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* . 

s*^ •. 




The Better Understanding 

o f t h e 

LORD'S supper: 


Neceffary PREPARATION required: 

For the BENEFIT of 


And of fuch as have not well confidered 

This Holy Ordinance, 

To which it annexed, the OFFICE of the 

Holy Communion. 

With proper Helps and Directions for joining in 
every Part thereof with Underftanding and Benefit. 

By the Right Reverend Father in GOD, 

T II O M A S, Lord Bifhop of Sodor and Mann. 

In ENGLISH and M A tf K S. 

Translated into MANKS for the Ui'c of the Diocefe of MANN. 


Printed by J. WARE & SON. ,N^^fU*$i 


MDCCLXXVII. ??\ W*-t'iV I 

ASS. -e &*-. ^ 



T H E f 


SEC T. I. 

A Short Introduction to th true Underpmiing if the Xfrfi 

l\ Su PP er * «. ft J°> * 

A Pr*y*r of Tbankfulnefs for God's fending bis ow* Sen t* Redeem, 

Mankind* *4 


The End and tnftitution of the Lord's Supper. m *4- 

A Prayer for retaining a grateful Remembrance of what CM ft has done 

for us in this divine Inftitution. ** 


How a Chriftian ought to prepare bimfelf for ibis Sacrament. a 3 

The firft Head of Self examination concerning our Repintance. 24 

A Prayer for Repentance. 2 7 

S E C T. IV. 

Concerning our Purpofes of leading a new or a Chriftian Life. 28 

A Prayer for the Grace of loving God with all our Heart> &c 3a 


Concerning jmr Duty, to our Neighbour and eurfdf 34 

"The Prayer on that Occqfton., 37 


Au Enquiry whether we have a lively Faith in God's Mercy thro 9 

drift: 39 

The Prayer on that Occefion. 41 


An Inquiry, whether we have a thankful Remembrance of Cbri/Ps 

Death 42 

The Prayer on that Occqfton. 45 


An Inquiry, whether we are in Charity tvitb all the World. 46 

The Prayer on that Occajion. 48 

S E C T. IX. 

General Obfervations, pertinent to- the Subjects of the foregoing Sections. 50 

Obfervations en receiving worthily or unworthily the Sacrament of tbg 

Lord's Supper. 52 

A Prayer adapted to this Occajion. . 56 


The C O N T E N T S. 

Meditations tn feveral Tacts if Scripture, proper to hi ufid a little it- 
fere Rtmving. 57 
■ Intnduilien te the Order of Aiminijf ration if the Lord's Supper. b8 
Iht Order far Adminiftratiin if the hlejfed Sacrament, with Juitoble 
' Ohfervatifns and Direftitms, ' 70 
Private Devttuns after .the Sacrament, either in the Church tr at 
heme. .- 154 
Concerning' Spiritual Cmmunitn. 167 
A brief and plain Parapbrafe en the Lira?! Prayer, ■ 173 
Morning Prayer fer a Pamir. 179 
A Family Prayer fer Sunday Morning. %%% 
Evening Prayer for a Family. 184 
A'Famify Prayer fer Sunday Evening* .. . * 188 
Prayers f*r particular Perfons t ittk Morning and Evening* 189 



To the True Undei Ihuding of the 


Preparatory Devotions, 

Intended for the Vk add Benefit of 

Young Communicants. 

A G.fl T GHlARE 

Dy heet gy» Toiggal Grriaagh jen. 


U A R I S H 

Pidjcryo dy ghcddyn urloo ny chouf. 
Kiatit fan Ymmyd as Vondeilh 

Creefteenyn Aegey. 


THERE arc two Holy 
Ordinances of Sa- 
tramentt appointed 
by Jefus Chfift as 
mod efpecial Means of obtain- 
ing Grace and Salvation : 
Which no Chri{lian,Who hopes 
to be faved mull wilfully neg- 
le& — Thefe are Baptism., 
and the Lord's Supper. 

It muft be fuppofed, that 
you have already been made 
Partaker of one of thefe two 
Sacraments,— —vi%. That of 
Baptism, by which you 


TA daa Oardaghey Ca- 
merick hy daa Sa* 
trament curmit or* 
rin liorifh Yeefey 
Creeft myr ny ard Saafeyn dy 
chofney Grayfe as Saualtys : 
Ad flioh cha nhegin da Creef- 
tee erbee, ta jerkal rifti Saual- 
tvs, dy mcerioofagh Ihiggey 
lhaghey. T'ad fhoh Bash- 


Shegin goaill afs laue dy vel 
unriane" jeh'n daa Sacrament 
flidh hannah (hirveilhit ort, — 
tajben dy gbra, Yn Sacrament 
dy Vasutey, liorifh v'ou ef 

2 dgbt ghiare gys 

vrtite admitted idtb the Coh- 
gregarioii of Chaff's Fkxk,— 
wtre reftorcd to the Favour of 
God,— and had the Hoty Spirit 
communicated to you, for & 
Principle of a new andfpiritu- 
al Life ; in order to awaken 
^you, and to direft and affift 
that natural Reafon, with 
which God has endued all 

But forafmuch as you have 
done many Things contrary 
to the Promife made in your 
Name, when you were bap- 
tized, — and will (land in need 
of greater Degrees of Grace 
and Ajfijiance y to enable you 
to refif t the Temptations of the 
World, the Flefli, and the Dc- 
tfil, and to do your Duty in 
that State of Life, unto which 
the Providence of God fhall 
call you : —You are therefore 
now called upon to be Parta- 
ker of the other Sa^rameitt, — 
That of the Lord's Supper; 
by which, upon your fincere 
Repentance, you may obtain 
the Pardon of all your paft 
Sins, and fuch other Graces as 
you ftand in need of, to bring 
you to eternal Life and Hap«- 

Take care therefore, that 
you undcrftand what you are 
called to as well as you are 
able, and God expe&s no 

Toiggal Jirrinagh - 

dty gx&NL fttarh A^fls She. 
rit rccfltt gys Foayr Y6e, — as 
Sree yn Sfyrryd Nod dt ny 
choyrt dhyt ion llndin as To- 
fhiaght dy Vea noa as fpyrryd- 
6ft ; dy ghrefflhaghey ob, as dy 
leeideil as dy niartaghey yn Re- 
foon dooghyflagh men, lefh ta 
Jee er choamrey ooilley Sheel- 

Agh fon wheefh as dy vel oo 
er n'yannoo ymmodee Reddyrt 
noi yn Ghialdyn va jeant ayns 
dty Ennym ee dty Vafhtey, — 
as dy bee oo feme towfe frnoo 
dy Gbrayfe as dy Chooney, dy 
niartaghey oo dy haflbo magh 
noi Miolaghyn y Theihll, yn 
Eill, as y Drogh-fpyrryd, as dy 
yannoo dty Churrym ayns y 
Stayd fhen dy Vea, huggey nee 
Ard-chiarail Yee geamagh ort : 
— T'ou nifli er-y-fa (hen er dty 
chuirrey dy.ghoaill Ayrn jeh'n 
Sacrament elley, ' S acra- 


liorifh flien my nee oo Arrys 
firrinagh y ghoaill, foddee oo 
Leih y gheddyn fon ooilley ny 
Peccaghyn t'ou rieau er n'yan- 
noo, as lheid ny Girayfeyn 
elley ta feme ayd orroo, dy 
leeideil oo gys y Vea veayn as 
Maynrys dy bragh farraghtyn. 
Shen-y fa gow Kiarail, dy 
hoiggal chammah as oddys oo 
[yn OardagheyCafherickJfhen 
huggey t'ou er dty earn* as ny 
firioo cha vel Jee dy hirrey. — 




For jf you go to the .Lord's 
$y&er without ittjifukawg the 
$e$fo# 9Jf that Ordinance, and 
the vpry great Concern you 
have in it, — -without &eu\g 
the Necefftfy and fft^Smg of a 
Redeemer 9 you iriU go W^h In- 
diHerence, and return without 
fuch Benefit ^s ypji might q- 
therwife hope for. 

To present this you flipuld 
feripflily con^der what Ac- 
count the Holy Scriptures 
have given u$ of the Condition 
we are in, both with refped to 
this life, and die Jife which 
is to come. 

That, is,— r^rThat we are by 
Nature Sinners : and that, as 
fuch, pod cannot tgkp flea- 
fpre ifi us trrr A n d th^t if we 
die, before we are reftpred to 
his Favour, we fhall be fepa,- 
rated from h}m, and miferable 

This will lead you to in- 
quire, how the Nature of Man 
came to be thus* difordered, 
and prone to Evil ; for you 
mud not imagine, ' that God, 
who is infinitely good, created 
Man in fuch a State of Corrup- 
tion, as you now fee and feel 
him to be in ; but that he mult 
have fallen into this wretched 
Condition, fince he came out 
of the Hands pf his Creator. 

jSog my t'pu goll gys Sbib- 
ber y Qbtarn fegooifh Toiggal 
copie ayd jeh'n Qardaghey 
(hen, as y Cpfney feer vooart^ 
a,yd Uorifli,— gyn taftey ayd jeh 
Ymmyrch as Bannaght ler* 
kmnee, hed oo gys y Chreefc 
tiaght lefh beggan Scanlh, as 
chyndaa-ee oo veih fegooifh 
Iheid y Vondeifti as oddagh oo 
er aght ellcy treifliteil ejr y hoiu 

Dy hpghney fhoh lhifagh 09 
fmoouipghtyn dy dowin er y 
Coontey ta Goo Cafherick Yee 
er chur dooin jeh'n Stayd ty 
fliin ayn, chammah *fy Yea, 
fifth, as jeh (hen ta ry-heet, 

Ta (hen dy ghra,— Liorifb 
Dooghys dy vel fliin Peccee : 
as myr ta Ihin Peccee, nagh vod 
JeeTaitnys yghoaill aynin:— « 
As my yiow mayd Baafe roifl* 
my jig mayd a^ns Foayr riih^ 
dybee ipayd er nyn fcarrey 
veih, as ayns Treihys er fon dy 

Leeidee Ihoh 00 dy vriaght^ 
kys haink Dooghys Dooinney 
gys y Stayd varvaanagh (bdh„ 
as aggindagh er Oik. ; fon cha 
nhegin dhyt fmooinaghtyn, dy 
ren Jee, ta erfkyn-earroo mie, 
Dooinney y chroo aynslheid y 
Stayd pbeccoil, as t'ou nifh fa- 
kin as gennagbtyn eb nifh dy ve 
ayn ; agh dy nhegin da ve er 
huittym ayns y Stayd hreih 
ihoh, lurg da v*er jeetafs Laue* 
I yn e Er-crpp* 




Agbt gbi are gys toiggal Jirrinagb 

And fo the Scripture in- 
forms us. — In the third Chap- 
ter of Genefis, we have this fol- 
lowing Account of the State 
of Man, Before, and After the 

That Adam and Eve, from 
whom fprang all Mankind, 
were treated in the Image of 
God ; that is, holy and inno- 
cent, having a perfeft Know- 
ledge of their Duty, a Command 
cf their Will and Affections, and 
a Power, through the Grace 
of God, to do what they faw fit 
to be done. 

In this Condition they were 
placed in Paradife, in a State 
of Trial, with a Promife of im 
mortal Life and Happinefs, if 
they fhould continue to Fear, 
to Love, to Honour and Obey 
their Creator ; as alfo, with an 
exprefs Warning of the dread- 
ful Confequence of their Difo- 

Notwithftanding which Warn- 
ing, they, through the Temp- 
tation of the Devil, tranfgreff- 
ed the Commands of God; 
and by doing fo, they did not 
only forfeit all Right to the 
Promife of eternal Life and 
Happinefs, but alfo contra&ed 
fuch a Blindnefs in the Under- 
flanding, fvich a Diforder in 
their Will and Ajfe£tions, as all 
their Pofterity feel to their 
Sorrow ; and became fubjeft 
%o Sip, and the Punijhment of 

| As myr fhen ta Goo Yee 
Iginfh dooin.— Ayns y trafe 
Chabdil jeh Lioar Genefis, ta'n 
Coontey fhoh ain jeh Stayd 
Dooinney, Roifh, as Lurg da 
tuittym ayns Pcccah : 

Dy row Adam as Aue, jeu 
rug ooilley' Sheelnaue, er nyn 
groo ayns Caflys lee*, ta fhen, 
cafherick as gyn - loght, lefh 
Tufhtey frrinagh jeh nyn Gur- 
rym, lefh Smaght harrijh nyn 
Aigney as nyn Teearreeyn, as 
Pooar trooid Grayfe Yee, dy 
yannoojhen heeagb ad cpoie dy 
vejeant. \ 

Ayns y Stayd fhoh v'ad foit 
ayns Pargeiys,er-cbee dyphrow- 
al <u/,lefh Gialdyn jeh Bea veayn 
as Maynrys,my yinnagh adtan- 
naghtyn dy ghoaill Aggie roifh, 
dy chur Graih, Ooafhley as Bi- 
allys da nyn Ver-croo; lefh 
Raaue geyre myrgeddin jeh'n 
Jerrey atchimagh harragn er 
nyn Meerviallys* 

Agh fon ooilley yn Raaue 
fhoh, ren ad, trooid Miolagh- 
ey yn Drogh-fpyrryd, Saragh- 
yn Yee y vrifhey; as liorifh 
fhen y yarinoo, cha ren ad ny 
lomarcan coayll dy chooilley 
Chairys gys y Gialdyn jeh Bea 
as Maynrys dy bragh farragh- 
tyn, agh ren ad myrgeddin tuit- 
tym fo lheid y Deillid ayns nyn 
Dufhtey, fo lheid y Vee-reiltys 
ayns nyn. Aigney as . nyn Teear- 
reeyn, as ta ooilley nyn Sluight 
gennaghtyn gy$ nyn Drimfhey; 


jeb S H I B B E R Y C H I A R N. 

Sin, which is Mifery and 

Concerning the Nature and 
Greatne/s of this Sin, we are 
to judge of it by the Great - 
ncfs of the Punifliment inflict- 
ed upon them and their Pof- 
lerity : 

— — For God, being infinite- 
ly Juft and Holy, could not in- 
jli£t a Punijbment greater than 
their Sin deferved. 

Now. this was the Occafion 
of that univerfal Corruption 
and Wickednefs, which you fee 
and hear of in the World, and 
which you cannot but, in fome 
Meafure, feel in your own Na- 
ture : For, as the Scripture 
informs us, Gen. v. 3. Adam 
begat bis Children in his own 
Likenefs ; that is, with fuch a 
depraved Nature as his was 
then become. 

And now confider into what 
a fad Condition thefe unhappy 
Offenders had brought them- 
felvcs, and remember that this 
is your own Condition, and the 
Condition of all their Po/ierity. 

fhe Law of Nature and 
Reafon was ftill in Force, and 
could not dilpenfed 

with. At the fame Time 

they found by fad Experience, 
That, as St. Paul defcribes the 
fallen State of Man, there was 

as haihk ad dy ve fo Reill as 
Kerraghey Peccah, quoid ta 
Treihys as Baafe. 

Mychione Dooghys as 
Mooadys y Pheccah fhoh, fhe- 
gin dooin briwnys, liorifh 
Mooadys y Cherraghey hie er 
cur orroo hene as nyn Shce- 
loghe: — Son cha voddagh Jee 9 
ta erfkyn earroo Cairalas Cajhe- 
rick, Kerraghey s'trimmey y chur 
orroo na va nyn Beccah er hoiU 

Nifli fhoh va Oyr as Bun 
ooilley yn Oik as y Vee-chrauee- 
aght Jhen fey-ny-cruinney, t'ou 
fakin as clafhtyn jeh ayns y 
Theihll, as fhoh cha vod 00 agh 
gennaghtyn, ayns Ayrn, ayns 

dty Ghooghys hene; Son 

myr ta Goo Yee ginfh dooin 
ayns Lioar Gene/is v. 3. Hooar 
Adam * Chtoan ayns e Chajlys 
hene; ta (hen, lefh Iheid y 
Dooghys peccoil as v'eh hene 
nilh ayn. 

As nifli fmooinee ufs dy 
dowin er, cre'n Stayd hrim- 
(haghvany Peccee mee-vayn- 
rey fhoh er hayrn ad hene ayn, 
as cooinee dy neejhoh dtv Stayd 
hene, as Stayd ooilley nyn Shee- 

Va Leigh Dooghys as Re- 
foon foaft ayns flane Bree, as 
cha voddagh eh er aght erbee 

ve currit dy lhiattee. Ec y 

Traa cheddin dennee ad liorifh 
Prowal hrimfhagh, myr ta'n 
Nop Paul cur Coontey jeh 


4gbt gbiart gjs Taiggaf Jrrjwgb 

4 Lqw in. ihsir Members war* 
ring, fgffiflft the Law of their 
Mind ; fo that the Good which 
they *wwldy they did not ; but 
the Evil that they would not y 
tfot they did, Rom. vii. 

There could not fure be a 
Condition more deplorable 
tl#n this ; — To live only to 
contract evil Habits ; and by 
doing fg,— To increafe their 
Guilt,— To 4lfplcafc their Cre- 
ator, — and, To leave an Off- 
fpring as miferable as them- 

This therefore gave Occa- 
§on to Qqd to manifeft ano- 
ther of his nftoft glorious Per- 
fections, , that is, his infinite 
Gaodnefs apd Mercy. 

For God forefeeing this la- 
mentable Condition into which 
they h^d fallen by departing 
from their Obedience., his 
Goodnefs had provided filch a 
Remedy, as that neither they, 
i>pr any of their Pofterity, 
Ihoi^ld, on account of their Fall, 
be eternally miferable, except 
through their own Fault. 

He, therefore, in Confider- 
i&OTL of a Redeemer^ one of 
Jhe Seqd of the Woman, who 
fliould make full Satisfaction 
to the Divine Juftice tor their 
^r^afgreffion, and who fliould 
bruife the Head, or breajf. the 
<P?uwvflf that §erpent 9i (the 

Stayd Pooinney ayps Fecca}) 9 
Dy row Leigh ayns ny Olfyn ac 
caggey not Leigh nyn Aigney ; 
myrjben yn Vi$ IfailW^fi^ncha 
re* ad i agb yq Qlh n^k'tott- 
liuyjhen rsn ad 9 Ro?H* v& 

Son fiuckypys dja *o4dagk 
Stayd s'trimfltiee na fhqb y ve: 
— — -'Sy Vea fhohi ynrycan 4f 
gheddyn drogh Qafliyn ; as 
liprep fijen*-- -*-Dy viih^ghey 
nyn Beeeah,- -jty chur Jym- 
moofe er nyji Ver-croo a — -aa, 
Dy wgii flight nyn yei cha 
treih roQ feene. 

jSJioh erryrfo &w feqg Qyr 
da Joe 4y luHlfesgljey [(&'$ 
TheM] 4yf!tt dley jgh e 

Ghopghys fmQQ glpy?€#> ta 

(Jrai, tVieyj 91s e Vygbin er&yn-» 

Soq inyr honnicjt Jee ro-laue 
yn Stsy4 k?ejh fhoh, ayn v'^d 
er huittypa lioriih nyn Mee-vi- 
allys, va'n Vieys echey er chia- 
rail lheid y Saafe Ihen dy Hau- 
akys, nagh tyhiafs edyr daue 
bene, ny da veg jph nyn Shee- 
Ipghe ve ayns Treihys dy bragh 
farraghtyn, kyndagh rifli yn 
Peccah pffyn, agh trooid yn 
Foill oc heqe. 

Shen-y-fa er coontey Fer- 
kio$nee 9 Dooinney jeh fluight y 
Vffji, yinn^gh Lhiaffaghey flane 
da Caurys Yee fon nyn Beccah, 
as vvooagh Kione, ny vrifhagh 
Popar, yn 4 r d-nieu ften (yn 
Jppyl) ren ad y violaghey gys 
ifceeah jr-fo Qpontey^nSluight 


jeb $HIBfiER Y C H I A fc N. 


Bkiril) who teiftptcd fbfefti- to 
Sm j — In Coftfidefati&n of this 
proifrifed Seed j God efttered 
ihte ft New Covenant with 
them* by way of Reritedy, for 
what #& paft, aftd could not 

We bav£ reafoii to believe, 
that this Neiv Covenant was 
more fttlfy explained to Adam, 
thiol is fet dowii in this fhoft 
Aotourit given us by Mofes, 
and as it is more fully explain- 
ed hi the Gofpel ; aftd which 
was to this Purpofe : ■ That 
on Condition of their Jincere Re- 
pittance, and Jincere Obedience 
afterwards, they Jhbuld be re- 
fiortd to the Favour of God; 
and after Death, to that Life 
and Happittefs, which in their 
State of Innocence was promifed 
to theih Without tafting of Death; 
which Favour they had forfeit- 
id by their Difobedience. 

Attd when We confider, that 
6urjirjt Parents, now become 
Sinners, Rood in need of an 
Atonement, without which, 
while under the Difpleafure of 
God, their very Lives mud be 
aBttrthen; and it b<*ing de- 
creed by God, as it afterwards 
appeared, that without (bedding 
tf Blood there was to be no Re* 
miffion of Sin; i. e. without 
the Death of the Sinner, or 
foine one in his Stead: We 

fhoh va gialltt, reft }t& GmaM 
iMfotyyannoo rod, my r Sattfe 
dy yannoo LhiafTaghey foft f 
Peccah va hafcrtah jetot &t 9 
a* nagh voddagh ftflh V'er try 

ta Oyr ain dy ^irfcdjal, Of 
r6w Tufhtey fipoo er ny ehoytt 
da Adam jeh'n Cbonaant Nott 
fhoh, na ta foit flieefe ayns y 
Choontey giare fhoh t'er ny 
choyrt dooin liorifli Mofes, as 
myr te ny s'baght&l er ny hoil- 
fhaghey ayns y Tuflital; as 

(hen va er yn Aght ftioh : 

Er Coontey nyn Arrys trefoil, at 
nyn Miallys forriHagh ny lurg 
{hen, dy beagh ad reefat goit 
ftiagb ayns Foayr rijh Jee : as 
lurg Baafe, dy voghe ad yn Vea 
as y Vaynrys Jhen, va giallit 
daue ayns pyn Stayd dy Neu- 
loghtynys fegooijh blajhtyn jeh' n 
Vaafe ; yn Foayr cheddin v'ad 
er choayll liorifli nyn Mee- 
viallys. , 

As tra ta fhin goaili gys nyn 
Gree, dy row nyn gied Ayr as 
Moir, ni(h jeant nyn Beccee, 
feme Lhiaffaghey ve jeant er 
nyn fon, n'egooifli choud as 
v'ad fo Jymmoofe Yee, beigrt 
da cer nyn Mioys hene ve ny 
Errey daue ; ?s fon wheefli ag 
dy row eh farit liorifli Jee, myr 
ve ny lurg flien er ny hoil- 
ihaghey, Fegooijh Deayrtey foal* 
ley nagh row Leih PeCcah edyf 
dy ve -, ta {hen, fegooifh Baafe 



Aght ghlare gys loiggal Jirrinagb 

do therefore conclude, that, at 
this Time, God did appoint 
Sacrifices, or Sin-offerings, to 
make an Atonement for the 
Soul, and to forefhew the Sa- 
crifice of Jefus Chrift, (which 
we now commemorate) until 
he fhould' be offered in behalf 
of them and all their Pof- 

And this appears from what 
follows in the next Chapter of 
Genefis, where we find Abel, 
by Faith, (that is, believing 
and depending upon this Or- 
dinance of God, for the Re- 
miffion of Sins, until- the pro- 
mifed Redeemer fhould come ; 
we find him) offering a Sacri- 
fice which was .acceptable to 
God, that is, a Sin-offering, 
which his Brother not doing, 
was reje&ed. 

But, here take notice and 
remember, that thefe Sacrifices 
could not take away Sin, but 
only through Obedience to 
the Ordinance of God, and 
through Faith in the promifed 

They were indeed very in- 
ftru&ive and proper to lead 
Sinners to Repentance, and 
Amendment of Life, when 
they faw, that their Sins could 
not be forgiven, but by the 
Death of an innocent Creature, 

y Pheccagh, ny Baafe Fer eit- 
nagh er e hon: Ta fliin er-y- 
fa (hen goaill fon. fliickyrys dy 
nee, ec y Traa fhoh, doardee 
Jee Ourallyn ny Chebballyn- 
peccah, dy yannoo Lhiaffaghey 
fon yn Annym, dy chowragh- 
ey yn Oural veagh jeant jeh 
Yeefey Creed (ta fhin nifh 
freayll Cooinaghtyn jeh) der- 
rey veagh eh er ny hebbal afe 
y lieh ocfyn as ooilley nyn 

As ta fhoh er ny akin liorifh 
ny ta fcruit ayns y chiarroo 
Chabdil jeh Lioar Gene/is, raad 
ta fliin feddyn Abel liorifh 
Credjue (ta fhen dy ghra, cred- 
jal as treifliteii ayns yn Oar- 
daghey flioh dy Yee, fon Leih 
Peccaghyn, derrey harragh yn 
Fer-kionnee va giallit ; ta fhin 
feddyn eh) chebbal Oural tait- 
nyffagh da jee, ta flien, OuraU 
Peccah* fon gyn jannoo fhoh 
va e Vraar er ny gheyrey. 

Agh ayns fhoh gow tafley 
as cooinee, nagh voddagh ny 
Ourallyn flioh goaill erfooyi 
Peccah, agh ynrycan trooid Bi- 
allys gys Oardaghey Yee, as 
trooid Credjue ayns y Sluight 
va giallit. 

V'ad dy jarroo Ynfaghey feer 
chooie dy leeideil Peccee gys 
Arrys as Lhiaffaghey Bea, tra 
honnick ad, nagh voddagh nyn 
Beccaghyn v'er nyn leih, agh 
liorifh Baafe y Chretoor gyn- 
, loght va'n uill dy lhiggey afs, as 



bleeding and dying before 
their Eyes, to make an Atone* 
ment for their Sin. 

And as all good Men, before 
the Coming of Chrift* did 
mod religioufly keep up the 
Remembrance of the promi- 
fed Seed, and obtained the 
Pardon of their Sms, and Ac- 
ceptance with God, upon offer- 
ing Sacrifices through Faith in 
a Redeemer which was to come; 
So all Chrijlians, fince 
the Coming of that Redeemer, 
are obliged, as they hope for 
Pardon, and Favour from God, 
to keep up the Remembrance 
of God's great Mercy, in fend- 
ing us a Redeemer, and . of 
what that Redeemer has done I 
to fave us ; and this in the { 
Manner which He himfelf hath 

Now that you may be more 
fenfible of, and thankful to 
God for, this his infinite 
Loving-kindnefs, and that you 
may be fully convinced of 
the Neceffity and Bleffing of 
a Redeemer,, you ought to 
know and confider," that our 
Saviour and Redeemer came 
not, until Man had been tried 

in all 'Conditions, In a 

State of Innocence, — 
Under the Govern- 
ment of his own Rea- 
s o n, — and Under the 
Law given by Moses :— 
All which Methods of Provi- 



goll dy baafe kiongoyrt rifli 
nyn Sooillyn, dy yannoo Lhiaf- 
faghcy fon nyn Beccah. 

As myr fhen dy chooilley 
Ghooinney mie, roifti my daink 
Creeft, dy feer chrauee freayll 
febfe Cooinaghty n jeh'n Sluight 
v'er ny ghialdyn, as dy.dooar 
ad Leih fon nyn Beccaghyn, as 
Sbiaghey jeant jeu liorifh Jee, 
tiorijh chebbal Ourallyn trooid 
Credjue ayns Fer-kionnee va ry- 

heet ; j Myr lhen, neayr as 

haink y Fer-kionnce cheddirc, ta 
dy chooilley CAr£^*.kianIt,myr 
t'ad jerkal rifh Pardoon as 
Foayr veih Jee, dy chummat 
feofe Cooinaghtyn jeh Myghin 
vooar Yee ayns coyrt nooih 
Fer-kionriee, as jeh ny ta'n jR?r- 
kionnee fhen er n'yannoo dy 
hauail fliin ; as ihoh er yn aght 
t'eh hene er n'oardrail. 

Nifh dy vod Tulhtey (hare y 
ve ayd's jeh, as oo ny s'booifal 
da Jee fon, Ihoh e Chenjallys 
ghraihagh erfkyn-earroo, as dy 
vod Credjue, s'trofhey y ve ayd 
jehnyii Ymmyrch as Bannaght 
yn Er-kionnee, lhifagh 06 toig- 
gal as dy do win fmboinaghtyn, 
nagh daink nyn. Saualtagh as 
nyn Ver-kionnee, derrey va 
Dooinney er ny phrowal ayns 

dy chooilley Stayd-bea, — 

Ayns Stayd dy Neu- 



— As Fo yn Leigh v*er 
ny Choyrt liorish Mo- 



' fjgbt ghiare gys tmggd jtrrjnogh 

dcncCp thro* the perverfc Will 
6t Man, r had been rendered 
iheffeftual for the Amendment 
of the World.— Notwithftand- 
i$g which, fuch was the 
Gobdjiefs of God, that He 
fcnt, after all, his only beloved 
Son, to take our Nature upon 
him, and to affure Mankind 
6f the tender Love which he 
had for his poor Creatures 
tvho were ruining themfelves, 
without perceiving the Danger 
tftey were in. 

This wis the Promi/ed Seed! 
T-Pfomifed to. Adam, as He 
that fhould break the Ser- 
pent's Head, or Power of the 
Devil : — Promifed to Abra- 
baht, as He in whom all the 
Nations of the Earth Jhould be 
blejfed:— Promifed to the Peo- 
ple of Ifrael, as that Prophet 
whom they f&ould hear and 
obey at their Peril :— Laftly, 
pfomifed to David, as one 
wbofe Kingdom Jhould have no 
£na. And indeed it was 
with this Promife that God 
fupported the Spirits of all 
that feared him. and were in 
Fear for themfelves, until the 
Fulnefe of the Time for his 
Appearance fhould come. 

And now this Promi/ed 
Redeemer being come. He tirft 
fliewtd by his own Example, 

s £ s :— -Ooilley ny Saafeyn 
cheddinjeh Ard-chiarail Yee, 
trooid Aigney vee - reiltagh 
Dooinney haink dy ve neu- 
vreeoil dy lhiaffaghey yn Spihll. 
— Ny-yeih lheid flien va Mie- 
ys Yee', lurg ooilley dy dug eh 
e Vac ynrycan ennpil, dy 
ghoaill y Dooghys ainyn er, 
as dy chinr Shickyrys daSheel- 
naue jeh e Ghraih veiygh da c 
Chretooryn boghtey, va dy 
chur naardey ad hene, fegooifh .. 
Ennaghtyn jeh'n Dangeyr v'ad 

Shoh va*n Sluight giallit!— 
Giallit da Adam, myr Fer yin- 
nagh broo Kione yn Ard-nieu, 
ny Pooar y Drogh-fpyrryd: — - 
Giallit da Abraham, myr fyhyn, 
ayn veagh ooilley AJhoonyn ny. 
Hooirey er nyn mannagbey : — " 
Giallit da Pobble Ifrael, i»yr y 
' Phadeyr Jhen heign daue clafh- 
tyn rifli as ve biallagh da er 
Gaue anmey :— Er-jerrey ooil- 
ley, giallit da David,myr\EJhyn, 
•er e Reeriaght nagb beagh Jer- 

; rey erbee, As dy jarroo fhe 

lefh y Gialdyn Jhob ren Jee 
cuinmal feofe ny Creeaghyn 
ocfyn ooilley va goaill aggie 
roifhyn as v'ayns Aggie er nyn 
fon hene, derrey harragh yn 
flane Traa mygeayrt dafyn dy 
hoflfhaghey eh - hene da'n 

As nifh dy vel y Fer-kionnee 
Giallit er jeet, Hoilfhee eh ho- 
fhiaght liprifli y Sampleyr echey 



recorded in the Gofpel, how 
Men imift live, fo as to pleafe 
——And the Law of 

' Nature, as well as the Law of 
Mofes, having thro 9 Sin been 
ntivLch obfcured and perverted, 
lie erpftaihed them, and gave 
115 fuch other Laws and Rules, 
as were absolutely heceflary 
to mend our Nature,— to re- 
ftore us to the Image of God, 
—to keep us from Backfliding, 
ahd-tb fit us for Heaven and 

And bettufe in the 
of God, as Was before obfer- 
ved, without fhedding of Blood 
there could be no Kemijfion of 
Sin; and* it being impoffible 
that the Blood or Life of any 
other Creature, or of any 
mortal Man, could take away 
the Guilt and Punifhment due 
to Sin;-- our gracious God, 
both to give to Mankind the 
greateft Token of his Love, 
and at the fame time, to (hew 
how great his Hatred to Sin 
is, by the Greatnefs of the 
Punimment it required, He 
fent bis awn Son to be the Pro* 
pitiation for our Sins ; that is, 
to make Satisfa&ion to his 
Juftice, and to take off the 
juft Difpleafure which he had 
declared againft Sinners. 

And his Son (blefled for 

C 2 

hene, ta fcrult avns y Tufhtal, 
kys Ihifagh Dciney gymmyrk- 

nyn Mea dy vc taitnyflagh 

Jee.— — As myr va 1-eigh 
Dooghys chammah as Leigh 
Fo/es, dy mooar er ny gHolley 
as er ny chafley trooid Peccah, 
hoilfliee efiiyh y Bun oc,as hug 
eh dooin Ihcid ny Leighyn as 
Saraghyn elley fhen, as va flane 
ymmyrchagh dy Ihiaflaghcy 
nyn Ghooghys, — dy hyndaa 
Ihin reefht gys Caflys Yee,' — 
dy reayll fhin vejh fkirraghtyn^ 
as-dy yannoo fhin cooie foti 
Niau as Maynryi* 

As er-yn-oyr liorifh Oar- 
daghyn Yee, myr dooyrt fhin 
roie, fegooilh Deayrtey foalley 
nagh row Leih Peccab dy ye 
ayn\ as myr ve neu-phoffible 
dy voddagh FuHl ny Bioys Cre- 
toor erbee elley, ny Fuill 
Dooinney erbee marvaainagh, 
goaill erfooyl Loght as Ker- 

raghey Peccah ; nyn Yee 

grayfoil, chammah dy chur da 
Sheelnaue yn Cowrey ftnoo 
jeh e Ghraih, as ec y Traa 
cheddin, dy hoilfhaghcy ere 
wheefli as *va e Ghwoaie er 
Peccah, liorifh Mooadys yn 
Cherraghey va foit er, Hug eb 
e Vac hene dy ve ny Oural-Jhee 
fon ny Peccaghyn ain ;. ta fhen, 
dy yannoo Lhiaflaghey da e 
Chairys, as dy veiyghey e 
Yymmoofe cairal v'eher n'ock- 
ley-magh noi Peccee. 

As e Va c (bannit dy bragh 



Agbt gbiare gys Toiggal fi^rinagb 

ever be his GoodnefsJ) know- 
ing how dreadfully fad the 
* Condition would be of all 
fuch, who (hould live and die 
under the Difpleafure of God, 
and what unconceivable Hap- 
pinefs they would deprive 
themfelves of; He therefore, 
moved with Companion for 
fo great a Calamity, un- 
dertook to obtain their Par- 

In order to this, he cloath- 
cd himfelf with our Flefh, 
that, as Man, He might fuffer 
what our Sins had deferved, 
and, as He was the Son of 
Cod, he might make a full 
and fuitable Satisfaction to the 
Divine Juftice, offering him- 
felf a Sacrifice for the Sins 
of the whole World : And 
for the Joy of delivering fo 
many Millions of Souls from 
Mifery, he endured the Death 
cf the Crofs, and all the Af- 
flictions leading to it, which 
we find recorded in the Gof- 

And by this worthy Sacri- 
fice, all Mankind are reftored 
to the Favour of God, and 
put into a Way and State of 
Salvation ; God having for 
his Son's fake promiled to 
pardon all fuch as (hall re- 
pent, and forfake their Sins, 
and bring forth Fruits meet 
for Repentance ; — As alfo to 
give his Holy Spirit to all 

dy row e Vieys!) toiggal ere 
cha atchimagh treih veagh y 
Stayd ocfyn ooilley, yinnagh 
beaghey as baafe y gheddyn fo 
Jymmoofe Yee, as cre'n Vayn- 
rys erfkyn Tufhtcy chaillagh 
ad liorifh; fhen-y-fa ayns e 
Ard-erreeifh fan lheid y Treih- 
ys doogh, ghow eh er dy chof- 
ney Pardoon dauc. 

Dy chooilleeney fhoh, ghow 
eh er hene yn Eill ainyn, dy 
voddagh Eh, myr Dooinneyfur- 
ranfe fhen va ny Peccaghyn 
ainyn er hoilchin ; as myr v'eh 
Mac Tee, dy voddagh eh Lhiaf- 
faghey flane as cooie y yannoo 
da'nChairys FlaunyfTagh, cheb- 
bal eh hene ny Oural fon Pec- 
caghyn y Theihll ooilley: As 
er Graih yn Voggey dy livrey 
whilleen milley Annym veih 
Treihys, duillee eh Baafe ny 
Crofhey, as ooilley yn Seaghyn 
ta bentyn rifh, myr ta fhin 
lhaih ^yns y SufhtaL 

As liorifh yn Oural ooafle 
fhoh, ta ooilley Sheelnaue 
reefht goit ftiagh ayns Foayr 
rifh Jee, as er nyn goyrt ayns 
Raad as Stayd dy Haualtys ; 
Myr va Jee er Graih e Vac er 
n'ghialdyn dy leih dauefyn ooil- 
ley ghoys Arrys, as hreigys nyn 
Beccaghyn, as ynvniyrkys magh 
Mcfs cooie dy Arrys ; — As myr- 
geddin dy choyrt e Spyrryd Oa- 



fuch as fhall fincerely defire 
him; — And laftly, to make 
them eternally happy after 
Death, if during this fhort 
State of Trial, which is de- 
iigned to amend our cor- 
rupt and difordered Nature, 
they endeavoured to obferve 
the Rules which he has given 
them, and which are abfo- 
lutely neceflary to make them 
capable of Heaven and Hap- 

Stop here awhile, — and a- 
dore the infinite Goodnefs of 
God, who did not overlook 
loft Mankind, but fent his 
Son to redeem us. 

He might in ftri& Juftice 
have required Men to have 
lived up to the Law of Na- 
ture and Reafon given in the 
State of Innocence, on pain 
of being for ever feparated 
from his Prefence : But in- 
ftead of that, he has been 
gracioufly pleafed to accept 
of our fincere, tbo* imper- 
fe&, Obedience, and of our 
fincere Repentance, when we 
have done amifs, and return to 
our Duty. 

Confider this ferioufly : 

And you cannot but exprefs 
your Thankfulnefs after fome 
fuch manner as this. 

fherick dauefyn obilley nee dy 
creeoil Efhyn y ycearrec; — As 
ec y jerrey, dy chur daue 
Maynrys dy bragh farraghtyn 
lurg y Vaafe, my flie fhen ayns 
y Stayd ghiare fnoh dy Phrow-' 
al, ta kiarit dy lhiaffaghcy nyn 
Ghooghys neu-ghlen as mce* 
reiltagh, ren ad y chooid (hare 
dy chooilleeney ny Saraghyn 
t'eh er hoiaghey roue, as ny 
Saraghyn cheddin ta er dy 
chooilley Chor ymmyrchagh 
dy yannoo ad cooie fon Niau 
as Maynrys. 

Nifh finooinee dy dowin er 
fhoh fon tammylt, ■■ - as cur 
Ooafhley da Micys erfkyn-ear- 
roo Yee, nagh ren beg y hoi- 
aghey jeh Shednaue caillit, agh 
hug e Vac dy livrey fhin veih 
Loght Peccah. 

Ayns y lhome Chairys od- 
dagh eh v'er harey Deiney dy 
^v'er leeidcil nyn Mea corrym 
r'^fh Leigh nyn Ghooghys as y 
Refoon va oc 'fy Stayd dy Onid, 
fo Briwnys dy ve fcarrit veih 
e Eanifh fon dy bragh: Agh 
ayns Ynnyd fhen, S'cooidfave 
lefh dy grayfoil dy yannoo Soi- 
aghey jeh nyn Miallys ynrick 
ga neu-feeu, as jeh nyn ; Arrys 
firrinagh, tra ta fhin er n'yan- 
noo dy aggairagh, as chyndaa 
reefht gys nyn Gurrym. 

Gow uis fhoh dy dowin. gys 
dty Chree:—As eifht cha vod 
oo agh foilfhaghey dty Vooife: 
ayns lheid ny Goan fhoh. 



Jg&t gbiare gys Ttiggai firrinagb 


BLESSED be God for e- 
vcr for this Inftance of 
his Lore to fatten Mankind, 
in cotmnitt'mg the miferable 
Cafe o£ Kb iinhappy Crea- 
tures to no \th a Perfon than 
his otwn Son f— We are not 
■worthy of all the Mercifcs 
which thou haft ihewed thy 
Servants.-*— t-Grant, O God, 
that this wonderful Love may 
not be loft upon me : But 
that, knowing my fad Con- 
dition by Nature, I may be 
truly . convinced of the Ne- 
ceffity and Bleffing ot a Re- 
deemer ; and that I may, 
with a Heart full of Grati- 
tude, join with thy Church in 
giving our devouteft Thanks 
to Thee, and in keeping up 
the Remembrance of what 
thy blcffcd Son has done 
and fuffered for us ; to 
whom, with Thee and the 
Holy Ghoft, be all Honour, 
Praifc, and Thankfgiving, for 
ever and ever. Amen. 


BANNIT dy row Jee er fon ' 
dy bragh fori y Cowrey 
fhohjeh e Ghraih da Sheel- 
naue peccoil, ayns fcyn coyrt 
Stayd hrimfhagh c Cteretooryn 
tteih fo Kiarail Pcrfoon veg 
floo ita e Vac henc! — Cha vd 
(hinyn f eeu jeh obilley hy My- 
ghinyn t f oti er hoiUhaghey da 
dty Harvaantyn.-- > — Giall, O 
Yee, nagh bee yn Ghraih yin- 
dyflagh fhoh caillit orrym's. 
Agh* toiggal my Stayd hreih 
lioriin Dooghys, dy vod flane 
Tufhtey ve aym jeh nyn Veme 
as Bannaght yn Er-kionnee ; 
as dy voddym lefli Cree lane 
dy Vooife, goll lefli dty Ag- 
glifh ayns coyrt dhyt nyn 
Mooife fmoo crauee, as ayns 
cummal feofe Cooinaghtyn jeh. 
ny ta dty Vac er n'yannoo as 
er hurranfe er nyn fon ; hug- 
geyfyn, Mayn't as y Spyrryd 
Noo, dy row dy chooilley 
Ooafhley, Moylley, as Toyrt- 
booife, fon dy bragh as dy 
bragh. Amen. 


Tlje End and In/litution of the 
Lord's Supper. 

ST. Paul concludes his 
firft Epiftle to the Cor- 
inthians, with this remarka- 
ble Direction;— If uny Man 


Oyr as Oardagh Shibber y 

TA'N Noo Paul cur jerrey 
er y chied Screeuyn ec- 
hey gys ny Corinthianee, lefh y 
Sarcy fhoh ta feeu nyn Daftey ; 



leve not the Lord Jffus 9 let\ 
him be Anathema Maranatha \ 
that is, — £et him be fepa- 
rated frpm your Communi- 
on, sis one under the Dif- 
picafure of Qod, and, with- 
out a timely Repentance, in 
no Poffibility of being faved v 
— Nothing fceing more grie- 
yous in the. Sight of God, 
than for a Signer to flight 
the greateft Inftance of his 
Mercy that was ever offered 
to Man, as well as the only 
Means of his Salvation* 

To prevent this, and to 
hinder Sinners from forget- 
ting [which they are but too. 
apt to dpj this Token of 
God's infinite Love, apd to 
ft* the Love of Jefus -Chrift 
more furiedy ijj our Hearts 
an<jk lyfemory, He himfelf 
hath takc9 care, that his Love 
and M^rcy fhould, through- 
out all Generations, be re- 
membered : He did there- 
fore ordain this Sacrament 
as a Memorial of our Re- 
demption, and of his Love 
for us ' y — as a Pledge to af- 
- ljire us of it, and as an 
outward Means and Sign of 
teftifying, as well as increaf- 
ipg, our Love to him. 
^ The holy Apoftles of Chrift, 
yho were prefent when he 
fjrft adminiilered this Sacra- 
ment, give us the follow- 

— My ta Gooinney erbee nagh 
nhynney lejh y Chiarn Teefey, 
Ihig da ve Anathema Marana- 
tha; tafhen, --Lhig da ve.fcar- 
rit veih'n Chefhaght eu, myr 
Fer fo Jymmoofe Yee, as, fe- 
gooifli Arrys leah nagh vod er 
Aght erbee vc er ny hauail ;— . 
Er-yn-oyr nagh vel Nhce erbee 
ny s'eajee ayns Shilley Yee, na 
fon Peccagh dy hoiaghey beg 
jeh'n Cowrey fmoo flioh jeh e 
Vyghin va rieau chebbit da 
Dooinney, chammah as yn yn- 
rycan Saafe jeh'n Taualtya 

Dy haghney fhoh, as dy 
Ihiettal Peccee (myr t'ad ro 
jiarloo) dy yarrood yn Cowrey 
fhoh jeh Graih erfkyn - towfc 
Yee, as dy hoiaghey Graih 
Yeefey Creeft ny (hickyrec 
ayns nyn Gree as nyn Gooin- 
aghtyn ; T'eh hene er ghoaill 
Kiarail, dy beagh Cooinaghtyn 
er ny reayll jeh e Ghraih as e 
Vyghin, trooid magh dy 
chooiliey Heeloghe: Ren eh 
er-y-fa fhen goardrail y Sacra- 
mentflioh myr Lnraa jeh nyn 
Livrey-ys, as jeh e Ghraih 
dooinyn ; — myr.Gioal dy hick- 
yraghcy fhin jeh, as myr Saafe 
as Cowrey baghtal dy hoil- 
ihaghey, chammah as dy vilh- 
aghey, nyn Ghraih huggey. • 
' Ta Oftyllyn Caiherick 
Chrceft, va kionfenifh tra ren 
eh hofhiaght yn Sacrament ca- 
llherick Ihoh y hirveifli, cur 



Agbt gbiare gys l&iggal jirrinsgb 

ing Account of its End and 

They fignify to us in the 
firft Place, that this Sacra- 
merit was ordained by Chrift 
the fame Night in which he 
was betrayed, and after they 
had obferved the Paffover, 
which had been ordained to 
prefervc the Memory of their 
great Deliverance from the 
Bondage of Egypt, and which 
did prefigure, and was a 
Prophecy of, a much great- 
er Deliverance, which Jefus 
Chri/l was to be the Au-f 
thor of, not only for them, 
but for all Mankind : — And 
which Prophecy was furpriz- 
ingly fulfilled by that People, 
without knowing what they 
were a-doing, when they 
crucified Jefus Chrift, the true 
Pafchal Lamb y the very fame 
Month, the very fame Day 
of the Month, and the 
very fame Hour of the Day, 
that the Pafchal Lamb was 
firft ordained to be facrificed. 

Now after the Pafchal Sup- 
per, as the Apoftlcs relate it, 
— J e f m thrift took Bread, and 
blejfed it 9 and brake it, and 
gave it to his Difciples, faying, 
Take, eat : This is my Body, 
which is given for you : 2 his 
v do in Remembrance of Me. 
He took alfo the Cup, and 
gave Thanks, and gave it to 
them, faying, Drink ye all 

dooin y Coontey fhoh jeh f n 
Oyr as yn Oardaghey. 

'Pad foilfhaghey dooin ayns 
y chied Ynnyd, dy row yn S/x- 
crament Jhob oardit liorifh 
Crecft yn Oie cheddin ayn 
v'eh er ny vrah, as lurg daue 
v*cr n'ee yn Eayn Caijbt, va fa- 
rit dy reayll feofe Cooinaghtyn 
jeh nyn Livrey-ys mooar veih 
Bondiaght Egypt,. as ren cow- 
raghey ro-laue, as va ny A- 
deyrys jeh, Livrey-ys foddey 
fmoo, va leefey Creeft dy chof- 
ney, cha nee ynrycan dauefyn,* 
agh da ooilley Sheelnaue:— * 
As va'n Phadeyrys fhen ayns 
Aght yindyffagh cooilleenit 
liorifh yn Pobble cheddin, gyn 
Toiggal oc ere v*ad dy yannoo, 
tra ren ad Yeefey Creeft y 
chrofTey, yn Eayn Caijht jirrin- 
agh, ayns yn eer Vee cheddin, 
er yn eer Laa cheddin jeh'n 
Vee, as ayns yn eer Oor ched- 
din jeh'n Laa, va'n Eayn 
Caifht hofhiaght oardit dy v'cr 
ny ouralley. 

Nifh lurg Shibbe'r yn Eayn 
Cai/ht, myr ta ny Oftyllyn cur 

Coontey jeh, Ghow Teefey 

Arran, as vannee eh eh, as vrifh 
eh eh, as hug ch eh da e Oftyl- 
lyn, gra, Gow-jee, ee-jee, Shoh 
my Chorp 9 s, t'er ny choyrt er 
nyn f on eu : jfean-jce Jhob ayns 
Cooinaghtyn jeem's. — Ghow eh 
myrgeddin y Cappan, as hug eh 
\ Booife, as chur eh daue eh* gra, 





jet SHffiBER t GHlAFLff; «f 

&-/W toilley jeh Jhob, fofi Jf& 
Sboh my VHP's jeb'n Cbonaani 
Nda> Per ny gbeayrtef ft npi 
Jbn euijh, as effort ymmodee,fonf 
Leib Peecagbyn : Shob jean-fee? 
eha mennick as iu-ys (hiu eh? 
ayns Gooinaghtyn Jeenfs% fort 
eba mennick as eersjhiu yn Ar- 
ran Jhob y as mysjhiu ynOappart 
Jhoby tajhiu foiljbagbey magb 
Baafe y Cbiarn derrey big eh. 

Shen-y-fa ayns Bially& da'if 
Sarey flioh jeh Yccfcy Creeft* 
f*er livrey irony ft veih Bondi- 
aght foddcy fmoo pi Bbndi^ 
aght Egypt.-*-* Ta'* AggUfh 

tftbv, for This is my Blood 
if the New Covenant, which 
is Jhedfor yotfy and for' many, 
for the Remijfion of Sins r "This 
dot as oft as ye jhall drink it, 
in Remembrance of Me ; for as 
jtas yejball eat this Bread, 
and drink this Cup, ye do Jbew 
ibe Lord's Death till he come. 

td Obedience therefore to 
this Command of jtftss Chrift, 
who has delivered ift from a 
much greater Bondage than 
that of Egypt*- The? Chriftian 
Church keeps up the Memo- 
ry of bis Lcnrsy his Sacrifice, 
and his Suffering? and Death, 

after this iblemn Manner ; 

• » » 

Firft, as an Acknowledge- 
ment that oar Lives, and all 
that we eat or drink to pre* 
fcrve them, are owing to the 
Bounty of God, we prefent 
upon bis Table, by the Hands 
of his own Minifter, a Portion 
of his Creatures, the beft.we 
have for the Support and 
Comfort of our natural Life, 
namely, Bread vn&Wine.--~" 
After this ; t he Bread and Wine 
are confecrated,' £h* Bread is 
broken, and: the Wine >pour-- 
■cd out, to reprefeitf the Death 
of Chrift whole Body was 
broken; and tyhofe JJlood was 
jhedfor us* 

. j 


Chrecftee cummal feofe Cooin-r 
aghtyn jeh t Ghraih, job e 0u~ 
taly, as jeh ' e- Hitrrmfo '2* cr 
Vaafe^ ex yn Aght arrymagh 
flioh: ■-? 

Hofhiaghf , myr Cowrey dy 
vet nyn Mioys, . as -ooittey ny 
ta ihin dy ee as dy i$ dy reayu 
(hin bio,, ctieet veifr Fcoiftys 
Yee, ta ffiia foi$ghey-fti|$h er 
y Voaytd eehey,^ left EaUeyrc 
e Hirvdlhagh, hetieV Ayftt jeh 
C Chretooryn, yh chooid fharer 
»t'ain dy niartaghey as d^ gher-r 
jaghey nyn Mioys dooghyffagh r 
ta (hen dy ghra^' Ar rtti&frFeeyn* 
— *Ny iurg fhoh ta'n Arran as 1 
y Feeyn er nyn gafher jckey, la*!* 
Arran er fty yrifiiey, as ta'i* 
Feeyn er ny gheayrtey V magh f 
dy chowraghey Baafe Ghreeft* 
* e Chorp y *<sir ny irrifhdy, as e 
U ill v'e* ny gheay rtey er ny» 

■ the« 

• ■%**■«•« . ■» .. * 


'Agbt glncre & <T«&d Jtrti**& 

to the Steward of Ghrift't 
Hpufhotd, applies thcfe Blcf- 
Qhfp to erery Pcrfon who re 
defres this Sacrament, in this 
dfcvout Pttyer :— ?fo Body and 
Shod cf Christ, which were 
given and fifed \ fir Thee 9 pre- 
frvitiif Bddf arid Sad unto 
ktertajting Lift. 

Aikl-tfemay be afTufcd of 
U ? dot thli Sacrament will be 
to every Worthy Communi- 
eantt, what the "Tree of Life 
fro&hl have been unto Adam 
tfftd E%e m Piatfadife: And 
tint as ftteft had they con- 
tufctal obedient, Would hare 
tifefefi to *o Danger: of tempo- 
ral Death ; even fo we, while 
tfc fecit ort this Bread' now 
eft dfced with a Life-giving Spi- 
Vk^ aftd live a* we ought to 
dt>, a*e in no Danger of 
Death ttfcrnafc 

tUffe being P&§« to af- 
Hire US', that as certainly as 
Jtaead. and Wine do nourift 
our Bodied, fo do thcfe feal 
to us all the Benefits which 
Jefus Chrift hath purchafed 
for us, by bis Sacrifice and 

And whin any Cbrifiian 
does witfuljy, and for want 
of Faith, deprive himfelf of 

Bfht ta Sbhweifiagb Tfy 
myr Sthirt harrifli Lught-tlA^' 
Chreeft flrirrcifh ny Baimaghfc 
yn fhoh er dy chooilley Pnerv 
fpon ta goaill y Sacrament 
cheddin, ayns y rbadjerchra» 
ee fhoh:— C*y as Fmll apt 
Jiarn Creejtbi* er xejrt as er 
deayrtey er dtyborfs, df+rritt 
ad dty Chorp as dty Annym gys 
y Vea dy bragb farragbtyn. 

As feddte mayd ve fhiekyr 
jeh,dybeeyii Sacrament Jhob 
da dy chooilley nnnane tagoaiH 
eh dy feeu,jeh , n Foays cheddin 
veagh Biltey yn Vea er phrowal 
da Adam as Aae ayns Pargeiyst 
As myr nagh beagh adfyn, dy 
beagh ad er hannaghtyn bial- 
lagh* er vc ayns Gaue erbee 
Baaiih f fy Thcihll fhoh; eer 
myr fhen, choud as xzjhinyrt 
beaghey er vn Arran fhoh nifh 
coamrit Ida Spyrryd bioghee, 

lhrfagh Ann, cha vel ihin ayns 
Gaue erbee jch'n Baafe dy 

Son t'ad fhoh Gialteenyn dy 
chur Shickyrys dooin, cha fir- 
rinagh as ta Arran as Feeyn 
beaghey nytl Gallhtyn, cha 
firrinagh cheddin dy vel ad 
fhoh fealal dooin ooilley 'ny 
Bannaghtyn ta Teefey Creeft 
er chofoey dooin, liorifh e Du- 
ra! as e Vaafe. 

As tra ta Creeftee erbee jeh 
e Yio'in, as fon laccal Credjue, 
giarey magh eh hene veih'n 




Beaghey SpyrrydoU fl*h, **& 
tuittym, myr ren nyngied Jjfr 
as Moirj ayns Stayd cer dob* 
ghyffagh, as fegooilh ny Saafo» 
yn dy Ghrayfc as dy Hauafcjts* 
Son ta Maynrys y Theihti, is 
dy chooilley Annyra t'ayik* 
Hiic er Ound Chrecft, idb ta 
flnnkiaiik dy rcayllJfeoftdoaiD* 
aghtya er yn Aght cattrakk 

tfaa Spiritual Food, be folk, 
tt otb Jir# Parents did, into 
9 Stat* purely natural, and 
4oftit«te of the Means of 
4fc*ce jmd Salvation. 

For the Happincfc of the 
World, and of every Soul in 
it, tbpends upon the Sacrifice 
of Cbrift, of which ice are 
botmd to keep up the Re- 
aafaobraoee after this fokmn 
Maimer: . ."■ # 

JHot whenever we pray 
liar amy Fpnmr oar Bleffing 
we may ranember to do it 
in bis frame :— — -That when- 
ever w* are Jo .unhappy as 
Do hare done any Thing 
*rhfch may difpleafe God, 
ire pay remember to pray 
40 bt forgiyew for Cbri/Ps 

fmmSw . 

For God grants whatever 
we ifk, and which he fees 
to. be for our Good, when 
we aflc in Faith, that is, in 
bis Son's Name ; and there- 
fore the Church concludes 
all her Prayers in thefe mod 
prevailing Word$,~-f«r Jefus 
Chrijl's Sake. 

In one Word, we do by 
tins Sacrament keep up a 
continual Correfpondence with 
our Lord in Heaven, and 
hold Communion with him, 
and with all the Members of 
his Body, which receive Nou- 

D 2 

Cre-erbee yn Traa la (fafc 
guee fon foayr ny &attu§ht 
erbee, dy vod mayd cooinagh- 
tyn dy yannoo eh 9 fyn Ennym 
ecbeyfyh :— Cre-erbec yti Traa 
ta fhin cha mce-vaynrcy as dbf 
veera'yannoo Red erbee o*. 
dys Jytamoofe y chur er Joe, 
dy vod mayd cooinaghtyn dy 
ghuee fon Leih er y lioa ir 
Graih Cbreeft. 

Son ta Jee coyrt cre-erbee 
ta fliin geearree, as fhen t'eh 
fakin dy ve fon nyn Voays,£ife 
ta fliin geearree afns Credjn$> 
ta (hen, ayns Ennym e Vac\ as 
fhen - y - fa ta f n Aggliih cur 
Jerrey er ooilley ny Padjeryp 
eck ayns ny Goan fmoo broc- 
oil flioh,— Er Graih teefey 

Ayns un Ockle, liorifh y Sa- 
crament fhoh ta 0iin freayU 
feofe Ainjys chinjagh rifh «yn 
Jiarn t'ayns Niau, as cuminal 
Shefbaght Spyrrydoil riihyn as 
rifh ooilley Oityn e * Chorp, ta 
geddyn Ooraghey. as Bifhagh- 

• Yn Afgiiih. rifhment 


jfgbt gbian gyf Toiggal Jirrt*agi> 

tftfhment and Growth from 
flim, as (he Branches from 
-the Tree, in which they are 
grafted, and from which when 
Siey are Separated, they can 
|>ear no Fruit, and are only 
.fit to be burned. 
v * And as every Chriftiaa is 
obliged, at the Peril of his 
-Soul, to obferve it: So the 
Duty jnuft be fuch, as -every 
one, even the moft unlearn- 
ed, may undcrftand, if it is 
swn his own Fault. 

* And fo indeed k is : For 
fte an Ifraelite, Levit. i. 4. un- 
der the Law, being obliged 
( to lay his Hand upon the 
Head of his Sacrifice, con- 
feffing hjs Sins in laying them 
as it were, upon that Grea- 
porei-**—.** he did eafily un- 
dcrftand, that this was to fhew 
him, that Death was the due 
Reward of Sin; that this 
ought to humble him before 
God, jand to give him the 
greateft Abhorrence of Sin, 
-which could not be pardoned 
J>ut by the Lofs of the Life of J Cretoor gyn-loght : 
W innocent Creature : 

As this &as plain to the 
meaneft Ifraelite, even fo the 
moft unlearned Chriftian, 
When he confiders, that our 
JLord Jefus Chrift became a 
Sacrifice for us, and that on 
U\m j)H our Sips itere laid, 

ey veihfyn, myr ta ny Bang* 
ianeyn veih'n Villey, er t'ad 
gaafe, as tra t'ad fcarrit voiflj, 
oha vod ad veg y Vefe y ym- • 
myrkey,* chamoo t'adfon Ym* 
myd erbee agh fon yn Aile. 

As myr ta dy chooilley 
Chreeftee, er Gaue Antacy, 
kiank dy ghoaill yn Chreefli. 
aght flioh: Myr Ihcn fhegin 
da'n Currym ve Jbieid, as od- 
dys dy chooilley unnane toiggal, 
eer elhyn fmoo ta gyn Ynfagh- 
eylioaragh, mannagh bee eh 
yn Oill echey bene* 

As myr men dy jarroo te : 
Son myr va Ifraelite Lev* i. 4. 
fo yn Leigh, kianlt dy lhie e 
Lam er Kione yn Oural, goaill- 
rilh e. Pheccagbyn as coyrt ad, 
myr dy beagh eh, er y Cbre* 

toorjhen, myr v'eh dy aa- 

fliagh toiggal, dy tow fhoh dy 
hoilfhaghey da, dy nee Baale 
va Leagh cairal Peccah; dy 
lhilagh flioh y injillaghey eh 
fenifli Jee, as coyrt da yi* 
Dwoaie fmoo oddagh y ve noi 
Peccah, nagh voddagh ve er ny 
leih, agh liorifh Coayl Bioys 

, Myr va flioh dy aafhagh 
toiggit liorifh yn Ifraelite s'&r* 
dalee, dy jarroo myr ftien yi* 
Creeftee floo ynfit, tra t'eh 
toiggal, dy daink nyn Jiarn 
Yeefey Creeft dyve ny Oural 
er nyn fon^ as dy ren Efhy n 

\ ; . 



>n him who knew no 
Sin;— —he will eafily un- 
derftand how lad our Con- 
dition • was, which required 
fuch a Sacrifice :~ That this 
therefore ought to humble 
us,— To lead us to Repen- 
tance,-— To make us fearful 
of offending God,— And to 
abhor thofe Sins which coft 
Jefus Cbriji his life, before 
God could be prevailed with 
to pardon them* 

He will alfo eafily under- 
ftand, that the Love of Chrift, 
and the Remembrance of his 
Death, ought to be very 
dear to us ;. and that the of- 
tener we remember it, in the. 
Manner he ordained, the more 
Graces we fhall receive from 
God,— The firmer will be our 
Faitb, the furer our Pardon, 
and the more comfortable our 
Hopes of meeting Him, not as 
an . Enemy* but as a Friend, 
at whofe Table we have been 
fo often entertained. 

And now, if you have con- 
fidered what you have read 
with any Degree of Atten- 
tion, you will paufe a-while, 
— until you have expreffed 
your Gratitude for this Mer- 
cy, after fome fuch Manner 
as this following. 

gynimyrkey flane Errey n}rn 
Beccaghyn, — efliyn nagh bione 
da Pcccah ; — nee eh dy aaflugft 
toiggal ere cha trimfhagh as va 
Stayd Sheelnaue, va feme Iheid 
yn Oural: — Dy lhifagh fhoh 
er-y-fa flien fliin y injulagtiey, 
•— fhin y leeideil gys Arrys,— • 
Shin y yannoo agglagh dy char 
Corree er Jee,— -As dy chur 
Dwoaie da ny Peccaghyn ihen 
choft c Vioys da Teefey Cree/t, 
roifli my voddagh Jee v'er ny 
veiyghey dy leih ad. 

Nee eh myrgeddin dy aa- 
fhagh toiggal, dy lhifagh Graih 
Chreeft, as Cooinaghtyn jeh c 
Vaafe, ve feer deyr dooin ; as 
myr s'menkey nee mayd cooin- 
aghtyn cr, 'fyn Aght t'eh hene 
er n'oardaghey, i(hen myr fmoo 
dy Ghrayfeyn yiow mayd veih 
Jee, — Myr s f martal vees nyn 
Gredjue, myr fhickyree vees 
nyn Bardoon, as myr s'gerjoiU 
ee vees nyn Dreijhteil dy gholl 
ny whail, cha nee myr Noid 9 
agh myr Carrey, as ec e Voayrd 
ta fhin cha mennick cr ve nyn 

As nifli, my t'ou er ghoaill 
gys dty Chree fliert ny t'ou er 
lhaih, lefh Ayrn erbee dy Chia- 
rail, ne£ 00 fmooinaghtyn ort 
hene fon tammylt,-derrey t'ou 
ern'ockley magh dty Vooifc 
fon y Vyghin cheddm, ayns 
lheid ny Goan fhoh. 



4gf* gjbisrt gp Tmggal jrrintgb 


OJssvs, wbo haft bred 
us, md wafted us from 
our Sins, and pnrchafori to by 
&y own Bloody and didft 
ordain this Sacrament* in or- 
der to fccure ns to thy fctf, 
byagraffefol Remem b r ance of 
What thou haft done and faf- 
fercd for us, make me truly 
lenfiblc of thy Love, and of 
our (ad Condition, whkh did 
fuch a Sacrifice. 

May I always receive this 
Pledge of thy Love, — — - The 
Offers of Mercy, Pardon and 
Grace, tendered to us, in this 
holy Ordinance, with a thank- 
ful Heart, and in Remem- 
brance of Thee our great 
and heft Benefa&or ; in Re- 
membrance of thy holy Ex- 
ample,— —Of thy Heavenly 

Dodrine Of thy laborious 

Life Of thy bitter Paffion 

and Death— Of thy glorious 

Rcfurreaion Of thy Af- 

cenfion into Heaven and 

of thy Coming again to judge 
the World. 

And may I never forget the 
Obligations thou haft laid upon 
us, to live as becomes thy Dif- 
ciples, and to forfake every 
Courfe of Life contrary to thy 
Gofpel!— Ceafe not, OLord, 
to love us ; and by the Grace 


OYsesey, t'er cheyft 
Graihdooin, as er warn 
flun vcihnyo ficccaghyn, met 
etafncyflimdkjt bene Ufa dty 
Uitt,— as doardoc ya Sacau 
mens (boh, dy lay! inn ikidc* 
yr dhyt bene, fiortjh Cooinagh* 
tynbooifid y vealn jehnyt'o* 
cr n'yanndD as er h s uiaafe cr 
nyn fim, car doa Eunaghtyn 
firrinagh jeh iky Ghraih's, at 
jeh'n Stayd hrimlhagh ainyn, 
va f erne lhsid yn OunL ' 

yn Cowrcy feoh jeh dtp 
Ghraih**— -Ny Chcbbyn dy 
Vyghin, dy Fhardpon, as dy 
Ghrayfe, t'er nyn goyrt dooin 
ayns yn Oardaghey caftierick 
ihoh,lefli Cree tooifal, as ayaa 
Cooinaghtyn Jecd's nyn ynry- 
can Charrey (hare; ayns Cooin* 
aghtyn jeh dty Hampleyr ca» 
flierick*— -Jeh dty Yniaghey 

FlaunyTagh Jeh dty Vea 

Gheinagh, — Jeh dty Hurranfe 

as dty Vaafe fharroo^ Jeh 

dty Irree-feofe-redht gloyroil— 
Jeh dty Gholl-feofe gys Niau— 
as jeh dty Heet-reefht dy vriw* 
nys y Theihll. 

As ny lhig dou dy bragh jar- 
rood ny Kianglaghyn t'ou er 
chur orrin, dy leeideil Bea myr 
ta cooie dauefyn ta credjal ayn- 
yd, as dy hreigeil dy chooilley 
Aght Bea ta noi dty Hufhtal ! 
Lhig da dty Ghraih, O Hiarn, 


jeb 3 H I B B E R ¥ CHIARN, 23 

re dy kinjagh matin, as iioriih 
y Ghrayfes cooid&ve ihiat fhir- 
veifli orrin *fyn Oardaghey 
fhoh, cur orrin ve graihagh ort 
lcfli ooilley nyn Grcc. Amen* 

feuchfifed in thk Ordinance, 
caufe us to love Thee with all 
our Hearts* Amen. 


$ E G T. IB, . 

HcwaCbri/Htm 9*gbt *» pre- 
pare triwifiy for ibis Sacra- 

AS the above Account ef 
this hdly Ordinance is 
cafy to be uftdferftoed, even by 
Jhe meft unlfeantod Ghriftian ; 
lo the Fiapjuratioft required is 
fed^ ai witi neither puzzle the 
ttadfexfoading* ftor burden the 
Meartry, ndr take up too 
much of the Tame of, thofe that 
arc^g^ged ift the mod neccf- 
fery Employjncnts of Life. 

The Church had regard to 
alt her Members, ;when fhe 
gjave this ftiort and, plain Di- 
rection to fuch as prepare to 
go to the Lord's Supper. 

That they examine them- 

Whether they repent them 
truly of their former Sins f 

Whether they fodfqfily pur- 
pofe to kad a new Life? 

Whether they have a lively 
Faith in God's Mercy through 

C A B. HI. 

Tn Agbt Ihifagh Creeftee eb-hene 
y gheddyn aarloo cow y Sa- 
crasnent jhob* 

MYR ta'nCoontey fhoh 
jeh'n Oardaghey caih*» 
rick fhen aafhagh dy ve toig- 
gk, dy jarroo liortfli y Chreef- 
tee floo dy Ynfaghey; myr 
(hen ta'n Aarlaghey ymmyr- 
chagh er y hen lheid, as 
nagh jean goll erikyn y Tufh- 
tey, ny laadey yn Chooinagh- 
tyn, ny goaill feofe rouyr jeh'n 
Traa ocfyn fmoa ta geiyrt er 
Aghtyh-beaghee ymmyrchagh 
y Vea (hoh. 

Va Sooill ec yn Agglifli gys 
ooilley e Holtyn, tra hug ee yn 
Choyrle ghiare as aafhagh (hoh 
dauefyi\ta geddyn aarloo dy 
gholl, gys Shibber y Chiarn. 

Dy jean ad ad-hene y eyiht, 

Vel ad goaill Arrys jirrinagf* 
fin nyn Beccagbyn fad bannab 
er n 9 yannoo f 

Vel ad dyjhickyr kiarail Bea 
noa y leeideil? 

Vel Credjue bioal oc ay/is My- 
ghin Tee trooid Grcejt? 



4gP gl*er* gj* f*ggstfrrh*gi 

Wbetber tbey have a tbaat- 
fU Remembrance rf bis Death* 

Whether tbey be m Charity 
with all Mem* 

Now,forafmuchas all Chrif- 
tians, who are capable of exa- 
mining themfchrcs and their 
own Confidences, are bound, 
as they hope for Salvation 
through Ghnft, to go to this 
Sacrament: Airibecaufcjaujig 
People are often at a Lois how 
to examine themfehres upon 

thefe feveral Heads : Here 

follow a few plain Dire£tk>ns, 
which they that can read, 
ihould read with Care;- and 
-they that cannot, if they hare 
a true Concern for themfehres, 
will findfome good Chriftian, 
who will be glad to read it to 
them, and do thereby a Work 
which mult be wdl - plcafing 
to God. 

The First Head on which 
you are to examine yourfelf, 
is concerning your Rep en t- 

BY what you have already 
heard concerning the Fall 
ef Man, you undcrftand how 
all Men became fubje& and 
prone to Sin ; and you cannot 
out fed it to be fo by lad Ex- 
perience. We are allured al- 
io, and this by the Spirit of 
Godjtbat without a fincerc Re- 

Vel Commagbtym bomfitf ce iei 
eTamfe* As, 

Veladayms Gia/hUjs rijb df 
cbm iUcy Gb eo immey t 

NHh, fon whedh as dy vet 
dy chootDey "Chrceff ee, oddys 
feyiht ad bene as nyn Gooin- 
flicanfeyn, kiank dy gfaoll gys 
y Sacrament fhoh, myr t*ad 
jerkal rifli Sauakys trooid 
Greeft: As fon whedh as dy 
Yd Slab aegey dy mennick 
mce - huihtagh kys dy gholl 
mylh feyfltt ad bene cr dagh 
Banglane jeu fhoh:— Yiow ad 
ny-yd ihoh Coyiie gUare aa- 
Qiagh,lhHagh adfyn oddys ttiaih 

y lhaih dy kiarabgh; as adfyn 
nagh Tod lhaih, my ta fcatth 
firrinagh oc jeu bene, yiow ad 
Creefteecoair ennagh, ghoys 
Boggey dy lhaih en daue, as 
lioran Ihen jannoo. obbyr feer 
vooi&Wa Jcc. 

Yn Chied Vanglane t'ou 
dy eyftit oo hene er, te my- 
cbione yn A&B.T s ay J. 

LIORISH ny t'ou hannah 
er chlafhtyn mychionc 
Dooinney ve er duittym ayns 
Peccaby t*ou toiggal kys haink 
dy chooilley Ghoomney fo 
Reill Peccah, as Ihiant huggey ; 
as nagh vod oo agh gennagh- 
tyn dy nee Ihen myr tc liorifli 
Prowal trimihagh. Ta Shick- 



__ 1 

Njcrar Vj Repentance you sure 
to understand a Man's con- 
demning himfdf, for having 
done any thing difpleafing to 

God; -either fuch Things 

11 God has forbidden, to keep 
ns from ruining ourfdves, or 
by omitting fuch Duties as he 
hat commanded, in order to 
fit m fot Happinefs when we 

So that if either the Fear of 
God's Diiblcafure, or iLove 
of Him, who has been fo good 
to you, will weigh with you, 
you will mod heartily condemn 

Eurfelf for every thing you 
ve done contrary to his Will 
and Command. 

You will alfo beg him moil 
earncftly to forgive you what 
is pad* and you will promife 
and refelve, through his Grace 
and Help, not wilfully to offend 
Him again. 


pentance no Man mufthope to yrys ain myrgeddin, as flioh 
beiaved. j fiorifli Spyrryd Yee, feeooUb 

Arm firrinagh nagh nhegln 
daDooinney erbee jerkal dy 
ve er ny hauail. 

' Nifh liorifli Arrys t'ou df 
hoiggal, Dooinney ta deyrey 
eh bene fon dy vel eher n'yan- 
nob Nhee erbee noi Aigney 
Yee ;~cdyr lheid as ta Jee er 
lhiettal, dy reayll fhin veih (bin 
bene y chur naardcy, ny lhig* 
gey fhaghey ny Curmyn flien 
t' eh er harey, dy yannoo fhin 
cooic fon Maynrys tra yiow 
mayd Baafe. 

Myr flien my t'ou jannoo 
Soiaghey erbee jeh Aggie roiib 
Jymmoofe Yee, ny Grmb da- 
tyn t'er ve cha mie rhvt, nee 
oo dy arryltagh oo hole f 
gheyrey fon dy chooillcy Nhec 
t'ou ei; n'yannoo noi e Aigney 
as c Harey. 

Nee oo myrgeddin dy fact 
jeean guee er dy leflx dhyt Vf 
Ver n'gholl fhaghey, as giallep 
oo as kiaree oo, trooid 6 
Ghrayfe as e Chooncy, nagh 
jean oo jeh dty Yioin Jym- 
moofe y chur er reeflrt* 

Ab lurg ooiltey^cfta jarrood 
oo dy ghoaill radjer Ion e 
ij^bray/c dy chooillcy Laa jeh 
dty Vca, n'cgooifh hed , nj 
Gialdynyn fl&re ayd naardey. 

Shoh yn Atryt Jbe*h »7* 
chiooe t'ou farit dy qjbt oo 
hene, roifh my hed OQ gya 
Sbibber y Gbiartu 


And laftly* you will not for- 
get to pray for his Grace every 
Day of your Life* without 
which your bell Rcfolutions 
will come to nothing. 

This is that Repentance) con- 
cerning which you are requi- 
red to examine yourfelf, before 
you. go to the Lord's Suffer* 



'4gbt -tfntre &s 'foiggel firriaagb 

" ■ 9 ■ i 

"Moft People, ^ds truq, ..ass 
ready to own that they arc Sin- 

tier*, and cry, Lard 9 fcrgive us; 
Wd this too often without any 

creat Cloncenji or Pvurpofes of 

But this you will not think 

faffiqent, wj\cn you ferioufly 

tqnf\der that the End and Pu- 

r njjb?nent of 'Sin are pot to be 

fcqi in this JLife. 

if therefore you fraud in a- 

tij Fear of Ac judgement of 

God, fet yourfelf ferioufly to 

'confidcr yo.ur pail Life; fee 

whether you haVe not lived, or : 

do not pow live, in any known! 

Sin 9 xx evil Habit :' Of £v%, 

'" » ^f or3E^ainplp}~or Swear- 

, :feeyr-or Drinking—or filthy 

^^mg;^Oii^l(usn^s 9 ^Oi 

keeping bate and profane Com- 

~tan]r~-(jt : following unwar- 

rentable Jrleajutes and Di- 

yerfms* or of leading" an 

ifdkjf tjfelefs, Jinful Lift. 

m * 

t * 

, If .thia liath beca your 
^afcy refolve to break off 
all tfccifcj and air fuch*Hke 
evil 'Waypj which ire dif- 
pleafing to God ; condemn 
yoinrfra for having fo def- 

rately broke the Commands, 
one nvko can dejlroy both 

'tody and Soul in Hell. 

ijuQ^ider the Vows that are* 

Wfeer A,^iid j dbodift 
fmoo dy Leih aarloo dy ghoaifl 
rifh dy nee Peccee ad, as eie- 
ee ad magh, Hiarn 9 leih doom ; 
as ihoh ro - vennick fegooilh 
Scanfli vooar etibce,,nyTuarail 
dy Lhiaflaghey Bca. 

Agh cha jean *k frnpoinagh- 
tyn dy vd ilhoh dy liooar, tro 
t*ou goaiH gys dty Ohree *iagh 
vd Jerrey ny Kerragbcv Pec- 
<;ah dy kinjagh er -ny akin aym 
y Vea : flioh. • '■' 

Shen-y-fa my t'ou ftiaflb© 
ayns veg yn Aggie roifli Briw- 
nys Yce, gow dy creeoil myfli 
fmooinaghtyn er dty Vca t'er 
n'gholl fliaghey ; jeeagh nagh 
vd oo er veaghey, ny nagh vel 
oo ec y Traa t*ayn beaghey, 
ayns Peccab ny Drogb-cbliart* 
ig erb^eeriysdhyt: Lheidas 
Ginjh Breagyn 9 — ny Loo 9 — ny 
Mejbtyrys 9 — ny Glare feobdagh; 
~Neu^fifamid 9 ~*Freaytt She* 
foa&ht rouanagb as meercbrauee, 
—Geiyrt da Emyffyn as Cliagb* 
taghyn neu-lawal 9 ny leeideil 
Bea litcberagb 9 gyn ymmyd 9 as 

My (he Ihoh t'er ve dty 
Stayd, kiare dy vri&ey jeh 
ooilleyny Raaidyn oik (hoh, 
as poiltey <nyn lheid clley, ta noi 
Aigney Yee; jean,oo hene y 
gheyrey fon dy vel oo chadowil 
er vri&ey ny Annaghyn echey- 
fyn oddysjlme tbammah Callin 
as Annym ayns Niurin.~Smoom<- 
ec er ny Breearaghy n t'ou fo, 






upon you^— and 4dpifc not 
the Goodncfs and forbear- 
dace of" God, which i* . de- 
igned to lead you to Re- 

J3F jvu a& when you are 
tp b^RUft this neceflary Work, 
fif it & not already begun) 
toe Antwen is Ihort :— — 
the vepf Mbment y w afc 
the (^tcfabn ;— — and this, 

" you fad . aa TCJh- 

ii> yourfelf tofet 
about it , now, that Unwil- 
fingnefe will every Cay in- 
tr&fe i Very probably you 
will liefer repent, unlefs God 
by his- Judgements* or by 
the STgbt ot Death, (hews 
Jou your lad Error, when k 
may be too late to be of 
ady real Ufe to you. 

» ■ 

Now,, if thefc Confidera- 
tions affe& your Heart, as 
fure they will, if you have 
any Regard for your Salva- 
tion, reprefent your Defires 
to God hr fame fuch Words 
as thefe following: 


BLESSED be God, who by 
hi* Grace, and by the 
Voice of his Church hath 
called me to Repentance ! Dif- 
GQvet to me, O thou Search- 

E % 

as ny jean beg y hjoiaghey jeh 
Mieys-as Surrarife-foddcy Ycc^ 
ta kiarit dy fecideiToo gys Ax* 


J^mys oo cre 9 h Traat^ou- 
droannoo Toffiiaght er vh Ob* 
b^r ymmyrdi^h flioh (xriarw 
nagh . vet Tomiaght hannalt 
jeant erj ta f h Anfoor giare ;— 
'^n eer Shallid flioh t'bu f*> 

haght y Qjieftiori;-as (hen^er* 
yn-oyr, my ! t'ou gennagfctyiv 
Neu-arryltys aynyd Kenc d% 
gholl mygeayrt-y-myfli ec > 
Traat'ayn, dyjean yn Neu- 
arryltys (hen bifhaghey St 
chooilley Laa: Seer laifc nagfi 
gow dy bragh Arrys, mamiagli 
jean jee liorifh e Vriwnyfl^»> 
hy t lioriffi fhillcy jehTn v aafe, 
jeeaghyn dty Haghrynys ttcift 
dhyt, tra oddys eh ve ro-an» 
magh dy ve jeh Foays firrin^gt 

Nilh, my neeny fmooin^gfi- 
tyn flioh goaill Greme er dty 
Chree, myr fon fhickyrys nee 
ad, my ta monney erbde- dy 
Chiarail ort fon dty Haualtys, 
cheb feofe dty Yceanreeyn gys 
Jee ayns lheid ny Go an (hoE ; 


BANNIT dy row Jee* tarlio- 
rifh e Ghcayfe? as lioriflx 
Goo e Agglifli er n*eamagji 
orrym gys Arrys! SbiHhce 
dou, O ufsttronfagfrny Gree- 



'Aght gUare gy$ Teeggcl JnrtMgb 

cr of Hearts, the Charge 
that it againft me, that I 
may know and tonfefs, and 
fbrfakc, die Sins I have fallen 
into Give me that true 
Jteocntance, to winch thou 
fcait promifed Mercy and 
Pardon, that I may amend 
Mere J hare done amife, 
ind that Iniquity may not 
be my Ruin.— -And, O 
Kcfled Advocate, who ever 
fiveft to make Intcrceffion 
for us, I put my Caufe in- 
to thy Hands; let thy Blood 
and Merits plead for me, 
ind by thy mighty Intcrcef- 
fion procure for me the Par- 
Am of my paft Offences :— 
That thou tttttyfeft fay unto 
me, as thou did* unto the 
Penitent in the Gofpel,~y&y 
Sins are forgiven ;— fo that 
t may go with a quiet Con- 
ference to thy Holy Table. 
Amen. ' 

aghyn, yn Coontey ta m'oi, dy 
voddym tcaggal as goaill-rifh^ 
as tteigeil ny Peccaghyn ta 
mee cr huittym ayndoo.-^Cur 
dooys yn Any* firrinagh fhen 
da r ou er n'gKiakiyn Myghin 
as Pardoon, dy voddym my 
Vea y Ihiaflaghey raad ta mee 
er n'yannoo afs y Raad, as nagh 
bee Mec-chairys yn Toyrtmow 
aym.— As, O ufs yn Er-bannit 
ta eddyr fhih as Jee, ta dy 
bragh bio dy chofiiey Par* 
doon er nyn ion, ta mee coyrt 
my Chooifh ayris dty Laucyn, 
lhig da dty Ufll as dty Hoil- 
chinys loayrt er my Hon, as lio- 
rilh dty FWcadeil niartal fow 
Leih dooys fon poilley my 
Pheccaghyn :— Dy vod oo gr* 
rhyms myr dooyrt oo rifli yn 
Arryflagh ayns y Tufhtal,— 
Ta dty rbeccagbyn er nyn Mb 
dhyt>-- myr (hen dy voddym 
golL left Coginfheanfe fhceoil 
gys dty Voayrd cafticrick, A* 


ma <<* 


Concerning the Purpofes you 
are to make <tf leading a 
New, that /j, a Cb&iIti- 

. an, Life. 

IN the firft Place, take cf- 
pccial Notice, that God 
accepts" of our Repentance on 


Mychione ny Gialdynyn ta ort 
dy yannoo dy leeideil Bea 
No a, taJhen,BeaCnK£L$- 


AYNSj chied Yiinyd, 
r\ gow Taftey mie, dy vd 
jcejannoo Soiagney jeh nyn 

tbu Condition only, that wcl^rryx er fnrycan yn Conaant 


job SH1BMR T CHIARN* 29 

/bob, dy jean mayd veih'n Tm 
fhcn magh eh j ghtoyrwhey 
Icfh Bea Chalhcrick Chredtce. 

As myr rcn ch PobWe lf> 
raely livrey veih Bondiaght, 
cha nee dy row ad dy yannoo 
(hen va cairal ayns ny Sooillyn 
oc hene, agh, erralh dauc v*er 
jeet dy ve AJhocn cqfberkk, dy 
voddagh ad ve fon Ard-gbloyr 
Dafyn ren ad y livrey.-^Z)«atf!» 
xix. 5.— Dy jarroo myr jhefli 
ta Creeft er eayflcy fhinyn veih 
Bondiaght Peccah as Noid ny 
Hanmey, dy livrey fliin veih'n 
SeQilI vee-chrauee fhoh, as dy 
chafhcrickcy da hene Pobbk 
jeean ayns Obbraghyn mie. 

As myr ren J^obble lfrad 
cherraghtyn, ta fhen dy ghra, 
Adfyn ooilley nagh ren gan- 
foor yn Oyr v'ad livreit er y 
hon, myrgeddin fon fliickyrys 
nee fliinyn, mannagh bee mayd 
biallagh da nyn Ver-kionnee. 

Dty Churrym gys Jee, gys 
dty Naboo, as Hood-bene, ta 
Toiggal er ve ayd jch neayr's 
v*ou dty Lhiannoo:— — Bee 
l fhickyr jeh, dy meet 00 rift 
Miolaghyn veih'n Drogb-fpyr- 
ryd, veih'n Seibll 9 as. veih dty 
Cbree Molteyragb hene, cham- 
mah dy yannoo Meerioofe er 
as dy vriihey Annaghyn Yee." 

Shen-y-fa bee eh ymmyr- 
chagh erflcyn dy cnooillcy 
Nhee dhyt, nift ayns dty Ac- 
gid dy niartaghcy 00 hene, 
chammah left Gia/dinyn crauee, 


jiny afterwards glorify Mm 
by an Holy Chriffaan Life, 

And as he delivered the 
people of Ifrael from Bond- 
age, not that they might do 
what was right in their own 
Eyes, but that, becoming an 
boly Nation, they might be 
an Honour to their Deliver* 
tr,-rD0*t. ax. 5.— -Even 
fo Gftrttf hath redeemed us 
from me Bondage of Sin 
and Satan, that he might re- 
deem us from tins prefent e- 
vil World, and purify unto 
himfdf a People zealous of 
pod Works. 

And as the former perift- 
ed, that is, all fuch as did 
not anfwer the End of their 
Deliverance, fo moft furely 
(hall we do, if we do not o- 
bey our Redeemer. 

Tour Duty to God, your 
Neighbour, and Tourfejf, you 
have known from a Child: 
—Be aflured of it, you will 
meet with Temptations from 
the Devil, the World, and 
your own corrupt Heart, both 
to ncglcS and tranfgrds the 
Commands of God. 

It will be abfolutely necef- 
fiury therefore, that you arm 
yourfelf betimes, both with 
boh Rejbluiions, and with this 
holy Ordinance, which you arc 


jtgfit gbiare gjs Taij^Jkviiugb 

preparing to go to, that you 
way be abl^ through tbt 
Grace of God, to go on in 
die Way o£ S^hratiosw 

t Now ywr< Duty U God is, 
-— ?* kW ** bin, to 
£for, aspl ,W bim, with all 
your ifajr* and Soul ; foraf- 
much at. you ftand indebted 
to him. for all you have, 'or 
value,, or hope for, in this, or 
ibetuixt Life. 

t Do but confider how you 
would behave yourfclf, if yoy 
were but half fo much o- 
bliged to .any Man on Earth ; 
■ Haw dearly would you 
Jove him? — -How often would 
you think of bini ?-— — How 
-often would you drive to 

fkafe him ? How would 

you be grieved, if you (hould 
be fo unhappy as to offend 
him ? i ■ How foon and ear- 
iteftly would you beg his 
Pardon to be reftored to his 
Favour ? 

Now, if you thug love God, 
it will appear in fuch Instan- 
ces as thefe : You will have 
a very great Regard for every 
thing that belongs to him. — 
.You will not ufe his Name 
to any idle or wicked Purpofe. 
-Yqu will rcligioufly ob* 

zilcfhyn Oar dagfey eatberici^ 
fhoh, t'punift aarlooer y h&n* 
dy vod oo, trooicf Grayfe Yee, 
goll cr dty Hofhiaghx ayns y 
Raad dy Haualtytw 

Nijbjheh dty Cburtym gjr* 

JfCy Dy chredjal ayn f ' dfp 

gjboatil Aggie r^y as- dy chur 
Graib da le& ooillcy dty CBte* 
at dty Annym\ ion wheefli as 
dy nee dafvn t'oufo Lhiaftyn- 
y& fon ooittey ny t'ay d, ny fliea 
unoo t'.ou. fbiaghey jelly ny ja> 
kal rilh, ayn» y Vsajbob, ny'a 
Vea ta ry hat* 

Stnooinee ayns dty Chree 
kys jinnagtt oo ro-hene y you 
riiyrkey, ay beagh oo ayns hell 
whseih dy Lhiaflynys. 6l 
Dooinney erbee f fy lneihfl jr- 
Cre*n Gbraib jeean yinaagboo 
da?— -Cre cha mennick as yin» 
nagh oo gimraa er ?— Cre cha 
mennick asyeagh do aggindadb 

dy phleafal eh? Cre cma 

feaghnk as veagh oo^ dy dagh- 
yragh dhyt ve cha mee vay»- 
rey as dy chur Corree er ?— — 
Cre cha leah as cre cha jeeart 
hirragh oo Leih er as dy ve 
goit ftiagh ree&t ayns Foayr 

Nifh, my vees bo myr tfioh 
graihagh er Jce,hee eh ry-akm 
ayns lheid ny Aghtyn fhoh : 
Bee Arrym creeoilayd da dagb 
Nbee ta bentyn da,— Cha gow 
yn Ennym echey ayns Fardail 
ayns Ccoiflx oik ny fardalagh 
crb^e,— -Ncc oo dy crauee 


>£*HfCB£a Y CHURN. 31 

the £ty eonjfeentfed *o 

Mb BUm<Hir fetid Ser/icc;-^— 
You vSl cju*efaliy attend the 
•Hogft and Wer/nip of *God; 
r— ~And feefiave yowfttf with 
Reverence and Devotion, while 
jpu uffbk 3tis l*reftnoe.— You 
<wtil W*rd wkh Atten- 
tion,* aod hkvt x great Regard 
ibr kit Owtkwnces, im4 for 
faPtrfiiu -whom he hath ap- 
*peint*d 4o t&mnifter dieft. 

if you twfy ftar God, you 
frill <p*rt -with apy thing as 
dear «s * r,fc*# Hon/, or a 
rigfe £p, ratjber than pro- 
?tike H/^ who eon de/lroy 
both Body 4*4 SwiinHetl, 


if. you believe How to be 
Fdqatai* <f alt Gx*d, you 

-jrill pray to Him daily. 

And if you ft* your whole 
fhfl in God, as it is your 
Bitty 40 do, ■■■ " y ou will en- 
deavour to be pleafcd with 
Vitus' Healings with you. — 
You will never murmur at 
die Wayg of his Providence, 
nor fuffer your Heart to fret 
egpinft the Lord.*-* — And 'es- 

pecially you will fiever at- 
tempt to better or fecure 
your Condition by any. evil 
Ways ; — Believing affuredly, 
that God can and will make 
you £ull Amends in the next 
life, for what you want or 

freaylly Laa t'er *y cha&e- 
rickey gys e Ooatkey as e 
Hirveifh.-^Nee 00 dy kiara- 
lagh taaghey Thie as Ooajhtey 
Yee ; —As 00 hene y ymmyrk- 
eylefli Arrym as Craueeaght* 
cnoud as t'ou *fyn Etniih ec- 
hey.— -Nee 00 geaifhtagh rifli 
cGboody taftagh, as ver 00 
Ard-ammys da ny Q*rd$gbyu 
echey, as da ny Perfoony* 
t f eh er phointeil dy hirvetlh 

My ta Graib firrinagh ayd 
er jee, nee 00 fcarrey ri(h Nhec 
erbee ta cha deyr as dty I<au*» 
yefh* ny dty Hooilt-yeJb 9 roiih 
my jean 00 ejhyn y vrafnaghey, 
oddysjlroie chammah Corp as 
Jbtnymayw Niurin. 

My t'ou credjal dy vd Ejhy% 
Bundy chooilley Vieys, gowee 
00 Padjer huggey gagh Laa.~ 
As my t'ou cur dty fane Treijb* 
teil ayns Jee, myr te dty Chun- 
rym dy yannoo,— oec 00 ny 
oddys 00 dy ve booiagh lefli 
ooflley ny Aghtyn tfeh goaill 
rhyt*— Cha jean 00 dy bragh 
plaiynt er Raaidyn e ChiaraH 
flaunyflagh, ny furranfe dty 
Chree dy hallagh no?* Cbiarn. 
—As erlkyn ooilley cha jean 
00 dy bragh goaill ayns Laue 
dy yannoo dty Stayd-beaghee 
ny fhare, ny ny. fhickyree, lio- 
rifti Dellalncu-chairagherhre; 
--Credjal er fon fluckyrys, lio- 
riih ginjillaghey 00 bene gy$ 



4gbt &i*t gp "imggsl Jtrrimggk 

in this, 
to fck WiB. 

LafUy, Tour Doty is U be 

tbankfelu Ged.- The Way 

to be fo, is to look upon 
#t*ry Aferrjr you receive as 

the Gift of God; Every 

Danger you cfcape, as owing 
to his Care and Providence ;— 
Every £*ftf Thought, 
feed Purpefe 9 every 
4% G**/, as the " 
fass feed Spirit* 

fbhti, and a#, and 

yn Aigney flauiiyflagh cc» 
fyn, dy vod Jcc, as dy jeaft eh* 
IJriwgh cy fondagh y yannoo 
9 fy Veata ry heet, too dty E- 
gin, as dty HnrrnA» ayns y 

Er-jerrey, Yn Conrym ayd 
A^dyvebomfal da J*.~~ Yn 
Aght dy ve myr fto, ta dy 
jeeaghyn er dy c boe il l ey Vy^bm 
ron fcddyn myr Gioot vdh 

Jee;~DychooilkyG&«ft , ott 

Jhaghney, myr Ihiaftyn #tl 

Arrejy asda'n CbiaraU ftaunjf. 

iflfogb echeyfyn ;~Dy chooilfey 

jofe thus ^~ And it will be 

Kl far 
will be 
as natural to thank God for 
all the Difpenfaiou of his 
Providence, as it is for you 
to beg any Bleffing from 
turn, which you ftand moft in 
need of. 

Stop a while— until you 
have oonfidered thefe Things, 
and until you have exprefled 
your Scale of them in the 
following Prayer. 


THIS is indeed the firit 
and great Command, Te 
hoe time, God, with all 
our Heart ; for on this de- 

Smmnaibt y n me 9 dy chooUley 
CbiaraU vie, dy chooilley Cbae 
fonjammmk, myr Obbyr y 
Spjrrjd me echeyfyn. . . 

Smeeineef aslant, as kiare 
myr flx>h:— -As bee eh cha 
doo^yflagh dhyt dy cbnr 
Booile da Jce fon ooilky Oar- 
daghyn e Aid - dnarail, as te 
dhyt dy yanaoo Aghin huggey 
fim Bannaght erbee, finoo ym- 
myrchagh dhyt* 

NUh tuirrec ort tammylt-~ 
derrcyvces oo crimcpmaglt- 
tvn dy dowin er ny reddyn 
(noh, as derr ey vees oo erhott- 
fliaghey yn Ennaghtyn t'ayd 
jeu ayiU y Phadjcr ihoh. 


SHOH dy jarroo yn chiedtt 
yh ard Sarey, Dy chut 
Graib dbyts,0ree 9 1$ ooilley 
nyn Gree ; Son er Jhoh ta'n 




ids our Salvation. But c* 

t this mud be the Gift of 

Grace :— For this Grace I 

* 4PPty t0 Th^? t° inake 
LoVe and Fear of thee the 
railing Principle of my 
Die Life :-*—*That I may 
ays do what I believe will 
ate Thee :*— — That I may 
zfully avoid what I know 

. offend Thee : And that 

nay live as having Thee 
cbnftant Witnefs of my 
Oughts, Words and Ac- 

jive me a ftedfaft Faith in 

Word and Promifes > a 
aTruft in thy Power. 
t the Fear of thy Juftice 
rp me from Preemption, 
L a Senfe of thy Goodnefs 
at Defpair.—— Defend me 
on all thofe bewitching 
ires which deftroy our Love 
Thee j from worldly 
res; from all fenfual and 
ill Pleafures; from Evil 
mpiny ; from foolifli Di- 
llons, and from every 
ig that may make me for- 
, that Thou alone art wor- 

to be feared and loved: 
ant me thefe Mercies for 

Son Jefus Chrift his fake ; 
— whofe Love and Death we 

going to commemorate. 


Saualtys ain lhie. Agh fhoh 
hene fhegin da V6 Gioot jeh 
dty Ghrayfys :— Son y Grayfe- 
fhoh ta mifh nifli jannoo Agh* 
in hoods, dy yannoo my 
Ghraih ort, as my Aggie royd, 
Ard-leeideilagh my Vea : — Dy 
voddym kinjagh jannoo fhen 
ta mee credjal nee ufs y wooiys: 
— Dy voddym dy kiaralagh 
chea veih ihen ta fys aym ver 
Jymmoofe ort:**- As dy vod* 
dym my Vea y leeideil myr dy 
beagh ufs aym fon Feanifh kin* 
jagh jeh my Smooinaghtyn, 
my Ghoan, as my Obbraghyn* 
Cur dou Credjue firrinagh 
ayns dty Ghoo as dty GhiaU 
dynyn ; Treifhteil fhickyr ayns 
dty Phooar.*~Lhig da Aggie 
roifli dty Chairys mifli y reayll 
veih Daanys, as Ennaghtyn jeh 
dty Vieys veih Mee-hreilhteil. 
— Jean m'y endeil veih ooilley 
ny Ribbaghyn cleaynagh flien 
ta ftroie nyn Ghraih ort }***- 
veih Kiarailyn feihltagh j veih 
dy chooilley Eunys foalley as 
peecoil ; veih drogh Hefhaght $ 
veih Gammanyn ommijagh,,a8 
veih dy chooilley Nhee oddys 
cur orrym jarrood, dy nee ufe 
dty lomarcan ta feeu Aggie ve 
goit royd as Graih er ny 
choyrt dhyt: Giall dooys ny 
Myghinyn fhoh er Graih dty 
Vac Yeefey Cfreefl: ; ■ ■ »-yn 
Ghraih as y Baafe echey t£ 
(bin goll dy reayll ayns Cooin- 
jaghtyn. Anun* 



Agbt gbiare gys Imgga! jirrinagb 

S E C T. V. 

Tour Duty to your Neigh- 
bour and Yourself. 

HpTOS is the fecond great 
X Command* and will re- 
quire the mod fblemn Refolu- 
tions you can. make before 
you go to the Lord's Supper. 
Ccmfider therefore whether 
you can fincerely refolve as 
follows : 

I dare not, I will not, be in- 
different bow I lead my Life. 
*— I know what God has I 
commanded me, and I purpofe | 
fincerely to do it. 

I will, in the firft Place, be 
obedient to the lawful Com- 
mands of my Superiors, and 
efpecially to tbofe who watch 
-for my Soul.——\ do Iin6erdy 
purpofe in all my Dealings to 
remember the Command gi*en 
me by my Saviour,— —Thou 
Jbatt love thy Neighbour as tt>i- 
felf.—~-KxA therefore I will 

make a Confcience of doing 
the leaft Wrong to any Man ; 

of ufing any Deceit, or 

fraud, ox Ofprej/ion; or of 

taking Advantage of the Igno* 
tance, Mi/takes > /or Neceffity of 
my Neighbour > knowing af- 
furedly, that he who wrongs 
his Neighbour does the great* 

CAB. V. 

Dty Churrym gys dty Naboo 
as Hood Hene. 

SHOH yn nab Ard Sarey 9 
as bee eh dty Churrym 
dy yannoo ny Gialdytyn 
s'trofhey oddys oo, roiih my 
hed oo gys Sbibber y Cbiarn. 

Smooinee rhyt bene er-y-fa 
(hen vod oo dy fhickyr goaill 
ort dy yannoo, myr t ayns 
flioh currit royd : 

Cha lhoys dqu, ny cha 
bee'm meeriooiagh, iys nce'm 
my Vea y leeideil. — Ta fys 
2ym ere ta Jee er harey dou, 
as ta mee kiarail dy firrinaagh 

Bee'm, ayns y chied Yn- 
nyd, bialhgh da ny Saraghyn 
lowal ocjvn ter myjkyn^ as er- 
fkyn ooillcy dauefyn ta curmit 

lejb Kiarail my Anrtjm. Ta 

mee dy fhickyr kiarit ayns 
ooSle^ my Gholal dy chooin- 
aghtyn er y Sarey t'er ny 
choyrt dou liorifh my Haual- 
tagh, — Ver oo Graib da dty 
Naboo myr dhyt bene.—~-As 
flien-y-fa cha Ihig my Chooin* 
fheanfe dou yn JggairJIooy 
yannoo da Dooinney erbfce ;— 
I dy yannoo foalfagbt ny Mil* 
teyragbt, ny Tranlaa/e; fty 
goaill Voftdeifh jeh Mee-bujb- 
tey 9 MarranySj ny Tmmyrch, 
my Naboo } dy fhickyr toig- 




eft Injury to himfdf.— — Andl 
if at any time I am convinced, 
that I have done him any 
Wrong, I will make him Sa- 
tisfaction, ?s far as I am able, 
without being forced by Law, 
— -To do. unto others what I 
would they Jbould do to mc. 

To this End, I will endea- 
vour to live peaceably and cha- 
ritably with all People ;— a- 
voidmg all Malice >, and Re- 
venge, and Evil-freaking, and 
Contention, as much as poffibly 
I can— And I will fpeak the 
Truth at all times : and efpeci- 
ally when I am called to my 
Oatb f whether it be for or 
againft my -worldly Inter eft. 

As to the Duty I owe 
to Myself,-— 1 am con- 
vinced, that-— -my firft and 
great Concern ought to be,— 
lb take care of my Sold. 

I do therefore ftedfaftly pur- 
pofe to lead a ferious Life, as 
one under the Sentence of 
Death ought to do,— To be 
Sober j Temperate* and Cbqfte ; 
that, when I die, I may be ad- 
mitted into the Paradife of 
God, where no unclean Thing 
jnuft enter* 

To this End, I rcfolvc to 

F % 

gal, dy vel efhyn ta jannoo Ag« 
gair da e Naboo, jannoo yn 
Aggair fmoo da hene. — As 
my yioym ec Traa erbce Toig- 
gal nrrmagh, dy vel mee er 
n'yannoo veg yn Aggair da, 
nee v m Lhiaflaghfey da gys Rere 
my Phooar, iegooifh ve cginit 
liorifli y Leigh,~Dy yannoo 
ri/bfeallagb eUey myr baillym ad 
dy yannoo rhym. 

As dy yannoo fhoh, nee'm 
my chooid Ihare dy veaghey 
ayns Sbeezs Ciajlylfys rim dy 
cnooilley Ghooinney; — fhagh- 
ney whedh as oddym dy 
chouilley Gboanlys, as Cooilleen 
Oik /on 01k, as Cooyl-cbafid, as 
Anvea.~A$ loayr-ym yn Irrin- 
ey ec dy chooiiley Hraa : as 
erfkyn ooilley tra .vce'm eit 
gys my Loo, edyr eh ve iejh ny 
mi my Chofney feihltagh. 

En son y Currym ta 


Hene,-- Ta mee credjal ayns 
my Chree,— Dy lhifagh eh 've 
yn chied as y Chiarail vooar 
aym,»— Dy gboaill Kiarail Jeb 
my Annym bene. 

Shen-y-fa ta mee dy (hick* 
yr kiarail dy leeideil Bea chrau* 
ee, myr lhifagh Fer fo Briw* 
nys baai/h r --vy wtjheelufock- 
yragb, as glen ayns cree\ tra 
yioym Baafe, dy voddym ve 
goit ftiagh ayns Pargeiys Yee, 
raad nagh vel Nhee erbee neu* 
gblen goit ftiagh. 

Er-yn-oyr &oh, ta mee kia- 



Jgbt ghiare gys Toiggll firrtutgb 

keep it Watch over -myfelf, 
that I may avoid all fuch Com- 
party y fuch Pleafures and JDi- 
yerfions, as may make me lofe 
the Remembrance of Death, 
and the Account I jnuft give. 

I will endeavour to be con- 
tent with my Condition, not 
coveting what is another 
Man's, neither envying the 
Pro/perity, nor taking Pleafure 
i,n the Calamities, qf my Neigh- 

And forafmuch as a life of 
J/ilenefs and Luxury is hateful 
tP God, I will ftrive to do my 
Duty in the State of Life, in 
which his Providence has pla- 
ced me ; not flattering myfelf, 
th^it I do no Evil, when I do no 
Good in nay Generation,-— 
left the Sentence upon the un- 
fruitful Tree be paffed upon 
me, — Cut it down, why cum- 
(teteth it the Ground? 

Thefe Duties I will endea- 
vour to perform, as a Proof of 
the Love and Reverence I 
bear to God, who is fo good 
as to accept of my Repentance, 
and aJincere>i\io' imperfeft O- 

And if through Weaknefs> 
Temp tat hn 9 oxfudden Surprize , 
I ihall be fo unhappy as to for- 
get any of thefe Refplutions* 

rail dy reayll Arrey Sjprym pene, 
dy voddym fhaghney ooilley 
lheid y Chelhaght, lheid ny Eu» 
nyfyn^ a$ ny Gammanyn (hen, 
as oddys qir orrym jarrood my 
Vaafe, a$ yn Coontey t'orrym 
dy choyrt. 

Nee'm y chooid ihare dy 
ve booiagh lefh my Stayd 
hene, cha nee troo my(h Stayd 
Ghooinney elley, chamoo 
mooaraghey Maynrys, ny goaill 
Boggey ayns Seaghyn, my Na- 

As fon wheelh as dy vel Bea 
litcheragh, $s Sodilid, dwoai- 
agh gys Jee, nee'm ftreeu dy 
chooilleeney my Churrym, 
ayns y Stayd Bea fhen, ayn ta 
e Ard-chiarail er my hoiaghey; 
cha[nee dy volley mee hene lefl* 
Smooinagbtyn, nagh vel mee 
jannoo vegyn Oik, tra nagh vel 
meejannoo veg y Vie ayns my 
Heeloghe, er- aggie dy be§ 
Briwnys y Villey neu - veflbil 
currit orrym, — Giarejheefe eh % 
cre'n-fa te goaill feofe room Hal* 
looin ? 

Ny Curmyn Ihoh neem's 
ftreeu dy chooilleeney, myr 
Prowal jeh'n Ghraih, as jeh'n 
Arrym ta mee cur da Jee, eh 
ta cha mie as dy yannoo Soi* 
aghey jeh my Arrys, as jeh my 
Viallys giare agh ynrick. 

As my haghyrys dou trooid 
Annooinidy trooid Miolaghey, ny 
Doal - taittym, ve cha mee« 
vaynrey as dy yarrood veg^jeh 




and fall, into Sin, I will, as foon 
as I perceive it, beg God's 
Pafdon, and be more careful 
for the Time to come. 

Now; if your Confcience 
can witnefr for you, that 
you pioufly purpofe to live 
after this Manner, you may 
fafely go to the Lord's Table, 
and the Blefling of God will 
go along with you. 

Go no farther till you 
.have confidered thefe Purpo- 
fes again j for they are to be 
the rurpofes of your whole 
Life, and of qvery Day of 
your Life. — 

And then addrefs yourfelf 
to God,— —-that, thro* his 

gracious Affiftance, they may 
make the moil lading Impref- 
fion upon your Mind. 


GRacious God, who haft 
given us Precepts, and 
an Example to walk by, let 
the Remembrance of them 
be always feafonably prefent 

with me.i Give me Grace 

to pra&ife them confeien- 
tioufly,-— To reverence my 
Betters, and. all that are in 
Authority,-— and efpecially 
fuch as are ordained to pray 
for, and to blefs, us in thy 

ny Gialdynyn mie fhoh, as dy 
huittym ayns Peccah, cha leah's 
vecs Toiggal aym jeh nee'm 
Leih y hirrey er Jee, as bee'm 
ny s'kiaralee fon y Traa ta ry 

Nifh, my oddys dty Chooin- 
fheanfe hene Feanifn y ym- 
myrkey Ihiat, dy vd .00 dy 
crauee kiarail dy veaghey er yn 
Aght fhoh, foddee 00 dy fau- 
chey goll gys Boayrd y Chiarn, 
as hed Bannaght Yee mayrt. 

Ny gow ny fodjey ec y Traa 
fhoh, derrey t'ou ayns dty 
Chree er n'gholl harrifh ny 
Gialdynyn fhoh reefht; fon 
t'ad dy ve Gialdynyn dty flane 
Vea, as Gialdynyn dy chooilley 
Laa jeh dty Vea, — 

As eifht gow dty Phadjer 
gys Jee, — trooid yn Chooney 
ghrayfoil echeyfyn dy vod ad 
ve dy dowin fraueit ayns dty 
Chree. . -- 

• , t m 


YEE ghrayfoil, 00 ta er 
choyrt dooin Saraghyn 
as Sampleyr dy immeeaght 
lioroo, lhig- da Cooinaghtyn 
jcu ayns Traa my Erne ve dy 
kinjagh marym. — Cur Grayfe 
dou dy eiyrt daue dy cooin- 
fheanlagh,-^Dy chur Ammys 
dauefyn t'er my (kyn, as daue- 

fyn ooilley ta ayns Pooar, 

as erfkyn ooilley dauefyn ta er 
Jnyn gafterickey dy ghoaill 



Agbt gbiare gys Tdggal firrhigb 

yamc# Let my Love for 
Thee, and for my Neigh- 
bour, keep me from all Ads 
of Injufticc, or Injury to his 
Body, or good Name : 
Let me never wilfully vex 
or trouble him ; — Never co- 
vet what is his, or envy his 
Profperity.— — May I ever be 
ready to help and comfort 
all fuch as are in Diftrefe. — 
Give me Grace to be faith- 
ful in all Things committed 
to my Truft:— That I may 
never pervert Truth and Jul- 
tice;«— never propagate Slan- 
der, or raife evil Reports, 
nor ever tempt others to Sin. 

Give me the Spirit of 

Temperance and Chaftity, 
and grant that I may never 
prbvoke Thee by any Inftance 
of Undeannefe, to ihut me 
out of Heaven, where no 

unclean Thing can enter. 

Give me Grace fo to order 
my Converfation, that I may 
encourage others to live as 
becomes the Gofpel of Jefus 
Chrift ; for whofe Sake I beg 
to be heard, Jmtn. 

Pad jer cr nyn ion, as dy van- 

naghey flun ayns dty Ennym.— 

Lhig da my Ghraih dhyt's, as 

da my Naboo, mifh y reayll 

veih dy chooilley Obbyr dy 

Neu-caairys, ny dy Aggair y 

yannoo da 9 n Chorp, ny'n Ea* 

nym mie cchcy : — NylhigdQu 

dy bragh cr my Yioin eh y 

heaghney ny 'voirey; — Gyn 

dy bragh Saynt y chur da ny 

ta lefhyn, ny mooaraghey yn 

Vaynrys cchey*-— Lhig dou dy 

bragh ve arryltagh dy chur 

Cooney as Gerjagh dauefyn 

ooilley ta ayns Seaghyn. — Cur 

Grayfe dou dy ve treiihteilagh 

ayns dy chooilley Nhee t'er ny 

choyrt cr my Churrym:— 

Nagh jean-ym dy bragh caffey 

Ynrickys as Cairys; — gyn dy 

bragh cur Scammylt er y, ho- 

(hiaght, ny drogh-ghoo y hrog- 

gal, ny dy bragh ieallagh elley 

y violaghey gys Peccah. — Cur 

dou yn Spyrryd dy Heeltys as 

I dy Ghlennid, as giall nagh jean- 

ym dy bragh oo y vrafnaghey 

le(h Sayntyn ny foalley,*dy 

yeigh mee mooie afs Niau, raad 

nagh vod Nhee erbee neu- 

ghlen goll ftiagh.— Cur dou 

Grayfe myr (hen dy ymmyr- 

key my Vea, dy voadym feal* 

lagh euey y ghreinnaghey dy 

veaghey myr ta cooie da Sufli- 

tal Ycefey Creeft, er yn 

Ghraih ecncyfyn ta mee guee 

dy v'er my chlaflityn. Amen. 





The next Thing you are to 
' enquire into is, whether 
you have A lively 
Faith in God's Mer- 
cy thro' Christ. 

NOW, becaufe fo very 
much depends upon our 
haying fuch a JRwVA,-— <-the 
Holy Ghoft has given us all 
the Arguments,— all the Af- 
furance, — that our Hearts can 

Godfo laved the World, that 
be /bared not bis own Son, 
(faith the Apoftle) but gave 
him up for us all,— Rom. viii. 


er, a furer, Pledge oF the 
Love of God for his poor 
CUsegtures ? — He made him to 
be Sin (that is, a Sin-offer- 
ing): — He delivered him to 

Death in our (lead: Can 

we after this doubt of, or 
diftfuft, the Mercy of God ? 


Yn nah red t'ou dy vriaght 
ayn ta, VelCREDjuE bio- 
al ayd ayns myghin 
Yee trooid Creest. 

NISH, kynd^gh dy vd 
wheefh Ihie er lheid y 
Chredjue *ve ain, — ta'n Spyr- 
ryd Noq cr ,-chur dooin dy 
chooilley JPLefoon,— dy chooil- 

ley Hicfcyrys, oddys nyn 

J Greeaghyn y hirrey. 

Hug Jee Ibeidy Ghraih da'n 

Theibll, nagh haghyn eh e Vac 

bene (ta'n Oflyl gra) agb liv* 

rey ebfeofe eh er nyfon ain ooil- 

Can there be a great- 1 ley, Roiii. viii. 32. — Vod Gioal 

~ fmoo, Gioal ihickyrce y ve jeh 

Graih Yee da e Chretooryn 
boghtey ?--ken eh eh y yan- 
noo ny Pheccah (ta ffien, ny 
Oural fon Peccah) :-*■-- JLivrey 
eh eh gys Baafe ayns yn ynnyd 
ainyn: — Vod mayd lurg fhoh 
dooyteil jeh, ny Mee-hreilhteil 
y yannoo er Myghin Yee I 

Gow Taftey jeh'n Aght ta'n 
Noo Paid goaill dy niartaghey 
nyn Gredjue, liorifh coyit 
dooin ny Prowallyn s'trofhey 

ObfefVe the Method St. 

Paul takes to confirm our 

Faith, by giving us the 

ftrofigeft Proofs of our Ac- 

ceptance with God.--+-*"Gft/, I dy vel Soiaghey er ny yannoo 
feith he, commended his Love j'in liorifh Jee.— Ta Jee, as 

to us, in that, white we were 
Enemies, we were reconciled 
fo Him, by the Death of bis 
So^—Much more, being rccon- 

efliyn, er hoiljhaghey magh _ 
Ghraih booinyn,fon choud as va 
Jhin ayns Stayd dy Noidys, my 
vajhin coardit rijh Jee, liorijb 



Agbt gbiare gp. TaiggaJ jirfinagh 

tiled 9 * we Jhall be faved by 
his Life,-- — Rom, v. 10. — — 
What may we not, after this, 
hope for from God? 

In fliort, Jefus Chrift has 
redeemed us from the Curfe 
of the 'Lzw.-Thro' hint we 
have Peace with God. — Rom. 
v. i. — This is the only Foun- 
dation of our Faiths our Hope, 
and Confidence.* ■ He is our 
Sacrifice, our Mediator, our 
Advocate ; the Knowledge of 
which ought to remove all 
Occafions of Dejpair and 
Fear, from the Difpleafure 
of God. 

Indeed, if we fhould at- 
tempt to go to God, with- 
out an Intereft in Chrift, we 
could hope for nothing but 
to be rejc&ed ; but whea tfe 
;o to him, as redeemed by 
lis own Son, — and reprefent 
to him, as we do in this Holy 
Sacrament, what He has done 
and fuffercd for us, we ap- 
proach Him as intirely recon- 
ciled to us, 

But then you muft remem- 
ber, that he gave himfelf for 
us, and hath redeemed us 
from the Power of the De- 
iril, for this End, that he may 
furrfy unto himfelf a People 
confe crated to his Service. — - 
Confecrate. therefore yourfelf 

Baafe e Vac. — Foddeyfmoo, myr 
t tajhin nijh goitftiegh gyt Shee; 
vees mayd er nyn fauail liorifh 

e Vioys, Rom. v. 10. Lmrg 

feoh ere nagh vod mayd jcrkal 
rife veih Jee ? 

Ayns Focklyn giarey, Ta 
Yecfey Creeft et chionnaghey 
fein reeflit veih Mollaght y 
# Leigh. — Ny hrooidfyn ta Shei 
ain rifh Jee, Rom. v. i. She 
fhoh ynrycan Undin nyn Gred* 
jue, nyn Dreijhteil,as nyn Sbick- 
yrys. — She efliyn yn Oural ain, 
nyn Sheealtagh as nyn VendeiU 
agh; as lhifagh Tufhtey ieh 
feoh fcughey voin dy chooilley 
Oyr jeh Mee-hrei/bteil, as Ag- 
gie veih Jymmoofe Yee. 

Dy jarroo, dy goghe fhin 
orrin dy gholl gys Jee, fegooifh 
Cairys y ve ain ayns Creeft, 
cha voddagh fhin treifeteil fon 
monney, agh dy v'erny yiool- 
dey voife; agh tra ta fein 
goll huggey, myr livreit liorifh 

e Vac hene, as foilfhaghey 

roife, myr ta fein jannoo ayns 
y Sacrament Jhoh, ere T'eh ef 
n'yannoo as er hurranfe er nyn 
fon, ta fein tayrn er-gerrey da 
myr dy flane coardit rooin. 

Agn eifet feegin cooinagh- 
tyn, dy dug eh eh-hene er nyn 
fon, as dy vel eh er chofney fein 
veih Pooar y Drogh-fpyrryd, 
fon yn Oyr feoh, dy chajherick* 
ef da hene Pobble aggindagh 
gys e Hirveijh. — Shen-y-fa jean 
oo hene y chafeerickey gys 

* Leigh Vofes. tO 


to'Jefus Chrift, and with fahh- 
fill Abraham ftagger not at 
the Promifes of God : but 
go to this Sacrament with a 
ituU Ailurance of Faith, that 
God will, pardon Vour Sins, 
and give you all tne Graces 
you fhall Hand in need of. 
— Only remember, that this 
Faith it /elf h the Gift of 
God, and mud be prayed 
for, for CRrift's Sake ; which 

you max do *&™ this man - 

. The P R A Y E R. 

IBefeedi Thee, O God, by 
that Love which moved 
Thee to give thine own Son 
for loft Mankind, give me 
a Faith in thy Promifes for 
his Sake, as firm as thy 
Word, on which my Faith 
is grounded : — And let me 
never prefume upon thy gra- 
cious Promifes without iin- 
cerely endeavouring to per- 
form the Conditions on which 
they were made, and with- 
out being zealous of good 
Works, for which we were 
redeemed. May the Re- 
membrance of my Saviour's 
Love, and of thy great Mer- 
cy, be ever feafonably pre- 
fcnt with me, to keep me 
from Defpair, and may my 
Faith in thy Promifes fup- 
port me at the Hour of 


Yeefey Creeft, as marifli Abra* 
ham flane credjuagh ny jean 
Mee-hreifhteil . . er Gialdy ny n 
Yee ; agh immee gys y Sacra- 
ment fhoh lefli flane Shickyr* 
ys dy Chredjue, dy jean Jee 
dty Pheccaghyn y leih, as dy 
I der eh dhyt dy chooilley 
Ghrayfe t'ou ayns feme jeh.— 
Agh cooinee dy nee yn Credjue 
Jhoh bene Gioot Yee, as fhegifl 
Padjer ve jeant er y hon, er 
Graih Chreeft ; fhen oddys oo 
y yannoo er yn Aght Ihoh ; 


TA mee guee ort, O Yee* 
liorifli y Ghraih ihen rea 
00 y veiyghey dy chur dty VaC 
bene fon Shecinaue caillit, dy 
chur dooys Credjue ayns dty 
Ghialdynyn er y Ghraih ec* 
heyfyn, cha ftuckyr as ta dty 
Ghoo, er Ihen ta my Chred* 
jue troggit ; — As ny Ihig dou 
dy bragii Daanys y yannoo ct 
dty Ghialdynyn grayfoil, agh 
dy creeoil ftreeu dy chooil* 
leeney ny Conaantyn orroo 
v'ad jeant, as dy ve feer jeean 
er Obbraghyn liiie, fon yn Oyt 
fhoh hooar lhin Livrey-ys.— - 
Lhig da Cooinaghtyn jell 
Graih my Haualtagh, as jeh 
dty Vyghin's vooar ve dy kin* 
jagh marym, dy my reayll veih 
iYieeJireifhteil, as lhig da my* 
Chredjue ayns dty Ghialdynyn 
ni'y niartaghey ec oor v 

Death J 

4 2 

Agbt gbiare gys Toiggai firrinagb 

Death ! May my Redeem- 

er be my Refuge, his Blood 
and Merits plead for me, 
that I may have my Lot 
and Portion with thofe whom 
he hath purchafed with his 
mod precious Blood ! Amen* 

Vaaifh !— Lhig da my Er-kion- 
nee ve my Chemmyrk, e Uill 
as c Hoilchinys loayrt er my 
hon, dy vod my Chronney as 
my Ayrn y ve aym maroofyn 
t'eh er chofney lefh e Uill fmo« 
gheyr! Amen. 


Whether you have a thankful 
Remembrance of Chrift's 
Death : — -This is" the next 
Thing you are to inquire 


Vel Cooinaghtyn booifal ayd 
jeh Baafe Chreeft: — Shoh 
yn nah Red t'ou dy vriaght 

NOW this will always bear 
foine Proportion to the 
Senfe you have of the Evil he 
has delivered vou from, and 
the BleJJing he has by his 
Death procured for you. 

Confider therefore yourfelf 
as a poor, Jinful, loft, undone 
"Creature, without a Redeemer. \ 
——Confider what that Re- 
deemer has done for you- 

What he did, and what he 
fuffered, when he took upon 
himfelf to anfwer tor the Sins 
of Men. 

Corifidef that he was the 
Son of God, that had done no 
Wrong, neither was Guile found 
in his Mouth; notwithstand- 
ing this, being to anfwer for 
Sinners, He was treated and 
punilhed as a Sinner deferves 
to be : — * He was defpifed /— 

NISH nee fhoh ayns Ayrn, 
kinjagh coardail rilh yn 
Ennaghtyn t'ayd jeh'n Oik t'eh 
er livrey oo veih, as jeh'n Ban~ 
might t'efliyn liorifh e Vaafe er 
chofney dhyt. 

Shen-y-fa jeeagh ort hene 
myr Cretoor boght,peccoil, caiU 
lit, naardey, fegooilh ter-kion- 
nee. — Smooinee dy dowin ere 
ta'n Fer-kionnee flien er n'yan- 
noo er dty hon. — Cre ren eh, 
as cre hur eh, tra ghow eh er 
hene dy reggyrt fon Peccagh- 
yn Deiney. 

Smooinee myrgeddin dy nee 
Mac Yee v'eh, nagh row er 
rCyannoo veg yn Aggair, ny cha* 
moo va loght er ny gheddyn ayns 
e Veeal ; ny-yeih, myr v'eh dy 
reggyrt fon Peccee, vMi deyr- 
it as kerrit, myr ta Kimmagh 

1 toilchin :— -V'eh oitooanit ! 



Set at naught /— — Perfecuted 
and rejefled by his own Peo- 
ple, whom he came to re- 
I deem ! 

He was betrayed by his own 

Difciple ; falfly accufed ! 

Unrightjeoufly condemned ! 

Unmercifully fcourged / — Had 
a Murderer preferred before 
him !—- Was crucified as a Ma- 
lefaftor ; and in the very midft 
of his Torments, was mofl in- 
humanly reviled ! 

Confider the Reafon of all 
this. — —It was not only to fa- 
tisfy the Juftice of God for the 
Sins of Men, and procure their 
Pardon upon their Repentance 
and future Obedience ; but al- 
fo to (hew Mankind, what 
Treatment Sin and Sinners, 
who have rebelled againft 

their Maker, do defer ve ; r 

And teach us when God or- 
ders or permits us Sinners to 
undergo fuch Indignities and 
Afflictions, in this our State of 
Trial, thpt we ought to take 
our Crff^ patiently, as our Re- 
deemer dfd ; and be content, 
and even pleafed, to fulfil the 
Will of God, in following his 
Example in his Sufferings \n 
this Life, that \vt may be par- 
takers of his Glory in the 

G 2 

Soit beg jeh /— - Tranlaafit as 
jiooldit rifli liorilh e Phobble 
hene, haink eh dy livrey ! 

V'eher ny vrah liorifh yn 
Oflyl echey hene; Plaiynt 

foaifeyjeant n'oi! Dy neu- 

chairal er ny gheyrey /— — Dy 
ncu-vyghinagh er ny fcuitchal ! 
- — Va Soiaghey jeant jeh Dun- 
ver roifh !— V'eh er ny chrof- 
fey jnyr Drogh-yantagb ; as 
ayns Mean e Horchaghey, v'eh 
dy neu-ghooghyffagh oltooaitit! 

Gow Tafteyjeh'n Oyr va 
fon fhoh ooilley. — Cha row eh 
ny lomarcan dy yannoo Cooil- 
leen da Cairys Yee fon Pec- 
caghyn Deiney, as dy gheddyn 
Pardoon daue er nyn Arrys as 
nyn Miallys fon y Traa va jry 
heet ; agh myrgeddin dy hoil- 
fhaghey da Sheelnaue,. cre'n 
Kerraghey va Peccah as Peccee 
dy hoilchin, v'er n'irree-magh 

noi nyn Ver-croo j As dy 

ynfaghey dooin tra ta Jee goar- 
drail ny furranfe dooinyn Pec- 
cee dy huittym fo lheid ny 
Scammyltyn naareydagh, as 
Seaghyn, ayns ihoh nyn Stayd 
dy Phrowal ; dy lhifagh Jhin 
nyn Grolh y ymmyrkey dy 
furranfagh, myr ren nyn Ver- 
kionnee ; as ve booiagh, as dy 
jarroo boggey y ghoaill, dy 
chooilleency Aigney Yee, ayns 
geiyrt er y Sampleyr echey ayns 
e Hurranfe 'fy Vea fhoh,dy vod 
mayd ve goaill Ayrn jeh e 



Agbt gbiare gys lvggal ftrri**gk 

In the next Place, confder 
the Bleffmg* which Jefus 
Chrift hath by his Death ob- 
tained for us.— —He hath de- 
livered us from the great Pow- 
er which the Devil had over 
Mankind, by procuring u» 
Grace to refift and overcome 
him. ■ ■■ -He hath prevailed 

with God-To overlook the 
Untowardnefs of our Nature ; 
To pardon our greateft Of- 
fences upon our true Repen* 
tance :-^— - And being by his 
Death reconciled to God, we 
have, for his fake, free Liber- 
ty to apply to him, as Children 
to a Father , for what we ftand 
in need of. 

He hath alfo obtained*for us 
the Affiftance of an Almighty 
Spirit, to enable us to know, 
and to do, what is neceflary 
to fit us for Heavert and Hap* 
pinefs; ... And he has pre- 
vailed with God, that thefe 
ihall bt our certain Portion, 
if we are not wanting to cur- 
felves.— -~In one Word, Je- 
fus Chrift hath entirely freed 
us from all Feats of what may 
come hereafter, if it is not 
purely our own Fault, 

The maft unlearned Chfif* 
tian may know what is requi- 
ted of him. 

r ihe greateft Sinner may 

Ghloyr ayns y Tea ta ry beet. 
Aynsy nah Ynnyd, Gow 
gys dty Chrce ny Bannaghtyn 
ta Yeefey Creeft, liortfh $ 
Vaafe, er chofoey dooin- — 
T'eh cr Hvrcy fhin veih'fl 
Fhooar vooar v'cc y Drogh- 
fpyrryd harriih Shednau^, Ko- 
ran Grayfe y chofney dooin dy 
haflbo n'oi as dy gbeddyn y 
varriaght er.— T'eh er gheddyi) 
veih Jee — Dy ve erreeiibagh 
gys Annooinid y Dooghys ain; 
Dy leih dooin nyn Loghtyn 
fmoo er nyn Arrys firrinagh : 
— As myr fhoh coardit rifh Jet 
Korifh e Vaafe, dy heet hug* 
gey, myr Cloan gys Ayr y dy hif* 
rcy ny ta fliin dy ymiayrch* 

T'eh myrgeddin er chofoef 
dooin Cooney Spyrryd Ooil- 
ley-niartal, dy niartaghey fliia 
dy hoiggal, as dy yannoo then, 
ta ymmyrchagh dy yannoo 
ihin aarloo fon Niau as Mayn* 
rys ; — As t'eh er gheddyn veih 
Jee, dy bee ad ihoh nyn Ei- 
raght ihickyr, mannagh bee eh 
kyndagh rooin henc.— Ayns 
un Ockle, ta Yeefey Creeft 
dy bollagh er reaghey fliin veih 
dy chooilley Aggie jth ny od- 
dys cheet ny lurg Ihoh, man- 
nagh nee ooiliey-cooidjagh ya 
Foill ain hene eh* 

Foddce yn Oeeftee floo yn* 
fit toiggal ere ta e Churrym, 

Foddee yn Peccagh fmoo 



depend upon P^rdoa on his 

The weakeft Chriftian may 
Toty upon all neceftary Affift- 
ance; and the meaneft Chrif- 
tian is fare not to be over- 

By aU which you may per- 
ceive what Thanks you owe to 
God for your great and good 
Redeemer, and for what he has 
done and fuffered for you— — - 
which you will do well to ex- 
prefe in i ibme fuch manner as 


GIVE me leave, O God, to 
mention before Thee the 
Death of thy Son, and the' in- 
finite Bkffings I have received 

thereby: Add this to all 

thy Favours, Ibefeech Thee, 
that I may never forget thefe 
Mercies ;-* — Never forget to 

be thankful for them But 

that I may preferve the Re- 
membrance of them in the 
Manner which he hath ordain- 
ed--— I thank Thee, O God, 
for that Word, in which thou 
baft caufed thefe thy Mercies, 
and his Example to be record- 
ed. Make me truly fcnfible 

of that Love which brought 
him down, from Heaven ;-~ — 
And how fad our Condition 
was, which required fuch a 
Sacrifice.— May \ l ca rn by his 

jerkal rifh Leih e Fheccaghyn, 
my t'eh goaill Arrys. 

Foddee yn Creeftee s*an» 
nooinee ve fhickyr dy vow eh 
dy chooilley Chooney ymmyr- 
chagh j as ta'n Creeftee s'bogh* 
tey Ihickyr nagh bee beg foit jeh. 

Liorifh fhoh ooilley foddee 
00 toiggal cre'n Boaife t'ou 
lhiaftyn da Jee fon dty Haual- 
fagh mooar as mie, as fon ny 
t'eh er n'yannoo as er hur- 
ranfe er dty hon. — As nee 00 
dy mie dy hoilfhaghey eh ayns, 
Iheid ny Goan fhoh* 


CUR Kied dooys, O Yee, 
dy yannoo Imraa kion- 
goyrt rhyt's jeh Baafc dty Vac > 
as ny Bannaghtyn erfkyn-ear- 
roo ta mee er gheddyn liorifh : 
— Cur dou fhoh myrgeddin ma* 
rifli ooilley dty Vannaghtyn el-» 
ley, ta mee guee ort, nagh jar* 
rood-ym dy bragh ny Myghin-* 
yn cheddin; — Nagh jarrood-* 
ym dy bragh dy ve booifat 
er nyn fon — Aghdy voddym 
freayll Cooinaghtyn jeu er yn 
Aght t'eh hene er harey — Ta 
mee cur Booife dhyt, O Yee* 
fon y Goo flien, ayn t'ou ep 
choyrt orroo. fhoh dty Vyghin* 
yn, as ySampleyr eehey,ay vq 
er nyn fcricu%r--Cur Kunagh* 
tyn firrlnagh dooys Jeh'n 
; Ghraih fhen hug leih fheeie eh 
jveih NkUj—As ere cha treih 

. Patience^ 

4 6 

Aght ghiars gys Toiggal firrindgh 

Patience, Humility, Self-deni- 
al, and Refignation, what Vir- 
tues are mod acceptable to thy 
Divine Majefty ! — And may I 
take him for my Lord, and 
Mafter, and Teacher, and Ex- 
ample, and dedicate myfelf to 
Thee, and to thy Service, for 
his fake ! Amen. 


The laft Inquiry you are to 
make, is, whether you are 
in Charity with all the 

' World. 

Concerning which, take 
eipecial Notice, that the 
two great Ends of this Ordi- 
nance mentioned in Scripture 

are ; 

1 The Firji y To keep up the 
Remembrance of ChrilVs 
Death till his coming again. — 
The Second, To be a folemn 
Token of our Communion with 
Jefus Chrift, and of our Union 
and Charity with all his Fa- 

To this End he has ordain- 
ed, that as all Chriftians, high 
and low, rich and poor, fhall 
make up one Body, of which 
be is the Head :— -- and oneFa- 

as va'n Stayd ainyn, va feme 
lheid yn Oural. — Lhig dou 
gynfagh liorifh y Veenid, yn 
Injillid, yn Smaght harrifh 
hene, as yn Viallys echcy, ere 
ny Grayfeyn s'booifal ta da dty 

Ard-ooafliley flaunyffagh ! 

As lhig dou eh y ghoaill fon 
my Hiarn, my Vainfliter, my 
Er-ynfee, as my Hampleyr, as 
mee-hene y chafherickey hQods, 
as gys dty Hirveifh, er y 
Ghraih echey. Amen. 

-_vawa>— •»— aaaaaaaa— ••-^ ""'•■^^ 


Yn Red s'jerree t'ou dy vri- 
aght er y hon, ta, Vel oo 
ayns Giajlyllys rijh ooilley f n 

MYchione fhoh, gow Taf- 
tey geyre, dy vel yn 
daa .Ard-oyr, enmyflit ayns 
Scriptyr, fon yn Oardaghey 
flioh, t'ad ; — 

Hojhiaghty Dy reayll * feofe 
Cooinaghtyn jeh Baafe Chreeft 
derrey yn Che'et echey reefht. 

Ayns y nab Tnnyd, Dy ve 
Cowrey cafherick jeh nyn She* 
Jhaghtys rifh Yeefey Creeft, as 
jeh'n Unnaneys as y Gbiaftyllys 
ain rifh ooilley yn * Lught- 
thie echey. 

Er yn Oyr flioh t'eh er oar- 
drail, 'naght myr lliegin da dy 
chooilley Chreeftee, ard as in- 
jily berchagh as bog ht, jannoo 
feofe un Chorp, jeh t'eihyn yn 
* Aggu&. mily 


mily, of which he is the Maf- 

tcr : So they fhould all eat 

at one Table, of one Bread, 
as a Sign of that Love and 
Peace, and Friendjhip, and 
Readinefs to help one another, 
as occafion fhall require, and as 
Members of the fame Body 
will naturally do. 

And indeed your Accep- 
tance with God will very much 
depend upon your hearty 
Good-will for every Chriftian, 
and for all Mankind. 

Therefore you muft take 
fpecial Care, left there be any 
Perfon with whom you are not 
at Peace, — Whom you can- 
not forgive and pray for, and 
do him all the Good that can 
in reafon be expe&ed from 
you ; — That you be difpofed 
to make Satisfa&ion to any 
Perfon that has been injured by 
you, or who have taken juft 
Offence at your Words or Ac- 
tions, this being a Duty \yhich 
Jefus Chrift himfelf has com- 
manded, Matth. v. 23. And 
that you be ready to forgive 
Gwtrf Perfon who may have 
injured you, as you expeft 
Forgivenefs of God, Re- 
membering the dreadful Sen- 
tence mentioned in Matth. 
xvili. Thou wicked Servant, I 
forgave thee all thy Debt : 
Should/l not thou have had 

Kione: — as un Lught-thie, jeh 
t'efhyn yn Mainfhter: — Myr 
fhen lhifagh ad ooilley gee ec 
yn un Voayrd, jeh'n un Arran, 
myr Cowrey jeh'n Ghraih as 
Shee 9 as Caarjys 9 as Arryltys 
fhen dy chocney yn derrey yeh 
lefh y jeh elley, myr vees feme 
er y hon, as myr ta Oltyn jeh'n 
un Chorp dy dooie jannoo. 

As dy jarroo nee yn Soiagh- 
ey nee Jee y yannoo jeed feer 
vooar lhie er yn Aigney-mie 
creeoil ayd's fon dy chooilley 
Chreeijee, as fon ooilley Sheel- 

Shen-y-fa fhegin dhyt goaili 
lane Kiarail, nagh vel Perfoon 
erbeenagh vel 00 ecShee rifh, 
— Da nagh vod 00 l^ih as Pad- 
jer y ghoaill er e hon, as jan- 
noo da ooilley yn Vie oddys, 
ayns Refoon, ve jerkit void ; — 
Dy bee 00 aarloo dy yannoo 
Lhiaffaghey da Perfoon C'rbee, 
t'ou er n'yannbo Aggair da, 
fly ta er% n'ghoaill Jymmoole 
cairal rifh dty Ghoan ny dty 
Yannoo, myr ta fhoh ny Chur- 
rym ta Yeefey Creed eh hene 
er harey, Mian v. 23. As 4y 
bee 00 arryltagh dy leih da dy 
chooilley Pherfoon ta er n'yan* 
noo Aggair dhyt, myr t'ou 
hene treilhteii Leih y gheddyn 
J veih Jee,— — Cooinaghtyn er y 
Vriwnys agglagh ta enmyffit 
ayns Mian xviii. ghrogh 
Harvaant, leih mifh dhyfsyn 
Jlane Lhiajlynys fhen : nagh 



jfgbt gbiare. gys Toiggal Jtrrhurgh 

Companion m thy Fellow -fer-\ 
*vaht 9 even as I bad Pity on 
thee? And the Lord was 
wroth j and di liver ed him t$ 
the Tormentors.. 


And laftly, you are to take 
care, that you love not in Word 
only, hut in Deed and in Truth, 
that is, that you do Good, as 
well as give good Words, and 
relieve Jefus Chrift in his poor 
v Members. 

And believe it for a certain 
Truth, that a charitable and; 
forgiving Temper is not near 
fo beneficial to any body as to 
him that hath it ; it being more 
blejfed to give than to receive ; 
and to forgive, than to infill 
upon * Satisfa&ion for Injuries 
and Wrongs done to us'} 
Ads xx. 35. 

This being fo neceffary a 
Grace, you will not fail to beg 
of God mod earncftly to 
vouchfafe it you. 


• « 

THIS is my Commandment, 
that ye love one another, 

as I have loved you.* 

Hear, O my Soul, what thy 
Saviour has commanded thee : 

Ihifagh ufs myrgeddin as Chym* 
mey er ve ayd er dty Hejhey* 
Harvaant, eer myr va Chym- 
mey aym % s orfs? As va 9 n 
Cbiarn jymmoofagb % as livrey 
ehfeofe eh ny Phryffbonagb gys 
Laue y Tidoor. 

As er-jerrey, t'ou dy ghoaiH 
Kiarail, nagh vel dty Aigney- 
mie ayns Glare ny lemarcan, 
agh ayns Jannoo as ayns Firrin* 

S, ta flien dy ghra, dy jean 00 
ie, chammah as cur Goan 
mie, as dy jean 00 Seay fley er 
Yeefey Creeft ayns ny Oltyn 
boghtey echey. 

As cred eh fon Firrinys 
Ihickyr, nagh vel Aigney 
ghiaftyllagh as aarloo dy leih 
faar cha vondeifliagh da Per- 
foon erbec, as te dafyn echey 
te; er-yn-oyr dy vel eh ny 
Sbannee dy choyrty na te dy 
ghoailly as dy leih, na te dy 
naffoo er Cooilleen y gheddyn 
fon Aggairyn as drogh Hurnyn 
ta ieant dooin ; Jannoo xx.35. 

Fakin dy vel fhoh Grayle 
cha ymmyrchagh, cha jean ufs 
lhiggey fliaghey dy ghuee gys 
Jee feer jeean dy gooidfave lefh 
dy chur dhyt eh. 

Yn P H A D J E R. 

CrHOHyn Sarey aym's, dy 

*3 der Jhiu Graih yn derrey 

yeh da*n jeh elley, myr ta 

mijh er chur Graih diuijb. -* 

Ctafht, O my Annym, ere ta 


Jtb 3HIBBER y CRIARN. r 4 j 

—He who loved us, and gave 
himfelf an Offering' and a 
Sacrifice. t<* Qo4> few i^ 

May* this thy Love* O 
Tefut* be the Motive and 
*&ttem of my Love and 
Charky for all Mankind J— r 
Where this hath not been 
my. Fra&ice, l ijnplore thy 
gracious Pardon, and be- 
icech Thee to fortify my 
Soul againft alt Suggeftions 
of Safari or my corrupt 
NVtui^ and blind Pafljon^: 
——That I may always he 
prepared to jjp to thine Al- 
tar/ with die fame charita- 
ble pifpofition?, with which 
t cjeflrc and hop? tq die. 

Thou, O JefiiSj, 
thine Enemies thy Friends, 
by laying down thy t-ife for 
them.— Be thou roy Advo- 
cate with God for Grace to 
follow thy Heavenly Charity 
^nd Example, that I niqy q- 
vercome Eyi) with Qootf ; 
that I and sUl the Member^ 
of thy Family may; love as 
Brethren ;— That we niay al- 
ways meet at thy Table 4? 
fincere Friends, and part with 
true Love and Afl'cdioij as 
becomes thy pifciples. 4w*' 


dty Haialtagh et h»ej *hn 1 
— Efhyn chur Graih dooin, at 

hug eh here fo« Qtttywi q* 
Oural 4a Jee er riyji fq^ 

Lhig da fhqh d*y GJuaBtffc 
O Yesfev> Y*. Qyt a$ Sjufl- 
pleyr y Qhrafc ayrn\ fa qq^. 
ley Sheclmytie !— -B^ nyfr 

veKhofe ex vg yi\ C&$hfc$ 
aym, ta pie? j^fr^' dfX 
Phardoon grayfoif, as gu$g- 9a 
dy ni^rtsighcy mv A^K no* 
dy chppilley Cbfeaya oddys. J 
Drogb r Spytryd, ny my Ghoo* 
ghys peccpil, t ag. yepapreey^ 
doalley my A^ney y cfejijr ^ 
my qhree:...Dv. vqddypi fcifci 
jagh ve aarlop <ty ghf>ll jjys, dtt 

AWs,tefr YRA^eygi^yJU 
lagh ^he4diii, ayn tfc m<$ 
geejirree as trcUbjeii 4jJ fhflfo 

Tpu. M% Q Teofcy, ft 
hayrn dty Noidyn dy yg dtj 
Ch^rjyn, liprifh. $tj'Yw& y 
choyrt flieefe cr ny» 'fan, v-r*t 

Bee uf§ ed^yr Jee as miffi torn 

Qr»yfe dv eiyit ?r y QWaftyJ* 

lys as y bawpleyr fiaunyffijgft 
ayd,. ay widqw B^tri^Jbt jj 

gheddyn er yn Oik lejb jffMffl 
Mie$ dy voddyn^s w opiljey 
Oltyn dty Lughtrtfiie v* <^«f 

4gbyn:-?3)y vpd infty4 l^ift? 

pgft r mecteil ec 4*y Vi^f4 
mvr Gaarjya ftrrifi^aspp^ 

tail ledi Graih dooie 1% A&r 
ney-mis my^ tj isoqw da 
Crecfteenyn. ^lw^. 



jfgbt gbiare gys loiggaJ frrinagb 


BY this Time you fee 
the Reafon of this In- 
stitution, the Necc/Jity, as well 
as the invaluable Blefling of 
obfervihg it religioufly, and 
the Manner of preparing 
yourfelf for it as often as 
you (hall have an Oppor- 

' And remember, that the 
oftener you look into the 
State of your Soul, in or- 
dcr to go to this Ordinance, 
the lefs Trouble y6u will 
have to -make your Peace 
with God, when you come 
to die ; and the lefs Dan- 
ger you will be in, of fal- 
ling into a S{ate of Sin and 
Security, which has been the 
Ruin of an infinite Number 
of Souls. 

* Befides this you will have 
the greateft Comfort of Life, 
iiikcpi you* perceive that you 
ire ftifl' growing in Grace, 
ind tending to thiat Perfec- 
fion which muft fit you for 

On Ac other hand, if 
you turn your Back upon 
the Ordinance, it muft be 
becaufc you will not be at 
the Pains • to understand your 
IJttfjs yoii* Intereji 9 and your 

You have n&t - confidered 

/ t 


CHOUD's fhoh t'oii fakin 
y Refoon ta fon y n Oar- 
d^ghey flioh, yn Tmmyrch, 
chammah as y Bannagbt er- 
fkyn-earroo, ta ayns freayll eh 
dy craiice, as yn Aght dy yan- 
noo oo hene aarloo ny chour, 
cha mennick as te er ny hir- 

As cooince, myr s'menkey 
yeeaghys oo gys Stayd dty 
Anmey, er-chee goll gys yn 
Oardaghey flioh, flienmyjiloq 
dy Imnea vees ort dy yannoo 
dty Hee rifli Jee, tra. hig. oo 
dy gheddyn Baafe; as (hen 
myr flpo dy Ghanjeyr vees oo 
ayn, dy huittym ayns Stayd dy 
Pheccah as dy Veerioofe, ta er 
ye Oyr coayl Anmeenyn er- 

Marifh fhoh bee ytiGerjagh 
fmoo *fy Theihll ayd, r tra t'ou 
gerinaghtyn dy vel po kinjagh 
bifhaghey ayns Grayfe, as goll 
er dty hofhiaght gys yn Yrjid 
fhen dy Vea vie fhegiji oo y 
yannoo feeu fon Flaunys. . 

Er y Lai^e elley, my hyndaa- 
y% oo dty Ghreeym er yp Oar- 
daghey flioh, fhegin da ve fon 
nagh jean oo whedh er dty hon 
hene ai dy gheddyn Tufhtey 
jet* dt/ Cburrym^ *dty Vondeijhy 
as dty Ghanjeyr. 

Cha vel oo er n'ghoaill Taf- 


» * 


tey, hagh vd Pardoon, ♦ ny 
Grayfe, ny Saualtys erbee dy vo 
jerkit rifli, agh liorifh lhiaflagh- 
cy fenifli Jee, ere ta c Vac cr 
n'yannoo atf er hurranfe, as er 
hoilchin er nyn fon, as ihen er 
yn Aght t'eh hene er n'oar- 

As my nee 00 Coyrley 
ghoaill riflv dty Chooinfheanfe 
hene,, infhee eh dhyt, dynee 
Paart jeu fhoh ny Oyrynj£r» 
rinagbfga. trimfhagh, dy vd 
00 foiaghey cha bfcg jeh'n Sa* 
Tey ihoh jeh dty Haualtagh. 

Edyr t'ou beaghey ayns Pec- 
cah ennagh er-fys dhyt, er-non- 
ney ayns Raad mee-chrauee dy 
Vea, nagh jean 00 goaill ayns 
Laue dy hreigeil j— Er-nonney, 
cha vel 00 booiagh dty Vreear- 
raghyn Baflitey y yannoo afsy 
noa ; — Er-nonney, myr s'men- 
key lefh y ve, — Cha vel 00 dy 
firrinagh imneagh fon dty An- 
nym ; ynrycan dy vel 00 mol- 
ley 00 hene lefh Gialdyn as 
Treifhteil foafc ennagh, dy jig 
00 Keayrt ny Keayrt ennagh dy 
ve dty Ghooinney noa, * 

'Sy Traa t'ayn t'ou oolee 
jeh Petcab ta rouyr cafley rifh 
gobbal y Chiarn ren 00 y cbion- 
naghey. — — T'ou tayrn Seam- 

that there is no' Pardon, no 
Grace 9 no Salvation, to be 
hoped for, but by pleading 
with God, what his Son 
hath' done and iuffered, and 
merited for us, and in the 
Maimer he has ordained. 

And* if you will confult 
your own Confcience, it will 
tell yon, That fome of thefe 
are the true, tho* moft 
wretched,' - Caufes of your 
Contempt of this Command 
of your Saviour's. 

Either you live • in fome 
fcnoXira Sin, or ungodly way 
of Life, which you cannot 
refolve to forfakej — Or, you 
are not willing to renew 
your -Vows, made in Baptifm ; 
—Of, which is generally the 
Cafe, — You iave no real Con- 
cern for your Soul ; only you 
delude yourfelf with fome 
faint ^urpofes and Hopes, 
that fojhe time or other you 
will become -a new Man. 

In the mean time you are 
guilty of a Sin too like the 
denying the Lord that bought 
you. . • Y ou bring an evil 
Report, upon an Ordinance 
of Chrift, as if it were not 
worth obferving : — You har- 
den wicked People in their 
Infidelity, and Negleft of 
their Salvation, by calling 

mylf'cr Oardaghey Chreeit, 
myr nagh be^gh eh feeu Geiil 

'chur da : T'ou creoghey 

drogh Leih ayns . nyn Mee- 
chredjue, 'as nyn Meerioofe 
jeh'n Taualtysoc, liorilh gen- 




Vfgl>t\g&idfie gys Tvrggo! jftrrimgh 

yourlidfa Chrifttan, fcnd-livmg 
$ke >aBeathcft> 4n *he Gon- 
trfmfft off -tofce <of the jgreateft 
Mcaite of Salvation : You 4ive 
in * State 4n 'which -all your 
Prayett, wh&ker -public or 
. fnrivMe, ^whether ?for yoarfetf 
or for others, will aft >te 

. inHhorttfon provoke Gofl 
«0ery /Baty mare ; and «K>fe 
Id withcifew >h& Gpace/— 
3b rlfetofe you 'to your ^own 
corrupt H w*y of ^Living, till 
yoli 4urae -filled *up *the Mea-j 
4bre trf yoar * 6ins<, -and pre- 
ffcired ,yourfeW(ts rfor *a Sen- 
tence «ot to be : h£ard with-, 
out trembling^-/ *ull ^ou4bai\ 
4ume )if 'tbefe *Men 'that *were\ 

fen^Hhc Marriage -Supper, 
w the f Lamb tin Heaven* . 

flow igreat then rmuft *the 
45in df thofe *bfe, who mgled: 
Ho^ 'bdminr/ier, vftnd tof ithofe 
voho 'turn their Buck Upon 
this Ordinance, uptfn -which 
•our Salvation -depends ? *// be- 

n>ys oo here dty Ghreeftee, as 
leeideil ftea gotl-rith An* 
chree&ee, ayns foiaghty-beg 
jehjunnkne^eh ny Ard«faafiqyn 
4y -Haualtys *: T'du "bcaghqy 
^yss jStayd, ayn vees^>qg er ny 
hoiagh^jeh oollley city 1?ha*U 
jeryn, edyr ec y Cheeili ny ec y 
This, eckyr cr dty hon hene, 
ayibn feallagh -elkjy. 

Gtyn arr^jh r y rghra, ftotl 

braftiaghsy Jee dy cbooillqy 

Laanytfmoo'os -ny fineo qjf 

ghoaill c CJhrayfe Voicl,— 3jy 

aagail oo gys ,yn "forftawrkcy* 

bea mee-chrauee ayd T^ane, 

derrey vees oo tv 'Ihieeney 

&ofc Towie dty rPhecc^ghyn, 

aser h^yrnort^hene *y ww» 

-i>ys : lhen *nagh-^vod v'er ny 

chfeih$yn, f gyn ve er-creau — - 

3h meegiufh-diu njghjean $et 

jeyfyh^cr nyn^gtdrrey^blajhtyn 

jeh 4Jfy Mibber^ — Eer Slubber 

•Poofee.yn Eayn^yns tfliau. 

•Nagh :inooar eifht fh?gin 
<da ? -h vPeccah ocfyn ,y ve, la 
Ihiggpyjfaagbey dy hirveijh, as 
y Peccah ocfyn ta chyndaa nyn 
Gooyl rifh yn Oardaghey (hoh, 
•er-ta^n-Saualtys ,ain lhie? 6on 

<ing the Moid vftihrijl whieh\\Jhe Mil Chrveji Jhegin Jhin <y 

4wft Heanfe -us^ftm alI~Sin 9 \ 
-^i John i. 7. 

FTER *&, this is noti 

to »en'courage rany rPer-| 

Ion to go to. the Lord's! 

•Supper without a Wedding^ 

*garmtnt 9 'without a 4ue •fcc-'- 

<gbJenncy wtih dy chooill^y 
, JPheccab..»~i -Ean .i. 7. 

rT -URG doilley, cha:vel flioh 
JLii ■ dy choyrlaghey Pepfoon 
erbee dy gholl .gys Shibbe^y 
Ghiarn, fcgooiih y Gamwd- 
-P<l<fe(ii fi^gooifli *ar?ym cooie 



grad^o the Duty.— -For a I 
Man may go To unworthily 
as to receive Judgment* in- 
ftead of a 5/^F^.— -For 
Example, S&r# as nve in any 
known Sin unrepealed of; 
^Siicb as are not fincercly 
refolved to )ive^ and be r go- 
verfted, by the known laws 
df -the Od|>eU---Sw^ as 
live <at Variance with their 
Neighbours "without beiqg 
willing to be reconciled;—.-- 
Such «& have done Wrong, 
and wll oxot make Satisfac- 
tion, as »they are able : 
LafQy, Such as go out of mere 
Gfjfiom, without confidering 
the JEnd or benefit of this 
Ordinance, and return to 
jlheir ufual finful Liberties* 
as foon as the Service Ss 

All fuch ought to Taiow, 
that the;y went unworthily; 
ati'cl if they have any true 
Concern lor their <Soul&, 
tiiqy will confider better and 
lay thentfelves under ftri&er 
Obligations, before they go 
again to the Lord's Supper. 

But then let them not, 
at the Peril of their Souls, 
deal deceitfully, and make 
this a 'Pretence of negleG;- 
ing to .go to this Ordinance 
for the future ; left they pro- 
voke God U leave them to 

da'n Churrym fbcn.-~Son fod» 
dee Dooinney goll cha neu» 
feeu {hen as dy hoikhin Briw 
nys ayns vnnyd Bamtagbt.*— 
Ta fhen dy ghra, Lbeid as ta 
beaghey ayns Peccah erbee er- 
fys dauc gyn Arrys ;~~Lbeid 
as na^h veldy croeoil kiark dy 
leeideil nyn Meat as dy ve rGUt» 
liorifh ny Leighyn ta fort row 
^yns y Tufbtal j — IJheid as ta 
beaghey <ec Streeu rifh nyn 
Naboonyn fegooilh ve booiagh 
Ay ve coardit roo %-~Lbeid a$ 
t'er n'yannoo Aggair, as nagh 
jean Lhiaffaghey, gys Rere<nyn 
Booar : — Er-jerrey, Lheidas ta 
goll trooid -eer Chliaghtey^ jfe- 
gooiih Taftey *choyrt da Oyr 
ny da Tondeijh yn Oafdaghey 
fhoh, as chyndaa reelht gys y 
Reamys peccoil v'ad cliaghtcy 
'ghoailL cha Jeah',s tta'jn Chir- 
veifh harrifh. 

TJhifagh ooilley .nyn Lheid 
fhoh tojggal, dy jagh ad dy 
neu-feeu; as my ta vqg y 
Gheill firrinagh oc da nyn An- 
meenyn, hig ad gys Smooin- 
aghtyn (hare,, as ver ad ad- 
hene fo Kianglaghyn s'trolhey 
roifh my jed ad reelht gys 
Shibber y Ghiarn. 

Agh ny lhig daue er Gauc 
Anmey, molley ad hene, as 
fhoh y yannoo ; uy Lefhtal fon 
lhiggey lhaghey dy gholl gys 
yn Oardaghey Ihoh fon y Traa 
t«£ry heet ; er-aggle dy braf- 
nee ad Jee dy aagail ad daue 


Agbt gbiare gys Toiggal jirrinagb 


themf elves, which is one of 
the greatdfc Judgments that 
can befal them. . 

On the other hand, let 
not any well-meaning Chrif- 
tian be difcouraged with Fears 
of having gone unworthily 
to the Lord's Supper, and fo 
forbear,, becaufe they do not 
find all the Benefit and Change 
wrought in them which they 
hoped for ; but let them 
confider, 'that a State of 
Holinefs and Perfection is not 
to be expe&ed at once, but 
by Degrees, and as we make 
good Ufe of the Graces, 
which the holy Spirit from 
time to time vouchfafes us : 

"• A' g06d Chriftian not be- 
ing yne, who has no Incli- 
nation to Sin, but one, who 
thro* the Grace of God im- 
mediately checks, and fufFers 
Hot fuch Inclinations to grow 
into evil Habits. 

God, who kjiows our In- 
firmities, will accept our Jin- 
Cere Endeavours, tho* attend- 
ed with Imperfections . and 
'Back/tidings, provided we con- 
demn ourfclvcs for them, and 
drive to amend. 

And let us remember for 
our Comfort, that Jefus 
Chrift himfelf pronounced all 
his Difciples (the "Traitor ex- 

t • 

bene, ta unnane jeh ny Briw- 
nyflyn s'trimmey oddys tuit- 
tym orroo. 

Er y Laue elley, ny ihig da 
Creeftee mie-aignagh erbee 
v'er ny cboyrt afs Cree lefh Ag- 
gie iiy vel eh er gholi dy neu- 
feeu gys Shibber y Chiarn, as 
myr (hen lhiggey fhaghey, 
kyndagh hagh vel ad feddyn 
ooilley yn Vondeijh as y Cagb- 
laa obbrit ayndoo v'ad. treifh- 
teil er y hon ; agh lhig dauc 
Taftey 'ghoaill, nagh vel Stayd 
dy Chajherickys as Bea Jirrin- 
agh Creeftee dy ve jerkit'rifh er 
y chooyl, agh ny veggan as ny 
veggan, as 'naght myr ta fhin 
jannoo Ymmyd vie z jeh ny 
Grayfeyn, s'cooidfave lefh y 
Spyrryd Noo veih Traa gy 
Traa chur dooin. 

Fakin nagh nee Creeftee mie 
Fer, nagh vel veg yn Yeearree 
echey gys Peccah, agh Fer, ta 
trooid Grayfe Yee chelleeragh 
Smaghtaghey, as nagh vel fur- 
ranfe lheid ny Yeearreeyn dy 
aafe gys drogh Chliaghtaghyn. 

}ee, ta toiggal ny Annooin- 
idyn ain, nee foiaghey jeh nyn 
Inrickys, ga nagh vel eh cheet 
feofe gys J/ane loivfe nyn Gur- 
ry m, my ihe fhen dy vel fhin 
deyrey Ihin hene er y hon., as 
ftreeu dy lhiafiaghey nyn Mea. 

As lhig dooiri cooinaghtyn 
fon nyn Gherjagh^dy ren Yee- 
fey Creeft eh - hene gemnys 
ooilley e Oityllyn, (theu-mooie f 



ceptedj to be clean, that is, 
qualified to receive this Sa- 
crament, which he was go- 
ing to adminifter to them, 
altho' he knew them to be 
fubjeQ: to very great Failings 
and Infirmities ; which foon 
appeared, when they all for- 
fook him, contrary to their 
folemn Promifes ; but this 
they repented of, and were 
forgiven by their companion- 
ate Redeemer. 

If therefore you love God, 
and your Neighbour, tho 9 
not Jo. fervently as you could 
wifh; — If you have a real 
Defire of being better, than 
at prefent you find yourfelf 

to be If the Fruits of 

the Holy Spirit, tho* in a 
very low Degree, do ap- 
pear in your Life — -Laftly, 
if you do daily pray for 
God's Grace, that yoir 
may, .in his good time, be, 
and do, what he would have 
you to be, and do not live 
in any known Sin;— By 
no means forbear to go to 
his Ordinance, as often as, 
you have an Opportunity, 
and depend upon God's Blet 
firfg, and ap Increafe of his 

jeh'n TraitoorJ dy ye glen, . ta 
fheni dy ve fteu dy " ghdaill y 
Chreeftiaght fben^ v'efliyn goll 
dy hirveifti orroq, ga va fy* 
echey dy row ad aarloo dy 
huittym ayns Failleityn a$ An- 
nooinidyn £eer vooar > quoid va 
dy leah er ny akin, tra JQn ad 
ooUley y hreigeil eh,* rioi riyn 
yarroo Ghialdynyn ; agh fhoh 
ghowad Arrysjeh, as veleiht 
daue liorifh nyn Ver-kionnee 

Shen-y-fa my ta Graih aycPs 
er Jee, as er dty Naboo, ga 
nagh . vel eh cha jeean as 
wooifhagh 00 ; — My ta Teear* 
ree firrinagh ayd dy ve ny 
fhare, na t'ou gehnaghtyh 00 
hend dy ve ec y Traa t'ayh--— 
My ". ta Meflyn y ' Spyrrjrd 
Nop, ga ayns Cooid riy 
veggan, er ny akin ayns dty 
Yinmy rkey-bea -1— Er-jerrey , 
my t'ou gagh laa goaill Fadjer 
fon Grayfeyn Ye^, dy yod 00, 
'fy Traa mie ccheyfyn, y ve, 
as jannoo, myr t'emyri dty ha-* 
rey, as nagh vel 00 l^eaghey 
ayns Peccah erbee er-fys dhyt J 
— Ny lhig fhaghey erAght 
efbee dy gholl gys yn Oar- 
daghey echey, cha menpick a$ 
te er ny hirveifh, as fbddee 00 
vefhickyrjeh Bannaght "Yee, 
as Biflhaghey jeh e Ghrayfe- 



Jigbt gBidte gys Ttnggal Jtmnagb 

The PRAY E R. 

GRANT, O God, that! 
may never draw down 
tfay Judgments upon myfelf, 
tither by turning my Back 
Upon this Ordinance, or by 
going td it Without Thought 
Or unworthily. May thy 
Mercy pardon what is paft, 
and give me Grace for the 
time to come, to confecrate 
my Life to Thee, and to 
embrace every Occafion of 
remembering my Redeemer's 
t-ove, and thereby fecuring 
thy Favour and my own 
Salvation! And if it be thy 
♦Will, grant that I may al- 
ways find' flich Comfort and 
Benefit in this Ordinance, as 
may encourage me to ob- 
serve it with Joy unto my 
Life's End. 

Give me Leave to recom* 
mend to thine infinite Mer- 
cy, the miferable Condition 
•of all fuch as negleft fo great 
Means of Grace and Salva- 
tion : ——Awaken all Chrilli- 
an People into a Senfe of 
this Duty :— ^-Open . their 
Styes, and corred their Mis- 
takes, that they may be con- 
vinced, that this is the only 
Means of making their Peace 
\vith Thee, and of render- 
ing their Perfons atod- their 
Fiayers acceptable to thy 


GfALL, O Yee, nagft 
dayrn-yms dy bragh dty 
Vriwnyffyn neofe orrym. pene, 
edyr liorilh my GhreeVni y 
hyndaa riOi yn Oartfeghey 
ffiioh, ny liorilh golt huggey 
gyn-tort ny dy neu-feeu. ity 
jean dty Vyghin leih dou foR 
ny t'er n'gholl (h^ghqy^ as cur 
Grayfe dou fon y Tr» ta ry- 
heet, dy chafherickey my Yea 
hood, as dy ghoaitl dy choofl- 
ley Chaa dy chooinaghtyn er 
Graih my Er-kionnee, as Uo- 
rilh fhen jannoo fhickyr Jeti'i* 
Foayr ayd's as jeh my Hrauat- 
tys bene! As my fee dty Ai&- 
hey eh> giatt dy voddyra dy 
bragh geddyn lheid y Gher* 
jaghey as y Vondeiih ayns yn 
Oardaghey (hob, as oddys m*y 
ghreinnaghey dy reayll eh left 
Boggey gys jerrey ir^y Vea. 

Cur Kied dou chymney gys 
dty Vyghin trfkyn-earroq, yn 
Stiyd hrimfhagh ocfyn ooilley 
t* meerioofagh jeh lheid ny 
Saafeyn bannee dy Ghrayfe a* 

dy Haualtys : Dooilht dy 

chooilley Phobble Creeftee gys 
Ennaghtyn jeh'n Churrym 
flioh :--- Fofhil. ny Sooillyn pc, 
aslhiaffee yn Shaghryriys oC| 
dy vod Toiggal firrinagh y ve 
oc, dy nee flioh yn ynrycan 
Saafe dy yannoo nyn Shee 
rhyt, as Soiaghcy dy ve jeant 
jeh ny Perfoonyn as ny Padr : 


jeh SHIB8ER Y C H ! A R ft 


tMvine Majefty, thro* Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. A men* . 

jeryn oc liorifli dty Ard-ooafh* 
ley Flaunyffagh, trooid Yeeiejf 
Creeft nyn Jiarn. Amen* 


EVERY well . difpofed 
Chriftian, after he has 
thus far prepared himfelf for 
this Sacrament, will endea- 
vour to keep the Thoughts 
of his Duty, and the Blef- 
fings he hopes for, warm in 
his Heart until the Time of 

Some of the following 
Scriptures, and Meditations 
upon them, may, thro* God's 
Grace, anfwer that End ; 
nor will they take up too 
much Time, becaufe fome or 
more of them, as Occafion 
offers, % may be devoutly u- 
fed in the midft of Bufinefs. 

And this Method of De- 
votion is here propofed to 
lead Chriftians to make pro- 
per Reflections upon other 
Parts of Scripture, which 
they read or hear. 

Rev. iii. 17. Thou fayejl, 
I am rich j and have need 
of nothing : and knowe/i not 
that thou art wretched, and 


C A D. X* 

NEE dy ehooilley Cfctree& 
tee mie-chreeagh, tra 
t'eh choud fhoh er n'gheddyn 
eh-hene aarloo fon y Chreef- 
tiaght, e Phaart y yannoo dy 
reayll Smooinaghtyn jeh e 
Churrym, as jeh ny Bannagh- 
tyn t'eh treifhteil ernyn fon* 
jeean ayns e Chree derrey yn 
Traa t'eh goaill yn Chreef* 

Foddee Paart jeh ny Scrip* 
tyryn ver-ym reue, as Smooin- 
aghtyn dowm orroo, trooid 
Grayfe Yee, ganfoor gys yn 
Ymmyd fhen; ny chamoa 
ghpys ad feofe mooarane Traa* 
fon foddee Ayrn ny'n flane, 
rere y Traa, ve dy crauee tt 
nyn ufal ayns Mean cer Obbyr 

As ta'n Aght fhoh dy 
Chraueeaght currit royd dy 
leekleil Creefteenyn dy 
Cliliaghtaghey ad hene gys 
Smooinaghtyn crauee er Ayrn- 
yn elley jeh Goo Yee, t'ad dy 
1 lhaih ny dy chlalhtyn. 

Aihlifhiii. 17* T'ougra^Ta 
1 mee berchagh as er vijhaghey 
I ayns Cooid, as nagh vel mee feme 
I Nhee erbee : as cha vel 00 
\goaill hood hcm y dy vel 00 treih, 



Aght gbiare gys Totggal firrinagb 

miferable, and poor % and blind A as feagbnit,as bogbt, as deal, as 


Shoh yn Stayd hrimfhagh te 
fhin, niyr Peccee, aarloo dy 
huittym fo : as fhe dty Vygh- 
in's eh, O Yce, dy vel unnanc 
erbee j'in tuflitagh jeh. — Frcill 
mifh, ta mec guee ort, veih'n 
Deiilid fhen yinnagh my lhiet- 
tal veih fakin my Hreihys 
hene, as veih'n Vojrn fhen, yin- 
nagh my lhiettal veih goaill- 
rifh kiongoyrt Rhyt's, oddys 
ynrycan cooney lhiam> O cur 
Ennaghtyn firrinagh dou jeh 
ny Aflayntyn anmey fhen ta 
mee Ihie foue, as cooin lhiam 
er Graih dty Vyghinyn, as er 
Graih Yeefey my Er-kionnee. 

and naked. 

This is the fad Condition 
to which, as Sinners, we 
are fubjeft : and it is thy 
Mercy, O God, that any of 
us are fenfible of it.— Pre- 
ferve me, I befeech Thee, 
from that Blindnefs which 
would hinder me from fee- 
ing my own Mifery, and 
from that Pride, which would 
keep me from acknowledg- 
ing it before Thee, who a- 
lorie cajift help me. O give 
me a true Senfe of the Ma- 
ladies I labour under, and 
help me for thy Mercies fake, 
and for the fake of Jefus my 

Pfal. li. 17. The Sacrifice 
tf God is a broken Spirit ; 
a broken and a contrite Heart 
Cod will not defpife. 

But moil unfit is mine to 
be to God prefented, until 
I have obtained his Pardon 
for the many Sins, by which 
it has been defiled. 

Jer. iii. 12, 13. I am mer- 
ciful, faith the Lord, and I 
will not keep Anger for ever ; 
only acknowledge thine Ini- 
quity, that thou hafi tranf 
greffed againfi the Lord thy 

I do acknowledge my Sin 
unto Thee, O God, and 
mine Iniquities will I 

Pfal. li. 17. Oural Tee Jhe 
Spyrryd feaghnit eh ; Cree 
brifht as arryffagh c ha jean Jee 
I beg y boiaghey jeh. 

Agh feer neu - feeu ta my 
Chree's dy v'er ny hebbal gys 
Jee, derrey vee'm er chbfney 
Pardoon voifh fon ny ymmodee 
Peccaghyn fhen ta er n'yannoo 
eh neu-ghlen. 

Jer. iii. 12, 13. Ta mifh 
mygbinagh, ta 9 n Chiarn dy 
ghra, as cha jean-ym Jymmoofe 
y reayll fon dy bragh, ynryca* 
gow rijh dty Vee-cbairys, dy vel 
00 er n 9 yannoo Peccah noi yn 
Chiarn dty lee. 

Ta mee goaill-rifh my Phec- 

cah hood's, O Yee, as my Vee- 

not | chairys cha jean-ym y chieltyn: 

hide : 

jeb S H I B B E R Y CHURN. 


hide : I do therefore im- 
plore thy Pardon,' and plead 
thy gracious Promife, with 
full Purpofe of Heart, never 
a^ain to return to Folly. 

Jer. *vii. 9. The Heart is 
deceitful^ and defperately wick- 
ed ; who can know it ? 

I cannot, indeed, anfwer 
for my own Heart ; but 
there is no Word, O Lord, 
impoffible with Thee : In 
Thee I do put my Truft, 
let me never be put to Con- 
fufion :~Keep it ever in my 
Heart what an evil thing 
and bitter j it will be, to for- 
fake the Lord. 

1 John iii. 8. He that com- 
mittetb Sin (who abandons 
himfelf to live in any known 
Sin) is of the Devil, — is un- 
der his Power and Govern- 

Preferve me, gracious God, 
from fo fatal a Blindnefs, 
to chufe Satan for my Lord 
and Governor, inftead of thy 
Bleffed Son, who laid down 
his Life to redeem us from 
the dreadful Tyranny of the 

1 John ii. 25. This is the 
Promife that he hath promi- 
fed us, eternal Life. 

How infinitely good is 
God, to give us lb great 
Encouragement to fave our- 
felves from Ruin ! — Give me, 

ta mee er-y-fa (hen geearree 
Leih ort, as fhaflbo er dty 
Ghialdyn grayfoil, lefli Crec 
flane kiarit gyn dy bragh reeflit 
dyhyndaa gys Ommijys. 

Jer. xvii. 9. Ta'n Cree moU 
teyragh as mee-chrauee erfkyn- * 
towfe ; quoi oddys toiggal eh ? 

Cha voddym's dy jarroo 
freggyrt fon my Chree hene ; 
agh cha vel Fockle erbee, Q 
Hiarn, nagh vel ayns dty 
Phooar : Aynyd's ta mee cur 
my Hreifliteil, ny lhig dou dy 
bragh ve er my choyrt gyis 
Ne&rey : Freill eh dy bragh 
ayns my Chree cre'n Red oik 
2sfharroo vees eh, dy hreigeil y 

1 Ean iii. 8. Efhyn tajannoo 
Peccah (ta livrey harrilh eh 
hene dy veaghey ayns Peccah 
er-fys da) feh jeh'n Drogh- 
Sfyrryd, — t'eh fo yn Phooar as 
y Reill echey. 

Freill mifh, Yee ghrayfoil, 
veih'n Deillid Annym-ftroiagh 
fhen, dy reih Noid ny Hanmey 
fon my Hiarn as my Chiannoort, 
ayns Ynnyd dty Vac Bannit, 
eh hug fheefe e Vioys dy chof- 
ney fliin reefht veih Tranlaafe 
atchimaghy Jouyl. 

1 Ean ii. 25. She Jhoh yn 
Gialdyn t 9 eh er n'yanwo dooin, 
dy jarroo yn Vca veayn. 

Cre cha mie erfkyn-infh ta 
Jee, dy chur dooin lheid yn $ 
Ard-trei(hteil, dy reayll fhin 
hene veih Toyrt-mow ! — Cur 




Agbt gbiare gys Toiggal frrinagb 

I befeech Thee, a firm Faith 

in this Promife, that no Tears 

, may terrify me, no Pleafures 

may corrupt my Heart ; 

No Difficulties may difcourage 
me from ferving Thee. 

Matt. xvi. 24. If any Man 
will come after me 9 let bim 
deny him/elf and take up bis 
Crofs and follow me. 

O my Saviour ! who plea- 

dooys, ta mee guee ort, Cred- 
jue fhickyr ayns y Ghialdyn 
flioh, nagh vod Atcbim erbee 
m'y agglagh,nagh vod Eunyjyn 
erbee my Chree y chleayney j 
— As nagh jean Seagbyn erbee 
m'y agglagh veih ufs y hirveifh. 

Mian xvi. 24. My ta Dooin- 
ncy erbee aggindagb geiyrt or- 
rym's, /big da eb bene y obbal> 
as e Chrcjb y broggalj as geiyrt 

O my Haualtagh ! nagh ren 

fedft not thyfelf, but tookeft j foiaghey jeed hene, agh ghow 
upon Thee the Form of a ; ort Cuinmey Sharvaant, ny 
Servant, let me not profefs ■ lhig dooys goaill orrym dy ve 
to follow Thee, without en- ! Eiyrtyffagh jeed's, fegooifli 
deavouring to follow the | ftreeu dy jeean dy eiyrt er Kef- 
bleffed Steps of thy moft ' inadyh bannit dty Vea fmoo 

Holy Life, Thy Patience, 

Meeknefsj and Humility : Thy 
great Difregard for the World, 
it$ Pleafures^ Profits^ and all 
its Idols :-VThy fenfible Con- 
cern for the Miferies of Men : 
—Thy Unweariednefs in do- 
ing Goodr-VThy Conftancy 
in Prayer, and Reiignation 
to the Will of thy Father, 
—-—Let me part with any 
thing as dear as a right 
Hand, or a right Eye, ra- 
ther than not follow Thee, 

Mat. vi. 24. No Man can 

Jerve two Maflers 2e can* 

not ferve GqU and Mammon, 


May I never fet up any 
Rival, O Qq£, with thee in 

Chaiherick, Dty Hurranfe, 

dty Veeinid^ as dty Injillid-aig- 
ney : Dty veggan Geill fon Eu» 
nyfjyn y Theihll, e Vaynrys, e 
Vondeijh, as ooilley e Talloonyn: 
— Yn Chymmey jeean ayd*s 

fon Treihys Deiney : Dty 

Yeidjys doccaragh ayns jannoo 
Mie :— Dty Hannaghtyn kin* 
iagh ayns Padjer, as dty Vial* 
lys gys Aigney dty Ayrey.-— 
Lhig dooys ny fleaie fcarrey rift 
Nhee erbee eer cha deyr aa 
Lane ycjh, ny Sooill ycjh, m, 
gyn geiyrt ort's. 

Mian vi, 24. Cha vod Dooinn 
ney erbee daa Yainlhter y hir- 
v£iJh.~—Cba vod Jhiu Jee as 
* Mammon y hirveifh. 

Nagh row nouyn dooys, O 
Yee, dy bragh foiaghey fcofe 

• Yn SpiWJ.' tlie 


the Poffcffion of my Heart! 
May I never attempt to 
reconcile thy Service with 
that World which is at 
Enmity with thee! Give me, 
I befeech Thee, the Eyes of 
Faith that I may fee the 
World, what in Truth it is ; 
— The Danger of its Riches, 
— The Folly of its Pleafures, 
The Multitude of its Snares, 
~- The Power of its Tempta- 
tionsy— Its deadly Poifon, and 
certain Danger of drawing 
my Heart from the Love of 

Matt. xxii. 37, 39. Thou 
Jbalt love the Lord thy God 
with all thy Heart^And thy 
Ifeigbbour as thy felf 

that the Love of God 
may be the Commanding Prin- 
ciple of my Soul ; and that I 
may . have this comfortable 
Proof of his Love abiding 
in me, that 1 ftudy to pleafe 
him and to keep his Com- 
mandments! — That my Love 
to my Neighbour may be 
fuch as God has command- 
ed, that I may give and for- 
give j and love, as becomes 
a Difciple of Jefus Chrift ! 

1 John iii. 14. We know 
that we have pajfed from 
Death unto Life, becaufe we 
love the Brethren. 

What it is to love my 
Neighbour as my felf, Thou, 
O Lor4 haft taught me in 

Nhee erbee dy. ve Ayrnagh 
mayrt's aynsmy Chree! Nagh 
jean-ym dy bragh goaill ayns 
Laue dy yannoo coardail eddyr 
y Chirveifh ayd's as y Seihll 
Ihen ta ec Noidys rbytf Cur 
dou, ta mee guee ort, ny Sooil- 
lyn dy Chredjue dy voddym fa- 
kin y Seihll, ere ayns Firrinys 
te; — Danjeyr eVerchys, — Om- 
mijys e Eunyffyn,— Ymmodee 
e Ribbaghyn, — Pooar e Violagh- 
\yn, — E Pbyjhoon baafoil, as e 
Ghaue (hickyr dy hayrn my 
Chree veih Graih 'clfur dhyt. 

Mian xxii. 37, 39. Ver 00 
Graih da'n Chiarn dty Tee le/h 
ooilley dty Chree,—- As da dty 
Naboo myr dhyt bene. 

O dy vod Graih Yee ve Ard~ 
reiltagh my Annym ; dy vod ve 
aym yn Prowal gerjoilagh flioh 
jeh'n Ghraih echey tannagh- 
tyn aynym, dy yoddym ftreeu 
dy wooiys eh as dy reayll e 

Annaghyn! Dy vod my 

Ghraih da my Naboo ve lheid' 
as ta Jee er harey, dy ve giaf- 
tyllagh as leib, as Graih y choyrt, 
myr ta cooie da Eiyrtyffagh 
Yeefey ! 

1 Ean iii. 14. Tafys ain dy 
1 vel fhin caghlait vcih Baafegys 
Bea, er-yn-oyr dy nhsnney Ihien 
ny Braaraghyn [Creeftee3. 

Cre te dy chur Graih da my 
Naboo myr dou bene, T'ou ufs, 
! O Hiarn, cr n'ynfaghey dou 


Agbt gbiare gys Toiggal Jirrinagb 

thy holy Word :— Never to 
wrong or deceive him: — Ne- 
ver to grieve him, or with- 
out a Caufe to create him 

Trouble ; Never to treat 

him with Contempt and Scorn ; 
— Never to be p leafed with 
his Misfortunes and Faults : — 
But to rejoice in his Happi- 
nefs, and help him in his 
Wants i — Give me, O Lord, 
a Proof ot my having palled 
from Death unto Life. 

Gal. iii. 13. Chrijl hath 
redeemed us from the Curfe of 
the Law, being made a Curfe 

for us ; that is, He was 

treated as one under the 
Curfe of the Law, Deut. 
£xi. 23. 

Bltfled God, how great 
was our MJ/ery ? How great 
was thy Mercy ? when no- 
thing could fave us from Ru- 
in, but the Death of thy 

Son ! 1 fee by this, how 

hateful Sin is to Thee.— — 

.Make it fo to me, I befeech 
Thee. May I never flat- 
ter niyfelf, that thy Mercy 
will fpare me, if I continue 
in Sin, when ihou fparedft 
not thine own Son, when he 
put himfelf in the Place of 
Sinners ! — May I never pro- 
voke thy Juitice! — May I 
never forget thy Mercies, 

ayns dty Ghoo cafherick ; 

Gyn dy bragh Aggair y yannoo 

da ny 'volley eh : Gyn dy 

bragh Trim/bey y cbur er, ny 
gyn oyr dy harm Seaghyn er ; 
— Gyn dy bragh beg y boiagbey 
jeh, ny Faghid y yannoo er ; — 
Gyn dy bragh goaill Boggey ec 
Drogb-bagbyrt erbee, ny Foil* 
chin dty Naboo : Agh dy 
ghoaill Boggey ayns e Vaynrys 9 
as dy cbooney lefh ayns e Erne. 
— Cur dooys, O Hiarn, yn 
Prowal fhoh dy vel mee er my 
chaghlaa veih Baafe gys Bea. 

Gal. iii. 13. Ta Creefi er Hv- 
reyjbin veih Mollagbt y Leigh, 
eb-benejeant ny Vollagbt er nyn 
fon ; ta fhen dy ghra, Va Ker- 
raghey currit er myr er Fer fo 
Mollaght y Leigh, Deut. 
xxi. 23. 

Yee bannit, ere wheefh vi 
nyn Dreihys ? Cre wheefh va 
dty Vyghin's f tra nagh voddagh 
Nhee erbee, Chin y hauail veih 
Toyrt-mow, agh Baafe dty 

Vac! Hee-ym lioriih fhoh, 

cre cha dwoaiagh as ta Peccah 
dhyt.-— Myr fhen dy row eh 
dooys, ta mee guee ort. — Ny 
lhig dou dy bragh brynnoil 
rhym pene, dy jean dty Vygh- 
in lhiggey lhiam, my nee'm 
tannaghtyn ayns Peccah, tra 
nagh ren 00 lhiggey lelh dty 
Vac hene, tra hug eh eh-hene 
ayns Ynnyd ny Peccee !- — Ny 
lhig dooys dy bragh dty Chair- 
ys y vrafhaghey ! — Ny lhig dou 




and what thy Son has done 
for me! 

Tit. ii. 14. He gave him- 
f elf for us, that he might re- 
deem us from all Iniquity, 
and to purify unto himjelf 
a People zealous of good Works. 

Blefled be God, that I was 
united to this People by Bap- 
tifmi Grant that I may ne- 
ver dilgrace Thee, or my 
Chriftian Profeffion, by an un- 
godly Life. O Thou, who 

haft redeemed us from Sin 
and Death, caufe me to un- 
derfland, to value, and ever 
remember thy great Love, and 
to fhew that I do fo by a 
Life confecrated to thy Ser- 

% Tim, ii. 12. If we deny 
him, He alfo will deny us. 

Hdw many deny Thee, O 
Jefus, without Thought, and 
without Dread ! Do they 
know what they do, who 
lightly turn their Backs upon 
this Ordinance? Who make 
a Mock of Sin, which colt 
Thee thy Life?- — Who are 
afhamed of Thee, and of thy 
Gofpel, out of regard 'to 

Men ? Who by their un- 

chriftian Lives do renounce 
thy Service ? — Do they con- 

dy bragh jVrood dty Vyghin- 
yn, as ere ta dty Vac er n'yan- 
noo cr my hon ! 

Tit. ii, 14. Hug eh eh -bene 
ernynfon, dy voddagh ehjhin y 
eayjley veih dy chooilley Vee- 
chraueeaght, as cajherickey da 
bene Pobble reiht, jeean ayns 
Obbraghyn mie. 

Bannit dy row Jee, dy vel 
mifh jeant unnane jeh'n Phob- 
ble fhoh liorilh Bajhtey ! Giall 
naghjean-ym dy bragh mee- 
hene neu-feeu jeed's ny jeh my 
Chredjue Creeitee, liorilh liea 
vee-chrauee.-O ufs,t'er ve nyn 
Ver-kionnee veih Peccah as veih 
Ba^fe,cur orrym dy hoiggal,dy 
yannoo Ard-foiaghey jeh, ' as 
dy bragh dy chooinaghtyn er 
dty Ghraih erfkyn-earroo, as 
dy hoilfhaghev dy vel mee jan. 
noo lhen liorilh Bea er ny 
chajherickey gys dty Hirveiih. 

2 Tim. ii. 1 2. My ta Join 
gobbal cjhyn, nee eftyn myrged- 
din shin*: y obbaL 

Cre whilleen ta gobbal ufs, 
O Yeefey, gyn Tort, as gyn 
Aggie ! Vel tys oc cre t'ad dy 
yannoo, ta cha neu-hajtugh 
chyndaa nyn Ghreeym riih yn 
Oardaghey ihoh? Nagh vel 
jannoo agh Craid jeh nyn Bec- 
caghyn, cholt dhyt's dty Viof s? 
— Ta goaiil Nearey jeed's as 
jeh dty Hufhtal, ayns Ammys 
Gheincy ? — Ta :ioriih nyn Mca 
neu-chreeftce trcigeil ucy Hir- 
veilhys ? Vel Toiggal oc cre te 



jfgbt gbiare gys Toiggal firrindgb 

fider what it is to be denied 
by TJjee ? — What it is to have 
no Intere/i in thy Death, thy 
Merits, and Mediation? — Gra- 
cious God, deliver me from 
this dreadful Sin and Judg- 

St. Matt. xxvi. 35- — Peter 
faid, Tho' I Should die with 
Thee, yet will I not deny 

Preferve me, gracious 
Lord, from a prefumptuous 
Opinion, and Dependence on 
my own Strength* without 
the Aids of thy Grace : Let 
me fee, in this fad Ihftance, 
my Weaknefs without thy Af- 
fiftance, and my Ruin without 
thy Help. 

St. Luke xxii. 61, 62. And 
the Lord turned and looked 
upon Peter, and Peter remem- 
bered the Words of Chri/i, 

and went out and wept 

O Jefus, look upon me 
with the fame Eye of Com- 
panion, whenever I fhall do 
atnifs, that I may fee my 
Fault, and forthwith return 

to my Duty : Let this 

Inftance of thy Mercy be 
our Comfort, fince fo great 
and repeated a Crime did not 
exclude this Penitent from thy 
Mercy ; but let not this make 
us fearlefs of offending Thee, 
left we never repent. 

dy ve obbit Uort's? — Cre te 
gyn veg y vondeisb y ve oc lio- 
rilh dty Vaafe* dty Hurranfe^ 
dty Phleadeilys er nyn fon ? 
— Yee ghrayfoil, livrey mifh 
veitinPeccah as y Kerraghey 
atchimagh fhoh. 

Noo Mian xxvi. 35. Dooyrt 
Peddyr, ga dy beign dou goll dy 
Baafe mayrt, cha nobbin 00 . 

Freill mifh, Hiarn ghrayfoil, 
veih Smooinaghtyn daaney, as 
Treifhteil foalley er my Niart 
hene, fegooifh Kemmyrk dty 
Ghrayfe: Ayns y Vac-foyley 
trhnfhagh fhoh, lhig dou fakin 
my Annooinid fegooifh dty v 
Niart, as my Hoyrt-mow fe- 
gooifh dty Chooney's. 

Noo Luke xxii. 61, 62. As 
hyndaa yn Ghiarn, as yeeagh eh 
er Peddyr* as chooinee Peddyr er 
Goan Chreejl, — as hie eh magb 
as cheayn eh dyjharroo. 

O Yeefey, jeeagh orrym's 
lefh y Tooill cheddin dy Hym- 
mey, cre-erbee yn Traa nee'm 
afs y Raad, dy voddym my 
Oill y akin, as tr - y - chooyl 
chyndaa gys my Churrym: — 
Lhig da'n Cowrey fhoh jeh dty 
Vyghin ve yn gerjagh aym's, 
fakin nagh ren Foill wheefh as 
cha mennick jeant giarey 
magh yn Arryjfagh Jhoh veih 
dty Vyghin ; agh ny lhig da 
fhoh fhinyn y yannoo mee-ag- 




glagh dy vrafnaghey, er-aqgte 
nagh gow mayd dy bragh 
Arrys. . 

Noo Luke xxii. 3, 4, 5. 
Ei/ht hie yn Drogh - fpyrryd 

St. Luke xxii. 3, 4, 5. Then 
entered Satan into Judas, and 

be communed with the Chief Jiiagh ayns Yuaafe as ghow tb 

Prie/is, how he might betray, 
him unto them : — And thev co- 
tenanted to give him Money, 

If I fiiould provoke Thee, 
O God, by refilling thy Holy 
Spirit, to leave me to my 
own natural Corruption, spid 
to the Power of Satan, I 
fee, in this wretched Man, 
what Wickednefs I am capa- 
ble of. — Lord God, abandon 
me not to my own Choices: 
— Shut my Heart againft: that 
Covetoufnefs, which was the 
Root of fo great a Sin. 
Keep me from prefumptuous 
Sins, lejl they get the Dominion 
ever nte ; and fecure me un- 
der , the Condufl: of thy Ho- 
ly Spirit, for Jefus Chrift's 

Dcut. xvi. 16. They Jhali 
not appear before the Lord 
empty : every Man Jhall give 
as be is able, according to the 
Blejftng of the Lord thy God, 
which he bath given thee. 

Shall I appear before thee, 
O God, worfe than a Jew? 
-Can I give any thing 

to thy Poor, but what I have 
received from thee ? How 

can I fay that I love - r l hce oddym gra dy vel mooaranc 

K much, 

Coyrle rifo ny. Ard -faggyrtyn 

mychione eh y vrah ddue : 

as ren ad Conaant dy : chur Ar« 
gid da, Sec. ,..//'•' 

; My ymnwr s % life y vrafnagh- 
ey, O Yee,v]ioriih (haflbo magh 
noi dty Spyrryd Noo, dy aa- 
gail mee gys Neu*g ! ^lennid viy 
Ghooghys bene, a,s gys Pooar y 
Drogh } -fpyrryd, ta mee fak^n, 
liorilh y Dooinney ir.oilee ifron, 
cre'n Vec-ch.-auceaght oddin 
ve kyndagh jeh. — iliarn Yee, 
nyfaag uls milh da my Yeear- 
rceyn hene :—Doom my Chree 
noi yn Taynt then, va Fraue 
jeh lheid y Peccah eajee. Freiil 
mee veih Peccaghyn dy Ghaanys 
er dty Vyghin, nagh vow ad yn 
Varriaght orrym ; as freiil mee 
fo Leeideilys dty Spyrryd Noo, 
er graih Yeefey Cr^eft. • 

Deut. xvi. 16. Cha jig ufs 
lefh Laue follym fenijh y Chiarni 
ver dy chooilley Ghooinney rere 
e Fort, coriaUrijh Bannaght y 
Chiarn dty Tee, t'eb er cboyrt 

Jig-yms ayns dty Enifh, q 
Yee, ny fmelfey na Hew} — ■ 
Voddym Nhee erbee y choyrt 
da ny Boghtyn ayd y s, agh ny ;a 
mee er gieddyn void's? Ks 


'Aght glicre gys *IoiggaI jirrinagb 

much, if I give fparingly to ■ 
them, whom thou haft ap- 
pointed in thy Place to re- 
ctive our Alms ? Give nie 
an Heart, O, God, to give ' 
according to thy Blefijng up- 
on me, and as I cxpe& thy 
Bi e fling upon myfeif and Sub-* 
fiance. . 

i Pet. iv. 10. As every 
Man bath received the Gift, 
even Jo minijter the fame one 
to another ; as good Stewards. 

O God, who has taught 
us. tliat we are all but thy 

Stewards Keep me from 

that great Injuftice of de- 
frauding thy Poor of their 
Right : Give me Grace to 
moderate all my vain Dejires 
and Expences 9 that I may 
have to give to them that need, 
and that the Meafure of thy 
•Bleflings to me may be the 
Meafure of my Charity to 

Graih ayra ort, my ta mee 
fliirveifh cha gortagh orroofyn, 
t'ou arns dty Tnnyd bene er 
phointeil dy ghoaill »y;i 7eirk? 
Cur Cree dooys, O Yee, dy 
ve giaftyllagh corrym rifli dty 
Vannaght orrym pene as er my 

i Peddyr iv. i o. Myr ta dy 
cbooilley Gbooinney er gbeddyny 
G soot, dy jarroo myr Jben jhir* 
veijh-jee jn cbocid cbeddin yn 
derrey yeh er y jeh elley 9 myr 
Stiurtyn mie. 

O Yee; t'er n'ynfaghcy 
dooin nagh vel fliin ooilley agh 
Stiurtyn foyd — Freill milh, ta 
mee guee ort, vcih'n Vce- 
chairysveoar flien dy volley 
dty Vogbtyn's jeh nyn Gair: 
Cur Grayfe dou dyfmagbtagh- 
ey ooilley my 7eearreeyn far* 
dalagbj as my Vaarail 9 dy vod 
ve aym dy chur dauefyn t'ayns 
Feme, — As dy vod y Towfe 
jeh dty Vannaghtyn dooys, ve 
yn Towfe jeh'n Ghiaftyllys 
aym's da feallagh elley. 




* -\ 




Yn Oardagh fon Shirveiih 





• r I 'HAT you may profit by 
I the following Afliltan- 
ces, be adviled to read tiie 
Communion Service, with 
the Directions and Meditations, 
fome time before you go to 
the Sacrament, that you may 
attend to every Part of the 
public Service without Dif- 

Whenever you have Time 
for your private Devotions, 
let them be fo fecret that 
nobody may be difturbed by 

And if, inflead of repeat- 
ing the Prayers, and other 
Parts of the Service, after 
the Minifter, as the Manner 
fit too many is, to the 
Difturbance of fuch as are 
near them ; if inftead of do- 
ing fo, you would fecretly 
fay Amen, at the End bf 
every Petition, you would 
find this the very bed Way 
to keep your Mind intent 
upon your Devotions. 

If any Per/on, who is or- 
dained to adminifter this Sa- 
frament, fliall think fit to 

Yn Choyrle ny Chour. 

DY vod oo Vondcifh y 
gheddyn liorifh y Choon- 
ey ta niftj chebbit dhyt, bee 
coyrlit dy lhaih S/jir*i<eifh j 
Chreeftiagbt, mariih ny Coyrle- 
yn as ny Smooinaghtjn erauee ta 
aynjee, Laghyn myjed oo gys 
y Ciireefhaght, dy vod oo goll 
iiianih dy chooilley Ayrnjeh'n 
Clurvcifl) chaihenck ihoh fe- 
gooifh veg y Rouail. 

Tra vees Caa ayd fon goaill 
dty Phadjeryn er - Iheh, Ihig 
daue ve cha follit nagh bee 
Perfoon erbee boirit liort. 

As ayns Ynnyd goll harrijh 
ny Padjeryn, as ny Ayrnyn el- 
ley jch'n Clurveiih geiyrt er y 
Ta^prt, myr ta Chaghtey 
rouyr dy callagh, myr thoh 
boirey adfyn ta er-gerrey daue; 
ayns Ynnyd ilien, dy niarragh 
oo Amen rhyt hene, ec Jerrey 
dy chooilley Accan, yioghe oo 
Ihoh dy ve yn eer Aght (hare 
dy reayll dty Aigney foit er 
dty Phadjeryn. 

My nee Perfoon erbee, ta 
pointit dy hirveilh yn Sacra- 
ment Ihoh fmooinaghtyn eh 

Tn Ckyrk, &c. 


- hts Eye upon- this 
ok, I would befeech him 
confider ferioufly, how ma- 
Communicants there are, 
o have no ordinary way 
coming to the Knowledge 
this great Duty, or other 
lp to their Devotion, be- 
>s what the. Church has 
jvided for them in this Of- 
;; that therefore in Com- 
fion to fuch, this Service 
ijht to be performed with 
: greateft Deliberation as 
U as Devotion, that the 
learned, who are generally 
: greateft Number, may be 
fie d as well as in/lrucled. 

feeu dy lhaih yn Lioar fhoh, 
ghueein's dy jeean er dy 
fmooinaghtyn dy creeoil as dy 
dowin, cre'n earroo dy eallagh 
ta cheet gys y Chreeftiaght, 
nagh vel Aght erbee arragh 
oc dy heet gys Tuflitey jeh'n 
Ard-churrym fhoh, ny Cooney 
erbee elley oc leih nyn Grauee- 
aght, cheu-mooie jeh'ny ta'n 
Agglifh- er chiarail nyn gour 
ayns y. Chirveifti fhoh ; then- 
y-fa ayns Chymmey da nyn 
lheid, lhifagh yn Chirveim . 
fhoh ve cooilleenit lefli goaill 
lane Traa, chammah as leih y 
Cbraueeagbt fmoo, dy vod ad- 
fyn nagh vel Tnjaghey oc (ta dy 
mennick. yn Earroo fmoo dy 
Leih) Vondeilh y gbiddyn lio- 
rifh, chammah as ve er nyn 

t 70 J 



The Order for Adminiftration of the LORD'S 


Firft Rubrick. 

SO many as intend to be 
Partakers of this holy 
Communion (hall fignifi 
their Names to the 
Curate 9 at Uqft fame time the 
Day before* 

Second Rubrick. 

And if any of thofe be an 
open and notorious evil Liver, 
or have done any Wrong to 
his Neighbour by Word or 
Deed, fo that the Congrega- 
tion be thereby offended ; the 
Curate having Knowledge 
thereof, Jhall call him, and 
advertife him that in any 
wife he prefume not to come to 
the Lord's Table, until he has 
openly declared himfelf to have 

Observations upon it. 

IT is with great Reafon thit the 
Church hat given this Order; 
therefore do cot neglect it. 

You will have the Comfort of 
knowing either that your P after hath 
nothing to fay againft you ; Or if he. 
has, you will have the Benefit of bis 
Advice, and a good Bleffiog will at- 
tend your Obedience to the Church's 

If you are confeious to yourfelf, 
[tho* your Paftor fhould not know 
it] that your Life has been fuch as 
hath given Offence or Scandal to your 
Chriftian Profeifion, do not go to 
the Sacrament, until you have given 
fome plain Proofs of your Repent- 
ance, and Purpofe of leading a new 

1 But then, as you hope for God's 
Grace and Mercy, do not put off 
the doing of this one Moment, left 
you provoke God to leave you to 
yourfilj ; for then you never will 
repent . 

truly repented and amended 
his former naughty Life, that the Congregation may 
thereby befatisfied, which before was offended ; and that he 
hath recompenfed the Parties to whom he hath done Wrong; 
or at lead declare himfelf to be in full Purpofe fo to do, as 
foon as he conveniently may* 


C7* •] 

» l ■ l ' n 

Yn Oardaghey fon Shirveifli SHIBBER Y 

C H I A R N. 

Ttf Tnfagbey, 

SHE lefh Rcfoon mooar ta'n Ag- 
glifli er choyrt^ yo Oardagh 
fhoh ; (hen-y-fa ny fhagfcey. 
Bee'n Gerjagh ayd dy gheddyn 
Fys eddyr nagh vel veg cc dty Vo- 
chtil Anmcy dy gbra dtVi; Er- 
aonoey my ta veg echey dy ghra, 
yiow Vondeifh yn Choyrle echey, 
as big Banuaght raie er y Vialiys 
ayd gys Oardaghyn ny Haggliftu 

Yn dried * Kubrick, 

WHilteen as ta kiar- 
ail dy gboaill Ayrn 
jeb'n Chreejliaght 
chajherick Jhoh 
ftiegin daue nyn Ennym y chur 
fiiagb gys y Taggyrt yn chodid 
ffoo keayrt ennagb yn Laa rote. 

Yn nah Kubrick, 

As my vees unnane erbee jeu 
(boh Feccagb ta leeideil Drogh- 
we* ayns Agbtfojhlit as naarey- 
da&bj ny er rCyannoo Aggair 
erbee rijh e Naboo tiorijh Goo 
ny Jannoo % myr Jhen tayrn 
Scammylt er y Chejhaght Chreef- 
tee ; lurg da 9 n Sa^gyrt v'er . A ^ t „. H i ™ y « *«u crimen »u« 

gheddyn Toiggal jeh Jhob, jhe- 1 Grayfe as ntyghro Yee, ny lhig 

My. ta dty Chree riene glnfli dhyt 
(ga dy vel eh gyn-yfs da dty Vochill- 
Aoraey) dy vel dty Vea er ve Iheid 
as t'er choyrt Oltooan ny Scammylt da 
dty Chredjue Creeftee, ny gow gys 
y Chreeftiaght, derrey t'ou er choyrt 
Pro-wallyn en nagh fbfhlit jeh dty Af- 
rys, as jeh dty Chiarail fhickyr dy 
leeideil Bea noa. 

Agh eilht myr i'ou tretfhteil fon 

(haghey dy yannoo ihoh er-y-chooyl, 
er-aggle dy brafnee oo Jee dy aagail 
oo dhyt hene* fon eifht cha gow dy 
bragh Arrys. 

gin da geamagh er, as Raaue 

y chur da nagh gow eh er 

Aght erbee yn Daanys er dy 

beet gys Boayrd y Chiarn, der- J 

rey vees eb dy fojhlit er boil- ' 

Jhaghey dy vel eb er ghoaill Arrys jirrinagh as er byndaa 

veth £ ghrogb Vea, liorifh then jannoo IMajfaghey da y n Ag~ 

glish, da v 9 eb roie ny Sranwiylt ; as dy vel eb er n'yannoe 

Cooilleen dauefin ren eb % Aggair ; er-nonney ec y chooid Jloo dy 

boilshaghcy eb hens dy ve dy Jlane kiarh shen y yannoo, cha 

leah as oddys eh. 

# Order ny Hagglifh leys dy yromyrkey fhia hcoe ayns goli trooid dagh 
Avrn jeh S^irveilh oy KiUagh. 



Yn Oarddgh fan Sbirveijb 

Third Kubrick. 

The fame Order Jhall the 
Curate ufe with tbofe be 
twixt lybom he perceivetb Ma- 
lice and Hatred to reign ; 
not fuffering them to be Par- 
takers of the hordes Table, 
until he knoweth them to be 

And if one of the Parties, 

fo at Variance, be content to 

forgive from the Bottom of 

his Heart all that the other 

had trefpajfed againjl him, 

and to make amends for that 

he himfelf hath offended ; and 

the other Party will not be 

perfuaded to a godly Unity, 

but remain Hill in bis Fro- 

wardnefs and Malice, the 

Mini/ler in that cafe ought to 

admit the penitent Perfon to 

the Holy Communion, and 

not him that is obflinate, 

provided that every Minifier 

fo repelling any, as is fpcci- 

fed in this or the next pre- 


The Lord's Sapper being a Sa- 
crament aid Token of Reconcilia- 
tion and Friend (hip with God and 
Man ; fuch as will not forgive the 
Injuries they have received, nor 
make Satisfaction for the Iojuries 
they have done to others, muft 
not pre fume to go to the Lord's 
Table, Kit they receive a Curfe, in- 
Head of a BleJJing. 

Bat then fuch would do well to 
CQtfider, that while they are un- 
der thefe bad Difp fitiois, they are 
at Enmity with God as weil as 
with their Neighbour ; and there- 
fore are not qualified to a/k, much 
lefs to hope for, any Favour from 
him ; — there being no Mercy for 
him, who will not Jbcw Mercy to 
his Neighbour : — This being an ex* 
prefs Condition of our Peace with 
God, Matt vi. 15. 

And we fhould always remem- 
ber, that He that loveth not his 
Brother, abideth in Death, 1 John 
iii. 14. 

It is God who faith this, and 
dare we delay to be at Peace 
with our Neighbour even one Day, 
if we can help it ? 

cedent Paragraph of this 
Kubrick, jhall be obliged to give an Account of the fame 
to the Ordinary within fourteen Days after, at the far* 
thed ; and the Ordinary jhall proceed againjl the offend' 
ing Perfon according to the Canon. 

Fourth Rubrick. 


"The Table at the Commu- It may fo happen, that you did 
nion time having a fair white "Pt koow that the Sacrament was 
t ~~~ ni *l \ ~ u (L 11 to be acjmimltered, until you law 

Linen Cloth upon it, Jhall \ ' ' 



Yn trafs Kubrick. 

Xn Aght cheddin Jbegin da'n 
Saggyrt y ghoaill roojyn feh 
goaill Taftey dy vel Goanlys as 
My/kit eddyr ad ; gyn furranfe 
ad dy ghoaill Ayrnjeh Boayrd y 
Chiarn, derrey vees Fys echey dy 
bee ad coardit* 


As my vees y derrey yeh jeh 
ny Perfoonyn, ta myr mob ec 
Streeu, booiagh dy leih veih 
Grunt e Chree ooilley yn Aggair 
ta'njeb elley er riyannoo n 9 oi\ as 
dy yannao LhiaJJaghey da/on yn 
Aggair feh bene er n'yannoo ; 
as mannagb bee 9 n Per/eon coyr- 
lit gys Unnaneys chrauee, agb 
Umnagbtyn kinjagh ayns e yym- 
moofe as Goanlys ; ayns y chooijh 
(ben Ihifagh y Saggyrt yn Per- 
foon arryjfagh y Ihiggey gys y 
Cbreejliaght cbajherick, as cha 
nee ejhyn ta roonagh ; agh Jhe- 
gin da dy cbooilley Hirveijhagh 
ta myrjhoh Ihiettal unnane er- 
bee veih'n Cbreejliaght^ myr ta 

Tn Tnfaghey. 

Myr ta Shibber y Chiarn ny Sa- 
crament as ny Chowrey jeh Coardail 
as Aigney mie rifh Jee as Dooinney, 
adfyn nagh jean leih ny Aggairyn t'ad 
er n'gheddyn, ny CooiiJeeo y yannoo 
Ton ny Aggairyn t'ad er n'yannoo da 
feailagh elley, cha nhegin daue yn 
Daanys y ghoaiil orroo dy gholl gys 
Boayrd y Chiarn, er aggie dy vow ad 
Mcllaght ayns ynnyd Bannaght. 

Agh eiflit yinnagh ny Ihe'td oc fhoh 
dy mie dy ghoaill gys nyn Gree, 
choud as t'ad ayns Iheid y drogh Aig- 
ney ihoh dy vel ad ec Noidys rifh 
Jee cha mm ah as ri(h nyn Naboo ; as 
fhen-y-fa nagh vel ad ayns Aght 
cooie wheefh as dy hirrey % foddey floo 
dy breijhtcil fon Foayr erbee veihiyn ; 
— fon cha vel veg y Vyghin ny chour 
echeyfyn* nagh jean Mygbin y tyiljhagh^ 
ey da e Naboo :— As ta flxoh Cpnaant 
fhickyr jeh'n Shee ain riih Jee, 
Mian vi. 15. 

As Ihifagh fhin kinjagh cooinagh* 
tyn, dy vei ejhyn y nagh nhynney fjtfh e 
Vraar, tanhaghtyn ayns Baa/e. ' i' Ean 
iii. 24. 

She Jee ta gra ihoh, as Ihoys 
dooinyn Ihiggey fhaghey dy ve ec 
Shee riih nyn Naheo, eer ion no Laa 
hene, my ©ddys inayd jannoo rifii ? 

turrit roifh ayns jhoh ny ayns y 
Kubrick ta cheUeeragh rqijh^ ve kianlt dy chur Coontey jeh'n 
Cbooid cheddin da Ard-reiltagh ny Hagglijh cheufihie jeh kiare Laa 
yeig ny lurg, ecy cbooid fodjey ; as nee Ard-reiltagh nyHaggliJlo cur 
y Leigh ayns Bree noi'n Perfoon f ayns yn Aggair t cordail rijh 
Leigh ny Hagglijh. 

Yn chiarroo Kubricks 

Ec Traa yn Cbreejliaght 
(begin da'n Boayrd ve coodit lejh 
danrit glen gial 9 as ny bajfoo 

In Tnfaghey. 

Foddce eh myr (hen taghyrt, nagh 
row Fys ayd dy row yn Chreeftiaght 
dy ve Shirveimit, derrey honnick oo 



Tn Oardagb fon Sbirveiffj 


Jiand in the Body of the 
K Churchy or in the Chancel 
where Morning and Evening 
Prayers are appointed to be 
faid ; and the Prie/l, Standing 
at the North ftde of the Table, 
Jball fay the Lord's Prayer, 
•with the Colled following, the 
People kneeling. 


the Communion Table covered ; 
however, if you have been a con* 
ftant Communicant before, do not' 
I turn your Back upon the holy Or- 
dinance ; but fay in your Heart,—* 
/ will moft gladly clofe tuitb this 
blejjed Occafion of remembering the 
Death of my Redeemer. 




When the Minifter begins, lay qfide all other Books, and 
attend to the Service of the Church, than which then 
never was provided a better help to Devotion* 

OUR * Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done 
in Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this Day our daily 
Bread : And forgive us our Trefpaffes, as we forgive them 
that trefpafs againft us. And lead us not into Temptation > 
but deliver us from Evil* Amen* 

"The Colled. 

ALMIGHTY God, unto 
whom all Hearts be 
: x>pen, all Defires known, and 
'from whom no Secrets are 
: hid ; cleanfe the Thoughts 
of our Hearts by the In- 
v fpiration of thy Holy Spi- 
rit, that we may perfeQ:- 
ly love thee, and wor> 


BEcaufe the Love of God will 
make all his Commands eafy> 
and to be obeyed with Chearful- 
nefs ; we therefore beg of him to 
purify our Hearts by Faith, that 
we may love and fear him, and 
keep his Command meets, upon which 
all our Happineis depends. 

* The Lord's Prayer mould always be faid with the greateft Deli- 
beration and Devotion : and especially at this Time, when we beg of 
God the Bread which mud nourifh us unto Life Eternal, and all the 
Graces ncceffary to obtain that invaluable Bleffing. 





ayns Corp ny Killagb, er-nonney 
ayns y Charree, raadtctn Chir- 
veijh Moghrey as Faftyr pointit 
dy ve lhaiht ; as y Saggyrt, ny 
baffbo er Cbeu Twoaieyn Voayrd 9 
nee lhaih Padjer y Chiarn 9 ma- 
rijh y Phadjer ny lurg, yn Gob- 
ble er nyn Ghlioonyn. 


Boayrd y Chreeftiaght coodit ; ny- 
yeih my t'ou er ve kinjagh cliaghtey 
goll gys Creeftiaght roie, ny chyndaa 
Cooyl er yn Oardaghey camerick ; 
agh abbyr ayns dty Chrcc— - Neents 
dyfeer arry/tagh Greme y ghoaill er y 
Tract bannee Jhob dy cbooinagbtyn cr 
Baafe my Er-kionnec. 



^tra ta'n Saggyrt goaill Tojhiaght, cur dy chooilley Lioar elley dy 
Ihiattee, as gow lejh Shirvetfh ny Killagh ; Jon Cooneyjhare na 
Jhob, dy chur Craueeaght er y hojhiagbt, cha row rieau er ny 

AYR * ain, t'ayfis Niau ; Cafherick dy row dt'Ennym. Dy 
jig dty Reeriaght. Dt'Aigney dy row jeant er y Thal- 
loo, myr te ayns Niau. Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as gagh Laa. 
As leih dooin nyiv Loghtyn, myr ta fhin leihdauefyn tajannoo 
Loghtyn nyn 'oi. As ny leeid fhin ayns •Miolagh j Agh livrey 
fhin veih Oik. Amen. 

Tn Phadjer* 

YEE Ooilley-niartal, hood's 
ta dy chooilley Chree 
fofhlit, dy chooilley Yeearree 
er-fys, as void's nagh vel Fol- 
liaght erbee er ny chieltyn; 
Glen Smooinaghtyn ny Crefe- 
aghyn ain lelh Bree dty Spyr> 
ryd Cafherick, dy vod mayd 
dy firrinagh graih 'chur dhyt, 

Tn Tnfagbey. 

ER-yn-oyr dy Jean Graih Yec 
ooilley ny Saraghyn ecbey 'yan* 
noo aafhagh, as Biallys arryltagh dy 
ve er ny choyrt daue ; ta (hin er-y- 
fa (hen guee er dy ghlenney ny Cree- 
aghyn ain lefh Credjue, dy vod mayd 
Graih y chur da as Aggie y ghoaill 
roifti, as freayll e Annaghyn, orroo ta 
ooilley yn Vaynrys ain Ihie. 

# Lhifagh Padjer y Chiarn ve dy kinjagh cr ny ghoaill lefh lane Traa as 
dy feer Arrymagh : as erfkyn ooilley nifh, tra ta (hin guee gys Jee fon yn 
Arran (begin (hin y veaghey gys Bea dy bragb farraghtyn, as fon ooilley ny 
Grayfeyn ymmyrchagh dy chofney yn Bannaght erfkyn-earroo (hen. 


ye Yh Oardagb fen Sbirveifh 

thily magnify thy Holy Name, thro* Jcfus Chrift our 
Lord. Amen. 

Rubrick. | Obfervations. 

Then * fhall the Triejl, 
turning to the People, Re- 
hearfe di/iinftly all the Ten 
Commandments : and the Peo- 
ple Hill kneeling, Jball, after 
every Commandment, ajk God 
Mercy for their Tranfgrejfton 
thereof for the Time paft, 
and Grace to keep the fame 
for the Time to come, as fol- 
loweth : 


We fee with what great Judg- 
ment thefe Commandments were ap- 
pointed to be read in this Service, 
fmce by the Law is the Knowledge 
of Sin : And when we are convinced 
in our own Confcience, that we have 
not kept a Law which is Holy, Juft, 
and Good, we fhall then fee the 
Need, and the Blessing of a 
Redeemer, and how earueftly we 
ought -to beg God, for his fake, 
to have Mercy upon us and to h> 
clime our Hearts to keep thefe Laws. 

Obfervations and Direftiws. 

THAT you may obey the following Commands of 
God with Chearfulnefs, you ought to be firmly per- 

fuaded, That God, who ftandeth in no need of our 

Obedience and Service, hath given us thefe Laws merely 
for our own Good, to reftrain the Diforders we are fubjett 
to, and to hinder us. from ruining ourfelves. 

Corifider thefe Commands in this View, and &s they are 
the Effeft of the great Love of God for his poor Crea- 
tures ; or elfe you will look upon them as a Burden, and 
obey them with an unwilling Mind. 

Prepare therefore to hear them with an Attention and 
Reverence fuitable to Him wh&fe Commands they are ; 
and then you will be more fenfible what a Blefling it is, 
that Jefus Chrift hath by his Death delivered us from 

* When it is confidered how many People there are, who have no- 
other way of coming to the Knowledge of their Duty, it will appear 
with what great Reafon the Pried is required "to read thefe Commands 
of God difiinttly ; and hew religioufly this Rubrick ought to be ob- 




as dy feeu Ard-voylley 'choyrt da dt'Ennym Gafberick, trooid 
Yeefey Creeft nyn Jiarn. Amen* 


Ei/ht * nee yn Saggyrt chyn- 
daa gys y Pobble, as lejh Arrym 
cooiefockley magb ooilley ny Jeih 
Annagbyn : as nee yn Pobble, er 
nyn Ghlioonyn^ lurg dy chooilley 
Anney, Myghin y hirrey er Jee 
fon ny fad er vrijhey jeu 9 fy 
Traa t'er rCgholl Jhagbey, as 
Gtayfs dy reayll ad fon y Traa 
ta ry beet, myr ta aynsjhoh cur- 
rit roue. 


Tafhin fakin lefh cre'n Tufhtey 
mooar va ny Annaghyn fhoh pointit 
dy ve lhaiht *fy Chirveifli flioh, fa- 
kin dy nee iiorifh y Leigh ta Toiggal 
er ny gheddyn jeh Peccah .• As tra 
ta (hin geonaghtyn ayns nyn Goain- 
fkeaofe hene, nagh rel fliia er vreayll 
yn Leigh ta GaJhericksCairal as /*#*, 
hee mayd eilht yn Tmtnyrcb, as y Ban- 
naghr t'zyns Fer-kionnee* as ere cha 
jeean as lhifagh Ihin guee er Jee, er 
y Ghraih echey, dy yannoo Myghin or- 
rin % as dy injillaghey ny Creeagbyn ain 
dy reayll ny Leigbynjhob, 

Coyrle as Tnfagbey. 

DY vod oo Biallys arryltagh y choyrt da ny Annaghyn 
fhoh dy Yee, lhifagh oo dy fhickyr credjal, — Dy vel Jee, 
echey nagh vel feme er y Viallys as y Chirveifh ainyn, er 
choyrt dooin ny Leighyn fhoh, ooilley cooidjagh, fon y 
Foays ain hene, dyfmaghtaghey Mee-viallys nyn Ghooghys, 
as dy lhiettal fhin veih fhin hene y choyrt mow. 

Smooinee er ny Annaghyn 'fy Toilfhey fhoh, as myr t'ad 
cheet veih Graih vooar Yee da e Chretooryn boghtey ; er-non- 
ney jeeaghee oo orroo myr Errey, as ver oo Biallys daue lefh 
Aigney neu-arryltagfo. 

Kiare oo hene er-y-fa fhen dy eaifhtagh rooJefh Taftey 
geyre, as Arrym, cooie dafyn-ny Annaghyn echey t'ad^ as eifht 
bee Ennaghtyn s'breeoil ayd cre'n Bannaght te, dy vel Yeefey 
Creeft, Iiorifh e Vaafe, er livrey fhinyn vcih'n Mollaght as y 

* Tra ta fliio goaill Taftey ere whilken t'ayn, nagh vel Aght ar- 
ragh oc dy heet gys Toiggal jeh nyn Gurrym, bee eh er ny akin lefli cre'n 
Refoon mooar ta'n Saggyrt er ny harey dy Ihaih ny Annaghyn ftoh dy Tee dy 
arrymaghi as cre'n Taftey crauce lhifagh ve currit da'n Rubrick (boh. 


7 8 

¥n Odrdagb fon Sbirvei/hi 

the Curfe and Punifliment due to thofe that break them ; 
having prevailed with God to accept of our Re- 
pentance, and to enable us by his Grace to obferve them 
better for the Time to come. 



GOD fpake thefe Words, 
and faid, I am the 
Lord thy God : Thou fhalt 
have no other Gods but 



Lord have Mercy upon us, 
and incline our Hearts to 
keep this Law* 


Thou fhalt not make to thy- 
felf any graven Image, nor the 
Likenefs of any Thing that is 
in Heaven above, or in the 
Earth beneath, or in the Wa- 
ter under the Earth. Thou 
fhalt not bow down to them, 
nor worfliip them: For I 
the Lord thy God am ajea- 


WHEN you coofider how apt 
every Mao is to have his 
Idols ;— -fomething which he ad- 
mires or loves, or fears, or trails 
in, or adores more than the God 
who made and, redeemed him ; you 
will fee the Reafon and the Ne« 
cefEty, of this Command ; and 
will moft heartily beg of God, to 
keep you from fuch Idolatry, and 
that you may love him with all 
your Heart, and above all Things. 


The Pronenefs of all Nations 
to the vile Idolatry of making and 
worfhipping Images, and the, Crea* 
tures they reprelent, (hews the ab- 
foiute Nectflity of the Authority 
of God, to prevent fo great a Sin, 
and Contempt of the Divine Ma- 
jefty, and the Judgments that 
would follow. . 

* The Law of Nature and Right Reafon, being the Law of Man in 
the State of Innocence, would (till have been a fufficient Guide, had it 
not ^een much obfeured, and almoft blotted out, and rendered ineffec- 
tual, by the Tranfgreffion of our firft Parents, and the Wickednefs of 
their Pofterity. It war then that God republifhed thefe Laws by 
Mofes in Writing, to awaken Men, aad to be a (landing Witnefs a- 
gainft all fuch as would not confult their own Confciences, and the 
Law written in their Hearts. 

* Kerraghey 



Kerraghey ta cair dauefyn ta dy vrifliey ad, — as dy vel eh er 
chofney veih Jee dy yannoo Soiaghey jeh'n Arrys ain, as dy 
niartaghey fhin leih e Ghrayfc dy reayil ad ny (hare fon y Traa 
ta ry hcct. 

Yn Cbirueijh. 


LOAYR Jee ny Goan 
fhoh, as dooyrt eh, Mifh 
y Chiarn dty Yee : Cha bee 
Jee erbee elley ayd's agh 
mifli. f 


Hiatnjean Myghin orrin, as 
injillee ny Creeagbyn ain dy 
reayil yn Leigh Jboh. 


Cha jean oo dhyt hene Jal- 
loo grainnit erbee, ny Co-chaf- 
lys jeh Nhee erbee dy vel ayns 
Niau heofe, ny er y Thalloo 
•wafs, ny ayns yn Ulhtey fo'n 
Thalloo. Cha jean oo croym- 
mey lheefe hue, ny ooafhley 
'chur daue: Son Mifh y 
Chiarn dty Yee, Jee eadolagh, 

Yn Tnfagbey. 

TRA t'ou goaill Taftey ere cha 
aarloo as ta dy chooilley 
Ghooinney e YaJloonyn y ve 
cchcy ; — Red en n agh t'ch goaill tait- 
nys ayn, ny car Graih da, ny goaill 
Aggie roifb, ny Treifhtcil ayn, ny 
cur Ooafhley da ny fmoo na t'eh cur 
da Jee ren eh y chroo as y chion- 
naghey : hee oo Oyr as Ymmyrch ya 
Anney (hoh ; as nee oo dy creeoil 
guee er Jee, dy reayil oo veih lheid y 
Jalloonys , as dy vod oo Graih y 
chur da, lefh ooilley dty Chrce, as 
erfkyn dy chooilley Nhee. 

Ta'n cliaghtey cadjin va ec dy 
chooilley Alhoon gys y Jalloonys eav 
jee dy yannoo as dy ooaihlaghey Caf- 
lyflyn as ny Cretooryn t'ad cofoyl- 
aghey, foilfhaghey cre'n Feme ym- 
myrch agh va ion Pooar Yee dy lhiet- 
tal lheid y Pheccah mooar, ayns foi- 
aghey beg jeh'n Ard-ooafh!ey Flau- 
nyfiagh, as ny Kerraghyn eiyrtyflagh 

f Veagh Leigh nya Ghooghys as Refoon Cairal, (hen va'n Leigh v'ec 
Dooinney ayns y Stayd dy Onid, kinjagh er ve Leeideilagh fondagh dooin ; 
er-be dy row eh dy mooar er ny ghorraghey, as faggys er ny ghoiley afs, 
as jeant gyn Vree, liorifn Peccah nyn Gied Ayr as Moir, as Mee-chrauee- 
agbt y Cluight oc. Ren Jee er-y-fa (hen ny Leigh yn fhoh y hoilfhaghey 
magh afs-y-noa liorifh Mofes ayns Scrieu, dy ghooftey Deiney, as dy ve Fea- 
nifh kinjagh noi ocfyn ooilley nagh goghe Coyrle oyo Gooinfheaateyn hene, 
as y Leigh va fcruit ayns ny Creeaghya oc. 



Tn Oardagh fon Sbirveijb 


4ous God, and vifit the Sins 
of the Fathers upon the 
Children, unto the third and 
fourth Generation of them 
that hate me, and fliew Mercy 
unto Thoufands in them that 
JLove me, and keep my Com- 


Lord have Mercy upon us, 
and incline our Hearts to keep 
this Law. 


Thou lhalt not take the 
Name of the Lord thy God 
in vain : for the Lord will 
not hold him guiltlefs, that 
-taketh his Name in vain. 


Lord have Mercy upon us, 
and incline our Hearts to keep 
this Law. 


Remember that thou keep 
holy the Sabbath - Day. Six 
Days fhalt thou labour, and 
do all that thou haft to do ; 
but the feventh Day is the 
Sabbath of the Lord thy God ; 
in it thou flialt do no manner 


At die fame time, God has 
given us the greateft Encourage- 
ment to obey this, and all his 
Commands; alluring us, that both 
we, and our Children's Children, (hall 
reap the Blcffing of our Obedience. 

Happy is it for the World, 
that Men are retrained (as far 
as a Command, and the Fear of 
God and bis Judgments, will re- 
drain them) from profaning his 
Name to idle -and wicked Purpo- 
fes,— Were it not for this, all 
Reverence for Oaths, and to God 
himfelf, would be loft among ^4cn, 

When we confider how back* 
ward we are to learn our Duty, 
how apt to forget it, and unwil- 
ling to put it. in Praclice, we can* 
not but acknowledge the Neceffity 
and Kindnefs of this Command,— 
which obliges every Man, who 
loves and fears God, to keep 
one Day in feven holy to the 



Shirveijk. \ Tnfagbey. 

a kcrraghcy Pcccaghyn ny 
tyraghyn cr y Chloan, gys y 
rafs as y chiarroo Heeloghe 
cufyn ta dwoaieoc orrym, as 
bilftiaghey Myghin er Thou- 
aneyn jeufyn ta Graihagh or- 
rym, as freayll my Annaghyn. 


Hiarn^ jean Myghin orrin 9 as 
injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy 
reayllyn Leigh Jhoh. 


Cha gow Ennym y Chiarn 
dty Yee ayns fardail : fon cha 
gum y Chiarn efliyn gyn loght, 
ta goaill e Ennym ayns fardail. 


Hiarn jean Myghin orrin, as 
injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy 
reayll yn Leigh Jhoh. 


Cooinee dy vreill oo yn 
Doonaght dy caflierick. Shey 
Laa nee oo labor agh, as ooil- 
ley ny t'ayd y yinnoo ; agh y 
chiaghtoo Laa Doonaght y 
Chiarn dty Yee. Er cha jean 
oo monney erbee dy Obbyr, 
ufs, as dty Vac, as dty Inneen, 
dty Er-mooinjerey, as dty In- 


Ec y Traa cheddin, ta Jee er hot* 
aghey ro'fa yn Leagh finoo fon coyrt 
Biallys da fhoh, at da ooilley e An- 
naghyn ; coyrt dooio Shickyrys, dy 
jean chammah (hio bene, as Cloao 
nyn Glicqncy cofncy Bannaght nyp 
Miallys. ' 

S'maynrey tc da'n Theihll, dy vc! 
Dei *ey lhiettit (choad as nee Sarey, 
as Aggie Yee, as e Cherraghyn, ad y 
Jhiettal) veih an chaiherickey e En- 
nym ayns Cooifhyo fardalagh asmee- 
chraute. Er-be (hoh, veagh dy 
chooiiley Arrym fon Loo, as ion Jee 
bejae, er ny choayl maftey Deiney. 

Tra ta fhin dy dowin fmoofnagh- 
tyn ere cha moal as ta fkin Jy ya* 
faghey nyn Gurrym, ere cha aaiioo 
dy yarrood eh, as neu-arrylugh dy 
eiyrt da, cha vod ma yd agh goaiiUrilh 
y Chenjallys as yn Yramyrch va ion 
yn Anney fhoh,— ta kian^ley dy 
chooiiley Ghooinney ta grathagh er 
as agglagb roiih Jee, dy reayl: un Laa 
ayns Shiaght cafhenck gys y Cniurn; 
dy chummal feofe Tufluey jeh/n Jee 



Tn Oardagb Jon Sbirveijh 


of Work, thou, and thy 
Son, and thy Daughter, thy 
Man-Servant, and thy Maid- 
Servant, thy Cattle and the 
1 % - Stranger that is within thy 
Gates. For in fix Days the 
Lord made Heaven and Earth, 
the Sea, and all that in them 
is, and refted the feventh 
Day : Wherefore the Lord 
blefled the feventh Day, and 
hallowed it. 


Lord, have Mercy upon us, 
and incline our Hearts to keep 
this Law. 


Honour thy Father and thy 
Mother, that thy Days may 
be long in the Land, which 
the Lord thy God giveth 


Lord, have Mercy upon us, 
. and incline our Hearts to keep 
this Law, 



Lord ; in order to preferve the 
Knowledge of the true God, aod 
his glorious Perfections, aod of our 
Creation and Redemption \ that we 
may fear, and love, and adore him 
as we ought to do :«— The NeglecT: 
of this Duty, commanded from the 
Beginning, having, in all Probabi- 
lity, been the Occafijn of that de- 
plorable Eftate of Ignorance and 
Idolatry in the He&then World ; 
as it has been of very remark- 
able Judgments upon many of thofe 
among Chriftians, that have profa- 
ned this Day. 

And indeed to profane the Lord's 
Day, is in a manner to deny the 
God that made Us, and the World/ 

The infinite Mifchiefs occadoned 
by Undutiful Chfldren, by Rebel* 
lious Subje&s, by Unfaithful Ser* 
vants, and by the little Regard had u . 
to thofe that watch for our Souls, 
(hews the great. Goodnefs of God ; 
who, in order to prevent thefe Evils, 
hath given this Command, with a 
Promife of an efpecial Bleffing tofuch 
as obey it. 

Thou fhalt do no Murder. 


Lord, have Mercy upon us, 
and incline our Hearts to ketp 
this Law* 

Men mnft be abandoned to all 
Inhumanity, who do not acknow- 
ledge the great Mercy of God, in 
forbidding us, upon Pain of his 
Difpleafure, to fhorten our own or 
other MenTs Lives, by Violence, In- 
temperance, or by fuch evil UJkge, 
. as may make their Lives miferable, 
and a Burden to tb;m. 

" " t ney-veyl, 




reyl, dty OUagh as y Joar- 
a cheufthie jeh dty Ghiat- 
Son ayns lhey Laa chroo 
Ihiarn Niau as Thalloo, yn 
key as ooilley ny t'ayndoo, 
en Eh fcuirr yn chiagh- 
L*aa : (hen-y-fa vannqg yn 
rn y chiaghtoo Laa, as 
:h eh y chalherickey. 


tarn 9 jean Myghin orrin, as 
ee ny Creeaghyn ain dy 
1 yn Leigh Jhoh. 


ar Arrym da dty Ayr, as 
ty Voir, dy vod dty Lagh- 
e beayn er y Thalloo ta*n 
rn dty Yee dy chur dhyt. 


iarn,jedn Myghin orrin^as 
ce ny Creeaghyn ain dy 
7 yn Leigh Jhob. 

lia jean oo Dunverys. 


ia rn, jean Myghin orrin, as 
ee ny Creeaghyn ain dy 
I yn Leigh Jhob. 


firrinagh, as e Vieys ghloyroil, as 
jeh nyn Groo as nyn Saualtys ; dy 
vod mayd Aggie y ghoaill roifli, 
Graih y chur da, as ooaflilaghey eK 
myr te cooie: — Son ayns dy chooiliey 
Ghaflys, yn Vee-rioofe va jcant er y 
Churryra fhoh, v'er ny harty veih'a, 
Tofliiaght, ta er re Oyr y Stayd 
hrimfhagh flien dy Vee-hufhtey as 
Jalloonys fud Afhoonyn y Theibll ; 
myr te er ve oyr BriwnyfTyn feer at-- 
chimagh er ymmodee jeuiyn maftey 
Creefteenyn, ta er an-chafberickey yn 
Laa (boh. 

As dy jarroo dy vrifbey Laa yn 
Chiarn, te er Aghtyn dy obbal y Jee 
rea (hinyn as y feihll y chroo. 

Yn Oik crikyn-earroo t'er re jeant 
liorifh Cloan vee-arrymagh, lioriih 
Theay raee-vialJagh, Horifh Shar- 
vaantyn neu-firrinagb, as liorifh y 
veggan Geill t'er ny choyrt dauefyn 
tafreayll Arrey er nyn Anmeenyn, ta 
foilihaghey Mreys ? ooar Yee ; quor, 
dy Ihiettal ny Huilk {hob, t'er choyrt 
dooin yn Anney (hob, lefh Gialdyn 
Bannaght fhickyr dauefyn ver Bial- 
lys da. 

Shegin da Deiney v'er nyn goyrt 
feofe gys dy chooiliey Ghewillys, 
nagh gow rifti Myghin vooar Yee, 
ayns (hin y Ihiettal, fo Baggyrt e 
Yymmoofe, dy yannoo yn Vioys ain 
bene ny Bioys Ghetney clley giare, lio- 
rifh Drwilfyf, Nm-beeltys> ny lefh 
lheid y Drogh gbeilal flien, as oddys 
nyn Mioys y yannoo trirafhagh, as 
ny Errey daue. 



84 Tn Oardagb fin Sbirwijb 

Communion. \ Obfcrvatiom. 


. Thou flialt not commit A- 


Lord, have Mercy upon us, 
and incline our Hearts to keep 
this Lavu. 

Thou {halt not fteal. 


Lord, have Mercy upon us, 
and incline our Hearts to keep 
this Law. 


Thou (halt not bear falfe 
Witnefs agaiiift thy Neigh- 


Lor d, have Mercy upon us, 
and incline our Hearts to keep 
this Law. 


Thou flialt not cbvet thy 
Neighbour's Houfe ; thou 
fhak not covet thy Neigh- 
bour's Wife, nor his Servant, 
aor hi$ Maid r nor his Ox, 

If the Sins of Whoredom, Imparity, 
aod Umdmnitfi, and. that luxurious 
Drmnh&aefi. and Stiih which leads 
to Clem, haJ not been forbidden by 
God birafeif, the World would 
have fet light by them and, as 
bad as it was, would hare bees 
much more wicked. 

Every one, wftofe tVgbts and Pro- 
perties have been invi.ied by Vh* 
lence or Fraud* or InjuJHce. or Tine* 
very, do eaii.y fee the Reafon, and 
Joodnefsy aod Necejpty of vis Law 
of God ; and therefore ought to 
pray mod earocftly, that it may 
be religioufly ohftrrwd by themielves 
aod others. 

Evil difpofed People being capa- 
ble of doiog the greateti Mifchief 
to the Eftates, Reputations > and Lives 
of their Neighbours, by falfe Oaths f 
and lying Stories, God hath moft 
mercifully confulted the Good of 
Mankind by a Law forbidding them, 
at their Peril, to ruin themfelves 
and others by fuch wicked Ways. 

The Wifdom of God, and his Good* 
nefs to us, appears in this Command. 
— Laying a Reftraint upon the very 
Defires of our Hearts, becaufe this 
is the Source and Spring of ail man- 
ner of Wickednefs. 




Char brifh oo Poofey. 

. Pobblc. 

Hiarn 9 jean Myghin orrin 9 as 
injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy 
reaylly Leigh Jhob. 

Cha jean oo Grid. 


Hiarn 9 jeati Myghin orrin^ as 
injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy 
reayll yn JLeigb Jhob. 

Saggyrt. - 

Cha n'ymihyrk oo Fcanifh 
foalfey noi dty Naboo. 


Hrarhjjean Myghin orrin, as 
injillee ny x Creeaghyn ain dy 
reayll yn Leigh Jhob. 


Cha der oo Saynt da Thie 
idty Naboo, cha der oo Sayiit 
da Ben dty Naboo, ny da e 
Harvaant, ny da e Inney : veyl, 
ny da e Ghew, ny da e Affyl, 


Mannagh beagh ny Peccaghyo if 
Vaardnysy dy Vroid, as dy Neu-ghlcn* 
nid, as yn Reuanp, Mejhtalfys, as y 
LitcheragkttoifM, taieeideiJ huc,crny 
ve Ihiettit liorifti Jec herie, ta'o 
Seihll er hoiaghey beg jeu, as, pha 
oik as te, veagh eh er ve focTdey 

Dy cbooilley mraane ta'n Cbmryi 
as y Ghtoid oc er ny ve goit voue, Ho-* 
ri/h Tratria*fe, ny Moltsyrys, ny Nat* 
chains* ny Maaffys, Vad dy aafhagh 
fakin Oyr, as Foays, as Tmmyreb f 
Leigh lhoh dy Yee ; as ften-y fa 
Ihifagh ad Padjef feer jeean y ghoaill, 
dy vod eh ve dy crauee freilt lioroo 
hene as lioriih feallagh clley. 

Myr oddys Sleih, t'ayns Drogh- 
aigney, Oik feer vooar y yannoo da 
Cooidy Eftrtym mie> as Bioys ny Naboo- 
nyn oc, \t(h Loo oatagd as Skeeallyn 
breagagh, ta Jee dy feer vyghi: agh 
er ghoaill Kiarail fon Foays Sheel- 
oaue, liorifti Leigh ta dy lhiettal ad* 
fo Gaue Kerraghey, dy choyrt ad 
hene ny feallagh elley titow lioriih 
lheid ny Aghtyn mee-chrauee. 

Ta Creenaght Yee, as e Vieys 
hooinyn, ry - akin ayns yn Anney 
(hoh; — Ratd Veh coyrt Kiangiey 
er eer Yeearrecyn nyn Greeaghyn, er- 
yn-oyr dy nee ft oh Fraue as Bum dy 
chooiliey Vonney dy Vec-chraue^e* 



In Oardagbjon Sbirveifh 


J Obfervations. 

By this Law, he (hews as, that 
all oar "Thoughts are known to, and 
wifl be judged by, him, at the great 
Day. > 

nor his Afe, nor any thing 
that is his. 


Lord, bave Mercy upon us, 
and write all tbefe tby Laws 
in our Hearts, we befeecb 

Whoevik coofiders the fad Effects of Men's Difobedience to tbefe 
Laws, in the Lives of Idolaters, common Swearers, Profaners of the 
Lord's Day, Undotifal Children, Rebellious Subjects, Murderers of Men's 
Lives and Reputations, Whoremongers, Thieves, perjured Witnefles, and 
covetous Perfons, and the Judgments that attend them, will have Reafori' to 
biefs God, who has given ns Rules to live by ; and will mod earneftly 
beg him to write and keep them in their own, and all Men's Hearts. 


'Then Jhall follow one of 
tbefe two Collefls for the King, 
the Priefl Jlanding as before 
and faying, 

Obfervations upon this RubricL 

So great are the Blefiings of a 
righteous and peaceable Govern- 
ment, that we are commanded, in 
aa efpecial manner, to pray for 
Kings, and for all that are in Au- 
thority ; for Thun fiift, that remem- 
bering they are in the Place of God, they may endeavour to promote 
his Glory <whcm they rep relent, defend the Perfons and Rights of Men, 
and punifh Evil-doers according to the Tenor of • tbefe Laws ; and fe- 
condly, for Otfrfelvei, that we may obey -our Governors oat of a' Princi- 
ple of Conscience, and in Obedience to God* 

Let us Pray. 

ALMIGHTY God, whofe Kingdom is cverlafting, and 
Power infinite ; have Mercy upon the whole Chureh, 
and fo rule the Heart of thy chofen Servant George 
our King and Governor, that he (knowing whofe Minif- 
ter he is) may above all Things feek v thy Honour and 
Glory ;' ajid that we, and all his Subjects, (duly confider- 





da Nhee erbec 


dy vcl 


Lioiifli y Leigh (hob, t'eh foil- 
(haghey dooin, dy vel Fys echey er 
ooilley nyn Sniooinaghtyn 9 as dy bee 
ad er nyn tnrfaunys liorilh, ec y La a 


Iiarn,jean Mygh'm orritij as 
°m adjhoh ooilley dty Leigh- 
xyns ny Creeaghyn ain, (a 
guee ort. 

uoi-erbee ghoys Taftey jeh ny Huilk trimfhagh ta Mee-viallys Deiney 
f Leigh fhoh tayrn mdrifh, ayns Drogh-vea Jallooderyn, Looderyn cad- 
Brtihey Laa yn Chiarn, Cloan vee-arrymagh, Theay mee-mllagh, [Dan* 
n jeh Biays as Gpo-mie Deiney, Maarderee> Maartee, Feaniihyn oaiagb, 
erfoonyn Cayntoilagh, as ny Briwnyflyn ta goll miroo, bee Oyr oc dy 
aghey Jee, taer chur dooin lheid ny Annaghyn dy reaghey lioroo; as 
id gaee dy feer jeean gys Jee dy fcrieu as dy reayll ad ayns ny Creeagh- 
c bene, as Cree dy choeilley Ghooinney. ■ 

Yn Kubrick. 

lijht hed er lhaih urinane 
n daa Phadjer Jhoh fort y 
\ yn Saggy rt Jhajfoo myr rdie 

TtjJ aghey wih'n Rubrick Jhoh* 

Whecfli (hen ta Banuaghtyn Reil- 
tee cbairal as Iheeoil, dy vel (bio fa- 
rit, ayns Aghin er-lheh, dy gboaill 
Padjer Ton Reeaghyn, as Ton ooilley 
'ny t'ayns Pooar ; er nyn fon Ocfyn 
hofhiaght, liorifh cooinaghtyn dy vei 
ayns Ynnyd Yee, dy *od ad gys Here nyn Booar cnr er y ho- 
jht yn Ghloyr eeheyjyn, fo t'ad gyramyrkey Reill, fendeil Perfoonyn as 
ys Deiney, as Drogh-yaotee y cherragbey cordail n(b Bree ny Leigh- 
hob ; as ayns y nah Ynnyd, er Nyn fon bene, dy vod roayd Biallys y 
fit da ny Reiltee ain, er graih Cooinfheanfe, as ayns Biallys da Jee. 

Lhig dooin Padjer y ghoaill. 

r EE Ooilley-niartal, yri Recriaght ayd's ta dy bragh far- 
raghtyn, as dty Phoo^r erfkyn-earroo ; Jean Myghin er 
ane Agglifh, as myr (hen reill Cree dty Harvaant reiht 
orge, nyn Ree as nyn Giannoort, dy vod efhyn (toiggal 
)\ fo t'eh ny Hirveifliagh) erfkyn dy chooilley )Nhee fliiiyey 




Zn Qaretagb fon Sbirveijb 

ing whofe Authority fre hath) may faithfully ferve, honour, 
and humbly obey him, in Thee, and for Thee, according 
to thy blefied Word and Ordinance, through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord ; who with Thee, and the Holy Ghoft, liveth and 
reigneth ever one God, World without £nd. Amen. 


ALMIGHTY and everlafting God, we are taught ty 
thy Holy Word, that the Hearts of Kings arc ^n 
thy Rule and Governance, and that Thou doft difppfe fmd 
turn them as it feemeth beft to thy godly Wifdom ; we 
humbly befeech Thee fo to difpofc and govern tfec .H&rt 
of Geojige thy Servant, our King and Governor, 
that m all his Thoughts, Words, and Works, he may 
•£Ver fce^ thy Honour and Glory, and ftudy to pcefervc 
thy People committed to his Charge, in Wealth, Peace, 
and Godlincfs. Grant this, O merciful Father, for thy dear 
Son's fake, Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 



Then Jhall be faid the Colled 
of the Day. . And immediate' 
ly after the Colled, the Fried 
Jhall read the Epiflle. Then 
Jloall be read the Gofpel ; the 
-People all Jlanding up. And 
the Gofpel ended \ Jhall befung 
or faidy 

I Believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of 
Heaven and Earth, •, and of all Things vifible and in-, 
vifible : 

And in one Lord Jefus Chrift, the only begotten Son 
of God, begotten of his Father before all Worlds, God 
of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, begot- 
ten, not made, being of one Subftance with the Father, 

by whom all Things were made : Who for us Men, and 


We are all required to fiend up 
at the Reading of the Goipei. to 
(hew thai we hare a very particu- 
lar Refpecl for, *od with Reverence 
attend to, every thing tjtat was 
(aid, or done by, or recorded of, 
our mod bjefled Lord ajid Matter. 


• 1 

dty Onnot as dty Ghloyr, as dy vod fhinyn as ooille/n Thsay 
ta fo (dy cooie fmooinaghtyn quoi liorifh t'eh er ny choyrt 
ayns Pooar) dy firrinagh eh y hirveifh, Onnor, as fiiallys imlee 
J chur da, aynyd's, as er dty Ghraih, cordail rifli dty Ghoo 
bannit as dty Oardagh, trooid Yeefey Crceft nyh Jiarn, ta 
Mayrts, as y Spyrryd Noo, bio as reill, dy bragh un Jee, Scihll 
gyn jerrey. Amen. 


OOMey-niartal, as Ycc dy bragh farraghtyn, ta fhin yufit 
liorifh dty Ghoo cafherick, dy vcL Crceaghyn Reeaghyn 
fo dty Reill, as dy vcl oo leeideil as chyndaa ad myr a'cooie te 
da dty Chrecnaght flaunyffagh ; ta fhin dy imlee guee ort myr 
fhen dy leeideil as dy reill Cree dty Karvaant George, nyn 
Reeasnyn Giannoort, ayns ooilley e Smooinaghtyn, Raa, as 
Jannop, dy vod eh dy bragh fhirrey dty Onnor as dty Ghloyr, 
as vc imneagh dy rcayll dty Phobble t'cr ny choyrt fo'n Chur- 
rym cehey, ayns Maynrys, Shee, as Craueeaght. Giall fhoh, 
O Ayr vyghinagh, er graih dty Vac deyr Yeefey Creeft nyn 
Jiarn. Amen. 

Sbirveijh. Ynfegbey* 


Eifht bee'n Phadjer fon y 
Laaer ny gbra. As chelleeragh 
lurg y Pbadjer, nee yn Saggyti 
Ibaib yn Screemn. Eifht bee*n 
Sufotal er ny waih ; yn Pqbble 
ooilley nyn Ibajfoo. As lurg da'n 
< BuJbtal bet er ny gboaill , ny er 
m gbra 9 

TA mee credjal ayns un Jee, yn Ayr Oollley-niartal, Chroo 
Niau as Thalloo, as dy chooilley Nhee t'ayns fakin as 
gyn fakin : 

As ayns un Chiarn Yeefey Creeft, yn ynrycan Mac er-ny- 
gheddyn dy Ycc, Er*ny-gheddyn jeh e Ayr roifh dy .chooilley 
Heihll, Jee jeh Jee, Soilfhey jeh Soilfhey, Jee firrinagh jeh Jee 
firrinagh, Er-ny-gheddyn, cha nee er ny yannoo, Jeh'n un Vree 
marifb yn Ayr, Lior ifhyn va dy chooilley Nhee er ny yannoo : 

N for 

Ta fhio ooilley farit dy hajfofedfi 
tra ta'n Sofiital er ny lhaih, dy hoil- 
fhaghey .dy vel Geill feer vooar ain 
da, as left Arrym geaifhtagh rifh dy 
chooilley Nhee v'er ny ghra, ny er 
oy yannoo liorifh, ny lcruit mychione 
nyn Jiarn as nyn Mainlhter fmoo 

; 90 Tn bardagb Jon Bbirveijb 

for our Salvation," came 'down' fr<3m HeaTCn,-* and* r, i&s , in- 
carnate by the Holy Ghoft r of the Virgin *MARY, v afid?was 
made Man, and was crucified alfo for us under: Pontius 
' Pilate. He fuffered and was buried, and the. third Day 

* he rofe again according to the Scriptures, and afoended in- 
to Heaven, and fitteth on the" Right Hand 'of thcr Father. 
And he (hall come again with Glory to jtfdge both the ••Qtrick 
and the Dead : whofe Kingdom {hall have no End. 

And I believe in the Holy - Ghoft, the Lord and Gfaerfo? 
Life, who proceedeth from the Father and the' Son, who with 

* the Father and the Son together is worfhipped and glorifi- 
: ed ; who fpake by the Prophets. And I believe one- Catho- 
r lick and Apoftolick- Church. I acknowledge one- Baptirm 
/for the Rcmiffion ■ of ' Sins, and I look for the' Refurrcc- 

tion of the *Dead, and the Life of the World to come. 
. Amen* 

: Now you will have Time to fay fecretly,— Laird, incrcafe 
my Faith,— Grant that 1 may die in this Faith, and in 
the Communion of thy holy Church ; and : be united to 
Thee, and to all thy Members, by a Faith and Charity 
that fhall never end. 

Communion. Qbfervations. 

' Kubrick. 

"Then the Curate Jhall de- 
flate unto the People what 
Help-days, or Fading-days, are 
in the We*k following tg be 

The 'Church h&jng taken ' Care 
that her Clergy (hall de their Du- 
ty, ia giving Notice of fuch'. Ho- 
ly-days, 6c. as are to be ebier-red ; 
every good Chriftian will eodeavoar 
to obfenre them, not, . af* ir the 

manner of thoqghtlefi People, in 
Idlenefs and Intemperance ; but" in- gdiog to* Church,' and ptaifing 
God for -his Mercies vouchfafed us in Jefus ChrifLami . for- his holy 
Apofliet, by vrfcofe Labour* we ^wcre brought fr*j|f the Power of 
Satan umo God# ' 


S H I B.B Eft: Tc CB LA R^N. 91 

Er nyn fon -ainyn Demey. as fon y Taualtys ain, haink ch neofc 
vcih Niau, As ghow ch er Feill | liorifh y Spyrryd Noo jeh'n 
Voidyn Moirrey, as v'eh er ny yannoo ny Ghobimicy, as v'eh 
er ny cbroffey .myrgeddin er nyn fon fa Pontius Pilate. 
Rjbii. # eh fwranjfe, as pr ny oanluckfcy, as y trafs Laa dirree 
eb ,redj}t ; a>rd^il rifli;ny Scriptyryn, as hie eh feofe gys Niau, 
as t'eh ny hoie er laue Ydh: yn, Ayr, As hig eh reeflit lefh 
Gloyr dy vriwnys chammah ny Bio as ny Merfiu : er e Ree- 
riagtot. chswbpe -Jenrey erbee. 

A* ta-m«c<:redjal , ayn8*y Spvyryd Noo, yn.Chiarn as Fer- 
tpyrt y Via, ta, chee$ magh veinf n Ayr as y Mac $ ta marilh yn v 
Ayr,a^ ? y M^c cooidjagh amn^yflit as er ny ghloyraghey, eh ren 
lgayrt* .liorifh iiy Ehadeyryn. As ta. mee credjal un Agglifh 
Cadjin {Cteeftee) as Oftyllaghw Ta mee goaill-rifh un Vafhtey 
fon Icib Peccaghyn^ a$ ta jnce jecaghyn fon Irree-feofcfreclht ny 
Merrill, as Bea yn Theihll ta ry. h^et* Amen* 

Nijb bee Caa ayd dy gbra rhyt bene, — Hiarn, biihee my t 
Chredjue, — Giall dy voddym Baafe y gheddyn ayns y Chredjue 
fhoh, as ayns Shefhaght dty Agglilh cafherick; as ve fniemmit 
Hoods* a§ -gys ooilley dty Oltyn, liorUh Credjue as yn Ghiaf* 
tyilys fhen nagh jean dy hragh failleil. 


Yn Rubrick. 

Eijht nee yn Saggy rt fockky 
magh da'n Pobble ere ny Lagh- 
ynfeailley, ny ny Lagbyn tro/h- 
tee ta dy ve freilt ayns y 
Qbiaghtin er-giyn. 


Myr ta'n Agglifh er ghoaill Kiarail 
dy jean ny Saggyrtyn eck nyn Gur- 
rym, ayns Raaue y choyrt jeh lbeid 
ny lagbyn feailiey, &c as ta dy ve 
freilt ; nee dy chooilley Chredtee 
mie e Phaart dy re&yll ad, cha nee, 
l myr ayns Aght Slerh gyn tort, aynt 
Intcheraght as Neuheeltys; agh ayns goll gys y Cheeill, as coyrt Moyl- 
ky da Jee Ton e Vyghinyn s'cooidfare Jem y cour dooin ayns Yeefey Creeft, 
as fon e Oftyllyn Noo, liorifh ny.Obbraghyn oc Ya.ftiinyn er nyn goyrt lhicn 
?eih Pooar Notd-nyHamnty gys Jee. 




Tn Oardagb fon Sbirveifb 



Then Jhall follow the Sir- 
man, &c. 


Then pall the Pried re- 
turn to tlx Lord's Table* and 
begin the Offertory, faying 
one or more of thefe Sentences 
following, as he thinketh mod 
convenient in bis Difcretion. 

LET your Light fo fliine 
before Men, that they 
may fee your good Works, 
and * glorify your Father 
which is ia Heaven* St* 
Mat. v, i(5. 

Obfer vat ions, 

If you hear the Sermon with a re* 
ligious Attentioo, you will be much 
better difpofed to receive the Sa- 
crament worthily. 

Now fay fecretly—-~~l will give at 
I am able, according to the Bleffing 
of the Lf>/ d my God, which he 'bat 

given me And when yon give 

your Alms, fay, — Lord, pardon ail 
my vain Expences, and accept of 
this Tcftimony of my Gratitude, 
for what I have received from Thee. 

O Heavenly Father, give us all 

Grace, that we may honour Thet 

both in our Lives, and by our Alm % 

, and that thou mayeft be glorified by 

thofe that receive them. 

Lay not up for yourfelves 
Treafures upon Earth, where 
the Ruft and Moth doth 
corrupt, arid where Thieves 
break through and fteal : 
but lay up for yourfelves 
Treafures in Heaven, where 
neither Ruft nor Moth doth 
corrupt, and where Thieves 
do not break through and 
ileal. St. Mat. vi. 19, 20. 

Whatsoever ye would that 
Men fhould do to you, even 
fo do unto them •, for this 
is the Law and the Prophets. 
St. Mat. vii. 12. 

Not every one that faith 
unto u;e, Lord, Lord, fhall 

Magnify the Power of thy Grace, 
O God, upon us, in freeing our 
Sculs from the Love of Rides,— 
That we may have the greateft Part 
of our Treafure In Heaven, and that 
our Hearts may be there alfi k 

May this Rule' of Eternal Juf- 

tice be ever prefent with us, that 

neither Self-love nor lnterejl t may 
lead us to tranfgrefs it ! 

Grant, God, that we may 
never build our Hepes of Salvation 





Lurg Jbob yn Sbarmane, 


Eijht nee yn Saggyrt cbyndaa 
jjrr Boayrd y Cbiarn, as goll 
pt e Hojbiagbt lefi y Cblrveijh 
Owrallagb as Giaftyllagh y grd 
unnane ny nyjhleejeb ny Scrip- 
tyrynjhob, myr s'cooielejb bene. 

LHIG da'n Soilfhcy euifh 
myr (hen foilfhean fe- 
nifh Deiney, dy vod ad 
fakin ny Obbraghyn mie eu, 
as Gloyr y choyrt da nyn 
Ayr t'ayns Niau. N. Mian 
v. 16. 

Ny ftoyr-jce fcofc Bcrchys 
diaiiene cr y Thalloo, raad ta'n 
Lhemeen as y Mergey cur 
mow, as raad ta Maarlce brifli- 
cy ftiagh as geid : agh ftoyr- 
jce feofe Bcrchys diu hene 
ayns Niau, raad nagh vel y 
Lhemecn ny'n Mergey cur 
mow, as raad nagh vel Maarlee 
brifliey ftiagh as geid. N. 
Mian vi. 19, 20. 

Cre-«rbee bailliuifh Dciney 
dy yannoo riuifh, jean-jee (hiu- 
ifn y Iheid cheddin roofyn : fon 
fhoh yn Leigh as ny Phadeyr- 
yn. N. Mian vii. 12. 

Cha nee dy ehooilley unnane 
jir rhym's, Hiarn, Hiam, hed 


My eaifctys 00 ri(h fSbarmane left 
Taftey crauee, bee. oo.wbcclh (heo 
(hare kiarit dy ghoaill y Creeftiaght 
dy feeu. 

Nijh abbyr rbyt bene— Vcr-$ms da'o 
Voght rere my Phortr, oordail rifh 
Bannaght y Churn, ritjufee, t'ch er 
choyrt don.~»As tra t'oa car dty 
Yeirk, abbyr, Hiarn leih dou ooillef 
my Vaarail fardalagh, as jean foiagh- 
ey jeh'n Cowrey (hoh jeh my Vooife 
foo ny ta mee er n'ghejlftfp ?oid. 

O Ayr FIauDyffagl*t~^&apio ooil- 
ley Grayfe, dy vod nlfflnbearoley f 
char dhyt chammah aiftii-fyo Ymmyr* 
key-bea, as liorifh nyn'fjrffl 
ufs ve er dty ghloyraj 
tadyghtddyn eh. 

(, as dyvoi 

Jean bi/haghey Pooar dty Ghrayfc 
orrio, O Ycc, ayns Charbaa nyn An* 
meenyn rein Grmb er Bercbysr- Dy 
?od ya Ayrn fmoo jeb nyn Stoyr 've 
ainayns Niau, as dy vod nyn Greeaghyn 
*ve aynsjhen myrgeddln. 

Lhtg da'n Leigh (hoh dy Chairys 
dy bragh farraghtyn ?e dy kin j agh 
mdrin, nagh jean chamoo rwyr 
Graib orrin bene, ny nyn Gofney feibl* 
tagb, (kin y leeideil dy niffaey eh ! 

Giall, O Yce, nagh jean mayd dy 
bragh nyn Drcifhtcii dy Hauahys y 

entc r 


Yrt\Oardagb fan Sbirveijb 


enter into the Kingdom of 
Heaven ; but he that doth 
the WH1 3 of 'my * Father, 
which i is^ in Heaven. St. 
Mat. vii. 21. 

Zaccheus flood forth and 
faid. unto the Lord, Behold 
Lord, the half of ^my t Gdock 
I* give* ta the. Poor ; , rod . if 
I >havc r done i any • Wrong« to 
aty* Mtoi I reftoie » fomw 
fold;. St. Lufcxxx. 8; 

Who--* goethi, a,. Warfare 
at' any time off 1 * his. own* 
Cbft? Whb pknteth.aVfoev 
yard, and * eateth . not of the 
Fruit thereof? or who feed- 
cth a Flock, and eate'eh not 
of the- Milk of. the- Flock? 
l Got*, is* 7. 

If- we have fown unto you 
fjiiritual Things is it' a great 
Matter if we ftopniild reap 
your worldly Things? 1 Cor. 

IX. II. 

Do ye not know, that 
they who minifter about ho- 
ly Things, live of the Sacri- 
fice ? and they who wait at 
the Altar, are Partakers with 
the Altar? Even fo hath 
the Lord alfo ordained, that, 
they who preach the Gofpel, I 
fliould live of the Gofpel. 
hCor. ix, 1 3, 14 • 


tpen an outward *¥t of eflinn only* 
vif.hont a Life of Holinefs and 

If thou, O Gedv gireft me Abi- 
ity, give me a Heart to be both 
Juit .and icfatskable» that - thon may- 
jeft^fay^unto^me, a* thoa .didft unto* 
fthis Pukbczn ; Sahatfen is. come to 
thine Houfim. 



! Shall %ht . Spldier, the Hit/ban^ 
matti a*oV the SGepbrdJ all haw. 
their Wages, aad xty: Mblijkrs frfk* . 
ly> O' Jefatv be ggofced, theirs h 
God. forbid ! Vbttcbta/e . unto- me,, 
and to all £hriftia»s* a- better. Mind, 
I befeech Thee; 

May the gpod^Spirii of God Weft' 
the * heavenly Seed <fowi> by hit Mi* 
m£km+ than both . ttej .• apd > nve may, 
leafftke. Fruit o£ their, Labour! 

Since thoa, O Je/us, haft ordaia* 
ed this* far be it from me- to emy % 
or to deprive thy* Servants, of/ the 
Right wtobtfaw bfft;g}yen/tb«m»i 

A . • . 




■• SJ/irveiJh. 

:*ftiagh'ci* Reeriaght^Niau ? agh 
elhyn ta jannoo 'Aigney mty 
Ayrpy taayns Niau. N. Miu\n 
vii.' a i . 

i Safe; Zaicheus .-magh, as 
dooyrt eh riili y Chtarn, Cur- 
my-ner, Hiarn, yn derrey lieh 
jch my Chooid ta mee dy 
chpyrtCda ny Bpglityn : as my 
ta mee cr ghoaill red erbce dy 
molteyragh veih Dooinney er- 
■: bee, ta mee-'jannoo Lhiailagh- 
■ -ey- kiare-SHley da. *-N. Luke 
xix. 8. 

C*uoi ta goll dy Chaggcy 

traa erbce er e Chofthene? 

Qucri ta foiaghey Garey-feeyn- 

'■ "ey, as nagh vel gee jeVn Vefs 

,ecbey?'Ny, quoLta bodiillagh 

Shioltanc, as nagb vel giu jeh 

Bainney yn Chioltane ? i Cor. 

ix, 7. 

rMyutat Ihiayn er-chairf diu- 

.-ifli ■ Reddyn •» fpyrrydoil, nee 

Madyr mooar eh my mee mayd 

buinn ny Nheeghyn feibitagh, 

cu ? 1 Cor. ix. 11. 

Nagh vel fys eu dy vel ad- 

•' fyn- ta 1 fhjrveifli myth' Nbec- 

,.ghya.calherick > .b£ yn 

■* Oural f -as dy vd sujfyn .ta ten- 

•vdeil ec =yn -Altar, -goaill ayrn 

jch ny t, er yn Altar ? Dy jaf. 

roo myr- (hen ta'n Chiarn myr- 

geddin er n'oardaghey, dy llii- 

faghadfynta preacheiLy Suih- 

tal, beaghey cr y Suihtal. 

1 Cor, ix. 13, 14. 


bjojjgaler Crsdff&i.fett/agb .ny, loin* 
arcam &£<feiib Bea.dy Chrav^taght 
n.&f'Qhkfaglyn.mie. . 

» My *!o* nli. rafi.B-rchyj. dmyt, 
Y«j car Cree^oa djtre.cairaiai 

giaftyUa^h, dy vod 00 grarhym, wvr 
dcniyrr 00 1 i(h j Publican ■ iiioh ; tf'a 
Saualtjti trjeet gyi dly Hie. 

- -Now ybSidcor,-ja Labree, ai ytf/- 
^//Arfaph unnape Ofinyn Villi, aitwc 
ity Hirwijhit ynrycan, O Yeefey* a» 
ayn VaiLraooaiKdaue ? Ny-lhig eh 
.Tee J - Dy gooidfave thiat cot dooya, 
n da dy chooifley Chrecffcc, Aigaey, ta meeLgttee. oct. 

■Dy jean-Spyrf-yd itiie Yee « Van- 
laght y choyrc «■ y &r/9 . flaunyflagh 
ta cuirt lioriffi c Hirer iftr.e, dy "vod 
chart miah adjyn i\ fiinyn buinn Mel* 
oyo. .Laboraght ! 

dtiody, Tel.ufs, O Teefif, ■ er 
oardaghey fli h, . foddey dy row eh 
vc-ym^ dy. waaraghey da dty Har- 
vaantyn, nydy volUy ad jeb'n Chair- 
ya t!ou nf> er chut daue. 



Zn Oardagb fin Sbirveijb 
Cmmunion. J Objeroatioru. 

It will be our own Fault* if we 
reap not a plentiful Crop. 

" Let us proportion our Alms 
*• to our Ability, left we provoke 
" God to ^proportion his Bleffiags 

to our Ainu :" Bimop Beveridge, 


There is nothing, O God, which 
we can give to thy Minifters, e- 
qual to the Bleffings which we re- 
ceire from them, who minijier unto 
us the Means of Grace and Sal* 
vat ion. 

He that fowcth tittle, fliall 
Tcap little ; and he that 
foweth plcntcoufly fliall reap 
plenteoufly. Let every Man 
do according as he is dif- 
pofed in his Heart, not 
grudgingly, or of Neeeffity, 
lor God loveth a chearful 
Giver. 2 G0r.bc. 6, 7. 

Let him that is taught in 
the Word, minifter Unto him 
that teacheth, in all good 
Things. Be not deceived, 
God is not mocked ; for 
whatfoever a Man foweth, 
that ihaU he reap. GaL vi. 


While we have Time, let 

us do Qpod unttiy all Men ; 

and efpepially unto them that' 

are of the Houfliold^ of Faith. 

GaL vi. io« 

Godlinefs is great Riches, 
if a Man be content with 
that he hath : for we brought 
nothing into the World, nei- 
ther may we carry any thing 
out. Tim. vi. 6, 7. 

Charge them who are 
rich in this World, that they 

be ready to give, and glad j and chearful' Heart, without which 

to diftribute, laying up in 
ftore for themfelves a good 
Foundation againft the Time 
to come, that they may at- 
tain eternal Life. 1 Tim. 
vi. 17, 18, 19. 

Blefied be God, that t have yet 
Time ! Lord, give me an Heart to 
do good, before the Night cometi, 
when no Man can work* 

Give mt'r O God, a pious and t 
contented Mind ; and for the reft, thj 
Wiil he done. 

Blefs God* T^thst hare ftiefcet, 
if he has given you Grace and Power 
to give them with a liberal Hand, 

they will be the Occafion of certaJQ 





Efhyti ta cuirr thanney, nee 
myrgeddin buinn thansaey ; as 
cfhyn ta cuirr dy palchey, nee 
myrgeddin buinn' dy palchey. 
Lhig da dy chooilley Ghooin- 
ney coyrt da'n voght, myr ta 
e Chree coyrt roilh, cha nee 
mooaraghey, ny myr dy beagh 
ch eginit huggcy : fon fhynney 
le(h Jee efliyn ta coyrt dy ag- 
gindagb. 2 Cor. ix. 6, 7* 

Lhig dafyn t'er ny ynfaghey 
ayns y Goo, fliirveiih erfyn .ta 
gyn&ghcy jeh dy chooilley 
Nhee mie [t'echey.] Ny bee-jee 
moll it; chavel craid dy vejeant 
myfli Jee : fon cre-erbee ta 
Dooinney dy chuirr, lheid ihen 
nee eh y vuinn. Gal. vi. 6, 7. 

Myr ta caa ain er-y-ta lhen, 
lhig dooin mie y yannoo da dy 
chooilley Ghooinney, er-lheii 
dauefyn ta jeh lught-thie yn 
Chredjue. Gal. vi. 10. 

Ta Craueeaght lefli aigney 
booiagh Cofney mooar : fon 
cha dug fhin lhien Nhee erbee 
ftiagh 'fy Theihll fhoh, as te 
(hickyr nagh Vod mayd NHee 
erbee y choyrt lhien magh afs. 
1 Tim vi. 6, 7. 

Cur Currym orfoofvn ta 
Berchagh *fy Theihil (hoh, 
dy bee ad anyltagh dy choyrt, 
as aignagh dy rheynn, coyrt 
feofe ayns ftoyr nyn gour oc 
hene Undin mie ry - hoi yn 
Traa ta fy heet, dy vod ad 



Sheyo Foil! ain bone reesch, man- 
nagh bee Troair vie ain dy vuinn < 

" Lhig dooia nyn Yeirk y chormal 
" gy* °y n Booar, er a^gle dy brafn^e 
' mayd Jee dy ehormaT e Vaaaagfe* 
" tyn gys aya Yeifk." 

Cha ve! Nhee erbee aio, O Yee f 

oddys mayJ y chur da dt> Hirveifh* 
ee, corrym ri(h ny B a nna»htyn ta fhin 
geddyn Touefyn, xijlurveijb orri* nJF 
S*afeyo dy Ghrayje as dy Haualtjs. 

Rannit Jy row Jee, dy vel Toaft vtk 

Traa- (hoh aym ! flrn cur C ■-• o* 

y yannoo mi? roifh my jig yn '*&> 

tra nagh vod Dooinney erbee g-Ahregbq. 

Cur Hooys, O Yee, AiRney chrawi 
& booipgb lefli ny t'aym as fan f 
chouu eiley, Dty Aigney '/. dy rami 

Jeao-jee Jee y vaflnaghey, (hiuifh til 
Berchvs eu, my t eh er chut Grayfd 
as Pooar <liu dy chur veue ho kih 
Laue teoilt as Cree genna!, n'egoojfk 
bee ad Oyr (hickyr dy hoyu-mow. 


9 8 

Tn Oatdagh fin Skirveifb 


God is not unrighteous, 
that he will forget your 
Works, and Labour that 
proceedeth of Love ; which 
Love ye have fhewed for his 
Name's lake who have mi- 
niftered unto the Saints, and 
yet do minifter. Heb. vi. 10. 

To do Good, and to dif- 
tribute forget not ; for with 
fuch Sacrifices God is well 
plcafed. Heb. xiii. 16. 

Whofo hath this World's 
Good, and feeth his Brother 
have Need, and fhutteth up 
his Compaflion from him, 
how dwelleth the Love of 
God in him? 1 Job. iii. 17. 

Give Alms of thy Goods, 
and never turn thy Face 
from any poor Man; and 
then the Face of the Lord 
fhall not be turned away from 
thee. Tob. iv. 7. 

Be merciful after thy 
Power. If thou haft much 
give plenteoufly : If thou 
haft little, Do thy Diligence 

fladly to give ol that little: 
or fo gathered thou thyfelf 
a good Reward in the Day 
of Neceffity. Tob. iv. 8, 9. 

He that hath pity upon 
the Poor, lendeth unto the 
Lord : And look, what he 
layeth out, it fhall be paid 
him again. Prw. xix. 17. I 


My God, we have nothing but 
what is thine ; and vet thou ma- 
ke ft thyfelf a Debtor to us, for 
what we give to thy Poor, and to 
thy Micifters. — How great is chit 

May our Prayers, and our Alms* 
go up before thee, aod ^racioufly ao 
cept them for Jcfus Chiiit's lake. 

Thou, O God 9 card fupport all tby 
Poor, without our Afhfhnce ; but it 
is fy them that thou t.eft our Faith, 
and our Love for Tnee. 

Gi*e me, O Lord, a true Compaf* 
fioo for the Miferies of 'others, that 
tboo mat eft have Compaifioo on me, 
at the great Day. 

I thank Thee, God, that thou 
judgeft not by the Greatnefs of the 
Gift t but by the Hearty and the Abi- 
lity of the Giver, and wilt reward 

To thy Account, O God, I place 
my Charity to the Ppor thou fendeft 
unto me, and I know that I fhall be 
no Iofer. 





grcrnc y ghoaill cr y Ve& 
veayn. 1 Tim. vi. 17, 18, 19. 

Cha vel Jec neu -chair agh, 
dy jarrood eh ny Obbraghyri 
as y Laboragh euiih dy Ghraih, 
yn Ghraih cheddin ta fhiu er 
hoilfhaghey cr coontey*ti Eti- 
nym echey, ta er hirveifli er ny 
Nooghyn, as ta foaft (hirveiih 
(orroo). Heb. vi. 10. 

Dy yahnoo mie,as dy rheynn 
ferny BoghtynJ, nyjarrood- 
jee : fon lefli lheid ny Oural- 
lyn ta Jee er ny yannoo booi- 
agh. Heb. xiii. 16. 

Ouoi - erbee ta cooid y 
Theihll fhoh echey, as fakin e 
Vraar ayns Feme, as ta dooney 
feoi'e e veeghyn dy Hymmey 
voifh ; kys ta Graih Yee tau- 
naghtyn ayn ? 1 N. Ean iii. 1 7. 

Cur Jeirk jeh dty Chooid, 
as. ny chyndaa dy bragh dty 
Eddin veih Dooinney Boght 
erbee ; as eiflit cha bee Eddin 
y Chiarn er ny hyndaa erfooyl 
void's. Tob. iv. 7. 

Bee myghinagh gys rere dty 
PJ)ooar. . My ta lane ayd, cur 
dy palchey; my fhe red beg 
t'ayd, gow kiarail dy chur dy 
gennal jeh'n veggan (hen j fon 
myr fhen t'ou chaglym dhyt 
hene Leagh mie cour Laa^-ny 
feme. Tob. iv. 8, 9. 

Elhyn ta giaftyllagh * da'n 
Voght, t'eh geeafaght da'n 
Chiarn ; as fon lhen t'eh myr 


My Yee, cha vel veg ainyn agh ny 
ta lhiat's ; as oy-yeih t'ou jannoo oo* 
hene Jotter dooin, fon ny ta ftiin dy 
chur da ny Boghtyn ay<T$> as da dty 
Hii veifhee.— Nagh mooar ta fhoh dty 
Vieys ! 

Dy jean ny Pad jeryn . ain, as y 
Jeirk ain, go II feofe ayns dty Eanifh, 
O Yee, as dy grayfoil dy jean 00 foi- 
aghey jeu er Graih Yeefey Creeft. 

Foddee ufs, O Yee, ooilley dty 
Voghtyn y ve^gbey fegooilh y Coon- 
ey ainyu"; agh fhe lioroofyn t'ou prow- 
al y Credjue amyn, as nyn Ghraih 

Cur dooys, O Hiaro, Chymmey 
firrinagh fon Treihys ny Moghtyn, 
dy vod ufs ?e chymmoil dooys ec y 
Laa mooar jerrinagb. 

Ta mce cur Booife dhyt, O Yee, 
nagh re! 00 jannoo Soiaghey liorifh 
Mocads y Ghio r A> agh liorifh Cree as 
Fort yo Ghiafiyliagh, as nee 00 
cooilleen myrgeddin. 

Gys dty Lien, O Yee, ta mee fol- 
aghcy my Ghiaityllys da ny Bogh- 
tyn t'ou cur my raad, as ta Fys aym 
nagh gaillym veg liorifh. 


. 1 


Tn Oardagb fon Sbirveijb 


Keep me, O God,* from aH idle 
aod .vain Expcnces, that I nay thuys 
have to give to hira.that aecdet' At 
the Hour of Death, aad u} the Pay of 
Judgment ', good Lord, deliver me. 


Blefled be the Man that 
pro\;iieth for the Sick and 
tNeedy : The Lord lhall de- 
liver him in the Time of 
Trouble. Pjal, xli. i. 


Whiljl the Sentences are in 
reading, the Deacons, Church- 
wardens % or other jit Perjons 
appointed for that . Purpofe* 
wall receive , the Alms for 
the Poor, and other Devotions of 
the People, in a decent Bafon, to 
be provided by the Varikjor that Purpofe ; and reverently, brh 
it to the Prie/i, who Jhail humbly trefent and place it upon 
holy ^able. 

Obfervations. > 

You will dow have the Comfort of 
feeing your Alms ptefented unto God 
by his Mifulter, in order to. bring 
down Jus BiffTiog upon yosrfeftf aid 
upon the rtft of yopr (Subftance and 
Labours, according as you have beea 
i niggardly or a chearful Giver. 

And # when there is a Com- 
tnunion, the Prie/l jhall then 
place upon the Table fo much 
jBread and Wine, as he Jhall 
think fvfficieht ; after which 
done, the Pried Jhall fay, 

Let us pray for the whole 
State of Chri/i s Church militant 
here on Earth. 

The Prieft cow, and cot till this 
Time, placeth the Bread and Wine 
upon the Lord's' Table, in the Sight 
of the Communicants, as a pubiick 
Acktmuledgmtxi that our Lives > and 
whatever is neceflary for their Pre* 
fer.vation, is owing to the Gift of 

We are,now» going to exercife a- 
nother and mod extecfive Branch of 
Christian Charity towards the whole 
Church ofChri(t, which yQU-fhould 
ferioufly attend to, that you may add 
(fecretly) Amen to every Petition . 

• If this Rubrick is not ftrictly obfcrod, as in many . Places it is *ot, 
the Intent of the Cfcfurch is defeated, awt* very inftru&ive Circaxnftance is 




Shirveijh. Infagbey. 

flioh dy vaarail, bee eh er ny 
eecfc da reclht. Prov. xix. 17. 
Bannk ta'n Dooinney ta til- 
gey ro-laue cour y vooinjei 
Hingey as ny Ymmyrchee: 
nee'n Chiarn y livrey eh ayns 
y Laa dy Heaghyn. Pfal. xli. 1 . 


Cbaud as ta ny Seriptyryn 
jhob dy Ibaib, Ihig da ny iihir- 
veijhee, ny Wardoonee^ er-nen r 
ney Perfoenynfeeudagb erbee el- 
ley troggal Jeirkcour ny Begb- 
tyn, as Chebballyn giafiyllagh 
elley •veih'n Pebble, ayns Bafin 
jejh t ec Coft ny Sbeerey, /on yn 
cbttr Ibieu eb gys y Taggyrt? nee 
eb er y V§ayrd cajberick. 

FretH mee, O ¥e«, vcih dy choo*- 
ey Vaarail amnujagh as fardnUgh, 
ly vod dy kinjagh K.u£e 've aym if 
chpr da'n 1 u.myrchggh. Ec eer y 
Veaijb as ayift Laa ny Sri-ways, 
rliarn vie,' livrey tnee. 


Bee yn-Gerjagb ayd nifh dy Mm 
dty Yeirk er ay Lebbal gys Jee lioriih 
e Hirreiftugb, dyliayrn flieefe e"V«i- 
naght ort heoe, as er y Choc-id eliey 
jeh dty Ciiooid as dty Labor aght , tere 
myr t'ott er char void dy gsriagh ny 

ymmyd Jhen ; as dy arrymagb y 
dy imlee y hebbal as y hoiagbey 

At * tra ta Cree/Iiagbt «y», 
nee yn Saggyrt eijbt foiagbey er 
v Voayrd tabeefb dv Jrran as 
feeyn, as t'eh fakin ymmyrch- 
agh ; lurgjhob vejeant, nee'n 
Saggyrt gra, 

Lbig damn Padjer y ghoaill 
fonjlane Stayd Agglijh Cbrec/i 
caggey ayns (hob wafs cry Thai- 

7V« Saggyrt «iih, as cha nee der- 
rey'n Traa ilioh, foiagbey yn Arra* 
as y Tetyn er Boayrd y Chiarn ayns 
y Cbilley ocfyn ta cbeet gys y 
Chreefliaght, myr J, fijblil g-.aill-rijb 
dy vel nyn. Miays, as cre-erb« u 
yramyrchagb dy teayll ihlo bio, cbeet 
Wlh Giooi Yee. ' 

Ta (liin nilh got) dy chooilleeoey 
Banglane elley dy GhiaftylijJ Chrect- 
tee roilityn er (line Agglifh Chreeft ; 
gys (hen Ibifagh 00 dy aggindagli cor 
Geill, dy vod 00 Amen y ghra (rbyt 
• f I hene) gys dy chooilley Aghin. 

* Mannagh vel Geill fie er ny c'noytt da'n Rubrick (boh, myr nagh vel 
ayns ymmodee Ypnydyn, ta Kiarail ny Hagglilh currit hasrt, as Yofsghey 
VoaieiQiagh Ihiggit flucfe. 


1 02 In Oardagb fon Sbirveijh 

ALmighty and ever-living God, who by thy holy Apoftle 
has taught us to make Prayers and Supplications, and to 
give Thanks for all Men ; we huiribly befeech thee moll 

Sercifully to receive thefe our Prayers, which we offer unto thy 
ivine Majefty, befecching Thee to infpire continually the U- 
niverfal Church with the Spirit of Truth, Unity, and Con- 
cord ; and grant that all they, that do confefs thy holy Name, 
may agree in the Truth of thy holy Word, and live in Unity 
. and godly Love. We befeech Thee alfo to fave and defend 
all Chriftian Kings, Princes and Governors ; and efpecially thy 
Servant George, our King, that under him we may be god- 
ly and quietly governed : and grant unto his whgle Council, 
and to all that are put in Authority under him, that they 
may truly and indifferently minifter Juftice, to the puniih- 
ment of Wickednefs and Vice, and to the Maintenance of 
thy true Religion and Virtue. Give grace, O Heavenly 
Father, to all Bifhops and Curates* that they may both by 
their Life and Do&rine fet forth thy true and lively Word, 
and rightly and duly adminifter thy holy Sacraments. And 
to all thy People give thy Heavenly Grace, and efpecially to 
this Congregation here prefent, that with meek Heart, and 
due Reverence, they may hear and receive thy holy Word, 
truly ferving Thee in Holinefs and Righteoufriefs ' all the 
Days of their Life. And we moft humbly befeech Thee of 
thy Goodnefs, O Lord, to comfort and fuccour all them 
who in tjiis tranfitory Life are in Trouble, Sorrow, Need, 
Sicknefs, or any other Adverfity. And we alfo blefs thy 
holy Name, for all thy Servants departed this Life in thy 
Faith and Fear ; befecching Thee to give us Grace fo to 
follow their good Examples, that with them we- may be 
Partakers of thy Heavenly Kingdom. Grant this, O Fa- 
{her, for Jefus ChriiVs fake, our only Mediator >nd Ad» 
vocate. Amen. 



)Oilley-niartal as Yee dy bragh bio, ta liorifh dty Oftyl 
cafherick er n'ynfaghey Chin dy yannoo Padjeryn as Agh* 
m 9 as dy chur Booife fon dy chooilley Ghooinney ; Ta fhin 
imlee guee ort dy ieer vyghinagh dy ghoaill ad fhoh nyn 
djeryn ta (hin chebbal gys dty Ard-ooa.Qiley Flaunyffagh, 
ee ort dy lhieency dy kinjagh dty Agglifh ayns dy chooilley 
myd lefh Spyrryd ny Firriney, Unnaneys, as Coaraail : as 
ill dy vod adfyn ooilley ta goailUriih dty Ennym cafherick, 
ardail ayns Firrinys dty Ghoo cafherick, as beaghey ayns 
inaneys, as Graih crauee. Ta fhin guee Ort myrgeddin dy 
uail as dy endeil dy chooilley Ree Creeftee, Prince, as Kian- 
ort, as erfkyn ooilley dty Harvaant George, nyn Ree, dy vod 
1yd fofyn ve dy crauee as dv feagh er nyn reill ; as giall da'n 
ne Choonceil echey, as dauefyn ooilley t'er nyn goyrt ayns 
ioar fo, dy vod ad dy firrinagh as dy kiart Cairys y yannoo, 
s Kerraghey Peccah as olkys, as gys cummal feofe dty Chred- 
i's firrinagh as Craueeaght. Cur Grayfe, O Ayr Flaunyf- 
rh, da dy chooilley Afpick as Shirveifhagh, dy vod ad cham- 
ih liorifli nyn Ymmyrkey-bea as Ynfagh, foiaghey magh dty 
lioo's firrinagh as bioal, as dy cairagh as dy cooie dty Hacra- 
entyn cafherick y hirveifh. As da ooilley dty Phobb!e cur 
y Ghrayfe Flaunyffagh, as er-lheh da'n Chefhaght fhoh kion- 
lifh ; dy vod ad lefh Cree meen, as Arrym cooie dty Ghoo's 
(Kerick y chlafhtyn as y ghoaill, as dy firrinagh ufs y hirveifh 
ns Crauceaght as Cairys ooilley Laghyn nyn Mea. As dy 
sr imlee ta fhin guee ort j£h dty Vieys, O Hiarn, -dy chur 
erjagh as Kemmyrk dauefyn ooilley, ta ayns y Vea ghiare 
oh ayns Seaghyn, Trimfhey, Feme, Chingys, ny Arkys er- 
e elley. As ta fhin myrgeddin bannaghey dty Ennym cafhc 
:k, fon ooilley dty Harvaantyn t y er phaartail y Vea fhoh ayns 
y Chredjue as dty Aggie ; guee ort dy chur dooinyn Grayfe 
yr fhen dy eiyrt er ny Sampleyryn mie ocfyn, dy vod mayd 
aroofyn ve goaill Ayrn ayns dty Reeriaght Flaunyffagh. 
iall fhoh, O Ayr, er graih Yeefey Creeft, yn ynrycan- Fer ta 
[dyr fhin as- fheer loayrt er nyn fon. Amn. 




In Oarfagb fon Sbir^eijh 


When the Mini/ler giveth 
Warning for Celebration of the 
holy Communion, (which hejhall 
always do upon the Sunday or 
fame Holy-day immediately -pre- 
cedingS after the Sermon or Ho- 
mily ended, he (hall read this 
Exhortation following : 


TT\Early * beloved, on -~ 

*~* Day next, I purpofe, 
through God's Affiftance, to 
Adminifter to all fuch as fliall 
be religioufly and devoutly dif- 
pofed, the moft comfortable 
Sacrament of the Body and 
Blood of Chrift, to be by them 
received in Remembrance of 
his meritorious Crofs and Paf- 
fion, whereby alone we obtain 
Remiffion of our Sins, and are 
made Partakers of the Kingdom 
of Heaven. Wherefore it is 
ovr Duty to render moft hum- 
ble and hearty Thanks to 
Almighty God our Heavenly 
Father, for that he hath given 

If you feriouflv attend to 'the fol- 
lowing Exhoiutioos or Warnings, 
yo i will learn what you ought to do, 
in order to be a worthy Communicant. 

And you would do well to read 
them over, again, when you return 
home, th%t you may fix them in your 
Memory, and that they may be a 
Jlanding Rule to go by through your 
whole Life. 

Believe it for a certain Truth, 
that fuch as are cot religioufly dif- 
pofed to %o to this Ordinance, are 
ur qualified to aft or receive any BUf- 
GngQx Favour from God. 


That therefore you may lay hold 
of every Occafion offered you — Con- 
fider ferioufly what you are called to. 

flrfi -~— To cbej an exprefs Com- 
mand of Jefus Chiift, by whom a* 
lone you can hope for Salvation, 

2dly, To teftify to the World, 
that you belong to him and to join 
with his Family, in order to recount 
and acknowledge the moft inefti no- 
ble Bleffing which he hath purchalcd 
for his Church . 

* When it is confidered how many poor Otriftians there are, who hart! 
little or no other Means of coming to the Knowledge of 'his Ordinance and 
tht Manner of preparing themfelves for; it, but by wnat they, learn from 
hearing thefe Exhortations ; every P«ftor will think himfe! f obliged in Con-, and as he values the Edification of his Flock, to read thefe Exhor* 
tatrjns with the greateft Deliberation, and with an Affection that fliall even 
force the Attention of his Hearers, / 



Shirviijhi Tnfagbeyi 


Yn Rubrick. 

*fra ta'n Saggy rt cur Raaue 
fon Sbirvei/h y Chreejiia^ht cha- 
jherick {quoid jbegin da kinjagh 
9 yannoo ery Doonaght ny er Laa 
feailley ennagh cbelleetagh rotjh 
y Cbreejliaght ) lurg y Sbar- 
mane ny*n Homily, /begin da 
Ibaib ytyltbhoyrle jhob. 



CHaarjyn * ghraihagh, jy — 
fhoh chcet ta foym's lelh 
Cooncy Yee, dy Hirvciih or- 
roofyil ooilley vees dy crauee 
as dy arrymagh kiarit cr y 
hon, yn Sacrament frnbo gher- 
joilagh jeh Corp as Fuill 
Chreeft, dy vc lioroofyri er ny 
ghoaill ayns Cooinaghtynjehe 
Chrofh as e Hurranfe toilchin- 
agh; liorilh ny lomarcan ta 
fliin geddyn Leih nyn Beccagh- 
yn, as jeant dy ghoaill Ayrn 
ayns Reeriaght Niau. Shen- 
y-fo yn Currym ain eh dy chtir 
Booife fmoo imlee as creeoil da 
Jee Ooilley-niartal nyn Ayr 
Flaunyflagh, fon dy vel eh er 

My eaifhtys 00 dy imneaWrirfi nf 
Coyrieyo as ny Raaueghvft ta df 
heet ny lurg (hob, ynfee 00 ere Ihi- 
(agh 00 y yannoo, dy vod 00 , vc feed 
dy ghoaill y Crweeftiaght. 

As yinnagh 00 dy mie dy Ihaih ad 
harrifti reefht, tra htg 00 dy Valley; 
dy vod 00 ad y yannoo (hickyr aynf 
dty Chooinaghtyn, as dy vod ad ve 
Leeidcilee Jhickyr dhyt choad s'bid 

Creid eh dy jarroo fon Firrinys, 
dy vel ny lhei«i ocfyn as nagh vel dy 
crauee kiarit dy ghdl gvs yn Oardagh 
(hoh, neu ch'oie ly birrey, ny, Ay 
gheddyn Bannaght ny Foayr erbee veib! 

Dy vod 00 er-y fa (hen Greme y 
ghoaill er dy chooilley H»aa ta cheb- 
bit dhvt er y Hon, — Smooinee dy 
do win rhyt bene ere gys t'ou er dty- 
chuirrey ' 

Hojhiagkt* — Dy chtir B talks da 
Sarey chion Yeefey Creeft. lioiilh ny 
lomarcan ta fliin treiihteil fon Saual- 

Ayns y nah Ytir$d t Dy hoilfhaghey 
da ri Theihli dy vel 00 bctrtyn da, a* 
dy yannoo Shefhaght rifh Lugkt e kic* 
iy vod fliiu dy cheilley gimr • jeh as 
goaill rifli v" Bannaght eMkyn-earrod 
t\h er cbofney da e Agglifti. 

# Tra ta (bin fmooinaghtyn ere whilleen Creeflee bog hi ta ayn, n*gh vel 
OC agb beggan nysVao Saafe erbee arragh dy heet gys Tufhtey jeh'n Oar- 
dagh (boh, as yn Aght dy gheddvr. ad bene aarloo ny choor, agh licifh nv 
t'ad gynfagbey veib Clafhtyo ny Coyrleyn (boh : nee dy chooillev Voclull 
acmey fmooinaghtyn eh here kianlt ay:.s Cooinfhean r e a* mvr bai'Mih Foayr 
anirey e Hioltane, dy lhaib ny Coyr eyn fhoh lefh y Jecanid fcreeoil, as left 
Ibeid y Brce, as dy bayrn buggey A gna^hyo e PhoDble. 




In Oardagb Jon Sbirveijh 


his Son our Saviour Jefus 
Chrift, not only to die for 
us, but alfo to be our fpiritual 
Food and Suftenance in that 
holy Sacrament. Which be- 
ing fo divine and comforta- 
ble a>Thing to them who re- 
ceive it' worthily ; and fo dan- 
gerous to them that will pre- 
fume to receive it unworthi- 
ly ; my Duty is to exhort you, 
in the mean Seafon, to con- 
fider the Dignity of that holy 
Myftery, and the great Peril 
of the unworthy Receiving 
thereof ; and fo to fearch and 
examine your own Confcien- 
ces, and that not lightly, 
and after the manner of Dif- 
femblers with God; but fo 
that ye may come holy and 
clean to fuch an heavenly 
feaft, in the Marriage-gar- 
ment required by God. in holy 
Scripture, and be received as 
worthy partaker^ of that ho- 
ly Table. 

The "Way and Means thereto 
is : •■Fir/1' 9 to examine your 
Lives and Converfations by the 
Rule of God's Commandments; 
and wherein-foever ye fhall 
perceive yourfelves to have of- 
fended, either by Will, tVord, 
oj: Deed,- there to bewail 


And, idly, to dcTotc your- 
felf to him, and to his Service, 
who is continually interceding for 
all fuch as go onto God by Him. . 

And Tery many wilr be the 
Benefits of embracing every Occa- 
fion that is offered you. 

You will not eafily fall into 
a (late of Sin and Security, be- 
ing fo often pat in mind of the 
Danger of going carelefly and 

You hear in what a good Pre- 
paration conGfts :— — — -In confeifiog 
your Sin? to Almighty God, with 
full Purpofe of Amendment of Life— 
In exercifing the Duties of Charity, 
ia giving and forgiving , &c. 

All which being done in Obedience 
to the Command of Chrift, mud: 
needs be acceptable to the Divine 
Majefty, and, in time, gain yoo- 
all thofe Graces, which youcandefire 
or ftand in need of. 

And for your Comfort, remember, 
that if you are prepared as you ought 
to be, for this Sacrament, you are 
prepared for Death, and for a bleffei 

ConfHer how many there are, who* 
to their Sorrow, are deprived of this 
Means of Grace and Salvation:—— 
And bow many, through a mod fft li- 
pid Ignorance and Negligence, deprive 
ihemfelves of it.— — *Aod you cannot 
but give Gcd Thanks, both for the 
Opportunities which he affords you, 
and for the Graces he gives you, by 
your refolvirig to clofe with them. 





choyrt e Vac nyn Saualtagh 
Yeefey Crceft, cha nee ny 
lomarcan dy hurranfe Baafe er 
nyn fon, agh myrgeddin dy ve 
nyn Meaghey Spyrrydoil as 
nyn Ooraghey ayns y Sacra- 
ment caftierick fhen. Myr te 
Red cha Flaunyffagh as cha 
Gerjoilagh dauefyn ta goaill eh 
dy Feeu, as cha dangeyragh 
dauefyn ghoys orroo dy ghoaill 
eh dy neu - feeu ; my Chur- 
rym'sehjdy choyrlaghey fhiu ec 
y Traa fhoh dy Smooinaghtyn 
cr Feeuid y Folliaght cafherick 
flien, as y Gaue mooar ta lio- 
rifh goaill eh dy neu-feeu ; as 
myr fhen dy ronfaghey as dy 
eylht ny Cooinfheanfeyn eu 
hene, (as flien cha nee dy [ed- 
drym, as lurg cliaghtey yn 
vooinjer ta jannoo Foalfaght 
rifh Jee ; agh er lheid yn Aght 
fhen) dy vod fhiu chcet cafhe- 
rick as glen gys lheid ny Cuir- 
raghyn flaunyffagh, ayns y 
Gharmad-poofee t'er ny harey 
liorifh Jee ayns y Scriptyr ca- 
fherick, as foiagh 've jeantjeu 
myr feeu dy ghoaill Ayrn jeh'n 
Voayrd calherick flien. 

Yn Raad as yn Aght dy yan- 
noo flien te: Ayns y chied Yn- 
nyd 9 Dy eyfht nyn Mea as nyn 
Ymmyrkey ' liorifh Rule An- 
naghyn Yee ; as ayns cre-er- 
bee ennys ihiu. fhm-hene dy 
v'er ny ve foiljagh, eddyr lk)« 


As, aymy trafs Tnttyd, Dy chathe- 
rickey 00 hene huggeyfyn, as gys e 
Hirveifh,- ta dy kifijagh loayrt er y 
Lieh ocfyo ooilley ta goll gys Jee lio- 

As s'mooar y Voodeifh vee* ay a 
liorifh goaill dy chooilley Chaa vets 
cbebbit dbyt dy gholl gys y Chreef- 

Cha jean 00 dy aafhagh taittym 
ayns Stayd dy Pbeccab as dy Vecrioofe, 
tra vees 00 cha menoick er dty choyrt 
ayns Cooinaghtyn jch'n Daogeyr dy 
gboll gys y Chreef tiaght gyn tort as 
fegoohh veg y Chiarail ny chour. 

T'ou clafhtjn kys dy yaonoo mie 
dty Aarlaghey er y boo :— Ayns goaill- 
rifh dty Pbeccaghyo gys Jee Ooilley* 
niartal, lefh flane Kiarail dy lhisfTagh- 
ey Rea.- — Ayns cooilkeney ny Cur- 
rayn dy Gkiaftyllys, ayns coyrt Jeirk, 
as ayns leih da dty Naboo. 

Ooilley ny Reddyn lhoh, tra t'ad 
jeant ayes Biallys da Sarey Chreeft, 
Ihegin daue ve taitayfTagh da'n Ard- 
ooaihley Flaanyflagh, as, ayns Traa, 
cofney dhyt ooilley ny Grayfeyn (hen, 
oddys 00 y yeearree ny Fees Feme 
ayd orroo. 

As fon dty Gherjagb, cooinee, my 
t'ou er n'yannoo aarloo, myr lhifagh 
00, fon y Sacrament Jhoh % dy vel 00 
aarloo Ion y Vaafe> as fon y Vea dy 
bragh bannee, 

Gow taftey ere whilleen t'ayn, ta, 
gys nyn Drimfhey, giarit veih ny 
Saafeyn (boh dy Ghrayfe as dy Hau- 
a!tys : — As, trooid Mee-hufiuey as 
Almoraght vourauagh, ere whilleen 
ta giarey ad bene voue.— As cha vod 
00 agh oooile y chur da Jee, cham- 
maii Ion ny Ti aaghyn t'efhyn fordrail 
dhyt dy ghoaill y Chrceftiaght, as fen 
ny Grayfeyn t'eh dy choyrt dhy f , 


known Sin unrepentel of: — Or, 

L^ftlv ; Vfarhou. faMy purpofiog, 
thro* the Gra<-e of God, to lead a, 
Life becoming a Canftian. 

lo3 Yn Qardagh fon Sbirvrijb 

• » 

Communion. ' I Obfewations. 

e- r 1 r j * I But dill take care, that yon go net 

four own Sruulnefs, and to . " .. V f : _ * *U ., 

7 .. r r i % i • i_ I Wlln aD C¥ " Conlaence. as /»#« 

cornels yourfdves to Almighty ; dld .... with an > bad Defign or Ma- 

God ; with full Purpofc of A-' i, ce i n y0 ur Heart ;- or while you 

mendment of Life. And if ye 1 live and re'oJve to die in any 

(hall perceive your Offences to 

be fuch as are not only a^ainft 

God but alfo agaiuft your 

Neighbours, then you ftiall re- 
concile yourfelves unto them, 

being ready to make Reftitu- 
tion and Satisfaction, accord- 
ing to the uttermolt of your ' 

Power, for all Injuries and Wrongs done by you to any other} 
. and being likewife ready to forgive others that have offended 
you, as you would have Forgivenefs of your Offences at God's 
Hand; tor otherwife the Receiving of the holy Communion 
doth nothing elfe but increafe 
your Damnation. Therefore 
if any of you be a Blafphe- 
mer of God, an Hirtderer or a 


Slanderer of his Word, an A- 
dulterer, or be in Malice, or 
Envy, or in any other grie- 
vous Crime ; repent you oi 
vour Sins, or elfe come not 

Confider therefore the great Haz- 
ard you run * of going to the Sacra- 
ment, while you live in any known 
Sin ; you will provoke God to leave 
ou to your (elf, and to that evil 
Spi it who is continually fee king 
wh im he may be permitted to de- 

to that holy Table ; left, after 

the taking of that holy Sacra- \ 

ment, the Devil enter into you as he cnter'd into Judas, and 

fill you full of all Iniquities, and bring you to Beitruction both 

of i3ody and Soul. 


And becaufe it- is requifite ; 
tl.a. no Man ihould come to 
tle^oly Communion but with 

a lull Truit in God's Mercy,! yjur Spirits ; the Advantage o/ing 

Dp rot defpife To kind an Offer 
as the Minifier of G >d new n»-kei 
you, if !/u have *ny Doubt upon 





1 Aigney, Raa, ny Jannoo, 
is fhen dy ve trimlhagh fon 
Peccaghyn eu, as dy ghoaill 
3 gys Jee Ooiliey - niartal, 
h flane kiarail dy Lhiaffaghey 
n Mea. As my ennys ihiu 
vel ny Foiljyn eu lheid as 
gh vel ny lomarcan noi Jee, 
li myrgeddin noi nvn Na~ 
>onyn ; eifh* nee Ihiu (hiu- 
:ne y ghcddyn coardit reo, 


liorifh dy vt\ 00 gialdyn dy yaanoo' 
Ymmyd jeu. 

A3I1 f^aft bee er dty Hwoaie, nagh 
jed 00 Ir.fh Drogh- chnoinfheanfe, myr 
hie Yuaafe .— -!e(h Smooinaghtyn er- 
bee oik ny Go nlys ayns dty Chree ; 
— *oy choud as. ton kiarail beaghey 
ayns Peccah erbee er-fys dhyt, as y gheddvn gyo Arrys : Er-non- 

Er -jerrq willey ; f Fegooifh flane 
Ki-irail, tro^id Gra;,fe Yee, dy leeid- 
eil Bea ta cooie loq Creeftee. 

bee- jee aarltfo dy eeck as dy 
innoo Lhiaffaghey gys y chooid fodjey jeh nyn Booar, fon dy 
looilley Aifee as Aggair va jeant lieriuifli da unnane erbee el- 
y : as bee-jee myrgeddin aarloo dy leih da feallagh elley t'er 
'yannoo Aggair diu hene, myr bailliuifli fhiu-hene Leih jeh 
yn Voiljyn y gheddyp veih Laue Yee ; fon er Aght elley, cha 
el goaill y Chreeftiaght chalhe- 1 
ck jannoo monney agh cur 

Kerraghey eu er y holhiaght. 
hen-y-ta my ta unnane erbee 
yn. maft* eu t'er loayrt Goan 
iollaghtagh noi Jee, t'er 
..hiettal ny er choyrt Scam- 
nylt da e Ghoo, t'er Vrifhey- 
>oofey, ny ta ayns Goanlys ny 
Troo, ny ta er Aght elley kyn- 
lagh jeh Peccah trome erbee ; 

Tow-jee Arrys fon nyn Beccaghyn, er-nonney ny tar-jee gys y 
Voayrd^cafherickflien, er-agglelurg y Chreeftiaght chafiierick 
(hen y ghoaill, dyjed y Drogh.fpyrryd ftiagh ayndiu, myr hie 
eh ftiagh ayns Yuaaje^ as dy lhieen eh Ihiu iane jeh dy chooil- 
ley Vee - chraueeaght, as dy 
day rn ch fhiu gys I oyrt-mow Tnfdghcy. 

chammah jeh Corp as Annym. . . 

As er yn-oyr dy vel eh ym- , N * J esro bc * ».*!* Ch <l 

. J J J 1 ' j c " a dooie as ta Skirjetlhapb Yte Bilh 

piyrchagh gyn unnane erbee dy dy chur dhyt> my u doo * t crbcc - cr 
heet gys y Chreeftiaght chaftie- dty Aigney ; fon ta'o Vocdcifh ny 



Smooinec er-y-fa fhen er y Gaue 
mooar t'ou roie ayns goll g>s y 
Chreeftiaght, choud as t'ou beaghey 
ayns Peccah erbee er - fys dhyt ; 
brafnee 00 Jee dy aagai) 00 dhyt 
hene, as da'n Spyrryd oik fhen ti dy 
kinjagh fhirrey quoi oddys eh yd roie. 


Tn Qarddgfi fon Shtrwijh 


and with a quiet Confcience ; 
therefore, if there be any of 
ybu, who by this means can- 
not quiet his; own Confcience 
herein, but requireth further 
Comfort or Counfel ; let him 
come to me, or to fome other 
difcreet and learned Minifter of 
God's Word, and open his 
Grief, that by the Miniftry of 
God's holy Word, he may 
receive the Benefit of Abfo- 
lution, together with ghoftly 
Counfel and Advice, to the 
quieting of his Confcience, / 
and avoiding of all Scruple, 
and Doubtfulnefs. 



Or, in cafe be Jhall fee the 
people negligent to come to tbe 
Holy Communion, inflead of 
the former, he Jfiall ufe this 


greater than you can at prefent im- 

You will give him an Opportunity 
of convincing you of Sim, vtoidi pet- 
haps yon were not before aware of, 
and which may ttfe up hi Judgment 
againft you ;— or clearing op jowe 
Doubts, which might proceed from a 
difordered Mind or State of Health, 
rather than from an evil Conference. 

And do not eiitet-tain a Thought 
fo injurious to the merciful Promife 
of your Saviour to tbe Pa iters of iris 
Church, St. John xx. 23. or imagine 
that the Abfolution given by his Mi- 
nifter, after he hath inquired into 
the Motives awl Mannet of your Re- 
pentance, according to the Rules of 
the Gofpel ; do not imagine that this 
will be of 00 Avail to the Health of 
your Soul, and to the Comfort of 
your Mind. 


No Minifter of God muft fay, that 
he cannot gel fuch a convenient Num- 
ber as the Rubrick requires to com- 
municate with him, as often as he 
himfelf is difpofed, until he can tru- 
ly fay, that he has applied to his 

I People more than once, in the Words 

of this Exhortation ; And until he has begged of God to touch their 

Hearts with a Senle of their Duty and Dangei, as he promife's, and will 
not fail to do, confidering how very much depends upon io facred ^nd fa- 
ying an Ordinance. 



D Early beloved Brethren, 
on —- 1 intend by God's 
Grace, to celebrate the 

Pious Reflections. 

When the tender Love of God will 
not prevail with Chriih<ms to coufi- 
der their Ways, they will learn from 





c, agh lefh flane> Treifliteil 
is Myghin Yee, as lefh 
oinfkcanfe feagh : fhen-y- 
ny ta unnane crbce jiuifh 
;h vod er yn Aght fhoh e 
ooiniheanfe hene y chur gys 
> agh dy vel eh fliirrey Ger- 
h ny Coyrle fodjey ; lhig da 
:et hym's, ny goll gys Shir- 
Biagh ennagh ellcy tuflitagh 
jrnut ayns Goo Yee, as Oyr 
Erimfhey y hoilfhaghey, dy 
I eh lioriih Shtrveito Goo ca- 
rick Yee bannaght Ftayfley 
:caghyn y gheddyn, marifh 
me as Coyrfe - anmey, dy 
ir e Chooinfheanfe gys Shee, 
ly haghney dy chooilley oyr 
gle as Dooyt. 


^r-nonney^ my hee eh yn Pob- 
meeriwfagh dy hset gys y 
-eejliaght Chamerick^ ayns 
tyd y Choyrle reie 9 nee eh 
vydjeh'n Cboy'rlejboh. 


fmoo na oddys ufa nifli y fmooinagh* 
tyn. p 

. Vor oo Caa da dy hoiaghey royd 
Peccagbyn, nagh row, foddee, En- 
naghtyh ayd jeu roie, as oddys girree 
feofc ayns Briwnys dt'oi ; — 6r-nott- 
ney/dy reaghey oo verh Dwytyrt ag- 
g! a &" g* rre * veih Aigney feagbnit ny 
/iflaynt* as cba oee veih Drogk- 
choo'mjhcanfc . 

As ny bee ayns Smooinaghtyn cha 
aggairagh da Giaidyn myghinagh dty 
Hau<tlt£gh gys Bochillyn e AggHfh. 
U. Eanxx. 23. as yn feayjley peccagh- 
yn men t'er oy choyrt liorifh e Hir- 
veiftagh, lurg da ve er rriagbt ayns 
Oyiyn.M Jght yn Arrys ayd, myr ta 
- loit ftyeele ayns y Tuftital ; nagh bee 
ftiob jeb Foays erbee Ton Slaynt dty 
Anmey, as foa Gerjagb dty Aigney. 


Cha nhegui da Sbirveimagh erbee 
dy Yee gra, nagh vod eh geddyn 
wheefh dy Hefhaght cooie as ta'n Ku- 
brick geearree dy ghoaill Creeftiaght 
m&rifhr, cha mennick as wooifhagh eh, 
derrey oddys eh dy firrinagh gra, dy 
vci eh er chuirrey e Phobblc ny fmoo 
nCheayrt, ayns Goaay Choyrle eHey fhoh.— As derrey t'eh er ghuee 
Jee dy ghreinnaghey ny Creeaghyn oc lefh Ennaghtyn jeh nyn Gurryrii 
yn Ghaojeyr, myr t'ch fb Giaidyn, as nagh jean eh ftiaghney dy yannoa 
t'eh goaill gys e Chree ere wheefh ta Ihie er Oardagh ta cha cafherick as 


Smooinaghtyn crauee. 

lHaarjyn ghraihagh, jy— — Tra nagh jean Graih veigh Tee 
I fliohcheetta meekiarail, coyrUghey Creefteenyn *y choyrt 

Grayfc Yee, dy hirveifhlTafteydanyaRaaidya, nee ad gyn- 



Tn Oarddgh fon Bhirveijh 


Lord's Supper; unto which, 
in God's Behalf, I bid you 
all that are here prefent, 
and befeech you for the 
Lord Jefus thrift's fake, 
that ye will not refufe to 
eome thereto, being fo lov- 
ingly called and bidden by 
God himfelf. Ye know how 
grievous and unkind a Thing 
it is, when a Man hath 
prepared a rich Fe&ft, deck- 
ed his Table with all kind 
of Provifion, fo that there 
lacketh nothing but the 
Guefts to fit down ; and 
yet they who are called 
(without any Caufe) moft un- 
thankfully refufe to come, 
which of you in fuch a Cafe 
would not be moved ? Who 
would nat think a great Inju- 
ry and Wrong done unto him ? 
Wherefore, moft dearly be- 
loved in Chrift, take ye good 
heed, left ye, withdrawing 
yourfelves from this holy 
Supper, provoke God's In- 
dignation againft you. It is 
an eafy Matter for a Man to 
fay, I will not communicate, 
becaufe I am otherwife hin- 
der'd with worldly Bufinefs. 
But fuch Excufes are not fo 
eafily accepted and allowed 
before God. If any Man 
fay, I am a grievous Sinner, 
and therefore am afraid* to 


tMs Exhortation what they muft ci* 
p^6t from uie defpifed Offers of Mercy. 

Say therefore td ydurfelf, Why 
am I fo earneftly, fo lovingly, invw 
ted ? Why is my Pajlor, why is th* 
Chutch, fo much concerned for my 
going to the Lord's Sapper ?— Is it 
not becauie (he knows that this is the 
moft acceptable Way of ferving God* 
of fecuring his Favour, and my own 

Salvation I 

Is it not belaufe (he would have 
me to look into the State of my 
Soul, as I muft do before I go to this 
Sacrament, that I may not live in the! 
Wa/ of Ruin, 'till I am furprized by 
Death, and utterly unprepared for 
the Account I muft give I 

Shall my Saviour's and his Mini/* 
ter's Love and Care be loft upon me ? 
Is this the Way to (hew my Thank- 
fulnefs for the Meroies 1 hope for on 
account of his Death i 

Is He the Better' for my Services ? 
Or do I not indeed ferve royfelf 
moft, when I obey his Commands, 
and accept of his Invitation ? 

Tkey that are ivAofc, indeed, need 
not a Phyfician ; but dare I fay this 
is my Caie ? — When I fo fendbly 
feel the Corruption of my Nature, and 
how much I (iand in need of Help. 

Muft I be invited* intreated, em* 
pel led, to give God Thanks for. the* 



Sbirveijb, Smooinaghtyn craute. 

ibber y Chiarn ; huggey afs 
1 Tee ta mee cuirrey ftiiu 
lley t'ayns fhoh kionfenifh, 

guee erriu er Grain yn 
iarn Yeefey Creeft, nagh 
3 fliiu dy heet huggey, fakin 

vel (hiu cha graihagh er 
1 earn as er nyn guirrey lio- 
1 Jee hene. Ta fys eu cre*n 
d lcaghnagh as neu-ghoote 
. tra oa Dooinney er n'aar- 
hey Cuirraghyn deyr, er 
aghey magh e Voayrd lefh 
chooilley chaghlaa dy 
lien, myr fhen nagh vel veg 
laccal agh ny Goaldee dy 
e flieefe ; as foaft t'adfyn 
r nyn guirrey (fegooifh Oyr 
teejdy feer neu-wooifal gob- 

dy neet. Quoi jiuifli er 
id yh Oyr mob nagh beagh 
tfiiit ? Quoi nagh fmooinagh 

beagh Affee as Aggajr 
ioar jeant da? Shen-y.fa, 
utrjyn feer ghraihagh ayns 
eeft, gow-jee taftey vie, er- 
;lc liorilh nyn Ghreeym y 
tidaa rifh y Chibber chafne- 
k Ihoh, dy brafnce fliiu Cor- 
: Yee nyn 'of. Te Red feer 
hagh da Dooinney dy ghra, 
a goyra's yn Chreeftiaght, 
y-fa dy vel mee er aght el- 
lhiettit lefli Obbyr fcihl- 
;h. Agh cha vel llieid ny 
flitallyn cha aalhagh goit as 
vit ayns fenifli Yee. My jir 
loinney erbee, Ta milh my 

faghey veih'o Chsyrli Ihoh, ere (begin 
daucjercal rifh veih ny Cbebbya dy 
Vyghio t'ad fiiaghey begjeu. 

Abbyr er-y fa theri rhyt bene, 
Cre'n-fa ta milh cha jeean, cha 
graihagh, er my cholrrcy ? Cre'n-fa 
ta my Vacbilley-atmey, cre'o-fa ta'n 
AggJiih cha aggiodagh mee dy heet 
gys Shibber y Cbiarh .'—Nagh vel eh 
Ton dy vel Fys eck dy nee Ihoh yn 
Aght t'booifal dy hirveiih Jec, dy 
yannoo fhickyr jeh'n Foayr ecjtty, at 
jeh my Haualtys heae I .? 

Nagh vel eh (on dy bwooilhagh en 
mee dy ghoaill Taftey jeh Stayd my 
Anmey, myr ihegin don .'yannoo my 
jem gvs y Sacrament ihoh, nagh jean- 
ym beaghey ayns Stayd dy Hoyrt- 
mow, derrey hig y Baafe orryin gyn- 
yfs, at mee ooilley'cooidjagh neu- 
chiarit fon y Coontey Ihegin dou 

Nhegin da Gratb ai Imiuamy Haw 
alsagh as e Hirveijhee ve caiilit or* 
ryra'i I — Nee (huh yo Aght dy hoi/- 
Ihaghey my Vooife fon cy Myghinyn 
ta mee treilhteil er nyn fon er coon- 
tey yn Vaafe echeyfyo ? ■ 

Vel ejhyn veg Jhare fon mifh ve dy 
Mrveifh eh ? Er-nonney ygh vel mea 
dy jarroo jannoo yn Chifteilh. fmoo 
dou hene, tra ta mee cur Biallys da 
ny Saragbyn echey, as janneo Soi- 
aghey jeh e Cbnirrey ? 

S'feer eh, Nagh vel Feme' ocfyit 
t'ayns Slaynt er Fer-lhet; Agh lh..ys 
dooys gra dy nee ihoh ray Stayd ?— « 
Tra ta mee cha piandagh gtnnagblyn 
Neu - ghlennid taj Gboaghyi, a* ere 
wheeih at ta mee feme Cooney, 

Nhegin dooys ve turrit, ve breaglt, 

Te eginit, dy cboyrt Booife da J« on 


ii 4 

Tn Oardagb fori Shirveifi. 


come : wherefore then do 
ye not repent and amend ? 
When God calleth you, . arc 
ye not afhamed to fay, you 
will not come ? When ye 
fliould return to God, will 
ye excufe yourfelves* and fay, 
ye are not ready ? Conf der 
earneftly with yourfelves, how 
little fuch feigned Excufes 
will avail before God. They 
that refufed the Feaft in 
the Gofpel, becaufe they 
had bought a Farm, or would 
try their Yokes of Oxen, or 
becaufe they were married, 
were not fo excufed, but 
counted unworthy of the hea- 
venly Feaft. I for my part 
ihall be ready, and, accord- 
ing to my Office, I bid you 
in the Name of God ; 1 
call you in Chrift's Behalf; 
•I exhort you, as you love 
your own Salvation, that ye 
will be Partakers of this ho- 
ly Communion. And as the 
Son of God did vouchfafe 
to yield up his Soul by 
Death upon the Crofs for 
your Salvatioii ; fo it is youi* 
Duty to receive the Com- 
. munion in Remembrance of 
the Sacrifice of his Death, as 
he himfelf hath commanded : 
Which if ye lhall negleft to 
do, confider with yourfelves 
how great Injury you do 

Pious Refleftions* 

greateft Bleffings he ever bellowed 
on Men I — And to lay bold on the 
only Means of making my Peace 
with him ? 

Doth it repent me, that I was de- 
dicated to God in Baptifm ? 

How (hall I tremble, if I mould 
be required to renounce my Saviour, 
and all my Hopes in his Death ? 

What can be more like it than fre- 
quently turning my Back upon this 
Ordinance when i am invited I 

How many Tears did it coft St. 

Peter for laying, thai he was not 
\ Chrift's Difciple 1 Will it be ac 
j counted a left Crime in me to deny 
J Him in Deed, by refuting to join my- 

feif with his Diiciples ? 

What if this mould be the loft Op- 
portunity that God will vouchfafe 
me ? This having been the; Cafe of 
many before me. 

Can I expect to be received, after 

fo many wilful Neglecls, when I am 

compelled by Deatn to flee to Jelus 

Chiift for He p and Comfort, when 

I ihall moft iiand in need of it I 

Let me confider what I am invited 
to :-— To thank my Saviour for my 
Redemption; — To engage Him to be 
my Advocate with God for my Par* 
don ; — To declare my Love and Cba* 
rity for all Mankind, which he has 
been fo good as to redeem :■ ■■ ■ ■ 'And 
to declare my Refolutions of living 
as becomes a Chriftian. 

'Tis true, I am ummrthy % (and 
who is not of himfelf unworthy of 
God's Mercy ?) and To am afraid of 
going unprepared : But then I will 
confider, that thefe very Fears of of* 
fending God ttcjbme Degree of Pre- 




Sbirveijh. Smooinagbtyn Crauee. 

Pheccagh, as ihen-y-fa ta 
; goaill aggie dy heet : cre'n 

eiiht nagh vel fhiu goaill 
f& as Ihiaffaghey nyn Mea ? 
1 ta Jee geamagh erriu, 
h vel nearcy erriu dy ghra 
h jig ihiu ? Tra lhifagh ihiu 
ndaa gys Jee, jean ihiu 
htallyn y yannooj as gra 
h vel Ihiu aarloo ? Smooin- 
ee dy dowin riu hene, ere 

beg feeu vecs lheid ny 
htallyn foalfey ayns fliilley 
:. Adfyn dob ny Cuir- 
hyn ayns y Tuihtal, er-yn- 
dy row ad er chionnaghey 
ley, ny dy bail I in nyn Gub- 
dy Gliew y hrial, ny fon 
row ad Pooft, cha row nyn 
htal myr ihen er ny ghoaill, 

v'ad coontit neu - teeu 
n Ghien flaunyffagh. Er 
phaart's bee'm aarloo ; as 
dail rifti my Oik, Ta mee 
rey fliiu ayns Ennym Yee; 
mee geamagh erriu afs lieh 
■cell ; Ta mee coyrlaghey 
;, myr ihynney lhieu nyn 
aitys hene, dy jig ihiu dy 
aill Ayrn jeh'n Chreef- 
ht chafherick. fhoh. As 
r by-chooidfave lefti Mac 
: dy hebbal feofe e Annym 
i£h baafeer y Ghrofii fon y 
laltys eu ; myr ihen ihe'n 
■rym eu eh dy ghoaill .y 
eeftiaght, ayns Cooinagh- 
jeh Sural c Vaafe, myr 

ny Bannaghtyn fmoo reo eh ricau y 
ghiootal er Deiney i — As dy ghoaill 
Greme er yn ynrycaa Saafe dy yan- 
1100 my Hee lilh ? 

Vel Arryt 01 rym, dy row mee et 
my chdherickey gys Jee ayns Balhtey? 

Kyi buittin er-creau, . dy beign 
yee^rtit dy hrtigiil my Haaaltagh, . t 
H ooilley my Hrathtejl ayn» y Vaafe 

Ck 1'jeeree oddys ve goll-rim na_ 
dy menoick chyndaa my Cbreeym rilh 
yn Oardagbey ftloh, tra ta mee cnir> 
nt huggey. 

Cre-woad Jrir choil eh da'n Noo 
Peddyr Ton gra, Nagh nee Oftyl da 
Cei:ft»'eh! Bee eh coontit Foil! 
flea aynym'a dy obbal eb ayns Jannos, 
1 10 rill) Ihigge'y (haghey dy beet ayni 
Sbelhaght maroofyn ta geiyrt da'n 
Ifnfagbey echey i 

Cre dy beagh fhoh yn Cheayrt 
s'jerree by-ehooidfave le/h Jee gea* 
Hugh orfjrm t Myr ta (hob er ve 
Cooiih ymmodee dy eallagh roym. 

Voddym's jerkal dy gow eh rhym, 
Surg dou ve •whillta keayrt er n'yanma ■ 
l\l;erhofe jch my Yioin, tra ta mee e- 
ginit Jiorifh y Vaafe dy . chofney gy» 
Yeeley Creeft fon Cooney as Ger» 
jagh, tra fmoo vee'iu fhaflbo ayoi 
Feme jeh ? 

Lhig dou fmooinaghtyn dy dowin 
ere gy* U mee euirrit :— Dy chuf 
Booife da my Haualtagh fon my Haw 
fl /(, /; _Dy ghaee er dy loayrt aft 
my Lieh rifh Jee fon my Pbardoon : 
Dy hoilflughey my Ghraih a» ray 
Ghiajlyllys da ooilley Sheelnane, t'eb 

»e cha mie a* dy cbionnaghey-r 
..jflrtl— As dy hoiHhaghey ray 
Ghialdynyo dy leeideii Bea myr « 
cooie da Creeftw. 


Ii6 Yn Oarddgh Jon Sbirveifb 

Communion. Pious Reft eft ions < 

unto God, and how fore a 
Punilhment hangeth over your 
Heads for the fame ; when 
ye wilfully abftain from the^ 
•Lord's Table, and feparate 
from your Brethren, who 
come to feed on the Banquet 
of that mod heavenly Food. 
Thefe Things if ye earneft- 
iy confider, ye will by God's 
Grace return to a better 
Mind : for the obtaining 
whereof, we (hall not ceafe 
to make our humble Peti- 
tions unto Almighty God 

pjjr Heavenly Father, 


At the Time of the Cele- 
bration of the Communion, 
the Communicants being con- 
veniently placed for the Re- 
ceiving of the Holy Sacra- 
mentj the Tried fhall fay 
this Exhortation* 

paration ; and to rcfufc when I am 
invited, will but increafe my Guilt. 

I will therefore go, that I may ob- 
tain Grace to be better prepared, 
every Time I have an Opportunity 
of going to vhis Sacrament. 


If you ferioufly attend to the fol- 
lowing Exhortation, you will be better 
able to judge bow weli you are pre- 
pared :— You will m fee the .Benefit 
you may depend on by a worthy Pre* 
paration, and the Evils you expofe 
yourleif to, by going rafhly, or out 
of mere Cultom, to this holy Sacra- 


DEARLY beloved in the Lord ! ye that mind to 
come to the holy Communion of the Body and 
Blood of <pur Saviour Chrift, muft confider how St. Paul 
exhorteth ajl Perfons diligently to try and examine them- 

' t'eh 




hene er chur farey : Shcn 
vces fhiu meerioofagh dy 
100, fmooinee-jee dy dowin 
hene cre'n Aggair mooar 
liu jannoo da Jee, as cre'n 
raghey trome ta croghey 
:4(h nyn Ghing fen y 
oid cheddin; tra ta fhiu 
nyn yioin cur^cooyl rifli 
Lyrd y Chiarn, as fcarrey 
i nyn Mraaraghyn, ta cheet 
ireaghey er Cuirraghyn y 
ten fmop flaunyffagh flien. 
Reddyn fhoh my fmooinys 
i dy creeoil orroo, nee fhiu 
ifh Grayfe Yee chyndaa gys 
ley (hare : dy vod fhiu fhen 
jheddyn, cha jean mayd 
trr dy yannoo nyn Accanyn 
ee gys Jee Ooilley - niartal, 
i Ayr Flaunyffagh. 


Ec y Tract ta'n Chreefiiaght 
ny hirveijh as ny Goaldee 
\s y Voayl cooie dy ghoaill y- 
:rament cq/herick 9 nee yn 
Zgyrt lhaih yn Choyrle 

Smooinaghtyn crauee. 

S'feer eh, dy vel mee neu-feeu (at 
quoi jeh hene nagh ?el neu - feeu 
jeh Myghin Yee ?) as myr fhoh ta. 
aggfe orrym go\\ gyn jannoo aarloo ro~ 
laue ery bon : Agh eifht goyra gys my 
Chrec, dy vel yn eer Aggie Jhoh dy 
chur Jymnaoofe er Jee, ayns Aym 
jannoo aarloo ny chour ; as dy ob- 
bal tra ta mee cuirrit, cha jean eh agh 
my Pheccab y yannoo ny fmoo. 

Hem er-y-faflien, dy voddym 
Grayfe y gheddyn dy ve ny (hare aar- 
loo ny chour, dy chooilley Cheayrt 
ta mee cr my chuirrey gys y Sacra- 
ment fhohu 


My eaiflitys oo dy geyre rifli y 
Choyrle ta cheet ny lurg fhoh, foddee 
oo briwnys ny (hare ere cha mie as 
t'ou kiarit ny chour :— Hee oo ny 
Bannaghtyn oddys oo jercal roo lio- 
rifh ve dy feeu aarloo er y hon, as y 
Kerragkey t'ou cur oo hene ayns 
Gaue jeh, lioriih goll gyn Tort, ny 
afs eer Cliaghtey, gys y Sacrament 
catherick. mob. 


^Haarjyn graihagh ayns y Chiarn, fhiuifh ta aignagh dy heet 
J gys y Chreeftiaght'chaflierick jeh Corp as Fuill nyn Sau- 
agh Creeft, (begin diu fraooinaghtyn riu hene kys ta'n Noo 



Tn Oardagb fon Sbirveijb 


felves, before they prefume to eat of that Bread and drink 
of that Cup. For, as the Benefit is great, if with a true 
penitent Heart, and lively Faith, we receive that holy Sa- 
crament (for then we "fpiritually eat the Flefti of Chrift, 
and drink his Blood ; then I 

wc dwell in Cfaqjift, and Directions and Devotions. 
Chrift in us ; we are one 

with Chrift, and Chrift with H f efiy { ecf & , May h bc ac ' 

\ r • \u t\ -. I cording to this Word to me, and to 

us) ; fo is the Danger great, ! emf g^ hcrc prcfcnt , 
if we receive the fame un- 

worthily.— —For then we 

Suffer us not, O God, to draw 
thefe Judgments upon ourfelres by 
going prefumptuoufly to thy holy 

are guilty of the Body and 

Blood of Chrift our Saviour; 

we eat and drink our own 

Damnation, not considering the Lord's Body; we kindle 

God's Wrath againft us ; we provoke him to plague us 

with divers Difeafes, and fundry Kinds of Death.——. 

Judge therefore yourfelves, 

Brethren, that ye be not 

judged of the Lord ; repent 

ye truly for your Sins paft; 

have a lively and ftedfaft 

Faith in Chrift our Saviour ; 

amend your Lives, and be 

in perfeft Charity with all 

Partakers of thofe holy Myfteries. 

Things, ye muft give moftj 

humble and hearty Thanks 

to God the Father, the BlefTed be the glorious Trinity for 

I am indeed a miferable Sinner : 
God be merciful unto me. 

I believe ; Lord, increafe my 

Men ; fo (hall ye be meet 
And above all 

our Redemption. 

In thefe thy Sufferings, O Jefus, 
1 fee the Punifhment due to Sinners* 

Son, and the Holy Ghoft, 

for the Redemption of the 

World, by the Death and 

Paffion of our Saviour 

Chrift, both God and Man ; 

who did humble himfelf even to the Death upon the 

Crofs, fpr. us miferable Sinners, who lay in Darknefs, 

and the Shadow of Death, that he .might make us the 

Childrqi : of God* and exalt us to everlafting Life, And 








Paul coyrlaghey dy chooilley Pherfoon dy imneagh dy hrial as 

ly eylht ad hene, roifh my gow ad Qrroo dy ee jeh'n Arran (hen, 

ls dy iu jeh'n Chappan fhen. Son 'naght myr ta'n Bannaght 

nooar, my ta fhin lefh Crce dy firrinagh Arryffagh, as Cred- 

ue bioal, goaill y Sacrament caflierick fhen ; (fon eifht ta fhin 

urg jAght fpyrrydoil gee Feill 

Tnfaghey as Padjeryn. 

\ Jynsjhob abbyr rhyt bene, Myr fhen 
dy row clooys, as da dy chooilley An- 
nym ayn? fhoh kionfeoifh, cordail ri(h 
ny Goan fliok ! 

Ny fur ufs (hinyn, O Yce, dy 
hayrn ny BriwnyfTyo fhoh orrin bene, 
liorifh goll dydaaney gysdty Voayrd 

Chreeft, as giu yn Uill echey ; 

■ifht ta fhin baghey ayns Creeft, 

is Creeft ayninyn ; ta fhin un- 

nane marifh Creeft, as Creeft 

marinyn :) myr fhen ta'n Dan- 

jeyr mooar, my ta fhin goaill 

f Chreefti^ght cheddin dy neu- 

feeu : fon eilht ta fhin oolee 

jeh Corp as Fuill Chreeft nyn | 

Saualtagh; ta fhin gee as giu yn Rerraghey ain hene, fe-i 

gooifh Taftey 'choyrt da Corp y Chiarn ; ta fhin brafnaghey 

Corree Yee nyn '01, as greinnaghey eh dy Cherraghey fhin lefh 

caghlaaghyn dy Ghoghanyn, as ymmodee Aghtyn Baaifh; Jean- 

jee fhiu hene y Vriwnys er-y-fa 

hen, Vraaraghyn, nagh bee _ . . _ 

hiii er nvn mriwnvs liorifh v Ta m ee dy jarroo Peccagh treih: 
nm er nyn mnwnys uorun y 1 Dy ^ Jce Myghin orrym j 

chiarn ; gow-jee Arrys nrnn- j 

ighfon nyn Beccaghyn t'erj Ta roee credjal, Hiarn, bilhee my 
i'gholl fhaghey ; lhigdaCred- Chredjuc. 
uc bioal as fhickyr 9 vc eu ayns \ 
Creeft nyn Saualtagh ; Lhiaf- ' 

ee-jee nyn Mea, as bee-jee ayns Graih firrinagh rifh dy chooil- 
ey Ghooinney ; myr fhen vces fhiu feeu dy ghoaill Ayrn jeh 
ly Folliaghtyn calherick fhen.— .As erfkyn dy chooilley Nhee, ... 
hegin diu Booife imlee as cree- 

Baimit dy row yn Trin&id ghloyrV 
oil Too y Taualtyi ain. 

>il y chpyrt da Jee yn Ayr, y 
Wac, as y Spyriycl Noo, fon 
Cionnaghey - reefht y Theihll 
iorifh Baafe as Surranfe nyn 
Jaualtagh Creeft, chammah Jee 
is Dooinney ; ren eh hene y 
njillaghey dy jarroo gjrs y Baafe cr y Chrofh, er ny fon ainyn 


Ayns fhoh dty Hurranfe, O Yee- 
fcy, ta mec fakin y Kerraghey ta cair 
da Peccee. 


Tn Oardagb fon Sbiroeijh 


Directions and Devotions. 

BIcfTed be thy holy Name, for 
this Inftance of thy Love and Coo* 
cern for Sinners, left they (hoald for- 
get themfelve* and Thee. 

to the end that we fhould 
always remember the ex- 
ceeding great Love of our 
Mafter, and only Saviour 
Jefus Chrift, thus dying for 
us, and the innumerable 
Benefits, which by his precious Blood-fhedding he hath 
obtained to us : He hath inftituted and ordained holy 
Myfteries as Pledges of his 

May I never forget this invaluable 
Bleffiog ;. — May I never negleft 
this way of preferving the Remem- 
brance of it ! 

Love, and for a continual 
Remembrance of his Death 
to our great and end- 
refs Comfort. 

To him therefore, with the Father and the Holy Ghoft, 
let us give (^s we are moft bounden) continual Thanks, 
fubmitting ourfelves wholly to his holy Will and Plea- 
fure, and ftudying to ferve him in true Holinefe and 
righteoufiicfs all the Days of our Life. Amen* 



Then Jhall the Priejl fay to tbem that come to receive 
the holy Communion. 


YE that do truly and 
earneftly repent you of 
your Sins, and are in Love 
and Charity with your 
Neighbours, and intend t© 


lead a new Life, following | God ' t0 do - 
the Commandments of God, and walking from hence* 
forth in his holy Ways ; draw near with Faith, and 
take this holy Sacrament to your Comfort, and make 


Directions and Devotions. 

I do fiocerely repent, and I am 
fotry for my Sins. 

I forgive, as I hope to be for- i 

This I parpofe, by the Grace of 




Ynfagbey as Padjerytli 

. Bannit dy row dty Ennym cafhe* 
rick, Ton y Cowrey (hoh jeh dtf 
Ghraifi as dty Aigoey-mie da Peccee* 
er -aggie dy jarroodagh ad ad-hene as 

?ccccc hreih, ya nyn lhic ayns 

Dorraghys as Scadoo yn 

(faaifli, dy voddagli eh fliin y 

fannoo nyn Gloan dy Yee, as 

hin y hrpggal feofe gys y Vea 

ly bragh farraghtyn. As dy voddagh (hin dy kinjagh cooin* 

ightyn er Graih feer vooar nyn Mainfliter, as nyn ynrycan Sau* 

iltagh Yeefey Creeft, myr Ihoh geddyn Baafe er nyn fon, as er 

ay Bannaghtyn erfkyn-earroo t'eh liorifh deayrtey e Uill fmoo 

x>afle er chofney dooinyn ; t'eh er phointeil as er n'oardaghey 

Folliaghtyn cafherick, myr 

Nagh row Nooyrt dooys dy bragh 
jarrood yn Bannagbt erfkyn earroo 
(hoh !— Nagh row Nouyn dou dy 
bragh beg y hoiaghey jeh'n A^ht 
(hoh dy reayll feofe Cooinaghtyn jehi 

Cowraghyn jeh e Ghraih, as 
Ton Cooinaghtyn kinjagh jeh e 
Vaafe, gys-y Gerjagh mooar 
ainyn nagh bee dy bragh ec 

Dafyn er-y-fa (hen, marifli yn Ayr, as y Spyrryd Noo, ttjig 
dooinyn (myr ta fliin dy mooar kianlt) Booife kinjagh y choyrt ; 
ginjillaghey fhin hene dy flane gys e Aigney camericfc, as im* 
neagh dy hirveifh eh ayns Craueeaght firrinagjh as Cairys ooil- 
ley Laghyn nyn Mea. Amen. 



Eijht nee'n Saggyrt gra roofyn ta cheet dy ghoailt y Chteef* 
tiaght chajherick. 


Yn/agbey as Padjerytti 

SHiuifti ta dy firrinagh as dy 
creeoil goaill Arrys fon nyn 
Bcccaghyn, as ta ayns Graih 
as Giaftyllys rifh nyn Naboo- 
nyn, as kiarail dy leeideil Bea 
noa, geiyrt er Annaghyn Yee, 
as gimmeeaght maghey (hoh ayns e Raaidyn calherick } Tayrn- 
jee er-gerrey le(h Credjue, as gow-jee yn Sacrament calherick 
ihoh gys y Gerjagh eu $ as gow-jee rith xiya fieccaghyn dy 

R your 

Ta roee dy creeoil goaill Arfys, at 
ta mce trimfhagh fon my Pheccaghya* 

Ta mee leih, myr ta mce treifhteit 
Leih y gheddyn. 

Shoh ta mee kiarit, liorifh Grayfc 
Yee, dy yaf noo. 


Tn Oardagb fon Sbirixijb 



your humble Confeffion to 
Alrpighty God, meekly kneel- 
ing upon your Knees* 

Direflions and Devotions. 

May it be to mine, awl to this 
Comfort of every Soul here prefent. 



This moft excellent Ffrm bf &a* 
fcjjfon may be made tife of in pri- 
vate, by every one who is pre* 
paring himfelf for this Sacrament, 

Then Jhall this geheral 
Confeffion be made, in the 
Name of all thofe that are 
minded to receive the holy 
Communion, by one of the Mi- 
ni/ten, both he and all the People kneeling hufnbly upon their 
Knees, and faying* 



ALmighty God, Father of our Lord jefus GhriS, 
Maker bf all Things, Judge of all Men ! We ac- 
knowledge and bewail our manifold Sins and Wicked* 
nefs, which we from time to time moft grievbufly hive 
committed, by Thought, Word and Deed, againft thy 
Divine Majefty, provoking moft juftly thy Wrath and In- 
dignation againft us. We do. earneftly repent, and are 
heartily forry for thefe our Mifdoings ; the Remembrance 
of them is grievous unto us ; the Burden of them is 
intolerable. Have Mercy upon us, have Mercy upon lis, 
moft merciful Father j for thy Son oar Lord Jefus 
Chrift's fake, forgive us all that is paft, and grant that 
we may ever hereafter ferve and pleafe Thep in Newnels 
of Life, to the Honour and Glory of thy "Name, thto* 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 


' Then /hall the Triefi for the Bijhop ptofMtj fartd 'fjp, 
and turning himfelf to the Pedple, pronounce this Mfehcttin. 

, injH 



Y CHURN. 143 

7nfaghey as Padjeryn. 

gys Ijee Ooilley - niartal, 
alec' tuittym jhppfe er nyn 


Dy row fhoh gys my Gherjagh'*, 
» gy* Gerjagh dy chooilley Annynj 
ayni flioh kionfenilh. 


Foddee yn rein P adjer fixh fon 
Geailt-rijh Peccagiyn, v't gait ee y 
Thie, liorifti dy chooilley nmiue tfc 
geddyo eh bene urloo cour y Sacri- 

ijbt bee yn Ghoqilt-rffh cad- 

(bob dy Pbeccagbyn er ny 

oo ayns yn Ennym ocfyn 

y ta aignagb dy ghoailly 

ejiiagbt cbajherick, Itorlfh 

ieb ny Saggyrtyn t cbammab Efoyn at ooilley in Pebble dy im- 

tlttym Ibeefe er nyn Gblioonyn, as gra t 


EE Ooilley - niartal, Ayr nyn Jiarn Teefey Creeft, Fer- 
croo dy chooilley Nhee, IJriw dy chooilley Ghooinney j 
bin goaill-rifli, as dobberan fon nyn ymmodec-ifilley Pec- 
yn as Olkys, ta lhin yeih traa gy traa dy feer trome cr 
rifh, lioriih Smooinaght, Raa, as Jannoo, noi dty Ard- 
bJey's Flaunyfiagh, Brafnaghey. dy feer cairagh dty Char* 
is dty Vymmoofe nyn *oi". Ta lhin dy firrinagh goaill Ar- 
as ta lhin dy creeoil trimfttagh fon oc fiioh nyn Ghrogh* 
100 ; Ta'n Chooinaghtyn oc feaghnagh doojn ; Ta'n Er- 
se ny fmoo na oddys mayd y ymmyrkey. Jean Myghin 
1, jean Myghin orrin, Ayr fmoo vyghinagh; er Graih 
Vac nyn Jiarn Yeefey Creeft, leih dooin ooi|ley ny t'er 
.oil fliaghey ; As giall dy vod mayd dy bragh ny yei fhoh 
y hirvcifli as y wooiys ayns Bea Noa. Gys Ooathley as 
yr dty Ennym, trooid Yeefey Creeft nyn Jiarn. Amen* 

ijht nee y\n Saggyrt (er-nonney y« Afptek my feb klonfenljbj 
'wfeofe, as cbyndaa eb bene gys y Pgbble focklse eb tnagb yn 



Tn Oardagh Jon Sbirvetjb. 


ALmighty God, our Heavenly Father, who of his great 
Mercy hath promifed Forgivenefs of Sins, to all them 
that with hearty Repentance, and true Faith, turn unto 
him ; have Mercy upon you $ pardon and deliver you 
from all your Sins ; con- 
firm and ftrengthen you in Devotions. 
all Goodnefs, and bring 

you to everlafting Life, Ma y thi « P* rdon » JP, ?*' ** 
W Jcfu 8 Chrift ou S r Lo,dJ JZffJSfcZ? ** ** 
Amen* I 

Then /ball the Prie/i fay: 

Hear * what comfortable Words our Saviour Chrift fcith 

unto all that truly turn to him : 



COME unto me, all that 
travel and are heavy 
laden, and I will refreih 
you. Mat. xi. a 8. 

So God loved the World, 
that he gave his only begot- 
ten Son, to the end that 
all that believe in him 
fhould not perifh, but have 
everlafting Life. St. John 
iii, 1 6. 


Make me, O Jefus, truly fen- 
fiblc of my fad Condition^ that I 
may more gladly go to Thee for 

I believe ; Lord, increafe my 
Faith, that I may ever love and 
obey Thee, who hadft fuch Love 
and Concern for me to fave me 
from periihing. 

* Tbefe moft comfortable Words fhould always be read with great 
Deliberation, that the People may have Time to reflect upon them; 
—and to apply them every one to the Comfort of his own Soul, 
and to prevent all unreafooable Fears and Doubts of God's gracious 
Pardon and Acceptance. 





EE Ooilley-niartal nyn Ayr Flaunyffagh, ta jch c Vyghin 
vooar er ghialdyn Leih Peccaghyn dauefyn ooilley ta lefh 
r rys creeoil as Credjue firrinagh chyndaa huggey ; Dy jean 
1 Myghin erriu, dy jean eh fliiu y phardooney as y livrey veih 
Dilley nyn Beccaghyn, dy 
an eh fliiu y hiekyraghey as 
niartaghey ayns dy chooilley 
ieys, as dy der eh lefh fliiu 
ys y Vea dy bragh farragh- 
pn, trooid Yeefey Creeft nyn 
iarn. Amen. I 


Dy jean y Pardoon fhofa, O Yee, 
tannaghtyn er my Aonym's, as Leih 
ooilley my Pheccaghyn y yanno^ 
fhickyr hyra. 

EiJU nee'n Saggyrt gra 9 

3afht-jee * ere ny Goan gerjoilagh ta nyn Saualtagh Creeft dy 
ghra roofyn ooilley ta dy firrinagh chyndaa huggey. 


TAR - jee hym's, ooilley 
ihiuiih ta deinagh as 
trome laadit, as neem's ihiu 
f ooraghey. N. Mian xi. 28. 

Lheid y Ghraih (hen hug 
Jee da'n Theihll, dy dug eh 
e ynrycan Vac v'er ny ghed- 
dyn, nagh jinnagh quoi-erbee 
chredjagh aynfyn cherraghtyn, 
agh y Vea ta dy bragh farragh- 
tyn y chofney. N. Ean iii. 16. 


Cur ufs dooys,0 Yeefey, Ennaghtyn 
firrinagh jeh my Stayd breih, dy vod- 
dym ny s'arryltee goll Ton Cooney 

Ta mee credjal ; Hiaro, biftiee my 
Chredjue, dy voddym dy bragh 
Graib y chur Dhyt, as ve biallagb 
Dhyt, ayd va lheid y Ghraih as yn 
Aigney - mie dooys dy hauail mee 
veih cherraghtyq. 

# Lhifagh ny Goan fmoo gerjoilagh flioh ve kinjagh er ny lhaih left lane 
Jeeanid, dy tod Traa ve ec y Pobble dy fraooinaghtyn orroo ayns nyn Gree; 
—as dy hyndaa ad dagh unnaoe gys Gerjagh e Annym hehe, as dy Ihiettal 
dy chooilley' Aggie at JLmnea nea-refoonagh mychione Pardoon ghrayfoil at 
Foayr Yee. 


126 Tn Oardagh fm Stfrveifh. 

Communion. \ Devotions. 

Hear allb what St. Paul 


This is a true Saying, 
and worthy of all Men to 
be received, that Chrift Je- 

I receive this Truth, O 1&4, 
with & thankful Heut.~*-0 kt 
not that CwmpaJJiofi be loft 
upon me, which moved Xhee ;p 

fus came into the World to j C pmc into the World tofayc Sinners. 

fave Sinners, i Tm* i. 15. 

Hear alfo what St. John 


If any Man fin, we have I have finned, O hlejfed Advo- 
an Advocate with the Fa- cat * * and do therefore put my 
ther, Jefus Chrift the Righ- £ aufe D /T thy Hands ; that by 

ta* and he > ,h. Pro- £,' J££ ^"t$ ^ 
pitiation tor our Sms. I / my Pardon. 

J^Afl »• i« 


After which the Prie/l Jbali proceed* faying* 

Lift up yqur Hearts. 

Anfw. We will them up, unto the Lord. 

Prieft. Let us give Thanks unto our Lord God. 

* ■ 

Anfw. // is meet and right fi to do. 

Then JhaH the Priejl turn to the Lord's Table and fay, 

IT is very meet, right, and our bounden Duty, that we 
fhould at all Times, and in all Places, give Thanks un- 
to Thee, O.Lord, Jfoiy '.Father, , Almighty, ^yerfaftlng Qod. 







Gfefht-jeft ttyrgeddin rifli riy 
«fh Nfco Paul dy ghra : 

Shoh Raa firrinagh, as feeu 
Af d-foiagh Ve jcant jeh liorifh 
dy chooilley Ghooinney, Dy 
daink Credl Yccfey gys y 
Theihll dy hauail teccee. 1 
Tim. i. 15. 

Gliaflrt-jce itfytgeddin rifli ny 
ta'n Noo Ean gra : 

My ta Dboinney erbee jan- 
noo Peccah, ta Fcr ain ta 
loayrt er nyn fon rifli yn Ayr, 
Yecfey Creeft yn fer-cairagh : 
as flic dhyn yn Lhiaffaghey 
ion nyn Beccaghyn. 1 Ean ii. 1 « 


.Ta race, O Hiarn, goaill hym 
pene yn Raa firrinagh (hob, lefh Cree 
booifal. — O ny Ihig da'n Chymmey Jhen 
ve caillit orrym's, ren ufs y veiygbey 
dy heet ftiagh 'fy Theihll dy bmail 

Ta mee er n'yannoo Peccah, O 
Charrey bannee ; as (hen -y- fa ta meer 
cur my Chooifh ayns , dty Laueyn ; 
liorifh dty Uill as dty Hoilchinys, as 
dty P hleadeil pooaral er my hon> dy vod 
00 Leih my Pheccaghyn y chofney 

Shiwcifh. ' 
Ny lurgjhoh hedy Saggy rt er e HoJhiaght> gr# 9 

Trog-jee feofe nyn Greeaghyn, 

AnC Ta Jbin troggal adfeofe gys y Chiam. 

Saggyft. hhig dooin Booife y choyrt da nyn Jiarn Jec. 

An£ Te cooie as cairjhen y yannoo, 

Eijht riee'n Saggy rt cbyndaagys Boayrjdy Chiam , as gra 9 

T BitCr diooie, tair, as nyn Gurry m kianlt, dy lhifagh fhin 
cc dy chooilley Hraa, as ayns dy chooiljey Ynnyd, Booife 
p choyrt Dhyt's, O Hiarn, Ayr Chafherick, Ooilley-niartal, 
Kee dy bragh Farraghtyn ! 



Tn Oar dag b fan Sbirveijh 


Here jhall follow the proper Preface, according to the 
Time, if there be any fpecially appointed: or elfe immediately 
Jhall follow, 


1 Therefore with Angels 
and Archangels, and 
with all the Company of 
Heaven, we laud and mag- 
nify thy glorious Name, e- 
vermore praifing Thee, and 
faying, Holy, Holy fl Holy, 
Lord God of Hofts, Heaven and Earth are full of thy 
Glgry. Glory be to Ihee, O Lord mod High. Amen. 

Directions and Devotions. 

If this Form of praifing the mod 
high Gcd. were ofter*cr in Chrif- 
tians Mouths than it is, it, would 
mod certtinlv render them more 
worthy both to join in this Service 
here, and in Heaven, with the An- 
gels of God, hereafter. 

Proper Prefaces, 

Upon Chriftmas Day, and fe- 
ven Days after. 

Thefejhort Prayers following may U 
made ufe of in your private Devo- 
tions, either in Church or at home* 

FOrm in me, O God, by the Pow- 
er of the fame Spirit, all the 
Graces and Virtues, which thy Holy 
Son came to teach us, when be cloath* 
ed himfelfnuith our Flejh; in order to 
reftore us to thy Favour, and to fit 
u$ for Heaven* 

BECAUSE thou didft give 
Jefus Chrift thine only 
Son to be born as at this 
Time for us, who by the O- 
peration of the Holy Ghoft, 
was made very Man of the 

Subftance of the Virgin Mary his Mother, and that with 
out Spot of Sin, to make us clean from all Sin. There 
fore with Angels, &c. 

Upon Eafter Day, and fevtn Devotions. 

Days after. 

BUT chiefly are we bound |\T AY that a»-powerful Spirit, 
to nraife Thee for the IVi which rai f ed u * J c ^ 8 our 
to praue inee ror tnei Lord from |hc Dcad> Rai j cm \ 

glorious Refurre&ion of thy 
Son Jefus Chrift our Lord; 

from the Death of Sin unto the lift 
of Righteoufnefs ; that living in thy , 





Aynsjhoh vees er ny lhaih yn Phadjer chooie, cordail rijh yn 
Imbagb, my ta Iheid er-lheh pointit er y bun : er-nonney cheilee* 
ragh vees er ny lhaih , 


SHen-y-fa marifh Ainleyn, 
as Ard-ainleyn, as marifti 
ooilley Sheihaght Flaunys, ta 
fhin cur moylley as ard-voyl-' 
ley da dty tinny m gloyroil ; dy 
bragh moylley 00, as gra, Ca- 
fherick, Caftierick, Cafberick, 

Tnfaghey as Padjeryn. 

Dy bea^>h yn Aght Jheh dy valley 
vn Jee Imoo fyrjey, ny s'menkey ayns 
H 1 i Ctveiteeoyn, fon fhickyrys yin- 
u-gh eh ad y yannoo ny s'cooie cham- 
nah dy ^hoaill Ayrn *fy Chirveifh 
hoh Ty Thtihll ihoh chammah as 
yns Niau, marifh Ainleyn Yee, ny 
iurg (hoh. 

Hiarn Yee jeh'n Cheihaght 

Flaunyflagh, ta Niau as Thalloo lane jeh dty Ghloyr. Gloyr 

dy row hoods, O Hiarn fmoo Ard# Amen* 

Ny Padjeryn Imbee* 

Son Laa Nollick, as Jhiaght 
Laa ny lurg. 

ER-yn-oyr dy dug 00 Yee- 
fey Creeft dty Vac ynry- 
can dy ve er ny ruggey corrym 
rifh yn Imbagh lhoh er ny fon 
sun; va lioriih Pooar y Spyr- 
rytl Noo er ny yannoo ny eer 
Dooinney jeh ftoo yn Voidyn 
Moirrey e Voir ; as (hen fe- 
gooiih Spot dy Pheccah, dy yannoo fhinyn glen veih dy chooil 
ley Pheccah. Sfaen-y-fa manih Ainleyii, _&c. 

Foddee ny Padjeryn giarcy Jhoh, vs 
cliaghtit er-ibeh, edyr ec y CbeeiiJ, ny 
ecy [hie* 

JEAN ufs cummey aynym's, O Yce, 
liorifh Pooar y Spyrryd cheddin* 
toilley ny Grayfeyn, a9 ny Obbragh- 
yn mic, hamk dty Vac Ca/herick dy 
ynfaghey doom, tea cboamree eh eh* 
h ne lejhyn Dooghys ain ; dy chofney 
looin ieeiht yu Foa^r ayd's, as fhid 
y yannoo aarloo fon Niau, 

Son Laa Caifht, as Jhiaght Laa Padjeryn. 

ny lurg* 

n. ktanlt dy chur moylley ~ ny m, ;[1 u, /Wj/fc y broggal wih 

Dhyt fon Irree - feofe - rcelht | Baafc Peccab tys Bca dy Cbaiiys '. a» 

S for 


In Oardagh fon Sbir*ueijk 


for he is the very Pafchal 


Favour, I may die id Peace, 

and red in Hope of a blefied * 

Lamb which was offered for 

us, and hath taken away 

the Sin of the World ; who by his Death hath deftroy 

ed Death, and by his rifmg to Life again, hath reftored 

to us everlafting Life. Therefore with Angels, &c. 

Upon, Afcenfion Day, and 
/even Days after. 

THRO' thy moft dear- 
jy beloved Son Jefus 
Chrift our Lord, who after 
his moft glorious Refurrec- 
tion manifeftly appeared to 
*11 his Apofttes, and in 
their Sight afcended up into 


St. John xii. 26. Where I am, 
there alfo Jhall my Servant be. 

GIVE me, O God, fuch a live- 
ly Faith io this Promifr, at 
may influence my Will, my Heart, 
and Life ;■ ■ T hat devoting my- 
fclf intirely to thy Service, and 
following the holy Example of thy 
Son, I ,• may, through his Merits 
and Mediation, be made eternally 

Heaven, to prepare a Place 
for us ; that where he is, thither we might alfo af- 
cend, and reign with him in Glory, Therefore with 
Angels, &c. 

Upon Whitfunday, and fix 
Days after. 

THRO* Jefus Chrift our 
Lord, according to 
whofe moft true Promife, 
the Holy Ghoft came down, 
as at this Time, from Hea- 
ven, with a fudden great 
Sound, as it had been a 
mighty Wind, in the Like- 
nefs of fiery Tongues, light- 
ing upon* the Apoftles, to 


1 Adore thy Goodnefs and Mer- 
cy, O God, for the invaluable 
Bleffing of the Gofpel, eftablifhed 
io thefe • Nations by the Power of 
the Holy Ghoft !— May the fame 
good Spirit, fanftify, govern^ and 
preferve this Church ! — Keep all her 
Members from the Spirit of Error 
and Delufion ! — Guard her Faith 
again ft the re (II eft Attempts of Sa- 
tan and his Agents : and lead us 
all in the Way of Life eternal, 


SHIBBERV chiarn. 

*3 * 


gloyroil dty Vac Yecfey Crceft 

nyn Jiarn : fon elhyn yn Eayn- 

caiflit firruiagh, va er ny heb- 

bal er nyn fon, as ta er 

n'ghoaill erfooyl Peccah yn 

Theihll ; ta liorifh e Vaafe er ftroie Baafe, as liorifh e irree 

feofe gys Bioys reeflit er chofney dooinyn yn Vea dy bragh 

farraghtyn. Shen-y-fa marifh Ainleyn, &c. 


bcaghey ayns y Foayr ayd's, dy vod- 
dym Baafe y gheddyn ayns Shee, as 
Fea 'ghoaill ayns Treifhteil jeh Ir- 
ree - feofe - reeflit bannee yeih ny 

Son Jeardeain Fraftal, as 
Jhiaght Laa ny lurg. 

TRooid dty Vac fmoo deyr- 
graihagh Yeefey Creeft 
nyn Jiarn; ren lurg e Irree- 
feofe-reefht fmoo gloyroil eh- 
hene y hoilfliaghey dy fofhlit 
da ooilley e Oftyllyn, as hie 
feofe ayns y Chilley oc gys 
Niau, dy yannoo aarloo Yn- 


Noo Ean xii. 26. RaadtamiJh t Jben y 
Raadmyrgcddin vees my Harvaant. 

CUR dou, O Yee, lheid y CredjW 
bioal ayns y Ghialdyn (hoh, at 
oddys reill my Aigncy» my Cbree, as 
my Vea ;— Kiangley mee hene dy (lane 
gys dty Hirvei/b, as geiyrt er Sam- 
pler cafherick dty Vac, dy yoddym, 
trooid e Hoilchioys as e Loayrt er 
my Lieh, ve jeant maynrey fon dy 

nyd er nyn fon ; raad t'efliyn, | 

dy vod (hinyn myrgeddin goll feofe ayns fhen, as reill marifli 

ayns Gloyr. Shen-y-fa marifli Ainleyn, &c. 


Son Jea-doonee Kingeefli, as 
Jhey Laa ny lurg. 

TRooid Yeefey Creeft nyn 
Jiarn ; cordail rifli y 
Giaidyn fmoo firrinagh echey- 
fyn haink y Spyrryd Noo neofe 
corryin rifh yn Irobagh fhoh 
doaltattym veih Niau lelh Feiyr 
mooar, myr dy beagti eh Geay 
lajer, ayns caflys Chengaghyn 
dy Aile, cheet neofe er ny Of- 
tyllyn, dyynfaghey ad, as dy 


TA mee cur Ooaftiley da dty 
Vieys as dty Vyghin, O Tee, 
fon y Bannaght erfkyn-infti 
jeh'n Tufhtal, t'er ny hoiaghey (eofe 
ayns ny Afhoonyn flioh liorifh Pooai 
y Spyrryd Noo ! Dy jean y Spyrryd 
mie cheddin, cajberickey, reilU M coad* 
ey yn Agglifh ! Freill ooilley ny OU 
tyn eck veih'n Spyrryd dy Haghryn- 
ys as dy Volteyrys ! Coadee yn 
Credjue eck noi Kialgyn anveagh 
Noid ny-Hanmey as e Harvaantyn ; as 



Tn Oar&agb fin Shirveijh, 



through Jefus Chrift oar Lord J 

teach them, and to lead 
them to all Truth, giving 
them both the Gift of divers Languages, and alfo Bold* 
ftefs with fervent Zeal, conltantly to preach the Gofpel 
unto all Nations, whereby we have been brought out of 
\ Darknefs and Error, into the clear Light, and true Know- 
ledge of thee, and of thy Son Jcfus Chrift. Therefore 
with Angels, &c. 

Upon the Feali if Trinity 


WHO art one God, 
one Lord ; nQt one 
©nly Perfon, but three Per- 
fons in one Subftance. For 
that which we believe of 
the Glory of the Father, the 
fame we believp of the Son, 
and of the holy Gholt, 
without any Difference or 
Inequality. Therefore with 
Angels, &c. 


O Eternal God, who haft raa- 
nifefted thyleif to us Chris- 
tians, by thy mighty Love to ioft 
Mankind ;— Accept of my devout* 
eft Thanks, O Father, for feod» 
ing thy Son to redeem us.— For 
thy Companion, O Jcfus, in lay- 
ing down thy Life for us ;—— 
And for thv Gracts, O iluly 
Ghoft, to make us fit Obje&s of 
tiiy Divine Mercy* 

After each of which Prefaces 9 fhall immediately be fung or 
faid, as above. 


Herefore with Angels and Archangels, and ;with 
all the Company, &c. 


Then fhall the Priejt, kneel- 
ing down at the Lord's Ta- 
ble, fay, in the Name of all 
them that/hall receive the Com- 
tnunion, this Prayer following : 


When the Prieft acknowledges, 
in the following bumble Form, his 
own and the Communicants Un* 
ivorthinefs, ' and Gud's unmerited 
Kindnefs, in admitting them to his 
Tabie ; m«ke tnis A6t of Humi* 

I Kty your cnvn> by attending to it 

I moil devoutly. 






Jeil ad gys dy chooilley ir- ,ceid A" n ooilley ayns Raad y Vea dy 
7; coyrt daue rhammah b "l h a fanaghtyn, trooid Yeeiey 

r»- + \ ' r*w i_ Creeit nyn Jiarn ! Amen. 

LMioot dy Ghlaraghyn, as ? . 

rgeddin Dunnallys lefh Graih jeean dy kinjagh dy phreacheil 
Sufhtal da dy chooilley Alhoon ; liorifh ta fliin er ve er nyn 
rt Ihien afs Dorraghys as Shaghrynys gys Soil/hey follys as 
gal firrinagh jeeds, as jeh dty Vac Yeefey Creeft. Shcn-y- 
iariih Ainleyn, &c. 

Feailley'n Trinaid ny lom- 

T"SS un jee, un Chiarn; 
' cha nee un ynrycan 
Toon, agh three Perfoonyn 
s un Vree. Son flien ny ta 
t dy chredjal mychione 
>yr yn Ayr, lheid cheddin ta 
t dy chredjal jeh'n Mac, as 
pyrryd JNoo, fegooilh neu- 
rrymid erbee. Shcn-y-fa 
rifh Ainleyn. &c. 


OYee dy bragh beayn, ta er hoil- 
ihagney 00 bene dooinyh Cieef- 
teenyn, liorifh dty Ghraih niartal gys 
Sheelnaue va caiilit ; —Jean foiaghey 
'yannoo jeh my Vooile fmoo crauee, 
O \yT,. fon coyrt dty Vac dy yannoo 
Lhi^ff ghey er nyn fon.— Son dty 
Hymmey, O Yeefey, ayns coyrt fhe-fe 
dty Vioys er nyn fon :— As fon dty 
Ghrayfeyn, O Spyrryd Noo, dy yan- 
noo ihin cooie fon dty Vyghin Flau- 

~g dagh Padjer jeu Jhoh vees chelleeragh er ny ghra, myr 
roie oardit. 

3en-y-fa marifh Ainleyn, as Ard-ainleyn, as marifh ooilley 
Sheihaght, &c. 


Vijht nee yn Saggyrt gliooney 
Hoayrd y Chiarn, gra, ayns 
Ennym ocfyn ooilley ta dy 
aill y Cbreeltiaght, yn Phad* 
/hoh : 


Tra ta'n Saggyrt, ayns ny Goan 
imlee fhoh, goaill rifh y Neufeeuid 
echey hene, as y Neu feeuid ociyn ta 
fon goaill y Chreeitught, as Kenjal- 
lys gyn toilliu Yee, ayns goaill ad gys 
e Voayrd ; gow ufs yn Phadjer imlee 
(hoh hood btritf. horiih geaifhtagh rifh 
dy feer cbrauee. 



Tn Odrdagh Jon Sbirveijb 


WE do ,not prefume to come to this thy Tabic, 
O merciful Lord, trufting in our own Righteouf- 
nefs, but in thy manifold and great Mercies. We are 
not worthy fo much as to gather up the Crumbs under 
thy Table. But thou -art the fame Lord, whofe Proper- 
ty is always to have Mercy ; grant us, therefore, gra- 
cious Lord, fo to eat the Flcfh of thy dear Son Jefus 
Chrift, and to drink his Blood, that our finful Bodies 
may be made clean by his Body, and our Souls waflied 
through his mod precious Blood, and that we may ever- 
more dwell in him, and he in us. Amen. 


When the Priefi, fianding 
before the Table, hath fo or* 
dered the Bread and Wine, 
that he may, with the more 
readinefs and Decency, break 
the Bread before the People, 
and take the Cup into his 
Hands, he lhall fay the 
Prayer of Confecration, as fol- 
loweth : 


Here there will be a decent Paufe, 
*whcn you will have Time pri* 
vately to offer this fnort Prayer 
for yourfetf and for all prejent : 

Til £ good Lord pardon me, 
and every one here prefent, 
who hath prepared his Heart to 
feek the Lord, tho' he be not 
cleanfed according to the Purifier 
ticn of the Sancluary t 2 Chroit. 
xxx. 18, 19. 


ALmighty God, our Heavenly Father, who of thy 
tender Mercy didft give thine only Son Jefus 
Chrift to fuffer Death upon the Crofs for our Redemp- 
tion, who made there (by his one Oblation of himfelf 
once offered) a full, perfefl:, and fufficient Sacrifice, 0- 
blatibn, and Satisfa&ion for the Sins of the whole World; 
and did inftitute, and in his Holy Gofpel command us 
to continue a perpetual Memory of that his precious 
Death, uatil his Coming again ; Hear us, O merciful 
Father, we moft humbly befeech Thee, and grant that 
we, receiving thefe thy Creatures of Bread and Wine, ac- 
cording to thy Son out Saviour Jefus Chrift's holy ln- 




I A vel fhin goaill orrih dy heet gys (hoh dty Voayrd, O 
Hiarn vyghinagh, treifhteil ayns yn Ynrickys ain hene, 
lyns yminodee dty Vyghinyn mooarey. Cha vel fhin feeu 
ih.fhcn as dy haglym feofe yn Vrooilliagh fo dty Voayrd. 
ufs y Chiarn cheddin ; yn Cliaghtcy ayd'k ch dy bragh dy 
laghcy Myghin ; Giall dooin er-y fa fhen, Hiarn ghrayfoil, 
fhen dy cc Feill dty Vac dcyr Yeefey Creeft, as dy iu yn 
echey, dy vod ny Kirp peccoil ainyn ve cr nyn yannoo 
liorilh y Corp echeyfyn, as ny Anmeenyn ain er nyn ntfcc 
A yn Uill fmoo ooafle echey, as dy vod mayd dy bragh 
icy aynfyn, as efhyn ayninyn. Amen. 



Nijh vees Caa jefh dhyt dy hebbal fcofe 
cr-lkeh yn Phadjer ghiarejhoh er dty 
hon bene, asadfyn ooilley takionfenifh: 

ra ta'n Saggy rt^jhajfoo roijh 
zyrdj myrjhen er chiartagh* 
*i Arran as y Feeyn, dy vod 
ny s'aafhagh as ny s'feeu- 

brifhey yn Arran kiongoyrt J JL^ as da dagh unnane t'ayns fhoh 

kioofenifh, ta er chiartaghey e Chrcc 
dy hirrey yo Chiarn, ga nagh vel eh 
cheet feofe gys flane Tonvfe Cafherickyi 
y Chiamble. 2 Kecort. xxx. 18, 19., 

*T\Y jean y Chiarn mie leih dooys, 

y Pobble, as goaill y Cappan 
e Laueyn, nee eh lhaih yn 
idjerjhoh dy chajherickey yn 
an as y Feeyn : 


^EE Ooilley-niartal, nyn Ayr Flaunyffagh, ren jeh dty Vy* 
ghin veigh cur dty ynrycan Vac Yeefey Greeit dy hur* 
fe Baafe er y Chrofh fon y Kionniaght-reefht ain ; ren ayn9 
a (liorifh yn un Oural jeh hene un cheayrt er ny hebbal/ Ou- 
, Chebbal, as Lhiaffaghey Pxtne, firrinagh, as fondagh fon 
xaghyn y Theihll ooilley, as doardee eh, as ayns e Hufhtal 
herick hug eh farey dooinyn dy reayll Cooinaghtyn kinjagh 
(hen e Vaafe deyr derrey'n Cheet echey reefnt : Clalht rooin, 
Ayr vyghinagh, ta fhin dy feer irrilee guee ort ; as giall dy 
1 fhinyn, liorilh goaill ad fhoh dty Chretooryn dy Arraa as 
Feeyn, cordail rifh Oardagh cafherick dty Vac nyn Saual- 
;h Yeefey Creeft, ayns Cooinaghtyn jeh e Vaafe as e Hur- 


Tn Oardagb fon Sbiroelfh. 


ftitution, in Remembrance of his Death and Paflion, may 
be Partakers of his mofl bleffed Body and Blood : who 
in the fame Night that he was betrayed, took Bread, 
and when he had given Thanks, he brake it, and gave 
it to his Difciples, faying, Take, eat : This is my Body 
which is given for you ; do this in Remembrance of inc. 
Likewife after Supper he took the Cup ; and when he 
had given Thanks, he gave it to them, faying, Drink ye 
all of this; for, this is my Blood of the New Tcf- 
tament, which is (hed for you, and for many, tor the 
Remiflion of Sins ; Do this, as oft as ye lhall drink it, in 
Remembrance of me. Amen. 

Directions and Devotions. 

Say fecretly, — Send down thy Spirit and Blefling upon 
this Means of Grace and Salvation, which thou thyfelf, 
Jefus, haijt ordained. 


Then lhall the Mini/ter 
Jirji receive the Communion 
in both Kinds him) elf, and 
then proceed to deliver the 
fame to the Bijhops, Prie/is 
and Deacons, in like manner, 
(if any be prefent) and af- 
ter that to the People alfo in 
Order, into their Hands, All 
meekly kneeling. 



While the Minifter and others 
are receiving the Communion, yoa 
may employ the Time you h vc 
to fpare in reading forne of the 
Scriptutes following, and the Mr 
dotations upon them. 

Remember that no Pofture can 
be too humble when we are to 
receive a Pardon, and a Pardon u 
which muft deliver us from Death 


St* Luke xv. 2. The Pharifees murmured, faying, Tbit 
Man receiveth Sinners, and eatetb with them. . j D 




raiife, ve goaill Ayrn jeh e Ghorp as e Uill fmoo bannit : Ayn§ 
yn Oie cheddin v'eh er ny vrah, ghow eh Arran, as tra v'eh 
crreifh Bdoife y choyrt, vrifli eh, as hug eh eh da ny Oftyllyn 
echey, gra, Gow-jee, ee-jee, Ihoh my Chorp t'er ny choyrt 
er nyn Ton eu ; jean-jee fhoh ayns Cooinaghtyn jeem's* Myr* 
geddin lurg Shibber ghow eh yn Cappan ;>as tra v'eh er choyrt 
Booife, hug eh daue eh, gra, lu-jee ooilley jeh Ihoh j fon ihoh 
my Uill's jeh'n Chonaant Noa, t'er ay gheayrtey er ny fan eu- 
ifhj as er fon ymmodee, fon Leih Peccaghyn : Jean-jee fhoh* 
cha mennick as iu-ys fhiu eh, ayns Cooinaghtyn jeem's* 

Tri/aghey as Padjeryrn 

: Abbyr rhyt bene, — Cur neofe dty Spyrryd as dty Vanriaght 
er ny Saafeyn (hoh dy Ghrayfe as dy Haiialtys, t'ou hene, O 
Yeefey, er n'oardrail. 


Eifht nee'n Saggyrt eh-hene 
goaill hojhiaght y Chreejiiagbt 
ayns Arran as Feeyn, as goll 
eijbt er e Hojhiaght dy hirveifo yn 
Chooid cheddin er ny Afpickyn, 
Saggyrtyn, as Shirveijhee (my 
vees vegjeu kionfenijhj as ny 
lurgjhen er y Pobble myrged- 
din ayns nyn Goor/e 9 Ooilley 
dy imlee er nyn Ghlioonyn, 
cur eh ayns ny Laueyn oc. 


Ghoud as ta'n Saggyrt as feallagft 
elley goaill y Chreediaght, foddecf uHi 
baaratl y Traa t'ayd dy haghney* 
ayns lhaih Paart jeh ny Ayrnyn ihoh 
jeh Goo Yee> ta ioit ;hecle ny lurg 
(hoh, as by Smooinaghtyn trauci 

Cooinee nagh Vel Aght erbee" od« 
dys ve ro-inllee, tri ta ihin dy glied* 
dyn Pardoon. as (hen neelht Par-* 
doon thcgin ihin y ii?rey vcih baafi 
dy bragh beayn* 


Noo Luke xv. 2. Ren ny Pbarijeeyn tdttagb, gfa t fa'a 
Doointtsy Jhoh Joiaghcy jeh Facte, as gee mdroe* 

T t thank 

138 Tn Oardagb fan S&irveijh 


I Thank thee, Jefus, for this Inftance of thy Charity 
for Sinners ; I do indeed confefs, that I am one of 
that wretched Number ; and do beftech thee to receive 
me, tho* a very unworthy Guejl, that I may eat at thy 
Table, and be Partaker of thy Favour. 

Matth. ^x. 32, 33. Jefus /aid, What will ye 4hat IMuld 
do unto you? The blind Men /aid ', Lord, that our Eyes may be. 

OLord, thou knoweft.the Defires of my Heart; for 
it is thy Grace that has wrought them in me, and 
belides thee there is none elfe that can help me : — - — r I 
pray thee, therefore, that thou wouldft have Compaffion 
on me ; as thou hadft on tbefe blind Men : ——That the 
Eyes of my Mind may be opened : ■ T hat I may reco- 
ver the Light which Sin hath deprived me of : ( * That 
I may fee the great Goodnefs of God, in fending thee to 
redeem us:— —That I may fee the due • Reward of Sin 

in thy Sufferings and Death* And that I may follow 

thy holy Example all the Days of my Life. 

St. Mark ii. 17. / came not to call the Righteous, but 
. Sinners to Repentance. 

OLord, who haft called me to Repentance by thy Word 9 
and by this Ordinance, call me alfo by thy Grace; 
but call me fo powerfully, that ' I may not turn a deaf 
Ear, and that I may not refill thy Call : I am forced in- 
deed to bring my Sins along with me ; but it is to cru- 
cify them with thee, and with a full Purpofe, through thy 
Grace, never to return to thofe Sins I have repented of. 

St. John vi. 58.. He that eateth of this Bread (hall live 
, for ever* 


S H I B B E R Y C H I A R N. 139 


HH A mee cur Booife dhyt, O Teefey, fon y Cowrey fhoh jeh 
-*- dty. Ghraih meigh da Peccee ; ta mec dy jarroo goaill- 
rilh, dy vel mee unnane jeh'n Earroo hreih (hen ; as ta mec 
guee ort, dy yannoo foiaghey jee'm, ga ta mee Goaldagh feer 
. neu-feeu, dy voddym gee ec dty Voayrd, as Ayrn y ghoaill jeh 
dty Chenjallys. 

Noo Mian xx. 32, 33. Dooyrt Yeefey, Cre bailliu mee dy yan* 
noo er ny fon eu ? Dooyrt ny Deiney doal, Hiarn, dy vod ny 
Sotollyn ain ve er nyn ifo/ley* 

OHiarn, ta Fys ayd er Teearreeyn my Chree's ; fon flie dty 
Ghrayfe t'er n'obbraghey ad aynym, as cheu-mooie jeed's 
cha vel unnane erbee elley oddys cooney lhiam : — Ta mee guee 
ort, er-y-fa (hen, 00 dy yannoo Chymmey orrym's, myr ren 00 
er ny Deiney doal fhoh : — Dy vod Sooillyn my Aigney ve er nyn 
volley :— --Dy voddym reelht geddyn y Soil/hey ta Peccah er 
•n'ghroaill voym: — Dy voddym f akin Mieys vooar Yee,ayns ufs 
y chdyrt dy livrey fhin veih Bondiaght nyn Beccaghyn : — Dy 
voddym Leagh cooie Peccah y akin ayns dty Hurr^nfe as dty 
Vaafe. — As dy voddym geiyrt da dty Hampleyr cajherick ooilley 
Laghyn my Vea* 

Noo Mark ii. 17. Cha daink mifh dy eamagh er y Vooinj'er 
, chairal, agh er Peccee gys Arrys. 

OHiarn, t'er n'eamagh orrym's gys Arrys Iiorijh dty Ghoo 9 
as Iiorijh yn Oardaghey Jhob, eie orrym myrgeddin liorifh 
dty Ghrayfe ; agh cur doU lheid yn Earn pooaral (hen, nagh 
der-ym Cleayjh vouyr huggey, as (haffoo magh noi dty Earn : 
Ta mee dy jarroo eginit dy chur lhiam my Pheccaghyn maryrti; 
agh flie dy chrojfey ad mayrt's te, as lelh flane Chiarail, trooid 
Grayfe Yee, gyn-dy bragh dy hynlaa reelht gys ny Peccaghyn 
Ihen ta mee er n'ghoaill Arrys jeu. 

Noo Ean vi. 58. Dee ejhyn ta gee jeh y n Arran Jhoh bio fon dy 

O Jefas 


j 4.0 Tn Oardagh fon Sbirveijh. 


OJefus, who haft made the Life of our Souls to de« 
pend upon this Bread, "grant that I may never render 
jnyfelf unworthy to rpceive fo great a Bleffing, or deprive 
myfelf of it by my own Negligence.— —Make it a Prin- 
ciple of immortal Life to me, by uniting me to thee, and 
to thy Body 7 that 1 may be made Partaker of a Divine 

Exod. xii. 23. When he feeth the Blood (of the Paf- 
fhal Lamb) on the Door, heyjjfill not fuffer the Dejiroy*. \ 
§r to come in to /mite you. 

OJefus, the true Pafchal Lamb, who by thy precious 
Blood haft paid the Debt due to the divine Juftice, 
^nd haft delivered us from the Power of the Deftrpyer! 

— ■ Let me never want this Token of my Redemption, 

this faving Mark of thy Almighty Protection, againft the 
Power of the Pevil, who is continually feekipg whoin he 
jnay devour, 

1 Cor. xi. 28. Let a Man examine himfelf, and fo let 
him eat ,of that Bread, aud drink of that ^uf>. 

THAT I am invited to thy Table, is not becaufe I am 
worthy, but becaufe thou, O God, art infinitely 
good and kind. Pity my Infirmities,, which are known to 
Thde, and accept of my imperfeft Obedience to this Com- 
mand. — I acknowledge my Unwcrthinefs ; 1 place all 

rn-y Hopes in thy Mircy and Promijes in Jefus Chrift^ I 
fmcerelv purpofe to lead a Christian Life,— and to ufe all 
J)iligence to make iny. Calling and bleflion fure : With 
theic Purpofes I go to thine Altar, truftirig in thy Good- 
nefs for the Pardon of my Dejeffs, and for an Increafe . 
pf aft thofe Graces that are ncceffary . to make me more 
\vprthy to e^t. pf that J$rcad ? and drink pf that Cup* 

O Yeefey, 



OYeefey, t'er choyrt er Bioys ny Hanmeenyn ain dy lhie er 
yn Arran, fhoh, giall nagh jean-yms dy bragh mee-hene y 
yannoo ncu fecu dy chofney Bannaght cha Qoafle, ny mee-hcne 
y ghiarey jeh liorifh my Veerioofe hene. — Jean eh dy ve Bun y 
Vea veayn dou, liorifh mee-hene y fniemmey hoods, as gys dty 
' Chorpj dy voddym ve jeant Ayrnagh jeh'n Pooghys Flaunyf- 

Exod. xii 23. Tra hee eh Fuill (yn Eayn'CaiJhtJ er y Dor- 
ryj, cha jean eh furranfe y Str older dy heet Jliqgh dy woalley 

OYeefey, yn Eayn Car/bt firrinagh, ta liorifh dty Uill gheyr 
er n ? eeck yn Feeaghyn va cair da dty Chahys Flaunyffagh,as 
ta er livrey fhinyn veih Pooar y Stroider ! Ny lh»g dooin 
dy bragh ve laccal yn Cowrey lhoh jeh my 'Chionnijight-reefht 
veih Peccah, yn Eearlys fhickyr fhoh jeh dty Choadey ooilley- 
niartal, noi Pooar y Drogh-fpyrryd, ta fheer lhirrey quoi oddys 
eh y ftroie. , ' . . 

•1 Cor. xi. 28. Lhigda Dooinney eh hene y cyjht> as myr Jhen 
Ihig da geejeh'n Arran /ben, as gin jeh 9 n chappan jhen. 

DY vel mee er my chuirrey gys dty Voayrd's, cha vel eh fon • 
dy vel tneefeeu, agh fon dy vei ufs, O Yee, erfkyn - inlh 
mie $& doole. Jean Chymmey er my Annooinidyn, orroo ta Fys ' 
ayd, as jean Soiaghey y yannoo jeh'n Y tally i veal ayjn gys y 
Sarey fhoh. — la mee goaill-rifh my Neu-fceuid hene ;— Tat 
mee coyrt ooilley my Hreifhteil ayns dty Vyghin as dty QhiaU 
dynyn trooid Yeefey Creeft ; ta mee dy iiiickyr kiarail Bea 
Chreeflee y leeideil, — as ve cha kiaralagh as oddym, dy yamioo 
yn Stayd 9 huggev va mee er thy earn as cr my reth, Jhickyr : Leih 
ny Gialdynyn {hoh'ta mee goil gysdty Altar's, treifhteil ayns 
dty Vieys fon Leih jeh my Oiijyn^ as fon Bilhaghey jeh dy 
chooilley Ghrayfe ta ymmvrchagh dy yannoo mee ny s'ieeirdy 
?? jeb'n Arran 4hen, as dy hi jeh'n Chappan fhen, 



Tn Oardagh fpn Sbirviijb 



When the Mini/ter deliveretb the Bread to any one, be 

jhall fay, 

THE Body of our Lord Jefus Chrift, which was pren 
for Thee, preferve thy Body and Soul unto evet- 

lalting Life. Take and ; 


eat this in Remembrance 
that Chrift died for Thee, 
and feed on him in thy . . ^ , _ . e . f 

TT 1 ^. • 1 1 t.1 1 r cording to thy Word, a Seal of ny 

Heart by Faith and Thankf- Pardon> aod a pjedge of my ^ 
giving. jtion ! 

Amen, — May it be unto mc ac- 


And the Mini/ler that deliveretb the Cup to any om } 

foali fay, 

TH E Blood of our Lord Jefus Chrift, which was 
fhed for Thee, preferve thy Body and Soul unto 
evcrlafting Life. Drink 

this in Remembrance that 
Chrift's Blood was fhed for 
Thee, and be thankful. 


Amen — May the Blood of Chrift 

cleacie me from all Sin, aod may the 

I Remembrance cf his Death be e?cr 

feafonabiy prefect with me ! 

Bleffing, and Honour, and Glory, and Tnankfgiviog, and Power, be Unto 

Go J, and unto the Lamb, for ever and ever. Amen. 


Then Jhall the P~icfl fay 
the Lord's Prayer, the Peo- 
ple repealing after him every 
Petition : 


No* return to your Seat, that 
you may r.ot .hinder others from 
coming to the Aim. — At the End 
of this Setvice you will find proper 
Meditations wherewith to enteruio 
yourfelf, until all have received the 





ta'n Saggyrt livrey yn Arran da Petfoon erbee b nee 

eh gra 9 

lORP nyn Jiarn Yeefey Creefl: hie er coyrt er dty hon's, 

l dv vreill eh dty Chorp as dty Annym gys y Vea dy 

jh farraghtyn. — Gow as ee 

l ayns Cooinaghtyn dy hur Padjeryn. 

eft Baafe er dty hon, as 

i bcaghcyer ayns dty ^«.-I>y row eh dooys cordail 
, n ° fi ,. J m / nib dty Ghoo, ny Seal t*h my Phar- 

•ee lcfli Credjue as loyrt- dooD> as Dy Ghi( f al jeh J my Ha Ualtys! 
ife. J 

tr y Saggy rt ta Uyrey yn Cappan da Perfoon erbee^ nee gra, 


UILL pyri Jiarn Yeefey Creefl: hie er deayrtey er dty 
hon's, dy vreill eh dty Chorp as dty Annym gys y Vea 
bragh farraghtyn.-— -Ju J 

i ayns Cooinaghtyn dy 
Fuill Chreeft er ny gheayr- 
er dty hon, as bee booiial. 


j4mert.-**Dy jean Fuill Chreeft miih 
y ghienney veih dy chooilley Pheccah, 
as dy row Cooinaghtyn jeh e Vaafe 
dy bragh *fy Traa cooie dy kinjagh 
niarym ! 

annaght, as Ooafhley, as Gloyr, as Toyrt-booife, as Pooar, dy row gyt 

as gys yn Eayo, ion dy bragh as dy bragh. Amen. . 


Vijbt nee yn Saggy rt gra Pad- 
y Chiarn^ yn Pobble fockley 
■ift> dy chooilley Accan : 


Nifli chyndaa gys dty Seat, naghf 
bee jqo Ty raad dy lhiettal feallagh 
elley veih cheet gys yn Altar.—- Ee 
jerrey yn Chirveiih fhoh nee oo ha- 
dyn Smooinagbtyn crauec cooie dy vaa- 
rail dty Hraa orroo, derrey vees dy 
chooilley unnane erreiih goaill y 



Tn Odrdagh fon Sbirveijh. 



Now being made one nvM Chrifl i 
and Chrift with us. we have free Li- 
bert* to apply to God as our Heaven- 
ly Father, and to hop- for all the 
Bleffing. which a tender Fatbef 
Knows to be neceflary for us. 

OUR Father, which art 
in Heaven ; Hallowed 
be thy Name. Thy 
Kingdom come* Thy Will 
be done in Earth, as it is 
in Heaven. Give us this 
Day our daily Bread. And forgive us our Tfefpafles, 
as we forgive them that trefpafs againft us. And lead 
us not into I emptation. But deliver us from Evil : For 
thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, 
for ever and ever. Amen* * 

After Jkall be /aid as followeth. 

Observations and Directions. 

Now join with the Church, and 
dedicate your whole St If your Spi- 
rit, Soul and Body, unto God aod to 
bis Service . with the greateft Since* 
rity aod Devotion, 

OLord, and heavenly Fa- 
ther, we thy humble 
Servants intirely defire 
thy fatherly Goodnefs, mer- 
cifully to accept this our 
Sacrifice of Praifes and Thankfgiving ; moft humbly be- 
fetching Thee to grant, that by the Merit? and Death 
of thy Son Jefus Chrift, and thro' Faith in his Blood, 
we and all thy whole Church may obtain Remiffion of 
our Sins, and all other Benefits of his Paffion. And here 
we offer and prefent unto Thee, O Lord, ourfelves, our 
Souls and Bodies, to be a reasonable, holy, and lively 
Sacrifice unto 1 hee ; humbly befeeching Thee, that all 
wc, who are Partakers of this holy Communion, may be 
fulfilled with thy Grace, and heavenly Benedi&ion. And 
altho' we be unworthy, through our manifold Sins, to 
offer unto Thee any Sacrifice ; yet ^e befeech Thee 
to accept this our bounden Duty and Service ; not 
weighing our Merits, but pardoning our Offences, .thro* 
Jefus Chrift our Lord ; by whom, and with whom, 
in the Unity of the Holy Ghoft, all Honour and Glory 
be unto Thee, O Father Almighty, "World without 
End. Amen. 


S H 1 B B E R Y C H t A R Mi 145 

YR ain, t'ayns Niau ; Ca- 


Nifh dy vel fhin jeant fl/Mfc*** «wr/\$ 

^ fheridt dy row dt'Ennym, ^^ a * Cree ft ***>%*> ta flane R«a- 
• jig dqr R«ri Jg »,. Dt-aig- -f **J« "V&fiuE 
p dy row jeant er y Thalloo, dy chooiilcy Vannaght ta F> <c ^y 
r te ayns Niau. Car 1 dooin dtody *e ynnftyrchagh ef (>jd fan. 
1 Arran jiu as gagh laa. As I 

1 doDin nyn Loghtyn, myf ta fhin leih dauefyri ta jariitdd 
ghtyn nyn 9 6u As'ny lecid fhin ayns Miolagh ; Agh Iivrey 
n vcih Oik : Sort lhiats y Reef iaght, as y Phooar, as y 
doyr, fon dy bragh as dy bragh* Amen* 

%t vees 6r ny ghra myrjhob: 

\ Hiarn as Ayr Flaunyffagh, 
' ta fhinyn dty Hatvaantyn 

Coyrle as Tnfdgfey* 

Nidi gow Padjer raarifti jrn Aggliihi 
as jean dty (lane Hene y ctitfiherick* 
cy, dty Spytryd, dty JUtyjn, a* dty 
Ghallin, gys Jee ' as gyt e Hirveifbj 
leih y Jeeanid at y Cbmuesagbi 

!ce dy creeoil geearf ee er 

Vieys ayfoil, dy iriyghin-* 
1 dy yannoo foiagh jeh fhoh 
1 Oural dy Voylldy as 
oife ; dy feer inilce guee ort dy ghialdyri, liorifli Tbilchiityd 
Baafe dty Vac Yeefey Creeft* as trooid Credjue ayns yn Uill 
icy, dy vod fhiiiyn as bollley dty flane Agglifti leih ttyri BeC« 
;hyn y gheddyn, as dy fchboilley Vondeifh elley jeh'n Sur- 
fe echey. As ayns fhoh ta fhin chebbal hoods, O Hiarn., 
n-hene, ny Anmeenyn* as ny Kirp aiii, dy ve Oural refoon* 
i, cafhericfc, as bioal dhyt ; dy inllec guee ort, dy vod fhin* 
ooilley ta goaill Ayrn jeh'n Chreeftiaght chafherick fhoh, 
r nyn yannoo magh lefh dty Ghrayfe as dty Vartnaght 
tnyffagh. As ga dy vel fhin iieu-feeu trfloid nyn ymmodec 
:caghyri dy hebbal dhyt's Oural erbee ; foaft ta fhin guee 
dy yannoo foiagh jeh fhoh nyn Gurryni as nyn Shirveilh 
flit i cha nee towfe y Toilchinys ain, agh pardoonfey ftyn 
;htyn, trooid Yeefey Crceft nyn Jiarn ; liorifhyn, as maritffr • 

ayns Unnaneys y Spyrryd Noo, dy row dy tJhooiildy 
afhley as Gioyr hoods, O Ayr Ooilley-niartal, feihll gya 
rey. Amen. 

' V Or 

146 1 T* Ofrdagb ifon Sbirveifb 

Or this : 


ALmighty f and everlafting God, we mod heartily thafl^ 
Thee, for that thou doft vouchfafe to feed us, ,wbp 
have duly received tl\e{p holy Myfteries, with the fpjrit*i 4 al < 
Food of the moft precious Body and Blood of thy Son our 
Saviour Jefus Chrift ; and dpft affure us thereby, of thy 
Favour and Goodnefs towards us ;, and thaj: we are very 
Members incorporate in the . myftic^l Body of thy 
Son, which is the bleffed Copipany of all faithful Pep- 
ple 5 and are alfo Heirs through Hope of thy everlafting' 
Kingdom, by the Merits of the moft precious Death and 
Paffion of thy dear Son. And we moft humbly befeech 
Thee, O heavenly Father, fo to affift lis with thy Grace, 
that we may continue in that holy FeUowfhip, and do all 
fuch good Works as thou haft prepared for us to ^alk 
in, through Jefus Chrift our Lord, to whom with Thee 
and the Holy Ghoft, be all Honour and Gldry, World 
without End. Amen. 

Tien Jhall be /aid or fung. 


GLory be to God on 
... . .high, and in Earth 
Peace, 1 Good-will towards 
Men. . We praife Thee, we. 
blefs . Thee, we worlhip 
Thpe % ..wfi .^.glorify Thee, 
we giye Thaynks to Thee, 
for thy great Glory, O Lprd God, Heavenly King, God 
the Father Altaighty. 


After the Example of our Ikj; 
Jed Lord, who when he h^d or- 
dained iM)d inftituted this Sacra- 
ment, fung an Hymo ; fo do *t 
praife God the Father, Son aril 
Holy Ghoft, for our Rcdejnpfioiu 
in this moft excellent Hymn.. 

O Lord, the only begotten Son, Jefu Chrift; O Lord 

• God, Larpb of God, Son of the Father, that tajaeft away 

the Sins of the World, have Mercy upon us/ ■ Thou that 

getkeft away the Sins of the World*' have mercy upon us. 

Thou, that takeft away the Sins of the World, recede 

** • 

: * Ooille) r - 


„Ny Jboh, ., ... ,. 

OOilley-niartal as Yee dy bragh bio, ia fhin dy feer chreeoil 
cur Booife dhyt, fon dy gooidfavc Ihtet dy . veaghey fhin- 
yii, ta dy cctoie et n'ghoaill ny Folliaghtyh cafhcrick fhoh', left 
y Be^ghey fpyrrydoil Ihen jeh Corp as Fuill ftnoo ooafle dty 
Vac nyn Saualtagh Yeefey Creeft ; as liorifli fhen dy vel 00 
cur fhickyrys dooin jeh dty Oayr as dty Vieys hooin ; as dy 
vel fhin Oltyn firrinagh goit ftiagh ayns Corp follit dty Vac, 
ta'n Ghefliaght vannit jeufyn. ooilley ta Credjal ; as dy vel fhin 
myrgeddin Eiraghyn trooid Treifhteil jeh dty Reeriaght dy 
bragh farraghtyn, liorifli Toilchinys Baafe as Surranfe fmoo 
ooafle dty Vac deyr. As dy feer imlee ta fhin giice ort, O Ayf 
Flaunyflagh, myr fhen dy niartaghey fhin le(h dty Ghrayfe, dy 
vod mayd tannaghtyn ayns y Ghefliaght chafherick fhen, as 
ooilley lheid ny Obbraghyn mie fhen y yannoo as t'ou ufs er 
fioiaghey roin dy immeeaght ayndoo, trooid Yeefey Creeft nyn 
jiarn; huggeyfyn, mayrt's as y Spyrryd Noo, dy row dy 
chooilley Ooalhley as Gloyr, Seihll gyn Jerrey. Amen* 

Eijht vees er ny gbra, ny er ny 

GLoyr dy row gys Jee er yn 
yrjid, as er y thallooShee, 
Aigney-mje gys Deiney. Ta 
fhin dy dty Voylley, ta fhin dy 
dty Vannaghey, ta fhin cur 
Ooafhley dhyt, ta fhin dy dty 
Ghloyraghey, ta fhin cur 
Booife dhyt fon dty Ghloyr 
vooar, O Hiarn Yee, Ree Flaunyflagh, Jee yn Ayr Ooilley 


Lurg Sampleyr nyn Jiarn bann$t § 
quoi, tra v'eh er harey as er n'oar* 
draii y Sacrament fhoh, ren Arrane 
fpyrrydoil y ghoaill ; myr fhen ta 
fhinyn cUr Moyiiey da Jee yn Ayr, y 
Mac, as y Spy try 4 Noo, fon nyn 
Livrey-ys veih Kerraghey Peccah, 
ayns yn Arrane fpyrrydoil imoo ooafle 

O Hiarn, yn ynrycan Vac er-ny-gheddyn Yeefey Creeft j O 
Hiarn Yee, Eayn Yee, Mac yn Ayrey, ta goaill erfooyl Pec« 
caghyn y Theihll, jean Myghin orrin. Ufs ta goaill erfooyl 
Peccaghyn y Theihll, jean Myghin orrin : Ufs ta goaill erfooyl 


1^8 tn Oafdagb fon Sbirveijb. 


our Prayer, Thou that fittcft at the Right Hand of 
Qod the' Father, have Mercy upou us, 

For thou only art holy, Thou only art the Lord ; Thou 
only, O Chrift, with the Holy Ghoft, art inoft High in 
thq Glory of God the Father, Anm. 


Receive this Bleffing as coming * | 
from God himfelf, with ail imagi* 
oabie Devotion. -^-The Reafon and 
Manner of receiving this Bleffing, 
fee below. * 


Then the Prieji (or Bijh 

$f>, if he be prefentj Jhall 

fat ibfm depart %vith this 

Bleffing : 

THE Peace of God, which pafleth all Understanding, keep 
your Hearts and Minds in the Knowledge and Love of 
God, and of his Son Jefus Chrift our Lord : And the Bleffing 
of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghoft, 
fce amongft you, and remain with you always. Amen* 


ASSIST us mercifully, O Lord, in thefe our Supplica- 
tions and Prayers, and difpofe the Way of thy So 
vaitfs towards the Attainment of everlalting Salvation; 

* The folemn Bleffing with which the Pried difmifleth the People after 

,ihe daily Sacrifice, by God's efpecia) Order, (Numb. vi, 24.) was this : 

— The LORD blefs thee, and keep thee ; the LO RD wake his Face to 

jhsne upon thee and be gracious unto thee — — The LORD lift up the Light 

of his Countenance upen thee and ghe thee Peace, 

And u:th what Devotion rteey received this Bleffing, we are told 

Ts*clus. 1. ci* The P tie ft lifted up his Hands over the Congregation, to 

give the Bleffrg of the LORD with his Lips ; and they bcned themfilva 
down, that they might receive a Bleffing from the Mcft High 

And Je(t any qne fhoqld think too lightly of this Bleiling, becaufe pro* 
pounced by a poor Mortal like fcimfelf, it is added, (Numb, vi. 27.) I the 
Lord will hlcfs him ,*p-Sficwing, that the Effecl of the Bleffing does not 
.('tperd upon Map, but upon the Oidinance of God, froip the Mouth 
of his o*n Minifter, whom ClOp' hath chofen to blefs in the Nome *f fa 
j*Q RD, Deut. xxu j f 





Peccaghyn y Theihll, gow nyn Badjer. Ufs ta dty hoie cr 
Laue Ye(h Yee yn Ayr, jean Myghin orrin. 

Son ufs dty lomarcari ta cafherick, Ufs dty lomarcan y 
Chiarn, Ufs dty lomarcan, O Chreeft, marifh y Spyrryd Noo* 
finoo Ard ta ayns Gloyr Yce yn Ayr. Amen. 


Eijht nee yn Saggyrt (er-non* 
ney yn Afpick, my feh kionfe- 
nijbj Ibiggey daue goll roue Ufa 
y Bannaght Jhoh. 


Gow yn Bannaght Jhoh rayr cheer 
veih Jee hene, ielh y Chraueeaght 
s'jeeaney.-— Yn Oyr as yn Aght dy 
gho*ill y Bannaght fhoh, hec o© 
Kione hcefc y Duillag, * 

SHEE Ycc ta erfkyn dy chooilley Huflitey, dy vreill ch ny 
Creeaghyn as ny Aignaghyn euifft ayns Fyffyree as Oraih 
Ycc, a$ jeh c Vac Yeefey Crceft nyn Jiarn : as Bannaght Ycc 
Ooiilcy niartal, yn Ayr, y Mac, as y Spyrryd Noo* dy row 
ny maft' cu, as dy hannaghtyn meriu er fon dy bragh. Amen. 


NIartee lhien dy myghinagh, O Hiarn, ayndoo fhoh nyn 
Aghinyn as nyn Badjeryn, as jean aarloo Raad dty Har- 
vaantyn dy heet gys y Taualtys dy bragh ferraghtyn j maftey 

* Yn Bannaght arrymagh hug y Saggyrt da'n Pobble ec goll rouelurg yn 
Oaral gagh L*a, lioriih Oard&ghey Yee bene, ( Earroo vi. 24.) va flioh : — 
Dy jean y CH IARN dty vannaghey as dty reayll ; dy jean y CHIARN er e 
Eddin dy boiljloean ert, as dy bee eh gray foil dhyt. — Dy drog y CHIARN feopt 
Soil/hey e Eddin ort, as ay der eh dhyt Sbee. 

As iefh cre'n Chraueeaght ghow ad y Bannaght (hob, t'er ny infh dooin 
Ecclus. 1. 2 I •'—Hrogy Saggyrt fa] c e Laueyn barrijh y Cbe/hagbt, dy cbur Ban* 
nagbt.y CHIARN iejb e Veillyn ; as chroym adjhcefe ad bene, dy gbeddyn yn 
Bannaght veib'n Erfmoo Jyrjey. 

As cr-aggle dy jinnagh Perfoon erbee fmooinaghtyn ro eddrymjeh'n Ban- 
naght fhoh, fon dy vel eh focklic magh liorifh Dooiooey bog lit baafoil goil* 
rifh hcne, te ny (ocljey er ny ghra, (Earroo vi. 27 ) Mijhy Chiarn nee eh y 
panragbey :-»— Soilfhaghey, nagh vel Bree yn Vannaght Ihie er Dooinney, agb 
er 0*rdagh~y Yee, veib Beeal e Hirvetihagh bene, ch ta JEE erreibdyvan* 
naghey ayns Ennymy CHIARN, Dcut. xxt. 5* 


a 5* Yh Oatdagbfon Sbirmeifi 


Prayers and Supplications unto Thee ; and grant that thofe 
Things which we have faithfully afked according to thy Will, 
may effc&ually be obtained, to the Relief of our Neceffity. 
and to the fetting forth of thy Glory, through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord* Amen. 

Kubrick. I Obfervaiiom, &c. 

And note, that every Pari/hi- Three Times a Year.— -God 
trier (hall communicate at the fotbid thkt an Y g°° d Chriftian fhould 
leaji three Times in the Tear, ^ke this aoExcue for receiving no 

' , . , n n ^ , o ' oftrner, if he has ao opportunity! 

of which Eafter to be one, &c, And Woe hcU tkat Pa j} or> who w ' m 

I not give the well-diipofed Part of his 
Flock more frequent Opportaoities of teftifying their Love to Jefus 
Chrift :— Of iticreafing their Graces, and fecariog their Pardon and Sal- 
vation ! 





, Sairvetjh. 


ljery*n as nyn Aghinyn hood :, a$ giall dy vod ny Reddyn 
l^ ta Qiiii liorifh Credjue er yeearree corqail rifh dty Aig- 
, ve dy breeoil er ny gheddyn, gjs eddrytdaghey nyn Ym- 
rch, as gys foiaghey magli dty Goloyr, trooid Yeefey 
tfft riyn Jiafn. Amen. 


it Ih'tg Tajiey ve gott, dy 
gin da dy chooiUey unnane 
Skeerey y« Chreejiiagbt y 
till three Keayrtyn 'Jy Vlein 
■ ChoQidJloo, jn Chaifht dy 
unnane jeu, &c. 

tnfagheyj &;c. 

TmCB* J£eaY*TYN '.'*? Vl.EIH, 

— Ny Itiig eh Jee dy jionagh Cre;f. 
tec mie erbee Lclhtal y yannoa jeh 
Ihoh fan gyn goaill ny s'raenkey yn 
"iaghi, nfy u Caa echey I A» 
Smerg da'ti BochiUiy-amncy /hen, nagh 
dcr da'n Vooiu|er chrxuee »yns « 
Hioltanc Caa ny s menkey dy tioil- 

heynyn Ghiaihda Yeefey Creefl :—Dy viihaghey ny Guyfeyn oc, ai dy 

wo ITiickyr jeh nyn Bardoon as'oyn Sauiliyi 1 


[ >S4] 






In the Church, or at Home. 

AFTER you have received, 
and are returned to your 
Seat, you may (as you have 
Time) continue your De- 

And remember, that now 
is the proper Sea/on to beg of 
God the Graces and Bleffings 
you moil defire ; whether for 

Tour/elf, -for lour Friends, 

or for your Enemies, who 

fhould always have a Place in 
your Prayers. 

And be not under any 
Concern for fuitable Words 
to make known the Defires 

of your Heart. God is our 

Father, and will underftand 
his Childrens Meaning, how- 
ever imperfectly expreffcd. 
•—You know how the hum- 


l v x a r 


Ayns y Cheeill, ny ec y Tbie. 

LURG dhyt v*er ghoaill y 
Chreeftiaght, as er hyn- 
daa gys dry Seat, foddee oo, 
(myr ta Traa ayd) goll er dry 
hofliiaght lelh dty Phadjeryn. 

As cooinee, dy nee nifb y 
Traa coir dy ghuee gys Jee fon 
ny Grayfeyn as ny Bannagbtyn 
fmoo t'ou dy yeearree; edyr 
Dhyt bene, — da dty Cbaarjyn, 
ny da dty Noidyn, ad lbifagh dy 
kinjagh v'er nyn cnmys ayns 
dty Phadjeryn- 

As ny bee ayns veg yn Im- 
nea fon Goan cooie dy hoil- 
fhaghey Yeearreeyn dty Chree. 
She Jee nyn Ayr, as toiggee eh 
Smooinagbtyn e Cblienney, ga 
nagb vel eh cheet lhieu dy noaoil 
dy ockley magh ad.— Ta fys ayd 
kys va'n Publican iralee er ny 

Padjeryn er-tbeb, Sec. 


ble Publican was. heard, tho' 

he faid no more than God 

be merciful unto me a Sinner. 

The following Scriptures, 
and the Meditations upon 
them, may help your Devo- 
tions, either now, or at any 
other Time, to obtain the 
Graces you ftand in need of; 
—To prefcrve in your Heart 

a Spirit of Piety ; Or to 

keep in your Mind the Vows 
that are upon you. 

A fhort Form of Thankf- 
giving f. 

i Theff. v. 1 8. In every thing 
give Thanks ; for this is the 
Will of God. 

OLord and Father, I am 
not worthy of the lead of 
all the Mercies which thou 
haft fhewed thy Servant ; nei- 
ther can I render due Thanks 

f If Chriftians would but accuf- 
tom themfelves to tender to God the 

Glory of his Mercies ; To take 

Notice of, and to give him Thanks 
for, the many Favours, Deliverances > 
Vifitationu or Chaftifements they every 
Day meet with, they would moil 
furely engage the Divine Goodnefs 
and Providence to multiply thole 
BFefRngs upon them, which they put 
a Stop to by their Ingratitude* 

chlafhtyn, ga nagh dooyrt eh 
arragh agh — Dy row Jee mygh* 
inagb dooys ta my x Ghooinney 

Nee ny Scriptyryn ta mec 
nifli cur royd, as yn Ynfaghey 
cheet voue, cooney iefh dty 
Phadjeryn, edyr nifh ny Traa 
erbee elley, dy chofney ny 
Gfayfeyn ta Feme ayd orroo ; 
— Dy reayll ayns dty Chree 
Spyrryd dy Chrauee^ght j — - 
Er-nonney dy chummal ayns 
dty Aigney ny Brcearraghyn 
t'ou foue. 

Aght ghiare dy Hoyrt- 
Booife # . 

i Theff. v. 1 8. Ayns dy chooiU 
ley Nhee cur -jee iiooife ; fon 
Jhejhoh Aigney Tee. 

OHiarn as Ayr, cha vel 
mee feeu jeh'n Chooid 
floojeh ooilley ny Myghinyn 
t'ou er hoilfhaghey er dty Har.. 
vaant j chamoo oddym Booife 

i * Dy jinnagh Creefteeoyo agh ad 
hene y chliaghtey dy choyrt da Jee 
Gloyr e Vyghioyn ;— Dy ghoaill Taf- • 
tey jeh, as dy chur Booile da fon, ny 
ymrnodee Foayryn y yn Uvreyys, ny 
Kerragbyn, ny*n Smaghtaghey* ta dagh 
Laa cheet oyn Raad, yinoagh ad er 
fon Shickyrys cofoey er Mieys as Ard- 
chiarail FlauoyiTagh Yee dy vifhaghey 
orroo ny Bannaghtyn (hen, t'ad dy 
lhiettal voue hene lioriih nyn Neu- 

| vooife. 

..--' and 


Padjeryn er-lheb 

and! Praife for them ; but, O 
(Jod, accept of this my Sacri- 
fice of Praife and Thankfgi- 
ving. — For this, and for all 
thy known and unobferved 
Favours of Nature and of 
Grace, I blefs thy good Pro* 
vidence ; befeeching Thee to 
pardon my Ingratitude, and 
that I have palled fo many 
Occafions without observing 
and without acknowledging thy 
great Goodnefs to thy un- 
worthy Servant. For when 

I connder my Dependence upon 

tfbee. for my Life, for 

my Prefervation, for my 

Redemption, and for the 

Means of Grace and Salva- 
tion which thou haft afforded 
me, I cannot but be very 

thankful. As long therefore 

as I live, I will praife Thee — 
Glory be to God my Crea- 
tor, Glory be to Jesus 

my Redeemer, -,— -Glory be 
to the Holy Ghost my 
Sanffijier, my Guide, and 
Com \forter.~— All Love, all 
Praife and Glory be to God 
Moft High. Men. 

as Moylley cooie y choyrt er 
fry n fon; agh, O Yee, jean 
Soiaghey 'yannoo jeh flioh 
my Oural dy Voylley as dy 
Hoyrt-booife. — Er fon fhoh,as 
er fon ooilley dty Chenjajlys 
er-fys as gyn-yfc dy Ghoogbys 
as dy Ghrayftp, ta mee cur 
£}annaght da djfy Ard-chiarail 
vie; guee ort dy leih dou my 
Neu-vooife, as fon dy,vel mee 
er lhiggey Ihaghey whilleen 
Kcayrt fegooifli Geill, y[ cboyrt 
da, as fegoqifh Goaillrrijb, dty 
Vieys vooar gys dty HaryaanJ 

neu-feeu. Son tia ta mee 

fmooinaghtyn dy nee ort ta my 
varrant, — fon my Fioys,—io^ 
rhy Choadcy, — fon my Livny 
ys veib Peccah, — as fon ny 
Saafeyn dy Ghrayfe as dy Hau- 
alfys t'ou er ftowal orrym, cha 
voddym gyn ve feer vooifaL— 
Sben-yfa choud as vee 9 m bio, 
nce J m oo y voylley — Gloyr dy 

row gys Jee my Er-croc, 

Gloyr dy row gys Yee sey my 
Haualtagh. — Gloyr dy row gys 
y Spyrryd Noo ta dy my 
cbajherickey, dy my leeideil, as 
dy my gherjagihey. — Dy chooil- 
ley Ghraih, dy cbooilley Voyl* 
ley as Gloyr dy row gys y 
Jee fmoo Syrjey. Amen. 

St. John xvi. 23, Verily, ve- 
rily, I fay unto you, What- 
focver ye jhalt aft the Fa- 
ther in my Name t He will ! Ayr ayns yn Ennym aynCs, dy 
give it yw< der efi diu eh* 


Noo Ean xvi. 23. Dy fir- 
riruigh, jirrinagh, ta mee gra 
riu, Cre-erbee hirrysflnu er yn 

lurgy CHREESTIAGHT. 157 

[N all Humility, O Heaven- 
L ly Father, I lay Claim to 
lis thy Son's moft faithful 
'romife, confirmed by his 

)atb In his Name, and 

:>r his fake, I befeech Thee 
3 give to me an Heart tru- 
f fenfible of his great Love 
1 paying the Debt due, by 
tie, to thy divine Juftice ; 
nd grant that the Merits of 
lis Death and Sacrifice may 
lot be loft upon me. 

AYNS dy chooilley Injiljid, 
O Ayr Flaunyffagh, tg. 
mee cur ftiagh fon Cairys gyp 
y Ghialdyn fmoo firrinagh ihoji 
jeh dty Vac, jeant fliickyr dooin 
liorifli e Vreearrey.~--Ayns yn 
Ennym echeyfyn, as er e 
Ghr^ih, ta mee guee qrt dy 
chur dou Cree leift Ennaghtyn 
firrinagh jeh e Ghraihi vooair 
, ayns geeck y Feearfiyn, va or- 
rym's dy eeck, da dty Chairys 
flaunyffagh ; as giall nagh bee 
1 oilchinys y Vaafe as yn Ourat 
echey caillit orrym's. 

Cur dou Credjue as Tulhte% 
oddys my hauail ; Graih fir- 
Lave for thee, and for thy rinagh orts, as er dty Ghoo 
holy Word; — An hearty De- \ caflierick ; — Teearree creeoil dy 
fire to pleafe Thee ; — A Fear I dty wooiys ; — /fggle dy chur 
of offending Thee ; — A Zeal \ Jymmoofe ort \~Graib jeean, 
for thy Glory; and a great \ da dty Ghloyr ; as Arrym 

Give me a faving . Faith 
ind Knowledge ; — ■ — A fincere 

Regard for every thing that 

belongs to thee. 

• Give me fuch a Love for 

mooar da dy chooilley Nhee 
ta bentyn dhyt. 

Cur dou lheid y Ghraih da 

my Neighbour as thou haft my Naboo as t'ou er harey : 
commanded : a due Regard Arrym cooie dauefyn t'er my 
for my Betters, and an utter fkyn, as Dv/oaie firrinagh da 
Abhorrence of all manner of j dy chooilley Vonney dy Vultcyr- 
Frandy Injujiice and Wrong. \ ys, dy Vcc-cbairys 9 a$ dy dggair. 

Give * me a tender Con- Cur dou Coohjbcanfe veigb, 
fcience 9 a meek and qiritt Spi- Spyrryd meen zsfcagh, Aigney 
rit, a charitable, an bumble, \ghiajtyihgh, imlee 9 as booiagb 
and a contented Mind. : icjh my btayd bene. 

Give me a jujl Serfe eft Cur dou \i.n?iagbtyn firrinagh 
my awn Infirmities, a Dread jeh my Annochudyn hene, At- 
of Senlual Pieafures, a Pow- chim roifh Eunyllyn ny toal- 
er over my Appetites, and a ley, Pcczr ban »ili my Yecar- 
Fear of the 'World an.i its retry n, zs A^gle jeh yn. Scihll, 
Idols. l^s e Yallooyn. 


i 5 8 

Padjeryn er-lbeh 

* Leave me not to my own 
Choices ——Keep me from 
Pride, and from pre/umpfious 
Sins ; From wicked Prin- 
ciples, and wicked Company ; 
and from the Vices of the 
Age and Place I *live in. 

Make me ever mindful of 
my latter End, and of the 
Account I muft one Day 
give of my Life and of the 
Talents with which Thou (halt 

entruft me. And grant 

that I may lead an innocent 
and a ufeful Life, by doing 
Good in my Generation. 

Take Poffeflion of my 
Soul, until I am re/lored to 
thy divine Image, from which 
1 am fadly fallen. 

For thefe, and for all the 
Graces I ftand in need of, 
I plead thy gracious Good- 
nefs, and my Saviour's Me- 
rits and Promife to all that 
afk in his Name : And I 
know thou wilt not deny 
me, becaufe the very Will to 
ajk thefe Mercies is from 
Thee, and thy good Spirit. 

Rom. viii. 32. He that /pared 
not his own Son, but de- 
livered Him up for us all, 
how Jhall he not with him 

Ny faag mee dy rcih er 
my hon hene — Freill mee veih 
Moyrn, as veih Roonid Peccab ; 
— Veih Drogh - chredjue, as 
Drogh-hejhaght ; as veih Pec- 
caghyn y Theihll, as yn Tnnyd 
raad ta mee cummal. . 

Freill mee kinjagh ayns 
Cooinaghtyn jeh my Laa jer- 
rinagh, as jeh'n Choontey 
fhegin dou un Laa y choyrt, 
jeh my Vea as jeh ny Talentyn 
t'ou er hreifliteil orrym. — As 
giall dy voddym Bea gyn-loght 
as vondeijhagh y leeideil, lio- 
rifli Mie 'yannoo ayns my 

Gow my Annym ayns dty 

chummal, derrey vee'm reeflit 

er ny cbaghlaa gys y Cbq/lys 

. flaunyffagh ayd's, veih ta mee 

dy trimfhagh er duittym. 

Er nyn ion oc fhoh, as fon 
dy chooilley Ghrayfe ta femoil 
dou, ta mee pleadeil gys dty 
Vieys ghrayfoil, as gys Toil 
chinys as Gialdyn my Haualtagh 
dauefyn ooilley ta .geearree 
ayns yn Ennym echeyiyn : As 
ta Fys aym nagh jean 00 mifh 
y obbal, fon dy vel yn eer Aig* 
ney dy hirrey ny Myghinyn 
lhoh cheet void's, as veih dty 
Spyrryd mie. Amen. 

Rom. viii. 32. Elhyn nagh ren 
e Vac hene y haghney, agh liv- 
rey eh feo/e eh er nyn fon ooil- 
ley, kys nagh der ejhyn doom 


lurg y C H R E E S T I A G H T. 


alfo freely give us all 
Things ? 

THIS is indeed, O God, 
a fure Pledge of thine 
infinite Love for thy poor 
Creatures. — Upon this I de- 
pend, when my Heart is in 
Heavinefs.— -This is my Re- 
fuge 9 when I remember my 
Sins, and thy divine Juftice. 
O make me truly fenfi- 
ble of this thy great Love ; 
■ And give me the Graces 
which that Love fees need- 
ful for me, for jefus Chrift's 
lake, the Son 6f thy Love. 

St. Luke xxiv. 26. Ought not 
Chri/i to have fttffered thefe 
Things, and to enter into 
his Glory? 

IT was neceflary for Thee, 
O Chri/lj to luffer, becaufe 
Thou tookeft upon Thee to 
anfwer for Sinners; and to 
fliew us what Treatment our 
Sins deferve. O make my 
fufferings in this Life, in 
Union with thine, acceptable 
to God; and enable me to 
bear them, as Thou didft, 
with Patience and Reftgna- 
tion, this being the only Way 
to Glory. Amen. 

myrgeddin dy arryltagb ma- 
rifhyn dy cbooilley Nhee ? 

TH A fhoh dy jarroo, O Yee, 
■*■ Gioal fhickyr jeh dty 
Ghraih erfkyn Earroo da dty 
Chretooryn boghtey. — Er fhon 
ta mee cur my Varrant, tra ta 
my Cbree ayns TrimJbeyr—£\iG, 
fhoh my Cbemmyrk, tra ta mec 
cooinaghtyn er my Pheccagh- 
yn, as er dty Chairys flaunyf- 
fagh. — O cur dou Ennaghtyn 
firrinagh jeh fhoh dty Ghraih's 

vooar ; As cur dou ny 

Grayfeyn ta'n Ghraih fhen fa- 
kin femoil dou, er Graih Yee- 
fey Creeft v Mac dty Ghraih's. 

Noo Luke xxiv. 26. Nagh 
beign da Creed y hurranfeny 
ReddynJboh 9 as goll liiagb 
ayns e Ghloyr ? 

VE ymmyrchagh dhyt's, O 
Cbreejt) dy hurranfe, fon 
dy ghow 00 ort dy reggyrt fon 
Peccee ; as dy hoilfhaghqp 
dooinyn cre'n Dellal ta nyn 
Beccaghyn dy hoilchin. — O 
cur er my Hurranfe *fy Vea 
fhoh, marifh dty Hurranfe 
hene, ve booifal da Jee; as 
niartee mee dy ymmyrkey my 
Hurranfe, myr ren U/s 9 lefn 
Meenid as Biallys, fon dy nee 
fhoh yn ynrycan Raad gys 
Gloyr. Amen. 

2 Cor. 


Padjeryn erJBeb 

2 Cor, v. 15. Chrift died 
for alt, that they which 
live Jhould not henceforth 
live unto tbemfches, but un- 
to Him wbicb died for them. 

FROivI this Moment, O 
Chrift, I cor.fecrate that 
Life to Thee, which Thou 
haft redeemed from the Sla- 
very of Sin and Satan, by 
thy moll precious Blood. 
Fortify my Soul, I befcech | 
Thee, againft all the Temp-\ 
tations of the World, the ' 
Flejh, and the Devil, by the 
Remembrance of this thy 
Love ; that I may live *o . 
Thee, and to the Glory of 
God. A?nen. 

2 Cor. vi. 16. 1e are the 

Temple of the living God. 
As God hath fa id I will 
dzvrll in them, and walk in 
them ; and I will be their God, 
and they Jhall be my People. 

TV/TAKE me, O God, tru- 
JLVA ly fenfible of this great 
Honour and Blejfing, of being 
the Habitation of thy good 
Spirit ; of the Holinefs re- 
quired of me, and of the 
great Danger of profaning a 
Temple confe crated to Thee — 
Make mc worthy of thy 
continual Abode and Prefence. 
lake Pofleilion of my Heart 
and Soul j and let mc know 

2 Cor. ▼• 15. HooOr Creeft 
baafefon ooilley, nagb beagb 
adjjn ta bio magbey (bob bio 
daue bene, agb dajyn bodar 
Baafe er nynfon. 

VEIfTNeerOor fhoh, O 
Cbree/i, ta mee cafhe- 
rickey yn Veajben hood's, t'ou 
cr livrey veih Bondiaght Pec- 
cab as Noid-ny Hanmey, liorifh 
dty Uill fmoo gheyr. Niartee 
my Annyin, ta mee guee ort, 
noi ooilley Miolagbyn y Theihll, 
yn Eill, as y Drogb -fpyrryd^ 
liorifh Cooinaghtyn jeh flioh 
dty Ghraih ; dy voddym ve 
bio hood's, as gys Gloyr Yee. 

2 Cor. vi. 16. Tafbiuifh Chiam* 
ble y Jee bio. Myr ta Jfeeer 
gbra, Neem's beagbey ayndoo, 
as gimmeeaght maroo ; as 
beem 9 s y Jee ocfyn, as bee ad* 
fyn y Pbbble ayrrCs. 

CUR Ennaghtyn firrinagh 
dou, O Yee,jeh'n Ooajb- 
ley as y Bannaght mooar fhoh, 
dy ve Tnnyd-vaghee dty Spyr* 
rvd vie, jeh'n Chafherickys 
t'er ny yeearree orrym, as jeh'n 
Gaue mooar dy vee-oodfhlagh* 
ey Chiamble t 9 er ny chajherickey 
Hood's. — Jean mifh feeu jeh dty 
Hannaghtyn kinjagh as dty Ea- 
nijh marym. Gow my Chree 
as my Annym ayns dty Chum- 

tuti y C H R E fi 9 1 1 A O H T* ill 

that thou dwelled in me, by 
the Fruits of thy Spirit. 

Jleb. xii. I, 2* Let Us tun 
with Patience the Race that 
is fit before Us, looking unto 
Jefus, &c. 

GRANT, O God, that I 
may bear all the Trou- 
bles of this Life with a meek 
and patient Spirit, without 
refining at what thou ihalt 
Appoint, for the Pu rudiment 
of Sin, and for the Salva- 
tion of the Sinner. I will 
look unto Thee* O Jefus, 
when thou waft in the Place 
of Sinners, with what Pa- 
tience thou didfl bear the 
Scorn, the Indignities, the un- 
righteous Judgment, the mi- 
fcrable Death of the Crofs: 
And this, by thy Grace, {hall 
be my Pattern. Amen* 

$t« Luke fxiii. 41* We receive 
the due Reward of our 
Deeds: but this Man bath 
done nothing amifs* 

I Confefs, O God, with this 
Malefactor, That whatever 
Lfuffer in this Life, I fuffer 
mod: iuftly for my Sins : 
And therefore, with the fub- 
miifion of a penitent Criminal, 
undo: the righteous Sentence 

mal hene ; as car Toiggal ddtl 
dy vel 00 baghey aynyin, lio* 
rifh Meflyn dty Spyrryd. Amem 

Heb. xii. 1, 2. Lhig dooifi df 
jeean roie yn Race ta foA 
kiongoyrt rooin^ jeeagbjn gjs 
Teefey, &c« 

GIALL, O fte* df tdd- 
dym gymmyrkey ooilley 
Seaghyn y Vea fhoh lelh Spyr* 
ryd meen as furranfagh, fe« 
gooifli P/aiynt er ny t'ou uft 
goardrail fon Kerraghey Peo» 
cah, as fon Saualtys y Phec* 
Cagh« Jeeagh-ym Hood's, O 
Teefey, tra v'ou ayns Yniiyd 
Peccee, lefli cre'n Meenid reil 
00 gymmyrkey yn Fagbid n yn 
Vee-ooajhley, yn 'Vriwnys tieu* 
cbairal, Baafe treih ny Groih* 
ey : As fhoh, liorifh dty 
Ghrayfe, vecs my Hampleyr* 
Amm% ' 

Noo Luke *siit. 41 « $a Jhin* 
yn geddyn ToiJchinys cooie yti 
Jannoo ain : agh cha vel f 
Dooinney fhoh er riyarnwi 

T*A mee goaili-ridi* Tee^ 
marifh y Kimnpagh ihoh* 
Cre-erbee ta mee dy hurranfe 
ayns y Vea fhoh, dy vel med 
dy feer chairagh lurranfe eh 
fon my Pheccaghyn : As flien- 
y-fa lefh Biallys Ktmmagb or* 



Padjeryn er-lbeb 


of Death, I offer my Life a 
Sacrifice of Obedience to thy 
divine Juflice, in Union with 
that of my Saviour's, at 
what Time, and in what 
Manner to Thee fhall feem 
mept ; trufting in the Merits 
of my Redeemer at the 
Hour of Death, and in the 
Oay of Judgment.- Amen. 



ryjfagh fd Briwnys thairal y 
Vaaifh, ta mee chebbal my 
Vioys ny Oural dy Viallys gys 
dty Chairys flaunyffagh, ma- 
rifli Oural my Haualtagh, ec 
cre-erbee yn Tr^ta, as er cre- 
erbee yn Aght s'cooidfave 
lhiat, treifliteil ayns Toilchin- 
ys my Er-kionnee ec Oor y 
Vaaifh, as ayns Laa ny Briw- 
nys. Amen. 

St. Luke xv. 6. / have founct 
my Sheep which was loft. 

OGood Shepherd, I thank 
Thee for that tender 
Care and Concern for thy 
toft Sheep — ■ — I had indeed! 
been for ever loft, had not 1 
thy Love fought and found 4 
me, when I was ajiray : For 
thy Goodncfs fake keep me 
for the Time to come from 
wandering frorv Thee, and 
from thy Fold. Amen. 

6t. John v. 14. Behold, thou 
art made whole : Sin 
no more j left a worje Thing 
come unto Thee. 

T ORD, the Frailty of Man 
-*-^ without Thee cannot but 
fall: In all Temptations, 
therefore, I befeech Thee to 
iuccour me, that no Sin, no 

Npo Luke xv. 6. Ta mee er 
gheddyn my Cheyrrey chailjey. 

OVochilley vie, ta mee cur 
Booife dhyr fon dty 
Chiarail veigh as dty Imnea fon 
dty Chirr ee chailjcy. — Veign 
dy jarroo, er ve dy bragh cail- 
lit, mannagh beagh dty Ghraih 
er vriaght er my hon, as er my 
gheddyn magh, tra va mee et* 
Jhaghryn : Er. Graitf dty Vieys 
freill mee fon y Traa ta ry- 
heet veih goll er-ftiaghryn 
void's as veih dty Woaillce. 

Noo Ean v. 14. Cur-my-net) 
t'ou er dty Iheihys : ny jean 
Peccah ny fmop, er-aggle dy 
jig Redfmejey ort. 

IA R N 9 cha vod Annooin* 
id Dooinney dty egocijh y s 
agh tuittym : Ayns dy choowey 
Violaghey er-y-fa flien, ta mee 
guec ort dy chur Kemmyrk 


■ 4 

lurg y CHREESTIAGHT. 163 

dou, nagh vod Peccab erbee % 
nagh yod Drogh-fpyrryd erhee y 
dy bragh yn Varriaght y ghed* 
dyn orrynu Amen* 

evil Spirit, may c?er get the 
Dominion over me. Amen* 

St. Mat xxvi. 41. Watch and 
pray ', that ye \ enter Hot into 

MAKE me, O Lord, c- 
ver mindlul of my In- 
firmities and Back/lidings, that 
I may be more watchful, 
and more earneft for Grace 
for the Time to come } that 
the Adverfary of my, Soul 
may never find me off my 
Guard, or from under thy 

St. Luke xi. 13. Tour Heaven- 
ly Father will give the Ho- 
ly Spirit to them that ajk 

OHeavenli Father, let \t 
be unto thy Servant ac- 
cording to this Word; Aban- 
don me not I beieech Thee, 
to the Oppofition that Ifhall 
at any Time make tp thy 
Holy Spirit, that I inay ne- 
ver render myfelf unworthy 
of fo great a Bleffing. 


St. John viii. 51. If a Man 
keep^ my Saying, He (hall 
never fee Death. 

Noo Mian xxvi. 41. Bee-jee ir 
nyn,Dwoaie 7 as goiv-jee Pad* 
jer, nagh duittfhiu ayns Mii- 

FReill imfh, O Hiarn, dy 
bragh ayns Codinaghtyii- 
jeh my Annooinidyn, as my 
Skirraghtyn, dy voddyiii ve ny 
s'taftee as ny s'jeean foft Grayfe 
fon y Traa ta ry-heet j nagh 
jean Noid ny Hanmey dy bragll 
my gheddyn jeh my Arrey, ny 
veih ve fo dty Choadey. 

Noq Luke xi. 13. Ver nyn Ayr 
Flaunyffagh y Sjprryd $0* 
dauefvn tajannoo Aghin hug- 
gey er y hon. 

O Ayr flaunyffagh dy jig eb 
lejh dty Harvaant corddil 
rifh y Ghoo Jhoh j Ny treig 
mee, ta mee guee ort, ec Traa 
erbee dy haflbo magh noi dty 
Spyrryd Cafherick, nagh jean* 
ym dy bragh mee-hene y yan- 
noo neu-feeu jeh Bajin^ght 
cha ooafle. 

Noo Ean viii. 51, My ta 
Dooinney freayll my Raa's, 
cha vaik eh yn Baafe dy 
bragh beayn, 

O Jefus* 

1 64 

Padjeryn tr-lbeh 

O JESUS, who haftj 
made known to us 
another Death, befides that 
which feparates our Souls 
from our Bodies, Jet thy 
Grace and Mercy deliver me 
from the bitter Piins of e- 

ternal Death, Amen* 

St. Mat, xi. ig. Learn of me; 
for I am meek and lowly in 
Heart: qnd ye Jhall find 
Re% unto your Souls, 

O Heavenly Mailer and 
Pattern, how am I afto- 
fiifhed, when I confider thy 
Humility, (hy Poverty, thy 
Meeknefs, thy Refignation in 
the midft of Injuries, Op- 
preffion, and Wrongs! It 
jnuft be thy Almighty Grace 
which jnuft enable pie to fol- 
low thy Example, and fub- 
jnit to this Way of Peace, 
to which our Nature is fo a- 
yerfe : For this Grace I now 
pray ? thro* thy Merits and 
Mediation, O Jefus, Amen,. 

OTEE S ET* oo t'er chur 
Toiggal aooinyn \ek 
Baafe elley f marifo y Vaafe 
(hen ta fcarrey nyn Anmeen* 
yn veih nyn GaUinyn, lfcig da 
dty Ghrayfe as dty Vyghin 
mifli y livrey veih Pianyn lhar* 
roo yn Vaafe dy bragh far* 
raghtyn. Amen. 

Noo Mian xi, 29, Tn/ie-jee 
voym's ; fon ta mee meejt at 
imlee ayns Cree : as yiovjjbiu 
Fea da nyn Artmeenyn, 

$%i Luke x^iji, 34, JefUsfaid, 
father, forgive them, ft? 
they know not what they 


WE do not indeed con-r 
(ider what we do, 

f*\ Vainjhter as Hamplejr 
*^ Jiaunyjfagb, cre'n Yindys 
mooar t*orrym, tra ta mee dy 
dowin ftnooinaghtyn er 4ty itf- 
jillid, dty Voghtynid, dty Veen* 
fdy dty Vialhs ayns N Mean 
Drogh - ghellal, Tranlaafe as 
Aggair! She dty Ghrayfe 
ooilley-niartal fhegin milh jl 
niartaghey dy eiyrt er dty 
Hampleyr, as dy my injillagh- 
ey hene gys y Raad fhoh dy 
Hee, ta nyn Ghpoghys whedlj 
noi : Son y Ghrayfe (boh ta 
mee nifli guee, trooid dty 
Hollchinys as dty Lhiafljjghey, 
O Yeefey, Awn* 

Nao Luke xxiii, 34* Dooyrt 
Teefey, Ayr, jean leib daue r 
fon cha vel Fys oc ere faddy 

- /^IHA vel ftin dy jarroo 
1 \jl g°aiU Taftey crs ta fhin 



lurg y CHREESTIAGHt 165 

phen we provoke that Juf- 
ticc which could n<* be ap- 
peafed, but by the Death of 
the Sort of God.-— If I have 
Enemies, God, I befeech 
Thee for them after this 
Example, not for Judgment 
and Vengeance, but for Mer» 
w ; for their Pardon, and 
for their eterpal Happincfs. 

St. Luke xiii. 26, zj. Then 
Jhall ye fay, We have' eat- 
en and drank in thy Pre* 
cence, &c — But he Jhall 
fay, I tell you J know 
you not ; depart from me, all 
ye Workers of Iniquity, &c, 

LET me not depart from 
% thy Table and Pre* 
fence, O Lord, without^ ob- 
taining the Grace to lead a 
godly and a ctiriflian Life, 
♦—That I may efcape this 
terrible and juft Judgment, 
to be paired upon all thofe 
who enjoy the Means of Grace 
find Salvation, without being 
bettered by them, but contU 
nue to lead unchrjftian Lives, 

St. John, u ia. As many as 
received him, to them gave 
he Power (and Right J to 
become the Sons of God, 
even to them that believe 
m his Name, 

dy yannoo, tra ta flrin braf- 
naghey yn Chairys {hen nagh 
voddagh v'er ny veiyghey, agh 
liorilh Baafe Mac Yec.—My 
ta Noidyn aym's, O Tee, ta 
mee jannoo Padjer hood er nyn 
fon lurg y Sampleyr {hoh, cha 
nee fon Kerragbey as Cooilleen, 
agh fon Myghin ; fon y Phar- 
doon oc, as fon nyn Maynrys 
dy bragh beayn. Amen. 

Noo Luke xiii. %6, 27. Eijht 
neefhiu gra, Tajhin er n f ee 
as er n'iu ayns dty EaniJI^ 
&c. Aghjir efhyn, ta mee 
ginfy diu nagh nione dou (hiu ; 
erfooyl-jee voym, ooilley Jhiu* 
ijh Gbrogh-yaritee, &c. 


Y lhig dooys goll roym 
veih dty Voayrd as dtr 
Eanifti, O Hiarn, fegooifli col- 
ney yn Ghrayfe dy leeideil Bea 
chrauee as chreeftee, — Dy vod- 
dym (hagbney yn Vriwnys ag- 
glagh as chairal fhoh, ta dy ve 
cr ny ockley magh orroofyn 
ooilley ta ny 8aafeyn / dy 
Ghrayfe as dy Haualtys oc, fe- 
gooifn ve jeant ny ihare lioroo, 
agh tannaghtyn dy leeideil 
Be* neu-chreeltee.' Amen. 

NooEani. 1%. WhiUeen as ren 
foiaghey jeh, dauefyn hug eb 
Pooar (as CairysJ dy ve nyn 
Mee dy l ee, eer dauefyn ta 
credjal ayns yn Ennym 
echey n 

I will 

1 66 

Padjeryn er-lheh, &c 

I Will not live in Jin ; 
knowing, O God, that I 
am accounted thine. O Je- 
fus, who haft obtained for 
us this mighty Privilege, 
give me Grace to live, as i 
becomes the Child of fo j 
great, fo good, fo holy a : 

Father ; That I may ne- \ 

ver abufe this Mercy, nor ' 
forfeit the Right of the In- 
heritance of the Children of 
God, by Infidelity, or Dif- 
cbedience to the Commands 
of my Heavenly Father. 

St. John xiv. 27. My Peace 
I leave with you, my Peace 
I give unto you. 

IT mud be thy Spirit, 
Prince of Peace, that muft 
put us into Poffeffion of this 
thy laft and dying Legacy. 
give me this Peace, which 

the World cannot give : 

Which paffeth all Underjtand- 
ing ; Trie Peace and Plea- 
sure of being in the Favour 
of Gpd ;--• -And that I may 
• poffefs my Soul in Peace, in 
the midft of the Temptations, 
and "Troubles, and' Allure- 
merits of this prefent evil 
World. " And let this Peace, 
which thou haft purchafed 
with thy precious Blood, be 
with me, and with thy whole 
Church evermore. Amen. 

CHA jean-ym beaghey ayns 
Pecciw ; toiggal, Tee, 

dy vel mee coontit Ihiafs. O 

Yecfey* t'er choihey dooys y 
Chairys vooar Ihoh, cur 
Grayfe dou dy Veaghey, myr 
ta cooie da Lhiannoo Ayr cha 
ooaile, cha inie, cha cafherick ; 
— Nagh jean-ym dy bragh 
beg y hoiaghey jeh'n Vyghin 
(hoh, ny Cairys y choayl ayns 
Kiraght Cloan Yee, fiorifh 
Mee-chredjue, ny Mee-vially* 
gys Saraghyn my Ayr Flau- 
nyffagh. Amen. 

Noo Ean xiv. 27. My Hee ta 
mee dy aagailjneriu, nff Hee 
ta mee dy choyrt diu, 

SHE dty Spyrryd's, 0. 
Phrince dy Hee, flifcgiri 
Cairys y choyrt dooinyn ayni 
{hoh Leggad jerrinagh dty 
Vaaifh. cur dou yn Sbee 
jhoh nagh vod y Seih/l y choyrt: 
— Ta erjkyn dy chooilley Hujb* 
tey y Yn Chee as yn Eunys dy 

ve ayns Foayr Yee ; As dy 

voddym my Annym .y chum- 
mal- ayns Shee, ayns Mean 
Miolagbyn, as Seaghyn, as 
Cleayn y Theihll oik ihoh wafs. 
As Ihig da'n Chee ihoh t'ou 
er chionnaghey lefti dty Uill 
gheyr, ve marym's, as marifh 
dty flane Aggiifli fon dy bragh. 


[ i6 7 ] 

» ■ 



Spiritual COMMUNION. 

THE Church, for the 
Comfort and Advan- 
tage of fuch Chriftians, as thro* 
any juft Impediment, are 
hindered from receiving the 
Lord's Supper, (in the man- 
ner which fhe has appoint- 
ed, that is, from the Hands 
of drift's own Minifters) 
has, given us this Inft ruc- 
Hbat if we do truly repent 

of our Sin ; " Have a 

« lively Faith of God's Mer- 
« cy thro 9 Chrill, with a 
u "thankful Remembrance of 
** his Death, &c. we do eat 
" and drink the Body and 
« Blood of Chrifi profitably, 
" and to our Soul's Health, 
** although we do not rekeive 
" the Sacrament with our 
« Mouth." 

They that compofed this 
Kubrick, had, it is probable, 
an^ Eye to the daily Sacrifice, 
which under the Law of 
Mo/es was offered for the 
whole people of lfcael ; at 
which all ftich pious Per- 
fons who could not pollibly 
be prefent, yet offered their 
daily Prayers to God in U- 
nion of Spirit, and in virtue 


Creefliaght SPYRRYDOIL. 

TA'N Agglifh, fo» Ger- 
jaghey as Vondeifl* 
lheid. ny Creefteefiy% 
as ta trooid Lhiettrimys erbee 
Iowa], er ny reayll veih goaill 
Shibbcr y Chiarn *(ayns yn 
Aght t'eeifli er phointeil, ta 
(hen, veih Laueyn Shirveifhee 
Chrecft hene) er choyrt dooia 
y Choyrle fhoh. 

My ta fhin dyfrrinagh goaill 
drrysjeh nyn Bee cab ;•-" My ta 
Credjue ain avns Mygbin lee 
trooid Creefl, lejh Cooinagbtyn 
vooifal jeb e Vaafe, &c. ta 
Jhin gee as giu Corp as Fuilt 
Cbreejl dy vondeifhagh, as gys 
" Slaynt nyn dnmey, ga nagh vel 
c * /kin goaill y Sacrament lejb nyn 
" Meeal.' 9 





Adfyri ren y Rubrick fhohy 
te feer laik, dy row Sooill oc 
gys yn Oural gagb-laa, va fa 
Leigh Vofes er ny hebbal foil 
flane Pobble Jfrael ? ec yn Ou- 
ral cheddiiT dy chooilley Pher- 
foon crauee nagh voddagh* ef 
Aght erbee, ve kionfenilh, rert 
foaft ehebbal Padjeryn gagh- 
laa gys Jee ayns Unnaneya 
Spyrryd, as ayns Bra* yn Ou- 



1 68 

Creefliagbl SpytrydoiL 

of that Sacrifice offered m the 1 Otiral (hen va diebbit ayns y 
Temple, no Doubt of it, were Chiamble, as gyn Dooyt, va 
accepted of God. ~ ~ 

Now forafmuch as vety 
many pious Souls do labour 
*tinder*this fed Impediment, 
efpecially in many Country 
Churches, where this Sacra- 
ment is but too feldom admi* 
niftered: # To fupply this De- 
feat, fome fuch Help as the 
following may be made ufe 
of, on the LorcTs Day, or 
on any other Holy Day, in 
order to preferve in our 
Minds — The Memorial of our 

Redemption, To improve 

our grateful Affections towards 
our Redeemer,— —To keep 
up a continual correfponderlce 
With Heaven,— —To preferve 
in us a Spirit of Piety , Devo- 
tion, and Charity, that we 
may always be prepared to 
receive the Lord's Supper, 
whenever we (hall have an 
Opportunity of doing it in 
Publicity as a Publick and fo- 
iemn Acknowledgment of our 

Soiaghey jeant jeu liorilh jee. 

NUh fon wheefh as dy vd 
ymmodee dy Anmeenyn crauee 
lhie fo yn Lhiettrimya hrim- 
fhagh fhoh, erfkyn ooilley ayns 
Kialteenyn Gheercy, raad ta'ri 
SacrameiU fhoh agh ro-anven* 
nick er ny hirveilh : Dy yan- 
noo mie fon y Lhiettrimys 
(hohj foddee. lheid y Cbooney 
as t'ayns fhoh chebbit dhyt ve 
er ny chliaghtaghey, er Laayn 
Chiarn 9 ny er Laa feailley er- 
bee elley, dy reayll ayns nyn 

Aignaghyn Cooinagbtyn jch 

nyn Livrey-ys veih Peccah,— 
Dy yannoo nyn Aignaghyn nt 
s'booifal da nyti Ver-kionnee, 
- — *Dy reayll fcofe Caardyg 
chinjagh rifh Niau, — — Dy 
chummal aynin Spyrryd di 
Chraueeaght 9 dy Pb*djer % 36 
dy Gbfajlyllys, dy vod mayd 
ve kinjagh aarloo dy ghoaill 
Shibber y Chiarn, cre-erbce yn 
Traa yiow mayd Caa dy yan- 
noo eh */y Cb*eill % myr Goaill- 
rifh fofhlit as arrymagh dy vcl 
fliin aynsShefhaght rifh Creed, 
as rifh dy chooilley Olt jd 

in Communion with 
(Jhrilt, and with every Mem- 
ber of the Church of Chrift, 

and which no good Chriftian I Agglifh Cbreeft / as (hob cha 
will negled ; on any Pretence J jean Creeftee mie erbee y lhig* 
t>i spiritual Communion* gey fhaghey, er Lefhtal CreeJ* 

tiaght SpyrrydoiU 







Creejiiaght Spyrrydoil. 


* St. Luke xxir. 19. Do /to . * No® Luke xxiL ip. jfattn* 

in Remembrance of me. 

OGood Saviour, I will, 
through thy Grace, do 
ibis in Remembrance of tbee, 
* and in Obedience to thy 
Command, as Well as I am 

I do therefore this good 
Day join in Defife and Spi- 
rit, with crery chriftian 
Congregation in the World, 
which truly celebrates this 
holy Myftery* 

With them I join in gi- 
ving my detouteft Thanks 
to thy Almighty Father, 
and our gracious God, who 
did not overlook loft Man- 
kind, but fent Thee his on- 
ly Sony to redeem us. 

With them I call t* Re*, 
men&rance what thou haft 

* • * 

+ We dd not want E*afnpfes 
•for recommending this Spiritual' 
iiommtmhH. The learned and pi- 
ms 0tft»p Tay*or ;— The wor 
thy , and ingenious Author ,of the; 
VuMoody Sacrifice; — The devout 
'Author of the Spiritual Cmtai, 
Stc bstffe proposed fome fuch 
Help as this, for the Ufe and 
Comfort of thofc dcvtdt Souls, 
who are deprived of this,. holy 
Sacrament in the Church. And; 
to thole we are indebted for this' 
Intimation, £#, 


jee Jhoh ayns Cooinaghty4 

OHauakagh vie, rice* no* 
trooid dty .Ghrayfc, Jhob 
y yanrioo dym Gooiruoghtyn jeed+ 
as ayns Biailya da dty >£iarey* 
cha mie as oddym* 

Ta m^e ef.y-fa flieil yrt Laa 
mie t'ayn jtu Ihiaqtyn ayna 
Yeearree as Spyrryd, rifti dy 
chooilley Helhaght ehreeftee 
*fy Theihll, ta dy firrinagfa 
freayll feofe Cooinaghtyn jeh'n 
Folliaght cafhferick lhoh. 

Maroofyn ta mee. ibiantyn 
ayns coyrt my Vooifc fmoo 
crauee da dty Ayr Ofcdlley* 
niartal, as da nyn Ytfe grayfr 
(oil, nagh ten beg y hoiaghcy 
jeh Sheelnatie cailjey* agh hug 
Ufs e ynrycan Fac $ dy iivrif 
fliin. - 

Maroofyn ta rrtee gintfaa ti 
ny t'ou ufs er n'yannaa as ctf ' 

* Cha rel (hid fegooiffi 'jJaitfpleyr* 
yn ta foiaghey ro'in Vendeilh- yd 
Cbruftiafikfpytrytktl fooh. 'Yn A6- 
pick y fit as crauee Tat Lot/;-*- Yd 
Dooioney feeu as toiggalagh ram 
(crieii jeirn Qurdt gyft fodlUy ;-** -Yd 
Dooinney ren icrieu jeh'n Chaggtf* 
Spyrrydoil, Sec, ta er boitgbey reiki 
lheid y Chirveilh ftioh, fon Yrtirttyd 
a* Qerjaghey ny Hanmeeoyn crauee* 
(hen, iugh ?cj oc Voodeiffi y Sacra* 
meot caftierick flioh Ty Cheeill. Ai 
vouefyo ta mee er n'yofaghey yd 
Chofrrlc (hob, *c. 



Qrtejliaght Spyrrydoil. 

done and fuffered for us;— 
Thine Incarnation 9 -—thy la- 
borious L//2?,— thy bitter Paf- 
Jioni— thy Death and Refur- 

refiion, The great Deli- 

verana .thou halt thereby 
.wrought for all Mankind ; 
and the Obligations Thou haft 
bud upon us. 

I acknowledge and re- 
ceive Thee, O jtfits* ^s our 

ioarenly leather / as our 

Example and Pattern ; as 
our only Mediator and Ad- 
vocate with God; and as 

the fovereign Judge of all 

With thy Church I join 
In pleading the Merits of 
thy all-fufficicnt Sacrifice 
with thy eternal Father.— : — 
I rely upon that Sacrifice 
for the Pardon of all my 
Sins ; — for the Ajjiliance of 

the Divine Grace j for 

Deliverance from the Cor- 
ruption of my own Nature, 
and from the Malice and 

Snares of the Devil ; for 

the Fellvwjhip of the Holy 

Ghoft, and for a blcfled 

&efurre8ion 9 the Lord Al- 
mighty, for thy fake, being 
reconciled unto me. 

I devote my Spirits, Soul 
and Body, to* Thee and to 
thy Service : befceching Thee 
to give me Grace, never 


hurranfe er nyn fon;—- Btfl 
Gboaill ort nyn Gboogbysfoalley % 

Dty Vea gbeinagb y — JDty 

Hurravfe JharroOj — Dty Vadjfe 
as dty Irree-feofe-reejht veib ny 
MerriUy — Yn Livrey-ys mooar 
t'ou liorifh {hen er n'obbraglw 
ey fon ooilley Sheelnaue, as hy 
Kianglaghyn dy Aigney-mie t'ou 
er choyrt fliin fouc. 

Ta mee goaiH rhyt as ihi« 
aghey jeed, O lufey^ myr nyn 
Ver-ynfee flaunyflagh; myruyn 
Setmpkyr j& Tuaryfoal\ . myr 
nyn ynrycan Sbeeahagh as Car- 
rey rifh Jee : — As myr Ard- 
vriw ooilley Sheelnaue. 

» Ta mee goll marifh dty Ag- 
glifh ayns lhiaffaghcy ToUchm- 
ys dty Oural flane fondagh ri£b 
dty Ayr dy bragh bcayn.~Ta 
mee cur my Varrant er yn Ou- 
raljhen fbn Lcih ooiUcy my 

Pheccaghyn ; Son Cocnej 

dty Ghrayie Flaunyflagh;-— 
Son Livrey-ys vcih Neu-gfakn- 
nid my Ghooghys hene, as 
veih Goanlys as .Ribbagbyu y 
Drogh - Spyrryd ;—- Son She* 
Jbaght y Spyrryd N60,-— as fon 
Irree-reejkt . bannit veih ny 
Merriu, er.yn-oyr dy. vd y 
Chiarn ooilley - niartal er dty 
Ghraih's, cpardit rhym. 

Ta mee cafherickey my 
Spyrryd, my Ahnym as my 
Challin, hoods as gys dty Hk- 
veifli: guec ort dychur Grayfc 


Crctjliagbt Spyrrydoil. 


(Wilfully to • depart from thy 

I join with thy Church, and 
plead the Merits of thy Sacri* 
fee for all Eftates and Con- 
ditions of Men f ; that none 
may deprive themfelves' of 
that Happinefs which thou 
haft purchafed by thy Death : 
— For all Chriftian Kings 
and Governors; — -For all 
Bijhops and Pqftors^ that 
they may prefcrve the fa- 
cred Rites committed to 

their Truft ; for all that 

ftrivfc to propagate the Gof- 
pel;—- for a primitive Zeal 
in all that fear thy Name; 
— for all that fit in Dark- 
ne&, are in Error, or are 
defthute of the neceffary 
Means of Inftru&ion ;— for 
all that fincerely feck the 

Truth;- Lfor all Sinners, 

that they may have Grace 
and Strength to break their 
Bonds ; — for all that are in 

Adverfity ; for all that 

fuffer wrongfully, or that are 
deprived of their juji Rights ; 
—for all that are in Pain 
of Body, or Anguijh of Mind 
and Spirit ; — for all that a:*, 
tempted, or in Danger 

f I Mac. xii. x. We do re- 
member you in our Sacrifices and 
id our Prayers, at Reafon is, and 
as it becomes as to think upon our 

don, gyn dy br agh_ jeh . mj( 
Yioin dy hreigeil dty \.eighyn. 

Ta mee goll marifih dty Ag- 
glifn, as liaffaghey Toilchin- 
ys dty Oural ion dy chooxlley 
Horch as Stayd dy Leihf; 
nagh jean feallagh erbee ad 
hene y ghiarey magH yeih*n 
Vaynrys men t'ou u& er chof- 
ney dooin liorifh dty Vaafe :-•- 
Son dy chooUley Ree as Kian- 
noart Creeftee ;~-fon dy chtooit- 
Icy Jfpick sis Bochill-anmey > f dy 
vod ad freayll feofe ny Oat- 
daghyn cafherick ta currit er 
nyn Gurry m ;-- -Son ocfyn 
ooilley ta jeidjagh ayns cur dty 
Hufhtal er y hofhiaght ;--*Son 
Graibjeean ny chied Chrcct- 
teenyn ayndoofyn ooilley t,a 
goaill Aggie roilh dty Ennyn^ 
— Son adiyn ooilley ta foie 
ayns Donaghys, ayns Shagh* 
rynys, as nagh vel oc ny Saafe- 
yn ymmyrchagh dy Yniaghqy ; 
— Son ooilley ny ta dy crecoil 

lhirrey ion yn Ymickys; 

Son dy chooilley Ghrogh-yan~ 
tagh, dy vod Grayfe as Niart 
ve oc dy Vrifliey nyn Ghcu- 
laghyn;- — fon ooilley ny ta 
ayns Arkys ; — Son ooilley ny 
tafurranle dy aggairagh, ny 
ta giarit jeh nyn yarroo Chair \ 

\ i Mac. xii. x. Ta (bio cooin- 
aghtyn erriu ayns nyo Ourallyo as 
ayns nyn Badjeryn, myr ta Oyr, as 
myr te cheet jeih doom dy fnjooin 
aghtyn er nyo Mraaraghya. 



Crtefllagbt Spyrrydril. 

>f femhg Into Defpair; 

for all that arc in Slavery, 

Under Perfecution, in Prifhn, 

or in Pflrtfrly;— — for all 

Pcrfons and P/*rtf* in Dif- 

frefe by the Sv>ord, Pejti- 

fence or Famine ; ■ f or all I 

that 'arc in their lafi Sid* 

nefs, that they may omit; 

Nothing that is neceffary to 

Yhake their Peace with God ; 

■ ■'■ -t for all Widow «nd 

jfbtherlefs Children ;.r— — for' 

all that call upon God, and 

^iave none elfe to help them ; 

J - — for -this hand, and this 

Xlhurcb) that the Lord may 

?vert the Judgments which 

we jufthr xleferve ; for 

•pur" jfrtends, our Relations, 

<pr Benefactor?, and for our 

"Eneriies ; for all thaft have 

tlefrred our prayers, and for 

the \tfhole myftical Body of 

•Chuift-: -Befeeching the 

1 Almighty 'God, the Creator 
and ^-Redeemer of all, to 
have Mercy upon all whom 
he h$s made and redeemed, 
and to give unto all Grace 
tind Help, according to the 
Neceffittes -they labour un- 
der,— —for thy fake, O 
Lord Jcfus.; to whom, with, 
the Father and the Holy 
Qiipit, bp all Jlonour and 

—Soli eoilley ny ta ayns Ran 
Corp, ny Angaijb Aigney at 
Spyrryd— Son ooiljey ny ta fo 
Miolaghey, ny ayns Gaue tuit* 
tym to Mee-hreifhteil ; — Son 
ooilley ny ta ayns Bandiagbt t 
fo Traulaafe 9 gyro Pryjfbon, ny 
ayns Boghtymd f —Sondy cbepii* 
ley Pber/ovn as dy chooilley 
Tnnyd t'ayns Seaghyq lioriih y 
Cbliwe, Patit, ny Qqrtey ;— — 
Son ooilley ny ta ayn$ nyn 
Jingys jerimagb, n^ghlh^g ad 
ihaghey /Nhee enhee ta ym- 
my rcbagh .dy yaqnpp Jiyn^Shee 
rifli Jce;*-rSo» dy chooilley 
Ven-treogbe.dA (Hoan gyn Ayr; 
-rSon ooilley ny ta geamqgb 
er Jee $ as nagh ■ vel unnane 
arragh oc "dy chppney lhieu; 
•- .Sony Cheer a* yn jfgglijb 
flboh, dy vdd y Chiarn chyndjia 
voin ny Kerraghyji ta fhin-dy 
cairal dy hoiichin.;-»-$oh ayn 
Gaarjyrij as nyn Steib-mooinje- 
rey, ny Mialtee, asfpn nyn Hoid* 
yn.\ — Spn aoillQy nyt-er yeear* 
ree ny Padjeryh ain, as fon 
ilane Corp ipyrrydpilChreeft; 
•--Guee er jee QoiUey-ni#rt?l, 
yn Fer-ccojo as ,y sFer-jkionnee 
sun ooilley, dy yannop Mygbin 
orroofyn ooillfcy t'eh er c&rgo 
as er chionnaghey, a$ dy chur 
daue ooilley Grayle as Cponey, 
rere yn Egin t'ad lfrip fo,-- cr 
dty Ghraih's, O' Hiarn Yeefeyj 
Hood, mariih yn Ayr as y 
Spyrryd Noo, dy row dy 
diooilley Oimor as -Gloyr, 




Bun as Bree,* &c. 


Glory, Dominion and Pow- 
er, for ever. Amen. 

Barriaght a$ Poo*r, cr fon $f 
bragh. Amen. 

Explain ep. 

WHEN we confider the 
lime when Chrifti- 
axis are taught to fay this 
Prayer, we ihall have Rea- 
fon to fear that too trianv 
continue to repeat it all 
their Lives, with as little 
Confi deration, Underftanding, 
and Devotion, as . they firft 
'learned it. 

This will make a (hort 
apd plain Paraphrafe on this 
Prayer both ufeful and ac- 
ceptable to iiich as del re 
to underitand what they 
pray for. 

y Our Father which art in 

Heaven. * 

I'Befeech thee, O Heaven- 
ly Father, not for myfelf 
only, but for all thy Chil- 
dren,— -That we may all 
r live worthy of the Relation 
which we bear to Thee ; 
That we may not Jin, know- 
ing that we are accounted 
• thine ; nor wilfully offend fo 
;reat, fo good, fo tender a 
father.-— But that we may 

Bun as Bxee 

TRA ta (hin dy> dowip 
fmooinaghtyn ier y Trjja 
ta Creefteenyn er nyn ynfagh- 
ey dy ghra yn Phadjcr #bh, 
bee Ovr ain dy gboaill Aggie 
dy vel rouyr jeu tanriaghtyn 
dy ghra ee ooilley Lagh^l nyh 
IViea, lefh chiart cha bfcg 
Haftey, dy Hoiggal, 9s 
Cbraueeaght, as ren ad -Ho- 
Ihiaght y ynfaghey ee. 

Ver moh er " Yiifaghey giare 
as aafhagh, fon Toiggal Bree 
yn Phaajer flioh, -ve chattimah 
vondeifhagh as booiftl ,da Jheid 
as ta geearree dy hqi&gal jcre 
t'ad goaill Padjer eryjtoq. mm 

■ — . ■ ■ ■ - 

Ayr ainfaynsNi&u. S 

TA mee *guee ort, Q Jfyr 
Flauny flagh, eha ■ nee \r 
my hon hene ny lomarcaii, agh 
fon ooilley dty Gffl6wi,^-»y 
vod mayd ooilley bcagjjcy 
cooie-jeh'n Ghaattij* 6a : "fhm 
ayn dhyt's : Nagb yean mayd 
Peccab, toiggai ] -iy vrt jfhi&Kn- 
\ tyn hood's ; ny jeh rtjti Vjjton 
Ijannoo-noi Ajgney&yr ttrfia 
' ooafle, chji mie, as gha dooie. 




Bum as Bree 

hrve Thee, and fear Thee, 
not as Slaves, -but as Child- 
ren ; That we may put our 
whole Truft in Thee, and 
depend upon thine Infinite 
P<naer 9 Wifdom 9 Goodnefs and 
Promife to take cave of us : 
That we may leave it 
to Thee to choofe what is 
bed for us ; and bear with 
Patience and Kefignation all 

■ thy fatherly Corre&ions ; 

And that we may ferve Thee 
with Comfort and Pleafure, 
all our Days, in Hopes of 
the Inheritance which Thou 
haft promifed thy obedient 

— Agh dy vod tnayd Graiby 
chur dhyt, as Aggie y ghoaill 
royd, cha nee myr Slavey n, 
agh myr Cloan ; dy vod mayd 
nyn flane Treifhteil y chur 
aynyd, as nyn Marram y chur 
er dty 9 Pbooar : erfkyn-earroo, 
dty Cbrcenagbtj dty Vieys 9 as 
dty Ghialdyn dy ghoaill Kiarail 
j'in: — Dy vod mayd faagail 
dhyt's dy reih flien (hare er 
nyn fon ; as gymmyrkey lcfli 
Surranfe as Biallys ooilley dty 
Smaghtaghey ayroil ; — As dy 
vod mayd oo y . hirveifh- lefh 
Gerjagh as Boggey, ooilley 
'Laghyn nyn Mea, ayns Treifh- 
teil jeh'n Eiraght t'ou er ghial- 
dyn da dty ClJoan viallagh. : 

Hallowed be thy Name. 

HPHOU art; worthy, 
-* Lord, to receive Glory, 
and Honour, and Power ; 
for Thou haft created all 
Things, and all thy Works 

gaife Thee, Fill our 

earts, O God, with a Zeal 
for thy Glory, that we may 
do Thee Honour, by leading 
holy Uves, and by paying a 
great Regard tor every 
Thing that bclpngs to Thee; 
- - Thy Name, thy Day* 
Ay Hou/iy thine Ordinances, 

and thy Minijters ; And 

fhftt Piters, feeing our good 

Cajberick dy row dty Ennym. 

T'OU ufs feeu, OHiarn, 
dy gheddyn Gloyr, as 
Ooaihley, as Pooar ; fon 
t'ou er chroo dy chooilley 
Nhse, as ta ooilley dty Ob- 
braghyn dy dty voylley.— - 
Lhieen ny Creeaghyn ain, 
Yee, lefh Graih jeean fon dty 
Gbloyr, dy vod mayd ufs y 
ooaihlaghey, lioriih Bea 
chrauee y leeideil, as lioriih 
Arrym mooar y hoilfhaghey 
da dy chooiljey Nhee ta ben- 
tyn dliyt, — Da dty £nnym 9 dty 
Laa , dty Hie n dty Oardaghyn% 
as dty Hirveifice ;— As dy vod 




>rks, may glorify our Fa» 
" which is in Heaven* 

Thy Kingdom come. 

feallagh clley, lioriih fakin ny 
Obbraghyn mic ainyn, nyn Ayr 
ta ayns Niau y ghloyragbey. 

By Jig dty Reeriaght. 

BIfhee dty Reeriaght, 'O 
Yee, as ltyrcy yn Seihll 
veih Reiftas Tranlaafe Noid ny 
Hanmey, dy vod Rccriaghtyrt 
ny Hooirey chcet dy ve Ree- 
riaghtyn Yecfcy Crecft.—Cur 
cr y Hofhiaght yn Traa ta dty 
Spyrryd cr n'infh ro-hue, tra 
nee dy chooilley AJhoon t'ou er 
cbroOj ufs y oqafhlagbey, as dty 
Ennym y gbloyraghey.—Bannec 
yn Obbyr vie ocfyn ta ftreeu 
dy chur cr y Hofhiaght Sufh- 
tal dty Reeriaght's; as jean 
aarloo Crce dy chooilley 
Ghooinney dy ghoaill rift;--- 
Lhig daucfyn ooilley ta goaiU 
rhyt's dy ve nyn Rce, cheet dy 
ve dty Phobble firrinagh.— Dy 
gooidfave lhiat dy rcill ayns ny 
Crceaghyn ainyn, as injillee ny 
Aignaghyn ainyn dy flane gyi 
dty Aigney bene;— as jeafl 
ihin aarloo, liorifh dty Spyrryd 
vie, cour Reeriaght ny Gloyr: 

Tlarge thy Kingdom, O 

God, and deliver the 

>rld from the 'Dominion 

I Tyranny of Satan* that 
Kingdoms *af the- -Earth 

j 'become -the Kingdoms 

Jefus Chrift. Haften 

Time which thy Spirit 
h foretold, when all Na- 
\s whom thou hajl made, 

II worjhip .Thee, and glo* 
i thy Ndme. Blefs the 

>d Endeavours of thofe 


t ftrive to propagate the 
ipcl of thy Kingdom ; 
I prepare the Hearts ot 

Men to receive it. *- 

y all fuch as own Thee 

their King, become thy 

:hful Subje&s. Vouch- 

: to reign in our Hearts, 
1 fubdue our Wills intirc- 
to thine; — —and prepare 

by thy good Spirit, for 
: Kingdom of Glory. 

y will be done in Earth, as 
it is in Heaven. 

)Ifpofe me, and all thy 
Children, O Lord and 
ther, to # fubmit f hear fully 
whatever thy Providence 

Jl order for us : — -Hear- ( gys Cre-erbce nee dty Chiarail 


Dty Aigney dy row Jearit er f 
Thatloo, myr te ayns Niau. 

CUR orrym's, as er ooilley 
dty Chloan,' dy vc arryf- 
tagh, O Hiarn as Ayr, dy injiir 
iaghey ftiin heni left" Bog'gey 


'Bun ds h+tt 

ken not to tfi* corrupt De- 
fires of our Hearts, but to 
the Voice of thine own 
Wifdom, Goodnefs, and 
Mercy.-*— -Give us a true 
Knowledge of our Duty, 
and an Heart difpofed/ to 
clofe with thy Will, wheri : 
ever it fhall be made known 
to us, and to perforin it 
with Pleafure.—— Subdue in 
us, whateyer is contrary to 
thy holy Will, that thro' 
thy Grace, we may at laft 
become perfedfc, as our hea- 
venly Pattern is. 

ffaunyflhghy cterdl-ail er Aft 
fon:— Ny jean foiaghey jch 
Yeearreeyn broghe ny Cree* 
aghyn ain, agh jeh Coraa dty 
Chreenaght, dty" Vieys, as dty 
Vyghin hene,- — Cur dooin 
Tuffltey firrmagh jeh nyn Gur- 
ry m, as Cree aarloo dy ve 
booiagh lefli dty Aigney, ere- 
erbee yn Traa yiow mayd Fyi 
er, as dy chooilleeney eh tern 

Boggey. Smaghtee aynin* 

cre-erbee ta noi dty Aigney 
cafherick, trooid dty ■ Ghrayfe, 
dy vod mayd ec y Jerrcy chect 
dy ve dy firrinagh mie, goll* 
rifli nyn Sampleyr flaanyflagh- 

Che us this Day our daily Cur dooin nyn Arran 

Bread* gagb-laa. 

jiu 4 

WE look up unto, and 
depend upon Thee, 
O Heavenly Father, for all 
the Necejaries and Conveniens 
. <es of this prefent Life* 
And . may our bodily Wants 
engage us to go daily to 
the Throne of Grace «for 
the Wants of our Souls ! — - 
Let thy Bleffing go along 
with our honed Endeavours, 
and keep us from all unjuft 
Ways of bettering our Con- 
dit ion. ——Give us Grace to 
impart to fiich as are in 
Want, of what Thou flialt 
give us more than our daily f 
Bread; and with all thy o-, 
ther Favours, give us we be- 

TA Ihin jeeaghyn ftofe 
Hood's, as cur nyn Mar- 
rant ort, O Ayr Flaunyffagh, 
fon dy chooillcy Nhct ta ym* 
mytcbagb as cooie dooin *fy Vca 
fhoh-— As lhig da ?mmyrcb 
nyn Gallin ihin y leeideil gfigh* 
laa gys Stoyl-reeoil y Ghrayfe 
fon Ynimy rch nyn Aiimcefljn ! 
Lhig da dty Vanhaght g<5& ma- 
riih nyn Obbr aghyn onneraeh, 
as freill {bin veih dy chooillej 
Raad neu-yeeragh dy vifhagh- 
ey nyn Gooid - fetblt. — <Cur 
dooin Gray fir 4 dy chiW Ay ft 
dauefyn ta ayns Feme, jeh ny 
ver ufs docttn harriBi nyn Ar- 
ran gagh-laa j as marHh ooil* 

ley dty Oayryn dfcy* cm 





feccti Thee, the Bleffing of 
a thankful and contented 

And forgive us out Hrefpaf- 
fes 9 as we forgive them 
that trefpafs againft us. 

FOrgive us tbofe Sins, O 
heavenly Father, which 
feparate lis from Thee : ■ 
Forgive us every Day of 
our Lives ; for every Day 
we ftand in need of Pardon : 

-Give me and all Chrif- 

tians, a forgiving Temper, that 
we may fulfil this Condition 

of our Pardon. Thou art 

good and merciful in for- 
giving, us ;. grant we may 
be fo to others, remember- 
ing our own Infirmities. 
And may we all live in the 
feme charitable Temper, in 
which we hope and defire 
U die* 

And tead us noi into 'temp- 
tation, but deliver us from 

OGod and Father, who 
hateft Iniquity, and 
knoweft our Infirmities, leave 
us not to the Malice and 
tPower of the Evil one, the 
Devil, to deal wkh us as 

A a 

dooin, ta (hin guee ort , ynB an* 
naght jeh Aigney wooifal as 
booiagh lefh ny ta ain. 

As leih dooin nyn Loghtyn, myr 
tajhin leih dauefyn tajannoo 
Loghtyn nyn 9 oi. 

LEIH dooin ny Peccaghyri 
fhen, O Avr Flaunyffagh, 
ta fcarrey fhm, void's : Leih 
dooin dy chooilley, Laa jeh nyii 
Mea ; fon dy chooilley Laa ta 
(hin fhalfoo ayns Feme jeh 
Pardoon : — Cur dooys, as da 
dy chooilley Chreeitee, Aignfy 
arryltagh dy leih, dy vod m.ayd 
cooilleeney yn Conaant fhoh 

jeh'n Phardoon ain hefte. 

T'ou ufs mie as myghinagh 
ayns leih dooinyn ; giall dy 
vod (hhyn ve myr men da 
feallagh elley, liorifh cdoinagh- 
tvn er ny Annooinidyn ain 
hene* As giall dy vod mayd 
ooilley beaghey ayns yn Aig*. 
ney ghiajtyllagh cheddin, ayn 
ta ihin treijhteil as geearree df 
gheddyn Vaaijhi 

As ny leeid Jhin ayns R$iolagh 3 
agh livrey jhin veibOlk. 

OYee as Ayr, ayd ia 
Dwoaie er Mee-chairySj 
as ta Fys ayd er ny Annooin- 
idyn ainyn, ny faag Ihin gys 
Goanlys as Pooar y Drogh-cr 
fhen, yn Jouyl, dy ghehal 
rooin myr faiilifh henej— riy 


he pleafeth ; —nor to our- \ 
/elves, and to our own cor- 
rupt Hearts and Luffs, left 
we rafhly run into Tempta- 
tion. Keep us out of the 

Way of Temptations, and 
under the Prote&ion of thy 

good Spirit : Suffer us 

not to be furprized by 
them, nor tempted above 
what we are /able to bear. 
Give us Grace to refill 
them, and to watch and 
pray daily, that we enter 
not into Temptation. 

N For thine is the Kingdom, and 
the Power j and the Glory, 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

THE whole Creation is 
dune, and under thy 

Government Thine is the 

Power ; thou canft do what- 
ever we pray for : Thou 
canft caufe thy Name to be 
fan&ified in all the Earth, 
and fet up thy Kingdom in 
all the World, and in all 

our Hearts : Thou canft 

caufe thy Will to be done on 
Earth, as it is in Heaven ; 
and incline us all to fub- 

mit to it : Thou canft 

;ive us all Things needful 
>oth for pur Souls, and for 

our Bodies ; Thou, and 

Thou alone, canft forgive us 
our Sins, and difpofe us to 
forgive one another ; 

Bun as Bree 

chamoo faag fliin dooin hene f 
as da nyn Gree as Sdyrttyti 
broghe hene, er aggie dy rote 
mayd dy neu - haftagh ayns 

Miolaghey. Freill fliin afs 

Raad Miolaghyn, as fo Coadey 

dty Spy n yd vie: Ny lhig 

daue cheet orrin dy doaltat-* 
tym, ny fliin dy ve miolit er- 
ikyn nyn Niart.- Cur dooin 
Grayfe dy chur Eddin daue, 
dy ve er nyn Arrey, as goaill 
Padjer gagh-laa, nagh roie 
mayd ayns Raad Miolaghey. 

Son Ihiafs y Reeriagbt, as f 
Pbooar as y Ghloyr, Jon dy 
bragh as dy bragb. Amen, 

TA f N flane Seihll lhiat's, as 
fodjy Reill— Shelhiat'sy 
Pbooar \ foddee oo jannoo ere- 
erbee ta fhln guee er y hon : 
— Foddee oo cur er dty Ennym 
ve er ny chaftierickey er Fey- 
ny-Cruinney, as foiaghey feofc 
dty Reeriaght ayns ooilley yn 
Seihll, as ayns oailley ny Cree- 
aghyn ain : — Foddee oo cur er 
dtyAigney vejeant ery Ttoalloo, 
myr te ayns Niau; as fliinyn 
ooilley y leeideil dy ve biallagh 
da : — Fbddee oo cur dooin dy 
chooilley Nhee ta ymmyrch- 
agh chammah fon nyn An- 
tneenyn as fon nyn GallinymShe 
Ufs> as Ufs dty lomarcan, od- 
dys leih dooin nyn Beccaghyn, 
as meeinaghey ihin dy leih yn 


Padjeryn Lugbt-Tbie. 


Thou canft fecure us in the 
Day of Temptation, and de- 
liver us from the Power of 

the Devil : To Thee, to 

Thee alone, be the Glory to 
all Eternity. Amen. , 

For a Family- 

Let fome one of the Family ', 
that can read, fay devout- 
ly what followethy the refi 

THE Lord hath brought 
us fate to the begin- 
ning of this Day ; 
let us therefore give Thanks 
for this, and for all his 

Let us pray, that we may 
live in the Fear of God, 
and continue in Love and 
Charity with our Neigh- 

That his Holy Spirit may 
diredfc and rule our Hearts, 
teaching us what we ougnt 
to do, and what to avoid. 

That the Grace of God 
may ever be with us, to 
fupport us in all Dangers, 

derrey yeh da'n jeh elley.— 
Foddee ufs fended ihin ayns 
Laa yn Violaghey, as Ann y 
livrey veih Pooar y Drogh- 
fpyrryd:— Hood's, Hood's dty 
lomarcan, dy row Gloyr fon 
dy bragh. Amen. 


Son Lught-Thie. 

Lhig da Perfoon ennagh jeb'n 
Lugbt-tbie oddys I hath, gra 
ny Goanjhoh dy craueejas f 
cbomd elley geaijhtagb. 

TA'N Chiarn er chur 
ihin dy iauchey gy$ 
Tolhiaght y Laa ihoh ; 
fhen-y-fa lhig dooin Booifc y 
choyrt fon ihoh, as fon ooilley 
e Vyghinyn* 

Lhig dooin guee, dy vod 
mayd beaghey ayns Aggie 
Yee, as tannaghtyn ayns Graih 
as Giaftyllys rilh nyn Naboo- 

Dy vod y Spyrryd Cafherick 
echeyfyn nyn Greeaghyn y 
leeideil as y reill, gynfaghey 
dooin ere Ihifagh ihin y yan- 
noo, as ere veih Ihifagh ihin 

Dy vod Grayfe Yee ve dy 
kinjdgh marin, dy niartaghey 
ltiien to dy chooilley Ghaae, 



Paffffryn Lngbt-rfhie. 

and carry us through all I 
Temptations. | 

That the Lord may blefc j 
all our heneit Endeavours, ' 
and make us content with j 
what bis Providence ffaall 
order for us. 

And that we mav conti- 
pue his faithful Servants : 
'/his Day, and unto our 
Lives End. 

For all which Blcflings let 
us devoutly pray. 

dy nyn ymmyrkey trooid dy 
chooilley Violagh. 

Dy jean y Chiarn ooilley 
nyn Obbraghyn onneragh y 
vannaghey, as thin y yannoo 
booia^h lelh Cre-erbee nee yn 
Ard-chiarail echeyfyn goardrail 
nyn gour. 

As dy vod mayd tannaghtyn 
nyn Sharvaantyn firrinagh da- 
fyn yn Laa t'ayn jiu, as gys 
Jerrey nvn Seihll. 

Son ooilley ny Bannaghtyn 
(hoh Ihig dooin dy craueeguee. 

one la 

OGOD, by whom the 
whole World is govern- 
ed and preferved, we give 
Thee Jiumble Thanks for 
thy Fatherly Care over us ; 
befecching Thee to make us 
truly fcnfTble of thy Mer- 
cies, and thankful for them. 
Give us Grace, that we 
may walk as in thy Sight, 
making a Confcience of our 
Ways ; and fearing to- of- 
fend Thee, may never fall 
into the Sins we have re- 
pented of. 

Enable us to refift . the 
Temptations of the Worid, 
the Flefli, and the Devil ; 

. To follow the Motions 

of thy good Spirit ;' To 

Then all devoutly kneeling, let Eifht ooilley tuittym Jheefe dj 

imlee er nyn Ghlioonyn 9 Ibig 
(la unnane gra : 

OYee, liort's ta'n Seihll 
ooilley er ny reill as er 
ny choadey, ta (hin cur Booife 
imlee dhyt fon dty Chiarail 
Ayroil harrin; guee ort dy 
chur Tufhtey firrinagh dooin 
jeh ooilley dty Vyghinyn, as 
dy ve booifal er nyn fon. 

Cur dooin Grayfe, dy vod 
mayd gimmeeaght myr ayns 
dty Hil ley's, lelh Cooinflieanfe 
vie rcill nyn Kaaidyn ; asgoaill 
Aggie dy chur Jymmoofe ort, 1 
nagh jyndaa mayd rcefht gys 
ny Peccaghyn, er nyn fon ta 
fhin er ve afryffagh. 

Niartee fhin dy haflbo magh 
noi Miolaghyn y Iheihll, yn 
lull as y Drogfr-i'pyrryd ;— Dy 
eiyrt er Leeicieiiys y Spyrryd 
mie ayd's j--Dy ve tajtagh, as 



Pddjenh hught-lhie. 


be ferious aftd boly in our 

Lives ; true and juft in 

our dealings ; watchful o 
ver our Thoughts, Words, 
and A&ions; diligent in our 
Bufinefs ; And temperate in 
all Things. ' 

May thy Bleffing be up- 
on our Perfons, upon 

our Labours, upon our 

Subftance, and upon all that 
belongs to us ! 

Give us Grace, that we 
may. honeftly improve 1 all 
the Talents which thou haft 
committed to our Truft : 
And that no worldly 
Bufinefjs, no worldly Plea- 
fures, may divert us from 
the Thoughts of the Life to 

JViake us fenfible and 
thankful for all thy Favours 
■ — and mindful of the Wants 
of others. 

By thy mighty Power de- 
fend us in all the Affaults 
of our Enemies : And grant 
that this Day we /all into 
no Sin, neither run into 
any kind of Danger ; but 
that all our Doings may be 
ordered by thy Governance, 
to do always that is righte- 
ous in thy Sight. 

May our gracious God 
give us what is needful for 
\is, and Grace not; to abule 

crauee ayns nyn Mea ; — -jirrm>* 
agh v& jeer agh ayns nyn Ghel- 
lal ; — kiaralagh harriih ooilley 
nyn Smooinaghtyn, Goan as 
]?£xiTioo\—-jeidjagh ayns nyn 
Obbyr, as Jheelt ayns- dy 
chooilley Nhee. 

Lhigrda dty Vannaght *ve pr- 
rin hene, — ernyn Labocaght*. 
— er nyn Gooid, as er ooilley 
ny ta bentyn dooin ! .' 


Cur dooin Grayfe, dy vod 
mayd dy onneragh yn Chooid 
{hare y yannoo jeh ooilley,. ny 
Talentyn t'ou er hreilhteil or* 
rin :•- As nagh jean Obbyr er- 
bee feihltagh, ny Eunyffyn 
feihltagh erbee Ann y chleayn- 
ey veih fmopinaghtyn er y Vjea 
ta ry heet/ 

Cur orrin dy ve toiggalagh 
jeh as booifal fon ooilley dty 
Chenjallys,- -as Enn&gbtyn y 
ve aiji fon £gin ny Yminyr- 

Liorifli dty Phooar niartal 
jean fhjn y endeil ayns dy 
chooilley Hoiaghey orrin jeh 
nyn JSoidyn; As giall nagh 
duitt mayd .jiu ayns Peccah 
erbee, charaoo nagh roiemayd 
aynsMonney erbee dy Ghaue \ 
agh dy vod ooilley nyn \ an* 
J noo ve bardrit liorifli dty reills^ 
dy yannoo dy bragh lhen t$ 
cairal ayns dty Hiiley. 

Dy der nyn \ee grayfoil 
dooin cre-erbee ta ymmyrch- 
agh er nyn Ion, as Grayle nagh 



Padjeryn Lugbt-Tbie. 

his Favours ; and, withal, 
give us contented Mind*! 

Give us in this World 
the Knowledge of his Truth, 
and in the World to come 
Life cverlafting! Amen. 

HEAR us, O God, not 
according to our weak 
Underftanding, but accord- 
ing to the full Meaning of 
that Form of Prayer which 
Jefus Chrift hath taught us ; 

| jean mayd Drogh-ymmyd y 
yannoo jeh e Vannagntyn ; as 
myrgeddin dy der eh dooin 
Aignaghyn dy ve booiagh lefli 
ny ta ain ! 

Dy der eh dooin Ty Theihll 
(hoh Tulhtey jeh e Ynrickys, 
as ayns y Theihll ta ry heet y 
Veadybragh£aurraghtyn! Amen. 

GLafht rooin, O Tee, cha 
nee cordail rifh y Tuflitey 
annoon ainyn, agh cordail rifh 
flane Bree y Pbadjer /hen ta 
Yeefey Creed er n'ynlaghey 

GUR Father which art 
in Heaven ; Hallowed 
be thy Name. Thy King- 
dom come. Thy Will be 
done in Earth, as it is in 
Heaven. Give us this Day 
our daily Bread. And for- 
give us our Trefpaffes, as 
we forgive them that tref- 
pafs againft us. And lead 
us not Into Temptation. But j 1 
deliver us from Evil ; For ' 
thine is the Kingdom, and 
the Power, and the Glory, 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

THE Grace of our Lord 
Jefus Chrift, and the 
Love of God, and the Fel- 
lowihip of the Holy Ghoft 
be with us all evermore. 

AYR ain t'ayns Niau ; Ca- 
flierick dy row dty En- 
nym. Dyjig dty Reertaght. 
Dty Aigney dy row jeant eF y 
Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau. 
Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as 
gagh-laa. As leih dooin nyn 
Loghtyn, myr ta fhin leih 
dauefyn ta jannoo Loghtyn nyn 
'oi. As ny leeid Thin ayns 
Miolagh ; Agh livrey ihin veih 
Oik. Son Ihiat's y Reeriaght, 
as y Phooar, as y Ghloyr, fon 
dy bragh as dy bragh. Amen. 

GRayfe nyn Jiarn Yeefey 
Creeft, as Graih Yee, as 
Shefhaght gherjoil y Spyrryd 
Noo dy row marin ooilley cr 
fon dy bragh. Amen. 


Padjeryn Lught-Tbie* 


On Sunday Morning, let the\Er Moghrey Jia-dqonee . Ihig 

following Prayer be added to 
your daily Prayers 

da % n Phadjer Jhob heeje ve er 
ny %hra marilh nyn Badjer* 
yn Jon gagb-laa. 

OHiarn, t'er chafherickey 
yn Laa mie fhoh gys dty 
Hirveifh bene, cur Grayfc 
dooinyn myr fhen dy reayll eh, 
dy vod eh ve Tojhiaght Shiagh- 
tin vannee dooin ; as nagh 
diiitt veg jeh dty Vriwnyffyn 
orrin fon y vrifliey eh, Soie 
ayns nyn Greeaghyn yn Raa 
mooar firrinagh flioh, Nagh 
vel ain ayns Jhoh-Tnnyc^vaghee 
tannaghtyn erbee, dy vod mayd 
dy creeney as ayns Traa kiar- 
ail fon Bea elley ; as giall dy 
vod yn Obbyr vpo&r fhoh cur 
orrin ve feer aggindagh dy yn* 
faghey nyn Gurryin, as dy yan* 
noo ny t*ou ufs dy harey dooin. 
As bannit dy row Jee, dy vel 
Kialteenyn ain dy haaghey; 
Dy vel Traa ain dy hirveifli 
nyn Ver-cioo ; Dy vel Bo- 
chillyn-anmey sun dy nyn yn- 

OLORD, who haft con- 
fecrated this good Day 

to thy Service, give us 

Grace fo to obfeive it, that 

it may be the Beginning of 

a happy Week to us ; and 

that none of thy Judge 

ments may fall upon us 

for profaning it. Fix in our 

Hearts this great Truth, 

that here we have no abiding 

Place, that we may ferioufly 

and timely provide for ano- 
ther Lite ; and grant that 

this great Concern may make 

us very defirous to learn 

our Duty, and to do what 
thou requireft of us. And 
bleffed be God, that we 
have Churches to go to ; 
that we have Time to ferve 
our Creator ; that we have 
Pallors to teach us. The 

Lord prolper their Labours, faghey. ... Dy'bifliee'yn Chiara 
and give us Grace to profit Jyn Laboraght oc, asdyder eh 
by them ; that they ani we Grayfe dooinyn dy gheddym 
may enjoy an everlafting I Vondeifli lioroo ; dy vod ad- 
Sabbath with thy Saints in fyn as fhinyn Doonaght vees 
Heaven, for Jefua ' Chrift's dy bragh farraghtyn y chof- 
Sake, Amen. [ ney, marifli dty Nooghyn aynfc 

Niau, fon Graih Yeefey CreefL 



Padjeryn Lugbt-TtU. 

For a Family. 

Son Lught-Thie. 

Let one Jianding rtfld y or fay Lbig da Perfoon fhaffbo at lhaib 
devoutly what followetb, ny gra dy crauee ny Goan 
the reji of the Family at* Jbob, at y Chooid elley jeb'n 
tending. J Lught-thie geaijhtagb. 

BY the Favour of God, 
we are come to the 
Evening of this Day ; 
and we are To much nearer 
our latter End. 

Let us ferioufly confider 
this, and pray God , to fit us 

for the Hour of Death. 


Let us with .penitent 
Hearts befeech him to par- 
don our Sins ; and to de 
liver /us from the Evils 
which We hjtve juftly deferved * 

Let us refolve to amend 
where we have done aniiis, 
and pray God that his 
Grace may ever be with us. 


And that we may be 
fafe . under his Protection, 
who alone can defend us fr. m 
the Powers of Darkncfs. 

For all which Bleflings let 
us devoutly pray. 

Iorifh Foayr Yee ta fliin 

er heet gys Tolhiaght ny 

Hoie ihoh ; as ta fhin 

wheefli flien fnieffey gys nyn 

Laa jerrinagh. 

Lhig dooin (hoh y ghoaill 
gys nyn Gree, as guee er Jee 
fhin y yahnoo aarloo fon Oor 
y Vaaifh. 

Lhig dooin lefh Creeaghyn 
arryfTagh guee erfyn dy leih 
dooin nyn Beccaghyn, as dy 
livrey fhin veih ny Huilk then* 
ta fhin dy cairagh er hoilchin* 

Lhig dooin goaill ayns Laue 
dy Lhiaflaghey Oe-erbee ta 
fhin er n'yannoo afs y Raad, 
as Padjer y yannoo gys Jee dy 
vod e Ghrayfe *ve kinjagh ma« 

As dy vod mayd ve fauchey 
fo yn Choadey echeyfyn, od- 
dys ny lomarcan nyn vendeil 
veih Pooaraghyn y Dorraghys* 

Son ooilley ny Bannaghtyn 
fhoh ;hig dooin dy crauee Pad- 
jer y ghoaill. 


Padpryn Lugbt-Tiie. 


then all devoutly kneeeling 
Jet bitri fay, 

OLORD, and Heayenly 1 
Father, we acknow-j 
ledge thy great Goodnefs toi 
us, in fp&trng us yrhen we; 
deferye runimment; in gi- 
ving us the Neceflaries of 
this Life ; and in fetting before: 
us the Happinefs of a Bet- 
ter, j 

The merciful God pardon: 
our Offences ; corrett and J 
amend what is amifs in us, 
that as we -grow ip. Years, 
we may #r6w in Grace ; 
and the nearer we come to 
our latter End, yfc may be 
the better prepared for it. | 

\EiJbt 0Qtl(ey tuittym Jheefe er nyn 

Ghtioonyn, Ibig da gra 

OHiarn as Ayr Flaunyf- 
fagh, ta (hin goaill - rift 
dty Vieys vooar hiooin, ayns 
gymmyrkey Ihien, tra ta flillk 
toilchin Kerraghey; ayns ruf* 
dopin Cooid nyn Ymmyrch *fy 
Vea (hoh ; as ayns foiaghey 
roin" Maynrys Bca fhare* - ' 

In the midft of Life vie, 
are in Death. Lord, grant) 
that thefe Thoughts ' .may| 
make us careful" .how we 
live, that we mayefcape the 
bitter Pains of eternal Death. : 

Take from us all Jgno* 
ranee, Hardnefs of Heart, 2nd 
too much Carefulnefs for the 
"things of this Lite. 

Make us an HoufkoLd 
fearing God, fubn^ttiqg our- 
iplves to thy go^d iPteafiire, 
fjpd putting our whole Truft 
in thy Mercy. 

M*J .fiod^whpfc ; Kingdom 

B b 

Dy leih yn Jce myghinagh 
nyn Loghtyri dooin; dyfmagn- 
tee eh, '^s dy IhiaJJee eh cr^cr- 
bee ta foiljagh ayniri, myr ta 
ihin gaafe ayns Eafh, dy vod 
mayd gaafe ayns Grayfe; & 
myr fniefley ta lhin tayrn jyys 
y Jerrey ain, <ly bee mayd 
wheefh ihen fmoo aarleo ery 

Apis mean nyn Mea ta Jhin 

rJBaafe. Hi am, gialt dy 
_ y Smooinaghtyn fhoh oir- 
rin Vckiaralagh jeh nyn Yin- 
myrkey*bea, dy vod mayd 
Pianyn fharroo yn Yaaifli & 
dy bragh farraghtyn y hagli- 

Gow voin dy chooilley 
Vee~hu}htey, Creogbys Creel as 
ro*yr Imneafort ^Nhceghyn y 

Cur orrinye nyn Lught-thie 
cupamal ayris dty Agglje's, O 
, Ye'e, biallagh gys yh Aigncy 
bannit ayd's, as cpr nyn Mane 
Treifliteil ayns dty Vyghin. 

Dy jean Jee, ta'n Reeriaglit 



PaJjtryn Lugbt-Tbie. 

ruleth over all, blefs our 
gracious King, and fuch as 
are put in Authority under 
Him, that they may govern 
with Truth and Juftice, and 
that we, whofe Duty it is 
to obey* may do it for Con- 

Grant that true Religion 
and Piety may be fecured 
and countenanced amongft 
lis ; and that Impiety, Pro- 
fancnefs and Infidelity \ may 
qffeduajly be difcouraged, 
that thy Judgements may 
not fall upon tliis finful 

Continue to us, and to 
all the Reformed Church, 
the Means of Grace and 
Salvation. Caufe that tl^p 
javing Truths of the Gofpel 
may be received in all the 
World, and that Chriftians 
may . not content themfelves 
.with Shadows of Religion, 
.but. endeavour after that 
Holiitefs, without which no 
Man muft' fee the Lord. 

Remember, gracious God, 

for. good all thofe that are o- 

ver us in the Lord, who watch 

for our Souk as . they that 

muft give an Account ; 

that they may give it with 

Joy. We commend unto 

/thy. tender Compaflion ail 

..that" are in Error, and fm- 

\cerely fcek the Truth :' 

echey reill harrilh ooilley, ban- 
naghey yn Ree grayfoil, as ad* 
fyn t'er nyn goyrt ayns Pooar 
fo, dy vod ad reiH left Yn- 
rickys as Cairys, as dy vod 
fhinyn, ta'n Curry m ain dy 
chur Biallys, (hen v yannoo er 
Graih Cooinflieanle. 

Giall dy vod Credjuc firrin- 
agh as Craueeaght ve er nv 
hickyraghey as cummit feofc 
ny maft' ain j as dy vod Mee- 
chraueeaght, Mee - arrym da 
Jee y as An-cbreejtiagbty ve dy 
bollagh currit (heefe, ' nagu 
jean dy Vriwnyffyn tuittym er 
yn Afnoon pheccoil fhoh. 

Freill dooinyn as da dy 
chooilley Agglifh ta er lhiaf- 
faghey nyn Gredjue, ny Saafe- 
yn dy Ghrayfe as dy Haualtys. 
Cur er Firrinys faualtagh y 
Tufhtal dy ve er ny cbredjal 
trooid ooilley yn Seihll, as 
nagh jean Creefteenyn ad bene 
y volley lefli Scadoo dy Cbred* 
jue, agh ftreeu dy romtyn gys 
y Chajherickys Jhen, n'egooifh 
cha vod Dooinney crbec yn 
Chiarn y akin. 

Cooinee Yee ghrayfoil fon 
nyn Voays, orrooiyn ooilley ta 
harrin ayns y Chiarn^ ta freayll 
Arrey er ny Anmecnyn ain, 
myr adfyn fhegin Cooritey y 
choyrt ; dy vod ad fhen y yan- 
noo lefh Gerjagh. Ta fhm 
chymney gys dty Erreeiffi 
veigh adfyn ooilley ta fo Shagk 
rynys, as dy crceoil briaght 


Patferyn Lugbt-lbie. 


. fuch as are deftitute of 
:cffary Means of Inftruc- 
1 ; — —All that are en- 
red in finful Courfes, 
t they may have Grace 
1 Strength to break their 
nds : All that labour 

fon yn Ynrickys :— OoiUey ad* 
fynnagh vel oc ny Saafeyo 
ymmyrchagh fon Ynkghey ; 
---Ooilley adfyn ta geiyrt er 
Cooifhyn peccoil, dy vod 
Grayfe as Niart y ve oc dy 
vrifhcy nyn Ghculaghyn :-—- 

ler Trials and Affii&ions : [ Ooilley adfyn ta laadit fo Mio- 

— All fick and dying Per- 

s, that they may omit 

hing that is neceifary to 

ke their Peace with Thee 

ore they die : And all 

h as never pray for them- 

r es, that they may fee, 

ore it be too late, the 

nger of living without 

d in the World Vouch- 

\ us an Intereft in the 

lyers of thy holy Church 

oughout the World, which 

e been this Day offered 

the Throne of Grace. 

Let thy Bleffing, O Lord, 

with us : Defend us 

m all Perils and Dangers 
this Night : And grant 
t when we depart this 
e, we may reft in Peace, 
[ in Hope of a blefled 
urre&ion, through Jefus 
rift our Lord. Amen. 

[EAR us, O merciful 
God, not according to 

laghyn as Seaghyn ; Dy 

chooilley Phqrfoon ching as 
t'ayns raad y Vaaifh, nagh jean 
ad Nhee erbce y lhiggey fhagh- 
ey ta ymmyrchagh. dy yannoo 
nyn Shee rhyt's, roilh my vow 
ad Baafe :— As ooilley adfyn 
nagh vel dy bragh goaill Pad- 
jer er nyn lbn hene, dy vod ad 
fakin my bee eh ro - anmagh, 
yn Dangeyr dy ye beaghey fc- 
gooifli Jee ayns y Theihll. Dy 
gooidfave lhiat Vondeiih y chur 
dooinyn jeh Padjeryn dty i^g- 
gliih cafherick trooid magE y 
Theihll, ta'n Laa t'ayn jiu er 
ve chebbit gys* y Stoyl-recoil 
dy Ghrayfe. ' 

Lhig da dty Vannaght, O 
Hiarn, ve marin : — Freill Ihin 
veih dy chooilley GKrogh- 
haghyrt ' as Gaue jeh'n Oie 
noght : As giall tra aagy s fhin 
y Vea fhoh, dy vod mayd Fea 
y gheddyn ayris Shee, as ayns 
Treifhteil jeh lrree-feofe-reeftit 
bannit veih ny Merriu* trooid 
Yeefey Creeft nyn Jiarn, 

EAiflit rooin, O Yee vygh. 
inagh ? clia nee coraail 



PaJjcryn hdght-Vhie. 

our weak Underftandings, 
but according to the full 
meaning of that Form of Pray- 
er which Jefus Chrift hath 


Our Father which art in Hea- 
ven, &t. 


rifc j Tufntey annobn aihyl^ 
agh cordail riffi (tone Bree jn 
Pbadjer Jben> ta Yedey Crccft 
cr n'ynfighey dooin : 

Ayr mu thyits Niau> &c. 

HE Grace of otif L6rd fURayfe nyn Jiant Ycefcjf 
Jefus Chrift, and the | VT Creeft, as Grab Yet, £ 
Love of Gtfd, and the ! Shcffiaght gherjoil y Spyrryd 

Fdlowfliip-of the Holy Ghoft, 
be with us all evermore. 

On Sunday Evening, let the 
following Prayer be added 
to your daily Prayers. 

ALmighty God, by whom 
all Things were made, 
arid are preferved, give us 
Hearts to know, and Grace 
to confider this, that we 
may chearfully commit our- 
felves, and all that belongs 
to us, to thy merciful Care, 
that we may ever look to 
Thee for what we want ; 
be thankful for all thy Fa- 
vours : never refill thy 
Deafiiigs with us, or negle£t 
the Weans of Grace which 
thy Providence affords us. 
— — Bleffed be God, who 
giveth us what . is ever beft 
tor us ; who keepeth us 
from Dangers, and hath 


Noo, dy row marin ooilley cr 
fori dy bragh. Amen. 

Er Faftyr Jia-Doonee % 
da*n Pbadjer Jhdb beefe ve 
er ky gbfd fharifh nyn Bad- 
jerfn fin gagb-faa. 

X7TSE Ooilley-niartal, iibrt 
X va dagh Nhee er^ny 
chroo, as er ny choadcy, cur 
dooin Creeaghyn dy hoiggal 
fhoh,. as Grayfc dy -ghoaill eh 
gys nyn Greeaghyn, dy vod 
mayd dy arryltagh fliin hene 
as ooilley riy ta bentyn rooin 
y hymney gys yn Ard-chiarail 
vygliinagh aya's ; dy vod 
mayd dy bragh jeeagfiyn feofe 
hood's fon ny ta fhin feme, ve 
booifal fon dty Vannaghtjn, 
gyn dy bragh ihaffoo noi ny 
t'ou dy oar dagh my-nyn-gione, 
ny Mce-rioofe y yannoo er ny 
Saafeyn dy Gbrayfe, ta'n Ard- 
chiarail ayd's fordrail dooin.— 
As bannit dy row Jee ta dy 


taAjtryrii &Tc. 


ir6vide4 fotr us better than 
11 our Works can deferve. 
The good Lord make us 
tiindful of our Duty, that 
& we often hear how we 
>ught to walk, ahd to pleafe 
?od, we may continue to 
to fo unto 6\ir Lives End, 
hro' JefusChrift our Lord. 

kinjagh etlr detain ftfeft fliare 
ta er nyn fon ; ta dy reaylf 
fhin veih Dangeyr, as t'er 
chiarail er nyn fon ny fcare na 
oddagh nyn Obbraghyn y hoil- 
| chin. Dy jeany Ghiarn mie 
cur orrin ve kiaralagh jeh nyn 
Gurrym, 'naght myr ta (hki 
dy mennick clafhtyn cre'n 
Aght Ihifagh (bin gimmeeaght, 
as Jee y wooiys, dy vod mayd 
tannaghtyn dy yannoo fhen, 
gys Jerrey nyn Mea* Amen. 


PRAYERS for Particu- PADJERYN fon Pe**oo*- 

lar Persons, both 
Morning and Evening. 

yn Er-laeh, charnmah 
Moghrey as Fastyr. 


In the Morning. 

Con/tder the Danger of going 
into an evil World, and 
then you will never fail 
to pray for the Blejjtng r 
Protection, and Grace of 
God, every Morning of 
your Life. 


The P R A * E R. 

PA cxvi. Trjrr 

Jyns y VoGHTEt. 

Smooinee er y Dangeyr faym 
goll magb fud drogh Heibll, 
as eHht cba Ibig oo dy bragh 
fhagbey dy gbo&lU Tadjerfbn 
Bannagbt, Cbadey as Gray/e 
Tie, ay cbooilley Vvghrey jeh 
dty Vioys. 


II >■! I • 

' •! 

HATJhall I 
render unto 
the Lord, for his Mercies 
renewed unto me every Morn-, 
tngf 1 will offer the Sa- : 



Pf. cxvi. /^RE'N Cooilleeney 
V*4 <ver - yms da'rt 
Cbiarnfon * Vyghinyn, foil/bit 
drrytn afs -y - noa dy cbooilley 
Vogbreyf—Hec 9, ai chebbal Ou- 

crifice of Thahkfgiving, irtd ,r ranyn dy Hoytt - booife, as 

S a X 



pay my : Vows unto the 1 eeck - ym my Vreearraghyn 
Mod High. da'n Jee Sinoo Syrjey. 

And may God accept of As dy jean Jee Soiaghey 

my moft hearty Thanks for 
my Prefervation and Rcfrdh- 
racnt, and for all the Blef- 
fings of the Night paft, and 
of my Life paft! 

Poflefs my Soul, gracious 
God, with fuch a Senfe of 
this thy Goodnefs, and of 
my Dependance upon Thee 
for Life and Health, and 
Profferity and Comfort* that 
it may be my Delight, as 
it is my Duty and lntereft, 
to ferve and obey Thee. 

And that I may do this 
with a quiet Mind, forgive 
me the Sins of which my 
Confidence is afraid, and a- 
vert the Judgments which I 
have juftly deferved. 

Give me Grace that I 
may continue in thy Fear 
all the Day long, and that 
I may live and aflt as 'ha- 
ving Thee, O God, the 
conftant Witncfs of my 
Condud ; and that it may 
be the Purpofe of my Soul 
never to offend Thee' wH- 

May thy refl aining Grace 
prcferve me from the Tempt- 
ations of an evil World, 
from the Frailty and Cor- 

'yannoojeh my Vioofe fuioo 
creeoil fon my. Choadey as 
Ooraghey, as. fon ooilley Ban- 
naghtyn ny Hoie t'er n'immee- 
aght, as my Vea t'er n'gholl 

Lhieen my Annym, Yec 
ghrayfoil, lelh lheid yn En- 
naghtyn jeh (hoh dty Vieys 
henc, as jeh my Varrant's ort 
fon Bea as Slaynt> as Maynrys, 
as Gerjagb 9 dy yod eh *ve my 
Voggey, myr te my Churrym 
as my Vondcifli, dy hirvetfh 00 
as dy chur Biallys dhyt. 

As dy voddym (hoh y yan- 
noo lefh Aighey flieeoil, leih 
dou ny Peccaghyn ta my 
Chooiniheanfe goaill Aggie 
roue, as chyndaa voym ny 
Briwnyffyn ta mee dy cairagh 
er hoilchin. 

Cur Grayfe dou dy voddym 
tannaghtyn ayns Aggie royd 
fey ny Laa, as dy voddym 
beaghcy as jannoo, myr dy 
beagh ufs aym, O Yee, kin- 
jagh Feanifh' jeh my ymmyrk- 
ey-bea j as dy vod eh ve flane 
Kiarail my Anrtym, gyn dy 
bragh Jymmoofe y chur ort's 
jeh my Yioin. 

Lhig da dty G.hrayfe Ihiet- 
talagh inifh y choadey veih 
Miolaghyn Seihll peccoil, veih 
Anhooinid as Neu-ghlennid 

ruption of my own Nature, 'my Ghooghys henc, as veih 


Jon Perfoonyn Er-lheb. 


and . from the evil Principles 
and Pra&ices of . the Age I 
live in! 

Poffefs my Heart with a 
fincere Love for Thee, and 
for all Mankind; and grant 
that I may have this .com- 
fortable and fure Proof of 
thy Love abiding in me* 
that I ftudy to plcafe Thee 
and to keep thy Command- 

Give me a tender Com- 
panion for the Wants and 
Miferies of my Neighbour, 
that thou mayeft. have Com- 
paffion upon me, O God. 

In all my ways I do ac- 
knowledge Thee. Do thou, 
O Lord, direft my Paths, 
and teach me to guide my 
Affairs, my Defigns, my 
Words, and A&ions, with 
Charity, Discretion, Juitice, 
and Piety. 

Shew me the Way that I 
sfhould walk in, and give 
me Grace to follow the 
Conduft of thy good Spirit, 
that I may do my Duty in 
that State of Life, in which 
thy Proyidence has placed 

Let me ever remember, 
that the Night cometb, when 
no Man can work ; and that 
now is the Time, in which 
to provide for Eternity. 

.Grant, gracious God, that 

Drogh - chredjije, as Drogh- 
chliaghtaghyu yn Traa t y ayh ! 

• » 

Lhieen my Chree lelh Graih 
firrinagh dhyt*s, as da ooilley 
Sheelnaiie ; as giall dy vod ve 
ayhqt yn Prowal geqoiiagh as 
ihigkyr fhoh jeh dty Qhraih 
tannaghtyn aynym,; Dy vel 
iivee dy jeean ihirrey dy dty 
wooiys, as dy reayll dty An- 

Cur dou Ennaghtyn rr- 
reeifharii fori Egin as Treih- 
y's my Naboo, dy vod ufs vc 
erreeifhagh dooys, O Yee. 

Ayns ooilley my raaidyn ta 
mee goaill rbyt. Kiartee my 
Chaflanyn, O Hiarn, , as ynfec 
dou dy oardrail my .Qhooifti- 
yn, yny Smooihaghtyn, my 
Ghoan, as , my Yannoo, lelh 
Giaftyllys, Tufhtey, Cairys, 
as Craueeaght. 

Soilfliee dou yn Raad lhifin 
gimmeeaght ayn, as cur Grayfc 
dou dy eiyrt er Coyrle dty 
Spyrryd vie, dy voddym my 
Churrym y yannoo ayns y 
Stayd fhen dy Vea, ayn ta dty 
Chiarail flaunyffagh er my hou 

Lhig dou dy kinjagh cooin- 
aghtyn, Dy vel yn Oie cheet 9 % 
tra nagh vod Dooinney erbei 
gobbraghey ; as dy nee nifli y 
Traa, dy chiarail cour y Vca 

Giall, Yee ghrayfoil, nagh 


J 92 


no worldly Pleafiires, no 
worldly Bufinds may ever 
make me lofc the Sight of 
Death, or forget the Dangers 
that fuiiound us. 

Fill my Heart with the 
Dread of thy Judgements 
prepared for impenitent Sin* 
nets, and -my Soul with a Senfe 
of the Bleffings which will 
be the Reward of all them 
that love Thee, and obey 
thy Laws. 

Hear me, O Heavenly 
Father, not according to 
my imperfect Petitions, but 
according to the Meaning 
of that holy Prayer, which 
thy beloved Son hath taught 

Our Father which art in 
Heaven ; H allowed be 

thy Name.— Thy Kingdom 

come. Thy Will be done 

in Earth, as it is in Hea- 
ven—Give us this Day 
our daily Bread :-«-And for- 
give us our Trefpafles, as 
we forgive them that tref- 

.pafs againft us. And lead 

us not into Temptation : . 

But deliver us from Evil, 
■For thine is the King- 
dom, and the Power and 
the Glory, for ever and ever. 

jean Emqps erbee Gnhltagh, cur 
orrym's dy bragh y Baafe y 
chur aft my Chooinaghtyn, ny 
jarrood ny Dangeyryn ta crqin- 
aghey mygeayrt-y-mooin. 

Lhieenmy Ghree leflb At- 
chim roifh ny Briwnyffyn fhen 
takiarit cour Pccccc vee-ar- 
ryfiagh, as my Annym ldh ny 
sannaghtyn fhen vees y Leagjh 
Ihickyr ocfyn ooilley ta grjph* 
agh ort, as cur Biallys da dty 

Clafht rhym, O Ayr Flau- 
nyflagh, cha nee cordail rilh 
my Accanvn giare - htdhtagh, 
agh cordail rim flane Bree yn 
Phadjer chafherick fhen, ta 
dty Vac graihagh cr n'yn&gh- 
ey dooin. 

Ayr.ain, t*ayns Niau : — Ca- 
(herick dy row dty Ennym.— 

*ty M? *y Rccnaght. — Dty 
'Aigney dy row jeant cr j 
Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau.— 
Cur dooin jiyn Arran jiu as 
h-4aa. — As leih dooin nyn 
htyn, myr ta flyn leih 
dauefyn ta jaonoo Loghtyji 
nyn 'oi. — As ny ieeidHiin ayns 

Miolagh: Agh livrey Ihin 

veih Oik.-- Son lhiat's.y Ree- 
riaght, as y fhoctor, * as y 
Ghloyr, fon dy bragh as dy 
bragh. Amen. 



fon Verjbanjn Er-Qxb. 

J 93 

>Vt. ' Jy-r 

« 1 


PLAYERS for ^a^ticu- JPADJERYN fon Reisqon- 

LA* PcftSOXS* 

Evening Piayei* 

Every tbougbtfml Perfon, be- 
fore be tietb down tojkep, 
will put bimfclf under the 
Protection, ef God, who 
givetb bis Angels Charge 
concerning bis Eled* U pre- 
ferve tbem from the. Pow- 
ers of Darknefs, from tbe 
Dangers of tbe Night, and 
from all fad Accidents. 


Padje* Fasty*. 

Dy cbomlky Pberfoon tqftagb, 
reijb my Ibie eb Jbeefe dy 
cbadley, ver eb bene Jo 
Coadey 7ee, ta curmal e 
Ainleyn lejb Kiarail e Cbloan 
reibt 9 dr cboadey ad veib 
Pooaragbyn y 'DoYragbys\ 
veib Gauegbyn ny Hoie 9 as 
veib dy cbooUIey Lbag-bagb- 

The prayer. 

rp HAT it hath pleafed 
1_ God to add another 
U&y to the Years of my 
Life, and that he hath kept 
me from the Dangers of an 

evil World : .For thefe 

and for all his Mer 
cies from Day to Day be- 
llowed upon me, I bids his 
food and gracious Provi- 
ence, mod earneftly be- 
leeching him to pardon my 
Offences of the Day pad, 
and to grant that they may 
never rife up in Judgment 

againft me. 



SON dy gooidfave lelh Jee 
dychoyrt Laa dley gys 
Bleeantyn my Vea, as dy 
vd eh cr my reayU veih Gaue- 
ghyn Seihll mee-chrauee :— - 
Son ny Myghihyn Ihoh, as fon 
ooilley e Vyghinyn veih Laa 
gy Laa cr ny ghiobtaT orrym, 
ta mee bannaghey e Ard- 
chiarail vie as ghrayfoil, dy 
feer jeean guee er dy leih dou 
my Pheccaghyn fon y Laa t'er 
n'gholl fliaghey, as dy ghial- 
dyn, hagh n'irree ad dy bragh 
fcofe ayns Briwnys m'oi. 




Lord, the Frailty of Man 
without Thee cannot but 
fall : In all Temptations, 
therefore, I befecch Thee, 
to fuccour me, that no Sin 
may ever get the Dominion 
over me. 

Give me a falutary Dread 
rif the Corruption of my 
dwn Heart : Make me tru- 
ly fenfible of the End of Sin, 
and mindful of my own In- 
firmities and Backflidings. 

Vouchfafe unto all Sin- 
ners a true Senfe of their 
unhappy State, a Fear of 
thy Judgments, and Grace 
and Strength to break their 

Enlighten my Soul with 

faving Truth ; Correct 

me in Mercy, and reduce 
me when I go aft ray. Make 
yne ever mindtul of my 
Jatter End, and fix in my 
Jleart a lively Senfe of the 
Jlappinefs and Mifery of the 
World to comet 

May the Thoughtg of 
Death mortify in me all 
Pride and Covetoufnefs, and 

Hiarn, myr nagh vod An* 
nooinid Sheelnaue agh tuittym, 
fegooilh dty Chooney : Ayns 
dy chooilley Violagh, cr-y-fa 
(hen, ta mee guee ort dy my 
niartaghey, nagh vod dy bragh 
Peccah erbee yn Varriaght y 
gheddyn orrym. 

Cur dou Aggie flay nt oil jeh 
Neu-ghlennid my Chree henc: 
Cur Enn aghtyn hrrii agh do 
jeh Jerrey Peccah, as freill 
mee ayns Cooinaghtyn jeh my 
Annooinidyn as my Skirragh- 
tyn hene. 

Dy gooidfave lhiat coyrt 
da dy chooilley Ghrogh-yan- 
tagh Ennaghtyn firrinagh jeh 
nyn Stayd vee-vaynrey, -Aggie 
roifh dty Vriwnyffyn,as Grayfe 
as Niart dy vrifhey nyn Gheu- 

. Soillhee my Annym lefh 
dty Ghoo firrinagh.—Smagh- 
tee mee ayns Myghin, as 
chyndaa mee gys y Kaad cair, 
tra ta mee goli er-fhaghryn, 
Freill mee kinjagh ayns Cooin- 
aghtyri jeh my JLaa jerrinagh, 
as foie ayns my Ctiree En- 
naghtyn breeoil jeh Maynrys 
as Treihys y Tjirihli ta ry» 

Dy der Smooinaghtyn y 
Vaailh naardey aynym dy 
chooilley Voyrn as Sayht, as 

a. Love for this World !' Graih Ion y Theihll ihoh ! As 


fin Perfoonyn Br-lheh. 


And may my firm Belief of 
a Judgment to come* make 
me ever careful to pleafc 
Thee, my Lord and Judge, 
that I may find Mercy at 
that Day! 

Grant that I may lie 
down to Sleep with the fame 
charitable and forgiving Tem- 
per, in which, I defire and 
hope to die. 

And may the Almighty 
God take me, and all all 
that belongs to me, under 
his gracious and powerful 
Prote&ion ! May' he give his 
Angels Charge concerning 
us, and keep us in perpetu- 
al Peace and Safety, through 
Jcfus Chrift our Lord ! 

St. John xvi. 23. Verily^ 
I fay unto you 9 Whatfoever ye 
Jhall afk the Father in my 
Jfame 9 he will give it you. 

In thy Name, O Jefus, 
and in the full Meaning ot 
the Words which thou haft 
taught us, I pray God, for 
thy fake to hear me, and to 
give me what is moft con- 
venient for me. 

OU R Father . which art 
in Heaven ; Hallowed 
be thy Name. Thy King- 
dom come. Thy Will be 

dy jean my Chredjue fliickfyr 
jeh Briwnys ry-heet, cur or* 
rym dy % bragh ve kiaralagh dy 
wooiys Ufs, my Hiarn as my 
Vriw, dy voddym Mghin f 
gheddyn ec y Laa fhen ! 

Giail dy voddym lhie fhcefe 
dy chadlcy leih yn 'Aigney 
ghiaftyllagh ch&idi.n as arryf. 
ugh dy iei;i, ayn z% mee treiik-. 
'teil dy gheddyn Vaaifh. 

As dy jean y Jee Ooillcy- 
niartal miift, as ooilley ny ta 
bentyn dou, y ghoaill 10 e 
Choadey ghrayloii as pooaral ! 
Dy der eh Curry m da e Ainle- 
my-nyn-gione, as dy vreill eh 
ihin ayns Slice as Sauchys fon 
dy bragh, trooid Yeeley Creeft 
nyn Jiarn ! 

Noo Ean xvi. 23. Dy fir- 
rinagbjta mee gra riu, Cre-er- 
bee hirrys Jhiu er yn Ayr ayns 
yn Ennym aym\ ver eh diu eh* 

Ayns dty Ennym's, O Yee- 
fey, as ayns ilane Bree ny 
Goan t'ou er n'ynfaghey 
dooin, ta mee guce er Jee, er 
dty Ghraih's dy my chlathtyn, 
as dy chur dou ihen lhare er 
my hon. 

AYR ain t'ayns Niau ; Ca» 
fherick dy row dty Eh* 
nym. Dyjig dty Reeriaght. 
Dty Aigney dy row jeant er y 



done 19 Earth, as k h in- 
Heaven. Give us this Day| 
our da2y Bread. And for- ; 
give us our Trefpafles, as*! 
wc forgive them that tref-j 
pals againft us. And lead 
19 pot into Temptation. But 
deliver us from Evil : For 
thine h the Kingdom, and 
the Power, and the Glory, 
for ever aod ever* Jmtn. 


ThaDoo, myr te ^n* Nian. 
Cnrdooio nyn Arran jiu as 
gagh-faa. As kih doom nyn 
Loghtyn, myr to ftun kah 
dauefyn ta jannoo Loghtyn nyn 
'oi. As ny leeid Ann aym 
Miolagh ; Agfa livrey lhin veih 
Oik. Son lhiat's y Reeriaght, 
as y Phooar, as y Ghloyr, ton 
dy bragh as dy bfagiu 


*2 x x&x x S* 

\ XX 

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