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Full text of "A Short Calendar of the Feet of Fines for Norfolk: In the Reigns of Richard I, John, Henry III ..."

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-fejjfj s^hiicCO 



In publishing a limited n amber f this pr by ubscription, 
instead c f seeing it placed in t? i nds of eveiy ^ nber of the 
Norfoi • and * .'orwich AroheeolO;^ ca. Society, as I ^^ed it would 
be, T so w *. great re^iit!»iicA., but with a deal C0L.3C nee. 

[ '8 MS. wai offers 1 by me as a gift 'o th^ soci y, -nd 
refu 3d by its managf r^ on the grounds that tl e first 3^ p^ . ox 
its 1. J were an analysis of tl ) much mo: ) ex 311 ded version 1 
com^ lied for 't" Tiembers, ^ hich after man years* weary 
wait ^ was ov^j^leted in 1/81, and which i aow extremely 
scarco and dear. 

The obvious a^^antage of having a idiir analysis of the 
whole of the Korfolk Fines, eventually to i e covered by one 
index, seems to have escaped the managers of he Society. 

Tneed ha^'dly say that the issue of the ptM though every 

cop subscribed for or appropriatad, leaves r ^ heavy loser. 

Whetli '' 7t is fair to force ^^ priv .e i idividi • • who, during 

the last eleven years htis ^^rinted, at his own expense, nearly 

j thrtM c much as the Society, to make this loss, wlSlei the society 

' has 1 }ug had a .^ large unused balance at its back, I TviU 

;;leave xo my ^^aders ; but I will undertake to say no other 

^ xyintiquaiL^ a Society in England would do so. What earthly use 
it does anybody to amass a large and :;n3reasing sy*^ of money, 
it is hard to say. 

I asked by ch 3 Hon. Sec. to allow the Socieiy to print the 
ver^ -JLuable Freeman's Roll Ot '^Torwich, from the 'ranscript in 
my possession : but n my insta £Ly and cheerfull} /li^senting and 
offering tr ur lert ke the laborious work of indexii g it, I Was 
told it would be * loo expensive/' and a polite wish expi sed 
tiiat I n»-.ght print it at my own ex oense ! Very likely I shaii be 
fool ehvjgh to do so next year, so there is metiiod * i this 

': ; ma^'ness ; but is it fair ? What, however, can be expected iW a 
Ooinmittee, which numbers among it a clergyman -vf^Hp^ actually 

, • refup. .the ** Society for the Preservatioi . Ox Memorials of the 
Dead ' permission to copy the inscription» in his Church r«.,> ^'^ 

■ •■> 

Walter Etb. 





^nt oi Jfims for |lorfolk, 

In the Eeigns of 
EiCHARD I., John, Henry III., & Edwakd I. 



Issued to Subscribers y at Ten SJiillings the Part. 
One Hundred Copies printed. 





gV3 3/ . f. y ■ 

r5fz ^nu5.s Ci^ 





Cl^t ^ttt ai JfitiiS fax |[orfoIk, 




6th Henry II.* 
♦William de Curzim f. Jometus the Jew, in Norwich. 


1. *Robert de Mortuo Mari v. the prior of Lowwos, by 
Symoiiy dean of Hecghaniy in Hecgham, Tomestun, and 

7th Richabd I. 

2. Avicia daughter of Hamund Tusard, by John de Frio v. 
*Rogor de Acra and Emma Tusard his wife, in Tirington. 

3. Robert de Hacford v, *Adam de Nereford, in Sperham. 

4. *R()ger Gulafre and Beatrix his wife v. Robert, son of 
Simon de Saham, in Glosobrog. 

5. *Lecelina and Beatrix daughters of Edric v. Gaufridus 
son of Gervase, in Nesse. 

6. *Safrid son of William aod Botilda liis wife v. William 
de Tikebrom', Robert son of Reginald, and Ulfus de Sueiuestorp 
and William his son, in Sueinestorp. 

7. *Adam son of Acliard v. the monks of Acre and Alan 
son of Reiner, in Feltewell. 

8. *William Picot v. William de Anemere, in Wulferton. 

9. *Nicholas pincema v. Ralph, abbot of Hulm, by John the 
Monk, of advowson of North Walesham. 

10. Wlvive, Botilda, and Levive v. *William Spine, in 

1 1 . Bartholomew son of Gaufridus v. ^Reginald de Camera, 
in Oreo. 

♦ This very early fine is not bound up in the scries, see Hunter's Fines, p. 23. 


12. Ealph de Lenham v, *neiirY de Matliam, in Dallig' and 

13. *Jocelin son of Ealph r. Eichard son of Elebald, in 

14. *Wimund son of Ealph v. William and Fulco the sons of 
Evis, in Wicingesete. 

15. *Acelina de Sta(n)field and Eeginald de Sta(n)field her 
nephew v. Eichard p'positus of Doketon, in Dunton. 

16. *Eoger de Noireis v. Hugh son of Elinne, in Sireford. 

17. Goldru'n daughter of Offing v. Eustace de Sireford, in 

18. Walter son of Galfridus v, *John, capellanus of Tunstal, 
in Tunstal. 

19. *William son of Scule v, Hardwin son of Haldein and 
Simon de Foxhol, in Wicbi'gha'. 

20. Eichard and Henry the sons of Odo v. *William son of 
Godard, in Neu water (? Nett water.) 

21. John son of Walter v. *William son of Thurkil, in 
Stanford and Hengham. 

22. William son of Eoger and Matilda his wife v. *Saher de 
Biskele, in Grenesvill. 

23. Thomas le Bigod and Agnes his wife, by Eoger de 
Eeppes, V, *Eobert de Glanvill, in Eocton\ 

24. *Eichard son of H'lewin' and Ainalda his wife v, 
Gaufridus son of Eobert and Godwin son of Ealph, in 

25. William de Curzu' v. Eobert son of Eocelin, in 
Blake w'rde. 

26. *Ailward and Emma his wife, daughter of Eudo v. Peter 
son of B'te (Beatrix?), in Heidon. 

27. Walter and Leuric sons of Dering v. Osb. Mercator, in 

28. Oomitissa Gundreda, by Nicholas clericus, v. *William de 
Sfton, in StHon. 

29. *Eobert le Flittere v. Wigot mercator, in Birston. 

30. Ealph de Lenham v. * William son of Helye, in Teming. 

31. *Hugh son of Sturmi v. ^Walter de Elingham, in 

32. Stephen de Eolvesbi v. *Eichard de Clipesbi, in Burg 
and Clipesbi. 

33." *Brictred son of Bru'ma' v, Ealph son of Bo'de and Emma 
his wife, in Creic. 

34. *Godem' son of Godwin v, Eichard son of Sigenild, in 

35. *Eobert de Ookefeld, by William clericus, r. Thomas de 
Hasting, in Frense, Tistehal, and Gissing. 

36. *Eobert de Mortemer v. John Leesfnge, in Hunestaneston, 
Totington, Eingsted, and Sniterton. 

37. Eoger son of Honfr' v, *Helvi8a sister of the said Eoger, 
in Wltreton. 

38. Bobert son of Simon de Saham v. *Henry do Turnecurt, 
in Totington. 

39. Stephen le Ludinge v. *Ilobert de Wile, in Uptun. 

' 40. Baldwin de Bures and Imbria his wife v. Eustace de Ho, 
the heir of Warin, formerly husband of the said Imbria, in 
EiwehaU (BushaU.) 

8th Bighaed I. 

41. Bobert de ColeviU and Alicia his wife v. *.Vloxander 
Pointell and Alicia his wife daughter of the said Alicia de 
Colevill, in Metton. 

42. Thomas son of Michael v. *Eustace de Talcolvoston, in 

48. *Alicia and Bichard her son v, Deodatus, prior of 

St. Faith of Horsham, in Alingeton. 

44. Eljas Benjamin v. ^Bartholomew Bedham, in Nortuii. 

45. *Alice daughter of Maxim'us t;. Balph de Vc»rli, in Iliilm 
and Snetesham. 

46. *John de Frid v, Peter do Frid, in Tileneo. 

47. Warin de Salle by Thomas and Matthew his sons r. 
*Warin de Erminghmd, in Uorpesti. 

48. Bobert son of Boger v, William de Beddam, son of 
Mathew, of advowson of Lipponhoe. 

49. Jolm Hautoin v, *j)ri()r and monks of Saint Mary of 
Aero, by Bicheriu* de Fuholdoii, of advowsons of Kailesdon (?) 
and Heringby. 

50. Simon do Clikotot v. *Nichola8 de Walosham, of 
the last presentation to Walosham. 

51. Julian do Swuthfeld v. * William de Corechun, in Hol- 

52. Bobort cloricus do Bu'cton v. *Adam son of Holyo de 
Sipeden, in Sipeden. 

53. Ralph do Ilerllia' v. *Uiufri(luR do IlerDia, in Tlorlha*. 

54. *WilIiani S(m of Waltor v. William son of Eudo, in East 
and West Tudoha'. 

55. John do Sarenton v. Bobort Diuat, in Sarouton and in 

56. Peter son of Galfridus v. *Eudo de Baclieia, and Galfridus 
and Simon his brothiTs, of advowson of llaclieia. 

57. *IIardwin do Waron'e and Chi-istiana liis wife, and 
William Fabor of Wichingham and Mabill his wife v. William 
Batallie, in Suoineton. 

58. Alan son of Bichard v. *Iloger son of Tome (Thomas ?), 
in Litloholm, Draoton, and Caldewoll. 

59. John lo. Moine, in tho place of Margaret liis sister v, 
*Boger Buche, in Walton. 

60. *Beginald son of Torrond v. Bichard Capell of Mouton, 
by William Freman his attorney, in Mouton. 

B 2 

61. ♦Peter son of Eicliard de Wiggenlial v. William son of 
Alan de Clenchewarton, in Clenchewarton, Wygenhal, Tilnei, 
Hsington, Lenn, and Grimeston. 

62. Roger le Eu v. *Adam son of Gilbert de Ele'liam, in 
Ele'ham (Ellingham ?) 

63. Roger de Brom v. William de Pirnho, in Pimho. 

64. Sanson'e, abbot of St. Edmund, v, Alexander son of 
Gobol de Kirechbi, in Kirechbi (Kirby.) 

65. *Hawi8, dauffbter of Henry de Sbireford v. William de 
Creic, in Oreic (CreaCe.) 

66. *Amicia v, Ralph de Verli, in Hum'e and Snetesbam. 

67. *William and Roger de Sudfeld v, Ralph, abbot of St. 
Benedict of Holme, of advowson of St. Peter of Reppes and ad- 
vowson of Ashebi. 

68. *Richard de Lechesham v, William de Huntingefeld and 
Isabel his wife, by William their attorney, in Lechesham 
(Lexham), Lucham (Litcham),and Quenhill. 

69. Roger Picot v. Deodatus, prior of St. Faith's of Horsham, 
in Oolneia. 

9th Richard I. 

70. Hugo clericus v, *Richard son of Stephen, in Os- 

71. ^Nicholas son of Hugo v. Magister Simon de Tomham, 
in Tomham (Thornham), and in Tike well (Titchwell.) 

72. Warin de Saulle, by Thomas and Matthew his sons, v, 
♦Philip, capellanus de Saulle, in Saulle (Salle), and Hinetone 
(lUington ?) 

73. William de Len and Simon his brother v, ♦Ivo, in Len. 

74. Blake win de Thornham v. Goscelin Feutrarius, in Len. 

75. Walter de Basingham v. ♦William Flemang and Matilda 
de BeseviU, in Matlask. 

76. Geoffrey son of Walter v. ♦Bernard son of Durand, in 

77. Peter son of Richard v, ♦John son of Alan de Reinham, 
in Grimeston. 

78. Warin de Saule, by Thomas and Matthew his sons, v. 
♦John, capellanus of Oorpeste, in Corpeste (Oorpusty.) 

79. ♦Richard de Becco, by William de Becco, v, William de 
Hasting, in 

80. ♦Alan de Mundeham v, Peter de Egelfeld, by Henry de 
Bro', in Mundham. 

10th Richard I. 

81. William de Bee and Hugo clericus v. ♦Roger son of 
Pagan, in Wode Dallinges, and Kirbemor. 

82 V [illegible], in Lodne. 

83. ^'^^oent son of Alan, and Bobert his brother v. Henry 
Bon of Brainsewein and Boger and Eichard his brothers, in 

84. ^William de Arden and Isolda his wife v, William de 
Fossato, in Adthelbure, Hellingeham, and Bestrop. 

85. Beginald son of Hervej v, *Alan filius presbiteri and 
Helewis his wife, in Gremeston (Qrimston.) 

86. *Balph de Boilund v, Bwulph son of Eobert de Stratun, 
• in Stratton. 

87. *Hodiema daughter of Aluric de Rudham r. Hervej the 
prior and the convent of St. Mary of Budham, in Eudham. 

88. *Iyo son of Brunsewein v, William son of Stangnm, in 
Tillene (Tihiey.) 

89. *Joseph son of Aleluri (?) p. William Wudecock, in 
Telvetone (Tnelveton.) 

90. *Thomas son of Adam v. Leoelina de G'nem' and William 
her son, in G*nem* and in Blafeld. 

91. *Eoger son of Thurstan r. Humphry son of Ealph, in 
Berlingham (Burlingham.) 

92. *Hermer son of John r. William son of Augustin, in 
Tuttington and Banningham. 

93. *William son of Wido v. Peter de Holcham, in 

94. Thurketell' son of Edwin r. Eichard Orgar, Claricia 
who was the wife of Humfrey Swarin son of Osbert, and 
Matilda and Ames his sisters, in Martham. 

95. Eoger de Cardeston v. *Milo de Nucers in Swaneton. 

96. *Hervey son of Eund t;. Ealph Quarter, in Heinford. 

97. *Eobert son of Wareu v, Hugh his brother, in Eoke- 
lund (Eockland.) 

98. *Peter and Muriel his wife v. Hakun de Herlham, in 

99. *Emma daughter of Osbert v. Ealph de Bretham, in 

100. *Eoger nephew of Harvey v, Simon son of Eobert, 
and Geoffrey le Neuman, in Oueltune. 

101. *Go8celin son of Wulnod v. Eoger son of Britrich, in 

102. *Thomas de Walecot v. Eichd. de Eunhal, in Birlingham. 

103. ^Amelia daughter of Ulf de Limia v. Ealph de Tueneia 
and Qt)utr' le cup'e, in Lenn. 

104. *Eeiner son of Goscelin v. Edward son of Leve, in 

105. ^Nicholas son of Eeginald v. Eichard de Clipesbi, in 

106. *William Faber v. Bartholomew de Cinei, in Wichinge- 
ham (Witohingham.) 

107. *Hawi8 son of Leveve v. Eobert son of Hugh, in 

108. *Henry son of Thurold v. Eeiner de Len, in Len. 

109. Thomas son of William v. *Bela, by William her son, 
in Frenges. 

110. *Henry son of Gocelin v. Wido son of Eoger, in 
Meringetorp (Momingthorp. ) 

Ml. *Ralph son of Robert v. Ralph son of Ralph, and 
William son of Adam de Hengam, in Jelverton (Yelverton.) 

112. *Alan son of William v, Adam sacerdos, in Nor- 
walesham and Walesham. 

113. *Alan son of William v. Robert son of Adam, and • 
Beatrix his wife, in Walesham. 

114. *Simon son of Walter v. Hamo son of Nicholas, in 

115. *Richard son of Ketell v. Hugh son of Wlveve, in 

116. Hervey and Huctred v. *Roger son of William, in 
Wntun ( Wnton ?) 

117. *Cuti (?) Blu'du' V. Estmund Pic, in WeUes. 

118. *Edwin de Bebrege v. Hardewin son of Ulf, in 

119. *Lambert son of Cohen v, Simon de Maudebi, in Maudebi. 

120. *Eobert son of William v. John son of Wymer (?), 
John son of Richard, Peter son of Ralph, and Eudo de Stowe, 
in Stowe. 

121. William son of Reginald v. .ZEdwin fil' Aild'ivi, in 
K'ngham (Congham.) 

122. *Richard son of Robert v. Hugh son of Robert de 
Witton, in Witton. 

123. *rrari son of William v, William de Bello Monte, in 

1 24. *Eva daughter of Hawis de Merlai v. Ralph de Torcy, 
in Hillingeton. 

125. David Hirst and Alice his wife, and Michael and 
Emma his wife v. *Milo the son of Roger and Matilda his wife, 
in Sueinestorp. 

126. *Ailward de Birlig'h[am] and Edwin his son v. Gilbert 
de Lingwode and Richard his son, in Lingwode. 

127. William de Hindringham by John his brother v. Ralph, 
prior of Binham, in Bernai. 

128. *Richard de Geely, Andrew, and Henry v. Hamond 
Buhurd, in Homingetoft and Witigsete (Whissonsett.) 

129. *Hervey son of William v. Peter de Fritn', in Tuten 

130. Robert Coc* son of Asalac v. *William fil' Ade, in 

131. Alan de Loph[am] v, *Hugh de Heia, in Lopham. 

132. *Alice daughter of Roger Faber v. Reginald Faber, in 


133. *Eustace Falconar v. Thomas son of Simon, in Claia. 

134. *John son of Osbert v. Thurstan son of Wluricus, in 

135. Simon de Warenn and Alveva his wife v, Eicliard son 
ol Fuloher, and Andrew son of Harvy, and Nicholas son of 
Bobert, in Feltwell. 

136. Boger de Batlesden v, *GK)celin de Birlingham and 
Matilda his wife, of one-third of the advowson of Buckernjham. 

137. *Simon de Warenn and Alveya his wife v, Bernard 
p'm and Wictieve de Hocwood, in Hocwood (Hockwold.) 

138. Enuna daughter of Ayant (?) r. *Boger son of 
Bonilda, in Witton. 

139. *Godwin fil' Leffi r. Henry nephew of Tnrild, in 

140. William Bolland and Alice his wife v. Bartholomew 
and (*) Gk)defrey Gait, in Karst' (Caistor ?) 

141. *nerbert son of Odo r. Bichard, parson of Beindon, 
in Bidon {sie,) 

142. Gau^dus son of Turketel r. *GK>dard son of Alveva, 
and Beginald and William and John and Osegod sons of 
Godard, in West Weni (West Winch ?) 

143. ^Bandulfus and John v, Adam de Herdwie, in Hordwic. 

144. Ulf son of Asketel v, * William Kine8ma[n], in 
Derham (or Berham.) 

145. . *Hervey Faber r. Bichard, clericus de Bretham, in 
Bretham (Brettenham.) 

146. Thomas son of William v. ^Aloesius do Freng', in 
Freng*. • 

147. *Beginald son of Bogor and Beatrix his wife, and 
Beatrix sistor of the said Beatrix, daughters of Boger v, 
William de Wudington, in Tiftloshall. 

148. William de Guruai v. *Martiii do Wortlai, in Bumham. 

149. *Beiii(»r son of Osbort and Ailleth his wife, and Boger 
Qrter and Engelieth his wife v. Henry son of Bruniswein, in 

150. *llawi8 fir Stangrin v. William son of John de Wanton, 
in Wanton ( Wooton ?) 

151. *Hawis daughter of Geoffrey Lahce v. Henry de 
Bolewic, in Ileveriugoland. 

152. *liichard son of Oiirverd v. Wimer de Cantele, in 

153. *Baldehiva daughter of William son of Adelstan de 
Heckingham v, William de Bochaho, in Hechingham. 

154. *Emma daughter of Bobert v. Stephen Spureat, in 

155. *nugh son of Bogor v. Bobert Brien, in Bokelond. 

156. Qx)dwin son of Gosse r. Bichard son of Sigar, in Orec. 

157. Bartholomew son of Edric v. *Bartholomew de -^gefeld, 
in Karston. 

158. Hugh de Banis v, ^Bartholomew de -^gefield, in 

159. * William son of Scule v. Houward Lomb and Herman 
his son, in Wichoha'. 


160. Other son of Elwin v. *Reginald son of Thorad, in 

161. *Ralpli son of Reginald v. Helias le Oolnere, in Len. 

162. Richard son of Walter v, *Robert Buinard, in 

163. *Eustace de Bavent v. Richard son of Nicholas, in 

164. Avicia daughter of Henry v. *Thomas Hautein, in 

. 165. *Godwin clericus v. Agnes de Rudham and Geoffrey 
and Philip and Ralph, her sons, in Rudham. 

166. Heloin Hoc v. *John son of Leuwine, and William 
son oi Richard, Richard son of Elfreda, and Wic son of 
William, in Letton. 

167. *Nicholas Crawe and Avicia his -wife v, Ralph de 
Torcy, in Hillingeton. 

168. William son of Asketel v. *Peter son of Ailric, in 

169. *Matilda q' fuit ux' Harlewin Kide v. Helias de Lond', 
in Len. 

170. William son of Christiana de Walsoken v, Helewisa 
daughter of Richard, in Walsokene. 

171. *William Catelin [in body spelt Katelini v. William 
son of William de Egesfeld [in body spelt Edesfield], in Adel- 
merton (Aylmertbn ?) 

172. William son of Hedmund v. Alfred de (Tunstead?), 
in Tunst*. 

178. Goda daughter of Qt)dwin Wisman v, * Walter Oandel 
(or Caudel), in Crec. 

174. Wimer son of William v. Juliana and Enmia, daughters 
of Richard, in Srepham (Shropham ?) 

175. William and Osbert, sons of Osketel v, *John son of 
Hugh, in Karboistorp. 

176. *Guynilda de Morleie and Godiva de Depham v, Ralph 
del Hil, in Depham. 

177. Segelin fil' William v. Ralph clericus, in Horsted. 

178. *Agne8, vidua, de Burnham and Walter her son v, 
Henry de Barsham, in Sudcroc. 

179. William de Nes v. *Walter Cobbe, in Mautebi. 

180. *John son of Siric v. William son of Milo, in Len. 

181. *Wido de Winterton v, William de Redham in Vinter- 
ton and Sumerton. 

182. *Gaufridus son of Warin v. Robert Brin'iger in Gilling- 


1 83. Laurence son of Token v. Alan son of William de 
Wigenhale, in Northlen. 

1 84. *IIawi8 daughter of Margaret v. William de Briseworth 
and William son of Richard, in Burnham. 

185. *William son of Gerard and Richard his brother, and 
Staumerus son of Edwin v. Evorard de Plumstede, in Plumstede. 


186. *Bo^r son of William and Eobert and Eichard v, 
Bobett le Gns, in Turton. 

1 87. *Jolm son of Atketel v, Beineros nephew of Leve, in Lenn. 

188. *Gtiu£ridaB son of Wlmar r. Wifiiam son of Claricia, 
in Frenges. 

189. *Beginald and Bunilda v. Bobett and Edward de 
Blafeld [in lx}dj spelt Eduard and Emald], in Blafeld. 

190. *William son of Balpb de Len v. Adam son of Simon 
de G^memue, in Lennia. 

191. *Laarence son of Toke v. Bobert son of Thomas and 
Her* his brother, in Nordlen and Wadhoge. 

192. *Sefugell de Tunstall v. Eudo and Bichard sons of 
Walter, in TunstalL 

193. *Odbert son of Gbdrio r. Leyinic, Ounilda, Beatrice, . 
Elfleda, Langlina, and Gim'a, daughters of William de Thirine, 
in Thime. 

194. Hodiem' fil' Siward v, *Balph and William sons of 
Hedrio, in Sidesteme. 

195. Alan son of William v. *Qt)defrid son of Bichard and 
Gbdefrid Scot, in Tileneia. 

196. *Morant son of Omis and Botilda his wife and Bigware 
sister of Botilda v. Balph de Langwade, at Langwade. 

197. *Theobald son of Leffi v. Balph de Curcun, in Adelburc. 

198. Hugh son of Avand v, *Matild Angot, in Wretton. 

199. Oalfridus Orawe of Strattune v. *Leyare son of Turstan, 
in Stratun. 

200. ♦Thurstan do Grimeston v. Gaufridus son of Wulvive, 
in Grimeston. 

201. ♦William de Nuieros v. William son of Boger, in 

202. Peter de Melton v. *Boger son of Gerold, by Johanna 
his wife, and Balph his brother, in Saxlingham and Langham. 

203. William son of Oki and Godiva his wife v. ♦Gocelin 
Brais and William his brother, in Wigohal. 

204. ♦Henry son of Walter v. Thnrbertus son of Boger 
("Thnrbn'us" in body), in Bunewell. 

205. Agnos daughter of Fulcred v. *Boger capellanus, in 

206. Eustachius son of Walter v. Matilda, vidua, and 
Badulphus her son, in Woderoua. [Wodetona?] 

207. ♦Wlviva de Syreford v. William de Crec, in Crec and 

208. ♦Juliana and Matilda hor sister v. William Bussu', 
in Houton. 

209. ♦Walter Walese v. Nicholas son of Beginald, in 

210. Elfleda sister of Turstein v. ♦Baldewin son of Sedegos, 
in Lympenhog. 

211. ♦Boger son of Abric and Hervald (Hemald?) his son 
V. Aured Grei, in Scnetesham. 


212. *Eoger son of John v. William son of William, in 

213. *Milo son of Eoger v, Agatha the wife of Wakelin de 
Besevile, in Hadestune. 

'214. *Eobert de Titleshall and Yvonr his brother v. Herbert 
de Titleshal, in Titleshal and Ghremeston. 

215. Eadulphus son of Eibald v. Eobert Bedell, in Eu'hau 
(EunhaU ?) 

216. Eand[ulphii8] son of Eobert v. *Eadulphus son of 
Eoger, in Parvo Eiburc. 

217. ♦Herveus son of Juliana v. Agnes de Franesham, in 

218. *Eobert de Eiflai v. Matilda, prioress of the Church of 
. St. Mary de Karhoge, Gosebert de Sentcler, Umfrey de Erlham, 

and Alicia Peverel, by Adam, presbiter de Lakenham, in the place 
of the Prioress, • and Gibert son of Vivien, in the place of 
Sentcler, in Melet' (Melton.) 

219. *Eadiilphus Avenant v. Thomas de Burgo, in 

220. *Thieda' de Westwen and Alan, Godwin, Osbert, and 
Ganfridus his sons v. William son of Leowin Crisp, in Westwinic 
and Sech (Setchy.) 

22 1 . *Eobert de Pinkenei v. William his brother, in Brunstorp. 

222. *Philip son of Eobert v. Daniel de M'lay, parson of the 
Church of Flich*, in Flichfam] and Gatton. 

223. Eoger son of Eobert de Saixlingham v. *John son of 
Nicholas de Dallinge, in Oueltun. 

224. ♦Benedict and Ida his wife v. Andrew de Tirinton and 
Muriel his wife, and Eobert son of Harlewin and Agnes his wife, 
aad Peter son of Godwin, in Wauton. 

225. *Philip de Bumham and Fraer' (?) and Eoger his 
brothers v. Martin de Warkles, in Bunh'torp. 

226. *Gilbert de Berton v. William de Siengham, in Welle 
and Siengham [««(?]. 

227. Amindus, son of Wulvive v. Agnes who was the wife 
of Bernard Brun and William her son, in Martham. 

228. *Auxstin de Tunsted and Adam his brother v. Walter 
Draf and Estrilda his wife, and Walter son of Estrilda, in 

229. *Bertram capellanus and Guido and Jocelin his 
brothers v. Albert Faber and John his brother, in Waketun. 

230. *Eadulphus son of Peter v. William de Fossat', in 
Atleburg and Elingham. 

231. William and Hawis his wife and Alice her sister v, 
♦Benedict son of Thurkild, in Marlingeford. 

232. *WiUiam le Cat v. Eichard and Godefrey, in Hormesbi. 

233. *Eobert Noc v, Galiridus and Alan fil' Ade in 

234. *Matilda daughter of Levive v. Emelina de Billokebi, 
in Clipesbi. 


235. *Hichard son of Doye r. Philip Snari'ges, in Toftes. 

236. ^Peter son of Gkdfridus de Holkham v. Yincentius, 
derious de Surligham, in Surligham. 

'237. *EadiiIniB oapelliuius f7. William Brito, in SWeingtune. 
238. *William son of Aye v, Ealph de Scois, in Eudham. 
, 239. ♦Wlmap son of Hugh v. Beginald de Eya, in Lenn. 

240. ^dement son of Eichard v. Eobert son of Eichard, in 

241. *Gt)celin son of LefiB. v. Eoeer Puting, in Hekingham. 

242. *Baitholomew de Eunhal, Eoger de Eeppes, and 
Qilbert de Eunhal [Euslachiiis, and MabiHa the wife of Eoger 
de Eeppes, are also mentioned in the body of the fine as 
grantors] v, William, prior of the Church of St. Mary and 
All Saintis of West Acre, of adyowson of the Church of Eunhal. 

243. *Wlmar son of Hugh v, Lefeini who was the wife of 
HedriCy in Linn. 

244. *Godwin Parm'tar v, Eobert son of Aselac, in 

245. *Hervicius son of Peter v. Leva daughter of Geoffrey, 
in Pikenham. 

246. *Ailmer son of Walter Freland v. John Lo'gu* in 

247. ^William Battaile, and William de Huntingefeld and 
YsabeUa his wife v. William Brito, in Sueingeton, Aldreford, 
Feletorp, Attlebrige, Mortun, Wichingeham, Weston, and 
Taverham, and advowsgns of Churches of Sweiningeton, Aldre- 
ford, and Folthorj). 

248. *Wlvivia sister of Edric v. Adam son of Eobert and 
Emma his wife, in Dallinge. 

249. ISimon son of Eandulph v. ♦Eoger son of Ham (?), in 

250. John son of Turstan v. *Alan his brother, in Wige*haude. 

251. *Eichard son of Julian v. Matilda daughter of Oocelin, 
in Eenhain. 

252. Yvo son of Eicliard v. *Earl Eoger and Coimtess 
Gimdreda, by Eoger de Brahaiu, seneschal of the Earl, and 
Geoffrey de Brokes, senowjhal of the Countess, in Lopham. 

253. Simon son of Eikolf v. * Walter son of Wimimde, in 

254. *iramo son of William v. Walter de Dunham, in 

255. *'Gil])ort son of Henry v. William de Uphale, in Essebi. 

256. * William 13uffum (Buffiun ?) t-. Deodonatus Kide, in 

257. Eoge de B*(ndon ?) v. *Bartholomew do Edisfield and 
Matilda his wife, half advowson of All Saints*, B^ndon. 

258. *Fulcher Brito v. Ealph de Wc^senham, in Woscluim. 

259. *Eeiner son of Osbort and Ailea his wife, and Eoger 
Quarter and Engeleda his wife v. William son of Wlnad, Godiva, 
vidua, and Emma, vidua, in Lenn. 


260. *Beatrix daughter of William v, Richard de Bretham, 
in Bretham. 

261. *Radiilf son of Turstan v, Jocelin Feutrarius, in Lenn. 

262. ♦William de Nordwolde v. John son of Lambert and 
Stephen his brother in Wesenham. 

263. *Henry son of Lambert v, John son of Godiva, in Oec. 

264. *Hugh son of Wlveve v. Richard son of Stanild, in 

265. Peter son of Walter, and Godiva daughter of Thoke v. 
•Godwin son of Gutfrith, in Westweniz. 

266. *Richard son of Ysaac v, Robert de Orec, in Dunstun. 
267: *Alured son of Walter v, Ralph carpentarius and 

Basilia his wife, in Ooleton. 

268. *Richard Turbem and Maria his wife v. Agatha de 
Haddestun, in Haddestun. 

269. *Rig*nare sister of Hervey de Dudewic v, Hermer de 
B*nton and Gilbert his son, in Dudewic. 

270. Safrie son of William v. *Ranulph son of Richard, in 

271. *Hugh and Roger sons of Toch v. Geoffrey Braid^ in 

272. *Walter son of Ketel v, Richard de Refham, in 

273. William son of Edmund v. *Alfred de Du'stale, in 

' 274. *Richard son of William v, Ralph son of Richard and 
Thure his mother,. in Rudham. 

275. *Godwin son of Swetman v. Gomel son of Hereward, in 
Wigehal and Helsingeton. 

276. *Ralph son of Thedric v. Richard son of Thedric, in 

277. *Wlvar v, Hamo de Dockinges, in Sudmere. 

278. *Robert Berlupeinne v. Adam de Houeton. 

279. *Richard son of William and Richilda his wife r. 
Herbert son of William, in Dunstan. 

280. *Ralph son of Roger v. John his brother, in Parva 

281. *Geoffrey Toke v, Espeland de Gememut', in Hales. 

282. Roger de Ho v, *Robert de Morlay and Roger de 
Gessinge, in Bresingeham, Reidune, and Selfhangre. 

283. Robert de Mortuomari v, *Henry T^necurt, in Coligton. 

284. *Henry de Marisco v, *Laurence capellanus, in Lenn. 

285. *8imon son of Roger de Cherevile v, Robert son of 
Walter de Cherevile, in Tilneie. 

286. Michael Chevere (or Chenere) v, *William de Hunting- 
feud and Isabel his wife, ip Wellingham. 

287. * Walter son of Aildrick v, Nicholas son of Algar, in 

288. Adam son of Robert v. *John son of William, in Tibeham. 

289. Wimar de Hocham v, *Ralph Magnu', in Quideham. 


290. *William and Lewana liis wife v, Adam le Ywelhume, 
in Flokestorp. 

291. ^Peter son of Botilda t;. Elias son of Elias, in Dallinge. 

292. *Ede daughter of Walter v, Simon Mager, in Kinesthorp. 

293. *Qregory son of Peter de Suapham v. William, Eustace, 
and Godfrey ms brothers, in Suyapha'. 

294. *c5iristiana daughter of Peter de BiUokebi v. Nicholas 
de Haledis, in Billokebi. 

295. ^Hoger Talebot and Kathenne his wife v, Agatha 
daughter of Wilda Haddestune, in Haddestune. 

296. Alexander son of Richard v. *Bichard Parmentarius and 
Muriel his wife, in Bistona. 

1st Johk. 

1 . *Lecia daughter of Balph Camerarius, by John her son v. 
Philip de Bretheham, in GFeiton. 

2. "^Qilbert de Tudeham v. Simon de Huntedon, in 

3. Ralph de Benham v, ^Gaufridus son of Wimund, in Wicton. 

4. ♦Herveus son of William v, Ralph son of (G^ofErey ?), in 

5. Peter de Watligton v. ♦Emald de H'laue, in Lowingeh*. 

6. *Robert son of Swein v, abbot of Ramsey, by Reiner 
the monk, in the marsh of Stowe. 

7. *John de Fridh v, William son of Turgis, in Wigenhale. 

8. Ralph de Tasseburc v, *Matthew son of Ridiard, in 

9. Alan de Beauteis v, ^Simon son of John, in Lenn. 

10. *William de Bello Monte and Muriel his wife, by William 
Houel, V, Gilbert de Langetot, in Saxlingeham, Binetre, Ikeburc, 
and Wichingham. 

11. *Godfrey de Lisewis v, Gilbert Pauper son of Godfrey 
Pauper, in Eeinham, Suthmorfurlang, Sortehardlond, Estmor, 
Prestebrige, Suthreinham, and Bra'tesfurlang. 

12. Ralph de Benham v, * Ralph son of Gold win, in Wigton. 

1 3. *Robert de Bosco and Eva his wife v. Robert de Sande- 
croft, in Elmeham and Humesfeld. 

14. Henry de Fleg v, Abbraam and Matilda his wife, in 

1 5. *Robert son of Angod v. Ralph son of Angod, in Oangham. 

16. ♦WiUiam abbot of Becco, and the convent of same place, 
by Hugh the monk, v, Wimer de Hooham, in Wrottha'. 

17. ^Ysmaina daughter of Warin Hostiarius v, Alice de 
Gememue and Ada her daughter, in Lenn. 

18. Richard (torn) v, *Simon son of Peter de Stowe, in Welle. 

19. William de Muleton and Alice his wife v, ♦Agatha de 
Haddeston, in Haddestun. 

20. *Hugh de Bernard v, Richard son of Walter, in 
Taculvestun and Fomesset. 


21. '^Stephen Bon of Eeginald t;. Peter Baxdulf, in Spiches- 

22. *William de Warenn v, Balph de Curcun, advowson of 
Clmrcli of Jackesham. 

23. *Warm, Simon, and Eobert de >Colebi, by "William de 
Pirho V.William deBure and Simon deCrakeford, of half advowson 
of church of Coleby. 

24. Thomas, prior of Binham, v. ♦Ralph de Dallinges, in 
Parva Ribxirc. 

25. Adam, decanus of Bumeham, v. Stephen de Walsingham, 
in Bumehamtorp. 

26. Kalph son of David and Inca his mother v. ♦Aubertus son 
of Bund', in Lenne. 

27. ♦Magister Reginald de Lenn and William son of Ralph 
V, Alice de Gememune and Adam her son, in Lenn. 

28. ♦Helewisa widow of William de Houton v. Richard son of 
Galfridus, in Houton. 

29. *Magister Reginald de Len v. William son of Ralph, in 
Len and West Weniz. 

30. *Ralph de Lenham v. Walter de Ainels (?), of half manor 
of Reddenhai. 

2irD John. 

31. Roger de Kerdeston v. *Milo de Noiers, in Swanton. 

32. *William de Kaiou v. prior of Binham, in Binham. 

33. . ♦William de Raimes v. John de Reinestorp, in Reinestorp. 

34. *Thomas son of Walter v, William, parson of Meaudon 
(«(?), in Meauton. 

35. *Alice de Kailly, by Peter de Bathe, v. John de Cailly, in 

36. *Ralph mercator v, Gerberg de Gememue, in Gernemue. 

37. ♦Godwin parmentar v, Humphry son of Siward, in 

38. ♦John Marescall and Alina his wife, and Gaufrid Cest'r 
aud Ysabel his wife v. Roger de Kerdeston, in Neweton. 

39. Robert de Erpingeham v, Peter de Alto Bosco, of ad- 
vowson of Erpingham. 

40. ♦Richard son of Robert v. Prior of Binham, in Welles and 
Magna Walsingham. 

41. ♦Peter de Beches and Beatrix his wife v, John de Kailli, 
in Denever. 

42. ♦Brian son of Ralph v. Milo de Hastings, in Quideham. 

43. ♦Robert son of Pagan v. Simon his brother, in Grake- 
ford, Coleby, and Felmingham. 

44. ♦Clement de Dockinges v. William Luvel, in Sum'e 
and Doking. 

45. Alan de Mundeham v, ♦WiUiam de Sparham, in Riburg. 



46. *William de Eboraco and Matilda his wife v. William son 
of Anketill and Thieda his wife, and Willimn Wade and Alveva 
his wife, in Lenn. 

Sbd John. 

47. Bobert de Vans r. *£bbert son of Wlfach, two caracutes 
in ... . 

48. ^Bobeit Orowe v. Ghiufridus Orawe his eldest son, in 

49. ^Heniy de Marisco v, Henry pinoema and Juliana his 
sister and Henry her son, in Hemested and Bodeham. 

60. *Simon Burell v. Teb'b' de Aldeburg and William his 
son, in Aldeburg. 

51. Bobert die Sudale, by Simon son of Simon v, *Ealph son 
of Turlac, in Flumsted, B'ingham, and Wlterton. 

52. ^Hermar de lamesie v, Gilbert, abbot of Langeleg', in 

63. *Maria daughter of William de Hadescou v her 

sister, in Bunewell, Carleton Rode, and Tibenham (?) 

64. *Matild' daughter of William r. William son of Jocelin, 
in Morleg\ 

66. William BataiU (?) r. *Roger Maloisell, in . . Dichecot (?) 

4th John. 

56. ♦Hawisa Pictav^iensis ?) v, William de Estim*, in Thorp. 

57. *Co8tinus son of William v, Safred de Rugeton, in 

58. Hubert son of Gregory i\ *Geoffrey Ridell, in Ykeburg. 

59. * Jocelin de Lewd' . . . r. Godfrey Colebec, in Hoeham. 

60. Thomas son of Geoffrey de Lineford v. ♦Richard de 
Risinge, in Lineford. 

61. *Thoina8 de Ingaldestorp and Sibilla his wife v. Hermor 
de Bekeswell, in Bekeswell, Dunham, Fordham, Cremplesham, 
Stradshete, Finchele, Helingeia, Westacre, . . . echa', Rokosham, 
Tilneia, Terington, Walsocne, Wiggehal, Marham, Suldham, 
Fingham, Utwell, Surreia (?), Hilsingetoii, Derham, and Iliston. 

62. *Simon son of Richer v, Roger son of Richer, in 

63. ♦Richard son of Ralph r. Bela de Freiug, by William her 
son, in Freing. 

64. ♦Matilda daughter of Goodwin v. Boselinus de Brunham, 
in Brunham. 

65. Vincent, clericus de Surlingham, v. ♦Herbert de 
Heloghetun, in Surlingham. 

66. ♦Godfrey son of Roger v. William de Burun, in Freng. 

67. Alan Walrain v. ♦Roger Bollo and Roger Dunewich, in 


675. *John eon of Alured v. Eeginald son of Eoger clericus 
and John and Hugh his brothers, in Westwinc. 

68. "Walter de Rayenigham v, *Eobert, in Shelton. 

69. ^Osbert de Lond* and Agnes his wife v, John Lambert 
and Ailicc' his wife, in Len. 

70. ♦Nicholas son of Osbert v. William son of Geoffrey, in 

71. *Geoffrey son of John v. Eichard son of Emeloc and 
Toke his brother, in Gatele. 

72. *Tholy Wace v. Eann' capellanus, in Straton. 

73. *Werbald de Elingham v. Herland and Emma his wife, 
in Elingham. 

74. Eobert son of Torold v. *John de Norton, in Geistweic. 

75. Alan de Wicton v. *Eichard son of Eobert, in Wicton. 

76. *William Carkene v, John son of Beatrix, in 

77. *Thomas son of Eoger and Geoffrey his brother and 
Huelin their sister v. Eichard Gerbald, in Apet*. 

78. Herbert de Karletune v, *Eoger Molendarius and Sibilla 
his wife, in Carleton. 

79. John de Matlaske and Edith his wife v, Luca* capellanus, 
in Beremer, Berewic, and Stanho. 

80. Godric Gerlag' and Esole hid wife* v. *Astin Eeben and 
Matilda his wife, in Tilney. 

81. Botilda daughter of Tony v, Hugh son of William, in 

82. *Basil daughter of Ealph v. William son of Peter, in 

83. Alan de Wichtun v. Eoger de Cressingham and Agnes 
his wife, in Wichtun. 

84. Elvina daughter of Sugband (?) of Scriotbi (?) v. Ralph 
son of Elfnoth and Elfleda his wife, in Ormesbi. 

85. *Thoke and Go'diva his wife v. Geoffrey de Horseia, in 

86. Eichard, prior of the Holy Sepulchre of Thetford, v, 
William de Eston, in Huningham and Torp. 

87. *Peter de Watling, by Eborard clericus, v. Lambert, 
prior of Acre, by Eichard janitor, in Lawendich and Dicwude. 

88. ♦Ada' de Tisteshal v, Geoffrey son of Eobert, in 

89. Thomas Blundus v. Lambert [Prior of Castjellacr', in 

90. William, parson of Helghetun, v, ♦Godfrey son of Alan, 
in Helghetun. 

91. ♦Gilbert son of Peter v, Eichard son of Ivo and Eichard 
de Clare and Agnes his wife, in Caldecote. 

92. ♦Eichard Wale'sem and Matilda his wife v. Eoger son of 
Eeginald, in Freton. 

93. ♦Geoffrey Crawe v. Eaimer son of Eobert and Walter 
his brother, in Stratun. 


94. Herbert le Marohand and Mabil his wife v, William de 
Curoun, in Clipesbi. 

95. ^Lesoia daughter of Eeginald r. Boheis daughter of 
Beginald, in Buieshal. 

96. ^William Pens and Fulcho his brother v, Margaret de 
Cressingham, in Frawesham. 

97. *Hervey son of Eudo v. William son of Eoscelin, in 

98. ♦Villiam {sic) Boisar 9. Warin son of Ivo, in Sumerton. 

99. ♦Alured son of William r. Bichard son of Bobert, in Claie. 

100. ^Philip son of Iyo v. Alan de Tiyetshale, in Tivetshale. 

101. ^Christiana daughter of Humfrey v, Bichard son of 
Walter and Basilica his wife and Matilda the latter's mother, in 

102. *Alice de Munpinzun v. Geoffirey de Assendon, in 

103. Henry son of Bobert v. *Bobert Faber and Botilda his 
wife, in Freton. 

104. ^Martin son of Boger v. Peter son of Sirache, in 

105. Walter, parson of Sweinestorp, by Bichard do Sweines- 
torp V, *Milo de Sweinestorp and Matilda his wife, in Sweinestorp. 

106. * Martin son of Boger v, Bobert son of Athelward, in 

107. *John son of Walter and Boger his brother r. Richard 
son of William and Wlviva his wife, in Iteringham. 

108. ♦Ricard Toli v. Matilda vidua and William her son, in 

109. llaic (?) son of Turstan v. *Bobert son of Edmund, in 

110. Thomas son of Henry v. *William do Nuiers and 
Thomas de Munte corbyn, half of advowson of church of St. 
Andrew of Wikelwod. 

HI. Warin de Salle by Thomas son of Simon v. *Balph de 
Nuggun', in Corpesti. 

112. *Ralph son of Honry v. Agnes de Melham, by John 
Pepi* her son, in Bittringe. 

113. Nicholas de Halediz and Agnes his wife v, ♦William 
le Ourcun of Clipesbi, in Clipesbi, except tenement in Billokesbi. 

114. *rhilip son of Yvo v. Geoffrey de Tiveteshall, in 

115. *Herbert son of Costion v. Paul de Mulkeberdeston, 
in Mulkeberdeston. 

116. *John and Robert sons of Emald Burgo v. Reiner son 
of William, in Burgo and Adhelmerton. 

1 17. *Roger Calun' v. John son of Beatrix, in Berton. 

118. *Robort son of Swan v, Beginald and Henry sons of 
Roger, in Westwinch. 

119. *Boger son of Balph v, Bobert de Croc and Robert son 
of Ralph and Alice his wife, in Funde'hal. 



120. *Osbert de Schelfhangre v. Herbert son of Odo, in 

121. Inetta daughter of Godric v. ^Thomas Dosing, in 

122. *Emma de Holme v. Bobert de Hulme, in Hxilme, 
Wioherestorp, B'nardeston, Sudfeld, Bieston, Brade'liam, Ohel- 
veston, Sutton, Cotes, and Gremeston. 

123. Boger de Bosco and Avelina his wife and Helewin de 
Bosco and Mabil his wife v, *Roger fil' Warin, in Nortiin. 

124. ♦Margaret fil* William r. Wulfyat de Kattnn, in 

125. ♦Martin de Safl&:ei t?. Fulcher fil' Richard, in Stton 
(Stratton ?) 

1 26. ♦William fil' Thomas v, Reginald m^ Robert, in Bran' (?) 

127. Ralph, abbot of Dierham, t?. ♦Peter fiP Amund, in 

128. ♦Robert fil' Helewin v, Hugh capeUanus, by. Stephen 
his brother, in Winebotsham. 

129. ♦William de Massingeham v, William fil' Herbert, in 

130. ♦John Withorspon and Sibil his wife, and Roger fil' 
Boselin and Salema his wife v. Robert de Walton, in Lenn. 

131. ♦Levina de Lenne v. Prior of Ely, by Roger the monk, 
dower of Levina. 

132. ♦Robert fil' WiUiam t?. Geoffrey fil' WiUiam, in Burstoo. 
183. ♦Botilda niece of Wm. de Carle ton and Agnes and 

AVicia her sisters v. Adam de Dunham, in Carleton. 

134. ♦Godfrey pincema v, Adam de Ho, in Hindringham. 

135. ♦John de Coletun v. Eleured Stein, in Coletun. 

136. ♦William fil' Ralph and Margaret his wife v. Ivo de 
Lincoln, in Lenn. 

137. ♦Walter de Suffold and OHva his wife v. Walter fil' 
Roger, in Raveningham and Norcot. 

138. William Osgot v. Thomas Busting in Grovele (?) 

139. ♦Reginald de Cornewall v. Ralph de M'lesham and 
Ha wise his wife, in Burnhamtorp. 

140. Henry Loholt v, ♦Alexander de Kirkeby, by William 
fil' Roger, in Eligham and Muckelfen. 

141. Robert fil' Rogers. Blakeman Tot, in Hucton. 

142. William fil' Costar v. ♦Ralph camararius, in Sotesham 
(Shotesham ?) or Totesholm. 

1 43. ♦Goda daughter of Susan v, William Picot, in Bramerton. 

144. WilHam fil' Robert v. ♦WiUiam fil' Godwin and Gilbert 
fil' Rixxe (?) in Wichingham. 

145. ♦Roger Buzun v, Robert de Saham in Ovinton (Ovington) 
and Kerebroc. 

146. Ulf Luvel and Lecia his wife v, ♦Thomas de Ingolles- 
thorp and Matilda his mother, in Snetesham* 

147. Petronilla de Mortuo Mari, by Walter fil' Robert, v. 
♦William de Buke'ham, in Buke'ham, and advowson of same. 


148. *Bobert fil' Peter v. Semann fil' Eobert, .in Houton. 

149. Henry Bacon r. *Eoger Bacun, in Cherwelleston. 

1 50. *Boger Gloz v, Biohurd Gloz, in .... 

151. *Johii de Sire v. Herbert, prior of Kokesford, by Hervey 
fil' Walter, in Frenges. 

152. ♦Adam fil' Walter t?. Walter le , in Walsoke'. 

153. ♦Qtwiwin fil' Gbscelin and Emma his wife v, Godfrey, 
Mabil^ Estonild, and Sumered, in Hsington. 

154. *John fir Thede v, Eoger fil' Tureton in Seche. 

155. *Simon delnlande v, QoBoeUn de Bronn {vel Broun) and 
Alienor his wife, in Inland and Gatele. 

156. *8tephen fil' Gt>dwin v, Clement and Roger de Coleby 
and Alviya their mother, in Ooleby. 

157. Stannard fil'Hnlf v. Gunilda fil' Hervei, in Herdelay. 

158. *Philip fil' Yvo f^. WiUiam fil' Tvo, in Tivetshal. 

159. *Thomas fil' Safrid r. Robert Estrun (?), in Stratun. 

160. *Ralph de Boilund v. Geofl&rey deLagetoft {stCy Lange- 
toft ?), in Saxling^ham and Thurmodetun. 

161. ♦William de Fossator. Thomas fil' Nichol', in Karletun. 

162. *Selve8t'r de Winebotsham v, Estmund fil' Suneman, in 

163. ^Peter Molendinarius and Thurgand his wife v, Ralph 
derious, in Mundeford. 

164. Adam de Vallibj v. *01iver de Vallibj, in Chedistane. 

165. Bartholomew Faber v. *Richard. de Bernyiigham, in 

166. Christiana fil' Hugh v. *nugh de Dunestun, in Dune- 

167. Gilbert, abbot of Langeleia, v. *Roei8ia fil' Reginald de 
Ruieshal, in Ruieshal. 

168. Durant de Argentis and Roeisin his wife and Simon de 
Waletun v. ♦Nicholas de Walesham, in Thillebir* (Tilbury near 
Gravesend ?) [A son Tliomas is mentioned.] 

169. *Peter fiP Siric v. William Steingru'n (Steingrim?) in 
Lenn and West Winnz. 

170. Agnes G'nte by John her son v. *John de Warples, 
John de Ejjjgeniere, and Mattliew de Waterden, in 

171. Bartliolomew de lirandon and Bartholomew (sic) hi& 
brother t?. *Jolin fiP (torn), in Bernham. 

172. ♦GeolFrey Crawe v, Roger de S'tton (Stratton ?) in 

173. Basil fil' Swartagar v. *Edwin Carpenter in Massingham. 

1 74. Joscelin de Birlingham and Matilda his wife, William 
and Margaret his wife, John do Dopeham and Isabel his wife, 
and Emma their sister ik Geoffrey de Amblie, in Beghetun. 

175. *Richard Mereator and Alice his wife v. Richard 
Trenebury and Mabel his wife, and Basilia her motlier, in 

176. •Ralph Hille v. Herveus son of Roger, in Bitringe. 

177. *John de Coletun v, William Brun, in Coletun. 

c 2 


178. ♦Andrew de Couleahal v. William son of Hervey, in 

179. *Elveva daughter of Alured v. Gervase and Nicholas de 
Filebi, in Filebi. 

180. Eobert Mautalent v, John, Alexander, and Thomas, the 
sons of Leswin, in Walsokne. 

181. Ralph son of Alegar v, Alan son of Ailmar, in Torp 
and Stratton. 

182. *Alan nephew of Wulfric v. Roger son of Ralph, in 
B*tun (Barton.) 

183. Alice daughter of Hakun de Bernham v. Matthew and 
Leuin' (Levina?) his wife, in Bernham. 

184. Roger Dulle v, *Roger son of Gocelin, in Karkebi. 

185. *Walter son of Edrich v. Henry de Fleg and Ralph 
H'dwan, in Waxtonesham. 

186. *Henry de Habetunv. Henry le Puillicis de Brisingham, 
in Brisingham. 

187. *William de la le*g v. William son of Richard, in 

188. *William Glavie v. Ingeleth fiP Lefwin, in Tilney. 

189. Earl Roger le Bigod t?. *Robert de Crec and Agnes his 
wife, in Coleby. 

190. Luke de Hille and Matilda his wife, and William de 
Hil and Bric'thua' his wife v, *Margaret the widow and Adam 
her son, in Nereford. • 

191. *William de Bukeham v. Nigell de Stamford, advowson 
of Church of Bukeham. 

192. Osbert de Wachesham v, *William de Eston', in Eston, 
Ooleton, and M'lingeford. 

193. Roger son of Morand v, *Ralph son of Arnild, in 

194. *Editha and Botilda her sister v, William son of 
Fredon', in Erwelestun. 

195. *Edmund son of Robert <;. David de Houtun, in 

196. Walter de Raveningham v, *Cecilia de Nortun, in 
Norton and Lodne. 

197. *Bartholomew de Reddam v. William son of Matthew 
de Reddham, in Whittun. 

198. Richard Pulein by William his brother v, Godard son of 
Edric, in Horstun. 

199. *William and John and Robert his brothers v. Brogo 
son of Godfrey de Reinham, in Reinham. 

200. *Ranulph son of Howard v, Emma de Saxlingham, 
in Saxlingham. 

20 1 . *William son of Thomas v. Alan the chaplain, in Brom. 

202. ♦Hugelina daughter of Godwin v, Aubert son of Bonde, 
in Leun. 

203. *Elfer and Alice his wife v. Philip, prior of Acre, in 


204. ♦William Clerenbaud r. Eoger magister de Simp- 
linghaniy by John Buistard {do) his attorney, in Welles. 

205. *Bichard Pulein v, William de Hill and Goda his wife, 
in Horstede. 

206. John de Beremer' and Emma his wife v. Luke the 
chaplain, in Beremere, Berewic, and Stanho. 

207. Gk)dard son of Toni v, Henry son of Godwin and 
Stephen his brother, in Mothetun (Moulton.) 

208. *Wimar son of William r. Bichard son of Simon, in 

209. *Geoffrey the chaplain v, Eoger son of Safrid, in 

210. John de Munoorbin v, *Geoffrey son of David, in 

211. *Wamer de Waztunesham v. Vincent, prior of Thetford, 
in Kilverdestun and Groztun. 

212. *Alan de Snitertone and Alice his wife v. Nicolas son of 
Philip, in Birlingham and Pankesford. 

213. ♦William son of Emma v. Warin de Aldehage, in 

214. Mabilia daughter of William de Bretheham and 
Adeldreda her sister v, ♦Walter fil' Harvey and James his 
brother, in Bretham. 

215. ♦Bichard de Senges by Bobert le Oris v, Boger de Ho, 
in Wudetun. 

216. Boper Kempe and Margaret his wife, and Ulfketell of 
Derby and llawise his wife and Eda the widow v. William fiP 
Merild, in Bilneia. 

21 7. ♦Margaret daughter of William v. Alan de Bassingeb'ne, 
in Thorpe. 

218. William fil' Godric v. Basil de Stib*de and Henry his 
son, in Stiberde. 

219. Be<2:inald Bulax v. Steplien Bulax, Nigel de Bifeld, 
Geoffrey Portar, and Bobert fil* liichard, in Wimundham and 
Wramplinghum . 

220. ♦Graufridus fiP Alice v. William de Bakeia and Amabilia 
his motlier, in Bakeia. 

221. *Thoma8 de Bedham v. Wimer his brother, in Bedham. 

222. ♦Balpli de Dalling v. prior of Binliam and Beginald, 
chaplain of Parva Biburp^, in Parva Biburg. 

223. ♦Balpli son of Godwin v. William Turnel, in Bakeie. 

224. ♦Alice daughter of William de Hadestune, v. Agatha 
her sister, in Lyneste, Carletone Bode, and Tibenham (?) 

225. ♦Helias son of Balph v. Wido de Torp, in Meregefp. 

226. Otewic de Clipestorp v. ♦Boger Viere, in Clipestorp. 

227. ♦Christina daughter of Pagan v. Geoffrey son of 
William, in Gatesle. 

228. Bobert, abbot of Bamesia, v, ♦William le Curteisj 
[Bich* le Curteis appon clam] in Welles. 

229. Turkil sou of Bichard v. Stephen de Caldecote, in 


230. John de Depeham and Isabel his wife v, ^Jooelin de 
Birlingham and Matilda his wife, in Birlingham. 

23 1 ; John de Reinestorp v, *Roger fil* William, by William 
fir Roscelin his attorney, in Taseburg. 

232. Robert de Titeleshal v. *Alan fir Robert, in Titleshal. 

233. ^Stephen fil* Peter v. Miles fil' Simon, in [torn away.] 

234. Berthor Clerk and BerthoP Palmer v, Richard de 
Baifeld, half advowson of Brandon. 

235. ♦Jocelin de Lewes v. Hugh de Monasterio, by Oodefridiis 
Colebec his attorney, in Hecham. 

236. ♦Emma de Herpelay v, Matthew de Ghimay, in 

237. *Walter fil' Edrith v. Wimar carpentarius, in Wax- 

238. ♦Ralph fil' Mauger v. Thomas de Bani'gham, in 

239. Adam fil' Robert v. ♦Thomas fil' Edward, in Bramertun. 

240. Robert de Suthdale, by Simon his son, v. ♦John fil' 
Robert, in Plumstede, B'nigham and Wlt'tune. 

241. ♦John Gret (or Grei?) v. Simon le Neweman, ii^ 

242. ♦William de Baduent, by Robert de Craneford, v. 
Walter fil' Thurstan, in Stikingeland. 

243. Alfwin Stalun and Goda his wife v. ♦John fil' 
Baldwin, in Sweinestorp. 

244. ♦Robert de Bodham v, Lefwin de Bodham, in Bodham. 

245. ♦Matilda daughter of Semar v, Odo and William sons 
of Herbert, in Morlay. 

246. ♦Martin fil' Adam v. Safred de Rungetun, in Sieche. 

247. ♦Godwin fil' Thurstan v. Simon fil' Robert, in Lenne. 

248. ♦Julian fil' Buude v, Richard fil' Reginald, in Becham. 

249. Robert fil' Hugh v, Philip fil' Geoffrey, in Bumham 
and Litleholgat. 

250. ♦Robert de Vans, by William fil' Peter, v, Ralph, abbot 
of Hulm, in Scotesham. 

251. ♦Geoffrey de Rande worth v. Stephen fil' Thomas, in 

252. Godwin fil' Hugh v. ♦Baldwin de Lius (?) and Matilda 
his wife, in Wichingham. 

253. ♦Robert de Sutton and Alice his wife, by Alured de la 
Gare their attorney, v, Hugh de Herleberge. 

254. Peter de Norfolk v, ♦Bartholomew de Walsingham, in 

255. ♦Bartholomew Faber v, William fil' Elye, in Dallinge. 

256. ♦John fil' Ralph v. Ralph de Dallinge, in Parva Riburg. 

257. Richard de RumuUi v, Alice de Manerio, in Wicelesford. 

258. William fil' Asketel v. ♦Richard fil' Bonde, in Crec. 

259. Armeniard fil' Edric v, ♦Godwin fil* Turstan, in 

260. WiUiam fil' Umfr' v. ♦Warin de Aldehage, in Tofta. 


26 1 . ♦WiUiam fil' WiUiam v. WUliam Palmar, in Filebi. 

262. *Gherard, prior of the Holy Trinity of Norwich, v. Thomas 
fil' Walter decan', in Tifteshal. 

263. Balph, abbot of Hulm, v. ^Thomas Bidell and Cecilia 
his wife, one-third advowson of Bastwio. 

264. *Ordwi (?) or Cyrdwi (?) fil' Eoger v. Henry fil' WiUiam 
and Eoger fil' Ode, in Wikingham. 

266. *Huffh fil' Eoger v. Koesia fil' Eeginald, in Euieshal. 

266. William, chaplain of Tortun, r. *Matnda fil' Torald, in 

267. *Bartholomew fil' Walter v, Simon his brother, in Asle. 

268. *Gaufrid fil' WiUiam v. WUliam de Eston, in MarUng- 
ford and Oarleton. 

6th Johk. 

269. *Peter de Gloce (?) r. Alan de Hakebeche, advowson of 

270. Walter de Creping v. *Ealph fil' Siredd, in Eligham. 

271. *Leyena widow of WiUiam fil' Oostentin v. Ealph de 

272. Alexander, prior of Hickling, by Augustin the canon v. 
*Henry de Fleg, advowson of Waxtonesham. 

273. WUHam de Warenn v. Haco de WeU, in Well. 

274. ♦Estilda (?) widow of Eichard fil' Torald v, WiUiam fil' 
Eichard, in Lenn. 

275. WiUiam de Warenn t?. Bude (? Bunde) in WeUes. 

276. *Ealph de Curzun v, Geoflfrey de Marisco, in Hecliam- 

277. Warin Oisel and Beatrice his wife, by Simon fiP Eobert,* 
V, * William fil* Eichard, in Lenn. 

278. ♦Ely as ^V Eichard v. Henry de Bosco, in Bodham. 

279. John, bishop of Norwich, v, Hamo fil' Burdi, in 

280. [Illegible] v, Juliana. . . .in [illegible.] 

281. *Hubert hi* Alexander v. Goscelin de Walpol, in Lenn. 

282. Ealph fiP Teter v. ♦Walter fir Umfrey, in Banham. 

283. Eborard clericus v. Alexander de Yole, in Wine- 

284. [Illegible.] 

285. Alan de Hockeringham v, ♦Hubert de Eochage, in .... 

286. ♦Christina daughter of Leofwin, by Simon de Howe, v. 
Matilda de Bokeswelle, by Eobert Heron, in Bekeswelle. 

287. ♦Adam de Wesenham and Basilia his wife v. Ealph, 
abbot of Dierham, in Tilney. 

288. WiUiam de Warenn v. ♦[Ulegible], in WeU. 

289. ♦Alexander fil' WUliam v. Eicher fil* WiUiam, in 
Timethorp and Eefham. 

290 widow of WiUiam fir Costenton v. Thiedric Est- 

scon of Lenn, in West Weniz and Sech'. 


291. Roger de Stratton r. Banulph fil. Bobert, in [illegible.] 

6th Jowb. 

292. Bichaid fil' Nicholas v. Adam fil' Wido, in TwaL 

293. William, prior of Norwich, r. [illegible], in suburb of 

294. Alexander de Pole v. «Bobert fil' Balph, in Wim- 

295. [Illegible] r. William de Warham, in [iUegible]. 

296. ^Stephen fil' Bartholomew r. Thomas, prior of . . . • , bj 
Laurence de Thebrigg, in Lenna and Walsingham. 

297. [Illegible.] 

298. ^Beatrix fil' Wubic and Ediya her sister, bj William de 
Eford, V. Boger de Norwic, in Tacolneston. 

299. ^Walter fil' Boger r. Bobert de Mortemer, adyouson of 

300. *John Marescall and his wife, bj Simon de 

Liclington, r. the prior of the Blessed Mary of Sudwark, 
adyousons of Hogring and Berk. 

301. * Juliana widow of Balph dericus r. William le Ghroa, in 

302. ^Walter son of Boger de BUneia, bj Alexander de 
Ormeebj his attorney, v. Bichard de Seinges, in Ghrimestun. 

303. Balph, prior of Dunmawe, v. *Hugh fil' Odo, in 

304. Boger fil' Gilbert r. *Herbert de Helgheton, in Karleton. 

305. *Estrilda, Mazeline, and Alice, daughters of Ilingi r. 
Simon, master of the hospital of .... of Norwich, in Katton. 

306. [Illegible] v. John, clericus of DaUing, in DaUing. 

307. *Bichard son of Mabel r. William Bussu, in Houtune. 

308. Magister William de Lenn, by Boger de Norwich his 
attorney, v. *Livena de Walesham, by Geoffrey de Norwich her 
attorney, in Walesham. 

309. William, abbot of Si^. . e, v. [illegible], in ... . 

310. *William fil' Bichard r. Bichard Noth, in Appelton. 

311. [Illegible.] 

312. Bau'n the brother of Qt)ucy, by Balph de Hemsted, r. 
♦Geoffrey fil' Ailward, in Cattona. 

7th John. 

313. *Adam, clericus of Bailing, v. Boger de DaUing, by Balph 
his son, in Dalling. 

314. John del Frith v. *Lecia fil' Balph and Emma her 
daughter, by Balph del Frith, in Tilleneia. 

315. *rillegible] v. Alexander de Jememue, in Jememue. 

316. Magister Balph Bacim (?) v, * William de Hulmo, in 

317. *Balph de Beufo i\ Philip, prior of Estacre, adyouson of 


818. Bichard de Ho v, Luke saoerdos and Elyas his sop, in 

319. [Illegible.] 

320. *£alph de Tirinton r. Magister Bichard de TiriDgton, in 

321. [Illegible.] 

322. rpiegible.] 

323. Koger Le Estrange and Alice his wife, by Nicholas 
Le Estrange v. *Boger Gulafre, in Oessing. 

324. William de Bunhal and Agatha his wife v. Bichard de 
Tude'ham and Cecilia his wife, in Hokering. 

325. *Bichard de Houtone, by Balph de Beples, v. Balph and 
Bichard sons of Wido, in Norbarsham. 

8th John. 

326. ♦Bichard de Kailli v, Peter de Kailli, in Walepol. 

327. ^Eustace de Turgarton v, Bobert le Brun in Turgarton. 

328. Bartholomew de Wicton (or Witton) v. *Kobert de 
Nug^on, of advowson of Church of St. Magdalen of Warham. 

329. ♦Thomas fil' Alexander v, John Achilchard, in Fordham 
and Bedhebech. 

330. Oena widow of Adam de Nerford v. prior and convent 
of Westacre, in Westacre. 

331. *Eeiner (?) de Albinico v, William, Earl of Arundel, in 
Snetesham, BeRinges, and Stanho. 

332. *Richard fir Locie by Henry de Dockinge v. William de 
Shireford, in Shireibrd. 

333. Koger .... v. *Kobert de Gilliiigeham, advouson of 

334. *Emma del Frid v. John del Frid, in Tylen'. 

335. Dameta widow of William de Rokelund v. Thomas fil* 
Hugh de Bokelund, in Bokelund. 

336. The prior of Norwich, by Bobert le Neuton, r. *Bobert, 
chaplain of Amoringhal, in Ameringhal and Newton. 

337. [lUegible.] 

338. [Illegible.] In Ilokering. 

339. *Alex fiP Alured, by Joliu do Tunstall, v. William fil' 
Edmund, in Wichamton. 

340. * William de llolcham v. Peter de Bodham and Elewisa 
de Bodham. 

341. Muriel widow of William de Bello Monte v. * William 
his son, in Timeltorp. 

342. [Illegible.] 

343. *Alice de Sparham v. John do Folesham, in Sparham. 

344. *Theda widow of Hugh Cuckuc v. Morice Forester, in 

345. Bichard v. *Bobert fil' Bichard, in Snetesham. 

346. [Illegible] v. Boger de . . . . , in . . . . 

347. [Illegible.] 


348. *Godwin fil* Sefugel, by John de Tunstall, v. William 
fil* EdmuDd, in "Wichamto. 

349. *Henry fil' LeflGl and Beatrice his wife v, Martin fil' 
William, in ... . 

350. Alexander fil' Simon de Wickl'd v, abbot and convent of 
Dereham, in Holcham. 

351. Eustace de Turgarton v, Balph, abbot de **Ulmo," in 

352. ''^Kichard fil* Banulph de Bissemer v. Matilda, prioress 
of Elarhow, and her convent, in Torpi*gemers. 

353. William fiP Gel'erani v, William Cocus, in Kalvele. 

354. Balph and Peter sons of Windlevi (?) v. *William le 
Newman, in Fuldon. 

9th John. 

355. * William de Nuers v. Hubert de Burg, by John de 
Inge worth, in Beeston, Eunton, and Hindringham. 

356. *Adam de Kaille v. Michael [de Ponyng . . Bl] 

and Margeria his wife, by Laurence de Punj6B.nges, in Bradeham, 
Denever, and Biston. 

357. *Beginald (?) de Bumham and Juliana his wife v, 
Hubert de Burg, in Boston, Bimton, and Hindringham. 

358. *Bobert fil' Baun (?) and Alice his wife, by Adam de 
Ho, V, Hubert de Burg, by John de Ingeworth, in Beeston, 
Buneston, and Hindringham. 

359. *Bobert de Belage, by Adam de Ho, v. Hubert de Burgh, 
by John de Ingeworth, one-third of same. 

360. *Wido de Tichewelle, by Nicholas de Docking, v. Geoffrey 
fi? Turstan and Matilda his wife, in Docking. 

361. Herebert, prior of Budham, by Bobert de Colekerke, v, 
*Hamo capellanus, in Tivetshale. 

362. *WiUiam Blund v. William fil' Boscelin, in Heiford 
(Haynesford ?) 

363. *William Boidi son of Bobert v, Bichard ^V Boger, in 

364. *Lecia fil' Swetive v. Godefrid fi? Godefrid, in Tilneia. 

365. *Herlewin fil' Fulco v. William fiP Beginald, in Torp. 

366. *Nichola8 de Docking v. William fil' Turstan and Goda 
his wife, by Gaufrid fiP Turstan, in Docking. 

367. *Emma de Bellafag' v, Simon fil' Cecil, in Flitcham. 

10th John. 

368. *Beginald fil* Henry v, Balph, prior of Dimmawe, in 

369. William de Suningham and Juliana his wife v. *Hugh 
de Polstede and Hawisia his wife, in Saham (?). 

370. *Umfrid fil' Turber v. Hardwin de Mortun, in Mortun. 

371. *Peter fil' Hubert and Margaret his wife v. William fil* 
Warin, in Coletun. 


372. *Hobert Carpentar and Alice his wife t;. William de 
Nuers, in Hindringham. 

373. *Alice and Matilda the daughtera of Eobert de 
Bradefeld v. Boger fil' Yitales, in Ulegraye. 

374. ^Christina widow of Adam de Coleby v. Eeginald de 
Crakeford, in Coleby. 

375. John le Oros v, John fil' Yvo and Margaret his mother, 
in Qeistweyt. 

376. ♦Edric de Stokesby and Wlyiva his wife v, Lefflaun' de 
Stocino and Matilda his wife, in Stokingeb'. 

377. Alexander de Haggeford v. *Eichard de Iteringham, in 

378. William de Iteringham v. Bartholomew de Turtevill, 
in Wichingham. 

379. *£alph de Patesle v. Elias de Feres, by Eustace his son, 
in Budham. 

380. *Ralph de Tivill v. Roger de Ho, in Topecroft. 

381. Boger fil' Nicholas v. *Magister Thomas Leweston, in 

382. Nicholas fil* Beginald v. *Luca the chaplain, in Bere- 
mere and Berewick. 

383. *Thomas fil' Balph v. Henry £11' Wlnsht, in Lenn. 

384. *Edmunda and Estrilda the daughters of Ailmer de 
Horshey, by Walter Sherewind, v. Joseph fil' Bonde, in Horshey. 

385. *Chri8tiana widow of GeoflErey de Scotho v. Gervase de 
Scot ho. 

386. Steffan de Oxon v. *Clo8wein de Bee, in Geyw'd (?) 

387. *0do fir Eustace v. Walter fir Edmund, in Curstorp. 

388. *Rand fiP Huf?h v. Geofiroy fiP Walther, in Euieshal. 

389. William nepos v. *Ineta fil' Henry, in Rudham. 

390. *Wido de Semebruue v. Nicol de Sernebrune, advowson 
of Sernebrune. 

391. *William le Perm'ter and Beatrix his wife, by Thomas 
his son, V. Durand le Eschermiour, in Ingham. 

392. William, prior of Norwich, v, *Simon de Tornham, by 
Gregory liis brother, in Tornham. 

393. * William de Anamare and Edift his wife v, Balph de 
Crec, in Crec. 

394. *Richard fil' Simon v. Ralph fil' Emma, in Warham. 

395. *Reginald Fabr' de Samford v. Deodatus, prior of 
St. Faith, by William the monk, in Horsham. 

396. *Agatha de Bovill, by Peter de Lacresnere, v, Christiana 
de Monteneia, in Trikestun. 

397. *Chri8tiana widow of Adam de Coleby v. Simon de 
Crakeford, in Coleby. 

398. *Robert fiP Richard, by Walter his son, v. WUliam fil' 
Robert de la Funteine, in Fileby. 

399. *Kaunulph fil' William v. Roger de Ho, in Sotesham. . 

400. *Thoma8 fil' Ralph v, Onich fil' Levesim, in Clenche- 


401. *Peter fil* Hubert and Margery his wife v. Hugh le 
Brun, in Coleton. 

402. *Eichard fiP Ibu', by Simon his son, v. William fil' 
Bichard de Mortuomar', in Eggemer'. 

403. *Geoffrey de Grena v. Raunulph fir William, by William 
his son, in Kyrkested. 

404. *Peter de Claye v. Geoflfrey Tercel, in Claye. 

405. *Ernald fil' William v. Beatrix ^* Agnes and Hugh her 
son, in Palling. 

406. Adam fil' Reginald v, *Swetema fiP Gaufr', in Toft. 

407. Adam Cholle of Lenn v. *Ri chard fil' John de Tilneia 
and Simon, Ralph, and Godfrey, his brothers, in Tilneia and 

408. *Richard fil' Lesquen v, Safrid fil' Ralph, in Stratton. 

409. *Emma widow of William de Be tag v. Gervase de 
Parco, in Baldeswell. 

410. William de Holebec v. *Ralph de Leonibj and Emma 
his wife, in Wikingeham. 

411. *Walter fiP Robert Brito v. Thomas la Yeile, in Bastwic. 

412. Walter le Brun v. *Ralph de Fueldon, in Fueldon. 

413. *William fil' Hugh v. Wido de Verdun and William de 
Holkham, in Saxlingham. 

414. *Alveva widow of Gilbert v. Richard Earl of Clare, by 
Hugh de Bodekesham his " athornatus ", in Bodekesham. 

415. *William ^^ Walter v. Reginald de Sumere, in Sumere. 

416. Marcelina widow of Richard camerar* by Robert fil' 
Macelin v. Richard le Awe, by Richard his son, in Hadisco (?) 

417. Humfrey fi? Turber' v. *Ralph fiP Leffy, in Morton. 

418. *Aliva widow of Gilberts. Richard Earl of Clare, by 
Hugh de Clar, in Rodokesham. 

419. Roger fiF Osbert v. *William de Curzun, in Wicklingham. 

420. ^Stephen de Warham v. Geoffrey fil' Peter de Warham, 
in Warham. 

421. *Walter Faber de Saxford v, Deodatus, prior of St. 
Faith, in Horsham. 

422. Godfrey del acre v. *William de Scales, in Rucham. 

423. Richard Parmentar v. ^Reginald de Crakeford, in 

424. *John Coleman and Roger his brother, by Henry fil' 
William, v. William de Eggesfeld, in Adelmerton. 

425. *Peter fil' Hubert and Margaret his wife v. Hagen' fil' 
Warin, in Coleton. 

426. *Richard de Bedsted v. Hil[ary] prior of [Lew]e8, by 
Richard Coleman, in Waleton. 

427. *William fiP Benedict v. Roger fiP Reginald, in Refham. 

428. Richard fil' Ibert, by Simon his son, v. Adam fiP Elie, 
Ralph fil' Bartholomew, John Mercator, and Amabilia fil' Elie, 
in Eggemere. [A long and complicated fine.] 

429. *Aleysia fil' William v, William Brun and Alan fil' 
William, in [torn]. 


480. ^Gervase de Sparham and Amicia his wife and Agnes 
her sister v. Geoffrey Palmere, in Sparham. 

431. ♦Ralph fir Henry v. William fiP Geoffrey and Muriel 
his wife, in Sailtwert. 

432. ♦Gervase de Scotho v. John fil' G«offirey, in Scotho. 

433. Gilhert, abhot of Langley, i;.'*Itoger Bacun and Walter 
de Bayeningham and Beiner (?) de Ho and Emald de Charnell 
and William de Ingelose and Reginald de Brokel and Ealph de 
Bello Campo, advowson of three parts of church of Holy Trinity 
of Lodnes. 

434. *Robert fil' Ralph and MatQda his wife v. Henry fil' 
Robert and Basilia his wife, in Sneteeham. 

436. *Peter fiP Hubert v. Henry, abbot of Dereham, in 
Ysted and Weibrede. 

436. ♦Robert le Gris v, William de Watacre, in Torton. 

437. *Richer fil* Geoffrey v. GKlbert fil' Geoffi'ey, in Wichinge- 

438. ♦Edina fil' Ulph t;. Raunulf Capell, in Aracton. 

439. *Wimarca fil* Osbert v. William fil' Richard, in Lomedis 
(? Launditch.) 

440. Geoffrey de Naringes v, *Alan de Heleghton by William 
his son, in Helgheton. 

441. *Roger fil' Haidon v, Godfrey fil* Roger, in Grimeuston. 

442. Ralph de Clay and Agnes his wife i\ Walter de 
Witton, in Witton and Warham. 

443. *Ricliard fil* Ralph v. Philip de Bodeham, in Crec. 

444. Ralph til* Warin v. *nuf?h 8\van, in Bicham. 

445. * William til* Robert v. Jordan fiP William, in Stratton. 

446. * William le Neuman r. Philip, prior of Acre, in 

447. *Jolm fiP Robert v. Robert do Haldsted, in Heveye. 

448. *Seman capellanus r. Hugli Plume, in Aslacton. 

449. John tir Alici v. * William de Kelecliow and Edina his 
wife, in Diimenethou*. 

450. Albina Yreneto and Beatrice and Ediva her sisters, by 
William do Brom, v. *Simon de Erwellestou, in Kyrkeby. 

451. Thomas de Kenetford and Margaret his wife v. *Hugh 
de Bodekesham, in Bodekesham. 

452. *R()bert fiP Osbert v. 8imon til' Robert, in Welles. 

453. *Johu Symi'g v. Thomas Duiii, in Barsham. 

454. *John til' Richard v. Alexander, Nicholas, and Roger, 
sons of Robert, in Thritton. 

455. Simon de Algeto v. *William de Bee, in Folesham. 

456. *Roi8ia de Ruieshal v, Stephen Blund and Agnes his 
mother, in Saxlingham. 

457. *Robert de Say r. Gilbert do Stowo, in Stowe. 

458. *William de Fraxinoto r. Walter de Hatfeld, in Ess. 

459. *Elia8 til' Ralph v. llardowin de Mortun and William 
his son, in 

460. *Robert do Glanvill v. William de Egefeld, in Ructon. 


461. *William fil' Osbert v. Robert capellaniis, in Brokedis. 

462. ♦William fil' Osbert v. Roger Lefled, in Tructon. 
[? Thuxton. j 

463. ♦Eichard fil' Roger v. Roger £11' Robert, in Saxlingham 
and Dalling. 

464. ♦Robert Foke [? Toke] v, Roger de Bosco, in Reppes. 

465. ♦Margeria de Ludham v, Ralph le Bret, in Morle. 

466. ♦Bernard Bauman v. Simon de Ormesbj and Letitia his 
mother, widow of Roger, in Ormesby. 

467. ♦Tomas fil' Ralph v. Astyn fil' Currichit, in Clench- 

11th JoHir. And see 511 and 512. 

468. ♦Lecenta fil' Elflet by Laurence de Stocton v, Roger 
Anketel, in Thorp. 

469. ♦Alice widow of Robert Cholle, by Eudo Norensis, v, 
Jocelina de Walpol, by Robert de Tyrinton, in Walpole. 

470 ♦Philip le Morice v, Berenger Moure, in Thiring. 

471. Adam de Carduis, by Stephen fil' William, v, ♦John 
Blund, in Boyton, Sotesham, and Saxlingham. 

472. Hugh de St. Philibert v. ♦Ralph' de Longwad, in 

473. Emma de Hulmo, by William fiV Geoffrey, v. ♦Robert 
fil' Richard, in Titleshal. 

474. Hugh de St. Philibert v. ♦William de Ware, in Caldecote. 

475. ♦Ralph de Cameis v. Ralph de Rouecestr', in Berton 
and Estmora. 

476. ♦Alan de Engelfeld v. Muriel de Langetot, by Jordan de 
Turnay, in Binnetre. 

477. ♦Thomas de Benefeld, by Richard fil' John, v. Walter de 
Bergh, advowson of Church of St. Andrew of Bergh next 

478. Adam de Mundef ord v, ♦Roger son of Baude win de Fri viU, 
in Letton and Sipedham. 

479. ♦Robert fil' Hugh v. Hubert de Burg, by John de 
Ingeworth, in Beston, Runton, and Hindringham. 

480. ♦Richard de la limd and Vincent, Hugh, and Thomas 
his brothers v. Gilbert fil' Nicholas, in Sutrepples. 

481. ♦Emma de Belagh, by Roger her son, t?. Hugh de 
Milleres, in DaUinges and Geistweic. 

12th John. 

482. ♦John fil' Geoffrey v, William, prior of Buttele, half 
advowson of Gissinges. 

483. ♦Thomas Faber, by Hugh his son* v. Peter Sutor, in 

484. John fil' Bernard and Sibilia his wife, by Hugh fil' 
Robert, v. ♦John de Rocheford, advowson of St. Gregory in 
Manacroft [Norwich.] 


485. Alan de Stokeeby v, *William de Bedham, in Stokesby. 

486. *John de Beinestorp v. Bobeit de Tasburg, in Taeeburg. 

487. ^Nicholas fil' Beginald v. Herbert, prior of Cockesford, 
in Budham and Beremer. 

488. *Philip de Bn'h [torn away,] by . • • • de Dunton v, 
William [tomj de Qyney', in Witewell. 

IdTH John. 

489. William de Witewell and Olarioia his wife v, William de 
Skegeton, in Skegeton, Grostweit, and Beiton. 

490. Herlewin fil' Eulco by Thomas de Ho v. ^William fil' 
Beginald, in Torp. 

491. Earl Boger le Bigot by Hamo le Enveifle v, * Jordan le 
Clayer', in Freton and Herdewic. 

492. ' Herbert, prior of Cokeeford, by Bobert Joie, t;. ^Bobert 
de Oreo and Agnes his wife, by John de Glanvill, in Torp. 

493. Agnes widow of John fil' Sigar v, Mathew fil' John, in 

494. Balph, abbot of Saveny, by Bobert de Stratford the 
monk, 9. *Peter fil' John de Dallinges, in Dallinges. 

495. *Emeburga widow of Hubert de Eia, by William 'her 
son, V. Mazelina de Norwic and Walter Knotte, in Lakenham. 

496. *Boger de Butem'nt and Fetronilla his wifo t\ Eoger de 
Lenham, in Theming and Bedenhal. 

497. *William Bigot and Margaret his wife, by Reiner de 
Gloz, V. Hugh de Herleberge, in Prilleston. 

498. *nugh de Skerdeston v, Fulco Bainard, by William 

Hth Joim. 

499. Baunulph de Scholton v, *Wido de .... in Meringe- 
thorpe and Ilerdewic. 

500. Alice widow of Herbert de Hillingeton v, *Boger fil' 
Herebert, in Hecham and Hillingeton. 

501. Balph, abbot of Savenn', v. *Leviva fil' Ulf, in Dallinges . 

502. *Bogere le Fevere and Beatrix his wife by Beiner de 
Gloz V, Isabel de Stodeia (who calls Burnard, parson of Stodeia, 
to warrant) in Bacton. 

The same against the same, in nunworth. 

503. *Lambert Thentbonitu v. Bertram de Verdun (who calls 
Earl Boger Bigod to warrant, who puts William de Herdeborge 
in his place), in Melton. 

15th John. 

504. *Mabil widow of Ludowic de Gumay by Waren de 
Bising !?. Thomas fil' Ludowic, in Crane wurth and Letton. 

505. Simon de Wahull v. * William de Hamsted, in Hainsted, 
Holt, and Kent. 

506. [Illegible], in Tilneia and Islingeton. 

16th John. 

507. *Alan de Wigehal v. Simon de Stowe in Seche. 

The same v. Kenestan de West Winech, by Hugh de 
Buketon, in Seche. 

508. ^Beatrix widow of ... . v. Godfrey .... in Tilneia. 

509. Bichard, prior of Binham, r. *John fil' Bernard and 
Sibilla his wife, advowson of Berneia. 

510. John fil' Hugh, by Eoger de Stratton, v. *Roger de Clare 
and Wulviva his wife, by William de Hemmesby, in Ormesby. 

11th John. 

51 If. *Eichard fam' Roger de Wlfreton and Matilda his wife 
V. Matthew Clerk de Danby, in Babbingel. 

512f. *Aliva widow of Reiner Perm' tar v, Simon fil' Robert 
and Roger fil' Godland de Well, in Lenn. 

2nd Hen. HI. 

1. William Pictaviensem and Cristiana his wife v. *Walter 
Werre, in Denton. 

2. *Philippa Gulafre, by Patric de Burgate, v. Richard de 
Belhus and Matilda his wife, by John de Reilee, in Tudeham. 

3. Heremer de Bekeswell v. ^Thomas de Ingaldesthorp, in 

4. *Enima widow of Bartholomew, by William Feriat*, v. 
Hacho de Prilleston, in Prilleston. 

5. *Wuliyia widow of Simon St'lud v. Ralph de Romein, 
in Lenn. 

6. *William de Timewurthe v. Ralph, abbot of Dereham, of 
advowson of St. Andrew of Dereham. 

7. Letitia, prioress of church of St. Radegundis of Can- 
terbury, V. *John de Reimerston, of advowson of church of 
St. Peter of Reimereston. 

8. William de Husseburu^ parson of the church of 
Ingworth, v. *John de Ingewurthe, by James Escudemor, in 

9. *Albreda widow of Roger de St. Phyleberto v. Hugh 
de St. Phyleberto, in Beckhamwell [a very long fine.] 

10. Beatrix de Stivekeie, by Philip her son, v. *Robert de 
Curcun and Basilia his wife, by Henry de Bauburc, in Irstede. 

3rd Hen. III. 

11. ^Henry de Horninge and Ivetta his wife, and Ranulph 
de Norwich and Matilda his wife v, William Pincerna, in 

12. *Nicolas son of Alice v. Baldwin de Wetheringesete, in 

f These two fines were by mistake of the calendarar placed and numbered 
after No. 610, through his mis-reading *'undecimo" "vicesimo," and 
forgetting the duration of John's reign. On my pointing this out, they 
have been placed with the other fines of 11 th John. 


13. DerulfusBacun (?) p. *Hadulph son of Walter, in Stanford. 

14. Gbrard Faber and Beatrix nis wife and Christiana lier 
sister v. ^William Bray, in Sparham. 

1 5 . ^William Le Parker v. Nicholas de Mendham, by Eeginald 
de Brokedish, in Mendham. 

16. *Peter de Nerford v. Bobert de Cateston, of advowson of 
church of Cateston (? Cawston). 

17. *Eichard de Felebrigg v, William de Estre, in Bninstede. 

18. Matilda widow of Eog^r de Nugun v, *Italph de Nugun, 
in Wudedallyng. 

19. Huffh rector of half the church of Wudedallyng, by 
Hugh the maplain, v. *Italph de Nu^un, in Wudedallyng. 

20. Geoffrey de Eandewurth r. *John Le Bigot, rector of the 
church of St. Laurence of Walsham, in Walsham. 

21. ^Kichard de Kupella v. the prior of Westacro, of the 
advowson of the church of Apelton. 

22. *Peter de Pikenham v. Alan de Tveit and Basilia liis wife, 
and Peter le Knicht and Ymena his wife, and Kicliard de 
Schipedham and Sarra his wife, in Pykenham. 

23. *Adam son of Eichard r. Alan de Crunt^ethorp, in 

24. Gilbert son of Hugh v. *William the son of William 
de Banham, in Banham. 

25. Eog^r the son of William v. *Constance widow of Kandulf 
Le Gyrl, in Apeltona. 

26. *Peter Bardolf, by Thomas his son, r. Roger Palmar, in 

27. *William tlie son of Rogor Sodiiian r. Robert de Fonte, 
in Hillingham. 

28. *Aloxandor de Rysing /*. William son of Adam, in 
Berk (?) 

29. *Ni('li()ln8 Hon of Agnes r. Robort de Laundress and 
Margaret his wife, in Billakoby. 

30. *Williiim lo Vignur r. the abbot of St. Edmund's, 
in Brok. 

31. *Ri(har(l do Jakskelo r. Robert de Curcun, in GreinseviU 
and Stokos [a v(Ty long fmo]. 

32. *Elviva (laughter of Avand v, Walter le Hub, in 

33. *Beatri(ia de Eggomere, by Ralph son of Robert, v. 
Ralph son of Bartholomew, in Eggeiuere. 

34. *Robert sou of Hugh of llorseham v, Alexander son of 
William Capellauus, in Horsham. 

35. Thomas sou of Galfrid de Thurston v. *the prior and the 
monks of TyefEord, of the advowson of Turston. 

36. Walter de Denever v. *Ricliard de Lerlingys, of half 
the advowson of Lerlings. 

37. Anger de Middletona v. *Peter Brito, in Middletona. 

38. Warin Malesmeins and Matilda his wife, and Alicia her 
sister, v. *Robert le Fol, in Stanford. 



39. Thomas de Ardem v. *Simon de Yxeninge, in Bestorp. 

40. *Henry son of Turgis de Caldecotes v. tlie abbot of 
St. Benedict de Hnlmo, in Hardele. 

41. *Felicia the widow of Adam de Welles v, Roger 
Extraneus, in Lavingham. 

42. Walter Schyreman v. *!Ralph Beccard, in Atleburg. 

43. * Bernard son of Nigell v, Robert Midneith (?), in 

44. Roger de Antingeham v. *Nicholas son of Walter, in 

45. *Peter de Nereford, v. John de Nereford his brother, 
in Weseham and Panworth. 

46. John de Derham and Hawyse his wife v. *Ralph de 
Hauvill, for reasonable dower of said Hawyse, of tenements 
which were of Philip de Hauvill late her husband, in Taterford, 
Dunton, Doketon, and Bildeston. 

47. *Botilda, Alice, and Agenilda, daughters of William 
Urry, by Richard son of Henry, r. Roger de Marisco, in 

48. *Leschein de Stokeby v. William son of Walter in 

49. *Ywynus son of Mamild v. abbot Hugh and the canons 
of Langley, in Walton. 

50. *Beatrix de Eggemere, by Ralph son of Robert, v, John 
Mercator, in Eggemere. 

51. Mfleda de Bradefeld v, *Ralph le Rimur, in Walesham. 

52. Alfleda de Bradefeld v. * Johanna daughter of Everard, 
in Walesham. 

53. William son of Stephen de Bosco v, *Roger Maudit and 
Ranulph his brother, in Hemstede. 

54. *Henry son of Alice v. John de Erpingham, in Audeburg. 

55. *Richard le Way v. Alan son of Robert, in Tateshal. 

56. Ranulph Gigante' v. *Galfridus de Binnetre, in Saxeling- 

57. Walter son of Eustace v. *Robert de Snaring and Sarra 
his wife, in Hindringham and Walsingham. 

58. Emma and Belisant daughters of Hervei de Schrepham 
V. *Thoma8 de Sniterton and Matilda his wife, Simon de 
Medelwode and Emma his wife, in Schrepham. 

59. Goda daughter of Richard v, *Roger de Raveningham, 
in Schelton. 

60. Thomas Buhurd and Emma his wife v. *John de Wiggen- 
hall, for the dower of the said Emma in respect of her late 
husband William, son of William, in Sudlenn and Sech*. 

61. *Ralph de Tweyt v. the abbot of St. Benedict of Holme, 
of manor of Thurgareton. 

62. *Mazelina, who was the wife of GaKrid Faber of Toftes 
V. William le carpentar, in Aldeby. 

63. *Walter son of Elye v. Walter son of Richard, in 


64. *Haco de Hassingham and Wymart his wife v. Reginald 
son of William and Helewysa his wife, in Frethetorp. 

65. *Ilalpli de Monte Gorbini v. Gilbert son of Peter, in 

66. Nicholas son of Bernard v. *Nigel son of William, in 

67. Ralph son of William, by Henry de Dokkinge, v. *Henry 
son of Brichtoln (?), in Suthlenn. 

68. *Ralph son of Peter v. Thomas de Heyngham, in 

69. Margaret daughter of Hawise v, *Alan de Derham, in 

70. *J*no de Fomeset v. Richard son of Robert, in Forneset. 

71. William son of Warin v. *William his son, in Iloueton. 

72. William Spiggy r. *Henry son of Alan, in Munoslea. 

73. Richard son of Geoffrey t?. *Walter de Swafham and Eda 
his wife, and Nicholas de Pulham and Alice his wife, and Agnes 
their sister, in Glaye. 

74. *Richer son of Gosse v, the Master of the Knights of the 
Temple of England, in Boston. 

75. *Hamo son of Peter v. Gregory de Scliarenton, in 

76. *Richard de Blevill, by Reiner de Gloz, v. the abbot of 
Langley, of the advowson of Kandeworth. 

77. Henry de Veer the son of Henry de Veer v. * William 
Murdac, by John . . . ., in 8parley(?) [? Sparham.] 

78. Roger de Antingham p. ♦the abbot of St. Benedict of 
Holme, of half the advowson of the church of St. Mary of 

79. Hamo de Dallingys r. *Sini<)n capellanus, in Dalling. 

80. *Williani de Redham r. the abbot of Langley, of the 
advowson of Trikeby, in exchange for land in Stokesby. 

81. Ilunifrey Munger v. *NichoIas and Gwimet sons of 
Beatrix, in Plum8tt>do. 

82. *Ricliard de Baavent v. Thomas son of Eustace, in 

83. *Richard son of Ralph de Boylund v. Elya de Herdwich, 
in Meri'gthorp. 

84. *Beatrix who was the wife of Thomas de Kirkebi v. Roger 
de Stoctun, in Kirkebi and Elingham. 

85. Robert de Bosco r. * William de Sthalham, in Smaleberg, 
Bertona, Brestona, and Dilham. 

86. *Nichola8 de Wurtham v. Agnes de Weybrig, in Felming- 

87. William do Bollo Campo and Matilda his wife v. *Robert 
de Scalis son of Roger do Scalis, in Ijenn, Middelton, Wirdlington, 
and Wetherden. 

88. Martin do Bodekesham and Agatha his wife, Roger de 
Rade and Margaret his wife v. *Robert de Katteston, in 

D 2 


89. Beatrix de Eggemere v. *Robert son of Balpli, in 

90. *Eanulf son of Estan' v. William le Deny, in Atlebngg. 

91. *Alured de Kellesley (?) v. Eichard Faber, in Sculethorp. 

92. *Walter de Ho and Muriel bis wife, and Hugh, son of 
Eobert and Isabel his wife, v. William son of Herlewin, in 

93. *Eeiner son of Matilda v. Hugo Balard and Agnes his 
wife, and Osbert de Kaylly and Alice his wife, in Crech. 

94. *Laurence de Bailing v. Robert Brun, in Dalling. 

4th Henry III. 

95. * William del Estre v, Alan de Eckles, in Eckles. 

96. *Thomas Bardolf v. Roger, prior of Ikeling, of advowson 
of church of Horsey e. 

97. *Iloger Calun' v. Eichard son of Beatrix, in Barton. 

98. *Ysolda who was the wife of William de Dunbam v. J' no 
de Dunham, whom the prior of Westacre called to warrant in 

99. *Eoger de KSancto Dionisio and Sarra his wife v. Eoger de 
Yerly and Alice his wife, in Hamsted [Hensted.1 

100. Philip de Stivekeye v. *Bartholomew de Stivekeye, in 
Stivekeye, Warham, and Irstede. 

101. Maria de Merelay, by Eoger de Stanham v. *Richard de 
Felebrig, in Felebrig, Eunton, and Herling. 

102. *William del Eatre v. Eobert Sademan of Eckles, in 

103. Agnes, who was the wife of Thomas de Barham, by 
Eeginald Monacus v. *Eeginald de Barsham, in Barsham and 

104. Eoger Cal'un v. *Eoger son of Beatrix, in Berton. 

105. Eborard de Yernun v. *Eobert le Gris of advowson of 
church of Thurton. 

106. *H., abbot of Eammeth (?), v. Stephen de Marisco, in 

107. *Eobert son of Eobert de Malteby, Giles, William, John, 
Geoffrey, Matthew, and Ealph his brothers, v. Eobert son of 
Walter de Malteby, in Malteby. 

108. Eoger de Norewic v, ^Alexander de Pointel and Alice 
his wife, in Saxlingham. 

109. Eobert, prior of Castleacre, v. ^Walter de Grancurt, of 
advowson of church of Fulmodeston. 

5th Heney ni. 

110. *Eeginald, abbot of Hulmo, v. Matthew de Guneton and 
Isabella his wife, in Castre. 

111. *Livena (?) who was the wife of William the son of 
Constantino, by Eichard son of William, v. Ealph Kelloc, by 
Simon son of Eobert, in West winch. 

1 12. *Henry de Streton v. Eobert Houel, in Sweiningeton. 


113. *Henry de Strettonr. Bicher de Hannghain, in Strettou. 

1 14. ^Johanne, prioress of Campeseia, v, Matthew de Guneton 
and Isabella his wiie, in Ghxnemue. 

115. William de Fug^ldon v. *QeoflEry de Binetre, in Sax- 

116. Hugh de Clipesbi v. *John, parson of Burgh, in Clipesbi. 

117. Stephen de Sparham r. ^William de Sparhain, in 

118. *Henry de Brom v, William de Eedham, in Turverton. 

119. *Ywanus de Duntone and Alice his wife v. William de 
BeUo Monte, in Tatersete and Seingham. 

6th Henry m. 

120. Warner de Waxtoneham v, *Agne8 who was the wife of 
Warin de RoUeby, by William the son, of Rolleby and Castre, 
and the said Warner de Waxtoneham v. Mathew de Guneton, 
whom the said Agnes calls to warrant, in Bolleby. 

121. Philip son of Muriel v. *Henry son of Matthew, in 

122. Stephen de Marisco v, *Thomas de Marisco, in 

123. Geoffrey de Snaring v, *Robert le Burgeignon, in 

124. *Richard de Catton r. Odo de Danmartin, whom Adam 
son of Kalph calls to warrant, in Hemelington. 

125. *Mabil who was the wifn of John son of Alan, and 
Thomas Madoll, in Wigenhall, for dower of said Mabil in lands 
which were of said John her liushand. 

1 26. Bartholomew de Glanvill and Isabel his wife r. *Ricliard 
de Berking, in Enemede. 

127. *Mabil who was the wife of John son of Alan v. Goscelin 
son of Goscelin, in Wigenhall. 

128. Hugh de Nugun v. *()do, abbot of Cadamo, by brother 
William de Connoll, of the manors of Welles and Holt. 

129. Peter do Meautcm v. *Jno' do KSuniery (?) and Muriel his 
wife, by Thomas de Windesor, of the third part of the manors of 
Meauton, Burgh, Kerniingeham, Ijangham, lterleg\ and 

130. *Matilda, prioress of Oarho, by Simon de Hunestanton, 
V. Alexander de Wrokesham, in Wrokesham [«»., 2Jrf. yearly 
ad cufttodiam Castri de Norwico.^ 

131. William de Scidliam v. *Robert Hautein and Johanne 
his wife, in Walton, Walsoken, and Haf2:gebech. 

132. *William de Langham v. William son of Clement, in 
Habbeton and Fundeshal. 

133. Reginald de Carleton v. *Simon Skeg', in Karleton. 

134. Richard son of Robert v. *Richard de Norton, in 

135. * Alexander de Walepoll, parson of the church of Harpele, 
v. Godefrid, dean of Brikle, in Harpele. 


136. *Ealpli le Bret v. Nicho. de Dokkinges, in Dokking. 

137. Reimer de Burgo v. *Hugh Bigot, Earl of Norfolk, by 
Hervey de Docking, in Coleby and Crakeford. 

1 38. *Ralpli de Bray v. William de Haringby, in Clippesby. 

139. Hervey son of Richer de Dokking v. *Ranulph Picot, 
in Anemere and WoKerton. 

140. *Geoffrey de Norwico and Agnes bis wife v. Margaret, 
prioress of Blakeberge, in Wigenball. 

141. Hugh de Nuiun v. *08bert Carpik, in Geitone, Lesiete, 
and Wike. 

142. *William de Kerdeston v. Robert Bainard, in Riston. 

143. *Hervey son of Richer de Docking v. Jno* de Albiniaco, 
parson of the church of Stanho. 

144. *Henry le Claver v. Andrew le Taillur, in Morewaud. 

145. *Ralph le Bret v. Peter de Grimeston, in Burnham. 

146. Richard son of Hugh v. *William son of Hebert and 
Cunstancia his mother, by Richard son of Herbert, in Oxewik. 

147. *GeofErey de Cyry v, Margaret, prioress of Blakeberge, 
in Wenich (?) 

148. *Ralph le Bret v. Gilbert de Titchewell, in Titchewell. 

149. *Bartholomew de Grimeston v. Ralph, abbot of Derham, 
in Wanton. 

150. Adam de Birlingeham v. * William Colet, in Eston, 
Huningham, and Costeseia. 

151. William de Wadetone v, * William fil' WiUiam Waltone, 
in Waltone. 

7th Heney m. 

152. Thomas fil' Gilbert, by Hubert de Stivekeya, v. *Hugo 
Bigot, Earl of Norfolk, by Hervey de Docking, of the advowson 
of half the church of Hedenham. 

153. William, prior of Norwich, v. *Nichola8 Chele of 
Norwich, in 

154. *Vitalis Engayne, by Gerard son of Richard, v. William, 
prior of Cokesford, in Culverdeston. 

8th Henry m. 

155. *Ranulph Picot v. Robert de Curcun, in Jakesham. 

156. *Agne8 who was the wife of Hamo de DaUing v. Roger, 
abbot of Savenny, by Elyas his monk, in Dallyng. 

157. *Ag^es who was the wife of Hamo de DaUing v, 
Margaret, prioress of Blakeberg, in Fildalling. 

158. Robert of Nereford v, *Roger le Pailleys, of advowson of 
church of Habbeton. 

159. *Walter fil' Richard and Agnes his wife v. Stainguinus 
fil' Thurstan, in Thorp and Weniz. 

160. Matthew de Gunneton v. * William, prior of Norwich, of 
advowson of Martham. 

161. *Margaret .de Cressy v. Pandulph, bishop of Norwich, 
whom William, prior of Norwich, called to warrant, and who 



warrants by William de CheverviU of advowson of church of 

162. *Roger fil' Luke v. William fil' Radulfus de Carleton, 
in Carleton. 

163. Sarra fil' William de Scheingham v.*Thoma8 de Aumary 
and Basilia his wife, in Schengham. 

164. William de StuteviU, by William de Herlaiieston, v, 
*Pandulph, bishop of Norwich, of " advowson of church of 

165. *Richard de Seinges v . Eanulph de Scheldon, of advowson 
of church of St. Ethelbert of Mundeham. 

166. Agatha who was the wife of Milo de Ruieshal v. *Hugh, 
abbot of Langeley, in Ruiehal. 

9th Henry m. 

167. Magister Stefanus de Sparham and Hubert de Nerford 
V. *Margaret de Cressy and Reginald, parson of Lings, by Peter 
de Nerford their attorney, in Sparham. 

168. *Walter de Maidewell and Agnes his wife v, Peter de 
Pelevile, in Bilneia. 

169. Mabil who was the wife of Hamo del Sloh, by Ralph 
de Cauz, v. *Ranulph, parson of Brakene, in Brakene and 

170. Hervey de Stanho v. *William Rustein, in Anemere. 

171. Hervey de Stanho v. *Wymer fil' William, in Anemere. 

172. *Margaret who was the wife of Stephen Wankel, by 
Philip Pictor, v. Ranulph Wankel, in Norwich. 

173. John de Coleton v, *Thomas, prior of Wymundeham, by 
Roger de Neweham, of advowson of Coleton. 

174. *Henry de Hauvill, by Roger de Hungerie, v. Ralph de 
Erlham, in Elgeton. 

175. Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, v. *Ralph, abbot de 
Funteney, of advowson of church of St. Mary of Warham. 

176. William fil' Rocelin and Lecia his wife, by Henry de 
Pagrave, v. *Alan de Hekingham, of advowson of Hekingham. 

177. *WiUiam de Sculham, Thomas de Sculham, Godefry de 
Sculham, and Peter de Sculham v. Robert de Stulham, in Tilneia ; 
(and between) William, Thomas, Godfrey, and Peter v. James 
de Villa Canis and Basilia his wife, in Tibieia. 

178. WiUiam fil' Richard v. ^Richard fil' Henry, in 

179. Bartholomew de Stivekey v. *William de Tranche viU, in 
Suth Pikenham. 

10th Henky m. 

180. Wakelin de Roseto, by William de Sculham, v. 
*Reiner de Donbir' and Sabina his wife, and Nicholas de la 
More and Elen his wife, by William de Nowers, in Wyne- 


181. Nicholas de Haledis, by Ralph de Sancto Elio, v. *Ralph 
de Bray, of advowson of Byllokeby. 

182. Warin de Monte Canisio v. *Williaiii de Franchevill, in 

183. Hugh, prior of Lewes, by John fil' Andrew, v. ^Nicholas 
de Bemingeham, in Heidon, Corpestye, Dallinges, Bemingham, 
Wiltertdn, and Mortoft. 

184. Roger de Hales v. *Roger de Suthfeld, in Suthfeld and 

185. *Richard de Walepole v. Walter fil* Alan and Katherine 
his wife, in Walepole. 

186. Alan de Wesenham v, Reginald fil' Alan de Wesenham, 
by *Roger fil' Mathew, in Wesenham, Wesenham Thorp, and 
Great Wesenham. 

187. James de Runham v, *Nicholas fil' Alured de Buckstan, 
in Ormesby. 

188. Godfrey fil' Basilia de Toftes, by Gilbert Mariscall, 
V. *Galfridus de Massingham, in Massingham. 

189. Alice who was the wife of Wflliam de Helegeton, by 
Hamo de Patesle, v, *John de Helegeton, in Helegeton and 

190. William de Betly v. *Goda who was the wife of Haldan, 
by William Suchman, in Lodnes. 

12th Henry III. [None for 11th Henry HI.] 

191. *Thomas fil' Martin v. William de Wadetim, in Walton. 

192. *Nicholas and Robert, sons of Simon de Crakeford, 
V. William de Crakeford, in Crakeford. 

193. *Stephen de Stowe and Ysonda his wife v. Gilbert fil' 
William, in Swafham. 

194. *Robert fil' Nichol v. Galfr' fil' Berti, in Hiring'. 

195. *Adam de Kailly v. Margaret who was the wife of John 
de Kailly, in Bradeham. 

196. Richard, prior of Teford, v, * Warin de Monte Canisio, of 
advowson of Hocham. 

197. *Galfridus de Norwic' and Agnes his wife v, William 
Culling and Estnlda his wife, in Lenn. 

198. *Ralph de Dunton v. Hugh de Plaz, in Northwode. 

199. *Galfridus de Norwic and Agnes his wife v. Simon, prior 
of Penteneye, in Len. 

200. *Galfridus de Norwic and Agnes his wife v. Ralph de 
Sibesheya, in Lenn. 

201. Magr' Adam, parson of the church of St. Peter of 
Weseham, v. *Roger fil' Mathew, in Weseham. 

202. *Robert de Saham v, Peter Buzim, of advowson of 

203. *Eudo fill' Osbertv. Ralph fil' Reginald, of half advowson 
of Shelfhanger. 

204. *Adam de Batlesden and Agnes his wife v. Peter de 
Mauton, in Burg. [Reginald de Metton, Peter's brother, 
app. clam.] 


206. ♦William Carpenter and SibiUa his wife r. Wydo fil* 
Matilda, in Mnleton. 

206. James del Estre v, ♦William de Homing, in Castre. 

207. ♦William de Greston v. Matilda, widow of Eobert le 
Ghampiun, in Sculleton. 

208. ♦Margaret de Bukeham v. Boger de Harham and Beatrix 
his wife, and Agnes, Alice, and Katherine, her sisters, in 

209. ♦Walter de Losa (? Loka) v. William fil' Stephen, in 

210. GKlbert, prior of Ixworth, v. ♦Warin de Monte Canisio, of 
adyowson of Melton Parva. 

211. ♦Galfridus fil' Reginald v, Galfridus fil' WiUiam, in 

212. Peter, rector of church of St. Margaret of Nortun, 
V. ♦Mathew the chaplain in Nortun, to be free alms of church 
of St. Peter of Nortun. 

213. Matthew de Ghinetun and Isabel his wife, by BarthV 
de Oxmeton v. ♦Eoger, prior of Hikeling, in Castre and Eolleby. 

214. Peter de Brampton and Matilda his wife r. "^John de 
Smaleburff; in Haninges. 

215. ♦Baldewin de Burgate v. John Marescall and Alina his 
wife, by Bichard de Wrocham, of fifteen acres in Worthing. 

216. ♦Matthew de Bokelund v. William de Eokelund, in 

217. ♦John fil' William r. Richard Anglicus and Johanna his 
wife, in Tyluoy and Wygoiilial. 

218. * William do Salicib^ v. Tlugh de Pikeringe, in Olipesby. 

219. *Robert Bacun v. Johanna, prioress of Campos', 6«. 9d. 
rent in Ere vole tton and Tweyt. 

220. *Bortram de Holcham v. Thomas fir Peter, in Tlolcham. 

221. Oriela (?) fil' Leonard v. Simon do Riidham and Emma 
his wife, in Wesenhamtliorp. 

222 Reginald lo Marosehal r. *Waltor til' XTnfr', in Feltewell. 

223. Walter til' Ralph r. *aeofProy d(^ Limd, in Thimi'g. 

224. *Thonia8 do Kersingliani v. Thomas do Warso', in 
Coldocot. [Endorsed, Rad' do la Snore apponit clam' 8uu\] 

225. *Ada widow of Saor do Biskol v. Wymor lo Senescal, 
in Anniere. 

226. *Ilugh Biird' r. Roger til' Alexander, in Mendham. 

227. *Philip do ISawekeye r. Ralph til' Stephen de Warham, 
in Warham. 

228. *Rogor do Desuo and Peter his brother v. William Le 
Delue in Braken'. 

229. *Matthew do Guneton v. Magr' Adam do Wausingham, 
in Martham. 

230. Alan do Weseham v. *Hamo Cheuro, in Tytleshal and 

231. *Lecia til' Lekli de Treus i'. Nicholas Tunoyro, in 


232. *Nigel Soudan and Clemencia his wife v, Daniel de 
Gusher, in Apelton. 

233. *William fil' Rocelin and Lecia his wife, by Henry de 
Pagrave v, Roger le Povere and Beatrix his wife, in Stodeye. 

234. *WiUiam fil' Ralph v, Eustorgius, prior of St. Faith's 
of Horsford, by Roger de Stowe, the null of Doketnn. 

235. *Audoenu8 Carpentar and Mabilia his wife v. Richer de 
Askeby, in Clypesby. 

236. *Gal£r' de Leonibj v, Walter de Grauncnrt, in Clipshu*. 

237. *Warin Copping v. Osbert de Stradeset and Matilda his 
wife, in Pulham. 

238. ^Alexander de Hakeford v. Ralph de Iteringham, in 

239. WiUiam fil' Philip v. *William fil' KaroF, in Bumham. 

240. Wniiam fil' Hamo de Feltewell and *Richard le Engleis, 
in Wirham and Buketon. 

241 . *Robert fil* John and Ralph fil' Unfr' v, Michael Clericus, 
in Neketon. 

242. *Roger de Sco' Andrew v. John Luvel, in Doking. 

243. *Thomas fil' Hulf v, Simon de Nodarus, in Saxlingham. 

244. * James fil' Richard v. Galfridus fil' Martin and Alice his 
wife, in Sumerton. 

245. Nicholas de Hopetnn v. *Robert fil' Howardi, three acres 
in Cressingham. 

246. Brother Richard, Master Sci B*nari in AngF, v. *Peter de 
Melton, in Lenn. 

247. *Reginald fil' Thom' v. Thom' fil' WiUiam, in Wtton 

248. *Adam fil' Thomas de Rokelnnd v, Peter Godlamb, in 
Weinch and suburbio de Lenn. 

249. *Robert de London and Matilda his wife v. John fil* 
Peter, in North Lenn and Clenchewardeton. 

250. *Thomas de Binetre and Isabel his wife v. Bartholomew 
de Waringham, in Lenn. 

251. Philip Spendlue, and Emma his wife, and Richard fil* 
Ywein, and Agnes his wife, and Sarra fil' Martin the carpenter 
V. ^Robert Portinam, in Castlacr. 

252. *Richard fil' Simon v. William le Gysney, in Havering- 

253. Peter de Muney and Alecea his wife v. *Henry de Berk, 
in Crimplesham. 

254. Geoffrey de Medlers and Muriel his wife v. *Robert de 
Roseby and Castanea his wife, in Tyrington. 

255. *WLlliam Lenvoyse v. James Lenvoyse, in Kirkestede. 

256. *Juliana widow of Roger fil' William v. Nicholas de 
Bella fago, of six acres in Taterford. 

257. *William le Angeim v. Roger de Warham, in Wausing- 

258. Wniiam de Sculham v. ^Gilbert de Fransham and 
Matilda his wife, in Tylney. 


259. Eobert fil' Eichard v. *Wimam fil' Elisei, in Hokering. 

260. John Beleteste v, *William Bnrry, in Hilingliam and 

261. *Stephen de Stokes and Basilia his wife v. Ealph, abbot 
of Dereham, in Stokes. 

262. *John de Frith v, Thomas de Scnleham, in Tylney. 

263. Heverard de Katenham, by Hajno fil' William de 
Henstede v, *Simon de Henctke, in Geyste and Geystweit. 

264. Ealph de Normanvill and Alice his wife, by Gerold de^ 
Mara v. ^Henry de Hauvill, in Lenn, Herdewie, Rnngetone, 
and Sethehich. 

265. Betram de Holcham v. *Thomas fil' Peter, in Holcham. 

266. *Simon le Grant v. William de S'eo Martino and 
Petronilla his wife, in Waterden. 

267. Joseph fil* Robert v. *Eobin de Wrthested, whom Robert 
de Mautebo calls to warrant, in Westwic. 

268. William Jondewyn de Nereford v. *Peter de Nereford, 
in Nereford. 

269. Simon de Nodarus v, *William de Botnn, of one-third of 
the adyowson of Iteringham. 

270. *Richard de Ruppes v. Gervase de Trikeby, in Trikeby. 

271. *Hugh fil' Godwin v, William Le Fiz, in Ringeland. 

272. *William Palmar and Juliana his wife and Jordan fil' 
William, in Mateshal. 

273. William Rusteg' v. *Jno' fil' Robert, in Wymundham. 

274. ^Alexander fil' Philip v. William de Belcort and Emma 
his wife, in Herdwik. 

2 75 . Cassandra de Hulmo v, *Ralph de Shipedon, whom Walter 
de St. Edmund calls to warrant, in Rungetoneholme. 

276. Simon de Schering v. *Hugh de Thatesh' and Beatrice 
his wife, in Lenn. 

277. *Acelin' de Langham v. Hugh de Hengal, in Rising. 

278. *Reginald fill' Thomas de Suthwita v. Peter Foliot, in 
Isingham (?) 

279. *Robert Doget v, William, prior of Westacre, in 

280. *Samson Talebot v. William fil' Richard Curpel, in 

281. *Robert de London and Matilda his wife v, John fil' 
Peter de Nortlenn, whom J'no fill' Ric de Wigehaul calls to 
warrant, in Wiggehaul. 

282. Hubert fil' Hugh v, *John fil' WiUiam, in Tytteshal. 

283. William de Franchevill v, *John de Garpevill, in 

284. *Wlueva fil' Pagan and Burghard le Teler and Goda his 
wife V. Galfrid de Lanegat, in Telethorp ; and between said 
Burghard, Goda, and Wlveva v. said Galfrid, whom Henry Kempe 
and Juliana his wife and Alexander de Westwad call to warrant. 

285. John le Bigot, rector of St. Laurence of Walesham, v. 
*Galfrid de Randewrthe, in Walesham. 


286. *A<ia widow of Saer de Biskel v. Adam de Birlingham, 
in Anemere. 

287. *Umfrey fil' Osbert v. Nicholas fil' Reymund, in 

288. *Richard Marescall of Boilund v. Thomas de Bathuent, 
in Besthorp. 

289. *Eoger fil* • William v. William de Gloucester, in 

, 290. *Peter le Bret v. Jordan de Mundeham, in Snrelingham. 

291. *Alan Benjamin, by Walter de Beriiingham, v. Eoger de 
Wygmere, in Wigemere. 

292. *Baldwin Esp'nn v. Eoger de Parco, in Baudeswell. 

293. William de Berckf v. *Walter de Berckf , of advouson of 
Berck and land in Risinges. 

294. *Roger le Mexsy v. Robert fiP Daniel, Robert Capellanus, 
Richard le Panmer, Ralph King\ and Brithina, in Asseby. 

295. Peter, rector of Nortun, v. *William de Riburg, in 

296. *Robert Bacun v. Koger de Hengham, in Thorpe. 

297. *WLlliam Carpentar and Sibilla his wife v. William de 
Verdun, in Muletun. 

298. William de Cangham and Alice his wife, v. *John de 
Curcun, in Ketelingham and Carletun. 

299. William de Mallichom v. *Major Henry fil' William, in 

300. *Warin le Utlagh v. Thomas de Hereford, in 

301 . *Claricia daughter of Alan de Walpole, Thomas de Cherle 
and Christiana his wife, and Robert Camerarius and Maria his 
wife, V. Henry de Walpol, by Ranulf de Walpol, in Walpol. 

302. *William fil' Gamel and Cecilia his wife v. Ralph 
Coffman, whom William Dimkere calls to warrant of half a 
messuage. [No locality.] 

303. *Matilda de Pagrave v. John de Nereford, in Nereford. 

304. *01iva daughter of Alan fil' Jordan, by Galfi'id de 
Suthwade, v. Roger de Wikemere, in Dalling. 

305. *Emma daughter of Roger de Binetre and Robert her 
son V. Alan fil' Geoffrey de Ridun and William fil' Humfrey, in 

306. Thomas le Ruter and Basilla his wife v. *William de 
Milleham, capellanus, in Lucham, Greigveston, and Milleham. 

307. *Robert de Strattun v. Richard Pinchun, in Lu'gestratton. 

308. *Galfrid fiU Alan v. Galfrid fil' Thomas, in Tiveteshal. 

309. *William fiP Philip de Bodham v. William de Maynewarin 
and Alice his wife, in Bodham. 

310. *Richard fil. William v. Ralph fil' Ralph de Hemenhal, 
in Hemenhal. 

311. Roger fil' Henry v. *Jocelin in Waketon. 

312. *Beatrice widow of Nicholas Diggard v, Sibrond fil' 
Philip, in Norwich. 


313. * Joseph fil' Robert v. William de Gfysney, in Westwic. 
[Jonn, parson of Wrthested, mentioned.] 

314. *Robert Bacun v. William de Hengham, 6«. lid. rent 
in Thorp. 

315. *Thomas, John, Roger, and William fil' Luc' de Greston 
V. Ranulf fil' Robert, in Houton. 

316. *Gk)defry de Grimestnn v. Warin de Monte Caniso, in 

317. Ralph de Pavely v. *Philip de Pavely, in Ribnrg. 

318. Hubert fil' Hugh v. *Adam, Roger, and Walter, sons of 
Galfrid de Thiteshale, in Thiteshale. 

319. *Gailent widow of Alan de Shipedham v. Peter le 
Marchaunt, in Skerning. 

320. *Thoma8 de Holcham v. Warin de Monte Caniseo, in 

32 1 . *Alan Thurkil de Kirkebi and Emma his wife, and Roger 
fil' Hugh Thurstan de Kirkebi and Matilda his wife v. Alex- 
ander fil' Clement and Matilda his wife, in Golvertun. 

322. Amulf de Kantebrig and Christiana his wife v. *John 
Godehemp, in Intewode. 

323. Walter de Ingeham v. *William fil' Ernald, in Catefeld. 

324. *Haunild (?) fil' Aihner v. Robert Godlun, in Stanford. 

325. *William fil' Stephen v. Philip clericus and Elena his 
wife, in Hevingham. 

326. Thomas de Ingaldesthorp and Robert de Scales v. 
*Robert, prior of Acre, whom Simon, prior of Normanesburg, 
caUs to warrant, of advowson of Suthreinham. 

327. Thomas fil' Thomas de Ingaudesthorp and Robert de 
Scales V. * William fil' William de Clenchewaretan, whom Ralph, 
abbot of Dereham, calls to warrant, of advowson of Clenche- 

328. *Richard de Merlay v. Bartholomew de Crek and 
Margaret his wife, by Roger Houel and Roger Hacun, of half 
advowson of Hyllingtun. 

329. Thomas de Fakeham v. *WLlliam, prior of St. Sepulchre 
of Theford, in Theford. 

330. Reginald, abbot of St. Benedict of Hulm, v, *Robert 
Hautein, in Haylesdon. 

331. Ada widow of Saer de Biskelee v. ^^Nicholas Chese, 
in Biskele. 

332. *Galfrid de Bernham and William his brother v. Walter 
de Risinges and Agnes his wife, in Runhale. 

333. *Agnes le Surreys, by William de Lacham, v. William 
fir Fikeware, in Hadesco. 

334. *Alice fil' Ernald and Galfrid fil' SibiU and Avicia his 
wife V, William Cotting, in Hapesbure. 

835. *Roger le Bonclerc v. William de Wadetun, in 

336. *Ralph fil' William v. Galfrid de Bayfeud, in Sax- 


337. *Eoger fil* Simon v, Peter fil' Eichaxd, in Tybenham. 

338. Bichard Cociis and Matilda his wife v. *Ricliard fil' 
William, whom William, prior of Westacre, calls to warrant, in 

339. Alice widow of William fil' Alan v, *Simon Bonet, in 

340. *William fil' Gumel and Cecilia his wife v, Kalph 
Oosseman, in Lenn. 

341. *William fil' Eeginald v. William fil' Hervei, in Torp, 
Geyton, and Weniz. 

342. *Richard de Rupella v, Henry de Qrestnn, in Greston. 

343. *Stephen de Tyeford and Matilda his wife v. Margaret, 
prioress of Blakebergh, in Hateg*. 

344. Nicholas de Wrtha' v. *ReginaId, abbot of St. Benedict 
of Hulm, in Walesham. 

345. Hugh de Pikeringe v. *Eoger de Suffeld, in Clippesby. 

346. *William fil' Durant v. Eobert de Mateby and Alice his 
wife, in Briningham and Gnnestorp. 

347. *Reginald, abbot of St. Benedict of Hulme, v, Nicholas 
Chese, in Egmere. 

348. *WLlliam de Burdeleys v. Bichard Russellum an^ Sara 
his wife, in Kalwele. 

349. John de Ristnges v. *Roger de Ristnges, of manor of 

350. *Otewy de Clippestorp v. William fil' Henry and Maria 
his wife, in Wells. 

351 . *Henry de Stratton v. Walter fil' William, in Stratton. 

352. John, rector of Great Reynham, v. ♦Osbert de Becco, 
in Great Reynham. 

353. *Cri8tiana de Mulkeberton v. John de Nerford, in 

354. *John Blakeman and Aubre'a his wife v. Galfred fil' 
Peter and Agnes his wife, in Lenn. 

355. *Matthew de Guneton and Isabella his wife v, Thomas 
fil' Peter de Castre. 

356. *Robert del Cheene and Alice his wife v, Robert le 
Unkle and Matilda his wife, in Redham. 

357. William Tumel v. *WLlliam de Riston, in Riston. 

358. *Margaret daughter of Estrild and Alicia her sister v. 
Briciu' fil' Goscelin, in Wygheal. 

359. Adam de Berford and Plesencia his wife v. *Roger de 
Cringkelford, in Cringkelford. 

360. *Ada widow of Saer de Biskel v, Hervey de Stanhog, in 

361. *Gal£rid le Bret v. Ralph fiP Stephen and William and 
Hugh his brothers, in Wareham. 

362. *Reginald le Gros v. William le Marcaunt, of the 
freedom of William, also in Lamesse and Schothowe. 

363. Matilda de Waketun v. *lvo Copping, in Stratton and 


364. *Fulco Bayngnard v. Simon fil' Eoger Bayngnard, in 

365. *WiUiam Bainard v, Galfrid de Toftes, in Halis. 

366 . *Walter de Grauncnrt v, Peter Constabularius de Mauton, 
of advowson of Birston. 

367. *Roger Helle v. John de Hindolveston, in Hindolveston. 

368. *Galfrid de Norwic and Agnes his wife v, Peter fil' 
Simon, in Secheyh. 

369. Bertram de Holkeham v, *Robert fil* Hugh, in Hindring- 

370. Hubert fiP Hubert de Helweton v. *Magr' Richard 
Cornubiensis, in Donstun. 

371. William fil' Rocelin and Lecia his wife, by Galfrid de 
Lodnes, v. *John fil' Robert, in Stodeye, Herpingham, Hani'ges, 
and Crostweyt. 

372. *Juliana fil' Henry v. Heymer de Atlebrig, in Atlebrig. 

373. *Ralph le Chanu v. Aust'gus (Augustine), prior of St. 
Faith of Horsford, of advowson of two parts of Tybenham. 

374. Richard de Fresingfeud v, *Ralph de Stokes, in [no 
place named.] 

375. Richard de Boilund v, *Mabil widow of Robert fil' 
Herbert and Avelina fil' . . . . , in Freton. 

376. *Alice daughter of William de St. Omer, Ralph Malerbe 
and Basilia his wife, and Hugh de Rising and Oliva his wife, 
V. Jno' de Nereford, in Eggmere. 

377. Avelina fiP William v. *John fil' Ralph, in Athleburg. 

378. *Giles de Wachesham v. Alan de Creppinges, in Eling- 
ham and Depham. 

379. *William de Bukeham v. Alexander de Stanford, in 

380. *William fiP Durand v, William fil' William, in 

381. *Wymar fiP Toke and Margaret his wife and Alice her 
sister v, Richard fil* Edric and Alice his wife, in Martham. 

382. *Galfrid de Baifeld v. William de Hunesworth, in 

383. Juliana, Matilda, and Sarra, daughters of Robert Frost, 
V. *Thomas de Hereford, in Ho. 

384. *William de Buteri v. Adam de Kaylly, of the Kernewic 

385. Oliva fil' Adam, Gordan, by Robert de Bricthton, v, 
•Gregory fil' Peter de Shamton, in Sharnton. 

886. Magr' Adam, parson of the church of St. Peter of 
Wesenham v. *Mathew fil' Pagan of Weseham, in Weseham. 

387. William, prior of Holy Trinity of Ipswich, v. *William de 
Arches and Geva [or Gena] his wife, in Mendeham. 

388. *Bartholomew fil' William t;. William fil' Henry, in 

389. *Godiva fil' Robert Kelt (?) v, Gregory fil' Adam, in 


390. *Wjmai de Pikeham v, Alan de . . . rhac and Camilla 
his wife, in North Pikeham. 

391. *Hamo Chevre v. Robert de Verly, of advowson of 

392. *Eobert Fauchepre v. Gerard le Porter and Masilia 
his wife, in Sud Pikeham. 

13th Henby m. 

393. ^Bartholomew de Stivekey and Eobert le Curzun and 
Basilia his wife, by Roger le Gros, v. Reginald, abbot of Hulm, 
in Suwalsham. 

*Ditto V, Sampson, abbot of Hulm, in same. 

394. Roger Buteenrte v, *Hugh de Gumey, in Cantley and 

395. *Roger de Frevill v, Hamo Lenveise, in Winebotham. 

396. Hugh de St. Philebert v. *Reyner fil' Turstan, William 
and Richard sons of Galfrid, and William and Martin sons of 
Roger, of advowson of Bicham p'va. 

14th Henky III. 

397. *Godfrey de Lesengham and Goda his wife v. Nicholas de 
Bella Fago and Robert de Pauling, in Shereford. 

398. *Stephen de Scalar and Beatrice his wife, by Roger de 
Clovill, V, Hugh de St. Philibert, of half manor of Bicham well. 

399. *Matilda widow of Hamo do Tychevell v. Adam de 
Wigehale, in Wigehale. 

400. *Hugh, bishop of Ely, by William de Feversham v. Roger, 
chaplain of Brigham, in Brigham. 

401. John de Berningham v, *Eustace de Berningham, in 
Gadesthorp and (eight acres) in Baningham. 

402. *Thomas de Falxham v. John fil' Philip Tefford, in 

15th Henjiy III. 

403. * Walter de Lewis and Alice his wife v. Beatrice de 
Sumerton, in Sumerton and Winterton. 

404. *Robert lil* Ralph de Norfolk and Everard do Yernun, 
whom Aunger, abbot of Derham, calls to warrant, in Carleton. 

405. Sampson, abbot of Hulm, v, *William de Stalham, in 

406. Thomas Bohord v, *Simon de Rudham and Emma his 
wife, in Weshamtorp. 

407. * William de Scrameshag v, Peter Constabularius de 
Mewton, in Bringham. 

408. *Richard de Heisy (? Merly or Heily) v. Richard fil' 
Durand, in Brecham. 

409. Alexander fil* Alan v. *Samp8on, abbot of St. Benedict 
of Hulm, by John Pincerna, in Walesham. 

410. *Margaret widow of Pagan de Taterford, by Peter de 
Shamebrone, v. Reginald le Pulleys and Theda his wife, and 


OalMd de Reyndon and Margery his wife, whom J*no son of 
Hugh de Shereford calls to warrant in Shireford. 

411. ^Bernard de Aremes (?) and Elena his wife v. Henry, 
abbot of Beuland, in Sutton. 

412. Thomas de Elmeham v. * William, prior of Norwich, in 

413. *Hubert Hacun (Hacu') v, Eobt. fiP Thos. Hacun, 
que Eobt. Hacun, Hamon Gir, Eoger fil' Andrew, Wm. cricus, 
Sarra (?) Hacun, Brien le Melton, Walter Busing (D ?), Magr. 
Hugh de Berford, William Dusing (B ?), whom John Brito cdls 
to warrant in Melton. 

16th Heitby in. 

414. *Richard, abbot of St. Edmund, by Gilbert de Belated, 
V. Matthew de Cantebrig, parson, of a quarter part of tlie 
church of Dicleburg, in Dicleburg. 

415. *Richard, abbot of St. Edmund, by Gilbert de Bel8tede, 
V, John de St. Edmund, in Semere. 

416. Hugh de Pickering, by Benedict the chaplain, v. 
^Bartholomew de Somerton, whom Beatrice de Soniertun calls to 
warrant in Flegburg. 

417. Simon, prior of Pentenay, v. *John de Wordostede, by 
Simon de Brund, in Wordestede. 

418. *Eichard, abbot of St. Edmund, by Gilbert de Belstede 
V. Henry Freman, parson, of a quarter part of Dicleburg, in 

419. Robert de llul v. *l8abella de Curcun and Reginald her 
son, by William de lUington, in Snaroshull. 

420. *Nicholas fil* Richard r. Sampson, abbot of Hulm, by 
Johannis Le Butiller, in Shottesliam. 

421. *Ba8ilia widow of Tliomaa de Thirne v. Thomas de 
Gelham, in Waxtonesham and Karleton. 

422. *Bartholomew fil' Simon v. Peter de Bertan and Matilda 
his wife, in Grimeston. 

423. William Max, by Henry de Kauston, v. *Galfrid de 
Kauston, by William de Refham, in Kauston. 

424. *8teplien do Stok and Basilia his wife v. Anger, abbot 
of Derham, of advouson of Wretton. (Peter de Neireford app. 

425. William de Stolham v. *Robert de Lend and Matilda his 
wife, in Tyrington and Tilleye. 

426. *Bartliolomew fil* Simon v. Robert, prior of Westacre, 
in Grimestun and Kangeham. 

427. Thomas de Facham v. *Richard Faber, in Schuletorp. 

428. Simon de Ruuham v. *Walter de Ev'murve, in Runham. 

17th Henry III. 

429. Ayicia widow of Ralph de Banham v. *Peter de Kenet 
and Isolda his wife, by Peter son of Richard, of manor of 


430. *Johanno fil' William Eocelin v. Lecia widow of the said 
William, in Audeby. (Peter fil' Wm. de E. app. dam.) 

431. Simon, prior of Penteny, v. *Eoland le Sire and Helewisa 
his wife, in Thorp. 

432. Robert fil' William v. *Reginald fil' Gervase, in Stokesby. 

433. William, prior of Cockesford, v. *Magr* Michael Belet, of 
the homage and service of Roger de Cressy in West Rudham. . 

434. Ralph de Roseye v, *Wakelin de Roseye, in Howe and 

435. Ralph de Bella fago v. *John fil' Richard, of the latter's 
services in Creych and Burneham. 

436. Richard le Plumper v. *Hugh fil' Robert, in Torph. 

437. Robert de Pressing v. *Beatrix de Skeminges, of half 
advowson of Hulm. 

438. *Roger de Wygmere v. Emma le Butillere, by Thomas le 
Butiller, of half advowson of Wygemere. 

439. Reginald de Burgo v. *Baldwin de Bononia and Matilda 
his wife, in Norwich. 

440. Thomas de Ingoldesthorp, by Adam de Wauton, v, 
*Robert de Lond and Matilda his wife, in Northlen. 

44 1 . William de Sculham v. *Robert de London and Matilda 
his wife, in Northlenn. 

442. Hugh fil' Roger v. *Hugh fiP Robert, in Massingham 

443. *Galfrid' fiP Baldwin v, William de Chevrevil, whom 
Walter fiP William, William fiP Roger, and Henry Durant call 
to warrant in Shengham, Welle, and Bigeham. 

18th Heney III. 

444. *Hugh de Burdeleis v. Robert de Tumston (?), in 

445. *Lecia widow of William fiP William Rocelin, by 
Nicholas de Bee, and Jno' Rocelin, whom William, prior of 
Norwich, calls to warrant in Audeby and Hadescho. 

446. *Roger de Wramplingham and Matilda his wife and 
Avicia her sister v. John fil' Asketil, in Bereford. 

447. *Galfrid fil' Eudo and Rosamond his wife v. Robert de 
Ingaldetorp, in Ingoldetorp. 

448. *Caterine widow of Herbert de Scardeburg v, Thomas, 
prior of Shuldham, whom Roger de Haydon calls to warrant in 

449. *Hugh, prior of Lewes, by Galfrid le Waleis, v. Ralph 
de Burnham, of advowson of Burnham Thorp. 

450. *Hilda de Chesney, by Jno' her son, v. Gilbert fil' Wydo, 
in Hunstanton. 

451. *John del Frith v. William de Schuleham, in Tilneye. 

452. William fiP Otewey v. ^Robert Burnel, in Clipesthorp 
and Baledon. 

453. *John, prior of Stok, parson of the church of Cremples- 
ham, V. Theodoric de Cremplesham, whom Alice his mother calls 
to warrant, in Cremplesham. 


454. •Angu' fil' Matilda v. Thomas fil' Alan, in Wygenhal. 

455. ^Eobert Burgelium v, Ghdfr'd le Bret, whom Alured 
Hunred caUs to warrant, in Great Snaring. And between the 
said Bobert and the said Ghalfrid, whom James de Snaring calls 
to warrant, in same. 

456. Balph de Barsham v, *William de Depedale and Ildesant 
his wife, in weat Ringstede. 

457. *Walter de ]£gham v, Peter fil' Robert, in Wurhested. 

458. ^William fil' Richard and Robert his brother v. Robert 
fil' Odo, in Depeham. 

459. *Lacia widow of Philip de Camera v, William Hereward, 

460. 'William fil' Herlewin and Augu' his wife v. Geoffirey 
de Medlers, in Binetre. 

461. ^Walter de Marham v, Thomas Cusin, in ^arham. 

462. *Thomas Penni'g and Margaret his wife, and Alice and 
Emma her sisters, v. Thomas Avenel, in Flicham. 

463. *Thomas Pening and Margaret his wife, and Alice and 
Emma her sisters v, Richard Standy, in Flicham. 

464. Reginald fil' Simon v. *Mag*r Robert do Bilneye, in 

465. ^Stephen de Sparham v. John Lance, whom Jordan fil' 
Blithe calls to warrant in Heverin^land. 

466. *Reginald fil' Er'y and Wlketil fil' Elwing v. Thomas, 
prior of Schuldham, in Wrocton. 

467. *Thomas fil' Poter v. abbot do Dorliam, in Wellis. 

468. *Reginald fil' Ernulf and Ulf kctel fil' Ailwin v. Thomas, 
prior of Schuldham, in Wretton. 

469. *Ap:ne8 daughter of Matilda v. Constance de Clenche- 
warton, in Ylsingeton. 

470. *Ba8ilia fil' Alice v. Jno' del Frid, in Thyleneie. 

471. *Uicliard de Tymewurth v. Theodoric de Crimplesham, 
in Crimplesham. 

472. *iStephen fil' Peter, by Jno' fil' Stephen, v, Walter de 
Berningham, of two parts of a caru(^ate in Berningham. Also 
between the said Stephen v. said Walter, whom Albreda his 
mother calls to warrant. [Walter pays fifteen marks arg.] 

473. Galfrid fir Hubert v. *RicJiard fil' Alan, the services, &c., 
of Eichard, in Wigenhal. 

474. * Ralph fil' Robert and Wulveva his wife and Agnes her 
sister v, William 111' Ke<rinald, 24 acres in Plumsted [which 
Reginald de Suddale, brother of said Wulveva and Agnes, 
tenuit in Plumsted, Wulterton, and Berningham Magna. 
William pays six marks.] 

475. *Adam fil' Alice v. William fil' Simon, in Smalbergh. 

476. *John de Valon and Maria his wife v. Robert de 
Bellafago, in Hemhale. 

477. *Bartholomew fil' Vincent v. Peter le Bret, by Thomas 
le Bret, ii\ Holcham. 

478. * Reginald Bacun v. Henry le Chat, in Heveningham. 

£ 2 


479. *Kobert fil' Peter v. Walter fil' Godefry, in Pagrave. 

480. *Margaret de Ludham, by Thomas de Morlay, v, Herebert 

481. *Ranulf fil* Alice v. William Bigot, in Hedesete. 

482. *Ada daughter of William Freman v. Robert fil' 
Lecencie, in Moweton, Frethorp, Hasingham, and Limpenhoe. * 

483. *Richard de Karholm v. Symon fiP William, in Aldreford. 

484. *Richard HV Albreda v, Richard fil* Alan, in Floxtorp. 

485. *Qalfrid de Brokedisse and Alice his wife v, Richard 
de Ingeworth, by Adam de Leonibj, in Norwich. 

486. *Robert fiP Hillar' and Margaret his wife v, Peter fil' 
Galfrid, in Galveston. 

487. *Robert fil' Walter, by Nicholas de Tintagel, v, Robert, 
de Bosco, of services in Robert's hundred of Disce. 

488. *Richard fir Robert v, Richard fiP Goscelin capellanus, 
in Dicloburgh. 

489. *Beatrice widow of Serlo de Sprouston v, John fil' 
Robert Herman, in Sprouston. 

490. William, prior of Holy Trinity of Ipswich, v. *Stephen 
de Brokedis, in Nedham. 

491. *Cecilia fiP Herbert v. Robert de Hauteyn, whom John 
de Marton calls to warrant, in Heylesdon. 

492. Agnes, prioress of Karhowe, by Robert de Stanford, 
V, *Jno' de Bretun of Hethill, in Meutun. 

493. *Thomas fiP Gervase, capellanus, v. William de Sparham, 
in Sparham. 

494. William de Stalham v. ^Richard de Reppes, in Reppes 
and Bastwick. 

495. Oliva ^^ Alan v. *John de Stamtun, in Scarntun. 

496. Oliva de Monte Begon' v, * William fil* Otewy, in 

497. *Robert fil' Simon, by Stephen de Plesingho, v. Alex- 
ander de Brethenham, in Brechenham. 

498. Thomas fil' Hugh v. *Walter de Estmore, in Berton. 

499. Walter fiP Philip and Hughelina his wife, Warin fil' 
Roger and Isabella his wife v. * Warin le Utlawe, in Ho. 

500. *Reginald Bacun v, Henry le Cat and Beatrice his wife, 
in Horsted. 

501. *William Lenueise and Agnes his wife, Gervase de 
Bradefeud and Alice his wife, by Adam de Bradefeud, v, Robert 
Bataille, of advowson of Felethorp. 

502. *Thomas Wid' v. Thomas le Porter and Albreda his wife, 
in East Rudham. 

503. *Radulfus de Langewade v. William de Mora, in 

♦The same v. same, whom Alice de Mora calls to waiTant, of 

504. *Gilbert fiP Warin and Matilda his wife and Margaret 
her sister v. Peter fil' John, in Lenn. 

505. *Robert de Cotes v. Alan de Cotes, in Cotes and Suafham. 


506. *Jno' de Jememue v. Fulco Bainard, by Walter Bainard, 
in Castre. 

507. *Ealph de Itringham v, Peter de Alto Bosco, by John de 
Alto Bosco, in Calethoip. 

508. *Robert de Hillington v. Ralph fil' Norman, in 
Brichenthom (?). 

509. *Richard fil' Martin r. Magr' William de Perepunt, 
in Bugham. 

The same t;. same, whom William Motte calls to warrant. 

510. *Robert de Cullinge and Sarra his wife v. Ilerlewin, 
capellanus de Barton Binnedict, in Berton Bin*edict. (Walt, de 
Wirham app. clam.) 

- 511. *trmfrey fil' Oalford and Matilda his wife and Emma 
her sister, by William fil' Ada, v, Oalford de Crakeford, in 
Grakeford, Felmingham, and Thutingtun. 

512. *Simon de Hemsted r. Richard, prior of Binliam, in 

513. *Reginald de Crakeford v. Geoffrey de Crakeford, in 
Crakeford, Felmingham, and Thuttingtun. 

514. *Roger de Ikelingham v. Thomas de Toftcs, wlioni 
Cecilia de Tofkes calls to warrant, in Toftes. 

515. William Estumel v. * William fil' Eudo, in Rakeheithe. 

516. *Eudo de Selfancr v, Richard de Anvyllers, in Selfancr. 

517. *Robert de Bella fago v. John de Shuldliam, in 

5 1 8. Roger de Caldocote v. *Thomas de Amdiiry and Clemence 
his wife, in Caldecote. 

519. *Seman de Hou*t and Christiana his wife v. Peter de 
Nerford, in Assele. 

520. ^Thomas fil' William v. Thomas le Porter and Albreda 
his wife, in Markete Rudham. 

521. *Alan Noth v. John fiP Robert de Depham, in Depham. 

522. * William de Vescy v. Wydo de Verdun, in 8axlingham. 
(Alio' de Frossenden (?) and H<»nr* liis son a])p. clam.) 

523. *Roger fil' Robert r. Thomas de Ho and Beatrice liis 
wife, in Gressenhale and Bytterinj^^e. 

524. *Senian de Ilouton and Christiana his wife v. Henry de 
Aesseleg, in Aesseleg. 

525. Johanna de Cattostun and Egidia his wife v. *Richard de 
Blafeud, services in Blafeud. 

18Tn Henry III. 

526. Tliomas de Ware v. *Roe8ia de Caldecote, of the services, 
&c., of Roesia in Caldecote. 

527. *Ralph de Fossato v. Gilbert de Thorp, in Elingham. 

528. *Ralph fil' John v. Henry de Ferariis, in Rudham. 

529. *Godfrey fil' Basilic, by Gilbert de Toftes, v. Roger le 
Bigot, Earl of Norfolk, whom Ranulf de Braham calls to 
warrant in Herlinges. 

530. Robert, prior of Westacre, v, *Gaeford (?) de Lungoyl, in 


Godewik and Wischingsete, of advouson of Westacre. (Hamo 
Choure app. clam.) 

531. *Edmund de Brunton v. Richard de Seinges, in Seinges. 

532. *William fil* Gilbert v, William le Halleclerc, in 

533. *Jno* fil' Roger de Brigeham v, Richard Maskel, in 

534. *Warin le Gros v, Henry, capellanus de Bettele, in 

535. *Simon de Orosdale v, Roger Brussel, in Wikemere. 

536. John de Thurvertun, capellanus, v, *Claricia de Thur- 
wertun, in Thurvertun. 

537. Roger de St. Dyonise and Sarra his wife v, *William de 
Colechirch and Kathierine his wife, in Ekles. (Eanu' de 
Roseto (?) and Matilda his wife app. clam.) 

538. * Juliana fil' Ad* de Dogkinge t?. Catherine fil' Richard, 
in Eton. 

539. *Edmimd fil* Alexander v. William Lenyeise, in Langhale 
and Wuttun. (Walt, de Donvel app. clam.) 

540. *Hubert de Sparham v. Peter fil* Warin, in Stivekyetorp. 

541. * William le Eyr t?. Reginald de Burgo, in Lake'ham, 
Neuton, and Treuse. 

542. *Gilbert fiP William v. Richard de la Rokele, whom the 
prior of Westacre calls to warrant in Apelton. 

543. *Robert fil' Walter, by Nicholas de Tintagel, v. Ralph 
Carbonel and Richard Freman, of the "sectis" of Robert's 
hundred of Disce. 

544. *William le Angevin v. Jno* de Shulham, in Shuldham. 

545. Bertram fil* Baldewin v. *Walter fil' Matthew, in 

546. * Warin le Gros v. Godefry le Gros, in Nottun. 

547. *William Brinnostaf and Cristiana his wife v. Robert 
de Sniterle, in Sniterle. 

548. *Matilda widow of Adam de Weston v, Magister Vincent 
de Becco, parson of church of Wudedalling, in Wudedalling. 

549. *Alice widow of Elias de Herdwic, by Thomas her son, 
V, Nich*s Crawe, in Thorp. 

550. *William de Walepol v, Robert fiP Gilbert, whom Walter 
de Mumby and Matilda his wife call to warrant, in Walepole. 

551. * William le Eyr v. prior of Norwich, in Secheford. 

552. William de Werlingham v. *Andrew Wascelin, in Thorp. 
(John Roscelin app. clam.) 

553. Roger de Turestun v. * William de Gumey, of the freedom 
of said Roger. 

554. Simon del Bee v, *Cecilia Ridel, in Rachay. 

555. J*ns de Hoga v, *J'ns de Bugthorp, in Bugthorp. 

556. Walter de la Sale v. *Mayner de la Sale and Cecilia his 
wife, in Tilneye. 

557. *Baldric de Monasterio v, Roger fil' Herbert, in Fole- 


558. William Aylbode v. *Eeginald le Gros, in Lanimesse. 

559. Gilbert fii' Rannulf v. ^Alexander de BasHiiigeburn, 
junior, in Oosteseye. 

560. William fil' WilHam de Brisingham v. *Williani de 
Ambley and Isabel his wife, in Hemehale. 

561. *Galfrid de Friston and Mabiiia his wife v. William fil' 
Ade and Lecia his wife, in Euieshal. 

562. William de Savys v. ♦Hugh de Pikringe, by Bartholomew 
de Glipesby, in Olipesby. 

563. *Keginald le Gros v, Bartholomew de JStyvekeye, in 

564. Agnes widow of Richard de Brom v, *Roger de Hales 
and *Thomas de Chameles, in Brom, Thweit, Lodnes, and 

565. *William, prior of Holy Trinity of Ipswich, r. William 
Parcarius, in Needham. 

566. ^Robert Brun and Matilda his wife, Richard Thurlak and 
Juliana his wife, Warin le Charpf^ntar and Emma his wife, 
Robert fil' Wydo and Avelina his wife, and Fulcher fir Thomas 
and Helewisa his wife v, ^Avelina de Ho and Ralph fil' Roger, 
in Ho. 

567. Simon del Beo v. *John de Hecham, in Rachay. 

568. ^Richard paris, Ralph Hog, John his brother, and 
Estrilda daughter of Elviva v, Thomas de War', in Caldecote. 

569. ♦Angu' fil' Matilda v, Richard fiP Alan, in Wygenlial. 

570. *William fiU John v. William Ql* Cecily de Wastonosham, 
in Wastoneaham. 

571. William de Hakeford v. *nenry de Helingh' and 
Cristiana his wife, in Witewell. (Steph* de Sparham ap]). clam.) 

572. Magr. Hugh de Upton v. Magr. * Walter de Upton, in 

573. *Ralph de Iteringham v. William de Hurling and Oliva 
his wife in Caltorp. 

574. *l8olda widow of Richard fil' Robert and Amahilia lier 
sister v. Isabella de Castr*, whom Jno' de Mauteby calls to 
warrant in Castre. 

575. *Robert de Norfolk v. Baldewin de Burgate, whom Jno' 
Rocelin calls to warrant in Tasseburc. 

576. Ralph, prior of Wurmegaye, v. *Galfrid fil' William, 
in Wyggehal. 

577. *Richard de Boylund, by Magr' Ralph his son, v. Tho. 
de Bathuent, in Besthorp. 

578. Roger le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, v, *Ralph le Bigod, 
whom William de Biieton calls to warrant, in Su'iugton and 

579. Mayor and Burgesses of Len v, *Thomas, Bishop of 
Norwich, by Jno' de Huntindun, as to settlement of a 

580. Roger de St. Nichol and Agnes his wife v. *Thoma8 
Juvene' and Margaret his wife, in Lenn. 


581. Thomas de Begevill v. "^Bartholomew de Sumerton, of 
advowsons of Sumerton and Wynterton. 

682. Simon, prior of Penteneia, by brother Philip, v. * Walter 
de Frith, by Roger fil'- Galfr^ in Estweniz. 

683. William de Pinkeni v. *Nicholas Chese, of the latter's 
services, in Erlham. 

584. William de Eedham v. *l8abella de Castra, by Bar- 
tholomew de Birlingham, in Castre. 

585. Peter Branche v. *Richard Branch, in Gresham and 
Almerton ; and advowsons of churches, to hold at rent of a pair 
of gold spurs and 6d, Peter pays a sparrow hawk of his first year. 

586. * Alice widow of Galfrid le Neve, by Henry de Kuishal, v. 
Edmund le Marchaunt, in Walsingeham. 

587. *Brian fil* Peter v, Hugh fil' Peter, in Heccham. 

588. *Andrew Wascelin v. Jno' Roscelin, of half advouson of 

589. *Richemaia (?) widow of Robert de Crec v. Bartholomew 
de Crec, of manor of Fundehal. [Very long and bad state.] 

590. *Hughelina widow of William fiP Saer' v. Agnes, prioress 
of Karho, in Biskel. 

1 9th Henry III. 

691. *Ralph, prior of Wirmegay, v. John de Stradesete, in 

592. *John de Crokeston v. Agnes widow of Roger le Chantur, 
in Crokeston. 

593. *Robert fil* Anger v. Nigel fil' Galien, of advowson of 
half the church of All Saints of Wiklewode. 

594. Thomas, prior of Dunemah*, v. *Roger fil' Walter de 
Hemenhale, in Hemenhale. 

595. *Philip fil* Odo de Fransham v. Ralph, prior of Chastel- 
acre, in Fransham. 

596. *Robert de Neuton and Emma his wife v, John de 
Nerford, in Eggemere. 

597. Roger de Hales v. *Thomas de Chameles, in Brom, 
Tweit, and Lodnes. 

598. Roger de Hales v. *Roger le Sage and Alice his wife, in 
Hales and Kirkeby. 

599. Thomas de Binetre v. *Simon de Binetre, in Binetre. 

600. Thomas, prior of Wymundeham, v. *William fil* John, 
in Coleton, and the advowson of same. 

[No number — omitted stamping by clerk.] *Robert Bumell 
V. Abbot of Derham, in Bertun and Estmor. 

601 . * William de Kyrkeby v, Roger de Theweyt, in Kyrkeby 
and Elingham. (Walter de Cadamo appon. clam.) 

602. Adam, prior of Cokeford, v. *Roger de Cressy, of the 
latter's services, &c., in West Rudham. 

603. Richard de Cayly v. *Claricia de Walepol, in Walepol. 

604. *Robert Baynard and Cassandra his wife v. *William de 
Senges and Agnes his wife, in Chattegrave and Weteaker. 


605. Richard and Benedict de Dunedal v, *Hugh de Dunedal, 
in Tacolveston. 

606. *Hamo fil' Walter v. Thomas de Ingaldestorp and 
Isabella his wife, in Winebotsham, Dunham, Fordham, Derham, 
Bekeswell, and Foteston. (Robert fil* Walter de Enemere 
appon. clam.) 

607. *Elvina fil* William Loverd v. Agnes widow of Adam 
de Hnmeltoft and Sarra his daughter, in Derham. 

608. *Ranulf de Roseto and Matilda his wife, by Matthew de 
Roclund, V, Roger de St. Dionise, in Colekirk. 

609. Richard fiP WiUiam de la Sale v, *William de la Sale, in 
Morlay. (Math* de Morlay app. clam.) 

610. Alan hV Ade v, *Ralph de Nuget' in Tilneye and 

611. *Richard fil* Jervas v. Stephen Cocus, in Bestorp. 

612. *William fiP Richard v, Jordan clericus and Lecia his 
wife, in Selfhangre. 

613. Roger fiP Bartholomew v. *John Marescall, by Roger de 
Birmingham, in Brand [on]. 

614. *Richard Wi thing and Emma his wife and Robert fil' 
Rannulf v, William, capellanus de Kirkebi, in Kirkeby. 

615. William, prior of Norwich, v, *Alexander de Yallibj, as 
to fishery in Kesewic, between Keswick and Eton and Herteford 
Bridge and Kesewic. 

616. Alicia widow of William de Helmingeham v. *Hum£rey 
de Ponte, in Mortun. 

617. Agnes, prioress of Carhowe, v. *Roger de Cressy, of 
manor and advowson of Wroxham. [Recites grants of his 
mother, Margaret de Cressy.] 

618. *Roger Btiteante v. Nicholas de Stutevill, in Kineburle 
and Carilton. (Hugh de Gurnay app. clam.) 

619. Walter de Ingham v. * WiUiam de Ages, in Paulinges. 

620. *Roger fil* John v. Robert de Catteston, in Catteston. 

621. Hugh de St. Dionise v. *Roger de St. Dionise and Sarra 
his wife, by Galfr. de Corecun [Curzun ?], in Hempsted. 

622. Walter fil' Godfrey v, *Robert de London and Matilda his 
wife, in Northlen. 

623. Reginald de Dunedale v. *Hugh de Dunedale, in 

624. William fiP Richard v, * William Coe and Alice his wife, 
in Selfhangre. 

625. Adam de Rissew'rth v. *William de Karleton and 
Orfavia his wife, and Peter fil' Reginald and Sarra his wife, in 
Rissew'rth. [Interesting parcels.] 

626. Richard, prior of Binham, v. *Sibilla de Caune, whom 
Walter de Horkele and Alice his wife call to warrant, in Berneia 
and Tursford. 

627. *William de Felmingeham v. Sanson, abbot of St. Benet*8 
of Hulme, in Walesham and Swaneton. 

628. *Agnes fiP Matilda v. Eadmund de Walsingham, in Lenn. 


629. ♦William fil' Warin v, Bartholomew de Stivekeye, in 

630. *William fil' Eobert v, Warin de Tymeltorp, in Tymel- 

631. Balph de Pavilly v. *Hawi8e widow of Everard de 
Thornton, by Stephen de Sparham, in Weston. 

632. ♦Robert de Cressingham v. Magr. Thomas de Cressing- 
ham, in Cressingham. 

633. ♦Agnes fil' Matilda v, William Le Forth and Mabilia his 
wife, in Lenn. 

634. ♦Roger le Oordewaner and Avicia his wife v, Alan de 
Wirham, in Bekeswell. 

635. ♦Hilda widow of Q-eoffirey de Wissingeset «?. Geoffrey 
Rikein and Matilda his wife, in Ringstede. 

636. Peter fil' Robert v, ♦Richard de Renham, in Clenche- 

637. Ralph de Stivekeye and Henry de Wodehalle v, ♦William 
de Hevingham and Gracia his wife, in Middelton. 

638. J'no de Raveningham v. ♦Andrew Aurifaber, in Raven- 

639. ♦Alice widow of Robert de Geywude v. Edmund de 
Wausingham, in Len. 

640. Richard Faceben v, ♦Roger le Bigoth, Earl of Norfolk, 
whom Roger le Mareschal calls to warrant in Hedenham. 

641. ♦Eustace de Witthon v. Symon de Withon, in Withton 
and Warham. 

642. ♦Nicholas de Lenn v. Richard de Torley, whom William 
de Drunal (Druval ?) calls to warrant in Westweniz. 

643. ♦Richard fil' William v. William de Gememue, in 

644. Richard de la Rokele v, ♦Osbert de Mundeford, of the 
latter's services in Mundeford. 

646. ♦Henry fil' Roger and Walter fil* Hengest v. Margaret 
widow of Richard de Mildenhale, in Wigenhale. 

646. ♦William le Fort and Mabil his wife v, Ralph de Roma, 
in Lenn. 

647. ♦William de Chevervill, by Roger de Chuervill, v. Adam 
de Brancestre, in Helegeye. 

648. ♦Isabella de Castre v, Roger de.Guneton, whom William 
de Stalham and Isabella his wife, Geoffrey de Beauvent and 
Matilda his wife call to warrant in Scrouteby, Ormesby, and 

20th Henby in. 

649. ♦Ranulph de Cringgelford v. Alexander de Vallibj, in 
Ringgefeud. . 

650. Stephen de Waltun v. ♦Henry de Ludeham, in Clippesby. 

651. ♦Bartholomew de Styvekeya by Roger de Clipestorp v. 
William fil' Stephen, in Sparham (Warin de Monte Caniso 
appon. clam.) 


662. Eoger de Turkilby v, *Lecia de Eggefeud, by Henry de 
Pagrave, of manor of Walecote. 

653. Hugh, abbot of Langley, v, *Robert Le Haut and Suoria 
his wife, in Erlham. 

2 1st Henby m. 

654. William La Justice v, *Jno' de Bello Campo and Nesca 
his wife, in Grestene and Kereseye. 

655. Agnes, prioress of Karhowe, by Roger de Boylund, v. 
♦Matthew fiF Ralph, in Wrokesham and Sallus. 

656. *Robert de Denevere v. Thomas de Ingaldesthorp and 
Isabella his wife, by William de Hemegrave, in Winebotesham. 

657. *Hugh de Wyb'tun and Hodyna his wife v, William de 
Nuyun, in Gey ton. 

658. *Adam, abbot of Saut'ie, by brother Stephen de 
Pauntenye, v. William fil* Goldewyni, in Nereford. 

659. *Thomas de Eboraco v. Ralph fil* Alexander, of advowson 
of church of St. Edmund of Norwich. 

660. Richard de Tefford v, *Henry Woderoue, in Sculeton. 

661. *Anger fil' Alan v, William de Nug^n, in Geyton, 
Nortlen, and Clenchewarton. 

662. Thomas, prior de Wymundeham, by Stephen de Eye, v, 
*Nigel de Riffley, in Wikelewud. 

663. Peter fiP Ade de Wiggenhall v, *Walter fiP John attem . . , 
in Wygenhale. 

664. Frithesauta de Franchevil v, *Peter de Kenot and Isolda 
his wife, by Thomas de Cruce . . . . , in Banham. 

665. *Thomas de Ryseby v, Giles de Munpincun, of the latter's 
customs in Riburg. 

22nd Henry III. 

666. *Beatrice widow of William le Paumer v, Ralph de 
Fyleby and Godwyn his brother, in Fyleby. 

667. *William Talebot and Alicia his wife, by Reginald de 
Riburg, V. Giles de Mundpincun, in Riburg, Naring, Crokeston, 
Stibrede, Teston, and Toftes. 

668. *Alina widow of John le Marescall, by Roger fil' Henry, 
V, Roger de Bermingeham, of twenty-four acres in Mateshal and 

669. Augustin, abbot of Lavenden, v, *Amicabil de Bello 
Campo, by Milo de Bello Campo her son, of one-fifth of advouson 
of the church of St. Andrew of Kyrkeby. 

The same v. Ermegarda de Gatesden, by Peter de Gatesdon 
her son, of another one-fifth. 

670. Thomas de Binetre v. *Robert de Sparham, in Folesham 
and Binetre. 

671. William, prior of Suldham, by brother Robert de 
Suldeham, his cousin, v. *Richard fil* Nigel de Burefeld, of 
advowson of Stanford. 


672. Kichard de Curziin, by William de Haringby, v, *Michael 
Picot, in Shotesham. 

The same v. the same, whom Walter de Wauncy and Agnes 
his*wife call to warrant, in the same. 

673. *Agne8, prioress of Karho, v. Robert, abbot of St. 
Benedict of Hulm, by J'no de Orford, clerk, of fishery of 
Wroxham, Belagh, and Hoveton. 

674. *Thomas fil* Thomas and Ela his wife v. Eobert de Assele, 
in Stradest. 

675. William de Grauntcurt v, *Philip de Stivekeye and 
Agnes his wife, in Croxton. 

676. Jno' de Stanho v. *Hacho Matha, in Stanho. 

677. Eadmund de Assendon v. ^Geoffrey de Assendon and 
Margt' his wife, in Wygenhal. 

23bd Henry III. 

678. Balph de Langward v, * William de la More, in 

679. William Malterbe (Malterbi ?) and Isabel his wife 
t;. *Simon de Criketot, in Marsham. 

680. William Mauduyt and Johanna his wife v. *Eoger de 
Eayelingham, in Kavelingham. 

681. Richard le Butilier v. *the prior of Buttel, of the 
advowson of Upton. 

682. *William de Crungeltorp, Walter Banyard and Sibilla 
his wife, Simon de Shuldham, and Marjeria de Hockham v, 
Robert, prior of Westacre, of advowson of Rudham. 

683. Magr' Thomas de Wymundham v. *John de Miclefield, 
of the latter's customs and services in Kangham. 

684. *Nicholas del Ewe and Alice his wife v. Stephen de 
Bucham, in Bestorp. 

685. *Simon de Drax v. *Michael de Berlingham, in Toftes. 

686. Magr* William de Tofts and Stephen his brother v. 
♦Simon de Tofts, in Tofts. 

687. *Beatrice fil* Richer de Kaweston v, Hugh, Jno', and 
Henry hV Margaret, in Kaweston, Branteston, and Boton. 

688. *Roger fil' Walter de Raveningham v. William de 
Mortuo Mari, of advowson of Raveningham. 

689. Robert de Tateshal v. *William, prior of Walsingham, 
of advowson of chapel of St. Giles of Topecroft. (Nich's de 
Stutevill appon. clam.) 

690. William de Erfot and Beatrice his wife v. *William, 
parson of Weston, in Weston. 

691. Margaret de Puninges v, *Adam de Kally, in 

692. Hugh, abbot of Langley, v. *Jno' le Enveyse, in 

693. *Aunger, abbot of Dereham, v. Robert, prior of West- 
acre, of advowson of St. Andrew of Walton. 

24th Henry III. 

694. Stephen, abbot of Saviniaco, by William de Breyvile, v, 
♦Thomas Bacun, of the latter's customs and services in Dallinge. 

695. Hamo de Heinsted v, *Simon de Hemsted, in Geystweyt. 

696. *John fil* Alexander and Matilda his wife v. the abbot 
of Dereham, in Wygehal. 

697. * William de Scutesame v. Eichard fil' William, in 
Scutestun (?). 

698. John de Merlay v, *Nigel le Soudan and Clemence his 
wife, of advowson of Runton (?) 

699. Thomas fil' Eichard de Baketon v. *Galfrid fil' 
Bartholomew de Glanvill, in Baketon. 

700. William de Engelfeld v. ^Reginald Bacun, of the latter's 
customs and services, in Lari'gsete, Bodham, and Bayfeld. 

701. John, prior of Mendham, v. *Richard fil* Benedict, in 
Mendham; (WilPs fiP Ric' app. clam.) 

702. William de Engelfeld« v, *Peter de Lari'gsete, of the 
latter's customs and services in Dallinges, Warham, Lari'gsete, 
and Hemingham. 

703. *William de Engelfeld v. *Robert de Auners and Muriel 
his wife, in Binetre. 

The same v. Robert de Elmham and Hawise his wife, in the 

704. *Alice fil' Christiane de Fuldon t?. Robert le Blunt, in 

705. Nich's fil' Alice v, *Alexander de Bassingburn, in 

706 . *Robert Esturmyn v, Roger de Stratton, in Long Stratton. 

707. Alan le Pamyer v, *Roger de Tweyt, in Stocton, 
Geldeston, Elingham, and Kirkeby. 

708. Symon Bonet v. *Jno' de Nerford, in Little Massingham. 

709. John de Burnham v. *Ralph de Tasseburg, of the latter's 
customs and services in Tasseburg. (Regin' fil' Jno' de 
Dunham and Warin de Monte Kanisio app. clam.) 

710. *Brian fil' Alan v. Warin de Monte Caniso, whom 
William le Blunt calls to warrant in Claye, **un' duellu' vadiatu' 
armatu' et p'cussu' fuit int* eos." 

711. *Robert fil' Henry de Schelton v. Jordan de Schelton, in 

712. *Stephen de Brokedis v. John fil' Hamo and Matilda his 
wife, in Denton. 

7 13. William de Wicheton v. *Richard de la Rokele, of the 
latter's services, &c , in Eggemere. (Edmund fil' John de Egge- 
mere, who is under age, app. clam.) 

714. * William de Senges v, Hugh, abbot of Langeley, in 

715. Richard de Braham v, *Roger le Bygot, Earl of Norfolk, 
of half a knight's fee in Sufield and Felmyngham. 

716. Peter de Monastr' v. *Reginald fil' William Bo, in 


717. *Bichard Fmet and Maria his wife v, Balph, capellanus 
of Bidun, and John de Susex, in Hillingtun and Bjdone. 

718. ♦William fil' Bichard v, Bichard de Dygeleburg, in the 
suburb of Norwich. 

719. Bichard le Buttiller v, *Nich's de Stalham, in Wyke- 

720. ♦Bichard de Curzun v, Alexander de Vallibj, in Burg. 

721. William de Englefeld v. ♦Henry le Chat, of the latter's 
services, &c., in Beppetun (?). 

722. ♦Bichard fil' Bartholomew and Agnes his wife v. Eustace 
fil' Bichard, in Kyneburgle. (Nichol de Stuteyill appon. 

723. ♦Thomas Walens' v. William de Chalfunte, in Sparle. 

724. ♦J'no Blauet and Emma his wife v, Gilbert fil' Wydo, in 

725. ♦Cristiana fil' Thorici de Magna Paggrave v, Magr. John 
de Pagrave her brother, in Magna Pagxave. 

726. Bobert de Tweyt v, ♦Peter de Normanneby and Juliana 
his wife, in Briningham and Gunnethorp. 

727. ♦Vincent de Wirham, by Stephen his son, v. Walter de 
Wyrham, of the latter's services. 

728. ♦Symon le Bygot and Matilda his wife v, Bobert de 
Agelyn, in Herling. 

729. Simon, prior of the Holy Trinity of Norwich, by 
Galfridus de Lodene, v, *Bicher de Causton and Juliana his wife, 
Stephen de Causton and Beatrice his wife, of the advowson of 
Hemstede. (William de Lose app. clam.) 

730. Isaac fil* Unfrid de Mortime v. ♦Unfrid de Mortun, in 
Mortune, Helmegh', and Westun. 

731. Laurence de Flemen' and Matilda his wifet?. ♦Hervey de 
Stanho, in Anemere. (Gregory de la More and Hughelina his 
wife and Matilda her sister appon. clam.) 

732. ♦Symon de Wichun v, John de Warham, in Warham. 

733. ♦WiUiam fil' v, William fil' Bad', in Estderham. 

734. ♦Margaret fil' Jocce v, Sibilla (?) widow of Bobert de 
Beinestorp, in Sumertun and Wintertun. 

735. ♦John de Corpesty v. Boger de Clere, in Heydun, 
Corpesty, and Hirminglond. 

736. ♦Benedict fil' Seiio de Mendham v, William, prior of 
Ipswich, in Mendham. (Tho. de Modefeud app. clam.) 

737. ♦William fil' Ade de Hekingham v. Hugh, abbot of 
Langley, of advowson of Hekingham. 

738. Seman de Houtun and Christiana his wife v, ♦Henry de 
Aysse, in Aysse. (Peter de Nerford app. clam.) 

739. ♦Nichs. de Stutevill v, Hubert de Burgo, Earl of Kent, 
who William, prior of Blessed Mary of Walsingham, calls to 
warrant of advowson of Bedingham. 

740. Philip Lohout v. ♦Thomas de Hastings, whom Bobert 
de Hedenham calls to warrant of wardship of Alan, son and 
heir of William Baynard, in Baveningham. 


741. William de Sparham and Eoger de SufPeld v. *Eoger de 
Gunneton, whom Isabella de Castre calls to warrant of advouson 
of Bastwik. 

742. *William fil' Eichard de Oxag' v, Henry de Bungay, in 

743. *Matilda de Bellocampo v. Warin le Ostricer, in 

744. Sibil fil* Peter de Wintertim v. ^Stephen de Eedham, 
in Lammesse and Scotho. 

745. William de Englefeld v. *Godefrid de Langetot, in Hyke- 
bume, Bynetre, Wechingham, Shotesham, and Saxlingham. 
(Warin de Montekanis* app. cL) 

746. William de Peynho v, *Eoger le Bygot, Earl of Norfolk, 
fishery in the Bungey water from Bungey bridge to Dichingham. 

747. *Walter fir Ealph t?. Ealph, chaplain of Thorp, in 

748. * William de Engelfeld v. Adam de Lenus, in Westun, 
Helmingham, Eingelond, and Atlebrig. 

749. *Unfrid de Begheton, Henry Froman, Hugh fiP Godwyn, 
and Hubert fil* Eeginald v. Eobert de Boyton and Oly va his wife, 
Jno. de Cattestun and Gila his wife, Eobert de Blomvyle 
and Elyzabill (Elyzabeth) his wife, of advouson of Moghetoh. 

750. *Bartholomew de Eolesby and Beatrice his wife v, 
Hervey fil' Nicholas and Agnes his wife, in Wintertune. 

751. Eoger le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, v. *Eobert fil' William, 
in Hoghetun. 

752. *Eoger Morgrim v, Edrith Hok and Alice his wife, in 

753. * William de Laferte v, prior of Schuldham, in 

764. ^Benedict Carpentarius v, John fil' Eoger, in Timing. 

755. *Eichard de JSlendham and Eva his wife, William de 
Weybred ai^d Beatrice his wife, Walter de Thorp and Eda his 
wife, Eichard Fuger and Cristiana his wife, v, William, prior of 
Holy Trinity of Ipswich, in Muleton and Herdwyk. 

756. * William de Burgo v. Geoffirey de Say and Alina his 
wife, of the tenants' services. 

757. Eichard de Nugun, parson of the greater part of 
St. Mary of Eokelund, v. *Nichola8 de Surlingham and Nicholas 
his son, in Eokelund. (Prioress of Karhow app. clam.) 

758. Eoger le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, v. *Walter fil* Eobert, 
in Wychamtun. 

759. Herlewin fil* William v. *Ealph fil* Eoger, in Berton 
and Estmor. 

The same v. the same, whom Gregory de la Grene calls to 
warrant in Bertun. 

The same v. the same, whom John Wlispard calls to warrant 
in Bertun. (Jno. de Brancestr and Ealph fil' Ealph de Snore 
app. clam.) 

760. Philip Lohout v. *Thomas de Hasting, whom Eobert de 


Hedenham calls to warrant as to custody of Alan son and heir 
of William Baynard. 

761. Alexander fil' Eoberti, propositi, v, ♦Tho. de Beggeyill, 
in Winterton. 

762. *Itoger fil* Bartholomew v, Eichard fil' Bartholomew, in 

763. *Hamo Capru' v, Hamo Crawe, in Wissigsete. 

764. John de Cleya v. *Prior de Bukeham, in Cleya. 

765. *Simon fil* Robert de Breytheston v, *Robert de Boyton 
and Oliva his wife, in Breytheston, Witton, Brundal, and 

766. *Eoger de Cressy v, Eobert Bylton, of advonson of 

767. * William Adam v. abbot of Langley, of advowson 
of Hekingham. 

768. *John de Kerbroc and Alice his wife v, Eichard de 
Kerbroc and Matilda fil' Eobert, in Kerbroc, Wadeton, Vuyton, 
Kerbroc, Greston, Craneworth, Letton, and Shypedham. 

769. *Adam fil' Symon v. Warin le Utlag, in Qeywode. 
(Bishop of Norwich app. clam.) 

770. *Avic* de Criketot v. Symon deCriketot, in Blyford and 
Walesham. [Emma daughter of Ealph de Criketot mentioned.] 

77 1 . William fil* Gerberc* v. *Eobert Hauteyn, in Heylesdon, 
fishery rights, &c. (Abbot of Holm app. clam.) 

772. Geoffrey de Lodnes v. *Humphrey Bil and Beatrice his 
wife, in Lodnes. 

773. *Eoger fil' Eobert de Thikethorn, Alan de Thikethom 
and Olaricia his wife, v. Stephen le Noreys, in Thikethorn. 

774. *Alice fiP Eeginald de Burgo, John Herman and Agnes 
his wife, by William fil' Henry v, Beatrice de Burgo, in 
suburb of Norwich, in Catton, Heylsdon, Sproston, Lake'ham, 
Treuse, and Thorp. 

775. *William de Kerdeston v. William fil' Herlewyn of 
Tirrington, in Tyrri*gton. 

776. Matilda de Boyton v, *Robert de Boyton and Oliva his 
wife, in Westoftes. 

777. *William de Boton and Agnes his wife, by Geoffrey de 
Lund, V, Bartholomew fil* Walter de Wichton, in Warham. 
[Adv. of St. Mary Magdalen of Warham.] 

778. Geoffrey de Lodnes v, *Henry de Stubbes, in Norton, 
Lodnes, and Hekingham. 

779. William fiP Geoffrey, Philip and Hugh his brothers, v, 
*Eoger fil* Geoffrey, in Heveringlond. 

780. *Geoffrey, prior of Bromhil, v. Warin fil' Gerold, whom 
Eobert de Insula and Alice his wife calls to warrant of certain 

781. Prior of St. Faith's v. *John de Marlingford, in 
Horsham. (Jno' de Sc*a Fide and Simon de Horsham app. clam.) 

782. John fil' Ealph de Fretun v. *Ealph de Fretun, in 
Herdwic and Fretune. 


783. J'no Cave and Helewise his sister v, ^Stephen de Kedliam 
as to the former's freedom. 

784. •William de Felmingham r. Nioh's de Wurthaiu, in 
Felmingham. (Abbot of Holm claims.^ 

785. William fil' Bertram de Blicklmg r. ♦Eoger de Cressy, 
in Blickling and Horsford. 

The same v, said Roger and ^g&r his sany in Blickling. 

The same v. the same, whom Balph Sourlak calls to warrant 
in Blickling. 

The same v. the same, whom Hugh le Bus calls to warrant 
in Blickling. 

786. J'no de Nerford v. ^Thomas de Binetre and Isabella his 
wife, in Eggemere. (Bichard de Bupella claims.) 

787. ^Isabella de Castre r. William fil' Jerbeige, in Jernemu'. 

788. Prior of Walsingham t;. *Warin fil' Bicnard and Lucia 
liis wife, by Boger fil' Warin, in Hindringham. 

789. William de Salicib) v. *Henry de Billakeby, in Clippesby. 
(Baldwin de Fikering and William de Haringby claim.) 

790. *Tebald de Assewell and Claricia his wife v, William 
de Sculham, in Northlen. 

791. Egidia de Wychyngham and Margaret her sister t;. 
♦Bobert de Thurtevill and William Hovel, in Wychingham. 

792. *Feter fil' John v, Bobert de Morle, in Len. 

793. *Bobert de Stokesby v. abbot of Langiey, in Bedham. 

794. ♦Bobert de Inoula t, Hugh, bishop of Ely, in 

795. Fraricus de Capravilla v, ♦Bobert, prior of Westacre, in 

796. Bobert fil' William de Pagrave and Maria his wife v, 
♦William de Pagrave, in Pagrave. 

797. J'no fir Matilda and Geoffrey his brother v. ♦William de 
Bayfeld, capellanus, in Corstune and Kineburle. (Nich's de 
Stutevill claims.) 

798. ♦Alan le Bus de Lechesham v, Boger Extraneus, in 

799. ♦Claricia de Baningham, daughter of Alan de B 

V, John fil* John de Baningham, in B . . . . (Geoffrey fil' 
Augustin claims.) 

800. ♦Adam faber de Shuldham v, prior of Shuldliam, in 

801. ♦Ralph fil' William v, John de Bedeford, whom Bichard 
de Bugham and Margaret his wife call to warrant in Len. 

802. Simon, prior of Norwich, by Boger Picard, v. ♦Simon 
de Castell and Massa his wife, (of ^0 acres) in Plumstede. 

803. ♦Peter fil' John le Curteys v. Blakeman fil' Galien' and 
Hela his wife, in Len. 

804. Abbot of Saviniaco, by brother William de Bretevill 
his monk, v. *Philip fiP Marie, in Dalling. 

805. ♦Sibilla fir Galfr* v, prior de Westacre, in Wanton. 

806. ♦Hamo Chevere v. Emald de Muutesny, in Disce. 



*Hamo Chevere v. Emald de Miinteeny, whom Peter de Mun- 
tesny calls to warrant in the same. (Ealph de Oinges claims.) 

807. William de Strumeshag v, *John de Cattestun and 
Egidia his wife, in Strumeshag. 

808. *William Wygot v. Jordan Bunewastel, in Barston. 

809. *Adam de Oybcey v. Ealph de Cybecey, in Tylney. 

810. Prioress of Karhou v, * Walter fiP Bernard, in Neuton. 

811. Matilda widow of John de Jarpenvill v, *John fil' John 
de Jarpenvill, whom Adam de Wygenhal calls to warrant in 

The same v, Waleran de Muncy, in Weston, Werlingham, 
Stouen', Kersingland, Giselham, &c. 

812. ^Baldwin le Eede, Agnes Geye, and Eichard fil* 
Gunnild*, v. Eichard Pulajm de Wyrham, in Wyrham. 
(William de Mesz claims because he says Eichard Pulein is his 

813. Symon de Hedersete v. *Eichard de Bee, in Bee. 

The same v. the same, whom Eicheriis, Master of the 
Hospital of St. J*he de Bee calls to warrant. 

814. *Helewis widow of Eichard le Ferrur, by Hubert de 
Wyghton, v. Hugh Luvel, in [D ?]unton and Sculetorp. 

The same v. Alured de Barsam, in the same. 
The same v. Alan Fader, in Sculetorp. 

815. William de Lincolnia v, *Eobert Hautejn, in Heyles- 
den. (J 'no Hereman and Agnes his wife and her sister Alice 

816. William de Stutevill v. *Eoger de Huntingefeld, whom 
Waleran le Tyes and SibiUa his wife call to warrant in Finchham, 
Favereswell, Fordham, and Marham. [Bradeham mentioned.] 

817. *WiUiam fil' Eichard de Trikeby v, Thomas Darnel, in 

818. William de Englefeld v. *Henry de Stratton of the 
latter's services, &c., in Stratton. 

819. *Ealph fil' Henry and John fil' Ealph r. William fil' 
Eoger, in Waterden and Northbarsham. (Gilbert fil' Walter de 
Thorp claims.) 

820. Nicholas Le Waleys v. *Hervey de Pceltun, in Pceltun. 

821. Ealph de Vemun v. *Eichard de Tymeworde, in 

822. *Eobert Bil v. Eoger de Guneton, by Bartholomew de 
Guneton, of advowson of Eollesby. 

823. Simon de Skeminge i\ *Eobert de Bosco of Saham, in 

824. ♦Simon fil' Amald v. Peter de Pikeham, in Eggemere. 

825. *William de Eedham, by Eobert de Stokeby, v. Walter 
de Ev'mue, in Eunham. [Grant to Eobert de Brirves and 
Beatrix his wife.] 

826. Hugh de Ver, Earl of Oxford, r. *Ealph Gemun and 
Cecilia his wife, whom Ealph Blundus calls to warrant in 


827. *Baldewiu Bussu*, Agnes Geye, and Kirlinrd til' ( riiluildi 
V. William de Meysi, whom Eichard lo EngleiR calls tc) warrant 
in Wyrham. 

828. Stephen de Bedhamt;.*William de Redham and Matthew 
fill' William, of the chase which Stephen claims in William's 
wairen of Bedham. 

829. Matilda de Belhus t;. *Alina widow of John Marescall, 
of fishery of Wicford and half fishery of Kerewen, in Tudenham 

830. Abbot of Saut'ie v. *Leyina fil* Ealph Kellock, in Lenn. 
(Bishop of Norwich claims.) 

831. ^Walter Osker t;. Eichard de Eeppes, in Bastwyk. 

832. *Eobert de Curzun t;. Simon de Whatef eld, in Stokes and 

The same v, the same, whom Balph de Therston and Sibilla 
his wife call to warrant in Stokes. 

833. *Gk)dfrey de Mileres v, Thomas de. Whimpewelle, in 

The same t;. the same, whom Agatha his mother calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Eoger Benet calls to warrant 
in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Peter fil' Andrew calls to 
warrant in the same. 

834. Alicia fil' William r. *Rohert fiP Ralph le Mareftcal. 
Eeyner de Shuldham and Katherine his wife, in W^-nnej^eye. 

835. *Joh'n fiP Ralph, by Ric^hard Angot, v. David de 
Cremplesham, in Oremplesham. 

836. William Malerbe v. *Ranulph de Oringelford, in 

837. *Richard de Oiirzun v. William de Stalham, in Burjj^o. 

838. William de Euglefeld v. *Rohert Ilouel, of the latter's 
services, &c., in Swantun. 

839. Robert Barnard r. *rulco Barnard, by John de Merton, 
of manor of Iladdeston. 

840. *John de Waxtonesham r. Robert Bil, in Rollesby. 

25th Henry TII. 

841. *Williani de Vilethon v. Hugh fir Peter, in Hecbam. 
The same v. the same, whom Brand til' Pen' calls to warrant 

in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Remisiiis til' Peter calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v, the same, whom Walter de Cayly calls to warrant 
in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Cristiana fil' Robert calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, w^hom Arketyl Molendina, Robert 
le Covemr, and J'no fir Mathew call to warrant in the 

F 2 


♦William de Vilethon v. Hugh fil* Peter, whom Philip 
Pan'ton and Oliva his wife call to warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Nicholas Kiggotsay calls to 
warrant in Hyngsted. 

The same v, the same, whom Peter fil' Edelyn calls to 
warrant in the same. 

842. Abbot de Becco, Herlwin, by brother Eobert de 
Boneboye, v, *Magr* Reginald fil* Eustace de Whoretham, in 

843. Amicia fil' Karoli, by William Sothman, v. *William 
fil* Karoli, in Gememue. 

844. *Cri8tiana widow of Thomas de S'co Audomero v, 
Simon de Criketoft, in Walsham, .... Upton, Eandewurth, 
Hemlington, Beigheton, Mouton, and Wikhamton. 

845. John Talebot v, *Gimilda fil* Simon de Brothereshall, 
by William de Messenden, in Fincham. 

846. Abbot of Sautre, by brother Robert de Huntedon, v. 
♦Stephen Travers alid Katherine his wife, in Lenne. (Bishop of 
Norwich claims.) 

847. Hugh de Wyrham, by Hermer de Bekeswelle, v, ♦John 
de Senges and Alice his wife, in Lenne. 

848. William de Brom v. •Roger le Sage and Alice his wife, 
in Brom, Elingham, and Kerdeston. 

849. Alured le Chamberleng and Emma his wife, by 
Reginald fil* Robert, v, ♦Thomas fil* Robert and Johanna his 
wife, by Galfr* fil* Gaufr', in Wyveton. 

850. Walter fil' Godfrey de Tylney v, ♦Humphry de 
Wyvelesheye and Matilda his wife, in Ryngsted and Hulm. 

26th Henry HI. 

851. Thomas de Wodetun v. ♦Galfrid fil' Osbert, in Wodeton. 
(Nicholas de Stutevill of Keneburt appon. clam, suum on the 
ground of Galfr* being his villein.) 

852. *Peter de Kareston and William his brother, by Simon 
de Egefeld, r. Adam de Calethorp and Matilda his wife, by 
Hugh fir William, in Karston. 

853. *Matilda widow of William de Weston v. Robert Bonet, 
in Shipedham. 

The same v. Walter vinetarius of Derham, in the same. 

854. Robert Tholy v. ♦Peter fil* Robert de Crek, in North 

855. ♦Gh'egory de Mora and Hughelina his wife and Matilda 
her sister v. John Pikot, whom Hervey de Stanho called to 
warrant in Anemere and Wulf erton and advowson of Anemere. 

856. ♦William SumersuejTi and Editha his wife v, John de 
Helegheton, in Rokelund. 

857. ♦Beatrix fil* Isabell of Stodeva r. Robert le Povere, in 

858. Wniiam fil* Henry v. ♦John de Waxtonesham, in 
Rollesby. (Warin de Monte Caniso appon. clam.) 


859. Simou de Albriuuis, by Robert de Renham, v. *Rog(»r 
Hareng, in Mauteby. 

860. ♦Magister WiUiam de Clare, Archid' Sub'ir, by Walter 
de Stanbam, v. (John) le Marescbal, by Hugh Bardulf, of half 
manor of Folesham and advowsons oi churches of Folesham 
and Bynetre. [Hundred of Eynesford mentioned. Alyva the 
mother of John mentioned.] 

861. John de Paris and. Alice his wife, Isabella, Lecia, and 
Emma her sisters, v. ^Eustace de Bemingham, in Grathisthorp 
and Bemingham. 

862. Richard de Bensted, parson of the church of Salle, v. 
♦Ralph de Alethorp, cler', in Salle. 

863. William de Crek v. ♦Peter, capellanus of Crek, in 

27th Hxnby m. 

864. Roger le Bigot, Earl of Norfolk, v. ♦Maria de Cadomo, 
Richard de Thwait, and William de Stokton, of advowson of 

865. Simon de Toftes r. ♦Martin de Yinario and Matilda his 
wife, in Oroxton. 

866. Anger, abbot of Derham, r. ♦Thomas de Welles and 
Alietiora his wife, in North Clenchwarton. 

867. John de Watton v. ♦Hugh de Salle and Amabil his 
wife, in Feltewell. 

868. ♦Richard, prior of the canons of Theford, and Richard 
Trenchaunt v. Stephen, prior of the monks of Theford, in 

869. Robert de Stokeby v. *Robert de Brius and Beatrix his 
wife, by Galfr* Buss, in Runham. 

870. Robert, abbot of St. Benedict of Hulm, r. *Robert 
Hautejrn, by Galfr* Austeyn, of fishery in waters of Heylesdon 
and Hegham. 

871. *Simon, prior of Norwich, by Reginald de Lodnes, v. 
Roger Hauteste, parson of Tliornham, by Gerard de Bakeham, 
in Thornham. 

872. Margeria de Scrouteby r. *Nichol do Scrouteby, in 

873. Simon de Thoftos, custodian of Hospital of Blessed 
Mary at the Bridge of Teford, v. ♦Oonstautine, abbot of Sibeton, 
in Croxton. (Matilda Sorel appon. clam.) 

874. Thomas de Ingaldestorp v. ♦William de Gurnay and 
Katherine his wife, in North Wuttun. 

875. Peter fil' Peter de Pole\ill v. *William de Wycheston 
and Emma his wife, in Bylneye. 

876. Peter and Hamo, sons of John de Dallinge, v, Stephen, 
abbot of Saveny, by Robert de Notingham, in DaJlyng. 

877. Robert de Brius and Beatrix his wife, by Galfr' Buss, 
V, ♦Walter fil' Henry de Jernemue, in Runham. 

878. John le Estrange v. *Basil de Naringes, in Naringes. 


879. Warin de Monte OaniBO, r. ♦William Blundus, in 

880. *Jolin fil' William r. Walter, prior of Bukenham, 
advowson of St. Peter of Cleythorp. 

28th Henry DI. 

881. Stephen, prior of Monks of Thetford, v. ^Matilda 
widow of A\ illiam de Verdun, in Aselaketon. 

882. *Joim fil' Roger Extraneus and Beatrix his wife r. 
Koger Extraneus, in Fransliam Parva. 

883. William Bardolf, by William de Pageham, v. ♦Ralph 
de Rosey, in Winebodesham. 

884. Richard de Nerford v, ♦John de Blumvill and Johanne 
his wife, in Thorp, Eygsewell, FundenhaU, Hapetun, and 

885. Walter de Wirham v. ♦Hugh de P'halle and Amabil his 
wife, in Surreye and in FeltweU. 

886. Agnes, prioress of Karhow, v. ♦Agnes le Enveyse, in 
Skeringe and Dereham. [Roger de FreviU mentioned. A long 

887. John de Uvedale v, ♦Reginald, parson of Cesterford, by 
Peter son of John de Runhale, in Bet'ingham. 

888. Roger de Thurkelby v. ♦Simon de Blaveny and Muriel 
his wife, in Hekingham. 

889. Galfrid de Tresgoz v. ♦Frarie de Burenham, in 

890. Robert de Bruis and Beatrix his wife, by Qalfrid 
Busse, V. *James de Runham, in Runham. 

891. John son of Thomas Chese v. ♦Henry de Hecham and 
Rosa his wife, in Horsham and Hecham. 

892. Robert de Shelfhanger v. ♦Walter fil' William de 
Brisingham, in Shelfhanger. 

893. John Chese v. ♦Agnes Chese, in suburb of Norwich. 

894. Hamo de Nereburg v. ♦Hugh Buch, in Nereburg. 

30th Henry IH. 

895. Alan fil' Roger de Wesenham v. ♦Alan fil' Ascilie de 
Tyteleshal, in Wesenham. 

896. ♦Agnes Bonde v. Thomas del Hyl, whom Reginald de 
Corzun called to waiTant in Theford. [William Botsueyn 

897. ♦Thomas de Pouton and Beatrix his wife v. Mabil de 
Naringes, in Snaringes. 

898. Isabel de Cressy v. ♦Ralph de Secheford, in Hevingham. 

899. Galfrid Carpentrarius v. ♦William le Syre of Norid- 
baresham, in Waterden. 

900. William de Vemun v. ♦Simon de Blaveny and Muriel 
his wife, in Hales, Raveningham, and Lodys. 

901. William, prior of Walsingham, by brother Alan del 
Othyerd his <ranon, r. ♦Thorald 1p Breton and Avelina his wife, 
in Holkham and Parva Wal^iiigliani. 


902. *08bert de Ea.gliewoi*tli v, Robert, abbot of St. Benedict 
of Holm, in Tybeham. 

3l8T Henry III. 

903. Hugh, abbot of Langley, by brother Simon his canon, 
and *Stephen de Brogedish, by Robert de St. Ivo, in 

The same v. Christiana daughter of Agnes de Brigeham, in 
the same. 

904. WiUiam, abbot of Crek, v. *Reginald fil' Galfr' de 
Holkham, by Galfrid de Scluley, in Holkham. 

905. Robert fil' Hubert and Nigel his brother v. * Hubert 
Angot, in Morleg', Wilton, and Wykelw'de. 

906. Hugh fil' Ralph v, *Isabel fil' Hubert, by WiUiam 
Malherbe, in Brampton. 

907. Walter, Bishop of Norwich, by William de Pakeham, 
r. *Peter de Alto Bosco, by Peter de Lammesse, in Kcdetorp. 

908. Adam fil' Alan and Thomas Thusard v. *Robert de 
Scales, FraricuB de Cherevill, John del Frith, Ralph Frevel, Hugh 
ad falgate, Reginald fil' Ade, Ralph Lemmer, Galfr' Hylle, 
Richard fil' Godfrey, Walter Scruth, Henry de Clenchewarton, 
Thomas de Sculeham, Martin fir Gocelin, Rolland del Frith, 
Stephen Kech, and Tho' Dix, of watercourse in Tyrinton. 

909. Hugh, Bishop of Ely, v. *John fil' Wace, in Tyrington. 

910. ♦Gervase fil* Reginald v. Randolph Houel and Editha 
his wife, in North Crek. 

911. Berengar, prior of St. Faith of Horsham, by John de 
la Chambre, v, *Hugh de Cressy, in Norwich. 

9 1 2. Nicholas fil Richard and Alicia his wife t;. ^Michael de 
Truston and Agnes his wife, in Wyckeleswode. 

913. *John Level v. John Lowys, of the latter's freedom 
or **natiyita8." 

914. *William fiP Ottwy v, Ranulph de Scharneton and Emma 
his wife, and Christiana and Beatrix her sisters, in Scharneton. 

915. *Ranulph de Stratton v. Robert Estwimy, [Estwiniz?] in 

916. *John Chese v, Agnes, prioress of Carhow, whom Ag^es 
Chese calls to warrant in Byskele. (Galfr. de Biskele appon. 

917. *Walter fil' Robert and Alice his wife, by Henry de 
Hyston, v. Richard, prior of Bynham, by Osbert de Camera, 
in Berneye and Tufford. 

918. *John fir Roger v. Simon ^V Richard de Melkesham, 
in Tylneya. 

919. *Vincent de Kyrkeby v, Hugh, abbot of Langley, of 
advowson of church of St. Mary of Kirkby. 

920. Robert, prior of Westacre, v. ♦Isabell widow of Robert 
de Hulmo, in Hulmo. 

921. John de Daggeworthe v. ♦Michael de Inesseton and 
Agnes his wife, in Wyckeleswode. 


922. John, prior of Stoke, v. *Adam de Crempleeham and 
Glaricia his wife, in Cremplesham. 

923. ♦Eobert fil' Robert de TatesJial, by Geoffrey de Home- 
castre, v, William de Hevingeham and Graciana his wife, in 

924. *Robert fil' Ade v. Richard de Kayli, Thomas de Cheyle 
and Cristiana his wife, by Peter de Cheyle, in Walpole. 

925. *Henry de Ruieshal r. Hugh, abbot of Langley, by 
brother Roger de Hemesby, of advouson of Ruieshal. 

926. Thomas de Grimesby v, *Henry de Menstre and Alice 
his wife, in Len. 

82in) Henry III. 

927. Walter, Bisliop of Norwich, by William de Pakham, r. 
♦Peter de Alto Bosco, by Peter de Lammesse, in Kalethorp, and 
the advouson of Kaletliorp. (Roger de Calthorp appon. clam, 
for one-third of the advowson.) 

928. Thomas fiP Herbert v. *Thomas fil' William, whom 
Robert Beneke and Matilda his wife call to warrant in Neuton. 

929. Stephen de Brokedys v. *Richard le Butiller, in Brising- 
ham. (John de Verdun appon. clam.) 

930. Ralph fil' Ralph de Tasseburg v. *Walter de Bosoo, in 

The same v, Agnes de Campo, in the same. 

931. Roger de Stokes v. *i.Nichola8 de Stokes, in Stokes. 

932. John de Hasinhawe v. *Clement de Rysing, cler', in 
Ry8iiig, Hengham, and Bergh. 

933. *Roger le Bygot, Earl Marescall, v. Thomas Bakun, of a 
market in Lodnes. 

934. Walter, Bishop of Norwich, by William de Pakeham, 
V. *William Lefforf and Matilda his wife, in Len. 

935. Adam, abbot of Sautre, by brother Robert of Huntedon 
his monk, t?. *Garinus de Bassingbum, by John de Marus, in 

936. Roger de Suffeld, by William de Pakeham and William 
de Suffeld, by Thomas de Bailing, v. *William de Sparham, by 
William Buckeskyn, in Askeby, Hoby, Baswik, and Reppes. 

937. *Angneta widow of Agnes de Middehal, by Ralph 
Frevel, v. Nicholas fiP William de Lenn, in Wyggenhall. 

938. Richard fil' William de Sandringham v. *Ernald de 
Munteny, by Robert de Ely, in Sandringeham and Neweton. 

939. William de S*" Omero v. *John de Rysing, in Brakene 
and Rysing. 

940. Galfrid Crowe v. William de Monaster', in Thomeston. 
[Fields mentioned, inter alia Upcherstigate.] 

941. Robert de Bruis and Beatrix his wife, by John de 
Homing, v. Berengar, prior of St. Faith of Horsham, of 
advowson of Runham. 

942. William, abbot of Krek, by brother Walter de Norwich 
his canon, v, *Nicholas de Q'rueles, in Q'rueles, and advowson of 
the same. 



943. Simon fiP Ralph v. *Balph le Faukener of Keniugehal, in 
Keninghal and Quidenham. (Isabel, Countess of Arundel, 
appon. clam.) 

944. Robert de Bojton and Olyva his wife, by Richard le 
Messager and Thomas de Kattiston, r. ^imon fil' Richard, of 
yearly rent (in Sennesthorp ?^ 

945. Hugh de Cressi, by orother Henry de Norwico, r. Ralph 
de Akeny, in Holcham. 

946. ^niVilliam fil' Roger v. Richard de Stratton and Muriel 
bis wife, in Wauton. 

The same r. Hugh fil' William and Margery his wife, in the 

947. Michael de Boton v. ^William de Boton, in Boton. 

33bi) Henby UI. 

948. ^Stephen de Redham v, Robert, abbot of St. Benedict 
of Huhn, in Scotho, Lammesse, Riston, Redham, and Nortun. 

949. Margeria fil' Roger de Norwico, by William de 
Wodeton, v. ^Galfridus, vicar of Bedingham, in Wodeton and 

960. Berenper, prior of St. Faith of Horsham, by Robert de 
Egefeud, v. "^Roger de Gisnetho, by John de Ryueshal, of 
advowson of Heveringland, &c. 

951. Roger de Thurkelby v. *Robert de St. Ivo, in Pulham. 

952. Robert de Staunford v. ^Reginald de Luddelawe and 
Beatrix his wife, in East Bradenham. 

953. Rauu' tiP l^aun* r. *Raun' fiP Keyner, by Thilip de 
Lanehaiii, in Shotesham. 

954. *Ealph fir Ralph de Ryburgh r. Giles de Miinpiiicun, in 

955. Roger de Stok r. *Peter de Wirham, in Derham. 

956. *Hug}i de Kayly r. Geoffry de Hecham, by Ralph de 
Docking, in H(?ehani. (Prior of Lewes appon. clam.) 

957. Pot<T de Wyrham v. *Hugh de Wyrham, in Derham 
and Cranipleslinni. 

958. *\\'altor de Maltc^by r. iSimon, prior of Holy Trinity of 
NoFNrieh, by William de Hak(»ford, in Hemniesby. 

950. I^oger do la l)al<», by William de Medefeud, r. *Magr' 
Roger do Ravoningham, in Pavoniiighain. 

9G0. *Hi(t]iard ill' Tliomas do Walokot and Thomas his 
brother, r. Thomas fil' Walter de Walokot, in North Birlingham. 

961. Thomas fil* Ivo, by John de Wutton, v. *John Cocus of 
Wudeton, in Wudeton. 

34th Henry III. 

962. *Alice fil' Luch^ by GeoflFry le Clerk, v, Hervey fil' 
Robert le Provost, in Shelton. 

963. Robert fil* Hugh de Bynotre v. *Humfrey de Monasterio, 
in Geyste. 

The same v. *Rol)ert le Mnrwe, in the same. 


Eobert fil' Hugh de Bynetre v, *Geoffry de Mouasterio, in the 

The same v. John Overbek, in the same. 
The same v. William fil' Godwyn, in the same. 
The same v. Halph, vicar of Gteyste, in the same. 
The same v. William de Langetoft, in the same. 
The same v. Geo&ej Overbek, in the same. 
The same v, Eobert fil' Richard, in the same. 
The same v. Eobert Dosi, in the same. 
The same v. Botilda fil' Ealph, in the same. 
The same v, Eichard fil' Eobert, in the same. 
The same v. William fil' Alexander, in the same. 
The same v. Symon le Bedel, in the same. 
The same v, Eobert Mandry, in the same. 
The same v. Hugh fij le Prestre, in the same. 

964. *John Hace r. *Eoger fij a la persone, in Heveringlond. 

965. ^Herbert fil' Eudo v. Ealph ad Ecclesiam, in Ludham. 

966. ♦Hugh Jemegan v, Eichard de Nereford, in Wrenyng- 

967. *Bartholomew fil' William v. Eichard de Nereford, in 

968. Hugh de Brunham v, *Adain Gemun and Alice his 
wife, in Brakendel. 

969. *William de Methelwolde and Juliana his wife, Eichard 
de Scuteston and Matilda his wife, Benedict fil' William and 
Isabel his wife, John fil' Geoffrey and Basilia his wife, v. Simon, 
prior of Norwich, by William de Gatteleg, in Secheford. 

970. Eoger de Huntingfeld, by Walter de Bradeham, v. 
*John fil' William de Archys and Katherine his wife, in Byker' 
and Dunington. 

971. *Affne8 de Eatlesden v. John de Norton, in Geistweit. 

972. William fil' Eichard v. * William de Hcuingeby, in 
Haryngeby, Billokesby, and Clyppesby. 

973. *Eanulph de Ho v. William de Vallibj, whom Simon, 
prior of Pentney, called to warrant of half the advowson of 
All Saints of Shottesham. 

974. Eobert fil' Geoffrey v. *Humfrey de Martham, in 

975. Nicholas Childman v, *Eichard de Nereford, of £15 
arrears of a 20«. rent. 

976. Odo fil' Ede de Depedal e?. *Ealph de Depedale, in 

977. Ealph de Barshal r. ^Thomas Le Marescal, in Theford. 

978. William Bucschyn r. *Alexander de Vallibj, in Burgo. 

979. William de WrampeHngham v, *Ascelina de Wram- 
pelingham, in Wrampelingham. 

980. Ealph fil' Bartholomew v. *Eobert le Povre, in 

981. Eeyner de Burgo v. *Warin fil' Hugh and Alice his 
wife, Hervey de Stanho and Ela his wife, in Eefham, and two 


parts of the advowson of the mediety of the church of Blessed 
Maiy of Befham. 

982. Isabel de Cressy v, *Johii de Merley, in Buntou and 
Beston [40 acres and 1 messuage and advowson of church], to 
hold to ner at yearly rent of 2 lbs. of Cummin. Consideration, 
60 marks argent. (Roger le Bigod app. clam.) 

983. *William de Shotesham and Hawys his wife v. Bichard 
Coro, in Attleburg. 

Tjie same v. the same, whom Agnes fil' Henry Faber calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v, the same, whom Symon de Alderford calls to 
warrant in the same. 

984. Robert de Staumford v. *Alexander de Hedersete and 
Matilda his wife, in Cryngelford. 

985. *Eylwin Attedam and Cecilia his wife and Sabina her 
sister, by Bartholomew de Pykeringe, v. Thomas de Burgo, in 

986. *William fil* John de Wendling v. Roger fil' Adam and 
Cecilia his wife, in Skemi'g. 

The same v, the same, whom Alice de Dunham calls to 
warrant in the same. 

987. ♦William fil* Ade de Hecham v. Robert, abbot of St. 
Benedict of Hulmo, by John del Esh, in Hecham. (Henry de 
Salcetis app. clam.) 

988. *Berenger, prior of St. Faith's of Horsham, parson of 
the church of Horsham {ste)^ v. Hugh de Cressy, in Horsham. 
(William le Fraunceys, Thomas le Macun, Simon le Escure, 
William Hugeman, and John Rocelyn, app. clam.) 

989. Robert fil' John v. *Ralph de Ho, in Ho. 

990. Simon, prior of Panteneye v, *Nicholas de Hasting, in 
Thorp and Estweniz. 

991. *Hervey fil' Isabel de Gey ton v. Robert fil' Herbert de 
Tytleshal, in Gfreyneston. 

992. Richard le Fraunceys v, *William de Hethe, in Thorp 
and Plumstede. [3 acres in . . . . ] 

The same v, the same, whom Robert fil* Sybill and William de 
Syneford caU to warrant in the same, of whom a duel was 
waged, &c. Consideration, 2 marks argent. 

993. ^Robert Hakun v, Hubert Hakun, in Magna Meuton. 

994. John, prior of Cokesford, v, *William fil' Roger de 
Brom, in Kilverdeston. 

995. Robert Angevyn and Margaret his wife v. *Richard de 
Monasterio, in Salle. 

996. Matilda de Belhus, by Roger de Tudeham, v, *Alina la 
Mareschale, of a j&shery of Wytford and of half a fishery of 
Kerewen, in Tudeham faldgate. 

997. William de Beston v. "♦Thomas de Hereford and Beatrix 
his wife, in Beston. 

998. Peter Crispin v. *Peter de Barewe, in Teford. 

099. Roger de Verly and Mabil his wife, Henry de Ry and 


Lecia his wife, and Emma and Alice her sisters, r. *daher de 
Fiyville, in Sker'jrng. 

1000. *Agne8 de Eattlesdene r. Koeer de Herleberge, whom 
Kyeher de Eeymes called to warrant of a quarter of a knight*8 
fee in Overstronde and North Eeppes, of whom a duel was 
waged, armed, and fought. Consideration, 40 marks of silyer. 

1001. Simon, abbot of Langeleg', r. ♦Walter de Senges, of 
land in Senges and advowson of half the church of St. 
Margaret of Senges. 

1002. J' no de Ryseby and Isabel his wife and J'no Crawe 
and Mariota his wife, by Halph de Riseby, f . ♦William Wautre, 
in Brunhamthorp. 

1003. Geoffrey fil' Bartholomew r. ♦Bartholomew Reynham, 
in Reynham. 

1004. Bartholomew de Walsingeham r. ♦Richard de 
Nereford, in Haysweltorp, Fundehal, and Hapeton. 

1005. Humfrey de Alfredesfeld v. ♦John Denerere, in 

1006. ♦William Julien and Sarra his wife v. Osbert de 
Houton, in Bunewell. 

1007. Adam fil' Alexander r. ♦Henry fil* William de 
Tychewell, in Tychewell. 

1 008. Robert Hakun v. ♦Philip Burel, in Magna Neuton. 

1009. ♦Odo fil' William v. Nicholas de Hakeford, whom 
Walter de Holemere calls to warrant in Wychingham. 

The same v. the same, whom Isabella Legard calls to warrant 
in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Agnes de Lenns calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v, the same, whom William de Holemere and 
Alice his sister call to warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Agnes de Falgate calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Godfrey de Oldebek calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v, the same, whom Roger de Brethregate calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same i\ the same, whom Adam le Mire calls to warrant 
in the same. 

The same v, the same, whom Emma Leggard calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v, the same, whom Richard Bagard calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Adam de Bobrygge calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Robert de Bobrigge calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Galfr' fir Gilbert calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v, the same, whom Williaui lo Waleis calls to 
warrant iu the same. 


1010. William Suinerswein and Eda his wife v. *Symon, 
abbot of Langley, in Rokeland. 

1011. * William de Medler and Hawisia bis wife v. Aveiina 
de Ling, in Ling. 

1012. *WiIliam del Lund of Estudebam v. Mag'r Ealpb de 
Thurston, in Estudebam. 

1013. PhiHp fil' Peter v. *Adam de Wotbstede, in Wrtbe- 

1014. Adam Page v, ^Robert Page, in Sabam and Asseleg. 

1015. Henry fil' Julian v, *Tbomas fil* Henry de Norton, in 

1016. Symon de Nodariis v. Robert, abbot of St. Benedict of 
Holm, in Swaneton. (Bartholomew de Scothowe appon. clam.) 

1017. Margaret de Beston v. *James de Bokke, in Beston, 
Kemeston, Milham, and Franesbam. (Gilbert de Fransham 
app. clam.) 

1018. Hamo Burd v. *Robert fil' John and Margaret his wife, 
in Wyssingesete. 

1019. Sewall de Fretborp v. ^Bartholomew fil* John of Sutb- 
wude, in Fretborp. 

] 020. *Adam fil' Walter v. Robert, abbot of St. Benedict of 
Holm, in Tybebam. 

1021. Richard Stabbard v. *Hugh fil' Robert, in AsseweUe- 

1022. *William deLangeford and Basiliahis wife, v, Richard 
de Mikelesbal, in Hulmo. 

1023. *Stepheli le Mercer v. Jordan de Shelton, in Shelton. 

1024. William fil' Duranti v, *Robert fil' Richard de Hey- 
lesdon, in Brundal. 

1025. William de Ling, capellanus capellse de Dunsynges, 
V, * William de StuteviU, in Dusing*. 

1026. John de Poryngelond v, *Roger de Poryngelond, in 

10*27. Richard de Freton v. *WiUiam fil* Roger and Mabilia 
his wife, in East Tudeham. 

1028. Adam fil' Peter de Gfressingbale v. *William de 
Stutevill, by Hugh de Wycherisfeud, in Gressingehal. 

1029. *Agnes fil' Hugh v, Reginald le Tayler of Lodne, in 

1 030. William fil* AveHne of Yarmouth v, *Robert de Boyton 
and Oliva bis wife, in Brundal. 

1031. Peter de Kaily and Maria bis wife, v. *Ranulph fil' 
Symon le Kunte and Johanna his wife, in Gremeston, Titeleshal, 
Mileham, and Rudham. 

1032. Yincont de Kyrkeby r. *William fil' Richard and Ineta 
his wife, in Gilverton. 

1033. Clement fil' Nicholas de Stalham v. *Alice fil' Clement 
de Stalham, by William de Stalham, in Billokby. 

1034. *Eicbard de Dicleburg and John fil' Ivo v. Ranulph le 
Flemeng and Lititia bis wife, of estates, &c., in Osmundeston. 


1035. Eicher fil' Nich* v. ^Matilda de Norwyco, in Truncli, 
Swathefeld, and Bradefeld. 

1036. Roger de Cycestre r. *Alina la Marescalle, by Balph 
de Turston, a messuage and a carucate in Mateshal and Bergh. 

1037. Cassandra, prioress of Cestrehunte, r. ^Eobert de 
Tateshal, of arrears oi rent. 

1038. Ralph fil' William de Haringeby v, *Tlioma8 fil' Roger 
de HevympeweU, in Hapesburg. 

1039. rRoger de Pyrtire (itre ?) and Ivnoria his wife, Roger 
fil' Reginald and Mabilia his wife, v. Robert fil' Richard, in 
Intewode. (Ralph de Tyvill appon. clam.) 

1040. Adam de Skyppedam, capellanus capelle Sci' Nich' de 
Gressinghal, v, ^William de Stutevill, in Gfressinghal, Skeming, 
and Bradenham. 

1041. Ralph fil' Richard and Alice his wife v. ^Bartholomew 
fil' Stephen, in Ma^' Walsingham. 

1042. Escelota ae Depedale and John and Gregory her sons 
V, *Hugh, parson of Depedale, in Depedale. 

1043. William de Grauncurt v. *Robert de Chardacre and Ela 
his wife, in Parva Massingham, Magna Massingham, Wesenham, 
Suthreynham, and Geyste. 

1044. Martin Galien v. *John Galien, in Wymimdham, 
Snetesham, and Wikelwode. 

1045. Symon le Wafre v. *John le Wafre, in Wynedole. 

1046. RjEilph de Derham and Matilda his wife, and Isabella 
her sister, v. *Nicholas de Reyndon, in Bumham. 

1047. Robert de Staumford v. *Walter Barun and Agatha his 
wife, in Cringelford. 

1048. Peter de Palling and Letitia his wife, Hervey del Ker 
and Agnes his wife, v, *Edwin Spring' and William his son, in 

1049. Symon, prior of Panteney, r. *Alice de Kangham, in 
Keteringham. (William de Vallibj app. clam.) 

1050. John del Gap and Emma his wife r. *Robert de 
Hekyngham and Alice his wife, in Poswyk. 

1051. Galfrid fil' Johnt?. *Robert Page, in Saham and Assele. 

1052. Anger fil' Thomas de Rysinge and Agnes his wife v, 
♦Robert fil' Hubert de Kellinge of advowson of church of 

1053. Philip le Burgiulim t;. *Roger Burdens and Cristiana 
his wife, in Helmingham. (Alexander de Refham app. clam.) 

1054. Robert de Wafre v, *Adam Gemun and Alice his wife, 
in Thorp. 

1055. Ranulph fil' William v, *Ranulph fil' Robert de 
Stratton, in Stratton. 

1056. *Roger de Dycleburg and Matilda his wife v. Robert 
de Tat-eshal, by Hugh de Ourzun, in Wudeton. 

1057. Alured le Marchaunt of East Barsham, v, *Hugh de 
Dunton, as to services which Eustace de Paveley exacted in 


1058. William ^V Eeginald de Nortlund, by John Bumel, 
V. *Richaxd de Nugun and Johanna his wife, whom "William fil' 
Otewey calls to warrant in Bathele. 

1059. Agnes, prioress of Karro, v. *Ralph de Erlham, twenty- 
six acres and advowson of Erlham. Ralph and heirs to be re- 
ceived into benefits and privileges of the priory. 

1060. Herbert de Helgeton, by Balph de Helgeton, v. 
♦William Simiersweyn and Eda his wife, in Bokelund, Helgeton, 
Dnnston, Walesham, Sweynestorp, A-pe'ton, Thurton, and Lange- 

1061. John de Helgeton, by Thomas de Fakeham, v, 
♦William Snmersweyn and Eda his wife, in Kokelund. 

1062. Ealph de Barshal v. *Robert Bude, in Theford. 

1063. The same v. *Walter fil' Alan le Vinetir, in Teford. 

1064. Richard fil' William de Haryngeby v, *Thomas fil' 
Roger de Wympewelle, in Hapesburg. 

1065. John de Marton, Richard le Gfray and Margaret his 
wife, Agatha . fil' Hugelin, Gerard de Swynesheved, Robert de 
Herdwyk, Thomas de Herdwik, and J'no de Swerdeston, by 
Hugh Gundgan, v, *Joceus de Yerniin, in Hethil. 

1066. *l8abel de Cressy v. *Alicia de Leonibus, in Wynterton, 
Sumerton, and Lammesse. 

1 067. Thomas fil' John v, *Margaret fil' John, in Renhal and 

1068. William de Tudeham and Basilia his wife, v. *Ascelina 
de Wrampelyngham in Wrampelingham. 

1069. *Roger de Salthus v, Symon fil' Ade, in Beston. [One 
messuage and eight acres]. Consideration, fifteen marks argent. 

1070. Richard Astan of Kyrkeby v. * William de Brampton, 
in Kyrkeby, Elyngeham, and Gildeston. 

1071. Hugh de KayUy and Agnes his wife, by John le 
Waleis, v. *Hamo de Hemstede, of market of Holt and land in 
Hemstede, Holt, Kellinge, and Letheringesete. 

1072. *Galfr' de Biskele v. Ralph de Hecham, in Biskele. 

1073. *Ralph Wyther v. Simon de Suldham, whom Adam 
fil' William de Suldham caUs to warrant in Suldham. 

The same v, the same, whom Alexander de Lund calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Emma widow of Ulfketil le 
[fev ?]ere calls to warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom MurieUa fil' Blmma calls to 
warrant in the same. 

1074. Henry de Bello Campo and Agnes his wife, and Johiv 
son of the said Henry, v. *Reginald Rusteng and Katherine his 
wife, Thomas fil' John and Cristiana his wile, Alice fil' Richard 
and Juliana her sister, in Bonewell and Carleton. 

1075. Walter fil' Ralph de Hemehale p, ♦John fil' Ralph de 
Freton, in Freton and Herdewyk. 

The same r. the same, whom Roger Kekhus calls to warrant 
in Freton. 


1,076. Boger de Thurkelby v. *Peter de Merkeshale, in 
Kastre and Merkeshale. 

1077. *Hervicu8 fil* Eichard MarescaU v. John le Loverc, 
in Schelfhanger. 

1078. Cresseben de Perus and Sarra his wife v. *Mag'r Henry 
de Ho, by Mag'r Geoffrey de Derham, in Ho and Betele. 

1079. Paul* Peyvere and Johanna his wife v. *Hervey Belet, 
of the manor and advowson of Thorp. [Annora de Verdun 
capital lady of the fee.] 

1080. Henry de Baithon v. *Peter de Meaulinges, of land and 
advowson of Redlesworth. 

1081. John de Dunedale and Margaret his wife v. *Elyas fil' 
Peter de Pakelesham and FeHcia his wife, of rent in Takelneston. 
(Jordan le Brun app. clam.) 

1082. Stephen fil* Walter de Redham v. * Alice fil' Odo de 
Danmartin, of manor of Strumesha' and advowson of St. Peter 
of Northbirlingham. 

1083. Thomas de Thurkelby v. *Peter fil* Peter de Hauboys, 
in Thuddi*gton. [George Bacun and Matilda his wife in 
Tudington mentioned.] (Galfr' de Crakeford and Robert de 
Harling appon. clam.) 

1084. Nicholas de Hakeford v, *Adam Gernun and Alice his 
wife, in Treuse. 

1085. *Nicholas fil' Jocei and Matilda his wife r. Walter de 
Ingham, in Refham and Wytewell. 

1086. William de Clare v. ^Robert, abbot of Futeny, of 
advowson of All Saints of Warham. 

35th Henry III. 

1087. Warin fil' Hugh and Alice his wife v. *Walter de 
Ingham, in Coulinge (sic). 

1088. *Robert de Welles and Christiana his wife v. Anger, 
abbot of Derham, in Tyleneye. 

1089. Henry fil' Stephen v. *Stephen Pertriz of Hakeford, in 
Hakeford, Whitewell, Reffham, and Sparham. 

1090. Emma widow of Henry de Tholetorp v. *Symon, prior 
of Norwich, by William de Gatteleg, in suburb of Norwich and 
in Heveringlond. 

1091. *Roger de Pyritre and Ivosta his wife, Robert fil' 
Reginald and Mabilia his wife, v. Walkelin de Roseye, in 
Intewude. (Ralph de Tyvill app. clam.) 

1092. Symon le Blunt v. * William de Shotesham and Hawisia 
his wife, in Norwich. 

1093. John Hereman and Agnes his wife v. *Adam Gernun 
and Alice his wife, in Norwich. 

1094. William Malerbe v. *Ranulph de Waketon and Alice 
his wife, in Swenestorp. 

1 095. Moyses le Clerk of Swaneton, by John de Swaneton, 
V. *Isabell de Cressy, by John de Lonewade, in Swaneton. 

1096. William, prior of Walsingham, by Alan del Orchard 


biB canon, v. *Alena la Maresohale, by Ralph de Thurston, in 
Faleaham and Bynetre. [Chaplain to daily celebrate for use of 
ally and to have use of chapel at aU times if ihej want it.] 

1097. William Tumel r. ^Heniy Bagge, of the nativity of 
said William. 

1098. ^Almaric Peche and Elizabeth his wife r. William, 
prior of WaLsingham, by brother Alan del Orcherd his canon, in 

1099. Richard de Cremplesham and Aj;atha his wife, Thomas 
de Derham and Alice his wife, Richard de Kingswarton and 
Agnes his wife, by Symon de Cremplesham, v. *Geoffrey Curpel, 
in West Derham. 

1 100. Walter fil' Gkxjelin de Tileneya v. ♦Robert de Well and 
Christiana his wife, in Tyleneya. 

85th Hekby m. 

1101. Robert de Ade, capellanus, v. ♦Henry fil* Alexander 
de Biskele and Eastrilda his wife, in Tunstalle. 

1102. William de Toftes and Amicia his wife v. ^Robert de 
GHnull [GK'iviU] and Camilla his wife, in Raveningham, Hales, 
Stocton, and Hadesco. 

1103. John, prior of Cokeford, v, ♦Roger Scot and Margaret 
his wife, in Folesham. [Pasture called IiLandtorpheye.] 

1104. Roger fil' Gilbert de Besthorp v. ♦John fil* Richard de 
Attelburg, in Attelbui|^. 

1105. *Hubert de Sparham and Beatrice his wife, by Galfrid 
fil* Hubert, v. Humfrey de Baldrewelle, of the '^nativitas" of the 

1106. Reginald le Gros v. *Ralph le Peytevyn of Scotho, in 
Sloleg, Scotho, and Lammasse. 

1107. Alan Ilarald v. *Robert Agwilun, in Scrouteby. 

1108. Jolin de Thudeham and Cassandra his wife and 
Thomas Cusin and Sarra his wife v. *Roger de Alreford and Agnes 
his wife, in Barton. (William Galiz and Juliana his wife and 
Johanna hor sister appon. clam.) 

1109. Adam, prior of Castleacre, by Drogo de Acre, v, 
^Hugh de Vallibus, by Roger de Boylun, of certain rent in 

1110. Galfridus de Lodnes v, *WaIter, Bishop of Norwich, by 
William de Pakeham, in Lenn. 

1111. John Sharp v. *Adam Sharp, in Hales. 

1112. *Warin Fox of Thymelthorp v. William, prior of 
Walsingham, by Alan del Orcherd, of advowson of Thymelthorp. 

1113. John Knotte v. *John de Couteshal and Cecilia his 
wife, in Brakedel. 

1114. Ralph Brid de Bunewell v, *Simon Baynard, in 

1115. * Alicia fil' Thurstan, Ralph Pecok, and Matilda 
Levine v. Walter fil* Jordan aod Juliana his wife, in Aylswe- 



1116. Nicholas fil* HuweHne and Eobert his brother r. 
*!Eeginal(i de Banigham, in Costeseye. 

1117. *Roger de Kersingham and Cecilia his wife, Paulin de 
Teford and Matilda his wife, by GaLfridus fil* Roger de 
Kersingeham, v. Isolda de Kersingeham, by Wymer de 
Pykeham, in Kersingham {sic). 

1118. Stephen, custodian of the Hospital of Blessed Mary 
of Teford, v. *Robert de Surreie and Sarra his wife, in Croxton 
and North wikfeld. 

1119. William Qrys v. *Hamo Mundy and Matilda his wife, 
in Wissingsete. 

1120. John Man of Norwich and Margery his wife v, 
♦Beatrix fil* Simon de Wytlingeham, in Wytiingeham and 

1121. Bartholomew Trundel (?), Agnes fil' Henry, and 
Alice his sister, v, ^William de Senges, whom Reginald fil' John 
de Dunham calls to warrant in Grymeston. [William de Vallibj 

1122. Lauretta de Boyton, by Robert de Onhus, v, *Ralph 
de Franchevill, in Gerbodesham, in Gerbodesham. 

1123. * William fil* Thomas de Melton v. Geoffry Crowe of 
Stratton, in Magna Breckles and Stowe. 

1124. Henry de Hakeford v. ^Godfrey de Wesenham, in 

1125. William Malerbe v. * Walter de Runhal and Plesencia 
his wife, in Cringelford. 

1126. William de Catton and Johanna his wife v, *Roger de 
Hales, in Lodnes, Herdel, and Norton. 

1127. Hamo le Rus v. *Matilda de Belhns, in Tudeham 

1128. William de Sparham and Margaret his wife v. 
*Gervase del Eglise, in Baidesweel. [Baldeswell in body of 

1129. Simon, prior of Norwich, by William de Gattele, v. 
♦William fil' Richard de Senges, in Senges, and of half the 
advowson of Senges. 

1130. Roger de Boylund and Alice his wife v, *John fil* 
Robert, in Hemenhal. 

1131. John ^V Simon v. *Roger fil* Henry and Agnes, in 
Marham and Berton. 

1132. *Hugh fil' Adam Talebot v. Sampson Talebot, by 
Richard de Barsham, in Fincham, Derham, Statisete, Walington, 
and Watlington. 

1133. Agnes widow of William de Sculham v. *John de 
Sculham, in Walsokne, Walton, and Walepol. (Bishop of Ely 
appon. clam.) 

1134. ^Beatrix daughter of William de Derham, Margaret, 
Isabel, and Emma her sisters, v. Gilbert fil' Warin, in Lenn. 

1135. *Reyner fil' Aldich v. William de Hedenham and 
Emma his wife, in NorthwuttuD . 


1186. *Jolm de Tudeham and Oassandra his wife r. Thomas 
Oiuyn and Sana his wife v. William de Bekeswell, whom 
Amphelis la redase oalls to warrant in Marham. [ Asslakeswong 

1137. John, prior of Lenton and parson of the church of St. 
Angustine of Norwich, by brother Pmlip de Dimye his canon, v. 
^'Bjmxm fil' NichoP, Walter le Sunr, Amabilia widow of Andrew 
le Porter, John de Grofta, Walter le Bopere, Alice Bissop, 
Henry de Birston, John Pelte, John Hereman and Agnes his 
wife, Fnlcher de C^nston, Biohard le CSiapelein, Eichard de 
Oouteahale, Eobert de Lenn, Boger le Marohaunt, Gunnilde 
Wikeeioh', and Thomas le Parment , in Norwich. 

1188. •William fil' Bichard v. Bobert de Kellinge, whom 
Boger fil' Arnold calls to warrant in Saltiias. 

1 139. Oeofby de Haipele v. *Emma de Pagrave, in Brantes- 

1 1 40. Hamo Hauteyn v, *Thomas de (Jelham, by Eobert de 
Martham, in Heylesdon. 

1141. Simon, prior of St. Peter of Petreston, by brother 
Henry of Norwich his canon, v. *Balph fil' Sihiri, in Warfles. 
(Bobert fil' William de Wausingham app. dam.) 

1 142. ^William Bucun and Oristiana his wife v. Eichard fil' 
Boger, in Brandon. (Prior of Wansingham app. clam] 

1143. «John fil' Walter de Hastinge v. Mary fil' Ealph de 
Pavely, in Norwich. 

1144. Isabella de Eeinestorp v. *John de Eeinestorp, in 

1145. Eobert de Gemestonr. *John fil' William de Thurston, 
in Gerveston and Thurston. 

1146. *Alice widow of Eobert Doring r. John fil' Eichard, 
in Hemlington. 

1147. Gilbert le Brun v. *Basilia la Brune. by John de Secton, 
in Norwich. 

1148. Nicholas de Leun v. ^William de Fossato, in Wigen- 

1 1 49. John fil' Eichard de Eougham v. ^Eichard de Eougham, 
in Hillington. 

1 150. Stephen de Wyrham r. *Eoger de Tarston and Johanna 
his wife, in Tilneye. 

1151. Wymund le Parmunter and Agnos his wife v, *Thoma8 
Eussel and ISibilla his wife, in Lenn. 

1 152. * William del Frith and Agnes his wife r. Godfrey fil' 
Ade, in Wygenhale. 

1153. Nicholas de Lenn v, * William de Fossato and Cecilia 
his wife, in Wygenhal. 

1154. Anger, abbot of Derham, v, ^William fil' Walter, in 

1155. * William Kyde v. Adam, prior of Oastelacre, by Drugo 
del Acre, in Kastelacre. 

1 156. Walter fil' Peter v. *Peter fil' Laurence, in Tyrinton. 

ti 2 


1 157. *Peter de Merkeshale and Margeria his wife, Keginald 
de Kefham and Annora his wife, and A^es and Alice sisters of 
the said Margeria and Annora, v. John E-ocelin, in Heinford. 

1158. W3liam de YallibuQ, by Stephen de Shotesham, v. 
♦William de Hemenhale and Matilda. 

1159. WiUiam, prior of Walsingham, by brother Alan del 
Orcherd his canon, v. *Ealph fil' Siluri of Walsingham, in 

1 1 60. *Enmia de Tolletorp v. Symon, prior del Hnrst of 
Mendham, of advowson of church of St. Clement of Norwich. 
(Earl of Gloucester app. clam.) 

11 61. Thomas de Burgo v, *William de Burgo, in Welle. 

1162. *Ivo Quarel and Johanna his wife v. Walter de 
Estmora, in Berton and Estmora. 

1163. Henry Gare v. *John de Atteleburg and Cristiana his 
wife, in Kimberle. 

1 1 64. *llobert de Cylecey and Helewisia his wife v, WiUiam 
fil* William Saphir, in Lenn. 

1 165. Eoger de Simplinges v. *Ralph Carbonel, in Simplinge. 
(Roger fil' William of Simpling app. clam.) 

1 1 66. Simon, prior of Panteney, v. *William fil* William de 
Wadinton, as to certain rent. 

1167. *Ric' del Frith and Cecilia his wife v. WiUiam fil' 
Walter, in Tyleneya. 

1168. Agnes, prioress de Karho, v. ^Stephen Travers and 
Katherine his wife, in Lenn. 

1 169. *Thomas de Wabnmne v, Richard, prior of Bynham, in 
Salthus and Kelling. 

1170. Basilia de Pagrave and Sarra her sister v. *Herbert de 
Pagrave, capellanus, in Pagrave and Neuton. 

1171. *Enmia fil' John Punche v. William de Hedenham and 
Emma his wife, in North wuttun. 

36th Henry III. 

1 172. * William de Bliclinge and Majeria his wife v. Nicholas, 
prior de Lbngavilla, by Alan fil' Ralph, in Weston and 

1173. William de Lutehare v. *Alan fil' John de Rugle, in 

1 174. Richard le Kempe v. * William Lovel, in Berton. 

1175. William le Marescall v. *Mag'r William de Clare, of 
advowson of Folesham. 

1176. Alexander de Skerring and Nicholaa his wife, Philip 
de Gomay and Katrine his wife, v. *Henry de Habelund and 
Johanna his wife, in Lavingeham, Beston, and Gressinghal. 

1177. Richard de Rollesby v. *John de Harpel, in 

1178. Anselm fil' Geoffrey de Haninges v. *Henry le 
Marchaunt de Hapesburg, by Gilbert de Byrlingeham, in 


Anflftlm fil' Qeoffrey de Haninges v. QeoSiej le Marchaunt of 
Haninges, two messuages and sixteen acres in Monesley, 
Baketon, and Bromholm. 

1179. Eobert de Bergh v, ^William de Bergh, in Parva 

1180. Bartholomew fil' Oscelin, Boger, Jolm, Eichard, and 
Peter his brothers, v. ^John de Beppes and Alice his wife, in 

1181. Adam Gtemun and Alice his wife v. *Nich's Sard , 

in Norwyc, Sprouston, Catton, and Hejlesdon. (Walter, Bishop 
of Norwich, app. dam.) 

1182. Ghdfridns de Mousehill and Gilbert his son v. * William 
fil' William de Bekeswell, in Byston and Bekeswell. 

1183. Walter de Wyndesor v. ^William de Senges, in Senges 
and Tweyt. 

1184. ^Hubert de Bayent and Felicia his wife v. Warin de 
Monte Caniso, of the custody of forty acres in Walesham. 

1185. 'William de Cringelford v, Hamo, master of the 
Hospital of St. Giles of Norwich, of dyowson of Oringelford.' 

1186. Walter de Budham v. *Geo£Erey de Budham, by Ealph 
fil' Serlo, in Budham and Skeming. 

87th Henbt m. 

1187. Simon, abbot of Langl^, v, *William de Wodeton, by 
Stephen de Shotesham, in . . . . , Kirkstede and Mundham. 

1 188. Nicholas fil' Eobert de Northreples v. *John fil' Gilbert 
de Suthreples, of twenty-five acres in Suthreples and North- 
reples, and the freedom of Nicholas and his family. 

1189. *Mag'r Geoffrey de Derham, parson of St. Michael of 
Fincham, v. Eoger Tale Dot, whom Walter fil' Eoger calls to 
warrant in Fincham. 

1 190. Eobert de Munden v. *William de London, in Hecham. 

1191. Alan do Kyneburl v. *Eichard Noht of Kyneburl, in 
Kyneburl and Coleton. 

1192. Beatrix widow of Humfrey de Begheton, by Eichard 
de Haringby, v. * William fil' Humfrey, in M . . . . , Dritholm, 
Suthbirlingham, Frethethorp, Ode, and Lympelho. 

1193. John, prior of Castelakare, v. *Adam Talebot, of 
advowson of St. Michael of Fyncham. 

1194. Hugh de Coleby and Margaret his wife and Hawis' 
Fraunc v. * William Fraunc, one messuage and thirty-one acres in 
Felmingham and Metton, and thirteen acres in Suthsted. [Very 
long names of fields, &c.] 

1195. *Tho' de Thurkelby v. Clement, prior of Bromholm, of 
advowson of Todington and land in Todington and Erpingham. 

1196. Simon de Wigton v. *Henry fil' Walter le Yineter and 
Juliana his wife, in Wigton. 

1197. Peter, master of the Hospital of Mary Magdalen next 
Norwich, v. *Hugh de Gt)dingdon and Eoysia his wife, in Eakeye^ 
(Florence de Gisney app. clam.) 


1 198. Thomas fil' Walter de Walecote v. *Hugli fil' Eoger de 
Massingham, in Magna and Parva Massingliam and Norl^ Bir- 

1 1 99. Nicholas de G^ememue v. *Godesmann his brother, in 
Gememue, Hemmesby, and Castr. 

1200. John de Merlon t;. *Emald de Torlay, in Westweniz, 
and advowson of the same. 

1201. Anger, abbot of Derham, v, *William de Helmingham, 
in Ringelond. 

1202. Baldewyn de Frivill and Matilda his wife v. *Sybilla 
Gyffart, in Walingham. 

1203. Ealph le Waleys v. *Philip Newbond and Isabella his 
wife, in Marham. 

1 204. *Simon, abbot of Langley, v. Thomas Bakun, as to a 
market in Lodnes. 

1205. John fir Hugh v. *Hugh le Chevaler and Agnes his 
wife, in Sucrek. 

1206. Alan fir Roaldi v. *Hugh de Drudal and Alice his wife, 
in Bradeham. 

1207. Walter, Bishop of Norwich, v. *John Hereman and 
Agnes his wife, in Sprouston. 

The same v. Ad. Gemun and Alice his wife, in the same. 
[Hamo, master of the Hospital of St. Giles', Norwich, men- 
tioned.] (Isabel de Cressy appon. clam.) 

1208. Margeria de Crek v. ^Herbert de Helington, in 
Dunston, and half the advowson of same. 

1209. William de BekesweU v, *William de Thelnetham 
and Sibilla his wife, in BekesweU. 

38th HEimY III. 

1210. John, prior of Cokesford, v. *Simon Thuket and Agnes 
his wife, in East Barsham. 

1211. *E,obert de Cokefeld and Alice his wife v, Adam de 
Cokefeld and Isabella his wife, and Robert de Halewell and 
Editha his wife, of advowsons of Briston, Snyterle, Ermingeland, 
Langham, Bernyngham, Burk, Meuton, and Eakeye. A division 
by which Robert and Alice take Snyterle, Robert and Editha 
take Bamiagham, Burk, Meauton, and Rakkeye, and Adam 
and Isabella the others. 

1212. William de Wenling v. *Adam de Hecham and 
Florence his wife, in Fransham. 

1213. *Peter fil' William de Pulham, Thomas and David 
his brothers, v. Richard de Pulham, in Pulham. 

1214. Brother Ely as de Smetheton, prior of the Hospital 
of St. John of Jerusalem, by brother William de Horleg, v, 
*Walter de Malteby, of rent, 10s. Bd. in arrear, in Basingham, 
called Beremilne. 

1215. *Thomas le Yeyle v. William de Wibrigg and Matilda 
his wife, in Baketon, Wytton, and Edynesthorp. 

1216. Robert fir Robert de Tateshal v. *Michael de la 
Crassme' and Alice his wife, in Denton. 


1217. BjQg* Sr Biohard le Chaumbeiieng r. «Amabil GV 
Bidiard, in Tasebnrffli, Hemehal, and Hadesoo. 

1218. Mag'r Wmiam de Clare v. ♦Warm de Tli}iuelthorp, 
in Befham, and adyowson of All Saints there. 

1219. Jolm fil' Bartholomew de Grek v. ♦Margery de Crek, of 
dower in manor of Grek. 

1220. Sarra fil' Bartholomew de Crek v. *Margery de 
Grek, of manor of Hillington and half the advowson of the 

1221. ♦Eudo fil' Henry Ganne and Biohard his brother v. 
Nicholas fil' Henry, in Wyggenhal. 

1222. William Ghrangiis v. ♦Adam G^mun and Alice his wife, 
in Sproweston. 

1 223. Johanna widow of Matthew de Bedham v. "^William de 
Bedham, of one-third of the manor of Bedham. 

1224. ♦William de Galyele and Sarra his wife r. Milisenta, 
TOioress of St. Badeg^unde of Gantebj, of advowson of 
tteymerston. (G^ofErey de Burdelys aro. clam.) 

1225. Boger de Thurkelby v. ♦Kichard de Pulham, in 

1226. WilUam de Nicole v. ♦John fil' WiUitfm le Lord and 
Maria his wife, in Upton. 

1227. William de Milers v, ♦Godfrey de Milers, of manors of 
Wymundham, Haburfrh, and Bysinge. [Thomas de Eammesdoii 
app. dam. struck out.] 

1228. Kalph Cobii^ of Witton r. ♦William de Wybrig and 
Matilda Iuh wife, in Wytton aud Crostweyt. 

1229. Simon, abbot of Langly, by brother Nicholas de 
Wenling his canon, v. *Boger de Thurkelby, in Ilekiugham. 

1230. Adam Gemun v. *Thomas fil' Serlo, in Taverham, 
Weston, and Tunstall. 

The samo v. Rob't de Turtevill, in Tavorham. 

1231. Peter de Bukeham v. *Jolin de Eiiinton and Extranea 
his wife, in Gerbodesham. 

1232. Brian do Ryngeshall v. *John de Tyvetshal and 
Juliana his wife and Catherine her sister, in Waketon, Molotcm, 
Stretton, Fomeseto, Tyvetshal, Norwy'h, and a quarter of the 
advowson of Waketon. (Kalph de Tasoburgh and Glivia his 
wife app. clam.) 

39th Hej^iiy III. 

1233. William fil' Bobert Gdelyn v. *Adam Gemun and 
Alice his wife, in suburb of Norwich. 

1234. John le Waleys v. *John de Tyveteshale, in Burgate. 

1235. *Mag'r William de Clare v. Eobert de Lenham, of the 
manor of Therninges. 

1236. Nicholas de Ingham v. *Adam Gemun and Alice his 
wife, in suburb of Norwich. 

1237. *Geoffrey Turgeys and Juliana his wife, and Simon 
Beloyne v. Eeginald le Gros, in Aslakeston. 


1238. *Agne8 de la Brueue v, Adam Bataylle, whom the 
abbot of Langly calls to warrant in Wetacre. 

1239. *Adam Gemun and Alice his wife v. Martin de 
Jakesham, in Hecham. 

1240. William de Suffeud v. *Alexander Aleyn, in Eeppes 
and Bastwyk. 

1 241. Eustace, prior of Merton, v. *Richard, prior of Bynham, 
in Salthus and Kelling. [William de Wallorune mentioned.] 

1242. *Ealph de Trikeby v, Henry fil' Geroar, in Trikeby 
and' Phyleby. 

1243. Niches de Lenn and Margery his wife v. *Q-eoffrey de 
Stivekeye, in Warham. 

1244. Simon, abbot of Langley, v. *Thomasde Eaveningham, 
by J'no Charles, in Chattegrave. 

1 245. Eoesia la Moyne v. *Adam de Cramplesham and Claricia 
his wife, in Cramplesham. 

1 246. Simon, prior of Penteneye, by John Eubac, v. *Hugh 
Buche of Nerbure, by William Buche, in Nerburc. 

1247. Peter de Cremplesham v. *John de St. Eadmundi, in 

1248. Walter Berling and Agnes his wife v. *Philip Durdent 
and Isabel his wife, in Helogeye. 

40th Henry m. 

1 249. William de Millers v. ^Godfrey de Millers, in Wymunde- 
ham and Happeburg. 

1250. John, prior of Cast. ... v, *Hamo Chevere, in 

1251. Eobert Burnel v. *Thomas fil* John de Helgeton, of 
thirty marks rent in arrear. 

1252. Thomas Level v. *William Level, in Berton Bendych. 

1253. Hugh de Pynkeni and Margaret his wife v. *John de 
Walepol and Lucia his wife, Eobert de Wige^hale and Alice his 
wife, in West Wauton. 

1254. *Geoffrey de Wytlingeham v, John Man of Norwich, 
and Margaret his wife, in Wytlingeham and Kirkeby. 

1255. John de Lend and Alice his wife v. *Henry de Hom- 
ingesherth, by Ealph de Heringby, in Berton. 

1 256. *Constantine de Clenchewarton and Muriel his wife and 
Basilia her sister, Henry j&l' Alan and Hugh fil' John, by Adam 
de Strodleg', v. [Thomas] de Ingelstorp and Eobert de Scales, of 
advowson of Clench warton. 

1257. Gilbert de Harple v. *Adam Gemun and Alice his wife, 
in Norwich. 

1258. Eichard de Cotton and Beatrice his wife v. *John Her- 
[man ?] and Agnes his wife, in Norwich. 

1259. John Le Scot v. *John de Eavele and Isabel his wife, 
in Poswik. (Nicholas fir Ealph Pycot app. clam.) 

1 260. Henry de Burston v. *Adam Gemun and Alice his wife, 
in Norwich. 


1261. ^Matilda fil' William Brond, Thomas Blon of Brom- 
holm and Cecilia his wife and Glarioia her sister v. John de S'ca 
Side and Margaret his wife, three parts of messuage and forty 
acres in Edyenethorp, Baketon, Wytton, and Knapeton. 
. 1262. *Iyo de Mortilak and Johanna his wife r. Mag'r Eoger 
de Oantilupo, custodian of Eoger de Jarpenyill, the heir of John 
de J., whom GK>dfre7 de Wygenhal calls to warrant in G^r- 

1263. Hamoy custodian of the Hospital of St. Giles* of 
Norwiohy v. *G^Grge Baoun, in Hardele and adyowson of the 

1264. John de Ho v. *Balph Loyerd, of half advowson of 
the draroh of Schelfhanger. ( J'no fil' William le Loverd app. 

1265. Bobert de Martham v. ^Henry Jordan and Juliana his 
wife, in Martham, Horseye, Bollesby, and Hegham. 

1266. ♦Adam fil' Ealph de Freton v. Eiciard til' Eoger de 
Stratton, in Longestratton and adyowson of ^....m of the 

1267. John de Holebeche v, ♦Ayelina de Metheland, til' 
Bob'ti de Brythenham, in Brythenham and Metheland. 

1268. Henry fil' Godfrey de Helegthan v. *John de Eschalers 
and Alicia his wife, in Tatersete, Eeyngham, and Bninestorp. 

1269. Eoffer le Byffot, Earl of Norfolk and ^Marshall of 
ThnglaTid, v, ^Nicholas de Lenham, of the manor and advowson 
of Kedenhal. 

1270. Mag'r Eoger de Cantilupo, custodian of the land and 
heir of John de Jarpenvill, v. ^Godfrey de Wygenhal, of the 
advowson of All Saints of Garbodesham. 

1271. *Eeginald de Waleton and Agnes his wife, Eichard 
de Fulmodeston and Margaret his wife, Adam de Warham and 
Alice his wife, v. William, abbot of Crek, in Holkham. 
(William de Grauntcurt app. clam: eo q*d Eic's de F. villanus 
suum est.) 

1272. Eoger de Stokes and Isabel his wife v, *Ivo Quarel 
and Johanna his wife, in Berton, Buketon, and Wretton. 

41 ST Henry III. 

1273. Drog* de Barentin and Johanna his wife, by William 
de London, r. *Ilamo Chovere, in Ikeburg. 

1274. Ealph Gerard of Great Walsingham v. *Elinold de 
Eolesby and Matilda his wife, in Magna Walsingham. 

1 275 . *Stophen lil' Margery v. Simon fil' Nicholas, in Norwich. 

1276. Eobert de Ludham v. *John fil' Ivo of Dicleburg and 
Maria his wife, in Parva Thorp. 

1277. Eichard de Boylound v. *John de Braken' and Emma 
his wife, in Hapeton. 

1278. *Wiliiam de Swathing v. Thomas fil' Eustach, whom 
Eobert de Stutevill and Avicia his wife call to warrant in 


1279. *Jolm de Schotesliam and Cecilia his wife v, Simon 
Haddok, of the latter's freedom. 

1280. *Richard de Pulham v. William de Calveley and 
Sarra his wife, in Eeymerston. (Galfr' de Bordeleys app. 

1281. Nicholas del Erve v, *Michael del Truston and Agnes 
his wife, of the advowson of Wykelewude. 

1282. WiUiam fil' Beatrix v. *Hugh fil' PhiHp de Humpton, 
in Couteshal. 

1283. Robert fil' John de Parva Massingham v. *John fil* 
Hugh, by Richard Warmale, of the manor of Eswellthorp and 
the manor of Parva Massingham. 

1284. John de Curcnn and Idonea his wife v. *Matthew de 
Gumey and Havisia his wife, in Dnneston. 

1285. Thomas fil* Bartholomew v. *Bartholomew le Eus, in 

1286. Richard Brekeheved and Margaret his wife v, *Alan 
fir Simon de Rysynge and Katherine his wife, in Clenche- 

1287. Alan de Parva Mealtun v. *William de Hereford, in 
Parva Mealtun. 

1288. Stephen del Gerner t?. * William del Gerner and Alice 
his wife, in Brunsted. (William de Montecaniso app. clam.) 

1289. WiUiam le Fevre of Stanho v. *Walter til' Peter de 
Schadewell and Agatha his wife, in Berewik. 

1 290. J'no fir Peter de Hykeling v, *John fil' Hugh de Thorp 
in Neland and Wreningham. 

129 1 . John de Hull v. *Pagan de Wyntresword and Gunnora 
his wife, in Ilellecromh. 

1292. *John fil' William v, John de Ho, of advowson of half 
of Schelfhanger. 

1293. Robert de Pagrave v. *William de Pagrave, in 

1294. Hugh Heyr v. *Ralph fil' Henry de Ingword and 
Senicla (?) his wife, in Ingwood. 

1295. *Philip le Paumer and Matilda his wife v, Richard le 
Nugun, in Salle. 

1296. Geoffrey de Lodne v. *Roger fil' Gilbert de 
Walesham, of service of a knight's fee which was Gocelin de 
Lodnes, in Lodne, Langele, Hardel, Norton, Sislond, and 

1297. *Robert fil' Sty' and Katherine his wife v. *William de 
Gloucester and Agnes his wife, in Parva Rysing. 

1298. *Isabel de Walepol v. Walter de Denever and Alice 
his wife, in Walepol, Tileney, Well, and Len. (Isabel claims 
by heirship of Henry fil' Osbert de Walepol her nephew.) 
[Robelina ux. Walter de Walepol mentioned.] 

1299. *Roger de Bumham and Elena his wife v. Hugh de 
Polstede, whom Richard fil' Constance calls to warrant in 
Bumham Deepdale. 


1300. *Mabn de Nodar', by John de Esthall, v. William de 
Merston, whom Hamo de Langham and Cristiana his wife 
call to warrant in Langham. 

41 ST Henry HI. 

1301. Beatrix fil' Eichard de Billingeford v. ^Eobert fil' 
Richard de BiQingford, in Parva Thorp. 

1302. William fil' Henry de Apehaye v. *Eoger fil' Henry 
de Alderford and Agnes his wife, in Estudeham. 

1303. Richard fil' Peter de Wygehal v. *Reginald de Rodes 
and Muriel his wife, in Grimeston, Kangham, Ridon, Wyneling, 
and Wygehal. 

1304. *Simon de ^egg v. Alan, prior of Ikelinge, of the 
church of Waxtonesham. 

1305. Hugh Meggyn and Johanna his wife v. *Richard 
Pruet and Maria his wife, in Ridon. 

1306. *John Pic (or Pit) and Alice his wife, and Richard fil* 
Fretheric and Petronilla his wife v. Clement fil' Henry de 
Norton, in Burnham Thorp. 

1307. William le Mareschal v. *Richard fil' Roger de 
Brandon, of advowson of Brandon. 

1308. *Henry Oysel and Amabilia his wife v. Robert fil' 
Alicie Manicales, in Magna Meuton. (Hubert Hacon app. 

1309. *William fil'^Roger de Swathing v, Ralph de Redker 
and Isabel his wife, in Hardingham. 

1310. *Hamo Burd v. William de StuteviU, of advowson of 
St. Peter of Wesehamthorp. 

1311. John Lethereye of Mundham v. *Ranulph Josep, in 

1312. * Walter Hubert de Tylneye and Alice his wife and 
Cecily her sister v. Robert de Schales, whom Alice de Schales calls 
to warrant in Tylneye. 

1313. Stephen de Strumeshag' v. *Gerard Evermer and 
Felicia his wife, in Dritkolm. 

1314. *Simon de Greynvil and Alice his wife v, John de 
Stutevil, whom Wido de Butecurt calls to warrant in Kynburle, 
Carleton, Uvercareston, and Hakeford. 

1315. John de Docking and Maria his wife v. *Robert fil' 
Stephen, in Dockyng. 

1316. *William de Senges v. Hugh de Northwold, whom 
William de Grauncurt calls to warrant of the marriage of 
Nicholas, son and heir of Richard de Dockiuge. (Isabel fil' 
William appon. clam.) 

1317. William fil' Emma and Sibill de Plumstede, by John 
fil' Sibill, V. *John de Stakelm'e, by Mag'r Richard de Witton, 
in Rakeye and Wroksham. (Reiner fil' Adam de Wroxham 
app. clam.) 

1318. Stephen de Balsham v. *Roger de Hemmesby and 
Isabel his wife, in Tyrington. 


1319. *Amabilia fil' Durant le Rus v. William de Swyneford, 
whom Eobert fil' William calls to warrant in Parva Plumstede. 

1320. *Richard de Nowers and Cecilia his wife v. Hugh de 
Pincheney and Margeria his wife, John de Wallepol and Lucia 
his wife, Robert de Wiggehal and Alice his wife, and Thomas 
de Reyneham and Aldreda his wife, whom Helyas le Chapelyn 
calls to warrant in West Walton. 

The same v. the same, whom Benedict de Rolleston calls to 
warrant in the same. 

The same v. the same, whom Alice Kippe calls to warrant in 
the same. 

The same v. the same, whom John Moche calls to warrant in 
the same. . 

1321. Henry, abbot of Yalle d'i, v. *Ralph de Cameys and 
Ascelina his wife, in Birton. 

1322. Roger le Fevre v. *Thomas fil' Robert atte Kyrkegat, 
in Folsham. 

1 323. John fil* Walter de Ho v. *Roger de Poringlaund and 
Johanna his wife, in Poringlaund. 

1324. Robert fil* Gregory de Redham v. *Robert fil' Lucie, 
in Cringelford. 

1325. *Richard de Codham and Alice his wife v. Gilbert de 
Cycetr', in Mateshal. 

1326. *Ralph de Bukeham and Hugh de Bellafago v. 
WiUiam, prior of Wymundham, of advowson of Neuton. 

1327. William fil' Ranulph de Fyldedallinge v. *Ranulph 
Scrute of Aylmerton, in Fyldedalling. 

1328. John fir Robert de Cokefeld v. *Adam de Cokefeld 
and Isabel, in Melton, Burgo, Birston, Byrningham, Sniterleg, 
and Tudeham, and the advowson of Byrston. 

1329. Margaret, widow of Alexander del Celer v. *Henry 
fir Stephen. 

1330. *Roger le Bygot, Earl of Norfolk and Marshall of 
England, v. Adam, abbot of St. Benedict of Hulm, of half the 
advowson of the church of Felmingham. (William de Wybrigg 
and William de Felmingham app. clam.) 

1331. John fil' Luc' de Oteleye v. *Richard, parson of 
Seynges, in Seynges. 

1332. William de Bumstede v. *Alice Curpeyl and Katherine, 
Agnes, and Isabella her sisters, in Hemmenhal and Tasseburg. 

1333. WiUiam Esturmi v. *Robert Gissinge, of the custody 
and marriage of Roger son and heir of Ralph de Thasebure. 

1334. *John fil' Bernard v. Adam, abbot of Cadomo, by 
William Pycard, of advowson of the church of St. Nicholas of 
Gay ton. (The prior of ChasteUacre app. clam ) 

1 335. Hugh le Clere v. *Alan Damet, in Thorp. 

1336. Amabilia de Walsingham v. *Elinold de Rollesby and 
Matilda his wife, in Magna Walsingham. 

13:57. GeofEiey Crane v. * Walter Baynard and Sibilla his 
wife, in Brekles and Bekerton. (Benedict de Brecles app. clam.) 


1338. Eeginald Hubert of Tylneye v. *Eobert de Welle and 
Cristiana his wife, in Tylneye. 

1339. Alexander Kellok v. *Gerard le Estreys and Matilda 
his wife, in Suthlen. 

1340. *Thonias de Walecote v. Oliva de Breideston, by 
Henry be Boyton, of advowson of St. Andrew of North- 
birlingham. (Adam de la Haye app. clam.) 

1341. Richard de Boylannd v. *Stephen de Schotesham, 
capellanus, in Schotesham. 

1342. John fil' Symon de Wychton v. *John de Nereford 
and Petronilla his wife, in Eggemer. 

1343. *Alice widow of Eichard de Donre v, William le 

1 344. *John, prior of CasteUacre, v. William de StoteviU, of 
advowsons of the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul of 
Wesehamtorp and of St. Andrew of Estlechesham. (William 
de Wenling app. clam.) 

1345. Andrew de Couteshale v. ^Bernard Mader and Alice his 
wife, in Len. 

1346. Sibilla de Plumstede and William fil' Emma, by 
William fil' Ealph, v, *John de Sakelemere. (Eeymes fil' Ada le 
Charpenter app. clam.) 

1347. *William de Kalthorp v. Eobert de Elingham and 
Cecilia his wife, William de Styrston and Isabel his wife, and 
Matilda widow of Walter de Manero, by Walter de Erlham, of 
the advowson of St. Martin of Bernham. 

1348. Mag*r William de Clare v. *Nicholas de Lenham, in 

1349. Ealph Bolloc and Mazelina his wife v. *Henry de 
Binham and Hildesenta his wife, in Bathel and Gunestorp. 

1350. Eoger fil* Peter de Priditon v. *John fil' John Eschalers 
and Alice his wife, in Barsham. 

1351. *Hubert fil* Eeginald v, Gerard fil* Gerard, in Mouton. 

1352. Giles de Wachesham v. *John del Maraes, inWalsokne 
and Elm. 

1353. Thomas Sorel de Len v. *Thomas Le Ken and Johanna 
his wife, in Lenna. 

1354. William Bardolf v. *William fil' William de Beken- 
velle, in Bekenvelle, Fyncheley, and Eiston. 

1355. Luke de Ponynges v. *Nicholas Malerbe and Alice his 
wife, in Flicham. 

1356. Agnes, prioress of Karhowe, by Adam de Wrokesham, 
V. *Eichard fil* Peter de Lenn, of 20«. arrears of 10«. a year. 
Covenant to pay 10«. a year at the feast of St. Margaret, with 
power to distrain on Eichard's house in Len, called LeWynhous. 
And Eichard pays 20«. sterling for his arrears, in consideration 
of which the prioress gives him a discharge of all arrears to 

1357. Nicholas fiP William de Posse wik v. *Aldelin, 
capellanus, in Westwik. 


1368. Stephen de Strumeshagh v, * Alice de Waxtonham, in 
Suthbirlingham . 

1359. Roger Tyniv, *William Tyni, in Magna Dunham. 

1360. *Geofl&:ey de Stivekeye v. Peter le Bret, in Holkham. 

1361. William de Brundal v. *John de Thorp and Seniola 
his wife, in Possewik. 

1362. William fil' Eobert de Plumstede v, *John de Cottime 
and Agnes his wife, in Parva Plumstede. 

1363. Robert fil* Hugh de Barsham v. *John fil' John des 
Eschilers and Alice his wife, in East Barsham. 

1364. *Walter de Hemenhal v. Symon, abbot of LangeiU, 
in LangehaU. 

1365. Elyas, prioress of the Hospital of St. John of 
Jerusalem, in England, by brother Andrew de Beverle, v. 
♦Robert de Sureye and Avelina his wife, in Magna Kerebrok. 

1366. Robert, prior of Westacre, v. *Henry fil* Margeria, in 

42nd Henry III. 

1367. Thomas Osgod v, *Ralph de la Pole and Seyna his 
wife, in Wyleby. 

1368. Walter fil' Geoflfrey v. *Henry fil' Simon, in 

1369. *Mag*r William de Sutfeld v. Hamo, master of the 
Hospital of St. Giles of Norwich, of the advowson of the 
church of Blessed Mary of Walesham. 

1370. John, prior of Castelacre v, *Robert Q'rel (?) and 
Agnes his wife, in Wygehal. 

1371. Clement, prior of Brumholm, by John de S*'* Fide 
V. *William fil' Karoli, of arrears of rent. [Yarmouth 

1372. John v, *Richard fil' Walter and Thomas fil' 

Ralph Jakes, in Runhal. 

1373. Gilbert de Fransham v. *William de Skerninges, in 

1374. *Paganus fiP Pagani v. Geoflfrey fil' Eudo and 
Rosamunde his wife, in Schamebrune. 

1375. William fil' Alexander Aleyn v. * William de Creppinges 
and Margeria his wife, 1 1 acres in Reppes. 

1376. Simon, abbot of Langeley, v. *John le Gris, of 
Thurton, in Thurton. (Robert le Grys app. clam.) 

1377. Symon de Bodham v, *Bartholomew de Felmingham 
and Beatrice his wife, in Bodham. 

1378. Robert Cokerel v, *Gilbert de Schotesham and Agnes 
his wife, in Senges. 

1379. Bartholomew fil' Hubert de Sparham v. *William 
Ladd of Bynetre, in Sparham. (Benedict fil* Roger de Bailing 
app. clam.) 

1380. Hubert fil' William de Howe v. *Richard le Fevre of 
Poringlond and Oristiana his wife, in Poringlond. 


1381. *John de Sea' Fide v. Benegeriu', prior of St. Faith's of 
Horsham, in Horsham. 

1382. *Reyiier fil' Ealph de Stanninghal v. Matilda fil' John 
Rocelin, in Hemford. (John Roscelin app. clam.) 

1383. *Thomas de Bleklinge v, William de Blekling, in 

*Baldewin de Blekling v. the same, in Briggeham. 

1384. Stephen Basset v. ^Reginald de Orakesloth and Agnes 
his wife, in Wodedallinge. 

1385. Aymo, prior of the monks of Thetford, v, *Eichard 
Dunning and Oliva his wife, in Aslaketon. 

1386. Richard de Pulham and Maria his wife v. *Thomas de 
Pageham and Beatrix his wife, in Tyveteshal. 

1387. Nicholas de Billokeby v. *Robert de Lenne and Alice 
his wife, in RoUesby. 

1388. Symon le Soper of Lenn v. *Oonstantine fil' Alan de 
Clechewarton and Muriel his wife, in Clenchewarton. 

1 389. *Peter de Nerford v. Ralph Berry and Olyva his wife, 
Adam de Estthweit, Adam de Wlveneye, and Adam, clericus, of 
common of pasture in Aschle. 

1 390. *Thoma8 Rocelin v. William de Hakeford and Margeria 
his wife, in Thibeham. 

1391. Bartholomew de Felmingham and Beatrix his wife v. 
Roger de Salthus and Costancia his wife, in Bagunestorp. 

The same v. the same, whom Adam de Wutton and Emma 
his wife call to warrant. 

The same v. the same, whom Robert Sibisil and Agnes his 
wife call to warrant. 

1392. Emma Hereman v. ^Nicholas fiP Aylmer, in Wordstede. 

1393. Bartholomew fiP William v, *Bert'a fil' Roger, in 

1394. Michael le Taylur of Welingham v, *John Must of 
Gressinghal and Agnes his wife, in Welingham, 

1395. *Seman de Bynetre v. Alice fil* Galfrid' de Ikeburgh, 
in Byntre. 

1396. John, prior of Kokesford, by brother Andrew de 
Fincham, v. *SJmon fil' Richard de Penesthorp, a market in 
Penesthorp to injury of prior's market of East Rudham. 

1397. Thomas Rocelm, by Roger de Kangham, capellanus, 
V. *Roger fil' Richard le Chamberlang of Hadescho, in 
Thaseburg, Hemenhall, Hadescho, Audeby, Thorp, and 

1398. Richard de Norwyco v. *Richard de Kotton and 
Beatrix his wife, in Norwyco. 

1399. Clement, prior of Bromholm, by J'no de Wytton his 
monk, V. * William de St. Omer, by Thomas de Kyrkeby, of 
rent in arrear. [No locality.] 

1400. William, prior of Cokesford, v. *Annora de Verdun, 
patroness of the said priory, by Robert de Cleyendon, of rights 
in relation to priory. [Interesting.] 


43rd Hbnky m. 

1401. Eicliaxd de Norwyco v. *Baxtholomew, prior of 
Lanntoneye, of the advowson of St. Augustin of Norwich. 
[Land in Heylesdon.l 

1402. William fil*^ William de Magna Jememue v. *Jolm de 
Litton and Alice his wife, in Tymelthorp, Geyste, Geystweyt, 
Folsham, Norton, and Sparham. 

1403. Emma de Pagrave v. ^Gilbert de Brichbrok, by John 
de Eston, of the latter* s services, &c. 

1404. Eichard fil' Thomas v. *John fil* William, in Bumham, 
Taterford, and Schyreford. (Robert fil* Reginald appon. clam.) 

1405. John fil' Roger v. *William le Bretun and Isabella his 
wife, in Hemesby. 

1406. John Knocte v. *WLlliam Sygwyn and Cristiana 
his wife, in Hegham and Herlham. 

1407. Hugh de Pynkeney v. *Peter de Scnleham and 
Johanna his wife, in Wanton. 

1408. Mag'r Geoffrey de Derham, parson of the church of 
St. Michael of Fincham, v, *John Thalebot, in Fincham. 

1409. Robert de Beverlaco v. *Reginald Bakun, in Leringsete, 
and advowson of half the church. 

1410. William de Wenlyng, clericus, v. *Giles de Yemun 
and Johanna his wife, in Tilneye, Wyggenhale, Sadelbowe, 
Clenchwarton, and Northlenn. 

1411. Benedict de Brekles i;.*Walter Banyard and Sibilla his 
wife, in Bekerton, Rudham, Brekles. 

1412. Richard de Norwyc' v. *Hugh Le Keu and Isabella his 
wife and Robert Bacun and Sabina his wife, in Catton. 

1413. Geoffrey, prior of Petereston, v. *Stephen de Cresy, of 
advowson of Westlechesham. 

1414. *William de Banham v. Robert de Cantilupo, of advow- 
son of St. John of Gerbodesham. 

1415. Richard de Norwyco v. *Godwyn le Blund, in 

1416. *Richard de Ketelheshawe, by Adam de Keteleshawe, 
V. Hugh, Bishop of Ely, by Augustin de la Sale, in Pulham, 
and advowson of the same. 

1417. Thomas fiU Robert t7.*Walter de Hyda, of advowson of 

1418. William fil' Godfreys. *William le Bretun and Isabella 
his wife, in Hemmesby. 

1419. Adam, abbot of St. Benedict of Hulm, by Henry le 
Messager, v. *Thomas de Beggevill, by Thomas fiP Thomas de 
Beggevill, in Sumerton and Wynterton. 

1420. *John Soyer v. Robert de Seal [or Stal], by Robert le 
Blund, of the manor de la Howe. 

1421. *John, prior of Castelacre, v. Adam, abbot de Cadomo, 
by Peter le Brun, of advowson of Geyton. 

1422. Walter de Rudham v. *Laurance de la forde and 
Oliva his wife, in Rudham. 


1423. Maria, prioress of Blakebergh, by Gilbert de Blake- 
bergh, v. *Williaiii fil' William, of arrears of rent. [Eichard 
de la Eokele mentioned]. 

1424. Fulco de Kerdeston, by John le Ghros, v. *Jolm fil' 
Jobn des Eschaleres and Alice his wife, in Kerdeston, Eepbam, 
and Saiile. 

1425. William de Wenlingg «?. *Eobert de Cnrcnn, by Ealph 
Neckes of Tnnbemingliam, of land in Jakesham, and the 
advowson of the same place. 

1426. Henry de Schelton v, *John de Ickeleye and Oliva 
his wife, in Shelton and Freton. 

1427. Eichard le Fevre of Hemesby v, *William le Bretiin 
and Isabel his wife, in Hemmesby. 

44th Henry III. 

1428. Eichard de la Eokele, by Thomas le King, v, *Ealph 
de Gateleg, by Eichard fil' Walter, of half the manor of 

1429. Gerard de Insula v. *Eobert de Insula and Alice his 
wife, in Mnndeford, and the advowson of the same place. 

1430. *KAtherine fil* GeofErey de Wysebech, by Peter de 
Chilton, V, Eoger de Welle and Isabella his wife, in Wyne- 

1431. John de Ho v, *Miles fil' Eaniilph de Ho, in Ho. 

1432. *Eichard de Norwyco v, Thomas Acy (Aty ?), 
capellanus, in Norwyco. 

1433. Eichard de Boylund v, *Walter fil' Ealph de 
Hemmenhal, by Eoger Curtpeyl, in Waketon. 

1434. *John de Thorenton v. WiUiam fil' Symon Peche, of 
advowson of Boton. 

1435. Mag'r William de Clare v. *Hamo de Sybeton, of 
manor of Thorpelond. (Bartholomew de Eedham app. clam.) 

1436. Hugh, abbot of Eameseye, by William le Chamberleyn, 
V, *Geoffrey de Marisco, by Eeginald de Eodes, in Walsokne. 

1437. Eobert de Cantilupo and Ineta his wife t?. *William 
de Irlaunde, in Fincham. 

1438. Katherine fil' William v. *William Buckeskyn and 
Juliana his wife, in Clypesby, Eollesby, and Thyme. (Matthew 
Buckeskyn app. clam.) 

1439. *John, prior of Castolacre, v. Nicholas, abbot of 
Cadomo, in Well, Geyton, Grymeston, Wyk, Lesyate, Holt, and 

1440. William de Bumsted v. * William de Esturmy and 
Alice his wife, in Meringthorp. 

1441. Eichard fil' Philip de Branteston v, *Agne8 fil' Geoffry 
Peytevin, in Huninghamthorp and Brisingham. 

45th Henry III. 

1442. * William de Kalethorp and Cecilia his wife v. William 
de Grauncurt, of manor of Fulmodeston. 



1443. *William de Grauncurt v. William de Kalethorp 
and Cecilia his wife, in Brunham, Bumhamsutton, and 
Harpeleg. (William de Wygehal and Isabella his wife app. 

1444. Symon le Paumer v. *Waltor de Brisingham and 
Petronilla his wife, in Fomesete. 

1445. * Walter de Emmenhale r. Walter, prior of Buttel, by 
Symon le Messager, of the advowson of Langhale. 

1446. John fil' William de Thurston t;. *William fil' Robert 
de Thurston, of the advowson of Thurston. 

1447. Luke de Ponynges t;. *William Aguylun, in Flycham. ' 

1448. Adam, abbot of St. Benedict de Hulmo, by Ralph de 
Fumeys, v. *Thoma8 de Walton, in Ludham, Potterheytham, 
and Catef eld. 

1449. Walter de Estmor, by Ralph de Estmor, v, *Roger 
Talebot, in Berton. 

The same and Alice his wife v, the same, in the same. 

1450. William Bardolf, senior, v, *William Bardolf, junior, 
and Juliana his wife of manors of Canteleg' and Castre. 

1451. William, prior of the Hospital of St. Mary of 
Massingham, v. *Nicholas de Massingham, in Magna and Parva 
Massingham, Marham, Westweniz, and Shechythe. 

1452. J'no fil' William, by John de llarpel, v. *WilHam de 
Wyggenhale and Isabella his wife, in Fincham. 

1453. Herbert de Norfolke v. *Robert de Norfolk and 
St'ngia his wife, in Calethorp. 

1454. Walter de Dunham v. *Richer fil' Walter de Estmor, 
in Dunham. 

1455. *Hawise widow of Laurence de Saunford, by Adam 
Folyot, V, John de Homyng, in Castre. 

1456. Nicholas le Butyler v. *Roger de Uphale, in Wygmere, 
and half the advowson of I 

46th Henkt m. 

1457. William fil' Horvey de Buxton v. *Henry de Leveshage, 
in Buxton. 

1458. Thomas fil* Bartholomew de Langham v. *Henry de la 
Legh and Eugenia his wife, in Langham. 

1459. William Karel v. *Thomas de Brom, in Tweth, Lodnes, 
and Mundeham. 

1460. William le Sauser and Cristiana his wife v, *Peter Mai 
Oysel, in Atelbregg. 

1461. "^Bymon de Riston v. Stephen de Redham, in Riston. 

1462. Robert de Beverlaco, by Richard de Seckinton, 
V. *Richard, prior of Bynham, of half the advowson of 

1463. Robert fil' Warin de Martham v. *Amabilia de 
Martham, by WiUiam fil' Symon, in Martham. 

1464. *Agne8, fil' William de Karlyelo v. Henry de Hakeford, 
in Norwich. 


1465. William de Wenlyng v. *Walter de Denevere and 
Alice his wife, in Willake, fiSiery of Crecliemere, and rent in 

1466. Eichard de la Eokele, by Walter Chaumpeneys, v. 
*Hugli le Barber of Bynetre and Cecilia his wife, in Gatel. 

1467. *Ralph Eichild and Idonea his wife v. Isabel de 
dressy, by Gilbert de Harpele, in Poswick. 

The same v. the same, whom Eoger, prior of Beston, caUs to 
warrant in Eandeworth and Pankesford. 

1468. *J'no fil' Eichard Bonde and Simon and William his 
brothers v, Eobert fil' Eichard Bonde, in Manyngton. 

1469. Eichard de Boylaimd v. *Geoffrey de Bek and 
Anpeysa his wife, in Tasberg. (Isolda de Banham app. clam.) 

1470. Eobert BeUe, by Eichard de Hedersete, v. *Matthias de 
Gelham, by William de Metton, in Snyterle. 

1471. *Henry Oysel and Amabilia his wife v. Thomas de 
Eston, by Bartholomew de Stanhow, in Magna Meuton. 

1472. *John de Warenna, by Henry de Shobyr, v. John de 
St. Faith, of the advowson of Edithorp. 

1473. Gerard de Insula v, *Alice de Insula, of the manor of 

1474. John fil' Ealph de Saham and Cristiana his wife v, 
*Philip, vicar of Parva Cressingham, in Hopeton and Parva 

47th Henry m. 

1475. *WLlliam de Walecote v, John fil' Bartholomew de 
Eonhale, in Eonhal. 

1476. *Thomas de Gelham, by Peter Hakun, v. John de 
Gelham, in Carleton forro. 

1477. Simon de Eiston v, *Qodwyn Atesich of Eiston, in 

1478. William de Wudeham v. *John de Scallar and Alice 
his wife, in Disce, Eeydon, and Burston. 

1479. Eoger fil* Jacob de Lestre v, *John fil' Amulph de 
Gynge, in Langham. 

1480. Peter Faukun v. *Eobert de WeUe and Cristiana his 
wife, in Tylneye. 

1481. *Eoger fil' James de Bykyn v. John fil' James, in 

49th Henby m. 

1482. Eoger fil' Walter de Wolterton v, *Eoger fil' Ealph de 
Wolterton, in Eaveningham, Hales, Norton, Thurverton, Thorp, 
Hadesco, and Thoft. (Peter de Beckles app. clam.) 

50th Henry m. 

1483a. Magdalen, prioress of Carrow, v. *John de Ho, of the 
advowson of half the church of St. Mary of Ho. [Consideration, 
the reception of John and his heirs for ever into the benefit of 
the prayers of the church. 

H 2 


1483b. William de Southam v. *Tlioina8 de Warplyngton and 
Elizabeth bis wife, in Tylneye and Wygehal. 

1484. Thomas fil' Stephen v, ^Stephen de Shuter Lynden, in 
Wymbodesham and Dunham. 

1485. Sybilla Skylman v, *Eichard fil' Simon, in Melton 
Parva and Norwich. (John fil' Simon de Hedersete app. 

1486. The same v, the same, in the same and the same. 

1487. Simon, abbot of Langley, by Balph de Harpele, r. 
♦John de Hedenham, by William Gulyun, in Thwayt. 

1488. John Walerand v. ♦Adam de la Ho and Cecilia his 
wife, in Westham and Weseham. 

1489. William Esturmy v. ♦Laurence Esturmy, in Sur- 

The same v. Claricia Esturmy, in the same. 
The same v, Nicholas Esturmy, in the same. 

52nd Henry in. 

1490. Richard Lambert v. ♦Richard de Brandon, in South 

1491. *Richard de Brandone and Agnes his wife v. ♦Peter fil' 
John and Margaret his wife, in South Lenne. 

1492. Alexander de Gressinghall v, *Adam de Gressinghal, 
by Gocelin de Gressinghal, in Gressinghal and Bythering. 

1493. William de Halvergate v. *Richar de Docking and 
Emma his wife, in Cantele. 

1494. Simon, abbot of Langley, v. * Jordan de Bumsted 
and Matilda his wife, in Wetakre. (William Morel, baUivus, 
Robert fil' Walter app. clam, for him, and also for Roger de 

1495. Richard fil' Ralph de Weseham v. *Peter de Cayly and 
Sarah his wife, in Tytlesham. 

1496. Fulcher, parson of the church of Great Grillowe, v. 
♦Thomas de Claye, in Hildeburewrth. 

1497. ♦Robert le Taylur and Avelina his wife v, Walter, 
abbot of Chinches, by Robert de Quercu sicca his monk, in West 

1498. Ralph Thopi v. ♦Bartholomew Marche of Stanhowe, in 

1499. William de Calethorp and Cecilia his wife v, ♦Ralph de 
Redham and Margaret his wife, in Bumhamthorp and the 
advowson thereof. 

1500. Robert de Mauteby, and Alina his wife, v. ♦Roger 
fil' Hugh le Bigot, by Emard de Grorainster, in Castre 
St. Edmund and Merkesham, which they had of the gift of 
Alina le Mareschal. 

1501. Nicholas Durant v. ♦Thomas de Warblington and 
Elizabeth his wife, in South Lenn, West Weniz, and Herdewyk. 

1502. Henry de Berryz v. ♦Ralph de Berryz, by William de 
Thurston, in East Tudeham. 


1503. William Dix of Tlulneye v, *Peter fil' WiUiam de 
Wygehal and Cecilia his wife, in Thilneye. 

1 504. Simon, vicar of the church of Middelton, v, *Thomas 
de Warplington and Elizabeth his wife, in Herdwyk, Eungeton, 
Middelton, Lenn, and West Weniz. 

1505. John de Brunham v, *Johanna de Braham, in 

1506. Alice fil' Eeginald de Dunham v. *Alianor widow of 
Eeginald de Dunham, in Magna Dunham. 

1507. John de Fordham, clericus, v. *Kalph fil' Balph de 
Snore, in Fordham. 

1508. *John Wendhom and Beatrix his wife v, Eichard de 
Q-eyton, in Lenn. 

1509. Galfridus fil' Gymer v. *Thomas fil' Joseph, by Eobert 
fil' Agnes, in Horseye. 

1510. James de Beauneys v. *Thomas de Warblyngton and 
Isabel his wife, in West Weniz and Sechey. 

1511. WiUiam Dix of Tihieye v. *Peter fil' William de 
Wygehale and Cecilia his wife, in Tlulneye. 

1512. Hamo fil' Hamo de Pattesle v. *Hamo de Pattesle, in 
Oxewyc, Tivetshal, and CaldesweU. 

1513. Matilda fil' John de Beverande and Catherine her 
sister v, *Emma widow of Nicholas fil' Galfr', in Thilneye. 

1514. Thomas fil' WiUiam Bardolf v. *Eobert le Pouvre, of 
the manor and advowson of Fretenham. (Mag'r Eichard de 
Stanes app. clam. ) 

1515. Ealph fil' William v. * WiUiam fil' John de Lirling, iu 

1516. *Ealph fil' Peter de Bramton v. Andrew de Bramton, 
in Aylsham and Brampton, and the advowson of B. 

1517. *Eeginald PoUard v. Stephen de Brokedis, by Eeginald 
de Brokedis, in Brokedis. [Three generations of PoUards are 

1518. Eichard fil' Nicholas atte water v. *WiUiam fil' Eoger 
de Swathing, in Kimburle. 

1519. AUna fil' Eeginald de Dunham v, *Alianor widow of 
Eeginald de Dunham, in Great Dunham. 

1520. Henry de Beston- v. *Magr' William de Beston, in 
Beston juxta Langham, and the advowson of the church of St. 
Andrew of Toft. 

1521. Thomas fil' Ade de Swaneton v, *WiUiam de Eye of 
Swaneton and Alice his wife, in Swaneton. [N.B. — Eent 
payable to W. and A. and heirs of Alice]. 

1522. Hugh fil' WiUiam de Causton v, *WiUiam de Causton, 
in Branteston. 

1523. Henry de Colebum and Matilda his wife v. *Adam de 
Coleburn of East Dereham, in Estderham, Nortudeham, and 

1524. Eobert de Eepps v. * William Segwyn and Christiana 
his wife, in Costeseya. 


1525. William Gerbergh, senior, v. "^ Agnes de Brigeham, in 
Chattegrave, Langele, Hardele, Lodne, and Thurton. (Bishop 
of Ely, by Walter de Wylburham, app. clam.) (Adam Batayle 
and Yatha his wife, Gilbert Freman and Christiana his wife, 
Geoffrey Kent and Alice his wife, and Saurra de Brigham app. 

1526. Roger fil* Walter de Hales v, *Matilda widow of 
Roger de Hales, in Lodnes, Hales, Kyrkeby, Elyngham, Brom, 
Raveningham, Hardele, Hadesco, and Thurwerton. (Thomas 
Rocelyn, Thomas le Grys of Thuston and Oliva his wife, and 
William de Turri and Olyna de Hales his wife app. clam.) 

1527. Richard de Norwyco v. ♦William fil' John de Upton 
and Matilda his wife, in Sprouston and Catton. 

1528. Clement Rond and Agnes his wife, William Wysman 
and Lucia his wife, v, *Thomas Wysman, in Hoo See' Wyburge. 

1 529. *Henry Atteling of Hasingham and Agnes his wife v, 
Symon, abbot of Langele, in Clakeston and Asseby. 

1530. Richard Curteys and Basilia his wife v. ♦William, 
vicar of the church of Prilleston, in Prilleston. 

1531. *Alan de Bilney and Katherine his wife v. Richard, 
vicar of the church of Hecheham, in Hecheham. 

1 532. Egidius fiP Richard de Keteleshal v, *Beatrix widow of 
Thomas de Pakeham, in Tyveteshal and Gyssinge. 

1533. William Bernard of Great Riburg, by John Bernard, 
V. ♦William Kedeman of Bynetre and Cecilia his wife, in Magna 
Riburg and Cesterton. 

1534. William de Brethenham v. ♦Henry de Catteston and 
Mabilia his wife, in Brethenham. 

1535. Richard fil' Thomas de Snyterton v. ♦Ricliard Spiks of 
Thaterford and Sabina his wife, in Thaterford, Thatersete, and 

1536. Richard de Schulham v, ♦Peter fil' William de 
Ilsington and Cecilia his wife, in Thilney. 

1537. John Level v. ♦Martin de Suthemere and Muriel his 
wife, in Secheford and Ringstede. 

1538. ♦William de Holt and Margery his wife, Hubert de 
Depinge and Matilda his wife v. Muriell fiP Galfr', in Hecham, 
Bekeswell, and Ryston. 

1 539. John de Bray v. ♦Andrew de Frivil and Oliva his wife, 
in Toftes. (Thomas de Caweston app. clam.) 

1540. William de Halveryate v. ♦Helewysa de Halveryate, 
in Halveryate. 

1541. ♦Cassandra Baynard, by Robert Baynard, v. Walter, 
prior of Buttele, by Peter de Perham, in Chattegrave, and the 
advowson there. 

1 542. ♦Magdalena, prioress of Karhowe, by John de Alennton, 
V. Richard til* Peter Lamberd of Lenna, of 10«. rent in Lenna, 
unde eadem prioressa questa fuit q'd p'd'c'us Ricardus contra 
finem fc*m inter Agnetam quondam prioressam, &c. Ultimate 
result being that the prioress, and her successors, should hold for 
ever at 5«. yearly. 


1543. Richard de Boyland v. *Hamo de Moynstrul, by whicli 
Hamo acquits Eichard for the service which Magdalen, prioress 
of Car^u, exacted from him, in Hecham. 

1544. Caterina de Hey ham v. *Richard de Dickleburg, in 
the parish of St. Giles, Norwich. 

1545. *Walter de Hemenhal v. Hugh, Bishop of Ely, by 
Galfridus de Medlero, of the manor and advowson of Pulham. 
(Richard fil* William le Lovert of Pulham app. clam.) 

1546. Henry, prior of Bromhill, by James his canon, v, 
^Thomas fil' Peter de Berton, of arrears of rent in Grjrmeston, 

1547. Robert fir John de Fransham v. *Hugh Gemegan and 
Ela his wife, in Kangham and Hyllington. 

1548. Stephen de Wyganhall, capellanus, and Stephen fiP 
William Chalp v. *Ralph de Heleweton and Agnes his wife, in 

1549. Cecilia fil' Agnes de Stanforde v. *William Gemun, in 
Stanford and Bodeney. 

1550. Alexander, vicar of the church of Erlham, v, *Bar- 
tholomew de Kolkirck and Alicia his wife, in Erlham. 

1551. Walter fil' Godfrey de Wyggenhal v. *Ralph de 
Heleweton and Agnes his wife, Walter fil' William of Watlinton 
and PetroniUa his wife, and Nicholas fiP Robert de Watlington 
and Maria his wife, in Wygenhal. 

1552. Emma widow of John Beveraund of Ely v. *Warin de 
Mundeford, in Enemede. 

1553. Bartholomew de Antingeham v. *William Kedeman 
of Bynetre and Cecilia his wife, in Wychingham, Aldreford, 
Attlebreg, and Wodeford. 

1554. *Roger de Meynewaryn of Estherlynge v. Roger 
Arsyk of Magna Dunham, in Est Runton. 

1555. *William de Fossato v, Henry de Mortuomari, in 

1556. Heylewisia fil' Alan Gele of Horningtoft v. *Hamo fil' 
Hugh de Lynns, in Titleshal. 

1557. *Henrv fil' William de Leddrede and Nicholaa his wife 
V. John, prior of Westacre, in Westacre. 

1558. Thomas, parson of the church of Snyterton, v. *Ralph 
Corde, chaplain, in Snyterton, Schropham, and Lerlinge. 

1559. Isabella Baynard and Matilda and Emma her sisters v. 
*Hervey de Yallibus, in Riston, Happesburgh, Walecot, and 
Redelington. [N.B. — Bartholomew Baynard their brother, 
whose tenements they are, mentioned.] 

1560. Henry de Houton and Alice his wife v. ^Reginald de 
Refham and Annora his wife, in Stratton juxta Hevingham, and 
the advowson of the quarter of the church there. 

1561. John de Wygehal and Alice his wife v. *Roger fil' 
Roger de Haveringlond and Katherine his wife, in Walepol. 

1562. Robert le Clerk v. ^William, parson of St. Laurence of 


1563. Godfrey fil' Matilda v. *William de Renham, ca- 
pellanus, in Wellingeham, Wesenham, Konham, Holm, and 

1564. Roger de Diklesburg v, *John fiP Eob' de Kokesfeld 
and Faschale his wife, in Diklesburg, Tisvetesbale, and 

1565. Alicia de Chervile v. *Pliilip de Chervile, in Thilneye. 

1566. John fil' Adam de Tyveteshale v. *Adam de Tyveteshal, 
in Tyveteshale, Multon, Gyssinge, Semere, and Pulham. (John 
fil' Thomas de Tivetshale app. clam.) 

1567. Oristiana Odes v, *Philip le Tynere and Basilia his 
wife, in Lenn. 

1568. Godfrey fiP Herbert v. *Adam le Blunt and Agnes his 
wife, in the parish of St. Paul of Norwich. 

1569. Mag'r Richard de Shypedham v, *Ralph fiP Hubert de 
Jakesham, in Shypedham. 

1570. *Hugh de St. Philiberto v. Maurice de Sergham, "de 
nativitate ipius Mauricii.'' 

1571. Matthew de Thelnetham v, *Richer de Estmor and 
Matilda his wife, in Besthorp. 

1572. *Roger, abbot of West Dereham, v. Robert de Norfolk, 
in Carle ton juxta Langele. 

1573. *Thomas Peche and Alice his wife v. Alan Sagg, 
in Schari'gtone. 

1574. Henry de Carleton v, *Sarra widow of Eustace de 
Oarleton, in Staleye. 

1575. Almand fil' John de Suthacre v, ♦Simon de Hadesco 
and Isabella his wife, in Suthacre. 

1576. William de Brethenham and Johanna his wife v, 
*John le Chapelyn, in Rossewrthe. 

1577. Robert Trenchemer v, *Clement Pertrik and Cecilia 
his wife. Richer Puty and Margary his wife, in Northrep{)e8 
and Suthreppes. [Nicholas fil' Robert de N. R., father of Cecily 
and Margery, mentioned. Consideration, 1 3 marks of silver.] 

1578. Adam fil' Gerard de Mundham «?. *Galfridus Paris, 
in Mundham. 

1579. *Richard de Vylechen v. Alan, prior of Walsingham, 
of half the advowson of All Saints of Great Walsingham. 

1580. Anger de Rising, capellanus, v. *Walter Kech and 
Amicia his wife, in Wygenhal. 

1581. John fil' Oliver de Vallibus v, *William de Esturmy 
and Alice his wife, in Lenne. (John de Esthale and Muriell 
his wife app. clam.) 

1582. *Robert le Burser of London v, Roger, Bishop of 
Norwich, and Mag'r Alan de Freston, archdeacon of Norfolk, 
by Roger de Pridinton, of the advowson of Corston. 

1583. Brother Richard fil' John, master of the Knights 
of the Temple in England, by Simon fiP Richard, v, *Thoma8 
Roucelyn, who calls Peter Roucelyn to warrant, by Thomas 
le Messager, in Athisco. 


1584. Adam, abbot of St. Benedict of Hiilm, by Balph 
Pjk^, V. "^Eeginald de la Wade and Alicia his wife, in Stokes 
and Greynvill. (William de Eupella app. clam.) 

1585. Hugb fir Alan de Dunton v, *Jolm Gbgging and 
Sarra his wife, in Feltewell. 

1586. *Lucia, abbess of Cadomo, by Master Boger de 
Salynges, v, Boger, prior of Beeston, of the advowson of 

1587. Eobert Baynard v. *Oassandra Baynard, in Whytacre 
and Olton. (Eobert de Houton app. clam.) 

1588. John fil' Eoger de Falgate v, ^Nicholas de Lenham, 
in Gerining. 

1589. John, prior of Bromholm, v, * William de Fleg, in 
Wynterton and West Somerton. 

1590. John Phelipe de Erpingham v. *Ealph de Ingeworth, 
in Ingeworth. 

1591. William de Sculham v. *Thomas de Warblyngton 
and Elizabeth his wife, in Tyleneye and Wygehale, Tilney 
and Lenn. 

1592. Eichard fil' Bernard v. *Hugh fil' Simon, in EoUesbi. 
(Elyvaimd de Eollesby app. clam.) 

1593. *John de Gumey v, William de Swatham, in Harding- 
ham and Eeymerston [Eavensholm mentioned]. 

1594. Wniiam, master of the Hospital of St. Thomas of 
Bee, V. *Henry fil' Thomas de Swanton, in Ho St. Wyburge. 

1595. Hugh le Eyr v, *Ealph de Ingworth and Semcla his 
wife, in Ingworth. 

1596. Walter de Wyndesor v. *Eichard, abbot of Sybeton, 
as to celebration in the chapel of Senges. 

1597. Alice Malet v. *John de Oldhawe, capellanus, in 

1598. Eichard de Kam v. *WiUiam de Stockton and Eichard 
de Tweyt, of the advowson of Kirkeby. 

1599. Warin fil' Gilbert de Lenna v, *Thomas de War- 
plyngton and Elizabeth his wife, in Suthlenn. 

1600. *Matthew fil' Ealph Frivel of Thihiey and Agnes 
his wife v. Adam le Tistur of Lenn, in Lenna. 

1601. Thomas fil' Galfr' de Ketleston v, *Henry Scoch and 
Cecilia his wife, in Fakenham. 

1602. *Ida widow of Eoger Ciirzun v, Thomas Pikot, in 

1603. Emald fil' Vincent v. *Hawysia fil' Aldel de Mering- 
thorp, in Meringthorp. 

1604. *Eobert fil' Andrew de Gillingeham v. Hamo, master 
of the Hospital of St. Giles of Norwich, of the advowson of 

1605. *William fil' Mathew de Eedham v. Symon, abbot 
of Langele, in Eedham [Eunhamholm mentioned.] 

1606. Henry Eose v. *William Gerberge of Yarmouth, in 
Eunham and Trykkeby. 

53m) HBimY III. 

1607. Peter le Veutre v, *John de Polsted and Alice his 
wife, in Bumham. [N.B. — This, in copying hand, is marked 
'* Suffolk.''] (Alan fil' Thomas de Hindringham and Elizabeth 
his wife, Stephen de Walsingham and Cecilia his wife, Peter 
de Shameton and Mar' his wife, John le Marchaund of 
Hindringham and Oliva his wife app. clam.) 

1608. Andrew de Lacy and Matilda his wife v. *Richard 
le Faunt and Matilda his wife, in Wimundham and Morle. 

1609. Fulco fil' Fulco Baynard v. *Fulco fil' Robert Baynard, 
in Bradeston, Haselait, and Karleton. 

1610. Simon de Wichingham and Thomas his brother v. 
*Eicher de Foxhole, in Wichingham. 

1611. *Hugh de Oayli and Agnes his wife, by Nicholas 
de Schulthorp, v. Alan, prior of Walsingham, in Gesteheyth. 

1612. William de Wendling and Nicholas, abbot of Wendling, 
V. ♦Eeyner de Gymingham, in Bumham Ulp. 

1613. *Richard de Willethen v. Alan, prior of Walsingham, 
of the advowson of the church of Brunham St. Clement. 

1614. *Roger fil' Walter de Hales v. Thomas Rocelyn, in 
Eggefeld and Walcote. [Vinar' mentioned]. 

1615. Walter, prior of Castelacre v, *Martin de Siddisteme 
and Ymania his wife, in Castelacre. 

1616. *Roger de Welles and Isabella his wife v. John 
de Warenne by Henry de Sulyr, in Holegeye. 

1617. Roger de Hillington v. *William de Sithinge, in 
HiUington juxta Risinge. 

1618. Richard fil' William de Holebrok v, *Walter Bigge, 
of Ardelegh, and Dionisia his wife, in Stoton [? Scoton]. 

1619. Simon de Riston v. *Galfr' de Reymerston and Mabilia 
his wife, in Scothoo. 

1620. John de Toftes of Hengham v. *William de Wange- 
ford and Agnes his wife, in Hardingham. 

1 62 1 . John de Brymton, capellanus, v. *William de Fincheham 
and Juliana his wife, in Fincheham. 

1622. Hamo, the master, and the brethren of the Hospital 
of St. Giles of Norwich, v. *Hugh de Cayly and Agnes his wife, 
in Reppes, and the advowsons of the church there and of the 
chapel of Bastwyk. 

1623. John fil' Andrew le Orfevre v, * Ymania le Orfevre, in 
Raveningham, Geldeston, Winiston, Rocton, Gilingham, Thur- 
verton, (?) E'hof, and Audeby. (Galfr. fil' Andrew, aurifaber 
of Raveningham, app. clam.) 

1624. Roger fil' John Norman of Hadiston v. *FuIco fil' 
Robert Baynard, in Hadeston. 

1625. Hamo le Moyne and Margeria his wife v. *Peter de 
Cayly and Maria his wife, in Tyteleshall. 

1626. William fil' Robert de Suthfeld v. *Robert de Suthfeld, 
capellanus, in Suthfeld, Coleby, and Antinggeham. [Two 
messuages, 317 acres, and 2*6^d, rent. Consideration, 2». 


1627. Bocina de Pakenham v. *Robert de Martham, in 
Magna Eakheythe. 

1628. Simon le Brazier and Estrilda his wife v. *Jolin fil' 
William de Crostweyt and Sibilla his wife, in Haningges. 

1629. Eoger de Pidigton' and Acelina his wife v. ^Thomas 
fil' Robert and Johanna his wife, in Wichingham, Alderford, 
Swanington, and Sparham, Viveton, and Glaunford. 

1630. *William de Blumvil v. Adam, prior of Christ Church, 
Canterbury, by Ivo de Ikham, of the advowson of the church 
of Depham. 

1631. Walter fil' Walter Tyrel of Manington v. *Galfr. de 
Stivekeye and Sibilla his wife, in Manington, Iteringham, and 

1632. * William de Methelwold and Juliana his wife, IsabeU 
widow of Benedict de Dalling, Ealph de Lund and Basilia his 
wife, and William de Stutston, v. Godfrey, abbot of Crek, in 

1633. Richard de Boylond v. *William fil' Walter de 
Brisingham and Margaret his wife, in Brisingham, Reydon, and 

1634. Thomas Roscelyn v. *William fiP Ade de Audeby, in 
Audeby and Wheatr*. 

1635. Richard, abbot of Sibeton, v. *Robert Hovel, dn'm of 
Winardeston, in Leng, and the advowson of Leng. (Robert 
fil' Roger app. clam., by John de Homyng.) 

1636. *William de Stutevil and Ermetrud his wife v. 
Berenger, prior of St. Faith of Horsham, in Horsham. 

1637. *Galfrid' fil* William de Rucham and Emma his 
wife V. Robert de Stutevile and Johanna his wife, in Staunfeld. 

1638. Richard de Breatre v. *William de Bradenham and 
Agnes his wife, in Waltham, in Lindesaye. 

1639. John fil' William de Thurston v, *WiUiam fir Robert 
de Thurston, in Thurston, Gervelston, and Reymerston, and 
the advowson of Thurston. 

1640. Robert Maudeclerc and SibiUa his wife v, *John 
de Poringlond, capellanus, in Magna and Parva Poringlond. 
(Thomas Rocelyn app. clam.) 

1641. *Cecilia fil* Nicholas de Haverlond v. Lynodinus de 
Rollesbi, in RoUesbi. 

1642. Peter fil' Roger de Suthreynham v, *Erfred de Suth- 
reynham, in Suthreynham. (Thomas fil* Roger and Joanna 
his wife app. clam.) 

1643. Hugh de Wacles v. *Richard Materhoth and Johanna 
his wife, in Apesburc. 

1644. Simon le Brazur and Estrilda his wife v, *John fil' 
William de Crostweit and Sibilla his wife, in Haningges. 

1645. Nicholas, parson of the church of Little Berningham, 
V. *Robert de Wykes and Amicia his wife, in W'lterton. 

1646. Robert de Valeynes v. *Thoma8 de Begevill, in East 
Somertone and Wynterton. 


1647. Galfr' fil' Walter de Hengham v, *Henry de Berch, 
in Magna Bere. 

1648. Boger de Thoffces v. *Henry fil' William de Depedale, 
in Depedale and Bumham. (William de Angre app. clam.. 
Abbot of Bameseye app. clam.) 

1649. ♦Beatrice fil' Henry de Marreys v. Stephen fil' Boger 
de Birde, of the nativity of the latter. 

1650. Thomas de Gememuta v, *John de Vallibj de Kesewic 
and Margery his wife, quos Alexander de YaUibus et Margeria 
his sister Yocayerint ad war', in East Herling and West 
Herling. [Matilda wife of Willim Le Verdun, Isabel wife of 
William de JJakenham mentioned. Advowson of East Herling.] 

1651. Thomas de Beggevill v, ♦Bobert de Hales and Margeria 
his wife, in Wynterton. 

1652. William de Turri and Oliva his wife v, ♦Matilda 
de Hales, in Whetacre. 

1653. ♦William de Bothingg and Johanna his wife v. Bichard 
de la Bokele, by John de Sutton, in Colekirke. (Hamo Oheure 
and William de Oryketot app. clam.) 

1 654. Thomas de Stouwe v. *Galfridus Le Vere and Thesannia 
his. wife, in Skeburg. 

1655. William Erl de Stoketon v. *William de Brom, in 

1656. Thomas Le Sweyn v. *Bichard de Kam, in Hales. 

1657. William de Wendlinge v. *Bobert de Kaam and 
Johanna his wife, John de Stovene and Sibilla his wife, of 
land and the advowson of Longham. 

1658. Hamo, master, and the brethren of the Hospital of 
St. GKles of Norwich, v. *William de Boyngg and Johanna 
his wife, of the advowson of St. Mary of Suthwalsham. (William 
de Cryketot app. clam.) 

1659. John de Vallibj v, *William de Medlers of Parva 
Dunham and Hawysia his wife, in Botth'on. 

1660. Mag'r William le Sauser v, *Galfr' le Cu and Margaret 
his wife, Bobert le Berker and Avicia his wife, in Atlebrigge. 

54th Henry III. 

1661. Boger fil' Peter de Pridyngton and Ascelina his wife 
17. *Philip de Newebald of Fincham and Isabel his wife, in 

1662. William, abbot of St. Peter de Pratell, by brother 
Bernard de Cumbun, v. *Hunifrey de Werlingham, in Toftes 
monachorum, Hadesco, Cove, and Thorp. 

1663. Galfridus, prior of Petreston, v. *Bobert fil' Arnold 
de Munteny, 5 rods and 20». rent in Beston, with the advowson 
of half the church. 

1664. Bichard, prior of Hempton, by brother Bichard 
de Walesham his canon, v, ♦Bertram tiP Nicholas de Nugun 
and Margeria his wife, in Toftes. (Henry fil' Boger de 
Warham app. clam.) 


1665. *Johii de Pakenham v. William Comjm, in Dersyng- 
hain, Wulfrington, and Babbyngleg'. 

1666. Walter Buckeskyn v, *Matthew Buckeskyn, in dypesby, 
RoUesby, and Thime. 

1667. *Thoma8 Bocelyn, by William Tnschet, r. Bicher, 
abbot of Langele, by brother Joseph de Bodeham, of the ad- 
vowson of Hekyngham. 

1668. Nicholas fil' Henry v. ^Stephen de Wymadele and 
Matilda his wife, in Scrouteby. 

1 669. John de Braye of Westtoftes v, *Henry de Totyngton 
and Margeria his wife, in Stanford. 

1670. *Ralph fiP Hamo Burd v. Thomas fil' Hamo Burde, 
of the manor and advowson of Homyngetoft. 

1671. Gilbert de Torpp v, *Walter de Torpp, in Beckeswell. 

1672. William del Gemer v. *William le Parker, of the 
advowson of Eccles. 

1673. Cristiana widow of Eichard de Nereford, v. *Robert de 
Nerford, in Wrennynham and Essewelthorp. 

1674. Stephen Basset v, *Richard Esturmy and Johanna his 
wife, in Ryston. 

1675. Thomas Aunsel of Ryston v. *Richard Esturmy and 
Johanna his wife, in Ryston. 

1676. *Ranulph de Rode Karlton v. Walter fil' Ranulph^ 
by William de Donston, in Rodecarlton and'Wymundeham. 

55th Henry III. 

1677. *Milo fir Ranulph v. *Ralph fil' Milo, in Howe, 
Shotesham, Rokelund, Helveton, Surlyngham, and Helweton. 
(Ranulph fil' John de Ho and Matilda widow of Thomas de 
Multon app. clam.) 

1678. *Richard de Boylond t;. Mag'r Robert de Stretton, in 
Longestretton. (William Crudde and Emma his wife, Isabella 
and Alice her sisters app. clam.) 

1679. Robert del Boys v, *Ralph fil' Richer de Dockyng and 
Margaret his wife in Denevere. 

1680. Thomas de Depe, by John de Bromholm, v, *Hugh de 
St. Edmund and Agnes his wife, in Len. 

1681. Clement Grycke v. *Hugh le Reymes, 1 messuage and 
12 acres in Oustronde. 

1682. William de St. Claro v. *Adam de Braimcestr', of the 
advowson of Wykemere. (Thomas Roscelin and Katherine his 
wife app. clam.) 

1683. *John de Pakeham v. Robert Walerand, by Jordan de 
Wy vill, of the manor of Belawe. 

1684. John fir Hamo and Claricia his wife v. *Hamo de 
Mariscio, by John fiP Stephen, in Suth Pykeham, North 
Pykeham, Houton, and Magna Cressingham. 

1685. Galfridus de Ponte v, *Roger de Ponte, in Gyllyngham 
and the advowson of the church there. 

1686. Robert de Boys and Isolda his wife, by William de 


Kaines, v. *Robert fil* Peter de Bukenham, of the advowson of 
St. John the Baptist of Garboldesham. (Bobert de Cantulupo 
app. clam.) 

1687. *Mathew de Gelhain,byTho8. deHunnewurth,f7. Boger 
fil' Ealph de Hunnewnrth, by Hamo de la Grene, in Bodeham 
and Bekham. 

1688. Godfrey, abbot of Crek, by William de Gyselyngham, 
V. *John de Haveryng and Johanna his wife, in Folsham and 

1689. *Alice widow of Henry de Tyveteshale v. Bobert fil' 
Henry de Tyveteshale, in Tyveteshale and Pnlham. 

1690. Nicholas de Overton v, *William de Hevyn^ham and 
Graciana his wife, in Middleton, Suthlen, Herdewyk, W. Wynch, 
and Bungeton. 

1691. Bobert de Fytton v. * William de Hevyingham and 
Graciana his wife, in Wygenliale. 

56th Henry III. 

1692. John de Byseby v. *Johu de Munpinzun, in Mag^a 

1693. Balph de Feltewell v. *Hugh de St. Edmund and 
Agnes his wife, in Feltewell. 

1694. William de Geremie v. *Bobert de Wyvill and Agnes 
his wife, in Felmyngham. 

1695. John fiP John v. *Bobert, prior of Depeden, in Magna 
Massingham and the advowson there. (Boger, Bishop of 
Norwich, app. clam.) 

1696. William fil' Balph de Saham, clericus, v. *Hugh le 
Parker and Avicia his wife, in Bereford. 

1697. Henry de Heylesdon v. * William de Cryngelford and 
Johanna his wife, in Cryngelford. 

1698. William de Saham, clericus, v, * William de Brokford 
and Juliana his wife, in Bereford. 

1 699. Milo, prior of Lewes, by Bicher de Melton, v. *Bobert 
de Iford, in Utwell. 

1700. Galfridus fil' Gilbert de Sculthorp v, *Andrew de Bello 
Campo of Sculthorp and Amicia (?) his wife, in Sculthorp. 

1701. Adam de Oldelonde and Claricia his wife v. ♦Boger le 
Chapeleyn fiP Godefrid de Felmingham, in Felmingham. 

1702. *John Atholt v. William de Scothou, in Scotthou, 
Elingham, Brom, Kyrkeby, Baveningham, Wyntheton, Giling- 
ham, Geldeston, and Hales. (John le Bigot app. clam.) 

1703. Warin de Hulmo v. *Katherine de Hulmo, in 

1704. Stephen Basset v, *Bichard Esturmy and Johanna his 
wife, by Bichard de Suthwold, in Biston. 

1705. *Henry fil' Boger de Warham v, Bichard, prior of 
Hempton, by William de Coston, in Tofteris. (John le Poer of 
Waxham app. clam.) 

1706. Warin de Mundeford v, *John de Tylneye and Juliana 
his wife, in Wygenhal. 


1707. Riclier, abbot of Langele, by Thomas le Gris, v. *John 
fil' Ralph de Eriham and Nicholaa his wife, in Hekingham. 

1 708. Bernard de Estrich and Mabilia his wife v. *Robert le 
Hunte and Matilda his wife, in Lenn. 

1 709. Matthew de Jelham v, *John de Gatesden, in Thorp. 

1710. *Roger, prior of Beeston, by brother William de 
Blycling his canon, v. Matilda widow of Symon Bygod, of the 
advowson of Runton. [Matilda to have first presentation and 
every alternate ditto.] 

1711. William de Merkeshal, by William de Rekhawe, v, 
^Benedict de Sufford and Agnes his wife, in Stratton Streles. 

1712. *Herveu8 de Vallibus and Isabella his wife, by John de 
Scherlinton, v. Richard de Estnrmy and Johanna his wife, by 
Richard de Suthwold, in Riston, Hapesburgh, Walecote, and 
Redlington. (William de Estnrmy app. clam.) 

1713. Robert fil' Bartholomew de Thorp v, *Roger Le 
Godegrom, in Stanford and Bodcleye. 

1714. Peter de Walkote v. *Andrew Sket and Alicia his wife, 
in Pangeford, Hemelyngton, and Randew'rd. 

1715. ^Nicholas fil' Robert de Ormesby, by Walter de Saham, 
V. Berengarius, prior of St. Faith's, of the advowson of 

1716. Arnold de Bedyngefild and Oristianna his wife, by 
Symon Storm, v. *Robert de Thorp, abbatis, by Robert de 
Stanham, in Thorp Abbatis and Prilleston. 

1717. Robert le Fevere of Orek v, *Ralph de Redham and 
Margaret his wife, in North Orek. (John Adthelwald and 
Richard Adthelwald app. clam.) 

1718. Adam de Bosco v, *John de Bosco, in Enemeth and 

1719. *Richard de Snyterton v, *brother Roger, prior of 
Petrestan, in Bumham. (Thy. le Syre app. clam.) 

57th Henry III. 

1720. Mathew Rydekere v. *John Parker of Atleburgh and 
Cristiana his wife, in Hardyngham. 

1721. John la Veyle and Lecia his wife, by Roger (la 
Vayle ?) v. *Thomas Roscelyn, by Stephen de Possewyk, of the 
manor of Hanyngges. 

1st Edwabx> I. 

1. Henry de Morle, capellanus, and Alan frat. ej., by 
Richard de Saham, v. *Eudo de Morle, capellanus, by Walter 
de Morle, in Morle. 

2. William de Holgate v. *Richard de Swerdeston and 
Isabella his wife, in Thorp Le Eveske. 

3. J'no, La Veylle and Lecia his wife v. *J'no, prior of 
Bromholm, of the advowson of Haninges [Honing]. 

4. Isabel fil' Margaret and Margaret her sister v, *Peter 
de Caldecotes, in Oaldecote. 


5. Alice de Oaldeoote and Sana her sister r. ^Margery de 
Sutton, in Oaldecote. 

6. GtdMdus le Meicer and Katherine his wife r. ^Nicholas 
Jolyf and Isabel his wife, in Erlham and Heytham juxta 

7. John Le Graunt r. "^Balph Le Chanu and Matilda his 
wife, in Fomesete. 

8. J'no, prior de Longa viila, v. *Beginald de Sprouston 
and Teophania his wife, of the advowson of Weston. 

9. Biohard de Bojlund and Elena his wife, by J'no Norman, 
r. ^William de Brisingham and Margaret his wife, in Pulham, 
Brisingham, and Schelf hangere. 

10. Eobert fil' Joh' v, ^oymon Bonet, in Parva Massingham 
and East Derham. 

11. Stephen fil' Hub' v. ♦Hub' de Wytton de Toftes, in 
Schireforde Toffcis. 

12. Walter de Kaylly de Walpol and Katherine his wife, by 
Adam de Eameseye, i;. ♦Symon ^' Edmund de Quappelade and 
Sibilla his wife, in Walepol. 

13. Gilbert de Welles and Matilda his wife f>, *Eobert de 
Weston and Hawys his wife, in Barton and Estmor. 

14. Symon de Waynflet v. *William Ghaluet and Johanna 
his wife, in Lenne. 

2nd Edward I. 

16. J'no de Vallibj f>, *Ricardus de Wadton, by Alexander 
de Boterwyk, in Wadeton. 

16. Beginald de Argentayn and Lora his wife, by Roger de 
Sumerton, v, *Robert de Monteforti and Petronell his wife, in 
Parva Meuton. 

17. William Wulsy, by J'no Norman, v, *Richard de 
Boylund, in Hulmo juxta Hunstanton. 

18. Hugh fil' Alan de Dunton v. *William Calthweyt of 
Lenn and Johanna his wife, in Tyrington. 

1 9. Eobert de Stotevill and Johanna his wife, by Thomas de 
Burnham, v, *Fulcard le Estresse and Isabel his wife, in Tylleye. 

20. Alexander de Boterwyck v. *Eichard de Watton, by 
Eoger Hemmyng, in WadetoD, Gryston, Ovyton, Watton, Thorp, 
Nereford, and Narburgh. 

21. Gwydo Butecurte v. *William Eeyner de Wyt'helesh'm 
and Beatrix his wife, in Upton, Suthwalsham, Fysseleg, Byr- 
lingham, and Wytton. 

22. Warin de Mimdeford, mereator, v, *Eoger de Causton 
and Agnes his wife, in Tylneye and Tyrrington. 

23. Peter de Thurden v, *Henry fil' Eoger fil' Basil and 
Christiana his wife, in Lenn. 

24. Eichard de Boylund and Elena his wife, by J'no S'caimt, 
V. *Eobert de Hornyng, by J'no Norman, in Blytheburg, 
Thurigton, and Oximaneston (? Osmundeston). 

25. Eoger de Suthwode v, *Alan de Suthwode, in Hales. 

2nd Edward I. 

26. Johanno de Palgrave and Katherine his wife t;. 
^Nicholas Pridfot and Agnes his wife, in Miindham and 

27. Badulphus Sandy v, *Galfridus de Pykenham and 
Muriel his wife, in Lenn. 

28. *William de Gyney, by J'no de, Turtevill, v. J'no, prior 
of Bromholm, by Everard de Bromhohn, of the advowson of 

29. Robert fil' Walter, by George Busch, v. ^Gilbert fil' 
Bobert de Brumstede (?), in Hemehale, Saxlingham, Tasbnrg, 
Thorp, and St*tton. 

30. Humphrey Le Orfev'e v. *Bartholomew de Culling' and 
Sibill his wife, in Lenn. 

31. William fil' Robert de Felmyngham v. ♦J'no fil' Eustach 
de Thurgerton, by Symon de Hedersete, in Thurgerton, 
Suthstede, Gresham, Haneworth, Alby, and Audeburg. 

32. Alice the wife of William 'Fuke and William fil' ejus v. 
♦Ralph Le Neeve of Wetinge and Agnes his wife, in 

33. William de Katsend and Katherine his wife v. ♦Robert 
de Banham and Custancia his wife, in Pett'e Hetham. 

34. ♦Richard fil' Hamo, by Hamo fil' Richard, v, Eustach fil' 
Rog' le Chapelyn, in Northbarsham. 

35. Adam de Walepol v, ♦Thomas del Brok de Wysete and 
Constancia his wife, in Becles, Endegate, and Weston. 

36. Ricardus Brun of Dockyng v. ♦Adam de Bosco and 
Matilda his wife, in Bekeswill. 

37. Walter de la Hyde and Johanna his wife v. ♦Galfridus 
de Suthory and Roes' his wife, in Stowebydon. 

38. Galfridus fil' Robert Beneyt v, ♦Galfridus de W'lfreton 
and Matilda his wife, in North Wycton. 

2nd and 3bd Edwabd I. 

39. Nigel fil' Hubert Angot de Morle and Agnes his 
wife V. ♦Hervicius fil' Phil' de Magna Pagrave, in Magna 

40. ♦Thomas fil' J'no de Tibenham v, Robert fil' Walter, 
whom Gilbert Peche calls to warrant in Aysce. 

41. William de Branceston v, ♦Richard de Branceston, in 

42. Peter ^^ Richard atte Chirch v, ♦Galfridus de Wro of 
Reymerston, in Reymerston and Suthberg. 

43. Frat' Aymo de Montana, master of the Hospital of St. 
Antoni, Vienen, by Frat' Gygo de^Ohasta, v. ♦Nicholas, parson 
of the church of Felebrigg, in Felebrigg. 

44. Bartholomew May de Gunthorp v. ♦Bartholomew de 
Bodham, in Gunthorp. 

The same v. Radulphus Avenel, in the same. 

45. Symon fil' Richard v. ♦Milo de Brompton and Beatrix 
his wife, in Boketon. 


3rd Edwabd I. 

46. Galfridus Wascelyn and Cecilia his wife r. ♦J'no de 
Thorpedale, in Thorp juxta Iladesco. 

47. Eobert de North wand, by "Walter de Katlesden, v, 
♦Laurence fil* Fulco de Pakeham and Amicia his wife and 
Alured de Brengeston and Cecilia liis wife, in Fuldon. 

48. Adam Bamrae and Alice his wife v. *Robert Stalewortb. 
and Muriel his wife, in Lenn. 

49. Manserus Mariot v. *Walter de Hou and Margaret his 
wife, in Lenn. 

50. Mag* Hugo de Pagrave v. *Alan Holyn, in Pagrave, 
Great Dunham, Little Dunham, Neuton, Leyham, Niketon, 
Sporle, Holm Hale, and Bradenham. 

5 1 . J*no le Holebrok v. *Agnes fir Ade Ording' of Attleberge 
and Johanna her sister, in Attleberge, Denton, and Eeddehale. 

52. William fil* Thomas de Aldeburg, clericus, v. *Eoger de 
Roderram and Basilia his wife, by J 'no de Wykemere, in 

53. Nicholas de Dunheved v. * Walter de Dunheved, of the 
manor of Dunheved. 

54. Mag' Eichard de la More v. *Alan de la More, by 
Eichard fiP William de la More, in Frense, Osemundeston, 
Parva Thorp, Thelveton, Dysce, Scuston, and Eandestone. 

55. Eobert fil' Carol v. *Thomas Charles and Johanna his 
wife, of the manor of Maydenham. 

56. Eobert, Bishop of Bath and Wells, by William de 
Middleton, v. *Nichola8 de Lenham, of the manor and advowson 
of Therning. 

57. *Symond le Waffre v, Eoger le Bygod, by J'no de 
Lyneremere, of the advowson of Wyndele. 

58. *J'no fir John r. Eoger, Bishop of Norwich, by J'no de 
Martham, of the advowson of the church of St. Mary of Magna 

59. *J'no Le Breton v, Eoger de Clyfford, senior, of the 
manor of Sparham. 

3ed and 4Tn Edward I. 

60. William, prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Symon de 
Lenn, v. *Eichard fiP Albini de Staneford, by Hugo de 
Cressingham, in Setheford. 

61. Eobert fil' Karol v. *Thomas fil' Karol, in Lodnes and 
Magna Gernemue. 

62. William, prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Symon de 
Lenn, v. *Eicardus fil' Albini de Staneford, in Setheford. 

63. William Clement of Plumstede r. *J'no de Norffolk of 
Chedeston and Olyva his wife, in Eunton. 

64. *William fil' Eeymer of Folmyngham, by Thomas de 
Aleby v. Thomas, parson of the church of Scothowe, by 
Clement de Plumsted, in Felmyngham. 

65. *Eoger de Haneworthe, by J'no Brun v. J'no de 
Daggeworthe, whom J'no de Holebrokd calls to warrant in 
Eedenhalo, Aldeberge, and Denton. 


66. ^Eoger le Keu and Johanna his wife v, J'no Maunsel and 
Isabel his wife, of half the manor of Hemestede. 

67. Katharine the wife of William de Swathing v. *William 
de Walcote and Alice his wife, in Oraneword, . . etton, 
Woderysing, Suthberg. ., and Hengham. 

68. William le Chat of Hevingham v. ^GalMdus fiP Mathew 
de Snoring and Maria his wife, in Maresham. 

4th Edwaild I. 

69. William fil' WiUiam Gereberg of Yarmoutli v. *William 
Gereberg of Yarmouth, senior, by Martin de Syslaund, of the 
manor of Chategrave. 

70. Bichard de Bokkyng, parson of the church of Kockethorp, 
by J'no de Rudham, t?. *RoDert, Bishop of Bath and Wells, by 
William de Middleton, of the manor of Styvekeye. 

7 1 . William fil' J'no de Lyndeseye v. ♦J'no an Esthalfthewat' 
and Mabel his wife, in Westlen. 

72. William fil' J'no de Lyndeseye v. ♦J'no Le Draper of 
Tylneye and Juliana his wife, in Lenn. 

78. William fil' Frariti (? Frary) Spriggy, by Michael le 
Bret, c. ♦Eoger, prior de Fetra St. Petri, by J'no de Crek, in 
Bumham, and the prior grants 6 acres except 1 acre next 
Spriggy escroft, and William grants, t.a., one-quarter of the 
advowson of the church of St. Andrew from the church. 

74. Bobert de Walton and Kadulphus de Ueylesdon v. 
♦Reginald de Grymeston and Sybill his wife, in Lenn. 

75. *AIexaiider fil' Ricardus Fastolf v. Bartholomew de 
Somerton, of the advowson of the church of Wynt'tou and Est 


76. Thomas de Capella, capellanus, by J*no de Causton, v. 
♦William de Capella, by Symou de Baldeswell, in Whytewell, 
Whychingham, and Repham. 

77. Peter de Brecles and Agnes his wife i\ ♦Roger Crowe 
and Margaret his wife, in Somerton. 

78. William Bardolf and Juliana his wife v. ♦Stephen de 
Strumpeshale, of the manors of Strumpeshale and Tonstall and 
advowson of the church of St. Peter of Northbyrlingham. 

79. Benedict, prior of Shuldham v. ♦Bartholomew Culling' 
and Sibilla his wife, in Wolferton. 

80. ♦Peter de Becles v. William de Mortuo mari, of the 
advowson of Ravenynghan. 

81. William Toly, by J'no de Crek, v. ♦Mag' J'no de Ely and 
Margareta his wife, in Burnham. 

82. ♦Ralph de Cheddegrave and Emma his wife v. William, 
prior of St. Olave of Herlyngflet, of the advowson of St. Margaret 
of Hales. 

83. Richard Le Deneys and Sibilla his wife v. ♦William, prior 
of Walsingham, by Michael Le Bret, in Longham. 

84. ♦Matilda the wife of Thomas de Moleton v. Hubert fil* 
Thomas de Moleton, of the manor of Surjingham. 

I 2 


85. Thomas de la Rokele, by William de Oxewj'k r. ♦Roger 
lo Keu and Johanna his wife, and J'no Maunsel and Isabel his 
wife, of the manor and advowson of Kolkyrke. 

86. J*no fil Roger la Veyle, by Hamo de la Grene v, *Roger 
la Veyle, in "VVestbastwyk, Leringsete, and Bayfield. 

87. Frat* Roger, prior de Penitencia Ch. Christi of Len, 
V. *Walter fil* Symon de Clenchewarton and Kathorine his wife, 
in Lenn. 

88. Ricardus de Boylond and Matilda his wife, by J'no 
Norman, v, * William Deverous, of the manor of Wyleby. 
[Mentions Matilda the wife of William de Ebraicis, pater 
predicti Willielmi.] 

89. Andrew de Shamebum v, ♦Robert de Pyrowe, in 

90. Hamo fil' William de Felmyngham v, ♦Cristiana de 
Felmyngham, in Suthburlingham, Parva Ringstede, and 
Setheford. [Walter de Burgo and Eufemia his wife mentioned.] 

91. William de Langeford and Sarra his wife, by Symon de 
Ueye, v. ♦Richard fil' Stephen and Olyva his wife, in Cleye- 

92. Henry fil' Margaret Curven v. ♦Theobald fil' William 
Boterel, in Estwalton. 

93. Maria, abbess of Marham, by Henry fil' Thomas 
Belhumme, v, ♦Andrew de Hengham, in Hakeford. 

94. Roger fil' Henry le Clerk of Waltringfeld and Agnes 
his wife, by Rad. de la Snore, v. ♦Walter Puttok of Sterston, by 
Thomas de Aleby, in Sterston. 

95. Roger de Thony, senior, by Richard de Saham, v. 
♦Edmund de Valle, in West Wrotham. 

96. William fil' Reginald de Smaleberge v. ♦Bartholomew de 
Corston and Matilda his wife, in Smaleberg and Berton. 

97. Richard fil' Robert Le Meyre v, ♦Galfridus de Wolfreton 
and Matilda his wife, in Castel Rysinge. 

98. J'no de St. Dyonisio and Cecilia his wife v. ♦Richard de 
Braundon and Agnes his wife, in Sadlebowe. 

99. Hugh de Ruston and Matilda his wife v. ♦Richard de 
Braundon and Agnes his wife, in Suthlen. 

1 00. William de Massingham and Alice his wife v. ♦J'no de 
Wenyce and Margaret his wife, in Lenn. 

6th Edwaed I. 

101. Deodatus Culling' v. ♦Richard de Brandon and Agnes 
his wife, in Suthlenn. 

102. Johanna de Muncy, by J'no de Causton, v. ♦Ida fil' 
Robert Le Esturmy, by Thomas Pycot, in Pulleham. 

103. J'no de Glos, junior, v. ♦J'no de Glos, senior, by Adam 
de Lecton, in Weston. 

104. Peter le Povere, by Hamo de la Grene, v. ♦Robert le 
Povere, by William fil' J'no, in Atlebrigge, Tyttone, Thaverham, 
Felthorp, and Elmyngham. 


105. Ealph de Oxon* v, *Eichard Le Daneys and Sibilla hia 
wife, in Longham. 

106. Galfridus Trulbok of Lenn, by Symon de Lenn, v, 
*J'no de Tylneye of Lenn and Juliana his wife, in Lenn. 

107. *[Robert Bataylle of Swenyngton, by Hamo de la Grene,] 
V. William, prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Symon de 
Lenn, in Alderford, and the advoweon of the church of St. John 
the Baptist there. 

108. William fiP Ade Miles of Plumstede v. *Alice fiP Ade 
Busset, by William de Heythe, in Parva Plumstede and 
Grimmere Plumstede. 

109. Symon de Stanere, by Thomas le Tayllur, v, *Thoma8 
de Wotton and Agnes his wife, in Lenn. 

5th Ain5 6th Edwajeud I. 

1 10. Richard de B and Avelina his wife v, *Robert 

Turkyll and Gunnora his wife, in ... . ngerton, Eavenyngham, 
Hales, Hekingham, Northon, Toftes, Thorp, Hadesco, Gyl- 
lyngham, Wynedele, and Lodnes. 

111. *Nicholas de Stradesete, by Ealph de la Snore, v, 
Robert de Saham, by Ealph de Saham, in Saham and Ovigton. 

1 1 2. *William fil' Henry de Gyselham and Isabella his wife v, 
Thomas, prior of Buttel, in Sumerton. [Bartholomew de Bryen 
also mentioned]. 

6th Edwaed L 

1 1 3. Hugh de Geyton of Lenn v. *Symon de Was of West 
Lenn and Margaret his wife, in Suth Lenn. 

114. Eadulphus de Ohatesgrave and Emma his wife v. *Eoger 
de Taseburgh and Eva his wife, in Hales and Eavenyng- 

115. J'no fil' John Le Straunge of Lutham v. *J'no fil' 
Eadulphus Le Straunge of Lucham, in Welyngham Magna, 
Weseham, Weseham Thorp, Wesenham St. Paul, Parva 
Narynges, and Magna Narynges. 

1 1 6. Eichard de Boylaunde v, *Eoger de Taseburgo, by J*no 
Norman, in Moringethorp, and the advowson of Shelton. 

117. The same v, *the same, by Eobert de Welleholm and 
Oliva-his wife, in Waketon and Multon. 

118. J*no de St. Omer and Johanna his wife, by J'no 
Pageman, «;. *Deodatus Colling and Agnes his wife, in Lenn. 

119. Philip Offefritte of Kyrkeby v. *Thomas de Bosco of 
Kyrkeby, in Kyrkeby By don and Wuth 

120. *J'no, prior of Lewes, <o, Fulco Bajmard, in Merton. 
(Eobert Burnel, Bishop of Bath and Wells, app. clam.) 

121. Eicardus de Boylaund and Matilda his wife, by Edmund 
de Moleton, v. *Adam de Brauncestr', in North Walsham, 
Worthestede, Westwyk, and Swathefeld. 

122. Eobert fiF J'no and Matilda his wife t?. *Eichard de 
Eye, by Thomas fiP Galfridus, in Tacolneston and Fundehale, 


1 23. *Iloger de Toftes v. J'no de Insula, in Magna Byngstede 
and Holm juxta mare. 

124. Walter de la Hyde, by William de Heyton, v, ♦Galfridus 
de Sutthorp and Eaesia his wife, in Stowe Bydun. 

125. J*no Costentyn of Lenn, by Henry de Barsham, p. 
♦Bartholomew Culling and Sybilla his wife, in Lenn. 

126. *William de Fleg, by Kichard de Byskel, v. Robert 
fir Walter de Malleby, in Salle, Dallyng, Thymyng, Refham. 
Wytewell, Oulton, and Heydon. 

127. Hugh, Bishop of Ely, by Hugh de Gressingham, r. 
♦Stephen de Bekeswelle and Gundred his wife, in Bekeswell, 
and the advowson of the same. 

128. Alan Leman v. *Robert le Chapel eyn of Kirkeby, by 
Warin de Lund, in Stokton and Elyngham. 

129. Richard fil' William Brunyng* v. *William Brunyng', 
in Rugthone. 

130. J'no Sylke, of Holcham, v, *Ralph Hakun of Holcham, 
in Holcham. . [Baldewin de Akenig mentioned.] 

131. Robert de Ludham v, *Robert de Houton, in Wetacre- 
burgh, and a marsh called Ronholm. 

132. J'no fil* Robert de Bereford, by Michael le Bret, v, 
*J'no la Veyli and Lucia his wife, in Bryningham, Burgo 
St. Marie, Brunton, Qonethorp, Stodeye, Salthus, Hemstede, 
Bodham, Est Bekham, and Plumstede. 

133. J'no Le Bigot v, *Godefrid de Bello monte, of the manor 
of Scheming. 

134. *J'no fir Richeri de Hunstestf, by William de Scothou, 
i\ Hermer Croche and Estrilda his wife, in Hevyngham. 

135. *Robert de Ravenyngham v. William, abbot of Langele, 
by Galfr' Cok, in Chattegrave. 

136. *Robert fiP Tliomas de Ravenyngham v. Peter de 
Becles, of the manor of Raveningham. 

6Tn AND Tth Edward I. 

137. J'no fil' Robert de Mikleker and Maria his wife, by 
Michael le Bret, v. *Hervicus de Stanhowe, in Anemere. 

138. J'no Le Estraunge and Isabel his wife, by James 
de Symplyngford, v, *Richard de Perers and Johanna his wife, 
in Longham. 

139. Abe' fil' William Rusteyn v. *William Rusteyn, in 
Snetesham, Frenghe, Scharneburne, and Anemere. 

140. Robert Costentyn v, *Robert de Stokes and Beatrix 
his wife, in Askewik. 

141. *William de Secheford v, William, prior of Holy 
Trinity of Norwich, of the advowson of the church of Blessed 
Mary of Secheford. 

142. *William de Secheford v. William, prior of Holy 
Trinity of Norwich, of the conmion of pasture in Secheford, 
**de qua Willelmus fil' Alan de Setheford, avus p'dci Willelmi, 
cujus heres est fuit seisitus." 


143. *Bobert fil' Thomas de lUtvfflinghain, by Eobert de 
Stubbes, V. Boger fil' Walter de Hales, [whom Willelmus de 
Thmry and Oliva his wife call to warrant] by Warin de Lund, 
in Whetaore. (Bobert Barnard and Balph de Hengham app. 

144. Thomas fil' Pno de Bayfeld v. «Pno de Bayfeld, 
dericos, by William de Huneworthe, in fl^-rli«gl»<tTn Glaunf ord, 
Bayfeld, and Lerinffsete. 

145. William l^riggy, by Beyner de Acre, v. *Symon de 
Snddale and Alioe his wife, by J'no le Breton, in Brunham 

146. The same, by the same, •• *J'no de Foringlond and 
Alice his wife, by J'no le Bretun, in Bradefeud. 

147. Gblfr* le Mercer de Norwyoo and William his son 
r. ^Nicholas de Blikling' and Isabella his wife, in CringeKord. 

7th Edwabd I. 

148. J'no fil' Qervas Beneyt •• *Qer?as Beneyt, by Clement 
de Flnmsted, in Inffham and Stalham. 

149. William, abbot of Bameseye, by J'jio Polyot, v, ♦Boger 
de Colevill and Desiderata his wife, in Walsokne. 

150. GHllbert Le Marohaunt de Walsokne and Claricia his 
wife, by J'no Folyot, r. ♦Boger de OoLevill and Desiderata his 
wife, in Walsokne. 

151. Bichard de Boylaimd and Matilda his wifo, by J'no 
Norman, v. ♦Matilda wife of William de Evereus, by J'no 
de.Benyngewortho, in Wyleby. 

152. ♦Eda daughter of Beyner and Cecilia her sister v. Thos. 
do Bedham, by Michael le Bret, in Folmynp^ham. 

. 153. Reginald lil' Nicholas de Shotosham v. ♦Bobert de 
Gedding and Sarra his wife, in IShotesham, Xarleton, and 

154. Adam de Bomingham and Alicia his wife, by Henry 
do Barsliam, v. ♦J'no do Wykemoro, in Bernyngham, Plumstede, 
Matelasko, and Maniug^n. (Walter fil' Nicholas de P'va 
Berningliam app. clam.) 

155. Adam l)aniel of Walsokne v, ♦Stephen de la Morthe 
and Cecilia his wife, in Enemethe. 

156. ♦William do Blundeston and Agnes his wife v, J'no, 
prior of Lewes, by J'no do Byllokoby, in Walepol in Mers- 

157. Nicholas de Castello v. ♦J'no de Tyvill, in Intwoode and 
the advowson of the same. 

158. Hamo fil' Ade de Mustroyl v. ♦Adam de Mustroyl, in 
Hunstanton and Walepol. 

159. Bichard do Dockyngo, parson of the church of 
Cokethorp, by Balph de la Snore, v. ♦Symon Bonet of Magna 
Massingham, and Cecilia his wife, in Cokethorp. 

160. Peter de Brampton v, ♦Andrew de Brampton and 
Matilda his wife, in Fyldeburg. 

Txn AND 8th Edwaiid I. 

161. Ealph, abbot of St. Peter de Conches and Castellon, 
by "William de Bromwyco, v, *Ralpli de Tony, fishery in waters 
of manor of West Wrotham, ana free warren in all demesne 
lands of abbot in the same. 

162. William de Pulham and Agnes his wife, by William de 
Huneworth, v, *Roger de Hales, by Simon le Gxis, in 
Chattegrave and Hardele. 

163. J*no de Caune v, *EaIph de Whaddon and Sibilla his 
wife, in Sparham and Wylton. 

8th Edwabd I. 

164. *Roger de Norffolk v. Robert Baynard, in Scothou. 

165. Andrew de Couteshal v, *Hugh de Huntingefeld and 
Margaret his wife, in Lenn. 

166. Robert fil' Roger, by J'no Brun, v. ♦Robert de 
Homynge, in Possewik. 

167. Symon de Ellesworth v. *John Verdekyn, in Lenn. 

168. J'no fil* Roger la Veylle, by William le Clerc, v, *Roger 
fil* Roger la Yeylle, by Michael Le Bret, in Letheringsete and 

169. Robert de Brundale v. *J*no, parson of the church of 
Westoftes, in Mouton and the advowson of the same. 

170. Henry fil* Ricardus Bakun of Gureston (? Garveston) 
v. *Isaac de Shelfhangre and Beatrix his wife, of 5 acres in 
Gureston, 10». 5d. yearly rent. 

171. Alan de Lyndesey v, *Richard de Aldeby and Margaret 
his wife, in Lenn. 

172. Walter de Muncy v. *Walter de la Male of Wytingham, 
in Pulham. 

173. Reginald fil* J'no de Reppes v, *Alice fil' Richard de 
Bayfeld, by J'no Norman, in Bayfield, Glaunford, Wyveton, 
Leringsete, Bemyngham, and Bodeham. 

174. Ralph de Kyrketon and Alice his wife v, *William 
Rusteng', in Wymundham, Bemham, Norwyco, Cangham, 
Rydon, Rysing, Wooton, Hillington, Grymiston, Suthlen, 
Wygenhale, Middilton, Magna and Parva Fransham, Snetesham, 
Salthus, and Dokkyng. 

8th and 9th Edwabd I. 

175. *Galfr' fil* Thomas Sapiente v, Peter, prior of Longa- 
villa, whom Reginald de Sprouston and Theophania his Tnfe 
call to warrant in Weston. 

176. J'no, prior of Lewes, by J'no de Warell (?), v, *Philip 
Burnel, of the advowson of Ryston. 

177. Robert de Brundale v, *Robert de Catteston, of the 
advowson of Mouton. 

178. Richard de Boylaund and Matilda his wife, by J'no 
Norman, v, *Roger fil' Radulphus de Tasburgh, in Tasburgh, 
Longestratton, and Sterston, which William Kynelm and Walter 
Kanep hold in villenage of Robert de Welholm and Olyva his wife. 


179. Bichard de Swerdeston, by Henry de Barsham, v. *J'no 
de Qeyton and Margaret his "wife, in Len. 

180. *William son of Peter de Cremplesham v, William, 
prior of Stokes, by Richard Pilot, in Cremplesham. 

181. William de Lyndeseye, by Henry de Barsham, v, 
^Andrew de Thorle and Johanna his wife, in Lenn. 

182. Adam de St. Edmund of Lenn v, *Hugo de Huntingfeld 
and Margaret his wife, in Lenn. 

183. Bichard Lomb v, *Andrew Golding, by Henry de 
Barsham, in Lenn and Wygenhale. 

184. Bobert fil' Warin de Marham v. *J'no fil' William de 
Crostwayt and Sibilla his wife, in Martham. 

185. William le Whyte v. *Henry de Wynton and Agnes 
his wife, in Lenn. 

9th Edwaed L 

186. Prudencia daughter of Boger de Mundham, by Simon 
le Oris, r. *Boger de Mundham, by William de Huneworth, in 
Mundham juxta Senges. 

187. Bichard fil* J*no Picot of Brakene and Agnes his wife 
V. *J'no fil* William de Sutberch, in Sutberch. 

188. William, prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Simon 
de Baldeswelle, v. *Bichard de Swerdeston, clerk, and Isabella 
his wife (sic), in Ameringhale. 

189. *Balph de Chategrave and Emma his wife v, Boger de 
Toftes, in Checheberche. 

190. William, prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Simon 
de Baldeswell, v, *Bobert fil' Bobert de Scales, by Walter de 
Berkwey, in Gatele. 

191. Thomas de Wabumne and Alice his wife, by William de 
Huneworth, v. *J'no fil* J*no de Banyngham, by Beginald 
Shakelok, in Wabume. 

192. Bobert, Bishop of Bath and Wells, by William de 
Middelton, v, *William, prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by 
S. de B., in Thiringe and the advowson of the same. 

193. Bartholomew de Byntre and Agnes his wife v. 
*Beginald fil* Jordan de Wytheresfeld and Alice his wife, in 

194. Laurence fil' Badulphus de Beppes v. *Symon Peche 
and Juliana his wife, in Baketon and Bradefeld. 

195. Clement fil* Edmund de Pastone v. *the same, in Baketon. 

196. Hugh de Kane v, *William fil* J*no de Burve de 
Beverlaco, in Leringsete and the advowson of half the church. 

197. William de Lyndeseye, by Symon de Albano, v. *Hugh 
de Huntingefeld and Margaret his wife, in Northlenchewarton. 

198. Sibilla Peche, by Edmund de Trop, v. *Balph de 
Whaddon and Sibilla his wife, in Stivekeye, Warham, and 
Wylton. (William de Thurtevile and William de Heningham 
app. clam.) 


1 99. William de Hevingham v. *Adam de Bauncestre, of the 
advowson of Wyckemere. 

200. Eicliard Sosuil (?), by Symon de 8t. Alban's, v. *Hugh 
de Huntingefeld and Margaret his wife, in Lenn Sosvil. 

201. Bobert de Mouton v. "^Hugh de Busseye and Matilda his 
wife, in Fre thorp. 

202. "^James de Thorp, by Clement de Plumpsted, v. Bobert 
de Hengham, of the manor of Welburn. 

203. Herveus fil' Thomas Buleman of Holmes v. *William 
Beynald and Cecilia his wife, in Hoicham and Bamham. 

204. Mag'r Henry de Branceston v, ^Bartholomew de 
Yatingedon, of the manor of Badinhalle. 

205. Mag'r Stephen Wyth, by William de Gememutha, v, 
♦Bobert de Mouton, in Brundale, Wytton, Plumpstede, Strumsawe, 
and Limpinho. 

206. Elyas de Middelton v. *William fil' Toly de Lenn, in 

207. William fil' J*no de Northlopham, capellanus, v. *Adam 
de Gissinge, in Boy don. 

208. J*no fil' Symon de Shuldham v. *Claricia wife of Simon 
de Shuldham, by Bobert de Shuldham, in Tyrington. 

209. Walter de Shelfhaungre, by Boger de Hulmo, v, ♦J'no 
de Ho, in Shelfhaungre. 

210. Nicholas fiP Walter del Chastel and Cecilia his wife, by 
Bichard de Hedersete, v. *Peter de Bekles, of the manor of 

211. J'no de Ingoldesthorp, by Bichard de Webbelee, 9. 
♦Balph de Whaddon and Sibilla his wife, in Witton and 
Hoke wold. 

212. J'no de Aveynes (?), by William de Bromholm, v. ♦J'no 
de Gestingethorp and Christiana his wife, in Snyterle. 

213. J'no fil' Heniy de Hoveton v. *Henry fil' Peter de 
Hoveton, by Simon fil' Laurence de Hereford, of the manor of 

214. Boger fil' Symon de Shuldham v, *Claricia wife of 
Simon de Shuldham, by Bobert de Shuldham, in Tyrington. 

2 1 5. *08bert de Wyndesor and Emma his wife v, Bobert fil' 
William de Shuldham, by Bobert de Bygeny, in Tylneye. 

The same v. William fil' William de Shuldham, in Tilneye. 

The same v. Bobert fil' William de Shuldham and William ^V 
William de Shuldham, whom Nicholas de Bygeny and Burgh- 
wenna his wife call to warrant in Tilneye. 

2 1 6. Nicholas de Castello v. ♦Symon Peche and Juliana his 
wife, in Cringelford. 

9th and 10th Edward I. 

217. Henry atte Chirche of Estbarsham and Matilda his 
wife, by Thomas de Gilham, v, ♦Sarra wife of Beginald Le 
Dauncer, in Northbarsham. 

218. Balph Lemire and Isabel his wife, by J'no fil' Walter 


ie Leobe, v. *Ealph de Brandon and Agnes his wife, in Magna 


. 319. The same, by J'no Lem.ire, v. ^Biobard Wychard and 

Kathevine bis wife, in Mag^a Fransham. 

220. ^Martin de Bramerton and Amicia bis wife v. William 
Pytte, eapellanus, in Q^reboldesbam. 

221. Eobert fil' Eoger v. ♦Walter, abbot of Sibeton, by 
Warinn de Lund, of the advowson of Lyng. 

222. 8ymon fil' Thomas Coper de Baldeswell v. «Hobert fU' 
mag* Symon del Park de Baldeswell, in Baldeswell. 

223. Thomas de Wesenham v. ♦Biohard ' de Stomarco and 
Elatherine his wife, in Schamebrun. 

224. Walter, parson of the church of Qreat Oressingham, by 
Bofl;er de Cressingham, v. *Clement fil' LaUrence de Oressingham, 
in Mag^ Oressingham. 

225. William de Norwyco r. ♦Mag' Balph de Oxen, in 

226. Nicholas de Castello v. ♦Walter de Mortuo mari and 
Juliana his wife, in Bavenyngham. 

10th Edwaed I. 

227. Bobert fil' Oonstantine de Westaor* v, ♦Eobert de 
Stokes and Beatrix his wife, in Askewykyn. 

228. ♦James de Thorp, by Brito de Gymyngham, v, Bobert 
de Hengham, by William le Chapman, in Baconesthorp. 

229. Bartholomew de Castre, by Thomas de Bunhale, v, 
♦Simon de Lyncoln and Katherino his wife, in MarthamandQunton. 

230. Emma la Moyne, by J*no de Brunne, v. *Bobert Is 
Moyne, by William de Eboj, in Burnham. (Edmund Le 
Burgolun app. clam.) 

231. Alyonora, Regina Anpr, consorte p'dci d'm Begis v, 
♦Qalfridus de Suthorp, in Wynenton (? Wyventon), with the 
advowson of the church of Stowe Bydon. 

232. Robert Baynard v. *Robert fiP Thomas de Bavenyngham 
iu Chatep:rave, Lan^ole, Hardele, Thurton, and Whetacre. 

233. *Jolianna Trussebut v. Benedict, prior of Shuldham, 
of tlie advowson of All Saints of Shuldham. 

23-1. Bobert fiP Peter de Bukeham v. ♦William fil' Alan 
de Ilakeford and Isabella his wife, in Karleton. 

235. Reginald fiP Nicholas de Shotesham v, *J*no Attehimall 
de Hemehale and Alice his wife, in Shotesham, Saxlingham, 
Cruchestok, Norwyc, Mulkeberton, and Karleton. 

236. Nicholas de Castello v, *Thoma8 de Brunne and Elena 
his wife, in Intewode. 

237. William, prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Symon 
de Baldeswell, v. *William Buc, in Possewyk. 

238. Alan Leman and William Scharpe, by Symon fil' J'no 
de Thurton, v. *Robert de Kyrkeby, capellanus, by William 
de Huneworth, in Kerkeby juxta Stocton. 

239. Alan de Lindesey v. ♦Bartholomew Culling and SibiUa 
his wife, in Bydon. 


240. *Eichard fiP Eeginald Taylyfer de Lammerth v, William 
de Colneyo and Isabella his wife, in Lammersth. 

241. Richard Athelwald v. *J*no Hare and Cecilia his wife, 
in Houghton. (Edmund fiP John Gorin* (?) app. clam.) 

242. J'no fil* Eustace v. ♦Eustace fil* Richard de Faston, in 
Kyneburle, Felebrigge, and Northreppes. 

243. Margaret daughter of J'no Guryun and Ascelina her 
sister v, *J*no Hare and Cecilia his wife, in Houghton juxta 
Rudham. (Edmund fiP John Gorin' (?) and John Poer app. clam.) 

244. Nicholas fil* J*no de Wygenhale v, ♦J'no fil* Robert 
Brunman of Wygenhale, and Juliana his wife, in Wygenhale. 

245. Ralph fil' J*no Hare v, *J'no Hare and Cecilia his wife, 
in Houghton juxta Rudham. 

246. Clement fiP William Clement of Plumpstede v. *Roger 
Hert of Westbetham, and Emma his wife, in Wolterton. 

247. Bartholomew March and Beatrix his wife, by Roger 
de Holm, v, *Henry fil' Thomas Burewen, by Wygehall. (Henry 
fir Robert de Wigenhale app. clam.) 

248. Peter le Povere, by Clement de Plumpstede, v, *Robert 
le Povere, by William de Huneworth, in Leyringesete, 
Huneworthe, and Stodeye. 

249. ♦Philip de Calthorp, by Richard de Calthorpe, v, 
William de Calthorpe and Cecilia his wife, in Harpele. 

260. ♦Ralph be Erlham v. William Syger of Oxewyk, of 
the advowson of Oxewyk. 

25 1 . *Robert fil' J'no de Gerveston, by Thomas de Runhale, v, 
Henry fil' Robert de Gerveston, by Henry de Brandon, in 
Gerveston and Thureston. 

10th and 11th Edward I. 

252. J'no de Bayfeld and Agnes de Bayfeld v, ♦Reginald de 
Waxtonesham and Johanna his wife in Brandon, Corston, 
Braundon, Bernham, and Dereford. 

253. J'no de Bayfeld v, ♦J'no Raven and Matilda his wife, 
in Runhale. 

254. Ralph fil' Roger le Neve of Baketon and Cecilia his 
sister v, ♦Simon Pecche and Juliana his wife, in Baketon. 

255. John Barfot of Cantele and Agnes his wife, by Thomas 
de Gelham, v, ♦Hugh de Bussey and Matilda his wife, in Cantele. 

256. Henry fil' Galfridus de Costinoble of Norwich and 
Olyva his wife, by William de Todeham, v, ♦William fil' William 
de Olneya, by Galfridus Miles, in Swerdeston and Dunston. 

257. John de Banyngham, junior, by Clement de Plumstede, 
V. ♦John de Banyngham, senior, by Robert de Sholdham, in 

258. William de Aldeburgh v. ♦J'no de Antingham and 
Matilda his wife, in Hane worth, Erpingham, and Coleby. 

259. Simon Bonde of Great Byteringe, by Laurence de 
Reppes, V, ♦John Fraunceys of Betele and Katherine his wife, 
of two shoppes in Norwyco. 


260. Simon fiP Eobert de Cokeford v. ♦Henry Matefrey of 
Dulyngham and Gundreda his wife, in Magna Helingham. 

11th Edward I. 

261. Roger de Clocwade, by William de Honeworth, v, 
♦Henry de Clocwode, by Thomas de Bayfeld, in Cleye, Holt, 
Leringsete, and Bayfeld. 

262. Andrew de Coteshale, by Thomas de Coteshale, v, 
♦Eichard de Brandon and Agnes his wife, in Suthlenn. 

263. William de Aldebergh, by Clement de Plnmstede, v. 
♦Bobert de Boyton and Alicia his wife, in Aldeburgh. 

264. Andrew de Sankevill v. ♦Reginald de Argentem, in 
Wylton, Hokewolde, Fueldon, Flichham, Rysinge, and Yelverton. 

265. ♦Rogerum de Raveningham and Sarra his wife, v. Nicholas 
de Castello and Cecilia his wife, in Ravenyngham, Hales, Norton, 
Thuruerton, Gylingham, Toft, Hadesco, Wyndele, Whetacre,, 
and Tybeham. 

266. Hugh fir Alan de Dunton, v. *Q-oscelin Hancept de 
Walpol and Muriel his wife, in Tyrington. 

267. Alexander de Ellingham and Beatrix his wife, by 
Clement de Plumstede, v. *Roger de Brom de Fomesete, by 
Lawrence de Reppes, in Hingham. 

268. Hugh fir Alan de Dunton, v. ♦Hugh fil' Martin (?)... 
Methelwolde, in Feltwell. 

269. Peter de Leringsete and Agnes his wife, by Clement 
de P', V. ♦Thomas de Ormesby, parson of the church of 
Stockesby, by Laurence de R., in Leringsete, Holt, Kellinge, 
and Sharneton. 

11th and 12th Edward L 

270. ♦J'no de Vallibj v, William fil' . . . de Ros and Matilda 
his wife, in the manors of Wacton and Whytewille, Hacford. 
(Wm. de Gyney app. clam.) 

271. William de Saham, clericus, by J*no Chaynel, v, 
♦Nicholas fil* Nicholas de Stradesete, in Aysle. [Christian wife 
of Nicholas mentioned. Alan Pope mentioned.] 

272. William de Cla. ... v. ♦Felicia wife of Gerard Evermer 
of Cauntele, by Nicholas Loudchare, in Mouton. 

273. J*no de Turtevill, by Richer de Wychehingham, v. 
♦William de Hevingham, by William de Bromholme, advowson 
of St. John the Baptist of Styvekeye. 

274. Richard de Hedersete and Johanna his wife, v, ♦Michael 
Tulesan, in Norwych, Magna Melton, Parva Melton, Hethill, and 

275. J'no Fraunceys de Walepol and Edmund Fraunceys, 
by Roger de Huntyngfeld, v, ♦J^no de Braunton and Agatha 
his wife, by J'no de Hemmesby, in Elyngham. 

1 2th Edward I. 

276. ♦Bartholomew fil' Radulphus de Somerton, by J'no de 
Livermere, v. Constance de Somerton, by J'no de Waleote, 
in Randeworth, Pankesford, and Upton. 


277. *Galfridu8 de Hastinges of Aylesham, by Clement de 
Plomstede v, Bobcrt de la Sale of Aylesham, by William de 
Bromholm, in Aylesham. 

278. *Ida tlie wife of Eoger fil' Ilugh de Herdebergh v. 
Hugh de Herdebergh, in Prilleston manor. 

279. Sibilla Peche v, *Ealph de Waddon and Sibilla his wife, 
in Parva Ryngestede. 

280. Bcdph de Kyrketon t\ *Ralph de Waddon and Sibilla hia 
wife, in Sparham. (Thomas fil' John de Ingoldesthorp app. clam.) 

281. *Eobert, vicar of the church of St. Clement of Brunham,. 
by Richer de Witchingham, v. J 'no fil' Robert de Baldeswell, 
by J'no de Geystweyt, in Brunham. 

282. Hugh fil* Alan de Dun ton v. *Thomas Picot of 
Tyrington and Agnes his wife, in Tyrington. 

283. Hugh fil' Alan de Donton v, *Ralph de Donton and 
Johanna his wife, in Feltewelle. 

284. J'no de Gememuwe fil' Nicholas de Bromholm, by 
William de Huneworth v, *Ralph de Chategrave and Emma 
his wife, in Raveningham, Hales, and Hekingeham. 

286. J'no fil' Osbert de Cayly, by Simon de Cleye, v, *Stephen 
le Engleis (?) of Wyrham and Isabella liis wife, in Cranewij. 

286. William fiP Ralph de Wymundham v. *Thoma8 de 
Caston and Isabella his wife, in Norwich. 

287. Elyas de Middelton and Matilda his wife v. *J'no 
Maunsel and Isabella his wife, in Northelmham. 

288. Richard Cobelman of Magna Gernemuth v, *Nicholas 
de Reppes, in Runha.m, Malteby, and Thrykeby. 

289. *Peter de Thelnetham v. Robert de Tatteshale, in 

290. Richer le Tavemer of Lenne v, *Adam Silyester of 
Lenne and Letitia his wife, in Lenne. 

291. William fil' Goscelin de Stalham v. *Robert Rose and 
Petronilla his wife, in Stalham. (William fiP Wafun de Monte 
Caniso and Petronilla widow of Robert Malet app. clam.) 

292. William de Dreytone, by J'no de Ely, v. *Thomas de 
Rothenhale, by J'no de Gysilham, in Pakysfeld and the advowson 
of the church. 

12th and 13th Edward I. 

293. J'no Faber of Wyvetone v. *Bartholomew de Burisyerd 
and Emma his wife, in Wyveton. 

294. Hugh GV Alan de Donton v. *Walter fil' Adam del 
Tyrinton and Amabilia his wife, in Tyrinton. 

295. Ralph de Creppinge v, ♦Milo le Parker of Sterstone and 
Cristina his wife, and William le Claver of Sterstone and 
Katherine his wife, in Fornesete. 

296. J*no de Vallibus v, ^Bartholomew de Bruseyerd and 
Emma his wife, in Sniterle. 

297. Galfridus Beneyt v, *Thoma8 de Wytchingham and 
Matilda his wife, in Grimston and Congham. 



' 1«7 


298. ^^omas fil' Bobert de Pagraye and OristiaDa his wife, 
bj William fil' Thomas d!e Bysinge (f), in Lenne. (John Ode 
app. dam.) 

^ 299. Fnor of Shuldham «. *£iohard de Brandon and Agnes 
his wife, in Suthlenne. 

800. Beatrix de Alkeburgh, by Simon de dejei f^. Thomas 
de Alkebergh and Agnea his wife,, in Lenn. 

801. Thomas de Alkeburgh r. ^Biohard de Braiinton and 
Agnes his wife, in Suthlenne* 

S02. Stephen fil* William de Sparham •. ^William de 
Spi^ham, in Sparham and Baldeswelle. (Thomas Koper de 
Mideswell app. dam.) 

803. Thomas de Mondeford and Simon de Oranewij^ r. 
*Fhilip le Glerk of Lenne, and Matilda his wife, by J'no 
de Ghulewey, in Lenne. 

18th Edwabd L 

^ 304. Nicholas de Oastello v. ^Nicholas Le Bret and Isabella 
his wife, in Bavenyngham. 

805. Bog' wife of Boger Tallebot «• ^Biohard de Bromholm 
and Margaret his wife, in Suthreppes. 

' 806. r^icholas de Oastello v. ^Bichard de Beverlaco and 
Avelina his wife, in Beveningham. 

807. *Balph de Ohademve and Emma his wife v. Stephen 
Gissinge, whom J'no fil' f eter de Bukeham calls to warrant 
in Gerbodesham. 

308. Bartholomew de Gemleston and Beatrix his wife, 
V, *Adam de Theminge and Margaret his wife, J'no de 
Thudenham of Marham and Agnes his wife, in Stowe juxta 

309. William de Oalveleye and Alice his wife f'. ^Biohard 
de Suthkerk, in Suthburgh and Woderysinge. 

310. Isolda fil' Galfridus de Bek v. *Bichard de Bothing and 
Alpesia his wife, in Banham. 

311. Mag'r J'no de Walecote v. ♦J'no de Gimingham and 
Sibilla his wife, in Walecote and Dedlington. 

312. Eobert Baynard v* ♦Nicholas Lemband and Margaret 
his wife, by Balph de Bosevile, in Whithaker. 

313. Morgan son of William de Sexford and Katherine his 
wife, by Henry fil' William, v. *J'no fil' Bicardus de Sotesham, 
capellanus, in 8otesham. 

314. *Prior of Castelakere v. William de Bardolf, of the 
advowfion of Westebrigge. 

315. Balph Grundul v. *William de Calthorp, in Brunham- 

316. The same v, ♦the same and Oecilia his wife, in the samOf 

317. Galfridus fil' Bichard Kempe de Norwico v. ♦Gervase le 
Graunt and Margaret his wife, in Heytham. 

318. William de Fakeham and Johanna his wife v, ♦J'no de 
, Gantilupo, in Gerbodesham. 


319. Joseph' Bonde of Bnunstede v. ^Bobert Rose and 
Petronilla his wife, in Bnunstede. 

320. Stephen GV Walter Attetoneshende of Dounham Hithe 
and Agnes his wife r. *J'no de Den and Matilda his wife, 
in Dunham Hithe. (Kobt. de Banhale app. clam.) 

321. ♦Richard Fiz Capersone de Gunton v. Mag'p Henry de 
Gnnton, in Gunton, Hanworth, and Aleby. (John fil' Rich, de 
Gunton app. clam.) 

322. Robert Bumell, Bishop of Bath and Wells, by Adam 
de Kyngeshemede, v, ♦Johanna de Muncy wife of Richard 
Esturmy, by Robert de Burlington, in Ryston. 

323. William de Warenne and Johanna his wife t;. ♦Robert 
de Yeer, Com' Oxon, and Alicia his wife, of the manor and 
advowson of Boston. 

324. Richard le Ken of Lenn v, ♦Richard de Braundon and 
Agnes his wife, in Seche. 

325. Henry de Wirham and Richard le Rus v. ♦Richard 
le Bule of Sncuinge and John Le Straunge of Lutcham, of 
the advowson of Testerton. 

326. Richard le Bule and J'no son of J'no le Straunge de 
Lutcham v. ♦Henry de Warham and Richard le Rus of Reyoiiamy 
of the advowson of Parva Snouringe. 

327. Reginald le Ta vomer of Lenne and Petronilla his wife 
t;. ♦J'no de Hengham and Matilda his wife, in Lenn. 

328. Richard Cappe v, ♦William Cappe of Burston, in 

13th Aim 14th Edwakd L 

329. ♦William fil' Peter de Cremplesham v. Gilbert de Glare 
Com' of Glouc' and Hereford, whom Matilda de Clare, Comittisse 
Glouc' and Hereford, calls to warrant in Cremplesham. 

330. Walter Argent of Lenn and Margaret his wife r. 
♦Nicholas fiP Robert and Lucia his wife, in Northclenchewardton. 

331. William de Hengham, parson of the church of 
Shropham, v. ♦Roger Leverj and Alice his wife, in Bradekir and 
Shropham. (Walter Leverich (?) and John his brother app. clam.) 

332. William fil' Warin de Monte Caniso v. ♦Simon Coper 
of Baldeswell, in Baldeswell. 

333. Mag'r Gregory de Ponte fracto v, ♦Richard fil' Nicholas 
de Dockinge, in Wynbodesham. 

14th Edward L 

334. ♦Roger de Somerton and William his brother v. J'no de 
Methelwolde and Margaret his wife, in Martham. 

335. ♦Richer Est and Margaret his wife v, Henry Pertrij 
and Margaret his wife, in Hackeford juxta Refham. 

336. ♦Stephen de Wytham and Augu' his wife v. Reginald 
fil* Alured Redyn, in Euemeth. 

337. ♦William, prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, v, William 
Roscelyn, of the manor of Audeby. 



338. ^William de Mortuomari de Atdebnrgh, by Simon de 
Stowe, V, Benedict, prior of Sculdham, of the advowson of 

339. ♦Boger fil* William de Woderisyngh v. J'no fil* Gerard, 
whom Cecilia the wife of G«rard de Bedham calk to warrant 
in Woderisyngh. 

340. GFalfridoa le Mercer f^. *OalfridiiB Brune and Margaret 
hifl wife, in Erlham, Heygham, and Gryngelford. 

341. J'no de j^ebrigg v. *Bichard fil' GKlJbert Waryn of 
Borston, in Osmundeston. 

342. Henry fil' J'po de Marisco v. ♦William de Bereford and 
Margaret his wife, in Walsoken in Meyrslaund. 

343. Bobert Gonstantin and Amic' his wife f^. ♦Eichard de 
Braundon and Agnes his wife, in Suthlenne. 

344. Bartholomew de Berton and Oedlia his wife v, ♦Walter 
Brixi of Morle and Margaret his wife, in Norwich. 

345. *Humfrey de Bassyngebum and Maria his wife v. 
Thomas, prior of Butteleye, of the advowson of West 

346. *William fil' Alan de la Sale of Swaf ham, by William 
de Blomvyle, v. Balph, abbot of Littleshall, by brother Bichard 
de Wenlok his canon, of the advowson of Blessed Mary of 
Hnlmo juzta mare. 

347. Clement de Plumstede v. *Constancia the wife of Boger 
Ascelyn and Alice and Emma her daughters, in Baconesthorp. 

348. Adam fiP Benedict de Walsoken v, ♦Peter le Messager 
and Margaret his wife, in North Waleton and Walepol. 

349. Galfr' de Blofeld and Margaret his wife v. ♦J'no de 
Heylesdon and Alice liis wife, in Norwich. 

350. J'no de Hemptonv. ♦Nicholas de Byngested and Beatrix 
bis wife, in North Barsham. 

351. Beginald fiP Bobert Koo of Freton and Basilia his wife 
V, ♦Matilda the wife of Bobert Koc, in Freton. 

352. Walter, abbot of West Derham, v, ♦William de Nereford, 
acquittance by William of services due to Boger le Bigod, in 
West Derham. 

353. Adam Bole v. ♦Bichard Bole, of the manor of Parva 
Naringes, and a quarter of the manor of Testerton. 

354. ♦William Bule and Alice his wife, by J*no Bole, v. 
Bobert le Veel and Hawise his wife, by Galfridus le Beeve, in 
Stowe Bydun. 

355. William Gereberg, vineter, v. ♦Hugh de Bussey and 
Matilda his wife, in Fretorp and Lympinhowe. 

356. Bichard Bule v. ♦J'no fil* J*no le Estraunge, of the 
advowson of Parva Naringes. 

357. J'no Dyx and Margaret his wife v, ♦Walter, abbot of 
West Derham, in Tylneye. (John fil' Thomas de Tilneye, 
capellanus, app. clam.) 

358. William Howard de Wigenhale v. ♦Bichard de Brandon 
and Agnes his wife, in Wygenhal. 


359. J'no de Albinaco and Johanna his wife v, ♦Roger de 
Wolterton and Alice his wife, in East Barsham. 

360. *Thoma8 fil* J*no de Birston v, Robert de Kokefeld, 
whom J'no de Kokefeld calls to warrant, by Edmund de 
Kokefeld, of the advowson of Birston. 

361. Gocelin de Brandeston v. *Bartholomew fil' Robert 
Batajlle, in Swenygton. [Isabel and Claricia Bataylle also 

362. Richar(J Albon de Sniterle, by Clement de Plumstede, 
V. *Bartholomew de Buresierd and Emma his wife, in Sniterle 
and Wyveton. 

363. Ralph fil' Robert le White of Hunstanton and Agnes 
his wife, v. *Bartholomew de Fer'etino, parson of the church 
of St. Peter of Magna Walsingham, in Magna Walsingham. 
(Richard Mundy and prior de Bynham app. clam.) 

364. Roger May den of Scothowe and David his son v. 
♦William fil* Eborard de Warham and Ida his wife, in Scothowe. 

365. Thomas £d' Gerard de Redham and Rosa his wife v. 
♦Ralph de Redham and Margaret his wife, in Fysshele, Upton, 
Akele, Northbirlingham, Frethorp, and Burgh in Fleg. (Wydo 
Butecurte app. clam.) 

366. William Gerberge, vineter, v. ♦J'no de Dunham, in 
Senges, Mundham, and Wacton (?) 

367. Agnes daughter of Richard del Oeler v, ♦Katherine the 
wife of Richard del Celer, in Hemmesby. 

368. ♦William fil* Thomas Baldewyne v. Nicholas de Reppes 
and Avelina his wife, in Ingewrthe and Banyngham. 

369. William fir Ade de Irsted v. ♦William de Stalham, in 

370. Gilbert de Clare, Com' Glouc' and Hereford, by Thomas 
Le Merveylleus, v, ♦Bartholomew de Burseyerd and Emma his 
wife, in Wyveton. 

371. ♦Robert de Pulham and Seina his wife v, William de 
Montecaniso and Andrew Prudfot, by Clement de Plumstede, 
in Beregh' juxta Apeton. 

372. J*no Parleben v. ♦Roger Herveys and Alice his wife, 
in S wanton Mareschal. 

373. *Richard fil' William de La Rokele v. Herbert, prior 
of Westacre, of the advowson of Apelton. ^ 

374. William de Saham v, ♦Galfridus Ferthyng, in Saham, 
Threyston, and Tomston. 

375. Alice fil* Hervicus Holdelond of Great Elingeham v, 
♦Nicholas de la Hale of Hengham, in Hengham. 

376. William de Saham v. ♦Galfridus Gildenelock and 
Cristiana his wife, and Matilda the wife of Thomas Ferthing, 
Alice and Cecilia, sisters of Matilda, in Saham, Threyston, 
and Tomston. (Mabilia de la Wodehale, mother of said 
Cristiana and Matilda, app. clam.) 

377. William de Saham v. *J*no fil' Robert de Bereford, 
in Bereford. 


378. Simon fiU Gilbert de Hindringeham v, *Alan fil* Thomas 
de Hindringeham and Elizabeth his wife, in Hindringham. 

379. Eustace Bataylle and Margaret his wife v. ♦Adam 
Bataille, in Whetacre. (Robert Baynard, Nicholas Lenebaud (?) 
and Margery his wife, app. clam.) 

380. *William de Wyngefeld and Matilda his wife v, William, 
prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Simon de Baldeswell, 
in Secheford. (WiUiam de Alyzun (?) de Enemede app. clam.) 

381. * Walter Pennyng and Beatrix his wife v, William, 
prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Simon de Baldeswell, 
in Cruchestok. 

382. Hamo fiP Richard Hane de Geystweyt v, *J'no fil' J'no 
de Wodenorton, in Geystweyt. 

383. J*no de Sottesbrok v. *J'no de Ickeworthe and Johanna 
the wife of Nicholas de Docking, in SheLfhanger, Brisingham, 
and Gissing. 

384. *William fiP William de Ev'eus, by J'no fir Walter, 
r. Simon, abbot of Mary of Ebor', by Adam de Shupton, 
of the advowson of Wyleby jnxta Castelbukenham. (Ralph de 
Amundesham and Alice his wife and Emma her sister app. clam.) 

385. James Douch of Biingeye v, *Henry fil' William Rose, 
in Magna Jernemue. (John and Robert Rose and Henry fiP 
Thomas Rose app. clam.) 

386. * William Cock and Cristiana his wife v. Roger Puttok 
and Agnes his wife, in Stirston. 

387. Roger Berefot of Hornyngtoft v, *Henry le Porter 
of Derham and Alice his wife, in Hornyngtoft. 

388. Roger de Stalham v, *William le Mazun and Sibilla 
his wife, in Stalham. 

389. *Henry Batayl, William Beck, Noranda fiF Elene, Alicia 
her sister, and Thomas* fil' Matilda de Enemethe, by William 
Batayl, v. J'no, prior of Lewes, by Roger de Hulmo, in 
Magna Ringstede. [Reference to Statute of Mortmain]. 

390. J'no le Botyller v. *Thoma8 Wolmer and Alice his wife, 
in Northwolde. (Agnes daughter of Warin de Mundeford, 
Stephen fil' Alice de Mundeford, Emma daughter of Basel de 
Mundeford, and Margaret her sister, app. clam.) 

391. J'no de Bemyngham v, *Hervyeus de Stanhowe, in 
Brecham Toftfes. 

392. J'no fil' Aylward de Crosedale, junior, v. *Aylward de 
Crosedale, in North Reppes and Suth Reppes. 

393. Robert Roceney v. *Cecilia daughter of Alan de 
Nowers, J'no Le Marchaund and Oliva his wife, Peter de 
Sharneton and Maria his wife, Alan fil' Thomas and Elizabeth 
his wife, in Hindringeham. 

394. William fil' Peter de Cremplesham v, *Ralph fiP 
Walter de Wyrham, in West Derham. 

395. Same as 392, in North Reppes. 

396. *Ri chard de la More and Amabil his wife v. Ralph 
Byrun and Katherine his wife, in Freynge. 

K 2 


397. Roger fil* William de Brome r. ♦Roger Bygod, Com' 
Norll'olk, in Blonorton and Lopham. 

398. *Roger Spryngald v. Agnes the wife of Hugh Le 
Kaylly, in Suthfeld. 

399. Galfrid fil' Laur' de Ecclesia v. *Galfridu8 Canel de 
Dikelburg, in Dykelburg, Prilleston, Yelverton, and Shympling. 

400. William de Kerdeeton v. *Walter fil* Thomas de 
Walcote, whom Thomas fil' William fil* Ralph de Ryston 
calls to warrant, &c., in Ryston. 

401. Edmund de Cokefeld v. *J'no de Gestingthorp and 
Christiana his wife, in Cunstables Melton. 

402. ♦Gervase fiP William de Gyniingham and Emma his 
wife V. Henry Le Clerk de Norwico and Katherine his wife, in 

403. Henry Le Taylur v. *Richard de Bromholm and 
Margaret his wife, in Reppes juxta Thirne. 

404. *Henry Pertrick and Margaret his wife v, J'no fiP 
Galfrid de Beck, whom Nicholas, parson of the church of 
Yakesham, calls to warrant in Rumhaley Brandon, Corston, and 

405. Thomas fil' Stephen de Ware and Beatrix his wife v, 
♦Margaret the wife of Stephen de Ware, in Totyngton and Parva 

406. William Gereberg, vinetar, and Johanna his wife v, 
♦Richard Gereberg of Jernemue, in Erpingham, Schipedene, 
and Jernemue. Alice wife of William Gereberg mentioned. 
Parcels mixed up.] (Thomas Gerberg apj). clam.) ^ 

407. J'no Dusyng, capellanus, v. *William Frede and Alicia 
his wife, in Gylyngham. 

408. ♦Robert de Bosco and Isolda his wife v. J'np fil' Robert 
de Cantulupo, whom William de Pakenham calls to warrant 
in Gerbaldesham. 

409. ♦Thomas Wymers and Avelina his wife v, Alex Wymers, 
in ISkernynge. 

410. Katherine fil' Walter Buckeskin v. ♦Katherine the wife 
of Walter Buckeskyn, in Fisshele, Upton, Pre thorp, North- 
byrlingham, and Burg in Fleg. 

411. Edmund de Caston v. ♦Robert de Caston, in Rokelin- 
toftes and the advowson of the same. (Walkelin de Bosevill and 
Roger fil' William Beaubrar (?) and Galfridus fil' Walter 
Thurbem app. clam.) 

412. ♦Walter Seurri of Somerton v. J'no de Grevemere, in 
East Som'ton, West Som'ton, Wynt'ton, Hemesby, and Martham. 

413. Juliana de Bannyngg, by Ralph de Alta Ripa, v, 
♦William de Redham and Elena his wife, in Ormesby. [Curious 
reddendum of herrings to be delivered.] 

414. William fil' Rad' de Caston and Cecilia his wife 
V, ♦Henry fil' J'no de Caston, in Caston and Stowe Bydun. 

415. ♦Robert de Hereford v. Revalonu', abbot de Bona 
regine, whom William, abbot of Sautr', calls to warrant, by 


brother Eobert de Eeda, of the church of HunyDgham, unda 
duellum vindatu' armata' 't permission fuit inter eos. 

416. Walter de Ghrauncurt v» •William de Calthorp and 
Cecilia his wife, enquiry whether a finemade in the reign of King 
Henry between William de Ghrauncurt, his father, and said 
William de Calthorp and CeciHa his wife, of lands in Burnham 
Thorp, Burnham Sutton, Harpeleg, Fyncham, Estwenyz, 
Hungreswauton, &o. [Mentions tenants sd. Balph Earn, Peter 
Champeneys, and Roland Spryt.] 

417. Milo Le Parker and Onstiana his wife v, ^William Le 
Claver and Katherine his wife, in Sterston. 

418. J'no de Yallibus, by J'no de Wyssingsete, v. ♦Bar- 
tholomew fil' Bobert de Norff' and Johanna his wife, in 

419. *William de Merkeshale f^. Boser le Bygod, in 
Merkeshale, and Castre St. Edmund juxta ISorwyco. 

420. ♦William de Bovyle v. Bobert de Boys, in Fresfeld, 
Brisingham, Lopham, and Kennyghale. 

421. Agnes fil' Osbert de Martham f^. *Bobert Felawe, in 
Castre and Ormesby. (Alexander Hervy app. clam.) 

422. Nicholas, abbot of St. Benedict of Hulmo, v, ^William 
le Speoer and Ida his wife, in Scothowe and Westwyk. 

423. Edmund de Okele v. *Boger de Haneworth, in 
Okele. ' 

424. William de Setheford v. ♦William Frost of Welles and 
Sarra his wife, in West Walton. 

425. Eoger Bacun v. *Edmund de Swathyng and Alice his 
wife, 22«. 6^. rent in Baconesthorp, Tunebemyngham, and North 

426. Eoger de Norhutton de Lenn and Orabilia his wife 
V. *Andrew de Thorleye and Johanna his wife, in Lenn. 

427. Alan de Lyndeseye v. ♦Thomas de Weylaund of Eydon 
and Elizabeth his wife, 20«. in Eydon. 

428. *Nicholas LeWebbere de Mag'n Gernemue and Anastasia 
liis wife V. Eichard de Causton and Avicia his wife, in Aldeby, 
and Toft juxta Eavenyngham. 

429. Henry Le Cat v. * Walter de Thorp, in Bekeswelle, 
Crimplesham, Dunham hithe, Eyston, Fordham, West Derham, 
Denever, Litleport, and Welles. 

430. Ealph fil' Eadi of Irmynglond and Matilda his wife, 
V. *Eichard, parson of the church of St. Andrew de North- 
berlingham, in Breycheston, North Burlingham, Blofeld, and 

431. Eeginald fiP J*no de North Beppes v, *Edmund de 
North Reppes, in North Eeppes, Suth Eeppes, Sistrond, 
Ovestrond, Schypeden, and Euctone. [Eegrant by Eeginald 
of lands called Wrongedale, and half a mill, &c.] (Simon de 
Lund app. clam.) 

432. *08bert Loue and Hawyse his wife v. J'no, prior of 
Lewes, in Walton. 


433. Henry Chyrche of Wygenhale r. *Stephen Angot and 
Agnes his wife, in Wygenhale. 

434. Eichard de Boylaund and Matilda his wife v. *Itobert 
Pecche, by Eichard Pecche, in Disce. 

435. Eichard Sefuwel v, *Adam Swetyene and Muriel his 
wife, in West Lenn. 

436. Simon fil* Adam Attekirk of Gimingham v. *Blitha fiP 
Thomas de Elnapeton and Walter Le March aund and Beatrix 
his wife, in Bradefeld. (Isabel daughter of Adam ad Ecclesiam 
de Gymmyngham app. clam.) 

437. William Bnm de Leverington and Agnes his wife 
V. *William de Massingham and Alicia his wife, in Lenn. 

438. *William de EoUesby v, Juliana the wife of Symon 
Pecche, of the ad vow son of EoUesby. 

439. *Eicherus Waryn of Pottereheygham, capellanus, v. 
J*no Eandulph de Stalham, in Potteres Heygham and 

440. Philip fir J'no Curpel «?. *J'no Burel of East Carleton, 
in East Carleton juxta Mulkeberton. 

441. J*no de Ispanu' and Alice his wife v, *William fil' 
Eichard de Swerdeston, in Lenn Ep'i. 

442. Hubert, prior of Westacre, v. *Eichard de Brandon and 
Agnes his wife, in Suth Lenn. 

443. Nicholas fil* Ade de Tyrington v. *Matthew Le Mazun 
of Great Massingham and Margaret his wife, in Tyrington. 

444. Henry de Teveresham v, *Thomas Picot and Agnes his 
wife, in Tyrington. 

445. Ealph de Heynore of Lenne v, *Eobert Crek of North 
Clench ewarton and Margaret his wife, in North Lenne. 

446. William Hamund v, *J'no de Gestingthorp and Cristiana 
his wife, in Lucham. 

447. Hugh fil* Alan de Duntone v. *Thomas Pycot and Ghds' 
his wife, in Tyrington. 

448. *Ealph Byrun and Katherine his wife v, J*no Galyon 
of Sandringeham, in Sandringeham. 

449. Henry fil* J'no de Walpol v. *A8celina fil* Hugh Loverd 
de Houton, in Houton juxta Eudham. 

450. ♦William fil* Eicardus de Dunston, Thomas fiP J'no de 
Nareford, William fiP Eichard de Gonthorp, William fiP Nicholas 
de Dunston, and Thomas fil' Hugh de Parva Framyngham, v, 
J*no, abbot of St. Edmund's, of the manor of Castre. 

451. *Eobert de la Eoches and Cecilia his wife v. Eobert 
Boleman, in Hunstanton and Magna Eyngsted. (Gilbert fiP 
William de Seggeford app. clam.) 

452. *01iver fil' William and Agnes his wife . Walter, abbot 
of Derham, in Wygenhal. 

453. Galfridus le Mercer v, *William fil' Ade de Burtoft 
and Isabel his wife, in Merkeshale. 

454. *J'no fir William de Berdewelle v. Eichard de Soueton, 
in Gatesthorp. 


« ■ 

455. Ing^ramas Belet v. *William Belet and Margaret his 
wife, in Toftes juxta Lynefeld. 

456. Eobertde Qirston and Agnes his wife t;. "^Eobert de 
Jememuta and Isabell his wife, in Lenn. 

457. J'no, parson of Strumpeshawe, v. ♦William de Ormesby 
and Agnes his wife, in the manor of Oubj. 

- 458. J'no Coatyn of Lenn, by Bobert Oostyn, v. ♦Philip de 
Tomston and Sarra his wife, in Lenn. 

459. William fil' Eadulphus de Wymundham and Elena de 
Oatton «. *Balph de Oatton and Juliana his wife, in suburbis 

460. George fil' lianrenoe and Basilia his wife v, *Eichard 
Marohe, in Magna Byngstede. 

461. Hamo fil' Budiard de North Baresham v, *J'no Hare 
and Oedlia his wife, in North Baresham. (Edmund Goeyun 
app. olAni.) 

462. *William fil' Ade de Burghtoft and Isabella his wife v, 
Oalfridos le Mercer, in Cringelford. 

463. William de Carleton, bv William de Teford, v. *Richard 
de Swerdeston, olerious, and Isabel his wife, in Intewode. 

464. William fil' William Belet v. ♦William Belet and 
Margaret his wife, in Marham. 

465. Walter Le Gras of New Bukenham' i^nd Alice his wife 
V. ♦J'no Wytede of Old Bukenham, in Old Bi]^enham. 

466. Will, de Carleton, by William de Teford, v, ♦William 
atte Lathes of Keteringham and Elviva his wife, in East Carleton. 

467. Richard fil* Qalfridus de Brynton v, *Gilbert de 
Pappewrthe and Alicia his wife, in Lenn. 

468. Adam de Colecest'r and Edith his wife v. *J'no de 
Stokesby and Helewys his wife, in Gymmingham. 

469. Richard de Boylaund and Matilda his wife r. *Roger 
de Howe, in Howe, Schotesham, Framelingham, and Brok, 
which Warin de Hereford and Margaret his wife hold in dower 
of Margaret. 

14th and 15th Edward I. 

470. J*no fir Thomas de Swanneton v. *Roger Waryn and 
Alicia his wife, in East Derham. 

471. Richard de Boylaund and Matilda his wife v, *Edmund 
Guriun and Cecilia his wife, in Parva Ryngsted. 

472. Symon de Thirne of Outwelle v, ♦Gilbert Drewe and 
Katherine his wife, in Outwelle. 

473. William fil' Warin de Monte caniso, by Clement de 
Plumsted, v, ♦Symon fil* Hubert de Magna Melton, in Magna 
Melton and the advowson of the Blessed Mary of the same. 

474. J*no de Causton v. ♦William fil' Henry de Carlevyl and 
Beatrice his wife, in Sweisgton. 

475. J'no fil* Warin de Meringethorp and Radulphus his 
brother and Agnes his sister v. ♦Avelina de la Grene de 
Meringetliorp, in Meringethorp. 


47f>. J'no fiV Huff*clo Kayllyt7.*WilIiamde Ormesby and Agnes 
hiH wif<% in HufFeld, Gunston, Antingliam, Colleby, and Felmyng- 
liiini. (Siinon lo (>)iift8table and Katherine his wife app. clam.) 

477. Kobrjrt EmyH v. ♦Adam fil* William de Ryngelond, in 
W(jll<jfl juxta Warham. 

478. Alico fir Thomas Unwyna v. *Thoma8 Koc and Johanna 
hiw wifo, in Wygonhale. 

479. Symon do Bailing t;. *Walter de Calthorp and Ela bis 
wife, in K<}rd«flton. 

480. Jticlierus Bricke of Wychingham v. *Alex Brick and 
Mabilia his wife, in Wychingham. 

481. *J'no Boulond de Norwyco and Isabel his wife v, 
llichard do lloptcm and Cristiana his wife, in Norwyco. 

482. Christiana fir Thomas Tist v. *J'no fil' Gilbert de 
Moringthorp, in Meringthorp. 

483. William de Parco of Hevyngham v. *J'no Twitevyll, of 
tlio advowHcm of All Saints of Suth Pykenham. [Relates to 
heirship of Galfridiis do Styvekeye, their kinsman.] 

484. Philip do Fenne v. *Walter Kech and Isabel his wife, 
ill Tyhu^yo, Wygonhale, and Map^na Ryngsted. . 

485. Adam Talebot and Penotrilla his wife v. *J*no de 
Pagravo, (uipellamis, in Fyncham. 

48(). Tlnmias fil* Stephen de Ware and Beatrice his wife v. 
♦Symon do Kayly, in Dudelington and Fiildon. 

187. Benedict, prior of Shuldham, v. *Wulric Le Marchaund 
de Thorp and Alice his wife, in Gatythorp and Shuldham. 

488. Kobort Baynard and Johanna his wife v. *Nichola8 
Lovoband and Margaret his wife, of the manor of TJphalle in 

489. Michael le Bret of Naringes v. *Ilalph Sithistane and 
Emma his wife, in East Baresham. 

490. J*no de Ispanu' v. *Walter Becce and Katherine his 
wife, in lionn. 

491. Nicholas Braimch and Sarra his wife v. *J*no Tryvet, in 
Nortli Barosliam. 

492. *Pogor Bakun r. Petor Eosoelyn, whom Peter fil' Philip 
do l)allyng calls to warrant, of the advowson of the church of 
St, Androw of Foldo Dally ng. 

493. Alan iiF Padulphus de Dunton and Nicholea his wife r. 
*Jauu*8 iW Mag*r Bichard de Saham, in Dunton. 

49 1. Afabilia tho wife of Godefrid de Grymeston p. *J'no Fleye 
and li^abt^l his wife, in North Lenn. 

49o. ♦Thomas de Wiekelewt>d and Maria his wife and William 
tir Galfridus de Bugham and Alicia his wife r. Eeginald de la 
Wrtdo, in Sandringham. 

49(i. ♦J'no de Kudhiun r. Eobert Tateshal^ whom J*no fil' 
J*no Le Estmuugi* calls to warrant of the custody of William 
6^>u and heir of William de Gemers. 

497. Bobert de Tatt^hal r. ♦Wymer fil' William de Duneeton 
and Margimn his wife, iu Thorj^ and Hadesco. 



498. *Eoffer fil' William de Qyney and Margaret his wife v. 
Eichard de Skeketon, in Boton. 

499. Mabilia the wife of Gbdefrid de Grimeston v, *Aspelond 
de Leyeryngton and Matilda his wife, in North Lenn. 

500. Eichard de Boylaimd and Matilda his wife t;. *Eichard 
fil' Nicholas de Dockinge, by Adam de Eudham, in Tatresf ord 
and Neuton, and the e^TOwson of the church of Tatresford. 
(Thomas de Suxterton app. clam.) 

501. *Ealph de Amodesham and Alicia his wife v. William, 
prior of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by Simon de Baldeswell, in 

502. ♦Qtdfridus de Sandiacre v. Eoger fil' Boger de Colevill 
and Desiderata his wife, of the manor of Bystoft, in Walpol. 

15th Edwabb I. 

503. William de 8"^ Bartholomew and Oonstance his wife v. 
^Eobert Turkild and Gimnora his wife, in G^memuth. 

504. Eobert fil' Walter v. *J*no de Bnrlingham and Johanna 
his wife, in Wydewode and Hakeford. 

505. William de Elamstede of Lenne and Alice his wife v. 
*Eichard Lomb de Lenne and Cristiana his wife, in W. Wynch. 

506. Pamone', parson of Atlebnrgh, and Thomas his brother 
V. *J'no fil' Eoger de Atleburffh and Mariahis wife, in Atleburgh. 
(Henry fil' Eoe' de Adeburffli ap p. dam.) 

507. *WiUiam Howard of Wygehale v. Eichard de Craundon 
and Agnes his wife, in Suthlonne. 

508. William de Jarpenvile and Margaret his wife v, *Hugh 
de Bray and Sibilia his wife, in Woketon. 

509. J'no fil* Walter le Paumer v. *Nicholas de Hecham de 
Tyrington and Alice his wife, in Outwell. 

510. Eichard de Boylaund and Matilda his wife, by J'no 
Norman, v. ♦Ealph de Amodesham and Alice his wife, in 

511. Isabella fil' Bartholomew de la Sale v. *Walter fil' 
Bartholomew de la Sale, in Wyghton and Warham. (Humphrey 
fil' Bartholomew de Wyghton app. clam.) 

15Tn AND IGtk Edward I. 

512. Eadulphus de Bridewell and Petronilla his wife v, 
*Thomas Tragot, in Mateshal, Jakesham, and Eunhale. 

513. Walter le Blowere of Wygenhale v. *Eichard fil' 
Walter Huberd of Tylneye and Sabina his wife, in Tylneye. 

514. Margaret fi' William Godefrey de Hemesby and 
Amabilia her sister v. *William fil' Godefrey de Hemesby, in 
Hemosbi and Wynterton. 

515. Thomas de Snyterton v. *Eadiilphus Attegrove and 
Maria his wife, in Taterford. 

616. Eoger fil' Eobert de Apeton v, *Eeginald Deuboneye 
(? D'Aubyny) and Margaret his wife, in Elinham. 

517. *Henry de la Eokele v. Eichard de la Eokele, in Trowes, 
Wyghtlingham, Kyrkoby, Bramerton, Gelvoston, and Biskele. 


518. Thomas de Gernemuth and Avelina his wife v, ♦Eicherus 
de Thorp, Estherling, and Westherling. 

519. Walter de Tylneye v, *Roger de Islyton and Matilda 
his wife and Thomas Florentyn and Katherine his wife, in 

520. J'no de Toftes v. *J*no fil* Henry de Cateston, in 
Wytton, Grimmese, Plumstede, Brundall, Breydeston, Strnmsawe, 
Biienham ferie, Mouton, and Wykhampton. 

16th Edward I. 

521. Richard fil' Bartholomew de Knapeton v. *J'no de 
Norweye and Katherine his wife, in Erleham. 

522. William de Tudenham v. ♦Basilia the wife of William 
Tudenham, in Wramplyngham and Magna Melton. 

523. Thomas de Weylaund v. *Nicholas fil' William fil' 
Eeynery, in Gbymeston, and the services of Johanna de 
Reynham, Johanna de Wygenhale Parva, Waryn de Warenne, 
Henry Shipling, Laurence de Massyngham, Henry fil' Philip de 
Brecles, in Geyton. 

524. J'no Kangham v. ''Thomas de Gememuta and Avelina 
his wife, in Kangham. 

525. *Matilda widow of Andrew de Branton v. J'no fil' 
Robert de Skeyton and Sarra his wife, in Tweyt and Aleby. 

526. Peter fil' William de Narburgh v, *William le Neve 
and Amabil his wife, in Narburgh. 

527. William fil' Radulphus de Saham v, *Richard de 
Kerebrok, in Letton, Cranesworth, Shepedham, Kerbrok, 
Wadeton, and Owyton. 

528. J'no de Soterle v. ♦J'no le Povere, in Stodeye. 

529. William fil' Radulphus de Saham v, *Jame8 fil' Mag'r 
Richard le Mire de Saham and Maria his wife, in Saham. 

530. *Thomas Roffen's Ep's v, Thomas fil' J'no de Ingaldes- 
thorp, of the manor of Belasys juxta Henemeth. 

531. *J'no de Sarrington v. J'no le Povere, in Stodeye. 

532. Isolda fil' Thomas de Rugham v. *William Borel of 
Rugham and Maria his wife, in Rugham. 

16th akd 17th Edward I. 

533. *Bryan fil' Alan v. Agnes the widow of Fulco de 
Keyrdeston, of the manor of Sithestem. 

534. J'no fil' Robert de Assewellethorp v, *Alexander de 
Lenne and Sarra his wife, in Wermyngham. 

535. WiUiam fil' Roger Talebot v, *WiUiam fil' WiUiam 
Gerberge, senior, and Sibilla his wife, in Chategrave, Lodne, 
Siselaunde, Mundham, Thurtone, Langele, and Hardelegh. 

536. Walter de Bemham and Matilda his wife v, *J'no de 
Cheynny and Margaret his wife, in Sutherton. (Edmund fil' 
William de Dersham app. clam.) 

537. J'no Lovel v. *Richard Dockyng, in Drydocking. 

538. J'no le Joveve of London v. *Nicholas de Tyrington of 


Heljmgeye and Emma his wife, Robert le Pescur and Cecilia his 
wife, in Lenne. 

539. William de Saham, clericus, v, *Walter de Wynne- 
ferthing, in Threkston. 

540. Eichard de Boylaund and Matilda his wife, v, *J'no 
Crowe and Maria his wife, in Canmbes. 

17th Edwam) I. 

541. Edmund de Ingoldesthorp r. *Ralph de Waddon, in 

542. J'no fil' J*no le Strannge and Clementia his wife 
V. *J'no de Stonham and Roger de Neketon, in Parva Snoring, 
simul cum Bondo de Litlewade 't Godefrido Qxut, nativis 
ipsorum Joh'is and Roger cum t*ta sepula sua. 

543. Ralph de Hemenhale and Emma his wife v. *J'no 
de Qimingham de Bumham, in Burnham. [Ascelina widow 
of Reyner de Gimingham mentioned.] 

544. Robert de Scales and Isabel his wife v. *Richard de 
"Weylaund of Frameden and Johanna his wife, in Middelton 
juxta Lenne, "Westwenyz, Herdwyk, Suthlenne, and "West 
Lenne. (Roger fil' Robert de Monte Alto and Elizabeth fil* 
William Hui2rayit (?) app. clam.) 

545. William de Valeyns v. *Robert de Valeyns, of the 
manor of Hekelyng, and in Wynterton, Somerton, Hegham, 
Catefeld, Sutton, Staleham, Ligham, Slalee, and Hemmesby. 
[Services of J*no Bernard of Ingham, Nicholas de Bosco, and 
daughters mentioned. Rent of ten cyngnets, &c.] 

546. Robert fil' Thomas de Aldebergh v. *Nicholas de 
Trunch and Isabel his wife, in Goneton. 

547. Ralph fil' Johanna de Boyton of Shotesham v. *William 
de Neyrford and Petronilla his wife, in Shotesham. 

548. Robert fil' William Heved of Therston v. *William de 
Neirford and Petronilla his wife, in Therston. 

549. William de Saham, clericus, v, *J'no de Dunham, in 
Grimston. [Tenement of J'no Ode of Lenne, Aleanor the 
widow of Reginald de Dunham, mentioned.] 

17th and 18th Edwaed I. 

550. Henry Berry and Cristiana his wife v. *Andrew de 
Lavenham and Alice his wife, in Rokelind and Tofts. 

551. J*no fil* Reginald de Outwelle, clericus, v, *Galfridus 
Sawald and Amabil his wife, in 

552. Robert le Keu of Castelacre and Constancia his wife v. 
♦William fil* Godard de Castelacre, in Castelacre. 

553. J*no Le Bretun v, *J'no de Dunham, of the manor of 
Parva Dunham and the advowson of the same. 

554. Thomas de Ware v. ♦J'no le Taillur of Totyngton and 
Cecilia his wife, in Totyngton. 

555. *Galfridus de Kynsedeleye v, Hugh de Bokeham, in 


556. Bicliard Le Keu and Johanna his wife v. *J'no de 
Boketon, in Magna Ilarwedon. [Ralph de Leukenore mentioned.] 

557. J' no de Causton and Selona his wife v. ♦William fir 
J'no de Wygenhale and Egidia his wife, in Causton. 

558. *J'no de Dunham v. J'no le Bretun and Matilda his 
wife, in Parva Dunham and the advowson of the same. 

559. J'no de Castello and Cecilia his wife v. *Thomas Burt, 
of the manor of Horningtoft. 

5()0. *Avicia daughter of Thomas Le Clerk de Kyneburleye 
V. Thomas le Clerk of Kynehurleye, in Kyneburleye. 

561. *J'no fil' Thomas de Kyneburle v. Thomas le Clerk of 
Kyneburle, in Kyneburle. [Avieia, Banl\ and Juliana, daughters 
of the said Thomas, mentioned]. 

562. Juliana fiP Thomas le Clerk of Kyneburle v, *Thoma8 
Clerk de Kyneburleye, in Kyneburle. 

563. *Ba8ilia fil' Thomas le Clerk of Kjmeburle v. Thomas 
le Clerk of Kyneburle, in Kyneburle. 

18th Edward I. 

564. Isabel de Oteringhith and Thomas fil' ej. v. *J'no fil' 
Walter de Feltewelle and Johanna his wife, in Feltewell. 

565. Radulphus le Normaund de Geiton v. *Peter fil* William 
de Thelnetham and Ascelina his wife, in GFeiton, Wyke, Suston, 
Muston, and Grimestone. 

566. J*no le Ray de Brunham v. *Radulphus de Hemynhale 
and Emma his wife, in Brunham Norton and Brunham Westgate. 

567. Richard le Keu of Lenn Ep'i v. ♦Richard de Brandon 
and Agnes his wife, in Suthlenn. 

568. William de Middelton, clerk, v. ♦J^no le Bew and Alice 
his wife and Johanna her sister, in Midelton, Rungeton, 
Herdwyk, Lenn, Northlenn, Westlenn, Northclenchewarton, 
Suthclenchewarton, Tylneye, and Westwenyk. [Thomas de 
Warblinton and Elizabeth his wife, mother of the said Alice 
and Johanna mentioned.] 

569. Peter le Grom of Totington v. ♦J'no le Taillur and 
Cecilia his wife, in Totington. 

570. Simon de Kellynge v. ♦Mag'r Simon de Letheringsete, 
in Letheringsete and Holt. (Thomas, parson of the church of 
Stokesby, app. clam.) 

571. Robert de Swyllington v. ♦William fil* Sarre de Pyrrowe, 
of half the manors of Metton and Pirrowe (? Pimhowe.) (Roger 
fil* Alan Jordan de Braunton (?) and William fil' Sarra de 
Pirho, app. clam.) 

572. Johanna de Cokefeld v. ♦Richard fil' William de la 
Rokele, of the manor of Appelton. (Richard fil* Reginald de 
la Wade app. clam.) 

573. ♦Adam de Brauncester v. William de Hevyngham, of 
the advowson of haK the church of Wykemere. 

574. Stephen fil' Walter v. ♦Richard de Boylaund and 
Matilda his wdfe, in Disce. 


575. William Howard v, ♦Walter de Bugham and Johanna 
his wife, in Tylneye. 

576. Edward Charles and Aliee his wife v. ♦Walter le Parker, 
parson of the church of Thweyt, by Thomas Parys, in Thweyt 
and Sythyngg. (John le Parker app. dam.) 

577. Alexander de Saws v, ♦Nicholas de Beppes and Avelina 
his wife, in Hemesby. 

18th Ain> 19th Edwabb I. 

578. William de Leyeshafi^h and Johanna his wife v, 
♦Eadulphus de Hoveton and Johanna his wife, in Buxton. 

579. J'no fil' Bichard de Gxmeton v, ♦Simon de Lyncolnia and 
Katherine his wife, in Guneton. 

580. J'no fil' Bobert de Ashwellethorp v, ♦Alexander de 
Lenne and Sarra his wife, in Wranyngham, Hethell, Wy- 
mimdham, Nelond, and Habeton. fib. of cymini]. 

581. William Howard v, ♦J'no fil' Bichard de Wygehale, in 

582. Bartholomew de Morle and Alice his wife v. ♦Matilda 
de Morle, in Great Kerbrok and Oraneworth. 

588. Henry Trenchemer v. ♦Hugo de Beymes, in Overstronde 
and Northreppes. 

19th Edwabd I. 

584. Badulphus fil' J'no de S wanton, by Thomas de 
Framelingham, r. *Lauronce de Drakene and Matilda his wife, 
in Heylesdon. 

585. Robert de Hongham v. ♦William de Ormesby and Agnes 
his wife, in Hemstede. 

586. Nicholas de Castello and Cecilia his wife v. *Thomas 
Burt, in Woseliam and lleynghain, which William de la More 
and Orabilia his wife hold in dower of the latter. 

587. Peter lil' Bichard de Brampton and John his 
brother v. ♦Mag'r Richard fil' Radulphus Marioth of Brampton, 
by Walter de Filebi, in Brampton, Buxton, Ripton, Hevyngham, 
Kynesthop, Marsham, and Aylesham. 

588. ♦John de Oxeburg and Margaret his wife v, Henry 
Pertrik and Margaret his wife, in Refham and Hakeford juxta 

589. Roger le Fiz de Tlaneworth v. ♦Simon de Lyncoln and 
Katherine his wife, in Guneton juxta Haneworth. 

590. Theobald fil' William Inthelume v. ♦Roger Michel of 
Wirmegeye and Alice his wife, in Narburgh and Nareford. 

591. Ralph Burendes of Keteringham v. ♦Richard Child de 
Carleton and Agnes his wife, in Carleton. 

592. Peter de Branton and Alice his wife v. ♦William de 
Hoveton and Alice his wife, in Branton and Buxton. 

593. William de Wylleby v. ♦William do Hauton and Alice 
his wife, in Schothowe and Lammesse. 

594. Walter de Bemham and Matilda his wife v, ♦William 


Hauteyn, of the manor of Heylesdon. [Margery the wife of 
Hamon Hauteyn mentioned, which she held ex dimissione 
Robert Hauteyn. 

595. Henry fiV Adam de Brauncestr' and J 'no his brother, 
by "William Blumvyll v. ♦Adam de Brauncestr*, in Barton 

596. J*no de Brekles and Thomas de Ware v. *Alexander de 
Buterwyk and Margaret his wife, in Wadeton, Griston, and 
Umton (?) 

597. Roger Oosyn and Margaret his wife, by William de 
Todeham and Simon de Hedersete, v. ♦Baldewyn de Blychingg 
and Elizabeth his wife, in Besthorp. 

598. Edmund de Swathingg and Alice his wife, by William 
Theobald, v, *J'no le Paumer of East Derham and Sarra his 
wife, by J*no de Tyrinton, in Craneworth. 

599. Mag'r J'no de Wallecote, by Laurence de Reppes, v. 
♦Radulphus de Hadwardyn and Cecilia his wife, in Appesburgh. 

600. Thomas fil* Robert de Rugham v. ♦Richard fil' Thomas 
de Rugham, in Rugham. 

19th and 20th Edwaed I. 

601. Henry Wybald, by WiUiam Tebaud, v. ♦Qalfridus 
Wybald, by Walter de Fileby, in Berton. 

602. Robert fil* Thomas de Aldeburgh v, ♦Simon de Lincoln 
and Katherine his wife, in Goneton. 

603. Gilbert de Carleton v. ♦Walter Le Brewere of St. 
Edmund's and Margaret his wife, in Lenn. 

604. ♦Walter de Muncy v. William de Waimcy and Johanna 
his wife, in Pulham. (Thomas Charles and Johanna his wife, 
and Robert de Sturmy app. clam.) 

20th Edward I. 

605. J 'no de Brekles and Alice his wife v. ♦Thomas 
Brendissh and Sarra his wife, in Magna Brekles, Bekerton, and 

606. Henry Alot of Buxton, by Henry de Systrande, v, 
♦Radulphus de Houton and Johanna his wife, by Laurence de 
Reppes, in Buxton and Lammesse. 

607. Randolph fil' Alan Bule de Wyclewode ad Emma hisn 
sister v. ♦Simon de Mateshale and Isabel his wife, in Wymundham. 

608. Robert fil' Robert de Drayton and Galfridus his brother, 
by William Tebaud, v. ♦William Flache of Gememuta, by 
Walter de Fyleby, in Magna Gememuta. 

609. Gilbert de Carleton v, ♦J'no de Hauberge of Brynynton 
and Beatrix his wife, in Lenn. 

610. Thomas de Whytewell, capellanus, v. ♦Simon fil* Adam 
atte Chirche of Gr3raiyngham and Johanna his wife, in Felethorp 
juxta Horseford. 

611. William Howard, by Andrew Howard, v. ♦J*no de 
Hoyland and Sibilla his wife, in Tyrenton, Walpol, and Tylneye. 


612. J*no de Acre and Matilda his wife v. *Adam de Bamme 
and Alice his wife, in Lenne. 

613. Nicholas de Langetot v, *Alan Segyn of Dyeton and 
Alice his wife, in Bukenham. 

614. Bobert Sket and Matilda his wife, by Eadulphus Sket, 
V. *Nichola8 de Eeppes and Avelina his wife, by William de 
Bliclyng, in Erpingham and Ingworth. 

615. Simon Kenyng v, *Nicholas de Keppes and Avelina his 
wife, by "William de BHclyng, in Banyngham. 

616. Maria de Pereres v, *Eobert de Pereres and Lecia his 
wife, in Buthorp. 

20th and 21 ST Edwakd I. 

617. *"William de Bradenham and Isabel his wife, by Henry 
de Sythestrond, v. Mag*r J'no de Bradenham, in Shipeden, 
Northreppes, and Overstrand, of messuage, 50 acres of land, 2 acres 
of pasture, 4 acres of briar, I acre of pasture, and 4d, rent. The 
regrant to hold of William of fees. 

618. Thomas Burgeys de Thomham and Matilda his wife, 

by William v, *Giles Le Tayllur and Emma his wife, in 


619. *J'no fil* Eadulphus Le Estrange of Lucham and Isabel 
his wife, by Eobert Dousyng, v, J'no de Walsham, parson of 
the church of Great Snoring, and Eichard de Sutton, by Alan 
Pykot, in Lucham, Milham, Tyteleshale, Stanfeld, and Parva 

620. Benedict fil* William de Geddyng and Margaret his 
wife, by Henry de Oystronde, v. *J'no de Gestyngthorp and 
Cristiana his wife, in Irmynglond. 

621. Henry de Shotesham and Cristiana his wife, by J'no 
de Morlie, v. * William fil' Clement Mayn and Agnes his wife, in 

622. Peter de Brecles v. *J'no fil* Galfr' Crowe, in Bredes, 
Stowebydon, Bekerton, Griston, and Castor. (Agnes Crowe and 
John de Breckles and Alice his wife app. clam.) 

2 1st Edwaed I. 

623. Eobert de Berford v. *Nicholas de Berford, in Berford. 
(Henry fil' Nicholas de Bereford app. clam.) 

624. Alexander de Elyngham and Beatrix his wife, by Eobert 
Colnere, v. *Eadulphus de Bukenham, parson of the church of 
Ghreat Elyngham, in Hengham, Suthburgh, Hardyngham, 
Eeymerston, Parva Elyngham, Woderising, and Honyngham. 

625. Eichard Cariol de Eedenhale v. * William de Cariol of 
Eedenhale, by William Payn, in Eedenhale and Aldebergh. 

626. *Nichola8 deBrynton v. Eadulphusde Berwe, in Fyncham. 

627. Eoger de Chiggewell v. *Alan de Bonde of Suth- 
jememue and Alice his wife, in Suthjememue. 

628. Eichard de Boylond and Matilda his wife v. *Galfridus 
Dut (?) and Elena his wife, in Parva Eyngested. 


629. William fil' William de Kervyle of Wygenhale v. 
*Edmund do Sutton of Lenne and Johamia his wife, in Tylneye. 

630. J'no de Bnrtoft and Agnos Kaven de Wymundliam v. 
♦Robert de Curzun of Sweynsthorp and Margaret his wife, in 

631. Eobert, Bishop of Bath and Wells, by Walter de Berlu, 
V. *Symon de Lincoln and Katherine his wife, of the manor of 
Gunton and the advowsons of Giinton and Rollesby. (John de 
Mathelwade and Margaret his wife, Roger Bavent (?) and 
Elizabeth his wife, Juliana wife of Simon Fetch (?), and John 
de HonjTig and Sibilla his wife app. clam.) 

632. Reginald le Gros v. *Thomas Campelyon and Margaret 
his wife, in Westwyk. 

633. ♦Amabilia fil' J'no de Miryyld and John his son v. 
Edmund Athelwelde, in Suthcrek. 

634. *Adam atte Chirche of Gymingham v. Isabel daughter 
of Adam atte Chirche, in Bradefeld juxta Gymingham. 

635. William Howard, by William de Blumvill, v. *Alexander 
de But'wyk, in East Walton, Billeneye, Emanhouse, Ayles- 
wethestham, and Narford. 

636. William fil' Tristram de Dockyngge v, * William Kyng 
de Dersingham and Cristiana his wife, in Hecham. 

637. Adam le Bio were de Wygenhale v, *Martin de Spellowe 
de Tylneye and Agnes his wife, in Tylneye. 

638. Alicia daughter of J'no le Dene v. *William fil* J*no 
le Dene, in Brakene, Hethill, Sweynesthoi^, Cruchestok, 
Carleton, Floredon, No. .ton, and Sloleye. 

2 1st and 22kd Edwahd I. 

639. Philip le Breton and Cassandra his wife v, *J'no de 
Scotia, of the manor of Westfeld. 

640. Hamo de Redenhale and Camill' his wife, v, ^Nicholas 
de Trowes .and Johanna liis wife, in Tytleshale, Grymston, 
Godewyk, Wyssingsete, Welyngham, and Patteslegh. (John 
Choure (?) app. clam.) 

641. Simon Kcning of Baningham v. *William Hauteyn, in 
Oxenogges and Burgh juxta Aylesliam. 

642. Edmund fil' William de Brecles v. ^^ William fil' Thomas 
de Brecles, in Brecles, Stowebydon, Bekerton, Gryston, and 
Caston. (John de Brecles and Alice his wife app. clam. ) 

643. Adam de Hyndolveston and Margaret his wife, by J'no 
de Bamham, v. * William le Curzun of Watton and Agadia his 
wife, in Wylton and Hokewolde. 

644. William de Mortuo mari of Attleburgh, by J'no de 
Tyrinton, v, *Laurence Burry and Maria his wife, by AVilHam de 
Claveryng, in Bernham. 

645. Thomas fil' J'no de Rugham and SaiTa his wife v. 
*Roger fil' Nicholas de Hauvill, in Rugham and Franshara. 

646. ^Nicholas de Trous and Johanna his wife v, Robert de 
Reydon, clericus, in Pankesford. 


647. John Braunoh p. *Simon do Linooln of Lenne and 
Eatherine his wife, in Lenn. ^ 

648. William SV Heniy Bataille «. •Biohard de Saham and 
Johanna his wife, in Byngestode. (Boland fil' William and 
Eatherine his wife and John fiT William Sabyn and Isabella his 
wife app. dauL) 

649. ^Nicholas de Trowes and Johanna his wife r. Eobert de 
Oaston and Johanna his wife and WUliam brother of Eobert, in 

650. Biohard Teyntnrer of Saham 9. *John le Orfevre of 
Tilneye and Katherine his wife, in Lenn EpL 

22in> Edwabd I. 

651. Thomas de Askeinr «. *Phillp de Illeje and Eufamia his 
wife, in Stokesby juz. Jememuth. (Alex, de Glavering and 
Johanna his wife app. dam.) 

652. Henry de Fedintre p. *Gode&id le Fraunceys and 
Margaret his wife, in Lenne Epi. 

653. Biohard de Dockyng de Lenne «. *Humfrey le Orfevre 
and Agnes his wife, in Lenne. 

654. William Howard «. ^Nicholas de Trous and Johanna 
his wife, in Thydeshale. TJohn Gheure app. dam.) 

655. *Hobert de Swyveleshou and Mabu his wife and Walter 
de Olopton and Alice his wife «. *John de Warenne, in Est- 

656. Fhilip atte Esshes and Elena his wife v. *Galfrid Cory, 
capellanus, in Snyterlee, Langham, Wyveton, and Merston. 

657. William Baven de Wymimdham v, *John de Howardyn 
and Isabel his wife, in Wymundham. 

668. Ranulph de Whydewode v. *Nigel Frende and Beatrix 
his wife, in Morleye. 

659. William de Colneye, by Boger de Holm, r. *Eadulphus 
de Houton and Johanna his wife, in Skothowe, Lammesse, 
Buxton, Brampton, Hevyngham, Stratton, and Swathefeld. 

660. Ealph de Fuldone v. ♦Philip de Oantebrigg and 
Margaret hie wife, in Lenne Epi. 

66 1 . Clement de Plumstede r. ♦J'no de Swanton and Emma 
his wife, by Henry de Sistrond, in Walton. 

662. Thomas fil' William de Pinkeny r. *William de 
Fynkeny, in Walton and Walepol. 

663. William de Colneye, by William de Tudeham, v, 
♦Eadulphus de Houton and Johanna his wife, by John de Morleye, 
in Buxton, Brampton, Scothowe, and Lammesse. 

664. Peter fil' Galfridus de Eedlesworth v. ♦William fil' 
Ad' de Dockyn gge and Margaret his wife, in Garboldesham. 

665. . William de Lakenham r. ♦Matthew fil' Hugh Prudfot 
and Agnes his wife, in Lenne. 

666. Simon fil' Eoger de Lecton v. ♦William Kyng of 
Dersingham and Cristiana his wife, in Hecham. [Oliva the 
wife of Eoger Baret mentioned.] 


667. James fiP Henry le Vaus (?) v. ♦Hugh le TTtlawe, in 
Bodham and Westbekham. 

668. ♦John de Ormesby and Katherine his wife, by John do 
Clypesby, v. William de Ormesby and Agnes his wife, by 
Stephen de Homyng, in the manor of Hempstede and Geystweyt. 

22nd and 23bd Edwabd I. 


669. Roger fil' Adam de Shropham v, ♦Walter fil' Andrew 
de la Wade of Shropham, in Shropham and Hocham. 

670. William de Coleney v. ♦Thomas Campyun and Margaret 
his wife, in Westwyk juxta Wirthstede. 

671. John de Methelwold, by John de Gunton, r. ♦Simon de 
Lincoln and Katherine his wife, by William de Antingham, in 

672. John de Illonde v, ♦Hamo de Blande of Gtitele, in 

673. ♦Radulphus Byrun, by Robert Godhewe, v. William de 
Colneye, in the manor of Frenge. [Ralph de Byrun and Kath- 
erine his wife and Ranulph de Byrim and Roesia his wife 

674. Henry m' John Horn of Bynetre v. ♦William fil' Richard 
Hakith of Hoppeworth and Johanna his wife, in North- 

23rd Edward I. 

675. Simon Lytchare of Wymundham v. ♦John de Hawardyn 
and Isabel his wife, in Wymundham and Crungethorp. 

676. ♦John Le Mathun of Ormesby and Agnes his wife v. 
Robert Lewus of Denton, in Aldebergh and Denton. (John de 
Bedingham de AldebVe and Jena his wife app. clam.) 

677. Roger Myngnot, by William Myngnot, v. ♦William de 
Ormesby and Agnes his wife, by Walter de Fyleby, in 
Felmingham and Suffeld. 

678. Thorald Ethe of Causton v, ♦Matthew de Swaththeny 
and Plesantia his wife, in Taverham. 

679. Richard Le Keu de Lenn Epi v. ♦William fiP Reyner 
of Shuldham and Katherine his wife, in Suthlenn. 

680. John de Fyncham and Nicholas his brother v. ♦Thomas 
de la Chaumbre and Margaret his wife, in Bekeswell. 

681. ♦Osbert Le Taylur and Sibilla his wife and William de 
Glouc' and Katherine his wife v. Robert de London, in Lenn. 

682. John le Newebrid of Norwyco v. ♦Philip de la Sale of 
Ricardes Castel and Margaret his wife, in Morleye. 

683. Simon Taillefer, by WilUam Taillefer, v. ♦J'no Attehithe 
of Redham and Agnes his wife, in Askeby, Ouby, and 

684. John de Hales, clericus, and Robert his brother, v. 
♦Jordan de London de Hales and Katherine his wife, by William 
Frede of Kirkeby, in Hales. 

685. John de Cangham and Johanna his wife v. ♦Thomas de 


Waylannde de Bydon and Elizabeth his wife, in North Wotton 
and Bidon juxta Oaatel Bisyng. 

686. John fil' Thomas de Stanefeld p. ^Thomas de Stapefeld, 
in Stanefeld and BriBele. 

28bd A3XD 24th Edwabd I. 

687. Walter de Tylneye, aurifaber, 9. ^J'no de Tylneye and 
Slatherine his wife, in Lenne Epi. 

688. *Arnald de Bedyngfeud (tic) 9. Nicholas Emand, 
in Shelfhangre. 

689. Mag'r John de Waleoote f;. *BadaIphus Howardyn and 
Oeoilia his wife, in Appesburgh. 

690. William fil' Hufi^h de Buohenham and Nigel fil' William 
de Stalwarth of Wymun&am 9. *Nigel fil' Baymund Payn de 
Wymondham, by John de Wymundmun, in Wymundham. 

691. Nigel fil' William Stalworth de Wymundham r. "^Nigel 
fil' Badnlphns de Wymundham, by J'no de Wymundham, in 

692. William fil' Hervey de Yallibus and Burga his wife v. 
*Maria the wife of JoUani de Yallibus, by J'no de Brundysh, of 
the manor of Kesewyk. 

693. Walter de 8kulham v, *Bandolph de Alemania and 
Alida his wife, in West Derham. 

694. Badulphus de Bumedish of Ketringham f;. "^William atte 
Lathe and Ebinia (Elma) his wife, by Simon de Hedersete, in 
K. . . .ingham {nee Keteringham) and Carleton. 

695. Philip Trubbok of Lenn v. ♦Andrew de Torleye and 
Johanna his wife, in Lenn Epi. 

696. Radulphus de Coggeshale v. ♦Andrew de Hengham, in 
Shropham, Snyterton, . . • . Hokham, and the adyowson of 

697. ♦Simon Benet r. Badulphus de Cyrety, in Hillyngton. 

24th Edward I. 

698. John de Qonthorp of Norwich v, *Bichard le Clerk of 
Swerdeston and Isabella his wife, by J'no de Shotesham, in 
Swerdeston and Ingwode. 

699. Peter de Reppes, capellanus, v, ♦Reginald Ryghtwyt' of 
Birlingham and Johanna his wife, in Clippesby, Bollesby, 
and Askeby. 

700. Eichard fil' William de la Rokele v. ♦Adam Horn and 
Alice his wife, in Apeton, Holveston, Grenesvyle, Cruchestok, 
Apelton, Neuton, Wolferton, Sandryngham, and Bergh juxta 

701. Robert Le Waleys of Bykerton and Sibilla his wife v. 
♦John de Atleburgh and Maria his wife, in Bemham. 

702. Richard fil' William de la Rokele v. ♦J'no Hochede and 
Margaret his wife, in Apeton, Holveston, and Bergh juxta 

L 2 


703. John de Hokham v. *William de Hokham and 
Emma his wife, in Wymundham and Wramplingham. (Adam, 
prior of Wymundham, Bichard Hunne of Wymundham, 
Emma his wife, and Matilda and Agnes her sisters app. 

704. William fiP Eoger de Thime of Fuldon v. *Peter de 
Thime of Fuldon, in Fuldon and Dudelyngton. 

705. William de Shillyng of Lenn Epi, by Adam de 
Wygenhale, v. *Lemannus (?) de Northclenchwarton, by Thomas 
de Birston, in Northclenchwarton and Tylneye. 

706. John Bacun, clericus, v. *John Bernard of Ingham, 
of 1 messuage, 18 acres 1 rood 3 p. in Ingham and Hykk- 

707. Adam Frost of Upwell and Olaricia his wife v. 
^Eadulphus de Boxstede and Agnes his wife and Bobert 
Fiddekyn and Isabel his wife, in Enemeth. 

708. Hugh de Massyngham of Lenne v, *William de 
Shuldham and Katherine his wife, in Sadelbowe. 

709. Hugh de Massyngham v, ♦William fil' Eeyner de 
Shuldham and Katherine his wife, in Seche.. 

710. Eichard Hopeman of Lenn v. *Fulco de Brisingham 
and Matilda his wife, in Lenn. (Margaret who was the wife 
of Nicholas of Brichamtoft, Johanna Ts filia Margaret, and 
Agnes daughter and heiress of Nicholas app. clam.) 

711. Eichard le Cok of Lenn v, * William fil' Eeyner de 
Shuldham and Katherine his wife, in Suthlenn. 

712. John fil* William de Westhorp v, * William de Westhorp 
and Johanna his wife, in Stirston. 

713. *Eobert de Stretleye and Elizabeth his wife v. Henry 
de Henoye' de Lenn, of the freedom of the said Henry. 

714. William de Thorp v, *Eoger Qodesman and Matilda 
his wife, in Boton. 

715. *Peter de Hollisgh' and Margaret his wife v, Peter le 

Paumer de Qriston, in Griston, Cazton, , Watton, and 


716. Thomas de Lexham and Galiana his wife r. *Eobert de 
Underwode and Sibilla his wife, in Parva Dunham. 

717. Walter fiP John de Asenawe v, *Eadulphus de Hocham 
of Wodrisyngg and Johanna his wife, in Woodrising. 

718. Eobert fil' John le Pescur of Helmyngham and Beatrice 
his wife, by Eobert Est, v. ♦Adam Ketel de Merton, by Nicholas 
de Alderford, in Weston. 

719. Adam de Eykynghale v, *John de Atleburgh and 
Mariota his wife, in Bernham. 

720. William Albon of Norwich, by Thomas de Framelyng- 
ham, V, ♦Katherine fil' Eic' Le Veneur of Old Bukenham, by John 
de Hekyngham, in Wymundham. 

721. Eadulphus de Ebor', Canceler ecce' be* Marie Saru', v. 
♦Eobert de Caston, of the manor of Breydiston. 

95th Edwabd I. 

722. Alan le Maresohal of Oxeborgh, by Adam de Wygenhale, 
9. *John le Maresohal of O^eburffh, hv Thomas de Byrston, of 
a messoa^ in Oxeborgh regranted to John for life. 

723. John fil' Eadulphus de Wakingham p. ""^Simon de 
Lereringlon and Katherine his wife, in Lenn and Olenche- 

724. John de I^oham 9. *Hngh de Helghton and Katharine 
his wifoj in BekeswelL 

725. John de Warennai Oom' Sunr., by Thomas de Sheffeld, v. 
*!Bobert Hoggekape of Wylton and Matilda his wife, in 

726. John de Brekles, hv Thomas de Birsghtoni 9. ""^Henry de 
Hocham, by "William Pyokaid, in Stoweb^uni Bredes, and 
Bndham. (Bobert Baynard app. clam.) 

727. John fil' Alan de Staonford of Hyllington and Sibilla 
his wife «. *Bobert SV AlUni of Staonfordi by Bobert Est, in 

728. Peter de Bekham p, ^Alexander de Gtayeringge and 
Johanna his wife, of the manor of Aylmerton. 

729. William Oilberd of Northwolde «. •John de Suthwerk 
and Johanna his wife, in Northwolde. 

730. William fil' Thomas de Outewell «. •Bobert, prior of 
fhe ohuroh of the Blessed Mary of Mulyoort, in Outwell. 

781. William fil' Boger le Gupere of West Budham, by 
Adam Bruniger, v, •Galfr' le Cras, vicar of the church of West 
Badham, by Boger de Budham, in West Budham. 

732. Bandolph le Keu de Lenne v. •Bartholomew de 
Gerveston and Beatrice his wife, in Stowe juxta Wyn- 

733. Guido Butecurte and Ada his wife and Badulphus son 
of the said Guido v, *John fil* Galfridus Crowe, by John de 
Hekyngham, in Brecles, Stowebydun, Bekerton, Corston, and 
Griston. (Edmund fil' William de Brecles, William fil' Thomas 
de Brecles, John fil' Benedict de Brecles, and John de Brecles 
and Alice his wife app. clam.) 

734. *John le Povere, by Bobert le Povere, v, Thomas fil' 
Thomas de Byrston, in Hune worth, Stodeye, Byrston, and 

735. Hubert Galle de Walepol v. *Philip fil' Philip de Fenne 
and Basilia his wife, in Walepol. 

736. Bichard de Bofham of Lend' v. ♦Alex, de Claverjmg 
and Johanna his wife, by Bobert Est, of half the manor of 
Aylmerton. (Peter de Becham app. clam.) 

737. Thomas fil' Badulphus Athelwalde of Weston r. *John 
Gemeys of Fressyngfeld and Maria his wife, in Weston. 

25th and 26th Edwaed I. 

738. William de Oolneye v, *William de Ourzun of Watton 
and Agatha his wife, in Tibenham. 


739. William de Kerdistone v, ♦Thomas de Heleghetone and 
Alicia his wife, in Heleghetone juxta Langele, and the advowson 
of Aplehy, Heleghetone, ana Langele, also Rokelund and 

740. William fil' Eobert de Wolferton v. ♦Eadulphus de 
Tyhemersh and Juliana his wife, in Flutcham. 

741. Walter de Ditton v. *Robert de Shelton, in Bodingham 
and Wittorn (?). 

742. John Pyk of Thetford v, *Robert Hoggeknape of 
Wylton and MatHda his wife, in Thetford. 

743. Simon de Hedersete and Cecilia his wife r. *William 
de Helghton and Johanna his wife, in Magna Melton and 

744. William de Belhawe of Yarmouth v, *Radulphu8 fil* 
William de Belhawe of Eedham and Agnes his wife, in Kedham. 

745. *Eichard fil' William de la Eokele, James fil' James 
fir Gilbert de Ilketeshale, and Matilda fil' Eufus de la 
Eokele v, James fiF James fil' Gilbert of Ilketeshale, of the 
manor and advowson of Hedenham. 

746. Thomas fil' Adam Suthom v. *Philip Houcy of 
Helegeye, in Helegeye. 

26th Edwaed I. 

747. William de Plumstede of Westwenijand Alice his wife 
V, *William fil' Eeynard of Shuldham and JBHatherine his wife, 
in Suthlenn. 

748. Henry fil' WiUiam of Catfield v. ♦Eeginald fil' Nicholas 
de Shotesham, by Simon de Hedersete, in Shotesham, Cruchestok, 
Castre, Poryngland, and Framyngham. 

749. Bartholomew de Colkirk v, *William Baldewyne, in 
Coleby juxta Suthefeld. (Peter Baudewyn app. clam.) 

750. Eoger de Poringland and Margaret his wife v. *John le 
Chapman of Sloleye, in Smaleburoue juxta Dilham. 

751. Mag'r John de Kerdeston, by William Gele, v, *William 
Eoscelyn, by William de Charnele, of the manors of Aldeby and 
Heynford. (Alba de Prewes app. clam.) 

752. William de Hal ton r. *Eadulphus de Wedon and Alice 
his wife, of the manor of Hethille. 

753. Eobert fil' Eobert Baynard v, *William Baynard, by 
William Laurk, in Chategrave, Langele, Hardele, .... and 

754. William de Dulingham, capellanus, v, *Eichard Hille 
de Walepol and Katherine his wife, in Tyrington. 

755. *John de Bello campo r. Eoger de Hales, of the 
advowson of the church of Notton. 

756. William de Kerdestone v, *John de Helgheton and 
Claricia his wife, in Helgheton, Claxton, Holveston, Assheby, 
Eokelund, Thurton, Carleton juxta Langele, and the adyowsons 
of Helgheton and Assheby. 

757. Eobert de Walsham of Norwich and Agnes his wife, by 


J'no de Morlee» p. *Bobert Aylwaid of SuihwalBham, by Thomas 
d^ Langhale, in Northbirlyngham and Sntiiwalsham. 

758. Gnido Buteoorte and Ada hiB wife and Eodulf his 
mxHf by JPno de Hekynriiam, 9. ^J'no Ohampayne and Nich'a 
his wue, in Bredea, Stowebydonn, Bekerto n, Caston, and 
Griaton. (Edmnnd fil' William de Breolea, William Copsy 
de Bredea, and Bobert le Yel and Hawis Ida wife app. clam.) 

759. Thomaa fil' Oodefr' le Wlferton, senior, v. ^William 
de Oastolzysing and Margaret his wife, in Oastelrysing. 

760. Biohard fil' Heniy Le Glerk of Fundenhale v. "^Henry 
le Olerk of Fundenhale, by Simon de Hedersete, in Talconestone 
and Fundenhale. 

761. Matthew de Kerdeston, by John ,de Eekyngham, r. 
*J'no de Helegheton and darioia ms wife, in Olaxton, Asheby, 

762. John de Swanton and Emma his wife- f^. *Alan de 
Swerdeston and Tipbania his wife, in Lenn Epi. 

768. John de Welle of Lenn «. *Johir de Bedeaham and 
Isabel his wife, in Lenn £^i. 

36tr iJTD 27th Edwabd L 

764. *William de Ludham and Alesia his wife and John his 
son, by John de Morlegh, f;. John de Petrestre, parson of the 
ohuroh of Osmundeston, by Thomas de BoUysby, of the manor 
and adyowson of Frenese. 

765. Eichard de Toftis and Eustace his brother v. ^Thomas 
Sorel and Alice his wife, in Lenn Epi. 

766. William Howard v. *Thomas de Grauncurt, of the 
manor of Estwynoh, which was of William de Grauncurt her 

767. Henry de Hales and Robert his brother r. *John Le Mazun 
of Gernemeuta and Mabill his wife, by John fil' John Le Mazun, 
in Hales and Ravenyngham. 

768. Eobert de Benhale r. ^Eichard de Almayn and 
Gundreda his wife, in Eiston juxta Fordham. 

769. William Howard r. *James fil* Thomas de Wygenhale, 
in Wygenhale. 

770. *John Attelund of Suthreppes, by Eoger Attecalk, r. 
William fiP J'no Attelund of Suthreppes, in Suthreppes. 

771. John de Eugham r. * William Martyn de Lecton, in 
Lecton, Oraneworth, Shypedham, and Bergh. 

27th Edward I. 

772. *Alexander, vicar of the church of Gremplesham, v, 
J'no fir Emma de Bekeswell, in Gremplesham. 

773. Walter fil' Andrew Howard v. ♦John de Dulyngham, in 

774. John Caryol of Eedenhale, clericus, r. *William Oaryol 
and Agnes his wife, in Sterston. 


775. William de Harpelee v. *Williain fil' Rayner de 
Shuldham and Katherine his wife, in Wisynset. 

776. *Egid' de Montpinzun and Cristiana his wife v, John 
de Waltham, parson of the church of Parva Naringes, and 
Oliva de Muntpinzun, of the manor of Inglesthorp. 

777. Peter de Folsham v. *Radulphu8 de Egemere and Agnes 
his wife, in Lenn Epi. 

778. William fil' Alex, de Cokefeld v. *Richard fil' Alex, de 
Cokefeld, in Walepol. 

779. Nicholas I3rekerop v, *William fil' Eeginald de Shuldham 
and Katherine his wife, in Suth Lenn. 

780. John Lambert of Lenn v. *William Payn de Wygehale 
and Margaret his wife, in Marham, Schuldham, and Berton. 

781. Reginald de Thorp v. *John &V John de Bures and Ida 
his wife, in Cremplesham and Stradesete. 

782. Martin fil' Roger de Thorp v. *Hugh de Heleghton and 
Katherine his wife, in Cremplesham and Stradsete. 

783. Herlewyn fil' Paulinus de Suthlenne, by Peter de 
Polsam, V. *Robert fil' Deodatus Cidlyng of Lenne and Isabel 
his wife, in Lenn Epi. 

784. Nicholas de Reymerston, by William Tebaud, v, 
*]VTag'r Roger de Eclingg of Est Derham, by Thomas de Elsing^ 
in Est Derham. 

785. Martin fil' Roger de Thorp v. *Randolph de Alman and 
Alice his wife, in Cremplesham. 

27th and 28th Edward I. 

786. Henry fil' Henry de la Sale and Sibilla his wife, by 
J'no de Morlee, v. *Richard de Uphalle of Taseburgh, by John 
de Banham, in Taseburgh, Nouton, Floteman, Saxlingham, and 

787. John Anger v, *Thomas Anger de Holm juxta mare, in 

788. *Thomas fil' William de la Chaumbre and Isabella his 
wife «?. William de Carleton, in Waketon, Aslacton, Longa 
Stratton, Fornesete, and Multon, and the advowson of the 
church of the Blessed Mary of Waketon. 

789. William de Caston and Margaret his wife, by Walter 
de Eileby, custodem eoj, v. *Robert de Caston, by John de 
Morlegh, of the manor of Caston. 

790. Margaret daughter of William Atteleg of Smalebergh, 
by John Warde, v. *William fil' Reginald de Smalebergh, by 
John de Morlee, in Smalebergh. (Mabil the wife of William del 
Heagh of Smalebergh and William fil' William del Hegh 
app. clam.) 

79 1 . Walter, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, v, * WiUiam 
Tuchet, in Walepol. 

792. William de Hevyngham and Isabell his wife, by 
Eustace de Dallyng, v. *J'no de Mounpynzun and Thomas de 
Rodham, by Peter de Spikesworth, of the manor of Wykemere. 

98th Edwabb I. 

793. WiUiam de Oaston «. *Bobert de Oaston, by John de 
Morlegh, of the manor 6f Shipedham. 

794. *William de Eymingham and Alioe his wife v, Alice 
the wife of William de Mortuo-mari, in Slenningham, Neuton, 
Sweynesthorp, Mulkeberton^ and Boklond. 

795. *Egidiiis de Holmo and Johanna his wife v, Bobert le 
Bargoillan, in Fileby, Maiteby, and Leringsete. 

796. *Bobert de Thursford and John de Wyghton and Alice 
his wife 9. Boger de Fraxinis and Biohard de Thursford, in 
Thursford. (Thomas de Hindringham, Badulphus Martin and 
Oecilia his wife, and Michael le Bret, parson of the church 
of Magna Naring, app. clam.) 

797. Edmund Bardolf; by Thomas de l^lneye, v, «John fil' 
William Noon of Tylneve and Isabel his wife, in Tylneye. 

798. William de Dalling, by Eustace de Dalling, v, "^Richard 
de Manceston, by Badulphus de Ghinthorp, in Todenham, 
Falgate, and Elssingg. [Margaret ST 'Philip de Dalling 
mention ed.] 

799. Walter de Middelton and Matilda his wife, by John de 
Antyngham, v» *Simon de Kellyng and Biohard de Skeggeton, 
in WTchinghamy Beate Marie de Wyohingham, sc'e Fidis in 
Aidreford, Sparham, and Bef ham. 

800. John de Sautre, abbot of the ohurdh of St. Benedict of 
Benmieseye, by Andrew le Moygne, p. *Boger de Colevill and 
Desiderata his wife, of the advowson of the church of 

801. Eobert de Tateshale v, *Boger de Taseburgh, of the 
advowson of Taseburgh. 

802. ♦William Howard and Alice his wife v. Bobert de 
Shuldham, in East Wynche and Middelton. 

803. John de Lalleford, by Thomas de Burston, v. *Bobert 
de Lalleford, by William fil* Bobert de Lalleford, in Oruchestok 
and Shotesham. 

804. Eobert de Bypim and Agnes his wife v, ♦Thomas de 
Weyland and Elizabeth his wif^, in Bidone, Bisinge, and 

805. William de Flams tede and Alice his wife v, ♦William 
Heyne of Shuldham and Katherine his wife, in Suthlenn. 

28th Edward L 

806. Nicholas de Castello, by Simon de Hedersete, v, ♦Boger 
Cosyn and Mary his wife, in Bedyngham and Wotton. 

807. Peter de Brumstede and Katherine his wife, by John de 
Hekyngham, t;. ♦Eobert fil* John Chese, by John de Morlee, 
in Norwich and suburbs of the same, Jememuth, Erlham, 
and Hegham juxta Norwich. 

808. John Peytevyn, jun., by Thomas de Birston, custos 
ejus, V. ♦John Peytevyn, sen., by Simon de Hedersete, in 


809. John de Toftes v. ^Johii de Gaston, parson of the church 
of West Toftes, by Robert de Tilneye, in West Toftes. (William 
fil' Eichard de Wjtton and Agnes his wife app. cleun.) 

810. Handulph de Ingelose, by John de Hekingham, f;. 
*Warin de Hulmo, by John de Morlee, in Mundham. 

811. Edmund de Brekles v. ^William de Hocham, in Magna 
Hotham and Parva Hotham. 

812. Richard Cariol de Eedenhale v, *Walter Cholle and 
Olive his wife, in Eedenhale and Aldebergh. 

28th and 29th Edwaed I. 

813. Simon Bigod of Felbryge, by Ead' de Qimthorp, 
V. *Maria de Hastinges, by Eustace de Dallinge, in Bam- 
yngham, Erpyngham, and Coleby. 

814. *Beatrix widow of Andrew de Gouteshal r. John 
fir William le Fraunceys of Spikesworth, in Spikesworth 
and Crostweyt. 

815. Eobert de Eollesby and Mabil his wife, by Eustace 
de Dallinge, v. *John de Blumvill, by Ead' de Ghmthorp, 
in Metton. (John fil' John de Basingham and Mariot his 
wife app. clam.) 

816. John Aubyn and Sibilla his wife, by Adam de 
Wygenhale, v, *Sarra fil' Eicardus de Merlay, in Hilling^n 
and half the advowson of the same. 

817. Galfridus Fapelynn of Baston and Alice his wife, 
V, *Egidia the wife of Nicholas de Dorsete, by Simon de 
Hedersete, in Skothowe and Lammesse. 

818. Willijun de Ormesby, by Walter de Fileby, v. 
^Desiderata the wife of Eoger de Colevill, by John de Morlee, 
in Walsokne. 

29th Edward I. 

819. John de Crumbek of Bemham r. ♦Thomas de Lund 
de Bemham, capellanus, in Bemham, Carle ton, and Bereg*. 

820. ♦Brian de Hykelingg and Elizabeth his wife, by John 
Warde, v, Peter de Mauteby, parson of the church of 
Eisshengles, by Eobert de Hykelingg, of the manor of 

82 1 . John Eoyes v. *Eicheni de Lyng, in North Walsham. 
(Matilda who was the wife of Eichard de Freilund and Eichard 
her son app. clam.) 

822. Henry fil' Nigel de Depdale, by Thomas de Burston, v. 
♦Edmund Ethelwald, nephew and heir of Thomas Athelwald de 
Suthcrek, by William de Blumvill, in Suthcrek and Waterdene. 
(Eichard Athelwald app. dam.) 

823. John Noloth of Wyrham v, ♦Eadulphus Noloth, in 

824. Katherine fil' Eoger de Hales, by John de Hekyngham, 
V. ♦Eoger fil' Walter de Hekyngham, by John de Hekyngham, 
in Hoveton juxta Honyng, Wodegate, and Hoveton. 



825. *'WilUam ST Hazoo de Fatede, by Thomas de Burstone, 
«« 'William fil' William de Fatesle, by Simon de Hedersete, in 
Patesle, Godewyk, Ozewyk, Wythingsete, and Ma^a 

826. ^Thomas de Ghrauncort and Agnes his wife, by William 
de Honeworth, r. William atte Ohircheyard de Norwico, 
derious, by John de Honeworth, in Clipston, Keteleston, Oroxton, 
Fulmodiston, and the advowson of Keteleston. (Adam Bacoim, 
dericus, Egidins de Munpinzoun and Cristiana his wife, Pagan 
de Qraimtcoiirt, Edmimd de Munpinzoim, and Koger fil' Roger 
at Ash app. clam.^ 

827. Walter de Stowe de Bedenhale and Oristiana his wife 
V, *J'no de Ormesby and Agnes his wife, in Bedenhale, . . . .ton, 
Aldebeye, and Bimgeye. 

828. The same v, the same, in Bedenhale and Aldebergh. 

829. John de Fitton and MMyaret his wife v, *Adam 
Brunger and Margaret his wife, in Wygenhale. 

830. Simon fil' Boger Norman, by Hugh le Waffire, v. 
*Boger Norman, by John de Schotesham, in Bonewell. 

831. ^William de Fatesle, senior, by William de Honeworth, 
«• John fil' William de Fatesle, of the manor of Fatesle and the 
adyowson of the same. 

832. ^Desiderata the wife of Boger de Coleyile, by John de 
Morlee, v. William de Ormesby, by John de Hekyngham, of 
the manor of Walsokne. 

833. Thomas de Bigges de Lenn Epi v, *Qalfridu8 de 
Whynebergh and Mabil his wife, in Lenn Ej)i. 

834. Robert Le Marchaunt de Watlington and Bobert fil' 
ejus, by Adam de Wygenhale, v, *John de Boseye and Elena his 
wife, by William de Crymplesham, in Watlington. 

835. *Ricardu8 Athelwald de Crek, by Galfridus Milys, v. 
Robert fil' Ricardus Athelwald, by John de Honeworth, in 
Suthcrek, Sichesterne, and Bumham. 

836. Gregory de Castello, by Roger Doddyng, r. *Nichola& 
de Castello and Cecilia his wife, by Simon de Hedersete, in 
Ravenyn^ham, Hales, Stokton, Lodne, Hekyngham, Thurton, 
Norton, Thometon, Hadesco, Toftes, and Tybenham. 

837. *John de Qumey v. Simon de Creppynge and Matilda 
his wife, of the manor of Swaghingge. 

838. *Simon de Creppinge and Matilda his wife r. John de 
Gurney, of the manor of Saxthorp. 

839. Peter le Pescur of Estherlingg and Helewys his wife v, 
♦Agatha fiP Simon de la Magnewaryn, in Estherlyng. 

840. *Emma de Mordon, by John de Jakelegh, v. John de 
Reymerston, capellanus, in Helingeye and Denevre. 

29th and 30th Edward I. 

841. *John de Thorp and Alice his wife <?. John de Hekyngham, 
in Heyt (?) de Asshewelle, clericus, by Ricardus de Neuweton, 
of the manor of Parva Massingham. 


842. William de Colkerke v. «Galfridu8 de Colkerke ^nd 
Beatrice his wife, in Eccles and Hempstede juxta Happee- 

843. J'no de Hekyngham v, *Warin de Hulmo, by Pno de 
Morlee, in Eaveningham, Norton, Hekyngham, Thurton, 
Hadesco, and Elyngham. 

844. Walter fil* John Elwnm of Antyngham v. *John fil' John 
Elwrun of Antyngham, in Antyngham and North Walsham. 

845. Kadulphus de Ingolose and Alice his wife v. ^Warin de 
Hulmo, in Mimdham. 

30th Edwabd I. 

846. *Thoma8 de S«* Fide and Emma his wife v. Hugh fil' 
Clement atte fen and Alice his wife, in Edienesthorp, Wytton, 
Baketon, Knapeton, and Swathefeld. (Koger Fiz de Hanewbrth 
and Cecilia his wife app. clam.) 

847. John fil' Stephen del Gemer, by Galfridus de Leem, f;. 
♦Stephen del Gemer of Brunstede, by Robert Milot, in 

848. ♦John de Lonewade and Margaret his wife, by Badulphus 
de Weston, v, Walter de Beppes and Edmund his brother, in 
Merton, Sparham, Lyng, Wychingham, Hingelond, and Helmyng- 

849. Christiana Underburgh of Brunham and William and 
Paul her sons, by Robert fil' Simon, v, *J'no de Aungre, by 
William de Harpele, in Bumham Westgate and Bumham 

850. *William de Walecote, senior, by William de Brokedish, 
V, William de Walecote, junior, by William de Berston, in 

851. Eicherus Le Mercer of Eefham of London, by Thomas 
le Paumer, «?. *Alan Hovel and Agnes his wife, by Simon de 
Lynns, in Eefham, Whitewell, Kerdeston, Dallyng, and 

852. John de Shyclington, by Adam de Wygenhale, v. 
♦Basilia de Newenham, by William de Crymplisham, in 

853. Edmund fil' Eadulphus Le Leche of Beston and 
Margaret his wife v, ♦Philip Hakeman of Tilneye and Johanna 
his wife, by Eobert de Thorp, in Mylham, Beston, Kemeston, 
and Greyneston. 

854. Eadulphus Sephul of Lenn Epi, by Thomas Perceval, 
V, ♦Alan fil' Eeginald Kyde of Parva Dunham, by John Sephul, 
in Parva Dunham. 

855. Eicherus de Trunch v. ♦Eichard Bumy of Greymeston 
and Agnes his wife, in Lenn. 

856. Eoger fil' Adam de Stirston and Peter his brother, by 
John de Morleye, v, *Adam de Stirston, cler', by Thomas de 
Eollesby, in Hegham juxta Norwycum and Erlam. 

857. William fil' William de Boy ton r. ♦William de Boyton 


and Margaret his wife, of the manor and advowson of Langeford. 
(Thomas de Ware and Beatrice his wife app. dam.) 

858. *John de and Cionstanoe his wife v, Henry de 

Hales, derious, in Westtoftes, Stanford, Lyneford, and Parva 

859. Walter Wodard, Bichard Wodard, and Stephen Wodard, 
by John de Jakele, v. *Ghmnilda the wife of Simon Wodard, 
by William Osbert, in Disce. 

860. Eoger fil' Bichard de Bunham, by Thomas de Eollesby, 
9. ""^lititia the wife of Bichard de BoUesby, by Bobert de 
Thirkeby, in Bunham, Thrickeby, and Fileby. 

861. *Bobert Baynard and Felida his wife v, Bobert de 
Bosevill, in Chat^raye, Langde, Hardele, Thureston, and 
Lodne. (William Oerberges and Sibilla his wife and William 
his son app. dam.) 

862. clement de Flumpsted and Katherine his wife, by 
Thomas fil' John de Antmgham, f^. *Clement Chartres and 
Beatrice his wife, in Bodham. 

863. ""^Nicholas de Castello and Gedlia his wife, by Simon de 
Hedersete, v. Ghregory de Gastello, by Thomas de Bollesby, of 
the manor of Bedyneham. 

864. *Boger de Sc'o Martino and Alice his wife, by Thomas 
de Byrston, v. Bobert le Bnrgilyim, by Oalfridus Miles, in 
East and North Barsham. 

865. Laurence de Beppes v. *J'no fil' Edmond de Beppes, of 
a messuage and 50 acres (r), 5 acres pasture, 15 acres marsh, 50 
acres briar, and 40«. rent, in North and South Beppes, Cistrand, 
Ovrestrand, Bughton, and Shipeden. 

30th and 3 1st Edward I. 

866. Peter de Wendye, vicar of the church of All Saints of 
Suthlenn, v, *William Heymis of Shuldham and Katherine his 
wife, in Suthlenn. 

867. Simon Kenyng, by Henry de Coleby, v, *Bobert le Jay 
and Mabil his wife, in Banyngham. 

868. Simon Est and Johanna his wife v. *Beyner Payn, 
capellanus, by Thomas de Birston, in Atlebrigg, Helmyngham, 
and Taverham. 

869. William fil' Adam Walgor of Cremplesham v. ♦Mabil 
the wife of Adam Walgor of Cremplesham, in Cremplesham 
and Bekeswell. 

870. Hawysia the wife of Joh'is le Mareschal, by 
Bicardus de Depham, v, *Bobert fil' William Walram and 
Alicia his wife, by Hugh de Dopedale, in Swanton. £10 
sterling. Messuage, 10 acres, 1 rood, 1 J perches. 

871. Laurence Golay v, *Peter de Spelhowe and Katherine 
his wife, in Tilneye. 

872. Walter de Norwyco, clericus, v, *John de Broghton, in 
Thorpemarket, and Bradefeld. 


873. William fil' Boger de Gyner, by William Thebaud, 9. 
♦John Whype, by John Ward, in Dilham. 

874. Bobert Baynard v, ♦William de Neuton and Maigaret 
his wife, in Mama Hauboys. (John Feverel and Thomas de 
Framingham and Agnes his wife app. clam.) 

875. The same v, the same, in the same. (John Feverel and 
Johanna his wife and Thomas de Framlyngham and Agnee his 
wife app. clam.) 

876. Edmund de Muntpinzon v, ♦Thomas de Grannourty in 
Fulmodeston. (Adam Bacon, clericus, app. clam.) 

877. Mag'r Thomas de Byteringg r. ♦Margaret fil' Thomas 
de Brademersh de Botele and Sabina her sister, in Botele. 

878. ♦John Feytevyn, junior, by William de Lalleford, p, John 
Feyteyyn, senior, by Bandolph de Trows, in Hedersete. 

879. Walter fil' Bicardus de Aqua, by John de Bemhaniy 
custos ejus, V. ♦Bichard de Aqua of Wykelwode, in West 
Morleye, Depham, Hakeford, Kyneburle, and Grungethorpe. 

3 1st Edwabd I. 

880. John Chartres, junior, Walter, Boger, and GBlMdns his 
brothers, and Johanna and Cecilia his sisters, v. ♦J'no ChartreSy 
senior, by Henry de Ooleby, in Coleby and Banvngham. 
(Clem. Chartres and Matilda the wife of John Chartyrs, 
senior, app. clam.) 

881. ♦John Gormye and Isabel his wife v. Boger de Hales, 
by John de Morleye, in Therston, Waketon, and Fomesete. 

882. Hugh Tyrel of Manyngton v. ♦Benedict, Bay'l, and John 
fil' Walter Sefrey, by Walter de Antyngham, in Irminglond, and 
the advowson of the same. (John de Cokefeld app. clam.) 

883. ♦William de Ormesby and Agnes his wife v. Henry, 
prior of the church of Holy Trinity of Norwich, by John de 
Bemham, of the advowson of Hempstede. 

884. Gregory de Castello v. ♦Nicholas de Castello and Cecilia 

his wife, by Simon de Hedersete, of the manor of [Gall 


885. John Wolmer r. ♦William Gare de Hardyngham, in 
Hardyngham and Kymberle. 

886. Boger de Apton and Matilda his wife v. ♦Thomas de 
Dounham and Maria his wife, in Northcrek and Stanhowe. 

887. Thomas fil' Bartholomew le Clerk r. ♦John fil' Bar- 
tholomew le Clerk, by John de Morle, in Bollesby and Marthham. 

888. Walter fil' Thomas de Castelacre v, ♦Martin de Holebeohe 
and Cecilia his wife, in Castelacre. 

889. ♦Boger de Brom and Fetronilla his wife, by Thomas de 
Elingham, v. Henry de Brom, of the manor and advowson of 
St. Margaret of Bio Norton. 

890. William de Wylgheby and Alice his wife, by William 
de Scothowe, t;. ♦Galfridus Paumblioun and Alice his wife, in 
Scothowe and Lammesse. 

891. Isabel fil' Egidia de Milyers, by William de Scothowe, 


9. *0alfridu8 Papelyun of Baston. and Alice his wife, in 

892. Peter Eoscelyn and Mabill his wife, by John de Morleye, 
9. *Bobert de Langele, P^irson of the ohiuoh of Egefeld, and 
John de Gheystweyt, by Thomas de Birston^ of the manor of 

893. Olement atte fen of Knapeton and Egidia the wife of 
Nicholas de Dorsete, by William de Soothowe, v. *Gal£ridu8 
Papelyun of Baston and Alice his wife, in Scothowe and 

894. William fil' Eoger de Waterden v. ^William Kenaud 
of Bronham and Cecilia his wife, in Brunham and Holkham. 

895. John de Well v. *Oalfridas Dreu and Alice his wife, in 
Lenn ijpi. 

896. OalMdus fil' Eobert v. rThomas fiOl' Bobert de Salle 
and Isabel his wife, in Tillneye. 

897. Edmxmd Bardolf v. *John fil' William Non of Tilneye 
and I^bel his wife, in Tilneye and Tyrinton. 

898. Oalfridus Page de Saham and Oristiana his wife v. 
*Eadulphus de Tony of Kyrtlinse and Olaricia his wife, in 
Thorpewortham, which William Martin and Lovedaya his wife 
hold for life. 

3 1st and 32nd Edwabd I. 

899. Philip de Wurthested, oapellanns, and Stephen his 
brother, by Galfridus de Lenn, v, ^Herver de Stowe, by John 
Warde, in Wirthested. 

900. William de Kerdestone v, *John de Heleghetone and 
Olaricia his wife, in Olaxtone and Helegheton jnxta Claxtone. 

901. Thomas fil' Bichard Baynard v, *Ilichard Baynard, by 
Eobert de Wykelwode, in Bernham. 

902. *John Belkyn and Matilda his wife, by William de 
Tunstall, v. John de Hadesco, by John de Hekyngham, in 

903. Eadulphus, abbot of the church of St. Mary of Tynt'na, 
by John Le Botiller of Hampton, v. *Eoger le Bygod, Ck)m' 
Nor if oik, by John de Eedenhale, of the manor and advowson of 

904 . *Robort de Aylesham and Alice his wife, by John Warde, 
V. William de Aldeburgh, by Thomas de Diccyngham, in 
Haneworth, Thorpmarsh, Aleby, Thewyt, Baningham, Tutingtone, 
and Coleby. [Beatrice the wife of William le Gle& de 
Haneworth mentioned.] 

905. "^Fulco de Mompinzon and Johanna his wife v, Edmund 
de Mompinzun, in Testertone, Colkyrk, and Puddyng [Nor]ton. 

906. * William de Aldeburgh and Beatrice his wife, by 
Thomas de Antingham, v, Eobert de Aylesham, in Aldburgh, 
Thurgerton, and Aleby. (Eoger le Bygod, Earl of Norfolk and 
Marshall of England, John le Coyller, senior, John le Coyller, 
junior, Eobert le Coyller, and Thomas le Coyller app. clam.) 


907. *Williain Brussel and Agnes his wife, by Philip Galyj, 
V. Bartholomew Qwyck of Wulterton, by John Warde, in 
Wykesmere and Wulterton. 

908. John fil' John, by John Warde custos ejus, v, *John fil' 
Gerard de Hedham, by Thomas de Bollesby, in Lympenhowe, 
Suthwode, Frethorp, and Hedham. 

909. William fil' John de Pavely, by Eobert fil' Simon de 
Underburgh, v, *John fil' Eadulphus de Pavely de Parva 
Ryburgh, by William de Harple, in Stiberde, Testerton, 
Dudlyngton, Northwolde, Puddyngg Norton, Qeyste, Gatele, 
Weston, and Parva Ryburgh. 

910. *William le Palmare, by Eustace Fildallyng, v. Andrew le 
Palmare and John Bisshop, by John de Honeworth, in Fildallingg. 

911. Roger de Soterle, by Nicholas de Oulton, v. *John le 
Powre, mir, by John de Honeworth, of the manor of Stodeye. 
(Thomas de Birston, Robert le Povere, John de Stodeye, Peter 
le Povere, William de Ingham, Margery Wyhtes, John Reynald, 
Peter Reynald, Ralph Hanes, Geofl&ey Aleyn, Margery Edrich, 
John Em, Richard de Milers, John Bretun, John de Sotirle, 
Helewys wife of Thomas de Birston, John de Birston, John de 
Cokefeud, and Giles de Houlin app. clam.) 

912. John de Fincham, clericus, v. *Matilda Neubaud, in 

913. *Philip de Verly and Juliana his wife, by Robert de 
Hales, V. Mag'r Richard de Ely, parson of the church of 
Tytleshale, and William de Patesle, by William de Fynchyngfeld, 
of the manor and advowson of Tytleshale.. 

32nd Edward I. 

914. Thomas fil* Thomas de Grangia of Wygenhale v. 
♦Alexander fil' J*no Lambert de Lenn Epi, by Adam de 
Wygenhale, in Marham, Shuldham, and Berton Benedich. 

915. *William Hauteyn and Agnes his wife, v, Henry, 
parson of the church of Bauseye, by Richard de Hakeford, of 
the manor of Oxenedes. (Walter de Norwyco and Walter de 
Bemham app. clam.) 

916. John de Boylund and Emma his wife v, *Richard 
Vilcheu, in Ryngestede, Hecham, and Hunestaneston. 

917. *John de Plumstede and Beatrice fil' John de TJvedale v. 
Margaret the wife of John de Uvedale, in Bedingham, Wotton, 
Hedenham, and Topcroft. (John fil' Hugh de Vuedale app. clam.) 

918. *01iver de Redham v. Petronilla de Nerford of the manor 
of Shotesham. (William de Ros and Matilda his wife app. clam.) 

919. *Henry de Brandon and Isabel his wife, by RogerDeneys, 
V, Philip de Huyngham, by Simon de Hedersete, in Brandon. 

920. *John Moryj of Hengham and Matilda fil' Radulphus le 
Warant v, William le Warantof Bernham, capellanus, in Bernham. 

921. Hugh Tyrel of Manyngton v, *Benedict Gyddengg, in 
Irmynglond, Corpesty, and Heydon. 

922. Galfridus de Fransham, by Thomas de Tilneye, t;. 

161 • 

*WiIliam de Fransham, by Thomas de Bintoxly of the manors of 
Great Fransham and Schernynff. 

"923. Eeginald Pertirch of Kakeford, by Simon de Lynns, t^. 
♦Henry Pertrych of Hakeford, by Brito de Hakeford, in 
Hakeford, Wytewell« Sefham, and Sparhanu (John Pertrik 
app. dam.) 

924. *William de Crostweyt v. John fiOl' Agne§ Brun, in 
Oroetwejrt and Stalynghale. 

925. . Boger de Frennee 9. *BadulphaB* de Nugon, of the 
adrowson of Bathele. 

926. Simon Bust de Lenn Epi v. *Peter deCQare and Matilda 
his wife, in Lenn Epi. 

927. *Simon de Ooldham de Bedenhale and Emma his wife, r. 
William de Berges, in Bedenhale, Sterston, Aldebergh, and 

928. Badulphns fil' Alex, de Heythe f^. *Alex. de Heythe, in 

929. ^William de Heyingham and Isabel his wife, by Eustace 
de Fyldallynge, v. John de Munpinzun and Thomas de Bedham, 
by John de Honeworth, of half tiie manor and half the 
adyowson of the church of St. John the Baptist of Stiye- 

930. ♦Alured Waryn of Snthburgh v. Peter de Pleckynjghowe 
and Margaret his wife, in Suthberugh and Woderysing. 

931. Walter Wacy of Worthestede, by Beginald de Worth- 
stede, V, *Adam Wacy de Worthestede, by John Warde, in 


932. *Radulphus de Dunton of Feltewell and Johanna his 
wife V. Bartholomew de Schaldeford and Alice his wife, in 
Feltwell aud Wilton. 

933. *Jolm Buntyng of Norwich and Katherine his wife v. 
Gilbert de Hardele of Great Yarmouth and Matilda his wife, in 
Mouton, Begheton, Halvergate, and Bukenhamferye. 

934. Richard de Dockyngg of Lenn v. *Laurence Burry and 
Maria his wife, in Lenn Epi. 

935. Robert Bacun v. *Ivo Baret, in Herdewyk, Shelton, and 

936. *Roger de Hales and Alice his wife and 'Johanna and 
Matilda, daughters of the said Roger, v. William fil* Roger de 
Hales, in Lodnes, Whetacre, Elingham juxta Kyrkeby, and 

* Brom juxta Thweyt. 

32nd and 33rd Edward L 

937. William de Westburgh and Cristiana his wife v. *J*no 
Holddeye and Cecilia his wife, in Tilndye. 

938. Simon Bygot of Felebrygg v, *John de Wachesham and 
Avelina his wife, in Estherling, Middelherlyngg, and West- 

939. Roger de Casterton of Besthorp and Ela his wife v. 
♦Richard ISweyn of Besthorp, in Besthorp and Attleburgh. 


940. John de Goyst v, *Eadulphu8 de Coldham, "by Adam de 
Weston, in Parva Bernyngham. • 

941. Robert Kyterel v, *Robert Cordel de Grymeston, in 

942. Oliver de Eedham and Johanna de Redham, by Brito 
de Hacford, v, *Walter Pye of Redham, by William de Salleford, 
in Redhan^ 

943. *John Attehagh and Sarra his wife, by Brito de Hacfotd, 
V, William Clere, by Bartholomew de Ocle, in Salle, 

944. *Ranulph . de Wykelwodo and Emma his sister v. 
Ranulph de Hokham, in Wymundham. 

945. John fil' Adam de Oldelond v. * William fil* Avelina 
Everard of Gresham, in Gresham, Aylmerton, and Suthstede. 

946. *Bartholomew Quyk and Margaret his wife v, Roger de 
Byrston of Saxthorp, in Wulterton, Wykemere, and Parva 

947. John Attebek of Ling v. *Roger Atteback of Ling, in 
Ling and Weston. (Emma daughtet of William fil* Roger 
de Bek de Ling app. clam.) 

948. William de Langeton, Bishop of Coventry, and Sibilia 
Ms wif$, V,- *Roger le By god and Alice his wife, by J'no de 
Hotot, of the manor of Castre juxta Norwich, and the advowson 
of Merkeshale. 

33rd Edward^ L 

949. *Adam de Bungeye v. William Wombe of Rughton 
and William his son, in Aychyngham, .Thewyt, and Hedenham. 

950. Hervicius de Whetacre de Great Yarmouth and Johanna 
his wife v. *Robert Norman of Giselingham, capellanus, in 
Whetacre and Aldeby. 

951. Robert Bardolf v, *Mag*r J' no de Bures and Clemen tia 
his wife, by John de Bures, in Wyrham. 

952. The same v. *Randulf de Alemayne and Alice his wife, 
in Wyrham, Westderham, Boketon, Cremplesham, Bekeswell, 
Suthereye, Fordham, Outwelle, Stoke, and Upwelle. 

953. Cecilia daughter of Alice Maupas, by John Grace, v. 
♦Thomas de Cailly, by Thomas de Birston, in West Bradenham. 

954. *William de Mouton and Cecilia his wife v, Richard 
Dubbelday of Brundale, in Brundale. 

955. Robert de Burgeyloun t>. *Alex. de Claueryngg and. 
Johanna his wife, of 'half the advowson of the Blessed Mary of ' 
Ref ham. 

, • • 

9.56. *John Le Estrange and Clemencia his wife v. John de 
Stonham and Roger de Neketori, in Wellingham, Wesenham, 
and Fransham; the advowson of Wellingham, and half the 
manor and advowson of Parva Naryngg. 

957. William Howard v, *Robert Cursun, in Tyrington, 
Walpol, and Tylneye. 

958. Hugh de Reymerston t?. *Godfridus Pylegrym, in Magna 



959. John Loyel v. «Alice fhe wife of Thonias' de Helveton, 
in Dookyngy Suthmere, and Bninham. (John de Toucestre 
app. dam.) 

960. Eustace Bataill t^. •OodeMdtis Pylgrim of Gememuth, 
in Magna Ghememuth. (John fil' William de Sumerton, Alex. 
fil' OaLfriduB de Sumerton, and Bichardi John, Stephen, and 
William, brothers of Alex., app. olam.) 

961. Bioher de Befluufi 9* *Peter de Beoham, of half the 
' advowson of Avlmerton. 

962. ' John liovel t^. ^Nicholas fiOl' Martin de Suthmere, in 
Dockyngge, Suthmere, and Brunham. 

963.. *William Paynel and Margaret hiswife f^. Hawys the 
wife of Bobert le Yeel, of the manor of Stowe Bydon. ( Johnr- 
de Breokles and Alice his wife app, dam.) 

964. Bobert fil' Walter i^. *Adam de Waldyngfeld, of the 
manor of Fincham. 

965. Matilda the wife of Hugh de Oauston, by John de 
Morlee, t^. *John fil' Nicholas de'Lafham and Maria his wife, in 

966. Thom'as de Secheford de Lenn Epi. f^. *Eobert de 
Walsham de Lenn Epi and Katherine his wife, in Lenn Epi. 

967. John Oariol de Bedenhale and Isabel his wife i;. ^Agnes 
the wife of John de Thykebrom and William fil' ejus, by 
Bartholomew de Elmham, in Bedenhale, Mendham, and Way- 

968. Eicardus de Toftes v. ♦Eoger de Toftes, of the manors 
of Toftes and Depedale. 

969. Walter fil' EobiBrt de Beynham v, *Eadulphus de 
Eeynham de Fildallyngg, in Fildallyngg. (Eoger de Frenes 
and Thomas Bacun app. clam.) 

970. Lucia Cake of Fildallyng, by Eustace de Dallyng, v. 
*William de Whiteby and Cristiana his wife, in Hindringham. 

971. Adam Bernard of Garboldesham v. *Henry Le Fevre of 
Atleburgh and Berta his wife, in Atleburgh. 

972. *Lecia the wife of Eobert de Sco Thoma of Neketon v, 
Lemare Makehayt of Estrudham, in Neketoii, Castelacre, 
and 'Parya Fransham. (Simon de Neketon, capellanus, app. 

973. Thomas fil' Eobert Dyx-t;. *J'no de Pykenham, junior, 
and Matilda his wife, in Tylneye. 

974. William Butecurte v, *Guido Butecurte, by Alex. Talifer, 
of the manor of Kauntele. 

975. John Baud v, "^John de Cokesford and Clarida his wife, 
in Lenn Epi. 

976. Thomas de Ware v, *Alex. de Butrewyk, by John de 
Shipedham, in Cleye." 

977. Thomas Pig and Helewysia his wife i?. *William 
Herman de Toft, in Hadesco, Wyndele, and Toft juxta Aldeby. 

978. [This is a curious form]. For after "time ibi p'sentibj" 
it runs '^Et postea recordata t concessa apud Westm', &c., 

H 2 


Johanna tlie wife of Robert Baynard and Eobert fil' Robert 
Baynard v. * William Lomb de Ryston and Margaret his wife, 
in Whetacre. 

979. *Simon de Dallyng and Isabel his wife v. Mag' r William- 
de Dallyng, in Wodedallyng, Kerdeston, and Goystweyt. 

980. Alex, iir Walter de Walcote and Thomas fra. ejus v. 
♦William fil' William le Gerner of Eccles, in Hemsted, Pally ngg, 
Herseye, Stalham> Eccles juxta Pallyng, and the advowson of 

981. Cristiana daughter of Roger de Wylleby v, *Simon 
Moud of Wylleby and Margaret his wife, in Wylleby. 

982. Walter &V Robert de Reynham v. *Radulphus de 
•Reynham of Fyldallyng, in Fyldailyng. (Roger of Frenes 
and Thomas Bacun app. clam.) 

983. Henry de Hales and John fil* Roger de Haneworth r. 
♦Nicholas de Haneworth, in Hketshale, Flixton, and Metingham. 

984. AVilliam de Wymundham and Johanna his wife v, 
*Robert de Cospelow^ and JoJianna his wife, in Redenhale. 

985. Margaret daughter of Galfridus Sapiente of Weston v. 
♦Richard Sapiente of Weston and Adam his brother, in Weston 
and Helmyngham. 

986. *Sarra the wife of Walter de Wychingham, by John de 
. Wychingham, v. Roger fil' Walter de Wychingham, by Brito 

de Hacford, in Wychingham, Swenyngton, Boton, and Sparham. 

987. Adam lil* John Ode of Couteshale v. *WiUiam fil' 
Reginald Ode of Couteshale, in Couteshale. 

988. John fil* Robert Tristram de- Rokelond and John de 
Watford, clericus, v. *Simon Mous of Wylleby and Margaret 
his wife, in Wylleby. 

989. Robert Michel v. *Bon edict de Elv, in Tirington. 

990. *Thomas de Gloez (? Gloiz)of Weston and Alina his 
wife, by Adam de Weston, v, William le Barry, by Joscelin de 
Wolv*ton, in Weston and Hunyngham. 

991. John Iir Gilbert v, *William Amys and Juliana his wife 
and J'no de Wymimdesham and Nicholea his wife, in Lenn 

992. Thomas fiP Roger le Noble and Radulphus his brother 
V. *Roger le Noble of Senges, in Senges and Kirkested. 

993. ' Robert fil' Robert Baynard and Felicia his wife v, 
♦William Gerberge, clericus, and Sibilla his wife, in Chategrave, 
Langele, Hardele, Thurnton, Lodne, Sisland, and Mundham* 
(Edward fil* William Gerberge, clericus, John brother of 
Edward, Johanna, Rose, Ma]:garet, Alice, and Cdnstance, 
sisters of Edward, app. clam.) 

994. Thomas de Wytewell, capellanus, and Robert de 
Causton v. ♦J'no de Causton, in Causton, Heydon, Oulton, 
Heveringlond, Swenyngton, Brandeston, and Boton. 

995. William Duraund of Morleye v, ♦Margaret the wife of 
William de Rollesby, in Morleye. 

996. William fil' Nicholas Rydel v. ♦Nicholas Rydel,- by 

165 . 

Bandolf de Trous, in Wrozham, Bakheythy Orostweyt, Boston,. 
Bastwyk, Felthorp, Tavtoham, Attebrigg, and Upton. 

997. Eichard fil' Noth of Be^mham v. *WiUiam Noth of 
Bemham, in Bemham. - (John Noth de Bemham app. clam.) 

998. Walter de Fileby v. ^Alexander de Claveryngg and 
Johanna his wife, in Onby, Olipesby, Bnijg^h, and Fleg. (Alice 
who was the wife of Boger de Woltertbn, and Johanna who 
was the wife of Thomas de Begevilli and Thomas de Begevill, 
app. dam.) 

999. Oalfridns fil' Hubert Hakun of Shnldham v. ^Henry de 
Caysho and Matilda his wife, in Shnldham and Fincham. 

1000. Bobert de Fnldon v. *Edmund de Ingoldesthorp and 
Inecta (?) his wife, in Foldon, Wylton, and Stibbirde. 

1001. Claveringe and John Walram, parson of the 
church of Lyng, v. ^Alexander de Olaveringe and Johanna his 
wife, of the manor of Burgh i^ ^dg. (Thomas de Begevill, 
Alice "wife* of Boger de Wiketon, and Johanna .who was the wife 
oi Thomas Begevill, app. dam.) 

1002. ^Boger de Beymes and Alice his wife v, J' no Warin, 
parson of the church of Sloleye, of half the manor of 

1003. William de Narburghe v. *Hamo fil' Hamo de 
Narburgh, of the manor and advowson of Narburgh. 

1004. William de Bedyngham and Margaret his wife v, 
*Bobert de Bosco de Denever, in Denever and Biston. 

1005. John FrQre of Ilsyngtone v. ♦Laurence Qolay and 
Johanna his wife, in North Clenchwarton. 

33rd akd 34th Edwaed I. . 

1006. *John Level of Tichemersh v, John Gigge, de natyvitate* 
ip*ius Johannis. 

1007. Walter fil' Hugh Warde v. *Hugh Warde de 
Eshewellethorp, in Eshewellethorp. 

1008. *Eadulphus fil' Eustace and Matilda his wife, by John 
Warde, v. William de Crosthweyt, in Worthestede. 

1009. *John de Antingham v, John de Bradefeld, in An- 

1010. Reginald fil' Bobert le Pescur of Worthstede, junior, 
V. *Robert fil' Beginald le Pescur, in Worthstede and 

1011. Radulphus Butecurte v, *Guido Butecurte, of the 
manor of Kjmeburle. 

1012. Reginald de Wygenhale v, *Agne8 de Wygenhale, by 
Adam de Gerboldesham, in Gerboldesham. 

1013. *Radulphus fil' John le ButiUer de Saham v, John le 
Botiller de Saham, in Kerbrok, Grystone, and Watton. 

1014. Constance de Suttone de Suttone, Clenchewarton, by 
Adam de Wygenhale, v, *Nichola8 fil' Walter de Thame and 
Agnes his wife, in Wygenhale and Sadelbowe. 

1015. William de Langton, Bishop of Coventry and Litchfield, 


• • 

V, "^Kichard de Bellomonte, of the manor of Drayton, and service 
of J'no Attehawe of Salle. 

1016. *Roger de Birston of Saxthorp v, Oalfridus de Orosdale 
de Saxthorp, capellanus, in Saxthorp, Birston, Itringham, and 
Hey don. 

1017. Mag'r Hamo de Gatele v, *William de Hemenhale and 
Agnes his wife, in Freton. 

1018. William de Bukenham, by Hugh de Bukenham, v. 
*J'no de Illington, in Illington juxta Hokham. 

1019. John de Enyton,.by Thomas de EoUesby, v. *John 
Crowe of Thomeston, in Thomeston, Totyngton, and Breckles. 

1020. Agnes fiP Eicardus atte Grene and Pnidencia her 
sister v. *Thomas fiP Eicardus atte Grene of Eeynham, in 
Eeyhham St. Margaret. 

• 1021. *Alice fir Nicholas of Pulham,' by Peter Ghyld, v. 
William Osbern of Tatyngton,.in Pulham, Herdwyk, Stratton, 
and Southorp. 

1022. Edward [de] Charles v, *William de Swylyngton, of 
the advowson of Twheyt juxta Pirrowe. 

1023. Eoger fil' Thomas de Norfouk of Dudelington v. 
♦Thomas de Norfouk and Cecilia his wife, in Dudelington. 

1024. Eoger de Swanton v. *J'no Buzun, parson of Wys- 
singsete, in Wyssingsete. Eemajnder to Alan fil' John fiP 
Eobert Fraunceys of Wridelington and Coleete and Sibilla his 

1025. *Philyp de Eudham and Ida his wife, by John de 
Honeworthe, v. Adam Wythinpin and Eobert his brother, by 
Eichard de Oxewyk, in West and East Eudham. 

• 1026. William de Eudham and Margaret his wife v. *Walter 
fil* Laurence de Man'us of Harpele and Maria his wife, in 

1027. William fil* William de Glosebrigg of Magna Cres- 
syngham v, *Thomas of Ppttheme of Feltwell and Sarra his 
wife, in Feltwell. 

1028. William fil' Poland de Tylnye v, *Thomas fil' William 
fil' Ede de Shipmedewe and Claricia his wife, in Tylneye. 

1029. Nicholas de Stanhou -and Isolda his wife, by Nicholas 
de Welton, v, * John de Bek, by Walter de Crandone, in Banham. 


84Tn Edward I. 

1030. Edmund fil' Eadulphus le Leche of Boston v, * Walter 
de Cleye, capellanus, in Parva Fransham and Neketon. 

1031. *Eobert fil' Maurice de Upton and Margaret his wife, 
by Eandolf de Trous, v. Galfridus Cote of Breydeston, by 
Nicholas de Blofeld, in Upton, Fisshele, North Birlingham, and 
South Walsham. (Guydo Butecurte and William fil' James de 
Lincoln app. clam.) 

1032. *John fir Hugh le Waleys of Tybenham, by Eandulph 
de Shotesham, v: John fiP Thomas le Wrighto of Shotesham, in 
Tybenham and Attylburgh. 



1038. • Thomas de Cokefeld, by Williaai de Tutyn^ne, r. 

^Nicholas de la Chapele and JoHaniLa fil' Oalfridus d& Beck, by 

John de Morle, in Byllyngford. 

1034. *Michael . Stoler (xt Irstede, Bo}>ert his son, and 
Margaret daughter of Heniy de Bertcme, v, Henry de Bertone, 
in Iretede and Boston. . 

1035. Johanna daughter of John Banyard v. *John Banyard 
of Hunstanton, in Hunistanton. 

• 1036. Alice fil' William de Thorp t^. •William de Thorp and 
Cecilia his wife, in Befham, Kerdeston, and Hakef ord. 

1037. *Eiohard de Brampton and Thomas. fil' ejus, senior, by 
J'no Wodegor, v. Qilbert detVendone, dericus, by John Dyan, of 
the manor of Buihorp. 

1038. *John de 81ole,9. John atte Ghirdie, in Scothoghe. 
- (Nicholas fil' John le Chapman de Scole app. dam.) 

1039. The same v. the same, in Worthsted and Westwyk. 

. U040. William le Spicer v. ♦Radulphus fil' Matthew de St. 
Ivote and Alice his wife, in Banham. 

1041. Badulphus le Botiller t^. *Baduljphus de Tony of* 
Neketon and Qaricia his wife, in Neketon. 

1042. *John Bpileman and Isabel his wife v, Eobert le Feru. 
of Atlebureh and Alicia his wife, in Atleburgh. 

1043. William le Hyrde and Elena hie wife v. *Eobert le 
Ferur of *Atleburg and Alicia his wife, in Atleburgh. . 

1044. *Rbbert de Shelton and Isabel his jnfe and Thomas 
and Henry their sons, v. Walter de Ditton, parson of the church 
of St. Waldingfeld, of the manor and advowson of Osmundeston. 

1045. Simon de Hedersote and Cecilia his wife v, *llichard 
Doge and Sibilla his wife, in Great and Little Melton and 

1 046. *John fil* William de Holebrok and Petronilla his wife 
V. [Robert de Eeymes, in Atlebergh, Redenhale, and Denton. 

1047. ' Thomas fil William de Wolterton and Johanna his 
wife V. *Walter de Middeltone and Katherine his wife, in 

1048. William fil* Edmund de Lenn, capellanus, by Clem, 
de Derham, v, *Edmund de Lenn of Berton, in Berton Byndych 
and Estmor. ' 

104.9. Henry Chateris of Theford v, *Nichola8 de Elirtelingg 
and Matilda his wife, in Theford. 

1050. Matilda the wife of Hiigh de Causton, by John de 
Morle, V. *Peter de Basingham and Katherine his wife, in 

1051. Hawise de Mikelfeld and Johanna her daughter, by 
William de Botyndon, v. *Alice Bryngwayn, by Thomas de Cane, 
of a quarter of 15 messuages, 7 virgates, 110 acres, and' 14 acres 
meadow, 20 acres brier, 1 0«. 3d, rent, and rent of one pound of 
cummin, in Pykenham Wade, which John de Burghull holds 
for life, per legem AngF. Alice gave to Johanna 100 marks. 

1052. "^Simon de Eatlisden and Matilda his wife v. Mag'r 


Gilbert Luvel and Mag'r Jolm de Thersk, by Adam le Corour, 
of the manor of Wodedallyng. (Simon de Dalling appi clam.) 

1053. J' no de Tunegato and Robert de Timegate of Parva 
Bemyngham v, *Galfridu8 de Nortbwodebernyngham, capellanus, 
and Galfridus de Tunegate of Parva Bemyngham, in Parva 

1054. William de Wrattynge and Margaret his wife, by 
William de Tyrington, v. *John fil' Adam fil' OP, by 
William de Wrattynge, in Tyririton and Tylney. (Margaret, 
Alice, and Hilda, daughters of William Bataille, app. clam.) 

1055. John Vincent de Hemenhale v, *Alice the wife of John 
Germin de Hemenhale, in Hemenhale. 

1 056. Philip de Wodenorton v, *John fil' John le Porter of 
Wodenorton, in Wodenorton and Folsham. 

1057. Johanna fil* Benedict de S^afham, by James de 
Depedale, v. ^Benedict fir Roger de Swafham, by Hugh de 
Depedale, in Swafham. 

1058. Galfridus de Crosdale, capellanus, by Galfridus de 
•Snetesham, v. *John (Jolber of Wykemere, by Thomas de 
Rollesby, in Wykemere and Calthorp. 

1059. John de Gurnay v, *Sarra the wife of Roger de 
Kylby, of the manor of Hillington. Entail, yearly rent to her 
for life, with remainder to J' no fiP Galfridus Wymer of Saham. 

IO60!. William fil' Henry do Langele, . capellanus, by William 
de Tyrington, v. *Ri(;horu8 de London of Hevyngham, by Adam 
de Wygenhale, in Honyngham, Stratton, and Marsham. 

1061. Radulphus de Houghton of Norwich, clericus, v. 
♦William Tut (Tuc ?) of Norwich and Agnes his wife, in 
Pokethorp juxta Norwich. 

1062. Walter le Bret of Snoring v. *Michael le Bret, by 
Eustace de Dallyng, in Magna Snoringge, Hyndringham, 
Berneye, and Stiberde. (Galfridus fil' Martin lo Bret, John fil' 
Michael le Bret, Robert le Burgoyllun, Robert de Shirford, 
William le Clerk, and Thomas de Hyndringham, app. clam.) 

1063. *WaltGr Cokorhose, by Thomas de Brampton, v. John 
fil* Walter Cokerhose, by John de Hemenhale, in Meudham. 

1064. John de Sislond, parson of half the church of Howe, 
and John de Donewyco, capellanus, v. *Radulphus fil' Milo de 
Howe, by William de Lalleford, in Mundham, Langele, Sislond, 
and half the advowscm of Sislond. 

1065. Alan de Thy and Alicia his wife v, *Nicholas de 
Aldebergh, capellanus, in South Wotton, North Wotton, 
Gey wode, and Rysyngg. 

1066. Galfridus le Chapman v, *Alice the wife of Adam le 
Chapman, in Bedingham. 

1067. '"^Robert de Shelton and Isabel his wife, by John de 
Jakosle, v. William, parson of the church of Wytham, by John 
do Waldingofeld, in Shelton, Freton, and Herdwyk (?). 

1008. William do Oxwyk v. *Emma the wife of William de 
.Colkyrk of Lonn, in Sutlilonn. 


, • 

1069. -*Badulphu8 fil' ICOo de Howe, Joliaima his wife, and 
Letitia her sister, by William Le LaJleford, v^ John de Sislond, 
iMuncm of the meoiety of the church of Howe and John de 
l)onew7co, capeUanus, of the manor of Howe, and in Mundham, 
Laagele, and Sislond, and the advowsdn of Sislond. 

1070. Williani fil' Bofz^ de Shimplinggr, by William de 
IiaUeford, v. *Marraret de Taoolneston, oy John de Carleton, of 

1071. * Walter le She^diirde of Mendham, senior, by Simon 
TBiolif if. Benedict, vicar c/ Mendham, bv Thomaa de Btampton, 
in Mendiiam and Bedenhale. [Walter le Shephurde, junior, and 
Katherine his wife mentioned.J 

1072. John Bygod of Hedersete, by William of Harpele, v. 
*Boger Bygod ox Hedersete, by Thomaa of Framyngham, in 

34th Ain> d5TH Edwabd I. 

1073. *John Oky and Margaret his wife, by Nicholas de Sutton, 
9. John Semod of Marham, by Bob^ de Shuldhame, in 
Marham. i 

1 074. Badulphus Bygot v. *Ingelraniis Belet, in West Toftes, 
which land John de Bures and Idonea his wife hold for life. . 

1075. *William de Bemak and Alice his wife v. Johanna the 
wife of Bobert de Tateshale, senior, by Boland de Bredon, of the 
manor of Hedersete. 

1076. John de Hopeton and Maria his wife v, *Bartholomew 
del Orchierd of Hocnam and Alice his \\ife, in Hocham and 

1077. *Robert de Bosco and Cristiana his wife, v, William 
de BoBco, parson of the church of Gerboldesham, and Berard, 
vicar of the church of Great Comhorth, of the manor and 
advowson of Fersfeld. 

1078. Thomas de Rede ajid Roger de Shengham, capellanus, 
V. ^Nicholas de Langetot, in Ickelburgh and Parva Bukenham. 
(Roger le Brot and Margaret his wife, daughter of Simon de 
Nevill, app. clam.) 

1079. *John fil* Anusiu de Cressingham and Matilda his wife 
r. Anusiu de Cressingham, in Magna Cressingham. 

1080. *Matilda the wife of Henry attechirche v. John fil' 
Henry atte chirche of Barsham, in North and West Barsham. 

1081. [As 1079] of half Ihe manor of Lyneford, and in 

1082. Thomas de Rollesby, clericus, v. *Galfridus ^^ Richard 
Hakun, by Radulphus de Theford, in Rollesby, which Adam 
Michel de Rollesby holds for life. 

1083. PhiHp fil' Roger Asketel,.by John Ward, v. *Roger 
Asketel, by Thomas do Framyngham, in North Walsham. 

1084. *Radulphu8 do Bagothorp and Isabel his wife v. Isabel 
the wife of John Lestraunge of Lucham, by Brito de Hakeford, 
of the manor of Langham. 



1085. *Jolin de Brisyngliain and Johanna his wife v, Roger 
de Wyngef eld, in Hemenhale and Fereton. 

1086. Adam fil' Wydo Aylmer v, *Galfridus Quytring of 
Litilport and Mabel his wife, in Riston. 

1087. Robert Halle of Crungethorp v, *Jolm de Neuuebrid 
of Norwich and Margaret his wife, in Morleye. 

1088. Stephen fil' Radulphus do Warham v. *William fil' 
Adam de Bolte, by John de Bemham, in Magna and Parva 

1 089. *Roger fil* Thomas- le Jay, by Richard de Sutjifeld, v. 
Thomas le Jay of Wykemere, by Thomas de RoUesby, in 
Wykemere, Wolterton, and Aldeburgh. [Isaac brother of 
Roger mentioned.] Remainder to John de Paylwyk and Agatha 
his wife. * 

10^0. Robert de Ketone, by Radulphus de Shypidham, v. 
*Richard de Ketone and Emma his wife, in Catton, Boston, 
and Heyleston. 

1091. As 1089. 

1092.. William Hojsrard v, *Robert de Causton and Isabella 
his wife, in Tyrington, Walpol, and Tylneye. 

1093. Radulphus Blunte, by Eustace de Dallyng, v. ♦Ra- 
dulphus Strik, by John do Huneworthe, in Leringsete. (John 
fil' Roger de Saxlingham app. clam.) 

1094. Reter fir Gilbert de Welle t?. *Thomas fil' Robert fil' 
Beatrice de Magna .. Pagravo, by Adam de Wyggenhale, in 
Magnd and Parva Pagrave, which John Bunne of Castelacfre 
and Henry and John his sons jand Thomas le Skinnere and Alice . 
his wife hold for life. 

1095. *Egidius de Munpynzun and Cristiana his wife v, 
Walter de Langeton, Bishop of Coventry and Litchfield, of the 
manor of Castre, advowson of Merkeshale, and the manor of 
Atleburgh, which Randulph de Monte Caniso holds for life. 

1096. Walter de Langeton, Bishop of the same, v. *Edmund 
de Munyynzun, of one-third of the manor of Fulmerston. 
(Adam Bacoun and John, parson of the church of Parva 
Naringges, app. clam.) 

1097. John Aleyn of Becham, capellanus, v, *Galfridus le 
Mareschaunt of Fileby and Beatrice his wife and Roger. Bru'stan 
and Margaret his wife, in Gresham. 

35Tn Edward I. 

1098. Thomas le Chapman of Snyterle, by John de 
Honeworth, v. *William Knyght of Wyveton and Matilda' his 
wife, in Snyterle. 

1099. *Galfridus fil* Reginald and Amabilla his wife, by 
William de Harpeleye, v, Robert de Walton, by Robert de- 
Shuldham, in Westacre. 

1100. .William de Blumvill and Katherine his wife, by 
Ricardus de Depham, v. *Bertram de Blumvill, by Randulph de 
IShotosham, of the manor of Neuton Floteman. 


1 101. Nicholas Baokeskyn, by John de Friselond, v. ^William 
Cayly and Kadierine his wife, by Oalfridos de Sneteshom, in 
Fisshele, Upton, Frethorp, Noiih Birlyngham, Burgh, and Fleg, 
which EZatherine the wife of Walter Bu&eskyn holds for life. 

1102. Clement atte fen of EInapeton, by Thomas de 
Framingeham, v. ^Bobert de "Fllmham, parson of the church of 
Knapeton, by John Warde, in EInapeton. 

1103. William de Lyndraper of Norwich and Johanna his 
wife and Thoimas de Weston and Matilda his wife v. ""Thomas 
de Aldeburgh and Isabel his wife and William Wymar and 
Agnes his Wife,* in Lenn Epi. . 

1104. Eobert Brig}it, by Beginald de Worthstede, v. 
^Nicholas Bright, by' Adam Brunger, in Worthstede and 
.Westwyk. ■ 

1105. Biohems Est and Margaret his wife v. *Eobert fil' 
Bobert de Barsham and Margaret his .wife and John Brun of 
Spetteshale and Isabel his wife, in Sweinyngton and Wyching- 

1106. Thomas de Aldeburgh and Isabell his wife and 
William Wymark and Agnes his wife v. *William le Lyndraper 
of Norwich and Johanna his wife and Thomas de. Weston and 
Matilda his wife, in Lenn Epi and Herdwyk. 

.1107. Oliver de Bedham and John deBedham, by !6ritu' de 
Hacford, v, *Beginald le Gros, by Peter d© Dunham, in Multon 
-and Aslacton» 

1108. *Alex. de Walpol and Johanna his wife, byEichard de 
Wygenhale, v. John fil' Alex, de Wygenhalo, junior, by Adam 
de Wygenhale, in Suthreye. 

1109. William Le Lyndraper and Johanna his wife v. 
♦Thomas de Weston and Matilda his wife, in Brehcham. 

1110. William Norman of Hunstaneston v, *John de Insula of 
Magna Bingstede and Matilda his '\\dfe, in Hunstaneston. 

nil. *Simon le Breton v. John le Breton, of the manor of 
Sparham. [Edniond brother of Simon mentioned.] 

1112. Beatrice tiP William de Thorp v, * William de Thorp 
and Cecilia his wife, in Befham, Kerdeston, and Botun. 

1113. Bicherus Est and Margaret his wife v, *John de Gunton 
and Letitia his wife, in Sweyngton and Heveringlond. 

1114. *]iichard Curlvi, by Adam de Wygenhale, v, John de 
Saham and Thomas Curlu, by Adam Brun, of the manor of 
Styvekyo. Bemainder to Bobert de Furneus and Alice his wife. 

1115. Simon de Milham v. *John de Walton and Margaret 
his wife, by Eichard Boylly of Walton and Agnes his wife, in 
Middelton juxta Lenn. 

1116. Henry, abbot of St. Benedict de Hulmo, by Thomas 
de Eeppes, v, *Hugh le Ver and Dionisia his wife, in Hegham 

1117. Thomas Perceval v. *Adam Grovile and Alicia his wife, 
in Shuldham. 

1118. Walter do Langoton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 


l)y John do Hotot, d. ^Egidius do Munpynzun and Cristiana liis 
wife, of x)ne-tliird of tlie manor of Fulmerston. (Adam Bacoun 
app. clam.) 

1119. William Wjrmark of Lenn epi v, *Tlioma8 de 
Aldeburgli of Lenn Epi and Isabel liis wife, in Lenn Epi, 
Herdwyk juxta Lenn Epi, and Brechamtoftes. 

1120. ^William de Rokelund and Katherine his wife v. 
Andrew Bayston and Claricia his wife, in Thetford. 

1121. *Mag'r Walter do Pykering and Walter fil' William de 
Pykering v. Eobert de Glemham and Alice his wife, in 
Clypesby, Askeby, and Burgh. 

1122. John do Greynston of Titleshale, by John de Wesenham, 
V. *Iloger de Greynston of Titleshale, by Eadulphus de 
Bagethorp, in Titleshale. 

1123. Eobert fir Thomas de la Chaumbre v, *Thomas de la 
Chaumbre of Mnlkebarton, in Mulkebarton. 

1124. William de Eudham v. *Peter de Wysingsete, in 

1125. *John de Ingelose v. John Peper of Lodnes, of the 
freedom of John Peper. 

1 1 26. *John fir Alex, de Ilolver of Sprouston and Beatrice his 
wife V. John fil' Aylmer de Erpyngham and Thomas le GaunviU 
of Aleby, in Erpyngham. 

1127. Henry de Hales, clericus, Eichard Dannok of Lodnes 
and Matilda his wife, and William son of the said Eichard, v. . 
*John de Ingelose and Alice his wife, in Kirkestede, Langhale, 
and Senges. 

1128. Eichard fil' Eichard Miryel of Deph&m and Margaret 
his wife v. *John de . Wrotham and Johanna his wife,- in 
Hokewold. Wytton, and Feltewell. 

11 29. John de Insula, junior, v. *Thomas Blakman and Elena 
his wife and Walter brother of Elena, in Fronge. 

1 1 30. Galfridus de Barkshire v. *Thomas de Cliilderhus of 
Wodedallinge and Egidia his wife, in Pangeford, Suthwalsham, 
and Eandeworth. 

1131. *Michaol Brun and Alice his wife v. Eobert de 
Begheton, in Waxtonesham. (John Brun of Wastlisham app. 

1132. Eichard de Gervefiton and Alice his wife V. *William 
fil' Eobert de Eeynham, in Eeynham St.' Margaret. 

1133. Thomas fil' Eadulphus Attlowald of Weston v. 
♦Thomas fil' Galfridus Eluered of East Barsham, by Sunon de 
Lyonis, in Weston juxta Atlebrigg. 

1134. Simon de Hederseto and Cecilia his wiiev. ^Nicholas le 
Gode and Margaret, his wife, in Magna Melton, Parva Melton, 
and Norwich. 

1135. William le Clerk of Oxeburgh and Cecilia his wife v, 
*Jolm Mayle, senior, and Alice his wife, in Oxeburgh. 

1136. Peter fil' William de Nerford v. *William fil' 
Eadulphus le Blund of Saxlingham, in Saxlingham, Shqtosham, 
and Hemenhale. 


■ • • 

1 137. William de Catefeld v, *Tliomas de Begevill and 
Beatrice his wife, in Wynt'ton, SomHon, ' Martham, Heinesby, 
Scrouteby, and Walcotet 

1 138. Robert de Wyleby v, *Ricardus de Kyrkeby and Alice 
his wife, in Heylisdon. 

1139. Nigel le Emprur of East Derham, capellanus, v. 
*Nigel de Deepens* of East Derham, in East Derham. 

1 140. Jolm fil* Gilbert v, *Edmond fil' Simon de Walsyngbam, 
in Suthlenne. 

1141. Reginald fil' Nicholas de Shotesham and Rosa his wife 
V. *William de Curzun of Cruchestok, in Cruchestok. 

1 142. *John fil* Gerard de Wachesham and Johanna his wife 
and Walter fil* Alan de Giselyngham, cleripus, v, Gerard de 
Wachesham, of the manor and advowson of Marlyngford. 

1143. Richard de Hales and Alice his wife v. *Anselm de 
Waunf ord of Mildenhale and Johanna his wife, in Wyclewode.. 

For the great number of the following errata I must especially 
express my regret. I am not altogether without excuse, for 
while Henry III. and the best part of Edward L were passing 
through the press, I was down with typhoid fever ; and when 
one is down with that, and is suffering inconsistent hallucinations 
that one is Governor of Norwich Castle seventy years ago, and 
that one has pressgangs and fugitive French prisoners under one's 
bed, one is hardly in the right mind to correct proofs. Somebody 
corrected them, but not too well ; and all I have been able to do 
eince I have (I hope) returned to memory and understanding, is 
to note up and correct some of the worst. Luckily, Bome of 
them are so bad that I don't think my severest critic will think 
me personally guilty of them, and will acquit me of " sepula " 
for ^'sequla (sequela)," ^^cyngnets" for ** cygnets," ** permission" 
for ** percussum," and "nee" for "nee." 

On the other hand, the reader must not too hastily suppose that 
all the strange place-names in the text are not correctly tran- 
scribed, e.g.y pp. 28 and 35, Bodokesham is clearly so written, 
though I have little doubt it is jRodokesham, an old form of 


Wroxham; p. 32, Wetheringsett is obviously a transcribed error 
for Letheringsett ; p. '37, Kermingeliam for Bemingliam ; 'p. 39, 
Dikling for Hicklmg; p. 114, Leyhaiii for Lexham; p. 138, 
Wermyngham for Bemyngliain ; p. 63, Mogbeton for Hogbeton; 

£114, Nortbwand for .North waud. Again, I sbrewdly suspect 
uddelawe, p. 73, to be our Norfolk Luddebame in disguise. 


P. 3, No. 42. ) 

13 ,, 20. > For Tacolvestone TAx;^ Tacolnestone. . 

67 „ 605.) 

12 „ 278. ^^<; in Tunsted. 

. 14 „ 43. For Grakef ord rtf<wf Hakeford. 

17 „ 96. For Frawesham r^a</ Franesham. 

20 ,, 178. For Gouleshal r^o^ Gouteahal. 

20 „ 180. For Leswin read Lefwin. 

22 „ 253. ^<« in Prill^ston. 

23 ,,• 271. -4<W in Lenn and W. Weniz. 

26 „ 356. For Punffinges read Pimssinges (P). 

35 ,, 85. For Brestona read Biestona. 

42 „ 236. For Clipshu' read Clipstun. 

46 „ 355. Add in Castre. 

52 „ 480. ^^inMorlay. 

66 „ 820. For Pcelton read Scelton (?). 

68 „ 851. For Keneburt read Keneburr. 

76 ,, 1000. For whom r^a^ which, misprint from my "wh." 

81 ,,1097. Transpose the ♦. Bagge was the villein. 

84 „ 1158. ^^^ in Shotesham. . 

89 ,, 1266. For B. . M. read Beate Marie. 

89 „ 1271. For suum r^a^ suns. 

92 ,, 1329. Add in Norwich and snborbs. 

93 „ 1340. For be read de. 
93 „ 1346. ^<W in Rakheye. 

108 ,, 1649. For vocaverint read vocaverunt. 

122 ,, 200. Dele Sosvile after Lenn. It was my suggestion for a reading 

of the potent' 8 surname. 

123 „ 231. For d'm rtfflk^ d'nL 

124 „ 246. For Betham read Becham. 

124 „ 247. For by r«a</ in. 

125 „ 269. For de P. r^flk^ de Plumstede. 
127 ,, . 308. For Gemleston read Geruleston. 
133 „ ' 415. YoT MadA read unde, ' 

133 „ 415. For permission* (!) r^flii percussum. 

133 ,, 430. For Breycheston rMrf Breytheston. 

•137 „ §07. For Acleburgh read Atleburgh. 

138 ,, 620. For Grimmesse read Grinmiere. 

139 ,, 542. For sepula (!) read sequla [sequela]. 

140 ,, 565. Dele Suston, which was my suggested correction ♦ of the 

scribe's "Muston." 

142 ,, 610. For Grymyngham read Gymyngham. 

,147 ,, 689. For Walscote r^arf Walecote. 

147 ,, 694. For nee read nee. 

155 ,, 836. For Thometon r^a<? Thorveton. 

157 ,, 870. For Dopedale r^arf Depedale^ 

• Swardeston was once Suedestuna. 



Abbraam, 18 
Aohiloherd, 25 
Ade, de, 81 
Adebargh, do, 137 
Aorft) ddy 1 
' Acre, of, 1; de, 81, 119, 

142; del, 28, 83; 
* prior of, 16, 20-9, 

Aoy (Aty P)» 07 
Adam, 14, 47, 64^ 96, 

107 ; derictu, 24 ; 

Saoordos, 1; of Weae- 

ham, 40 
Adtbelwald, 111 
iEgefeld, 7 
^gefield, de, 7 
Aesseleg, de, 53 
Agnes, 51 
Agelyn, de, 62 
Ag^s, de, 57 
Aguyliin, 98 
Agwilun, 81 
AUward, 2 
Ainols, de P, 14 
Akonig, de, 118 
. Akeny, de, 73 

Alan, 5, 11; the Chap- 
lain, 20 
Albano, de, 121 
Albinaco, do, 130 
Albiniaco, de, 38 
Albinico, de, 25 
Albon, 148 
Albrincis, de, 69 
Aldobergh, de, 125-39, 

Aldoburg, do, 15, 114 
Aldeburgh, de, 124-42, 

Aldeby, do, 120 
Aldehage, de, 21-2 
Aldelin, 93 
Aldorford, do, 75,. 91, 


Aleby, de, 114-16 
Alemania, de, 147 
Alemajne, de, 162 * 
Alennton, de, 102 
Alethorp, de, 69 
Alexander, 108 
Aleyn, 86^ 94, 170 
Alfredeifeld, de, 76 
Algetb, de, 29 

Alkebergh, de, 127 
Alkebumi, de, 127 
Alxnan, oe, 162 
Almayn, de, 161 - 
Alot, 142 
Alreford, de, 81 
AltaRipa,de, 132 
Alto Bosco, de, 53 (2), 

Alyenora, 123 
Alyva, 69 
Alyzim P, 138 
Ambley, de, 55 
Amblie, de, 19 . 
Amdurv, de, 53 
Amomighol', chaplain of, 

Amodesham, de, 1 37 
Amundosham, de, 131 
Amy 8, 164 • 

Anamare, de, 27 
Anemere, de, 1 
Anger, 152 
Ajigevin, le, 42, 64 
Angevyn, 76 
Anglicus, 41 
Angot, 9, 67, 71, 134 
Angre, de, 108 
Anketel, 30 

Antingeham, de, 34, 103 
Antingham, de, 35, 124, 

Ant}aigham, de, 153-8 
Anvyllcrs, de, 53 

Apeheye, de, 91 
ApetoQ, de, 137 
Apton, de, 158 
Aqua, de, 158 
Arohei, de, 47 
Arohya, de, 74 
Arden, de, 6 
Ardem, dej 34 
Aremea, de, 49 
Argent, 128 
Ai^entayn, de, 112 
Argentooi, de, 125 
Argentia, de, 19 
Anykf 103 
Arundel, Counteaa of, 73 ; 

Earl of, 25 
Ascelyn, 129 
Asenawe, de, 148 
Ashwellethorp, de, 141 
Askeby, de, 42 
Askeny, de, 145 
Asketel, 169 
Assele, de, 60 
Assendon, de, 17, 60 
Assewell, de, 65 
Assewellethorp, de, 138 . 
Astan, 79 
Atosich, 09 
Athelwald, 124-54-5 
Athelwalde, 149 
Athelwelde, 144 
Atholt, 110 
Atlebrig, de, 47 
Atleburgh, de, 137-47, 

148 ; parson of, 137 
Atteback, 162 
Attebek, 162 
Attecalk, 151 
Attechirche, 169 
Attedam, 75* 
Atte Fen, 171 
Attegrove, 137 
Attohagh, 162 
Attehawe, 166 
Attehimell, 123 


Attohithe, 146 
Attokirk, 134 
Atteleg, 152 • 
Atteling, 102 
Attclnnd, 151 
Attetoneshcndo, 128 
Attleburg, de, 81 
Attoloburg, de, 84 
Attlewald, 172 
AubjTi, 154 
Audeby, de, 107 
Augustin the canon, 23 
Aumary, do, 39 
Auners, de, 61 
Aungro, de, 156 
Aunsel, 109 
Aurifaber, 58 
AustejTi, 69 
Avand, 33 
Avenant, 10 
Avonel, 61, 113 
AvejTiosP, de, 122 
Awe, le, 28 
Aylbode, 65 
Aylesham, de, 169 (2) 
Aylmor, 170 
Aylward, 151 
Aysse, 62 

B...., de, 117 
Baavent, do, 36 
Bacoun, 155-70-2 
Bacun, 19, 24-9, 33, 41, 

44-6, 61-2, 61, -80-9, 

96, 133-48-58-61-3-4 
Baduent, de, 22 
Batrard, 76 

Bagethorp, de, 169-72 
Bagge, 81 
Baifeld, de, 22, 47 
Bainard, 31-8, 47, 53 
Bakeham, de, 69 
Baketon, do, 61 
Bakun, 72, 86, 96, 120, 

Balard, 36 
Baldeswell, do, 115-21, 

Baldeswelle, de, 121 
Baldewyne, 130-50 
Baldrewello, de, 81 
Balsham, de, 91 
Bamme, de, 143 
Bamme, 114 
Banhalc, do, 128 
Banham, de, 49, 96-9, 

Bani'gham, de, 22 
Baningham, de, 65 
Bunigham, de, 82 

Bannyn^g, de, 132 
Banyard, 60, 96, 107 
Ban^nigham, de, 121-4 
Barber, le, 99 
Bardolf, de, 127 
Bardolf, 38-6, 70, 93-8, 

Bardulf, 14, 69 
^Barentin, de, 89 
Barcsham, de, 136 
Baret, 146-61 
Bare we, de, 76 
Barfot, 124 
Barham, do, 36 
Barkshiro, do, 172 
Barnard, 67, 119 
Bamham, de, 144 
Barry, lo, 164 
Barsam, de, 66 
Barshal, de, 74-9 
Barsham, de, 8, 36, 51, 

82,94, 118-19-21-71 
Barthon, de, 80 
Barun, 78 
Bassingham, de, 4, 164, 

Basset, 95, 109-10 
Bassingeb'ne, de, 21 
Bassingebum, de, 55 
Bassingbum, de, 61, 72 
Bassyngebum, de, 129 
Bataill, 15, 163 
Bataille, 62, 131-46-68 • 
BataUie, 3 
Batayl, 181 . 
Batayle, 102 
Bataylle, 88, 117-30-31 
Bath and Wells, Bishop 

of, 113-14-44 
Bathe,, de, 14 
Bathuent, de, 44, 55 
Batlesden, de, 40 
Battaile, 11 
Bauburc, de, 32 
Baud, 163 
Baud^wyn, 150 
Bauman, 30 
Bauncestro, de, 122 
Barent, de, 8 
Bavent, de, 85 ; ?, 144 
Bayfeld, de, 65, 119-20, 

Bay feud, do, 46 
Baynard, 66, 64, 81, 92, 

102-3-6-6-17, 120-3-7, 

131-6, 149, 150-7-8-9, 

Bayncrd, 62 
Bayngnard, 47 
Bayston, 172 

Bcaubrar, 132 
Boauneys, de, 101 
Boauteis, de, 13 
Bcauvent, d6, 68 
'Bebrego, de, 6 
Bee, de, 4, 27-9j 60, 66 
Bee, del, 64-5 
Becc^'d, 34 
Becce, 136 
Becco, de, 4, 46, 54; 

abbot de, 68 ; abbot 

of, 13 
Becham, do, 149-63 
Beches, de, 14 
Beck, 131 ; de, 132-67 
Beckles, de, 99 
Becles, de, 115-18 
Bedeford, de, 65 
Bedel, le, 74 
Bedell, 10 
Bedingham, de, 146 ; 

vicar of, 73 
Bedsted, de, 28 
Bedyngefelde, de. 111 
Bedyngfeud, de, 147 
Bodyngham, de, 166 
Beeston, prior of, 106*11 
Begevill, de, 56, 107-66, 

Beggevill, de, 64, 96, 

Begheton, de, 63, 85, 172 
Bek, de, 99, 127-62-6 
Bekeswell, de, 15, 32, 

83-5-6, 161 
Bekeswelle, 23, 68, 93 
Bekswelle, de, 118 
Bekham, de, 149 
Bekles, de, 122 
Bela, 1 

Belage, de, 26 
Belagh, de, 30 
Belcort, de, 43 
Belet, 50, 80, 136-69 
Beleteste, 43 
Belhawe, de, 160 
Belhumme, 116 
Belhus, de, 32, 67, 76, 82 
Belkyn, 159 
Bellafag, de, 26 
Bella fago, de, 42-8, 60, 

Bellafago, de, 92 
Bella Campo, 29 
Belle, 99 
Bello Campo, de, 36, 69, 

63, 79, 110, 150 
Bello Monte, de, 6, 25, 

37, 118 
Bellomonte, do, 166 


Belated, de, 49 
Beletede, de, 49 
Bendediot, 49 
Benedict, 10, 169 
Benefeld, de, 30 
Beneke, 72 
Benet, 67, 147 
Beiaejrt, 113.19-26 
Benhale, de, 161 
Benhun, de, 13 
Benjamin, 8, 44 
Bensted, de,69 
Benyngewiothe, de, 119 
Berord, 169 
Beroh, de, 108 
Berck, de, 44 
Berdewelle, de, 134 
Bereford, de, 118-29-30, 

Berefot, 181 
Beremer, de, 21 
Berenger, 72 
Berengar, 107 
Bereve, de, 148 
Berford, de, 46-9, 148 
Bergee, de, 161 
Bergh, de, 80, 86 
Berk, de, 42 
Berker, le, 108 
Barking, de, 37 
Berkwey, de, 121 
Berling, 88 
Berlingham, de, 60 
Berlu, de, 144 
Berlupcinne, 12 
Bernak. de, 169 
Bemingeham, de, 59 
Bernard, de, 13, 102-39, 

Bemham, de, 20, 46, 138, 

Bemingeham, de, 40 
Bemingham, do, 44-8, 

61, 69, 119 
Bemy'ngham, de, 131 
Bemyngham, do, 19 
Berry, 95, 139 
Berry z, de, 100 
Berston, de, 156 
Bertan, de, 49 
Berton, de, 10, 103-29 
Bertone, de, 167 
Bertram, 10 
Besevile, do, 10 
Besevill, de, 4 
Besthorp, de, 81 
Beaton, de, 75, 77, 101 ; 

prior of, 99 
Betag, de, 28 
Betly, do, 40 

Bettele, de, 64 
Benfo, de, 24 
Beuland, abbot of, 49 
Beverande, de, 101 
Beverannd, 108. 
Beverlaoo, de, 96-8, 127 
Beverle, de, 94 
Bew, le, 140 
Befeld, de, 21 
Bigge, 106 
Bigod, 164; Earl, 81; 

le, 2, 20, 66, 68, 76, 

Bigot, 81-8. 62; le. 31-8, 

48, 68, 69, 100-10-18 
Bigotb, le,68 
BiC 64.6-7 
BiUakeby, de, 66 
Billingeiovd, de, 91 
Billingford, de, 91 
Billokebi, de, 10, 18 
Billokeby, de, 96 
Bilneia, de, 24 
Bilney, de, 102 
Bilneye, de, 61 
Binedre, 66 ; de, 87, 42, 

44, 66-9 
Binbam, de, 14, 98; 

mor of, 6, 14, 21, 82, 

Binnetre, de, 34 
Bircle, de, 108 
Birlig'bam, de, 6 
Birlingeham, de, 38 
Birlingham, de, 7, 19, 

22, 44, 66 
Birmingham, de, 67 
Birston, de, 83, 130-6, 

148-53-7-9, 160-1-2-6 
Birsghton, de, 149 
Bishop of, 152 
Biskel, de, 41-4-6 
Biskele, do, 2, 71-9, 81 
Biskelee, de, 46 
Bisshop, 160 
Bissop, 83 
Blafeld. de, 9 
filafeud, de, 53 
Blakeberg, prioress of, 

Blakeberge, prioress of, 

Blakobcrgh, de, 97 ; 

prioress of, 46, 97 
Blakeman, 46 
Blanet, 62 
Blaveny, de, 70 (2) 
Blekling, 95 ; de, 95 
Bleklinge, de, 95 
Blekman, 172 
BlevUl, de, 36 

Bliolinge, de, 84 
Blidyng, de, 143 (2) 
BliokUng, de, 65 
BliUing, de, 119 
Blofeld, de, 129-66 
Blomoyle, de, 63 
Blowere, le, 137-44 
Blhmyil, de, 107 
Blnmvill, de, 70. 144-64, 

170 (2) 
Blnrnvyll, 142 
Blnmvyle, de, 129 
Blnnd, 26-9, 30; le, 96 

(2), 172 
Blnndeeton, de, 119 
Blu'du*, 6 
Blundns, 16, 66, 70 
Blont, le, 61, 80, 104 
Blonte, 170 
Blyding, de, 111 
Blychingg, do, 142 
Bn'h.., de, 31 
Bo, 61 

Bobrygge, de, 76 
Bobngge, de, 76 
Bodeham, de, 29, 139 
Bodekesham, de, 28-9, 

Bodham, de, 22-6, 44, 

94, 118 
Bobord. 48 
Boidi, 26 

Boilund, de, 6, 19, 47 
Boisar, 17 
Boketon, de, 140 
Bokke, de, 77 
Bokkyng, de, 115 
Bole, 129 (3) 
Boleman, 134 
Bolewic, de, 7 
Bolle, 15 
Bolte, de, 170 
Bonclerc, le, 45 
Bonde, 70, 99 (2), 124, 

128; de, 143 
Boneboye, de, 68 
Bonet, 46, 61-8, 112-19 
Bononia, de, 50 
Bordeleys, de, 90 
Borel, 1*33 
Bosco, de, 13-4, 18 (2), 

23, 30-4-6, 52, 66, 72, 

111-13-17, 132-9, 166, 

169 (2) 
Bosevile, de, 127 
Bosevill, de, 132-57 
Boterel, 116 
Boterwyck, de, 112 
Boterwyk, de, 112 
BotUda, I 
BotiUer, le, 159-66-67 


Boton, de, 64, 73 (2) | 
Botsueyn, 70 
Botun, de, 43 
BotyUer, le, 131 
Botyndon, do, 167 
Box-ill, de, 27 
Bovyle, de, 133 
Boxstede, de, 148 
Boyland, de, 103 
Boylaund, de, 93-9, 117, 

119-20-34-36 (2), 137 

(2J, 139-40 
Boylaonde, de, 117 
Boylby, 171 

Boylond,de, 107-9-16-43 
Boylound, de, 89 
Boylun, de, 81 
Boylund, de, 35, 65-9, 

82,97, 112(3), 160 
Boys, de, 109-33; del, I 

Bovton, de, 63-4 (3), 73, 

77»82, 93, 125.39-66(2) 
Bradefeld, de, 27, 34 (2), 

Bradefcud, de, 62 (2) 
Bradeham, de, 74 
BrademtTsh, de, 158 
Bradenham, de, 107-43 

Braham, de, 11, 53, 61, 

Braid, 12 
Brais, 9 

Brakene, parson of, 39 
Braken', de, 89 
Bramerton, de, 123 
Brampton, de, 41, 79, 119 

(2), 141-67-68-69 
Bramton, de, 101 (2) 
Branceston, de, 113 (2), 

Brancestr, do, 63 
Brancestre, de, 58 
Branch, 56 
Brancho, 66 
Brandcston, de, 130 
B»(ndon?), 11 
Brandon, de, 19, 91, 100, 


Brandone, de, 100 
Branteston, de, 97 
Branton, de, 138-41 
B*nton, de, 12 
Brauncester, de, 140 
Brauncestr', de, 109-17, 

142 (2) 
Braunch, 136-45 
Braundon, de, 116 (2), 


Braunton, de, 125-7 
Bray, 33; de,38, 40,102, 

Braye, de, 109 
Brazar, le, 107 
Brazier, le, 107 
Breatre, de, 107 
Brecham, de, 23 
Breckles, de, 143-69 
Brecles, de, 92, 115-38, 

143, 144 (3), 149 (4), 

Bredon, de, 169 
Breideston, de, 93 
Brckeheved, 90 
Brekerop, 152 
Brekles, de, 96, 142 (2), 

BrendisHh, 142 
Brengeston. de, 114 
Bret, le, 30, 38 (3), 44, 
46, 51 (3), 94, 116 (2), 
118 (2), 119-20-27-36, 
153, 168 (4), 169 
Bretexnll, de, 65 
Brethara, de, 5, 7, 12 
Brotheham, de, 13, 21 
Brethenliam, de, 62, 102, 

Bruthrfjgato, 76 
Breton, le, 70, 93, 114, 

144, 171 (2) 
Brctun, de, le, 62, 96 (2), 

97, 119(2), 139, 140-42 
Brewere, le, 142 
Breytheston, de, 64 
Breyvile, de, 61 
Brichamtoft, 148 
Brichbrok, 96 

Bricke, 136 
Brick, 136 
Brichton, de, 47 
Brid, 81 

Bridewell, de, 137 
Brien, 7 

Brigoham, de, 64, 71, 102 
Brigham, de, 102 ; chap- 
lain of, 48 
Bright, 171 (2) 
Brille, dean of, 37 
Brin'iger, 8 
Brinnostaf, 54 
Briroes, de, 66 
Briseworth, de, 8 
Brisingham, de, 66, 70, 

98, 107-12-48 
Brisyngham, de, 170 
Brithina, 44 

Brito, 11 (3), 28, 33, 49 
Brici, 129 
Brogedish, de, 71 

Brogton, de, 157 
Brokes, de, 11 
Brokedis, de, 62, 61, 101 

Brokedish, do, 33, 166 
Brokedisse, de, 52 
Brokedys, de, 72 
Brokel, de, 29 
Brokford, de, 110 
Bro', de, 4 
Brom, de, 4, 29, 37, 65, 

76, 98, 108-25, 158 (2) 
Brome, de, 132 
Bromhil, prior of, 64 
Bromhill, prior of, 1 03 
Bromholm, prior of, 85, 

95, 103-11-13; de, 109, 

113-22, 126(2), 127-32 
Bromholme, de, 126 
Brompton, de, 113 
Bromwyco, de, 120 
Brond, 89 
Bronn, de, 19 
Brothereshall, de, 68 
Bruere, de la, 88 
Bruis, de, 69 (2), 70-2 
Brumholm, prior of, 94 
Brumstede, de, 163 ; P, 

de, 113 
Brun, 10, 19, 28, 36, 66, 


(2), 172(2); 16,26,28 

(2), 83, 96 
Brund, de, 49 
Brundal, de, 94 
Brundale, de, 120 (2) 
Brundysh, de, 147 
Brune, 129; la, 83 
Brunham, de, 15, 101 ; 

vicar of, 1 26 
Brunegcr, 149 
Bruuger, 155-71 
Brunne, de, 123 (2) 
Bru'stan, 170 
Brunton, do, 54 
Brunyng, 118 (2) 
Bruseyerd, de, 126 
Brussel, 54, 160 
Brj-en, de, 117 
Brymton, de, 1 06 
BryngwajTi, 167 
Brynton, de, 135-43 
Brythenham, de, 89 
Buc, 123 
Buch, 70 
Buche, 3, 88 (2) 
Buchenham, de, 147 
Bucham, de, 60 
Buckoskin, 132 
Buckeskyn, 72, 97 (2), 

109 (2), 132, 171 (2) 


Bnclntan, de, 40 
Bucschyn, 74 
Bode, 79 ; P, 23 
BnffamP, 11 
Bugthorp, de, 64 
Bnhuid, 6, 84 
Bninard, 8 
Bmstard, 21 
Buke'ham, de, 18 
Bukeham, de, 20, 41-7, 

64, 87, 92, 123-7 
Bakenham, de, 110-43, 

166 (2), prior of, 

Bnketon, de, 32, 56 
Bnlase, 21 
Bule, 129 (2), 142 ; le, 

218 (2) 
Buleman, 122 
Bnlloc, 93 

Bmnsted, de, 97, 100 
Bumstede, de, 92 
Bonewastel, 66 
Bungay, de, 63 
Bungeye, 162 
Banne, 170 
Buntyng, 161 
Bard, 41, 77, 91, 109 
Bmde, 109 
BnrdeleiB, de, 60 
Bardeleys, de, 46 
Burdelys, de, 87 
Burdeus, 78 
Bure, de, 14 
Burefeld, de, 59 
Burel, 76, 134 
Burell, 16 
Burondos, 141 
Burenham, do, 70 
Burea, do, 3, 152, 162 

(2), 169 
Biireeierd, do, 130 
Burowen, 124 
Burgiito, do, 32, 41, 55 
Burg, de, 26 (3), 30 
Burg(;i^noii, de, (57 
Burgelium, 51 
Burgeyloim, 162 
Burgeys, 143 
Burgh, de, 20; piirHon 

of, 37 
BurghuU, de, 167 
Burghtoft, 135 
Burgilyun, le, 157 
Burgo,* de, 10, 3S, 50-4,, 

(>2-3, 04 (2), 7i-5, 84 

(2), 116 
Burgolun, le, 123 
Bnrgoyllun, le, 168 
l^urguilun, le, 7H 
Burguillun, Ic, 153 

Burisyerd, de, 126 
Burlingham, de, 137 
Burlington, de, 128 
Bumediah, de, 147 
Bumel, 60, 79, 88, 117, 

Bumell, 66, 128 
Bumham, de, 8, 10, 26, 

60,61,90, 112 
Bumy, 166 
Burry, 43, 161-44 
Burser, le, 104 
Burseyerd, de, 130 
Burston, de, 88. 163-4 
Burstone, de, 166 
Burt, 140-1 
Burtoft, de, 134-44 
Burun, de, 16 
Buflch, 113 
Busing (?\ 49 
Buss. 69 (2) 
Busse, 70 
Busset, 117 
Bussey, de, 124-9 
Busseye, de, 122 
Busting, 18 
Butecurt, de, 91 
Butecurte, 48, 67, 112, 

130-49-61, 163 (2), 

166 (2), 166 
Butem'nt, de, 31 
Buteri, de, 47 
Buterwyk, de, 142 
Butilier, le, 60 
Butillcr, le, 49, 60, 7'2, 

Butillore, le, 60 
Buttele, prior of, 30, 102 
Buttoloye, prior of, 129 
Buttel, prior of, 60, 98, 

Butrewvk, de, 163 
liuttiller, U\ 62 
But'wyk, de. 144 
Jiutyler, le, 98 
Huxton, (le, 98 
Huzun, 18, 40, 83, 166 
Hygtiiiy. de, 122 (2) I 

Bvgodl 111-32, 169 (2^ ; 
"le, 114-33, 159 (2),' 

162 I 

Bvgot, 101-9; le, 61-2-3, 
*72, 89, 92 , 

Bvkyn, do, 99 
BvUokebv, de, 119 
Bylton, 64 
Bynetro, de, 73-4, 95, 

Bynham, prior of, 71, 

'84-8, 98, 130 
Byrlingeli.'im, de, 84 
N 2 

Byron, 131-34-46; de, 

146 (2) 
Byr8ton,de, 149(2), 167, 

ByBkel, de, 118 
Byteringg, de, 158 

Cadamo, abbot of, 37 ; 

de, 66 
Cadomo, abbot de, 96; 

abbot of, 92-7 ; abbess 

of, 103 ; de, 69 
Cailly, do, 14, 162 
Cake, 163 
Caldecote, de, 21, 63 (2), 

Galdecotes, do, 34, 111 
Calethorp, de, 68, ino 
Calthorp, de, 72, 124-7, 

133 (2), 136 
Calthorpe, de. 124 (2) 
Calthwevt, 112 
Calun\ 17, 36, (2) 
C/alvele, do, 87 
Calvoley, de. 90 
Cameis, do, 30 
CamcrariuH, .44 
Camera, do, 1, 51, 71 
Campes*, prioress of, 41 
Campesoia, prioress of, 


Cameys, de, 02 
Caiupt^lyon, 144 
(^anipo, de, 72 
Canipyun, 146 
Cainlel ?, 8 
Cane, do, 167 
Cangham, de, 44, 146 
Canne, 87 
Cantebrig, de, 49 
Canttibrigg, de, 145 
Caiitele, de, 7 
(.'anterbury, prioress of, 

Cantilupo, de, 89 (2), 96, 

97, 127 
Oantulupo, de, 110-32 
(:ai)ell, 3, 29 
(^ella, de, 115 (2) 
Cappe. 128 
Cai^ravilla, de, 05 
Capni', 64 
Carboncl. 54, 84 
Cardeston, de, 6 
(^irduis, de, 30 
Carho, prioress of, 37 
C^arhow, prioress of, 71 
(-arhowe, prioress de, 57 
Cariol, 143-54-63; de, 

Carkono, 16 

Carleton, do, IS, 37, 104' 
(2), 135 (2), 142 (2), 1 
152-69 i 

Oatlevyl, lie, I3o 

Cttrpentsr. 27, a*, 42-4 

Carpentariua, 63 

Carpenter, 19, 41 ; 

CarpeDtTRriua, TO 

Corpik, 38 

Curow, jinorEBS oi. 99 

Cami, priuresa of, 103 

CaiToI, 151 (-2) 

Cttntelacru, de, ISO-aS ; 
prior of. 83. 04 -G, lUti 

CaBteUkarOi prior of. Ho 

CsBtolakere, prior uf, 1 2 ,' 

CHgtellacr, prior of. 6 i 

CagteUacre, prior of, 93 

Ctwtell, de, 6o 

OsatQUo, de. 9-22, 123 
(2), 126. 127 (2), 14(1, 
141-54. )53 (2}, 157 
Ci). 168 (2) 

CaatulrysinK. dp, Ifil 

Caatorton, de, Ittl i 

Ca:<tlciicru, prior oF, 36, 
97, »1 

Custon, du, 126. 132 (4), 
145-8, 15'i (2), 153- ■ 

Cflstr', de, 35 

Custra, de, o6 

Castrc, de, 4G, 58, 6i 

Cat, le, 10, 52, 133 

Catefelc), de, 173 

Cahilin, 8 

Catc8t<in, do, 33, 138 

Ciitfield, de, 15IJ 

(.■atteston, do, 67. 102-20 

Cattnatun. do, 53, 03' 

Catton, du, 37, 82, 135 

Cauno, do, 57, 120 
Causton, di!, 62 (2), 83, 

101 (2), 112-16-16, 

133-5, H0-G3, 164 (2), 

167. 17U 
Caux, do, 39 
Pave, 65 

Caweston, de, 102 
Caj-li, de, 106 
Cavly, 171 ; de. 56, G7, 

iou, lOG (2), 126 
CayEho, do, 1G.> 
Celer, del, U2, 130 (2) 
Costcrford, piiraon of, 70 
Ctsfr, 14 
CVslrahuntc, prioresa of. 

Chttlp, 103 
Chaluot, 112 
C^amberlnng, le, 95 
Chamherleng, lo, 68 
CTuiniberlevn, Ic, 97 
Chamlinj, do la, 7 1 
Champayiie, 151 
I 'haniponys, 133 
(linnipiim, le, 4 
tluintur lo, SG 
OhniKl, le, 47 2 
t^tiiipete. de la, 7 

Chapeieyn, te, 0-18 
Chnp.dyn, le, 104-13 
CliBpman, le, 123-50-67. 

16S (2). 170 
ChardaiTC, de. 78 
CharleB. 88, lU-41-2 ; 

[de], 1G6 
Chumclca, de. 55 
■hamell, de. 29 
Cliarpentar, le, 6>i, 
(;hai'i)uiitcr, le, 93 
Chartros, 157, 158 (3) 
Clutrtyrs, 168 
Chasta, de, 113 
CliaBtelncro, prior of, 56 
Chaatel, del, 122 
Chntcf^vo. de, 121-6 
Chateris. 167 
Chatengrave, de. 117 
Chat, le, 62, 115 
Chaumberliaig, le, 87 
ChaiimbTe, de la, llG-52, 

172 (2) 
ChuumpenejB, 99 
Chaynel, 126 
Chuddegras-e, de, 116 
Clii5^ne, del. 46 
ChelP, 38 
Chepclj-n, le, 92 
Che^e^^le, do, 12 
ChereTiU, de, 71 
Cherie. de, 44 
t'hervilB, de, 104 (2) 
Cheae. 45, 56, 70 (2), 71 

{■>), 153 
Chesney, de, 50 
Chot, le, 51 
('hoiii'e, 41, 108-45 
Clievalor, le, 86 
t'hfverp, 12. 66-6, 88-9 
ivorvill, de, B9, 58 



Cheyle, de, 72 (2) 
Chevnny, de. 138 
ChiKgewoll, de, 143 
Chifd, 141 
Childerhua, do, 172 

Childinan, 7t 
Chirch, atte, 113 
Chirctie,atte,122-42, 144 

(2), 167 
Chircheyard, atte. 166 
Cholle, 28, 30, 154 
Choore, 64 ; (P), i« 
Chuerrill, do, 58 
Cbvld, 188 
Chyrcho, 134 
Cinpi, de, 6 
Clar, de. 28 
Clnre, de. 16, 32-9, 69, 

8ii-4, 87 {2), 93-7, 128 

(2), 130-61) earl of, 

28 (2) 
Clavering;, de. 145 
Claveringe, 16i (2) 
Clavoringge, de, 149 
Clavor. 10,31-8. 126-33 
Clavaryng, de, U4-9-62 
■ClavetrngK. do, 165 
Clay, dc, 29 
Cliive, do, 28, 100 
€lebhe«arton. de, 95 

Clenchpwarton, de, 4, 46, 

51, 71. 88, lis 
Clere, 165 
Olereubaud, 21 
Clere, de, 62; le, S3, 

tluik, 22, 140; le, 73, 

80, 103-16-27-32, UO 

(6), 147, 151 (2), 158 

12), 159-68-72 
Cleva, de, 64 
Clove, do, 126-7-66 


i, de, 2. 6, 37 

Clijiijstorp, Jo, 21, 58 
Clippestiirp, do. 46 
Clocwade, de, 125 (2) 
Clopton, do, 14a 
Clovill, de, 48 
Clyfford, de, 114 
ClvpesJjy, de, 146 
Colibe, 8 
Colielman, 128 

Cokiaford, prior of, £ 

Cociis. 26, 46, 57, 73 
Codham. de, 92 
Coo, 57 
Coffman, 44 
CoggeBl^o, do, 147 



Gokefeld, de, 2, 86 (2), 

92 (2), 182-40, 152 (2), 

Ck>k6ford, de, 125; prior 

of, 56, 81 
GolEorhooe, 168 
Ookesford, de, 168; prior 

of, 31-8, 75, 86, 95 
Gdldham, de, 161-2 
Oolebec, 16, 22 
Goleln, de, 14 
OQlelnini, de, 101 (2) 
Ooleby, de, 19, 27 (2), 

85, 157-8 
Ooleoert'r, de, 135 
Coleohirch, de, 64 
Golekerke, de, 26 
Oolemaii, 28 
Ooleaev, de, 146 
OdleviUe, de, 8 
Gold;, 88 
Ooleton, de, 89 
Ooletnn, de, 18, 19 
Ck>leyile, de, 155 
Golevill, de, 119(2), 137, 

Oolekerke, de, 156 (2) 
Golkirk, de, 150 
Colkyrk, de, 168 
Colling. 117 
Collyer, lo, 159 
Colnere, 143; lo, 8 
Colneye, de, 124, 146 (2), 

Calvoleye, de, 127 
Comyn, 109 
Conches, abbot of, 120 
Conestablc, le, 136 
Constantin, 129 
Coper, 123-8 
Copping, 42-6 
Copsy, 161 
Corde, 103 
Cordel, 162 
Cordewaner, le, 68 
Corchunc, de, 3 
Corccun (?), de, 57 
Cormell, de, 37 
Comewall, de, 18 
Comubiensis. 47 
Corour, le, 168 
Corp, 75 
Corpeste, de, 4 
Corpesty, de, 62 
Corston, de, 116 
Corjs 146 
Corzun, de, 70 
Cospelov, de, 164 

Coeteman, 46 
CkMAeakpi, 118 (2) 
Ooetinoiile, de, 124 
Oofltyn, 185 (2) 
Cofl^ 142-58 
Cote^ 166 
Cotes, de, 52 (2) 
OoteduOe, de, 125 (2) 
Cotting, 45 
Cotton, de, 88 
Cottune, de,94 
Cooleehiil, de, 20 
Conteshal, de, 81, 120-54 
Couteshale, de, 88-98 
Oovemr, le^ 67 
OoyUer, le, 159 (8) 
Ciskeford, de, 14, 27 (2), 

28, 40, 53 (8), 80 
Crakesloth, de, 95 
Cramplesham, de, 88 
Crandon, de, 163 
Crane, 92 
Craneford, de, 22 
Cranewia, de, 127 
Craa, le, 149 
Crasme*, de la, 86 
Craundon, 187 
Crawe, 9, 16-9, 54, 64, 76 
Crec, de, 9, 12, 17| 20, 

27, 31, 66 (2) 
Creic, de, 4 
Crek, 134; abbot of, 71, 

89, 107-10; de, 45, 

68-9,86,87 (4), 116(2) 
Cremplesham, de, 50, 67, 

72, 81 (2), 8S, 121-8-31 
Creping, de, 23 
Creppinge, de, 126-65 
Creppinges, de, 47, 94 
Creppynge, de, 165 
Crossi, de, 73 
Cressingham, de, 16-7, 

58(2), 114-18, 123(2), 

169 (2) ; great, parson 

of, 1 23 ; parva, vicar 

of, 99 
Cressy, de, 38-9, 60-6, 57 

(2), 64-6, 70-1,76(2), 

79. 80-6, 96-9 
Cricketoft, de, 68 
Cricketot, de, 60, 64 (3) 
Crimplesham, de, 61 
Cringelford, de, 67, 86 
Cringgolford, de, 68 
Cringkelford, de, 46 
Crispin, 76 
Croche, 118 
Crofta, de, 83 
Crokeston, de, 66 
Crosdale, de, 54, 166-8 

Groeedale, de, 131 (2) 
Croethweyt, de, 166 
GroetwaTt, de, 121 
Oroatweit, de, 107 
Orortweyt, 161, 107 
Crowe, 15, 72, 82, 115-39, 

143 (2), 149-66 
Omoe . . de P, 69 
Oradde, 109 
Cmmbek, de, 164 
Omngeltorp, de, 60 
Gningethorp, de, 33 
Gryketot, 108 ; de, 108 
dympleeham, de, 166 
Crympliflham, de, 166 
Cryn^alford, 110 
Cii,le, 108 
Cuokno, 26 
Colling, 40, 116-16-18, 

128; de, 113 
Oollinge, de, 63 
Cnllyng, 162 
Ciunbim, de, 108 
Cunchee, abbot of, 100 
Capere, le, 149 
Carcon, de, 9, 14, 17 

(2), 82-3-8, 44-9, 90-7 
Curia, 171 (2) 
Carpel, 43, 81, 134 
Coipeyl, 92 
Corson, 162 
Curteys, 102 ; le, 65 
Curtpeyl, 97 
Curven, 116 
Curzu*, de, 2 
Curzun, 106; de, 1, 23-8, 

60-2, 67 (2), 78, 144. 

149-73 ; le, 48, 144 
Cusin, 51. 81 
Cusyn, 83 
Cybecey, de, 66 
Cybcey, de, 66 
Cycestre, de, 78 
Cycetr* de, 92 
Cylecey, de, 84 
Cjrrety, de, 147 
Cyry, de, 38 

Daggeworthe, 114; de, 

Dale, de la, 73 
Balling, de, 21-4, 36, 

38 (2), 72, 94, 107-36, 

153 (3), 168 
Dallinge, de, 10, 22, 69, 

164 (2) 
Dallinges, de, 14, 31 
Dallingys, de, 36 
Dallyng, de, 136<52-63, 

Damet, 92 


Danby, de, 32 
Daneys, le, 117 
Daniol, 119 
Danmartin, dc, 37, 80 
Dannok, 172 
Darnel, 66 
Dauncer, Ic, 122 
Delue, lo, 41 
Don, do, 128 
Deno, lo, 144 (2) 
Denevor, do, 33, 90 
Donevero, 76; do, 69, 

Doneys, 160; lo, 115 
Dony, le, 36 
Deodatus, 4 
Dopdalo, do, 164 
Dope, le, 109 
Depodal, de, 74 
Dopedale, do, 51, 74-8, 

108, 168 (2); parson 

of, 78 
Depeden, prior of , 110 
Depeham, de, 19, 22 
Dcpham, do, 8, 53, 167, 

Depingo, de, 102 
Dereham, abbot of, 26, 

32, 43-6, 60-1 i 

Derham, abbot of, 38, 

48-9, 51-6, 69, 80-3-6, 

129-34 ; de, 34-5, 78, 

80-1-2-5, 96, 107 
Dering, 83 
Dersham, de, 138 
Despons', lo, 173 
Desue, de, 41 
Deubeneye?, 167 
Deverous, 116 
Dicey ngham, do, 159 
Dicleburg, de, 77 
Dickleburg, de, 103 
Direham, abbot of, 18, 

Diggard, 44 
Dikelburg, de, 132 
Diklesburg, de, 104 
Dimkere, 44 
Dinat, 3 

Ditton, de, 160-67 
Dix, 71, 101 (2) 
Docking, de, 26 (2), 38 

(3), 73, 91, 100-31 
Dockingo, de, 26,91, 128, 

Dockingos, de, 12, 14 
Dockj-ng, 138; de, 109, 

Dockynge, de, 119 
Dockyngg, dc, 161 
Dockynggo, do, 144-5 

Doddyng, 155 
Dodge, 167 
Doget, 43 
Dogkingo, de, 54 
Doketon, of, Richard, 2 
Dokking, do, 38 
Dokkingo, do, 35 
Dokkinges, de, 38 
Donbir, de, 39 • 
Donewyco, de, 168-9 
Donton, do, 126 (3) 
Donston, de, 109 
Donvel, de, 54 
Dopedale, do, 157 
Dorseto, de, 159-4 
Dosi, 74 
Douch, 131 
Dounham, de, 158 
Doure, do, 93 
Dousyng, 143 
Draf, 10 

Drakene, dc, 141 
DrajKjr, le, 116 
Drax, do, 69 
Drayton, dc, 142 
Drou, 159 
Drewe, 135 
Droytone, de, 126 
Drudal, de, 86 
Dnmal F, de, 68 
Dubbelday, 162 
Dudewic, de, 12 
Duin. 29 

Dillingham, de, 160 
DuUe, 20 

Duly ngham, do, 151 
Duncdal, do, 67 (4) 
Duncdalo, do, 67 (2), 80 
Duncmah, prior of, 56 
Dunoston, do, 136 
Duncstun, de, 19 
Dunewich, 15 
Dunham, de, 11, 18, 36, 

61, 7'3, 82, 98,101 (4), 

130, 139 (3), 140-71 
Dimhcv(Kl, de, 114 (2) 
Dunmawe, prior of, 24, 

Dunniaeg, 95 
Dunstate, de, 12 
Dunston, de, 134 (2) 
Dunton, do, 31, 40, 78, 

10')- 112, 125 (2), 120, 

Duntonc, 37, 134 
Dunyo, do, 83 
Durant, 50, 100 
Diimund, 164 
Durdcnt, 88 
Dufiing, 18; ?, 40 
Dusyng, 132 

Dut ?, 143 
Dyan, 167, 
Dycleburg, 78 
Dygeleburg, 62 
Dyx, 129, 163 

Eboraco, de, 15, 59 
Eborard, 28 
Ebox, de, 123-48 
Ebraicis, do, 116 
Ecclcsia, de, 132 
Ecclesiam, ad, 74 
Eckles, de, 36 
Eclingg, de, 162 
Edii, 119; the widow, 21 
Edisficld, de, 11 
Eford, de, 24 
Egefeld, de, 29, 68 
Egefeud, do, 73 
Egclfeld, de, 4 
Egemere, de, 152 
Egesfold, 8 
Eggefeud, de, 59 
Eggemcre, de, 19, 33-4, 

Eggesfold, de. 28 
Egliso, del, 82 
Eia, de, 31 
Elo'ham, do, 4 
Elfcr, 20 
Elflcda, 9 
Elingham, de, 2, 16, 93, 

Ellesworth, do, 120 
EUingham, de, 125 
Elmcham, de, 49 
Elmham, de. 61, 163-71 
Elsing, de, 152 
Eluered. 172 
Elwrun, 166 (2) 
Elv, bishop of, 48, 65, 

71, 82, 9G, 102-3-18; 

do, 72, 115-26-60-4 ; 

prior of, 1 8 
Elyas, 38 

Ely ngham, do, 143 
Emma, 32 
Emmenhale, de, 98 
Emprur, le, 173 
Plnemcre, dc, 57 
Enemcthe, de, 131 
Engayne, 38 
Engclfcld, de, 30, 61 (3), 

Englofold, de, 62-3-6-7 
Knglcis, le, 42, 67, 126 
Eninton, dc, 87 
Phivoisc, lo, 31 
Enveyse, lo, (»0, 70 
Envton, dc, 106 
Erfot, dc, 60 


&1, 108 

Erlham, de, 10, 89, 79, 

98, HI, 124 
Enmiiffland, de, 8 
Ernand, 147 
Emjrs, 186 
Erpingham, de, 84 
Erpingeham, de, 14 
Erpynffham, de, 172 
Enre, del, 90 
Erwelleston, de, 29 
lESBchaleroB, des, 97 
Eflohalen, de, 89, 93 
Eschilen, dee, 94 
Eechennioiir, le, 27 
Eflcademor, 32 
Escure^ le, 75 
Esh, del, 76 
EspuQ, 44 
Esshes, atte, 146 
Est, 128-48, 149 (2) 167, 

171 (2) 
Estacre, prior of, 24 
Esthale, de, 104 
Esthalfthewat, 115 
Esthall, de, 91 
Estim', de, 15 
Estmor, de, 98 (8), 104 

Ertmora, de, 84 
Estmore, de« 62 

Eaton, de, 16, 20-3, 96, 

Estonild, 19 

Estrange, le, 26,69,143, 

Estraunge, lo, 118, 129; 
Le, 136 

Estre, de, 33; del, 36 
(2), 41 

EstresBO, le, 112 

Estreys, Ic, 93 

Estrich, do, HI 

Estrild, 46 

Estrilda, 55 

Estnin, 19 

Estscon, 23 

Estthweit, de, 95 

Esturme, 92 

Esturmy, 100 (4), 109 
(2), 110-28; de, 97, 
104, 111 (2); le, 116 

Esturmyn, 61 

Esturnel, 53 

Estwimy, 71 

Etho, 146 

Ethelwald, 154 

Eu, le, 4 

Eustorgius, 42 

Everard, 162 

Evereus, do, 119 

Ev'eus, 131 
Evermer, 91, 126 
Ev'mue, de, 66 
EVmuire, de, 49 
Eveeke, le. 111 
Ewe, del, 60 
Extraneus, 34, 65, 70 
Eye, de, 69, 117 
Eyr, le, 54 (2), 105 

Faber, 3, 6, 6, 7, 10, 17, 

19, 22, 30-8-4-6, 49, 

76, 126 
Fabr*, 27 
Faceben, 68 
Facham, de, 49 
Fader P, 68 
Fakeham, de, 46, 79 
Falconar, 6 
Falgate, ad, 71 ; de, 76, 

Falxham, de, 48 
Fastolf, 116 
Fauchepre, 48 
Faukener, le, 78 
Faukon, 99 
Faunt, le, 106 
Felawe, 183 
Felebrig, de, 36 
Felebrigg, de, 88 
Felmingeham, de, 67 
Folmingham, do, 65, 92, 

Folmyngham, de, 113, 

Feltewoll, de, 42, 110 
Foltowollo, do, 140 
Fon, atto, 166-9 
Fenne» do, 136-49 
Feruriis, do, 53 
Feres, do, 27 
Fero'tino, do, 130 
Foriat, 32 
Femir, le, 66, 
Ferthing, 130 
Forthyng, 130 
Feru,*le, 167 
Forur, le, 167 
Feutrarius, 4, 12 
Fovere, le, 31, 97, 111 
Foversham, de, 48 
Fe\Te, le, 90-2-4, 163 
Fiddekyn. 148 
Filobi, de, 20, 141 
Filoby, de, 141-2-52-4, 

Fil' Abric, 9 

Achard, 1 

Ad{i, 53 

Adam, 1, 22, 33, 47 
(2), 76 

Fil' Ade, 10, 65, 67, 

71-2-9, 83 
A^es, 28, 33, 101 
Aildiyi, 6 
Aildriok, 12 
Aibnar, 20 
Ailmer, 46 
Ailric, 8 
Ailward, 24 
Ailwin, 61 
Alan, 6, 16, 35, 37 (2), 

40 (2), 44-6-8, 61 

(2), 62 (2), 65-9, 61, 

71, 88, 138 
Albreda, 52 
Aldel, 106 
Aldich, 82 
Alesar, 20 
Aleluri, 6 
Alexander, 23-5, 41, 

64-9, 61, 74-6 
Algar, 12 
Alice, 21-9, 32-4, 61 

(2), 62, 61 
Alicia, 3 
Alored, 16, 20-5 
Alveva, 7 
Amimd, 18 
Andrew, 40-9, 67, 

Anger, 66 
Angod, 13 
Anketill, 16 
Amald, 66 
Arnild, 20 
Arnold, 83 
Aselac, 6 

Asketel, 7, 8, 9, 22, 60 
Atholwald, 17 
Augustin, 6, 66 
Avand, 9 
Avant, 7 
Ave, 11 
Avelino, 77 
Aylmcr, 95 

Baldwin, 22, 60-4 
Bartholomew, 24-8, 

33, 67, 62, 64 (2), 

74-6, 90 
Basilie, 63 
B'te, 2 
Boatric, 90 
Beatrix, 16, 17, 36, 36 

Benedict, 28, 61 
Bernard, 30-2-5, 66, 

92, 106 
Borti, 40 
Blithe, 51 
Bonde, 2, 20-2-7 


Fir Boselin, 18 
Botilda. 13 
Brichtuln, 35 
Britrich, 5 
Bru'ma', 2 
Bniinsewcin, 6 
Bninidwein, 7 
Brunisewciii, 5 
Bund', 14 
Bundc, 22 
Burdi, 23 
Borgo, 17 

Camerarius, 13 
Carol', 114 
Cecil 26 
Claricia, 9 
Clement, 37, 45 
Cohen, 6 
Constance, 90 
Constantine, 36 
Costar, 18 
Costentin, 23 (2) 
Costion, 17 
Crawe, 15 
Crisp, 10 
Cniis, 9 
Currichit, 30 

Daniel, 44 
David, 14, 21 
Dering, 2 
Dove, 11 
Durand, 47-8 
Durant, 46 
Duranti, 77 

Edelin, 68 
Edmund, 12, 25-6-7 
Edric, 7, 20-2, 47 
Edrich, 20 
Edrith. 22 
Edward, 22 
Edwin, 5, 8 
Elebald, 2 
Elene, 131 
Elflet, 30 
Elfnoth, 16 
Elfreda, 8 
Elias, 13 
EUe, 28 (2) 
Elinore, 2 
Elisci, 43 
Elwin, 8 
Elwing, 51 
Elye, 22, 34 
Emeloc, 16 

Emma, 21-7, 79, 81,93 
Emald, 45 (2) 
Emulf, 51 
Er'y, 51 

Fir Estan, 36 
Estrilda, 10 
Eudo, 2, 3, 17, 60-3, 

Eund, 5 
EuHtaec, 27, 34, 55, 

124. 165 
EuKtacli, 89 
Everard, 54 
Evis, 2 

Fikeware, 45 
Fredon, 20 
Freland, 11 
Fretheric, 91 
Fulcher, 7 
Fulco, 26, 31 
Fulcred, 9 

Galien, 56, 65 
Galfr', 56, 65, 101-2 
Galfrid', 48, 62-3 
Galfridus, 2,3,14, 117 
Gamel, 46 
Gaufridus, 1 
Gaufr', 28, 68 
Gelerani, 26 
Geoffrey, 8, 11, 16, 

22, 29 (3), 30 (2), 

35, 64 (2), 74 (2), 94 
Gerard, 8, 93, 129 
Gerberc, 64 
Geroar, 88 
Gerold, 9, 64 
Gervaso, 50-2 
Gilbert, 24, 38, 54 (2), 

76, 164-73 
Gocelin, 6, 11,20, 71 
Godard, 2, 7, 26 
Godefrid, 26 
Godefry, 52-7, 71, 96 
Godiva, 12 
Godric, 9, 18, 21 
Godwin, 2, 10, 18, 19, 

20, 21 (2), 43 
Godwj-n, 63, 74 
Godew^^li, 59 
Goldwin, 13 
Goodwin, 15 
Goscelin, 5, 19, 37, 47, 

Gosse, 7, 35 
Goucy, 24 
Gregor\% 15 
Gulnildi, 67 
Gunnild, 66 
Gutfrith, 12 
Gj-mer, 101 

Haldein, 2 
Haldon, '27 

Fir Ham P. 11 
Ilamo, 61, 109-113 
Harlewin, 10 
Harvey, 7, 21 
Hawis, 8 
Hawise, 35 
Hedmund, 8 
Hedric, 9 
Helewin, 18 
Heyle, 2 
Hengost, 58 
Henry, 8, 11, 17 (2), 

26-7-9, 34-9, 44-6, 

47 (2), 59, 64-6-8, 82 

(2), 87, 109 
Herbert, 18, 22, 38,47, 

62-4, 72, 104 
Herebert, 31 
Hereward, 12 
Herlowin, 61 
HerlewjTi, 64 
Hervei, 19, 46 
Hervey, 5, 20 
Hillur, 52 
H'lewin, 2 
Honfr', 2 
Howard, 20 
Howardi, 42 
Hub*, 112 
Hubert, 26-8-9, 61, 

71 (2), 81 
Hueveline, 82 
Hugelin, 79 
Hugh, 6, 8, 11 (2), 19, 

22 (2), 25-7-8, 30-2. 

33(2), 38,43-5-7,62, 

74-7, 80-6, 90 
Hugo, 4 
Hulf, 19, 42 
Humfrey, 44, 86 
Humphrey, 17 

Ibcrt, 28 

Ibu', 28 

IHngi, 24 

Isabell, 68 

Ivo, 17 (2), 73-7, 89 

James, 99 

Jerberge, 65 

Jervas, 67 

Jocce, 62 

Jocei, 80 

Jocelin, 15 

Joh\ 112 

John, 6, 10, 13-6, 30, 
31, 42, 52-3-5-6-7-9, 
65 v-.'\ 75, 77 (2), 78, 
79v3\ 88, 100-4-10, 
114-10-17, 160 

JoriUn, 44, 81 

HI- Jo«ph. 101 

pa- Oke, « ■ 


Julian, H, 77 

01-, 188 

10 (2), 11, 12, 14, 

Juliana, 10 


18 (3), 17 (2), 18 

28. 39 (3), 80 (2), 

(1), 19, 20, 22 (4), 

K«it)l,*2, 11* (2) 

40-4, S8 

Karoli, «S {S}, S4 

Oioelin, 85 

38. 34 (2), 36, 36 


Otketel, 8 

(8), 37, 43 (2), 45 


Olewey, 50, 79 

(3), 47, 60 (2). 51 

Otery, S2 

(21,, 63 (2), 


OttifT. " 

68, 64 (2), 67, 68 

lAorenoe, 89; 13« 


(3), 71-4-7, 82-6, 

96, 104-7-28-33-69 


Pagea, 4, 14,81,48-7 

Booelin, 2, 39, 42-7 

Lwoh', Tl 

Pauper, 18 

Koger, 2, 3, 6 (2), 7 

(S), a (3), 10 (2). 12, 


Peter, 10, 11, 16 (2), 

16, 16 (2), 17 (3), 

Lia,S, 11 

19, 22 (2), 38, U 

IB (2), 19, 23 (2). 

Lefly, 28 

(3), 41-a, 48 W, 

24-6-9. 30, 48. 60 


(2J, 62-6-8, 63 (2), 
66, 70-1-3-7. 83-6. 


^^; 88. 77 (2, 88 


96-6, 107 (2), 112, 

Leonard, 41 

Philip, 31,43-8-4,12 



Bowelin. 17 


Bad', 63 

Bonilda, 7 


Badi, 138 



LereTe, 6 

Balph, 2 (8), S, 6 (2), 

Babid, 19, 21 

Lerire, 10 

14(8), 16, 10, 17 

Honle,2, 7 

Lake, 30 

(2), IB, 2i.ui 24 


H 27, 29 (8), 80-9, 

Sefngel, 26 

Mtttel, 2* 

41-2-7, 60, 63-6-7, 

Bemar, 22 

Macelin, 28 

71-3-4, 84, 93 

Serlo, 86-7 

Mamilcl, 31 

RanmiW. 65-7 

ghedrie, 12 

Margaret, 60, 111 

Bandnlpb, 11 
itaQnlpl, lOB (2) 

Sihill. 91 

Margeria, 94 

Bigar, 7, 31 

Mar)5ery, 89 

Raun, 26, 73 


Marie. 65 

Reginald, 1, 5, 6. 8, 9, 

Martin, 40, 42 (2), 53, 

14, 16, 17, 19, 22-3. 

■ Simon, 6, 9, 16, 17, 


26.7. 28 (2), 31 (2), 

21-2-7, 42-6-7, 49 


(2), 61 (2). 62, 82, 

Sl-5-7-8, 6S, 101 

78, 80, 93-6. 170 

94. 100-6-56 

Mathew, iO, 67 

Reyraund, 44 

Sirache, 17 

Matthew, 20, 37, 40, 64 

Reyner, 73, 114-46 

Siredd, 23 

Msuger, 22 

Beynery, 138 

Sirio, 8, 19 

MsirmuB, 3 

Reiner, 1 

Kiward, 9, 14 

Melham, 17 

Ribald, 10 

Stangrin, 7 

Merild. 21 

Ric', 61 

Stangrun, 6 
Staniid, 12 

MichaU, 3 

Ricliard. 3, 4. 6, 8 (3). 

MUo, S, 109 

11(2), 12(2), 13(2), 

Stephen, 4, 41-6-6, 61, 

Morand, 20 

18, 20, 21 (2), 23 

5S, 78, 80, 91-2, 

Muriel, 37 

(2), 24-6-7. 29 (2). 


30-3. 34 (2), 38 12). 

Stormi, 2 

Niehol, 19, 40, 83 

39, 42-3-6, 49 (2), 

Sty-, 90 

Nicholas, B, 8, 24-7, 

50-1.4. 67 (2), 62 

Sugband, 16 

30, 03, 78, 89 

(2), 65, 71 (2), 73, 

Suneman, 19 

Kigell, 34 

74 (3). 77, 78 (2), 

SurW, 28 

Norman, 63 

79, 83 (2), 87, 104, 

Surlac, 16 

Noth, 166 


SuTBtau. 12 

Richer, IS 

Swan, 17 

Odo, 3,7, 18,24, 51 

Rikolf, 11 

Swartagar, 19 

Offing, 2 

Bixxe, 18 

Swain, 13 


Fir Rwotivo, 26 
Sw(;tinan, 12 
Sybil!, 76 
!S}inon, 64, 98 

Tehill, 45 
Thede, 19 
Thoke, 12 
Thorn, 42 
Thomas, 9, 18, 20-2, 

49, 5o. 60, 96, 131 
Thorad. 8 
ITiurkil, 2 
Thurkild, 10 
Thurold, 5 

Thuretan, 6, 22 (2), 61 
Toch, 12 
Toke, 9, 47 
Token, 8 
Tome, 2 
Toni, 21 
Tony. 16 
Torald, 23 (2) 
Torold, 16 
Torrond, 3 
Turber, 26 
Turketel, 7 
Turstan, 9, 11, 17, 22, 

26 (3), 48 
Turston, 19 
Tur^, 13 

Ulph, 29 
Ulf, 6, 31 
Umfr', 22 
Umfrey, 23 
Unfr', 41, 42 

Vincent, 61, 106 
Vitalos, 27 
Vivien, 10 

Wace, 71 

Walter, 1,2, 3, 4, 8, 
9 (2), 12 (2), 13 (2), 
14, 17(2), 19,23(2), 
27-8, 33, 34 (2), 62, 
64-7, 77. 83-4. 94-7, 
100, 113(2), 131-37, 

Waren, 6 

Warin, 3, 4 (2), 8, 18, 
26-8-9, 36, 62-4-8, 
66, 82 

Wefach, 16 

Wenar, 11 

Wido, 6, 24-5 

William, 6 (7). 7 (2), 
8 (3), 9 (2), 10, 11, 
12 (5), 13, 15 (2), 
16, 17 (3), 18 (2), 

21 (3), 22. 23 (4^ 
2()-7, 28 ',5,, 29, 3o 
33 (3), 35 (3). a6-9 
40, 41 (2), 42 (-2) 
43 (2), 44 (3), 45 
46 (2), 47 (3), 50(3) 
52-3-4-6, 68 (2), 61 
63 (2), 65, 67 (2) 
68, 7<»-2-3, 74 (2) 
76-8-9, 84, £10-1-2-5 
96, 97f2),i)8, 101-3 

Wimuiid, 13 

Wimuiide, 11 

Windlevi ?, 26 

Whnar, 9 

WUnsht, 27 

Wluricus, 6, 12 

Wulnod, 6 

Wulric, 24 

Wulvive, 9, 10 

Wydo, 60 5, 62 

Wymer h, 6 

Yvo, 17-9, 27 
Ywein, 42 

Fincham, de, 96, 160 
Fincheham, do, 106 
Fitton, de, 155 
Fiz, 166 
Fiz, lo, 43, 141 
Fiz le Prestre, 74 
Flache, 142 
Flamstcde, de, 137-63 
Fleckynghowe, de, 161 
Fleg, de, 13, 20-3, 105, 

Flegg, de, 91 
Flemang, 4 
Flemen', do, 62 
Flemeng, le, 77 
Fleye, 136 
Flittere, le, 2 
Florentyn, 138 
Fox, 81 
Foke, 30 
Folesham, de, 25 
Foliot, 43 
Fol, le, 33 
Folsam, de, 162 
Folsham, de, 152 
Folyot, 98, 119 (2) 
Fonte, de, 33 
Forde, de la, 96 
Fordham, de, 101 
Forester, 25 
Fort, le, 58 
Fomoset, de, 35 
Forth, le, 68 
Fossat', de, 10 

Fossato, do, 5, 19, 63, 

83 (2), 103 
Foxhol', de, 2 
Foxholi!, de, 106 
Framelingham, de, 141 
Framelyngham, de, 148 
Framingcham, de, 171 
Frumingham, de, 168 
Framlyngham, de, 158 
Framyngham, de, 169 
Fmmynghom parva, die, 

Franchevil, do, 69 
Franchevill, de, 39, 40-3, 

Fransham, de, 10, 42, 

66. 77, 94, 103-60-1 
Fraunc, 85 
Fyaunceys, 124, 126 (2), 

Frauncevs, le, 76 (2). 

145, 154 
Fraxinete, de, 29 
Fraxinis, de, 153 
Frede, 132, 146 
Freilund, de, 154 
Freeing, de, 16 
Freman, 49, 62-4,. 63 ; P, 

Frende, 145 
Frenes, de, 163-64 
Frong, de, 7 
Fronnes, de, 161 
Frero, 165 
Fressingfeud, de. 47 
Frestun, de, 104 
Frethorp, de, 77 
Freton, de, 6, 77-9, 89 
Fretun, de, 64 (2) 
Frevol, 71-2 
Frevill, de, 48, 70 
Fric, do, 1 
Frid, de, 3 
Frid, del, 25, 51 
Fridh, de, 13 
Friselond, de, 171 
Friston, de, 55 
Frith, de, 43, 66 
Frith, del, 24, 60, 71 (2), 

Frivol, 105 
Frivil, de, 102 
Frivill, de, 30, 86 
Froman ?, 63 
Frossenden ?, de, 63 
Frost, 47, 133-48 
Frubbok, 147 
Fryville, de, 76 
Fueldon, de, 28 
Fugeldon, de, SJ 
Fuger, 63 

ITnliddon, da, 3 

t^ke, 113 
Folchar, 100 
Fuldon, de. 61, 106 
Foldone, ds, US 

Fulin,.dij3h.n, Je, K 
FuaCoine, de la, ^7 
Fuateiicy,abtKiti>/, ^9,80 
Pumana, de, 171 
Pomays, de, B8 
Fyldallynge, da, I6t 
FyldedaUingo, de. 92 
Fyloby, de, fi9, 
Fynclmni, de, HG-U 
Fynehyngfeld, de, Ifi 
FjttoQ, do, no 

GmUan, TB (!), 81 
Oalle, U9 
O&Uevey, de, 127 
Qalt, 7 
G*l;on, 134 ' 
Oalji, ISO 
0>p, del, TB 
Gate, B4. luS ; .is K « 
Qarpevill, de, 43 
Osteta, de. 166 
G&teW. do. 97 
6ktes<bn. d0. SB (3), til 
Gattole. de. KJ, 
Ghittokg, de. 71,80 
Gauwill. le, 173 

Geely, de, 6 
Qele, de, 103-SO 
Oelliam, 49, 83, 99 (3), 

Geoffrey, the chaplain, 

Gerard, S9 
Getbald, 16 
Gerberg, 132 
Oerbei^loa-30, 164 (2) 
GorhergeB. 167 
Gerbergh. lU'l 
GerboldiBham, de, 16S 
Geroborg, llfi (2), 129, 

132 (3), 138 
Geremie, de, 110 
GerUg', 16 
Germm, 168 
Geimye, 158 
Gurnegaii, IU3 
Gomec, de!, 90 (2), 109, 

15H (2) ; le, 164 
, Gemera, 136 
G'nom', de, 5 
Gememue, de, 13, 14, 


OBRttmnU, de, 108, 1S8 
Gernemath, 138 
GememuthA, la, 12 
Gememawe, de, 14, 128 
Oecneyi, 149 
aemun. SB, 74-8. 80 (2), 

8S-a, 87 (4), 88 (3), 

Oerulertoa, de, 127 
a«rTesbin, de, 81, 124 

Gewtiiigo, 12 
Gestingethorp, da, 133, 

Geye, 6*1-7 
(hiyat, J", 102 
Geyste, vicat of, 74 
OeyBtRcyt, de, lI8-6> 
Guj'wude, de, 68 
Gilbert, 28 
Oildenelook, ISO 
Gilham, de, 132 
OilUiil^^l-Lim. <1», 25, lOe 
liiimiii;lian^. di', 137, ISO 

Gingee, de, BO 
CKt, 49 

QiaelynghAm, de, 73 
Gianetho, de, 73 
Gisnoy, de, 85 
GisaiDge, 02, 127 ; de, 

Glanvill, de, 2, 29, 31, 

37, 61 
GlsTio, 20 
Glemhsm, de, 1 72 
Gloce, de, 23 
Gloez, de, 164, 116 (2) 
Otfiselirigg. do, 166 

GlouoeHtor, de, 43, 90 
Gloucester, Eul of, 84 
Gloz, lOi de, 31(2), 35 
Gode. le, 172 
Godefrey, 10, 19 
Godegrom, le, 119 
Godehemp, 46 
Godesnuul, 148 

Oodfroy. pinfierna, 18 
Godhews, 46 
Godingdon, de, 65 
GodUmb, 42 
Godlun, 45 (P Godwin) 
Godwin, 8, 14 
GoerguD, 135 
O 2 

Golay, 167- 


'.Uiy. 1. 


Gcrin, i'Zi p) 
G«niay, de, 84 
Once, 162 
Qtaneurt, de, 38 
Gnagia,de, 160 
Onngiia, 87 
Omit, le. 43 
O^tU ?, de. 81 
Gtm, le, 13a 
Grannourt, de, 47, 78, 

89.91-7-8, 133(2), 161 

(2), 165-8 
Gmnnt, le, 112, 127 
Gmnntoonrt, de, 156 
Gnnntcurt, do, GO 
Gr»y, 79 
Grenk, de, 2B 
Qnoe, atte, 166 (2) ; de 

Im SS, no (2), 116, 

Grtwiiighal, de, 100 (S) 
OiMton, de, 41-5 
Qraton. de. 46 
Grat, 22 


i, 132 

Graynaton, de, 172 (2) 
Greycvil, de, 91 
Qrimeaby, do, 72 
(iHmi'^toD, ,k',9,38(2}, 

45, 137 
GriB, le, 21-9, 36, 94, 

Groa. le, 24-7, 46-8, M 

(3), 66 (3), 81-7, 97, 

Grom, le, 140 
Grorainater, de, 100 
Grovile, 171 
Grundnl, 127 
Grat, 139 
Gryclce, 109 
GrymeBton, 116.36 
Grys, 82 ; le, S4, 102 
Oulafre, 1,25,32 
GuJjim, 100 
Gundgan, 79 
Oundreda, 2, 1 1 
Quneton, do, 36, 37 (2), 

41. 58,66 (2). 141 
Gunetun, da, 41 (2), 46 
Guimeton, de, 38, 63 
Ounthorp, de, 163, 1G4 


OoDtrA, le, 128(3), 146, 

GuriuD, 135 
Gumii, dp, 7 
tinrnaj, de, 22, 31, 57, 

69, 16S 
Gnmey, de, 46, 94, ao, 

lOS, 155 (2) i 

Gnn-uii, 124 
Guynhcr, de, 42 
(iyddcng;;, tGO 
Gyffftrt. 86 1 

Oymingbam, de, lOS-23, 

GyiDinynf;hain. de. 134 
G}-ney. <]e, 31, 113-25, 

Gyngo, do, {P Gynye), 99 
Gyrt, le,33 
Gyselhani, de, 117 
Oyselvngh&Qi, do, 110 
Gysilfaam, dt; 126 
Gjmey, de, 4S, 46 

Hsbelund, do, 84 
Halietaii, do, SU 
HacG, 74 

Uacford. do, 1, 1S2 (2), 
. 164-71 
Hrcod, 01 


, 45, 49 (3) 

Haddostun, do, 12 
Haddestuae, 13 
Haddok, 90 
HadiiBco, de, 104-59 
Hadencon, de, 15* 
Hadostime, de. 21 
HadvordyD, de, 142 
Haggeford, de, 27 
Hakebeche, de, 23 
Hakeford, de, 42. 63, 73, 

7a. 80-2, 96-8, 123-60, 

Hakemon, 156 
Hakith, 146 
Hukun, 75 (2), 76, 99, 

Haldnn, 40 
Ualdbtcd, de, 29 
Hale, de ta, 130 
Haledia, da, 13, 10 
Halodiz, de, 17 
Hales, de, 40, S5-6, 82, 

102 (3), 106, 108 (2), 


160, 161 (2), 164-72, 

HaleveU, de, B6 


Halle, 170 
IlaltputtTC, le, 64 
llaltDD, do, mo 
HalviTgate, do. 100(2) 
llalvvn-Hte, do, 102 
Ham. de, IGS 
Haiiio, 26, 94, 

HamHted, de, 3! 
lUmund, 134 
Hanccpt, 126 

Hanowottli, de, 133, 164 

HanewoTtbe, da, 114 
HimiiiKBB, de, S4-S 
Hiirald, 81 
Hardule, de, 161 
Hare, 124(2), 135 
Hareng, 69 
Httringby, de, 38, 60-5, 

Huringeby, de, 74 
Haringhain. de, 37 
Harting, de, 00. MO 
Harpol, de. 84. 98 
Harpolo, de, 83, 99, 100, 

Harjwloe, de, 152 
Harpoleyo, da, 17n 
HurplB, de, 88, 100 
Harvey, the nephuw of, 5 
HarvQgeby, de, 79 
Hatrinhawo, de, 72 
}[asBinghain, de, 35 
Hasting, de. 2, 4, 63, 76 
Hiulinge, de, 83 
H-'utingoB, de, 120-54 
Hastings, de, 14, 62 
Hatfcld, de, 29 
Hauberge. de, 142 
Hftuboys, de. 80 
Haatcin, 3, 37, 46 
Ilauteste, 69 
Hautoyn, 64, 66. 69, S3, 

142(2), 14,4-00 
Eautojii, de, 52 
Haut, le, 59 
Hauton, de, 141 
Hauvill, de, 34-9, 13, 

naveringlond. de, 103 
Havorlond, de, 1 07 
Havoryng, de, 110 
Uawardpi, de, 146 
UaTdon, de, 50 
Haye, de la, 93 
Hesgh. del, 162 
Hccgtuun, Dean of, I 

Hechain, de, SS, 70-3-6, 

79. 86, 137 
Hivkingham. de, 7 
Ilt'donham, de, 62-4, 82, 

84, 100 
Hcderseto, do, 66. 75, 99, 
100, 113-22-26-42-47, 
150 (2), ISl, 163 (2), 
164, 195 (2), 167,^8, 
Hediic, 11 
He^h, del, 152 

llrl,-h.-luii, d,-, 68, 160, 

I .i i -'■• 
Heleghton, de, 29, IG2 
Helegtben, de, 89 
Heloweton, de, 103 (2) 
Helweton, de, 47 
Helgeton, do, 79 (3), 88 
Uelgheton, de, 24, 14S, 

160 (2) 

Heliogton, de, 86 (2) 
Helle, 17 

Helmjngeham, de. 67, 8S 
Heloghetmi, de. 15 
Helreton, de, 163 
Hemegrare, de, S9 
Hemcohal, de, 44, 94, 

Hemenhalo. de, 66, 79, 

84, 139-66.8, 72, 137 (2) 
Hcmmonhal. do, 97 
Hemmisiby, de, 32, 91, 

of, 1 
HomBtcd, do, 24, S3, 61 

(2), 79 
Hemynhale, de, 140 
Henctke, de, 43 
Hc-nenl, da, 43 
H™giim. de. 6 
Henghun, de, 41-6, IDS, 

116-19-22-3, 128 (2), 

Heninghani, de, 121 
Henove, do, 148 
Henry, 15, 83,92 
Henntcdo, do. 13 
Herdeberge, de, 31 

* Tlieao may be miareadinge of Hadosruu. 

iB, 7 

Eardwich, de, 35 
Hradwik, de, 79 
Hereford, de, 44-7, 7fi, 

90, 136 
Hereman, 66, SO- 3-6, 95 
Hereward, 61 
Heringby, de, 8S 
Herland, 16 
Herlaueeton, de, 39 
Herlaue, de , 1 3 
Herleberge, dB,22,31,76 
Herlwin, 63 
HorlbBTn, de 3, 5 

Herlyngflot, prior of, 116 
Herman, 52, 64, SS, 163 
Heron, 23 
HsrpeloT, de, 22 
Hert, 124 
Hervey, 6 
Herveya, 130 
Horvy, 133 
Heaey, 4B 
Hethe, de, 76 
Heved, 139 
HaTingham, de, 58, 72, 

Hevympswdl, de, 78 



1, do, 1 


Hey mis, lo7 
Heyne, 153 
Heyngham, do. 36 
HevDor, do, 13-1 
Hejr. 90 

HevthR,de, 117. 161 (2) 
Hevton, de, IIB 
lliekling, prier of, 23, 41 
Hir, de, 20 
Uil, del, 8 
H!ll, dc, 21 
HiUo, do, 20 
Himnjfeton. da, 31 
IlilliiiKton, 53, 106 
irindulvtatun, Je. 47 
Hindringeham. de, 131 

HindrinBluini,de,6, 106, 

Hirst, 6 
Hoc, 8 

Hooham, de. 1 2 
Hochpde, 147 
llocham, dc, 148-9-61 


Hocteringham, de, 23 
Hoctham, de, 60 
Hockwood, de, 7 
Ho, de, 8, 12, 18, 21-S, 

26 (2), 27 (2), 29, 31-8, 

63-6, 74-6, 80.9, 90-2, 

97(2), 09, 109-22; de 

la, 100 
Hog, 56 
Haga, de, 64 
Hoggekape, 149 
Hoggekn^pe, 160 
Hot, 63 
Hokbun, de, 14S (2), 1S2 
Uolchani,de,5,M, 41.3-6 
ilolddeye, 181 
Holdelond, 130 
Hulebec, do, 28 
Holetieofae, do, S9, 168 
Uolebrok, de, 106-67; 

le, 114 
Tiglemere, de, T6 (2) 
HoJwito. de. Ill 
Uolkt-iiam, de, 17 
Holbfuun, de, 11,28,71 
HoUisgb. de. 148 
Holm, abbot ot, 4, 84, 

71. 77 (2) ; de, 124-46 
Holme, abbot of, 34-^ 
Holt, de, 102 
llolver, de, 172 
llolyn. 114 
Iloneworth. de. 125. 165 

(4), 160 (2), 161-70 
HonewoTtbe, dc, 166 
Honyng, de, 144 
Hooham, de, 19 

il(irL>(.jrd, df, 122.32 
Hnrk,;l.». de, 57 
Ilork-g. do. »<; 

Houghton, dc, 168 

Hon't, de, 53 

Hoatcm, do, 14, 53, 76, 

103-6-19-42, 145 (2) 
Houtone, de. 25 
HoutDD, de. 20, 62 
Hovel, 68, 107-56 
HoToton, de, 122 (2), 

141 (2) 

Howard. 129-37,141(2). 

142 (2), 144-45, 151 
(3), 153-02-70 

Howardyn, 147 ; de, 145 
Howe, de, 2S, 34, 135, 
. 168-69 
Howland. dc. 142 
Huberd, 137 
Hubert. 93 
Hub, le, 33 
Hucbred, 6 
Hngeman, 75 
Hugh, 16-8, 33 
Hugh, the chaplain, 33 
Hugo, CIoricuB, 4 (2) 
Hul,d "■ 


Ilulm, I 

erth. de. 81 


bbot Of, 1, 22-3, 
1, 60-5, 

lUuiivTi^-i', (h\ 1 
Kursoia, dc, 16 
Horsford, prior of, 47 
HarBhain, do 

HorBhey,'ite, 27 162-72 

Houcy, 150 

Hou, de, 114 

Houol, 13,36,46, 67, 71 

Houeton, do, 12 

69, B2-P, 105 

Huhne, alibot of, 46, 67 

Hulme, do, IS 

Hulmo, abbot of, 34-6, 
75, 98, 133-71; do, 24, 
30,43,71, 110 (2). 122, 
131-53-4, 166 dl 

llum-Itutt, df, 57 

llumpton. do, 90 

HunoBtaaton, de, 37 

Huneaworth, do, 47 

Huneworth, do, 12a>l, 

* 123.4-6 

Hunoworthe, do, 119-70 

liunfrayit, 139 

Hunegurie. de, 39 

Hunne. 148 

Hunnowurth, de, 110 (3) 

Ilunred, 67 

Hunsteate, da, US 

Huntedon, de, 13, 68; 
Robert of, 72 



lluntindon. do, 66 

" ingpfold, 11; de, 4, 

Huntingfold, de, 74, 121 
Huntingfead, de, 12, 126 


Hyda,de,96; dela, 113, 

Hykeling, do, 90 
Hykeliiigg, de, 164 (2) 
Hyl, del, 70 
Hylle, 71 

Hyndolveston, de, 144 
Hyndringham, de, 168 
Hyrde, le, 167 
Hyston, de, 71 

Ickoleye, de, 97 
Ickoworthe, de, 131 
Iford, de, 110 
Ikeburgh, de, 95 
Ikeling, prior of, 36, 91 
IkeliDgham, de, 53 
Ikham, de, 107 
Ilketeshale, dc, 150 (2) 
Illande, de, 146 
Illeye, de, 146 
Illington, de, 49, 166 
Illon, 89 
lUonde, de, 146 
Ilsington, de, 102 
Inesseton, de, 71 
Ingalde8thorp,de, 15, 32, 

45, 60-7-9, 69, 138 
Ingaudesthorp, de, 45 
Ingeham, de, 45 
Ingelose, de, 29, 154-6, 

172 (2) 
Ingelstorp, de, 88 
Ingeworth, de, 26 (2), 

30, 52, 105 
Ingeworthe, de, 26, 105 
Ingewurthe, de, 32 
Ingham, de, 61-7, 80 (2), 

87, 160 
Ingoldesthorp, de, 60, 

122-6-39-63 (?) 
Ingollesthorp, de, 18 
Ingword, de, 90 
Inland e, de, 19 
Insula, de, 64-5, 97, 99 

(2), 118-71-2 
Inthelume, 141 
Ipswich, prior of, 52-5, 

Irlaunde, de, 97 
Irsted, de, 130 
Ispanu, de, 134-6 
Islynton, de, 138 
Iteringham, de, 27, 42, 

Itringham, de, 53 
Ivo, 4 
Ix worth, prior of, 41 

Jakele, de, 157 
Jakelegh, de, 155 

Jakes, 94 

Jakesham, do, 88, 104 
Jakesle, do, 168 
Jakskele, de, 33 
James, 103 
Janitor, 16 
Jari>envile, de, 137 
Jarpenvill, do, 66, 89 (2) 
Jay, lo,* 157, 170 (2) 
Jeiham, de, 111 
Jemegan, 74 
Jememue, do, 24, 53, 69, 

Jememuta, de, 136 
Jocelin, 44 
John, 16, 88, 111, 120; 

cloricus, 24 
Joie, 31 
Jolyf, 112 
Jordewyn, 43 
Jordan, 89, 1 40 ; clericus, 

Jometus, 1 
Josep, 91 
Joveve, le, 138 
Juliana, 23 
Julicn, 76 
Justice, la, 59 
Juvere, 53 

Kaam, de, 108 
KaiUo, de, 26 
Kailli, do, 14, 25 
Kailly, de, 14, 40 (2) 
Kaily, do, 77 
Kaion, de, 14 
Kalethorp, de, 97-8 
Kally, de, 60 
Kalthorp, de, 93 
Kam, de, 105-8 
Kane, do, 121 
Kanep, 120 
Kangham, 138 
Kangham, de, 78, 95 
Kantobrig, de, 45 (2) 
Karol, 98 
Karcston, de, 68 
Karholm, do. 62 
Karho, prioress of, 66, 

60, 84 
Karhou, prioress of, 66 
Karho we, prioress of, 52, 

59, 93, 102 
Karhow, prioress of, 26, 

63, 70 
Karleton, 57 
Karletime, de, 16 
Karlyelo, de, 98 
Karro, prioress of, 79 
Kateuham, de, 143 
Katsend, de, 113 

Kattoston, de, 35 
Kattiston, do, 73 
Kattun, do, 18 
Kauston, de, 49 (2) 
Kaweston, de, 60 
Kayli, de, 72 
Kaylly, de, 36, 47, 79, 

Kaylly, le, 132 
Kayly, de, 73, 136 
Koch, 71, 104-36 
Kedoman. 102-3 
Kekhus, 79 
Kokyngham, de, 151 
Kelechow, de, 29 
Kellesley, de, 36 
Kellingo, de, 78, 83 
KelljTige, de, 140 
Kelloc, 66 
Kellock, 67 
Kellok, 93 
KelljTig, de, 163 
Kelt, ?, 47 
Kempe, 21,43, 127 
Kempo, le, 84 
Kenet, de, 49 
Kenetford, de, 29 
Kening, 144 
Ken, le, 93, 128 
Kenot, de, 69 
Kent, 102 
Kenvng, 143-67 
Korljroc, de, 64 (2) 
Kordol, 78 
Kerdeston, de, 14 (2), 38, 

64, 97, 132-50-57 
Kerdestone, de, 139-60 
Kerdistono, de, 160 
Kerobrok, do, 138 
Korsingeham, de, 82 
Kerflingham, de, 41, 82 
Korvylo, de, 144 
Ketel, 148 
Koteleshal, do, 102 
Keteleshawo, do, 96 (2) 
Ketloston, de, 105 
Ketone, de, 170 (2) 
Kew, le, 90, 116-16-39, 

140 (2), 146-49 
Keyrdeston, de, 138 
Kido, 8, 1 1 
Kiggotsay, 68 
Kinesman, 77 
King, 44 
King, lo, 97 
Kings warton, do, 81 
Kippo, 92 
Kirechbi, de, 4 
Kirkobi, do, 35, 45, 57 
Kirkcbv, do. 18 

• • • 

Kirtelingg, do, 167 


Xnapeton, de, 134-38 
Knicht, le, 33 
Knocte, 96 
Knotte, 31, 81 
Knyght, 70 
Koc, 129 (2), 136 
Kokefeld, do, 130 (3) 
Kokesfeld, de, 104 
Kokesford, prior of, 19, 

Kolkirck, de, 103 
Koper, 127 
Kopton, de, 95 
Krek, abbot of, 72 
Kiinte, le, 77 
Kyde, 83, 156 
Kylby, de, 168 
Kymingham, de, 153 
Kynebiirl, de, 85 
Kyneburle, do, 140 
Kynelm, 120 
Kyng, 144-5 
Kynsedeleye, de, 139 
Kyrkeby, de, 66, 71-7, 

95, 123-73 
Kyrkegat, atte, 92 
Kyrketon, de, 120 
Kylerel, 167 

Lacham, de, 45 

Tiacrosnero, do, 27 
Lacy, do, lUO-O 
Lada, 94 
Laf(»rt(', do, ().'J 
Lafhani, (1(;, 1(13 
Liif^etoft. de, 19 
Lakeiihain, d«', 108-45 
Lalleford, de, 153 (3), 

Lambert, 10, 100-52-60 
Laminosso, de, 72 
Lance, 7, 51 
JjaiH.'^at. de, 43 
Laneham, de, 73 
Langeforde. de, 77. 116 
Lan^ele, abbot of, 94, 

102-5-9-11-18; do, 159, 

Langolog', abbot of, 15, 

Langeleia, abbot of, 19 
Langeley, abbot of, 89, 

61, 94 
Langotoft, de, 74 
l^ngeton, de, 102, 170 

(2), 171 
Langetot, do, 13, 30, 63, 

Langewade, de, 52 
Langhale, de, 151 
Langhain,de,37, 43, 91-8 

Langley, abbot of, 29, 

34, 36 (2), 59, 60-2-4, 

65, 71 (2), 77, 85-6-7-8, 

100 (2) 
Ijangton, de, 165 
Langwade, de, 9 
Langward, de, 60 
Lanntoneye, prior of, 96 
Laringsete, de, 61 
Lathe, atte, 147 
Lathes, atte, 135 
Laundress, de, 33 
Laurence, 12 
Laurk, 160 

Lavenden, abbot of, 69 
Lavenham, de, 139 
I^che, le, 123-66.66 
Lechesham, de, 4, 65 
Lecton, de, 116-45 
Leddrede, de, 103 
Leem, de, 166 
Lee8t"nge, 2 
Leffort, 72 
Lefled, 30 
Legard, 76 
Leg*, de la, 20 
Leggard, 76 
Legh, de la, 98 
Loman, 118-23 
Lemband, 127 
Lomire, 122-3 
Lenimi^r, 71 
L(^n,de. 4,5, 9, 14; mayor 

of, 55 
Lenebaiid, ?, 131 
Lenham, de, 2 (2), 14,31, 

87-9, 93, 105-14 
Lenn, de, 14, 24, 58, 72, 

83 (3), 88, 93, 114 (2), 

117 (2), 122-59, 167 

(2); N. de, 43 
Lenna, do, 105 
Lonno, de, 18, 95, 138, 

141; S. do, 152 
TiOnns, de, 76 
Ltmton, prior of, 83 
Lonus, do, 63 
Lonveise, 48, 52-4 
lienvoyao, 42 (2) 
Leofwin, 23, (and see 

liOHwin r) 
Lcoribus, de, 28, 42, 52, 

Leringsote, de, 125 
Lerlingys, 33 
Lesingham, de, 48 
Lestraungo, 169 
Lestro, de, 99 
Leswin (Leofwin ?), 20 
Lethereye, 91 
Letheringsete, de, 140 

Leukenoro, de, 140 
Leverich, Y, 128 
Leveriz, 128 
Leverington, de, 137, 

Leyere fil', 5 
Leveband (Levebaud ?), 

Lereshage, de, 98 
Leveshagh, de, 141 
Levine, or Levive, 1,81 
Lewd% de, 15 
Lewes, de, 22, 146 
Lewis, do, 48 
Lewes, prior of, 1, 28, 40, 

60, 73, 110-17-19-20, 

Leweston, 27 
Lexham, do, 148 
Lichington, do, 24 
Limesie, de, 15 
Limia, de, 5 
Lincoln, de, 18, 142-4, 

Lincolnia, de, 66 
Lindesey, do, 123 
Lineford, de, 15 
Ling, do, 77 (2) 
Lings, parson of, 39 
Lingwodo, do, 6 
LirUng, do, 101 
Jjisowifl, do, 13 
Litlowade, do, 139 
Littloshall, abbot of , 129 

Litton, de, 96 
Lius (Luis ?), 22 
Livermore, do, 125 
LI eye, do, 116 
Lodone, de, 62 
Lodne, de, 90 
Lodnes, de, 47, 64 (2), 

69, 81, 90 
Loholt, 18 
Lohout, 62-3 
Lomb, 7, 121-37-64 
London, de, 16, 42-3-9, 

60 (2), 67, 85-8-9, 146, 

Lonewade, de, 156 
Longa Villa, prior of, 84, 

Longu', 11 
Longwad, de, 30 
Lopham, de, 6 ; N. de, 

Lord, le, 87 
Losa, de, 41 
Lose, de, 62 
Loudchare, 125 
Louc, 133 


Lovol, 71, 84, 88 (2), 

102-38-63 (2), 165 
Lovere, ?, lo, KO 
Loverd, 5", 80, 134; le, 

Tx)vert, :% k-, 103 
l/owya, 71 
Luea, 16; tho chaplain, 

Liiddolawc, dc, 73 
Ludcham, de, 55 
Ludham, dc, 30, 62, 89, 

118, 151 
Ludinge, lo, 3 
Luke, tho chaplain, 21 ; 

sacerdos, 25 
Lund, de, 41,64, 79, 107, 

118-9-23-33-54 ; del, 

77 ; de la, 30 
Lunpfoyl, do, 53 
Lutchare, de, 84 
Lu\nl, 14, 18, 42, 66, 168 
Lyncoln, de, 123-41 
Lyncolnia, do, 141 
L^Tideseve, de, 116 (2), 

'120, 121 (!>). 133 
Lj-ndraper, 171 (3) ; lo, 

Lyng, de, 154 
LjTins or Lyonis, 103, 

Lj'tchare, 146 
Lyvermere, de, 114 

Mabil, 19, 31 
IMacun, le, 75 
Madell, 37 
Mader, 93 
Mager, 13 

Magnewaryn, de la, 153, ? 
Magna(M), 12 
Maidewell, de, 39 
Mak, 49 
Makehavt, 163 
Male, dela, 120 
Malerbc, 47, 67, 80-2, 93 
Malesmeins, 33 
Malot, 105-26 
Malherbe, 60; ?, 71 
Malleby, de, 118 
MaUichom, de, 44 
Maloisell, 15 
Malovsel, 98 
Malterbe, ?, 60 
Malteby, de, 36, 73, 86 
Man, 82-8 
Manccston, de, 153 
Mandrv', 74 
Manerio, do, 22 
Manoro, de, 93 
Manicales, 91 

Man' us, dc, 160 
Mara, dc. 43 
Miracfl, del, 93 
Marcaunt, lo, 46 
Marcelina, 28 
March, 124 
Marchand, le, 17 
Manhaund, le, 106-31, 

Marchaunt, lo, 45, 66, 

78, 83-4-5, 119-53 
Marcho, 100-35 
Marescal, le, 67, 74 
Maresc-all, 14, 24, 41-4, 

67, 67, 80 • 
^larcHcall, le. 69, 84 
' Marescalle, le, 78 
MaroKchal, le, 4 1 , 58, 69, 

91, 100, 149 (2), 157 
Mareschalo, le, 75, 81 
MaroHchaunt, le, 170 
Marham, abbess of, 116; 

do, 51, 121 
Mariot, 114-41 
Mariscall, 40 
Mari«co, de, 12-5, 23,34, 

36-7, 97 
Mariscio, do, 129 
jMarliii^ord, do, 04 
Marroy«, do, 108 
Marthiini, do, 74, 83-9, 

98 (2), H«7-14 
Martin, 153-0 
Marton, de, 52, 79 
Martyn, 151 
Marus, de, 72 
Marwe, lo, 73 
Maskel, 54 
Maspingeham, de, 18, 40, 

86,98, 116-34-8-48 (2) 
jMassingham ])arva, do, 

70 ; pi-ior of, 98 
Matoby, de, 46 
Matofrov, 125 
Matoihoth, 107 
Matoshale, de, 142 
Matha, 60 
Matham, de, 2 
Mathelwode, de, 144 
Mathun, le, 146 
Matilda, 0, 17 
^latlaske, dc, 16 
Matthew, the chaplain, 

Maudebi, de, 6 
Maude, clcrc, 107 
Maudit, 34 
Mauduyt, 60 
Maursel, 115-16-26 
^yiaupas, 162 
Mautalent, 20 

Mautobo, do, 43 
Mauteby, de, 65, 100-54 
Mauton, de, 40-7 
May, 113 
Mavdcn, 130 
Mayle, 172 
Mayn, 143 
Ma}^ewarin, de, 44 
Mazun, le, 131-4, 161 (2) 
Mojiulingos, de. 80 
Moauton, de, 37 
Minlefoud, de, 73 
Mftdclwode, de, 34 
Medler,'d«, 77 
MiHilers, de, 42, 51, 103, 

Meggyn, 91 
Molham, de, 17 
Blelton, de, 9, 42-9, 82, 

110 ; magna, de, 135 
Mondham, de, 33, 63; 

prior of, 61 
IMonHtre, de, 72 
Mcrcator, 2- (2), 19, 28, 

Morcor, le, 77, 112-9-29, 

Merclay, de, 36 
Meringthorp, de, 135-6 
Morkeshal, de. 111 
Morkcshale, dc, 80-4, 133 
Morlai, de, 6 
Morlav, do, 10, 45, 61, 

!^Torl()fiham, de, 18 
Morley, de, 75 
^llcrlon, de, 86 
^lerston, de, 91 
Morton, do, 67 
Morvcy Ileus, le, 130 
Mossiger, le. 73, 96-8 
Moasendon, de, 78, 104-29 
Mesz, de, 66 
Motholand, de, 89 

Mctholwolde, de, 74, 107, 

Motton, do, 40, 99 
Me^-ton, de, 48 
^lexsy, le, 40 
MoyncwarjTi, de, 103 
McATo, le, 116 
^loysi, dc, 67 
Michael, 6 ; cloricus, 42 
Michel, 141-64-9 
Michofiold, dc, 60 
]Middohal, do, 72 
Middolton, de, 122-6, 
' 140-53-67 
Middloton, do, 114-5 
Midtllot(»no, 33 
Midreith, ^ 34 



HSkdeahal, de» 77 
KikelMd, de, 167 
Mikleker, de, 118 
MildeELhale, de, 58 
IGleros, de, 67 
MUes. 117-24-57 
Kilen, de» 87 (3) 
Milham, da, 171 
Milfaham, de, 44 
Milkresyde, 30 
MiUen, de, 88 (2) 
Milgt, 156 
Milyen, de» 158 
Hilys, 155 
Mire, le, 76, 138 
Mirjyld, de, 144 
Moche, 92 
Modefeud, de, 62 
Moine, le, 8 
Molendariiu, 16-$^ 
Molendina, 67 
Moleton, de, 115 (2), 

Mompinzon, de, 159 (2) 
Monacns, 36 
Honasterio, de, 22, 54, 

Monaster*, de, 72 
Monastr^, de, 61 
Mondeford, de, 127 
Monk, the, 1 
Montana, de, 113 
Monte, de, 13 
Monte Alto, de, 139 
Monte Begon', de, 62 
Monte Canisio, de, 40 (2), 

41, 46 (-2), 68, 61 (2), 

68, 70, 85, 90, 126-8, 

Monte Corbini, 36 
Monte Forti, de, 112 
Monte Kanis, de, 63 
Monteneia, de, 27 
Montpinzun, de, 162 
Mora, de, 62 (2), 68 
Mordon, de, 166 
More, de la, 60-2, 114 

(3), 131-41 
Morel, 100 
Morgrim, 63 
Morice, le, 30 
Morlay, de, 12, 62-7 
Morle, de, 65, HI (3), 

113, 141 (2), 168, 167 

Morleo, de, 161, 162 (2), 

163, 164 (2), 165-6, 


Morlegh, de, 161-2-3 

Morleie, de, 8 
Morleye, de, •145-;66-8-9 
MorUe, de, 148 
Mortemer, de, 2, 24 
Mortlie, de 1a, 119 
MoitiUk, de, 89 
Moxtim, de, 26-9, 62 (2) 
Mortno Haffi, de, 12, 18, 

28, 60, 103-15-20-3-44, 

Morys, 160 
Motte, 68 

Mounpynzun, de, 152 
Moure, 30- 
Mona, 164 (2) 
Mousehill, de, 85 
Mouton, de, 122 (2), 162 
Moygne, le, 158 
Moyne, la, 88, 106, 123 

Moyiiatrol, de, 108 
Mnieton, de, 18 
Mtdkeberdeston, de, 17 
Mulkeberton, de, 46 
Multon, de, 109 
Mumby, de, 54 
Munoorbin, de, 21 
Muncy, de, 42; P, 66, 

Mundeford, de, 80, 68, 

108-10-12, 131 (8) 
Mundeham, de, 4, 14, 44 
Munden, de, 86 
Mundham, de, 104, 120 

Mundpincun, de, 69 

Mundy, 82, 133 

Muney, P,de, [MiincyP], 

Mungor. 36 
Munpincun, de, 69, 73 
Munpinzoun, de, 166 (2) 
Munpinzun, de, 110-62, 

Munpynzun, de, 172 (2) 
Munte, de, 17 
Munteny, de, 72, 108 
Muntesny, de, 66, 66 (2) 
Murdac, 36 
Must, 05 

Mustroyl, de, 119 (2) 
Myngnot, 146 (2) 

Nani, P, 62 

Narburgh, de, 138, 166 

Nareford, de, 134 

Narlnges, de, 29, 69, 

Neckes, 97 
Neese, le, 113 

Keireford, de, 49 
Neirford, de, 139 
Neketon, de, 139-62-3 
Nereborff, de, 70 
Nereford, de, 1, 34-8, 

48-4-7, 74 (2), 76, 93, 

Nerf6rd,de, 26,33,39(2), 

46, 53-6, 61-2-6, 70, 

95, K)9-60-72 
Nee, de, 8 
Neubaud, 160 
Nefunan, le, 6, 29 
Nenton, de, 66, 168 ; le, 

P, 25 
Neauebrid, de, 170 
Neaweton, de, 166 
Neve, le, 56, 124-38 
Nevm, de, 169 
Newbond, 86 
Newebold, de, 108 
Newebrid, le, 146 
Neweham, de, 39 
Neweman, le, 22 
l^ewenham, de, 166 
Newman, le, 26 
Neyrford, de, 139 
Nioholas, 107-13-32; 

olericos, 2 ; pincema, 1 
Nioole, de, 87 
Noble, le, 164 (2) 
Noc, 10 
Nodar', de, 91 
Nodariis, de, 77 
Nodarus, de, 42-3 
Noht, 86 
Noiers, de, 14 
Noloth, 164 (2) 
Nom, 163 
Non, 169 

Nordwolde, de, 12 
Norensis, 30 
Norewic, de, 36 
Noreys, le, 64 
Norftolk, de, 114-20 
Norfolk, de, 22, 48, 66, 

98, 104; Earl of, 38 
Norfolke, de, 98 
Norfouk, de, 166 (2) 
Norhutton, de, 133 
Norman, 106, 112 (2), 

116-7-9, 120 (2), 137, 

166 (2), 162-71 
Normanneby, de, 62 
Normanvill, de, 43 
Normaund, le, 140 
Norreis, de, 2 
North wold, de, 91 
Northlund, de, 79 
Norton, de, 16, 37, 74 

(2), 77, 91 


Xortun, (le, 20 ; rector 
of, 41 

Norweyo, do, 138 

Norwic, de, 24, 31, 40-7 

Norwich, bishop of, 23. 
38-9, 55, (-.4-7-8, 71, 
72 (2), 81-5-G, 104-10. 
114; do, 24, 32, 72: 
MiiHter of thu Hospital 
of, 24; j.rior of, 23-4, 
25-7, 38, 40, 50-4-7, 
62-5-9, 74, 80-2, 114 
(2), 128-37-58 

Norwico, de, 38, 73 (2) 

Nor wye, de, 90 

Norwyco, de, 78, 95-6 
(2), 97, 102-23-57-60 

Noth, 24, 63, 165 (2) 

Notinp^ham, do, 69 

Nowora, do, 39, 92, 131 

Nucers, de, 5 

Nuers, do, 26-7 

Niiget', do, 57 

Nu^gun', do, 17 

Nugon, de, 161 

Nugun, de, 25, 33 (3). 
37, 59, 63, 79, 108; 
lo, 90 

Nuieres, de, 9, 17 

Nuiun, de, 38 

Nuyun, de, 59 

Oclo, do, 162 
Ode, 127, 139, 164 (2) 
Odes, 104 
Odolyn, 87 
Olfrcfritte, 117 
Oisul, 23 
Okv, 169 
Okdo, do, 133 
Oldobok, de, 76 
Oldolond, de, 162 
Oldelonde, de, 110 
Oldhawe, de, 105 
Olneya, de, 124 
Oiihiis, do, 82 
Orcherd, del, 81 (2), 84 
Orchierd, del, 169 
Ordiiig, 114 
Orfev'e, le, 113 
Orfevre, le, 10^ (2), 145 

Oriord, de, 60 

Orgar, 5 

Omiesby, 146; de, 24, 
30, 111, 125-35-6-41, 
146 (2), 154, 155 (2), 

Osbern, 166 

Osbert. 157 

Osgud, 94 

Dsgot, IS 
OHtricer. le. 6.'» 
< )t(?loyo, do, 92 
Otoriiighith, de, 140 
Othyord, del, 70 
Oulton, de, 97, 160 
Outewoll de, 149 
Outwelle, de, 139 
( )verbtk, 74 (2) 
Ovorton, do, 110 
Oxag, do, 63 
Oxobrigg, de, 129 
Oxeburg, do, 141 
Oxewyk, de, 110, 166 
Oxon, de, 17, 27, 123 
Oxwyk, do, 168 
Oysol, 91-9 
Oystroiide, de, 143 

Pag«, 77 (2), 78, 159 
Pagoham, de. 70, 95 
Pageiiian, 117 
Pagrave, do, 39, 42-4, 

59, 62, 65 (2), 83, 84 

(2), 90 (2), 96, 114-27, 

1 3o ; magna, de, 62, 

Pailloys, le, 38 
Pak(;ham, de, 71, 72 (2), 

81, 102-9-14-27 
]*akeloshain, d(;, 80 
Pakenham, de, 107-9-32 
Pakham, de, 72 
Palgrave, de, 113 
PalUng, de, 78 
Palmar, 23^ 33, 43 
Palmare, le, 160 (2) 
Palmer, 22 
l*almere, 61 
Pamyer, le, 61 
Pantonev, prior of, 78, 84 
Papelyun, 154, 159 (2) 
l*appewrthe, de, 135 
Parciirius, 55 
Parco, de, 28, 44, 136 
Paris, 6.}, 104; de, 69 
Park, d(»l, 123 
Parker, HI ; le, 33, 109, 

110-26-33. 141 (2) 
Parlebcn, 130 
Pannentar, 28 
Parmentarius, 13 
Parment', le, 83 
Pami'tiir, 11 
Parmunter, le, 83 
l*ary8, 141 
I'astone, de, 121 
Pastern, de, 124 
Patosle, de, 27, 40 (2), 

155 (4), 160 
Pattosle, do, 101 (2) 

Pauling, de, 48 
Paumer, le, 44, 59, 90-8, 

Paumblioun, 158 
Pauntenye, de, 69 
Pareley, de, 78 
Pavel V, de, 45 (2), 83, 

160* (2) 
Pavillv, de, 68 
I'av'ton, 68 
Pavlwvk, de, 170 
Pavnel, 163 
Poche, 81, 104-13, 121 

(2), 122-6 
Pocche, 97, 124, 134 (3) 
l*oook, 81 
Pedintre, de, 146 
I'elevile, de, 39 
Pelevill, de, 69 
Pelte, 83 

l^euesthorpe, de, 96 
Pening, 51 
Penni*g, 61 
Penny ng, 131 
Pens, 17 

Pentenay, prior of, 49 
Penteneia, de, 66 
Ponteneye, prior of, 40, 

Pentcny, prior of, 60 
Pentney, prior of, 74 
Poper, 172 (2) 
Perceltun, de, 66 
Perceval, 156-71 
l*ercpunt, de, 63 
Pereres, de, 143 (2) 
Perers, de, 118 
Perballe, do, 70 
Perham, de, 102 
Perm'tar, 32 
Perm' tor, le, 27 
Per8one,Fiz a la, 74 
Pertrick, 132 
Pertrik, 104-41-61 
Pertriz, 80, 128 
Pertrych, 161 (2) 
Perus, de, 80 
Poseur, le, 139-48-66, 

Potch, ?, 144 
l*eter, 5, 85 ; capellanus, 

Petereston, prior of, 96 
Petra, St. Petre, do, 116 
Petrestau, prior of, 111 
Petreaton, prior of, 1 08 
Petreatre, de, 151 
Peverel, 10, 158 (2) 
Poynho, de, 63 
Peytevin, 97, 153 


Perjrteryn 163, 108 (2) ; 

Peyver©, 80 
Fhelipe, 102 
FldUp, A6, 66 
Pic, 6; (Pit?), 91 
Pidkenng, de, 49 
Pioot, 1, 4, 18, 38 (2), 

60, 121-6*34 
Pictav'(ien8i8F), 16 
PiotaTienaem, 32 
Pictor, 39 
Pidigton, de, 107 
PiK, 163 

Pikeham, de, 48, 66 (2) 
Pikenluua, de, 33 
Pikering, de, 66 
Pikeringe, de, 41-6 
Pikot, 68, 105 
Pikringe, 65 
Pilet, 121 
Pincema, 32, 48 
Pinoheney, de, 92 
Pinohun, 44 
Pinkenei, de, 10 
Pinkeni, de, 56 
Pinkeny, de, 145 
Pirho, de, 140 
Pimho, de, 4 
Plaz, de, 40 
Plesingho, de, 52 
Plume, 29 
Plum'or, le, 50 
Plumpated, do, 122-57 
Plumpstede, de, 124 
Plumsted, de, 114-9-36 
Plumstede, de, 8, 91-3-4, 

124,125(2), 129, 130(2) 

Peer, le, 110 
Pointel, de, 36 
Pointoll, 3 

Pole, de, 24 ; do la, 94 
Pollard, 101 
Polsted, de, 106 
Polstede, de, 26, 90 
Ponte, de, 57, 109 (2) 
Ponte fracto, de, 128 
Ponyng, de, 26 
Ponynges, do, 93-8 
Pope, 125 

Poringland, de, 150 
Poringlaund, de, 92 
Poringlond, do, 107-19 
Portar, 21 
Porter, le, 48, 52-3, 83, 

Portinam, 42 
Poryngclond, do, 77 (2) 
Posse wik, de, 93 

I Poflsewyk, de. 111 
Pottheme, de, 166 
Pouion, de, 7o 
PouYre, le, 101 
Povere, le, 42, 68, 116 

(2), 124 (2), 138 (2), 

149 (2), 160 (0 
Povre, le, 74 
Powre, le, 160 
Pnitell, de. 108 
PreBsiiig, ae, 60 
Pt^stre, fiz le, 74 
Prewes, de, 150 
Pridfot, 113 
Pridinton, de, 104 
Priditon, de, 93 
Pridyngton, de, 108 
Prilleston, de, 82 
ProTOst, le, 73 
Prudfot, 130-46 
Pruet, 62, 91 
PaiUids, le, 20 
Pulein, 20-1, 66 
Pulham, de, 36, 86 (2), 

87, 90-6, 120-30-66 
PuUm, le, 48 
Punohe, 84 
Punffingee, de, 26 
Puninges, de, 60 
Puting, 11 
Puttok, 116-31 
Pycard, 92 
Pyckard, 149 
Pycot, 88, 116-31 
Pyo, 162 
Pyk, 150 
Pykart, 105 
Pykeham, de, 82 
Pykonham, 113-63 
Pykering, de, 172 (2) 
Pykeringe, de, 75 
Pvlegrym, 162 
P'ylgrim, 163 
Pynkency, do, 96 
Pynkoni, de, 88 
Pynkeny, do, 145 
Pyritre, do, 80 
Pyrowe, de, 116 
Pyrrowe, de, 140 
Pyrtire, de, 78 
Pytte, 123 
Puttok, 131 
Puty, 104 

Q»ruele8, de, 72 
Quarel, 84-9 
Q'rel, ?, 94 
Qrter, 7 

Quappolade, de, 112 
Quarter, 6, 11 
Quercu, de, 100 

Quyk, 162 
Qaytring, 170 
Qwyok, 160 

Racheia, de, 3 
Bade, de, 35 
Badolfus, 11 
Badulphus, 159 
Ba^^iewortho, 71 
Raunes, de, 14 
Raines, de, 110 
Bakeia, de, 21 
Ralph, 12 14, 62 ; came- 

rarins, 18 ; clericus, 8, 

Ram, 133 
Rameseye, abbot of, 97, 

108-19; de, 112 
Ramena, abbot of, 21 
Rammeeden, de, 87 
Rammeth, abbot of, 36 
Ramsey, abbot of, 1 3 
Randeworth, de, 22, 33, 

Randiilph(u8), 7, 134 
Ranis, de, 7 
Rann , 16 
Ratlesden, do, 7, 74, 114, 

Rattleedene, de, 76 
Ravele, de, 88 
Raven, 124, 144-6 
Ravolingham, do, 60 
Raveningham, do, 16, 

20-9, 34, 58, 60, 73, 

88, 118 (2), 119-23-5 
Rav, le, 140 
Reben, 16 
Reddam, de, 3, 20 
Redo, de, 66, 133-69 
Rodcnhale, do, 144-59 
Redosham, de, 161 
Rodham, 3 ; de, 8, 21, 

31-5-7, 56, 63-5-6, 

(2), 67, 73, 80, 87 (2), 


130 (2), 160 (2), 162 

(2), 171 (2) 
Redker, de, 91 
liedlos worth, do, 145 
Rodyn, 128 
Reere, le, 129 
Refham, de, 12, 49, 78, 

84, 103-63 
Reginald, 9 
Reilee, de, 32 
Reimerston, do, 32 
Reindon, parson of, 7 
Reiner, the monk, 13 
Reinestorp, de, 14, 22, 

3], 62, 83 (2) 

BeppeB,de, 2, 11,62,67, 

Se, 120-l-4-fi-6-30-41, 

Hi (2), 143 (2), 147, 

160, lfi7(2), 171; N. 

de. 133 CI) 
liepiK. do, 101 
Kovalonu', 1-12 
lUydon, do, 144 
HeyuiemtoD, de, lOS-li2, 

Reymcs, do, 7G, 141-65, 

167 ; to, 109 
Iteynald, 122 
Eeyndon, 40, 78 
Iteynehani. de, 92 
Heyner, ]2 
Heynbsin, 70; do, 13R, 

163 (2), 164 (2), 172; 

great,rectorof,46; 8., 

107 (2) 
Riburg,de. 44,60; parra, 

chaplain of, 21 
Richard, 10, 13, 102-33 
llichild, 00 
Kidel, 64 
ItidoU, 16, 23 
Kidun, do, 44 
Itifflay, do, 50 
liiflni, de, 10 
liiggea, de, 166 
Eignace, 12 
liikein, 68 
Itimur, lo, 34 
Kiscby, de, 76 
litsing, do, 31, 47, 104 
JCuingo, do, 16 
lliBingoa, do, 46 (2) 


c, de, a 

liiBHOworth, dc, 57 
liiHton, do, 46. B8.0, 100 
KobiTt, 16, SO, H9 
Itoboi't, the oliiiplain, 116 
ItcMiclm, 50 (3), 65, 84, 

96 (3) 
Eoycolyn, 76, 102-6-9 
Eoeonoy, 13! 
Itochngo, de, 23 
Koohahe, 7 
Eoeheford, do, 30 
EochoB, do la, 131 
liociund, do, 57 
Eodohnm, de, 100 
Itodokarlton, 100 
liiidurram. da, 114 
Jtudod, do, 91-7 

. 107, 


Bodham, de, 152 
Uoffeu', 138 
Eofbom, de, HO 
EoRor, 9. II 
Eokelo, de 1ei. 54-8, 81, 

97 (2). OO, 108, 110, 

130, i,i7 (2), 140, 147 

(2), 160(2} 
Eokelund, do, 25, 41-2, 

H^l0Hl)y, do, 03, 89 
Kolf, 169 
Holland, 7 
RoUebv, 37 

EollcBbi. 107 I 

EoUcabi, R4, 02, 106-34, 

154-6, 167 (3), 16U-64, 

166-8-0, 170 
EoUostoo, de, 02 
EoUyshy, do. 161 
Kolvesbi. do, 2 
Homa. de. 68 
Romein, do, 32 
Rond, 102 
Ronhnle, do, 09 
Eoporo, If, K3 

Kos, do, - 


i)i)-l . . . 
Hoanlvn, I'iR 
Rnse, 105-^(1-8, 131 (3} 
Eusoiiy, de, 42 
Roseto, de, 39, 64;7 
Roaoy, do, 70 
Eosoyo, de, 50 (2), 80, 

Rothonhale, de, 126 
EethiDg, do, 127 
Kuthingg, de. 108 
Riiucclyn, 104 (2) 
Roucontr', dc, 30 
lioiiithum, do, 83 (2) 
Eoulund, 136 
Eoyos, 154 
Eovngg. de, 108 
Eohac, 88 
Koohani, de, 107 
Rudham, 6, 8, 41-8, 86 

(2), 06, 115-37-49, 166 

(2 . 172 
Eurihum, prior ot, 6, 26 
Eugoton, do, I.i 
Rugham, do, 66, 136-8, 

Ul, 142 (2), 144-51 
Ragle, do, 84 
Rui08hal,de, 20,30,66, 72 
Ruinulli. do, 22 
Rimilon, do, 3 
Runf>utun, do. 22 
Runhal, ^e, 5, U (2), 

26, 12 

Rimhalo,do, 70, 123-4 
Runham, do, 40-0,70,167 
Rupella, de, 33, 46, 6S 

Ruppea, de, 43 
Rarve, do, 141 
Une, le, 66, 82, 90-2, 

128 (2) 
Ituaacl, aZ 

RussoUum [F nin), 46 
ItuHsu', e, 24, 67 
Rust, 161 
RiiBtom, 39 
Itiistog. 43 
Ruatong, 120 
Euateyn, 118 (2) 
Euaton, de, US 
Enter, le, 44 
Ry, de, 76 
Eya, do. II, 101 

Rybatgh, do, 73 
Rydokcro, 111 
Eydel, 164 (2) 
Ryghtwyt, 147 
Eykyngholo, de, US 
EyngeBhiill, de, 87 
Ryngeland, de, 136 
RyngcBted, do. 129 
Rypiin, do. 1*3 
Eyscliy, 69,76, 110 
Eysing, de, 33, 72 (2), 

78, 127 
Ryston, de, 132 
Eyayngo. do. 99 
RyueshiU, de, 73 

SabyD, 146 
Sademnn, 36 
Kaffrei, de, 18 
Sago, le, 66, 68 

Saham, de, 1. 3, 18, 40, 
09, 110 (2), 111 (2), 
116, 117 (2), 126, 130 
(.1), 136, 138 (2), 138 
(2), 146-71 

St. Albun'a, de. 122 
Andrew do. 42 
Audemor'tt, de. 68 
liartholomow do, 137 
Benediot, of, 3j ; of 

Hulra, ahhol of, 73 
Eemuri, master of, 42 
Claro, dfi, 1U9 
nioniso, do, 67 (3) 
Dyoniao, do, 54 
Dyonieio. do, 116 
Eadmimdi, do, 88 
Ednnind, al>l)ot ot, 49 
(3) ; do, 43-9, 109, 


St. Edmimd's, abbot; of, 
88, 184 

Fiith, de, 99; of 
Horaham, prior of, 
71-3 ; prior of, 27-8 

Faith's, prior of, d4> 
96, 111 

fide, de, 64, 80, 94-6, 

Ito, de, 71-3 

lyore, de, 167 

Marg* of Norton, 
re&or of, 41 

Martino, de, 43, 167 

Nkhol, 66 

Omer, de, 47, 72, 96, 

FhUebeit, de, 48 

FbUibeit, de, 80 (2), 

Fhmberto, de, 104 

Fhyleberto, de. 32 

Eadegondia, of, 82 * 

Thoma, de, 163 
flaixlhigham, de, 10 
Sakelemere, de, 93 
Salcetis, de, 76 * 

96, 126-9. 187 (2), 146, 

Salidbz, de, 41, 66 
Salle, de, 3, 17, 69, 159 
Salleford, de, 162 
Salthus, de, 79, 95 
Salynges, do, 105 
Saneto, Dionesio, 36 ; 

Elio, de, 40 
Sandecroft, de, 13 
Sandiacre, de, 137 
Sandringham, de, 72 
Sandy, 113 
Sankevill, de, 125 
Sanson' e, 4 
Saphir, 84 
Sapiente, 120, 164 (2) 

Sard P, 85 

ISarrington, de, 138 
S»tton, do, 19 
Saule, de, 4 
Saulle, de, 4 (2) 
Saimford, de, 98 
Sauser, le, 98, 108 
Saut'ie, abbot of, 59, 67 
Sautre, abbot of, 68, 72 ; 

de, 153 
Sautr*, abbot of, 132 
Savenn, abbot of, 31 
Savenny, abbot of, 38 
Savenj, abbot of, 31, 69 
Savimaco, abbot of, 61, 


Savyt, de, 65 
Sawald, 189 
Sawekeye, de, 41 
Saws, de, 141 
SazfonL de, 28 
Saillngiiain, de, 20, 170 
Say, de, 29, 68 
Scaler, de, 48 
Seal P, de, 96 
Scales, de, 28, 46 (2), 71, 

88, 121-89 
Scalis, de, 86 
Scallar, de, 99 
Scardeburg, de, 60 
S'oaant, 112 
SchadeweU, de, 90 
Sohaldeford, de, 161 
Sohales, de, 91 (2) 
Schaienton, de, Sio 
Sohametoii, de, 71 
Sduurpe, 128 
Scheingham, de, 89 
Soheldon, de, 89 
Schelfhangre, de, 18 
Schelton, de, 31, 61 (2), 

Schering, de, 48 
Scherlintoii, de, 111 
Scfaipedham, de, 88 
Schotesham, de, 90-8-4, 

Schrepham, de, 34 
Schuldham, prior of, 61 

(2), 63 
Schuleham, do, 50 
Schulham, de, 102 
Schulthorp, de, 106 
Schyreman, 34 
Scluley, de, 71 
Scoch, 105 
Scois, de, 11 
Scot, 9, 81 

Scotho, do, 27 (2), 29 
Scothou, do, 110-18 
Scotho wo, do, 77, 168 

(2), 169 
Scotia, do, 144 
Scot, le, 88 
Scrameshag, de, 48 
Scrouteby, de, 69 (2) 
Scrute, 92 
Scruth, 71 
Sculdham, de, 129 
Sculoham, de, 43, 71, 96 
Sculham, de, 37, 39 (2), 

42, 60, 66, 82 (2), 

Sculthorp, de, 110 
Scurlak, 65 
Scutesamo, de, 61 
Scutoston, de, 74 

Seohaford, de, 70, 118 

(2), 168 
Seckinton, de, 98 
Seotoo, de, 83 
Sefrey, 168 
Sefnwell, 134 
Seggefoid, de, 134 
S^wyn, 131 

Semges, de, 24, 39, 64 
Seltaner, de, 63 
Seman, 29 
Semod, 169 
Seneeoal, le, 41 
Senges, de, 21, 66^ 61-8, 

76, 82 (2), 85, 91 
Sentoler, de, 110 
Sephul; 166 (2) 
Sergfaam, de, 104 
Semehnme, de, 27 (2) 
Setheford, de, 118-33 
Sewere, 182 
Sexford, de, 127 
Seynges, parson of, 92 
Shakelok, 121 
Shamehiim, de, 48, 116 
Shametosi, de, 106-31 . 
Shanktoa, de, 47 
Sharp, 81 (2) 
SheffUd, de, 149 
Shelfhanger, de, 70 
Shelfhangre, de, 120 
Shelfhaungre, de, 122 
Shelton, de, 77, 160-67, 

Shongham, de, 169 
Shephirde, le, 169 (2) 
Shereford, de, 49 
Shore wind, 27 
Shomebrone, de, 48 
Shillying, de, 148 
Shimplingg, de, 169 
Shipedham, de, 46, 163' 
Shipedom, de, 43 
Shipling, 138 
Shipmedewo, de, 166 
Shireford, de, 4, 25 
Shirford, de, 168 
Shobvr, de, 99 
Sholdham, de, 124 
Shotesham, de, 76, 80, 

84-5, 119-23-43-7-60, 

Shropham, de, 146 
Shuldham, de, 53, 60-6, 

67, 122 (10), 148 (3), 

160, 152 (2), 153-70 ; 

prior of, 60, 66, 116, 

Shuldhame, de, 169 
Shulham, de, 64 


Shupton, do, 131 
Shuter Lyndon, do, 100 
Shyclington, do, l!)6 
Shypidluim, do, 144-70 
Sibcshoya, de, 4(5 
Sibeton, abbot of, 69, 

Sibisil, 95 
Siddistomo, de, 106 
Siengham, do, 10 
Silvester, 126 
Simon, 35, 45,83, 101-31 
Simplinges, do, 84 
Simplingham, de, 21 
Sire, de, 19 
Siroford, de, 2 
Sire, le, 50 
Sislond, de, 168-9 
Sistrond, do, 145 
Sitbinge, do, 106 
Sithistane, 136 
Skeg, 37 
Skegeton, do, 31 
Skeggoton, 153 
Skeketon, de, 137 
Skerdeston, de, 31 
Skeminge, do, 66 
Skeminges, de, 50, 94 
Skerring, de, 84 
Sket, 111, 143 (2) 
Skeyton, de, 138 
Skirmere, le, 170 
Skulham, de, 147 
Skylman, 100 
Skyppedam, de, 78 
Sloh, del, 39 
Slolo, de, 167 
Smaleborge, do, 116 
Smalebergh, de, 152 
Smaloburg, de, 41 
Smetheton, do, 86 
Snari'gos, 11 
Snaring, de, 34-7, 51 
Sneteshjim, do, 168-71 
Sniterle, de, 54, 130 
Snitorton, do, 34 
Snitertone, de, 21 
Snore, de, 63, 101 ; de 

la, 116-7-9 
Snoring, do, 115 
Snyterton, de, 102-11-37 
Sodman, 33 
Somcrton, de, 49, 115, 

125 (2), 128 
Somortun, do, 49 
Sopor, lo, 95 
Sor, 3 

Sorel, 09, 93, 151 
Soauil?, 122 
Sotorlo, do, 138-60 
Sotoshaiu, do, 127 

Sothman, 08 

Sottosbrok, do, 131 

Soudan, 42; lo, 61 

Southam, do, 100 

Soyer, 96 

Sparham, do, 14, 26-9, 
37-9, 51-2-4-5-8-9, 63, 
72, 81-2, 94, 127 (2) 

Spocer, le, 133 

SpoDiowo, do, 157 

Spollowo, do, 144 

JSpendluo, 42 

Spicor, lo, 167 

Spigg>% 35 
Spikosworth, de, 152 
Spiks, 102 
Spileman, 167 
Spine, 1 

Spriggy, 115-19 
Spring, 78 
Sprouston, do, 52, 112, 

Spryngald, 132 
Spryt, 133 
Spureat, 7 
Stabbard, 77 
Stakolm'e, do, 91 
Staloworth, 114 
Stalham, do, 48, 52-8, 

62-7, 77 (2), 126-30-1 
Stalun, 22 
Stalwarth, do, 147 
Stalworth, de, 147 
Stamford, do, 20 
Standy, 51 
Stanefeld, do, 147 (2) 
Staneford, do, 114 (2) 
Stanere, do, 117 
Stance, de, 101 • 
Stanfield, do, 2 
Stanford, do, 47, 62 
Stanforde, do, 103 
Stanham, de, 36, 69, 111 
Stanho, do, 39, 60-2-8, 74 
Stanhog, do, 46 
Stanhou, do, 166 
Stanhow, de, 99 
Stanhowo, do, 118-31 
Stanninghal, de, 95 
Stamtun, de, 62 
St'ton, do, 2 
Staumford, do, 75-8 
Staunford, do, 73, 149 

Stein, 18 
Stoingru'n, 19 
Stephen, 18, 82 
Sthalham, do, 35 
Stib'de, do, 21 
Stirston, do. 156 (2) 
Stivokoio, de, 32 . 

Stivokoya, do, 38 
Stivokoy, do, 48 
Stivokoyo, de, 36 (2), 

58 (2;, 60, 88, 94, 107 
St'lud, 32 
Stocino, de, 27 
Stockton, de, 105 
Stoeton, de, 30 
Stoctun, de, 35 
Stodeia, de, 31 
Stodoye, de, 160 
Stok, de, 49, 73 
Stokoby, do, 34, 66-9 
Stoke, prior of, 72 
Stokes, do, 43-7, 72 (2), 

89, 118-23; prior of, 

Stokesby, de, 27, 31, 66, 

135 ; parson of, 140 
Stok, prior of, 50 
Stokton, de, 69 
Stoler, 167 
Stolham, de, 49 
Stomarco, do, 123 
Stonham, de, 139-62 
Storm, HI 
StoteviU, de, 93, 112 
Stouwe, de, 108 
Stovene, de, 108 
Stowe, de, 6. 13, 29, 32, 

40-2, 129-56-9 
Stradeset, de, 42 
Stradesote, de, 66, 117-26 
Stratford, de, 31 
Stratton, de, 24, 32, 46, 

61-6, 71-3-8, 89 
Strattun, de, 44 
Stratun, do, 5 
Straunge, le, 117(2), 128 

(2), 139 
Stretleye, de, 148 
Stroton, de, 36 
Strotton, de, 37, 109 
Strik, 170 
Strodlog, de, 88 
Strumoshag, de, 66, 91 
Strumeshagh, de, 94 
Strumpcshale, de, 115 
Strumposhawe, parson, 

Stubbes, de, 64, 119 
Stulham, do, 39 
Sturmy, do, 142 
Stutevil, de, 91, 107 
Stutevile, de, 107 
Stutevill, do, 39, 67, 60, 
62 (2), 65-6-8, 77 (2), 
78, 89, 91 
Stutston, de, 107 
Styrston, do, 93 
Styvokeya, do, 58 


Btyvekeje, do, 66, 136 
Suapham, de, 13 
Sab'ir, 69 
Suohinan, 40 
Sadale, de, 15 
8uddale,de, 61, 119 
Sudf eld. de, 4 
Sadwark, prior of, 24 
SiMmertorp, de, 1 
Snffeld, de, 46, 68, 72 (2) 
Snffend, de, 88 
Saffold, de, 18 
Suldeham, de, 69 
Suldham, de, 79; prior 

of, 69 
Sulyr, de, 106 
Sumered, 19 
Sumere, de, 28 
Smnersueyii, 68 
Sumersweyn, 79 (2) 
Somerton, de, 48, 66, 112, 

Samery P, de, 37 
Soniiigham, de, 26 
Saore, de la, 41 
Snre^e, de, 94 
Surhgham, de, 11 
Snrlingham, de, 16, 68 
Sorreie, de, 82 
Surreys, lo, 46 
Susan, 18 
Susox, do, 62 
Sutborch, de, 121 
Sutfeld, de, 94 
Suthdale, de, 22 
Suthacre, de, 104 
Suthemere, do, 102 
Suthfeld, do, 40, 106 (2), 

Suthorn, 150 
Suthkerk, de, 127 
Suthmere, de, 163 
Suthory, de, 113 
Suthreples, de, 85 
Suthwade, de, 44 
Suthwork, de, 149 
Suthwita, do, 43 
Suthwode, de, 112 (2) 
Suthwold, de, 110-1 
Sutthorp, de, 118-23 
Sutton, de, 22, 108-12, 

Suttone, de, 165 
Suur, le, 83 
Suxterton, de, 137 
Swaf ham, de, 35, 168 (2) 
Swan, 29 

Swaneton, de, 80, 101 
Swanneton, do, 135 

8 wanton, de, 106-41-6, 

Swaria, 6 
Swatham, de, 106 
Swathfeld, de, 8 
Swathing, de, 89, 91, 

Swathingg, de, 142 
Swaththeny, de, 146 
Swathyng, de, 138 
SweinestOTp, de, 17 ; parw 

son of, 17 
Swerdeiton, de, 12, 79, 

Swetyene, 184 
Sweyn, 161 ; le, 108 
Swyllington, de, 140 
Swylyngton, de, 166 
Swyneford, de, 92 
Swyneeheved, de, 79 
SwyveleBhou, de, 146 
Syheion, abbot of, 106 ; 

de, 97 
Syger, 124 
Sygwyn, 96 
Sylke, 118 
Symi'ff, 29 

Symplyngford, de, 118 
BynAatd, de, 76 
'Syre, le,70. 111 
Syreford, de, 9 
S)rrinton, de, 126 
Syslaund, 115 
Systrando, de, 142 
Sythestrond, do, 143 

Tacolneston, de, 169 
Taillefer, 146 (2) 
Taillur, lo, 38, 139-40 
Talcolveston, de, 3 
Talobot, 13, 43, 69, 68, 

82 (2), 85 (2), 98, 136, 

Talifer, 163 
Tallebot, 127 
Taronton, de, 3 
Tarston, de, 83 
Tasburg, de, 31 
Tasburgh, do, 87, 120 
Tasoburgh, de, 117-53 
Taseburgo, de, 117 
Tasscburc, de, 13 
Tassoburg, de, 61, 72 
Taterford, de, 48 
Tatoshal, 136; de, 60, 

72, 78 (2), 86, 136 
Tateshale, de, 153-69 
Tatteshale, de, 126 
Taverner, lo, 126-28 
Taylor, le, 77 
Tayllur, lo, 117-43 

Taylur, le,95, 100-32-46 
Taylyfer, 124 
Tebaud, 142 (2), 152 
Tefford, 48, 59 
Teford, de, 82, 135 (2); 

rr of, 40r 
, le, 43 

Temple, Master of, 35 

Tercel, 28 

TeveraBham, de, 134 

Teyntorer, 145 

Thalehot, 96 

Thame, de, 166 

Thaaebure, 92 

Thateeh, de, 43 

Thehaud, 158 

Thebrigg, de, 24 

Thefora, de, 169 ; prior 
of, 46, 69 (2) 

Thekietham, de, 86, 104, 

Thentbonitu, 31 

Theobald, 142 

Theminge, de, 127 

Thersk, de, 1^8 

Thenton, de, 67 

Thetford, prior of, 21, 
70, 95; Holy Sepul- 
chre of, prior of, 16 

Theweyt, de, 56 

Thikethom, de, 64 (2) 

Thirkeby, do, 157 

lliirme, de, 9 

Thime, 136; de, 49,148 


Thitoshale, de, 45 

Thoftes, de, 69, 108 

Thoke, 16 

Tholetorp, 80 

Tholy, 68 

Thomas, 103-14-69 

Thony, de, 116 

Thopi, 100 

Thorenton, de, 97 

Thorloye, do, 121-33 

Thornham, de, 4 

Thornton, do, 58 

Thorp, chaplain of, 63 

Thorp, do, 53, 63-6, 90, 
94, 111 (2), 122-3-33, 
138-48, 162 (3), 155, 
166, 167 (2^, 171 (2) 

Thorpedale, ae, 114 

Thudeham, de, 81 

Thudonham, de, 127 

Thuket, 86 

Thurbem, 132 

Thurden, de, 112 

Thurgerton, de, 113 

Thurkelby, de, 70-3, 80 
(2), 85, 87 (2) 


Thurlak, 56 
Thurry, de, 119 
ITiuraford, de, 153 (2) 
Thurstan, 45 
Thurston, de. 33, 77, 81, 

83,98 (2), 100,107(2; 
Thiirte\'ile, de, 121 
Thurtovill, dc, 65 
ITiurton, de, 123 
Thurvertim, de, 64 
Thurwertun, de, 64 
Thueard, 71 
Thy, de, 168 
Thykebrom, de, 163 
Thymelthorp, de, 87 
Thwait, de, 69 
Tibenham, de, 113 
Tichewelle, de, 26 
Tikebrom, de, 1 
Tilcneia, de, 6 
Tileneya, de, 81 
Tihieia, de, 28 
Tihieye, de, 129-54-60 
Timewurtho, de, 32 
Tintagel, de, 62-4 
Tirinton, de, 10, 25 
Tist, 136 
Tisteshal, do, 16 
Tistur, le, 106 
Tichewell, de, 38 
Titeleshal, de, 22 
Titleshall, de, 10 (2) 
Tiveteshall, de, 17 
Tivetshale, de, 17, 104 
Tivill, de, 27 
T'necurt, 12 
Todeham, de, 124-42 
Toftos, do, 40-7, 63 (3), 

69, 81, 106-18-21-38, 

163 (2; 
Toftis, de, 161 
Tofts, de, 60.(2) 
Toko, 12 
Toll. 17 

Tolletorp, de, 84 
Toly, 115 
Tomston, de, 135 
Tony, de, 120-69-67 
Torcy, de, 6, 8 
Torlay, de, 86 
Torley, de, 68 
Torleye, do, 147 
Tomham, de, 4, 27 
Torp, de, 21 
Torpp, de, 109 (2) 
Tortun, chaplain of, 23 
Tot, 18 

TotjTigton, de, 109 
Toucestre, de, 163 
Toueton, de, 134 
Tragot, 137 

, Travers, 68, 84 

Trenchaunt, 69 

Trenchemer, 104, 141 

Trenebury, 19 

Tresgoz, de, 70 

Trikeby, de, 43, 66, 88 

Tristram, 164 

Trop, de, 121 

Trous, de. 144-5-65-6 

Trowes, de, 144-5-68 

Trulbok, 117 

Trunch, de, 139-66 

Trundel ?, 82 

Trussebut, 123 

Truston. de, 71 ; del, 90 

Tryvet, 136 

Tuchet, 162 

Tudoham, de, 13, 26, 75, 
79, 83, 145 

Tudenham, de, 138 (2) 

Tulesan, 126 

Tumston, de ?, 60 

Tunegate, 168 (2) 

TunsUd, John of, 2 

TunstaU, de, 9, 26-6, 159 

(Tunstead P), 8 

Tunsted, de, 10 

Turbem, 12 

Turestun, de, 64 

Turgarton, de, 25-6 

Turgeys, 87 

Tnrild, the nephew of, 7 

Turkild. 137 

Turkilby, de, 59 

Turnay, de, 30 

Tumecurt, de, 3 

Tumcl, 21,46, 81 

Tunoyro, 41 
; Turkyll. 117 

Turri, do, 102-8 

Turstein, 9 

Turston, de, 78 • 

Turtevill,de, 27, 87,113, 
126, 136 (2) 

Tusard, 1 

Tuschet, 100 

Tut (Tuc?), 168 

Tutor, 30 

Tutyngtone, de, 167 

Tveit, de, 33 

Twos, le, 66 

Tweyt, de, 34, 61-2, 105 

TwiteviU, de, 136 

Tychevell, de, 48 

Tychewell, de, 76 

Tvoflford, prior of, 33 

Tyeford, de, 46 

Tyhemersh, do, 160 

Tylney, de, 68 

Tylnoye, de, 91, 110-7, 
138, 147 (2), 163-66 

Tymcltorp, de, 58 
Tymeworae, de, 66 
Tymcwurth, de, 51 
Tvne. 94 (2) 
Tj-nere, de, 104 
TyreU 107-58-60 
TjTington, de, 134-8, 168 

Tyrinton, de, 30, 142-4 
Tyteleshal, de, 70 
Tytleahal, de, 75 
Tyveteshale, de, 87, 104 

(2), 110(2) 
TN-vetshal. de, 87 
Tyvill, de, 78, 80,119 

TJlfketell, 21 
TJlf ketil, 79 
Ulmo, abbot of, 26 
Underburgh, 166 ; de, 

Underwode, de, 148 
XJnkle, le, 46 
TJnwj-na, 136 
Uphale, de, 11, 98 
Uphalle, de, 152 
Upton, de, 65 (2), 102, 

Urry, 34 
Utlagh, le, 44 
XJtlag, le, 64 
Utlawe, le, 52, 146 
Uvedale, de, 70, 160 (2) 

Valeynes, de, 107 
Valoyns, de, 139 (2) 
VaUe D'i, abbot of, 92 
Valle, do, 116 
VaUibus, de, 81-4, 103. 

104-8-11-26-47; le,133 
Vallibuz, 147 
ValUbz, de, 19, 57-8, 62, 

74 (2), 78, 82, 108 (2), 

Valon, de, 61 
Vaus, de, 16, 22; P, le, 

Vavle, la?, HI 
Veel, le, 129-63 
Veer, do, 35, 128 
Voile, la, 28 
Vel, do, 151 
Vonour, le, 148 
Ver, de, 66 
Verdekyn, 120 
Vorly, de, 75 
Vemun, de, 48 
Verdun, de, 28, 31, 44, 

63,70-2, 80,95 ;le, 108 
Vere, le, 108 
Ver, lo, 171 


Verli, de, 3, 4 
Verly, de, 36, 48, 160 
yeniun,de, 36, 66, 70-9,96 
Veeey, de, 63 
Yeutre, lo, 106 
Veyle, la. 111, 116 (2), 

118; le, 166 
VeyUe, la, HI, 120 (2) 
Vidua, 11 
Viero, 21 
Vignur, le, 33 
Vilcheu, 160 
Vilethon, de, 67-8 
Villa Ganis, de, 39 
Vinaris, de, 69 
Vincent, 168 
Vinetar, le, 86 
Vinetir, le, 79 
Vuedale, de, 160 
Vylechen, de, 104 

Wabmnne, de, 84 
Wabumne, de, 121 
WAce, 16 
Wachesham, de, 20, 47, 

93, 161, 173 (2) 
Wacles, de, 107 
Wacy, 161 (2) 
Waddon, de, 126-39 
Wade, 15 ; de k, 105, 

Wadetone, de, 38 
Wadotun, de, 40-5 
Wadinton, do, 84 
Wadton, de, 112 
Waffre, le, 114-56 
Wafro, de, 78 ; le, 78 (2) 
WahuU, do. 31 
Wakoton, do, 80 
Waketun, de, 46 
Waldingefeld, do, 168 
Waldyngfeld, do, 163 
Walecoto, de, 5, 80, 93, 

99, 127, 156 (2) 
Waleis, le, 50, 76-9 
Walekot, de, 73 (2) 
Walens', 62 
Walepol, de, 64-6, 88, 

90(3). 113 
Walepole, de, 40 
Walepoll, de, 37 
Walerand, 100-9 
Waleso, 9 
"Wale'sern, 16 
Walesham, do, 3, 19, 24, 

90, IDS 
Wuleton, do, 89 
Waletun, de, 19 
Waleys, le, 66, 86-7, 


Walgor, 157 (2) 
Walkote, de. 111 
WaUecote. de, 142 
Wallepol, de, 92 
Wallorone, de, 88 
Walpol, de, 23, 30, 44 

(2), 134-71 
Walpole, de, 44 
Walraln, 16 
Walram, 157-65 
Walscote, de, 147 
Walsham, de, 148-50-63 
Walsingeham, de, 76 
Walsingham, de, 14, 22, 

57, 92, 106.49 ; prior 

of, 10, 60-2-5, 70» 81 

(2), 84, 104-6-15 
Walsoken, de, 8, 129 
Walsyngliam, de, 173 
Walter Vinetarius, 68 
Waltham, de. 152 
Walton, de, 18, 98, 116, 

Waltone, 38 
Waltun, de, 58 
Waneeford. de, 106 
Wankel, 39 (2) 
Warant, le, 160 (2) 
Warblington, de, 100 
Warblinton, 140 
Warblyngton, de, 101-5 
Ward, 158-69 
War', do, 55 
Warde, 162-4, 159 (2), 

160(2), 161, 165(3), 171 
Ware, de, 30,53, 132(2), 

Warell ?, de, 120 
Waren'e, de, 3 
Waronna, do, 99, 149 
Warenn,do,7 (2), 14,23(3) 
Waronno, do, 106-28-38, 

Warham, de, 24, 28 (2), 

41-2, 62, 89, 108-10, 

Warin, 166 
Waringham, de, 42. 
Warmalo, 90 
Warples, de, 19 
Warplington, de, 101 
Warplyngton, de, 100-5 
Warse, de, 41 
Waryn, 129-34-5-61 
Wascelin, 64-6 
Wascelyn, 114 
Was, de, 117 
Wastonesham, de, 55 
Watacro, de, 29 
Waterden, de, 19, 159 
Watford, de, 164 

Watligton, de, 13 
Watling, de, 16 
Watlington, de, 103 
Watton, de, 69, 112 
Watu. atte, 101 
Waud, North, de, 114 
Wauncey, de, 60, 142 
Wauniord, de, 173 
Wausingbam, de, 41, 68, 

83 ; prior of, 83 
Wauton, do, 7, 50 
Wautre, 76 
Waxtoneham, de, 37 
Waxtonesham, de, 67-8, 

Waxtonham, de, 94 
Waxtunesham, de, 21 
Way, le, 34 
Waylaunde, de, 147 
Waynflet, de, 112 
Webbelee, do, 122 
Webbere, le, 133 
Wedon, de, 160 
Well, de, 23, 32, 81, 159 
WeUe,de, 93-7-9, 151-70 
Welleholm, do, 117 
Welles, de, 34, 69, 80, 

Welton, de, 166 
Wendhom, 101 
Wendling, abbot of, 106 ; 

do, 75, 106 
Wendlinge, do, 108 
Wendono, de, 167 
Wondyo, do, 157 
Wenling, de, 86 7, 93 
Wenlingg, do, 97 
Wonlok, do, 129 
Wenlyng, de, 96-9 
Wenyce, de, 116 
WorUngham, de, 54, 108 
Werre, 32 
Wertlai, de, 7 
Woseham, de, 41, 100 
Wosonham, do, 11, 23, 

40, 70, 82, 123-72 
Wostacr', de, 123 
Westacre, prior of, 11, 

25, 33, 43-6-9, 63-4, 

60 (2), 65 (2), 71, 94, 

Westhorp, de, 148 (2) 
Weston, de, 54, 68, 112, 

156-62-4, 171 (3); 

parson of, 60 
Westwad, do, 43 
Westwen, do, 10 
Wetheringsete, de, 32 
Weybred, de, 63 
Weybrig, de, 35 
Weyland, de, 153 

"Whuteffld, Jo, 87 
Whfltacri>. A». 193 
"(Vliiinpowr:|lu, Je. 67 

"Whitcby, de, ■ - 


■, 131) 

Wbfolevode, df, 145 
'Whynebcrgh, de, 1S5 
Whype, 166 
Whjte, le, 121 
"WhyUweU, do, 142 
WUbrigg, de, 89 
"Wichoton, •it; 61 
Wicliini^ikm, de, tOS 
Wichton, do, 94 
Wichtun, de, 16 
"Withuii, dp. 62 
"Wiokflcwood. 36 
Wicki-d. de. 36 
■Wioton, do, 16, 26 
Wid'. 62 
Wide, 31 
^'iBoiud, de, 32 
Wige'hal, de, SS 
WigehiJo. de, 48 
Wigehaiil, de, 43 
Wigonhale, da, 8,124 
WiggebHl, da, 92 
Wiggenhal, de, 4 
Wiggenhall, de, M, fi9 
Wigton, de, 85 
WilicmEKi, dt,, 44 

WilletheD, de. 106 
William, 10-3-4-a, 47, 

102-3-8-17, 118 (1!). 

121 (2), 123, 131 (2), 


fil', 62 ; KeiKJB, 27 

WindoHor. de, 37 
Winobotsbun, de, IB 
West Wineeh, 32 
'WintertoD, de, 8 
Wintcrtun, do, 63 
Wirhnm, de, 6J-8, 62, 

70-3, 128 
Wirmegay, prior of, 60 

"Wiesingespt, de, 68 
"Witchinghnm, de, 120 
"WitewelT, do, 81 
Wilhing, 57 
Wilhon, de, B9 
WithorBpon, 18 
Witthou, do, 58 
Witton, do, 6, 29, 91 

Wlfertott, de, 1 
Wlfreton, do, 3 
\Vlispard, 63 

., 11 


\V■I„.^■l.■^ll■ll^ 49 
Wodard, 1S7 (4) 
WodcKor, 167 
Wodehalp, dels, ISO 
Wodflmlld. de, 58 
Wodiiiorlon, de, 131-61 
■VVodurisvDRh. do, 129 
"VVodpn.iui. 5B 
Wodfton. do, 73, 86 
Wodotun, de. 98 
WoltertOD, do, 160 
Wolftiiton. da, 116 
Wotmer, 131-68 

Wolv'ton, de, 164 
Wombe, 162 
Wordoatede, de, 49 
WorthoBteda, de. ]91.71 
Wotbrtede, de, 77 
Wotton. do, 117 
Wrampolingham, de, 74 

Wramplingham, de, 60 
Wrampfli-ngham, do, 78 
Wmttvnge, de, 168 (2) 
Wrights, k. 166 

IVr.i, d.-, 113 
Wrokoetuun, do, 37, 93 
Wrotham, de, 172 
Wraxhum, da, 91 
■\Vrtha, do, 46 
WrtbBted, de, 43 ; par 

Wiidecock, 5 
Wudchara, do. 99 
Wudington, de, 7 
Wultric, 20 
Wuley, 112 

Wurmegaye, prior of, 66 
Wurthiim. do, 3o, 65 
Wurthested, de, 159 
Wutton, de. 73, 96 
Wjbold, 142 (2) 
Wybrig, de, 87 
Wybrigg, de, 02 (2) 
WvVtiin. de, 69 
Wychnrd, 123 
Wychphinghani, do, 123 
WyehaciBfeud, de, 77 
Wycheston, de, 69 
■Wychinghara, do, 163, 
164 (2] 

Wychyngham, de, 9S 
WychWm, de, 93 
Wyganhall, de, 103 
"Wvgehalo, de, 101-41 
"Wygenlml, de, 66, 89 (2) 
Wygenhalo, de, 140-8, 
149, 161-4-6-9, 160, 
165 (3), 168. ITI (4), 
parvB, dp, 138 
Wypgenhul, do, 103 
\\'yggoiiliale, de, 98, 170 
Wyghton, de, 66, 137-63 
Wygmero, de, 44, 60 
Wygot, 66 

Wykolwodo, do, 159-63 
Wykemoro, de. 114-19 
Wykee, do, 107 
Wvlburham, de, 102 
Wvlcby, de, 173 
Wj-lglioby, 168 
Wylleby, de, 141-64 

Wylleby, de, I 
Wymadfje, do. 

"WiTuark, 171-J 
"Wymer. 168 
"WymerB, 132 (2) 
Wympewelle, de, 79 
Wimandeham, prior of, 

39, 6B-9, 148 
WymimdoBhani, de, 18* 
Wymundboin, de, 80, 

126-35, U7 [3|, 16*; 

prior of, 92 
"WyndesoT, de, 86, 106-23 
Wyngefeld, de, 131-70 
Wynneferthing, 139 
"Wmton, 121 
"W \-Dtrosword do 90 
"\\V t«Q d 62 6-8,78 
" "i 131 



V n gnani de 12S 
Wytede 13o 
Wylewol] de 164 
■W\th 122 
Wytbam de 128 
Wvther, 70 
Wytheresfeld, de, 121 
Wythinpin, 166 
Wvtlingeham, de, 82-8 
Wvtton, de, 95, 11-2-64 
\\'VT<d™heTe, do, 6S 
\Vi^-iU. de,' 109-10 



Acle, 159 
Adeburc, 9 
Adelmerton, 8, 28 
Adthelburc, 5 
Adhelmerton, 17 
Aesseleg, 63 
Akele, 130 
Alby, 113 
Aldburgh, 169 
Aldeberge, 114 
Aldebergh, 143-6-66-61 
Aldeburg, 16 
Aldeburgh, 126-70 
Aldeby, 34, 133-60-62 
Aldebye, 165 
Alderford, 107-17 
Aldroford, 11,52, 103-53 
Aloby, 128-38, 159 (2) 
Alingoton, 3 
Almerton, 56 
Ameringhal, 25 
Ameringhalo, 121 
Anemore, 38, 39 (2), 44, 

46, 62-8, 118 (2) 
Anmero, 41 
Antingoham, 34, 136 
Antiiiggeham, 106 
Antingham, 35, 165 
Antynghain, 156 
Ape'ton, 79 
Apolton, 33, 42-3, 54, 

Apeltona, 33 
Apesbure, 107 
Apet', 16 
Apcton, 147 (2) 
Apelby, 150 
Appolton, 24, 140 
App(;sburp:h, 142-7 
Aracton, 29 
Aschh;, [if) 
Asolukoton, 70 
Ash(;bi, 4 
A8he])y, 151 
Askeby, 72, 146-7-72 

Askewik, 118 
Askewykyn, 123 
Aslacton, 29, 171 
Aslakeston, 87 
Aslaketon, 95, 152 
Asle, 23 
Assoby, 44, 102 
Assele, 63, 78 
Asselegg, 77 
Assewellethorp, 77 
Assheby, 160 (2) 
Atelbregg, 98 
Athisco, 104 
Athleburg, 47 
Atlebrig, 47, 63 
Atle^brigg, 36, 167 
Atlobri^^ge, 108-16 
Atloburg, 10, 34, 35 (2), 

Atleburgh, 137-63, 167 

Attebrigg, 165 
Attelburg, 81 
Attlebergo, 114 
Attlebrog, 103 
Attlebrigo, 11 
Attlebrigg, 68 
Attloburg, 75 
Attvlburgh, 166 
Audoberg, 34 
Audeburg, 113 
Audeby, 50 (2), 95, 106, 

Aychingham, 162 
Aylesham, 126-41 
AyloHwetbcstham, 144 
Aylmerton, 149 (2), 162, 

Aylsham, 101 
Aylswcthorp, 81 
Ayslo, 125 
Aysce, 113 
Aysse, 62 

Babbingel, 32 
p 2 

Babbyngleg, 109 
Baconestborp, 123-9-33 
Bacton, 31 
Bagetorp, 5 
Baggethorp, 29 
Bagunestorp, 95 
BaideswoU, 82 
Baketon, 61, 85-6-9, 121 

(2), 124-56 
Baldeswoll, 28, 82, 123, 

Baldeswolle, 127 
Baledon, 50 
Banham, 23, 33, 49, 69, 

Baningham, 22, 48, 159 
lianningham, 5 
Banvnghain, 124-30-43, 

Baresham, East and 

North, 136 
Barham, 13 

Barnardcston, 18, N.B. 
Bamyngham, 154 
Bar8hain,29,36,93; East, 

86, 94, 130-45-57; 

North, 25, 66, 113(2), 

122-9-35-57-69; West, 

Barston, 66 
Barton, 20 

Barton Bynedich, 142 
Basingham, 86 
Bastwic, 23-8 
Bastwiek, 52 
Bastwik, 63 
Bastwyk, 07, 88, 106-65; 

W., 116 
Baswik, 72 
Bathol, 93 
Batliele, 79, 161 
Baudoswell, 44 
Baudreswell, 37 
Bayfeld, 61, llft.25 
Bayaeld, 116, 120 (2) 


Boc, 66 
Jiocham, 22 
Bockhamwell, 32 
Beclos, 113 
Becton, 31 
Bodingham, 62, 73, 160, 

Bedyngham, 153-7 
Beeston, 26 (2) 
Begheton, 161 
Beghotun, 19 
Boigheton, 68 
Bekeham, Est, 118 
Bekenvelle, 93, N.B. 
Bekerton, 92-6, 142-3-4, 

Bekeswell, 15, 57-8, 85, 

86, 102-18-46-9-57-60, 

Bekoswclle, 23, 133 
Bekeswill, 113 
Bekham, 110; West, 146 
Belagh, 60 
BelHBys juxta Honometh, 

Belawe, 109 
Benoytleia, 25, N.B. 
Bere, Magna, 108 
Beroford,50, 110(2), 130 
Berog', 154 

Beregh juxta Apeton, 1 30 
Boromor, 16, 31 
Beremere, 21-7 
Berewic, 21 
Berewick, 27 
Borewik, 90, N.B. 
Berford, 143 
Borgh, 72-8, 151 ; next 

Heinghamy 30 ; juxta 

Holveston, 147 (2) 
Berk, 24, 33, 59 
Berlingham, 5 
Bomai, 6 
Bemeia, 32 
Bemeye, 71, 168 
Bomham, 19 (2), 20-1, 

93, 120-4-32-44-7-8, 

Bcrnigham, 22 
Bomingham, 40, 51, 69 ; 

Great, 51 ; Tun, 97 
B'ni'gham, 15 
Bemyngham, 86, 119, 

120; Tuno, 133; North 

Wode, 133; Fva, 162 

(2), 168 
Berton, 17, 30, 36 (2), 

52, 63, 81-2, 84 (2), 

88-9, 98, 112-6-42-52; 

Bin* edict, 53 ; Bendich, 

160; Bendych, 88, 167 

Bertona (Turf P), 35 
Bertun, 66, 63 (2) 
Borwic, 16 
Besthorp, 44, 55, 104, 

Beston, 30-6, 75 (2), 77, 

79, 84, 108-28-56-65, 

167-70; juxta Lang- 
ham, 101 
Bostorp, 34, 57, 60 
Bestrop, 5 
Bctelo, 24, 54, 80 
Bot'ingham, 70 
Bicham, 29, 62 ; Parva, 

Bichamwell, 48 
Bieston, 18 
Biestona, 35 
Bigoham, 50 
Bilduston, 34 
Billakeby, 33 
Billenoye, 144 
Billokebi, 13 
Billokby, 77 
BiUokesbi, 17 
Billokesby, 74 
Bilneia, 21, 39 
Bilneye, 51 
Binotro, 13, 61-6-9, 61, 

Binham, 14 
Binnetre, 30 
Birlingham, 5, 21-2, 166 ; 

North, 73, 80, 93, 130; 

151-71 ; South, 85, 94 
Birston, 2, 47, 92, 128, 

Birton, 92 
Biskel, 66 
Biakele, 45, 79, 137 
Bitringe, 19 
Bittringe, 17 
Blafeld, 5, 9 
Blafcud, 53 
Blakew'rdo, 2 
Blekling, 95 
Blickeling, 54 
BHckling, 65 
Blofeld, 133 
Blonorton, 132 
Bio Norton, 158 
Blyford, 64 
Blytheburg, 112 
Bodcloyo, 111 
Bodeham, 15, 110-20 
Bodonoy, 103 
Bodham, 22-3, 44, 61, 

94, 118-46-57 
Bodinghum, 150 
Bodokcsham, 28-9 
Boilund, 54 

Boketon, 113-62 

Bonewell, 79 

Botelo, 168 

Boteryg, 143 

Boton, 60, 73, 97, 137, 

148, 164 (2) 
Botth'on, 108 
Botun, 171 
Boyton, 30 
Bradefeld, 78, 121-34-44, 

Bradefoud, 119 
Bradeham, 26, 40, 60, 86 
Bradekir, 128 
Bradenham, 18, 66, 78, 

114; East, 73; Weet, 

Bradeston, 106 
Brakedel, 81 
Brakon*, 41 
lirakendol, 74 
Brakone, 39, 72, 144 
Bramorton, 18, 137-50 
Braniertun, 22 
Brampton, 71, 101-41, 

145 (2) 
Brandeston, 164 
Brand, 57 
Brandon, S, 22, 79, 83, 

91, 124-32-60 
B^ndon, 11 
Brandun, 64 
Branteston, 60, 101 
Brantesweit, 83 
Branton, 12. 141 
Braundon, 124 
Brecham, 48 ; toftes, 

131; tofts, 172 
Brechonham, 52 
Brecklos, 166 ; magna, 

Breclos, 143-4, 149 (2), 

Brehcham, 171 
Brekles, 92-6; magna, 

Bresingeham, 12 
Bretham, 7. 12, 21 
Brethamtoftes, 172 
Brethonham, 102. 
Breychoston, 133 
Breydeston, 138 
Breydiston, 148 
Breytheston, 64, 133 
Brichenthom P, 53 
Brigeham, 54 
Ikiggo, West, 127 
Briggcham, 95 
Brigham, 48 
Brinffham, 48 
Briningham, 46, 62 

Brisele, 39, U7 

Bisele, 2 

BriBinghain, 30, 72, 87, 

Briston, 86 
Brok, 33, 135 
Brokedis, 30, 101 
Brom, 20, 65-8, 68, 102, 

108-10; initaThwaTt, 

Bromholm, 85 
BnuoBtode, 128 
Bnmdal, M. 77 (2) 
Brundale, 122-02 
Brondall, 138 
Branestorp, 89 
Brunham, 16, 98, 126-1 

183 (21; Norton, 14 

St. Clement, 106 
Brunhamthorp, 76 
Brunhamthorpe, 12T 
Bninhiim Ulp, 1 1 

Westnto, 146 
Brunsted. 00 
Brunatede, 33, 156 
Brunatotp, 10 



Buokeaham, 7 

Bugthorp, M 

Bukuham, 20 

Bukonham, 18, 
Forie, 138; flryo. 
Old, 136 ; Parva, 167, 


Bungey, 63 
BuDgoye, 165 
Bunh'torp, 10 
Burenham, 70 
Burg, 2, 40, 62 ; in Fleg, 

Burgato, 87 
Burgh, 37, 165-71-2; 

iuita AylBhara. 144 ; 

in Flog. 130.65; Suth, 

Burgo. 17, 67. 74, 92; 

St. Marie, 118 
Bnrlc. 88 
Burlingham, North, 133; 



Bumiiham, 50 

Bumehamtorp, 14 

Bumeia, 57 

Bumliam, 5, 7.8,22, 38. 
*2. 78. 90, 106-8, 
111, 115(2), 122-3-39, 


[ ISS; Dsapdale 90; 

I Norton, 156; Sutton, 

I 98, 133; Thorp, fiO, 

77, 91, 100-33; nip, 

108 ; Weatgste, 160 

Bambamtorp. IB 

BuretoD, IB, 99 
' Burstone, 21 

Buthorp, 143-63, 167(2) 

Buxton, 98, 141 (3), 142, 
145 (i) 

Bydun, Stows, IIS 

Byker', 74 

Byllokeby, 40 

Byllyngford, 187 

Brlneye, 69 

Bynetre, 63-9,81, 110 

Byntre, 95 i 

Byrlingham,112; North, I 

Byrningham, 92 I 

Byraton, 9i, 149 

Byakele, 71 

Bythariag, 100 

Bytteringe, 53 

Caldecote, 16. 30 (2), 63. 

65, 111-3 
GaldesveU, 101 
CaldeweU, 3 
Calethorp. 53. fi 
Calthorp, 168 
Caltorp, 55 

Cattoo, 64, 85, 96, 102-70 
Cattoua, 24 
Caumlies, 139 
Cauntele, 163 
Cauaton, 140-64 
Cazton, 148 
Ceeterton, 102 
Chategrave, 115-23-38, 

ChattegraTe, 66. 88, 102 

(2), 118-20 
Chocheburcho, 121 
Chedietane. 19 
Chelveston. 18 
Cherwelleston, 19 
CheBwyk. 137 
Chineburdle, 17 
ChuTohestok. 161 
Cifltrand, 167 
Claia, 6 
Claie, 17 
ClakcAt^n, 102 

. 160.1 
.e, 159 


1, 62 

Cantley, 48 

CareBton, Uyer, 91 

Carluton, 2, 16-8, 23(2), 
39. 44-8, 57, 79. 91, 
141-4-7-64: East, jui- 
ta Mulkeberton, 134 ; 
Eaat, 135; Forro. 99; 
iuitaLangelo, 104-30; 
Rodo, U, 21 

Castolaoro, 42, 106-39, 

CttstulryBing, 147-51 

Caston, 132-44-51-2 

Castor, 143 

Castr', 86 

CaBtre, 36, 41 (2), 48-8, 
63-6-6-8, 98 (2), 133-4, 
160-70; juxta Mor- 
n-ich, 102; St. Edmund, 

Catufeld, 46, 98, 139 

Catestou, 33 

Catteston, 67 

Cuttoatun, 1 

I Clait 
I Claye, 28, 35, 61 
ClenchewardetoQ, 42 
Clenobewardton, 149 ; 

North, 128 
Clenchewareton, 45 
Clenchonarton, 4, 30. 68, 

69. 88. 90-6-6 ; North 

and South, 140-3 
Clenubwarthon, 27 
Clench warton. North. 

69,121-64; South, 141 
Cleya, 64 
Cleyo, 125-63 
Cleyothorp, 116 
Cloythorp, 70 
Clipesbi, 2, 5, 10, 17 (2), 

Clipesby, 41, 55. 186 

Clypusby, 42, 97, 109, 

Clyppesby, 74 
Cokethorp. 1 1 9 
Coldocot. 41 
Colaby, 14, 19, 20, 27 

(2), 38. 106-24-64-58, 

159; juita Siithfeld, 

Colckirk. 57 
Colekirke, 108 
Colctnn, 1^,211-8,39. 66. 


Coletun, 18-9, 26-8 
Coli(n^gton, 12 
Colkvrk, 159 
CoUeby, 136 
Colneia, 4 
Congham, 126-53 
Gomhorth, 169 
Corpeate, 4 
Corpcflti, 3, 17 
Corpesty, 62, 160 
Corpestyc, 40 
Corston, 104-24-32-49 
Corstune, 65 
Costeseia, 38 
Costesoya, 101 
Costoseye, 65 
GostesYO, 61, 82 
Cotes, 'l 8, 52 
Coulinge, 80 
CoutcBhal, 90 
Couteuhale, 164 
Cove, 108 

Crakeford, 38, 40, 63 (2) 
Cramplesham, 73, 88 
Cranewiz, 126 
Crane word, 115 
Cranoworth, 31, 64, 138, 

Crane wurth, 31 
Crec, 1,7, 8, 12, 22-7-9; 

S., 8 
Crech, 36 
Crechemere, 99 
Croic, 2, 4 
Crek, 69, 87 ; North, 68, 

71, 111-58; South; 
86, 144-64-5 

Cremplesham, 16, 50, 67, 

72, 88, 121-8-51, 152 
(3), 167-62 

Cressingham, 42, 58 ; 

Magna, 109-23-69; 

parva, 99 
Creych, 50 
Crimplosham, 42, 61, 66, 

Cringelford, 67, 78, 82-5, 

92, 119-22-9-36 
Crokeston, 66-9 
Crostweit, 31 
Cro8two>ij, 47, 87, 164, 

Croxton, 21, 60, 69 (2), 

82, 155 
Cruchostok, 123-31-44-7, 

Cnmgothorp, 33, 146 
Crvngolfortl, 75, 110 
Cryngkolford, 46 

Ballig, 2 

DalUng, 19, 24 (2), 30, 

35-6, 44, 65 
Dallinge, 11, 13, 22, 61 
I Dallingefl, 30, 31 (2), 40, 

Dallyng, 38, 69, 118-66;, 

Wode, 168 
Dedlington, 127 
Denevtjr, 14, 26, 133-65 
Deneveru, 109 
Denevro, 155 
Denn, 32 
Denton, 61, 86, 114 (2),! 

Depcdal, 74 
Depodalo, 78, 108-63 
Dopcham, 61 
Depham, 8. 47, 53, 107-58 
Dereford, 124 
Dereham, 32, 70 
Derham, 7, 15, 57 (2), 

73 (2), 82, 129 ; East, '. 

62, 101-12-35-52-73;; 

West, 81, 131-3-47-62; 
Dersingeham, 53 
Dersyngham, 109 
Didiecot ?, 15 
Dichingham, 63 
Dicleburg, 49 (2) 
Dicleburgh, 52 
Dicwudo, 16 
Dierham, 18 
Diklesburg, 104 
Dikling ?, 39 
Dilham, 35, 158 
Dinnenethou, 29 
Disce, 2, 54, 65, 99, 134, 

Docking, 26 
Dockinge, 26 
Dockinges, 2 
Dockyng, 91, 163 
Dockyngge, 163 
Dodelington, 76 
Doketon, 34 
Dokotun, 42 
Doking, 14, 42 
Dokking, 38 
Dokkyng, 120 
Donstun, 47 
Dudelington, 166 
Dudelyngton, 136-48 
Dudewic, 12 
Dudl3mgton, 160 
Diineston, 90 
Dunestim, 19 
Dunham, 11-5, 57, 98, 

100; Magna, 94, 101 

(2), 114; Hithe, 128, 

133; Little, 114; Par- 
i va, 139-40-8-56 

Danheved, 114 
Dunington, 74 
Du'stale, 12 
Dunstan, 12 

Dunton, 2, 34, 66, 102-36 
Dunston, 79, 86, 124 
Dunstun, 12 
Duntune, 5 
Dusing*, 77 
Draeton, 3 
Drayton, 166 
Dritholm, 86, 91 
Drydocking, 138 
Dykelburg, 132 
Dylham, 113. 
Dysce, 114 

Eccles, 109-66-64 
Eckles, 36 (2) 
Edienesthorp, 156 
Edithorp, 99 
Edyenethorp, 89 
Edynesthorp, 86 
Eggofeld, 63, 106-49 
Eggemer, 28, 93 
Eggemere, 28, 33-4-6, 

46, 56, 61-6-6 
Eggmere, 47 
Egmere, 46 
E'hof, P, 106 
Einsted, 11 
Ekles, 54 
Ele'ham, 4 
Elgeton, 39 
EUghan^ 18, 23 
Elingham, 10, 16, 35, 

47, 53-6, 61-8, 110; 
juxta Kyrkeby, 161 

Elinham, 137 
Ellingham, 2 
Ehn, 93 
Elmeham, 13 
Elmham, North, 146 
Elmyngham, 116 
Elssingg, 153 
Elyngeham, 79 
Elyngham, 102-18-26-66; 

Parva, 143 
Emanhouse, 144 
Endegate, 113 
Enemede, 37, 103 
Eneraeth, 111-28-48 
Eneniethe, 119 
Erovelotton, 41 
Erlam, 156 
Erlcham, 138 
Erlham, 56-9, 79, 103, 

Ermingcland, 86 
Erpingham, 14, 85, 124, 



Erpyngham, 164-72 
Erwelestun, 20 
Eshewellethorp, 165 
Ess, 29 

Essewelthorp, 109 
Estmor, 66, 63, 112-67 
Estmora, 30, 84 
Essebi, 11 
Eston, 20, 38 
Estudeham, 77 
Eswellthorp, 90 
Eton, 64-7 
Eygsewell, 70 
Eynesford, 69 

Fakenham, 106 

Falesham, 81 

Falgate, 163 

Favereswell, 66 

Felde Dallyng, 136 

Felebrig, 36 

Felebrigg, 113 

Felebrigge, 124 

Felethorp, 62 

Felethorp juxta Horse- 
ford, 142 

Feletorp, 11 

Fehningham, 36, 63 (2), 
65, 85, 92, 110-46 

Felmyngham, 61, 110, 

FelteweU, 1, 41, 69, 106, 

Feltewolle, 126 

Feltwell, 7, 70, 125-66 

Felthorp, 116-66 

Fereton, 170 

Fersfield, 169 

Fidallingg, 160 

FildaUing, 38 

Fildallyng, 163 

Filebi, 20-3 

Fileby, 27, 64, 153-7 

Fincham, 43, 66, 82-5, 
96-7-8, 160-3-5 

Finchoham, 106 

Finchole, 15 

Fingham, 16 

Fislo, 75 

Fissholo, 132-66-71 

Flog, 165-71 

Flogburg, 49 

Flich(ain), 10 

Flicham, 61 (2), 93 

Flichharii, 125 

Flitchain, 26 

Flixton, 164 

Flokestorp, 13 

Florodon, 144 

Flordon, 70 

Flotcman, 152 

Floxtorp, 62 
Flutchain, 150 
Flycham, 98 
Folesham, 29, 69, 69, 

Folethorp, 64 
Folsham, 92-6, 110-68 
Fordham, 16, 26 N.B., 

66-7, 66, 101-33-62 
Fomesot, 36 
Fomesete, 87, 98, 112, 

Fomesset, 13 
Foteston, 67 
Fotestone, 22 N.B. 
Framelingham, 136 
Framyngham, 160 
Franesham, 10, 77 
Franessam, 47 
Fransham, 17, 66, 86, 

144-62; Magna, 120-3, 

161; Parva, 70, 120, 

Freing, 15 
Freng, 16 
Frenge, 7, 146-72 
Frenges, 6, 9, 19 
Frenghe, 118 
Freneso, 161 
Frense, 2, 114 
Fresfeld, 133 
Fretenham, 20, 101 
Frethethorp, 85 
Frethetorp, 35 
Frethorp, 52, 77, 122-9, 

Freton, 8, 16-7, 31, 47, 

79, 97, 129-61-6-8 
Fretune, 64 
Freynge, 131 
Fueldon, 28, 125 
Fuldon, 26, 61, 114-36, 

Fulmerston, 170-2 
Fulmodoston, 36, 97, 

Fulmodiston, 155 
Fimdohal, 56, 76 
Fundehale, 117 
Fundonhal, 17 
Fundonhalo, 151 
Fundenhall, 70 
Fundoshal, 37 
Fyldallyng, 164 
Fyldohurg, 119 
Fyldodalling, 92 
Fylebv, 59 
Fyncliam, 85, 108-33-6, 

Fyncholoy, 93 N.B. 
FyBshole, 130 

Fysseleg, 112 
Qadesthorp, 48 
Gkurbodesham, 89 
Gkurboldesham, 110-45 
Gumemuo, 37 
Gatel, 99 

Gatelo, 16, 19, 121-60 
Gkitelee, 6 
Gately, 97 
Gatesle, 21 
Gkitesthorp, 134 
Gkithisthorp, 69 
Gatton, 10 
Gatythorp, 136 
Gayton, 92 
Geideston, 106-10 
Geistweic, 16, 30 
Geistweit, 74 
Geistweyt, 27 
Geiton, 13, 140 
Geitcne, 38 
Geideston, 61-9 
Gelveston, 137 
G^rbaldesham, 132 
G^rbodesham, 66, 82-7, 

89, 96, 127 (2) 
Gerboldesham, 166-9 
Gereboldesham, 123 
Gerining, P, 105 
Gememuo, 5, 13, 14, 68, 

87; Magna, 114 
Gornemuta, Magna, 142 
Gcrnemuth, 137; Magna, 

Gervelston, 107 
Gerveston, 83, 124 
Gassing, 26 
Gesteheyth, 106 
Gestweit, 43 
Gestweyt, 96 
Geyst, 47 
Geyste, 43, 73, 74 (J 4), 

78, 96, 160 
Geystweyt, 61, 131-46, 

Geyton, 46, 59 (2), 96, 

97, 138 
Geyw'd ?, 27 
Goywode, 64, 168 
Gildoston, 79 
Gilingham, 106-10 
Gillingham, 8 
Gilverton, 77 
Gimingham, 139 
Giselham, 66 
Gissing, 2, 131 
Gissinges, 30 
Glaunford. 107-19-20 
Glosbrigge, 66 
Glosebreg, 1 
Godewic, 41 


Godewik, 54 
Gbdewyk, 144-56 
Goldeston, 43 
Golvertnn, 45 
Gonothorp, 118 
Goneton, 40, 139-42 
Oreigveston, 44 
G^reinfievill, 33 
Oremeston, 5, 10, 18 
Orenesvill, 2 
Grenesvyle, 147 
Gresham, 56, 113-62-70 
GrcBsenhale, 53 
Gressingehal, 77 
Gressinghal, 78, 84, 100 
Gresteno, 59 
Greston, 46, 64 
Groyneston, 75, 156 
Greynvill, 105 
Grimeston, 4 (2), 9, 35, 

Grimestone, 146 
Grimestun, 24, 49 
Grimeuston, 29 
Grimmere Plumstedo, 

Grimmesse, 138 
Grimston, 126-39 
Griuton, 142 (2), 143-8-9, 

Gromeston, 77 
Grovelo, 18 
Grymeston, 82, 97, 103, 

Grymiston, 120 
Grymston, 144 
Gryston, 112-44 
Grj'stone, 166 
Guncton juxta Hane- 

worth, 141 
Gunetorp, 46, 93 
Gunnethorp, 62 
Gunton, 123-8-44, 146(2) 
Gimeton, 141 
Gunston, 136 
Gunthorp, 113 
Gureston, 120 
Gurstun, 46 
Gylingham, 125-32 
Gyllyngham, 109-17 
Gymmyngham, 134 
Gymmingham, 135 
GymjTigham, 142 
Gyssinge, 102-4 

Habbeton, 37-8 
Habeton, 141 
Haburgh, 87 
Hacford, 125 
Hackef ord j uxtaRofham , 

Hackford, 6 
Haddoston, 67 
Haddestun, 12, 13 
Haddestune, 13 
Hadescho, 60-95 
Hadesco, 45, 81« 99, 102, 


Hadeston, 106 
Hadestun, 47 
Hadestune, 10 
Hadisco, ?, 28 
Haemsted, 41 
IWgebech, 37 
Hailesdon, P, 3 
Hainstod, 31 
Hakoboch, 101 
Hakeford, 80, 91, 116, 

137-68-61-67; (mispr. 

Cr.) 14; juxta Whyto- 

well 141 
Hales,' 12, 56, 70-7, 81 

(2), 99, 102-8-10-12, 

116, 117 (2), 125-6, 

Halis, 47 
Halvergate, 161 
Halvcryate, 102 
Hamsted, 36 
Haneworth, 113-24-59 
Haningos, 41-7, 111 
Haningges, 107 (2) 
Hanworth, 128 
Hanyngges, 111 
Hapesbure, 46 
Hapesburg, 67, 78-9, 84 
Hapesburgh, 111 
Hapeton, 76, 89 
Hapotun, 70 
Happeburg, 88 
Happesburgh, 103 
Hardele, 34, 89, 90, 102 

(2), 105.20-3-50-7-64 
Hardelcgh, 138 
Hardingham, 91, 106-6 
Hardyngham, 111-43-58 
Ilargham, 16 
Haringeshang, 20 
Harpele, 25, 37, 124-66 
Harpeleg, 98, 133 
Harwedon, 140 
Haryngeby, 74 
Haselalt P, 106 
Hasingham, 62 
Hateg', 46 

Hauboys Magna, 158 
Haveringland, 42 
Haylesdon, 46 
Hayswelthorp, 76 
Heccham, 56 
Hocgham, 1 

Hecham, 18^6, 22, 31-3, 

67, 70-8-6, 85-8, 102-8» 

Hediamthorp, 23 
Hecbeham, 102 
Hechinghani, 7 
Hedenluim, 38, 58, 150, 

Hedersete, 158, 169 (2) 
Hodesete, 52 
Hegham, 69, 89, 96, 139; 

juxta Norwich, 158; 

juxta Norwycom, 156; 

Fottere, 171 
Heidon, 2, 40 
Heiford, 26 
Heilesdon, 5 
Heinford, 5, 17, 84, 95 
Hokingeham, 126 
Hekingham, 39, 62, 64 

(2), 70, 87, 111-7 
Hekyngham, 109-65-6 
Holegeton, 40 
Helegeye, 68, 150 
Helegheton juxta daz- 

tone, 169 
Heleghetone, 160 
Uelgeton, 79 
Helgheton, 29, 150 (2) 
Helghotun, 16 
Helmgeia, 15 
Helingeye, 155 
Helingham Magna, 125 
Hellecromb, 90 
Hellingehani, 5 
Helmegh', 62 
Helmham, North, 126 
Uelmingham, 8, 63, 78 
Holmyngham, 156-7-64 
Helogeye, 88 
Helsmgeton, 12 
Helveton, 109 
Helweton, 109 
Hemehal, 24, 87 
Hemehale, 26, 55, 113 
Hemeling^n, 37 
Homelyngton, 111 
HemenhaU 44, 82 
Homenhale, 56, 152-68, 

Hemenhall, 95 
Hemesbi, 137 
Hemesby, 96, 132-41-73 
Hemestod, 15, 115 
Hemhale, 51 
Hemingham, 61 
Hemlington, 68, 83 
Hemlyngton, 133 
Hemmenhal, 92 
Hemmesby, 73, 86, 96-7, 


Hempsted, 57 
Hempstede, 146 - 58 ; 

jnxta Happisburgh, 

Hemsted, 164 
Hemstede, 34, 62,79, 118, 

Hengham, 2, 72, 115-26, 

Henstede, 34 
Herdel, 82 
Herdelay, 19 
Herdewic, 31 (2), 43 
Herdewj^k, 79, iOO, 110 
Herdhivic, 9 
Herdwic, 7, 64 
Herdwik, 43 
Herdwyk, 63, 101-39, 

140-61-6-71; juxta 

Lenn, 172 
Herewyk, 168 
Heringby, 3 
Herlham, 3, 96 
Herling, 36, 62 ; East, 

108; East and West, 

138 ; West. 108 
Herlinges, 53 
Herlyng, East. 155-61 
Herlyngg, West, 161 ; 

Middel, 161 
Herpelay. 22 
Horpingham, 47 
Herteford Bridge, 57 
Hetham Pett'e, 113 
Hethell, 141 
Hethil, 79. 125-44 
Hethille, 150 
Hethincroft, 3 
Heveningham, 51 
Ilevcringeland, 7, 56 
Heveringland, 73 
Heveringlond, (34, 74, 80, 

Heveye, ?, 29 
Hevingham, 45, 70, 94 
Hcvyngham, 113-18-41, 

Heydon, 118-60-4-6 
Heygham, 129 
Hoylosden, 66 
Hoylesdon, 52, 64, 69, 

83-5, 96, 141-2-3 
Heylisdon, 173 
Heyliston, 170 
Heylsdon, 64 
Ileynford, 150 
Heytham, 127; juxta 

Norwich, 112 
Hikeford, 8 
Hikling ?, 39 
Hildeburchworth, 14 

HUdebnrew'xth, 100 
Hilingham, 43 
HilUngeton, 6, 8, 31 
Hillingham, 33 
HiUington, 83-7, 120-54, 

168; juxta Bifiinge, 

Hillingtim, 62 
HiUyngton, 147 
Hilsingeton, 15 
Hindolveston, 47 
Hindolvestun, 11 
Hindringeham, 131 
Hindringham, 18, 26 (2), 

27, 30-4, 47, 65, 131, 

Hiring (Himi'g ?), 40 
Hirminglond, 62 
Hithe Dunham, 128 
Ho, 25, 47, 52-5, 75, 89, 

97-9; St. Wyburgh, 

Hoby, 72 

Hocham, 40, 146-54-69 
Hocwood, 7 
Hogheton, 63 
Hogring, 24 
Hokering, 25 (2), 43 
Hokewold, 122 
Hokewolde, 125-44 
Hokham, 70, 147 
Holcham, 26, 41-3-5, 51, 

73, 118-22 
Holegeye, 106 
Holkham, 70-1, 84-9,94, 

Holm, 104; Hale, 114; 

juxta mare, 118-52 
Holt, 30-1-7, 79, 97, 125 

(2), HO 
Holto, 17 

Holveston, 147 ('2). 150 
Honvngham, 143-68 
Hoo'St. Wyburge, 102 
Hopeton, 99 
Hoppe worth. 146 
Hormesbi, 10 
Homingetoft, 6, 23 
Horningtoft, 140 
Hornyngetoft, 109 
Homyngtoft, 131 
Horseia, 16 
Horsey e, 36, 89, 101 
Horsford, 65 
Horsham, 27-8, 33, 64, 

70-5, 95, 107 
Horshey, 27 
Horsted, 6, 8, 52 
Horstede, 12, 21 
Horstun, 20 
Houeton, 35 

Houghton, 124 ; juxta 

Budham, 124 (2) 
Houton 9, 14-9, 20, 45, 

109-72; juxta Rud- 

ham, 134 
Houtune, 24 
Hoveton, 60, 122-54 ; 

juxta Homyng, 154 
Howe, 50, 109-35-69 
Hucton, 18 

Hulm, 3, 46 (2), 50, 68 
Hulme, 18 
Hulmo, 24, 71-7, 94 ; 

j uxta Hunstanton, 112; 

juxta mare, 129 
Hume, 4 
Humesfeld, 13 
Hunestaneston, 160 
Hunestanton, 2 
Hungreswauton, 133 
Hunstaneton, 104-34 
Hunstaneston, 171 
Hunstanton, 50, 119-67 
Hunesworth, 47 
Huneworth, 74, 149 
Huneworthe, 124 
Hun worth, 31 
Huningham, 16, 38 
Huningham thorp, 97 
Hunyngham, 133-64 
Hykebame, 63 
Hykeling, 164 
Hykklyngg, 148 
Hyllington, 103-49 
Hyllingtun, 46 
Hyndringeham, 49 
Hyndringham, 168 

Ickelburgh, 169 
Ikeburc, 13 
Ikeburg, 89 
Ilinetone, 4 
Ilketeshale, 164 
lUegrave, 27 
Ulington juxta Hokham, 

Ilsington, 4, 19 
Ingelthorp, 101 
Ingeworth, 105 
Ingew'rthe, 130 
Ingham, 27, 119-39-48 
Inglesthorp, 152 
Ingoldetorp, 50 
Ingwode, 147 
Ingwood, 90 
Ingworth, 32, 105, 143 
Inland, 19 
Intewode, 45, 78, 123, 

Intwoode, 119 
Intewude, 80 

Iriatedo, 66 
Irminglond, IS8 
InDfnglond, 143-60 
Inted. 18 

Iratede, 32-6, 130-67 
Isiagham ?, 43 
iBli^oton, 31 
ItoringluuDl, IT, 42-3. 

Jackosham, 14 
Jskealum, 38, 97, 137 
Jelrortoii, 6 

Jememuth, 163 

Kalethorp, 72 

Ealetorp, 71 

Kalvele, 26 

Kslwele. 46 

KajigEhun, 49 I 

KMigbun, 60, 91, 103,' 

K'ngham, 6 
Kartioistorp, S 
KureatoD, 7 
Karkebi, 20 
Karleton, 20-4, 37, 49, 

106-19, 123 (2) 
KarlGtim, 19 
Karaton, 7, 88 
Kaetelacre, 83 
Kastre, 79 
KattoD, 24 
Kattun, 18 
KaustoD, 49 
Kaweatnn, 60 
Kelling, 84-8 
Kellinge, "8-9, 126 
Kemeston, 77, 136 
KeQingha,l, 73 
Iteiminj^ham, 163 
Rrnnyghale, 133 
Kent, 31 
Kerbroc, 64 (2) 
Kt-rbrok, 138-65; Great, 

Kerdeston, 68, 97, 136. 

Kerebroc, 18 
Kcrobrok, 94 

Eermingeham f, 37 
Keniwic Mill, 47 
Keremghani, 82 
KoruDglttiid, 66 
Kesowic, 67 
Kesewj'li, 147 
K as wick, S7 
KoBwyk, 132 
Koteleston, 156 
Ketelinghiun, 44 
Koteringham, 66, 78, 147 
KikulingtoQ, 6 
KilverdeBton, 76 
Kilvcnieiitun, 21 
Eimberle, B4 
Kimberllco, 10 
Kimburle, 101 
Kineburlo. 67, 66 
KineBthorp. 13 
Kirbemor, 4 
Kirechbi, 4 
Kirkebi, 35 
Kirkby, 71 
Kirkeby, 56-7, 61, 82-8, 

Kirkssted, 164 
Kirkeatede, 42, 172 
Kirkstede, 66 
Knapton, 89, 166-71 
Knyeburle. 168 
Kokatorp, 68 
Kolkyrke. 116 
KyraberlB, 168 
Kynebure, 89 
Kyneburgle. 62 
Kyoeburl, 86 
KjQBburle, 91, 124, 140 

(3), 165 
Eyneholm, 12 
KynoBtJiorp, 141 
Kyrkeby, 29, 66- 

95,102-10-37; Bydon, 


Langeley, 61 

Langhale, S4, 98, 172 

LaDgwade, 9 

Langwad, 60 

Lan'gsete, 61 (2) 

Lavingeham, 84 

Lavingham, 34 

Lawendicb, 16 

Lechesbani, 4, 93 ; W., 

Loclon, 161 

Len. 4 (2), 6 (2), 8 fS), 
11, 16,40,50-8,66(2), 
72 (2), 90, 93 (2), 109, 
121; North, 8, 9,60-7, 
66; 8., 116 (2), 120; 
Soulh, 110; Suth, 

Kerktby juita Sloutoi 

Eyrkested, 28 

Lakenham, 31 
Lake' ham, 64, 64 
Lamesse, 46 
Laniinereth, 124 
Lammcsse, 56, 63, 73-9, 

81, 141-2, 145 (2), 

Langeford. 43, 167 
Langebale, 60, 94 
Langole. 90, 102-23-38, 

130 (2), 167-64-8-9 
Laogelea, 79 
Langeleg, 15 
LaDgford, 169 
Langham, 9, 37, 86, 91, 

"■1-9, 123-45-69 

36, 9 

Leng. 107 

Lenham, 46 

Lenn, 4, 6, 0, 11 (2), 12 
(2), 13 (2), 14(2). 16. 
13 (2), 19, 20, 23 13), 
27, 32 (2), 36, 40 (2), 
42 (2), 43 (2),46, ai-3, 
66-7, 68 (3), 67, 81-2, 
83, 84 (2), 101 (3), 
104-5-11-12, 113 (2), 
114 (2). 116 (2), 118 
(2), 117 (3), 118, 120 
(2), 121 (2), 122-7-8, 
133-4, 136 (2), I3S, 
140, 142 (2), 146-S-8-B, 
166; Ep'i, 134-4S-7, 
161 (2). 152 (2), 166-9, 
161 (2), 163-4, 171 (2), 
172; N., 42, 60, 90, 
136-37-40; 8., 100 (2), 
168; South, 146-50; 
Sud,31; Suth, 36,117, 
148; W., 116-34-40 

Lenna, 24, 93, 102-6 

Lenne. 14, 22, 68, 104, 
112-26, 127 (2), 139, 
143, 146 (2); Ep'i, 
145 (2), 147; North. 
134; South, 100, 127 
(2), 129-37-9-73; Wert, 

I«iinia, 9 

LeriDgaeta, 96-8, 116-9, 
120-1, 126 (2), 163, 

Ijerlinge, 103 

LcrlingB, 33 

Lesietti, 38 

Leeyate, 97 

I^thoringesete, 79 

LbtheriDgBste, 120-40 

Lctheiingsott, ?, 32 


Letton, 8, 80-1, 64, 188 
Lexham, 114 
LeyringeBete, 124 
limpeolLoe, 52 
Limpinho, 122 
Lmdesave, 107 
liinefora, 16 
Ling, 77, 162 
Linn, 11 
Lippenhoe, 3 
Litleholgat, 22 
Litleholm, 3 
Litleport, 99, 133 
Lodne, 4. 20, 90, 102-38, 

Lodnes, 29, 40, 56-6, 64 

(2), 72, 82-6, 98, 102, 

Lodys, 70 

Longa Stratton, 162 
Longestratton, 120 
Longestretton, 109 
Jiongham, 108-16-7-8 
Lopham, 6, 11, 18, 132-3 
Lomedis, 29 
Lowingeham, 13 
Lucham, 4, 44, 134-43 
Lndham, 74, 98, 134 
Lu'gestratton, 44 
Lympelho, 86 
Lympenhog, 9 
Lympcnhowe, 160 
Lympinhowe, 129 
Lyneford, 157-69 
Lynoste, 21 
Lyng, 123-66-66 

Maltfiby, 36, 126-63 
Maninj^ton. 107-19 
Manyngton, 99 
Marcsliam, 115 
Marham, 15, 32, 51, 66, 

82-3-6, 98, 135-52, 

Marlingoford, 10 
Marliiigford, 20-3 
Marlyngford, 173 
Marsham, 60, 141-68 
Warthain, 5, 10,38, 41-7, 

89, 98, 121-3-S-32-73 
Marthham, 158 
MasHingliam, 10, 18, 40; 

Little 50, 61 ; Magna, 

78, 90-8, 110-4; and 

Parva, 86 ; Parva, 78, 

98, 112-56 
IVIatelase, 27 
Matlask. 4 
Matolaskii, 119 
Matoshal, 43, 59. 78, 92, 


Maudebi, 6 
Mautebi, 8 
Mautoby, 69 
MaydezLham, 114 
Meaudon, 14 
Meaaton, 37 
Meanltun Parva, 90 
Meleton, 10 
Melton, 31, 49, 92, 153; 

GonBtables, 1 32 ; Great, 

167; Little, 167; 

Magna, 126-35-38-60, 

172; Parva, 41, 100, 

I Mendeham, 47 
Mendham, 7, 33, 41, 61, 

62, 163-8-9 
Meregetoip, 21 
Meringethorp, 31, 136 
Meringetorp, 6 
Meringthorp, 36, 97, 106, 

Morkeahale, 79, 133-4, 

MerBlond, 119 
Merston, 146 
Morton, 117-48-56 
Metheland, 89 
Metingham, 164 
Metton, 3, 86, 140-64 
Meuton, 86 ; magna, 76, 

91-9 ; parva, 112 
Meutun, 62 
Moyrslaund, 129 
Middelton, 35, 68. 72, 

101-53; juxta Lonn, 

Middilton, 120 
Middleton, 110 
Middletona, 33 
Midolton, 5, 140 
Milnham, 77 
Milham, 77, 143 
Milleham, 44 
Moghoton ?, 63 
Moloton, 87 
Monosloy, 85 
Morewaud, 38 
Moring^cthorp, 117 
Morlay, 22, 52-7 
Morle, 30, 106-11 
Morlng', 15, 71 
Morloye, 145-6-64-70 ; 

West, 158 
Mortoft, 40 
Morton, 28 
Mortun, 11, 26, 57 
M oil line, 62 
Mothetun, 21 
Mouton, 3, 8, 61-8, 93. j 

120 (2), 125-38-61 ' 

Moweton, 62 
Mnckelfen, 18 
Moleton, 41,63 
Muletun, 44 
Mulkebarton, 172 
Mulkebordeston, 17 
Mulkeberton, 39, 123 
Mnlton. 104-17-62-71 
•Mundeford, 19, 58, 97-9, 
Mnndeham, 39, 98 
Mundham, 4, 66, 63, 85, 
91, 104-10-13-30-8-54, 
156-64-8-9; juxta 
Senges, 121 
Mune^ea, 35 
Muston, 140 
Mylham, 156 

Narburgh, 112-38-41-65 
Nareford, 141 
Narford, 144 
Naring, 69; Magna, 163 
Naringos, 69; Parva, 129 
Naringges, Parva, 170 
Naryngcs, Magna, 117 ; 

Parva, 117 
Naryngg, Parva, 162 
NedJiam, 52-6 
Neketon, 42, 163-6-7 
Neland, 90 
Nolond, 141 
Norburc, 88 
Norciburg, 70 
Ncreford, 20, 43 4, 69, 

Norforde, 47 
Nesso, 1 
Neiiton, 26, 64, 66, 72, 


IVIagna, 76 ; Floteman, 

170; ?, 152 
Neuwator ?, 2 
Newcton, 14, 72 
Nik(?ton, 114 
Norcot, 18 
Northon, 117 
Northton, 1 
Norton, 20, 64, 78, 82, 

96-9, 125-55-6-60; 

Pumham. 156 
Nortun, 3, 18, 41-4, 73, 

Norwich, 1, 24,30-9,44, 

50-2, 62-4, 70-1, 80 

(2), 82, 83 (3), 84, 

88 (3), 87 (2), 89, 92, 

98, 100-19-26-50-3, 

129 (2), 172 ; St. 

(^('iiioiit. 84 ; St. 

KdmM, 59; St. Giles', 

103 ; St. Paul, 104 


Noithwode, 40 
Norwyc, 85, 123 
Norwych, 87, 126-67; 

St. Augustiiie, 96 
Norwyco, 96-6-7, 120, 

Notion, 160 
Nottun, 64 
Nouton, 162 

Ode, 85 

Okelo, 133 

Olton, 106 

Ormesbi, 16 

Ormesby, 30-2, 40, 68, 

Osemundeston, 114 
Osmundeston, 4, 77> 129, 

Ouby, 135-46-66 
Oueltun, 10 
Oueltime, 5 
Oulton, 118-64 
Oustronde, 109 
OutweU, 137-49 
Outwelle, 135-9-62 
Overstrand, 143 
Overstronde, 76, 141 

Ovestrond, 133 
Ovigton, 117 
Ovinton, 18 
Ovrestrand, 157 
Ovyton, 112 
Owyton, 138 
Oxeburg, 21 
Oxeburgh, 172-49 
Oxcnedcs, 160 
Oxenegges, 144 
Oxewik, 38 
Oxewyc, 101 
Oxewyk, 124-55 
Oxomaneston, 112 

Pagg^ve, 16 

Pagrave, 62, 65, 84, 90, 
114 ; Magna, 62, 113, 
170 ; Parva, 132-70 

Pakysfold, 126 

Palling, 28 

Pallyng, 164 

Pangeford, 111-72 

Pankesford, 21, 99, 126, 

Panworth, 34 

Patesle, 166 (2) 

Patteslegh, 144 

Paulinges, 57 

Pceltun, 66 

Pettere Hetham, 113 

Phyloby, 88 

Pikeham, 48; North, 48; 
Sud, 48 

Pikenbam, 11 ; S., 39 

Pimho, 4 

Pirrowe, 140 

Plumpstede, 122 

Plumstod, 15, 61 

Plumstede, 8, 22, 36, 65, 
75, 118-19-38; Grim- 
mere, 117 ; Parva, 92, 
94, 117 

Pokethorp juxta Nor- 
wich, 168 

Poringlaimd, 92 

Poringlond, 94 ; Magna, 
107; Parva, 107 

Poryngland, 150 

Porynglond, 77 

Possewik, 94, 120 

Possewyk, 123 

Poswick, 99 

Poswik, 88 

Poswyk, 78 

Pottore Hegham, 171 

Potteres Heygham, 134 

Potterheytham, 98 

Prilleston, 22, 31-2, 102, 

Puddyng, 159 

Puddyngg, 160 

Pulham, 42, 73, 86-7, 96, 

Pulleham, 116 

Pykeham, South, 109; 
North, 109 

Pykenham, 33 ; South, 
136 ; Wade, 167 

Quarueles, 73 
Quidenham, 73 

Rachay, 64-5 
Hacheia, 3 
Radenhalle, 122 
Rakehcithe, 63 
Rakeia, 21 (2) 
llakeye, 86 (2), 91 
Rakheye, 93 
Rakheyth, 165 
Rakheytho, Magna, 107 
Randestone, 114 
Randeworth, 35, 99, 125, 

Randew'rd, HI 
Randewurth, 68 
Ravelingham, 60 
Ravoningham, 18, 24, 58, 

60-2, 70-3, 81, 99, 106, 

Raven5mgham, 102-16, 

117 (2), 123-5-7-61-5 

Reddehale, 114 
Reddonhal, 14 
Redelington, 103 
Redenhal, 31, 63, 89 
Redonhale, 114-43-65(2), 

Redham, 21, 46, 66-7, 

73-87, 106-50-60-2 
Redhebech, 25, N.B. 
Redling^n 111 
Reffham, 80 
Rcfham, 23-8, 74-5, 80, 

87, 118-41-53-6-61-2, 

Redlesworth, 80 
Reidune, 12 
Reimereston, 32 
Reinestorp, 14 
Reinham, 13, 16, 20, 46, 

South, 13 
Renhal, 79 
Renham, 11 
Repham, 97, 116 
Reples, South and North, 

Rcppes, 4, 30, 62, 72, 88, 

94; North, 124-31-41, 

143-67; South, 127, 

151; North and South, 

104-31-3; jurta 

Thome, 132 
Reppetun ?, 62 
Repps, North, 76 
Resinges, 25 
Reveningham, 127 
Reydon, 99, 107 
Reymerston, 87, 90, 106, 

Reyngham, 89, 141 
Reynham, 76; Great, 46; 

Magna, 155 ; South, 

78, 107; St. Margaret, 

Ribure Parva, 10, 14 
Riburg, 14, 46, 69 (2); 

Magna, 102; Parva, 

Riburgh, 73 
Ridon, 7, 91 (2) 
Ridone, 163 
Ridun, 44 
Ringeland, 43 
Ringelond, 63, 86, 166 
Ringgefeud, 58 
Ringsted, 2, 20 
Ringstede, 68, 102; 

Great, 61 ; Magna, 

131 ; Parva, 12, 116 
Ripton, 141 
Rising, 43 
RiHingo, 153 


Rismges, 44-6 
Rissew'ith, 57 
Biston, 16, 26, 38, 46, 

73, 93-8-9, 103-10-11, 

164-70; juxtaFordham, 

Kistona, 13 
Kiweball, 3 
Rocton, 2, 106 
Rodecarlton, 109 
Rodesham P, 28 
Rokeland, 77 
Rokelind, 139 
Rokelintoftes, 132 
Rokelond, 7 
Rokelimd, 5, 25, 41, 63, 

68. 79 (2), 109, 160 

Rokesham, 15 
Roklimd, 163 
Rollesbi, 105-7 
Rolleby, 37, 41 
RoUesby, 44, 66-7-8, 

89, 95-7, 109-84-44, 

Ronhal, 99 
Ronham, 104 
Ronholm, 118 
Rossew'rthe, 104 
Roy don, 122 
Rucham, 16 
Kucton, 29, 133 
Kudham, 6, 8, 11, 12, 27 

(2), 31, 63, 60, 77, 85, 

96 (2), 149; East, 62,, 

96 ; Markete, 53 ; 

West, 60-6, 149 ; West 

and East, 166 i 

Rugham, 53, 138-42-4 
llue^hton, 157 
Kujj:thono, 118 
Ruiohal, 39 
Kuieshal, 9, 17, 10, 23, 

33, 55, 71-2 
Ruioshale, 27, 104 
Rungcton, 101-10-40 
Rungotone, 43 
Rungetonholmo, 43 
Runhal, 11, 94 
Ilimhale, 95, 124-32-7 
Runham, 49, 66, 69 (2), 

70-2, 105-11-26-67 
Runhamholm, 105 
Runhaii?, 10 
Runton, 26 (2), 30-6, 75, 

111-14; ?, 61; East, 

Rvburgh, 110 ; Parva, 

Rydon, 120-3-33 
Rydone, 02 

Ryngelond, 84 
Ryngested, 143 
Ryng^ede, 143; Parva, 

Ryngsted, 68 (2) ; 

Magna, 134-6; Parva, 

Ryngstede, Magna, 118, 

Rysing, 72 (2), 120; 

Parva, 90 
Rysinge, 87, 126 ; Caatel, 

116; Parva, 86 
Ryssew'rth, 101 
Rysyngg, 168 
Ryston, 86, 102, 109 (2), 


Sadelboge, 6 
Sadelbowo, 96, 148-65 
Sadlebowe, 116 
Saham, 26, 77-8, 117, 

130 (2), 138 
Sailtwert, 29 
Salle, 69, 76, 81, 90, 

Sallus, 59 

Salthus, 83-4-8, 118-20 
Sandringeham, 134 
Sandringbam, 37, 72, 

Sandryngbam, 147 
Santon, 23 
Sarcnton, 3 
Suulo, 97 
Saullo, 4 
Sax(^lingbam, 34 
Saxlingeham, 13-9 
Saxlingham, 9 (2), 20, 

28-9, 30 (2), 36-7, 

42, 45, 53, 63, 113-19, 

Saxthor', 107 
Saxthorp, 155-66 
Scarntun, 52 
Scelton ?, 66 
Scharingtone, 104 
Schamobume, 118 
Schamebnin, 123 
Scbarnebrune, 94 
Scharenton, 36 
Schameton, 71 
Scheford, 118 (2) 
Scholfhanger, 79, 89, 90, 

Scholfhangere, 112 
Schelton, 34, 61 
Schongham, 39 
Schorning, 118 
Schemyng, 161 
Schimplingh, 34 

Schipedene, 132 
Schireforde, Toftis, 112 
Scboteabam, 93, 133-36 
Schothowe, 46, 141 
Schrepham, 34 
Schropbam, 103 
Schnldbam, 152 
Schuletorp, 49 
Schyreford, 96 
Scbypeden, 133 
Scnetesbam, 9 
Scotesbam, 22 
Scotho, 27-9, 63, 73, 81, 
Scothogbe, 167 
Scotboo, 106 
Scothou, 120 
Scothowe, 130-33-45-58, 

Scotou ?, 106 
Sculetborp, 36 
Sculeton, 59 
Sculetorp, 66 
Sculleton, 41 
Scultborp, 78, 110 
Scuston, 114 
Scutestun ?, 61 
Scroteby, 34-5 
Scrouteby, 58, 69, 81, 

Sech, 10, 23 
Secb', 34 
Seche, 19, 32 (2), 128, 

Sechoford, 64, 74, 102, 

Sechey, 101 
Sfcheyb, 47 
Seinges, 54 
Seingham 37 (2) 
Solfanare, 52 
Selfbangro, 12, 57 (2) 
Semore, 49, 104 
Sengos, 76, 82, 85, 94, 

Sennestborp ?, 73 
Semeburne, 27 
Sethoford, 114 (2), 116 
Sethehich, 43 
Seynges, 92 
Shamebume, 116 
Sbameton, 125 
Sharnton, 47 
Shechytbe, 98 
Shelf angre, 147 
Sholfbanger, 40, 70, 131 
Shelf 'haungro, 122 
Shclton, 16, 73-7, 97, 

Shengham, 50 
Shopedbam, 138 
Shereford, 48 

. /nggimtuDycIe. 

buTfth, 169 
Shipodhuu, (IN, I S3 
Shipedeo, 143-67 
Shiniford, 2S, 49 
Shotoaham, 60-3-7, 73. 

84, 109-13-23-39-60-3, 

1 60-72 
Rhottesham, 49, 74 
Shropham, 128-46, 147 

(2). I6U 
Shuldhani, 54, 65, 123, 

Shymplinf;, 132 
ShvpMlhiim, 64, lOt-fil 
Sidusttimu, 9, II 
CJipoche, 15 
Siocho, 22 
eienghum, 10 
tjimplingr, Bl 
Sipdon, 3 
SipedcD. 3, 18 
Sipedluim, 30 
Sireford, 2 (2) 
Sieclnundo, 138 
SisknU, 164 
Sislond, 90, 113-6S-9 
Siatrond, 133 
githcitturn, 138 
Sithcutemo, 153 
Skeburg, 108 
8k(^ton, 28, 31 
Skeruifco, 70 | 

Skemi'g, 76 

Skeming, 45, 78, 86 j 
Sker'jTig, 76 i 

Skcmyngc, 132 
Skothuwe, 146-54 
Slaloo, 139 
Slologh, 90 
Slolpg, 81 
Slolt-yo,- 144-65 
IJiDBlbcrgh, 5 1 
Smnlubuig, 35, 116 
Smnlcbccgh, lii2 
Siruilubnniuu juxta l>il-l 

ham, ISO 
Snarcshull, 49 ' 

Snaring, 37: Gnat, 61 ; 
Snaringra, 70 ' 

Snctcsham, 3, 4, 18, 25 

(2). 20,(8, 118-20 
Rniterlu, 64, 126-30 
Soitorh'g, 92 
SnitRTtuii, 2 
Snuring, (ircut, H3 : 

Sniiringgi-. Mugna, 16i< 
' --;, I'mra, 128 

RnjlrrtoTi, I0;i-30-4' 
KoDU-Tton, iaa-I6-3'J 

Knt, 11<> : I'^t and 

Went, 132; Wpst, l;" 
Somertuno, EmW, 107 
SoU'wham, 18, 27, 30, i: 
Sottbou, 110 
Southorp, 106 
Sparham, 13, 26-9, 3 

39, 62-8, 80, S4-6, 107. 


Hparic, 62 
S[)arlej- P, 36 
Sperhom, 1 
SpichoaiForth, 14 
Spi'hvHwurtho. 33 
Spikiuvorth, 154 
Sporlf, 114 
SproHton, 64 
Spruustiin, 62. S5-6, 102 
Rproweston, 87 

Stalt'ham', 139 
Stnloye, 104 
Stalham, 110-26-31 
Stulvnfcilo, 161 
Ktaniifuld, 147 
Sliinfcld, 143 
atiinfucd, 2, 33 (2), 4B-7, 

63. 103-9.11-^9-57 
Stanho, 16, 21-5, 38,60 
St.inhoivt>, 100-68 
StnnnmL'huIf. 105 
Stilt Ui-tr, Si 

.SUunf-id, 107 


StiMjirdu, 165 

StLbprdu, 21, 160-8 

Stibridfi, 39 

Rtikiugnland, 22 

Stirsluii, 131-48 

.stivtkeyu, 36, 121-6! 

Stivfikyotorp, 64 

Stuctoii. 61, 81 

Stodoyo, 42-7, 118-24, 
138 (2), 149-60 

Stiikn, IG2 

St..k™. 43, 67, 72, 106 

Btokenby, 3K5, 30, HO; 
ujIs JerueiDuUi. 14S 

Slukingb'. 27 

Sluktrm, 118-66 

Stuutm', 66 

Stow Bydon, 96 

Slow.', 6, 13. 29, 82 ; 
Hydon, 123, 163: 
ItyduD. 118-29-33: 
jiiita W'yntlioli.'shain, 
137 1 jaztaWynbotua- 

.'itoTcViyJun, 113-43-44 

Stowtbyd'iun, 151 

titowcbydiui, 149 (2) 

StradcMdu, 162 {2} 

Ktradcat, 60 

StradBhuto, 16 

Straton, 16 

Sf ton, 2 

SCiatton, 6, 16, 18, 19, 
20-8-9, 46 (2), 6S, 71, 
78, 105-45-B6-68; jnz- 
ta Hevingham, lOS; 
Long. 61 ; Lunge, 41; 
StreloB, 111 

StrmiLj-.'shali', 16 
tJtruiiisiiwo, 122-138 
Struniosha'. 80 
atyvekcyo, 1 16-25 
Stykekye, 171 
Suofham, 62 

Stidpcrcc, 24 
Sudcroc, 8 
Sudfeld, IS 
Sudmcre, 12 
Sueincton, 3 
Sueinestorp, 6 
Suoingeton, 11 
KufFold, 61, 136-46 
SuienoBtorp, 1 
Su'ington, BS 
Suldham, 15, 79 
Siuncro, 28 

Sumcrton. 8, 17, 42-8, 

66,79, 96, 117 
Kumertun, 02 
Buralingliam, 44 
Surlighuim, 11 
Surlinghiun. 16, 100-16 
Surly ngham, 109 
Surruia. 15 
Sumyo, 70 
Suston, 140 
Sutberch, 121 
Sulhacre, 104 
Suthborit, 113-16 

SlltillKTUgtl, 161 

Swihburgh, 127-43 

:, H4-66 

I, 162 

SulhiT . , . 
Sulhti'ld, 40, 1ii(i-32 
Siilhlcnii, l.i7 
SulhniiTP, 163 (2) 
Sulhn-inhaiii, 43 
!:>\ilbn'vv, 171 

Sutbated, 85 
Ijuthatede, 113-62 
Sutreppltis, 30 
Sutton, 18, 49, 139 
SuTaphnm, 13 
Swafharo, 40, 72, 168 
Swagbingge, 165 
Swaneton, 5, 67, 77, 80, 

Swutton, U, 1G7 -, Mar- 

Bchal, 130 
Svrantun, 67 
Swathofeld, 7S, UT-4&, 

Sweinefltorp, 17, 22 

KwerdeetoQ. 16, 124-47 
Swej-uesthorp, 114-63 
Swoynjfton, 171 
Sfdeeteme, II 
Sythyngg, HI 

Tucolncstone. 3 
TaculncHtun, 13 
Taki^lncaton, 80 
TaicolnoHton, i, 24, 67 



Tasbi „ 
I'aalurg, 1 13 
Tauoburg, 22. 31 
Tasoburgh, 87. 120-52-3 

TuuiiuburQ, 66 
TrtEiBoLurg, 61-92 
Taseoburgh, 7i 
Tiitercsford, 26 
Taffrford, 34, 42, 96, 

Taterflote, 37, 89 
Tatoshal, 34 
Tatrcsfurd, 137 
Taverham, 11, 87 (2), 

146, 167, 166 
TefToid, 48 
Tflfoni, 76-9 
Tolothorp, 43 
Telvcrtuno. 5 
IVbgtoB, 15 
TomiDg. 2 
Tcstcrton, 128-9-60 
Tpstfirtone, 159 
TcatoD, 09 


Thasaburg, 96 
Thaterford, 102 
Thateraote, 103 
Thavsrham, 1 
nofLTii, 45. 70-4, 167 
Thelveton, 114 


1 114 

Thetford, 69, 79, U9, 

Thewyt, 169-62 
TbibflWi, 95 
Thikathom, 64 
IMlebir', 19 
Thi]ney. 102 
TbiJueye, 101 (3), KM 
Thiring, 30 
Thiringe, 121 
Thime, 9, 109-46 


;. 41 

Th.iti!»hnk, 45 

Thoft, 95-9 

Thoroestoii, 72, 166 

Thorneton f, 166 

Tbomliam, 13. 69 

Thorp, 16, 30-4-8, 46, 
60, 64 (2), 66, 63-4, 
70, 76 (2), 78, 80, 92, 
96-7-9, 108-11.2-3-7, 
136: Abbstis, 111; 
iiixta HudfvBco, 114 ; 
lo Eviiskn, 1 1 1 ; parva. 


89, 91, 

t. 167 

Thdtiiliiiid. 1)7 
Thorpmatsh, 159 
Thurvotuii Y, 1 55 
Throkston, 13S 
ThTDj-ston, 130 (2) 
Thrk-kuby, 167 
Thrittoii, 29 
iVykuliy, 126 
■lliuddi'gton, 80 
Th.iruHtoQ. 124-67 


I, 34 

■ITiunt-tou, 112 
ThurmudutuD, 19 
Thumton, 1B4 
Thurcfurd, 153 
Thurston, 83, B8, 107 
Thurton, 36, 79, 94, 102, 

Thurtono, 138 
Thiimtrton, 126 
Thurverton, 99, 106 
Thurvertiin, 64 
Thurvton ?, 164 


Tharworton, 102 
Thattingtun, 63 (2> 
Thwavt, 100 
Thweit, 65 
Thweyt, 93, 141 
Thyleneio, 51 
Thymelthorp, 81 
Thyme, 97 
Thymyng. US 
Thytleshale, 145 
Tibenham. 12, 15, 

Tifttahal, 23 
TiftleehaU, 7 
Tifveteehalo, 104 
Tikewell, 4 
Tilenee, 3 
TUeneia, 9 
TillanB, 5 
Tilleneia, 24 
Tilleye, 49 
TUnei, 4 

Tilneia, 15, 26-8, 31-2-9 
llineie, 13 

TilDoy, 10,20-3,90, 106 
Tilneye, 80, 54-7, 83, 

98, 167, 169 (2), 161 
Timeltorp, 25 
'I'imolhori.. T.i 
Tirington. 1, 26, 164 
Tirinton, 7 
Timing, 63 
Tiryngton, 167 
Tieti^hul, 2 
TitchuwoU, 38 
TiteleBhal, 77 
TitluBhal, 10, 22, 30, 103 
Titleshalu, 172 
Tittloshal. 48 
Tivc^teahatl, *4 
'I'ivptahal, 17, 19, 101 
Tivetohiile, 17, 28 
Tudunluun, 153 
Todyngton, 85 
Toft, 28, 125 
Totta, 22 
Tofteria, 110 
ToEtcs, 9, 11, 21, 36, 44, 

53-9, 60, 102.8-17."". 

163; jmta Lynefeld, 

135 ; Monachornm, 

103; West, 64, 154, 

Tott juxta Aldoby, 163; 

itavuningham, 133 
Totta, 80, 139 ; St. 

Andrew, 101 
TonicBtuu, 1 
TomBton, 130 (2) 


Topcroft, 160 

Toring. 2 

Tomham, 4, 27 

Torp, 16, 20-6, 31 (2), 

Torph. 60 

Torpingsmers, 26 

Torton, 29 

Totington, 2, 3 

Totyngton, 132-9-66 

Trecton, 30 

Treuse, 64, 64, 80 

Trikeby, 48, 66, 88 

Trikestun, 27 

Trowes, 137 

Tnmch, 78 

Trykkeby, 106 

Tudeham, 32-7, 92; East, 
77 (2), 91, 100; East 
and West, 3 ; faldgate, 
76; falgate, 82; North, 

Tadenbam, 10; faldgate, 

Tudington, 80 

TuflFord, 71 

Tumston, 60 

Tunst', 8 

Tunstal, 2 

Tunstall, 9, 87 

Tunstalle, 81 

Tunsted (omitted on p. 
12, against No. 278) 

Turgarton, 26-6 

Tursford, 57 

Turston, 33 

Turton, 9 

Turverton, 37 

Tuten, 6 

Tutingtone, 169 

Tuttington, 6 

Twai, 24 

Tweit, 66 

Tweth, 98 

Tweyt, 41, 86, 138 

Twheyt juxta Pirrowe, 

Tybeham, 71-77, 126 

Tybenham, 46-7, 165, 

TycheweU, 62, 76, 143 

Tylene, 25 

Tyleneya, 81 

Tyleneye, 80 

Tylleye, 112 

Tylnev, 41-2-3, 65-6, 168 

Tylneya, 71, 84 

Tylneye, 91-3-9, 100-5, 
112, 122 (3), 129-36, 
137-38-40-41-42, 144 
(2), 148-53-62-3-6-70 

Tymolthorp, 96 

Tymeltorp, 68 

Tyrenton, 142 

Tyrington, 36, 42-9, 71, 
91, 112, 122 (2), 126-6, 
134 (2), 160-62-70 

Tyrinton,71, 83, 99, 126, 

Tyrri'gton, 64 

Tyrrington, 112 

TjTyngton, 161 

TytloshaU, 106 

Tyteleshale, 143 

Tytlesal, 41 

Tytleshale, 144-60 

Tytlesham, 100 

Tytteshal, 43 

Tyttone, 116 

Tyveteshal, 95, 102 

Tyveteshale, 104-10 

Tyretshal, 87 

Umton P, 142 

Upton, 65, 60-8, 87, 112, 

Uptun, 3 
Upwelle, 162 
UtweU, 15, 110 

Viveton, 107 
Vuyton, 64 

Wabume, 121 
Wacton, 125-30 
Wadeton, 64, 112 (2), 

Wadhoge, 9 
Wadetun, 16 
Waketon, 44, 87 (2), 97, 

117, 162 (2), 168 
Waketun. 10, 46 
Walcote, 106-73 
Walde, Nor., 65 
Walecot, 103 
Walecote, 59, 111-27-69 
Walepol, 25, 56, 82, 90, 

103-5-12, 119 (2), 129, 

145-9, 152 (2) 
Walepole, 40, 54 
Walesham, 3, 6, 22-4, 

34 (2), 43-6-8, 67, 64, 

79, 85, 94; North, 1 ; 

Nor., 6 
Waleton, 28; North, 129 
Walingham, 86 
Walington, 82 
Walpol, 44, 137-42-62-70 
Walpole, 30, 72 
Walsham, 33, 68 ; North, 

117-54-6-69; South, 

48, 1C8-12-61-66-72 

Walsingeham, 66 
Walsingham, 22, 24, 34; 

Magna, 14, 78, 92, 

130-70; Great, 89» 

104; Parva, 70, 170 
Walsocne, 16, 36 
Walsoken, 19, 37, 129 
Walsokene, 8 
Walsokne, 20, 37, 82, 

93-7, 119 (2), 163-4-5 
Waltham, 107 
Walton, 3, 34-7, 40-6, 

60, 82, 133-46(2); 

East, 116-44; West, 

92, 133 
Waltone, 38 
Wareham, 46 
Warfles, 83, N.B. 
Warham, 26-7-8-9, 36-9, 

41, 68, 61-2-4, 80-8, 

121, 137 
Wastonesham, 66 
Waterden, 36, 43, 66, 70 
Waterdene, 154 
WatHngton, 82, 166 
Watton, 112-48-66 
Wausingham, 42 
Wanton, 7. 10 (2), 88 

66, 73, 96; Hungres, 

133 ; West, 88 
Waxtonesham, 20-2-8, 

49, 91, 172 
Wechingham, 63 
Weibrede, 29 
Weinch, 42 
Welbum, 122 
Well, 23 (2), 90-7 
WeUe, 10, 13, 60, 84, 

WeUes, 6, 14, 21 (2), 28, 

29, 37, 133; juzta 

Warham, 136 
Wellis, 61 
Wells, 46 
Welingham, 96 
WelUngham, 12, 162 
Wellingeham, 104 
Welyngham, 144; Mag- 
na, 117(2) 
Weni, W., 7 
Wenic, W., 10 
Wenich, W., 22; (P), 

Weniz, 38, 46; E., 66; 

Est, 75; W., 12, 14, 

23 (2), 58, 86, 98, 100, 

101 (2) ; omitted from 

No. 271 
Wenyk, W., 140 
Wenyz, 133 
Wenyz, W., 139 


Werlingham, 66 
"Wennyngham, 138 
Weseham, 11,34,40-6-7, 
100-41; Thorp, 117 

Wesehamthorp, 91 

Wesenham, 12, 40, 70, 

126-34-62; Great, 40; 

Magna, 117; St. Paul, 

117; Thorp, 40 
Wesenthorp, 41, 93 
Weshamtorp, 48 
Westacre, 15, 25, 64, 94, 

Westfeld, 144 
Westgate, Bumham, 156 
Westham, 100 
Weston, 11, 12, 27, 58. 

60-6, 84-7, 112-13-16, 

120-48-9-60, 164 (2); 

juxta Atlebrigg, 172 
Westun, 62-3 
Westwic, 43-6 
Westwik, 93 
Westwyk, 117-33-44-66, 

167-71 ; juxta Werth- 

stede, 146 
Wetacre, 88 
Wetacreburgh, 118 
Wetakre, 100 
"Weteakor, 56 
Wetherden, 36, N.B. 
Wethoringsett, ?, 32 
Wetinge, 113 
Weybred, 163 
Wlieatacre, 108-19-23-6, 

Whoatr', 107 
Whitowell, 80, 156 
Whithaker, 127 
Whitlingham, 41 
AVhittun, 20 
AVhorotham, 68 
Whychingham, 115 
Whytacro, 105 
Whytewell, 115 
Whytewillo, 125 
Whytton, 63 
Wicelesford, 22 
Wichamton, 25-6 
Wicheham, 7 
Wicherstori), 18, N.B. 
Wichingeham, 6, 11, 29 
Wichingham, 2, 6, 13, 

22-7, 106-7 
Wichtun, 16 
Wicingesete, 2 
Wicklew'de, 11 
Wicklingham, 28 
Widewode, 17 (2), 36 
Wicton, 13, 16 

Wigehal, 9, 12, 28 
Wigehale, 48 
Wigehaul, 67 
Wigemere, 44 
Wigenhal, 6 (2), 61 
Wigenhale,7, 13, 17, 68, 

Wigenhall, 37 (2), 38 
Wigenhaude, 11 
Wiggehal, 16, 39 
Wiggehaul, 43 
Wigton, 13, 86 
Wike, 38 
Wikelewud, 69 
Wikelwode, 78 
Wikemere, 64 
Wikfield, North, 82, 

Wikhamton, 68 
WiMngeham, 28 
Wikingham, 23 
Wiklewode, 66 
WUeby, 41 
Willake, 99 
WUterton, 40 
Wilton, 7, 71, 161 
WUtun, 6 
Wimbodesham, 24 
Wimundham, 21, 106 
Wine, West, 16 
Winch, West, 17 (3), 36 
Winebodesham, 23, 70 
Winebotesham, 19, 59 
Winebotham, 48 
Winebotsham, 18, 57 
Winiston, 106 
Winns, West, 19 
Winterton, 12, 48, 64 
Wintertun, 62 
Wintortune, 63 
Wirdlington, 35 N.B. 
Wirham, 42 
Wiringtun, 40 
Wirthested, 169 
Wischingscto, 64 
Wissigsete, 64 
Wissingsete, 82 
WisjTiset, 152 
Witowell, 31, 55 
Withton, 58 
Witigsete, 6 
Witton, 6, 29, 64, 122 
W'tton, 42 
Wittorn ?, 150 
Wododallinge, 96 
Wode Dallinges, 4 
Wodedallyng, 164-8 
Wodeford, 103 
Wodegato, 154 
Wodenorton, 168 
Woderising, 143 


Woderisingh, 129 
Woderisyng, 161 
Wodersua ?, 9 
Woderysing, 115 
Woderysinge, 127 
Wode, South, 160 
Wodeton, 68, 73 
Woketon, 137 
Wolde, North, 131-49, 

Wolferton, 38, 115-47 
Wlterton, 15, 107 
Wolterton, 114-24-70 
Woltertune, 22 
W(o)ltreton, 2 
Woodrising, 148 
Wooton, 120; North, 

juxta, 146 
Wordestede, 49 
Wordstedo, 96 
Wortham Thorpe, 159 
Worthing, 41 
Worthsted, 167 
W'rthested, 46 
W'rthestede, 77 
Worthestede, 117-61 
Worthstede, 166 (2), 171 
Wotton, 162-60; North, 

168; South, 168 
Wrampelingham, 74-9 
Wramplingham, 21, 40, 

Wramplyngham, 138 
Wranyngham, 141 
Wrennynham, 109 
Wrenyngham, 74 (2) 
Wretham, 100 
Wretton, 9,49, 6J, 89 
Wrocton, 61 

Wroke8ham,!37, 69 
Wroksham, 91 
Wrondhoe ?, 103 
Wrotham, West, 116(2), 

Wrottham, 13 
Wrottune, 63 
Wroxham, 67, 60, 165 
Wudedalling, 64 
Wudedallyng, 33 
Wudeton, 73-8 
Wuditun, 21 
Wulferton, 1, 68 
Wulfrington, 109 
Wulterton, 51, 160-2 
Wurhested, 51 
Wuth, 117 
Wuttun, 54 ; North, 69, 

Wychamtun, 63 
Wychingeham, 41 


Wychingham, 65, 76, 

Wycktleawode, 71 (2) 
Wyckemere, 122 
Wvclewode, 137-73 
Wyeton, North, 113 
WygehaU 61. 91-4, 100 
Wygehall, 105-24 ■ 

Wvgemere, 50 
WVg^enhal, 4, 41, 51-5.' 

60, 83, 103.4-10-29-34 
Wygenhale, 59, 83, 1 10, 

120-1-4-34, 136 (2), 

Wygenhall. 83, 103 
Wyggehal, 65 
Wyggenhal, 87 
Wyggenhale, 96 
Wyggenhall, 72 
Wygheal, 46 
Wyghtlingham, 137 
Wyghton, 137 i 

Wyk, 97 ; West, 144 
Wyke, 140 
Wykelewude, 90 
Wykelw'de, 71 

Wykemere, 62, 109-40, 

Wykemnere, 160 
Wvkhampton. 138 
Wvleby, 94, 116-9; juxta 

Castel-bakenham, 131 
Wvllebv, 164 2. 
Wylton, 120-i-5.39-44, 

Wymbodeoham, 100 
Wymundfrh&m. 84-8. 109 . 
Wvmundham, 43. 78, 87. ; 


148 (2), 162 
Wynbodesham, 128 
\Vyiibot6Bham, 156 
\V\iieboteham, 50 
Wvnch, East, 151 : 

West, 110-37 
W^-nche, East, 153 
Wj-ndele, 114-25-63 
Wynebodeaham, 97 
Wynebotesham, 39, 50 
\V\Tiedele, 117 
Wynedole, 78 
Wyneferling, 40 

Wyneling, 91 
Wvnenton, 123 
Wyniz. West, 65 
Wvnterton, 56, 79, 96, 

W>-iithet(m, 110 
Wvnt'ton, 115 
WVrham, 66-7, 154, 162 

Wyrmegeye, 67 
Wywinge^ete, 77 
Wvasingsete, 144-66 
Wytewell, 80, 118-61 
W\-tford, 75 
wS-thingsete, 156 
Wvtlingeham, 82-8 
Wytton, 86-7-9, 112-22, 

Wyveton, 68, 120-3-6, 

130 (2), 145 

Yarmonth, 94 
Yelverton, 125-32 
Ykeburg, 15 
Ylsingetan, 51 
Ysted, 29 



I FBOPOBX to print a somewhat long preface to t'h i ' ^ work 
wh.ea the last part ia isaiied, and therefore refrain from any 
remarks oa the Bubjecta touched on by the Fines analyzed in 
thia Part. 

A few referencea, however, may be uaefiil in the meanwhile. 
It is especially noteworthy that many of these early Fines do 
not refer to real property, though it ia usually laid down that 
Fines related to this only. Among other eiamplea may be oitfld 
those oa p. 31, of remission of a debt; oa pp. 54, 65, 71, 
81 (2), 85, 90, 108, 165, 172, of the freedom of villeins;* on 
pp. 53 (2), 54, 60, 61, 62 (2), 63, 96, 100, 129, 13?, and 139, of 
remissions of services ; on p. 79 of an admissioa to the benefits of 
a Priory; and on pp. &i. 74, 78, 81, S4, 88, 94, and 95, of rent 
and arrears of rent. 

Again, on p. 55, we find a fine levied to settle a dispute. The 
"custody of 40 acres" occurs at p, 85, the custody of an heir 
at pp. 64 and 136, and the custody and marriage of another at 
p. 92. 

Grants of fisheries are especially intereatiag, now that every 
riparian owner is trying to shut out anglers, and will be found 
at pp. 57, 60, 63, 64, 69, 75, and 120; grants of a waterconrse 
at p. 71, and of markets at pp. 72 and 75. "Duels" are 
mentioned at pp. 61, 75, 76, and 133, and a plaintiS- guardian at 
p. 160 ; a herring rent at p. 132, and the Statute of Mortmain at 
p. 131. Of strange names there are many, «.g., Fiz le Prestre 
and Fiz a la persone at p. 74 ; but these must stand over for the 

a fines, because the gractora were their rilleina, 

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