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P R O I' L ;i T Y OP 


A .;..•:/ 7/// 

/ V L' ^ ^ ii dx A^/ 


1 s 

:\ '^ T H s 











11 w^ 

Jc'ii/I. Cv^& G A Cota ^ 


Published for the Authors at 

The Methodist Publishing House. 

46, Dharamtala Street. 

1 90 1. 


^ - 3^.^v>-x 


This little book has been compiled in the leisure moments 
of a busy life, with the sincere hope that it rriay be a help to 
some learning to speak Bengali. It consists almost entirely 
of colloquial words used in ordinary conversation in and around 
Calcutta and as the use of words differs in many places it can 
make no claim to completeness All that is hoped is that it 
may be useful in helping us missionaries to speak more correctly 
and so more acceptably to the people of Bengal and that it may 
be only the forerunner of something better. 

J. M. C. & G. A. C. 

^\u^ *t(:^^, ^W^l ^f^ ^^t^ 

e o< o 

A. vf|^ I — For persons ^^§t I — 
As a boy, »fl?5t C^^ • — For 
things ^^b] I— As a lamp, 
^^fel ^f% I — For things of 
any dimension, vfl^ ^ I — 
As a cloth, vfl^ ^ ^T'l^ I— 
A mat, >\T5^ '^[^ I— A plate, 

Abbreviated, ac(;'. ^OTC^ I 

Ability, n. ^^TSI I 

Able, adj, ^T?^ I — I am able, 

About, adt. Expressing place. 
5ffif f'r?!^ I — Meaning subject. 

Above, adv, ^*K?f I 
Absorb, v. C*tW i — The bread 
has soaked up the milk, ?pf5 

5^ »f? f^m^ I 


Abuse, 2*. ^TM ^1 ^siT^f^l Of ^^1 
She abused me, C^ 'CTR'R 

Accent, v. ^^T^ ^^^ C^? 
Of^^l I — Put the accent on 
that word, ^ <^^1U5 C^t? 
0!^ I — He has an accent, ^SH 

Accident, «. tFf^T*^ f^^fr, ^'^i^ll 

Accompany, v, m^ ^^Q^l i — 

Will you go with me, ^^t^ 

Account, w. f^t^ I — I will 
take your account, "^if^ CS\^\^ 

Accuse, V. Ofl^ CW^m I — He 
accuses me, C^ ^I^TCT Gfitt 


( ^ ) 


Accustom, «. '•^^IPl ^?1 I — I 
am used to walking, ^w 

Ache, ?'. C^W»1 ^?1, ^W1 ^?1 1— 
My head aches, ^^1 ^Kl 

Acid, cw/;'. fe^ i 

Acquit, r. ^"pFI C^'Qfl I— I 
acquit you, ^f^ CSt^TTC^ ^flt^ 

Addition, w. C^^ I— Add the 
sum, C^fi^ ^^ I — Work any 
kind of sum, ^(^ ^^ I 

Address, n. /. «. Of a letter. 

Adjust, V. t^ 5^?[1 1 

Adopt, r. *jjfi[T rtja C^^^e^ I— I 

have adopted the boy, ^^tft 

Adult, a//J 'ngtfift^, CHlTRI I 
Adverse, a^//'. ft^ll^, ft^^ I 
Advertise, ?\ f^T^^i C^'Q^ I 
Admit, r. ^5f^ ^^1 I — He has 
been admitted to school, C^ 
fC^ ^f^ VC^iC? I — I will admit 
you, ^(\f^ CSm^ ^ ^'?? I 

Adulterated, arH. CS^fV^ i — 

Adulterated flour C^B^M mw\ I 

Advise, /•. n^pH Ol^^l if^ 

Advocate, «. §f^1 v. I will 
plead for you, ^«rtf^ C^5W^ ^J 

Afraid, «. ^'^ I — I am afraid of 

you, C5T^<5 ^ ^ft «— I am 

afraid, ^^l ^ ^W ' 
After, adv. ^^ I — After me, 

'«lRt^ 'U? I — After that or 

then, ^H ^^ i 
Afternoon, n. ft^T*l C^»n i 
Afterwards, tf^z/. ^H ^? ' 
Again, o^/t;. ^W? I — Again and 

again ^?[ ^T?l I 
Age, n. ^!l^ i 
Agony, n. ^[^•{^ I 
Agree, v, ^ CW^!11. 'HI C^^^1 i 
I agree to it, ^ft( ^« 'TR 

f^^, 'erifil ^^ ^if^ '^Tf^ I 
Agreement, w. (4**1 I 
Ague, «. ^'^^^ I — He has got 

ague, ^m ^^ fifCl ^5 vfi^Jia? I 
Aim, w. n^T' 


( ^ ) 


Air, n. ^TTa'Pl I 

Algebra, n, ffe ^f«^5 I 

Alive, adj. fef^^ I — Colloquial 

pronunciation, <6rii^ I 
All, oJy. ^?, i\W^ I 
All,-«. ^^1^1 
Allow, V. '^^'^ CW^^I I— With 

your permission, ^^5^t?l ^B[5- 

Alloy, n. CSi^si, ^W I 

Almanac, n. ^ffe i 

Almost, adv, «2tf!l I — Almost 
finished. «rT!l CM^ ^'m? I 

Alms, w. f^^ I 

Alone, (idi\ ^^1 I 

Aloud, V, clfeni I — Speak loud- 
er, C5fk^ ^ I 

Alphabet, n. ^f^^l I 

Already, adv, ^'^ tb;^ I — She 
has come already, C^ ^^ 

Also, oaf. >e, '^^^ I— I will go 
also, ^ift^ ^ I— Tell him 
also, '^^ ^ ^tC^>Q ^ff[ I 
Although, adp. ^>Q i 
h\together, nd. ^Si^ Tj^ \ 

Alum, «. "^p^ft I 
Always, ad. ^^^1 ! 
Ambition, n. 'eft? I 
Amiable, ac?/ ^R?^1^?J I 
Among a6?2^.» 3i^<J, f%v5C^ I 
Amusing, a^y. ^TCTtW^*'^! 
Amusement, n. ^SW^fl, ^^, 

Anchor, w. s^^f | — To let 

down the anchor, "^^ C^l I 
Ancient, adj, ^\% O^^T?\ \ 
Anew, adv. ^^T3, ^^^ ^'^ i 
Angel, n. ^^ I 
Anger, n. ?T^ I — He has got 

over his anger, ^5T? ?IN ^Cv^C? I 
Anginsh, w. ^H^J^I I 
Animal, n. ^55, ^J^tll'Rl I 
Ankle, «.->Q'\^, ^C^^ ^^ I— I 

have broken my ankle, ^TC!l? 

•jITC&? ?1^ C5C5f CMOS I 
Announce, r. '^^^ CW^!I1 i 
Annoy, v. ^"^ ^^1, C^^fT^ 

?^!11 I — Are you annoyed, 

Annual, adv, ^T's'rf^^ I [ ^ I 


( S 


Another, adj, ^^ vil^5t, '^^T 

Answer, n. ?^<I, Sf^^ 1 — I will 
give you an answer presently, 
^fs^ v£|tt5^t ®^T^ C«f^ I 

Ant, w. H^ii:^ I 

Ant hill, w. f^^l^^ fl;f^ i 
Antichrist, w. Iltlft • 
Antipathy, r?. f«f1 i 
Anxiety, n. fc^l, ^R^l I 
Anxious, adj, f^f^^f, ^I^ I 
Any, adj. C^T^ I 
Anywhere, adv. C^W^ I — I 
have not been anywhere, '^f'l 

Apart, adr, '^^TWl I 
Aperient, n. C^^IT^ I — I have 

taken medicine, C^l^lW f^C^f^l 
Apologise, V, ^11 ^^QKl I— I 

ask pardon, ^fl "^STl 5T$ I 
Appear, v, C^'^H ! — He appears 

to be very ill, C^W «W ^'^ 

Appease v. •3^1^ ^^^1, ^5(H I— 
Her anger is not appeased, 

Appetite, w. f^Pf | — I am hu- 
ngry, ^W^ f^CW C^OC^ I— 
He has a large appetite, CI 

Applause, w. 'Sf*^^ I 

Apple, «. . ^[C^^ I— Custard 
apple, ^^1 

Appoint, r. «nl^Ti=i, f*i^ ^^1 

Approach, r. ^\X^ '^\^\ ^r»C5l 
'ClIJ^l I 

Approve, r. of ^^ ^^1, 3^1^ 
C^^!ll I— I approve of it, ^Tf^ 
^K^ 3115 fFf I— I don't approve 
of it, ^fa( ^oITS 5TRI ff? i^l ! 

Arbitrator, n. ^liir?, C^ ^Tf^f^I 

Argue, 27. ^^ fi^S^ ^?1 I 
Arch, n. f^5\ I — Of a door, 

cwra^ ftd^^ I 

Arithemetic, w. ^^ *fl^, 
^t^ I — Do your arithmetic, 
^^ ^^ I 

Ark, n, ^^iQf —Ark of God, 

Arm, w. 5^1^ I 
Arms, «. ^^ *t5 I 


( « ) 


Army. w. OT^ i 
Around, adv, ^ff%^ I — 
Around the city, ^^^1 5tft- 

Arouse, r. l^W^^ I — Wake 

him up, >QC^ ^W>Q I 
Arrange, /*. ^^si, ^^H I— 

Arrange the flowers, ^^f^ 

Tf^^ I— Arrange matters, 

^CTt^^ ^(! ' 
Arrest, i\ C5fQT^ ^^1 I— The 

boy has been arrested, C^C^I&t 

Arrival, w. CniWT*^ I— Before 
my arrival, ^T^T^ C^flft^T^ 

Arrive, ?•. Cnl^l I — She has 
arrived, C^^ C^fe^O? I 

Arrow, n. ^5 I — To shoot an 
arrow, ^<I C^I^l I — He was 
shot by an arrow, ^TC^ ^^ 

As, adv, C^si^ I — As I told you, 
C^'R AT?^ I — This is as big 
as that, ^ 'Q?r ^ ^^ I 

Ashes, n. I^ ^^ I 

Ashamed, v. "ifi^ ^>Q11 1 — I am 
ashamed, '^rtf^i pi^ C^^ftl 

Ask, ?\ ^t^K ^mm ^51 I— 
Ask her, >e^ ^t(t>Q, fe"Srpri 

Asleep, /•. ^t5=( I— She is 
asleep, CJ[ "^s^p^ \ 
Ass, w. ^tfl I — Ride on an ass, 

^\m WW I 

Assail, V. '^srtl^^H I 
Assemble, r. 1^ ^?n, ^^ ^>^^, 

Assembly, ;/. ^l^, CTt^ W9 

\^^^ I 
Assist, r. ^n^t^ ^?I1 I— Help 

me, ^C[PIT5 ^mV^^ ^^ I 
Associate with, v. CITl C^ I — 

Do not associate with those 

boys, >e (^l^m^ ^C^ f^'s\ ^1, 

^1 C^ 5?1 I 
Assure, v. f^"^^ m^ ^ i— I 

assure you, ''Tffai fr^si T'rf^ I 
Asthma, n. tWf^T ^PT^ I 
Astonished, ?•. '^l^t^ ^^^1, 

^«lt*^ ^^^1 I— I was very 

astonished, ^^Oftl ^tf ^C^t^, 



( ^ ) 


At — Sign of the locative C^ as 
at home, ^T^C^ I — At me, 
"^m^ f^C^, ^^TR ^1J?{ I 

Atlas, n. 3(T»^fefl, ^1 I 

Atmosphere, n, ^>Q^,, '^^H I 

Atom, w. ^fitl. 'I^^T^i 

Attain, v ^T^fl I— He has 
attained his object, C^ ^1? 

Attempt, V. C^h ^^1 ' 
Attend, r, t'ff'^'S ^>Q!(1 |— 
Attend a meeting, ^^TC^ §^- 

Attract, v. &Tsi.1 1 

Auction, n. ^^J^ I— My things 
were sold by auction, '^\^^ 

Aunt, n. Father's sister, f^fil I — 
Mothers sister, mf^ I — Fath- 
er's eldest brother's wife, C^I$ 
^ I — Father's younger bro- 
ther's wife, t!^ ^. ^Tf^ ^ I 

Author, n. ^X^^ \ 

Autograph, w. f^^ ^tCv5^ C^MI I 

Avarice, n. C«Tr» I — He is very 
avaricious, C^ ^1^ CIT^ I 

Avenge, v. fiff^Wftf C^^^^l, ffif 

Average, ^tC^S I — On an ave- 
rage, how many children are 
there in your school, C^t*iH 

Avert. V. v£l\$R I — He averted 
the danger, C^ ft^ ^vStW i 

Avoid, V. ^\^^ I — He avoids 
meeting me, C^ ^^Itr^ ^JvJH I 

Awake, r. ^I^ I — She is awake, 
(71 C^C^ '^Cf I—Keep awake. 

Away, «rfr. I am going away, 
'^f^ ^'C«1 ^f^ I— Drive the 
dog away, ff ?^1 ^^^ ^Cf CW"^ 

Awe, n. ^^ \ 
Awful, afij vo^lH^ I 
Awkward, adj, '^t^Tf^ i 


Baby, ». Mas, C^^1 i— Fem, 
^f^ I — She has had a boy, 

Bachelor, n. ^«^Tt5}5 1 
Back, 71. f^ ' 


( "^ ) 


Backbone, n. f«t?fffv?l I 
Backwards, adr. C^ftC![l 
Bad. adj\ '^f^T^, ^^ I 
Badly, adr. ^ M'^, ^^t^ ^t?[ / 
Bai^, n. C^^, ^1 — Beggars 

bag, "fe^H ^1% I 
Baggage, n. '^FT^^ I 
Bait, w. On a line, C^^ I — A 

bait thrown in the water, FT? ' 
Bake, v. C^^l i— To put in the 

oven, ^^^ Cff^l] I— To bake 

potatoes, ^^C^Tv^t^^l— Baked 

potatoes, '^]\ C^rt^ I [ C^^ I 
Bald, adj. ^T^lv^l I— Shaved, 
Ball, n. C^m I 
Bandage, v. I will bind up 

your wound, 'CTtPl C^W? "^1^ 

^T^ ^a cm Cff^ I 
Baptism, n. ^^l^^'QITl, ^T^- 

Bar, n, ^^ I 

Bare, adj. Feet, ?^^, ^^ 

^1 I — She goes bare footed, 

C^ ^ttt^l ^ra R81 1 
Bargain, r. ?t? ^iil I 
Bark, r. C^ C^ ^?I1 I 

Bark, n. Of a tree, ^^? ^fl I 

Barrel, w. f^ I 

Barren, adj. Tree, ^^ ^Tt? I — 
Barren woman, ?t^ ^ I 

Bashful, ac(;. ^\^ I 

Basin, n. ^TKa i 

Basket, n. ^f^ i — Basket for br- 
inging bazar things in, ^t^?l I 

Bathe, r. 51^ ^^1, ^\^^\ I— 
Have you bathed ? ^f^ f% 
C^C!l^ I— Do you bathe the 
child every day ? ^f^ f% 

I have not bathed yet, ^tf^ 

v£l^^ Silt f^ I 

Battle, n. ^ I— They won the 
battle, >Q?1 ^ %^25^ I 

Bead, n. \fs I — She is counting 
her beads, C^ >JT«fl ^'^ I 

Beak, «. 'm'^? dt^ I 

Beam. n. Of a house, ^f^TJl 

Bean, n. f»f>J I 

Bear, r. Endure, ^^lal I — I can- 
not bear the pain any longer, 

'snfsi m\ ^T? ^^5 nrfii ^n i 

Beef, n. CM1 ^^'I I 


( ^ ) 


Bear, r. Carry, ^^?l I — I cannot 
bear that weight, ^^tf5[ ^ ^t?r 

Bear, ». ^©t^^ I 

Bear, v. Fruit, ^1 1 — The tree 
bears no fruit, «^ ^TO ^^ 

Beard, n. ifT^ i 

Beast, n. '«tO « 

Beat, r. ifRll i — He beat me, 

Beautiful, ad;. ^^ I 
Beauty, a<?;. 3l, CHt^ I 
Because, c<?«;. ^T?l*^ I 
Beckon, r. ^^1 ^ I— He 
beckoned me, C^ "^tm ^^131 

Become, r. i?^?! i 

Bed, n. i. ^. Bedding ftft^Tl I— 
Go to bed, CHt^ rt I 

Bedroom, n. cHWiI ^?f • 

Bedstead, n. tftfe l~A bed like 
a low-table, 'S^tC'tt^ I— A 
bed with a string bottom. 

Bee, n. OT^lTf? • 

Beehive, n. CTM^ I 

Beer, n* ^W I 

Beetle, n ^^C^ C*tt^1 I 

Before, adv. For time, ^R^ I— 

For place, ^TPl^ I 
Beg, z;. f%Vl ^?1, ^^ I— 

I have come to beg, ^tP[ 

Beggar, n. fe^H I 
Begin, v. "^^"^ ^1 i 
Beginning, «. ^?^ I 
Behave, v. Well, ^5l5f ^rTTST^ ^^1l 

Badly, ^t?lW ^im? ^?1 « 
Behaviour, n. ^?t^? i 
Behind, adi\ C\W?^ ^^ flC^ » 
Behold, 2'. CW^ I— Look, C5W 

^i^ I— She looks unhappy, 

^tc^ 5:f*r3 (?rttt I 

Believe, r. fHt^ ^^1 1 

Bell, n. ^ —Ring the bell, 

Belong, ?\ That belongs to me. 

Beloved, adj. ^^TO?? I— She is 
my favourite child, C^ "^^iTiJ 


( ^ ) 



Below, arlv. ^fe^ i — Below the 
ground, HtfB'iJ C5^C?, ^ ^^ 

Bend, v, ^*1 «1, C^ ^?1, 

C«<T5H I — I have bent my 

I needles, ^TaiT? \^ ^1 ^C^ 

C^dft I — Bend your head, 

Beneath, adv, ^\X^ \ 
Bent, adj. ^<^1 1 
Benumb, r. 'iRH ^^!I1 i 
Beseech, i\ f^T^f^S ^?1 i— I 
beg of you, '^\fs[ CSTa^Jc^ 

Beside, adn, TO*f I— Beside 
roe. 'i^TS nrW I—He is 
beside himself, C^ ^5t^ ^'CK5 

Best, adj, tttTTJ I 

Bet, r. ^tffif ?Iliet1 I—I betted. 

'•nfic ^Tftf C?W% 1 

Betel nut, n. •f'jftr I 

Betroth, r. nR*iT5, T^^ 
^^Tj I - She has been betrot- 
hed, ^5t? *tT5^^ra ^^V^, <1 
l^re ^T^ C^W / 


Between, adr, ^TC^ i 
Beverage, n. C^l ^1 M^^ 


Beware, «?. m^fR ^>Q^1 1 

Bewitch, v, ^^ ^?1 I 

Big, adj. ^^ I — Used about 

any thing that has life, ^^?, 

A tall girl, ^^? (J[U I 
Bigot, n. C^lvjl I— He is a be- 

gotted Hindu, CT C^ft^l f^ • 
Bile. w. f^fe I 
Bilious, adj\ 'iTSJisr f'lf^ I— I 

am bilious, '^W^ 'f^^ ^'C![C^ I 
Bind, /•. ^^ I • 
Biography, w. ^^^ ^fil^ i 
Biped, w. f^^lW, ^C^ra I 
Bird, w. W1 1 
Birth, n. W^ I— -Birthday, ^^- 

Bit. n. Horses, ^W^T, ^ ^C^^ 
C»^C?I <R:^ I— Piece, ^^^1 1 

Bite. i\ ^T^CvSt^ I—The dog bit 
me. ^f^^ ^!>l!C^ ^^l^Cf I— 
Bite a peice of bread, v£i^ 
|^^1 !PJ5 ^t^vj 5^1^ I 

BiUei, ad] (.^^\ 


( ^* ) 


Black, adj, ^^ \ 
Blacksmith, n, ^W? I [ ^?l I 
Blame, v. OfR C?^!l1. CWtf^ 
Blanket, n. -^^^T I 
Blaspheme, ?•. ^^^? f^'ffl ^?1 1 
Bleach, v. ^ 5^T^ ^<I1 |_I 
want a bleached sari, ''^tf^ 

Bleed v. ^^ *f51 1 — My hand is 
bleeding, ^BTRT? V^ ftC!! ?^ 

Blend, v, fa(q ttt^eiTl I— Those 
colours do not blend, «if ^^ 

Bless, V, ^BTf^t^TW *?1 i 

Blight, V, C^W n?rl I 

Blind, adj, ^^ I— With one eye, 

Blink, t\ C^T^filfe^^^li 
Bliss, n. '^ I 
Blister, n. C^PW • 
Blockhead, n. fs^CTT^, ^& 

Blood, w. ?l^l 

Bloom, r. CTl^ I— A full blown 

Blossom, n. C^l«1 I— M 

blossom, '«nc^^ C^n I 
Blot, //. -^Ti^^ ^n !— Ti 

out W^^ ^t^ ^iCW C^ 
Blow, r. # CW>Q^1 1— Wit 

fist, ^ ^1^1, fta^ ^T^l ' 
Blue, «. i?t«1 ?^ I 
Blunder, ?/. ^ i 
Blunt, adj. C^r\*1 I -A 

knife. C^oT^I ^^<5 
Board, w. ^§^1 ' 
Boast, v. ^^ ^?1, Wr^ = 

That man boasts very 

Boat, n. C^Hl, M^ i— 
boat, (W^ f^f^ I 
Boatman, n. ^f^ i 
Body, r». ^, »fll? i 
Boil, n. C^r?1 I -Th. 
throbs. C^l^l vf^ ^ ^' 
The boil has come to 

Boil, r, fj^l ^?1 \—Bi 
milk, S^C^I Wt^i— 



( ^^ ) 


Bolster, w. ^H ^fS^^f. ^Jtf^i | 
^ Book, 71. ^t l~A book, vfi^ 
'fP^I ^t I— Account book, 

Boot, n. ^ I 
r Border, w. tO? I— Of river or 
tank, ^^^ tfRI ^1 ^f ^ ^T^ l_ 
Border of sari, ^f^ ^"^ I — 
A broad border, ^^vjl ^ff^l — 
Narrow border, ^ ^\\^ I 
Bore, r. C^«(l I— Bore the ear, 

^^ c^^ I 

Borrow, r. ^]^ ^^1 i 

Bosom, w. 5^ I—Bosom friend. 

Both ad/. For people, 5 WC^, 
^^5 I— For things, 5^ I 
; Bottle, n. Large one, C^1^5^l— 
t Little one, f"ff»f 1 
I Bottom, ». ^»ri I— The bottom 
of the tank, ^tJW? ^^] 1 
Bough, n. ^tC^i ^SH I 

Bounce, r. TrfTO 'S^ 1 
1 Boundless, adj\ '^'^, ^p?l^ I 
J Bouquet. n. C51v?l I— Of 
I flowers, ^P7?C^/v?// 

Bow. w. t(5^ I — A bow and 
arrow, ^^ n^^ I— Rainbow, 

Bow, /'. C5\T^1, 5^^ ^^Ti1 I 
Box, w. ^^ I— A big wooden 

box, fip^^ I 
Boy, n. C^C^T 1— Boy hood, C^OT 

C?jql I [ ^f^ I 

Bracelet, n. ^r*\l I— Bangles, 
Brag, /'. ^v5tt ^^1 ' 
Brahmin, n. ^^t^«l ' 
Brain, w. ^^ \ 
Bran, n. ^f^ 1 
Branch, n. ^91, "CWI I 
Brass, «. C^^ I— A brass plate. 

Brave, arf;\ 5fT5^ I 
Bread, n. ?p§t I— Stale bread, 
^t^ !P^ I — New bread, &t^^1 

^ I 

Breadth, n. ^i^?[, ^^^ 1 
Break, /•. ^I5f1 I— Breakable, 

Breath, n. fs^'^T'l I— I am out 
of breath, ^ft i^f^U ^'C?fe 1 
Breathe, r. ^^'5^ CT8^\ 


{ ^ ) 


Breathless or out of breath, adj. 

Bribe, r. ^fJfoH f — He bribed, 
d ^ Irorfl*! I— He takes 
bribes, d ^ ^ I 

Brick, f». $F I — A brick kiln. 

Bricklayer, n. ^6rfH^ • 
Bride, ». ^*W, dn J 
Brid^room, n. ^ i 
Bridge, n. ^*l! — Cross the 

bridge. ^^1 *fT? ^^ I 
Bridle, n, »Tt^lp| I 
Bright, adj, ^ R^ i 
Brim, ft. *tTCi? ^W I 
Brimful, €uij. Fill up to the 

brim, ^im *rtry, ^PH ^T^TH 

Bring, r. ^fT^^I • 
Brisk, adj, ^ ^fcfe i 
Brittle, adj. ^sfWl I 
Broad, adj ^^e^l I 
Brogue, n. ^^3 &fl I 
Broken, ocf;. ^BTTl i 
Brood, r. :^^ HC^ ^t^fl I — A 
brood of chickens, ^"ft? ^^ I 



Broom, a. C^f^ I 
Brother, ». ^I^ i 
Brow, w. ^ 1 — Don't knit 

your brows. **fW ^*R^ ^ i 
Browse, r. ^^1 j — The cow has 

gone to graze, IRP ^'^C^ dCH \ 
Bruise, r. ^^ ^R^ *f^ i 
Brute, w. *f^ ! — You are a 

brute. ^ »a*tt *ITI I 
Bud, ». * ^ ' 
Buffalo «. CTW ' 

Bug, «. fRT cnt^ I 

Build, r. ^3 ^ ^T^ —I am 
going to build a new house, 

^itfi ^a^ ^^ ^^ ^'ora 

BuU, n. iv^ \ 
Bullet. «. 'i'^^C^ ^ ! 
Bunch, n. C51\51. C^Hfl • 
Bundle, n. t[fef»T, ^1^ i 
Burden, n. C^RH • 
Burn, r. C^fTvHTs? i — Hindus 
burn their dead, f^Tp1 ^5TDf? 

Burst, r. CTCfe ^^^1 i 
Bury, ?•. ?W? Of^^ » 


( ^^ ) 


2SS, n, ^t^^?, ^I^^TI I 

ad/, ^T^ I 

on, r*^^ I 
er, n. ^^T^ i 

•fly, w. fit^^f^ I 
milk, n. C^T«1 1 
1, n. C^r5t5l,^f«^ I— But" 
lole, \f ^ ^3 I 


ige, V. t\fn ^H ^t^ *tt^ » 
et maker, n. "^^ f^^ I 

p. ^T^l I— Perch to 

h the bird is chained, 

n. Hc6 I 
lity, n, ft^, ^Iffjlt I 

Calf, n. ^f ^ I 

Call, r, \5t^ I — Call, n, ^1f I— 

What do you call her, ^TC^ 

f^ ^CT ^^ ? 
Calm. adj. f??[, ^W| i— Be 

calm, ^1 ^"Q I 
Camel, n. ^ | 
Camphor, w. ^*5[% I 
Can, /'. 1T^1 I 
Canal, w. ^ifel '^ I 
Candid, ar//. ^^9\ ^^'\ i 

Candle, w. ^Tfe, C^^ ^Tfe I 

Candy, n. f^^ft i 

Cane, t?. C^\5 i 

Cannon, n. ^t'l'R I 

Cap, 77. ^fl I 

Capital, 71, ^^T^^rfJ^ I—Applied 

to money, ^f^, ^ tj^^ I 
Capricious, adj, ^ft^C:^^ i 
Captive, w. ^f^, ^C^fff i 
Car, n, MlvSt i — Jaggannath car, 

^^K^ ^^ I 
Carcass, n. Of human beings, 

^v5l I— Of animals, ^^1 ©^ I 
Care, v. ^ ^?[1 1 — To take 


( ^8 ) 


Care, w. ^^^1, ft^l I 
Careful, adj. 5ir^«(T^ i— Be very 

careful, t5 'IT^^lt^ C«t^1 « 
Careless, adj, ^^IT^tCTSi, ^«^'- 

Caress, i\ C^t^H f f^ ^?1 i 

Caricature, n. ^ftf^ll I 

Curious, adj. ^a^^-^H, ^^?^^ I 

Carpenter, w. ^^'? I 

Carpet, n. ^5^, »f^^ft» i 

Carriage, n. ^Tfv5 I 

Carry, t\ ?^?l i —Carry the 
straw away, ^ ^v5 ^'C^ f^C^ 
^vQ I — Carry the child away, 

cf c«i?:^ c^'CT ^'c^ fra ^1^ I 

Cart, n. ^ ^l^t^ ^Iv5 I 

Case, w. ^5^1 I — For scissors, 

&c, ^m I— In court, >J^P^5(1 I 
Cast, r, ^Cv5 C^ I— Throw 

a stone, Cjm\ ^1 ^«*^ C^l^ • 
Caste^ n. ^T^ I— She has lost 

her caste, ^5 ^\^ CWi I 
Caiitle, w. ^, C^^1 ! 
Castor oil, w. C^f^rtt^? C^«^, 

Cat ff. C^?p I 

Catch, V. IRI I -The man 
caught, (?1T^tt <?1 n'C>5%81 
You cannot catch nie, 

Caterpillar, ??. >q1? CTT^I 
Thorny caterpillar 

Cauliflower, w. ^ ^fpf i 
Cause, w. ^t^cj I 
Cave, n. ^^\ ^^ i 
Cease, ?\ ^^n -—The rain 

ceased, ^t^ C^a^cw I 
Ceiling, n. l^fC^^ C»^? fif^ 
Cell, n. Of pirson. C^e^^ 

C^T& #ft I— Of a beeh 

Centiped, w. ft^l i 
Centre, ad». 3|t^^i^ ,-^i^ 

centre, ^W^s^ i 
Century, w. iij^ «f ^^^ | 
Certain, arj. fi^*5?, "^^ i 
Chaff, n. ^^ I 
Chain, n, OT^H f«f^, ^T^ 
Chair, w. C^fft^l, C55t? i 
Chalk, ». nftj^nSt I 


( ^^ ) 


Change, v. &W ^f? ^rSTR I— 
Small change, C^^PpP I 

Change, v. ^Ffq *^1 i— I am 
going for a change, Itt^ 

Chapter, «. «(tnT5 I 

Character, w. ^fiia, '^^T^ i— 
He is a man of good charac- 
ter, c^ ^iB^r^s. ^1 ^H ^^^ 

Charcoal, n. ^id? ^^'Tl ' 

Charge, n. OfW CW^H ^tftpf i-— 
I have come to complain 
about that child, ^ (M^^ 
5«"fCT[ COT f^ vf|C^5 I 

Chariot, ti. ?^ I 

Charity, w. ift^^ i— Love, C^^l, 

Charm, «. ^^5 I 

Chaste, adj, ^ I 

Chatter, /•. For monkeys, f^F 
f^F ^5l : — For people, ^^^ 
, ^ ^1 I 

Cheap, iidj. ^i^l i 

Cheat, n, %% I— He is a great 
^^ cheat, Cf ^tfi ^ /—He has 

cheated me, C^l ^^ITC^ ^- 

Check, /'. HT^ ^1 I— She 
reproved her, C^l ^* *fT^^ 

Check /'. To hinder, ^T^ C^m\ I 

Cheek, w. ^ff^ i 

Cheer, /•. 'Slfs^^ ^^^1 i— To 
cheer up, STI^^I *?1 I 

Cheese, w. ^^ { 

Ches|:, w. ^^P I— Big box, fil^^l 

Chew, /'. f^«| I — Chew your 
meat, ^JI ftf^C^ '^I^Q i— 
Chew it and put it out, ftf^Cl 

Chicken pox, n. ^Tt^ ^5^^ I 
Chief, adj, cgfW, ^\$ I 
Chief, n. ^i^FfT? I 
Child, n. C^C^ I 
Childish, aa;. C^C^I a|Ti^f>I, 
C5^«Tf^ I— Don't be childish. 

Chin, n. f f%, Wlfv? I 
Choice, «. ^W^ I — This is my 
choice, v£if5 '^ft 'l^'? 




war^sr choked Knn^^C'IC? 

f 'KtMrchy «. fipii^ 
f ^hiirn, /•. ^#fr ' — Chtim the 
milk, if 3^ ' 

f jrcie, *. C^Pfr ?"» ■ 
( Jty, », ^4f ^^^ ' 
Cmiized^ ad/, Jf^J i 
Chrtm, r, ifff^ «l t 
CJlaim, «, ?Tf^, ifTOT —I have 
iv> claim on you, C5W? fe*RI 

dap, r, ^ri ^»# or«1 f 
aarify, r, ^5f ^l&l (—Clarify 

the syrup, ^OI? ^HW ^ I 
Clasp, r. ^%f IRII I— Clasp 

hands, V^ «ff^ tf? i 
Class, n, cai^, ^ I 

Caaae;. al 

Gaty, »_ ^1^ 
OcariT. cuir. 

CfergT-OMn. «. npfft- r5»S- 

N2 1 

Clew ■. ^, ^ni? 
Qient, ■. %#<! ^ 
Cliff, •. nPW5? g^ , 
Climate, ■. «F»I ^^65] —This 
place is healthy. ^^ C^Tf^lll; 

Climb, r. ^ : — Do not ciimb| 

the tree, ^fR^ R>51 ^^ i 
Cling, r. ^^5C5 ^TW l—Thatj 

child clings to me, v$ C^C^Ij 

Clip, r. ^wH iflfel I 
Clock, n. ^ ^% I 
Cloth, n. ^q»|\p I 
Clothes, «. ^*I^! 
Cloud, n. CT^ I 


( ^-^ 


Cluster, «. ^'Wl I— A cluster 
of grapes, *fl^ <W1 ^5 I— 
of plantains ^1^ ^Ml^ I 

Coal, n. «»n, *tW ^H^l I 

Coarse, ud;. C^ I 

Coast, «. ^^CT5 'Jni I 
Coat, n. m^\ C*lfe I 
Coax, V. OTWfn^l I— I coaxed 
her, ^Tfsi ^TW l?!j:»lfil I 
Cobweb, u. ^IT^^^R ^fRl— 
Sweep them down, Tl^^TR 

Cobra, «, C^^TC^I TW I 
Cock, n. CTT^t i [ C^H^l i 

Cockroach, «. ^l?IC"rW, C5^1 
Cofi&n, «. 51^ f*^W ^t^ ^W I 
Coil. V. ^sm *tT^l^, ?^t»I 
^IW, ^^^ I— Roll up the 
rope, 5f ift^ ^f^ ^W I 
Coin, n. "^ I 

Coke, n. C^trSl ^1^ ^^ » 
Cold, adj. iw\ ^1^1 '^^ »— I 

am very cold, ^^ ^^' I 
Collect, V. W9 ^^% ^Wl Csmi I 

—We are collecting money. 

Collection, «. ^1 1 
Colour, n. ^\ I 
Comb, «. f5?p5t 1 
Comb, V. ^T5^ I — Comb 
your hair, C^W? ^ ^tW'S I 
Come, V, ^TRI I— Come to me> 

Comet, «. C#! ^^1, ??*W? I 

Comfort, n. ^^} I 

Comfortable, ac/;. '«rt!lW 
^^ I — I am very comfort- 
able, 'iTlft 1^ ^^IITR ^tf^l 

Command, «. ^t?^ I 

Commerce, «. ^W, ^'ll I 

Commit, r. C^^ Ore^i— I 
I commit him to your care, ^^tft 

^TC^ CSW?! ^^ C^K^ f^ I— 
To commit a fault, CW ^^1 • 

Common, aey. JTt^ J I— Com- 
mon cloth, ^t^W ^^1— 
Common people, WH«I CTT^ I 

Community, «. ^W I 

Companion, n. ^Cl I 

Company, n. ?f»l I 

Compare, v. ^^1 ^^1, f^W 


( ^»r ) 


these colours, «^^ ^ ftiTOf 

Compel, V. OTR ^'C? ^^, 
^Kf ^ I — Compel him to 
do it, ^5tC^ OTfif 'J'W ^?IT« I— 
I was compelled to say it, 

Competent, adj. CTt^fT I 
Compete, v. 'H^Mf^ ^, 
*tt?rl Of^Tl I — I cannot com- 
pete with you, ^tt^ C5Wf?r 
'IW ^Itfll fW5 ^ ^^ I 
Complain, «^. s^t^ ^i — I 
shall complain about you. 

Complete,. «^. CW ^1, fW ^1 1 
Complexion, n. "^JT^ ?l^ I 
Comply, V, "^l^t?! ^1, 'TS 
C^^^l, 5nrfe C^^?l I— I com- 
ply with your request, C^tTt^f 

Compose, z^. To compose a 
book, ^ C^ftl ^ ?55?1 ^^1 1— 
A tune, ^?[ ft<l I— That oil 
is composed of many ingredi- 

ents, 5f esq ^C?^ fif^^ fTO[ 

Conceit, «. «Tf?, ^flWf^ i 

Conceive, v. In mind, ^IC^ 

'^^rl I — That woman is in the 

family way, 5f !ft Ctnifs i 

Concern, v. ir*f# I— That does 

not concern you, C5T^ 1CT 

Conclusion, n. ftlt^, 'RS^ I — 
My conclusion, ?nrqt? fi^^ I 

Conch, n. »pT^|— Blow the 
conch shell, »f W ^^"6 I 

Condemn, v. CWtft '^^l • 

Condition, n, ^Tl, ^W I 

Conduct, ». 5MT^ I — Conduct 
a meeting, 3^1^ W^t^R I — 
Conduct a person, (?rt^5t? 
^CT ^^^ I 

Conduct, n. ^5?l«l I 

Conductor, «. *t^ W«f^ i — The 
leader of a pilgrimage band. 

Confess, 27. ft^t^ ^^1 1 
Confidence, n, filtl^T, ^?^ I — 
I have no confidence in you. 


( >^ ) 


have no confidence in myself, 
f^CTRT ^R^ ^t? f5\^i C«^ I 
Confinement, n, ^^[S^ I — Of a 
woman in a room at the time 
of child birth, '^t^C^ <W I — 
The room where she stays. 

Confine, v. ^^ ^W ?rW1 1 

Congeal, ». W^ ft^D I— The 
cocoanut oil is congealed, 
sn^l CS^I SCT CsfCS I 

Conjurer, «r. ^iftf^?, ^5^5 I 

Conquer, 57. W ^^ I 

Conqueror, «. C^ ^fK ^?, «rft I 

Conquest, n. 99 l 

Conscience, n. ftc^^ I 

Conscientious, ad/. tj'S ^^ | 

Consecrate, ». «lfvD^t ^^1 I — 
The ceremony of giving life 
to an idol, «n«l ^fsk\ 1 

Consent, n. ^^, ^T^ffe I — I 
do not give my consent, '^f^ 

Consequence, «. ^"^1 1 
Consider, v. f^^^] ^?l1, ^ \ 

Console, v. ^l^^l Of^^ I 
Consonant n. ^^fJ^^^fas ^, << 

Conspiracy, «. f^«n, ?[^W I 
Constantly, adv. fs^l^, I^Tl, 

Constipation, n. ^^% C*l&^^, 

Consult, V. ^UplH'^ I— They 
are consulting what to do, f^ 

Consumption, n. Vf^H I 
Contain, v, tj^ I—That bottle 
holds a little, ^ f*tf*ft^ ^^ 

Contemplate, r. ^nW^^l, fg^l 
Contempt, w. ^^^H ?«n ! 
Contentment, n. ^i^^t^ 1 
Contented. adj\ ^^» 1 
Continent, w. 5i^TC^*f I 
Continual, adv. '^'^^^~i^^ f^^^ 1 
Continue, v, ^^T^?, (^^*f*i 

Contract, «. To make, ^?M 


( ^- ) 


Contradict, v. ^5^H ^1, fitf%- 

Contrary, adv. ftfH^ I 
Contrast, n. ftfe?[^ I 
Contrivance, «. W%^, WM^ I 
Conversion, n. ^ ^ft^>|5< I 
Convince, v. 'ICT^ C^T^ i 
Convulsion, n. ^vf^^l I—The 
child is in convulsions, ^ 

Cook, n, A woman cook, 
HV^ I— A man that cooks, 

iV^ ^T^, ^t^# i 
Cook, V, ^ Itfl I— She is cooking, 
CT ?rTTO I — Cook room, 

Cool, arf/ ir^oi I 

Coolie, «. f f^n, ^ I 
Copious, a^y. ft^^, ^C5^^ I 
Copper, n. ^W, ^iKl I 
Copy, z/. ^^F^I ^?n I— Copy 

that writing, 5f Cl^tl^ •^^P'l ^^ I 
Core, «. 'l^ ^-n I 
Cork, n. f^f^, ^1f I 
Corn, n. "PIT ! — I have a corn 

on the foot, ^ItHl ^^ ^tC^C^ I 

Corner, «. C^PT^ > 

Corpse, n. ^^ I 

Correct, v. CHltJ^T^I I— Correct 

the mistakes, ^ CHW^T^ ' — 

Correct a child, C5C^W •fT'T'* 

^3 f 
Correct, a/^', ^^, ^^ | 
Cost, n. ifl^ I — How much 

did your ring cost? C5Pn? 

Costly, adj, ^t^ i 

Cottage, n. f^^ ^^ | 

Cotton, w. To stuff pillows, 
fif^q ^ I— To sew with, 
'^i— To stuff quilts, ^T'tm^^i 

Cough, «, ^«?r ^f*f I 

Cough, V. ^Ml I— Do not 
cough, C^WI 5?1 1 

Count, V, C^l I 

Counterfeit, v, ^I^I ^?1 1 

Counterfeit, adj. Coin, C^f% 

Country, n. Of*t I 
Courage, n. 5fl^ | 
Course, adz;. Of course, ^ t^ 
f^, ^ ^ I 


( ^^ ) 


Cousin, n. Father's brother's 
children, '^'^ ^ I— Wtfe^^ 
^t^ I — Mother's sister's chil- 
dren, ^^ ^it I— Mother's 
brother's children, ^TT'lt^ ^ I 
Cover, n. ^tf5^1, TJt^ I 
Cover, V. CK^ CW^^ i— Cover 
it over, (K^ Cf^ I 
Covet, V. CTP5 ^^1 I 
Covetous, adj. (?\V^ I 
Cow, w. ^ ^?P I— Cow-dung, 
C^W5 I— Fuel made of, ^p I 
Coward, n. ^t«J?W, ^^ • 
Crack, n. "^t&FT, ^T^, ffej I 
Crack, v. ^fl^ I — The glass is 

cracked, «^ C^Tif C^cfecfe I 
Crafty, o^/. 5??, ^MT^ I 
Cramp, n. f^rsT <^1, '^t'T <?! I 
Crash, v.^sf!^ ^ *f^ ^?l1 1 

Crawl, 17. trW'^f^ cw^m I 

Crazy, ad/. ^rWI ^^1 I 
Cream, n. 5C<5 ^? I 
Crease, n. ^#TW?f ff^ i 
Cremation, «. C^ll^H, Wt? • — 
The Hindus cremate, ftT^ 

Crimp, 27. CtWJ^ I— I have 
crimped my sari, ^«rPrRl Tpfl 

Crimson, adj, ^H ?I^ ^4^ I 
Crisp, adj. "?]5^5, '^Wl I 
Cripple, n. C^t^ I 
Crooked, adj. ff^l I 
Cross, n, ^ I —To cross out, 

Crossway, n. C^TWI \ 
Crow, «. ^t^ I 

Crowd together, v, C^>llcSf*I 
^Tl, f%^ ^ I 


Crown, ft, "5^ I 
Cruel, arf/. ^^^ I 
Crumb, «. ^*^^ff^ I 
Crumble, v, ^nj? ^'Ol ^^^i ^ 
Crumple, ». C*TF^ ^1 1 
Crush, V. ^^^ ^, ^?r ^?1 1 — 
Crush the sugar candy, ft^fl 

Crust n. ft'TRs I — ^The crust 
of the bread, ?pf&? ftfC^ I 
Crutch, n. (AV$^ ilt^ I 
Cry, If. '^tfl I— Cry, ». #tTl I 


( ^^ ) 


Cultivate, v. FW ^?I1 I 
Cunning, adj. ^, <f^^ \ 
Cup, n. ^(5 1 
Cure, V. ^^T?W ^?1 1 
Curly, adj, cil^^h I — Curly 

hair, C^I*\!?tH J^ I 
Current, n. OTt^, C5T^, ^ I — 

There is a strong current, 

Curry, n. ^T|?[fl, ^?^lf^ I 
Curse, V. *ft1 CW^1 1 
Curtain, n. ^ I — Mosquito 
curtain, ^Wftf I 
Cushion, n. ^rfif i 

Custom, w. Hf^, fs^R, trnii I — 

money paid, ^H^ I 
Customer, «. ^^^5 ^1 'IpTOJ I 
Cut, V, ^rtfel I 


I^agger, n, C5t?1 i 

Damp, adj. crfl^^, CTJC^ I 

Dance, n. 'T^ I 

Danger, n. ft^ I 

Dare, o. ^^ ^1, ^^H ^?I1 1 

Darling, n. ^nwi??l tR, ^ I 
Darn, r. <|<Jt. OTTI^ I 
Date, n. ^^ I— Fruit, C^ I 
Daughter, n. CBSOi I 
Dawn, w. C^T? I 

Day, n. f^» 1— Every other 
day, ^5? fiR ^^ ^ TTVi I 
Dead, ac(;. 3RI1 1 
Deaf, adj. ^[sfTl I 
Dear, adj. fiftr I— Costly, 

Death, n. ?r5«| I— Sudden 

death, ^TtFf^^ ^ I 
Debt, ». <rf?, ORl I 
Debtor, «. cnwl. ^ I 
Decay, zr. v? i^^ i — The 

body decays after death, 

Deceit, w. J'sft^, fif^^5^l | 
Deceive, n. J^Rl 
Decide, v. \\^ ^?1, t^ 3>?rt, 
ftTR^ ^?1 I 
Decorate, ik 'TOR i 
Decrease, v. ^xy[ ^ffo^l i i ' 


Dedicate, «>. affeil ^1 1 
Deep, adj. "J^"^, •«S5\\ — k 


{ K^ ) 


deep vessel, .flRH ^TJ5»— A 

deep well, ^TOrl ^TI^Wl I 
Deer, n. ^1 1 
Defeat, v. ^TfiCl C?ei1 1 
Defect, ft. ^ <^, CfW • 
Defend, «?. TOl ^?n I 
Delay, v. OiU ^Tl I— Do not 

delay, Offil ^'5 sfll 
Delight, w. ^9^ I 
Delirious, orf;. ft^T?l ^n I 
Deliver, t;. Wl ^ I— To 

deliver up, ^!f^ W6¥l I 
Demon, n. ci|^ i 
Den, n. 5f^ I 
Dense, cuij. CTRl ^ I — Dense 

darkness, CTRI ^Wi^B t 
Deny, r. ^'fl^t^l ^U ^i\^^) 


Depart, ». Wl ^t«?l I 
Depend, if. 1*{^ ^^1 1 — Upon 

another for food etc., CV^ 

cnro^^ «RTf5^^ ^Ti I— I 

depend upon him for sus- 
tenance, '«rrfir ^^ «n^ i^ 

Dependent, ad/, ^t^ltit^^ I 

Desert, v. ^JM ^H C9C9 


Deserve, r. ^»t5^ W5l, CWJ 

W?l I 

Desire, v. t^ ^1 1 
Despair, v. ^RTW ^«1, ^?^W 


Despise, v. ^B^^SWpU ^ 
Destroy, v. 5^1 ^ I 
Determine, ». 'R^ ^^ l~ 

Through thick and thin, C#W 

Detest, r. C^l «1 1 
Devotion, «. «f^ I [ CWl I 
Devour, v. fwi CTTl, 'HC? 
Dew, n. t*ff»Rr, f^ I 
Diamond, n. ^\USi I 
Diarrhoea, ii. C*tC^ ^* r 
Dictionary, n, ^rfWR I 
Die, t;. ^3 ^W!n I 
Diet, n. ^ I 

Difference, «. ^5^-, «fWW, f^ f 
Difficult, ad/ Wf?, "W I 
Dig, r. C<r¥l I— He is d^ing, 
(?l lift <^ I— Dig a 


( ^8 ) 


JDigest, V, i^W ^?n I 
Diligence, n, ^Sf^, CT^^ I 
Dim, adj. ^bt^, fsj^ ficcfe, 
^t^jn I— Dim light, f5^f5icfe 

Dimly, adv. W^^ ^51C^, ftfe; 
f^S" ^W I — I see dimly, ^B(tf5( 

Diminish, v. ^fi^ CW^^I • 
Dip, V. vgj^sj I 

Direct, adj. ( Straight ) (JW^\ I 
Dirt, «. ^!I5rl I — Dirty adj. 

Disagreement, n. fif^l 5^1 <t^1 I 
There is disagreement in the 
family, «5|> ^^tC9 f^l^ ^fl ^^ 

Disappoint, v. ^M ^?1 ^1 
fs^H ^?(1, ^^W ^^^1 I— I 
am disappointed, .^tft i^^5t*t 

Discoloured, adj. ^^\ ^J\ \ 
Discuss, V. ^ ^in I 
Disease, n. C?lW, ^Tfl I 
Disgrace, ft. ^T'WR / 

Disguise, «. C^ ^^'IT*', 5W 
C^*t <— Ha came in disguise, 

Disgust, ». ^T^ ft^^ ^>Qfl I 

Dishonest, adj. ^^i^\ I — Also 

used as a noun, d ^^^ t 

Dishonesty, n. J^ftfil, ^^51, 

•^^Tf^ I — I am astonished at 

your dishonesty, C^W^ OTt- 

\w^ ^mfi( ^«wif ^'m^ I 

Disinclined, ad/ '•if^t*^^ 1-^ 
He is disinclined to go, Cf 

Disinherit, v. (^ iftpT ^?1 I 

Dislike, v. '^t?\W^ ^?1 I 

Dislocate, v. V^ Jfc?! ^>8^ 1— 
I have put my arm out of 
joint, "^(X^ ^TC^^ ^ '!*W 

Dismay, n. ^, ^^3^ i 
Dismiss, f'. ^tftfW Of^H, ^RTR 

Dismount, ©. ^itTl I — He dis- 
mounted from his horse, d 

Disobedient, adj. ^«WTt(j i 


( ^^ ) 


Disobey, r. iWt^ ^^ I— She 
is disobedient, Cf TTf^ ^ 

Disorder, «. 'rf^lR, «TO^B^ i — 
There is great disorder in 
school, ^ 5^^ ^?ai I— -My 
things are all in disorder, 

%^\^ 1^f^ •tis 5Ff^ «i>o ^^ 

Displease, t;. ^Tto^ ^?I1 i— I 
am displeased, ^Ttf^l 'R^i. 

Disrespect, n. "^ms^j i— The 
child has no respect for its 
mother, « (^^ aitC^ 'TPCT 

Dissatisfied, adj. ^b^T]^^ i 
Dissolve (melt), v. ^cq Tt^Qfl i 
Distance, «. ^ I 
Distribute, v. ftfn ^?n I— 
Distribute the tracts, fel^ 

District, «. OTSfl I 
Distrust, V. ^fitPl ^?I1 1 
Disturb v. ^7^ ^ ^J^ ^^ \ 
Ktch, fg. wn ^TMIl—Dig a 

ditch round the tent, ^?p 

Dive, V. ^ Of'^?! « 
Diver, v. ^^ i 
Divide, 27. ^5C ^?1 1 
Division, n. ^5t I 
Divorce, ». ^^Tf^ ^ 0f>6TI • 
Dizzy, ac?y. ^TWI C^^, CTt^ 

Doctor, n. ^?1^, ^ST^T? 1 

Dog, n. f^|^;i 

Doll, n. -ij^^ I 

Domestic ad;, ^% W^? I 

Domestic animals, n, C^TW 

Donkey, w. 5n^ 1 

Door, n. Oft?, W^^l I— Glass 
door, Titft I— Shutter, '^ 
'^ I— Back door, ftt^ 
Gff?J I—Front door, J^? CfR I 

Dose, «. ^^1(5 ifT^ I— Give her 
a dose of medicine, "QC^ <ll^ 

Double, arf;. C^fT^?1, \5^n I— 
Double pice, ^^ ^^ 1 
Doubt, n. ^'J?^ \ 


( ^^ ) 


Doven. ^1 

Downwards, fidv. •ilc^^ fiW I 

Doze, V. CIJI11, f^T^i I— I doze, 

Drag, V. (^ (^ 8fl, ^ I 
Drain, «• a^PTl I 
Draw, t;. ^t^l, ^^ ^^1 I 
Dread, «. ^ I 
Dreadful, arf;'. ^^P^^ I 
Dream, v. ^^-^ Of^ I 
Dregs, n, ^S^T^ I 
Dress, n, C^W^ i 
Drink, v. nr»( ^?1 1— Drink it 
down, 1^^ %1 V^ I 
Drip, r. ^ ^ VC5 ^^ I 
Drive, Z'. a carriage, Wf^ 

Drive, v. away, ^if^M CW^^I I 
Droop, V. C^f^Ca ^1 I— The 
child or the flower drooped. 

Drop, n. cfii] I 
Dropsy, n. ^fl I 
Dross, n. K\^^ 'W I 
Drown, v. ^^ ^>6^ I 

Drum, If. O^R I 

Drunk, arf;. m^S\^ ^^fl I 

Drunkard, « 'It^*! i 

Dry, od;. TITfC^ I 

Duck, n. <^ I 

Due, n. ttWl I— It is c 
me, ^HTt? *fTWl ^ 
I have to give you 2 

Dull, orf;. CTT^Il— (not 
ning), >ITt^ CTTO • 
Dumb, adj. C^KI I 
Dunce, n. C^W, 

Dung, n. of cows, C^ 
Dung cakes for fuel,^< 

Durable, adj. fejt^l 
last long, "^^^ f^^ #^ 

Dusk, «. Evening, 

Dust, n. ^ I 
Duster, «. ^t^ I 
Dusty, adj. ^) ^^1 I 
Duty, n. ^v|^J ^¥1^ \ 
Dwarf, n. ^T^I^^ C^ I 


( ^-^ ) 


Dye, V, W^ ^^1 1— Dyed stuff, 

Dying, od/ iRI^ I— He is al- 
most dying, (?l ^ ^5 ^W 

Dysentry, n. ''SlWfl I 
Dyspepsia, n. ^^W^ '^?<, 


Each, adj. *W ^ «fC^5J^ I 

Es^er, adj. ^TO I 

Ear, «. (of com) ^ I 

Par, n. ^"P^ I 

Ear-ache, n. ^^ ^I* ' 

Earring, n. 5^, ^^. 
;i|t^f^ I — There are different 

kinds of earrings. 
Early, ad/. Before sunrise, 
C«tC?r ^ C^ C^»rt!l— After 
sunrise, 1^f|^ J— Come early, 

Earn, » «t«Wt5 «1 1 

Earnest, ad/ ^TT?t I— Earn- 
est money, ^1^1 1 

Earnings, «. df^ I— By the 
day, CiTW I— By the month, 

Earth, n. The soil, 'O^ 1 

Earth, n. <^^^ I 

Ease, «. '^W I 

Easy, adj. ^IW I 

Eat, V. ttT>Q^ I— Eat up, rtW 

Ebb tide, n. "^ I 
Eccentric, adj. ^n^«!(l^ I 

Eclipse, n. 53 "SW, ^ ^"i f 
^9p(,j I — Used for either. To- 
day there has been an eclipse, 

Economy, n. t? 'IT^^^ ^^^^ 

Edge, «. ^iJ, ( of a river ) ^^'^ 
in?[ I— Of a sari, ^ft^^ ^^ ' 
Efface, V. (rub out,) ^ C^^Tl r 
Effect, w. (of an action) ^ I 
Effervesce, r. ^cfe ^ I 
Effort, n. ff^, ^S I— With 
greatest effort, CT^ C^^ ^1 

Egg, n. f^ I [ '^^ « 

Either, ad;, vflfel 5^1 >q^, ^v£I5 

Elastic, adj. fepCT ^t^, "^T^t? 


( ^»^ ) 


Elbow, n. ^i I 
Elephant, n, ^tf^ I 
Embark, v. «fT^tW 5^ I 
Emblem, w. ^T^1 1 
Embrace, v. C^t^ll ff^I ^?1 1 
Embroider, v. ^^^\U$ ^«1 CS\9[\ \ 
Eminent, ad;\ fitfi^l, ^tlt^ ^W, 

Emotion, *»/^C»(?l '^K^^ I 
Empty, adj. ^\f9\ I 

Encircle, v. C^^i, C^^ I 

End, n. C*R I — From begin- 
ning to end, ''Brt^n C^tt^ I 

Endure, v, ^^ ^^1, ^^^1 1 

Enemy, n. "fap I — Enmity, 
"^K^T^, "rOF^ I [ C91t^ • 

Energetic person, n. ^fili 

Energy, n. *ffe5 I 

Engaged, v. To be married 

English, arfy. fift^ also 
used of any European person 
or thing, ^?lt&f I 

Enjoy, y, CBn ^1 I 

Enlarge, v. ?T^5? I 

Enough, adj. ^| I— That 
m'// do, f^US^ ?C^ ^ OHI ^W 1 

Enrage, v, ^W\^ I — I made him 
angry, ^'Bitft ^tC^ ^tftnifiwtsi I 

Enter, v. C^f^l I — Let her come 
in, ^l^ ^^ ifT^e I— Shall I 
come in ? '•Ttft f^ C^^W 

Entice, «?. ^^H f^*^ I 
Entreat, t;. f^is^f^ ^1 i 

Entrust, f>. ^tf^ ^^ '^I en- 
trust it to you, '^Ttft C5W? 

Envelope, v, C^3t CIJC^ C^^ I 

Envelop, n, ^^ I 

Envious, adj. f^?^ I 

Envy, «. f^Tl I 

Equal, ac?/. ^I^ I— Equal 

height. ^^ ^prfs^ I 

Erect, adj. ^tt^ I— To hold 
uprightly, <t\5l ^?:?r <?1 I — 
Stand erect, Cft^H ^I^ tM>6 i 

Erect, J7. a house, 'jfWH i 

Errand, «. ^^^W I — I am going 
on an errand, ^WTtCH Ttfi^ I 

Error, n. ^, ^^ I 

Escape, z?. From an illness, 
C^ Tt^fl I — From confine- 
ment, ^HH I — He escaped, 


( ^ ) 


rate, v. t^^l ^>ej!ri I 

ig, n. f^^PI, ^TW?[ C^9J1 1 
n ^-^1 I 
ifiv. always, ^?T^, ^^1 1 

adv. vfl^ ^ I — Followed 
noun in the singular, 
•Without noun, ^^T5 I 

rhere adv. 'l^ Bft^^ I 

ce, n. 5rr^ ^ «£Wt«l I— 
with the, ».^C«f«^1^1 


e, adj. She bewitched 

rate, ». -^tf^fl ^^Tl, 

le, n. ^IT^, ^-^^ I—Also 
or sample, or specimen. 

ingly, adv, "m ^^ s^lt I 
adv, ^1, f^, ^^ I— 
was. only one boat, 

e book, n. '^vSl i 

reJ, oa?/. used up, 

ffic^ ^^^1 1— Physically ex- 
hausted, JI^ ^^Q^l I 

Exhoit, V, ^^^m Of ^11 1 
Exile, V. ^^^X^ cw^5i i 
Exorbitant, adj. ^ft^^ C^^^^t, 

Expect, 2;. "^V^ ^?1,«l^^1 ^?|i i' 
Expel, ». ^T? ^'c^ of^ll, ^5 

Expense, n, '^f^ I 
Expire, r. ^^^ ^^^i, 5^^ 
^^!n I— He expired, C^f ^'W 

Explain, v. ^f^ cw^m I 
Express, t;. ^J^M ^?[1, C»caf ^??ni 
Exquisite, adj, t^mi, ^<5,^|^, 

Extinguish, 2;. f^fJiCff cf^^H |— 
Put out the lamp, ^f^ fj^ftc* 

Extra, adj, ^Vsf^ I— The extra 
bit over and above the weight 
paid for, ^® I [ ^-s^ 1 

Extraordinary, adj. ^«l^^ 

Extravagant, adj. (^ ^^^H 
'^^^ ^C?, %l^ I 

Eye, w. CFf^ I 

Eye ball, n. 'Jrfv c^flf^ I— 
Pupil of the eye, CTO^^ ^t^U 
EyebiOYi^n,^ \ 


( ^^ ) 


Eyelash, w. CFIC^? ^"V, C^lW^f 

Eyelid, n. CFTC^^ ^TTSl I 

Eyesight, n. ^ i— My eye- 
sight is failing, ^PH? CW^ 


Face, «. ^ » — Countenance, 

Face to Face, ad. "^Jtt^f^ I 
Face, V. ^\^ ^?1 I 
Fact, w. 7\ssj ^i^l I 
Factory, n. ^^f, ^^•il I 
Fade, v. or Washed out, ?>8 ^^ I 
Fail, ^?. ^1 ^^1 I— In business, 

Faint, v, "^J^'l "^^^1 » 
Fair, ac?/ ^ I— Fairly, moder- 
ately, vfl^ ?^, ^^ I 

Fair, f, C^«11 I 
Fairy, n. ^ift I 
Faith, n. ft'^Pl I 
Faithful, a^y. f^^^ I 
Fall,. «. ^r.^& '^^^l I 
Fall, n. ^^ I— The fall, -^l^^^ I 
False, adj. f^^ I 
Falsehood, n. fsm ^^ 1 

Fame, «. ^ I — You n 
famed or praised, C^^ 

Family, n. ^ifil^T? I 
Famine, n. ^Wt^ I 
Famous, adj, ft'lfjt^ I 
Fan, n. »n^ I ». *tt^ 

Fancy, v. Imagine, 'TC 

Fang, n. Of serpent, ft^ 
Far, flc?/. ^ I 

Farewell, n. fij^ftf G^^ 
Let me go, 'm^flC^ 
?f^ I— Farewell m( 

come to say good bye, 

Farm, v. FPT ^ I 
Farm labourer, n, 5pn I 
Farmer, n. ^f^ff?, C^"5i 
Fast, adv. quickly, fW^rftl 
Fast, z;. To fast, from 
fec'TW ^?1 I— The w 
fast twice a month, v£|^ 

Fasten, v. ^[^'\^ I — Faste 

jacket, ^\m C^t^'R ^^ 

FasUdioM^, adj. ^<k'^JS 


( «^ ) 


«. ^K ^?| I 

r, «. ^Kl, ^m —Father 

son, ^m C^l I 

rland, n. I^USf^ OfH, 

rless, ad;, f^ft^^ I 
le, n. |pt% I 
n, OfH ^ I 
ir, n. ^<Sf?5 I 
irite, ady. feR'^tTiS I 
n. ^ I 
il, adj. €1^ I 

er, n. <TPT< I 
t. See wages. 
J, ac?;. 5^5f I 

V. <t^^R I— Feed him, 

s?. See touch. There is 
seling in my hand, ^^t^t^ 
5R*f I — To realize, ^^H^^ 

g, n. To the touch, "^"f 

n. <TI I — At my feet, 
z;. see pretend, •^)T??I1 

Fell, V. ^^ I— Cut down 
that tree, ^R5&1 C^cfe CTq I 
Fellow, If. Ji^, c^t^ I 

Female, adj. (j^ I— Only 
used for animals. 
Fen, n. ^qi ^ i 

Fence, «. c^ I 

Fencing, v. m^C^, f % ^^1 1 

Ferment, e?. c^rc^ ^^'^)^ aj|^ j 

Ferocious, a<?;*. ^IT^?^ I 

Ferry, n. cm (?\]^ i 

Fertile, adj, fe^^l | 

Fetch, V. '^ts\) I— Fetch it, ^C9 

Fever, n, ^ i 

Feverish, adj. ^^ ^T^ i— He 
feels feverish, ^t? ^ ^ 

Few, adj. ve{^^ C^^^^ I 
Fickle, adf. ^^9\ | 
Fiddle, n. C^T^ i 
Fidget, adj\ 5^^ | 
Fie, int. % f^ j 
Field, n. C^^ I 
Fig, n. ^ I 

Fight, V. ^nmU ^?ri, ^^^^ 

Fill, V. ^?T«I l~Fill the pail, 

Filthy, adj. ^5fR^ ^m\ I 
Filter, v. CFt^T^^ I— Filter the 
water, ^^ ''^fe'SSi^'^'^x 


( '^ ) 


Find, r. •tl^OTli— I found it, 

Fine, ». tirft^lHl I— He was 
fined, ^sra «rfiW»1 ^'nifl'l I 

Finger, n. ^iq^ I— The top of 
finger, ^^H^pW W1 1 

Fine, adj. f^„ ?^ i 

Finish, r. C»n^^ I 

Fire, «. ^^«=» I— Light the fire, 
^C(^ Wr« I— I have lit 
the stove, ^BHf^ ^5^ ^TuCsfk i 
They set fire to the house. 

Fireworks, «. ^T^ ^ I— 
They are letting offfireworks. 

Fire off a gun, ^T^ «P5l I— 
He is firing a gun, CT ^TP? 

Firm, ad^. H^ I— In disposi- 
tion, f^? «rt^ » 

First, orf/ in order, fiPW I — 

In date, *Bm I 
Fish, «. ^T5 I 
Fisherman, «. C^CT I 
Fisher woman, n. C^^f^ I 
Fishy smell, n. ^WC? M^ I 
Fissure, n. ^1F I 
Fist, If. ^, ^, ^ ' 
Fit,r. t^^ ^«1 1— My jacket 

if /s me, ^^3^3 «ffflHtC9 ^ ^ ^ 

Fitting, adj. f.«, Appropri 

Five, adj. «ft5 1 
Five-fold, ad), •ft^ TRTI i 
Fix, V. ^ife «1, ^Jlt^ I 
Flag, n. fi*HH i 
Flame, w. W«^ ft^ I 


Finish, If. ^I»^l I 
Flat, '#/// C^^ I 

Flattery, n. rttflCTlir «— ' 
are a flatterer, •jftlrtT'nCT 

Flatulence, n. Cl^ #ttl I 
Flavour, n. CTtlTW, Wf I 

Flaw, If. Defect, in cloth. ^ 
C^ ^^ I — Defect in 
earthen vessel, ^!F I 

Flea, n. f^RT » 

Flee, r. nWR, 5«1&^ nf«1 
She escaped, CT ^"*tfe f^H 

Flesh, n. ^5! i 
Fling, V, ^C^ CT^ ' 
Float, r. ^©Pfls? I 

Flock, n. Of sheep, •flf I- 
birds, ^ifr^ I 

Flood, n. ^J1 1— The < 
flow of river, ^ I 

Floor, n. GTO I— On thefl 


( 'oo ) 


nourish, V. C5W ^^, #r%5 

Flow, n. The tide of a river, 
C^fTlH I— Ebb tide, ^©T^l I 

Flower, n. ^ I 

Flower bud, «. ^ f^ I 

Fluent, adj. ^^, ^^^1 « 

Fluid, adj. ^^^ I 

Fly, n. ^f^ I 

. Fly, i\ >Q\51 1 

Foam, n. CT^I I 
s. Fog, n, C^TfWI I [ C^ntvS I 

Fold, n. ^iw I — For animals, 

Fold, V, ^§r^ ^RTI, 11F ^Tl I 

Follow, 2F. d^ ^^n I — Follow 
nie, ^sa§J n-St^ ^ C^ lii^ I 

Folly, n. C^n^lft I 

Foment, v. CT^ OfQ^ I 

Fondle, v. ^^mf? ^^1 I 

Food, n. ^^(T? I 

Fool, n. CT^I I 

Foot, n. 'Tl I 

Foot mark, n. 'tlW? ffsf i 

For, /wq9. «P0 i 

For, co/(;. C^s^l, ^§«| I 

Forbid, zr. srMl ^, ^|«| ^^1 | 

Forbidden, adj. ^«f, fsj^fj i 
Force, n. C€?T§J I— Took by 
force, WT? ^'C^ f^^C^f I 
Forefather, n. ^ ^i^ \ 
Forego, v. C^vs Of^. ^ji^ 

Forehead, n. ^*fTT I 
Foreigner, n. fkc^^ I 
Foremost, adj. 7[^ «2f^ ( 

Fore-see, v. ^TC^ C^fC^ ^^1 1 
Forest, n. ^ | 

Fore-thought, n. ^ fe^1 i 

Forever, odj. ft^^t«T I 

Forgery, n. Crt^ I— To forge, 

Forget, V. CSl^l ^q ^>Q51 I 
Forgetful, a^j. CSl^ I— You are 
very forgetful, ^i^ ^ CS\S[] \ 
Forgive, v. ^ai1 ^1 ^\^ ^^1 1 
Form, n. i. e. Shape, IJ'f, 5(\5^ i 
Foimer, adj. ^^5(^H I 
Formerly, adj ^JC^, ^O^flf i 
Forsake, v. ^^ ^^1 ^ C^C^ 

Fortunate, ac/;. ^^Hl«^ I — I am 


( ^8 ) 


Fortune, n. f^m ^^f^ I - His 
father left him a fortune, ^t^ 

Forward, ad. ^iifm ^\m\ "mc^ I 
Foster, r. ^ ?W I 
Found, V. %'^ ^^1, ^t^^l I 
Foundation, n. ^Z^^, C^Tvfl I 
Foundling, n. ^^ C^C^ I 
Fountain, n. C^HTt^l I 
Fowl, n. "Jj^^ftf 1 
Fox, n. C^^fif^T^ I 
Fragment, ^"vST^vfl, ^^ I 
Fragrance, n A]^, ^-51^ I 
Frame, r, ^^^m i — Frame the 

picture, ^ft tlf^C^ ^T^Q I 
Frank, adj. ^^^ i 
Frantic, ari?;'. ^^ | 
Fraud, w. ^''t I 
Freak,??. ^^ C^!11#t I - Only 

used as, ad/. 
Free. adj. '^]^^ I 
Free, r. ^^Jn Ofm] I 
Freedom, «. '^T^J^^I I 
Free-will, n. ^I?ls^ ^ I 
Fresh, adj. fel^^l I 
Fret, z', mn Vt^ ^^1 I 


Fretful, adj. ^ffJVSC^^ I 

Friend, n. ^^ i 

Fright, i^. ^!l I 

Frightful, adj, ^T^^ i 

Frill, n. ^TO I 

Frivolous, a^//'. CW^l I 

Frock, 71. ^f^r^l I 

Frog, w. C^^ I 

From, prep. C^C^ i 

Froth, n. C^l | 

Frown, r. ^^]9\ cf TF^t^^ I 

Frugal, adj. fs^^l^, fkm^ I 

Fruit, n. ^ I 

Frustrate, v. ^W C^^^ I 
Fry, r. ^t^ | — Fry it, ^T^ I 
Fuel, n. ^qfi^ ^1& i 
Fulfil, V. *t< ^?1 I 
Full, adj. ^^1 I 
Full moon, n. ^iR^TI I 
Fumble, v. ^\5H I— Doi 
fumble, ^Ivfi^ ^] I 
Fun, w. ^t^rW, ^^1 I 
Funeral, n. ^^fe^Tl I 
Funnel, n. ^ftf I 
Funny, adj. ^^^ I 
Furious, adj\ ^t^ i 


( ^^ ) 


Furlough, n. Igfl I 
Furnace, w. ^vQ i 
Furniture, n, 'CTf^Ff^ i 
Further off, adi\ ^W^, ^^^ 

Fuss, «. C^T«1SIT81, C^R I 
Fusty, adj, 51^1 ^vfl, ^'^l ^?1 1 
Fy, /«^e/*. f^, 1515 I 


Gag, i\ "55 *IC^ f^flK ^<1 ^^ ^^1 I 

Gain, w. ^^^ I 

Gale, w. ^ I 

Gall or bile, w. f^f^ I 

Gallop, t\ mf^^?C!l CVft^ I 

Gallows, w. "^f*f ^T^ I 

Gamble, i\ ^TC'W I 

Game, w. C^ I 

Gander, n. t^^PTl 1 

Gaol, 7?. C^^n ^1 I 

C^ap, ». ^^ I 

Gape, IK ^ C5t^ I— Don't 
gape, ^ ^' ^ I 

Gargle, i\ ^f^ ^^1 1 

Garland, n. ^^.1 1 

Garlic, n. ?W I 

Gasp, V. ^ ^^11 1 

Gate, n. ^f^^ 1 

Gather, v, v,e. Collect, WB 
^J\ I — In needle work, ^fb 

Gaunt, adj, C^t^ I 
Gay, adj. Applied to mind, 
,2f^ I — Fond of pretty things. 

Gaze, V. v£i^ f:% ^\>em I 

General, adj, ^'\^^^'^ I 
Generally, adz'. ^it^ I 
Generous, ad;'. ^^31 1 — He is 
very generous, C^ "^ ^t^i I 
Gentle, adj. 4l^ 1 
Gentleman, n, ^SCSC^It^ I 
Genuine, ac?;. 'CTPM I 
Gesticulate, 2?. ^ftf ^ftp ^?I1 1 
Ghost, n. I, e. Evil spirit, ^ \ 
Giddy, ad;. ^Kl C^T?l1 I 
Gift, n. ^ I 
Ginger, n, ^5f1 I 
Gipsy, n. C^Df I 
Girdle, n. C^PR ^ I 
Girl, n. C^ I 
Give, 2?. CW^fl I 
Glad, adj. ^^ ^ 


( ^ ) 


Gladden, v, ^ ^?rR I 
Glance, n. Gf'^fl I — To glance 

over, C^ ^^f^ C'^^^l | 
Gland, w. Swelling of gland 

under the jaw, f^ft '^^^ I 
Glare, «. '^rtj? CS^ I 
Glass, n. ^ i 
Glimmer, z;. fil^ fi^ ^1 1 
Glitter, v, 5^ 5f ^, ^ ^ 

Glittering, ad/. ^^R^ I 

Gloom, n. 'iWi^T? I 

Glove, n. Wt'^l ' 

Glue, w. f»rf^ I 

Glutton, n. C^^ I • 

Gnat, w. 3rt1 1 

Gnaw, z?. ^ %!( (^^ C^C^l 

^ I 
Go, V. ^^Tl I 
Goal, w, ^m Tt^ I 
Goat, w. 5t^ — He goat, 

«ftfel I— She goat, ^^ I 
God, n. ^, ^^H ^ I 
Gold, w. CTT^ I 
Goldsmith, n. C^flpTj I 
^ood^, o-^; ®pf, fe^5j I 

Good humour, n, ^>^1 '^^^ Tl 
GllrtWl — The opposite, ^v51 

Good bye, r. f^m^ C^^^^ I 

( See farewell. ) 
Goose, n. J\^ ^ i 
Gossip, n. 5t<>t^ ^?1 I 
Gourd, w. qt^ *tT^ I 
Gout, n. ^T^ OT^ f^^«R I 
Grab, e?! C^CvS C^^^^l I 
Grace, n. Pf^l I — Grace before 

eating, fift^l I 
Graft, V. ^sm ^^1 i 
Grain, n. ^^ I— Of sand, ^^ I 
Grand» adj\ ^^M I 
Grant, r. ^^i|fvft Of^^1 I 
Grape, «. ^t^^ I 
Graphic, adj\ ^ot^l^C^ ^<^1 ^^ I 
Grass, ». ^t^ I — Fresh cut 

grass, ft^ ^^l I 
Grasshopper, w. ^sf^ | 
Grate, v. cfF^ ^?1 I— To 

grate meaning to rub, C^t?ll I 

Grate the cocoanut, ^B^^l 

Grateful, adj, f^® i 


( o-^ ) 


Gratis, adv, '^R^ ^^6?! i — I 

got it free, ^STfft ^iwfr dwf^ I 
Gratitude, n. ^^51i«1 j 
Grave, adj. ^?, ^iCt ^ I— 

Grave, n. ^^ C^ I 
Gravel, «. kind of, ^^?I I— 

Broken bricks, rttll I 
Gray, n. «Tr^ i 
Gray beard, n. *!T^ ifff^ I 
Graze, v. WT«I I 
Grease, n. ^f^ I 
Great, adj. ^, 3(^ I 
Greedy, ad/. C^^, C^51 I 
Green, n. ^f^ I 
Greet, v. ^^^T^ ^?1, ^«r3J<5rl 


Grief, «. ^S'^, CMt^ i 
Grimace, n. ^^ ^^Ulf^ ^ 

Grin, V. ^^ (M^'l^ ^fPTl 1 
Grind, V. CWI I — She is grind- 
ing wheat, G[ ^ f^*t|C^ I— 
She is grinding spices, C^ 

Grit, n. ft^?l — Pick out the 
gnts, ^^K ^W I 

Groan, v. (,iM*\ I — Dont 
groan, ^ f^'Q-Tl I 
Groom, n. ^^ \ 
Groom, v. The horse, C^tv§1 

Ground, n. ^ft | 
Grow, V. ^Tvfl I — The child or 
the tree is growing, c^c«l5l 

Growl, V. ^^ I— The dog 
growls, f ^ ^F^tC^ I 
Grudge, n. ^f^ I 
Grumble, v. ^^ ^ ^?ll I 
Grumpy, adj. ftf^ ij^t* I 
Guard, v. ^^^ ^?1 I 
Guardian, n. ?IW^, '^rf^^^^ I 
Guess, V. 'OrW^ ^^ I 
Guest, w. f^^ri^ c^lT^ I 
Guidance, n. 5Ff^1 1 
Guide, V. ^^ Cf^ I 
Guile, n. ^ i 
Guilt, w. C^t^ I 
Guilty, adj. Gfttl I 
Gum, n. '^t^ I 
Gun, n. ^^ I — The report of 


( ^ ) 


Gunpowder, n. ^Ttfif | 
Gulp, n. cuff, cflfe- 1 

Habit, n. '^^SJPT i— Bad habit, 

Hack, V. chop, f I^ f f& ^'^ 

Hag, n, v5ft5?t i 
Haggard, ad/, f <^fif<5 i 
Haggle V. CWT^^ i— Do not 

haggle, C^^Q5^1 ! 
Hail, n. ft"^ I —Gather up the 

hail stones, f»leT ^C^Jt^ I 
Hair, n. ^ i — Wa§b your 

hair, 3?W1 ^ I 
Hair breadth, adj. UQ^ ^ 

Hairy, ad;\ dfW I 
Hale, a</^'. ^ *J^, ^i^ i 
Half, adj. «CC#^, '^TftT^I I 
Half-breed, adj. Oftl^'Pprl I 
Half-way, n. ^TWtsitfV I 
Half-witted, adj. ^tt^wl i 
Halloo, int. To men, f^ d i — • 
To women, f% C^ I 
Halve, V. ^tfl ^lf^ ^1 1 * 

Hamlet, n. ^tf\5l, c^t^ -sfl I 
Hammer, n, ^^% I 
Hammock, n. Cffl-TI, OftSH I 
Hamper, n. ^TW, ^Fff^ i 
Hand, n. i^ \ — Right hand, 
v5t5? ^t^ I— Left hand, ^ 
^T^ I— Go to the right, VS^ 
Tf^ I— Go to the left, ftn 
^^ I 
Handbreath. n. f^5f;5 | 
Handful, n. "SJjC&l I 
Handkerchief, '». !RT5f i 
Handle, n. Of knife or ham- 
mer etc, ttfe I — Of basket. 

Handy, adj. ^1m^ I 
Hang, V. <»r^H I — Hang it on a 

nail, CfifC^ ^'^ » 
Hang, w. To put to death, 

Haphazard, n. ^^, bf^"^ I 
Happen, v. Wl I — When will 

it happen ? ^^^ ^C^ ? 
Happy, aflj. ^^ i 
Harbour, w. ^w^ I — Do not 

harbour anger, ?M C^^ •^l I 


^31^ ) 


Hard, adj. firm solid, "t^ I — 
Difficult, ^^ I 
Hard-hearted, adj, ^^t^^l 

^^«n«i I 

Hardly, adr. fijt? I 
Hard-ship, n. ^^^ I 
Hardy, adj. a(€rl^, 'n^f^tcfe i 
I Hare, n. ^t^CTf^f i 
Hark, int. tW i 
Harlot, n. CTHTI I 
Harm, n. ^tf^ I 
Harmonium, n. ^?C^^W, 

Harness, «. C^I^ 5ff^ '—The 
harness is broken, ^H^ 

Harrow, n. fSj^ i 
Harsh, ad;, for cloth ^ 
^ I — For persons, ^^, 

Hanim-scaram, ofij. ^fJOTf^fe, 
as iSDnt^R^ ^llfe C^f^^ 5^1 I 
Harvest, n. "pij ^t&^T?r 'Wl I 
Hasp, fi. *t^ I 
Hasten, r. Vft|\bMf\^ ^1 1 
Hat, n. ^fH I 

Hatch, z;. fe^ CTl^H I— Hen 
when sitting on the eggs, 

Hatchet, «. ^ »l I — A small 
one to cut wood, ^ifif, ^T&tft '> 
Hate, r. f <t1 ^^, C^^ ^^1 1 
Haughty, adj. C«RtC^, '^l^^tft I 
Haunt, V. ^ITOWTS^I ^1 I 
Have, V, '^K^ I — Have you 
an umbrella, CS[^B WT^I 
"^m ?— I have, ^BUC5 ' 
Hawker, n. CTfii^SH^ I 
Hay, n. ^IP ^m I 
He, pro. Of ' — Honorific form, 

Head, n. ^Tl^ i 
Head-ache, n. ^^ n^ I 
Heal r. ^^t^, ^ot»! ^?1 '—The 

sore is healed, ^ tjf^C^CW ' 
Health, t». 'yf^ i 
Heap, n. ^CW, *T^ I— A heap 

of rubbish, ^£J^ ^TtWl ^^t^l » 
Hear, r. C4RI ! — I cannot 

hear, ^nft WTS ^fff^ C^^ i— 

I do not want to hear, ^Tf^ 


( So } 


M^if^H. »». There is no common 
«fi*nl for heart, ^liff, ^«rs.- 
4i^ l-"The fleshly heart, 
•^if*t^ I— Heart of chicken 
<u bird, ^'TW I 

Hfcartlessly, adv. f^^ ^tW I 

Heat, w. 5f^3(, ^m ^v5 I— Hot 
weather, v^^^M i 

Heathen, n, 01^ ^'^^ I 

Heaven, n. ^i{ i 

Heavy, an?;, ^t? I 

Hedge, n. C^^l I — Hedge hog. 

Heed, r. ^^^TC^^ ^31 i 

Heel, ;^. C^T^lf*! I — Shew me 
how to knit the heel of my 
stocking. Cm\^ C^lf*l ^US 

Helm, n. (?n^T?l ^^ i 
Help, r. Tt^WT ^?1 1 
Helpful, a^y. ^^W^l I 
Helpless, a/// f^S^i^ ! 
Hem, V, '^ C^Wt ^?1 1— Turn 
down the stuff and hem it. 

Hem, n. "5f^ C^lt^ I 

Hemp, n. ^«\ \ 
Hen, w. "5^^ I 
Henceforth, udr. *l|^ rtC^ I 
Her, j07'o. ^T?, *t5, ^?, ^^ I 
Herd, n. ^^T I 
Herdsman, n. ?Wl I 
Here, arf». v£l^«^ I — Here 

after, v£l? ^C^ i— In the next 

world, ^^ ^TCI I 
Hermit, w. ^'tft, C?!^ I 
Herself, /?ro. C^ fsr^ ^ P 

Hiccup, V, C^^^ CSfTI 1 
Hide, r. ^^5? I— Hide youi 
self, 5C^T^ I 
Hide, n, /. e. Skin of an anima 

Hideous, adj, f^>§| ^T^^^ I 
High, adj. ^\ I 
High bred, adj. ^5^5 I 
High road, n. ^^ ^^1 I 
High-water, n. ^31 CSftft? i 
Hill, n. ^1^ I— Mound, ftf 
Hinder, r. ^t^ C?6^1 I 
Hinge, n. ^<SSn I 
Hint, «. t^fRrl I—?;. ^^Tt?! ^ 


8^ ; 


Hip, «. C^fT I 

Hire, v. «t^ C^^^l I — I have 
hired a house, ^ ^t^ 
t*^C5f^ I — A hired house, 

His, pro. ^S\m ^1 ^5t? I 

Hiss, n. Of a serpent, C^FW^ 

Hit, V. ^1 I— I hit him, ^tf^ 
^8W CTWft I— It hit me, 

Hitherto, ac^r. vfl ^^}^ I 
Hive, n. CITW^ I 
Hoard, v. «|f^ ^IWI I 
Hoarse, adj, ^prl C^«C^ ^^^1 1 
Hobble, •. ^fW Wl i 
Hoe, n. tJC^, C^W>?J 
Hog, n. CHW I 
Hoist, V. ^ ^5 C^TTl I 
Hold, V. IRH I — This cup holds 
one seer, ^ nlStc^s ^fl^ C!^ 

Hole, n. H^ i — In cloth, C^l I 
Holiday, ^. | ?t I 
Hollow, adj. #M1 1 
Homage, n. ^ / 

' Home, n. ^t^ i 
Home made, a /;. ^T^^ ^l^U i 
Home-ward, adr, ^ ^ITC*^ I 
Honest, atlj, ^"K I 
Honey, n. 3(f^l 
Honey comb, C^iW^ I 
Honour /'. ^TRT ^?1 I 
Honour, «. TB I 
Hook, «. to catch fish, 
^ fVl I — For picking fruit, 

Hookah, n, ^"^ i 
Hooping cough, «. ^^ I 
Hop, y. snfro ^ ^'^^ll I 
Hope, w. ^l*n I 
Hopeless, ac// f^^^H, ^W I 
Horde ;/. W ' 
Horn, «. f*tN I 
Hornet, w. fssf^ i 
Horoscope. ;/. ^5^, ^%^ I 
Horrible, adj. ^t^^^ I 
Horse, n. C^t^ I 
Horse-shoe, w. C^T?T?I ^^t^^ ! 
Horse-whip, «. Ft?^ I 
Hospital, w. ^^t^fl I 
Hostess, n. ^^ \ 


C 8^ ) 


Hot, adj. 5»^3(, ^f^f I— Hot 
^:urry, ^ftfl ^?l^tfi( I 
Hotel, n. C^1C&*1 I 
Hour, n. ^'^] I 
Hourly, afjj\ ^^}^ \ \ 
House, H. ^, ^tvft I 
Household, n. ^^^ i 
Housekeeper, n, ^^1, f^fCt | 
How, adv. C^^^ ^t^ ' — How 
do you do this ? vi| C^'sm ^t? 

Howbeit, ro;^;*. ^^, ^^pt I 
However, ad». ^1 C^^ i 
Howl, V. ^^^U ^^, C^FR I 
Hug, t\ C*T8Ttf f*I ^?[1, ^f^ 

Hum, V. >Q«1 ^ ^?1 I 

Humble, arf;. 5^5 I— A humble 

man, ^f&^ ^t^^ I 
Hundred, adj. vf)^ H I 
Hunger, n. f^T^i I 
Hunger, r. feff ^^?1 1— I am 

hungry, ^^TW^ f^Df C^II^O^ I 
Hunt, r. fif^T?! ^^1 1 

Hurt, V. pass 'eO^T^ ^^l*'" 
active, ^TTTI I— It hurts, »i1l1 
Husband, n. ^"^1 ' — GeneraY 
spoken of as ^, "^f^i I 
Hush, m f;^ ^?1 I 
Husk, n. C^l I — Of pad< 

Hut, ns^ T:^ ^?1 I 
Hymn, n. ^S^,K^'i\t^\ 
Hypocrite, n. ^J?\X ^^ I 
Hypocrisy n ^^tft i 


1, pro. '^^f^ i 

Ice, n. ^^Tp I 

Ice cream, n. ^T'tT ^?^ I 
Idea, w. <t?«t1, ^H I 
Idiot, w. frc^T^, C^W I 
Idle, a^/y. f ^, ^9R I 
Idol, w. 'gf^Tl I — A consec 

ed idol, ^5^ I 
If, con; ^ftf I— If you 

come, ^ ^ ^^ I — To 

followed by present tens* 

Ignorance, n. ^^ I 


( 8« ) 



111, adj, ^^% ^j\^\s[ I—I am 
ill, ^BTW? '^^^ ^CTC^, ^1 

Illegal, adj. 'Ht^ f^^^, ^?lf^ I 
Ill-tempered, adj. f^ %&, 

Illegible, adj. W^% I 
Illegitimate, </«?/ ^^m I— 

Child, c^»m^ cwcT, ^\^m 

Illness, «. ^^<( I 
Image, n. ^, tSff^^H i 
Imitate, z^. ^^^ ^^ I 
Immerse, z;. 'S^^^^ ^^ I 
Immodest, ac?/. fil^''^, c^5^^l | 
Immoral, «<// ^IT<5., ^Tjsfl;^ I 
Immortal, adj. ^3(^ | 
Impatient, adj. ^^^, ^j^ I 
Implore, v. f^f% ^^1 1 
Impolite, adj. 'C^^^J | 
Importunate, adj. •ItC^t^ ^W, 

Impostor, n. CSff.^?, 2|^?P^ I 
Imprison, v, CW CPf^Hl I 
Improbable, adj, "^s^^ I 
Improper, adj. 'J^^^^, 'Cfs^TT^ I 

mprove, v, ^^^ ^?1 I 
mpure, adj. ^^f^ \ 
n, p;'^. C^, W^, C3^5C? I 
nattention, n, '^'S^•^\(^'i\ I 
n capable, a4;. '^^T^^ ! 
ncautious, adj. 'CRt^tft^ I 
ncense, n, %^^ ^ I — To burn 
incense, fp ^Hh I 
ncessant, ar//. i^?I^^ | 
nch, «. '13*'' I 
ncident, n, ^'^\ I 
ncite, V, ^W C^^ll I— To 
push up the wick of a native 
lamp, »PIC^ few C^^Q^I I— 
Urge him to fight, ^^Wft 
^?^^ few C^^ I 
Inclination, n, ^C^, 'l-^ I — 
I am not inclined to do that. 

Income, n. 'CTf^ I 
Inconvenient, adj: 'i^^f^^l I 
Incorrect, adj, ^»f I 
Increase, v, ^t^ I — The water 
increases, ^^ ^V^X3 l 
Indeed, aeto. ^%^, ^cfe I 
IndepeadewV, adj , "^^^ \ 


( 88 ) 


Indigestion, n. ^^J^^ I 
Indignity, n. '^9\^\i\ I 
Indigo, n, ^ | 
Indirect, adj\ C^T^ C«TCR I— 
She gave an indirect answer, 

Indistinct, ac?;*. '«^'°^| | 
Indolent, a(!j\ 9B(^, ^^v? I 
Induce, v. ^m^^ \—Ke indu- 
ced me, C^ ^^WC^ *I^C^ft*1 I 
Indulge, V. A child, ''rt^^l 

Industrious, adj, ^ificsfsft, 

Infant, w. ^ft C^C^l, fHtJ I 
Infectious, adj. C^WV5 I— 
Infectious disease, C^!ltC^ 

an I 

Infidel, n. '^^^^^, 5^T%^ I 
Infirm, adj, ^^^ I 
Influence, «. ^^\^, ^^^1 I 
Ingenious, ad/, fk'^ I 
Inheritance, w, S^^Tft'^t^l I 
Injure, v. ^T^ ^?1 1 
Injustice, n. ^%T^, ^^Ot^ I 
Ink, n, ^T^ I 

Ink-stand, n, OfW^ I 
Inn, n. ^?t^, ^ I 
Innocent, adj. PlC^I^ i 
Inquire, z^. ^5W ^1 1 — E 
into that matter, ^ 

Inquisitive, acj;, ^, 

Insect, n. C^^l, *R5^ I 
Inside, adv. CS^Z^ I 
Insincere, adj. ^^^p^, <P 
Insist, V. C^ra ^?1, C^ 

Instable, af//. 5^ I 
Instantly, ad?\ ^^|fS[ | 
Instead, adv, ^^^^ 

me, 'crW? ^^n?T ^ 

^'C!l I 
Instruction, n. f»f^ | 
Instrument, w. '^^, ^M I 
Insult, z;. '^^^\^ ^^1 1 
Intellect, n. ^ I 
Intend, z;. fi^? ^^1, ^R^ 
Intentionally, arft?. C^C^ 

I have broken it intenti 


( 8(t ) 


ion, n. t^1, 3(^aFr^ I— 
) not intend to do it, 

1 I 

:ede, v. I will intercede 


:ourse, w. ^^^Ml I 

;st, n, W, ^, '^t^ I 

ere, v, 'Bi^li^J?! f^^c^ ^fo 

[1, ^M C^^^l I 
mediate, ad/. ?It(J3( I — 
her large nor small, 
fl I ^ [ ^?I I 

mittent, a^?/ Fever, ^1^- 
pret, V. ^5^511 ^iil I— 

ill interpret for you, ^tf^ 

rupt, V, ^W Of^fl I 
late, adj. ^\^ ^5, 
15 I — I have an. intimiate 
wledge of it, '^TRt? ^^f^^^ 
\ ^ICI( I — Intimate friend, 

Into, /)re. 5jct(J I 

Intrigne, ;«. ^f^ I 

Introduce, v, ^flT^ '^ftlCl 

Invalid, n, C^T^ I 
Invent, z;. ^^ I 

Invite, z;. f^^«l ^^1 I— We 

have been invited there, 

Invoke, v, vSI^l I 

Iron, n. C^f^1 ^1 CRl I 

Irony, n, ^Fl ' 

Irregularly, adv, "^^si^^W^ I 

Irresolute, adj, 'Clf^^ ^f^, ^$9? I 

Irritable, adj. Temper, f^ frtC^ 

Irritate, i\ ^T^^ I 

Island, n. ^^ I 

Isolate, V, ^MW ^^11 i 

It, jovo. >Qfel, ^T^, ><3 I 

Itch, n. (?m, ^q^«t1 I 

Itch, V. ^q^H I— That itches, 

Its, Tpro, ^H, >Q? I 

Itself, pro. ^^15\1 ^^ift I 

Ivory, «. ^f^?I tt^ I 


( 8* ) 



l.ii kt:l, ><. irt«l1 I— That jacket 
du.i, uot fit me, ^^sn '^arr^ 

jail, »4. Cif«l ^W I 
I a Up, /^. ». ^. Any aperient 
mudicine, WT'tM I 

.lav, ^^^^?ni [wm\ 

Jul, w, C^BT^ I — Large size, 

jHiindice, n. C*i^ C^N I 

Jaw, w. ^![T21 I 

Jtiulous v. %^ ^^1 I 

Jt-rk, V. Ct^X^ §T5^1 I— Pull it 
with a jerk, (^5^^ ^ Of^ I 

Jest, n, ^ ^1 I 

Jewel, n, ^f% ?flfil ^If^ i 

Jeweller, n. C^^?1 I 

Jewelry, n. 'S{^^] I 

Job, «. "^^ ^T^, ^ &Pl ^T^ I 

Join, «. C^ CW^!I1 I— Join the 
wool, <WC C^ C^^ I— Join 
in the service, fe^tl^HtC^ C^^ 

joint, n. •^, C^ |— I h 
pain in my joints, ^fR& 
^X^m "—I have a knot 
my cotton, ^«n^^ ^'5C^ 

Joke, n. >Al^t>i1, ^^1 I 
Jolt, V. ^^\ ^^n, ^ 
v5T«R I— The bullock cart j 
very much, ^Rpf ^fe ^ 

Journey, n, ^H1 I 
Joy, n. "^t^^ I 
Joyful, an[;. ^Ts^f^^ | 
Judge, ?-. fiTO ^^1 I 
Judge, «. 1^?55|^^1 ^W I 
Judgement, n. ^T^, ^^ I 
Jump, V. ^rf^PR I — ^Jui 

Jungle, w. ^5fq, ^ii I 
Junior, adj, C^, ^liC^ *f^i 
My junior, ^MH a?t& I 
Just, flidy. •^^, ;m^ I 
Justice, n. s^It^, t^^ f^ni I 
Justify, V. ^^}\y\^1 I^W^^ ^ 
Justly, adv, ^^^C^ | 
Jute, «. ^ I 


( SI ) 



Keep, V. ?lN1 1 
Kernel, n. ^^ i 
Key, n. Ftft, ^^$ i 
Key hole, n, FTf^!I C^ I 
Kick, r. «iTf^ 5n?n I— He has 
kicked me, C^ ^PTW ^^ 

*Kid, «. ^5p[ ^TB5i I 
Kill, r. CTCJ CT«TI I 
Kind. a^//. if^l^ I 
Kindle, z;. ^>f|5^ f[5T«l I— The 
fire is lighted, 'eiT^fis^ jj'c??:^ I 
Kindred, «. l§Tfe, ^t"^^ I 
King, fi. 3W I 
Kingdom n. ^T^J i 
^Kiss, V ^ I— Kiss me, ^PTR 

Kitchen, n. ?IT91 ^?, nt^ »ftq i 
W Kite, «. i.e, a play thing, ^ i — 
Kite, a bird, f^r I 
Knead, v. ^ I— Knead the 
flour, ^raifl ^ I 

lee, «. 1^^ I 
Kneel, v, ij^ ^ft^, ^ nt^l I— 
Kneel down, ^lj^ ^tps / 

Knife, «. "g?1 i 

Knit, V. C^U] I— Teach me 
to knit, "^l^K^ ^^C^ CM'^T^Q I 

Knock, V, :^1 3n^1 I— To 
knock down, «rr^ f^CtJ C^l I— 
Knock at the door, W?^^ ^ 
Cff^ ^1 Tl ^IT? I See tap 

Knot, u. -sfT^, fe I— There is 
a knot in my wool. '^^^U 

'WCSf "jfrNc^? I— Undo the 
knot, ^T& C^fei , 

Know, z;. ®m i 

Knowledge, ;/. 5§T** i 

Knuckle, n. 'Sl^s^^ ^]t& i 


labour, «. C'l^i^^, -pff^^^Sf I 
Ladder, ;^. 3[^ i 
Ladle, n. ^1^1 1 
Lady, n. ^f^v\i ^ ^c^ir^ ; 
I^mb, n. C^T^ ^|b^ | 
Lame, adj. C^Tf^ | 
Lament, v. ^l^ ^^1, ^qj^ ^^^ , 
Lamp, «. ^Tfe I— A country 
lamp made of brass or mud, 
'Srftn ^1 f^f?f3(|_Turn down 
the lamp, ^\^ ^%S,Q\^\— 


( Sir ) 


Turn out the lamp, ^tf^ 

Land, n, ^^^ I 

Landlord, n. ^ftffl? I 

Lane, «. ^ I— Go down the 

lane, ^ fif^ ^^ I 
Language, «. ^t^1 1 
Lantern, «. ^I^*! I 
Lap, ;t.C^^ I— Take her on 

your lap, C^tCcI C^>Q I 
Lap, V. ^ ^^ ^C^ '^T^^l ' 
Large, ae/;'. ^v$ I 
I^sh, «. Vt^^^ ^f^ ^1 ^t^ ' 
Last, adj, C*R I 
Latch, n. f^ I 
Late, adv. C^ft, C^«l I— I am 

late, ^^T? C^ft tl^m I 
Lately, ariz;. 3=['2{fe I 
Latrine, n, '^ll^^^l I 
Laugh, V. ^P[\ I— I feel m- 

clined to laugh, ^W^ ^f^ 

^]l^ I— Don't laugh, (^^ 5^1 I ;/. W^», f^^ I 
I-Awyer, w. ®f^*^ I 
Lay down v. ^\f^U ^N I— 

Lay down the child, C^C^K^ 

^^ Jl^ I — Lay down the 
carpet, T5?lfi} C*tC^ ^ I 

Lazy, ^jC^ I 

Lead, n. ^i(J[ I 

Law-suit, n. 'S{^^m\ 1^1 have 
gained the law-suit, 'I^^TO 

Lead, v. ^\^V\ I — ^^He leads me, 

Leader, «. 5t^^ I— One who 
leads a band of pilgrims, *tT>Ol I 1 

Leaf n. ^F51 1 — The veins of a 
leaf, ^t^T?r f»f^ I 

Leak, v. C^m^ I— The kolshi 

leaks, ^nli ^ c^rarro I 

Leak, «. C^ffe C^, ^ I 

Lean, a'fj. C^W I 

Lean, v, C^^lT^ C?6^1 ' — Lean 

on me, '^\^^ ^^ C^^'[\^ CW I 
Leap, V, eTPFR I— (iive a leap, 

^^ ^TP? C'f'6 I 
Learn, v. C*f^1 1 — To learn by 

heart, \t? ^1 I 
Learned, ad;\ lSt-?t, ft^5^ I 
Least, adj. ^^^^ C5f^, 


( 8^ ) 


Least, a. At least, f^lOR I— If 
you can-not get sugar, at least 
bring treacle, ^ ft^ ^ 

Leather, «. Ft^vgl « 

Leave, v. C1P5 C^^^ I— Leave 
me, '^l^T? ^ I— «. 1^ ' 

Leaven, «. ^1^, '^if'l^ I 

Leavings, n. Leavings to be 
thrown away, vficfel ^1 
^f^l I— Purposely left for a 
younger person or lower 
caste, '2WtW I 

Ledger, «. 'MTC^ ^It^l » 

Leech, «. C#R? I 

Leer, v. ^«rt^ C^C^ OKI I 

Left, *idv, ^1 I— Left hand, 
^ 1^ I— Go to the left, ^^ 

Left-handed, adh C^^ I 
Leg, «. *n I 

Legend, «. ntjITI tf^K'^ W i 

Leisure, «. 'il^^M, ^^^ I— 

I have no leisure, ^^pTRl ^^^ 

Lemon, «. C^^^^ CT^ I 

Lend, z;. tft?! OTQ^ I — Lend me 

Rs. 5, "^"mj^ <t ^^1 m ore I 

Length, n, q^, ^^T?l I 

Lentil, «. ^fl I 

Leopard, w. fwo ^ I 

Leper, «. f^, ^tf I 

Leprosy, «. ^, 5^ i 

Less, a^'. ^^ I 

Lesson, «. 1^, ^ I— Learn 

your lesson, ^^ C*W I 
Lest, c^/i/. *n^ I 
Let, to allow v, ^CRprf^ 

Q^^W I— Let me do it, ^^WT^ 

Let, ». ^ST^ Of^^1 1 

Letter, «. f^l^, ^^^^ I 

Level, ady. ^f|^ ^fi!!?^, vf|^ ^ | — 

Low level ground, •^'RTf ^f^ I 
Liar, «. fil«<TRT?l I 
Liberal, adj, if'TSI I 
Liberate, v, ^tFTPl ^?1 1 
Liberty, «. '^t^t'^^ I 
Lick, V, ^ I 
Lid, «. of a basket, 1^^ I — 

of a box, ^STTI I 
Lie, V. fa^^W ^11 1 


( ^* ) 


Lie down, v, C"fT11 1 — Go and 
lie down, CHt^C'H I 

Life, n. ^^SJ, <2n% ^1 

Lifeless, adj, f^if^, ^?|1 | 

Lift, v. CSts[\, ^it^ I 

Light, n. '^\m, 55[tf% I 

Light, V, ^Ml I — Light the 
lamp, ^f% ^TC^ I— Light the 
stove, §^^ '^\5 CW^ I 

Light, adj. ^1^, ^^^ I 

Lighten, v. ^1^ '^^l I 
Lightning, ». ft^^ I — It light- 
ens, f^^fir ^^tC^, ffe^?J 

Like, ac?/. ^^r, jpsrR | 
Like, ad, vfl^l' fif^tera I 
Like, V, <^^ 5^ I 
Likely, adv. Is it likely, ^1 f% 

Likeness, n. ^, Tff^ I 
Lily, n. water lily, C5^, »tt^^ 
^ I— Lotus, ^ I 
Limb, n. "^ I 
Lime, «. ^^ I 
Lime, «. (?^, ^ Cl^ I 
Lime juice, n. CI?? ^^ I 

Limit, «. ^^t^ I 
Limp, r. '^f^ ^aH, Ct|^ 
C5^i:5 CTl I— He limps, C 

Limp, adj. C^ •tnri I 

Line, n, C^^ \ 

Lining, n. ^t*fC>Si3 'iWII. 

Put lining, ^ITO^ CTQ I 
Liniment, «. 'l^, fifCf^f I 
Link, «. f*f^l^?I 5^ I 
Linseed, w.- f^fif, ^pfjpT i 
Linseed oil, «. f^fiff c^ 

Lion, «. f^^\^^ I 

Lip, «. dftfe I 

Liquify, v. ^T*' I — Melt, ^Tl 

Liquid, ao?;. '3?9I, 1?^1>OT I 

Liquorice, n. ^ ^f[^ I 

Lisp, V, ^^ 'STftJ ^«*1 ^ I 

List. n. ^ I— -.Make a 1: 

Listen, v. ^^1, ^^^t^^ ^J\ 
Little, a<?;. CWt^, ^^, *ll^ I 
Live, V. ftFl ^ (^ ^^ 
Where do you live ? C^ 


( <f^ ) 


Live, adj, ^^ 1 
Liver, n. ^^, ^^^ I . 
Living, n. fe^^lft^l 1— How 
do you get your living ? CSt'lt^ 

Lizard, n. lH^ fSt^ I 
Load, V. C^f^ ^1 I 
Load, w. ^T?, C^WI, C^tfe I 
Loaf, n. ^6 ^ I 
Loan n. «rt?, ^^, Cf^l I 
Loathsome, ac^/. C^T?, ?«t1 

Lobster, n. ^ ^ ^tft^^fv? I 

Lock, V, 5lft CVf^^l I 

Lock, n, % V^ I— Padlock, 

^t«11, f^^ I 

Lock-jaw, «. tt^ ^^f^ I 
Lock up, w. ^t^ I — He has 

been put in the lock up, ^tC^ 

Locust, n. ^51^^81 1 

Log, ». ^tC^^ f ? ^1 ^% I 

Loin, «. C^^l?, Cf ^ I 

J Loiter, a C^«l ^^1, ^3lf% 
Lonely, (w?;. ^^^fl i 

Long, ac?/ ^TTl I— Long time, 

Look, ». C«f^ I— Look after, 
CW^I CMT5R1 ^^1 I— Look, to 
depend, ^ CUHf <r^1 i 

Look out, ie to select, ^T^ 

Look towards me, ^TO ^TC^ 

Look for, C^^l I 

Loop, w. TF(5f 1 

Loose, arf/. ^FT^, fl?C«T | 

Loose, e^. — To let loose, CWlvf 

Lord, w. ^\§1, tgf^ I 
Lose, V, ^tfioi C^Ffl I— I do 
not like to lose, (in a game ) 

^srtf5( Tf^c^ ^^ I 

Loss, «. ^f%, Csit^^^TR, ^1 
C^T^*tT^ I — It is my loss, 

Lost, adj, ^?t*l I 
Lot, ;z. ^^T, ^5t I— It has 
fallen to my lot, ^l^n^ ^%^ 

Lottery, w. '5^;^ C^«(\ V 


( *^ ) 


Loud, adj, C^rt^, ^^H^ I 
Love, n. ^n ^V^\ C«t1 I 
Love, V, ^St^T ^W I — I love you 

Loving, adj. ffif^ I [ ^(^ I 

Lovely, v^dj, CT^^t?, ^fe 
Lover, w. ^l^t^l I 
Low, adj, not high ^^ I — 

degraded ^^, ^v5^ I 
Low, V. 15NI, ^^^ ^^ I— The 

cow is lowing, ^1^ ^^5 I 
Low-spirited, adj, ^if^, f^^Sl I 
Low-water, n. ^51&1 1 — It is low 

water, ^©t^ ^^CvJO?!— It is 

high water, CW^T^ ^l?^ I 
Loyal, adj. ^W ^^, f^t^ I— 

Loyalty, ^T^ ^f^ | 
Lucifer, n. %f»t^, C^^TI^ I 
Luck, n, ^W, ^^t I— I am 

lucky, 'CTPRt^ ^W ^«T I 
Ludicrous, ad/. ^^^ I — How 

ludicrous, f^ IWf^ I 
Luggage, w. fef^^^ ^5i I— For 

bundle, «T^ I 
Lukewarm, arf;. 5?^^, ''^^ 

Lump, n. It$, OT^ I— Aim 

of sugar candy, fin5%W 

Lumpy, ad;. Ri^ ^1-1 

arrowroot is lumpy, (^91 
Lunatic, n. ntWll— A c 

dog, m^pn f f^ I 

Lunch, n. ^q ^T5 I 

Lung, n. ^ ^^ I 

Lurk, r. ^T\fR?! ^ffg fifCT ^ 

Lustrous, adj. ^ ^C^ | 
Lute, n. ^1^ I 
Luxury, n. ^^ C^^ | 
Lying, n. ft^ | 


Machine, n. ^sf I 
Mackintosh, n. ^^flt I 
Mad, c'i;. ^m, C^^ I 
Maggot, «. C^^l I 
Magic, n. CS^f^ I 
Magistrate, «. ^f^^, f^ 

Magnify, v. tSf^K^l ^11 I- 
make larger, ^v5 C^^ I 


( «^ ) 


Maiden, n. factft, '^\\^ (?m I 
Main, adj, tfftfR i 

Maize, ^ ^ ^jcfel i 

Make, v, «f^^ ^ ^'CI5 ^1 I— 

To make a jacket, ^^ Bft^ 

Malaria, n, ^UtCnf^fl I 

Male, adj, *0p^ I— For animals, 


Malice, n, %J(1 i 
[Man, n, '^\^ i 

Mane, «. C^t^? ^1 ^^ ^^j^:^ 


Manger, n. ^Tt^ ^1 ^'R'tra I 
Mango, n. "^X^ I— Mango fish, 

Manhood, n. ^ ^^'^j cii^t^rl I 
Man kind, n, ^?i ^1f% i 
Manliness, n, ^?R^, Tft^ i 
Manner, n, ^^, ^^^r, ^«rr5?c| i— 
She answered me in such 
a manner, C^ i£|^»^ ^©1^^ 

Mansion, «. fif^^ ^ ^t^ I 
Manufacture, v. '^•^«| ^^1, ^ i 
Manure, n. 9)1? ) 

Manuscript, n. ?[t^ OT^ ^ I 
Many, adj, ^»CC5^^, f^^3 I 
Map, n ^5^ftv5 I 
Marble, n. ^011^*1 nW?I I 
March, v, (J['^U^ f^^Ol 5^ I 
Mark, n, a sign f^, WTt, 

I'fJ I 

Mark, w. ffe^ ^1 VfN C^^^l I 
Market, n. ^T^, ^ I 
Marriage, n. f^, C^ I— One, 

who arranges a Hindu 

marriage, ^b^ I 
Ma'rry, t^. ftC!J ^ C^ ^^1 1 
Marsh, n, W\\ ^f^ I 
Marshy, adj, C^Td1 I 
Martyr, n, ^"^ ^? I 
Mash, V, 5S'^t5( i — Mash it up, 

^fel ^^t^ I 
Mask, n. "^JpT I 
Mass, n. ?tft I 

Massacre, v, ^ ^?1, ^^ ^?1 I 
Mast, n. e^t^lW^ ^ CT^tST 

Master, n, ^l^^, ft'S^^ I 

Mat, n. ^5?! I— Long mat, 


( *8 ) 


Match, n lucifer fwMTft I 
Match, V, ftf^rci Of^fl I— 
These colors do not match, 

Matter, n. Pus ^ ^ I 

Matter, n. ft^ I— What is the 

matter, QtWi f^ KX^X^ t 
Matting, w. ^5 I 
Mattress, «. ^ I 
May, z^. To be allowed THll I 
Me, pro, ^l^lc^ I 
Meal, n. food. ^T^ I 
Meal, n. Grain ground * to 

powder, >l^1 ^ 5t^ I 
Mean, adj, <r15 « 
Means, n. fe<Tt?, ^TR I 
Mean, z;. To intend 'I^ST^ 

^?1, f^^ ^?1 I 
Meaning, n. TfCs^ I 
Measles, «. Tt^, fil^C^ i 
Measure, ?^. '^\^\ C^^1 

C^^in I — Measure the ribbon. 

Meat, ^^ I 

Meddle, v. ^^'^ ^^ ^1 ^tW 
?7^ ^^?^1 I 


Mediate, v, ^^T? ^«fl, TW- 

Medicine, n. ^fji( i 

Meditate, r. fe^ ^?l, ^f^, fJTR 

^ I 
Meek, adj. 5^15 I 
Meet, r. (?W ^^H ^ ^1 1— We |- 

often meet, ^ifWOfiT "WA^ 

^T^ Gf^ ^ I 
Melancholy, adj, ^S^. fi^, 

^ ^rrai I— She looks melan- 
choly, ^C^ ft^ Cf^tCS^ I 
Melon, n. ^ I — Water melon. 

Melt, V, 5pn«t I Melt the wax» 
C^ 'm\Q I — The ice is melt- 
ing, ?I?^ 9fcq ^6^ I 

Member, w. ^^, 5|^i — One 
of a community, ^I^ I 

Memory, n. '3I^«1 »tf^ I 

Mend, t'. C^l^T^^ ^?1, ^IT^I I 

Merchant, n. ^^^^^ I 

Merciful, a^!;*. ^Wi^ I 

Mercy, «. Wfl I 

Merit. ^, ^«fT I 

Merry, adj. <2J^^, 'Blt^C^ I 


( ^t ) 


Message, n, ^? I 
Metal, n. Wg I 

Method, n. f5«?^, fTt^l, ""^^ I 
Metropolis, «, ?1^«rNl I 
Mid-day, w. 5«J^ C^«!l I 
Middle, a^'. ^t(j5i, ssTRtrf? I 
Mid-night, «. ^^ ?T^ I 
Mid-wife, w. ifl^, ^lal I 
Might, M. pow'ir *ff^, ^^ I 
Mildew, n. fefs I — The dress 
is mildewed, ^t^tW ft^ 

Mile, n. ^«r C^W I 

Milk, n. 5< I— The milk has 

gone bad, 5^ f^ C^R5 I 
Milk, V, -nrt C^T^I I— We milk 
the cow twice a day, ^^^1 
fifW 5^B ^'^ ^^ ?^ I 
Mind, «. ^5^ I— Pay attention, 
^ (^^ I— The child does 
not mind its mother, Cll^ 

Mine, pro. 'srW^ | 
Mine, n. ^fi{, 'SJt^?, '^I^ I 
Mint, n. §t^ Mis?! I 
Miscarriage, n. ^^tt^ I 

Mischievous, adj, ^^% ^ 

Miser, n. ?^«|, ^^ | 
Miserable, ac?;. S^^tSt^ I 
Misery, w. ^^s^ ^% (Jf*f \ 
Misfortune, n, ^^T^tT | 
Miss, ». to fail to hit, fi^ 
^^^, ^"^^ ^^¥1 I 

Mist, «. ^^ I 

Mistake, ^ I 

Mistrust, V. 'Blft'Jm ^?1 I 

Misunderstand, v. ^ C^RM I — 
■ I have misunderstood, ^^Itft 

Mite, n, small quantity, *£|^ 
Mix, V, OP^ I— Mix it, 

Moan, n. C<^^Tf^ I 
Moan, V, C^^t^ I 
Mob, n. WI^vSl, $s^^^«1^ f^ I 
Mock, V, C^^^^, 5n^1 ^?1 I— 
Don't mock, C^^ 1^1 ^^ I 
Modest, ad[;. q^^t^^t^T I 
Moist, adj, OTT^, ?^ I 
Moisten, v. C^^\^ \ 

Mole, «. ^5 1— On the skin. 

Mould, n. a hollow form, VS 1 


Mound, n. f^f^ 1 

Moment, n. ^, fipw I 

Mountain, n. 'I'fi"* 1 

Money, «. &I«1 1 

Mourn, p. W^ «1 1 

Monkey, «. fIW3 1 

Mourning, n. ^^^tt ^C^' 's. 

Cfl^ 1— The time of remain- 

?T«11 1— The monsoon, has 

ing unclean for the dead, 

burst, 5rft?m fPSW 1 


Month, ». ^1J| 1 

Mouse, «. %*55 I 

Monthly, <«&'. ^tlCT tlPI 1 

Mouth, n. -^ 1 

Moon, «. fefif 1— Full moon, 

Mouthfuil, «. .a* aftil 1 


Move, ». Ji?t^, ;P5P, iifin 

orasi, af^ CT«5i 1 ^ 

More, <K^'. 'Wire I 

Much, ad/ W^ 1 

Moreover, atJzi. ^t^ 1 

Mud. «. ^Wl, «Tl?i 

Morning, «. H^llt ^"11 1 

Muddy, adj. i. e. not clear, 

Morrow, n. *T3 ftfl i 

C^PH 1 

Mortal adj. :TgI, at? 1 

Multiply, 71. ■W *?1l 

Mosque, n. iil«(>( 1 

Mumble, V. ft^^ 1^^ «1 1 

Mother, «. ^ 1 

Mumps, n. ^^ ^ CTPn 1 

Mother-in-law. «. HtW?! i 

Murder, v. ^ ^al i 

Mother-step, ». H'SUl r 

Murderer, n. ^ i 

Moiher-grand, ftfwi 1 

Muscle, n. ^"T C^ 1 

Motherless, *f/. 3(^5^ I 

Museum, «. ^ ^3 i 

Motionless, adj. vf>^\/, ^5"! 1 

Music, «- flffi? ^ffal, *15f|v8 1 

MoaJd, ». earth, s]Ti^ 1 

Muslin, n. SP^(J1, JRP ^fM? 1 


( <f^ ) 


Must, V, to be obliged, %^Hl I 
Mustard, n. ^tt '^^U\ I 
Musty, adj, ^t^ ^ | 
Mute, ae// ^i^ ^t? ^^ I 
Mutiny, «. CFT*(t| f^CiSt^ I 
Mutter, ». A\ ^^^ 5^^1 I 
Mutton, n. CS^ ^t| I 
My, pro, ^^^\^ I 
Myself, joro. ^fii 'erhlf^ I 
Mystery, w. >og ^^l f5^>©^ f^:^ I 


Nail, n. C^H^f I— Finger nail, 

Nail, V. C^^ m^l I 
Naked, adj. fe^f^, c^^?,^ i 
Name, n. -^pif I 
Name, v. ^-[^ Of^^l, ^T^l 

^Wl— The child has not 

been named yet, CWC^^ •^V^ 

^^"^ ^W ^^ f^ I 
Nap, n, ^5®1 i— I had not a 

wink of sleep, ^3lt^ v£|*^ 

Naphtha, n. (J^ C^^I | 
Narrate, v. 5^t^ ?^ I 
Narrow, adj, ^^ 5«^, ^?p I 

Nasty, ac?/. ft^, ^'^ ^1^ I 
Nation, «. ^fe I 
Native, n. CiflM^ C^Tt^, C^^ I— 
My fellow country man, 

Naughty, adj, ?l ^1 ^ I 
Nausea, n. (?^^t?, ^ C^t(l— 
I feel sick, 'eam^ ^1 (?^^t<I ^ 

Near, adv. ^TC^ I— Put them 
near together, ^ ^^ ^lllt^tfw 
^t^ I— Sit near to one another, 

Nearly, adv. ^SX^ I— It is 
nearly done, «tni ^'^. ^1 ^^^ 

Necessary, ''«?/. ^^^tli I 
Necessity, n. 'CTt^^f J^, ^^^T^ I 
Neck, n, 'i^^^ I — The back of 

the neck, ^ I 
Necklace, w. ^^, fS^ i 
Need, «. '•^^t^ I — She is in 

great need, ^? C15^ "^^^ I 
Needful, acZ/*. '«rf?i»fj^ 


•( ^^ ) 


Needle, n, "g ^ I — Thread your 
needle, ^15 ?^ ^^T^ I 

Needle work, n, C'f'IT^ I — She 
is clumsy at needle work, CT 
d^^C^ ^It ^«rRT^ I— She is 
clever at needle work, C^TrC!! 

Neglect, V, '^^l^^ ^^\ ^TfTF- 
(?\VS <f?l I — Do not neglect 
your duty, C^W^ ^TC^ ^^W- 

Neigh, V, C^Tv?!? ^T^, f^ ^?1 I 
Neighbour, «. '^f^^T^, ^V^ 

Neither, pro. v£|^ s^^, ^^>^ .^^ i 
Nephew, n. Sister's son, C^T^ 
C^l, ^WW I— Brother's son, 

Nerve, n. f*t^ I 
Nest, n. -^if^? ^^n I 
Net, w. ^\^, Wl^ I 
Nettle, w. plant. ft^f5 I 
Nettle rash, n. 'Blt^^FS I 
Never, af//\ ^^^ ^% C^H ^C^ 

Nevertheless, adv. ^% vS^tfl I 

New, adj\ ^W I — New bread, 

News, n. fR?, Jp,^ |— He 
asked after you, CT C^W8 

Newspaper, n. ^RW? ^TW I 
New-years-day, n. •^S^ ^^5RI I 
Next, adr. ^^, ^ItW I— Sit 

next to me, ^Wi ^flCH T^f I 
Nib, w. ^«TC^? OT^ I 
Nice, flr/;*. ^m, fif% I 
Niece, «. Sister's daughter, 

C^T^f^ I— Brother's daughter, 

Night, n lTv5 I 
Nightfall, n, ^WT^ 7\^^ \ 
Nightly, adj\ ^TC^, ^T^T^Itfe I 
Nightmare, «. f^f*l »fr«!n I— 
I had night-mare, "^Kfti ftft 

Nine, adj\ ^^ I 
Nineteen, adj. ^f*^ I 
Ninety, ad/. »[^^ I 
Nineteenth, adj. ©fs^CH? I 
Ninetieth, or//. s^^C?^ I 
Ninth, adj. ^l^^ I 


( ^^ ) 


Nitre, «. CTfll 1 

No, adj. Not any, f^'g 5^1 I 

No, adv, refusal, ^^1, "^^ ^"^ I 

Nobility, w. f^fl?^ I 

Nobody, ». C^^ ^^ i 

Nod, 2?. 'IT^I (?^T!rPJ I 

Noise, n. C^TM^l^f, *r^ '— 
There is a great noise in that 
house, ^ ^C? ^Tfil C^^n^ 

Noisy, adj, M><J CMW I— A 
noisy house, ^^C^Tf^ ^5 I — 
A noisy boy, 'st^WTC^ (^!J[ I 

None, adj. Not one, C^^ •^^, 

None, />rtf. ^<|^ 5<^, ^^^ 5<^ I 
Nonsense, n, fs[C5 ^^1 I 
Noon, n. 5^^ ' — I will come 
at noon, 'i^Tf^ ^^ C^ll 

North, n. Sn5^ ftf I 
Northward, «. §^? %^ I 
Nose, n. ^V^ I 

Nosegay, n, ^C^?r C3tv$1 I — 
Make a nosegay, v£|^F| ^^< 

Nostril, «. s^TC^? C^?l I 

Not, ac?z;. 5^1 I 

Notable, adj. ^51^*tt^r5, 
^fi^^ I — He is a notable 
man, (J[ ^ ^St^tt^^ ^1 s^T^T 

Note, n, %^ I — Bank note, 
CT^ I — Change this note, 

v^^ (?*T^ ^m^ I 

Nothing, «. f^^ 5^!l I 

Notice, «. ( Advertisment. ) 
( ft^Sel'ti^ ) I — Take no notice 
of it, <« ^m^ ^l^'m^ ^'? ^1 

Notwithstanding, conj. ^5^' 

Noun, n. f^C»f^ I 

Nourish, v. of^lt^ist ^^, ^1 

Nourishment, «. ^^^T?^ ^1 
^1^^? ^^T?, cm^lt I— There 
is great nourishment in this, 

Novel, adj, ^s^ I — A book, 
Now, adv. vfl'^, «i|^fr » 


( ^* ) 


Nowadays, adv. "^^^ ^T^ I 
Nowhere, adv. C^^f^ •^'^ I 
Noxious, adj, ^^*tI^, 5ff^- 

Nuisance, «. f^^f%» ^-^^ ! 
Numb, adj, ^^ft^, ^^*t I 
Number, n. 'W^\ ^^ i 
Numberless, ^^%, ^^^F i 
Numerous, adj, ft^^ I 
Nurse, n. For sick, C^t^^ C^^t- 
^t?t I— For children, ^IRHI I 
Nurture, v. «TPR ^^^ ^^1 I 
Nut, «. ^TffT'l ^^TTfw, ?nlf^ I 
Nutmeg, «. ^Tf ^^ 1 
Nutritious, adj, <j1&^?r, ^'T- 

o, int, ^s, §s, ^%, 'crr^ I 

Oar, «. C^^H tt^ i 

Oasis, «. ^?Pff5l^ W^ ^^1 

Oats, n, f^»rt^ ^^ I 
Oath, n, fFf^J, ^^ I— Speak 
on oath, ^»np ^^^ ^^Tl I 
Obedience, n, ^WS\, '^(t^ 

Obedient, adj, ^IQ I 

Obey, V, ^Ttn 5«^, ^* tf^ • 

Object, «. f^l I — Intention, 

Object, V, ^6^3 ^ ^^ ^^1 » 
Objection, n, ^'tf^, ^^^^ i 
Obliged, to be, v. i^e. grateful, 
^tft^ ^^^1 1 — I am obliged 
to you, CS\^V^ ^"Kl ^^ 

Obliged to be, v, forced ^W 
^?1, C«T^ ^'C? ^^H ;— I 
obliged him to do it, ^lOfiC 
^tC§l C^?l ^'W ^C^f^'l I 
Observe, v. '(^ ftc^ CW^ I 
Obstacle, ;/. ^W, % I 
Obstinate, ac?/ ^^ ^1% C^ I 
Obstruct, V. ^tn C^>6!n, ^^n&f 

Obtain, v. ^F^^?!, 'TPS ^?I1 I 
Occasion, «. ^?C?r^, ^t5«|. 

Occasional, arfj. ^^^^ ^, ^'^ ^ I 

Occupy, V. W^ ^?1 1 

Occur, z*. 3115^ ^ I — To 


c *>-> ) 


Ocean, n. 'P^^ • 
Odd, adi. Not paired, ft^l^ I— 
Funny, ^^^, W^i'l I 
Odour, n. ^P\, 5^^ « 
Of, prep. ^^, ^C^, ^^ • 
Off, *'dj. ^?i, ^^ I— Inter, 

Offence «. CfR, ^^ I 

Offend, V. ft^^ ^?1, C^'^ ^^1 » 

Offer, Z'. to present, f^US 

5t^!i1 <— I want to offer this 

to you, CSPTK^ ''ITf^ ^ fros 

Offer, V, to propose, 'SWT^ ^^1 ! 
Offering, «. To a god, ti\Z^V I— 

To a superior, ^^^\ I 
Office, «. -^^ ^if^J— A 

room 'set apart for an office, 

Often, adv. ^T^ ^H, ^^ *f ^H I 
Oh, m*. denoting sorrow, ^?, 

Oil, n. C^fff I— Mustard oil, 
^?IW? C^'T I — Castor oil, 

Oily, ad;. C2»fl I 

Ointment, n, ^3j | 

Old, adj. in age, 5^5, ^ I— 

Worn out, «I?T«| i—Of old, 

C^i:^C«1 I 

Olive, «. ^^^Tl: I 
Omen, «. ^^ ^1 f 81^«| I 
Omission, n. ^ ^1 spj^ | — I 

have left it undone, ^TRH ^v5 

Omit, V. act, C^^ CW^^^II I— 
pass, C^Uf ^tO^ll, 5^1 ^^1 I 
On, pi^ep. '^^fC? I 
Once, adv. ^^^ I 
One, pro. as, — One says ^^ 

^5^ ^W I 

One, adj. single, for persons, 

^^ft for things ^^&1 i 
Onion, n. C^fflT^ I 
Only, a</;\ '^^^ C^^^I I 
Onward, «o?;. '^(\l'^ I 
Opaque, «g?;'. '«^^^ I 
Open, ad;\ C^tf^l I 
Operation, n. '•^^-fef^^^l I 
Operate, v. WS ^?1 i 
Ophthalmia, n. C5tcn? C?N, 


( ^^ ) 


Opinion, n, ^ I—Go and ask 
his opinion, ^{(^ ^T^ ^^ 

Oppose, V. ^^ Gf^^l I 
Opposite, adv. ^fTI^I ^Tt^, 

Opposition, n. ^W, *t3j3^1 1 
Oppress, V, '^^TFf?! ^^1, ^1 

Optional, adj. ^^^ I 

Or, conj, ^, f^Tl, ^^^ I 

Orange, n, ^^'ll C^^ i 

Order, n. W^^, W^J— 
Stand in order, f^^W ?tv5T'6 I 

Ordei , V, ^f^ C«f^^l I 

Order, Z'. from a shop or work- 
man, ^^^ C^^^l I— I have 
ordered the things from the 
shop, '^\f^ C^T^Tl?^ ^sipf 

Ornament, ;?. ^!I5?1, ^^5^1 I — 

In a room, etc ^\^ I 
Orphan, n. W\V< I 
Ostrich, «. fe& ^"a?! I 
Other, aoj. ^T^, ^^J, ^^^ I— 

otherwise, 5^^^, ^C^^ I 

Ought, r. to be obliged 
feft^ I — You ought to have 
done it, C"5T^ ^?I1 fef^ 
f^^ I — You ought to do it, 

Ounce, n. ^^ ^felf I 

Our, pro, '^^^vc^^ i 

Out, adv. ^Tlci I 

Outcast, «. ^T5 \^^, ^iTSiJ 
^ I — They have outcasted 
him, ^TC^ ^^? ^? ^^ 

f^mx^ I 

Outlandish, a/^*. C^'pfl • 
Outdoors adv. <It^? I 
Outside, adv. ^1^5f i 
Outstretch, v. ^Ivjt^ I — He 

stretched out his arm, C^^t^ 

^TfeC!rf^81 I 
Outward, adj. <rt"%^ I 

Outwardly, adv. <2f^tC*fJ, ^^rtL^ 
^'tC? I — Outwardly he seems 
honest, ^^C^ ^^1C^ C^ Tt^f- 

Oven, n. For baking, ^^5?f I — 

For cooking, ^^5^, ^^l' | 
Over, prep. ^^^ I— Turn it 


( ^ ) 


over, ^*^ CJ^ I — Over and 
over, ^"RJ ?H I — The quarrel 
IS over, ^5t^ ^^ CMC^ I— 
The service is over, S^JfJ^I 

Overcome, v. OT^1 ^1 ^iU 
C«f^^ I — I overcame, '•(Tf^ 

^tfin froifi? ^1 ftrrsf^ I— 

I was overcome, ^f^l C^? 

Overflow, r, 5tf^ ^» ^"^ 
*|^ I — The tank overflows in 
the rains, ^i\UB ^H fe^ 

Overhead, ndv. ^W^ ^6^?, 
Overjoy, «^. ^l^tCt "Tlfe '^ 

Overlook, z^. C^W^ ^^ CW^, 

Overthrow, v. To throw down, 

Overwhelm, v. ^^ ^f'^ ' — 
I am overwhelmed with grief, 
^KA ^ '•^tf^ I —I am over- 
whelmed with work, ^^Ttf^l 

Owe, V. tft^l I — I owe you, 
'CTffsi C^t'lT^ tnfil I— He owes 
me, or "^n^H ^C^ l~I owe 
you a debt of gratitude, ^ift 

cyRT^ ^Tcw ^tf^^ 'crff^ I 

Owl, «. C<^51 I 

Own, i\ To acknowledge, '^^H 

Own, V, To possess, if^^I 
^^1 1 — I own that land, *^ 

Owner, «. ^M^, '^^l I 
Ox, ft. itV$ I 


Pace, ;/. v£|^ ^1. 5ffe, 5tST I 
Pacify, r. ^5 ^?1, it^) 
<P?n I — Her anger is paci- 
fied, ^t? ?N ^'Cv?CW I 
Pack, z;. ^tfl ^ff1 ^^1, no%^ 

C^T^l I — Pack up your things, 
c^niT? f^^^ *t3f ^tr ^t^ 

Package, «. *lf^«'^, — A wood- 
en package, TtT I 


( ^8 ) 


Pad, «. cushion iCfif I — Do not 

stuff the cushion too full, 

irfif *P55 ^*W CSV^ ^\ I 

Padlock, «. ^5WI, ^•l I 

Page, n. ^^CW ^ ^'lOT? 

*n^ I — Turn over the page, 

Pageant, n, ^, 15 ^ •— 
They hadja grand wedding. 

Pail. «. ^Prf^, C^C&l I 
Pail full, n. ^31 ^Prfe I 
Pain, «. ^JTtl, CTRl i— My 
back aches f*l^ ^JMI ^*?TO I 
Paint, «. liK » — Paint the door, 

Paint, V. ^^ ^W», ^ Cf^fl »— 
The paint has come off, ^^ 
fed C«? I 

Painter, n. ^\ ^fW i — Artist, 

Pair, C^v^ ' — A carriage and 

pair, ^f^ cf I^ ^n^ I 
Palace, n, ^VS(^V^ I 
Pale, adj, C^^TC^, 'IWT I— 

Pa]e colour, fiPC* I 

Palm, n, ^tC5?r ^S[^ ^R^ 

Palm, «. A tree, ^5T»! ^ rt^ 

Palpitation, «. ^ ^ f|?r ? 
5f 1^5 ^^ ^1 1 
Palsy, n, ^fFW^ I 
Palter, v. f^WTl ^ ^Hl I 
Pamper, v, sfft C^^eH I— Yoi 
pamper your boy too much 
^f^ OK^IC^ ^oTf? 5^tt CfS I 
Pamphlet, n. C5f& ^ I 
Pan, n, ^v51, ^TTvl I 
Pang, «. ^T^1, ^^ ^UWI I 
Panic, «. fifC^ ^M 'SI 

Pant, r. ^«TR I 
Papa, «. ^T^1, ^*r I 
Paper, «. ^T^ I 
Paradise, n. ^^I — The piac 

of the gods, Q^i I 
Paragraph, n. ^H, ^^f | 
Paralysis, ;^. ^W^ft^ i 
Paraphrase, v, ^iWll ^ i- 

Paraphrase that poetry, ^ 'f 

^ ^* ; 


»ircel, n. <'^, ^jf^ I— 
Tie up your bundle, ^fe fl 

Parch, V. mcs\ ^^11 1— The 
grass is parched, ^^ ^^ 

Inarched, t^dj, t«p=i% ^'W I 
t*ardon, w. ^m, Ttl I— Forgive 
•-roe, m^ ^^ I 
Pardon, e^. ^^1 "1 'It'^ ^?1 '— 

I apologize, '^\\^ ^ ^T^f^ I 
Parent, n. ^ ^t^ I 

Pariah, n. ^^ CW^ If? I 
\ Parlour, n. h^^^T^^I I 
: Parrot, «. C^T^I, fC!I 't^'fl ' 

Parse, r. ^ f^^Tn ^?1 ' 
: Part, n. ^tr^ll, ^t^ I 

Particular, adj. f^T?^ I 
Partition, «. ^ i 
Parting, n. t. «., of the hair, 
t^W I— Separation, f^Wtl 

Partner, «. ^^^, ^'ft^t?, 

Pass, r. to walk onward, to go 
by, Cm?\, ^1 C5Cvp «IT5^1 I— 
How many stations have we 
passed, <&&1 cl*f5J ^T^^l C?OT 

To pass an exam, 'l^lw^ fe^^f 

^m^ I 

Passenger, w. ^^^t^, TP?t i 
Passion, w. fi*}^ i— Anger, ?N I 
Passion, z;. To be in a passion^ 

Qll'A ^ I 
Passover, n, fi^^H *l^ I 
Past, «ri/. gone by for time, 

^^, ^m CM?:^ I 
Paste, n. flour and water, ^T^,. 

C^ I — Make some paste and 

bring it to me, Cl^ '^'CT? ^^ 

'^\^ I 

Pasture, w. ^?t?t I 
Pat, V Ft^5^ I— Pat the child 

to sleep, OeWl^ Ft^ Ft^ 

Patch, V. ^fir Qtm^ ^1 ^t% 

Path, n. ^, ^TW I 
Patience, n. t^ I 


( is^ ) 


Patriot, n. C^ '^TO*3 ^^^ 

Patron god, n. ^1 C«r^ I 
Patter, v. ^^ 5v5^ "f^ ^?1 1 
Pattern «. =^^^1, '^^T^^f I— 
Copy that pattern, 5|> •r?^*^! 

Pause, r, ^^1 1 — Make a pause 

there, ^'^ttC^^ <Pr i 
Paw, n. ^1^1 I 
Pawn, w. ^^^ ^N1 I — I have 

pawned my jewelry, '^TW^l 

Pay, n. by the month, ^W I— 
By the day, CiJt^ I — How 
much do you earn a day, 
^fs{ ii|^ ^^ C?"!^-?!!^ ^3 ? 

Pay, V, (?«rr^ ^^1 ^ CHW I— 
Have you paid your debts ? 

Pea, n, ^^ I 

Peace, n, ^1% I 

Peacock, n. 3|^? I 

Peak, n, of a mountain, ^ I 

Peal, n. a loud sound, ^^ 

Pear, «. a fruit, m*Mtfe I 
Pearl, n. i[f^, ^"5^ i 
Peasant, n. 5^(1 I 
Peck, V, dl^^M I— The bird 
is pecking at the fruit, •Itfl 

Peculiar, adj, ^^^, fv?n I 
Peel. ?\ ^[5^ I — Peel the 
orange, ^'('ll Clf 5t^t^ I 
Peep, r. ^f% ^CT^I I 
Peevish, adj. '^jT^st^W, ftS 

Peg, «. C-jfT^, CC^ ' 
Pelt, r. to throw, fe»I m^] i- 
They pelted him with stones 

^sm "^K^ t^»i CTwftpr I 

Pen, n. ^WW I 
Penalty, n. i^W, if<| I 
Penknife, n. FPf I 
Pencil, «. C^t^^I I — Cut' mj 
pencil, C^PJ^^l C^C^ W6 I 
Penitent, ad/. ^n5T^ I 
Pension, w. ^t^S, C^t^T^ I 
Pepper, n. >tf vf Cslt^ ^CftF i 
Pepper corn, w. C^TfF ^fh^ I 



C ^^ ) 


Perceive, v. to understand, 
C^PlM, ^1^ nr?1 '—Do you 
understand ? ^C^ C^^ ? 

Percentage, w. «(^ ^^1 I — Five 
in a hundred are bad, *t^ <^?1 

Perchance, odfz?. t^f^T*, ^f^, 

Perdition, «. fiRH i 
Peremptory, arZ/. ^^^Pf% ^?p^ I 
Perfect, ae/;. /. ^., exact "^^, 

Hft#«T I — A perfect pattern, 

Perfectly, i»dv. ^^<r<5i^% vflC^- 
i ^ra I — I forgive you fully, 

Perfume, n. '^5(^, «5!^PI I 
Perhaps, adv. ^tv5 ^IC^, C^T^ 

Peril, n, f^^W I — They are in 
great peril, ^T?1 5(^ ft^Df 

Period, «. ^!l, ^T*' I 

[ ^>Q?1 I 
Perish, v. ^1 ^^^1, fef^5 
Permission, «. '^if^, ''flBSl | 

Permit, z?. ''l^^fe Gf^^l I 
Perpendicular, adj, t^tf^ i — 
Place the pole uprightly, '^^ 

Perplex, v. ^TTf^T ^>e!i1, ^^^^ 
'(CTT 't^ ! — I am very per- 
plexed, 'crrft ^^1 ^[^5^13 stcjg 

Perquisite, n. ^^f^ ^^, ^ft I 
Persecute, v, a**. ^T^s^1 ^?1, 

Persevere, ?*. ''BTs^^^^ ^1 ^^ ^ 
C6j|l ^'iil, C«1C^ ««rT^1 I— She 
is very persevering with her 
studies, C^ fsf^ ?T^5 ^v^TTS C^TC^ 

Person, n. C^f^, Cf^ i 
Perspiration, w. "^R | 
Perspire, ?'. "^R ^>^iil i— He 
has got very hot, CT ^ifif 

Persuade, v. 'I^ITR I 
Pester, r. f^^l? 53p^i i 
Pestilence, n, ^W^t^, ^I^^ I 
Pestle and morter, n. ^X^\^ 


( ^ ) 


^^1 I — A small one only for 

medicine, ^ I 
Pet, n. 'crtwr?!^ K^ I— A pet 

animal, C^Kl ^^ i 
Pet, i\ '^rtW^ '^1 • 
Petal, n. ^q^ ^t^ i 
Petition, n. W?i^I% ''('Rife I 
Phial, n. Ptf^r i 
Petty, adj. 3Tt1"FRT, ^"Sg, W^ I 
Phlegm, ft, 9tC9?, CWI I 
Photograph, n. To have your 

photograph taken, ^ft C^tfl I 
Phrase, n. ^^ ^«f I 
Physic, n. ^"^ I 
Physician, n. t^PpJ, v5T^T?l I 
Pick, V. Flowers, C^M I— 

Fruit, ^T^51 I — To pick up, 

f^^ ^ C5T«11 1— To pick 

rice, 51^ ^W 1 
Pickle, «. '^^B I 
Picnic, n. ^ C5\wm 
Picture, w. ^ft, ^& i 
Piece, n. ^?n, ^t^ I 
Pieces of cloth left after cutting 

out, ^W I 
Pierce, v, C^^\ I — To make a 

hole, C^ *?1 I — To pierce 
the ear, ^H C^ I 

Piety, n. t^^^, ^?! ^5^ I 

Pig, n. '^'^J ^ C»fr3 I 

Pigeon, w. ♦11131 I — Pigeon 
hole, ^11?H C^n I 

Pile, n, ^rf^, 5fTifl I— For burn- 
ing dead bodies, ffe'51 i — ^A 
disease, '•^'Tci'pC I 

Pile, V. ^f^ ^?l, «P5 ^?1, flifl 

Pilfer, r. ^ ^?1 I— Pilferer, 

f^l^ C5T3I 
Pilgrim, n. ^^'^kH I 
Pilgrimage, n. ^^f'^arl I 
Pill, n. >Q^ff3 ^ I— Swallow 

the pill, ^ CSCOTi I 
Pillage, V. ^ ^?l1 1 
Pillar, n. <R, f^I'Vt I 
Pillow, n. ^T%^ I — Big round 

ones, ^tf^^fl I 
Pimple, n. 3[«|, f^T^^/ 
Pin, n. ^T^f^l^ I 
Pinch, V. fu^p ^t&l I — She 

pinched me, C^ ^^l!) Hp^ 


( ^^ ) 


Pine, n. C^^W"Rp 5JI15 | 

Pine. V. To waste away, "^T^ \ 

Pine-apple, n. "^^V^^ I 

Pink, «. C^TPIlf^ ^N I 

Pint, «. (?fv? C^ I 

Pious, adj, tftf'i^ I 

Pip, n. Mfe I 

Pipe, w. ^^, ^^ I — For smok- 
ing, C^ I— A flute, ^Wt I 

Pistol, n. 5T^ ^^5^^, f^^«T I— 
Fire off the pistol, f^^^T 

Pit, n. -51^, '^Rl I 
Pitch, «. ^eci^'^Tv^^l I 
Pitchy V A tent, ^t^ '^T?^ ^1 

C^F^ I — Throw it out, 1J^?I ^'C? 

Pitcher, «. <P^^ I — A brass 

one, ^\5l I 
Pith, n. 5(R^?[ V^ I— Pith used 

for making hats, toys etc, 


Pitiless, adj, ^«| «srt«l, f^sl I 
Pity, «. Wl, Trai I 
Place, V, mi, ^1M I 

Place, n. ^^, S^lt I 

Plague, n. ^l^^H, ^^*f^ 

Plain, «. e. «. an open field, 

Plain, adj, even ^ajt??, CFf^, 
C^^^^ I— Clear, ^1 '—A 
plain board, CFt^ ^^1 1 

Plait, V, The hair, ft^f^ 
^?1 I— A plait, %^ I 

Plan, n. of a building,»^^^1 I 

Plan, V. 5iv^^ ^?1, 3(^5? ^ fnr^ 

Plane, «. A carpenter's tool, 


Plank, w. ^^, ^t^ I 
Plant, n. 5t^1, ^Tf^ I 
Plant, V. '•IWM ^ C^rsl I— 
Plant that tree, 5f ^tW 'Clt^t^ 

Plantain, «. ^9^1 I 

Plaster, n. ^ifSf^t^ I— To plas- 
ter the floor of a mud hut 
with cow dung, C^W C^^ 

I Plate, u. ^>^\ \ 

C "«• ) 


Play, r. CVn *91 I 
Plaj thing, n, CPTm f 
Play-fellow, v. Of^^ I 
Playful, ad;', C*l*n felf I 
Plea, B, excuse, «SH I 
Plead, r. 'Rp^Tl ^Sl i— At 

court, ^W^ini S^iT at^JTBil^l I 
Please, r. 1^^ *9T, '?f^ «1 '— 

If you please, ^a^ »R I 
Pleasure, n, ^ICTUT, ??<t I 
Pledge, n. wrfta i—Earnesl 

money, ^Tl^il I— Mortgage, 

^t# ai<n I 

plentiful, ad/, ^ICsi*, ft^, 
CT»H, IWi I— A plenriful 
harvest, C^P\ ftpn V^ i 

Pliable, adj. V C«m=l ^, a^- 

Plight, n. ipti, -na^ I 

Plod, r. )ja fSfift *'C3 CT?=1'! 
*51, f^9 «tT^ [ 

Plot, n. ^m% T^VS I 

Plot, r. ?3ia<tl ?51 I 

Plough, ». 1WI, ?I»I I — 
They are 'ploughing, ^Bl 

Ploughman, n. 5W i 
Ploughshare, IRWi ^1»l^ I 

piucb, *. *nw I 

Plum, «. f»J I 

Plump, ad/. CTT&l CTlfel, ^ 

Plunder, ». •[6 *31 1 

Plural, od/ ^ iiw I 

Plunge. ». BCT CSfKP I 

Pocket money, ». ^7S ^5 i 

Pod, ». ^#1 

Poet, ». vft I 

Poetry, ». *ft^, •pfj i 

Point, «. 51(1 I— The point 
of a needle, ^CB9 WT fli 
Wn r— The tip of Snger, 

Point, V. ^fpfjn fra oKH I— 

To point a pencil, Jf Sff ^V\ I 

Poison, n, f<? I 

Poisonous, atlj. ft^W, fw^, i 

Poke, V. C^IER I— The chil- 
dren poked each other, C^mil 
C^lFl 4p *'a(f»l I 

Pole, «. Hl^, ^j6 I 

Po\ice. ti. nWHT^WT, n^H f 


( ^^ ) 


Polish, V. 5f 5C^ ^?1 I 
Pollute, V. ^fslf^ ^?1 I 
Polypus, n. ^p\) C?H »Tf^ I 
Pomegranate, ^/. ^Slfrsf. C^?f^1 1 
Pomp, w. ^f^ «^3[«, ^t^?. 

Pond, «. *lf? I — A small pond. 

Ponder, v. ft^ ^?t ^^1 1 

Pony, n, ^ C^l^ I 

Pool, n. C^t^l, ^1 I 

Poor, adj. ^^^, 5:^, ^t^ft I 

Poppy, n, 'CTTftpiTl^ ^ftW, C^^ 
^ I — Poppy seed, C^Tt^ 
^W I — Poppy seed vessel, 

Populous, adj\ CS\K^ ^ I 
Porch, n. ^TS >Q^T^ ^f^ tP5T- 

Pore, t\ To pore over a book, 
»i9^ 'JPl, vi|« ifJTW ^^ I— 
A book worm, ^tu^ dW I 

Pore, «. (?m ^^ I 

Porous, fl/V/. of ^1 ^31 I ( W 

Porpoise, w. tl'Q^ I * 

Port, n. ^^^ I 

Portable, adj, ?W I 

Porter, w. ff»I, ^cfe, ^m\^ I 

Portion, «. ^^, '«i?,»r | 

Portrait, n, ^f^, *f& I 

Positive, «d7. ^*55 I 

Positively, M<^t^. '«^^*H^ I — Come 
to- morrow morning without 
fail, ^\^ 51^W '^^^J^ vili^ I 

Possess. V. ^^1 ^^1 1 — To have, 

Possesion, n. Vi^, ^ 'T^ I 
Possible, adj, ^II?^, ^^ I 
Possibly, adv. f^ «rt^, ^'C^ 

Post, «. i.e, A pole, ^1? I 
Post, n. ^^ I — An occupation. 

Post, V. ^rc* CW>«!11 1 

Postage, n. ^5t^ ^TltSI i— What 
will be the postage of this 
parcel? ^flt *fK^3 J^l^fS^ 

Postman, n. ^Sff^^t^l I 
Posl-ofRce, u, ^^"^^ \ 


( n ) 


Postpone, V. cwf^ ^^1, f?p 

Postscript, n. <C^T^ ^ia 1 
Pot, n. ''ITS I — For flowers, 
^^ ^rt^ I— For cooking. 

Potato, n. ^T^ | 

Potter, r/. f C^IT? I 

Poultice. «. *5t*^| 

Pounce, V, ^Tf^ f^fl^ tj^, ^^1 

IT^II, CEf 1 ^T?1 I 
Pound, n. '^\^ C^^ I— A place, 

for cattle, C^miv? I 
Pound, n, money, ^^^ &t^1 

Pour, V. UW I — Pour out the 

tea, 51 5^ I 
Pout, V. drife CTTe^T^ I 
Powder, z;. ^^^ I 
Powder r. >^^ ^1 I 

Gun-powder, ^t^FJ I 
Powerful, adj, ^^t^, OTT^TST I 
Pox, n. Chicken pox, *ft^ 

5^Tf^ I— Small pox, Wv5 ^^^ ? 
Practice, v, "^TSm *^1 I 
Practice, ft. ^B^^JfT, 'W? I— 

That doctor has * a large 

practice, ^ ^St^ft?? t? *W? I 

Praise, v. «f«^^1 5^?1, '•^tfTTf^ 

^?1 I 
Prawn, w. ^v^ fe^f^ I 

Pray. ?•. ^<^^ ^?1, 5T>e?1 I 

Prayer, n, €iT^, frr^^s^ I— 

The Eastern attitude for 

prayer, fe^J? ^>Q^1 I 
Preach, r. §<1^«f»r C«f>Q!Il, ca^T? 

Precious, odj. ^T^, ^^T I 
Precipice, n. ^9tC^? «n^ I 
Precocious, odj\ CSlil, *il'5C? 
*1T<^1 I — He is a precocious 
child, vfTR^ <Tf^1 C15W I 
Predict, v, ^^<^ sj^rl I 
Prefer, v, *t5^ ^?1 I 
Pregnant, atJj, C^fSTfe ^ 

5r^'?t I 

Prejudice, n, ^^Tf?, fiftfTi 
f?*^ I — Hindus have many 
prejudices, f^'^f? '«iM* 

Prepaid, flfrff/. '^ftC^ ^"ff fWf 


( ^^ ) 


Preparation, n. "mW^^ ' — 
Prepare for the feast, C®TC5f? 

Prepare, v» '^ft^T^^i <^^^ fif^3 

Prescribe, r. fe^^'^^ ^T^*^! 
*^1 I— The doctor prescribed 
quinine for him, \5WH ^T? 

Present, a^j. ^^f^^, ^^^^ I 
Present, n, ^^^ I— A large 
present. C^u I 
Present, v. wT« ^Tl, ^ffipf 

Presentiment, w. <J^ C^H I 
Presently, ^rfz;. vfl^s^t", *5^^ 

Preserve, r. ?fl^1 ^^ | 
Preside, f?. ^TST^lfi ^m^ I 
Press, n. ^T*tT^T«il I 
Press, V. CR^ ?W, 51^ I— To 

urge with force, C^T?r ^^1 1 — 

To press through the crowd, 

f^ Cksf ^^!f 1 I 
Pretence, n, •{^^ ^', ^q i — 

Do not stay at home on 

pretence of being ill, ^WW? 

Pretend, r. s^lt^TT ^?I1, ^ 

^?1 I 
Pretty, ar?/ ^^, '^1^1 '—A 

prett^y woman, ^^It I 
Prevent, v. ^K\ CW^^n I— I will 

prevent your going home, 

Previous, adj\ ^^^, '«^^- 
^t^ I — Do as before, '^\l'i\ 
^Tl ^^ ^? I 

Price, «. W^, ^^, ^r^ I— What 
is the price of rice now? 

Prick, z?. (?f<rl, C^Ftfet^l I— Prick 
the paper, ^t^ C?^ I 
Prickly heat, n. ^Wf? i 
Pride, n. '^^^^. ^??, CW^lf I 
Priest, fi. ^IJ^Tf^l, 'Jp^ I 
Prince, n. ?t^^H I — Princess, 

Principal, adj. a}t(H, ^l>tn. 

Print, n. ^W ^ 


( ^8') 


Print, V, ^T^ I— The book has 
been printed, ^^ ^MT*^ 

Prison, n. WT^1 I—To 
imprison, OTC^f CW^^l ^1 ^Z^^ 

Private, adj, ^^ i — Not 
general ^^TiiC^ ^% ^^ I 

Privately, adv. 5[f^C?, «lT^5td, 
'^TKVblC*! I 

Privilege, n. fk(?^ '^^f^^t? I 

Prize, n. "^J^l^T? i 

Probable, adj. ^^, C^^ ^ I 

Probe, V. ^ t^ltf^ "f^l f«n 
-^ll^t^l ^?1 I— To probe a 
matter thoroughly, ^W^ ^X^ 

Proceeds, n. sfT^ i 
Procession, «, "^fel^ ^ft[^ ^iS1 1 
Proclaim, z;. C^Wl ^?1, ^fel^ I 
Procrastination, n, ^f^^^. 

Produce, «. ^'I, ^IT^ i 
Profess, r. '?t^T? ^?1 ! — Con- 
, fess, 5lW I— I confess, 'erifif 

Profession, w. ^FfW, C^fHl I 

Profit, «. »!T^ I 

Progress, n. CS^MI ^, ^* 
She has made no pr 
in needle work, C^ ( 
v£|5C^fi I 

Promise, n. "^(^^H I — 
promised, I cannot t^k< 
my word, ^^Tf^T ''H^ftW ^ 

Promise, v. "U^^H *?1, 
^>Q51 ^1 ^T>Qn I 
Promptly, adj\ ^^[vp, v 

Pronoun, n, W^^R I 
Pronounce, v. ®^r^«| ^!l 
Proof, «. 2f^T«l I 
Prop, «. df^, C^l 
roof is propped up, ^^ 

Proper, adj. f^^, s^JI^J, 
This is the proper, 

^^ ^^ «f I^ I 
Property, n. ^^ ^"^fs, 'S 
Propitiation, «. ^^ ^^ 

f*SM5 I 
Proportion, iv. '^yU'S[^<|^ \ 

( ^* 

pioposal, ti. ai^fl, aiS 1—1 
have made this proposal, 

Pioprietor, n. *^ >ltf*lt • 
Prose, «. im I 
Prosecute, r. =rfil«( *S1 i 
Prosecution, «. sifr.'t i 
Proseculqr, n. flT^, ^fiarfl i 
Prospect, n. ^M1, ^T I — 

There is no prospect of a 

good harvest, "Sm T^fCH C*!*! 

'tHl '55111 C«^ ' 
Prosperity, n. ^ftt, ^f* I— 

He has been very prosperous, 

^v. ■<i? tafs 5'c?c? I 

Protect, r. iV\ 9^1, ^I'Plia I 
Protest, >: f^ltrff l^ll. '««1*I3 
»?1 I 

Prostrate, w. «iSlCT fltfil *91 1 
Proud, arf;". '^^Wt^t, C«HltC* i 
Prove, p- i.e. to test, •fflWl 
I — Demoiislrale. »tTfl7fl 
«^ (_To vedfy, STSM ?3l i 

'proverb, n. WW »«)1 I 

Provide, V. CTIMTS '^l, il9^sl? 

Provision, n. »tm i5*it, 
jR^t^ I— He has left no 
provision for his wife, CT 319 

Provoke, v. aMT=» (—Why do 
you provoke me ? *||1HC* 

Prudence, n. ^l^PE*-! I — A 
prudent person, ^ ftc^B* 

Prune, r. ^tSl i 

Pry, r. WIS «?1 1 

Public, "<;". 5n«T«l'— Publicly 

Puddle, «. «IW1 I 

Publish, r. «16is *?1. -ifeTi". 
9ll ^^1 I— Do not publish 
the news yet. 5f ^^^ ■£A» 

Pull. v. §rai I 
Pulp, «. «f ra I 
Pulpit, «. or Platform V^ I 
Pulse, n. ap5l i— Feel my 
pulse, ai^ OT1 1 
Pulse, «. A grain, *»nf . ^S-l I 
PunclviaW^, adt. ^^-s^ax 


( ^^ ) 


Pundit, n. '^fb'3 I 
Punish. V, 7\\^\ CW>«TI I 
Punishment, n. Jff^, ffs^ i 

Punkha, n. <1K1 I— Pull the 

punkha, ^T^ fefs^ i 
Pupil, «. f'em, ^ICflt, mas, ^1,5 — 

CnrC^ I— Pupil of the eye, 

Puppy, f f ^ ^5^1 ^ ^t^ I 
Purchase, r, (j^.\\ ^f^^ ^^1 | 
Purchaser, n. ^fi^^ i 
Pure, adj, ^, ft^iq I [ ^^1 ' 
Purify, V. "^f^^l^ ^?l, '^Tl? 
Purple, n. C^^W ^^ I 
Purpose, n. ^SfH, ^TfepT i— 

On purpo-e, C9l^ ^l^ I 
Pursue. V. C^^ C^f ^f>Q^1 I— 

To try. CSh ^?n I 
Pus, «. "^^ I 
Push, z;. ckl, ^1^^1 C^«^ I — 

Do not push, ckll 5»1 I 
Put, V. C^M ^W I -Put it 

away, C^W CW^ I— Put the 

saucepan on the fire, iSv^ 

^%!l C^>Q I -Put on, ^?I1 I— 

Put out, ^ftC^ Of^e I 

Putrefy, zi. *rC5 ^r>Q!n i 
Putrid, a/// ^Fl, ^fail I 
Putty, «. *t^&l^ I 
Puzzle, ». ^rW • 
Puzzle, V. ^W ^^ 
She is puzzled, ^Bl 

Pyre, u. fB'S\ \ 


Quack, ;/. ^T^J^,^^^! I- 
put him under a quad 

Quail, n, ^\^ ^T^ I 

Quality, n. >0«| I — Give i 

best quality, Tl ^^^ 

CW^ I — She has many 

qualities, ^T^ "W?^^ ^ 

Quantity, «. '^fil^*!, ^ 
What quantity shall 
you, ^^ ^^5^ Cf^ I 
Quarrel, n, ^^tvjl ^^ I 
Quarrel, v. ^^, CftlW 
Quarrelsome, ad;. ^ 


( '«'' ) 


Quarter, «. BT?r 'SIW? 4* ^if, 
^^1 1 — The English quarter 
of the town, tMm ^jysf i 

Quay, w. '^ffe I 

Queen, «. ?T4t i 

Queer, "^//*. '^^^ I 

Quench, v. fi^^T?r«| ^?il, ^^i 

Query, «. tfpS, ^^W[ I 
Question, f^. ^Hf ^?n i 
Quick, «// fW'srf^ I- She is 
quick at learning, ^3 ^Kl 

Quicksand, n. CFT^l ^Tf»l I 
Quicksilver, n. ^U^ I 
Quiet, ad;\ f%^, ^^t^ i 
Quietly, adv. gcn ^IC^ I 
Quill, n, ^rro^t^ ^9R I 
Quilt, «. Cl^l— Thin quilt, 
^1»nWl^ I— Quilt made of 
old sarees and quilted, C^1 i 
Quinine, n. f^^^tt^ I 
Quite, adv, ^i^M% v£|C^- 

Quiver, v. ^*t1 1 

Juote, v,W^l^ ^W C^WI I 


Rabbit, «. ^^C^l»f I 
Rabble, n. fe^ i 
Race, n. family, ^?,»f, f q j 
Race, «. running, c^ i— 

Horse race, C^vf^ c^'^^ i 
Radiant, adj\ %^^ \ 
Raffle, n.^t\Q c^arj | 
Rag. n. s^JTf^pi, ^t^, ^^^ 

Rage, «. ?IT^ i_He got in a 
great rage, C^ ^otft C?C^ 

Ragged, ad;\ c^vjl^ S[^5|:^ i 
Rail, n. a bar, C^ i 
Rail, n. (train) C^^f^fff^ | 
Rain, «. 51^ I— It rains, ^^ 

^X^ I— Rainbow, Gl^^ 1 
Raise, v. CSm I— Turn up the 

lamp, ^tfs ^C^ CW^ I 
Raisin, «. f^^fi|Tf | 

Ram, «. A male sheep, C^\5i 1 
Ram, V, c^, 5»^^ ^^1 , 

Ramble, v. ^^ C^^H 1 

Random, adi. f^^Jl»f«T, i£|C«1t- 


( "^^ ) 


in^f^ I — He talks at random, 

Rank, ad/, i.e. Rank grass, 

Ransom, v. ^^ ^?1 1 
Ransom, w. ^5%^ ^HT 1 
Rapid, adj. f^f^fftj^i. ig;^ 1 
Rapture, n. '^T^TfC^ fifW ^T^l I 
Rare, ad/, ^mj 1 ( ^ if^W 
^^!ll ^?r 5^1 I ) Rarely, ad. 

Rascal, n. iTJs^tf^Tf 1 
Rash, adj. C^IHT?, ^S^T^^ I 
Pat, n. ^"^^ I 

Rate, n. ^?, ^T>Q ! — At what 
rate do you sell these tiles ? 

Rate, «. Tax, ^ftW^l I 
Rather, a^/». more willingly 
^^\ I 

Rattle, /•. ^^ ^ ^^1 I 
Rave, r. ?1C^ fl'^.^'R ^^1 | 

Raven, n. §1\5 ^"Rf I 
Raw, ad/, Un cooked ^^51 1 — 
Sore, Ft^l Cf Tl i 
i?5f, /f. o/* light hH^ I 

Razor, n. ^§ 1 

Reach, 2?. C*fi^^, ^NM m^^ll I— 
I can't reach it, "mf^ ^^^ 

Read, v. ^'?\ I 
Reading-book, n. ^^^ ^^ I 
Ready, adj. ^^C^?, €rw^ !— 

Ready money, ^^ fet^l I 
Real, ad/. '^]^^ 1 
Realize, z;. ^?^^ ^51 1— To 

realize money, St^l ^^Ttftl ^?11 ' 
Really, adr. ^fsj ^, f5^*6? I 
Reap, V. *r^T ^T&l I 
Rear, v. to bring up, ^t^^ 

^?1 I — To rear chickens, ?^^ 


Reason, n. ^, f^C^Wl •— 

Cause <I?B*I I 
Reason, r. ^ ^^1 I 
Rebel, n. ?T^ flji^t^i 
Rebel, v. f^CSV:^ ^?1 1 
Rebound, v. 1?/^§ ^^, ^CTC^ 

Rebuke, t;. <^^1, n^^ CWW\, 

Recall, t;. (J^* C^^'Q?! I— 

Call her back, \K^ C^^ C^^^ I 


^ -Jip ; 



^ece:pt, n. ?T^^ | 
|Receipt, Vi ^ ^^1 1 — Receipt 
the bill, Ux?^ ^ (ym I 
.eceive, v, ^TT^ll i 
[Recent, aij, >l'5?ff% I — Recent- 
ly ^^ fif*l ^'^ I 
Recite, r. ^'W A^^ i 
^Reckon, r. C^T^1, fl^JlT^ 5^^1 1 

Recognize, v. C^s^l I 
, Recollect, V, '^X?^ ^^1, ^(C^^ 

' Recommend, t;, ^^Tffi^^?! I — 
Letter of recommendation, 

Recompense, v, ^%\^ ^?1 1 
Reconcile, ». C1^ ^^1 I — He 
''econciled those people ; f^f^^ 

Recover, r. f^ ^^!I1, ''^t'l 
^?1 I— The child has re- 
covered, CWC^ ^m^X^ "^T^m I 

Recreation. «. ferm, ^rRPl i— 
Games, C^l i 

Red, adj. Vi^, ^n^l i 

Redeem, v, ^fe ^Tl I 

Redeemer, «. "5^^ ift^l I 

Redemption, n, "5^^ I 
Reduce, v. ^^^, ^^ ^^1, ^& 

Reduction, w. ^Stfe" 1^, ^Tf^' i 
Reed, n. »q, ^1^1 | 
Reel V, fee^ >r?i ^^l, fe?i1 | 
Refine, v, '^ft^f? ^?1, ^Tf5 

Reflect, V. ^l^^^\ ^IX ^t^1 i 
Reflection, ti. fiJt^^^ I 
Reform, v. C*fT^?IT5?, ^m ^^1 1 
Refrain, v, ^1^ ^^Hl, ^ajl | 
Refrain, /^. -sftC^? ^51 | 
Refresh, v, ^Wl ^^^1, I^T^I 

Refuge, n, '«lt2^ | 

Refund, v, f^^U CW^!l1, ^^ 

Refusal, n, ''(I^H I 
Refuse, r. ^=?t^T?r ^?1 1 
Refuse, adj, ( worthless, ) 

Regiment, n. ^^T^, hf\^ ^^ i 
Regret, z;. ^mcHW ^~^\ ^^T^ I 
Regular, adj, fs^l^isi^ i 

Regulate, r. f^^^CI ^ ^?I1 I 


( ^o ) 


Reign, v. ?W^ *<n I 
Rein, n. ?R qt^TPC ' 
Rejoice, r. '^I^Jf ^1 ^>n?rrw 

Relapse, r. f^ ^, ^ItC^ 
^^ I — She has had a relapse, 

Relate, v. A^\ ^<5r| ^^1 1 
Relation, n, f^^, IStfs. 

Release, v. '^"W OfG^I, ^ 

Relent, «. ^^1 ^R1 I 

Reliable, adj, ^1y\ C^5fT i 

Religion, n. «r5 I 

Religious, adj. «rrf^^ I 

Relish, V, y\W^ ^?1, ?pfej ^rfl^ 
^^^1 I — She does not relish 
food, ^5t? ^'Rpfe ^'C^W, ^ 

Remain, t;. ^Tft ^tf^l I 
Remainder, «. ^^fHl, ^^ I 
Remedy, «, 5T51, fe*ltf I— 

For disease, '^^'f I 
Remember, v, '^^ ?rW1, 'JR*! 


Remind, v, 3J^^f?C? Of>Q!l1 1— 
Remind me to give you the 
money, CS\^}^ ^^1 ftc^ 

Remittent, adj. Fever, ^ 

f^?15( ^ I 
Remote, adj. ^C?, ^^fC^ I— 

Go further off, ^^R^ ^^ I 
Remove, z^. ^^1^ ^1 ^fttl * 

C^^ll I — Remove these stones, 

Rent, «. payment, ^T^1 I — For 

land, ^n^l I 

Rent, «. a tear, ^f&, C^vp! I 
Repair, r. CT?'^^ ^?1, ^^'R i— 

We are going to repair the 

house, ^rrai ^? 'n?!^ I 
Repay, z'. f^ftc? Of'C?! ' 
Repeat, ». <\i^H^ ^^Tl i 
Repeatedly, ad/. ^^?, ^. 

Repent, t;. ^5^1^ ^?1, C^ 
^^1 I [ CW^ I 

Reply, r. ^? CW'Sfl, Br^ 
Repose, v. ftvSfl ^?l, ^i[filW" 



{ ^^ ) 


Reproof, n. ^<^5»1, ^\^ \ [^^1 i 
Reprove, v. ^^^s(\ ^^\ ^^#T», 
Reptile, «. ^^I^f I 
Reputation, n, ^«f, CSPT^I^ I — 
He has a great reputation 

Request, «. '^l^C^ITtf, ^l^^s{ |_ 
I have a request to make of 

you, c^smn ^m ^fi^tt ^^^m 

Request, v. ^5l?T^ ♦^l I 

Require,, v, ^^^U ^^^1 I— I 

want it, ^t^T? ^5*T?I "miW. • 

Requite, z'. CHm C^^^ ^?1 1— To 

retaliate, CHT^ C^T«11 i— I will 

retaliate one day, ^\fT^ ^^ fffs^ 

Rescue, v, ^%U ^^1, ^f^P^ » 
Resemble, v. ^^^ ^'Qll i— She 
resembles her mother, C^ 

Reserved, arf;. 5t^ i 

Reserve, «?. ^HTS ?l"W1, 5%1 
?W1 I — He has kept some 
money in reserve, C^ ^^^ 

Resist, V. ^W1 C^^fl I 
Resolution, v. Hff «rf^>5Sl | 
Resolve, v. i^7\^ ^?1, ftp ^^i i 
Respect, «. ^H, sft^ i 
Responsibility, «. ^4l, ^gf^T, 
ift9 I—Who will take the res- 
ponsibility ? ?f ^ C^C^ C^ t 
Responsible, affj\ wtft I— I am 
responsible for whatever 
happens, Tl ^cfe 5^1 C'»[ wft 
^5H «F5ij pftfl I 

Rest, n. ft^ni, '^It?!'! I 

Rest, V. fm<^U' I— Take a little 

Restive, a^/ ^fe" Tp][fe , 'CCfTr?! | 
Restore, v, fipf^n C^t^Tl, frpc? 
^^11, To health '^{^P^ ^^91 1 
Result, n. ^TW5 ^ I 
Retail, n, '^] f^Qpl | 

Retaliate, v. CHT<( C^W, fiff%. 
(?rN ^51 I 

Retrench, 2?. To render less, 
^ftn 0P^?1 I— We have had 
to retrench our work for want 
of funds, &t^T?I ^^tW ^t^ 


( ^ ) 


/'^fHW W <— rhc «ccrcthai 
^<^^ //tit* ffW #^ CTt?C5 

ft/^viv«, t;, dC5'«il I— Applied 
Crkl I Trudn liuH 'revived, 

^M*ii r.'^w •ciw I 

Wli^ — Coo! the rice, 
V(^ era I— Rice ke 

water, •IIV ^W I 

Rich, aSj. n^ I 

Riches, «. ^ I 

Riddle, ii. cfSlfij I 

Ride, z?. W^Pi, ^ I — I 
ride, ^HTfJI on^ WJC^ « 

Ridicule, v St^ ^^ i 

Right, adj, correct ^^, "^ 
Take the right price, ^ 
^^ (J^^^ I— Opposite to 
^t^fl— Go to the ] 

Righteous, odj\ «nftl# I 
Rigid, Qdj\ Applied to 1; 

"^^ii I— To rules, ^f^ 
Rim, If. t(t?, ^FRI I— Rinr 

vessel, MkvS^ '^l I 
Rind, n. CV^rl, JEfl I 
Ring, w. ^'RKfet I 
Ring, r. T^ ^WB ^ Oh 
Ringlet, n. C*lf^ jn I 
Ring-worm, «. fl^ I 
Rinse, r» •tfS^W ^"GT Cfll 
Riot, *r. WW, iWWin I 



^ Ripe, adj. *tW I 
Ripen,- v. ^^ i— The 
mangoes are ripe, ^TW "^^ 

I Ripple, «. CWtfe^ CI^ I 
Rise, ». ^ I — Christ rose from 
the grave, 3t^ '^^ C^ ^- 
f^K^R i — We rise early, ^rt^?1 

Risk, n. ft*tW I 

Rite, «. 'I^'^yp, ftw I 

Rival, «. 5T^T5^ f^*t^, 'Sff^l^f^, 

River, n. 5^^ I 

Road, n. ?T^, ^^ I— Main 
road, ^ ?rel, ^^ ?I1W I 

Roam, V. ^ CT5R I 

Roar, V. ^rt^, ^''i ^51 I— 
He roared with laughter, C^ 
dkp^ ^^ ^i^CT %»f I—The 
lion roars, fil^^ ^f^t^ I 

Roast, V. ^^K ^?I1, C^t^ i 

Rob, «;. ^ ^?1 I 

Robbery, «. ^t^lf^ I— Robber, 

Robe, n. C^W^ I 

Robust, adj, ^ <jt, CTf^ dT^I I 

Rock, «. bH«l, *tTO^ I 

Rock, V. CtWN I —Rock the 

child. C5C^^ Oft»l Ot'Q I 
RocKet, «. ^T^ ^ftf I 
Rod, n. ^, ^if^ I— A fishing 

rod, f^t I 
Roe, n, ^U^ I— Of a fish, 

Rogue, n. ^, ^iplTCFT I 
Roll, V* To turn like a wheel, 
^(^, C^"R I— To roll on 
the floor, ^*CT ^t'Sj^ 

Roll up, 27. ^v^, '^feR I 
Rolling pin, «. C^^^ I — Rolling 

board, ^if^ I 
Romp, V. ^' ^ ^?n I 
Roof, w. Thatched, ^^ i — 

Tiled, ^^5 I— Of the mouth. 

Room, w. f^, ^t3J3l I — 

Meaning place, ^T^^ I 
Roomy, €idj, ^^1^1 
Root, w. c*r^\5 I— Of a word, 


( IrS 


Rope, n. ?ff\5 l-.Thick rope, 

^1^ I 
Rosary, n. ^^511^ i 
Rose, n, c^m^ ^q I 
Rose-water, n. C^^M ^^ I 
Rot, V. ^*Z5 ^^^1 I 
Rote, n. "S^ i 
Rotten, affj, ^, 5f»Tl | 
Rouge, n. ^ls\ ^t, \ — Used to 

colour face, feet or hands, 

Rough, ad;\ For road, ^<C^] 
'^T^ I— For cloth, tpKC^ i 

Round, a^j, WT ' 

Round-about, n. An amuse- 
ment, ^W C^: I— ar// C^? 
C*TC5? I — A round-a-bout road 

Routine, n. fS?>f ^^, ^t^ ?(^ i 
Rove, V. ^?[ C^^5^ I 
Row, n. a line, 5fH I— Stand 
in a row, ^U ^fff? #T^^ I 
Row, n. a noise, ^^C^Tfl, 

Row, V. to impel with an oar, 
^ ^«n ^A? ^1 I— They 

rowed the boat to shore, ^T?t j 

^ c^u c^^ cw» ♦rfrs I 

''bll^iC*! I 

Rub, r. '^^^ 'I*!! I— To rub 
vj brass, ^m ^1 ^^ I— Rub the 
'i^rse down, C^TOI ^«1 1— Rii\) 
my\arm with oil, ^W? ^Tt^ 
C^5»r (^^ ^'^^^'*^ ^^ I— Rvib 
out, ^3J^^ ' 

Rubbish, A^*^*^' ^^^ I 

Ruby, n. ^^^ '^^'^ ' 

Rudder, n. ^«l\pl 

Rude, an;;*. ^ A^« C^fnn f— 

To be impertinent ■» ^^^'^ ^^ ' 
Rug, n, i e, Bla^ 

Ruin, V, ^ ^?1, § 
She has mined h 

Rule, r. »rm«. ^?1 I 
Ruler, n. *tt^^^^ 

drawing lines, ?p3T I 
Rumour, w, >Q^, 5f?f i 
Ruminate, v: ^^^ ^i^ i- 

The cow ruminates, 5Rp ^^^ 

iket, fW- 




I Xun, ». Cw\?^, Cft^ I— Run 
after me, ^^ C^| C^lfe ^1 
OtW'Q I — The ink runs, 
*1^^ ^^^ ^TC^ I— To run 
away, ^nf^TC^ ^t^!l1 I— To over 
flow, t^tW *l^ I 

Rupee, n. fef^l I 

Rural, a^//. ^Iv^TC^ I 

Rust, n. ^'^' — The needles 

are rusty, "^15 ^^C5 ^'X^C^ 

Rustle, r. ^F ^ ^ ^ ^ 
Ryot, n, C^^^ I 

Sack, n. ^'m, C^m I— Fill the 
sack, KVS[ cni? ^1 ^^ I 

Sackcloth, n. ^1 

Sad, adj\ ^%H^, ^n\^ I —She 
looks sad, ^K^ ^sf^ C^f^^ I 

Sadden, v, JS^t C?f6!l1, ^Sf^^ 

Saddle, «. fe^ '—Saddle the 
horse, r^tv5T5 f^^ CW^ I 
Sadly, ae?t?. 5^1^^ ^TC^ i 
Safe, ae?/ f^?[l^ I 

^ i^c J 


Safely, adv. f^lDf, f^fi^ I 
Safe. «. C^t5H f^P^^, im^ ' 
Sago, n. ^?t5^1, ^1 ^t^fW I 
Sail, «. C^^H <\ Wmi^^ 

Saint, n. Jft^, ^«tJ^i^ (W^ I 
Sake, w. Cause ^^^j, ^p^J*!, 

Salaam, w. C^fTfai i 
Salary, «. ^C^^, C^^^ I 
Sale, n, fifes | 

Salt, ft. ?[^, «1^«l arf;. C^T^I 1— 
Salt fish, C^W ^m I 
Saltpetre, n, C^H^ i 
Salute, r. 515[^t^ ^^1 | 
Same, adj, vf)^^, c^ I 
Sample, w. ^^1, ^l^j^ I 
Sanction, v, ^^f^ Of^!l1 I 
Sandal, n. ^^^ I— Sandal- 
wood, T5^^ ^]i I 
Sand, n. ^T^ I 

Sand-paper, n, f«f^^ ^H^5 I 
Sand-stone, n. C^W ^^^ I 
Sandy, a^/. C^C^ I — This place 
is sandy, ^ ^H^t^l C^C^ I 
Sap, «. 5nC5§l ?I>I I 


C ^ ) 


Satisfy, v. ^^ ^iil, ^1^1 ^^1 1— 
To be satisfied, ^® ^^^, 
^^^ X"^^ I — I have eaten 
enougk, ^^T^H nfe ^'l^l^ I 

Saturate, v, fsijm ^>Q!n i 

Saucepan, n, ^HT? ^[f^ I 

Saucer, n. f^filF I 

Savage, ad/ ^\^i ^^^, 

Save, V. To preserve, ^^ 
^^1 I — To lay by money, 
^<^1 '^Tl ^^1 I -To save life. 

Savings bank, n. ^TI^ I 

Savory, adj '^^T? ! 

Saw, n. ^?r5 I — Saw dust, 

Say, V, ^^1 I — I have said all 
I want to, ^t^t? ^^^T 
^'C^rf^ I— People say, C1TC^?1 
^C^, ^51 ^C^l I 

Scab, «. 'II^, Cl^j:^, ^TC^^ 

Scaffolding, w. ^Tf^l, f^^ftc^? 
Scald, V. ^ CRJf C^ft^l I 

Scale, w. Of fish. ^1^^ ^1 
^PT I — For weighing heavy 
things, iW^'trai, ^ilt^l— For 
weighing medicine, f^rf^ I 

Scamp, n. ^€? I 

Scandal, «. ^'T^, f^CT I 

Scar, n. ^fC!l^ ^1 '^T^tC^?! irft^ | 

Scarce, a^*. 5^, ^^ I 

Scarf, w. A piece of white 
muslin worn by men, ®v5l^ I 

Scare, v. ^W ^9 Of^J^ ^t 

Scarlet, n. ?t5f1, ?^ ^s" I 

Scatter, 2?. l|v5H I — They are 

sowing the seed, ^till ^€? 

53115 ^ Wrc^ I— The people 

scattered, (?ITC^^1 ^I^Cf C'f'! 

Scene, n. ^ | 
Scent, w, ^R, ^^91^ I 
Sceptre, w. ?I^ ^>Q i 
Scheme, ??. "S^vs??!^ ^^s^l | 
Scholar, n, C^tl^, ^i5, ^tfe I 
School, n. t^ I — A village 
school, ^MtTl I 


( «''' ) 


Scissors, n. #ffe i — Sharpen 
the scissors #1% Hf^ Of^ I — 
Blunt scissors, C^^l ^^ I 

Scoff, V. ii^i ^, ^n?rPT 

Scold, V. ^^1, tf;5^ft5^ I— I have 
to scold you every day, 
C^t^nW C9^^\ ^*^TO ^K I— I 
shall scold you, C^Wc^ 

Scorch, V. ^5!T5?, <jp$ 

Scorn, «;. C^^t^^ ^?I1,* ^^ 

Scour, «7. ^"Wl ^ ^?I1 I 
Scramble, v, To strive for, 

Scramble, v. To go on all fours. 

Scrape, v. tf^l, Ck^ C^«11 I— 

Scrape the potatoes, '^l^ 

tl5 I — Scrape the cocoanut, 

Scratch, v. ^Vi ^vfH, ^- 
CTR I — Don't scratch your 
bead mtl ^J^1 ^I / 

Scream, v, cl^T^?, fl^^T^ ^ I— 
Do not scream, C^^ '^^ I 

Screen, t\ To shelter from 
danger, ^R, '^T^t'l ^?l1 I 

screen, n, ^1 1 

Screw, n. %^ ^^, C^ I 

Screw-driver, «. f5?lfv5" I 

Scribble, v, f^t^ ftf^ ^t^ I — 
Writing carelessly, ^tFC^ 
OT^ I — Do not scribble on 
your book, ^^ f^fe ftfe 

Scroll, n. ^^^ ^ I 

Scrub, t\ ^^, ^sn^l, ^^\5Ti^ I— 
Scrub the brass plates, ^1 
1t^ I - Scrub the floor, CRW 

Scum, «. of milk, ^ I — Of 
syrup ^I^^, C^'^l I 
Scurf, «. ^^, ^1 aipj^ I 
Scythe, n. .^^TC^ i 
Sea, w. ^\^, ^N^ I 
Seacoast, w. ^\C5^ «(!? ^1 ^?l I 
Seal, n, GRt^ I 
Seal, V. CT^?I ^?i1 I 
Sealing-'way., n. •^^^ 


( ^^ ) 


Seam, n. CPII^ C^ I 
Seamless, arfj, ^TCS C^ C^^, 

Search, v, C'^TW, • ^5?n^ ^?1 1— 
Search for it, C^t^f , 

Season, n, ^"j, ^T^ i 

Seat, n a piece of carpet to 
sit on '^115^ I— Give me a 
seat, ^W![ ^'ifc^ c^sQ I 

Second, a^/;. Following the first, 
f^^ I— Day of the month, 

Second, «. "^ji^ i 
Secret. «. ^js^ ^«^ I 
Secret, adj. ^g, ^^^T^^ i 
Secretly, adv. ^U. C^\^l^ I 
Secure, adj. f^l^I^lif, fi^^ i 
Security, «. ^tft^ I 
Sediment, n. ^S^Tf^ I 
Seduce, r. CST^T^i, CWMH I 
See, V Of^l, ^s^t?:^^ ^?1 I— 

To have an eye upon, 5^^? 

^Wl I— See to that work, 

^ ^Tc^ ^m c^z:K\ I 

Seed, n, fl«f, f^ft i 
Seed-time, n. C<il*}^k 'TO I 

Seek, V. C^W, ^STPf ^?1 1— 
Seek the boy, WWW C^TCf — 
She enquired after me, CT 

Seem, r. to appear, CW^T?, C^ft 
^f I — She seems tired, ^^ 
Hn^ CWtC^i— It does not 
seem true, ^^1 ^'CT C^W 

See-saw, n, ^^^^Vf^s[\ I 

Seize, v. «r^1, Ci5!^ ^?1. ?t 
^^?I1 I — My property has 
been seized on account of 
my debts, ^W? ^sij 'BcniT? 

Seldom, adv. ^fitF, ^'^ • 
Select, V, C^l^ C^m\ ^^w ^?I1 1 
Self, w. f^W, '«rr»ff^ I 
Seif-denial, «. 'SJt^ '^^, 

Selfish, adj. v«l^MciFf C?, ^rN*t? I 
Self-righteous, adj. ^^tW 

Self-willed, adj\ ^^ ^^''^ i 
Sell, V. C^^1 i—Sell the horse 
soon, Ctt^ f«f^H? C<B ^1 


( «r* ) 


C^C5 CTf I— Will you sell 
your jewelry, C^W? ^BRI f% 

Selvedge, n. ^"WC^ tft? ^1 

Semolina, n. etc. ^fcif I 
Send, V. 11^^ I— Send that 
boy to me, 5p C^C^C^ "^rt^IT? 

Senior, adj. AHm ^^, OTI^ i 
Sense, n. «rf», ^f^ | 
Senses n. five, ^fe^ i 
Senseless, ac?;. devoid o^sense 
^^h, ftiC#ttf I— Unconscious 

Sensible, adj. ^t^jSTt^, vSfpR^ i 
Sensitive, *id/\ ^fv»^T^ I 
Sentence, w. ^^, ^T^j i — 
Judgment, ^^H f^irt^^ i 
Sentinel, «. «2j^?t, CFlf^^T^ I 
Separate, adj\ 'srfcrfFfl, ^^f<5, i 
Series, n. vsj^St? ^^ vH^§t, 
(S^iTsn:! ^^^>0^ I— Series of 
events, (g55|t^^ ^^^.^f?r ^&sl i 
Serious, adj. ^^^, ^if^ 

Sermon, «. W ^^H I 
Serpent, «. ^It^ I — He died 
from snake bite, C^ ^K^? 

Servant, n. ^^ I — Servants, 

Serve, zf. Ol^l ^?1, Ff^fil ^11 1 
Service, n. 5t=^^, ^t^ I — 

Religious service, ^^Pl^^li 
Set, v, ^7[fs^y '«n^ ^t^fl I— The 
sun sets, ^ ^^ ^TI^ ^1 ^ 
TK^ I— To set the bone, ^ 
^^ I— To set a jewel, ^^ 

Set aside, v. ^«rt«lTWl ^W '—To 
reject, <rfw ^?1, ^tf%«l ^^1 I 

Seven, adj. 7[{^ \ 

Seventeen, adj. W^^ I 

Seventh, ndj. ^^^ I— The 
seventh day, ^ff^^ i 

Seventy, adj. ^[^^ I 

Several, adj. ^U\^, '^W^- 
^f^ I 

Severe, adj. <^t^, ^ift, "fo^ i 

Sew, V. C^^ ^?1 I 

Shabby, adj. ^?T^5(, W^^J I 


( ^* ) 


Shade, «. 5Tfl, '«lPn51»! I— 
Take the horse in the 
shade, C^TC^ ^HITC^ f^ 

Shadow, n. ^1^1 I 

Shady, adj. ^W, ''^T^^l I— 
Plant the tree where it won't 
get much sun, 5f ^n? '^T^^5TC5 

Shaft, «. of gari, ^if^ C^ I 
Shake, v. *rn, ^^ I 
Shaky, adj\ For things, s^v?^ 
m^ I— For water, ^ ^STC^l, 


Shall, V. Future tense, C^l, 

c^ I— I shall go, '^]t^ m^ \— 

He shall go, C^ ^TtC^ I—Will 

you go, ^t^l T^ ^K^ ? 
Shallow, adj\ "^^^^ I— A drift 

of sand where the water is 

shallow, W^ I 
Sham, n. s^Jlf ^1, ^]^^\^ I— Do 

not sham, 5^JW»i ^'^ ^'\ I 
Shame, «. '^W, ^[^ I 
Shameful, adj. ^^H, f^^Hfj^ i 
Shameless, ad;. f^^T^, C^HI I 

Shape, n. l?n, 1^5^, ^^TWRII— 
What shaped hat do you 
like ? C^T^ UW?r ^f^l ^ ^ll*^ J 

Share, v. ^^IMf^ ^?I1, ^"H 
^51, ^<^1 '^P?!! I— We will 
share this work, ^in^?1 ^ 

^w^] ^^rrsif'sf ^'^l^^ I— I 

have a share in the estate, 

''TO? I 

Shark, n. ^pf? I 

Sharf ,' adj. K\^^ I 

Sharpen, v. ^]^ Of^^l, «n?l 
Of^^l I 

Shave, v, '^P'RTs^ • — He has 
gone to be shaved, CT ^I^IC© 
C^rc? I— Shave the child's 
head, (R^^ TJ^ ^WT'Q ^ 

Shaving to fulfil a vow, IWI 
^5^ I — A man or woman 
whose business it is to shave 
cut nails, etc. •^if^vS, •^tfe^ i 

Shawl, n. 4fl I 

She, pro. C^, f^^ I 

;&^ ) 


'. to scatter, W^ I — 
always shedding tears, 

n. CSS^ I 

a(fj\ perpendicular, 
—Mere, ^^, C^^«l I 
n. ^Ff?l I— Sheet of 


under the tree, ^TtCW^ 

ird, n. ^W^ I 

t, *f^^ nt^^l I— as, C^???!? 

«, TJM I 
1. Wt^l I 

Shiver, r. *t^, ^5 «*? ^?1 1 
Shock, n. 'en^T^, tfl^, n>l^ I— 
I have received a great shock, 

Shod, V. ^]^ ^W I— Have 
the horse shod, C^^? 'Tft 

Shoe, «. '^ I— Of a horse, 
9TO I — Shoe maker, «. "?jl1, 
5t^? I 

Shoot, V. ^^ «t^, ^f^ 
^?n I— He shot the tiger, C^ 

Shoot, w. C#f f^, ^^ I 
Shooting star, w. fe^ ^3Tal I 
Shop, «. C^T^T^ I — A large 
shop, ^T^'^5^1 1 — Shopkeeper, 

Shore, «, ^?, ^'^^ ^B I 
Short, adj. ^ife, C^l^, d^l I — 

A short man, Cft^ ^It?^ I 
Shorten, r. 'Slfe '^P?!!, C5l^ ^^1, 

Shortly, adv. f*t^?, *il^^ ^W I 
Shot, n. fe& I— A bullet, ^f'l i 
Shoulder, n. ^^ I 


( ^^ ) 


Sboulder-blade, w. ^t(^ ^ i 
Shout, V, fe^^T^ ^^, C^f 

Show, ». CW^TR I 

Shower, «. ^"fll I —A shower 

of rain, ^^ 1*t*11 5I& I 
Showy, adj, ^f^T^T, ^^H ' 
Shrine, n. C^^ TS^^ 1 
Shrink, v. W^^ ^^^, l*'^lv5 

Shrivel, v, f'^^Cv? ^T^fl I 
Shrub, n, (SS^ -sfTW, C^M I 
Shudder, z;. ft^Cil ^1, ^- 
^H I — I shuddered when I 
heard it, tSC-i '^^ifsj f»r^ 

Shun, V. vUvjtJ^i— To avoid. 

Shut, V. ^^ ^?n I —To shut the 
box, ^Tf ^ ^^ ^?1 1— To shut 
the door but not bolt it, ^^^ 

Shutter, w. ^^^ ^fi?, f^«1^ 

Shuttle, n. ^Tf I 

Sickness, n. ^OTiW, '«^^'< I— 
I feel sick, ^ CT^s^ ^•^ICW I— - 
I am sick of it, ^Ttft ft?!'^ 

Sickle, n, ^TW • 
Sickly, ndj. ^%, ^tfiW I 
Side, n. -^IM, ^H, fw? 1— Sit 
by my side, '^[^\^ TW ^'^ I 
Sideways, 'xrfr. *fl^ ^TtW I, 
Siege, «. •A^ A^ ^ C^ill I 
Sieve, n. ^^^ ^1 ?h?rft I 
Sift, V. ie to pass through \ 
sieve, ^K!l 1 — To sift in ar 
open tray or ^, ^n?l I — Tc 
search with care, ^ffi^ 4^51 
Sigh, t\ ^ f^tPl W^ "^ 

Sight, n. -^il, ^ I 

Sign, «. ^m^^ tftr^, ffe^ I 

Signature, «. ^ft, W^'^rvS I 
Silent, z;, adj, ^^\ ^^, ^fl g9 
5Wi — She was silent, (? 

Silk, «. 5i^w, C^^sj, C5ft I — i^ 
coarse kind of silk, ^'Rl— 
Silk saree, C^^ ^f^ I 


( ^^ ) 


"Silken, atlj. C^^Nl I 
«ilk-worm, «. ^^ C^^1 1 
Sill, n. cm^"^ I 

Silly, adj. i?Kl, C^T^\ ^crT^TTlft^ 1 
Silver, w. 3i^ i— Silver wash. 

Silver smith, «. CTf^l I 
Similar, adj, Tq^J', ^TP^ I 
•Simmer, v. ^m f^T^r ^^1 ^1 ^'Q^l » 
^Simple, cifl!;. ^1^, ^Wl f^^W i— 
A simple person, ^Ffpfl RW 

Simultaneous, adj. xSf^ ^5in ! 

Sin, «. •iri I 

Since, adv. CI ^^, CT^ 
Q^^ I — I have not seen a 

snake since I came to this 
country, C^ *t%^ ^ C^W 

wf^ P* ! - K.ead from the 
beginning, sf^'J C^l^ ^ ^1 

Sincere, a^'. ^l^, ^^< 'Cl^^fe i 
Sinew. «. 'in^f c^ i 
Sinful, adj. ^'^k I 
Sing, ». Mt^^ ^?n I 

Singe, r. ^5T^JIT5?, ^«r^ C^lvjl 

Single, adj, ifi^, vfj^l I— One 
fold, i|^ ^?1 i^Two fold, 

Singly, ac/z;. vfJC^ ^ | 

Sink, V. ^i^ c>5r^l I— To sink 

to the bottom, ^f^lC!! ?f>Q![1 | 

In sickness, 3R^^ C*R ^t^ 

'^\^\ I 
Sinner, «, '^^'t | 
Sip, n. C^^, ^^ |_sip your 

tea, ^Ig^l^ ftra ^T^Q •— Take 

a sip, vf)^ CIFIf .'^^ I 
Sir, u. ^^H?, 3i»ft^ I 
Sirup n, hfi\^ ?Tf ( 

Sister, «. C^, ^ftf^ | 
Sit, V. ^^1 I- He is sitting oi> 
the ground, C^ ^n VV\ 

Situation, n. i.e., condition^ 
'^r^Tl I— Employment, Fl^f? r 

Sixteen, a^*. CTtl I 

Sixteenth, adj. C^T^^ I 

Sixth, adj. ^^ i— On the sixth 
day, 5 fifC^^ f^ I 


( ^8 ) 


Sixty, adj. ^T& I 

Size, fi. -slfiaiH, ^% A^ I— 
What sized chicken do you 
want, ^^ ^\5 ^?I^ M^f 

Skein, «. (Tpf?, ^lf»I I 

Skeleton, n. ^^^t^T, ^ ^(5 I— • 
He is reduced to a skeleton. 

Sketch, 2?. 5^^ ?|i?1 I 
Skim, z;. ^H^f ^T^, Jl? C^STl i 
Skim-milk, n. ^^ C^lql ^t( | 
Skin, n. Of vegetable or fruit, 
fe^^ ^ C^PTl i— Of an ani- 
mal, W[ ^ ^f^l I 
Skip, z'. «lWTlf^ ^?I1 1 
Skipping-rope, «. ^W«1tf^ 

Skirt, «. Jftfl, ^W^1 I 
Skull, n. aiW?| ifif I 
Sky, n. ^tf M I 
Slab, «. fe[9ft, WC^^ ^.I§1 1 
Slam. V, Q^m ^^^ ^?1 1 
Slander, /».^<^in, ^n^t^ I 
Slant, adf. '^^ C^151 I 
Slantingly, adv, CS^\ ^tC^, ^T^ 
'StC^ I— Hold the plank slant- 

ingly, ^^ ^ ^1^ 
^ I— Cut the stuff on 
cross ^t*l^ CS^ ^'C^ ^ife 
Slap, f;, 15^ ^?rl, Ff^ 

Slate, n. CTC^lfe" i 
Slate pencil, «. CCT^" C^^f* 
Slave, n, C^«^1 C^CTTPT I 
Sleep, n. ^ I— Sleep, 
I ^»[ I— Go to sleep, \ 
^l*^ —Put the child to sU 

Sleeve, n. ^%5?, ^t^ i 
Slender, adj. *ft^?rl, 5f^ I 
Slice, n. ^Pt^ l—For fruit 
^\f!^\ I— A slice of p 
apple, ^^ TptfSr ^ 5tf «lt ^ 

Slight, t^. ^6^ ^?1 I . 
Slightly, adv, ^^^^ ^s\^\ 
Slime, «. ^ft^ I 
Sling, n. %^ I 

Slip, V. f^f^ ?f>Q!l1l— 7 
horse slipped, c^r^ fti^ 
f^C^C^ I— It was quite a si 
^ ^ ^'t!ia5 I— A cutting 


( ^^ ) 


a tree, ^'^ I— A slip of 
paper, ^^ %^?1 ^tW I 

Slippery, ad;\ C^^^^ I 

Slit, «. ft?, ^ i 

Slothful, adj, 'iW^, fl^ •— Do 
not be slothful in business, 

Slow, ad;\ Ik'^Uv^ I— Slow to 
learn, ^^ ^? I 
^ Slowly, adv. "^tC^ K, ^^ ^\ 
^ Slug, n. C*T^ «^c. 

Sly, adj. ^, C^t5Rl I 

Small, adj. ^pf, CWlfe I 

Small-pox, n. ^Jf^f Gll^ I 

Smash, v. ^^:i{ ^'W ^^1 1 

'"Smear, v. ^l'^, C^*tl I 

Smell, «. W, Tt^ I 

Smell, r. 0«fTn ''t^ "It^^l '— 
Smell* this rose, ^^ MFH^ 

Smile, V, ^^ tW, ^^ tW ' 

I smoke a pipe, ^'W^ '^T^fl I 
Smoke, «. ^^1 l— The fire 
smokes, §55J ^ITR^ I 
PSmooth, arf/. C5T^, C5«11 1 

Smother, t^. f^'tW ^ ^^'R | 
Smuggle, r. ^'©•T 5^1 fel t^^ 

Smut, n. ^ ^|f5| i 
Snail, «. *fT^, etc. 
Snake, w. Trf^t I—Cobra, 

Snap, 2? ^<5, c^^, ^ ^»c? 
Snatch, r. lif^U 0{ml C^r5 

Sneer, v. ^E^ ?p?1, 5,]^ ot^. 

^T^ I — Do not sneer, s^l^ 

Sneeze, v. ift^ I— Do not 

sneeze, C^5 5^1 I 
Sniff, V. 5RT^ fTO[ fel^^l I 
Snore, v. ^T^ ^T^l i— He 

snores frightfully, ^T? ^t^^^ 

m^ v5fC^ I 
Snow, n. ^^?, ^?Tp I 
Snuff, n. «^. 5^!^ i 
So, adv. ^<\^^, C^^», ^fj^ |— I 

am so tired that I must go 

to sleep, "mfk i£\^^ ?pt^ ^^f^ 


( ^^ ) 


Soak, V, f5^*5^, XK^ (?<«TI I 
Soap, n, ^T^H |— Soap suds, w. 

Sob, n. f'f^lW *TW1, C^nH I 
Society, n. 3Fi?Jt» i 

Sock, n. cn^i I 

Soda, n. ^? I 
Soft. orf;. 5»?3i I 

Softly, odv. ^(m ''Hl^ I- Go 
into the room softly. >6 ^WiH 

Soil. «. ^fsr, TfSt I 

Soil, r. To make dirty, ^HSfl 

^?1 I 
Soldier, n. C^^Ht I 
Sole, n. Of foot, niC!!? C3OT I — 

Of shoes, ^^B ^^1 I 
Sole, a^y. vflf^l, *a5^1 I 
Solemn, a^/ 1^^% ^tfj ^^ I 
Solicitor, n. ®^t^ i 
Solid, a^y. f»C?& I 
Some. a^j. ^^5^Fl, '^tff'^^^, 

Somebody, pro, C^t^T OTT^, 
Somehow, adv. CTM 'ITO \ 

Something, n. C^\^ ft| 
Somewhat, ah, ^?, ^^^ 

Son, n. OPC^, *I,j| I 

Song, n, ^fs I 

Son-in-law, n. VRT^ | — Step 

son, ^T C9C81 I 
Soon, adv. TWftf?, ^^ 

Soot, n, ^Tfh, ^ I 
Soothe, V, ^^\^^ ^?1 1 
Sorcery, »». i&T^, c^5T*^ I 
Sore, w. ^ I 

Sore, a^y. fet^« i — My fingen 
are very sore, ^Tl^ ^^ 

Sorrow, n, ^.^ I 
Sorry, ad|/. gtfttS I 
Sort, «. ?^^, (Sf^T? I 
Soul, n. irf^l I 
Sound, n. *t^, ISCT^IW I 
Sound, r. M^ ^^51 ^ ^ |- 
To sound water, «q ifWI I 
Sound, ac(;, ^S\9[ \ 

^ Soup, n, ^IJ^^V'^XNCi^ ^ ( 


( i*" ) 


Sour, adj. $^ '■ — Temper, fij^- 
f^ CmVBi I— The milk has 
gone sour, 5^^ ^^ CfC^ ' 
Sonth, n. irf^^l ft^ I 
Sow, V, to scatter, ^ftcr c^T«i i 
Space, n. ^T?^ i 
Spade, n. C^T^ I—Put a 
handle to the spade, C^TWf 
^ 1 W^ I 

Spark, «. ^«fi f^^ I 
Sparkle, r. ^ Ff ^?I1, ^ ^ 

Sparrow, w. 5^t *tt"?t I 

Spasm, n. C^^^ i 

^M^, r. ^<| ^>Q!I1 I— Speak, 
^•n I — Do not speak, ^^ 
CfTCTJ 5i1 I— Speak distinctly, 
'^ '^^ *^ I— You ought 
not to say it, ^'^C5 C*^^ I 

Speaker, n, ^^1 1 
Spear, n. ^ *f1 1 

[Speck, n. ifW I 

[Spectacles, n, 1$^1 i 

^leculate, v. »m:^ '•JtHtll ^^^ 


Speech, n. ^^1 1 

Speechless, adj, ^^t^ ^Cl 

Spell, r. ?[T5^t;j ^?i1 I 

Spend, V. ^^ ^^ i— Ta 

squander, §%f Of^n i 
Spendthrift, n. ^"^ | 
Spice, n. 3i»f»n i 
Spider, «. ^^^ I 
Spill, V. Jfl^l^ K CTCq af>Q!rl I 
Spin, f^. ?^1 ^T$1, ^T^l ^T^l I 
Spine, n. fif?|?t^, f^?[ fn?l I 
Spirit, «. 'icr^l I— An evil 

spirit, ^^ I 
Spit, V. ^C?9n I 
Spite, n. %yn, 'eiTfv? I— She 

did it in spite, C^ "^^ ^'C? 

^'?^q I 
Spiteful, adj. f^^^^ I 
Spleen, n, f^tC^f I 
Splendour, n, ^T^ ^^ i 
Spoil, V. 5^1 ^^1, '^tt^lil ^?(1 1_ 

To waste, ^'^ ^1 1 
Sportsman, n. fH^tll I 
Spot, n. ifN, ^q^ I— A flaw. 

Spout, n. 5^^, 5^1^ I 


( ^ ) 


Sprain, v. ^^ ^[^^ I— I 
have sprained my foot, ^W^ 

Spread, v, W^, ft^, ^ft^ I— 
Spread the mat, '^^ *tt^ ^ 

Sprig, n. (^ ^5t»[, C^f^ I 
Spring, V. ^TW^t, e[t^ arf^n | 
Spring, n. ^il^ ^fl I 
Sprinkle, v. f^\s{^ ^^ \ 

Spy, V. dm ^'W CW*, Jiwm 

Spy, «. M, c^rrnm i 

Squander, f^. ^^ f ?l1, fef\?C^ 

Square, adj. C5TC^ I — A square 
table, CFIc^ CT^ I 

Squeeze, v, CTt^^, ^^vpT^^, 
Ft^ I — Don't squeeze my 
hand, "^^m ^^ "5^ 5^1 1— 
Squeeze the lemon, C^^f^- 
C^t'Q I— Wring the water out 
of the clothes, ^f1^ ^^TC^^ I 

Squint, n. C&^l ^otC^ Cif^l i— 
She has a squint, C^ C^l I 
Squirrel, n, ^ C^v?|q| I 

Squirt, f^. ftFf^lt €^1^ I 
Stab, V. C5t3l ^iTin I 
Stable, n, ^ITOI ^'^T I 
Stack, n. of straw, *rR[t, 

^nn I— Of gram, aj^, C^tmi i 
Stag, n. ^fi«| I 
Stage, n. 31* I— Place of rest 

in a journey, '^n^ ^ I 
Stagnant, ac?/. water, ^ ^ 

^^, ^^ '^»f I 
Stain, V. ift^ ^?(1 | 

Stair, n. tTt^ i— Stairs, f^f^ |— 

A step, ^«fcJ I 
Staircase, n. firf^ 1 
Stale, adj. ^fi| i 
Stalk, n. Of a flower, Cft^ I — 

Of a tree, ^"t^ I 
Stamp, n. 5f»t I — Postage 

stamp, fiff^& I — To stamp 

under foot, ^Jl^pt^ i 13 

Stand, V, tt^ |— A carriage 

stand, ^f^^ "^^^ I js^ 

Star, n, ^T?I1, 5^^5R5 I J \ 

Starch, n. Dress in new clofh, ^g^ 

Ttv5 I— Used by dhobies, 


( «» ) 


Starch, v. ^«t C?ei1 1 

Stare, v. ^ ^f^W OWI ^ 

Start, V. F*^ ^ • — To begin, 
^ ^1, ?^1W ^>Q11 1— Which 
day will you start ? C^t^J f^*^ 

Startle, 2;. 5*^^ ^1 I 

Starve, v. '^^V^m rjf^Cl ^1 
*IT«11 ^ ^1 I — Many people 
are dying of starvation, 0^ 

Statue, n, ^% €tf%^^ 1 

Stay, v> ^^1 1 

Steal, f^. ^ ^^1 1 

Steam, «. ^^ I 

steam-engine, n, ^^^ ^^ I 

Steel, n. ^t^ I 

Steep, arf;. fe"^, ^f^ I 

Steer, t\ ?[Fr %!( C^vl^l ^1 

Stem, «. Of a leaf or plant, 
^X^ I— Of a tree, ^"f^ I 
Step, n. A pace, v£|^ 'tl, ^m I 
Step-child, n. t^^5 OR% 1^ 

Stick, n. ^f^, ^fv?, qt^ i_ 
A thick stick, ^Sf^l I 
Stiff, adj, 'JTtv?!, *r^ I 
Stifle, V. fsj^m ^^ ^?1 I 
Still, adj\ iSA^ ^%^, ^«rt«f 

^^^, v£|'<5^>Q I— j.^. Quiet, 

• ■ 
Still, V, ^flTs?, ^TO ^^1 I 

Still-born, adj. 7{^] ^^ I— The 

child was still born, C^q ^^'\ 

Sting, n, ^^ I— A bee has 
stung me, OT^iTf^ ^^ItC^ 5[^ 

Stingy, adj, f^^, ff ^, ^1^- 

Stint, V. f ^«t^l ^?I1 I 

Stir, v: C^X^, ^V?\ l—Do not 

stir, C^]U$] 5^1 I 
Stir, n ^^C^t«1, C^t^Sftq | 
Stirrup, «. ^C^^? C^H I 
Stitch, n, ^«f| Cl^nt, C^«Tf^ I 
Stocks, «. Money investments, 

*C^^»^^ I— A punishment, 

Stocking, 11. CTWI I 


( ^•^ ) 


Stomach, «. C^ ' — I have 
eaten enough, C*I^ ^*WIS, 

Stomach-ache, «. C^ ^^ I 
Stone, n. ^^^ I— The stone 

of a fruit, ^[f5 I 
Stony, adj, nt^, *r?P I 
Stool, n. ^^ I 
Stoop, f^. #Cf ^^n, nKI 

C^^raH C?fT^1 1— To walk 

stooping, ^ ^ ^'C^ 59rl I 
Stop, V. ^t^l I — The rain has 

stopped, ?j& t('Cf C^ ^1 C^tC^C? I 
Store, r. ^1 ^'^f ^Wl i 
Storehouse, n, ^lv§H, >WT^ i 
Storm, ^ I 
Story, «. W ^1 ^?t I 
Story, n, of a house, ^^1 I — 

Three storied house, C5^T^ 

Stove, 7?. f^^tf^ ^ I — Country 

ones, fe^sj 1— The three 

points of stove, ®?J^ 

Straight, adj\ OTW, f^lW, 
^5^ ' — A straight road, CTWI 

^ %^ ?TO1 1— Put this 

straight, t£|fel 17^ 5*? I 
Strainer, n. ^1^^, Wl^ I 
Strange, adj\ ^l-t>^T, ^|^| 
Stranger, « fiwft I 
Strangle, r. Wl t^ fT?l1 I 
Straw, n. ^, f^^tft, C^tT^TI- 

( JHR ^tCf ^sn^ ^ I ) 
Stray, v. ^H ^T?lW I 
Stream, n, 0?!^ -^^j OTt^ i 
Street, «. ?T^, <1^ i 
Strength, n. »rf^, C«^5 I 
Stretch, v, (^ «T^1 ^J\ I 
Strict, arf;. ^t^5» I— A strict 

Hindu, C^T^ f^ I 
Stride, n. ^ITI ^ WH ! 
Strike, z^. ^T?n i 
String, n, iffif I — Fine string, J 

Strip, n. ^Tf^ I— To cut in 

strips, ^tf»l ^ ^1^1 I 
Stripe, n. CSH\ tftfl I — Striped 

cloth, ^^ ^T^^ I 
Strive, v, Uui^ ^U ^ dH 

Stroke, v. ^tW ^t^ ^^ I 


( >^^ ) 


Strong, adj\ ^^T^, W^ 1 — 

Strong rope, *t^ tf? I 
Struggle, V. ^1 ^ "^ ^?1 I — 

Fighting, ^^t^tf^ ^?l1 I— To 

try, (3%^ ^?I1 1 
Stubble, n. SH^ I 
Stubborn, adj, vfl^'tf C5 f — 

Stubbornness, vi|^>o'!r[f^ i 
Student, n. ^ra, ^'V^ I 
Study, z;. ^^K^'A ^'U ^, 

Studious, adj, '^TC^ ^C^tC^t^ 
Stuff, f^, ^% C^^1 1— To stuff 
hard, ck^I Cff^ I 
Stumble, t?. Sc^t^ ?[1 C^T^ 

Stump, n, ^5?[ ^'^ I 
I Stun, /;. *f^ ^ 'Clt^ 'm\ 

Stupefy, V, ^ ^^, ^^, 

Stupid, adj. C^W, '^l^ I 
Stupor, «. f^t^ • — He is in a 
stupor, CT f%?(:^ ^ ^t? f%5|^ 

Sty, «. on the eye, ^flf^ I 

Subdue, r. ^^ ^1, ^'fl^ 

Subject, n. CWS, «t^ I 
Subject, n. matter ^RI I 
Subject, V. '^^^ ^?I1, ^*r ^?1 1 
Submission, n, ^^^1 1 
Submit, V, ^(M^f^ ^^fl, ^tfe 

Subscribe, v. IW CW'Q^. "STt^^ 

Substance, n. ^T^^, ^'^ I 
Subtle, «rf;. ?^, 15^, CT^t^l I 
Subtraction, «. ^^ ^^^ ''l^, 

Suburb, «. ^^^^ I 
Succeed, z^. to follow in order, 

'^^ \ m^?l1 1 
Succeed, v, to obtain one's 

wish, f^^t^ ^^^1 I 
Successful, uc?/. ^^"rtJ, — 

I did not succeed in doing it. 

Succession, «. fe^ fe'^, 
(^t^ni — Two Sundays in 
succession, fe^ ^ \ Glt^^ I 


( ^•^ ) 


Successive, adj. ^ ^, t£|^St^ 

Such, adj, of the kind, ^il^. 

Suck, V. C^T^ I 
Suckle, V, ^^ CW^^ I 
Suckling, n. ^^ CtRj fttS I 

Sudden, adj, '^iT^f^, ^Sff's i 

Suet, n. ^?t I 

Suffer, 2;. ^ ^?1 ^ ^^^, 051^ 
^?1 1 — I cannot endure any 
more pain, ^^ ^^1 Jlt^ 

Suffering, n. ^T^, ^t I 
Suflfocate, v, f^tT^ ^^ ^>6¥l I 
Sugar, «. ftf^ I 
Suggest, 2'. tSf^T^ ^^1 I 
Suicide, f?. ^"^ ^^ I 
Suit, r, ^^5^^, C^^ I— This 
dsres does not suit you, v£l 

Suitable, ac?/ ^^^, I 

Sulk, 2^. "^ft ^^ ^t "^Jfttf^ 

^^1 I 
Sulphur, ft, ^^\ 

Sultry, adj, «^ I— To-day 
is very sultry, ^Cp ^ '^Wt^ 

Sum, 11. OTfe I — in arithmetic, 


Summer, n. i^^fpl I 
Summons, n, ^T^ I — To appear 

at court, ^5^ I 
Sumptuous, adj, ^^"fl 

•^^T^ I — They gave us a 

sumptuous dinner, ^Hll ^ 

Sun, «. ^, C^nr I — Do not 
walk in the sun, C^tCW C^f^'Q 

Sunbeam, n. '^rtj? f^?l«l i 
Sunday, «^ ?f^^ i 
Sunrise, «. ^^rtT«f?, fiTt^t^T^ I 
Sunset, n. '^^t^, '^^ ^ 

Sunshine, w. ^rtj? '^t^l, Gitf I 
Sunstroke, n, ^if^ ^ I 
Superior, adj, fev^t, CST^ I 
Superstition, w. f ^^'^T^ I 
Superstitious, ac?/. ^J^^jfH 


( ^•^ ) 


Supply, V. CTt^l I — I supply 
his clothing, "^Ik ^U ^W^ 

c| Supply, n. '•(tWWH, C^^t^ I— 
There was a large supply for 
the feast, C3TC^ ^^1 f^^^ 

Suppose, V, C^^ ^V, ^«^?prR 
^1, 3t^?lW I — I have guessed 
rightly, '^1fi^ t^ it^?lt5 I 
Supurb, adj. ^p\\ f^f^ | 
Sure, t\ f5^*S!l ^T^l I ["^^m \ \ 
Surely, adv, "^"H, i^mv^l^, 
Surety, n. mf^ | 
I Surface, n. §^fl^^, fe<1? I 
Surly, ae?;'. ^t^'^,f^f^| 

Surprised, to be, v. ^'pf ?J^^1 1 
Surround, 2?. ^filfw^ C^ I 
Suspect, V, ^ICT^ ^?1 1 
Sustain, e?. 'Sff^^tW?^ ^il1 1 
Suttee, «. 1^^«| I 

Swaddle v. f»ft9C^ ^T^^ ^^t^^ I 
Swallow, V. %q C^ql, C^fffl I 
Swamp, w. ^«rl, C^t^T^f5l i 
Swarm, «. A cluster of insects, 
?f t^, *rt»l I 

Swear, «?. f^^ ^?ll I 
Sweat, n. '^ I 
Sweep, V, ^tfe af>6^1 1 
Sweet, adj. fil^ I —Sweet- 
meat, n. CT^ fijlt^ I 
Sweet-potato, ft^ ^Tt^ ^I'Wt 

Swell, V, CW\\ ^t*n I 

Swell, n. fond of dress, 

Swift, ac?/. ap^^rn^t, F&^'cfe i 

Swim, V. ^nn Of^H I 
Swindle, v. ^H, '£f^*5\1 ^^1 1 
Swine, w. '^iJ, C*fT?[ I 
Swing, «. OfT'^l I 
Swoon, n. "^s^'l I— They 
swooned, ^5T?l1 '^C^' %!(f^ f 
Sword, n. ^m\^ I 
Syllable, «. ^tC^J? 'St^ I 
Sympathy, n. *t?l ^SW ^S'^ C^t«I 

Symptom, n. ^^% 1^ I 
Syringe, w. HFf^ I 
Systematic, adj. ^!R^^, «rt^T- 
ir35 I 


C ^'8 ) 



Table, n, (J^ i 

Tack, n. C^W?! <l^ I 

Tadpole, n. C^vStffe I 

Tail, n. CT^ I— The tail of 
hair worn by Hindus on the 
back of the head, f^f^ I 

Tailor, «. iffif I 

Take, v, (?{^ti I— Will you 
take my books ? ^'srpn? ^^ f% 
C^IA I— Take it, ^\^ ^\ •— 
Do not take it, f3[^ 5^1 I 

Take away, v. fil^ ^>6?l1 I— 
Take away those things, ^ 

Talc, n. '^^^ I 
Tale, n. ^ | 

Talent, w. "^^^1, ^ I—A 
weight, ^1 1 
Talk, V. ^<l^^l1i— Talk, «. 

Tall, adj, a^^l, Cl^^fl I— A tall 

girl, CI5W1 CTW I 
Tamarind, n. C$>|^ I 

Tangle, w. *>?!&, CBH^ I — My 
hair is in tangles, ^^ C^Sft^ 

Tank, n, *t^' ' — A large tank, 
f^ I — Steps to go down 
into the tank, tW ^j 

Tap, n. A gentle blow, C^^ 1 1— • 
Tap, V, C^^ armi I— Tap at 

the door, OfK^ C^W TRI I 
Tap, «. To draw water through, 

^Tm ^^, ^ I— Go and turn 

on the tap, '*»! Ctfl W • 
Tape, w. f^^ I 
Tar, n. '^TTH^Ift^^l i 
Target, «. IJft, 5ttRlfir I 
Tart, adj. Sour, S^ i 
Task, «. f5^?Rfn^ ^W '— 

Labour, '^f^ I 
Tassel, «. C'tt't, ^TMI I 
Taste, V, ^T^ I— Taste the 

chatney, 5lSj^ C^^ OK * 
Tattle, V. ^TOT ^?r ^^1, ffft 

^?1 1 — She is a great tattler, 


( ^•^ ) 


Tattoo. V, ^ ^?I1 1— She has 
tattooed her face, C^ ^[^ fef% 

Taunt, r. ^1^1 ^^\ %^ ^^1 1 

Tax, n. ftW^I i 

Tea, «. 51 1 — Make the tea, 51 

^TM ^? I— Strong tea, ^ 

51 '—Weak tea, f^^ 51 I 
Teach, v, f*r^ CW«^, C*f<T5^ I 
Tear, n, C5tC^? 'B?q | 
Tear, v, ^T^ OP^Tl I 
Tease, v, ^J^ f^?^ ^ I 
Tedious, adj, ftilf??^? I 
Telegram, n. ^tCiI^ '^^^ i 
Telegraph, i\ ^C? n^? Of^ll I 
Tell, r. 55sn I 

Tell-tale, w. CT ^^ ^^ ^C^ 
1 C^^, ^^^ I 
Temper, n. Disposition, 

CWW I— Bad temper, ?N I 
Tempest, n. ^vj I 
Temple, n, a building, ^f%5 I 
Temple, n. either side of the 

head, ?^ i 
Temporal, adj. §|>f^^, ^Bi^ 

Temporary, adj, ^^^'R?!?, 

Tempt, ». ^liWl 'fill, (?ir5 
Q^i^ I — Do not tempt me, 

^«rprra (?rr5 off^ ^^1 • 

Temptation, n. '^?l^, C^^ I 
Tempter, n. ^fl'S^^ i 
Ten, n. ?f»r I 

Tenant, n. ^t^tcfe i— He is a 
tenant of mine, C^ '^^t? 

Tender, ac(;. soft, delicate, 

5^?^, ^f5 I 
Tenfold, adj, ifMW • 
Tense, «. ^H I 
Tent, «, ^3t^ I 
Tenth, adj, iH^ I— Day of the 

moon, ^*t^ I— Day of the 

month, iH^ I 
Tepid, adj, ^S?^\ 'K^^ ^^ 

Terrace, «. 51^ ' 
Testify, v, ^Tt^t C^^S^I, «W*I 
C^^^l I 
Testimonial, n. fiTW 131 , 


( ^•^ ) 


Text, n. <1W 1 

There, adv. C^^tC^^ 1 

Texture, ^^T&, ^T^ 1 

Therefore, adv. CT^**!, ^f^Cfl 

Than, conj\ CRll, ^^t^ i 

These, pro, (£| ^, t£|?1 1 

Thank, v. ^J^J^TW Of^^l 1 

They, pro. ^?(1, ^T?I1 i 

Thankful, ad/. *^^89 1— Be 

Thick, adj, for cloth, ^, 

Thankful, ?^3^, ^^ 1 

C^llJl 1 — Milk or other liquids, 

Thankfulness, n. f^^^l |— 


Show your thankfulness, 

Thicken, v. "^ ^1 ^1^51 ^^1, ^ 

f ^A^SavAl C5fftt>6 1 

?[^!n 1 — If you boil the milk 

That, pro, !^. C^t, C^ I 
Thatch, V. ^T^!l1 i—I want to 
re-thatch the house, ^^ •^^ 

Thatcher, n. ^^if^ I 
Thatch, 2^. UPf, 5t^^ I 
The, ac?/ 5?, i£lt | 
Thee, /?ro. C^"WC^ I 
Theft, n. jUi I 
Their, pro, ^K^^ I 
Theirs, pro. ^5t^ | 
Them, pro, ^t^tf^^K^ I 
Themselves, jo^o. ^t^#^t?1, 

Then, adv. ^^, ^3^, ^^'C'l I 
Thenceforward, ae^r. ^^5^ 

well it will get thick, 5^ ^^ 

^«1 "^ ^^ I 
Thief, «. C5H I 
Thigh, w. ^, ^?[t^ I 
Thimble, n. f^hr^, 'ejl^i^pn I 
Thin, adj. for cloth, ^tt^ I— 

For person, Gl% ^^ ^^1 I 
Thine, pro, C^Wi I 
Thing, «. fe^Jf, ^^ I 
Think, f^. ^^1, fF9l «1 I— 

Think before you speak, 

Third, adj, ^^^ I— Day of 
the month, CS^ I— My thiid 
son, '^\^^ ^^ ^1 C^^ C^C^r I 

Thirdly, adv. ^^^v*: I 


( ^••^ ) 


Thirsty, adj, I am thirsty, 

Thirteen, «rf/. c^ I 
Thirtieth, adj. Day of the 
month, f%f?C*f I 
Thirty, adj, fsf^-f | 
This, adj, v£i^ I 
Thorn, n. fj^ | 
Thorny, o^j, fl^r5?1 | 
Thoroughly, adv, I'^f^HW I 
Those, pro, 5f> if<f8T, ^ 5f55 1 
Thou, /?ro. ^f^ I 
Though, coni, ^f?f^Q | 
Thought, «. fe^l, ^^s\1 1 
Thoughtful, adj, ^©t^^ i 
Thoughtless, a^/;. ^CR^tHT^ I 
Thousand, adj, ^W?f I 
Thread, n, ^ i 
Thread, v, ^!^ I— Thread the 
beads, ^f?t ^ I— Thread 
your needle, ^ C5 ^^ ^T>Q i 
Threaten, v. ^ Ctf^H I— Do 
not frighten the child, C^CI^^ 

Three, adj, f%^ | 
Throat, n, ^8fl I 

Throb, r. ^H ?r^ ^?1 1— The 
boil throbs, CW51 W^^ 
^'?^ I— Of the heart, ^ ^ 

Throne, n, fj^^,^!^ I 
Through, prep, by means of 

^H^^, ^T?i, fwni, ^n^ fifC![ I— 

Take the needle through. 

Throw, V, C^8^1, Cl?tv5l i— Do 
not throw stones, (^^ > V^\ 

Thrust, r. to push, dw C^>€!n, 

Thumb, n, ^ ^1^ I— The 

child sucks its thumb, 5? C^^ 

?^ '^T^ CFrc^ I 
Thunder, n. C^^ 5(^f^ —It 

thunders, C^ ^tft ) I 
Thursday, n. ^^'Tt^T^ I 
Thus, adv, vf) fiT^tC?, ^ ?l^^ 

^X^ I— Do it thus, v£l ?*5[ 

^'^ ^3 I 
Thy, po8. adj. CS[^U I 
Thyself, pron. ^U f^V^, ^«rM^T- 


( ^•^^ ) 


Tick, V, To make a small 
noise, t5^ W^ ^^ I 
Ticket, «. fSf^ I 
Tickle, V, ^V^ ?^ Of^^l, ^^ 

Tide, n. OTtIT?! ^t&l I 
Tidings, «. ^^^ I 
Tidy, o/f/. ^If?^ I 
Tie, V. ^trl I 

Tiffin, n, «f«T ^^T?, l^^^lTTt^ I— 
Go and have your tiffin, ^^ 

Tiger, n, ^t^ I 

Tight, ac?;. ^^ I— The jacket 

is too tight for me, «fWl ^©tft 

^^ ^ C^C5 I 
Tight, r. To be or become, 


Tile, n. For the roof, rtMl I— 

For the floor, fel^ t^^ I 
Till, adv. CT ^^ I 

Till, V, ^^ ^?ii, CT1, ^ftrs ^t«l 

Tilt, z;. To raise on one end, 
Timber, n. ^^f^ ^ I 

Timbrel, n. ^W^ I 

Time, n. JR? I— In time, t^ 
JpfW I — ^The time is over, 
'TO! ^tf CTO I j 

Timepiece, n. ^(^ I i 

Timid, adf. ^tj I 

Tin, n. ?t^^, 15^ I [^^} I 

Tinkle, r. ^ ^ ^ ^^ "t^ 

Tinsel, v, ^, ^^^1 1 

Tiny, adj\ "JfDf, C^ i 

Tip, n. ^, v55n, ^5ni 

Tipsy, adj. aif^fT I 

Tire. «. of wheels, ^tH I 

Tired, adj. 3Pt^ i — Weariness, 

Tiresome, ad;\ fk^l^ ^?, sJu^ 
'^tcfe I — Tiresome work, W 

Title, «. «.«. A name of distinc- 
tion, C<^, fe^ I 
Tittle-tattle, zf. ^cR<% ^<1 ^, 

^?r ^?r ^^1 1 

To, prep. C5, ^rt^i, ftw, CT I 
To and fro, adv. «4 fipf ^ 
fw^ I— Walk to and fro, 


( ^'i ) 


toad, n. C4^1«11 C^« , 4^ ^cfe 

Tooth, fi. ^ 1— Tooth pick. 



Tobacco, «, ^Wl^ 1— To 

Toothache, «. iJlVfi ^J^ 1 

smoke-tobacco, ^1*11^ 

Top, «. ^, felftv»t^|— The 

<TOTl 1— To chew tobacco, 

top of a thing, fe^ ^5r i 

orrel ^^^i i 

Top, n. A childs toy, »rr(B*l 1 

To-day, adv. ^fBf 1 

Topsyturvy, adv, ^•^ ^J^^ 

Toddle, V. tH tS ^'C5 ^, 


Torch, «. ^»rN 1 


Torment, «. ^t^^l, ^J^ | 

Toe. n. ^^XM '^\'^ 1 

Tortoise, n. ^\\b\ \ 

Toffee, «. Or% «Ttnf^ i 

Toss, V. C^t^ ^Iv^^ ^^1 I—The 

Together, ac?r. vfl^ TIC? 1 — 

waves are tossing, ^^ CSFT- 

Altogether, ^#Q?^, ^il^^^^ 1 

nt^^ '♦'ilCb 1 

Token, n. fb^ 1 

Total, n. C^lfe | 

Tomb, w. ^t^R ^^? 1 

Touch, V. C^NI I—Do not 

To-morrow, w. ^t^ (^W^) 

touch that, >6fel ^ C^l ^) 1— 

See yesterday. 

If she touches me she will 

Tongs, n. ft^c^, ^1\51% 1 

lose her caste, ''H^T^ ^ C^ 

Tongue, n. f^^ \ — Tongue 

^^ «?f5 ^5? 1 

scraper, fe^ C^^1 1 

Tough, adj\ »f^ I 

To-night, n. '«rr^ ?rP5 1 

Towards jor«p. vj^^^ f^j^ | 

Tonsil, i». 'erprf^ 1 

Towel, «. ^t^I?! 1 

Too, adiK i.e. Also, ^ 1 — 

Tower, n. ^55 ^^, ^ \ 

Much, C^, ^ 1 

Town, «. 5R?, •{^ 1 

Tool, n. ^, C^CV*q 1 

Toy, «. C^^s^l 1 


( ^^« ) 


Trace, n, A mark left, fe^ I — 
Trace, part of harness, C^t^ I 

Trace, v, ^1"R i — Trace over 
that writing, d^^ >Q^^ 

Track, n, ^TC?!? ^% ^ ^ I 
Tract, n. a small paper, 
&jt^ I^Of land, ^ ^^ I 

Trade, n. ^J^JTl, ^iR^J I 
Tradesman, «.^>6FfN5,C^^T^ I 
Traffic, n. ^>Q!I1 ^W, ^0^^ I 
Train, n. C^^l^ I—I missed 
the train, ^tvjl '^U^ C{^ ^1 

Traitor, n, ft'Tt^ ^t^^ I 
Trample, v, ^^1, ^W^ I— She 
trampled on that insect, (?[ 

Transient, adj. 9Ff«|^, ^"^tft I 
Translate, v. '^^W ^^1 1 
Transparent, adj. •?% ^T^ 

^'^^ ^'m cn^\ m^ I 

Trap, n. ^^I, #Tff I 

Trash, n, i.e. refuse, ^fll^ I — 
Why do you talk trash, ^tW 
^^ C^»\ ? — Worthless matter, 

^tC'^ I— Worthless book, ^tC«r 

Travail, n. fif^ ^^ | 

Travel, v, ^T3l ^31 I 

Tray, n. ^t^^l?, ^Ffd^ ^ I 

Treacle, n. >Qv5 I 

Tread, v. 5^ i— To tread 

down, ^TTft^ I 
Treasure, 2». «Tjfif ^?l1, ^t\\ ^?1 i 
Treasure, n. tfs^ i 
Tree, «. ^Tf^ i 
Tremble, v. <^^ I— She is 

trembling, C^! M'^^ I 
Tremendous, adj, ^^, <2f^>3 i 
Trespass, n. ^^, ^tvSsl 5r^5| | 
Tress, n. C^ftF, C^51 I [ ft5T?r I 
Trial, n. ^^ft^l I— Judgment, 
Tribe, w. ^^»f I 
Trick, fly Of conjurers, C5^| — 

A boys trick, ^lf%, i^T^I I 
Trident, «. fe'J^ I 
Trifle, n. ^ f^^![ i 
Trim, Z'. e.g. To decorate, 

^TtW*' I — Do not trim your, 

clothes too much, ^T^^C^^ft 

Ttftf^ 5^1 I 


(. ^^^ ; 


Trinity, n, fs'^ I 
i Trouble, n. ^|, C3F*f I 
Trouble, r. ^^ OTQ^I I 
Trousers, n. ^TW^ ^? I 
Trowel, «. For a bricklayer. 

True, ao?;. i|^J | 

Truly, adv, ^^ \ \ 
' Trumpet, n. ^ft, c^ | 

Trunk, n. Of a tree, ^51 
tf ^* I—Of an dephant, 
t&'v? I— A box, fir^^, C5t^^ I 

Trust, v. f^tt^ ^?1 1 

Trustworthy, arf^'. f^*fPT C^tW I 

Truth, n. ^\^ \ 

Truthful, adj. 7\^^ I 

Try, V. ah ^^1 I 

Tube, n. i^q, ^ | 

Tuck, «, 2.6. A fold in a gar- 
ment, C?tl> I 
Tuesday, «. ^q^^t?! i 
Tug, V. CCftC^ &T^1 I 
Tumble, v. ^CWT^ ^1 ^t^t^ 

<r^?n I— The child feH down, 

C5cq ^mt? c^c^ I 

Tune, n, ^^ I 

Tunnel, n. ^v$9f | 
Turban, w. ^t^fe I 
Turn, r. ^) I— Round, 

Cn^ I— Over, fesTfet^T I— Out 

^Tv?t«^ I 

Turn, «. ^1Tq1 I 
Turpentine, n. ^T^f^^ C^ I 
Tusk, w. ^f^^ #[^ I 
Twelfth, adj. Day of the moon, 

T^f% I— Day of the month. 

Twelve, adj. ^t^ | 

Twentieth, adj. Day of the 

mouth, ftc*f I 
Twenty, adj. f^H, 1J^ i 
Twice, adj. 5 ^t? I 
Twig, n. C^\5\, C?p^ I— 

Of a bamboo, ^^ I 
Twilight, n. C^qfq, ^^ i 
Twin, n. ^^9, ^^f^ I 
Twine, n. '^;>^ I 
Twinkle, v f^ fi^^ ^^1 1 
Twist, V. ^ Cff^V I—To twist 

round, ^^^ I 
Two, adj. 5^ I 
Two-fold, adj. C^W^^ • 


( ^^^ ) 


Type, n. i.e. An emblem, 
Wnil I — Used in printing, ^tRF 

Tyrant, n, C^^tFfl^, ^^TtFtl^t I 


Ugly, adj, f ^fil^, f^§l I 
Ulcer, n. ^^f^ ^1 I 
Umbrella, w. ^v5l ^ ^^5 I 
Umpire, «. ^tf^l^ I — I will be 
your umpire, ^tf^ 'Ttf'lf^ 


Unable, a^^y. ^(^^ I 
Unanimous, a^'. ^fl^^l, ^^ 

Unbelief, «. ^ft'Tt^ I 
Unbeliever, n. ^fttt^ I 
Unburden, v, C^W 5^1^ i — 
Unload the cart, ^H^ f^f^^^ 

Uncle, n. Fathers eldest 
brother, OTjJl i— Father's 
younger brother, '^^^ ^T^1 1 — 
Mother's elder brother or 
younger brother, ^^1 I — 
Annts husband, ClWl, f*Kf I 

Unclean, adj, ^t^fu ' — Hindus 
would call those out side 
their own caste, (M^ I 

Under, adv. ^R^ i 

Underneath, adv. ^1t^, •W 
(M^ I— At the foot of, ^5OT I 

Understand, ». ^^ I— Do you 
understand ? 5^^ ? — Can 
you understand ? — ^fUS *tT?f 

Undertake, v. ^5T? C^^^l I— 
Will you undertake this 
work? ^fi( f^ ^t ^TC^ ^\^ 

Undo, V. tftf^ c^\ «rpwn 

Undress, v. ^T^ 151^1 I — 
Undress the child, C^OT^ 

Uneasy, adj. ^TT?, ^^tf? I 

Uneven, ac(/. ^BR^ns^ I 

Unfasten, v. C^l I 

Unharness, v. ^ftCf rtMl I — 
Unharness the horse and 
feed it, ^rt^ tPf C^n?TC^ rtC^ 


( ^^« ) 


Unhealthy, adj. For place, 

Upside-down, a^Zz^. ^*^ ^^^ 

' ^^m 1— For person, ?Ptt 1 

^"^ «v©| 

Union, w. f5l«T, <iS>f I 1 

Upward, adv, >e»f? f^f^^ | 

Unite, V. C^^ ^^1, vHf ^!11 1 

Urgent, adj. ^!pft, ^v^ Tf^^tH 1 

Universe, «, ^''^l'^ 1 

Usage, n. Itfe, mVf^^^ 1 

Unless, conj. ^^«T, ^fw •^l 1 

Use, V. ^J^^H ^^1 1 

Unlock, V, ^TTl Q^^\ 1 

Useful, odj. ^IC^?, W5^t?t 1 

Unpack, t^. f^^ ^^ rtt^fl i 

Useless, adj. ^tWK ^!(, ^C^WI, 

Unpick, t;. C^fll 1— Unpick 

'^^TTl 1 — That man is no use. 

this work, ^^ (J\^^ (M?\\ 1 

^ OT^^ ^l^*^ 1 

Unruly, «c?;'. 'SJ^H, ^^^ 1 

Usually, adv. 315^TR, 41^ 1 

Unthread, r. ^^ C^W 1 

Usury, w. ^ft^ ^ 1— Do not 

Untie, e?. t\^\ Q^^\ 1 

borrow on usury, ^srfif^ ^^ 

Until, /)r6/7. a ^^, ^"5^ 1— 

^t^ ^C^l 5^1 1 

Until I come, ^^^«l ^1 ^f^ 1 

Utmost, adj. ^^\^^ ^%^, fift«t- 

Unto, prep. C^, ^%^, ^tC^, 

^^«l 1 — Try your utmost. 

ftC^ 1 

^<j ^%^ ^1 fifM^c«i cull ^? 1 

Untruth, 2;. fm\ f^^ ^<l 1 

Utopian, a/^*. ^l^fs^^ | 

Unworthy, adj. ^C^l^ 1 

Utter, V. i.e., to speak, fe55T^«l 

Up, ac^z^. ^^W 1— Get up, 

^?1, ?ql 1 

>Q^ 1— Lift up, C^H >Q^^ 1— 

Uvula, n. ^rprflR 1 

Up to, <1^. ^^ft 1 


Upon, prep. ^6^? 1 

Vacant, adj. '^tM, "^^ i 

Upright, adv. C^^, '^l^l 1— 

Vaccinate, r. f^^ Of^^l i — I 

Honest, ^^ 1 

have been vaccinated, ^Wt^ 

Upset, V. ^\^ Gf^Q!^1 ^1 C^Wl i 

fSc^ C^^fl X^T^ 1 


( ^^8 ) 


Vail, V, or veil, *tTl fTO ^iS^H 
C^^^1 I — To cover the face 
with the sari, C^t^ CW^51 I 

Vain, adj, fruitless, ^^ I — 
Proud, fil^1 ^^ ^i:? C^, 
CW^rfC^ I— In vain, fWlW^, 

Valour, «. ^n^, ^?i^ I 
Valuable, afij. ^ft^ I 
Value, w. ^, Wt^i, ^'^ I 
Valueless, adj, ^^t^ I 
Vanish, v, '^x^^^\^^\ I— The 
sugar vanished, f^ ^'l C^ I 
Vanity, w. ^^ I 
Vapour, «. ^m, ^^ I— When 
the water boils the steam 
rises, ^ ^^ ^^ ^d ' 
Variable, adj, '«lf?5^^^, 

Variety, n. i^f ^^, ^Tt^l 
?^^, ^^ ^^^ I 
Vary, «. f^ ^'^ft, ^^^ ^^!I1 I 
Vast, adj. fif^t^, ^i^, ^H^I, 

Vegetable, n, ^«rW^, MTf ^ • 
Vegetarian, w. ^?lfsR C3t^ I 

Veil, n. CTf^, ^ I 
Vein, «. PRII, fif? I— The 
throbbing of the temples, ?5r 

Velvet, «. ^^«1 1 
Venerable, o^/;. 'TR^, ^J^ \ 
Venerate, v, '^TW? 'I'STR ^^1, 

Vengeance, n, W^, "flf^, c^T*f i 
Verandah, «, ?f ^ C^iTOf, 

Verb, «. %5T*tW i 
Vermin, w. C*tf^1 ^T^v? I 
Vernacular, adj CP^t?, '^Jf- 
^9 I — Vernacular language, 

Verse, ». tWT, ^ft^ I 
Very, aci/ '«r5J^, ^ I 
Vex, z;. f^ f^^ ^?1, c^crt?! 
.^^^1 I— She is' vexed, (J[ 

Vice, w. ''tt't, ^^, ^^§tf^ I 
Victim, w. ^,f^^1 ^^W iff>^i 
Victory, «. ^!I. fir5l--IWon 
the victory, 'CTflT^ ftf^ ^'C^i:^ 


( ^^« ) 



Victuals, n. ^^t^ | 

View, n. iffl C 

Vile, adj, worthless, «r^»^j, ^?f- 

Village, w. ^, tSn;^ I 
Vine, «. ^ffarT^^I, '^\^ ^ftW I 
Vinegar, n. f^^C^ I 
Vineyard, ;?. iHT'SHCa^®, ^^^^ 


Violence, n, C^t? ^^^%, 

Violent, ach\ C^T? ^'^ I 
Violin, n. C^^Tcfl | 

Viper, n. f^^T^ ^T^ I 

Virgin, n, ^t^^' C^IH, f^T?1 I 

Virtue, v. t^^'^, <jf^ ^1 ^ \ 

Vision, n. ^"fs^ I 

Visit, V. To go to see, GfTl 

Voice, ;2. ^, ^1 I — My voice 
is husky, ^PTt^ ^W ^'C^ C^^ I 
[Volcano, n. 'ertCtfuf^lfl | 
Voluntary, adv, ^B^t^l 'itt^fs?, 

Vomit, V. ^fSj ^?I1, C5^^t^ ^^1 I 
Vow, V. ^n^^vS ^^1, 3^5 ^51 I 

Vow, n. ^T^l^, '^ I 

Vowel, f». '^ ^«r I 

Voyage, w. ®«l ^T3i1, 3^^ 

Vulture, n. *tff»^ I 


Wade, i\ «f^ C^C5f ?r^^1 ^1 

^1^1 I 
Wages, n, >(T^ I— For th^ 

day, v^^ I 
Wail, V, ^151 ^Tl^ ^?1 I 
Wail, n, ^1^1, f^mi I 
Waist, «. C^'R^f, an«r1 I 
Wait, V, "^C^Wi ^^1, f[^ I— 

Wait a little, s£i^^ fpfT'^ I 
Wake, ». ^W I — Keep awake, 

Walk, ». C^^, ^ I— To 
walk up and down, ^(H 5Tft 

Wall w. of a house, C^f^lH I — A 
wall round a garden, *ftfOT I 

Walnut, n. ^I^^t^ I 

Wander, f^. ^ C^^ I 

Wane, t;. ^TJ[ '^m\ I— Of the 
moon, ^tCif? ^ ^1 "S^*^ ^^!I1 


( •>^* ) 


Want, V. "^s^A ^1 ^^^^ \^^\ I— 
I have a great need, ^^?l 
^v?^ ^5(^^ I— To desire, 
5T^^1 1— I want it. '^!^ ^ 5t^ I 

War, n. 5^, ^l^JT^ 1 

Ware, n. ^n^T, f^^^ I— My 
goods have arrived, '«rfa(t? 

Warm, arf;*. 51^^, ^^ | 

Warn, e;. ^^^^^ ^^1, 3Tf^ 

Warrant, «. Guarantee, Wtftl^ I 

Warrant, n, A writ for arres- 
ting a person, 1^>QfRl I 

Wart, n, '^\f^ I 

Was, V. 1k% ^X^ik^ I 

Wash, V. CK\^] I— To wash 
hair, ^«T ^^1 ^m ^^ I— To 
wash clothes, ^T^ ^T5l I — 
To wash plates, ^PR C<I"Rl1 i— 
Wash your hands, ^T^ C^^ I 

Wasp, n. C^T^I I 

Waste, V. C»lt^*fH ^^» '^'t? 
^1, ^1 ^?1 1— Waste not 
want not, ^^M ^'^ -^l, 'Clf - 
27H ^C^ ^1 I 

Wasteful, ad/, ^^^jfl I 

Watch, n. C^ ^ —A watch- 
man, C^f^uft? I 

Watchful, adj. ^^^, ^l^H, 
Tf^^^ I— Keep a watch, C5tW 

Water, n. l^ l 

Water-lily, n.C^^Tl ^, C*f^ ! 
^n I — Lotus, ^H I 

Waterproof, n: ^^Jfpft I 

Waterworks, w. ^d? ^»T I 

Watery, adj, i. e. Adulterat- 
ed with water, «p'^1 1 — Fruit 
that is watery, ^f^C*l I 

Wave, n. C^ | 

Wave, V. fevft^^ I—Wave the 
flag, fWf*^ ^^ ^ ^^'^ I 

Wax, w. C'lW I —Wax candle, 

Way, n. ^I^^, ^t^l | 

Way, ad, e. «., Manner, «tf If, 

Wayward, a^/*. '«(^t^, CI?&1 I 
We, joro. 'ert^l I 
Weak, ac(;. 5^q, ^tft^ I 
Wealth, n. t(^ I 


( ^^*^ ) 


Wealthy, adj. tf^l < 
Wean, v, ^ ^ ^jf^ 9tv?T^ i — 
Wean the child, C^C^I^ ^tt 

Weapon, w. ^^ I 

Wear, v. ^ifl I— Tu wear out. 

Weariness, n. ^t%l — VVeari- 
ness will pass away in the 
night, ^^im ^^T ^tf% ij;^ "^m 

Wearisome, aG?/. ^tf% ^^ I 
Weary, ar//. ^T^ | 
Weasel, n. C^^ei, (^^ I 
Weather, w. ^^!l, ^1^ I— The 
weather is very bad, ^^ ^t'T 

Weave, 2;. C^W, ^t^ C^1 I 
Web, w. Of a spider, ^^v?^^ 
'^t^^, ^ I — Sweep down the 
cobwebs, ^ s^t'^ ^1 ^ ^tvf I 
Wedding, n. C^ ^1 fta I 
Wednesday, n. ^^^^ i 
Weed, «. "^5fq, ^T^tT^ | 

Week, n. ^^1 ^1 ^<^^ I— With- 
in a week,vfl^ ^^ aj^tO i 

Weekly, ndv, ^^\^ ^^t^ |— 
■ Every other week, v£|^ ^^1 

Weep, ^^ ^^ I 

Weigh, V, ^m^ ^1, C^Vt 

Weight, «. ^5T?, ^^ I — What 
is its weight ? >Q^W ^^ ? 

Weights, «. ^tfe^l I — Light in 
weight, ^W^^ ^^ I 

Well, n. -m^ C^l I 

Well, adj, ^^ ^t^l— She 
looks . well, ^TC^ ^»W 
CW^T^SS I— It looks nice, >Q^ 
CW'^T?:^ C^*t I— She looks well 
again, ^^ C^^t^l %^^ 1 

Well-bred, ad/ ^0^, 3fi^j ^^J I 

West, ;2. -^^ I 

Wet, a^yj. feC'gr I— I have got 
my clothes wet, ^1^5 ^T^v? 

Wet-nurse, n, ^tf f^W^ ^T^ I 
Whale, n. f^f^ ^ I 
What, inter pro. f% ? — What 
have you seen, f% C^W <ilC5F 


( ^^^ ) 


Whatever, prop, Tl, ^ ff ^ I— 
Whatever happens tell the 
truth, ^ ^cfe sfl C^, ^TSJ ^^ I 

Wheat, n. ^^ I 

Wheel, n, 5W I — Spinning 
wheel, ^^ I 

Wheeze, v, ^ ^T^ »r^ ^^1 | 

When, adv, ^^ ^1 ^l\ ^^s^ |— 
When will you go? ^^s^ ^1 
^l^ ^A ?— When I get time, 
^^5^ 's\m ^1t^ I 

Where, adv. C^T^ I 

Which, rela pro, ^^ ^1 ?[]| | — 
inter pro. For things. C^t^ I — 
For persons, C^t^f^ I 

Whichever, pro, (^ f^, q^ 

While, adv. W^ '^<^ I— Whilst I 
was talking to him the milk 
boiled over, ^T?f ^IW *^ 

Whim, n, C^^H I 
Whip, «. Fff^^ I 
Whip, 2^. 5T^^ ^W I 
Whirlpool, n. f ^T^ I 

Whisper, z?. ^^f^^ ^?% ^1^ 
m^ ^^ '^'Tl, ^ ^fn ^ I 
Whist, n. A game at cards, 

Whistle, p. *ft3Ff cif^!r| 5T| ^f& 

White, n, JftTfl | 

Whitewash, n. ^^t^ I 

Whitlow, n, 'BTl^ ^THSl I 

Who, inter pro, C^ ? — rel pro, 
C^ I— Who is that, C^ ^ I 

Whose, pro, ^^, ^^ I 

Whole, adj. 7[si^^ Tpjjf^ |— On 
the whole, C^^ ^^, ^C?l 
^fC? i — Taking them all to- 
gether they cost so much, 
^n WW ^^ ^ni^SCf I 

Wholesale, w. C^ f^fe, ^1^- 

Wholesome, a/'//. '^^^^ I 
Whooping-cough, n, ^frt" =*Tf*f, 

^\^ I 
Why, adv. C^^ I 
Wick, n, ^^U5 I — Wick made 

of a bit of rag for a native 

lamp, ^'^US 


( ^^^ ) 


Wicked, adf. ^1, ^JHOl^ I 
Wide, ad;\ 5^^ I 
Widow, n, ft^^1, C^m\ i 
Widower, n, C?t^C^^ I 
Wjdth, n. ^^^, ^^? I 
Wife, n. !ft, ^^T^ I 
Wig, «. 1?^«11 I 
Wild, adj. ^i\r ^SfSt^ I— Un- 
tamed, '^^"f I 
Wilderness, «. ^5^, '^^ I 
Wilful, adj. drH ^^^"C^ I 
Will, «. ^5^1, '^a^, ^^^tefr^R 

Willing, adj, ^^^, ^T^ I 
Win, V. C^^ ^ ^ ^^1, ^^ 

^?1 I 
Wince, z^. ^»TC^ ^ ^J««!l 5& ^ 

^^1 I 
Wind, n, ^\^P\ I— To-day is 

very windy, '«rt^ ^v§ ^ ^'W I 
Wind, V. ^5^ l~A watch. 

Winding, n. A bend of river, 

^T^ I— Of road, C^ I 
Winding, adj. C*f^1, C^ 

Window, n, W\^V^] I — Wooden 

window, ^^1 I 
Wine, n. ®t^t?l^, ^ I 
Wing, n, CS^\ ^t^ I 
Wink, V. C51f ^^ ^^H1 

^?I1 I — To let a thing pass 

unchecked, OtVi'S ^} CW^ I 
Winter, «. '^l^ ^H ^t^ ^W I 
Wipe, z;. CTtWI, <C5 C^F^ I 
Wire, «. ^^ I 
Wisdom, «. vS§t^, ^ I 
Wise, a</j. IsT^, ^^TR I 
Wish, z;. t^1 ^^1 I 
Wish, n. ^^1, ^^ I— My wish 

has been fulfilled, 'STtlH ^1^ 

Witch, n. ^t^^ I 
With, prep, ^f^«, ^^, %!( i— 
I cut it with a knife, ^ fe 

Wither, v. tlf%C5 ^t^^1, IH^ 

Within, prep, ^tg, cs^i;^ I— 
I have no one to help me 
except you, C5W1 ^^^'TOH 
^^WI ^^ ^ C^^ (?\^ I 


( ^-« ) 


Without, preo. U^\ ^t, ^Tv^l I — 

ach\ of plage, ^T^^ I 
Witness, n, Tft^, «W«| I 
Woe, n. C»rT^, ^?<, ft^^ I— 

Wolf, n. C^f r.v5 ^T^ I 
Woman, n. C^H:^ ^t^^, itort^ I 
Womb, n. C^fe, ^^ I 
Wonder, «. ^T*5^ m\^ ^1 ^T«? I 
Wonderful, i^dj. ^^\^'\% ^^ I 
Wood, n. ^t^ I— Forest, ^5^, 

Wood-pecker, n. ^\i C3T^^1 

Wood-pigeon, n. ^ftc^^r, t|T|^i 
Wool, n. -^Msi, C^vfT^ C^IR I 
Woollen, adj. '^'^\ I 
Word, n. ?T^T, ^^, ^ I 
Work, n. ^l^^, ^"^j 3f^ I— 

Embroidery, ^^c. f*f^ ^T^ I 
Work, V, ^\^\ C^^i^^^^^l I— 

He works hard, C^ ^tft '^^ I 
World, n. ^T^, ;3^T>Q, ®^^ 

j^^i^t? I — He is taken up with 

the things of this world, C^ 

Worldly-minded, arf;. ^ff^^ff- 

Worm. «. ^, C^T^1, Cf^ I 
Worry, v. ^1^ ^?1, ^^ ^^6?1 1 — 

To annoy, ^}^ ft^^ ^?1 | 
Worship, n. ^*IT^1, ^^•{\ \ — 

Worship of gods, ^3P^ I 
Wound, n. ^3, "^TRtv?, Tl I 
Wrap, V, ^\5P, c^ftvJI I— Wrap 

up these things, vf|^ 5^^ ^;p5 

Wrath, «. ?N, ^t?:?l? C^tt i 
Wreck, n. ^^T^ ^1 CH^^ vgft I— 
The vessel was wrecked, 

Wrestle, t'. f % ^?i1 I 

Wretch, «. ?[^^t^ I 

Wretched, adj. 5?^, "€1^^ \ 

Wring, e;. Cltl?^?^ i— To 
wring out clothes, C**^ v?R I 

Wrinkle, n. cftF^tf^^ I— The 
old woman's forehead is all 
wrinkled, ^jft^ ^^tfl ^^C^ 

Wrist, «. ^^? ^^1 I 
Writ, n. 1^^!1H1 I 


( ^O ) 


Write, V, (J^% I — I have writ- 
ten, ^f5l f^'^f^ I 
Writing, n. (?\% I— Writer, 

Wrong, ndj. '^IJ^IH, ^ I 
Wrongly, adv. ^^^JtTl W?\ I 


Yam, n, <Nt^, "g^^rf^ '^H^ ] 
Yard, n. A measure, ^, 5 

Yard, w. An enclosed space, 
Yawn, V. ^tt CSTcTi i— To 
• stretch, ^ C^VS^ Oim] I 
Ye, />ro. C5t^1, ^'ts^Bl I 
Year, /?. ^^?, 51t^ I — It happen- 
ed last year, ^v5 7[\jjf\ ^C![%T I 
Yearly, a^/. ^^C? ^ I — Every 

other year, ^W^t^? I 
Yeast, n. ^tf^ i [ C5Ff^ I 

Yell, V. ft<^^T? M^ ^^1, ^t^l^ 
Yellow, a^y. ^'s^^Ff | 
Yes, adv. 1^1, ^^ ^. y|^] i— 
To consent to a proposition. 

Yesterday, n. ^^H ( ^^ ^pf ) I 
Yester-night, n. ^Z ?t^ I — 
In one night, ^TC^^ ^WJ^ I 

Yet, «rfz;. ^3^, ^^ I 

Yield, e?. To produce, ^^^^ 

^^1 ^ W «ni1 1— To commit, 

^^ ^?1 1— To give way, 

^? ^T5^1 1 
Yoke, «, CMt^tf*! I 
Yolk, n. fe^^ f ^ I— White 

of egg, fel^ ^iffl, j^npft I 
You, p-o. ^^If^, '«rf^T?1, ^fil, 

Young, ac?/. ^^, C tfe, ^ft I 
Your, posapro. C5W?, ^^5^t^ I 
Yourself, pro. ^f^ ^^, 

Youth, n. C^^, ^ 'eR^ i 
Youthful, adj. |5 | 


Zeal, n. ^DflH ^.^^^ I 
Zealous, adj. ^W!\^ I 
Zenana, n. '^•T'RI I— The 
women's apartment, Vr^ 

Zephyr, «. ^f*5^ ^T^l I 
Zigzag, a^y. C^1 c^, k£\^] 

Zinc, n. W^l i 
Zero. 'Spj ( o ) 



Ant, n. White ant, ^^ ^1 55^ |— 
The book has been eaten by 
white ants, ^^CITJ ?F^ «f'C?rC5 
^ ^ '^s^ ?pc!r c^tC^jc^ I 

Apply, V, ^ I— It docs not 
apply to him, ^5T^ «tW 

Attached, v. Q^^ I— This 
child is very much attached 
to its grand-mother, vij^ C5C«T 

Bargain, «. gf%5 |— I have 
been to make a bargain with 
him, ^? ^iCT gf%i ^^ 

Bead, v, <^f^ I— Counting, 

Beat, z;. Beat the egg, ^ 

Blow your nose, v. "^f^ ^tt^ I 
Bound, V. ttfC?r ^>6![1 1 
Bunch, 11. Of plantains, 
^tf^ I— One round, ^ I 

Canon, «. ^T^rfs^ I — The canon 
is fired off, C5T*t ^•CvpCI? I 
Cloudy, adj. A cloudy day, 

Curry, w. ^V5J^^ — Names of 
Bengali curries. Made of 
vegetables, W^, ^t^«rl, OT5^, 

Made of fish. ^^ C^Kt^l, 

^TC5? ^^, srtiR ^rrftrai, mi? 

^^, p^ mc^l 5B5%, f5^f^ 

Made of meat. C^^l^, ^C^BI 
(?|ftn, ^tf»ral, f<^, f^l^^ I 
Sour curries. Ffl'ST? &^, fOT? 

Caste, n. W[f^ ' — Some of the 
principal castes. Twice bom 
^t^*l I — Chief names, Muk- 
erjea, Baneijea, Chatterjea, 
vfel, An up country caste. 
^, ^$5, ^% h^, b^^, 
WIT^, C5^, CSt^, ^ I 

( ^^^ ) 

Gift, n. Of food on any special 
occasion, C^ ^1 ^'Iw^^ I — 
Cloth to cover the gift, rtT^t- 

Go, V, To go along with, 

God, n. Patron, ^| Of^ I— 
Hindu Trinity, ^Tffl, f^% 

The ten incarnations of 
Narayan, 7[VP3, ft, ^^^, 

^9 ^, ^f% I — Godesses, 
'T'fl or ^5f^, ^?^^, 5<1 or 
^t«T*t or ^#ft I—The two 
sons of Shive, ^tf^^ ^£|^^ 

Hair, //. Nob of hair, C^T^ I 
Hard, adj. Unkind, ^^1 1 — 

Unkind words, ^^ ^<l I 
Head, n. My headache is 

better, ^ft^ CK^^C^ I 
Height, n. Two people of 

equal height, ^it^ ^ajH I 
Hint, n. iTTSt^ I— I have 

understood your hint, ^ift 

CStXRf ^^? ^M^ C^raf^ I 
However much, adv, ^^ 

Inclined, v. She is not inclined 
to do the work, ^ ^ti[^ ^H 

Intimate, v. sfl'^tf^ ^?n I 
Knife, «. Native knife, ^ I 
Late, adv. It is late, C^ 

Laughter, «. Forced, ^1^ ^tf'I I 
Leave out, v. ^f^^f Gf'^^ I 
Look, V, ^\^V^ I 

Madness, «. ■^T^tTtfSl i 
Magnet, n. ^^ *tW? I 
Make, r. 5t^1 1 — To make idols 

or images ^t^ ^ ^^ ^ I 
Maker, n. '^ft^^ I 
Married, adj. One who has a 

husband living, ^«Kl, *£I3^ I 
Mother and daughter, «. ^TtCI 

f^ I 

( ^'■s ) 

Months, n. STt^ Begins about 
Jan 15, ^W«^ Feb. 15. c5i3 
March i5,b»ft'^ Ap. 15,^^7 
May 15, ^TW? June 15, ^ft^^l 
July 15, ^S\^ Aug. 15, ^fts^ 
Sept. 15, ^tf^^ Oct. 15, 
'^^^^m Nov. 15. Cfh Dec. 

Mouldy, affj, ^^1^, ^I'fl 

Necessary, adv. i.e.. It must 
be, 5^1 ^'m ^!l I— It will surely 
be, ^^^ ^l^ I 

Offended, v. ^(?{ ^%^ ^^fl I 

Particular, adj. As regards food 

and dress, f^f^ I 
Peas, n. Dried ^^? vSm, ^^ 

^Sfl, ^iJ ^S\9\, CBt«lT^ ^5T«T, 

Peel, n. C^l, f^^ I 


Perhaps, adv, i.e., It may be, 

Practice, n. He has a large 
practice, ^SfK ^ *f ^ I 

Promise, » ^vgt? I — I promise 
to finish the work tomorrow, 
^fij ^]^ ^^ c*f^ ^'^^, ^^t? 

Pujahs, w. ^»r^?1, ^mt^l, # 
5^^^5i^, ff!*^^^, «^f%^?|, 

Rite, n. For the dead, "Rfe Wt^^ I 
Road, n. Get out of the road. 

Roll up, kA mat, ^?[ ^^^i 
Run, r. ThXink runs, ^t^ 

Sarie, n. Corn\ of, ^lT#t^ 
C^lfe I— End of s*ie, ^^ 

Serve, v. Out rice, ^'l ^t^ I 
Spice, n. ^PW 1— TPnneric, 
^^ i—Chilly, ^%\ i-VBeetle 
nut, ^*j[fil I— Annis iT'^eed, 

V ^-^"^ ) 

Cloves, 1^^ I — Cinnamon, 
tlijfbft I — Caraway, ^iTfec^, 
f^^ I—Ginger, ^Wl I —Garlic, 
^^ I — Unground pepper, 
C^T^^5 1— Catechu, '^^J I— 
Nutmeg, ^IWI I — Corriand- 
er seed, <^ I — Poppy seed, 

Stand n. For a box, ^^jC^I i 

To-morrow, «. By to-morrow, 

^M ^W^ I 

Vegetables, «. ^"RlBf, I ^]% 

Verandah, n. ^^ I — Built of 
bricks, ^f\^p{ I 

Whatever, pro. ^] f^ |", C^ C^fl I 
Whistle, t;. f^l^^ CW^^Tl I 


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