, 1981 

Finally slide my wav to the finish. 
So what, I spent all mv teens at 
Ashbury. #1 rule that should 
change: no Walkmans. Thanks to 
all that helped me, particularly 
Dad and Mom for dealing with 
me, I will be gone soon, Fhope. 
Best wishes to everyone in my 
class and friends around the 
school. Thanks for being the most 
honest and trustworthy group of 
teenagers in Otta^va.' Marko + 
Morroco + Mexico + Dominicano 
= 3 greatest times ever. F-day girls 
keep the spark going, love you 
all. I still wish Iwere there' for 
Wendy W'ino. Devo/Nick: always 
my be'st bovs. Rave Rilgour rock 
on, addic'ted to power yet? 
JFMJDS. Maintain the power'new 
stoop crew(I never wanted it 
anv\ -av). Sorrv to disappoint the 
ladies, but if I could marry anyone 
I fell in love with during liigh 
school, it would have to be music. 
If you want to reach me in the 
fufure: If 
vou want to know how I'm doing, 
buy the album (or movie). Mad 
props to the Ashes on the Table 
crew, for life!! Peace, and incase 
vou didn't get it vet DJA stands 
for Dylan Justin Argument 

Dylan Justin Argument 
May 1, 1980 

Javed Bagha 
Nairobi, Kenya 
January 12, 1982 

Jambo! Habari gani? 
Wow, almost four years at this 
school. I had never imagined I 
would be graduating in Canada, 
but I am... I wonder what's next? I 
guess over these years I'xe learned 
an Incredible amount of new things 
in this countr)', which have been 
quite... interesting. It's been pretty 
good, and I have many good 
memories. I thank God for giving 
me the opportunity to go to such a 
wealthy school. I also want to thank 
everyone who's helped me during 
this time. Special thanks to: cat, 
Omar, mike, bones, geez, grrig, 
Jamie, s.k., wumbi, fairy, foolio, 
mansi, and others. Thanks to 
teachers: RP, PC, MS and Mrs. 
Peace to all. Kwaheri. 

Monu Arora 

Say farewell Barthman. 
"The time has come for my departure. 
I ha\ e fought the good Hght, I have 
finished the race, I have kept the 
Daniel-Best friend /Brother. Krazv 
times: Gr.9 fights;"Legion";w'aIlbaIl 
& alley-oop(you too Kartik & Ian);etc. 
Much of my sanity & joy this vr. I 
accredit to you & your NioHi. I Io\"e 
you both. Calvin & Richard-Though 
the tapestr)' had blemishes it was 
nonetheless majestic: Ogdensburg;St. 
Barts( thanks Sheehan) Jr. Football & 
more. Woollcombe '00-my family for 
a \T. I can't list all 87 of you, but Ilove 
you so much! To e\er\'one u-ho has 
taken time to talk, compete, leam 
with and educate me- thank you. 
Dad, Mom, Jessica, Janelle&Jesus( the 
reason 1 li\e)-thank you for loving 
and shaping me to be a bit like you. 
"Be happy young man, while you 
are young, and let your heart gi\-e 
vou joy in the days of your youth. 
Follow the vs'ays of your heart and 
whate\er your eyes see, but know 
that for all these things God will 
bring judgment" (Eccl. 11:9) 

Grade five to thirteen, I got a card 
trick for you Greg, Ritu, Getting 
contact, and watching Satty Fatty, 
getting you in a coma. Raj my BEST 
FRIEND (the look), Tooter, bed set 
up at 7 am, Friday Chilling Bonars, 
the dance. Winners, Kweku, 
Ludacris/K-OS, First ones to rock 
Tommy Hill, cargos, summer 
chilling T.O, Black Tight Shirts CK, 
OC 4 life baby, nights at dirty. Polo 
Club, teaching me to dance, Rideau 
chilling. Cigars hotels. Anil in my 
Jacuzzi, My Trini Bro, OC baby , 
Justin my Kaniving Ni**a, the 
Stoop, working out, Cherokee, 
Bootleg, Omar my Cheeya Pet, Hip 
Hop Flavas, Munir, Mark love the 
runs, Shants thanks mv Pinkie, The 
Occational attendance at Choir, 
Punti, Skund, MCPC, Omey, Mibes, 
DJA, Hey Badu, Manu, Aly Kat, 
John P chilling in geo. Family One 
Love, MOC 4 Life 

Aaron Barth 
July 9, 1982 

Avneet Basi 
Ottawa, Ontario 
April 5, 1981 


mv turn to bid Ashbury farewell. 
Afthougli my time here has come 
to a quick end 1 know the memories 
will last forever: Gr 9- surviving 
Tamara, wonderbars, the UG; Gr 
10- pigman, Kenji; Gr 11- health 
class: long dump, discum;beowulf 
on ice; Gr 12- lunch club, hey Napes; 
AVE not B A VE; Gr 13 was amazmg: 
spares, spares and 2 more spares, 
countdown in History, the hot 
chocolate machine; Heaven on 
earth, saunas w/ ML, a crush that 
materialized, hey CB who's the 
Devil? eyeliner issues, GR AD TRIP 
was the best time ever: animacion, 
separacion, excellente!, PUNTa 
Cana, Ravintolat! To all my friends 
who have come & gone: 1 luv y'all: 
AD, ML, NC, RW, AM, DP, JB, RD, 
A V, J Y. Thanks to all of my teachers 
especially RP MAV PC & LL. To 
my family, particularly my parents, 
thank you for all of your love & 
support. Good luck & best wishes 
to GRADS of 2000 & remember 
"Celebrate we will because life is 
short but sweet for certain...." 

Things 1 will never forget: 4th 
Quarters - Or coach Grisco's 
yelling. DOUG!!!!! Dining Hall 
Food - if you can call it that - how 
do the boarders survive? Seeing 
raw eggs being eaten, and 
somebody in a speedo for 
announcements. The culture shock 
on the first day : uniforms, everyone 
holding doors, virtually no 
swearing. It sure wasn't like public 
school. What an experience to go to 
Ashbury, even if it was just for one 
year. There are too many people to 
thank individually so 1 won't even 
try. What I want to do instead is 
remind the entire class of 2000 of 
what an amazing school they've 
had, for however long they've been 
here. Very few schools have a 
student body made up of so many 
intelligent, well-spoken, cosmo- 
politan, and athletic people. It's too 
bad thatsomepeopledidn'trealize 
this. Finally thanks go out to all the 
sta ff and teachers for actually caring 
and to my parents for paying for 
this little endeavor and putting up 
with me these past 18 years. 

Douglas Binkley 
Hammond, Ontario 
May 12, 1981 


20 Fate has led me through it I did what 
1 had to do. Thanx to those that gave me 
theopportunity toattend Ashbury Mom 
1 am nothing' without youYou know 
vou are my meaning of life Horse shoes 
for St Pattys 17 Bill my father my love is 
deep A AT we've been through the most 
ana I hate living without you 3 high 
schools 1 writeup 1 love U Bowes my 
jirl forever You have been there for me 
krough it all Our friendship will last 
Spark o my inspiration and role model 
thank you for your time and 
encouragement in my one love and 
passion basketball Loveout to my sporty 
sisters KP sleepo vers bv the big window 
of my house US your future is so bright 
Dream deep CS vou are so cute I love 
that word My guardian Angel Pia I will 
never forget your love and strength 
LISH when we're together I feel Kke 
lam... so happv CB my twin loyal and 
true SPORTS ARE LIFE HUGH you are 
hot Natty 1 Luv UB safe next year Rone 
my room mate and friend by default I 
love you Who'd have thought? boarding 
hot boys than x4 the sport support Don 
Ididnt deser\'e the compliments To the 
Girlies who make me smile 
NGFAYKLEM time you enjoy wasting 
is not wasted time Mrs KHNTM you 
have put up with me I thank you No 
day but today I know my future brings 
Love Happiness and BasketbaU 00 


Jen Bittner 
Toronto, Canada 
March 17, 1981 

Cyrus Boadway 

I will survive thanks to me. 
I will succeed thanks to you. 
Cheers to a better tomorrow. 

amcb; sp; bq; pool; oj; nk; jg; 
americans; Q; rb-nhb+kb; $; 
rjc; mistakes I've made. 
Everyone I forgot, thank you all. 

Amanda Bon 
September 4, 1981 

So here I am in the middle of this 
place and time I have anticipated 
for so long. ..finally, lost inside the 
world's outside. 

Love and thanks to my family 
who carried me here. 

Blessing to my friends who made 
the journey so real. 

To all those I laughed with I will 
remember you. 

To all those I never knew, I'll 
catch you next time around. 

FRYDAY Girls, keep shining your 

MAP, merci pour tout ce que vous 

m'avezmontreetoffert. Le respect, 

qa dure. 

LAT, You are no less than a 

magician, for the music is indeed 

the magic. 

MHP, thank you for providing 

space, not defining it. 

And onwards I go, with the music 
by my side. 


This is the end. ..beautiful friend. 
There's no future for me in the fire 
escape trade (I hope). Mou- 
moune...boom litote moumoune. 
Aish, 'till the next ball. Rieke, 1 had 
a great time. Nicolson, pff.. 
lightweight. Paul, too troublesome 
indeed. Love to all the boarders. 
Foozball isasport (Robo!! Shake of 
the fist). M. Stoj, M. Pelletier, merci 
pour m'a voir ouvert I'esprit, je vous 
en suis eternellement recon- 
naissant. Mr. Tanod, thank you. 
Productive duty night on the 
second floor, thanks to the 
Wednesday night procrastinators 
(try to get some work done). 
■Through all of the drama, 
deception, and laughter, thanks to 
Nick L. Sarah P. and Emile. I'm 
lucky to have friends who don't 
concentrate on the way they are 
being perceived by others, but 
rather on who and what they feel is 
important. Love you all very much. 
Take every opportunity to do 
something different. It's worth it. 
Red Beryl Rules. Merci Maman. 

Joel Boulvais 
Bretagne, France 
January 16, 1981 

Kyle David Bournes 
Aurora, Ontario 
June 10, 1981 

Five years at Ashbun' come and 
gone .'..dude, v'all know that no 1 
wants 1 of those kinda grad write 
ups. So here it goes. The past 5 yrs. 
have been great/thanks to my parents 
& sis for mspiration. My 'teachers 
thanks. My coaches thanks. Here is 
the gcxjd stuff, all the football boyz 
VN-e're the best fb team in Ash history 
keep it that wav(9n0 is tlie only way 
to go).Kweku,Showtime,'Mar'c 
always keepin' it real.Girls who said 
no.If's too late now. sorry! 
MILFS.AJex (hottie), remember rriy 
invitation from gr. 9 is always 
open. AD, AB, TS, dewrag, HM, HG, 
TP, TR, RR, MA, DB, bignatow, NK, 
RH, DY, RD, MS, JP, AN, AL, ML, 
LK, KG, JR. Props to all the grade 
eleven thugs. The TSC crew thanks. 
3 trips 2 the Mansion = 150 kegs. 3 
trips 2 Mt. Ste. Anne = 1 only' 
remember 2. 2 trips 2 Mex. = 56 NFL 
cheerleaders. 1 tnp to Denmark. 151 
°o works wonders. Students of the 
month? 1 bet 4 Alicki. AH the boyz in 
Aurora. B.& B. MiUev you guys' wOl 
always be close, tell your p'arents 
thanks for everything. Saturday 
morning practices, classroom until 
midnight. 1 trip 2 Notre Dame. 
Cabarete in the D.R. In closing good 
luck to all. Remember sport the jacket 
it's the kev to success! 

rr FEELS SO GOOD... Here she goes: 

food lockers.cokes ill tliesnow.mvincroto 
Can-.4qua which fore\'er changes Ufe, 
much cMling couches, and \vest,.the ice, 
BrusldesgMTi, one heU of a class a footbaU 
cit\-twoKu^\'champsGlebe boys, what 
to say . luggaTOiak Bennett, VVUlis, Bujold , 
Crico. ltainto\'er. Shalu"ii,rideaumissions- 
radiohead Europeison. grade 11 grew 
Guilbault E mpire . Huseparties TTie 
CEDAR CLOSET! Cottagte 1, 2, 3 and 
be\'ond. EL PRESlDENPrE-.4 PWER 
ORIGIN AL-EXTEXDO. How frustrating 
it is tr\Tng to describe that dog those 
missiofis. A sign of ecstasy. POD Tait and 
Lee. 9-0 was quite a trip BLL^E SHIRT! 
Dec. 15"^' Natahe-we are something, 
CampbeU-kick some @SS, McDee thanK 
Carole, Ben, Vopni, an'd my HESTEH 
people- ROSS- vou Madden champ- 
Monu during class- Trvine to pprtra v my 
highschool lire in a paragraph is like Napoli 
tr\Tng to get into H M. pants-someaay 
my fnena-Sandman you are HESTEH- 
Steve 2:1 we are brolhere BIG MOIE- 
Giulbault, you are inspiring and XapoU- 
Beach ball watdi. Lo\-e to §DH VfR ID, 
TG, TR .AV, CM, BB, PO, ST, ON, GI, KlP, 
MV, Ji, CiCl, JR, CS, Um... M\^ dear fatt\'- 
I amnalf witliout vou, m\'self\\ith\'ou. 2- 
3 teachers treated ine like'a Human being. 
\'ou taught me the most. Mom, Uad-vou 
were perfect. Don't think this is all. This 
is merely 1000 characters. Come with me, 
I welcoine all who will \'enture. Bovs^ 
eriov the vear. Well part\.- soon ... TO BE 
AUVE! - '^ ' 


Jamie Bresolin 

*Never Forget.. .T7;t'rf w no greater 
sorrow limn to recall tlie time imeii uv 
were happy ~NeivYear2000-hack 
tc)gether a^ain > Herm Nessa AIJ 
.KSM ort tish Row Ian > Its no use 
going bacITto vesterdav cause I was 
a different p'erson then > Lives 
Collide Canran Chill Fests > Wake 
Up To Find Out Tliat You Are The Eyes 
Of The World.. Grad Parties '99 Irvvin 
Peg^DrPuck F~ck Roche Sam * 
TOPartySceiie * RoFs conspiracy 
sandbox sketch missions * \Vex'_ 
Don't Knoip Wlwt You Got Tilllts Gone 
* The past is a ghost ~ the future a 
dream~aU we e\er kno^v is now. 
Fran & Me Island Party _ Love like 
vou'\e ne\er been hurt-dance like 
hobodv's watching * Staff '99 - Deep 
Down' You Know It Aint Right - 
Bums fam > thank vou ~ umat is 
meavt to be will be *' Ash Chillers ~ 
Props To Bit ,' \lrPukie ,/ MS ./ HG 
/DA / IP"/ VBall <Respect> ..cant 
slick talk orT the day of 
judgement.. *Raee,amuifin Up In Da 
House !AB7^ /\rs: ,^\l * DR 
Crew _ St. Patties *Cheers* Never 
belie\e in those who aren't ~ Li\'e 
each dav to the fullest ~ get the most 
from ea'ch hour each day and each 
age of \'our life * Freedofn Wisdom 
lJisco\''er Forgive Euphoria * Alright 
... Alright ... Alright 

Christina Bums 

Nicholas G. Charland 
Bramalea, Ontario 
August 1, 1981 

This was my 9* year at Ashbury. 
TTiis is the same sentence as 25 year 
Ufe imprisonment for a 25 \'ear old in 
a minimum securit)' prison, witli 
weekend leave, and summer breaks 
(with no hope of parole). For the 
same cost i could have gotten a 
Porsche. I'm not bitter though, I 
ha\'en't had time to get my G-Z vet. 
Onlv 8 more vears to go. I'can't Be a 
Paleontologist until I get my PhD. I'U 
then be 26 years old. Raving spent 23 
years in educational institutions, and 
I will be way in debt. I suppose the 
olderIget,thefastertimegoesby. (It 
actuaUy goes bv at the same rate', but 
a given aay e'ncompasses a lesser 
proportion of my life.) The first two 
\ears of lunior School were pretty 
sheltered, then I was thrown into the 
cannibalistic anarchy of grade 7. The 
images of small children prodding 
their fallen comrades' bodies witn 
sticks \st11 linger with me. Since then 
I ha\e been gudt}' b v association more 
times thanl can c'ount. I was then 
duped into thinking I had reached 
sal\'ation in senior school, but it has 
always been the same after the first 
monfh. However I have adapted. 
Finally, it has taken me this long rime 
to reg'ain the hope that I left at the 
Dark Gates. It can only get better 
from here on in. Ich bin 3iq. 

Paul Chiu 
Hong Kong 
July 6, 1981 

After staying in boarding for four 
years, I have become less healthy 
(dining hall food) despite all the 
early morning runs, and waking 
up earlier and eating a full 
breakfast. Special thanks to the 
teachers who took care of me. I will 
never forget cooking at midnight, 
going for a walk on the roof and 
gambling atnight. Also 1 will never 
forget the Casino de Hull. All the 
time, I spent over there and how 
much I lost... I'd like to thank Joel 
Boulvais (correcting my grammar 
mistake, including this writing), Ian 
Howard ("whisky shower"), Han 
Park and Sae Park (Playing Starcraft 
at night), Wendy Kwong and 
Rosanna Mak ("going to China 
town") and all the other people 
who supported me. Without you 
guys, I wouldha\e never sur\'ived 
for these four years. .At the end, I 
want to say good luck to all my 
friends. I hope they have good 

Yikes..five years of Ashburv', so 
manv memories. Friends come and 
go and leave imprints on my life, 
family is a constant. To mom and 
dad thank you (still learning life 
the hard way) Choo-we share 
everything, sisters are gods greatest 
gifts, love vou too much. Keep your 
goals high never stop reaching 
(mm). To remember - "the meek 
may inherit the earth but tliey'U 
never rule the water. "..Tsunami, 
Hull, GO. Dan and Steve - never 
forgetyou. Victoria & Rob\Ti, better 
friends a girl could ne\'er have. RW- 
thanks for sharing RPC (sweater 
too), best summer 99 -t- Bathurst, 
wakeboarding@8. Bit-too 
much in common, thanks for 
sharing your love of basketball, AD- 
can't wait to live together. Colin- 
love you. ToLO,AB,AL,JF,JB,JS, 
SV, DR, NS, "The spirit to win and 
the will to excel is always measured 
one stroke at a time." 
choopl4future: BCAusSurfCamp. 
Time comes and goes but memories 
last a Hfetime.. I'll see you all soon, 
love nat. 

Natalie Choo 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 14, 1981 

Colleen Cimone 
Ottawa, Ontario 

I'd like to thank my parents for their . 
never ending love and support. I'd 
also like to tnank the foUowing, you 
know who you are: MR-1 2 years and 
you've been nothing but the best, 
t3FF forever, 1 love you, E '99 KT-no 
one could ask for a better sister, 
thanks for aU the ad\'ice, I love vou 
MB-you've been here for me no rhat- 
ter what, I don't know what 1 would 
have done without you, thanks, POP 
O-you were with me through thick 
and thin and I love vou for it, remem- 
ber-you rule AT-we had some good 
times and some bad ones but no 
matter what I'll always love you, 
don't forget that PG-this year 
wouldn't havebeen fun without you, 
thanks for all the laughs HG-no mat- 
ter what I'll always consider you one 
of my best friends, thanks for all the 
good times AEW-thanks for listen- 
mg to all my complaining, 1 know 
you understand WK-Florida forever, 
never stop being loud JZ-thanks 4 
everything. I love you S A-you ha ve a 
big heart, manks tor sharing it with 
me Mom- You, re my guardian angel 
and 1 know you'll ^be there for me 
through good and bad, I love you. 
ANow and then it's good to pause in 
our pursuit of happmess and just be 

I feel glad and relieved that i'm 
leaving Ashbury. I'm glad because 
i do not have anymore patience to 
deal with some of the individuals I 
come into contact with. I'm glad 
because I won't have to ea t uniden- 
tifiable food any more. To those of 
you in grades l2 to 9,1 would like to 
urge you not to give up. School 
may seem lame and some teachers 
may be difficult , but i have found 
out that sometimes it's all in your 
best interest. KEEP it REAL. With 
some bitter sweet memories of my 
SKOOL DAZE. This part of my 
RITE UP is to my peps out dere. 
Meet me at tha beach so we can 
ride the high tides together. A spe- 
cial shout out to Mrs.Jowett, cuz i 
know Eng would not have been the 
same. To my houseM ASTERS can't 

say i'll miss ya. But it's been 2 

the boarders i feel sorry 4ya. Been 
there done that & i know how it 
feels. Thankyou Jen for helping me 
to survive. And 2 Mrs. Kennedy 
you have 2 admit its been Fun. To 
my parents I know I gave you stress, 
thanks for putting up with my mess. 
And it is finished. 

Ronnette Collie 
Nassau, Bahamas 
June 1, 1980 

Where to begin? France, Mexico, 
Dominican- all amazing! Cachet, 
Polo, Le BOOM, Js, Casino, The- 
ater, ID's the list goes on. Thanxfor 
everything Sparks, Holman, 
Gomme, Tvlom E, Ms. K, 
Richardson, Miedema, Wall, Stojo, 
Tordon, Lewicki, Jowett best 
wishes. Wow so many others- 
Anna- dennys perkins, TIMSY 
please, Ave-happy bday- I think 
it's for status, Mona-you're alright, 
Andy you are the best, Robs-wel- 
come to my side, Joel-mv ball date, 
Kweku, Monu, Kyle, Xel, Jbitt- 
Who's bad?, Nat- 1 won't block you 
any more, Dimi- get rid of those 
shoes!, Coll-Tai CKi rocks! Hales- 
what English class? Bethy-why 
have we known each other so lorig 
yet started talking only now? E- 
Keep working on that bio, Meebs- 
well you're cool, Lil Davey sun- 
shine- best roomie EVER, Afnanda 
Bon- thanx for being you. 
Showtime- your personality blows 
me away! Diaz- tu es mi hombre 
primero, Kal-working out + 
Steak'us, Mar-space pops, Far-you 
know I love you, Jess-squash? 
Pauly-nottin' but love, Tony- You 
make me laugh. If you think your 
liver can handle it, gimme a shout! 
Love and Laughter Always, Aisha. 

Aisha Dhalla 

Rodrigo Diaz 
Mexico City, Mexico 

Buenos dias you know me as Rod 
Diaz. Where's the beach? 7 years at 
the school were priceless... wait a 
second. At least the water was free, 
but i'm grateful, watching the school 
grow (except for me) - snll couldn't 
nave traded it for anything in the 
world, except for maybe food. 
OFSAA '99, fhemall - Davey! vou 
take the tall one and i'll take the short 
one "stop dancin wit the dummy / 
big ups for bubbles and cheelcs. 
thanks to M.H and STEPHANIE! 
*kuake-UBC * Rod = tool for school 
sports * bonar - aahh my eyes, my 
legs! mr. rice hey mr.ric'e '*'SVVIM, 

§oodlife. * MCPC '94 * keep pushing 
le wieghts boys * Calculus - hey sir 
how are you? ~ grunt ~ says R. Coles 
(also having an engUsh degree) * 
Speedo pat gym breakdancing * 
theBall '00 * Abrazos a mis amigos 
des delos anos de erado 7-13, G.5 \ 
M. A \ R.R \ O.S \ J^ \ K.K... * Juice- 
if you sit on the stairs one more time 
about that - Jess, k * Colorado 
dreamin C.S * beat boxjoe. M * naked 
on stage was not my fortay * good 
luck at EXike K.G *' good times at 
Artclass - PigMan. A.B. \ gracias 
M.V. * E.B - ril draw you another 
picture soon * un recuerdo en de 
mente, Ciao - Italiani! 

Alexandra Eden-Walker 
Halifax, Novia Scotia 
June 12, 1981 

Here's to all the good times and to 
everyone who experienced those 
go.)d times with me. Cancun 99', 
Shawarma's, Parts I, II and III, 
Warped Tour,Wakeboarding, Bos- 
ton, Do it for Patrick, Dirty Danc- 
ing, June 17th, the tractor and Good 
Will Hunting. Cheers to all my 
friends, F.F. you know who you 
are. A big thank-you also to those 
who kept me interested, especially 
NJ, Mac, DF, GRV, TD, RP and RH. 
To Mom and Dad thank-you for 
everything. Si, Nick, Fi and Kako, I 
love you. 

Probitas, Comitas, Veritas: Quelle 
farce! For those who have sustained 
the healthy motto within a faulty 
establishinent I remind thee: 
Hockey, Gr.lO Ball, RUgby '97 '98 
'99 'OOf kidneys, seal test, coffee 
house '99, singing the hi ts, simpson 
res. Playoffs, lunch crew, Malonzo 
week carpool, 1-Bo's, ping pong-a- 
thons, Friday; Jer I'm in that place, 
paul and peter: candy for my ears, 
Wlndstar expeditions. Mount A, 
DR, RPC contingent, dino, board- 
ing;/prison, pagasus, SHA, teacher 
walks, textbook grafitti, plagiarism 
(kidding), here come the pretzels, 
Rockclirre gr9, spring break '99, 
Casino de "!?, time = best medi- 
cine, gentlemen, fooz (still winless), 
9-5 + 4 penriies, pre-Robo? The Fe- 
male Workforce, jogs, Woolcombe; 
48% of you are bearable (kidding), 
shoulder, mom and dad - votre 
generosite sera sans doute un joui 
recompense (j'espere!), mais pour 
le support et I'amour que vous 
m'avez foumi durant ma vie courte, 
je ne pourrai jamais assez vous 
remercier. Penny and David all the 
best. Sarah - thanks for everything. 
Matt, my closest friend, let's go 
kick the ball. 

Jacob Fortier 

■ r 

David French 
Ottawa, Ontario 
February 15, 1981 

I first want to thank my loving 
family and generous grandparents 
without whom none of everything 
would have happened. UliatcanI 
say, in grade 6 I entered, emotional 
landscapes, and finally in grade 13 
I exi(s)t, ready. Good times, bad 
times-life is neverneutral. Ichoose 
to remember the people and the 
memories will follow suit... AM & 
AT (my oldest and truest friends), 
AB, AS, PG, Toothpick, Fruit, 
BOOM (litote) Moumoune, NK, BQ, 
CB, IH, JG, NC, ]B, the Brits. For 
those not mentioned do not worry, 
I merely do not yet realize the 
impact that you have had on my 
life. Mona, the time with you was 
filled with love and passion and 
shall always remain close to my 
heart. Four good years in home- 
room with Ms. Lewicki. Sra. Rajani, 
Doc and M. Stojanovic you made 
THE lasting impact (true care and 
devotion). What a wonderful life 
I've had -I only wish I'd realized it 
sooner. Que la paz sea con ustedes 
... siempre. 

These last 3 years at Ashbury have 
been... unique, 
'nuff said. 

"I would have made a good Pope. " 
- Richard M. Nixon 

Jamie Gannon 
January 24, 1982 

1 will always be a southern girl at 
heart-southern born and southern 
bred-but these last three years are 
the days I will carry with me 
alwavs-We are each of us angels 
with only one wing and we can 
only fly by embracing one another- 
Thank'y'all for teachm^this Dixie 
chick how to tlv-Lara: Thanks for 
simply existing In my heart you are 
In your heart 1 am Fdrever- 
JLiThanks for being my sanity my 
reality my jewel-Dimi:Thanks for 
being the light in my darkness- 
T5:Tnanks for the rose and goodnite 
kiss-MM:Thanks for the dance- 
LW&GW:Thanks for being the lil 
sis and big bro 1 always needed- 
KK,RD,EJ,JN:Thanks for loving me 
unconditionally from day one-CM:I 
always want to see me through your 
eyes-To my family: Mom t)ad 
Larissa Erin 1 love y'all and I will 
remember you vVhen 1 have 
forgotten all' the rest You to me 
were true You to me were the best- 
My heart is riding on the dark horse- 
So'medav when fate plays its hand 
we'll find one another again-Until 
then Think of me Remember me 
See me 

Kelley Virginia Giffin 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Patrick Glinski 
Ottawa, Ontario 
January 7, 1981 

So This Is What Dl Be Remembered For: 
Day 1 ~ People Say I look Like Zack 
Morris, Cmn Km ~ VVe've Got The Part\' 
We Just Need The Place, Whats The 
Business? Dieard This Stor\' About You 
.And The Handicap Washroom, Its 
Monev, That Girl Looks Like Shes Got A 
Bad .Attitude,50vTdln, Citv Champs ~ 
You Slept Through The Pafh'?, Lets Tear 
Em .Another ©SSiiole, 6n0 ~ Blue Shirts 
In The House, Rugby ~ You Lost A Tooth 
And Drank Colt45 'Through A Straw? 
Grade9 English ~ This Poems Entitled 
The Perfect^oman, DA- Quick Grab 
The Video Camera, DK - WrifingPSATS 
Hungover, Jer ~ Aka Slash, M S ~vVe lust 
Need The Money ' ( JF, JP) White 
lersevs4evr, AB ~ TH'lan Likes A Man* 
You 'Had Your Chance For? Yrs, CC - 
Idont Like Him Im lust Obssesed With 
Him* Well Go For Coffee, AEW ~ My 
Boyfriend Wont Let Me Go To Semi With 
\'ou * Keep It Real, DB ~ So Pool Again:" 
I'll Be Back For The Snow, TS ~ Wffl You 
Go To Grad With Me (insert Grade9 
Name Here), Under The Bridge + 
Dragons Breath * See You .At The brig, 
AT *^& 1 Bet You'll Be There Too J ~ C^ 
You Drive Chicks Dig DBs* Im 
Converting To Join JCC, MG ~ LiU Feet, 
Char* YouGot Me Through It, Meanwliile 
Special Thnx ( Earn, Kim, LC, NC, Hef, 
DF AM, AY, RJC, M. Grev GRV, T Street) 
Its Been Great' Eat Drink'And Be Merry ' 

Hayley Greenberg 
Ottawa, Ontario 
July 11, 1981 

Michelle-B.F.F. Race u 2 tlie tree. 
Laughed till we cried. Through thick 
& thin. Thanks 4 lunch. ILUVU. 
Amanda - lunchcrew .N.G.F dOn't 
touch the cat! Pedastool K.AM miss 
u. .ADDYWAD - Nick Nack. No more 
dreams. Be ready @ Sam. Mike C- 1 
loVe you always'&f ore\Er. Myrock. 
FRYDAY Girls -'Thanks 4 aU.'Partv 
fOre\er. Angela S. - Swimming @ 
M.T.s - 30 Eice. DJA - We were made 
for each other. CoUeen C. F.ADD / 
SNOTTY. Forgi\'e & party hard. Love 
va. Grad trip - ticoteqUa^' Lichdogs - 
phone home. C. Bums. TEQUILEA. 
Bobin - you rock. Whit, vaness. 
Mebes All® J.C(S).Theater-rilnever 
forget. Trk & Fid. Soccer. Gr 10 math. 
The Brig. 56. The Well. Aaron G- take 
care. Cantebur\- crew - Robby O. big 
bro. Dre - ' forever. C. Mc. 
Babaganouch. Glebe girls. Mel. Tess 
+ Alf I GO TO BLTITON BM_1_ . 
Party @ MSM. Crazy Tremblant 
Nights.Tand 1 Lbovs.JesseC.cusoon. 
Lee - thank you tor your guiding 
lights. Mom -' the strongest person 1 
have e\'er met. Dad - 1 fov e you and 
miss vou, thank you for your 
imconditional love and support.'"The 
Day is short; the task is great.. . One is 
nof obligated to complete the task; 
yet one is not free from the obligation 
to begin." - P. Avot 

7 years is a long time. J-school hard 
to remember. Victoria93 8s b-ball 
gr. 8 camping trip ect. Gr.9, girls! 
wow! "Sorry' .Gr.l0-12fillerexcept 
MtSteAnne, LeMasif backside, "the 
tuck", PlayboyMaySl (18 b-day), 
4th qaurters "on trie ball", b-ball 
OFFSAA gum in Greg's hair, 
Rugby(champs grlO), J-crew, Uick 
Skylark, The Boot. Gr.l3 
prospectoftheday, shinny, the 
Dominican "Mr sexy 2000" 
Showtime 'n' Doorag "on the one 
time," city champs finally (nice 
jackets), a little more to go. Thank 
you to everyone who's helped me 
while I've been here, teachers, 
students and coaches, There are 
too many individuals that need to 
be thanked and I don't want to 
leave anyone out so I'll mention 
only coach Sparks, Gaurisco and 
Gray. Overall Ashbury was a good 
time but 1 feel it's time for me to say 
good-bye in a 'hardcore' and 
hopefully witty manner, so in the 
words of the immortal Jim Rome 
(noon to 3 on The Team) "I am out 

Lee Greenberg 
Ottawa, Ontario 

Maggie Ho 
Ottawa, Ontario 

This is my first and last year at- 
Ashbury. Many things happened, 
and they all are precious 
experiences. Many people I'd like 
to thank, but many of them are not 
here anymore. ..For those who have 
remained here, I would like to 
express my my greatest gratitude 
for what I ve been taught: LL, EH, 
DH, my history teacher Mrs. 
Duschinsky and MV. My parents 
who supported me a.t.w. without 
regret altnough at some times I'm 
rebellious. My sister Cindy has been 
very supportive as well, and she is 
both my b. friend and b. sister. Now 
the hallways are empt_y, the stairs 
are awfully long. The front door is 
not a place to wait anymore. The 
windows are closed, and the snowis 
gone. The fields are meaningless if 
that laughter is not there. If we are 
parted, I'm not parted from you. 
What I'vge walked through is not 
vanity but truth. If goodbye is said, 
and wishes are made, I shall see 
you again, and this is ...the 
beginning, not the end. I will 
remember you, will you remember 
me ? My oitter-sweet dream in 

6 years. Gr7-12. Memories. THE 
INJURY, crutches MorelFrench "No 
Richard-bashing" Le Requin. G9 
Highschool pros:girls cons: talking to 
hot girls, nomework. ENGIAE 
Rumbletown Football Baseball 
Paintball traditionGlO Bestfriend: 
Calvin, my door is always open, 
remeniber my quotes. "Goodhme" 
SBYG Cl^D, SheehaiiMore Football / 
Kidneys/ Brewskis/ 2mother run by 
HoUiday "The Dance" w / Cal, BB (Hey 
Sarali what's a ****?) and SD.GllThe 
SURGERY+sidelined. Nick and Ian 
Calc, Phvs, Chem, Am I a nerd? THE 
WEIGHTROOM with CambeU Track- 
spandex SENIOR YEAR football 
trainingcampheatINT/ TDicka$$year 
SirWU(x2) FIittine^TaitlCrrj'CHAMiPS 
9-0 parties, 1600?! Boston 8 seconds 
Tanya's/ Felicity, GradTrip (151, 
GrplV IB exams. Nicknames: Dick 
Navy Boy Captain Dickie Stonewall 
Mango Bionicleg Shark Cover 
4Rickaderoetc. Friends: Calvin Aaron 
Dan + CB^TN, IH, NK, BB, KS, AZ, SP, 
DB, IM, jl (malel IB, SJ, JG, CN, JP, 
JL(female), FG, AM, AT, Shink+track 
crew, SC, KK, KG, EJ+ Americans PG, 
TS, KB, AB, DF, TI, BDQ WK. here. 
Teachers etc. MHP, JE, CM, MW, OS, 
RIG, RP, AM, tsn LM LL. Mrs. Mayer, 
Mr .Thomas, GRV, MM Thank you so 

Richard Holliday 
Jiddah, Saudia Arabia 
October 16, 1981 

Dear Diary, 

The clock reads 2 a.m. Grad write- 
ups are due tomorrow. If only there 
was time I would like to write 
something original and masterful. 
Something that, if I join the 
mindless masses within a decade, 
will show that at a point in my life 
there was potential. What I would 
like to say is simple. I wish to give 
an honest thank you to my parents 
and teachers for helping me to be 
who I am. I also desire to pay tribute 
to a few classmates: namely 
Richard, a man who will take the 
system far; Nick, a fellow dreamer; 
and Aaron, one who will never lose 
his path. Finally, I would feign 
capture memories of the good times 
that I have passed with: JB, JG, BQ, 
SP2, PC, CZ, and JI. The problem is 
I still have to design a robot tonight 
and be up in time for rowing at 6. 
So, even if I don't finish my write- 
up, I hope that everyone realises 
that 1 do remember, and that I wish 
them the best of life. 

Ian Howard 

High Prairie, Alberta 

June 29, 1982 

James Irwin 
Courtenay, British 

Gather round, chUdren, let me tell 
you a story- no I don't care if you 
don't wanf to hear. Two years ago 
this nerdy kid from BC with gooTy 
hair comes to this preppy school in 
Ottawa with all the rich kids. He's a 

worried, and his first year is pretty 
tough- lots of work and not mucn 
fun. Despite this inauspicious start 
he actually survives two years and 
even has some fun along the way. So 
thanks to all those who proved to me 
that you aren't all a bunch of snotty 
rich kids. And even some of you who 
are snotty rich kids are alrignt. 
1 must give especial recognition to 
my late-night noodlefest Doarding 
buds- Ian and Aaron and Joel and my 
roomie Steve who put up with me. 
Also the girls- Rieke, Wendy, Katrina, 
Kim. I also thank Nick L and K and 
the lazy mob outside the computer 
lab for helpingwith my endless 
procrastinationrThanks to everyone 
else who made my life a little better 
than expected and "helped build some 
good memories. I must also give 
special recognihon to my teachers for 
believing in me. especially Dr. Ehly. 
And above all thanks to my parents 
for sacrificing so I could come here. 
So lone Ashbury- what didn't kill me 
will only make me stronger. 

Eric Johnson 

Yardley, Pennsylvania 

February 10, 1982 

4 years Don't they goby in a blink? 
Viom & Dad, The utmost thanks for 
being my guiding light. I love you. 
Mike: Learn the system. Play the 
game. Playgirl: 1 became infatuated 
m an instant but fell in Love over 3 
years. Juice: Its all there for you, 
when you take it let me know. Bball 
Boys It's been fun. Soccer Boys 
never forget the divin' header. 
Mrs. K: Thank you for opening your 
home and family to me. Steph & 
Ari: I come back for You. Robo: 
Thanks for showing us The Truth. 
Chris: My Jeep's better. Clogging 
the artery/I'm just a plant/ 
Exposure (Boarders: 1 Love You All) 
/ Viennese BaU / The Fire Escape / 
Dirty / JonJon Land is Baeutiful / 2 
am @ Denny's / Don, Lara, Kweks, 
JoeI,Jenna, Coach Sparks & Grey / 
Thanks to all the teachers. Beth: 
You're everything I want. 
Everything I need. Those I missed, 
I love you all. "I have no regrets. 
Remorse only results in lonehness, 
only the strong survive and strive 
through life as warriors. " Whatever 
you do, choose your own path, or 
better yet, make your own. 

I Can say that during my years in 
school I longed to finish. iHoping 
everyday would be the last: but now 
I've reahzed other things. What I will 
remember most and look back on is 
the closeness I shared with many 
students in this school. I will look 
back on the unity, the school(haha) 
has created the perfect atmosphere 
for long lasting fnendships. "Leaving 
is something T still look forward to, 
not just to get out of the system of 
school rules, but to experience things 
for myself. I look forward to days 
when 1 wiU be able to earn my own 
money and buy the things that 
unforgettable memories, but presents 
an experience I've wanted for 'For my 
feUow students in boarding I feel sorry 
4ya, stay out of trouble(Mrs Kennedy 
is coming to get yaj I would like to 
wish you guys good luck in the future, 
JR where are you from?,RC, Roman is 
waiting for you. OR, lets go eat. KM 
thankyou. AFG miss ya roommate, 
SW wnat happened in Days of our 
Iives?,LRS Greg 19th of Aug, Mrs 
Kennedy you know the fun hme we 
had in grade 1 1 (funny),SG ,high girls, 
SM, mothersick, SS, queen of the park. 
To my parents I know I have caused 

you a great deal of stress LR 

Style, GW, what happened to your 
face. Kweku,keep the rhythm, see ya. 

Sheila Ajoa Jurschewsky 


August 20, 1979 

Mythri Kappagantula 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 23, 1982 

Thanks to my parents & my sister 
Swathi for everything. At last! 
Gauri I'll be back' my kicking best 
friend-Isbel what's to sav that I 
haven't already b-day buddy!- 
K'tina vou are amazing' and I love 
vou, those sleepovers, 'I have 
learned so much! , "would vou like 
to see my swollen ankles?''- Ti we 
areout of here I can't wait bananas 
& doughnuts my friend!- Etienne I 
can only say that you are one of mv 
greatest friends. .'oh no no more 2 
am calls!- Christian twister you are 
insane but MAYBE I'll mis's vou - 
AM, RD, JW, LC, KM here c'omes 
the real world, remember those 
davs in E.- KIM!- II had a pony 
heflo kitty Toots band /choir clap- 
on-clap-o'ff li'l J big D chat Dragon 
savage love 'wear it as a hat' hot + 
thick chunkv soup it's not hard once 
you've done it I'LL MISS YOU! 
■iwo-bite brownies! To all in the 
community that supported me I 
can't be too grateful. I'll miss this. 
"And your heart-beats were in my 
heart/and your breath was upon 
my face, and I knew you all."- 
Gibran -Tlie Prophet. Just breathe 
with great love, My3. 

After 4yTS I'm able 2 say 2 myself "I 
lived through this horror. I can take 
the next thmg that comes along" 
(E. Rosevelt). Although, because 
memorv is the treasury & guardian 
of all things, it makes up 4 the 
horrid. Kelley, when I felt pain, u 
comforted me, when I felt pride, u 
congratulated me; my luv is w/u 
4ever. MS, u still ride the top. Jen, u 
r the only 1 who understancfs me. 
KL, my'S12.95 pea. SL, hugs & 
kisses. Linds, no matter where I go 
or w;ho's around u'll alwavs be m 
mv 1 (&my jaloupa sis). 2 mv % 
collection: nK, my fav in Hclub'. EJ, 
who only knew?'GS, I will always 
care. Juice, I'm up 4 more checkma'te 
pages. MM, closest leb @ ash 2 my 
1. Shoutouts 2 the rest of the dark 
horses & JP Chan. Jr mafia GVV & 
DY, u'll not be 4gotten. All others, 
the memories shared will never be 
lost. J.Kennedy& R. Coles, u r the 
best. Mom Si dad,l thing I've 
learned is that pain is temporary 
and pride is 4ever. Thank you mos't 
of all for the opportunity to 
experience this. 

"The task ahead of us is never as 
great as the power behind us. " (A A) 

Love Larissa 

Larissa Karam 
Ottawa, Ontario 
June 25, 1982 

I don't know what to sav. Thanks, 
Goodbye, It's all been good fun. 8-6 
for 9vrs, It's more than a home. Try it 
sometime, you'll see. Rickets 
"Everybody Wins!", chcxolates for 
Gregu "whats with your mirror", 
Saho & the Mrs, jR just go home 
and sleep it off", DJA 'Port D'enfer 
Fun", NB(the Dfe), MMfthe ADBJ, 
MS "^she's dead, I killed her", HG 
"Your knee and we're even", 
Driibbles "Si,Si,Si", Durad on the 
onetime, Puniabs for being able to 
draw, Anir'his sister heard me", 
JB"VTrips & Screwups". AD"Pass 
the water @ 6am", Westboro4ever, 
AE-W, CC, AB, RW,JB, AL, SA (89), 
Mithigee, KwAku, Taco, 
Indeveer"the Michiean, it works", 
L>Tnan the PK, Cra\?Line, The DR" I 
did what", Fury"History s Greatest 
Hits", AN ''fun w/ Lempdik", Raeu, 
Lifers be proud (SlOOfOOO), Fixers 
(JC,',C,CN,NGsJ Kelen "trian- 
gulation", J/TK "The Drunk", 
Fatt\'"CasperAss", DY, Tags, Shaw, 
Ali-KHan, New-nuff said. Rugger 

B-Ball&'Futeball ~ DelighfKil. 
Wisdom = Mr Varley (aka. mix- 
master V|, Blair (Godspeed), Mr 
Mousseau, Mr Street (8S AlumniK 
Mrs Kennedy (Beth; uncannvl, N 
Jowett (PureBvilL theDude (Dowhat 
with the ChicKen?)Mom, Dad, 
Hilary, Eileen, Margot. Thanks, 1 
Love'Ya. Kilgours just don't know 
when to shufup. NiEBES 

Wendy Kwong 
Hong Kong 
May 7, 1981 

David Scott Kilgour 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 24, 1980 

Grade 9 & 10 & 11: blurry; Grade 
12: fun; Grade 13: pure madness. 
These last two years have been 
amazingly fun (and expensive. Oh 
well, it's my aunts' problem 
anyway.) Rieke: I've got too much 
2 say 2 u. Kat: someday we'll set 42 
swearing penguins on fire. Jasmine: 
someday I'll blackmail vou. The 
Koreans: Thanx for being nice to 
me. SoungMok (and SangMok): 
Thanx for teaching me how to play 
pool . LoMing: I forgot my medicine 
again. Paul: pineapples in a cold 
basement. Joel: Chinese soap opera 
beats European ones. Holeer: poke. 
SK: thanx for the starbucKs coffee. 
Kim: my fave kitty, have fun next 
year. Christian: some day ill beat 
ff8 myself. Aly: Jellicle halluci- 
nogens? Hiroshi: sayonnara 
bakachan! My3: no PLME for us 
huh? Aaron: I can kinda bowl now! 
Thank you all for tolerating or 
pretending to tolerate me and 
Keeping me more or less insane. 
Finally, to the trees: I'll miss you. 
And to Dining hall: So long, and 
thanks for all the fish. 

Nicholas Kramer 
Washington, D.C. 
September 18, 1981 

It is my turn to leave Ash. Last 
4yrs... Military routine of life in 
boarding. Lots of IB works to do... 
But it was a great place; fun 
activities, nice faculty and warm- 
hearted friends. Won't forget here, 
will miss here. SPECIAL 
Dedication: Donkey and Monkey 
Wons, Punk and tuff Parks, 
Taiwaniz Dimsum, Mr. KEY, 
and a funny looking boy with the 
height of my shoulder. BYE Every 

"The best use of life is to spend it 
for something that outlasts life." 
-William James 

Thank you to all my teachers at 
Ashbury who throughout the past 
three years of my life have done so 
much for me. To my friends, I give 
special thanks because you have 
helped me in so many different 
ways during my time here. And 
finally I thank my family who have 
encouraged and supported me 
throughout my life even though at 
times I have been difficult. You 
have all helped me to become who 
I am, and ha ve therefore helped me 
in my desire to achieve something 
which will outlast my life, and for 
that I am very grateful. To my 
teachers, friends and family may 
good luck and good times be in 
your future. 

Dae-Hyun Lee 

Sang-Hoon "Steven" Lee 
Seoul, South Korea 
January 31 

First things first, i like to thank all' 
da teachers for letting me graduate. 
Thax to everyone in da skoo 
(especially da BOADERS) except 
few peepz(y'allmofos better know 
who u r!!). 

Dear ma parents, thank you soooo 
much for all da support and da luv 
u've shown me. i luv u like i don't 

even know 

This right here goes out to all da 
real Koreanz in Ottawa. All da 
hyungz, nunaz and ma boyz(?). U 
guyz r da best, thank you and I will 
remember da dayz in Ottawa 4ever. 
To all da ESL students out there... 
don't be ashamed of being ESL 'cuz 
ESL rocks!!! Me da real Korean 
ESL!!! A'iete I am 

history ^^ 

Tip for da new boarders; "if it don't 


EAT IT!!" 

Thanks Mom & Dad for sacrifices 
made and the unforgettably bitter- 
sweet diplomatic upcrineing, now on 
to Nepal, I love you! Nadia, nab dich 
lieb, hoft' unsere Jahre in McGill 
werden gut sein! To the places I've 
lived in NY, Amman, Bonn, Geneva, 
Ottawa and people left behind there, 
you shaped me, I'll never forget. Love 
to friends & family worldwicie. Some 
mentors on staff: DS, MAP merci! 
CT,PC,MHP you kept this place 
humane, thanks forl:he support. 
Thanks cast & crew of TA ^99. All the 
friends made in mv 4 years in Ottawa: 
cana, thanks for good talks and 
beaded jewelery, Andrea&Amira 
(Browns with attitude) NickK, stick to 
vour dream. Joel CDL buddy, movies 
in Crans Montana, Matt, fly nigh, 
thanks for talks on erad trip! All the 
best to JB, NC, AD.l3avid my love, 
(pikachu), all the memories, I'll miss 
u ~ ice cream concoction?) I love vou 
all! Did vou ever think it would go by 
so fast? 'We live in a moment of 
history where change is so sped up 
that we begin to see the present only 
when it is already disappearing' and 
that's why 1 have' such difficulty 
saying goodbye. Good luck everyone, 
keep m touch wherever you go, and 

Mona Lemp 

So what are beaver tails anyway? 
I'm off back to Europe (some might 
say where I belong!). Thanks for 
the memories. To my friends: come 
and visit me, i'll buy you a pint, 
long live trip-hop. cheers! 

Nicholas Lewis 
Caterham, England 
October 21, 1981 



Matthew Lyman 
Ottawa, Ontario 
June 28, 1981 

Unbelievably, my 8 Ashbury years 
are over :-( Personal hiehliehts: PK,^ 
MCPC in 8S...being in er9 and the 
dear who departea (TTL TM, HS)... 
pen grip). ..2S-4Sw/Mr.P... Ashbury 
HocTcey (1996-1998, 2000 @ 
UCC)...then came erll, and life 
started; my PPL @ RFC [tx CS, big tx 
to SGx2)...t Sep night@tne rock. .Jab 
monitor.. .NY's eves. ..early momine 
hockey w/IF, AK... Summer '98: 
summer school (My All.endless 
longmg) ...grl2; PPL/G2 (C-GBRI, 
98 IVindsfar 4ever!) 
Ashbury hockey; endless driving 
(CharlesSt.);grl3... a year of transition 
...Nat? In high school? 
remembranceday '99 (tx cast). ..more 
driving. ..6-0... Dominican (Sprite 
Amarefto!!) Tx to yearbook staff (DF, 
CE &TLs: TV KW, MS, AL & 
all my outside Ash boyz. my RFC 
'crew staff TGS, LL, RP, MAP, 
NJ, DF, DS tx 4 letting me drink 
coffee. ..SA(will I ever see vou?), NS, 
KS (ICQ!!), DK (Mr.Prez), JM 
(hon.LymanI, KB, AM (acte 
authentique), ML(Domini-can talks) 
& more who are nameless made it 
amazing. ..Dad, Mom, Nat, Seb, G/ 
G, M, &NGD); love u guys to death. 

Matthew Lynch 
Montreal, Quebec 

i started Ashbury 7 years ago over 
the years i have grown comfy & 
made 2 many friends 2 couNt.i want 
2 say thx u 2 all the peopLe i have 
passed in the halls.2 the Gautier 
crew some junior school memories 
throwing snow balls at cars & 
getting caught the bible is hard 2 
copy races 2 wet hair calabogie.2 
Donor braiN we share most or the 
same injuries & more skSing biking 
Dennis & the bike ramp cAr pool 
the SPF factor the ME factor 
camping mm this 1 is coke, 
propane!2 Eric never let a women 
get ur keys pp will live on & go 
public in 2025 1 get 49%stock Geoff 
1 can always help u with html :) did 
u ever replace the door knoB? 3am 
clean up crew. Charles n64 & 
nEtworks melty walls 

biking& that a fat person? 
Robo u sweep like my mama.Jo thx 
u u have given me sO much, ur 
aunts the fLoor table&stairs up lifts 
n/a & the wall & so ya.2 Annabel 
thank you mcd's you almost kiLled 
me late nights cEll phone biLls 
commando the bets public w.o.o.t.p 
thx to the rentaLs& sis. 

Perhaps the clock hands had 
become so tired of going in the 
same direction year after year that 
they had suddenly begun to go the 
opposite way instead. ..or so I wish! 
June is here. High School is over 
and the journey begins. Andrew 
N.(what can I say? Macarena?), Jess 
(Beastfeast!, Saturdays), Tony 
(kneefat, Mcdonalds), Aisha(ril 
wrap ya any time!), Robyn(lunch?!) 
and Aidan'(WHATEV!:) are only a 
few people who have defeated time, 
and made it seem lightning fast. 
French Class, where us 5 bonded 
for two years full of 
(David...!), VrVA "DA $H!1", we 
always will be, and the "Venetian" 
ball. Without M. Stojanovic, Mr. 
Coles, Mr. Parsons and Mrs. Tordon 
I wouldn't be where I am now. 
Thank you. Mr Richardson, you 
taught me so much and to always 
Row Row Row your erg:). Through 
thick and thin we all persevere. 
xoxo BANANA 

Anna Lyon 

Saskatoon, Saskachewan 

December 7, 1982 

Andrew Magnus 
Ottawa, Ontario 
April 10, 1981 

It all began witli the family. I must 
say 'tlnank \ou' to my parents for 
gi\'ing me e\-erv' opportunity', and 
ne\'er holding anvlhing back, and 
thanks to Tanya, the greatest sister I 
could e\'er imagine, for the inspira- 
tion and work ethic. I must mention 
the teachers that ha\'e made Ashbury 
an unforgettable expe-rience: Mr. 
King, Mr. Humphrevs, Mr. MacLean. 
Mr. Montgomery-, Mr. Penton, and 
Mr. Parsons. 

Now for the most important part of 
my years at Ashbur\-: From the very 
beginning and in the end, there is 
David French, mv oldest friend, and 
the one I've grown up with. In Grade 
6, 1 met Tait, and Matt, and manv 
others who would become old 
friends. In Grade 7 came Aidan 
Thompson, the third member and 
there is too much to sav except... 
nothingbut good times. The next six 
years has been a mixture of sports, 
school, and summer. Three years of 
Football, and five years of Rugby, 
and the Lunch Table with all or the 

food times on the picnic tables with 
ait. Drew, Jer S, Brian, Jacob, Dan S, 
and .■\dam. This vear came Prefects, 
responsibilities, Grad Trip, and so 
manv other incredible surprises. 
Thank you all for the great memories, 
it's onl'v going up from here. 

I couldn't wait to leave but now I'm 
not too sure. To all I know in .4shbur\' 
Thanks for making a difference aria 
full of jo\' and colourful in mv life. 
Thanks Mom and Dad-gave rne the 
chance to go to Ashbur\'. 2 yrs in 
boarding was fantashc. Having 
tonnes or fun! I have made lots cff 
friends, leamt lots of stufflKat & 
Lvds — cutest sisters on earth. K — 
Thanks for helping me (!) Wens- 
WTien are you teaching me other 
songs? Rielce, Pros & Cons are all 
inmy head, beach, baby! Sarah & 
Amy, "Go to bed andnot being weird 
after 10." Younger sister, miss 
cooper? Paul-How longdoes it take 
you in a shower? lames, Paul, 
Hiroshi, Kat, Rieke, Wens andjoel-l 
had a great time.. .20 yrs "old' . Oh- 
so-good! Did anyone eatsomesnow? 
SI- days" of our"Ashbur\'"Ufe?JB- 
Hev man, 1 pronoun vourlast name 
right after the trip to Montreal! Thank 
you aU for supporting me! Thank 
you to the following teachers: Mr. & 
Mrs. Holman, (2 eldersisters) Miss 
Gomme & Miss Martel. Students: 
KW, MK, SS, C\T), OR,The Park & 
Mok Won brothers,^ SW&AG- 
Dancing queens?Tim-Thanks for the 
flowers and MB-Love ya. Wish you 
aU have a jn-eatfuture and I'll liiiss 

Rosanna Mak 
Hong Kong 
February 22, 1980 

These last couple of years havebeen 
a hectic time in my life. A lot of 
things ha\e changed, and a lot of 
things have remained the same. It's 
all a matter of perspective. I think 
that in many wavsl have changed 
to meet the new situations and 
obsta-cles that have come before 
me. Sometimes these changes have 
been for the better, and sometimes 
not. Instead of thanking people 
individ-ually, I'd just like to say 
thanks to the family, the crew and 
eversone else who'has helped me 
out along the way. You know who 
you are. 1 also want to thank the 
people of Geneva, Switzerland. The 
best four years of mv life were spent 
with you. The Le'shards, Al and 
Ruf, the rest of the crew. Sarah, 
we've had some unfor-gettable 
Hmes, and some times that we wish 
we jould forget. Finally, I would 
like to thank AOT and OPS, for 
giving me an opportunity to express 
myself in new ways, ways tnat I 
ha'd never imagined possible for 
me. And for the future genera-tions 
reading this, remember that having 
fun has its price, but some things in 
this world are priceless. It's the 
priceless things that we remember, 
and these are the things that make 
or break the man. 

Nicholas McAlister 
Bangkok, Thailand 
March 5, 1982 

Alicia McCarthy 
Ottawa, Ontario 
June 26, 1982 

4 Years Past, Don't Know VNTiere I've 
Been, Where I'm Going But Almost Who 
Am. If I Had My TimeTVgain I'd Do It .All 
The Same-Nessa From Kokl Wood LC I 
then Here, Sisters Cousins GR bo\"' 
ALLIES x3 We Did It Together Like 
Always And Forever To All M\ 
there 4 me-Hermdogs Al Morz'Ejtjkcb 
Stone From Parks 2 Pubs, PCs & Puikys 
We '\e grown like A Mother! Bo\s-\'6u 
can lookbut onl\' sometimes touchThanx 
4 all da LUV' Support Happiness Laughs 
& Tears MEMORIES i will NEVTR 
FORGET u all mean more 2 me than U 
will e\erknowIMustbe] of the Wonders 
Tliomas The Never Ending Story Tlianx 4 
teaching me 2 lu\' Helping Me Take Life 
Less Seriouly Takes a Sfroi"ig Man To 
Stand by a Sfronj^'oman TCX) MUCH 
life IS PURE CRAZINESS 2 the boys Adt 
It A thanx 4 the Exitement GRtlier's still 
time ADt It & lEX thanx 4 making it e\-en 
better OFS,AA - v & b ball CKIT & Du 
girls Rock DR ta kill va Chris HM go ask 
Ardb & Ian m v mentors on & off the court 
2 much 2 fhank4 ALLY Thanx 4 
thanx 4 giving me life MMM not Enough 
words, wa\'s,space, time forme toexpress 
how mucin 1 lu\' U Meg u were the liglit in 
my darkness This 2 shall pass jli^dit 
Your WISHEScome Triie NOl^GRETS 

Holger Mebes 

Thanks to those who made the past 
3 years a great experience. Special 
thanks to M. Kane & family, my 
parents. Chief (cars, pizza, darts, 
clouds, museum & much more), 
Rieke (Du warst immer fijr mich 
da; chilling in Deiner Kiiche; 
Kaffee), Knii & Potti in Germany 
(sorry, das ich so lange nicht da 
war; ftir 1 Jahr zu 3 ins Tron), MAS, 
Reti, Kante (der liegt auch bei 140 
noch gut in der Kurve), the Captain 
( we'llfly together), blonde Franco- 
Turk (McD, Autobalin), Bryan (take 
a walk...). Saint (when r u playing4 
ManU?), Shoulders, Barthman, 
Alex E-W (I know u rbored @ work), 
Hayles, Hair, Prince (en espafiol 
por favor), Paul (cheers & thanx 4 
the noodles), Nick L (guy), Nick K 
(trailer trash), Anna, Rich, Julie, 
Doug, Skung, Aish, Han, Sae, the 
boarding-crew, the red-jackets and 
their master, the soccer guys, the 

frads, C. Tordon, D. Mayer, G. 
homas, BK, EH, Johniiy, the 
Moose, SR, MAP, RJC, SKCG; 1 McK, 
DSx2, RP, WS, LT, SM, Mr. V, AV, 
Craig, the team of DSC Arminia 
Bielefeld & my credit card. 

I considered doing the inside jokes, 
but, 1 have too manv thank yous to 
express. My past few years have 
alternately' been wonderful and 
horrible. For the rtmes I was living 
in an absolute hell, 1 thank many 
people for standing by me. Special 
thanks goes to Mrs. JovVett and Mrs. 
Varley who have been patient and 
caring. Thank you to Tui for all the 
tea and talk time. My3, E.T. and 
Christian thanx for putting up with 
the tears and laughter of a crazy 

firl. Katie and Jamey, you are the 
estest big sister and brother ever! 
I'll see you tomorrow. Kathrvn 
thanx for being there. Dad, I am tVie 
strong person I am because of vou- 
Thanx. Most importantly I thank 
my mom who vv-hen I was in hell 
was right there with me. To 
everyone else, and I do mean 
EVERYONE, thank you and good 
luck! Thanx to anyone who made 
an effort to understand me and 
everyone who accepted me. Be 
good Floopy No. One! To one of my 
nearest and dearest- 1 can't promise 
you marble halls or diamond 
sunbursts, but I love you. 

Krystina Mierins 
Ottawa, Ontario 
January 2, 1982 

Mark E. Mouaikel 
Beirut, Lebanon 
February 25, 1981 

Playa 17 rollin wit 6 figaz-got so 
much ice you can skate ona iigea" 
GS,CR-friendship meter, DJA- 
cut'emup, Kwaku - $$$S$, word to 
RR-Domin blackjack Osguy 
Inderveer/ fitness iCellevG-to the 
sweetesteirl; JES-foxy LK-Lebanon 
remain calm AB-to the best gal TB- 
takeover JS- BOXTOP TS^KB - 
football stars JPstupid 

DYdontmesswit JR-panties Salv- 
mebes- stupid/SVT. Thanks to 
MrGray / Smith for all the football 
tactics and AMEN to the pre game 
speeches (5 years) FOOTBALL was 
the BEST.Merci a M Stojanovich 
meilleur prof. Word to 420 pre- 
homeroom / break / period 4 / 
lunch... Laughing at frosty kids. 
Casino casino wnere's my c-note 
buddy? Could have bough t a couple 
of stupid Porches or Ferrari's,M5's 
(oh yeah, oh veah.. yayayaya) 
instead of tuition stupid' Tnank you 
to all the teachers that stood there, 
I cant remember much but I'm 
ready to go to university. But I'd 
like to take this time to educate 
some people on how certain cars 
are hotter than most ladies. Mebes. 
Thanks again Ashbury for 
maintaining - See you. 

To think that I've been at Ashbury 
since grade 7, time has just gone by. 1 
can still remember when I nrst giit on 
the yellow school bus. Jr. school was 
new in the first year, new faces, new 
setting. Grade o was just getting into 
the "routine". Grade 9, 1 (land n was 
ciuick. Grade 12 was the beginning of 
IB. Grade 13 was the beginning of^he 
end. 1 never really thought about the 
future at all. I'd like to thank all the 
teachers that have helped me. You've 
aU been a guiding light in my journey. 
I'd also like to thank all the friends 
that have supported me. PC, I couldn't 
have finishecl many labs withou t your 
help. NL, always there to help. WK. 
thanks for always being there and 
you're the geiiius. DP, you and your 
bad advice, (you know what I'm 
talking about). BQ, grad trip. . . Thanks 
to anyone that I have forgotten, high 
school can be stressful but you guys 
are one reason to get up and go to 
school everyday. Finally I'd lu<e to 
thank my parents for sending me to 
such a prestigious school ancf giving 
me the opportunity to explore my 
abilities. 1 can never thank you 
enough. My years at Ashbury have 
been the best. I'd like to wish all the 
grads the best_and hope you all will 
nave a_fuLfilltng life. I'd also like to 
wish my best to the next year's grad 

Siu Kei Ng 
Hong Kong 
December 6, 1981 

The right to know is like the right to 
live. It is fundam-ental and 
unconditional in its assumption 
that know-ledge, like life, is a 

Bernard Shaw 

Thank you everyone, Teachers, 
Family and Friends, for inspiring 
me to learn and helping me to 

Here's to 9 years, $163 459.38, 
billiards, Cohibas and P. Morris. 
The people who deserve thanks 
don't need any 

Andrew Nicolson 

Shan Pandher 

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
April 1, 1981 


Han Yi Park 
Seoul, South Korea 
October 17, 1981 

To everyone whom I know: 

Distance between a tree and a tree 
Distance between an island and an island 
Distance between a person and a person 

Everywhere there are distances 

Distance between a fox and a fox 
Distance between a star and a star 
Distance between a heart and heart 

I wanted to go to somewhere no distan- 

No distance between water and a fish 
No distance between sea and a wave 
No distance between a bird and wings 

I will remember you guys, 
who did not have distances. 

poem by HanYi Park 

Thanks to my special Friends: Sae, Dae, 
Soung, Paul, Sang-Hoon, Holger, 
Chinese girls, and Jimmy Chen. Thanks 
to my special teachers: "Mr. Keys, Mrs. 
Kennedy, Mr. Hardie, Mrs. Ford, Ms. 
Carleton, Mr. Coles, and Mrs. Varley. 
Thanks to my special support staffs: Mr. 
Thomas, Mrs. Mayer, Mrs. Noonan, Mrs. 
Valiquette, Mrs. Kane and Ms. Mackay. 
Thanks to all of my boarding family. 

4 years in boarding; memories are 
unforgettable. Thanks to...> Jimbo: 
P#rn star! U r 2 fat! SMW: .friend? Let's blast! DHL: 
threats don't work all the 
time!(wanna keep your secrets? 
fine! I won't write anything about 
'G'^y'. Trust me! By the way, how 
could you work out on only one 
part of your chest?) PC: hey! I'm 
not your 'girlfriend'!! IFI: I'm 
disappointed, friend! You didn't 
call me in Banff! SHL: we're 
graduating!! SEA: enjoy Ashbury 
Fife! WK^ RM, KW^ thank 
HongKong! HP: Brother! Be nice! 
And aon'ttorget 'blood-relation' is 
more important than anything! All 
the best to all of you! Remember: 
"Life is Short. Play Hard." I'd also 
like to thank all the teachers for all 
that I've learned; BK, JK, GA. MW, 
CM, NJ, RC, LF, LD,... and Mrs. 
Mayor. Thanks for always being 
there. Of course Mom & DacT, 
thanks for end less love and support. 
Congratulations graduates! Follow 
your dreams! Godspeed!(..and 
keep in touch.) 

Dream is ... A truth, which through 
our being then doth melt. 
And purifies from self... 
*G.G. Byron, {Clear, Placid Leman!) 

Sae Yi Park 

Seoul, South Korea 

February 23, 1982 

Andrew Parkes 
Ottawa, Ontario 
September 23, 1981 

5 years, Ashburv, manv friends ( AP 
CVDD MS SK MM (smiles), MLX2 
Good teachers (DS RP Doc H. RC 
RV MM (white socks police) GS 
CH), Dominican Trip(Proof 151/ 
luggage cart/Put your nands up in 
the air!) 30 minute block jogs, 
football(bruises) rugby (concus- 
sion) MVL, HQuality school ties, 
""study periods*, "really Sir these 
socks' are grey, they've just been 
bleached white", "Saturday or 
suspension? what r my other 
choices", if I'm here before 1st 
period why am I late?, Ashbury 
logic white' socks & stubble affect 
my learning, TA, Jumbotron, 
scavenger hunt APB Gray 1993 
GMC Cargo Van, 20 people in a 
Van that seats 5, 13 shots in 2 
rrunutes. Mom & Dad thank \ou 
sacri ficing so much for me, GeeGee 
sorry for taking out my stress on u. 
Well that's what 5 year's of Ashbury 
have been tike, now its off to 
University to make a disgustingly 
large amount of money, save tn'e 
world, cure world hung'er, marry a 
Maxim covergirl and conquer all 
that lays aheaa of me. 

How do you sum up 7 years at 
Ashbury in 1000 characters? First 
to my family, thank you for the 
support (and'tuition) remember the 
parkway can be done in 5 minutes 
if needed ! To all my teachers, Junior 
and Senior School, thanks for 
pushing me to better mvself each 
year; special thanks to GHS for 6 
years of theatre; to all the T.A. 

Eeople, past and present, from 
utterfly to Joan, Germany X2, you 
guys are incredible and will always 
hold a specialplace with me Good 
Luck for the tuture! Now for The 
Inside Jokes: To SarahB-The Girl 
On The Bench. Mini-Me U Com- 
plete Me :) ILY, Mmm AglioEOlio 
W/Jaegermeister And They Work 
OK, MuchMunich!! Dan-Will The 
Bruises From Business Ever Heai? 
& Did They Ever Use The Sundial? 
Tim-Fresh'ly Shorn Squirrel On 
Crack Dance SLMcGee Forever! 
ChrisP-Moo? BQ-SP-NC-1 Will 
Never Write A magazine With You 
Again! Jo-Taco Bell At Lunch! Liv- 
Remember NapperTandy's? AW- 
GoElvis! LP-LookBehiridYou & 
CD-Take Care Of Spiny Norman. 
That's it! University awaits.... 

Vanessa Piazza 
Ottawa, Ontario 
July 20, 1982 

Daniel Pereira 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 15, 1981 

When I'm Done I Won't Look Back But 
m Remember Those WTio Counted: 
Lish - from Caramel Popcorn To .^sh 
Without A Clue How We Got 
Here.VVTiatever Path We Took V\'e Did 
It Together &You Never Left Me. 
,\llison - No Matter What, I Lo\-e My 
First Ever Friend & Won 't Forget Herrn . 
Roz, Mart, Chrissv-Prostitute Fights / 
Craz\- Nights You All Have A PieceOf 
MyHeart. Greg - So Do You. Mrs. 
Jowett, Ms.Lewicki, Alexa, Ad, Haley - 
4 My 1 \'ear Here. Adam P - 1 Luv U. 
Theatre - Lee (bikes, cats, Johanna)Ste\-e 
Liv .Aidenjoe & The Rest. Thanx Ou'en. 
Nat GF - V ou Made Me Appreciate The 
Little Things In Life, Thanx For Being 
True. Nlr. Simpson, Thank You For An 
You Have Taught Me In .Acting & Life. 
I Promise I'll make You ProucTTo My 
Mom, I WishWe Could Always Drink 
Tea .And Do The Can Can But I have To 
Go. I will Ne\er Leave For Good. I Luv 
U Dad, Thank you For All You Have 
Done For Me. 1 utU Never Meet Anyone 
Smarter Than You. I Luv U. Lee, I 
Know It's Been Hard .As The Youngest 
& Only Boy. You .Are The Best Brother 
&You'CariDo Anything You PutYour 
Nlind To. To My "Sister And My Best 
Friend, Nobody Will Ever Get It 

I've Been Thinking Too Much. I Just 
Need To Live Now For A little While. 

Venga ring, Pickwicks, Dickens 
burgers w mustard, Hamies, 
Second Cup, coffee straws, Kent, 
Mau, fun night in Alymer, fun night 
in Vanier, LTMonday, Wim, Stanley 
Park bonfires, 'knee thing', 
Miedemas Life Lessons, Grimacing 
Nun, Mr X Mr IS, Mme W-a-L, Dr 
Aqueous Mrs Coppemickel & Sir 
Leopold, a/b titrations, drunken 
sailors dance, operation ST, 
Phantom & Gringoire, Particle 
Man, Stand & BadT'ouch, Majors 
Hill Park, the bench, smike the 
pope, Herschels, dancing 
Christines, Roiiiiiiight, Te suis 
I'ours, computer lab chai r s floor, IB 
physics fun, triskeles, Darcvs, Quo 
Vadis, 3/5, return the slab, rhv bum 
is on the SWEDISH, the MISSION, 
I got a strange disease & a pickle, 
going commando, Altoids, Kocky 
HPS, crack the whip, kicked out of 
chem, little keyboard people, HI 
PAUL!, skirt 'fashions, leather 
jacket. Rubber of Truth & Panda, 
mooching boarder food, briar 
patch, midnight truth or dare. 
Snack Shack. Chris Zed (who has 
my left ventricle), Joel (who has my 
scars), Emile, Nick L&K, Christian, 
Matt H&L, Don, Andrew N & 
Rachel Baby, I love y'all! 

Jonathan Petridis 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 22, 1981 

Well, there goes 7 vea's of my life 
into the Asnburv' Experience. It 
passed as quickly as the '99 SVT 
Contour down the parkway on a 
Frida\' spring afternoon. Shout out 
to the' bovs, (Fook'n the Gan^, the 
(Gauthie'r Crew), (Walker Texes 
Rangers). Walker, you made it 
skippin' as much school as possible 
and getting into the most legal 
trouble, good luck with the 5 iron. 
Spooner, don't put an\' more BMW's 
into trees, or first gear, and no more 
cradle robin'. L\Tich, those taxi's are 
deadly as are (self) employers, Yash, 
I'm surprised I made' it riding 
sidekick in the Jeep, thanks for the 
Roskizic lessons. Curling, what tlie 
heU were we doing. To me teach's. 
Big N4AC, we missed you- RJC, an 
experience to say the least; NJ, opened 
my eyes; and Benoit, for teacliing me 
that 1 never want to know french. 
Commonwealth, the highlight of 
highschool, Emma, for bemg a part 
of^ so much. My parents for 
everv'thing, you are appreciated. 
AND to Henr\- Ford, for making such 
a great car co'mpany! Shout out's to 
e\'eryone else who was there for the 
Casino, 77, ln\' club, RaOy Racing. 
Montreal Max Speed Runs, and all 
around trouble makin's. It's all about 
being self employed. Thanks and 
Good Luck to all.' 

Sarah Penich 

San Diego, California 

June 6, 1982 



7\TS. 1 house run. gr 10 assembly 
reputation, casino runs, Gregatine, an 
1 / alvoops, handshakes, randoi 
mpschu'haaa GW u r the best- maii 
bros, niusionz?! ? shwarma hut! / rugt 
sucks (let it be) SHA! / whoaar 
comers! / ga\'y}'p / spoon / ma 
running away' 7 confrence + / sno" 
bball FlbTBOYZ! whaaa! CM / Sal 
tap, 1 win! / waitboarding,bad endin; 
/ nefemen? / accounting paper / 3x 
base? / MS - thanks! / cream cheese! 
Mr Rice all my love / chicken skratch 
Sony! / spare'? casino? / my 4 \ts. KA 
what to say, ur #1, cool p'arties, gui 
24/7, acid 'music, dancing 2 notriin; 
peeing your pants - luv ya, too bad vi 
never? .Shoulouts: KK, BB, RW,JS,M: 
RD, HG, AB, LK, CC, fAT, OSbrrat 
past grads, many more, you'i 
awesome, not Chinese / no rickits / r 
questions charUe chan AS thanks! be. 
ndgemont 4 me. super soft, lank 
rickits, clouTif eet sizelo =16"? (see JR' 
JESS luv you (see burger king) ice cube 
trinit\'? fhave to go A 100; later X 10 
oumom? atta girl, labrvTith, nice bei 
when? meant Zb. white jerseys, blue 
mrcs. Mom Dad thats au 3, y'ou did i 
ill never forget the sacrifices, mone 
atience, advice, and love. sorr\' to res 

loting = research, jjjp's out,. PS 


Eric Pook 
Carp, Ontario 
January 14, 1981 


Bryan D. Quan 
Ottawa, Ontario 
May 21, 1981 

I must have missed something; 
yesterday is a blur of wasted time, 
and tomorrow is approaching 
much too fast. I won't say thanks 
before I'm swept back into 
anonymity, I'll just say goodbye. 

This is the way the world ends not 
with a bang but a whimper. 
-T.S. Eliot 

After 8 long i/ears its finally time 2 
write this I nave so many memories, 
some bad, but vital in order 2 
appreciate the good. I've been 
planning this 4 years but now when 
It comes time 2 write, I'm, at a blank 
How can I give justice 2 those that 1 
paper? Jon vour my oldest friend 
and there is iio 1 1 would rather have 
hold that title What Im 1 going 2 do 
without you in Univ Dr Bev Crusher 
- ups and downs / from your 
mistakes I've learned / never' stop 
laughing. AZ, SP - sorry u euvs were 
notin mvl ''cartoon Goodmck! Scott 
C - just Dtw u and me, u pretend not 
to care but I know u cio. Ronnie and 
Michelle u 2 made this year full of 
laughs - thanx. Sheila - its never too 
late 2 intwerview him RS, KW - 
you're the best Lydia - my jacket is 
always buttoned up MS many rides 
thanx Mrs. Jowett your teaching gave 
me the option of looking through a 
new door in life, it scares me when I 
think what it would be like leaving 
without your teachings Ameer U r 
an awesome bro (I'm always here 4 
u) Mrs Varlev thank u 4 caring and 
encouraging Of course my parents - 
4 only wanting me 2 have the best 1 
luv LT . Many friends made - too many 
lost, but the impact they have on me 
will last a lifetime. 

Omid Razavi 
Ottawa, Ontario 
August 11, 1982 

GRADE 10 funkmasta jd sahnga, DK - 
found the list (oops), the year I 
discovered / forgot hull, a man to bone, 
GRADE 11 ? GRADE 1 2 old boys, TK / 
AK / DI / TB, stoop, TS - last time I saw 
vou =_grade 12, hot cars / fast women, 
DIETZ^- that is real big! 2 yrs, the 45 
mins, if I had a nickel per argument = $, 
no regrets, GRADE 13 useless? JER - 
what if we had? AL - July 1 projectile 
vomiting, CC -1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4, rough 
times?JR-bath;camp jobs not realjoDs, 
JF - sha, casino, stay the nite! RD - 
mexican cowboy? "its all genetic" MM 
-oacbully,IONP- it only took 2daysvs 
2 vears, im better, drink? heres a urinal, 
destiny, funny face / neat, 2 centipedes 
making out, you like me? I like that 
movie / food / idea / joke too,iinx, 
maybe someday jon, with a few drinks 
in me, it is too big - ps. dont ever be a 
stranger, SA - middie man, LEE - nice 
sack (football), GW - 111 call, lOU's you 
helped along the way = DUGGAN / 
teach, PARENTS - blindly gave care, 
trust, money, love, kin.'SHAWN / 
RYAN - real men, hotHe, B56, 1 promise 
I wont ever tell, LAST CALLS you 
suckers going to chapel next year, lG - 
1+1+1 = 3, CN- ideal nickname, RyAN 
- tribute to ashbury's destructive 
rumors: keep to your own, LB / SEW / 
JK - get taller, now stoop's yours — Im 
runnmg out of roo 

Jessie Reynolds 
Kingston, Ontario 
June 13, 1981 

Drew Robinson 

Seven years. From 7S to 5N, from 
Pear to Drewbles. Thanks to: Jacob 
for being a true friend from RPC to 
Ashbury / Jer for staying in Canada, 
and for bur after school activities/ 
Dan for ditching us/ MattS for 
always having something funny to 
say/ MA for not ever giving me 
those shirts/ AM for being Bob 
Marley/ MLyman for listening/ IP 
for taking rriy mase CD/ DK for 
keeping me from actually working/ 
AT for the constant health tips/ 
MikeS for Gr. 10/ DY for not 
knowing your own strength/ LG 
for being the best roomie/ DP fcir 
letting me beat you in the 
interhouse run/ DF for being a 
friend since Gr. 1/ GS for vour 
company during mv spares/ AY 
for semi/ BROOKS! n/ TS for 
keeping high school interesting/ 
Pogo/ the Gr. 11 crew/ and 
Natasha So for everything you have 
done for me since' we first met,I 
will never forget you. Also... CR EP 
TW KB AP. Special thanks to my 
parents and siblings. Skip you got a 
lot of work to do next year... do it. 
Good luck to everyone... see you in 
ten years. 

Justin Rocheleau 
Whichita, Kansas 
May 12, 1981 

7 years gone/ to my family and God i 
vvouldnT have made it without vou and 
iloveyou;nanny and grandma you're the 
best; anthony don' t screw around : K weku 
mbnu keepnittin the weights you'rehige, 
Eric you liaven't heard the last from me, 
Greeit's all about the hamburgers; Raj 
and Umar you are tlie true dogs; Larissa 
and Jen cannot be explained; Nelley=l + 
Vi of + '/2 of + middle of the sea + middle 
of the sun: Alicia you're too much like me; 
Jon it's all about snow-ball; Jessie it's all 
about the bath: Nepean boys don'tget in 
trouble vidth the law- Chns "delinous"' 
Ericp 5oo pounds; MrsK abd MrshH 
you're the best/ to all the aite girls i 
missed i luv ya all/ party crasning/ 
Rolands/OC/ we'll bebackpromise/Q- 
dots liquor mixes/ snakes in the grass/ 
Saturday DT's/ casino/ 5"12/ you're a 
good sriowboarder/ pukimon/ OAC/ 
Denny's/ why does your mom me/ 94 
jeep/ rickets/ I'x-e got'a date mom q-dot/ 
always and forever/ the rain/ hockey is 
my hfe/ lacrosse/ i can't believe i got 
arrested/ Michigan/ la boom/ birds/ 
charUe/ bones/ lemon/ Do not follow 
where the path may lead. Go instead 
where there is no path, and leave a trail... 
on that note you become memories and 
I'm looking forward towards my path. 
Peace andTove to all that deserve it... 
Juice 2000. 

It's all about killing the chickens 
and hanging penguins. Speaking 
of which Wencly you're turning into 
a penguin stop it. Rieke want some 
coffee? Joel stop whistling. James 
you too, and cut the hair. Mike it 
was a good year, had too much fun 
with those pretty little flowers. Kim 
don't scream. Christian look up, 
don't worry about where the 
arrows lead. Aly any planes crash 
recently? Home move away the 
tree's attacking. Ronnette pass the 
donuts. COMP LAB CREW Forget 
the chairs, we need a couch. There's 
a birdie, too late. Turn over. Testing 
gravity. Do I have a spare now? It's 
raining pennies from heaven. 
People tripping over the line. The 
tiles are individually laid by 
Italians. BOARDING c-c-cheerios. 
It was lightning. It's illegal. Endless 
card games. Who's worse? SM and 
SG you're awesome. Thanks to all 
my teachers and my parents. And 
ofcourse there's my sis - you're the 
best. A piece of advice never eat 
plastic buttons, they don't taste 
good. So long and thanks for all the 

Katrina Rogers-Stewart 
Ottawa, Canada 
May 27, 1983 

Lydia Rogers-Stewart 
Manotick, Ontario 
October 12, 1981 

FREEDOM. 4 vrs~where 2 begin 
w/all the madness? (mosth- K's 
fault) colonies of PEnguins ir\ our 
Room, plaStic bugs on the cEiling 
& a flvin^ purplecat. SYN~leMons. 
Alex',]-L6£H~2 many amazing 
moments that Im haPpy we shaRea 
togEther. S's-vve had good timEs, 
difficult times & all the words 1 
have 2 sav r writteN elsewhere. 
CZ~follow ur leprechauns beyond 
the rainbow (I wont stab u'w/a 
plastic fork) MH~"Im dead" I will 
get ur things 1 day, RC~e\ery night 
of last vear...' "c-c-cheerios", 
OR~Gold'fish & lightbulbs, MB~no 
more chasing after invisible pple 
w/ invisible guns (u2K!) Thanks 2 
DA,]B,SG&S| 4 making this stav 
mOre inteResting. ThaiMks 2 N'J, 
MAV & JK 4 ever\-thing. Katrina, 
vOure the best sister in the world; 
stop hitting me ur killing the few 
bram cells 1 have left. Emile, you 
ga\e me a world filled w/ 
happiness, thank-vou for always 
bemg there for me & putting a smile 
on my face. Dadcly & Mother, 
Thank-You \ery much for altering 
your lives to make mine better. So 
long & thanks 4 all the fish. 

Props go to each of the following 
events (etc.) for making ashbury 
fun. Exxposure (I want it!), Fooz + 
the jokes with it, Gino-bald b4 your 
time, Stubbs-silent sprinter/polar 
bear-represent, Froot of the 
loommate-life w/ you was a 
pleasure (literally), Yanni 

(haha...NO), Joel = perma-rival, 
Rambo, Pre-my hero, running- 
peacetime, Gibd... classic, Toebee- 
ur stench will remain. But I had 
senioority, OFSAA 99, bubbles, 
cheeks, manoquins. The Turbo, 
Thanxxx to he who spread the 
"Robo" rumor(p.s. its not a rumor), 
mont ste. anne = The Tops, Jake- 
sweet sassy malassv! Pook-Is that a 
Ford Ragu? lastlau'gh = mine, The 
Truth is out there, plue angels,b- 
dav wedgies(Hook him! malce em 
squeal), picnic hump, chapel pix, 
howdy to country girl heather, 
playmate = fun night + story (jonny, 
can'dvcane), love to my flo-ridas 
Big d and Benji, Jimmy-lights out! 
I blew a Fooz!(GS), a'ssgnat-salsa 
deli\'ery! word to my bros on the 
flats (you know who'vou are), and 
friends (NS, GVV, DY, RD, Sin), 
sarah-I wont forget the fun we've 
had. Robo signing out. 

David Roulstoi\ 
Panama City, Florida 
April 22, 1982 

shoutouts to: first and foremost 
soubliere who was there from the 
first second I walked into Ashbury. 
the "gauthier" crew Matt: for 
weekends of networking games 
and doing jack ish and Fla, Nick for 
being close by and making us laugh 
with his various ideas and random 
thoughts, Pook and Geoff will 
always be too manly to stop 
feuding. Ronette the only one left 
standing with me but still getting 
in trouble (boarding doesn't help), 
Fabrice for being one of the funniest 
people I've ever met, Rob and 
Gabby. My bro's crew Pete, Max, 
E.T., Sharp. Special shout to Sacha. 
Although many people dislike this 
inst'Hition and want to leave 1 am 
thankful that my parents ha\ e sent 
me here because I've had the best 
times of my life while being at 
Ashbury, Spain, France, St. Anne, 
Tremblant, / 7 missions and finally 
Dominican Republic which was the 
best trip of my life so far, no 
segregation just everyone having a 
good time and finally "put it in tne 
AIR"and finally "put it in the AIR" 

Charles Roy 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 17, 1981 

Christopher Ruddy 
Toronto, Canada 
May 24, 1981 

Long time, and I am spent! 5 to 13 
minus one for the year at SRB. AJC 
best friends. What else can I say, 
but Put Your Hands Up in the Air. 
"Mr. Frewer, I love your work" 
with a 7:40 :40 . Monday Tuesday 
Wednesday Thursday Friday, 
whatcha dofng tonite, 94 and chillin 
on the porch. GS. Spare.. CASINO 
anyone? JonP, just bet another 50 
you'll do fine. CHRAVE line with 
most fouls/min..goin to NBA. 10 
am shooters anyone? DK / AT took 
that offer. Hey lifers who do you 
wanna be like? Playin sockie and 
killerhack. DK you wanna another 
progee? AP, JH, KL, LW love you 
guys, No, really Officer, the dirt is 
comfy to lie on. Wait a sec you 
don't got long blond hair... Damn 
black Jell-O. tequila'99 . Charles, 
none of that stuff^in the room tonite. 
And to the rest of you guys for all 
the good times and'other rnemories 
thanks, though we gotta be the most 
"mature" class ever, I wouldn't 
want it any other way. Beach 

LuV ya all! Keep in touch 

Raj Ruparelia 
Manotick, Ontario 
November 28, 1981 

The following events in no 
particular order made 9 years at 
Ashburv quite enjoyable: 1"' thanx 
family + God. 2ndry, all the boyz 
who Twill always remember: Bon'ar 
[D| Munes, MC Yas, hairflicks, 
mp3z, Omey] Greig (&Rick(my 
favorite Sep) +Nancv, nigh jump, 
woman-driver, burn-sandwich, 
pillzbury, spaced-out, Rictu, 
Sunjeet, Bunch of trdz] Fadia, Monu 
[m\- b.f., hey badu, Indo, Winners, 
tinlcie, chirnichengaz, hotdogz] 
Kwek [kochi, bigjig, oatmeal, fists 
of fur\] Anil [sour-cream, thugged 
out, shopping at GS's] .Alycat^my 
seatbelt] Salvo [fast walking in 
ManotickX 80's corn] Roddev 
[fajita] Jon [Basil+Tommy shirl, 
Geeip!semi-rormal in the trees] 
Mookie [banana chucking] Justin 
[\o, u speak Swahili] OG [hit&run] 
Erik [D-low] Dave [lop-sided, 
sleeping in laundry, metigri] & Im 
just a plant, bleeding to death 
during trench exam, oh mer, mebes, 
frida\' workouts, harrassment, 
duo ish, dirty, chew'y. Thanks 
teachers who made a difference RP 
& RV. Peace 2 grads of '00. In 
conclusion-Good times had by all. 

It's been a good 7 (?!) years and 1 will 
always lookback with fond memories. 
I'm p'roud to be a part of such a great 
class. Now on to the best stuff: Matt L.'s 
airplane mags, all male Eng. class in gr. 
9, chipwagon with JF: Hot enough for 
ya? Head'nod to Ion P, Drew (gr.lO), 
i-iding witli the boys at Camp Fortune 
& sk8 park, working @ the.G.AP, St. 
Anne in gr. 1 1 , Honda vs. leaf piles, the 
"Sines the Hits" lists crew (CTRL + 
ALr+ DELicious). France 98: Best 
summer. World Cup madness in Paris, 
Scowler, I was chased bv pimps, night 
time misdiief, ladv pirate bartender, 
Snorton: My Captam Canada, Li\ 's 
photo shoot! SN's cottage: Flintbones, 
mice & Mike P- Window Sniper & my 
Michigan bro. 77. Tremblant with BB & 
MP (u gu\ s rule). Dominican: fun on 
the dance floor at Pacha, Put Your 
HandsUp In the AIR, Les from London, 
4 Wnieehn' (5 Star Fun, 1 Star Safet\' 
Standards) & ML. Mom & Dad, thanks 
for support: couldn't ha\e done it 
without u. I greatly appreciate 
e\'er\'thing u ha\e gi\'en me. Kate. 1 
knovV \ou 11 make me proud. Tlianks 
to e\er\'one who made me laugh and 
made filings so much fun along the 
way. Esp. iftP, BB, SN, ML, CB, IF; DK, 
JP/AB, DY, MS, Di'. KB, (3R, DR, 
Writer's Craft 8, Mrs. J., Mr. P (best 
homeroom, 3 years). Keep in touch. Oh 

Michael J.J. Sallot 
Edmonton, Alberta 
July 29, 1981 

'Matthew Salvatore 
Carp, Ontario 
JDecemberlO, 1981 

Some of you I know, others I do 
not. Some of you I've met and 
forgotten, but pretend to remember. 
Others I will never meet. For those 
of you I do know, you made my 
four years at Ashbury memorable. 
Shauna: taco, burrito, potato. Dave: 
Lopsided nipple. Raj: Gypsy Rose 
forever. Jon: Carleton U business 
conference (+++). Greg: May 1 have 
a word with you? Fatty: We are 
singing the 'Small Things'. Bones? 
Jacob: March break '99 (Airplane 
phobia) Drew: Casino at 11am? 
Mom&Dad&DAvid&Rokky, thank 
you for your love and support. 
RANDOM NOTES: "Here kitty!". 
Ford Contour SVT, Bluei, MrC's 
New Year's '98, Jamming, Sings 
the hits, Florida, DMBx2, Coffee 
House (White Jerseys-RB) Casino 
(Horseracing), SC=Lazy, RPC '99. 
"Gotcha, suckas!" 

So much has happened in the past 

5 yrs. The last 2 have been esp. 
tough b/w IB & biweekly trips to 
TO & there are so many ppl to 
thank for their impact' on my 

6 Coffee)... All my teachers esp. 
WES RP MW PC CM & GRV for the 
dvpment of my knowledge & 
character. My friends for being my 
support system (listening to me 
complain about work & injuries & 
engaging me in useless pastimes- 
throwing coins/trying to get that 
darn shnky down the stairs) 1 
couldn't possibly name you all in 
<1000. Mrs. CT & Mrs. Mayer for 
vour dedication & support. Mr. 
Thomas & Mr. Penton for believing 
in me & giving me the opportunity 
to make the most of myself. Morn, 
Dad, Priya & Marc for teaching me 
confidence & determination, un- 
derstanding me, & making me 
believe I can accomplish anvtning. 
My coach & team VC brotliers & 
sisters for inspiring me, enhancing 
my spirit & taxing me well above & 
beyond what 1 considered to be my 
limits. Most importantly, I thank 
God for giving me strength to 
achieve my "Impossible Dreams". 

Shovana Sen 
Ottawa, Ontario 
December 4, 1981 

9 long years. guy! Thanks to the 
following KK-hey look its kwaku 

cochie/ bignigs/ penda come hia/ 

foing to the infirmary must of sucked. 
irLk\' and Tooter my two ridiculous 

fobys aka burnt peperonis and pot 
roast, you have made Jyoshna, 
Rupinder and Shiva proud AP you 
were here inspirit.. .punty.JP/vigita/ 
dragonball Z/ Chinese disease/ my 
head was dunked on. MS-can I have a 
word with you 2 outside. CR-94% 
cookiedoe, you da man, KL-HELLO!! 
It was fun ace. JR-Juice/ stairmaster/ 
eat the carrotcake, it's fresh. DK/ 
rnilo/ Vicky's legs... jump ball? AM- 
bad spare?? MM-guy don't make me 
come over there. Robo-fuzz4LLfe. OS- 
bonehigginit. JF-DS?? MEATBALLS. 
Taco and burrito- mv two Pancho 
viUas, DJA AS, JR, NL, KG NK,JB, 
NC, Good luck next year to fresh, SO, 
WW,CM AR, AY, thug, The hotboyz- 
drop it like it's hot ffeat. Choclair & 
Chris M. (whaaaat)], To the under- 
ground people Basle, Goo, Mebes, 
megamath. jyoshna, jumungi, 
beached whale, egon, pastemasfer 
2000, chunkmastertlex, uglynasty.I 
love you all. To Larissa-thanks so 
much for making every day worth 
while, please donl ever change. Good 
times were had by all and some (my 
line tooter). Put a fork in me cause I'm 
done. Ricto is out. 

Gregory Seppala 
October 11, 1981 
Nepean, Ontario 

Omar Sheikh 
Ottawa, Ontario 
September 5, 1981 

"Life is a journey, not a destination/ 
enjoy the moment"-RP. Thx to 
everybociy who made my 7 years at 
Ashbury 'memorable. ''95 (4847) :"u 
know w'hat they say about people who 
have the same humbers"BF4Eva/ 
pagers.)/ Denny's/ 5am/ Traitor/ 
§44'6546*63*8/ 939. Shoutouts: Q: 2nd 
home/ Moonwalker MV r & b/ BM/ 
Chckn Burgers/ ICQ Freestyles; 
COJO:EB/ Mista Mounir/ Rm503: 
lNDO:Hip Hop Flavas 4 Life/ 702/ 
INDY 5007 Nufrigrains; BABU: Blake s 
closet (bday-beafs)/ moochin (Fridge 
Raidin)/ My Eyes/ mebes/ shut up/ 
nneiiaa (eood times) ; STRIPES:lt's Ur 
Mom/ IPs/ Bonars; SALVO:?; 
MARCO: guy / assembly / Cloggin The 
Artery; Alfred: word, keep readin/ 
Manlevs Table; OG: Mr Power/ 'there 
was a 'sniper rili'/ FP/ fire crackers; 
JON:Half Man Half Chin/ haircuts; 
ANIL: PureTug; Juice:"Owner Of The 
Stoop"; TACO: rowdy, bus-a-bus; 
K'V'fc:Meaningful 'Talks thx; 
LARA:fives/ Rn^m Spazzes; STEPH: 
hues; DAIFUD: lop-sided; DJHYBRID 
& CANNON (RndmVisits) ; JAVEX 
(aye Kenyan, Long Walks, Deport Dem) 
;T1NKIE& tOOTER:Tru Puiiiabs; RV 
& LLmade life easier THX. RP: can't 
thank U enuf/ taught me more about 
life than U could ever imagine/ eternal 
gratitude. Bros: Same Walls My 

iva DONE & DONEL8es 

4y Boyz 4 

Tait Simpson 

My Memory Is Muddy. 8 Years. Jr 
School- Op-time football, 8P, Monty's 
English, Mr.King's history+ I was a 
Monitor. Welcome to High School Little 
One. 9- WR-the new kid from Goiizaea? 
He'stoo raw.Jr BB, Benefits From 'The 
Program Hugh, Tay, Tom Adding 
Class. Back side of IVlassif.Legifimate 
girl Japan-10>13 The Rock, Square, 
Pavilions, Malhotra's, SOyrdline, 
Dylan's, Stoop, UCC hockev. The 
Mansion Senior Football - 20-5in'3 years 
at QB-AA City Champs. Lisgarboys 
AND girls! To Those Wno Came Before 
Me,Tlianks For TeachingMe How It 
Was done.Brian&Dan,T"om.K You 
Bring The Sfick,IerD The Tour's Friday 
Lunch Crew>]ake Gets The Girl, 
Drewbles My Apologies, Magnus & 
French True 'Friends, Showtime Take 
YourSkates OFF & Let's Roll., Glinski's 
Business Baby Real Thanks To-Dani 
For Being My Conscience, AEW, JR, 
AY & Alicia For Partyine Harder Than 
Da Boys, Lee You'll Be My TE forever, 
Bresolin For Having The Best Takes 
POD. Jer & Marc ForHoldin' It Down. 
To Stu I Leave You The Program. Greg 
1 Leave You The Girls, Guilbaultl Leave 
You Friday Night &James 1 leave You 
In Charge Thanks Mr. Holman & Mr. 
Penton Tor Having Faith In Me & 
Mr.Grey & Mr.Sniith For Giving Me 
The Opportunity .To All Those Who 
Say Otnerwise, High school WAS the 

To all the boys, you guys are the 
best. Craig keep up the good work. 
Drew, you're soft, but still the man. 
Lee try not to run into gates. 
Original pimp, mark. Tait, work 
that QB angle harder. Jacob, ill see 
you in the other world. Adam, put 
on a show for us. Andrew, see you 
at lunch. Girls, you ha ve a tendancy 
to drive me crazy, but i still love 
you.Im out. no love: Alexa. 

Jeremy Soloway 


Nicholas Spooner 
Ottawa, Ontario 
August 14, 1981 

Thanks Mom Thanks Jeff Thanks 
Grandma Thanks Grandad 
Thanks Grampa Spike Thanks Betts' 
Tlianks Stephanie Thanks Snooker 
Thanks Sam. Thank You Everyone 
for vour sacrifices and I'll rhake 
vou' proud. Now what's up boys. 
Matt Taxi Target, the car pool's 
been great SPF. Eric SVT, Molly go 
dump. Geoff Geaves SAT, sorry 
about the hood I never saw the tree 
coming. Charles French, seen ariy 
fat people. Dave Robo, Geebo SVT 
vandal. Steph, Mommv where? 
How about the CalabogieBike Trip. 
ATVing was a blast, 2 wheel 
Walker. As if Geoff drives a Beemer. 
Matt will alwavs be the computer 
God. Charles arid Mountain Biking, 
Matt and SkateBoarding. Spartans 
(Nadia) is the DEVIL. How did any 
of use get our Drivers License (we 
don't aeser\-e them). What's up 
with Mrs. Jowett's English class, it 
was crazv. Da\e, What is a 
Spaghetti T3ridge. Who wants a 
Bullet Bike. Walker don't stop 
eating and keep going to the gvm. 
Ski Hill fights with the Punches. 
Stephanie don't ever change. 
You're the sweetest. Later Boss. 

Three years here definitely changed 
me, those in\'olved T will be 
thanking forever. Subuhi its only 
been a vear but vou have managed 
to touch mv life in so many ways. 
Christine Herschal says it all Claire 
you were alwavs the're and never 
lost faith in me. Fred Pepper = Pepe 
Le Peu. Amv: kidney Beans and 
bread balls. Sean vou just know. 
You brought meaning to mv life 
and helped me see through the'niist. 
Tliank vou for just being there. You 
know vou hold that special place. 
Matt thank you for making my 
dreams come true and giving me 
the time. There are no words just 
thoughts. The memories we know, 
1 wilrhold them for eternitv. Pepe, 
vou know who vou are. Close vour 
eyes spread your wines and fly 
into the distance. 1 wilrwave yoii 
off but never say goodbve. You 
saved mv life by puMing rrie out of 
the swirling waters and now it is 
my turn to set you free now that 
your wings are' fixed. Thank you 
tor never giving up. 1 will ne'\er 
forget you for you truly are the 
most special person and greatest 
friend anyone could have. 1 will 
always be in debt to you for the 
greatest gifts of all mv happiness 
and life, sweets. Memories will 
always stay close to ones heart. 

Annabel Springfield 


October 3, 1982 

I used to be a short little kid in a green 
blazer with squarenesses. Popsicle 
sHck hockey, St. Donat, camping, 
skiving, soclceN' Japan. Times na\'e 
changed. I had a goatee in grade 
nine.Then 1 was tola to sha\e it off. 
After 4 years of intense Rec. Hockey, 
a contract dispute forced me to miss 
aU but one game in my final vear. 
Cheers to mv fellow Jellicles wTiom 
I've shared these 9 vears with: Earl of 
Chicken, Little Sheep, Slinky Boy, 
Ma Fwend, Penguin, Sire, Son of 
Nic, Taekwondo girL Bonus (Word: 
keep on readin), Raju, Garchia, 
Tamieson, Cirrus, Frenchie, lonson. 
Kc, vou Hllin me right? Ooh \eah. 
What is joke? To those who taught 
and helped me alone the way: RP, 
SKCG, PM, JM LT, Big Mac, CT, 
Mrs. Mayer, and Mr. Mistofeles. Mr. 
Thomas:' vou are a true legend. Best 
of luck fo the rapidly increasing 
Ismaili crew. Shak: hope'vou get some 
gamiis. To m\- lunch table: Keep it 
real. Little sis'Zenah: you are cool; 
good luck. To mv parents: Thanks 
for always being there for me and for 

Bushing'me to tne limit. It'sbeen fun. 
irink orange juice out a champagne 
§lass. Watch out for fermenting soft 
rinks in the chem. lab. The wheel is 
come full circle. Hasta luego 

Alykhan Surani 
Ottawa, Ontario 
October 7, 1981 

Adam Taggart 
Glebe, Ontario 
August 7, 1980 

Well, Well, Well, the end of this 
road had finally come, and to sum 
up the past seven years in a couple 
of sentences would be impossible 
Through the last 2555 days, 16 30C 
hours I must say " It has been fun!!' 
To all those that have had an impaci 
on my life, you know who yot 

are Thanx!! And to my morr 

and dad, thanks for pushing me tc 
go... It was the best move of my life 

"I drink for memories, and 1 drank 
to forget — 

— Canada Rocks! 


Michelle Taggart 
Ottawa, Ontario 
May 30, 1981 

"Big wheel turns and you can't slow 
down.You can't let go and you can't 
hold on.You can't go back and vou 
can't stand stiir'-Jerrv Garcia-Tor 
all those with whofn I've been 
turning, M & D-my rocks, I've 
learned so much frorn your ways & 
wisdom. A&M-my si'sters, I love 
vou. NP-mv fun', many wickid 
memories. NGF-mv laughter, never 
lose your fascination. AB-my 
song,y'ou will always have and bea 
part of me. -AS-mv 'wisdom, words 
really can't sa'v.HG-m\' best 
friend, my affection, trust and 
respect for you is greater than 
words. We've been through it all & 
I love you more each day.l will 
always remember... all the 
laugh's:IP, AT, NP, HG, NGF, DC, 
AS OR. inspiration:NJ, AS, HG, 
KS, GHS, TL, MGL.friendship:CB, 
MGL, OR, TL, TB, DJA&.AOf , BB, 
JP.GR, AM, LS, KL.exploration: AB, 

firls, theatre, road trips, MSM New 
ears, RIDING!, reggae 
crewYESiCB, SO, SW. To all tliose 
whose paths ha\e crossed my own: 
"The best thing you've ever done 
for me was to help me take my life 
less seriously. It s only life 'after 
aH"-Indigo Girls-Peace' 

When 1 was in grade 10, Mrs. 
Kennedy said, "Aiaan, these really 
are the Tjest vears of vour life."T 
would reallvlike to tliink tliat she 
was \s rong.' Howe\'er, despite the 
hopeful existence or something 
better, the last 7 vears ha\ e been 
great, and 1 ha\'e'many people to 
thank for that. In no particular order: 
Tlnanks to this year's Ne\\' House 
prefects, and to all m v cast mates and 
teammates o\er the \ears. Special 
thanks to: The one giiv We never 
doubted in 7 vears - bur Captain 
Andrew Magn'us, Da\-e French, the 
most selfless person 1 know Andrew 
the Britt, the brotlner 1 ne\er wanted 
Ke\in Massie, Schumac, Knobs, The 
Kid Sarah A - veah, and alwavs veah, 
Dann\' - Excellent as alwavs'Ja'mes - 
I can't thank vou enough,^, Mike P - 
Keep it on the'up-swing, Ste\e, Anna, 
Alvm, Owen - Vegas,li)abv... Vegas, 
Th'e Rube - Thanks for being there, 
Greg Simpson - Thank \ou for always 
being my rriend first, arid my director 
second,' MRM -Tlnanks for making 
mv job easy. MAP - It's all good, 
GRV, NJ, LL, kP, MHP, VT), ?U, AN, 
RJC. And finally mv parents for their 
lo\e and suppo'rt. "Life moxes prettv- 
fast. If vou cion't stop and lookaround 
once ih a while, vou might miss it." 
Ma ft Broderick sa'id that, and I believe 
him. Enough said. 

Aidan Alan Thompson 
Toronto, Ontario 
Decmber 16, 1981 


Rieke Tinneberg 
Kiel, Germany 
October 28, 1980 

It is still snowing outside: April 9th. 
I'm sitting here in the Backpackers 
Inn and enjoy my weekend-off from 
boarding life. 3 years of boarding 
needs a break once in a while, 
although it was a lot of fun. 1 don't 
want to 

miss the memories I have! Wendy 
who is THE roommate for me, Ka trin'a 
who is my dear crazy Penguin- 
FanaHc, Rdsartna who takes care of 
everybody else, James who is pretty 
enough, when dressed up as a girl^ to 
make girls jealous but other wise is a 
very handsome guy and a lot of fun to 
be with, Joel whom I went upstairs 
with and had sex on the beach, Holger 
who probably still remembers what i 
said about my 20"' birthday in Eatons, 
Paul who provided an Interesting 
Soap-Opera for Joel and I, Aaron who 
took me to a ball and kept Katrina 
and I busy in A&G with the paper 
thingy, Ian who loved James' Rubber- 
Ducky, and Tina the little sheep. 
Everyone turned Ashburv intoa great 
time with lots and lots of crazy stuff. 
That weekend in Montreal was 
awesome, Tina, and brought happy 
months and new friendships with it 
(right?), some more close than others 
and some very close. I love you all 
(those included in ALL will ce'rtainly 
know!) ! 1 want to thank you for a 
splendid time. I will never forget you! 

So long and thanks for all the 

Christian van der Does 
Jacksonville, Florida 
December 29, 1981 

I would like to thank the following: 
mom, dad and sis love you guys, IViy 
bigbrotherYashLn,many good time's 
with you buddy?? ("can Iget ride to 
civic \'entre my brotha' is playin' 
hockey"), I love you man!!!!'! Slats, 
you taught me confidence. RK for 
the good times, like going to bed 
when the newspaper arrives. My 
tutor EP, MM, N5 for the Gold Pen 
IP for causing me to gamble. Nick all 
1 have to say is "Stake Out" and 245 
km/h. Thanks, Backstreet. KK. CR, 
BK (love ya) all good times. CM 
domestic aisjjutes. LK and KG you 
girlsare great. Paula you'remy super 
model. Of course my sis becaiise 1 
had to recruit DY to Ret rid of the 
boys. The bike trip, Mtint Ste Anne. 
Fridays, Saturdays, always good 
times. Who can forget the the 
Counihan Clan versus the Punjabs. 
Rally racing with "lank", also taught 
me to standard. And who can forget 
the infamous Tomato sauce, Mr. 
Roulston!!!! The 

good times off grounds at Pita Pit, 
IvIcDonalds, always healthy lunches. 
All the teachers thanks; Rt you da 
man. Always a good time at Ashbury, 
and good memories thanks to 
everyone especially the boys, you 
know who you are. Good times, Geoff 
Walkera.k.a. (Walker Texas Ranger) 

Geoffrey Walker 
Montreal, Quebec 
February 7, 1981 

Tim Wilson 

When I arrived at Ashbury five 
loooooooooooooong years ago, 
who would have thought that I'd 
actually survive to graduate? Not 
me, that's for sure, but here I am 
anyways. The intervening years 
haven't always been fun, but 
they've been unforgettable. Some 
things 1 can't wait to forget; others, 
I hope stay with me forever. Now, 
traditional incomprehensible 
messages: to the boss, GHS, thanks 
for letting me be a part of something 
so fun and rewarding. To all the 
Theatre-rats, thanks for the 
memories, most of which will 
require elctroshock to forget. To 
AP, never stop being yourself, but 
if you have to become someone 
new, be someone with an ounce of 
decency :>) To the original squirrel 
on crack, thanks for being there 
even if you couldn't be more. To 
much too many mention, thank you 
for giving me a chance to be myself, 
and for putting up with said self. 
Here's to the memories! 

Robyn Wiltshire 
Orleans, Ontario 
July 24, 1981 


Psst, Ian has Herpes !Tor, we were 
the best team o'giggling idiots to 
hit these halls, or be stuck in a 
dinghy, thanks for a friendship that 
I wiU'never forget. The last five 
years have left me with many 
memories & life's little lessons, time 
to sum it up. The value of working 
hard was a Dig one, which I learned 
partly from my teachers, partly 
from my experiences in Theatre 
Ashbury but mostly from my 
parents. A Humungous thanks 2 
he best Mom& Dad ever, who 
worked very hard to give me this 
opportunity', I love u. When it comes 
to memories I ha ve a million, thanks 
to the following people: gr. 9 (Tor, 
Meg, Abon) + Ciance (semi- 
permiable) + Ice Storm Girls (B- 
Kock bore a child) + 
OrleansChiquitaBananas and our 
hardcore sidekicks -f RPC98- 99:TG, 
LS, JP, TM (u girls r the best), JB, 
PW, WR+Bucky, Beavie&Dan 
Smith = a hyped Ixlew Years 2000 + 
Nattie!, Anna (Lunch?) AD, AB, 
IF, HG (superman fan club) + my 
little (taller) sidekick, Kelly,luv ya. 
Finally 2 Scott, my partner in crime, 
I belie've that fate led me to you. I 
love u, ya big jerk, 1 always will. To 
the whole class of^2000. Thanks & I 
wish the best 4 everyone! 

Special Thanx to-First, mah only one 
brother, Sangmok. I love ya, dude- 
(plz. give back mah money...) Mom & 
Uaady, I never can forget your 
supportto me and everything- T love 
ya- and all Korean prides! ! ! Zerc, West 
Side Steve, Park brothers( let me borrow 
your thing withnopressureplz...),Paul- 
Thanx for the food you gave to me. 
Jimmy, plz stop reading and watching 
'P#$'Xi$ every night. Frank, your mud^ 
pack made me surprise. ...(that was 
really weird . . . '^ '^;), Ian H. your shoulder 
is too big, dude- Joel B. your driving 
was amazing. Wendy, thanx for 
writting my essays and assignments. 
Aaron, stop hurting other pips, (you 
beast!!!) Stub, I'll get you in foose-ball 
someday. Be prepare' for that! All the 
niggas, it was quite fun to play b-hall 
with you guys. Rod D, whenever you 
need the chain, call me- John.R you 
never gonna get me in bowling. Come 
any time!- Special thanx Il~Mr.BK, 
thanx for train me every morning. 
(6:3()am running was really made me 
sleep in class-) Ms.JK, I apriciate to 
watch me and catch me every single 
time when I skip the chappel...Ms. 
Edward, I will remember the dinner 
party with all asians. The hamber I ate 
is the best berger in mah life. Ms. 
Carleton, I knew that you were keep 
trying to help me. Finally, Mr. 
G.G.inomas, thanx for support and 

Soungmok Won 

Dimitry Yashin 
Sverdlovsk, USSR 
January 16, 1981 

5 years/ mom + dad thanks for 
school + hockey/ bro, my hig bro I 
mean, you're" my god' and the 
reason/ RJC who' afways backed 
me up/ RJCDVY Ind. in 4 years/ 
EP my Hmo driyer/ 93 VOL'VO 97 
JEEP 98 CONTOUR SVT the Hmos/ 
"Hfe is such" Alex/ AN+NL top 
ten lists/ all the girls, AE KG LW 
AY, that acknowledged me when 1 
passed by/ ROBO,TMS, ML Mrs! 
for teaching me english/ PG JB SB 
RJC C++IB we did a lot?/ Ashbury 
Hockey Team, sorry 1 couldn'tplav 
foryoii/ Casino deHuU I'll get yoii 
back Quebec/ confession:! dr'oye 
oyer the football field/ Slats brown 
belt/ AN+AE for breakfasts/ 
MM+GVV for lunches/ MrsK 
priyate chats/ MM PG JR DA LG 
DK MS beer liquor no coyer/ 
broken streak of 4, haye to appear 
at closing/ Fifth Ay Carol Alt/ 
hockey: broken wrist+ankle,puck 
in the' face,all the slashes to the 
back of the legs,ohhh I love the 
game/ GVV your still my bro, I'll 
neyer forget what you'ye'done for 
me? / to all those who I f orgot,sorr}' 
better luck in the next life. Yours 

"On ne volt bien qu'avec le coeur; 
I'essentiel est invisible pour les 
yeux"-Antoine de St-Exupery. 
Cheers to Nick Lewis, Joel, Emile, 
Lydia, Sarah, lan:You are each too 
special to me for 1000 characters. 
There are too many things that I've 
never said to you all that 1 could in 
no way ever find words for, or if 1 
did, this wouldn't be the place for 
them. If I could I would make it so 
that every time you read these 
words it would be like getting a big 
hug of happiness. To tnose of you 
who have touched my life without 
knowing it:thank-you for making 
my heart beat a little faster and for 
giving me a reason to take walks 
down Ashbury rd. Tlianks to Phish, 
Catherine Folkerson, King 
Crimson, Jack the Pumpkin King, 
Da\id Bowie, George, Arianrhod, 
Floopv Deit\', Liza Minelli, Sweden, 
Tlie Lady of Shalott, Macavity & 
Old Deuteronomy, Dr. Franken- 
furter. The Mad Hatter, Simon, 
Garfunkel, and my family. "Can't 
nothing make your life work if you 
ain't the architect" Muah! 

Christine Zadorozny 
Aylmer, Quebec 
October 25, 1982 


This page, spiralling from top left: 
Wendy, Rieke, and James having 
fun; Avneet and Sarah lean on 
each other; Drew and Jer have "the 
look"; Matt watches the curling 
action; Mike watching the sunrise; 
Ian greased up; Robyn & Hayley 
relax in the common room; Dylan 
& Marc ride in Dominican; 
Michelle tries not to laugh at Jon; 
Andrew, Anna & Dmitri looking 
very semi-formal-ish; Joel and 
Dave indulge in local drinks. 
Opposite page, spiralling from top 
left: Adam and Pat, Sens fans; Tim 
and Sarah doing labwork; Dmitri 
and Aisha dressed to kill; Alykhan 
and Javed all smiles; Shan and 
Nick early in the morning; Omid 
doing last minute homework. 


Spiralling cockwise from top left: Mrs. Jowett & Mythri 
K.; Lydia & Katrina R-S; Andrew N. & Senora Rajani; 
Kyle B. & Holger M.; Tait S. & Alex E-W.; Andrew M. & 
Jessie R.; Aidan T. & Haley G.; Natalie C, Avneet B., & 
Nick K.; Mark M. & Reverend Bradley. 


i ^ 









sa»l '',^' 



Spiralling counter clockwise from 
top left: Adam T. and his lovely 
date; Dave & Mona; Tait S. & Pat 
G. sporting their suits; Jen B. & 
Mr. Varley; Aaron B. and Richard 
H. with a pretty lady; Sheila J., 
Krystina M. & Mythri K. showing 
off their dresses; After dinner at 
the NAC Terrace. 


(^ t^ ^Ir- It C fer^^^f : i 


BACK 1. Uhcy. U. Kilgour, T McCanliy. S. Pandhcr. C. Scf «. 

N Charljnd. M Arora. M. M<xuikel 
FRONT. T Housion, R Ruparclia. C Ruddy. R Kroll. A Suran 

T Simpson, I. Kam. K Kwofie 

Top Ten Quotes That Only A Lifer Would Know: 

"You Bum" 

"Three creeds for the next person to say vou 


"1 wanna be like Robbie" 

"Now Matthew, It's when a man and a woman 

love each other very much." 

"This hot chocolate is really tasty. Good job 

Greg, Taylor, and Kweku." 

"Tait and Taylor as Quarterbacks, and we'll 

di\"ide up from there." 

"So why are they fighting?" 

"Break's not over yet." 

"Are we in Manotick yet?" 

"Are you mocking me?" 

"In Manotick, Baboons jump on the roof of your 


The lifers are: Monu Arora (2), Nick Charland 

(4), Dave Kilgour (11), Shan Pandher (10), Marc 

Mouakeil (9), Raj Ruparelia (5), Greg Seppala (6) 

& Alvkhan Surani (1). Honourable Mentions: 

Omid Razavi (13), Chris Ruddy (12), Tait 

Simpson (8) & Kweku Kwofie (5). 





- / 

I *R 





Prizes for academic proficiency 

Grade 9 

Snelgrove Memorial Prize for 

Middle School Mathematics 
Beginners Spanish 

Computer Studies 

Grade 10 

General Science 

The Intermediate Music Prize 


Intermediate Spanish 

Jobling Memorial Prize for French 



Canadian History 

Hugh J. Robertson Prize for the 
Grade 10 History student in 
recognition of outstanding 
research essay writing 

Grade 11 

Litterature Contemporaine 


VV. Ross Brown Prize for Mathe- 



Adam Podhradsky Memorial 
Prize for American Histor\- 



Computer Applications 

Grades 9, 10, and 11 

English as a Second Language 
for Effort and Achievement 

Beginners German 

Core French for consistent effort, 
improvement, and oral parti- 

Spanish for improvement and 

Business Accounts 

Art for diligence and highest 
standing in Years 1, 2 

Grade 12 

Brain Memorial Prize for World 


Computer Programming 
Business Studies 

Art for diligence and highest 

standing in Years 3 or 4 
Robert G. Moore Memorial Prize 

for English 
Dr. O. J. Firestone Prize for 

Fiorenza Drew Memorial Prize 

for French 
Pemberton prize for Geography 


Sascha Adler 

Soraya Azzabi 

Eve Moore 

Sebastian Peleato 

Ashley Burk 

Ashley Ham Pong & Ryan 

Sebastian Peleato 
Sascha Adler 

Darcy Caroline 

Sascha Adler 
Lucas Wood 
Lucas Wood 
Lucas Wood 
Lucas Wood 
Melinda Sellers 
Kathervn Viau 

Anne Wagner 

David Zeber 
Julia Agapitos 

Jonathan Vandor 
Da\id Zeber 
Lucas Wood 

Justin Burt 

Tim Booth & Alexander Young 
Meghan MacSween 
Catherine Vincent 

Hiroshi Kobayashi 
Niall Filewod 

Joshua Sherman 

Julie Lafleche 
Philip Brunst 

Jonathan Vandor 

Jonathan So 
Brian Leung 
Matthew Home 
Tim Booth, J. J. Wilson, & Sinan 

Olivier Ballou 

Ariel Vered 

Brian Leung 

Andre Bourgeois 
Sinan Baltacioglu 

Grade 13 

Geographic: le monde contem- 


George Drew Memorial Prize for 
English OAC I 

Drummond D. Lister Award for 
Excellence in IB English 


Geography: World Issues 

Geography: Canadian En\iron- 
ment and Economy 


Computer Applications 

J. Martyniuk Prize for Computer 

M. E. Jansen Prize for Sociology 


French OAC I 

History OAC 

History IB 

Economics OAC 

Economics IB 

J. J. Marland Prize for Mathematics 

Ekes Memorial Prize for Physics 


Raina Shopoff Prize for French 

French IB 

Physical Education: the Bio- 
Scientific Perspective 

The Senior Music Prize for Years 
3, 4, 5 

Writer's Craft: English OAC II 
for the student who most suc- 
cessfully blended creati\ity & 
discipline thoughout the year 

Special Awards 

John K. B. Robertson Shield 
Clive Baxter Memorial Prize 
Gcivernor General's Award of 

the Millenium 
Ontario Association for Mathe- 
matics Education Excellence in 
Mathematics Award 
Euclid Math Contest Distinctions 
Descartes Math Contest Distinctions 

Dr. J. L. Ablack Memorial Prize 
Ontario Association of Physics 

Teachers 2000 Physics Contest 

(6* place) 
Richard Burrell Drama Award 
Frank Hollington Memorial Award 
Best Supporting Actor/ Actress 

Senior School Drama Award 

Director's Award 

Music Prize for Jazz Performance 

Music '82 Award 
Centennial Choir Prize 

Senior School Award for Outdoor 

Charles Rowley Booth Trophy 

Southam Cup 
Beardmore Trophy 
Roy Napier Cups 

Adam Azzabi 

Tony Navaneelan 
Tony Naxaneelan & Mythri I 

Javed Bagha 
Andrew Zarama 
Ben Barry 

Eric Pook 
Krystina Mierins 
Matthew Mendell 

Brian Leung 
Ben Barry 
Tony Navaneelan 
Farah Merani 
Hayley Greenberg 
James Irwin 
Matthew Mendell 
Andrew Magnus 
Sae Park 
James Gannon 
Brian Leung 

Mythri Kappagantula 
Joel Boulvais 

Jessie Reynolds 
Jonathan Estabrooks & Andr 

Aaron Barth 

Lydia Rogers-Stewart 
David Kilgour 

Katheryn Viau 

R\an Da\'ies, Sascha Adler, J 
than So, James Gannon, 
& Sae Park 

Brian Leung & Andrew Sha 

Jo nathan So, Javed Bagha, J. 
Gannon, Ian Howard, Wi 
Kwong, Bryan Quan, & 
na Rogers-Stewart 

James Gannon 

Jonathan So 

Aidan Thompson & Tim Wil 
Sarah Anderson & Sarah Bra 
Calvin MacLean, Reid Adria 

Stephen Watson 
Danielle Sweetnam-Holmes < 

Josef Malonzo 
Natalie Goldenberg-Fife & 

Andrew Parkes 
Sean Gillis 

Mythri Kappagantula 
Kweku Adjaye-Kwofie, Jona 

Estabrooks, Mythri Kapp 

gantula, & Amanda Bon 

Alex Mimeault 

Chris Napoli, Kalessy Lassen 

Paula Rom key 
Aaron Barth & Lee Greenberg I 
Jen Bittner I 

Aaron Barth & Danielle Simp p 

[ vlings Community Commitment 
Uwards Program 
EJce M. Hicks Public Service Award 
[Ijtenant Governor's Volunteer 

C ilson Trophy 
Hlhael B. Kirby Scholarship 
[rothy Napier Bursary/Scholar- 

C|-don Henderson Memorial 


f rtel Networks High School Scho- 
larship Award 

( Tony Price 

;s McMaster Shield 

y Horning Memorial Shield 

7 Cup 

if T National Book Award 
I'lko Memorial Prize 
llirders' Shield 
\rbook Prize 
\ son Shield 
1 Ison Shield 
( ild Merit Award for Diligence, 

j Effort, and Greatest Improve- 


' Grade 9 
Grade 10 

Grade 11 
Grade 12 

Grade 13 
ibury Proficiency Award for 
Highest Overall Standing: 

Grade 9 

Grade 10 

Grade 11 

Grade 12 
nild Centennial Medal 
livernor General's Medal 

Ben Barry & Ian Matyas 
Ben Barry 

Andrew Nicolson 
Colin Burn 
Andrew Parkes 

Kalessy Lasserre 

Ben Barry 

Alykhan Surani 
Alex Boulos 
Ryan Davies 
Tony Navaneelan 
Andrew Nicolson 
Andrew Magnus 
Hamish Ross 
Aaron Barth 
Matthew Lyman 
Woollcombe House 
Andrew Magnus 

Ross Franklin 

Maria De La Pena & Melinda 

Danielle Simpson & Joshua 

Titus van den Heuvel & Ben 

Aaron Barth & Ian Howard 

Vincent Lo & Sebastian Peleato 

Lucas Wood 

Sinan Baltacioglu 

Brian Leung & Jonathan So 

Ian Howard 

James Gannon 



ilexa Young accepts the Senior Girls' Volleyball MIP award from 
'arsons and a very happy-looking Mr. Miedema. 

Athletic Awards 

Senior Football 

Lee Snelling Trophy: MVP 
Tiny Herman Trophy: MIP 
Stratton Memorial Trophy: MV 

Ken Guarisco Award 
John Biewald Memorial Trophy 
Junior Football 
O'Brien Trophy: MVP 
Boswell Trophy: MIP 
MacFarlane Memorial Trophy: 

MV Linesman 
Scout Team 
MV Offensive Player 
MV Defensive Player 
Senior Boys' Soccer 
R. J. Anderson Trophy: MVP 
R. H. Perry Trophy: MIP 
Arvid Paasonen Trophy: 
Junior Boys' Soccer 
Pemberton Shield: MVP 

Senior Girls' Soccer 
Chester Trophy: MIP 
Junior Girls' Soccer 

Senior Boys' Basketball 
McAnulty Trophy: MVP 
Snelgrove Trophy: MIP 
Connaught Cup 
Junior Boys' Basketball 
Rhodes Trophy: MVP 
Devine Trophy: MIP 
Senior Girls' Basketball 
Willis O'Connor Trophy: MVP 
H. G. Bate Trophy: MIP 
Connaught Cup 
Junior Girls' Basketball 

Senior Girls' Volleyball 
Fleming Trophy: MVP 

Coaches' Cup 
Junior Girls' Volleyball 


Junior Boys' Volleyball 




W. E. Stableford Award 

Fraser Trophy: MVP 

Irvin Trophy: MIP 


Carling Cup: MV Curler 

MI Curler 


MV Skier 

MI Skier 

Cross Country Running 

MV Runner 

MI Runner 


MV Oarsperson 

Senior Boys' Rugby 

Macoun Trophy: MVP 

Cole Trophy: MIP 

Junior Boys' Rugby 

MVP: Backs 


MIP: Backs 


Girls' Rugby 

Prior Cup: MVP 






Mr. MIP 

Wright Cup 

Tait Simpson 
Chris McGuire 

Scott Campbell 
Lee Greenberg 
Kyle Bournes & Aaron Barth 

Devin Macleod 

Matthew Runnalls & Victor Drury 

Alex Jackson 
Alistair Senn 
Devin Macleod 
Alex Young 

Eric Johnson 
Kartik Subramani 
Omar Sheikh 

Andrew Robertson 
Lucas Wood 

Kim Ryerson & Kate Poulin 
Michelle Taggart 

Caitlin Fullerton & Lauren Power 
Sophie Duchesne & Caroline Welsh 

Greg Seppala 

Chris McGuire 

Lee Greenberg & Eric Johnson 

Rasheed Musa 
Robbie Jarvis 

Paula Romkey & Kate Poulin 
Danielle Simpson & Caitlin Sparks 
Jen Bittner 

Sarah Frood 
Fatima Merali 

Christina Burns 
Alexa Young 
Kalessy Lasserre 

Emily Jamieson 
Fatima Merali 

Alex Young 
James Macmillan 

Andrew MacDonald & James Poston 
Justin Rocheleau 
John Lawrence 

Nick Spooner 
David Roulston 

Peter MacEwen 
Nicole Choo 

David Roulston 

Ben Barry & Dana Shift 

Jessica Greenberg & Kalessy Lasserre 

Chris Napoli 
Sandy Johnston 

Anthony De Jesus 
Morgan Burn 
Omar Alsaffar 
Mike Prior 

Paula Romkey 
Lauren Rock 

Aaron Barth 
Alex Boulos 

Kelley Giffin 
Bavidra Mohan 
Kelley Giffin 



Jay, our Josten's 
Rep: Aly and Jon; 
Matt accepting the 
Yearbook 2000 

The 1999-2000 scholastic year 
marked the last for our Headmaster, 
Mr. Roy Napier. It is the pleasure of 
the staff of The Ashburian to for- 
mally dedicate this yearbook in 
honour of our departing headmas- 

Mr. Napier came to Ashbury in 1986. 
Originally from northern Ireland, he 
moved to Canada in 1964, soon after 
he married wife Dorothy. He worked 
his way through many schools, work- 
ing at Bishop's College School, New 
Richmond High School and other 
schools in the province of Quebec. 
While there, he gained an enviable 
command of French. A successful 6 
year tenure at Riddley, starting in 
1975, led to the position of Head- 
master at Albert College in Belleville. 
When Mr. Napier arri\'ed at Ashbury, 
he immediately opened the Senior 
School to girls, hired more female 
staff, and appointed the first female 
Chairman of the board of directors. 
He invested more of the schools re- 
sources in sports, which enabled 
Ashbury to become a powerful force 
in game play. He promptly took 
measures to pay off the remaining 
portion of the new gym, but his am- 
bition did not stop there. In 1993, he 
announced the eo-ahead for Ashburv 
Campaign 2000, which was to raise 
funds for a major expansion of facili- 
ties. This led to the construction of 
the new Junior School, new library 
and a new theatre complex. More 
recently, a new residence facility was 

While his departure will affect many 
facets of school life, it will be espe- 
cially difficult for the yearbook com- 
mittee. Over the years, Mr. Napier 
has graciously given us continual 
and unconditional support. With a 
relatively low student population, 
the production of the yearbook is 
quite costly. Mr. Napier has always 
been willing to provide financial sac- 
rifices so that each and every student 
and member of staff is represented 
in a high quality yearbook. A heart- 
felt thank you to Mr. Napier. 

A vital part of Ashbury College spirit is represented in our yearbook. Ih 
Ashburian. Every year. The Ashburian strives to capture the essence of 111 
Ashbury. Whether you're an alumnus or current student, looking through 
Ashburian should bring back a flood of fond memories; each page is designt 
move you back in time and convey a sense of nostalgia. | 

This year marks the first year w^here the concept of team leaders has t 
implemented. These important individuals provide leadership to a large gr 
of ambitious students who, at times, need guidance. They were: Kim Wong 
Lakani, Titus van den Heuvel, Jonathan So & Mike Sallot. Without these 1 
working and dedicated individuals, the production of the yearbook would 1" 
been virtuallv impossible. 

Beyond these highly-skilled indi\iduals, the other, less-heralded members o 
yearbook committee are an essential part of the huge coordination require 
create a yearbook. They benefit from working in many diverse areas of 
yearbook: photography, layout, theme design and computer layout des 
Their selfless support, talent and commitment enable the production proce^ 
move infiniteh' more efficiently. 

The most praise, however, should be directed towards Mrs. Ford, our . 
leader. Her continual dedication and hard work should be commended, i 
brought experience that always helped us get through whatever obstacles 
came across. A sincere thank vou on behalf of the entire yearbook committ 
On a personal note, I would like to thank the grad class for submitting their ^ 
write-ups in record time; this was a great improvement over previous yt 
Furthermore, I would like to thank all the teachers and coaches who were 1 
enough to respect our deadlines and submit their write-ups, sometimes \\i-- 
very little notice. Overall, I believe everyone involved with the production ojhi 
yearbook had an enjoyable and memorable experience. I wish the commiet-: 
next year good luck and all the best, and may you ha\'e no \'ertical eye-lin( 

Matthew Lyman 
Senior Editor 







Green and \'ello\v 

and red and blue 

the colours of Ashbury 

of every hue 

Smiling faces 

busy places 

with silly hats 

and water snacks 

Sometimes thoughtful 

or sharing a laugh 

or running away 

to avoid the staff 

Victory signs 

on a winning day 

or getting together 

to plan out a play 

After the Run 

enjoying a snack 

either on campus 

or in the outback 

Colours surround us 

in every way 

often at work 

but always at plav. 











^^■^ w — i-y ^r ^\. 




^■^^^^^ ^H 


The usual suspects (BACK FROM 
LEFT): Mrs. Boyd, Mr. Valentine, Mr. 
Hiimphreys, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. King, 
Mr. Storosko, Mr. Street. (FRONT): Mrs. 
Edwards, Mrs. Cadieux, Mme Perrault, 
Mrs. Booth, Ms. Boyd, Mr. Polk, Ms. 
Lahey, Mr. Menzies, Mme. Morel. 


The staff is always involved with the students at Ashbury, but they 
also have their own private lives. Mr. Montgomery for example is 
obviously very happy here, as he should be, since his wedding is 
planned for the summer. We wish the Director and his bride-to-be all 
the happines in the world! Mr. Humphreys, Mrs. Arbuckle, Mrs. 
Boyd and Mrs. Booth, above, while pretending to keep track of scores 
on Soccer Day, are actually planning out their itinerary for the 
summer! Mr. Street (above right) is practicing his other job - a crossing 
guard. Mr. Storosko, while relaxing at Camp Cameron, is, in fact, the 
chief Druid of the Ukranian Leprechaun Society. 


BACK: N. Mason, T. Uden, M. 
Charles, D. Sham, J. Chernev, B. de 
Souza e Sih^a, G. Yusuf, S. Dilawri, J. 
Middleton. FRONT: S. Miller, B. 
Sherman, I. Hardy, P. MacKinnon, 
T. Hay, M. Grev, O. Macklem, Mr. 
T.G. Street. 

This is now. ^^ That was thei ! 

Match the quote to the photo! 

How come everyone except me has eyebrows? - Max Charles 

Man, where can I find some food around here? - Jason Cherney 

I've been groovin' since birth! - Bernie Sih^a 

Hey, I know I can't talk, but what I'm trying to say is, "Leave me alone." - Saager Dilawri 

Baby Protection Gear. - Matthew Grey 

This crib ain't big enough for the both of us! - Ira Hardy 

Bring on the food! - Tom Hay 

I was peacefully sucking on a bottle when you had to go and take a picture of me wearing 

only a diaper. - Barrett Karam 

It's funny how I changed my weight and size so much. - Patrick MacKinnon 

My life: Eat, sleep, cry, and attempt to escape from the play pen. - Oliver Macklem 

Is it time for soccer yet? - Neil Mason 

I'm soooooooo cute! - Joshua Middleton 

Miller . . . twins? - Stephen Miller 

Wayne Gretzky is the best! - Derek Sham 

Give me my Big Mac! Happy Meals are for babies! - Benjamin Sherman 

I'm gonna lasso me a steer! - Thomas Uden 

ABC is as easy as 1-2-3. - Guled Yusuf 




n • 


- \" 


-*♦ " 

BACK ROW: E. Lenouvel, M. McEnery, A. Polk, G. Nelson, J. Brandon, D. MacKenzie, V. Mok, T. Esdaile. FRONT: M. Johncox, M. Lesiuk, S. 
Elliot, G. lohnson, S. Street, M. O'Brien, F. Birgelen, D. Roberts, T.A. Menzies 

BACK ROW: T. McWade, D. Lehrer, 
D. Pohl, L. Fabisiak, D. Lahey, J. 
Nicholson, T. Ho, B. Hennessy. 
FRONT: M. Anisman, A. Iran, M. 
Labelle, M. Lafleche, B. Filewod, D. 
Heintzman, N. Peleato, Mme Morel 

What a handsome group ! 

Computer Poetry 

(Read horizontally) 

Timothy Ho 

Anthony Tran Max Anisman 

I? Y? 

T ony ran Max is 

Y A! A man. 




M e, 


Lor d!! 




Lucas Fabisiak 

Nicolas Miguel Peleato 

Michel Lafleche 


I a M 

c al 


s mi 1 



i e! 

m e 



Luc k 


Devon Harold Lehrer 



H old 




A M A 

Lu s... 

D H 



n o! 


David Heintzman 


Justin Nicholson 



s on 

I z 


U c 



I i s 

I I Z 

DA Y, 

Justi c 


E H? 

Michael Gregory Pilon 

Car* Filewod 

I a 

Ca 1 


Le d 

Maxime Labelle 

H I 

Fi d 

A m a le 



Me a 1 



♦"like" in French 


TO THE RIGHT: BACK: C. Nicolson, M. 
Yusuf, M. Gallo, S. Rock, O. Wesch, S. 
Robertson MIDDLE: A. Lvsvshyn, N. 
Charania, A. Slater, C. Black, A. Part, D. Polk 
FRONT: A. Mutter, C. TeLxeira, C. Kelen, K. 
Soh'alson-BrowTi, P. Kshoiize, T. Rabie AB- 
SENT: F. Lemer)o M. Brown. Below we 
have a more informal gathering! 







Spiraling from top left: Stephen the intellectual; Francois in a quiet moment; a 
studious Matt Brown; Sean: mad scientist; Happy birthday Colin!; Nazaam at the 
Canal; James Alexander and his broken wrist; and Andrew all dresssed up. 


BACK ROW: G. Perrault-Archambault, 
P. Bolink, Jeremy Runnalls, M. Higgins, 
P. Stewart, A. Smolik. MIDDLE ROW: L. 
Witherspoon, C. Carveth, A.J. Pander, 
M. Lynn, Mr. M. King FRONT ROW: J. 
Tapper, R. Naug, M. Deforge, W. 
Hetherington, D. Shamess, L. Huang 
(ABSENT: A. Davies) 


The Evolution of 7K 

In the beginning . . . 

The sphere began to crack 

ears later, at the 
jight of civili- 
ition, formal 
liforms, com- 
rtable chairs, 
:mps and 8- 
ack stereos be- 
ime part of 7K 

BACK: G. Booth, M. McDonald- 
Beraskow, A. Drury, T. Siwanowicz, 
N. van der Does. MIDDLE: A. Rock, 
D. Grey, C. Toller, J. Roy, J. Markey, 
J.H.H. Humphreys FRONT: M. 
Cestnik, N. Alsaffar, I. Gillespie, J. 
Buchanan, P. Maclaren (ABSENT: 
A. Kelly, D. Khoral, G. Pugh) 

A fele-porfer 


See ^ooc 



AuVo^Aa^lC Dresser 


\ \oct^ rrxaol^ V\o\tS>i^ 

Inventions that would make our school day easier 

A grade-fixer - makes all your grades 100%. -Michael Cestnik 

Comfortable chairs and school in bed. -David Grey 

A digital imagination that makes daydreaming more interesting. - Michael 


A teacher with a pause button. -Jason Roy 

An automatic dresser. -Nicolas van der Does 

A brain enhancer so you don't have to learn all your stuflf at school. -Alexander 

A book you talk into instead of having to take notes. -Justin Markey 

A book full of excuses of why I didn't do my homework. - Andrew Kelly 

Glasses to make you look awake. -Peter Maclaren 

Android teachers that accept any excuse. -Judd Buchanan 

Free laptops that are voice-activated and take notes and do homework. -Ian Gillespie 

A machine that teaches you everything in two microseconds. -Danyal Khoral 

A button that makes the Ashbury Junior School co-ed. -Nael Allsafar 

A remote which can zap anyone who is being an idiot (except me). -Graham Booth 

A tele-porter. -Andrew Rock 

A flying car. -Christopher Toller 

A machine that is hooked up to your brain so you can learn in seconds. -Gareth Pugh 


BACK ROW: M.O'Keefe, S.Miller, I. 
Turner, I. Tattersfield, R.Wilson, A. 
Doran MIDDLE: G. LeFevre,M. Burt, 
A. Clark, D. Lenouvel, D. Tanghe, D. 
R. Huntley, A. McCallum, D. Soong, 
N. Janssen, C. Hunter, B. Lazaro, C. 

Grade Six Goes Casual 


BACK ROW: T. Chivizhe, J. Mirsky, 
W. Lentz, D. Leenen, A. Ramasubbu, 
Ms. Lahey. MIDDLE: S. Dee, Omar 
Yusuf, P. Major, Osman Yusuf, M. 
Lazaro FRONT: K. Birgelen, F. 
Buchanan, C. Becke, B. Alexander, 
D. Hussain 

Tripping and Trekking with Grade Five 

Hamming it "P " 

Hhe On.. Science Centre 

Heading for the Galincou Hills 


BACK ROW: Mrs. Booth, A. Assaly, 
M. Lynn, M. Hurley, R. Meyer- 
Robinson, M. Uden, K. Kan- 
hukamwe. MIDDLE: J. Murray, J. 
Majewski, T. Jones, D. Cherney, M. 
Campanale. FRONT: A. Lai. A' Bin- 
Dhaa'er, P. Tross, T. Carroll, E. 
Maddicott ABSENT: C.Noel 

Clockwise (from top left): Chris- 
topher ready for the slopes; Alex, 
Amar, and Tim enjoying house 
activities; James contemplating 
conquering Canada; Matthew, 
Edwin, and Jeffrey bonding. 


Camp Cameron 

Once again this year the grade 7s spent three eventful days at Camp Cameron. A good time was ic 
by all, with acceptable weather and no major mishaps! Highlights included the annual Night W k 
the Paper Bag Dramatics, and Find Mr. Storosko. No one found Mr. Storosko. Clockwise from ip 
left: David trusting Peter; the boys built primitive shelters; Nael, Graham, and two Mich l.^ 
contemplate a useful weed; Nushka listens as Andrea explains; everyone helped with KP. 


Voyage a Quebec 

30 septembre 1999, un groupe d'etudiants de huitieme annee est parti pour visiter la ville de Quebec. Lors 
leur voyage, ils ont fait des visiles guidees de la haute et la basse ville, de I'Assemblee nationale, et du 
isee de la Civilisation. lis ont egalement assiste a des presentations au Musee du Fort, au spectacle 
uebec Experience" et au Musee de I'Abeille. Les etudiants sont alles aussi le long de la cote de Beaupre. 
e randonnee au sommet des Chutes Montmorency leur a creuse I'appetit ce qui leur a d'autant plus fait 
uecier I'excellent repas quebecois traditionnel qui les attendait a I'Erabliere uu Vieux Cap. Ce sejour 
turel et historique demeure une experience enrichissante pour tous. (L.M.) 

Soccer at Bishop's 

The L" 13 and 14 teams set off for Bishop's 
tournament the second weekend of school. It 
was another fine performance for both. The U 
14 settled for the silver losing a close fmal 
match to LCC. The L' 13 won the consolation 
round defeating Stanstead 5-1. Many thanks 
to Messers \'alentine, King, and Street. 
Clockwise from topleft: Taylor challenges; 
group shot of U 14; the U 13s did very well; 
Saager watches while Ted, Fried rich, and 
Andrew get stuck in; Ben on the move. 


U 11 and U 12 Soccer 

Much of the success of the Junior 
School soccer programme is due to the 
excellent "farm system" at the grades 4, 
5, and 6 level. The U 11 and U 12 teams 
played LCC in September, splitting 
four games. Thanks to Ms Boyd and 
Mr. Street, the teams also played The 
Priory and LCC in Montreal in October. 
The chance to travel and to represent 
the school is a great advantage for 
these young soccer players. The high 
level of skill bodes well for next year's 
U 13 tournament team. Clockwise 
from top: Mr. Valentine and the U lis; 
Tristan, Miguel and Carson in action 
against LCC; Mr. Oswald and the U 
12s, and; Danish, Osman, Ashwin, 
Julian and Omar mugging for the 


House Soccer 

It has become one of the pleasant fall 
traditions at the school: the Annual House 
Soccer Competition. Once again we had a 
beautiful, warm, sunny day for the 
afternoon's activities. Everyone was involved 
either as participant, referee or score-keeper. 
This year the Wizards emerged as the overall 
victors. Individually, the Senior Hobbit A 
Team was the class of its division, but the 
Wizards won the 7-8 section with solid efforts 
at all levels. In the 4-5-6 competition it was the 
Dragons who led the way. Clockwise from 
top: The Wizard 4-5-6 A team; Lucas struts his 
stuff; Colin crouching; Alex, Matthew and 
Tim; the senior B team seemed content with 
their place. 


We Are the Champions . . . 



After 24 years we finally made it: Undisputed National Champions! And 
wait until next year!! Quote of the tournament - "Mark # 9!" "Which 
one?" And the winners are (FROM BACK LEFT): Peter Kshonze, 
Andrew Rock, Chris Kelen, Adam Davies, J. A. Slater, Peter Stewart, 
Gareth Pugh (one #9), Andrew Smolik, Friedrich Birgelen (the other #9), 
Vincent Mok. FRONT (FROM LEFT): Romith Naug, Matt Brown, Ian 
Gillespie, Andrew Mutter, Matt Gallo, and Graham Booth. CON- 
GRATULATIONS. Oustin Markey and Colin Nicholson - absent.) 

Japan Comes Calling 

above Geoffry plays host; below, Hiroshi teaches Chris origami 

Daniel received many wonderful gifts; below "Ninja" Robert 



^^^r ^ ^^^^^^^bhhbI^^^^^^^hb^ ^B 


A * 

The Junior School contin- 
ued its tradition of helping 
the United Way. It was a 
bright and warm day, and 
the students raisecl over 
$4000 in pledges this year. 
Once again Mr. Hum- 
phreys' class led the way 
with $781. The House com- 

getition was won by the 
'ragons who collected in 
excess of $1240. The Wiz- 
ards proved to be the fleetest 
afoot. The junior School 
boys are grateful that they 
are able to make such a good 
contribution to our commu- 
nity. Mrs. Wilgress deserves 
thanks for her hard work. 
Vincent Mok, Gareth Pugh, 
and Nael Alsaffar (far left) 
finished 1-2-3 



A Tulip Legacy 

1. Make sure you understand the proble 

3. Carry out your stratet 

2. Think of strategies you might apply 



4. Look and check your soluti(B 

Wrapping It Up 

[T .4 






December is always a busy time at the 
College. We began with a most success- 
ful Mitten Tree project The students were 
most generous with their contributions 
collecting huge quantities of warm 
winter clothing, and enough cash to 

gurchase 36 snow suits for the Fund, 
•ther activities included the Junior Choir 
travelling to various locations. The choir 
(at left) also performed in the Christmas 
Concert. The Grades 5, 7, and 8 music 
classes played from Jazz to folk. Eric 
Lenouvel played one of his own pieces 
on the piano. Another highlight of the 
season was the Grade 8 Drama Class 
with their annual theatre presentation to 
close the term. 




BACK ROW: Ms. J. Boyd, B. Alexander, A. McCallum, M. O'Keefe, N. Jansen, D. Chemey, Mr. J. Merritt; FRONT ROW: R. Huntley, B. Lazaro, 
FevT}', J. Russell-Brunet, A. Clark, M. Hurley, C. Hunter, A. Ramasubbu, M. Lazaro 

BACK ROW: Mr. T. Street, T. Siwanowicz, M. Gallo, A. Drury, V. Mok, A. Smolik, M. McDonald-Beraskow, Ms. J. Boyd FRONT ROW: A. Part 
Yusuf, A. Mutter, J. Tapper, N. Alsaffar, S. Elliott, G. Booth 



'u mil*' 



'/III //im\\^ ^/"i /(ims? 

i»i; '''211% ^1" «2Jfe 


AR FROM LEFT: M. Gallo, B. de Sousa, J. Chemey, L. Fabisiak, V. Mok, A. Drury, T.G. Street. FRONT: G. Booth, G. \usui, B. Sherman, A. 
an, N. Alsafar, S. Elliot, S. Street. 

The Under 13 team had a successful season. It began before Christmas with two 
wins and two losses at the Selwyn House tournament. Later, in the new year, we 
finished sixth overall (out of sixteen) at the C.A.I.S. tournament in Richmond 
Hill. We defeated three strong sides, and lost only to U.C.C. and to the eventual 
champions. Crescent. Our strong efforts and fair play were rewarded when the 
team won the Sportsn\anship Award. The Under 14 had, as well, a fine season. 
We made the playoffs for the first time in the local CRCIAA league. We were the 
winners of the Private Schools Tournament hosted by Turnbull and came second 
in our own tournament losing only to St. Andrew's. Mr. Street would like to 
thank the players on all teams for their strong efforts, and also the volunteers 
who helped with score-keeping. j^g 

Above: The team. BACK ROW: Cameron, Michael O'Brien, Peter Stewart, Daniel, Taylor, Stephen, Gareth, Michael Lesiuk. FRONT: Andrew, 
Christopher-Thomas, Peter Kshonze, Charles, David, and Matthew. Below right: Andrew Rock. Left: David gets support in nets against UCC. 
trip to Toronto was a great success. 


;|ckey dreams start young at Ashbury. Above we see Fraser dreaming a very Canadian dream. Gareth and James Alexander were able to refresh 
mselves between periods at the tournament. Below we see a typical scene: Scrambling lor a loose puck. 

Friday Skiing 

Once again the Junior School would like to thank Mr. V. f( 
arranging the Friday Skiing program this winter and a 
fabulous Ski Day in early February. Enjoying themselves 
immensely are clockwise from the left: Oliver, Matt M.: 
Daniel R., Ben S., Barrett in that great hat; Michael O., Jasc 
Ira, Max L. and TGS; Thomas U., Guled; James and Kudzc 


Winter in the Capital 


Winter Olympics 

M fi R C H 


Delayed, but ultimately successful, 
the Winter Olympics highlighted 
the term. This page (clockwise): 
Dan, Matt and Justin; Lucas and 
Michael duel; Tom in the biathalon; 
Derek and Daniel rastlin'. Opposite 
page (from top): Wizards win the 
tug; Hobbits' tuggers; Wizards and 
Dragons at hockey and; Eric, Davey 
and Jeremy broomballing. The 
Hobbits &' Wizards tied for the 
o\"erall title. 



It's About Rhyme 

Reflections on a Century 
Written by: Matthew Grey 

A century of change has just passed lis by, 

A hundred years of memories that shall never ever die. 

On the battlefiehi this century was to start, 

After an Austrian Prince took a bullet to the heart. 

The war to end all wars this conflict was called. 

Yet it would take many years before it finally was resolved. 

Next there were the inventors, those who dared to dream, 

Wlio look at a problem and find an answer despite how impossible it may seem. 

Take for example the Wright Brothers who one day looked to the sky. 

And asked the great question "But why can't man fly". 

After endless days of working, enduring the physical and mental pain, 

The two finally created the world's first airplane. 

Fighting again, another war broke loose, 
Though both sides tried they could find no truce. 

The battles continued year upon year, 

As the lives of Europeans were filled luithfear. 

Then that one fateful day in 1945, 

America unleashed the A-bomb costing millions more their lives. 

This signalled the end to a fearsome and bloody war. 

Once again the bird of peace over the earth did soar. 

Next came the sixties filled with trends and change. 

With people making peace signs and acting very strange. 

A dream of peace and equality echoed through the land. 

As a leader spoke up and said it loas time to make a stand. 

Then through a march a jnillion men strong, 

The people used their voice that had been silenced for so long. 

Imagine being able to travel back in time. 

Whether it be to right a wrong or stop a crime. 

Would you go to Dallas in November 1963, 

And stop the assassin in the book depository. 

Or 'would you go to Memphis on a 1968 night. 

And tell Martin not to walk outside in the day's last light. 

Next came the space race as all of man reached for the stars. 

And actually dreamed of travelling to Jupiter and Mars. 

Yuri and John were first but others followed soon. 

As people set their sights to actually landing on the moon. 

The way to the moon Apollo 11 did find. 

As it made "One small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind". 

From then to now technology has been the key. 

Great successes have been made from the cell phone to the CD. 

Then there are computers and the boundless realm of the internet, 

Connecting people of all nations who have never even met. 

The future's unpredictable as we've learned from our past. 

No one is sure where it'll lead us, ifzve'll end up first or last. 

We must look ahead, not back, at the days gone by. 

For -we never will know how far we can go if we never even try. 

April is the cruelest month, but not this year. The Junior School Annual Poetry Reading 
Competition ser\ed to chase away the blues. Gordon Nelson's (top left) recitation of his 
grandfather's poem brought down the house and put him in first place. Peter Bolink and 
Romith Naug (middle left) tied for second. Stephen Street and Matthew Grey (bottom left) 
tied for third. Thanks to Mrs. Frommer and Ms. Lahey who had the unenviable job of judging 
this impressive event. Above is Matthew Grey's original poem which he read. 


Lab Rats of Science 







1 1 



. ! 


1 J 

1 \ jH 


f r5 





Bp^--x>-« 's ^ 




Clockwise from Top left: I.D.T. projects; a tour of 
Ashbury's water works; competing as science olympians; 
testing a hypothesis and; making concrete boats that float 
are alia part of the lively world of science at the school. 


speaking Out! 

Public speaking at Ashbury just keeps getting better and better, thanks in part to the 
wonderful advice bestowed on the boys by Mrs. Jowett, our judge (top right). Brendan 
Alexander and Peter Tross (top left) tie for first. Fraser Buchannan was second, and 
Sand V Miller was third. For grades 7 and 8, Friedrich Birgelen was third, Romith Naug 
second, and Maxime Labelle was the winner. (Lower right) Ben Filewood interpreted 
Shakespeare with style and grace. 

Staged Events 

Ashbury students have a lot of talent, and this year they got 
to showcase it in a variety of ways. (Clockwise from top left): 
Grade six gets ready to perform The Hobbit. Grade seven 
students learn the art or Greek theatre. The whole school 
turned out to watch the Erewhon Theatre and their peers in 
Oliver Twist. Puppers galore (Grade six). Stephen Miller stars 
as Oliver. 

J - 


» f 


Music continued to thrive at the College. Mr. Merritt introduced the Standard of Excellence 
programme. Kristjan Solvason-Brown, Mark Higgins and Lucas Huang completed three levels 
each, Andrew Polk (The Irene Woodburn-Wright Prize winner) completed two, and Alec Part, 
Daniel Soong and Lucas Huage each completed one. Congratulations. Page 154 clockwise: Mrs! 
McNamee and the 4-5 choir; the Wizard group won in the House Music Competition; the Junior 
School Band at Closing; Gordon Nelson, who won a certificate in music, and Sax. This page: Greg 
Pilon was a star in the House Music Competition; Carson Becke was a multiple winner in the 
Kiwanis Festival; Eric Lenouvel performing nis own cornposition; Ashwin Ramasubbu with violin; 
Peter Tross with only some of his instruments; and Alex Slater, who, with Alec Part, were a hit with 
their RAP performance. 



















Looking to the Past 

At the end of May the grade 
8s visited both Upper 
Canada Village and Fort 
Wellington as part of their 
history program. We see, 
from top left, Greg haying, 
Barrett and Ben with inter- 
preters, the group taking 
careful notes (naturally, Mr. 
King was along!), Daniel, 
Anthony, Max, Jason (who 
would take notes if he had 
arms), and Matthew learn- 
ing about the life of soldiers, 
and Nicolas, Derek, and 
Daniel in a tight spot. 


Way into the Past! 

The Greek Day festivities included Olympic 
events. Left, Lucas throws the discus, and 
above, Peter attempts the standing long jump 
complete with hand weights. 

rheatre was also part of the afternoon. Each class presented before an enthusiastic audience of parents and peers. Above 
ve see 7H's interpretation of Alexander the Great, and the Chorus from 7K's production of Agamemnon. -^gg 

A Track and Field Pictorial 


Sports Awards 

Most Valuable Players 

Under 1 1 Soccer: Konrad Birgelen 

Under 12 Soccer: Bryant Lazaro 

Under 13 Soccer: Gareth Pugh 

Under 14 Soccer: Friedrich Birgelen 

Under 12 Basketball: Bryant Lazaro 

Under 13 Basketball: Vincent Mok 

Under 14 Basketball: Jason Chemey 

Under 14 Hockey: Gareth Pugh 

Under 14 Rugby: Ian Gillespie 

Most Improved Players 

Under 1 1 Soccer: Carson Becke 

Under 12 Soccer: Daniel Soong 

Under 13 Soccer: Andrew Mutter 

Under 14 Soccer: Jason Chemey 

Under 12 Basketball: Miguel Lazaro 

Under 13 Basketball: Graham Booth 

Under 14 Basketball: Jason Chemey 

Under 14 Hockey: Michael O'Brien 

Under 14 Rugby: David Grey 

Effort and Achievement in 

Andrew Polk and Oliver Macklem 

Track and Field Champions 

Atoms - Konrad Birgelen 
Midgets - Matthew Burt 
Lincoln Newman Trophy 

Matthew Gallo 
Alwin Cup - Jason Chemey 

Effort and Achievement to 
Junior School Athletics 

Stephen Street 

Neil Mason 

Vincent Mok 

Jason Chemey 

Anthony Tran 

Taylor McWade 

Ben Sherman 

Europe '86 Contribution to 

Daniel Lahey and Taylor McWade 

Coaches' Trophy Effort and 
Sportsman in Soccer 

Friedrich Birgelen 



Blue is the color of sadness. 

The breaking of ice. 

The coldness of a ri\'er. 


The blue of the sky, 

The freshness in the air. 

Ink on the paper, 

A starr\- night. 

The color of water. 

On frozen ice. 

A bluebird in a storm. 

On a windowsill. 

Blue is the crunch of snow. 

The rustle of leaves. 

In the sea are the fish. 

With the coral reefs. 

Bv Peter Tross 4B 





1^ \ 


Red is the feeling of anger | 

When you are denied. 

Red is a stop sign. 

Red is rubies 

Tliat shine in the sun. 

Red is fire 

So hot and burning. 

Red is a fine red wine, 

Tlie inside of a watermelon 

So juicy and sweet. 

Red is the ketchup 

That goes on your hamburgej 

The chilli that burns yo 


And crabapples so sour. 

Red is mv math quest 5 booj 

M\- POTW folder, so easy an 


Red is my color. 

Is it yours, my friend? 

B\- Kudzai Kanhukamwe 41 




Speak, Speak 

Excuse me, you must think I'm a nerd 

I seem to have forgotten every word. 

1 open my mouth and start to freak 

cause suddenly I've forgotten to 

I Stutter 



j Mutter 
I Bellow 








_ tter 








am speechless. 

W Daniel McAlister 6V 


i:* U 


Oh my gosh! 
Look at my exam! 
I made an error: 















Lead into error 
I hope the teachers didn't see 

By Geoffrey LeFevre 6V 

Panicl S. 
! 6/ 








Lacing up my skates 
Thinking of the greats 
Skating on the ice 
Feeling really nice 
Playing with my friends 
Pretending to be the Sens 
Shooting really fast 
at the goalie's mask 
Shouting at the referee 
getting a penalty. 

Hockey is really great 
Too bad it's not my fate 
Unlacing my skates 
Still thinking of the greats! 

- Andrew Rock 7H 


Big John 

Big John came on the ice that day. 

He didn't have a lot to say. 

He skated poised and very cool. 

He knew full well there'd be a duel. 

The game was set, an even match. 

Them red, us blue, we knew we'd catch 

A few good pucks and hope to win 

If John took all, it'd be a sin. 

He stepped with care to meet his foe 

Was Big John fast? The crowd would 


They saw him when the puck did drop. 

He skated hard but couldn't stop. 

I saw John charge, it seemed he soared 

The crash was loud, he broke the 


But John unscathed, came back to score 

We tied the game, the crowd roared 


The puck flew up the center line. 

With icing called, it was a sign 

We must fight hard, the game was tight 

We scored a goal, the coach was right. 

Now Big John's eyes grew red as heat 

His gloves he dropped right at his feet. 

The crowd was roaring, loved the fight 

The players fought into the night. 

A whistle soon did pierce the air 

The ref said "Men, if you do care 

To skate, not fight, let's start the time 

But John, you're benched, from six to 



When John returned, his slapshot flew 

He'd set it up three men on two. 

Our goalie raised his stick just right 

But John did score with all his might. 

Then suddenly our team grew bold 
Our spirits mounted in the cold 

Reality. The clock moved on. 
With courage, we defeated John. 

There's strength in numbers, so they 


We proved it on that fateful day. 

But I learned something I'll pass on. 

Respect a man who's called "Big John". 

Hockey Player: Andrew Clark, 6V, 
Snowboarder: James Majewski 4B, We Win: 
Colin Carveth, 7K, Big John: David 
Shamess, 7K. Others as credited. 

copi^ To wifntKLt^j^£ ^ >/iwM»<i^^:g5 

The Dream 

I am at the top of the hill 

I look around 

Snow spills gently on the ground 

The distant hum of the chairlift 

Is the only sound 

that reaches my ears 

Adrenaline is rushing 

Snow is falling 

Faster and faster 

I zoom down the hill 

I weave left and right 

Like a train in the Rockies 

I am excited. The snow falls 

Faster and Faster 

Suddenly, I am in the air 

Blood pumps in my ears 

It seems that I have just taken off 

White, glinting snow falling 

Covers everything in a rich 

white blanket of snow 

But the hum of the chairlift 

Brings me back to my senses 

I looK at the sky and 

the sun turns tne flakes to gold 

I wake up, my heart beating heavily 

I turn over, and fall asleep again 

- Jeremy Runnalls 7K 


Aging Memories 

Don't rewrite the past 
The perfect memories were meant to last 
But age, in its cruelty steals thoughts 
That would be memories 

The present staggers before us 

Repetitions of the past 

Shadows without substance that pretend 

To be reality 

While belonging to neither 

Neurons decay and die 

Taking with them recollections 

Of youth 

Of events that would have been told and retold 

Now being nothing more than shadows of the past 

Without substance 

Max Anisman 8L 

The sound of new thinking: 
Click the button goes 

And Bx'rrrrrr the monitor screams 

The computer is ready to think 

The buttons click and bang 

Connect to the Internet 

Click click click . . . Click click 


Bing . . bo bing bo bing . . bo 

The sound of old thinking: 

Justin Nicholson 81 

Red Light, Green Light 

A walking man waits at a light stop 

As cars race by him 

At incredible speeds 

Everything is blurry 

Everything is restless 

The noise is incessant 

The man is insignificant 

A little bug in the way 

Of oncoming traffic 

Suddenly a simple light changes 

Everything stops 

All is quiet 

The man walks across the road 

By the obedient cars 

The man no longer feels small 

He feels like the king of the world 

Daniel Lahey 8L 



By Brendan Hennessy 8L 

Oh, once in a way, all the sailor folk say, 
'Twas a good vessel strong, proud, and true 
But there 's no other ship, that sank faster than it. 
At the wreck of the good vessel. Shoe. 

Well, a class from the Bay of St. Lawrence one 


Went west, on a trip to a town. 

But nobody there laiew that that night the boat 


Would sink into the icy depths down. 

In Quebec on the third, there was much to be 


And much that the children would do 

Oh, but there was no sight that was greater that 


Then young Nate who was holding a shoe. 

When they went on a boat that was destined to 


'Cross the river and back to the town. 

Oh, there started a brawl, on the deck and the 


And ran on until someone went down. 

For out the boy went when, a young lad named 


Knocked Nathaniel down onto the land. 

But when Ben called to Nate, 'twas already too 


For the shoe had flown out of Nate's hand. 

And down to the sea went the ragged Nike. 

To the depths, went the sneaker that day. 

And though Nate cried and wailed. Oh, he never 


For the shoe it was destined to stay. 

And Nate watched it go down, to the river's cold 


With the trash of the city it laid. 

But with junk too, lies the little boy's shoe, 

'Till old age makes it wither or fade. 

And once in a way, all the sailors will say, 

'Twas a good vessel strong, proud, and true 

And, though legends are great, the true tale is of 


And the loss of a size-seven shoe. 

The Conspiracy 

They stare so intensely, with small cunning 


Their frail little bodies make the perfect 


They walk around calmly and stand so erect. 

Such a brilliant deceit, you would never 


The government denies this, but I know the 

The seagulls are here to devour our youths. 

They're almost through waiting the time is so 


Their heinous intentions now perfectly clear. 

They loom high above us, and seek out the 


With agile wings and a razor-like beak. 

It may seem a bit strange, but believe me it's 

Anyone could be next, perhaps even you. 

And time is so near now, they're ready to strike. 

They came to reshape the world as they like. 
They make organized raids, from their secretive 


They plan to enslave the whole human race. 

Their plans must be stopped, before they take 

I ask of you now to continue my fight! 

Grady Johnson 





£r>c. LeaouvJcJ 

The Canadian North 


With the wind blowing high 

And the icy chill pressing against my face, 

I walk on. 

The glaciers stand tall and majestic 

Over the barren world, 

I walk on. 

The call of the wolf 

And the growl of the polar bear, 

I walk on. 

The harsh conditions 

In the glum wilderness, 

I walk on. 

The hope that I will return home 

From this icy hole of death, 

I walk on. 

The screams and cries 

Of men who have died before me, 

I walk on. 

The snow pressing 

Upon my chilled neck, 

I walk on. 

The Artie at its very worst 

Is the place my body comes to rest, 

I walk on. 


Joshua Tapper 7K 


Un jour horrible 

On va a I'ecole 
On n' arrive pas en retard 
Puis la cloche sonne, 
Mais on est en retard. 
Mme. Lahey est fachee. 
On a des r'tenues. 
On rentre en retard, 
A cause des retenues. 

On va a la maison, 
Maman est fachee. 
Elle nous punit. 
Puis on est fache. 
On n' a pas dejeux, 
Des jeux d'ordinateui'. 
C'est un jour horrible, 
Un horrible desastre ! 

Danish Hussain 

Mon test 

Je suis dans ma classe 
Et j'ecris un test 
J'ai fait une erreur 
A la section granimaire 
Je veux une efface 
Pour le refaire 
David m'en donne une 
Et j'corrige mon erreur 

II reste peu de temps 
La prof me dit:"Vite!" 
Mais je n'ai pas fini. 
J'aimal alatete 
Et ma gorge fait mal 
Mais je dois fmir ce test 
Pour aller jouer dehors! 

Miguel Lazaro 

L'etrange planete 

L'extraterrestre fait des recherches sur les Etres pour un projet de sciences. II examine les 
planetes dans le systeme solaire pour trouver les Eti-es. Quand il trouve les Etres, il fait des 
recherches. La "Calculatrice" que Textraterrestre a tiree de sa poche est un cahier electronique. 
L'extraterrestre etudie I'Etre. puis il ecrit les observations dans le cahier electronique. 

L'extraterrestre a invite Helene dans le vaisseau spatial. Helene a accepte. Quand Helene est 
entree dans le vaisseau spatial avec l'extraterrestre. le vaisseau spatial est parti de la Terre. 
Helene a hurle. mais Textraterrestre a dit 'Me te prends pour mon projet de sciences". Quand le 
vaisseau spatial est anive a la planete. I'extrateiTestre est sorti. Helene a appuye sur le grand 
bouton. Le vaisseau spatial est parti de Tetrange planete ! Helene a appuye sur quelques boutons 
de plus. Longtemps apres, le vaisseau spatial est arrive a la Terre. Helene etait heureuse ! 

Michael Lynn 

The Grade Eight Bash 

The Grade 8 leavers' dance was a resounding 
success - many thanks to the numerous 
parents who helped. Photos clockwise from 
top left: Neil, Trevor and friends taking a 
break from the dance floor; Devon and Mike 
with dance partners; Greg and the girls; Much 
Music audience. 


The Final Curtain 


Every vear the junior School awards special 
L^rizes for its top students. Clockwise from top 
eft: Friedrich Birgelen (Woods Shield) and Mr. 
Woods; Gordon Nelson (the Clifford Cup) and 
Dr. Carruthers; Davey Heintzman - The John 
Hilliard Award; Mark Higgins with one of his 
eight awards; Peter Maclaren the 7H Form Prize; 
Anthony Tran - the New Sun Award; Graham 
Booth with Dr. Deslauriers presenting The Ber- 
nard Deslauriers Memorial Shield; Andrew Polk 
- The David Polk Senior Memorial Award 
(named for his grandfather). 


Some of the highlights from Closing were: From 

top we see some of the strong contributors to 

athletics, Andrew and Saager accepting the 

Pitfield Shield for the Wizards; The first set of 

Grade four "Lifers"; Matthew Burt was the grade 

six Form Prize winner; Romith Naug's name 

was called often; Brendan Alexander with Mr. 

Napier accepting the grade five Form Prize; 

Michael Cestnik won the grade seven science 

prize; and James Majewski won the grade four 

Merit Prize. 



ther Prizes 

Grade 4: Peter Tross and Michael Lynn 

Grade 5: Brendan Alexander 

Grade 6: Matthew Burt 

Grade 7P: Peter Kshonze 

Grade 7H: Peter Maclaren 

Grade 7K: Mark Higgins 

The Guild Merit Awards Winners 

Grade 4: James Majewski 
Grade 5: Konrad Birgelen 

Grade 6: Sandy Miller 

Grade 7P: Andrew Mutter 

Grade 7H: Alexander Drury 

Grade 7K: AJ, Pandher 

French Prizes 

Grades 4-5-6: Christopher Hunter 

Grade 7: Mark Higgins 

Grade 8: Max Labelle 

Coyne Prize: Friedrich Birgelen 


Grades 4-5-6: Brendan Alexander 

Grade 7: Romith Naug 

Grade 8: Davey Heintzman 

Mathematics Prizes 

Grade 4-5-6: Daniel Soong 
Grade 7: Mark Higgins 
Grade 8: Anthony Tran 

Social Studies Prizes 

Grade 4-5-6: Matthew Burt 

Grade 7 (English): A.J. Pandher 

Grade 7 (French): Mark Higgins 

Grade 8 (English): Max Anisman 

Grade 8 (French): Davey Heintzman 

Science Prizes 

Grade 4-5-6: Ashwin Ramasubbu 

Grade 7: Michael Cestnik 

Grade 8: John Brandon 

Drama: Max Anisman 

Keyboarding: Max Anisman 

Art Grade 7: Michael Deforge 

Art Grade 8: Daniel Pohl 

Music (McLean) Grade 7: Mark Higgins 

Irene Woodburn Wright Music Grade 8: 

Andrew Polk 

Boys Choir: David Leenan 

Chapel: Konrad & Friedrich Birgelen 

Library Research: A.J. Pandher 

Citizenship (Brine Award): Miguel Lazaro 

Excellence in Debating: Andrew Polk 

Polk Sr. Poetry Reading: Gordon Nelson 

Charles Gale Public Speaking: Maxime Labelle 

Grades 4-5-6 Public Speaking: 

Peter Tross & Brendan Alexander 

Abinger Hill Shakespeare: Ben Filewood 

New Sun Award: Romith Naug & Anthony Tran 

Inter House Competition: 

Pitfield Shield to the Wizards 

Special Awards 

The John Hilliard Award 

Davey Heintzman 

Bernard Deslauriers Memorial Shield 

Graham Booth 

The Stephen Clifford Cup 

Gordon Nelson 

The David Polk Senior Memorial Award 

Andrew Polk 

The Woods Shield 

Friedrich Birgelen 




Canadian Edition ^ 

"^ _^_ EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes into the Atlantic 

"^^ Ocean on October 31, kiihng all 217 people 
on board. Although suspicious actions of a 
pilot are under scrutiny by American and 
Egyptian officials, the cause of the crash 
remains a mystery. 

On October 12, the world's official population 
hits 6 billion. The designated 6 billionth human 
is a baby boy born in Sarajevo. 

As part of Rome's continuing restoration, the 
city unveils a plan to create an 18,000-square-yard 
rambling space connecting the Imperial Forums 
with the Roman Forum. 

In September, 
more than 
300,000 Japanese 
are checked 
for radiation 
exposure after 
an inadvertent 
nuclear reaction 
at a uranium 
processing plant. 

In an October coup, the Pakistani army dismisses 
elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and 
his government after Sharif announces the 
removal of his powerful military chief. General 
Pervaiz Musharraf. 

Nearly a million ethnic Albanians flee Yugoslavia 
and thousands are killed after Serbs begin a 
violent ethnic cleansing campaign in 1998. 
Seventy-eight days of NATO bombing bring the 
war to an end in June. An international tribunal 
later charges Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic with crimes against humanity. 


In a violent October coup, gunmen storm 
the Armenian Parliament and assassinate 
Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and six 
other top officials. 

Britain's Prince Edward marries 
longtime girlfriend Sophie Rhys- Jones 
on June 19. 

Cuban Elian Gonzalez, 6, becomes 
the center of a bitter citizenship 
debate after surviving a November 
boat wreck off the Florida coast in 
which his mother dies. 


In July, John F Kennedy Jr, 38, his wife, Carolyn 
Bessette Kennedy, 33, and her sister, Lauren 
Bessette, 34, die in an airplane crash in the 
Atlantic Ocean near Martha's Vineyard. Kennedy, 
a relatively inexperienced pilot, is believed to 
have become disoriented in heavy fog. 

_^_ Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is 

f unveiled in June after 2 1 years of restoration. 
The centimeter-by-centimeter rehabilitation 
cost $7.7 million and involved 
.electronic microscopes. 

J^ In September, Russia begins a military campaign 
f against Chechen nationalists to regain control of 
the breakaway republic. More than 200,000 people 
flee the region, but a fierce rebel resistance 
stays to fight for control of the capital, Grozny 


In June, Thabo Mbeki succeeds President Nelson 
Mandela, South Africa's first democratically 
elected president. 

After almost nine years in power, Russian President 
Boris Yeltsin announces his resignation in January 
I. Yeltsin names Prime Minister Vladimir Putin 
acting president pending elections in March. 

In September and October, powerful earthquakes 
" strike around the globe, killing 15,000 people in 
Turkey, 1,450 in Taiwan and at least 122 in Greece. 


excavate 105 
mummies in a 
Egyptian tomb 
believed to contain 
a total of 10,000 
mummies. The 
necropolis will shed 
new light on the 
Greco-Roman era 
and will allow 
scholars to chart 
demographic data 
and the incidence 
of disease. 

Kennelh GarretLNGi Inidge (.olletUi 

A tropical depression producing heavy 
rain hits Mexico in November. The 
resulting floods kill more than 350 
people and cause 100,000 to evacuate. 

In August, the U.S. pays $4.5 million to 
victims of NATO's accidental bombing 
of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. 
Three Chinese are killed and 27 are 
wounded in the May 1999 bombing. 

On December 31, the U.S. returns control of 
the Panama Canal to Panama. Opened to the 
world in 1914, the canal is considered one of 
the greatest construction achievements in 
American history. 

In December, torrential rains cause Venezuela's 
worst natural disaster of the century. Mudshdes 
and flash floods kill up to 30,000 people, while 
damage estimates run into the billions of dollars. 


Adrienne Clarkson becomes the 26"' Governor 
General of Canada in October. Clarkson 
replaces Romeo LeBlanc as the Queen's 
Representative after the investiture ceremony 
in Ottawa. 

Canadian authorities on the west coast 
continue to intercept ships carrying illegal 
immigrants from China. The migrants were 
taken to Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt. 

British Columbia race driver Greg Moore is 
killed in a crash at the Marlboro 500 in 
Fontana, California. Moore, 24, had been the 
youngest driver to win a CART series race. 

The Royal Canadian Mint issues special 
"Pride" coins to commemorate the end 
of the 20'" century. The coin is designed by 
Donald F Warkentin of Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Every month, a new coin is released. 

Canada News Wire/Roval Canadian Mint 


Larry Fisher is sentenced to life in 
prison for the 1969 slaying of young 
nursing aide, Gail Miller. 

The search for the remains of 
Michael Trudeau, son of the former 
Prime Minister, comes to an end in 
September. The younger Trudeau 
was killed in a avalanche. 

A Canadian military personnel participate in the 
"^- United Nations' peace-keeping effort in East 
Timor, Indonesia. Over 500 Canadians helped 
secure the rebellion-torn province and provide 
humanitarian aid. 


A The NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs move into the 
"^P" new Air Canada Centre in February. Maple Leaf 


Gardens, nearly 70 years old, loses millions 
without the Leafs and is put up for sale. 

The takeover of Canadian Airlines by Air Canada 
receives federal approval in December, despite 
concerns that the bigger company will dominate 
the market. 

In January 2000 new Chief Justice Beverley 
McLachlin officially takes charge of the 
Supreme Court of Canada. McLachlin is the 
first female to hold the position. 

an illegal strike that lasts nearly four weeks. 

In January, the Maritimes are pounded 
by blizzards that leave as much as 70 
centimeters of snow in southern New 
Brunswick. Cities like Halifax are almost 
completely closed down. 





The Nunavut flag is unveiled in April as Canada 
celebrates the new Inuit-led Territory. As big 
as western Europe, the Nunavut Territory 
represents the first change in the Canadian 
map in 50 years. 


On New Year's Day, new smoke-free 
workplace regulations go into effect 
in Victoria. 

September 1999 starts the first class 
in Ontario to finish high school in 
four years instead of five. 

MLA Dan Miller is sworn in as ''*" 
British Columbia's premier after the 
resignation of Glen Clark. 


- Athletes from 42 countries compete in the 13^'^ 
Pan American games held in Winnipeg from July 23 
to August 8, 1999. 

Three-time World 
Champion and 1998 
Olympic Curling 
Champion, Sandra 
Schmirler, dies in 
March in Regina, 
Schmirler was 36 
years old. 

Coiin Corneau/Brandon Sun 

David Milgaard is awarded a compensation 
package of $10 million for his wrongful murder 
conviction and spending 23 years in prison. 

_^^ FEELit technology allows users to experience 
■^ computer technologj' ttirough their mouse. Users 
can "feel" buttons, text, the weight of a stuffed 
desktop folder and the groove of a scroll bar. 

_^k_ Fifteen-year-old Amber Ramirez undergoes surgery 
^^ in which half of her brain is removed to stop the 
spread of a rare neurological disease. Doctors 
hope the remaining portion of Ramirez's brain will 
compensate for the removed tissue. 

In August, NASA releases photos from the Chandra 
X-ray orbiting telescope of a hot cloud of gas from a 
star that exploded more than three centuries ago. 
The telescope took 23 years and $1 billion to develop. ^^ 

A The Java Ring contains a computer chip providing 
"^P" electronic access into buildings for students. 

Eventually the ring could be used as a library card, 
digital wallet, electronic ID and authentication for 
students' online homework. 

A In August, U.S. surgeons begin using computer- 
-0^ enhanced robotic technology for heart bypass 
surgery. Because the chest cavity is never 
opened, this technique reduces pain and 
shortens recovery time. 

In an epilepsy treatment 

breakthrough, surgeons 

implant a "pacemaker" 

into the chest with a 


nerve stimulator 

/connected to 
the brain. The 
unit can last up to 
five years. 

A The body of a 23,000-year-old woolly mammoth is 
"^P" discovered in October frozen in the Russian tundra. 
Study of the preserved fur, organs and soft tissue 
could unlock the mystery of why the species died out 


Researchers announce in July the 
creation of a cancerous human cell by 
genetically altering a normal one. This 
significant breakthrough is an important 
step toward developing drugs that could 
potentially wipe out cancer. 

In December, IBM announces a $100 
million research initiative to build a 
supercomputer 500 times more 
powerful than current models. 

Cyberonics, Inc 


A On August 1 1 , the last total solar eclipse of 
-0^ the millennium crosses the globe. Thousands 
of people from Canada to India experience 
daytime darkness during which the moon 
completely covers the sun. 

_gL. The jawbones of two kangaroo-sized dinosaurs 
f are discovered in Madagascar in October. Dated 
to the early Triassic period, 230 million years 
ago, the bones could be the oldest dinosaur 
fossils ever found. 


Parents, with help from their doctor, select 
the gender of their baby using a technique 
called MicroSort, which separates X-bearing 
(female-determining) and Y-bearing 
(male-determining) sperm. The success 
rate is about 92 percent for females and 
69 percent for maJes. 

A new board game. 

Infection, hits stores in July^^^J^ 

Fun and educational, players race around the board 

catching diseases, described in detail, and trying to 

be cured. 

In October, Sea Launch Company, a multi-national 
consortium, launches the first commercial satellite 
into space from a floating platform in the Pacific 
Ocean. Boeing is a major partner in the venture, 
along with companies in Russia, Ukraine and Norway 

n October, 
biologists isolate 
one of the 
enzymes that 
sets Alzheimer's 
disease in motion. 
This scientific 
discovery will 
lead to new 
treatments and, 
possibly, a cure. 
Over 4 million 
including former 
President Ronald 
Reagan, are living 
with the disease. 


Researchers report they have successfully 
■ altered the learning and memory behavior of 
mice by inserting a gene into their brains. 
This genetic-engineering breakthrough may be 
helpful in treating human learning disorders 
and Alzheimer's disease. 

In June, scientists announce the 
creation of two new elements. The 
nucleus of new, super-heavy element 
118 decays into element 116 within 
a millisecond. 

Scientists studying Albert Einstein's 
preserved brain report it has unique 
characteristics. The region governing 
mathematical ability and spatial 
reasoning is significantly larger 
than normal. 



To mark the 30th anniversary of the first moon 
landing, astronaut Neil Armstrong's lunar 
footprint is featured on a 1999 postage stamp. 





The fashion accessor)- of 1999 goes by many 
names -power beads, mood beads and prayer 
beads. Many sellers claim the beads boost 
tranquility, energy, creativity and intelligence. 

Airlines begin installing elaborate in-flight"' 
entertainment systems that allow passengers 
to watch movies, play computer games, listen to 
music, read headlines or browse the Internet. 

Cosmetic companies increasingly use 
entertainment celebrities instead of models for 
their advertisements. Sarah Michelle Cellar, 
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez and Shania 
TVain are among the celebs who appear in ads, 

With the huge 
increase in cell 
phones, many 
cities enact laws 
restricting their 
use while driving. 
Restaurants and 
theaters are also 
requiring patrons 
to turn phones 
off as a courtesy 
to others. 


A Apple Computer introduces its new iBook laptop 
"^^ in September. The super-slim, neon-colored 
units follow the highly successful launch of the 
translucent iMac desktop. 

In December, Honda introduces Insight, 
a car that combines a conventional 
gasoline engine with a small electric 
motor, decreases ozone and carbon 
dioxide emissions and gets 80 mpg. 

Several companies offer "digital wallets" 
for teens who want to shop online 
but don't have credit cards. Parents 
deposit money into an online account; 
then teens can spend the money at 
designated Web sites. 


A new line of scented candles called Aromapharmacy 
■ comes in amber glass containers and looks like 
prescription drug bottles with creative names such 
as Ritalert, Cramprin and Valiumello. 




Shawls and wraps 
show up everywhere 
in the fashion 
world. Hollywood 
celebrities like 
Salma Hayek sport 
the fashion trend 
in all colors 
and fabrics. 

'IJ^ Inline skaters can now power themselves along 
Y with the new Roller Cycle Personal Power 
Accelerator featuring a 1.5-hp-driven wheel. An 
optional spiked rubber tire for traction makes it 
also possible to use while cross-country skiing. 


Wireless Web access becomes a reality in 
■ September when Sprint PCS announces the 
first nationwide wireless data semce. Shortly 
thereafter, several other providers debut similar 
service for hand-held Web phones. 



Magellan, a satellite navigation system for 
■ motorists, offers complete U.S. mapping data, 
voice and visual instructions in seven languages, 
turn-by-turn directions and a library of points 
of interest. 

A Gap TV 


for vests starts a trend across" 

America that has teenagers wearing 

the fashionable sleeveless jackets. 

Several rappers start their own clothing lines, 
making hip-hop wear big business. Popular 
artist labels include FUBU, Roc-A-Wear, Phat 
Farm, Wu Wear, Sean John and X-Large. 



Teenagers need an average of nine 
hours and 15 minutes of sleep a night, 
according to research at Brown 
University's Bradley Hospital. The study 
also shows a direct correlation between 
school grades and duration of sleep. 

An influx of dot-com companies 
advertise on television. Ads during the 
Super Bowl sell for an average of $2.2 
million per 30-second commercial. 


Stretchy nylon 
jewelry that looks 
like skin tattoos 
is a big hit in 1999. 
The nylon bands 
are worn around 
necks, wrists, 
arms and ankles, 
and come in 
several colors. 


\« - 

'%»l!'!:f»o c 



A growing number of U.S. school cafeterias offer 
pruneburgers, a healthy low-fat combination 
of hamburger and prune puree. Other prune 
items in the works include hot dogs, pizza sauce, 
barbecue sauce and gingerbread cookies. 

pJneH&is snap up a record 15.0UU copies 

Y of Sega's highly anticipated Dreamcast system in 
the first 24 hours after its launch in September. 

ABC's summer fill-in quiz show "Who Wants 
to Be a Millionaire," with host Regis Phiibin, 
returns in November and is a huge hit with 
viewers. By January- 2000, several major networks 
launch quiz shows of their own. 

The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley 
■ Joel Osment is the No. 1 box office hit for five 
consecuti\e weekends in the summer 

After 19 
Susan Lucci finally 
wins an Emmy 
Award for best 
actress in a 
daytime drama 
series for her role 
as Erica Kane on 
the ABC soap opera 
"All M\- Children." 

Launched in January 1999, MWs "The Tom Green 
Show" becomes one of the season's most popular 
shows. The Canadian host's bizarre man-on-the- 
street pranks are the show's main attraction. 

A Jennifer Love Hewitt leaves "Party of Five" to star in 
"^^ her own Fox television drama, "Time of Your Life." 
The show focuses on Hewitt's character trying 
to make it in New York while searching for her 
biological father. 

A The Blair Witch Project, the year's surprise movie 
'^^p- hit, is the documentary-style footage of three 
students lost in the Maryland woods and 
threatened by the presumed Blair Witch. The film 
costs SI 00,000 to make and grosses $140 million. 


Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return as the 
voices of Woody and Buzz Lightyear 
in the animated feature Toy Story 2. 
The sequel breaks box-office records 
during its Thanksgiving release and 
wins a Golden Globe award. 

In a botched stunt, WWF wrestler Owen 
Hart falls from the rafters at Kemper 
Arena and dies in front of 16,300 fans. 


In June, Mike Myers' se(\[ie\ Austin Powers: The 
■ Spy Who Shagged Me proves to be a bigger hit 
than the 1997 original. Dr Evil's alter ego Mini-Me 
is extremely popular even though he has no lines. 


^ t 

In December, 
actor Jim Carrey 
portrays zany 
comedian Andy 
Kaufman mMan 
on the Moon. 
Carrey wins a 
Golden Globe 
award for his 

Tlie new arcade game Guitar Freaks features 
two guitar controllers and a screen to help 
players follow along to popular songs. 


Set in 1980, the critically acclaimed NBC 
show "Freaks and Geeks" follows two groups 
of teens trying to make their way through 
high school. 

The long-awaited prequel Star Wars: Episode I The 
' Phantom Menace hits theaters in May 1999, taking 
in a record-breaking $28.5 million on its opening 
day and going on to gross more than $420 million. 


Michael J. Fox announces in January 
2000 he will leave the popular ABC 
sitcom "Spin City" at the end of the 
season to promote awareness of 
Parkinson's disease in hopes of 
finding a cure. 

After 10 seasons, Fox cancels the 
hit show "Beverly Hills, 90210." The 
show followed characters through 
high school, college and careers. 

A 'n September, the New Roc City entertainment 
-^^ center opens in New York. The complex includes 
an amusement park ride on the roof, two skating 
rinks, 19 movie screens, restaurants, an arcade, a 
health club, a supermarket and a hotel. 

American Beauty, starring Kevin Spacey, Annette 
Bening and Thora Birch, captures the Golden 
Globe Best Drama Award. The dark satire of 
suburbia and family dysfunction receives a total 
of six Golden Globe nominations. 


Medusa, the 
world's first 
floorless roller 
coaster, opens 
in August at Six 
Flags Great 
Adventure in 
New Jersey 
The 4,000-foot, 
ride has enough 
drops, loops, 
rolls and 
to thrill 
every rider. 

.Six Flags Greal Advenliire 

The Talented Mr Ripley, starring Matt Damon, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Gate Blanchett, 
opens in December and earns popular and 
critical praise. 


U.S. sales of music by Latin artists shoot up 
i percent in the first quarter of 1999 thanks 
to artists such as Ricity Martin, Jennifer Lopez, 
Enrique iglesias and Marc Anthony. 

Superstar Mariah Carey releases Rainbow in 
November and begins a world tour in February 
2000. Carey is named Billboard Music Awards Artist 
of the Decade and is awarded the distinguished 
American Music Award of Achievement. 

Britney Spears' 
a\hnm... Baby 
One More Time is 
the second-best- 
selling album 
of 1999, earning 
Spears the 
Billboard Music 
Awards Female 
and New Artist of 
the Year Awards. 



Tai wtarrawt/IMevBrniEs 

Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton and the 
Dixie Chicks are a few musicians 
who rock Central Park in a first-ever 
trimulcast concert seen and heard 
on the radio, television and Internet. 

More than 1 million viewers tune 
in each weekday to vote on their 
favorite videos on MTV's "Total 
Request Live" with host Carson Daly 
and popular musical guests. 

4 Computer games feature big music stars on 
-^^ their soundtracks. Sheryl Crow contributes her 
talent to the Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack, 
Metallica to Hot Wheels Turbo Racing and 
Naughty by Nature to NBA Live 2000. 

Backstreet Boys' Millennium wins the Billboard 
Music Awards Album of the Year and becomes 
the best-selling album of the year with over 10 
million copies sold. 



Lou Bega's 
rhythmic "Mambo 
No. 5" hits the 
Top 40 in August 
after selling 2 
million copies 
overseas and 
topping the chart 
in 15 countries. 

_^^ "NetAid,"a concert dedicated to relieve hunger 
y and poverty, airs live in October on MTV, VHl, 
the BBC, as well as radio stations in 120 
nations, making it the widest-heard musical 
performance in history. 

In a strange twist. Garth Brooks releases the album 
The Life of Chris Gaines in which he pretends to 
be a fictional rock star. Gaines will be the main 
character in a movie called The Lamb, currently 
in development. 



Fiona Apple releases her long-awaited second 
" album to rave reviews in November and begins 
a tour in February 2000. The album features a 
90-word title, which is commonly shortened to 
When the Pawn. 

Shania Twain becomes 
the first woman since 
1986 to win the Country 
Music Association's 
Entertainer of the Year 
Award at the 33rd annual 
awards show. 

MP3, technology 

that compresses sound into a very small 

file, becomes a popular alternative to 

the CD. MPS files are downloaded from 

the Internet onto computers or portable 

player units, making it possible to take 

a personal music selection anywhere. APAVideworidPfmio 

A VH 1 's "Concert of the Century" spotlights the 
T importance of music education in schools. The 
all-star show includes Lenny Kravitz, Sher^'l Crow, Eric 
Clapton and B.B. King, as well as high-profile actors. 


After a successful New Year's Eve 
reunion performance, the Judds 
begin their first tour in almost 10 
years in February 2000. Since 
they disbanded in 1991, Naomi has 
recovered from Hepatitis C. 

Best New Artist Grammy nominee 
Christina Aguilera gives an exciting 
performance during the Super Bowl 
XXXIV halftime show. 

Ricky Martin takes the music industry by storm 
■ after his show-stopping performance at the 1999 
Grammy Awards show. Martin's first chart-topping 
single, "Livin' la Vida Loca," helps him win the 
Billboard Music Award for Male Artist of the Year. 

David Cone of the New York Yankees pitches 
a perfect game against the Montreal Expos in 
July. Cone's feat is the 14th perfect game in 
modern baseball histor\'. 


PavTie Stewart is 
killed in a bizarre 
airplane accident 
in October. After 
the airplane's 
takeoff from 
Florida, an 
apparent loss of 
cabin pressure 
everyone aboard. 
The aircraft flies 
on autopilot for 
four hours until it 
runs out of fuel 
and crashes in 
South Dakota. 

Ru^^ .UrrfaAtlsporl 

A The Houston Comets earn their third straight 
■4P" W'NBA championship in September, beating 
the New York Liberty 59-47 to win in three 
straight games. 

Lance Armstrong wins the 1999 Tour de France 
in July. Armstrong, who survived a three-year 
battle with testicular cancer, becomes the 
second American to win the event. 

The Dallas Stars beat the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 
in triple overtime to win the 1999 Stanley Cup 
championship, four games to two. 

The St. Louis Rams stop the Tennessee Titans 
at the 1-yard line on a final play to save their 
23-16 Super Bowl XXXIV victory. 

In September, 
tennis phenom 
Serena Williams, 
1 7, overpowers 
Martina Hingis 
to win the 1999 
U.S. Open title. 


Both Detroit Lions running back 
Barry Sanders and German tennis 
star Steffi Graf announce their 
retirement in 1999. 

On February 7, 2000, Tiger Woods 
wins his sixth consecutive PGA Tour 
event, tying Ben Hogan's 1948 
winning record. 


Dale Jarrett wins the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup 
championship after a four-victory season. 

In the January 
2000 Sugar Bowl, 
No. 1 Florida 
State beats No. 2 
Virginia Tech 
46-29 to capture 
the National 

J| Andre .Agassi wins the French Open m jun;; 
y and becomes the fifth man ever to complete a 

career Grand Slam. Agassi goes on to win the 

U.S. Open in September. 

A In July, the U.S. women's soccer team wins the 

-^- 1 999 World Cup by beating China 5-4 in penalty 

kicks following a 0-0 tie. More than 90,000 fans 

attend at the Rose Bowl and another 40 million 

watch on television. 

TVavis Pastrana, 15, wins the gold medal in the X 
Games' inaugural Moto X freestyle motocross event. 
The fifth year of this ESPN-sponsored competition 
is held in San Francisco in June and July 

^^ In June, 
Y fhe San 
Antonio Spurs win 
their first NBA 
championship by 
defeating the New 
York Knicks four 
games to one. 

The New York Yankees win the 1999 World 
Series in a four-game sweep against the 
Atlanta Braves. 


In July, many major league baseball 
umpires announce their resignation as 
a labor protest. The strategy backfires 
when owners accept the resignations 
and in September, 22 umpires lose 
their jobs. 

In January 2000, Michael Jordan returns 
to pro basketball as part owner and 
President for Basketball Operations of 
the NBA's Washington Wizards. 

A^ The U.S. team beats the European team to win 
-^p- golf's Ryder Cup at Brookline, Massachusetts, in 
September. The American's stirring comeback 
is marred by unruly galleries and a premature 
victory celebration. 

Twenty-year professional hockey veteran Wayne 
' Gretzk)' announces his retirement in April 1999 
after setting or tying 61 records. Two months 
later, "The Great One" is inducted into the 
Hockey Hall of Fame. 


A Fearing the collapse of the world's banks, utilities 
■^^ and transportation systems, thousands of people 
stock up on food, water, money, ammunition and 
generators. After midnight, it soon becomes 
apparent that the preparations were unnecessary. 

The public and private sectors spend 
hundreds of millions of dollars to ward 
off the Y2K bug. The world lets out a 
sigh of relief after midnight strikes and 
no major computer malfunctions occur 

The FBI wams of possible terrorist acts 
on New Year's Eve and stays on national 
alert throughout the celebration. After 
the arrest of one man with bomb-making 
materials, Seattle decides to cancel its 
Space Needle celebration. 


A surprising number of people, appalled by the 
exorbitant costs of travel and events, decide to stay 
home on New Year's Eve. Many companies and 
performers drastically slash prices as a last-minute lure. 

SOWJosIeos. Inc 0C4I77