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Full text of "The Asiatic annual register; or, A view of the history of Hindustan, and of the politics, commerce and literature of Asia ... v. [1]-12; 1799-1810/11"

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OF •' 





For the Year 1799^. 

L O N D O N:;.-;. 




To the Right Honourahle 

or Hii hajiity'i rKjNCiPAi. secretarii* of »tat«, akd 



To the Honourable 

OF l^ME 

United East India Company, 









Th E nature and plan of the Work which we 
now lay before the PuhU.c, have been already un- 
folded and explained in our general Prospectus ; 
and our idea of its utility has been amply justified, 
not only by the liberal and almost universal pa- 
tronage we have met with, but by the approbation 
of men whose opinions,, as they add authority to 
truth, so they have given confidence to our hopes, 
as well as energy to our • exertions. . It would 
therefore be superfluous, if jnot imjwoper, to de- 
tain the reader with any observations on the me- 
rits -of our undertaking, or to solicit attention by a 
declamatory discourse, on its importance ; but it 
seems necessary to give a sketch of our original 
plan, and to state the reasons which have induced 
us to deviate from it in a few particular parts. 

fl 3 We 



We proposed to arrange our Miscellany under 
SIX distinct heads ; namely, a History of British 
India ; a Chronicle of Public Events in ^sia at 
large, and a paiticular Detail of all Civil and Mi- 
litary Transactions in India ; an Account of Cha^ 
racters, both Asiatic and European, who have been 
distinguished either for their talents or virtues ; 
Narratives of Voyages and Travels ; Miscellane-r 
ous Essays on the Arts, Sciences, and general Li- 
terature of Asia; and, lastly, an Account of all the 
best Publications on Asiatic Affiurs, with Re- 
marks upon them. It will be found that in sub- 
stance, though not exactly in form, we have faith- 
fully followed up this plan. 

Anxious that our first article should be as coni- 
plete in itself, and as useful to the Public, as we 
were capable oif making it, we have cgmmenced 
our History xvith a Yiew of th6 Indian Empire, 
fr6m the earliest Ages to the beginning of the 
scventeenrfi Century of the Christian ^lEra, cpmf 
prising an account of the Civil and Religious Sys- 
tem, the Arts and Sciences of tlie Hindus, together 
with a relation of siK'h parts of their authentic 
History as we tiave been able to separate from the 
^pular Fables in which the whole of it is in- 
volved, iuid a connected narrative of the Mussul- 

^ man 



man Conquests, as well as of the Rise and Progress 
of thdr DoTninions, in Hindustan. Considcr- 
ii^ an bistorxcal account of these important sub-* 
jects as the tnie basis of a Histoiy of the British 
Empire in the Bast, we have aimed at the utr 
most accuracy ; for the strength and permanency 
of the superstructure, must, in a great measure, 
depend on the ground-work on which it is 
raised: Without a competent knowledge of these 
subjects, it would be the height of presumption 
to write a History of British India; and without an 
adequate notion of them, no reader, who is not 
conversant in Asiatic politics, could possibly under- 
stand it. The view which we have taken, will, 
we trust, render the charaoters, political senti- 
ments, and civil histories of the Hindus, and In- 
dian Mussulmans, familiar to eveiy reader ; and 
thereby enable him to form a correct judgment of 
the conduct of the Ei^Iish, in their wars and ne- 
gotiations with the Princes of India,' which it has 
. been but too much the ^hion to deer}'. 

It was our intention to have brought down our 
lEstoiy, in:this volume, to the year 1 708, when the 
Incorporated Umonof the OW and New East In- 
dia Companies was a)nfirmed by Parliament; but 
the Tatibotiand imjKntant political occurrences of 
a 4 the 


the present year, together with the voluminous 
State Papers relative to them, have Increased our 
Volume to so great a size, that we thought it re- 
quisite to set aside that portion of the early History 
■of the Company, and their first establishmwits in 
India, in order to make way for matter not only 
inore curious in itself, but- more ijnmediately inte- 
resting to the feelings of the Public- 

In t!ie Chronicle, it will be found, we have re- 
gistered every public event in Asia during the pe- 
riod of time which we have embraced, and have 
given particular details of the political and com- 
mercial affairs of the British Empire, as well as of 
the other nations in India. But, after much ma- 
ture consideratioDj we have deemed it advisable 
Xo postpone, until next year, our General View of 
Asiatic Politics ; as w^ell from the recent events 
in India being far too momentous to be treated in a 
cursory manner, as from our own inability to view 
tliem with that calmness and impartiality essen- 
tial to the nature of oiu- work. We should, indeed, 
have but little to boast of as Englishmen, if, amidst 
the first bursts of joy wliich the magnanimous ac- 
tions of "our Councils, and the glorious achieve- 
inents of our Arms, have diifiised around us, we 
could abstract our minds from those generous 



emotions which they naturally^ eaicite in ev«"y pa- 
tiiotic bosom, and which, thefefere, it is the duty 
of the Politician to encourage rather than restrain. 

In the other parts of the Chronicle, our original 
promise has, in every particular, been strictly ful- 
filled ; though we are perfectly aware, that in our 
arrangement of the materials, there is yet much to 
iinprove. To the Chronicle, wc have added a 
Supplement, containing many curious papers 
respecting Tippoo Sultaun, together with several 
artides of intelligence, received by the last dis- 
patches firom India. 

With a view to preserve due order and perspi- 
cuitj', we have formed a distinct department of 
State Papers, of the Proceedings in Parliament 
relative to the Affairs of India, and of the regular 
series of the Debates at the India House; to 
which we have subjoined a copious Supplementt 
containing the whole of the official documents 
relative to the conquest of Mysore, and the subse- 
quent partition of that kingdom. 

Respecting our Biographical Accounts, we 
shall not offer any remarks, as they require no . 
elucidation, nor, we trust, any apology. We. 




■with those important afeirs, is our peculiar prb- 
Tince ; and if we shall be found to merit a con- 
tinuance of that patronage which we have alreadj- 
received, neither Time, Bihgence, nor Expense, 
shall be spared, to render our labours satis&ctoiy 
and beneficial to the Public, 

London, March 8, I800, 



ftbMi India. The brilliant prospect vtUcfa that- 
iBfakable country now presents, under die "wiaa 
aak la^dous administration of the Xoble Mar- 
Qiris who presides OTCr it, while it excites the ad- 
miration and enTy of surrounding nations, can- 
not but aford the most solid sati^urtion to 
CToy British heart. We there behold, under the 
mikl -and just government of Britain, an ancient 
and highly cultivated people restored to the lull 
ei^ojiuent of their religious and civil rights, after 
having endured) for sc\'en centuries* the most in- 
exorable tyranny recorded in the annals of man- 
kind: we behold the tiseful industry of that peo- 
ple exerted, not less for their own benefit, than for 
that of their rulers; and, instead of being wasted 
in the support of unprincipled .and destructiTe 
wars, is nourished in the bosom of commerce, to 
secure the peace and happiness of nations : and, 
above all, "we behold the immeasurable resources 
of 4e most fertile r^on in the world at the com- 
mand of the British Legislature, and employed by 
the consommate ^Hsdom and enlightened policy 
of the Great Statesman who administers the af- 
&rs of India, at once to increase the Wealth and 
Qtaiatain the Freedom of Britun. 

To fflabtf our Countrymen familiarly acquainted 




Soyd, Hugh, ££). • - 9 copiM. 

Bydmead, Mr. 

Bouillon, Prince de. 

Banks, J.C.Efq. 

Bamiy, Do&or, 

Bonham, Henry, tSq. 

Bmce, , Efii- 

Bacon, , Efi}. 

Blackfluv, , Efq. 

Biii;gb, Mn. 

BcniiM, , Elq, 

Buker, Mn. 
■ Bromfield, R. Er,|. 

Bailey, Lieutemnt -Colonel R, 

Bra<^l^lk, Thomai, Efq. 

BIcketlUBe, Mr. 

Brooke, ThoDiM, Elq. 

B«tvor, Junci, Efq. jun. 

Bennet, Hon. Henry. 

Bruce, Tboaiti, Efq. 

Barraay, James, Efq. 

Black, MrlTrs. and Co. • £ copiei. 

Bell, William, Efq. 

BroVmrigg, Coloivt. 

BIjckftonc, ,Efq. 

Barnard, , Efq. ' 

Balfour, John, Ef^. 
Binny, Chaiiei, Efq. 

Balan, , Efq. 

Belli, John, Hq. Cakutu. 

Brodie, Franc it, Efq, 

Bladct, John, ETq. 

Budd, Resr. Mr. 

Brathwaite, Major-General, Madrai. 

Boi^htiMij Licutcnant-CoIoDel Biaili- 

wtite, 73d Regiment. 
Btam, I«tdy. 
Bofwell, Alex, of Blackader, Efq. 


Caningiton, Lord. 

Cawdor, Lord. 

Chambers,' Sir Robert. 

Cote, Sir John, qih Dragoonf. 

Capper, Coionel. 

Cu(*en, J. C. flfq. M. P. ' . 

Canning, G<o. Efi]. M. P, 

. Carringlon, C. E. Blij. 

Cailbod, GeaEraL 

Corry, Right Hon. IHac. 

Cherry, Peter, Efq. Madras. 

Cheit)', j. M. Efq. Sum. 

Cutcbrooke, Cipiain, Rnyal Artillery. 

Colebiooke, Ctpc. Surv. Gen. Bengal. 

Campbell, Sjf Alexander, Ban. 

Cam[^ll,P.Efq.of Archattan, soco{i. 

Campbell, Major-Gen. Dugald. 

Campbell Colonel, Iflc cf .W'S^t- 

Campbell, Captain. 

Campbell, Lieutenant'. 

Campbell, Colonel Duoean. , 

Campbell, Robert, Efq. Calcutta. 

CaWtcoti, A. Efq. 

Coife, John, Efq. " , 

Clarke, Andrew, Efq. 

Clarke, Robcn, Efq. 

Clarke, Mr. A. 

Clarke, Rev. J. S. 

Colllnfon, C. S. Efq. 

Chafe, Richard, Efq. 

Cifjitiajor, J-H-Efq. 

Cleaver, W.lliam, Efq. Borab^. 

Cleaveland, Samuel, Efq. 

Cabell, William, Efq. 

Cuming, Jauies, Efq. 

Cuihbcrt, J.R. Efq. 
Cameron, Captain J. 43d Reg. 
Caler, J. A. Efq. 
Cleland, William, Efq. 
Cox, Lieutenani-Colonel. 
Chambers, Major. 
Callander, Jaines, Efq, 
Coibcii, Vinceniio, Efq. Madras. _ 
Collier, Capi. G. R. Ro^ Nav)-. 
Cooke, Mr. William. 
ChampagtK, Rev. Dean. 

Crawlhaw, , Efij. 

Cockbum, Thomas, Efq. Madras. 
Chaplin, Capiain, ^plh Reg. Madr^h 
Corfield, Lieutcuni Henry, 76th Reg. 
CanlHo, J. L. Efq. Calcutta. 
Champain, John, Efq. ditto. 
ComiDi, Charles, Eiqi ililto. 
Collilba,C,S.£f<t. , 

: ,L.O(.H>Ic Cheny* 


Ckdk, Bnrgef^ Efq. 
Cox; Mn. • 
CbalBEn, Wniiani, Efq. 
Cbalmcn.^Iisle*, Elq. 
Cluie, Cqmin. 

Coeaa, Coland, 5ad Reg. 
Chctwyod, VUnuni. 
CorfeUb, Licuu Cd^, tL N. 
Conrell, Qtnie*, ET^. ManiDtco.' 
Ciaikc.jjeauG«n. Sii Alurad, K- B. 


Dalkeidi, Eul <f . 

DbdUd, Sir Willian. 

Dusao, Cokraid Williun. 

Duigks, Bjgfat Hon. Sytvellu, M.F. 

DrinkmcTi Cokntd. 

Dinxii, Colooel. / 

DEBotgnc GoKial. 

DaOnrood, Fnocu, Efq. 

Ibflnnod, Robert, Elq- 

Derby, Book Socie^. 

Dmni, Cokuiel Jamei, Cakutn. 

Draper, DankI, Elq. 

Daml, Jolefh Lawrence, Elq. 

Dnvail, R. Efq. 

D-AgniUar, & Etq. 

Soliyniple, Cdooel, S. P. 71a R^ 

Dahymple, Colooel a 

DnJfiD, WiUian^ Er<|. 

Ttakeilnacit. EI4. 

Dc^, ColooeL 

DeVtll, Rcv.Jolm. 

Dem, WiUiam, Efq. 

D-AnrheDhob, Mi. 

Dicmai', Mn. 

Dibcj, O^cKiel. 

Dntnunood, CaptMO. lite 78tfa Keg. 

Dawftn, J. C. Elq.' 

Douce, Franciij Efq. 

Dumeigue, Chailei, Efq. 

Debnain, Jofan, Efq. 

Diglmw, Richanl, EQj. 

Daoa, Cipiaiii, Rppi Astiiierf, 

DncareTl, C. G. Elq. 
- Deanc. John, Efq. 

, Davie, Peregrin^ Efq. Madm. 

Duckitt, William, jun. Elq. Africut 
turift, C*pe of Good Hope. 

Dmby, Lieut. C6L W.J. 

ElphiQllone,HMi: WilliiiD. 
Elliott, Major-Gen. Bengal ArtiHeiy. 
Elliott, George, Efq. 
Edwarfj, Lieuteoant-Cokmd. 
Ealei, Richard, Efq. 
Emerfon, Captain, 7Ed Reg. 
Eyre, William Efq. 
Edwardi, Cdooel. 

Frecre, J. H. Efq. jun. M. P. 

FDint;lle,John, Efq. Calcutta.- 

Fombelle, Mr. 

Fnfer, Jamet, Elq. 

Frafer, Lieatenani-ColoDel SirooD. 

Frafcr, William, Efq.' 

Frafer, Alexander, Elq. 

Forbef, John. Efq. 

FoniuD, Capoin Edward, Bondiajv 

Fotbei, Jamei, Eli]. 

Fleetwood, John, Efq. LiQwn. 

Fleming, John M, D. 

FavcDce, Peter, Elq. 


Foifyih, Mr. 


Guilford, Earl of. 

Graot, Charlet, Efq. 

Grant, Jainei, Efq. 

Grant, Sir Jamci, of Grant, Baionet. . 

Giant, Colonel Hugh, of Mcy. 

Grant, Captain, Calcutta. 

Graot, Ci^a Aleunder, M»)rai. 

Ganblbore, William, Elq. M. p. 

Golding, Edwvd, I^. M. P. 

Cordao, Major Geneial. 



Gordon, George, Efq> 

Gordon, Ruben Moine, Efq. 

Gold, Capuin Chailo, Royil Ardlleiy- 

Giflbrd, WiUiim, Efq. 

Graham, Jamei, Efq. 

Gebbuiti, A. G. Efq. 

Girdiner, Capuin RiduiiL 

Gaidinet, Mr. John. 

Gouiby, Robeit, ETq. 

GiUct, , Efq. 

GiiiTci, George, Efq. 
Grii>d»U. GipiAin,, Royal Nayy. 
Griffith, John, Efq. 
Gregory. A. W. Efq. 
Gregoiy, Robert, Efq. 

Go«, , tfti- 

Goodwiii.J. L.Efq. 

Goodwin, Mr. Henry. 

Garland, Naihaniel, Efq. 

Gibboni, Captain S. Madtai. 

GroTrll, J. R. Efq. 

Geckie, Captain, sd R. Madias Cavalry. 

Goblc, J. H. Efq. 

Gour^aJi , Efq. 

■ Grwiie, C. Efq. 
Grove, John, Efij. 

Glenn, N. Efq. 

Grant, Tbtxnas, Efq. 

Godfal, Philip, Efq. 

Garrow, William, Eft;. 

Gee, Mr. 

Grant, Andrew, Efq. 

Greig, John, Efq. MoDtrofc. 

Greig, Captain Robert, 


Ilobart, Lord. 
Holmes, Lord. 
HolUnd, Loid. 
Holmes, Thomas, Efq. 
Hartley, Samiiel, Efq, 
Haftingj, Wanen, fcfq. 
Headcy, Pairiek, Efq. 
Hippelley, Sir John Cox, Baronet. 
Har*ood, William, Efq. 
Henchman, Thomas, Efq. 
Halibunon, David, Efq. 

Hilliard, Edward, Efq, 

Hargrave, Francii, Efq. 

Haigrave, Capfain, 4th R. Madras Car. 

Haigrave, E, R. Efq. Madrai. 

Hamilton, J. ofBsngour, Efq, 

Hamihon, Colonel Edward. 

Hawkes, Major, Artillery, Bombay. 

Hawkej, Captain, Bengal. 

Hawkins, William, Efq. Tritchiuopoly. ' 

Hi Reman, Major. 

Huddleflone, John, Efq. - - 

Hurtte, George Piii, Efq. 

Hurite, Mr. J. 

Harcourt, Lieut, Col. Geo^, M. P. 

Hall, Captain Heflor, 40th Regiment. 

Hdll, Liculenaoi Colonel. 

Hornby, John, Efq. 

Hyde, John, Efq. 

Halkeii, Major J. C. 55th Regiment. 

Hunter, Captain, 

Hunter, Mr. William. 

Homeck, Major General. 

Howonh, Humphry, Efq. 

Heriol, John,' Efq, 

Hoare, George, Efq. 

Hale, J. M. Efq, 

Hon, Major, 

Howel.Edward, Efq. ^ 

Harper, Reverend Mr. 

Hardwiek, Franeii, E(q. late Capt. 6*d. 

Hafell, Mifs. 

Higginfon, C. Haiwood, Efi}. 

HollaAd, Dr. 

Holland, F. Home. 

Harrifon, R. Efq. late Surg. Geo. Bomk. 

Hindley, Rev. J. H. 

Hall, John, Efq. Calcutta. 

Hayier, Captain, Royal Engineers. 

Hodgfon, Robert, Efq. 

Holland, Henty, Efq. 

Hall, John TboiDV, Efq. 

Hunter, David, Efij.' 

Hunier, Major. 
HeflorfG. J. Efq. 
Hl<^iru, Thomas, Efq. 
Hettrl, John Jaeob, Efq. 
Howell, David, Efq. 


stJsscai3E:RS' names. 




Jcaui Mijar Geocnl. 


JdnAnc, George, E(q. 

Jctuifiooe, Samuel, £(q> 

Jimu, Robert Grey, El<]> 

>ck(ba, RndiU, £fq. 

boa, —~, Efq. 

Ii«nni, F. E(q. 

>Ubn, WiUiam.junipr, Efq. 

Jooci, Bcajimin, Efq. 

IrcIiDd, Reverend J. 

JoDCf, Mn. 

Jaduu, Rev. Richard. 

Jdhnfon, Rev. Mr. 

Jntn, Mri Tbomat. 


Kcoonra^, Sir John, Baroneti 
Kenible,J. F, Efq. 

Kei, Dr. Charkt. 


I«w)i,M«hew, Efq. 
law, Ewan, Efq. 

laoe, Mr. - - 6 copic*. 

Lmg,Jam«, EFq. 
Liii^, Jamei Bruce, Efq. CalcuUi. 
lamg, Willtun John, Efq. Calcutn. 
ImUbs. VTMivn, Efq. 
Lntie, Opuia .^mes, Bai]ff. 
Lee, Mr- - • 6 cc^ieh 

Ifibin, Mr. 
Leigfaton, Rcvemtd F. 
Lemo, Rcveiend TfaoaUt. 
jLerceftcr, Ralph, ETq. 
Ldtcdcff.G. Efq. 

Leaf, , Efq. 

liaji, Mr. - - 6cDpiet' 

Uojd, Mr. W. 

I^, Captain, Royd W^y. 

Lowmla, John, Efq. 

Lufhingion, , Efq. 

LuIhinpoD, Reverend William. 

Lucadou, J. L. Efq. 

Longman and Reel, Meffrj, la copel. 

Ix^ic, Francis, Efq. 

Lane, Edward, Efq. 

LcMefurier, Frederick, Efq. Bencoolen. 

Liod, Frsncii, Efq. 

Mlnio, Lord. 
Meadowbank, Lord. 
Mon£lon, Fbn. EOw.ird, 1.4. P. 
Moubray, George, Efq. 
Mundy, Edward Miller, Efq. M. P, 
Middlclon, Noitianiel, Efq. 
Mcheux, John, Efq. 
Moore, Peter, Efq. - t copies. 

Macphtrfon, Sir John, Bat. 
Mingay, Jama, Efq. 
Moffat, W. Efq. , 
Money, W. T. Efq. 
Money, R. Efq; 

Myers, Tho. Efq. Acc'.Gi.-n. Calcuiu. 
Myen, John, Efq. 
Morrii, Jnhn, Efq. Bombay. 
Morrlt, BdmiirHl, Efq. 
Maxwell, Majoi, igih Dra^oonl. 
Miichcll, Rcar-Adminl SirC. 
Macfarlane, Colonel. 
Macfarlin, Robert, Efq. Cjicuua. 

Macbiy, , Efq. of Laicg. 

M'Millan, Mr.B. 
Macleod, Colonel, j9ib Reg. 
Macleod, Captain. 
Macleod, Donald, Efq. of Gcnnii. 
Matkintolh, Jamei, Efq. 
Macfccmie, Cbarlea, Efq. of Kilkoy. 
Matkenlie, — *— , Efq. 
'Mackeazie, Kenncib, Efq. 
Macneilc, Alexander, Efq. 
Martin, W.B. Efq. 
Mar-in, J. U. Efq. 

Maldman. , Efq. 

Malorey, , Efq. 

Macd<»aM, Major, Rex. of ihe Iflct. 
( MandcTille, 


Manifeville, Lieut, ill Reg. Dngooiu. 
MarUiam, CoIddcI Enoch. 
Morrilbn, General John, CoL South 

Middlerex Miliib. 
Moudey, Fairfax, Efq. 
Mumy, Lieuienani-Colojicl. 
Maycock, Mn. 

Macdouall, Col. Hay,78ih Eeg. Madiai. 
Macgeorgc, William, £%. 
Mackenzie, Colonel, s6tli Reg. 
Mackenzie, Capuin. 
Manage, ChaH«,f rq. 
MuTTiy, Sir John M. But. 
Mumy, Lieutenant-Colonel R.M. 
Munro, John, Efq. Calcutta, 
Morgan, Duguc, 36th Reg. 
Moigan, Colonel James. 
Mo^^, Captain, 36th Reg. 
MoMley, M[. J. C, 
Meredith, Williatn, Efq. 
Mclle Foul, Major, loth Reg. 
Middlcioo, J. C. Efq. 
Minchin, — -, Efq. 
Minoch, JuOin, Efq. ■ 
Milli, Rithwd, Efq. 
Mundcll and Son, Mefln. 50 c«pi». 
Mitklcibwait, John, Efq. 
Mull cm, Rev. J. 
M'Cia^, John, Efq. 
Mitchell, James, Efq. 
Mackeniic, Captain Hugh, 7:ft Reg. 


Nelbitt.Jobn, Efq^M.P. 

NUbitt, David, Efq. 

Naffju, Hon. Mr. 

Neville, Captain L. i3lh Dragoom. 

Ntlihorpe, Jofeph, Efq. 

Nugent, Captain Edward. 

Nobic, Arthur, Efq. 

Neil, J. M. Efq. 

NiiRle, F. Efq, 

Nicolay, Capiiin, Royal Engineers. 


Oitlej-, Sir Chitlfs Bart. ' 
Oufeley, Sit William, Knt. LL.D. 

Omierod, Bev. R- 

Osilvic, jdin, H. D. Efq. Madras. 

C^ilvie, John, Efq. 

Ogilvic, William, Efq. 

Ogilvie, Jainei, Efq. 

Ogilvie, Mifs. Fiognal. 

OfT, Colonel. 

Oiange, Captaii, (t6th Rrg. 

Ofwald, Alexander G. Efq. 

Overend, Lieutenant, Madru Cavalry. 

Oalies, Licuienan|.Coiot«l Hemy._ 

Ogle, Colonel Roherl. 

Oiridgc, and Sons, MelTrs. 6 copies. - 

O'Hara, Lieutenant. 

Olbome, Ml. William. 


I^riy, Edward, Efq. 

Priiifcp, J(An, Efq. 

Porcher, Idu Pre, Efq. 

Peathej', Hon > John. 

Peyton, SirYelvenon, Bart. 

Poole, Charles, Efq. 

Pjm, Rev. Mr. 

Purling, George, Efq. 

Paxion, A. Efq. 

Pringlc, Colonel James, Bengal. 

Periy, James, Efq. 

Paul, James, Efq. Lucknow. 

FitchcT, Capuin. 

Price, John, Efq. 

Price, Jocelyn, Efq. 

Pecin, William, Efq. 

Pownall, William, Efq. 

Pcaie, SamiKl, Efq. 

Perthes, Mr. Frederick, - a eopitt. 

Pogfon, Captain, Mailiai. 

Powney, George, Efq. 

PWden, R. C. Efq. 

Picrfon, Colonel Jama. 

Powell, Richard Harcourt, Efq. 

Palmer, William, Efq. 

Palcifon, George, Efq. 

Prii^lc, Alcxaudet, Efq. 

Quijle, Captain, Royal Artillery. 




Ri^Hdd, SaatKl, Jun. Efii.Sant. 

Robcm, CotoDcL 

RobenTon, Mijor. 

KobtnToa, John, Efq. 

Robjn&a, Rc». MarJicw. 

Reevct, Frciicrick, Efq, Bombay. 

RLchiniron, John, Efq. 

Raimy, Lieutenant Colonel John. 

Rowe, ■WillLam, Efij. 

RMklifTr, JoTeph, Efq. 

Riokii^ John^ Efq. 

Ravcnfcroft, Edu'ard, Elij. 

Rowley, Reverend Dr, 

Ridge, Captain John. 

Reid, John, Efq. 

Rowley, John, Efq. Madm. 

Rainier, Daniel, Efq. 

Rcoper, John, Efii- 

RobbJDi, Thomas, Efq. 

Rocnaine, Cape. George. Bengal Marine. 

Ryan, Mr. R. 

Rimmington, , Efq. 

Robinfons, MeiTn. - a j cofnes. 
Ruddi, Binholcmcw, Efq. 
Rock, John, Efq. 
Rubinlbn, Captain G. A. 
Rqiiolds, Mn. 
Reading. Book Cluh. 
Roberiroa, Lieuienani-Col. Qsd Reg, 
Rdd, Robeii, Efq. 
Rvland, John, D. D. 
, Ram, Capuio, Madraj, 
Raim, Lieutenant. 


Scaforih, Laid, 

Suhvaii, J. R. Efq. 

Sulii-aa, John, Efq. 

Sheridan, R. B. Ef.], M. P. 

Siirling, Sir James, Ld.Provodof Edin'. 

Suiion, Sic Richard, Birl, 

SiibbcR, General. 

Symei, Major Michiel. 

Svkct, Sir Fiancii, Bjrt. 

Sheridan, Sir Hen. W. Ban. 

SiMwId, Jamei, Ef.i. . 

Siniplbn, William, Efq. Bombay. 

Siuart, Honourable Frederick, M.P- 

Scoii, General. 

Scott, Captain Jamu, Madrat. 

ficoic, Captsin Hetuy. 

Scou, Edward, Efq. 

Scott, Thomas, Efq. Cakult*. 

Seoti, Colonel Richard. 

Scott, Captain Patrick. 

Sloka, CbarlM, Efq, 

Soane, John, Efq. 

Sage, Ilaac, Efq. 

Shijiey, Jleniy, Efq. Jamaica. 

Shaw, Lieutcnani Colonel, 741!) Reg. 

Seton, Daniel, Efq. 

Siill, Mr. Samtui. 

Sfniih, George, Efq. • 

Smith, William, Efq. 

Smith, Chriftopher, Elq. 

Smiib, William Edward, Ef<V 

Smith, George, Efq. 

Sh<-bbeare, Charles, Efq. 

Stepheio, Auguflus, Efq. 

Stevens, J. H. Efq. 

Siiahan, S. Efq. 

Sewcll, Mr. J. - r «5 copies. 

Stuart, General Janws, 7Bd regiment. 

Stuarl, Major J. A. ditto. 

Siewaft, Mr. 

Stewart, G. Efq. 

Gtockwcll, John, Efq. 

Swinnenon, Thomas, Efq. 

Siannlforth, Thomas, £&(. 

Sunter,Jofcph, Efq. 

Scdgwickt, C. Efq. 

Street, T. G. Efq. 

Shackleford, John Edward, Efq. 

Salmon, Rev. B. W^. 

Searle, Charles, Efq. 

Spiado, PhiUip, Efq. 

SacI and Co. McHrs. - 6 copies. 

Sitiingboumc, BookSociciy. 

Scott, David, Efq. 

Saltnon, Mn. 

Shore, John, Efq. CalculD. 

Sbuiiiewonh, Mr. Thomas. 

Smith, Lieutenant James, Bombay. 



Sandferd, Edward, Efq. 
Si. |ohn, St. Andrrw, Efq, 

StaniKon, Philip, Efq. - 

Sowerby, Robcr . Elq. 
Scott, General, of Wcl&one, 
Simplbn, Captain. 
Shaw, EJu-ard, Elq. 
Spnkie, Rabcn, Efq. 


TeigniDOuib, Lord. 
Toone, Colonel. 
ThiHUion, Juhn, Efq. Bombajr. 
Turiiig, Sir Robert, Rati. 
Trent, M;ijor Geneial. 
Tucker, Lieutenant General- 
Tucker, T. Efq. 
Turner, Captain. 

Towers, Capt. 8ih Ligtit Dragooni. 
Tavlor, M:ijor. 

Taylor, Johi, Efq. - s copi 

Taylor, Reverend R. 
TltompTon, Alexander, Efq. 
Tomlinfan, Robert, Efq. 
TeinpU, John, Efq. 
Torriano, Mnjor. 
, Tweedy, John, Efq. 
Todd, Mr. John, York, - la eopi 
Torreis. Captain S. ^ad Resimeot. 
Thornton, William, Efq, 
Tumor. Williain, Efq. 
Tliomprcm, J. jun. flij. 
Tupper, Danic!, Efq. 
Taiera, George, Efq. 
Tumor, John, Efq. 

Ifxbridi^e, the Earl of. 
Urqiihart, Major-Gcncral. 

WilOiighain, LonL 

Wcod, Colonel Mark, M. ?. 

WuiDg, John Scott, Efiy 

Way, John, £fq. 

While, Major Heiny. 

While, Heray, Efq. 

Wroughlon, W. Efl- - f « copW. 

Webb,WiUb John, Efq. - 

Worronxow, Couni Michael. 

WolF, George, Efq. 

Wood, Edward, Efq. 

Winwer, T. N. Efq. 

Wright, Mr. Ji - sicopieii 

WoodmaloD, Jame«, Efq: 

Woolafton, George Hyde, Efq. 

WtlUford,J. P. Efq. 

Wade, WillUm, Efq. 

Weyland, John, Efq. 

Willii, Caprain Richard, Rcyal Navy, 

W,\Vs, Captain. 

Wi Ikinfon, Thomas . 

Ward, Capiain, a7ih Oiagooas. 

WiUock, John, Efq. 

Weihercll, Charles, Efq. 

Williams. A. Efq. 

Waller, Mr. 

Williainran, Lieut. Alex. 36th Ri^ 

Waitc, John, Etq. 

Woombwell, , Efq. 

Watfon, James, Efq. 

Wdrdeii, Francig, Efq. ■ , 

Warden, Mri. 

Warner, Jofeph, Efq- 

Wh:«r,John, Efq. 

Wade, Capi. Henry Goie, figth Reg. 

Draj. MadrM. 
Wigram, J. Efq. 
Winfictd, William, Efq. 
Welfti, Colonel. 
Wynch, William, Efq. 

Va:,filtart. N. Efq. M. P. 
Vanfiiun, Gcorg-^, Efq. M, P. 
V=i:jjhin.Wi!iiu.n, Elq. 


V/eltftcy, Honouisblr HcHij-. 

Young, William, Efq. 
YattJ, Thomas, Efq. 



The history of British india^ 

Chap. I. A Viewofibe HiHoiyoflndu, froa tiKearHeft Agec toilieyear ' 
1603 of the CbriltUa JEn . - 4 . . . . fj^ i 


Sctziire orNanaFurnavefe, by Sciocleah . .~ . • - - t 

LofjofibeShipi'riBirriijJntfffa 68c8 

Lofs of the Ship foir/w ......... 10 

CinI Appomimcniiaail Mttioiy Promotioni, it, la, 17, 18, to, 60, 6?, &), 

«>3i "5. »59>« ™ 

ArtmU aod Departure! for May iy<fi . - - . - . 13 

AfUMi to Lord Hobait 

Lofe ofibrShipa/fdrxJirani] i'( Cecitra 
AirivaU and DefBTT ' " " 

_.. A Hepuvam for Julie I f^ 

Cawnpoce Patriotic GMitribuiioni - - - - • - C4&44 
Cifcuiii diuo •- ........ ft5 

Madns diiio • 37t f^i 5". S3. * 57 

Pondjcbeny ditto .-....., .-■m 

AnfWr of Lord Mocningion to the Addreli of the Inh^nnuof Calcatta, iiid. 
Bombay Patriotic Meeting - - -' - • - 40 

Arri*^ attd Depaiturei for y^fy 1798 . . . . ^e 

Bonbiy PaiTioiic Contribution! • . - - 43, 46, & 55 

FiucyGhur ditto. •'• . . - - "43 

Mi^opore ditto --..-..4Q 

Dimpore ditio .■■.... iiia. 

MontDwdabad ditto ..... - 47 

Chuna, ditto - - ..... ^i 

Arrivali and Departures For Aump 1798 • • - - 53 

Motiuincnt of tbc Hon^ohn Hj|de - » . . . 37 

Vizagapalam Pairioiir Coniribuiioni . - • - jS 

ArriTaliand Dcparmru for S^ri*inJ^r I79S . • • M 

i-x&dlx^c'&n^SurfriJe ...... 6;} 

l*Twceeding^ of ibf Sujireme Court of Calcutta, OS. as, 1798 - 'AW. 

Xo&c^ibc Ship Sarah - - . . - 64 & 79 

Addiefi to bis Majcfly from ihc Inhabitants of Madm . . (^ 

piuo to Lofd CUrc, with bis Lordfhip'* Anfwor - ... - , 6S 


Atri>-«I» mJ Departum for (Xlaier 1708 - - - - P^gf 73 

ttlierw jamcs Andcrfon, Efo. M. D. - - - 73 *9» 

Ditto 10 i1k Rev. Mr. DuboJ 74 

Cjlcutla Sporting InlelliEcncc ' * " ' " 2 

Arcivals uid I>aamaa tor-Nwvfntier 1798 - i -■ ' °9 

Ptoceedinm of the Supreme Court ai Caldllla, Dec. 1, 1 798 • '99 

Oriental Repofiiory at the ZA Indii Houfc " " " '2 

ArrivaliandDepinartifor DdcemlKr iffi - - . - 108 

1 Proceedings of tk Supreme Coun at Cajcuiu, Jm. 7, 1799 - 109 

MalTacrc at Benares .-..»-- "> 

New Anangements in the Arraf - • • • - "7 

Arrivali andDeparturcs for January 1799 , - • - - 130 

Lofiof the Ship CiaWwf^ - , - - " '34 

Fire 00 board the Ship ifflfriy Ca/& ... - iW. 

Lofi of the Can^w Schooner . . . r - 135 

Bombm Military Affociaiion ..... 139 

Arrival* and Departures for fsiruiirv 1799 - - - " • *47 

Aflion between U SibilU and La hne ■ - - - - "5i 

Lo<; of the Ship Earl Fiix'v.'iltiam .1 . . . 157 

Airivali arid Departures for Mmrch 1799 ■ - . . iCl 

■ MahraruPolitici - : - - - • * '^ 

Arrivals and Departures for April 1 799 - . - • - '73 

Births, MaiTJagci, and Deathi ..... 174 


Trandaiions of authentic Perfian Paper* fouod in the Palace al Scrioi^ 
ytam 182 

proceedings of a Jacobin Club fijrme<f at Seringapatam, by ihe French SoU 

diers in the Corps commanded by M. Dompard '- - - S46 

Remarks on the laie horrid Maflacre al Beoaict ... eu. 

Funeral of Captain Cook of the La Sibille ... -'50 

Recent Difcoverics in the Pacific Ocean - - - - iiiJ- 

Xippoa Sultaun's Palace . - - .... 157 

Addielt from iheinhabitanKoT Madiai tp the Right Hon- the Earl of 

Mornin^ton .--_..- afia 

^ome Particulars of the Prefentaiion of the St^dard of ihc late Tippoo 

Sullaun to ihc Governor General .... i6e 

P/cfenlaiion of the Colotus to the Madras Mililia, by Ladv Clivc - ' sSj 

Bombay Vuluniary CoDtribiuiom, for the Relief i^ the Fjciilics of thotc 

who fell at the Siege of SciJngapatiin t ... eS.i 

Bombay Goi-emmeol Advcriifcmeni reUiive 10 the Shipping - - iUd. 
Military Promotion*. &c ...... e68 

Addrcfs of the Britilh InhahiBnls of Calcutta, to the Right Hpd. tJie 
M«rquis Welleflcy - - - - . - - - 373 

Particulars rcbtive to the Depredations and Supprcflion of Dhoondia - srl> 
Curious Particulars relative to the Capture of Scringapatam . . . 977 
Soin^ Pantculars of the celebrated CaverD at Elcphanla . - £84 

An account of ilic Imports to, aod Exporu fiom, the feveral Ptelldeacicf 

ID India ........ a86 



of the Minute o£ Lord Teignmouih, aod alfo of the Treaty with 
'':r S^ut Ally, &c. - - ...... 

pre&nied to the Houle of Commons, relative to the late War with 
'ippira SullauD . . .......4 


Heads of Mr. Secretaty Dundas's Speech, on the Finances of the Eafl India 
Cotflpanv, 1 nth March, 1799 .... ... J17 

t^rd Hawielbury'j Motioti on prohibiting the Exportation of CoJ^r by 
jhc EdII Jndia Coiiip:iny .- .......137 

, ('11 Proceedingi 

■ CONTENTS. - xxii" 

IWce£i)nRlaiivetodieI>epilCn6rio(theNlbclb(>r'Dude , - Pigc 137 ' 
Lord Greovak'i Speech, &c. rdadvc to tGe Wk in Iidia - - 139 
Mr. DujndK'i ditto, with ihe Thinkjof the Hoofe 10 the Governor Geoend, 
Oftcert apd Army, onlbegipiiireof Se i ingaiM li H W - - 141 

Proceedikcs at thf East India House.— 
Dcbaiei relatisie lo.ihe granting a Penfion to Lord Hobart, laie GovcrtiM 

of Fort St. Geflree - " , " ' ' " '** 

Mr. Hctichintt)') Motion for a Vole of Thanki 10 Lorf Nelbtt - isg 

Proceedingi relative to the IHicii Trade - - - - 164 

Fiinhei Proeeedinjp on ditto . . - - . 173 

Proceedings relative 10 the maonei in wfaicb the Company Ihall hjie, and lake 

up Dun Ibr iheir legular (crvice ..... 183 

Motion for increaliDg the CoMinerce from Biiti&L IndiB 10 tbi; Port of 

London - - - - - ... 139 

L^ Netfeu'i RefJy to the Refolutiotu of ihc Hon. the -Ead India Com- , 

PiDteedii^ ithtive 10 ibe fiiiBtlou of the Comfany's Pollcfliau in India, Hid. 


Important DocumenJs relative to the laic War wiiji Tippoo Sultaun ■ 219 
ConeCppndencc carried on between Tipptw Sultaun and the Governor of 

the Illci of Fiance, &c. &c. - - - - - a 19 

Lcitcniom Bonaparte to TippoD SvluuDand the Shered' of Mecca • ^^9 

Lctlen from the Governor General 10 the Couit of Direciorj . ifo 

Inflni&ion* &e.lo the CommiiEonersof Myfore - ' N ' '^' 

Leucit from tbe Myfoit Commiffioners to ihc Governor General, SOit B87 

Letier from the Raniei of Myfote 10 cbe CominiOioncn - - SQt 

Partition Treaty of Myfore .... - «g* 

Statemetu of ilie Revenue of Myfore .... 302 

AbDiaO of Tippoo Sullaun's Jummabundy ... 30]. 

Subtkliaiy Treaiv of Seringapiiart . . - . . 307 

Lillof thcRajahiofMylore.fiom A. D. 1610, to 1799 - - 312 


Biogrsj^icai AiKcdotca of ihc late Tippoo Sultaun • - • t 
Life of Behadcr Shah - . ... . .7 

Lifcof Afof Jah IS 

Lifeof Ahi>u.-dShah,Kii«ofihc AUJallicf iS 

An AccouiM of the Life of the Ute Governor Holwell . . . a; 

Some EiDafii from the Life of Hush Boyd, Efii. - ... - 30 

Skelch oftbe Life and Chatafler of Tiir William Jonea - - 57 

An Account of the Life of Licui. Col. Edward Montagu - - 64 

Anecdotes of the Military Life of the late Major-Gencral Hartley • 67 

CbaiaSer of the bte Anthony Lambert .... 77 


Joumal of an Embafly from tbe Govemmenl of Madras, 10 the Kins of 

Candy in Ceylon. By Hugh Boyd, Efq. - - . " , , 

Narrative' of a Journey id ihc Diainond Mines at Sumbhulpoor, in the 

Province of Omffa. By T. Motte, Efq 50 

TraveU in Caftimir. By tbe late G. ForCler, Efq. - ., . 86 

An HiAorical Account of the inand of Ceylon - . . . 98 

1 UluHiatioin of fome InOiiutipni of the Mabralia People. By W. H. 

Tone, Efq. . - .. - .. . laj 

Ad Account of Malabar, and of the Rile artd Progrvis of ibe MuQiilman 

Religion. Tranflaied by J. Atiderfon, Efq. - - . . itj 

Aq At^ount of Arracin, CoinmunicaKd by R> E. Robeni, Efq. • 160 
An Eitratl from a DilTcnation'oit the Primitive Kclieion of ibe Kindui. 

By Sir W. Jones 



MEmo>r«a At BmmI Cocfaiaal. By £>r. N. FonlMa i^ Flge 170 

NiimtivtoftlK L(>ri of hisM^efly'iSliipXf^i^fmcr, OfiMn £. Pikcn- 

bam, in <he Strain of Bmca , . . . - 17^ 

Congiauilawiy Lcncn, addtefled-toWinpn Htfiiagi, Elq. • • iHi 


Hymn 10 Soiya. By Sir W. Jon« - - - ,(93 

Monodv.on the Deaih tXAugi^lat OlevbnJ, £Jq. Bj the Right Hon. 
LordTaignmouih ...... 198 

TVindation of a Pcrfno Ode. Bj Major Symu - - bob 

Epimph on ibe faoHHU 3W Cbamtci — 


Cenotaph, on Clifton Down j fiippoEcd to have bem written by 


The "WoAiofSirWillbra Tone. - - - - -309 

An Epitome ofibc Ancient Hiliory of Peifia. By William Ou(eley, Efq. esj 
Voyage to the Eafl India. By ia Paolino de (la Bandoipeo * 933 

Tnveli in Upper and Lower E^pt. ByC.S. Sonnini - (44 

~ A lournev from India towaids£ngUnd. By Jcbn Jackfrm, Efq. S48 

A Vicwofthe Politiciand Commerce of In^ia. By M. AuiiuctildeFemn S51 


N Google 



For the Year 1798-9. 




I View of the History cf India, frtm tht earllt/l Agis, to the 

rear 1603 0/ the Chrlfiian Mra. 

BEFORE we proceed, in con- t^nfivcandrenowncdempiic, in all 

[brmity widioaroriginiljdan, ages of the world, 

to gire an Htltotical Memoir of the The ancientempireof Indiacom-. 

Sritifh poITelBoiu in India, it is ne. prehcndcd all choTc coitntries in 

ccllary to look back to the ancient which the primitiTe religion and 

Hate of that country, 10 obTeivc the laws of Brahmi prevailed. I: ex- 

lOKdiangcable charaAer of its inha- tended from the Tibctian and Txr- 

bitanis, tothew thenaroreandfpirit tarian mountains on the north, to 

of its religion, law*, and civil go. the iHand of Ceylon on the footh, 

▼ermnent, and to trace the rife and from the river Ganges on the 

of the commercial intercourfe which caU, to that of the Jndui or Actock. 

fcbfiftcd between it and the natijj^ on the weft. This vaft region cod- 

«f Eoropc. It is alforequiCte tofe- tains as great :a number of fquaie 

pante truth from fable, and to com- miles as one half of the coniinent of 

bine and illuftrate a few leading fads Europe ; and the number of itt is. 

in tlie billoiy of India, which lie habitants may be cftimated at near~ 

Icmttered over the myflic volumes of \y fevcnty million]. It wia called 

Smfcrtet litcratore, or the doubtful Bharat''vetrjh, or Bharaia, by lis 

Btmiives of Mahommedan hillo. ancientinhibitants; towhichnames 

nans, arkiwhich will convey to the they fomeiimes prefixed the epithets 

ae& noinfonned reader a corredt of Meihjama, 01 central, and i's. 

Bodon of the condition of that ex- nyahhum-i, or the land of virtuei. 

B T^ 


The word HiadttfiAm, hj which the of this country migrated from F«r- 
Perfians denominated all that partof fiat, or were nativet of the foil, i* 
the empire thatliesbetweenthe Ih.' a qisdHon which ha| given rife to 
diu and the Ganges, and ihe latitudes much learned and ingenious diTcuf. 
of 30 and 2 1 north ; and the word £on. But the various arguments 
Deccait, which they applied indifcri- which have been employed upon it 
minatdy to the whdc of the great ferve rather to amufe the fancy than 
fouthem pecinTula, are names which to fatisfy the nnderftanding. li^ 
theirownfancy invented, and which qutne$ into theorigin of nations of 
were aliogether unknown to the na- remote antiquity, though they ma^ 
tivesof the country in the early pe. furnilh cuTiolity with entertain- 
riods of their hiftory, althoagh they ment, are in effeft detrimental t» 
have oniverfally adopted them fince the growth of rational knowledge, 
their fubmiiTion to the Mahumme. by deluding with fpecious theories 
dpn yoke. In the Perfian language, the common fcnfe of mankind. On 
Drccnn means Saaih, and Siaii fig- this fubjeft, when fafls cannot pof- 
nilies Country ; but the true mean, (ibly be obtained, it is more in the 
ing and etymology of the word fpirit of true philofophy, as well as 
Hinia, the moft learned inveltiga. mcm^conlbna^t to.the foberdi^nity 
tions concerning It hai'e not hither, of hillory, to adopt the current opi- 
to fatisfaflorily proved. From this nion of ages, if it be fc^ported by 
K'otd, however, the Greeks derived probaUe circumftances, ttian to up- 
f hat of Itidia, which they ufed as a hold by elaborate reafoning the moft 
general name for that iramenfe trafl plaulibtc ctmjefture, in wmch there 
of country that lies between Pcrfta is, at leaA, an equal chance of beine 
and China, the moimtaiiu of Tar- wrong, without any well-founded 
tary, and die fouthem ocean." And hcyc of ever arriving at the truth. 
in modem Europe, Ii»dia hat been We therefore concur mtbe received 
o»derftood to comprifc all the dif- opinion, that the Hind(i race wert 
feient count rie*- which thefe exten. the aboriginal tnhabitanti of Hin- 
five linuts fnrioandj befides Ceylon, duflftn ; bccaufe, to u<e the language 
ind theiilands of theeaftern Archi. of an accurate hiftorianf, " they 
pelago. We (hall» therefore, ufe " havenotcfenAIanceeithetin their 
theterm Iiii>iA on thef^me enlarged " figures or manners with any of the- 
fcsle, in order to be the more con. " natiotis which are contiguous to 
eife; although, in itriCt accuracy, it "them;" and becaufe they hav& 
can only be applied to the ancient poOefled this diftinfl character from 
empire, the boundaries of which we the earlieft perioda of authentic hif- 
have defcribed, and which we fiiall tory. 

wniformtydiftinguilhby thenameof The defcription given of tho 
HiKDCsTAK. liwit&sbyMegafthenes,^ twothou. 

Whether tbeprimeval inhabitant! ffanyevr3ago,correrpond9, ineverr 


• r,de Strato, Piofcn^, Arriin, »Bd Diod. Sc. 

+ TIm: law SirWiLLiAM Jones, f.'naKc nime can never be mentioned- 
hiiiwilh the mofl prolbiMid venerwioo, bui with whom, on this rubjrtl, we pre- 
finic ta diScr, wai decidedly of oyinion ihit Hioduil^ wu pcoplal fiom Irma or, 
Peifi'a. Ani in hii ingeniouc difcourle On ibc Origin of Fmniiies and Kat^aiu, b=, 
indulges ill ihe hypoihdii, that Peifii was ihc fiuiitui mother of all ihe pjuohs oT 
the eirih '.—See Afant Mifiartbei, Vol. Hi. 

^ M(igiilll>tnci watibe GTeciaaimbaOadorreniby Srkticui lo Sandraco:te>, ktngot 
^/ji<l>i, the incicnc nuDC tiivcD toihaiyanof HiiiduAau which £oiupii.ei ih. i>:l>- 


Itatertal part, with all the acconite cotmtsof ttaantujuttyarelbenvelc^ 

•cconnt* which hare been written oF ed in alle^rical m^fteries, that thef 

dien, from Hat meniorable qmch cannot fa&y be trufted. But from a 

ID their hifloty, until the prefeni particular inveftigation* of this cu- 

dme. That delicacy of corporal lioua fubjeflj it appears highly pro> 

frame and placid arbamty of mari' bable that the Institutes of Mi- 

Ben, that intelligence of counie. xu, which are acompeitdiumof the 

tunccandfabtlety oftinderftandin^, religions and civil duties of tlieHin- 

«iid that devout reverence for their . du»> were written about 880 yeara 

cnfionu, religion, and lawi, which before the Chrifiian xra [ that the 

have been remarked by the Grecian Vddas, which are the HindQ fcrip- 

hiftorians, ftill diftinguilh this ex. tures, were compofed 300 years be- 

traotdiiiary people. InterdiAed by fore chefe inititntes ; and that the an. 

die rigid ordinances of their faith, nfi- cientfagesofHinduft^nhad preached 

der pain of entailing perpetual infa. the doflrines of the Vf das for many 

inyon themfelves and their families, centuries antecedent to their beinr 

from intermarrying with foreign committed 10 writing. It is indeed 

nationa, they have preferved invio- pecfeiUy evident, that a moral fyf. 

hte the parity of their origin. Ma- tern of fuch wondcrfiil complexity,, 

hommedan &iatfiiiim fpcnt its rage and holding fach an abfolute fway 

on their inflexible firmnefs. Their over the minds of its votaries, could 

conquerors enflaved their- perfoiu, alone have been reared by the accn. 

bat coold not wholly fubdye their malated wifdom of ages. Its reli. 

minds: neither the hope of reward, gioui principles might originalljr 

iK>r the dread of puniDiment, could nave been introduced into India, t^ 

indiKx them to abandon the im- fome great legiflators, in the early 

memorial ufages - of their ancef. dawn of knowledge and arts ; bat 

tors, which, the great author of the civil inttitoctons which hare 

their religioabadfanftified, artd en. been engraftedon thofe principles, 

joined ihcm to obferve. The ex- by ihe ingenuity of human inven< 

an^^ of a voluptuous people did tion, muA have grown according to 

not debauch their principles^ — the ciruumftances,andflourilbedthrough 

opprellon of an unrelenting tyranny the influence of time, 

did not bend their refolulion : And The genuine ptinciples of tho 

the Hindu rare, after having with- Hindfi religion inculcate the moft 

Hood many hard feafons of perfecu. fublime notions ; (hough its rites are 

cution, now enjoy, under the pro. debaied with idolatry and fuperfti- 

tedion of Britain, the fame mixed tion. Thefe principles teach, that 

fyftemof thcologyandjurifpnidence the univerfe is governed by one fu. 

which had rendered them a highly prt-me and intelTigent Ruler, whofe 

civilized people long before ihena- divlnceffencepcrvadesthen'holecir- 

limis of Europe had emerged from cle of nature, gives motion to the 

the grofleft barbarifm. bright luminaries of the Iky, and 

At what period in the hiftory of vivifies ilie animal creation; that the 

the world this fyftera was promul- foul, after death, re-afcend* to the 

gated among tbem, it is extremely imaiortal fpirit of God, aitd that 

dificnlttodetetminc. Theirownac- the body returns toduft; timt he. 

vincei oT Bengal, Bahir, an) pan of Cule. He rtlided a confideiable time u 
Baliputia, the mctropolii of ihai kingdom ; and ihe journal of hii cmbaJTv fell ioLO 
the biodi of Aitiao, wbo ha* fnebrved the rvbflaocc of ii id his Hiftoiy ct Um 
* See Su WiLLiAM Jos-it') Fiiface to di: laOuiuciaf Mcuu. 


who' d^hgnjAies bimfelf in tl^ fnt prieftbcKid, worluns uptni the. 

world by pious and chariuble ac fean ef a fimple people, la peisw - 

tifm, fhall aitaifi tmmonality ; but nently elUblilbed thraughotit the 

that he, who defiroyt the purity c^ nations of India : and hence, too, in 

his own fau!, (hall dwell, for a cer- conjundion with the fancies bfpoe- 

tamtime, with evil rpiriis in the iiy,fprungihatbroodofptepofteirous. 

regions which utter darknefs in- fables, which fo much learning and 

volves, and that, after he has re- ability have been employed to ex- 

oeived the ptiniJhmFnt due to his plain, . -. 

crimes, his fpiik (hril be fern back The Hindu myibology, in BHn>- 

to this world, to iiAabit the bodies particulars, beais fo flrikiug an affi- 

of beafts. niiy to thofe extravagant but beau- 

, , Thisdoarinewasrigidlyadhered ttfcl fifiions which the geniut ol" 

to by the phllofophers of ancient Greece and Rome bequeathed to the 

HindaRan, ciul it forms the creed admiration of the world, that the ru 

of the learned Brahmans of the pre- is every probability of their having 

fcitt day; tut prieftcraft and igno- proceeded from the fame foutce.* 

lanoehaveintroducedintothepopu- And thofe very deitiea whom wc- 

larbelief a multitude of abfurdities. read of with rapture, in the divme 

The Hindus of every defcription, pages of Homer, may perhaps be 

however, implicitly believe that found among the idds of Indian fu- 

there is an invifibte Deity who rales perftiticni. 

over all things, that the homanfpirit It is not within the province of 

it immortal, and that there is a fu. anhiftorical view, to giveaii account 

tare ftate of rewards and pimifh. of that llupendousfabric offupecfti- - 

mentB, which confifts tn the tranf. lion, and of the various images with 

migration of the foul, after death, which it is adorned ; but uitder ano- 

into different bodies, according to ilier head of this publication, in, the, 

the guilt or innocence of thofe progrcfs of our annual labours, it 

whom they had previoufiy animac- may be amafing to deferibc ihcm, 
ed. In the VMas, one God only The Hindu people liavc been di- 

is acknowledged, who is called vided.fromtimeout of memory, into 

Brahmi, or the great one. He is four diftinflclalTesorotdcrs; each of 

declared CO be a being without fliapc, which pofleRes its fcpa rate immuni. 

wbofe effencc is incomprchenfible, tics and appropriate laws ; and noiw 

and who muft therefore be worihip- of which ate permitted to intermar. 

ed iktougli fymbolical reprefenCa- ry, or tohaveany fatihercomiefUon 

tions of his divine accribuics. The with one another, than the feliovc. 

trijJe divinity of Viflinfi, Brahma, fhip of cuftom, and the communion 

and Shiva, which arc expreffed by of faith, Thefe orders are dcno- 

the royfticiU word Om, arc faid to minatedihcfirai//w»,the(^«/ry(r, 

be emblems of the creative, preferv. the l''ai^ and the SUdra. 
ative, and deftruflive powers of the The duty of the Bribmaa, ot 

Almighty ; and it is ordained, that the facerdotal order, and the higheft 

adoration fhall be o9cred up to him in rank, U to perform divine wor- 

befbte images of thefe powers, as fliip, to cxpoum the law^, and to 

well as of all the other qualities of teach the people the benefits of 

the divine nature. Hence arofe that knowledge. The next in rark is 

fyftemofPolytieifin, which an art- the(^a/r/ya,whofe province is the 


* j'tf SitWiLLULU loNits'sDilcouifeontlieGodsofGteece, ItaK, uid In- 


Ktodatftraticn of joftice, and the cX my mtterial deviuion fnnt ths' 

tm uu o u of the cml as well a* au* fmAity of cheir oft*. * 

litUT itun rf the flate ; and to 71k deratiui of the pridftooA- 

iliit order, tfaetcfbre, aQ kingt and i^ve all other orders of men hat' 

priacca bdcnf . lib thebafinef* of greatly contriboted to the fttengdi, 

die fui^ to attend -to agricnttiiie dorability, and fj^endoor of the- 

ind oommerce : And on xht SiJra HindS fyftam, ai it enabled theoa 

derolre ad the lower offices of life, to keep alive the preiudjccs) widi-- 

Befidef thsfe fear great claflei, then oat inflarainf the pd&OM, of tJK 

ii an adre n tTtiooa tribe called the pe<^. Region has natually t- 

B»rrSaiSbMaitr, which u compofed powcrfbl influence over the hmnan' 

of iitizaia, who are again feparated mind ; and tlie ancient lawgivers «f 

inMatnnn}' diilinft ca(h, ai there Hinduftkifocoefsliilljemfdoyedthat 

aredtftteot branches in mechanic*, influence) at once to fortify and em- 

■od aooparioMs in trade. There ii beUifh their dofirines. With ibif 

mUaBMhercla&callcd, ChaaJaht, Tiew, theology was not only intcT^ 

wbidi ii etMopakil of all th(/e wboTe woven trith ^ whole code of civiP 

men or crioMs may have expelled and criminal law, but wu aUty 

fram their Older. Itisdeclat«d in mingled with the ver^ habit), and- 

tiai Vtdai, thm thii drvifionof fo- madetofandiontheminoteftaftions 

dety wM ordnined by God at the of life: And in order to pnferro 

cnaiioa of the world, and that any and perpctnate the praanunt aTcen. 

vulaMKi of its radical princij^ei dincy of religion, its ordifttnce* 

woald be attended with the greateft were written in a language which 

■iftry in'tias life, and with the the lower order) of the people on. 

maft terrible ponifhment hereafter, der the ferercft penalties, weie ex^ 

This ordinance the Brihrnans are prefsly prohibited from learning ; lit 

iattni^ed to engrave on the hearta miniften were endowed with more 

itf the people, md to call forth their thanmorcalprivikgcs.andtheprieft. 

itrerebce for it, by every aoeans ly office was rendered hereditary. 

thMCaneithefengagetheirinterefts, Yet thiaextraordinary pre-eminence 

or awaken tlieir fean. So pctfeft and extenfive fway ku not infilled 

a conviction of ita troth and juf~ into the Brihminieal hierarchy tht 

ticehat, thnrrfbre, been eftablilhed foiallettparticleofthatprefuBptuaM 

ibnn^hout Hinduftftn, that even pedantry and intderant pride which 

aiDong the modem Hindis, who rdigious domination has too fn- 

lave in fome degree degenerated qoently engendered, The Brdhmany 

ftoin (he' rigid virtue of their an. merit diftinOion as nutch for their 

ceftoTs, iheae arc very few inftancei modeSy and mililnefs in the inairt- 

B 3 tnance 

(■Hamuiaeil lo abide ; becaulc, evm fiiihmaiu are now Ebuod in nuliui)' and ootoi- 
menu] cdiacttict. Bui Uk iiuOt it, ilut the Hindu Uw bat providcmlv provided 
^inii ibc cvili, to wbiirh tbe poGike neccfliiy of following ibe occupitiooi tint 
tave been allotted for each paniculai nibc.migbt, ia timet of diSiciiliy, gjvc rile. 
Aadii 11 iheidore (nduncd, " tfauif a Britmun (zanot procure a fubliUcnce by th; 
cxeidCc of bit own awniucd occopiODiu. be Iball cam a livelihood by mplyiog to 
ibc occupuiani of the Cfiiauivi ; and if be fail in fupporxii^biml'clf by iheTe occupa* 
lioDi, he flnll apply to thole of the V'aifya." — IFtbc CQuttiya camuii cxiQ by biiowo 
pn}^ OCTupaiWDt, he Iball excicile ibole of tbe Vaifya; and if ibc Viifya failt of ■ 
lobtiDcnce InHD bU occupatiom, be (hall apply to thati: of ibc Sadia. — Ste tht Ac- 
tuitieftbeCmum,frrpxtdit\iA.t.ii\a'i Trmjlanm ^ tie Hindi CtJt. 


i«uiced'tlieiT0wntlied«gka1(^ cdica,+ and th«, k thcpniftat 

nions, and their libendiijr in tbe day> tbeie are fome pnAkcs to« 

tylerilkn of tboTe of oUktb, at for prevalent amMig thesi, which maw 

t^ unuumpled fiimndt and corn nifisft the atntoft Tudcnce of tonpert 

iiancy with which thej have ad. and eveo htttay {iroag {yrof^oat 

bered to their faith. of a vindi^ve and faogajnaiy diC 

They are ei^refsly fofbidden, in portion, i 

their £u;red wntinge, to admit con. The laws of the Hindits are ino. 

vats to their religion ; and are at mately blended with their religion. 

the faoie time exhorted, in a Ihain They beljeve them to have been 

of the mod fublime eloquence, to promulged by MtNO, the Coa of 

be hofpitable and benevolent to Bkahua, and to have received tbo 

ftrangeri, a well u to friends, ^pi fandUon of God. Tlie ftrift 66. 

to look up with reverence to all die fervance of then is tharefeie en. 

l^oas tbrrtis of worihip, which the joined as a religiow duly, and the 

Ajmighty, for various but infcnit. fmallefl breach of them u deemed s 

ible purpofes, hath allotted to the glaring impiety. No homan power 

di&rent races of man. * This ex- u authoriuid to alter, much lefi to 

4lted exhortation, which is fo emi. annul them. And if, in the opi-> 

Bently calculated to call up, in the oion of the moft learned of die 

biman heart, all thoTe feniiments firihouna, any additional i^ula., 

that mooldand foften the paiDons, tiona (hould appear eflentially reqni^ 

has not, however, availed to pro. file, they are required lo pr^aro 

4uce, throughout the great body of them with the moft fcrapnlou* €au~ 

the Hindu people, fiich benignant tion, and after the fullcft and moft 

and wjiolefome eHe^i : For, though mature confideratuM), 

iheir general charaAer partake of Though thefe laws be not fonnd- 

the mild fpirit aod philanthropic ed on thebroadprincipleaof general 

maxinu of their religious fyftem ; eqaity, they are, i^n tbe wholsi 

and though thdr manncra be juftly admirably adapted to tbe peculiar 

diftinguilbed (or fuavity and polite- gmius of the people for whom tbejr 

nefs, It muft not be forgotten, that, were defigned, which is in tnidi the. 

at one period of their hiftory, their perfefUon of all laws. In order to 

altan were polluted with bunan fa. fupporC their artificial divificuof fo. 


* In the aixieni empiie of Hindullitn, allicligjons vmt tolerated; and die modem 
Hindfliafl jponihc fame liberal principlei. In Poonah, the metropolis of die Mah- 
ntta ftatci, and at prcfent under the governmcni of Biahmara, there are fcvcnt 
Habommedan mofquu, and one Cbriflian church. 

t Set Sir William Jdkes's Dircourie on the Goai of Greece, Italy, and 
India: AJlaik Refrarctes, Vol, I.;.— and the Hecto-padesof Mr. Wii - 

J. c__ / ._ I :^ ^ii:__ jl:„ r..ui_o u.r i i t- .^ 

a very cttriou* and inteielling paper on Ibis fubje£lb^ LordTEicNMoi/Tif 

'Afiatic Rtffarebel, Vol. IV.; in wiiict fome exlraordinaty inihncel are adduceti, 
Wnerein BrihmuuthemrelTes, {limulatrd by avarice, have committed a3i of the moll 
itrocioui cruelty, and SEgravated their guilt by endeavouring to cover it with the 
fKrcd TanBion (^religion and law. It has alfo been tiilly fubltantiated, that i race of 
JBndOs, called Raj ikoom Irs, who inhabit the ftoniicis of Jioanpore, not far diftant 
frirni Benarei, ibc billowed fcii of their religion and learning, pratiife the dreadful 
cufiom of fbrving iheir female children, in orter lo tavc the cxpence that vrtiold nc 
ce&rily attend their marriagei when grown up. Pra£licej To repugntatto hiunamty 
fcem, at firft fi^t, difficult lo reconcile wlifi the idea of a civilized people; but a 
tlofer exam L'lai ion of the fubjef) will (bew, that thefc Ibocking barbaritia are the na- 
liiial offspring of polythcifm, and arc nounlhcd in the bofom of fuperflition. Even 
ia tbe ptSilhed nations of ancient Europe, the uioft e" ' ~^ 

niued OB the Icnfibiliiies and vintiej of uiture. 

nos HisTDKT or sunn ixka. . t 

aof, it w« uriHp n AM e in Ati htamihr a-nrfSmOiieAHft** 

hgiflinn oT ll i n A ift ft n to give ta fare Ac {nntf ,'of ihc noftitl tmr 

t^diikittafptopnxte-pri-wiiega; gtgaoem- Tbe tApiin of adab 

ipd oodc^tcndy to unrodncc intD locnarc bnndedt frooi tatiibinlv 

dnrpoi^eade a vsiKty ofdiftr- «idi the intielible ftignt of public 

Htpni&aKfUsfivthefiMiicofieiKei difgnce.' 

wUch were 10 be awarded accord- Jui all Aefe ptrttcttki^ tlu fai- 

io^ ta tbe rank and coodition of tbe -ttnenti of rlie fxoplc -cotTeTpaad 

tnBbttl: So data crime-, for which with tbe kwt. And Ac rigid n*. 

zSddn nuft forfeit his life, is, in tioni of fanale cfaaftity vhidi hava 

1 fltOnaii, aeiy paniihed widt a dxicby been aoqaited, gave lifc to 

fli^ptmBaTy unercetncBt. Yet, the cxtraordiinrj and dreadfiil cirf'. 

at ifab ineqaility in the law*, tbe tern of iromco banting theidclTet 

bR^ do oot rei^ne ; dioogh a fof. with their decnfed b . , .__. 

niag Sddra nmj occafionally tx- hai nataraUf excited (o nncb aftov 

^e& a with diat be had been bon ntfltment and horror in the mind* of 

wiaofederatni order. aS EttrOfKanswbohaTeleeatfaeaw. 

TIk inftimtsDns of p wycrt y and hi ceKwaaj. The law reoonuiienda, 

■niigc, wfakb an the hondi of hot doet not odbrcc the pnflice. 

fcciaf nnion, »k1 tfae Ibandation of Yet tbe obferTance of it i* confider- 

tf*ii faaajy w> by the Hindft ed a religion* duty, u well a* an 

liWftranglj'fortifiedaMlTigilaiitIf infallMe proof of the imft ex^tej 

{onM. Pofmial right* ate de. Tirtoe. It tut iherefaie prevailed 

itti wM tbe oonoft cfeaiMft and ia a greater or Ic6 degree, owu 

fRdioo, and tfaie general fafety ii the higher oidera, in all am ; anS 

fecmd by wife Hid ample pro. DotwiihAanding die a»A^ dtfcos. 

vfiana. Mairriag* ii declared to be raganeiit it hai icoeiTed fioiii the 

(he iodirpeirfable d«ty of dl men ; Bntilh goT c rr u n en t, we knov, fraa 

pants are dwrefore enjoined to en. pofitiTe eridence, that it ftill exit) 

Mix dttt 4Dty on their ddldien, by m many part* of Hinduftftn. 
tttitnAbtg ihcm in marriage before The I^ndft laws regulate and &• 

Ae age of puberty. Pdyganiy it care all property by the rig^n of 

aDotred; but in this particnlar the inheritance ; and tbefe are laid down 

wmaen cotkA the tnr, andadvan. with the greatcft exaAnefi, and sis. 

Qge is Tcry rarely taken of that in- blilhed with the moA bimUng force, 

diligence. The indnbitaUe virgi- No man can alienate his eftate, 

nity of the bride i» an indifpenf- whatever may be the partioahrfpe. 

■Ue peliminary to the matrimoni*! ciei of property in which it it veft- 

vaoD : — and conjugal infidelity on ed, or even make my partial diftru 

ttcpartfrf' the wife is, in fotne calls, bationof it kibdalf ofa faYwrite 

pinilhed with death 1 in others, widi child. 

ihencift ngoious penaltie*. Con- He moft divide it aitionghischil- 
ftanry in the hulbutd ia firongly re- drcn ; and, &iUng of thetn, among 
ceauflended ; bat for his violation hi* rdatuxK in the next degree of 
of d>e marriage bed there it no pu- affinity, according to the allotment 
nifiuBcnt prefcribed, milef* the adut- prefcribed by taw 1 except fuch ef- 
tery be committed with a woman of f^&s as he may have obtained by 
a fnpetior csH, in which caCe bo is his good Ibituoe in war, by his in- 
pat to death. Men are, however, doftry intheartt rfpcaoe,orby the 
B+ bequcft* 

* Sec the InOitutciafMeQu, by Sit William JoKis> hiqIc 


t iywft i # hit ptutntB or frieikb' feA order vtA tegt^a^. Vkf 

Mid fhilt haveacqaired ^opltizyia ftrifteft anentkm was |Mid la tfap 

any oftli«fe vnji. AH Cudi efie£b examiratton of evidence: b«di ^ 

tre indiTifible, and may be difpofed plaintiffond ddinidant were aUowaA 

«f as the trill of the pol&fibr fhall to employ annfe) ; and the jin^tt 

diieA. Sam can demand their por- oever pafTed {entmce without pte. 

tionofthepatiimcmiareftateduring vioully confolting a leamed Brib^- 

their father's tife.iime; and parent* man, who, foe that par^e, ivwi 

cannot, under any circumftances, ex- direfted to attend all citU m 'trdl 

eopi lofa of caft and deprivation of as crinunil trialt. 

honour, refijfe to grant it. The pro- Tbeeivil gorertimmacf thftao.^ 

petty of women is defined and re. cient liates of Hiiidiift3ti« atohough 

gulated by diAmA and appropriate abfolute iBonaidiies, were yet coa> 

laws,butuponthefainegei]era>pHn- fined in the cxefdJe (^tfaeb- func 

cijdes. Whatever money or jewels tions to the jnft linita of tbofe lam 

a woman may receive from faer pa-* wtiich, firam aa implicit belief ia 

renis or hufl>aiid, fhall, at l)eT~death, their UiviiK origin, it was acooonts 

belong, by right of inheritance, to td facrilege to tranfgreft. The 

her nnmBrriedilaughten ; and,' fail- HindS princps were, by their rdi. 

ing of them, to her fons, whether gion, equally boand to obey the lawa 

tbfy be married or nor. ihemfelves, to caufe them to bo 

' In ancient Hinduliln, ail landed duly adminiftereit, and to eoforca « 

property waa held by a grant from ftridl obedience to tb»n among their 

lliefi^ereign, who was called the fubje^. Under the immedutevotk^ 

Ible proprietor of , the foil, and l^d trol of a religion, whofe miniften 

cf the untvcrfe. Bot thefc pon^xms were not oiily born in a higher or. 

■ndmipty titles were nothjDg more dcr of the ccoununity, but were in, 

than the gaudy colouring with veiled with greater immunities than 

which the vain extraragance of ori- themfdves, thefe princes were r«- 

ental fancy delights to uick-up and Araioed in their ambiiiooj and teni. . 

bedirab royalty, Tht Hindu kings perance and moderation formed the 

were,'infeft,nierelyehenomtnalpro- diftinttive features of their chaisc- 

prietorsofthefoil; andthegrantsof ter. There are undoubtedly prti. 

land which they difpmfed lo their cuUr exceptions, in ancient as well 

fubjefh were given in perpetuity, as modern iiiftory, to this genenl 

without any claim, either expreffed defcription of the Hindu govern, 

or implied, of an (iya/»f« paramount ments : but, to ufe the language of 

right in the property. The land, that illuftrioos writer, who, abovf 

hoMcTs, therefore, were in reality allothermen,hadnK>ftdeeply invef. 

the true jKOprieiort of the ground tigated this fubjefl — " the [winces 

they pofleffM and cultivated ; and of Hinduftitn never had, nor /rr. 

the tenures by which they held it teajtti to have, an uHliin'itiJ tegif. 

Tcry much refembledoui focage t^- lative authority, but were alwaya 

nurcsinEngiandat theprefcntdty, under the controt of laws believed 

■ *To give efficacy to thefe rules to be divine, with which they ne- 

and 'ordinances, courts of law were ver claiiDed" any power of difpenf. 

cllabliihed throughout the empire, ing,"* Yet (he Hindus had not 

in which all judicial pcOceedingB tbB moA remote idea of political 

were condo^d with tha mofl per. liberty ; for thoff proud feebngs and 


• SceSirWlfcHAM JOdis'i Prclacciotbe 41 Sirajiffoi. 


frtantatamuta,i>m of wkidi it mfic <rf tbeif own fpeci«t, and o( 

gm^ MTCT wvaed oc lyitaicd fiibjeding fevertl milUooi of thrii 

ikitcaUMaltnp^oii bo&mc. The ieUow^-coiuiUyiiien to the mofl dc. 

iiMBceef dk diBiaie, anj<HiKd grading boodige. Slavery wu an. 

nh ikdE%(Ki&i(d' pnetcnft and iborifed by la«r ; and ihc piuch^fe, 

fapcditioB, uB&ned meit minds for fale, and enFra»chifenieni of Oaves, 

jfe-nafOMflf ikgfemBfculine vir- were repilated by puticular modea 

Mn>trfcdignil^" onriiuiue, whUe and orduiancei. Tnu mifurable bo^ 

Atj dteriflted the mean ticm of dy of men did noc form a feparatQ 

mdce md Qaveiy. Their know, order in the commoniiy ; ibey wxre 

Up ef dte am of civil life, and taken without difUnflion from all 

Iwaaquiiemaus in literature and the clalTes but the firiiunani, and 

Soaa, tbwgh they rendered them were conCdered as a neccSaty part 

sagaiow, iiMeLLi2ent> poUfhed, of rhedomcfticefiablilhmenioreve. 

' ' " ' people, yet did lui ry man who coold aSbrd to procur-i 

diipo£tk>n that {pi. koA retain thro ; and in the houfc. 

r .inoe, witboat which hold of princei and nobles, the tap. 

WKaeice mtct &Us to fwcll the lives taken in bonoorable war were 
fcifili paffioos in proponicn u it doomed to ignominious fervimdc. 
■canolatct wealth, andeven learn. As the greatdl evtli may, under 
i^ iifelf ftuftraies rholc beneticxot nccnliar citcamltinces, be convened 
pspcfes whtdiitiidefigr-cdtopto- into benefits, fo the Hindu flavet 
aoK. Thu£ the advancement of wci« rendered fcrvicualjie in time of 
Inde nBDiig the Hindu; foltered war, by expcditiouliy recruiting the 
ibat koBvery and cunning which rank* of the army on any critical 
l>ey laa^e in ali their mercantile emergency, or after an uncKpcdk-d 
tnnlactians; and (be literature of lofi : Farthemili[ar}*eD3blilhmrtit 
tbt finlunans, while iceiirichcd their of the empire was not, like the in. 
<»a:nr with many noUc produc. fiitBtionsofitscivil polity, reduced 
lH(H,iQr£:c(coniiibuted(orivetihe to a fyftcinatic arrangcncm. The 
ci>uB» of fupcrHition, whitii were Hindus are indeed defcrvedly re. 
flngioally Ibrgcdtofaiten the people nowned in Afiatic llory, for courage 
ioa local i^nurance of thole princi- andperfevcrance; but they have al- 
fksaDd<^Mnior.; that teach mankiiid ways been m<jre of a pacific than a 
n prize tiie bJeiuiigs of freedom. warlike people. The art of war 
s among the few arts which they 
jlecled 10 cultivate; and their 
I governments, no fmall de. victories which arc recorded in hif. 
gitc of cooteatment and happinefs. tory, were obtained by their valour 
Uf this the piogrcfi which tiiey had rather than their [kill. , 
iiadeintheabftraCtfcieaces, as well Their ingenuity, however, fur- 
itinmany of the uletul and elegant nifticd them with fomc dellructive 
aiu, is a fufficient proof. It is only weapons^ which appear to have dif. 
ia that ftaie of ptofperiiy and eafe concerted the intrepid wartiori of 
wiiieii rtfolti fiom the mutual con- Greece. They had known the ufe 
fidesce of 3 peopk and their rulers, of gunpowder and firearms many 
tita: fo much knowledge and refine, centuries beforetheinTafion of Alex- 
fiKai can be acquired. andi^r, and they fuccef^ifully employ- 
But neither their religion nor cd them as inftrumcncs of vengeance 
tbcir philoTophy had taught them to againft that formidable conqueror. 
fxwQ the jidice of making a Their walled towns were defended 


NcverilKkfi, this peaceful race was among 
few to have ei-.joyed, ur^er their neglecled I 

,-- boih 



both wiA wooden ao^ inm canncmi from tbe ■bat ohMftldi 

though of a TCTj nide and mfflapcn that now fopnlf the vaft ftnm of 

kiEid ; and the locketi, whkli are commenie whiok Ipietdi tvha and 

thrown with To mach dexterity and laxury orer modein Etuopc. 

cfieA in tbe preTcnt day, are tbofe Thiu » knowledge of all ^ ela. 

very engines of war that Ihook the borate and corioDB «in in wbidi tbe 

finnncTs of the Maced<Miian pbalanit, Hind&i excel, wu co m n mn icated n 

m the banks of 'die Hy^fis, and the Egy]»ian and Gndan peopte : 

that Philoftranis calls the thunder and, 'whhoat attaii|>ting to decide 

andlightniflg of the gode. B££- the qocftien, whether Egypt or Hin- 

IhtJOkenna, a celebrated artift, ia duftin hwl made the fiiit advance! 

ihppofed to have been the inventor b civtiizacion i it may be a&rmedf 

of fire-armsk as an undoebted truth, that thoy 

' But ancient Hinduftftn more par- derived reciprocal benefit and affift. 

ticularly claims attention, as the ance in their progiefs, (rom'the,com> 

tranquil feat of literature and com. mercial intercoorfe wUch intnerao. 

■neicei wbojce Eorope wasdeftined rioUy fuMftedbetwewthem. Thlt 

to receive madi of her knowledge, truth, the legendary poens rhataM 

and many of her refinements. The preferved in the SaTJcrtet lan^sage, 

ivildem of the Ealt is celebrated in together with the obviooi lfaailit«la 

facred hiftory;* and its wealth between many of the Hind& and 

Teems in all ages to hare excited the Egyptian cuftoms, not to nxncioa 

envy, and inflamed the cB)ndity, of the ftriking affinity c^ their n^tfatk 

the weftem world, lia coftly com. logical fyftenu, ray btirfaftoiilj 

modities were foaght after with the atteft. t 

Dtmoft eagemels at the araraal fiun What advantage the literary ge. 

of Babylon andof Tyre. Among the nins (^ Adiens may, through dda 

TtJuptuoBB throng which flocked to neans, have obtained iicnn the leanu 

tbofe renowned marts, the various ing of the Brahmanc, it is difficult 

produ^om of the ingenious work- to detcnnine : but there is no doabt 

manlhip of the Hindus, but efpeci- that the principles of the Fythago. 

ally the delicate and beautiful ma. rean philofofJiy, as well ae ihofe of 

nnfaAures of their looms, found an the ethks of Ariftotle, were incot- 

an^e and a rapid fale. By the aid cated with pious ardour on the banlca 

ofthecaineJ, whom the Arabs em- of the Ganges, when the daffic 

[^tically call the (hip of the de. ground of Attica was yet inhabited 

fert, the Perfians were enabled to by the FaUfgic hordes. Atthatpe- 

cairy ott, with the nordiem pro- riod, theBrihmanshadobtainQdcaa. 

Tinces of Hindaftin, a regular inter- fideraWe proficiency in afironomicaj 

cvurfe, and an extenfivi; trade ; and fcience, and their favourite flndies, 

thefpirii of enterprife which invigo. of metaphyfics and logic, werepob- 

rated the induftry of the Fhenicians, Bcly tanght in the philolb^cal 

firft opened the navigation between fchools of Hinduftan. In the fim. 

the RedSeHandthelhorcsofGoze. [dicity and perfeAion of their orith. 

Tat and Malabar. Hiroogfa thefe meiical operations, they fnrpafied 

channels the opulence of the Eaft all the world; and the common nn. 

flowed in upon Egypt and Greece mcralt now univerlally ofed in Eu. 

• Klnp— Eickicl. 

+ On ihiscurioui ful^cS, fee Mr.WiLFoan'i moft fcinicd and ingftilwiJ Dit 
' n Egypiand the Nile, from the wcicni books of the HiDilfls—-jf/rirru' Af* 

Vol. 111. ; inwhichihcprofii[»dity of his knowledge ii nole&cbm^ici""""" 

ly which diflinguiOi - "-■ ' " 

IBS HUriDitT or BtmsH India. ii 

^^M^Wf?<tMpy t iww . Nor wwui^ too tt^tpmdyf liMi nc 

mtier Ua kilfnl m gmttry , bcft milcn into a ftnin of tks 

im^^tfSA ttot-wpptf iajtia. wiUcAimigcrT, tendrdmnch toou 

^brodaiMUjcfmiflife, Mcfaeir fteUe their jadgnant, ad to ran. 

fMHK of necdamicB too dearly der diam iinrDf«ptibl« of all critiot 

iHha. y/hit fbjrMogy, and tik tdte; for, intbeanft hiship finifh. 

■ ttnidiMt e fataatt, ibe^ Ind « ed Sodcriet worki whii3i bare fct 

nf i^i iM^i|[i lint Mir r ; aiid con. been broogbt to Ugfct, tbere h no- 

F f:fiaiil7 tbarknexirkdgcorpbyfic dung (tf (Eat ehdlc and luimoniaaa 

[ wmaaitmdj li— i*— * and inpn- oidef which feAdtifiromtbecniiira. 

I i& In the COBB of difeifa, like don of philology and critiq&i, ui4 

I ^ ifindtt onirics of thepnftnt which the gcDenlnfteo:'poldhadn». 

d^i dmt Ible giade ww cxperi- lioMhatcoaCderedueflentialtothB 

i^; aad bt coofilaints that ic- rpiriiaDdbeaotyofaUlueiarycoai- 

fMcdfugtcalaffifaBCCftbey tnift. pofiliom. Tbe Brihiaara, iuw. 

el n OBc aod mtvc. Notwith. eTer,did not negloA the grumML 

farting iht if towwle<^ of the he*, cal ftraOan of tbeir copiooi and 

ntf bodia, and tfaeabiliiies they energetic language, the fcTeral idi- 

di^byod in escalating eclipfei, oms of which tbey have adjofted 

ieirintMMM of geogiap hy were al- and lefined by a full and perrpicnon* 

Hgcder con&fed mi abfoH ; and fyntaix, and by a profody that conu 

ifanr^tian, as well at of the am priJe* " ahnott all the mesAirea of 

tiv tn uon n eQed with il, tbey the Gieelu." + Such b the nature 

■e« no left i gaownt. of dK SanTctcet langnagr, from 

Tei, if tSe attainments of the which all the various diak£U of In. 

ifiadfl* in i^ fevcier fciences were dia were originally derived, whidi 

iiyifcQ and confined, tbeif nnaier- it now fpoken only by a few learned 

am and ofim fnbline proib^ona Plndiu, ^ but in which all the fd- 

'» thofe arts which ftdacc and cm- once and learning of the firShnwm 

bdfiSi life, jhew the f[dendoar, if exift. I'he vigour aitd melody of 

■M the degancT, of literary talents, thisbeantifol language have enabled 

Ik hoondleb fcope md ondcnce of the Hindi! poets, borh to foar in 

Aai im^toadona eoabled them to epic, and to warble in lyric nuni- 

cfadK dwir fentiments, by nfm, in ben ; both to kindle the mind with 

ikt rich attire of poetry, or in the (he ardoor of heroifm, and to melt 

— ^"m j diAioo of eloqiience : and it with the tendeTnefs of lore, 

tk^ their poetical corapofiiioat Hence their dramatic poetry is foil 

begnitlydeficteiit in thofe bewitch, of the moft animated aad pathetic 

■f boctaca and graoet thai voo the toochet, although thefe be fbmetimea 

j^im w and cafKivate the heart, cocnmbered with pcm^xHit oma. 

and wfaicb are the ch ar afte r iftic or. itKDta, and generally furrounded 

maenti of true genio*, they muft with a multitude of deformities : 

HTcnhekft be allowed to pofleft a bat thofe performances are not to be 

Ttrf amfider^k ponion both of meafnred by any ftandard of drama, 

bncyandfire. That rein of enthu. tic excellmce with which we are 

Mic piety which rans throogh iIk sc<]aainted ; they can only be con. 

«h[^ e^ tbe Hindfi literature, and fidered by us as tedious iliaiogiicg, 

* Tbe Ai^Rceived Ait neibodofnocitioa from die Hindflt, which the Smcent 
axiodiictd iota Europe atieitbeiicoDaueQ of Spain, 
i Set&WiLLiAM JoNESiOoHindaLiientuiei ^fiaiit IUfiinthff,V<i.U 
1 DoQoi»o(Scien«indZqwuodei»of die Law. 




octafiMwIty fpariding with gama, 
\tit for the moft pan tame aiu va- 
hnfe, for they aie altogether defti- 
tnle of the unities ofadion and 
time. The drama c£ Sat^mtaU, 
wUdt has been tianGated into^ng.- 
IHh, cxrtainly contains many fcenes 
that Ibew a Ijn^lictiy and refine, 
ment rarely met with in the pro. 
dafiioos of Aliaiic writers: and die 
whole peifbnnance exhibits the moft 
£dtUtil ptAare which has yet been 
imfcnted to the public, ofdiefaiu- 
ipents, the manners, tite habiu, and 
die pfdite amufements of the ancient 
I£pdas. This play was written by 
by C«lidas, the nioft celefaratod of 
the Hindu dramatilb, and is deem- 
ed one of the 'bell of hisiiumeroiu 

llicatncal reprefentationa were 
ahr^s amooK ™ favourite enter- 
tainments of the Hindus. They 
were fi^ipoited by the bounty ot the 
Ibvcreigni and «ncoutaged by the ap. 
pbarfe ^ihe pet>pte ; and if the ac- 
|on attained not much excellence in 
the iuftiiooic art, it ia to be attii. 
botrd to a deBciency intafte, rather 
dun in talents. They were not ui>. 
«kkd by the congenial arts of pa i]it. 
ing and mufic ; for the theatres were 
decorated with fplendid ftcnery^ aiid 
enlivened with mufical aire. 

Paint ing, iodeed, had never reach- 
ed any degree <rf perfeftion in Hin- 
AAia. The aitifts had no idea of 
petfpective, and ki)ew not bow to 
uamate the canvafi with the de. 
ligfatfiil illoCon of light and (hade- 
In mufic, the Hindu* had made 
ncaccE advances. They fcem to 
SaTc cultivated that divine art with 
a zeal correfpondent to the feelings 
it irjpjrcs: many of their raoft ce- 
lebraord authors have written inge. 
nioos treatili» oa the theory of har- 
montcal founds; and though their 
knowledge of the elementary prin- 

cifJefi »f mufic be etfmnely-wper." 

feA, yet ilie ftrrouT with which tbey 
ejiprefs themfelvei on the ifubjeft- 
evinces, that if they wanted the 
philofo[^y to ilioftiatc, ther at ieaft. 
pollefled the fen£bility l« feel, dte 
diarms of haitaony. But in the 
prafUce ef ma£c, if v«are tojudgv 
from the compofii^ns which aietxi.- 
tant, and.which, the Pindita iofanH 
us, arc the prodnftions of thdr moS; 
diiiingBilhed mi^uaiu, w« rauft en. 
tettain a resy mesm opinion botbof 
their taAe and ikill in kanvmio 
tones. And as to the modem Hin. 
du9, though, they be fDfceptible» in- 
common with all numkind, o£thtt 
fiiccellion of agreeable founds wlucfa 
is called melody, and though tfaein 
longs and glees be grateful to theflk 
Helves, yet are they in rcriky {o 
difcotdant, and) (o the cart cif at- 
European,.. fo harih, that they: ptw- 
duce, in bis mind, the mofi paui&l 
and difgofting fenfanoas.. 

ArchiteAuit and Scalpaire,.f(tnii 
their being rendered fubfcrvieBt to 
the purpofes of fcltgion, natvaUy: 
rofe to a highei degree uf excellence 
in HinduA^, tftaibsny of the Other 
poliie arts. The whole empire waa 
every-wherc adomi^ withmagmifi. 
rent pagodas, or temf^S) ereAeil 
to the honoui of Brahma, andds.> 
dicatcd to public worfhip ; and, in 
order to cottunand the revemice and 
to warm the piety of the pet^, 
the walls of thefe hallowed edtficn 
were decorated with raiiousimajet 
of the godi^, hieroglyphic -tmblenu 
of facted things, and iculptured re- 
prefentations of events in hifiojy> 
Many of thefe, together with other 
public buildings, are ftUl fluiding; 
and, in point of ftyle, we trace ia 
all of them a molt exafl refemMance 
both of the Saxon and Gothic at, 
chitcfture of our ancient churches in 


** An niaminatioaoTMr. Daniel's incompar^leVicwsofrrvrralHmil&BiiilcIliws, 
wili afford complete faiisiaclioQ on this point. — SeeDA^iZi.'t l^inusin Uindufitn. 


IVaofteonMcnfilr'of riteHin- etcws, nnch Id* mr wdLaMefted 

ditaBfk&udefngodsrof jActK- annals of their roamry ;' wd it u 

Iter, fitsxced on the coatt of tberefore in rbeir hcioic poemt ud 

I Otib, ihoat OK hudrired miln to mocal lec«ndi that we nvft look for 

I tben wih^Md of the bid(h fettle, hittorical records, andintbeirmrSic 

f mem of Gai^anu To ^is renown, aftronomy for chronological faftt. - 

sd ix^taari, Vfindus of all cafts, In. the ParanaSit wc find anae- 

andfranaU parts of thecountrV) cDantof the Crf«/>oiiai>dtbe f'/fi^, 

paiom atanA pUgrima^ ; and which, when feparited from the li. 

vitbo ia (scred prectikb, the moft dicnloui fabln that are ioterwotcn 

faSe& equality is oUerred : there, wiih ii, is, in fobftance, nearly con. 

aU de raiiocn teAs of the Biikluiu- formabie to the tenor of tlic fiift 

dicbI Rfigioo, layinc a£de their book ot' Mofe^.J; The Hindfi ac. 

dtftaodien), cat and drink promif- caimt foppofn, that the fir^ Mti^ 

cnovfiy togedier, and oSu up their wai the gmt progmiior of the fan- 

pfa>-en awl dfiudLfgtvir^ to the man race; that the eirih was peopled 

odly tHc God. with bis dcfcrndams, who, after a 

Bat tfai» pagoda is not fo mtKh long period of time, became focor. 

diftingmfbed for its atcbiteAtire, as rupi, that God, offended at ibnt 

aaany ocfaers of \tit note, which enormous wickednt-f^, cauJrd all 

fioBKnaKs gratify tlie eye of taft? creatures to bcii^llroyL-dby an nni. 

w^i a bolAK& of dcfign, but too vcrfal deluge, tave only i\\e/fvemtk 

n&CBdifgiifi it with i protufioa oS Mm*, who, together wiih feixral 

om aBKBt s. The infcriptkins on the will- men and their wivri. u^tri piita 

walls of fome of ihefe ancirai fa- of all anirtuU, were prnrrviil in a 

bdcs, ue moinieUigibtc ra the pit- miraculous art, Accoruing to the 

feat race cf Brihmans ; and few of deduAions which we Have nude 

them hare yet been taitifaCtorily from the calculations of M.iya arJ 

dcciptiered by the utiiwft diligence Patofara, :he two mc<lt cdebr::*'-d of 

Jtairejcuchaifour moftlearnedSan. the Indian aftronomers, tbis vk-ent 

fcrta febt^ars. They arc, however, took place about the year of the 

(nfpiAd to allade to fome fignal oc- world 4000, w hich, by the Ncwttt. 

cuttokcs in crril iitftory ; and, on nian chronology, is 147 ye.m fir;- 

lllsC account, excite an intereft to feiiuent to the ililniian fr^. 'Ihe 

wUch tbey would otbcrwifc have Hindus divide their cbroi.olo^'.al 

IJtde claim. For hiltorv is a branch hiltory of the world fo ;r T^r-, 

oCtitcratuie which the Hindus luve tiie la& of which a^'^att to us w 

akojethcr tiegleAed : we haTe no have commenced at ihi^ general de- 

Icenaaa knowledge that they ever lage.& During thdefo^ir :i»f, it 

pc&ftdany^icgutrnajnitionoi'the 'a fuppofcd that the Dciiydcrir:\.rd 

' • TT(e ancient CaDimiriane are /»/</ to have wriiten w;;Kiar /«>?)■ /.icf:h;ii c--a 

iBUon, in the Sjnli^rfel bnt;ua|{e i bui v.e Uron^ty IliIhU i!iji ilalc p'>:-..:l ,\ i.e 
ngth"^ mote ihm pociic^ narnuions of Ibiiie liili;iKlia inciiiciiu in ilii; Lvji „) idi- 
iicnlvfKioes, ot u:^. 

t Tbe Piuanu aic die aocicni bcuki of tbc fLnilQt, vbicb ucai of tbe uca^i-jo, 
ani of ibc geaakiff of their god* uni hi;ru«i. 

* We fidie [his curious facl with a coiiSicuce that rcfulu froai tbi: fu.'7cll iav^i- 
xiof tbefuibieS. 

^ Upon this lubictl there will aliwpbe a ^-arietj- of opinioru, as ihcie ii nu hup* 
li itac mah ever being clcaily afccriaincd. But wt m:<:i, ■■'■i^h the 11 ';■,■■ -inwi 'vlr. 
BentWi 'hat the Caiiyug, or the preletn age, is ihc tmc iil:o;;ainici'. =-1 of the 
Hndai. See Mr. Bentlbv'* Xemarii m ibt frlit.i^ ^riu ^ iti Jxiat 
VmUi; dJistU JUfiartl4i, VoLV. h>|(J 


fdnetioKsindiSeTentfonmiinoider (u we hart aiKtif ine o tfcww J ) to 

to fortify tbevinoe), and puniihtbe the inodero f m r' a ta* of Bengal, Ba> 

vices, ofman; and he is yet expected har, and partofOnde, was the moft 

todefcend a tenth time,* when the diftingaUMd lution of Hindnfttoi 

errors of oar frail monality fhall but whether its king wn c«ifidei«d 

again render his prdence neceflar)'. as the fupieme power in the aajAn, 

But thde fiAioni would little we have no fatisfaAory evidoxe to 
deferve onr norice, did they not determine. Bdiiputra, which is re- 
throw fome faint light on the dark nowned in Grecian ftorf, was th* 
aget of Indian hiftory, from being metropolis of tliis kingdom. Va. 
iotiinatdy blended with many of rioas opinions have been giren, and 
tboTe writings that contain the nmch difcnffion hat in coofcqaence 
grcateft part a[ the fcaniy infonna- taken place, widi reTpeA to the ac- 
tion we poffefs, refpe^ng the dif. tual file of this fitmoui city. But 
ferent kingdoms of which the an- we think Mr. WiLFoao's elucida- 
cient empire was compofed. rion of the matter decifiTO on ibc 

About two thoufand years before queftion. He inform* ni, that Bali. 

the birth of Chrtft, the empire of putra, whidi the Greeks called Pa. 

Hinduft^n comprifed four rich and libothra] was fitoated in the vici- 

powerfol kingdoms, together with nity of the nKxkm town of Rajc- 

roany fabordinate principalities. We mcfaal ; and that the whole conJb- 

are told in the Furanae, that thefe fion regarding this city has arifen 

kingdoms, thoaeh virtually inde. from the fimilarityoffoundbetween 

pendent of eacn other, yet for the names of the two difiinft placet) 

feveral centuries acknowledged one Baliputra, and Patilipatra. Tlw 

fapreme headin the fovereignof the laft- mentioned place, which is the 

noft potent of the four nations, modern Patna, was the capital of 

with whom they all confederated for ancient Magadha, Or South Bahar ; 

their mutnal defence againll foreign - whereas BaUpotra was the feat of 

a^grt^ion, and under whofe aniho- government in the great kingdom 

my, in time of war, they confenied of Pr^hi, and the fame magnificent 

to aft. It i^pears that Praci>i,i city which is defcribed by Qiuntua 

or the Eaft, which name was given Curtius and Arrian.^ 


" Wiih refpeQ to Cald, or ibc tmtb avatar, very warm cooirovtrfies have arifen 
among ifae Biahnuns ihcmrclvci. The moll kamcd aQrooomen are of opinion, ihai 
be made bis defccnt in the third age ; while, on the odiei haod, ibe moll devout 
priens maintain thai be has noi yet appeared - 

t From Prichi the Greeks coiiupted it lo Pia£i, u ibey alfo did Gaiigan-<lc&, 
ihe ancieni name of Benjial, lo Ganearidai.— icr Jtfi-. WiLroRo'i Treanfemibe 
Chrono/egv of the Hindis ■ Afiatk Relcartba, Vol. V. 

% We have endeavoured iQ Itansfufe irno ourconicxl ihe fpiril of Mr. WilFord's 
idauiable obfervaiioiu on [hit lubjett ; but he meniion) one material circumflance 
more, wfaicb, nolwjihftanding our nartow limiu, we (hall (hte in hit own ttoidgi. 
'' While ibe Ibvcreigniy," fays he, " of ih* fcinfrs of Ma^adha was exercifild w' ' ' 

ibe limiii of their bertdilsry daminioni, the feat of their goveramem was Paiilipu* 
tia, or Patna, but Guafanda, one of ihe anceflon of Chandra-gupia, having tub- 
duedihe whole of Prkhi, a> we read in ibe Pntanai, Bxedhit reCdenceai Biliguua, 
aoddKrehe KiScredi mofl cruel doth from Krilbnaand Bala-Rama. BalaieRoiea 

the fon, Sahadiva, to hit hercdiraiy ilaminioni: and from that time the kinetof 
Magadha, for iwcniy-four gerKratKXM, reigned peaceably at Paffla, umil Nanda 
afcendcd the throne, who proving m aSive and cnlri^riGng prince, liibdaedihc whole 
of Prichi, arid having ihui recovered the conquelb iliai had been wrcltcd from b^ 
a.icdlur, probably ic-cflabiilhed the teat of empire at Biliputn: tbc hilloriani of 
h'lft^tt^a pofiiivcly affirm thai he did." Sit Mr, WiLf OAi>'f Trtaiift m tig 
Ch-3nilqgjtftlteHindiii4fiatittltftartlMS,V<ii.'V. ■ 

THE Hiffpoii.Tr-w mmm inbia. is 

ytttat iMna)^ to Pric^ in totetbcr with the wolth of the 

fODlcfopntcnoc «idftzeng;th( wai peoplC) no Idt thin their odwarlike 

Ac ^Sdnn of Bejaiutgar,* which duuflcr, invited the inroidt of the 

KOtr^nidfdtbewbDlesf tbegiTit FcTfiuu, and expofed the northcm 

pnuiUa, &txn the river Ki&uh, proviiKCt to the definitive enip. 

inikladtode of 16 degceta oorth, iioiu of the fierce baibariaiH of 

uC^ CoaMrin. Tibet. Forei|n war, inflead of pro- 

TIm tbid moft cottfidenble ftate ducing domcftic concord, fmni to 

Bteaded from the Gol^crf'CaiidMLy have bcighiened the commotioai 

to ibe Boutha of the Gangesi iiid that prerioolly prCTailed ; and at 

final the latitade of x> to 1 7 north, the invafioo of Alexander {A. M. 

nelading the proviaces of Guze- jtiSg], the nation) of the peninfula 

jat, MaIw>T Candedh, fierar, and were loudly diTunitcd from the 

Dewlatabad, u they are laid down kingdom of Prichi, thou^ the 

ktMajot Rennell's map: And the wefienipiovinccsof Hiodufliln were 

pnrrtaces of Lkhon, Moultan, Del- more doTely conncAed with it than 

m, aad Ajimeer, formed the laft, at any fbrinet period. 

Ai^^tiotthickxftpoweTfal, ofthc Tlu* connexion fecoK to hare 

ancieot natioDt of Hindafi&ii. The enabled the prince* of (be weft to 

difl^rent pcovinces of which each of prefcnt an inqnJing front to the *ic- 

ihefe kingdoms was compofed, were lorious ann* of Alexander, and at 

gOTemedby r3Jah9,oi petty princes, once to excite bis aftoniihment and 

who had the fole management ot admiration, t Bat their patriotic 

their iaicmil politics, but who were refinance, unaided by Drill and diT- 

nsrenbelefi iribotaty to thni le. cipline, was borne down by the 

tpe^ve fovereigiu, as well as re. martial ardour of the Greelu. All 

^xmEble to them for all their public the eloquence of the Brahmans, % 

»&s, which, (rfi this occalion, was nobly 

TliDs the dates of HinduAan exerted to roufc the Cpirit o! the 

tanmd an exttafive, if not a vigor, people, and which called upon them 

oas coci&detacy ; difiering modi in with pioiu enthofialm to rally 

langaage and manners, bat all in. round the holy banner of their reli- 

BoSDced more or Ids by the lame re- gion, did not however avail to fc 

Ugim, laws, and fuperftitioos oh. cue their ind^ndence. Alexan- 

fervances. This confederacy, how- der, after havine fubdued feveral 

ever, was of Ihoti duration. The fmall ftates on the banks of the 

■nion i^ fo many 0[^fite interefti, Indus, paffi^ the diSercuC rivers d 

fo widely diffiifed over a vaft and thePanjab,^ attackcdPorus,ipow- 

£raitfiii region, contained in ita own erful and valiant prince, who had 

b^m a perpetual fourceof jealouTy colleAed a numcroui army to op- 

aoddifcord. HetKe difTentions aroTe pofe his inarch, obtained a dcci- 

amcog the different tbtes, which, five vi&oiy in fpiie of the gallant 


* So c^lcd bom its metropolis, the ancieot CHrefBajangar,finnied on ikcriwT 

t ri^ Anian, Diod. Sic. Fluurch ia Alenndco. 

i !■ chi particulH' ibe Hinda iccounli cMioborate the leQiBuay of the Giecln 

*f Tbe Panjab, through which the cekbraied rivets Hydafpet and HvpbafEs take 
dKirdiMffc, WM the couMfy (rf Pmus, Mid tbe fceneof AMtanJet's cxpIoiisinHin- 
^iUd. It ii now iolabiiedby tbe Seiki, ■ led o( Hindu, wbobuvRnouiucdihs 

dMtrisetof lb: Veiw. wboUvconder ibegoverameKof m- ~-ui.t,;«. ,..a 

vtao arc atifce JiiiBguilhed fix thcii i^ncity lod hmu 


defence which wu made, tnd (Town* wonderful ftoiies. Cbaain-pifm 

cd his ruccef» by die capture of chat afcfnded the throne apdei the mod 

prince, together with fome of his inaufpicious and afflifling circiuQ. 

moft dilUngijiihed generals." But ftances. His father had been pri- 

the mutiny which foon after broke vatelv murdered in his old age by 

out in the Macedonian camp, put a a faitnlefs courtier, wlu> wat urgedj 

period to the brilliant career of Alex- by fome fancied injury, to the per^ 

ander, and compelled him to retire Petration of the crime; and having 

from Hinduftan, leaving only fome left fevcra! fons, the fuccellioii to 

of hia moft experienced officers, with the kingdom was difptiicd with that 

a fmall portion of his army, to violence and rancour which ate in. 

keep pofleflion of the conquered ter- fcparablc from fuch iniquitous con- 

ritory on the banks of the Indus, tcntions. At length a great majo. 

Thefe officers, loaded with wealth rity of the nobles declared in favour 

and honours, foon loll that vigour of Chandra-gupta ; and after a fuc- 

by which they had acquired and cefsfnl though bloody conflift, ui 

could alone fupport them i and, for. which many of his brothers fell a 

gecful of the glories they iud won, facrifice to their ambition, he took 

as well as of thofe fentiments poffeflion of the throne. 

which feed and fuAain the generous The claim of Chandra. gupta wa» 

pride of the foldier, they gave fupported by fome of the wellern 

way to every corruption and de- princes, who afforded him powerful 

baucheryto which vice canftimulate fuccours, both of their own troops, 

the palEons of men. Mutual ani- and of Greek foldiers whom they 

mofitles and inteftine broils were had bribed into their fervice. Nor 

the inevitable confequences of this was he ungrateful for their eminent 

fliamclffs depravity : And the tem. affiftance. He marched a formidable 

perate and fagacious Hindus, looking army to the banks of the Indus, in 

on with a mixture of furprife and order to expel the Greeks from 

fatibfaflion, neglefled not to mini. Hinduftan, and to meet Seleucus, 

ftcr lotbcpaBionsof their degenerate the Grecian prince, who, it was un- 

conquerors, as the fureft, ifnot the derftood, was coming in great force 

(pecdieft means of effefling their tb recover the valuable polTellions 

deftrudion. The death of Alcxan. he had loll by the fraud and folly of 

der, which happened about this his officers. The king of Prachi,' 

time,'!- together with ihe fubfcqu'ent aAuated by the nobleft motives, 

divifion of his em[nre, greatly faci- pulhed forward with an energy 

litatcd their views, and haftened worthy of his caufe; and having re. 

the downfal of the Gncian power ftored the conquered provinces to 

inHinduftSn: but its feeble rem- their rightful mafters, offered battle 

naiiiG were finally reduced by the to Seleucus, which that prince, 

?cal and abilities of Chandra.gup. though flulhed with recent victories, 

ta, J king of Fraelii. This powerful flioujjht it prudent to decline. And 

prince, who was equally celebrated Chandra-gupta, whofe moderation 

for his bravery and wifdom, was the kept pace with his fucccfs, refted 

fon of Kanda, king of Prichi, of fatisfied with the attainment of hi» 

whom the PUndQs relate fo many original objcft, or at Icaft preferred 


* Thcgenoouiclnnciu^ of Alexander, who Tubducd natioiu by bitbuvaniq' a* 

much ai 1^ his Woui, (ood jtAorci ibc io«al eaptWo lo his liberty. 

+ This exnaoidinacy man died at Babylon about 330 y«ais before the binh of ChriQ. 
i The tame mooucb vhtfn the Grecian wriictscall i'andreoiiut. 


n honourable peace to the doubtful it the clofc of Qiandia-gupta's 

tfoe of a combat, in wluch he had profpcrous r^ign, the empire of Bin. 

little to gain but pcHbnal rcno'^vn, duftan flourifQed in ];„:ice, in wealth 

md CTcry thing to lofc that was va- and in glory, 
hible to hi* country. Seieucus, on From contemplating a period fo 

de other band, feeing no prdpcd of brilliant in the hiftory of a people 

accomplifhing his putpole, dcfided eminent for talent and acquireihsnti, 

6om the bopelefa attempt, and and who Uvcd under a government 

■ikle piopofals of peace, alike fa- dillinguilhed for its juHice and le-> , 

Toorable to his adveriary, and crc- nliy, the mind turns with indignant 

ditable to himTclf. A treaty was forrow to obfcrve the lubverlion of 

therefore Ipeedily concluded between that government, the inexorable 

dieni : toe Greek renounced all cruelties of its ufurpers, and the 

right to the conqnefts of AJexander multiplied fuAetings of innocence 

on the caft bank of the Indus; aikd virtue. 

and thp Inijwh, who contended for The fuccefTors of Chandra-Kupta 

nothing ntbre, returned to his ca- on the throtie of Prachi, are faid to 

ptal amidft the applaufe and graii- have ruled with the fame mild fway, 

twk of bis fubjefts. which was exercifed by that illuf- 

Tbougfa. Sclcucus was thus con. triousprince. But from theextinAion 

ftiaincd to rclinqiufh his favourite of liis timily,* until the invalionof 

projeA of re-eftablilhing the Gre- the Mahommedan princes of Ghii- 

ciifl colooies in Hind^flin, his po- ni, the hiltory of Hindult^n is ob- 

liac condaA and addrcfs enabled fcurcd in a cloud of fables, which 

lum in eSeft to fccure all the com- the rays of modern genius have not 

mcrdal advantages which he could yet been able to difpel. Daring 

have derived from the fiiU comple. that long and gloomy period, it 

tionofhia wifhcs. For the fpecunis would, however, appear, from the 

cmdouT be dif}dayed in the negoti- current talcs of the Hindu poets* 

ttioa for peace, impre(n:d Chandra- fome of which, it may be fuppofedi 

gspta wi^ the mod favourable opi. had their original in real events, ' 

luon of the Greek char,tAer, and that the empire was contintially dif- 

indnced him to enter readily into trafled with civil wars, which ter- 

any fcheiDe calculated to promote a minated in the difunion of all the 

friendly intercOurfe between the two larger kingdoms. Yet we k'">^» 

nanons. With a view to the aecoin- "from the teftimony of fome Egyp- 

])lilhment of this defireable end, the tian nKrchants,! as well as from the 

Grecian prince deputed the cele- exteniiye commerce which aduaUy 

bnied Megafthcnes to the court of ftbfifted between weftcrn India aiid 

fialipntia, who refided fereral years the imperial cities of Palmyra and 

in that metropolis, and who by his Alexandria, that the culiivaiion of 

cxienfivc knowledge and goad4nTe, the ufeful arts, was no way afTcfled 

reftoiedtheiradebctween Perliaand by tholi; commotions. The diflcn- 

India, which the Macedonian con. tions among th<; diffirrcnt princes 

qucfthad interrupted aiidalmoft de. ' were merely petfonal ; ariling from-, 

firoyed. their avarice or ambition, and never 

TTiis trade Was thenceforward interfering with the culloms, the 

pn&ed iviih increafing f^iril ; and laws, and religion of their country, 
C whick 

* Abcui coo year* befbieihe birih of Chrill. 

t ytJr Aibciiwiu»~Ht&oirc de CoMimem dei Aocicni — KapteAo Rainulig Viwra. 
fclMMus.. . . OQ\c. 


Irhich ihty w^e all equally boand they were fpreading them in the 

to maintain. Hence we find thofe northern proyinces of the empire by 

fmall ftates which had been fubju- the unceafing ravages of the frt-ord'. 

gated. by Alexander, again uniting Before the ciofe of the fourth cert- 

to repel the predaiory inroads of the lury of the H!jerah,+ they hsJ eRa. 

Baftrians, after thai people had re- blifhcd the kingdom of Ghlzni m 

volted ffom the Selcucids,* in the the provinces of Korafao and CabuT, 

declenfion of the AfTyrian power, or thd ancicntTtanfoxianaandBsc- 

^nd their fpirited ftruggle with tria; and had completely fucceedcd 

thofe hardy and'manial hordes, ten. in converting the inhabitants of 

dered them worthy of a far diifer- ihefe countries to the Mahommedan 

ent fate than tliat to which they faith. They had alfo crolTed the 

were doomed. Indus under ilie command of Siibue- 

The Hindus had hitherto known taji,and having over.nin thegteateft 

foreign nations through the peaceful part of Lahore, they relumed to 

medium of commerce, or ihc hdftile Ghizni, laden with' the fpoils of fa. 

intereourfe of honourable war; but crilege, and enriched with their in. 

they were now to behold, in the bo- glorious viflories. But far n-,ore 

fom of their country, a race of men dreadfiil calamities awaited the de- 

who defigned never to quit it, who voted tiations of Hinduilan. Uij^ii 

robbed tnem of the fair inheritance the acceflion of Mammood the FiHl, 
of their fathers, and profanely in. -to the throne of Ghtzni, he made a 

fulted the religion of their God. In folemn vow to fubjugate the Hin- 

the fevcnth century of the Chriftian dils, artd to convert them, by force 

■. sera, the religious enlhuliafm of the of arms, to the rcligioti of Mahora- 

Arabs, received a new direftion, racd. This impious voiv, alilic ab- 

and acquired a more impetuous ar- horrent to humanity and reafoh, he 

dour, ftom their converlion to the fealed with the blood of his unof. 

doftrines of Mahommed. Tlieir fending fellow -creatures. In the 

prcdtleflion for merchandize had al'. eourfe of twenty yens he im-adcd 

ready induced them to participate Hinduilan twelve timcs^ and ftnally , 

largely iti the Indian trade. Their reduced under^ his yoke, the whole 

fltill in rtavigation, which at this rf the weftern provinces, from Gu- 

pcriod had nwde no incon fide table zeratto Delhi; and "he marked hii 

Eirogrefs, enabled them the moreef- conqueft throughout, not only with 

eftually to cany on this valuable the devaftation of ci<jes, the pluxi- 

branch of commerce. And their der of palaces, and' the dcftruflloil - 

1 of their of temples, but alfo with the'.de. 

their ava- prellion of induKty, the ruin of 

he boldeft agriculture, 'and the wide. fpreading 

penetrated miferies of famine. After he had 

intes, they facked the city and'pillaged thepa- 

the Indian goda of Sumnat,J he became «:-. 
labar, aiid raged at the obftinate adherence of 
were dif- the Hindua to their ancient religion, 

of the Ko- and giving full reins to his fangul. 

s of Hin. nary temper, maffacred. In piid 

friendfhip, b1o6d,an hdplefs peafantry', already 
• The deTcendanu of Stlfucui, 

: Ck - , 

d contiguoui 10 the bvbeur of Diu, ja Uk pn- 



blf famiihed with hunger, (paring ihe province cfH>Tp8ni», he crofled 

neither the fajifticy of age, nor fhe the Oxus, and proceeded to ,Bokara, 

fxredneTi of affiiftion. The brave- a fmall Hate which he had conquered 

tefiftance which he met with from in the early part of his reign. But 
ihe princes of Gazerat, who had not yet fathficd with the vaft ac- 
ooMy confederated to mrtbitain their quifitions he had made to the Ghiz- 
iiidepe;:('.ence, awaked no pity, no nian empire, he fu'xiued the fierce 
comaufcraiion, no compnnilion, in iuhgbiiants of Bucharia,+ from Sa- 
tis obdurate and remorfelefs 'heart; marcandto the Jefpera mountains j 
il ftri-ed only to (harpen his rapa- and after having rendered himfelf 
diy with rdenionent, and to aim the mod poweriul warrior of his 
hi; zeal with fui)-. The fufieiings time, he died, at an advanced age. 

<£ lungs dragged from their thrones, 
the waitings of women torn from 
dieir hdliaiids and children, and the 

) his palace at Ghiznt, in the y^c 
lojoofibe Chriftian sera-J: 
The immediate fiiccefforsof Mam- 

1 whole people exiling mood, poUicfliiig all his leliziQua 

under the weight of their injuries, fanaticifn, without 2 fingle ipark 

or the fwords of their oppteflbrs, of his fire, or any portion .of his ta. 

pierced not the breall of this aban- lents, ineeflantly provoked foreign 

doned and profligate tyrant, who wars which they had iteithcr the 
(mrfued with favage triumph his . judgmentnor fpiril toconduft. The 

guilty career, and with unheard-of princes of wefiem Hindiift£n, ftill 

blaffiemy, called .^opoii offended fmarting with their wounds, and 

Heaven to reward his exertions in eager to avenge their wrongs, as 

the caafe he (uid^efpoufed. well as to recover their kingdoiqs, 

^' — imotjd, having at length fa- ' " 

tiaied his avarice, if 
dty,- and having appointed gover. 
Dots to the different' provinces he 
bad conquercdi for the laft time 
bide adieu to Hindufian, and re- 
turned to his native country," the 
molt wealthy Aionarch of his race, 
ftit liis reftlds and adventurous 

time in fcizing ari ofiportu- 
nity fo favourable for the attainment 
of their defires. And the aivraofity 
that [wevailcd among the governors, 
whom Maramood fud appointed to 
his Indian provinces, no lefs than 
their dilToIute maimers and wanton 
cruelty, . at once encouraged the 
hopes and enafperated the feelings of 

ainbilton, onenfeebled by age or the Hindus, who refolved, by, one 
loimy, difdaiifed the quiet enjoy- manly cfibrt, to crulh ihepuny def- 
aaa of his riches, and prompted . potifmby whichibey wercoppreffed, 
him to turn his viftorious arms Accordingly the prince of Delhi, 
againft the northern provinces of who aj^iears to have beeh a man of 
Perfia, which had hitherto withftood great courage and fomc iibilities, 
th« torrent of Mahommedanifm, that formed a confederacy of all'^he 
foajti in iqwn them from the weft, ftaies that had felt tlie fbock of the 
In Hs than ten years he extended Mzihommedan uonqueft; and havifig 
hitcooquefts, together with his re. r^iifcd a powerful army^ inaFc|:ied 
hgion, oyer the greatcft part of againft the ^luffulmans, and com- 
Pctfiaand Georgia: — and thence re. pktely defeated then in fevcfal 
^nmingby theCafpiao Sea, through bloody engagements. But the titde 
, C i ' of 

• Anna Domini loso. 
t TheTJIbtckTanarr. 

_} We hive been particular in dcfcribing theconqucfls of Msnunood, inoiderlo 
ffn the leader an adequate idea of the rungiels which iht Mabomniedsii nlic)OF^ tf^ 


of Tiftory m not run long in hii And it wm referved for the daunt. 

favour. Being elated with his firft left intrepidity of Ghori to pcn«- 

fucGcfs, he imprudently pulhed for- tMte Into the eaftcm provinces. 

waid with too much cefrrity; and Tliia furion), but ftilfitl leader, 

by driving his enemiet to die con- though repuliSd with great lofs, at 

ines of their own country, heena- the commencement of his operatiorw 

bJed them to receive confiderable in Hindullln, ftill putfacd his pur. 

idnforcements of frefh troops, ani- pofe with undiminilhed ardour ; and. 

nutcdwith religious /eiil,andenured in the courfc of two years, be re- 

to military duty. The prince of paired his misfortunes, routed the 

Delhi, however, was not to be in. alliedarmy of the Hindu potentate* 

timidated by their formidable afpeft. on the plains ofDelhi, r»vagetl~T:h« 

I Hcatiackcd ihem wiihhisufualim- provinces of Oude and Allahabad, 

petuofity; and, afteradrea<Ifu1 cmi- and finally ftorywdthe ancient city 

flift, inwhichmuch.oblliflBte-ratour of Benares, giving up to the un- 

■ waa diMayed on both fides, the bn<Ued rage and foul atrocities of » 

franticturyofiheMuffulmansover- licentious and brutal foldicry, that 

came his utmoft rxeitions ; hisarmy ■ chofcn feat of literature and fcience« 

was mtirely dlfcomfitted ; and be the fair abode of art aiid clegsnce, 

narrowly efcaped himfclf, with a ami the hallowed fanAuary of a 

few followers, to bear the mdan. virtuous and venerable priefthood. 

choly tidings to his native country.* Wheifitebad ftripped thefacrededi- 

Aftcr this cvait, nothing worthy fices of evciy thmg that was valo. 

of our notice yrefenta ilfelf in the rijle, and broke down and deftroyed 

htftory of Hindultin, until the con- above One thoufand Idols, ^ be doled 

' ^ueft of Gbizni, by Mahommird this fcene of rapine and carnage-, by 

Chrio, the Afghan prince. i* Du- confecrating the temples of Brahma 

ring the long interval between the totheholyprophetoi Mecca, 'whoTe 

dcKat of the prince of Delhi, and fpirit he pn^anely invoked tc 

the elevation of Ghoii to the Ghiz- fanAion his criminal ambition, fiui 

nian throii^.', the whole of the welt- an infurreflion having at this time 

em provinces remained in the pof. broke out in the northern pxrt oi 

feffion of the MuITuIman*, who had Korafan, Mahoimncd wascompellec 

now began to colonize in the coun. to rclinquifh his conquelt, and t< 

'— ^o\iiiil gi«Kly jncreafed contend for the wealth he had ac. 

■8 by the profelyies tkey quired, with enemies of a far nSort 

im the out-caft Hindus, determined- charafier. Uadcjefled 

DUTOus and incurable an- however, at this difaller, arid coti 

fubfrtied betireen them fident in his lirength, he withdrev 

; of the Hitidu people, his army from Benares, appointet 

le embers of war, which Cuftub, a favonrile general, vice 

fdifcoiitenioccafioiially roy of the Indian proi^ceq^ kni 

tiiTce a flame, that even proceeded, by foreed marches^ ti 

ufion of human blood Ghiml. Hit^prcfenee in dMt cm 

td tin: land cou 111 hardly pital, with 6> numerooi'aa t^tiny 

. The Mai)u!mans,how- foon reached the knowledge of rli. 

1 tittle by this barbarous infui^ents, who were both a^to^nfti 

ich waUcd theirftrength. ed and alarmed at hit uiiexpeAed ^r 

without extending their dominiixi, rival, Apjirized qf ^leir confter 



a^Kb^A^iot a^mpomt in at. afltft tfaeu- rigbii* .tbe Gfaizoiaa 

tiding thna : and tus pcooititwle empue w» Dfurpcd'tm) divided by 

«wid have beca crowned with fuc. Eldoze and Cuciub ; the fcnner 
idt, if d>e prince of Samarcand had Cook poflefGon i^ Tutkdtia and 

DOCaniTcd with a powerful rein. Peifia ; ^od the latter, wlwludal- 

ftsctmcat t» the rdief of the Kora- ready been elevated to the govetn- 

laouM, which changed il^ forttme meiit of the Indian provincct, de. 

rf the day, aod involred Mabom- dared himfdf tcingof Hiaduftin. 
ned in difficnliiet, from which it Cuitub wai the founder of the 

fixated haidly^ poffiblc to cfNpe. Paianor Afghan dyiuAy. Hcwm 

Still !us afUve {fitix wai not to be a native of Afjjbaniftan, «r tbe 

dilinared; be loi^ht vith the moft oountry of the Afgham, and on< 

ddpaatcton'-, and, at lafi breaking glnally a Have. He wai purcbded 

tbe ranks of tbe eneaiy, by a dex- by the late emperor, wbofe notitx he 

tenxu novenKnt, threw him&lf, foon attraded by h!) brilliant ta> 

with tbe (battered remain* of hit Imti, and whofe &vciur be gained 

arzaj, into a finall fort adjoining by hii ingenuoui difpofition, and 

tfac CxDc of action. Tbe prince of finnEdeliiy. TbelkiUandTalourhe 

Samucaod immediately invefted the difplayed at the taking of Beoarei, 

fUix; and MahoracBed feeing little induced Mahonuned to cnfrandiifo 

duDcc of making a fuccefsTul de- him, and fhortly after to adopt him 

fence, ofieied him a large Aun of u hii fon. 

Booey, on hii being permitted to On tbe death of the empcfor* 

rctwn, munolefted, to hit own do- Catiub changed hit feat of govern. 

Buniooc. To th^ propolal, the lacnt from Lahote to DeUu, that 

needy Tartar very gladly agreed, he might be the more aj^roumate 

aoi the onhappy Mabomiiied pro. to the province* of Bahai and Ben. 

cce^d to Gluzni ; but he dtd not gal, and therefore, with tbe more 

loi:^ furvire thit difgraceful aflair. facility, carry into execution hia 

As tbe im&fortunes of a man, emi. favourite pnijcft of reducing them 

neat tar bravery and talents, awake nader hit fubje^ion. But bit pre. 

ihecoEnpafllon of generofitj and vir- mature death for a white avened the 

toe, aitd ia their eyes even throw a impending deftiny of tbde devoted 

veil ovex his crimet, fo they inva. countries ; and the conqueft of then 

riab^ incite the ciunity of cowar. wat relcrved for Altmufb, who 
tlift: and vice ; and the unfuccefsful . afcended the throne of Delhi, A. D. 

tjrEaatJKyer&t&fecureonhijthrone. i3io, and who wai cotemporaiy 

Tbaa tbe c^lamitiet which befel thii with tbe celebrated conqueror Zeo- 

Rinwned pnoce,. eadfoldened the ^ic Khan. In A. D. 132;, Alt- 

nrBengeoffomefecreienemte), who mn(h had nearly fubdued all tb« 

had not ib« cpupige to afiJil him in kiagdomi aod' piindpalitiet in 

liis prcrfperixy, and he wai foully norihetn HinduftlUi ; and hit em. 

aSaffinatedf after baying reigned for mrc extended from the maan[ainst)f 

^iity.ti^o yx»i^ oyer ihe'moftpo. ^hibct to thai part of the Deccan 

teat ea^nre of the £aft.* ' ' which lie* in the latitude of ao* 

T^dcathofMabomiiicdwatthe north, and from the Ganges to the 

.^aal foE jxtMllioQ to rajfe iti Indui. He appcari to hare been a 

fandu^^ andtncptefomptivehein fpinied and judicioiu prince, who 

to tbrraofnt .tbcooe, wallovring in bad the difL-enmKnt to difcovci ai 

JuRUTa Jmd wantii^ the fpirit to well at the lefolution to lefitainthe 

C 3 foUy 

• A. D. iwi. n,gN..(jNGoogre 


folly of inordinate ambition, and of Altmuth, the infuncftioits in the 

who was lenient from policy, if weft em pans of tlie' empire were 

not from principle. Tolerant in »cry frequent and deftruftive. 

lii» religious notions, his zeal jield. At this period,* Zengis Khan 

ed to his prudence, and his viftories had all Afia to the north 

over the HittdOs were not tamiftied ward of the latitude of 30°, from the 

by any afls of cnielty, nor was his eaftem extremities of China, to the 

reign difgraced by that fyfiematic Arabian deferts ; but the difficulties 

periecutienof the Brahminical re. he experienced in repreaing the tur- 

liglon, which had hitherto ftaincd buleni fpirit of his Tartar fubjefls, 

the Mahommedan name. He ap. very probably deterred him from 

pointed govemon to the different attempting the conqjeft of Hin- 

provinces of his dominions, and duft3n, which his heroic ge/iius had 

efiablilhed ftrifl and wholefon-e re. doubtlefs contemplated it his vaft 

gulations for the guidance ofiheir feheme.ofuniverfal dominion. He, 

cendufl; though iheiravnricsoften however, fubdufd all the countries 

prompted, aiid their pov-,-i:r enabled on the weft bjnk of the Indus, and 

tliem to violate theft laws. The portioned them out to his Magtil 

Hindus, therefore, inftead of de- generals, asa rewardforthe^minent 

riving benefit from the remedial ferviccs they had rendered him in the 

c£fU of th; emperor, were only progrffs of his viflorious career.t 

treated fcy their inhuman mafters In the ihon and feeble reigns be- 

with the harfher rigour, in order twcen the death of AUmuIh and the 

the more effeflually to ftifle their elevation of the emperor Balin, the 

complain;;. The mild and efiemi. Mogul chieftians made feveral pre- 

nate natives of Bengal fubmit ted in datory incurJions into the Panjab ; 

filent forrow to the yoke of their and led on by the ferocious I'ar- 

oppreflbrs, and while they were un- raefhirin Khan, they even pene. 

iBoleftedin the e>«.Tcife of their re- trated to the confines of Delhi, 

ligious rites, and psrmiit'.j to at. tracking their march with blood, 

tend 'to the culiivattoii' of their plundering all ihey could ^afp, and 

lands and the pi^rfuit of th^ir inge. devouring, with brutal avidity, the 

nious labours, they endeavoured not fair fruits of Indudry and toil : but 

tC regdin thc'r independence. But the warlike and patriotic Balin re, 

the robufl and h.:r(i/ mountainers of pelled their inroads, and chaftifcd 

Agimere' and M^dwa, as well .'is their aggrcliions. Ainidft the uni. 

the intrepid j-." i,!ry of Gazerat, form profpeCt of wars, maffacres,' 

fiill coniinued tu oppofe the autho. and devaftations, which (excepting 

litycftheMuflulnwiii, undtofeek, Altmufh) the hiftory of the Ma- 

*ith redlefs anxiety, for opportj. hommedin princes of HinduftSn, 

rtttics toaflert iheirfreedoin. Hence exhibits to the view of indignant 

thefe provincri ■.v-reconftantly aei. humarilcy, the reign of Balin pre- 

tated with fiorce wi;rs, which the fents a fcene on which the moral 

whole force of the fuprcme govern, eye may with complacence dwell. 

rtent of Delhi was often employed Nurfcd in advcrfiiy, and educated 

to fupprefs. And during the lei^n in the fchool of military difcipline, 


* A.'.D. 1B31. 
' t Petit d: h Croix Hinoire de Gsnghizcan; ct Hlfloire de toute la Dinaaie dc» 
Moagoiiilri Tt^ r.-lf^iirs coiioueiam, or la Chine paric R. P< G»ubil, de la Socle te 
de. jttlus Miffi.>n.liL i P.;\iiaR -.See aHa the TnvcU of ibe &iar Wtlljani Rubm* 
'uie, pfclervcd tn ibe fiiU voliuiie of Hackluyt and flirrii. ' 


ihif generom prince knew, how to rhe, throne in Av D. 1 30$ tha iin- 
fcel and to avenge the wrongs of his perlal oower of the Mufliilmans was 
fellow-crcafcres. Juft, moderate, extended over the nofthern prq- 
and magoanifnou;, heexetcilbd the vinces of the -Decern. 
powers without incurring the guilt Alia was a man of great abilities, 
of a dcfpotic monarch, and main, but of dreKdfulwickednefs. He was 
tained the fplendour arid luxury of nephew to Fefofe the Second, and 
Aliaiic courts, without yielding to had raifcdhimfelf to the throne by 
iheit corruptions. It was his higheft the murder of his uncle. This par- 
gratification to make his palace an ricidc -was attended with circum- 
noTpitable afylum for oppreffed or ftances of peculiar atrocity j and 
irtdigent Tiriue,as wcllasafplendid the honor which it esiciwd even in 
retreat for men of learning and ge- the minds of his profligate cour- 
nius. Inftead of fquanifcriiig his tiers, was neither to be concealed 
tteafures in ambitious wars, or vo. hy their own diffimulation, nor 
luptuous enjoyments, he employed fupprefled by the terror of his im- 
them in encouraging trade and ma. placable refentment. Ik was,there- 
nnfaffaires, and in patronizing the fore, obliged to watch the couduft 
fine arts. He invited men of ta. of his nobles with the moft unrc- 
lenfs from the tnoft diftanc parts of mitting vigilance ; and in order to 
Afia, to refide at his court, in order guard againft coiifpiracies and re. 
that he might profit by their know- bellion the more cfFedually, he le- 
ledge and advice. Although zeal- vied an iminenfe army, whofc at. 
Otis for. the proMgation of the Ma- tachment he fecured by gratuiioua 
hommedan faith, he wiflied to gain advances of pay ; he confifcated the 
mankind to his doftrine by argu. properly of every man of rank or 
men! rather than by arms. Upon wealth throughout the empire j t^ 
the whole B^din, feems to have been publilhed an edifl forbidding all 
endowed with many ftiining and private nwetinga among the gran- 
eftimable qualities ; and his greatcft dees, and prohibiting the uTe of 
&'jlt wasone to which his doubtful wine and all in to;[)catmg liquors on 
title to the throne, and the confe.' pain of death ^ he ftriCUy forbade 
quent itifurrcAions againft his go. the. nobles to marry without fpe,. 
verniiKnt, that frequently happen- cial licence ftom him; he difmiOed - 
edj very naturally gave rife. He men of rar.k attd talents from all 
punifhed the authors of thefe dif- public offices, and filled them with 
rurbances in the moft rigorous and wretched fycophants who bowed 
■ cruel manner, equally unbefitting implicit obedience to his will; he 
his love ofjuftice and the dignity exa^ed from bi!> Mufliilman, as well 
ofhUftation; and it has been re. as Hindu fubjefts, lialf the yearly 
marked that he never pardoned a produce of their lands; and, finally, 
traitor." Yet was lie refpeftcd, he fct alide every part of the Ma. 
even by his enemies, and he died hommedan law that did not axa^ly 
oniverfally regretted. + tally wtih his own fcheme o/ go- 
In the fuccceding reigns of Kei. veroment : and he ufed to decjare, 
Kobad, and Fcrofe the Second, " that religion had no connexion- 
little change took place in the po. " with civil government, but was 
liiind afpedof Hinduftan; but un. " only the bufpiefs, or rather the 
del the ufurper Alia, who afcended " amufemcnf, ot' private life; and 
C + . ^' ' ■ «that 

a^i. t A. D.H86. , 



" '" that die win of a wife prince was 
" better than the variable (Aiin ions 
*• ofbodies ofmen."" Theferegu- 

' lations, though iramed from motives 
of iDcre perfonal aggrandizement, 
and though taiiny of them contain, 
ed much intrinfic iniquiiy, were, 
nevcrihelefs, beneficial in their ope. 
rationtothcbuikof fhepeople. The 
Hindus who had been uniformly 
plundered and oppteffed, by the co. 
vernors of provinces and their ftb- 

, ordinate officers, were now not only 
allowed, but encouraged to purfue 
their occupations ; and were, more- 
over, fecured in the undifturbed 
pofTeRion of whatever property the 
Emperor' permitted them to retain. 
Inftead of being inceflantly ha. - 
raffed hy the flagiiioos exaAions 
and univearled cruelties of (everSl 


, unlefs 

:y little 
: but in 
"hich he 

:h, ar«i 
ce with 

denlj' called upon to defend his own 
capital, agilnfl- (he Moguls, who 

had laid fiege to it with a powerful 
army. Jie arrived at Delhi juft in 
time to fave it from deftn>fUon ; 
and after one of the moA terrible 
and obninate battles that is record- 
ed in Indian hil^ory, the Moguls 
were entirely difcomGted, and with 
great difficulty effeftod their efcapc 
acrcTs the Indus. 

The pride and fpirit of Alia were 
raifed to the hieheft pitch, by this 
lignal and decifive viAory ; and at 
is ufual with men whom the intoxi. 
cation attendant on extraordinary 
fuccefs, has carried beyond the 
fphere of their talents, he beigat) to 
form fchcmes of the moft boiuidlefs 
and exceniric ambition. He wiOi- 
ed at once to be a prophet and a 
hero ; to lay the foundation of a new 
religion, and to attain the conqueft 
of the world; to unite in his own 
perfon the charaflers of Mahommed 
and of Alexander ; ai>d to furpafa 
them both in power and in fame. 
But Alia poflef&d not the inircpi. 
dicy and addrefs of the Arab, nor 
the generous heroifm, and gallant 
courtefy of the Greek. He was 
doubtlcfs a man of a comprehenfive 
mind and a bold Ipiiit, but he ap- 
pears to have been greatly deficient 
in thofe qualities wiiich were eflen- 
tial to the execution of the plan 
he had conceived. The (Jifaffeftion 
of his nobles, together with his in- 
ability 10 condliate them, prefented 
an infurmoiintableobftacle to any at. 
tempt at dijtant conqueft ; and tbe 
furious bigotiy of liis Mahommedaii 
fubjefls, ss well as the mild but 
invincible firmnefs of the Hindus in ~ 
fupport of their 9wn doflrines, ren. 
dered it both dangerous and ufelefs 
to fet up a new fyflem of religion, 
or even to try any experiment in a 
matter fo deeply intetefting to the 
prejudices of the community. He, 
therefore, abandoned all his gigan- 

• See Do w'i Ferithta, vol. i. p. sg** 



tic prajcAs, and cohtemed himfelf tlte Drccan, r powerfol confederacy 

with ibc proTpeA ofi:onquering the was tnnned uDder the direfUon of 

Ibutlmn natioiM of Hinduftan. Balajdeo, king of tbe Ctrnaticf 

TiKContinHa] trnipiions of the who marched againfttlieMufluJnupt 

M(mils, ttowerer, Tendeied his in great forA, and after an obfti- 

pcdoice nccejlory in- the northern natc conceft, wreftcd the whole of 

, pTovnvxt, and prevented him from the peoinfula from their gtipe, ex- 

leading hi» army in peifbn to the Qepiing the fortrefaof DowUtafaadi 

ctinqneft of the Deccan, the honour and iorae part of tbc province (^ 

of which hr aiiigned to CafoQT, an Caiideilh.+ 

able and enter^'rizing general, who, fint !t was not the Hind&t akxiCi 

in a ftw yeub, fubdued all the king- whom the Muffulmans, at this dif. 

dons north ol' the river Kiftnab, ex- aArotu period of their hiftory, fbond 

cept fome fmall Aatei, which com- caafe to dread. They were aflailed 

pnftd the mountainoHa trafls of from the north by the Mogtd 

OriSa axxl Berar. Catbor having princee, rhe defcendants of ZengU 

dethroned the Hindu nionarclu, and Khan, who were every year be> 

ftripptd them of their treafures, coming more formidable; and wh<^ 

diuded the conquered country into lu({ ofconqueft was now tempted tt 

di0e(cni diftrifls, appointed diflin. much by tbe wcakncfs, at i^ the 

gntfh^ nobles to the commaiKl of wealth of their enemy. Towards 

each, and returned lo Delhi, to the dofe of tbe fourteenth century, 

pfdent the rich* fruits of his vie- they made frequent irwoads into 

tories to his enraptured maAer. Hinduftln, and reduced under their 

During the remainder of Alla's dominion, fome part of the province 

reign little of moment occumd, of Lahore. The Mufltilman empire 

and be doled a prt^perous tliough thus attacked on tbe cme fide by the 

tempeftuoas life, after having added numerous armies of the HindQs, and 

to UM Moffulman empire above one on the other by the furious bands of 

half irf the great foutbern peninfula, the Moguls, while a civil war raged 

and ejhdiliihed throughout his yaft in the interior, funk under the 

dominions, a fyScmatic order aijd prelTureof its calamities, whidi the 

regularity in the adminiflration of minority of the reigning EmpeiM 

paUic a^rs, which had not been Mahmood thcTbird^greatlycontri- 
known in Hindnftan finoe the fub. buted - to augmeat, TUs yoonr 
vctGon of tbe attcient governments, prince had the misfixrtnne to afceod 

Tbit fyftem of government, how. the throne of bis father Mahooimed 

ever, appears to nave expired with tbe Fourth, when it was rurrounded 

its founder; and the imbecillity and Avith anarchy and ireafoR'. ' TIm 

tdOy of the immediate fucceifors Of nobles who were entrufted with the 

AlU, in a few" yeafs threw the direction of puUie a^irs, as delir- 

empire into the utmoll conftifion. tute of wifdom and vigour, as of all 

TliB Hindu princes, ever watchful public fpirit and integrity, fecmed 

for an .opportunity to revolt from more defiroui to foment than to 

their imperious conquerors, took fupprefs the tumult that pi«vailedj 

advantage oi tlie direli^on of dif. and inftead «f making any exertion 

cipline and order that [prevailed, and to fave, the^ fecrctly endeavouicd 

everywhere appeared in arms. In to ruin their countt/. Another 




Mtncc was 'Ihonly fet up in oppo- from Samarcand with the flower of 

ficion to Miivaoodj and a fcene of his army, and arrived at the Jallalii 

f^nage'Vnfued i^^jthccityofDelhi, one of the moi): wefierly brjutcbeft oif 

^hich has no parallel in the annuU the Xn^ue, about the latter ei>d of 

ofAfia, F« three whole years a the year 1398. From thence be 

4efpe£dte c^n&icjt was maintained proceeded down the river, to the 

within the walls of thai diltrafied confluence of the Jimboo and Chi- 

capital, between t)te adherents of nab, where he formed a bridge of 

the rival princU ; and the force of boatt, and paHed his array over in 

the contending parties being nearly fafcty. He here met wltli fonic le^ 

ecpal) little advantage was obtain. fiDance, which, however, inltead 

' ed on eiiher fide. Every day was of checking liia career, fcived only 

&en[ in furious battle : at night to irritate his pafTiQns. Being in 

Niey retired to reft,, and in the want of provilions, he gave up the 

morning retiuned to the charge, large and populous town of Tulnui- 

Thoulands daily fellj andljMthpar. bin i to the plunder of his foldiers ; 

tit? .were recruited from the pro. and what was yet more dreadful, 

V.inces : till at length eKhaufied when its wretched inhabitants mur- 

^ith this iweiTant warfare, a tiuce mufednt being ftrippedof iheirpro. 

was mutually agreed upon, wiih a periy, he ordered them to be maf. 

■ficn. to make an amicable adjuft- facrcd^ without feeling either (harne 

ntent. of thei/^difierences, and to or remo^fc, at the nefarious, pro- 

Jettle theii rcfpe^ive claims. ceeding. 

- during, this fufpqnUon of hofti. gut this fcene was only a pre. 

lities, and before the wounds of hide to the calaiuitous drama which 

jcitber party were entirely healed, he was about loaft. He thencefbr- 

t)iey were bofh attacked by ihemoft ward advanp^ . through the pro- 

^Bijiilitbfe warrior that India had vince of Moultan, bearii^ down 

tv^ yf(t ^h^ld- with an irrefill4>le Impetuolity, 

I III A>^-,>397i the^mous con- every barrier that oppofed his pro- 

^ucror'TiiMUft.. Bkc, otTAMEXr -grefs; carrying havoc and dlfmay 

- hAfff.t f^ lineaj^i^rccndant of Zen. in his van, and leaving nothing be. 

gffi Khan, the cWcfrof the Moguls, lur.1I him but defolation and mifery. 
and the Kio^ of Zagatai," ajid In the mean whije the contend. 

^Bcbariti^'iiavipg-;«vcr-run all the ing fadllons in Delhi, had united 

giorthen ■Mti^tM of Afia, ard even for their mutual.delence ; but their 

•04ll>ed'hi«.lnyim9h!p Vine, into the feeble efibrts were ill fuited tore- 

eaftern pfov.inqqs .of ^uflla, , pnv pulfc the experienced valour of the 

ppled t^o his tmu, of nohle^ to Tartars. Yet Mahmood and hia 

•Mvade Huidul^f^i where he hoped mlniikr Eckbul, ^pear not to have 

to c^p a rivhet Cpoil thsp in the been intimidated by the tbrinidable 

lugged pkms, of Mufcovy : astd afpeil of their enemy ; for whefl 

^ying f-eceived inteUigeftCe jif the Timur a^^coacbtd the -city, they 

diOcntions at Jleltii,, hi* cupi4iiy faliied out and attacked him, and 

waf raifed to thfhighefl' pitch, and although ihey were driven back 

Jut ^agnbiliqn wa^ tttfloilJaj^d.iyith .with confiderable lofs, they fuftaln. 

-the ptofped of Toon »dding to his cd the conteft for many hours with 

GonqH^fts the.' we^ihlefti enpireiin .Qiucli Ipirit and bravery, 
jbcworld^ He accordingly marched Durmg this affair, fomeprifoners 

- "■■.-■■- ^ ■ -,) ■„.-, . > 

* Zagaiai h'novi btiici i.Dov a hylic mac f{ CaaJaiar; it fentit the gmieft 
I pail of the dominions of Zemauo Sbiij, and islitbied between PerlijaiidTurkeliaa. 



in Timor's camp had.naturalljr'bDt 
iirfifcreetljr manifefted great joy at 
ite zeal and intTcpiditj' 4j'p''y^ 
by iheir countrymen ; whioi con- 
dn^ to greatly alarmed and incenfcd 
their barbaroas and fan^inary con. 
qoeror, that he inftantly ordered 
ttw whole c£ the Indian prifonera in 
hii pofledion, to the number of one 
infUDKiD tmodsAnd, to be put to 
death ; aid Jiij order was executed 
with a promptitade and difpatch 
nntquaJled in the records of cruelty. 
" As foon ai this order was made 
"poblic," fays Sherifcddin, "they 
*' began lo put it in execution ; and 
" in left ibart an bsnr were put to 
"death a HUNoaHD thousand 
" Indians, according to the fnulleft 
" compotation*." 

The day following, while the 
fironk of the Tartars were yet 
leelcing with the blood of the mi^r. 
aWevidiras of their favage ferocity, 
Timur prepared for a general aflaolt, 
winch being obferred by the vigi- 
lant Eckbiif, be fallied forth, with 
the bcft part of the army of Delhi, 
to give Irim battle. But the laxO' 
rit»u$ Delhians, though enured to 
cirit broils, were little acquainted 
with the art of war, and therefore 
ill able to fnftnin the well planned 
and fiirioQs onfet of the heroes of 
Chighitta. Eckbal animated and 
encouraged bis troops with a bra. 
very thai refleAs honour on his me- 
mory ; btit the intrct»d Tartars 
were not even to be checked ; 'the 
Indiums were touted on every fide, 
and purfued with immenfd llaughter 
to the gates of their city : and Mah- 
mood and Eckbal feeing no poflibi- 

lity of' defending their at|»ta1, 
efcaped onder" corer of the night, 
and flew to Guzerat, whither ihcy 
were purfued by a ftrong detach- 
ment, whichTinur.who hadgair.^id 
intelligence of (heir flight, had frnt 
after them. This detachment came 
□p with Mahmood ; and after a (hort 
engagement, he effefled his retreat, 
with [he lofs of his two infant fons, 
and 3 confiderable number Of his re- 

Timnr in the mean time had 
taken pofleflion of Delhi, and had 
itctivcd the fubmiflion of all the 
principal nobles of the city, who 
waited on him in his camp, jind to 
whom he proniifcd protefiion, on 
condition of iheir confenung to 
pay fuch contributions, as the right 
of conquelt authorized him to cx- 
aft, d'nd as his arrty, therefore, 
cxpefled. The nobles prudently 
acqaiefced in a demand, to which 
they forefaw they would be ulti.' 
matily con^lled to fubmit; and 
orders were accordingly given to 
the magiflrates to levy the contri- 
bution, by a fcale duly proportion-' 
ed to, the wealth and rank of th|e in- 
habitants .t 

Whilft theranfom wascolleiling, 
Timur, as was his coftom, cele- 
brated his viftory by a magnificent 
feftival, which, however, was to be 
polluted with the blood of the van- 
qutlhed, and by facrificing, at the 
altar of an infatiable a^'a^ice, thou- 
fands, not only of brave incn who 
defended their families and property 
from brutal lull, and indifcriminate 
pillage,butof helplefs women, whom 
the power of beauty did not avail 

nt ii fiiUy confirmeil by Fctiftita. Yet Sherifcddin, in hi* Prc- 
ihit in all hti cntcrprircs he had naeibit eiid'faxa the eloiy of 
' ' ' 'ic pcopte I ! I" Perhai»mii lea^ 

, „ lufeof ihcJfB* rc/rff<wi,-c»ery' 

enontniy waijulliGablc. Bui what (ball we fay to M(. Wh ite., the k'SmcdtranUiior 
cf lb* Infiiiuiei, who ulk) fopiihetically in hri Preface, of the " am'iabte maderaiitti 
ofTimml!" Mr. Row, in hii mgMyofTameilane, dijcs not fay mora inprarfe 
of hie Wo'if/rnntn; aoit he too bu gone much hriher, in tfaii inflai)ce, ilianeKn 
foetkal licence will ajnit. ' - ' 

f i'»Dow'(FaiIbta, vol. it. p. 7. 


te fpaee, mi even of unoScnding But the diHurbancM in th« oouli 
chUdnn, whom ibe facied 0iield S of Alia, now called bun from tbis 
innocence could not proiefi. ignoble wxifmc, to ^ conreft more 

Th* Tartar officers employed to "oiihy of his genius. Thcambi- 
Rcciys ihe affeflinent froro the ma- tious views c^Sulrain Bajazit^ 
giijau*, not ikiis&ed with the re. rendered his prefeoce necelTary in 

Filiated fums whiih h fell to the Georgia and Anatoliaj and to (et 
rt of a few wealthy inhabitants to boundaries to ilvafe views, as well 
pay, declared that (hey had con- at to pull down the pride of the Oc- 
cealed their properly, and violently toman, became the favourite ob- 
broke into their houfes, ivhich ihc jeftsof his future life. Hehafttned, 
snraged citizens in endeavouring to theri:foTe, to ^aoiarcand, where, hav. 
fecurej pat feveral of tlic Moguls ing lodged the, treafures and tro. 
to death. A fcrioas tumult con- puiics of his Indian conqueils, he 
feqncntly arofb, whiuh focn reaching proceeded on his march againft Sa. 
ihe cars crftimor, he gave orders jazet. 

for R general madacre ; and this con. Tlmur left no £brce in HinduHin 
(|ueror,wham ignoritncehasdenomt- to keep poUeQion of the p'ovinccs 
oated a generous hero, beheld, with that had lubmiited to his arms ; for 
a nncoroQt pleafure, the proud me. it was his ambition to javage, ra. 
, tropolisofagreat ejnpircfackedand ther than tofubdue, acouniry. The 
andplundcred,itspa^iceiandicmples people of Delhi, thcrefoic, ^ing' 
levelled with the ground, and its irecd from all authority, gave a 
ftreets choaked up with the mangled Icofe to every bad paflion ; and that 
-careafcsoflcs murdered inhabitants, devoted city, for upwards of two 
The cindiaive fury of Tiinur, months, exhibited a copftant Jcepe 
however, was not yet /pent. The of riot and depravity too hidcoys 
Muffulmans of Delhi were forgiven ; and loathibme to be defcribed. In 
but his enmity towards the Huidus, >bis ftate, it was feized upon by a 
oofubmiflion could difarm, and no petty ufurpcr, with a handful of 
atonement could appeafe. Having troops; but he was foon driven 
beard of the famous cavern of Ceu. from his throne by the rcfUefs Eck- 
fflr,* and of (he adoration paid to bal, who having colk£led a confidcr- 
it by [li;it pioys race, he marched able army, teftored the unfortunate 
thither without ichy ; and filled Mahroood to his capital, thou^ 
the meafurc of his enormities in not 10 his dignities and power., by itnpurpling the hal. The civil diflentions to which 
lowed ftream of the Ganges, with this event gave rife, it wei« no 
the blood of its fupcrftitious but way inilruAive to recount : for 
peaceful votaries. fucli a narrative would be little leTs 

aied at the foot of Mount Kimntaleh, in 
by the Hindui, on accouDtoftbe Cwigp 
; rupctfiiiioii h»s uiflured ii lo iheir fancy 
il, ihe tcsdcr trowi, i> hrld hcrei byilinn. 
m Gile of the Kcniaifle mcmniiiini, in ihe 
Inglrom ttieloot of MouniXeniaiSc, and 
Icnblyia ibenunh, far above joo miles, 
b, ihcy turn 10 tbe (ouih, ia which courfe 
opeHyietmcd the Gaoges. li then forces 
Daleh, md Tanping in blfe, mlhes ihrough 
the caDward, it lunt (braufih the nngied, 
te ihrou)^ Mount Sewalicki at Hwowu', 
a."— See Reknell's JM^wV ~^ Hix' 


' Atn '« coantnpMt of thoTe aimzs the imperial titlesi but R^dW to 

Hid atrocimsM'wbkb the heart of hold hia authority from Timur, in 

die reader mufi alretdy have fo -of. whcrfe nuite he erdetti the crnn'<£ 

ten recoiled. . It is only neceflary, the empire to be ftruck. Bat an 

iheiefbR, tooMerve, tlattherubah- artiBce fo thallow, coold sot Imp 

dar» of the provirces, throughout deceive the watchful fagacitj tf 

the wh(de of the Muffnlmin empire thofe warrton, who Ibeti recoB. 

of HinduBSn, had at this period re. menced their inroads into Kinte- 

rolted from the fupreme govern, ftin^ and who kept the weficn 

■lent of Delhi, in confequcnce of provinces for nearly thirty y«ar^ 

Unnr's conqoeft, and of the dif- in a ftate of continual igitatioa. 

aften in which tl»t occurretiL-e, to. The feeble and inaufplciout rcicn 

gaher with the incapacity of Mah. of the Seids, terminated in A. Dt. 

iiiaod,and theinfiduousartiof Eclc- t4;o, by the abdicBtion of Al^ 

hal had involved the ftate. the lalt of tfaofe Prin«e$, and tfae 

lliotighthefe.circumftanceamight fubfequent elevation of fielloli, in 

have psved the way for the Hindu Afghan of the tribe of Lodi,' a com. 

pcofdetoiecovertheirindepcndence, mercial people, who carried ob the 

Ttt their fpirit wa* now fo much inland trade between Perfia aid 

'hrokoi that they took little advan- Hinduftan. Belloli was an humane 

tage of them; and the fabahdan, and generoat Prince; bat beinr 

the petty tyrants of the provincei, deftiruie of the talents ^id vigoor 

inftod rf rewarding their modera- requifite for managing the veffel of 

tion, by ameltoiatiog their condi- theftatCj.amidft the ilortnsby whui 

tion, oppreffcd iheir weaknefi by it was furrouoded, hii long reign of 

addingiothcirburthei'3,andwoand-. thirty-eight yei'rs euded' in Ihip- 

•dtiicirfeelliiginot only with ever}' wrcckandruin. In 1488. the cn^te 

oauagc that contaroely coold offer, was completely dil'nicnibered. The 

bat with every fting that maliti; authority oftheEmperordidnotea- 

coold infiifL Their invincible at- tend beyond the province of Delhi, ■ 

tach merit to the facted inftitutions and the circumjacent dillriAs. 11m 

of £rJhnu, fabjedled them to the whole of Bengal and Bahar wu 

rigours of a fyftetnadc cruelty, on- under the dominion of a MuJTiilman 

equalled Jn the annals of the world ; iifirper, who had takeo rhc title of 

tat' it belongs to the retributive King ; and the provinces of the 

jullice crfiuftory to estol their pious - Dcccan, north of the river Kilbiah, 

fortittide, and to braiwi the memory had long before thrown off their al- 

oTtheit inexorable pcrfecutors with legiance, and were iiow formed iitto 

iiidelible infamy. five MutTuIman ftates, equally inde- 

Ib a. D. 1413, the Emperor pendent of each other, and of the 

Mahmood died a natural death, and Imperial government. 

vithhinexfttredthcPatandynafty, Vet, although the ownardis of 

after haying' ruled over Hindua&n Ddbi had tHinloft dieir influence 

for upwards of two centuricB- - The and power, their diadem was fiill 

&nily thai immodiately fucceedcd to prdervcd ; and Scsuodcr the loo of 

chetliEiene^Ddhirftyledthemrelvei Bellidi, an enierjniiang princ^ re 

Sridii or def«ndant» of the holy gained fomrpHrt of itsdignity, atid 

Itoftt^the Prophet Mahomraed; and would probably have r«ftored to Jt 

^^. ibuodei Chiief, with a view much c* its furnter luftre, had not a 

.aoiccaBe himfeif fnnn the hoEtility premature death put an end to U* 

laf Ac Mojp^' Princes, affiuned not prejo^is. He died at AgA, in 

* Sre Dow'i FctiOtu, vol. ii. p. 51. 


tjo9, to which city be had tranf. bnt'dDringtbufliortpcsbci/Jiiebotfl 

fbn^ tbefeat of i^Tcrnment. reduced by hit anu» utd conciliated 

Hb Ton Ibrahim, who had fuc- by hit ckmency, tnanj' of the re. 

ceedcd to the throne, loft all that he fraflory nobles i aod te^aooexed to 

had ganed: for having rendered the imperial doinain the provinces 

himfelf no IcA ^ridiculous by his ot Oude >nd Allahabad. He wai 

vanity, than deteftable for his wick- alike diftingnifhed for his abilitiea 

ednds, hit) nobles became larbulent and virtues, for his heroifm arid 

and faflioui ; and their refeniment moderation, for hii boundlefa gene- 

Kt lait provoked by repeated cruel, rofity, and hii &rm adherence to the 

ties, broke oat into open rebellion, principle* of juftice : hit toleration 

which, however, the tyrant would in religion begat the love and the 

have muftered ftrength enoogh to reverence of hi* Hindu fubjefti ; 

.quell, if they had not folicitcd the and his liberal zeal (ot the ettcou. 

aid of Sultaun Babcr, the Mogul ragemcnt "of the arta and fcieitccs, 

prince wliofe territories were fitu.' together with hia own acquircmenta 

-ated between Samarcand and ibe in polite litcratorc, obtained luin 

Indus, who marched againfl him the applanfe of all the poliftied na- 

with a fmall hut veteran army, and tions of Aiia. " He excdled," 

who totally routed him on the plain lays Ferifhta, " in poetry and ma- 

ofPanniput, where he, infome-de- " Cc: and he wrote hia own com-- 

gree, expbtcd, by a brave refifi. " mentaries in the Mogul language 

ance and a glorious death, the er. " withfuchele^anceatu propriety, 

rors, at leaft, if not the vices of " that they are univerially ad. 

which he had been guilty. " mired." 

Sultaun Baber, in cotiiequence of Hi5eldeftfonHuinaioon,whahad 

his viftory, proceeded &ift to Delhi, been the companion of bis vifioriee, 

- and afterwardb to Agra, took pof. and the partaker of his fame, af- 

feflion of both thefe cities without cended the thrraie in A. D. i ^30 : 

mlich Oppofition, ordered hirofclf to and poUcfling all the virtuous quali- 

be proclaimed Emperor of Hindu, ties, and much of the military ta- 

ftiln (A. D. 1515), and thus kid lentsofhu father, it wai huambt- 

tbe fouRdation of the celebrated lion to follow his iiluftrioui cum. 

Mogul dynaily, whofe name has pie, £ut HumaiooD, in the progreft 

been fo often employed in Europe of his career, encountered greater 

to dignify and embellifh a talc. adverfity, and fuftained feverer' 

The Sultaun waslineally defcend- trials. After having.fubjugated tha 

ed from the great Timur, and he valuable province* of Guzerat and 

therefore conceived, that he fwayed Malwa on the weft, and ihirfe of 

the fceptre of Hindufiin, itot more Bengal and Bahar on the eaft, the 

by the right of conquelt than by viceroy* of which, as it has been 

that of inheritance. To tnount the fta:cd, had declared thcmfcjves in. 

throne of Delhi had long been the dqiendeiit of the fupreme govern, 

firft wilh of hie heart 1 and he had ment, he was attacked by a fpecies 

previoBfly ctofled the Indus- four of treafbn which it belot^d not to 

-time* with the refolittion to acoom. his geneiooi nature to fbrefee. His 

plillv-k-;-~tMit was, on eachoccafion, younger brothers, jealous of ht^ 

'obliged to recarn', in order to pro. power and emulous cu his grandeur, 

left his own country againft the for- formed a league again]) hinv too 

midable irritpliotis of tlie Ufbeck*. wicked and hardenKl for hia frater- 

■ Thk prince only lived fire year* nal lendemcfs to diflotve, ahd too 

• lpfti'}oy the fruits of hia oonquetl ; a^ivc and powerful for his fove, 

3 reign 


[fi|inittfior!ty to crtifti. HI* ge- who hail not 
wraoolfef to di^-ide one half of tctnih year, 
Ainifrire berwesn tlicm, did not that !u-ninoii! 
fitirfV theii* ambitious views ; and meridian, wj 
biiDtol! rigorous efforts to fubdac and glory thi 
tWi rtbc'.lion proved iiicire«ual : pin. . 
ribting defcrted at the Came tirrtc The reign of Akbar ts the moft 
lij ihe belli part of his armr, be brilliant as well as the moft prorpr- 
tawd it advifcabTc to abandon ou? in the hUlory of the Mullulinan 
KinduSan to its fate, and to feeure empire of India. That acecmplirn- 
lispafonalfatetv in a foreign land, ed prince was elevatcJ to ihc throTic, 
Br.:U a more f:ivourable junflurc upon the death of his lather in A. D. 
ftioiild occur of re-eftsbVrfhing hi* iy$6, when bewas yet in his fuur- 
powet. He therefore retired to teenih ysir: anderen at that esrly 
fttfiiwith a few fattViful Generala, age, lie comjiorled himfelf with a 
wl» ftiU followed hi» fortunes, prudence and dignity that has ,nol 
wbete he was received with the nt. often been equalled, under the cir- 
mc& cotdiality by Tamafp Shah, cumHancrt in which he was placed. 
then of that country, and He lud been left by hu father uii> 
created with all the Aignity and re- der the fpccial guidance of Eyrani 
fpe^ doc to his ranlc and eminent Kjian, who was appointed minifter 
latent*. 'during his minority, and who was 
His brothers, however, did not a man of great abilities, but of i 
Itavig retain their unprincipled ufur- boundlefs ambition, and an impe< 
pation. Quarrelling with each rious temper. Yet Alcbar had the 
other, they expofed themfelves to eonfiiminate addrefs to render the 
tlic hoflility of Shere, an Afghan miniftcr's talents foldy fubferfient 
chief, who foon deprived thtra of to the advantagn of the ftate, and 
aU that their turpitude and pi^^rfidy It the fame tunc, by alfcrting his 
lud acquired, and who mounted the own authtrity, reftraihed thtf paf. 
unperial throne in A. D. ij^i. (ions of Byram, and put limits to 
TlKKgh this nfurper po£fel1ed a his views. Nor was the liberal 
rpirit of enterprize, guided by a clemency of Akbar lefs confpicuout 
coafidenble (hare of judgment, yet than his fpirit and fagacity. Wlicn 
his fliort reign of three years did his haughty minifler, impatient af 
not allow bim fufficient time to con- control rebelled againft his govern. 
Iblidarefhcacquifitionhchadmadc: ment, be firft fubdued, and then 
aitd the imbecillity and ignorance of pardoned him. 
bii foQ Selim, as well as of four Infpired with fuch fentiments, 
other princes of his family, who ' and gifted with fuch parts, his 
fucceeded him, opened the road for whole life was a continued fuccef> 
the rcrurn of Humaioon, whofe pa- fion of fplendid, wife, and twUe 
tient and gallant (pirit, nine yean anions. He completely reduced 
of exile had not brMcen. In ■^?4i under the imperial Itandard all the 
be marched into Hindoftiin with a provinces of HindullSn from the 
confiderable itnoy, which the friend- Indus to the Ganges ; and he pene- 
tbip of the King of I^rfia had en«' trated into the Deccan ai.urai 
bkd him to raile, and the fame year the Mufliilman kingdom of Ah- 
rcgaintd his crown by a decifire roednagur, whofe king was con- 
victory over die Afghani and Patani ftrained to acknowledge his fupre- 
at Sirhiadf where bJi fon Akbft, itucy,and topayhimanannual tri- 


bote. Sut Akbaf conqoered not 
Ids for the benefii of the vanquilhoi, 
llian for bit own aggrandizement. 
In every provlnc* that he fubjeded 
to hi* power, he giant^ to the 
Hind&i an unlimitt^ toleration in 
the cxercife of their religious wor. 
fhip ) and retrained the liccntioua 
fpirit of the MahommetlanB within 
ue bounds of order, by the cnafU 
ment of equal lawi, and the cfta- 
blilhment of a fttifl and vigorouii 
police. By ihefe meant the moft 
perfeA fubordtnation was maintain, 
ed throughout laa extcniiv'e domi. 
'nions ; «nd Ma inftitutes *, com- 
piled by his learned fecretary and 
iiiftorian Abul Fazcl, evince the 
regularity, juftice, and ability with 
which he admbiiftcred both his civil 
and military afi^irs. Under his 
mild and equitable government, 
which lailcd fifty-years, agriculiure 
flourilhed, commerce revived, civil 
arts profpcred, literature advanced, 
and the people enjoyed thit wealth, 
and thofe comforts of ^t-hich they 
had been fo long deprived. 

The death of Abbar, which hap. 
penedin A. D. 1605, enabled the 
MulTulman princes of the Dcccan 
tonorfue their conqurfts in the pen. 
infiila, and to endeavour to reduce 
a few remaining dependencies of the 
ancient Hindu monarchy of Bejana. 
gar. Thii llaic, which comprifcd 
the whole of the pemnfula from the 
river Kiltnah to Cape Comorin, 
had withfiood the combined attacks 
of its enemies until A. D. i j6$, 
when it received its doaih blow 
from the MahommcJan arms at the 
battle of Tellccottah, in which 
Ram Rajee, the Hind& king, fell 

• Ste the Aylti Akbaiy, 1 
Francis Gladwin i ic 
caAem bicnturc b (0 much ind<ibied. 

liorioufly in defence of his cootitry. 
Yet though the kingdom of Bejaita. 
gnr was thos diUolved, its routbem 
provinces of Myfore, Bidenorc, 
Ginjee, Tritchcnopoly, Tanjore, 
and Madura, maLntauicd their in> ' 
dependence ; and the naicks, ot 
goverCMn of thelie province», aT- 
fumed the tttksand dignities of 
foveteign princes. The Nair Hates 
af Travancore, Coclun, Koork, and 
Calicut, on tbecoaft of MaUbar, 
whichjifrtnn time immemorial, had 
been tributary to tiie king of Bc- 
janugur, alfo became independent, 
in confequence of this conquell. 

The people of thefe ftates, ac- 
cuftomed to the mild manners of 
the Mahommedan merchants of 
Arabia, who liad fettled amoog 
them in the tenth century of the 
Chriftian xrs, dreaded not the 
■jwiovimation of the MulTulman 
princes of the Dcccan, mote efpe- 
cially, as they at ihis time required 
' the aid of vigoroue allies to repel 
the encroachments of the Portu. 
gueze, who, under valiant leaders, 
mceflanily waged war agoinll them, 
and whofe power had now attained 
its utmoft plenitu.ic. 

Suchwus the political ilate of In. 
dia, at the commencement of the 
feventei-ih century, whoi the flag 
of England was firil difplayed on 
its coaits. To give, an jtccount of 
its connexion with the nations of 
modern Europe ; and to traca the 
rife and progrcfs of the Britilh Em- 
pire in the Eatt, from its $rft rude 
eftablithinents, 10 the greatneft and 
fplendour at which it is arrived, 
Iball be the more plcafmg bufinefs 
of our fuceceding chaptets. 

■ ofimw"^"' 

t 1 T 


This Dhifam et Wr Woik axitaim ihe moft remarkable Occiirrencei whicit 
hare bappcDcd ia A(U, xnd an auihemic deiail of ihc Civil and Miliiaiy A&in 
of Bdiilh todia, from tbe ift of idrf 1798, to ihe date of ibe lad Difpuche* 
Srom Calcutta; together with Monthly Lilti of ihe Civil and Afi- 
liiaiy Piofnotions i and an Annual Lift of the Binht, Mairiaj^ and Deiiha 
of ihe Eunqseao Inhahionii of It>dia. We have proturcd tlie moft ac- 
curate Reports of the Dcbatei in I^rliamcnt, relutve to tbe Rcveauei 
and general Poliiici of tndiai u well at of ibe higbl]' impofiini Ao-f 
cecdingi of ihe Honourable the Court of Dire£lore| concerning Illicit Trade, 
and tbe Debates on that inieiefling fubje£t, which took phce in ihe eourfe at 
tbe Year, u tbe General Courts of Proprietoii beld at the India Houle ; and ai 
all fuch mnfa£liam aie naiur^ly referable to thii dejnrttncnt, we hare accoid- 
ingly liibjwncd ibcnt. Ai mtich concireneri aixl ortler have be«n obTcrved, 
■ the inijlii]diciiy of public evcnu, and the diveiGty of the materiali, vould 
admit- 'We aie Deverthelefi aware, that much of ihe iniclllecncc, and many 
of tbe ciicumllinccs, here related, will, toibc gEOeiality of our Readers, be eib> 
treinely dry ; but they are too imponani 10 ibe inteivfU of thofc who are my 
my coimcCled with India, to be omiiied in a Publication vhicb aims at bekg 
a Record of tbe Political and Cotnmercial Occurrencei cf ibat Countiy. Tile 
acoNKKi which wc have' given of the Mceiii^ that were held in eveiy [lait of 
the Biiiiih Indian Empiic, for ihe purpofc of contributing pecuniary aid to tbe 
fupport of tbe prcfcnt War in Europe, t6gclher with tbe diflcrenl Lifl* of the- 
CoDtribuion, have fwelled thii head of our collcdion beyond the limits wiibiu 
which it was our original iiucniion loconbnett: butwc conCdcrcd it nolc& 
beix&tal to the great caufe in wiiicb our Countiy is cngageil, ihan due to the 
pitMid feclingi and the manly fcntimenti of our Countrymen in that diHant re- 
gion, to hold up their prompt and gerteious Paiiioiirm to ihe admiratioo of £/>*• 
rope— and to regiUcr their Names, that ihey may thereby obtain thai prailc fraia 
Fo&eriq', Ihe hope of which, to fuch miodj, mud be die higheil rewkrd. 

MJJ/^ nera! Perron, 1 French officer ia 

' ■■ ' his fervice, rerpeiling the imp^i* 

CALCOTTA. fonment of Balajce Pundit ((Khen. 

Af«7 1, 1798. — The following wife Nana Furnaivefe), are ex- 

leitcn, giving in atxuratc account traflcd from the elcvenih number 

of the condoA of Scindeah, the ce- of the Indian Telegraph, and will 

l^nied Mahntu Chief, and Ge. be Soaai high!/ intereftiog. 

tB ,,#. 


Ta tie Editob e/ The Teii. 


Calcutu, Satuiday, Mays, 1798. 


I undcTftand from a friend, that 
a paragraph appeared in your pa. 
per of January laft, intimating, as 
an article of Mahratta inteliigence, 
that Scindeah had received a fum of 
money from Balajee Pundit (other, 
wife Nana Furnaivefe) for his in- 
tended journey to Hinduftin : that 
he had perfuadcd Nana to viGt him ; 
and that, on the arrival of Nana, 
Mr. Perron, with two battalions, 
Irized the Nana, according to a pre- 
concerted plari between Scindcah 
jmd Mr. Perron. It is immaterial 
to tranfccibe particulars — the above 
leading points muftfulfiticntly mark 
the p^iragraph to which my friend 

A* I am well acquainted with 
.the principal fifts which attended 
the feizure of Nana, permit me to 
aiTert, that llie above paragraph is 
Ihamefully falfe with refpcft to Mr. 
or General Perron — and that you 
have been grofsly impofed upon by 
fomc interefled perfon, who, per- 
liaps from private motive* of mile. 
rolenee, wifhed to make your pa- 
per a medium to traduce General 
Petrpn ; for the pcrfoii who fcnt 
you ihe above rtews, could not be 
fo uninformed as not to know tlut 
General Perron, at the time the 
Nana was feized, wa^ at Coel, and 
that he is Hill there. After ftat. , 
ing this fafl, I am copjident you 
have too much regard for your cha. 
rafter as an ediior.not tocontradift, 
in a public manner, a faife article 
of intelligence, which implios that 
a refpcflablc cliaradcr was acceffa- 
ry to the treacherous ftlzurc of a 
politically important pcrfuiiugi: ; and 
1 affure you. Sir, General I'erron 
has too much principl<- and pride 
to have facilitated or aifiiled fuch a 
treacherous afl o[ vioL-ccc. The 

dannel froai which I have derived 
my information it undojibted, aitd 
it fuch as few of joui corrdpond- 
enit have accefs to ; and as nioll of 
Ae accooiHs of the feizuie of Nans 
are inoorrrft, I beg to offer you a. 
more perfeft Scetch. , 

After folemn aflfeverations, atiJ 
the ratification of a treaty of peace 
and amity between Scindeah and 
Nana, in which a Major Filose 
(who commands four battalions, 
compoling Scindcah'9 body-guard) 
was not only perfonally concerned, 
but of which Major Filoze gua- 
ranteed the validity. Nana agreed 
to vifit his moft inveterate, private, 
and political enemy ; — not that he- 
confided iit the folemn affertions or 
oat^ of Scindcah'; but the facred 
and folemn ple<^ of the Major's 
honour, and his oath that he 
Oiould meet neither treachery nor 
injury, removed the doubts of the ' 
fubtle politician. To the ho- 
nour of Europeans it may be'faid, 
and grateful it mull be to their 
pride, that one of the mo!l cunning 
and diffident minifters which ever 
India produced, relied fo mnch on 
the faith of an Eormiean's pledged 
honour, that he truAed his ru£es, 
his power, and his life* into th« 
hands of his raofl inveterate eneinj^. 
After exulting thus on our national 
charafier, what muft be the aggra- 
vated and painful recoil to our 
feelings to learn, that tiit confi- 
dence was mif^iaced I — Nana vifit. 
ed Scindeah on )be 20th of Rajob 
without fear or anxiety, and was 
ireaeheroofly fetzed by two bat- 
talions of Major Filoze, and im. 
prifoned. Whether the Major was 
himfelf betrayed, or "whether iiC" 
had brought the political pliability 
of the Italian fchool with him to 
India, I leave the public ta deter, 
mine : — for the fake of human na- 
ture, I do not wiih to delUei n)y 

n.,.,r., Google ■r" 


. To tfiHch the intelligence I now 
ofochroafh Ac medium' of your 
Tel^nh, I beg to lay before the 
piblic the aattentrc copy of an in. 
Irrupted letter of Gmeral Ray- 
wnd, who commands the Nizam's 
amy, to Major Piloze. 

The letter nevet reached him, 
as it was intercepted and prefenced 
to Scindeah. The intrigues it un- 
fcUi, the valuable political intel. 
ligence it contains, and the ftU- 
tKalij imfwrcant perftm it is writ- 
ten by, will help to develope fome 
of the black ctoads which feem at 
prefent to impend over the Mah- 
ratta empire, and threaten to barft 
on the head of Scindeah : — how 
Ikr he will be able toconteud againft 
the ftorm, a few months will de. 

Citf oft Letter from General Ray, 
»»itd* la Major Fi/aze, dated 
Jan. 13, 1798. 

"It is a long time lince cir. 
omftances have pcrmitied me to 
t«il Biyfcif to your remembrance : 
—what I have joft learnt of the 
fciwre of Halajee Pundit, ofers 
"fleftions which induce me to write 
to yoo, to give fome certain de- 
1^ of the affair. — Your repuca- 
iwn IS loo well fixed, to imagine 
that you have been petfonally con- 
twned in the virfation of a treaty 
which yoo Ihoutd forward and' fee 
fiecuted: neverthelefs, the report 
whidi prevails at prefent is, that 
-ihis unfertonatc perfon has been 
*fnHol, contrary to the rights 
of men, and to the claufes of a 
W"ty, of which you were the fe- 

" 1 hare no other intereft in 
!i«alting of this, but that which 
1 tdce for every European, whofe 
+ B^a 

reputation is dear to me — for we 
have not yet had an example a£ 
European officers having falfified 
their oaths. I perqcive a confidcr- 
able ftorm, which is forming, and 
which undoubtedly will burft, to 
the difadvantage of Dowlut Row 
Scindeah. — The Nawab (Nizam 
Al!ee),theEngIilh, RagogeeBofla, 
and even Tippoo Sultaun, will be 
fully fufScient to give liberty to 
Balajec Pundit, So, if your cre- 
dit, or your rights (iince you 
are the guarantee of the treaty), 
can contribute towards it — if you 
are able to efieft this liberty of 
which I fpeak, I am not able to 
calculate the honour thai rfi's pro- 
ceeding will do to you on one fide, 
and the great advantages you will 
derive from it on the other. 

you c 

I will be able to grant you one 
fourth more than all you have with 
Scindeah, and a jaghirc of one lack 
of rupees a.year ; and I will be 
Ihortly on the froniiers, when we 
fhall be able to keep up a cor. 

" L have the honour to be, &c. &c. 

(Signed) " Raymond. " 

" P. S. Bum my letter, if it 

Ihould not fuit you— 4nit write to 

May J. — Letters from Palna at>d 
its vicinity ftate, that the whoU 
country thereabotfts is over.ran 
with the moil daring and def[>erate 
bandi of robbers, who plunder 
wifhout diftinftion cf perfoiiB, and 
otherwife commit the moil violent 

The H. C. (hip Quesij, Capr. 
Sturmer, arrived at Bencoolen oil 
the 18th February. 


1 ihe Ejib cf March ; five dayi aftct (he date of the 


The- (hip Bergen, on her paf. 
fage along the coail, fell in wiih 
a large (hoal, which has heen 
thrown up by the lad great earth. 
qoakc that run through the north. 
weft coaft of Sumatra. This (hoal 
is laid doM^ in no chart, nor was 
it feenbefore theBcrg'endifcovered 

taker of itj bearings, which will 
be made public, for ihe informarion 
and guidance of the mariners who 
fail or trade to that coolt. 

The Peggy brig, Capt. Carey, 
it arrived from Rangoon; (hcfailed 
on the 6th ult. and is faid to h^ve 
brought difpatches from the Hon, 
Compafiy'sRefidentat Pegiic. Some 
important conccHions have hcen 
made in favour- of our commerce 
by the Ptgue government ; in par- 
ticular, [hat of the oiportaiion of 
lead — an article from Rangoon 
which was heretofore prohiliited. 
and now permitted to be (liippcd 
free of all duties. The free ex- 
portation of rite from that pori has 
alfo been permitted. 

May 6. — The Pcrfisn papers, re. 
ceived this morning by the way of 
Cawnpore, dated the 26ih ult. 
mention, that Nana Furnaivffe has 
been transferred to the fort of Amed. 
nagor, there to be kept a Itate pri- 
foner, probably for life. Monf. 
Perron has been preferred to ihc 
rank of a General by Dowlui Row 
Scindeah, and appointed fucceObr 
to General Du Boigne. 

The Sanbay Courier of the 14th, 
Kceived alfo this forenoon, con. 
tains the following partieulart: — 
To the many important events 
which Jiave refulted in the eouife 
of ihe Mahratta resolution, one has 
recently been addc:d, which will 
hereafter be told without detrAfliiig 
from -he genetal intenft. 

Nana Furnaivefe, whofr bril. 
liant pditical caieet we have lately 

feen clofcd by an unmanly ftrata^ 
gem, and who has ever fincc the 
firft of the year, been a prlfonsr in 
Scindcah's camp, was fent off, p* 
ojT accounts advife, on the 9th 
inftant, under a ftrong guard, to 
thefortof Amednogur; fincewhich, ■ 
Scindeah has detadied abody of his 
troops againft Lowghur, a ftrong 
hill-fort about thirty miles 00 this 
!ide Poonah, and commonly fup. 
]iafed ti) he the grand depofit of 
the old minifter's treafures. 

Our accounts through Poonah alfo 
announce the death of Monf. Ray. 

mond, at Hydtabad art "oiScer, 

who, by his talents and entctprize, 
had elevated himfelftaa rank and 
fortune fuperior, ' we believe, to 
what any European had ever before 
attained in the fame walk of his 
urofciTion. He is faid to be a 
Frenchman by birth, and to have 
ferved in early life undsr Lally, 
in the Myfore. About nine year* 
Jigo, he entered the fervice ' of 
Nizxcn Allee Khan, by whom h« 
was engaged to raifc a corps of JOO 
men ; his firft eftablifhmcnt wa« 
joo, and the arms of thefe lie hired 
from a merchniit of his own nationj 
at the rate of eight annas (or IB.' 
jA.'i a month: — this handfiri rf 
men was incTcafed to about -jooi 
when the confederate war took 
place againft Tippoo, which h» 
flfared in the troops of the Nizam, 
and upon fcveral occafions diftin. 
guilhed himfelf. 

Monf. Raytnond, now becoming 
every day a greater favourite with 
the Ni'ioam, mcreafed his corps to 
cooo tiKn, which, at that jun£\ure. 
It, is faid, he was enabled to fupply 
>virh arms by the fale of military 
ftores frotp Pondlcherry ; and in 
this (ituation he was, when thtf 
Nizam's fon, Ali Jah, appeared 
io tebellion againft his father. It 
u well known, that to Monf. 


RitowimI was confided the 6nty of 
lEdocing the prince ; and the piompl 
at well as effixtiial manner with 
vkich be peTfomed thie fervice, 
nay be liid to have raifed him to 
ibt eminence he latterly attained. 
. He now imreafed his army to 
IJiOOO men, including a complete 
train (Afield aniUery, poffefling in 
bis own light all the gung and 
mtliiary equipage belongijig to it, 
rf erery denomination, with 606 
hwfe), 6000 bullockl, bcfides ele- 
phants and camels. To pay this 
limy, the Nizam had affigncd him 
a jaghire to the extent of jz lacks 
■ j^ear, which he collcAed and con. 
tmlcdbyievenue officers of his own 
Boaiination, rendering the over- 
pl« into the ti«afury of th? Sircar. 
Of*hi» arnnal net pay, ii would 
be difficdt to form any eftimate j 
)^, upon this head, it will nix be 
■nwortfay of notice, that he held 
<ine jaglure of about 50,000 ropees 
ja ana. fepaate from his military 
ferrice, conferred upon him by 
the Nisam fs a F^ihu Sctfarj 
gnat to provide hiro with b^tle. 
nut. It fhoold not be forgotten, 
dui among other tokens of the 
NizaiD'* Tavoar and confidence, 
wbich be acquired by his fervice 
againJl Ali Jab, the whole of the 
Nizani'i lope.koima, or ordnance 
dcpuiRieal, WiU committed to hi* 

Monf. Raymond, as an officer, 
it fdid to have poffelTed a very 
fiqieriw degree of merit 1 atidthofc 
who have [ecu hi» troops, generally 
tonfcTs ibst they dtfplayed a high 
fine of difcipline and mUitary 
tlujiiler. In the tlyie of his 
dontditic lik, he colle^d around 
iwn erery luxury and elegance 
Fiihia the reach, of an Europe^in 
V the bcstt of Ifidia, and aS'cCtcd, 
{Biticularly in joiilitir}' j^iade, the 
DBgaiWnce of a prince. He has 
Ictii fucceedcd by Monf. Peiron. 

ExIraB ef a Jtlttr JHm Onorb, 
g/i April, 1798. 
" The Princefi Amelia was burnt, 
off this place, a few nighti ago; — 
forty of the cfcw unhappily perifhed 
in her. She took fire at 1 1 o'clock 
at night, and burnt until .one 
o'clock in the morning, when the 
The Woodcot 

■ up. 

and ' 

the means of faving the pailengen, 
and the remainder rftbe crew. The 
Princcfs Amelia was freighted with 
public llorcs for Admiral Rainier, 
then lying in I'ellichcrry roads," 

The bearings of the fhoal or 
rock on the weA coafl of Sumatra^ 
difcovcred by the Bcreeti, are as 
follow ; — K'orth latitude i<* 47' — ■ 
longitude 96" 35' eafi of London; 
diftancc off fhore, three or four 
h-agues ; extremities of land, N. 
E. by N. to N. W. by N. A 
len^rkahle clump or hillix;k ap> 
pearing on the land, with a circular 
projecting top to ir. 

Inciters from Chunar acquaint 
us, that on the night lA the J9th 
of April, they experienced a dread- 
ful gale of wind there, which has 
done confidcrable damage. 

The Right Hon. the Earl of 
Mornington, Governor General of 
India, landed at Madras in the 
afternoon of the 16th ult. under a 
falutc of 1^ guns. 

Wc no'iice, with mach concern, 
the lofs of another Ihip by fire ; — 
■it is mentioned jn a puftftiipt to 
the BomU'X Gazette of ihe i8ih 
uli. received on Wedncfday, as 
fcliows ; — " lull aathis papet was 
going 10 prcfi, we; were forry to 1 
obfi;rve a fire in the harbour, which, 
on inquiry, proves to-be ihcfliip 
Bombay, 'Capr. Robcrifon. This 
ft.ip was C)(pi:ctcd to have failed to- 
d^iy (Wcdnefday i8th April) (m 
3 Bengal. 


Bengal. She burned with great Maj> 19. — On Thurltliy neoA 

fury ; but it fortunately being the the 17th inft. the arrival, ftt Ked- 

firft of the fiood tide, flie drifted geree, trf the Right Hon. the Eail 

clear to the northward of the ihip. of Motnington, in the frtgkte 

ping.— Not withftandicg every ex- Virginie, was announced in Cal- 

ertion to fave the (hip, ftie was cutia. In the afternoon, about dirce 

totally loft. Whether any lives o'clock, his Lordfhip arrived off 

were loft, or how the accident the Chaundpaul Gbaat, in the Hon. 

originaied, we have not yet been Company's yacht : he landed at 

able to learn." five, and was received at the Ghaut 

"■ . by the principal gcnrlemen of the 

Farther particulars rtfptS'ivg the fettlement, Civil and military, un. 

la/s of the Princfi Amelia. der the honour* due to his rank. 

On the ifti April, the Princefs ^^ "c^t raorning, at 11 o'clock, 

Amelia was difcoi-cred to be on Jj" Lordftiip took the oaths and hi» 

fire, in or near the after. hold— the f"' a* Governor General inCoon. 

Bamcs burning out with a '/docity '^'l' when the following Minutes 

and force, which indicated that of Council, and Proclamation, to. 

the fire had f.-cretlw obtained for g""!" «'"'' *"* Lordihip's Com. 

fome length of time before it be. '"''''O"' *f« '"<1 " "»« head of 
came app.iront. In lefs than half '^^ troops in garnfon. The ar. 

an hour, ihe fhip blew up! and nval and appointment of his Lord, 

by this dreadful cataftrophe, the "I'P-.^T^'^^^"*' proclaimed by the. 

fourth officer, and forty of the crew, Sheriff of Calcutta, with the ufiial 

nnfortuiiaiely periftied : happily, 'ormaluies. 

however, the Ihip was furroundcd -, , , 

by hosts from the ftiore, ami from «"'""' ofCtnneU tn the M,!,ti!ry 

the Woodcote, which faved rhe Dejxtrimeat, a/ the litb Maj, 

remainder of the officers and crew, '79°* 

and the whole of the pnfTcngers. The Right Honourable Richard, 

It appears, that ftrnng iufpicion Earl of Mornington, Knight, Com, 

Was entertained of the ftiip's having panion of the liluftrious Order of 

been willfully fet on fire by the St. Patrick, Sec. &'c. appointed Go. 

boarfki-ain and a part of ;he crew, vernor General by the Hon, Court 

in order to poftefs theirifclves of the of Directors, being arrived, his 

treafure which li.-.d beer; lliippcd in Commillions, bearing ("ate the 6th 

the Priucefs Amelia at iiombay, of Oilober, 1797, arc read: — 

and inrer'lfd for p-vment of the TTie ufual oaths having been admi. 

troops on iap cojft of Maliibar. It niftcred to the Earl of Mornington, 

i5 alfo imagined, th,i,i ihe villains he now takes his feat as Governor 

had in fo.T,= menfure'jfticd General. 

their purpofe, as'they had di I'lrtcd Ordered,' That the arrival of 

from the ftiip on the. night of her the Right Honourable Richard, 

dfflfuftinn, an.-l had not lincc been E;irl of Mornington, in Bengal, and 

heard of. of hi; having taken his feat us 

On the 16th ult. the Quartet- Governor General, be formally an. 

SelTions of Oyer and Terminer com- nounced in garrifon, where the 

menced at Bombay, before the Hon. tronps are to be aflembled, and Ms 

Jonathan Duncan, Lieut. Gen. Cominiffions read, under a falute of 

James Stuart, Jaines Rivett, and 19 guns, and th^ vollies of fmall 

Wm. Page, Efqr*. arms. ■ . C^0ch;Ic 

■^ Re. 


IWolred, llurt copies of the Accoonta from the coaft oF Mala- 
OxmniffiofK appoiniing the Right bar, of the aift April, mention, 
HonoonUe RiciMn], £rl of Mom- thai (hi the afiernooa of the pre- 
iogtoo, Goremor General of Ben. cediog day, a French frigate had 
nl, and Governor and Commander flood into TcUichcrrr roi^ ; and, 
uCbkfof the fort and garrifon of after a fhott adiiHi, captotcd the 
Fort WiUiaia, and of the town of Hon. Campany's (hip Woodcote, * 
Cakutta, and df all the fotcea then at anchor in the roads. At 
within the laid fort, ganifon, and the time of the -capture, the Com- 
loim, be tcad M. the head of the pany'E Aiip Rayoiond was ftanding 
tr»c^ in the different gairifoiu, into Tellicherry roads : Ihe was 
and at the military ftation* undec immediately attacked by the fri- 
tfae Frefidcncy. gate, and, after a (hort and inef. 

Refolved, That the following feflual rcfillancc, was taken pof. 
ptodamalbn be read, with itw feflion of by 'llw enemy. About 
ufiul ceremonies, to the troops in fix o'clock, the frigate, accom- 
the nrrifon of Fort William, and panied by her prizes, made fail, 
at the difierent fUtitns of the and ftood out to lea, fleering S. W. 
anny: — The Raymond had on board a 

cargo, which, with the fhip, is 
pxocLAMATioN. valued at twelve lacks of rupees ; 

Whereas the Right Honour^le fhe had alfo a quantity of fpecie on 
RuJiardi Earl of Mornington, board, not included in the cliimate. - 
Vifcoont Wellefley of Dcngan Admiral Rainier had failed from 
Caflle, and Baron Momington of Tellicherry roads on the i6th ult. 
Motnington in the kiogdom of The enemy had captured a fhip 
Ifehuid, Baron Wellefley of WeL belonging to the Bibee (Queen) of 
lelley, in the county of Sonterfet, Cannanorc, previous to falling in 
in the kinedom of Great Bri- with the Indiamen ; from which 
niit, one of his Majefty's MoR fhip they received the information 
Honourable Privy Council in the of their being in the roads of Tel- 
kingdoms of Great Britain and lichcrry. 

ef Ireland, Cufiot Rotalorum of We arc forty to be obliged to 
the coimty of Meath, and Knight add to the unfortunate lift of fhipi 
Companion of the Illuflrious Order lately burnt, that of the Fairhe, 
of St. Patrick* hath been appoint- Capt. Elliot, on the loth iitft. in 
ed, by the Honotirable Court of Madras roads. Moft of thefe ac- 
Direflors, to the office of Governor cidents, it is faid, can be traced to 
General of the Prefidency of Fort have been orcafioncd by the malj. 
William in Bengal; it is there- cious avarice of the Lafcats ; an 
(btc hereby proclaimed, that the evil which nill not be got the 
aforefaid Richard, EsrI of Mom- better of, until the tuftom which 
ington, did, on tlie day of the dale leads. lo it is abolilhed — we mean, 
hereof, receive charge of the faid tha: of ad.ancing/oa/ months ira- 
office of Governor General, and prcft, on (hipping the crew at the 
take the ufual oaths, and his fvat, fcvcral ports." It would be well 
accordingly. worrh the trouble, if ilie owners 

By order of the Right Hon. the and con-.mjndcrs of (hips riavigating 
Governor General in Council, in India, would take the matter into 

G, H. Barlow, Sec. ts the Gov. fcriovis confide ratioOj' and exert 

f-"™'-. '^ * "=«• t B , c..„„.Goog1^ 


their nniicd cfibrts to aboUlh a 
cufloun fo pernicious in its efioAt.v 
To pocket four months pay, and 
be exempt from wtirkiflg it our, is 
a temptation which liot one in 
twenty of the Lafcars is able to 
withftaod, where the chance of be- 
ing deteAcd is fo fmall. 
Bxtra^ eJ^aZetler, dated Ca-valry 

L'tnci, C^nferty the jih ef 

Majft 1798. 

This roominf Jofeph Gardiner, 
private in the ift regiment of Eu- 
ropean in&ntry, was executed, in 
virtue of the fentence of a general 
court -martial (affcmblcd by order 
of Major General Sir James Craig, 
K. B.) for the murder of a Banyan 
in the bazar of the Kutty Ghur 
divifion, on the night of the 3d of 
Jan. laft. 

Richard Summonds, ■ private 
alfo in the fame regiment, was (hot, 
by virtue of a fentence of the fame 
court martial, for defertion. 

OjfffiW Cemmunitathit relal'i've to 
the hfi of the Printt/t Amelia. 

RotEKT Richards, Ef)]. 
Secretarj t» Ga-uerniofnt, 

With extreme forrow \ acquaint 
you, for the information of the 

' Hon. Govemorin Council, that the 
Hon. Company's (hip ihc Princcfs 
Amelia caught fire on the jth of 
Aptih at one o'clock in the morn- 
ing, in the after.hoid ; and, not- 
wiihftanding every exertion, was 
entirely in f am^, fore and aft, in 
a quarter of an hour, and every 
foul obliged, to jump orcT-board. 
JJoihing cf any dcfcription was 
laved from the (hip, except the 
jieopie of whom I inclofeyou a lift, 
I have not been able to trace any 
circnmftance that might lead to the 
crigin of this drEadFul accident. I 
fhould have come back to Bombay! 

myfelf, bat am excee£n^y itf ,. . 
aitd if I did, 1 miglu- not be in 
time to fave the feafon to England, 
which I think I ought to leadi 
with all polEble expedition, to give 
the Hon. Court of Diredors an ac. 
count of this melancholy accident. 
Mr. Vautier, the putfei, who ar- 
rives with this, and to endeavour 
to get copies of the owrwrs' ac- 
counts, will ufe his Btmoft endea- 
vours to join me again on the 

1 am. Sir, 

Yourmoft obedient Servant, 
John Rausden. 
Ship Woodcoie, April S, 1798. 

Liji of the CreiD feraed fram the 
Prheefi Am{!la. 
Capt, J. Ramfi'.eil, commander ; 
Mr. W. Farley, chief officer; Mr. 
R. H. Brown, 2d ditto; Mr. J. 
Marfti, 3d ditto i Mr. J. Locke, 
4th ditto ; Mr. J. J. Vautier, pur- 
ler ; Mr. C. Dakers, furgeon ; 
Mr. W. Seheott, ditto's mate ; J. 
Farringion, boaifwain ; S. Sayer» 
carpenter; J. Thompfon, Ihip'i 
fteward ; N. Hughes, midihipman ; 
G. Frith, ditto; T. Dunkan, 
gunner's-maie ; M. Florence, lail- 
makcr ; J, Poole, feaman ; T. Hof- 
kins, quarter mafter ; J. Braham, 
boatfwain's mate ; T. Potter, ditto j 
J. M'Kennon, quarter-mafter ; J. 
Gabriel, Teaman ; Alexander Beh, 
rons, ditto; D. Zhan, ditto; Fi 
Gunkell, ditto ; W. Hornburg, 
ditto : C. Shaumburg, do.; J. Krug, 
ditto ; J. Burke, ditto ; ^. bhand. 
ley, ditto i N. 'Smith, ditto ; J. 
Kelly, ditto ; T. O'Hara, ditto ; ' 
J. Nalemate, ditto; G. Rccardo, 
ditto; J. Ember, ditto; T. Dunk- 
ley, butcher ; A. Jofea, feaman ; J. 
Ferrara, ditto ; A. de Cruz, ditto ; 
J. Pedro, ditto; T. Gunn, ditto; 
P. Green, ditto ; _W. Fairbrother, 
ditto ; G. Hughes, ditto ; M> 
Oickenfon, ditto \ W. Brown, 
I ,Lioo*;lcdittbi 


Jin© ! J. Ryan, ditto j H. Nail, T. Smith, forgeon's fcrront j J. 

lUtco; J. Cattol, ditto; J. Har. Cook, baker; T, Hall, captain's 

lilbn, ditto; C. Meffi)) Ihip's ftrvant ; C, Lcgnam, feaman; J, 

COtdc; J. Petney, quaiier-msfler ; Bony, ditto; J. Nance, cooper; 

H. Jjimd, ieanmn ; S, Hughes, R. Davis, cooper's mate ; R. Fid. 

ditto; Ti. Watfon, jlitto ; J. gens, carpenter's boy ; B.Wood, 

Swift, ditto ; R. Gatty, ditto ; P. gunner's ditto ; W. Sedgwick, fca- 

Oban-', ditto ; ?, Sayer, ditto ; E. man ; J. Murphy, ditto ; A. Jofca, 

Woriiey, dii:o; W. Colthurft, ditto. 

ditto: J. Camubfll, ditto; T. n it- i j 

Myers, ditto; T, Howel, car- * * 

Cer's iMM ; W. Bameid, late Maimer Selliy ; Serjeants of the 

^ton's mate ; and J. Matthews. S^d, Cannick, Eodycoat, and 

" ■ Tedcnce ; Corporals, Nichols, Brett, 

PtiffeagiTt favii. Welwood, Rufan, Double, and 

Mi6 Dick ; Major Conran, of Wiggins ; 9 women, i follower.— 

the jid ; Captain Evani ; Lieu. One Dutclunan, i women, i chiW, 
tenants, Sarage, Burdei, Sianney, total lost - 41 

Gilbert ; and Ucuc. Moreland, of t Ram»dsk 

the 77ih. J- • • 

Scrjcaots, Hnm, Mathews, Dar- 

h-. Smith Siope,, Moon, Kdlcy, ^^.^ ^^ p^„,^ ^,i ^^ 

S*i 't te ^"'"u" ;■ Col. Palmer h,d rera.rf the viO. 

1'^ST'^- "'"'"J'C"!- ther Chintnaee App., »d tte 

lj»,mdM.ekenae. Condofton, |eaJi„, ch,„(W. of hi. D.ttor, on 

HMrnrfRyao. Serjeant Jef. .h^ „%«. „h„ ,he Colonel toot 

tij.. PiiTate.,Foit,jndW.S.n.p- ,^fo„ „, p,ef,„,thePelhwa »iih 

f, „ . ,- ,, thejewels.onbehalfof the Compa- 

^^■.■^r'"" '■, J'" • t'" nv, that had belonged to hi. father 

«iElph.nilone,andBto.n, fet. r'' ^ r„„. ^ 
■eant. Fnaer u,d Ne».n ^ ptijate,, ^t„„j ofPoonah iaprineip.llr 

J<»e., Thtltp., Hanmrnd, Heeg- ^„„s„j ,„ .^^ „^„e, Jf ferity 
»,Re«,R.lly, Moloney, Kelly, j^, ^^^^^ ^ ^, , ^ J 

Wtllc. Cohnme, Whttnoe, Bhoo- ,„,„j. ,„„ B,ah»,,n. attaeh.d to 

njr, Cnllen, and Grtmmtng , a ^^ i„„,^j, „f ^^ ,„ „^„ „ 

Hlo.-era ; a »ooe" -^ » bjUock ^^^^ ,1,^;, tieafure. :-fome ate 

^ ^ ' 'i ^T^T:^"^- f^J » h"" 'li«l » coofeonence of 

the tap, atxl Mit Dick', n.nve ,|,^ j.f^; ,^, „ „^i^l, ^y haye 

^* Row, a Brahmin among the firft in 

TOTA.L Kt^MBER SAVED. confideration in the empire, threat. 

Ship's company - - 80 cned with peribnal feverity, has re- 

FaUcDgcn ... - j9 moved himfelf from petfecution by 


^^ May 16.— The Right Hon. the 

L',ft of tbt Cri'w droniintd. Governor General held his fitft 

' Mr. Millet, 5th officer; J. levee yellerday morning, which 

Barber, gunner ; J. Stamp, cap- "was very jiamcroufly attended, by 

tain's Aewaid ; J. May, leatnaii ; the Chief Juftice, Sir W. Dunkin, 


andmemlKn of die SnpTcme Court, Extraa frtm a Perjtan Nettr/pn. 
and by all ihe other gentlemen of /cr, nceived from Lacino-w, 
the fettle ment, civil, miiiiary and daud May ti, 179S. 
CTmmercial. His Highnefs the Viiier, on per- 

May 17.— The Borobaj' Courier ufing a rewfpaper. found that Ze- 

of the 5th mft. gives account* from n,aun Shah had fent a letter to 

the northward, whidi convey (he Emdaud HoTein Khan, the prince 

acceplahk intelliewice of the price ^f Forruekabad, direfting him to 

of cotton falling from the exorbi. hold himfelf in readinefs, in order 

tant rate to which it had nfen in to join his Majefty's troops, on ihc 

thecarlypartof theftafon—it be. event of his proceeding towards 

ing procorable at 105 rupees the Hinduftan— and that his attention 

candy, with the likelihood of its ;„ complving to his Majefty's will 

abating ftill more. Another infor. and pieafwe, will ftroOgly imprint 

mation, no lefs welcome, is, that ^^ confirm on the heart of his Ma. 

the fraudulent and verj- injurious jefty^ ,he unremitting loyalty and 

praftice of wetting cotton to in- attachment his anceftors ever had 

creafc the weight, is at length ex- for the profperity and fway of the 

ploded. For this, our merchants Mahometan faith andfceptre. The 

are partly indebted to the refolu. anfwer forwarded by Emdaud Ho- 

tion, in which they co-operated, of f^i^ ^han, was all obedience and 

declaring fuch cotton mmerchant- fubmiffion— promifing to pay due 

able; and partly to Sir Charles compliance to his Majefty's or- 

Malet't reprefentation to Scindeah, ders, 
who, it is faid, has recently made _^^^ 

feme fevere examples ofpetfonsde- moTiCAL intilliobhcs. 

tefled b this artifice. ., ., , u .r nr 

About a mile and a half W. 

Z:,traa cfn LflUr from a F»r/,an f^^^ *« r^^/ projofting point 

N<^fLp,r, data Poo^^h, April of Cobmbo, lies a rock (not Uirf 

zi 1708 do«fn 10 the maps) in 10 fathoms 

' '" ' water :.— it is covered by about 

Hii Excellency the Pefhwa, and four or five feet of water, and 

fcis brother Chimnajec Appa, at breaks fometimes with a fwcll, 

the ruijuelt of Lieut. Col. Palmer, though not generally. A (hip, fup- 

fet out on a vifit towards his en. pofed to be the Alfred IntUaman, 

campment: the Colonel, on hear, flood in, tacked, and ftood offa- 

ing the near approach of his Ex. gain, between it and the point, 

ceUenc)-, advanced as far as the without knowing it was there, and 

river Mo-.vlah Motha, from whence fortunately without touching. It 

he 'conducted his Excellency to his fs called the Drunken Sailor. 

tent. The foriowing is an account of 

Capt, Michie, who had the care the lofs of the fliip Fairiie : 
of the jeweb {that were mortgaged "A liiile after 10 o'clock /. 

to the Co.npany by the father of m. on the 8th inft. a fire was dif. 

the prefent Pciliwa, and now the covered amongft the craft in ihc 

fame has been fcnt in charge of tlte north roads, which appeared and 

above gentleman, to make a pre. difappeatcd by intervals, at otic 

feni of them to iiii: Pelhwa) brought time fo long, as to induce fpefla- 

them forth, and prefcnted them to tors to believe tliat the flames had 

his Excellency. been got under. 

" Shortly 

" Shortly ■fierwsTds, erery hope 
OB that head Tanifhed^ by an in' 
creafcd appearance of fire and fmoke; 
V aDd, in Idt than half an hour, the 
whtAe o( die fliip, from head to 
fcm, feemed to be one blaze. 
The cable was (hortly burnt afun. 
der, when the (hip caft with her 
bead towards the (hore, and forcu. 
natdy, with the timely aiTiftance 
of the gentlemen at the head of the 
beach department, drifted clear of 
erery other vcffel into the Turf, 
where (be grounded about 16 mi- 
DQtes paft eleven, nearly abrcaft of 
the Company's Hore-houfes. 

"The-veffel, which proved to 
be the Fairite, Capt, Elliot, con- 
tinoed on fire until the evening of 
the 9th, when the flames were at 
length cxtinguiihed by the farf 
bracing over her bows, and by the 
affiAance of an engine which had 
pbjed on the »e(rel for forae time 
previoofly ; but not before (he had 
. burnt 10 the water's edge, near her 

" It is faid that the Fairlie had 
on board, at the lime of the ac- 
cident, tin and tuianague, valued 
at 4000 ftar pagodas, and feveral 
other article* of con(idcrable worth, 
fume of which there are great hopes 
of faving, as the vcllbl has not 
prted. About thi^ large fpars 
drifted from the (hip, feveral of 
which were not the leaft injured by 
the fire.^The fire was firft per- 
ceived by the officer in command of 
the (hip, between decks, where a 
Jafge quantity of daminar and (bale 
ftars had been (lowed, i>efore the 
foie-hatch.way ; a part of the (hip 
where no perfon, on the (hip's 
duty, had been with a light for 
two days before — a circuinftance 
which occajions a flrong fufpicion, 
that the TCffel had been fet (ire to 
by fome evil.difpofed perfon 00 
'board. Ths Fairtie, it h added, 

[CLE. 11 

by way of caution, is the third , 
(hip that has smieared on lire on 
the next night after having (hipped' 
Lafcars at this port. The Ghaut 
Syrang, ar.d ten of the crew, arc 
under examination before the Juf. 
tices ; the refult of which, at this 
junflure, h would be improper to 


Mr. Charles Lloyd, to be af- 
liftant in ilie oflice of the fe;re> 
tary to govenunenr, in the judicial 
and revenue dep:irtments. ^ 

Mr. Thomas Frederick Sevan, 
to be regiftei of the de^vanny adaw- 
lut, and afiillant to the magiHrate 
of the zillah of Beibhoom, 

Mr. James Bell, to be afTiftant 
to the regillcr of the dewanny 
adawlut, and fecond alfil^ant to 
the magiltrate of the zillah of 

Fort Williain, AccMinlant-General't 
Office, Mays, 1798. 

The public is hereby informed, 
that the fum which is exj>efled to 
be applicable to the pyment of 
the regifter debt of this prefidenay, 
in the courfe of the nvMith of May, 
179S, amounts to (icca rupees icn 
ihoufand, (llcca rupees 10,00a), 
which will be fufficient todifcharge 
the outftanding bonds and notes, 
at far as No. 3533, of tlic third of 
January, 1793. 

■ Fort William, M»y 9, 1798. 
Notice is hereby given, that 
fuch of the bonds and iKKes of this 
government, regiftcred under the 
date 3d January, 1793. as ftand on 
the general regifter of 1791-3, to 
No. 3532, includvcly, will be 
difchargcd on a),'plicaiion at the 
Treafury, at any time after Sunday 
the 14th May, 1798; on which 
day the fntereft thereon will ceafe. 



Fort Willbm, May iC, 179S. 
Notice U hereby given, that fadi 
of the bonds and notes of this 
government, regiAered under the 
dale 3d of Jan. 1793, as ft and on 
the general regifter of ijga-j, to 
^' 3533i inclufively, will be 
<Jifcharged, on application at the 
Tn^furyj at any time after San- 
d«y the 21ft of May, 179H ; on 
which iay, (he intereft' thereon will 

Mr. Robert Fullerton, to be dc. 
paty commercial regifter, at Iman. 

Mr. H.-Ti. Ogiivie, ditto, ditto, 
U Ganjam. 

Botnbiy C^iUe, Aceounlsml-Gcnr- 
nl'> Office, AprJ 9, 1798. 

The public it hereby informed, 
that the fum which is expcaed to 
be applicable to the payment of the 
fegifter debt of this Prefidency, in 
the cuurfe t>f the month of April, 
179S, amounts to Bombay rupees 
ten tboufund, (Bombay rupees 
10,000], which will be fuSicient 
to difcharge .the outftanding pro- 
nuflbry notes ilTued on and before 
the -jth November,-! 793, inclnding 
No. 6 of 119, of 1793-4. 

-Bomtuy CaQle, ApiU 10, 1798. 

Notice is hereby given, that 
N(}. 6, of 2*9, of the promiflbry 
note^ of this government, dated 
the 7th Nov. 1793, and (tanding 
on the general regifter of 1793-4, 
will be difclnrged on appHeation at 
th* Trcafory, on or any time after 
Monday next, the i6th inft. on 
which day the interell thereon will 
oeafe. • 

Bdffllra) CaCle, April 13, 1798. 
The anuual ttaieipents of allow- 
ances and Q&al^illu«pntt requii^. 

from the di&rent departiAents, and 
members of die ciril fcrvite, at 
per afl of pariiament Z4th Geo. III.- 
having been, in the courfe of lift 
year, very ineorreflly drawn oat; 
as far as regarded the lifts of efh. 
blilhments, the Govcrnorin Counril 
is pkafcd to direft, that ihe ftritleft- 
attention be paid to thefe litis in' 
time CO come, and that they be 
tranfmitied, as ufusl, to the ciril 
-auditor's office. . 

The Aatements required, are, 
from the head of every otGce or 
department, a lift of the eftablifh- 
ment and allowances for his office, 
as the fame may Hand on fird of 
May, 1798; fpecifying, astar as it 
will admits the names of all the 
Company's- fervancs, and of the 
European and native alliftants, em- 
ploy^ therein, with the allow. 
aTices they refpeftively receive, or 
the fixed allowances that may be 
drawn for the office, or from aiiy> 
contingency ; being careful to in- 
clude therein every expence that Is 
fixed in its nature. 

From every covenanted fervant ' 
is requited, a llatement of the 
monthly, annual, or other allow- 
ances drawn by him from the 
Company ; and alfo, of all the 
emoiumenis he enjoys in confe- 
quence of any office or employment 
held on the firft of May, 1798, 
Ipecifying the fame, and the fource 
from whence he derives fuch emo- 

The covenanted fervants em- 
ployed at the faftorics of Surat and 
Tannah, will deliver in (iroila/ ac- 
counts to the accouiuantsofSuut and 
Tannah ; and thoic -in the revenue 
department in (he province cf Mala, 
bar, lO the fecretary (o (be com- 
miflioners. The rcfidents at all 
the other fubordinate ftaUOQs will 
tranfmit them (9 the office of civil 
audit, , .. i - - 


ApAi 18.— Brig, Peggy, CaKy, 
Pegue; Irft the 6th April.— 29, 
Diip Meldred, Jor4an, Cape of 
Good Hope; left the 14th Feb, 

tdaj X. — Ship Enikavour, Eaft- 
wick, Madras; left loth ApiU — 
Oiip Beigcn, Burgh, Soofoo ; left 
10 April. — 4, Jbip Gabriel, Carfe, 
Cipe of Grtiod Hq[>^; left ijih 

Fet aup VaruiM, Elmore, ditto ; 

left 17th Feb. — 10, fnow Swallow, 
Gudine, Psnang.— 15, H. C.'s 
(hip Earl HtzwilUam, Twcedale, 
Vizagapatiiam ; left 18th of May, 

Bombay.-^— ^, (hip Reftoiation, ' 
Galloway, Tnncomailee. 


jifril 18. — His Majcfty's Ihip 
Orpheus, Hill, Trincomallee. — 
,10, fliip Endeavour, Eaftwick, 
Calcutta ; — fnow Tita Mongala, 
Devoilerj Rangoon. 

^ Maj 1 . Cutter, Serampoort 

Cornelius, Aeheen. — 5, (hip An. 
gel i que, Echardy, Tranquebar. — 
6, (hip Fatellam, Frier, Piilo 
Peiiang ;— ^icto, Ihip Commerce, 

Johnftnip, Manilla. 7, (now 

Gudarus, Stuart, Penang and Mai. 

April 26. — Ship li'ri den (burgh, 
Sheel, Copenhagen ;—!hip Chnft- 
ian-fand, Holbick, ditto ; — ihip 
N^ihee Nuttoo Rajah, Smith, 

Trincomallee. 77, (hip. Dove, 

DuSin, Madras. 

Maj 3.^.^i\ow Tordenltiold, 

Prom, Tranqucbar. 8, fnow 

Dezempenbo, Mendes, Macao. — 
II, (hip Brothers, Bufe, Ham- 
bnr|; — (hip Abercromby, Chrk, 


Afnl 10, Ship Fatyfalam, 

Fryer, Tranqitebar.— 11, diip £n- 
deatoar, EaSwick, Bombay. — 5, 
fnow GuftaTiu, Stewart, Columbo ; 
— brig SdccdJs, SmalUbn, Chit- 

tagong. -16, a pilot fehooner, 

Dc Sewer, Bombay.— 17, cutter 
Serainpore, Cornelius ; — (hip Sue. 
cefs Galley, Binney, Calcutta.— 
zi, Ihip Gloucefter, Smith, Am- 
bojna. — 16, IhipGlafgow, Arther, 
Cape of Good Hope ; left i oth of 
March, 179S. — aS, (hip Fairlie, 
Elliot, China.— 19, (hip Com. 
mercej Janftrup, Tranquebar ; — 
ditto, (bip RaTen(berg, Hallifon, 

Rita via. 30, (hip Margaret, 

Mackenzie, Penang. 

May I.- Bark Anna, Crokat, 
Co(ingct.-^4« fbip Cxfar, Laofton, 

A^rii 2. — Ship Upton CaAle, 
Thomas, Bengal; — ditto, H. C.'s 
(hip Drake, Margotty, Coaft. — 
5, Fly brig, Relph, Sfirat, with 
convoy. — 4, ((low Panther, Speak, 
Suez.- — 7, (hip Apollo, Henderfon, 

Bengal. 9, Princefs Augulta, 

fnow. Keys, Suiar, with convoy, 
—71, Arab fnow, Sulemany, Nac- 
quedah Huffon Bi«i Abdulla, Muf. 
cat; — ditto, Ihip Swift, Bond, 
Coaft. — 13, ITiig. Jehangeer, Syl. 

vefter, China. zi, Strombolo, 

bomb ketch. Hall, Sural, with 
convoy.— zj, (hip Phcsnix, Max. 
well, ditto. — 24, (hip Candidate, 
James, Bengal ;— ditto, (hip Car. 
ron, Simjpfon, Europe, — 29. Qjieen 

ketch, Fortefque, Surat; (hip 

Pearl, Spence, Buffora. 


Jfril ;. — Ship Princefs Amelis,- 

Ramfden, Coaft ; ditto, lhi{t 

Woodcote, Haimay, Coaft ;---di(tOT 
ihip Emiiz, Gipfon, China;— 
ditto, Alert, fchooner, Skinnett 

BulTora. 7. H. C.'s cruifer, 

Drake, Margotty, Malabar, Coaft. 
——8, H. C.'s brig Fry, Rdf*, 
ditto; — ihip Cxfar, Richardfon, 

Calcutta. 12. Panther, fnoiv. 

Speak, Sutat, with convoy. 




Junt^, 1798.— The Right Hon. 
tlie Governor General had a levee 
at the government houfe on Mon- 
day the 4th inlt. in honour of hU 
Majefty's birth-day. A weekly 
levee will be held every Tuefday, 
at the fame hour;— the firft to uke 
place on the nth inft. 

The following addrefs from the 
Madras army to Lord Hobari, is 
Ggned by J14 oflieers of the King** 
and Company's troops: 
Ta the Right Hei. t^r^HoBABT, 
i^c. i^c. t?<r. 

" We the underfigned Officer* 
of the Coaft Army, <^cply fenfible 
(^ the national advantages which 
attended your . Lordihip's public 
exertions in this councry, lament 
that your fudden and unexpefled 
departore deprived us of the op. 
portunjty of enprelEng, jointly with 
our brethren at the Fr^dency, our 
efteem and refpefl for your peribn 
and charaAer, and oor fincere re- 

fret at your retiring from power in 
'• Owing to die wifdom atid 
ability of your Lordfliip's plana, 
and the confidence repofed in them 
by all raniu, thofe conquefit were 
achieved, which have proved no 
lefs begeficiat to the general in. 
terefts of the Britl(h empire, than 
refleftivc of new luftrc on the re. 
putaf ion of thit army : while the 
native itooyt, firmly relying on 
your good taith and uniform atien- 
tiona, have embarked for foreign 
lertice with a zeal and alacrity 
which has no- example. 

" To thefe fentiments, which 
grow out of the feelings of grati- 
tude and jntlice, we are indiic<^d 10 
add an eatneft and anxious hop.'. 

that in critical times like thcTe, 
your country may avail herfelf of 
that integrity and thofe talent* 
which fo admirably qualify your 
Lordfliip for the moft arduous pub- 
lic trufts. 

" We have the hofipur to be, 
" My Lord, 

" Your Lordihip's moft obedient 
" humble Servdhts." 

At Poonah all bufincfs of late 
has been at a fiand, in confcquence 
of an impoft of an arbitrary kind 
on houfes and merchants of all de. 
fcriptions. This meafure was, dur. 
ing the adminifltation of Nana, 
feveral times reTorted to, and never 
without giving greatdifguft, which 
wasevincedby tnefhutiingoflhop*, ' 
&c. during the collcAion of the 
aireffment. The attempt now, or 
lalely, carrying into execution, is 
of a kind more extenfive than any 
former cxnmple ; it incliided every 
mercantile inhabitant of the city 
without excnwtion. 

We do not learn that any move- 
ment of confequcnct is in agitation 
in Scindeah's cwnp. The threats 
that were fome time ago ilTued 
againA the Nizam, might probably 
have had for their chief oSjcfl the 
acquifition of cafh, in which ar. 
ticle we underftand the co&is both 
of Dowlut Row and his nominal 
mailer, are very unpleafantly d^. 
cicnt. At all events, his Highnefs 
of Hj-drabad feeras rcfpitcd for a 
.Extras of a lelUr fromTr'mcamal- 
Ui, Maj! 3. 
" The non-comniidioned officers 
and privates of the firft battalion of 
Co;ift artillery, who have long 
hecn and are now Rationed at the 
tH.ind of Ceylon, have voluntarily 
joined in a requeil to their com- 
manding oiEcer Crpt. Hayes, to be 
pcnnillcd to fubfcribe one rupee each, 
-_, t9wardi 



tonids the relief of the widowi was with fome difficulty effefled. 

ind oq^ians of the gallant feamen moll of the lafcars having defcTied 

anl foldiere mi board AdmiialLord thefhip; the tnicfter-attendant, with 

Duncan's fleet, who fo eminenily praife. worthy exertion, was the 

diftingnilhcd then^Ires in the laie ficftoif board to their altiftance ; and 

glorious aAton in the Notth Seas ; getting the fail properly fet, flood 

mi ha« alfo lequefted il to be re- orer lo the ifland of Caranjarh, 

nit^ to England by the firft op. where the (hip is now on fhore, — 

portiwity." We do not underlland any live* 

On the I othult. between twelve w*re loft oii the oecaCon. The 

and one o'clock in the morning, the St. Cecilia U h'td lo have had 

Ihip Hornby, Capt. , Mackenzie, about looo bales of cotton on 

in the haibotir of Bombay, was bo.^rd. 

difcovered t(M>e on fire ; thefecond A reward of 10,000 rupees has 

officer wai awoke by an unufual been adveriifed at Bombay, to he 

heat, and his cabin almoft filled paid to fuch pcrfon or perfons as 

witb fmoke ; he immediately ran tan give information againft any 

i^n deck, where he obferved fe. perfon, fo as to bring them to 

veral of the pcoplebufiedinmoving juftice, as may have been accetTa- 

about, btit not giving to the officers rier in the late fires, 

any aUrm of fire. He ordered the A meeting <^ the princiual mer. 

lutches to be unlaid immediately, chants and ihip-owners at Bombay, 

H'ben the fhip was difcovered to be was held on Sunday the ijth ult. 

w fire on tnie Aarboard fide of the to take into confide rat ion the heft 

DMin-faoId, md which had already means of preventing thefe dreadful 

made too imieh progrefs to be fup. conflagrations in future. Amongfl 

prelTed by any means then at hand i other falutary regulations, all tne 

Iwr cablet therefore were ordered crews of fuch vefTels as may here. 

(0 be cut, and (he was fortunately after be burnt in Bon^y harbour, 

towed to the northward, clear of fhall be obliged to work out their . 

the (hipping, and grounded near time due to the Ihlp, in the docks; 

the fifhing flakes. One man was unlefs the captain or officers of the 

nnlortatutely killed .by the falling fhip fhall publicly declare, that 

<£ the raaii».maft. It'is cBimated he or they did their utmuH in fup. 

that the lofson this occafion, in fhip prefling the fire, and did not pre- 

and cargo, cannot amount to lefs cipitately and unwarrantably quit 

than three lacks of rupees. the fhip in diflrefs. We doubt 

On the 13th ult. between eleven not but this regulation will be at- 

ipd twelve o'clock, fymptoms of fite tended with beneficia! efFefls. 

were difcovered on board the fhip During the thunder florm 011 

St. Cecilia, Capt. Sheen, alfo in Thorfday fe'ennlght, in the after- 

Ht Bombay harbouc On opening noon, the houfe of MclTn. David, 

the fate-hatches, a fudtfen column fon and Chalmers was flruck by a 

oftrc aud fmoke, ilfuing from the Hafh cf lightning, which damaged 

hnid, fo alarmed the peo)Je, that it confidericbly. The eleftric fluid 

they let the hatch fall into the firtt flruck the circular part rf the 

boU, and were then obliged to baluflrade, to the north, tn the 

0)¥ei the hatchway with tarpaulins, roofofafmall room on the topof_ 

&c. The fore too-fail fortunately the houfe ; and from thence it was 

being ben t,Ue cables were dir^-ited conducted, by the bolts, to the 

lu be cot, and the fail fet, which bottom of a window inuntdiately 

,-- undrr- 



imderaeach, where it appears to 
have divided and paffed downwards 
by two fpoats on each fide of the, tearing one of them off" 
the wall from lop to bottom ; when 

n lop _ 
near tht: groutia it Iceou to havi 
been attraAed by the hinges of the 
iwrth en trance- door, which i$ tore 
to fplintcrg, many of which were 
found in the middle of the ftrcet. 
A young gentleman in the top 
room was very cnuch ftunned, as 
was another on the middle floor ; 
bat what api>cars moft extraor- 
dinary is, that there were eight 
or ten Sirdars fitting in an open 
verandah, within two yards of the 
place where the lightning ftruck 
the ground, none of whom were 
hurt, encepi one who was a little 
cat by a piqce of the (hattered 
fpout, which fell upon his leg. 

An Ambaffador to Tippoo SuU 
taun, attended by nearly fifty per. ' 
fons, in the charafler of fecretarics, 
aids du camp, interpreters, Sec. 
was landed at Mangalore, from the 

The troubles which lately exifled 
in the diftri^s poffcfled by the 
Kinimedy Rajah have fublided ; 
the Rajah having been brought to 
terms of reafonable accommoda- 
tion : the troops lately affcmbkd 
near Chicacole, are in confequence 
to tetuTii to their former ftations. - 

yiffif 16. — The half-yearly Sef. 
fions of Oyer and Terminer, were 
opened on Saturday laft, in the 
Supreme Court, before the Hon. 
" the Chief juftice. Sir Wm. Dun. 
kin, and Mr. Juftice Royds. Sir 
Henry RulTel was prevented from 
attending by tndifpofition, 1'hc 
charge to the Grand Jury was de- 
livered by Sir W. Dunkin. 

The Prince of Johanna", lately 
■rrired in the Cbriftiano, appears 
in a diplomatic character, and is 

in charge of certain propofitiom 
from the king, his fatner, to the 
Madras government. 
Extras sf a Litter frttH Patw, 
dated Jane I 5, 1798. 
" At half pad four in the after- 
noon, a large (light of locufti wn 
fcen to pafs this place : they feemed 
to have come from the north. 
weft,' crofled the Ganges, continued 
their courfe in the traft of the 
river, and went through the air 
with great velocity, keeping in* 
fouth-caft direfiion down the river. 
At a quarter before live they we^ 
very numerous and thick ; and 
were about half an hour in paflt 
ing. At five they were gone, but 
were fecn like clouds till they had 
got below Patna. The native* 
iecmed alarmed at feing them, in 
iheir Htght through the air, go fa 
quick and regular in abody." 

A naval court martial was af- 
fcmbled at Trincomallee, on the 
1 8th ult. for the trial of Capt. W, 
R. Broughton, the dlficersandctew 
of his Majefty's floop of war the 
Providence, for the lofs of that 
velTel, whilft on a voyage of dif- 
eovery. The proceedings were 
finally clofedon Tuefday ihe lift, 
when Captain Broughton was ho- 
nourably acquitted. 

Capt. Martin, of the Inefiftible, 
hid captured aSpaniih regifter (hip, 
valued at 131,000!. fterling. 

June 30. — Two Spanim Ihips, 
of great bulk and value, lately ar- 
rived at Mauritius, and have failed 
thence under convoy of two of 
the frigates of Sercey's fquadron, 
for which protection they had paid 
60,000 dollars. 

Eitraa of a LtitcT from Madras, 
dated Jane 11, r798. 

" I little thought the fubjcA of 
any of the letters I intended myCelf 

* Ad illaad fituaied on the nonh-wcft cosft of ^t>dI^lca^• 

■> es- ■ -■' CHRONICLE. Tt 

ibe fktfan o£ writing you from Tbe br!g S:dl7, from' Boftmif' 

oae Rj'tinie, would ever contain- arrived at Madras on thprfth inil> 

ibc meUncholy infemucion 1 now laft from Mauritius : the advicM. 

cttBCBVUcate to yAu : — My friend, by this vefti temi to llrenjjthcn- 

Dr. Bemud M'Mabon (who was ihe report refptfting the whole of 

furgton of the firft regiment of the national tro'ps hairing been 

European infantry, ftationcd at fhippitl olf fro.n ilie i!I::nJ ; of the 

Ceylon), had unfortunately taken iithabita^ns of Mjurltius and Hour. 

bi» paCbgc for this place, in the boii declaring tliemftlvA inde- 

Ctocodilc, which touched at and pendent of the Frendi Republic ; 

ijiled from Trineomallce on the and of their having folieded thu 

J9ih ult, — but on the ift inftant, ptoteflion of the Britilh govern. 

encDuiitering a fcvepe gale in the mcnt. 

mODih of the gulph of Manar, 

foundered with fix or eight people, bengal coverkmekt sotifi. 
j«D It the iDonoent he had got into cations. 

the long-boat, with the Captain and , ForiWrniam. Public Dqwimenti 
ttiriT-Fouroftheftiip'screwandpaf-. May ^3, 175W-, 

taigerj, in all iliitiy-fix. For a few The rublic are hereby informed, 

d.ys my ill-f;iicd friend, and his that the fum which is cupeaed to 

coapamons m mifcry, were eipofed be applicable to ihe payment of the 

to«lI the horrors of want, without Rfgifter Debt of this Prefidvn;:<% 

adrqiof water, or nooriihmeni of in the courfeofihe monch of June 

any, kind, wlien they gained the j.^g^ amounts to rupees thirtceA 

land to the northward, on the thoufand, (rupees 13,000), which 

(rening of the 4th of June, at ■ will be fdfficient to difcharge thj 

plate eaUed MutapUley : my un- oulftanding bonds and notes as fjJ 

fqiumatcfiKndflionlyaftergwting as No. 3;36oftlie3d of January 

'n Ihore, expired in a manner too 


diftreffiog todefcribe." fjotiee has been given, that 

By the Madras Conner of the fuch of the bonds and notes of this 

ij^.tnlt. we learn that the pat government, rrgillered under lh« 

fciigers &vcd were, Mr. Peddiog, ^,f. jj of ianuarv 1701, as 

«1 two Dutch officers, on leave ftand on x\k General Regilter of 

ID M4dras; thofe drowned were, i-jgi.^, to No. jcji, inclufively, 

Mr,Coult5andfourchild^n,frora will be difehargeJ, on ahrKcation 

Ccehin; Mrs. Walters and two at the Treiifirr)', anr- time after 

ehiyren from Point dc Galle ; junJav, i'.ne 1 1, no9, 01 which 

ihtee miive women and a chiU, jj^. the in I,- reft the re,-,. 1 will cwfc.' 

fr<p Cochin. Ihe moft humane Th^ coniiBiiFKmers for ihe ma. 

ar^tion was paid to Capt. Dallis, nagemen: of theSinking Furidshavc 

and.diofc who for tonately reached given notlcf, th^,: 'iSey "will be 

th. ftorc with h.m, particularly f^adv to r,,eivc pK.por..Is for thtt 

by the Hon. Mr. Murray, aiul fate of government fecurities'. ' 

Capt. Sheppard. ^ 

tetters from Trhicomalle men- madras civil appointmemts. 

tion the total lofs of the 'ketch Mr. R. <;iii;rfon, to be dcput)- 

Kahny, Capt. Walkinfhaw, on the fea cuflonitr.— Mr. J. Fullanon, 

Mdadivc (hoal, a few days prior afliftant at Madtttpolam Mr. G. 

to tf'.e departure of t^le Crocodile, G. KeLle to Ik hmd afliilant to 

Irtra that port. the fopcrintendam of the export 

t C war;. 



wirehoufe. — Mr. R. H. Latham, 
ditto, ditlQ, to the accountant ge- 
Bcral. — Mr. H. Hzll to be deputy 
commercial reftdent at Bands. — 
Mr. R.~ Paiquhar to be commcr. 
cial idldait at Amboytw and 

Bomtoy Cafile, May 15, 1798. 

With a Tiew to the relief of 
fliip-ownen, atid to the advance- 
ment of the trade and conunercc 
of India, Hi conncded with the 
pon of Bombay, the following 
rule* hare been eftablifhed; — 

F'trp — The 20 per cent. levied 
vs^ati all timber, plank, and other 
Diariuc flores, iKe produce of India, 
fumilhed by the merchsnts theni- 
felvea for fblp- building, i> given 
up ; and in lieu thereof, the con. 
lidefatipn of 1000 rupees for every 
100 tout, is to be paid by the 
owners of all Ihips and vcflelt 
liuilt, or to be built, in this dock, 

Stcmi — On timber, [dank, and 
all other nwriiie ftores, the pro. 
duce of India, fumilhed by the 
.iKrchanti therofclves, for tlie re. 
jK)ir;iof fuch of their ihips as come 
for that ^urpofe into' dock, no 
more than to per cent. 1^ to be 
levied, together with the ufual 
compci)£ition of two huiylred and 
of tiiree hundred rupees, ai;cording 
*o the defcription ot thi: velTel, for 
the ufoof the docks. 



G. O, Aj't'-l y, i^gS.—Lieut. 
W. Buike is removed from the 2d 
batt. 3d regr. 10 the ift or grena- 
dier batt. ; and Lieut. W. Walker is 
rransJcrred from tire 2d batt. ift 
regt. to the 3d batr. jd regt. 1 and 
iJicy are directed to join their corps 
\fj, the eariicA opportunity. 

G. O. Afril 6. — The detach- 
ment of his Majefiy's jjd regt. to 
be held in readinds to embark, at 
the Ihortefi notice, on board the 
(hip Bombay, to join their corps in 

G. 0. ApTil 18. Capt. J. 

Fleming having been permitted by 
the Hon. C^urt of Direflon to le. 
turn, is accordingly to rcfume ki» 
ftation on the invalid ellablilbmenr. 
Enlign JoSab Mayn^rd to be Lieut. 
•vite bherer idigned— dace of nnk 
April II, 1798. 

Mr. Millar, furgeon, having 
aitendifd the detachment of the 3a 
regt. native infantry, imder Lieot. 
Col. Oram, Cnce its arrival at 
Madura, is to draw the efiablilhcd 
allowances from that period. 

Lieut. R. F. Fowler i» appouited 
quarter- mailer of the ift batt. of 
artillery, at die particular recom. 
mendation of the Commander ift 
Chief i and the Governor in Council 
is happy in this early opporfuniljr 
of making his approbation of that 
ofiicM's meritorious condufl, on the 
night of the ifth of Jan, laft. 

G. O. Afrit 19.— The pro-. 
ceedings of the committee on odT- 
rcdttmings, for the year t796, of 
which Major General Colliiu la, 
prefaknt, bcbg approved, the ccnn- 
nfittee is accordingly dilTolved. ■ 

G, O. April 2+.— Monthly; 
returns of the ariillerv-, and of the 
field and garrJron ordnance, at the 
different ftaiions, to be made (q 
Major General Sydoiham, uptil 
farther ordc^. 

^ G. O. April 25.— The follow., 
ing promotions to take place : ■ . ■ . 
Lieut, fireworker T. Cook<flcy, 
to be Lieut. iiUt A. Geils. reGgned 
— date of rank, i^th of April 1798. 
Lieut, fireworker J. Noble, to be 
Lieut, ■v'ui T. Geils, refigned— 
dateofiank, 14th of April 1798. 

G. O. Mtj I. The Hoo. 

the Governor in C«uncil> availing 


'■'ff rf i^ earlicft ty p o nu nirf C O. Maj 16. — Cipt. Capper 

rfaimg tii apptobatton of the having returned 10 hu duty in the 

arTOnoos condofl of Liieut. and centre divifion, ii to Tefame' the 

Mintam R. CluiTlton, of the id charge of hit employ. Mr. J. 

b«t, of irtWcr^', on tl» nighr of Abemethie, Affiilant Surgeon, to be 

tht t;t\v ]m. \a&, is pleafed to full Surgeon, vieeSpien, deceafed. 

i^l'K ViiirrBrigade Major <rf the G. O. Alaj 17. — Major Ge. 

irtilbrvciAlit, trier Geils, refigned. neral Bnd){f a wai highly gntifled 

G. b. kaj 8, TTie Hon. with the foldicr.Iike appearance 

th^fftfident in Council, deeming of the troops n^Tcmb.ed under arnu 

it BftKceflary to continue Kytar ibr review thii morning, and i* 

u I ftktion for troopa, Capt. Ban. eqiially well pleAfed at the fteady 

^v^nisiojmn his corps, and all and prompt performance of what 

etpeoccs <») ftccoont of (bi« llation wm exclnftrely demanded of the fe. 

tBceafton d>e i ft of the ei^uing venl detaili. A tefitmony fo con. 

■onth. Tincing of the diligence of every 

0.0. Maj II. Lieut. T, officer in command, and of atten. 

CogUsm to be advanced 10 the ift tion in the fuiwidtnate ranki, muft 

£nrapean legt. vice Boyd, pro- be e»er dtfcrvirg of the warmeft 

noted. apptauTe; an ackr^nvrledgment which 

The fire oompenie* of the En- the General beg) leave to accom. 

npean regt. in Ceylon, to com. pany with hli bri) thanks. Unit. 

fohf and be returned as the ift ing the fcveral detachmentf, atid fo 

Arifienof the ift Eoropean regt. ; fpMdily reducing them to one 

tnd the five corapaniet of the uaae pritici^ of difcipline fuitable to 

ODTpi to ritt eaftward, to compole, the occaficm for which the whole 

and be recnmed at the 2d dirition were likely to be required, ii very 

«f the lA European teg r. evidently the eSe^t of great and 

Head quarters of the ift divilion zealous excition ; which, the Ge. 

of the ifi European regt. Point de nenti it happy to obferve, hat arifen 

GaJlc :~~Head. quarters of the id from the foliciiude of Lieut. Co. 

diTifion of the iQ European regt. lonel Muai, for the fiitute opera. 

Mzfaccx. tioiu of the troop* nOw alTembled 

Lieut. Monin, apfxnnted to aA for ferrice, which could only hai^e 

at Adjotttnt to the id divi&on of been eiipe£)ed to follow a timely 

the li Etiropean regt. and to draw preparation. 

fmt for the period be hat been G. O. Mirjr 18.— Major Gene, 

afting in that fituatioti, in the room ral Bridges aj^inted to ihe Staff 

•flieiM. TaicKon. ■ nndof ihii Prcfiedncy, 'viee Geils, 

Lieut. Lonni to ad as QjmrtCT- Capt J. Innes, ai^inted to the 

jaa&er to ditto, and to draw the command of Piiiagra, vice Khnde;, 

alfovuice* of that ttation from the deceafcd. Capi. C Pcjtfon, ap. 

tft of tUs month. pointed to the commaiKl ot Nngorc, 

LieM. J. D. Gordon, permitted via HammoTid, deceafud. Lieut, 
tm fcfign the Adjutancy of the id A. Hughes, appointed to the Corn- 
ban. 3d ngt. native infantry ; and mand of Pnlcolah, •uicr Porl'on. 
Lieoi. T. Bayent appmnted tofoc- Enfign L. W. 1-lall to b: Lieut. 
CEodhinu tifi- Rhodes, dcceafcd date of 

Ltcot. ircworker Weldonto be eoramilTion, i4Tfa of M-y 179*^. 

AdJBtaM to the id batt. of arlil. Capt. J. Read, Adiuinnt anJ 

iwy/ «■>* Chnlton. ter.matter of the 7*h legt. ol native, 

+ C2 iju.iury 



infantry, is appointed to afl as 
public Staff Officer to' the canton- 
ment of Walla jabail, and is lodraw 
an addition of fix pagodas pet 
month to his prefent allowance for 
candles and (tationaiy. 

G. O. A7«r 2Z-— The Hon. 
the Governor in Council is pledfed 
to direfl, that the new rates of pay 
to ferjeants of European infantry, 
(hall be. drawn as fubfiitence for the 
ferjeanis attached to the battalions 
of native infantry in the abftrafls 
of the companies in which they are 
returned, ar.d that the ftaff pay to 
the ferjeant- major of a native in. 
fantry batt, Ihall be 4 pagodas per 
month, and to the quarter- matter 
Serjeants 3 pagodas per month, to 
be drawn in the abftra^ of the 
adjutants, and to commence from 
the ift of March 1 798, from which 
period the new rates of fubriftenec 
to the Hon. Company's cffcftive 
troops were ordered to cake place. 

G. O. May 31.— Capt. Lieut. 
C. Donjldfon, of the ift batt. of 
artillery, to do duty with the de- 
tail of that corps in the fouthem 
divifion of-ihe array; and' Lieut; 
P. G. Blair, of that coips, to join 
that detachment of it under M»jor 
Howley, in the Sircars. , 

The following removaU to take 
place ; — Artillehv — Litui. lire, 
worker R, Taylor, from zd batt, 
to ift batt. and to join the detach, 
mcnt irf that corps at Arnee. 

Infantry — Lieui. J. White, 
from ift bate. loHi legt. to tA 
batt. ditto,— Lieut. J. Hallcwood, 
from zJ ditto, lotb ditto, to ad 
ditto, iith ditto. — Lieut. J. D. 
Gordon, from 2d ditto, 3J ditto, 
to ill ditto, 7th ditto, and to join 
the detachment of the corps at 
Tricliinopoly. — Lieui.J.D.GreetiT 
hill, from id ditui, 3d ditto, to 
ift ditto, 3d ditto. — Lieutenant 
J. Butler, from zd dito, 3d ditto, 
to jd ditto, tft ditto, Lieut. 

H. Smith, (torn id ditto, ift 
ditto, to id ditto, 3d ditto. — 
Lieut. L. W, Hall, late promotion 
from id ditto, 9th ditto. 

D. O. Mej 4.— Major General 
Floyd defires to exprefs to Colonel 
Alton, his officers and men, the 
fatisfaftion ^e this day receivetl, on 
iiifpeftingthe eight companies of his 
Majcfty's i2th regt. at thisftation. 
In the mafterly hands of their com. 
manding officer, there is every expeft, that his Majefty's 
I2ih infantry will, whenever they 
axe called upon, be ready and dif. 
p>fcd to renew, in the cift, the glo. 
ties, of Mindeti and Gibraltar. 

D. O. Maj j.~Major Gene. 
ral Floyd, having this day in. 
fpefled the Hon. Company's 86th 
batt. N. I, commanded by Major 
Innes, extremely approves the re. 
mark able good appearance and 
fmartuefs of the bait, as well ai 
the general "good performance in 
field excrcife, no twithftanding the 
duties it has pertbrmed while raif. 
ing t-:-\ f>rmir.g : he find^, on per. 
forial inquiry, ihat every man re- 
ceives his full pay, and aU that he 
is entitled to. 

The General isfatiified with the 
appearance of the detachment of 
the Hon, Company's ift batt, of 
artillery, and lafcars, attached at 
this (tation. Whatever claims of 
cloathing or ha If- mounting they 
may have, Ihall be duly allowed 
them, upon their explaining them 
dearly to their commanding offi- 
cer, who wiil flare them to the 

The General finds the ftoic dc 
partinent, uitder the dcpity com. 
miflary, in excellent order, and well 

G. 0. AprU 7, 1798.— Cap*. 

Edward Moore, arrived from Poo- 



hil^ U ro meivc charge of hb of- time the dtligtnce of the officerft 

ficc of infprflor of the pcn'fioii lift, and ihe atteniiim and difcijjline of 

fbmLicu:. K.dox, immediately. — themrn. trout thefe circu mil ances, 

Capt. A. Bcthuue is polled to the and the good orJcr of llie whole, . 

Earopean regimrnt. the Comro^rn-kt in Chief ha) evert 

M. C. March 30. — The Com. reafon 10 be pUnfcd with ibe 75th 

ffii-dcilnChief delivers io'ihefol. regl. and requeits Major Cummine, 

lowing extiafi of 3 minute of his, the o&^ecs and foldicrtcf that corpa, 

IzJ betore ihe committee of go- to accept his panicular thinks— 

leiKDeni in Mahbar, in Aiigull The Commander in Chief has like. 

bfl,-uijiiolvLna a fubjeil ftiU rc- wife great pleafure in exprclling hii 

quiring the decifion of the board. fatisfaetion at the i^)carance <4hii 

Reibii-ed, that in corJbrraity to Majefty's 33d regt. comaunded by 

the pmpofitiar contained in the a. Lieut, Maiihewi, which does thai 

bove EDinute, the four companies of officer much credit. 
LocaU, at prefent entertained under M. C. J^rii 13, — RefoWed, 

tbe Relidcnt at Fort Vifloria, be that the following appointment! 

diftnnded, and an independent com- and promotions do tronied lately 

putY of orje fubadar, one jemidar, take place, in compliance with thi 

ivt baFiIdais, one drum, one fife, recommendation of the Commander 

»aii too rank and file, be fortned in Chief, vix. 
in their flead, under the command Lieut. T. C. Harris, to be de. 

of an European officer. puty ailjuiam general, iiice Gor. 

M. C. ^/r,"/ e.—Refolved, at don.— C.ipi. J. Manley, to be de. 

the rtcommendaiion of the Com- puty comniillary of ftorcs, in the 

Ojaidfr in Chief, that C^pt. J. W. fouthern divifion of Malubar, -vice 

Mocri* be appointed to the com- Harris. Lii^ut. Brown to b« 

maod of this company, it mu ft cr- mailer, ii« Manley ; — and 

be regularly moftercd at Fort Vic- the allowances for thcfe iip[X)int-. 

torii by the Refident. ments to comrucnce from the period 

G. O. — Afliftant furgeon Fildt;, of the pariici taking charge of their 

artired ai the Prelidcncy, is to re- refpcftive oflia's. 

fume his tiaiion as mate of the Ge. . Mr. J. Sutherland, having pro.- 

nenl Town Hofpital ; and aflillant duced a certificate of being ap. 

(■rgeon KeiT is polled to the marine pointed a cadet under this Frefi. 

batialioo, and he will receive dency, for the feafon 1 796— 

charge of the fick of that corps Rcfolved, alfo, at the recommcn- 

&om furgeon Boag. Capt, J, Skcl- dation of the Commander in Chtcf, 

un is removed to the 2d batt. that lie be accordingly admitted 

4^11 natiFc revt. and Capt. R. upon this eftabltJhroeni, to rank 

Codce is transferred to the Euro, immediaiely after Mr. T. A. 

pean regt. Kempe, :ts itifcrted in the body of 

G. O. j/frU 6. — The foldier- bii certificate— his commiffion of 

like appearance, fteadinefs, aiul Enfign to bear date the 29th of 

dilcipjine of his Majeily's yjth Jan. 179B, and that of Lieut, thd 

i*gt. at the review ihii morning, 30th of Jan. t798. 
jforded the Commander in Cfief G. O. J/'nl 17. — Lieut. J. 

gim larisfa Aion : rhe corred man- Sutherland is policd to the Eutopeaa 

nerin which ibey wencthmugh their regt. and he will hold himftif in 

wauaatm9f Aicwed at the fame rcadinefs to join his corps, in the 
-I- C J Mftlabai 



MaUbar proTince, 1^ the fiffl op- 
. portunity. . 

G. O. Afril joi-i-'To enable 
the coFiunamUog engineer in,, the 
Malabai provii>ce, ro comply with 
the orders of die i4rh inft. Lieut. 
S. Goodfellew, of tlie engineer 
corps it removed to the Coaft, 
whiiber he ii dircfteH to pfoceed 
by the firft «pponunit)-. 

That part of the order of the 
17th inftant, djrcfling Lieut. J. 
Sutherland to join his regiment aC 
Cananore, ii countcrmandcdj and 
he is (M-dered to do Atx'.y wiih the 
engineer corps at the PrcGdency, 
until farther onlcrs. 

G. O. y*^r;/ ji._Lieut. Jamei 
Grant, of his Majeftj's 7+th regt. 
will embrace the carlieft opportuni- 
ty of joining his corps. 

G. O. Jpril sj.— As Capt. 
Laiirifton's health is not iulhciencly 
re-eftablifhed 10 enable him to re. 
turn to his duty in the Malabar 
province, the Commander in Chief 
has .been plcafed to rxtcnd liis far. 
lough until the 26th of May 

G. O. ^pnl 16.— Lieut. Col. 
J. Riddell, of the ift batt. 4th 
native regt. has the Commander in 
Chiefs pcrmifflon to be alifent from 
hit corps and duty, with leave to 
remain at the PreCdenty, until tlie 
lit of Sept. ne:ft. 

Maj, 15.— H. C.'s (hip Earl 
lutiiwilliaiii, Tweedale, Vizaga- 
patnam ; left the 1 dth tk Mav. 

7»!W2.— Ship LcJclcen, Haffcl: 
bak, Batavia ; left id of April. — 
Ship Roflenberg, Hellefbn, Madras ; 
left id of May — 8. Ship RcBo. 
tation, Galloway, Mcdrot ; left 

edi of Miy — bhip Commerce, 
oe, Madras ; left jd of June.— 
Ship Caroline, M'Carthy, Ra,n- 
goon ; left tft of May 13. Snow 

Favourite, Kene, Tntnqoelnr ; 
left 3d of June.— 7. Ship Frc- 
-dericklburg, ^eely Viaagapafnani ; 
left iithoFJnne.— II. Sup Com- 
wallis, Robertfon, Madras ; left 
I cth of Jnne.—aj. Ship Tritoq^ 
-Wright, Madras; left i6th oT 
June.— 14. Ship Strtvanger, CJe- 
land, Madrac; Wt i jtb oT Jane. 


May 24. — ^^lip Iphig«nia, 
Martin, Copenhagen ; (hip Fre. 
derick(b«rg, Overgard, China. — 
2g. Ship Northumberland, Hick- 
man, LondoH. 

Jinr 8 — Sliip Bergen, Burgh, 

EaAward. 11, Ship Favourite, 

Eagan^ Bombay. 


Maj 16, — Brig Dundas, New- 
l>igg'''gf Coringa ; — brie Minerva, 
Maiquerircj Manar;— brig Thy- 
randellia, Oliver, China,— 19. ^p 
Commerce, Lane* Bombay . — 23. 
H. C.'s Ibip Bombay frieate, Froft, 
Amboyna ; left 3d of^ April ; — 
H. C.'s (hip Triton, ditto, left id 
ditto. — 2(. Ship Stravauger, Cle. 
land ; left London a id of Dec. 
and Trincomallee aid of Mav.— 
28. H. C's (hip Henry Dundas, 
Carrutbers, Calcutta, 4th of May, 
—29. H. C.'s fhip Swift, Bond, 
Bombay, left 26th of April.Trinco- 
mallee a6th of May ; — [hip Helen, 

Scton, Bombay, left 3ih May jo. 

Sloop Betfcy, Mctter, Columbo, ieft 
18th of April, -—31. Store fchooncr, 
R«bertfon, Trincomallee, left 26th 
of May, Negapatam igih ditto, 
Ttanquebar 30th ditto. 

Juiif I,— Snow Fortune, Mit- 
chelt, Bombay. — j.ShipChrilliana, 
Nottletnan, Hamburgh. 


May 14. — Bark Anna, Crokatt, 
MafulipaUm and Coringa. — ifi. 
Ship Suecefs galley, Binney, Trin- 
comallee, his Majefty "s (hip ' 

Orpheus, Hills, ditto ;— (hip Joyc*, 
, : ,L'.6(.H>li?nnTport^ 

Mm^Mct, Jolly, ditto ■,— Jhip Rtrf*- 
fttAtoTg, HeUefon, Calcutta. 

7»«f I. Brig HynmieUe, 

(^rcTt Cochin, China ;— brig Don- 
das, Newbigging, Coringa ;— fhip 
jSc^oder,Rangoon.— 1. ShipEliui, 
ttnjmoK, Pnang and Ouna.— 
|. i^p Cotomtnx, LaoF, Calcutta; 
ftipCxJar, Dafaymple, Rangoon. 


Maj 5.— Ship Zoroaftcr> Gib» 
Bengil. — 6. H. C.'s fnow Panther, 
SpeS, Sarat ;— H. C.'s brig Fly, 
Rdpb, Malabar coaft ;■— a new 
fnow from Dcmaun. — -j. H. C.'i 
bomb ketch Stiombolo, Hall, Surat ; 
— 8.H. C.'s ketch Princefi Royal, 
Dobinron, Surat. — 9. H. C.'s keich 
Q^wn, ForteTcuc, Bencoot.— 11. 
PtvtugiKEe fiigate TimeTcl, De 
Soau, Goa.— i;. H. C.'i onifer 
Drake, Margotty, from a cruize 
off Vingorla,— — 19. Ship Anna, 

Horn, England. 1 1 . Dolphin 

brig, Hayes, coaft. — ij, Siroinbolo 
bomb ketdi. Hall, Sural, with 
CMTOy. — 14. Erive Mart, fnow, 
Macqaadah HufTonjec, Bengali,— 
Ptinixfi Augulla, fnow, Keys, Sural. 

Jtfa; 2.— H. C.'s ketch Ctieen, 
Fonefque, Bencoot ; — Hon. C.'s 
fchooner Comet, "Turner, Buf- 
(i»aj— brig Fortune, Mitchell, 
Malabar coaft.— 6. Shift Mary, 
Taylor, Madtas.— 8. SJiip Helen,' 

Seion, China ; Ship Gunjava, 

Barbo.-, ditto ;— H. C.'sfnow Pan- 
ther, Spsak, Sunt.— 9, (hip Alia, 
M'lnnes, China ; -H. C.'s ketch 
Qysn, Forteftiuc, Surat.— lo. H. 
C.'s ketch Princeii Royal, Dobin- 
fon, Surat.— 1 4. H.C.'s bombkctch 
Strombolo, Hali, Snrat, — 15. For. 
lagueie frigate Timivel, beSouza, 
Deiuon.— 16. Ship Pcari, Spence, 

Bafibra. 17. Ship Frieodlhip, 

Dawfon, China ; — 19. Ship Kader- 
"bux, Taylor, China;— Fly brig, 
R*i(*, Goa. 

Jmte 8.— Ship Bergen, Birgh, 
Eaftward. — rr— ii> Ship Favourite^ 

yaf^ f . —The oificeri of hit Mi- 
jcfty's 33d regt. in Tort William, 
onder the command of the Hon. 
Colonel Welledey, have given one 
month's pay, for the parpofe of 
promoting the volontary fjbfcri^ _ 
tion for the defence of Great Bri. 
tain; and the non.commillloned- 
oScert and privates of that regt. 
have alfo given one week's pay, for 
the fame patriotic purpofe. The 
money has been rcm'.iti'd to Eng- 
land by the overland packer, aoj 
amounts to about 6ool> llerling. 

The court.manial held at "Trin. 
comillfc, on the mutinous feamen 
of Admirkl Rainier's fquadron, ba> 
been clofcd; — when John Brjy, a 
feaman belonging to the Suffolk, 
was fim tented— -S/or A. The charge 
of mutiny being alfo proved agalnft 
three of the other prifoners, thc/ 
were fentenced ai follows: — one 
to receive 400 lathes and the 
other two 100 lafhes each, and to 
be confined for a limited time in 
the Marthalfea Court Prifon : — the 
former part of their fentencc hai 
been carried Into execution. 

Nothing decilireha* yet refultcd 
from the d^feflion in Sciodeah'i 
array; fkirmithes have taken place 
between the detachment under Hit- 
jee Row Ghautka aoA the troops of 
Muzaffer Khan, in which fome 
blood has been fpiUed. 

yalj II. Our letters from 

Cawnpore, in date 30th ult, oootaiD 
the following loyal, and patriotic 
commuDicatlon : — 

On the night of the 19th of 
Tunej the "^Bombay papen, '»'< 
Pttonah, were iccttved u tlut fta- 


ti(H>; and the immediate refult of 
the irttelligence thcj-conuined, was 
as follows;— 

ydimlary Palnalic CaalribulioHi. 
• n Whereas it appears by advices 
received ihis day tiam Europe, that\ 
it has been judgoliapedimt in Bri- 
tain to bringilbi'vact^^^e patriotic 
fpirit ot' iJie country, in a voluntary 
fabfcription u> fuppon the eser. 
tions of governrrmt, in defence 
of ihefr con ft iru lion, laws, liberty, 
, and M-cry ilung that is dear lo 
them; — We therefore, the officers, 
flon-commiffioncd onicers, &c. &c. 
Of hisMsjefty'sandihelicn. Com- 
pany's troopi ftatiorcd at Cawn- 
jiorc, feeling no Icfs intereftod in 
theft great and invaluable blcflings, 
and beihg derermincd at every event 
to fminficc our lives, if neeeiTary, 
hi the' juft defence of our king and 
our coantry, arc defirons, in the 
mean tihie, of joining in rhe fab- 
fcription above rricntionrd. 

" And we do ihertfore agree 
to fubfcrlbe the fums oppofue lo our 
fefpeftive ;iames, which we engage 
to pay, or caufe to be paid, in 
courfe of the three enfuing monihs, 
into the hands of John Riehardfon, 
Efq. deputy field p.iyinaflrr, to be 
by him remitted to the Right Hon. . 
the Governor General, to whom 
Major Geoeral Sir Jaines Craig is 
defired to fignify our rc^ucR, that 
he will be pleafed to. take fiich 
Ctode. as ap])C3rs proper to him fur 
fenritting it to Britain." 

in one hour after the abot'e 
paper had been drawn out, the vo. 
lOntary fubfeription amounted to 
between 20 and jo.opg rttpt-es at 
Cawnpote. ' . ■ ' 

Ju/y II.— On ihejdihft. Mr.' 
W. Heife Gordon,". t>iC Ihrriif- of 
Fort St, George, tailed a meeting 
■ of the gentlemen, inhabitanii, &c. 
of that Prefidcncy, for the putpofo 
of promoting a voluniary painotie 
ecnttibution, fuch as wehavc jufl: 

defcribcd :— the mcetbg ma to b* 
held on the 1 2th itiAant. 

Lccien from Atcot, dactd *d 
inftajit, mention that the officers, 
Don-conitnii&oned officers, and pri- 
vates, of his Majefty's ajth te|:t.''. 
ef light dragoor^, had nwtt loynlly 
and lilwrally fubfcribcd, and to a 
conljderable amount, for tbe pto- 
fecution of the juft and neceltary 
war in which we are now engaged ; 
the fum collected, at the moment 
when the letters were written, ex- 
ceeded 40ol. fterling. 

Having noticed the loyal dona. 
tion of OUT countrymen of the 15th 
dragoons, wc have to add one 
equally prompt and loyal from a 
native corps, the body guard of 
Madras; — thefubidarsof ihat corps 
have Toluntarily fubfcribed twenty 
rupees, the jemidats ten, and tlie 
'privates two rupees each, for the 
fapport of the war in which Great 
Britain Is fo judly engaged : a 
proof of the attachment of the 
natives of this country to the Bri- 
tifli government, which reflcfts the 
hi^eft honour on that govemmeat, 
and 00 themfelves. 

Th^ private men of each com. 
pany of they4thregt. on thecoail, 
fent a meffage to tix officers com- 
manding their Tcfpeftivecompanies, 
faying, that in the prefent critical 
exigency, '* when their conntry 
M'as threatened wich an invafion, 
ihey were ftnfible that it was the 
duty of every Briton to ftrain every 
nerve and exert every power to repel 
their inveterate enemies the French, 
and arreft the ptogrefs of their de- 
tellable principles ; they therefore '' 
had .unanimouily refolvtd to fub- 
fcrihc eight days' pay, toj:arry on 
the prefent war ; a war, un- 
pro\:^ked on our part, and juftified 
by the nolijeft of motives, the pre. 
ftrvaticn of our invaluable coulli, 
totion." The ferjeants and cor. 
porals tX tile fame regc. animaicd 

♦ h-_ 


bf-finilar Jentitnenli, fabfmbed ardour which had t>e«n To univer- 

balf a nioQih'* py each ; and the taily felt, lince the late accounts 

ofioen have adicd to thefe fub- had been teceired here of iimilar 

fctipnoni one month') pay each. meetings in Europe, and of the in- 

Thc Bosikiy government have folcni menacct of our ancient rival* 

gireii notice, by » puUic adveriifc. and inveterate enemies, by which 

menti, that the Hon. the Court of thofe meetings had been occafioned. 

Dirc^rs have been pleafed to limit In Englaitd we- had fern that 

Ate refttifUoni laid by their orders, ardour animating all ranks of peo- 

00 the 2lfiof Jan. 1797, againft pte, from the monarch en hi* 

individuals importing into Great throne, to the loweft of his fub- 

Biiiain, the produftions of China, jofts; and here already it had pro. 

by the way of India, to theftaple duced fuch liberal, or rather, Jie 

commodities of tea, raw fdk, and ought to fay, fuch fplendid proofs 

nankeen clotht. of patriotifm among our military 

His Majefty's 33d regt. of foot, friends at various llationa, as de- 

nder the command of the Hon. mandedour higheRapplaufe. Inthis 

Col. WcUetley, will be reviewed fcttlcment itfelf, he, and he was 

DMt Wedreiiiay morning (not fure many other gentlemen, had 

Monday), on the efplanadc, pre. wiia^ffed the impatience, with 

vious to embarlcation for the coaft. which the prefent meeting had been 

PATRIOTIC MEETING. expcflcd : many thought it had 

On Tnefday morning the J4th been too king- delayed ; and he for 
iullant, the principal Britilh inha- one fhoald, he owned, have been 
bitants of Calcutta affembled at very deliroas of an earlier meeting, 
the Theatre, purfuant to a requeft if it had been poRible fufficiendy 
of Mr. Vanzandr, the Iherilf, 10 to confider and prepare for all the 
confider of an addrefs to his Ma. dilfcient circumftancca which, upon 
jefiy, and«Ubto promore voliintary conterting with feveral of the moft 
coniubuiions for the public fcrifice rcfpeflable gentlemen in the fettle- 
in this part of India. mcnt, he had been convmced it 

Tha meeting was moft numcc. ivas proper to attend to, on fo im. 

ooflyand refpeftably attftided. The ponant an occaGon. But, how- 

flieriffiook thethair, and expreffed ever dcfiroushe, and the friends uii. 

kimfelf inuch graiilicd, that the der the fanftion of whofe opinion 

pahlic application he was requefted and approbation he now ventured 

K> make, had produced fo refpett- 10 call the attention of the meeting, 

able an aiTembly, for tlic important naturally felt themfelvcs of coming 

abjcfts which would be fabmitted for«-3rd as fpeedily as they could, 

to ;hcit conlidetation. ■ yet tic was convinced no man couM 

Mr. Burroughs, the Company's be unwilling to yield the palm t<j 

Advocate General, then addtclTing the gallant corps, who, with that 

himfcll' to the fhetilf, faid, it could ardour fo natural to their profeflion, 

uot but be highly gratifying to h,id, in this country, taken the 

every man who was a triend to the lead in manifefling their readinefs 

very laudable objeft the (heriff had to devote their fottjmes, as they 

mnuioned from the chair, to fee have devoted their lives, to that 

lb very niiroeroas and refpeflable ftate, whofe rights they were ever 

an attendance in ctmfequence of ready to affert. Hefelt, heowiicd, 

th; pablic notice he bad given. — very particular pleafure from their 

I: was an additional proof of that being the leaders on the prefent cc-- 


caSon, and could not exprefi thfc nake ^Dod AeUr paffiige ; and to 

degrK of piaife and admiration to Mv« carried theit inToknce la &r, 

which he thought they were en- ai to propofe loam on the ricdic of 

. titled, for fuch prooft of their at. anticipated Ipoil and plunder in 

ta^meai to their ceuniry. They EnglMid) which dtey allowed to 

had felt at all other tnen had felt be the richeft country qxm earth. 

who loved Great Britain, fince the That all thefe threats were but t^ 

teat views of the French had been ^fconade&of that vain and vapour- 

vude apparent to all the world by ing peo^e, many men believed. 

ttic late negotiaiioM at lifle. — J^ if we could ftill apply to France 

Since that memorable tran&Aion, the rules and realbning which ap- 

iiiderd,[w rcafonablcman aftpcitna plied to her in former timts, that 

have entertained a moment't doubt o|Hnion would be but resfonable ; 

as to the objects of the enemy, but we muft recollefl the changeii 

There our eaeouet had been put to which have liappetted there, and 

a£nal aoddecilivetnliandnoiiian that her rulecs now are prcj>ably 

now could doid>t, that nothing not left anxious to facrifice thofo 

fhort of thedeftraflionofourtrade, amuca, wbofe retom they fear, 

and of that free aiul ha^y conQi- than they are anxious to difturb 

tution which ha* made Great Bri- the internal peace of England, and 

tain the &rll empire upon earth, take their chancx of thofe events 

could faci&fy their rancaroui envy, which might be produced by their 

and confirmed hatred. There, by eSi^ng a defceni in either of the 

the candour^ coolnefe, and ability Britifh illands in the prefent times, 

of the Britilh minifler, the mafic They hare long 6nce, we know, 

had been completely removed from fold thofe diftrifb which they 

the real tyrants and pretended phi. af^ropriated at the cominenixaaent 

lofophert of France, who, covered of the war, to reward their armici 

with mint, and drenched in the after peace. That breach of faith, 

blood of their own unhappy coun* they knew, mull fubjeft them to a 

try, and at the very time of their fevece account, and muft render the 

pouring out their perfidious pro- return of thofe annieB not a little 

fedUons of peace and moderation ibrmidable. I'he ultimate dellmc. 

towards all the world, were me- tion of thofe troops they might 

ditating fchemcs of the moft un. perfuada' to embark on their def. 

bounded ambition, and forging perate exp&litioci, would tbereloTe 

chains- for all the natious that fur. be to ihem a relief, and not a lofs ; 

roimdi^d them. — This, he faid, had and the attual mifchief they might 

become fo plain and clear at LiQe, do^to England, would be in fatta 

that the enemy no longer atteir^ted gain. 

to diiTemble or deceive, but now Preparations to attack them muft 

hoped, by menace and alarm, to they know, be made ; and they 

terrify thofe whom tbcy could not vainly hoped that her numcroui 

over-reach : they had determined, taxes, and heavy debt, will inca. 

if we were lo beiieve their declara- pacitate Great Britain Irora the ex. 

tions, to invade Great Britain from pence of much greater aSorts, By 

many different parts of their ex. their mere ihrcais, therefore, they 

tended eoaft ; and ate even faid to conceived they could wage fuccels. 

have marched armies, aflcmblcd ful wap on our lituncesv' T-hey 

generals, coiiflruftcd moll extra- hoped to ul-.TtA and divdc Hie 

ofdiaary and unheard-of rafts^ to people, lo^irjircour |>ubltc ctedit, 

n,.„„, Google""' 

■ CSHRONlCLE. ' 87 

' andvblige w to fubont to die At- in India, while other parts or die 
ftniAive ieaai they- had at Lifle empire had fufiered all the calami. 
tlie iaTolence to cbamand. Haji^y, ties of war. We had heard the 
IuweTer> utfeadef dhidingi they diftant thonden of the ftonn, but 
had Mohcd the people ; and bftead all iu ^folating fury wa* ^ifited 
of lawain^ they hid tailed the on other tegiotia of the globe. 
paUic- cre£i ; and they had at Oar reveticm, population and agri- 
length ranfrd the geaaine rpirlt of culraie had increafed conlidcrably, 
the Sciiilh chanfter, to relent and and were ftill tncteafing, imder th< 
tochaAUe their infolence. In that bleffings of tranqoilli^ and of tha 
aflonifiung country, we had {een Englifh laws; while> in foniet^ihc 
foch pMwft of power and refources Weft Indian IHands, the enon/ 
■3 the world could fcaicely credit, had laid wafte the property of 
and we bad fecn every hand and thoofandi of our fellow-fubjefts, 
every heart uoited in the common and. addecf tenfold horrors to the 
caafe. The clergy and the laity, the ufual calamities of war, by arming 
aobitity and coaunens, the ikh the llaves againft their maftcR, and 
and poor, the dd and young, exciting them to conunit fuch maf- 
all clafles, latiki and defcriptions facres and plendrrt »» moft for 
ot oat fellow -fubjefta, without ever brand wjfK infamy thofe 
diftioAion of fex or age, had come who had fet them cm. The few 
fotwatrd with a zeal whic^ may be lofles we had faffered on Me In- 
iclt, but caiwot be defcribed ; ihcy dian feas (and tct^ few, he was 
had facrificed-largcpcM'iioDsof tiieir • happy to fay, they were), had oc. 
private fortunes for the fen-ice of cafioned no failures — ftarccly, he 
the ftatc ; all had crowded round believed, any individaal diftrcfs ; 
tlie throne with the moft ardent while the c^turea made by the 
ofos of fiipport, and, by their enemy before their nartct had been 
inily iKAtk conduift, had Ihewn the annihilated, had ruined many of 
world the advantages of our glo. the gteatcft houfei in England, 
tiou* conftitution, wliich can alitne The trade of India to Europe, in. 
account for the power and pre- eluding tl>e Company's inveftmenta 
ennnence of England, and has and ihofe of private merchants, 
enabled bet to ft and the bulwark had been, he belie^i'!, more than 
of tbe whole civilised world. The double its former amount ; and 
envy of all her enemies, uul the though, by jtt immenfe extent, 
adiairatton of all the other nations and by ihc expenfe of thoTe ar- 
^ tbe earth. Heie, Mr. Burrooghs mamenis whidi bad made ua mafteis 
l^id, be was fatiafied there wa» no of alroolt every valuable poffeffion 
lef* ardour, than there had been at our enemies had before the war, a 
home ; and in taring any obfer- fcarcity of calh was ielt in this 
vation* to the meeting, as to any capital, yet he was happy to fay, 
- particular rcafons for oar exerting and he Itad good reafon to believe, 
ouiielTet on {q momentout an oc- that this temporary inconvenience 
cafion, be really felt that he was would foon be relieved by expected 
trefpafliog utweceOaiily an the time returns from Europe, of the capital 
and atteniiffli of the many refpecl- which had been ttanfmitted thither 
able peifoDS prefent. That fome in goods; and, that fcarcity ex. 
fuch rcafooi, however, did ekift, cepted, he really knew not any in- 
Do man could deny. We had en. convenience we had fn&ercd by tbe 
joyed, ke-Iudt uniniettupt^ peace war, though every nua moft be 



fenfible tlat the conqneAs we had of their injufticei and eroring thai 

made muft open to our merchants there were men ofl the J»nks of the 

here new fceoes of the moft valuable Gingea, as loyal to their ktng« 

sommerce: Here too, ha faid, we and as zeakwfly devoted to ^thc^ 

had been exerapt from all addi- conftiiution, and to tbe tine prin-* 

tional taxes, while out fellow, ciples of firitiihi liberty, as an^ 

fubjef^ in England had been from who were the avowed champioDt 

year to year fnbjeded to an ini. of that conftttQtioo, in the heart 

menfe increafe of thofe they had of England itfelf. He felt, he 

formerly paid, and in thb year faid, that he was trefpafling on the 

were fubjefted, by an aft of parlia. time of the Meeting by tiling any 

nKiit, to ai leaft three times the of tbefe reasons; but he could not 

amount of the zfkfftd taxes of the avoid reminding them,' that the 

laft year, before they Jiad come Cape of Good Hope and Ceylon, 

forward wiih volontaij' contribu. which were the keys to the Indian 

tions of the milljons which had trade and territory, had been the 

been there fubfcribed. Here, too, objefts of contention of all the ne- 

every man in the public fervice gociations ; and that, in fad, the 

had been paid with punflualiiy prefcrvation of India, from which 

under the provifion of the llatute we all here derived our fortunes, 

of 17931 and to gentlemen of that occafioned the continuatxe of the 

defcription he might, as he was war. The known liberality of the 

one of them himfclf, without of- fettfement, every man, he faid> 

fence obfcrve, that the favings of muft always mention with happi. 

their falaries had in ia& been more ncfs and pride ; we were, he would 

produftive fince, than before the venture to fay, diltinguL'hed above 

war, as the jjitereft of money had all other focictiea for the generoSty 

rifen from eight to twelve per cent, of our donations to the families of 

We muft aifo recoUeft that here any of our fcllow.fubjedls here, 

we were no colonills, hut refidents who were reduced by any misfor- 

only for a time, and that in Eng- tune to apply to us for aid ; and we 

land all our hopes andwiihes centre, could not but recolleft, that on the 

and that with England every man prefent occaiion, it was not in- 

muft Ibnd or fail. He was per- dividual diftrefs, or any particular 

feflly convinced, by a reiidcnce of defcriptitm of our friends which re« 

feveial years in India, that his quired our aid, but that our native 

Majefty's fubjcfts were as 7caIoufiy country, which included all rela. 

attached, as any deferiptioi) of tions, now laid claim to the fup- 

men in any other part oi^ the em- port of her fons, in proportion to 

pire. That there were foioe. in Eng. their means. I'lie feiuiments, he - 

land, who, from total ignorance of faid, by which, on fuch an occa- 
India, and frcon prejudice (the . iion, every man would be governed, 

child t^ ignorance], ftill imagined could not but remind us of a cele> 

we loft oar love for the rights and brated paflagc which had come 

liberties of England, by our fitua. down to us from a celebrated 

tion and habits in thefe eaftem Roman philofoplKc and Itatefman, 

climates, he would not deny : " Cari ./u«t farenUi cari liheri. 

And if fuch opinions really were propriaqui, famiiiares, fed amars 

entertained, he, for one, could not omn'mA caritatii patria uMt mm- 

bat rejoice in the cmportunity we fiexa eft." 
pow bad of convitKing the worhi Mr. fiurrought tken faid, 1^ 


ihe plan w&u^ he ftionU beg j>er- " Here Mr. Burroughs ftated the 

m&on to pn^wTe to ihe meeting, pnrport of the rcfotiitions ; and he 

bjd two trt>jeas; one, an Addrefs then obferved, that though it might 

to his Majcfty, cxpreffing our duty be defirablc to adopt fomc general 

and aitachinent to hii royal pcrfon rale as to the tncaTure of the ftih. 

and government, to the illuftrious fcripiions, yet to do fo, appeared 

hoofe of Brunfwick, to the honour fo difficult that none had been at. 

and mterefts ef the Brltifli crown, tempted. Moft gentlemen in the 

and to our happy conftitution; the fervice withwhomhehadconverfed, 

other was, promoting voluntary appeared to think a month's allow- 

contriboiioiu in fupport of govern. aiKc would be a proper fubferiprion. 

Dtent at home, at the prefent im. But that rule could not be foitowed 

portani period. A» to the firft, he by any other dcfeription of people, 

Oiould only fay, that though it and even with rcfpeft to them it 

bad not been ufual, atfuchadiftance would be rery uneqtjal. Some 

from the feat of empire, to addrefs had large allowances, but had not 

the king on public events, yet the realized any thing which could be 

prefent occafion was, he- thonght, called a fortune ; others had large 

of fuch ipiportance at rendered it forianes and fmall allowances : fomt 

entirely difffcrent from any that had were bachelors, others had large 

fbrmerly occurred, and it was one .families, He himfelf belonged to 

which, in bis opinion, called upon this laft clufs ; but ftill, for himfelf 

erery man to avow his fentimerits. and his family, he would moft 

From a body of his fubjefts fo cheerfully fubfcribe fool, and would, 

raBnerons, wealthy, and refpeftable, if he prcfcrvcd his heaUh and life, 

it coatd not but be expe^ed, that appropriate the fame amount an. 

they would lay their profeffions of nually to the public fervice, as long 

Aity and loyalty at the foot of the as he remained in India, and as the 

throne, when he had fcen every war continued : he had been au. 

petty corporation in Englatid do thorifed by a venerable judge, who 

ib, ithen occaGons of much left hdd long prefKled in the fupreme 

importance had occurred ; we muft, court, and was now about to r>.'turn 

he thought, either admit that tio to England, to fubfcribe for him 

occafion would occur on which it loool. But it moft of courfe be 

would be proper for us to addrefs left entirely open to every tnan to 

the king, or clfe wemuft admit fubfcribe according to liis means, 

that it was now proper to do fo. without adoptiftganyparticular rule 

He {faootd therefore beg leave to in doing fo. 

fubmit to the Meeting fome refo- In all the attention he had be. 

lutions which bad been commu- flowed upon the fubjeft, and in all 

caicd to (everal of the moll re, the converfations he had heard on 

tpc^bk gentlemen in the ftttle- it, no objeftion, that to hun ap. 

mcoi, and had received their entire peared of the leaft degree of weight, 

approbation. By that approbation had occurred, either to himfelf or to 

be was enoouisged to comeforward any of his frictids. He had heardy 

with them, though he was fully it obfervedj indeed, that we ought 

fetifiblc, that, petforally, he was to devote the foms we fubfcribe to 

not of fu&cieni weight to afliiine the fupport of our government in 

ar^iead;andwitboultheirfanAion India. 

he certaiiJy (hould hayc very much He, for one, would moft cordially 

h^tated to io fOr agree with llut opinion, if oi 


Temmenl io IndU ftood in need of mOoey at lugh tnteieR ^ int the^ 
any fuch fi^pori. But every man were doing fo merely to increafe 
at all aojoainted with our ficaBtion, that ini cftmenr, which, by the ^_ 
mufi luow, that in India we never lily of the Board of Trade faere-i 
before nrre fo powerful, and fo yielded fuch a profit at home as to 
wiaflailable, as ai the prefent rao- render fuch loans highly advtfe- 
ment. Wt have an army infinitely able ; any fums we might fubfcribe, 
fironger in number ar,d difcipline, therefore, jf they were to be ap. 
than we ever had before in India. pFC^riated to the fervices of this 
We were without an enemy who government, would only be an ad- 
could venture to attack us ; and be dition to the great furplus of the 
would sUTert, chat there was not ■ revenues which. now remain, after 
fingle native power who would now paying for all efiablifliments, inte. 
even willt to attack us, unlcfi in., reft of debt, and public exigencies 
deed our old enemy Ttppoo might here ; and would, of courle, he-in 
^ve fuch a wiih. But that Prince reality laid out' by this govem- 
Had received fuch a lelTon in the lad mcnt in adding to the inveHmenr ; 
Myfore war, as niuft deter him and confeqoently we did no more-, 
from any fuch entcrprife again, by defiring the amount of out fub. 
even if he could have the aid d fcription to be remitted to Europe, 
France in doii^fo. Any aid from than would in reality be done, if we 
Europe tt was impoiTible he could were to appropriate it to the publtlt 
have, oMifideTing the total want feivice here. By paying our mo. 
(if Ibips in France, on which troops ney into the I'rcafury here, to be 
could be tranfmitted; and we know remitted, wr, in faA, did public 
befides, that the Englifh fleets good here, arid tendered our aflift. 
maintained tlie eotire dominion of ance to England two.fold of what 
iIk feai, and that our enemies were it wculd be, by giving bills on 
eyety day lamenting their inability England inAead of money. . This, 
10 fend one fail in fafcty ftotp any he faid, was <Jear to any mat) ac> - 
of their ports, as they were all quainced with our trade to Eng. 
blocked up by the Briiifh navy. — land, as this government, in order 
The French iflands in ludiu had to effefl the remittance of our con- 
thrown off ail conneflion with tributions, muft order titeir accounts 
- Fiance, and, inftead of taking any to be laid out in goods, and -would 
part againll ut, mull now look to iliereby employ [a many additional 
us as friend:, to proteA them from hands ; and in England the duties ' 
any attempts which might be made and culloms tm ihme goods, as wdl 
on them by France— that we had as the net produce of them, fup. 
belides, in thefc provinces, an in. pofmg that prodtice te be only equal 
cj'eafed and inciea£ng revenue, to their coll, would go to the pub- 
which far exceeded ail our efta- lie feivices: thus, for inftance, if 
bliOiments civil and military, and ten thoufand rupees, fubfcribed here, 
which, after paying them th.e inte. were to be laid out in thepurchafet^ 
refl of otir delx, and every charge piece goods, in order to efieft the 
lequired from the other prcfidcn- remittance, the ftate would receive 
cies, left Mi ftill a largt furplus, that fum in bills on the Company, 
whicli was now dif|TOfed of in pur- and would in the duties and cuf. 
chafing goods to fend to Europe as" toms of ihe goods receive, he be- 
the Company's invelbpent. — Tiie lieved, as much more. Some gen, 
Companj, iinWed, v.ere borrowing tlemeB, however, he faid, had.fcnc 

n,.„„,Gl)»<(fc "" 


^ thcii (omnes to Englaiulj M)4t tribotions. had not been tool, but 

aoTcquend^, might be obliged lo thai tba Livery of London, who 

faj tb^ craiributioDB \yf bills on bad petitioocd againfi the war and 

LoodoQ; and tbofc bills> it wai againft the loinillry ; thai ^1 the 

<lear, could not be a^roptiaied lo manufafluring towiU) which were - 

[be fervice of thii govemraent. inoft deeply inieFeAed in the ic&ot- 

But the he& rcafon for not appro, atioii of peace, and had been noto. 

pciating out fubfcription to this riooSy in oppoliiion to govern. 

goveronCDt, was the one he had ment, w^e amongft the firft and 

aiitady mentioned, namely, ihac molt liberal fubTcribers. Weie 

bippily this govcnunent wanted they, and all the boys of Eton, 

no fuch aid. and all the public fdioals, governed 

The part he had> this day taken, by party attadimentt in concribnt. 

no man who knew him well, he ing ? If they were, faid Mr. Bur. 

laid, would afcribe to any other roughs, l, for' one, though wholly 

motive than that which had already uii^Muiefled in policies with an/' 

produced coniTibutioni here, and man, or fee of men, will glory 1* 

contributions in England, from all belonging to fuch a party, 
dcfcripiiotu of people. To Old EugUind'i proTperity, 

He was not of confequence and the honour of Old England, he 
eiUMigh to be of any party, and was was ready to unite wiik evor/ 
9ot even pcrfonally known to any man, let bis general politic* be whM 
of hit Majefty's minifters in Eng- they may. This, he wai peribal, 
land. The contributious there had ed, was the feniimcnt of all thofe 
not been entered into by any parti- whom he now had (he honour to 
colar party, but by all clafTes and addrefs; and he tlinuld not, there- 
conditions, without diftinAiim of fore, fay one additional word, ex. 
fcrz or age. His Majcity, out of cept that he begged leave to move 
the 6o,oool. which conlUtuted the the firft refoluiion that he had read. 
uhole amount of the income he Mr. Burroughi afterwards, in 
could difpofc gf for domeflic or per- obfi-Tving on ihs laft part of the 
(ami puriwfcs, had nobly devoted zd refolusion, faid, that be wa* 
as he undfirftood, bne-thiid of ji to perfoadcd that no man, who meant 
the public fervice. Men in great - to be a fubfcrlbcr here, would think 
o&et, it was true, had given, in ofdefiring his money to be refund- 
fame iniiancec, the whole, in others ed, in caie the war ihould be at an 
theihalf, third, fourth, or £fih -part end before the remittance* fiunld 
of iheir official incomes, to the be realifed. That, however, 'he 
fame porpofe ; by doirg fo, they thought it neceflary for us to ftate j 
at kaft proved that they had no as Parliament might, wiiboui hav. 
perronaJ intereft in continuing the ing forne declaration on the fubjcft, 
u ar, but, on the contrary, that they heliiaie as to the difpofal of the 
were deeply interelied in putting an money. Afrer every war, he ob^ 
end to it, if they could. But we ferved, there were great arrears, 
had fccn, (hat a fiugic nobleman, and forae floating unfunded debt! 
QUI of office, and adverfe to the to he provided tor — even after the 
prefent Minillcr, had nobly de- war, notwithltanding the wife pre. 
vored lOiOOol. per annum to the cautions taken every year to pr<- 
public fervice, out of his private vent the growth of an imfundM 
tbriiine. debt, fome mull unavoidably exill; 

We had feea too, that the coa. and for the diCcharge of that, as 

, '■ ... - )o|i^cil 



well as for oiher exigcffties ariGng 
from ttie'wat^, provifion muft be' 
maAe. It was" ihcrefortr thought 
moft advifabtc to leave the appro, 
ptiation of oar fubfcriptions to the 
difpoTal of Parliament, without «- 
preffing any opinion, or fugfdtiTij; 
any oHjeft to wiiich -w-e ntiglit wSlh 
them to be applied- — PoifiWy it 
might be thought expedient to ply 
the money (o the coiWniifli oners for 
reducing the national debt, in aug. 
raentation <rf the fiiiktng fund : ?ncl 
if any particular obWt tould with 
propriety be fuggcftcd, ijiat, he W- 
knowledged, wnsofail others the 
*>nt he fhoulil with to "recommend, 
Bot Parltfimmt mnft evidently be 
jTioro competent than we toiild be, 
to determine on this point ; and to 
their wifdoiii, therefore, ijie ap. 
proprijrion o'.ight to be ctwifidfd. . 

The following refolntions were 
then moTed by Mr. Burrovigh;, and 
feconded by Mr. Graham : 

Refolved, That a moft humble 
and dutiful addrefs be prefented 
to his Majefti', to affure hi* Majefty 
of our firm attachment to his royal 
perffn nnit government,' tlie rights 
oi his ilhiftrioos houfc, the iionoura 
■nd interefts of the Eriti(h, 
and that fi-ee and happy (■fi"!litution 
under which the Brttifti empire fo 
long has profpered ; and that we 
, Ihall hi at all times ready with our 
lives and fortunes to fupport his 
Majefty's government againft all 
his enemies ; and farther to affure 
his Majefty of our utter abhorrence 
of thofc principles which the tyran- 
nical rulers of France have fo fatally 
laboured to eftabli:h in their own 
nnhappy counfry, and in every 
wher which they have been able 
either to influence or fubduc ; that 
■wc moft ardently rejoice at the 
numerous triumjih 3 of his Majeily's 
flag, over the various enemies of 
Great Britain, unequalled in their 
fpicndoar and iir.pertantc in the 

amjalsof naVal hiftory; tbatwerely 

withpcrfec"Tti'nfiHi.-ncfcon ibe nidof 
Divn-e I'rovidehce, the" wifdom df 
his M.ljeft;'.'s CQuncils^ the vigour 
of his 'a;';!-,^, 'and ■ tile wvalih and 
valour of his fulijotfi^ for flie ccn- 
fuiiflii and difgrac't of iM hit one. 
raics, for the utftrfiStu ilufcat of any 
attempt they may dare fo tn-.tkc on 
the interna! peace 'and happincfs of 
his kingdoms, r.iul ttSi iKe con- 
timi;;ticc of fur'h fuccefa as may 
auh'z his Majefty io o!>taiii /or bi's 
pe6p!e(ihcerident and nnxious wJili 
of his hcari), a L-ifliiig, fafe, and 
honourable \K'mc. ~ " ' 

Rofoli'ed, Thar 'we have fc-n, 
with the higheft admiration anil ap. 
plaufe, the noble proofs' which all ' 
ranks of O'jr fellow-fubjefls in Eu- 
ropi- have difplaj-cd of their'loyalty 
to the King, arid attachment to . 
their conntry, by fiirrouniling the 
throne with the raoft ardent declar-'." 
ations of fupport, and devoting, 
in voluntary contributions, large 
portions of their private ftinurcs to 
the fervice of I'.'.c ftatc ; that, )-ieid- 
ing to no deftription of hisMajef- 
ty's fubjcfts in duty a;id loyally to , 
our Sovci-i^j-n, and love for our.' 
coTintry, ive feel ouifclves irrcitil , 
bly tailed upon to iin;iatc a conduft 
fo truly p-.lriotic, by entering into 
fuch voiunrnry contrilr.itioiis as our , 
refpeftivc !\:.-:in', cuab'e uS to offer, 
and which, hoivevcr difpropor. 
tioned to oitr inviolable attachment 
to his Majelty :ii)d ilie BrittHi ton. 
ftitution as by law eftablifhcd, will, 
wc hope, be confidcred as the only 
exertion which, at focK a diftance 
from thefeat of empire, we hnve it 
in our power to make, in demon- 
ftration of the ardoMr which we 
feci, at this important period, in 
the common caufc, 

Refolved, That books iie opened 

for the puqiofe cf receiving the 

fubfcripiions of all fuih j'trfons as 

(hall be defirous of en-ering into 

T oluntai y 


nhniuj contnbatlofUf lor the quelled to direfl the Accoontant 

fbfoortarhUMijefly'aeoTerninent General to uke chaige of all fudl 

in buropc ; and that Uie annont bills, and to tranTmit them, from 

thereof be remitted t!> Europe, to time to time, to tbe Hon. the Court 

be ilierc difpofed of for the public of Direftors, or to fuch officer or 

' lerrict, in fuch manner as the wjf- officers of that Hon. Court, as hit 

domof pailiamect may dircd, whe- Lordfliip in Council fhall, for Chat 

dicr Great Britain [hall continue in purpofe, be picafed to a[^!nt, in 

■ Rate of war, or whether peace order that the amount thereof majr 

Aall have been cftablilhcd. be received and paid to the Lords 

Refolved, that the Right Hon. Commiffioiicrj of his Majefly't 

die Governor General in Cooncil Treafury, for the purpofc above, 

be humbly icquelled to aothoiifc mentioned. _ 

the fob-treafarer at this PreCdency, Refolvedi That a committee be 

the Refidmt at Lacltnow, the Itve- now nmiointcd for the purpofe of 

nd Colleflora of Revenue, and Mi- prepanng the draft of an addrefs to 

iitiry Pajmafters in the interior of be prefented to our moft gtvcious 

the Hon. Company's provinces, to Soi-ereign, purfuant to the tenor of 

open boolu for the purpofe above the firft of the foregoing refoluiiom, 

mentioned, and to receive into their and aUo for the purpofe of ptepar- 

refptAive treafuries the amount of ing the draft of an addrefs to be 

all contribution* which may be [en. prdentedtotheRight Hon, Richard 

dered to them, by any peribn who Earl of Momington, the Governor 

iall enter into fobfcriptions, pur- General, requeftlng his Lordlhip 

fuDt to the foregoing refolutions ; will be pleifed to forward to Great 

and farther, that the Govemor-Gc- Britain, in fuch manner as to his 

nenl in Council be alfo requelted Lordlhip fhall appear molt proper, 

to dircA thoTe fcveral ptibltc officers the addrefa to the King voted at 

U tranfinil, from time to time, an this meeting, to he prefented to his 

acnimt of all fuch fubfcriptions, Majefty ; and further requefting 

and of the fcveral fums they Ihall that his Lordlhip will receive a 

receive, lo the Accountant General copy of the foregoing refolutions, 

at this Prcfidency. and that bis Lordihip in Council 

Relblved, That the Goverror will ifluc fuch orders to the public 

Geoual in Council be humbly re- officer), as may be necelTary for re- 

qnefted to remit to the Lords Com- ceiving, accounting for, and re- 

■iSooers of his Majefty's Trea- mittingfuchcontrlbutions asmaybe 

fiiry, by bills to be drawn on the made for the purpofe therein dated. 
Boa. the Court of Direftcis of the The refolutions and the addreft 

Ea8 India Company, the amount of being moved and fcconded, Mr. 

all foms of money which Ihall be fo Charles Fuller Martyn rofe, and, "* 

nceived on account of fuch volun- in an eloquent and truly pairiotic 

laiy cMitribntions, at the exchange fpecth, the outliiics of which we 

of zs. 6d. for the licca rupee. nave only b^en able to coUefl, ad- 

Refolved, That if any of the drelfed the mcciing. 
petfons who (hail enter into contri. Mr. Martyn faid, "When he 

"uiions here, at Lucknow, or at looked to the concourfe of peribns 

any of the fubordinate llaiions of which the occafion had brought ro. 

ihit PreCdency, Iba!) think proper, he was perfuadcd there was 

lo make the fame by bills on Ki!g- not a mm in tiic aCTembly, who 

tid, the Right Hon. the Governor couid, for a moment, rufftr btmfeif 

General in Council be farther re. to be deluded by the idea, becaafc 

+ D we 


we were at prefnit happily removed ftaee around iheai. Our national 

from the feat of danger, thai there- Ifirit, he was proud to fce, ww 

fore the ftonn wouU not reach as at length Toufcd. It loudiy pro- 

in this quarter aJfn, in the event of claimed that England v/ai refou'ed 

a ferious calamji)' , happening to to maintain her pre-eminence in the 

Great Britain. IJe muft he Hiort- Icale of nations, and (hat (he would 

lighted indee.i, «-l),)rejfoned other- refill with firaiiefs every attempt 

wife. The Utltilli pofll-iTions io that may be made to fubvert her 

India, fjiJ Mr. M.'.rtvn, jre linked conllituiion, her liberties, and bc-r 

with (he fite of" Eiigbiid. In. independence, or perifli in the con- 

dividua!lyan,leol]ji:livelv, wemoft teft. The duration of tlus eontdl, 

affurcdly Iha!! iljud or fall with the no man could forefec or conji-ilurj-, 

mother covnitn-. If he was war- Great exeriioni were making to 

ranted in thole aiTertions, it was fiiftain the conflifl, aad gtcat fa- 

impoJilbie for us to look uncon. crifices would yet b; required of 

eerned rp.-^at'ors of'the m;j;rcntous the people. As a component part 

llruggle in whieh the kingdum of the empire, we were called upon 

was now engag,;d ; — a ftruggle, here, not fo much to emolnte, as 

on the iffue of witich depended not to imitaie, in fotne degree, the 

only our own f.ifety aod profperi:)-, pHrioiie condufl of our countrv- 

but the gener;il welfare of Europe men ; and if it had fomctimes been 

andracieiy. Xi^hatever diiferences fuppofed that an Indian dime de- 

tud htth?i;o fublilieJ in the minds bilitates the fiame, we were this 

of men at hoiv;— whether the war day at lead about to give aftriklng 

coul.i, or could not, have been inftaiicc ihat it cannot wcaien the 

avoided — whe:h^i- it was a war of affcftions of the mind, when wc 

ai^gfeflion on the jiart of the enemj', are fummoned to exprefs our loyalty 

awar of policy on our fide, or, what snd attachment to his Majefty, and 

many have rjj'pof.d, a war againil our zeal and energy in defence of 

opinions— .ihi'le.diir;renee5, by ihi the country, the conftiturioii, anj 

lail accounts from E J rpiw, no longer 'lie invaluable blefliiigs whieh, ai it 

fxilted. A irirrt of un.^iiiraity had ffec nation, we enjoy." 

itow pervaded every rank and d;- Mf- Rjrro;iglisthc:i moved, that 

ft-riptiul) of pcrfoiis, A fenfe of the following gentiei.icn be of the 

comiiMndau'^erh^tjCOUtptllLJ iheni ConiTiitlee; wliieh was feeoijde J b y. 

ail to r,.lly linder one iiaid.trd;— Sir Ch,!r!es Blunt, Bart, 

a (, whieh i: was RefoIveJ, That thecommitteado 

mrdntyrlfo to alfemble, in f,ip, ccfldilt of ihe fullowing gcmlcmenj" 

poll of the I'-rone, in d-fe/icc of i'^- — ' 

the laws, ni,-.r^iiiv, and ordci ; in- J«n. Fiill.moa, 

u -.vor-I, i^i of all we he'd 9.'" Tit''""' 

d;jrnu.-.:'i ...igliniim-n— the.e::. Colonel Cameron, 

illeiiee <>t .>Ji eivil and I.ieut.C.I. Scon, 

Hb.Tiiw. l'L».ii Wing a divTdi.J. I.«u. C«l. Dyer, 

we hj-i ni.J' b"coir a united Mr- Biidiiw, 

P.-op./-;-,,;f-Ll b.n.l a.sJ h,-art, W,. Brooke. 

lie tralhd. lo repel the lUring de. Mr. Hated, 

iig-.> oi" .;»■ iii-placabli- foe, whofe ^'- My-^'C 

iij.-d'n "■■ ■. i.-..-.i ii''mc"rA\^.- lu-nf """■ H*'l"'*^ 

■ '"•'"'■"'- ■ .■;'■•» '^- Jgg-f'-tt"--' -IKnt Mr. CoEkerJI, 

i,;,d 2i:i'.%-wi bad difor„'^n>/ed Mr. IfeAjr, 

ei.'r. ^^^r.', snd diiturbed Refolvc-J. on ihe-motion of Mr. 

lii; i\j>je ;„i.! ii-.i'piiiufb oiiury Vaiidcrhcvden, f^condtd by Mr. 





Ch^irtf! Blunt, 




Seawen, '. 






, I■■.lirli^ 


. I'leniiMB. 


. yarqiiliJifon, 


, DoM.'jc-^vclL 


S. J..luma%, 


. Ba,a.„, 3i,d 


, Manvi.. 

Jtfftn, ibitMr. Borronglube atfo noraerous bleffings we erijoj- under 
oneoftbecOTsnitttc. * ' our preftnt free ard happy ccnftu 

The cOTimiitee having for fomc tHtion, feel an irrefillible inipulfe/ 
DIM mired to prepare xlrafts of at this irtiporrant rrills, when the 
i!i(»ddrrfH, returned to the meet- internal peace andhappinefsof your 
ing, and reported that they bad M^jefty's kingdoms are threatened 
i^ud to thofc, which are as fol.. by a ddperate and implacable ene- 
low, my, to offer at the foot of (he ' 

'Hk draft* prepared by the com- throne onr mod ardent profellions of 
miitee, liaving been tin ahimously attachment lo your Majefty's royal 
iptcd to by the meeting, the fol- perfoi), the rights of your itiuftrious 
lovingfartherrefolutions were then houfc, and the honour and imerdls 
pnpoltd by Mr. Burroughs, and of the 6riti(h crown, 
wueu-HAKiuou&LV carried; " To your Majctfy, asthehere. 

Refalvcd, That the High Sheriff ditiiry guardian of that conftitution 
]cdibegentlGiDciid0{'Libfcribe iheir which has fo long continncd the 
aames on behalf of themfeUcs, and admiration and the envy of the 
of the Bdath ilihabitants of Cal- whole civilized world, -we owe the 
CBiia, (0 the addtefs voted at this (Irongeft declarations of our de- 
aeeiing,. to- be pie.f^eted to the termined refoluiion, to Tupport, ' 
Kiebt Hon. ibe Governor General, with our lives and foicuties, your 
Refelved, That the gentlemen Majefty's government, againlt the 
of (be Committee, and Iu<ih other machinations aitd attacks of an 
goulemen pre&nt at the meeting ambitious and inveterate enemy,' 
vhoinay be dcHrous of attending, do the common dilturbers of all fettled 
ppicnt (he addrclfcs and rcfoLuiion^ nates, the foes to all religion, 
to the Right Hon. ihe Governor morals, order, and genuine tree- ' 
General, at fiich lime as hij Lord, dom; who, perverting the f-^rtd 
(hip may be pieafed to .ippoint for' name of liberty, have cftabliftied 
receiving the fame. - the moft awful fyflcm.of ufurpation 

Major Gen. FolbMon having and tyranny through foroe of the 
been ihen voted into the chaif , the falrcft reg;OL»s of the globe, 
tbndu of th» meeting were unani. " On the wifdom of your Ma- _ 
moully given to ibe sherill', for his jetty's councils, on the patriotifm 
rady compliance with t^ie requifi- and loyalty of all orders of yoat 
lion which had been addrcflcd to Majcfty's fubjefts, on tlic known 
him, for the^iirpofc of convening bravery of your armies, on the 
the meeting, aiid alfo for his/very diftinguifhed valour of your Ma. 
proper cor.duii in the chair. jefty's fleets, whofe recent viilbries 

"To the KiWC's mafi Excellent have even furpalfed in fplendour the 
Majefty. former glorious achievcinenis of the 

•a. a w- 11 J J. -1- 1 ijj I- Eritiih navy, under Divine Pra. 
^ihfBriti/i InhabhanHefCakuui, videncC we confidentlj' relj-, for the 
atafiibiie Mieting ranvened by ibe uliimate confufion and difgrace of 
Sheriff. ■ all your Majefty 's enemies, and for 

'• kosT GRACIOUS sovERBiGN, fuch contiuucd iriuiGphi of the 
" We, your Majefty's moll du. Britilh arms, as fhall enabk your 
lifal and loyal fubj«&, the SriciAi Majefty to procure for your people 
inhabifantsofCalcutta,beiiigdeeply (the evident and anxious wifli ol 
lenCbJe (however diftaniiy removed your heart), a Ufting, fafe, and 
from ttie fiat of einpire) of the lionourabk peace. . 

+ 2 : .L.Ocf^^t? 


"T« the great IKTpofet of e«cn(» Tbe firnpA M>jc» of ArtSerr 

.we o^ OUT humble fu|^tcationt, fiated to tbe mB»]ig, that he im 

tfaaUt xaay pleafe his diviiK good- defired by Col. Huft?, atminand. 

ncfi to prolong to a very dtfbnt lag the toi^, to acquaint . <he 

period your Majcfty'* inraluaUe chatnnan, t^t a graenl fub&rip. 

life, and that your Ma}dly'» poftc- tion had bwn «n-on fisot in the 

rity, followiiw the virtuoiu num. corps, fram huBfelf, a»d.tbe wholtt 

|fc of youi Majefly, may coniiiwe of the contmifiotie^ Don.oommif-. 

to the remoteft ages [oproteA, with iioned ofEcen, and pr\fate ftldinrF, 

the Britifti fceptre, our free and fortheporpofeoffinnmnggavvnt. 

haj^y conftitution." ment in the prefent war with 

11 a- I. B- 1 ir n France. Ac— whkb^- when finaUr 

f ffi, """"■" drfri, i. n»n .. 1» prf»Kd, 

Earl ef Mormnvtoa, . ^ . . . f ,. jj 

-' ^ ' tn one futn, ai ne donattOB et tte 

Knifkt af the MeJI Itiujlriati Order e^ Bengal Artillery ; but U the feire- 

57. Patrick, and Goveiner General „] «,(, rf ^^ (j^mw ate BKK& 

fF,r, milium in Bengal. difcerfed, that objeS- cannot be 

'< MY LORD, McomplUhedbefcR the tft of Nov. 

" Wc, his Majcfty** mall duti- neSt. 

ful and loyal fubjeas, the Briiifli Hk cmnnandiag ofieer of tbe 

inhabitants of Calcutta, beg leave id Earmwan regt: aHb iofctnitd 

ti> coRimoBicatc to^ your Loidfbjp the meeting, that the commlflioned 

a mofl hurable addrefs to his Ma. " — . — - 

jefty, ,wh!ch we have unanimoufly their corps intended to fidl£:tibe re- 
agreed to at' a puUic meettug (on. gimentally ; and that die amount, 
Tened by 'the Sheri^ and which we when coUeAed, wouU be paid bit* 
lequeft your Lordfliipwill be pleated the ucafury. 
10 receiTC and forward to Great 

Britain, in foch manner a> to your _ ' /utT as. 

Lordfhip may appear moft proper. Te t^t. Albx. M'CALt, 

" We farther beg leave to pre- 'A^mmt rv^ »m- " fo"^^ 

fent to your Lordfhip, a copy of .'* »iK, 

feveral iefolutions entered into at "Wcthenon-comiiiitfanedAflicei* 

the (ame meeting, for the purpofe aod privates of dwycdi regt. (with 

of ptoiMting voluntary cootnbu- deference t9 Toor ofantoo u to the 

tions in this country, for the fup- propriety of itj, lequeft the favour 

port of his Majefty's government of your prefenting die tnclofed la 

ID Europe, at tile prcTcDt important Co). Hart, 

period ; and we humbly hope, that " We beg leave to be, Sif j 

the objeft we have in view, and " With refoeS, 

the resolutions we have adopted, '<■ Toor obedient numblcSerrantj, 

will meet with your Lordlhip's ap. (Signed, at ihcir reqndl, far, and on be- 

proliation balf of ibe noo'CoiBiitSoaod officcn 

" We ftrihei nourt th.t yonr "i pri."" of *• 75* ■««««), . 

Lo.Jdp .m he 3=fca ,o gi,. £i'i4,"Xi-. 

difCclions to tbe propM officers, to „ . 8 " 
receive, account for, and remit to _ J"* **• '79 ■ 
Euroi^, the amount of fiieh con. 7<, Col. StrGtt^WKti»»*K^ Bart. 
tributions at fhall be entered into, "sir, 
in this country, for the fervieerf *• WctbetMjn-coinratffionedoffl- 
tlie ftflte.*' cera and privates of ibe ^^^l^ B«Bt- 



jumuM 91111 &VS1 n tcfui^'in^ 
ODT Uelitj and UtmcIunciU to oar 
Samtipt mA cooflitiition, and 
Mxkn^ cMuxmed far dwloairity 
of that goiti— tu t, br whid) we 
4n DM only Affmrteo, bot cajoy 
fa nu7.blti|ngt,.and csnfidciing 
orUtc* tt aJI tknea honoured in 
JfftnittMg it, bnt being, from our 
Gttna^.Rnioyal tiomoBi motbei 
caaatTj, whci^ »t thii aidaoos 
mb, oar perianal forrUu m^ht 
bcnfefbljwitb the mod leTpcdfoI 
ddcMtice M your miaion), ^ropofe 
a nontK's graOHtx tor each rank^^at 
1 danatioD ccnrardi the Aipport of 
(be wat b triiicli we aie engaged. 

" VKs beg teare to be, Sir, 
"Tour moA obedient bumXe Serrt i, 

frinl^. of tbe 75ih rezimcntj 

*' D. M'Iktosh, 
■ ' Sety. Majar 75/* regt. 
*'SMrfhjf,-JiiDe«t, 1798." 

.TV offioeis ottbe 75th regt. 
Jenfibk M ibat fpirfl and loyalty 
wbjch tbe noa-conuniffiDned officers 
ud privates ta£ tbc cwpa hare fo 
wen otppeflodt ia ifaeit letter to 
Cst iHut,^ bMy af follow 
& example, Dy (aMcribing^ for the 
^tnepvrDolb one month's pay, 

' (f*aktl&enj) 

'■/■'G. V. H«»T, ColoHti; 

Uf&itKJkS^'JUtfrfi J4. — At a 
MettW of the European inhabit. 
nits o(lli1adnu» conveiied by notice 

M^o^.J^ey^sralEccLEs Nixon in 

Kefc^edy Thatarubrcription be* 
enintd ABIti lor the fuffiort of the 
war, a^' ttrt (be 'amount thereof 
bednW'rttfnted to England. 

Refolved, That if thcwar (bould 
beeflncbMied befere the arrival in 
England nf the money ,fubft:ribcd, ii 
Iwlbefabjeft to tbe aj^ropriation 


Itefoived, That books be opened 
and left at the Exchange to receive 

Rdblvedi That a Cbmmittee be 
appointed ftir "cartying into efie& 
the purpof» of this Meeting.- 

Refolved, That theCommilte^O 
cwifift of the following gentiemCT) : 
lilajot General Ecdci Nison, 
Major General William Sydenham, 
Thomas Cockburn, Efq. 
Nathaniel Edward Hlnderftey, Efq. 
HcniySewcll, Efa. 
William Msrringlorf, Efq. 
Mrijor Alnander Allan, 
Captain Keith Young. 
Captain William M'liod, 
Jofiah Webbe, Efq. 
fieniamin Roebuck, Efq-. , 
Cfaarlei Nicholas ViKw, Efq. 

^folved, 'Hiat the thanks of' 
thisTJeeling be given to the Sheri'S*, 
for convcnitig the inhabitants of the 

Refolved, TTiat the thanks of this 
Meeting be given to Major-Genera! 
Ecdes Nixon, for his conduA in 
tbe chair. 

Refolved, That the foregoing 
refoluiions, figned by the chairman^ 
be tnade known through the chan- 
nel of -the public prints, for tbc 
information of the conunumiy at 

EccLEs Nixon, Chairman, 
FoitSt. Georee, Ju^i*. '798- 


George Harris - - Fagadai aooo 
R Laiour --.,... B500 
Pclliiv. Zk Fries, and Co. - - 1000 
Tbc ComfniOinnen of (he Road, 

&c. Lottery, by ihe Sheiiff, - 500a ' 
Major General Nixon - - - 100* 
T. Webbe - - 3500 

A. Allan 3500 

Thomai Cockbum - - - - 3500 
Lionel Place - . . . - . 3300 
BaEl Cochrane .....£,. 1^00 
Kindjrfley. Want, atid Co. Fagi. 3000 
W. Sydenham ----- looo 

B. Sulivan ---.... 1000 
R.Da,val - - -. r, - - - IBOiS 
H. C. Monigomety - - - - 1000 

C. LulhiiiBton -..-.- 80 
G. Dunbar ------- 100 

I'he Hon. Goveinoi's body gaard loa 
1 S. Lulh 


S.Luniington •■ r • Pagodas ^ao 
R. Turing ..-...- 400 
I. Andtrlon --..-. jooo 
Siephfru snd Cockell - - - looo 
.W. G- Wrigbi 100 

i Gardiner - - - - t , go* 
clth Younc - - . . , , ocp 

R. Ume i,;o 

. W. H^aington ..... Sjo 

\V. Wrbbe ...... £.500 

VVriilii, Hui(l,and BraQfoni Pags. 300 
A. F. I'rjnck ------ 50 

Brlni:, Gordon, and Ginncl - loco 
Thoma> d.- Mells . . - - - 200 
'iTiutnai A' Sowza . . . - . jco 
Alex, FaloMiar ..... jcjo 

H.«all r 150 

G.BiiiUe 4o 

G.R, Collier .... ,0/. loj. 
W. Balfour ----- Fags. 500 
J. Goldinyham - ». - - . 100 
^'-""- (T and J. Gjlloway - H50 

G. Pan^ 
H. Blown . - . . 
A.Bcrrv . . . 
CN. White . . 
J, Malcolm . . - 
■ .uM»jor,andQi 

to the ■ 

.i-rirarii, and Wnitii of the 

Town Major's Office 
T. Sydenham . - - - 
W. H. Hcwet - - - 
G. Maidman .... 
^^B.Ti.vcr. - - - - 

J.Hadg"' - -" -' - - 
k. ehjfltion .... 
Alex. Boirwti; . . - 

Tuliock, Brodle, and Co. 

CoU, Bak<:r, Dav, and Co. 

Major General G.:ils, per a 
ring the war, by Tiis Iclici 
Shciiff - ■ 

G. Read 

tj. Sifriion .... 

R. Andrcn-s .... 

G. Clialmci .... 

The Sheriff, on account o 

■ l-rr,iCh -..-.. 

P. Cliiney 

'r. S. Ware - - - - 


G.G.KcbtE - - . . 

G. Lyi ------ . 

H, H.I.jiham - . - . 

W. Itwin 

W. Ciccu ---..- 

T. Wnllacc, lui. . . - 
t:. Wynox 

t» ■w.'iii;,,*.. - . _ 

C-Torio ■, - - • ?at*aai ico 

I. H. Peile .-...-. 100 

T.Thackray aeo 

J. K. Lane -....- 50 
W. J. Cfaatcr, anhmdl^ doring tbe 

war , , - - - - 31/. )«. 

f. Btunion ... - fags. s.y> 

r. Bruce 105 

i Underwood - ■ . -- - fioo 

. Gordon . - r . . - 100 

W. Spenee 5a 

I. Gordon -._.--. 85 

1"hn Lenox - . . . - . 300 

W. Gent . - : . . - - joo 

On Thurfdav r.Sbn, a loceting 
was held at ihe Exchjnge> to coo- 
li.ler of che means of promoting a 
fubfcripcion for the aid and defence 
of the mother country j which was 
atten4cd by the rnoft lefpe^Uc 
partof the fcttlfmeiit. . 

The Sheriff, in a pertinent fpecchj 
explained thc.reafons which \ud pre- 
vailed on him to convene the inlja- 
biiants, and concluded by propofinj; 
that fome gentleman fli on Id be nomi- 
nated to prefide; when General 
Nixon wa« unanimoully elected to 
t)K chair. Several rcfoluiions were 
afterwards moycd andcairied, wiib 
an unanimity fddom txpericnce4 
at a rrteeting of fo general a nature. 

Mr. Secretary Wjibbe acquainrcd 
the chairman, that he had it in 
commilTion from the membrrs of 
government to fignify, that, with 
a view- to further rhe fubfc rip t ions, 
and to faciliiBta the means of re 
miitance during the prefenC fcarcity 
of fpecie, the Company's paper, of 
every defer ipiion, would be received 
as calh at the general treafury, 
through ihe channel of the com. 
mictcc; and that, for the amount 
paid in by the committee, bills - 
would be granted on the Hon, 
Court of Direiflors, payable at 
three months light, at the exchange 
of eight ihillings per &n pagoila. 

We arc givcii to iinderftand that 

the committee are about to efUblilh 

a coriefpciidence at the principal 

ftations of the army, where fimiiar 



li^lcti(M»(W hare been prcfiored) prafdBioful tiody whutfocver. Tlie 

Nortler lo eSefhiate a more con- oficcrs and -privstci of rhe IJA, 

T(ni«i( and prompt mode of re- as vc sic crcdilily informed, have 

mitiiDgthefuDufublcribed to £ng- cheerfully fubf:rib«l, for the pdr- 

bnd. pofc of carrying oti the war, the 

■ By a letter from Pondicherry, fum of zjoo pngodas, to be ic- 

wt leam, that the officers, non- mitted to England by the firft op. 

■ cummJQioncd officers, and privates portuniiy. 
of bis Majefiy's 36th raiment, in. Cahaica,JiJyi&. — OnTuefday 

ixeA hy that liberal and loj'al morning la!t, in a very full levee, 

^rit which has on all occalionG M^jor Geneml Fatlurton, and the 

iiliin£uilbed them, had voluntarily other geritlemen chofcij of the com- 

fiiburibed the fum of zo34pagodas, tnittee, 10 prefent to the Right 

fitf the fupporund ^aiiitcnance of Hon, the Governor Gi'ncra!, the 

(Ik war. We are informed that addrefs of ihi; Brilift 

ihc commanding (rffieer of the fcgi- of Calcutta to his Majufty, being 

mcnt had conununicated lo the introduced to his Lordfliip ; the Ge. 

Cmnmander in Chief the amount of ncral, on behalf of his conftiiuents, 

ibe fubfcription, and the fpon- read and prefented to his Lord- 

luteous manner in which it had (hip the addrefs to hirofelf, and alio 

Ixxo giren, and received in anfwer the addrefs to his Majefty ; and his 

liw following tetter : Lotdlhip was pleated to make the 

„ J. ,, . o ,. following reply : 

36// ri 

• """'""/'"f .. CEKTLEMEK, 

" I (hall feel a fineeic pleafure 

" *'*» in tranfmittiog your dutiful and 

" I have had the honour of loyal addrefs to his Majefty ; and 

kriog before the CcHnman^er in I am pcrfuaded, that nothing can 

Chictyourktterof the 4th iiiftant. be more acceptable to his Majeftyj 

litot. General Harris has defired than to receive, from fo refpcftable 

ax to allure yoa, that as he is highly a body of his faithful fubjeth, this 

pieifed with thc.-fpirit_ (hewn by feafonabie tcftimony oftlieirattach. 

tfie jfiih regiment on this oceafion, ment to his royal pctfon, family, 

he will have the ntmoft fatisfaflion and government ; of iheir zeal for 

ia communicating to the Com. tlie hoiwur and indepeodetice of his 

Bander in Chief in India, fo ho. crown ; of their ajii'i^lionate folici* 

Roarable a- tcftiniOTiy of the loyally tude for the fafcty of their native 

aid attachment <rf the regiment to country ; and of their unanimous 

their king and country. determination to co-operate with 

" I have the honour to be, Sir, their fellow-fubjeifts at home, in 

'* Yoar iBoft obedient humb. Servt. oppofing a fteadfali tefiftance to 

(Signed) " Keith Yoonc, the delpcratc projcfls of our ira- 

^^ing Dep. Adj, Gin^ral. placable enemy. 

"I'ortSt. George, July 7. 1798." ^ ^hc refolutlons which^you 

As his Majefty'a 73d regiment have adopted, for the aid of the 

liaienot on any former oceafion, fo public fervicc, by voluntary con- 

aiihepiefent juafture theyhavcnot tributions, hiivc afforded nw the 

iwn fuTpaffed, either in demon, utmoft degree of faiisfaflion. I 

AaiioTKof loyalty to their king, not only. approve the objeft which 

or regard to their country, by any you have ii» view, and the njode 

+ D 4, in 


40 ASIATIC ANNtlAi; 'RKGISTER, 1798-9. 

in which yob bare purfiicd it; tut fttrthe fatpdti'Stlpams^llf t eon- 
1 am tiappy to take this public Of^ ttibatkin tar thfr drfdne «f the 
portuniijf of declaring my cardLh intion, a nonicnMis ani fcTpMtsble 
concurrence in cTpry femiment meeting Mok (4i(% aoeerdiqgly. 
which you have cxprcfled, ■ Upon this occafion, the meriff 
" Atthoagh remote from tht im. nndertoolt to open (he btitnefr of 
mediate thearre of the war, you the day, in a fliof t bat apprOpriMe 
have joftly felt, that c«ry foccef* »ddrefs. After remarking, in ge. 
t)f the enemy mufl deeply -wonnd neral terms, the importance oC the 
your moft dMr and valuable in. fubjeA that had tnritod the itten. 
terefts, and endanger the primary tion of that meeting, be faid, he 
ebje<fb of all yoar hopes and cmvs. felt perfDaded that eo expatiate upon 
Ycu have mantfefted to the world, it wodM not only be fvperfiooas, 
that the Britilh Empire in Europe but « bad compUnient to tbdr in- 
h the common centre of your moral telligenc? and patriotifm. Me next 
and civil datitt and s^eftiona, and pnxxeded, in temu of delicate elr. 
' the happy retreat in which alone cumfpcflion, toadrert tatheirpoli- 
you expeft to fecorethehonoarable ticalfituationintlmcountry, where 
■nd permanent reward of your re- oik dignity and fecurity were fo in- 
rpeflive lahoura in (he public fer. timately blended, that it wa> im. 
vice. Vba hare, theKfore, wifely poflibic to iofe light <£ the one 
pledged your lives and fortunes in without endangering the other; and 
fiipport of the gorcmment of your recommended, that while they in- 
native country, and of it* adniir. dulged a zeal which erery Briton 
able Tyftem of leligion, order, li. mufl fympathife in, they (hould be 
berty, and law. cautious, in exetciling their judg. 
*< In this ^edge I detire to join ment, not to expofe the generous 
you with an ardour and refolution and patriotic motive to be miftaken 
proportioned to the animofity and by ihofe around them, Britain, 
power of our invetetaic advciiTary ; faid he, hath ever ftood eii?fl' in 
our interefti, our duties, our af. her own independence; and her 
feftiont, and our honour, all unite fons, no doubt, would fupport it 
to demand the pledge of life and there. 

fortune, }n the doience of- tbofe The meeting then proceeded 
blefEngs, withoot which, property to the iK)minat<on of a chair- 
would become a precarioos pof. man, when the unanimous voice 
feflion, and life itfelf an intolerable called Mr. Henftiaw to that fitua, 
burd.'ii. ■ tion, who entered upon his duty 
" You may be affured that I by a panegyric upon the laudable 
will ufe every effort to give the purpofa for which the aflembly.had 
moH full and expeditious effeA to met': he fiointed out the liberal 
your refdutions, atid to render fubfcriptioii of their friends in the 
your contributions as beneficial to mother conniry, and, with t 

thfejAblieferfrice as it is honourable arguments, recommended the pro- 

10 you. " priety of their emulating fo gferi, 

(Signed) "MoiimKCTow." ous an example. 
~ In purfu«o«e.of an idverriftment The chairman was followed by 

which appeared in the Bombay Mr, P, Halt, who, in an tjcgant. 

Courier of the z^d ijlt.. wherein animating fpeech, entered more 

the njeriff" Aimmoned (he inhabit- fully into the fubjefl of die meeting 

■nts of ihdt fcttlcmcnc Co alTemUe, than tbofe wbo Had mpiedcd ^m. 

iheiiMiHA-iKk v^h we wen en. 
gUgd^'fwJbtfd in^^wing txAoan 
ibehtffatiAw* (ojoyed under die 
pnAne eoTwi^e conftitution, aod 
■^w4 tke-hi^w^ efit^ from that 
&tRt of iHwtHMly and palnatiljn 
uttt had hffwi -fjiirLnyMl in the com* 
ncn casfe. 

Mr^ Hlill wM reconded by Cob. 
- oel BeUcfiir who rof? to jive hit 
90& maitpn fupport to the purpoTe 
(oc itdiuJb th? meeiMg.hiul been 

Th; bdhteTrof the meeting ctofed 
by the voing 9f the followiog re. 

- 'bbhibayTown Hall, June s8, 1798. 
... At. a nonieFous and reTpeAable 

. Meeting of the Inhabitants, con- 
vened inis day by the Sheriffi 
Roa^LT HtKGHAw, Efq. in the 
Re&lvcd unanioioufly. That, 
Koder the jirefent circomftances dT 
the war, while our fcllew-fubjcfts 
in England are (b liberally fub- 
jciibing to aflift government in 
canying it on» it becoines the in* 
habitants of this fettlement, par. 
ticipating in the advantages ari£ng 
fnun our prefent conftitution and 
laws, to oome forward and exert 
(hemfeivea to defeat the hoftile dc- 
figns of our inveterate enemy. 

RcTolrcd, That it is the opi- 
nion of this meeting, that the moft 
rfeanal afliflance that can be ten. 
dered the nation, is by a fubfcrip. 
tioo to be opened for voluntary 
contributions ; and thm every estr, 
tioa Ihould be made to render the 

-,.fame asproduAive a* poflible, and 
to extend it to every rank aitd de. 
fcription of inhabitants at the pie. 
Ui^tcy and its dependencies, 

Relblved, Tb^ the following 
gentlemen be a^^xunted a commit. 
tee ibr c«ndoA>ng the fubTcrip- 


jKXE. 41' 

liluoi Gen. Bawie*, Ur. Adatabn, 
Cotobd Hart, Mr. Taweett, , 

Major Cuminiiie, Mr. Foibe*, 
Ur, DundM, Ur. Taie 

Canin. Suiheikad, Mr. Madcr, and 
Mr. HcnOiaw, Mr. Hall. 

Refdved, That the committee 
be an open commitMc: 

Rdblved, That the conmitteie 
be empowered to adopt fuch mea. 
fuics as may appear to them mofi 
oxiducivc toA-anh the pronotioo- 
of the fuUcripticm at the prefidcncjr 
Miti it« dcperilw0iet. 

Refiidvcd, That the tnoney ariC> 
ing from fuch volunury contribo. 
tions, Ihall, in the £rft inftance, be 
dqwllted in the Hon. Company'! 
treafury ; and that, when any con. 
fiderable fum ii coUefled, the com. 
jnirtee will fubmit to » general 
meeting of the inhabitants, a plan 
for applying the fame in the moft 
efieAudl manner to the end pro. 

Refolved, that the committee 
meet, for the difpatch of buli- 
nefs, to-morrow morning at eleven 

Refolved, That the thanks of 
this meeting be given to Nathan 
Crow, Efq. Ihei&, for his ready 
and zealous attention to meet the 
wiflies of the inhabiunts, and for 
■ the very forcible and energetic 
manner in which he opened the 
bufiDcfa of the day, 

Refolved, That the thanks of 
the meeting be alfo given to the 
Chairman, for his ready acquieC 
cencR to their wifhea in>ukinj4he 
chair, and the very able matmer in 
which he conduced the bufinefs of 
the day. 

Refolved, That the proceedingt 
of this meeting be puUilhed in the 
Courier and Gazette, _ 

Robert HkhsHaw, Chairman. 

Subfcription books inconfiinoit)' 
to the above reJblotions, are opened 
K die following piddic officci> vis. 



Secretary, Ad Ju tart. General, and 

Superint^endant of Marine. 

By order of the conimiiter, 
R. HiNSHAW, Chairman. 
The Hon. -the Governor, the 
Commander in Chief, and other 
Members of Council, liberally. 
ctnmcenanced the undertaking yef- 
tciday, by fubfcribing the fuoi of 
69,000 rupee:. 

Extrad of a Letter, dated Nagan, 

" I am forrv to inform you, 
that the Ihip Fort Loub, Captain 
Pioby, caught fire laft night at 
8 o'clock, and by nine was on fire 
furc and a(<, and to the mafl-heads, 
when lier cable being burnt, (he 
drifted to the E. N. E. the nind 
(hen blowing frcOi from the W. S. 

" Every boat and catamaran on 
the beach, &c. was difpatchcd to 
her afliftance, the inftaiit the fire 
was perceived ; but at (he lay five 
miles from the QtorL', and tv.o miles 
flora the nearjft (hipping, they 
■ wetc of no avail, nor could ihcy 
fjKe a Cnglc foul belonging to her. 
I liavc been out all night, rowing 
j^uiid and near the Hiip, wiihoii: 
picking up one of her,crew ; and 
on my reaching the fiore, I found 
?nly ti'.o men and c'.c bay had 
Ttat-Iied the beach. There ii there, 
fore every reafon to feat Cap:. 
Proby, his .two mates, and the 
g^reaieft part of the trow, have pc- 
tJIied ; the progiefs of the fire be- 
ing too rapid to alluw tliein to get 
out even (heir fmall boai, whith 
was Roivcd bottom upwards in the 
long-ljoa;. ■ , . . , 

" The Fort Louis hrA on board 
a'i^rgo, wit!. 10,000 p::godas, and 
gooJi 10 a lat^e amcuiit cii freight, 
and was to have failed this moriu 
tng for Penang. She belonged to 
MdTrs. Brown atid .Younjip, of that 
ifland, Advertiijg^to. (bi^ abovs 

mehrachoiy ^tailr we 'have only 10 
obferve, that, in this inftancc, ae. 
ciJtKi alone couH have been the 
c»ufe of the deftnidkn of the Fort 

" Nagnre, July j. The file 
which has deftroycd the Fort Louia 
.was fitft difcoTered in the Stew, 
aid's ftore-Toom, where oil, ghee, 
oakum, kz. were flowed. This 
accounts for the extreme fury with 
which the fire raged in a few mi- 
nutes after ic broke out :-.-Only 
I J of the crew, lafcars, arefaved." 

Junt ta. Brig Mary, De 

Rozario, Vjjjgapatam, left 23d 
tune. — 30, Ship Ruby, H. Pavin, 
Pulo Penang, lelt ijthjune. 

Julj 6. Ship Sanfon, Hub- 
bard, Madras, left iijth June — 
9. Ship George Barclay, M'Allar. 
tcr, Madras and Philailelphia, left 
lit juiy.— 10. H. C.'slhip Wy. 
come. Meadows, from fea. — 1 1. 
H. C.'s fliip Henry Dundas, Car- 
ruthe:^ Mafulipatam, left 7th Ju. 

Iv I J. H. C.'s frigate Bombay, 

Fi-olt, M:idrns, left 6ih July. 

16. Schooner Stor?, Roberts, Viza. 

fapatam, left loth July — 17. 
hip Rebecca, W.Campbell, Ma- 
dras, left yih July. 


7/./y 5.— ShipMethiIda,SjichJ. 
nip, caftward..— +. Siilp Eutj'dicc, 
Muirhead, London... .16, Brig4 
Peggy, Rangoon. 

Ja^e ,2, Ship Begler, R,, 

Campbell, Mafulipatam •,—. — (hip 
Coniwallis, R, Robcrtfon, ■Bou»-. 
bay.— J 5. Ship Dove, R. DuBSii,. 

Calcutta, 1 6. Ship Atlantic, 

Reed, Bomhaj.— 17, Ship Joyce 
tranfport. Jolly, Trincofflallee. — 
Snow William, Nediewp, Trao- 
qucbiir, (Duteh priae)-r-Gafiow, 
D.tvifon, Straits of Danca. — iS, 

Ship Sacccfs Qlllcy, Knny, Trin^ 
comallec, left loth June ; — (hip 
B*liona, HolHfon, Copenhagen, 
left jfl December; — (hip Swift, 

Bond. 13. His M.'ilhipFox, 

Si£warti — Slip Centurion, Rain- 
ier; — (tip Arrogar.r, Ofborne. — 
17. Ship Carysfon, Simon. — aS. 
Ship Generous, Frirnd, Hetukrfon, 
Cape, left 1 6th May, 


June 14, Ship Siavengcr, 

Cleland, Bengal. — if, ShipCom- 
wallis, Robcttfon, ditto ; — (hip 
Apoilo, Hcndeifon, Rangoon ; — 
Ship Feii Boetn, Direnfon, Pon- 

yiinr-}. — ShipCandidatc, Clark- 
fon, retnrned back.~8. bhip Mar- 
gan-i, Inverarity, Pegue; — Danifh 
Ihip Vanlkab, Jepfon, Batavia. 

Exiraa ./ a ieiiir fram Bombuy, 
Juted ^li July. 

" Thevoluntafypatrioiiccontri. 
buiionsgoon herevithgr^at I'pirit. 

" Mr, Duncan, our Governor^ 
has fubfcri&cd i),ooo rupees — 
Genera! Stuart 20,000 — each Mem- 
ber of the Council 12,000 — fevcral 
of the metehants 10,000 — others 
6, J, 4, 5, 2, and 1 000 — in Ihort, 
every perfon aceotding to his cir- 

" The cpa(( of Malabar is tran- 

fait, but the fituation of affairs at 
oonah feems to be drawing to. 
wards fomc important ctiGs, You 
will fee by th« Gaictte of this day, 
that on the i;th ulr, Dowlut Row 
Srindeah made an attack upon 
Eainit Row {brother to the Peftiwa), 
and pluodcrcd his camp." ^ 

IICLE. .■ - .4> 

ExiraSf/a UiUr from Juanforei 
daud Jalj t6, 

" On the X4th infi.'alMMit three 
o'clock a. m. we Ind o«e of the- 
moft violent thunder ftorms that 
has been reiuembcrod at this place 
for feveial years. 

" The jiglitning ftruck tKe north 
eaft comer of Mr, Ryldy's, the 
regidcr houfc, which broke down 
the upper cornice, made two Urge 
holes in the wall, oyer one of the 
arches; thence makingits wayinto 
the piazza, penetrated the wall (in 
which it made a hole of about three 
fourths of an inch in diameterj, 
arkl entereJ the north-cift parlour, 
in which is a grate ; this, however, 
does not feem to have attra<fted it, 
for it made its appearance again, 
over one pf the windo'.vs facing 
the north, and, breaking a pane ot 
glafs, made its exit between the- 
frame of the window and the ftone 
which is laid over it, breaking the 
former intofptinteri." 

At a meeting of the officers and 
ftaffof the ftationof Futty 'Ghur, 
afiemblcd at (he rc^eft of Major- 
General Stuart, <'ti.''l>e ift July, 
1798, [he offiu.-rs altembled clewed 
Major.Gencral Stuart to be pre. 
fident of tfie meeting, and Capt.' 
^J.if.. Orme to|9e Tecretarj', ■ 

The meeting having taken into 
oonfideration the (late of the mother 
country, and being imprciTcd with 
(entimcnts of the wanncft loyalty, 
refolved, that they would refilt, td 
the utmoft of their power, every at- 
tempt to infringe upon the rights 
and liberties of iheirking, coutiiry, 
and coidlitution ; and, from local 
fituatioH, being deprived of the 
honour of adding their ["etfonal 
aid 10 the glorious tefillance in 
Europe, they farther refolved, to 
the utmoll of their means, to 


give pecuniary 

tional goTemment ; for which 



pupde^rofafiniptiefiwillbeopcned Ciat.T. T.BdIu.Bdtatt. iflregt. 
at the Brigide Major'* office, whcie ^'"^'*S'-', * *^» •* 

jentlenen miy AiUcHbe in tke C'E' itiSr"' ?"'''■''""**' "■> 

■inner Bioft conrenienr Mid agree. -• during .he™ . , ^^ 

me to tbenuelveg. L. Paul, ditto, ditto, ditra - 400 

M*i«v-Gcn. R. Stuart, 5k^4 rap. 8000 Canunpsre, June lo.— It «p 

Mjjor R Frith cav,lAr - loo. pewing, by ttdvicc received thh 

l^a(aaii>ajtut,Kich*rd Frith, ditto joo J_„ t-IL, c-i...." 1 . t 

bI^i-C^. G. S. Mounfcy.Sliiw So9 tT*^ ?«» \''"P*' , ''J' ^'^ *»5' *^ 

Brevrt-Caw.jrKnox, dliio - Jo* »™Myj that it has beer judgetl 

Major J. Macintyrc, ariillny - boo expedient in Britain, to hrlne for- 

Gpt;C. WilU,,dmo - - 500 ward the ptriotic fpirit of the" 

KA;M:r*tdi<«" -" " ^'""h' > = '""""^t cot.trib«. 

Conduflorof Ord.H. G.A.Howc 50 "on, to fupporC the indt-pendence . 

Capt. Llem. J, F. Pafchaud, art. 830 of ihe country—We, the European 

&!^Coro™;[raryofOtd.R.Ca.i.aoo sfficer*, non-commiffimed offi«« 

fr.'^.^.iiSa":''^. \% ':» P™ "f >^^ Majefty. a^ 

iieut. J. Nuikill, ditto - - 1513 "J*"'*"'<-0'npany's trooptfiation, 

Lieut. A. Waifon, dino - - lao ed at Cawnpore, afluated by tlw 

S^sfrF^ob^'T-.^" " :^* w«ineO affeflion to oar king «nd 

tew.BT^'^riftre;,. ^ f~y'. ""d feeling «, a in. 

Capt, J. Sinclair, Bddiiio.ditio - 300 '™™ in thofc great aud invaln, 

LicDt. J. Wcflon", Efcon R. S. - 100 "ble blcflings, conceive ottrfelrea 

*iig^J""'*'^"?''''"'5I',_- 5" «l"»ny called upon to contribute 

AlSlbm Surgeon R. Lowe, 111 batl. tn rtinir ,!«(■_«■ j r . • 

. ift mp. - - leo ■ t, °e'«ice and ptefervatiort 

Brevet iKpt.T. Featber&one, aoo *"!' '^^ 

Capt. W.Scou, ditto dilio ' . aoo w-cdothercfbrefcveraliyagre«tofi*j 
5^" w*?"m'"''^''^T / T fc"l>e,forthatpurpofe,tlicfumop. 
Br««CH«,dittoditto.oo !»'"««" '■•^'pettiTe names, which 


MaJOT R'^rueb»r',"iilbi'tt''&b"iw.2oo '*''= ^"g^ge to pay, or cauje tt „, 

BreTetCapt.C.Slewait,Jiitodiito ia« pwd, m ibecourfe of thcthreeenfii. ' 

*'5:^_^;.^* ^^"^ >"»• "^ '"g months, into the hands of Job.* 

J^ Richatdfon,Efq. Deputy Field Pay^ 
matter i and wc do defirc, thaB 

100 Major General Sir Jajnes Craig 

Bdl;.^'. 1» Govenwr General in CootKil, with 

, diuo fan "^^ requcft, that he will be pleafed 

land Co. to «init ihe fame to the Right 

C. so Hon. the Chancellor of his Ma- 

i'tS"**"^ jefty'* Exchequer, by fuch means 

6i]i legt. 1000 ** ""y appear moll proper to him.^ 

,Er.R.S.400 ,IWBfCRIBEIlS. 

i^"^ l5 ^"^- Si,, rup. 

« «.',«<, ?« Major Gen. Sir J. Craig, K. B. 8000 

™;^«^; Mr.G.%d,h;adfu^eon - icoo^ 

»l.regl. 1500 Major E.^nes '', . ,„o 

te'o. Major D. ftrkhiU . . ,^ 

S^fti^I Capt. T. Harriot - . looo- 

r R™n Mr. D. S. Freeman, hot. mBie aoo" 

'.Brown,. Captain R. M.^re^r - . looo 

°° J. Richanlfon, Efq. D. F. P. M. joo- 
1^ 1 0( H^ Ifiajor' 


« S&. Hup. 

M^T AIci>ck,Dep. Q.M.O. loio 

Catt-T.Sdkeld, canUttCM 
'■T<.J.Po«cU,p-"— "- 


rod, eonieer 

HaJimjtfy'i S7«t Ligti Dntgmmt. 

CoknelW.Si. L«T - - l?** 

Mao Wea Gcorec Winvard 1086 

M^SamiKlNinl - - IcSfi 

Cipt. J. Low* - - \S° 

Can. Lieut. I. CcrceH - 414 

UucW.Bmke* - 3>4 

LiciB-R-Cciwell .- - 3«4 

Lieot. B. Whitici - ■ 3M 

Lieut. K. Doric - - 3*4 

lieut-T. Swoke - - S^ 

LicBi. A..Ncfi>it - ' - 8*1 

Liait. JL M. Pwiridge - SM 

Lieut. G. Buncc - - 3^4 

Ueot. HodKs - - 3^ 

lJeni.G.Gore - ■ WX 

Corott haic£ Sonhrs - 
Comet M. G. Bbke - 
Ccfoct H. L. Spmcer - 
Comet J. Ha>n 
CaM». Taylor 
Cbiplan, Rev. Mr. AbrnWy 


JX! Paine 
T. WJIfoD 

.V. Dcnnk 

T-maftcr R. Richanlfon 

^ " tP. Hinting 

^5 SeijcDrt* jC- r- 


J. Hum 
Lieutenani 1. Moi fe 
Lieutenant C. Fagaa • 
Liniicnaut E. Cbik - 
Liraceisnt T. Martin • 
Limtenani J, A. P. M'GiegDi 
Lieutenani C. Mackenzie 
Lieuicoanl G. F, Huriolt 
Lieutenant M. Boyd - 
Lieatenant S. Long 
Lieutenani T. Ma.{Wl 
LieuioigHit T. Gamer - 


Lieuienmt B. Rnn 
Knfign L H. Maiiw*riDf 
EnCgnH.B. Lord . 
Et.^ F. V. Rarer - 
Sureeon W. Oeilrie 
Afflbm SiiTgeonJ. Uw 
Gtenadier Compmy 
Light la&niry dun 
ill batidian dim 


J5 >3 4 

6 Tnunpei 
3i"B Troopers 11 1 4 - 3 

sJ Rrgimeni tf Naihde Cavalry. 
Umx. Cotonel Thomas Welch i 
CiM.T. S. BuemKi - 
Cipt. W. Mercer 
Cu. R. Natme 
LiEUt. M. Rofe 

Urjt. Cnkmel Sctxi - 1 

Miijoi Camagic 

CppGJD Fiafer 


Dr. Collie 

LimtcQatii. Roller 

LieuiTiunt MiicbcU 

LieicaUDt Sherwood 

Nob ■umuoiffioncd toA pti vMn 1 


diiu> dino 
ditiB- djtt* : 

5dt diit* dtiw - • 473 

7ii> diuo diiw • - ^ 

Mh ditto -diiio - - ggf 

idiatt. 3^ f»y/. Jbtive Mkntr/. 
Lieuieoant Colc^l Ditkfoa (pa- 
annum during the War) 9oa 
Major Noke • - 600 
Captain C. "StewHt - wo 
CaiNatn Yoong 
Captain Taylor 

t Burgh 


Mulkr - 
EnGgn LindTey 

yh NaAvt X^giumt. 
LiniKiunt Colooel J. Mxkaids 
Major R. Blaii 
Major S. Cox 
Captain J. Collim - 
C^uia Hawkiu 
Cntain P. Burrowes 

Captain W. Lally - 

Captain Hamiqond ■ 1 ~ ^ JJ^^ 


Cxptain Rawname SLea niUei 

Caiirain Buriell - - . 

Ciptain S. Aflams 
Captiiiii C. W. Larabonie 
C-.l|.»in W. Yufe - - : 

Captain I. Dawlon 
Cjpiaiii B. Stewart 
Capiaiii I. Ainflie - - ; 

Captiin ft. Hodpfon - , - 
Captain I. Mauiilion 
Captain A. Ktne^ 
Licuienaiu W. Burke 
Lmiienani F. Diilllon - 
tieutenant !. Rnfe 
J^CUlenainT.WiUrtm - 
Lmiciiani |. Paiton 
Lieutenant GrceiiOreet - 
Licuietiani G. Eai-le . ' . . 
Lieulenaii. U. Yule - - ■ 

Snrapon M. Magralh - 
AlTiftant Sat^eon J. Dyer - : 

jtb Native £fgimeni. 
Major Mimis . ■ - ii 

Captain J, W.Hopkim 
Caprain I. H. Hind.inroo - i 
Captain [. Williams - - ! 

Captain t. Don 

C;iplain S. Kcllv 
explain G. Ritiiards - 
Captain R. Evroii . 
Captains. White - 
LnuteuaolP. Liulejobn 
Licuietiaiu H. A. Bofcawen 
Lieutcnnnt R. Skuving 
Enligii G, Wipeifis ■> 
En% C. W. R Pivoleu 
Surgeon 1. Sliaw 
Afliliani Surgeon W. Moore 

Mr. Ramfay 
Mr. Ll^vd 

Sy Ictti 


T, from Midr.spore, dated 
«-e luve had the iatis. 
Icam, -ihar on the very 
ifiiy ilie laic advices fio,n FugUnd, 
1.13 Ruiabay, were.rcorived ac thai, 
fta-i;.!, the frffiters' on diiiy there 
tir..-tiir.i;::iy !"::i:.:aibed oiiemoiuh's" 
ppy," in. aid of die voluntary (lu- 
tiotie ceiitiibutisni going forward 
in the moiliLT coimtn-, and in 
every part of Briiiili Iiulia. 

■ Caltatta, Aagaji 8. — A letter' 
from Dinapore, dated July 28, 
mentions a circumftance greatly 
to the credit of the non.comniiirion- 
etl officers and privates of the com- 
pany of artillery, eomtrwnded by 
Capt. Shipton, at thai ftation ; — , 
the itfftant they learnt they were 
at liberty to fiibfcribe to the vo- 
luntary contributions, they made 
up a purfe between them, of 400 
rupect, and delivered it to their 
Captain. We have had no Icfs 
pleafurc in recording this honour- 
able inftancc of public fpiiil, riian 
our readers will experience in pet- 
ufing it, 

- On Wednefiby the fuprerne court 

John Anftrutlier cnme to his feat -ts 
chief jnflice, ;ind prefented his 
patent to Sir William Duukin, ftnior 
puifne judge, who ordered it to be 
read. — The oaths of oflice "-ere 
thereupon admini leered 10 him by_ 
Sir William, t)ie Court llandijig up ; 
Sir John then took his feat, and 
received the complimtnts. of his 
brethren, &c. — His patent recites 
the revocation of Sir Rolitrt Cham- 
bers' patent. 

The Jbllowiiig is a liil of the ' 
names of the fubfcribcii ihiil hid 
corac forv.'ard at Boxbay on the 
loth "It. towiuds the voluntary 
patriotic contributioii going for- 
v.-a:d in every part of ilriiiih India, 
for the fupport of the jnothet coun. 

laihan Dju 


s K.v.^se - 

[ohT C^n:ic 

V. D..iidaslorW.Etlph 

P. Diindas 

)jmes Suth^rbnd 
Alex. Ailaniloii - 


?.S. MaiOcr 

R. Htnthaw 

P. Hill . ■ 

R. Bo*1tt 


RolKn Xicholfoii 

TFiomas Browniico 

emiah Hawkes, uco 


D. Prirt 
H. WooJinglon 
W. Brooke - 
R. GoHon 

W. Sandwiih -' 

A. Belhune 

G. WiUUms . 

I. A. Ramliy - 


J. Bannstyiie - 

Licuicnani Smart, G. ', 

Li«utrnani Bjitlav diiio; c_ii ' . 

William Turner ■ 
H. Forrefler, con. 
Fraitii Wanlcii 
A. Ramfav 
j.Tu.m-r;fen. - 
J.' Tayhir Warren 
V. Kemp 

H!s/^,r<Sn - - 

Levi Phillips - 

E. Masonv 

R. Andcrfon 

J. Fonefcue 

P. Brrwicke - 

T. DcJwiifon 

Gv H>ll 

K. Sienbenfon ■ - . ■ 

W. Silln-, his pay during the w 

J. D. RichUft^'" - 

W. SimuTon - 

T. Lechnnre - 

Willijm Wjlliam&in 

Colood BclldUii and the officer 

of tfce corps of atiillcry, one 

tnonih's pay eaih 
Non-com. olSceti atid p,-ivaies 

of I he ill, 2d, snd 6tii com. of 

•nillery doing dmy ai ihe Pre- 

G.'0"> -' - . 

C. Forb« 

S. WaddingtoD 

J. Canipbi-ll, aid-de-camp toGen. 

Licu'CDint F- Warden 


■Hcoo Major J, Bland - ^ Rupeet sea 

Eooo Capl. A.Walker - - 500 

80C0 Luuicnant F. Parry - • 10a 

30DO Jamei Suiilb - . ■ - Sjoo 

40C0 Buihire, a province in Pcrfia, is 
""•^ reftorcd to tranquillity, under the 
1500 g''>"'^''tunent of a .Sheik placed there 
.50 by the brotherof iho kingof PcrGa ; 
800 ajid our llefidenr-, who faad retired 
300 to^BufTora, is about to return, and 
'^^ rcfume his fituation. Several of the 
aoo mercantile inhabitants of Bufhire, 
800 who had taken refuge at Buifora, 
1000 i, J5 faij^ ajg ai| aboiir to refum, 
\°^ not only in the profpeffof fccurity, 
,^g but that Buflbraisbecomecxtreraely 
100 unhealthy, owing to the inundation 
^0 of the Euphrates over the neigii- 
j.° bouring defert. 

goo Slooilliedabad, Aug. t, 1798, .-^ 

,eo Al a meeting of the Company's 
6ao civil fcrvants reiidaii at Moor, 
ICO flicdiibad, held fpurfuant to public 
^^ notice given) at the hoofe of Thos. 
^00 Pattle, Efq, the following refolu- 
Booo tionswerepropofrd, andunatiimofly 
>?o voted :— 

^^ ^^^ »'''ofe names arc facreunto 
g^ fubfcribcd, refidents- at Moorlhe- 
3co d^bad, highly approving the rcfo. 
50 Irittoiis adopted on the 17th ult, 
1000" ^^ """ fcllow-fubj-c^s, the Britiih 
^g inhabitants of Calcutta ; under the 
40 infiuencc of fimilar feniiments of 
5a duly and loyally to our Soverejnip, 
^ and love tooar country, and its facrtd" 
coniHiution as by law dlabliihcJ, - 
gfo have refolved, in imitation of that 
90 budiible example, to erinee oar. 
c° zeal and attachnjcnt for the com- 
mon caufe, ■ by contributing fuj) 
portion of our proi>erty aa our 
means refpi'ftively p^mir, by fuh. 
fcr-hing iJu; fumi fcretilly annc:ij5- 
tu our name;, ,^Ild caufing tiie fame 
to be paid.iiim thfi. tredury of the 
coficttoT at this ft-:ition, to" be t4-'- 
pitcd to;ihepurpofe»-of the rcfolu- 
tions above feJiared to. 

Rcfolixd, That appUcatfoo Iw 
mrtdc tb the cclfcftor, tb trccivc, 
in ii-'pufir, die furas- fubfcribcJ. 






*> _ 


S. JtObn. jon. 


Gd^ml Bniihwaii 






Captain Hill. Midns bKUlion - 


Lieutemju C«we, 




Refolved, That intimation of 
thefe our {entimenti and refolotij^ 
be conveyed to the comnitKC of 
firicilh inhabitants in Calcutta, 
through the'mcdium of their fecre- 
tary Mr. Myen, and that they 
„.y Blv. Ji^oj, for*, difpofa igrgrpJc^'S." 
of the amount fabicribed i and that , Two Seijam), diuo 
we requcfl, incnirlcttcrto that gen- G. TalWcU 
ileman, that oat name* may be by i,'n'^^" 
him affixed to the addreft which it f; h^S"" -" '- ^ 

has been agreed to prefiait lb his Jiana, GotJoo, arf Coooel - looo 
Majefty od thii importaDT occa. CmoiaW.WUlbai - - »«> 

fion. • Dr^,» ■ - tSo 

AfajoT Bume, aScenand men of bti 

Kbiclly^ 36di legiment «e34 

Mr-Burfion • - loe 

Mr. Tburibir • - loo 

Mr. Mackenzie - - a* 

CaiHaiD A. Grant •' - io« 

Major Tol&ey and officer! prdcnt 

with ill baitalign itlh npiMK 371 
Lituieiam BoTe • • ' s« 

T. Houirworth - • !• 

T. Oiket, t^ bill on Ei«V<) 975a 
D. B»rd - !•• 

Lieutenrnt Colonel liodray, ifi rc- 
l^beM 6tii moniha pay. 
MADRAS. . J. Ltuiier, innuiJly - - $e 

Msirv VoluMuy Oontribuiioiu . C. Sheriff . - loo 

contioued FagaJsi 6i,tt6 Major Beatlbn • - l&iM 

R. AbbuandCo. • • bom The rollowJDEoffioenaf ihasdbMI. 

Chafe, SewcH, and Chale ~ Sjoo cdregi-eKhamootli'iruUiamce, 

W. Rayoe • - 500 aadio be continued ann. dur.wai: 

T.CIarU • - joo Lieutenant Colood Bowftr - TS 

W. Leatay , - - 100 Major Corner - - S* 

D. YouH • '■ - ,^a Captain Lieuieoant SaAy • l9 

M. G. GMum - - 1000 Lieutenant Robetu - - *9 

R. Hamy - - a; Licuienant Kiw - - >9 

F. R CasJct - • 6" Lieutenant FhiUiFfon - -19 

i, L. Heefkce - - jo Lieutenant Macmilloa • - 19 

, MaHey • . - 350 Licuienant Sinclur - * >9 

S. M. Mooiat • - looo J. Phippi.kej'fcrj. Kiflnagbeny 4 

D.R.Baboom • • ijo A. Sooze, fub ban. 41b regt. 4 

R. Sberfon - - 100 W.Mackay.Hwe l«j . Kiftn^beity 4 

R.HtnderCBn, mnoally - 100 E. Wallcott Lyie - - A 

1-he SbKiJt, on accountof CafK. R. J- KAiy, invd. Matrofe of ifi bait. 

Dull, aicil. (mn. during war) m orihc H.C.'ianilleiy - i 

Col. £. Tiankud - - 3S0 I. Mather, liirveyor - - 15 

LkuienamLunoddi, anil. I months 1. Macdonald • - 19 

pay aoD. duiii^ war EnJign Peieira - _ - 15 

licMcoaal I&th<M9^ diOB, ditto. . EnCgn Falconai - - >5 

F. GahagaB • - jo Tbc officenprefeni with ihe ill legt. 

A. C. Ciaiff - ' 50 "*'■ '^^''- '^1^ ■ itton(h'»Aibfifieoce. 

;, Cai^ and Re^kja ^- 100 Capain WaLfon ^ 

T. Piiile 

- Csoo 

John Fendill . 







£. Cuihbert - 

C. BediM ^ . 

- 37: 10/. 

-■ 37: lOI. 


-. gi;s; 

WUIimCotKU . 

Till iJiimiflii nlnaiiiliniinftii Lieutenant ^ticich 

St. Tfc*Bat^ Mouni - - ^tS LicuTenaniUuii.i 

/KcT. !L.Kot - -loo Lieutcnanl Dallas 

William Purfcr - - j^ Comei Montcaib • - 

AdtiaBOeFraifetG. Baker - 50a -.^lotDciM'GcU • ^- 

(ton MVnrfiel^ - f 4c* 19 t&mcf the jiA and ncce&ry 
n^rej.Mw.OT. 800 jnirfiick Grtat Britain " 

' BdbMt.flhregi- mo beg ymi will be pleafed ta lanit the 

iL j J^..Gnhun 

Imjx. A.liBiQad,sdbitt.4(liRgt. 
G.Dovctan, roaj- iBbaiLdiuo - 
JLrOrmfb)', capt. ditto ditto. 
JkHMthin, tieiu^taxlina 
1 fotlMringhvB, licnt. oigui. - 
ILH. Fotbcringhaai, diuodiiui.- 
K.Si>Dky. linit. ill ban- 4iliregt- 
HtM.Cormkk, limt.dittiidUtD - 

: S 

XSrown, licui. 

"- IiCKBi^cw- <lit)adtttD 

5. Hickcy, Lew. dino ditto 
■ King, quHt. maft. Ten- ditnt (fitN) 
J. Oib^Dc, fcfjt. taai- £aa dim 

,MuB(0, C^. ' - - 1 

n-Ai&ilJ, iftbut-AthTcgt. Nh. 
&r.aJdn, and^^ihalfbitta 
qotAlji iuM^ tfac WW 

loq sbove ftun throogli fiicfa channel aa 
'4 jou may judge profKr for that par. 

1^ ** W»bavetbe honour tobe, &c, 

ao ' *! Roft Lan^ CajA. 

3° •• Alex. Mackod, Capl. 

'I •• Humat. Green, Capt. 

gl " R. Robinetr, Capt. 

M " — Hawes, Lieut." 

The officen of the zd divilion 21I 
Eiiroj^n regiment, lenlibte of tbe 
Jpir^fnd loyalty which tim non>i 

. 4 cosBDiiffioiied officert and private: of 

"» the corps have fo wdl etpRJfed} 
throDghihcirofficers, to Lieutenant- 
Colonel Wahab, are bufpy to foU 

£a low theif exan^e, by fubfcribing, 

IS ' for the fuat purpofc, one mcnth'i 

^ Smtaji Caurier, Jufy »i.-tOn 
BO Monday kft arrived the Danifli 
50 , fhip, Norway, Captain Olfon, from 
Q^ BatnTia, whicb the left the 12th 
At that time the fettlemtnt 

r, Caa.Ki:>t&iem. 
i.ColUoi, affifi. fiug. dMo 

A. Linife)', -capt. - - - 

J.M'QoMtt,l«ut. iftfaatL jihiegt. ao waiperii^Aly tcaiiquil;tradc,tfaough 

H.Ywi.liew-iftbaa.oUiiiegt. so languid, noteitinfl; and a defire 

P,UMefiiru:nt«tf.iftdo.5ih<lo ao fo, ^.^ ^^ ^rfment that moft . 

tso annually duiingihi 
A. Mathufan, mcrcht. 
I(X. S7MXHM, capt. 
R^Munta, capt. Mj. and qt.nnfi. 
1^ S. lacUoD, pw. Kiftnagcry - 
W. Ode, affia. (W. Kiltnay - 
W.EW, licu,.an. - . 


generally prevailed Except i 

._.___ , ,_ gate, the Norway left laying at 

jiX. S7MXHM, (apt. - -too BataTia onjy a few Americans. 

RsM".nw,apt-idi.,airfqt.«B8. 100 froJn the commander of one of ' 

thde, Captain Olfon was tnfonoed. 

that on his palfage ihithorinFeb. 

BO he had fent Mr. Chapman, hit 2d 

. _, . officer, on (hore on onc.of the ai< 

^< rV «^ Diiuifim td ktp- coa iflaadti ^ here tw difoovcied . 

a Eunfeqa Infnmrj- lyisg the wiwk ot* teak bailt' 

" tiK> Ihipi. from what mnaiiied upon the '. 

" Weiavc mnch pleafnrc to in- ftrand,'ftie appeared to have ba^ a 

form you, that the fexjeants, cor. rier of poitCj. t!».h^T»b<ten paipted . 

porali, dnutUBcn, and privates of red- wiifaio, and to have been in '•■ 

the cwnpmica which we hare the mea&remenl about ^po tont', t)u^ 

honour of commanding iJi the 2d after "the pcciijiarity Df,'filfi tetjc*' '. 

diTifiao zd regiment European in- which mvked Her to bf^e^ecn an 

^try, have moft loyally fubfcribed Indian vclTel, what gave ttu^moft 

part of their pay, fo the amount of channel to tbejn^kf l^tte-fiht? . 

iar pagodas 472, for (he profecu- pieces of bamboo, and'tn 


mm, taeb as ue commonly nfed m to the kak, idcI to have p 

the dtmage of Bengal (hipi, with theu way to fiatavia. 
which Mr. Chapman wat conTcr. Thii aocoimt had been thought - 

lint, from having bixn in the coon- to cany with it fuck an air of uiw 

try trade. Tfaii may probably have probability, that the pany had «u 

been the wreck c^the Europa, which dergonc feveral examinations, with- 

Ihip hat never been beam of fince out, howeyer, any vaiiance bung 

lhelcftCalcunawiibtTa(^f(H-Ben' difcovercd, that could wanant the 

coolen in 1791 ; 01 the Prince of fanher interference of the magif. 

Wale*, Capt. Henry, of thii port, (rates. 

that was loA about three yean ago We can learn notiiing from Poo- 

on her paflage from Batavia hither, nah that throwa any light upon the 

Another piece of infonnaiton real fitnation of Scindcah ; one cir- 

which we Icamt from Bacavia, is cumftance, however, hat takea 

the loTs of the American Ihip, Cc. place, that would be accounted ex. 

rei, laft from London and ate We traoidinary in any other than dieir 

cf France, which wai wrecked changeable politics. 
in January upon the ifland of An- Nana FumaiTcTe, who, upon the 

guna, laft (hifting of the fcene, was ob. 

The drcumftancei of ttdi lofs, ferved to be tranfported a ftate pri^ 

though fomewhat oUcnre, and not foner to the fbnrds of Amtdnanr, 

without matter of fafracion, are, where it was fufipofed he would Tan* 

howcver,detaileduponuieauthoriiy guifh the few Temsining yean of 

ofapartoftbccrew,whoaitived3t his life, u dc&incd to affcu once 

Batavia in the jolly -boat of thefhip, more upon the ftage. 
wtthabout 40r jooodollars, parted The old minifterwai withdrawn 

the treafuic with which the veilel from his confinement on the 7th inft. 

had been freighted. By the ac- and at the date of our accounts, was 

counts of thefc people, as foon as encamped under the cuftody of a 

the Ceres had firuck, the Captain thoufand horfc, and three or four,, 

and fhip't company fought thefhore battalions, commanded by Fackefjea,' 

in the boats, canying the treafore Ghadvah, between the villages of 

with them ; upon thdr bnding, Kuteiabad and Mundavgurmy- 
the natives came down upon them. The tetters we have received re- 

aod the Captain, in order to conct- prefeni the refidency of Btncoolen 

liatc their good will, advanced to- as being very unbealthy, and the 

wards them with the fi^rcargo, lift of ufualtiet wc have received' 

and one or two paffcngcrs, niakuig from thence, prova it to have beeti 

figns of fubmiftion; the attempt the cafe. — Every neceflary of life 

was vain, for the Ovages imme. was amazingly dear there; a cor. 

diately put them to death. The reTpondent writes us, " from the: 

reft, witndling this barbarity, be- coaA, of ficknefs, defolation, and 

took themfelves to flight, and found ftarvation," that the prices o( 
refuge in the woods. The party DtUan. 

who lurvived to tell this tale, are' A Bcnpl flieep vu fitn 14 10 iS 
lakl to have vifited the ftiorc at ■'^8°" , ., ," " • '* 

du(k, to have found the jolly-boat A^SSofi^" ' ?s 
lying there with the treafote, but Ri^^ fo,„, 5*^0 8 dSU per ^Icm. 
flove, to have repaired the damage And winci, liquois, md cveiy duns 

by the application of their jackets '^ ptopwwmaUy dear. 




* UJI ttmpttU.—Atig. 1 6. 
We, the commiffianol oScen, 
Ac. Ac. &c. at'the ftaikm erf' Chu. 
an and in dependenciet, learn by 
•dricet bcdjr iccrived from Britun, 
thu the tnhaUtaott of ail laoln 
b>ve deemed it expedient to flcp 
forward, and rolantarily fubfcribc, 
in Aippon of ihe exertions of go- 
veniment ; and as we have always 
beco Ro IcTs rentarluble for our loy. 
dty, Than for wir promptitude to 
lacrUicc our lives for our King and 
contttiy, we are eqoally dilpo&d 
to oAribatc our a^ance to a go- 
TOuUKiit, to which we are nato- 
tally attached, and, of coorfc, 
Wknnly a%i^ in the preTcrratitm 
<tf a oonftttntion which we confider 
■ ineftimable, and in which our 
own iniereft is fo infeparably con- 
neaed. — We therefore agree to fub- 
icribc the ftiau oppofiie our rcTpec. 
tire nancti to be paid within three 
siODtha into the hands of Mr. 
HtKTit^, pajrmafter at this ftation, 
who will be pkalcd to recelTc the 
amoaot of all contributions which 
at; be tendered to him, for which 
jMlni, from time to time, accoont 
VPFliie Accountant .general. 
Cenrral and Garri/an Si^. 
Maja«^<>caertl Erlkine £. 500 

Opan E.Btpwn, com. joj 

T.- Price, aid-dc-omp aj 

W. Bunon, mij. brig, 50 

J. Davidfon, gaiT. Qore- 
keeper - - Rapm too 

Xi^ees ii 

EaCgttW. Gnhan 

T. CuffoM . ,„ 

Nincferjcwu - • ' M 

Ninccomonli . . gt 

Seventeen gunnen • . ju 

Twcniv-fix miittoflei - - lo 

One Niri»e fifer . ' "a 
Eurapean hfanfy. Invalid Camffiay. 

One iajranuirajot . - 16 

Three liijeini. . . 48 

tinteanipany . . ui 

■"■ ■'■— 197 


W.L^Iu, £rq. headfurpon £.50 J". 

N.Hcniby, Etb. dep. pmnafler too Ji," 

Mr.J.MinlD.iBia.fori. &fe«iB» J?' 

J. Johnlbn, ditto . . im £" 

AJex.Aiid, coDduaotofoid. jo 

P.Lcny, di«o . . ^ 

r. Uuaneimia, iiao - jo 

Serj. L Siaiey, hoTp, fcward - 40 

W.Beft,bmcktc^ . ^ 
Eanftan ttnvjidt. 
Cape G. Bcnfoiutdj.aiid qr.'Oir. tj« 
'"- " * — ---non - - Jo 

■ ion. duriDg ibe 


Srcond ditto 
Third dillo 

i/i. Satt. Bib Reg. Kaikit Infaniiy. 
LieuKiunt. Colonel W. Vanai ,000 

D ■ i^?''*" ' niomh'i ptjf IBB 
R-B.Gregoiyl monih'abua 

urn. during ihc war i8» 

J- Plumer . . .an 

S.Wood . . 

W. Hawkn i momh'i btua 
. anr. dufing ihe war igo 

1- '-■'^™™ing 1 monlh'iuy 6a 
r.Drammond 1 monili'thalQ 
ann. durirp ibe war iio 

EnCgn J. Hamoi 1 momh'C biia 

ann. during tha war - ila 
l/I JJfl/r. 9/i.Jtr^. JVa/iw hJattTy. 
M^orB. Mailey iiMmth't pay ana. 
Capt.T. Kearnan . . , 

u. ^iDipTon - - ito 

|. Arnold L •ISO 

(' S'^* ?"■ ''"""B the WK 8w 
I.Bullockdit[odiiio 100 

D. Lvou ditto ditto 6a 

D. Macphcrim • go 

. S^au-efl inn, during the war 6a 
Lieiit. C. Betty . . ,0 

T.Tayfcr - . ,S^ 

/ P-'canwcight' ; . % 

ft., ■'iwecieiiham , 100 

K. F.Lak. . . ,0, 

^Zli ^tiinenl Na,i^ iltfantrj. 

Colonel C. Jtuffia - r ,«, 

Sargeon J. Smjrh Ruft% lU 

Major P. M'Dowgal . £.,«„ 

Up:, b. rone,! monih'.pav, Jt»fcr^/ ib, 

h retleydiiio . . ,^ 

H. \amen • . laa 

i.M.w,g,rii, . ;:; 

F. Fiench - - £■ 15 

Lieut. ^. Craig 1 month's p^, £Mv»6a 

r. Auduloo ditto . 6a 




|. Sharp diiro 

. 60 

- t'.Shntrdino 

. - 60 

A. Ciinpbell iiuo 


ad Baitalim. 

Majors, Br^inww - 

- £.» 

C. Smyth 

- CO 

- M 

. so 

A. ricnoVBY 

LmMomi W. S^nt>ck 

- 35 

r the Service. 

Geo^Chilholn. - 

Rufeti Boo 


- »jo 

. . Hay 

- 50 

.ames Conner 

- 5° 

Madras Veluatarji Con 


Amoiutof lilblbriplicmiali 


CiDMin T, Munro 
Hon. Col. St. Uaa - 
A.Read - 

A. Gibbins 
Lieutenant-Colonel J. Oram 
R. Huehe^ Efq. 
H. Mirin, Efo: 
Lieuienaot P- JOft* 
1. Jatnes, aBouiX fureeoa 
J. D. Gremhill 
T- Kenwonby, Elq. 
H. Tpvlor. Siq. 
E. Atkinbn, Efq. - 
I. Chioneiy, Efq. 
J. Dunkin 

I. Cafucjiiu 

. Gambirr 
Colonel Duponi 
B. Turin, Hq. 

W.Alf" , - . 

W. Gordon - - ^^ 

Officer] and men of (fie sd divilton' ' 

<d rtgimcnt of European iu&onry e^o 
Alesandcr Britioa^and Co-. £90 

Ditto ibr Capiaii 

Lieutenant Bbir, dioo - ro 

Captain J. Whcadon - b^ 

Garrifon ftmeant-mijor Blifi b 

Capuin J. S. Caldwell, engineer jo 

A. Connor, condu3oi of fiote< j j 

I. Newbenj, diuo - - 15 

LiculcDani Bryant • - ao 

Market - - «o 
Scij. nuj. and quart. aalL ff:rj. iQ 

Mil. loth regt. . .._ ^ 

Lieutenant lUynoldj • «i 

Mr. Ganbtborc - - - ■£ 

A.Aoderfon - . 500 

Major CoKc - - (CO 

wriiitkc - . J, 

Lieutenant C. Am&iaaa • - &< 

W. Bmwn - . loS 

T. Reid • • - 500 

Major-General Floyd • booo 

Lieutcnant-Cotonel Murray - 300 

G. A. Ram, Efq. - . la^ 

Lieuieoant-Colonel Roberu • 1000 

Major E. Gibbings - . 300 

Lieutenant-Cotor^el Fotheringham 500 

Major Torin • • lu> 

Captain J. Taylm- - - 50a 

Mr. Tom^no - - »~> 
Captain Pratfon 
J. Dorfcl anil. duiioB w 
1. Wind(» - 
1. Wallace, jun. 
Lieutenant Sober 
W. Vaughan 
W. A. Gray 



Capt. A. CaldwcU, 
M. Cofby per arunitn duiiog war 


LJeuteoant'Coloael W. Kinfey 



Hon. Lieut. Col. St. John s 

W. Ainilie. furgeon - 1 

Lieutenant R. Shaw 
W. Peien, I'ub. affifl. fuig. t monih'i 

J. Clapp, conduSor of (lorcj, ditto 
Serj. Maj. J. Heal t ixtonili't net pty 

durii^ the war • - 

Sen . Mm . Sherfon 1 monibl pay 
W. lawn, laic Park ferj. BTa. 
J. Foneftal, late gunner iftB. A; 
J. P. Holmei, fopernunieraiy 
M. De Souia, payiuaflei afiflant 
Colonel Sale - . 1 

Mr. Sliardoa, payiuafier « 

Major Macdtnuld .• 

J.. Ben, cood. 

- ..^-Google ^ 


A. Waifon 


G. WiUaughbjf, cond. of ftOTM 

Serjeant Ri^noiri, key ten. Salem 

Sun lojani WaUabank, Stlcm 

, Fox,* Pinagia 

SmattDcAc - 

Jj:ia»k,^rf. of ori. 

9ion fcq . tW iiftlcmd 

Key foj. W.Hall 

R. Maonney, qnar. oiaft, fcn. ill 

I «";•£'' r^'"*" ' ■ - 

J. K.enc7, feij, at. 

R. Rft*c«, jftonMr, ditto 

Sttj. Mj". ChapnlMi, ift bait. 4tli 

rai. Narirc infanliy 
Mr. Morgan, cortd. of ord. 
G-Tarliir, ord.wri. Kacoilali 
Qui- Maft. Scij, Kcsrer, ift batt. 

4iii tegt. Nitive inbniiy 
J. Ewfitu, (lore ferj. 

I. tvmtu, Itore ta 
T. Crife, by faj. 
r. Hartley, rnjeant 

T. Aoderfen, tar. (cri 
. Pope, renemt 

f. Bcmley, key (oj. 


Bond, Ditto.— Ditto CaryrfbwJ, 
Turner, cruize. — Bombay frigate, 
Froft, Calcutta.- — American (hip 
Atlaritic, Reed; Cape and America. 
— Dgtch^ri/c, Davidibn, Calcutta. 
— IJ. Ship Mary, J. Taylor, Pulo 
Penang.— 1+. Ship BeBons, Hri- 
Idoft, Benaal.— rf. ShfpGenerou* 
Erieigis, Henderfon, Ambojn^. 
BOMBAY 'arritali. , 
yiue 17.. — Ship Surprize galley, 
Benny, Mochou.— Js^ 6. Ship 
John Pari), Goftlon, Mochou.— 

ii. Alert fehooner. Skinner. 

11. Ship London, Leckin, Eng- 
land. — 11. ShipChance, G, John- ^ 
ftone, Bengal; 




Aug.^. — Ship Bergen, Burgh, 
fiwttSodboand the Eaftward. — 20. 
Snow Swallow, R. Scott, Acheen; 
left ad Aug.— II. Baric Phcenix, 
"SaoTf, Bencoolen; left loth July. 
■p-Sh^ Dulte of Clarence, Rifdon, 
Pulo Penang ; left ajth July. — Ship 
John Puit, Mollcr, Madrat ; left 
«th Aug. — j^ Ship Derayoea, J. 
A. Pope, Connga; left nth Aug. 
~z-}. H. C.'s fliip Worcefter, Hall, 
St. Hdcna; left i3ih June. 


Aag. 17 — Ship Veruna, Tho. 
tnas, Eurt^. — —Ship Brillc, F. 
Lynch, Eaftwaid. — 10. Ship Jean, 
Stewart, Bombay. 


. Ja!y 6. — American Brig Silly, 

«it back. tj. Sdioooer Lord 

iMMK, Price,' Coringa. 


'xlj e.—H. M. Ship Orpheus, 
Amboyna,— Ditto Swift, 

July 7.— Ship Surprize 
ly, Madras.^ 

Benny, Madras.'-^ii.' Ship Upton 
Caftle, Thomas, Chma.— bhip Sa. 
rah, Macintofh, Ditto.— Brig Eli- 
sabeth, Powell, Madras.— 27. Ship 
Zoroafter, Gibb, China. 


AiMOunt of fubforijiiions already adver- 

tifrd . PogaJflj H3,833 

Y, HanW - - 100 

Col. M. Maninz . - 1000 

W. Akm, fc^t. . . 6 

C. Kennedy . • u 

William Tit - . iS 

H.Rk« . . . 3 

L. Gollit • , i 

F-Hockman - • q 

R. Ell=,t . . o 

T. William* . . \ 


i Pinch 
Scrii. J. Shaw 
X>. T. R06 
D. W. HHdy 
P. R. Scirviocr 
p. R. Tiyler 

Tke (oilowina of 

Tke bilowina oSeos of the ift bttu. 
9d ree. N. I. flaiioDcd« Dindisul i> | C 
E 3 -EaGgr 


T. RulTcl . 
T. R»nd, jun. 

EnfigD L. Gordoo, R. S. t^edat tfS 
XJeul. T. H. Powell - - 175 

feSin1pfo^ - - 175 

. Wufaurton - . i-E 

T. RulTcl 
r. Rjnd,, 
T. Hampton 

W.Harrii , , .175 
Unit. *ni Mi- B. Dodd . . 300 
Licul. and My aod Q. M. J. Defr 

boixwgh - - . - 3^* 
Linn. M. Sicwirt - . ■ . 175 
J. Simoqs, Capu'in on ifae RiS - S78 
P. D.II1. ^Irin . ... 378 

- st8 


of ibe ift bail. »d reyx. and the 
public md prlnte followcn at- 
tached 10 that corn .... 344a 
Eu< (lationcaalDindiguI ^716 
likui. BiiiDiavr, f.idj.diuo - - too 
Followers, ditto • • - 10 
StrjeiDi Major - - r S 
Key Stiieant .... 6 
iSih com. N.Iti.H ditto . . • m 
J. lohnfbn, con. of llorei, and the 

rtorc f(tj. atdi'to .... aij 

Hon. Lieui. G. Tiynour * - • 100 

Beni. Maifden . ... 30 

D. Kti-h. ferjcuit major - 4 

Oneccin. sdbati. tQrcgt. - 183 

Majoi .... g^ 

Capl. Divtdlan - * . 114 

Brace ... - 80 
D. J. Johndone - - .100 

Lieut. Tichbortic * - - 59 

Wm, Smith - - . . 50 

iKnowlet .... - jo 
apt C. Trotter, lAtiatl. jth fq(l. 05 
Lieut. I. Maitland - - - 35 
C^pt-Boviiert.Rcv.Balt.Mi^letore 100 
Hit Mj'-ly'iBc'h reRinidH . ajoo 
C^it. Hadow, iftbau. 9th njit. H. 
'■-'---^ ga 

StijeiBt aod fub-ecnd. Brown, Pagt. gf 
ftMi ferjeam* u 4 w^. - - 1* 

Five cwporab at 1 dinii • . i* 1 
Tenciinnen it » ditto - . - - 10 ^4 
Fifij'-eigbtniairoflci at i ditto • ^ J 
One drum aod fife ui ditto . - • 1 
Caw. H. E»ani ... 100 I 
Adminl Rainier ... 1000 

iiho BrouDckcr ... joo 
ieui. Goldrwonby - * • • jo 
W. C. Jackfon - - .1009 
S}iangi, Tinddli. Sec. attached to 
ilic ift com. ifl but. anillety - 10a 

J.Call - . . 
Lieut, Cd. VifiOrt . 
Cipi. Hunt 

a ; • 

B. Branfiil ... 

i. Peat, alGfUni fuigcoD ... 33 
■em. S. [obnGm ...» 
Capi. A. Orr - . - - 50 
W. tdacleod, in addiiiOT to 
nil (bfiDer fubfciiptioa ... 309 

J. Notris, I mMuh'ipayaaii. 
dunnjc the WIT • . * 
tT PafkiDfon, ditia 1 - 
DofW C. Rocen, ditto . 
Lieut. L Cevnl, dUlo - 

D. Miegrtgoi, ditto • . 
A. Fair, ditto . . - 
W. H. Gordon, ditto 

J. Sewaid, ditto 
Doflor R. Slotw 

Madm.Aug. 1$, 1798. 



- - i» 
- 4^ 

, Tnafinvr, 

B. FoOer, c^t.^diy't pay, moaiiiy, 

duiingihc war 

I. Shaw, aim. during the war - ij 

T. French, ferjcani - - . lo 
J. Thompfon, fcij. major, mnuaJIy j 

J. William, ftorcferjeant - 3 

W.Dalion,l^Eyferjeiit . , 3 

W. Shillinnwotih, gna. inrJid r 1 

I. Gaac, diiiodiiio . . 1 

T. Allan, maiiofs ditlq c ' 1 

T. Bui^e.1. ditia ditto r r t 

Capt.l.Hayn , . . 100 

Lieu|. I^aiittfln<| - - loo 

F. Ilack, Lieu, an. . . - ' B j 

U. Rours, affift. furgeon . - . 6a 

Jai«#aG>IIiE> Lieut. St. - -. . Bj 

The troops on the Madras 'fdab. 
lilhtnmt that have received orders 
U> be in rfadinefs to take the field, 
qrc, hit Majefty's iith, 36th) 73d 
and regiments ; native in- 
fantry, ill hati. ifl legimeat, zd 
batt. 2d tcgt, id batt. cth regt, 
ill bait, 6m regt. ift batt. 7tli 
Tcgt, idbatt, 9tb icgi, ill. batt. 
1 2th regt. id bait. 4ih regt.; 
European cindry, his Majefty'i 
nth and »jth regts. of dragoo^ ; 
native cavalry, ift, zd^ 3d an4 
4ih Kgimenli, atid the id Iwif. ' 
of artillery. Since tbi* di^feion 
h?i beeo made, OA, A&oa, witli 
his TtgiiDent, theiith,hask«nor. 
dcrcd 10 do gaitifoa doty at Amec. 


j.of6ifctiprioniJr«d,r S«rgeonJ.P*e 

nuddmantobolOfTOCrlub. 150 I Morlev 

J^etloimj - . «5 Sv.Crrrfii 

C.MiDtv,lfc - 50 T.A. ColW 

<« ^- R*"*"! . ■ - 50 Conduaor fhttn ■ ™ 

"**"? ■ "r^-"^ 5n««l_*f of ihi iiil batl. each J 

Ibt .K R. E. 1. i»i« dutr „oo,l,', pajr . - 50 

AM.Su^.S.Hcwitd - 50 DiidiinentofEuropeaiLn&nm-. 

T.RM«d>~U ., - - 50 The 8ih or <V=in Mun'. 

Loil.I.Nol]fc,wtilfety -. jO company, eonCftiTig of 3 

J.^o.pbeU - t$ fig>j,,ml74p,;v«c,each 

kOHHT court HOT lOKf, _ ,..,,,, , * 

nmtinmed *nM ibt Mairat GaxetU, Aug, j i . 
AMMt <( fiMcripdow ibcM^ ''^^ erening, arrived the Dorer 

(■HilJMil * i,fl9S,oa* Caftle, Indiunan, having on board 

I-Mnmi - - 3000 the Right Hon. Lord Clive, Lady 

* rSSI ' " .?^ CliTcfemUyandfuite. His Lord. 

C RipcU - ' - loo* V'P unded abont five o'clock, 

I, Hu^if . . 1400 under the falnte dne to his rank, 

1 WtrWe . -so attended hy the fecretary to go- 

j!ui^^ - ' "4^ vemment, the town major, and 

titsSteT "- - 46 feveral other ftafF officcn, who had 

LFnm - •30 been deputed to congratulate his 

i'*j*fcl - - «» LordJhip on his arrival. The troop* 

R&m" . ' - Joo *" garnfon were drawA up in a 

- - ' * ,00 ftreet, through which his Lord- 

60 (hip pafled to the admiralty hoofe, 

300 where he received the complimatn 

C Bow""**"' . " - 180 °f ''"* 8*"''"'''^ <>f ''*' fculement. 

f-ffiSiT " - ^ 400 Hi* Lordthip aftecward* pro. 

& C. Elpluofiene r - Boo oeeded to Fort-fqoare, where the 

?'r^ * * "^"^ commiffion, appoiniing his Lord- 

\uF1-^ ' ' "** f^ip Governor and Prefident in 

iit'^ . ■ :;^ C«»d „ Fob s.. c^, 

Sopcr - - 900 and Commindrr ia Chief of the 

lint. Smith ^and the detKhment forces at the Prcfidcncr. were pub. 



m..iSiini,c.«i»jrf IfclrradbyMr.SterenrrWd. 

iiiilillil 111. I nil - j9i tnd.inilitar7 fcryants, and a number 

I. Church - . 1000 of iohabitaqu aflbnUed Jot that 

Vs^' .' r "^ pi»pofe, and the troc^ under anw. 

Cfll. R. Jonci " - '. 800 A* '•'*'" '* ''* comimffion had been 

CiftJ-Wird - - 400 read, a falute of 19 gura waa 

ASIATIC ANNUAL ftgdt^ER, 1798-9. 

£red, and three follies oFmufqoetrj'f 
by the troops in garrifon. 

Calcutta, Sept. i j.— The floodi 
i* the counCrjr have dorte eon£der- 
able danuge, mote indeed than we 
at prefeni are aware of ; nor is it 
improbable but we may ftry foon 
erperierce their efiefts even in Cal- 
cutta, having traced them from 
their rife down to Dinapore can. 

The river Gooiritf it the firft 
we hear of, that has riftn to any 
extraordinary height, which in the 
beginning of the ptefcni month, 
rofe btyond the memory of man. 
Not many days after, the liver atfo 
rofe at Chunar : the words of a 
correfpondent will beft exjdain the 
^xls of it. Th.t fetter was re- 
ceived yeflcrday, and i! dated the 

" The river has been rifing for 
feVeral days paft, verjr rapidly, 
and is now at an aftonilhing height, 
far beyond what can be remembered 
by the oidcft inhabitant of Chrnnr, 
The whole circumjacent country ii 
aitireiy inondated, and the Jurgah 
nullah, which ia genetally a ftill 
quarter of a mik from the Ganges, 
tD the weAward of the ibrt, has 
now formed a junction with it, fo 
as tortUy to cut otT all communica. 
tton from one part of the lines to 
the other, 

(' Hie Juigah nnllah, though in 
moft feafons not exceeding ^oo 
yards in breadth, is now an nn. 
menfe cxpanfe of water. The 
damage done by thife immeide flood 
is inolcnlable ; I (hall mentiot) 9 
few particulars of it, 

'< One of oar officers, wfaofe 
bungalow was Atuaied about lixty 
yar£ from the bai^ of the Null^, 
and wbich has ftooit perfeAIy ftcure 
for thefh twelve years paft, was 
forced to ^uit it ai midnighi, and 
cmbatlc with his family on board 
' « boatf which he fortimatety had 

at tiM f iai^ hs tkt tflflWl *M tkoi 
flowing into his bBngllaw, which 
has fince entirely fallen down, U 
have alfo moft of iho foldiets' houfcs 
erefled oi) the banks of it. 

" This tepU)fe deluge ha* fmft 
away whole villages j and evet^ 
day, nay, every hoor, prefents iImb 
fhocking (peAacIc of floating bodieSf 
immenfe trees, choppers, &c. 6ee. 

" Several houfes and thit-oflices 
at this ftation, which ftand above 
the ordinary channel of the river, 
are entirely filled or farrotfndcd by 
the rivet, which is ftill fifing to 
the moft alarming hei^t, and 
niflies on with aftaniftiing rajudity, 
fo as to ^ate an appiAen H oh 
that the whde ftation (w(cq>t the 
fort) will be con^ctely fubmcrfed. 
« It is to be feared that aa 
oemnts of the moA diftreffing natarc 
#ill be received "from the IrtWcr 
parts of the country, which, I ap- 
prehend, mud certainly l« laid to- 
tally under water-." 

The next account we have o^ 
thcfe deliruftiveandalannin|jtoodi 
is from Dinapore, as defcribcd \ti 
the following extrafl, dated tbd 
8th inftant. 

" The miferablc ftafc the wbole 
country is reduced to at preTent 
cannot be defcribcd, ari£t«g fiAnt 
one of the moft ferious and dc 
llrufUve inundations that was ever 
experienced in the memory of the 
oldeft inhabitant. It began on the 
id inftant, at night, and has con- 
tinued to incre^e Opon us ever 
fince : — the entire face of the coun- 
try has been laid under water tot 
thefe Kve tbya [taft, and is fo very 
deep in the cantoimientG, as to 
render it neceflary to ofe bMis to 
go to and from the different ranges 
of barracks. 

" The water now has only to 
rife four inches more, to be in the 
verandahs of the quarters: and a< 
(he inondation ftiU continues 


CHR01«6tE. 57 

ftjw ill npW ta aftd increafe, I feSr si the hew bnrying-grouinj. Tfit 
ic will not be long ere it has ar- firilowing well-merited Inrcrription, 
rived M that hu^." wrirten by Thomas Scon, Efq. one 

A Ttry tkgant ntonwtienr, of a of the Matters in Chmccry at Cal- 
pyramidical form, eieclited by Mf. cutta, is now cutting Km a brge 
Mycn, has been cieAed (by order tablet, which is to be placed at 
of the executors) to the nvnory of the ba£t at the pyiamid : 
At late worthy Mt- Jufli<* Hydb, 

Sacred lo tbe McmMy 


. The HoBwinblc JOHN HYDE, Erquira, 

Who wtB ippoinled one of the Putfae Judgct 

Od tbc EILiblilliiiKnt of ihe SHprcrM Court aL Cakuua, 

And died, dtet Huihrully and ably difchargiDg 
For a pefiod of above twenty 

twenty-one ycais, 

Oa the 8ih of juiy, 1706. 

He wu an J[:aiu.>^ Huibandi 

A fond ftreni ; . 

A Gna and zealous Friend : 

Ofuuquellioaed tmegriiy as a Judge; 

And a inily Vinuooi 


HI9 Inf; wai deefity lod honourably rwetted 

I^ ihm CMDiauuiiy which had Ions rcfpefled hie VirtUM ; 

Aod the fiubtk RcconJs 

Of ihis Govcmmerit declat* him 10 have been 

" jf Vfagifirate', -vtiitfe biugrin iH the difibargi- of bti Fublfc /Wfl/«Bj-, 

" ITM onfy rquaiied h iSe Virturs 0/ bi$ pnvaic CharoBttP 

Social, yet dignihed, 

He eommanded al once 

The Attefliom and Reverence 

Of the wide-extended c lie Ic, honoured by a Participation of his Hofpliilitictt 

But bit eoblcll Eutt^mm will be found 

Jd ihc la&Ki^' treiFii of a \ix\f. Lift of unfbitunate Petfon), 

Wbofe indigent Condition, 

By bii Advice, PtoieQion, and Mujiilicence, 

HisLtie wai otic ccBiiinucd Study ru mcttoraie; 

And nrfio mull ever regard him 

Ala deponed Model of unexampled, yet ciutiouHy concealed Charity, 

The pr»aical extent of which 

Could alone be exceeded 

By the boundlcb Benevolence and Geocrofity of bis Mind. 

A piftorc of his Royal Highnefs mabkai Contri butioms, 

d>e Prince rf Wales has bwi de- camlaued. 

livoed fohii Highnefs the Nabob Amount of rubferiptiomalieady 

of Arcot, by Capt. Burrowes, of publiflied . fogidm i^i.izi 

the Earl Howe Indiaman, Beneath Mr. P. Borne - - - - 85" 

jhefriftureareinfcribedthefoU ^^.^kmnee - _- _-_ - ;^ 

lowing .words : Th>« companie. of ill regl. Eup. 

CeorczAvoi/sttm Frederick, In. at Point de Galle - «• 

PrioeeofWalei, Capt.T. Gillam - - - 15* 

TOHisFBiEHD ticui. T. Meulh . - - 5* 

Omdut Ul Omrah, T. a. Conner - - 50 

NahcA of Ihe Camatii. Barker - - - - S<> 

>■ ■, '798- Po"'^'' - - - -Lieu"' 



Lieut. Huitd • ... '31 

JtcKhncntal non-coin, flaff - - '9 

NcB-com. and privaKsof sconit. C78 

Opi. C. DeighUM . • - cjo 
O. WeUuit ii>al. inn. duri^ the 


Officcn of ?A rcgt. N'ailve Cav. 600 

Linit. Cot. Ott, 6 monih't na]t . ^ei 
Cift. Huddltfton, I wondi t p^, 

»d fl monih'i tHtia - - 114 

Licui. M'Grojof . . - . ^ 

CoTDCt I^iell ------ (4 

J. Dalian, M. D. < month's pay 

Mui. and bii amm whilft ftivin]; 

wit hit Maklly'i rttb legt- 

Lkw. Col. ClSe - - - . 80B 

Cap*. Deflc ijo 

Liciu. B. Barclay - . . . . 13 

Col. Choker - - ' joo 
TW/olirwing Siihprrifihn: ai Vrza- 
LinM. C9I. FtxhoK^biTR, in ad- 
ditioci, tocl. pci ana- during tbe 

_waT - - - - - B50 

p.criTwcn . - - . 50 

R. Malcolm .... ijoo 
T.Bfackmoic - . .170 

COgihic - . . . 850 

P. Lawlbn - - . • l^% 

J.Tevcnion 50 

W. HithrraT so 

J.D. White 100 

G. Wilfon, un. durino [be wat . 150 

N.Webb .... 985 

IKno,ann. during ilicwar . - 14c 

F. A. Robiafon ... 100 

J- Vratf fio 

Safflerjeant, dnimriKrandfifenof 

iheBarrirtm . - - M 

Jto^MKan artillery- Invalids • - 4 

W. Youaglba . - - - \aa 

\. Fox. frij Invalidi ... ^ 

Scrjmit Rclin . - . . I 

T. Moriii, prix*atc - - i 

"" "■ *nd Richard . 1 

, - - - M« 

uropcan ottiircn 


t momh'i Tub- 

iiut ihc »'ar - 73 

dioo . - 56 

li.«. - - s6 

IJvxt. U. Mackay, ditto 
C. Nealc. ditlo • 

Cornel I), foulis, diiio 

Air.fl. fu^e- j"^'^".!'' - 

Quanerl>faAciSeqaBtJ.C«niui fi^ 
Serjeant N. Ro(^ . • 4 

P. Pinzc- - - 4 

OScen, Qumer Mafld Sdjeaim, 
Coqiorab, Di^oom of hn Ma. 

Officer!, Soicinti, Corporali, GtiB- 

DcnanS^atroHa ofthc ill bMt. 
an. fouih of Coltroon . • 560 
OffictB rf ihe Hon. C". sd ban. 3d. 

' rcjjiincn:, at followil 

Lieut. Cd. Oliyer 

Lieut. Cuninsbam 
liciit. H. Smith - - £o 

H. M'IntoDt - - 40 

^ P. Baynea - - 9a 

H.F. Smith . - Krf 

S. Fifh . . . ■• 

F. Ahmuif . - so 

Inverarity, afliflant furgeoa - jo 

T. F. D. Havilland, Lieut, die. 30 

Caw. W. S. Limrick . 100 

J. RichardTon - • too 

Capt. M. M'Giecer • - 150 

Lieut. W. PeacodL - • so 

E. I^ ' •so 

EnGgn J. Campbell • • ' aa 

Ball, chaplain - . 80 

Tiefdlmvmg Prkiairt (ie. ifihe 1/ Rl. 
Bf Euroftan In. each niu mtiulfs fay, 
J. Marihal, Lieut. 
Burton, ferieant 

Privaica — &eauino)rt> Hyde, Loiri- 

man. Lgbfcombv, Pticfl, M'Co*. 

M'Hallv. Pt^lwrd, Prentice, 

Siasgeii, Vaughln,Ward,DekiD, 

AA'ood ■• 

Daniel Iflcc • • aqm 

E. W. FalloReld . - soeE 

Rev. C. Pole - '- *S 

Native rervanu in paymallet'i and 

garrifon (lorc-keppF/i ilcpaitment, 

atTrichinopoly ) the vackecli fer 

(he payment ot tMnilinof Sepajv' 

on foreign fcrvice, one month'i 

pay each - - ^9 

W. W. Stanhope - - » 

Cipt. (. Gnham . - loa 

F. Pierce - • t^o 

Lieut. J. Maclean . - Im 

HiiMajcHy's ejth dragoons - 156S 

Diiio, laihfoot - - «i73 

giito, i9thdiiio 
itto, 73ddilio 
I^Cl^e £.5500 

His Mijcfly'i Swift regiment of 
MeuiuntJod commiuQitcd oT 



tnnt of dwT Tub- fiate in wliich he had the fatit. 

tnpiianaoniuUy during the war «773 fifljon w fee the id regiment of 

cavaliy this monung, reSefUi^ 

mneb credit oa the re^uiieiit 

Ca^.f- Giahan, in aJJiliOQ - 130 

Seg. M»j. Wilier - - »i 

■]/jg Set]. Baclow - - si 

SaRSCTi. Mondick - •si 

bmckSeii. DoHe- • •si 

W.WfaoOcr • - 30 

Opt. C. dboaley - ■ . joo 
A. AliaM) Trea/mrtr. 
MadtM, Sept. i, 1798. 


V^MMlaty Caatribuliami. 

(Frail'tita tndtud.) 

Bencal, Sept. 16, poundi Qcri. 198,193 

Huai, do. 7, diilo 68,300 

SomlMf, do. I, diuo • 90,000 

Meindeh Alt Khan, a natiTe of 
Peifia, and a man of letten, who 
latdy filled a fiation under the 

Cocnpuiy'5 adminifti 

diilrifi of Benares, has beft ap< 

I bett t 

general, and on the excnioiu of the 
officer who has been in the coou 
nund of it in particular. 

The pariiculaT pointt in which ' 
their prcwreA of inprorement was 
moft obvioiu, were ihofc of rapidity 
arul folidity in their movemenu ; 
and tbefe arc precifdy thofe qoali- 
tiei that are moil cflential to ca. 
valr}-, and in which the fttength 
of that corpt ahnoft entirely coo- 

The Major General is defiroiu of 
embracing the opportoiuiy of point- 
ing this oat to the native officen 
and men, as tending to infmre them 
with a confidence that is doe to the 
advantages of diTciplioe: (kill in 
horfemanihip, and perfonal ralonr, 
are the circumftances that muft dc 

pointed the Conptny's refident at ««*",''>^ •»" <f «^"^ »™?"£ *.•? 
Bolhire, whither he repaln in the "*■''? ?i "*"« """"^ «>' "»* 
Panther, to fucceed Mr. Smith. *''™ ' *"' 

The efndeDHc difeafe which pre. 
vailed at Bafibrah, as a confequence 
of the intntdation of the Eaphrates, 
we learn by the Pearl, had been at- 
' d with a molt alarming 

them a battle i 

of perfonal conflifls between man 
and man, in which, if the above 
qualities happen to be equally dif. 
penfod to the two parties, {(ipcri. 
oriiy in number mull prevail : bat 

taUty, carrying off no left than **! I? ^ *'"'8')' impreffed on our 
of the inhabitant* in the """^, ?» »? i>Mning pnnciplc. 

^Mce of about fix weeks. 

proved by the military experience 

Perfia ctotinues to be diftraftcd "^ *" "«"' ^^^ 5*"''" ^f . 
by the varioQi competitors for the ?w^geinent of the horfe, dextenty 
throne; nor ii the government of "> the ufe of Uieir weapon., or even 
BoOiiiv fuppofed to be permanently f°I*no"7 f perioral courage fif 
fcttfcd, Gnct Shriek Naifur, the late '''" "" °^ fuppofcd to eiJift in the 
wveraor, is at Qraine, and faid to ™ " "i'"'* ^ '""^j.' "'" 1""* 
Ee coUeAing a fieet of dowt, with ^2^1^ ^} union of effort, afting 
■ ' ■ ■ ■■ with a weight and velocity, which 

is produced by a fteady and well- 
grounded (Ufcipline; nor will the 
Utter be (bund leTs availing againft 
alinofl any number, however ftipe^ 
Oor, of undifciplined irregular ene- 
mies, hurried by the undiitinguiOi- 
ing impulfe of raflinefi, or frcniy 

whidi he meditates an attempt to 
reiaftatc hun^f >>> hit fomter au- 

aTATIOK oaoBRS. . 

Cawnwue, 6eiiL 10, lygS, 
Major General & James Craig 
win not hil to rniort to th^Con 

IDindcrin Chief the vciy in^roved ofo^um, eachrelybgon his tingle 





pfowfTt, and each aRing alene and tn Council, with a view M ibc i 

mdependeni : let the oldeft or ihe venlence of the public craditcm n- 

jKmngcft (bidier fay, if he doei iK>t fiding intheintuisr^tliecaURtr^f 

feel in the charge «f thi* momingt has b«cn pieced to aathopxe for the 

ifctf coirid have bon;e down and frerent, the refident at LucluHMh 

inni[ded upon i loofe anconnetled and the colleflort of revenoe Id raft 

mafi of fuch enemiM, though it had feveral lillahs,. to grant. In cUC 

been a mile in depth. charge of the-princj^ and initnft 

Sir JBmM Ctaig joint in the ge- of the twelve per eenr. now*, fhortly 

teeral frntimenti ol thettfimcnt, on coming in couifc of payment, at the 

(tie approaching departure of their <^iion of the proprietors thereof, 

lietrtenant ccAonel ; bis unreinitttrw eirher an acknowledgment in the 

attention to the regiment, the ef- fonn, prcferibed by die iid*H(ifc- 

finfta of which were fo well dif. mtnt publiihed in the Calcutta Ga- 

fibyed thisHionimg, has added the zettc of (he iglh September, 1796, 

legret of being deprived of his far. rcpublHhed igth Januaiy, 175*1 

ther eMrtion* as an officer, to that entitling the proprietor to — — *^ 

which, in common with all, he from tfe office of the aci 

fcds at the Itrfi of his fociety a* general a twelve per cent. 

M gmttcman. The Major General the amount, payable agteeabt/ W 

defircs that this order may he par. the condition! fpcdficd in fucfa a£. 

tkalarly exfdained to the native yertifemem; oran adtnowledgnjent 

officers aitd meo. >a the form prefcrtbod in the ad. 
vertifementt puUifhed in the CaL 

«KCAI. CIVIL APPOINTMtKTS. ^^„^ q^^^,^ ^ ^^ ,,„ j„^^ 

Mr. E. P. Middleton to be com- fj^s, entitling the pK^rieior a> 
mercial refident at Commercooky, receive an obligation inedecawWc 
and Mr. C. M. Ricketta heod af. for ten years, bearing intercft at 
fillant to the tommcreial refident at the rate of ten per cent, per annui% 
Pacca. Mr. H.&rfy tObcaflift- and payable agreeably to the con- 
ant 10 the coileftor of Tif^rah. di,:,nns of (he decennial loan then 
'MAi)RAs CIVIL APPOiNTMtKTs. publithed, with thefe prorifot, that 
■ Mr. George Thom^^f-in to be af. ^° acknowledgments be granted for 
•Rant in ilnt re\-enue department at '"= '*'^1'"^ P« <*«=■ ^'^"> f« «!** 
Na^or^. Mr. Thompfon Clublev f^m than ficca rupees yoo ; nor fin 
to be affiftant under the fecrctary to ""^ Aeccanul loan, for a lef* fum 
the !mrd of revenue. '''^". ^"^ ™I*" 40«> i *^ '•"* * 
receipt be indcwfed on each note tfatt 
BENGAL covsRNMENT ADTER- maybe difcharged in eithcrof theft 
TisEMENTs, modes, and atteftcd by the proprie- 
Notice has been given, that all tor thetwf, in the foUowIng fonn: 
letters ai1drt£fed to and written by Reveived from th: refident (W 

commanders and officers of his Ma. colleftor) of , the fom rf fica 

iefty's navy and public fervicc, and rupees, — being the piincipat of^ 

Wring the official Cgnature of the within note, together (if foth be 

peribn fending them on the enve. the cafe) with years intereft 

lope, will pais free of poibge, thereon.' (Signed) A. B. 

Fori William, Public Dcjonmcm, Fublilhcd by order of the Right 

Aug. 9, 1798. Hori, the Governor General in 

Notice is hereby giytn, thit the Councfl. 

-i^ight Hon, tiic Goveroor Geuerf.1 D, CAMPSBlt, Sub. Str. 

rt/pta'tng tht Pilatagt, an fub. 

tifotdftr general infarmat'itn. 

That the Maftcr Attendant (hall, 
iamediatelj aftw the arrival of 
any (hip or veflel at het moor- 
inp in the tiver Hoc^Iy, tranfrait 
to the Marine Paymafter the bill 
for pilotage, who (hall demaiul pay- 
Hkde thereof within five days. 

In reTpcA to (hips outward bound, 
die Matter Attendant (hall require 
the cotwnander of a (hip, upoAiis 
Mplicatkn for a pilot, to depoSi a 
Inm of money with the Marine 
PaymaRcT, to difcharge the bill for 
*" pgc outward, according to the 
1 rf water the (hip may dww, 
i^ at tovn, or may drau-, if 
tidea dova the river, with an ad- 
vaace «f ten per cent, thereon, to 
be kept in refervc ; which advance 
fliall be returned to any periWi the 
commander may appoint to receire 
th« Boacy, after the fumi due for 

pUonge have been difcharged, pn. 
Tided no part of the advance bn 
been apprt^dated to nudix good the 
smount due. Should the other put 
of the depolit be found to eicced 
the amount which may aAually be- 
came due, it mufl be repaid in lilse 

Publifhed by oider of the Bie- 
fjdent and Memberi of the Mannc 

J. Shore. Sec. Marine Board. 

Zillah Court, C4 Purguraiaju, RuSi^ 

Sept. 8, 1798, 

TTie Right Hon. the Gontnoc 
General in Council having beea 

E leafed to dired me to tranfmit M 
im, as early as I poffibly can, a 
correA liA of the Eurc^xans refiding 
within my jurifdiAion, not in bi* 
Majefty's or the Hon. Company's 
civil or military fervice, with in- 
formation refpeAing each, according 
to the following form : 
















f 1 











V 1 


And having farther been pleafed 
to direct Ine to be careful with 
Tcfpea to the truth t^ aifertions 
made by Britifh fabjefls (who m^y 
not. already haTC executed cove- 
^anb), relative to the period of 
their aAoal refidence in India, ei- 
ther by requiring a certificate of 
the fame, figiKd by two rcfpeAablc 
DKn, or by the dnofition of the 
party oa oath; and to call upon 
liich Britiib fi^jefts as have re- 
tuvt^ pcinuifiw to rtlide in India, 

to produce dteir certificates for my 
inJpeftion : 

Notice is hereby given to all 
Europeans of the above defcription, 
rcliding within the jurifdiflion of 
the Zilkh, that they are indivi. 
dually required without delay to 
report thetnfelves to me in the form 
prefcribed, and on their parts to 
conform in every refpeft to the or- 
ders ifTuol to me, to enable me to 
make the return direfled. 

J. S. Su ITU, Judge and Magiff r. 


Extract /nm (ienerat Ordtrt ty 
tilt Cemiamudir in Chief in Im- 

H. <^ CidtKtUty Jtmt 30. — 
Xieutenant GcDenl~Sttuut having 
iqmfentcd to the Comraandn in 
Cbief in India, that the brerct 
nrdc which was granted by his 
Majcfty on the i6tlt Jannaiy, 1 797, 
bad occaliooed the temporary fa. 

?Tceffion of Mapre J. Parerion, J. 
aylor, W. WiUianrfon, R. A. 
Heiroe, and A. Difney, of the 
Bombay efUbliflmtcnt, by promot. 
ing captains jimiof to them, ferving 
in India, to the rank of major, on 
that day, the Conunander in Chief 
is pleafed to direfl that thofe offi- 
cers rank as majors by brevet from 
the 16th Jannary, 1797, until hia 
- Majefty's picafure (hall be known. 
' G.O. Madras, Aug. 1^, 1798. 
— Efiedive native non-commilEoned 
officers arc allowed for ihe Madras 
battalion, in the room -of thofe at 
prefrnt with the coipg drawn from 
the non.effi^ivc eflablilhmenc. 

The Governor in Council it alfo 
picafcd to allow five fepoy recruits 
CO be attached to each company of 
the Madras battalion. 

G. O. A'g-i^ — ^Lieut. Coltmd 
George Hart, having returned to 
Iitdia, is to refume his office and 
litiiatioD as Deputy Faymaflcr Ge- 
neral to his Majefty's troops ferv- 
ing for this [tfcfidency. 

The Hon, the Goveriwr in Coun- 
cil has been pleafed to appoint Mr. 
Robert M'Cally to be a conduAor 
of ftotts. 

G. O. Jug. 18. — The Right 
Hon. the Governor in Council has 
been pleafed to appoint Captain 
Alexander Grant to be Town-ma- 
jor of Fort Si. George, vite Mal- 
colm, who reGgns. 

The Right Hon. the Governor 
ba« appointed Captain John Brown 
to be Bis aid-de-camp, and Clement 

Cartwri^, Elq. to be bit private 



Sept. I .—Brig Godavere, Wood, 
cock, Ganjam; left 23d Aug. j. 
Ship fcudar Vodarl, Curries, P. 
Wales's Ifland ; left id Aug. 7. 
H. C.'s Ship Earl Howe, Burrowes, 
Madras; left 24ih Aug. ; H. C.'s 
Ship London, Henderfon, Rangoon ; 
lefi J 1 th Aug. ; Ship Maria Char- 
lottfe, Bradley, HaniWo' ; left cth 
May. 1 ;. Ship Diana, Hull, Pe- 
nang; left 10 th Aug. 19. H. C.'i 
Ship Princcfs Charlotte, Prefr— 
Madras ; left 1 Cth Sept. ; 
Mary, Taylor, P. Walea's H 
17. Snow Bircm, Giacr, AlepM^ 
left ift Sept. 


Jug.zi. — Ship Peggy, Fleming, 
Coaft ; Ship Caledcmia, Thomas, do ; 
Ship Rebecca, Cam[d>ell, Madras 
and Bombay- 


Jug, 1 8. — Ship Ajax, Capt, C. 


jlKg. II.— Ship fiumaby, Ri- 
chardAm, Columbo. 34. Snow 
Princcfs Augufta, Keys, Surat j 
Priacefs Royal ketch, Dobinfon, 
do i Qijeen ketch, Hawkfwcll, do j 
Fancy fnow, Dennifton, M^bar 



Oa. 6, 1798. — The voluntary 
contributions m Indiaf reckuninv 
tlie Bombay rupee at zs. 6d. and 
ftar pagoda at 81. amount to near 
one fourth of a million fterling; or 
equal to one fixih of the whol^ 

Eroduce of the voluntary contri. 
ucions ai Great Britain, which 

Mr. Ktt hm eftimated at a nuUion 
and a hailf fteriing. 

A meeting 6{ the fubTciibers to 
ibe Tolontaiy contributions at Ma. 
dras wa> to have been held at the 
Exclui^ on the 30th ult. to re- 
ceiTc the Tcpoit of the comnuttee, 
and to confider of the farther mea- 
iuTcs which were iKCcflkr/ to be 
adt^ed on the occafion. 

Ofl. 13. ABSTKACT. 

Valuata rf CtMlriiutiein, 
Booibay, Sept. i9)n- 
dndiiig CocbdV at £• 

«t. 6d, b, nipea >54i55^ - 3'>*9' 

fiiy^ M;"?. 47.594 - 5.944 


16, « 

T<Nd,poaad)leilM& S7i333 

Tbe Soiptize brig was loft off 
the Sand Heads, at the month <tf 
the Hooghly, on Friday tbe 5th in- 
fiant. TTiis veffel arrived in tbe 
iokIs from Polo Fttunf on the 4th, 
the weather being exceedingly boif- 
taooi, and the wind at S. £. to 
S. S. £. No pilot being in fight, 
they let go an anchor; but Ihe 
- drove into two fithoim on Saugur 
Sand*-, and, in order to prerenther 
going aflkore in tbe nighi, it wat 
deemed proper to cut away the 
nuin-auft : in ooofei^aenoc of this 
■neafiue Ibc was got into feven &- ' 
thona in the caftcm channel \ but, 
parting two cables tbe next day, 
sod not having another anchor on 
board, (he drove m Ihoie at two 
o'clock, and filled. 

The crew got aftiore (it being 
iortantiteif flood. tide when fhe 
ftruck.} on Saugur Ifland, on a raft 
made of her fpan atxl a fmall canoe : 
tbe cosunaivler, officers, and feren 
ncn arrived in town on Tliurfda)' 
Bonung, leaving 37 of tbe oew 
on Saugnr IHand: boau with pre. 
rilians were immediately diTpatchod 
to the relief (£ the nniortuoate fiif* 

ICLE. £3 

AdvicM Croffl Poonah mention, 
that Puileiam, after havtog |dnii. 
deied the town of Sattaran, pra- 
ceedtrd to the fonthward widi a 
large force, towards die country oE 
the Calipo(»' Rajah. We aic aUb 
advifed from the fame qoarter, diat 
Col. Dnigeon, who was lately put 
under arreft by the Enropeaa offi- 
cers of his own corps, has been di. 
<reftcd of the command of the firft 
brigade in Scindeah's ferviee, by 
order of General Perron; and that ' 
Col. Hcffing has been provifionall; 
appointed by Scindcah to that fitn. 
atuKi, fubjeft -to be oraiSrmed by 
General Peiroi. Colonel Drugcon 
waa to nroceed to Bombay ia the 
courfc m'a few dayi, under the pro. 
teAion of a guaid to conduA him 


Oa.23. — Yeftcrday the Supreme 
Court of Judtcaiore met, agreeable 
to adjournment. The jodges, the 
gentlemen of tbe bar, and (he offi-,- ■ 
cers of the court, went in proceOion 
from the houfe of the Lord Chief 
Joftice, in the following order : 
Spcu~men, iwosnd ma. 
Conliililcl, two and (wo. 
The Hish Sheriff aod Deputy ShenC 
Tbe Ruht Hon. Sir John AoOiutbcr, 

Ban. Chief Jjlticc. 
The Hon. Sir William'Dunkin, Kraght. 

The proccffion reached the coun. 
boufe at a quarter paft ten o'clock. 
The judges having taken their Icata 
on the bench, and the ufoal pro- 
clamation having been made by the 
crier of the court, notice of feveral 
caufc* to commence in this term 
was given by tbe refpeiUve coun- 
fel ; after which the Lord Chief 
Joftice announced, that the Court 
had deiermined to iifue cenain re- 
golatiuu fbr its future proceeding! 
and the coaditA of iu ^^f^^t 



it hi4 been intended on Ait Axy ; 
but chat fome delay haring occur- 
red in preparing the faid regola. 
tinne, the arnionciation of them ii 
pc^poned til) Thurfday next : tbat 
the future neecing of the court will 
be at nine o'clock. Tlie court ad. 
joumed at a quarter p»ft deven. 

By accounts from Madras we 
Icam, that the Recorder's court wai 
to be opened on Frtday the id 

The roles and orders of the Su- 
preme Court, BB far ai might be 
deemed expedient, were, we learn, 
to be adopted ibere. 

The number of baniftcn, for the 
prefent, to dDnfift ai/c-jim, two of 
whom had arrived widi the Re. 
cordcr ; thiee more were expefled, 
who had obtained licence from the 
Court <^ Dir«Aors, and were on 
their way from Europe ; and cuw of 
ihe attomies of ibe Mayor's court, 
who were quali&ed to be called to 
the bar. The prefent number of 
Bttomies, being ilmitn, not to be 
increafed, nor any new admiflion of 
barrifters, uiilefs the pcrfons apply. 
ing for fuch admithon could pro- 
duce the licence of the Court of. 
Direftors for that puqiofe ; with a 
te&rvatioo to the recorder, in cafe 
of emergency, by death of the pnc- 
titit>ner5, to admit others, duj)' 
qualified in other refpefb, although 
not licenfcd. 

The laft official difpatehes from 
Madnu contain a' loyal addrefs to 
his Majefiy from the Britifh fob- 
je^t at Madras, Set. which con- 
cludes with the following Sate- 

Amcuni xS fublcripuon) olieaJ/ 
advenilcd - - igtisSs 

Hon. Fied. Nonh 1500]. per 
annum dating the war, piy- 
abte from his lakry at go- 
vernor of Ceylon - 3750 

Mc. Stcvcnfim, furgeon - £o 

K^Woodtoek, Efa. - ^ 

Cqpi.W.Dowfc - - »50 

A. A1.L41C, trtqfurtr. 
Mains, Oa. is, 1^98. 

Accounts from Ramnad, by the 
Courier, mention that the Panda. 
Ismconchy Poligar having nUbit- 
ed fympionu ofdifaffiflion, it had 
been determined to feize liis pcr- 
fon whUft at Culcherry. The at. 
tcQipt, however, .J^^ failed — the 
Pohgar having eSiBfd hli efcape^ 
after killing ColSel Martin's 
adjutant, and two ot three Sfp^s, 
who had attempted to fccare hun. 
Several of the Poiigar's parFy were 
alfo killed or wounded. 

The Ihip Sarah, Capt. Faiicer, 
which quitted the pilot on the 
f oth ult. in a gtle of wind expe. 
ricnced the fame night, unfortunate, 
ly went down, about fifty milea 
to the S. E. of the Sand Head*. 
The Captain and crew (when Ihe had 
^ght ieet water in the bold) fared 
ibemfelves by taking t» ibe long 
boat, and on the 14th they ai. 
rived at Pipdy. 

The Muiraitas on that part of ■ 
riw coaft treated the unfortunate 
fbfferers with gieat inhomanity 
and barbarity ; they derived tbcai 
df their boat, and every thing elfe 
ufcful or valuAic; they idobed, 
fippped, and withheld from them 
the common necdTaricJ of life. — 
The Captain and crew left theft 
inhofpitable people, and arrived at 
Gauntte on the z7th ult. Mr. 
Chapman,' the Refident, afibrdcd 
them the molt humane affiftance; 
and on Wednesday evening Uft, 
they all arrived fafeat Calcutta. 

A fubfcription had been opened 
m Bombay, for the relief of the 
widows and itlattons of the (lain 
in the glorious ifUm of ibe firft of 
Auguft. • 

On Menday the 8fb nit. Jarne* 
■ ■ : UtHHMcTate, 

Tkttt £1^. naynr of Borabi^, to. . - Ff^mM/y C^ianh^iewrr \ 

{ether tvtfb i^ dtkmen of the * ani> 

ccoR, aScnblM) at (be Town-hafl, Addreh to uis n^jistt. l 

at elCTtn o'clock in the fotenoon. Fort St. Geoiie, Oa i, 179&. 

in pHribance of tiw dire^iotM in his Ac a meeting of tlw fubfcrioen: 

Majcft^'fchirtcr— Wliena&t:ri}l«d to the voluetar/ contiibutiDiu for 

Ae7 were net by Sir William thcfoj^rt of the war, the cooNr 

Sfer, Kiit|^t| raoDfdn«f Bombay, nittee laid before the meeting ■ 

iur William took his feat in the ftatement of the contributions, 

diar <^ the pieMcot of the conn, amouacing to one lack and ninety^ 

■nd jlw mayor and aldennen ihoufand pagodas, of which oos 

fadi^ alfo feated> tui Majcfty's lack aitd lixty thoufand have beoL- 

ckBRcr wai poblicly read, md received by the tnafurer^ tud paid 

proclaimed. Tlie mayor then ad- into the Hon. Con^any's calb, 

mtniAercd the pnfcribtd oaths to Refolved, That an hiunbk ad.- 

tfaencordcT, who having fubfcribcd dref* to his Majdty, fuitable t» 

theai, be proceeded to adminilter the occaGon, be prepared, uid that 

tk oa^ to the mayor and alder, a committee be af^inted fw Uut 

t»ea, each of them futriirribing their puipofe. 

a^vftiTe oath ; the court of the Refolved, That the Goamutttt 

Rcotder of Bombay, was puUilhed do conlift of the members of tlai 

•l^piOclainKd. prefent committee, with the ad-- 

Tne feveral. aUenncn nrohibited dicion of the Hon. Bafil Cochianci 

by the charter from the uK»cdiai« and Lieut. Col. Clofe. 

cxercife of judicial funfliont having The conunittec hasipg accord, 

itrircd, the court of d>e lecordtr ingly retired, prepared the follov. 

confided «f Sir William Syvr, ing dnft of an addrcfs to hU Ma. 

Knight, t«corder of Bombay ; J. jclty, which having been read to 

Tate, ifq. mayor; Aki. Adam- the meeting, was uaanunoufly ap« 

loD, R. Kitfon, anil J. Forbes, proved. 

EJqrs. fenior aldermen. „ y-^ ,^ Kii-o's Afcy? ZxttlUnt 

TbdegenilemenimmediatcIypTO. Maiffir 

ceeded to the appointment of the y^, „,j, humbuJnd duiijul JJdrefi 

ftrcral officen of the court, requittd af the Briii/h Sabjeils at ittadrtu amtt 

for the immediate pmgrefs of jo. "* DeprniiaKiri- 

didal authority. MelTn. Cosftabic, " most gracioui sovBitBiciTt 

Amkifon, Pofiam, Morky, White, " Ai the mtnnent of conveying to 

Hall and Guraud, were admitted our country a {de<%e of ouraScAion» 

and inroUed attomies and advocates we, your Majcfty's moft dutiful 

mthccourtiofUw and equity, and and loyal Aibje^, trnprcfljed with 

proftort in the ecclefialiical courts, the molt lerpcitful and cordial fen. 

■ Mi. G. Simfon was appointed timcnis c^ loyalty and attachment 

ptoibonotary, and legilter to the tQ you^ royal perfon, which na 

cooru of law and equity ; Mr. J. dtdance can impair, no abfesc& 

Mocky, clerk of the croivn, cteik dimLnilh, begp^rmiflion to approach 

of atiaigns, and cleik of indi^. your Majefty, a> the auguft boad «£ 

aentsiMr.M. BrifbaneieitainiiKti that conltitutiou whidi bind* our 

and Mr. Evan*, fealer. The court hearts and iritereftii by indilblufalft 

then adjounKd to the firft day of ties to our native country, 

the fiiA (£im, being the 6ih infi. "I^OQkingtQit>at invaluabkcoa. 

N Google 


UtutiM*r dK U& ptOteAioatif FanSi.Geoige,iMliOa.i7g0.' 

iwtiridwa feeariff, citU libenr, Thi« day, purfuaot to ihe feiw. 

«nd ratiotul freedom, we canfiot going refolotioiw, the comcuucr, 

bot fed an earueft intereft in the aneoded by the Britifh inhabitants, 

I which have been ni*ie, *""«* "P™ ^ ^^S^^ Hon. L«rd 

» dcfew the attempts of our in. CJive, and prefcnted the following 
■Kterateenemie*;— againftfuchene- addrefi to his Lordlhip, together 
Mies, and the ruinous principles with the addrefs tohismoft gracious 
they propagate, we beg leave to Majefty, 

iftre your Majelly, that we are ■" To tie Right Hmiearahlr Ed- 
»»d^ with our livei and fortunes wakd, lardCHvt, Itc. 

to Aipport your Majefty's crown, " my losd, 

«Bd the conAitution of our country ; " We beg leave, in the name of 
and we imploreDivine Providence, the Britilh inhibitanis at Madras, 
to continue that influence over youi and its dependencies, to delirer to 
Majefly's perfon, eouneils, and your Lordihip an addrefs to his 
arma, which has hitherto enabled mtrfl gracious Majefty, which has 
your Majefty to contend, with been unanimoofly agreed to at a 
fuccefs, againJl the efforts of our public meeting; ai5 we reqoeft ' 
efcemies j to the end that your your Lordlhip will be pleafed to 
Majefty nay obtain for your peo- take fuch meafures as you may 
fk, a lafe, laftbg, and honourable deem moft proper for its being pre- ■ 
pM«-" fented to his Majefty. 

Refolved, Tliat a fair copy of " We have the honour to be, 
thetbOTc addrefs be made, and left " With great reTpcft, 

at the Exchange for fignature. " My Lord, 

Rcfolved, That the committee " Your LonUhip's moft obedieni 
be defired to piefent the addrefs. In " And very humble Servant), 

the name of the meeting, to Lord E. Ninon, W. Sydenlwn, 

Clivc, and to requeft that his Lord- T. Cockbum, N. E. Kipderiky, 

flup will be phafed to take fuch JJ; ^^^^ ^; ^^ 

meafures a» he inay think moft J.Webbe, B. Roebuck, and 

prc^r, for tranfmitting it to hii C. N. While." 

Majefty. To which his Lordlhip was 

Kefolved, That when a day pleafed to return the following 
Ihall be fixed for prefenting the anfwer : 

addirfs to Lord Clive, notice may Fan Si. Geofje, Ofl. ib, ire»- 

he given to the inhabitants, that " To ibt Cammitiif »f the Brittjb 
they may accompany the committee Inhabltanu of Madrat ead itt 
on the occafion. Depeniencie,. 

Rcfolved, That the thanks of " obntlimiw, 

tfic meethw; be given to Major •< It is with the grcateft pleafure 
General Nixon, for bis conduil J undertake to catecute the com. 
while m the chair. miffion you have thought fit to 

K-*dved, That the thanks of honour me with, of tranfmitting 
the meeting be given to the com- the unanimous addrefs of the in- 
mittee, for the attention they have habitants of Madras and its de- 
paid to the objefts of this and the pendencies, to his moft gracious 
totiner meeting. Majefty. 

A- Allan.- ^«r. '•TTiistettimonyofyoor l<yalty 

c..„„.Goagle " 

_«fi»*iici.B; ■ 

Sw the pubKc Irrvicf, wiir, 'I am 
ODnAdcnit be aeofptable to hii Ma.' 
jcfty, and will be heard by roof 
fcHow-fiAj^Qi ip England with a 
joftandgnMfuI admirarioB ofyonr 
affcAkXiaK f<riicitirie for tht? well- 
fare of your native country. It 
win afibrd the moft unequivocal 
and hmotu^de poof, that your 
difiance fmn the parent lUte, and 
your remote litiiation imm the ini. 
mc^aie theatre of war, hat not 
been in any degree able to dimiiiifh 
the lively and patriotic attachramt 
which EngUflunen will ever feel 
to that glorioiu cot^ilution, the 
UcAngs oif which we have fo Ion; 
mj^ed, and which it is ihe avowed 
ot^etl of onr inveterate and defperate 
en emk. * to deftroy. 

I am happy to have this public 
oppottuiiity of declaring my cordia) 
concuTTtnce m the (cntimcnt» you 
have exprefled, and Oiall feel the 
moft fincere fatisfaflion in being 
the inflnuoeni of conveying to h'n 
Majcfty> this pledge of your de- 
lerminalka to iuppon the govern- 
iDttkt of yoot native country, and 
to imfaoM it* unrivalled fyftcm of 
friipon, order, liberty, and law. 
" I have the honoiir to be, 

•' With the greateft refpeft, 
" Geniiemen, 
" Your moft obedient and faithful 

" iServant, ■ Clive." 


Capt. J. Achilles Kirkpatrick 
M be rcSdcnt at HviJrabad. Capt. 
J. Makolm to be alEftant to the 
lefident and poft.mafter at ditto. 


Mr. R. Kinchant to be commer. 
rial rdidcnt ai CuddaJorc. Mr, 
J. Taylor to be rc.:ietary to the 
boaid of trade. Mr. H. P. Smith 
to be deputy fccretajy lo ditto. 

+ F 

BaM»AY ciyii iprmni^NT.* 
W. Bowler, Efu. to'be agent fof 
buildings snd repairs, in the room 
of R. Lewis, Efq. dcccaftd, 


The public is hereby informed, 
that the fum which is expcftcd to be 
applicable to the payment of the 
regiftcr debt of this prcfidcncy, in 
the c:)urre of the monih of Oftober, 
ainouncs to rupees ten thoufand 
(rupi-es 10,000), which will be 
lufEcieni to difcharge the outlland.. 
ing^ bonds and notes aa far a* No. 
309 of 3S37 of the 3d Jan. 1795. 
T. Myers, Aut. &•». 

Fort Willimi, aoiliOfl. 1798, 

At a Court of Direftors held on 

Wednefday ihczjih April 1798, 

Refolved, That the comioanden 
and oJGceis who difpofe of their 
tonnaee in future, (hall give a biit 
of lading, dcfcribiiig the goods 
they have allowed to be fluMed 
therein, and to whom they have 
conligned the lame ; and fuch con- 
fignec, or his, or her, or their 
afiigns, fhall be the perfofi or per' 
fons, on giving up the bill of 
lading, who (hall give the dtfcharge 
to the Company, for the goodi 
therein contained, or the proceed* 
thereof; and the inanifeft of tlKgoodi 
fhipped, muft, in every refpcdl, 
agree with the bill of lading, Hating 
■in whofe privilege fhipped, the par- 
ticular of the Ihipmenf, arJ the 
rume of the pany or parties to 
whomconfigned — that, as the com- 
tnanders are liable to a charge of 
500!. agreeably to the late rel'tdu- 
titKis of the Court of Proprietors, 
the bills of lading (hould not ex. 
onerate the goods trom the charge, 
unlefs there is other fufiicient rc- 
gifter property of the commaudenj 


to ufwu it, OB beud the fereni 

(Signed) W, Ramssv, See. 
?ublilhed by order of dx Board 
rf Trade. 

W. A. EMtoNSToiie, See. 
Cooneil Clranber, eg, Otl. 1798, 
Siiement of the fhares of the un- 
dcr-meniioned offiwrs of the pro- 
portion of the rt&rved fifth ot the 
Rohtlla donation of 1774, which 
do not appear 10 have been paid on 
the 30th of April, 1798. 



" 3 



^■.^^"r : 


" a 


" 3 

J.Stoa - - 


—'^M 1 3 


K.Ramray - 


8 'fi' 

R. Friih . 


8 e 



J. Falb - 


8 f 


8 I 

T. T. Meicalf 


8 e 

W.Sand) - 


8 > 

T.Surki - 
A.Murray - 


8 ■ 


8 a 

1. Doxart - 


8 e 

A.J'erp.jbn, f. _ 



8 B 

8 a 



8 B 

H. EwiM - 


8 e 

— 3% ft 4 

T. M'Urkin 


5 ' 



5 ' 

1. Siocl«r 
C. Himilton 

- «i 

5 ' 

- 8« 

5 I 



5 I 

. 8t 

5 * 


■^~- 4-8.4.6 


R.Eht Hon. the 

By order of the 


General in Council. 


Hook, Sui. S^c. 




'Whei«ai the fecurity and defence 

«f this prefideney 

require that the 

corps of mi 


compofed of the 

inhabitants of the town of Calcutta, 

ftiould be 

*-eftabli(hed and em- 

bodied under fudi rcgulatioiu as the 

Right HoA' Ihe Govemof Gener^ 
W Council (baU ord«r and dircA i 

His LonUh^ b Council, rely ktg 
on the loyalty and puUic ffnrit of 
the inhabitants of the totrn. of 
Calcutta, hereby oiden and directs 
all the Eiuopean, Annenian, and 
Portuguese iohabitanti of tht frid 
town, to afidnble on the walk 
between Chandpul Gaut awl Foit 
William, to be there duly muftered 
and enrolled. 

The Eoropeau te aflbuble at 
the aforefaid place on Wednefday the 
7th, the Anneniana on Thuifday 
the 8[h, and the Portugtiexe oo 
Friday the 5th of November, at 
day .break ; and the proper oStoen 
are liercby commanded to attend, 
br the puipofe of muAering ami 
enrolling fuch pcrfont as flu^ ap. 
pear, andtendcr thui lerrioet, ac. 
eottling to the teaor of this pro- 

Fubiilhed by order <tf the Right 
Hon. the Governor General in 

G, H. Baklow, Sk. ta Gov. 

Serin if Military Orders, tf r. 


G.O.Oa. 16, 1798. A draft 
is to be made from iIk ift European 
regiment, of a fofficient number of 
men to fiU up the Tscancics of ina»- 
trolli^ in the four companies of ar- 
tillery at the field ftations, and that 
of Allahabad, indiiding the vacan- 
cies which will be occafiMied by 
the transfer of men, recommended 
for the invalid cftabUfhmcnt. 

The eftablifhnient trf" Golandaaz,- 
ordeted by the minutes of Coun^ 
of the 15th inftant, is to he ctnn- 
plcted aa cxpcditioufly as polCble, 
with a fcrupulous attention to the 
choice of the men. In felefting 
men from the Lafcar companies, 
particular care mutt be taken, that 
none, but fuch as from age, flze, 
and ftom good behaviour, ait fit 


bt Gol»daaz, Ite adnrftted on Axt allowed fer tlte migazine at Moog* 

<ftiUiAuaent. Mahometans are to tuer. 

be prefennd for the Goktulaaa Rtfirfvei], That the proportioB 

cAabliBuDcat ; and no nun ii to be of one fyce for eaA hoife in hii 

TCCciral npoD iti who doet not en- Majdty't 17th icgimmt of dm. 

gigt to OBbarJt on board of (hip, goons, which was allowed by the 

whencrer the fervice Ihall lequire minutes of Connctl of dK 10th of 

his piocetdii^ by fea — ihis is to be March laft, rill die i ft of Noven- 

ag exprefa ftipolation on oath, pre. ber, be coniimicd for fix amtths 

noui to being auolled. An op- longer. 

|ortuiuty wilibeoKredof ttward- M. C. 03, 31. The Hon. the 

■ng dclcFvuig men in the Lafcar Court of DireAors having, in th«r 

coiapaiues, ay promotion to the general letter of the ifi Noveotbcr, 

rank «f jemidars, havildan, and t797< appointed C^t. G. A. Ro- 

oaikt, if there fhall be ia them men binibn to the poU of military au- 

({sdificd for thefe fituationE ; in ditor general, and hating, in their 

which cafe, (he fc]e£U<xi is to be general letter of die 13d of May 

made wiA due aiKntioo to length Uft, confirmed, that a^^introent, 

•f ferrice and merit. and dire^ed that Capt. Robinfoft 

TWe dicla of the Golandanz is to be a^^intcd to the faid office of 

cocfonn as much as padiUe to that military aud!t<»' gener^r imnac- 

of die EuT<^iean anillety-nien ; af- diately on his arrival in Bengal ; 

tcr the caninander in chief ihall Capt. G. A. Robinfon it acooid- 

(ore ^iprored of a pattern coat, ingly direfied to take charge of the 

honaty cloathing will be prepared ; office of military auditor gcoer^, 

diey UK to be aniwd and accouteied which is to be dclirered over to 

in the fame manner as the European him by Mr. J. Scawen. 
Htillery- G. O. Nov. i. His Majefty'a 

The innortanee of the Gcfan. 76th regiment at Dinapore, is to 

daiiz dtahUthmeat u fo obvious, proceed to Fort William, by water, 

and the adUty to be derived from as foon as boats Ihail be ptoridetl 

tt fo tmch depending on the pro- for their accommodation. The 

per cbtHce of men, and tlieit fubfc- town-imjor's agent is to provide 

aaent trainiag and inftruftion, thai the ufual tjoantity of tcxinage for 

the commander in chief cannot too the men ; the <^cers are to tumilh 

lerioally eojointhe vtmoft vigilance tbemfelves with bodgerows and boati 

and ocrtion, in thefe points, on the on the boat allowance. 
put of the officers commanding 

companies, of the commandant erf madxas, 

anillety, of the officers command- G. O. 03. z. In confeqnence of 

ing battalions and detacliments, and advices received fn»n tile Hon. the 

tt the major-gcnciak in command Coort of Direftors, that the fol- 

cf fUtions. lowing officers have retired from the 

EnlignG.Hammondisappoinicd fervice, viz. Lieut. Col. A. Lang- 

to die iftbatt. of tbcfthnat. reg. ley, H. Malcolm, J. Campbell, 

Refolved, That a augazine and Lieutenant J. Holland — their 

cSabliQuDent be fixed for All^bad, names are to be ftnick off the lifted 

and that it ihall coniift of a deputy the army, and tlie following ar. 

cnnmiflary, and a condador of rangements and piomotioni to take 

otdnance, with the faoM number of |dace : Lieut. Col. W/ Flint, from 

Xit&ccn and nugvkie-nten as are (he fapeKmmerann, c«nes on the 
i F i efiefliv 



c5eaive lift, b the room of Lieut. 
Col. Malcolm, retired ; Major C. 
Smart to be Lieut. Col. vice J. 
Campbell, retired i Capt. J. Ban- 
nciman to be Major, vice Smart, 
promoted; Major G. Ure lo be 
Lieut. Col, vice Campbell, retired; 
Capt. T. W, Shippey to be Major, 
vice Upr, promoicd ; Capt. Lieut. 
T. Wilfdn to be captain of a com- 
pauy, vice Banncrman, promoted ; 
C^. Lieut. J. Malcolm to be 
c^iain of a company, vice Ship-, 
pey, promoted ; Rrevet Capt. W. 
T. Giraud to he Capt. Lieut, vice 
Wilfor, promoted ; Brevet Capt. 
C> Rand to b^ Capt. Lieut, vice 
Malcolm, ptomotcd ; Enfigii W. 
^apham to be Lieut, vice giraud, 

ETioted 1 Etifign L. Goidon to be 
ut. vice Rat^, promoted ; En. 
fign H. Slake ib be Lieut, vice 
Holland, who bas retired on Lord 
Clive'spenlion; date of rank. Sept, 
?9, 1708. 
. G, O. Oa. 4, The following 

fromotiona 10 take place : Major 
'. A. Agnew to he Lieut. Co!. 
vice Smart, deceafed, date of tank 
^.ih Ot\. 1798 ; Capt. F. Caj^r 
(o be Majw, vice Agnew, proino. 
ted, date 4th oa. 1798; Capt: 
Lieut. W. Cunningham to be cap. 
tain of a company, vice M'lntofti, 
deceafed, date 29th Dec. 1798 j 
Capt. Lieut. J. Jones to be captain 
of a compatiy, vice Capper, pro. 
moted, date 4th Oft. 1798 ; Bre- 
vet Capt. J.' Itines to be Capt. 
Lieut, vice Cunningham, promoted, 
dale i^thSept. 1798; Brevet Capt. 
G. Phillips to beCapt. Lieut, vice 
Jones, promoicd, date 4th OCi. 
1798; KiifignC.Pafleyto be Lieut; 
vice Innes, promoted, date ^9th 
Sept. 1798; Enfign Edwards to be 
Lieut, vire Pliiilips, j^om^ied, date 

4th oa. 1-98. ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ 

G. O. Ofl. 5. The Right Hon, 
tbc Governor in Couiicil thinks it 
nt:.cflury to p'JaliQi tbe following 

extnfl of ■ letter from the Hot!^ 
Court of Dire^rs, dated the. 151b 
May 1798, lately received: 

Par. li^ — ',' The commander 
of our Ihips havit^g entered iDto 
hfmAf to pay forfeit to Popdar hoT- 
pitai, if tbcy Ihall take more than 
the following fmas^ fca the pallagQ 
and acccmmodation ftf the tmder- 
roejiitcwed peribiu entciuisied «t 
their table : ' 

Writers and iiibdtefa officert . f. 1(15 
Cadcis anil alllllani ruijjuont - 70 
Od. 19, — " We itiiclofc a c!5>y 
of fuch bond for your particular in. 
formation, and direa, that unmc- 
diaiely on the, arrival of .every Ihip 
at your fettlement, in which there 
fhall be any pairet|gc(: under tb^ 
above defbription, you make flriA 
inquiries inio the fums paid by all 
and erery fuch perlbn or petfons ^ 
and (hould any infttfKf occur, 
wherein the ftipulated aUovat>ces 
thall have been exceeded, you muft 
[lot fail to iniban us thereof, in or- 
der to, epabjc ks to recover the pel 
nalty of the bond, for tl\e ufc of 
thefaid hofpital." 

G. O. Oa. 14. The remainder 
pf his Majefty's ifyh regiment is 
to embark from tti; North Glacia 
4t fix q'clc^k to-ntorrow monung, 
fur Europe, ii) iljc (hips uiider du-' 
patch, according to the diftribution 
;hey Have received from the deputy 
adjutant general. 

The ocvaiion cannot fail to Tfcal 
the memory of thofe glorious and 
important for vices which I)avcbcen 
rendered by this gallant corps to. 
the Britidi emnitfiti Iitdia— fer- 
vices for which ihe' Right Hon; 
the Prefident in Council oflets the 
warnjeft ihaokf of this government 
to Lieut. Col. Bumej the oflicers 
^nd men of the regiment. The 
Governor in Council, in^reflet) 
with a juft lenfe of the difcij^ine 
and hardinefs of (he men, of the 
eiLpeiicnce and gallantry of the offi. 

ttii, cannot bot feel lincere regret 
at tbe lofi which the army, under 
ihU go?eni[neni> is about to fuf- 
tain, in the departure of this effi- 
cient and d^ftiiiguilhcd corps. 

G. O. /JiieJ /i; thr Ccam^i:J!r In 

Chirf, idOaober, l-j<ji. 
Minrttt ef Cauncil in the Md.iaty 
Dijiartrntnl, \ft OaohtTy 1798. 
LJCDKnnnt Colonel David Wood. 
burnt, of anillerv, havir.g pro. 
duccd a cetti&cate, granting him 
the permilTion of the Honourable 
Court of Direftori, 10 return to his 
fiation in the army at this prefi. 
dency; refolved, that he be ad- 
mitted accordinglv. 

Reftrived, that thefolioivingpro- 

motiom be maileJii the infnmry : , 

Captain John Djrbv, to be nu- 

jor,froai(he loth Sepienibcti 1793, 

vice P. M. Dougall, deceafed. 

Captain lieutenant J. Donald 
Mitdiie, to be captain of a com- 
pany, from the lotb September, 
1798, vice Darby, j)romotcd. 

Brevet c;iptatn ai^ lieutenant 
James At!::nlon, to be captain lieu- 
tenant, from the lolh Srptembar 
1798, vice Mitchie, promoted. 

Mr. L. Collings, pymallcr, be- 
ing fofficiently rcovered in hia 
health, to enable liinv to rcfume 
the duties of his offiw ; rcfolved, 
rhat [be charge of the oScc be de. 
iivcredto himby Mr.R.E. Party,- 
froTn this date. 

The under.raentionedeadets for 
this eftabiiih.nent, havino; pro- 
duced certificates of their refpeiftivc 
appoiniments ; rcfoWed, that they 
he^ admitted to the fervice accord- 

Mr. Thomas Shewbriek, of the 
feafon i'796, hia certificate dated 
i+(h July, 1798.— Mr. John WLJ. 
liam Taylor, 19th July, 1798.— 
Mi. Jamei Garner, 26th ditto, 
ditto.— Mr. Henry Rainy, i6ih 
ditto, ditto.— Mr. Otio Ciarke, 
sSiL ditto, ditto. 

Hesd-^uanei;, Choultrv Plain, 
Scpi. a4ib, 179S. 

In taking leave of Licuiensnt 
Colonel Burne, the officers and oien 
of hiE Majefly's 36th regiment, the 
Commander in Chief cannot fefraih 
from exprefling his fincere regret 
at loiing, from under his ctHiim^.nd, 
a corps fo crainenily diftinguilhed 
for important fcrvices in the field, 
and for difclpline, order and regula. 
rity in every fituation. Of a tegi- 
mf lit ttliofe merits arefo iiell known, 
it is unneceifary to diy much ; their 
gallant exerrions will receive tbcir 
beft rewari! in tlie ^ipplaiife and gra. 
titude of their co'.intrv. 

The Comm?nvlcr in Chief cBnnot 

more (Irongly evinec his highopi. 

nion rfthia cor}--^, than by exhorting 

the men, whcrefocver their Kingand 

Country may hereafter require their 

ferv ices, 'to make it their firft care 

to prefcrvc unblemilhed tbe name 

and reputation they have ac([iiirej 

in the 36th regiment. 

(Signed) Keith Yocwc, A.D. 

Adjutant Genera!, 


ihc '^(>th regiiDcnt. we hupe it will not 

be deemed prelumpluoui m ut to add 

out own humble tiibuie of heanfcltap- 

pliufi: 10 a corps whofe eminent fctvice 

havK been fo honourably aiiclled.j 

The 3Cth, during Oxtcen years of 

hardfervicein thcCariiatieandMy. 

fore, were no Itfs diftinguiflicd for 

the ftcift difeiplitie and inrr.-pid 

bravery of the privates, than for i!)c 

gallant fpirit anil proud honour of the 

officers. The glories they gained 

in war were never fullied by any 

of tliofe exccffcs to whi^'h conqucit 

too frcquenily'gives rife ; the good 

order tlR'y prel'i-rved in peace wa» 

never dillurbed by any of ihofe 

ads which iillciieii is apt to e^. 

gender. Inull fiiuations, ihc^ (led- 

faftly maintained die uniformity of 

veteran foldierf, and the generous 

ardour of Eiigliftiineo, 


ExtraSi from the Hoh, Company i 
CantmanJi, in t^eirMilitary Lit. 
Ur, datedMay ij, 1798. 

Par. 6th. — Under the very pe- 
culiar circumtlances meniioned in 
Col. Balfour's letter of the 30th 
Sept., 1 7961 we confirm Ac ap. . 
pointment of Mr. R. Cadman on 
your militarj' eftabliftiment, with 
the rank you have aRigned him. 

14th, — In the military letter 
from your prcfidcncy, of the I cth 
Jan. 1796, a ctaim of the cadets 
of 1791, to rank above the coun- 
try cadets of chat year, was fub- 
mitted to our iie~ifion ; but we ob. 
ferwe, thatfliottly aficr, the qutftion 
waa decided at Bombay in favour 
of the claim, without waiting the 
ilfue of the reference. But as (his 
decifion militates agninll a former 
determination of your Bor.rd, t>f 
the 6th Oft. i79Jt of which, in 
the 1 8th par. of our letter of the 
17th Feb, 1797, wc (jgnified our 
. approbation, as being agreeable to 
the fpirit of our orders of the ijch 
Af»il, 1 79J i we hereby revoke 
the determination of the 15th Jan. 
1796, and confirm the former deci. 
fion of the 6tiiOft.'i79j. 

6,-rh.— Lieut. Col. B. Boles, 
Capt. J. Baird, and brevet Capt, 
Gram, have our permiflion to return 
to their refpeflive ranks this feafon. 

66th. — We have refolvcd, thai 
Mr. A. Aitchefon, who was ap. 
pointed a cadet on your eftablifh- 
inent, and whofe rank was to be 
fettlnl at a fiitnre period, do take 
.rank In your army, according to 
the date of his cranmiflion, as an 

69th. — We have appointed the 
following perfons afllQant furgcons 
for your prcfidency : A. Jukes, S, 
_Wamfbrd, R. Collet, J. Penrofe, 
H. Morgan, and W. Gourley. 

70th.-JWe have alfo appointed 

R. Th<Mnpfon, now in Indu« m 
idHAant (urgeon at Bombay^ pn^. 
vided, on hu examiiution hy the 
medical board, he Ihall appear fuUy 
qualified for that Ilation. 

ioth. — Capt. Fowcll has been 
permitted to retire from the fervioe 
on the pay of a major. 

.68th. — We have appointed Mr, 
W(}od Marriot {now a volunteer in 
the Bombay marines) a cadet on 
your eltablifhmcnt, provided you 
are fatislied of his identity, by an 
affidavit to be made by hun of hia 

M. C. Sfft. 28. TTie board, 
adopting the methoa propofed by | 

Gen. Stuart, of fixing the tempo. "| 

rary rank of ihofe cadets who ar- , 

rived lately in the Rockingham, 
with certificates bearing date on the 
fame day ; the fame was accord- , 

ingly determined by lot at the 
board, and the names of the diSer- 
cnt gentlemen conformably inferred 
in their order of rank in Gen. 
Stuart's minute, viz. W. J. EI- 
dridge, W. D. Cleiland, J. Hicks, 
6. Midford, r>. Campbell, W. P. 
Tuker, J. Rattray, C. Brown, W. 
Hull, J. A. Wilfon. M. Williams, 
J. Kcnderfiey, W. Marfhal, J. 
Hunter, T. Grant, G. Wilfon, P. 
Dela^itc, H. Peele, F. F." Staun. 
toil, F. Donnelly, J. J. Smith, C. 
Morfe, K. Egan, T. Morfe, J. B. 
Cantillon, A. Glafs, A. Logic, 
Le Gendre Parkhurft, W, Grant, 
S. Druir, E. S. Friffel, C. Savage, 
J. B. Watfon, and W. L. Carpen- 

The abo^'e.named gentlemen are 
ilfo promoted, for the prefent, to 
the rank of enfigns, from the day 
• of their arrival in India, on the z i ft 
of Sept. 1798; their permanent 
rank' to be hereafter fettled on the 
arrival of the regulated lift front 
Europe. ^ 

Refolved alfo, that the following 

gentlemen, being reported pro^rly 


, be ftationed to the engi. 
■ecT and artillery corps, 

Eagmcr coTpa. EnCgru C. 
Bmrn and E. S. Frifftll. 

Artillery, Lieut, fire- workers 
W. D. Cleiland, J. Rattray, C. 
Motft, T. Morfe, and W, L, Car. 

G, O, Off. I. Capt. F. Fowdl 
fcaviog retired from the frtviee, ho 
h, in confbrndty with the orden 
of the Hon, the Court of Direftors, 
TOifcr date the ad March Uft, ftruck 
«ff the lift of the army from yefter. 
day's due. In confeqoeiice <£ the 
Hon. Contpany'i contmands, dated 
17th Feb. I7C)7, and 13d May 
1798, Lieatenants M. Kennedy, 
J, SampTon, J, Wood, R. Macdo. 
Daia, T. lliff, and R. Barclay, are 
tt bavc rank of the cadct« appointed 
in Ean^, of the fealbn r79t 
which it next below Lteat, J. Mor. 
ley, and immediately above Lieut, 

LMaibefbn, and their commif- 
( at Lieutenants aic to bear 
date aid Aug. 1794, 

The officers a[^xHntcd by the le. 
folwions of 

5* Regt. Nat, Iftf, Enfigna S. 
DtwtandC.Savagetothe rftbatt.j 
Le Gendre Parkhuift and W. Gnat 
to the td bait. 


Off. I. BrigrEftber, HuftaWCT, 
Pondicherrjr, left 13th Sept. y. 
Ship Commerce, Smith, Rangoon, 
left izih Sepi, ; Snow Londoo, 
Kemp, Pcgue, left 6th Sept. 7. 
Ship Chartce, Jobnfon, Ceylon, Idft 
t^thScpt, 8. Ship Pearle, Spence, 
BufTorali. 9. Ship Succefs Giliey, 
Binny, Madras, left 27 th Sept, ; 
Ship Surprize Galley, Fitzgerald, 
Coringa. a 1 . Ship Eliza, T. F<J- 
gcr, Madras, left 30th Sept. 


Sffi.zx. PrineeTs Augufta, fnow, 
Lient, C. Keyi, Surat. 25, Shi^^ 
Drake, Capt, S. Speak, Buflbrah. 

sSth nit, and poblifhed in yefter. 
(fay's orden, arc pofied to the corps 
as fellows : 

iB Regt. Nar. Inf. EnCgos M, 
Williams, ■ T. Grant, and F. F. 
Staunton, to the i(l or gienadicr 
batt. ; A. Logic and J. B, Watfon 
to the ad batt, 

«d Regt. Nat, Inf. Enfigns W, 
J. Eldridge, W, Hull, and J, A. 
Wilfon, to the tft batt. ; D. Camp. 
bell, J, Kenderlley, and W. Mar. 
(hall, to the id batt. 

3d Regt. Nat. Inf. Enfigns J. 
Hunter, G. WiUbn, and A. Glals, 
10 the iftban ; J. Hicks, G. MJd. 
fold, and W. P. TNidier, to d» id 

4ih Regt, Nat. Inf. Enllgn P. 
Delarootte, H. Peele, and F. Don. 
odfy, to the (ft batt, i J. J. Smith, 

BOMBAr DsrAttTuaB*. 
Sfft. 11. StrombolOibombkcaJi, 
Lieut. Hall, Bufforah. 24. D&. 
', under the nilh ihip Vanfcab, Capt. Jepfei^ 


To James Andebsoh, S/f. 
Fbyacbn Geocial. 

AS I know you art defirona 
of hearing any account, however 
knperfeA, of the dilTcieot pheiw. 
mena of nature, I take the llbertjr 
of giving you fome account of n 
event, which has more than oilce 
been the haibinger of deftruAloa. 

On the 15th inftani, the firft 
Ihock of an earthquake was feverelr 
felt in dai neighbourhood, ihoiagn 


«iacooii)pBiued by, aiif. fatal cttife? Such ue the pnncipll ci^unu 

qucDces t The (hocki continued ac, fiances of this exiraonlinary (Jie. 

^i«iudly during the vrhxAe of the oometion, which, I am convinced 

night between Oic iclhand ifithi from in vio1cac«, has not been con< 

the ^jBi fhock was Mt about fun. fined to ihU part of the coontjy 

fet; tbemoA violenj flioclcs lodc only. 

jdace at the foUowing periods : the I have only to obferve, that con. 

firft it to minutci fth ;, the fc- verling on the fubjeA with fcveral 

co»4 Rt { minutes before 6, the intelligent natives, I have uivler. 

viliird at 43 minutes paft 7, the flood thflt ihey did not conlider it 

iounh 31 7 mjniitet before 8, the as any thing extraordinaiy, having 

ticiit St 10 minutes before g, and been witn^es of fuch an erent 

the lait at 6 minutes before 11. On often before ilus, which may, per. 

the whole, the Ibocks were not of haps, be accounted for, by the li. 

ItNig duration, but violent enough tuation of the country, and the 

to ihaice every moveable in iny mines of fulphur and other com. 

buufe very much ; the one that hap. bullible matters contained in the 

peiked at 10 minutes before 9 was tufh hills by which the Bar^mahl 

Jo violent, as to o^'erIu^n a lamp is furrounded : however they all 

then (landing on my table. Thefe agree, that they have never lirfore 

principal Ihocks were followed by feU any (hocks, cither fo vioI«it, 

many others, Icfi fenfible, that fuc. or of fo long a duration. 

ceeded one anoiher at intervals, the I have no doubt that you have 

violence of the fliocks began fenfi. long before this received many o(her 

bly to abate about- 1 □ o'clock ; but much better drawn up accounts of 

the itext day, the i6ih, they began this phenomenon ; but, however, 1 

Igain very early in (he morning, al- am happy in the opportmiity it af. 

though IcTs violently than on the fords me, c^ recalling to your mind 

Seceding day ; ihe three principal the efteem and reprd of 

ock» happened at the following Dear Sir, 

periods of time ; the firft at 10 mi- Ytmr very obedient faithful fcrvi, 

nittespaft 3 in the oMming, the Dubois, MiHiDnary. 

- fecond at 4 minutes paft 9, and the Cavikirc, nearTripaiuie, in ihe 

pthcr at 19 minutes paft 10. Dur. Baramihl, s^ih Sept. 1:^. 

ing the whole time, an inceflant P. S. Seft. i6rh. — Yellerday, 

poife was heard, like that of diftant the zjth, aboal 8 o'clock in the 

thondcr, and continued till late in evening, another violent fhoefc waq 

the evening of the i6th. On 'he felt ; fo that for thefe laft eleven 

17th, fome flight fliocks were yet days we have had repeated (hocks 

felt, and the fame rumbling noifc daily. A friend of mine wrltci 

«t intervaU, £nce which time (he mc, that the fame Ihock; that we 

fame noife has been heard occafion- felt on the i ;ih, were likewife cic- 

>lly every day, but without any periencedaiSankerrydrpog, Chinna 

^lible (hocks till the 13d, when Royadroog, Royacotiab, Kiftnag. 

jmothcr was felt nearly as violent herry, and generally all over the 

» thofe that happened on the ijih, BaramaUi but without having ot- 

I remackcd that the dircdion of calioned any damage. ^ ' 

the carthoDike was very irregular, ^ , ^ ,, -^ 

foroetimes following a diitftion . ^^ '*' «'*■ ^''- Tivaoji.^ 

fiwn N. W. toS, E. at other timet he&k sin, 

from N. to S. ' I am favoured with your Lttcr 


of the 36th inftanf, ind althoa^ in open coait, were ivtumed tqcM 

>)re had acconnti of earthqualce) in jiroper officer to be filed, 
your qoarteri yet none that I have On the ajth ultimo, bring the 

fan, are fo full and particular as anniTeifaryof bit Majefty't Akcc/- 

tbe account you have given, fion, the Right Hon. the Governor 

I can only tell you that there ate Geiienl kekt a kvee at the gorcrn- 

puroice lionet and lava in many mentrhoule, which was nunennilly 

pirts of the cfflmtty ; but at there attended, andat ^^ o'clock a royi 

are no <^)en volcanoes in the penin- l*lute was fired ^wn ibp rampaiti 

iii\a, at lead that I know of, it is «f Fort William, 
isoft probable that the fuipbar haa On the ifch nltiiM, the id bat. 

ajl been bun^ out long ago ; there talion of the 4th native regiment 

are, however, frequent cQimnotions, nurchet) {"><■> '^ cmtonmenti at 

fnch at yon defcribe, felt (as I have Berhampoie, on iti way to Surra, 

lueeq iofiKmedj at Ongolr, which gong, 

ieem to proceed from a neighbour. Capt. lieul, Shipton'i company 

ing moontain, and given it the Ta. of artillery arrived from the >f^t 

iioga name of Bogle Conda, or the ftations, and difembatked at the 

Charcoal Hill. At the time y<ni Balloo Ghaut on Friday evening^ 

tpention, no one obferved any thing the qih uifiant. 
particular on the coaft ; and in cau Ine European, Armenian, an4 

nothing <^ the kind has been felt in fortugueic inhabitantc of Calcutta, 

Tinnevally, iq the fouihward, on aflembled on the cfplanade on the 

(he Malabar coaft to the weftward, Jth, 8lh, and 9tii mftant, (or the 

or the I>ccan to the northward of pvrpofe of enrolling themfelvet, 

the Baiuiiahl, I am of t^nbn preparatory to (heir being embodied 

t(ut the phenomenon may be ex- as a corps of militia, agreeably tq 

fthdnHl by. the theory, publiihed by the pfoclamation of government. 
Mr. Sumner in the Philofophical Qn Tuefday, the ijth inftam, 

TraiifiiAlon*. viz. that although the Supreme Court was occupied till 

feme earthquakes arife from fubter. four o'clock, on a caufe brought by 

lanean fire, yet othen may be oc. Mr. Robert Baitlie, an up.couniry 

cafioned by the equilibrium taking trader, againft Major Gen. Robert 

^ace, betwixt an electrical plus and Stuan, for an aflaidi and falfc im- 

minns in the earth, as we lee thun- prifonment. ItxppcueA^ 1 hat the 

derproduced in the atmoff^re. plaintiff had been a refident within 

Wifhing you health and haf^iiicfs, the cantonments, at Cawnpore, for 

I remain, Deqr Sir, ' many yean paft, and dealt, in gene. 

Your obedient fervant, ral, ip Europe articles, which he 

Jauis A:<[iekson. principally difpofed of to the raili. 

rortSt.Gcorje,Scp-«9, iri/8. ~ ' tary, ilationed there : that in Oc. 

P. S. Since writing the above, totxr, 1797, he had. In confe. 

I have, hear4 that a Ihock of aii quence of acompi^ini made to him 

earthqoakc has been felt at A'coi. by one of the people of hia lena- 

Calcutt^, aw. 6, 1708. — nah, tied up, and very feverely 

On Thurfday the z;th uftimo, flogged, one of his chokydars, who 

at the fitting of the court, the chief complained to the commandiilg of. 

juftice, agreeably to his intimation, ficer. Major General Stuart. Mr. 

yidrelled the bartiltcrs ar.d oiEccrs Baillie was immediately ordered to 

pf the court, reipecling thu new re. be tried by a military line court 

gul^tiotis, which, afLcr being read martial ; and, as he acknowledged 


*D hiTC ^en no kA than lix TheComnnderBi CU«f'« leree 

Snrope fwiffa vhifM in the flowing, will be held u un o'dack, dnring 

pledging M hia reafon, that they dw cold larfan. 

were new whip*, ndbewas afraid new assemglt koohk. 

of breaking; tbera and fpoUing their The opemag of the new Aflbn- 

ftle; tbe court marlial frntenced biy Rooms in Ta«k Sqoan, on 

bim to Stc days imprifoniiKnt) and llturfday evening, the i jth inft. 

to make an aptdogy to the com- was hononied by (be prdesce of 

standing office. This fentence, the Right Hon. the Gartmoc 

General Stoart, though he did not Generaii hit Excetkncy tbe €«xn< 

af^irove of, confirmed i and ifliied nandet in Chief, Sir Jolm and Lady 

iMdert for Mr. Baillie to depart Anftruther, Sir William Dunkio, 

the camp, at foon ^tet his enlarge. Mr. juAice Royds, and all th« 

aWnt ac poflible. Againft the pro. beauty and felhion of the fettte- 

cecdings of this court mariia), and meat, to the nun^er o£ about fear 

the previout and fobfequent ira- hundred perfons. 

prir<Niroent, it was that Mr. Bait- Averypkafingadditionwasmade 

lie cora}dained ; and tbe two prin- to the fplcndoiu of tbe balUroom, 

«pal point* whicb feemed to arife by a beautiful tranfparent painting, 

in the caufe, wetx, whether Mr. reprcfenting Apcdio and ihc Mufes, 

Balllie. living and vending die ar. from tbe pencil of Mr. HrnnC) 

tides be did, within the camp, which was placed over the window 

came within the defcription of a at the north end ; and we under, 

futtler, or not } and, if be did — Hand that the pPoprietM of the 

whether or not he was fubjcA to aflembly- rooms will be &voured 

nilitary law? Tltefe fa£ta were with an additional ornamental tran- 

cfiabliihed very clearly to the fatii- fparency for the balUioom, from 

faftioa d the court, and in con. the lame eminent painter, picviouc 

iequence the [Jaiatiff was non- to tbe fecood aflembly. 

foited. Wennderftandthat Capt. George 

Counfel for the plaintiff, MelTrs. Romaine, late of the Superb, lus 

Streitell, Macnaghcen attd Diclcens; been wpointed to the command of tbe 

ottornies, MeSrs. Taylor and Ihip Comwallit, formerly the Ber- 

Lloyd. gen, and lately purehafed by go. 

The defence was fupported by venunent, for the purpofe of fitting; 

the Hon. Company ; confequently her out as on armed veflel. 

dtedefendant't counfel wereMeflra. The volunteer corps ailembled 

Burroughs, Shaw, and Carring. at Barrackpore. will be complete 

, Mr. Jackrwi. as foon as the feveral patties of re 

We underiland that a moft dar. now on their route, (hall have join, 

ing robbery has been committed at cd. They are expelled, we under- 

Madamoroly, near Barafet, in the ftand, to be in orders to proceed to 

Indigo faflory of R. C. Birch, the foutbward, early in the enfuing 

£fq. .on ibe night of the 14th month. 
Inllant. The decoits attacked the ovde. 

fcoafe of the tindel, whom they Accounts from the nj^r mili. 

robbed of all he was worth, and tary ftntioos, fpeak (rf a revivi'd 

then very ct\ielly pm him to death, report of the approach of Zemaua 

The vobmary contributions on Shaw, and of an unfriendly difpo. 

the I jth inftant, amounted to fition lately manifcllcd on the part 

i30,7Sjl. 23. flerliiig, of the Re^itlas : Iji^t the refpcft* 
t abiliijr 



ASity of (»ii prdcnt militaiy fincc 
n tbe ■DTtbern frontier, » foch 
as n {nicdode uiy chance of poblic 
tranquility being interrupted in 
dui qauta. 


Golaom Mahommed, the leader 

of the Rchillas in 1 794, and wbofe 

mait was then received, afier vi- 
fitin^ the tomb of Mahoraned at 
Mecca, in sudct to invigorate hu 
fiuth, he Bodenoolc a journey to 
Seringapatam, where he met with 
a favoorabte reception from Tip- 
poo Saltan, After a relidence of 
ibme tirae in Myforc, he found his . 
way back to Rr^cund, where he 
hai continued for twelve or eighteen 
p""*" paft, di&inguilhed, as for- 
■mly, by hii ambition and tur- 
bulence. To the defigns and ma- 
chinations of ihi» man, the late re. 
inOary ffririt difplayedby the Ro. 
UnaSffobjeAi to the nabob Vizier, 
may in a great meafure be afcribed. 


Letters from Rangoon, dated the 
loth of October, mention the hoftile 
pfepantions carrying on there ; — 
'file Siamefe have already taken the 
fidd, and have been fucccfaful in 
fome flight Ocirmifhcs with the 
fiurnnhs ; — the latter aA with the 
greate ft cantion, and have hitherto 
been on the defrnfive only ; the 
govemment has, however, ttuiugbt 
pnqKr to command Rangoon, and 
its adjacent ditlriAs, tofumifh 6000 
inm, completely armed, &c. ; and 
it is faid, that Umilar ordera have 
beer ifliied in every divifton of the 
cm^re, fo that a very large army 
wat cxpefled to aflemble early in 
^ preTent month ; in which cafe, 
it u fuf^nfed, they will boldly meet 
ibar inveterate foe, and, by fome 
f aknmw efort, aitkavour to ob- 
literate tbe painful recollcflion sf 
theit rcccm difcomfiturci. 


We have been tavowed with Uti 
peruf^ of a letter frran Vdorc, 
dated ihc iStb ntt. whidi rdate* 
that every prcpanmon is malciog 
for an immediate campaign, aot- 
withfianding the expeftcd a^^roacb 
of the moi^oon. A laigv batter- 
ing train was on its way to Velore* 
and the train already at Velore 
wai ordered to Ktftnagherry. A 
fcarcity of cafli prevailed in the 
Camatic. The trocps brought 
from the fouthward of the Coleroon, 
were cantoned, for the prefent, in 
di£cTent places ; but all carriage 
for camp equipage kept, as well as 
carriage for grain, for five re^. 
meats of cavalry, in readtnefs to 
move at a monmu'i wamitig. The 
third regiment was cantoned in tlw 
Mulberry Garden at Vdore. The 
building* for propagating the filk- 
worau, clcamng and buling the 
fiik, &c. were oco^ded by the 
officeiiandmen. The 19th light 
dragoons were ftatioaed at the. 
Mount ; the odier caraby corps, 
being to the weft ward, although in 
readineri, had not moved. 

On Tuefday morning, the 13th 
inftant, before the plate was run 
for, a match between Paladin and 
Antelope, took place : — Antelope 
was the favourite at ftarting ; but 
notwiibftanding Paladin carried ten 
pounds additiooal weight, he woa 
with great cafe. 

For the Give and Take Plate of 
fifty gold mohurs, 14 hands, to 
carry 9ft. apd allow 71b. for an 
inch. Major, Lothario, and Collier, 

Black boric, Collier, bbckaodyellovi 1 
Bay ditto, Mdjor, (carlet - a 9 

Ginr ditto, Lothario, white « 9 

TTie srft heat wai remarkably 
wdl contefted, having been woq 
AritlL difficulty by hajf a lengd) onhr. 


The MwfeA KweAftikM for Afcwt. cbefiwt Iiccfc • « 

korfts, Sc. th.t m»r Hintd, wu S'l'^^'i^"'??^"';,, " rf 

r I 1 tierinKapltam, dukbav bone (tilt, 

nnfoibyth. •*Tre'conctmiitono.iM,ih.i 

£?'h':::^ri;^lSl^ "-^ = .fcfam«.ho,fcAi.U.™p„ir,n-^ 

Biiy di([o, Patriot - 3 o ed a few days fmcc The peipc- 

Abdallah is a remarkably fine tratowof this wanton aftof cruelty 

powerfiil aninul, whofe match it dcfervc the revcraft puniffimenti 
may be difHculi 10 find. theatv with thk kizam. 

OftThutfday morning, the lyth On Monday the 19th. ipftant, 

inftsnt, the amufcmcnt rc-com- the ratification o( a new fubfidiary 

menefd, with a match beiween treaty, between the Honourable 

Baronet and Saucy Slut, which was Company and hii highncfs the 

won after a fevere contefi by the Nizam, was announced by a lalute 

fijrmcr. from Fort William. 

The Plate of fifty gold mohuT!, A Urge quantity of opium was 

free for all horfes, &e. carrying 9II, publicly burnt on Monday evenings 

r;m for by the t^th inftant, conformably to a 

AbdalU, black and yellow - i I refolution of the Board of Trade, 

""R'tfriori.y "of -he"*.™, "« ■" ."« ""ffT/f^S" 

_ *_ ' pore opium, that drtl not reath a 

iVZST'ic M„v SixlarS price .tptiblkfJe.nioiad 

orb. for ta„ borfo,, rode by geo. ^^ ,, '^ ,„ ^ ,„„„ 

Oemen, was next run for; after r ' li v l- 1. a 

•bicb th, Sweepflate. for ho,*., »f <«?"g?n"'. <l=f"« tb. hgheft 

_ ■ ■ I.. 1- . L approbation. 

eatryiitg weight .cc»U„g to the rf^^ ^j.^lutd that the growth of 

Liaveii btakes, one heal, was run .. u l 1. .t 

t-^^'Y" """"''"•'' £iKtt«SfttfTogi;s: 

Ahdalla. h^andyclW - to LAW IHTILLICENCI. 

Confedciatc, % blue; • e o On TueTday, the 21ft inftant, 

VitlL>t,piDk.anEnBlHhhorre did. came on to be tried a caufe, wbere- 

The Calcwta races ended on in Captain John Canning was plain. 

Saturday, the I7tb inftant; the tilf, and tlie Hon. Company went 

courfe w^s more numcroufty at- defendants. 

tmaetl ihaa on the pteceding days : ^y, .^ion was brought to re. 

the fport was eiccUcnt ; the fol. „„, compenfation in damajei for 

towing are the particulars : , ,^, „uj, j^^ j^„ ^ ^ 

M«icJ._Collier, black Arab, fcle of opium bought by the riain. 

and brown ftout bay Arab; won (iff ^^ ^j^ defeiiaants* falcs, and 

eaaiy by Collier. „^;^^ K^ ,U,4^ ,„ ^, 

A Handicap Fkte, for fifty gold ,y, ,„ ,jj „„J„ produced a° rho 

'^"'•"i , . time of the purdiate. The cau 

S™, h V' ■ ; ; did not thint the evidence pro-, 

Baronet, o. A, - Ha i i- r n- ■ • i i 

Maneaicf - - dift. duccd Of iulncient weight, — the ^ 

Maub. — Abdalla, g, A. and plaintiff wa* therefore nomuiced. 
Silver Heels, won ealy by Ab- Counfcl for the plaintiff, Mcfih. 

dalla. Strcttel and Macnaghten. — CouhTqI 

A Sweepftakes for three year old for the defendants, the Advo«)** 
horfes, ic. General, MelTrt. Shaw and Car- 
Rocket, black colt - 1 lington ; attorney, Mr. Jacklbn. 


■ He >«y eftraoidinaiy rift of 
the riven at the ciofe of the rains, 
pnx rife to ferious apprehwifiont 
br ibe crc^ of the cnfuing fcafon i 
we aie happy, however, in having 
it in our power to ibte> that in 
Bahai the crops of rice wets never 
■wre promiljng : letters of a very 
irtcnt date from that province, 
fijr chit tbe next hary'eH is expected 
10 be more produftivc than has 
been known for many years. 

The fhip Peggj', Captain Flem- 
ning, fiom Mafulipatam, arrived 
at Madras m the i ath ulc. 

This Qkip, accompanied by the 
Caledonia and Chariot ce, under 
convoy of the Bombay frigate, 
IJuled from Saugar on the lift t£ 
Atiguft lafi, for Mafulipatara, having 
DO board the marine tiatlalion, and 
aqoantity of grain, 

TT»e troops had been fafely 
landed at MaTnlipatam, as was alfo 
tKafnre from the frigate, to the 
anoont of fcren lacks of rupees. 

Two ihips, of a fufpicious ap- 
faxutce, were feen by the above 
fcUs, offGanjam. 

Abam the loth and lift ult. 
a very beary and fevere gale of 
wind was encountered by the 
Ihipi in ' Balafore roads ; — an A- 
mcfkan inn^ard bonnd, and a Muf- 
ai ihip, are repotted to have been 
diJinafted ; and for fome days api 
pnbenfiona have been entertained 
fat the Afaercromby, pilot fcbooner ; 
letters, however, received frotn 
Dimond Harbour, ftatc her arrival 
dtereon the preceding day, whh 
cadiietMt djunage from the late 

Oq tbe 1 8th infiant, the brig 
Peg{y, Captain Freeman, arriv^ 
men fegae ; — what we had occa. 
fioa 10 mention rdpeAing the war. 
1^ Meparations carrying on by 
die Bnrmahf, u corrt^rated by 
(Ui vcSel I every effort ii, we wo- 

WCLE* *" 19 

dcrflandi making to ttiMt' the Sta> 
me& with a formidable fttice. 

The Vigiiant, a Ttry old vefcl, 
lately commanded by Captain Len. 
non, after having bct'o repaired in 
the dock at Chittagong* juft as 
the workmen were cndeavauting to 
haul her out, parted amid.(hips : 
but we are told this accident has 
been attended with no lofs to Capi. 
Lennon, her owner, as he has »Uf- 
pofcd of her copper for more money 
than he had otiered to fell the Qiip 
for at Calcutta, 


The following are the parti- 
culars of the lofs of the (hip Sarah, 
Captain Parker. We learn, that 
on the 2oth ult. ttie fhip Sarah 
quilted her pilot at five/, n. with 
the wind io tbe northward, the 
Abercromby [olat fcbooner and two 
other Ichooncrs being then in fight. 
At eight o'ck)ck it began to 
blow hard from the north-wefl, and 
at three the next morning (he ex- 
perienced a fevere gale of wind; 
at eight the main and raizen raaft* 
were cut away, in confi-qoence of 
her having broached to; tbe in. 
creafed violence of the hurricane 
cauTed the lea by this time to run 
fo heavily, that it was expefted 
the vcflel would indantly be over- 
whelmed ; added to which, (he la- 
boured fo much,, that i[i a (hort 
time (he had eight feet water in 
lier hold. Finding it was im. 
poflible to keep her Itmgfrom iink. 
ing, the whole ctew committed 
thcmfelves to the mercy of the 
elements in the long-boat, the 
jolly boat having been rendered ofe- 
lefi foon after the commencem^t 
of the gale ; the veflcl, it is (up. 
pofed, went down foon after (hey 
quitted her ; the was then alwut 
*fty miles to the S. E. of the Sand 
Headt. — At day-break, no trace 
of her was difcovetablc ; the wca- 


ther modented, and fiirinnatelf mtdigcAce tint a Fiendt lUp ha* 

oat aae o( tbe crew was loA ;— captnrtd the Shaw Aoltunt bcks^- 

the^ arrived at Pipky on the a4th kig to Chillacy of Suat, on ha 

nliimo. ^Age from Mocha, aid that th^ 

'WbenCapt.I'aTkeTfbulMJitafaro. Frendi put all the paflengen oa 

lutdy impoffible tofave the Ihip, he board of a dow, hxTing fiift takea 

pat into his poclrtt a few gold mo- the treafnTc «nd four hor&a o« of 

nutitinthchopcidutlboaldiheybe the dow, which waa under Anb 

ptcfeiTcd, he might piocive, for colours." 

bit ruficrers, conveyanue to Cal- Tite capniK of the Sbnv Aidmrn 

cotta i but as loon ai they came will be feverely felt at Sarat, har. 

or (bore, tbe Mahiattas, who iiig been the mod valuable Moch% 

were waiting on the bead) to re- (hip of the feafoo. She is icported 

ceive them, flrippcd every man, to have had on board about ten 

and returned no atiiclet eilber va- laclcs of mpeet in fpecif, befides 

luuble or ufeful ; in Iboit, they goods to a cimiideiabW amount i 

cruelly robbed ihem, and then and although the loh ^pon fnch 

withheld the common neceflarjes of occafions is generally exaggerated* 

liie; — ihefeatts, however, wcrenot yet we are suTraid that ^ fhaU be 

iBtended to clofe the fccne of their confidetaUy within boono; in efti- 

barbarity, foi tbcy did not con. mating it at five or fix ladu c£ 

dcTcend to tell the Tufibreis they rupees, 
were at liberty to depart) until the 

Jong-boat, and every thing belong- ExtraS of a letter frtm Comma. 
ng to her, had been prc^riy fc- •"■'• datii ii«f Qa^htr. 

omd. " Moofla hat juft teoeived aA 

The Mahratta pafs which ex- acoiunt, that two large Frtechftufw. 

prefily forbids any mokftation of and a fnow ara lying it Man* 

perf(»u in amity with its govern, galore, waiting for the failing «f 

ment, waslhewn th«n; but they the Belvidere rr<»n hence. Atonc^ 

«nly laughed at ihe captain for is difpatchti, to afcertain 

having been at the trouble to fave the truth of the tepoit ; the fid. 

it ; — thoa without a conveyance, videre oihcfwife had inModed tor 

and bereft of the means of alliAatKe, fail from hence to-mono v." 
ihcy were compelled to commence _ „ , , , , - 

a journey wl^ took three days to ^''™f "/ " '"'"■' f"'"^ ^'""/ 
accompliih. marRamtourah, xyb Qa. 1798. 

On the 17th, the unfortunate " You have of cooife heaid of 
fufierertarrlvedatCauntcei'Where, the movement <^ our detachoKnr, 
through the humane afiiftance of and the fubfequcni one of General 
Mr. Chapman^ the Refident, ibey Stuart, with the whole Fuity Ghw 
were provided with every iteceflary ftation to join us. After having 
comfort ; — boats, provilioiu, &c. lain encamped before Bererlli ten 
were liberally fupplied ; and the days, We tiiis day made a lenrogade 
Captain and crew arrived in Cal- movement to this place, where ono 
cutia on Wednefday evening, the battalion has rccrofled the Ram 
3 tft Dltimo. Gunga ; and we follow to.moirow, 

ExtTnanfaUtttTdaitdfoarbmndeT, in order 10 form a fpeedy jnnAion 
idefOa. ii'ia Bamhay. with General Stuart ; Belnobih is 

" This raomem an Arab dow i« mentioned as the rendcuvous. Tbe 
uiived from Muculla, aod biin^ priace accoaipanici us with thics 


bittalioat, a thouiand IioWe, aod 
eight gtuu : he u a very £ae young 
un iraieed ; he has laid/ bun ap- 
pointed gorernor of Bereilli. 

" After the junftion lakes place, 
u order to avoid «ncroaching on 
the dominions of the RohilLis, we 
(hail commence our match to Mo- 
ladabad, a place fltuited eu£tl/ 

00 the frontiers, when a forma! de- 
. BUod is lo be made of Golaum Mo- 
hammed's family ; and in cafe of a 
k£u£i1 to deliver them, it is fatd 
^tat force will be ufed to obtain 
pofleilion of theoi. They are to 
be condufted to Luclcnow, where 
they are to relide, as holbges for 
Gc^amn's future conduft. 

" Ahnafs Ali Khan 'a perfefUy 
tecoveted from his late illnefs, but 
ftill teiriains ai Lucknow," 

Extras of a letfr /rem Calaiab, 

daitd Oa. 14. 

" I am juft returned from being 

a rpe^tor of a very awfiil and 


1 beard a fmart cannonade at fea, 
whkJi cooiinoing for fome time, 
I wcot about two o'clock to the 
hcht-boofe, from whence lobferv- 
« I dingey bearing S, W, by W. 
diftant about three leagnes, ftand- 
ing diretl into the harbour; (he 
was engaged with nine Mahratta 
gallivats, with the whole of which 
the kepi vp a Heady and well-di- 
le^ed Grc, kecping^ them ibr fome 
time at bay. 

" About half paft two, four of 
the boats had got clofe on her quar. 
ters, and fired right bto her, which 
wai iciunted by the dingey ; after 
•hich, (he immediately blew up. 

" I was at that very inllani look- 
tog at her through the fpy-glafi, 
and coold fee her plainly ; (be was 
inftantly in a blaze in every part 
of her i and, horrid to relate, while 
bi this dreadful fituation, tlie Mub- 
ratta boats continued with favage 
horbariiy to &rc into kcr, till (he 

IICLE. (fx 

was clofe bum down to tbe wa. 
ter's edge. 

" At half paft three (he difep- 
pearcd, and went to the bottom ; 
and with her, I am much afiaid, 
any of the unfortunate crew, who 
might have efcaped the fete of the 
battle or the flames, muft have been 

Extraa ef a tetter fnm Trinct-. 
foalUe, 1 ;/i Oa, 

" On the i6th ultimo, the ad. 
miral failed from Tfincbmallce to 
the ftmthward, having, st the fams 
time, difpatched one of the (hips, 
in company with him, to the eaft. 

Letters received from Coringa 
mention, that the Bombay frigai* 
had touched at that port for refrefh- 
menw ; and that, having obtained 
them, (he had failed for the north- 
ward, in order to receive on board 
M. Perron and the French o(HL'cr-, 
lately in the fervicc of his highnffi 
the Nizam ; they arc to be con. 
veyed by Commodore Sutherland 
to Calcutta. 
Extraa vf a Ittur from thi Vppe* 

Pnrv'mcei, daitdCamf, Oa. 18. 

" We are now about fix miles 
from Biffowlah, to which place wo 
(hal! march to-morrow, 

*' General Stuart, with the oth'^r 
troops from Kutty Ghur, are alfo 
within a day's march of Binbwlaht 
we (hall therefore form a junflion 

" Colonel Ditkfon, with a baP* 
talion of the 3d regiment, and fome 
of the independent cavalry, from 
Cawnpore, are on their way to join 
us as foon as poffible ; after which* 
I learn, we arc to proceed to Moot- 

Extras 0/ a letter froM Delbi^ 
dated the \%th nltmo. 

" As various accounts of tho 
events at Delhi have appeared ta 
fome of the papers at Calcutta, I 
(hall now ttaimait you a brief, but 
G corrcft 


com ft fketch of the late fiege, and have fucceeded m their ptojefl hf 

recent capture of (he fort. a otpitutatioDr ^ich took place 

" On the refufal of the killedar ftmr days aso. 
to deliver' up the fort to a detach. " The Mahrarta, who com- 

Bwnt, confiftin* of two battalions manded in (he fort, canght the ge- 

ftom Col. Sutherland's brigade — fwtal fpitit of revolt, uid rebelled 

tlree battalions more were ordered from tiis (objeftion to Scindeah ; 

Dp by General Perron, to augment and was promired afliflance from 

the detachment, and co-operate in the other difaf!ected chiefs. — TTie 

forcing (he killedar (o fariender, i»ince fent repeated orders to Gc- 

ftiould he ftill hefKate on its- eva. neral Perron to inveft the fort, and 

cuation. ufe every vigorous means to poflcfs 

. •' On the conjonfUon of thefe it. 

forces, the fort was invefted on all " The general, from that ami- 
fides, and batteries and trenches ini' able humanity which is a noble 
mediately opened. The fire from us trait in his charafter, endeavoured 
was very inconlidcrable, out of a toavoidrecoorfeto hoilileraeafures, 
wfjieflfol regard for the king and in regard to the dd king, the nu-' 
his numerous family, who were in merous princes and princeflcs who 
a meafure impriibned in the fort. are detained in the fort ; and, ever) 

." When every preparation was when the fiege was laid, it was with 

tcady for a breach and cTcalade, the the full pcrmillion of the king ; and 

killedar began a mamluC (tiegoci- every meafute adopted to obviate 

atiori), which terminated in the ca- any poffible injury to the old mo- 

pitulation of the fort on the I jih narch and the royal family. 
of the prefent month, after a iiege " Though the troops in the fort» 

of nineteen days. amounting to 600, were debarred 

"The terms were brief— the kil. from all exterior fuppliesof provi- 

ledar had pcrmillion to go unmo- fions, yet General Perron ordered 

Jelled wherever he pleafed, and his that the royal pcifons (hoold be 

troops were to receive from us the amply fupplicd, and their pro*i- 

arrcars of pay due to them. (ions paf? [inmoleftcd. 

** in my next I Ihall give you " Tlic Fort was invefted by five 

an account of the fort, of the un- battalions, and a Highi fire kept 

fortunate monarch himfelf, and of up for a few days, to intimidate tbe 

the unhappy fituarion of the fela- killedar, which produced the ef- 

Uen, thofe miferable branches of fed of a furrender ; there were five 

the royal family, doomed, by Afi- guns in the fort, and the killed and 

atic policy, to eternal feclufion. wounded of the bcliegers were tri. 

" From the well-known huma- fling, 
nity of General Perron, who is ex- *' General Perron ha* the entire 

peded here in a few days, fome al- and merited confidence of theprince, 

leviating alteration may, we hope, and is invefted with the full and 

e place, in order to mitigate the unconirouled_ government rf all 

pecuniary hardfhips of thele royal Seindtah's poflelTions, from the 

iufferers." ChumbuH river to Patiala, an ex~ 

- _ - , - . ., , tenfive country, which, even in 

ExiraS ^fa hUtrfrom ihr Mah. ;„ prrfent ruinous ftatc, yields an 

ralla camp at Muttrab, dattd annual revenue of near a CTOre of 

" The troops fent by General •' The general is to raife what 

:rron, to take the fort of Delhi, armies he thinks proper, and lore- 



trio Of jtfdiaife wlut tnaps he 
Jiea£e%. — In {a& no Eon^wao, not 
tven General Da Boigne, ever pof- 
ttBed foch confidence or Coch powen 
V Geoenl Pemxi. 

" I inafflK we Atall fluMtly^ lay 
fi(^ to the ftrong fert of Agra> 
wtich has alio levdted from the 
{xince. — Yoa (hall bear from me 
if it enfues." 

Extras efa Ittltr framDinaptft^ 
dated 2^tb SefUmier, 
" Ycftcrday I was informed by 
a gentleman, that about ihebegin- 
oing of ADgHft, a comet had ap- 
peared at this place : it was per. 
ceired by many of the inhabitants, 
and made fuch a noifei at if a dozen 
rockets were difcharged ; — it conti- 
nued one hour, and then difai^>ear- 

ExtTMa tf a Utter front LmeirtB'w, 
dsttd jjl inftoMt. 
" TTw detachment mider Gene- 
ral Stuart was within five cofi of 
Rampoor on the 27th oltimo. 
' *' Golaam Mahonimed's family 

were expefW in camp the fallow- 
ing day ; a detachment had been 
lat to dcort them. 

" Every thing wai peifeftly 
quiet at Rampour. 

" The nabob, Saudat Ally, gave 

[ a grand dinner yeftetday to the re- 

£dcnt, Sir jame* Crai^, his fuit^ 

and all the officers of the detach- 

, amt d<Hng duty at the palace. 

I " His Majefty's 78th regiment 

u expeAed at Cawnpore on ute 4ih 

I Camf, near Hjdrahad, ift Ne-otm, 

' her 1798. 

" Yoo have heard of the grand 
tAijefl of onr expedition, which has 
been attended with all the fuccefs 
dial coold have been wifhed. We 
arrived here on the iilh of laft 

i month ; and from that time till the 

t2d, we remained in anxious fuf. 
peofe as to otuT future ptoceedings. 

On the lid it wai determined that 
our detachment, coolifting oV fout 
Madras battalions, a company of 
artiUery with fifteen guns, joinccf 
by the Bengal regiment with tbeir 
artillery and guns, (hoidd attack, 
the French lines. The French 
force amounted to about 14,0001 
men> too pieces of camion, and 
abundance of ammunition : but, for. 
tunacely enough for us, a mutiny 
had br<ice out among their troops, 
which had rifen to iw'h extremity^ 
that they confined feveral of their 
officers I and Monf. Fctron) with 
many of his friends, were obliged 
to come over to our camp the night 
immediately preceding the intended 
attack, and threw himfelfon the 
mercy of the Engiifh government ; 
and had he not thus prudently fecur- 
ed his falety by flight, he would 
certainly have been murdered by 
his troops. 

"Our objefl waste deftroy, com- 
pletely, the French interell and in.* 
fluence in this quarter, which ha* 
been happily efiehcd without blootT- 
Ihed. On the morning after M. 
Perron furrendered himfdf, wc 
marched down in full force to the 
French lines. Ourdetacliment took 
pofleflion of fome heights, which 
commanded the whole of the ene- 
my's lines, and the Bengal detach, 
ment was on their tight lank. The 
inftant they perceived that wc were 
fo advantageoully polled, the men 
immediately threw down their arms, 
and difperfcd, except a few of Per- 
ron's own corps, who faid they 
were willing to come to any rea- 
Ibnable terms, provided thq^ re- 
ceived the arrears of pay that were 
dab to them, which was complied 
with on the part of M. Perron ; 
and we have now got polTeffion of 
alt the Frenchmen that were either 
at Hydrabad or in the Nizam's fer. 
vice ; and we have alfo fecured all 
the arms and ammanition, a Urge 
G 1 quantity 



quantity, and for which the Nizam 
bis promifcd to pay M. Fenon and 
lot officers. 

" Perron ha! afled jodicioiillj', 
and has fcciired to himfelf the great- 
er part of his prdperty. He and 
hi* adherents are to be feni to Ma- 

fiengal. They are all permitted to 
fell off their property, except their 
houfes. Thefe his highnefs the Ni. 
zam takesashisJhareof thefpoil," 


AdJil'ional Appa'iittments en the Ben. 
gal iftabV-Jhrnent. 

By iht Commander in ChUf, 

Lieutenant Colonel Woodhoufe 
b appointed lo the id battalion of 

Major J. Darhy is pofted to 
the ift battalion, 13th regimem, 
vice M'Dougail, deceafed. 

Captain J. Gafcoyne is removed 
from the 2d battalion, 4th regi- 
ment, to the ift European rcgi. 
mcnt, rice Darby, promoted. 

Captain J. D. Mitchie is polled 
to the 2d battalion, fecond regi- 
ment, vice Ritchie, promoted ; but 
in conftqucncc of the incon\'cnience 
of withdrawing him from Hydra- 
bad, is dircfted 10 do duty with the 
2d battalion, loih regiment, till 
farther orders, and officiate as adju- 
tant and quaner-malVcr. 

Enfign Shewbrick is pofted to 
the 3d European regiment, 
■ Enfign j. W. Taylor to -the 2d 

EiiCgn j- Garner, to the 3d 

Enfigii W. H. Rainey, to the 
3d ditto. 

Enfigii O. Clarke, to the td 

Lieutenant R. Lambert it re- 

moved from the ifi batfalioD of 
the 4,th regiment, and appointed to 
the 3d European regiment. 

Lieutenant W. Baker is mnot ed 
from the 3d Europe^ regiment, 
and appointed to the ift battalkm, 
4th regiment. 

Enligns Frail and Boileau axe 
removed from the id European 
regiment, and appointed to the zd 
battalion, 7th Native regiment. 

G. O. By the CemmanJer. l» 
Chief t%rb Oaebtri^i)%. 

The detachment of volunteers 
arrived from Chittagong, is to join 
the party of the 2d battalion of the 
I ith regiment, under Captain Peter 

Minutes of CoiineU i« the Military 
Dtpanment, %tb Oa, 1798. 

It appearing from the certificate, 
Jigned by the lecretary at the India- 
houfe, and produced hj Enfign 
Shewbrick, that he wai appointed 
by the Court of DireAors a cadet 
of the feafon 1 796, and as all the 
other cadets of that feafon are 
promoted to the rank of lieutenant, 
arid there being ftiU vacancies in 
that rank ; refolvcd. That Enfign 
Tlomas Shewktick be promoted (O 
the rank of lieutenant, the date hC 
rank to be hereafter adjufted. 

1'he native commimoned, non- 
commifltoned officers and privates, 
drafted from the liih regiment 
for the ijth regiment, arc to be 
delivered over in equal proportion 
to Captain Conway and Lfcutenant 
Wingrave, who will proceed (O join 
their corps and recruit on tlicir way 
— for which purpofc an advance of 
500 rupees is to be made to each of. 
vat above officers. 

Lieutetunt Shewbrick is polled 
to the 3d European regiment. 

8/AO(?oifr-i798. The Right 

Honourable the Govemor-Genera) 



hu btcn pieced to appoint Major An oppoitonity wUl be o&red of 
Alexander Bcaifon, of the Madras rwarding defervine men, in the 
tllablifhincnt, one of his aides-du. lafcar companies, oy promotion! 
camp. The af^IncmenC is tohavfr. to the rank of jemidars, havildan^ 
tStti from the jch of Augufl, the and nlik, if there Ihall be in them 
dale of Major Beatfon's airival at mcii qualified for thefe fituationt ; 
this prefidency. in wluch cafe the feleftion is to be 
lo/A Oaiiber 179B. Refolved, njade with due attention to length 
That Captaifi George Downie, firft of fervice and merit. 
aSiftaat in the office of the military The drcfs of the golandiuz 11 to 
andiior-gcncral, be appointed de. conform as miicti as polSble to that 
puiy military auditor.general, in of the European ariillcrj- men ; after 
the room of Lieutenant F. Cor- the commander in chief Ihall have 
field, reCgned; and that Mr. ]. approvtdof a pattern cair, bounty 
Lockhart, the accountant and fc- cloathing will be prepared ; they are 
oior affiflant in (he office, be ap- tobearmedandaccoutredinthefame 
pmnted firft afltflant, in the room manner 3> the European artillery. 
ofCaptain Downie. The iraporiancrofthegolandauz 
r^ r> n r r. i ■ eftablilhmcnt is fo obvious, and the 
G. O. Bj ibi C^mmanifT m ^^yXxxy to be derived from it, fo 
Cbiff, \Uh OanbtT x-^q%. „u^ depending on the proper 
A draft is to be nude from the choice of men, and their fubfequent 
■ ft European regiment, ofifuffi. training and inllruclion, that the 
cient number of men to All up the commander in chief cannot too fe- 
vacancies of tnatfofles, in the four rioufly enjoin the uimoft vigilance 
companies of artillery, at the field and exertion in thefe points, on 
ftziiont, and ihat of Allahabad, in- the part of the -officers com- 
cluding the vacancies which wiJl manding companies, of the com- 
be occalioned by the transfer of mandant of artillery, of the officeti 
laeD recommended for the invalid commanding battalions nnd detach- 
eSablifhment. meots, and of the major -general* 

The eftablilhojent of golandauz in command of ftatlons. 

ordered by the minutes of council ,,. „ -, ■ , ,,.,- 

of the i;th inftant, is to be com- «'?"" 'fCounal,n the M,l,lary 

pleted as eipeditiouOy as poffible, Dtpartmtm, of lb, izd Omhr. 

■with a fcrupuloos attention to the Refolved, That a magazine cfta- 

cboice of the men. blilhment be fixed for Allahabad, 

In felcAing men from the lalcar and that ii (hall confift of a deputy 

companies, particular care niuft be commillary, andaconduflorof ord- 

taken, that none, but fuch as, from nance, with the fame munber of ar. 

age, fize, and from good behaviour, tificers and magazine men as are 

are fit for goUitdauz, be admitted allowed for the magazine ac Mon- 

on that eibblilLment; ghier. 

Mahconmedansaretobeprefcrccd 2^tb O^eirr 1798. Refolved, 

ibr the golandauz dUbliihment, That the fepoy volunteers aflem- 

and no nun is to be received upon bling at Barntckpore, be formed 

it, who does not engage to embark into three battalions, of ten com- 

00 board Ifaip, whenever thefcrvtce panies each, to be denoniinated the 

(ball require his proceeding by fea ill, ind, arid 3td Bengal Volunteer 

— this is to be an exprcfs ftipula- Battalions. 

tion on oath previous to ba being Refolved, That thefe battalions 

enrolled, be, for the prefent, commanded by 

■f G t captainsf 


captains, and that the ' fb!l6wing 
omcen be appointed to the corrf- 

Captain J. Malcolm, iltbattal. 

. — I. Tetley, 2nd ditto. 

L. Burrei, 3rd ditto. 

Refolved, That an European ad. 
juiant be allowed to eacti battalion, 
and the ufual proportion of lafcari, 
and other dercripcions of workmen ; 
alfo a ft: rjeant- major and quarter. 
mafter-fcTJcant, for each battalion. 

G. O. B^ the CtmmaHdtr i« Chitf^ 
30li03»Ber 1798. 

Mr. William Rullel, aflillant far, 
jeon at the general hofpital at the 
prefidencj', having been appointed 
Dy the right honourable thcGovcr- 
nor-Gmeral in council, to accom, 
pany Mr. Vanderheydcn to Chit- 
tarah, is diteAed to proceed ac^ 

M.C. Oaabrr i. The Htm. 
Court of Direflors having, in their 
general letter of the ift November, 
I7q7, appointed Captain G. A. 
Robinfon to the poft of military 
auditor-genenl, and having, in 
their general letter of the 13d 
May laft, confirmed that appoint- 
ment, aiid direAed that Captain 
Robinfon be a^^tnted to the faid 
office of military Ruditor-^eraI| 
immediately on his arrival in Ben- 
gal—Captain G, A. Robinfon is, 
accordingly, direfledto take charge 
of the office of military auditor' 
general, which is to be delivered 
over to him by lAt. J. Scawen, 

G. O. OSaber 31. Lieutenant 
Tucker, of his Majefty't 76th regi- 
ment, is appointed to do the duty 
of adjutant to the divi&on of that 
regiment, at the picGdency, froqi 
the iQih inftant, 

G. O. Novimber I, 1 798. Hit 
M^jefty's 76th regiment, at Dina, 
pore, is to proceed to Fort Wil- 
liam, b^ water, as (000 » t>Qiitt 

Mil be provided 'for Arir wi. 
commodation. The town,major'i 
a^nt is to provide the ufoal quan, 
itty of tonnage for the men ; tfas 
officers are to fumilh themfelvfla 
with budgerows and boats on the 
boat allowance, 


Extras /nm tht Htm. Compmij'i 
Cemmandt, h tbtir Military 
iitllrr, dattd May 23, 1798. 
far. 24/*,' In the military 
letter from yonr preGdency, of.tho 
I ;th January 1 796, a claim of the 
cadets of 1791, to rank above the 
country cadets of that year, waa 
fubmitied to oar decifion ; bat wq 
obfetve that, Ihortly after, the quefi 
tion was decided at Bombay, in 
favour of the claim, without waitt 
ing the iffoe of the reference. But 
as this decifion militates againft a 
former determination of your board, 
of the 6rh Oftober i79j,of whicfai 
in the 1 3th par. of our letter of die 
r7th February 1797, we fignificd 
our af^robation, as being agree- 
able to the fpirit of our orders of 
the ijih of April 1795; we here, 
by revoke the determination of tho 
2f th January 1796, and confirm tbe 
fbr^Kr decifion of the 6th of Oc 
tober 1 79 J, 


Mr, Samuel Boutflowet, afliftanc 
to the cplleAor at Vizagapatam, 
Mr, J, A. Rice, ditto, under the 
fecretary to the board of revcnaCf 
Mr, T, Robinfon, ditto, under the 
accouncantrgeneral, Mr. W. Gar- 
row, ditto, under the fecretary ta 
the pubtic) commercial, and revenue 
departments of government, Mr, 
J. Watts, ditto, ditto, ditto, Mr 
P. Bruce, ditto, under the fecre^ 
tary to the military, pcJitical, aitd 
fecret departments of govemmchtT 
Mr. A. Barclay, ditto, ditto, ditto^ 
Mr. A, G, Blake, ;ditto, under tbe 


fxavay to the Ijoard of revenue, mita, haeby order* and dixcAs 4H 

Mr. E. P. Blake, diiio, ditto, to the tjje European, Armenian, and "Por- 

boatd of trade. Mr- F. B. V. mgueze inhabitants of the faid 

DayreU, ditto, ditto, to the board toi^n, to alTcrabie on the walk be- 

ofieveuue, Mr. H. Taylor, ditto, twcen Chandpaul Gaut and Fo;.t 

ditto, to the board of trade. Mr. William, to be thtreijly muftcred 

J. H. Peile, ditto, ditto, to the „d enrolled, 
military, political, and fecret de- Thg European* to aflemble at the 

prownts rf govemnient. Mr, aforefaid phce, on Wednefday tb« 

E. Coxe, ditto, ditto, ditto, and j^;^ 

afling Dutch traollator- Mr. Geo. The Armenians, on That^f dw 

]>aTiQi, ditto, diiKv to the public, g^ij . ^^ 

ttumnercial, and revenue depart- Thf Portogueze on Friday As 

ments of government. ^th of November, at day -break; 

«o«BAr ctvrL APFttiNT-WTi. «^ the proper officer, are hereby 

TT. u - coramandod to attend, for the par, 

M, C. OBobffS. There being pofeof mafterins aiidenroUingfuch 

diree vacancies in tfceliK of junior perfons at fljall appear and tender 

merchants, the following gentlemen ^j, (avifxi according to the tc 

being qualified, are appointrf to oour of this proclamation, 
focceed thereto, viz. George Cor. Pubiiflied by order of the right 

fcllis, vice John William Laukheei, honourable theGovemor.GcneniI» 

dcceafed. Alexander Bell, vice ^gunciL 

Robert Lewis, deceafed. Hay G. H. Bailow, 5ff./o Gov. 

Clepbane, vice John de Ponthieu, p^ wiUiam, Oa. 31. 1798. 
fone home. 

The following gentlemen hping Inftances having occurredof pri- 

alfo qualified, are promoted to the vate goods, freighted on Company'! 

rank of faftors; John Hope OIU (hips from other ports in India to 

ex, George Vandepot Drury, Bengal, being omitted to be maui- 

^ Hallett, Henry Shepherd fcll^ at the cuiiom-houfe, the 

Pearfon, John ElphinSone, Guy commandersof Company's fliipsare 

Lenox Prend:rgaft, Jacnes Auguf. hereby required to take notice, that 

tDsGranr, John Smith. all fuch goods mull be manifefted at 

Mr. Francis Warden, confirmed thecuftom-houfe, an4lhaton failure 

fccretary to the military board, in thereof, the goods will be liable to 

die room of Mr. John de Ponthieu, con&fcation. 
gone home, Pubiiflied by onler of the Board 

of Trade. 

Whereas the fecurity and defence ''"'•"= :>cf^n^^. 5* Nov. 1798. 
«f thi» prefidency require, that the Whereas the fale of fire-anns, or 
eorps of militia, compofed of the other warlike ftores, to or for the 
inhabitants of the town of Calcutta, ofc of the country power* or pnvaw 
(houldbcrc-eftahlilhedandembodied perfons, without exprefs sMhonty 
under fuch regulations at the right Kit that purpofe, having been hei«- 
hon. the Governor General in coon, tofore prohibited by the orden of 
<U Ihall order anddireft, government, and the right honour- 
Hi* lordfliip in council, relying «Ue the Governor-General mcoun- 
on the loyalty and public fpiril ot cil having reafon to believe that at- 
ihe inhabitants of the town of Cal- tempu have been made loevad^lt'' 
+ C4 ' 


faid ^ODhibitioti ; hit lordfliip in parade, a paper, according to tbe 

conncil hecriiy dechies, tbat the annexed fomij containing ma name, 

faid trade, in fire-anns and warlike place of abode, and occupation, 

ftores, has been and centinuet to be where tents will be pitdiM, and 

entirely forbidden ; and that any proper perforu in rcadincfs to re- 

petfon or pcribns who (hall be de. ccitc ard inlcrt them in the roUi 

tefled in exporting from Calcutta, prepared for that purpofe. 

or any other part of the Company's W. Gkiffith-, Reg. Caff, 

province , to any part or parts of Calcutta Milliia. 

the country within their territories, Cileuda, ad Noveirber 1798. 

or otherwife, cannon or suns of anv -jt r-5; f — . - . — , ■•■ ■ a : — 

, , , .' ■ ° ' Name. Place of Abode. Occupaiion. 

other defcripiion, or any arms or — ~ ■ ^ 

warlike ftores of whatever deno. Such pcrfons as are willing to 

mination, without a pafs, fealed fervc as cavalry, furnifliing a borfc 

with thefcalofihe Company, and and the neceflary equipments at 

figncd by the fecretary to this go- their own charge, are requelted to 

' vcrnment, will be confidered as fignify their intention, at the time 
having forfeited the proteOion of of entering their names on the muf- 

the Company, and will be fent to ter-roll. 

Europe.. W. Griffith. 

It is fiirther hereby notified and Calcutta, Nov. 5, 1798. 

declared, that the juftices of the p.oclamatiok. 
peace for the town of Calcutta, the 

eolleflors and officers of the cuftoms . ^'"'■P.'TgH- 

within the Company's provinces, ^y '^' Right HsvourabU thr Ge. 

including the zcmindary of Be. •vrriiBr.General iit Council. 

nares, and themagiftratesof fevcral Whereas it has been reprcfented 

diflriftn, have been dircftcd to take to the right honourable the Cover- 

; that the ftrifleft attention nor Genera! in council, that federal 

be paid to this order, and to feize places in the vicinity of Calcutta, 

within their refpcflive jurifdiflions and elfewhere wiihin ihefe provin- 

any property attempted to be paf. cesj are K'come the ordinary refort 

fed in violation of tiiis order, de- of difordcrly pcrfonj from the fi>- 

claring the faid property to be con. reign fcttlement^ on the fabbath- 

fifcated, one half to ihe uff and be. day ; and that at fuch places of 

nefit of the honourable Company, public refort, horfe. races are frc- 

and the other half to the benefit of qucnted, and the pernicious prac- 

the informer, who ihall be eniitlod ti-i- of gaming prevails, to the 

to the fame upon eonviciion of the /tandal of the Briiilh government, 

party or parties engaged in the and to the prejudice of thofe who 

trade. arc cntith'd lo its protcflion ; and 

Publilhed by order of the right whereas ilie profanation of the day 

honourable the Governor General fet apart for the folemn obfervanc« 

in council. of public worfliip, is a praftice de- 

D. Camfbci.i,, 5»i-.W. ftruflivcof the good order and roo- 

As it will greatly facilitate the rals of fociety, and contrary to the 

liufincfs of muilering and enrolling duties and ordinances of the pro. 

tiic European, Armenian, and Por. tcfiant religion ; hia lordftiip in 

lugueie inhabitants, who are di- cotincil hcr^y orders and direfls 

jocicd 10 aifcmblc on the 7th, 8ih, all magiftratcs, and oSiccn com. 

and gth inflant, each perfon is re- manding at military ftations, to 

quejlod lo bring with him, to the prohibit horfc-iacc!, and all other 


meetings (or the pBrpoTe of gamtog 
on tbe fabbaih^y, within ihe li- 
nits of their refpe^ve jarifdic. 
doos or conuiunds ; and if any 
perfon or perfons fliall be guilty 
f^ difobediencc to fuch prohi- 
biiion, the nugiftrates and oflkers 
of tbe diltriA or lUtion in which 
fndi oficncelhall be committed, are 
hereby ftriftly conunandcd to report 
ihe name or naniM of any perfon or 
perfons fo offending, to the right 
booourable theGovernor.Geacial in 
owncil ; and his lordfhip in council 
herd>y dedaies, that the perfon or 
peifom fo offending, Ihall be liable 
to fbifeit the protection of the ho- 
nourable the Eall. India Company, 
and to be fent to Euroj>c, 

Publiflied by order of the right 
honourable the Governor-General in 

G. H. Barlow, S<-c. le Gov. 

Fan ^VlllaIIl, Public DcputmeiU, No- 
vember 9, 179H. 

Notice ii hereby given, that in 
order to obviate, as much as pof- 
fiblc, future differences of accounts 
va tbe books of the feveral prcGden. 
cie;, rcgardbg their trsnfafiions 
with each other, it be made a Itand. 
ing regulation, that whenever an 
advance (ball be made at this pre- 
£dency on account of another, a 
receipt for the fum advanced be 
taken in dupUcatej one to be kept 
as a voucher for tbe advance, the 
other to be tianfmittcd to the ac- 
cocntant of the prcfidcncy, or fet- 
tlement, which Ihall be chargeable 
with the fum advanced. 

Publilhcd by order of the right 
honourable the Governor- General iti 

D. Campbell, Suh.Scc, 

Extraa of a Ceaimiraal Genrrat 
hitUT, /ram the How. Court ef 
Dirraan, datti the zjd May 
May ai. We hare refolved, that 

ifac func latei of freight be paid. 

this feafAi, on goods fltipped hf 
individaali imder rite late aft of 
parliament, .is were communicated 
to you in our letter r£ the nth 
December 1793, being 7I. 10s. 
per ton oatward, and iil. los. per 
ton homeward. 

Publifhed by order of the Board 
of Trade. 

W. A. Edmonstoni, Sre, 
Fort Winiam, Nov. 9, 1798. 

There will be a parade of fuch 
of the European inhabitants of Cal- 
cutta as have enrolled themfelves 
in the militia, agreeably to the di- 
regions of the right honourable the 
Govern or- General in council, on the 
Efplanade, On Monday the igtb, at 
day-break ; and fuch as have not 
already enrolled themfelves, are de- 
fired alfo to attend at the fame time. 

By order of the right honourable 
the Governor- General. 

W. Griffith, Reg. Of. 


Nov. a. — Ship Yarmonth, Bedc^ 
Madras; left the 17th Oftober.— ■ 
J, (hip Bumaby, Richardfon, Ma- 
dras ; left the i6ih Oftobcr. — 6, 
Hon. Company's fhip Lord Dun. 
can,SaItwe|], Bencoolen.— 10, Ihip 
Nancy, Stone, Bencoolen ; left the 
J 7th Sept. — 17, fhip Fredoifborg, 
Acken, Cape of Good Hope ; Idi 
the 13th Sept. — 18, brig Peggy, 
Freeman, Rangoon ; left the z6th 
Oft. — fhip Snrprize, Moore, Maj 

dras ; left the 2zd Od 19, Ihip 

Charlotte, Kelfo, Madras ; left the 
26th Ofl. — 14, fliip Foniiude, 
Kearney, Bombay ; left the 4th 
Oa. — ditto, Ihip Recovery, Ropes, 
Mocha ; left the izth Sept. 


AW. 3. — Ship Parilh, Moller, 
Hamburgh ; — (hip Induftry, Pegue ; 
— Hon, Company's Ihip Momrofc. 
— ii,(hit>MariaCharlotte, Brady, 
Hamburgh.— 13, (hip Stavanger, 
Cleland, ditto. — ig, (hip Mary, 
Taylor, Bombay, 


PECEMBER% and in about ten minutct give hun 

I about twemy.five drop$, nuKcd 
with a little water, which, by hold- 

r» Jaati Andetfen, Efy. M. D. hi* ftomach. He now tegan to re. 

PbyficanGeaexal, &:.&<:. ^^^ hi^ recollcftitm, and upon 

OiAt si«, being aOc<»l, pointed that he felt a 

I have the rieafiire to fend you pain in his br^, and the crown of 

the hifiory of a cafe, which waa hia head. Half an hour after giv- 

atiended with the moll alarming ing thelaft dofe, I repeatedit ; and 

fjn^tODis, as a confirmation of the in about five minutes he was feized 

beneficial eflfeAs to be expeAed with vomiting, when he brought 

from the ufe «f eau de luce, or up a fmall quantity of green (limy 

fpirits of nartfliorn, in the bites matter, which feemed to relieve 

oFeven the moll dangerous fnakes, him greatly, for he was then able to 

Qa the nth of this month, at half look about him, I repeated the' 

paft three o'clock /. m, one of the medicine every half hour, and af. 

dooley beaiers, of the id regiment ter every dofe he got a little better ; 

of cavalry, in the aft of cutting a fo that at nine o'clock he was able, 

branch of a tree, about loo yards with a little fupport, towalk home 

from ray houfe, was bit by a fnake, from my houfe, fcarcely feeling 

en theoutfideof theleft leg, aliiile any effeft but weakncfs from the 

below the keee. He felt immedi- bite, and I faw him nent inbming, 

fftely [he pain ftretching up his pcrfeftly well. During the inter- 

riiigh ; am in the courfe of ten or n^l exhibition (^ the medicine, the 

twelve minutes, he watfeiisd with wound was rubbed with it, and 

violent tpoTms all over his body, fcemingly with fome good ciFcft, 

And fell down apparently without The fnake was not killed, fo that 

.fade or Rtotion.' He was then I cannot fay what fpeciea it was of; 

bioQght to ne, when I found all but from the violent ^Fefls produ- 

kis jointsquitefliff,hislimbsrtgid. ced by its bite, Ihaveno doubtof 

ly extended, pulfe hardly to be its being a dangerous Mie, 1 

^t, and jaws fafi locked. Hav- am, dear &t, your moft obedicne 

ing no cau de luce at hand, I put fervant, 

a t«a4poonful of haitlhoni into a William MACKtNTosft. 

twabler, with alJnidl quantity of Arcot.Nov. 13, i^gft. 

water J andhaviog with difficulty madras law intilliceucs. 

4^ncd his mouth by means of a On the ift inllant, at eleven 

tum.fcrew, I pouredit in ; but (he o'clock, the mayor and atdennea 

jpewer of diglutition being perfeflly of Madras having affcmbled them, 

^ne, only a very fmall part found feWes in their corporate capacity in 

lis way to the itomach. In ten the town-hall, in order to recciva 

puouteamotrlrepeatcdthedraiigbt, Sir Thomas Strange, nominatedto 

and again aTeryfrnall quantity got prefide, as recorder, in the new 

to the ftomach; ten nunuies after I fuort of judicature, fent adeputa^ 

gave him another dofe, when, by tiooof th?irmembers, confiftii^ of 

'holding his head back, the greateft the fcnior and jonioi aldermeD, to 

part went down; and in a kw mir condufliiim into the hall, 

nutcs he was fenfibly relieved, as The recorderhavine entered, and 

"his joints bt«:aiiK more pliable. I t^en his jilace 00 the t>nich, onkr,. 

now leccivcd fome cau de luce, oi ttut buMi^cfty'* iwal cbarter. 


if tbe ^oA oTTebniary bft, Ihould to be from time to time relcAedin. 
be pablid^ read ; at tbe concloGon rotation to ha a^ant judges tbeic 
of which, a royal {alute was fired of; and his Majefiy, in and by ^ 
from the walls of the gairilbn. jans letters patcni, was gracioopf 
Mr. Abbott, u mayor, then ad. pleafcd to conftitute and appoint 
matfteced the oaths, prefcribed to Sir Thomas Strange, knigni, tp 
betaken by the recorder, to Sir bcthcfirffiecorderofthefaidcoaru 
HHxnas Strange ; and tendered the and whereas the faid recordcSf 
dccUrarion againfl the Iranfub. mayor, and aldermen, in poiiii- 
fiantution, alfo direAed to be fub. ance of his Majelty's faid letters 
fcribed by th; fupretne judge ; and patent, have this day alTeniblad 
ibe leeordcr afterwards adminiftered tbemfelves in the town-hall of Ma. 
the tike oaths, and exhibited a fi- dras, and, after baring caoTcd the 
milar declaration to the mayor and fame letters patent to be read aad 
aldermen refpe^vely, according to publilhed, have proceeded to q/m- 
feniority ; and the fame having lify themfelves for the execuiioD pf 
been taken and fubfcribed, and the the fereral potvers and auchorilie* 
new court tiaving been thereby thereby vefled in them, by talcing 
conftituEed and formed, the Iheriff the oaths and fubfcribing the deeU- 
was ordered to publifli and proclaim rations therein direAed to be takes 
the fame, by the name and ftyle ot and fubfcribed : Thii is there, 
the court of the recorder at Ma- fore to proclaim and publifti, that 
dm. the court of the recorder of Ma- 
The following proclamation was dras is in due manner conftimtcd 
then read by the (heriff in open and eftablifhcd, and that all the JK- 
couri : dicial powers and auihoriiies hcR. 
*' George the Third, by tofore exerciled by the autyDift 
the Grace of God, of Great Bri- court at Madras, and by the gover- 
tain, France and IreUnd, King, nor andconncil as a courtofa^^xal 
Defender of ' the Faiih, and fo from the fame, and by the coon of 
forth, _ oyer and terminer and jail de- 
" Whereas his mod gracious Ma- livery, have, by Tirtue of the di- 
iefty, by his letters patent, bear- r^ons contained in hit Majefty.'a 
ingdatcat Weftminfter, the loth letters patent, diereby ceafed a»d 
day of February, in the ^8thyear terminated; and that dl civil, ctj- 
of his reign, did, of hts efpeciol minal, ecclefiaflical, and admiralff 
grace, ihii^ fit to direfl and or. jurifdi^on, willfaaueforth be ex- 
dain, that a new court of jodica. ercifed in theCoartof the Recorder 
tore Ihould be eftablifhed for the of Madras, in the manner and to 
^ttlement of Madrafpatnam, and the extent, by the fafne letcen pa- 
th* faftories and territories fulxirdi. tent, directed and prefcribed; of 
Date thereto, and dependent there, which all pcrfons are hereby cobi- 
00, which Ihonld be called the manded and enjoined to take nottoct 
Coon of the Recorder of Madraf- " Goo >ati thi Kino." 
patnam, and fhoold be Jiolden by u- i* - a . vi , 
«d brfot* one principal judge, E''raa/r.m H.. M^j.Jiy. Cbar. 
who (hould be called tl^ recorder '"■' *""»/ ''"'' ,"'* .^''"•'• 
of Madrafi»toam, and (hould be "r?. l^tb j^ar cf h,. Rng«. 
the ptrfident of the laid court, and " And we do further hereby 
by and before tbe mayor and three ftriftly charge and command al! 
flf tfc ft iMtr rt rf yf MiMJpfp'r'''"! ^veioon audcommaudcn, magif. 


tptet anci miDiffen, civil and mi- 
Utaij, and all other our faithful 
>nd licgc fiibj^s wharfoever, in 
aai throogbouc the Brttifh terri- 
tories indpoirefilons in the Eaft In- 
diet, «m1 the coantries, territories, 
AftriAi and places which now are, 
OtOuU be hereafter dependent there. 
CO, or fobjefl or fubordinate to the 
Bridlli government there, that in 
tfaeezecution of the feveial powers, 
jmililiAions and authorities hereby 
ginntcd, miide, given or created, 
ihcf bt aiding, alTilling, and obe. 
Stat in ill things, as they will 
anfwer the contrary at their peril." 
Poblifhcd by order of the right 
tea. the Goremor in Council. 

J. Wehbe, Set. 10 Gov. 

fbn Sl George, i(lNo». 1798, 
Tie Court was afterwards ad- 
jontned to Monday the jih inftnnt. 
After the adjoommfnc of the 
CooTt, Sr Thcmiis Strange, at. 
tended by the mayor and aldermen, 
ftoceeded to the council chamber, 
HI order to prefent the right ho- 
nourable the Governor with a copy 
flf the charter. 

On delivering the chartfr into 
fc hands of Lord Clivf, the re. 
oorder, in a very appofite addrcfs, 
otffcined 10 his lordfhip the intent 
>ndparporr<^thccharteT, and con. 
eluded with aneamef): andimprelRve 
appeal tothechair, to forward and 
carry into efFeft the moft gracif'ns 
intentions of his MajcDy, as mani- 
fcfted and declai-cd by his royal 
4:harter, when occalion [but which 
■ fcetrafti-d would be very rare) (hould 
require the en-operalive ftrength 
and energy of the executive govern. 

To the adclrcfj of the recorder, 
lus lordlhip made a fuiiable reply ; 
when Sir Thomas retired. 

Thi: (herifF, in the conrfe of the 
owming, read the proclamation in 
tbe fort, and ratious pa«s of NLidras. 

On Monday the 5th inftant, tlie 

court of the recorder met, purfuant 
to adjournment, when Mr. alder- 
manRoebuckaddrefredthe recorder, 
to the following effefl : — 

That he was defired by his bre- 
thren on the bench, to congratulate 
him on the appointthent which 
his Majefty has been gracioufly 
pleafed to beftow on him of Re. 
corder of that Court. That they 
were not unacquainted that he had 
already filled a high judicial fitualion 
in one of his Majefty's colonies, 
giving dignity to his appointment, 
by the ju!l and impartial admini. 
ftration of the laws entrufted to his 
difpcnfaiion ; nor were they ig- 
norant, that he had difplayed an 
urhaniiy of manners, and a conci- 
liatory Sifpofiticn, in the fettlement 
where he had lately refided, which 
had procured him the general efteem, 
and which had been peculiarly ma- 
nifefted to liim in the regret, which 
had been publicly teftitied on the 
ere of his departure to his mother 

Tliat, bearing with him fo fuU 
and ample a tribute of public ap. 
prob:ition, he and his brother alder- 
men were fatisfied,- that they had 
acquired in the perfonof the recor. 
der, an upright and able colleague, 
to aid and guide them in the dif. 
charge of an arduous talk which 
their country had impofed on them. 

That the iirft aa of office which 
he had performed, required the par- 
ticular thanks of the bench — He al. 
ludcd to the lery manly and im. 
■prefTn'c addrefs which he had de- 
livered to the right hon. the Go- 
vernor in Council, .when he pre, 
fentcd them with the exemplifica- 
tion rf ihe cliarter. And they had 
no doubt, not only from the vifiblc 
o[>eration of his addrefs, but from 
his lordfhip's manner of thinking, 
and from the coBftitutional prin- 
ciples K'hicb he was known to poT- 

HH, bat t}ut bis Lordlhip would 
girc every rcqai£tc aid to fuppoit 
the dignity and enforce the decrees 
<rf the cCHUt. It W2S, however, 
lo be Uincnted, thai the Ute court 
(in the place of which the prefent 
w»s created) for many years, had 
not been fo fortunate ai lo meet 
with fo neceSarr a fupport : oiher- 
wife the admin i it ration of juflice 
in tk^ (ettkment mi^hi have been 
BOre perfc^ ihan it has been. 

The late court, he could not but 
oUervc, had to combat with dif- 
ficulties peculiar to its confoima- 
tion — That it had frequently tofind 
its way through a labyrinth, witlj. 
out any clue to direA its cdu.-fc. 
Bat though the roemben which coid- 
poTcd the mayor's court were not 
Boat with profeHed legal acquire- 
tnents, yet be might venture to 
ailcrt due they all pofTdTed a ge- 
neral and liberal view of the con> 
fiitaiioa of their country, and the 
prittciplet on which juAtce was to 
be adDuniftered under it. It was 
not perluqiB for him to lay, how 
the court had difcharged itfelf of 
what was expefled from it — but the 
public records were the belt proof 
of the manoer in which the law 
had been admin i(te red — and the very 
lew tnfiancet in which it would ap- 
pear that the decrees of the mayor's 
court had been revcifed by his Ma- 
jefty in Council, afforded an uner- 
ring teft, that the generality of 
their deciCons had not been incor- 
lefl ; and wherever their decrees 
might be lecn to differ from the 
■liioiate forum, the difference would 
not be fbtind on matier of fa^, but 
on point of law — Bat that they had 
beat in geueral fo eoiceO, he was 
not inclined to afcribe all the' merit 
to the bench — for it were but juflice 
to the gentlemen at the bar to ac. 
knowledge that their profeJIional 
talents, Ubour and refcarch, had 
often afOfled and governed their de. 
/afiqps. Individually he miglit be 

allowed to add, thai he wa> pir. 
ticularly indebted to them Ibr 
much voluntary infonnaiion, which 
had enabled hiia, in cafes of nicety, 
to form an opinion to the latii&c. 
tion of his own mind. 

Pi:rchance it might alfobcdcenv- 
cd a duty incumbent on him, while 
fpeaking of the citcmai =«iltr^-^ 
which the bench had expeiicDce^ 
to fay fomttliipig of i!k o&cn of 
the court : for ii mull be oUcrfet^ 
that he, the recorder, could oolj' 

tion or confined pcrfoml acquaiat. 
ance. But he, Mr.Rocbuck.^Mlh^ 
the almoll daily c^ipofiuaiiy of tc> 
marking on dieir condufl, Ibr a 
long period of time ; and from 6> 
extcntive an expcrieocc of ihdr ic 
fpedive merits, he was cenaioljr 
authorlfed to affcrt, that the gen- 
tleman who held the office of 
regifter, though he had cooie yotuw 
and incxDCrienced into oScr, haa 
conduAed himfelf with a ooofider- 
afale degree of talent in tbe eiecn. 
tion of his duties, and, what pcrhapc 
was of more public importanoe, 
with unbiaffed and incorruptible liu 
tegrity. — That of the young gen. 
tlcman (bis deputy] who had mt 
been long in his lituation, from the 
application which he hadgivcn,aral 
the line of condu£l he had puriiied 
fmce he had beeJ) in that dqiartmcatf 
there could be little doubt bat he 
would qualify himfelf to be a fit 
fucceilor hereafter to a pcrfon wlm 
has fo ably and honourably held the 
principal office. 

Before he concluded, Mr. Roe- 
buck hoped that he jhould ftand ex- 
cufed, in adding a few words to 
what he had already faid in telbeA 
to the gentlemen at the bar. There 
were men amongfl them, be waa 
proud to fay, whofe talents and ae- 
quircmcnls were fufficienl to cm. 
brace every fubjeil with benefit to 
ilv'ir clients, and credit to ibem- 
lelvcs, — whofe pr^tice had been 


, brgft and Ubcra] — fair and honour- nfag^s. He poflefled but a veiy or- 

xWt-r-whofe sfal, ihoagh kept in cumTcribed knowledge — f« every- 

pn^KT bounds, coold not andean- exertion in h» power Qiould be ufed 

not be Mcclled in any conrt of jo- to in reftigate matters which woold 

dfcatore'in the Britifh dominions, judicially come before them, and to 

Men polTefling ffich talenti, and explain the principles on which their 

adopt ingfuch a line ofpradice, ma(t decijiona Ihoold be grounded — and 

kavc the rooft amjde gratification in in all circumflances and cafer to roi- 

tkirown mind; — but, hctrufttd, der them Cuch aid ai his abilities 

it would not be unacceptable to might allow. On many occafioiw 

them to imderffand, that a condufl he muft receive, rathn than aflopd 

Ibhonourable in itfelf had not pafTed affiAance ; and he mut) expeA to be- 

imnoticed, and that a juft tribute inftruAed there by the gentlemen 

♦as paid to it by thofe whoTe duty on the bendi, and the worthy al* 

ithadbeen toobferre it. derman in particular; and he de- 

The ncorder obfervcd, that he pended that they would moft readily- 

kad to exprefs his thanks and ac- and unieiervedly give him that local 

knowledgments to the mayor and information and advice, of which 

aldennen, in whofe joint name Mr. they were fo capable, from their 

RiK^ck had addrefiedhim, for the long refidence and frequent previous 

Tcry fiattering opinion which they inquiries. He was extremely gra- 

ciHcnained of a ftranger, who had tified to recdve fo favourable a tef- 

fe recently come amongll them. If timonial of the condufl of a gen- 

ic had merited, by the line of con- tieman who held fo important an 

ia£t purfued by him in another part office as that of regtiler : nor was 

^ the world, which he fcarccly he lefs happy to hear a commeo. 

dare preTumc, thofe high encomiums darton equally flattering, and fVom 

vhich the worthy alderman had a quarter fo diflinguAiing, as pro-- 

feecn pleafed to beftow on it — and if cecding from the worthy aldernumt 

k had been fortunate enough to ob- of the gentlemen at the bar j and 

lain the efteem of thofe amongft they would fee from the proceedtnga 

whom he had been deputed to ad- of rhe court that day, that a ge- 

ftuniller jufttce — he muft attribute neral conbdence was placed in their 

a great pan of his fuccefs to the character. And although the tefti. 

ailillance ofthofewho were appoint- mony borne by the worthy alderman 

cd to co-operate with him^ and to did itot appear to apply unirerfally, 

the obliging difpofition of perfons yer he trufted that every indivi- 

with whom he alTociatcd, that in- dual, profiting by the liberality of 

clined them to receive his good in. the court, would endeavour to at- 

tentiijus with a liberal allowance, tacfa to himfcif a claim to fo luv 

He begged leave to alTurc themayor nourable a comjiendation. 

and aldermen, that no endeavours The court then proceeded to apL 

Ihould be wanting, on hia parr, to point their officers ; when George 

conform himfcif to the ideas which Taylor, Efq. was fwom proihono. 

they had been fo good as to con- tary and regifter, and J. Abbot, 

cetve of him — But he was not Efq. as deputy prothonotary and 

unaware, that he had, a more regifter. 

difficult fituation to fill than he AnJ afterwards, J. S. Hall, G. 

had heretofore difcharged. He had Chalmer, R. Williams, E. Samud, 

to adminifter julUce amongit a peo- A. Anftrother, G. Rickets, G. 

pic, of whole manners, culloms and M'M^on,C. MrBuIhby,J. Sudier- 

CHRONlCLfe. ~ ' ■ 9S 

land, H. A. D. Campton, F. Dir.- fliip that dwjf were {ndindtialiy- 

ncy, C. Walten, and M. James, and deeply impreflM wirh a finfe of 

Efqn> were approved, admitted, and ihe pani^itr (hewn to them, wMdr 

earolkd advocates of the court, and coald not fail to influence theircoR.' 

took and fabTcryied the oath of d- duA, and make them fttidy to be. ' 

legiance. come what the worthy ■Idennin' 

G. hys, ETi]. wasfwon exaimoer had reprefented them to be. 
of the coQtt. How far they mig^t dcferrc the- 

The recorder then delivered hii future cotnmendaiion of the court,' 

feal to Mr. L, H. Stirling, thereby would depend on the refpeftive' 

conftituinig him fealer of die court, merit and tenout of their praftice — 

wbo therewon took and fubfcrtbcd and he trofted, with fuch induce, 

the oaths of office. raent and intentions, they would 

The petition of S. D, Totton, not fail to iofure the proteftion attd 

Efqoire, was then read, praying fupportoftbecourt, without winch 

to be adiBined an advocate and at- no har could ever hope to be rc-- 

tomey, and Sating his pretenGoni fpeAable. 

s founded on being a graduate of The nomination of Mr. WiUiami 

Oxford, and a member of the ho- as Company's anomey, conform, 

nonrable fociety of Uncoln's Inn. able to the direAfons of the charter. 

The iccopder, in delivering the was fignified to the court, ■ by s 

idbiation of the coart, which was' iener under the official fignanue of 

■nfavoarablc to the prayer of the the fecretary to the gover m nenti 
petitiod, fnggefted — that howerer Theoourt then adjourned to Frt.) 

defirous the court might be to admit day the 9th current. 
Mr. Tortoo, they were pievcnted _ „ , , r» ^ . , 

horn fo doing by the ftria letter ^TV^''J'""rn'''^t^*'^ 
of the chanS. He bore every /"»"^ tf?**^ »/ fi*^-A'/"'-. 
howwr*bIe teftimony to the high " The i8ih of Mardi at three 

eftimation in which Mr. Totton t- <". we had a fmart (hock rf aa 

ftood in the fettlcment ; and ai a earthcjuake here, «» direaion fiwa 

proof of the fentiments entertained S. E. » N. W. I imagina the 

of him by the court, the recorder eleftric fluid muft have moved very 

ferthiT obfervcd, that in limiting near the furfoce, as I ftlt a Diocfc/ 

theoumberofpraftttioners in future, exaftly like a fevere ftroke from an 

if fuch a meafure fhould be found eleAiical machine, which made ras 

oeccfiary, there fhould be a referva- ficfc at ftomach for a mtnate ; ■ d» 

Hon in his farottr, if he (hoold T(Hcano (which I watched) did not 

think proper to apply to the Com. experience any vifibk agitation froB 

pany for the licenfe required. "f I have bera up the bill and in 

After the officers were fworh in, the crater a fecond time, and ob- 

Mr. Hall (the fenior advocate) then fcrved that there had been an over, 

addrefled the bench, ani faid in flo" of lava, fincc I viQted it tho 

fnbftance— fitft time." 

fidoied as deficient even in common 

feelings, if, after the very libera! MtfaoEB. 

and honourable raiprdfions that had On the 2d inftant, a moft (hock- 

tdfcn from the bench, they were ing nmrder was perpetrated on the 

not to declare their grateful fenti- body of Patrick Kam, a private of 

Ments. Tltathe afliircd his tonU his Majelly'i 19th light dragoons ; 


be wa fijiMid on the bead) oa- the of an hour, wben the patient b^o 
ftuth end of the efpluude with hit tetchiag, and the wound difchargcd 
diroat cat in a moft dieadfnl man. a thin leruro; he began to recorer, 
nei : a coroner's inqneft wai held and after giving him a glafs of 
on the body, who broi^t in a vcr. brandy, he wa< Cood fufEciencly re. 
di£l of wilful murder, Dy a perfon covered to be fcnt to the hi^uiial, 
tmknown. Though every iitquiry but a nuaibaefs coniinued in his leg 
hat been made, hitherto no tiacct for fame time ; by the aj^ication 
arc to be fotml of the peipetrators of a bMci the nunibneTs was re- 
ef this horrid deed. moved, and on the 9th iiillant, the 

On the fame day a female in^t man was difcharged from the hofpi. 

of nine months wai found ftrangled tal perfefUy recovered. 

at the Eren Brab Trees. A com- Advices from TcUicherry of the 

oer's in({uefi was held on the body, i{lh uit. mention the arrival there 

who brought in a verdid of wilful ot a grab ihip belonging to ChocarA 

vuder,— by a perfon unknown. ' MooiTa, from Mocha. This reHel had 
been captured on the tth of Aueuft, 

ACCiDiNTAL DEATH. o(rtheinandSocoioia,byL'U5, a 

Oathe 6th iiifiant, a very me- French privateer mounting eighteen 

lancholy accident happened in the eigb[poundcrs,cwocightecnpound- 

Woodt, at a place called Pallaw. A crs and four carronadet, and matmed 

carriage driving along rather too u*ith Earopeaiu aitd Caffres. The. 

b&, nnfonunaccty ran over a child commander of the privateer, after 

about fix yeart d age, and killed taking the fpccie out of the grab, 

him dead on the foot. The coach, put ftlteen Frenchmen on board of 

nan we anderftand has abfconded. her, anddifpatched her to the Mau- 

A coroner's inqueft was held on the uiius. The crew, however, conlift- 

body c^the child, who brought in ing chiefly of Moplas, foon after. 

» TcrdiA ofaccidental death. wards rofe upon the Frenchmen, 

On the 6th ioftant, a fepoy be. put them to death, and brought the 

longing to the garrifon at Taimah Ihip and cargo in (aicty to Telii. 

was bitten by a Inake ; he was im. cherry. Another of Moolla's veT- 

Biediately carried to Captain Lam. fcU, with two (hips belonging to 

ben's quarters, when aoout thirty the bcbee of Canaanore, had beeti 

drops of eav de Itice, in a glafi of captured at the fame time, and were 

water, waa adminiftered iniemaUy, in like manner plundered' of their 

whilft the wound wu nibbed with fpecie, anddifpatched to the Mau.. 

theeau deluce. Dr.Durhamwaitm- ritius ; but their crews foliowins 

aediately called in to his allillanee, the example above-mentioned, al(o 

which mighc be almoll Sve or fix retook the {hips, and had arrived 

imiiucesaitertheaecident happened ; fale at Cannanore. Letters were 

the patient was then foaming at the found on board the grab from the 

mouth, and his jaws almoft locked, commander of L'Uni to his owners. 

Mr. Durham hardly entertained any ai the Mauritius, wherein he men. 

bopts ai hia recovery, but finding tions having transftii{^>ed treafure to 

eau dc iucc had been admintftcied, a large amount from different vef. 
he continued to give a tea fpotHiful Hels mto his own, but that if he 

every ten minutes, for three doies, (hould happen to fall in with and 

continuing at the fame time to bathe capture a large Ihip, he would dif. 

the wouitd J the fourth dofe was ad. patch her with the money to the 

mioiltercdatthediHanccofa^uarter Maurltiiuj that be intended to 



firtcf dK MaUlnr mi Conmaaid Bhyth m^ f«d t&nii hf die bondi 

coub, and to call at Tnnqnebai of IUi}ee PotcU ; and after that I 

tot refrefiuncatt. will continue to be gavemtd by 

Poo!.AH,A,.>»i«*.-Morm. f"",i?^ "'"^ iJw difpntt 

ation has been received at the if*?"™''*' '""^V „. " ^ ' 

4nrbaf of Dowlni Row Scindeah, 5*^ '**"' '™*^*?n « ?*»• 

that Nana FnmaTcfe has written 

nab» We aie not enabled t 

.letter to Stiemont Behadur (the f"'o "y "^"f <^*"'= , - 

pefcwa) ; wherein he fays, " I^t }"(»»»«' "ent ha. to our know. 

Amnit Row Bahador hive a jag. "«*«« '^^'^ ^^^y '." t*"* 

hire often lack, of mpees conferred 9"»""i *=«^ pariy fcemmg 4j. 

npon him, and let him^hen retire *^ '^ Oot-nrocraftiMting the 

fhim the capital ; or fecnre upon «'*>«". "^^ than gaining advan. 

thcmnfnodorfoTcrrignty.wdtin. *?«*1,'''^ ^1'^" »«». opportttni. 

8de to your old fer?«it the office ?^ for which have not bm want- 

of FamiTrfe: if this arrangement "«' Nana, it is faid, unawed bjr 

pleafcTOa, 'tis well; ifnot.pnrfoe tl'«^^a»dlu.fubf^i«ait un_priigft. 

^ pWure, and keep me an iho- ?^* ''^^ ^"^"^ j^"". Sandeah,, 

noun&e prifoncr in my dwelling f» "^^ ''*~ P."?"*^ ^^ '"^ '"• 

tmdcr a Urd of tmfty cavalry, fin««mg promife* of that party, 

and caU upon me whm occafion ^ W been induced to remove for 

reqnh* to ^brd you connfel. I ^ ™"«^t the very preffing pecu. 

hie learned the f«itiments of the W «'>?<^«» of Dowlut Row, 

Bhyes. They fay that if the heart by adooationof calh totheamount, 

of Dowlnt Ri.w be clean, I« him ^y '^ accounts, (but they are 

wait opon tt. with a few attendants probably cxaggeratedj of a lack rf 

only, 1»^ hear oar terms J where, ^^'^r"^'' u c v, 

for^ b it neceflkry that he (hodd . Whatever b<«fit Nana might 

bring hi. battalions and artillery^ ^JIT"^^ ^^"^ '^ ^* ' 

" ' diArcOes, it doe* not af^ar to have 

Ang. \uh. — Stremuni Bebadur been realized; for he is laid to have 
addrefled a letter to Dowlut Row been under greater reftraint lincet 
Scirdeah, of which the followii^ it than before the gift or loon ; and 
■nextraft : — '< What does it avail to have been throitened with re. 
that jron Ihauld write to toe «au newedimprifoimiem, in the event 
tinully to be the mediator between of his withholding the farther {ixf~ 
yoa and the Bhyes ? yoa on the inie plies of what thii UUtimed dona- 
hand da not receive my coonfel, tion feems to prove his fill! having 
nor do the Bhyes liften to my ad. at command, 
vicb Neverthelefs I once more A rumour prevails in town, that 
oUerve, that if you de£re to have Tantea Paognavees (otberwife callb 
the former good onderftanding re ed Balloo TanteaJ is about to be 
Stwcd between you and them, firA reftored to liberty, ukd probably 
lend to them by Raijee Patell, all his former influence at the head of 
their jewcla that are in your pof. the Scindean council. — Such of our 
b&ati, then inquire their lenns of readers as have marked the devious 
Kconciliaiim." prt^rcis of Mahraita politics^ will 

The anfwer of Dowlut Row was recollcfl this minilter'i arrcft n 

aaibllowi:~"In theconrleoftwo have been ihe fignal of the fhort. 

or three days, 1 Ihall take account lived reeoicy of Parfetam Show t 

of all the jcweb belonging to the who, faTcinaEcd wiih the polIeflicHi 

t U of 


of ail authority to wfci^ hit 
tal«i» wete ill adapted, furificcd 
Ac intenfti of bis pttron Nam 
FnrntTefe, and aDbciated himTetf 
with Balloo Tantca, who, frcm tits 
taleot* and addrcTe, may be teraied 
the Nana of the Scindon durbar] 
and who (etna the ixtly tme in the 
long lift of Dowliit Row's coon, 
feller's uid confidants to whom be 
can look op for a reftoration of his 
po>«rer. }W:>fely in this prodica. 
nknt ftandt Nana FumaTcle, with 
rcfpcA to ibe general inteiefts of 
the Mahratta empire. 

It is almoft needlefs to add, that 
tbtfc two great ininifiers are not 
■BMadlAingailhed )^ aluiitus, than 
neciproca) enmity ttnrards t»A 
ether; and fhoold they again be let 
hicfe in pblitieal htAiKty, it mil 
fcnun to be prored which addrcfs 
will at (he end prevail ; — or Ihonld 
they wifely (in fud« c(»ltttons vir. 
tue fecme oat of the qucftion) unite 
4heir reeorered infloence, they may 
fafely bid defiance to the whije of 
Indian chicanery and intrigue ; for 
of thoTe grand fprings in the ma- 
chinery of Afiatic courts they are 
Woft confommate niafteis. 


The general tranqoilllty that fo 
hapfnly prevail! throughout the pro. 
vince, afibrds but little in the way 
of nordty to conmnuiicate ; the 
rains had been fsTOurable, and the 
crt^ confeijuently promiring. 

The rajfli of Palg^nt, named 
Hitiy Coqmby Achen, is to under- 
go a trial at Patghaat, for which 
he voluntarily farrendered himfelf; 
he i) aceafcd of baring killed a man 
of the nair caft, and other atro- 

Another rajati in ihft vicimty of 
Tellicherry, called the ChingaKcJ- 
lool, who has occafionally mani- 
fefled token; of itd'uboi'dbationj was 
lately killed in an attack on a 

pagoda in Ihe Cherically cooiu 

The reftoration of Nana Furna. 
vefe to his former ftation, (but 
whether to his former plenitude of 

Ewer or not, we are uninfbrmedj 
9 been the refult of much ncgoci- 
ation and con^romife at Poonah. 
NVhai the particulars of t\v&- pro- 
ceedings may have been, or to what 
they may tend, it would not be e^y 
to fuzgell: the leading c^jefts 
wouldappear to be, on the part of 
Nana, who muft in any Ctuation of 
coofinemest or degradacioo be al- 
ways fi^pofed thehead of one paity, 
his own reAotacion to power, the 
departure of Dowlul Row Scindeab 
from the Dcccan, and the re-ad- 
miSon of his, Nana's adherents, 
into the executive and profiiablc 
employment of the ftate< 

CalCPTT*, General InleHigence 
for December 1798- 
Accounts from Bombay mention 
that Purferam Bbow was at the hill 
fort of Parnella, near Calapoor, 
the capital of the Malwon rajah, 
with a confiderable force, for the 

Eurpofe of punilhing this rajah for 
nnc dqiredations he committed at 
the time Purferam Kiow was la 
confinement, and unable to reM 
him. The lajah has endeavoured 
to avert the threatened vengeaiKie, 
by (Bering to repair the injuries 
fuftained ; but wiin what fuccefs, 
our account! do not inform us. 

Letter* from Bombay ftate, 
that tlieie u at piefent little 
or no employment for (hij^ing 
on that fide of India. Cot- 
ton, which confUintea the chief 
article of trade between Bombxy 
and China, may be tranfported at 
the moderate rate of 30 rupees per 
candy : the merchants will not give 
more j and we ni^rfbnd, that n 
..|',LtO(.1<MC Ihi| 

tftn rate i (hip win fcaicdy clear 
the e^eoces of i Chiiu rtyyage. 

A ciTcmnftaiice t£ a novel kind 
luj^icned btely at Sarat, which 
excited a conficleraUe degree of (at. 
priJc and diflatisTaAion amone the 
MnfTulmeT] at that place. It ^m* 
a &natic of their own (e&, obferv- 
tng that many of the faithful, con- 
trary to long etlabliflied cnftom, 
aDowcd the hair of their heads to 
grow, and fhared their beards, 
indignant at the degeneracy of thefe 
htier timei, compelled many to 
wndereo the operation of ftiaring 
their beads, and infiftcd that they 
froold allow their beards to btow. 
To die mandarei however of this 
&Mtic, many revolted, and all far. 
fbcrattempn of this kind hare (ince 
been pat a ftq) to by the nabob. 

Letters fron Chittagong, re- 
eeired in the coDrfc of this month, 
raention that a large body of Mags 
had anived in that diftrift, defiring 
to [dace themfelres nnder the pro. 
teAion of the Hon. Company, hav- 
ing emigraied fiom their own 
country on accoont of the fcvere 
of^vreffiom of the Burmah govern. 
nKnt, which they could no longer 


The id fcflloa of Oyer and Ter. 
miner contnenced on Tuelilay the 
^h inft. 

The grand jury being called over, 
Sir John AnRruther Sid, that he 
soderftood it had been the praAicc 
lierclarthegentlemenof the grand 
jury, aftcrbeing called over, torctire 
and 10 choofe their foreman. As 
this had been the praflice, he had 
no objcftion to its continuance. 
The gentlemen of the jury then re- 
tired, and having ehoTen their fore- 
man, Tctnmed to Court, and were 
fwom in as under : 

JohnBuller, Efq. Foreman. 
Alex. Abeniecn, Jjmcs MacTaggart, 
Kidiett Bubuill, R. Hemi 



Leonant CaUiiira, FcaricisHorlfey, 

G. U. Lawie, R. S. Perreau. 

Henry Stone, I. T. Brown, 

JamH Alexander, Charki Bariier, 

Claud BctMHt, David AoG, 
WilliatD Egenon, ahd 

A. Gilroour. John HJl, Efqn. 

On the 6ih in&ant, ThomM 
Mackenzie, and John Petrie, Iho. 
riff's officers, were tried for ex- 
torticoi ; againft Petrie there <hv 
pearing no evidence to foppoit the ■ ' 
charge, he was confetjuently a^C- 
ted ; but the proofs were lb glaring 
rcfpefUng Mackenzie, that the 
iory was unaaioaous in convkU^ 

It upeared In the coutfe vX the 
ttaal, that Mackentie tuvingbeea 
employed to appehend a man, it^ 
poTed to be oofWed as a feaconny, 
(he wai not prdenr at the tsial) 
charged with having committed 
an a&ult, he promeded to Us 
houfe> met with, and pinioned 
him: not content with baviiig done 
fo> he polled inio the con^tound^ 
where a woman was bathing, who 
it feems is tile wife of the man he 
came to apprehend j he aifo bouitd 
her, and threatened that he would 
inflantly take them both to jail; 
having greatly excited their feare, 
he gave them to underftand thai for 
two gold mohius he might pcrlupa 
be able to prevent their bemg dlf- 
graced ; but as they could not pof-- 
Itbty raile fo much, it was ulti- 
mately agreed that theyihould give 
him twenty rupees; this fum he 
abfolutely received, but he dragged 
.them to prifon notwithftanding. 

The Chief juflice paid ahaoi. 
fbme ctHnpliment to the gentlemen 
whobroughtforward the profeciu 
tion ; and there can be oo doabt> 
but that by exemplary proceedings 
of this nature, a Hop will be put to 
a praAice, which it is feared haa 
II 2 bc«B 



' bean too often foUoved by the fub- 
ordinaieoffice'rs of the Court. 

The Chief Jullicc delivered the 
charge to the grand jury. 

On Tuefday the loth inftant, 
the fecoiid lefllon of Oj-er and Ter- 
miner, and Jail Delivery, cloTed 
at the Court Hoofe ; when the 
Chiefjuftice pronounced the under- 
mentioned fcntences on the (cAlowiag 

Radamonee, for petjury ; to 
ftand in the [ullory for one hour in 
m the Loll bazar ) a paper to be af- 
fixed to the pillory, in the Englilh 
and native languages, exprcffive of 
her crime, dec. to be p(ri>licly whip- 
ped in the Burrah baear ibiee times, 
and kept to hard labour. Buxoo, 
larceny ; to be twice whipped, 
keptaihatd labonr and imprifoned. 
Rogonxut Mozondar, larceny ; to 
be whipped once, kept at hard U. 
bouT fix months, and then difcbar. 
fed. Thoma* Mackenzie, for ex. 
tortion ; to pay a fine of joo ru. 
pees, and be imprifoned until fuch 
fine be paid. Gopry Podar, for 
receiving ftolen goods, to be whip, 
ped in the Burrah bazar, imprifon. 
cd, kept at hard labour fix montha, 
and pay a fine of too rupees to the 
Icing. — Eight were difcbarged by 

Walter Ewer, Efq. has, wc un- 
derftand, been appointed high fhe- 
riffof Calcutta fordieenfuuig year, 
atxi Edward Uoyd, Efq. deputy 

23.— ^Tbe TolDnten battalions 
bave been embaifud within thefe 
few day». Thefe otnpa ace in the 
higheft order and in excellent fpirits. 
It is highly creditable to the officen 
and inen> that the embarkation hai 
been effeAed without a fingle in- 
ftance of defertimf. 

The French flag taketi at Hy- 
drabad, from Monf. Perron ; a 
c(«(ceiiT> fnnnouiued by iIm c^ of 

liberty; i* (afely anmi^tai dc 
pofited in Fort William. 

The Candidate, Captain Claric. 
fon, arrivedinthe riverfrom China 
on the loth inftant ; Ihe failed 
thence on the jihOAober. 

We are foiry to notice the unliu 
Tourable accounts of the Chiat 
market. Patna opium was at 180 
dollars, and that of Benaiei at 169 
per cheft, and in nodeuund. Up. 
wards of five thouland chefts are 
ftated to be 011 band at Macao and 

Letters from Penang, reodvcd 
by the Candidate, convey the me. 
1 a ncholy accounts of the entire lc& 
of bis Majefty's (hip RefilUncc, 
Captain E. Packenham, on the 15th 
of July, near Mintora Banca, v&te 
the blew up, about four o'clock la 
the afternoon, fuppofed to bave 
been Ilruck by ligntaing, at no 
previous intimation whatever of her 
being on fire was given ; fifteen of 
her crew otdy were picked iq> by 
the Lannoos,onapart of the wreck, 
feveralof them very much cut and 
bruifed ; they were carried to Puto 
Lingin, where eleven of them died 
of their wounds. 

[We have infertcd an anthentic account 
of ihii mdancboly emit is our UiC- 
" Cefanmcnt.J 


Fort Willbm, Saturday, 3d Nov. 1798. 
P. O. Bjr tht Gatiemor Gnerml. 
M.nuttt of Council .'« the MUttttrj 
DifartMtnl, eftht zd Na-v.l-jgS. 

Refolved, That the fitllowiqg 
exiradts of a general letter from the 
Hon. Court 5 Duedx^rs, dated the 
23d of May lafl, be publilbed ia 

Par. J. We have pennittcd the 
fidhming militBry oficen to retilsR 



WthdrrankonyoareftAiahmtnt, 30 companiw, and the* companiei 

Tix. Captains Rob. Turton, James into three battalions of ten com- 

Da»idfon, Jofcph Gafcoigne ; T, panics each, "nw ilrength of each 

Wagftaff, George AbercrombieRo- company to be, 

Wnfon, RAm Campbell, and John , ^.tidar, «, privarc, 

Dmmmond by brevet, andLieut. ijeinidar, ' inickatlie, 

George Mafm. i hanldaai, 1 find-bhifly, 

6. We have peimitted Mr. W. 5 !!*"**• , „ i"*^, "!"'•'- 

Allifon, to letom to his rank of " J«'n"":"™dfif«'. '"B«Jy-J 
dfiftant Ikrgeon, on your eftabt^. The ift battalion is to be com. 

raent. poled of the Tolunteers of the ill, 

85. We have permitted brcret 4th, 7th, nth and 14th reg;iinents. 
Captain-Henry William Hicks, to The ad battalion of the rolon. 

TciBain in England till next feafon, teen from the 3d, ^h, 8th, and « 

■ 86. In conGderation of the length i I'h reginientis. 
•f brevet Colonel George Mcnce'a The 3d battalicn of the volon. 

rOyage frMn India, occafioned by tcers from the 3d, 6A, 9lh, and 

the Exeter extra (hip being dif- 13th fegimentB. 
Biifted off the Cape, which (^liged The volunteers fioca cadi regi. 

her to proceed to Bombay to refit, ment (after men for the two grena- 

iriiere fhc wasdetained by Governor dter cmnpanies ihali be feleA^) are, 

Duncan, and afterwards ordered to as far as may be pra^cable, to be 

Odiunbo ; we have permitted him placed together in comp ani es, and 

to remain in England witil (he de- the companies to be placed in bqt. 

ptrmre of rfte fi^ ibips of %\k fea. talioiu, according to the feniotity 

Ion 1799-1800. of ihe regimenn they come from. 
- 87. The following military Where the cmapanies have not 

officers hare retired from our fer- heen formed, and a provifion not 

vice, viz. lieatenant Cdonel R. already been made fer native com. 

Limood, Lieatenant Colonel Jt^n nri£<med and non-conuniffioned of- 

Witberftone, Lientenaitt CcrfoncI ficetSiibeneee&rypromotionsareta 

Robert Dawes : be madefrom men befonging to thofc 

Lieatenani Peter Tdfrey, on companies, in order that the volun* 

Lord Clive'spenfion; head furgeon teers of each regiment may have an 

Hugh Mair, head furgeon An^^w equitable Ibare of promotion. The 

Umter : promotitmt are to be made on 

You will thuefore difcontinne this principle, jemidars to fobidars, 

their names in the lift of our army havijdars to jemidars, naicks to tu> 

vyoareftablilhioent. vildars, and fepoys to naiclcs. 

Capism G. A. Robinfon, being The promotions which have aL 

returned to this prefidency, by per. ready beoimade are confirmed ; and 

mtlSon of the Honourable Court of fhould there fopon tbt above prin- 

Diie^rs, without prejudice to his ciple) be a furplus of jemidars, 

Mnk, refelred, that he beadmitted havildars and naicks, who held that 

■ceordingly. rank in the regiments frmn wbicb 

G. O. N»v. 5. — In conformity they came, or who have been pro. 

to the rcfolntion of council of the moted and cannot be provided fin 

i9thOflober 1798, the volonteen in the volunteer battalions, lifts of 

coHefted from the feveral native their nancs (fpecifying the regi. 

Rjimenti^ ue to be femed into menutbeybdong to,aad the rank 

*«' c..,,„.Gootl? 


lli^ MA in thtfCt ngiUKOU) aie and i^dt) ucMdiag to thi {udiat 

to be lent to the arfjnuuil general. dlabliAimciu, be tsifed; uid thmt 

Lifts (from each battalusi) of the Commander b Cliief be re- 

jcmidars promoted to the rank quefted to iffue the neceflur otdiet* 

of fubidar, and of havildars to the tor itut purpofe, drafting frtnn tbo 

rank of jemidar, are to be Tent old regiments fucii a prt^oitioa t£ 

to the adjutant general, in order natire officers and private* as be 

that their promotioiu may be con. may think {woper, ai a fomkUtioa 

firmed in general order;, and com- for the new regimenta, 

iBiffiom be prepared for tbcm. The under- mentioned cadets &r 

The fame eftablifliment of natire Bengal, having arrived and pro- 

ftaS*, u is fixed &r a regular batta- duc^ certificates of their refbcfUvQ 

lion, it allowed to the battalions of appointments as follows, rmlred, 

- Bengal TolonteerG ; and ttte fame that ihey be admitted accoidingljr. 

allowance for repairs of arms and Mr. Charles Ryder, certificate 

ftationary, to the officers command, dated 8ih March, 1798. Mr. E. 

Ing consonies. The ntedical al- J. Ridge, ditto, ditto, ijth ditto, 

lowance is to be alfo the fame ; that ditto. Mr. A. T. Watfon, (of tiMt 

is, half the fnm granted for a regi- fcafon 1796J, ditto, 21ft ditto, do. 

ment. Mr. Alexander Abemethy, ditto; 

The following is to be the efta. 14th ditto, ditto. Mr. Robert 

.Uifhmentofqnarter.mafters'pefwlc, Cooper Lane, ditto, ditto, nth 

and to be drawn far by the adjo. April, 1798. Mr. lame* Keiu 

tant of each battalion, viz. n»iy, ditto, dittoi ditto. Mri 

I limW, fi hanrnwrmen, Thomas Fulton, ditto, igthMarch, 

10 lafain, 1 caiDcnicr, ditto. 

i fmidi, « man. Mr. AlexsUder Abemethy, hav- 

I fireman, j^^ produced a commiffion of en^ 

The adjutant is alfo to draw the granted tobimbybisMajefty in Ute 

allowance of 30 rupees per month, 3d reginient of the Royal E^ India 

for repairing the public camp equi. Votunieers, bearing date the 21ft 

page, and for fuppiying firaw, puis, June, 1797, refolved, that Mr. 

mallets, camp lines, and camp AbenKthy be allowed the ufual pre.; 

colours. cedence in confequenc«, 

Tbcpay of thecoinpaniesistobe Mr, Auguftus Thomas Watfoo, 

drawn and ilTued in the manner pre. beingacadei of thefearoni796, aLi 

fcribed by the regulations. iblved (on the grounds upon whHn 

- M. C. AW. ;."The Right Meffrs. Shcwbnck and Leith were 

Hon. the Governor General ia ktcly promoted to iherankoflinu 

Council, has been jJeafed to ap, tenant) that Mr. Watfoi; be pro. 

point Thomas Graham, Efq. 10 be moied to the rank of lieutenant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Coounandant of the date of his luk to Ije hereafter, 

the Calcutta European militia, adjufted. 

RefoWed, That Mf. Jofeph Hay- Mr. George Herbert, (now re- 
wood be af^bted an affiftant in liding at Fuity Ohur) having ttanT- 
the office of the fur veyor general, laitted through the Comm^idet iit 
in the room of Capt. J. G. Hoare; Ciuef, a certificate figned by tbo 
dcceafcd. fecretary at the lodia Houfe, date4 

M, C. Nrv. 12, 1798. — Re- 6th March, 1798, of hit appoint. 

Iblved, That two reginienttofiiative ment of cadet for Bengal, and thci 

infantry (to be numbered the i6ch 9lber necelTdry dociuuenu to entitle 

: XiOCHM-J him 

cRKoincUt Mc 

Um to that n y wn nnmt, itMred, goremuKA, my be m patiic ml 

chat he beadmittttdtothefonce laftuig, a«-itiinKritedaiidhono«h 

accordinglf. ^>le- 

TVnndCT-mentkinedeadetshive He defire* that particular paini 
arrived at this prefidcnqf, and prt>- may be taken to explain to the na. 
dnced thccertificatcsoftheirrefpec- tive troops, the feniiments cf ap. 
th-e appointments as follows, vH. probation entertained hy the Right 
Mr. George Serjeant, his certificate Hon. the Governor General in Conn- 
dated i6th April, 1798; Mr. John «lj at the forwardneTs inamfell«d. 
Owen, ditto, ditto, aoth ditto. by them to join their oAceri in fo' 

landable a caufe. 

AlmMM «f Ctwutl ,M tit MUt. "The Right Hon. the Governor 

/*7B^r/««^,iyi^<*.i798. General in Council re<juefts, that 

This day intcHigence has been re- the Commander in Chief will be 

rtiTfd from Captain Kirkpatrick, pleafed to exprefi to the officen^ 

the Britiih refident at the court of non-commiffioned officers and pri. 

his higtmefs the Niiam, that the »»tes, rf the feveral European and 

rxchange of the ratifications of a native corp«, hii cordial approba. 

new fubfidjary treaty, betvreen the 'ion of (he seal and p-jblic fpiiit 

Hon. the Eaft India Company and which they have roanifefted in to- 

his highncfs, took jdace in the for. Inntarily conttibudog a portion of 

trefs of Golcondah on the agth their refpefliTciocoine, towards tho 

Oftober, and that hii highnefs the fi:^>porloftiiMajefty '5 government, 

Niiam had been pleafed to an- "id that it will afford his Lotdfliip 

nonncc this event by a fahile from ••"! greateft faiisfaflion to coramo. 

that fortrcfs. mcaie to the Hon, the Coart of 
Dir^ors, fo honourable a tefti- 

GiMtral OrtUrt, by tht Commndtr „ony ^ ^ loyalty and liberal 

.» Chnft tidNoii. 1798. difpofuion of the European officer* 

The Commander in Chief having and foldiers, and of the fidelity and 

received the orders of the Right attachment of the native troope, to 

Hon. the Governor Gen. in Council, the fervice of the Company, and to 

to exprefs to the officers, non-com- the Britiih government. 

miffifKied officers and private foL "The letters, with thelifls of 

diers, of the feveral Earc^an and fnbfcriptions, have been entered on 

OKivc corps ferving under this pre. the public proceedings, and will be 

Idency, his cordial approbation oh forwarded to the Hon. the Court 

the occalion of their voluntary and of IHreAors by the Eurydice." 

patriotic contributions towards the , « ' , j i ^ 

(import oniUMaieliysgovctnment, Gtrntral OrJir,, bj, tbt Cmmandtr 

cih in no way fo well ftlfi! thegra. '« ^ii'/, a6(i i^ov. 1798. 

tifying duty aSgtied to him, as by The fcdiowing officers are ap> 

pnblilhing'tfae fentiraents of fail ptMnted adjutants to the vottmteer 

LordAip in Cotmcil, in general or. tuttalionc : Lieut. Cuppage, to the 

dcrs, to the end that the diftin- tit; Lieut. P. Grant, to the 3d e 

gvtfhed teftimony which ts borne and Lieut; Burgh, to the 3d. 

to the wal and public fpirit of the Nov. x-jfb. Mr. ](An Balfeur, 
dfrfdien ■ — - 

I ap. 
the native troops, to the fervice pointed to die ift battalion <tf toe 

Eeropean officers and(udiers, and affiftant fnrgeon, is removed from 
to ibe fidelity and attachment of the hofpitll at Dinipore, and ap. 

ri the Company, end fo the Bfitilh 7^1 native n- 

+ H4 ' . '^■'tel^'i/ 

ASIATIC AimtrALRfiSISTER. 1798.9. 

CtmtrHOrJm, Ktmd ^varters, 
Nav. t7, 1798. 

The Commander in Chief has 
been pleafed to nuke the Mowing 
promotions and inminnnenti, until 
til Mijeft/'a pleafuie Ihall be 

781^ rigititnt. Enfign Doftald 
^cjtenzici to be lieuienant, by 
putdiafe, vttt Jamu HanTon, re. 
moved to the corps of inraliib. 
Qftober 15, 1798. 
. Suetonius H. Todd, eentlcman, 
to be enfign, by pujchafe, -vice 
Donald Mi^ensie, promoted. Ofl. 
15, 1798- 

" (Signed) Walter Clipfe, 
Adj. Geo. la ibt K'mg'i Iroafi. 

Ton WiUian, Sm. i7(h Nm. 1798. 
P. O. Bjr tbt Gweraer Gtnera!. 
MinuUi ef CoBBcU in he Mlli- 

tary Departmint, aftht 1 6'A tiw. 


Refolved, That the poft of ad. 
jiunt to the Calcutta European 
(oilitube rceftablithed, to continue 
during the time the corps (hall be 

Refolved, That the adjutant of 
the militia be permitted to draw as 
fnch the (bllowing monthly allow. 
jUMxs, from the date of bis appoint. 

Rc&lvpd, That the militia be 
formed intp companiet of the foU 
lowing ftraiKth : 4 ' ferjeanta, 4 
^otpotalS) 1 drummer, 1 fifer, 80 
private!. - 

Hun being ten dnuunen al. 
rrftdy uitdeT the regulating ofiicer, 
the number iwcefiary to complete 
^ deficiency is to be enlifted, and 
fo leceiTC fl^cn rupccf cf^ per 

nondi, without s^r i^aJHanJar 
off-redKuiing*, «t tbey will reedf* 

Refolved, That in addltioa to 
the ferjeanti at prefimt onder ^ 
regulating o8ker, four drill fer^ 
jeants, (ifthey can be fpued) either 
frtm the corps in garrifoo, or tiw 
fupertiumeraiies under the town ma- 
jor, with an allowance of fbarteen 
fonaut rupees per month (in addi- 
tion to tb«r prefent pay and bctta), 
be attached to the milhia. 

Several perfons who have entoL 
led clumfelvcs in the corps, not hav. 
ing the means gf proriding thenu 
fe^es with unifbnqi, doathing is 
to be provided for them accor£ng 
to orders which will be given to 
Lieutenant Colonel Gnbam. 

The Right Hon, the Governor- 
General dire&, that the following 
exttad from a minute, feconded b^ 
the late Lieutenant General Sir 
Eyre Coote, in the military depart- 
ment, on the tjthjuly 1779, be 
published in the militia orderly 

Exlraff from the CenmaiiJrr i« 
CiUf, Mi«uit, Mililarj Di. 
fart^tat, t^lhjiily 1779. 
EuTgfean Militia 9/ the Prr/idemef 
a/ Fort ir-ilit«. 
" The good bebavioar and fer- 
vice performed by thii honourable 
and fpirited corpt la4 war, eaakei 
it unoeccflary to fay any thing fiu*- 
ther on the advantage* which ta»f 
be reappi from the inftitution; every 
attention Ihonld iherttfofe be given 
towards perledUog tham in their 
cxercifes and evolations, that their 
(onduA in the day of action may be 
^werable to the patriotic fpirit 
which has cqabled the gentlemen 
of this corp* voluntarily to embrace 
the haidlhipt of the foldief '1 life, 
aijd from a juft fenfe of military 
doty fubmit to tlie fubordinetioq 
requiiite on fefv^M," .; 


. ^denti fix aau aai acoqutie- 
amtifor.tbeiMUua tobe icnt to 
the militaiy boaid, and to be ama. 
ttt€gned by Lirat. Cd. GrahuD. 
Refidved, Hut Lieut. Shawe, 
«f bis Majdly's 76th regiiiKnt, be 
vpfobmi adjourn to the Caloitta 

ISixKttt «f CouKcil in the Military 

Defarliaent, Nov. 36, 1798. 

The r%ht honourable the Go- 
Temor General inCooncil has been 
^a&d to make the fc^owing; ap. 
poiiiUHnta and promotiixu in me 
Calcutta militia: 

2d Lienteoant-colond, W. A. 
Srooke; ift major, J. Bebb ; zd 
dhto, J. Belli. Capiaiiu, F. Glad. 
vin, R. Bfttfaurft, F. Mure, J. 
Bnller, G. H. Barlow, T. Myers, 
R. Birch, W. FairlJe, W. Bur. 
nughs, and the hmoDiable H. 

lieatinuntt H. Buller, C. Be- 
■ezct, J. M. Harrinfton, J. Cot. 
too, T. Dalhwood, R. W. Co«, 
G. Dowdefweil, H. Trail, J. Van. 
undt, J. Dickeiu, L. Ball, A.Col. 
TiD, J. Shaw, G, U. Lawtie, F. 
Horllcy, T. Gowan, J. Palmer, 
W. Egerton, R. Parry, C. Roth, 
nun, v>d Allan Gilmorc. 

Cavalry, ift Captain and com- 
mmdaDt, W-Farquarfon ; 3d ditto, 
C Cockerel]. Lieutenants^ ho- 
nom^ile F. Fitzroy, and Joi. T, 
Bravn. F. Macnaghten to a£i 
■tadjotant to the cavalry. 

1^ right honoai^de the Go. 
Tcmor Genera) faa> alTo been 
jrfetfed to tfpfoiat the mider-nien. 
tiooed Aimenian gentlemen to be 
pfficcn in the nulitu, at follovi : 

ift Captaio and commandant, 
Mofei Arackel ; ad ditto, Johan. 
■Kt Sarkies. ill IJco tenant, Ara. 
toon Fetrule ; xd ditto, JTaac Mal- 
Fhw. ift Enfigii, Narciis Jobanei ; 
jd ditto and adjutant, J<^ Stephen 

By ordci of the right hofxnrahlr 
the Governor General in Council. 

L. Hook, Sui.See. 
Tnfiitnef OrdiTs, if lie Rigit 

Henouraile ibt Grvernar (it- 

Minutet efCimncit in the Militarj 
Dtpartmetl, 30th Ntti. 1 798. 
The right honourable the Go- 
Tcmoi General in Council, has 
been pleafed to make the following 
appointments and promotions in the 
Calcutta militia: 

To be Ueutenantt — William 
Johnfon, N. B. Edmonftone, Ed- 
ward Strettell, Thomas Scott, 
James Alexander. To be enfignt 
— ^John Hall, John Philip Gardiner, 
Daniel Setw. 


Mr. Cecil Smith, accountant, 
eeneral to the court of the recorder. 
Mr. RtJxrt Williams, Company'* 
attorney in ditto, ditto. Mr. Jai. 
Hodgfon, colleflor in the jaghire. 
Mr. Thomas ViiTet, affiftant to tho 
commercial refidcnt at Vizaga. 

G. O, Nb-o. i, 1798. The 
right honourable the Governor iq 
Council, is pleafed to publilh the 
ibUowing extraA from a letter 
from the honour^le Court of Di^ 
rrfhtn, dated 13d May 1798 : 

!' In confequencc of the merita 
■n4 long fervices of M*. Deputy 
Commilfary Franks, as leprefented 
in Major General Floyd's letter to 
Lord Hobarc, o( the zift Juno 
lycjfi, Wedireft, That he be ap. 
pointed the youngell lieutenant fire, 
worker in your corps of artilleiy, 
upon the receipt hereof." 

Mr. Franks is, accordingly, ap. 
pointed a lieateoxnt fire.worker 


■pott thii eftablilhment ; date of ed, and wit! be confiilHed of >t t 

lank, z^ih September 1 79$. feafonable oji^niinity. 

« We have permitted the com. _ , , 

wmder* of ihips in the Comply. Goviuimknt N<*Tiric«i«n. 

trriee to receive, but upon no *c. Ztllab Tiuentf-faur Pirguanahu 
coont to CJtceed, the fum of one 

thou&nd Aicot ropees, for the paC •A'nw-.Arrio, 1798.— Whett«H 

figc and accommodation of their ""'' * "•«" « confonmng the 

oWes, homeward-bound, of fuch ""o" efftaually to an order from 

fobaltetn officers, affiftant furgcons tf« "g^' honourable the GoTcmor 

aodeadets, as may return to Eurnpe General in Council, an advenife- 

fcr Older of vout govemmciit, ex- m™' from thi» owt. dated the 

dsly for the »ecov«ry of their '^'h ^ September Uft, was piA. 

th, in lieu of the funis men. "'•'™ "" ™ Cakatta GM!«tte, re. 

lioned in the regulations referred ¥»m. ^ Europeans, whether 

«^ io oui letter of thejiftAuguft Britifhfubjeas or foreigners, to at- 

j-„^_» tend at, or report thomclTe* to, 

U^ aprfication being madf to t""'* t^"""' withoat delay, in the 

your government by any of his manner and form therein particulai. 

Majcily-. officers, to be allowed ^y prefcnbed ; vxA irtereas the 

paSige^oney on account of their i^^'n^of that adveitifemcBt h»vicg 

icturii to Europe on the recruiting ^^^ attended to, in any degree, 

t-ivice, we direftthat you ftgnify by a very fmall number of the many 

to them, it will be requifite for Europeans refident wiihin this ja- 

fcch officers ro obtain certificates fifdi«ion ; ihcy are hereby agam 

ftcm the commander in chief of his F^err.ptorily called npwi to reptW 

l(!ajefty'stroop5at)'ourpreGdency, themfelvesfeparately aoddiftinflly, 

tatiDg fuch to be the reafon of iheir »' feq"'re<l by the advertifeawit m 

qdtting lodu; and upon its being lue't'on, on or before the ijth of 

terified to us by the fecretary at December next ; and in the event 

war, that thofe officers are adually «*' '"y of them failing, or negled, 

pofled in the recruiting companiej »"g ^o attend to, and comply 

ef their feveral regiments in Eng- *«1^ '*>« f^™' prefcnbed in thai 

land, and have been oniered to come advemfemenr, alter the expiration 

no that fervice, we ftial! be dif- «* 1*"= lall-mentioned period, a lifl 

pofed to grant the ofual allowance of >"«" of their namei ai may be 

if pafTage-mojie) , according to procurable Ihall be fubtnitted to 

their relpeftive ranks, but not "le animadrerfion of government. 
(Khetwife." J- B- Smith. Jui. *•</ Mag. 

Fori William, Public DepanmcDl, 
loMBAT. sBih November 1798. 

M. C. .V*!'. 6, 1798. The Notice is hereby given, that in. 

Boardapproveof the plan of a new dividuals are, from and aftet the 

cotfs, (econ'inendtd by the com. publication of this advertifcment, 

jmndcr in chief, to be raifed for permitted to import falipetre from 

ifie defence of, ;tnd requcft he Benares, Onde, and the weft pro- 

vill give ilic iuc.ll':Lrv orders for vinces, for exportation to England. 
m btlng fiirmcd wiiibout d.'Iay. idly, Previous to the faftpetrc 

peneral Siuari% propofiil of ^oiu- pnffiiig the cuftom-houTc at Manjec. 

Dieting ilie sb;jvi; corp? 10 a full th'j proprieiors of it mall glvcbond 

lecinfiit hL-:;:(nc:r, ii Liifo jpfi')v. wi-.h fccurity to the coUeito*, oflh 
• T being 


kJng boded at Cdcntta, onder tendmt, and detiin Ae vtm (be 

a paalty of ten ficca rupees per hi* ftrther orderi ; and all goods ia 

bhuhL The fecority moft be that focb prediciBient Ihall be liable to 

(if two idponfiblc peWbiu ttfiding confi(cati<»i." 

vidua dtc Conpan^'i prorinces, Pt&liOte^ by otder of the Baai4 

who, if not already amcDable to the of Trade. 

^nnUiftion of the foprone court i£ W. A, EcmoxstokB} S«. 

jadicatore, mnft renoer tkcmfdvn __^_ 

fo in TcfpeA of the ptcmilei. 

jdly. Any faltpetre attemi 
to be pafied bdon: bond fhall h 
bem^TMi, will be liable to coo- We caimot inlert the f<dIowiii|r 

order, without pointing out to the 

4thly, The faltpetre on iti art admiration of the public, the very 

nni at Calcotta mnlt be depoGted liberal patronage which the Hon. 

m wardwnfea, onder the joint keys the Court of Direclora ifibrd to 

of the Calcutta cdleflor of coflonu, the cottiration of Indian literature 

and the proprietor or confignee (rf and fcience. The inltitution of an 

the faltpetre ; and muft not be re- oaiENTAL ftGVosiTaar will be no 

moved without permifikm. lei's honourable to themfelvcs, than 

PoUilhed by order of ihq Right ferviccable aqd ornamental to ths 

Hon. the Governor General ia. nation, 

Conncil. The following ExtraA from s 

D. Campbell, £«j.^/f. Letter from the Honour^Ie tb« 

Courtof DireAon, dated the icth 

Fort William, Noverobereo, 1798. rf May 1798, it poblifhed forge. 

There being reafon to believe neral ioformation. 

fhat therulet refoeaing veflils re- ByorderofthcRight Hononrabta 

CMving on board goods after ob- »hc Governor General in Council, 

taining their port-clearance arc not D. Campbell, Sub-See, 
dnly attended to ; titc laid rules are 

re-publifhed, as follow, for par, r*"' '°S- 

ticolar (difervation ; *f You will have obferred, by 

" The pilot of every vellel which our difpatcbes from time to time, 

may have obtained her clearance, that we ■have invariably manifeft- 

^ull be ordered by the mafter-at- ed, as the occalion required, our 

tendant not 10 permit any goods or difpofition for the encoutagemeat 

merdiandife to be received on of Indian IttcTature, We under- 

board, nnlcfs the goods fhall be ac- Hand it has been of late yean a fre. 

coo^ianied by a certificate from quent practice among our fetvantt* 

die coUeAor of the cuftoim of their efpecialiy in Bengal, to make col. 

^ving paid 01 fettled the export kciions of Oriental manufcripts^ . 

ibties, many ofwhichhaveafterwardsbeen 

" If the commander of any vcf. brought into this country. Thefe 

Cel fhall, DotwithftantKng the re. remaining in private hands, and 

lBOid:iaflce of the jnlot, receive on being likely in a courfe of time to 

board any goods 01 ilieichandife, pofs into ottieri, in which probably 

aot accompanied with a certificate no ufecan be made of thcin, they 

asprefcribcd in the preceding clauTe, are in danger of being negle^ed, 

the pilot fhall iramcdbtely report and at length in a great meafuro 

^ circumftancc to the mafter-at- loft to Eai<^ as well as to India. 

....... 'VWa 



Ws think Ma iSbe i niamr' of 
CKMci regret, becuife we appie- 
Eend that, fince the decline of the 
Mogvl empiict the encoutagemmt 
fenanly given in it to PenJan li- 
tertrare has ceafed ; that hirdlj 
any new worlu of celebrity appear, 
trii that the ethics of books of 
cflablilhcd chaiaAer ak now made ; 
fi) that there being, by the accident* 
ttf timet 3nd the exportation of 
mnjr of the beft manufciipts, a 
piogrcflire diminution of the origi' 
iwl ftock> Hinduftin may at length 
be much thuuied of in literary 
ftDret, without grcatlj- enriching 
Europe. To prevent in part this 
Mi3<^ 'o letters, we have thought 
ttat the inltitution of a Public Re- 
poiitery in thit country for Orien- 
ul writing}, would be ufe6jl| and 
tbat a thing profefTcdly of thia kind 
» ftill a btUiothecal defideratura 
kere. It is not bur meaning that 
the Company (hould go into any 
omfiderablc expetKe in forming a 
collefUon of eailem boc^s ; but we 
lluok the India. Houfe might, with 
particular propriety, be the centre 
of an ample accumnlation of that 
. nature ; and conceiving alfo, that 
gentlemen might chufe to lodge va- 
riable compofitions, where they 
could be CitAy preferred, and be. 
come afefd to the public ; we therc- 
f(»e defire it to be made known, 
Axt we are wilting to allot a fuit- 
xUe apartment for tbe parpofe of 
an Oriental Repofirory, in the ad- 
£tKin>l buildings now ereAing in 
LeadenhalUftreet ; and that all 
eaftemmanufcripts, tranfmltted to 
that Repofitory, will be carefaily 
pelerved and regiKered there." 

io6- "By fuch a colki'yon, 
tbe literamtc of Periia and Mahom- 
medan India may be preferved in 
this conntry, vter, perhaps, it 
^all, from farther changes, and 
the faither declenfion of tafie for it, 
be partly loft in its oiigina! feats." 

107. "-Nor wonid' we eon- 
fine ilns odledion to Perfianand 
Arabian manufcripts. The Sanf. 
crEet writkigs, from tbe long fab- 
jeftion of the HindQs to a fordgtt 
goremnient, from tbe difcourage- 
meniiTbeirliteminein confeqiience 
experienced, and from the ratraget 
of time, miA have fuffered greatly ; 
we ihoald be glad, therefore, that 
copies of all the valuable books 
which remain in that language, or 
in any ancient dialefts of the Hiiu 
dfia, might, through the induftiy 
of individuals, at kngdi be placed 
in fafeiy in tUs iflan£ and form k 
part of the propofiEd cidlcAion.v 

ji Irae txtraB. ■• 

D. CAurBELL, Sui-Sff. 

Dfc.ii, — (hipCandidate, Clark- 
fon, China; left the jth Oft. — 
1 5, foow Forth, Taylor, Pedier 
Coaft; left the loth ult.— (hip 
Phoenix, Maxwell, Nalial ; left 
the loth ditto— 20, H. C.'s (hip 
Calcutta, Maxwell, St. Helena i 
left the i4thSept.— (hipTellicher- 
rj", S. Baker; left the 15th ditto — 
21, (hip Fatty Rhomaney, Naco- 
da, Ganjam ; left the joih Nor. — 
a6,lhipFyhn, Runge, Pedier coaft '; 
left the ijth Nov.— (hip Ulyfles, 
Orm, Salcm ; left <hc tSlh June — 
27, brig Minerva, Mafquerier, Ne. 
grais ; left the 3d Dec, 


Nb-v, 18, — Snow Femm Manv 
gola, Decoftor, Ragoon — fhipHen- 
rietta, Somervill, Penang — 30, , 
fliip Dodley, Hodges, Rangoon — 
Dec. I, fhip Duke of Chuenoc,., 
Ril3en — (hip Contribution, Tayior 
— H. C.I Ibip Princefi Charlotte, 
Prefcott — 1, Ihtp Calcutta, Hi^. 
gey — 18, fliip Highland Cfai^ 
Scott, Ixindoii — 29, Ihip Transfer, 
Wcatherall, Ealtward— -ihip Dart, 
Butler, Eaftward — Ihip ^rprixe, 
Moore, Madras-r-lfaip Penang, 

Towg, Ma&u — (hn>- Chai4ottc, 
CuDcgy, Eng;Und — fhip Gibrie], 
Tnra^, ditto — 30, Grab tkif 
Bediie, Nacodo, Point de Galle— 
31, Hup Solun, Court, Eifttirard. 

** MMn dat BOW (Mct>a Ac oriOK Ibi 

now ay'ft 
" With the fix'dfUn, Bx'dinditkofl), 

th« (lies, 
" And ye five oiber mnd'ring Gm, 

" In mvfllc dance, dm withotx l(wg<*i 
Relbund bii praile, Sk.Sk. 




The Ri^t Hon. the Gov. Ge. 
andcndMrlcedonTuefday^the ifth 
rft. from the water-gate of the 
Fort, on board the government 
yacht, whidi immediately got an- 
der weigh, and proceeded dvwn the 
riret fi>r Ingellie, where hia Lord- 
Ihtp embarks on board hii Majefty 's 
biptc the SyhiOt, Gqiiain Co<A. 


On Saturday the {th inflant the 
C^eAion of lacred roufic was per. 
fenned at the new diarch, -for the 
benefit cf the free fehool (Parity. 

ACT. I. 

Smg, " I know that mv Redeemer 
KrethT- SItfittb. 

" LatacvTtoicTBoinnSceo." I/anJet. 

" Softly rife, O (biulKTn bieeie.'' 
Baft^i Seamen. 

dents, "Ye roiuhcrn bteeut, gently 

Mttk. " He wai cut off out of the 
ladof-ibe Itvn^." 

Smu, " But thou didfl not leave hu 
Ibuli^U." MtJIiaii. 

Dmei, " Togetber let ui nngc die 
Gdik. BtyttSaltmtK. 

Ghana, " Fm nwo u a child if 
bsRi." M^iah. 

HhtJ aA commenced with a dif- 
play of fncnce, execution, and 
tafte, unparalleled in India. The 
thiid hag was remarkaUe for the 
fweeinelf of voice, and the duet 
Soria ftrcngth aod htmtony. 

llie mornicg hymn of Adam 
and Zn, tidcen trora Milton. 

Commenced wi th Martini '9 gn nd 
Qvertnre, which claimed and ob. 
tained confideiable approbation. 

tleol. " There were flKpheidt a- 
biding in the field." Mtffiab. 
Cborvi, "GloiytoGodinihebigheft." 
Smg, " PtouiOTj^, pkMUiin."7iH 

Citrut," Liftupyourbeadi."Afc^i«fr. 
Saag, " Where'er you walk." /fenaW. 
^iniett, " All the earth ■doih wor- 
Ihip thee/' Ti Deum. 
Cionu, ■> HiUebj^." JI^U. 


OnMiyiday the 7th inftant, the 
firft term of the fujMerae Court of 
Judicature, was opened by the 
Right Hon. the Lord Chief Juftice, 
and the Hon. Sir W. Dunkini 
Mr. JuAice Royds and Sir Henry 
Rudel, at die Court.houfe. The 
judges, the gentlemen of the bar* 
and the officers of the Court, went 
in froceflion from the houTe of the 
Lord Chief Jufiice, and reached the 
Coutt-lioufe abouE half pad ten 
o'clock. The Lord Chief Juftke 
Hated to the Court the fallowing 
rtilea for ita fuiuie guidance ; which 
were afterwards delivered to the 
propei olEceri, to be read and filed. 
The firft rule u to the followinr 

In all cafes wherein the proper- 
ty of infants may in future be lie!, 
gated, notice of the names, Sec, 
of the guardians and tniSees, is to 
be given to all parties ; the notice 
to be aflerwarJs feat to one of the 
mafters, who is to refxirt thereoa 
to the Court, which will nominate 
the moft eligible guardian, taking 
fcturity for his h^viour, obliging 

no ASIATIC ANNtJAL ftEOlSTER, 1798-9. 

Un to fender n anmul acaxmt of {erred OQt, u by the ftittttt ptr- 

bis conduA relaitve to the tfuft re- tkolarly dircAed ; bat wktcll« ia 

pofed in htm, and direAin^ hina to thii inftance, had not been coot- 

depofit all furpios fums of money plied with. Some doubts wcM 

in the hands of (he Coart's ac- foggeftedas tothe extent of tbetbu • 

teuntani general. tute ; but the Court were unani. 

ThefecondisaralereTpeAingthe moolly of i^inwii, ^t il did 
time for defendant* to put in their extend to this conntrr ; that the 
anfwerstobiJIsof complaint, which obje£Uon was fubftaniial, and te- 
as it relates entirely to points of nable ; and confequently the plain- 
praAice, weconfider as altogether tiffwas nonAuted, 
ODt of our province. Counfel for the plajntiff,' Mefliri. 

And the third ie a rule refpCAing Streitetl and Macnagfaten ; actor. 

tbc Iheriff's ofiicc. The Chief Ju£ ney, Mr Jones. The Company's 

~ tice obferved, it bad hitherto been latv officers deiertded Mr. Martyn. 
a cuftom to ferve the (heriffwith There have been no other caufes 

notices claiming property fdzed by of any coofeqiicnce tried during tbc^ 

him and remaining m bis hands on term, 
the very day, nay, the hour tbc 

probity was aftoally felling— to mtjrder. 

obviate this, the Court ordered On the 13th inftant, a foldier of 

that two clear days' notice of any the 76th regiment, in Fort WiU 

&cb claim ihould be ferved on the Ham, having a violent altercation 

flieriff in future. with a native woman, wiih whom 

On Monday the 14th infant he cohabited, the became fo futj- 

cameonacaufewbeKinoneMonick onlly enraged, that feizing a large 

Roy was plaintiff^ and Charles dagger. pointed knife, fhe plunged 

Poller Martyn, Efq. one of his it in an inftant into the foldier'a 

isajefty's juftices of the peace for breaft. The inftniment paffing be- 

this fettlcmeni, was the defendant, tweentwoof the ribs, entered the 

The aflion was brought to recover thorax with foch fatal execDticH), 

Compenfation in damages from Mr. that the man expired in a few mi. 

Martyn, for an af&ult alledged by nutes. A coroner's in<]ticft, beM- 

the plaintiff to have been committed on the body, returned a verdifl sf 

on him in the month of July laft, witfil murder. The unfbramtte 

by the defendant, in his magifterial woman has been committed to jaiL 
capacity. The cafe was itated by To the above, wc have to add 

Mr. Streitell ; but the advocate another inlbuce of murder, flill 

general toolta legal objeflion to the more heinous, becaufc deliberately 

notice required [by the ftatute of perpetrated. A HindA, fnfpefting 

the zfth of the late king) to be the fidelity of his wile, ■ girl not 

given to magtftrates, prior to ac- more than ten or twelve years of 

tionsbeingcommeiuxdagainflthem, age, told her he was ref^^ved flic 

for ads done in the execution of fhould die. It was in vain the girl 

their official duties. atten^tedto plead her innocence. 

In this cafe, though it was very The inhuman hufband gave heca 

true that notice of an adion had blow on the head with a btafs loo. 

been given to the defendant, yet it tie, or water-pot, that ftruck her 

ftiould go farther ; namely, ftating fenfelcfs to the ground j and re- 

as well notice of the intended adion peating the blows till flie af^eaied 

«s the ailual writ intended to be dead, he tuft ber in that ftate, in 
f order 


«nkr to take Ter^eanee on the fnp- tBpttauA, mdeameSlycndnTOMu 

yofed jamofoai, to wbofe itaafe ed to picrent. The orden of go- 

bt [mxxaded with a weapon am- Tcmmeat, rripeAing tu; hirhtwrsi 

«c*led nnAer lu> clothes, tailj de- were ufiially tranfmitted oiroK^ 

temuDcd to not the man to death. Mr. Cherry, wich wh«B tbc ptinc* 

Having ohtuned what he conceived was on an intimate iboting. Mil 

a &«oaraUe of^ortnlty iot ibt fat whom it w» concaved he en- 

pQipof«) he aimicd iua Mow, in tertained a friendly partiality. Ti^ 

whitji however he failed. He was intentioas of gorernment relativs 

then fecoied and fent to jaiL The to the lemovalof hia lua;haeIsiJraB 

gill was carried to the native hof- BcmrestoCalctitta, had beencno* 

fiai, whine, after lingering fe- inunicaiedthroagh Mr. Cherry foM* 

veral days, (he died on the 14th veeks^go, and the time Ind nearly 

ioAant. af^roached at whitdi the prince wm 

The maidereT, far from being to fet out for Calcutta, 

■mprededwichany juftfenfeof the - Oa the morning of the J4A 

cnonnity of his crime, declares, cart, hia highmfs, accompanied hf 

that weitf he placed again in a fi- his fuke and bTimI attendanti, pail 

milar finutioh, he would again do a vifil, bf appmntment, to Mr. 

at he hat done: confbtmabty to Cherry, at S^rolc, diflaat ahoac 

dus fintiment, he regret* that his three mil« from Benate*. iSa ■ 

atterajM to deftroy the other party, highneli, inme^tefy «fter tic 

the dired objed of hit lengeanc^ ufnal con^menti, enlarged oa the 

^ved anfncOelsihL faantfhip of his fituation, in bcng 

*» ACCOUNT OP THE LATE HoR- ■''oapclM to leave Benares ^ hc^ 

»1D MASSACRE AT BEHAKES feared much^tated, andexfccArt 

-_ , „ . , . , , . '. himlelf with iatcmperance. Mt 

Mmr, and i» ibc moil circumftiniial endeavoured to reply to Ae exproJ- 

ol am wc have yet bcco aUc to pro- fiona of perfoDal reCentnent tkot 

«ue.] had cTcaped hii higlmefs, by kp^ 

On Sunday the lolh tnftant, a fentiog the preAoment in whiA 

. fenfaiion of horror and aftonifh. he ftood, as being meiely the ne. 

nent was diffufed throuj^out the dion of conveyance for ibe ordtn 

fettlenent, by the receipt of ad. of govamBKot. Sot tbde teatv- 

rico from Beaare$, announcing the fentacions were merely wichom 

Dccorrence of a moft cKtraordiuary efied ; the prince, ftaning&cm ha 

and onpreccdented tranfadton, on feat, gave Mr. Cherry a blow 

the 14th curt. The particular of with hia fword, which feemai 

Ac melancholy affair to which the fignal of attack to hia atten. 

weallude, are as under. mentioned : dantx, for ia aa iaftaiU their 

The lately depolcd nabob of fwords were nnfheathed. Ut. 

Owde, Vizier Ally, had relidc-d at Ciierry, perceiving what wa« m- 

Benares fince the period that he wa« tended, endeavoured ta «fc^ 

dqMfed, on a munificent allowance through a window ; bn in diis at- 

frmn government. It was lately teinpt he was intercc\pt«d. Wal- 

deemed e:q«(tient to change the lafs Ally plonged lui polgnaiui iotn 

[dace of his htghtiefs's refidence his hofom : the idburaeat entered 

from Benares to Calcutta ; a mea- the Ihoulder, and penetrated aead/ 

fue whidi, frtmi motives not dif- to the bottom of the brealt i sndts 

icidt to be developed, he lirongly this wound, which pn^ably provel 


aortal on tb> infiant. Mi. Cherry Eoropean gentlemen of Senaio, 
fell Biotionlrf) on the floor. moft of whnn were doomed for de- 
By this time (be other atiencUnti frruAion. While the puty wu 
ofVizier Ally had difpatchedCapt, fully employed in the attidc on 
Conway and Mr. Evans, a native Mr. Davii, the alarm wat gene- 
of Bengal, who, with Mr. Cherry, rally fpread ; and Mr. Trevo, who 
were toe only ^tlemen that had had rode off to Beatabnr, in order 
been preJcnt. Qiiitting this fcene of to call in a party of cavalry, fbrtn- 
blood, the party, headed by Vizier nately met two or three troops re. 
Ally, mounted their borfes, and turning from exercifc, with whom 
proceeded towards the houfetrf' Mr. he b^ened to Benarei ; and on 
Davis. On the way thither, they their appearance the band of aflaf- 
met Mr. Graham and Mr. Hill, fini immediately toc^ to flight, 
both of whom were murdered with- Some pans of the foregoing de- 
out refiltance. On teaching the tail difier from odien that ate in 
gate of Mr. Davis's houfe, the fe- town ; bnt complete acctuiM^ ia 
poy centinel attempting Ibme re- not here perhaps to be attained, 
fifiance, was inunediately fhot ; this At this the teader will not be fur. 
communicated the alarm to Mr. piifed, when it ia rectdlefied, that 
Daru, who, armed with a hog. a part c^tliefafh recited depend on 
fpear, hurried with his wiie and the evidence of natives, who are 
diiJdren lo the top of the houfe: the only furvivin^ fpcAaton of a 
the aflailants followed them quick- part of the tranfaftion. 
ly i but the Hair-cafe leading to the Vizier Ally, attended by three 
top of the houfc being very nar- or four hundred adherents, is faid 
TOW, prefented a favourable pofition to have eSefled his efcape to Azim- 
for defence, of which Mr. Davis, ghur, where the number afhisfbl_- 
with much prefence of mind, for- lowers is reprefented to beincrcaTed 
tunatcly availed himfelf. Some of to upwards of fix hundred, 
the party nifhed on impetuoufly ; Mr. Davis's boufe, and fome 
but as the ftair-cafc denied accefs others of Benares, were Arm)ed of 
to more than one at a time, Mr. all their portable property c£ value* 
Davis received them codly and during the above fcene of amfiifioo; ' 
with great tSe&, Two or three Mr. Scott's houfe at Seciole, near 
were killed cm the fpot, and fome tliat gentleman's indigo manufiu:- 
Vthen were ddpentely womuled. tory, was fet on fitc, and nearijr 
Upwards of an hour and twenty ddtroyed. 

minutes were exhaufted in cndea- 

Tooring to force the, and On Tuefday the zzA infiant the 
haffuly without fuccefs. On the eye was faluted with a very tin- 
alarm of a troopof cavalry approach- pleating light, that of fivedeadbodiea 

ing, the party precipitately fled. expofed oppolitc to the weflem gate 

Mr. Davu maintained this un- of (he council-houfe, where Uicr 

equal conteft wiih the moft deter- remained for fome hours. Thefe 

mined fpirit and perfevcrance, and unfortunate men, we underfhmd, 

on his fuccefsful defence depuided were part of twenty-five who were 

the prefervaiion of his wife and killedby a pany of fepoys, in the 

fiunily, fpeftators of the fcene. neighbourhood of Tumlook, where 

The long continued and unfuccefsliil oppofition, it is faid, had been fot- 

attack on Mr. Davis, had probably ably attempted agaihfl the execu- 

alfo fitved the lives of many of the tlon of fome meafutcs relative ta 




fte collecljon of ihe revenoe. The 
rehiions of the dcceafed h^ the 
txKlies brought to Calcutta, and 
thus dUplaycd, wiOia view ofgli-. 
ing weight and ro:oriety to ttc 
complaints they prefet. 

On an irfjicC'Uon of the bodies of 
the (kccBled, they .-ippeated to have 
been killed by mufijueiry j each kid 
the appearance of a murquet-ball 
having entered the breaft, and to 
have been dUcharged at a very in- 
con fide rable diftance. 

On Thurfday morning, the 24th 
Inaant, for the firft liaie, the Cal- 
cutta Earopcan militia wa; drawn 
up in line under arms ; and to do 
but ju£ice to the corps, we mufi 
add, it exhibited a rery marital and 
fteady appearance. 

In conlequence of the departure 
of Lieutenant Colonel Welfh, for 
Europe ; and in gratitude for the 
alTiSance the militia cavalry have 
received from that gentleman's in. 
ftruftioiu, the corps was early on 
Thnrfiay morning, ihc ;4(h inft. 
on the parade, and rooft of the gen- 
tlenten drelTed in their full uniform ; 
adifiinflion intended, it would ap- 
pear, to enhance, if any circum- 
ftance could, the value of a token 
of efteem, offered by the body at 
lar|e, 10 Colonel Wellh, for hi* 
polite and unremitting attention ; 
and as a proof of the high conG- 
deration they have of the value of 
his fer vices. , 

AUtf an appropriate addrefs, 
Captain Farquharfon piefeoted aa 
eltgant gold -mounted tw'ord to Co- 
lonel Wellh, who declared, upon re. 
ctivingit,that he fett particular plea, 
furc in naving been a t alH nft rume 11 1 al 
in promoting the acquifition of that 
discipline the corps had attained, by 
their dUigeitt unremitting atten- 
tion ; and concluded by obferving 
the fatisfaflioti he experienced, in 
receiving fo honourable a pledge of 
efteem from the gentlemen ot the 
Calcutta cavalry. 

Letters from Sir James Craig's 

arpiy of the 18th ult. left them 
encamped at Durian Gunge, on 
their march toAnopfhecr. 

Our accounts ftate the army to 
amount to ii,ooo effeflivc men, 
with 60 pieces of artillery ; the 
ivhok admirably appointed, and in 
■the higheft order. 

The corps comjxiring the arrtiy 
under Sir James Craig are the fol- 
lowing, vini hig Majefty's 27th 
dragoons; the, ill, 2d and 3d regi- 
ments of 4valry ; the ySlh High- 
land regiment ; ift Eurcpejn in- 
fantr>- ; the ift, 3d, 5th, 6th 
and 7th regimenii of native in- 
fantr}', and five companies of ar. 

The latett accounts from Poonah, 
via Bombay, arc as follow : 

The political warfare that lias fo 
long diilurl>ed the tranquillity 
of the Mahratta cmp:rc, feems 
happily to ha'.e fMbfiicd, sfid 
the different cliicftair.i appeaf to 
have formed a ccaliticn which 
feems directed agiinft fomc foreign 
power: at all events, confidt- 
rable armaments are going for- 
ward, indicating ftrong fyraptoms 
of approaching holtiliiics. 

A letter from Matra, dated the 
7th Decemlier, mentions that Ze- 
maun Shah had advanced fcvcncofs 
from Lahore ; that the Mahratta 
army were preparing to oppofe him ; 
the women were ordered to quit the 
camp in forty-eight hours ; the 
country was in much confiifion, 
the inliabitants retiring with their 
families and property to (he fbrti. 
ficd towns. 

On Thurfday evening, the t^'h 
inftant, the ACatic Society met at 
the court houfe, for the eleflion of 
a prefident, to fill the vacancy oc- 
cafioned by the departure of Sir Ro- 
bert Chambers to Europe; when 
the Right Hon. Sir John Anftru. 
Iher, Bart, was unanimoudy chofeo. 
The following gentlemen wete at 


. the fuK t'trat .clc4l«<l nwmbcn of himfeif aSmtd of tbcir co-c^. 

theconmittee of papers : ation. 

«■ .n_. »T m-' ■ ■ L ^* *K informed by a corre. 

F. GWwin, Efq. WM «ttly oepntea on an emba^r to 

J. Gilcbiin, Efq. the coun of Ragojee BhooOa, had 

H. P. ForOer, Efq. arrived. On the i ith inflani, in the 

The public officers of the SocielT- neighbourhood of the Kynetfe hills. 

. at piefent are as follow: Mr. Colebrooke is accompanied by 

Camimaeg ^ Paftn. Dr. Tutnbull. 

The Ri. H. Sir J. AnlhiiihCT, Bart, P»e. ^"^ t*« eminent abilities and 

1. Ftemingj Efq. iftVicePre. Knowledge of Mr. Colebrooke, the 

J. H. HarnDgton, E(q. G^Vice Pre. moft fanguine e][pefta[ion) nay be 

Tamo DinwTddie, L.L.D. vantages to be derived, from his 

R. Honw. Efq. opening a new channel ofcommuni. 

Ucuiannt Col. W. Kiikpotiick, cation with Mirzapore, the great 

C.piamR.H C<Jebrookc enuMriom of cotton fcnt from the 

r.Vilaowio, t.\a. im t . 

J. GUchrilf, Elo. Mahratta country. 

H. P. Forfter, Efq. Mr. Colebrooke has gone by a 

W. Hunter, Efq. Sccretaiy. new route to Kagpore. The old 

H. Trail, Efq. Tieafufer. ^oad, and the molt direft to that 

At Madrat, on Monday the 31ft capital, has been hitherto impaflable 

nlt.arrived theRtt^t Hon. theGo- to nKrchandize, and it i« not iin. 

Temor.Genetal from Bengal, on the pri^ble but from the embafly go. 

Sybille frigate, accompanied by the ing by a new route, Mr. C. may 

Hon. Mr. Wellelley] and his lord, open to the carriers of cotton, a fa. 

Ibip's faite, fer, though longer, and not well 

At Bombay, on the 18th ult. the known, road to Mirzapore. 

worihipful Jcrfqih Harding, Efq. Much difficulty may howeverbe 

took the ufuaJ oaths, and entered expefled j but if the obJcA it at. 

on his mayoralty ; as did Charles tamed, of opening a nud hitherto 

Forbes, Efq. in the office ^ fhe. unknown, too much praile cannot be 

riff, for the year 1799. bellowed on fo public fjiirltod aa. 

A reward of fifty thoufand m. undertaking. 

pees has been {mKlaiotcd by his We mcncbn with conqcrn, the 

highnefs the nabob Saadul Ally lofs of a very pnuniling young oSi- 

Khan, for the apprehenfton of lltc cer, enfign Clcphane, of die £agi. 

ailaffin Vizier /Uly, which it is neer corps. 

hoped will have the defired eScfl. Thb gentleman being at Diiia- 

it is reported that Viiier Ally pore, and not particularly employed, 

hadfbr fome tiEnepaAboenconcert. volunteered his fervicet logo againft 

ing meafuies for eficfting a revolu. a refraflory rajah, in the vicini:y of 

tion in the )>rovinces, and that be Burragong. 

' bad bribed "Pil retained a conlider- A party was fent out, which En. 

, able body of men, in and about Be- fign Clephane headed ; and in the 

nares; but the greater part, terrified exccuiton of this duty, he was re. 

at the boldnefs of the attempt, took pulfed by numbers, with the lof« of 

panic, and inftead of aifording him his own and other lives. 

the alTiltaDce he expcfled, Jccreted The refident at Lucknow hat 1*. 

ihunfetvct at ihcnKHoent hcjhoi^t ccivadinfarmatiun [hat2>JaaunSf^aLk 

I rctrealrd 


ittMlted from Lafcote on M 31I cii lUiHcfM, Riix>T«d Iraib the of- 

uAttt, and that Ax Seiks hstt fice of colieAor of the zillih of 

nkea poAaffion of diit dty. BetiiT, and anxMnnd Jo^ aad 

* a J- I ^ ^ f^ I t Hngifaate of toe zilMi of I^meali. 

'-"^ *6/A Oach.r 17,8. from the offe« of cdll^r of th* 

*■ A dtfcoTCTf hat brcn lattdf zilld of Moorlhedabad, and ap^ 

nide here, of a veiy ridi mine erf" pointed jndge of the dewami}' ad. 

E'dfilter, sboiit fix miles from ■*lnt( «nd raagiftrateof the zilla&' 

1 pJ«e. The appearances are very of Noddeah, vice Mr. E. E. Surge*, 

proim&ig, for a handful of the earth l^figned. Mr. Thomai Falmer, 

on dte foiftce wilt, by being wafh- reg ifter to the provincial conrt rf 

edgprodDcethe value of a rupee. A "Ppe*!. afld the drcuit for the di- 

gaird it fet over it, and accoimts vifion of Benarei, appointed to cf. 

fcnt expfcTi to the Madras govern- Kciite as judge of the dewmny 

mcnt." adawluti aAd magjArate of tfie zillab 

i, , , • ■ of Mirzapore, during the aWencerf 

*»«« ^j, Utitrfrtm tbt R.gbt M,. fj. T. Colebroofce. Mf. 

Hf^rai/e tht Gfottntr Gene. Thon,a, ThcWihill. *rft alliftant id 

™; ", '** ^^**"' "f. ^^'"r the Office of regifter to the ptovin. 

W, Jattd Ftrt Ifdlmm, 9^ cial coart of appeal, afid the court 

Aw. 1798. ofcircuitibrtbedWifionofBenare*, 

*• i defile yon <rfH fignify to appointed to officiate a» regifter to 

litnt. Col. Roberta, and to the tnofe courtE, during the aUence cif 

dcen and men nnder hu conuAand) Mr. Thomas Palmer. Mr. Hugh 

tbe hi^ fcnfe which I entertain ^ Wilktnfon removed from the of^ 

Ae impnrtant (ervice which they of dffiAant to the regHler to tht 

hve rendered to the Brittlh hite- dewanny adawlui of Tirhoot, and 

nfii, and to tbe Honourable Eaft appointed regifter to that court, 

lodii Company, by tbe prompt ex- vice Mr. Leyceft<fr, removed to tht 

ecadon of your inftniAions. officfe of coUeAor of the zillah df 

" To Lieut. Col. Roberts, the Bebn, Mr. Henry Strachcy, ap4. 

grtaiefl degree of pnbHc graiitude pointed tranUator to the Sadder 

and ap^aoK ■« dor, for lus (kilfiil dewanny and to the nizamut 

and judiciooa dtfpofition of the adawlut, vice Mr. Hayes, removed 

tnops tinder hit command, and for to the coUeAoilbip of the zillah of 

Actemper and humanity of his con- Moorfhedabad. Mr. Courtney 

iA Cowards the Fieoch officer) in Smith, rcmored from the office of 

biicaftody." regifter to the dewanny adawlut 
otthe liUah of Chittejronir, and ap. 

CIVIL »Pfoi»TiK»T.. p„i„^^ ^ft^, ,^ the tranflator w 

The Right Honourable the Go- the Sadder dewanny adawIUt and 

TOiwr-General hac been pleafed to nimtiut adawlut. Mr. J. B. 

mAe the following i^fninaiKnta Laing, remoral from the office of 

■M icinovals : fltft affiftant to the coUeflot of thie 

lOMci.t o.PA^TMiKT. "".'^°f ^«^°!f' «"^'W?^'«1 

TM^iSer to nte 4c^t^i>^ adawlac 

Mr. George Thompfon, removed of^thc zUtah of Chittegong, vice 

froa tbe ottce of jui^ and magif- Mr. Smith. Mr. James Doimi. 

tnte cf the zillah oframeah, and thorne, temoTed from the office of 

riRited judge and magiftrate of firft affiftant to the provlocial eoorc 

idllah of Burdwan. Mr. Fran, of appnl and the cout of drcitii 


for the divifion of Patiwt, •■nd ap. culta, and appointed affiftant totlie- 

|)oi»tcd tegiller to the dewanny coUcflor of the zillah of QlutH- 

jidawliir of the-zillah of Jeffore, gong. Mr. R.Thackeray, appointed 

Vice Mr. Strachey. "Mr. C. S. affiftant to thecolieftor of the zillah 

Maling, removed from the office of af Midrtepore. Mr. Thomas Hal- 

Jirft aiUHant to the reeiller of the ket, appointed afiiftant to the col - 

Hcwarny adawlut of the zillitii of leftor of the zillah of Sircu Sanui. 
Beliar, anii appointed regifler to the 

dewaimy adawlut of the zillah of commercial department. 

Boglepore, Mr. R. O. Wyune, Mr. Arthur H. Vanfitujrt, re- 

appointed alTillaRt to the rcgiiler ot nioved from the office of head affiU- 

the dewimiy adawlut of Raje. ant to the fecreiaiy to the board of 

Ihahy. Mr. Robert Vanfittaxt, trade, and appointed fub-fecretary 

appoiptcd alTillaiit to the regillerof to the board of trade. Mr. Robert 

i&e dewaniiy adawlut of the .zillah ScotI, appointed head affiftant in 

of Chiticgong. Mr. ,W. Watts, the office to the fccretary to the 

' appointed affidant to the regifter o£ board of trade, vice Mt. Vanfittart. 

tJie dewanny adawlut of the zillah Meffrs. W. P. Potts, and G. Hart.y 

bflDacciJclalpore. Mr. J. Monck- well, appointed afliftants in the of- 

ton, appointed fccond .airiftant to fiee.of the fecretary to ih(;boaidof 

the regijfter of the provincial court trade. Mr. C. Cbefter, appointed 

of appeal and the court of circuit aflillant to the coounercial refident 

ror.iiiediviliiin of Dacca. Mr. C. at Commercolly. Mr. C. Elliott, 

Doyl&y, appointed fecond aiSllant appointed afli^nt to the ootiuneT- 

in the oiEce of regifter to the pro- cial reiident at ColSmbazar. Mr< 

vincial court of.ippeal and the court C. Baillie, appointed afiiftant to 

of circuit for the divifion of Cal- the commercial rcfidcnt at KecTpoy. 

cutta, vice Mr. T. Powncy. Mr. Mr. J. O. Oldham, appointed af. 

Sands, aflidaiif to the regifter fiftant to the corapicrcial refident 

of the zillah of Gazyporc, Mr. ai Rungpore. Mr. G. Monekton, 

Francis Morgan, afliftani to the re. removed from the office df afiiftant 

^er ofthe zillah of Momeniing. to the colle^or of the zillah of 
Beerbhoom, and appointed Bfliflant 

.-■ RsvENUB DErAHTMENT. ^^ ^^^ commercial refident at Hur. 

'' Mr. Thomas Hayes, removed ripaul. Mr. J. P. Larkint, ap, 

Trom the office of tranilator to the pointed afliftant to the agent tor 

Sudder dewanny adawlut and the the proviCen of c^um in Bchar. 

nizamut ad:iwiut, anil appointed . 

colleaorof the itillah of Moorn.a- ceniral depailtment. 

dabad, vice Mr. Oldfield, removed Mr. E. Strachey, removed from 

to Nuddca. Mr. William Ley- the office of Jeebnd afiiftant 'under 

jteftcr, removed from the ofBcc of the reiident at Luclcnow, and ap. 

'regifter to the dewanny adawlut pointed h«id affiftani in the officfc 

.of tile zillah of Tithooi, and ap- of jJIk fecretary to the govcrnineni 

jQiiitcd collertor of the iillab of in the fectcl department. Meffrs. 

Behar, vice Mr. Hjwkins, removed William Scott and Thomas Forief- 

to Punivah. Mr. T. Po*ney,xe- cue, ^pointed affiHanis in tlie ofllce 

moved from the office of fccond af- >of the fccreiary to the go»t;rnmcii.t 

TilUnc to the regiiler to the prorin- in the fccret department. MelTrf^ 

•xUl court of appeal and the court C. Paiterieo, C. Wyatt, and \\'i 

^tff.'circuit for the diiilioaof Cal- ' Hodg^n, aitathcd at fupeiniiKH:. 

"tHRONici-E/"" ' ■ ■ an 

mtes to tfe'oflice of the feeretaiy ment do proceed to Berhampore, • - 
10 die .goveniment in the fecret on- the arnvalof the 76th regiment.' 
dMoituKnt. MeflVs. E. W. H. afthepreCdency, from Dinapore. 
Scott, W. H. SealVj and E. W. 

Blunt, attached as fupemLmerariei hativb cavalry. 

to the office of ihc'fccrMary to the Each regiment of fix troops to 
gOTcmmcnt in the public depart- eonfill of — i lieu tenant -colonel, 1 
ment. Mr. J. W. Shearer, ap- ■ major, 2 captains, I CEpcain.Iiej- "^ 
pointed afliftani in the office cf the tenant, 6 lieutenants, 6 cornets, 2^ 
acdouiitani -general. Mr. Henry ferjeants, 6 fubidars, iz ■jemi.'^ 
" ""■ - 1 —n . jjjg ■ dars,' 24. havildars, 24, naicks, 6 ' 

' trompeters, 410 privatrt, one fur- 
• geon and one aBiftant.furgeonrwirh 
■'the ftaff, &c. as at .prrfefit ; (tie 
whole corps to be commanded by. 
, ^ colon el. commandant. 
P.O.M.C. AW. 26, 1798; Re- The Honourable Court having 
folted, that the foUowmg altera- alfo diteaed, that promotion in the , 
tiocijn ihe European eftabljfliracnt anny (hall proceed upon the prin- , 
of corps, as d.reflcd in a letter ciples laid down in theif difpatch; 
fronnhthotwuTableCourtofDirec- 8,"h January 1796, with ih^- fol- 
tw», dared the 6tli of June 1796, lowing qualifications ; that in the 
be publiihed to the army, and car. infantry, the officers be promoted 
tied into efieft. by ftniority, in their ownrefpeaive 

EUROPEAN ARTiLLERT, regitoents, to the rank of major, 

■ Each battalion of five companies and afterward* to the higher r:iftk» 
toccnfiHof-i colonel, I lieutenant, bj- remonty, in the whole corps ; 
colonel, 1 major, c captains, 5 cap. ^jf '"'^ cavalry, promotions will 
t^r-lieutenants, 10 lieutenants, ic Idtew.fe proceed by fcmonty, m 
lieutenant fire^vorkers, 26 ferjeants, '^eir refpeftivc regiments, to the _ 
2i corporals, eo gimners, 350 ma. tank of major, and afterwards to 
.rolTcs, 10 dfunrmers,-with the '^ ^]S^' ""•='' *>/ '^"'""'X '" 

Haffasatprefem. ''^Tj^f'f "^u' v.- 

^ Refolved, that this arrangement 
EUROPEAN INFANTRY. ^c Carried in to cffcfl, in the follow- 
To confift of two regiments of 1 2 ing manner : 
companies each. Eadi regiment to In the cavalry, with firft major 
eaafift of — 1 colonel, a lieutenant, be ranged the firft captain, the firft 
adoneh, z majors, (each to have a captain -lieutenant, the firft lieute. 
compan'. ), 7 captains, one captain, naiit, and the firft coronet, the fifth 
lieutenant, 25 lieutenants, to en. captain, the fifth lieutenant, and the 

figns, 43 ferjeants, 60 corporals, 26 ninth comet j and the fecond major 

dnuns and fifes, 1140 privates, — be ranged the fecond captain, the 

with the ftaff as at prdoit. fecond captain. lieutenant, the fe- 

Rcfolved, That thefirft European cwid lieutenant, the fccoiid cornet, 

n^imsnt be formed into 11 com- the fixth lieutenant, the fixth cor. 

panics, and denominated the ift net, and the tenth lieutenant, the 

Earopean regiment ; and that the tenth cornet, and fo on ; and that 

jd European regiment be incorpo- in the infanfYy the arrangement be 

riled into, the zd ; and that for nude in the fame fyftematic order, 

flits pjrpofe tbc zd Eutopcan tegi. viz. the nineteen feiitor majors be 

i 1 3 placed 

m ASIATIC ANN9AI. KfiOIGirER, 1798-9. 

plaud ifi tbi diftfefit apnaOt, Aa the tank of cadtti, of Ac 

an|l tp the grit major be ^ded ^ feafooi >79|^7> itnot ye(a4iiAed, 

twentieth SHiJQr, the firft captain, refrived. That thole of the breicr 

the firft cap(ain-Iicutnun<> the fiift j'car, whefe lumei appear en tbs 

lietnenantf the firft enRgn, aKo the impeifcA lift, received front the 

n^entteth captai^i, the twentieth Honourable Court of Dirc^n, be 

lieutenant, and twcntieih cfiligii ; placed in the order in which ibey 

with ti;e lecond major he ranged ftand on thai lift ; that ibofe wbo^ 

thp twcQty-firfi major, the fecond certificates declared them to be for 

captain, the fecond caputin-lic-jie- the year 1 796, be plaoed at tb« 

nutt, the fecond lieaMnant, and ibc bottom of the aboTe.menticHKd lift* 

fecond enlign, andalfothc twenty, and the cadets of 1797 be placed 

iirft lieutenant, and twenty .fiifi eiu in the order in whicb their refpec. 

fign, and fo on. live arrival* have been notified in 

Refblved, That the fefiior laym minutes of council j but that tbe 

of cavalry, and the officers regi. icbtive rank of thofe placed in the 

iwntally ran^ with him, be p^. fame ref rnnnt be hereafter ad. 

ed to the fcmpr regiment ; and the jofted, in confotmtty to their 

fecond major aijd the officen regu- ftanding on the Cojn of DireAon' 

hrly conncfied with him> to the lift. 

fecond regiment, and [q on ; and Rdblved, That the arrange- 
that in the infantry, the fenioi inenta, when fettled upon the above 
major, and the oflKcn regimen, principka, be final and ccmcluiive. 
tally connected with him, be pofted ReToIved, That the exchange of 
- TO The lit European regiment, as officen, which muft neceflvily be 
the fenior corpj of infeiitry ; the occafioned by this arrangement, be 
fecond major, with the ofGccra re- grnduallyefieded, as regiments tup. 
{[imentany coimcflcd with him, to pen (o meet at or near the fame 
the fei^ond Eun^ean regiment, aa ftation ; and that until the Com. 
the next fenior corps; and the mander in Chief (hall iffueordcn to 
thjrd major, with the officers in join their regiments, which they 
regimental connexion with him, may be pofted in the regimental 
to the firft European regiment, and arrangement, they continue to do 
fo on, in arithmetical progrdEon. duty with the regiment in which 

Rcfolved, That previous to the they arc now fcrving ; but that 
regiroeniat arrangement, the army thsir regiiaental promotion be f«- 
lift be corofleted!; that promption gnlated by cafualiies ia the legi-. 
be made in the (ental ranks, to meiwi to whkh they aAually be- 
complete the new cftabliftimeat of lone. 

the cavalry, to fill up vacan. Rcfolved, That officets beltw 

t'lii, ariling from retirement of of. the rai\k of major, of the fame re- 

ficcrs, and to complete the two move of promotion, be permitted 

new regiments of Native infantry' ; to exchange with each other, (or 

and tlut officers who have been the limited period of four monrlu $ 

ftruck off*, without the authority of bar thtt after the ci;nratto)t of 

the Court of Direftors, be reftoted that time, officers exchanging undt 

to their proper places. go into regiments, the youngril of 

Rcfolved, That the fcveral pro. their rank. 

mot:cn& rcquifiteibi the above pur- Rcfolved, That frvm and after 

pofes, do take pla?c from the ift the ift c£ jantiary next, the vk. 

Nov£jDber 179S. ' zier's aUowancc be ia no cafe 

a diawD 



dj/mn Sat, bnt accoidiif to legi. 
Bcntal iiinlc. - - 

Refolvcd, ThM from uA after 
die enfoiag month, no officer be 
entitled to draw batta, according 
to any hrcTct rank he may t^tain 
pfior fo the noiUcation of it, in 
general orttcrs, in India, 

Refolfed, That the following 
letter, from the honourable Court 
of Om&on, dated 6th June 179S, 
facjpnUillKd in general orders : 

Ptar. 31. — In order to guard 
againfi the poSil»lity of clandeftine 
falei of commilCons, we think pro. 
per to direA, that smy officer who 
uull xpply ibr leave to retire from 
lie fervice, on the pay of his rank* 
{hall declare, upon oatb, that nei- 
ther he himfelf, or any other peifon 
(01 htm, to his knowledge, oat re- 
ceired, or will in liitare receive, 
direAly or indire^y, any compen. 
latton or gratification, pecuniary or 
otbciwifa, from any prion what. 
feevcT, for fuch his retirement ; and 
if, notwithftanding this reOrifiion, 
any fucfa prance fliall bediTcovercd, 
the<dkef receiving, or permitting 
it to be received, any compenfa- 
tion for his retiring, (haU not here, 
after be entitled to his pay, on hit 
retirement ; but fhall, nevenheleft, 
be oonfidered as entirdy out of the 
fervicc; and the officer or officers, 
who fhall be found to have offered, 
or granted, any coinpenfation or 
gratification, to them ofntghcr rank, 
for retiring, (hall not be allowed 
the benefit of promotion, thereby 
acquired ; but it Ihall be compi:ient 
(ez the government, undei which 
the parties concerned ferved, to 
pfomote another o&cer to their rank, 
h^d in negimeot or battaljou, by 
tin officer retiring* 
. We, Approve M the reiltiftions 
onder wtuch you promoted Colonel 
Marline to. the laiik of nujor 
geneial. . 


79. And having taken into Cto- 
fideration the nth i^tb, aod 13U1 
paragr^uofyoor military tetter, of 
theSthDeccmber 1796, webereby 
confirm your refolutioni, founded 
on the tecommeiidation of the hof- 
pital board, that the whole medical 
corps Ihall continue to rife in one 
general lifi, fubjeA as heretofore, 
to all civil and military duties, 
under the exilting regulations ; and 
that the fuTgcfHia attached to civil 
ftations Ihall be considered as equally 
liable with ibofe fervbg in the 
army, to be recalled upon militai^ 
fervice ^ alfo thai tbey fhall on this 
footing be admitted to the induL 
gen^e of fuiiough and retiring. 

So. The exclufi«i, however^ 
from thcfc indulgences, of thofe 
who, under the option of the reguti- 
tionsof the 34th of Oflober i-jiSt 
had fKv'uMily refi^ned all claim to 
future promotion, is ftri^y proper, 
as it was not our intention that 
medical gentlemen, who, under tbofe 
regulations, had for fo great a length 
oftime been, on their own option, 
leleafed from attending to the miu 
litary duties of their profcffion, 
(hould now claim, or be allowed, the 
benefit held out by the new ar- 
ratigemcnt ; it would operate as a 
ferious hardlbip upon thofe who 
have hitherto been attached to mi. 
litary ftations ; on the former fylleiu, 
were gentlemen of the above de- 
fcription permitted to afTume ttie 
funflions of thofe ftations, which 
they had formedy declined, as they 
will thereby fupercede tboic whofe 
conflant attention to military du. 
tics entitled them to the advaiu 
tages now affigned them, bnt pro. 
bably, for a confiderabte penod, 
might keep them out of the fitna. 
tions and confequent rewards tbejr 
have fo juftly deferved. 

We ihetefbre diieA, that the re- 

I 4 gidations 

n,gN..(JNG00»^ic " 



eiUtioMof OAober 1788 be ad. 
nered to, iii refpeA to any Angeon 

Oi affiftant-furgcon, who may here- 
after dcclint taking upon him rho 
4^lics of the military line of the 
profelTion, when cslled on for that 

iz. You have already been ad- 
Tlfcd of our refolucion, 33 to the 

S'ay on furlough granted to head 
iirgeons, which b conformable to 
vhat you have Aiggeftcd in the 
1-jlh paragraph; and with refpcft 
to your recommendation, for allow. 
ing the pay of lieu tenant .colo);cl 
to the members of the medical board, 
when on furlough, we Ihall not ob- 
jedt to it i the oiher points relative 
to thefc two dufcriptions ofc:i: me- 
dical fcrvants, recommended in the 
fame paragraph, have alfo oi|r ap- 

88. We cannot give our con- 
fent to thj; ex:enfion of indulgence, 
of retiring from the fervice, with 
the pay of the Sonaut rupees fifty 
per month, to conduflori of ord. 
tiance, as sdvifqi in the ijflth and 
119th paragraphs of your military 
letter of the 18th Aiigiifl [797. 

90. Hai'tig confidcred the ap- 
plicatio;)s of the cliapiains at vour 
prefidency (referred to in your let- 
ters of tlic 3oih [nly and jtft Dec, 
1796,) 10 lie ailmied the benefit of 
pay on fyrlpugh, and retirement 
from the fervice, we have come 
to the following refolutions thereon, 

91. That chaplains attached to 
the army, or military ftaiions, be 
allowed to come home on furlough, 
fcr three years, with [he full pay 
of their correfixmding ratik on the 
military eflablifhment, viz. that of 
captain, as fiied on by your refolu- 
tions in th^ fafe of the Rev, Mr, 

gx, Tti4t 00 inilitary chapUif) 

(hall be permitted to conic home on 
furlough, who has not been refidcnt 
iti India fevcn years, urlefs in cafes 
of certified ill liealth. 

93. The proportion of military 
chaplains, to be penqitted to come 
home on furlough, to be left to the 
difcuffion of the rcfpeftlve govetn- 
mcnis of India. 


94. The military chaplains, after 
eighteen years fervice in India, 
three years on furlough inchifive, 
be allowed to retire from the fer- 

g.c. That the pay to militaiy 
chaplains retiring, be the fame as 
thatallowed them when on (tirlougb, 
vi7. captains pay, or ten (hillings 
per d,iy. 

c.^. That no chaplain beallowed 
to retire on fuch py, who has not 
ferved ten years at a military fta- 

97. That no chaplain be allowed 
to retire on fiicli pay, who doc* not 
produce ample teftimony of his hav- 
mg difeharged his duty as a clergy, 
man, faithfully and diligently, and 
alfo of his good conduct and beha- 
viour in general ; there teftimoniols 
to be tranfmitted through the go, 
verninent, under which tKe chaplains 
were ferving, with the opinion of 
ftich government thereon. 

99. The great benefit to the 
frtvice, by the indulgence granted 
to officers, of returning afreracenain 
number of years on tneir pay, moft 
be a fufficient proof of the aiientioii 
we have (hewn to their comfort and 
happlnefs; and in order ftill farther 
to imprefs this (bntimenf, and to 
aflbrd every alliftance to otficcrs 
who, from iti health, may not be 
able to continue in IntHa, the time 

Ereferibed in the regulations on thi^. 
ead, we have (onfentcd to air-cx^ 
tenfion of the ipdulgence, in tb*- 



fcllowingmanner, viz. that without wifhmg to avail jbemfelvM of thele 

icqairing any fpecified period offer, indulgencies, the rutes laid down in 

Vice, every officer who has, by re- the former part of this letter, rela- 

rtgnlar promotion, attained the tive to the payments, or offers of 

lank of lieu tenant. colonel, major, payment from officers, next in fuc- 

captain or cap tain- lieutenant, and ceffion, in order to induce their fQpe. 

wftoft ill ftate of health renders riors to retire, muft be applied. 

it impofTiblc for him to continue 105. And in all cafes of officers 

to ferve in India, be allowed to retiring, their pay or half pay ia 

retire from the fetrice, on the half to be the fame as that of officers 

pay of his rank. of infantry, as prefcribed in our 

100. And as cafes may occur, feparate letter, of the 8th January 

whffic the conftitution of fome of 1796, under this head. 

oar officers may not be able to fup- 107. And as we have been in. 

port the climate of India, for a formed that general officers or colo. 

period fufficitm to their obtaining nels, in command of regiments, bat. 

promotion above the rank of a fub- talioMs or corps, 46 nor confider 

■Item, we have agreed to permit themfelves called upon, under the 

a Ueutenant, in this predicament, regulations refpefting furlough or 

after having ferved thirteen years, retirement, to make fuch declara. 

to retire on the half pay of their tion within that period, we think 

refpeaive ranks. it ncceffary to ftate explicitly, that 

loi. If any officer of the rank all-officera, of whatever rank orde. 

of lieutenant, whofe conftitution fcription, are to abide by the rules 

may be {mpaired fo as to prevent prefcribed on this fubjcd. 
ike poffibility of his continuing in 

India, has not ferved the period RATbb of passacb monit. 

prefcribed above, he may be per- '08. You have already been 

mined to retire from the fervice, informed of the regulations on this 

on the half pay of enftgn. fubjedt, eftablilhed by our order of 

■ 101. Provided in every inftance the *7ih July 1796, fmce which 

ofofficers retiring, under the con. *'e have thought 'it proper to direft 

ditions above fpecified, the govern, the fum allowed to be taken by the 

ment in India, aiui the Court of commanders of our (hips, for the 

Direfton, fhall be fattsfied that paffage and accommodation of their 

fjch officer's intention of retiring tables, homeward bound, of fuch 

femi the fervice is founded upon a fubaltem officers, aHiftant furgeons, 

Ital inabiiit), from illheahh, of his' and cadets, asuuy retom to Europe 

Imger ^oniinaing in the fervice, '•yorderofgovernnientjexprefslyfor 

and does not arife from caprice, or '^ recovery of their health,, (hall 

any ether canfe, which might ren- be reduced to 1000 ficca rupees. 
der the provifion to be made for 

Jtira, by the foregoing regulations, ^t-ipw*! 

pmeceflaiy. to n 

103. For this parpofe, it will 109, We approve of the rcgu. 

be indifpenfably neceflary that the latlons you have adopted on the 

moft ainple certificates fhould be re. agth July 1796, relative to (he 

ipjivd from every officer wiihing allowance of paflage money to fub. 

toxnil lumfelf of the indulgence altem officers returning to Earope, 

pDW propofed to be granted. for the benefit of their health, upon 

jg^ Jeevpr^ iniunce of officer! the certificate prefcribed, »s &r as 



ngud the ftate of theiT health. In- tbatourmiliurylerTaiKf wouUfed 
cludins: Cuch as held only the brevet duly impieffed with a fenfc of the 
rinlc (? captain, and of your refola- protefUon extended to then^ and 
tion of extending this allowance to the great renrd fhewn to their in- 
(tibdtem officers of hit Majefty'i tereK, and that they would confidcr 
regiments ferving in India, who with candow, the in^rtant dura- 
may be under the neceffit)- of com- tion made in the fervtce in general, 
inphome, on account of fickncTs. in credit, emolunents, andcefpeda. 

tie- But we do not think it bility, howevei fcHne few iDdi- 

neceflary to infcrt on the dccUra. vidualt might not feel their perfeA 

tion, lefpeAing their property, by lituation euAly what ihey wilhed. 
yonr regulations of the fame dale. 1 1 6. To thcTe fentimcatt, or the 

III. We have refolved. That moilmfture deliberation, we adhered, 

iw fubaltem officer, who left India and we are convinced, every ingenu. 

jwior to the ift June 1796, from ous.everyrealbnablemind, willcon. 

which the operation of the new ar- curin them. V-liaitherefiiieniuA have 

nngemenis, as to pay, took efied, beenourfurprifeand indignation, to 

fhall be allowed this indulgetice ^ And thefe out well-founded expe^^ 

paflage money. tions diiappointed, to Icajm, that 

rij. We have Gipd the fum to fon»e of our oflicers, inftead of re. 

be allowed to fubaltern officen, ceiving the material benefits and 

coming home for ill health) from advantage held out to them by 

your eftahlilhisenc, fubfequent xa the new army regulatniu, withgra. 

the above period, at ficca rupees titude and refpect, had piefumed eo 

I0oo> arraign thofe regulations, in a ftyle 

11+. We fhall conclude with ofdiipatch and intemperance highly 

Tome leimiks, on the very extra- unb::ca[Ding the fiiuaiion in which 

ordinary conduct of fcveral of our thc^ (land, to thofe who had pre. 

ofEceri, in their addrefs to yoa, on fcribed them ; that fome had even 

the new arrangement of the 8th dared to inlinuaie, that we bad 

January 1796. been actuated by nuworlhy motives, 

115, Wlten we confider the in furaning fomc part of the regula- 

liberal principles of that arrange, tions, and that other parts, the 

Bent, formed as it wai, in concert molt beneficial to their happinefi 

with his Majdly's miniflers, and and intereft, had been treated with 

who united with us in endeavour, contempt or indifference ; in fhort 

ing to remove every reafonablecaufe >n their unfounded animadrerfiont, 

ofcom^nt i wboi we recolleAed, they hare totally loft fight of fub. 

that in many inftaitces inlnlgencei ordination and fubnuflion, and even 

were granted by it, which h^ not betrayed fymptonu of dU^cfUon to 

^een aflced, and which could not our fervice. 

have been expend ; when we ad. ii?. When we examine the 

Tert (o the pecuniary racrificet made lituation of thole who thus, fcvse^ 

by thfe Company to promote the fulof their duty, have annexed ULcir 

comfort and tuj^ineO, of the whole lignature to addrelTc) of this com- 

(rf'our Indian army ; we muft re. plexion, we are concerned to £aA 

peat in the terror of the conchiding amongft them, lewcral wbofe in. 

parr, of our feparate letter of the mediate advantage muft foUow.tbe 

Sth January 1796, that we had the carrying into cScfl ,tbe amqgc 

moft (anguine expefbttions that ail inmtdeterminc;daod tthilc,onxi|e 

4ifcoiUeiit wguld be done away, other hand, young men Who had 


j4tentein)dclemcehaTeKdina> In repneott what Aete u 

cd to call in qtidtioi) the pnnciplc* onlf tbe ie^ui£te niunber of d» 

of legolatioiis, which it wm fcanx. ferend dcfcnptiont of ftaiT oftccrs, 

I7 pqlHblc they could comprehend, if thair rank will admit of il, will 

118. It il, neverthclefs. Tome be confirmed in their prc^t mk 
confcdatioo tg ns to obleive, that aitdftafffit)Utioas;andwlien tlierei* 
^ mmber of officcrt, to whom an excels of 1117 delcriptioo, thepre- 
tbefe roBHfcs immedlatel}' applyj fnence will Ik given to the oncerB 
it campzniively fmall ; and we are who hare held the lUff fitnation for 
ftill williqg 10 perfuade ourfelves, the toogeft pertod) not afUng, bat 
that on more mature reflcAion> ce- folly vpfowtoi; uid the pennanont 
frcfledwitfaaconviAionof ihefub- nomin«tton of ftaff officer* wiUbt 
ftntial benefit! of the new anange- deferred until the period ftiall ham. 
meat*, thde few will fee [be elapM, in which exchai^ci were 
iiiq>nq>riety of their condoA, and allowed. 

renun to a jnft fenJe of their duty. Officers defiron of exdianging 

fo to adopt the language f^ the Go- with one another, upon the prin- 

vermr-Gcneral, in hit miiHite of ciplc lul down in uie minutes of 

oMBcilofthe ajthjune 1796. We council, are to ttanfmit their ap. 

dm^t not, that experience will f^eauon to tint Adjutant -General, 

prove to the officers of the Bengal ta be laid bdore the Commander 

vmy, that tlteir colleAive interefit in Chief, the cmfcnt of both 

have been more confnlted in the ar- partiei, doclucd under their refpec- 

nwnents, than they a[^Kai at tire fignatuiet. The period for the 

preJcnt to onderftand. receipt of fnch appUcatiom will 

1 19. From tbefe coniideratioiu> dofe on the tft Apnl 1 799. 

«« are iodnced to draw a veil over G. O. Dee. 6, ij^H- ThB 

the jmk conduA of tbofe officen,' i6th and 17th regiments ue 

whole aiinSa are the fnbjeft of to be raifed in tM fiillowing 

the forcfoing animadverfions, which places ; 

i> fo tmich our due from them in The tft battalion of the i6th re. 

every view; and to deter our mili- gunent, at Jnanport ; ad battalion 

ttty fcrvants from fuch proceed, of ibe 1 6th regiment, at Bnrragong; 

ingi in future, we hereby direfl, ift battalion of the 17th legiment, 

ttot ifany of our officers hereafter at Gahyah ; id battalion of tha 

pirimne to addreft themfelves to 17th regiment, at Dinaporc. 

our government, m an oficRfive, - The i6th regiment it to be d». 

intteiperate, or diliefpeAfiil Kyle, peadeni on Chunar, and the 17th 

upon the fubjed of orders received on Din^re. The facings of thff 

mnat, fo^ officers, whatever be t6th regiments, will )x whitet 

tbni rdnk ai^ fervice, he imroe. aiul iha )7tb, yellow, 

diaiely diJmiflcd from ovi employ, ^ , 

and fenttv England. Dmmhrti, 1798. 

G.O. Hie Commander in Chief 

It bnng the defii« of the Con* oMuempbtcd with peculiar latis- 

lomder in Chief to pi efetv e to re. faAioa the fpirit and alacrity witk 

raeMl aod battalion fluff offioet*, which the native oScars and fepojn 

fitHUtQoa conefponding with thofe compofing ths three battalions of 

dMT- vow ictdt ne thiau it neceC Bengal volimnen, fo fidly mid 

(ary to annowwethe priaciple whidi freely meet tbewifltesof govern- 

ItiaanMtabefallowad. nent, in coaung fbnwd ta ^ 



coed bf tea, when the fiate had <k. 
cation tor their fcrvices ; aiid he has 
obferved with addiiicma) plcaTure, 
tbe fteadjnds with which ihey hare 
waited the time of embarkation ; 
thoTe high pnifc.woTthy proofs of 
dseir aficttion simI attachitient to 
the Briiiih ^verninent, and the Eaft 
Iltdia Company, he confuli-TS as an 
eanieft of tLeir fpirited ard zealous 
exertions on every occafion which 
may be aSbtded ihem of difplaying 
tUtiii confiancy and courage. 

He defirei that ibefe his fenti- 
nents may be explained to the vo- 
limteen, previous to their embarka- 

C.O.U.C.iiJtDu.iygS. The 
BUtnagera of the Military Orphan 
loftitation having rq^refented to 
the Right Honourably theGovcrnor. 
General in Council, that the con. 
tributtons for the fupport of ilte 
inftitutioD froiu furgcons and af. 
fiftaDt.fnrgeons who may occafion. 
ally be appointed to civil ftaiions, 
have hitherto been difcontimK^d 
from the time f'lch appoint mcitts 
took place, by ^vhich focans very 
cohfidirrabic arrears luve arcumu- 
latedi his Loidfhip in Council thinks 
it proper to notify in public orders, 
that all fur;;eDn4, or alfiltant.fur- 
geoas; iircliided under tlie orders of 
the Honourable the Court of Di- 
rcAors, cwitajm-d in the 5+th para- 
giaph of their general letter, dated 
14th March 1796, are bound, with- 
o«t any (^ton, to contribute to the 
6wd, notwiihlianding the tempo- 
rarj- leryic: oi; any of ihcm in the 
civil depart m'nt. 

With a view therefore to faci- 
litate the payment of the monthly 
ctHitribuiions of furgeons, or al^- 
aql-furgeon?, occafionally on duty at 
civil ttjtion-, into ihe treafary of 
the Otjihan Inttiiution ;• 

The Gove cnor- General in Coun- 
cil d'lvxis «ll public oBiuers, from 
trJiora tlie {fig<:or\t, or afliltatn-Jur- 

geoni, attached to civil ftations, re- 
ceive their falaries arid allowanns, 
to make the authorized ftoppages 
from the monihlv allowances, viz. 
fix Sonaut rupees from a full furgeon, 
and three Sonant rupees from an af- 
fitlant -furgeon ; and all fuch public 
officers naking the aforefaid flop, 
pages, are direfled to bring the 
amount to credit in their refprfUve 
monthly cafti accounts. 

His LordJhip in Council farther 
dircAfr the Accountant -General to 
report to government, the amount 
fo broug'it to credit quarterly ; aiid 
that upon the receipt of fuch report, 
an order be iifued on the general 
tteafury, in favour of the treafurer 
of the Orphan Society, for the fan 
received in each quarter. 


Mr. John Baieman, one of il»e 
junior council to the Hon. Com.. 
liaiiy, in the room of Mr. C. E. 
Cartington, rafigr.ed, Mr, W. P. 
Pott;, remoied from the office of 
a.'iillLint to the fecrctaty to the 
\i6:iid of trade, and aj^intcd af. 
liibiit to the cojleftor of Boglc- 
pore, Mr. j. Monckton, removed 
from ihc office <^ the fecoiid alhilaiu 
to the rcgill^t of the provincial court 
of appeal and court of circuit for 
thcdivifion of Dacca, and re-ap- 
poinicd an afiiibnt in the office of 
the Perfian ttanilator. 

Fort William, Dec. «i, 1798. 

The Governor General ha* ob. 
fcrved, with the utmoft fatisfaftion, 
the zeal and alacrity with which 
all raitks of the European, Ame- 
nian, and Portugueze inhabitaKts 
of the town of Calcutta, have ap. 
plied themfelves to loam tl» ufe of 
urms, lincc th^ re-eftablilhment of 
[he corps of Eutopnan midtia. 

The re^-ular and aOiduous atten. 


Ml of the infantry and cavalry Extraff/rtm aletnrfrala lie S^ht 

cotDpriTing thu refpe^ble corps, Kan. Htnry Dxndas, Is the Sight 

wiUfoonrenderitanii^Kiruntaddi' Uia.ibe G<i'utriitT-GiKtriil,diutd 

tun toihenuliuTyibiceof this pre. tbi itth "June 179S. 

fidency> and win contribute effen- . " In conlequence of the menacet 

dally 10 the fecurity of the feat of and arrogant language of our ene. 

the fupreme goTermncnt of the Bri- my, threatening, by an invalian'of 

rilh poneffions in India. oar own iHand, at once 10 ftrike at 

The Governor- General, being on the whole vitala of our ftreng'h and 

tlieeve of his departure for Fort St. power, a fpirit of zeal, ardent loy. 

George, takes this opportunity of alty, and national pride, has been 

declaring his public approbation of elicited, to a degree oneqaallcd at 

riercibnt To hotwurable to the any period of our hiffiory'; and the 

chaiaAer of this fettlcmeni, and fo confeqnenee of it is, that all rank* 

conibrmable to that fplrit which atid degrees of men are coming 

now fccuies the Btitifh empire in forward, to be trained in aRns> 

Europe againft the combined ef- determined to repel every attempt 

forts of all its enemies.. to infult' our emits, or to diftub 

AU the officers, bearing com., the internal peace and profperity of 

miffiom in the militia, having, the country. We are, in tnufa, 

■without exception, raanifefted every berome an anneJ nation; atid, in 

poffible degree of aftirity and dili- .addition toall our other advantages, 

gencc in the formation and difci- have formed a bulwark of initmal 

pline of their rcfpeflive companies fecurity, fouiided upon the voluntary 

and troops, the Governor- General zeal, loyalty and vnl'jur of tlic 

will not attempt todifcriminate the «(Hmtiy. I wilh earne[\fy 10 urge 

merits of individuals belonging to your Lordflitp to take this Aate. 

the corps ; but it is his duty 10 ment under your confidcration, aa 

eiprefs a prticular fenfe of the applicable to the fitujtian of India, 

fervice rendered by Licutcoant- If it be true that a faccL'fsful invk 

Colonel Welfli, of the zd regiment fion of this country would prove 

of native cavalry, in forming the fatal to m, in every one inteidt 

toip of militia cavalry, whkh has worthy to beftow a thought upon, 

denved great advantage from the it is ftill more peculiarly iru?, with 

valuable inftrufUor.s of that relpcft- regard to his Majelly's fubjecis I'ett. 

able officer. led in India. A faccefsful attack 

The Governor- General is per. lyon our poJlelSons in Indb, vA 

/naded, that no incitement is ne. the overthrow of the Briiilh in. 

ccflary to Aiftain the zeal which tcreRs there, would be a death'i 

nonr animates the whole fettlement ; wound to every profpeA which aiqr' 

bat he cannot withhold, from the civil fcrvant of the Company can 

sentleoicn who have cierted them- entertain. Why then are not they, 

bdves on this occafion, the accom- fofaraaisconfiftentwichtheir other 

pnying tefiiraony of the valne of avocations and duties, to devote 

their^ervicet, ooniaioed in a lettet (bme leifure hours in ^ach week, in 

fron the Right Hoo. Henry Dundai, cttder to learn the life of arm«, and 

which did not reach Fott William to form themfelvea into corpt, uiu 

until iornK wedts after the re.cfta- dcr the authority of the gOven^ 

bliAunent of the Calcutta £urope«i ment, far th$ purppfe of adding t» 

miliiia-had taken place, your Euiopeaa firength io India, 



kod prmring the mfel ye), in caTe 
of the laA cxuemit/, to (Kiifice 
Arir liv«9, in defence of ihofe mter. 
efts, upon whidt every tkin; effiui. 
tial in life maft depend. This ii 
tn tAvanfage whicn, in the day 
of difficnlty, no other Eun^ean 
nation, but oarfelvet, have the 
means of rcfortbg to." 


E. G. O. Dfe. lo, 1798. Tht 
Conunuider in Chief hat modi fa> 
ttsfiiftionin pablilhing in orders copy 
of a letter from his Excellency the 
Governor of Ceylon, conveying a 
nry honoanMe teftimony of the 
condnil of the grenaiUeT baitalton, 
during their fervice on that iOand ; 
and he is hnpy to entbixce this op- 
eortoidty ofexpreffing hii own high 
lenfe of the meritt of that diftin. 
gnilhed corps. 

" fa tht Ham. J. DuHCAK, E/f. 
" PfcCdent and Govenxs to Coonei), 

" (IK, 

*' I have the bonoor to inform 
you, that the detachment of gre- 
nadiers from yoorprefidency, which 
bai been ftationed on Ctyloa fince 
the capture of Colombo, embarked 
yellerday on the Honosrable Com- 
raoy's fhip Belvidere, for Bombay; 
Captain Chriftie having then re- 
ported hi* lh^> n«dy to receive the 

** The reports which I have re- 
'ttived from the tdctr commanding 
■aa this iHaiul, pricw to my arrival, 
lead me ts regret the departure d 
this valoable coips from my go- 
vernment i and 1 have particulai 
pleaToie, fir, in ftating to you, 
that the conduA of the Bombay 
gienadieis, on aAive fervice here, 
Kn been nnifermly vealotn and 
fpirited, and (hat in the .common 
tanfe of duty, have been 

able for the regularity of d 

" I have the honour to be. Sir, 

" Youi nxift obedient and ^Mi 

hund>le fervant, 

(Signed) " F. NoaTB." 

Fori WilUam, Dec. ai. 1798. 

The following notice is publimed 
at this prefidency, for general in- 
formvion : 


Nov. «7, 175S, 

Notice is hereby given, that the 
fifhery of the pearl banlci, at Manar, 
will commence (Ml the lothofFeb, 
1799, and the whole of the boats 
determined to be fifhed will be 
fold by public outcry, at Arif^o>r 
to the higheft bidder. 

The terms of pymcnt lo be, an 
advance ol one third in cafli> on 
purchafe of the boat or boats, one 
third in cafh, twenty days after 
the commencement of the filherr, 
and the remaining one third m 
calh or good bills, payable within 
lix weeks, under fecurity to ibe 
fatisfaflion of the fuperintendant of 
the fifhery. 

By order of the Governor, 

J, M'Do^KALL, D. S.G. 

Publifhed by order of the Right 
Hon. the GovemorGenetal in Coun- 

G. H. Baxlow, $<!(. lo Gov. 

A SnUcription is propofisd for 
the relief of the widows and dai. 
dren of dte fcaaxn and mnioea^ 
who fell in the a£ticn ot the link 
Aug. at Aboukir.— Bo(^ are Men. 
ed tor this purpoCa at the treamjif 
and tbc-fimu fubfcribed will be le- 
mitted to the Honooeable tbeCowt 
of DiTe&>ii, to be by tfatro ap- 
jAwd totheufeof tbc(d>je£ii otwK. 

■, Goo»^ic" 



Won WtUim, Public Dep wtn igB , 
Dec. ai, 1798. 

fideriog that the due adminillraiion 
of the internal govemmait and af. 
bin of die Coiq«ny in Bengal, 
reqaiRt that no civil fervant fhould 
be nonihiated to certain offices of 
traft and rerponfibilit7 until it fhall 
hive been afccrtained that he is 
folBdently acquainted with chr laws 
snd regiilalitmt enaftcd by the Go- 
Tcntor-Gcncral in Council, and the 
fevcral languages, the knowledge 
of which u recjuificc for tbe due 
difeharge of tbe refpeifUve fonftions 
cl tacb t^ces ; hii Lordlhip in 
Coondl hereby ap{>tizet the civil 
fervanta of the Company in Bengal, 
that from and aftet the iR of Jan. 
I Sol, no fervant will be deemed 
dig^le to any of the offices herein 
after mentioned, until be fhall have 
]Mfled an examination (the naiuic of 
which will be hereafter determined], 
in the laws and legulaiiotu, and in 
the Unguages, a knowledge of which 
is brreby declared to be an indif. 
[xn&ble qualification for fudi re- 
Ipe^vc 0&X5. 

The languages, a knowledge of 
wUch will be confwjercd reqiuliie, 
n the feveraloficei in the judicial, 
ravenoe, and commepciat depart. 
mtna, ue, 

For the oAcc of judgcor regifter 
«P «ny conn at ju^cc, in the pto- 
vtncei of fianni, Bdur, Orilb, 
or Benant) toe Hiodoftlnec and 
die P»tfitB laagum*. 

For tlK office of oMtStK cf k. 
venneor of cnftonu, or coaimacial 
refident, or fait agent in th« pm- 
Tinces of Bangal, or Orifa; di^ 
Btopi hmgwage. 

For the office of cofleAw of n- 
Tctnie or of cufhnns, or cammercial 
lefident, or agent for the picrrifion 
oft^iuiD, in the provinces 01 Behsrdr 
Benares, the Hmdnmnee language* 

With rezaid tg the lawi md re- 
gulations, the examination will take 
place with rcfpeft to thofe lawi and 
regulations which may relate to the 
duties or the condoA of the bufinels 
of the refpe^ve offices already cntu 

The Right Hon. the Govemor- 
Geneial in Council has given dlia 
previoos intimation to the civil 
fervants of this eftabHfhmcnt, in 
order that every fervant whofe Ttewi 
may be diicAed to the faccrdion to 
any of the fituarions above men- 
tioned, mav hare fafficient lime to 
qualify himfelf for paSng die pie- 
fcribed examination, whenever be 
may be called upon for that putpofe. 

Publifhed by order of tJtt Right 
Hon. the Govcmor-G:neral in 

G. H. BARLOW, Set. ft Go*. 
Fort William, Public DepMmeni, 
Dec. =5. '7S«- 

The Right Hon. the Govemor- 
Gcneral having determined to pro- 
ceed to Fort St. George, hij Lord- 
thip has been pkafed to nominate 
his Excellency the Hon, Lieutenant- 
General Sif AJured Clarke, K. B. 
Vice-Prelidcnt, the Deputy-Co- 
yernor of Fort William. 

Publifhed by order of the Vice. 
Frefideni in Council, 

D. CAMPBiLt, Sui. Ste. 

fen Si. Gcaoe, Dec it, 1798. 
Whereat it hat been deemed ex. 
pedient, that the corps of Militia, 
compolcd of the; Honoonbte Con- 
4any'a civil fervants, and otbei 
inbidutwit* of the Fwt and Black 
To\i'n, Mcc. (hould be re.eaabKOKd 
and. ctidndied, under fuch r^ll. 
tiona as tbe Right Hon. the Go- 
vcmoi ia C(nini.-il Ihall direA, hi* 


I^ordtbip iq Coiuicit> relying oa fiwth ^ ths/ive; CffoMa% ^ijpi^ 

the loyalty and public fpini of the vcflels wUl be-penaiticd to iCflllK 

inhab!taDt» in gmeral, hereby re- the quantity of laic btoughe is 

quires all the European, Armenian, ballaft, on delivering the £unc.iAti> 

and Poitug;ueze inhabitants of the the Company's Aores, at any an^ 

Fort,Bk<:kTowD,&c.toa{reniblefor thoriTed part on C£yIon,-at the 

the purpofe of %ng duly mnllcred rate of ten rix dulhrt Ceylon cut- 

and enrolled) at the following tiinei . rency, per laA. All ialt imported 

and places. withciut fpecial licence on ochar 

The Coinpuiy't civil fcrrantG, velTels, or laudc-d in any otifct 

Free merchants) and gentlemen of manner than that above. dindod» 

tbe recorder's court, on the nabob's from tbofe excepted from itie pto~ 

baftion, on Monday next the ■7th hibition, wilt be confifcaied^ and 

inftant, at fcven o'clock in tlie the owners fubjcA to farther pe- 

momtng : nalty, accordbg to the circam- 

The European inh^itants not ftances of the cafe, 
comprized in the foregoing claflei, " That all arrack exported fron 

and the Armenian inhabitants, on Ceylon, on and after thr lirft a£ 

the north glacis, on Tuefday the January next, Oiall be fubjeCl to 

1 8th inlbni, at fix o'clock in the an export duty of eight rix dollars, 

morning; and per leguer of fever.ty-fivc wcU. 

The Portugueze inhabitants, on ■ " That all beeiJe-nuc exported 

Wednefday morning, the 19th in- from Ceylon, Ihall, from the famre 

fUiit, at the. fame tmie artd place. date, be fubjcfl to an export dotp 

The proper officers will attend of ten rix dollars, [including tlyc 

on the above occafions, for the prefoit duty] per ammooaat, 9f 

purpofeof mullering and enrolling twenty-four ihoufatid nuts j .xnd 

the feveral perfons allembled, in that the duties formerly coll^Ud 

cunfequence of this proclamation. by the Dutch government of Cc^r. 

ByorderofiheRightHonoutable Ion, on the export of tobaco^ 

the Governor in Council. palmiras, palmira laths, rimbci; aod 

J. Webbb, Sec. to Gov. planks, Ihall he kvied on ftwh ip 

Fan Si. George, De-ymber 7, 1798; are exported from any port on 

At the requcft of his Excellency Ceylon, 
the Governor of Ceylon, the fbl- " That on and after the fixft 

lowing advcrtifement, publiAied tjy day of January next, a duty qf 

him on the iHand, is hereby alfo feven and an eighth per ceffi.wjllbe 

promulgated tor general infonna- levied on all mullint, lillc, cortgo 

tinn : cloths, and mixtures of filk , aq4 

" Notice is hereby given, that cotton, ^io or coloured, wtu^ 

from and aftet the Arft day of Ja- may be importt^d into any port qn 

nury next, the in^xutliion of the idand of Ceylon.' 
fait, into any port on the iHand of " All other duties to teoiaia. ^ 

Ceylon, without the exprefs writ, at poefi^t on Ccylona It is fkrtlwr 

ten permiffion of goTcaunent, is DOtified, that the iq^rtatioik.of 

fvohibited, with exception of the ialt-pecre, fuljpbur, gun-powdef, 

quantity neceflarily brought ai lead, anunonition, and am», into 

ballaft, by dorutt, and fuch other any port on tix idand ctf Ccylop^ 

' {mall vefleU as may in^ort bale is pofitivcly prt^biied, withoyt 

goodtOFp?ddy, to ports on Cey- ..fpecial Uecitcc from ^i)veiiuneRit, 

itt^ tt^Sft any pu( of the coalt to whom fufficicni fecuiitjr moft be 
• ' given. 



C^rin, asaf^jeatkn tat 4bdt per- 
aiSoot ie^rAtng tlw deftinUHHi 
t£ fncb undo & mponei, tnd io 
uafnjMBce of nrkw* tnampu «o 
canr OB ■ andaband tnde in 
enuMnmo, the coomcttt of w];uc& 
iticle ii rc&rved fdldy to gft. 
vcmiBent, and jirohHiicHl is tbc 
Boft pofidTc tcnw to in^vi^uaJi. 
Regm^tietu itavc bcM eS^Uflied 
£ir all pora an Ceylon, whoAf 
«ver]rfliip, vefid, wtoir, od4mmi4 
of wbich « quantity of cinMnitm, 
AccectHng t^aeatj fmaJt in weig^, 
may be foood, u-hick has not faaen 
Ihipped under the exprcfs autho. 
rity of government, (hall, on proof 
«f the fanK 'befoit the principal re- 
Tome oKecr on Ceylon, be caaji/. 
tmtti, widi all bar cargo, ^ the 
afe of goremment. And that far 
e*cry /mm/ of cinnamon, leTs than 
the ^naotiry of twenty pounds, 
which may be found on board any 
Slip, vefld, or boat, without propei 
antbority for receiving the faoie, a 
fewmllj »f fifty Jiar fagadai Qiall 
be paiJ, on proof of the faA ; fbr 
payment of which, fndi fiiip, vcf- 
JH, or boat, Ihall be fobjcA lo 
feuate aod fate,— one half t£ the 
faid penalty of -fifty ftar pagodai, 
-fer eac^ pound of cinnaaion io 
Iband, to be the property of llie 

Iperfon or perfons, who ftiali jive 
re^qifiic ii^rmation for difcover. 
ing the fame. — Veflels having on 
1 board a fraall quantity of dnnapKKi 

for medical, or other uTet of the 
Ibip, which may arrive at porta of 
C^fon, (hill, immediately notify 

itbe fame in writing to the officer 
of tbe odbras at Ae poit, fpecify* 
ing (he quantity : in failure of 
ivhich tha penalty above iscinioned 
wilt be ciaa«d." 
Pdilifbetl by onter of dx right 
honourable the Pfefident in Coor- 
i c=]. 
I J. WeaiE, j'#ct W^Scv. 

■Whereat the exchange beiwce^ 
pagoda* and rapees hai been £xcd 
by the right bonoonble the Go. 

Tcruor in Council, with the con- 
currence of ihc principal merchants 
at this place, in conftqijence of the 
great influx of filver, at 3 jo Arcjrt 
rupees per 100 pa^(fa» ; and 
whereas confidctable inconvcnien- 
£ics have been created by the com- 
binaiion of (hroCs, to pte«-cnt the 
eflabliThmcnt of the alx>vc men. 
tioDcd exchange, ihc Governor in 
Council hereby gives notice, thit 
the exchange is to continue ai cj* 
Atcot rupees per 100 pagodas, or 
twelve fanams and Cxty-eight calK 
for every rupee ; and all officers in 
public aatlioriiy are hereby re. 
quired effedually to enforce this 
rate of exdiange. 

The Governor in Council far- 
,(her ttives notice, that any ftiroff, 
or other perfon, who inay be de- 
teiHud in oppoiing this order, wiH 
be liable to the fcTtteft difplcafuic 
of government. 

Publilhed by order of the right 
honourable thePreiident in Council. 
J. Wiaaa, &a. tatbtGev, 
fon9t. Gtorge, Dec. sS, 1798- 


TIk GoverDor in Coancil, tlM 
more c6M\Hally to (ward againft 
c«ruin aUdea aiifing frooi nii£ap<^ 
pnqtiation of the guni and amouv 
jiitioti «4iieh the owner* of iradiog 
veifeli an occalionaU}' fuppli^ 
with from the honourable Conk. 
pany'i fioce«, has been pleafid to 
add to the regulatione aUaady in 
force, the following articles, riz. 

tft. That no g;utis 01 fistnanl* 
tion IhaU be in future ifliied to it^ 
ownen of tndiflg rellels, of what- 
ever dd^ption, who do not pro- 
duce the Compmy's pais, and tfai 

t K 

130 ASIATIC AN!?l>AL REGISTER, 1798-9. 

teftimonics of two cre4itdU« pCK 
fons, in writing, to vouch for tkeir 
being aAually refident, under the 
Company's protcdlion, either at the 
prefiaency or any of its fubordi. 
nates, and hmajiie owners of the 
veflel or vefleia for which they re. 
^uire this defence. 

zd. That no guns ui aramimi- 
lion will be fupplied to any broker 
or agent refiding urdcr the Com- 
pany's ptoteflion, on account of 
velTels (though poflcfTing ihe Com. 

Sny's pafs) whofe owners are refi- 
nt at foreign ports and the fub- 
jefts of foreign powers. 

3d. That all veffels importing 
at this prefidency (lial! be fubjcO 
to the infpcflion of the officers of 
the cuftom-houfe, who will report 
any deficiency or alteration they 
may obferve in the warlike equip- 
ment of fuch vcfTcIs as may have 
failed from this port, witli a fupply 
of guns and ammunition purchaftd 
from the Company's ftores. 

4th. That, for the afcertainment 
of this point, the cullom raafter 
will take >n account of the guns 
and ammunition with which fuch 
vcffeU may depart from this port, 
Specifying the quantity and de- 
scription of the latter, and the 
calibre, weight, and mark of the 

5ih, That no fupplies of the 
above nature will be repeated to 
the fame boat ir veffel, until his 
owner or commander fhall have fa. 
tisfaftofily accounted for thecjtpen. 
diture of what they may beftwe 
have been fupplied with. 

6th. Thar for the tnore eflcflual 
'obfervancc of the foregoing pre. 
caution, all npplicatioiK for ftores 
arc to be- transfciTed through' the 
cuftoni mafVcr, who will thereon 
annex Ms certifieaif^ to tlte par- 
port of the preceding article— or 
orhcrwifc, accordipg to circum. 

7tli. That if any peifonrftd 
be hereafter detoAed in making an 
impropr ufe of the aniclei they 
may in confequeiice receire from 
the Company's ftores, fiich dcfeolt- 
ers, independently of incurring the 
penalties in force for mifap^ica- 
tions of this nature, Ihall be con- 
fideted as having for&iied the pre- 
teAion of government ; and on no 
account hereafter be entitled to lie 
benefit (^ ercber pafs, conroy , or 
any fiitnrc fupply of warlike ftores 
for the defence of any veffel tw 
boat belonging to him. 

Dti. 31, 1798. — Snow Venu), 
Torrie, Penang — ftitp Mariane, J. 
George,ditiOileft thez^ih Nov.~ 
January 6, 1799, brig Recovery, 
N. M'Henry, Trincomallie ; Irft 
the 38th do. — H.C's frigate, Beoi- 
bay, Sutherland, Coringa ; left the 
12th Dec. — 10, fhip Pacific, Ingrt- 
ham, St. Jago; left the ;th July — 
1 tjibip Carmo, Januarie, ^laani 
left the 16th Nov. — 17, (hip Eliza, 
W. Parramore, Pcnang; left the 
17th Dec. — 16, ihip Ajax, Biei, 
Madras; left the nth January — 
27, Ihip Chance, Jc^nftmi, Madras; 
left the I jih Jan. — Ditto, (hip A- 
melia, Engdbteibt, Cape of Good 
Hope ; left [he z6th Nov. 

Jan. I. — Ship Nancy, J. J. 
Moaicra Deas, Madras. Snow Nan- 
cy, Parker, Pcgue. — 10. Ship Pearl, 
Spence. — Ship Cuvera, Lowe. — 
iz. ^liip Coaabo:(, Nacoda. — Ship 
Monfury, Nacoda. — StupOcamad- 
dy, Nacoda, Mufcat.— .^now Har- 
rington, Aeken, — 1 6. H. C.'s Ihip 
Walpole, Butler, Columbo.— H. 
C.'i fhip London, -Lukin, Madras. 
— Ship Fszarohany, Nac6da, Ma. 

dras. — Denmark, , Copenha. 

gen. — Brig Minerva, Mafquerier, 

M<tdrasr--Shii;t, ^^i^ura and Hen- 

t"- rietta. 

rictta, HanefoD, Copenhagen. — 
Snov Anna, Knee, Tranquf£ar. — 
Dirto, Ihip NaDcy, Sanders, — ij. 
Ship Tellicheny, Biker, London.— 
16. Shift Chiifibmia, Nottlcman. 


OnWedneJHay, tbe 3otbuItunoi 
the Chief Jnfiice, at the fitting of 
tbe court, delivered 10 the protho- 
DOUiy, an order, which is in future 
to be attended to, with ictfed to 
tbe admiflion of barrifters and ai- 
tomici, who may hereafter apply 
to the conn for ttiat purpofb. The 
Boiport of which we underftand to 
09 as fbtlows : — That no admillion 
of a bamfier or attorney (ball in 
fiiture take place, until it (hali ap' 
pear to the court, from a review of 
the boliiiefs, that an augmentation 
to its number of pra^tioners iba'.I 
appear necelTaiy. 

That every perfon coming from 
^gland) for the piirpofe of ad. 
miffion as adrocare, Ihall, at ihe 
time of application, produce a li^ 
cence from the Hon. the EaQ India 
tompany, to proceed 10 India, for 
the poipofe of praftiting ihe law, 
and an atteftation of bis charaAci, 
igaed by two jodges, of the Eng4 
Mi or Irith bar, and a certificate of 
Ihs bcii^ a barrilter of England or 

"With refpea to the aitornies, a 
fimilat order has been made, with 
tiiis addition, that all petfons, who 
a {luine may be artkkil to any 31- 
loiney of the fupreme court, Ihallt 
previous to their entering into fuch 
articles, ^ve notice of their uiten> 
tioDi te the lecretary of tbe go- 
(cmmenti and obtain tbe licence 
BftlB CjOTCioor General inCoon- 

cU, to refide here for that purpqfe ;, 
and unlefs this be aftually obtain- 
ed, he ftiall be precluded ftojn ad-, 

This latter rule refpefting the 
admiflion of gentlemen, who may 
be articled, ii not by any means, 
we underfland, to effeft thoie now. 
rcfideni in Calcutta, and who are, 

Joalified for admifiion, provided they' 
0, on application, produce a licence 
to refide here, from government,, 
as before mentioned. 

Recounts received from the coaft 
fpeak decifively of the probability 
of immediate war with Tippod. 
Authentic information, is is Taid, 
has been received, that the Sultaui^ 
has taken the field, and ihat he has 
mo*-ed with the principal part of 
his army to the eaftwatd, towards 
tbe frontier of the Deccaii. 

Tiiis movement of Tippop to- 
wards tbe dominions of tte Ni/amy 
is fuppofed to have beAi planned 
with the vie* of diverting attack* 
in the event of hoftilities, from the 
Malabar coaft, being particularly 
anxious to maintain polTdlion of the 
only fea-ports that belong 10 him. 

Aceoiints from Madras ftatc, that 
the palankeen bearers, employed 
by individuals, being required fof 
the public fervicej they had bcca 
collcfled to the number of fix 
thoufand, aiul were marched off to 
join the grand army, in order tO| 
facilitate the conveyance of proi 
vifioDs and ftores. 

l.etiers from Benares, of the 11ft 
ultimo, reprefent a^rS in that 
quarter to have refumcd their 
formet tranquillity. Vizier Ally 
is reported to have left Azimghur, 
with a number of his attendants, 
and to have folicitcd tbe prote^ion 
of the rajah of Napaul. 

Tbe news of the Benares maf. 
facre excited much alatm at Luck- 
now. It waa at firft apprehended 
that it was the fignal c^^^^^ 


rf 1 Sap, prtmeJitawl plot tb half a lock of rtpen fi»f <V appre- 

iW^lKH* Saaflal Ally of ttre go- lienfion of ihe Vizier AHy. 

^urtiTncnt. His n^fancfs n fated i^iw^ from u^^res ny^ tnvt 

toiiave been confiderably ahrraed, Vijkt Ally lias fled to the Betole 

»id, Qnder rtiat irapreflion, ro have eoantty, the lajah of irfudi h st 

Aggefted to the Englifli RdEtJwt prefent a prjfoncr in Napaul. An 

his eameft wilh thai ihc troops at appHottioD was nwfe by Siadnt 

Cawnpore might march to Lack- Ally, to have the fugitive delivered 

ftow, to trvcrBWe any plot or in- up, hut wiihout TuCTt*. 

ftrreflion -wfiieh, though orifore- The letters add, that it has been 

ften, might be contemplated in that fully afcertajned, liat Vizier Ally, 

Capital. Hi* highners'^ Tcqueft wBs after having imbrued his hands in 

complied with ; and orders to this the blood of Mr. Cherryi had rc- 

effm being cotnmunieat cd to Col. fblved to aiTaffinate evrry Earopcan 

Ruflell^ all the troops that could in Benares. The reftilt of iwjtriiies, 

be fpared ftwn Cawnpore inarched lately fet on foot, tend to tiiLu i m tc 

from dicnce'onthe ijrh, andrfach- fome native inhabitants rf havinj 

«fl Lncknow on the 20th ahimo. been accrtfaries in the plot. 

It does trot appear however, from Our lateft accounts ain jou n c e Vi- 

flie beft infonnation we have been zier Ally to be at BhoiiTuI, where 

able TO obtain, that there has been hehadbcenrcccived withcordiaHtjr, 

any defign to dtfturb the govern, and, Qiuicr the protcftion of tha 

ment or public tranquillity at Luck- njahs of Bhotwnl and Napaul, waa 

aow. levying troops whh flic ntmoft 

A fclter fttim a correipondcm at celerity ; his declared intention wai 

fienarco, in mentioning the late to attack the nabdb vizier's pro- 

maffacre, obft-n-es " that rf that aft vinces. 

was not th; impalfe of the moment He had -wrttten to all the neigh- 
in which it occurred, it certainly bonring rajahs for affiftancc and 
had not been in agitation longer fupport ; WarisAlly'eontinuedwith 
than the preceding day ; no pre- him. 

paration had preceded it ; and Vi- A letter from camp, dztcd Bif- 

7.ier Ally left behind him what- fowlah, joth January, mentions 

ever propcrtv- he poHclTed, his ze- that the cold in that neighbour- 

»anah, furnitin-c, elephants, and hood had been more intenfe than 

about fifteen horfes. On the pre. ever before experienced, according 

ceding day, 'he had arranged the to the recolleftton of the oldeft in- 

preliminaries of his departure for habitants, TTie froft was fo keen 

Calcutta, and had fettled with Mr. as to have dcftroycd many trees, &c. 

Cherry as ro the fums he was to re. A letter from Rantoo, dated t(ie 

'cciveonhis ioumey J viz, 15,000 31ft ultimo, ftates that hoftQitia 

nipces previous to his leaving Be. with the Burmah army in that pro. 

lurCi, one lack en his arrival at vince had commenced the prc- 

Patna, and 75,000 on his di-parture ceding day, liy a Otirmilh tvith 

trom that place. He had received an outpoft commanded by Captaih 

iheijjooo rupees before the maf. M'L;an, who had lately arrivefl 
facro took place, and had employed with a detachment from 'Dacca, 
a coniiderafalc pert of the money in Two dcfcrtcrs from the 'Btmnah 
collefting the banditti that affifted tamp reported that ten of theil 
Tiim in that atrocioos proceeding, people had been killed, and aboiit 
'I'hc naboblia ofifcred 2 ieward of fifty iratmcted. Colonel Boujonnrt 

vsdiUy c^cftcd vuliuetaibrce. A btt^on- of oanra infuisr, 

am. witb a deuctunent of arcillcry, vt 

A Wtcr from Bhangolpoor, dated (o piocecdi it it (W, fiom Bar* 

As id[ loftaiu, dc{b;ibei the cold lun^ic to CbitiEaonx, in ordct 

K uaufUally intenTf , ilic thcnno. to repel an army cd* Bunmlu that 

utm bcbg at 34^. It iud 4c- baj.lauly adEXDctd lowu4t thu 

fiit^td tLe ciopt, and the lyots, fiorinoc. 

in ereiy quartM, were bitterly la. Continuatioti of the fubfcHptioa 

menting tlicit lofiu. This coid for the relief of the wIJoa-s an^ 

.naibu fet ia.«ii Sunday the 17 th children of the feimen ir.i marines. 

HltiiH, after a faun ihocli of aa who kll in the action of <he firj( 

Mnhqwlu, about tea o'docit io of Augufl, at Abodkir. The fub. 

Hk aaining. fcripiioa l>ook liet at ihe gc%-i^ 

AcciMnts from Bombay inentioo ireafury, and the funis riiUl-ii>4 

ikat the ScTcadioog piratei bad will b<: [cmiticd 10 ilic HonoiirJjle 

ffipoutd, and carried into itui Court of Dlrrfljrt, to be by ib<.-:Q 

aoir, two boati freiffhrtd wiih applie^i to ihe \i(i of thi; obji'i:t oj' 

fioifu, ga account of [he Hon. (he rubfcripEion. 

Cmfaay, Amoiut of ilic fotrnw ruhfrrlr- 

AcCQonls fiTwn Bonibay, of the lioni, Som^rupca 4t)a 

a6tk nliiinot conl^n the meiaji- Mr. Thomu Ri.ioke - . - - loi 

ikJjtiafarmation, tbatoath^ijth M'- Sio-ir hm.fe tr. 

HI the iiKtrmnj, on: of the grain. Mi. b 100 

Kg hotiki at the powder works Mr. 'I bsnu C.mIhoi - - - - 3M 

bicw up, and coaici'-nicatcd the ex- Wi. Gcoryc I'mlnnf - - - - 100 

^«.. to a«.tber; whereby a. .„, t'^f^l^^-, ^ .^ .' ! l^ 

her of peop.c, fuppofed about fif, jj,. R«),ard Ai.fler - - - . gs 

ie«n, kit their livet, aod (ercral Mr. L. Bjil -.-..- . im 

others were feverely woutidcd Mr, Aiexandtr Colvin • . . too 

ihout loobafrelitrf powder, moftly Mr, JimciCjlvm too 

tuoken and m cattj, were dcllroy- _^ 

(d in this eiplofion. Toi»l Ccca a. fci9« 

Lctctri from tha camp of the • — — 

2T2i^ umy, a&unbled at Velloie^ HIc Majcfiy's (hip L'Oifeau* 

uentwn that they were to com. Captain Liniee, hasopiuicJ a verf 

■lence their march towards Tippoo's valuable (bipi under D^iniih colour* 

ttrxkorics on the 27th ultimo. (fotinerly the Pbceniit, of Bombay), 

CoiooeL Roberts's detachment laden with naval ftorei, faid to be 

hem Uydtaliad, defcended through bound to Tranquebari but when 

ue^adwall Paf>, oik the £4th ult. captured W3i> fodofe to the hjtbon 

Wd joiocd the paai army i'oon aC of Mauritius, and Qcertng fjcb % 

t£iwaids. courfc, a} to leave no doubt ot hft 

Wi; undcTftaiKl there txver wai being bouttd there; het cargo would 

« buief equipped or fo foriDidable prove a very valuable acq-ifition, 

jDarmy aflembicd at the beginning as marine llore; were '\r. great de> 

ifi Miiy cainpaigo in India, as that inand at the Cape. Upiin an in. 

aaw nrwfar the command of Geiu quiry inioihc circu:ni1a' ces atiend- 

Harii* ; it conli&s of upwards of ing the detention of the D.tniLh ih ;p 

MtoooofthebeSdirciplinedtraopi, Augeliquc, whith Captain Linice 

»v«y luge giogeniot^^iviuxhjM carried with hira from Pcnang, the 

l-jmuDi. Cottit of Adnitvlty u the Cape 


%ai, we undcrftand, dhcfted her taken into cuftody, and it coming 

to be rcleafed ; bnt that Captain to Qalcutta, in order to undergo a 

Linzee had appealed the cafe to the ftrift examination. 

Court! in England. It ia reported, that em the 29th 
ultimo, n Mahiy (eaconnie wai taken 

ifl/i a/ lir Ship Charhitt. on board the fhip Gabriel, with a 

On Tuefday afternoon, (he 19th lighted ttwch in hi» hand, and it u 

ultimo, accounts were received in fnppofed he wa» about to fet this 

town, of tlie lofs of the ibip Char- veffel on fir? alfo. ■ 

lotce. Captain Camegie, by firei On the tpth ultimo in themom- 

whilll laying at anchor in Saugur ing, a figna] of diftrds (the colours 

Koads. with th? union down] wa> obTerved 

The Charlotte was a new (hip, flying on board the Scaleby Caftle, 

bound to Europe, with itoo tons in Bombay harbonr ; two guna 

of cargo on bonrd ; and infored to were foon afterwards fired fiom tie 

the amomit of between three and Melvilie Caftle, to make the fignal 

four lucks of rupees. noticed ; affiflance was immodietcly 

About four o'clock in the mom- fent from the fhore and the ibips in 

ingof the aSth ultimo, the Char- theharbour, when it wasdifcorered» 

loitc wa? difcovered 10 be on fire ; that the Scaleby Caftle was on fire 

every eSbrt was CQiifequently made amongi^ the cotcOn in (he uuin- 

'tokeepit under, but without ede<A: hold, Too much praife cannot be 

asfoonasthefables wore cut afunder, given to the exertions of C;qitaiii 

tl^e veffel dtiftfd up and down the Malcolm, and a part of the crew 

river, with the cidei and as the of the Suffolk; Captain Malcolm's 

proceeded in a direilioii, which firft care and attention on getting 

thre:itened the Gabriel and Bcr. on board, was to have the powder 

ringtbn, thefe vclTeU were obliged got out of the (hip, and foon after 

to cut an'ay from their cables, to the (ire was haj^ily extinguiflied, 

get out of danger. The Charlotte though not without damaging ma:^ 

continued burning till fix/, m. and bales of cotton. It is with regret 

then blew up. Fortunately the we have fo frequently had 10 notice 

officen were all favcd, but weare limilar circunilances in Bombay 

ferry to ftate that twenty-five of harbour ; and that regret b heigh- 

thccrcw perilbed. tened by a certain conviAion, that 

It is fuppofed fome Chinefe laf- they have in general proceeded from 

cars employed on board, or the dciign, and not accidents, as in the 

'J'laby leacornlcs, fet fire to the prefent inftance; fcveral [Hecea of 

(hip i for one of the latter dcfcrip. firewood half burnt, and fome han^ 

tiuii of pcrfons "'as taken on a fiiU of charcoal, were foui>d at a 

raft by a boat belonging to the conftderablc depth in the bold, 

Duke of Montrofe, foon after the flowed away aTiiongft the balci irf 

fire was difcovered ; and as he had cotton, and which, no doubt, were 

fi'cuted his cheft and little property placed there by fome villains, fat 

in the nioll regular manner, it gave the purpofc of deftroying the fhip. 

rife to the fufpition, that he muft Wc have finccrely to lament, that 

have been concerned in the plot, no meafures have hiiherto been 

particujaiiy as he was extremely found, to difcover the daring per- 

avcrfe to go on board the boat, petrators of fuch infamous attenpu, 

and made (everal efforts to efcape. and bring them to that punifliineiK 

Wf underltand ltu3 man has bcea ihey fo richly merit< 

- CHRCftJICLE- ns 

Jh nitbtmtk Jleama<tf-thi Left »f' tbe Itjiaooef. The boat was no . 
tbt Ganpt Schlmur. ibcoer got over the fide^ than thirty 
Calcutta, Jan. ii. — It ii or forty p«^Ie impetuoufly lcap«I 
with mncb concem w« fiate the loTs on board, and the officers found it 
oftlteHooouiaUeCompKny'saiined^ indilipcnrBbly neccllary to put off*, 
CchDoner the Ganges, cooiEiianded in order to prevent the boat from 
in- Captain Wade, the p«ticulan being fuicharged, for it uas not 
of which are as foUour ; — TTje without great danger that Ihe car- 
Ganges came to an anchor on (be ried the number by which Ihe was. 
cretiiiig of the nth, in about fix already overcrowded. Capt. Wade, 
^ihcoK watex, to the eaftward of and thofe who had remained with 
Xacam's diannel. The Laurel was the rchoonc^ pcrfevered in the moll 
then about four kagnes diftant far. fpiritcd ejiertions (o exiinguifh the 
therinthe offing, in a fbocb eaflerly Ere; but it gained ground in fpitc 
diieAkxi. About eight o'clock at of all their cSbns, and was rapidly 
night, while Captain Wade and extending from aft forwards. The 
his oftcen wen mi deck, a diH pe<^le, every moment in dread of 
agroeable liiidt of burriing oil and tbe ve&l blowing up, crowded. 
Iln^c came from the cabin. On forward upon her bows, bowfprit, 
goin^ below, the fhioke aj^ieaicd j)b-bo(»n, &c. In this alamung. 
eo be cmiing from ^t. The gun liiuation, Captain Wade, with great 
nom was inuoediately deared, the con^fure and prcfcnce of mind,. 
finoke rafhed out with great vio. proceeded to prepare rafts. He ex- 
kncc, and pbbly indicated that to horted his people not to deTpair,. 
be tbe ip^uter where the miibhief leminding them that their fafety 
lay. Opt. Wade pradcntly di, depended on .their own exertions, 
rented aU the cartridge powder ihai and encouraging ibem to atTiH in the 
was in the gun-ioora and cabin to efienifal duty oT making rafts. He,, 
beqnickly removed, and carriedfoi. his two boaifw.iins,andfome others, 
ward, wbilo himfelf^ his officers, were llepping aft %o <m away the 
aad the moft a^vc of his people, main-maft, that it might fervc as a 
were employed in throwitig buckets fpar ; at this inltant, ilie~*fiTe com- 
tf water in the after gun-room, muntcaicd to the nv^azine, which 
TbetT <Kvt(Wer« greatly impeded exploded witLgr^t violence, tear- 
by the (ufibcating vapour that af- ing up the deck from the ta^tcl to 
fitikdtbem,whichincreafed fomuch ftveral feet'bcfore the inain-mafi.- 
ufbon to render it wholly impofltble By this accident eight men were 
to ccntinue bek>w, and compelled killed ; thcfecondboa.ifwun hadhia 
Ciptatn Wade, and thofe who were leg broken, atul Captain Wade wa* 
with him in tbe gun-room, to make thrown fcveral feet forwards upon 
shor way Ofon deck. The fire had deck, where he lay for fome time 
now kindled into flame, and was infenllble, and fevcrely bmifed.^ 
burfting forth from the cabin win- At length recovering himfclf, he 
dowa ; but Captain Wade AiU in- found that tht ilames had nearly 
dolged tbe hope of being able to ceafed, moft of the parts that were 
get it mder, and continued to em- on fire having been olown up with 
ploy every poflible exertion for that the magazine ; he was encouraged 
purpofe; but at the fame time, as therefore to renew bistorts to fave 
a meafore of prudence, he dtreAed the temaitu of the fchooncr ; but 
bit officers to get the boat out, and unfortunately a part of the burning 
to keep ber ckai a little a.hea(t of matciiali had been carried up by 
+ K+ 'c^4h 


tHr «iflbf!#t of the latgatiai ia K«(i&iaig«rindk'duk». Gtph-- 

tBr n»in-co[i, uvi thii otttmnai- Wade piMoft^ dat tbe^r Jboaid 

anifg to the rigging, ict ibe wbole mm Aid- then pak a gona^ fhcnt, 

on fire, which Ming down &am udicboaniaifbtpet&fMbawidun 

thai to tifAe, rekindled the Same bouug^ thot^ Qaty nught BM bs 

in various parti of the huU, And able to <lilccra them. This twft- 

nrofi of the Wafer boclEetl and mher dicnt wm rea£iy. adopted. J^i » 

impkrnenilj frdvlngbeen blown «*et- li^e of fix hoari iaihtf waMr, pcOedi 

b^nrd, titt Cxercioni o( the people nndei an itrful anxiety^ tlie focmd 

became left efieftiiat, and no hapt of the pnUinr of otrr iofpired them 

vtaa now left of being able to fav« itkh DoQieaKable jay, and id Ac 

a.Hy part of the wreck that might cotrfe of half in hoar dtof vrerri 

ferve as a tak for thofe win ve. Iak«!n op by the lAiri'l boBt^ and. 

ntained. The flames extending near- fid^ earned oo boaid, when th«f 

ly over the whtdeofthewrcck, left wera recnvad with the kindiMft 

no time to ddiberatei and bat litde doe to tbelf nu&tHne*. TJie 

for a lait exertion. A fheep pen, caufeof thafreonbMnl thcOknj^ 

pf ccet of pUak, rpan, or whatever is afcribed to tlK fpCHitaneans coin- 

coitld be met with to antVer the bo&ion of * fmall qHaAttty of wood 

pDrpofe, wcrehaltilylafliedtogether, oil, contaiocd in a diMer, or loM 

airdpatoverkoardaiataft, to whicli them jar, which wat ftowed in th« 

atl tit? iiKn on board, amounting to afcer gnn-roooi. A fitCi taimiaxtg 

fifr^.ttine, weic oUiged to comiirii from a like caufe, occsrrM ia tb*' 

their Cskty. The poor boaifwaini arfena) a£ Fort WiUkra, ahoiu &ts - 

who ftom hit broken leg waconable yeatftgo- T^ Ganget fehooaer,' 

almoll to mdrCt Wat affifted to thi on tbt iirft day of bor late ctuHe m 

raft, and all hdtids having got hold, tba rosda, law two vcffeli, a fliip 

it WIT pifhed from alongfide i but and a fnow, whicb tbaie is ererf 

immediatel/ before leaving ths reafon to believe where the Smer- 

fchoootr, Optliti Wade had very prtfe piivaieer, atid her confort tbs 

jndicioufly ordeHed (he cable lo be Hay (Pich^ru). Captain Wade at.' 

cdt, that d* it Was ebb tide, the deavoured,' by fenral ftilfbl nu^ 

\fieck of the Icbooner and the raft noavrcs, lo draw the fnow inw 

mighc drift together towards the (hallow water, fa ai to take her 

Laure', and tut the light from out of the proledion of the Qiip ; 

tlie bnrning wn-ck might guide but (he cautionily avoided comtag 

Ate boat» Rom that Ihip irf- the into Sioal water, or apprtMChbig 

mck to find them ; for, as tbey the Ganges, The fttaoge f^l kept 

Dad fired guns of diftrrit on the a fignal tor a. pilot at the maft-beaii 

breaking out of the fire, and aa fU day ; and once or twioe ftto^ 

fltey knew the light muft be feen out to fpeak her cDntbn. 

term the Laurel, they confided in — ■ — - 

ker coming to theit affiftancc.— : The fortifications of Tranqnabt* 

Tht (tft and wreck cantinoed drift, are andergotng a thoroagh and gc 

ibg with the ebb tide, within pift«l neral r^air : the Daniih garriJa^it 

Ihoc of eaeh ntherj for about twq alfo to be aagntentttd. 

noun, when the wrecl^ MAetAy William Cockdl, ££]. hai bce« 

trent dotyn i < eiiwMbMe that appaiatedSbrriiTafFDnSt.Omgrt; 

iendste<) their riroationmondi&tal, ind its dependcttcitt, fei the 'eii^ 

41 the difappeanqca pf dw light. fitii>$yur. .. : ..:^ 

fcllctn4 the ehasn of tlK UfaOtd AJnuAttct C«d;bvtR| £li|. wiU 

hilmito Jm-wVUfH wt IVadTu, 

it it &aA Aat m &««£fti Ihtp had 
ajii*ed at China from Manilb, 
hmag on kwid Sooiooo dcdbn. 
At Captain of whk^ Aatcd thw 
& Spnkh Adiaintl^ with threa 
S6p it the tint, w4 two frigai«% 
ntt* aa the poioc a£ iiaiuag to fes. 

At [he eainwn of Manilla har- 
kof, die Swede wat boanled by 
Ae f mole Fcntch frigate, acooa- 
HMedbjr l^BrakGuellccorrcttCj 
Don wbcoi the/ leaint that ihe 
idfBK La ForM wat aftem, and, 
wult (bcR), bound to Manilla: thty 
aM(d Aai Admiral Sentf had pro* 
CKcfed to France frott Batavia. 

Id cm^Kqaeaoa of the gnat to- 
Hnsof trcafure, tnoaty ii abundant 
K CaatOB, and trander at par. 

Or the 29th altimo, the 2d bat. 
tilioD,jd Rgiraedt native infantry, 
WW i«TieWed by Major General 
Floyd ; after the rtriew, a very 
de^tbreakfaft wai given by Co). 
OliKt at hit garden.boufc, at which 
Genenl Floyd and all the oiEc-ers of 
the ganifon were ptefent. The foU 
lairing i« a copy of the general or. 
den ^ the 'Qth. 

" Major <ienera1 Floyd defires to 
cijxefs to Lieutenant ColonelOliver, 
^ offioeis, and men, that he is ex. 
iKBdy fatisficd with the appears 
WGB and perfbimaoce of the ad 
bttt^ion, ^dn^iroent, at the review 
tUaday: the General confiden th^ 
tUft u ycTjf fit to be prefented, 
either to &iendor fix, and will re. 
ftn to head qnanert accordingly." 

In the afternoon a very fplendid 
cMenaiamciU was given by General 
Floyd to the o&ceit of the ad bat. 
utien and fevenl other gentlemenj 
and the evenit^ paft with that bar. 
Bony aad cmvtviality, vfhich Ce- 
Mtsi Fioyd knowi fo well the art 
ff difiijfiag anaon^ hii gueib. 

■ -■ IW 

at SeiingiiaM the afiwtt ftat tlM 
Mkvavf IctMr : 
T» Major Gmiral TlOTO, C?f. 


We the oScen of die ^ bat* 
talioDfjd oatiire ttgtinentriii^iRlW 
with a due feofe otyoor polite coiu 
diu.'l in a private capactiyi and feel^ 
ing ooiieUe& farthei gratified by 
the' flattering terms in which tlu 
coifs waa mentioned in G> O., beg 
leave to rctura you ou fincen 
thanks. Should it ever be oifr good 
fortune to be placed again nodes 
your coimnatid, we hoptf to merit 4 
contiwMnce of that app^*bafiofv 

We have the hooour to iBinatn, 

With relpefl and attachment, 
Youi taitbful hanble fairaais, tec. 

General Floyd iramediately re. 

turned the following polite anfwer t 

Trichinopoly, Deeember d. 

TbL'kui. CbI. Olivjr, aitdOffictfi 

of the sd baltalian, ^J Tt^nunl. 


Your letter of ycllerday'* date !i 
to you in private were the con- 
feqUMicEs of your amiable manners; 
ard my piblic opmioii of the corps 
is founded entirely on the good or. 
der, zeal, and alacticy, obiervable 
through all tanks ; End I Ihall be 
proud toferve with the zd battalion^ 
^d regiment, on any occafion. 
I have the honour to be. 

Your faithful humble fcrrsnt, 

J. Floyd. 

t* Major Gtiurm! Sm^ozi, 

Wc^the ctfceti in the garrifon at 
Mafalipaium, taetnog of your be- 
ing Oideicd la join the arm af- 




fbinbling in the Camatic, cannot 
illow yoit to dqiart, without wiJli-. 
ing you all maimer of happtnefs and 
fiieccfs, and without expreffing our 
fincere regret, at parting with a 
commanding officer, who know| (o 
TreH to blend the neceflary au- 
thority of military difcipline with 
the feelings and manners of the gen- 

Wc hare the honour to be, 
'With refpefl. 

Yoor moft obedient and moft hum- 
ble fervants, &c. 
MiTuIipatam, Dec. ag, 179S. 

T» litut. Calami Hamiltow, - 


, ] have been honoured with your 
fwtiie addrefi, and though I cannot 
diffemble that in leaving this plailc 
I am gratlHcd in a mote anxious 
defire, yet 1 can with truth afferf, 
that my regret is fincere in takina; 
leave of tfiofe who have, by tbeir 
exertions, rendered my employment 
kfb difficult in the execution, by the 
prompt and cheerful difcharge of 
their refpei^ive duties. 

Where it lus been found con- 
fident with the principles of my 
duty, I have' always niade accom- 
Biodation a part in the regulatioQ 
W my condurt, and I have infinite 
pkafurc in this opportunity of de- 
claring, that if that part of my 
deportment has met witii your jp. 
probation, it has been merely' the 
iiSt& of your own merits. 
I have the honour to be, 
"With lincere regard. 

your moft obedient atid faithful 
bumble fervant, 

T. Bridgks. 
MafuIlpataiD, 3otb 1^- 1793. - ' 

Csmmand'mg ibf HaitouraNt Qemfanfr 
Jbip Ctmwatiis. 

■ The officers of the iddivilion, 2<i 
regiment, European infantry, being 
fenfible of your attention to tlietn 
duri'ig their paflage from Mafult- 
patara to Madra'. rei'i^fft, the 
favour c! vcuf acceptance of the 
acccHnp.i-'vi'ij pijte, fuch onjv as 
■■ • -ed.'asa 

of your- 
politenefs to I'.-m, ?.'rA of your 
care of tne in:\\ \^".\-r th;!r charge, 
and beg leave to apr.i™;-^e that the 
Ibddennefs of your dqwrtore will 
not admit of befpeaking any thing 
more agreeable to tbeir wiltaes. 


, Sir, . 

Your mod obliged and obedient ler> 

RoTi Lang, Mfjm-. 
T. Gicen, Capnun. 

R. Robinet, Captain. 
W, Havres, DcuUnanK ' 

-- (ames, I 

[■ Vout^, Uaiienaxi, 
T. Coftno Goiiio, Lirut. 
Fort Si. Geot^e, imh Jan. 1799- 

ToMajafKoii Lmtc, and the Qffterj 

imiimanding the tJ d'lii/uin, £1/ rcgt- 
. meni, Eur^an in/asliy. 


1 am at a lofs for words to ac- 
knowledge the diftinguilhed favoai 
you have doK toe, by your verj" 
polite letter of ycfterday's date, ac- 
companied with a very handforae 
prefent of plate, wherein you are 
pleufed to exprefs your approbation 
of my conduft to you, and the 
troop5 under your charge, daring 
the parage from Mafulipatam to 
Madras, on board the Honourable 
Company's armed lb ip Cornwall isj 
undor my command. I have ta 
bt-g you will accept of my moft 
fincere and grateful acknowledg- 
ment for fo high a mark of appro. 
bation, which will leave- a lainng . 

; imprelGon 


tipff^fi^P «n ttff imu Mi y of the wud on the prefent occnfion, tbl^ 

Wow done DC, and ctct aSbid me GoTcrnorplaces tbeutmoltreliancei 

die pteafingRcoIkfUoDof ihe plea- Iteuig alio at all times ready 

fore I received dating the time I and foliciious to give the uuni^ 

was honoared with yum aunpany cffeA to their excrtioos, by what- 

00 board the ComwalLis. ever jiiay be within his own power ; 

Ihare thefaonoui tobc, ' under the impTdfion derived froor 

Gentlemen, all the information before him, chat 

Yooi molt obliged and obedient on the example that (hall now be 

fervviti Ihtwn, and by the perfoijal fervicc* 

G. RoMAiNi, of the gentlemen here addrdTed, 

Ion St. Geoige, fljih Jan. 1799. ^'^ fafety of this important fetfle- 

ment may, under the bleffing of 

BOMBAY iNTiLLiGENCB. Divine irovidence, in a very n». 

Trarm Hail, 03. 23, 1798.— At terial degree depend. 
a Duiaetotis and refpeftable meeting " J. Dowcak." 

«f the gmtloraen in the civil fcr. Bombay, Ofl. as, 1798, 
vice of the Honourable Company, Mr. Heiilhaw alfo read the plan 

of the profeflion of the law, c^ the fur a militia and armed alTociation, 

tree merchants, free marineri, and alluded to in the Governor's card, 
other Btitilh fubje^, convened by Themeeiingthereforcunanimouf. 

handbills circulated under authority 1y approving the tecomTn nidation of 

of gorermaent. the Honourable the Governor, as 

Mr. Henlhaw opened thebuCnefs, wcU as the plan laid down in the 

by reading the Ibhowing card, from minute from General Stoart, agreed, 

thi; Honourable the Governor, to and accordingly refolved, to fofm 

the Affeojbly : thcmfclves into an armed aflbcia- 

" Thegovemotprcrentshiscom- tion, to be in future employed as 

|iliments 10 the gentlemen in th; may be deemed iiwA expedient for 

dvil fervice, ai>d to thofe in the the proteflion of this illand ; and 

ptofeflion of the law, to the free conceiving that a cotmnittee flioold 

meTi;hants, free mariners, ami other be formed from the members pie- 

Biiiilb fubjcift?, not in tl-* military fent, to conduit and carry into e£- 

ot marine fervice of the Honourable feft this important objcft, fo ftrong- 

Company ; and ac(]uainis them, that ly recommended to the Aflembly 

Jhe putpofe for which they have, in the Honoarable the Governor'* 

by the handbills of ycCterday, been card. 

invited .to meet this day at the Refolved) That the following 

Theatre, ha^ been to take into con. gentlemen be a ftanding committee 

fideraiion the fubjcct of a recent for that purpofc, viz. 

lidlruftion from tlio Hoiiout;ible the Mr. R. HcnfW, Mr. R. Taylor, 

Court of Direaors to the govern- "'■ L- Cotkan, Mr. I. Momi, 

f , - r J *, ■ Mf. F. Reevei, Mr. H. tawccr, 

»ent of this ptefidency, to en- Mr. N. Crow, Mr. J. F^ri.ts. 

owragc military aflociations among m,, i>. Hadow, Mr. J. Louahnan, 

the civil fcrvanci an^ others, to be, Mr.P. H«ll, »ud 

prepared to aft on any emergency : ^^'J- *''"'^- . , '. , 
in ™rfuance of which a plan has J^l "««'"? '^^ V™^= J"?' 

been fogtefted, which Mr. Hen. f^ '^^ commiiiee continued their 

(haw will impart to the gentlemen "'""g'- 

tffemblei) ; on whofe zcaC patriot. Mr. Hek^haw, in the Chair, 
ifm, and promptitude (o come for- Refolved, that the followm|; ilet- 



tlie GoTcroor in Council, ud pra. 
ftatai by the cbairman, who m ttie 
fioie time ii define) u> expteb tbft 
vtfhti oE the umed ifE)ci«ion, that 
de Hononiable the Govcrnof md 
the twn Civil Mcraben of Council 
will do the aUbciation i3te honouc 
fo be the thiee fiipctior c&oat ia 
the corps. 

Tc thHc«. J. DvKC AW, £/f. 
PrtjitUiu and Gvuemar in Cauntit. 

Wc the undcrligned, being z 
committee ele^d by a nunKroiu 
aiTcQibly convened this day by pohlie 
invitation to the geatlcmen ai the 
civil fervice, the gentlemen of the 
^tfeflion of the law, and the reft 
of the Britilh ichabitants not in the 
military or marine fervicea of tha 
Company, are deputed to tender to 
youT honour the moft leaious per- 
ional fervices rf every perfon pre- 
fentt to the puipofe of an armed afro- 
elation for (he defence of this feltlc- 
ment, in the mamicr that has been 
propofed in the plan commuiucated 
to Its and the afTembly at your defira. 

And wc are farther auihorifed to 
£gnify on the prt of the fcveral 
gentlemen afTembled, that the fer< 
vices, which the prcfcnt urilis calU 
apon ihcm to offer, will be moft 
fhecrfully performed by each at hi* 
own charges, and to the utmoft ex, 
tent of his individual ability. 
Wc have the honour to be, 
Honourable Sir, 
Your raoft obducni humble Servantif 

ft,, HKKSMaw, &c. Committed, 
Sonbay, a3<l Oftobcr, 1.798. 

RsTolved,' That the next meetiw 
be at iho TbutK, oa tbc'^jii 
inftaot. Adjourned. 

R. HtKSQAW, Chainnan, 

Bauiinj 7o«H» Hail, OS. %^iii 
1798.— The committee being af- 
ferobled, the chairman read the foU 
towing letter from the HoDOoraUe 

Aa GevtMst in CamaiJ, ia lofiMt 
ta tiiciB addcefi ti tbesjd ialUu. 

?fl R. Hehshaw, E/bMc. 

Cammittet Jtr candafting tie nim- 
bmtaty AfiatauH. 


In rep ty to yoar amtmntcatim 
of yeftetday'i date, I amdirefted 
to tofe iw tine in cxpreftig the 
Preiident in Cotixnl'i warmeli ti' 
tieltftiMi at the prompt and cordial 
reception which na Govctaor's ifc 
timation hai met with from the 
meeting of the gentlemen at the 
Theatre, affeinbled for tka poipole 
•f confidering the plan of an aincd 
aflbciation, for the deftncc of thii 
fettlement ; and undeiftaoding tha 
it will prove agrec^>le to tbeir fen. 
timents, I have to add that the Go. 
vemor wiU efleem himMf hoaouHd 
by his name appearing at the head 
of fo creditable a coipt, at i» eos- 
mandirtg oflicrr; whtUt the two 
civil memben of govemneni wtQ 
Im bo lefs proud of holding tha oen 
fiiuations in point of rank ;, in coa. 
fideration of whid) y«r are reqoeft- 
ed to proceed to iaal;e cfance o( 
your other Officers. 

The Commander in Chief hu *\b 
been requeued to afford all ftich far- 
ther afliftance as may, in a miUtaiy 
point of view, be necellflfy' for giv- 
ing efie^toal opoation. M the pUe 
,inqueftton; and-vill rcadilfCO^ 
ply with whatever apj)lic»t»>n tmf 
in thii refped be pt«letixd co Um 
tliroii|h cbeGovemoe iaCaoncil* : 
I have the faonoiir to be, 
Oentlemenr 1 

Your moft obedient fcmM* . < 

R. RiCKAKDa, Seti-lrGtV, 

BamUy CJOe, OS. ajtb, 1798. 

The Cwnqiitlce then proceeded 
to take ini9 coofideratipn the far- 
ther &tfa neceilary le cany into 
efiefl the ob^fl of the aObciatioai 
R. Heksuaw, Cbairmfh 

ftiapinj^ ertizcr "DtAc, Capt, nt a couric of paymeftt. All w4ut& 
UjTgony, &3ed with the mondiljr received the full approbatioB «f *e 

ficket for fiofibra; Limt. Dival, 


ofiii. Majefty's iwTy, went paf- The chairman iheti propoftd, 

fciger in the Drake, for ihe pur- that an humble addrcfs be tnade^o 

prfe of joining Admiral NdVon'i hisMajeftf, esprefliveof therefoln- 

ffffldwin, ID the MeditenarKtan. tion of his true and faithful fiAje^ 

: We leam with much picrfure, to (bpport the meafures of Ms go- 

dut ihe patrioric fotfcription in. Tcmment in (he pirfent war, ani 

RnM fot the reikf of the familiet congrat dating him on thefaccdi of 

ofdwfegalUnt tarj, who have loft his arms in the Mediterranean, in 

tkir lives in the late taemoMble which ow fafety i.i thU ijland w» 

anal aaioa in the bay cf Aionkir, fo nearly concerned. 
ImiuBwithnnanimooifupporifroM The motion was approvei! } »n4 

*e gentlemen at Surat, who have it wa» rerol^Fcd unanimoiifly, that 

ibeady added the fura of rupees the committee formerly appointed, 

1,17,-, to the Binoant fubfciibed at together with General Carnac, be 

Ac jmifidency. teqnefted fo-ptepat« fuch an addrefs. 

5j«iflr To-WM Hail, Nov. ;, The committee withdrew, «h1 

1798.— At a gewral meeting of after fomc time returned, when the 

4e Briiifli bdiabitant!, fuWcribcrs chairman read the following draft 

(0 the Tolanuty conteibotions for of an addrefs, which being unani- 

de fupport of the war, convened moufiy appro^'ed of, was ordered M 

by the Sieriff at the requeft of the be fairly tranfcribed for fignature. 
owiiBmce Bppointtd by the fiud in- <r .l v . .* a r i> 


R. HsssSAw, Eftj in the Chair, ^mt craciovj soveileiok, 

Tbcdwinmn ftated to the meet- "^^e your Majefty's moft faith- 

inj ihc amount of the fubfcriptiom fu' fubjcc^s, the Britifti inhabitanu 

iht* day, bemg i^ards of three of Bombay and its dependencies, 

bdts (rf rupees. Of this fam one animated by an ardent zeal for onr 

hmdicd twenty -feven thoufand, country-, which we trail will ever 

(even handred fixty three rupees one J>e the diftinguiihing chara^iiAic 

qsarterand nineteen reas were lent *>f Britons, lave exerted our beft 

iaiidtog«)renuDent,payablewhen' endeavours, byageneral conirtba. 

ewr edlod for. A ^rrher fom of tion, for fupportin^ the prefent juft 

Ihbty M«o ihoofaod rmees h«d been ^ necefl&ry war in which weave 

idvanced ta hh )i1a>ifty'i unl ^ngoged, in oppcfttion to an un. 

dfficeri for billt on the navy board, .proroLed combination of your Ma- 
which btllc had been fadnfed pv- jetty's enemies; teficfling with 
able w thcRight Honmndile the -equal pride and gtaiitude on the 

Lmds 'of his fidajcfty'* treifory, blcflings we derive from a conftttu- 

and refined to tKcm in the name tion which ^a -elevated the natioo' 

ofibe Britilh inhabitants of Bonv- a1 cfaaraAer throagh agss, and b^ 

lu}r, through the Rifrfat Honouiabte the fecurity itafibrds to liberty and 

Henry Daodiis, one of his Ma. property, has roufed and maintain. 

jeAy't principal 'fccrctaries of ftate; ed a Iptrit of comnercial iBdventare, 

that a farther fum offifty-fire thoo- equally prodnfiive af,pnblic wealth, 

fifti rupees had been called for tq^ aiid .iwiiviiiul profperity, it be- 

ttiMi^f*mvaltAo*Eiianl-wat jiiBe.(Mriiaty,.as wdlaaotite^^fl' 



btclinntion, to unite for its pro- 
teakxi. Of this tnv^uable fyftein 
we regard your Majedy as the faith- 
fiit guardian, and as farther endeared 
to U3 by thofe amiabk perfona! vir. 
tuM which are the peculiar orna- 
ments of your charafter. 

We feel particular pleafure at 
this period iti congratukting your 
Majtfty on the late fnccefs of your 
aaval arms in the Meditecraneaii, 
nnder Admiral Nelfon, againft an 
inveterate and ufurping foe, whofe 
hoftiliiy is direded to the ileftruc- 
tion of every tie that can bind fo. 
ciety in good order and govern. 
mciit ; a viAor>', which, while it 
h,i3 eminently difplayed the wifdom 
and vigilance of your Majefty's 
<:ounfeb, in the means of its attain- 
ment, and the bravery and good 
conduA of your officers in its ac- 
complifhment, has averted from 
yoBf fubjcfts in this remote fituation 
an intended blow, which threatened 
ihtir exiftence. 

While we exprefs to your Ma- 
jcfty the exertions of your Britifh 
fubjeAsbere, in the public caufe, it 
is with much ndditionat fatinfai^ion 
that wc fulfil a duty incumbent up- 
on us, in conveying (o you the un- 
folicited concurtencc wc have expe- 
rienced in thenativesof this iHand, 
through their different cafts, and lite 
aid they have afforded on the pre. 
fent occafion ; effcfls, which can 
only be afcrib^d to the l>cnign in- 
fluence of your Majefty's govern, 
ment in the fupport and proteftion 
of all to whom it is extended. 

Wiih the moft fervent wijiies for 
the long continuance of \our \Ta. 
jetty's reign, wiih inereafe of glory 
and profperiiy, and the enjoyment 
of your domcllie felicity, we Iwre 
the honour of fubfcribing ourfches 
with thewarmeit fentiicents of ve- 
pcrationaud gratitude. 

ttUy it pleaf.: your Majefty, 
Your Majefty's moft obedient and' 
Faithful Subjects. 

Refolved, That the addrefs b« 
feirly tnmfcribed otj parchment, and 
Jay open at the AdJDtant Gtneral'iy 
or Secretary's Office, for lignature, 
and that the committee be rei^uefted 
afterwards to prefent the fame (o 
the Honourable the Governor, uid 
folicithim, in the name of the meer. 
ing, to adopt fuch mode as he (hdl 
judge moft proper for tranfinitting 
it to his Majefty. 

Refolved, That a duplicate of 
the addrefs be prepared for figna- 
lurc aa above. 

Refolved, That the thanks of 
this meeting be given to the com- 
mittee, for conducting the per- 
fomumce of the- truft comoutted -to 

Refolved, That the thanks of 
this meeting be given to Nathan 
Crow, Efq. Ihcrift", for hi) oblig- 
ing and ready acquiefcence in call- 
ing the inhabitants tliis day. 

The duirman having left the 
chair — it was then Refolved, That 
the thanks of this meeting be given 
to Robert Henlhaw, Efq. chair- 
man of the committee and of this 
meeting, for his ability and nlten- 
tion in the difcharge of thofe d-utics. 

R. Hesshaw, Cl;r;rma.-r. 

. Nbv. 6. The firft term began 
for the bufinefs of tile Court of ilie 
Recorder in tlte civil branches pf hi» 
jurifdicHon. The Conn aflembled 
at ten o'clock, in tlie town hall, 
and was com|<ofed of Kir William 
Syer, Recorder, — Mr. Tais, the 
Mayor, — and Mcffrs. Aldermen 
Aiiamfon, Kitfon, and Forbes- 
Mr. \^"iik.infon was fworn in as 
Matter in Equity, and Mr. Ger- 
raud, .11 Clerk of the Papers .-md 
Jieading Clerk ; and Mr. Brilbanc 
received a commiHion as ENamlner 
to thr Court. Scii-d Cazec Hiiffain 
>latee was.C*:ornin 89 
the Court in the ^lahommcdait 


im, aal Antoba GoTawIc Pondit peeing that llie feaconny did not 

iii«£miU[chaiafleiwitiiiefpedto repoTC the true foundliigs, went in- 

dM Gmioo law. to the main chams to fatisfy him- 

The Bombay Courier of the loth TcU, from whence be fell ovubbaid. 

ultimo, infonns us thai the armed He was taken up, after being about 

tdbcianoD it that fettlemeiii, in ten minutes in the water ; but al- 

the puifuit nf roeaTures ncceflary to though all the means that occurra4 

acquire a knowledge of ijieir new to Captain Stewart and his officers 

raofeflioo, difplay an alaciiiv and were exerted to rcftore hin) to life, 

tapfoit becoming the magiutude of they proved iticSbdoal, 

tfaeobjed for which they are em. The appearance of the Bombay 

bodied. militia under aims, on Monday 

Thefoniutionof the native mi- morning, the loth inftant, before 

litia »'as aifo in gteat forward- the Honourable the Governor as 

Deft. Already, four complete com- their colonel, atiraded the atten- 

paoies for the infantry, and two for tion of a large concourfe of ladies 

the arttUety, each coniifting of (Hie and gentlemen of the fcttlemenr, 

captain, two lieutcBants, fovi Icr- who were highly pleafcd with the 

jeuiis, four corporals, and 96 pri- novel Cght. 

vales, Here formed of the native From the (hort period, whidk 

Poitugueze inhabitants. The Par- has elapfcd, it cannot of courfe be 

fctt had fonncd fix ftrong compa. ekpefted, that the gentlemen arc 

nies, officered by the moft refpefta- pcrfea in military difcipline ; but 

ble of their own call, ready to be iron) the punftuallity and attention, 

enjoyed in any fituaiion that cir- wliich ihey have Ucherto paid to 

curtftanccs might render expedient, the daily drills, this corps will 

Numerous bodies were alfo forming daubtJefs prove a feafonable auxi- 
ef Hindus and Muffulmans, who ' liary to the military l^rength of 

prelTed forward to evince their at- this iflanJ, fhould their fcrvice* 

tachment, to a government which e^cr be required, 

refpefls their ^ifbnat freedom, the The uoiftini worn on the above 

fecnrity of their property, and the occafion, Wis green with black veL 

undiAurbed exercifc of their religi- vet and gold embroidery, and we 

ous rites. underltand. that the motto of the 

Ftb. 16. The (hip Jane, Captain corps is "Pro Rige ft P,aina." 
Stewart, anchored in the harbour ; 

Lieutenant James, of his Majefty's s""rpiNC intelligence. 

77lh regiment, came paffenger on Dec. 14. Arrived the Eliia, 

the Jane, from Cochin. .Captain Captain Gibfon, from China. She 

Stewart mentions, in terms erf" the left Macao Roads in company with 

Gnceieft regret, the iofs of his firft the Milford, on the i jth of Sep- 

officer, Mr. Francis Henderfon, on tember; and that night, about a 

ihc loth infiani, at n p. m.A lit. degree to the foutiiward of the La- 

lle to the fouthward of Pigeon drone, encountered a verv heavy 

IDand. Mr. Henderibn's death is tiffbon, during which the Milford 

iDore especially lamented bv Cap- loft her miza-inaft, main and Ibie. 

lain £tewut atKl the furvivfng of- top mafts, and almoft all her fails j 

icertof the Ihlp, as he fell a mar- the Eliza loft her main-top mail, 

tyi to his zeal in tJie eitccution of and fplit moft of her fails ; both 

lu» duty. The ftjip was ftanding ftiip confequcntly returned to Ma- 

iu Ihore, and Mr. Henderfon fuf. cao, iVo.n whence the Eli*a took her 
. fin 


firfl ilepartarc on ibe 25111 of Stp. fotifeflcd -of; «sr a irte w Amb,- AmC 

tember; btit it vim ibougfal diat, t4ie parnet ran bigh Jt Siuwk, m< 

«wing to the fcarciey of ftem, it mutual diftrnft ani diflmtioii ft^ 

woald rcqaire fame tiine to refit -the vaded every de^miem of tfae let. 

Mtlfoid. iteneni ; tbe fallen itai promt) on- 

Vft have rnncf) pleafare in aik c«nunODly fiokly, md At iMvtality 

BOBDcing the atrival of the Aiif amongft the FKiich troops bad been 

-LouMa, Captain Cumins, in the d««dful. 

hm4)oar] on the 1 gth tnftant ; for ■ 

whofe ^fetf fome ^)prehenlion> In addition to ^efforts already 

were entertained. — The palhge madeliy thisfettlemeni in the ptdriic 

fcom thcCapeofGoodH(^ toln. caufe,a plan has been lately adopted 

dia is, at tils period of the year, for increafing theArniEthof <hegar. 

extremely jnecarious : an excellent rifor, which radtmidtliighly t« the 

itcatife has brcn publiihed on the honour of its pacroni, and faroiflia 

prerailiiig winds, at that feafon of another inftantx of loyalty and re> 

the yeafj by Captain Thomas For~ fard to the interefi sod dignity oC 

leftj entitled ^ Treati/e en the the Bfiiiih name, which thofe wl» 

Mtdile Moi/oox ; where he recom- are in&imMd of the compaiatiTd^ 

mends croirmg the line far enough fmall number of inhabitants, and die 

to the weftward, to enable a fhip correfponding difprcmortionaK or. 

dofehatiied to weather Achecn, or tent of wealth in'Bombayf wiB 

letch into the lowerpart of the Bay, perh^ allow has heen feldom or- 

whh a N. W. wiod, which he ceeded. It it propofed to raife a 

terms the middle monfoon, and regiment for tbe defer.ce of Bon^y, 

which preraih generally from near to ferve during tte war, or ai Im^ 

the line, until you meet with the as their fcrvices may be required, 

K. E. numfoon; by adopting this to confift of two battalions of ^ya 

traft you avoid the caift of Suma. men each, and to he called die 

ira, with the (Iroiig currents and £ombay Fencible Regtcneni ; it 14 

fqualls, incident at tMt reafon of to be officered from the Bombay Vo- 

the year. It appears that the Louifa, itmteer Affbciation, with Adjutants 

foon after parting company with from the Hon. Corapany'i regolar 

the John and James, with which cotps,. andfuch native officersat may- 

ftiip (he had failed from the Cape, be Ibtind neceffary ; the whole ex- 

fell ia with Great Fortutie Ifland, pence to be defrayed by the voliui. 

and on her palTagc up the welt coaft tary contributions, for that patpofe, 

met with the ufual baffling winds, of the Honourable Company's ciril 

iooihorly currents «nd fqualls. In ferrants and the Britifh free mer. 

one of thefi-,- the Louifa car- chants: the native mertJianti have 

riej away her bowfprit, but for. alfo been invited to come forward 

tunately leceived no other damage, on the occafion, all of whom, a* 

Jnn, 13. TheDamfhbrigTran. far as the plan has hitherto beea 

fjacbar, Captain M. Fowel, arrived made known, have cheerfully ac- 

in the liarbour from Batavia ; flic ceded to ihe propofal ; it has oiAf 

*n!y continued here a few hours, been in circulation a very few dayjj 

ai>d then proceeded to Mufcat, — but we have the pleafure to finA 

We learn the brig left Batavia fome that the diflereni quotas, which tbt 

lime in Oflober, confequently (he refpeftivc fubftribers have engaged 

brings very tittle infomiaiion in to maintain, already amotmt v» 

ddititm to whit we were before loiomen. 



Mr. George Points Ricker?, rc- 
novo) from ihc office of regifter of 
the devantiy adawlut of the zillab 
ofPurneah, and appointed colkftor 
ef the 14 Pergunnahs. 

Mr. Thomi! ThoiT.hillj removed 
feom the' office of firft alliUant to the 
court of aweals and circuit at 
Snares, ana appointed regifter to 
Ac dewanny adawlni of the ztUah 
of Pumeah, 


Gnfral Orderu 
Kod ^ancn, Cilcutn, Jmi. t6, 1799. 
TTk Cffnurander in Chief, think. 
tut it iwceflary 10 define the nature 
w the r^rii that are to be made 
by the lumons of his Majeft) 's 
regiments lerving under the feveral 
prcfidencies in India, to Dr. Ewart, 
[AyficiaQ to the forces and infpeftor 
genenl of bofpitals on the Illand of 
C<»1oti, is pleafed to order, that 
the in^nfiioRS from the army me- 
djcil board to the regimental and 
affilant-furgeons, which are re- 
^rrcd to in hit Majefty's warrant 
of the jo^h of November 1796, 
be their gnide, as far as thofe in. 
Sraflians can be applied to the fer. 
rice in India ; and it is particularly 
dittoed thai, agreeably CO thtfe in- 
ftmdioos, a book be kept at every 
tegimental hofpital, for the adciililon 
and diTcharge, and {or ihe caft's of 
pitimts, in which the names, age, 
atfenTe and treatment, ihouid be 
fallf inferted in all fituations, where 
ihc natnir of the fervicc on which 
tk regiment may be employed wiJi 
idziit of it. 

.A report is to be made on the 
iftof every month to Dr. Ewari, 
ofithe ftaieof the £ck under the 
ore of the regimental furg^ons re. 
I[tdivdy, according to the form 
ivluh ha) been already communi. 
cie4 to tbem, together with any 
oUerraiioas upQD particujai ca^s -, 

IJCU!. 145 

and especially if a cwitagions or epi* 
demic fever prevails, it is required 
that the furgecn, or al&ftant, Ihall 
give bis opinitm fblly, of the pro. 
babtc caufe, and whether fuch caufe 
is rcmoveabie, and alio an account 
of [be treatment. 

G. O. Feb. II, 1799. Re. 
fijlvfd. That the following para. 
graphs, of the Hon. Coorc of Di< 
letior's general Ictten, dated the 
ad and r 4th March 179S, bepub- 
lilhed tor the infbmiatian of th« 

General Lttltr, dated tht id 

March 1798. 
Par. 9lh. We have refolved. 
Thai promotion, in our military 
fcrvice, in confcquence of officer* 
who are in Europe retiring from the 
fervice, (hall talce place from the 
date of the general orders to be 
ilTucd at our feveral preCdencies, in 
confequence of our advifing the re. 
tirement of officers in Europe, and 
that the pay and allowances of tba 
advanced rank, Ihall commence from 
the fame period. 

GtHtral Letter, dated i^h March 
,. '793- 
Par. 3d. " Wc now direft that 
all cfficer!, iiu he predicament above- 
mentioned, who have had our pcr- 
roifGon to return to their duty, 
be pofti'd to their proper ftations in 
your army, on their arrival, accord- 
ing to their rank, conformably ta 
our orders of ilie zylh July 1 795, 
and all thofe who kive been pro- 
mo'ed to their prejudice, can only 
receive the pay and allowances of 
every kinJ, to which they wera 
eii-.itlcd by the rank tliL-y held ptj- 
vii.j' to fiich their promotion, Irjm 
the date of arrival of the otScer* 
who have been flruck oC. „ 

General OrJcrt, by the Commandw 
in Chief, Fib. U, I 799. 
The ConuBandet in Chief i* fen. 



fiHe that the 76th regiment was re- 
Tiewed by hini this morning under 
fome difad vantages, from the recent 
incorporation of a large number of 
drafts and the junction of many 
recruit:, but he had not the Ids 
reafon to be fatisfied (riih its drefs, 
its exercife, and iis movements, 
which prore the great attention that 
had been paid to its difciplitic, and 
merits hts thanks. He has great 
plcafure in avaiKn| himfelf of this 
epponunitr, previous to its cm- 
bartcation for the coaft, of expreffing- 
his (aHeSt approbation of Major 
Mufgrave's manngemcnt of the re- 
giment, and of the good corukid 
of the corps fmce it has been in 
Bengal : and he afliircs himfelf, that 
that regiment will be confidcrcd a 
valuable acquiritioii to any army, 
and that wherever it may be em- 
ployed, the moll ufefitl fervices will 
be derived from its fpirit and dif- 

F(fftWil)Mm,&iniriby, i6ihFeb. ijog. 

txlra Grner/,1 Ordirt hj tht Cem- 
mander'tn Chief, fei. 16, 1799. 

The review of the artillery this 
morninz at Dum Dum, was highly 
to the latisiaAion of the Commander 
in Chief, 

The appearance of the coqis was 
fnldier like, the men uere quicic 
and expert in the exercife of the 
guns, and the prance at ciie bat- 
teries was uncommonly correfl. But 
the Commander in Chief obferved, 
with peculiar pleafure, the forward 
Hate of the golundau; : the manner 
in which they are fet up, together 
with the prggrefs they have made 
io acquiring a knowledge of their 
duty as artillery. men, in fo fliort a 
{pace of time, whilft it manifcfts the 
uiireinmitting arul sealous attention 
of Colonel Green, and the other 
officers, affords the well grounded 
confidcna', that the cxpcAation 

merit will, with the fame exertion* 
at other llations as have been ihewn 
at the head-quarters of the corps* 
be ultimately realized to the fullefi 

The report made by the command- 
ing officer, of the afliftance which he 
has receivedfrom Adjutant Johnfton, 
in training the golundauz, doei 
great credit to the abilities and 
al£duiiy of that officer. 

, FUlJ Armj AfUT-Ordery. 
Bf Majtr GeneroJ Sir J. Craig, X, t. 

Cjirp Anoopftitr, Jan. e^, 1795. 

The army being on the point 
of feparatiiig, Major General Sir 
James Craig, feels infinite plea- 
fure in bearing tcftimany to the 
uniform fpirit of obedience, regu- 
larity and good condufl, bj' whidi 
it has been afluated during the 
period that it has been together 
tmder his command. 

Lamenting as he does, that the 
retreat of the Prince, whofe tnenacwl 
invalion of ihefc provinces called the 
army into the field, has depiived 
him of the honour of dircfling their 
exertions in a more aftive fcene of 
hofliliiy, it will, however, be with 
peculiar fatisfaflion, that he (hall 
report to government, that his con- 
fidence in the eallantty that thofe 
exertions would have evinced, had 
they been called for, refts upon the 
certain foundation of the next beft 

Sualities of afoldier; it is amongft 
le licentious, the profligate, and 
the infolent alone, that cowardice is 
ever found to luric. 

This acknowledgement applies to 
all the officers in general, whofc 
good conduft will ever be found ta 
regulate that of their men. But 
Major General Sir James Craig 
wilhes, in a particular manner, to 
explain his fenfe of the unremit- 
ting attention which has been Ibrani 
by Licitcnont CdoiicI Giueber, n> 
..I',LtO(.1<Mc the 



Ac bnfiaefs of die coimmnd with 
wbich he has been charged, and to 
offei him hi* beft thanks for it. 

Mr. S. R. LuQiington, colIcAor 
tj Ramnad and Polygar Feifticufli. 
Mr. J. B. Traveri, fecretary to 
the Board of Revenue. Mr. W. 
E, Wright, aAing deputy fecretary 
10 the Board of Revenue. 

G. O. Jan. 19, 1799.— The Go- 
veraor General, with particular la- 
tii&fUon expreflb his public ap- 
probati(»i of rbe diftinguilhed ap. 
pearaoce of the body guard, at the 
zcritw of yefterday. 

The admirable difcipline of thii 
tnx^, the oorreffaiefs of its ma- 
naearres, and its perfection in the 
iKw fword exercife, exceed the ex. 
pe^tioos which its long eftablifhed 
leputation had induced the Governor 
C^Dcral to form, before he had feen 
die troop. 

'IIk Governor General thinks it 
Ui duty to declare that the utmoR 
degree of credit is due to Captain 
Grant, for having produced fo 
fUiking an example of the perfeAion 
10 which the native cavalry in the 
T^monrable Company's fervice may 
be brought, by the diligence and 
attention of their officers. 


Jaituarj j8. — Ship Yarmooch, 

Dawes, Madras, left the i6th Jan. 

19. Ship Martha, Moore, Kenne. 

b*dc River, left the t9th Auguft. 

ftii. 2. Ship Abercromby, Clark, 

Fenang, left the 9ih January, j. 

Ship Comwallis, Robercfon, Ma. 

draj, left roth January. Ship 

ZoroaOer, Gib, Penang, left ijth 

Jaroary. Ship Succefs Galley, 

i fitnney, Vizagapatam, left 2 2d 

j JamAry. 4. Brig Peggy, Mac- 

- Unrip, Madras, len the 6th Jan. 

it; %ip Ir.dullry, Kipling, Ran. 

I jboii,left the fitli January. II. 

I ■. • t'L 

C.'sQiipWorcefter, HaU, Coluiabo, 
left.ijth Dec, 10. Ship Jane, 
Stuart, Bombay, left the 13th D». 
cember. 1;. Ship Ruby, Favin, 
Penang, left the t7th January. 
19. Ship Winihorp and Mary,Jack- 
fon, BoftoQ, 21. Grab (hip Cton 
Princefs, Thyfttap, Manilla, left 
the 8th January. Ship Lord Clive, 
N. Allen, Madras, left ibe 9th 
February. Ship Peggy, W. Flem- 
ing, Rangoop, left the tft ditto. 
Ship Union, James Carr, Madras^ 
left 3d ditto, zz. Ship Harowny, 
P. Kollock, Cape of Good Hope^ 
left the ift Nov. z6. Sliip Char- 
lotte, Donovan, Madras, left the 
3d February. Ship Hope, Thomaa 
Kofs, Madras, left the t iih Feb. 


7<i«. 16.— H. C.'s (hip Thetis, 
Bullock ; H. C.'s Ihip Earl Fiti- 
william, Tweedale. 1 3. Ship Fa- 
taiomany, Kacoda, Mufcat ; Ihip 
Odimony, Nacoda, Mufcat. Fe6, 
I. Ship Minerva, Nacoda, Madras*. 
z. Ship Candidate, Clarkion, Bom. 
bay. 3. Ship Armenia, Meek. 

6. Snow Fortn, Taylor, Madras. 

7. Brig Recovery, M'Henry, Tel. 
licherry ; Blip Ajax, Donne, Ma. 
dras ; fnow Venus, Torrie, P. W, 
Ifland. 10. Ship Eliza, Barry- 
more, Madras 1 Ihip Chance, John- 
fton, ditto. 21. Ship Succefs Gat. 
ley, Binney, Cannanore 1 (hip Ulyf. 
fes, Orne, Salem ; (hip Fortitudct 
Kearny, Philadelphia ; (hip Yar- 
mouth, Dawes i (hip Pacific, In- 
graham, Bofton. z6< Sh^ Bbavina, 
Carfe, London. 



The late accounts from Penang 
and th; e^dwsrd, leprefent. opium 



tobein^Tcat demand; ntd felling foatbward of thh,' but they ait 

at the laie of duce haiidred dollin iratchcd very narrowly by an ad-- 

per cliefl. vanced pcA of ours, which keep*' 

A fine hr|e (hip, bailt nnder the them in complcie check ; a iiight 

inTpeAiOn of Captain Foggo^ was (kirmifh took place a few days Cncc, 

launched on the aoth u1liiiK>, from in which a few of their people fell 

a yatd of Chicpoie ; fhe U called a facriGcp tt> their temerity ; this" 

the Aufpictous. rencontre by proving to ihem the 

M*rth J. — The Charlotte and difference between the celerity of 

Union, were fold at the auSionof movement^ and concentred cSeA of 

MefTn. Tullcdi atid Co. the former difcipiined troops, oppofed to an 

for upurards rtf 34,000, and the lat. irrcgolar, diforderly attack, appears 

«cr for more than 10,000 rui^ecs. to have operated very powerfiilly 

The learned Dr. Dinwiddie, on npon them, for they have kept at a 

Saturday, the 9th inftant, refumcd refpeflable diftance ever fince, and 

the Ic^iures he was obiigal to poft- it is hoped they will retire to tho 

pone, in confcqucnce of having met other fide of tlic Noaf, and confe- 

with an accident. The leflure was quentlv give ub no larthcr trouble, 
an aftronomical one, in which the " We met the M[ig« (the, people 

DoAor difplayed, in a very con. in fearch of whom tltc Btirmahs ap- 

fiderable degree, the leading cha. pear to hare been difpatched) ui 

lafteriftic* -of an able teacher, — an great abundanctj tliewhole country, 

extenfive knowledge of the fcience, tor the lalt three days match, wa> 

judicious arrangement, and clear and over-run with them; they ^ve ■ 

•cwnprchenfive argument, dreadful account of the fituaiicn of 

~ A private fubfcription has within Aracan, and the cruelties prafHfed 

tliefe few days been circulated, in by the Bucmah government to cx- 

behalf of the crew of the Fits- tort money." 
William. The cnrpft of the brave and much 

ThcfcJlowingleitetfromRamoo, regretted Captain Davis, was not 

dated the i yth of February, de- committed to the A^, after the 

fcribi« (he march of the detachment engagement in which he fell ^ but 

from IQaamabiid, to that place. was preferved in fpirits,and brought 

" We begin our ntarch on the up to Diamond Harhobr ; where 
7th, and without any thing of con- his body was interred on the loth 
fequence ttanfpiring, arrived at inftant, with the military honours 

Ramoo the ijihinftant. fojuftlydue to the remains erf that 

" The latter part of our march gallant officer, 
was very hilly, but we found the Hie detachment of vdunteets, 

coimtry in a high ftate of cultivation, who aftcd under his command^ on 
aiHllhavcrtotfeenany landinlndia, board the Sybille, compofed the 

appear fo luxuriant; the inhabi- funeral party ; and were attended by 
tants are, I^bclicve, a happy pco- all the officers Mti feainen of the 
pie i inttead of the poor pcafantry, (hips at Diamond llarboor, that 

we meet with it mmy of tlie Com- nridd be fpared from the dnries of 

pany's province;, here we find a their refpeftiw llationi, ta do the 

rich and infoient yeomanry. laft melancholy honovrs to the de. 

"I cannot fpeak accurately as to a leafed. 

n-.imlwr of Burmah troops already ■ Captain Davis a (hort titnebefefc 
arrived; therearchowever, itiafaid, he fell, told the peoplerf the Sybille, 
3000 about irfxnao miks to the fhat iftheyfocceodcd in the capture: 




diMtaastf, he would prefcM tbaa ftockxledacIUirooilureFfUeiteit 

nrii ia Iharc ol' the prize money. bat according to ihcir owa rcpon. 

We iM credibly trrfbnned that a to letora wiib an tacKsded. dnx. 

lean, viibooi fignatnre, uu The ml txatc of their Bight, wu 

fawt on board La Forie after her the dread of a fetiout mugIc t'rocB 

ftnender to La Sfbilk, contain, the Englilhforoeccdk'ding in clleir 

ingi vciraccnrate account of the neighbourhood. 

Pimrt, cargoes, number of giuu A letter from Taitdah, lay*) the 

md men, aiidd^Ainacions of every feoft had there beeji very fevcre lor 

Aip thst has been fitted out from three nights. AU ihef^eas, andcot. 

thk port for fofflc nionihs paft, ai ton,arcdeftroyed: alfoagrcaiouan. - 

weilasot fere ral Sill in harbour; tity of wheat and barley. Craia 

» fndi infbnoaTion could only be has in confequoiof rlfen very ntttcli. 

femiOied from this or feme of the Wheat before the £ralt was 34 (eetf 

Deighboaring fcttlemsntc, wedoi^ per ni^ee, rtow 2 ; ; channab, 40 artd 

not that goTenunent will make 4t,nowi6; athei 38, now ii;nK>oC 

eiery pdSble inquiry to find out 38, now 261 ^nd all other kinds 

theai;:hors, as well as to take fuch bf grain in pro pinion. A few days 

fif^^ntioru as may eScAoally pre. previous to the froft they had ^ 

nntfoch coouoonicarions infiture. fmart Ihocic of an earthquake, bjr 

Accounts from Batavia, dated in which fever4l pcofic were ihrowa 

Oftober laft. Sate that a new order <lown. The Iky was Tery cleaTy 

fj tilings had taken place in the Ba. not a cloud to be feen ; nor waa 

avian capital of India. That a there any thing remarkable in the 

coounacder in chid' of the forces, air. It wai attended by a ninibliaf 

bd arrived from Emope ; and in noife, like carriages going over « 

order effectually to crufti the def. bridge. It fesmcd to cpmc ftooi 

potic principles of that govern. acn^siheGhagra. 

Bcnr, the courts of jullice have Lcttert of the aid oliimo, from 

tnn declared independent ot the the grand armi-, which confilis of 

GoTctnor General aitdCounci), who npwardsofxjiooo highly difctplio- 

aiB not pcntitted to inteifere in the ed troops, ineniion their arrival M 

Inalleftdegree with their dcdljotu, Vaniambadce, and that they weie 

which are ooIyfidijeAto an appeal propf.ting to advance. The de. 

to Holland. tach:nctit of Colonel Robetis, to- 

In conteqoence of the deletion geiher with a nunietoui, but ir., 

of a mofi unwarrantable correfpon. regular body of the Nizam's troops, 

dence between a nomber of the were in the neighbouihooJ. No 

French inhabitants of Pondkberry, mcntiDi) is made ot any movemcut 

aisi a native primx, a declared on the partofTippoii Suliaun. 

«neniy to tbeEn^iihimeicA,fevca- A letter dated at Carimungdom, 

ty of the prinnpal inhabitants erf near Ryacotiah, the i6thult. ilaiij;, 

-Pondkfaerry, were eiabirked for that the left wing of the grand army, 

Earope on boartl ilw cartel fliip with all the cavalry, eK.cpt tha 

Triton, on the (hort notice a£ four firft native regiment, was e .Lamped 

hoan. there undor lix coiniiund of G^m- 

Itis faid that a mititaiy fixtiaa, ral Floyd, having ba;n feat in ad- 

witb a brigade, imdi-r UisconHnand Tanc:e, on the 10th, apparently 

of a gener^ officer, biabeeftablifh. with a view of protecting Colonel 

tdatChittegonsorRamoo. Reid, who vidi a corpt of iioo 

The Burjnbt tlut were lately men wm ctBflo)od in eollefltng 

i L 3 hun« 



bunJDiahs. The commander !h with the Candahar horfe, conunand-. 

chief, with the remainder of the ed by Captain Lumfden, with ono 

stray, rhe heavy train, and Colonel Sank within about fix hundred yards 

Robert's dciachmcnt, were expeAed of the town of Gonikpoor. Vi- 

tojoinon thezSth. zier Ally and the, rebel Jagematr, 

On the 17th ultiroo, the ri^ht whofe united force amounted to a- 

wing of the grand army, oonfifting boattioomen, had concealed than, 

of one regiment of cavalry, three felves in a jungle, at a little dif. 

regiments of European, and fix of tance from the camp. Itie town's 

native infantry, with their field- people, and a confiderable party a- 

pieces, and forty battering guns, mong the Candahar tiorfe, having 

Wag encamped twelve miles below been gained ocer to hit cauTc, the 

the Policode pafs, GeiKral Kloyd, nightof the lyih ult. was fixed on 

with the advance, was that day to for the execution of his projeA. The 

enter the gauts, unlefs Tippoo ac. party iti ambnfcade were to com. 

<eJcd unconditionally to the tenu racncc the attack in front, while 

demanded. the town's peofJe fhould fall on ono 

' The Nizam's army, commanded flank, and the treacherous Canda. 

by Meer Autum, confifts of about harees on the other. Of roeafurcs 

10,000 regular infantry, Mr. Per- fo fecrctly concerted, accounts are 

fon's late corps : now commanded onavoidably various. Another 

byBritilho£cers; and about 20,000 ftatement fays that Vizier Ally was 

hode. Colonel Roberts, who ac. to have attacked one flank, the 

companies him, has fonr Madras town's people the other, and that the 

and two Bengal battalions, wlih deftruftion of the European officer* 

twenty. four field guns, and four 24 was left to the Candaharees. The 

pounders. fcheme was happily difcovercd hj» 

General Stuart was at the foot of an hircarrah of Mr. Luofden'Sf 

the gauts which lead into the Coor- which enabled Colonel Vanss to 

ga rajah's country, with 6000 men, take precautions to render the whole 

and provifions fufficient to ferve the abortive. The leaders of the diT- 

whote army for two months. The a&fled among the Candaharees were 

grand arin^ ftill continued to receive feized, and fent off to Lucknow,^ 

luppHcsof grain, unmolefted, from under aguard commanded by Cap.i 

Tippoo's country. Iain Hodgfon. 

A detachment of Tiwoo's ca. The commencement of Vizier 

■rally wkhafmallbody of in&ntrj'. Ally's career affords evidoice fuf- 

have lately marched into the Co- ficient, that neither allallination, 

imbatore country : but their force nor any other means, the moft ne- 

is much too inconlideraUe, in the farious, of accomplilhing his de~ 

'Cvent of hod ili ties, to oceation any figns, will be left untried. Two 

alarm for the annoyance of the ad- fakiers were feized, one evening, 

joining Engliflj territory. ctmcealed under Colonel Ruffel*s_ 

We have been favoured with the bed. On thoevening of the 7th, 

pervfal of letters from Locknow, an attempt was made upon the life 

containing the following particulars of the minifter Huflein Reza Ktun, 

oftranfaftions in that quarter. at Lucknow, by feme villains, who 

On the 3d inftanc, accounts were threw a fpcar into his palankeen, 

rrecived of a plan formed by Vizier as he was retumiug from the palace. 

-Ally, for cutting off (he 8ih tegi. Fortunately the fpear miUi^ him, 

mem', which was encamped along and li ruck in the roof of die pdan.' 


latn. TIk >d&ffins were immedi- direA lo Lucknow. Sir James 

aiejy purfned, and four or five of Craig is ftUI at that city. The 

^lii were uken. It is to be Begum's jaghire, near Fyzabad, is 

boped) that from their examination, faid to be in a flaic of high cultiva- 

a clue will be found to unraTcl the tion ; yet every thing is exceflivciy 

ddigns of their employers and af- dear, and the villages depopulated, 

fociatesi and that their excmpkry His highnefs Saadut Ally has ex. 

punilhinent will deter others from prefled the mofl ferious appreben. 

attcnpttng the perpetration of fudh fions for his perfonal falety. He 

atrocities. has requefted that an European tegi- 

Other accounts ftate the adhe- ment maybe ftationed at Lucknow, 

nots, who have deTcended with to overawe the plots and ireafons 

Vizier Ally into the plains near that are fuppofed to be hatching 

Gorukpoor, to be much more nu- in his capital. We underftaixl chat 

oicnMu ; anuKmticg to about ^ooa his palace is conftantly gtjarded by 

irnKd men, though irreaular and a party of fepoys. It is not 

kndifdpUncd i and that ne is de- without leafon that ihefe prc- 

tetniined to iry his Kn-tune in the cautionary meafures are purfueii ; 

field. Tlie preparations making as a fccret correfpondcncc has lately 

agaidft him, indicate h>s force not been intercepted between the de- 

10 be contemptible. pofed Vizier Ally and fome utdi- 

Colonel Ruflei, with the 7th re- viduals at Lucknow. 

giment and Colonel Bruce's caTil. Letters from Madras mentinn 

ry, joined Colonel Vaoas, about that accounts were receivjcd there 

tbe id infl. ; Major Camegy, with from the grand army, in the M) . 

1 deiactunent of feven pieces of forccouMry, dated the 6ihinflant, 

ordnance, CFoHed the Ghagra fowi at wliich time the right wing, un- 

iTier. General Stuart marched der the command of General Baird, 

on the 6th from Lucknow, with a hadadvanced to Neeldnrgum, which 

troopof the ift regiment of caval. had furrcndered to them : the left 

ty, a party of fepoys, commanded wing wasencamped near Ryacotlah. 

by Captain Ball, and two mortars. Accounts have been received that 

The general proceeds, by long Monf- Du Dreneque with 8000 

marches, to take command of the troops, including his own brigade, 

troops in Gorukpoor, when it is attacked Jufwunt Row Holcar, who 

(appotei ibe whole will proceed 10 had an army of 1 4,000 men ; to- 

Batool. tally defeated him, and took bis 

The troops from Futty Ghur had guns and baggage. M. Du Dre- 

isucfaed. The fifth native rcgi- neqoe fpeaks highly in praife of the 

meni, and the zd battalion of the excrtioifs of MelT. Plumet and Da 

third with two I z pounden, two Cofta, two officers under his com- 

bowitzers and fix 6 potinders, pro- inand, on this occafion. 

cted direfl to Lucknow, by the We underftand that the Dacca 

way of Mehdee^gaut, The brafs nabob is in confinement for a con- 

dghteen pounders and other otd- fpiracy with Vizier Ally, to de, 

otnce, With a company of artillery, flroy all the Europeans there. 

inarch to Khatipoor ; and the ma- A letter from Lucknow of At 

gizineaud flores, proceed, by wa- loth informs us, that Central Siu. 

icr, to the fame Ration. The t(l art bid left that place fosrdaysbe- 

battalion of the 3d native regiment, fore, for Gorukpoor, and that it 

We mwching from Anooplher was reported Vizier Ally had coL 

tL4 k&id 


\t&td between five and fix dtouTuid rupcM, lindcr an a g reement emend 

men in that quarter ; by fuhfequent into between tbe plainiifif anit ths 

accounts, it however *|^)ears, that defendants, to allow theplaintifF the 

the namber of his forces ha» been above fum of money, in lieu of all 

confidenbly exaggerated. ptofitj, made on purchafe of mer. 

The camp u to re-aHemblein tbe chandife, in their dealings, Sxl for 

vicinity of Benares, and tbe batta. one year. 

lion* of tbe 4th and 1 4th regiments. The counTel for the defenditDts 

diat had ji^ left that quarter, are admitted the agrennent, bat tugcd 

ordered to return. in their defence, that the com* 

Tlieyth had joined the Sih regi. could not take any notice of fuch a 

mcnt ai Gorukpoor, and a camp demand ; and that if fuch Ihould be 

waa foiming at Bchypore. allowed, and their cafe waa made 

AlettcT from the camp at Beby. out, that itwasveryfiilly laiddown 

pore, dated the nth, contains ihc in the charter, and which (honld 

fbllowingextraft: have been the rule in thit cafe, that 

" The troops from the Futty no native (hall beentitkd torecciTe 

Ghur flation, are now within fix any fee, or falary, except he be firft 

days march of lis. It is faid, that duly rcgiftcred, in the diflxiA 

rfiofe troops, with the ift and ad wherein hJs employer Ihatl, at the 

regiments of cavalry, are to be Jla. time of his enteiing into fuch fer- 

tioncdhere tilt Vizier Ally is taken, vice, be refident, and which in thti 

or tranquillity once more efta. inltaiice had not been con^iied with, 

bliniedin tbe Gorukpoor country. The court, however, wmc unani- 

" Letters from that quarter in. moufly of opinion, that the defetu 
Ibrm us, thit the Napaul rajah has dants muft be bound by theii own 
declared, that he will give no pro. agreement, and that with refpeA 
te^ion or afliffance to Vizier Ally ; to the regillty of the name of 
and that he has even threatened to the piainitif, ' as their banyan, 
puniih the Betool rajah if he con. the charter did not fay by whom 
linue* to do fo. The force Vizier fuch regiftry was to be made. 
Ally has collefled, is reported to whether by the employer, or em- 
be not more than four hundred ploied ; and gave judgment for the 
men, but with this party he is dC' plaintiff, damages 13,000 rupees, 
termined tb aita.:k the two rcgi. Counfel for the plaintiff, tbe Ad- 
mentsfentagainfthim, Iffo,afew vocate General and Mr. Stretcell ; 
days muft determine his fate. attomics, Mefl", Taylorand Lloyd. 

" The bridge of boats aerofs the Counfel for the defendants, MefT. 
Ganges at Cawnpore, is nearly fi. J. Shaw and L, Kerr; attomies, 
nilhed, the tyth dragoons and the Meff. Hickey and Ttimer. 
78th regiment, will therefore leave Ralph Uvedale, Efq. hai been 
us for that place, in two or three ap|X)inted protfconotary of the fa- 
days, prenie court, vacant by the refic. 
nation of John Hyde, Efq. Thm 
SUPREME couttT, offices of prothonotory and die 

On WeJnefday the zorh inftanc, clerk of the crown, are now ctu- 

a ca'jfe was^ried wherein Premchund foliated. 
Bonijee was plainiilf, and Meffrs. 

Frulhard and Laprimaudayc, were fatal accidbnti. 

the defendants. The aftion wa« Itis with much concern we ftata, 

b«wght torecoTerafumof ijjooo that Mr, Robert Mgfs, the poft. 


.' aS^imicLE. its 

■Aer at KfedgcMc, with Mr. Dn- been proi-ed, by tlie Interception cf 

bkI, a i^riieron rfaiseftaUilhment, tna letters, to be engagedin a <^r. 

OIK tindal, and tbree Mam, were icf|»ndence with Zeniaun Shah, of 

diowned, hv the finking of the a tetidenry hoftilc to the govem- 

boM in which they were going on ment undtr n'hofe proteflion he 

board th« Lord Dsncan, at Saugnr, lives, is on his way to Calcutta) 

on tile evening of ihe 2oih inft, under a guard. 

The following melanrfioly cir- Letters froiii the grand army of 

comftance occorrcd on Thirfd^y the fth inftant, ftate, that it was on 

^ lift inft. TliKeyoang gpiifle. the fronriers of Tippoo's coaiwry, 

men on an excnrfinn of plealurc by and had fummoned two fhisLl forca 

vater, wereaitracledby thebeauty which furrendered without refifU 

flf the nigtit, between eight and ance. That Ttppoo's array was at 

nine o'clock, to take their feat on tiie diftance of alwot twenty ttiiles ; 

the chopper of their paniifhway. (aid to confift chiefly of new raifed 

Tliey had not long continued there, troops. Cor.fcious of his inability 

wfam, by a fodden heeling of the to cnpe with our forces in the fie'-i 

boatonoOefide, tbey were all pre. he appeared foaverfe fromboftility, 

cipitated into the water. One of that he allowed abundant fupfrfin. 

them, in the moment of falling, of grain to pafs omnoleftcd to out 

kappened fortunately to grafp a camp. He bad fent fifty horfenun 

rope that providentially hu^g with, to efcort Major Ooveton, and had 

in his i^ach, and thus faved him. declared his readinefs to accede to 

felffrom an untimely death, which any conditions that fhould leave him 

OtberwHe feemed inevitable, being in the fituation of an independent 

totally ignorant of the art of fwim. prince. That the inhabitants of 

nung; The two other gentlemen his country were coming into the 

were, in the mean time, hurried by company's territory, toavoidbeing 

the rapidity of the current, to a compelled to fervc in the army, 

i:onfiderabIe diftancefrom the boat. There has lately been a coolncfs 

Every exertion was ufed by the between Camur-ud-Deen Khan and 

gentleman who was fo rairaculouHy Tippoo Sultaun. The fortrefs of 

prefcrved, to pick up his compani. Bangalore is completely razed; but 

t«is, and he had the good fortune thoTe of Nundydroog and Sawun- 

to meet with one of them about drooghavcbeengreatlyftrengthen. 

half anhour fubfequent to the acci- ed. 

dent, quite exhaufted with firug. Colonel WellefW'^ with his re- 

ling, in his endeavours to gain the giment, had joined the Nizam's 

bon, and nearly infenfible. The army, and taken the general com. 

mo& diluent fearch was made for maud of that corps, which a£b as 

the other gentleman (Mr. Warren .a feparatediviibn. 

Haftings) but unfortunately without Itisfaidthat Tippoo fent thirty, 

fnccefs. As he was but an indif. eight camel-loads of money, about 

fttent fwimoier, it is conjefbired two months ago, to Scindiah, #ith 

lie could not have forvived long ; a view of fecuring him as an ally, 

«ttheywere,attbetimethisdifaltcr The latter took the money, but 

lookplace.inthemiddieDftheriver, faid he could not lea'/e the dorbai 

about a mile below Serimpoor, and of foonah tillnextyear. 
not a fingle boattn fight. 

Weunderftand that the brother "**'*'• ■ntellicbkce. 

•f the N^K>b of Dacca, having The Hope, Captain Rof^. from 




MadfaSf axt'ived in Bakfore toads 

cnThurfday rhc lift ultimo, took 
herpiiot onboard on Saturday. On 
the following dayfliefaw iwo large 
(hips to the euftu-aidat anchor, with 
the lignals flying for a pilot ; at the 
fame time, a large fhip with the 
lame lignal for a pilot was ftanding 
inward; and after getting in a pro- 
per pofition for attacking the two 
thips lying at anchor, (he hauled 
down her Englilh jack, hoifted 
French colours, and began to can- 
nonade the two fhips at anchor. 
£oihufihefe returned the fire with 
fpirit and evideat effeft. After 
continuing the a^ion for upwards 
of an hour, one of the two (lups cut - 
from her anchor, and ran over to 
the eaftward, on which fhe was 
clofely followed by the enemy ; but 
after a (hoic chace, he abandoned 
the purfuit, and returned to the 
other fhip, of which Itc nude a 

The gentlemen onboani the Hope, 
■who were fpeftators of the aftion 
with the French frigate, fpeak high. 
ly of the alacrity and good coiiduft 
difplayedby the two Englilh Ihips, 
that thus difputed with the greatly 
fapotior force of the frigate. She 
isrcprefentcd as a cut down So gun 
fhip, carrying thirty twenty-iouF 
pounders on her lower deck, and 
iiill of men. 

The following official letter was 
received by General Sir Alured 
Clarke, from Lieutenant Hardy. 
man, of LaSybilk: 

I beg leave to inform you, that 
in confcquencc of a report that the 
French frigate, La Forte, was in the 
bay, his Majefty's fr*gaie. La Sy- 
biUe, failed from Madras on the 1 9th 
February, to cruize' for her, and 
had tlie good fortune to fall in with 
her in (he roadsonthe z8th; when. 

afteranaAicmofons hour and forty, 
minutes, during which {he was to. 
tally difmafted, with very little 
comparativcdamage to his Majefty's 
Ih^, I have the fatisfaftion to ac- ' 
quaint y6u that fhe ftruck. 

I much lament that, to this in-. 
telligence, I rauft add that of jhe 
death of Captain Davis, of rheltafi^. 
who came a voli^nteer on this oc 
cafion, and who unfortunately fell 
early in the aftion 1 and with great 
regret I muft alfo acquaint you thai 
Captain Cook is wounded. 

The number of killed and woun- 
ded on board La Forte is not yet 
correftly known, but it is ftated to 
be veryconGdcrable; on board La 
Sybille, three killed and nineteen 

In addition to the Ihips captured, 
by I-a Forte, we are forry to fiate 
that the fliips Momingion, Captain 
Cook, and Endeavour, Captaiit 
Eaftwick, wcte taken on the day 
La Sybille fell in with her! 

The Mornington b a very valu, 
able prize, having property on 
board to the aowunt of ne^ly fivo 
lacks of rupees. 

Partimlari of the AS'ton hrtiueem 
hU Majeftfi Frigati, La Sjyhllle, 
andihe French Frigau,la iorle. 
On the 18th ultimo, at tea ai 
night, fbut JaU of fhips were dif. 
covered from the Sybille, to wind- 
ward, who immediately chafed, and 
at twelve gained the wind of tbeiOt - 
It was then perceived diatonewas 
a very large flu^v with two fiern 
lights. For thi« (hip, which 

Ced tobc La Forte, the Sybille 
down, and at a quarter paft , 
twelve, beiag at . the diftance of 
about threecables length, ttK ertc- 
my prefented his broadfidc^ &red« 
and bore up before the wind. In 
about ten minutes,tbe Sybille having 
approached within about twocablcs 
length of hei aatagoiuit, luffed ta 


Aewlodondkeftaiboard tack and moftunoTual mafnitode, being ctne 

nked her, edging down, after hnndred and feventj' feet long upon 

tiiis difdurgCt b^orc the wind, the gun deck, and £vc and fort7 

(intil birly along Me ; both thips beam : Ihe carries thirty twenty, 

keeping up a heavy fire, at a dif- fourpouoders upon the main deck ; 

tinoe, that varied occafionally, fourteen twelves, and eight thirty- 

from within piftol fliot to a cable's fix pound caronades upon the quarter 

length. It was foon difcovered deck and fore caftje, befides brafi 

dat, although the enemy's fhip fwiveis mounted between her guns 

appeared welt difpoTed to the con- on the quarter deck ; and had on 

flid, the Sybille's 6re was fo fu- board wheo the afiion comiDenced, 

perior, as to render it probable it aboutfoorhundredandfeventy men. 

would foon be brought to an iiTue. The Sybtlle is one hundred and 

Aboathalfpaft one, the enemy's fifty- feven tee t on the gun deck, 

£re had confiderably diminijhed ; aiul forty feet beam : fhe mounts 

the Sybille's, on the contrary, had twenty-eight eighteen pounders on 

become rather quicker. About the gun deck, ten twelves, and 

twenty mtnotes before. La Forte ten thirty-two pound caronades on 

ceafed firing, but upon being hail- the t;uarcer deck and fotecoftle. 

td, (he recommeticed. About ten Her complement of men when (he 

ininatcs before two, (he manned entered into a<^ion, was three hun. 

her fhroods, as it was concluded, dred and forty, including a com. 

widi an intent to board, pat all pany of the Scotch brigade who 

ber lights out, and difcontinued joined as marines, 

her fire again. The Sybille then We are happy to add to the a- 

oealed firing, and hailed, but re. bove ftatement, that notwithlland- 

eeiving no anfwer, again opened ing tbefevere wounds which Cap- 

her guns, at which time her anta. tain Cook received, and the ap. 

tonift's three mafia and bowfprit prehenfions which were firit enter. 

went by the board. The Sybille tained, there is now little doubt of 

then cheered, came to an anchor to his living to enjoy the honour of 

prerent fepaiating, and at day light this fplcndid and glorious achieve. 

got oat a boat and took pof. ment. 

ieffion of ber prize. The Sybille's It was a fortunate circumllance 

ftanding and running rigging was for Captain Cook, that the ribs al_ 

comtdetely cut to pieces, notarope teredthe direftionof theball, with 

was left (bikling upon the main-inaft, which he was wounded i it muft 

which, with main top-raaft, main however have fraftured one or more 

ta|p.&U and main-yard, were (hot of them, which pundured the thorax 

in various direAions. The fcene aitd occalloned thofe dangerous 

that prefenteditfelf upon La Forte's fymptoms which at firft made it be 

decks was truly llioclcing, her lofs fuppofed that thebalt hadpcitetrated 

is compated at one hundred and fifty the lungs. The ball weighed near, 

kilkd, andfeventyoreighty woun. ly two pounds. Before it entered 

ded. Her captain and raofl of her the fide, it had palTed through the 

officers fell early iff the aftion. The flefhy part rf the infide of hia right 

k£ on the pan of the Sybille was arm, about four inches above the 

comparatively very inconfiderabte, joint of the elbow, without either 

being four killed and nineteen fraAnring the bone or injuring the 

voonded. artery. 

'^ La Forte ii a frigate of Captain Cook's prompt itud^ in 



{oing in queft of thU formidable 23d fell in mth &b Nabob't-Sup 

enemy, hU vigilance in the fearch, Suiprize galky. At 8, f. n. being; 

die judgment, coolnefs, and fptrit very near, and there being litde 

li« difplayed in coming into aftion, wind, Icnta boBt withsn-omcsron 

and thraughout the wholwcondu^ board to-inqaiTe whether die pikM 

of it, have jufttj' acquired him the fchooners lay in the toads or off ibe 

kigheit honour, which receives ad. {hnd heads, at this fcafoD of the 

ditional luftrc from the important year. The Surprize fteered N. £. 

fctvice his fucccTs has rendered to the and by E. during the night ; the 

Bade (rf India in general. 'ITiemif- Oibrley fcdlowedonthefaTnecourie. 

chief which has been prevented by At day light next morning, iaw s 

the deftniAion of fo poweiful a foe, ihip to the ealtward worlctng inh- 

maybe imagined from the depre- TheOfterleyfloodonoverthe rcefi, 

datiMis this Ihip has made, before in 7 and ^ left 7 fethooM ; and n 

the Sybille had an opportunity to half paft 9, a. m, anchored in 7&- 

ftophercarecr, and it is natural to ihonuincompanywiihtheSarprize, 

fif^wle, that this rcfieflion is the abooy in fight, bearingN. W. and 

only index that will be needed to by N. diftance about three roiles. 

direA a benevolence, which has At 1 1, ofaTerving the llrangc fail 

nsver been flack on any worthy oc. flanding towards bs with her yalda 

cafion, to the relief of thofe brave braced up, cleared (hip for aftioo, 

fellows or their families, who have asameafure of precaution, asit was 

laid down their lives or <bed their not fuppofed the ftianger was an 

blood to ftrengthen and fecure the enemy, from her comiitg in om 

commercial interefis of their fellow the reef with every fail fet. 
^bjefts. At five minutes paft noon, being 

Narrative of tranfaflions on within molket Ihot, the hoiftos 

boani the hotwunible Company's French colours and fired a gao, 

extra (hip Ofterley, from the 6th which die Oftcrley returned with ■ 

Fcbruar)', to the ad March, in- broad fide, and imnie^ately re- 

duding the particulars of her cap- ceived a whole broad .fide from the 

-inrc by La Forte. enemy. Tlib was on the latboavd 

The Ofterley failed from Madras .fide; the frigate then .fiood under 

eoWedneftlay, 6th February, with the Ofterlej''s ftero, lu^d upon the 

a detachment of 107 men of the ftarboard fide, and conimeoeed a 

a BihKgimcnt of light dragoons on ciofe attion, which the Ofterlejr 

board. TTie Oftcrley's crew, in- maintained with fpirit till 51 mi- 

cludingcaptain andolSeers, amount- nutes paft ij ; whenherinain and 

ingin^Uio 63. On the 7thaiichor- miEeiimaftsandmaintop-maft bang 

ed at Tranquebar ; failed the lame fbot through, her rigging cut (o 

afternoon to the fouihward a::de3ft- pieces, and her hull mu^ injured, 

ward. On the ^ih fjioke the Druid, and no chance of cfcapiiig, it being 

Captain Holmes, bound 10 Ikii^al. then the top of high water, tl>e 

■ On the ij[h. fp^lii; his Majeliy's Ofterley ftraek her colours to 1^ 

frigate Carysford, in company with Forte frigate, of 4£o men, thiri^ 

the honourable Company'scruizers, French 14 pounders 011 the main 

Comwallis ^ni Trito;i, the latter deck, eight 6 pound cgranaiivt 

bound u Europe with French pri- and tburieen long nines ontbeqoiU- 

foners. On the ijth f.nchor..-d at er deck, and waift with l2\fwU 

Tranquehar ; failed thence on the vels. , j,jj; .-. 

' "'■wing day for 6ei>gnl, O.i the Tbcpribacrs were Ihlftcd fnwa 


deOKcricy K) the Lb Foite in the 
tKBing. On the following day 
ike If (b February, ihe eoeoiy were 
emlojed in getting out the fall 
M dry prorifioM from their prize, 
lai^cooftA fending her off to the 
Uiutiti9s, and to bnd the piifim- 
cnm the two launches. On TueC. 
(h^ die ttith all the priConers were 
fent an boird the Olterlcy ; and in 
the evening Moof, La Forec, the 
officer in cc^mand of the Oilerley, 
leccivcd hii ordon ftora the frigate 
to proceed to Bengal at a carttl for 
an exchange OE prifoners. On Wed- 
Mfdajr I jih at 7, a. m. in a heavy 
^nall, the frigate cut and ran to 
fei : and after the fquall the wa» 
oot of fight. Soon afterwards a 
fllip was feen ftanding towards the 
(Merley, which proved to be the 
Nonfoch, Captain Grey, who fi^nt 
■ boat on board ; Monf La Force 
and two other gentlemen from the 
OferlOT, went on board the Non- 
Ibch, and produced the papers to 
Captain Grey, who, after exaniin- 
hf them, ofi^fed to conduA rhe 
Aip roa pilot, if (he were in a con- 
dition to fiAtow him. About feven 
in the evening the Nonfuch weigh. 
ri, and the Ofteriey foUowed. No 
^tot fcbomer appearing next day. 
Captain Grey fent his mafter on 
hoard to take the Ihip into Saugur 
Roads, wliere <1m anchored on the 
ift of Manrh, 

b rauft not be omitted to men- 
BOfcthe treatment the prironera re- 
(ciMdffom their captors. Captain 
Beaulieu Ld Loup cnterEMncd Cap- 
tain Piercy and the officers of ilie 
aSth regt. and Mra. Dean, Hk lady 
of one of thefe gtrnilemen, at Kis own 
ubk. He g^ivc np his ftate room 
O Mr. and Mrs. Dean, and his 
HKn to Captain Pjercy. TlK^ 
•Been of the Ofterlcy ne&d nitb 
thafe«f Lb ftot^ and had the free 
«fc of their nbint. The midlhip. 
■tt «d otker petty officerii and 

IICLE. 157 

the feanien of the Olterlcyi farad 
exaftly as their corrcfponding ranlta 
on board the frigate. On the pri- 
foners' returning to the Ofterley, 
M, La Force reqoeftcd that Captain 
Picrcy would taku the management 
of his table, &c. Sec. as forniurlv. 

The Otterley's lofs in the aAion 
with Ij ForiP, was 4 m-a kiliei 
and 13 wounded. The furprife is 
that her lofs was not much griMter, 
and that Ihe could have maintLiined 
fo unequal a cDnteft fur fuch a length 
oi time. During the engagement 
with theOftericy, the Surprize had 
titnetocut and make fail, by which 
Ihe fafely cSeAed her efcape ovet 
the fands. 

Thi^fsHo-w'mg art th mdanchafy 
ferticulars relative ta iht hurn'mg 
ef ihe Han. Company' i ft>ip Earl 
Fil^'vjilliam, 'Oib.cb bappentdat 
Saiignr, en the nt^kt of Salur- 
Juj, the z^d uU'iiBO, 
At half paft eleven o'clock, we 
were alarmed with the cry of the 
gon rooni being on fire, upon which 
every one came on deck ; the fteer- 
age was full of fmokc, which ap- 
peared to coroe from the gun-room 
fcutilc. Every exertion was made to 
extinguiih thefire, which in the IhorC 
fpace of five minutes, was univeifal; 
by the flames coming up the com. 
panion and fetting fire to the fplis- 
ter netting. 

Finding at this time, nothing 
could be donetofave the Ihip, every 
arte tried to fave hinfelf ; the fpars, 
gratings, &c. were thrown over- 
board ; upon which lite lafcars im- 
mciUatcly juo^d. Th: Ihip waa 
riding flood, and the wind from thK 
fouthward. All the ofScers and 
European* wwit forward ; about 
eighteen went on the fpriifail yard, 
c;ideavoured to cut it away, bat 
luckily only on one fide the braces 
were cut, fo that one yard-aim was 
in the wiccf, and the othf t In th; 


air ; by the time wc were on the The Ihip ftnick on Sangnr Suid, 

fani, about five minutes, the main, about four o'clocki and continued 

maft went wlih a horrible ciaJh, bnming till the morning. The late 

oyer ^e ftaiboard gangway, but in Mr. FraJer was a very wonhy 

the fali, one end of it was en- young man, univerfally efteemcd 

tangled with ihe gun, fo that it by thole who had the [d«ifure of hit 

feniained by ihe (hiji. The fire at acquaintance : he and five Euro, 

this time was very vicJont. The peans were loft ; thenninbrrof W- 

guns, which that afiemoon were can are nor afcertained> bot it i» 

double (hotted, were going off in fnppoTed to befmalt. 
dreadful peals. The quantity of Company's car^ 

Wc remained tn this fituation, was conliderable ; +500 bags faft. 

upon the yard, about one hour and petre, and 600 bales of raw fi)k. 

a half, expecting the fhip Co blow Moft of the captain's and officer's 

»p every inftant. From the fitua- private trade were on bo«d. Witti 

(ion of the fpritfail yards the peo. refpeA to the accident, or how it 

pie at the lower end were very happened, there i» no certainty in 

much harafled and fatigued, one any of the reports, 

poor fellow, let eo his hold and _ _ , , , ■, , 

ftnk ijiliantly. Kir. Frafcr, was ^"^"^ <**,f""'/-'^* Imth^, 
at the lower end, and feeing Mr. V'' March, 1798. 

Franklin, who he had agreed to " Vixier AUy, it feems, has 

kcepcompany with.upona hencoop, killed, with his own hand,' Affefer 

Bid us farewell, and endeavoured Ally, on whofe head was hid 

to fwim for it. He got itiere, but mpecs. This man, it it (aid, hat 

was fo cxhsufted, that he palled been his advifcr in the whole of thit 

Mr. Franklin three tinies off the dreadfbl bafinefi, but, finding his ' 

eoop, and then funk under his feet. I»fc in danger, he wrote to the Na- 

By this time the Nonfuch's boats hob, laying, if he wouldgranchim 

came within two hundred yards of pwdon, he would deliTerup Viaief 

the (hip, and there remained. The Ally. This letter fdl into Viuiet 

peofJt when feeing the boats, calhsd Ally's hands, who, thinking diere 

to them in the moft pathetic manner ">« ™> fecurity for him whilft the 

lofave ihcm. The Thetis's boat, other exifted, iinnediatdiy aiTaffina. 

with the fifih officer, now came '^ him.*' 

within an oar's length, which they bengal civil appoimtmbnts. 
gave into our hatids, and hauled on j^^^ George Cumming, regifter 

board as many as the boat could „f j^c dewanny adawlut, and affif- 

takc, and then pulled off lor the ^^^t to the magiftrate of the ziUah 

Ihip; too much credit cannot be ofTippcrah. 

jiven to this gentleman, who meet. Mr. John Adam, regifter to the 

Big with another of theirboau, left aewaraiy adawlut, and affiftam to 

i»,a(^ again went- to the (hip— the the migi Urate of the zUlah of the 
mnduft of a young lad, a midfliip- pereunnahs. 

man of the Thetis, who in a (loop's ^ " 

boat, with two handsin her, went hadkas appoiktmbnts. 

elofe to the (hip, and picked the Mr. J. D. Aleunder, deputy 

men off the wreck, and gave them commercial re(ident at Colombo.— 

to the largeboats, who.itrhis time Mr. A, G. Blake, affiftant to the 

kept at a diOance. This Ik did till government at Columbo. Mc. A. 

they weie all taken olTi C. Craig, deputy lelidciu af JBanda. 

■ ■ ■ ,,, CHion^e""" 

Ol the etb af Januatj tkt fi'tf D'-f. 
}*teb exftrieaeed the faltanjj'tag 

frax, an Earthqualt, and 'wblcb 
ii tap'itd from Captain Brov/a't 

" At ; A. M. having a moderate 
Scady breeze ai E. S. E, and cloudy 
father, ll«ring N. N. E. at the 
rate of fire utiles and a half per hour, 
a long fwell from the S. E. — felt a 
moiion as if the lku» was running 
over the ground or foroe odier folid 
Jubllaiice, and at the time, for the 
fpaccof fromfive to fcven minutes, 
bnrd a ciKifufed grinding, tie. 
moious Doife, affc^ing the fliip in 
crerypart; it ceafed, and the (hip 
was inflantly hove too, and we 
fosnded with iiinety feihoou of line 
in and down, but no ground : by 
thii time it wat perfeAly day light, 
the fea not in the leaft confiifed, nor 
could we perceive the fmallell ap. 
|Msuancc fa any thing which bad oc. 
afioned it. The ihip wu not felt 
n tiike once ; fhe kept perfedly 
«Trighi ; held her way through th« 
vruct (aoJ anfwered lierlKlm] nor 
doe$ Qk make any water in confe- 
^utMc of the fhoclc received : 
thdedrcomfiances make lu at a lofi 
to account for it in any other man- 
nei, than attribute it to fomc violent 
coovulGon of nature. Draught of 
water forward 8 feet, and aft i o feet 
6 inches. Latitude 7" 5S' fouth, 
Imgitude reduced from an obferva- 
lionofthe fun and moon, on the ift 
Mant — 8;° 39' eaft." 


G. O. 7a«. 3. 1799.— The 
Honourable Court of Dire^rt hav- 
ing been pleafcd to admit of an al- 
Ktation in the eftablifliineni of the 
native cavalry at this preridenty. 
We ordered that each corps of fix 
Roops Ihall confiA of, 



OneLieutenantColoneljOne Ma- 
jor, two Captains, one Captain 
Lieutenant, fix Lieutenants, fix Cor. 
nets, two Serjeants, fix Subidm, 
twelve Jemidars, twenty -four Ha- 
vildara, twenty-four Naicks, fix 
Trumpeters, 410 Privates, fix Pock- 
alHes, one Surgeon, and one Ai]ifhnt 

The Honourable Court of Di- 
reflors have alfo been pleafed to 
order, that the whole corps Ihall 
be commanded by a Colonel Com- 
mandant, ss before direfled. 

The Right Honourable thcGo- 
Temor General in Council is there- 
fore pleafed to dircfl, that the fol- 
lowing promotion (hall take [dace, 
date of rank, Nov. 1, 1708. 

Toi^ LUntixa^tClanrh.—'&n, 
vet IJeutenaiit Colonel John Mur- 
ray, and John Orr. 

Te be Majert. — Brevet Major 
Thomas Dallas, John Totin, Keilh 
Macalifter, Captain the Honourable 
Arthur St. Leger. 

To be Captaiitj. — Captain Lieut. 
John Leonard, Alexander Grant, 
J. K. Huddlellon, and Auguftni 

Ta be Ca^la'in'L'ieulcnaitU. 

Brevet Captain William Elliot, 
Thomas Burrows, James Geekie, 
and Bernard Dchnonte. 

Te be L'leutnanls Cornets D. 

Foulis, William Lewis, J. Rowle«, 
and John Colebroke. 

The Honourable Court having, 
alfo direAed that promotion in the 
army, (hall proceed upon the prin- 
ciples bid down in their difpatch of 
the Rth January 1796. 

Officers are permanently appoint- 
ed to regiments agreeable to the 
foregoing principle, bdt are to con. 
tinue to ferve in the corps to which 
they now ftand appointed, until the 
rvquifite removals can be cfll-^dl 
without inconvenience. 

xfi Regiment. — Major Thoma* 
Dallai ; Capuins, Alexander Wat- 




ion, John Leonard ; Captain Lieu. 
tenant Williaiii Elliott ; Licuten. 
ants William Srretch, James Har. 
grave, John Doveion, Thoroa* 
Kuiha'l, George NeaJe, D. Fowlis; 
Cornets T. Walcot, H. O'Don. 

aJ Riglmfnt. — Major J. Torin ; 
Capt3ii.& William Sheriff, Alex. 
■nder ■ Grant ; Captain Ltcutcnnni 
Burrows; Lieuienanrs R. Price, 
Alexander Strachan, J{, C. Mont- 
;ry, M. Co%, J. M'Laine, 
iam Lewis; Comets A. D. 
Monieath, and Duncan Grant. 

34 Re^imeat.^Mapr K. Mac- 
alirtcrf Captaini Charles Rumley, 
J. K. Huddlefton ; Captain Lieu, 
tenants James Gcckie, Alexander 
Deac, Jaincs Daiin, George Kip- 
pen, Charles DaUas, K,G. Grange, 
James Rowles ; Cornets Pal. M. 
Gill, and Henry Munt. 

4/A Rtgiment. — Major the Hon. 
St. Lcger, Captains A. Thomas 
PogTon, A. Floycr ; Captain Lieu- 
tenant B. Dcimonte ; Lieutenants 
H. Wiliiarofon, P. Walker, Wil- 
liam M'Grcgor, H. Macltay, J. 
Overand, J. Colebrooke; Cornets 
F. A. Daniel, J. L. Luihington. 

The privates in each troop of 
native cavalry, ate to be imme- 
diately augmented to Teventy, ac- 
cording to the cllabliihmem now 
ordered by the Hon. Court. 

in the HoQonrablc Compuy'i Set- 
tlements, and therefore conTideicii- 
is Britiih fubjefts; and that, for 
the more cffcdtual fccutity of that 
valuable trade, fimilar dircftioiu 
have been given, by the feme an. 
ihority, 10 Captain Rainier, of hii 
Majelly's (hip Centurion, to be 
complied with by him, in the event 
of Commodore Blankett's fqtutdrott 
being otherwife indifpenfably cm. 

On Friday the 15th inAtnt, this 
affociation, commanded bv Gotct- 
nor Duncan, who are equally diftin. 
guifhed for their difcipiine and zcal^ 
received their colours from Mrs. 
Riveit, after a neat and appropriate 
fpecch, which that l^dy delirered 
^vilh tier accuft<Miied giacdalneT* 
and eafe. 

We are happy to find that go- 
Tenunent have been plcafed to in- 
timate to the Infurancc Society, for 
the information e>f all thofe con- 
cerned in the trade to and from the 
^edSea, that Commodore Blanket! 
has been inftmfled by his Excel. 
Icncy Rear Admiral Rainier, to ap- 
point a proper convoy for that fer. 
rice, which is to give poteflion to 
all' Ihips, natives as wul as E'i. 
ropcans, returning to India, ,an- 
iltied [9 h^ protccUon, at r^^nj 


G. O. Dee. 38, 1798.— Rr- 
folvcd. That the 6th regiment of 
native infantry, be immediately 
completed in officers and to 
the full cftablifhment, as a previous 
meafure to the introduction of the 
following regulations which arc in 
conformity to theHonourabIc Court 
of Direfior's commands, and the 
fentimcnts of the government ge- 

Rcfolved, That the battalion of 
European artillery confift of fix com- 
panies, and that the following dc. 
tail be fixed for the corps. 

One Colonel, one Lieutenant 
Colonel, one Major, fix Capt^ss, 
fix Captain Lieutenants, twelve 
Lieutenants, fix Lieut, fireworkers, 
thirty Serjeants, thirty Corporalsj 
ti\ty Gunners, twelve Drummers, 
420 MMrolTcs.— Staff, &C. as at 

,-, , Ther 



TTie rcsiraent of fiuropcan in. ney, Vizagapafam. — z, Bornholm, 

felt!)' to eonfift of twelve compa. Hefb^, Manilla. — Druiii, Holmes, 

nies. One Colonel, mo Lieutenant Mafulipstam. — H. C. fhip Caie- 

Ct^oneis, two Majors, each to have doniaj Hawcs, Pulo Penang. — 3, H. 

a company, fercn Captains, one C. ihip Malabar, Edmcads,<iitto. — 

Uipiain LieuicnanC, twenty -five H.C. ihip Contrai^jr, , ditto. 

Lkuienanta, ten Enligns, Icrty- — 9, H. M. La Sybille, Cooke. — 

^ight Serjeants, fixty Corporals, li, Induftry, Bov/ell, Madras. — 

(wcnty.fix Drums and Fiits, 1140 Indian Chitf, Service, Madras. — 

Privates. Catharina, Haffaibalk, Madras.— 

M.C. "JanBiiry ^, '799- — " 1" Devaynes, Pope, Madras. 17, 

order to carry the reruluiiotis of Cutter Margarite, Felix, Madrai. 
government under tWiBtii ultimo 

lOTO/ffoa, refolved, that the fol. departures. 
lowing rafolut ions to complete the Marehi- — Anjanaroo, Southall, 
ia native regiments with officers, Madras. — 10, Jane, Stewart, Co- 
take place, VIZ. roniandel Coaft, Abcrcromby, 

JU^'or.-— Charles Boje,, 10 be Clark, Ceylon. 11, Induftry, 

Lieutenant Colonel, tocompleic iJie Rtjjling, Madras.-— Lord CUve, 

fiub regiment. Allen, ditto. KilVno Swomy, 

Captains. — John Brown, to be M 'Donald, Co! umbo. — i+jPhttnix, 

Major, ditto, ditto.— Charles Pa- Maxwell, Weft Coaih— Surprize, 

uick, to be Major, vice Boye, pro- galley, Binney. — 1 7, Bonivigiente, 

rooted, ditto, ditto, ditto. Pavva, Macao. — 17, Margarida, 

Caftaia Liruffnan/s.—John'Bri- Miliier, Macao. 

ij, Edward Moor, William Shoil, 

Robert Gordon, to be Captains, to ~ " ■'• " '' • ' ■■ " -■ '■= 

ccntplete the fixth regiment. 

Charles John Mears, to be Cap- 


tain of a company, vice Bra»'iij 

P™'"<«^- CALCUTTA. 

Matthew Bratton, to be ditto, 

ditto, vice Patrick, promoted The gaol of Calcutta Is, wc un. 

BrmieiCapia'at!. — John Charles derftand, to be thoroughly repaired. 

Sheen, to be Captain Lituteiiant, under the fuperintendance of Mr. 

vice Brady promoted. Angus Tiretia ; who, we do not doubt. 

Grant, to be ditto ditto, vice Mcor, will do ample juftice to the under- 

ditto. taking. Seieral additional build. 

Lifutenaittt. — Tho.iias Cape, to iiigs are to be ercftcd ; amotigft the 

be ditto ditto, vice Sholl, ditto — reft, a room tobe ufcd as a foiitaty 

David Bruce, to be ditto ditto, cell, for the purpofc of confining 

vice Gordon, ditto. — George Wil- perfons i. ho may crj.ite diilurbance 

liams, tobedtttodirto, vie- Meat.-, in the gaol ; and a w^rd cr room, 

diHo. — -John Dully to be diiio for the iick and difurdercJ ; thsfe 

ditto, vice Bratton, ditto. improvcnwnfs are made in confe. 

Date of tank 28th Di-cembcr, qucncc of a rcprefentation to go. 

. 1799, being the date of the rcfo. vemment by the (heriff. . 

lution of government. On Wednefday afternoon, the 

^d inftant, about 4 o'clock, the 

ARRtVAU. brother of the nabob of Dacca, at. 

Marti 1, — Sur^irizegilW, Bbi- rived in Fort William, under a 

t M guard ; 


gnatd; he has fince then been a The laft drawn ticket in the Afy. 

.prifonet in the rampart barrack. lumlotteiy, No. 5199, and entitled 

About half pad three o'clock on to fi've thonfimd p^igtdat, wu the 

Wednefday morning, the 10th in- property of a nMivc inhabctant of 

flant, a mock of an earthquake Madras. 

was very fcnfiWy felt in Calcotta; Captain Jrfin Canning, the A^ 

it was alfo felt at Diun Dam, Sec. puty mafter attendant, has, weWe 

Iwit no mifchief was experienced informrd, been appointed by go- 

fromit. And aboat nine o'clock on vemment to the coMm«>d of the 

the 1 7tb inftant, a Ihock was Jcit armed fhip Nonfucfa, now refittiif 

idfo. at Diamoiid harbour. 

We underfland that the baiar at Several natives of diftinaiDn, 

the end of thcChouringee road will in different parts of the country, 

(hortly be demolUhed; the whole have been recently arretted by <rf- 

bavingt on Thurfday the 18th in- ders of government, for freafon^e 

'ftant,l>een purchafedat the aufUon praAices. ShemT-ud-dowlah, w}», 

-of MelTrs. Tulloch and Co. by on hit arrival from Dacca, wu 

Keclmnny Holdar, for the fum ^ lodged in the fort, has fince been 

4},ooo ficca rupees. removed under a ftfong guard 10 

HtNiiu MARKtACts. — ^Thurf. the gaol, 

day the i8ih inftant, was graced Accounts from the Manriiios 

-with three marriagcs'of tlie chil. n>ention, thatthe ifland of Bourbon 

■ dren of ftme of the moft refpeft- had thrown off all allegiance to the 

-able Hindus in Calcutta. — The fon Republic, and difclainiing the iii. 

of Rajah Sookmoy Roy, with the lerfcrence of the lifter ilhnd, had 

daughter of Ramkiflen MuUic. — neftcdtheftandRrdofindependence, 

The fon of Ftikcer Chund Bander- in place of the tri-coloured enablem 

gee, with the daughter ofDootga of fiUinganddegraded villany. 

ChumChuckerbutty. — Andthelmi A new dock, of very large lU- 

«f Gopee Mc^un Baboo, with the menfions, is building by Meffrs. 

daughter of Gecreediir Muckerjee. Foreman and Co. a Ihon diftanoe 

TTiough every one of thefe nup- above that of Mcflrs. Hudfon and 

f ials was marked with that fplen- Co. and it is expefied will In 

dour and oftentation whidi the finilhed in thecouHe of theenfning 

naiirei are fo particularly fond of month. 

difplaying on a joyous occalion, yet As Captain M'Gregor of [he 4th 

the cavalcade of the Rajah's fon regiment of native cavalry, now 

was the moft pompous and attrac- encamped near Benares, was read- 

tive. '* inginhis tent, oneof his fervants, 

We are extremely concerned to in a ftate of intoxication, entered, 

nndcrftand, that on the lift inftant, fcized bis fword, which he drew, 

Mr. Philips, maller't mate of the and made a violent blow at him ; 

Noafuch, and Mr. H. Angel, cap. and bad it not been for the book he 

tain's clerk, were drowned in com. hadinhis hand. Captain M'Gregor, 

itig from Diamond harbour to Cal. it il fuppofed, would have been 

cutia. marderea : he has, however, loft 

The Honourable Bafil Cochrane, fome of the joints of two or three 

wa& the proprietor of No. 5576 in of his fingers. — Our accounts add; 

■he Afylnm Lottery, and drawn on that a fefjeaoi entered the tent on 

thesdinftant, aprixc of /m t^B' the inftaotf and cat (he fervaat 

farti pBFtdat, dowik , - , 



.-■.V«iit AktT.— W«leanifrt»n thtmnflufryof thep^rtyfoittoaji. 

ioMia, that the young prince pidiend Iiiin. Tfiere ftill remain a 

lHaai Jooouh {loo to tbe Ftince bailditt^ in the dlftriA of diviee- 
.Jdtmdei Sbsik, ind grand fon of ppor, sgainlt wfiom it it expe&eA > 

Sbah Aajmn}, being proved to lure party will Ibon be fent. 
jmntAVixkrJiilyiD the t^ipofition Intelligence rf a later date fays, 
.to oar aoma at Madbooda't Gar- Aat die remainder of ^e fiifi and 
-dcwi was Knt ofi*, on the 17th d- the third regiment of native ct- 
-dmOr loder Ml dcon, towards the valry, have raarchcdfroniLudaKW 
'jnaiaSf "f Delhi, to be delivered to jain General Stuan in OhortuJ:. 

to fu* rel;itionj. poor. Other accounts advife that 
, A)ctterfro(nBenarcs,oftbe3id Vizier Ally is furrounded by the 

dldao, ftates, tbat the 3d, ; th, and Nabob's and the Hon. Company's 

Ctb rcginwots of native infantry, troops, in fuch a maniker that hardly 

mtfa lime legimenta of native ca. apofiibiliiy of efcspe remains. 
*dl(y> fa*£ one trocq^ remain with Letters frOm Gorruckpore, of the 

£» James Craig at Lucknow. Tbe 4-Th and 5th inftant, confirm the 

.•yih dragoeAs aitd H. M. 78th re- efcqie of Viaiw Ally, from that 

.giment retom to Cawnpore; and quarter. 

the ift regiment of European in- It appears that our Iroopt had Ia~ 

iiotry goes to Allahabad. Gene, boured indefatigably for feveral 

nl iStuart H preparing for a vigor, days, in cutting down jungle, and 

L«Bs purfoit of the aSaJiin!, who are nakinc; roads to get at a kind of 

-Ud to be in fomc force, aboat fix. fort wTih an inttenchment of pali. 

iBfn C06 from him, thickly fur. fadoet where he was faid to be; 

mmdcd by jungilei, but defi:rted but when they had accompltlhed 

^ tbe Rajahs of Nu>al and Betoul, tb«t talk, they fouiil the fort eva. 

General Stuart'»detachment con. cuated; of which, howerer, th^ 

fih of one troc^ from the firft re. took poQeffion. 
fiiaent of nuive cavalry, the in- Part of citr cayalry, and foma 

^qiendeiit regiment of Htnduft^ troops,inVtzierAl]y'srear,arefiud . 

ovalry, the Nawah's Candahar to hare bad a fman Ocirmifli. 
boric, thefovenih and eighth regi. The aflaffin is faid to have be. 

BXM* of native iniaotrj-i three havcd fo very iH to Jngg.enMur, 

twelvepounders, eighiiixpoundcrs, -who is one of his principal ad- 

aod fomc howitzcH. herents, that he and a mimber of 

Thp firft rcgiiaent of native in. his foUowers deferted his canfe, 

himy, oommandedby Col. Rayne, went over to oar camp, and threw 

took peacrable poJTeiiion of the fort tbemfelves on the mercy of the Pri- 

.of Findarrah, the proprietor (who ti(h government. Ii is hoped that 

ia the principal Tahfceldar of the Juggernaut and his foUowei; will 

jdtftndjhavingabfcondcd — Juggut. be of great ufe to ns, from the ac- 

fing, another leading man, con. curate knowledge they poUefs of 

joeracd in the late traniaflions with the country, 
"Viaier Ally, having, as formeiiy By thcfc letters we learn, riiat 

aeoiioned, taken refuge in his £e- it was Vizier Ally's intention 

Ama, was fetsed by Ae^s of a to have riOced a battle, could hia 

fartyof women iem into fearcb. rabble have been brought to it ; 

A titird ruflwd^ fwottf in hand, and could he have brought it aboot, 

faomhis boufe in Benares, withoidy from the very judicious Jpot he had 

ooeor two companioo), and fall t^ chofcn, we night have Ibffued 

# t M 3 giwtly. 


greatly, before we could make any der Col. Bruce to fupport the firlC 

impreifion upon him. detachment. 

It is fingubr how this aflaflin The firfl party, abooia mile be- 

efeaped, furrounded as he was : for yond the tnillah, carae up wirh 

there were fivebatallionsof fepi^s, the enemy, who, at their ap- 

two reeiments of regular cavalry, proach, retreated into a jungle, 

with the Candahaw, to form one The cavalry dalhed as far into the 

half of a circle, to the fouth and wood as it was poUible to go, and 

weft ; and 9,000 Napaul troops, to did not relinquith the puffuii, as 

the north and eaft. long as a man of the enemy couM 

Juggernaut Sing, was not one of be feen. Forty ot fifty of ihem 

thofe concerned with Viziet Ally were killed, and a ftandard was 

.in the maflacreat Senary; but i) taken by 3 young man, who cut 

a refraftocy lemiiidar, that lias do«'n the ftandard-bearer, 

.giren a great deal of rroubte for Two j'rifoners were brought in, 

thefe three or four years paft , and b\ w hote information it is afcer- 

when Vizier Ally fled towards tamed, that the party, thus repulfed 

Gorruckpore, he joined him with bi t hindful of our people, con. 

all his followers, which were prtt. fifted of iiqo men, commajided 

ty numerous; ar»d for the apprc. by Baudul Khan. They had 

bending of whom, a reward of been detached by Vizier Ally, 

10,000 rupees had been offered. previous to General Stuart's isarch 

AU the head Muffulmans are from Gorruckpore, to liarafs his 

mentioned as being concerned, 01 army in its paflagc through the 

in fome manner counefled, in ilie jungles. Having miffed their ob- 

plans of Vizier Ally. jeft, they were on their return to 

TheRajahofBeerboom had fled, join Vi/icr Ally, when they fell 

in confequcnee of being concerned in with tlie trildars, whctlicr by 

with thofe parties, and fevcral defign or accident is uncert;iin. — 

people arc coming down in con- Several bildars, and two or three 

finement from Mooiihaiabad. clalhies, were badly wounded ; but 

We have been favouri;d by a hopes are entertained of their re- 

correfpondent with the following covery, 

narrative of an aAion between a Report fa}-s that Vizier Ally, on 

large body of Vizier Ally's people hearing that Baudul Khan's party , 

and the Hidduftany cavalry, com. had been fo roughly handled, moved 

raandedby Lieut. Col. Bruce. off immediately in. a wefterly di- 

On the id inftant, about three reilion. His view h fuppofed to 

o'clock j>. m. General Stuart, on be, to cfcupe either into the hills, 

hearing that an attack was made or along the foot of them, towards 

on the bildars, who were employed Siriiiagur. 

at the diftance of four miles from The following honourable teflt- 

the camp, in clearing a road through mony to the merit of the corps; 

the bard;s of a nullah, ordered a is contained in the orders of the 

party of Col. Brucc's corps to go fuccecding day. 

to their relief. Suhfcqueut accounts 

of the enemy's force induij^d the 

General to detach anoilicr ttoop, in 

an hour after the firll ; .iuid iaftly, 

at about the fame interval of time, 

'1 remainder of the regirneut, un- " Major Geneial Stuart \y\% 

3 much 


iMch pkaTure in eicprcfling his ap- tering the Chittagong river, but 

probatioD of the expert gallantry of was got off again. 

fflt regiment of cavalry, who we«= ^"'^"^ o/a U.t.rfr^ th. Upf^r 

mgagcd with the enemy yeikrxky trtvincn. 

(fening, and requells that Lieut. By the laft B<xoanK from Poonah, 

Colonel Brace will give them his Captain Brownrigg waS) with a 

thanks — The horfeinan who killed detachment under his comoiand, a 

the ftandard-bearer, and carried off few coflcs from the Bhyes, and ex- 

the flandard 6f the enemy, the Ma- perted to be joined by a Mahratta 

jor General appoints to carry the chief. 

fame as an honorary ftandard in the Captain Bntterfietd, who com. 
corps, till the pleafure of Sir James manded two battalions of General 
Craig and the Commander in Chief Perron's with Ealarow, Ambajee's 
is known. TTie Major General brother," had an aiflion with Luc- 
fiirther takes it upon himfelfio di- wajeeDada, in which the latter bad 
reft that fuchj men as broke their been defeated, Batarow was only 
fwords in the afUon be reimburfed a fpeflator of the battle. Shortly 
at a fair rate, and Col. Bruce will aftet, Lucwajee attacked Bapoojee 
be pleafed logive into ihepaymaf- Scindiah, who, owing to fome in- 
ter a regular charge for the (amc." judicious conduct, had neglefted 
joining Captain ButterSeld : Ba. 
raiPFiNC. poojee Scindiah was defeated, and 
Toefday noon thezd inllant, the loft his baggage; and Lucwajee 
prize frigate La Forte, graced the was again on his march to try a 
harbour of Calcutta with her pre- fecond battle with Balarow and 
fnice. On palTing the garrifon of Captain Butterfield, in which it n 
Fort William, (he wasfiUuied with probable he may prove more fuc- 
adifcharge of artillery, which was cefsful than before, as Balarow'i 
rtiurned with three cheers ; theguns troops are in a mutinous ftate from 
of 1j Forte having been taken out want of pay. 
at Diamond harbour, in order to General Perron took the city of 
Icflenherdraughtofwatcr, without Agra on the firfl day, and on the 
which ihe could not, fafely, have third got polfeflion of the Jumma 
been brought to Clacuita. Musjed, but with the lofs of many 
As foon as Ihe had anchored off men, the feventceth day he got to 
the Bankthall, a numerous crowd of the-coont«fcarp,the twenty -feventh 
vifliu^ went off from the Ihore, traveifed the ditch undur a gallery, 
anxious, perfonally, to recognize the twenty-ninih live mines were 
this noble achievement of Britiffi pierced under the Seyah Boorj ; 
valour. — The three-coloured flag and a few days ago three were 
was difplayed from the iniien gaff, fprung, which blew up fifty yards 
under the Englilh jack. — The La of the fauflebrai, 
Fnrte, when repaired, will be o: 

of the fines' frigates in the Bricilh 

Exlraa of a LetUr from Mlduo 
jmrf, dated April 4/i, 1799. 

The (hip Union, Captain Burgh, " The large and rich village of 
boundhence to Chittegong, having Aunundpore, formerly plunderedby 
on board a detachment confifting of the banditti, lias, within thefe few 
two companies of tlie fecond Euro- days, been burned to the ground, 
fcaa legUDcnt, got a-ground on en. with all its granaiici fuU ti graio. 
. ' + M 5 One 


One rich man's granariet ate faiA to airean on the iSsovi feccoont^ ^Hl 

extend a quarter of anule. tt Ihall be fatUfafldrily afceraiti^A 

_ ' , , , . . thatthechildrentof OTiofn tber arc 

&xir^acfa(.eiurfrm,A»,iiip^ ^1^;^ ^^^ bee„ d«ty ftturtwd 

daUd^bAfnliiqq. totheaajutantgemra!. . ' 

A few days ago a very horrid To infure the' regular tranfmiffi<m 

Ihaflkcre tooK place at Stoney ri- of returns of childrtri rf men fc- 

Ver, near the iaat of the Ghauts, moTcd from one corps to aAotber, 

where we have a large dep&t of the adjutants of corps, frfHtt which 

^rovifions and ftores ; it is in the fuch men are removed, are to fitrflifh 

CotioteRajah'sdomimonSjandcoh- themen with certificates enpreflliig 

fidering themperfcflly fecore, they the period to which the diildren 

Were goardedonty by one officer, a have been retbtned, and the adjo- 

comnJflary of flores, a parvo be- tants of the corps, lo which the 

lortging to the cOromiflary, and men are transfrrrrd, are to make 

twenty or thirty fepoysj thefe out and tranrmit to the adjntattt 

^ere, however, attacked by an general, fcpHrate returns oi the 

armed banditti, who put every one children for the months In whick 

of them to death, and plundered the they have not. Iieen returned. T\k 

(lores. The Rajah lays the btam6 Orphan Comniiitees arealfolo ftir. 

OnfoiSe TnaiaudeFS who have made nifti the men with certificates of the 

off, but it li generally fuppoTcdtliat period to which the allowance has 

they ate his crwn people: — it has been paid, n hich certificates are tc» 

entirely Hopped the commimicaiion bcpfrfcnted to the Orphan Com. 

with the army for the prefent. . mittees of the ftation to which f&c 
men are removed. 

CIVIL »ppo.HTMiBT. -j^ monthly returns oftbe<Wl- 

Mr,D.Vandcrheyden,toberenior dren are to be accWnoanicd by lifts 

ji:dge of the Provincial Court of of cafualtici, which have taken 

Appeal, and of the Court of Circuit place In rhe oourfc of the month^ 

for the divifion of Benares, and and adjutants of corps are sitjdiaed 

agent to the Right Honourable the to afc^rtain the a.&aa\ occurrence of 

Governor General at Benares. the cafualty, before tfaey report it, 

.,,..,. „ . .........„,.'. inorder to Cuard asainft paiwtta ot 

MILITARY INTELLIOBNCE. ,. 9 ,,, , * - C: ... 

guardians of children fccretingthmi 

a.^iral Oricrt by thr Ctmmanitr ,^^ ,heir attaining the pitfcribeJ 

tn Chief, March ii, 1799. ^^ f^ being pWded in the kwiir 

The general management of the Orphan Houfe, and thereby dcfext- 

Military Orphan Society, having ing the hunUfne intentictw, for 

P'piefented to the Commander in which the fchool Was eftafalifheiL 

Chief, that the general orders of the -, , « , , , ^ , 

■73d May .7967 do not fuffidently .G'«'ralOrj„, hy the C^mm^Md^ 

provide Wnft the payment of the '"^''"f* '°'* ^/"^* '799" 

arrearsof the Honourable Compa- TheCommanderinChief having 

ny's allowaiKe of three rupees per recently had occafion to exprefi hit 

month, to foldiers' children, who IktisfaAlon at the foldierJike «p- 

havc not been returned to the ad- pearancc and proficiency in the duty 

jutant general, and confequently of the European artillery at Dum 

cannot be drawn for, he direfUtljat Dum, docs not think it iieceffaf)' 

the Orphan Committee, at the feve. to go into a repetition of thOfe 

tal ItattonGoftbearmy, do not pay l«ntimentsibtithcauit)ot, injOAtce 


» Cotoqpl GreenCt and the officer* on thcfoll py of their rank. For. 

gf artiOeiy ai Dum Dum, pais vcrly, when officers proceeding to 

ffvcr in lilcncc the extraordinary Europe did fo, without receiving 

unproveDoeni and rapid progreTs to- any adlowancc) daring iheir abTcnce 

vards proficjency in every branch from Bm^, the Management, in 

of iheirdiUyasartilliTymcn, which confideration of that circumllance, 

\tf witncffied in the Golandau7.e this were under the necelTity of leaving 

PKmiing. . ii to the option of the gentlemen 

The regularity and quickncTs of who occafionall^ embarked for Eu- 
tlieir firing, their cxpcrtnefs at the rope, to continue their fubfcrip. 
curtain praflicc, and their timber- dons, or not : and there has been 
JQg and onlimbcring the guns, are one cafe in which it wat thought 
acquirements which, in lo diort a e(]uitable to admit the daughter of 
(pace of time, con only have been an officer to the benefits of the in- 
attained through the unremitiingdi- ftituiion, in cwifcqaence of the 
ligence of Colonel Greene, and the former fubfcriptions of her father, 
officers under him, 'and do infinite although his contributions had ceafed 
credit to their profciTional Dtill and for near fix years previous to his 
ical for the public fervice. deceafc in England. The late army 

The artillery to eeafe praflice regulaiiotw having put niatten on a 

gn the t4th inltant,. and march different footing, and the interell 

from Dum Dum, whenever the of tlic fociety at large calling for 

Hon. the Drputy Governor Ihall be every exertion on the part of the 

ptcafcd togive orders for their ad. Management, to prevent, not only 

jniflion into Fort William. adiminution of the receipt, butalfo 

._ _ to exclude thofe children from a 

ORPHAN SOCIITT. _■ ■ ■ f 1. L c r L 

,_ „ , ■■ ■ rt-- particwat*on of the benefits ot the 

Tort -Wttli™ Orphan Socwty Office, Inftin„ion,whofe parents, proceed- 

Mtf^ntN 1799* T^ ■ I 

At-a meeting of the Geneml Man- '% " ^'"°P^' '="'i" ""^ T""""! 

. 5- -u D _i A4:i:. of health, or any other caufc, and 

KT" W ^ *i^ S^ » *= f"ll Pf °f *« '-"k "nJ 

W; !ru\^ ' "'•■' "I i»fc "ipbly ™8k«f"i 

the 6th of March, 1799. , , ■ « , ■ '^c iu F ■ . 

Rrfol»cd,Th.tin,h.p^rtdir. »' "l^ '"^ ?°'f°[ .'''«'««'>■■ 

Swmg fublUnc S. J™t., f ■»'»?"'"■'« (» ■l«,l;"*f 

Wtl, Deputy G«,mo,, with ™o "»m™>o» f.*' ™">1'1.)' '"'• 

rf ,h. 6e„„, M=„.g™j, ,h„ ^«;"=X?bSteS'Lt 

fijch refoiutions be annexed to the ■ . r ,. ' Zr , .■ . ,». 

ptinKd r.™l.lim, >nd do .d« m" ih= following ribluBora to the 

Siafrom4= M i.y of Aag«n, "■"''"."f '^ M.o.gcmo.., .od 

??r « ' to add, if It meets their approba- 

''99' tion, that it be immediately pub- 

The Df/utj Go^intBr'i Mmate, |i(i,ed in the Calcutta Gazette, for 

The Deputy Goverrwr begs leave the information of thofe likely to 

tecdl the attention of the Manage, be aflefted by it. 

ncnt to thefubjefloffubfcribers to (Signed) William Jacmom. 

thi) charity, proceeding to Eorope Match the fitb, 1709. 

'^ ^ M 4 Firji, 


Pir^.—^Cohed, That i( is \rff G(wral in Conndlv &c. o* At «r- 

cambem on every fiircribei to thi* rival of the Howmnble'Camputjr^ 

diarity, proceeding lo Europe on Ihtp Dublin, under n))< romomnd, 

fiirloughon thefullpayofhis rank, in companj' with the Solimtn^, 

to provide (previous to his goirg Capt. Hamed Pelleyy mouodng 

«n board of (hip) for the eoniina- eight gam, which ftiip we cap- 

anoe of his monthly fabfcripi ion n tured on the [9th inftont, in lui. 

to the fond, fo long as he (hail be tude 1 1*" 3+' N. after *«:h«ce«f 

on fnll pay, or continoes on the cf. &ve hoars. 

; li(t of the Ben;>al army, in " She proves ti3 be the fame veC 

ord<T to fecure to hit child, or fel that, was cut out of Nagon 

children, the benefits of the infti- rosds, by ihc Ftcnth privRtccr, 

tuiion, L'ticuteux, on Ae ^xh infiant, and 

Setond. — Refolved, That a fub- was bound to the Mauritius, ladan 

fcriber neg'efting to comply with with fundry articles, with fenti 

this regulaiion, does hereby «- Frcnchmi-nandoneSwedconboard; 

dude his child, or children, from the the Lafcars [except fair who efcapcd 

foundation of the charity. at Nagore) arc lik,ewife ta the 

The General Management arc (hip." 
delirous, in this place, publicly to By the Perfeverancc, Captain 

ftare, that it is indifpenlibly necef- Brownlie, lately arrived from Pe- 

fary to put an immediate ftop to nang, we learn, that his Majefty't 

this evil, which has been the caufe (hips Arrogant and Virgime, had 

of great lofs to the funds of the Jn- arrived at that place, on the 4th 

ftiturion, in ihc year 1796. The inftant. Thefc (hips, with the In, 

General Management were called trepid, had given convoy to tbe 

upon to admil the daughter of an howeward-bonnd China flee', eight 

cfficer to the benefits of the fiind; fail, to thclatitudcof thePrinCeof 

and they deemed it equitable fo to Wales's IDand, when the^ parted 

do, as he was on furlough without company, and left tbe Indiamen in 

pay, although jie had not cotiiri- chargcof thelntKpid. TheCium 

Dutcd one unna, fur near fi\ years fleet look ilieir depaiture abotit tbe 

previous to his death in England : 8th ult. and, on quitting the river, 

a funilar application has juft ar. iiv the Spanilh and French fqui- 

rivcd for a ditughier of an afliftant drons, confiiling of two lin^-of- 

fuigeon, deceafed, in England, battle (hips, and fo«r friettet. 

whde fubfcriptions have alfo been When tlw enemy was firft Xifco. 

difc3ntinucd, from the 31ft ofOc- lered, tlie Virginie, the outermoll 

tober, 1793. Ihip, had her top.gallant mafts 

By ofdctofthcGencral Manage- dtiwn, preparing 10 take in water. 

ment. The Spanifh admiral, percei-ving 

George Bsietzcke, Sec. her finjation, cndeavonmi to c»t 

■-,„,■. - r- - her off; but was prevented in the 

fZ) f /'■-J//^"*^"* " "" Intrepid, who flipped^r cable^ 

tcre aiy 11 o-iernm^nt ai ^^ by a happy mancEuvtc, placed 

/,», io/hM^r^h, 1799. ^^j ,^„ ^^^^^^ Q^ feeing the 

" I the pleafure to inform frigate thus uaexpefUdlyfu{^rtG4, 

you, for the inlbrmation of the tbe admiral veered idxxitf and 

Right Honourable the Govemoi gained his fquadion. 

,,i .Googic The 

■■. . CHRONICLE. I«» 

. TTie ArrogantI and IniKfad hav- not bring them to bear on her» Ihe 

itif deiTcd ft>r a^on, and bdiig being a-ftern ot'.ui, aiid aiir fteri*- 

junvd bjr ihc Virginic, ftood altei chaft porti being loo fmall ftii the 

ihc emmv, •thorn they neared to- guns. 

vanb the evraing. Night advan. " Night now coming on, «fB 

red, however, before they could judgM it prudent co put to fea, 

vane up, when both fqiudront fcartii! of calms, and at i:uout feven 

Wercobliged toandior. The Spa- o'clock wc loft fislit otihe iiiiemy. 

niJh aJmira!, profiting by the dark- " At iua-sHc the next morning, 

»*fi of tkc night,- cut his cable in ibe extreraes of Sumatra, E. by S. 

cbe ni^r, and ftole to fea, and by half S. to N. N. W, dillance about 

n {^xipiiaie and dilhonoiir:ihle re. eight or nine leagues, vit ohfcrved 

tfcat, prertnted our gallant coon, the privateer in chafe of a ihip, 

nymen from lUf playing the fuperi- which, from hairing previoufly 

ority of Britilh prowefi. fpoken, we kiiew to be the Mont- 
gomery, to whom we were deter. 

£x/ri,a <,f a Letur d„ui fram on j^.-^^j („ ^„j., ^^^^^ affiftance. 

. bourd /A, Actv^^i, ihi 26ih 0/ "About two ^.«.'we bore down 

February, 1799. ^^ ^^^ ^-^^ Moatgomery, when 

•* At four 0,'clock p. «. Soofa rhe privateer gave over iht chafe. 

Point bearing north, weobferveda The Montgomery had failed from 

fimll vejiel bearing N. half W, Bencixiien, on ihe iSch of January, 

ftaoding out of the roads : at about and had a Company's packet on 

£ve o'clock <he began to near us ; board. 

jmd, fi^pofing her to be a final! " To the fpirited and judicioui 

vciffel belonging to Penang, we condufl of ihe commander of the 

hauled up our courfei to fpeak her. A^ive, the owners of that veilel. 

At half paft five, being clofe along- and the Montgomery, would appear 

iide, we obfcrved flic had Englilli to be indebted for their fafety." 

4:olourt flying, and eight Lafcars rombw 

imd one European on herdeck; at mahratta poittic^ 
•the iiu>men[, liotvever, we were 

about to hail her, we obferved her ^xlrad of a Uitcr, dated camp it. 

decks covead with armed Euro. , fi" it^alwa, Feb. 9, 1799. 

pcans, and (he hauled down her " 1 concluded my laft letter with 

Engl^, and hotited French co- a ftatemeni of the afpei^t of alfkira 

lours, and put her helm a-weather, at Poonah, which, at that period, 

£ar the purpofe of boaiding us. afliimed a very a^vful appearance, 

" We now put our helm a- being the theatre of military ope- 

weaiher, and wore before the wind ; rations, private cabal, and univer. 

.the jib-boom ot the enemy juft fal terror, anxieiy, and diftroft. 

cka/ed our tafftel, when they dif- " The ' troubles in Scindeah'j 

charged ihcir two bow-guns and camp and family, occafioni:J by the 

■tieii finall anJG, wbiiJi, fortmately revolt of the princcffes, fdpportcd 

for IK, only damaged out (ails. - by the entire cavalry of his army, 

"The Adive had now moft of had unforiunaioly drawn the Ptlb- 

.her fails fet, and our people were wa into the quarrel \ and the mal. 

-onploycd loading and firihg inn contents having taken up their 

the enemy, with fmall arms ; our quarters near the city, carried with 

great guns, eight in ntimber, were liiem all thofe evils, whidi a liccn- 

loaded ; but unfoituiutdy we could tious foldier y ate ciqnblc of iDftift- 

tagae i 


m an mptotefted country uhI pire in gonoati tbM hi* Wfwi&iK- 

mcolcA cnitaL Negoiutioiis mcnt wu £6 timely; &« could J)& 
were opcixd for tlw adjuftnent of have raifed money for tbe paymeat 

thc!rcoainiondiflerences;bucthere, of (he atmy, it u unkiMnvii to 

Uke the militsiy operatioiu, Were what aiuioOM tengthhiBfJane ex- 

ronultablconlyfor ihrtrweiknefs, tended: Dawlui Row paid »he 

indectfion, anddebitity. Scindeah) molt blind fubmiflion t6 hU wiil, 

wb(^ imnrnfe anny keeps him and he had driven fium the pfirKc's 

■ternellyun diftieft, being at this counfels, every man of chiraAer 

linK dciifcn abnoft to de^)eration and principlri noibin^ rained hint 

by the damours of hts troc^, to but an iiubiliiy to rai£e fhe necef. 

whom he was deeply in aireari, faiy fuppiies ; but thit, one way or 

threatened to [Sunder Poonah, »a- othert ii alwayt furc u> difplace a 

IHs money was inuncdiateLy fut- ninifter. 

nifhed; but the qity Ictig before " Nana, inconfequctKeof Dow- 

ihi), had been emptied rf every lut Row's orders,. wa» rcleafed 

thing valm^le by its inhabitants, from piifon, and advancing, by 

who> together with their property, flow marches, toward* Pcmnah. 

had removed to the neighlxxiring His return was regarded by all the 

ibtts. All the Ihops were fhut up, contending parties, with a degree 

and every appearance demon&rated of ftdicitudc that fully evinced the 

the general ctHiftemation. Asano- importance of the event. Ambut 

(her means f^ retrieving hi& aftairt, Row, who, jointly with Scindeab* 

Scindeah determined on releafmg had contrived his feizurc, in De. 

Nana, at that time prifoner in the cemb<-r, 1797, and who fince that 

Jbrt of Ahmed Nug^cr ; and a )ieriod had adminillered public af. 

ftrong detachment was ordered to lairs, propofed difpaiching a party 

cfcoit him to camp. to intercept his return. He juHly 

" In the mtian time a circum- dreaded the releafc of a formidable 

ftancc took place, which, though enemy, quickened by a fenfc of 

totally uolooked for, promifcd a recent injury, and whofe exiftence 

mote fpecdy reiloration of tranquil, he conlideied as the chief bar to 

lity than any other roearore. This his authority and ambition. His 

u'49 thefvizureof SurgerawGolka, prnpolal, however, was by no meatu 

the miiiifter and father-in-law of reliihed by the other parties 1 and 

<Dow|ut Row, the bafe inftrumenl fo little did it accord with the 

of hii vileft appetites, and the Fdhwa'a ideas, that he had prcvi. 

chief caufe of all the diflentions ouflydifmiOedabrdhmanof diHinc 

which then exiftcd. This rufiian tion to comrdimcnt thcoldminifter 

was feiied in the prince's diirbax, on his relcafe. In this itate of ge- 

by 3 fmall party of fepoys, to whom nigral anxiety, every eye was turn. 

he lud given forae offence, and ed on this great and venerable 

dragged prifoner to the camp, to- flatefiiwn ; and his return to the 

geeher with his colleague in office, capital was hailed as the prectirfor 

Takcrgec Gorwa : Dowlut Row -of tranquillity, 
fent immediately to command their " If the arrival of Nana did not 

teleafe, but the troops were inexo- efleA a peace, it at leall produced 

rjhlu ; and the general faiisfaftioii * celTadon of hoftiliiies. The dif. 

cxpteffed at his fall, was fufficiently ferent fattions, however i^ipofite in 

demonftrative of his unpopularity-, other particulars, agi«d in the one 

Molt tbituiiate was it tar the em- determiiution ot making him the 


^iiimm M^MKr of rtiric dlftneet. 4emandc ; eqndty tepttBae ttfSom, 

tOi-gMid oAc«a, hAwevw, uiloi; tm die one hand) and ambitiDa on 

Iwtng: tOHik^ to fealbn, oither the other, fifing canAdeoce smi 

Scindeah or the prinacflBa into terms tranqniUtty to an tfitigiited ca[n- 

^tBoderatiDn. TbePrihwa, who tnt, and refioring to a dittn^M 

fer fame lime had iatd afide the corernnient, the bleffings of onler, 

dunCter of pQTti£in, aai had ne. (ecaiity, and pcate. There are 

g«i«cd between the adTcrfc pti. certain charaflers orAy formed for 

kim, look this opporttmity of with, ptcemincnt fiiaatioDs : tiie Col. 

drawing hia countenance and pro- Itdian genim of Nana was ccutal 

KAion trom the nialcontents, and only for commands. He was ac. 

yery wifely difeiigaged himfdf cordingly called to the adminiftTa- 

-from a connexion in which his po. tion of the empire by thft united 

|itical exiftence was imminently fuffrage of both prince and pcmtle. 

mdangcnd, and in which, it muft Jn adjufting the £nal terms of n. 

be conteOed, he had originally no lesfe between him and Scindeab, the 

manner of concern. In confe. unbroken firmnefs of his mind 

quence of the FcEhwa's feceding Arongly difplayed itftlE, Wot a 

iron their pany, the princefles Jingle rupee was paid on diis oc. 

Buuehed firom the ricinity of Poo- ca&m more than had l««n agreed 

mh. Holkar was ordered to Ms on previous to his impriforanem. 

fenner encampment, and Ambat The articles of relealebeiwoen him 

Row was obliged to difmifs his and Scindeah were ratified in the 

'amy, and retire to the dty. In .moftfolemn manner, andguarran. 

■a few daj-s a general interview teed by aU the vakeels andnwftof 

look place between Sctndeah and the public ttmflionaries at Poonah. 

Kana, on the one fide, end the Thefe important matters being 

MhwH, Ambut Row, and Holkar fettled, Nana took up his refidence 

on the other. Here all difierences in the city, and entered, with ap- 

wcre apparently reconciled, and mu. parent reluctance, to hit official 

tual prafcAons of frieitdfbip were duties. AU the former a^iai- 

cxchaiiged, in which it is ncedlefs ftration were difmiiTed from tbdr 

to obfrrre, there was at leall is appointments, and Ibme nf the moJl 

modi diflimulation as fincerity. obnoxioin were fent prifoncn to 

" In contemj^ating this tranfac- different forts. Ambat Row, the 

tion, thereisonecircumllancewhich Pefhwa's adopted brother, who for 

mull ftrikc every refleifting mind, the laft twelvt tnonihs hti aAe<i 

In the infiance of Nana, we behold as miniftcT and commander in chief, 

the powerful fuperiority of talent was ftrtpped of alt his offices, and 

and virtue, extorting eren from received a jaghirc of eight lacks 

avowed e^t^mies, the involantaiy from the fircar, and with much dil- 

homage of refpcA and confidence, gnft retired from his employmenr. 

We fee this great man rdeafed from Thrfc meafures were by the PcOi- 

confinement by his chief rival uid wa's order, bot it may be conjee- 

opponent ; and, wtibool a fe^on, tuted, by theiiiggeAions of Nuria, 

without an army, withotit poft or between whtmi attd the prince the 

political £tiiation, but merely by greatelt confidence appear i lofub- 

the pre-eminence of his anoniJhii)g fi# : the miniAcr's autliority fcnns 

abilities and acknowledged inte. as ptimanent as before, and every 

grtty, dictating to armed rautti- thing, at this time, is at the d^- 

fodes, ibe proper limits of their TOtion (rf him and his party. 

'■ I "Ambut 


" Ainboi Rowj wboin wc may all brahmans, is exceedingly polity 

call the ex.minider, is die Ion of a aiid having been much in the Srx- 

Wdhmanof highcoA, butof obfcure tleinent«, he hus.acquiredaninlight 

circiunflaQces : vcryeaily in life be into the Euiopean charaAer, and. 

v/aa adopud by the late Ragobah, a peculiar urbanity of mannciv 

much againft the wilbcs of the then which is highly agreeable to ftian- 

FeOiiva and the government i and gets: be.f^ks of the Bntilli 

k hidD be confc&d that on fome t*ationin the wanneftftrain of gra- 

occafions he has proved himfelf not titudc and refpeit, and takes cver^ 

uoiFonhy of This fmgular honour opportunity of acknowledging his 

and good fortune ; for, during the (ligations to them. Intriguing) 

troubles which dofcd the life of his fubtle, and ambitious, he fecredy 

adopted parent, when the Poonah afpircs to themufnud, to which he 

fircar were tranfporting him to a conceives he has claims by right of 

certain fort, contrary to previous primogeniture, in which idea he is 

flipulation, Ambut Row, at the encouraged by the obfcure and 

head of a fmall party, flew to his contemptible paraiites that furround 

afTiJUnce, and having difperfed a him ; Bajarow is by no means ig- 

very ftrong efcori, rcftored him to norant of his defigns, and therefore 

temporary liberty. He afterwards never iroflshim; like all brihmans, 

cariook of the misfortunes of the he is avaricious even to the moft 

lamity J remained in prifon many degrading meannefs ; for in matters 

years ; and fuch was his reputation, where money is concerned, he is 

both as a fotdicr and a politician, dellitute of every fentimeni c€ 

ihat when Bajarow was lirll re- feeling and juftice ; he is generally 

leafedy Nana, who dreaded a rival confidered as a man of no principle, 

in him, was particularly careful and his enemies think they can 

that he IhoulU continue in confine, difeem in his eonduft all the pri- 

ment ; fubfequent events brought racval bafenefs of his ex.traflion. 
him into fituations of importance, " SiiKC the PeJhwa has with. 

and from the moment of his arrival drawn his countenance from the 

at Foonah, the old adherc[its of the ptincefles, their £i^on have main. 

family tallied round hlra, and by 'tained thcmfdves by rapine, and 

their joint intrigues, aided by the are now mouldered into nothing.; 

powerofScindeah, Nana was feized fome of the difatfeded Sirdars have 

and comlncd ; and AmbuC Row returned to their duty, andScmdeah , 

fuccecded him as rainillcr; aiul it having appointed a man of talents 

muft be acknowledged, that had he and refpcCtability as his minifter, 

been fuf^ried by the Pelhwa, he things have alfumcd an appearance 

would, during the fbott period of of aonfiftency and oideti which pro. 

.his adminiA ration, have rendered imfes a fpeedy reftoration of his 

him more refpcAable and independ- affairs. In Poonah, as far as ex. 

^nt than ever he has been fmcc he ternals can warraiif, the greateft 

afcended the mufnud : but Bajarow, unanimity fubfiAs between Nana 

who was jealous of his abilities, and the Pelhwa ; how long this 

and dreaded his ambition, either may lafl is impoifible lo forefee ; 

fccretly or openly fnjftrated all his for political fpeculations in thk 

plants, and latterly withdrew all con- empire (hould be received with a 

ndcnce from him ; a circumAance great, degree of latitude, and the 

.(hfii confidcrably forwarded the . events of to-morrow may give (he 

views of Nana. Ambut Row, lik« lie to the conjt^ure of to-dajc 
,-- however, 


MWCTtr dwre is one opinion to 
wliidi all psrries readily fubrcribt 
— diat Nana is the onlyperfon ca. 
pable of managing the atfiiih of the 
rmpire ; for, indepenilent of great 
experience in jni)lic buGnefs, and 
the foppMl of fiiends whofe fidelity 
and importance is adcnowledged, 
&c poflelTn in his own hands that 
nioft powcrfbl of all engines, wiie- 
tber in peace or war — the entifc 
ocaforcs of the ftate." 


As the interrnption of the trade 
which the belligerent nations carry 
on under a neutral flag, for articles, 
the exchange of which being mu- 
tually advantageous, is a matter of 
fcriouj importance ; a correfpond- 
cnt begs leave to ftate, that by 
advices from Manilla, the deten- 
tion of the Danifhlhip Helfmgoer, 
Capiain A, Murray, from Copen. 
iugen, does not appear to have been 
rile wj(h of that government, nor 
to have been ordered withoot very 
fair fufpicions, that (he and her 
cargo were Eritilh property. The 
truth is, that fome unforiunate dif. 
pate on board, between the com- 
mander and his ofGcer;, kd the 
latter to fwcar to a number of 
planfiblc circumftances, which, if 
true, wooW have legally condemn- 
ed her ; but they added fo many 
incredible ones, that the whole 
was morally difproved. The go- 
Tcrnor,' tboogh folly convinced of 
the injuRice of detaining the veflel, 
■wai yet obliged, by the oppofition 
wlii<Ji often attends many of his 
honeft and fatutary mcafures, to re- 
fer the decijion to the court of 

It remains to add, that this unl 
Ibrtanatt affair may be mifrepre- 
fentcd, and caufe a temporary flag, 
nation of a trade, which is fiirely 
both profitable and innocent ; arid 


our correljxindent, therefore) Rates, 
that thi fulleR credit is given to 
the pafTportsof nentral (hips; that 
the perfonal freedom and confcni^ 
ence of the fubjefts of all nations 
arriving in them at Manilla, are 
well proteftcd by the governor [to 
whom the adminiftration of juftice 
to foreigners is referred, and which 
peculiar fundion of his high office 
he exercifes with jcaloufyt and an 
encroachment on which he would 
warmly refent by any other branch 
of the governmentj, and that in the 
coftcmi-bouft department, the mer- 
chant is treated with all lenity and 
politcnefs. No favour need be , / 

fought, by cither bribe, adulation, 
or intrigue; no long eftabltfheil 
connexions, no deep (JLitt in calca- 
lation, are neceflary for the fafc and 
profitable management of bufinefs ; 
coinmon prudence, mode rate talents, 
and, if added to them, a (light 
knowledge of the Spemlhor French 
languages, are all the requilites 

Marci 30- — -Pearl of Africa, 
Loureiro, Madras. Afrilj. — Com- 
merce, Lane, Madras. — 4, Fatzro- 
bany, Nacoda, Coringa.-^, Nan- 
cy, Parker, "eaftward. — 6, Superb, 

Wright, eallward. 9, Agatha, 

Archer, Madras. — u, Montgo- 
mery, Sinclair, Madras, — Dragon 
Cutter, Madras. — ly, Harrington, 
Aiken, Bencoolen. — 2 1 , ZoroaRer, 
Gib, put back — Martha Moore, 
ditto. — II, Minerva, Nacoda, Ma- 
dras. — 19, Transfer, Weatherall, 
Fenang. — 30. Union, Burgh, Chit- 


■ April 11. — Martha Moore, Phi. 

ladelphia. tj. Harmony, Kol- 

lack, Madras. ij, Aufpicious, 

Foggo, Madras.— II, Pegg)-, Fle- 
ming, Madras. 




, HABCH 14, 1798, OD board the (bip 
Camm, at ta, ibe Lady of Col. Rli- 
(Uc, of a Ton. — tg, ai Cotcn Pcraintxk 
in ihe Malabar province, ibc Lady of 
Maj. Dtfncy, oTa fon. 

Afkil II, at Madiai. the Laihr of 
G. Lyi, Efq, of a diuuhier. — 16, at 
Pwna ihc LadyotH. WJUiami,ErQ. 
of a Ton. — at, ai Bombav, ihe Laito 
of M- B. Forbet of his Majel^'i j^A 
teg, of a tliugbiec. — ss, aidmo, ihe 
Luly of Lieut. I. Hay-cj, of a d^gh- 
ler.— Dliio, 31 Oicuui, Mrj. F. ISC- 
IcDt, of a Ton. — it4iai filadiai, ihc La> 
if a G. Rickctis, FJq. of adau^ter. 
— 27, at Bcnarej, ihc lady uf Capt. 
CulliTi. of a fon. — 30, ai CawoiXMe, 
the Lady of Dr. Freeman, ofafon. 

Ma V 6, at Bombay, tbt Lady of H. Scott, 
E^ofadauchicT. — 7, atCoffinibiuj', 
ibcXady of T. Bwwn, Eiq.ofadaiub- 
ler.— Oj M Calcutu, the Lidy of B.Tur-, Elq. of a daudiici. — 1 1, at Ma> 
d>as, th^ Lady of jT BroCe, EI4. <f a 

. daughwr. 

JiJKty, »Sc!wnporE, thcLadyof l^X. 
Mqore, nf adjuj;hicr. — Ditto, at Cal- 
cuifc, Mra. Peicira, cS a diu^hier, — 
9, 31 ^.ladtai. Mis. Connell, of a fon, 
— Ditto, ai Cstcuila, the Ladv of Cape. 
Gay of hu M^cfty't f^p Nmifuch, of 
a (lauGEHEj.---ia, at ditto, Mrs. David- 
Ion, ofaroii- — 13, atBandcl, Mn. I-aii- 
deinan, oS a (on. — eo, m Cfcominghpe, 

. Mrs.BbDchant, of adauftfaici.^ 

. MkhwwK, the Lady oTC. OldScld, 

at), of a daujjhicr. •IdTc/v, at Pod- 

dicntny, thevjdy of Mr. Kcijeaii, of 

Jui.vt.aiBaiaW, the Laiy erf j. Ri- 
vcu, Efq- of > tbugbltr. — Jfc at Mo> 
neat, the Lady of dpi. T. Brown, of 
a daughter. — Eo, at Calcutta, Mrs, 
Poole, ofadaughter. — tS, K-dmctbe 
Lady of Capl. J. Cooks, of a diiighcer. 

Loieh, at Madras, the Laiy of 

Mr. R.Williams, ofadauKbier.— At 
Mafulipaiam, the Hon. Mn, Long- 
man, the Lady of Lieul.T, Loogtnan, 

T. Gowan, EJii. uf a dai^le 
ditto, Mn. A. M' Dowall, of a djugh- 
ter. — Diiioditio, Mrs. CH. Garden, 
of a fon. — 4, at ditto, (be Luly of 
G. HaU, Elq.ofafoci.— bwdttto, tbo 
Ladv of W. Jaikfon, Eiq. of a foa. 
— Ditto, at Bcrhampoie, the Lady of 
Capt. Clcrklbo, of a dai^htei.— 6, m 

Calcutta Mn. W. S-CopwufB 
loD. — 7, at MoiKhyt, ihelady of Gm«. 
J. WiUianu, oTa lonv— 10, at Qtn»- 
pore, ihc Ladr of Ca^. CruLitt. ^a 
dauj^r.— 13, at 3»m, Ok Ltir of 
the Hoo. B«rw D'Abtedhvl, itf a 
fon. — Ditto, at FicKm, Mn, Kciualy, 
ofafon- — in, a< Bombay, the Lady of 
Capt. G. Hohnn, of a fen.' — *a, at 
Bukipocc, the I.ady of C. Boddtm, 
£(c]. oi a fon.— ztj, m W^ic, tiwl^a- 
dy ofCajit.W.C. Gcnud.ofadaich- 
icr, — Ditto, ai Arcot, the Lwly- of 
Caul. SKcniff, of a daiighier. — ay, m 
Caloitts, Mn. Lawrence, of a fiw..^ 
ft8, at FatDi, the Lady of T. HavAtnt. 
Efq, of a daughier^-30, at Midnt, 
the Lady of Capi. Fkiycr. ofadaughter. 
— 31, at Cakuita, Mn. Gil1endets,of3 

liin. -Laitiji, atMad:r»,ibeLa^af 

Ma|. Brunton, ofadaughter.^ — Diuo, 
the Lady of A. J'ikour, f/a. of a 
daughter.— In the provitKxof EuUlahar, 
the Lady of Capt. J. Shaw, «f adai^kt 



8, at ditto, ihe Lady of j. DKkcns, of 
■ ion. — ID, n Madias, the Lac^ of 
M. Fitigedd, £fa. of ■ foa — 1^ at 
ditto, ihc Lady at W. flanlctc, of a 
fon. — Ditto ditto, ihcl^dy Qf,I.XIn- 
derwood, Efq. ofa fon. — 19, at P^ua, 
the LadyofC^.G. Wilton, ofafon. 
— Bi, ai Calcuua, Mji, £icwan, cf a 
Ihn.— 16, at Madfiu, ^JUdyofS. R. 
LuQiiiigioD, £it). of a fon.~-(l{|, at 
ChiiicKong, the Lady «f P. Cwlei, 
Efq. ()f achmehter. 
OcTOSKit i,atC^ima,tbe Lady of 
C. Roknfon, Efq. of a few —q, at 
ditto, the Lac^ i^T. E. Ikai, ££q. 
of a daughtei. — 13, at Paua, the LaOy 
of J. Barton, £(q. of a daughter. — 
St, at Fubna, the Lady of f Skaw, 
E(q. of a fon.— 97, at Calom, the 
Lady of J. Palmer, ESq. ofa fco,— ^ 
a8, ai ditto, the Lady olK. C. Bireh, 

Efq. of a daiiuhtet. Laldj;, al ditto, 

ihe Lady oFCaDi.Shdioii, uta daugh- 
tei. — At ditto, Mn. Calicy, of a f«n. — 
At St. Thome, the Lady of Ur. Cto- 

loviMKEK io,at Calcntta, the I,«Jy 
of the Rev. M(. Brawn, of a Ion. — 
]i, at MadiH, the h>B-y of C. Siniib, 
Efq. of a IcHi. — iH, at B«nW, the 
LadjofC^.R. Blackall.ofadu)^ 
tcr. — 16, at Ciicutla, Mn. Huikct- 
fpid, gf a dtt^^bw/— w, at BpKBgf, 

Ac I^ of Captain A. Spou, of m 
timehter. — gi, at Luekoav, tbc Lady 
rf r. Lmnttn, ETq, of »fon.-^«, U 
GucattiiMit. Jana, of a (bughlcr. — 
fHtW, B ditio, Mn. While, of a 
'JaDfJner. — 16, m Srmm, Mrs. Frano, 
cf afoD. — ^.atMaIu1i(scuTi,ihe Lady 

■ rfCap- JGoldfWonby, ofadii^h- 
ICT.— 30, It Cainitta, (he Lady of 

• C H. Butow. Er<4- of I dauditcr. 

La/^, aTCawnp<»re,Mn.MaJgc, 

MfaJw^hter. — A(Ma!da,ihe Lady of 
W, CreighuHi, Efq. of a fon.— At 
Ral[ipii£b(, the Lady of Capt . H . Mrr- 
ecT, a D daugfiier. — At Bomhw, the 

- L>^ of Cape. Powell, of a daughicr. 
— Aj CAntii, the La^yrfCapt. atl- 

■ Mn, ofxbngbicr. 
Dbcembur 1, at Calcutta, the Lady of 

W. Fanfic, Efq. of a fon.— Diito, at 
dku, Mn. Hmteiiran.of a fon. — 3, at 
ditto, Mrt. Waliar Smith, of a fon. — 
7,ai ditto, Mn. Bitucy, ofa dtuthier. 
— Ditto, at Bofnbm, tbe Lady ot Lieut: 
W. Green, of t fon-— «, at MikIl- 
•OTC, the L^ of J. GfMnEham, Elij. 
•fa fon. — 9, at Calcutta, the Lady of 
W, Ffeqiihatfon, Klq. of a fon.— 
It, m Fort William, tbc I^y of 
Uevi. Col. Montague, of a ion. — 
14, X Calcutta, Mk. Convcn, of > 
4auAtet. — Ditto, at Fuityghur, the 
L^ of Cap* . M. Ftixgerald, of a foa. 
— 19, M Calcuita, the Lady of Cayl. 
Giaatorr, r£ a daugturr. — Diiio, at 
■Wogklore, the Lady of Capi. T. Han, 
of a fon. — Dkio, it VisiEapoiam, the 
LadrofCapt. PrcOon.ofafon.— EO,at 
Cakutla, the I.adyof CmM. Tweedalc 
of the fion. CoRipinyHlbipEiirl Fiiz- 
wiUtam, of a fon. — 16, at Cawnpore, 
ihe LaAf of Lteui. Pattoo. ofa fon. — 
«9,*t Calcutta, Mrs. Hollingbemt. of 
aibugbter. — Dttto,at leHbrc, the Lady 
of jTwimk, Etj. of a fon.-^t, at 
CaTcutla, Mrs. Sbennan, of a daugh- 
ter LatHj, at dkio, Mn. Rofi, 

otadaigbiCT. — In the province of Ma- 
labar, the Ladv <rf T. H. Baber, Efo. 
of a dau^rcr ■, and ^e Lady of C. R. 
Doolin of a fon. 
January e, 1799, at Cakutta, Mn. 
Btom, ofa danghicr.— 6, at Bankipcue, 
Mf%. Dunn, oladaDghter. — 10, at M»- 
*a«, the Lady of the Rc». Mr. Parr, 
of adHuhicr. — Ditto, K Vipcrv, the 
1^ oTLicut. Col. Gordon of His 
Majefty'i S9ih lee. of light dragtxins, 
ofa Ion. — IT, at Cudifaloie, the Lady 
trf H- Taylor, Efq. of a danahter. — 
Ditto, at CawnpoK, the Lady of 
Ijeut. P. Cartwright, -of ■ Ton. — 
fS, at Benaics, Mra. Staflbrd, of a 

ICLE. '. 175 

off. HorTely, Elq. of » fon.— bi, at 
^ladiaa. Kin. Coulon, of a daighicr. 
— II, at Innacondah, the Hon. Mrs. 
Murray, of adaaefater.->s8, at Cawn- 
porc, the Lady S B. Mafon, Efu. of 
a fon. — 49. at Chittegong, the Lam of 

LStonboufo, Efq. of a Tod.- — 
tiy, in Fort William, ihe Ladif of 
Cipt. Nelly of the ariillny, of a fon. 
— Ai Bombay, the Laciy of the laic 
W. Afobumcr, Efq. ofa daughter — 
At Surat, the Lady of I. H. Chetry, 
Efq. of a fon. 
Te dR u AR Y 6, at Coolbariah, Mrs. Sair, 
of a Ton.— Ditto, at Calcaita, the Lady 
ol Capi. J. Dclaniun, of a daacblcr. — 
10, ai MSdtat, the Ladv of R. Woolfe, 
Efq. ofa Ibc. — 13, atdiuo, Mrs. Pirii- 
neti, ofa Cm. — 13, at ditto. Lady An- 
(ttuiher, af a daughifT, whichdied th» 
fccond Axt after itsbinh. — 19, at Oli- 
bya. Mi¥. Seely, of a diuahtcr. — Diiio, 
at Calcutta. Mis. Wihftne, of a (bn. 
— at, at Gjnjam, die Ladv of Maj. 
Gen. CuiiniDghain, of a dau;jhicr — 
C4, at Bombay, the Lady oFF, Rm-cs, 
Efq. of a djuEliicr. — ««, at Calcuna, 
Mrs. Hodf;kiii?on, of a dauehtcr.— 
C7, at dino, Mn. A. Flemii^, of a 

diughier. Laiefy, at Calcoiw, th; 

Lady of H. Tolfrey, Elq. of a dau/li- 
icr. — At Kidderpore, fliis. Buimy, 
of a fon. — At Madras, the L^v of 
Lieut. A. Jones, of a Ton.- At Cal- 
cutta, the Lady of Lieut. T. Dowll, 
of a dang^ier. — At ditto, itic Lady of 
Capt. J. J. Bird, ofa fon. 
March 7, at Luckipore, the Lady of 
C. R. Crommelin, Efq. of a daugh- 
D, at BomMy, the Lady of 
J. Smith, of a daughter, — 
■ Cakuita, the Lady of Maj. 
fon ; and tbc Lady of 

Col. J, Collins, ofa fon.- 

oiiia, Mrs. S. Jones, of a ciauf;nter. 

Lately, ai Calcutta, the Lady of 

Capi. J. Hodgei, of a fon.— At Ma- 
dras, the Lady of R. Sherfon, Efq. of 
a daughter. — Same pbce, the Lact of 
N. £. KJnderflcy. Efq. of a ibn.— 
ei, ai Madras, Mrs. Bilht^, ofa fon. 
— SI, at Vcllore, the La^ of Maj. 
lEiackc, of a dai^ter- — S4. at Inna- 
condah, the Lady of Liaut. Col. Kio- 
fer, of a fon. — At Manar, the Hod. 
Mti. Totnour, of a fon. — Ai Tclli- 
chern, the Lady of Maj. Dilbi.7, of a 
^PRiL 4, at Madrai, the Lady of 
E. Wat(«, Eru.ofadnuhfer.— e?,at 
B«thanipore, the Lady of Capi. O'Kil- 
lonn, ot a fon.-^aS, n Scrampore, the 




lady ofj. C Pringle, Efq. DauiOi 

CommtTcial Chief, of a fon. 

,. ai Calcuila, ihe Ladv ofT. Ra- 
ban, Ertj. of a Ton. — 5, at Dinagfport, 
Mri, G. DaCofla, of a fon.— 15, at 
Pubna, Mrs. Ballm, of adauKhter.— 
«a, at Calcoda, Mrs. Kennedy, of a 

fon.- iMitly, at Madras, [he Lady 

of Sir Strange, of ■ daugblci. 
April 13, 1758, a; Calcutia, Mr. 
J. Parr, 10 Mif, B:jn-— 16, at ding. 
Lieut. A. Jones of iht Hm. Compa- 
ny*! infioiry, to Mifs A. Fjimfy.— 
Bo.jtVcliore, Lleui. A. Gore ofHij 
Majelly'i 73d rca. to Mili M; A. Ur- . 
quhan.— Ei.atBnmbay, C. Watkins, 
: Fort ViaorJa, 10 

t Calcu 

. Chafe, 


ler ID itie Hon, Uwnpanv s 
VKc, to Uiji- Mary Riddeley. 

Itchappre, R. CflnsfceO, 

n. Erg. ofihe 

[adras eflab. and Sheriff of Mrfn^ 

paurti, W. H. Gordbn, Effl 

-S^me dw, at 
.0 MLOYohD. 
iu(!, J. F^JDCe, 

£fq. Prefidcnl a 
Mili E. Bond. 
Ma^ i,aiCakuta,J.J.B.Proby,Efq. 

10 Miti Hawj. — e, at Cawnpore, Cor- 
el Hiigs of His Mawfly'j E7th reg. of 
ght dragoons, to Mifs E, Fawceit,— 

-'5, R- 

. . ladrafpatn 

Mit Neale.— ao, at Calcutta, G. Pra- 
gcr, Efq. to Mrs. Prcflou, widow of 
late Capt. Preflon.— ai, C. R. 

liii, Efq. Commercial Refi- 

.uckipore, (oMifsWilkinfon, 

— Same day, at C^ilcutia, S, Laprimau- 

dave, Efq. to Mifs Letch. Lauh, 

at ditto, Mr, W. Ctillier, 10 Mifs E. Sa. 
vage.— In ihe MaLbar piwiiicc, Capt. 
Grummom, 10 Mifs Draper. 
June 14, at Cawnpore, Mjj.P.PowcH, 
to Mjfi Collie. — 16, at Calcutta, 
D Campbell, Efq. Sub-fccretaiy, 
Mifs Cooper.— iq, at Calcutta, Capt. 
T. Jalfray, to Mif$ Hcard.—ao, al 
ditio, Mr. J. R. Idford, Dcp, Com. 
rtMlfity of Ordnance, to MiTi M*ry 
Vicktrs.— aa. at Madras, R. Sheifon, 
£rq. of the Hod. Company's civil fer- 
vice, 10 Mifl Taylor.— -£fl«/r, at 
Mafulipatam, Lieut. M. Bateman of 
aitilleiy, to Mi&Wahab.— At Cocbi 

cutu, Mr. F. H. Baaion,to MifiJ. E. 
Shaw.— At St. Helena, Lieut, Forbes 
of the navy, to Mr(. Dovelon. 
JuiK 1, at Calcutta, Mr, ]. Lit Clare, to 
Mifs K. Shuln.— 11, at Diamond 
Harbour, G. jackfon, Efq. » Mife 
E. J'alls.^ia, at Calcutta, Capt. 

10 Mif) M. A. {ohriBoiic, a bewitifiu 
and accomphOi-.'d lady. — Sj — " """"' " 
Bcn{roolen,B W.Crix,(o 

fon. — Samaday, at Padaui!, , . , 

Efq. to Mifs Wnierib<Tt'.-i8, at 
Cawnpore, Mr. J. F. Mufcilhai, 
Commandant in the fervice of Ali Ba- 
haudrr, to MHs A. jonet, daugbicf of 
Mr. Muilyn Jones- 
iepTEMBEB i,aiDirjgepore,T.ParT, 
Efq. to Mifs F. Rorarth.— Ditto, at 
Calcutta, Mr. E. Moroney, to Mi6 

Robenfon Ditto ditto, Mi-. L. Mac- 

inioih, 10 Mifs E. S. Robcrtfon.— 
Ditto, ai Bombay, Litut, J. T. Wa». 
ten, to Mifl C. A. Godwin.— 8. at 
Calcutta, Mi. S. Evaiu, n- Mifs Stcw^ 
art.— 11, at Bombay, Mnj. J. Bland of 
the Erwinecn, to MifsW. Bullock. 
— 14, at Madras, Mr, W. Hope, u> 
Mlfi Wheeler^i5,atditto,Mr Bal- 
four.jun. to Mifs Bd1.~!i, at Malii- 
lipaiam, Wm. Norihan, Efq. furgcun, 

Madras Eftalj. to Mifs Dixon. 


to Mifs Smith.— At Madras, Capt. 

Prefcot of the Hon. Coniuanv'? Ihip, 

Priiicels Charlotte, 10 Mifs' Tollcv, 

daughter of the late Col. ToUey. — At 

the C3^o/Csoii//«f^, Lieut. Whitia, 

of His Majefty's 75th leg. to Mi& 


October eg. at Madras, H. A. D. 

Compton, Elq. one of the Aliomics of 

ibe'Court and Coronci of Madias, 10 

Mifs M. A. Carrcre, daughitr of the 

_, late Dr. Carrerc, of that eflablilhmcnt. 

to NovE.MBER II, at Calcuua, Mr. I, 

A. Morgan, to Mib Ro^atio. — 14, at the 

at Cape of Gotd Hope, S, H, Xtn, 

the Hon. Company's piloi fer> 

<^ape Vf fjnoa nipe, o, n, i.iiiice, 
Comn:and4:r of His MajeQy'i frigate, 
L'Oifcau. to Mi6J.ClaAe.— 17. at 
Pondainallie, Lieut, J. L. Jones, Fort 
Adj. 10 Mife Mackenzie. — ai, at Cal- 
cutta, Mr. Lewis de Souza. to Mi(i 
M. Malow._e4, ditto, Mr. S. M. 

Lowder, to Mifs Bamet. Latefy, 

December 10, at Bcrhamuoic, Sir 
G. Leiih, Bart, Brigade Maj. of Hii 
Mjjefty's tiocfs Jn B'jngal, and Aid- 10 the Ri;;lii Hon. ibi Go- 
vemor-Geoeral, to Mifs AlbiiiaVau- 
ghan.— 11, at Kiddcrpetr, Hr. T. 
St«rk, to Mifl Frances Cunningham . — 
BO, at Goihal, A. Stephens, Elq. of 
Keerpoy, to Slifs Toiicher.— 24, at 
Mongmr, Mr. Howe, Conduflor of 
Storei, to Mifs E. Stokes,— eG, at 
Tiuar, Mr. J. Slaw, Couduclof of 

Sffin,toMiriFei;;ur(in. eldefJdM-h- 
CH of lilt Corn:iU!>air-p Ol lice r.- Die- 
». «GW, A.W,,iih,, E(^.„{ 
Ru^^porj, ka. Kicrchant, in iJie Hm. 

— Ii-v/i', « H> dcr.h.d,G.U,c. E.q. 
Sis-m to ;he, ioMir,B:,lr. 
jAMnlY I, 1-99 at S^ra. I-VaiJ^r- 
n»,. Efj.of C«.hin, lo ,M;,U. flul,. 
^-rvofSu-o:;— 4,a;B).nbiv.G Ktlr 


10 Mrs. Ann5o««—'Lcil: 
rjjij,^ Mr. f. Dormicuj, k, M,ri 
A,(j,=a-,in._,j at ditto \Ir R r> 
M.Dnr-itux.— lo.atditiu M, F M 
Sndlo.J, to M,r, S. B„r.ud.-S7 « 
^■c-Jitj, Mi. N. Mfwrjc, 10 \l,r, 
D-Cui^ig, at JuaTipo,., F. La«-- 

faf^/r, JiBi-mbav, R. S,-«..,„ £[„ 
Ltjcon, m M,r. M. F.H.rick.-A; 
fe-« dc Giljc, Cip.. R. M-Cull,. to 
M.'. Vjn Cu,„p.-Dit,o, C.m. E. 
t.:t-:e cf ih- BrnKd a,(;i|,,>- a„j 
C"-=:j.:idjiir of thai girrifoii, tb Mlli 
Wn Bfa dr More. 

" dii.p, Mr. A. Rudfock, ,o .MJC 

^1-".., Mr. H. Eallp.,., ,oM„; 

J. B j.u!i.-io, 3t dmo, J. 
h!ct.H!Kl. ro Mri. de Prchi — o, „ 
•fc-o, Mi. p. Makh,.i,wM,fi A. Co- 
"p- Ic'i-Zv, at Anc:, ^ii.■ I 

ij^^ia, to M,rs M. VVIioip.-Ai 

p ,ci^ »/ ct^ H^, 'iZZ. Cd! 

Coc^burne. lo Mifi A. de WJi.-. 
a-^ Lifut. J. Graham, ii:h li=ht 
f^;?;>:B.inM„ F«fcTi.-Di:to. -Tlr. 
J-.ih, NJ...I Si..rc.k«p<rr, ,o Mif, 
;-r.,j._Diiio. Lieut. Piun 2E,[, 
^^1*. dtjgoon,. to Mrs. YWfd. 

-"."dMo, R.C^tdln, Bo.oflvflr. 
fi^-n^ to M;l* Child— 11. at ditto 
il;- T. Fulto... to Mifi L. Jrhnftit..- 

J-^phi-llonc, Efq. M. ki: 

li^.io Wi&M. Kraniq-. iarftv 

« rfi^ Co^ <Cbo^ Wo^. Ltf ut. Col! 

^ -i::^'.o MLfi jHtnard, uiccc loilic 
UdB.,tt.cfL,=>e,ick. "^""^ 

Mi. ¥. W Jit— 3, at dii-o, ilj- R-,- 
LjuJmEuttaaui, loMiliM.U'hilh. 

[CLE. 177 

-.3. jiNLrfri.. G. R.:jd. F.r,.Ar. 
ourt.iniin th; Kcvct-QcDepjitmr.-, 
to M.H E. K.)j,l,J^;,-.— 19, at Cal- 
ru:L!. Cjpi. R. M.rKrtBor, Ir. hlifi 
U't'\™'~^-^- " ^'J"«lll Gunj:f , Vr. 
Crl;.bi C-).ii^Lki Mji-iod..Ji.>, ia 
M:h Er-,.lrjldd Pdii^j.y.-aqTa, Mp. 
^, G, G. RJLl.Jid.o.,, Elq,,oM.l» 

Licut. W. H. nL*iii, to M;f.C^k- 

May ti.alC.lcjita. Mr. F. PuftiMf-. 

■,. M. MjV.r.-ES. »i dittn 

Mf.J, Siriel,u,MrliM.W„ih.. 


April ". 1-9!!, a, Madras, thf LatV 
j;hrr,y,R,lUiil.on,£iq. of the civil 

r "%^'^"' '^''i -;''■" '''**'■»• 

l-Jl'i. H . Hiinmond, late Ci)mni*iid. 
■'. Trrichinojwlv, 

I-iL'Kt. J. CdffiJv ofh» M.-je%'i .. 
ye. offcot. -B4 at Bombay, ibr 
t'-< Son of .Mr. Nlwioii— »7, at " 

.ii= eldcS d.iiiKhier of L.cul' 

A. Gieci. Laifh, ,M hi> p.,inij.e 

from BentoolcQ 10 Cjicmta, T. CuTl- 
prtHiiiliiig altnti, of a line ufic iii po. 
euy, atid, by ihofe wlio knew bim ihn- 
rciu^hly, e^ujllv admired and efitem- 
eJ.-Oi; h.s (nlfiRe 10 England, U.m. 
}V. Pielcott ol the Hon. Company', 

\Iat i).M C.dcima, Mra. Maxwell,n^ori.-, Mr. RouiltMii. 
— iB, at Cdkutta, ihc Lady of C. 
T,',u„.h,ll, Efq. Mailer-A.tendanr — 
Bii:udi,to, M^r. r. StorcY. via..ller. 
—so ai Bomby, W. Suiiik, E'o.fc. 
-'■f Vcllnrc, S. Gradmaii. sd Lietii. 

el!ci-tii;d and belowd by hi* 
and dtli-rvcdiy reKretted by ihcni — 
fi2, at ditto, C. C. Kj«, LI,,, one of 
the aiiomies of the Supreme Couti.— 
"■i, at Cakutta Mr. vt'. Koine, air,(l. 
ant 111 t^oniratl. ofSiorei office.— 'b, m 
thuiar. El Jin,, S. MacROWan, ol iIk 
tr.^incm.-«;, » M.,,lrai. C.p^aii, 
Ij. L. Cj. Pitman of the En.'iuerr.i Ijn. 
je:cly (..greeted by a Lr^c tiide of 
ItienJs, to whom huamuble qiulitici 
and iibcrjl accompli (lii,u:„ui were w,-ll 
known .Hid adEqiuli-ly i-aimaicd. Hn 
Icll j!rtni.iiun^ly, neither piellid wlih 
th; w. i^lit of yean, nor the 


fi::-.!;Lili:y, of niiitii Wc lini'tuVihcVf" 
* • fccl. 


kEt, thougli we cannot but revere tlie 
caufe. Hit liincnl wai attended bv 
G<D. Rob, Col. Gem, and k\€nl of- 
ficcn of the corpt to whicb be belong- 
ed, and a munbier of private friendi.^- 
a 2' J^'effiPP^i C%«' Darrab. 
te/)',ai Amboyna, Capt, C. Pictett, 
•f the Bombay ftie»tc. — On board ihe 
Hon. Company'scxiTalhip Lion, Capt. 
J. Doheny, ol His Mai»ny's iqth icg. 
—M Bencoolen, R, Madman, E{q. 
tcoioi merchaiu and refident al Crerc. 
June I, at Bciurei, Mr. J. Smith, mcr- 
chinr.— 6, ai Boglepore, H. E. Lui- 


..... .--.lereTviceofadeferringoffi- 

ta, bis biendi of > fociable compa- 
nion, and foclety of a worthy and ho- 
nounbleman.~l7, atSl.Thouic, the 
Rev. Fire Anionie, Vicar of the Do- 
minican Chuirh . He dietNfeer a lone 
and painful illneri, which he boiewith 
Chnfliaa patience* — 19, at Madiai, at 
Ml advanced ijc, the Nabob Abdaul 
Waub Khan, &faaudei, bioibcr 10 the 
hte, and uncle to ibc prefcni N^b c^ 
the Camatic.— zG, at Calcutta, A. 
Mariion, (eofioner in the Hon. Com- 
pany's ferace. tatety, at Ramna- 

ghufj Mr. C. E, Madcw, indigo ma- 
nu&aurer. — At Montapilie\', B. Mit- 
mabon, furgron, BcneaJ cflab. — 30, at 
Cawnpore, CoL J. M'Gowan, one of 
the mtrfl diftinguiftied officer? in the 
Bcn^l army. By '''^ '^'" '^ ^" *""> 
abihtie:, hcrorehimfclfrroin therauki 

10 the hononnble filiiat;on vihich he< 
filled at the time ofhisdcaih. He wai 
Ml intrepid and ^llaoi foldier, an ar- 
dent and Deadyfiiend, and anuDalTuiit- 
ingand upright man. 

July 1, at Birracltpore, Lieut. CoU 
C. H. While.— iSitlo, at Calcutia, 
Mr. W. Anioi. — 4, at Tellicherry, 
■ Lieut. D. PhilJips.— 9, at Calcutta, 
M(j.Pafchal Dtfla.— 10, ai Allahabaii, 
i.ieut. Col . A. Hcaifcy. Benual ellab. 
—13, at Calcutta, Mr. R. Symc. fiir- 
^or^ihe Anielopecniiier.—Diiiu, 

11 Monghyr, tlie irifani lim of Capt. 

i. WiHiam*. — IQ, at Bombaji, J. W. 
aukbeei, Efq. of the civil Icivice of 
thaieftah.— sa, at Madnu, Mr. A. N. 
Brown, aHillant furgeon, liitcercly re- 
Dtltcd by all who knew hiin. — 23, at 
CJcwta, H. Harvey, Elq.— e^ at 
Bmdel, Mr, M. D'Cmi., aped 3j.~ 
«Q, 81 Monghyr, M.i. Willujms, wife 
of Capt. J. Williami, Ihe late of 
tl^ udy Eu been iml}' UmcDtible and 

difirdbiK to her liMwk. Afiflofi 
Bomontbold, and the ool)' cUu Ihe 

had remaining in India, wai atladwl 
by a fevcrc illueft, which fo early al llie 
sd ult. left no belies of his recovay. 
On that day Die was hetfelf (eiicd wiili 
a BialcDi fever; and although Ibe wm 
in the laft month of bei ptcgpancy, yet 
Ihe rould not be prevailed upon 10 (jiM 
his heii-ridc, until the paim of labour 
fricced heiFroin hitn. On the dcalb of 
the child, her Qicnflh and fyititi en- 
lirtly failed her; aod {he funi; under 

the affliaion, 16 d^ after 

Lautj,, at Ramporc Buddcllirv, in 
the diflriflof PunKa,Mr.W.Wliite, 
(inceiely itgretlcd. — At Ciilcutla, Mn. 
C. Edwards. — Al Madras, iheyounnS 
daughler of Lieut. Ptellf n,— Onlti* 
paQagc to the Cape, Mr. BaOicii, fe- 
cond officer of the Hon. Coinpai^a 
fbip Hawticlbuiy. — On board the Eun* 
{hip, Capi. Mtiat of the anuj. — On 
their rsnage fiom India to Europe: 
Mrs. MauVe, rclift of the Uic Colooel 
Made; Mr.R.Weffett of civil eft*. 
at tbe Madras PrdideDCV i the Lai^of 
R. S. PCneau, Efq. ; Capt. Bunliaiy 
. oi Hit Majeftv'i jed n%. of light ili»> 
gooni ; and C. fordyce, Efq. ei (be 
civil fervice, Bengal cllab. 
Augusts, at Chuaar, Capt. W. But- 
ler, Forc^adjuiant and Barrack-iDiaAeTaf 
that flation.— ^1 at Aiungabad, NooT' 
ud-Decn Hoflain Khan, principal na- 
tive agent of the Britifii icfldctit at Poo- 
nah, and 64.-8, at Chuuar, Cxpi. 
M. Wliite, 8ih rcg. of native inf.— 
10, aiBlnackpare, J. G. HoarCtEff. 
of the tnfarHry in tlie deganment of the. 
Surveyor-General. — Ditto, in Fort- 
William, at iho guanerj of the Hon. 
Col. Wcllcfley, after a fhott,but fcvci* 
illncfs, in (he sStb year of bis we, 
A. Ilunt, Efq. Ute Captaiti in die 
Royal Navy, and comtnandei of Hi* 
Majelly's Ibip^ La Vir^^nie. He wa* 
an olBfer eminenily qualified for all 
the (kiies ol hit [aofeUioQ, and diHio- 
euillied lor his urbaniiy in aU the 
habitudes of focial life. — 13, at Cal- 
cutta, on board the Ibip Eurydice, ^V. 
Li'ckhan, Cfi^. of tlie Hon. Coiripa- 
iiy's fcivice, in the rtvenue dcpart- 
nient. — 16, in Foit-Wjiliain, K. 
Moore, Efi^. aged 84 fcoi, Ute fur- 
ueon on board His Ma;cily's Ibip !.• 
Virginie.— 21, atB«nvbay,MfsH. A. 
Banatyne, daughter of Col. f. Bi^a- 
lyne. — r3, at Aicoi, Lieut. Col. A. 
Macphcrlbn, commandant of AmboiiT. 
He had been upwards oft? years in the 
lioa. Comniiiy'i fervice : He vx^ par- 
ticulatlydiuinKuifhedfoihittacilitv m 
,-, .acqjuHnt 


rtla iia the oxmif IngiMSh and 
. fa the iuenc^ with wbicli he fpokc 
Aem. He w an able aod zoaloui of- 
ficer, 1 plearani compmion, and a duly 
ambk nun. — Dtna, at Kiddcipvre 
fcbaol, Mib C. M. AndEifon.— 05. .c 
Griton, Mr. SoubLTe. Lete/y; it 

i, H Cilicui, R. LewU, 
£lq. Bombi)r civH clU).— 6, a> Cal- 
tiHtt, M.C. And Fcws, much aodjuOly 
repBtcd. — 8, at dkio, Mrs. M. JkIi- 
fcn.— 9,ai St, Thome, Father Frc Luii 
dc Smla Aima, Vicar Gcntial lo the 

wd 7S--Dltw 
P. Ma^dewBil-- 

i. Macdeugal. — It, at Bombay, Mr. 
C Oram, ilEfiaot fargeoB. — ic, at 
Cdenita, Mr. f. Heodeifon. — ig, ai 
AindjcheRy, Ci>l. Chennont, I'l'i//- 
tonr Govanor of that place, a po- 
Uhat femlciam, aAd a lealoui officer. 
-i(, at Calcutta, S. M- T^or, Efq. 
rftflaor ittihc rcfitfcnt at Lucknew. — 
17, at ditto, Mr. W. Cowley, ^er a 
loDgillaeb, bulband of Mn. Cowky, 
Aecekbmed dramatic wriler.— Diilo, 
n Mabn, Mai. T. Gordon. — lo, at 
Hoo^, the Lab of the Hon. C. A. 
fince, nd daughter of Sir Chirlea 
fikim; I bdy endowed with the fineK 

BleaB, nwcflai witbeitrytemale ac- 
complilbmeiH, whicb, wbife ibry ftt\ 
flm^h to her viiiue, and toohdeni 


(0 (he fpaiU6 innoeenty of her bean, 
ftrrol n dignify mber than commatui 
Ac aure modcfty of her mannen. To 
■ hdhmdwcl) (jualiBcd to appreciate 
hcTwartb, (he wai a loving and dutiful 
wife ) to her fkher Ihe waian aff^ttioiv 
■edushlcr; to her &nnily Ihe ytji a 
under bieod ; and lo her friendi (he 
WM an enimBble comuonion. — ai, at 
Uldrai, Mr. I. Biay, furvcyor of H» 
~^, K HvMi^iorc, Mr. Potter, n:iany 

Tcan mercfaaat at that place. Lau- 

g, at Oilumbo, Capt. C. M. Cloy- 
fcU, sgih rt^. — At Serampoic, Mr. 
P. Allen. — At Surat, the infant tlaURh- 
-rfj. Pricr, Efq. 

'OBEX I, at Cakulta, Mn. T. 
Sonth. — ID, « ditto, ihe wife of Mr. 
D. Wilfon.— 90, at Ramnad, Lieut, 
■d Adj. S. Clarke of the MarouB 
efab. tiidcavoaring to flop a Potygar 
w the ii>rt gate {mm making hiiefcape, 
rixMtsP.M. hewaifbbWihtough 
de body, and fell dead on lb; rpoi. He 
«at I wnriby man, "and a diligcnl and 
br»c officer. He hailcft a tielplefi 
7«img bmily of tbrce cbiidrtri, wiib- 

out Mtf previfion, to lament the lolj , 

of their wrarted father,— — Lately, on 
board the ODcrl^, Capt. MackinioQi, 
Madras eDab. — On hetpaOage toEng- 
kmd, the wife of Capt. J. CampbeS, 
Madras anillery. — At IcKgenratiiu- 
iira, Mr. [. ■Garth Ibore, firfl officer of 
the (bip BcEler. 
NovEMBEK 3, at Calcutta, Mr. J. 
Ciol%rHf.— ,^ at diiio, Mt. J. D. 
Maihewi. — n, at ditto, the in&st 
dauehier of T. R. Dent, Efq.— i j, K 
Bcnltay, Lieut. D. Gibfon. — tS, at 
ditio, S. Ince, Efq. fenior merchant 
in the Hon. Company's fervice. — >g, at 
difto, after a lingering illnefs of eigh- 
teen months, the youngefl dai^hier oC 
}■ Morris, Efa, aged two tcaci.— 
Bitio, a< Calcutta, S. Fairfex, Efq. > 
VO«u^ man who(e early viitues laifed 
ihe bindeft expc^ionin thobofbrnof 
his friends; to whom, and id fociety, 
be prami(tx) to becotoe a moll adruil 
and valuable Ofnfment. Mr, F. wai 
the fon of G, W. Fairfiii, Captwn of 
Adm. Lord DuDcan'f (hip, the Venc- 
leblc, OD the lllh Oa. 1798. Ht 
Vent to India lalt veK as a cadet, 
and wai lately mnaferred to the ci> 
vil frrvice.— «5, at Mwkw, T. Pell- 
ing, Efq. ;^^ed 76 ; laie partner in ih« 
lefpcBable and long elhbli(hed hout 
of Pelling, De Fries, and Co.— «8, at 
Calcuira, Copt. P.Campbell, late com* 

maiiderof ihe Sofprire. Lalefy, at 

Rungpore, Brevet Capt.UlynesBrovin, 
agemlnnan much admired for his con- 
vivial qualkicl, and very delervedty hi- 

cuita, Mr, B. Hard,— Dittodi 

A. Anderlbn. — is, at ditio, Mr. J. J. 
Haywood, ailiflant in the Surveyor- 
Geneiai's oHice. — 14, al diilo, Mr). 
M. Stcv^iealbn.—Ditlo itto, Capt. 
Wagtoff of the Engineers, — 16, at 
ditlo, Mr. W. Collier. — Ditto, at 
Hyderabad, Enfign G. Leith. — a,n, at 
Amec, in the Gmatic, Col. H, Alb- 
ion, commanding Hii Mjjeftv'i i-y\h 
reg. offoot. He died in confcquencc 
ot a wound whiih he receivedi in jit 
unforluoateduel with a btoihcr odiccr. 
He was a man vi>ell known in the lii It 
circlet of fdlhlon in EiKland ; the friend 
and companion of His Royai HiEbncls 
the Priiice of Wales, to whom he h^d 
been recommended by the gcnetoGty of 
his heart, no left than by the elegance 
and urbanity of hit manners. — k^, at 
Bandd, the Rev. Free Jotqutia ds Si. 



1, « Y""- 

Killa, {iriot of ibacplacc.— 
lore, Lleui. M. C. Jones oi mc nun- 
Company's iniaDliy. 
JXNUAnv E, 17<», Capt. T.William- 
■■ "1 fffab.— 6, at Madrai, 

. ., J. Mt. J. Huiaiinfon, affifl- 

ant in iheMiliiaiyBoard office. — 14, it 

.Jlenarei, G. 'I'. Cherry, Efq. kaiot 
Judge of Appeil; Capi. E. S. Coo- 

. way ; Mr. R . EvatH ; and Mr. E. Hill, 
indigo planters. Thcfe ^ntlcmen (ell 
a faciiiicc 10 ihc vindictive malice and 
brulal ferociiy of Vjzicr Ally, ibe dc- 
poled Nabob of Oude, in ilvs memo- 
lable maObcte al Benarts, uhich wu 

.)jlanned and executed by [hatiinx:ioui 
and prolligile prini^e, and of whidi a 

einicuhr account will be found in out 
hroniclcfocthe above month. — s6, at 
Bcrhamporc, Lkui. R. F^gan. — «8, at 
Calculia, Mr. N. Bacon. — 31, atBar- 

rackporc, Maj. Gtn. A. Piaidy. 

Lately, alSurraaong, EnCgn G. Cle- 
phinc. — Al Madras, the infant fon of 

:hitf officer of ihc fliip Jane. — At 
Madni, Capt. Lieui. I. Loean, Ben- 
«1 cflab.-At Gya, Lleul. T. H. 
WdOi.Adj. of the Ramftur battalion. 
— At ibe Caft, E. Hay, Efq- fenior 
merchant, Bi'ngal elUb. and (bunh 
niembtr of ihc Board of Trade at Cal- 
culta i a man valuable for hi( incor- 
rupaible inieatiiy, pure honour, and 

inknt benevolence. 

B R u A R Y I , al Caleuna, KilTen 
Pcrfalid MoUar. — 5, at Scrimporc, 
Mr, C. Cote, formerly of Calcutts, 
aited 80. — 15, at Calcutta. Mrs. M. 
D'Cnra.— 17. at ditto, Mr. Pirie, 
waich-msker. — Ditto dilto, Mr. A. 
Couti. — Eo, at Madrai, Mifj M. J. 
Frcnd, ilaufkleroF Mn. Filz<era)d. — 
CI, 11 Chinfurah, Mr. F. E, Siroihcr. 
— 84, in Foil William, I. Mufarave, 
nucb regretted by bis crMher oSicen. 

Lately, near Hyderabad, Maj. 

SImpfon, late in the fcrvice of hit 
Highnefi the Nizam, and (onnerlyBag* 


E)^-ma(ier to the Britilh army o« the 
iniintni, under ihe command of (he 
Duke of Yorlt. — Ai Calcuna, Ijeut. 
and Adj. R. G. M'MilUn.— Ai Pon- 
damallie. W. Seville, Efq. alEftani 
furgeon. — Al Madras, iheiotani daugh- 
ter of Mr. Reynqldt. — Onhispadaee 
to Madias, Capt. T. Siever^n of liie 
Hob. Company's iufiuur^, and cam> 

Duoding Raji lnau n diy .— 
^c from England to (_. ., _ 
Erphin, of ihe Company's (hip Airtev 
March i,atC3lcuita,Mr.W.lDgram, 
— Dilio, al fiurdvran, R. Irehnd, Efq. 
— t, ai Bombay, Lieui. G. Bowfon. — 
S, at Dacca, J. Herbert. E^. — 7. •• 
Bombay, ih "'"-'■ '^'^ — "- 
Holmes. — >li 
C. Harris, Efq. — . 
malice, Lieut. W. H. Gordon.— 17. at 
Cakutu, Capt. Cowliftaw, of ibe 
Bengal native infanlry. — eo, it dino, 
Mr. E. Daniel.— Diiio dido, Mr. R. 
Mofs, lale DoR'malter of Kedgeie ■ — 
SI, Mr. W; Hallings, who fell frxxn 
the chopper of a boai, and was drown- 
ed.— Duio, at CalcutU. Mt. S. Jofeph, 
law initrpreier to Sir W. DunkiB. — 
14, al Mazagon, fuddcnly. Nabob Ha- 

H:i Siib. — 30, at ChinfOrah, Mifs 
. SlalenbaTy.-" — Late/y, on boaitl 
La Fone, Mr. Riddell, laie of ibe ibip 
Lord \IorniiiDion. — Killed on board 
his Majelly't frigale I.a Sibille, in ihc 
aOion wiih La Fone, Capi. R. Da- 
vits of ihe Benipl eilab. Aid-du-Camp 
to the Governor- Gentfral, and Fort- 
Adi. of Fort- William. Hev«.a brave 
and Ikillful officer; in ihe army nolels 
diltinguijhed for his knowlcdec and 
public fjnril, than in private lile rb tbc 
amenity of hit manners and the puritj 
of bit heart. 
April 8, in Fort-\Vil!lam. Mr. T. 
Sherwin. — 24, wiih C<J- Brown'i de- 
tachmeni, near Erroad, Lieut. Sir. 1. 

Colqubon, Ban. igih tee. Laufy, 

on board ihe Exeter, Nit. I. Holmci, 

nierlv of Tranitoebar. — Dilio,Mr.W. 
Maughan.— On ih-i Malabar coafl. 
Captains Scholl, Gilkey, and Thomp- 
fou, of the Hon. Company'i intamty. 
— Al the Cape, Adm. Sit Hugh Chrff- 

MAr'a, at Fon-WiUiam, Mailer J. 
Widc.-^, ai the houfe of Mr. R. 
Ledlie. at tbe Powder Mills, W. john- 
fon, Efq. aiiorney of ibe Supreme 
Court, aiid ClerktoMr.Joftiee Roydi. 
— Diuo. at Calcmia. Mr. T. Baber.— 
5, at ditto, Mr. M. Rock— 6, ai Afli- 
toor, on hi) way from the gtuid army 
to the coalt, for ihc recovery of a con- 
fliiution worn out in the fcrxice of hii 
COUniiy, Lieut. Col. J. Murray, cora- 
icaiidiuit of (he id reg. of naiivB ca- 
valry .—10, at Calcutta, ihe Rev. Mr. 
LZ. Kieniaider. — Ditto ditto, C, 
Its, £[q. of the Hon. Ccmpeny'i 



•in! fcriee.— n, M Vfllore, Col. R. 

&k- — 14, u Madrai, the Lady of Sir 
T. Stnogc, Knighl, Rtcorder of that 
lira, — >5, at dllio, the Lady of Capt. 
UBrleloo of thecoaflartiUciy. — sq, at 
ihc houfe of T. Muir, Ef^. Chourin- 
gbce, after a painful and lingering ill- 
BC&, in conlequcnce of ihe wound he 
KCcivcd in (DC engaecmcnl between 
la Sibillc and La Fone, on the tH 
of March, b BalaforT Roads, Edw. - 
Cook, Efq. Poft-Caprain inihc Rowl 
Vxif, and Comniandcr of hij Majdl'y'i 
Ihip La Konc. Little of our bumble 
ffaift ii TTquired to ihc memory of an 
officer lb luMKiuied, and of a man fobe- 
loTEd; (he glory of hii own fplendid 
achievement, ai it wn bii higbeli re- 
•ird, fo it jt ;his nobleft encomium : 
and the aflcQion of hiifritnds, which 
Sjnncd ibe bappincft of hii life, a the 
kfi tribute that cao be offered to hit 
lirtiK*. The muia of difiinguiQKd 

charaflen are indeed feldom difcrimi- 
natcd with due impanialiiy ; but in the 
praifei which have been beftowed on 
nim for whom w 

of friendlhip and the lanRuaae of 

arc the fame; and ihc faiihful 

page of hifiory will iranfmii hii name 
to pofleriiy wiib undiminilbed luOre. 
— a6, at Calcutta, the Lady of Mr. T. 
Woodhoufe, ii) the pilot fcrvtce. — 
87, ai diuo, theLadyofMr.'W.Tiif- 
loch.— la/f/v, at diuo, W. Macleod, 
of ygdreg. — Ai Madras, Maj-Macdo- 
nald— On board the Company's flnp 
Bufbridge, on his piiraee to Europe, 
Lieut. Murray.— At Calcutta, Mr. 
Hodflfon, wiiier. — At diito, Lieut. 
Brooke, of the Madras eilab. 

are forty to team that the Hod. Major- 
Gcneial Si. Le^r died fuddenl; u Cey- 
lon lome titne in May lift. 


( 18S ) 


f Although the fyiowing papen do not eotne hi Ae orfer of inne, iM have jOacoI 
them fiifi in our Sitppkincnt, on account oFUiNr iinficnance.]] 

Tranflatioiuofauthntic^EKSiAii Papbks feund in Ibt P^ace ^ 
Ser'mgafalam, aftrr thi reJuSion if that Capital by iht Arwf rnidtr 
iht cotmumd ^ Lieutenant Gtneral Harru. 

S.a% pBRSiAM Rapiks, of which ibc Ibllowii^ munben tie tnnflMtofM, 

weic found in the palace of die laicTiproo Sultaun ai Seringapatam. 
Tbey arc authenticated at eithci inie copiei or original documam, either by the 
Private Secretary to the Commander in Chief of the Britilh forces, prior to the 
infliiutionofaBoaidofComnuQionerifortbe Affairs of Myfore: or, fubl«queDiiy, 
by siembera of that Board, and alfo by Hubeeb-oolla, head moonfliy (or 
recreory] to the lateTirroo Sultaun. 
The papers (roni No. i, lo No. %o, incluCve, relate loihe alliaoce between TiF- 

Foo Sultaun and the French nation. 
The originals of No9. i, e, 3, 4, 5. G, 7. 8f 9> lo> H, 14, 15, and 90, aie 
memorandum books, partly in Tippoo Sultaun's own hand-writii% and 
(ertly in that of his head tnoonlhy, and cf fevcial of the priiici[al officer* oC [u( 
They are iranQated in the form and order in which [hey refpeflivefy )pV*' it I'm 

original mcinoiandum books. 
The hand- writing of (he Sultaun, and of each of the chte&oc fecretariet, wn p^^ntrA 

out and attcfied by Mubeeb-oo lt.a. 
The papers fubfcquent 10 No. eo, exhibit the inieitourfe which fubfi&ed between 
TiPPOO ScLTAUN and Zemaitn Shah, the ^ag of Cabul, (or purpo&c 
hoflile to the Briiilh Empire in India. 
, It i* proper 10 remark, that the laie Ttppoo Soltaub, either with > view to 
denote, in ihe moll confpiciious mmner, his pretcnGons toabfolute fovereignty 
and independence, 01 fiom ihe fuggcdions of pride or caprice, ot from iholc 
motives combined, changed the zra in ufe with all other MuITulman Slates, and 
altered ihe names and drEi^niitionsof all ibe olHcei of government j of the diviGoni 
of territory and turns of revenue ; of the implemcntiof war, and cf crans, wo^Im, 
■nd meafuiesi fubflituiing names of his own invention, for thole which aic in 
ufe in every other pan of HinduftSn. The aia which he adopted, ii prnilely the 
TeDingana, which commenced with the Caili-Joog, or fourth incamaiioa of 
ViOmft, according (o the mythology of the Iliodds. It confiAi of fiiccelfivc eyelet 



ct&n; yara ««h, croy yrar beani^ a diftioQ name, and of ihefe q'cle* eighty- 
«neiR Udtohareclaplcd. — Tip poo Sultauh invcnied [Kwniniu(brihor« 
yean, and chacgcd the nunc* of the months ; adding thereto the zta of the birth 
of Mahoumed (or rather that of Mahommed'i aflumpiion of the ebara£te[ 
of God'a Meflcngcr) which wai tbiriocn yean prior lo the Hijetah. 
ne (eriei of paper) here piiued, bmubut a fmallpailof themalsof voluniinoDt 
CDTTtrpondcnce found in ibe palace of Seringapacatn, all of ihe fame tcDdency, and 
immfi^flmg tbe fame impboble hatrad of the Britilh Nation. The rtceni dirco- 
vay md tiaitCmifian of a large ponioo of that cotrefpondence occalioni the foU 
lowinf collcaioa to be lc(« conplete thin it might have been, by the addition of 
p^en equally inteiESing and important with ihofc now printed, which would 
fervt to cooDcS the chain •ftran[a£liDiu, and to corroborate (he evidence of fafii. 
Bui the following papeit are more than fufficieni lo {hew the unremitiing aidor 
with which the late Tif POO Sultauh had for years purfued the objetbof his 
inlaliable rcTcnge, by violating every principle of faith, truth, and hunour, and 
by descending to anifico .the TTt"'ir>*** and nio& d^rading to his charaQer, at a 
aan lad a braasa.' 

No, 1. Thccommander (Sirdar) of all the 

Tie whole of the original tJthi* Dumber French Ihips— Citoyen Sercey, Ad- 

a in Tippoo Suhaun'i own hand- mtral de Mer de la Republique, 

'"'ine- Name of the chief (Sirdar) of the 

Names of the Sirdars for chiefs) Mauritius Malartique, Gover- 

<f the Frendt natioQ. dcuf General de L'lJle de France, 

Five fcleA Sirdars, pofleffin{;the ec de la Re-union, 

fi^wenie authority of France : the Names of the three iflatuls be- 

dtlc of their office— Poavoir Exe- longinr to the EngliOi — Irclaod, 

cdtif. They are aUb called Guemfey, Jeifey. 

Membres. On the Englilh ifland, there was 

Official defignation of the af- once the Rajah of a tribe trailed 

femblyeffiTehundredSinlars, con. CoolTeea, an hundred years ago; 

ftiluting the deliberative body in the Englifti Rajah put the Rajah of 

France^ and fabordinate to the five the Cofli^as * to death, and took 

Srdars above-mentioned— Confcil poEefllon of his country. 

The official defignation of the ^" "^"^ "^^ «'"'^°^' '^^ f"="='f"'' 

two ncrfon! out of the affembly of '"* <^°^P=^'^""*' ■ 

five bundr^ conipoling the deli- What occurs to my mind is this ; 

berative body in France, who are To retain the Frenchman, Ripaud, 

at the Mauritius — ^Aux ReprC' as a vakeel, oftenfibly ss a fcrvant : 

(entaira du Peuple. to purchafe the {hip whicli be has 

Thcnameoi thcperfonwhocaiite brought, load upon it black pepper, 

out with the appointment of Com- and other articles of merchandize. 

iBaDderinChidr(Sirdar)onihepart To fend two confidential petfotu, 

of the French nation io Lulia. is with letters from that Frenchman. 

GcDeral Citoreo Menealon. There are two European navigators 

.+ N 4 wW. 



wlthRipaud; to entertain them m 

the capacity of navigators ; and 
entrufting lo the verbal communi- 
cations of there two reputable per- 
fons and the Frenchman, what ii in- 
tended to be communicated, fatisfy 
the mind of the French nation, and 
requite Chriftian forces. The 
officer! of each department to com- 
mit in writing their opinion fepa. 

Ripiud has agreed to this. 

Subject adjufted. 27th of Rub. 
baunee, of the year of HerSfut, 
1214, from the birth of Mahom. 
nied [flnfwcrirg to 15th March, 


On (he (th Ahmedy, of the year 
Eaui fanJweiing to id April, 
1797], twoperions, Meet Ghoo- 
laum ADi, and Meerza Bauker, 
were sppoinced to proceed to Eu. 
rope, for the parpofe of negotiating 
with the French nation, and HuC 
fun Alii, and Mcer Yoofuf Alii, 
to accompany the commander of 
the French (hips, by name Ciioyan 
Sercey, Admirslde Mer, de la Re. 
publiq'ie Francaife. 

Qieftion to the Ofiicers of Go- 
vernment : What negotiations 

and engagements (hall be vniered 
into wiih the French Nation? 

Anfwer: ift. The French 

troopi and Frcncli commander, lo 
be under ihe orders of the Khooda- 
"<iaud* Sircar, in military matters, 
as well at wirh refpeft to + marches 
and halts. jdly, After taking 
Cheenaputtan (Madras), it flioujd 
be dcHroyed, and let the fea over. 
whelm it. From Pondicherry to 
Madras, territory yielding five lacks 
of rupees, to be given lothe French ; 
ihe remainder of the Cuddaloie 
diSrift to belong lo the Khooda- 
daud Sircar. The fort of Ginjee, 

alfo to be ceded to the Fiencfi. 
Every one to appropriate whatever 
plunder he acquires in the fort of 
Madras and the Blick town. The 
fort of Goa to belong to the Khoodi- 
daud Sircar; Bombay to belong to 
the French. 3dly, The army of 
the Khoodadaud Sircar, to unit* 
with that of' the French, in the 
conqueft of Bengal. The com. 
mander of [he forces of the :{: Ah. 
medy Sircar, and the comiaaoder of 
the French troops to aft in concert. 
No operation to be undertaken 
without the advice oF the com- 
mander of the French troops. Such 
part of the territory of Bengal ai 
may be conquered, to be equally di- 
vided between the Khoodadaod 
Sircat and the French. 4thly, The 
queftion of war and peace with the 
Englilh to be decided only by the 
mutual advice of the parties, that 
19 to fay, the Khoodadaud Sircar 
and the French. 

0» th baei effbi original: 

O Proteftor! 
Belonging to the Prefencc. 
(True tranf.) 

N.B. Edmonstoni.P. 7: 

No. 2. 
The whole of iheotiginaloFihis number 

Anftiicr from the Mrtr Mtiraatt, 
(or Heads of ihi Military De. 

Our humble reprefentition ii as 
follows : — Let your Highnefs for 
the pretent fatisfy Rtpaud's mind ; 
and keeping him here, require hint 
to write letters of aiTiirance (or en- 
couragement) to the French. Send 
thofe letters to the Mauritius, and 
call in a Chriftian force. That 
force 10 be direfted againft Calicut ; 

• KhooJainml, liicrally lignific! " God given." Tippoo Sultauo adopted ihia 
J^fignjiion ei ihe coiiduiion of (he war in lyys. 
\ 1 h:ii is 10 Ujr, all m,ljrary operariiins. 
% A.Aj^eri^riuhy which Tippoo Suli^un ufed 10 dclt^^tc hii government. 


and having conqnered the Calicut No. 3. 

dillri^ let the latter be made over The whole of the original of ihii num- 

10 the Khoodadaud Sircar. After ber » m .hehind-wrumgof SvudMi*. 

t_. I I -r I /• 1 huminua Khaun, who vrv KiUed iit 

which letprovifions and fuceour be ,d,„fliuiiof SericuppMam, on the Aih 

utppiied from the Khoodaoaud Sir- of May. 

car ; and let it be taken into yoiir Tie AnfiueT fmm the Meer AJaftf 

Highnefe-sfervice. The chaftifc- (or Riad Rt^taut Officers.) 

ment of the Englilh is on every ac It is reprcfentcd as follows: — 

eoont indifpenfible. Every mo- YourHighnefs (houldbyany mcani 

ment, every hour, the agitation of retain Ripaud till tu'O whole cnomfas, 

thii a^r ii ncceffary and para- and wait till you receive accurate 

nMMfli to every thing. In fpite of intelligence of the fiate of the war 

tbc expenditure of fo Urge a fum between the French and Englifli. 

of money, the inltnccrity, faithlefTi It appears mojl advifeuble not 16 

ncfs, and refraftory difpofition of fend the two navigators, Ripaud's 

theFrench, is evident to yourHigh- companions, until then. Becaufe 

nefs. Without their making over this circamftance, conceal it as you 

to the Khoodadaud Sircar the dif- may, cannot be entirely hid from 

triA of Calicut, it does not appear them. And (houLd they be delir. 

advifeable to us, that they (hould ous of making a peace together, 

be permitted to land in any of your they will make a handle of this 

Highnefs's ports, and be fiimilhed circumftance, tacome to an accom» 

with provt£ons^ and fuccours. Tho' modation. Your Htghnefs fhoold 

the fhip fhould Ik; purchafed from efieft this in fuch a manner, that 

the Frenchman by the Khoodadaud no one may be able to unite with 

Sircar, Dill it would not be advife. them*. With regard to tbeatiunint 

able to fend her, for they feized this of the French force, if you Ihoold 

Ihip piratically. We do not know require a larger force than the re- 

wlut port ijie belongs to : and, fources of this country are Ilridly 

therefore, left fome diiturbance adequate to, yet they will not 

fhoutd happen in the voyage on bring the whole. It is the piaAice 

this account, let your Highnefs fend of this nation, otitwardly to pro- 

fome other (hip, under the name of mife a great deal, and to fall very 

a merchaot (hip, with a quantity fhort in performance. Should it be 

of black pepper and rice, and dif- your Highnefs's pleafurc, 1 would 

pitch her, together with :wo Eu- propofe, that your Highnefs fhould 

ropcan navigators and the confi- take from Ripaud two of his Eu- 

doitial perfons. Letters from the ropeani, and tiominating a perfon 

Khoodadaud Sircar ate unnece(rary, from among the fervanis of the Sir- 

(S^oe^) MoHUMMED Rezza. car, caufe letters to be drawn up by 
the hand of Ripaud, and difpatdi 
them fpcedily. So that all three, 
proceeding together, may give an 

-,,. ,. n , . , r account of the attachment between 

Sobjca adjufted on the zyth of ^^^ Khoodadaud Sircar and the 

Ryaaunceiii4,fromtheb.ithof f^^^, and ratify engage men ti 

Muhammed, (25th Mard. 1797.J „;,[, \^^ ;„ .h,^;^ ^^n coun- 

(Tnietranf.) tiy and return. After receiving 

N.B. Edmohitohe, P. 7". authentic intelligence, let your 

* Tbc Engliih mud lie here uqderQood. 




Highnefi carty Into eficA fuch im. 
portant bufuidi z» may be lo be 
perfbrmcd. Thu is what appeals 
to be the ntoft adnfeable line for 
yoor Highnefs to ^rfue. 

If Ripand's Oiip may be par. 
chafed at a fair price, we would le. 
commend it your Highnefs to pur- 
chafe it : at the tcafon of aftion it 
is needful. 

Dated 13d Robbaonee, in the 
year Heraufut, (ztlt March 1797.} 

Mebk MorummedSaddek, 



Qiieftion on the part of theKhoo. 
6adaud Sircar. — What negociaiions 
and engagements (hall be entered 
into with the Frendi nation? 

How farit is prafticable to eftab- 
IMh a perfeft union with the French 
is erident. If the fcene of war 
were in France, the entire aid of the 
Khoodadaod Sircar would not be 
tfibrded them ; nor could it. In 
the fame manner, neither could the 
whole aid of the French be afforded 
in the country of the Sircar. How 
then can a pcrfrft union be effeftcd 
with the French nation? Unlefs, 
indeed, as it is with the Englidi, 
by giving into the hands of the 
French, the ports, iHands, and forts, 
and admitting a permanent French 
force to be in the neirfibourhood, 
then an union may be cleAed. An 
alliance (literally fartaerfiif) with 
adTcntarers [literally Ira-vellers), 
men who carry their houfes on their 
backs, indigent a;>d ancomic^ed, is 
a dclicatcbufinefs. Stiil, however, 
in conformity to order, it is humbly 
lecommended, that you ftiould, in 
the firft inftance, completely eftab- 
lifh your engagements with the 
French, and then proceed to bulinefa.. 
—Dated as above. 

On thr iack aftbf oripKidz 
Meet Aflbf. 
[Tnicuaaf.) N.B. EnuottiTONi* 

No. 4. 

Anf'wtT frtm ihf Meer Yem, (s^ 

Head of tbt Meriae Dtfart- 


What negotiations and engage- 
ments Ihall be entered into wiih the 
French naticm ? 

An engagement to this cjfeft 
(hoold be mide with the Sirdan 
of the French nation, viz. That 
while the fun and nioon endure, 
the French (hall not fwerve froiD 
their iriendlhip with the Khooda. 
daud Sircar, and that they fhall 
not aft, with rcfpef) to the con- 
tinuation of war or the conclulios 
of peace, without the concurrence 
(literally ordir) of the Khoodadaod 
Sircar ; and that after the arrival 
of the French force, its marchea 
and halls [in other words military 
operations) fhall be at the difcretioa 
of the Khoodadaud Sircar. 



Subjefl adjufted on the 17th of 

Rubbannce of the year Heradiit 

1ZZ4, of the birih of Mahommed, 

(the ijth March, 1797.) 

It will be proper to fend two 
refpeflabte perfons, as upon a trad- 
ing concern ; and it is advifcable 
to afcertain the ftate of things. 

Meer Ghoolaum Alli. 
0» the hack of the Original : 
Meer Yem. 
(True tranf.) 

N.B.Eqmo»stose,P. r. 

The whole of the originalof ihii num- 
ber is in the hand-wntiogof Ghoolaum 
Aafiiitr fnm the Mttr Suidtar (»r 
Head Department conneaed •with 
Wlwt your Highndj liM ftalcd, 

'--''''•''si'--' ■• 


, is highly right and proper. It be- Iwod of Calicat, Aipptiet of provi. 

JM^ youi: ^^hnefs'tilejign -to fetid fions fli^l bcaflbrded by the KIud- 

6k a FxcBck Sotae, wc TBcommend dadaad Siccai, and the armngemcnc 

it to your Highnefs to ellab. ■•£ the ooantry ih«H be made in 

fflh your engagements firmly in concert. An n^geaient to this 

'Enrope, and then require it j other- efieft mutt take place, viz. That 

wift, after involving you in a con. fuch territory as belongai to the 

Kft, they will Tecede, and thus dif- Khoodadaud Sircar fhall revert to 

frace thcmfelve*, as your Highnefs the Sircar ; and of fuch new teiri- 

now* they formwly did in the torial conqueft* ai may be made, 

tnidft cf die war at *** (nume U~ half Ihall be retained by the Sircar, 

legible J when they feparated from and half be grantedto the French; 

the army and made tbeir own peace, alfo, that the friendlhip between 

This is well known to your High, the Khoodadaud Sircar and ih« 

twfi. To write more were to rr ^. French ILall endure while the earth 

jiefs the bouttds of refpeA. and Ikies remain ; that the contino- 

(Signed] ation of war, and the cancluiion of 

The SuDDooRi. peace, with the enemy, be decided 

What negotiations and engage. . by coiKcrt betwem the two ftates ; 

menltlhan be entend into with the and that nothing be undertaken 

l^eooh Nation ? without advice (given to the Sir. 

Friendlhip has vety long fnb- car.) To add more would be to 

filed between the Khoodadaud Sir- tranfgrefa the bonnds of refped. 

car and (be French, and thii cir. Dat^ s^th of Rubbatmee. 

-cmnftance ii well known to a3,\. Subject adjufted, 27th of Rob- 

Owing K> the friendlhip fublifting haonee, of the yearBeraufut 1114, 

witl) the French, lacks have been from the birth of Mahommed (z5d> 

opended by the Khoodadaud Sir. March, 1797.) 

-car, tlK Sirdars, and their relations, (Sigaed) 

to promote the concerns 4^ the Ghoolaum ALLt, 

fimcfa nation; and many have _ , , Meeh Suddook, 

factifioed their lives in the purfoit. °'' ""jtf^y "' or.gtnali 

This all the p«.ple in Eurc^, &c. ^"' P^'ff "f ' 

weUknow; Soiover, Uiecombi. MserSuddoor. 

miiontff thethi«epowers*(liter- .. „ (Truetranf.) 

aSij ftrfami) and die cwnraotions dmonstone,/'.^- 
itey fct wt foot, by which they 

No. 6. 

infiifted.mifcy on the people, and Thewhobof-hcorieinklrfthisnumber. 

■laid violent hands on the country is inthe hand-wihingof Shaikhirmeel. 

nnd property of the Sircar, was en. jSn/'wernf ibe Meer Khatrnx, (tr 

rirely owing to the attachment fub. Trea/urer.J 

■fitting with the French i for other. I recommend that the following 

wift there was no motive for the -propofal be made to the French : 

enmity of the three powers. The " The Khoodadaud Sircar htv. 

Fivnd) nation are well informed of ing furnilhed fuch troops and money 

vbeTe e««itta, and protnbly are not ai yon require, let your troops join 

•regardlefB of them : be it therefore and co.c^rate with thofe of tut 

4e(Jared,flBt if B refpeftable French Highnefs, and render ^themfeive* 

vsn^ fthU iknd in the neighbour, maico of .the country f^Cname il- 



ItgihltJ which is In tbe way ; and No. •}'. 

having ftationedgarrifons, procwd Tfc whole oFAe original of to mi,«W 
onward, to conquer that part of iiioihehamtwridnerfAhniudKhan; 
. yoDT country which has been taken . ^ ,,.,„■, ^ 

poffeffionofbytheEnglifh. After ■*"/'^'' e/" '*' f ''"''■*-««-7^y«', 
legainingihccountryfotakenbythe (•"■nfadioftbeCmmeraalDi, 

Engliih, fuch arrangement of it to partmeiu.) 
be made as may be thought proper, I" ^ Name of the moft Merciinl 
and fricndlhip and alliance retnain God 1 

eftabliftied between the two ftatet. Thb Ripaud that ii ootv, God 
Untiltheconqueft of the country of tnowi what afs it U; whence it 
faente Hiegilihj \x efiefted, pro. come», and for what purpofe. TTic 
TiCons for your troops to be fiir- s"'! "»! ftciet delimis of tbofe, 
nilhed by the Khoodadaud Sircar ; c""* who are inhabitants of thii 
bothprtiestoke^accountiheieof. country, cannot be known aH at 
Snpplies of provifions, &e. ex. p^ce- For the prefent, however, 
pence* for foch troops of the Sircar >t " advifeabje to retain him in the 
u (hall be fent to co-operate in re. fcrvice of the Sircar, and next fca- 
«)vering your country, to be fur- fon make this liar write letters to 
-nifhed by you, becaufc the country the Rajah of tbe French, and then 
of the Khoodadaud Sircar it at a wit to fee what aofwers are re- 
great diflance ; and afterwards let turned, and what the Rajah of tbe 
the accounts be fettled." French writes; and after petti. 

(Signed) • (al of the Rajah's letter*, leiytw 

Meek Khaueih. Highnefs afl as may appear advife. 
Sobjeft adjafted on the aytb of able andjpolitic. Kibl^ • of ihe 
.Ri^baonee of the year Heraufut world! The French are net firm to 
IZZ4, from the, birth of Mabom- their engagements ; when, tbroagfa 
med, i2;(h March, 1797.) the afliltance o£ the Kboodadaad 

Ibeg leave humbly to reprefent Sircar, they (hall have acquired 
— Let Ripaiid, who is come on the poffcflion of territory, perhaps thty 
part of the French nation, be re. will not adhere to their engage, 
quired lof write a letter to the ments. Kibleh of the world'j 
Sirdar of the French, and let it be YourHighnefsmufl adopt fuch mea. 
fent by a man of Ripaud's ; and fures as will give you tbe fupv- 
two other perfons be at the fame riority over the Engtilh, and to 
time fent empty. handed, to bring that end it is advifeable that you 
private information from the Sirdar Ihould take fame one by the haAd* 
of the French, fo that thefe two *nd then, through the aid of God, 
perfons may ^certain where Ri- and the favour of the Piofjiet, by 
paud's letter goes, and whence the £»ceof arms extirpate the Sngliflt, 
anfwer really comes, and return atid and give them to the waters and 
report accordingly to the prefence, the wind I The engagement* that 
To write more would be to tranf. feem proper to be made with the 
gref* the bounds of nefpeA, French are thefc: the territory 

Oh the back of ike original: of the Khoodadaud Sircar, which 

Meet Khauzin. paflediatothehandsof the Englifli, 

(True tranf.) to revert exclufivaly to the Sircar; 

RB. Edmdnstone./'.t: whatever other country and fort* 

* The poioit lo which all Muffiilmatatuni, when ptayii^. ogjc 


bcbi^Dg to dte Chriftiant, vliicb occurred to out deficient iuvler- 

miy tail into our hands, to be ftandinsa. 

eqoilly divided between the Sirur (Signed) 

md [be French. In the fame man. Shaikh Ahmud, 

HT, whatever noone^, efiefts, fee. • Mohammed Ismaebl, 

BBybetaken.tobedividedasabovc. Mull ick.oo- Too Jan. 

Alfo, (hould a peace be in agitation Wniten the i6th of Rubbaunee 

bttwecfttbe FreiKh a»d the Eng. of the year Heraufut i2i4,ofthe 

lift, not to be concluded without *"'* of Mabommed {anfwering to 

the concurrence of the Khoodadaud the z+th March, 1797.) 

Sicir, but, on the contrary, be Subjeft adjufted on the jyth of 

concluded in concert with, and by Rubfaaunec of the year Heraufut 

confcnt of, the Khoodadaud Sircar. ' "4 from the birth of Mahoaune^ 

Forinftance,fuppofingthatinfome (ijtb March, 1797.) 

pmicularpoint in the treaty ofpeace On tht back of tht or.g.nel : 

the French fhould be for, and the Sir- MulUtA-oo-Toojar. 

car Jgainft, then, neither that treaty (True tranf.) 

of peace, nor that point to be exe- N.B. Edmonstohk, P. T._ 

cuted. No dcmaiidi rfmoney and 

eSias » be made upon the Sircar,- "°- *' 

b« fbdi amount, more or lefg, a> Ohfirvauont fahmhtei by the Dr. 

ftam motirei of kirdnefi and in. panmtnls nfGoverrimeiil to Tip. 

dnlgeect;, your Highnefs may be de.' JmoSuliaua, en the fabjtE of the 

firous of dilburfmg upon applies. Nrgnt'iatioit prafafij ta he oftnrd 

lion. Alight be giyen. TTie Com- leiVA the French, through tbi 

mander in Chief who comei with Cbatmel of Ripaud; luith a 

the French force, to be inftrofted rangh Draught of the Prepefi- 

1^ ibe Rajah of the French to be tiom la be tranfmittei to the 

fabjeA to the control of the Sircar, French, ei prepared bj the Sul. 

and not to take any ftep without taun himfelf. 

Olden; and in all engagements in tlic The firU w.i of (he •riginal is in (he 

fidd,aE wclluinfiegeaof fortt, to fimdof Mohammed RezafthcBinky 

beobedient to tbeorderiof theprc- Nibob) ; die friond iniliatof Tippoo 

fence. Kibleh of religion and the ^"J'""- 

world! Should yourHighnefs think In the name of the moft Merciful 

proper to enter into negotiation! God ! 

asd engagemcnta with the Rajah of The reprefentation whichRipaud 

(he French, there is no occafion to formerly made, it perfetUy well 

wait till ncKt feafon. Your High- known to your Highnefs, ai it is 

ncft has only to write letters, and alfo to us ; and the ftaiement now 

caoTe Ripaod to write others, and made by AubattK, on Friday the 

givir.g your inftructions with re. loth of the month Shumfee of the 

iyea CO what u<to be committed year Saaz, izij from- the birth 

to verbal communication, depute of Mahommed, in diied oppofitioa 

him, wiih two refpeftabic pcifons to that of Ripaud, i» alfo well 

belongingio theSiica'rj and twoof known to yourHighnefs. From 

Ripaod's affociatei, fo that an an- firit to laft, the language of thi» 

fwer may arrive at the commence- man has bfcn that of ftlf-intereft 

mtnr of the feafon. Protedor of and falfehood ; nothing has reful ted 

the worM I We have %\\% taken from this bufinefs, and nothing elfc 

ihi. ..-j^iiY '*^ reprefenc what hat will come of it. From the cTro- 


neam fiattiocBU of thu rcwuidiel^ the tioa|» of two ptmem «fie it 

the flrongdt doubts have arUen ; yoor conimaDd {liteully i» jtur 

and even nis reqoeft for ^naiffion faffiffian); tke ckiftifemnu of thofe 

to go a huniinr to the diftance of two + diigracefol powerS) wiU est. 

eigbiortencojs, isveijfufpidous. lainly be compleEeljr eieilcd. lite 

Wben fo much chicane, covetouT- objeft of thii ftaie will probaMf 

sA <^iiMH)ey, arrifice, and deceit, be much beitet efiefkd at a feafbs 

ace apparent in tfaa^ fhort diftance, of t^tportunity, than ^ Klyinc 

what may not be expejied in fo upon (he agency of this compoaoS 

long a TOyage with the moallims <^ air ai^ water {mewung Ri. 

{aavigatoH or mates) his affociatesl paad.) To write more would be 

The tranfaAing of afiairs of fudi u iianfgrdi the bounds of refpe^ 

-vaft toiponanGe, ituough the me- Writcen on the i ith of tbc mmtb 

dium of fuch a Low fdlow, tends Ahmedy, of the year Sonx I32j, 

to throw dilciedit on the tran&c- from the birth of Mabommed, (aiV* 

tion. It 18 hoped that yonr High, fweiing to 8th March* 1 797.) 

nefswill {«ocure moallin^ ofabec. (Signed) 

tcr defcr^MioD ; and ^lat your tbi Riprefinmtim tf tht Fivt 

Highnefe, after procuring antbentic D*partmtmt af Gavtmmtmt, 

intcUigence of the flate of the war, After two bbak kives in the memon*. 

&C. between the French and the dum book, occurs the EtUowiag, m 

Englifli, will difpatcb them at the TippooSttlLajD'shroJ-wiiung. 

£rft of the feafon. If thefe doubts In the name of the IBO& Mescifiit 

3nd fufpicions iiad not occurred in God ! 

this bufinefs, nothing could have Aitici-e ift. — Oa the jdi «f 

been better. With refpefl to the the month Ahtaedy of the yotr 

conquellof Nizam Alli's country, Sbuz iti$t from the birth of ^ii^ 

l^eaie God> at a proper opportunity hommed, anfweriiig^ to Sunday ihs 

you mufi fo manage, that it may 4th of the month cf Showaul (oor> 

fall into your hands with the nt- refponding witn the ad April, 

mofl facility, and alfo that the ^797}) >lter the Stb hour of the 

other two powers (liteially/^^unj) day (about nine o'clock, A. M.J at 

may be motie to repent (their de- the hour Kummer, and when the 

figns) ; the queftion depends upon fun entered Tauios, the following 

the union o£^ the three powers *. propofiiions from th« Khoodadaud 

When a new dominion iiiall come Sircar, comprifed iu five article*. 

Into your Highnefi's poiTt^oo, al. were made to (he French luiion, . 

though liie o:l',er two powers [sau- clirou^FriincaisRip3ud,aFrefK)t> 

ia^rfi) Ihould unite, yet through man, and caufed tobe taken down 

the fpiritual aid of the religion of in writing by him. Before the 

the holy Prophet, the chaAiTemBnt ptopofitiona (were taken down) 

of thofe two powers may be eficfled FrancaU Ripaod, of his own ac- 

with a fuitable force, agreeably to cord, fhuxUng up, took an oath 

youiHighoefi's wilhes. The troops npon the infignia of his nation, 

of two powers cannot exceed thofe (cockade) wtuch be bad planted in 

of three. By tbe favour of God his hat, and killed it. 


" The word in iGe otigiiut ii naa-iujattn ; hifiam GgniBa faftiu, and ibe 
addition of ihc pHvativc nau convryi the lignification of iiiertbUft: the Englifh, 
the Niiam, and ihc Mahnius, are deligiKd bv tbe expielSoD. 
t Tbe tenn in tbe original atelltta/iKea, m atftt&oa gfcooKDKpi, ud tppt- 
itlyappUedioibcEiiKUUiwdM^uuiat. ,- > 

J -Google 


ihat. htvfclaf btho mEmQ«dum the nundier of tnxu», to be in 

Ixxi, ihefoHowinganKkis.nrcn«lL 4„„dance at fea until the con. 

AftTiCLs I. Let btendfliip dufion of the war. Whatever 

be fo firmly eftablilhed by oath and warlike articles may be wanted,' 

mgagemcDt between the Khooda. fhail be fupplied by ihc Khoodadaud 

daod Simar, and the nation of that Sircar. After the conqiieft and 

Si/au',ai]d the French nation^s long partition of the comitry, the French 

IS tlte fun and moon Ihall endure, to be charged with their Ihare of 

that the condnA of ihdr refpefUve the expenfe. The French com- 

CibjefU (literally nuitialfor-vanu) mander and his army to be under 

may not be able to impair it. If the orders of the Khoodadaud Sir- 

(which God forbid!) any dilturb. car, jn all tnilitary operations, 

acce be excited by their fubje^ halts, and nurchcs. The French 

(Iitenllyy>rvanb^, no ofiencemujl army to land at tbe'fort of Mirjann, 

be taken by the Icing and the Sir- in the cotintry of the Khoodadaud 

dan of the French nation, but the Sircar, fituatcd near Goa, which 

a^r mull be adjufted, and an ac- extends at far at the grea: river 

commodaiioR be efic£ted, by cor- {K'hauree), and affording eSeOuat 

. fcfpoaiencc aad perlbnal nego. aid, bring the fbrtrefs of Goa into 

miion. the poff^on of the Khoodadaid 

Akticlez. — The French have Sircar, The forirdi of Eomba^ 

frUD the firft had it in their ctxi- (ball be made over to the French*, 

tfaoplation to expel tbc EngliCh The airoy of the Sircar, to proceed 

from Hinduflin ; and becaufe of ft6m Goa to Madrat, taking the 

theauBityfabfifiingbetweeameand font in the way; and as lar aa 

the Frenich, the Englilh united with Mafulipatam to be accon^nied bj 

ilMmfelves Nixam Alii Khaun, and the Fmich force. From Mafuli. 

tbcMahtaiias, attacked the country pataman army con^fed of 40,000 

of the Khoodadaud Sircar, and toot, and 40,000 horfe, utider the 

fiibjefled me to vafi loffes. Thefe command of trufty officers of the 

ciicumltancei are fully known to Khoodadaud Sircar, to be feat with 

the French lution. It it therefore a French (brcc, and accompanied by 

written, that the French nation French officeriagainjl Bengal, 
fltouldfatisfy themindoftheKhoo. Article 4. — The whole <rf" 

dadaud Sircar, in order that the theEnglilh territorial poUeffiorw in 

enemy of the French be cKpelled Hindultin, fhoU be reduced. Half 

from India. The plan of thi» war of the country, and the forts and 

at it may be concerted in Europe, ftoret, (hall be taken 1^ the Sircar, 

lobe in tbefitfl infiance communi- and the other half made over to the 

cated to the Khoodadaud Sircar, French Sirdar. After making ovei 

and to be adjufled conformably to to the French Sirdar the half of the 

let demandi. Tlic particulars of letritocy and forts belodgiog to 

this affair will ^ipear £tom the third the EnglJlh, the cxpenrt^ ot ali the 

article. fupplies fumifhed by the Khooda. 

AtiTiCLi 3. — French foldiers, daud Sircar to the French army, 

as far at lojooo; and negroes Ihall be made good by him. The 

(hublkcc) as far as jo,ooo, 10 be partition of the country and fort* 

iaiided. Shios of war, fuiiable to of the Fnglifh, Ihall thus be made. 


* Laenlly/»v>W« kkmfi, which im]>L-uTippM Sulaun'i atmy connHodid 
t^ him ID peiun. 'X''^' 


The country uii forts, of the Khoo. fent him to alcertain bow the Kho** 

dad^ud Sircar, wliicli the Englilh dadaud Sircar is afiedted towards 

wrffted from it four oc five years the French nation ; but now, oa 

«go, are not to be included in the Friday the loth of the month Ah- 

mriition. Tlie fortrcfi of Goa medy, and the oth of the mooih 

fliall be irafleffird by the Khooda- Kummeree (or it may mean the 

daud Sircar ; and that of Bombay lunar month) of the year Sauz 

lha!Ibe!efttotht:Fr;nch. 1215, from the birth of Mahora. 

N. B. In the orijtmal of ihl> anicle, "J^' '" ^VF^^Ts, from the declara- 

ihcFc arc many alieiaiiuni anil anieud- tioni of the European Aubaine, an , 

■"'■""■ aflbciatc of Ripaod's, made before 

Article jth. — If any power the Ci\ departments of the govem- 

(titerally Sirdar) in tliis country, ment, that Ripaud is an inhabitant 

(hall afTtit ihc Englilh, both parties, of Bonrbon ; that having taken i 

that is the French and the Khooda. merchant fliip, they came out to 

d:iud Sircar, (hall join to punilh plunder the Ihips of the Englilh ; 

fuch enemy; and, in the fame that neither is fervant to the other, 

manner, if any one Ihali commit but that they Ihare in common. 

boftilities agTiiiift the French army, The fending'of the four Sirdars of 

f he latier Ihall be fupported by that the Khoodadaud Sircar, therefore, 

of the Khoodadaud Sircar, witliout on a deputation to the French na- 

any expenfr to the French, tion, is my own aft, and the pub. 

TTie fort of Cheenaputtun (Ma- licity of this would be produfUve 

dras) to be taken in concert, and to of difturbance. HowcTer, if (wc) 

be delivered up with all its ftores lay hands on the dominions (liter. 

to the French. The fort muft be ally bau/f) of Nizam Ally,, the 

razed, and that of Pondicherry mufl other two hereticks (meaning, it is 

be repaired. In like manner, if to be fuppofed, the Englifb and 

any one Ihall attack the Khoodadaud Mahrattas) would flill unite. Is 

Sircar, the French fliali be pre. it or is it not beft to depute the 

pared to punilh him under the or- four.Sitdari to the French nation ? 

ders of the Khoodadaud Sircar. Commit to writing what is advUe- 

AHTicLB4fh. — As long as the able upon this bead. Dated at 

fun and moon (hall retain their above. 
courfe, the French nation muft con. 
fider the enemiej of the Khooda. 
daud Sircar as their own enemies, menu. 

and inlikcmimner the enemies of Articli Jth. — Four perfons, 

the French nation (hall be confi. holding offices under the Khooda. 

dered as the enemies of the Khoo- daud Sircar, are vefted with full 

dadaud Siicar, and both parties powers, and feni to negotiaitfricnd- 

jnuftjoiniii puniihingand repulfing ftiip between the rrfo parties. If 

them. they [the French) arc difpofed to 

N. B. The original of the foregoing eilablilh frlendihip, and form alii- 

articles lecms to be the roagh draught ance with the Khoodadaud Sircar, 

of thofe which appcM in a more per- let thetn fatisfy the minds of the 

feaaddcotineaidfoan-fNo. 10. faid four Sirdar, by oath and en. 

Proposition. — From the tenour gagement; and let the French alfo 

of Ripaud's difcourfe, it would ap- fatisfy their own minds, by tzking 

peir that be did not coine of his an oaih and engagement from /iew; 

own accord, but that hii fupetiott and having thus adjufted the con-- 

n,.„„, Google "" 



AiKt^tlioAfaiMt, and dbblUh. " Yon «c veftei] with Aitl power* 

■ "^ ' frimdlhip, let them with regard to all the pcrfnU coai- 

»d an anny : and Jet piifed io tlte fire articles." 
B of ^K laid SirdaK be fent, Anfwer from Ghoolaoin Alli, 

French Sirdan, on a (hip the fuddoor : " To ihe exception 

$ nr lo Europe, to negotiAc of engagements ; yoa are veAed 

~h the French nation, and the with fiill powen with regard to 

erSifdar to be fent with the all other political point*." 
n of the French army to this Qiieftion the Second : " Con- 

|*icr. Pfcafe God, the inierefts forniablj' (o our inftruiKons, after 

rilitUfiAioDof both parties will our arrival at the Manriiius, we 

gr thric means be promoted, and (ball make the Ibllowing propofi- 

|tt ennny of the French nation be tion to the French Sirdatt ? " That 
they fatbfy our minds, by oath and 
by formal engagements, while we 

N.B. Edmonstoke, P. T. do ihe fame with refpe^ to them. 

That they then fend an army, ac- 

No. 9. companied by one of a<, to the 

rawpal'm ef ^ir'iet ly the «"""^ °f '^ Khoodadaod Sircar, 

ftrfami a^pt'nliJ fy tht ' — ■ - ■ - — ~.....^~ . ~ _.~^. 

Tifftn Saliaan tti pro 

Emiaffy la tif I/e «/ Francr ; 

villh AiiJ'vitTi to the fame, 

D dtC C 

while the remaining three proceed, 
acoHapanied by two Sirdars of 
thdr nation, to Europe, for ilic 
porpofe of adjufting matters and 
Satisfying our ninds. Shoald the 
Sirdars at the Mauritius, on being 

10 was killed » the battle of made acquainted with this pro- 

pofitioD, anfwer, that they ; 
but fervants ; and with rcfpeA 10 
military co-operation, have only 
luthority to attend without beftta. 
tion, if onr fbvereign required it, 
but are not at liberty to enter into 
fbnnal engagements with as, al. 
though when arrired at the pre- 

UiaTCUy), and the Kifwen i 
hnd-miiine of Mabommed Rciaa, 
ikBmky Nibob. 

fa die najnc of the rnoft MerciTol 


Ca Proteflor I 

Qeefiion frcwi Mirza Baulcir, 
Jleer Yoofuf Alii, Hgffun AUi, 

p^ Meer Ghoolaum Alii, to the fenced they wiU in perfon « 

Ji departments of the Khoodadaud into formal engagements, and at- 

jOTfmmcnt : " Are we whorayou lach themfclves to his Highnefi't 

j«e aboaf to- dqmte to ailjuft the fcrvice, and obey h« commands — 

moctms of the govermneoi to be In fudf cafe, what ate we to 

wfted with fnll powers with re- do?" 

.pA to all the points compnfed in Anfwer from all the members of 

the five articles, or to he fubjefl to the fix depanments of the K^ioo- 

otderj — I,ct ut be informed ex- dadaud Sircar, excepting Gho')- 
iJidtly." ■■ laom AUi, Meer Suddoot : " If 

Anfwer fiwn aH the roembers of the Sirdars of the Mauritius Ihould 

tac fix departments of the Kboo. objeft to enter into formal engage. 

dadand Sircar, to the exception of mcnts, you mud endeavour, by 

Ghoolaum Alii, the fuddooc : every device in your power, to 

\ O induce 

* ThiijQVDcaiionifio thehand-wriiin£orTippooSuliauB. 



induce them. If, however, they to the Executive Direfbtj, See. in lAe 

hmU Hai perflt io refnling, yon huittmtyi! of HoWvool;, the Sol- 

inbfi upon that point/' fihe Binky Nabob.) The whole U 

Anfwer from Ghoolaam AIH, up™ nul-colourcd piper. 

the fuddoor : " UnleTa thty enter In the name of the moft merciful 

into formal engagemcntE, yoa God I 

fliould not bring an army." On the i^th of the month Ahme. 

Qijcftion thethird: " After the dy, of the year Saoz iiz5> from 

itfiifal of the Sirdars at the Mauri, the birth of Mihammed, anfwer- 

titu to enter into fenual engage- ing to the 4th Showal (correTpond- 

menti, (hall we or Ihall we not pro. ing with the id of Aptil, 1 7971) 

cted i« Europe f" the propofitioni from the Khooda- 

Anfwer imanimoudy from all the daud Sircar were made to the 

Bx departments of the Koodadand French nation, thiougli Prancai* 

Sircar; yoo muft uTc doe exertions Rtpand, an European : and letters 

to obtain a formal engagement : — ' were caufed to be written with his 

fhouldthey, however, at length hand to the nation, and forwarded 

not confent, you Ihould proceed to by Mirza Baukir, Meer Mceraun ; 

Eor^." Huffun AUi, Mullick,oo-Toojar ; 

Queftion the fonrih : " After Meer Ghoolanm Alii, Mrcr Yem ; 

our arrival in Europe, if the ma- and Meer YooTuf Alli, Meer Af. 

nagcTs there (hould likewife refufe fof ; together with letters from the 

to enter into engagements, what prefenoe. By the faronr of God 

arc we to do?" they will arrive in falety. Before 

Anfwer unantmonfly from all the the Mopofition wss declared, the 

fix deparcmenis of theKhoodadaud faidFraiKais Ripaud, of ius own 

Sircar : " You will leave unem- accord, Handing up, took the oath 

pk^cd no exertions to obtain for- of his nation, and kilTed the na- 

tnal engagements I if, bttwever, tional cockade which he wears in 

iktj abJolutd^ will not confent, his hat. Then the five articles 

;^og will obtain from them friendly hereunder pa rticularifedj were caufed 

addiefle)) and return. If yoo find to be written. A copy of the 

no alternative, fetting afide the hookumnaamchfar^a/^rtj/i^rsf- 

fbraul obligatioo, yon will obtain tiegs) to all thefourperfons, is alfo 

-from the minifieTs a counterpart of inferted hereunder, 

the agreement, confifting of five Jrlit/e 1. That fnendfliip be. 

articles,' and, parting apon good twaen the Kboodadautl Sircar, and 

termc, fet out for the prefetKe." the nation of the KhoodadaudSircat 

0» flf iaci ofthi original : *2^J.*^ ^T"*^ ""'">"• ^ ^° ^'"^Y 

OhProteflorl eftaUiflwd by oath and engagement, 

,^ . , . M long as the fon and moon (hall 

(True tanf.) ^^^ ^^ ,^^ ,^^ ^ . 

N.B.Ei,».0NSTO«E,P.7: rupiionin it may ever take place. 

- - — ■ If (which God forbid!) any diffe. 

>Io ,g wnoc in word or deed (honid occur 

~, ■ ■ , r .'r,i ■ among isdividuals of the clafs of 

The ongjnal of die following raemoian. fp„*,. :_ __„ ,„ f a- 

• dum.MHl thefiveanidcT^innLedto ^'"ts. » »ny trarfaftjon, i.o 
>(, ii in ihe hand-wriiiiig of ihc late ««nce to enter into the mindi of 
TippouSultaun. Thednfuof Icucn (he (»it/rtf^iff^J parties, but the 


aftir to be cleared op b^ c6ne- locks. Afierthe conqueft and pu- 
fpondence and peHbnal negOiiatiMi, ticion of the country aud forts, ac. 
TTx: French officers (Sin/an) to be counts fliall be fettled with the 
X/\»iitiit {ttr the Sircar.) French for the money that may 
I, Oiring to {m/) connexion have been expended. Tho French 
with the French, the Engli(h uni. officers and their troopi to be fub- 
ti<^ to themfeives the Mahratus jcCi to the ordcis of the Khooda- 
ana Nizam AUy Khan, came dand Siicar, with refpefl to en* 
a^Inft the doniimons of the Khoo- gaging, marching, and halting, 
d^daod Sircar, took (/ran fnr) three The French armyto land at the 
crorcs, and thirty lacks In fpc'cie, fort of Mirjatin, which is in th« 
and half («^) cooniry, and other- country of the Kboodadimd Krcar, 
wife occaGoned (nw) heavy lolTes. and in the neighbourhood of Goa, 
AH thefe circumftances are fully which extends to the laigo river, 
known to the French nation. (K'hanTtt.) To cccroerate tffec. 
Moreover, the French nation had it tually, and bring the fort of Goa 
at heart to expel the EngliJh from into the poJTeflion of the Sircar, 
Htndultin ; it Is therefore written after taking the fort of Bombay, 
that the French nation (hould af. it (hall be made over to the French, 
fefd perfeA afliirance to the Khoo- The army of the Sircar to proceed 
dadaud Sircar, fo that their enemy from Goa to Madras, and taking 
may be driven out of India, the forti in the way, advance a« 
Whenever the queftion of conelud- far as Mafulipatam, with the French " 
ing a peace (ivii^ iht Englifi>) army accompanying. From thence 
nay be agitated in Europe, infor- an officer belonging to the Sircar, 
maii(Hi b given, in the firlt inftance, with 40,000 horfe and 40,000 in- 
to the Khoodadaud Sircar, and the fantry, Ihall be difpaiched jointly 
queltion to be decided with a due with a French ofiicer and a Frendi 
conformity to the demands of the force, to reduce theprovince of Beit. 
Khoodadaud Sircar, by mutual con. gal ; and the One Ihall, apon all 
cert. To the exception of the occafions, fupport the other in its 
country lately wrefted frwn the operations. 

Khoodadaud Sircar, all the reft of 4. Should any power (lite- 

thc Britilh territorial pofleffions to rally SirJar) in this cooniry, 

be equally divided ; and in the enter into hoftilities againft the 

lame manner fuch of the fhips, Khoodadaud Sircar, both parties 

iHands, and pons belonging to the Ihall join to punitti that power. 

Bnglilh and the Pottugueze as may Ac long as the fun and moon retain 

fall into (ear) hands, together widi their courfe, the Fren^ nation 

ii\fi'OKi f/eriajaum J Toi&tSe&a to Ihall confider the enemies of the 

be equally divided. Khoodadaud Sircar as their own ; 

3. As far as io,aoo foldiers, and in like manner the enemies o£ 

3o,oooncgroes(AKi^«), &c. tobe" the French (hall be conliderid a» 

landed; And (hips of war in pro. the enetniei of the Khocdadatid 

Crtion to the number of troops to Sircar; and both parties IhaU unite 

in attendance at fea, unitt the to chaftife and repel them, 

condofion of the war. Whatever c. Four perfons holding ofltcea 

Mney, military flores, and grain un^r the govemmientof the Khooa 

may be required, (hall be provided dadaudSircai>,havebcenreftcdwiA 

by" the Khoodadaud Sircar, as powers, and fent to negotiate an 

''lull alfocaitlagei, boifb, and bnl- allianee of &ictidlhip between th* 

to a tw 


twopanUs. If the French arecie- Mecr Gboelaxm AUi, aad Hi/ffKii 
firous of ednblifhinz friendthio and Alii. 
■Iliance with the Khoodadaud Sir. . 

car, let them facisfy the Sii^lais Having appointed you four to 

above mentioned, by oath and en. carry on a negotiation between the 

gagemenis ; and in the fame man. Khoodadaud Sircar ard the French 

ner let the French fattsfy them, nation, you have been empowered 

feivc«a]fo, by requiring an oath and toagitate ihefive articles annexed 

engagements from thofe Sirdars ; to' ihis. Confidcring yourfclves 

and having adjufled the affairs of fortunjte in obtaining fo important 

both parties, and eemented routual an employment, let your condiifl 

friendfhip, let them fpeedily fend be conrormable to the commands of 

an army, and let them difpatch to God and of his meHcnger ; and 

Eorope on a (hip of war, three of keeping engraved on your mindf 

the Sitdars of the Khoodadaud Sir- the engagement to which you bound 

car, wiih two of the French, to yourfelves in the Akfah mofque, 

carry on the negotiation, and let make them the nile of your adUon*" 

the other Sirdar be Tent back to this upon all occafions. According to 

quartet with the French officers the facred writings, " Be obedient 

and. troops. Pleafe God, by this to God and to his meOenger, and 

arrangement, the intereft and fa- to thofe to whom ohedience is due 

tisfaAion of both parties will be byyou." To obeya prince of the 

fromoted, and the enemy of the fcith, is a duty. To fulfil thii 

rench nation will be completely duty of obedience, four things, the 

exterminated. On the eth of the initial letter of which is Z, muft 

Ahiacdy, in the year Sau/ iiij not be covered, viz. zunn fit/f. 

from the birth of Mahomined, cor. man), zeeft (f*i/?f*«), zurr, {mo. 

refponding with Sunday the fourth »y), and zemeen (land). — God dc- 

of the month of Showal {anfwer- fcnd us ! — The undue coveting of 

ing to the id of April, 1797) after ihefe four things, reduces a man 10 

the 8th hour of the day, in the the nature of thofe three things of 

hour Kummer, and when the fun which the initial letter begins wittt 

entered Taurus, thefe propofitions a K, kauffer {hrreiicij, ketauz 

were written. (fiuinc,) and kuib (dogt), which 

IJere follow the drafts of five letter, from are for certain impute, and are 

,T,H«o Suluuii 10 ibc French le^ifla- brothers in ftlthinefs. Thus, it 

lure ill France, and ai ihc Miuntiusj is fummaiily recorded in books : 

of which tranflaiioiuap^ar k No^, » heretics and all their brethren ; 

C^"«-".^P™^eV^'^^^^^^ dog. and all their tribe- j Avit^e a..d 

riiuu) General CiioycnMjnEilon— a'l iheir race ; are cquallj- impute." 

Citoycn S-rccy, Ainiralde Mir de la The fidelity which is to be prac. 

Rcpubliquc.-Clrm'enMabnique, Go- tifed, is of four kinds ; ilril, the 

d"TKe^m'u^" fidelity of the eyes; tliat is, ifytm 

Ihe.. -follow, a Memora^lLim of (he ^'^ ''"'' °"" inj""ng fl.e Sircai^ yoa 

fomiofaddrer», &£, present him .' fccondly, the fidebty . 

I, _ ~. . ■ r r , . of the ears ; that is, if you hear 

N. S. The above dnfK of letters ire la ' r^ ' 

jh, haiid.wiiiinK of Uubbrcb^a, a"/ One Utter cxpreflions repugnant 

Tippoo Siiltiun"( hcadMooulhy. to loyalty (orfijtliij} jou immc- 

diatdy reprimand him as lar ai 

CipyifthelnflruH'iamaAircJfeiia ]ay» in your power, and without 

' jUirza Bauiir, Me--r Yeofiif AU'if difguife, ftjte the cafe to the pre. 
* ' , ftiKei 


fence, or to foine officer of govern- nkate the fecret t6 any 
mtnti the third is the fidelity of the five Sirdars. 
ihc tongue; that is, to utter the The names of the five Sirdai 
expfrffions of loyalty, of praife, 
ana gratitude ; to Tecommcnd and 
to (hew the example of loyalty to 
othen:, and as long as the organs of 
ftwch are left you, to enij>Ioy them 
for the fervicc of the Sircar : the 
fourth ij that fidelity of the hand, 
which imports, that you are to em- 
ploy it in the fervicc of the Sircar 
in every way; whethet by writing, 
or by carrying the fword and the 
mu&et againil the enemy. In 
fhort, all fhe faculties of the eyes, 
the ears, the tongue, and the hand. 
It be called into atlion, and upon 

follows ; 

There are two perfons poffefling 
the general control of affairj. 
Their ilefignation is " Au Repre- 
fcntans dePeuple." 

The name of ihe commander in 
chitf in HinduAIn, who has-xuiDe 
out with that appointmeciT, ' ii 
" General Citoyen Mangalwi," 

The name and defignation of 
the commander of the French na. 
vy, are " Citoyen Sercey, Amiral 
de Mer de la Republique." 

The name and delignation of the 
:hief of theMau 

all occaiions, confiJering that God toycn Malartiquc, Governeut Ge- 

nd his melTenger, who know and 

fee all things, areei'er prefent, you 
Ihouldaa accordingly. The Moft 
High hath faid, " I know tlie fe- 
cret emotions of the heart of man — 
I am ever prefent with him." — 
Again it occurs in the Huddees 
{iradUnnal f ay ingitif the prophet), 
' ' ' :r of bribes 


1 lioih enter ii 

> hell.' 

muftnot, in the firft inftance, gii 
yourfelycs out as being employed 
m an ambaPTadorial capacity ; but 
cwdufl the 'concerns of tTjcKhoo- 
dadaud Sircar with the utmoft fc- 
trecj'. You muft profi-fs yourfelves , 
to be merchants. On your arrival 

neral de I'lUe de France et de la 

Having communicated to them 
your arrival, and heard what they 
have to fay, you will tell them, 
that they muft by no means pay - 
you the compliment of goingthcm- 
ielves, or of fending peHbns to 
meet yon, nor (how open laatks of 
You friendfhip towards the Khoodadaud 

at the Mail 

irdly (how you any 
attentiot^s; in order that your niif- 
fion may not become public. That 
after your landing, whetefocver 
they may afTcmble in private and 
fetid for you, yon will wait upon 
them unattended, and communicate 

fome perfons of refpcflability witi 
the European aubainc, and one o 
two dob' hau (Tees (inlerprfUri), 
with a mcffage to the (ive Sirdars 
at the Mauritius, purjiorting that 
you are merchants of the Kbooda- 
daud Sircar, come to fell yoi 

1 mull fend the fcntimenis of friendfhip. What 

, is this ; " That you four 
(hauid meet the above-mentioned 
Sirdars privately) that you Ihould, 
' 1 the firft inftance, offer compli- 
icnts on the part of the Khooda. 
aud Sircar, make enquiries after 
their health, and confine your dif- 
Tchandife. If they will permit Courfe to general profelSons of 
you, and allow you to hire a lionfe friendfhip. Of the five Perfian and 
(as you hire come a long voyage), five French letters which are en- 
»ou will rcpofc yourfelves a while, trufted lo your care, you are to 
and then proceed lo difpofe of keep one in tlie Perfian and another 
your efiirfls. You muft enjoin the in the French language, sddrefltid 
European aubainc not to cotnmu- to the five Sirdara in Europe [^iht 

to 3 


PireUBfy), in def>tifit. With re- will propofe to tfaem, thit both 
fpefi to the lemaining four PeiGan puties Ihould mutually^ ratify tlieir 
and four Ftench letters, addrelTed aflbrances according to their rdpec. 
to the Sirdan of Mauritius (in the tive tenets, and join with one heart 
latter of which all particalars are toexteiminate theenemy. If they 
contained), you win, in the firfl Ihould agree to fend back with you 
inftance, leave the French letters an army under the command of a 
in depofit in the Ihip, and without Sirdar, and fhould bind themfelves 
delivering them, only carry with to you by oath and engageoKnti, 
yaa the four Peifian letters: and at you will, in the fame manner, give 
your meeting with the five Sirdars, them alTurances under oath and cn- 
rifc up and deliver to theni the let- gagement. Should they, which 
tcrs according to iheit refpcdivc God forbid! merely agree Cio fend 
addrefles, with your own hands, and army, but refufe to bind them- 
You mud foil find out, in the felves by formal engagements, you 
courfe of converfation, how far are not to Hand upon this pomt ; 
they are conftant to their friendfhip but in that cafe, you mufi have the 
with the Khoodadaud Sircar ; that five articles of agreement drawn 
you will completely afcertain ; up in the French language, and de. 
and then, at a private conference, liver the fame to them, receiving 
you win, with your own hands, from them a counterpart ; and fend, 
deliver the four French letters ce- ing Meer Yoofuf AUi with the 
fpcAively into the hand) of the Sir. troops, the remaining three of you 
dars, and adapt your difcourfe fo are to embark with the two 
» to flatter them, and promote the [Frruch) Sirdars, whom they will 
fueccfs of the objefl of your mif. nominate for the purpofe, on board 
£on. It is a known faying, " The one of their Ibips, and proceed to 
fleafed labourer fucceedi in his un. France ; and, Joy the favour of 
dertaking." You will alfo Ifaie, God, being arrived at the pbceof 
that <Hi account of the fecrccy of yourdellination,you wiltcaiueihofe 
your miflion, jewels and l(}ielauts two Sirdars to write notice of your 
fir- hunoKTary drtjftt) S:c. tokens arrival 10 the miniflersi and pro- 
of friendniip, have n»t been fent on ceeding into their country with the 
the part of the Khoodadaud Sircar, utmoft poffible fecrecy, you will 
but that, pleafe God, when a meet- meet the five conftituted Sirdars of 
ing takes place with the prefrnce, that country, who are called Fou- 
which, through the divine favour voir Executif. After compliments 
,will foon happen, every mark of and exprcffions of regard, you will 
/ favourandindulgencewillbefhewn. privately ftatc to them, that by 
Such are the friendly fentiments the favour of God, the bonds of 
which you mufi exprefs. In Ihort, ftiendlhip betwen the Khoodadaud 
you muft in private, with the five Sircar and the French nation have 
Sirdars, afcertain their difpofition, very long been daily acquiring 
that is to fay, afcertain,- n", from ftrength, as is well known to them, 
the lenoar of their difcourfe, they That they are i»t ignorant that 
aredefirous of cultivating friend. ' the enmity of their Memies towards 
(hip with the Khoodadaud Sircar, the Khoodadaud Sircar, origiAaied 
and are inclined to fend an army to in the deputation of the ambafladors . 
the Calicut quarter, or to the from the Khaodadaud Sircar to 
coall belonging to the Khoodadaud France, which formerly tt>ok place, 
Krcar< After afcertaining thisj you That the fum of my defire is, that 


u long IS the fun and moon fliall tbem to fiipolate for tbe rcftitution 

cndnie, our mQtiul friendlhip may of diat half of the country, and. of 

masdn and eocrcafe daily. Fleafe the three crores and thirty lacks of 

God, yon will eSeA the complete rupees^ which their enemy wrelted 

fttiifeftioD of both parlies, and em- from me, bccaufe of my attachment 

ploy yonr endeavoors to the en. to ihcir nation. This requilitioa 

treafc of fnendfliip. You will ex. you will couch in proper lecms. 
plain (o them, In detail, the fire After your arriTal at the Mauri- 

ariidet wluch have been committed lias, when you Ihall have afcertain. 

10 writii^. Yon are welLwilhers ed from the difcoutfe of the Sirda/i 

aod fniihlul fervants of the Khooda- of the French Nation (atthat^lact) 

diudSicar, and yoa with well to that they are difpofed to cement 

the votaries of the faith ; exerting the frJendChip fubMing between 

your zeal there&re to the ntmoft, that nation and tbe Khoodadaud 

•jix rnnft make ytHir court to them Sircar, and that they are deternun- 

fay tbe moft impreffiveand flatter, ed to join in extirpating the enemy, 

iflg laneuage, and by the expref. and that &ch alfo ii the difpofiiion 

liwii of pwfeft cordiality. You of thofc in Europe, aqd when they 

maft perfuade them to aft according thall have agietd with eameft cor- 

(0 the fiie article* which you iie diality to fend a {hip with yoa, and 

raipowered to negotiate, and to a confidential peifon (ia EtireftJ 

«)tKniic mutiial engagements to thai then you may proceed. 
cflcA, agreeably to the refpeAive Should you however, (whichGod 

tenets of the parties ; and caufing forbid ! }, find them arcrfe to the al- 

ittem to draw oat a treaty fer en. Itance between the Khoodadaud 

gapment) accordingly, make them Sircar and the French Nation, yoo 

Wn, feal, and ddiver the fame, will confine thefc fecret points to 

Yon will aUb draw up and deliver your own brealts j and ftating , 

a treaty (ar engtigtmtnt) in the yourfelves to . have come merely 

fame terms, and engage that a like upon a trading concern, all four of 

inltrument fhall be £goed and lealed you, in concert with tlieMeer B«.-. 

hj the prefence, and delivered to her, Komaul-oo-deen, will draw 

their Sirdars (mtanint, it is tt it Dp a ftatcment cf fafts, neither 

i'HjI'^ /io/> cf tbeir naiiam' ui omitting nor adding a Cngle cir- 

iniia.J cumflanc^ affile th^to your feals 

Having thos entered into en- and fignatures, depofit it inacbeft* 

{agenwats, you will bring with and repair to the prefcacc. 
}-on the troops, ike. together with If the European navigators who 

the Ihips of vf3j as fpeeified in the accompany you, Ihould not confent 

Ore articles, as alfo arzccS fad. to return with you, you muA enter. 

d'lffts) from them t« the prefence ; tain and bring others. 
andkiters of injunftion to the Sir- Ten cannon fiiundcn, -ten Jhip 

dan of the French nation who are builders, ten manufadorers of China 

nrived in this t|uarier, requiring ware, ten glafs and mirror makers, 

lion to pay obedience to the Khoo- ten makers of (hip blocks literally 

idin4 Sircar, aod to receive the leherls) and wheels (or tngiaeij for 

uigagement to be executed under raifmg water, and othvr kinds of 

Biy feal and fignaiure. Should there whctl-work, and workmen verfed 

be any appearance of a ceHation of in fine gold plating; are required 

luClitiet between the contending itk the Khoodadaud Sircar. You 

pmies in Eiuope, you will require will ftate to the French Sirdars, that 
+ O ^ they 



ihey are to confider the defire to 
marufafhire thefe articles, as arifing 
from the friendfliip and attachment 
of the Khocdsdaud Sircar, and as 
a mcars of promoting their interefts, 
and to requcft ihai they will there- 
fore fend ten anificere of each fort. 
After obtaining thefe 
will fix fuitiibk wages 
frre you leave the place, giving 
ihem sJfo fomethirg in advance ; 
, ana after iheir embarkation, you 
will give them an allowance of pro- 
v'fions (liletally grain] on the part 
of the Khoodadaud Sircar, and 
tranfport tbeni hither, Pleafe God, 
flfteryour return to iheprefence, you 
Will deliver tip thefe inftruflions. 
On the jth of the month Ahme- 
dy of the year Sdo?; izijfrom the 
birth of Mahommed, anfwering to 
Sunday the 4th of the month 
Showaul {corrcfponding with id 
April 1797) a^the 8th hour of the 
d»y (a!>0Qt 9 o'clock, n. w.) at the 
hour Kummer, and the entrance of 
the fun into ihe (ign TauruSj the 
original of thefe inflruflions was 
written by the hand of Syud Ma- 
hommed Mcer Aflbf. (This copy 
iff written in the hand of Mahom. 
nicdRezia, Meet Meeraun.) 



Whatever propofitions the French 
Sifdars may make to you; you are 
to take them down in, writing with 
' yBiir own hwrds, and tell them, 
that, pleafe God, you will give an 
anfwfr on the following day. You 
will then return home, and all four 
of you affembling in private, you 
will confute together upon the an- 
fwer to be given ; and having de. 
tcrmined upon it, you arc to com- 
mit it to writing ) aiid all four hav- 
ing figned it, 3'ou are to derufit it 
in a clicd; and the anfwcr, in cmi. 
formicy to the terms of it, is to be 
1 erbally delivered by Mirza Batikir, 
all the reft liKing by and liftenjng. 

Should Mirza Baukir tnafce any 
miftake in delivering the anfwer> 
the reft are to prompt him. 

Yon niuft all of you ftody the 
French language ; but none erf" you 
nmft converfe with the French. Sir- 
dars in French. You are to fpeak 
through an interpreter ; yet if the 
interpreter (hould miftake a word 
or two, you will fet him right in 
French j excepting, however, one 
or two words, none of- you ftmr 
muft holdany converfe in the French 
language, becaufe, while an inter- 
preier is employed, they [tie Sir. 
dart) cannot lell whether you fay- 
any thing more or lefs ; whereas if 
the French Sirdars fay any thing 
more or lefs, yoti, knowing the 
language, will detefl it ; you moft 
make yourfelves appear ignorant of 
their language, whereby you will 
be able to learn their real fenii- 
meijts, while they confult together 
upon i!ie various fubjt^ that come 
before them. 

As there are no clove or nutmeg 
trees in the Khoodadaud Sircar, yoa 
are direfled to defire the Sirdars at 
the Mauritius, to fill fixne boxes 
with feeds, and alfo to fend foroe 
plants by the Ihips. 

You will commit to paper all 
ctrcumftances refpefling the negoti- 
ation at the Mauritius, and for- 
ward the account to the prefcnce 
by a French (hip, before you pro- 
ceed on your Voyage. 

The facred command 15 iflucd to 
Mirza Baukir, Huflun Alii, Mecr 
Yoofuf Alii, and Meer Ghoolaom 
AUi, that,- provided they arc fuc. 
cefsful, that is to fay, provided thfy 
obtain Ibrma! engagements from the 
leaden of the French nation, it 
matters not though they expend 
from one jmaumec to five lacks, 
fiill however on condition, that the ' 
engagements take^place, 
(True tranf.J 
N. It. bDMOM^To^rc, ^-7^ 



No. II. 
TSe Original of this nnmbtr is in the 

Cifj af tht fia'iUoul Hnkam.uau-. 

mab far laftTuaionsj rMrtffid 

la Mirza Ma hemmed Baukir, 

AU'rToo/^fAUi, McirGhooUi,?, 

■ Alii, a,id Metr Hvjjnn All,. 

\x \i hoped that, Httcnded by 
the Divine ProfciUon, you will 

rtach jcmaalabad, and ihence, Co- 
riaul {Mangahre), and through 
the aid of Providence, embarking 
with yoor baggage on board the 
(hip Affad Ellanhee, fct out to. 
wards ilie place of deft itiat ion. 
Immediately on your arrival at 
iLoriaul, you will load oh the fliip. 
Hack pepper to the amount of i j or 
aoioeo fwgodas, together with four 
DWnihs provifions and water for 
your people. Among the fifteen 
men bcl<mging to Ripaud the 
Frtnchnian, who came here for fer- 
Tice, ibere arc two navigators, by 
name Mr.^on and Aubaine ; to 
thefc pctfnos you will aflign a pro- 
pet monthly falary, and appoint 
ibem to the duty of navigators on 
bf^fd the r-.-p. You will alfo 
place with them, in the fame capa- 
ci[y, and for the purpofe of inftrue- 
tion, the three mullalmen naviga- 
tori, by name Abdoo! Kurreem, 
Moofa, and Fokkecr Mahommed. 
Two large and eight fmail volume) 
upon the Tibjcft of navigation are 
emrufttJ to youj the French muft 
be tranflatcd into Porfian ; and iliey 
ItT jon) 2tA the other navigators 
Ind Sinlais mabc themffUcs mailers 
of ibe art ; you muft alfo calculate 
tlie Ihip's progrcfs. For the fifteen 
Chriftiana who would not take fer. 
vice, you mull fupply provifions on 
the Sircar's account, and cjuiing 
them to embark .with you, land 
them at the ifland ; one or two men 
among them, who are Tcrfcd in na- 

vigation, you muft alfo join with 
the other navigators. Should there' 
not be room enough for all the men 
fent with you, you will lea^-e be- 
hind fuch as you think proper, and 
take with you the reft. Yon mnft' 
difpofe of the pepper at a good- 
price, and bring the calh with you. 
You are appointed to conduft chis^ 
commercial expedition ; and the 
pepper, together with the tliip AT- 
md Ellanhei?, are given into ihc 
proteftion of the All-merciful, and' 
into your charge. Wherever yon' 
cxpoft to be able to difpcfi: of the 
pepper to advantage, you muft carry 
it there, and fell it accordingly. 
It is alfo ordered, that the (hip's 
bottom (hould be coppered, and ■ 
therefore you arc to touci at any 
ifland where (hips bofioms are cop- 
pered, and, pa)'ing a proper price, 
get it done. Mcer KomauUoo- 
-Deen, Mcer Behci^ alfo underilands 
the fcience of navigation. 

Ccpy of Ibe Skif! Pa/s. _^ 

From a fenfe of original and in. 
nate fraternity and tL'gard, it is re- 
prefented to the refpeclable gover- ' 
nors on the fea coafts, on the part' 
of the Kboodadaud Sircar, thut 
Ihould Mirza MahommcJ Baukir, . 
Sec. merchant! by profenion, arrive 
at any of your ports for the purpofes 
of trade, it will be confiftent i<'ith 
friehdfliip ahd benevolence in j-ou,^ 
to fhew them all that atrention, 
hofpitBlity, and refpeft, whicft-is- 
the laudable praftice of men of li- 
beral minds, and enabling them, if 
occafion (hould require, to purchafa 
grain, &e. articles at a reaConable 
rate, faciliate their departure, aiid 
fhew chein every degree of favour. 

Oh ibt bad of Ibe original; 
Copy of the fiAirious Hookum- 
(True iranf,] 



No. It. Huei.J It has been deterauMil to 
^lujitmi fr«e/ed ij the Six Depart, fend off there fcrarofficen, that they. 
mtmlt ta CitixtM FrsMCaU RifauJ, may repair to the SyiAMsj'arChie/iJ 
^ifallatiit : ' of the French nation ; and by for- 
Previoufly to the prefent periodi mal engagements cm the part c^the 
(perjotti) on the part of the Khoo. Khoodadand Sircar, give cmifidence 
dadand Sircar went to France, for and faiisfaftion to the French tta* 
the poTpofe of cult ira ting thcfriend- lion, at the fame time receiving from 
Qiip of the French nation ; and in that nation fimilar aflutaiices, coii. 
confcOnence of this, the Englifh be- finned by petfona) engagements, and 
came hoftile to the Khoodadaud Sir- by oath. Will then tM Sirdar (or 
car ; and the loflei which tbey oc Chief) of the Mauritius, and the 
cafionedtotlieStrcataiewellkoown Commander of the (hips. Citizen 
to the whole FreiKh nation, as Serce)-, Admiral de Mcr de la Re- 
well aj to yoorfelf. The favour publique, confent to this, and wiH 
and kiodnefs Ihewn by the Khooda- they, ot will they not, fend off the 
daud Sircar to the French, are alfo four oSlcen above-mentioned im- 
well known to the whole nation ; mediately ft) France ? — If you are 
yet the peace which the Rajah wellacquaintcdwiihthedifpolitioDs 
(King) of France concluded with of your own nation, aitd the cba> 
the Rajah {King) oi England, wai rafter of their general profdBoni 
not even communicated to the f'wiih rt/feSl la luj of vhlch yon 
Khoodadaud Sircar. Bui notwiih. cannot be ignorant, you will apprize 
fianding this impit^r proceeding, ns accordingly. — Immediately on 
Itis Highnefs, regardlds of the re- the arrival of the four officers above 
pretentatioDs of his well-wi(bers, mentioned at the Mauritius, will 
and thofe who have grown old in the faid Chief repair to thia place, 
his fervice, was (till difpofed to af. with a large army or not i Inform ' 
ford his proteAion and fiqiport to us of this. Vou have already tafted 
the French nation, and on your the bounty of the Sircar, and yoo 
npiefentations this countenance has may wifh to enjoy it hereafter ; give 
bMn (hewn them : We therefore as therefore a particular acDonnt of 
propde to yon the prefent qaeftkon, every thing. 
anddelire that you willllate. What jTmeuanf.) 
are the afhial intentions erf' the N, B. Edmohstohx, P. 7*. 
French nation, if they be certainly -^^^— 
known to you, and whether there No ij. 
is, or i* not, a prof^ of ibeir [This Memoiandum Book commencn 
fpeedily carrying their deieimina. with a rough and incomplete dnfi of 
tiai into effeft i j!" Let^'^W ihc FrtnchXcgifluure in 

In the four departments there are 

Fiaoce and at the Mauritius. 

fijor oficeij of high rank ; fiift, the * ^'^^' "f '»«^%'»« rffptSing 

Meet Meeraun, or war minifter ; '*' Covnirj, pa-wtn. 

the fecond, Meer Yem, the minifter Intelligence rcfpefting Nizam Ally 

c^ marine; the third, Mullick-oo. Khan: 

Toojar, the fuperintendant of com- Nizam Alii Khan is cxtrcmely- 

merce ; the fourth, Meer Aflbf, the ill and at the point of death. He 

fuperintendant o^ the couotry/'rfvr- has three or four Tons, who are ini- 

* TTicTe head) of intelltgeiK* will alio be found b Hos. 3 and ^ of ihe French 
eoiierpondcncc. , - . 

..I .Liooj^le 


mial to one tnother. Several of 
tben foiicic the protcAion of the 
Kluodadud Siicar, and he who is 
IMTtkoUTly attached to the Sircai 
» fi^)poTtcd bf the diie& of that 
huUigtMCe Tt/^aimg tbt Mak. 

The head of the ftate thiew him- 
felf off the top of his boofe, >nd 
wu lulled.— AU the Chiefs are ini. 
mtcd to one wiother, and upm) the 
poinl of proceeding to hoftilitiet, 
and they no longer pofifefa any ag- 
thoiity tbroiwhout the country. — 
The troop* of Zemaun Shah, Dor- 
wme, have reached Delhi, the capital 
of the Emperpr. He himfelf is 
come with tbem. — The Mahratta 
troops have made their appearance 
in various [4aoes in the Delhi pro. 
vince, and are continuing to collet 
Ail the Chkft <A Hinduftin are dif- 
aSeded to the Mahrattas, on ac. 
count of their i^ifveffimu. There 
ii no doubt they will foon be ex. 
felled from that cotmtiy. The do. 
meflic diTputes of the two Sircars 
fmemnMg tie Nhuiat and tbt Mah. 
ratttti) will certainly prevent either 
from joining the Englilh, At rhe 
deGre and inftigation of Zemaun 
Shah, Miria Amaum (tht laii-Vi- 
^frJfo/.Hj.Du'wlabJYai qnarelled 
with the Englilh, aflembled his ar- 
my, and is prepawd for hoflilities 
apinft them. The Englilh like, 
wife have aflembled their army in 
Bengal. In the Calicut diftriaj the 
Kajah of Cotingerry has llain, in 
battle, near a tlMufsnil Englilh fol- 
■Iters, and three or four thoofand na. 
live troops. The whole of the Ca. 
licHt diftria is rendered dilaffeaod 
by the Of^reflion- and, violence of 
the Engliih. I^various places, the 
mhabitants a^ in aima, and do not 
acknowledge the Englilh anthority. 

The Polygars, thu is to fay, the 
Chiefs of the Mafulipatam, EUorc, 
and Arcot diftricis, are alfo ready 
to revolt, 'rhcy have kilkd and 
cut off the head of the fon of Ab. 
dool Wahaub Khan. In Ihort, 
now ii the moment of opportunity. 
[Heic fidlovn a meniorandum of the 
oaniet and del^tiaiioni of ibe leadii^ 
men of ihe Mauiitiiu, and ei the Ex- 
ecutive DircElory ; die fame 3S appcais 
inNo...]. "^ 

• On the 1 8th of fChoofhrvee, 
in the year Saoz 1125 from the 
birth of Mahommed {aH/iorriag it 
the ^ih ef Oaahtr 1797,) Icttenof 
the fame leiKtar were written to the 
four perfons undermentioned : 
Au Reprefentans, General Manga- 
Ion, General Malartique, Ami. 
ral Sercey. 

The contents as follows:— The 
circumltances of my cordial and Itn. 
cere attachment, and the fentiments 
of my heart, have been perfonally 
communicated to Meer Yoofuf AlIi - 
and Citoyen Ripaud, who will re. 
prefent them to you, I doubt not ' 
you will confider what they may 
ftate as genuine and authentic. Be. 
lieve me to be very anxious for your 
fpecdily communicating the news of 
your welfare, and the detailed de- 
claration of your friendlhip by thefe 
two perfons. ha&yet-r ftuheit I pn. 
poftd ta find an tmhajjj the fca- 
fon for the failing of the (hips was 
at an end, and therefore the depat. 
lure of the cmbaffy was poftponed. 
This year I have taken advantage 
of the early part of the fcafon for 
that purpofe. Be fortune favour- ~ 
able to ytm! — [Written apoo III- 
vered paper.] 

On tbt hack tf Iht crigmal: 
(True tranllation.) 
-N. B. Edmobstoki, p. T. ' 

*yide ibe Fieoch Corefpondence, in which General Malartique aduiowkdcci the 
leccipiof a letter from Tif^xw Sultaun, of this date. ( 'nnoii' 


-No. i6. 

Tvanjlatltn of a LeiUr frem Tifpoo 

Saltaun'i Amhaffaders to the IJIt 

-cfFrancf; ivrittenon-thin re. 

- tMrmfram the Emhajfy to Man. 

Huffun Alli and Shaik Ibrahim, 
after oficring their refpcda at the 
foot of the throne, reprrient as fol. 

■ On Wcdnefday ihegihofBehary, 
of the )-ear iii6 ftom the birih of 
Mahonuned (anfwcring to the addi 
• April 1793), we landed in lafety 
Willi the LaTcars and oibec at- 

The following is an abfttadl llate- 
mcnt of the force feni by Generals 
Malartique, Setcey, anJ Mangalon, 
from Mauutlus, la be empbyed in 
the fcrviee. 
. (general ol the m 
Defmuullm, CLunmandBnt ofthc Eu- 

r'>|<an5 - - - . 
Officfis of the ariHleiy 
Mfirine offiwrs - - - 

Sliip-btiitden and others 

ipiaiiii,rctjeaiits,3ndrmguifl s 


n foldirr 


exdufive of Moiificur De Buy, the 
vaich-m;ikcr, who Was feot from 
the capital 'Seriiigafatam] with us ; 
making togCLhcr 1 00 prfons, agrer- 
atily to the mufler roll which is 
difpntcbcd to your Majefty, and 
fram which every thi^ig will ap. 

The party agreeably to the fug. 
gcRiOii of their chiefs, were difem. 
bartod and fumithed with fcparate 
lodgings, which had been prepared 

Although there was no order 
from the prtfence for giving a daily 
balta {■■xtrnallo^aHCt), or for fur. 
iiilhi«g fubMencc and necclTary fup- 

plies for the troops whick rtiV^t 
eventually arrive from Mauritius, 
yet, with a view to fatisfy tbem^ 
and fet their Minds at ede, we 
having .confulted with Mirea Ma- 
honuned Bankir and Meer Mahom. 
med Alii, the affof of Jemaulabad, 
fixed on fuch rates as appeared to 
us proper for the daily allovvarcc 
of each individual, to have ef&A 
until the receipt of orders from tiie 
prtTence : Btit tlicSirdars, or chiefs, 
would not alTeni to iheTe rates, and 
they made applicaiiem for allow. 
aiKes according 10 a fl:ateinent t^ 

We accordingly, considering the 
circumltanccs ot the time, adc^ited 
their own rates, and (hey will be 
paid agreeably thereto, until notice 
be received from the prefence. A 
copy of the Ibtcmcnt lixed by ns, 
with cop}' alfo of the memorandum 
delivered by them, is itanfmitted 
to your Majefty, and every thiiig 
will apfiear from them. 

^ay it pleafc jour Majefty !— 
The application made by the two 
generals for conveyances for them- 
felves, as well as for their depend- 
ants, appears by the meinorandaro 
dilated by the;ti, to be as follows : 

For the two generals— two pa. 
kiikcens and two horfcs. 

For the coraraandtnt of the 
troops, 10 officers, 5 captains, 6 
fcrjeanis, i iingaift, i chief officers 
of artillery, aiid i watch-maker, 
al together z 5 perlbns — they require 
28 horfc) and 2 palankeens. 

M;iy it pleafe yout Majefty \-^ 
The various articles and baggage 
which accompany them, fuch as 
large ehefis, &c. &C. are very ira- 
mirous, and extremely bulky aivl 
heavj- J they may be cftimated at 
nearly (he bunhen of a thoofend 
men i and at the time of earning 
this baggage over the ghauts [fefi^ 
&c. a ftill greater nnmber ol la- 
bouren will bo ic^uired'lhsn here. 

c..„„.Go»<(lc -^ 


totbre, and by rcaTon of the great homed Alii) b^ baigarries f'^r/iw 

ifeight aikl bulk of ibe articles, • prtffed far {•ablie fervicej a,tA for 

gteai <kti3' and tardinefs will cer- their being tranfported froni lh«RCp 

tainly taJa place at the dijFcrent up to the gh«ui (paffrt). Having 

. i^%. The feafon too of the rains, ctm^eycd them fo &r, we. de fired 

aod for bad roads, i3 arrived alfo that they might be carried on, 

and at hand ; morcuver, it is the provided bai^rnes could be pro. 

rime fixed for the dcpartownt of the cured as they proceeded. Und^ 

afibfi, aunildais, and iulMars, fta. thcfe circumibnces, we tnift that 

(ianudi}nciiei:oad,accordingtoibeir Lafcars and othcu may be ordered 

cngagenenta; and from the borders from the prtfence, with a vicA" to 

of JemauUbad to AAaureb, your expedite the conveyance of th;i», 

hLijeily well knows in what a high that they may receive no injury 

dale of cultivation -the land is, the from delay. 

whok- extent of the road : under We have farther to reprefcnt, 

itiiscircuinftance, your Majefty will That we have difpatched to your ' 

be pleafid to oidei what you may Majelly three letters fkwi the Eu- 

diir.k prc^r. ropeane; one from GeiKral Chapay, 

May )[ pleafe your Majclly! — the fecond from General Di Buc, 

In ccnfi^quciice of the rains [Ihould who at the time of oiu landing gavi; 

-perchance no halting place be found us one alfo to be piefentcd to your 

in thecultivatcd country) they will Majelly from a perfon aamed Mort- 

tequire for tbcmfelves and their ficur L'Hcrmite : wcalfofend thrw 

ct^uipagCj as the troops accompany memorandaof rates of allowanc:; ni 

them, gwidclehs (tbt flyofa teat) fixed by us, atid thoH; which lh« 

and fmall tents for the chiets; they chiefs demand. Altogether there 

will alfo want provifiops, goats, are five packets fonvarded inclofetl 

Ibvls, rice, ic. in our letter, which wu hope will 

Mdy it {)deafe your Majefty ! — be duly received — In addition to 

Seven chefts or calks containing nut. tbefe, a feparate account of the 

meg and clove trees, &c. which, battle between the Ficnch and Eog- 

agreeabiy' to your orders, were li(h (hip*in therOads of TcUiche:ry 

btoaghc by us from the Mauricius^ is aUb tranfmitted, and every thing 

alfo require near eighty perfons to will aj^ar from it. 

carry tlicm. . It occurred to u«, be- May it pleafe your Majefty ! — 

face the receipt of an order from From the day of our depaiture nn 

the prdence, and their difpatch, a board the vellel of that traitor Ri. 

coofiderable period muftelapfe; chat paud, till our arrival at Coria»I 

ihc rains were approaching (and (Mangahri) whatev«r has occur- 

God Ibrbid theyfhould receive red, and alt that we have accom. 

any. injury). We, therefore, in [difhed in onr endeavours to pm- 

prefcrencc to every thing elfe, fenc motetheinteieftsofthcKhnodfdaiid 

them (Sunder charge of a guard, Sircar, will be fiilly apparent on^vir 

to take care of ihem, with a letter arrival at the prefecce. One of uf 

and an accoant of particulars of the being ucable to ride on horftback 

names of the trees, which we iranf* in confequencc of the heat of the 

lated trom the account given by the weather, and his fuSering much 

EuropesHj and we gave poGtive in- from boils, we trufi thai through 

juofhons for their being carried as your Majcfty's extreme kipdttdV, 

&r a* the border} of ]«maulahad we fhall be favoured wiUi a dooly 

(the aifof ctf ^K^it^ >* M<e; Ma- tcom the picfeocq. 



Dated 14th of the year 111$ a hotife, and placing a guard Utatc 

from the birth of Mahommed (an. care of It, and the lenlaining rtc- 

/•uteringia the loih ef April 1 798^. ceflaiy articles they will bring widi 

(Tn»e tianilation) them ; by the blefiing of Goi, after 

N, B. EDMomTosGi P, t, their arrival at the prefence, their 

— ■■' ■ ■ whole baggage will be lent for. 

No. 17. Having ftfiy explained this, yon 

Tranfiathn of the Draft of a ttuer *''" ''""E '•>«"' »« '^^ prefence. 

from the lati Ttpfeo Saltmn to An anfwer to their letters if 

Mirxa Baukir, tie. ol Man. -tranfmittedacconipanyingDroawiU 

fahre. accordingly deliver it to. them. — 

ToMi,zaB.uHr,HuffunAni,a™iMa- T^X have been informed, that tf 

bommed Ibrahim ; dated ihe 25ih Be- " « neceffary to bnng every body 

haury of tbc year Shiuduib laeS from with them, they will do fo: but 

ifce binb of Mabommed, nth May that if they hare any thing parti- 

^W* cidar to communicate, fome of their 

Your letter dated the 14th Be- chiefs (hould repair immediately ta 

.haury of the year Shaudaub 1 216 the prefence, and, leaving the meti 

from the birth of Mahommed (av. with the other chiefs, give order? 

f-wtring ta the yoih April 1798) for their proteeding leiforely after 

difpatdiedby twocanielmeffengers, them. Should the men be left be- 

has been received ; and the contents hind, yva will leave with them Ko. 

have been afcertained. maul Mahommed, Mirda, and an 

You ftate that HuOiin Alii and' hircarrah, for the purpofe of pro- 

Mahonuned Ibrahim had arrived viding them with neceflaries, and 

with the French Sirdars ( ar thitfi) you yourfdvos will proceed to the 

and fome European recruits ; and prefence with the European chiefs, 

the account wtucb you fent con- Yon will caufe them to be fumifhed 

taining the Uft of their names, and with fuch a quantity of provifions 

the allowances fox their fubfiftence, as may be proper by the different 

has been received. aumiis (revenue offictn) of the ta- 

According to your reqocft, two looks, and give regular receipts — 

palankeens and two horfes are fent An order (rahiary) for this pur- 

for the two chiefs,- and 18 horfes pofe has been written, and is tranf- 

'fcf theotherperfons; a horfeisalfo mined to you. Bearers for three 

fent for Mahommed Ibralum, and palankeens with three dufladarSf 

you will talce the palankeen belong- Jewajee Naick, Phenkajee Naick, 

mg to the European Ripaud, and and Goolaul Naick, and two Shah- 

baving affigned two palankeens to aubdar guards, are fent to you, 
the two European chiefs, and one Your difpatching the bores con- 

10 Hoffon Aili, you will repair to taining the trees was perfeAIy pna- 

thc prefence with the Europeans, per ; Lafcars have alfo beeii ftnr 

ior the tranfportation of their bag- from the prefence for the purpofe of 

gxgc 300 men have been ordered ; bringing them oi>. You wiU brine 

yoa will pay them their wages un- the fhip-buiiders who have arrived^ 

- til their arrival at the capital, and to the prefence, as well as the other 

making them carry the baggage of artificers; and- after I Ihall have 

die Europeans, bring them with feen them, they will be fent bock 

you; you will delire the European for the purpofe of being emfdoyed 

chiefs to leave their futplus bag- in fhip-bDilding. 
ga^ behind tbem* depofiiiiig it » The ktien wntsen by HoAn 



AUi aai Mahomnxd -IbnUm do 
not contain any thing refpefling 
their Dcgoiiaiions, nor mention 
where they have been, or from 
whence they came. We deTire you 
will caufe HuflUn AJIi to write a 
full account of every thing, ffom 
the day of ibeir leaving Jeouulabad 
10 the day of theit return to that 
place, containing the occurrences on 
the voyage, their confertnees, the 
ftatc of the vrar, and a defcription 
of whatever they may have (een cu. 
riomorintcrcftiug ; having written 
all thefe particulars, you will innf. 
mit the narrative to the prcfence, 
■hat they may not -again be called 

You will encourage and fatisfy 
the peofk who have arrived, and 
bring them to the prefeiKe. In 
matters of little importance, you 
will be careful not to difpleafe or 
vex them. 

The order (rahiarj) for fop- 
plying^ oeceflaries which has been 
fent, u nndcr charge of Komaul 
Mah<Hnmed. Confidering what is 
proper, yon will Aimilh them ac- 
cordingly, and taking an account 
, of every thing, bring it with yon, 
that the neceffary dcdufliom may 
be granted. You muEl all three of 
you write fepaiate arzees when you 
havcoccafion to writt. 

To ibe Ailbf of Jeimulabid. 

You will remain (at jeraaulabad) 
for ibe pittpofe of fumifhing the 
ncceflary arricles to the Chriltians 
who have arrived ; after their de- 
patmrc you will repair to the pre- 
fence, and (hould even the month 
of Zrtiijah have elapibd, it ii of 
DO importance. 

. Two large mares, 19 hotfes, and 
■ beater* for 3 palankeens, with 3 duf. 
fcdan, Jewajeer Naidt, Hienkajee 
NaidE, and Goolaul Najdc, and two 
Shahaubdar guards, are (Jent) with 
Komaul M&homnKd Mirda, (nr 

htai ] of meflengen/ and Narrana 
and Buifa Naic^ hircarrahs, 
(Tnic tranllation.) 
N. B. Edmokitohi, F. T. 

No. 18. 

■ TravJIathn of tht Narrali've eftht 
Fmctcdingt of ibf AmbaffedeTt 
diffaubed bj Ttppaa SuUaun « 
the Frtncb IJIandi, /mm tbth 
Deparlure to their Ritum — 
WW//™ bf HuJ-«n Mi, one ef 
the jiiBhaJfadars. 
The following Article* were taken dovm 
agreeably to ihe Diflacioa of Ripaud, 
on board ihe VttTel, oa the aylb 5 
Ziukrec, lEaj of Mahommed, ijih 
December 1797. 

It has been ordered \>j the facied 
prefence, that (-vie) mA briijg 
30,000 hoifc and 40,000 infantiy, 
100 guns and mortars, with their 
eqtumnents and artillery men, with 
the French force. Provifioni, car. 
riage, convCTance, and militanr 
Sores,' fhall be fiimtflied fay tb^ 
Khoodadand Sircar — This article 
was not brought forward. 

That we fhould forward as great 
a number of Europeans as we can, 
together with 10 or 30,000 man 
of colour, who know their exercile 
well, and accompanied by experi- 
enced officers. 

That the generals who may be 
fent on their pan (the Frenth) be 
mafiers of their profeffion, fuch aa 
General Mangalon ; and, a* otic 
King is better verfcdin thcfyftema 
of India, the French Generals mnA 
coofult with him, and carry on ope- 
rations againft the enem/ in conc^ 
with him. 

Whatever may be taken In t&ia 
war from the cncmiet of our Kina 
and the R^blic, fuch as town^ 
forts, fartohea, effefli, fliipa aid 
veflUs, money, ic. or whatever 
cafh or tieafure be taken from qa. 
tions in fobjeftion to thomi all 
thefe muft be divided into two 
(ifmalj parti, one half for our King, 


and -tha other- for the Repiblit ; 
excepting the country of the Khoo-' 
dadaud iircar, which the rnglifli 
^formerly wmfted from U by force 
of arms ; fu(h country will be re- 
tained by the Sircar, ard ihey (ttit 
.Ftincb) (hall h«ve no iliarc in 

■ Should ihe French Republic be 
ddirous of making peace with the 
Englilh, they are not to conclude 
fuch peace without our I^ing being 
comprehended therein ; becaufe, af- 
ter ihe treaty of alliance, the ene- 
mies of the Republic will be ftill 
the enemies of uur King, and it 
would not be conliAeRt with fricnd- 
(hip and juftice, not t6 include him 
in ibe peace. 

■ShaiM arty one in dieftrviceof 
tlie Kheodadaud Sircar enter the 
French camp and. commit any out- 
line, let bun be apprehended and 
. icM. to the prefcaoc, in order that 
- be may be pimifhed according to 
' tiie forriu of theKhoododaod Sirear ; 
and in the fenw maniwr, Ibould any 
one of the French army enter tbe- 
' cinp.of ourKing, and be guilty of 
aivy oMtTageand irregularity, he (ball 
be imtnediattly apprehehended and 
feot to the General of the French 
army, in order that be may punilh 
him agreeably to hi« own cnftoras. 
1'bis article was not brought for- 

SbouU. tbele propofitions be ap- 
proved by the Republic, we requeft 
the leaders of the mother Itcpublic, 

' to tianfmit fpeedy intelligence 
.thereof to our King, by a fmall 
veflel, in order that bis Highnefa 
in petri>n may fet on foot a formid. 

.able .and fiSorioin army to meet 

that of the' French in the neigh- 
bourhood of Mirjaiin, which place- 
is clofe to Goa. Oh, French nation ! 

with a view to the mutual interefts 
<A iht prties, onr King intended 
to fend federal lettprs under bis 
auguft feal and fignature, with four 
Sircars of high rank, forthcpiirpofe 
of negotiating upon a fhip belong- 
ing to the Klwodadaud Sircar, to 
the chiefs ofthe mother country. But 
the afpreheiifion of the enemy, and 
the untavourabIei;cfs of- the feafcoi, 
prevented themeafure. Aftandardof 
the Republic was, however, quick- 
ly prepared, and fet up in the camp 
of Lally; (hU Majtfty } caufed it 
to be falutcd with three tboufapd 
guns " ! Ripaud and Monf. De 
Bay can bear'tcftimony to this faA. 
And whereas our king has declared, 
that he f hus will fupport the lland- 
ard of the Republic; Oh, French 
nation ! if ye will but confent to 
thefe propofitions, you need not 
hereafter fear your enemies : turn 
your thoughts only to the pro- 
teftion of your ifland, for our 
King will keep the Englilh fo em- 
ployed and embarraffed, that .they 
will be unable to turn their atten- 
tion towards you : further, Ze- 
maun Sliah, king of the Afghans, 
and the greater part of the powers 
of Irdia, ate united with our King 
for ibis purpofe, and will not 
ceafe until ihcy (hall have driven 
the EiigHiTi out of India. 
Oh Proteftor ! 

Supporter of the World, Health ! 
I'he particulars of our proceed- 
ings from our firft leaving Jemaid- 
abad, until oar arrival j'rf/«f^y at 

die port of Coriaul ( Mangahrt } ' 

*. HcK Epikiw thcjiainn of varioui implfmeniiof war, p^tiary, orfranre, muSc-' 
eti,ai]d.roclyis> bui (he uFual araidUtiom being chana;ed accurdtiif: to Titi'°t> ^l- 
uunMyDein, 'it i^notknown what fpccie* are here dclWnaicd. Thisailudesioibe 
ttiemonj' of conftcraiing ihe national fl-e. of which a aciailcd acfoant 15 Kive" '■> 
■he jo<uval-«(ihe Gitiirgi oia .{arobln Club, which badbci-n edablifBcd aiSeiinga- 
^tan under (be auTpjcirs of M. Ripaad. lliis curious paper, in vjbiLh th^: Suli«un 
ufly'Lcd^.Cito^aTifpiKi, wm fouud in.iht pBlawBt-SeringBpatam. 


ID itiE Khoodadaud Siicar, are is to him the money which had beea 

(allow : given to ub by the prefence, &ir 

On Sunday the i7rh of Zaukrce him ai'id hi$ French affociates, elfe 

Hit of the birth of Maho:nined ("/aic! btj i will go ro Unbajec 

('j/* Dtcembtr iJi)J,J we cm- (meaning perhcfi ti'niardi Bam- 

hiiked: -Rip»ud (KtaGoned iha ia/^ and otiict quarter*, for plun- 

deliy of a day or two in adjufting dcr, and will coaft it for iive or fix 

the equipments of the veiTcI, &^, months. We anfwercd, *' yuu know 

On the 19th, wc weighed anciior. very well, that the mor.ey which 

After proceeding &ve or fix coTi his Highnefs aligned for our cx- 

10 fea, Rip^ud, accompanied by penfet was entruHcd to us in yoor 

fiveorfin perfoiis,-K:amc up to us in prefence, b/ Sliaik Ahmud, Mai- 

a ven' difordcrly manner, deljring lik-00-Toojar ; knowing and fee-^ 

w ro Ihew tbcia the letters which ing this, it ii very unt^ecoming in 

Itad been entrtilted to us for the you tom^ke this requcH." Refuge 

Sirdars/'arr^V/iyatihcMauritius; of the world, healtli I He alligncd 

wc obferved, that our orders fro:n for our accommodation, the place 

thejTefence were, not to open the where the lafcari arc; there wat 

the difpaiches until our arrival no place fur as to Hcep or fit in ; 

there, and thai it was not hccom- out inconveniences increafed daily ; 

ing in him (R'^andJ who h»d laid at laft we defired KJp:iud to allot 

the foondation of the prefent ex. fomc place for ui-lo remain in un. 

pediiion, ajid who was acqaainted. , til our arrival at the Maarltiui 4 

irith aircircumilanccs, to lake fui.h upon which he gave us a finalt 

a Hep. All our pctfuafions were of doney (beat J which was on the 

no avail ; he ttxjk the difpacches velTel, to Q^p and eat in, until 

from us by force, and leaiiug open our arrival at the illand. From 

the leathern envelope, wanted to the day of our leaving Mangalore 

openihekficreeiahs* aifo- We told until our arrival at Mauritius, he 

him that he would be difgraced, allowrd us not more (•waUTj than 

and his imprcfier proceedings b: what he allowed the lafcars, and 

cicpi^ among nis whole nation, '~ which only fuificeJ, for drinking; 

(adi'mg) that it was highly unbc- . it was not enough for cooking. 

coning in hitn to be guilty oiffuch In the coarfe of the voyage h* 

a degree of ticachery and mifcon- . took two velTela ; after taking the , 

daft ; that until our arrival at the eargo qut he releafed them. After 

Mioritius, we refpe^ed thefi: khe- ten or twelve days wc fteercd di- 

itttahsasourownlives,andthatwc re^Iy for the Mauiitius. •^paud 

would facrifice our lives, but we - fent a melTage to me \, propofing 

woolddowiththefekhereetahsaswe lo recite to us the commands which 

h«] been direfled by the prcfcrice. your Highnefs had cntndled to 

Upon this, lie rellored them to us. him, lefpefting the nogotiaciont 

The next day he -Came 10 us, and with the Sirdais of the Mauritius ; 

d^'lired that we would muke over that we Ihould takiE down a tran^ 
\ F latioB 

* Kbereeiahi are lb bags or cafes of tiffue or Glk, in whii;h Iciim adiltcflecl to 
cttbos of tank are ufually cncloTcd. 

gfaoolaum, or 


- niiereeiani are im rags or ca 
pcttbas of tank are ufually cncloTcd. 

\ Tie vakeelt 
flwo. Here i>ie 
H [Ik wiitct onlj> 

t Tbe vakcelt are (lc<iK<i3ie<) ihrou^houi (his paper by the term gfaoolaum, or 
tUvo, Here the word is in ibc lingulai cuaibet) and it pcibapi inicndad w^^ily 
[Ik wiitct only. 


htion sf them, and make oar re- that he'woald inimeduielyftodno. 

preTentatiiXK accordingly at the tice to the General of out amvaL' 

iflaitd. We replied, that the Sluik We defired him to allot toax place 

Ahmud, Mullik-oo-Toojar, had for our accommodation on (hoir, 

~ conunnnicated to us in his fRi. and enable lu to difembark, adding, 

fauJ'sJ piefence, orders to (hii that in a dijr or two after, we 

ctfeA i tfaiit whatever he {Ripaudj would commence our interriewi 

fliould diflate to iis or tell^is, we with the Sirdars ; requefting that 

tTiosld make onr reprcfentationa ac- ■ onr arrival might not be made 

cordingly to the fflrdars above men. known to any one (tl/r.J The 

tioned) through the medium of phyfician, after rcnuining an hour, 

Monfiear DeBay. Rtpand brought retnmed to the Sirdats, and before 

feveral papers to ns, and dilating two hours had elapfed, fcnt foot 

to De Bay, canfed him to write peribns of rank with a verbal mef- 

feveral articles ; whidi being done, fage, llaiiitg, that he was extremely 

be faid, that they were in confor. happy at our artiva), aiid that be 

tnity to the orders of the prefcnce, would fcndforos thenext day. We 

and defircd that we would regulate replied, by requefting that be 

onr negotiations accordingly. It would fend for us dandeftinely, fo 

it imp<%ble to defcribe the diftrefs that it (hoold be known to no one. 

we fui&red from the rain, and the They replied, that it wai very well; 

motion of the waves of the fea, they would report accordingly to 

However, by the favour of God the General, and aft agreeably to 

and your Majefty's aufpices, we fuch orders as he might give ; after 

furvived, and on ThuWoay the 3d this they went awiy. In the 

of the month Rawzee/ig/it Jn- meantime, Ripaod carried tbefhip 

unary 1798^, being arrived within near to the land, anddroppii^ the 

two cofs of the Mauritius, a pilot anchor In the month of die river, 

came off in a boat to learn the dr. imme<Uately went to the General, 

camftances of the Ihip. Me came At twelve o'clock at night be came 

on board, andRipaud received him on board again, and told us that 

with a ereat deal of cordiality, he had reprefented every thing to 

Hetoldhlm that wewerc ambafla- the General; before his renim, 

dors fcnt by your Highiwfs to the however, five or fix Sirdars and two 

Siidars of the Mauritius, and de- aidt-da-camp of General Malar, 

fired that he would fend fome one tiquc'i came to t» on board the 

(n fiiBTe) 10 give notice. The TeJTcl, and told us that they mail 

pilot immediately fcnt a lafcar with conform to the cuftom of their na. 

a verbal meffage to the General ; tion, and that if they did not re. 

and in two' or three hours * after ceive your Highnefs's ambalTadors 

a phyiician came to afcertain the with due refpeA, and attention, 

people's health on board the fiiip. they would be cenfuied from home. 

He fent for all the men who were We jrfed every argnment in our 

* on board the velTel, acid inquired power to dilTuade tnenli bat to no 

into the llateof every man's health; purpofe. The next day, the foK 

be then came up to us, and made a diers were drawn up in two lines, 

falam (ir ibei/ancij and told us, ixom ihe baiik of the river to Ge. 


* The hsuri in (bii paper mud be undeidood 10 mean the Hindulkny Ghuny, 
ConlifiinKoftboflciWcniy-ihpeeortwenty-foui minuiei. , ~ - • 



gen] VUuAfaefa bcnff, by Gt- lirem} tbe aiiguft ietW tfito the 

nenl Malartitiae'g dlrefUons, who buidi .of Geneiaj M'aUrtt^ue. I 

bat fereral offi(!en in Im own boat afterwud» inquiivd who vfi» tbe 

to meet ns, and conduA lu to his Prefidettt of Oie Council : Malat^ 

boole. Accordingly wa went on UquG ikniai MoaHebi Pdcenibrea 

IhOie in the boat; and iniiDediately. to rife sad take the letteia. At 

Bfoa oar landing near a hundr«d ibe tima of obt laodiifg we defircd 

■od fifty guns were fired, and we {(.ipaud to aocompany ns, which 

vere ctmdufted with the utraoft de- however he did not, but, -in abouB 

gree ofrefpeA to the Sirdan. When one hoor after oiu arrival he carae 

arrived M General Malartiquc,'* to the AlTemblyi and hiriding his 

boule, the-Gexwral himfelf. Gene, hat nndar his aWn, flood at a dif^ 

ralSCTccy,^fae Memben of Coun- tance. We told General Malar^ 

til*, and other Stdan, met m at tique that Monfieur De Bay had 

tbe door of tbe houfe:, Tbe Gc. Wn feut from the prefencc to be 

neral feated ui upon the chairs the iotetpieier between him /'Ma~ 

clofe at his right hand. We pre. larii^utj and us, in any negotia^ 

(ented your Highnef&'s compli. tions which coighc take place be* 

neiiU to alt the Sirdars, and told twcen ni\ in cometjueoce (^ which, 

than that theobjefl of our coming be called De Bay to him, and ob« 

wat to inqniie after the health of fcrved lo hijn, that in your High- 

jnmr Majcffly*« friends, as no news nefs's letter, Voofof Alii was cnen-: 

(^ then had reached the prefence tioned .fat tb* ^r/n/i dtfuird) 

for feveral years, and therefore whereat our names were Huflun 

your Majcfty hod deputed us to all AIti and Shaik Ibrahim, andde. 

the Sirdars, that we might afcer. fired to know the reafon of tiiis i 

tain and retnm with an account This being explaioed to us by De 

t& the vdfare of your Majefty'i Bay, I anfwered, that Met^r Voofof 

frteads. I then took the khercetas. Alii had been originally appointed, 

coniaining your Majefty's letters but being laid' op with illnefs, he 

in my haiuls, roTe from my.iieat, had been let aftde, and your High. 

andaddrcflit^tbeSirdars,tddthem nefs had deputed us inftead ; we 

dtat they mull take the royal let- then told General Malkrtiqiie that 

ten with refped. Uptm this Ge. we had (ereral points ,of a fectet 

neral MaWiique arofc, and taking nature to oonununicate M him, and' 

«ff l» hat, received the letters from therefore, if he would fend for ut 

117 hands, in the fame nuiiner in private, we would ccmunnnij 

General Setcey rofe from his place, cat* to him what your Highnclii 

and eamc v^ to me, and then I de. had dite^ed. General Malartique 

liveied to him hii letter alio. Ge- anfwered, " at three o'clock w£ 

neral Mansion was not then prev twof Sirdars will viJit you at your 

&ti(, but General Malartique told place of reftdence}" we then t0(^ 

BE that if we would deliver to him leave. General Malartique pro- 

yoor Migfaoefs't letter to Graiend videdu; both with palankeens, and 

Mangaloo, he would take care to dire^d the bearers lo remain with 

tonvcy it to him, aitd obtain his uj as long as we continued on the 

receipt {bt.itt:: We accordii^glyde. illand ; and he gave us a garden - 
, tP» doft 

* The ColoTiial An'cmti!}' mud be luppored ro be here m:utt. 

t Ii 4otiaotu«»wbaitbCatlMt'«Mak : •'*/-- ' 1 

■ n,gN..(JNG00gle 


AglAtiC ANfNOAL ftfiGKTfill, l79*-9. 

eloTc to die oty to refide in. At 
three o'clock all ifee Siidan above- 
mentioned Tifited va ] we went to 
meet them at far aj die garden 
rate, and conducted them into the 
houTe with all doe cereniony and 
tcfpeA, We (eaicd them upon 
chain, and addtefled ibem ia thia 
efta : " The objcfl of oat King 
in ddiring to form an alliance with 
the French Republic, is to crafli oat 
alroady balf-cKpirine enemy. What 
io yoD wait for ? nis Majefty ia 
ready to afford you fuccooTs ; Ihew 
fOurTelrcs in India. The tulbound. 
ed violence and opprdfion of the 
Englifli, hkve rendered all the 
Princes <^ India rheir enemies ; 
they are enfeebled on every fide, 
and from the great ext<nt of ter- 
ritory which they have acquired 
byatiificc, ihey avc difperfed in 
ait quarters. Look upon the pre. 
fent tiroe as a moft fortunate op. 
portwiity ; fend a large iimy and 
an excenfive train of artillery, to 
the alTiftance of our Sovereign, and 
cffeflyally chaAizing oor munial 
cncmicc, drive them out of India, 
lie at the very 
eign and of the 
not be able to 
;r of our Sove. 
the aid of the 
ml will be de. 
rter. It ii well 
iblic, thai both 
nd our prefcnt 
all times been 
-wilhcn of the 

_ __.., _._. ! always fought 

their alliftancearidfupporF, and made 
common caufe in their wars againft 
their enemiei. The wi(h of our 
Sovereign is this, that, by afford. 
ing afliltaiKe to the RepuUic, the 
French name may become as ho. 
houred and exalted in India, as it 

is through Europe- xnd among ike 

The Sirdars liked, ifanauxitbry 
force Ihould be furniihed from Eiit- 
rope, would your HighneTs fuppiy 
Iheniwithprovlfons, military ftores, 
conveyance, and carnage ? Wc an- 
fwetcd, That from the day of the 
landing of the French army Jn In. 
dia, your Highnefs would fuppiy 
them with provifions ; that is to 
fay, rice, meat of every kind, and 
ghee [excepting howcvar European 
liqaors) military ftores, conveyance, 
and carriage. They then tdd us, 
that, ibr the purpofe of procuring a 
large military force, they would fit 
out twtt Ihips of war,, and difpatch 
them witb letters from themfelves, 
together with your Highnefs's let- 
ters addreffcd to them fonr, in 
charge of two craddential perforw 
of rank, to France ; and they de^ 
fired that we would give them a 
memoranduiB of the proviGoos and 
carria^ which we had prooiilecl 
them, in order that they might for- 
ward it to Enrope, and fpeedily ob. 
tain the military foccmrs requirdd^ 
We replied, that we would the 
next day fumilh them with the me- 
morandum accordingly. They then 
rofc and went home. In the morn- 
ing they fent the head aid.du-camp 

ana * Dewan ^— , to us ; 

who faid that General Malartiqoe 
fent hii compliments, ai>d dcfired 
him 10 mention, thai he and the 
other three Sirdars were about to 
write iettera to the goverruuBi in 
Europe, and therefore he requefted, 
dial we would fiimiAi him with the 
memorandum which we had pro- 
mifed, with re^cft to provi£ans 
and carriage. Having accordingly 
drawn .up a monorandura with re. 
gard to proiificau and carriage, we 
' Knt it by Moi^. Dc Bay to General 



Mfkruqne. Cbcrifher(rf'theWorld> fhip of thf French nation woold ef- 

h^dii Thcfe foui Strdais hav.e tei\, wiih the view of cnifhingthc 

etch written fepnte letters to dif- enemy ; an<1 that- be was ftom hit 

fetent people, to procure a large htarf the (levoted fervant of your 

force for the ailiftance of the Sircar, sircar, 
jmd have depaCed two conlidentia] Refuge of the World ! In conlc< 

ocrfons, one Mmf,* the quence of the fcverity of a fea voT- 

liead, the other Monf. agf, and unfavouraMeneli of toe 

Mugon, a cap'ain, in. order to re. cfiinate, I wai fo much indifpoftt^ 

preJcni Theex<;eftofyour Highiiefs's that * General Maliuttqiie'i 

frirndfhip and attactuneni, and Dewan, remarked ii, aod told the 

charged with yoar HighneTs't let. General, that I wax cxticmely ill } 

(crsaddrelFedtoGeneralMalarlique, in confeqiience of which he iisme- 

4c. And accordingly, on ihe 7th diately fcnt two of the firft phyfi* 

of Rauzec 1115 of the birth of Ma- cians to attend me, with amdlage, 

hommed (13d January 1798J, they that, on the next day, at three 

were dirpatched to Europe, on two o'clock, he would come himfelf t« 

Ihips of war, with the utmoA cau. vilit me. The following day Ge. 

liim. Atter two or three days, neial Malariiqaecameaccordinglyi 

with a view to ftrengthen the and after making inquiriet refoeA- 

fiNiiidatioos of friendlhip and at. ing my health, he faid that Ripaud 

tachment, we caufed a paper to be had made an erroneotu repreleiita. 

drawn ap, by Monfieur De Bay, to tion to yeur Highnefi) which oc> 

the following purpofe, and fent it calioned us to be oepated : fhaibad 

to Genaal Malartique ; tiz. that uv arrived four mouthi hefort, ht 

In order to cement the baGs of 4<inld kavt fiat ai batk tvllb out 

frtendfllip and alliance, it was ne. iboifand Europtani, until tht ar. 

ceflaiy that both parties ikould riial of tbi army freai Emrafr, kmt 

lind themfelvcs by oaths, in order that tba/e 4r»<ipi had i/aii/ teem iif- 

■hat the fyflem of harmony and fatcbid te Batavla, Jo the e^anft 

irieodlhip, fubfifting between your of ibt Dutch; ftill, however, he 

Majefty and the Frent:h nation, would manilcft his devotion in the 

might be confinned, and that while bell manner he could, and that he 

the moon Aiould keep its courfe, wotild not feod lU away empty, 

this alliance Ihould remain unio^ handed. He then a&ed in wluu 

paired and unviolated. General places your Highnefs had fiBatMt 

Malartique returned for anfwer, cftahlilhed, and what was the pNC 

iliat the ratification of the alliance tice of the Sircar with rcTpe^ eo tk/t 

by D2th depended upon government eftablilhmeni of factories ? and de- 

in Europe ; that the friendlhip be. fired us to fend a meraoiandum upon 

to^een the Khoodaduud Sircax and the fubjeA. The nest day we 

the French naiioDwasfullyeO^iblilh. caufed De Bay to draw up a T^9\f 

cd ; that there would never be any to the following eSe^, which we 

diminotioa of that friendlhip and fcnt B> General Malxrtiqiie ; rix. ' 

tmion, as Itrtig as the moon retained " That your Hi^hnefs b.'il eftabUlh. 

hcr courfe; that the enemies of ed fattories at Mufcat, at l£utch| 

their Hate were the enemies of the at ^^^ia, and in other principal 

French nation ; that your Highnefs ciiic* ; that two confidential per. 

would foon have an opportunity of fons were kept at each ia&oty to 

feeing what the devotion and friend, buyandfell; wd, that if he /Af d- 

..+ P3 _ ^«"' 

* Names illegible. 


N Google 


lari'iqjiej were willing that a fac- ns the following tndrning to fcetlie 

tory on the part of your Highnefs powder milh, gardens, and raortar 

fl-.o-tld be cftabliflied at the Mauri- firing, adding, that he (hoald be 

. tins, wc would reprdcnt it to your at the powder works befere tia. 

Higiinefs, and ihat if you approved. Early in the iDOrning, accompanied 

a ftflory fhoald be eftabliflied ac- by Dc Bay, we went to the powdet 

cordingly/' Some days after, Gc- works, arid immediately on ' our 

neral Malartique feiit for us, and alighting from our palankeeos at 

(old us, that he readily agreed to the the gate, we were fainted with 

cftaMilhment of the Sircar'ifaftory twenty-one guns. The foldien 

'at the Mauritius ; adding, that he were drawn out in two ranks, while 

would appoint a Dewan to (uperin- feveiat officers came out to meetns, 

lend it, who would' provide fueh and conduflcd us to General Ma. 

articles as your Highnefs required lartique and General Sercey, who 

at a favourable rate, and alfo that met us at the head of the ftairs, 

ht^ it'onld aOign a houfe belonging and taking our hands, fcated as 

to the Company for the purpofe. upon chairsj and then oflered, if 

■After two or three days, I fent a we chofe, to go with us and (hew 

note by Monfieur De Bay to Ge- us the works. We atifwered, that 

neraT Malartique, rcquefting that it was juft as they pleafed; their 

he would pttcurc- fonie plants of pleafnre was ours. They imtnedi- 

1^ nntmpg and clove, fome Euro- ately rofe, and (hewed us all the 

pfan fruit trees, fine-coloured and works. We then went without 

Ywtef-feented flowers; and, (illing the gates, where they diieAed the 

fOjne wooden ■ boxes ' with earth, artillery-men to fire the mortar* at 

Y'^nt them therein, and fend ihcm the targets, which they did fifteen 

c«efi]lly back with us to be pre- times. They then requefted that 

■fentcd to yoUr Highnefs. The Ge- we wou'ld go and fee the garden, 

neral immediately lent (or the gar- with the plants of nutmegs and 

liener, and direfkd him to prepare doves, &c. On our leaving the 

the^nts in the boxes with the ut- poivder works, wc were agsm fa. 

, inoft expedition. At three o'clock luted with twenty-one guns. We 

^e received a rifit fronr Genernl then proceeded to the garden, irfwro 

Sercey. We advanced to meet him, we remained four hours, and then 

condufted him inio the houfe, and rwumed home, TTie next day Gc- 

feaied-tiitg on a chair. General nerai Malartique fent to invite u 

Sercey (ailj to os, ■ that, pleafe God, to go and fee (bme fire-worka to be 

' 5fome large fuccoara would very fooii exhibitted that night ; Accordingly 

arrive" from Europe, and that it an hour before the tlole of the day, 

. vtfi his intention (o accompany the we went to the place where the 

troops to y out Highnefs. After firc-works were to be exhibited, - 

that, we^ told him, that it would The fccond and five 

be very defirablc if he could fend Sirdars came oat to meet ns, and 

. 4)Jck With as five or fiit' experienced conduflcd ns to the upper ftory : at 

navigators, fcreral fiilp boilders, that -time both the generals were 

ahd iron cannon founders ; to which ndt pref^nt. Having fat till nine 

'General Sercey agreed, promifing to p'clock at night, and. feen the fire- 

itrA ihem with us on out return, works, we returned home. Two 

After fitting two hours, he rofe. or three days afterwards they in- 

Afttr this, General Malartique fent vitcd ub to go and fee the armotvy, 

a mrifagc by his D^an, inviting the moody .kiuuina,/';r«'''9'^i and 

2 - ,,j-,Gbo»^ic the 



jhetfoa-mmafaflotyi defiling that 
we vould crane for itut purpoTc .at 
four faoan aftet day-Ughi. We ac. 
cordingly fee oni, and on oui ar- 
rival ac ifie gate of the annouryi 
the Siidars belonging to. the efta. 
blilbment came out to meet us; 
they fhewed us the whole of (he 
cftabliJlunent of muflcets, imple- 
ments of war, balls, Sec. Sic. after 
nhicfa wc took our leave. The 
next day General Malartique fent 

a verbal meflage -by Dcwan, 

inTiting us to go, at three o'clock 
in the i^ternoon, to fee the batteries 
and ordnance. The peifon in com- 
mand of them received direfUons 
to. (hew them to us ; and we ac- 
conUpgly fer out, accompanied by 
Monf, De Bay, and when arrived 
at the batteries, the SirdaH of that 
deparnnent came forward, and 
Shewed us the batteries and ord- 
naace : diey caofed fsveral fhots' to 
be £red. After feeing them all, we 
todc leave of tbofc Sirdan, and re- 
mmed home. 

The next day we were informed 
by Dcfcombres and the Dcwan, 
that General Matartique had fent a 
thip to Bourbon, to fetch men for 
the fervice <^ the Sircar ; and that 
the General faid he would not fuf- 
fer us to take leave until the return 
of the (hip ; we told them, that we 
were not come to carry away with 
Ds men to be enlifted for (he fervice 
of the Sircar (in other words re- 
friit'J, nor were fuch the orders we 
received from the prefer ce. Five or 
fix day* after. General Malartique 
rrataman tocallus. He told us, that 
he had ^pointed fome men for the 
fervice oTthe Sircar, whom he was 
aboni to fend accordingly ; and de- 
fired Bs to give il under our hands, 
that wc would reprefent to the pre. 
fence, and procure their entertain- 
ment at the rate of pay which he 
fhonldfix. We informed him* that 
we could not ventifft to make any 
+ P 

fuch reprefentation to the prefencci 
General Malartique replied, '* Wert 
I to write to the jttefefice, would it 
not be agreed to (" Wc anfwered, 
that if he chofe to write, it would 
be at ypur Highiiefs's cation to 
agree to it or not. After thi» we 
took leave. Being arrived at home, 
we wrote and fent a letter tq Ge- 
neral Malartique by Monficur Dc 
Bay, to this purport : " It is vcrjr 
wjll known to you. Sir, that the 
objefl of our coming hither, waj 
to carry with us the fuccour of a 
large and eSeAivf body of troops. 
Perfons of your nation reprefented 
to the prefence that a conuderable, 
body of troops was aflually ready 
at the Mauritius for the afliftance 
of the Sircar, and that fo foon a$ 
ambaOadors (hould be fent to the 
Sirdars of the, Mauritius, on the 
part of the Khoodadaud Sircar, an 
efficient body of men Ihould be lent 
back with them, whereby tbe com. 
mon enemy would be chalHfed. 
Had his Highnefs been pieafed to 
give lu orders for railing French 
recruits, his Highnefs would not 
have fent us without fettling their 
rate of pay and ellabliAimcnt, 
agreeably to the cuftom of the Sir. 
car. From a regard to the antient 
union and eftablilhed fricndfhip fub. 
fitting between the two ftates, you 
deem it improper to fend away the 
ambafladors of the Khoodadaud Sir. 
car empty handed, and therefore / 
propofe to fend a few men, whom 
you yourfelf have engaged for the 
fervice of the Sircar; but the ob. 
jeflof the Sircar will'not be an. 
fwered by fo fmall a body of men j 
neither are we inftrufled to carry 
with us recruits from the Mauri- 
tius ; i^r indeed can this ^ (bne 
without money. Men of your nit> 
tion come to us every day, (mm*. 
i^g /»r ,h, purfof, of btingen. 
gogfd), and require tobefumifhed 
with money } but fuppofing they 
L ' wavf 


wared thdr demand for money accordtn|;Iy. Refugeof d^ Worldl 

here, and Toltintaril}' repaired to After tht lapfe of eighteen ^days, 

the'pi*fence with us, under your the (hip which had been fent » 

orden, their pay mult be fixed by Bouibon returned empty. It ap- 

the prefence ; elfe, fufpending this peared that a great many men wiffaed 

bulitwfs unril his Highnefs can be to come, but were prevented by 

informed, depute two vakeels of want of means. On beiag in. 

yourowirwTih us tonegotiare the formed of thii. General Malar, 

nutter. As Toon as fuch v:<keels tlquc fent word to us, that he 

ftiall hare arrived at the prefence, propofed, in the courfe of five or 

and his Higlmtrs (hall have fta^ed fix days, to fend us to Bourbon ; 

to thein the raic of pay and cftah. that as many men as were willing 

lifhment, as allowed to Inilly's to accompany us, we might carry 

force in the fervice of the Sircar, to your Highnefs. General Man. 

Jhould his Highnefs be difpofcd to gaion paying us a vifit, we ftated 

entertain them agreeably to (he to him il-^t it would be very de- 

accuftemed rate ot Qur Sircar, his firaSIc if he wnuld accoirpany the 

HighneA. will fend nwnty with his troops deftincd for thc'rorvice of 

arabalTadors; and ih;n you' may the ftarc; to whitji he replied, that 

enliil men and fcixl ihein* accord, when a confidcrablc force fiiouldaf- 

iogly ; in the men time, do us rive from Europe for the purpefe of 

the favour to give ns our leave to fubduing the enemy, he would ac- 

return to the prefcnci-." General company it to the prefence; and he 

Malarti;]ue wrote in anfwer, and d^iired that we would reprefcnt (a 

«Ifo fent word by MonGeur Dif. to your ^ Highnefs. After fitting 

comlir':3 and the Dewan, two hours, he took leave. Four 

That !;? propofed fending Meffrs. days after, General Malartique fent 

Chapuls and Du Buc, with fcveral for us to hishoufe. at three o'clock 

. oihcr Sirdars, lo your Highnefs, in the afrenioon; and then pio- 

. with this view ; thai until the ar. pofed to us to embark ihc follow- 

rival of tr,i? French fuccoiirs, from ing morning at nine o'clock, adding 

Europe, the former Ihoiild i^'iJe th;it he himfcjf would accompany 

at theprdence, inqnalitv- of pleni. us on board of Ihip to take leave, 

potenaary ; ihci the oihur French- Accordingly, the neift day, being 

men might not by telling fi'.iltics, Thurfday the 2i(l df Rul>l>annee 

like Ripaiiil, dnrive you: High. Ijic (8th March 1798) of the 

nefs ; and that Monfirur i)j Hue birth of Maliommed, we fet out. 

- miffht be djpited to France, to- Arrived ar the bank of the river't 

^Wr with your Hij^ltnefs's am. mouth, fcveral Sirdars accompa. 

balladors, at the O) ;ning of the nietl us in the boat, and cfcorted u« 
feafon, to rcgotiate on 1 he piirt of on board the ftiip, where they took 

. your HighT'jifs ; as by Ills ^oing, leave. An hour after, G2neral Ma- 
lartique, Monfieur Chapais and 
Monfieur Da Buc, came on board ; 

fon^ he fjid, he propofed lending attd General Malartique delivered 

thtfc perfont to the pri-'fence, thai to us the kh?rectahs containing the 

Jiereufrer ihojid vcur Highnefs an- arzees to your Highnefs's addWs, 

prove <.'f engajj'-it^ Frenchmen lot defiring ihn we would preCent his 

your fervice, ihey it.ould be enitr- haaible lefpcfls. He then gave 

■tained ar the rate a! d a«wrding to orders for weighing anchor, and 

the cuiiomi of the Sircar, and fent jtctumed as foon as Genenl Malar. 


tiqne had got on boafd ths boar, alb of the Conferencn heU at ihit 

The captain of tlwQwp.oidwed the Place wUh the ChWi of Maun.iu*. 

McboT to be hove ; and in one day PMiiculin. ' 
•nd righi we Brrtved at Bourbon, 

where we anchored. Monf. Chai *■ Wb, Hoffon AIIt and Mahotn. 

puii and Du Buc got ipio the boat, med Ibrahim, on the i6(li of the 

and Ti/ittd the GoTemot of -Bour. month Zankerf, the year Sau^, 

bonj andreturned, bringing with itzt (aii/toeriiig t» abont tht ^h 

them four pcribns, who were de. nj Decemhir 1797^ from the birfH 

firoasaf proceeding ID the prefence. of Malmmmed, having embarked 

The captain continued Kere the on boatd the fliip •*■"•, in com. 

whole day, and then weighing pany with Ripaud the Eurojffan, 

afichor, (haped hit coorfc ibr Man. in purfuance of the order of the en. 

'gabwe. Near the line we -met lightened prefcnce, weighed an. 

whh a Horn), in which one of the chor, and on the 20th of Rohmau. 

malts of the Ibip was fprung {or nee of the fame year (an/'vienng tt 

tarried anaay), and during the iht Sib January 179SJ fafely ar. 

whole of the night the people de. rired at the Maaniius. The Sir- 

fpaired of their lives ; but through dan fir Chi'fi) of thaf place, in 

UtelavoDrof God, and the royal confideration of the high reputation 

nfpicts, in tbe morning the Itorm and dignity of the KhocxL-idaud Sir. 

ceafod. car, came out to mett ui with thb 

Prior to lbi«, I had the honour greateft refped, and we wete landed 

to write to yourHighneftafulland in the toiyn at oneof ihebeft houfcs, 

jKcarate account of the en|;agemcnt The four letters, addrefled to the 

which look plaA off Tellicherry*, chiefs of Mauritius, one toGenetd 

together with the difenibark:ncnt Malartiqiie, the fecond to Gaiietal 

of the Earopcans, and their de- Sercey, the third to General Mai^. 

mands. Whence yonr Highneft galon, and the fourth to General 

will hare been infoimed of thofe D^ifcombres, were dclivded; and 

pnlicnlari. thefe four chiefs receired them with 

Dated 8th of Tackee of the year the greateft refpcft. They opened 

Sbadanb, ii26of thebinh ofMa. them, and afoerttined their con. 

bammed (23d May 1798.) tents. They meniioned that two 

(True tranf.) fliips were to be di (patched from 

N-B-EoiiONsTOJO, P. T. thence-immediately (or Paris, and 

' that they Ihonid fend two othef 

No. 19. (hips as a convoy to them, altoge. 

Tran/alif/i f/ lit Narrative ef thcr four Ihips j that ibcy (the tour 

liab*mmei Ibrahim, en* of tbt chiefs) (hould write to Paris an ac 

Ambaffadtri iijpalcbtd hy Tip. count of our arrival at Mauritius, 

pt HiUtamn « the Ijlt aj t'rauu on a deputation from the Sultaun, 

in ifyj' and perfuade (he DircAory to open 

CiiArTEH I.— AecCTMttofthe Depart- a negotiation. 

UK of Hk^D Alljr and MabDmmcd Your fervancs confidered the dc. 

Ibrahim, depujeJ °^.^^ ^'^^^'^t parlure of thefe ftilps for Paris, fo 

Kbo»Uu<i-i,<rar, fot...Kc,,lflandof j;;^,diately after their arrival at 
the Mauritius, as a inoft propitiotta 

• TIm afiudei to the ciMiire Of dK ftHnaood ani Wi»dcDlt, liidi>9ieo, in Telli- 

duffy Roads. ,,i-,L.OOglC 


(ircumftince, the ikmy «SeA of (£ yoni demands by thU liinewoal4' 
year vi£loitous auTpicei, and as have been acccHUplilhed. 
pTtfagine tbe fuccefi of the affairs . It is certaia that the Enj^UAi aie . 
(^[heK^oodadaui Sircar. We ob. reduced to great difficulties aod 
(ciTodto the chiefs, that their writ- dlfirefsi and at this ciifis the nego. 
ing done would not produce a fpecdy liations at Paris may be carried on 
andfaiislaftoryanfwerfromEutopei wtch the greateft fuccefa : from the 
and that therefore it would be proper friendfhip of the chiefs of Maori, 
fopoftponethedcpaituieofthefhips tins you canexpeflonly fome re- 
fer fame days, and fend copies of the cruits and the eftablifhment lA < 
letten which they had rrfpeftively faflory ; but with regard to oUiev 
leciiTed from the prefence, with affairs of importance, fuch as Cue 
kheit own difpatches on the fubjeA conn for your countryi and the 
tit the negotiation with your High- condu£Ung a negotiation, nothing 
vxfi, in order that all your High- final can be determined here. It 
ntfs's wilhei might be oiadc known, will be advifeable, however, to 
and acquitfccd' in as foon as pdTibte. preTerve a friendlhip between thefe 
The chiefs accordingly, on due chie& of the Mauritius and the 
coniideration, wrote wlwt was pro- Sircan 

per. We alfo, taking advantage We, according to our imperleA 
of the circumftance of the time, nndcrftan dings, having raaoe oui- 
a|ipoimed two Euiopeans of note, felves acquainted with thefe nutters 
one Moof. Magon, the-other Monf. have related them accordingly. 
Pi|on»,(iioldir.gouttothemanex- Chapttk II.— Account of Sj^mii, 
pemtion of the favonr of the Sir- ihc European, at followi: 
car] to afl as vakeels Car Amhaffm. Having weighed anchor from tbe 
d»ri ;) and after preparing an hoo- bay {^Khaurii) at Courial (Mangtr, 
fcumnanaiah (or Iafiraafiit)<:oata.iti. lore), we proceeded out to the roads 
ing ten propofitions, the particulars and came to an anchor. He, havmg 
of which will appear in a'feparate coUe€led all the Enropeani, came 
paper, we deliveied it to them, and to us, and faid that he had been ex. 
difpatchcd them on board the faid tremely ill treated by all our Sir- . 
ftiips for Paris, on the 6th of Rau- dan. We aUted him in what re- 
are of the fame year {anftiiering to fpeft our chiefs had behaved ill to. 
abomt the iid of January, 1798.) wards him ? He anfweted, that it 
By the blel&ng of God all the ob. was the order of our priiu;e, that - 

{'tfls of the Sircar will fpcedily be he ihould be fup[died from the Sir- 
irought to bear, agreeably to your car with all the ftorei and ncceflaries 
wiflies ; but it will be better, with for the fhip, in tbe moll ample man. 
a view to give efficacy to the bofi- tier, and that be ihould thereon be 
nels, if vakeels be feot to Paris, difpatched; that thcSirdarshadliir. 
with all pofliblc expedition, imme- niihed him with neither floret nor 
diately iriHn the Sircar. At a neceilaries of any kind ; and that 
former period, it was your wifh to Ahmud Khan, Multiclc-oo-Toojar 
fL'od confidential vakeels to Paris had taken from him by force, the 
lor the pucpofe of promoting the fum of 315 pagrjdM, and had alfo 
objefls you have in view ; if va. taken a bond from him for the (hip, 
keels had been fent, all the obicAs and informed him that he muft him- 
e felf 

* Thele Mmu are too iodtfltndly wriucn in ih> P«£ao «> tfanant a ceitain^ tktt 



rid fat her. Thai he bad, in canfe- 
tiqaenct, pinha[i:i rhem from hii 
OWD fbnds, and bad then come awayi 
by which meant he had fuSained a 
enat loTi; he therefore wilhed 10 de. 
Uy hit voyage to the MauritioB (or 
' 0MyMr;'aiKrwitha view to indem- 
nify himrelf for hia loflet, be pro- 
pped to fcize fome of the enemy** 
Siipa, after which he would pro- 
ceed to the Mauritiw. We on 
this abed Ripaod, if he lecolleAed 
what engagement be had entered 
into with the piefence, and what 
improper meaiares he now pro- 
pofed to pariiie i we obferrcd, that 
it would be'proper for him to pay 
frane attention to hit engagement, 
and to have fome confideration for 
the imporiint bufinefs in agitation ; 
that yoor Highncfs had treated him 
with great kindneft, and that it 
would be well for him to exert 
himfelf cordially in promoting the 
affiiirsof the Sircar, that he might 
be CKiIted accordingly. Rlpaud, 
replied, thai it was well ; but that 
he wifhed to fee the leiten which 
had ^een written from the prelcncc 
*o the Sirdars {or chie/i) of Mau- 
riciui, wiih a view to afeenain 
whether they were the fame letters 
oroibers. We obfcrved to Ripaud, 
tlitt. ii was the order of the pre- 
tence, that we Oiould deliver thefe 
letters to (he chiefs of Mauritias ; 
that it was not proper in him trea. 
cheroufly to thiBk of opening and 
reading them ; and that he would 
be feverely reprimanded for it. 
Not withftanding this, witha^c iiny 
regard either to his character or 
life, he ftill pofltively inGtled, that 
without opening and reading the 
letters addrclkd to the chiefs of 
Maariiius, he would by no means 
proceed to that place. We being 
entirely helplefs, gave ihe four let- 
Un into the hands of Ripaud,, «rho. 

hiving opened them, and hit mln4 
being relieved from apprehen&onf 
immediately weighed andtor, and 
fet off for Mauritius. We accord, 
ingly, through the profpe'rous for. 
tunes of your Higbnefs, arrived ia 
fafety with this European at that 

Who inunediately^i. ^.ur arvivifl 
fent to US a doAor and an aid-dtK- 
camp, to inquire into the fla{'e of 
health of the Ihip's corapny, and to 
afcerrainfromwhcncetheeame. Wb 
replied, that we came from the Suf- 
taun, upon whofe kingdom ani 
country be the fiiadow of God I 
Afterwards a boat highly orrta. 
mented, came off with loveral Si)'. 
dars to recnve ns ; and they havii^ 
[daccd ua in it, and brought us tti 
fhore, joo guns were'fired off, and 
two lines <x Earopean troops being 
formed, and a compliment being 
paid with the colours, we wew - 
Gondaiied with the greateft cere- 
mony and rcfpeft to the houfe of 
General Malartique, and all the 
chie& and gqntlemen rofe with 
great drference, and made us lit 
down. They made inquiry afteF 
the health of your Highticfs. We 
replied, " God be prdifed, by the 
Divine favour, he always enjoy* 
excellent health, and is actively 
employed in condnfting the affairs 
of his country, and in punifhing - 
and preventing the evil ddigns of 
his devoted enemies ; arid he has 
fent his compliments to all the 
chiefs." AH thcchiefsimraediately 
on hearing the word compliments, 
taking ofttheir hats, anfl nfmg from , 
their feats, offered their profoimd 
rfljwfts. Upon this wc gave the 
four chiefs their letters. They 
alked what elfe there was befidcs 
the letters ? Wc anfwercd, a h«Q' 

N Google 


IcDnmRomab*. They thenfent taaat filled between them and yoor High- 
place of refidence, and obferved, nefi, the circumftancet of vhich it 
that in the evening they would was not neceffaiy to pariicoUrize ? 
callinonnsandfje thchooltumnau- that it was the moft ardent wilh of 
raah. The fourchiefs acLordbgly your Highnefs's heart, by a nitiiual 
did call m the evening, and maile concert, to extirpate the Eitglifb 
themTelves acquainted with the nation, and rai5ng the ftandaM of 
contents of the hookumnaumah. viflory, and affurding affiiance and 
"We intbmied the chiefs, that Ri- prote^Uou to the country of Hin- 
paud .'•: prefent at the time of dultan, ceincjit ftiil ftronger the 
writir-^™* -'that it would be bonds of union and friendfliip : 
■K'' ^riiW**-* called in. Gene, that our fovereign had with lhi» 
r. ..^luittique replied, that he did determined- view fent as to -theni, 
not fend' this Earopean as a vakeel and that ibcy fhould aR in fuch a 
tothc refulendentprefence; "what manner, as to iticreafe the honour 
dten," iaiJ he, " has he to do and reputation of both parties. 
her?? He isfecondofficer of afhip, They replied, that it was certain 
and you arc come from the, pre- that in a Ihori lime a large army, 
fence, the Ihadow of Gjd: what, and efficient fuccours, would be fent 
CTerconferences' it maybe necelTary fromEurope; and thai they were 
(0 hold, let them be held with ready to do every thing in their 
ytju," We thereon gave in writ, power to promote thcferriceof the 
lig to ibe chiefs the ten articles Sircar. After this converfation 
refpefling provi&ons. Sec. the pdr. they returned to their houfes. 
ticularsi^ which are fpecified in a Chaptjr V, — The chiefs of 
fcparaie paper ; snd the chiefs be- Mauritius caufcd a prodaiaation to 
ing extremely pleafed with it, went be made in the city, by beat of 
to their own houfes; and iheyhave drum, and feni letters to theneigh- 
fince fent on their own pan, ifaofe bouring iliand, inviting thofe t» 
ten articles in detail to Paris, come forward who >vere defirous of 
Chapter IV — Arcount (J our rt- entering into the fervice of yoor 
mm from tht Mduriiiiu lo the Re- Hightiefs. 

fplcndeu P.^fcnce. Af:er an internal of fifteen days. 

The four chiefs of Mauritius told foine tew men allembled, md the 

Ks perfonally, that the Europciin chiefs having fent for us, men. 

Ripuid had brought us here on a tioned that after tixing the pay of 

&]fe reprefcntation to the Sultaun : the firdara, feamcn, gunners, Ibl- 

that at present they had no forces: . diers, and atiihcers, they weoe 

that h:>d we arrived four months about to fend them with us to Oie 

fooncr, a final] reinforcement would prefencc; that it would be proper 

have been (ent with us; that as a for us to give 3 writing, purporting 

fuccQur to the Dutch, two flups had that the allowances whtJhhad been 

. been fent to Bat.iiia, more cftablilhL-d at the Mauritius (hould 

three :nonihs ago ; that had wear- be iVL^ularly psid to the peribns 

rived fooner, ;heleiliips fliodld have feni by ihem. We replied to this, 

gone as a rr iitbrceinent with us. that we had come here to obtaia 

We obferved to the chiefs, that exienfiveluccoursjand a large army, 

for forty years a friendlhip had fub- atid,not to carry away recruits : 

* that 

Or paper of inflniflioiis ; probably mcaiis ihc paper of FfOpoficiou anocxed-u 
ikiiry ol JluUUii AIlv. 

■ Os- paper of inflni£ 
the liuity ol JluUUii Ally. 


tbt had we come to procure re- To this they agreed, and have 

cniti, we fltould cerrainly have fent them m the prefence with as. 
come fjmiflied with inftniflions for j. TTiat we would not carry 

fettling their pay : that they weu with lu to the prefenee ihe recraita, 

at liberty to fend them, if they whom they prop^fed to fend, 
pfcafcd; bnt that the rilablifliment 6. That in the event of your 

of pay, and the entertaining of Highnefa being delirous of fending 

ihem, lefted with your Highnefs, vaki^lt to Paris, they (hould te 

and that we had ix> power to give conveyed thiiher on iht (hip now 

a writing to this eSrfh Thefe arrived, 
particulars were ftated in writing To this (hey alTentcd. 
toibediiefs: who wrote to as in Chapter VJI. — Ripaud, the 

reply, that although wc would not European cumc to us at night-twice^ 

pTc what they defircd in writing, during our rcfiJcnce at tfe Mauri. 

It was of no confequence ; that tius. The firft time he caoie, 

they fliould, at their own difcreiion, he laid that General Malartiqoc 

put the peribm who had accepted and the other chiefs had fliewn 

ferrice, on boatdthe (hip, and fend great difpleafn re and anger lowaidi 

them with as ; that (hould your him, aJlting him why at had by a 

HigfaneCt entertain them in your ialfe representation to the prefcnce 

fervice, and allow them the pay brought us there? Ripaud alked 

fixed by U9, It would be well ; tnat ua to give him an inftrument in 

odierwile the men (hould be fent writing, purporting that he had 

hack on the fame Ihip to the Man- not, by fpeaking to your Highnefs^ 

ritius. been the means of bringing us ; for 

Chaptik VI, — We fubmited that Mon6ear Munderod {Mmit- 

fix pro^iofitions to the Chiefs of roa) had, ai a former period, made 

Mauritiui. a leprefentation to the prefence, 

'Prtfafii'tiini. That they (hoold recommending that your Highnefa 

fend two refpeiflable perfont on the (hould fend valceeli on ycnr part to 

Krt of the Khoodadaud Sircar to France, and elfewbere, for the pnr. 

/is^Drcandiiftiftgihenegotiaiion. pofe of obtaininr fuccoan. We, 

They accordingly did fend two tbetton, told Ripaud thai he had 

petfoDs to Paris. delivered a Hatement to' the prea 

1. That we (hould enter into a fence, and that it wai evident that 

treaty, that their ftandard and that the advice on which we had been 

of ihe Khoodadaud Sircar fliould fent, &c. proceeded from him ; and 

be united ", that we would nevar give any fuch 

They replied, that thii could not writing. 
be done here by ihem without The fecond time that Ripaad 

powers from Paru. cxmeibefaid, ihat Meer GhoobKm 

}. That a &Aory (honld be Alii, Qieakbg t£ the bofinda of 

eAablilhed at Mauritiuit oo the pare the negotiation, had mentioned that 

of the Khoodadaud Sircar, be {RifMiJ) had certainly fiiggcfted 

To this they codenced. to the preience the deputation of 

. 4. That they (hould (end to the vakedi; but he denied ever 

the Khoodadatxl Sircat totat tau. having recommended any thing of 

tneg and clove uec*. the kind. We weit informed too 


* Iq oiket wMrdt, dnua tmnrof alliwcc, offsnCvcand defcnfive, (houI4 be ccr.. 


by DeTcoiabra, the firfl in coon. Moneron ]>«[ arrived ttn aoattil 

cil, that Ripaudwas in the pnflice before in France, 

of holding very improper and diT- .At the timeofourcomingaway, 

leTpe^al difcourfe, laying, that we made inqniry of General Ma- 

tbey had kept him in confinement ; larrique rcTpeiEling Ripaiid : he re- 

that having obtained hit TcleaCe by plted, that on his receiring your 

ftraltgem* he bad proceeded hither; Highnds't Mmunandi regarding 

that in confequence of this very hiin> he would take him into cu^ 

improper difcourie, they had.dif- \ody, and fend him toyoucHigh. 

graced Ripaud, and turned him out nefs j that the former vaWeeb had 

of the city. been guilty of many Very improper 

Defeombres funher alked, why afle, and that your Highncfs ought 

your Highnefs, the Kizam, and the not to fend fuch perfbns as vakeels. 

Mahratias, did not unite and drive He fliewcd us the place in which 

the Erigliih out of Hinduftan ? He gunpowder is manfaflured aiid 

did, ii was certain that by the poucukd by the power of a water, 

union of thefe three, the Engiifh mill t and a new manuiaflory, 

-might be loctcdoutoftliac country, where the charge of powder with 

.That ;oo Krcncbraen had been in which the guns are loaded, ia 

the ferwice of Ram Rajah ; upon equal to two cartridges, and the 

bearing which, they {the Engfj/i) balls for thefe guns weigh fixty 

bad per^iptorilyremonftraied with iutte\s [or pemndi) i they make the 

bim, and csufcd him to difmifs the balls as hot as fire, and throw them 

joo Frenchmen ; ihatJlam Rajah Into thefe guni, which they fire 

- was very much dlflacisfied with the off. Tlie balls carry as far as loo 

Engiifh] and that it was his v/iih Sultahey diirehs (tr yardi). In 

to produce a good undcrftanding this mannei they fired off the great 

between your Highnefs and Ram guns three times, for ihe pu'rpofe oC 

Kajah. Ihcwing them to ui. 

We fkuther leamt from Dcfcom. He the gardens In 

bre«j that at Paris, one day all the wliich the noimej and clove trees 

French Gentlemen being afferahled are cultivated, 

in confoltation, it had been alked. He (hewed us the bridge (or ;i«r) 

whetber in Hinduftan the French on both fides of which there are 

bad any ally i that at this time a two batteries, and on each of thefe 

friend of -the Khoodadaud Sircar batteries there are fixty_ excellent 

wasprefent, who replied, that your guns, the balls of which being 

Hig»nefs,forapetiodoffortyyears, made red-hot, and thrown into the 

bad been the ally of '•« French, guna, they arc fired off ; and by 

ajrithaiyoowereapowerful friend; thefe balls the (hips of an enemy 

and that <« bearing this all the may be butr.t. 

LiiiiliirnT — highly pleaftd. He ilieMcd us fire-works of dif- 

We weM infbtnied by Moiifieur fetenc forts [fuch at the Chucker- 

Coffieny, tiat riie * letters of your baun and Taramundul, &c.) all 

Highnefs, which had been fent to very extellcni of their kind. 

France undeir the care of Monficur He eniertaioed us with plays and 

" NocowMofihelelcUersliavcyctbceniiifcovercd; rhcir il»ii alfo is unknown. 
h it evident, however, fiora M. CoDigiiy't letter -in ihe French correfiwndence, 
diat tbtir olHefl w" 'he Came a that ofthe embalTv lo ihc Mautitioi in 1797. 

Pierre Moneron, ajKrfun of fomemut in ihe FiBneh-revoIuiioo, «■■ the Maici 

of ibel* leitcn. ' - ' 


mofiCf&c.wIiichiiierittobehigUy whoweie notei^aged in the ia- 

extoUed. trigoes of the Utter natkni, Axy 

He fhewed us the mtnvh&ary thereon alkcd the chiafs who weie 

fin gun, fwords, cariri<^ boxes, in the iniereft of the Englilh, (be 

and the Tarioos iinpleinenu of war. what reafon they were intrignng 

We had nine interviews with the to accomplilh a peice with tliat 

abore-menHoDcd g:enerat. nation i They repliedi that they 

The iflaiH} of Mauritius is in had been feduccd into thii eraor (7 

length tixty cofs, and forty cofs m the inftigation and artifice of the 

br^th. The city is fituated at Gertnans : they in confequence pat 

the foot of a hill. all thefe French chiefs, the parti. 

The following particidan were tans of the Englifli, into cWe con. 

afcertained frwn • • • • finement, and appouited jooo horfe 

A Danifh fliip had arrived at as a guard for the cullody of them. 
Mauritius, with letters from Paris. The Engl ilh vakeels (agnit tr 
All the chiefs of the cooncil of eembaJfadoTi) who had come to 
Manririus being aflembled, and favour the fcheme, took to flightf ; 
having read the letters, remained that in CMifeqnence of this circum- 
during one day overwhelmed with ftatice, amifunderfUndinghadagain 
fcar and anxiety^ We in^ired of arifen between the Ccmtans and 
" • * irtiy all the gentlemen had the French, and that peace at thia 
lemained a whole day in conftema. time^ could by no means be efta. 
tion. He replied, that aftei' the blifhed between the French and En- 
French king was killed, a new glifh. Thu account was a matter of 
fyftem had been cftabliihed 1 that public notoriety at the Mauritius, 
diere were five" chiefs of the firft The French declate to the En- 
oider ; that there wat a Council of glifh, that peace can be eft^ililbed 
Ancients, contifting of 2 jo, and a with them only on condition, that 
third ordter of young men, whofe they Ihould be content to be placed 
nombcr amounted to joo : that in the fame fituation that they 
tbefe chieft coi^ultine together, were in forty years ago : that rai 
condu^ the affairs 01 the Kate : thofe terms they certainly might 
that the Germans had made peace have peace. The Englijh are le. 
with the French, but that the duced to thegreattftdiiScultieiRnd 
&igliih having bribed the former diftrcfs : they are burthened with 
with millions of money, had fepa. an enormoas debt, and there ii no 
rated them from the French, and money in their country : how long 
brought them over to their own will they be able to fubfift on the 
party : that through the means of refoorces which they draw front 
the Gennans, they had alfo brought Bengal, and elfcwhere ? There be- 
over to their intereft two of the ing fo much reafon to believe, that 
chiefs of the firft order (iht Di- tlw Englifli are in a weak and (hit- 
rtaoTj), »id a great number of tered condition, the Kings of Con. 
thofcof the fecond and third orders : ftantinb^de, of America, Spain, Hoi. 
and that they fecretly determined laiul, Denmark, and, have 
to bring about a peace between the united with the French, and their 
French and Englifh ; that this be. vakeels (atahaffadtTs) are aflembled 
ing discovered by the other chiefs ' at Parii. 


• Meaniae the DireOoiy. . t^nali' "'' 

t Thu probably alkidei iodic hidden departure oCl^irdMalnKftiuy&tnDcFn^ 


We having alcenained all dte General letomol to hh h6a£e, mlt 

foregoing particulars by inquiry at the anchor of the Ihip being 

different place$, have re))refcnted weighed) we proceeded towards 

tbem to the pretence lo the bell of Courial : having taken on board 

onr ability. To add mote, were fome perfoiu at Bourbon, we pro. 

to tranfgrrrs the bounds of refpeft. ~ ceedeo firaigbt to Courial. 

We truft that we (hall be honoured The fhip cm which we were, ar^ 

with the kindnefs and favour of riving near the Lacadivet, took a 

your Highnefs. patainar, in which there were forae 

ChaptekVIII. — 'Weremained Malabar mep; and we aOted fron 

■t Mauritius one month and eigh- whence they came ? they faid, from 

teen diiys, and having embarked Cannanore : We alked what news 

from thence on a Ihip on the i9[h - there was from TeUicherry, aod 

of Rubanny, 'the year Sauz, iiz; whether there were any Eoelilh 

from ihe bii':h of Mahommed {aa. fhips there or not i they rcfdied, . 

/lueriitg to lh( -Jib b/ March i-jaZ) that there were two (hip« theief. 

we ariivcd in fa&ty at Courial. Imtnediately on hearing thii iiewa> 

Wc ei.ibarked at the Mauritius on the patamar was releaJed, and the 

Thurfday in the evening. General thip was (leered towards Telli- 

Malartique, and all^ the chiefs, cherry. Every body, however, 

. came on board to fee us, and deli- obiefli^ ; obfetving, that as the 

. vcred into our hands the letters for vakeel) were on tward, it woukl 

the ptefence : they urged the cap. be improper to go to TcUichcny 

tain very -ftrongiy to db every for the porpofc oT fighti:^. Tha 

thing to promote OUT eafe and con- captain of the fhip replied, that' 

tentmenc, ' and told him to carry after receiving accounts of the En. 

U) to Courial ; the General, then glilh Ihips, Ihould he not go in 

addrcffing himfelf to us, obferved, quell of them, he Ihould be highly 

that the pcrfons who had formerly nilpahle, and deferve to be put to 

come on the part of your ilighneft, death: he would, therefore, by 

had c]fri«l off a great deal of . no means acquiefce, 

money on falfe pretences j that Accordingly, on Friday the 3d 

they had expended large fums with- behary of the year Shadaub, 1216 

out efieciing any tlung 1 that he' from the birth of Mahommed (eir. 

had, thetefore,fent GeneralChapuis /■vicrlng to th'c igtb of Aprils 

fur thrrpurpofe of remaining at the '793) we arrived at Tellicheriy, 

prefencc ; alfo General Du Buc, for and found one Ihip at anchor there, 

fuperintending naval affairs.; and Near the erening another Ihip had 

Monf. Des Mouiins, for the pur- come into the road of Tellicberry, 

pofc of difciplining the troops ; iVhen, ort a fudden, a violent ftom 

that he had, in addition to iliefe, arofe, and the lightnbg ftriklng 

. fent fatlors, gunners, and others, the fhip, Jhe was dalhed to pieces 

to accompany them. He mention- en the Ihore — one man w^ killed 

ed thefe particulars verball}' : and by a llroke of the lightning, and 

obferved, that the remaining cir. eight were wouttded. 

■ cuUiftancea would appear frcni his At this time another Englitb 
letter to the prefencc. Thereon (hip, which had come from Bom- 
all the guns of the (hip, and of the ba}, made her appearance, ^ and 
•;herlhips, having^beenfiied, the enicrmg the roads of the port. 

t The Raymond and Wuodctiw> 



one ft an udior. Ndtfacr of («r njleer) nimed Shaik Shahantu 

die fliip< lud yet furled their laih, od-deen. The fe*^^ °^ <^ ^¥ 

vhm lie Ftendi Ihip; on board farther mentioned, that Ae bad 

of vhidi «« weic, went in be. failed for Mufcai, and having beea 

tnen Ac two Englib (hipa which driven back from thence by a ftonn, 

weie in the loadt of 'Hdltcherry. they had repaired to thii qnarterk 

mi came tA an anchor. She The mate and-n^hooda fcafuui 

dllcd oat to each af thefe fbips to *r filaij of the (hip, had on board 

hwl down tbeir ctJoati; upon three thonfand ba^ of rice, and 

kUA both flups fired oiF their -there wa> aUb a httle black pm> 

not, nd an engweinent enfued. per. The FiencJi Captain wat m. 

Thelhipwhichhad been previouRy fitoui offending the Ihlp to the 

M aa^r, Anidc her cofoun, and Mauritius ; but we reprefented to 

the tnc which had come from Boio. him, that the Ihip had come tbtne 

h^, gettioi; np her anchor, wai in confcquence of a llorm, and that 

pucing off) bui &e wu aUb taken it war not ai all proper to fend her 

Md hraoghl back. to the Mauritius, jiiice (he in hA 

Piffing by the fort and battery, belonged to the Kboodadaud Sircar, 

the two priTKS and onr own {hip. The Captain obfcrved, if thii fhip 

were UKhored in the river ^0r/»y', belonged to the Strcar, why had 

ThemnnberoftfaepriAmers, chiefa, the come to Tellicheriy &r the 

' ' 1 the priacf, purpofe of felling rice i We replied. 

i to aboat joo European!, that this was beft known t 

HiTMig putonrown menonboafd prince. They put eisht foldieia 

lhrir<^M,^c confined their crews on board the Ihi^ ana carried hec 

on board onr own Ihip, to Courial. 

In the morning, a ^rdar (tr Wcarrivedat thati.{ilaceinfbrty. 

thU/) came on board oar (hip ftcm nine days from Mautitim, uid 

Tellicherry, and a French Strdar landed on Wednefday at noon, the 

fet off for Tcllicherry. What con- 8th of Zekaudah, (aMf-uitriiig ia 

feieDcei were held by them, or tie iSti »/ Jfri/ i-j^S.). 
vlnt arrangemott th^ made, we On our arrival at Courial, we 

did not afceriain : lame few of the heard that an Eoglilb Ihip from 

Eneiiih were deiaitted, and the k. Bengal, bound to Bombay, had 

nainder were fet at liberty. Both come to Courial, where a French 

the j^Ecs were difpatcbed to the (htp was at anchor mtder Englilh 

iUand of Mauritiu, We heard colourt ; that theEnglUh, taking 

Alt die two (hip* were wonh five her for one of ibeir own Ihips, 

kcki of rmeei, mad that the gtxids, had come in for water, and lequelt. 

' OKKiey, efieds, and diftrent ar. ed the other to alfift her to pro- 

tidet, were valued at five lack*, ceed to Bombay by fupblyins her 

The «maining perToos having been with water. The Prcnoh faid that 

IcQt off to Tellicherry, the next they would Cappiy her with water, 

day we weighed anchor and purfned and fend her to the {dace of her 

tbe loaie to Courial, At this dcftination. The Captain at (he 

ttBcaiwamftedlhbhoTcinfi^t, Jame time told the Sirdars of hit 

nd we wsgx id. Having come up own Ihip, inmiediatcly on the ar- 

with 'her,' we idked what Ihip it ri»al of the Sirdars {fie Etgji/ij, 

vaif They nplied, Tippoo Sul- to feiae the Ihip. AccoiiUngly, 

liut's. Under whofe charge I They having pK peo]de on board the 
^id, that Ihc^wai i)nder ao aflbf ftiip, they diipatchcd her to tha 

i Q Mauiitiot. 


Mauritius. We heard, that the always coritinoe to mtify n^ heiirt 

(hip had on board Bengal goods to ' by infbmung me i^your vrd&re. 

the value of five lacks of rupees. Previoully to the prcTent period 

Courial i« diilant from Maa. the heavy lollet in money, tcTri. 

tirius 900 cofs, but by the route toty, and men, which die Khoo- 

pf • -; it is 1100 eds; Faiii b dadaud Sircar fufbined in confe- 

dilUnt zooo cofs from Mauritius. quetice of hia friendship and con. 

Having attentively afcercained nexton with the French nation, 

thefe accounts, we have committed atevery well known, and it ia there, 

them to writing : ibould any er- fore unnecefiaiy to mention them, 

rors have occurred in the courie of At thia time too, the Englilh hav- 

.writing them, wc (hall be for- ingheardof my fending the vakeels 

given. . , of the Sircar, Tor the poipoTe trf* 

(Signed) Mahommed Ibrahim, obtaining accounts of your wettaie, 

(True tranf.) are agam preparing hoftilitie*. The 

N. B. Edmonstone, P. T. particulars of this difturbaoee, » 

well as of all pointsr elating to me, 

Cojij of tiae Litters addrtfffi la will be fully made known to you 

Adni'iral Strcey and GfRcral Ma- from the verbal common icationa trf 

lart'iquf, d'ifpauhed an the 4/1& Dudemaine, and the letter* of Gc- 

■ tf K//H/g(ny, C'3ll> af Oaaber nerai Chapuis. Yon are Frenti- 

1^98,) men! your fidelity and good faidi 

Health to General Malartique, in the performance of your engagc- 

iny old and faithful friend E Your ments are eftabliflicd ; it is moft 

agreeable letter, every word of certain that yon will not in «ny 

which waj calculated to ftrengthen manner be guilty of the fligfar^ 

the foundations of friendihip, was regleft in demonllrating yoor good 

received at the prefcnee, brought withes towards the Khoodadaud 

by the Generals Ch.ipuis and Du Sircar. 

Buc, anditafibrdedmeincxprelBble Datedthe ijlhofOAober 1798, 

gratification. E, S. correfponding with ibe +th 

Thefe two Generals whom you of Khuftovy, of the year Shatidaub 

have fent, appear to be men of izz6 from the birth ofMabom- 

very noble qualities, and excel- med. 

lent difpofitions, men of refource A letter to the fame dftft wt»s 
and experience, wife, and well- alfo written to Admiral Serctv. 
wiiHers to both governments. — On the kaek af the original • 
With a view thereloie to commu- Draftsof letters to the Direfforj- 
nicate various neceffary points of of France, with a espy of the hook- 
importance to our friendihip, I have umnaumah Cbt iiftruai^ntj for tb« 
difpatched to your country, by the vakeels of the Sircar, con&fting 
way of Tianqucbar, Gen, Du Buc, , of eleven articles, 
with two chiefs of the Khoodadaud Account of money difburfcd fei 
Sircar. As both youtfclf and the the enpenfes of the vakeels, &c. 
' whole French nation have for a Account of jewels, khelaats, unc 
great length of time been the cer. guns, granted by the prefeoce ts 
dial friends of the KhooJadaud the S'luars. 
Sircar, I truA, that 'y\ confidera. (True tranf.) 
tion(^thie circumUauce, you will N. B. Edhonstoxe, P.T 

* N'ame ill^ible. 



Stcrtf Correfprndtnce hetwnn Zemauk Shah, King ef Cahul, anJ 

the lalt TiPPOO SuLTAUN. 

XhE foUowiDg Numbers, from No. 3i loNo. £9, indulivc, compriua rart otily 
oTlhc voluminous Corrclpondcncc between the late T'lrn'on Sullnun and ihe Coun 
and Aeenii of Zcmaui^ Sh^b, found in the palace of Scringjj^aTn. Thii Cor* 
irlpcndenee, it appears, commenced before the wai btlweeii Tippoo Sullaun and 
•he Englilh. which lerminaicil in 1799; aiidthe fame ambiiioiu and hoAilc vicwi 
mivA ibc Briiilh power in laUta have markid it, from ils commencement 10 lis 

The prcTem feries commences with ihe depuiat'ton of two Ambairadon, on ihe pan 

of the Suliaiui, la Zamaun Shah, in the year 1796, for ihe ciprcfs purpofe of co- 
coonziog that Piince (o ptofecute hii de&n of invading Hliidudan, and to form 1 
plan or co-opcraiion for the fubverlion of the Britilb power in India. Many IcttcR 
belonging 10 this feries are omitted, bccaufe they were thought unncccflary to ck- 
cidace the Sultaun'i views, fo completely developed by ihofe which arc aoyi- 

The papcre, Noi. le, £3, e4, 115, and e6, are iranflatiom of drafts in the Perfian 
language, recorded in a book found in the wardrobe of the late Tippoo Sultaim'a 
pa^c at Si^rinrapaiam . The book conlaini drafts of letters to Zemaun Shah, 10 
his niiniden and agents, to the chief; of Balochiftaunand Cutch.and iheminillenaf 
the lat;er, &c. to'lhe number of SB, from the year 1793 to 1759. Thcyare not authen- 
ticated ; but, as (he ori^Tial anfwers 10 fomeof them are in the pofTrliianof Covrm- 
DicDi (ihoueh itotinfitied in this colkCtion), and, in pnnicular, as the mfwcr of 
Zemaun Shah (No. 89) to Tippoo Sultaun's letter to him (No. 22} rrcapiiulatcs ihc 
rubHancc of ihc hwer, there cati be rib doubt that letters weic atliially difpaiehed 
'a conformity to ihc addrefs and tenor of the diafii in quellion ; and the-miffion of 
" " ■ , in both inllances, at intimated in the following correfpondcnce, i« 
■d bi' written documents, and has been confirmed fiy verbal evidence. 

Itjoqxan, (hat Tippoo Saltaun vrote twbdir.infllei'iers, in rep!y to that of the 
&and Seignior, of which a tranflalion is tnfened in the prinlcn correrp:iiti!fnce of 
tbe Government General with the Sol'aun. One of ihofe nnfwcrs, which was 
tranfmiiicd by the Sullaun to the Rii;ht,Hoi;ouiab!c thu Guvcrnor General, fur 
thcpurporeof being ((Mwarded, appears in a tiandated form in the printed Coire- 
iboiidincc above alluded to. The other (fonrinx No. goof ihc follbwing felee- 
tun} was fonvardcd by ambalTtidors diftHtclicd by the Sultaun to Coaftaiitiiio[Je. 

No. zi. Jewun Doft, tliebanker attached (o 

Tranjlation of InfiruH'tBHi front the faflory of the Mullick-oo-Too. 

r>fpoa Sullaun, to Mttr Hubbceh y^Ti {cr toBiptnllrn of c^mficrcej, 

0*lla, and MeiT Mahontmed and proceed frrm thence by fea to 

RcxsLo, fent on an Lmhajfj frsm Cutch. You will lard at the port 

XtBtavn Shtth, ofMandcrah, where is (itua ted ihc 

In the name of God, the troH Mcr- f^aory belonging to the Khot-da- 

eifbl, the Compaffionate ! d^'"l S'«f ■ ^'"^ ^^^e yoiirTelvcs 

(L.S.) Sral 0/ ritpBii Stilitun. paniLularly at;qiiainted with the 

Hookumnaumah. or Inflruaiom addreffed "^te of bufinefs at tlie faaory, and 

K> Meer Hubbceb Oolb, and Meer with the conduit of ih; dcrogabs 

Mahommed Rczza. (or head qffictrij in the execution 

Xt is proper that, on youi depar- of their orders. 

nuefram the capital, you proceed Having vifited Rajah Roydhun, 

10 Jemaulabad, sjid that, with the the chiii"of Cutch, you will deliver 

advice of the affof of that place, the khelaut for honiirary dr-fs) aiid 

yoo lake (hipping in company with letter for hjoi, which have been cn- 



fnifted to four charge. At yaw the two fiiftoriei in Catdi« thn 

interview with cIk Rijab, and the tluy rtay be Ihewn to &e mef. 

Rajah's brother, and the minifter chants — three letten alfo, addrefled 

Futteh Mahommedt you will make to the aflbft of JemaaUbad, Waaji. 

iito^liiong of friendihip and contia. dabail,and Manjidab^^ on the fnb- 

lity, and lay tbc foundation of a jeA of the remiffion ofriie dories oA 

trm alliance. the horfes and goods of the inei- 

Yru will c^tain from the Rajah, chants of Cucch, are fent with you ; 

and the other oflicen, a boufe at and you arc defired to delivei tkem 

Mind/, for the purpolc of eltablifli.-' to the aSod in queftlon. 
ine a feflory on the part cf the 

Khoodadaud Sircar, and deliver it (SignedJ 
over to (he charge of Gho<Haom Ma- 

iKunmed Abdool Mojeed Khin, and At long ai you remain at Cutch, 

Jcwun Dof), officers belonging to yon will every day pay a Yifit to 

the commercial department fSfal- the Rajah, as well a$ to hi* oEBcers ; Yon will write An honorary drefc has been con- 

a particular account of the lituation ferrcd on the Rajah's bfofljer, and 

and circwnftancei of the two faflo. one on Futteh Mahora:^ ; wk|di 

ries and rf the Rajah, and other y«i will accordingly dclivt^^ 

matiers, and tnnfmit it, underyoirr them — You will mention priv4t^ 

{ytali,, to the prefcnce, through the to the Rajah of Cutch and Fottdt 

dcrognha of the faAory. If the Mahommed, that yon are cone, 

derogahs in queftlon (hall have afled agreeably to the orden oS the pre. 

contrary to thetr orders^ you will fence, fer the purpofe of eftahlifh- 

leprimand them, and bring them ing a faftory in the conntiy of Nut 

back to a right tine of condufl, that fccr Khan ; that you have no odier 

they may not again deviate froiB object than to. give encouragement 

their inftniftions. to the merchaDti of foreign porta 

— »(- with the ports of the Khoodadaad 

- (SignedJ rpV Sircar; that, as horfes are nece6ary, 

^v as one of the means of piofecuttng 

You will give notice to the mer- holjr wars, you are defirous of pro. 

chants of Cuich, and the places in curmg a greater number for tbe 

its neighbourhood, and you will foldicrs and warriors engaged in ihi« 

give them a written voucher for fervice, and that yon are come to 

the purpofe, that the dealers in make fome arrangement for thia 

mares and horfcs, who may bring pirpofe. Having made this kind 

ihim for fate to the ports of the of reprefentation, you will remain 

Khoodadaud Sircar, will be ex. ten or twelve days ; and, vi£tii|g 

cmptcd from duty; and that the all the public officers of his govern. 

duties on other articles alfo, which m«it, j^ouwillbe careful to infpire 

they may bring for falc, have been them with hopes of the favour of ilife 

taken off: that the horfes will be prcfence, and render them ful)rer. 
purchafcd at Courial {MangaloreJ, 
and payment be made in ready mo. 
*Tiey, unlefs they prefer receiving 
their value in rice. Two declara. 
tions to this elTeift from the prefence 

arc committed to your charge J you Froceiding from Cutch on a 

will deliver them to the fcrvante of hired Ihip, yoa will repiir to the 




^aTKeranchy, and from tbcDce that in the Kboodadand Sircar 

W - — , whidi u the place of fundry perfons form an affodaioo, 

uSAeaat of NuJTeer Khan ; and and carry on a cominerce under 

landing at tly diftance of one ftage the denomination of Mallick-oo- 

fcwi that p^ce, you will addrefs Toojar; that they beg to re^tefent 

a letter to NuiTeet Khan to this to his Highnefs, that if he will be 

^K&i "That you are come to pleafed to favour them widi a 

fail Highncli with letters and an place for a f^Aory at the port of 

faonorary dreli from the prefence, Keranchy^ and give them thf ne- 

and that you will have the honour ceBary alTurances, they will eflab. 

to cammunicate to him the com- Itfh- a fafiory at that port, and 

mandi with which you are charged carry on a commerce, paying his 

from the prefeacc.'* Highnefs the'eftabliihcd dutie*, ac. 

Having writtCB to thb efieA m cording to the cultom of his go. 

*n approfriate manner, you will, vernment : that the Mulliclc-oo. 

pa the icceipt of His anfwer, pro- Toojar had accordingly addrcfled a . 

jceed to tbe city of NulTeer Khan; letter + to hie Highne(i on the fub- 

and payi^{ yoiu idpefb with the jefl, and prefented an honorary 

oAooiaiy ceremonies of the place, drefs, whi^ aie ready at his fer- 

yoa will prefcnt the honorary drrfs yice. 

and letter, in trays ; yon will each HaTing made.? reprcfentation to 

prefent a nuzzur ('or tfferingj of diis efftft, yoo will, deliver the 

*vc Hydery rupees, and one Ah- letter and drefs ; ana taking hit 

medy*; and you will offer, on cowl ('or ra^a^^mfo/^ and an order 

the part flf the prefence, the falu- lo the hauldm {^r go^ernirj of 

tations prefcribed among the fo^ JCcfanchy, with refpeS to the af- 

lowert of the faith ; and at the fame fignmeni of a place for a faftory, 

time making the Urongefl profef- yn^ wUI proceed to that port, and 

lions of friendlhip, addrefs nim to ^x on the fpot accordingly, 

this efieA : " I'hat you had been From tMnce you will proceed, 

ordered to wait opon hit Highnefi j either by land or water, with the 

and after being favoured by him greateft prudence and circumfpec- 

with a guard, you weie-defiied to tion, to the coontry of his Ma. 

proceed to Ajim far Ftrfia) ; and jefty Zemaun Shah, and on your 

baring feen all the curioftlies of return alfo, fou will vifit NtiBeer 

dut country, and rilited the tombs Khan, and on your arrival ;at 

of (he iUuflrious, you were com- Keranchy, you will feleA a re- 

niffioned to bring back with you fpcflable perfon from among die 

the different ranties and choice merchants, for the porpofe of con- 

giodtiftionsof the country." during the bufinefs of the fac- 

YoD will make a reprcfentaiion tory, and deliver over the place to 

tti this efieA ; and, after two or his duige. 
. tbree interviews, you will obferve 

to him, that countries belonging (Signed) 
to the foUowers of the faith ajt 

united by one common intereS f On your arrival in the 

* h pnn equal to about ■ gold motiur. 

t Drafu of ihit, anJ of the oiber Utten memiooed in theb ioftr 

the poficl&ou of Govcnunent.' ,i ChKVjIc 


of Zcinaiin Shall, yoa will repair to 
the feat of govemmert, whicn is at 
Cabul, and, halting at the diftance 
of one ftage from the citv, you 
will sddrcis a letter to the vizier 
(tr mvi'tftcT) and difpatch a mefTage 
with ir, by the mirdah (or head) 
of the melienger!, to this efi^ : 
that you had coqie to attend (hit 
'MajeJlyJ on the part of the Khoo- 
dadiiiid Sircar, in the capacity of 
amb;:iratIor$, and waited his Ma- 
jefty's pleallire. 

Whrn the minifier (hall fend for 
you, yon will repair to Cabul, and 
take up your refulence at the place 
which he may point out. At your 
interview with liim, you will carry 
the letter and khelaut (honornry 
dri/i) with you, and prefcnt them 
to him in tray5 ; you will eseh 
prcfent a nuiznr of five ahincdies, 
and, according to the cuftoni of 
that government, you will pay the 
proper compliments, and, if it (hould 
be cullcMnary to fit down, after 
waiting a tittle and receiving the 
comm.-.nJs of the vizier, you will 
do fo ; Ihould it, however, be cuf- 
tomary to Hand up, you will re- 
main fljnd'ng; then, taking the 
letter and dtefs from the trays, you 
r.ill place ibefe at fomc diftance in 
fronr of the vizier, and after the 
Tcfptfis and coniplimenrs of the 
Sirrnr Ki'Oiidfdaud, in the manner 
preri;ribed among the followers of 
the, faith, you v/ill make many 
profe/'(;;isof frliiLifnip; obferving, 
that all true beltever; are bretliem j 
but yoii wilt pay at the fame time 
due aiteniion to the refpeftive tanks 
■of tl«; parties. After having con- 
Tcrfed together, you will reprefent, 
that " you are Syuds tl.e defccnd- 
-■ ants of Fatimih * ;" that yen have 
repaired to iheprefencc of his High, 
nefs, and are ready to obey his 
commands ; and that y 

* Fuimah was the d 

hopes, through his means, fo be 
Iionoured witn permiflion to pajr 
.your refjiefts to his Majeftr. 

You will addrcfs yourfdves to 
him in this manner, and tiavitig, 
through the vizier, obtained ad- 
miffion to "the prcfcnce of his Ma- 
iefty Zemaun Shah, you will place 
on the trays the letter, the drefs, 
jewels, and the faddles, and then 
prefcnt tltem in the manner which 
the vizier may defire, and agree. 
aVily to the cufloms and etiquette 
bf»the court: you will alfo, ac. 
cording to the cftabliihedfbrms'cf 
that court, offer the proper com* 
plimetits, and fland up with your 
hands folded together. 'When yoa 
(hall receive an order to fit dowt^, 
you will feat yourfelves according- 
ly, or whatever may be the eti. 
quette of the place, you will be 
care(i]l lo obferve it. 

Having thus paid your court 
through the vizier, in the manner 
which is proper for ambatTadort, 
you will repreferit, that " you, 
having come a diflant journey from . 
rheexjltcd prefer.ce, have pefented 
yourfelves before his Majefty ; that 
mai\y affairs of importance hav^ 
been cntrufted to you, which, it ' 
his Majelly's leifure, you wouM 
reprcfent to him." 

Dated the 17th of Rehmony of 
the year Saud izij from the birth 
of Mahommcd (an/torring to aboKl 
March 17967. fFrittea iy Sjad 


The (iril time of your attending 
the Court of his Majcfty Zpmaun 
Shah, yon will each of you pre- 
fert a uuzzur of eleven afamedies. 

i^hter 01 Mahommet. 


An efcojt of nine foldien is h/derees ftoro the 500 inunmiH + 

ttnt with joa, for the purpoTe of before ftated, and, igreeably to 

guarding the articles belonging the foregoing dircAiont, pitfenc 

■o the SiTcar. Yod will take care ^tem as nuzzurs. 
that they peTforU their duty, and 

that they keep their armi clean (Signed) 
and bright ; that they legnliirly at. 

tend at the five daily prayersi and {True tranf.) 

that they perform their ablutions, N. B. EdmohstonI) P. 7*. 

and offer up holy cjaculationi upon ■ ■ — 

ihe parade*. You will, at the dif- No. tt. 

ferentftages, hire bulloijc), or other Trtin^alioii ef a Paper imliUd 

carriage, according to the cuftom " Prafefiiun ta hit Majtjfy Ze- 

o( the conntry, for (he purpoTe of niana Shah%." 

mnTportii:^ (oat fmts' t£ cloches The imbecility and rutnouj con. 

for each <rf' them, at the expcnfe dilion of the kingdom of Delhi, are 

of the Sircar ; and you will alfo more obvious than the fun— -As, 

hire the neceilaiy carriage in the therefore Delhi, which it one <^ 

country, for [Iw conveyance of the the feats of government of the Ma- 

hnketi cottaining khelauts f'«r ^«- hommedanfaiih,hasbeenredacedto 

mraTy dreffti) and Other articles this ftate of ruin, fo that the infidel* 

belonging to the Sircar, which you altogether prevail, it is become 

vill carry with you. P™P™ *™' incumbent upon the 
leaders of the faithful, that, unit. 

(Signed) fY^ *"? together, they extennimie the 

For the payment of the wages I am very delrotu erf engaging 

of the difierent fervants 'who ac- in this pu.-fuit ; but there are three 

company yon, yon will receive 750 fefls of infidels in the way of it ; 

&fookies ; ai)d you will pay them and alihojgh, when we are united, 

their allowances accordingly, agree- (here is little ground for apprehen. 

ably to the eftabliihed rates. fion, yet the union of the followen 

In addition to this, you will re- of the faith is neceflury. If that 

ceive for your contingent expenfca ornament of the throne, that con- 

(oo imaumiei, the value of which queror of kingdoms, Ihould adopt 

is ftaced in the account, and you fsKc 0/^] twoplansforeffeiling this, 

will take them with you. it will tend to the glory of the 

Thirty -four ahm^es of gold faiih. One of them is as follows : 

-have alfo been given yoo, for the That your Majefty (hould re- 

purpofe of enabling you to ofier main in your capital, and fend one 

thenuzziu'sf'»ra^frn»Fi^meiitioned of your noblemen, in whom you 

otwve. You will iu:e tea lilvcr have confidence, to Delhi with an 

+ Q^ army ; 

* The term in the nn)[ina1. jvzzbi:!, bete o^nnited paradt, a the toot as that 
wlucb ii before iranDaied ejctrt. All endeavours to alccrtain iu Utuil m^anii^ 
have proved fiuiders. 

t A ccnn, the 4aluc of which is not known. 

f This ap|ieaTS to be a memorandum of a plan of cooperation between Tippoo 
SuTiaun and Zcmaun Shah, which the ambaliadors e( the former were ialliuttcd 
to iifOFoCc to the bttcr. • r~ i 


armyi thtt tftis perfon, on his u. the Tusier appointed ^ yoa, aft 
rivaj tbcK, Ihouid niakc the necef- . riwve-itieiiiioned, may piooeed witbt 

lary arnngenients, and, after de- the ct)iefs of Hinduftin too'ardt the, 

po&ng the infirm King, whu bw Deccan : Should thdTc infidel Brih.' 

nduced the faith to this ftate of mans diied their powei to thM- 

weakncfs, fcJeft from among Ae quarter, by the grace of God the 

family fome one properly qualified hands of the heroes of the faith in 

for the govemmeni : he Oiould re- this par^of the worldOiall be raifed 

nuin one year for the porpoTe of for their chaftiiement. After their 

fettling the country, and, taking extirpation, it will be fiopcr t» 

with him the duefs of tlie country enjoin the rizier aAiitg on your 

who vt Rajpoots arid othen, dJteft Majel^y'i part] to fix upon a pUce 

hi« flandard towards the Deccan, fo of rendezrouj, and there to meet 

that the Brahmans and othen on the me, that the prqnr news may b« 

road may come forward and pte. adopted for the fetttenxiK of the 

fent theinfelves to him ; whilft I, country, 

from this qaarter, with the aid of You are to make a proportion t* 

God> will raife the ftandaid of holy' his Mujefty to the aborc c^A, and 

war, and make ihc infidels bow leqitell hun to determine up«M 

ia*n under the fword of the faith : whichever of the two [Jans be m^ 

after thefe fhall have been facrificed prefer> and then fumifh yoa with w 

to the fword, and no longer exift, written engagement accoidinglf*. 

ihc remaining infidels will be no- under hia Majefty's hand and fad, 

thing. Afterwards, the fertlemcm adding, that if his Majeftjr wiU 

•f the Dcccan may be concluded in he pleafcd to give both, of ^oa per- 

any manner which fhall be motually million, and have the goodnefs to 

^reed upon, fend a confidential perfon with 

The fecond plan is this : y°"> y°" *'" "^^P^'f » the prefenwk 
If none of your Majefty's noble, yff >"?"' Sovereign, and having aif* 

■ten (honld be fufCciently in your ?bia.ned from him an engagement 

confidence, or equal to the umler. f" """"«' wrrefponding with the. 

taking, andifyourMajeftyfhouId "*"«""" "Oo/f a''"'*^ ">. y«» 

be entirely at eafe with refpeft to *'" ""'"' "'"'' the confidential 

the ftate of yoor country and gO- ^^°" above-men tiwwl to the pre. 

rernmene, itispropofe/thatfoa i™^ "( ^" ^"'fj = ^ ^"^ 

fliould in perfon proceed to Delhi, fhould his Majefty defireone of yon 

»nd, having made the ncccftary ar- " "'^'" *"'' '"'"* **™= "^ >"" *"** 

*angemems there, eilaWilh one of cmf'nK « attendance accordingly, 

your confidential fcrvants in the- ""d 'be other will proceed with hi* 

•fficeoTthe vizier ^er«;«y?^r; and Majefty's confidcntul fwvant to 

wram to yoor own capital. The '*". P"=?"* "^ """*, *"^ '''• 

perfon who may be felrited for the '7'""«J"?^*'''™* '*• '*" P"*^^ 

<«ce of viaier, muft be a man of "'H.* Majefty. 

addrefs and enterprize ; that, re- (True trfflftation.) 

maining a twelvemonth with hi> N. B. Epwow Tom, f ■ T. 

army at Delhi, he may be able to No n 

^t'^ '^™Jf/f''bi«^0" dl« ^^ tta«Jl.,\.. of,i. Draft. t a Utu^ 

Ae neighbouring count.y. The ^^„ r,p^ g^ha^ L Z.msM» 

lecond year your Majelly Ihouid Shah 

■Mb fefid from your capital a fmall 

army as a reinforcement : fo that caucu to the Deity, and u Mafaommcd, 

[The le 


(c s afoal in dK eoRcTpdncleiiffi of tliafe, O God, wbo tooOM deftroy 

pnloni of the rank of Zcmaun Shih (jie reiwion of M»bommed, ind 

S^J'Sfhi T; ,.^1 ..' lMi«rtutbeoftheirnnniber.ttte 

«. Btquate wnllatiDa of the fiKura- !»« <iay ;" and pray that the AI, 

tiprtffiom ufcd upon ihefe occa- mighty will render yoor Majefty, 

■ ""' "' "' - ''" ^ *llo is the fnpporter of the faith, 

and all its ibllowen, viAorioua and 

fuccefsfu! over their etKmicS : I 

ioZcinaan Shah ihrou^ioul ihc Icitcr, confidently truft, that the Alaighty, 

mt Sw Ibe moR pan lefi oui ia the uanf- in conformity to hU holy #ord> 

'""•■I " He- who prayeth nnlo me, hi» 

Thankt to God, that at this prayer fhaU be graneed," will Ijften 

happy time 1 have the fatisfa&on r> their fapplication, and render 

to near that yqur Majefty, the or- your Majefty, who ii the defendec 

naraent <^ tbc dironc, the promoter of the faith, and one of iti hri^hteft' 

of leligion, the dell royer of here, omamenta, fnccersfol and vi^tort- 

licsandopptcflbrs, Reemploys your otu. 

whole time, and exerts every fa- Your Majefly ranft doubtlefa 

«lty,inihe{upport ofthcenlightcn- have been ii^ormed, that ray e3c> 

ti icl^'on, and is wholly devoted alted ambition has for its objeA a 

» its cao&. The report of your holy war. The fmit of ifus juft 

Uajefty's piety, juftice, religioua, defign has been, that in the midft 

leal, and courage, fo grateful to of thii land of heretics, the AU 

ihc leelings of all the followers of raighty proteAt this tra£l of Ma- 

the faith, and efpecially to me, homfnedan dominion like the ark 

hw aSbrded me ine:qf)relBble joy of Noah* and cuts fhort the ex. 

and faii^aflion : in rcium for this, tendedarmoftheabandonedheretic 

near a hundred tboafand of the fol- The report of you Maj^y's zeal 
Itwers of the faith, nay more, af -^^ and piety render me, and all the 
ftmble every Friday, the fabbaih^ followers c^ the £uth, moftanxioua 

sf the MuifeLmani, in the two to open a peifonal and direA com- 

Bofqaei of the capital, called the maniettionof fentiments with your 

AaUh and the Alkah mofqoe ; and Majefty ; but the obftacles to this 

after prefcribcd forma of prayer, are fully apparent to yoDt Mnjefty ; 

fiippiicaie the beftower oi all ihin|;f, and therefore, upoo the )>rinciple 

(Kording to the word* of fcrip. (■« laid down in the law) chat it ia 

tore, " Grant thy aid, O God, to fufficient that two perfoM Aould 

thole who aid the religion of Ma. have tlie honour to fee * the new 

facraiiKd, and let ut be of that moon, in order to eftabliJh m 

fianibet at the laft day: dcftroy aflual appearanoe, the rcfpefled 


• The Mabomnedan ifMnths aic Innar, and their commeiKemeni icfptfltieVr 
iefenis upon the atiual appearance of the nioon'i firfl auaitcr. Ai ibc iMcrveniicia 
afclMi^or va|xiuri ofieu obfcum the moenai one place wbcii ii it vifiblc it^no- 
ihcr, ibecvideilcp of »ny two gcifom, dcclaiing th^ ihey have feen ii, is diji'ined 
lofficicat to dlabli(h ihc fa8 of iti apnearatice, 'and the Rift day of the moi^ih (or 
noon) ii afTumeiJ aceordtraly : (hoala ihe -moon, however, not be (cen before ibc 
grfl of ihe miHiih, the Sotloviiig <hy is cofl^dned as the firft of the enliiii^ U 
wacmiinoa prattic; among ihc Miiiliitincn of higb lank, to filuie ibc appearance 
of ih; icw 11100:1 by canr.on. and 10 fend 10 cxh mber uxigtiiubtory iiicfTiuc* 
vpgu the occafion : nencc the iieuniiivr: ^lIuGcm in the text wiU be edfily aa£i- 


Meer Hubb«b Oella, and Mmf again to this quarter with the hI^' 

M^aimed Rezza, who are among moft eipeditinn. 

riiehi^heft in rank in the Khooda- [HctefoUowsiliftof the prefcnt*.] 

^ud Sircar, and are worthy of ad- (True tranf.) 

miffion to the prefence, are now N. B. Edmonstone, P. T, 

fent as ambaffadors to your Me. , — 

jefty's Imperial Court, with letters "O- *+■ 

(which, according to the faying Tranjlatm of a Draft of a tttttr 
" a letter :s half a meeting," may ><"" '*' '"" 7^r>/oo Ssltoun U 
be confidered as an invaluable fub- UoMa Abdoo! Ghuffar Khax, 
ftitutc forperfonal communication ;) "•" "/ '*' principal^r, of 

in order that I may be gratified, pin«"« Shah. 

fiot only by obuining accounts crf l^^'" 'h^ ^^^["1 compUmewanf addreG, 
./ ■ « , I- °: r ^ adapted lo ibe telaiivc rank of ihc p»r- 

your Majefty's profperity, fuccefs, .iesfdit letter p,oc«d. as follows -^ 
■ and giMy, bot enjoy the pleafure Th^ receipt of your agreeable 

ef feeing.yout Majefty as it were letter, which reached me through 

by fubftitution ; and ihat the found- Ram Sohauy, moonrtiy, in the 

ations of ttiendfliip andatiacliraent, fer vice of his Majefty Zcniann^iab» 

which are produrtiFe of beiiefics, and through my vekecU (meaalttv 

both fpiritnal and temporal, may ,f,gjf fiaiwnid at Drlhi) afford^ 

be ftrengrhened and improved ; me the higheft fatisfaaion, and re-' 

and alfo, that the perfons above called you to my recoHeaion. Yoo 

mentioned may have the honour to wrote that from the iropulfe of 

reprefent to your Majefty my ien- ,i,at cordial attachment which fii- 

timents upon fome impOTtant fub- perfedcs the neceffity of ouiwaid 

jeas.and thecircumftancesoftheen- formi, you had availed yourfelfof 

feebfcd condition of the faith in the , proper opportunity to repre(cat 

regions of Hinduft4n, which I have my circumllances in the Aillefi man- 

entniftecl to their verbal commo- ner to his Majefty, and that his 

wication. But befides this, 1 would Majefty had been pkafed to fignUy 

propofe, if its meets your Majefty's in reply, that when the viaoriow 

approbation, that two perfons of ftandard Ihquld be difplayed in the 

rank may conftandy refide at your direaion of HinduHin, it was Ma 

Majefty'* Court, to be th« channel Majefty's defign to honour me with 

of correfpondence, and the nteans of marks of his boundlefs favour, and 

improving mutual harmony and at to promote the important objefts 

tacbment. in view. This has imprefled my 

Under the Acred exhtMtation, mind with a renewed fenfe of your 

*• Beftow prefents among one ano- kindnefs. In conformity to the 

ther," 1 beg leave to ford, by the declaration of God and his Apollle, 
perfons above mentioned, a few of. " that, in this world, of caufes and 

the articles of this country, as is efiefU there ia nothing more ef. 

dtie among thofe who are con- timable than union andlricndfhip," 

nefted by , the ties of religion : I jt has long been my earneft defire, 

confidently tmft that your Majefty to eftablifti an alliance and cordial 

will gratify raeby accepring them, attachment between ihetwoSircars; 

and honour the ambalTdori by ad- but in proof of the faying, "every 
mitting them to the prefence, and thing depends upon its ^^ppointed 
by hearing what has been entrufted feafon," the accoinplilhment of iMs 
lo their verbal communication, and defign has been fulpendcd for want 

that you will difpatth them back of opportunity ; tiunks to God, . 



tfcat, through yoar intervention, Wm alfo the letter* of my ^akeelt 
ttis objefl ha* now been accom- f meaning thi/i ftatianei at Delhi) 
flifhed in , the moft faiisfaflory and your prbcuring and tranfmit' 
manner; the bonds of attachment tingaicttertomy addrdsfromhim, 
have now been drawn a thoufand. has impreffed me with a high fcnfe 
fold clofer than my heart had con. of your cordial attachment and 
ccived. The pen is incapable of zeal. The letter from the Nabob 
defcriWng my gratitude for this : MoolLa Abdool Ghafiar Khan, 
with a view to diiplay this my and your own friendly addrefs, 
gratitude, and toccment the foonda- reached me through Moonlhy Ram 
tions of friendihip and attachment, Sohauy and the vakeels of the 
t*o perfons, trae Syuds by birth, Khoodadand Sircar, a&rded me 
who are among the higheS In rank boundlefs fatUfaflion, and their 
of the ferrants of the Khoodadaud contents gave new life to my re-' 
Sircar, are now deputed with a' let- gaivl. I am confident that, cen- 
ter, calculated to infpire friend(hip, tinuing in the fame manner to rk>- 
addreffed to his Majelly, the de. ferve the dictates of cordial attach. 
6nder of the &ith, Zemaan Shah, ment, and what is calculated to pro- 
Pteafe God, they will have the more the faith, for which there is 
btXKHir of paying their rcfpeAs to the fanftion both of God and his 
yen.- I hope that you will be Apoftle, you will ufe your heft etu 

Sileafcd to give your attention to deavoun to fulfil the obje^ of 

everal points involving concerns my heart ; toincieafecordialfriend-' 

both of a fpiritual and temporal na- fliip and (irengthen the bonda of 

tnre, which have been committed lincere attachment. Thisanfwerta 

lo their verbal commonieation ; and your friendly letter, and my r^ly 

having procured them the honour tothatof theNabobMooUa Ab(k)ol 

of an jntToduftion to the prefence Ghnffar Khan, are now forwarded 

of hia Majeity, that you will enable by the refpefted Meer Hubbeeb 

thefe smbafladon to leprefcnt to OoHa and Meer Mahommed Rezza, 

faim the points which have been who are among the highelt in ' 

entrufted to their verbal report, ranlt of the fcrvants of the Kboo- 

May your day* of profperity and dadaud Sircar, and who are de^ 

fnccefs be perpetual ! puted to cement the foundatiani 

[Heie followa a lift of prelenit.J of union between his Majeity Ze- 

(Troetranf.) maun Shah and my Sircar. Through 

N. B. Edmonstoke, i*. T. the aid of Providence, thefe tw» 

■■ perfons will arrive with my letter* 

No. I ;, f,a tbt miniftirsj and my addreft to 

Tranjlatainaf the Draft of e Letter his Majefty, and will havea mect- 

fram the late Tiffot, SullauH t» jng with you. True attachment 

GbooUum Uahtmmtd, ihi agent requires of you to obtain for them 

of Ztmaan Shah. accefs to the Nabob above men. 

Your pleafingletten have reached tioned, and epable them to pay 
me in fucceffion, and their contents their refpeft* to the prefence j when 
have been underftood. they will reprefent to his Majelly 

Your haying reprefented in teniw the fentiments and wilhes of my 
of commendation the circumlTances heart, which have been ininifted 
of the Khoodadaud Sircar to the to their verbal communication, I 

Nalx>b Moolla Abdool GluiSar -am ctxifident that you will ufe your 
Kitan ; your having conveyed to beft endeavoars to promote the ac- 



GomplHhmmt tf my wilbc% and to 

obtain iat my aniba&doTi, as culy 

as poffibte, leave to rctorn to thu 

(]iaiter, with the full accompUih. 

picnt cjf the objeA of thetr miflion. 

Believing me altvvyi anxtout 

about yon, conftantly gratify nut 

by letteit denoting your welfare. 

(Tree tiant.) 

N, B. EDMOMBTom, P. T. 

No. z6. 
TranJIuiitn tfthe Draft tfaLetttr 
frem the late Tiff«o SMilann to 
. Zemaan ^hah, dated tb* -Jtb of 
. SiaK&ana, 1 1 1 1 H'ljerah^ ar, ^tb 
February 1797. 
[ Afier ibr KfuBl iddrefs and flMcdium, at 
- advened to in No. aa, ikc letter pn>- 
cccib IS fdlowi :] 

By the fiivour of God, yonr Ma- 
jefty, the ornament of the throne of 
power and greatnefs, has for the 
rtioft prt occupied your time in ex- 
fEfidingthe religion of the Prophet, 
in deftroying the foondation of he, 
lefy and infidelity, and in eftablifh. 
ing the baits of the true faith ; and 
continues fo to do. The fame of 
this, hai atn|)Iy perraded the world. 
Thcfe circuntftances, which are ai 
well known from ealt to wefl, as 
the fun in the centre of the heavens, 
fuggedcd to my mind that, agree, 
ably to tha cooimand of God and 
his A poft I e, declared intbefewoidfi, 
'* Slay the divifor of the God- 
head," we thall oniie in carrybg 
on a holy war againjl the infidels, 
and free the region of Hioduftan 
from ^ contamination of the cne- 
tniesof oar religion. The fbllowen 
tf the faith in thdc territories, aL 
ways aflembling at a felea tinae or 
Fridays, offer up their piayers in 
the words, " O God, flay the in- 
fidels who have clofed thy wayl 
Let their fins retum upot) their own 
head% with ihs puniQunent that is 
dw to themt" 

. I tmA that Alaugbt)r God, fern. 
the lake of his belovod, will aco^ 
their prayers, ao^ thiyugh theme- 
rit of a bdy c«ii&> piofpet our mn- 
tual exertions le uiat end. Aod. 
throogh the influence of the wonla* - 
" Thine armies (hall conquer," will 
render ut victorious and foccefsfal. 
Throuj^ the aid of the Giver of a^ 
vIAory, in reward of my merito* 
rion* refolntion to prosecute a \xAy ' 
war (which is the proper end aad 
dijeft of life to thole wno adorn the- 
throne of religion and dominion) I 
hare ever been h^ipy in the &iiit4 
of his unbounded goodnefs, and have 
continued fafc under the Divine pro~ 
teCUont and fiill remain fo. The 
proof of this is, that thedomiruon of 
the KJioodadaud Sircar, which is 
furrounded J>y infidels, has ftood 
aloo^ like the ack of No^, kecpu 
ing the enemiet of the faithM la 
efieanal check. The word* of 
fcr^tnre " iqipurity and purity ara 
Dot equal, however the prevalenot 
of the former may e)u:ite aHooilh* 
ment," are hereby verified, 

Prior to this, two refpvflaljc 
Syuds, Mcer Hubbeeb OoUa and 
Meer Gboolaum Rexza, w^c de« 
putcd to your Majefty, on the part 
of the Khoodadaud Sircar, by fea, 
with the utmoft expedition ; ttuough 
the gnidattce of the Aimif^y, they 
vill have the bonoor of paying 
their rc(pe£lt to your Majefty, and 
will repment the points which have 
been entrufted to their verbal com. 
manication f your Majefty will alio 
receive detailed accounts from yoor 
Majetly*s agent Ghoolawn Ma. 
hommal Khan, of a&in to the 
fonth and eaft, and alfo the ciicnm- 
&nces of this quarter. 

May the fun of dignity and 
Atlendour rife from the hoiixon rf 
nccefs and glory I 

(True trandation.) - 
N. B. EoUONSTO^tE, P. T. 


No, ay- lelra confbned and eonfminM hjr 
Traafiat'iMsfthr Drqftef atet- Ae arenging fire ef the God rf 
Ttrfnm tbt late Tlfifn Sml/awit venganw, with ■ little exertion. 
To Wuffidar Xian, imt tf Zt. the ibtnhem atmof^iliere will rcfjoin 
IK^raB Siah' I principal MhiiJIrri; complete parity. Prior to tUt, 
' dated •lib tf Shnubtttm, II 1 1, the two relpeAed ^-nds Meer Ma. 
Mijfrab, (anf'ustring t» the ^ih hom m ed Hobbeeb *nd Meet Ma- 
af Febtiiarj, J^<)^). ■ homnwd Reiia, were- deputed by 
' tA(ji» the ufoil tompliwieniary Fomi of I" (Ae wicfecd being cntirdf pTEw 
' VJAeli, tbe letter [iroceedt u followr] vilent by land), charged with cer. 
Vodr moft friendlf and agreeable tain points wKich I have at heart* 
tetter, every wrd of niiich was re- and which it is not proper to com- 
pete with the (enlimentsirf' attach, mit to writing. They will reprc. 
ment and regard, together with lent to hii Majefty, the points 
letters from the Nabob, MooIUAb. which haw been confided te them, 
dool Ghoffiu'Khan, and Ameen-ol. and which will-be coflfidered as ao- 
MooUc have reached me, and hare tlienric. The faded Iplendoiir tt 
ifflfbrdcd me great pleafore. d>c faith throughout India is evi. 
Yoa write that the Nabob dent in eVeiy artide ; to defcribe 
McN^ AbdoolGhufoKhan, fiA. it is fo^erHuoas. May yoor days of 
mitted the friendly addrcCs of the pTt>(pcnty and fuccefi )x peipetoal I 
Kboodadaod Sircar to his Majefty's- (Tnie tranf.) 
pemfal, and io^jreffed it word by N.B. EcMOHtTOHB, F. T. 
word upon hii Majefty's mind ; ... m 
that his Majefty waa eximnely ^^^ ^g 
gratified, and had £nAed yoo, _. _ , * * ^' ■ ■ , , 
the Nabob* Noor Mabommed Trmfi^tm, of mm ^tgtmml Ltlt*if 
Khan,,andMooI. f^f Zemamm,Sb»i M r,//M 
U Abdool Ghuffar Khan, to dif. «-'«*•. 

Etdi friendly letten to me. Thia [*™r *!. LBlItxir''T"JI' c 
a> • > ' I ft Deity and the Propbei, &c. and a &• 
a afforded me a degree of plea- j^^^^ ^^^f, .oX^Suluoa, the !«- 
lure and delight, that is not to be tcr pracectli ai foUo^i :] 
defcribed. The knowledge alfo of Yoar letter, replete with frnti- 
his Majefty's determination to pro- menti of friendlhip and regard, ex- 
ceed to HinddflSn, has inJpired my ptdSng your ftilicitudc for the pro. 
Ibal with confidence. May itie paj^tion of the faith, andextiipa. 
Almighty, in his bounty, bni^ to pation of the abandoned irreligious 
efieflourmatuaJdefirest Yonfur. infidels ; informing ns that in the 
ther Intimate youi rcqueft, that, mofques, after Im conclaHon of 
confidering our inierefts the fame, public worfliip, fuppljcations itt 
1 Ihonld commit to paper tH that made at the throne of grace 'for 
concerns me, and command your the increafe of oui dominion, tnd 
fervices in any way that I can de- the fuccefs of our triumphant ban- 
fire. The fum of my wUhe* is. Hen ; referring us for a farther ei- 
tfaathit Majefty, imiting with me, pofirion of your Omtimenta to tbe 
we Ihquld proceed to chaftife thefc verbal explanarion of your arobaOa. 
abandoned infidels, and net fufitt don SyDaHubbecb-Ootla,andSyud 
our prcfent dominion to depart Mahommed Rezza ; fignifying that 
from oat haiidj. Throagh the you had fent a few prelentsby the . 
divine goodnefj:, the hopes of the ambaftadors, requetting that two 
chief oTibe infidels being of them' peifons of .fvu Siiau loight lefide 


u 001 court, and. ftaringoiber par. Your Majclly's gtaciona letter j 

ticulan of friend&ipi aTrived in in reply to my fnemlly addrd*^- 

a mofi atifpidous feafon, and added and f^hicb was brought by Syud 

new ardoui (o out mutual friend. Hubbccb Oolla and Syud Mabom- 

Ihip. med Rezca, the ambafTadors of ilte 

As the objefl of your well.di- Khoodadaud Sircar has been rc- 

TefledmindU thedeftru£Uon of the celved, has given increafe to friend, 

iotidels, and the extenfion of the (hip, and augmented the fourcef of 

faith of the Prophet, plcafe God, joy and faii&faAian. Your Ma- 

y/e (hall Toon inarch with our con- jefty was pleafed to write, that it 

riing army to waec war wiih was the objeft of your mind to 

infidels uid polytheiAs, and to cnifh the infidels and to propagate 

free thofe regioos from the contami. the religion of Mahommcd; pleaie 

nation of ihefe fliamclefs tribes, God, your Majefty would foon pro. 

with the edge of the fword ) fo ceed with a conquering army to 

that the inhabitant) of thofe re- p/oTecuce a holy war againft the. 

gions maybe restored to comfort ' inHdels, polytheifts, and heretics, 

and r^x>fe : be therefore peifcfUy and free the religion of thefe re. 

fatisfiol in this rcfpefl. gions from the cont^ination of 

With regard to your requefl for thofe Ihamelefs tribes, that the pro. 

deputing two perfgns to refide at fanation of polytheifm (hould be 

our court, with a view to ftrengthen done away by the exertions of the 

the tic9 of fiiendfhip, y/e bave ' ta relentlefs fword, and rcpofe and 

esprefs our agquieCcence. happinefs be rcftored to the inha- 

Wc have Tent a few articles here- biiants of this country, and de- 

nnder mentioned, as a memorial of firing that I would fet my mind at 

Our regard, by your ambaflodors, eafe upon every point. Tliis has 

who have- explained to oa the mef- been fully understood, and I have 

fage with which you had commif- alfo been infomed word by word of 

fioned them. what your Majefty was pleafed to 

Continue to gratify us, by com. con&de to the verbal communica- 

iiaamcaliDg to us by letters your tjon of the arabaffadors , all which 

(jtoation and fentiments,. afforded me boundlefs fati&faAion, 
[Hcrefolloimali& of dreflei, &c. (eot ai It is tay hope and my prayer to 

^/^"■^ r t ^ Almighty, thai the opprclTions 

(True tranf.) ^f ^^^ -^^^^^^^ ^^ polytheifts may 

N.B. EDMoM STOK«,f.?: te deftroyed, by the avenging 

-J fword of thofe who have been fe. 

. Wo, 29. ^Q^^ jj Qj^ ,g exercife dominion, 

TraHjlation ef tht Draft of s Let. ^^ ^f jj,^ warriors in the field of 

, trr from the latt Tiff QoSuhaua conqueft [ and that thefe regions. 

ttZtmaunShab, Jaltd iht 2i^h ^lay acquire profpcritv and fplen. 

tfRcbma>i«yoftbcyearSh.-tuiaub ^^^^ by maintaining 'the caufe of 

■ 1126 froKlht birlh of Mahom- religion. 
mtj, anfmenkgta the %id of At this time, the EngUfli having 

Bhe,«httuH IZ13 HijeTah (iQtb received intitnatlon of the arrival 

•/ yoM-"? '799-) of the ambafladors of.the Sircar at 

[The exorditun, conCfiing oF the ufwil your Higlincfs's court, and of the 

inTo»ioD to die Ifeiiv *,,d ilii: 'Pro- g^^, connexion cftabUflved between 

■ S-d^^^iUK^T^! the two dates, have. alcenumLgc, 

nuiaSiub, we omiKcd-] ^^ m <:onccTt with the intadelt 


taS the nirbolent, taken up arms cate affairs of great importance^ 

igainft me • ; and they haTc writ- when the intereftt of religion are 

ten +, that they cnteriain the de- one and the fame, the Syuds before 

fign to fubvert the religion of mentioned, are now a fecond time 

luaam. " Mas/ are the word* difpatched to yoar Majefty's court, 

that prooceed from their lips, but for the purpofe of reprefenting all 

their words are nought but lies." circumftances fully and perfonally ; 

pieafe God, they (hall become food' and from them, your Majefty will 

fbr thff unrelenting fword of the be amply informed of every thing. 

pMs warriors. " Evil dcfigns Impsllcd by a folicitude for the de- 

lemm upon the beads of the in. fence of r,-!igion, which is incum- 

Ttntors." We are labourers in the bent upon all the Princes of Iflanrn 

way of the Lord, and obedient to to feel, let your Majefty difplay 

the command of God— we have no your gratcfol endeavours both by 

foppott, but the aid of the King of word and deed, lo repel thefeaban. 

the world, who is great and power- doned infidels. " Qod will aid the 

fol, tnd the true apoftle, the head pure heart and pious." 

of the true religion, the deftroyer (True tranf. ) 

of former abominations. Placing N. B. Edmohstoxi, J*. T. 

my dependance upon thofe tidings 

of joy; " Often doth God permit ' No. 30. 

theinieriornumbertoovcpower.the f 7faiiJ!ati6>i of the Drafi of m 

fuperiot." I am pieparcd to exert LetUrfrom the late Tippoo ShU 

tlw energies of my mind and of my tauntathe Grand Seigniir. 

ftculties, inwardly and outwardly, [The folWine toemomdum is written 

tocarryonaholy war. Agreeably in the fiid Wof the book which 

10 the amuaand of God, believing contains ihe original of this iranfbtion.] 

K a duty of religion, to communi- *' Iirtbis book are 'entered the 


- * Vide No. eo, where Tippoo Sutuun afcribei the hollile pfepaiaiioos of the 
Briitlh GoTcrnmeni, lo his connexion wiih the French. 

t Ii gppcan from the tcftimonyof Hubbeeb OcilU, the late Tippoo Sultano'i head 
monOiy, dial thisaflciilon is (bunded on the paflage at the clofe^the ddi puwapt) 
oT lire Right Honourable the Governor General's letter to Tippoo Suflauii, 3 loe 
lUhof November, 1798; which poinii out 10 the Sultaun, the dniRen to which he 
will expoTe bi> luihoriiy, the tranquilliiy of hii dominioru, the proTperity of bii 
Kovernmeat, and the pcfmawnce of hii rEtigion; byhisconDciion with the Frcneb. 
'"" ' *■ " . .^ IT < II ■■ ..J-., poiqipjom to ihc Sultsun, and proved 
icatilc onlv 10 ihc views of 

- „ - ^ to juftif^ hii 

an(lni£lion of ihepalTage, and peWiOed 
mbii rclulution 10 inlett ibis grols calumny in his ieilers 10 Zemaun Shab, to the 
Giand Seignior, and others. The numerous inRances oF the Sultaun's duplicity, ajid 
viralenl anunolity agiinft the Englilh, leave no room for i'uipriic at hii wilful per- • 
»etConof ihi( pafftge. A cajif of the Governor General's letter in queflion, was 
communicaied to bu Highnefs ihc Nium ; who, ai i MulTulisan, cannot be fup- ' 
poled 10 have obfervcd ^ith indiifetence. a declaration, pointii^ equally to the de- 
llniBiim of his power, u 10 that of Tippoo Suliaun: his Hignncu, however, 
' exprtlled hii hiebeft auptobation of tbc wnole of the Governor General's letter of 
dic8UlNovcm&r [798. 
. ' X Tippoo SuhauD tranfmiticd to the Goveimr GetKral, a letter addiefled to tbe 
Grand Seignior (vide the correfpondence between Tippoo Suliaun and (he governor 
GeDcnlJ, preiciHling that ii contained the whole of his reply to the leiicr from tbc 
Grand SieiKoior. It now, however, appears that Tippcn Suliaun had privately dif- 
iHtrhed this virulent invcQive againft ue Britilh Nation to Confltntiflople,^ am* 
•ilLdon eurMtdinary. 


dnfti of ihe fettew which vtn ofhannonjranioirioo. Tbu^vAicb 

wiUten to the Grtnd Sdgnior, Ze- your Highneft did lae the -honour 

noun Shah, King rf Cabul, and lo write, hat been ondciHood. 

Fittteh Alii Khan, King of Eenon, By the favour erf God, and the 

BDder date the 4th of Ramzaan benevolence of the Pr(»hetiall the 

II 13 of the Hijerah [en,/'wtri»g u foUowers of the faiih liold fraier- 

the loth February i-ji)-^.-} njty in religion i paitieularly the 

[After tbe cufl<«naty lnvoc3.i™ lo.he exalted OttomantUieaodlheKh-o. 

Deiir «nd the Pr™hw, and a fcrk. of dadaud Sircar (between whtd), f^ 

BHtipoui ikleiidJrd&d 10 the Grand _gard and attachment aK eftablilbwd 

SeiKniw.ihe letter proceediM follows:] firmly as columni, and of which 

YontHighncfs'sauguft letter, writ- friendfliip and union, repeated to* 

tenontheitthafRubbee-oolIaanee, kena have been imerchai^cd) aia 

1*13 of the Hijeiah (an/iofrittg to aiding and aCiling each otheip Aa 

/i^23rfS-r/W«»*'r 179B) wbichwas this laboarer in the way of the 

CMireyed through the Englifh*, ho- Lord> is a brother in the tiiih, ia 

noured me by tts gracious arrival, obedient to your Higbnefs'a alL. 

wac the means of glory ar.d diAinc- powetful will, and does not «(hw 

tion, and the productive fourcc of ceive any difference to exift bwwoea 

Imandlefs farour. ]ts contents ad- us; I begyou will conimmuaate CO 

dedftrengthandfirmnefttothefoun. me what you^ Highm&'s exaltad 

dadoM of union and aitacbment ; mind concctvea wiU be ctwdiicive 

and its -gracioni exprefHont gave to the weliatc and icHeiefts pf the 

fiahility to the fabric of friendfliip. fblloweis of the faith. As die 

With refpefl to what your High. French have made ibemfiilm yotir 

nds wrote, of the invafion of the Highnefs's enemies, ihcyhave made 

Tencnted land of Egypt by the themfelvei fo to all the fbUowen of 

devoted French, by treachery and the faith. God is tttf pixxedor H¥t 

deceit, notwtthftanding the obferv- defender of the land of Hindui^n g 

ance of long fabfifting friendfhip next to him, this fuppUant at the 

on thcpart'of yoar Highncfs. The Almighty Throae, doei not. and 

obje^ of that irreligious, turbu. will not neglcA the defence and fer> 

lent people^ the determination of vice of the people. I am fiilly 

the Ottonuti Porte to employ the confident that your Highoefs will 

. moft vigoTDiu meafures to repel that be dil'pofed to afford your affifiancc 

nbeU)ou» race t of my affifting and and fupport, in all matters, to tia 

jiuimig ny brethren MafTulmans labourers. All Hinduftin is over- 

in tkegeiKrel caufe of religion, and run vrith infidels and polytheifisf 

dcfendirg ttie regions of Hindulliin exciting the dominions of tha 

from the machinations of this ene- Khoodadaud Sircar, which, like the 

my ; that I would cmnmunicate to ark of Noah, are faie under the 
your Higlinefs whatever fabje^ of pioteftion and bounteous aid of 

complaint I might have againA the God. It is my hope from the fiix 
Snglifli, when, by the aid of God preme King of kings, that as at 

and your Highitefi't good offices, the appearaitce of a fecond Adam* 
thofe complaint! (hould be removed the religion of IQaam will obtain 

to my fatisfaflion, and the grounds excluiivc prevalence over the wbole 

of of^nfitlon and ettrangement be country of Hinduftin, and that all 

cxcbaogcd for the dsfirable objefts the Cnful heretics will with the tU- 

ir ihii word is wiillen, " 7bc Cwernor rf 



svjft t£t becoo'.e the prey of the 
{soldi of the combatacits in the 
caufeof religion. Be it known to 
ibole who Itand at the foot of the 
imperial throne, liiai the treacher}", 
fleceit, and fupremacv of the Chrif. 
ti^ns in ibe regions of HrnduItSn, 
are bej'ond the power of exprcflion. 
A fummary elucidation of this, will 
be &und u follows : 

A petfon, by naine Oaood Khan, 
HI Affhan, was appointed to the 
fobtMauy of Arcot, on the part of 
Ae Emperoi- of Delhi. About that 
linte, the French and En^ifh, each, 
with one of their dctefted Ihipg, and 
a few luufers (hifideh) en board, 
«^M R> die coaA, cxptcfsly tbr the 
pu^nl* of trade ; bringing with 
4kb fiune of ibe products of their 
Weauj, fiich as knivei, fciflars, 
BM^w, diina and gtafs-ware, for 
We. After prefeniing feverai ar- 
tick» to the deluded fubahdar, as a 

DOIMT for nfftring, txprr^vi of 

jahm^tn), they Rquefted the grant 
ofafpoE of grODnd, fufficient for a 
Sn^ hoofe, for their refidence, in 
wder that they might import the 
ptodufU of l^urope, paying the pro- 
[Cf diutes, and there remain with 
a dozen of their people, 'Hie fu. 
bihdar complied with their requeft ; 
vA there the Snglifli leficjed for 
Ibnic time. 

It happened] ih;it the exalted 
fammn ot Bahauder Shah, fon of 
Alhwogeer, Emperor of Shah jehan- 
akad (Delhi) addrelled to Daood 
Kivni arrired, dirtfiing him to 
leave a trufty dewan (manngirj in 
Attot, and repair himfetf to the 
prdence. In coiiformiiy to the £m. 
pem's fummonst Daood Khan re. 
paiitd to Delhi) leaving Saadut. 
ooUa Khan u hii deputy. Owing 
to the negligence; and folly of the 
nini&ers h Delhi) baaduc-oolla 
Khan become a traitor, and ufurped 
theiWaimontof thecouniiy. AlxHit 
ibat pprjod, the Englifh and ihc 

French applied to the fubahdar for 
the grant of a Itttle ground round 
about their houfes ; to ivhich the 
fubihdari from his want of fo.'c- 
fghi, and from his innate folly, ■ 
confentcd ; and accordingly granted 
them ihe grour.u which thc)' iJted, 
After this, both thefe nations trtct- 
ed fmail foris, and flaiioncd nb^ut ' 
a hundred men to garrifon them. . 
(•vtrfti) " Where a country ii 
abandoned by its piincr, every vil.'^ 
lage becomes a principality," The ' 
relations atuL followers of Saadut. 
oolla Khan, each took pofleflion of 
talooks (diflriSsJ, and ereftingfor- 
trclTes, eltablilhed their abode. At 
, the fame time, the French and 
Englilh taking with tlicm fome of 
the produfls of Europe, repaired to 
the difttids of the relatiooi and fol. 
lowers of Saadut.oolla Khan, and 
contrailed friendfbip with them; 
and under this cover, obtaining a 
complete in£ght into their charac- 
ters, their mode of living, the 
firufiure of their fortu, the adnii- 
niitration of ibtir ierri»)rics, and 
the cendicion of their forces, they 
entertained from four to 6vc hutu ' 
dred men of that country, and 
waited iheir opportunity. In the 
mean time Saadut-oolla Khan died. . 
After his death, his relations and 
adherents, who were \ try numerous, 
quarrelled among thiSnlche*, and 
one of them, by the name of Sufder 
Ally Khan, entered into an intrigue 
with the infidels of Poonah, and fo- 
licited military fucLOurs. Agrec- 
iibly to his requeit, an army of the 
Poonah infidels, confilling of ;o,ooo 
horlc, uiider the coitmiand of Rug. 
ghoo FutiehSing, invaded the pro. 
vincc of Ar.-ot ; ivherc Sufder Allv 
Khan fulfL'ttd his f^ither Ally Doail 
Khan to l« (lain in b.ntle by the in. 
fidcls of pDonnh. After ihib, tkcfc 
iiiliuds ftdiig thr-. di.Tcnfior.i which 
prevailed amongir the ftdhcrfn't; and 
rv-htioiis of iiufdcr Aliv iJiafi, 
R pluiuk^d 


ASIATIC ANNUAL -Register, itm^?. 

plunderedall-the inhabitants of that 
country, wirhoot difcriiniiuition of 
friend or fot ; carried off a hundred 
tltoafand men and women prifoners 
to their own country, and fold (hero 
to flivery : they alfo took prifoner 
HwsfTain Doaft Khan, known by 
the name of Chunda Khan, who was 
the hafband of Sufder Ally Khan's 
fiAer, and carried him to Foonah, 
In the mean time, Mortiza Khan, 
jhe gorertior of Vellorc, and hufband 
^f another fitter of SuHer Allj- 
Khan, enticed the latter to his - 
Juufe, and put him -to death. Af- 
ter this event, Nicam.ul.Mootk 
the.vizier of Delhi, whg had made 
htmfelf maflfT of the Deccan, ar. 
rived in the province of Arcot, and . 
appointing Anwar-ud-dcen Khan, 
fubahdar of that province, on hts 
<rwn part gave In rfiarge to him the 
two infant fons of the late Sufder 
Ally KItan, with injnnAiont to 
prote^ and educate them, and then 
returnedioihe Deccan. Aftcrthis, 
. Anvfar-iid-di.-en Klian iircited the 
Afghans to ninrder one of the chil- 
. dren. A thort time after, Chunda 
Khan who was in confinement at 
Poonah, bribing the infidels with 
a fom of inpney, obtained his rc- 
kafe, and arrived in the provuice 
of Arcor, whence he proceeded to 
Poiidicherry,' a fsflory belonging 
to the French, where he took re- 
fuge : lie- there procured a body of 
^ French (nwps, with which he 
marched againft Anwar.ud-deen 
Khan, with a view to reduce the 
province of Arcot. In the mean 
time, Anwar-ud.deen Khan fought 
the affiftame of the Engliffi, who 
then held a faftory at Cheenaputtun. 
fMndrei.) Accordingly the Eng- 
lilh jsined -him. with a body of 
troops — ^Iii proof of the words " He 
whoaffordech alTiftancp to the op. 
preffor, ft>all fall under fubjeftic'^ 
to. the very man he aflifted,"~both 
tltde.pcifaiu .bocoaung the objctU 

of the Dtvine anger, (oiigH MfiS. 
ance from thefe two rnfidel tribes, 
atKt proceeded tohoftilities — It vras 
fo decreed, however, that Anwar- ' 
ud.dcen Kban fell by the hand of-* 
Hooflain Doaft Khan. After thli, ' 
Mahommed Ally Khan, (on of An-- '■ 
war-ud-deen Khanj giving op both 
his wordly and fpiritual concerns, 
to the direflion of the Englifh, and 
making them his prote^rs, pre- 
pared for hoftiltties agaiall Chunda 
Khan, In the mean time, Nizam- 
ul-Moolk died, and was fncceeded 
by his fon Naoffir Jung ; whom' ' 
Mahomraed Ally^Khan mvited to 
join him: but before Ms arrival, 
Naoffir Jung'a nephew, Htdaoyet 
Mohee.ud-deen Khan fled with a. 
fmall body of troops to Pondiefaerry j 
and the French collefting a force 
which confifted of about a thottfand 
men oftheitown nation, and abooC' 
four thoufand fepoys, proceeded witir 
the troops of Hidauyet Molwc-tid.' 
deenKhan, againft NaiAr Jong;' 
who joined with Mahommed Ally- 
Khan, after fufiaintng repeated en. 
gagements with the French, Iai4. 
^ege to the fort refs of G inject ^bich' 
is fituatcd on a hill, at)d was tbeit- 
in pofleflion of the French. TM 
latter entering into a colIuGon vntflr 
the Sirdars of Nauflir Jong's atmvj' 
attacked it in the night. After'tn© 
alarm was givm, NauBir Jang 
mounted his elephant ; when a m^ 
named Bahiuder Khan, an A%hiin' 
in his fervice, had the bafcne& ^ 
kill him by a mufket 'Qiot, mS, 
caufing his elephant to be dti«n' 
clofc to that of Nauflir Jwig, ciit 6f 
his head and ftuck it on the point rf 
a fpcar : upon this event, the Frenc4 
fet up Hidauyet Mohceiud-deett 
Khan as his^ncccilbr, and actiomiwi 
niedby abody of their owntrrxjps, 
under the corttmand of an officer 
named Buffy, dircfled his march to- 
wards Hyderabad. In the courfe of 
ibeir a»rdi. they iudtcd n the fbtt 


erRjieattabr where the tnitoi Ba- and under that fanfUoa made bin 

hiuder Khan, and the French tioops their [irlfoner> put him to death, 

caamaBded b7 Bufly, qnarrtUed and obuined poUcZoa of.the wholB 

iboat the divi£on of the pliuidetcd nf the Arcot province, yielding a 

tnafureand jewel!} and an enga^- yearly revenue of near ^ur ciofct 

inent took, place, in whicli Bahaudtr of rupees. 

Khm, and the other curfed Afghan When the Englifh had tbtu cfti- 

chie&, -were flain, and precipitated bliJhed themfelves in Arcot, they • 

to hell. Hidauyec Mohee-ud-deea turned their views to the conqw^ft 

Khan alTo frll in this ajgafcraent of Ben|;al. To this end, with the 

by a mufket fhot. The French then fame treachery and deceit which haa 

coofetted the fucceSon on the worth- been above defcribcd, they applied 

leii Silaubat Jung, fecond fon of to thq Viceroy of Bengal alfo for*^ ' 

Niiam-ul-Moolk, and proceeded fpot of ground ; and havbg obtain, 

withhim to Hyderabad; whereby the ed poflelGon of Aifficientfoi afinglc^ 

whole of the Occcan may he faid to houfe, they ihcre fiat ion od their 

havecome under the authority of the people as for the purpoTes of trade, 

French at Hyderabad. The French and waited their cmportunity. About 

Chrifijans (who amounted to neat thii.tim^ the viceroy (A Bengal 

rioo men) in a fiatc of imoxica' died, and contentions arofc among 

tioa, in open day, entered the boufcf his children and relation] : the 

of the votaiiet d'lllaum, and vio. Englifti taking part with the one, 

lited numbers of their women, tbe^ fubdued toe other; and ren. 

Many of the females of the nobles dering that other eniirely dependant 

rifled up their own bellies, and upon them, obtained poll^oa «f 

tuew ttiemfeiresintowelU. Hence the whole dominion of Bengal* a 

all the inhabitants of Hyderabad lerritoiy confining of fottr fobii^ 

auicoiyedenmity againftthcFrench. and yielding an annual revenue of 

In the mean time Nizam Ally twenty crores of rupeei. Not far 

Khan, foDOf Nizam.ul-Moolk,iin- from thence i* a place called Luctt- 

prifaned his elder brother Silaubat now, the ruler of whiah was Mirxa 

JiBig, and eftabliftiedhimfclf in his Aroauoi • fJ/afh-ud-DnolahJ fon' 

room. AlhorilimeafierwaTdi, when of ShuJah-ud-Dowlidi. By iiu. 

- ijie utmaft dilasreement had taken trigne andchicaiia with him, they 

place between the people of Hydera- CtbeEagi^jiaxtaAci tbemfelvet in< 

bad and the FreiKh, the worihlcfi to that country alio. What it nwr* 

Suff}' aurcbed from that city with extraordinary it tbit : lately, Mirxa 

his uooftt and returned to Pondi- Amauni fent an ambafDldoi to Ze. 

cherry. During thefe tranfadioiu matmShah, tbcKingofCabul. "niis 

Mahommed Ally Khan, in con^ circumAance coming to the know, 

jwiction with the EngliQi, carried ledge of the Eng&h (GavernorJ 

on the waragainft Chunda Khan, General+,whorelidet at Calcutta, he 

who was cordially the friend of the proceeded thence on | vifit t«Mirz« 

French. The armies of both the Amauni, and having leagued wit^ 

infidel nations contended for the the minifteis of that country, eaufea 

EQTlaoe of Arcot, and after many Mirza Amauni to be pqifoaedi vio- 

itk* and much blood-fhed, the lated the charity of hu widowi and 

Englifh and Mahommed Ally Khan, plundered his houfe of money and 

bavmg pledged their taith to him, jewels, to the amount <£ twenty 
+ R a GTOfM 

- "TbiiiiAeMmc by which tbelaieViuer Afoph-ud.Dowbhmic^kd dudM 

244 ASIATIC ANKUA£ Rfidsi'lSR; I799_9. 

^rores of TOpees; Aroughoot ihe rrpeafedly ftm letters ty ambaffa, 

territory of Brngalj wherever there dors of rank to the prrfence of his 

were, men of learning, fcience, and late Ht£linefs {Njder Alff) kWiA*'- 

raiik, the Englifh have forcibly ing hia aflifiaitce. His Highnefs 

taken prifoners diclt wives ar.d prudently confidetin*, that aitmoiigft 

daughters, _ violated iheir chaftity, it is declared " Heretics arc im- 

aTid carried ihem off to their owji pure," yet that it was more advifc- 

iflands and coilntry : feizing the able to afford thsn refufe hisaffilt. 

youths of the clafs of Syuds*, dc- arice to the inf<<)cls belonging ro the 

votees, and learned men, and' ccuniry (becatifc the foprcmary of 

cHiging them to est the fltlh of the Englifh was the fource of evil 

fwine, proclaimed it by beat of torn. toallGoJ'screatnresf; with av-iew 

' ■ tom+. In the country of Bengal, to the aid of Poonah, marched to 

and in nil other places where their Madras with a vaft army r many 

authority prevail, theyfet upfwine engagemen(scnfu«l,andmanyplaccs 

butchers, and caiife them to fd! the fell ; and Madras itfelf was near 

flelh of liogs publicly in the ftreets being taken ; when It plcafed God 

and markets. that his Highncfs (houW end his 

AH this power and anihority days in that expedition, and he 

have the Englifli acquired in the died in the vicinity of Arcot. Af^ 

fpace of forty years. ter this event, 1 contiTiited the '♦ar ; 

About twenty years ago, during and after many viflories, and' the 

the l'fe-ti(ne of my late revered fa. capture of mimberlefs prifoners,- thfc 

iher) Hyder Ally Khan, difputes Englifh fent their ambafladors,hutii' 

oecmrlng among the wotthlels Sir- biy, and by engagement ai»d oath, 

dars of the Poonah infidels, Rogoo. to fue for penrc. ' Althooeh I was 

MHBt- Rotr, the uncle of 'Nirain opt myfelf difpofed to grant thcin 

Row, ■ the head of the Poonah ftate, peace, yet by the earneft advice o£ 

frdaeheroufly murdered hisnephew ; the nobles of the Khoodadaud Sir.., 

the tJrB^ient fpirit of the chiefs, cir, Iconftnlcd. Four or five years 

however, obliged him to feek tcj after, when ambaffadors from' the' 

foge at Bombay, a place in the pof. Khoodadaud Sircar, arrived at~ tbe 

Affionbf the EndiOi. Sublime Porte |; and fifter reprc- 

". TlwEilglifh obtaining- from him fentingthcfentimcntscrfft-icndfhip, 

inontfy aitd jeweb toalargeamount, returned to the prefcnce. The Eng. 

detached an army with Rogoona6t lilh receiving information tifthi^ 

Row for tho- rtduflion ef Poonah : circomil^ance, with' hearts inflaAted, 

The Poonah minifters deceitfully immediately conceived, that all tl;e 

fclefled'achiM, oft*oorthrcedays tribe of lilaum were about to league 

old, from iheir owri clafs, proclaim, togetjier for thcirdeftruflion." They 

ed iiim' as the genuine offspring of knew too, that tbeyhad given your 
the murdered Karain Row, and as Highncfs proofj of thtir tvil tJifpti. 
thefucceflbrtothcmufnodf/iwBf^, fition, an(J tlietc'forc, ' cnitiiig tq 
and affcrhbliiig an army, niBrched themfelves Nham AHy Khan, arid 

to cppofe the Englilh and Rogoo- the infidels of Poonah, they waged 

Mtir Row : finding themftfves iin- war a^inft the Khoodadaud Sifcnr 

ible (o cape with the Englifh, they for four yeaxsv At length, near ^i 
- ' ■ •■ hundred 

■, * The Syuds are tbofc dcftended from ilii ProiAet. • " ' " ," ' 

{, t A rpccies of dium — Procidniat^niis arc orually made in India by beat of dnim. ' 

\ Tippqu Suhaunj in bis Iciicn ui ihe Frenrh, afciibes ihe ennmy of the Biiiifb 
■owertohiiTriMftirhip-fnT i\tttn ', )>y his lelteli'io Z^maun Shah, he afciibc* it ro ^1^ 
havinft deputed ambaiTadon to ihai Prince ; and berc be imputes it to his de leg^oiou 
of an embalTy to the Ottoman I'orie, 


bondrcd thoulWlof thefollowcfsof thcf have DoCeflcd thcmTelves tn-i 
the fauh, had dctcrmmed to (lav Hidy of that kingdom, whillt a 
their wives and families with their poor Gghtlds indiTidual of the royal 
own hands, and rufliirtg upon the family of Dslhi, whpfe fervants^ut 
inSdeb, drinlc the cop of ijianjr- oat his eyes, is feated in his houfe 
dom, and phmge the infiJcls into in aftatc the moll abjef). The re. 
helj ! The counrdlorS) ih.; lords, fources of his maintenance are fixed 
and the refpedcd fagcs of Iilauin, from the falc of the fruits of bit 
all agreed, that this attack upon ilie gardens; and he it obliged to paf 
iloninionsof the Khoodadaud Sircar, the iprlcs fe/lial mainleKanctJhy 
was in confequencc of the depuiaiion paying adulation to thoTe treatiier-^ 
of ambafladon with letters to the ous infidels. Near live hundred 
finbUniB Porte^ and therefore, that thoufand of the infideU of the dif- 
it was advifeable by any meant to triA of Calicut, Nuzzurahad, Zuf. 
accooimodaM nutters for the pre- (t:rabad, andAlhrufabad, whowcre 
Cent ; to communicate to your High- wavcrine on the precinils of obe- 
Bcft all that had occurrcdand joined dienee, have been converted at dif- 
with your Highnefs's aid, proceed fcrcnt times. Praife be to God, 
t« exterminate the infidels. I ap- that the whole energy of the well- 
pTOTMl the reprefcntation of my^ direfled mind of this labourer in th« 
faith&il fervants, and furrendering v^y of the Lord, on whofe fore- 
ihrec crores and thirty lacks of ru- head is engraved the motto, "TKey 
peej in treafuTC, and half my coun. dread not the terrific day of judgj 
try (which was alia icadlod to ment," is coniinually exerted to 
ac) piit an end to the contell. fupport the religion of Mahommed. 
The Englilh having adopted a Accordingly, haring lately been 
detcrmiRcd refolution to fubdue ilie informedof the exccIUve commotions 
whole of Hlnduftiln. and to fubvjtt excited by the foo of Abdool Wa. 
the Muffultuan religion, and having .haub, * in the neighbourhood of 
uiuted to themfelves Nizam Ally Mecca the holy, I immediately ad- 
Khan, and the infidels of Foonah, drelTed letters to the fupreme mi. 
hare for Sra years paft been de- niller Yoofuf Vizier, to the Slierccf 
viling the means ; accordingly they of Mecca, and tli^ fervants of th& 
ha*« lately written in plain and uii- hc^y receptacle (meoning the plaet 
difguifed tcnw, that it is their iil- at MeJiiia lubert Mahomnied it bu- 

"teotion to deftroy the religion of r'udj, purporting, that it was my 

Illaum: " Evil dcfigns return upon intention to fend a conlidcrable force 

the heads of the inventors." Ihe undei the command of one of my 

ijilidels .of Pponah, in confequencc approved fons, and deiiting them to 

of the . dH^gteeinents prevailing write to me a jjirticular account 

among the minillera at Delhi, have of the fituaFion of affairs in that 

fubrerted llu»country, and having quarter. For the illufirio"^ Kaaba, 

' ^efiroyed its houfcs, have erefted Is the objcfl of vmetaiion to the 

(heir own temples on their ruins: foUoiven (^ truth, and fhe objeft 

t R 3 of 

• AhJod WihjuS, i) ihe name of im entsrpiiiirig Mahouinicdan Sceptic, who 
foHieycan fiim eflablilhcd a new doclriiir, liiL-luuii'luinn ofwKichi^ the abjuration 
utihe ri|;»il hcHvuin v,hlcb are pid lo Muliommcd. His doctrine doci not cxtcod 
wailcnul of the PioptKi'i mffioo, but it [^^et him in (hccinidiiion merely of a 

' Diel&nger of Uk wckiI of God, po^QinK in bimrelf no title to the adoration of marvt 
lund. rjiis mau obtaJQcd very numcious piafelyics, uho luvcilcd with him the 

, couniiir) of Syoj, Aral<ia,»Dd Egypt, projiagaiiiig tbetr tepW bj tie fwprd. r pf» 
iQo bu fucciedcd bits. "^it'tiXli^ 

2 IS 


of the rrgard of the All-powerful; 

and to dp fervicea thereunto, is pro- 

, duftive of blelTmgc, both in [hii 

world and i.-i the world to come. 

The refpefted and jccomplilhed 
Sytidx, Syud All! Mahommed, and 
Syud Modaor-ud-deen, are now no- 
tnimted and deputed with this 
fiiendlj letter, to reprefent various 
points of great importance, and to 
communicate the fentiments of my 
mind, unA with inftruftions to re- 
main in attendance on your Ma- 
jefty during three years. I trull that 
they will be honoured by admitHon 
to your Highneft's prefence, and 

have an opponunity of a perfonal 
conference, and cf ftating to you 
my fentiments, and that titeir re- 
prefencAtions will obtain-full credit 
with .your Higihnefs. May ibe. 
viftoriout baimertof IDaam be ever 
prevalent, and every t ra ce of heteiy 
and infidels be wiped away ! 

[A letter to the Gime effeft as the ton- 

fjoinj!, via alfo written lo Zemaiin Sbah ; 
]c\cn\ altciaiiotis iiowcvcr, which wet« 
ncccflarv to adapt ih^ Ictiec lo the fitm- 
lionofZemuinStiab, aic iDleried in dK 
fiuitiui ot ibc dtali.] 

(True ttwilluioa.) 
N. B. Edmokjtone, p. T. 

Pncftdings of a jACOorN Club, fomuJ at Sermrapaiam Bf the 
French StltiUrs in the C<irp$ campiandtd by M. Dohpakd. . 

. (Tirll piinied liy order or die RrKht Honourable Governor GeaenI ID Council, davd 
Fori St. George, tath Augull, 1799. J 
M^^\\\, 1797, jih year oT die 
Frcneh Republic. 
The French Citizens under the 
rmleis of Citizen Dompard, in the 
pay of Citizen Tippno, the vifto- 

coloun ; and to inOiuS your{cI«ei in your 
ri^n. lo le*m wkal you owe, and wkat 
ii owing [o yuu. It is the du^ of^a re- 
pulilicin to inflruQ his fellovr cilizcm 
tiom Ills own ferble lights; Ipielcnt te 
you the rights of man. It ii bom thtrfe 

rious, theallyoftheFi*nchRepub. "^'""hM.¥f" ^'Hd™ il«fepiW.«i 
I- ^ ,1. 1^ tec ™ virtues wliich are 10 aid you in fubduw 

lie, 10 the number of fifty -nine, 
being anxionj to concur, with all 
their ftrehgth and with all thdr 
power, in the xdmiiuftratlon and 
eftahlifhment of the French Repub. 
lie, and to afccrtain their own 
- rif^ls, aflembled for the attainment .. 

rfthat(Aiea,afterhavingobtained pl^d by ™ur decree, Aal haK 
L .ir r L ■ ° J f'Jrte of law. I have Only to 

the permiffion of their commander, ,i,j( ^^ jhouij ^^^^ demit from the re- 
in the parifh church, on the day and jiublican laws, -imt weaken ibem, fcw 
year above mentioned, uanrgrcli them. ? 

Citizen Francis Ripaud, a liente- ■!' " euflomaiyj wbwjthepwlc^ 

nant in the navy of the trench Re. ,he eWtd ciiiicn pro-IC^al preGdei 
public, made the followine fpefch 

(hcdeFetliof youi foimer habiisi to a^R 
you in accomplifhing ihi) eiid, 1 ffitall 
liibmii (o you fame coofliratiasl ideas : 
and 31 vou live in an anarchy which aguft 
GU Willi horror every wonby tmnvas 
lovo and refpefb the lawt, I fubmit, n 
vou a plan of lawi, tn be dlfcuned ankle 
by aitiele, ai>d which, aTicr bdii]( pramid* 

J t 1_ djjjjj^ jj|j]| Ju^ j^ ^ 

' ■- ' - obfaye. 

s I Ye are all trencluneni 


aj^intiwofcniiioeen, twofecn. , 

A ru'n maden of the cnenuQies. Tbe 
ihemaiveiftif ibe 

You have bcwin to _ 

the white fGi(, which the nation held in 
' exccriuon.buiu^ticbwaailwidolof yiiur 
trron. ThosSUlremninJaciutyforydu 

to iolfil, thai is, tft baitt'ihe uaitonal 

rr ' "'■'? '^ fcveraloJ 

rcaih mentioucd, 10 enlighten you m to 
yeui rights,- and mncallyau tafhe'te- 
l|ied^c totheCiveieipHy of wbi^ma 
eiMtpofe a part, to Bceierve order, . i^vt 
oach m^ li>eak ia bia-tuni, freelf nd 


ntbow intan»tioD,.oatIieridn«a only W article, to be the older ofifae 

Si^KSfrbTiLr^i'SS CM.™ ■n.o.v™^, h.™g ,.. 

will cob; ^ler the ciuieu Qui) have queued leave to fpeak, laid : — 

fiuflied^«e^inltbe{|ioaiidof<he " Ci.larns! Hpeakimhc namcofmr 

IKXM»bcenlieard, iftl ufoteirn tothe breihren— Yes ciiiiens we hive bceii in 

'4BeAiaii, tke prefideiK will lell him fo, ^^^ _„p i^^^^ ^, g'^j |ju,j„ „„ ^^ 

Bofindi w»* began, by forming itplayedi wc h»ve raj«io our raanoibn, 

the priiiuiy affembfy. Ciliacn Con- W eiprcffL-d our fortow loCitiien L'E(- 

»ir, M the eWeft in years, wa» "l=. whowajunabk to apfwer hs; and 

named proTlfional preGdcnt ; the li-I P°''T'-""V k ■ "" n 1SK3' 

rt. . •^ ,f . '^ J n J- did noi admit of chanpng our. iUndard. 

Cuizem Vrenwce and Dachirct, Thi. i, t}.e roJtaufcoioar error, which 

fecKtarict ; Citixou DtHiipard and cmoot tbercfbri appear criminal in ihe 

ProTOi, tellers; and CitUens.Joon eyes of the n«iori : bui it woi^ld now be 

and Abraham, mafien of the cere- H^V ^"^^^^.^ ^F ^''P'^>' "^ "'' w? 

. ^ biu ihofe of our dear country; to whicU 

•"^Si"- ,, . . our hcarw are eniirclydei^oted, which we 

The prefident announced the mO- fwear wc will die lo fiijipoit, and to defend 

tive few alfembling the people, to thc&cradriBhisofciiimnsandof ihecon- 

be, for inftraflion on conftitutional niwiion.. Wc c»ll for .he hurmng of 

«i»dpl«.at.dfor fra™ingl.w,coo- ^1^^:^^^^,;%^^^'^ 

lonnabk to the laws of the Repab- defireofourltreihten inartni." 

tii^t, £™r™,i™S''"*'r,J° .Tl,= .ire»blydec,=rf, tocvry 

togH. by fht^mmam of. preO- ^j. ^^;^^ ,4,^j ,^ , ,„j 

<fcm by vo». „ ,"e mdat goveromtst, Ihrnld 

. ,, r, L --'bi burned on the day on which tin 

SsSfK^"^L",heT» "rj- "-f «-"» "5 ^sr- 

*7^r . ■ 1— - and the oath to the nation taken. 

pe«o «d fratctmiy, to Citizen .j ^^^^^ ^^,t„ 

Contoir. The etemoaof fecreta- _, "^ c u- .- .• j 

^ then (bUowed, a.»l Citi™„ TS"'"'"^°'J"'r'"Z.''tZl 

• ». IV choice of teller., fell on ^"' "" f"""" "^ ^l^T °f 

OU^n. Qa*na»d Mian: . hence "t?;;/™™!, ,^,^_ .^ .„ 

JStf'Vell^'n^S-C-fti"'; ''-'■'^ ""■'.ft """'" '»''" 

DompaiJ and Charrier were chofen. ™""<>p«i. »itlihyra™.toour conik 

Ttpretdent opened the fitting, '•>'• . \S^[f "'"'f TE ^,2 

by r»Libg .. irZ dntie.; S «!~? ** P"^™'- *" '»"'» 

tSe love we' owe to onr conntty , '«""'''"' '^1,"/^ „ , " 

and lecommending a fpeedy reform l''g"^ y3 I 

of onr oldhabits. He then read the On the 8th May 1 797 (the cth 

Tighn of man, which was followed .year of the $rench Republic), after 

.lyaleftareonrepnbljcanprinciples, having heard nials, the r"'—'— 

and by a, plan of laws ; all which compoHag the French party near 

' ivas received with joy and acdama- Sctingapatam, aflembled peaceably, 

tlotit ft was refotved to adjourn and wichput weapons, in me church. 

■ Ihe ptefcnt aflejnbly, to the 7th in. In conformity to the feToliiTion} *f 

Sant, at 3 o'clock in tlie afternoon, th£ primary alTemblji of the 6th 

■-uL^rdcF tO-rcAd again the prin- inllvit, riie prefldent opened the fit- 

' cii^A of ih< conAitutioTi ; and the ting, by reading the proeecdingt of 

. diftvSon of tin plan (tflawt, article the Uft, which waiucl aliened; 

+ R 4 " ^..^X<oA<Jud 



ami a citizen having a&Ad leave t« 
{pesk, (aid, 

■"CilizaiRipHidl We RK RUcd wlih 
paiinidc Ibr ihc |;of)d inllmction wliich 
you have siven us: yoj have filled m 
with latii<(^tl>i>n ; rtceive oui ackitoui- 
IrdRmmii, ar.d adminfltr \o vt tht eivie 
oams which ourbteihienihc French Ke- 
jvjIilTcani have proiBiunccil i you have 
cnliKhrcncd ul n^ardinc our n){hls ; but 
Shil ura ha»e promifcd nothing to our 
inotber ccumiy fince the re^'oluiion; ai. 
our bfarii are dci-oKS lohcr, we wifii la 

All the citizensarofewith accla- 
jnationi, and fupporietl the inotion 
with a bcrll of teeling truly patri- 

Ariothei cit'ucn ihcn demanded 
to be huidt and requeued Citizen 
Ripaud to give them fome form of 

the laws of equality ; 

" Cr whiE ufe it ii Crdid he) to fwcar 
lorcrped ihe laws? It ii neccDaiy (o 
have lawi, in order to refpefl them. Wc 
live in an aiutchy thai nmll makca mail 
of wonh [huddeii wc mull have laws lo 
ctimrol us," 

Citizen Ripaud having quitted 
the chair, and returned' the caj) to 
Ciiiztii Contoir, :s ihc moft ancient 
in years, demanded to he heard, and 

the republican ccHidnuiinn, to '(L:feiid ii. 
and inv ctiunlry, wiihuU myOiength, and 
with all mv powcni to rubmii lo the 
laws decreed W the cniveiuion, and lo 
ihoFe -H-hich we' (hall fiame, or to die in 
acini ai my pull, in ihc dcfoKc of ihe f>- 
cred righu of a ciiiscn ; to live tiet, oc 
pcriih l« 

Uponthij the citizen) were crfl. 
ed upon in fucceflion, and pro- 
nounced, individually, the oatht ac- 
cording to the roll. 

After the citizens had t^ken the 
oath, and the prelldent had giren 
them the fraternal embrace, he faid, 

" Cilizetu! The oath which you have 
judpronouiKed, andihe kifi which J have 
l^lvcn, arc thofe of the whole French na- 
tion. Evil to him wflo fliall be perjured! 
You arc now rciumed loandrcconnefted 
with your brcihreu the French', ai diey 
are united lo you through my orsaru; 
The)' are your (iiiiporl, as you are theirs. 
Retnembct tfioi your flren^ih wilt conrtft 
.in ymiT union. That alt lutrcd, all anger 
muO be annihilated. I Icnccforward you 
muft become a iamily of brelhretv. The 

be truly woiihy of the oalb which you 


.! The patriotic zeal which 

•a have flicwn, fids me «.iih a joy diffi- 
' a be exprcirrxl. Nothing — "■' 

J _; the lad Frenchnien who havL 

[woTTi to defend vour country, the ardour 

yon hrtVf Ihcwn C'lnvirce* me, that vmi 

'Will not be the bid loflrikeltome ai her 

'enemies. Ycur requeft i) u juR, as it ii 

Uwfilli ill orderjo be governed by the 

" " ■ Frenchmen to 

ior but ijie taw 

; ifaemtelves. I 

you, beiitf per- 

f rl with ingrati- 

nation of v.-haE 

ou? Atlffefm 

He then relujiKd the chair, and 
pronounced before the hotel, and 
under the national ilaudard, tlus 
oath: . .-■ 

" You have rcquefted a form of lav» 
— behold it ! — j'ou arc at liberty to aibpt 
or to icjf fl the aniclci as you may deea 
proper; but remember, that thofe anidcs 
which you may adopt, itwtll be beyOAS 
your power lo i'nfrioKe, becaufe, by your 
iiitopiion, j-ou will buve t^iven them xhi 
force of laws. Ai the law hai noihiri^ 
above ii, you ought loderm nothing' be- 
low you hill guili, and nothing above yud 
but that law which is the chaia£teriftlc of 
your vimies. Seeing that it i) now nood; 
we will adjourn the fitting until i«a 
o'clock in the afiemnoon of this day, (w 
the dlfcuIIiiM) rf the piopoled aiiiclei oC 
the law." ^ 

Being rc-affembledattwoo'clocKi 
thc>,prefident announced that the 
difcuitton would licgin by reading 
the firft aiticic, Which wac titoid^ 
moufly agreed to. ■ ' 

Mllitaiv punishment to be infli^ed by 
the Councilof Difciplino. The OSutbCil 
oF DifcifJioe is to be compofed of tentti 
ciiKM of all tante. fau-vtwt^^gHnR 


ilwe'tre "MTicKni id inrnnt (he exKu- 'fl#tke'hi 

tion of ihc bw, wheiher it befbrpro- not cm . _.. _._ 

kAionoribrpitnilBineni. yrai'i imprifbiunaM in inmb £Thit W 

1-uE I lui ^*^ modilictl to three iiKH»h»'in(k»iL (^ 

1 lit LAW. ooeycar.] 

A»T. I. Even- chief who toll not o. Eveiv fupcriot who IhJI flrikc ki* 

CTtcowAe law ftnaiyvcMding to the ir^^rior, ft.U bs conancd one yo. in 

leiier, iii*ofcid(ev»dcotiranrBT=riii,or i.oii,, »nd Ihall be held unwonhy of aw 

who AmII nocexctutc the fenience pro- civil or iniliury office. ■ 

Dounccd by the Council of Difciplinc, i» ,o. Evay i.ifeiior who [hall fliike or 

imwonhr <rf ODmmand. He flmll he lifi hit hand asalnlHiistiuetior fhaU be 

Olhidrd, and ruipcnded from all the umdenined todeaib. 
fuoaioroof.aciiiionfor iwo ycara. In n. All crime* which are not cognis- 

.cafc of D^fraaorinclj, he (hal! fu&r five able by the Council of DifciuTioe, aod 

ycwi confinement mironi, mi be held are cUITed under the coriteiionJ police, 

uottonhyofallamploy. ■ are to be under thccoeniiance of the ma- 

TTrc following articles were then i<",."™™n^'".»f *« P'«=. "ho ft«W 

«nfid«ed. and ottanltnoufly adopt. 1,1^ i."';iro'ZntT\he^S'';^ 

*^' after llaied, lira, ifl. For offences againS 

Art. *. All ciiizeni, of whatever food manuen: sd. For diduibing any 

mk, null pay immediati: obedicirce religlotuceremony, and iufutlins; lis mi- 

Ariien altcd upon by the law, or be Tub- niften : 3d, III langiUKe and blowi be- 

jta to fbrly^iuht hours imprifonmenl, tween individuals ; 4th, Dillutbance t|f 

overandaboveibepunilhnieniwhichihey flood order aitd (he public tramjuillitv, 

TW be liable to for ihc crime commiiicd railing lumulu, and makinganoi^atuti- 

by'ibem. Refiflance ftiali be puniOied feafomble houra, without pcnnilfion. 
by eight days confifKiDcni in inint, and is. Every citizen who (hall bo'dunbc- 

rcbdFion 1^ a co-ifioetncnt of three coming language on the fubjcE) of the 

iDonlhl in troni. conftiiulion, lendmc lowards royaliy oi 

a. No citizcB can be tried but by ? re- tile ancient ryllem, (hall be cited before 

Euut Council of Difcipline, and there ttic Council' of Difcipline, and (or the 

mult be two wimclTci to eflablib ihe fttfi offence be put in irons for ten day) ; 

crime let fonh. for the ft!Cond Gx months; ai.d for the 

, 4. As the law bat no punilhmenis but third banilhed, as unworthy of being a 

wlut are abfolutely neccUiiry, every ciii- Ficnchman. Should his deCgni be 

an, in whatever buiation, inuH olicy hii couDrer-revolutioouy, he mull he put id 

lupehot without reply, or incur the pe- death. 
Buty of ihc law. 13. Eveiy ciiizeo who Ihall betray any 

^. A fuperioi wholLallill-treat hisin- weaknefi bcjbre the enemy, orwho fhall 

fenor, ihati, for the fitft offence, be put endeavQur to infpire his fellow-ciiiitni 

in UTcSi eight days ; for the limiad, fif- with fear, and prevent iheii coining 10 

teen dayij 'fbi the thiid, two tnonlhs aflion, (Ixjll he put to death. 
. fil(pcik&cio from the fervicc, irotn com- 14. AUconrpitatotsanduaiuirslotlieii 

nuiid, and From piy. [I'his taw has been couniiy Ihall be put to death, 
modified, fram two months fufpenfion, to ij. All trepannec, cntiflcrs, and ic- 

tighi dift ia irom.] (cner;, aOiHii^ the enemies of the Re- 

6. Evciy iofeiior who Ihall not in- public, who may be fcizcd, Ih^Il be put 

flandy obey hii fupftior when commawl- 10 death. 

edtw him in the name of the law, Dull 16. All cowardice or. weakneli in (tie 

SA be putiifbcd For the crime of which ptefeiu^ of tfie enemy, which mav tc^ 

he may be guilty i and fecondlv, be iiit . 10 t^milh the naiional jtloiy, Ihall be pu- 

in irons fbity-eighl bodn, for hii dilcrijc- niHled by ten vean caiiGnpmeiii in rh tik 

ieKetotbelaw. SbouU bis dlfobedU -.i.----i.i 
CDce be attemfed by murmur), abuTe, or 
ihrexo, the ^litiquent Ihall be kept lit 
in»> for three months. 

y. Evciy fuperioi who Ihall threaten to 
Snke lux inknor, even ihoiuh he fhouM , 

not CMccute his threat, fliall be cafhiertd iB. Even citizen emitratiiig with his 

and deprived of the rigbtsof aciiiicnibi Dt^ipeny,* uiall, when TetzcdT be coo- 

Me ysr. > denned to twenn years c6nfii>eii>eat .in 

8. £vc^ iB&riD[wbo {hall ihreaieDiQ .cluins on the pu^ftc works. 

19. Evety 


wFrcneh fer tbcdliuniiobaMiiefiiliiitbcir^lxHCe 

n enemy, even of fcpcrior ft»ce, fliaJl The aflcmblj- then proceeded to 

le put lo dcaiij ; »nd ihofc under hii or- t),e nomination of the membert of 

few*"*" *°^ the Council of Difci[Jine. TTic 

10. E,wn.chizenhuthcrljikofcon- ballot being dofed, Ripald, Vie. 

VBltir^tbeCMincilofDirci^tincthrouBh niere, Q^eftin, Juttan, Dacfaire^ 
the ciuiefi ttHnmaodani, wiihoiM being " Thouvenir, and Kerodicq, were 

Biandant mufi comply on the fpot wiih "» <»"«• 

fuchreqnifiiionbvalingleciiiicn, orin- . " We, ihccitiienund French Repofc- 

tgr ihe ligourof thcUw himrelf. tkani ferming the parw under tho onbn 

SI. Eveij' ciiizrn who fhall convoke orCitian Dompard, having uiMicrlload 

the Council of Difciplinc, and fhall nol ihc piopored lawi, do vduntarily robmit 

pto4urcpioo& orwitneffcs in fupport of ourfelvesio be judged according to tbem i " 

the chiTge, Iball be confined in fetten and (o be hcufefmih Eovemcd by the 

pighl dayt. principlw and by the W» of equality 

as. Every eiiiwfl who (hall charge which we have made. In «e(lM0B «* 

another ciiiien wiih lOVi-ardire or knaveiy, which, we hare fignod thefe itsubtioiK, 

without beirc able lopiove his allceation, Uul ihey may have fiill force wd validity, 

fiiall be punifhed by thirty dayi tonfioe- In (Ik French camp, near ScnuMMn, 

BKAtinieiien. ">= iwholMay, 1797, ths fifib year of 

When the Council of Difciplinc have the French Republic, aoeandindivi£Ue.'' 

fomed iheiideciCon. it muft be ntnified • ■ ■ j j j 1 

K. (he commandant (vho ■■ never to at- , A cuizcn demanded leave to 

lend their ;3elibtraiioiii), and who is to fpewc, ind bid, 

fee the fentenct ioimediately canied into " Citizens I 

execution j ihen returning into the hall of " I defire thai ihc infamou* white &k 

audience, all ihc citizens comuoTini^tthe m^ be burnt, and that we may line the 

Council of Difciplinc are to rile up un- hymn 10 our country, as a mark ofivr 

covered, and holding up ihrii hands, the fenfc of the happineb we have eojoycil 

preBdeni will fay ak^ud, " We fwear up- ihis day." 

on our confcience and our honour, ihal — n. ■ t - -a 

having fcniHouly a^ered in out deli- The motion being onarimoufly 

berations 10 the rules prefcribed 10 uaby approved, Ute prcfidcnt adjoarnea 

the law, wehave found— »c- thefttting to the following SundsT, • 

^""k °^ TTT' ""' ^'\' 'J*"' 'li*: ' S'** May 1 797, ' the fifth year 

wehave found him eUilly, but pardcm- r u ir lyi '"It- i_ 

able : Or, iha. we finS him to havTcom- ^'f ^^ f^^"<:'> Republic, at the con. 

milted (he a^, bt>i iha< i( is im criminal : cluiion of mafi. 

Or, (bar we have found him guihy, and -■■ 

iha((helawcordemn»him" xhe IJlh of May 1797, frbc 

. The judgmcninf he Council of Dif- ^r, i- l r i 1? i\- 

Spline O be given publicly : every ci- ^^'^ Xf ' of the French Rep«bli9, 

tiienhii aright to be prcfent, whilft be- one andindlvifible.) Amemorable 
havinjj with decency and rcTpea louardi " diy for all the citizens formingtbe 

'KJ'*'- .,. f , , Frencli party commanded by Qti. 

Kverf mililarv mm, ot whatever rank, _ -n 1 r • ' . v 

ofihciVoopioftheline, orbelooBitigio. ^ Dompard, ferving w^th ibe 

the marine, provided he is not ofihe Prmce Tippoo, ihc ally of the Re. 

ramccoipsasiedelinc]ueni,iieligibleto public; who having obtained bis 

become a member of the Couucil of Drf- orders, h^ their joint foHciutionS, 

*^Vhc' Council of nifcrpline fhall he ^"^^ hoJKmg the:national flag, dif. 

IbriEcd at fot.n as the l-wi propolcd fhall payed it accordingly, atfct o'docJc 

bare been, by the niijorit\ o( th- vote* in the morning, to the found o{ all 

of the citizens, c%bliB»y a. Milling the artillerv ard mufqustry of the 

laws ; i*htn everv eiii'en mult iu"mit 10 ./ .,- ^n 

.hem, wiihontjccptlon. This tr^ncil ","^P-' After th« aug.ift ceremony, 

•will be renewed tvcj>- fix monihi: it is Ciii/en Rijaud, reprefeiitalivtf of 

■ tix 

. ' ■' n,,jN..,j-,G6(.i^1e 

^SUPPLEMENT' t6 tttE CimONICt-fi. 

tV French people wirfi the Prince 
T1}f>ao; Cititcn Dompard, com- 
rnvMlanti Citizen Vreneiie, an of- 
ficer; with eight ciiizcniartUlery- 
DKn, repaired n the paiadc of the. 
city of Seiingapatam, vhcre the 
Ciuzen Prince waited for them. 
On their airiva], he ordered a falutc 
of two thoufand three htindied can. 
noD, five hundred rodcets, and all 
the mofquetry ; and the forC of Se. 
linprpataxi fired five handrcd can. 
non. The Prince then faid to Ci- 
tizen Ripaud, 

" BehoM my acknowkilKinent of ihe 
iandar^ of TOur counlry, which U dear 
tDOK, and to whkh lam allied; il &ial( 
be ah>^ ruwoncd in my loumiy, at k 
b»been,iDi(utiaf theiaijubUc, myfifierl 
. G«i ranclxie yoar (cSitnl 1" 

Citizen Ripaud replied, in flat. 
ing all that his lieart fuggellcd, od 
the gratitude which be felt in thut 
witneffing the Prince»'s fiiendfhip 
fer the Republic. Citizen Dompard 
al^ dcdared the feniiments of his 
lieut, and the aCTurances of fricnd- 
Ihip which all the cittzenE of the 
can^ bore towards the Prince.— 
They then retired, andprocccdcd to 
the parack, where the Iroopc and 
the utianat guard waited for 
them. Qn their arrival three 
fiandards were brou^t from the 
Fiencbbotel, under 3 piquet guard; 
■od filence being obtained, the tree 
of liberty wai planted, furmoanted 
by ihecapofeqDality ; andCitizcti 
Rnimd ;>raoaiuiced the flawing 
iifcourfe : 

" French ctdtem t frreinenl ntybre- 
thicnl my fiiendil well may yeonihli 
Jay Ktum thankt lo Providence, and to 
ibit bcncTolent Bein^i vho hai ronfencd 
on you thi^ blelling id bebold llienatiouul 
'&g,and the tree of Kbeny furmounicd 
by tbe cap of equallly, chcriihed and 
adopted, by alt free men, by ihe French 
Republicans your brethren, your rupporl- 
en. and your frjcndf. Wliat (jloryloyc, 
O Fieiicbmen I lo behold ii dHplayed, 
nfglved and fwom lO fupport ii, or to die 
ia arnu in lU defence, and that pf your 
liberty, your Bgbtt, and vim ii mofl dear 

iir eonntry. O f renchmeo! lay 

Wardi ihote flindardt, and thai cheiilhed 
tree, which twenty-five millioni of men 
have, like you, fwom to maintaiii? Do 
ye iKrt feel, I fay, thai viruiout inclina- 
tion known alone to freemen,' which teadi 
you to fwcar ihit ardent love chara&rcifik 
of (he republican vuirior f Yes 1 dear, a 
thoufand limes ^ear to iny bcart, 1 tvfH 
(D fupport tbce. Ollandatd! andthouchc- 
" " ihc iali dropoF my b( ' 

{ilted mav-lfae dU 
^ he anuiliihie me, t 
even harbour the ihougbt. Ai ye arc the 
lye objeQs of my warmtft fenamcnKi, I 
fwear to defend yc, or lo'die Ibr yet Yea, 
1 fweai it \ [Here all theciiizem repeated 
" Yes, we (wear it."] Having iHorailcd 
ye all the duties whidt t owe ye, pardm 
Rie, glorious objefb, if I proceed to p^ • 
homage ro tTie manes of our breibren who 
have jicriBicd io your defence. WIdc 
do I lav ! In fuppott ofyourgloiyl 

*' What borroit feia; nermcligioiii 
fcnfibtlity oTciawt me ! my linert fail I 
my blood fieezet 1 1 bcbi>ld the fliadei oC 
thoafands of gallant warrion, the proi«I 
defenders of ihclr coutitiy, ciytng lo u 
fix vrngeancel 

"1 beliolil the meafuie of batbaiitf 
sikI airoci'y hllcdl O, GodI I tremble 
witbhorrori What 11 behold ihofe vie. ' 
4ims of ibe ferocious £nt;Llh, (awn ia 
pieces between planks I Women, ihe vic- 
tim! of their brutality, murdered in the . 
famemomenil O, extreme of honor! 
My hair briftlci up t 1 fee babci tt die 
brcaft nalned with ibc bbod of iheir uo- 
Ibrtuoale mothers I 1 fee the wreichei 
infants expiring with the fame wonndc 
as their unhappv motfaere! O, eatrenet 
of horror and villany, what indignttiOB 
do veeiclie! But be perfuaded. uobar^ 
(UiK, (hat we will rsvenxcyoul rer- 
lidiout and cruel Englilh ! mneinber 
■here iia God, the avenijcr of guik, who 
infpires us to w^lh out with your blood 
ihc atrocity you have commiilcd upon our 
brethren, anil their utiforturaie compafti- 
onsl Let ibv innoccnci; be thy coniza- 
tion, O plantive- I'hJ t wc fwear to re- 
venge you 1 (Yes, I fwcar.J 

" Ciii,ieQS ! my breibren I with w}itf 
hoTcor ibe fu^ip^meis of lyaimy ought to 
lillyuu. Ills ihofc cowards, tho&f))!^ 
Ficncbiiici:, who have cju&d all ih( 
eritnei in France. 1'he antiy of 1* 
Vendee, and that ofjcfus, wbo with ihe 
white llaK, and ihcfr iilica, ihe holl in 
or;e bar,d, and the da^jer iuihe o:her, 
have, like die iufaniuui £n){Ii{h, alTall)' 



(n of VfMi' lighri. Revenf^c ourbrcihiciit 
ihc vlEtinu of their own pMrioti Im I Let 
every lliiiit; ihai has ihc Uiti rclallon <r> 
lb; old connilulion be burnt on ihc fpoi. 


■cviTigdJ Oh liic: 

_ Ik To on their cherifhc(L idol — the 
while (laj> I Li^ ihcm uemble at dl/rov- 
ciinB, tliat in Ii:dia, in the midOof the 
woild, there aw republicans ivho h»ve 
fwDcn lo cxteiminaie iheml They will 
Iremblr, do doubt, x ibe mme ilonc of 
Frenchmen I Pa!c with affright, when 
ihty bihold them! they will be ihrce- 
founlis bciten. To accomplift this, it is 
necefliiy to poffefs ihe republican virtuej, 
to know howto conquer, or iodic, for our 
couoliv. md topoircfs shfflQDduQof frce- 
" -nanderl It ^ 

itr Cukty and nur hajv 
jr right! } you 
apaUiy v'bich 
'Oil fill. You 

lacked yoa, I comnii them p(ireas>dH*paf' 
Ids into your handi. It will be yaat 
plory foprefer\'« ihat purity. Ymihave 
jufi (worn lo die for lliem. CjII coo- 
Qantly to mind that the moA pcrTefl Uga 
of your wel&re, n the &ag oTihaCTinori- 
ous nation, which commar^ds and uivet 
law 10 her enemiri. Thirteen niiliorw 
have affaiW her. Eleven of ihefe have 
accepted her bwi, or her proleaion. 
The other two, will Toon fink under hec 
irrefiflablc power. France has fwom ; it 
a fufficient— (he will be ob