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Full text of "A synopsis of the peerage of England; exhibiting, under alphabetical arrangement, the date of creation, descent and present state of every title of peerage which has existed in this country since the conquest.."

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T*!. .m ii'^A. 

OL. I. 

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pRiimD lY J. mcaoLi AMD Mm, ts^ PASLiAM»rr«mtT| 

Ibr G> M# J. KMmIm, tk YiHTk C>mli|irt ttkl VAterlM IUm: 
T. BfertfM, WMnbtU; J. OmImU, MMk ftMr, Ihttowj J. Attj 
W.T. CUrke, FOftnpl 8lrael, LbiMla'k Im } LmiiWM aW Co. FMr* 
MMM* Smt; T. Ca«, ■lnii4; J. KidMrdHM. Bttjral BsdMagt; 
J. Booth. Date Stract, BMtln4 Chntl S '- BodMr. Hew Bood lliMt : 
Solitary oad Co. LeUMlMUItrMti BoMwia tad Oo^ S. BmNor. asi 
Hamittoa and Co., PiUroiitM Bov; J. Hatebard uid too. Pkeadilly ; 
J. Hwduig.SL J«M«*t fluoct; Bodwell and Ifartia.Haw BomI Suwt; 
G. B. WMtUker, Ave-Maria LaM ; B. liofd aad Sob, Barley Street ; 
aad B. Saoadcn, Fleet Street. 




Dedication 6 

PiefiMSt 7 

Explaaatumof AbbftriatioBtt •••«•••«• 1ft 

Addenda ••••••••• 19 


Obtervatioof on Depute i 

Socceesion to the down •'•• 1 

Princes of Wales 6 

Titles of Peeiagty in itrictly alphabetkal ofdcr^ from 

AtoL • • 9to40^ 






■ABon ■KotsDti.E or 


Hy Ldko, 
Bcapect for your Lordship'^ eminent public 
•er^lcM, And more eipeciolly for the impoHaat 
BtMlaocc which your profound legal acquiremenls 
harc affonled to the " Lords' Commitlees appointed 
to Much for docuEoeDts touching the dignity of a 
Vtcr of the Realm," has induced me to solicit 
(he boDunr of heing allowed lo inscribe these Vo- 
lume* to your Lordship ; and as there is no individual 
■0 compelcnt to jutige if ihey are in any degree 




Much as bas been published on the Peerage of 
Englaiid, most persons conversant with the subject 
have probably felt that a work was requuied which 
should contain a concise account, not only of the 
state of eveiy Title of Dignity which has exbted in 
this Country, from the Conquest to the present 
time, but which would also present to a single 
reference the surname of each individual who pos- 
sessed a particular honour in any year within that 
period ; for, from the mutability of political afiairs 
in the early part of our history^ the same title has 
often been borne by four, five, and even ten dif- 
ferent fiimiiies. It is consequently impossible to 
remember the family-name of the person, when, as 
is uniformly the case, he is mentioned by hbtorians 
bv his title, and to ascertain it has hitherto been 
attended with much research. Antiquaries, it is true, 
generally possess those voluminous and expensive 
works which contain every information on the sub- 
ject ; but from their comparative rarity, as well as 
the peculiar nature of their contents^ they are but 
little consulted by the more numerous classes of the 
literary world; and it is presumed, that even Ami- 
qoaries themselves have frequently experienced the 
want of a small work, containing those general 
points of information connected with the English 
Peerage, which occasion them, on each reference, 
much trouble and lo6s of time. 



TliMe consideratiima have led lo llie compilatidi) 
of the " Synopsis or the Peerage of England, " 
which exhibits, under alphabetical arrange- 
ment, the descent of every Title which has been 
coDferred in ibis Country since the accession of 
William the Conqueror, the uanner and period of 
its creation, the dates of the deaths of those who 
inherited it, and of the year nhen each dignity 
became cstinct, was forfeited, or fell into abeyance : 
and to render tiie Work more complete, a list of all 
the Prelates who have Ailed the di^rent Sees within 
the same period is inssrted; and references will 
be found to the proofi which the printed Rolls of 
Parliament afford of the Sittings in Parliament of 
Barons of the Realm — an object of considerable iiD- 
liortance to a work of thb kind, because, without 
Huch proof, no title which originated in a Writ of 
Summons can be successful!; claimed, or, in other 
word«,cao now be deemed to exist. Under the same 
head some observations are submitted, tending to 
establish that the Letter written by the Barons, who 
were assembled in the Parliament which met at Lin- 
coln in February, 1300-1, anno 29 Edw. 1. should 
also be received as an undoubted proof of Sitting in 
Parliament ; and the very material circumslaoce, 
that the admission of that Letter would establish the 
existence of many Baronies which must otherwise 
be considered to be extinct, will, it is ex{)ected, be 
thought a sufficient excuse for the space which has 
been devoted to it, 

At the end of the second volume, an Alphabetical 
List of all the Knights uf the most Noble Order of 
tbe Garter is introiluced, because such a List is 
only to be found in a scarce tract, whilst its utility 
to those who an* interested in the biograplijr ^( 
illaslrhua /icrsons, canitoi be doubled. * >-"-- 


^F of ViscounU and Barons al the end of [he voluiiiv j 
hence it does not comprise nearly half the titles 
which hare existed in this country. The descent of 
the Dukedoms, Marquisates, and Earldoms, from 
one person to another, is not in every case suffi- 
ciently explained ; for il does not always appear 
whether the inheritor of the dignity was the son, 
brother, or nephew of the last possessor ; aniJ where 
the title passed to a more collateral line, the precise 
relationship is seldom expressed. Lastly, no account 
is given by Heylyn of the manner in wliich the ho- 
nour terminated, tvhclher from the failure of heirs, 
or by the act of the legislature ; and the descent ck 
existing dignities has not been continued below the 
year I?7S, The difference, however, in many other 
inabmces between the " Help to English History," 
and these volumes is, it is presumed, fully sufficient 
to justify his considering the present as a totally dis- 
tinct work. 

As the accuracy of a work of this nature is of the 
very first importance to its value, a few words on its 
execution may be pardoned. If it were for one 
moment pretended that thu compilation was free 
fromerrors,9uchapretensioD would most justly en tail 
upon its Editor the ridicule of every jtcrson in the 
slightest degree acquainted witli the subject. The 
extreme dilBculty of detecting the misrepresentations 
of former writers, the peculiar liability to niislakea 
which the collation of variuiu statements necessarily 
produce, and still more the circumstance thut every 
line coDtains cither a date or a fact, combine to 
render a perfect work of this kind totally tnipns- 
sihle. Still, much may bo done tovr&nls the attain- 
ment of so desirable an object, and whilst ad- 
mitting that these volumes must unfcirlunntcly 


exhibit many proofii of the truth of the preceding 
remark, he nevertheless flatters himself that as few 
inaccuTBcies will be found as could fairly have been 
anticipated. To the merit of sedulous care, of rigid 
impartiality, and to having acted upon the re* 
solution 1^ not stating a single word which he 
did not believe to be strictly true, with the view 
of flattering the pride, or gratifying the ambi- 
tion of others, he conscientiously feels that he is 
entitled ; and many instances wiU be found where 
dignities which by every previous writer have been 
attributed to diffmnt noble fiimilies, are in these 
pages proved either to be now vested in other indi- 
viduals, to have become exjtinct, or never to have 
been created to the ancestor of the present Peer. 
He has feh that with respect to hereditary honours, 
more than with any other worldly possession, that 

men n*esi beau ^ue l§ vraig 

and that to attribute a dignity to an individual who 
has no l^al right to it, is a species of falsehood, 
which, if not so injurious, is at least as morally 
culpable, as any other deviation from truth ; hence 
he trusts that the public will possess at least one 
work in which no title is stated to be enjoyed by a 
Peer which is not undoubtedly vested in him: 
under the superior title of each existing nobleman, 
a list is therefore inserted of the English honours of 
which, to the best of the Editor's belief, he is pos- 

it is no less a subject of regret to the Editor of 
a Peerage, than to those who refer to it, that the 
plan and limits of the work should preclude the 
pobsibility of stating his authorities. A short cata- 
i<^ue of the works which have been chiefly used in 


Duedale's BoToaagt, Du^ale'a List uf SummoM 
tu ParliBiuent, the three Reports of the Lonls' 
Comniitteai on Ihe Dtgiiily of a Peer of the Realm, 
and especially the valuable Appendix Iherelo, the 
Rolls of Parliament, the diflerent editions of Col- 
lins' Peerage, Collins' Precedents of Baronies by 
Writ, EdmondsoQ's Peerage, Brooke's Catalogue of 
Honor, Bank's Dormant and Extinct Peerage, &c. 
are (he works which have been moat frequently 
employed, but every book at all likely to afford 
infurmation on any doubtful point which arose, haa 
been referred to. On all occasions, however, where 
a fiicl stated in Ihe text hns been hitherto unnoticed, 
or was otherwise of peculiar interest, the authority 
for it will be found in the tnargin. 

TTie preceding Ibt merely comprises part of the 1 
primed &ulhorities,but in a great mnny cases the must I 
valuable genealogical manuscripts in Ihe kingdom 1 
have been consulted ; and in some inslances the otii- j 
c'lol record of patents of creation, and other public 
documents, have been examined, and it is with 
particular gratitude and pleasure that Ihe Editcv 
alludos to the constant assistance which has been : 
nfTorded him by the members of the College of Arms, j 
With the majority of that highly respectable body I 
he has the honour to enjoy a pcrsooal acquaint nuce, I 
and with some to boast of a friendship which has I 
long been to him a subject of pecul'iar gratification) 
and oa every occasion where he has applied for in- 
formation, nut only has accew been moat hberally 
given him to the public archives, but the private ■ 
collections of many of (he members were with no I 
lew readiness and liberality thrown open to him. I 
Tq Francis TownscDd, Esq. Rouge Dragon, among 1 


14 rRBFACK. 

Any commuiiKatioD addrewed to the Editor, at 
Hessrs. RiTiDgtons', WkIctIoo PIbcc, Pall Mall, 
will be nrefully attended to j and correctioiu of the 
dates, and limitations of the patentg of creallon of 
Feera, will be highly acceptable. 



H occua 11 THe 

•.^ It. Ma uil loir. 

W, r. *M jmUit, la Um lih-URia oth'n &lhcr, 
▼. ■- (iii iBiUtt. hi the lire-timB of liii motber. 
e of liii brother. 

Etqf tilt Outtt- 
ac B. Oi%ai CroH fUtb. 
IC.CB. KnlebtCoDDUiulaoftbeBklh. 
K. T. Kslglti of iht Thtulr. 
K. r. Kai|)a sfSt. PWnicfc. 

of QiSvi, w dciciibdl, 

1«M. l.Wahw Oiffud. lie. 
. I IM. «. Wilin Oiffkid, i. uid h. &C. 

f tlM iIm finl Eul wu ttatti t 
lOM, t^ diM lb* Mcood tuceccdtd [o il in 
~ ~- ' r4d*C:iua,iim«iWI 

tU. Ifa>.l.fUcbmld*Cltt«,8». 

•, d>U b« na tba [A>ti< Eur/, uid mccmlecl lo 

r ia lb> tiifu r>f Ilniiy lbs Flnl. tlioiigh 

fn^* f«a> •BBUnot Iv aKcrtaiBrfl. No iNinan igniu 

A«ttka«ll ia77i*t«>'nininHpl«icietM(, Dvke of (1 


. iltnilij in 

IV. 1377. I.Thomi* Pkou^ott, &c. 

tod hl> loa, wbo tuoceeiled bim id 1397, !• iIciigMtei 

V. IS97- i. Humphrey Plulagenft. t. u>d h. &o. 
Tha litli became EictincI in ihil line in 141)0, tad m 

jeu Humphry SufTurd Uy\aS hlmielf E«] or Bud 
ud biaiDc ihs lUib EbtI : in M4 1 lu wu rtued to th< 
of Duke of Buckingluun, ud lie u coosKjucml)' muLcd 

VI. 1400.— I. 1441. I. HumpliKy Stafford, Su. 

ud bu gnadion tai ^rut-grmndiuD, who inherited ibo 



iodiatingi thit the gnndton tucceedrd in I4i9, wd vu (be 
fiuTlh £ul ukd itcoiul Oukg of Huckinghuiit bul the itmnd of 
thiU bad} Kha bote the title of liucluDghsiD, whiltt the gruit- 
litoa of Humphrey Stifford tbon ineiiticuied, wlio inbeiiMd 
diguiliei in qnettiun in I4B3, wu tlie ri);^'' ^'' ""^ '^'"' 
>d tlw third penoa of the eu» uf Slafford who bora 
>le(. The title of Buekinghun wM fbrftited hy tha 
of SlftffDrd in Ifid, ud in IG1T George Villien »u 
«reued Eul of Buoldnghui, in )GI9 MeiqutB, ud in I6'9» 
Duke of thit Cuuaty, ud dying in l(iS9 wu mtcecded in faik 
honon l» bii Hn George. Thete jienaaigo MC therefore 
deiigDBledia the fuUawiag nunner; 

16IB.— IV. 1SS3. 1. George Vaiie»,&e. 

— V. lS2fl. «,GaargcVUiien,>.uidli.&( 

leHT the line of Villien becuse eitinct ; hut in 1 
«! created CouDteii at Buckiaebni hi life, 

Kkad ihu, 

IS. AUiT Villien. &c. 

3 John Sheffield ■» created Dukv of Buckini 
JiimnM hr hi* luu iu i ;«0 ; the« nn ilieii:fiite d 


I. &II. 

Kid, •. Ud h. &C 

Ttw lilM 'n BocltiBcbuD uiio b«c*BU extinct in 1 73i, and 
17«l 0«oip OmiiTlIf, Id Eul Temple, <tu cnsled Murqui 
■f Uu Ton of Buckingham*, ioohicli dignity he nu iiicixcd 

k bk auo kod^ lieii RicWd, who hu unce bcea nued li 
Aiktdoiii «' 

m of BucJuaghuu uid Cluadoi ) tbti 
' llunfiinBtfUd 

IIL 17M. l-GcorgeGreaville, Sic 

"' •VIII. I«9S. LRlcLudGrcDvllle, ■.iDdli.&G. 

k» of Bockinghuiii tbough but the Keoiul peiion of 
) VTR bora eithu of Hum titlei. 
of Baranici, thne who wsra Borani by Tenure an 
lad to hire uicccednl t>ch othei in ■ •pe«ified 
a it wu impDuihle ''**]'• to give llw euct jur 
•WHor of tlic Dunny £(d ; ud after one of the 
minoned lo Puliimeoi, ibe dncenl ot llic digoitv 
id h Wnt It ihD<n. by the ■iuD,e.>J>. >bich cumneDM 
«ilb iJie pgnoo lu luntooned, though the^gurn ue cou- 
■Mdi Jill enmpla in the BatoBj of DurEKcEK, tlie firil five 
kimt I7 Thasre are oiaiked merely by Komaii ciuneratg, ht- 
mm iIm nliliunihip of oni; to ibe other ii not kuuwn : but the 
lOSBM (Iw deeoem <i recorded, the Ggnrei are introduced. 
Ilw vonb " Summoiwd to Parliament as" when applied u 
by H'fit. meau, that (he ityla given ii that lij which Iw 

■ ' ia iha nnarsi Writi ofSummnai directed to him 1 

)M ■nmaluo alluited to but been labatltutcd for the more 
ItOM ofbj Writ ad.b«»ed," which the grammatical con- 
tloa nf dM ^ooUtimi requirei, to avoid the ftequunt repeti- 

* la fL M, dill tide ie eontidered to have lieea tlie lame aa 
ibu befw t7 the tlaatt at ViU'wn, but thii ii pcrbapi erroneoiu, 
Ih li d«M Bm appear ■bcthei Geoin Villien waa created Mar- 
mmt al Uw Teufi w Omfy of Bookioghata 1 001 ii the Ediioi 
[uiliii, BbnlMf lb> pnxnc Duke wai crested Duke gf the Town 
or CamlJ of Boekinghani, Inn moit probably only of the former, 
i^n ioios DIM aoJ al xh» time of the Duke'i crealioii, an Earl 

It iliaulJ bf ubHiwd, that on niirrUgs ii notiCeJi nnpting 
hire tlu wqmui wu citlierbclKir|iunuMduf • dixDil;r> oi vn 
le cuheit of unci or whero ilie wu iinmedlitcif or nnilj dv- 
taM froai tbe Blood Ruyil. 

This imrb = spplied after tbr umE of to cxiitiiig PcEt, in 
1 tW ha ii mtriied ; ud ibe fullowing one — • ■ 

one -r- tlut be 
H to Ju! ]>»»>!) 


', 25 No». IBIS— tfciinct IB2S. 

Viile WitiTWOHTH (jfM 


I. less. I.NipbulM VaniiUart; Civitrd Baron Bcxlay «1 
Bcxley, CO. Kent, I Mircb, )I133. ~ 
Baron Beiley. =^ 

Icxlajr «1 I 

I. John BuwM. lOth EarUrStrkthmore In Scatfil 
Created Birun Buwei uf SitutUm Cutk. 
Durham, 7 Aug. IBIS; ub. IBSO, ». r, I- ohcn 
(hii Buouy becane tf^tintC. 

IbM. I. Hunry Clifford, ion and heir apparent of Fran- 
ci« IV.-4tb Earl or Cumberland i Sunimonnl lu 
Parliament by Wni* addrewed •■ K-nrieu Clif- 
ford, Chevalier," from 7 March, S Car. I. 1C9B. 
■- - " -». 15 Car. I. I6S9. and aal in aental 


Id «.ar. •- loi^, ana aai in ipvetal 
uLiuucuii accordingly ; luceeedcd bii (atltet 
Eul of CunbtrliDd iu 1641 ; vb. I613xi ■ 

AimtkAjL' 1^ 

^ ^- *'^'?^'* ^ *««^ *«<«t. but 
cUs Bumf d h fwi t udi oa 

L l«U. & Elmkatli, bit dttghiM^ ami iofo heiri the 

■mrM Riebanl Boyle, EaH of CMc, in li«. 

Ittid, «bo «M in B O M t mii nea weatcd Barok 

GiJvriBpD«r LAifEwoiAiioBt by PMmt to bin 

uid ib« htirtflMla of b<t body. 4 Nor. 1644 ; 

Iw m onatti Etil «f BurilflgfaB io Mareb. 

ie84i ob. lesm. 

U. 1690. 3. CbarlM Baytop' a. and h. SooiaaMd to F^ii 
fai kb/mihi9^s BiMMNiT or CuFiomD or Laiib»- 
BOBOOOH in 16891 ob. aMl /«lr<i^ 1694. 

III. I€N. 4. Charlaa BayH •• omI b* clalaad a Writ of 
fl— mn to ^uUaaMBt at Loio Curvoao or 
Lammmrouob, In a o a nqu anaa oC bia tetbar 
baring baen so SoaiaMnad^ wbleb daln waa 
aUowady and ba wat SomaMmad aecordingly in 
1694 s toccetded bb frandfatber at Earl of 
Burllofton In 1698 } ob. 1704. 

iV. 1704. 5 Ricbard Boyle, t. and b. Eari of Borllogtoo ; 
in 1737 be cldmedy and waa allowed tbe Ba- 
rony of Cliflbid created by tbe Writ of 3 Car. I. 
16!K, to bit sreat great grandCitlier Heniy 
ClUlbrd before nenUoned, K. G.} ob. 1753, 
a. r. M. wben tbe Earldom of Borlington and 
Barony of Clifford of Lanetboroogb became 
^ptintti but tbe Baroay of Cliffwd, created 
by tbe Writ of 3 Car. 1. derolred on 


IL 1753. 6. Cbarlotte, bis daofbter and sole betr; tbe 
married Willitm Cavendiib, 4tb Dulie of De- 
Tontbire: ok 17&4 


V. 17S4. 7. WUliam Carenditb, t. and b. 5tb Duke of De- 
rontbire. Sec; ob. 1811. 

VL 1811.8. William Spencer Cavendltb, t.andb. 6cband 
present Duke of Derontbire, &c Present 
Baron Clifford under the Writ of 3 Car. I. anno 
1688; bis Grace bas not, bowerer, obtained 
any recognition of tbe Barony. 

aaaov bt wBrr. FITZ-ROGEiL 

1. 1^9. Jobn FiU-Roger; Summoned to Parliament 6 
Fth, S7 Edw. L 1S99, but never afternardi, 

■nJ of wboM DBthtDf hrthcr ii koowtii on 
bit death tha litla fttih*^ b«f«ia« 


I. IS99. Awbcw FiU-Roger ; SoatmoMd to PuliimeDt 10 
April, ST E<lw. I. 1S99, bat Mrer aftenHrd*, 
and ^ nboai nothinc tanber ii Tccorded ( the 
tiilc, on hi'i dcmiie, maf, iu all prababilitj, be 
conaidcfnl to have beoene 


Rubert FIti-Wall«r, dctModed rrom a yaaD[er braoch 
of lbs Baron* FiU-Walteri SummoiMd K Jan. SS Edw. 
I. 139T. hj Writ addreued, " Rob*o fll' Walter! de Da- 
vcntre ;" bui, for tbe reaioiu aiiifoed ander Ftrz-JoHH, 
it ii doubiful iF ibat Writ can be conddered at a regular 
Summoni to PariiiauDt; ndtber be nor any of hi) de- 
tcendanti were «nr afterward! Summoned to Farlia 

Baronv, !4 M»j. ITS4.— tfFtintt 1B03. 

Vide LossDALC. 

MONTJOV (p. 444). 

Montjojr Blount, IX-Iti Baron Monijoy of Tliurvesion, 
c.<, l>erby, wii crrated to ibat dignity b June, Ili^T, with 
tht folluwins clauM of (irecedencjr, to hare " tacum tl 

addenda: 21 

^rm mmnkut oBs harmikui ^fmhmemmque 
kmfm regm m$tiri Amgiutiftrnn po&i vietsimmm die JUad 
jmm ul iim t prmUrUmmfmmu mȤ ereaiis, oHqmo et eet, in 
etmtrmrimmim aSfmo nam ehitmie/' but on complaints pre- 
ferred by Lord Faucoobridirey who bad been created the S5 
If aj, aod by Lord Lovelace, wbo waa created on cbe S7 
May in the aaae year» againat tbe precedence attempted to 
be pwo to Lord Montjoy» the point waa referred to tbe 
Lordf* Committee of Priviiece» who reported on tbe 89 
April. 1698/' that tbe Committee bad contidercd thereof, 
and are of opinion that aeeording to the statute 31 Hen. 
VIII. and according to a former Judgment of this House, 
this Pkrliament, in the like case of precedency granted to 
the Earl of Banboiy, that tbe said Baron Fauconbridge, 
aod tbe said Baron Lovelace, are to have place and pre- 
cedence aoeordinic to the ancientiet and dates of their 
several patents, b&re the said Baron Mon^oy> whose pa- 
tent of creation bears date afterward, notwithstanding the 
said daose in his patent to the contrary *. 

See also some obsvnrations on tbis subject of patents 
giving a precedency beyond the date of the Instrumeut^ 
under ** Omervatioiis on Dignities," page Uix. 


Barokt, 19 August, 1673— €j:tinct 1733. 

Vide YAKMoirru. 


OF Bolton. 

Vide Pedigree in next page. 

• Lords* Joomalt, Vol. III. p. 775. Cited in BanW Stem- 
dn^ticanay p. 108. 

i.4 in m'-\ v-i 




iiidkiiii Minus 

fhi&OM «S:,i, ' 


i"=|5|ir-6" 1. i 







STANLEY (p. e07). 

It bM been eontidered doabtfol wbetber tbe TbomAt 
Stanley wbo was Saminoned to Pttrl. on tbe 90 Jan. 
34 Heniy VI. 1456, wat tkg father of Tbonaa Stanley 
«bo vat Somnioned in aobaequent yean, and wbo waa 
created Eart of Derby in 1485. Dni^dale states, that 
Tbomaa Stanley, Lord Cbamberlain, ike fiaker, died in 
37 Hen. VI.; and tboufb be spealcs minutely of tbe 
fitoations be filled, be takes no notice of bis ever baviiij; 
been Summoned to Parliament j but on tbe otber band, 
be c«mf iders tbe first Writ of Summons wbicb was itfiaed 
to Tbomas ike mm, to bave been tested S4 May, 1 Edv. 
IV. 1461. Collins expressly sutes, tbat it was Tbomas 
tbe fatber wbo was Summoned in tbe 34 Hen. VI., but 
oiber wri*ert consider tbat it was tbe son wbo was Snm- 
nnmed in tbat year. A reference to tbe Rolls of Parli»- 
meot, bowever, tends to prove that it was Tbomas the 
father wbo was Summoned to Parliament in tbe 34 Hen. 
VI. for it appears tbat in some proceeding in Parliament 
rrlative to tbe Royal Housebold, 10 July, 33 Hen. VI. 
1465, be is styled « Tbomas Stanley Miles & officiarii 
dicti Hospitii," wbilst in tbe act of Resumption, in Par- 
Tiament 17 Nov. 34 Hen. VI. 1455, he is called •* Tbomas 
S<aoley, Knif^bt, Lmrde SianlcV, our Cbamberleyn," 
tboogb this occurred about two months before the date 
of the first Writ, which is recorded to hare been issued lo 
a Themat Stanley, Moreover, in tbe 38 Hen. VI. Wil- 
lism S'anley, the son of Sir Tbomas Stanley the Cham- 
herloiM^ is described as ** William Stanley, son of Tbomas 
tetr JLtfrtf Stanley.* *' And in tbe 1 Bdw.VI. in tbe act 
of resumption, the following ace<funt of tbe pedigree of 
Stanley oecunt, and which determines (be point in quer- 
tion : — ** John Stanley, Kni^t, Besaiell of the said Lord 
Sanley, John Stanley, KniRhi, ayell of tbe said Lord 
Stanley, or f Thorny Stanley^ Knight, late Lord Stanley, 
fader of the Maid now Lord Stanley, f*' 

' Rnt. Pari. Vol.r». pp. 279, 312 b, iJc p 348. 

t IbiJ. \K All. 

VOL. I. C 


815. CliarW Wbiioortb, Ut Baron Whit- 
■onh in Irelmidi Cnued ViKUUDt 
WliilMOrtli (lE Atlbfltton, cu. SiaSbrJ, 
14 June, leiSj Crcited Bnroii uf AJ- 
tniton ■fomiid, an<l Eul wytwonh 
SSNsT. laiS, G. C. B.1 Ob Mk)', lulb, 
S. p. when ill lil< huliuurt brcBme 


f. 6S. TliAiuM Howird, ]tt Viei^ount Binilun. 
71. WitlUm, firtt Lord Bunville. 
T3. Bulpti./rii Lord Butel«r at SwAUy. 
T7. Jabu 1I.-9<1 Lord BounhUr. 
Ihid. Hugh SuiTonl IV. Lord Bourchi«r; NJI. 
93. H'i»7 S^iBford VII. Eitl, ft»d ll.-3d Puke of Uuck- 

35. Thonns.^rrt Enron B>ireb. Or Butough. 
sa. Hugb II.-3d Lord Burncll. 
!)!). ThumaaBuilor (riHnmanly called Earl of Otjory, h> 

IrHand], fint Butler of More P«rk. 

103. James lUmilton VIII.- Ut Earl of Cambridge. 
Ibid. Williim Hamil'on X.-3d Earl »f Cambridgr. 
Ibid. Jaiiir«S(uiri II. Duke of Cambridi^. 

104. George Auguitui 1. Marquess and V. Duke of Cam- 
ISO. Edward de Cherletan lV.-4ih Biron CberUton uf 

143. George Brooke VII. -Clh Lord Cobham. 
Ibid. Henry Brooke IX.-etb Lord Cobbtm. 

303. James Dnuglu, firsi Duke at Doref. 
3S9. Fulke II1..5lb Baron FiU-Warine. 

354. William, Baron Fiu-Warine, wbo died in 1361. 
391. WitlUiD XIII.-14ih Baroii Grey ut Wilion. 

304. William V.-5ib Baroii NarrliiK>un. 

3S3. Robert I. Baron and 1, Earl Ker, aiid Duke of Rua - 
burgb In Scotland. 
■ William IV.4'h Lurd Laf.mcr. 


rtVII.'lit Earl ofMucli, and Duke 
LMiaai la Scoiland. 
». Jahn tl^S'h LonI Mahun. 
'. John IV. Bwun, HI. £*>!, II. Duke ef MoDtaini. 
L WUluB Blount [V.'4ili Lonl MantJoT. 
'. Tlaau lV.-4lb Lord Morlej. 
I. WIQan Herb«rtXX.-lil£UtlorPFaibrokc. 
I. Chwk* Uniuii XUSd Duke of RichiDond. 
1. Lnicnec Hyd* IV.-liI Earl of Rocheiler. 
'. William VlL-ISih Hiron Root ol Hamlake. 
. Hinfjr Jermfu lll^-lii Earl ofSv. Albaiic. 
: Hmrj IX,-9ih Baitin Scrope of BoUon. 
. RkkwddaUrolellL-lii EarlofSufTulk. 
L Wiillan V^Mh Banio Willoughliy ol Ently. 
. BaUn Vj.-G>b Baroo Wiljauehby ol Ereaby. 
L lUbcrt I.-I1I BuoD WiUouebb; ie Broke. 

RtMaBBf «H THK Baroki* Lbtter to TnB Pop 

e or a doubt bavlni; esiitcd in tlie Editor's 
_.. . a docuTDCM ilmlUr to ibat pre>er*ed in tba 
Cbapirr wu In ibe Valicafi, at Rumt, he took llie llberly 
■I adifaMtine Dr. Llngard, the ««il-knowti biituriin of 
EaKtaml, ihroaKb «bii«e Itiudnpii the foUowini; Infbnuation 
UfJaUtwea obtained (turn Signar Marinl, ibe Librarian 

Ilf. Tlial crntlemiii it iilitlicd Ihat the Ictlcr from the 
fianmt of biglaod 10 Pope Boniface Vfli. duti nol eiiit in 
iha Valtcan. 

SB;. It )i not noticed in ibe Register or copy ot doeii- 
■nM Moncini to the Vatican. 

*dly Nriitictoribc*edrcointlanFn thould 1w contidered 
•■ evUcnra tlut tt m*t nut rMcivrd at Rooie i because many 
iHinnaaO are now «aniin|[ "hieh are iLnovn to have 
bf«n Rnirfd at ihat earlj period, and In the Rigi«er there 
■r* merU raeunc pnfioui la ilie lime ol Pope Nicbuias V. 
aaM l«T. . . 

TWi Information li ImporUnt, iiit Und* to prove ibai 
tk oalcMaL LEITKB in lOt now exiant In the plaee "rhrra 
U ■tcbt ba wppoaed to exist i hence It is dill r|iiett)onahle 
•fcaUwrtU4oci»i»«nt in ib« Chapter House i» the oaifii- 
•»^ vkkfe, far >o«M poUikal reuon, •»! """ f..r«ardca 
C 4 


to ibe Pontiff, or whether it i> 

ihn origiittl, made fur ihc purjiuta uf Iwifli; ^rcttmU 
■uiiig Ibe rHonU of tb'ii kincdain. But, il ii cunlcnded, 
li lafliFieDt for the purpose of proving >he siding in Pxr- 
lianMiiI uf ibe Diront whose >e*Ii were affiled tu the dacu- 
meiit ffEierved in the Chapter Houir, if it be adoiiiled 
Lhat it w«t an iniirunient eiecuied by [be Baroni of ihi) 
kingdom, although, after il <•■• *u eieeuled and became ii 
Nciird of Parllamenl, it oever paued the doar uf the Parlia- 
nent rhumbcr. 

Ii4buulilbe ubiervcd in Tcrerenee to ibe tuppoiiiion * 
that Pupe BunifaN'i Bull wu dated in I3U0 Iniiead uf 
1399, tl>at Dr. Lingard eipialnt Ibe appnrenl innDialy of 
lia having been written un the SH May, 1999. and uf Ed- 
Hird't iiDt iummuning ■ Parliament to take it into enn- 
lideraiiun uniil September in the aucceedint; year, in the 
fuilawing manneri and at ibat admirable hitlariau's re- 
nark* are eutitleil tu Ibe ulmint alteutiun, iha fulluwin^ 
act Irota bii valuable wurk cannot be deemed mu- 

••Thia exiraordiuary docuisent i>»i encloied in ■ leitcr 
to Wiiicheliejr, Archbithop uf Caulerbury, utderinj; bin, 
under tbo penajly of luipeniiiin, lo preteiit ii lo Edward. 
By auOK uiiacuauiitable delay twelve Biuiitbi elapied before 
il wu delivered iii the Primaie, who immrttiately repaired 
ID Carliale. Bui ibe King had already reacbed Kirkud- 
bright 1 and ihe iiiletmedia'e couiiiry mu in pnaietaion at 
lb* Suoti. Fur «lx wecki ihe Archbiibup lingered an the 
bonkn, afraid lo pruned, yei diaireited tbruugh want of 
ridunt ; ai length lie hr«rd thai i1|e atiny wu un HI 
im, and crutcuig the landi, fuund Edward encamped 
>n Ihe neighbourhood of Caerlavaruck. He delivered ihe 
ktler, wblcb waa ))ublicly read in Laiin anii French tu all 
. the Batuni in the King'i pretence. Il caine *i s uiott cri- 
tical mument. The )>cBae with France wai not yet cou- 
alwied, and Caacony wai atill tequetlered in the hand) uf 
tbe Pontiff. UnwiUiug lo effcnil one whoie friendtbip was 
neceiikry lo him, he took liinc lu deliberate, and >hen 
iwpiied, thai in a mailer whn-'h cuncerncd the right uf his 
•U, il WH his duty lu consult his other cuuntelluis : that 
. ahurt line he wuuU usemble his Parlikoient, and wiih 


. jJ>iM ■obU Klurn a iWlifartorj inawtr to ilie PumilT. 

' ... Afetibittutp r«(urii«J : be wu fnlloveJ by Edward : 

! 41 ihe RijuMt uf th* King oF Fran L-e in ■rmiiiice wu 

..-■'d lo iho 5cu(.. Tu «n«i»er iha litler of Boriifare a 

iiiri>t im luoiinuiKiil to meei a( LincDin. The Uni- 

. -ne ordrrnl to d«iiul( «jx cmliaiii, nnd Ibe Mu- 

-.. ij (umlih every document in ihdr poiseoiun 

I I'.I.S b(it U|w« ihn quiiuon. After tune debate 

■^li i> k< iramed, sLfub waa lilfiied aiul lealed by oiie 

luiiilrvil and four* Eaiti nod Banot. iii ibe name uf il>c 

PD^Mnaalty «1 Eiiclatid."— Ed. 1819. Quarto, Vol. 11. 


U ii lo b* tvficKcU iImI Lotd Uailn doH not stale the 
-:~un4> on abirb be niiiiidcred Rymerlo bave been wrung 
'lUfnlBIC the fiar 1S9S aa ihe date of the Bull in quei- 
-, Intt In prnof tbal luch wai ihe year in which jl was 
.'-t'n. Dr. t^ngard intcaninuily observe*, "From (he 
' . : ^liiaUov'i rr|>l]r tu lh« rupeil appears tbathe was iwenly 
4(ia an hia Journey to Cani*l«, remained on the bnnlers 
■ii •cckt. aiid readied llic Kltif un ibe 36(h Augutti of 
nan*, (» mnat have received ilie Bull in (be end uf June -. 
Md aa It «w dated on (he 37ib at Ibal month, it must 
ban b>*a vrltlen the year before." 

• Om hM^Tid aod tkt*. Videp.TSJ, ct teq. of thli wurli. 



P. 7. Edward Tudor, •rtMwBrdi Kine EJvtiinJ VI. i« ttMctf- 
tu have bevn ereited Prince »f Wain ; but 
Sitiidfard aiteni, ih*l the Fticrit of crcniioii to 
th*t dicnily wm ncvtr aclutlly pKued. 
13. 1. ^3. It thuuld bave been obtetved, Ibnt Sir F^dward 
NcvillF, ibe ftlhcr of Kdtnrd Neville, Vll.-IJib 
Blraii Abergavenny, Hai lumoioncd to Parlia- 
ment 3 and 3 FU. aiid M. but died before iht 
PtllUiueiit met! and in the aili Jac. 1. it tiat 
decided, itiat Ibe dlircllun and delivery of lb* 

Wfii did not make bint a Baran or Nobl« unlit 
be came to Parlilmem, and there lat according 

that no lierediiarj diipilry »*• crFalEtl by the 
Writ directed to biiii in conieriuciicc of bii 

P. 3?. Tbediieuriha Paieni olCremianurthe Marquitate 
of AiiEleley n,4Jmtv, laiS. 
, John Fili'Alan, who ia there ealled the 1X-G(h Earl 
or Arundel, died in l?73, and wbieh tliuuld 
conieqiienlly have bcrn alu> italed at the dat« 
when bii tun Richard Fiii-Alan aucceeded it> 
the Earldom. The li«t ut the Earii of Arundel 
aai cuiD|Hled (rom that of prenioua writera, but 
it bat been proved by the Lurdt' Coinmitteei in 
their Report! on ihe dignity uF a Peer ut ibc 
Realm, that In fact ibe Oral uttlie family ol l'ilt> 
Alan who wat ocluaUy EtttI i^' Arvjtdtt wat 
Hiekard ttiirAtan, wbu died in 1301, and who 
it called in p. S6, the X..7ih Earl. 

P. 48. Defatbenottilhedaleodbe Writ of 4S lb Hen. III. 
being (be 94lb Dec. 

P. S3. 1.41. Uele ilie wnrd* *■ having nucteird le if jori 
mafrurn 1'09" 

* CruiM an Dlgiiiuei, p. Tt. 

I Buurrhirr. graiidinn >nil lierr. 
■iiJ h. u) JakH llDurrliicr foh. v, ['.)■■ 
»«. IMiJ, " twiofr t, jtiiil h. „t Humii/irty 

^K. Uoderthe title of BiNDim ibe nime ar ihe Iti VIs- 
PHlnt Uliieurte.'irj'tuicd to li»Te l»eii Tho- 
ni*l Haward BinJen, ia(l»i] oFYKatnui //dU' 


^i.G•orK« St. Jobn, lAiW Vitcotint, dicil in 
!«>«, aiul vu lucceeded by 
, tSV^ 4. f)«nry St. JoUn, i. unci fa. Prcicnt Vi»M>uiit 
BoUnebfoke, V»<rauiit St. Jobii. Barux St, 
John uT Ly>ll>rd TrrgDie, Baton Si. Juliu o( 
Butrnca, antl ■ lUrouct. =?= 

P.?3. BOSTON. 

\ ITtS. ?.Fr*dfriek Irtiy, tlie leconil Biron, died un tin 
* It&tb M*rcli, 183 J, mill wM aucccEtled l>y 

t IVU. LGvure* Irby, *. ■ml h. Preieiil Baiun Buitun 
■nd ■ Uirooei. 7 

I. Th« nriint Writ uldrvcted id John At Boictuu-i 
*u (nicil tS July, ii Ed*, t. 1305, nnd wbitU 
U coiiuquerilly ihc prrcedclicy g[ that BAruiiy. 
71. BOURCHIER. Vida > Note kUiivc to tb> Bxrony 
of Bourishier under LeiceiTEh, p. 3C9, ct aeq. 
^CCLSC. Elii*b#ifa, ihB icFui;!) (iiw andculieirar Julin 
111 Lord Br»y, married firtt, Sir IUl|ih ffveg, 
ancotur uf iht Viicouiiii Ferminaeti ni'd Bid 
V«ruc¥ ill trrtjixdt (ecui.dly. Sir KJuliurd 
CMt»by J and ttdrdis, ffitluxm Clark •. 

• ex.inf■>fm.W■l»UBB[■7.£^-F.S.A. 

111.< *' ~ 

P. M. AkiM^r ir»« 

"■"•"-—'- ~- f1 I ■- ■ -- ^^ 

r.96.L l»,«i«4. /I«lt 'UitW iliiiti'M «ndla 

P. 97. Tbc date •« ikt «nlk U Rtckafd Uk Eet ^ kr- 

plM* K> p. 13^, at Ik Bmamj af ai«ia< >i 
LanatfaDraBsfc aad IW EarUM af Bw i iatM a 
batb bacaa« £m«C tm tk« c*c*« ia ITU. 

„ Vide AoDESOa, p. 90. 

' I'J-I. I. 1 1. fnr lose read loeC. 

■ I'J!). I. 31. Tbe dau of Ibe rrcMicm e( tW DakcdaM «< 
Clarence «a« li AMaaOcr, imuad of li Stf 
tcmtwr, 1383 •. 

I . H3. &l«aid Braokf. tV.-3d Sana CobluM, «ai nw- 
moDcd laPariiaBeDtDnliltbcZStfaFeb.SEil'. 
■V. 1463, aod C«nxe VII..fith Buoo, and 
HeniylX^th Baron, wncboili Kniiht* of the 

P- 149. Mirfarat Baroneu, Wtc, 

•'- '78. 1. 7, The date of tbe Patent ereatipg tbe BaroocM 
* Rot. Pari. vol. II. p. sra. 


LueM, Counteflf de Grey, was 25 October, iu- 

stead of the 1 1 September^ 1816. 
P. 188.1. II. for ••Tbomu Stanley, Summ. to Pari, at 

Baron Stanley, 1455," read Thomas Stanley, 

ieetmd Banm l^taUey, 
P. 190. 1. ». After <' Thomas Despencer," add «. tmdh. 
P. SOS. The Title of yiaemmi SmeiUnile should have been 

inserted in the list of dig^uities possessed by the 

present Dnke of Dorset. 

P.iOS. Janws DoofUs, 8d Duke of Queensberry in Scot- 
land, was created to his Eiij^lish honors of Ba- 
ron Kippon, Marquess of Beverley, and Duke 
of Dover, to hold to him for life, with remain- 
der to his ttetmd son Charles » then Earl of Sol- 
way in Scotland in tail male*. The said 
Duke was also elected a Knight of the Garter, 
and dying in 1714 was, according to the above 
limitation, sacceeded by his son Charles, who 
in 1706 was created Earl of Sol way in Scot- 
laud, and his elder brother James having died 
viU jfairis, he likewise became Dake of Queens- 
berry, &c. in Scotland. 

P. SOS. Robert de Vete, Earl of Oxford, Marquess of Dub- 
lin, and Duke of Ireland, was never a Kiiigbt of 
the Garter; the same cocrection applies to the 
Utter title in p. 346. The date of his creation 
to the Marquisate of Dublin was 1 Dec. 1385. 

P. S18. 1. 8. for «• I. ISS9. 6." ftc. read, 1. 1S99. 6. &c. 

P.^1. L 33. for '< S6 May, S3 Henry VI. 1455,'* read, S6 
May, 33 Hen. VI. 1455. 

P. S47. L 17. for " XXU.-1I. Earl," read, XXIII.-ll. Earl. 

P. S59. A more correct account of the descent of the Ba- 
rony of FuRNiVAL, after it fell into Abeyance in 
1616, will be found under that of Strange, in 
p. 615. 

P. S67. James Grenville, Lord Glastonbury, died S5 April, 
1825, S. p. when that Barony became «lSptinct. 

P. 289. 1. 4. for « being s. and h. of Henry Grey (ob. v. p.)" 

• Cruise on Dignities, p. Olt 

I rViHi. WlllUlU llr.». Xlll.-N. H*ron Gf.y da Wition. 

f arftllVt )<») li' <••' rull* nHtoreil to thrm in 
I Mil )!■ KM ItktalM ■ Knishi of the Guter. 

\HI.-«\h Eul tf Ilrrehid, 

.!■« MM •! ^aMr tit JO*. 

■ •r SW 

f»*l,"l IT** I. 
K O 
4, huB* »• Townb 


P. 831. ViWitm de Ufford, Il.-Sd EwIofSoK^k, wm Dtnr 

■ Knight of tbe Giiter i tbit eortecilon appUct 

aUo to p. 6a3, 1. S6. 
r. €63. 1.3S. The (■rlieit Writ of Sominoni addreued to 

Hofth <te VcrewM ttitcd 6 Febntary, ST Edw.l. 

P. 677. Henry de Beanchamp, XV. Earl, and I, Duke of 

Warwick, ii entnamtlji called a Kaif ht of the 

P. 680. 1. 16. for " 38 Hen. VI. 1640,'' read, 38 Hen. VI. 

P. 683. 1. 30. Francis Lord WeinjH ia inproperlj lUted lo 

be 6tb Earl of Wenyii io Scotland, bi) Lord- 

ihip not hsTinE »tabl»h«d hii elaiM to that 

P.JST- Nats *. Dtlt tbe wordi, " but no record eiitta af 

the iiid Tbomai having been ■nmmoned to any 

Parliament ai a Baron;" forbc «*■ lunnioDad 

tn Parliament, viit fotrit, aa Lord Utltrarer*. 

Vide p. 40B. 




To a work containinf^ the descent and present state of 
every title of Peerage which has existed in this Country 
since the Conquest, such observations as tend to explain 
the nature of those dignities, with a brief analysis of the 
principles which repilate their descent, together with a 
itiert history of the different degrees of honour which con- 
stitute their possessors a Peer of the Realm, will of course 
be expected. In the following attempt to afford this infor- 
Bttion, those remarks only are submitted which contain 
nbat is now deemed to be the law on the subject ; for it 
eoald be useless, were it compatible with the limits of 
tbe Work, to attempt to follow the voluminous writert 
«ho have treated on dio^nities in tlieir speculations on 
psiots which do not admit of proof, and which consequently 
depend entirely on conjecture. The greatest part of tbe 
sathoTS here alluded to have t>een consulted; and although 
oceasional statements have been extracted from them, it is 
sercstary to observe, that the works from which the follow- 
injc concIu«ions have been chiefly deduced, are the valuable 
*' Treatise on Dignities,** by the late Mr. Cruise, and the 
^ Reports of the Lords' Committees appointed to search 
the Journals of the House, Rolls of Parliament, and other 
records and documents, for all matters touching the dignity 
of a Peer of tbe Realm." While thus avowing that the most 
isiportant part of these remarks have been derived from the 
■oQrees alluded to, the Editor feels it right to ackiio\%le(l°:e 
tbsthebaf not been implicitly guided by the dicta laid down 
u) either of those publications, where the invciiti^'ation of 

TOL. I. ^ 


OU* Uibs copljtnni io thtat piigt* liu pfuduonl 
Inpreuloo ou fail Blind i iiitl Ibcnrfurc on* ut IKO 
It in ahitb • tliEtil *»iitinn from the tiMemcnU 
F Ml farmer ■ilirn n'll be (uunil i ihrte, lionHcr, Kre luh. 
I ihilUil oitb unfeigned diStdcnce, and perbftp* demuid hli 
I aiHilun. On ibe cunieni* uf ibe Rrpuni nf ibe tdrdi' 
[ CoiDmilleH It wuold be ibe bel^bi ul pr«tum|)lion lu offer 
I •n} incumluiDi but i( i> JmpotEible to refrain from riprei*- 
[ Ins Ibe bom*(«HribMMlmiiHtionwbicb(ret|iieiil refereim 
I to Ibeir pigM hM •liclled. The irlfliiig errors whicb are lo 
I t» found In them*, logetber wlib tbe bin with nbicli •ume 
1 jiarli >|ipeir lu b»»e been wriuen, Kr»e only, by ihe force 
' cuntrrul. lu render the briUiaticy u( tbeir general mrrlti 
^ more miniplfumia : loiue of the mlKtftirmenti bave 
I baen noGMlonaily naltced in dilTerent purta of (hU Work, 
f «nil a|aln*t ihal biM tbe Editor h*i prcaumed, in one In- 
I ■laiioe, tiivnuouily to cunlcndt- The deep cetearcbi pro- 
[ found l»*riilii(i nnil impatuiit d«Jucti«iiEi Kbicb every 
\ |ia|« ul till K'lKirt* cabtbll, toutt, bovrcver, oomniaiul ttw 
' rfoiwot uf all whu ire capable uf apprecUliug ibcir value, 
■iiJ raiiOer ibenii beyond all cuai{iar)>oiii the muil im- 
irk on the tubjeri wbieb hai ever appeared. Ua 
't Trvatltr any ubtervallon auuld be tuperRuuui, 

, Mr In 

>* 1*11 t 

e (bat 

<'<'tk M hi» antbarit;. 

Ill (lla«t obMixiluiiif eacti dit<iity ii treated of un4ec a 
'l<*lal» k*t4, W Iha Ailloaiut vnler. 


ti Tt«la». E\ULl)OM9. 


IW ratwrr. Ul.'KEDOMS. 

tk* UmiI of " BaRONtU BvTexuae," a fri* 
iiita.t •>» feudal lilies generally ; «failt( 
>i iivWkit." that isnoweuiiiideredlotw the 1*1 
[•IH AuET fCKS, SrrriNai, Uamnim "Jurb Usoaii, 


It, mimi 

line on tliiiie KapoiU ia the Eilinbui|cli He- 
'fUir Baiou' LcMi tol'o|«BuiiilaceVIll. 


t*i mi mfruict or Writs or Summon* n tnk 
(f «■ Sam., ih utt PKTiitit'K EUiiofii, itrv |Hiitil 
lie ral-fcM n coDcluitrtI by snaie obattrslluui 
id «t:UB4m of lliich Trruuii nr FelnMir, oi 
(tMkOT cnMml by Writ or by L«tten Patent, 


Mut th» Conqu'tl, all diffniliei were «t(>cli«d to the 
pMaMaton of tvftjan land*, which, igiveatile (o the Pfuilal 
Bfimii. htuoducml liilo thh Country by tbe Nonnani, «r» 
M4 luwdlatcly of the KlnE.upon ennilitianotperrorminK 
Mftii* bunMuy httW*, anj wbich oa* ctll«d a Ptudum 
JMifa, aad midooWvilly cmiFeTrvd Nubility on tbe indlvi- 
tel !• •bom it wa* joined. The ««i'>icei by which these 
iMidi WM* bdd ebteBy comlfted ot attending tbe Sovereign 
1* war with a eertatn number nf k(i<sht>, and likenite uf 
'■)( hi* ^reat eouiirilii nFterwanIs dcilgiisted Parlii* 
TUc number ot knighta to be provided by each 
■ania dvfni^d on tbe eoikdltion* anneied to (he grant, 
m4 a*t»Wi»g tu ftiat number he wic laid to be poBSvsaed 
atai diaoy h>ieht** 'en; that le, hit Undi were nominally 
Jiiiiid tMB tcftaiu dlvltioni. Id the lenure ot eaeb of which 
••■ afptnrif^ ihi! daly o( providing a knighl completely 
mma4 f«r (be fMd, whenever tbe Kine cumiDuided hie 
Miiaitaaao A> feudal (enDt«* are nut now dremed to exitt 
m ifaia Commit, • P**Bt *bieh will be m«re fully noticed, 
k k «Bt aoMaiary to innnlre iutu th« laws wbreh res"'**'^'' 
tbaw iinlna, or to attempt to Invettigaie the prcciie nn- 
twrvdf (ka leritlstife anembliei uf tbe Naiinn, antecedent 
M iW 49tli HetL III. when we have proof that they wera 
I— »«|J y/ Write of Summoni, at (he defective itate ot 
r Willi prerrDt* tbe pouibility of rarmiNg a latiifsctory 

)la|^«i coMliden that tbe land« which were conferred by 
WdHaa (Ik L'oniiuirot on hii (ollowcri descended to ibeir 
imiterily, and wbu coiitcquentty Were deeinrd la form tbe 
Mn«ial body ot llie Kingdom -. but in the reign of John, 
tr»« laany bavinf; alienated portiom nf their |>o»euion<, a 
gnat fut'ol them became ao reduecd, u to cautc tueh o( 




tba n*fi»i< •• raUJnird all 'he Utxlt erntiied in tbrir a 
(•M 10 KtiUlii « Uw hv wbl'-li Ihtf mty ibciuld is fbtan te 
WtUil H^ifif, «i»> ■!' lb* nrti aicreU Tewinff oi OU^, cv 
KliUtO. Ilul ImitiiuM (hi uamii of aartm could imm ba 
1ilii>Ilr tilliRii fniul llirm, ibv uliJUitiii of Majora mat { 
in \\>» mint |iii**rri>I Kin>ii>, ind ibil of A/inmM u<M. rnim lhi.1 iwriiNl to ih* reign ur Henry IIL ibe 
tIfKl Hi »Mliir ir> 111* LcfliWite Aswinbliei *fr**n u 
hiM twvn miinoiKl rii (but* p^noT'i fiho, Iram pociouaK 
*«IVfv Uan<nl*», am itTlcd AirMMr Mi^anti but oa^r 
t)MI Mnniirch It hu twrn hckl ibat ffait pnrtiet cr^tit 
«n>llW nrt ifMun «■• (hm nnitidrnd to bcsntUMiotk, 
In tVttumvnt, nnbo k* ou (iiminoned tbtrno bf Ite 
hiNl'i Writ I thouch Mr. i'ruiae canivnils on lb* multo. 
i>«l* nl • ^nvM-linf kn riH>>m<>ni, in lb* HHumnmt 

Ia ■finlbrr 

-— * lo IbM of 


Qoder th« intail. «"^«< in aneieot tinef tbe 
iVht cT priMogenkafv iippean (o b«ve taken place la the 
4Hccnt of digiiitief by Tenore to females at well at to malet. 
Vir BracciMi, treating of tbe partition of etUtet amon^ 
iMtakay baa tbe following pattajre s De hoc autem qaod 
4kkmr quied dm fcodo nf litari veniont in divitionem eapi- 
ulia ■ L W tt agia, et inter oobtsredet diTidantar, boe yerum 
ctt, Diti capitale itwitoapuni iUnd tit caput comitatiit, 
profter Joe gladii qaod dividi son potett, rel capat baronitt 
catUuiii vd aliod Bdifieiam. Et boe ideo ne tie caput per 
^wet pnrCicvlat dirldatury et plura Jara comitatum et 
•ianm dereniant ad nibilum, per quod defidat ref- 
• qvod ex coaitatibut et baroniit dicicur ette contti« 


* Ham, m tbe eMett dang^tery or titter, bad a ri^bt to tbe 
principal Bannon, jmrt emeei^t to wbicb, if it waa caput 
W M taiAi or baroniat, tbe t^rrice of attending Parliament 
ippeara to bave been always annexed, tbe wonld, in tb6ie 
tiawt, bave been entitled to tbe di!;nity {." 

" Wbere tbe elder danjifbter of a Baron wat married in 
tbe lifetime of ber father, the Crown appeart to have for- 
meHj bad a ri^t to confer the estatet whereof the Baron 
iicd seised on hit unmarried daug^hter $ ; and by the law of 
Scotland all beritable titles of nobility still go to the eldctt 
keir portioner, that it, to the eldest daughter ||." 

Tbe decision j est alluded to relative to Baronies by Tenure^ 
WW made in 1^9, in the case of the Barony of Fits- Walter, 
vbicb dignity wat, in tberei^n ofCharlesIl.claimed by Henry 
Mildnay, Esq. tbe beir-fceneral of Robert Fitz-Walter, 
who was summoned to Parliament S4 June, S3 Edw. I, 
IS95. and opposed by Robert Cheeke, Esq. The claimant's 
petitions were rtrfcrred to the House of Lords, but no pro- 
c^iB{[t of importance then took place; in 1667 Benjamin 
MiMmay* brother and heir of tbe said Henry Mildroayt 
frtKntrd a petition urg^infr his claim to tbe Barony, whick 
«u aiso referred to the Huuse of Lords. Mr. Cbceke't 

* TKatbe on Dignittes^ Ed. 1S33, p. 171. 
tlbid,p.l72. {Ibid. $Iba 
I Ibid, p. 173. 



b» tfrntitrntfimtrtM ina Jigaky ; aod alter w*«tst hcarinf* 
M U>* ^r "f ttie Uaoic, ibe Pirti«Tnt «ai proracucd. 
■ttd DoUiiBf farUirr ■•( done ib tbat w m mm ; but na tba 
9a Dee. luUwmac, Mr. MiUbij >e*ia pMilioBcd ibc Kinlh 
wlMH bit MaicMj iiu pirated id utdcr ia Coandl, that tha 
euK tbuuld he beard by tbe Pn>j Caoncil on tbc 19 Jan. 
ICi9, «"1 wbcB ibe tiro Cbid JiuUca and (he Lord CbM 
IteTMi wcK ardcnd lo attend. 

" The Caaoacl (or Ibc uid Rubert Cbarke alBnBed tbat 
tbc iiT *M a Barouj' \tj Tcaure, and ongbc id (d alom 
*irb the latiit ; •bieli the Coaiuel of tbe Petiiioiwf doniedt 
•ud offrnd tit arpie apon ibe lame. Upoo which both 
paniet being ordered lo niibdrav, Ihe timlarttfa B»r—V 
if tea ara htmg dunuritd, il was fwund (■ ha»t teat MitwH' 
Utmed/tr mang agti, ami nM ta ieiag, and m mMjU Im W 
reviittJ, or IB aJml anji preUmee mf righl of nurtMtiam titert' 
•fpon. Arid ilial tbe prrteuce of a Biniiiy by Tenure bein^ 
declared (fur ccicLty reauiiil) not to lie iiiiilled upon, Ac 
aod the olfaer puinti urRcd by Mr. Cbecke being overruled, 
it wa* urdered by bii Majeity in Council, tliat the Peii- 
liuner ii admitted humbly loadiirn* bimirirto Lii Hj^rilft 
for bi* Writ ID ait in the Huute of Peer! M Barun Fitl- 
WalUr, and «ba wai lo lummoncd accordingly V 

It dMi not appear on what groundi Mr. C heekc'a Countel 
claimed the B^roiiy of Fiiz-Walier by Tenure, lor that 
Baruiiy «af originally attached to tbe Tenure of the manor 
u( Utile Uunmuw, in Latex, •hlch wat granted lo Robert 
Pit>-Waller in the reigD of Hei>ry the FLret; and at tb* 
periud wb*n tbii claim mi% diuBitcd it ■■> oat in tbe poa- 
kMitun Df either of (he clatmanut' TUii fact doet not, 

• Oillioa' Pieccdenta, p. 987. Cruiie dd DlgQitici, p. GG. 

t Thia manur dcKended from the £imily of Rti-Walter to 
that uf Halcliffe, and from tlu latKr to iu repr«entat]*e. Sir 
Ilenrjr Mlldmay of Mouliham, <rho wai Kited uf it in 1GS!> ; in 
the latter part of the ncenteenlh century it wai poiiaHed by Sir 
lliumaa May, ohii told it to Sir Janiea Halleu in 1700. A 
M.S. tiiiUiUi thecujiy of Muraot'i Euex, in (he College of Armi, 
itatai, (hat Sir Jiinn May mortgaged it before the year iSli to 
Edtrard Eianfield, Eiq. hence it could acarcely ban bees poi- 
-« aillwr uf tlie claimaDU lo the Barony of Flu-Walter 



k(tmtwer^ in «nv de^n>e lesMn the weif^fat of the decicion 
«f cbe Kinjc in Cuuiicil ; fur ibat decuiua noC only rrten to 
tW iadividual case before it, but to tbc ^otni principle 
W «betber Baronies by Tenare were tben in exit lence ; and 
■ben it if considered tbat that reioluiicMi was foiuiul bj the 
advice of ibe Lord Chancelli>r, the two Chief Jusciecs, and 
•ftbe Chief Baron of tbc Eschpqoer, Mr Matthew Haie, 
•btifte intimate knovledj^e of subjects of that nature is 
jiHtly noticed by the Lord»* Coomittecf ; and that in the 
Uftcase in which the question was agitated before the 
Hoase of Lords *, the dccisiun was in a •^reat de^n^ee con- 
innatory of it, the doctrine tbat any territorial poMcviun 
ia this country constitutes its possessor a Baron of the 
K41b, ta»jt it is confiJeutly presuoied, be deemed to be 
catirely eapluded. 

The latent instance in which a claim of this nature waa 

wt up was ID 1805, in the ca«e of the Baronr of R'jof, a 

claim Co which was urj^ed by Lady Heiiry Fitz^raid, as 

oi«h»ir of the body uf Robert de Roos, who was summoned 

tuP«rliameuC in the 49 Hen. III.; the ancestors of wbicb 

Kfibrrt were unqocst ion ably Barons of the realm by Tenure* 

ritber of the Manors of Hamcslake or Trusbut, or tbc Castle 

uf Helvoirv each of which was held of the Crown fa cof4i€ 

ftr Banmiam, The Manors of HnmeiUke and Tru*riut were 

tiirfi alifciiAtcd; but tbc Honour and Castle of HfWoir m hit beld 

by the Duke of Rutland, wh-j cori»eq'j«riitiy oppo«**d L-.oy 

Hriiry ritzzrrald** pe>ition onibe;ruuxid thai tlic Bar^rv i^f 

Ri>-i* «a< a Bvroiiv h\ Tenure*, aiid that where an aii'itrM 

B^ftiii, buidiii!; a Btroiiial c&tatCy Le, a castle or mar.or 

li^ltl of tbe Kins in capiie per Bartmiam, wa« sumri^oried 

tu FAri.anent, lii^ iiilr did uot arifcc from the Writ *.f t'jui- 

no:.«, but from bi« B-iriiuy. ai.d he became a B^r^i. ov 

Trijure. The II «u»e uf Ljrd*, Loaerer, resulvird, ** 

i:^e Duke of RuiUnl was not eauticd to the Banjiiy c!' w- 

ed un the part of tbc cflfirf of Robert de Roo*." Tbis 

dett^ion, though nut 4o CoiM:*.u«i«e as that in the c««>tr of 

tb' Barvny of Fnz-WHiter ..for it conveys only an iin!':i*rd 

••T' r.:.i I uij B«ron:c» bv Ttrnure, inasmuch as notwiit.k'.aiid- 

1* :r:v. ibe Houie resolved that tl*c Barony cUiiced by 

Lidy Uebry FiUgerald was a distinct dignity from tbat 

t The Barony of Roos'in 1801. Fiii v/":. 

r f.~, 1-4 >v*Awt 'tu< ^I £i«. I. ■Den cba 
•M«M- »•/ W*l»r, 'inibtr vfaav Mihtss* 
r<4 v« ttrnrA, »nA npccullr tbt rfivitiBB af 
'•v4/ fr.4*r fh> t.fimn inW Wo dUtract 
••^••••a t'MfaM>r(, riKhl*, mil pii m lggfi, 
'.mrnio.* h>» timfii) no triC* before or in 
ffhnj, ir* •''•n*i4*rMl ; anit •hrn it ii Klto !.**•»»< ini|t>( ■■ and after ibc SS of 
Uinti'il • ilitii fir h" i>iiinnionerl to Parlii- 
fii'nilrd lolely upon tbe 
(•iiiuuiltce tppcabcDil 


•ill dMtinetljr appear in a further report whteb tbey par- 
p«c to sake Co tbie Houie), aud that the CrowD^ Dotwitb- 
nudiaf 9 uiiqaesiionablj exerciaed the power of callinf to 
MKh eieenihliee as Peert of the land, pertoni who had no 
claim to that difnity by Tenure, wbiltc no penon during 
tke period fron the 93 Edw. I. till ibe reii^ of Henry VI. 
•ppean to have dittiuetly claimed at a matter of ri^bty a 
Writ uf Sunmonf to Parliameniy derivinp that rif bt from 
Tenure independent of the power of the Crown ; it seems 
tkat the advisers of the order of Council of tbe 19 Jan. 
16S9^ bad at least strong grounds for tbe declaration on 
tke sal((cct eootained in that order, and for giving the 
uaeiioa of their opinions to tbe propriety of eonsidering 
iW Writ of Sununons to Robert Fits- Walter in tbe S3d and 
isfcssqaeat years of Edward 1. and the Wriu iuued to five 
posoQS saeeessively as his heirs In the male line, as having 
pvtn a presumptive right to tbe dignity of a Peer of the 
nalm capable of being transmitted lij descent to Elixabetb, 
tbe only daughter of Walter, the last male in the direct 
line of descent from Robert, without regard to Tenure, 
lad that tbe Writ of Summons to John Ratdiffe, the son 
and heir of Elizabeth, was founded on that presumptive 
ri{ht and not on Tenure ; and that Mildmay being at the 
tine of tbo decision tbe heir of Elisabeth Fitx-Walter, was 
entitled by tbe same prescriptive right to tbe same dignity. 
And altboogb tbe dectaion in favour of Mildmay was not 
the Judgment of tbe House but of tbe King in Council, 
uid the King might by his prerogative have issued the 
Writ under which Mildmay took his seat, yet it remained 
for the House to judge whether that Writ did or did not 
pve the precedence which it was intended to give; and 
tbe House having admitted Mildmay to take his seat with 
a precedence which the Writ under which he sat could not 
hare given, if he had not been entitled to claim the Writ 
nader tbe right vested in bis ancestor in the reign of Ed- 
ward the First, the House, in fact, accepted the decision of 
the King in Council as a proper decision, and considered 
ihc dignify vested in Mildmay as a mere personal dignity 
dented to him from tbe Writ of Summons issued in tbe 
Kipi of Edward the First to tbe person whose heir he was. 
It nay be addrd, that tbe Lord Keeper, tbe Chief JusticeB, 
aad the Chief Baron Sir Matthew Hale, when they advised 
the King in Council to declare, that on discussion of the 


lutare of * Barony bjr Tenure, it wu rminil to lun been 
<U«M>iitiniMd ft>r mui; Kgei and Dot in being, and to not 
At to be rerived, or to admit of any pretence of right to 
■aeeetuon tbereon, muit have couiidered, that neither the 
ca«e of Arundel or that of Aberc**«iny, ai (bote eaae* then 
■toad, eoold affect the qaeMion *." 

Id another part of the eame Report the int^ect U thiH 
abljr Doliced : 

" It bni been contended Ibat tenure of land, ' per Ban- 
niaM,' Kivu the rifht of demanding a Writ of SDmOHni* to 
Parliameoi a« a Baron of the reiln, and render* die tsnant 
of the land lo balden a Baron and Peer of the realu t bat 
it hai not been dittlnctiji ttaieri nbelbar that right ii anp- 
poaed to lie attaabed ovAj to tbe Tenure of an entire 
Baronj, or tbat it tuay bclons to the Tenure of part of a 
Baruny ; though it hu r«tfaer been (uicgeited, that It may 
belong to the Tenure of part of a Barony, prorided tbo 
tenant vC tbat part hai wbit lw> been cailed the ' nqni< 
Banmii*' If the right should be coiiSned to tt>e Tenore 
of an entire Barony, it •ruuld appear, froia the Tetta de 
Nevill, and other doculnenli, that the number uf Baroiiiea 
in tbe time of Henry the Third and Edward the Fint wai 
contjderable ; and the Committee prapoie, in another re- 
port, lo give a liat of iuetf aa have occurred to them in their 
•earcbet on the lultject. It the right abould be eatended 
to the Tenure of part of a Barony, provided the tenant bad 
tike toptU Banmut, tbe number of aucb right* n)u*t be 
e(|unl to the numbar of Baronica contained in tbe lilt ; a* 
tome pcnun* amongil the larioua tenant* in aeveralty of 
.paftt uF a Barony mutt have tbe copuf Bm-mtia. U iha 
right were etiended to holding per Barmdam, though of 
any part of a Barony, tbe number of penon* who Dii|;ht 
claim under aueh tirle muit lie very great, ai every diviiion 
of a Barony would tbcn produce a new claimant. To prove 
tbat any land ■■ now bolden by any one, waa an entire 
Barony, would protiably i>e at ihii day a very diffleult liik, 
and therefore it would probably be deemed moat prudent 
to limit tbe claim to tbe Tenure of that part of a Barony 
which coiiiaiiied tbe eajmt Barenue. Thii in tlie reign* of 
Edward the Fir*t,ofbi* *oo,and of hit grandson Edward 

* I. Bod II. Kepnrt, pp. 44G, 447. 


Ik Thinly nay imt have been diflkuli to ueertaun. Tlie 
Gvahtce have tbcrefbre endeaToured to ditcorer whether 
4m§ that tiBe» er afcerwards^ anj such daim had bceo 
■i^i and if madei what was the retulc. They have 
fmd naay instaiicea of persons who appear to hare holden 
\uitper BMromkum, and who hare probably possessed the 
«qpBf Burwmim't and yet were nerer summoued by Writ to 
fvliaaieDt. Tbej bare found, in other cases, persons who 
vcre saBOMDcd to Paiiiament baring such e^nU Bonnie, 
mA whosw dcacendants bare continued to be summoned to 
ParliaoKnt after alienation by tbemselres or their ancestors 
cf that et^mi Bmrmnm, whilst the alienee has not founded 
nj dain to auch a Writ on the possession which he bad 
aeinred *•" 

ne ConmltCeet then add, that they propose to give the 
malt of their aearehes in a further Report, not baring been 
able to make so complete an inrestigation of the subject 
« ippeared desirable, and proceed to notice the claim 
fiiaaiiil in the reign of Heniy VI. to the Earldom of 
Araadd by John Fits-Alan, who stated in his petition that 
Ui aneestorSt Earls of Arundel, Lords of the Cattle, Honor» 
ud Lordship of Arundel, had had their place to sit in 
Parliament and councils of the King's progenitors for time 
whereof mcmoiy uf man did not* run, by reason of the 
Castle, Honor, and Lordship aforesaid, to which the said 
htsse had been united and annexed for the time aforesaid^ 
of which Castle, Honor, and Lordship the petitioner was 
Mised. This case it is iropossiblr .o state satisfactorily in 
the limits to which these obserrations on dignities are 
Mcetwrily confined, but it is sufficient briefly to offer 
nich remarks as bear immediately on the subject of dig- 
oities being atUched to the tenure of land after the reign 
of Edward the First. The statement in the claimant's pe- 
tition, that all the persons who bad been seiaed of the 
Castle and Honor of Arundel were Earls of Arundel, was 
Boitnie; for the Lords' Committees, in this Report, prore 
that neither Fitz-Alan (the nephew, and one of the heirs 
«i Uagb de Albini Earl of Arundel, and who, in the parti- 
tioa of the said Earl Hugh's lands, obtained the Ca«tle of 
Anndel), nor John Fitz-Alan his son, the petitioner's an- 

• I.aiidll. Report^ j>. 401. 


record, though ibey acre both leiicd of the Cmch 
Honor of Arvndel «t « period when dignitiei nere ondenbt 
edif attiched to the tenure of Until. It would conteqaentl; 
•ppear, thai the Bnt Earl of Arundel of the fimil; of Fill- 
Alan, wi« Ricbard Fiti-AIin, (be ton and beir of Jobo Fiti- 
Alan luc mentioned, who, in record of the 16 Edward I. 
U merel; (tyled " Hic'o filio Atani," but wbo, in the 30 
Edw. I. wai Btjrlei] In ibe PlacitB In Quo WatraotD In Salop 
It) that year, "RicarduB Alius Alani Comti de jtnmJell,'" 
and who, in tbe S3 Edw. I. wm lumnioned to Parliament 
by tbit title. The concluiion therefore ii, that be «u 
crciited tu that dienily •□»)> lime between tbe 17 and SO 
Edw. I. " but in what maoner the Committee ha*« bean 
unable to diicover *." Jubn Fili-Alan'i petition wu, bow- 
erir, 10 far adoiitled, aa tbe atienion In bii petition ti' 
made tbe con ti dent ion, ihuuirb wiih some oiheit not eon- 
necied with Ibe question, fur the Kini^'i acceding to It 
with a larinir, nevf rtbeiets oF the ri|:b[ uf the Kin|;, of tbo 
Duke of Nuifollc who, beinff the beir-geiieral of the Earb 
of Arundel, had oppoted the Earl's claim, and of erety 
olher person; whicb saring clause, ■■ the Report tmlj 
ob<er«ri, ** was (hxt specie* uf saving wbieb in law ii 
deemed illusory, operniing iioihiugt." From John Fit(- 
Alan, nhu obtained this recognition of the Earldom, iha 
dignity descended to Henry Fiti-Alan, Enrl of Arundel, 
whu died in I&79, without male issue, wfavn Philip Howardj 
his grandson, *on of TbooiM Duke of Norfolk, by Maty, 


i!-: tbufblcr aod erentunll/ lole bcir of the Im( Earl, tne- 

■ > M CD lit" po»««iii>o i.f ihe C»«lr of Arunil(.-I xnil to (hat 

i-ldaa. Il« *a* mtainteil in 159&, itheti hie dtrnirio 

•iioM forfxlcdi but Tboiniu, hi* luii and heir, wu 

"loml to all fail fa(Ii«r*» bunout*, and, in the 3(1 Cliarki I. 

:*>n«j anArtod'arlianitinl, vbicb ii in the rorm ofaPeli- 

ti ta (br Kitiic, aod reeitvt tbal ihe Elrlilum a( Arundel 

iiJ been real and loral rrom >be rloie wlicrrof [be mpmiiry 

,.i man mm* nor tn lb* contrar)' ; and bad (rom the (tn>e 

>inn»id bean u»d anil cnjuj^d by bimsEll and luch of 

ill iPcBton ai bad bad them, anil enjoyed ibe iDheritanee 

•J (ka Cattle of Aruadel, Ac, In alinint simiUr word* ta 

Ik* alla^liuna ot ibe iictltioii el Juhn Fiia-Alan in ihe 

ro^ b( lli^nty Vl^ (ur a new liltlement uf ihe Earldom of 

AraaiM, and tot tbe aiineialioii o( ceruin Raruniea to that 

Au •ceonnt of the new timitaiioni of tbe Earlitmn 
all te fownil In leverBl parti of ibii work *. by virtue of 
*bicb it ha* daicenilad to it> preieiit illoalriiiui paeteiaor 
ikr Duke u( Nurrolk. " Tbii legisialive pruvltion," tbe 
{[•part atMrrrn, " h«> pul an end to all ((uettioni ni to 
ibe litW si Eari uf Arundul, >o lonf; as there remain iatue 
■aktroa iba (aid Thumat Howard EKriulAruiirrel." What 
■•f ba tlieaSeCt ol Ibote limilationi Oii the failure oftiirh 
kMua Malr, II ouuld be lin)>ot>lble to delerioine, ni>r diiei 

n ibe D' 

tttar an Earl at tbe time when <ligi 
ApeBnlent a poo (ernturial puHruiimai hem 
btiieer, tf It be nut totally 

idible, that it thoald h»t 

IV Ktt'lE and t^rllament in the 1 1 lien. VI. ibe 

inanutb*rpaii(irthiaw"rk,tHBt in tba( rtign 

._._ , tipect toibe Peerarr, are 10 be fouinl 

«hlPb ptcTededltiinay here again be uHrrrd, "i 

kbliah that if ili* mraoTdina>7 pruceedinpa 

•bich luck place iiiider ilial imm.irch 

sred a* enden'* of the geniTsl -prinriple 

prallouily, prevailed oil the siibiert of 

fatfentten uliicli ate lo be drawn fron* "hat 




appean to tiitvc been tlie principle, «itb rnpeol lo tit! 
from lb( 3% Ed*. I. tu tbe accunion of Henry, in 14311, 
could not be main ui lied- In addiiiun to (be oianifeM 
error of tbe allegkiion of Jobn Fiu-Alan, a limilu' tn> 
■lAiiec ti afforded in Ihe cue »[ (be Barony of Lille, which 
digtiit)' i*a* E'a'itKl to Jolin Talbot, nut only with a mod 
uiiaerdintry llmiiation, but (he ground* uii wbirh it wm 
ko graiHcd, vii. that the tenure ol ibe manor uf Kins«lan 
Litle bad, from the lime ol llie mimury of man, conferred 
on itM puueiior tbe dicnily of a I'eer of tbe realm, ■ 
place in Parliament, are proved by tbe Lord*' CommiKeca 
to bave been without (he stigblMt foundation t thia 
ain^ular cite ii, buwever, %o fuUjr detailed in a mbteqaent 
pBlM •, that it i> only lieiettary to re'er to it. 

Tbe Earldom of Arundel and tUe Barony of Ll«le have 
been now cited becauae (hey are generally deemed ciceptiona 
(o tbe |>oiition> (hat Baronici liy Tenure did nut eii*l aflei 
the reifin ol Edward the Second, and becaute iha Re- 
porta of (be Lordi' Cuminideea bare lo completely re- 
moved (be impraMion which had exinled. A few other 
iniuncei which afford the ttiuiieeM pretumpti*e evidenea 
againet tbat pmiliun, will be partially nnliced, togelber 
with such nF tbe aiatement* of tbe Lorda' Committeei ai 
the reu)t itroiigly eaiablith tbii important fact, in iha 
third Keport (be Conimlttee obierre, 

" A right to be mmmuaed (o Parliament by reason of 
(enure of any land deiiominated at any time a Barony, 
due* nut appear by any document which the Commltieo 
ba*e ditcovered, tu hare been auerted in the reign uf Ed- 
ward (beFinl, or in the reign of any of hii lueceafura, till 
the rlaim made by Edward Neville lo be summailed (o ~ 
liaoiant by Writ in teipeet of bit poiieiiion of tbe Baroitf 
of fiercivenny, in the reign nf Jamea tbe First." p. 99. 

The claim uf Edward Neville will he more pariicnlaflj 
alludad to, but a few remark! on thii verj- impurUnt ar -- 
tiun will not, it ii preiumed, lie miap laced. In a lubiequent 
ptgo it will be iu(|uired wlietber all the penons who wer< 
locluded in (be earlieat Writ uf .Summon* to I'atliainent oi 
record, emptiiig (bat of ibe 4D Henry III., namely, (hat of 
jEdw.l.were&anmf 6y 7>iiiir«, or in other wonli.held 
rimiaai, anil wliMberall who undoubtedly, 
jni jirr OarontuiH were (bun tummoni ' ' 



hrliuieot. But in the contideratioii oftbii qoMtion it it 
Mterial to remember, tbat uo record lias been found of any 
iBdividual ever baviD^ claimed to be lummoaed to Parlia- 
■cat in consequence of tbe tenure of laiid» from tbe time 
when •nmmoniea for that purpose are regularly preserved 
to the leiini of James tbe Pint, a period of tbiee hundred 
Tiars! If this fact be not deemed conclusive evidence 
that the principle which has been recently set op that 
Bsreniee by Tenure still exist, it must be from tbe suppo- 
sitioa of one of tbe two following causes :— Isty Tbat every 
pcffsoo who held per Barcmiam in tbe S3 of Edw. L was 
tWa summoned to Parliament, snd» consequently^ tbat 
tkose who were omitted in the Writs of tbat year were not 
BsraoB by Tenure ; or, Sdly, Tbat claims of that nature 
eere nrgcdv and perhaps admitted, but no record of such 
daims, or tbe proceedings on them, are now to be found. 
The first of these suppositions will be again considered in 
ike inquiry of who were tbe persons summoned in tbe S3d 
Edw. L i and consequently it is only requisite to state that 
DUBcrous instances exist iu which persons holding per 
Aeremom, and even positively seized in tbe reign of 
Edward II. and Edward 111., as well as in several successive 
leigns, of the identical lands which in the reign of Henry III. 
eoBititnted what was deemed the captU BaronUt, and who, 
thongh thus possessed of tbe very lands by tbe tenure of 
•hich their ancestors were Barons of the realm, were 
sever summoned to Parliament, or in anv other way re- 
cognized aa possessing Bsfonial rank. With respect to 
tbe second conjecture, however defective tbe records of 
Puliament are of tbe Parliaments of Edward 1. II. and III. 
tb(7 sre by no mesns so deficient in subsequent reigns : in 
tbe 1st of lleury VIII. tbe Journals of the House of Lords 
cofliBenccd ; hence it is almost incredible tbat claims of 
that nature should have been so frequently urged, as, if 
every tenant of lands per Barotuam was entitled, ex debiio 
j*Mih^, to a Writ of Summons to Parliament, tbey un- 
^biedly would have been, without some notice of snch 
daia» being preserved. Though attendance in tbe legis- 
Utite asaemblica might have been deemed an onerous 
<iuty in tbe reign of Edward I. and of two or three suc- 
eei^iiig monarchs, such attendance certainly became an 
**ret of ambit iun under the Monse of Lancaster, if not 
auch earlier ) aiid though the records of that pt^riud are 



ht le« MtBty and imperfect than under precoIiiiK tor^ 
rriicni, aiill not tbe >ll|;hteM notice ii lo be found of daioM 
to BtRMiie* in eomciiuence of <he tenare of landi^er A» 
ramam. It it *lio to be obwrred, tbat bnide* the aliMtt 
cuiicluiire (act of the total abience of any record at aueh a 
riaia, there ia but one loliikry inalanca, — tbat of JaiiM d« 
Herkeiey, from *hicb luub a fact Can even ba jimiwirf 
Tbi) in*lance did not oceur until to late ai tbc 9 Heo. V. 
and, ■■ will be ramarLed in a fnllo*lnK V*t*i hnitevar 
atrong tbe preiuniptian majr be (hat he wai lummoned t» 
Parliamciii dtjur; in coniequence of tba tanura of tba 
Cattle of Berkeley, it ii b; no meaiii potitire that anch 
«■■ the fact. Another circuoiilailee, and which doea not 
appear t* have been before pointed out, may be atated, 
■hicb tend* to prove that the (enure of landi ■hicb, befor* 
the 33 Edtr. I. rcndtted their poueator a Baron of the 
reilm, oai not eontidered to have that effect after (bat 
perloil,ii, the eircutn*taDce tbat in aeveral iiiatancea wben 
the Jeicendant of inch Baniiia bj Tenure nai lummoned 
to feveral Parliaraentt in the reign of Edward the Fint, and 
where, in lome, bia aon iind aucceuor waa alio aummoqed, 
yet tliat in many caui the *aid ton, and in olhen the 
male def cemlanti cither of the aaid ton or of the peraon to 
•umiDoned in tbe reign of Edward the Firtt, vera never 
aTlerwardt aumnMned to Parliameal, notwithitanding that 
they were leiied of the tame liuult which conatituted their 
anceitort Baroni of the realm before the 93 Edw. I. and 
which, if it then entitled their potieaaor to a Writ of Sum- 
mona lo Parliament, could not have ceaced to have (hat 
•ffect when it detcendcd to tboia who at that lima inherited 

The Lunli' Commltteea have obterved, with reapect 10 
the Writ of the 49 Hen. III., thit, of the eighteen peraonl 
then lummoned to Parliiimeiit, ■■ it tecmi highly probabia 
tbat no great regard wai paid to Tenure in the icleclion of 
perioni lo whom Wriii of Summon* were then iaiued f." 
Upuit (hit Writ much atrcu cannot be laid, for it i* clear 
(hat it did not cumprite one-third part of the Baronial 
body, nnd m it i* vjually certain tbat, though iuued in 
the King'* name, he wa* at' that tima a priioner, It nay 

BAflONlKS BV TENURE, «,ii ■ 

IM (b« Eail of Lcieedrr, ihe lentlar oF (be 

Mf. oalj (omworied tbiue Bsroni who »ere 

'*"> rajritl ciuh; ihe earliut Writ which ia 

r pnrpiMe uf intHtigaiing how niHiiy of (hole 

■crc BarmiB by Teoure, and aim wfaeiber 

^•bovMv ilecined by Dujidale to have been Baruiu by 

Tmnrv waT* iben taramDncci, i* there fon: that of Ihe S3 

Edw. I., ttwiwat siirEFuni totbit oflha49 Hen. III. 

TWniBnIlim WritiiiUDluftbe 33 Edxi. I. bui, ai in 

^■^b two laM. ibOH uiiljr itho Were (ummoned in (be Hral 

^■jflHl n*« loeludml, il ia not Deceicaiy to nuljce Ihem. 

^^Korifaal Writ of ibm jiear la teiled S4 June, IS95, by 

^^■leh ■Irven Earia «ni] /^i^Mrre Barum »ere tumcnuiieil. 

^^MlwUtUt BumlRir (utty-two mere certainly Biruna by 

IVivm Ml* AUd flngnnel ■■• teized o( laridi which had 

fmomtij be«n htld^rr BanmiatK* i and ■ leconJ, Thomai 

dt Fiwttral, it nuked by Uugdale among the Baruni by 

Tk*>r*, ihouKb be citea a record to prove that be did 

~f boU Ua landi by Barony t i but tbe rsmaininf; mnc % 

bnM uiy wberr ilated (u have been previoutly Baron* 

~~ Bliluiu|;l> (be grealest part of (hutu 

I liy that Writ were tetiatili of laiidi per Sart- 

t, y«t hooi bein|> eitcnaiie lauded pruprietori, and cun- 

ntlj> panont of eunaiderable iinportanee, Ibey would 

aeLecied by tbe King to iKend bit 

equnlly aa probable that a Writ wu 

^^^_ aeb of Ibea) IroD tbe mere ([race uf the Cronii, 

Mtbat tbe tvnure of tUcir landi entitled ibem Id demand 

I ba>e poaitiv* pruol that that Writ 

hirlada all ifa* prxun* In tb*t lungilDai who 

1 held ^rr Ba. 
.[bt to dumand 
a Umm who rvtcirnl it, if hciiiR teiiiiits of land fer 
I'iiiW eoftMJtutcd that risht; «hilit, on tbe other 

* nia can rill Ih muR fullji noticed io a >Dbiei)U«Dt paue, 
^^ilaff<i«la atmg fvmiTn^in' avidetiu tint ti.e teoura uf liii 
^^Hi«MUilad lum t<i a Writ of Summoiui |u Ptclluncut, 
^^BSm p. MM uf llite woili. 

^^■jtlr^a dc Menull, Walur de Faucoaborg, Robert i 
^^^o, Wabu Je Huotrreumba, Robert LwcelUi, Kichulu ^ 
^^Hvii H^li P«ii>ti, OcoVry de Camvillr, and Bogo d 



tiindi nearly • ifih of ihote lumiDoned by (he Writ of 9> 
Edmrd I. did not hold Imda ptr BaroMam, and who coMe- 
quintly wen never belare conildered U Baroni of tk* 
Realm. If (brrefbra eveiy penon teiied of land* ptr B»r*' 
mam wu, ai ba> been eoiitended, tMUled to iammd a. Writ 
orSuDioioni (0 Parliament, Hie pariiil number leleetcd by 
the Kine on 'hat oceaiiun, and itill raorc, (he circumitanea 
of nine or len indiriduali beinc to taleeud *ba did noC 
haU land) by (hat tenure, cannot be rrconciled to any 
|iTiueipla of {uitiee on the part of the Crown, and alktwa a- 
very ttrung inferenee, and which iiiferencE ii lupported Iqr 
other facli which wilt afterwirdi be itated, (hat no iaeh 
privilege wai Mlached lo the tenure of laudi^Wr AqfmiaMf 
or in othrr wordi, (hat in ihe S3d Edward 1. when the tint 
rrguUr wrii of Sumraoni (with (be eiceplion of that fit the 
49th Hen. Ilf.) wii iHued, Bironi by Tenure were not 
deenied entiiled tx dtbiltJutlUim, lo a Writ of SuDimuni to 

lu ibe 34 Edward I. one Writ of Summona to Parliament 
«ai itiuedi and in which only tblrty-ieveii Baron* wera 
included, nearly all, if not all of whom, were likewi«e lam- 
moned In the 33 Edward I. The Writ of the 3b Edward I. 
it hii« been itated *, ia not poiitiniy a Writ of Suminona tu 
Parliament; and the neat Writ on record i> that of (he G 
Fell. ST Edward I. 1399. Thii Writ included (en E.iTh and 
tifhlg Barona i the coniiderible iJilference between which 
number of Barou* and tboaecummuned in ilie!3 iidward I. 
14 wurlhv ■>! a((en(iun. Of Hieji/ly-tkree Baroni includrd 
in ihe Writ uf 3.1 Edw. I. iiiily tkirly-fiut were luinmoned by 
llii* Wril I beiice^rfjr^ve peraunt were tben iunimoned for 
(he Rrctliine; and ei^Ieen who wtre lummune'l in ibe 
S.'jd Edward I. did nut then receive a Writ uf Summon* to 
PHrliainent. If iheyirfy^re pereani in quetduii h:id all 
been Dirinii by IViiun;, it mi'lit have been argued that, 
tliuuglioniiiied in llie 33d Edward l.lbcy bad, between thu 
year and the ST'h Edward I. esdblislied iheir cliiim to 
allend (he Lcgiil.iiive Axembliei of ibe Kin^uni, and 
ibai ibeir prelentioni to du lu wn* iben recugnited by (hi* 
Wril i but un examination, it appenn (bat only (innJjf- 
/evrf uf that number held land* per Baraniam, whlUt 

* Viile " FiU-Joha," p. Ma. 

t Ziiuche, Deiiicourt, Mosalt (thu Baron ii deemed a Banin 
)y Trnute. ai ''ii Uother to whom he wu h^ir, and to wliuaa 


mtff-tar' wtrt ti*»M beton B«»nn« ul ihc Rralm ; the 
•uny-'war pmona khu l.»Iil pir Bormlam, »Me>l Id llir 
' Ti> l««arlvHr>Ilirtr «li.. -en. >iininir>iicil i.ytl,.. Writs of 
- ;U Minr.J I. would iiiiljr niiiL« tufjv-iu' tir tirly leifn 

I <n,! 4Tlli K<[«. J. ■ t>u^l)^Ft cfrtaiiily 

ly ;l» liuiDber ol prrmni nbo beld 

. i'.-i_. .-.rri ■llowliig e»ch ur ihvEF (iirra tu 

•ta «ba wan than leiieil ol mi fiitire Barony. 
Ht tbif Writ iweiily-onr prnunt wrre added to the 
liira«>(c ol tliR Kingdnra, and Hitb (be ten ailded by llie 
Mm ol X3 Edn. I. and one or (wo auminuiiKd iij tf^ntwt 
WhUWtaMn ihM vaor >nd I lie STth Edwkrd 1. <h« PMr- 
r Earl>. con.i>tcd ill the year latl mcn- 
it mi* hundred pertoiu, nxty tix uf »bon) h»»- 
I^WId Unit fcr Uartnuim, likd been Baruii* hy Tenure, 
^^4rti»*|r »*r« of IhiTlji/attT. bid only tiecomrtii by nriye 
bWrit ofSummuni to I'arliamcnt. Tbe greaieii ouni- 
Ifaf Bori-iW t*er lummuned to Piirlianiclit bElween the 
I. I. mml llie Sib Cdvr. II, both ye«ri iiiclusivr, »» 
IB V!Kb Drr. until Ed<*. 1. ISita.obeii nineiji-nlitt Baruni 
'il> number, agreeable to (lie above cal- 

. .._ vbat ii GoiiiidereJ to bave bepn Ibu 

I of Ibe QaronaEe of ibis Klnf-dara i on' occn- 
kaweVM, one individaal wba wai not ■ Baron by 
re. Atnarlpde ^. Araaod, oiu nunmoned f<jr llie first 

n tbe 3'iA Edward ). *h>n ninety four 

• Bn nameil in ibe Writ leiled 13 Nuv. 1304 i' but 

il unly of iboie wbo had been i>revluucly lum- 

__). t. p.), Pioliury. Bwtrt of Wildon, Pleuitli, 

SalM. Eoeabf. nti-Payoe, Mo<b. Hugh <le Moriimer, 

mj, MobuD. Clw-oFth, Multun, Uudolf. Gcnoil. Clin- 

,_..j«^WDp, Suffoid.Tngoi, L'Ortl, and Percy, 

• roMti Ibla firilMi WM Ewl of Derbv. but Uii laadi were 

Wd»d'i, Wallea. Hacclie, U Warr, Ha'etim;. Giaudli.m. 

Jaha Fki-R-fffl^. Pepre, T,... St. Philibcrt. Eeybum. Vav.- 

•uM, A* A^n, Miiii<7, Hpmd, ni>veieu]i, Utimer, Lautla- 


DMiwJ, with the aacptNB af UAtat 4» B wi fc m fc Mi 

y/iWum P^BcU, DcHker „f ■has mm Bums ^ Tmm. 

Ii would be diaciih to (i>euaactH«>«*Mif*fea« 

fanilin vera Buotu br Teaara in tbc 2M af "' 1. 

' Dugdale'i aeeoadt ii (cncraltji dcvacd W be A* MMt ^v- 
rect; but tbii diniBcuubed aaiiqaaiy cipvcMH nacfe 
doubt on tbc labjett ; for ia the iafnidaoiaii to bia n»- 
luaUc Biroaaga— ■ vatk ahich, ii iiaiiliHiaiiH|, tta lick- 
«rins«a[M«cofa*eaK«rittr*, botbaf ibepaM aodtke ptw- 

iDenti, ir.d tb«D, abca poMMacd of tbc iaIbfitioM ttdA 
hii pagei affstd, pmoiac (o critknc bii aemiacr and Ma- 
pMt bit fideUtf, will loae be deeawd tbc vwt ipltaJid ^ 
nuaitnt otaiiiiqauufi mcareh aad IcarriincwbichhaicvR 
>pp«red — be ofaxfret, ■■ Pcrbapi it ma; be 4onbled ^ 
luimc, abelher ercr* fimiljr uf •boa I biTc iIjiiimiuhI im 
tbii fint Uiinr, wrr* iihrtly Bjiboki it TracRK or wo^ 
l>rctii«e rurthiiie duib ifpeir by inquittlion of mbt, thM 
th«y beld by lUron J ; nor bj aB; OMmarial of the* Ariif^.' 
I'u (vitfic, ititrefutc, the tuhntity al «ieh, I mt, tbat ttav- 
itiC found frun the ncrtn of Mine fanner jadieioui anliqaa- 
riel Ibey were to nputnl, I deencd it ■ ufrr cm>r to lake 
nuliM o( ibem in tbat quail Real ion, tban by tbeir omimoa 
tanill; <n euniliide tbein olberwiw." It ii, howcTer, ccrtata 
thai the number ot Baruni t» Tenure in the reifo a( 
Edward ibe Fint Kreatlf eicrcded the nomber ot penoni 
»iniv<intdto['arliaiatnl. Mr. Cruhr remarki, " Maitbew 
I'arraor hii cuntinuatur reUtn, ibai King Henr^ theThifd 
bfinc ai !»t.Alb«n'i, and baling occaiiun to iprak of bil 
broilier Kiehard Earl urComwalJ, rtckoned Rnt the nann 
ol tliK Kinp of England (bat wrre canoniied for lainti, and 
aflrrward* tbe nanta of tlie Birani of England (bat be 
rnulJ rcmenber, which be found to be (aw kuHdred and 
Jifly. (.am'leii'> cogiy hat only am hundred and^/lf ; *i>d 
Mrl'J'in olinervrii, that tbi» latter number wat puitibly tha 
■ run r^ivliiii;, it app*arm|; from the Cloie Rotlt, 4T Hen. Ill, 
thai ihr I'rmporaJ tJaruni hy Tenure, being about me kim- 
jrtd and)xfl}i, were called in that year, by leveral Writs, ta 
be pmetil, mm eqvM el ornti ail halitndum tenilaim. Tbii 
calmUtluii mmi, however, he nnderitood to apply only to 
(be per i'ld when it wai made, and to (he Baraan jUiyam 
<• ' ' ' in the time u( tbc Cunqueror and tbat ot hii *Mit, 


•Wb every tenant im tapiie who bad a majigr wai a Baron 
ikm RMDbcr Bust bave been much greater."* 

Thua ■daiitini; that the number of pertoni who held 
hadsjper Barmiam in the 93d and 97th Edward 1. did not 
cKced tbe uombcr stated to have dono so in the 47tb Heniy 
111. nameljy ane hmm dr td arndfifl^^ and deducting from that 
aanont Jtr#|p-jir, the number of persons who beld/i«r jBa- 
fHiam and were tummoned to Parliament, it appears that 
mfkig-fmar^ tmuiderahfy oteve Jkaff of the individuals of tbe 
KofdoB who before tbe 93 Edward I. were inditputabljr 
BarnM of the Realm, were never included in any Writ of 
SiBmoiii to Parliament ; a fact which moat materially mili- 
titci against the priuciple, that the tenure of landa jmt 
.ffiianiam, at any time after the 99 Edward I. conatituted a 
lifhCp cr dehii9 jusHtim, to a Writ of Summons to the Le- 
|UaUvc Asaemblies of the Realm. 

Tbe inquify of who were included in tbe Writs of Suro- 
Bona to Parliament when Writs of that nature first be- 
etme general, or perhaps, to speak mure correctly, at the 
tJHie from which they are regularly recorded, may, it is pre- 
laned, be concluded with the following deductions : 

First, that a// icAa vere Barons by Tenure in the latter 
fart of tbe reign of Edward the First, were not Summoned 
to Parliament ; and, secondly, that many who never held 
hods per BarmnUim^ nor previously bad tbe reputation of 
Barons of tbe Realm, were summoned to Parliament. 
Hence there cannot be a doubt, that in tbe issuing of such 
Writs of Summons, the Crown not only exercised its discre- 
tioA by summoninf persons who never held per Baronianif 
W that of those who were seised of lands by that tenure, 
I part only of such tenants were summoned to Parliament. 

Of the few instances that afford grounds for considering 
that the dignity uf a Baron was attached to territorial )U)»- 
lessions after the reiKii of Edward tbe First, tbe Barony of 
Berkeley is undoubtedly the strongest, and is coniiequeHtly 
the most deserving of attention. Until the 23d F^ward 1. 
the aaoestors of Thomas du Berkeley, who in tbnt year was 
namoned to Parliament, were unquestionable Barons of 
iW Realm by Tenure of the Castle and Honor of Berkeley. 
Tbomas de Berkeley so summoned to Parliament, was suc- 
ceeded by bis son Maurice de Berkeley, who was likewise 

• Cruise on T)'\^n]tie»j p, 37. 

tm m amK^mmmm 

•Am MWfr ayyiMMiM*, W ■«• famri biir M< righMl hh»- 

fh* fMr* oif MwHwM, Mtd br M* mu> pi m ill M* 
rN*«r , " frWh Mm •«n:tod, ba paU Ui nBrf w a Bmh^ 
ii>>4fiiM4fiMfMMf«Partl*Hm(bMw«pMu'' Ith u t U tw, 
thM thf (iMMM 4« NnliFlw «m not mmmam t A to FMb- 
m-ttt MMtl lb* »1) M*H. v., ib<rq^, KhM hto DMto Hmt, 
«w ...f, p,.>.prilr>|, h<- «H of full ■!■. Hcnra DaphW* 
<it la In wim il«|rM corMbofuad ) bat it aait b* 


l..>rii)F liir ibe ol.icf Imh of (be n 
■ <»id to be "El VeLiit. Sctp. 
lilt thai »n tht ijiine Butliotliy un 

o bj Tcnurt of tlic CuttB ami Honur 
okalnri uiniisuBal Icf Pu-Jiuunt fruiii ^3 EAmd 1. lo 
tw. it. I Httbd llw Unci lu tlu Fopa in a» iuiir. 1, ; 

da Bcticlcj, >. and Ik ; 

h Bcticlcj, >. and Ik i luininciiicil to PuJIuneat f 

: Lrl.. n. I* Ed*. Il.ob. Ia2t> i be i> 
-.(mU (o fan* nl in I'uliamiBt ; ub. 13tB. ^ 

a Ddielcj, t. asJ h. ; iiunmoncd V 

l-ei^altjt ■- and b. i tDinmnn^ t 
I i^J poffu> ami agam from hji ta[ 
K- ^ u, Uiough Us died in IdtiS ; be 



tW Marqnett the Cattle beet roe Tested in the Crowo by 
virtec nf the indenture in quettiun, and so continued until 
tW death of Edwani VI. when the heirt male of Henry VII. 
hifinic failed, the Caatle reverted to the family of Berlceley, 
lad the folio winjf circumstances are stated by Dugdale co 
pnre that, in consequence of that alienation, the ancient 
lUrany was also alienated, and that thouf^h some of the 
heirs of the Marquess sat in Parliament, yet that they did so 
•aly bjr Tinue of a new creation. This question admits bow- 
c*ir of discussion, and it is presumed that that inference as 
■St strictly correct. Maurice de Berkeley, the brother and 
Wirof the Marquess, does not appear to have been summoned 
to Piriianent, notwithstandini; that he survived his brother 
sknt 6fteen years, though if the Barony was a personal dig- 
Djtj he was the undoubted heir to it. Maurice de Berkeley, 
Uifoii and heir, is said by Dui^dale to have been summoned 
to Parliament in the 14!b Henry VIU. '*but had not the 
plite uf hi« aiicesturs, in regard that the Caatle of Berkeley 
ud ihuse L<irdsbipt belangini: thereto, which ori^inaliy 
vtre the body of that ancient Barony, then remained in the 
Crown, by virtue of that entail so made by William Mar- 
^se»f Berkeley before mentioned;" ** by reason of which 
SuiBHionf he Then sat in Parliament merely as a new Baron 
in the lowest place, of which he had no joy, considering 
the cminency uf his ancestors, and the precedence which 
tfeey evrr had : but in puint of prudence he was necessitated 
ts submit, being thereunto persuaded by his council learned, 
aiappeareth by an original letter written to him by John 
TitWamef, then Lord Chief Rarnn of the Exchequer and 
eibert, which letter bears date 6 May, 1523, 15 Hen.VIlI." 
Ofthi« Maurice de Berkeley having been so summoned and 
W in Parliament, notwithstanding that no record of such 
H'rit of Summons appears in the list of persons summoned 
tkereto in Dugdale's Lists of Summons, and the only au> 
iburity cited for it by Dugdale is, " £a ipso Autogr. apud 
ficrklev," It ill the original letter which he cites from bir 
John Fiis-James muit be deemed very strong moral if not 
i^eil evidence uf the fact. The Journals of the House of 
Lurdi between the 7th and S5th Hen. VIII. having been 
1^, no proof uf his haviii;; so sat in Parliament is to be 
•J'li.d. Un«!tr all the circumstances we may, however, 
•v*!t cuncluile, that the facts were as i* Mattd by 
b'f^'Mir, and a very stroii;; case must be ailuvtt-d io be 
VOL. I. -*" 


entile out, Ihit op to tbe 14(h fMf of Heniy VllL tha B^ 
Tony of Berkelay «■■ atttched to the tenora Of tbe Cutk. 
Maarice Lord B«rkely died in the [allowiflC yearwkhact 
iaiue, nben Thomai de Berkriejr bit brotlier baeama bi* 
heir, »nd wbo luceecded to lucb land* >■ hu brutber lUad 
leiied of I but if, m Dugdale contendi, the Itaronj created 
bf tlie Writ of Summon* to Maurice de Berkeley in tbe 14tb 
Hen. VIII. wal ■ nnc ertatim, and which, if tbe aaid Mu- 
riee tat u junior Baron, undoubtedly wai the ate, that 
Barony on bii death without itiae beeama ExriKCT j and 
if the tenure of tbe Cattle alon* eooitituted tbo «Dd«Dt 
Barony, a* that caitle aaa then in tbe band* of the CrowD, 
Tboma* de Berkeley, tbe brother and beir uF Maurice Lurd 
Berkeley, could have had no cUini wbaicrer to a Writ of 
Summont to Farliameut. or to the digniiy of a Raron oF tba 
Realm. We find, however, ibit to tbe ivry next Parlianent. 
namely, that which wat ordered by Wriii teited !Hh KOf. 
31 Hen. VIII. 1599, to meet at Weitminiter in tbe NaT* ■- 
bar following, a Writ wm inued to Ihii ThomH Berkekyt 
and in wbiub he ii Xyled •' ThomB Berkley de Berkley, 
Cberalicr:" thi* Writ muit bare acted a* a new creation, 
it tbe ancient Barony wni not then vetted in him, and bii 
precedence would therefore be that of ihe junior Baron 
only. Tbe Lardi' Journal! for that Parliament beiaf 
lott. the only notice ol bit having then lat, ii a note printed 
in Dugdale'i Liiti oF Summon! of thoie Lord* who paads 
their fint entry into tbe Parliament Chamber, and of wbod! 
GKner demanded hil feej amonf; tbete, who couliiled o( 
tbe Marqueai of Exeter, lii Earlt, the Lord! St. John, 
Ziiuche, fic. be ii included, but tbe precedency al- 
lowed liim cannot be delermiiied. He died in iba 34lh 
Hen.VIII. hefure another Parltnnient wag lummoned; but 
bi> ton and heir, Tbamu de Btrkeley, waa lummODEd in the 
'ibib Hen. Vlli. to llie enduing Parliament j and ai the 
Lurdi' Juurnali fur that ParJinnient are preserved, tbe qiiet- 
tian of bis precedency, and which involrei tbe point imme- 
diately under diicuaiion, may be ascertained. The name o( 
of Lord Berkeley regularly occuri in the Journali of thil 
Parliament j and on the 330, 35tb, 3TIb, and 75lb dayl, ha 
is marked a* having been present ; and in every initance bia 
name stands as ilie third Baron on ibe Roll, naipeiy, be- 
tween LurdZnuelie and LurdMurlev) — a fact wbirh clearly 
]>ruvci that lie did not sit iu the precedency which would 

liAROME:^ BY TENURE. xtrii 

M B****t eiiticr by ih* Wrii ilirccteJ to bi< r«llier> or bj 
tbu U U* UBda, in (he Ulb ircii. VUI. Nur wu k the 
|w*n4c»cy at Ui« eattleil 1V>it, (]in)G(eil lo hii anctiior in 
It* "04 Ea«. I. I J95. (or Ihx U't.t •rould hafe eulkl^d bira 
Uut above Lord Zuucbsi nhoieancMlor wii nal luniinoiieij 
ktUrtlMBCSt uiUiltheSil Edw.ll. ISaT.andlhepnccdeiKry 
(tnoi fa Larf Zout'bc abuvu Lard Morley U nu Uai eitraor- 
imafy, for ib< fini Lord Morlejr wu tuniDoiied in iLe 
Mtb Edw. L ISt^il. With the occption, ibetefore, ol Lard 
Zaoeht bciog inipru|wrly )>laced abave bjm, it it cvriaiii 
lk*t b* Ml IB Ilia place uf the aocient Baruiiy ; lur un no 
Mfccr gTMiadl could Iwliavi been pUced above Lord Mo(- 
iCT, urf « the tbird Baron at Parlianienl. Lord Auilley, 
ifcaeu Mder Ihe daubttui Writ of ibe !5lb Cilw. I. sud 
^^^■t in tkU and (ubaaiinenl Parliameiit* uUced as tlie lirtt 
^HKhbi mm ftlw tiDprutwrl)' placed abotebimj but ihuuEb 
H^KpfaelM grouDdt a( lliiiaixinialy cannot beimrtained, it 
^i|b ba taxMutoniy Boucludeil tbat it wan iiiiEndcd lo give 
' ftailntpUt* ottiiv original Barony. Lord UmLdry died in 
dM Wtk HnryVIIl. and *u conieijuenily never i-aiu 
HlaBOiwtl Is E^rliamtlil. Henry, Lord BerkelEy, his ion 
Md fadr, >M not boto until a few neelu afivr big fxhrr'a 
iaath, ud tUd Dol become of age until 0<:>uber, 1.^55,3 
aad t Pfciti|> aud Mary : be «u preunt in Parlunient to 
Ibe <Lb and &th Tbilip and Mary {tliougb be i> nut reoordrd 
l> ba*> been lummontd until the Stb and (jtb of tbat 
ni(«), bIwii be *ti jdaced eten lower than where bis 
latbiw aal, m iu ibe JeurDlU of that Parli»nieiit be (land* 
am ta l^rd Morley, thaiigb, on the deaih of Edward VI. 
in ISU, t« laeeetrdtd ta tka caitle tf B'rktieg, the bririi 
■4la«r UenijVll. harlng Ibtn laileJ, and wlicn Dugdiile 
nmiidera ibai lie alau luccreded to the ancient B^runy. 
On ibfl !(>tb day ot Jatiunry, hii name uccurt in the 
JwrDilt iwit below Lord Morley, he wu placed neit 
Ulow Lord AuJlKy, and above bulb Lord Zuucbe and 
Lent M.irl*y i but in the Sib of Eliiabvth be Hands 
In lb* JuainAli a* ihc flfih Barun, between Lurd Zouche 
•nd Luril Slnrley, the IbrrE above Lord Zouebe being the 
Btnina Bergaveiiny, Audley, and Siraiige, but neiihur of 
•lildi Kuunl were enlllled, aicutdliig in the dares ol the 
•ulieU WriU iIlr«ctEd to tbtir Wlceslor* to be placed above 

IIUM beU pro* 

, howc 

■, that, wlialcvti oi.iy ba»e 


been the pUce niaiened (a Mauricp. Lord Berkelev, ia ihi 
i-tth Hen. VIII. or t» hit brolhvr TIiddik. Lurd Btrkvlry, 
in tbe Slit Hfii. VIII. (|UMtiuii> wliicli, rruiii ibe lau oT Itae 
LuTd'* Jiwnials mtinot be jiuciiitel)' derided, yet ibiit b) 
ihciiiitRiiceofThuniat, turd Brrkeley, tumnianed In tba 
SSih Hen.Vlll.1iF wat, ii<it<iiih<tandlni;>iia not being eelMd 
ufthecaMle u( Berkeley, pUeed in (ireeiiely tlie t4nie pr^ 
cedence u ihkt wlikh wx f'iy<;H to hii tun, afier he ob- 
uiiied paiae»ivii i>( ibe laid ctfilei and cuniequenlly, 
itlialever mty bave been ibe (irineiple wliich prev«ilwl 
betoern ibe >i"''<'d Hbeii the rulle »a> alienated and tba 
SStb of Heii. VIU. it U eertain that the »neienl Bwony «M 
not in thai year deiroed (u b« atiaehed to ibe irnure of lb« 
cattle. NothiiiKi iberefure, l)iit prvtunipiive evidence etn 
be xdduced, wilb (he eiccption uf Ibe letter of Sir John 
rilx Jnmea, to ihew that ihe alienation of Berkeley Caiile, 
in the reign uf Hrn.VII. prevented (he beirt of Ibat fwnitji 
ffUlD inheriting Ihe ant'ient Baruny, wbiitt, on (he other 
hand, potitlee evidence ii eitant, ttiai tlie precedence of 
tba ancient Baiuny* wai patsetted by die hcirof the (amily 
tiiuleen year* before the eaide miu reilarod to it. 

On the aubject uf the Uarony of Berkeley iwocireumatanee* 
only remain la be tuied, In IG6I, George, then Lord 
Berkeley, petiiiuned bi* Majeaiy to be allowed bit place in 
Parllameut above and belore Lord de la Warr, graunding 
bii rlaitn on the Barony being by tenure <jf the honour of 
Berkeley, and reciiinc the circiim«tince of the said honour 
having been eiilaited on Hen. VII. by the Marquaaa Berke- 
ley, "and (hat coiiae<iuently Sir Miurice Berkeley, tba 
nephew and heir of the aaid Marqueti, being «uiumniicd t» 

* Alihuugli ibe eiaet precedency of the ancient Baroay «ai 
certainly aecntdin); lu ]ire>caE ruiei uu the lubjict, atnae iha 
B*roi» trhu, whom Thomu, Lord Berkeley, wat p!aee<1, in the 
9Sth Hen. VIII. itill ilie wordtutrdiuibeteiiarejiutiliedby 
iti heiDg the prpcedcoej which wai allnwed to bi> dc>ogDdanH> 
*ha wt:e aeiied uf Beikelcy Cutlc. Antecedent to the lal 1^ 
Nen.Vin, there are no miaDi of aicertaiaiog cnrreetly tha pia- 
oedencv gitou in Peen i uidaa the JournaU lieloeen l1ie7th and 
«Stb Hen.Vlll. an not DOW eacant, and aa hetwecD the lat asd 
7th uF that rvign no 1 
nent, the earlieit enir 
the 4Slb Ues. Vm. 

I llll II 


r>rniai*Bt in Uie MiL Ihn. Vl[|. did, by reunn of tb*t 
fMail, HI M MlMra iM ibin m a puitac Birou ,- and ibat 
■roa Iha ikalh of KiltK Edwnrd VI, wllboot iiauir, Henty, 
Ln4 B*rl*lc]>, ncpbto *tid bcii lo tbe uid Mmiricc, bring 
BM (Ul tbal iiioe in ■ ca|iacii!r to cballeii^ ibe yitce of his 
"- ion, ■Mtben undirage." Nureiuiulian appeara lo 
lM*a wmdt on tbii peijtiun i wbich, i[ it tw cnrreclly 
^ liy Mr. Crniac, it rr maikable for tbe oniisiian of ili'e 
iJKim nUliK to tbe Barony, id tbe reign of Henry V. 
tM«na Jmum Ue Uerkcley and tbe Earl of Warifick ; 
ttwach. ihM ih« (>ei above, n-lati*e to tbe place io wbicb 
l^mM^ Lofd Bcrkeky, i«t in ibe 35lh Hen.VIII. thoulU 
taw b**a Mppreutd it not eitriordiiiary, ai it ii evidently 
■adc afaiiut tbe clain, iuaimucb at it miliialed igaintc 
iW •■MTiioit vl ibe Barany being by tenure of the caille or 
to— ar u( Bakalty. Tbe precedency of the Barony of Ber> 
May, itsdef the Writ of 23 Ed«. t. ii certainly above tbat 
<t L> Warr. ohich wa* created by tbe Writ of 6 Feb. SI 
£d<i.l. and the claim vas not grounded od that circum- 
MAtioe, p««b4bly became, if U nu admltled to be a Barony 
ky TniBn, H would Kite ill ponciaor a precedency above 
nc«y Baron abo oai not then leiled of lucb land) a9 con- 
MiliMtil Mt ancetton Uarona of the Realm before the reign 
•iHanryl. One uboirvatiati xiltretnaini to be offered. It 
■ t^4iat* thai Ougdala, in pteparing bi> account of tbe 
BnlLelcy tanlly, had bad accesi to all the archive* and mu- 
■tnesu prvM>r««l by U ; aad It is no leti evident, llial he 
*<id(**vur« to Mtablith (hat tbe ancient Barony wai by vir- 
tmoltkawaoNoribeeanlc In wbicfa tiroeDug- 
ilala «M Norroy, iht petition juit noticed itii preiented to 
ib< Kiai;, wMrb pelilion, it ii knoirn,wai prepared by that 
UeraU I hii Malrmenta may, therefore, fairly be luipecled 
bin. Tbia luggciiion it fnr from intended tu imply 
n improfwr mulive on the part of that dit- 
nn(»iUMii KTiierj bot *• much of what has here been 
fclto4 iw/aawir of tbe poiiiion ibal tbe Baruny *m by 
(mat* at tbt euilv, dependi entirely upon the fidelity of 
Dw^lt'* (irrarti frun ducumenit in Berkeley L'wtle, a 
•l^m b«MtMh>n may perbapi be eapreiied to receiving 
W tlMcaantu Htlh impticil confidence, eipecialty at the 
lad U (b« pr*e*d*ncy of tbe ancient Baruny being alloaed 
la tW Utb lien. VIII, Ulutally unnolked in hit narralivc 
It l» uM llut a claim to the llarony of Berkeley, by tenure 


o( the CMtls, U tbout to be urged : wbut (he reiult of thil 
claim mty be, it wuulil be preiumptuaiu to anUcipile ; but 
if * deciiion be prunnuiicrd on it, lucb decitiun would be of 
coniid(rabl< impiirlance, u it wuuld tend to tcbiotc what- 
■Ter doubt nmy iiuw ciisi, iiolxiihiiaiidinf Ibc lolemn »• 
tolulion or the Privy Cuoncil on ihe tublect in 16&9, u to 
Bironie* beiiii; altacbed to terrilorial poiieifioni. 

Prcvioui to eoncludin; tbeie abiervBiioni on tbe BaroilT 
of Berkeley il ihould be nmarkEd, tbat if the principle whiob 
regulate! ike dneent uf digniiln at tbe preient day may ba 
applied to tbe lubjecl, lAree Baroniei uf Berkeley by Writ 
have eaistril ; tbe fine, Ibat created by Ibe Writ of Sum- 
nam to Tbomat de Beriieley, in (he 33d Edw. [. ; tbs 
leeoud, tbat created by tbe Writ of Summoui to bia ion, 
Maurice de Berkeley, who was lummoncd to Parlianenc 
nli patru, in tbe 9d Edw. II. ; and tbe tbird, Ibat created 
by the Writ to Janieade BerkeUy, in tbe 91b Hen. V. ; and 
uulaa* Ibe Barony ia undenlood lo faive been atiacbed to 
tbe tenarr of Berkeley Caillr, tbe Barony created by the 
Writ ot 93 Edw. I. ai well ai tbat created by tbe Writ of 
S Edw. U. are now in abeyance among tbe cnbeira of Kliia- 
betb, Cotinteia of Warwick, tbe deugbter and lole heir ot 
Tbotnai, Barvn Berkeley, who died in 1416; wbilit tba. 


vnoj' C«il)c. but >liu l>}> ipnure uf tba Imidi «kL- 

•Bhemed (ram Ilia fatbsri ainl ■i'l obicb in thete pain^E 

iitic 'III! fad, lh« puM»>iun or linda 

I brld /wr ilnrsniaM, (iiiiili^ij iIik ivititsur 

f ■umiuuRi tu P«rli«iuen(, tx ittbitojutlilta, it 

hat Julin lie llwliiiei wat ni (nucli 

> dcRtaliil it bf the leiiur« ul the Uii<l« wUich 

I bi* father k Baran of tbe riralin, as by ihe 

STr^tTcrinj Catilc, which he ilibeiitnl from hii 

• Coalle of Bttgavenny eunlinued in Ibi! fa- 

"~ « for five gvorraliuiif i and hi llie ilirec 

f thai LunJibip were HftU uf Pmilirulkr, 

• tbc Wiiit adJreucd tu (be lou (f. Julhi 

41 Mr* aunnauDMl to Parliaiueiil at Uiiiuiii, 

nee from ihe niairuer in wlncU ibey Here 

_ «>■! In thflte Wri< can be ara«>i. Tbii l>.fvre<i.t! 

jbU I*ii4 to eoalilitb that ibe Barony uf ^bicb lliry nvie 

ocurd was Ibat uf Uulinga, tur alllxiugb aliine (Ajr'y 

' >. JiiiOed It) tljEOi, iKil llie slisbtul uii'iiltiiii i» 

■ii'ru uf ibctilUuf ""BerKaveuiiy" utiuri. On 

' lie lut Uarl of Pembroke in 13il9, the C'aciJe 

ir ilCTulnd oil Wiliiun Beauchainp, luuith (ou 

l->ri uf VVarvick, but ill <rhat maimer he lue- 

<> II not quile CBrtaio, tome wrilert afGriuiiig 

••;■ tnlail, and mber* by purthaui ibougb, an 

• tbr» teciirdi In praul Ibal John de Hisiiii^i 

I bruke, ill Ibe 43 VAm. Ill, •ellled, ill earn li4 

.^•it iuue ul bit body, ibe Cat lie and Lurdtbip ot 

mif, and other laDda.ulihii coiuin William dcBcju- 

i ^ar hii arniB, ind tndeavuur tu vbiiiii the tiik ut 
■abrokci and in caiehetbould dediiie to di> ■», 
bit kliitu«u, WUtiira do Cliiiion, wa> la h^vu 
Iha UDC oiudillun*, tt ta inait probable Ibal 
O d* Beauohamp ubtained the Cattle in eoiiarqueiice 
Tl(« luiu d( Ihe (aid Eirl of I'cmbrolie failed 
■n tUe Caiili uf Ueres*Enny »>"•'. '* I>«Kil»le'i 
aturrn^i, hita dcvulvrd on William ile 
»p, and vben, it Ih- triiurelhereol contliiuled a rijtbt 
t puuciaor tu drniind a Writ ul SuniiDone to Pdclii- 
l. ha «ii(bl loimrdialely lo have been •unna"ned m 
IBMIC ll *iu IKX, ho«c«cr, until (Arw ffeiin atler- 
, UMcl;. on the tJ Nor. Id Ric 11. I3S3. tb«t ihn 
- '- " usliaioii «ai louimuned to Parltamcnl, lit 


tbe Writ of nhirh jrtnr lie ii ityleJ " Willielino Beiurhmnp 
de BeritBvemiy." ltm»ytfr»e in a grtat dtgrtt to illu<- 
ttale tbe point bow far ibis Writ wxa iiiueil tr dttU* 
jialHiaio thii Baron from hif tenure ol Abergannnj Ciulle, 
to inquire whether be was railed froni comparative obleii- 
rity tu importaiica by baving lucceeded to ibeae lanili, and 
alio nrbcther any other cause can be aiiigned Tor hii beiiiK 
delcrlbed " De Bcrgavenny" in the Writ a( SaoiBiani, Iban 
bii being; aummoueil in eonsequence of tbe tenure of tbaC 
caille. In antwer to the tint qucitian, it i« latilftetoril; 
jiroved, that ihough he wn> never summtiiied to Parliament 
until three yean after he lucceeded to tboic land), be bad 
been For many yean preceding a penonage of coniiderabls 
reputation. He wa* the youiiecr Bnn uf a poHcrful E*rl, 
and aa early at the 40lh Edw. Id. had diMinguitbed himieir 
a* a loldier in tlie war* of I'rance ; and from tbat period to 
(he time when be waa Bummoned to Parliament, he eon- 
Itanlly fillc'l some oHlce of the highest IniSI, and wa* dalljr 
adding to the charxcler which hit military proweas bad 
ohtainnt for bim ; be waa Iben, likrwi«F, a Knight nf tbe 
Garter, and Lord Chamberlain to ihr King, nnd undoubt- 
edly tlond high in the eiiimMion of bis Sovereign. Theie 
circumstancu, (bererure, prove that tbe lands to wbicb be 
meceedtd, in l-^a;). 

BARONtES liV TENURE. i»xiii 

I ' I rigU to the dignity, it maybe 

i nrii-iplit preTallnl ill earlier period* 

< ;'!'<:( la ibcdrcuniitance uF WiUUni 

, . i.,.rt. *(ylHl in (be Writ ".ir Bfrga- 

.......111! r^fer lo ihe arEunieitK ■ubnulted 

.'-■ ..I line Work, tint luib Nddiiiuni lu iiarneii 
soiDinuiK before ibe relfin of Henry VI. were 

iB|ily 0« liiie <ir liie liigiMiy. In tbe iiisianre in i|><eition, 
U Ike um« |KftiMl nbcn the Writ wat liatioi In ihii Baron, 
TWf* mat • John dc Brmiehanip, do Kydilermliiiier, nha 

MiU Wri)> by ilieitJ.Ji|irrn''de Kydderniiioier" i ibnc in 
|w<i y » r*i{« (ao Birutif of the name of Beanplmmp had 
Ivn (BMouinedi ibe due being iiyled in liic Writs "de 
!!■>««■ W," and ilie other ■' ile Wirrewyk j" heiire there 
Imj bbI apprar, to far ■• Cueb dMignalioiis in Wriii o( 
!•■«•••• alln* oT an JnrereDce, any fcreiter re.ituri fur 
■Mi»idrr>»|p tbac the Iil1« iiilcnded la have been conferred 
m Williaa il« B«udiani|>, in Ihe I9ih Rich. II. wu ibc 
kaMO)) ol Brrf^rautf, (bin (hat i-ilbfr □( ihe ntber per- 
<«■*(■* aKudMl lu Hal Hann Sj/JiUrminiltr, Baron Sotiier- 
M, of BiroD ffarwiri .' 

Vfhaltrrt tBnj bite b*«n the title intandBd to have been 

nnfanvd «a WillUm de Betuebamti by Richard the II. ihe 

WiM Bnd«r*t>ieb be tat U that mblch ereatcd the Biruny 

iabtiitad by bii dncendant*. Hit «uil was created Earl o( 

WatoMcr In l41D,aadi]yhipwitbout itiue male in 1451, 

Ito BarMiy detolved on hii daughter and belt Eli/a- 

h(t1>i vho ni*rri-'i1 E^tward Neville, and itha was ciimmuned 

i>>l»j.l,.,r,,t,i ,„r, .„„tU. In ibe 39th Henry VI. by the 

it' ■i",*^, DaminB di Utrgavenisy," or 

li. 'HavenHf.'' The introduction of 

I ■ :^ r^iivciiny," may iKihaptbe deemeJ 

r .. tlaruny,"BergaTenii)',"andattuch 

I aeiiUBiinited. Ptom tbji Gtotge 

tniled to hit Bruteranilsun Heni-y 

' ni i»uE male lu 15tl7, nnd when, ac- 

1.., aUthtDaronieiinfHnfwhivU 

..|,,M created by the Writ uili; Rieh. 11. 

jlltic l}(ron»> ..1 IJeipencer and BurKherah, which were 

I bj Um iua(ri<t« ul R'cbaid Ueauchaoip, Eiil 


ut Worceiter, «i(li (Mbtl,(liugbtcr tnd enntually tob Iwir 
or Thomu, Baron Dnprnccr, cli!*i>lvcil on hit diugtiiBraBd 
heir Elirabitb, ibe wife dF sir Thoou Ftor. A duputa m 
the lucccuioiiof (Iium illgnilici, however, aroK b«lwren tha 
Hill Eliiabelh and Edsard Neville, tlia h«ir mala ul bar 
father, the former canteiiriing dial ihe Barony of Bereft- 
venny wai a pertonal dignity, and the latter that it WM 
adached (□ the tenure of the Caille of BercaTenny, at 
nhicb, in conieqaetice of an entail, he «a* a«iied, Tbi( 
claim, «hich ha> been frequent)]' reported, ii impartant la 
coniequeitce of the citriordinary deciaioa formed OD Iti ■ 
deciiioA which bi> more the character oran ainlcaUaaiI)iMt- 

ibepurties, than al having been rrtculated hy any tegal pris- 
ciple *■ III the diieuition the t|Detiian of Baroniti byTaitni* 
«M nemiarily agilaled, for on it Neville'i ptcleniioni wera 
solely Krounded ; and had tlie deciiion of the HoDle of Lord! 
been apwilttc rcniutim, the point would in a great nea- 
lure have bren decided. After many bEarinp, the Houh at 
tait reiutved, 

" That the queition lecmed nererthelcM not lo perfectly 
and eiactl; reioWed, m mj^t ^ve clear and undoubted 
aaiiifaction to all the eonicieticei or judgincnlt of all tba 
Lnrdi, fur the preciie point of right ; and yet lo much wai 
(hewn and allri^il or. each tide, at in the opinion of the 
lliiute, if it niiEbi stand with the King'* giwd plcaiure and 
grare, made llitiii buih capable and wurlliy of honour. It 

* On tliii druisiun tliE Lonlt' Conimltteei in their 111. lU- 
IWTt, f.2lil, oIiMtve: 

" 1 he pTiH;e«(lia^i rcipectin^ the claimi iif the dignity of Baron 
Alieigitcniij in thi: rei^'n iif Jamet the Fittt, liave aUo been 
iriiri'senud u tliowiiig, that tveii it that time the poiieuioD of 
a iWooj Kti cunkidereil tt Riving the pennn who held (hit pot- 
sK-wm a ri^lit t'l a Writ of .Summuni In Parliament •• ■ UtrOB, 
In friiMiiftlie ancient law of tlie land. Bullhert itmno dfciahn 
OH tit f iir<'iiHi if right, anJ Ihr proercdingt lermiiuilcd in a nm- 
jirrcnli-aci' finally given tu (lie dignity of Bann [<c De«peoier, 
■viiitedlviiuRre |ieraiinal dignity, derivrd from a Writ in the4!)tli 
Ilrn. III., wai utterly inconilstnit witli (ha righ( to a dignity of 



1 oil tlie prepM.Hi.g. 

hoi bumble suit >lin 



Buvii* iif Ai<fj!nii:in:i, ,iml till.- iitdanc |iUfi> b«limgine lu 
IferuiM. sKd tbf <>ib>rlu til* U*ruiiy of LeDeipeiiscr." 

Tli«« mtiimiun «•«-, in othir wunll, aii ack mi* lodgment 
<hMlhacu«i»iuni!afE»>l difficulty J IbatthcPeen fouM 
lltM da •Mikfu'tory cuncluitun upon it ; ibiit bolli parlrci 
«w*. In lb* a|>in)uu iit lbs Muuw, " capable nnil worthy" 
•lib* dignity olaimrd, if if otiglit (land oilh ihe King'i 
^■4pb*i«rK| thai <Ub hWIc or ibe proccedinge shuulil bv 

talli panin ahauld be minobleri, ^viiij; lbs Barony iii dii- 
pM> lo lb* ona, and ibai ol Le UeipeDBcr ta (he olher. 
HkUtimly agnedla tbewiibea iifllie Iluute, but requirril 
lb«s ta doctie tv ohlcb tlie Baruiiy iif Abcrgnvenny 
*a» M b* adiiidgn). I'liii beiiie put lo ibe vote, tlie ina- 
JwMj ikctdad iliat the Baronjr of Uergavenn)' should be 
aRiBidia tlw h*)r mala. In eoioequiuw urwliich Edward 
MnUla facannl a Writ ta ParliamriK, and bs took hli teat 
ta iba aaar plan a* thai in which iht laii Baron Aberga- 

<t n iui fm iilile In connldar ihla deoiticn a* bearing tipun 
' i;<neraL ^eMien of Baruuivi bjr TcnurCi ihougb, at Ur 
■ <y Mfarantc I* la tw dnwu Uvm IE. it alFunU evidence, 
uu )t WB* (17 no naati* a Mtllcd point, (liai >uch Baroniei 
■(re than in niilrnnFt the adniiiaiuii ui Edward NevillE 
■aa iha plaee of the aiieianl Baruny, was certainly an ao- 
kwwWgiBvat by ibe llouie, that be wu leiiedoftbat dig- 
■Kfi Ifgt lb* tli'Utc did nnt In their Retnlulion in any 
fcpvs adaul, that ba liad a rigU la tbe ttirany, utileu the 
IMC alia»*l It (o him : (or it inch riglit wai veiled in biin 
lrlbal<»«r*of the taatU, it could not legally have been 
• ytWiiin or Bnroeatire in the Crown lu liava allmtcd u lo 
kMii ud itlli more, iballouia left ilenlMy lo the KinK, 
ta4*taraia« whaibar oitber or bath the partlei tbould be 
MIU4M by way u( reatitutioo. and alio whether the Da- 
i«^ vl Ueipniaer .hoold b* given 10 Neville, and Aberga- 
•■■^lu l-ady Fane, or eue vtrnh In ihe preccdeiKo 
a ta tba Baron* Abcrgwenliy and Ilvtitiiarr aTter ibii 
u be fouiul culiriily at •aiimiee 


nitbtlie idmiiiion, tbiitthe former derived hii diptitj fraM 
the tenure of (he CMtle at Bergivennyi for, if the fbrmor 
ilignily «it derived Irom iheleiiureoftlialC Mile, the prec*-' 
dence Kculd certainly be Bba\e that uf Iteipentrr, ■hirk- 
diiEniiy wai c<iniid(rF(l to bHve been crealedb; tba Wrltof 
49 Henry 111. aa ibe CaiUe of BerKavrnny conferred « 
Barony un iti ptnicKor Jong before tbal period ; and ifthk 
dimity *<U coiiiiderrd in any irgne lo bive arlKn from K 
Writ of Suititnana, tlie earliett Writ under «liirh he eouM 
poaiibly have clnimed wm that lo Ricbard Beauchimp in 
tbe letbHcn. II. mt fmndrtd and Ihirig ytan lubaequent 
to tbe creation of the Batony of De>|ieiiter. 

Since the deciiion ill the reign of Jamei the Fint, tha 
Barony of Bergavenny hai been alloKed to the hcirmatrof 
KJwi^ Neville, Hithout any queitioii having been raiaedoB 
the lubfect I nnd it would ihtrefure perhnps be preiumptB- 
OUB to cxpreci a doubt nthether luch decision vuuLd ba con- 
firmed at tbe preicnt time, in the evriil of ■ lilatra bainf 
urped by hi« \iv\t grneral, an Ibe ([round thai, ouleH Ba- 
roiiin by Trnuce are now arlmitied anil the principle recap 
nlied, that whiirver may be puui^sEcd of the Caltle AM 
Lordship of Bergaveiitiy muit, ipafaeto, he entitltd to iba 
iligniiy oi a Peer of the Realm, a Bartng in fit * 
rrealtd by the Writ to Edward NevilU ii " * ■"-• 


1 IB leiH; 

If, M •! 

o U ou (ben r> 

I thai the Otriiny of Bergaveiinv, or 
>venti>, cfTnlei) by (he Writ of 16 Hie. 
(Mtnl Ul ihe brir cneral <it Lad; Fanp, nhoie 

ided, ihe Bironf of Ber|;avetiny «■■ 
Mtieknl In lbs l«nure uf lh>t Cadle, it ii ■ iiii>i;i>Ui fact, 
llai nrl1b>T Kichird Briuirhiin)), uba •uccenlrd tiit r^ihrr 
M MIO. and ■>! cr»lH Earl ol Worcnler in I43ii, EilxirJ 
Xmll hia ton in Ian, Grargc Nt^rill, (on u[ lUr said 
Ebird, Nor Gpor^ bti loii, ni^re tvtr aeineJ uf that (rrrl- 
M^'i wlkal Ihougb eaeli u(lbc ibree pertain last lianieJ 
•tw r*(slarlir tumoiuiiBd to ParliaDiFUt ai Lordi Uerga- 
Mmr, ibi^ cimld hi*r no rij>h( lu aueb Wriu uf Siiinmun*, 
bl ikc pHariple ihiii prevailed, thai tbe ili'nliy wm at- 
Cbhnl la the Irnure of the Caalle of Hetetreniiy. Tbit 
utaoMlaoM affonla very airone evidence, that ihe ilignily 
fwiiiiMj by each pfibe indWidualt in queilion wai merely a 
^ '" ■aa l Jlgmlji, deHrrd onder ihe Wril of Summuiii to 
ite>t ■nntiiM' Williaoi Bcauchamp in ibe 16ih Rivb. If. ; 
•td BuraotTT it apiwari fratn tbp iral of Richard Nevill, 
Liil ol Wantick and Sallibury, attached lu a deed, ab- 
flrwird III ifae Viiitatieii of Huiitin|;doiiihire in IGI3t> 
Mri! 1 feb. 4 Ednard IV. I4G&, that that nobleman ihen 
I .111 blnHif Lord Berjavenny, Ihe Irgend tbcrcim being, 
' -jAm Ri<*rJt KmB, CamUit fTarrtvici, Domini dt Str- 
"oif. laatrealiieaDdl(;niliH,«ntitled "The Magazine 
ItviMMir," abldi vat rcvlicd by Sir John Doderidge, otie 
:'ii>aiiuil**tu(ibeKinE'*B«ncbin 1642, the opinion ibat 
lansini mrv altacbed to teriitorial psMcuiutii U orgcd 
mil woie fsrn ; and iba Mlowlng c«Ml Hbicb ate there 
idlarwd la moo' of II, matli a*lii;bt iioiiee. 

Ilabart Walerufi. ■bo by tenure of Ibe Barony of 
K')p« li ibere taid lo bavt been a Baruii by Tenure. 
<W id tha M Ed>. I. oilhout iisue, Itavine Robert 
*)leT«a. loa of fall brnlber William, liii uealheiri yer, in 
mwiiacna of Rvbxrl Walemn who died in the 3d Edw. I. 
lutlnc Rtrrn to Alan Pluktnel, the ion of Alice, iiiur of 
Ik aaid BAben. Ihe Caitle, Mitit>r, and Lordibip of Kilpeir, 
k* ■« Mmaaoned (o ParliaiaciK. At ihe fini view ii muit 
Wadniiiid, ibat thew circunutancea tuppurt the opinion 


In proof of obich they >ra addaceil; far we find that Alut A 
Flukenet <•«■ included in the etrlicit Writ of StuBmoM 
i»ued by Ed nerd the First, namely, ibitof the34 June, U 
Edward I. 1995, end wu regularly luniiDoneil until the Stk 
Edw. II. about »hicb year be died without iiiue; whilit no 
neord appean of Hubert Waleron, the ik<tr uf Robert lb* 
lait Bsrou by Tenure, baving tret been lUBununcd, 1« 
aniwer In ihia itatement, it appcan (hat the Lordifaip •( 
Kilpec wal acquired by Robrrt Waterim witb bia wife liabel, 
tbe daughter and cuheir of Hugh Kilpec, and there ii umm 
doubt whether he wai not a Baron by Tetiure anlecedenl to 
hii marriage. If the pnisetaion of the Caiile of Kilpoc 
however in the S3d Ed.f. I. by Alan Plukenet entitled bin 
todemanil a Wtit of SummDni to Parliament, It may bs 
inferred, even front ihii vrry cue, that the practice waa 
entirely changed early in tbe reign of Edward III. ; fur Iba 
pertoni who luccecdcd to the piuaeiaion of that Caitle ou 
the death of the laid Alan Pluiieiiet, were never lunmoned 

It may be here proper to auggett, tbat wiiten on the (>b- 
jeet of Baroniei by Tenure, appeal in molt inilancet u> 
have fallen into tbe ermr □( com ide ring, tbat when ■ pcnon 
who wai leincd of landa which, antecedent to the 33d of 
Edw. 1. consliluted their poiaeuor a Baron of the Realm, 
waa iummoned to Parliament, it waa ie J 

w, b* obl4lned 
Fplie* and befi 
■aeeeeitrd io 
id to Pul«*rac 


>.b« obl4lned (be KInic'* licence to entail h]i r>iidi 

naif, Williim IX'Incoort. and wliii^ti 

tliOM land! netoriiagij, and wai 

in] tupul«*caeni Iratn rlieCch tnihe STihEdw. 11). 

ct il bni been eontcndeil, th»t the 

>ui'..ixi ui iiii; fiib Eftv. IH. wu iiiued to him in 

r or liii I'Dvliig, bjr lenur* uf those Uiid<, > pfe- 

'ti' In iliMiiAiiil iti bnt It it prrtumcd, lh«i the 

■ - - i>-T-i!;trJ aeeounti (or hii bkving been to 

'I ivp poisetiioni of ttbich be iiiit 

iiTi); bim (a Parlinmcnt ai a Baron 

i.< '., < li u'rit o( Summoni acted a* a new 

tlitt llie Driglaal Barony created by (be Writ of 

1. to hi* uncle cuntinued veiled in liabel, tbe 

Moreover there does not appear 
« k* asy ollKf eaiin fAr believing tbat ;be tenure ot Ibe 
bidxif tiliirb Edmand Deincaun died irited, conctKuted a 
'>{kt tn ilutr pu(te»ar to ilenand a Writ of Sunimiini to 
PuftsMnn liTTunil tiie fremmptiatt, that nheo William 
tlflBeaart wu tuitimoned, it «» iul#Iy frum the poiarttion 
•f tk«» I wblhi tbayliffi, (hat the tntd Edmund was not 

-4 la railianienl fof/imr yean after Wr.ii or Sum- 

a bi»o hwii generally issued », and 
a the»« laiidi were tmtaileil, wai nut 
tAUttJbtftOtt ifler he (ueceededlDlhem, lend lo 
nMMtth tiMt m luch riebt on atuched to the tenure ut 

Tte Bnnny nf Bmnelt It alio addtired ai proof that Biro' 
■tiatn iba ntcn nf Edifard til. were deemed 10 be dapcnd- 
al f u n (•rrWnria) poxMiiunt i fur It it alaled, thai in that 
Mm " Jidifi Hn'-'fl", in right ufMandhli wife, wai ititedol' 
■W aaaur irf Hol)^ie, Accon Burnet), Ac. for term at her 
Kb, nnaalnibrt to Nicolu Handle, aliaa Biunell, tonne to 
i^ tit Maud anil John, by a line in the Court levied, and 

I thi* 

laitVT • 1 ' 

'.^ .ut nmui iBipc a^N^ 

~{».-4jrJ na.-:><!* BanaiM 
,«. 'fcn it^. 13 !«• lb* p tarf- 
, .fc •»>« SMI Rfan«l7 npr"R 
i.m biv* nituJ in ibic w^ 
[ •HbM/|M»t M tbc XM Efc. I. 
iIm pnMnt time, (ba (ollavBC 
Ik Ihli pan o( ihrM «■ 


!■■ TW it h bj' an mcani cTlilent thit in the nign of 
Uavrf the Flnt, inirh inrili'ldiuiU m men (lltn leicfd of 
tBdi^4r OanimitBi, ■nil liy tbe Ipnurc uf oliich tliey and 
** ' - . ■ |„^„ Barona of the realm, were entitled 

■b« pTiDopli that ■ pm 


eu( e 

right I. 

[) land 

^tosMUhv pruf of tbe lacl hm ever been wlducedi ■ 
^^vwbalenr preauinplire avlilencs rony exiat in 
^^■A >a li}p«ihH» in Ibe caae of the Baronr of B 
^^Kw 10 lb* 31 Hen. VUI. no tuch pmumpiive eiidaiM 
^^BIm dediKvd troDi any circunutance connected « 
^Mohfaea aher ihai year. 
^HiThuibBilMiiion of tba Abergavenny ea(e, in tlieretpi 
rfJa*ca tb« Finl, did nul e&ikbtiib the fact that liaronte* 

S'fenaM mttt itiMi m eiitlcnee, ur (hat thai Barony waa 

■STlatlhertMluli'Mi of Ibe Kinu and PriTy C 
« of tbe lUntny at Fitt-Walierin Ifa'fiS, " ( 
>!■• hull tor many agea eiiitcd," ii imloi 
f deeialoa hafom <hai fvriodj and that in 
I aiAPC, itblch al all bore upon tbe quest' 
• bj Tenur*. (tie moluliimi of the Huute o( 
. itded In euiifirBilliat Drilic Pri*y CouDcilin li 
■ bvl*. That from all tbe cin^umataneo which h 
iRwad, ibrre do*< not apfear (o he any ground t 
. the f Haeiple of « dignity being aiineMd (o 
« of taadi woald a* tli« preiclit day be admiltedr' | 


f eauae lo whltU tbe oriRin of BaRONiM Ef W«1T 

J, baa briin iliHercntly staled by the moat 

kniah'nl arilcrt uu thi> tubi»l ; but a> il ia foreign ta 

n lit tbe»« abHrratione iii enter into the inquiry, it 

17 lu r»inarW, tbat though Writs of Summon* 

•ere pridiably inned at a much earlier 

X »ha ■«» Writ of that iialure, on record, wai te.ted 

|lPi&iaUi««9ofH«af7lheThtrdi and that aflerlhat 



year no MmilHr Writ ii »iant uniil ihe 99d ot Edwird ih« 
'Pini> in which year ahoui liiij prnoni were oommandad 
to miend ibe King wherever be iiiighi be, lu idvlse on 
aftfn of (he kiii|;iloni. It bat been duubted, bu*i 
wheiber ihit Writ cm be deemed a regiilir Writ of S 

it *M admilied ai luch b; the H<iu*e u[ Lords : KT.d IheK* 
Jore, p«rha|ii, ihe eirlitat pusilrie Writ of SumiiK . 
Parlinnieiit aCier the 49 of Hcniy Ihe Tbiid, il that tettM 
on the 34 June, S3 Edw. I. \29a. • 

Whaloer may Iiivk bren tbe principle retallve t 
deiceiit of ■ diftiitry created by theie Wrilt, it U cerlall 
that (he effEcl uF ibem «u aloayt ti> render the penonl U 
whom Ibey Here iddrrtsed Biroiit of the renlio ; atl^ 
thau|;h iDtne writer* hare eqirrtaed a dilTerpi 
there are tirung ground* fur coi»id(ring that the di^U] 
thut crealeJ wai xlwayt of an bereditary nalnre, In I 
furoier page it bai been contended that the prrtonl tvm 
inoned in the S3 Edward I. were iclected by the Croor 
wlihuut any reference to the preicriplive riebl whieb hi 
beeu itnted lo have been inherent in the poHeieart uf laa 
Baroniei to demand > WnC of Summonij hence, in ll 
vonaitleraiian of tbe queirion uf whocontiituied the BaroH 
uf the realm alter the reixn of Edward the Firti, i 
prHumed in thin work, that thoae only who reeeived Wril 
of Summuni lu Parliament either before the clote of thl 
reifcn or very early in that of bit tucenior, coniinucd U 
ranked among the Baronial body. On the Writ of tt 
49 Hrnry III. loDie remark! have already been made, i 
is tberefore merely proper to ilale in reference to it, thi 

Bnrunlett ' 

tbil day c 


> have 

created by that Writ} iboDfh all the pertnnt 

on that occation were not included in tbe next 

it recorded to hmve been iuued. The opinion 

ol Somman* was not originally intended la crei 

ditary digiiiiy, icttc cbieBy on the absence uf ai _ 

that piirpoir in the Writi, Ind on tbe fuct thit in loi 

intlanm pertoni were lummnned to Parliament In I 

rci£n of E'lward the FiHt, Edward tbe Second, and even 

ibat of Edward tbe Thin), wbo were never afterward « 

muned, or who, it lummoned on lubirquent occath 




>'^;U sera ncrer iuued lalbcitdeiecndtnlg. It ihm 
T.>i*iicelK>Ilawed(o prove (be fact nhich i( bai 
I ;.) ntiblUhi il rauil be inferred Tliat in a great 
V I u..uiicei hiohicli Ibeeidettiunola Baruii waj 
■] ti( (tie (Ery iicKt ParliaiDeiil alter tb* deiih of 
biUfU*r, iba Wnt hm ittued lo liim frum [he mere f;iitci9 
rflbcCroog, and (bat bad not ihat grace been Fxenitrd 
■ bii latuui, he •uuld never hiTC puttcased ibe digiilij' 
■la Buun. i'liat ibu auppniitiuii u fallaciiiui amy be cun- 
dii'ed Imn (b* rate* in wliieh the lan wa> regulnrly lum- 
— m J (<d tbe dcalb of bit father being iiiliiiiicly raure 
HM(>iH»thaii ihiMC ia whieb Writi ceated to be inued 
ttar Ibc dcBiiae uf tlie firit Baron, and frum it( b^iving 
ha( Uva HttW ibat a Writ uf SumniuiK to Parliament, 
»lle»*t4 by a ulttnf in Parliament under lucb Wrii, coii- 
MHaurf ■ Saruny iu fee, dMueiidible tu the lieiri general uf 
iWfiVMM M> aunnvned to and iitiiiig in Parliaiui^iil. lii 
MMotBanniet by Writ, the digmiy ia nut conferreil until 
■Wptwn ba« ■ctually lal in Parliament by virtue of audi 
Vat,»B ibM in an iniiaiice wbereihr pckko wai iummoiied 
UPvUaBcM and died bafure the Patliameiit tat, it wai tc 
aMd Ibat be mu not a Peer'. 
Tbe MIoKtns >* die uiual turm ofa Writ of Summon* la 

Sai, *e. Mettt et Jideli nufro.. ..jHia luprr quibut- 
M> ^Aif megottu, not el rtgnum noilmm crleratqwr 
fittra II auifimtti, dt fufen Ttgna langentibiii, qum not 

—■ >' ■ ■ (flurr. fl cflAtinin i-uprr hiit celloguium habeii 
MiBM. /( fi-oftdfum,- veiit tnandamiu IB Jitte ft hainagio 
fatal mia UntaiiM, jfirmiScr m/iiagenltt 'juad rilii ad not 
^md ffiJarmfuuleruim fntnt du Birniu ylugiuli p'Bjtmi 
!»*in, rrt tallem nyia Itrminum diet nbieqaenlit ad vl' 
naani, jntiir»» ttij/rr didii ntgeliu traclnluri, rl vtilnttH 
"nmhmm tmftttnmi tt Aoc nullt mrdo nmiriaiu. Title 

TW(* la a \n\lUry ioilancet, boweTer, of an eipreii 
ta.laiMu uf ihe digiiily Intbe beiri male of the buily of 
da ftniM to mhoai ibe Writ «ai iuurd, betii|t iiiierteil in 
!&• Writ of SumiiioiK obicb created ibt digiiilyi hut the 


picndiiiK i* the mimI form «f Writ* of thii nator^ 
tbMgb iliiht VRrlUloM firora tMh other an (wnedHMi t* 
be found. 

Wrin of Bommani to TMlUmant an of that ipadM 
umalljF eallari trevia chniM, becaole thej ara elMcd ttp 
with jdlow wax, and nalsd with the Gnat S«al of Bap- 
land I tbejr are then lent with label* to eiery indiTMaal 
FHr. Scldcn obMmt, that the Wrili of Summnni diflJcMd 
aecardiiiK to the qnalttf of the penon* to whom thej war* 
addrened. The Splrlioal Baron) vera eotoinanded t» ba 
pment in /Jt tt rfMecMmv fwtHf nMt tnemmi, and tha 
Tma^anlVteninJUt *l IWMagi*, until about the middl* 
of the reipi of Edward the Third, whan the worda ra jMr 
H HgtenHt, bcfsan to be u«ed initead of then, bat afieik 
wardi ibi word Kamagit waa umetlDei inierted. Tba 
Writ* that were addreiicd to tboan pertona who bad plaoa 
in Parliament hut no voice In iti deliberatlont, namely, tba 
Jude*i, the Attorney-Genenl, and ihe Kinic'a Soijeantar 
commandHl them, w iitltrtilu naHieum ei ttsm AaMrt) * 
enaiH* nofre; and mmelime* naiiiram only, n^»r fr w 
mimi traeiaturi, vatnimjuf muilium imfrttMiiri / wheraM 
that of the Bamiu wai quad inltnUit nun ^steMlaw 
magnoMmt et frtctribiut Ae. a difference wbich atlll coo- 
.e Wfiii the Tempor: " " 

Baronies uy whit. 

ur Ckrrabir, wMinkile to I. 

t ibc rcipi o( Henry ibe Sid 

nwr tn Mhinb (he Kord Baron mii 
i(i la namei In Writ) of SiimniurKi 
) altrnyi con&ncd to the limiliei uf SrA. 
*7iiu«k, itlio «re f(*i|iieiillj' ilyled " Edvi'o " 
- « " Eiln-» Baraia dr Staff* ," mill ■■ J-Ai 
A4,'' bui for oLai rHiou (hey were lu Jiiiiiii 
rr bna uctnaineiL 

L Crvlw cuntindi that i 

* not knunti, but it 

of Suitinioiili wbeii i 

<t c»« uf ■ tpliilual p«ftuii, opvrile 
1 Baruny ijucciidiUe lu ibe lintal br 
I' '-If, bi'h mile ■111! ((iniirt uf ihe pci 
- iiirli doctrine bat breii confirmed b) «t 

» diiil 

I r» 


I but ihri l> II mitiche, (or I 
-=-!'.:■> ..i Clifiun Ibcn ■«* but one Writ, 

li BM bild lufflcicnt (u uratl 

' :•( Baruny al l''r»betiIU. wbicl 

' > liLlk Writ uf KuoitnuiK, ill 

I I'll, tb* Houtc ol U>rd> rrfuicd 

.■..,,. Ill* iruui.d ihal ■ (Kigle Writ ul Summ. 

< -^^mi tiMf fitof 9/ a Milling u 

'"W.iMj |ianM>>, ""■ 

tJunu ib« Firii, »bcn 

It ■btihsr Edsard Ncvill, < 

1 bi«i>i| 


Pirliunent in the 9 Md 3 Ph. sod Hmr;, but dM brftan 
tbc Parllamenl met, wu ■ Baton or not.* It mi rcMltcd, 
" ihu the direction and drlivery ol the Writ did not nuke 
him I Benin, or noble, until be came to PiillKiaent, and 
there eu eccordinf to the cointn*ndn>ent of the WHt» for 
until that the Writ did not take effect*." 

Ai there i> nu initanee of a Baroa^ harln^ heen erealcd 
by Letten Patent until II Rlc. II., in claiming a dtfnt^ of 


On the death of a Baron whne dignity originated ia ■ 
Wrk df Summon*, without iune oaale, the Banmj beeoBM 
vetted In hii daof hten ; ir he hal onl; one daughter alia 
ineeeede to it, but il then be more daughlera than one tW 
title falli into Abbvancb among ihtm, aed continnca (■ 
that state either until all but one of the daughter*, sr ito 
lole heir of only one daughter (urriTe* i In which eiaa tka 
Baruny devolres on the turTiring daugbter, or on the 

ABEYANCE. ,|,ii 

1 isfcc UU Lordihip hunocon, and on bU draib, 
Mua nuJe, ili* digiiiiy will agmb tail iniu Abry- 
l, b««r*Br, b«i«M-n bit iisuc female aud (he aiber 
a at EJajud LenI Zoueht who died in I6S5, but 
Iwrm tbe loo lUuElilFri uf ihe precent Lord i Bud 
ii (HIM of hi* Lutdfhip eiitti, ibe dignity >ill b« 
hii deteendanti — Uie Btroay nnuiniag in Abcy- 
tntrrr iha Kpretenlation ii amung cubein, but 
ir«l#d ia ihe heif of bii body ihe moment the 

I inancdiate right to the diKfiity. In the p>ent 
illb«iu«a ol Ibe body oF ib* laid Lonl fallii>|r, ibe Bafuny 
•4 tfsin bccomii vetlcd in ilie htiri uf ^ilaard Lurd 
ZomW, •ha (Bed iu lG<5i and if the re|>reiciiiRiiuii of 
UH|wnaBace l«aaao(ivo ur mtirs cubrira, the Crown 
•>< ifta be>loo thu difiiliy im which of Ihe (aid coheid 

'■■ iBint be rimdiiberid (hat the repfeirntatian <>( a 

' 'ny by Wni I) alwayi mted in the hrin of ihe budy 

'<r p.t>:<H ftrit c mird ; ibui un the death at a llaran 

' ' ' .^'liiy wilhiHit iuue, the tills, >t he 

r ilitre be nu luu* ol aueh brotbcr, 

-'•ert to hii cldeil uncle uf the tide 
: lite digiiily, or bii luue ) failing 

I 'ht male* ol (he trf«ccdln|: EHicra- 

tUt iiiue of a Baron who itibrnled a 

: :, Jitd alioodhe Uiuc ufbis molhcr, 

• inni, "r c.iurw, ilevuliTM on hii maleriial ajiceiiora. 

^^ (ailiatl iiutauce of the Crown having lermiiiaieil 

' AhiyauM «f a diguily it prnuaied to hive talteii place 

'b* wi(> al Haury VI,-, but Ihe rielit to do ta hat 

-"> CMMiiland aa au« of the royal prerugalive* Irum a 

-.<h aaitiar ^riod. Tbough allowed to di<|Hi«e of a 

'-'rny IB Abryauca to tilher uf lb* ooheiri, the Crowti 

■"••a baalaw it un any other pertun than one of the 

':-R>aBUiina ol the Uaron lint leiacd uf the dignity. 

•-■ nae Jiu« died at being the Aral i»tane« of ihe ler- 

"I'alw uf a» abeyance of a Baruiiy by the Crcon. wat 

Ual at Cr-ww*ll. Raltdi Lord Crunwell inherited the 

tfiBy (rf LromwcU from hut great giaiidfalher Juh" 

* Omw«U, |w|m vat tummaoed to rarlianviit on the 

'' Match, I Cd>. ILI laOi, and diad in 1165 w>lhout 

"*, leaiiaf M«id, lit* mtn, hit beir, on ■hon) ihe 

>. ■aw 4 W>liMi Bi 


■«tiM of the Abeyance of a Barony in favour of one of the 
CDkein of tbedifnityt all of which will be found under tbeir 
inper titles in thii work, and it if therefore only necessary 
to name the pvatest part of theni» vix. Le Despenser, 
WakNif hby of Eresby, Butctoort, Mowbray, Zouche, Ruoi, 
Twiefs of Cbartlcy, Clinton, and Clifford. 

¥rith respect to the Barony of Mowbray, howerer, a 
deebt aay perhaps be eipressed whether the Writ of Sun- 
■BDs 10 Henry Frederick Howard, son and lieir apparent 
of Thomas Earl of Arundel in 1639ff did not create a new 
Bamay, instead of affecting the Abeyance of the ancient 
digDity; for in erery instance in which an Abeyance has 
bttn icrmiuated (excepting those of St. Amend and Crom- 
well, and in those it appears that ibe Writ to the husband 
WM considered to baire the effect of allowing the Barony of 
wbicb their wires were coheirs), it has uniformly been in 
lavaor of one of the coheirs of the dignity. But Henry 
Frederick Howard was not one of Ibe coheirs of the Barony 
of Slowbray in 1639, nor did be become so until Ibe death of 
his father in 1646, after which period he never sat in Par- 
Bmeut in the Barony of Mowbray, as he then succeeded to 
the Earldom of ArundeL In the S9 Charles II. Henry, son 
and heir apparent of the Duke of Norfolk (who wras the 
MO of Henry Frederick so Summoned to Parliament as 
Banm Mowbray in 1639), was also Summoned to Parliament 
« &uwa Mowbray, ** and there being question whether 
be ihould sit in and enjoy the ancient place of the Liord 
Muvbrav, tbe Journal Book of the House of Peers was pro- 
deced, wherein it did appear, that on the 16 April, 1640, 
Henry Lord Mowbray was introduced and placed at the 
Bpper end of the Barons' Bench, and after a full consi- 
deration the House resolved, that the said Lord Mowbray 
ihMild be called in and introduced, and placed in the place 
s( lii« grandfather, as Lord Mowbray, at the upper end of 
tte Barons' bench, which was done accordinn^ly.*" It is 
thw certain, that Henry Frederick Howard was considered 
ti) bare been duly summoned in tbe ancient Barony of 
Mowbray in 1639 ; and consequently, as Henry Duke of 
Xorfolk, his son, succeeded to whatever honours the said 
Henry Frederick possessed, the House was correct in 
allowing to tbe son of the said Duke, when summoned m 

* Cruise on Dignities^ p. 81, 
VOL. I. ^ 


liii llMhM^ Bmm9^ tin pMMdeiHnr wUtk Wl 
loliitgnAdfitlMr. M li Nth ili ndl ag wUA 
mppmnbymommm etrtaln wbttlwr tlw A ktf m m •f tii 
aacteAt mfMiy of Movbray hM ever bMn Itftlhr Iw ijr 
Bated I if not, ikt Wrii of SumoMM to Hmuj WmitMk 
Howard in 1619» oiMtad » mm Boroosr vf tho •«■» mp4 sj 
and ftliick It oow lii Abejane* botwooo hii eoMft'Oi ^ 

L#fdi I^BtfO Mid 8to«rton, and vkt «« alio lahalngf iiy 
OMiitf of tko original difnity if, aa ii bof»a^|wcod« it Ml 
aoid^odb]rthaWritori«89w • *• 

Thamamiaf oftonnlnatiag tboAMsPanto of ni l iw l y # 
livonffofapafaoBwboit notaiVtr, it bjtiMi imiUf^M 
Writ of ttuBsant by tha ttyie and title of tha Bunmf^m 
AlNQpanca ; Imt wlMrt tha ptno« in wbata Itfoor a» Ah^* 

anaaia to ba dataMninad It alttady a ftar, and baa a MglMf» 
dicnity» tha Klaf aanftnna tha Barony to Mm ly latMi 
patants and In thacata of a femake an Abajpanoa Ii aW 
tanninatad by patent. In pMof of tiM fonner 

the caavt of Farfart of Chartky, Zoueba» Ste^ mw be oltitf | 
and in 1804, whan the Cruarn datcrailaed the A b a j jaa ta at 
the Barony of Botetourt in faaovr of the Qolca of B aanibti b 
wboy /afv mtdriip wet one of the coheir* of that tf fnlM 
that Barony wat eoninotad t* liint and tlia beifaof bit lMM|f 
by letteffi patent. The instaneet in wbioh faMakt Iwwi 
been ailoaFcd digniiiea whiah wiMre prtvloutly In Abe ya aaa 
by lettert patent^ are tbote of CUBtrd in I7M» and Roaa ta 
1804. To what bat beea tai4 on the tnltfect of the Abty 
ance of Baroalet by Writ» it it nMcaly aeeeatanp la mm^ 
tlutt the caiet latt determined, namely, tliote of Roae ■■# 
Zouche» prove that the eobeir in whote favour tlia CroM 
aiercitet iu prerefatire need net Iw the tole Imlr of OMI of 
the cobeirt of the Baron who wet Art! pottewed of tbo dl||^ 
nity i for in that of Raoi , Lady Charlotte Pits-Garakl «ai 
only one of tha eobeirt of Franeet Mannert, the youBgatt 
titter and eoheir of tlie dignity wliiltt the enlifv rapratf 
talion of Bridget Mannert, the eMett titter af tha taM 
Franeet, waa veeted la Sir Henry Hanloke, Bart ; and kf 
the cate of tha Barony of Zonche^ Sir Ceell Bitliopp waa §km 
but the coheir of one of the colieirt of tkie dignity, thoag fc 
BO detcendantt of the other colieir eoald be traoed aftav 
the time of tlie Commoaweaklk Eaceptinff in tbata !•• 
ttaucet, liowever, the perwm in whote favonr the Crown hM 
eserciied itt prerogative of determining the Abeyance of a 
Barony was, uniformly, tha tola repretentative of oaa of 
the coheirt of the dignity. 


kal b«*n abtady iih%vnnl, tint 1u rontlitute ■ Bifonj 
I", lh«n ni«*l tie * Slltit>| in Pirliamcni under <l>e Writ 
>uiaii>iin<, lience toair ubterTaliuni on tUe ycovt of tuch 

'IlKpFuoIol kSitiing ill PutlUiDCDt musi, ac cording to 
l-^td t-okr, Iw hy Ihe Rfcurdi o/ Parlixainiil, aii4 inch only 
Uir been faiilicrla ailmilinl by the lleuw of Lord*. The 
am iiiucui > proof ol Sitting in pHrliBmiut wbicb it 
futDt on iBD tecoriU pabliibeil in (b« Roili of PulU- 
<MU, V. 1. p. aa. anil «i4, in whicb ibe DAmn ol Kveral 
[•nwna wbu tbro ■■! in Parliamant are luiiitioned Tbate 
"^t* *tll be (oaii4 in another part uf tbia workfi 
Qui ti Hwi be iio(ie(4l, that one o( ibne recurdt rc- 
■tin U a PariiimeDt held in the Ctb, iiiiJ the oilier to a 
• -Uun»l hejil In the [«lh ol Edw, I., For »bii:b yean no 
' ii-i of Stmnuui are ettntil. Tbe carlieit iiruuf u( a Sit- 
t >a Parliamuii for wbicU lacb Wriu are recorded, Iti it 
I, ■uutmdcil*, the letlct arlttca by the B*ron) miMinblxt 
■to Parliament at Lincoln In Ibe 39 Edw. I. Feb. 1301, 
iBlWpvHanitoce tba Eightb j but tbia record baa navir 
ht tenieiwd in eildence. 

ibe I e Edn. 1. DO jiroof of Sittingt il lo be found 
•BtW Roll* of ParllaiBint uiviil the 33 Edw. 1.. when cer- 
'^" Sarnna are ninwd, sllh londry Bithopt, Abboli, and 
-'-li, ai bavins liecu atiigncd to Iteat ol tbc affain ol 
Uindt but tbU rteord, on being tendered in lUe Do- 
-<>rt race bi prone iha tilling olJuhn do Boletourl, «bo 
■» amn oi Ibe tald Lordi, waa reCuied la be receiitd aa 
•"^nen by Ibe l.ord*' Commiltec, on the gruond ibal it 
■■•aol iinilni upon (be Clauw Roll, but iffiud, or taiked 
I'll, anj (bat il waa wnllen in ■ difTTent band from that 
•i (bi Rotl. Tbe earlieat proorof Sitting whieh orcun on 
ibt RolU of PulinMnit U, in ean>ei|BCD<'e a! tbe re'iiial 
la i^Mit the (vcord Jatt tiiedi pcrhaf* that of the 33 Edw . 

I hMtet 



ufWrili «p* tBL'ttnlnl ri> hunt hrtn iitnril to 
■ * Bnron'i if WRii to Unit been helcl ihnt 
thrv ■ Sitting of an^inilWiiliial ftvra whum 
Al tt4iB«nl I* driwndcd | hir in the Botrtoutt cms nn 
■M«( aw re<«>>«<l «f the Sitting of John de Butttourl the 
■NBwbb, nhD *■• luoHDoiicil from the 33 Eitwml I. to 
MHaard ll.i bui ih<r proof ibat John de Bmetoiirt, bii 
pMdMHi »imI bOr, tbn •FTcind Biron, >at in Parliamrnl in 
llf Ml Kd*anf in. *M uhmt nsd in evidfnct, tbuugb he 
■liM«Mi»«l fnn the Ifiib of tbal reign tn ilie 9 R'l^. 
ILl ■nJ iha prrn-dmce nf th« eartieH Writ, vji. of ibe 33 
1 1> ••• •lloited m be ilw precedence of the BiiFofif 
~i Mtynnrr •»« IrtttKnattd in (••our of Norbcrne 
. Ehi. »n t7(J4. Apin, in the crwe of the Hnrany 
• pnttdtney ol lU»t Baron; la lint ofthi 
I Hugh )« llHpeneer in Dcectnher 4g Ken. 
.nttf thaDch no Sitlini; «tn Ik (hewn until ibe 35 
t. L The «u* ol Ibe Buonj of Ruol ii aliu in puint, 
oihen oil^t be cited. 
liD'CTrr, •Iteiher In the in^Ianre of a 
(• K BaroRji hy iht ilMrendknl of tlw (econd or 
" - led In luve hvrn lumfncHied tn P«r- 

tw tuffleteni to (hew ihel ihe brother 
r ol itie p)r»n rrom wboni (he dnmnnt wh de- 
I Ml )• PatUincnt ; liir eiample, in Ibe cm ul Ibe 
' «f Mmairtr. Peter de Miulrf *» luinmuiied to 
i«M Irom the ti Edw. I. to 3 Ed*. 11 ; hit ton 
M i<>ai<».Md Itam the S Kdw. II. to 16 Edw. III., *nd 
^'»( in tb» lolliiwiiig yMr wm luecteded by hit «on, who 

f-TMMi>.le>,il>r LitBtron who died wiihoui loue in 

'■•t Maanon ib* Ruil* uf ■ Bnran Mituleylh*n nf Ibe l*tt 
^<nm, wb* wai pi*«nit in Parllameni on •ereral oceaiioni, 
■>4 tba ••dMided qortUon i(, vrhetbcr hi> haiin^ •o tat 
■nM hi rf*«nmt ■ tolReient proof of Sitting la >uirport a 
'!u*ta lb* illfnily on ibe part of (he ditDcudaiilt of bit 

__., unlike Ihe JuumaU of the Home 

''L«ld%la«lMli«rct7 P««r«bi>itt«fid<d on cac-b day ol 



ParlUoMBt ii rccofdcd at bclDf pffttMit» tkt onlv proor •! a 
Baron baTiofr been praient in Parliaoienty on tha Rolbp ii 
bu baving been lelectcd to be a trier of Petitiam* or M 
liaviag wimeiscd a certain cbarter or eraation made in aaf 
particular Parliament. Under theaa cireumttaneea a praal 
of Sitting dependf on a mere accident, and tba abaanea ol 
such proof on the RolU, eipecially from tbe reign of Edwaid 
the First to ihat of Henry tbe Fourtb, is by no maana evi- 
dence that a Baron, of whom no such proof ia to ba fbaodt 
was never present ; nor does it seem equitable in Inataoaai 
where a long consecutive series of Writs are eatant. tbift 
the want of evidence of such fact should be deemed eo»* 
elusive against any claimant to the dignity. In Cbt 
Frcschcville case, though the Attorney-General argued 
against the claim, contending that even supposing a Sum- 
mons to Parliament by Writ did give an estate of inherit- 
ance, yet, he observed, '*this must be understood when then 
had been a Sitting upon it, and that here the not repeat- 
ing the Summons was an evidence of not Sitting} it bad 
been objected that there was no evidence of any Sitting till 
the time of Henry VIII., when Journals first began i kmiU 
was one iking where fFriU of Summons had beem ^flen n^ 
peated and another where they were never issued hut omee** 

it may with much reason be insisted, that the issuingof a 
consecutive series of Writs, not only to one individual, but to 
bis son, and even in some cases to his grandson, though no 
notice of either of them having ever sat in Parliament cao 
be found, mutt at least be deemed presumptive evidence, that 
the Crown considered they were entitled to such Writs 3 and 
at in early periods of our history it appears to have been ao 
imperative duty in those who were summoned to attend 
Parliament to obey such summons, it can scarcely be sup- 
posed, that persons who were repeatedly commanded to do 
so, should for any time presume to disobey the King's Writs. 
If it be admitted, that even in one instance either of the pei^ 
sons so summoned obeyed the King's command by attending 
Parliaroent,curh obedience was a «i</ti^ under a Writ: beuea 
it is barely possible for a person at all acquainted with tba 
manners and customs of the times to believe, that in the four- 
teenth and fifteenth centuries, a series of Writaibr even ten 
^"MB should have been issued without the person to 11 bom 
were addressed having obeyed them, much lem that 
or more generations should have been regularly aun« 
id, and yet that neither ofthem should ever have sat in 
.aroent, because no notice of such sitting is to be found 


I jiHt remuVri, tlirir pmenca in. 
- -e been recorded, unJetc tbtj bap- 

» have been pirlii 
Med foe pftnieuUr duiiea. It oil in all prububiin 
miion* <rf Ibx nature ibet induced Sir t\illiini J( 
<twm, " thai il «M one thine wbere Wrili of Sat 
bd iFem nfien repelled, and anolber »here ibe^ 
tifTcr iuoed but unce." 
Na inatancr, huwevcr, in vbich (here bai been 

rna' ef Sifiitif; under tbeni, bu ever been argued before 
ttc [teuie of Lord!. 


ibc reie" of Hturj Ibe Eighth, it wa. 

s Sammon tbe buiband of ■ woma 

a BatMi} in lee to Parliameiif, in that Baro 

and, in otbera, vbere the husband died 
>ii(t »a> alau EumreioDed to 
e lame Barony. No eeidence can, bo*- 
mj, W ihewfi wbere an hereditary dipiity detcenUible lo 
ite faavc uf Ibc penon to lummoned by anollter wi/f liai 
ben coBiidered to baee been created by «ucb ^Vriti. Tbi> 
pnnirc appean tubive arrginalrd in the feudal principle 
eflbe bnaband bring culled upon to perfurm the tervicEi 
trlba tenure of « bit ttife'i IiiiUe were held; and from 
tbe<««i*un on Mr. Wymbith'* daim, in the reign of Henry 
tkEJgklh, H may be concluded tbat digniliei Here (hen 
Mandirr^ ■• (lie Irgbi of real etiatei in which a tenancy 
tteOHTlrir niffed. The elaim in quenion was urged by 
Ur. WymMth in right of bii sife, who «ai entitled to (he 
■WBnTvfTilboyt, and at(er cuntulling tbe mutt learned 
irduiia at Ibe day, the King himieir pronounced tbe 
lillaainj Jedaion. (hat "furaitniich at he undentoud thnt 

inm ibat bail no iaiue i>y hU wile, that neither Mr. Wym- 
hahf«r noiw other (rom beneeiortb ahould uic the lide of 
UtaWifa imiiity, but luch u by coutieiy ul England had 
4m tight tn brr pouestiona lor icnn ol hit life." Ffoni 
>Milt (u; be inf erred ibai ihf yrineiple of Btron'm jute 




MMrii WIS (hen recognizeil, inil tliM the ground om «1iick 
Mr. Wymbiah'i pretentions were refuted wiu, th«t be kwl 
nil iuue by hi* nife, on whwe rigbt to (he drgiiitj hii olaiot 

Oti thi* deciiion it muat be obterved, (hat the BlateolwU 
Ibiil ■ Barony hid never been allowed ta the huabiDd oC 
H Daron«« <rlio had not iiiue by her, wat far rrom Dorteeti 
for in Ihe caie of the Barony u( Bourehier, where tb* tao 
hiMbandi nf Eliaabelh, Ihe dBu|[hter and heir at Birtbo- 
Inmeo Lord Bourebier, were ■ummoned tu Pirliamant la 
hef right, ndther appenr to ban had any cbildrea by bar I 
■lao in the inilance of Cliiahelb Baroneii Say, botbuf bcr- 
huibands were >umiiio[ied lo Purl! amen t jure urorii, thnu|-U 
by nrilher bad ihe any children f and other caaea might be 

Tbia principle never appeara to hnre been acted up 
after the reijn of Henry VIM. and the latest eaimplva .. 
th« kind were ihme of the Baroniea of Huncerford Md 
Stranice, in the IStb of Hen. VIl.i but nuiwitb«taodi*| 
the declnionan Ihe lubjecl hy King Henry VIII, a el^m tL 
a dlcniiy.^Hre •trerii, wu in IS8U rfjecled. thougb the kit^ 
hand bail iiaue by the Baroneia. In that year lUcban^ 
Berlie, the hatband of Katberine, Bironeu Willuughby •_ 
Ereiby (widow uf the Uuke of Saltslk), «• teoiint by ito 
eouneiy eUimeJ (n be allowed that Barony, which el ais 
waa referred by Queen Eliiabeth to Lord Burleigh ud 
two other Cominitiiuner* j and Ihe laid Biroueaa hviit 
died In the year in which the petliitm waa preiented trm 
her huaband, her ion by Mr. Bcriie hkewiic claiotcd _ 
Barony; but the ComiDistiunen reported in Farour o/ tlM 
ton, who waa aecordingly admitted lo Ibe Barony in tb« 
life-tinie of hii fi'ber. In I5BS, Mr. Thomai Fane, tba 
hutband of Mary, the dauithtei and beir of Henry NeYijJa, 
Lord Abergavcnn)', elaimed tbe Uarany of AherKavonny | 
and about 1604, Sir Sampaon Lrnnatd petitioned to b* 
allowed the Barony ot Daere, in ricbt of hii wife MargarM 
Lady Unerr. Of ihe event of the fornier claim no aooounl 
il recutded: and with reipect to the latter, ai Lady Dbci« 
died In lEll, before any deciiion wai pronounradt tbe 
nlTair wat, aceordlng to Mr. L'ruiae, eampromited in 1631, 
by the Kind's granting the precedency (o her buibatui, aa 
tidnt tatt tf Im'H Dacre. Tbe fact, however, appeara la 
faiTe been aainewhat different 4 for tbe Barony wai allcnxd 
to the ton of Lady Dacre, by Sir Sampioii Lennard, in 


lu* notbtr'i d»lli, m be it recurdaJ to bate 

I Parllamtni l>y Writ iddnfied HenTtn 

Dticrt it SnUh. CMr. in ItiM, ohich 

ParlUment aFier berdec^MCi beiice, ibouKh 

■Uudeil to MM Riven (o h\i futbcr, il rxitioi 

10 ban been any com |ini mile of tbe quei'ioii of 

Ukb, irteii jreiri befon, hxl been alloHred 

IW tMpnMion ■• now, bowcrer, i 
II Mn( a cuurtety in itigniiiet, iba 
Md Ihse obHtratioiii on ibt iub)ec 

decided]}' leointt 

nin^ tbe eldest tan of in Eirl, in 
M blbrr'* Bamn;, I* (titled lo have com mended in the 
r^ *( E4«. IV. in the 33d ytar of whose reiRn Thoiuai 
T«t AUa, alba* Arundel, ion and heir apfiareiil ot Willi^im, 
tui of Amndcl. mat (ummoned tu Parliament in hii fa- 
■kei^ BiUnBf of MallTiTcri ; tinre vbicb iieriod niioierout 

le Mbeiber tbe practice ot allowing a Seat 
I tb« eldeit tan of in Earl it nut of mueb 
•Mkerdaie, for On the Roll) tit Hen. IV. I3!l». ibe name 
•f Mmu. Hntty P<t<y, tbe renowned Holtpur, eldeit ton 
•f Hmty, Earl uf Nurtbuiuberland, ucmn amoii); tbe 
Mm — Ibew vretent *, and who wat erldently eoimdeted a 
IW if ibc Bealm, Ibuutb do Writ of Sumoont to liim 

tn ih* r*itn nTCbtrlet IL an intlane* uceurred in wbich 
'-b« an aod beir-apparent of a Baron, puttetted o( two- 
hnaiMi ■•< ■unmoned to Parliament la one oF liii falber't 
BuMln. Canyen Dtrey waa teixed ot the Barony of 
Omy, erwaiaa by Pairnl (o hi* fatb^r in IC'll, and alt'i of 
Ibt Baranv ol Conyrn, In rifbt of bit erandmutbcr, which 
Aluii^ Anginal ed in a Writ of Summoni, in the Ui uf 
Hk-VIIL 1I**M bi.w ever III (nmoned lo Parliament in 
If uf Uarcy, and in Ifieo hit ton and heir-apparent 
, ibaBaroay nfCunyen; ihu* the Batonjr 


in *hirh hii ion lal wat iif mub hi_ 
rh« dicoi'T '>■ virtu* 'if wbich tin luhrr ■ 
Tlii* mnoialy, twwcwr. armt - i two ytan ~ 
ih» fKthvr <»ai L-raatrd &iri uf Holilcrnai 

[i •*■ Tor lom* nine .1 Jiipulnl point, ■bMhcr tb* Writ 
of SuDUBxni tu in >»Hi^4p|m«ii. itauusii by tfa* titla rf a 
B'imn* nnrnl tii lii« -'ubitr, iliil nut rnmie ■ diftioct riiT- 
itKv, .'irtrenUibk 'u iIm iwin if ihc budv of tba pmi« 
(u tuannsnnL But in lb* ^idncj ciH, in obiril lh« 
CruuiiUn shier mi heir uf Ruben 5Tdne]> (wa asd kA 
j|>|Hi«nt if P'lilip iwiaty Eul uf txircKer, and Bif— 

Kxhnt Syilney. mth rwaiiMilrr ta Lba uiil RofaaR aiid 
Ih* bein roite <>/ bu builv, wba wu lumauned to, aaA 
4BI in Parliament by tbe uile uf Banm Svdoav is tha H^ 
timit 'if bi* latbcr, a. aai rrwUcd br iba Uuuai of LotA M 
IT-rJ. (hill the datmoDC bul n<i ngbc in i»ii*equenea of bar 
eraniiritbrr'i ^mmuni inil SitLiup- U«'n it i> no* d»- 
terraineil tbat .i Wnt of iummiiiu to tbc aun aai hair 
apjiuent of i Peer, in a Bjluny <r«teil in ba fatbrr, aeitbar 
t4l(«« the dimity utit ut cbo father nur cjuie* a wmm 
ilifiiity, but it ncRl* *llu«eil cu tbe via to aoable lin 
III -it in Pirii^meni : un bii Jaaib, if ba Icavet bain at 
lilt hniljF capable of inheriiin{ iba iligait]i apeeabh W 
Th* iimitaiian* uf it, lucb heir Kill aim be entitled t* a 
Wr.i i.r Summon*. Fiir (umplei if jo Earl ii poMaMad 
••r ■ fUrony Bitilitra patent, tbe limitatiooa of ubieb an ta 
the h>in male of the budy of tbe Gnt p-utee, aod tba 
•in ^nil heir apparent of lueh Earl be tumaoncd to, asd 
*'i in P«rliami-ni, and diei leaving a tan o( full a(e, iDch 
I'Mi It pnlitled to a Wnt of Summuiki in oiiueqaeBea «( 

• h» WfLr an<l Sitting of bit father *, ihuugh tbe ebct ol 
('ii-h Wnt, in (hn lifetioie of the fatber or c^ux^X^*** ■'-"•IrratM itii- pnHctiiun of ibe iligiiity t. 

Wh~r> * Writ (if Summnni ii iitued to the eijcit ioa of k 
V"r l.y t\,r. nime of a Baruny not Tcited in hit fatber, 

• >i'»ixti til" Writ he i-iiucd under the pretumptum that 
•■i-h Itirmiy i« retted in the father, it operatct Mallei* 

• rxiiiiFi Iff « Haruiiy, aivd makei it deiccndiblc to all (ta 
liKi-il lii-ira, male and female of tbe penoo m iumaoncd$. 

* ' •— .if tl«i Raiony 'if ClifTord of lueaborough. Crain an 
» IP.i4. ,,. Kill. X lUd, p. M5. 


WM nuUitbeil In 1736, in ihc cliim lu ihc 

iflfc *, and (Oil Arm rd in tUm ttiWowine ytAi 

•• -tt CM* vf Ibe bsnin J of UiKxrtEf ; in the Ar« uT « liicli 

< •nun K vni <>( SuoimoTU ••■* tHUod to the cldcai >»>■ 

-.or V-*rt »l Daby, under ihe idea ihil th* micx'nt 

I'lrunr v< Siniifc itat Iben *«(«i in bia fiihtri irnd iii 

(WUncf ibv M>n ■■»! Iieir uppannr of ilie Earl >if 8ui^ 

li^iO *M MiBiiioMd 10 rxrliajneiit ■■ B^run Clifford, 

hM xht ispmiion tlui tbr ancient Barony of Cliffiird, 

MWd br Wm in itiB Sath of Edwaid 1. wat at ibat Ifmc 

•MH4 lai the "id E-rl. In r»cl. caae tij.i* B^roii* l.»h 

Intrant, Mill orrr plartd in the pfMrdetm uf the anrient 

timtji bat aa >l Baa clearly proved lliat ibe urii'loal 

ImiLlii wen Ihvn vralnl iu olher pcrHnia, auch Writt 

mt MiMC* ■><« hrkl lo D)>cnite n new cr«*tiuna; and 

I . «pHi»n Ibrn crciifd, are iwv *«ied in ihe hfir» of 

.' •m^m of ih( Banint tu whum tlic VVriii in ijuettiuii 

,-• ^oviL T«a inhrretiee* of ximr imperraiicc, breiilet 

V pdtot ealabll*nl t^ ib»«« dcciai'ma, may be drawn ihaoi ■ Atti, they appiar to have been furmed aa (lie 

pxnl ^nct|>l* thai lahatvirr may be ilte muiive under 

•Ml a BTtt uf Sumoiant it iiiaed, tite dlreeiion of loch 

Wflt, aad ■ Siting nixkr it, if i» aneb Baiuny naa pre- 

•■n^^ intrt) •" i1>r yvnitn M (innmoni'i), rraiteta Burtif 

. ,. -tl.o reiel»M it, and tij tbe liein of 

111 HI If a Baron >l(s in an erruiufoiia 

.''. sueb crroneou* preeedeney t>ai 

' ' I rlKht to tbe dlgmr 

tTifi. Bull 

!• uf 1^1 

iowfa aiul CUBxifd, tiu 
Wtolh* ^«M) st itw o 

ifetteM l«l*»tdll«t» Ubi. u...< ^.1.l... .««r..~..<>. ." . ....-- 

»M ■■ B*nni* Pricy »«r* plareil in ilM precpdrnry uf the 

■ , . .1 iiiider the Writ of 97 Ediranl I. 

, ihJ. It li pFeiDiBed, proved, ondrr 

r iiarony of Percy *a« poHCtaed by 

jiiila than that vliicb wai iTreaied 

'..,.. .i.,.^;. ; L.jUim In ITKt anJ to which Bacouy 
:au ulbcr pcr[»iia(;<a luceeidcd. 
I> Mhjett of Bafontei by Writ will beeoncluded hy a few 
-nuuan un ibe quMlton, Mlwllmr the many Baruniea 


hy WffHs in tbe icigB oT E4«afd tht nm, W 
tk» aie«i, and Edwafd thcThifd, wuj tlUl htdMfl 
be ia exiitMice» notwithMandfaif tint ao penao tot 
Wf td In tbcB lor Kvcral cratsritt t and ttlll i 
aocwichMaadinic that in Bany instaneet tlia mala dai 
aati of tbc panona m MBBoncd. tboogfa living la 
cnca, and foaMtimcs panoni of Hnpoitance, vtva i 
MiBaMBcd to Parliament. It woold ba dUkalty and li 
pfaramptooait to proooanee a d ecida d opinion m 
^■attion» bat at the doctrine that a Writ of SnmmoM 
a Sittinf ander such Writ, ereatet a Barony in fw« ll 
be coneluded that nothin|p bat a eorrapclon of hlOD 
affeet the deteent of tueh dignity to the beirt of Indivi 
who have been tommoiied to, and Mt in Pariiamant^ 
aver loof the title may have femained doffaMM* or i 
aver causa may eaitt for presuming that, at the | 
when the son or grandsons of those who were samn 
to Parliament lii^, it was considered that they hi 
hcrrditaiy claim to the dignity posieised by their ana 
It has been laid down that dignities are not withli 
statute of limiutionsy and may therefore be claimed a 
distance of time t for as a dignity cannot be alienadj 
rendered, or exiingnisbed, so neither can it he lost I 
negligenca of any person entitled to it*. The 1 
Committaesy towards the conclusion of their third At 
allude to this circumstance, and observe, 

*' The dcscendanu of many persons who have ba 
former limes summoned to Parliament by Writ, appaa 
to have been afterward summoned} and therefore, : 
rule of law now clearly esublisbed, that a Writ and 8 
in Parliament will create an hereditsry riKbt to the d; 
of Peer of the realm, were applied indefinitely, as tha 
Frescbeville urged it ought to be, it would introduce 
persons into the Peerage who are not now supposed tc 
a title to that dignity. It seems evident therefore 
recourse to ancient rights, spplying to tbem the prin 
of modem resolutions and decisions, must create li 
dilKculiyand embarrassment.f*' 

Tbe first psrt of this statement, that ** if the rule 
now clearly esublisbed" was to be applied indefii 
many penons would be admitted to tbe dignity < 

Skin- Rep. 437. Collint* PrecedenU, p. aiS. 
Third Psersge Report^ p. 236*. 


taracc «fcu arc ddi dow tofpmtd to have a liile tbereio, 
ife«Sh VMlHiibccdljr iTuc, eannul, il ji tubtniileil, in any 
ife^ aftKl ibc quetliun o( ibvir right lo it i far if it be 
■lodj " « rWr ^ lalt," tb«t (he heir of the boily of a 
fin ia sfaa *•* ■uninioned to, anJ tat in PailiiiDFiil, 
rtoMbaVBlilM to Iheiligtiiryiu crea(e<l to bis sticiilor, 
it ii iBpotaible lo imigme wbirre can be (he " iiifiiiito 
Akaby and embarraiimeiK" of aciing upon »uch rule of 
Uat aad itill Dior*. It doea nut ap|«*r that (he Huuie 
rf \^^it bM the pufier of deciding curilriiry (» o nle 
ffiar dtmrlg ntalilitli4d in a raae of a claim lo x Peerage, 

■tub, la III Judleial cbaraeter, n>i|;ht eame before i(. 
Tlx nhtnatiM Ibal ibe iodefriiite adopiiun ot llie prineiple 
"- Tmlton BDuld adoiil many periont lo ihe Peerage nho 
'~ ns« »ii« tmpyiarA to b« tiKitled to it, operilet rquajly 
iiranitly atalii«t eiery claim (o a Barony created by 
-11 for >n airidenlal reieireh may pnive many iiidi- 
I 'j(l* to b* col it led to aucb digniiy who are now uneon- 
>ua« al tbcif Fighl to it, and if the argument uf ihe Re- 
net <M ailo^til any weight, it muit be (uppoteil to con- 
■nrf iImI Ikt *ery eircuinitaDce of (ucb penoni being at 
tU puna* (line unaware uF their preteniioni to (be 
FnTafv, »it|lM to ba a bar to tbcir Elsiining it nhencver 
ikey ■■(ht etlber diacQvrr (heir r>Eh(, or become entlrled 
<• It tnp Ibe eilliielion of ibc other cobein, — an ar^u- 
MM vkikb ean aearctly be reconciled to any principle 
4 \am ur JiHiioc Ai In levenl otber pani of their 
UMahhia' Rr^rta condditable atreu i« laid on the eaic 
' LurJ FrMcbtville, and a* it hai been addiierd to 
Hfpart ia(n*BGM wbicb ire certainly not jintiided by that 
'«■ *, a lUfWt allualon lo hi* Elaim appeari ne«euart> 
'"natm xita tUeialon on it did not in tbe alifrbieit degree 
■!-<ilWn>WotU> ihat a Writ and Mining in Parliament 
"led an brratiiary dignity. In I67T John Lord Frriche- 
'I'.ahBoaa created ■ Baron by Patent diied 6 March, 
•'•*. (Uiowd M bcir ut tb* body at well ai heir male ut 
' pbda Pmcltctllle, who wat (ummnned lo Parliament by 
'itMed S6 Jan. IS Edw. 1. lf9T, lo be allowed the 
r -4 tad p(»o>daiicy o( the Barony created by that Writ ; 


tbt MlltltB WW nflwrtd to the Atturit^ CMIWiMi^i 
■dvlMd Ut Mi^MCy to lefsr it to tbc Hmw of I«iM«^ 
titt pffoMtdltiKt on thii elaim, it ^frm adaittcdltkan 
petit ionof^t aneettor, Ralpll de Fretobsiillv, «M MiUMH 
to PorliMBont in the 35 Ed«. L; nor, «• if ituad Hi pt4 
of tbii work, does tbcro appear to hairo beon titf ti 
objection oSbred to tbo ralkiity uf tbe Writ itaoM; iMl 
It nmy, porbape, be doubted wbetbor tbo Writ of tkmi 
wat a regalar Samoume to POrlianent. But it wmm 
tended* on tbo part of tbo Crown, tbat» " eappoilnf *Mi 
SMM to Parliament did ^hro an estate of inbtritMM^ 
tbii nnst be ondentood wben tliefo bad licatt mSH 
iQMfi iL Hera tbe not lepeatiof tbo SoBniona'(fiP' 
otber Writ tban tbac of tbe 98 £dw. I. wa* ofcr ltM# 
Ralpli de Fratebeirille,) waa an evidence of mi MlMl 
and open tbit ohjeotion tbe House appears to bava fbM 
ita resolution, ** tlMt tbey did not And sufHelent ff owrf 
advise hia Majesty to allow tbe daim of tbe petitioner." 

It is tbtts evident tbat tbe aitence of m ^^ncf (tf AM 
under tbat Writ, and nut tbe cireumttance tbat tbo W 
was never repeated, was tbe objection relied on Wf \ 
Attoraey-General I and tbe caoso of bis urging li» i 
eumttanoe tbat tbe Writ was not repeated, was das 
to prevent tbe inference tbmt, tboo^ no proof of SitI 
was to be found, still tbat tbere mli^bt bavo.bacfl 
Stctinp under tbat Writ; for, as bas been sirMdy 
served, be remarked, ** It bad been objected tbaC tb 
was no evidence of any Sitting tHI tbe time of Hai 
VIII. oben Journals Arst began. Bot it waa one thi 
wbere Wriu of Summons bad been often repeated^ aaotf 
wbere thej were never iwued bat once." So far tben at I 
Freicbeville case is in question, it only cstablisbaa i 
doctrinc*-tbat a single Writ of Summons, nnaceompm 
by evidence of a Sitting in Parliament under tbat Wi 
will not be considered to bave created *an beridll 

Tbe Barony of Botetourt wbieb was allowed in 17^ 1 

ki Abeyance for nearly tbree bondred and algl 

kaaoe It mwf be concluded tbat, in casea wli 

m-inta Abofanee at an early period, a lapco 

fvcff great, is no bar to a claim on tbe part of t 

i.Birony; bot no point bas been decided in wbi 

, m BiUKmy bas been urged, where tbe last p 

Aoncd to Parliament left male deiccudantsv a 



d In uttiui<rnip4e<l dcacent lur aeveral Eeneratiun* 
tttrrtr tttnintiirttn luwrnuiieU lu Farliamtnt. In ibis 
:» BwdnjF Mcontiderod (obate bcaii crcalcd in evirv caae 
_ ( a Wnl ol Sutnvarw (o PailiaiDciit ii rccortlrd [n bavs 
B iuunt, anJ (be ilignily ii prctuntid iiill tu eiui, wbete 
iiUdI* oI aitber ol (be pcrtou* HUo were lo tuoi- 
*nicid bate tMen liaceJ, TbitFlari bu been acted upuii iioi- 
■itbaLaiidiiiClbeiliipreuioutbaliiupiaof of lilting iiiu ntany 
rp ba found ; because, i(, contraiy 'o Ibat ini)ir*iuiin, 
>( af ijutt4[ could be adduced, a dijm in luch Batoiiy 
Uprateblf be admidcd in be it ill letted in ibe beinut 
poan pruvtd lu btvc lal in ParltaniTiil. In thuH caaea 
l( mate dtrvxniMittvl n [wrton recunlad to have reeeivnl 
puf S«««aDt la Parliament elided /or teveral (ene- 
iiuooed, (be (act ii cuniuUy 
Tbc luaiiuer in wbich individualt bave be«n 
t alwsyt ilaied wbere any 
« can be draao tticttfrum ; and «itli ibe ubject u( 
. _ , . . B liletally trantcribcd ffom 

■)• Lkut at SumiDslii printed by order ol Iha Huuse of 
Uidh or Cram that pubbabnl by Ougdale, the farmer ii( 
nut tiling prefimtl ilu<*ii to Ibe p«r>ud Hbtii ibey (ermi- 
%iii, ihoxgb a« ereal part e( tbe work wai wrilieii befure 
IW A)TTi>d<i Nu. 1, to tbe lit and 3d Peerage Report came 
<t><a the Edilur'i bkiidi, and befure ibe Ap|>endii No. II. la 
iSc iidu Report «as primed, tbe early part uf Dugdale'i 
Lint ■err, in thMe iiutincrs, consulted. In all duubilul 
(OB, booe'er. tbe Appendix in th^ Feenge Repun* baa 
Ina nterrvd 10. ll inuit afiu be obterved, lu accuunt fur 
Ike aKkvanl cuutlrnctiun of tenteuixi like the lulluw- 
'•f: — ** $unuD*ned 10 Farbament OJ Willi el nu Baueville, 
OtaiM Hmutile," " Heurice de Bellooiunie Comlte dc 
SHita," *E. tiwlcad ol Suamuneil to Parliiaient b^ ffiiti 
-** — rf WdLeUno U.-iie<ile. Dominn D-i.lvde, Ve. that 
fUttrma naa adopted, tbougli al variance wiib llie gram- 
- • '■ ■ 1, for the sake of brevity, ^nn 

«MUU V, 

lua, ll wu bighly del 
'"-.iiiMn, «-rtn ol i»o Hurda, to niany limea aa Ibey would 
•■•>* bavn r»^ ui r>^. 

bfc«c thB part of tbeis obwrvatioiii i> eoneluded, it i* 
"'■'r— 1| Ui tlal* that, aiKieutly digiiitiei were c«n«dereJ 
'br alktiable with tbe eunient ot iheCrooi', and tttliy 


be foand of Ihe lumnder of dltnltiel 
Cruviif I but in (he eaie ot the Barony of Grey of Rntbyn, 
the Home ot Lordi retolved, nmuM cenlradietiilt, I Feb. 
1646. " that no peraon that huh any honor In him, and a 
Peer uf thii realm, may alieti or tramfer the honor to anj 
«tbcr penon | and ibu no Peer uf thii realm ean drowfl 
«r exlinguiita hit honor, but that it deicendi to bit da- 
■eendanu neither by mrrender, grant, fine, nor any otbat 
connyanecj" and on Ihe IB June, 1ST8, in the claim tolhl 
VUconntcy of Purheclc, the Houte alio retolTcd, " that m 
Dm nu« Itvied, nor at any time htreafler to be leTlcd W 
the Kini;, eaii bar «uch title of banor, or ibc right uf anr 

C'non claiming luch title under him that levied or ibdl 
ry aaeh line." On the tormer dI the*e reiolutiuni M(. 
Cruiae ohiemi, "Thli tetulation cannot be eonlidcTcd M 
bafing tbe authority at a law, but it it now UDdentood that 
dignitiei are abiolulcly unalienable.! " 

Tbeie deeiaioni ol the Home oF Peen were erldenllf 
Intended to have a retrtHpeciiTE effect, but, aa the Loidl' 
Committee! Juitly remark, if the retolutlon in VtKonot 
Purbecli'i cate were to be nov applied ratroapcctiTeij, It 
would tend to produce freat confuaion |. 


aBftmaakmrnp oi KicUcrailMter» by Le(«erf PkteDt. 
lOiliOet. U Rich. IL 13e7» to bin aad tb« hein male 
dhm baif, Tba vordi of emt ion in tbcte Letten Fatent, 
MemUng taSioMoa» are, ^tfuM JMommm <n trnm jMraM 
tf If — ng»i mmiri AmgHm fr^Mmmt vktUeg fued 
ol hmndn wuuemii 4» cmr jmM §U9 exetmiet 
\ifme Domimi dt Mmuckamp H Ba- 
uma^mmhur. But thit Boron never 
MiiaEwliuBOBty bavinf been attainted in tbe Mlowin^ 
year, Tbe next inttanoe of tbe kind vpat in tbe 10 Henry 
VL, vboo Sir John Cornwail wai ereated Baron Fanhope ; 
tbe ■yaraiiwo words in bii Patent, aa given by Mr. Cniiie, 

eraril/rf/bol eC armmii g i rfw of w e Jokmmi ntmen 
ftrfni €t kt mnwm Barwmu dtjkmnktpeimpenrii dedii 
et aasigiunfii, ybiem ei totuedtna mdem quad ipse 
BmrmdM dt fkumkapg kabeai et gereat, ^e. sedem qneque 
H keum tumm t» ParHtamtniU 4t enmtiis regis inter eteUroe 
Anrance dkli rtgm Jnglks kakeai et peeeuieat,** p. 83. 

k bai been contended that, excepting in the case of 
imi Beancbamp of Kidderminiter, tliere n no example 
firoei tbo 11 Edw. 111. to the 1 Hen. VH. of a dignity 
having been ereated by Patent oiherwiee than in Parlia- 
■eai; from which it was attempted to be inferred that 
the Crown eoold not formerly confer a Peerage without the 
eensent of Parliament. This doctrine, however, never ex- 
iKcd in England, where the Crown bat always been con- 
itlfr«d as the fountain of honour*. In all Letters Pa* 
teat by which dignities are created, there is a clause of 
ioveititnre similar to that contained In tbe ancient char- 
ten ef ereation of personal dignities ; and even so late at 
the 13 Jac. I. tbe solemn investiture of Barons created by 
Utteia PaUnt was performed by the King himself, 1^ 
patting on tbe new Baron a robe of scarlet and a hood 
Imed with minever ; but in that year tbe law advisers of 
the Crown declared that tbe delivery of the Letters Patent 
VIS snficient, without any ceremony; and in the modern 
htents of creation tbe public ceremony of investiture it 
^dpensed with by express words f. Annuities were some- 

en Dignities, p. 84. f Ibid, p. 86. 


bH BUOMIBB n nil 

ttaui CMBtod n ft Mty Mfc Barw-to KiMectUtM^f^ ^ 
but thli pnetlM hM loBg tiM* i>lM Into tatMnde *. - i 
, Id tb« MM of iMtcn pataU tb* «n4tian ii pitfcei uni . ' 
«Mapl«i« M loon ■• tbe irut Hal h pot to iba puMnt, hi 
coDHquwic* of tba folLmlBf akoM, kriilch i« inMrtcd in all 
patcnuofthit Datum tt fluHltlm et hareda mi mattmU 
/rWlcfi, «t Mrw« faUte iUiiirt touot >( pomdcat t 
Iteum tt Meat in jwrHwwfto caaritiu ft tmaliiM nutrit. 

i ma»j loitaueaa alght be ciiti of pemfM 
crtaudh; iMlar* paunt djUKwilhaut ever having •aim 
ftrliawantt aod ilia ^foity baa navErlheleii dr*«nded lo 
tbrir poatarityti aud in ooa loatanc* a BBrony btd nlttad 
Ibr aboTB twa «nUMita,aaddaaaaDdad to the lanuitth Biraa 
baCoN ehber of tba Inbaiiton of tbc dignity erer look bl« 
aaat In Parllamtnif. Wbatarar mauurei may hare t«eD 
pmrionily adopted nlatira to iba ereaiion uT a Peer, if itie 
penon diii befora tbe gnat leal hat been aciuaili/ »flixti 
to tbe patent, (be eraatioD ilooi not Uke plaea. Tboa la ihu 
cata of Lord Gardner a warrant «ai luuad (or bia craalM 
U tbe d)|iil(]r of VUeoont Gardner In IMS, botatfaadM 
beforatbe patent pauad the great aeai, bla lonanljraaik 
eaeded to tbe Barony t alto la tba iniiaaea of tba HMk 
CbarleaYorke.wbowaaLordCfaaiicellorln l710,a«aiTMt 
«ai ligned for bli creation to tbe dignitiaa o( Lord llovda^ CaBbridi;e,on tbaieth Jaa«ai7,inib 
but u U died oo tbc SOtb of ibat oioDtb, before tba pacaat 
reeaivad tbe great acal, hi> md did not inberit the dlgDkj i 
aod other inHaneei might bo addoccd. 

It i« laid down by Lord Coke that whin a pcraon ta anaUi 
a Peer by lattcn patent, tbe aute of inherltaDca noatba 
limited bjr appropriate oordi or rlie the graot ia vdd. TIN 
uiual timltatiuni are to the belra ntale of tba body af tba 
(rantee, and in tUi wark, in which panleular eaie baa baa« 

• Cndaa oa Digaitiai, p. SS, on tba eaaa of UA Ballar ef 
Sodter. t Ibid, p. tS. 

X Waldagrave, dtad hj Craua, p. B7- 

I TbaBaroojef Dormer, Doticad la p. 199. Tbaa«M<f 
41a ainnlar Cm waa tbe drcumMaoce af ibaaaaaalan afllM 

aaat Peer being Cathdin. 



blua l« gne (he liotilaliuii of each patent of creation whrre 
Atn vac a •pedal remainder, it is alwayi to br uiiderituuil 
Ikil Bb*R oo liiBitalion ii enpretied in dignltjei ercared by 
font, ibM it >ai (olcly lu tfae hein mnle of ibe body of 
ite penon le created, Intlancet, boiiever, occur where 
diMmainder baa been tu the tecond ic 
Mie, UiTiag which, la Ibe eldetl (c 
■iWn.abcre the limitation wu to tb 

■Itb* {TWilee by « particular irainanti ta (tie tieira general 
riAc budy of thegriintee;; to the iiiue male of Ibe father 
■ (Mndfatber of the gnnlee (lilin^lbe heirt male of Lit 
•■■ body, and lu the bem male uf the ei&ler of the (tramee 
*- '^ Kof hi* nun heiri malej ; but ' 

i bii hein 
and bia beirt mate*! 
iuuemaleollhe boJv 

iathat of il 

any ol 

15 Car. II. 1 

bCo«ot«t of Kent, to hold to ber and the bein male uf 
•d; tiri^ailen b; ibe Earl uf Kent, and Inr want uF luoh 
~ " * V of her body by Ibe aiid Eiirl, with a decln- 
., "(bat if atauy limeortimcdillerlhedealb uF ihe 
■UUary, Counleool Rem. and in default a( iitoe male 
rfherlmdy by Ibe »id Earl begollen, tbrre sball be more 
e who iball be «>-beir> of ber body by ibi^ 
nU EmI, ibe laid honour, title, and difnity, iball gn and 
It Md aiid enjoyed from lime lo lirae by tuch of ibe laid 
-betn at by eoune of deieent of common law (hould be 
Kxiiabte (u other entire and indi«iiible inheritancet ; ai 
''■■ly M ofGee of honour and public Iruit, or a exile for 
■■ ae««aaTy defence of the leilm, or Ihe like, in eaie 
^■wh iDbcritanee «aa civen or limited lo the (aid Uary 
■dlltebrinvlber body by tbe (aid Earl begotten" ih an'l 
IfvteUM uf ikia limitaliun the B&rony of Lucai ii n 
•NhI W tbeCounlcu de Grey, the beiiis tldtit d 
ni co4kcir of Jemima, Baroueu Lucai, ennd-d 

* Da faiiu ia of Schombergj bUd Dukedom of Doi< 

* DtABda of Someoet. 

* f— a^-m at OFmondi io Iitlaadi tide p. 696, &c. 
I CbUob of Maeeleafield. 

I Oak* oa D%ai(iei, p. 144. TbU cop; of tbe IJaiii 
i^Banay of Laou diScn Id a ilifshtdeg^* fromlhaabtltai 
«p.»«nftbia>ocfc, bat ia all prDbabllit; Mr. Ctuhc'i < 

anil hf >r al Henry Grey, Duke of K«ni, tun *nd ittit dI 
M«ry. Counleii al Kniii, Uii; grantee by faer suJ buitalMl 
Antbuny Utty, Earl uf Kent. But tbc limildinn o( the Ba; 
tony of LucuofSbenlield, tbougb not noticed by Mr.Cruli 
or otber writen, U tcaroily Ibh •ineuUr. John I>ucM ni 
by leitera patent, dated 3il Jan. 1S44, cnateil Baron Lu~ 
of Sbciilield, CO. Eaieii with remainder to tbe bein > — 
uf h>( body i in default of ubicb to bi» brutbu Charlci 
Lucai and tbe hein male of hii body, in default of «hie| 
to Tbomai Lucat and hi< i«>ue male, itbieh Tbomi* Lt 
wai elder brother of the aiid Charlei, and by tbe m 
mulher, but wai born before marrlaee, and in coniequeMi 
of ibe failure of icsue of the other penom named ID tl 
tent, the ion and heir uf the laidTbomaa Lueai luee. . . 
t3 the dignity on ibe death of John tbe first Lord in IGTO*' 
In many iiistaocet of the grant of a dignity by lelten p 
lent to a female, tbc limiiaiion hai only been for tem « 
ber natural life, but there doet not appear lo be a kincle la 
(lance (with the exception ol the grajtt by ehnriierfmm Kin 
Richard II. dated aaih Feb. 1390, lohiicouiin Edivunl riao'- 
genet, lonaiid heir apparent utEdinend,Uuke<>f Voik,ofl 
EirldumofRutlnndiduringhii father'! life ot\]y,habaif, 

created to a man in which there waa not a reinaiiidrr tu Ibe il^ 
«ueu{ hi> body, or to (ome other )i«r>unexpretslynanied( an 
in every inilance in wbicb a Peerage hat bern conferred n 
a penan with a liraitaiiun to otheri inttead of tbe liiuei 
bii body, lucb penoti wat prrvioualy a Peer of a higher ran 
in the Peerage than that created by tbe inid t*neri pateoi.' 
Prom ihii fact it doei not seem too much to infer that it*"' 

I.John Liicu; created Ban 


«. Charles Laca 
ub. YiUt fnti 

J,.hn tbe Gi 

I. Bamn, nf Pelliani, kc. 



h tlnayt ooiiaidrred tbat i( ■ Peer oate ■■( in Farliaoient, 
ntiuiu£, ifM /acta, rendered ihe dignily by virtue ol 
h be ut bereiliiirr ill Ibe 6nt initince in ihe iuue of 
—»iy, — ia dl(nll>ei uiiiler letteri palenc la tiii beirt luale, 
_B b dipitiic* by writ to hi> bcin eenerat. 

ttlltapc* h«K >l T»rluu> timei be^n made In give a pre- 

Willi W in ledir* pateul by which dicnitiei wrie crFaiFd, 

tqmd ibe precedenoe <(bi>'li would ariie from ihe date ut 

M>b (lalent. In cue* of Pecnge tucb precfdence ii now 

iiiltttnally lainiidand to be Illegal, for illbougli it ii th« un- 

'onliied prvrucitive ut the Crown to create an individual to 

•sjr decrc* of ibe Peerage which it ihinkt proper, it hai not 

lU fomtt la pre * precedence above any Peer previouily 

v:([«| ol Ibe tame decree. It It not neceiaary la inquire 

' [> Ibe power at the Crown tobealuw a particular precedence 

lay 0rr»Nta|;e ii may be pieaieJ so to boiiouf, and the 

' ' (j Prine* L«ap«ld of Saie Cubuurg, wLu, ibuugb not a 

^'•7 of Ibe realm, ha* been auigned a place next to llie 

UnrfraykI, lenda to prove that it haiiuch a prerogative. 

Isall MMt wilhrMpect lodlKniiiea, an Act of Parliament 

effect, . 

bIm lMl|b4 be cited where Ibe power of Parliament bai 
Wb raweaaad : in moit inatancei, however, the aid of Parlia- 
■*M ha* bMU called In to give effect tu (he grace of the 
Cra«a km extn which were beyond Stt prerogative. Tbit bai 
BnM IriqpiMly been done to revcne atiaindert, and though 
paenlbi UUttider*, wheo at all affected by iubiei|ueiit 
>tt«*t th« I,re(iilalure, have been abiolutely reveraed, atill 
In Mbar* new digniiiei duccnditile accurdiii); to the pruvi- 
•iMM af MtHi act have been created. Tliui in ihe cue of Ihe 
IbrMiy of Lumler, which wal created by a Writ uf Sum- 
n«M IB (W 8>b Edw. II., forfeited in MOO, reitured in 1461. 
bf ParUasaat rennlng the attainder which produced ili 
brImMrr, ani) ID IS&B, un thedealh of John Lord Lutniey. 
Vtmii vatlncl III roiiiequence of ibe attainder of Georee, 
(he wn and beirof ibe uiii Baion : yet, thouEb John, the 
lufl Hid heir of Ibe lald George Lumley, wa* reltoied in 
bhMHlin IMT, tbeacluf reaioratiun.whiehenieiedlbaihe 
and the beira male of hii body (bould enjoy the dignity of i 
Baron, neaidMinid lu have upe'raled »i a new creation, and 
thai It 4i>I not affect the original Barony forfeited in come' 
qiMDce of the allaindrr of tha iciiand heir of the lait Baron'. 


ParflMNMit In one imiknce creattd a new limiiMlon m\tk 
ibe ori|1iial {inrcnirnce of digiiiliea, wliicb wilhiful ll« M* 
larfcRneswuuM liave become eilinct. The citlebrjilnl John, 
Duke of llarlbotougli, held that Diikc^dnm and tetrral utbef , 
EoKliali tttlrs. tngptbcr with a Bca4ch Biirun;, witb cv 
Malodw to ihi! boln male at bii hcidj, but in [bv 5tb ef 
Addc, baring nu ligue male iben lioics, an ael wiib pai 
ilnitinc all hb digniiUs in dif&ult o[ i««ue male to fail •!< 
daugbtar and ihe bein male o[ ber body, nitb remainder W 
•UbliotbM daughter* severally »iid cucceulvtiy, acMrdInf 
to Ibrir prloriiy of birih, aod lu tbe heiri mile of their n* 
tpective bodiet wiib diven other remjiiiideta*. Ttila vat, 
bawcvvr, ati (itraardioary, and irjdecri unpKcetlented ee- 
rarranca, «bkb perhaps notbine would n«ain prmtOM,' 
Iwt aueh unpuriant public cervicu at thuBe frDm which it 
tban BTOia. 

A* it'ia conntcted witli thr aubi»et of AgnitfM ccneraly, 
it nay pcrbap* be proper to aUade to that patWMal hMtavr 
which ■ wife acquire* by marriasa «itb a Peer. Bvafy wo* 

dignity a* her huiband, and aeqnire* all Ike rlghla andHi- 
(ilcECi uf Peerage whieb are eonilalcnt with her Ms. TbM 
■1 abe be aucuied of treaaun or felony, ibe eui oDly b« triad 
by Ihe Huuie of Peer* ; bat It a wobmo wbo baa MqaM 
■ dignity by marriage afterwardi marrici • comaioner A< 
loan her dignity, and all the right* and pritllegn annwai 
(uii, for that which la gained by mairiage majbalMtby 
marriage, »Ain mod* fwrfnidmufUaUwdbaaMlNPf. 

Thi) doctrine waa toraierly douhied, bat tbe Hooaa •! 
Lorda retolred in I69I that if the widow of • Peer b* aw 
ricdta a Commoner, ihtrluM lut be allowed privilcf**! 
Peerage; hence lueh undoubtedly i* now tbe lawonlhaMfci 
Jei:l, nolwilbilanding theftcquenl practlM of the wid*wl ft 
Pcert retaining (he title of ibeir flnt hufband tbougb mm- 
ried to Communer*. If a woman be noble b^ birth, or kt 
created a PeercH, *be wUlNalloae berdigninby marrylnt* 
Commoner, and Lord Coke alaot*yi,lb*l if the widneoTa 
Uukc marry ■ Binin or any Peer uudtr the rank of ber hM 
buibaud, *be *till reiain* tbe name of ■ Duahen, becaM* 
her huabaiid ia noble } ^ but it bu been held by other writm 


tba«U he ttylul by thi thin of lier ucond liuiband, 

w Corvtiatitm ol bit hie M^eiiy (be latter doo 

1 icinl upon, Tor ihi! widgw of ibe Duki! of LcfJa, 

. M llisB (be olb of llie t^url u( PuclniufF, claimed lu 

M a OncIiHt. till 1001 reftuei ', 

I Dwi Iw imptoper here (a Qb»rve that ibe 
itca III abiiih Eaili and Baroni aiipcar lo have 
d />icr(, i( in Ih> award of eiile, xgaiiitt Much 
_ rcr, and Hujch U llMiwiirer, hi< sun, in the P»- 
•bieh met at Wnlmintierin ih« fuurteenih ycur uf 
Isanl (iiB Sii.i)n(I, Annu 1.131. which intiruBieiit 
« in ibo luUowiuj wi>r<l>, "TLrreloru we Pm, of 
id, KaiU aud Bironi, tn the prHenre uf the King, 
^4 Ibax >ir Hugh k Detpcncer, th« Fithirr, and .Sir 
Bit Itojirnctr, llie ion. be duinberileilfur ever," Act 


b lill*!, wbicb it alwayi Nnfvmd by letten patent, 

«urdln|[to the limitation eipretttd in (hem, 

Icm title u( Peerage in country . The 

A lot^ betn OMtl to denntv the Sheriff of a Counly, 

Nifh (he dtpiity wM Iciiown in France il a much 

jirriad, where, likeall other title* inibal kingduni, it 

• u of B<eBdal nature and attached to lands, itwainotin* 

.'.iie*4 laiu England until the reign ol King Henry the 
>;, whiefcMunaicbonibe lot h of February, in the Uib 
<r uf hi* rrifn, annu 1440, created Juhn.Lonl Beaumont, 

• .•coMMBnnmonl. by letter* patent. Tlie words oC crea- 
tMO w* ** if»mr» yUertmilU J* Braumonl imponimiu, ae 
tfimm i»i(|iiH< t'utcemUU it Btaamont rtalUtr imituiMtti, 
liiBWim *• Partiamauit amrUai et altii ransrcgtitienilnit 
auNrlf, aiftr tuata , Barmei rtgnf na$tri aiiignavimut 
ttJrm. TWt^iKiMtyiTwUuitcdto the betrt male of hii body, 
utt It U abacTvaUe UiM King Henry at the aaine time 


matdihiM tiMVltoMBiiy oTBtMBoat la VriMi^ 
bad bMi iDffMlad to the Ciovn bv tlM mMUmi^ 
DulM of Altn^otty ud ffnntcd Inr Kiof Hmtf At 
•ii bffotbtr the Daks of Bedford, bot by Ui doath 
rcrted to tbe Crown*. The McoDd instance o ecor i ed a i 
jrean aftcrwardt, for it appean that Henry Lord 
waa on tbe Mtb Dec S5tb Hen. VI. 1446, iumaMiicd to i 
Uament ai Viiooont Boarehicr, and It ii pretomed that tUt\ 
patent of creation to that dipiity waa dated aborttlj bafciig 
that Writ was Issued, but neither Dug^le nor amrothar 
writer eite any such patent, but merely refer to the Wi|C at 
proof that be was so created. 

This dignity has, eoasparatlTely, seldom beea eo nfcn adr 
Its preeedenee, as stated in tbe patent of John Viiwoaai 
Beaumont, Is Immediately above all Barons, and fuimm^p . 
each person who received it waa previously a BarOa i hat hi 
a few modem Instances individuals have been at onee i 
a Bsron and a Viscountf ; and in others they have 
raised to tbe dipiity of a Viscount without havlof 
either previously possessed of a Barony, or at the saam tiaw 
created to that dignity t. 


Tbe title and dignity of C»m$t, Earl, was introdncad 
into England by tbe Normans at tbe Conqueit, from wUeh. 

Seriod to the end of the reign of Henry tbe Third, Baron aad 
arl were tbe only names of dignities or titles known In EiR|^ 
land I and some writers have coiyectured that the applica* 
tion of Cfmei arose from tbe circumstance of the Eaili 
being Cornet titoeUuJUco in ptrdpiendis, because general^ 
tbe Earl bad the third part of tbe profits arising from tha 
pleas of the county ; but tbe learned Selden dissents froaa 

• CnuM on Dienities, p. 90. 

i* Viscount BoBogbroln sqd Baron St. John in 1719» 
Bnig and Viscount Torrington in 1781, Viscount and 
Msynaid in 1767, &c. 

t Le'mslcr in 1747, Courtenay in 1768, Sidnooth in IStM^,. 
Gordon b 1 814, and GrsnfiUs in 1816. 



iiipiiiiod, an llie auibarllv uf Uracluii, nhu lived tu- 
•J.iWnulul ilicrvitnuTHBiiry m.. »Jiic!i«n(rtd«« 
dtrlva the wunl CaHui frum CtntilalUM ; aiij ht uli- 
-'•, <w ikB Miiborily o[ aii aacicnl xiicr cl[«d by Cam- 
. '.Iiat H>ef«l Earte bad iiui ihe ibini ueuny, or iiijrd 

• I'Ut (lie Jipiily uf an Earl hu urig>- 
1^ <i lu ibc piHtettiuii of ■ paniculir tract uf 
' 1. 41 there appeal to bavo bccu ibrae iliErvreni 

.'. wa« hIii'K the dignity *M annexed to the 
"•tioii of *ii entire eounljr. wUb^'ura regalia, 
■■ ibe cauiiiy became paUtine, and (lie [itnuii 
.1 ibereuf avquinul rceal Juriidictiun and rujal 
f^j ii:ati>u of lb« luyaX )urudict>uii Ibe £ail i>aJa- 
I l>v high murtj, and uOlecn of juitifu wliicli 
111. with a I'ivil ami cniuiiial jurlidiciiun , and 
I liii royal acisnai^ he bad all llie ruyal »ft>cca 
^irxau wbii-h Ibe King liadt *" ilial ir> (a<:i, a 
I riR n at ill every retprct s feudal kiiigiluni ut 
1 Ltiid ul Eitbluoi wat where Ibe Kin^ L-rcaied 

TJ kvvKrkti^B of tbe COUnlv i'telf, ur any ofiho ftaiicbiiVB 
"f ta Cwl pi^tiiie, but only the ibird part of tbe pruliti, 
■ i^flwlriuiii, acUiiig (roiD (be pi cat of Ibe cuunly 

tbird kind of Earldom "v. wliirrr llie CruKn granted 
JiraUe tract of land to a periuii to bold ptr nrvi- 
[■■iw nmUalai ', . 

;ihi>tub>ect,butkever, ■ variety of CoDflicting opinioni 
duo liere a|>p«ar lu be any pualllvo evidence uf 
priuei|>l* obicb ie|;ulaled Ibe crualion and detcenr of 
'Wat UBiiI [be reign uf Edoard ibe TbirJ, when tbty 
«>H>brr«l by Cbarlenor Lctlera Paleiii, wlili an m. 
lirDltuinn e>ib»r to ibc heirt-jeneral or hein mjilc 


• Cniw DO Difolliei, pp. l?. is- 

4 Orthia kisd inre Chatn, Pembroke, and Durham i bu 
a«L«T H«a.Vni. CM, Ibe pri'ileffci of Earli Palallne 
■■di ihiidndi with Uie eusptioo oftbeBiibo|it of Durham 

] Ctmb ca DigoLuei, [•■ &3, t%. *c<i. 
TOL. t. k 

oItb«b«df orihe|cranl». I 
of HeaiT tbe Third, they a 

" • 1, hy tb> I 

Imndi WBMD D>a Dern civcted iuta Binoann. n vn 
farMtnpi of tboHlmndi, thB penona on wbnai dwCroM 
conhrred then, in moat imtiincM, uitmed tit* thit nTEnli 
and aMB u !■(■ n tha ref^n of Edward tbo ThIrtI |A« iUm 
of tb« Bukl«m of wbicfa H«ni7 Ftutaicnet DalM of fiat^ 
cHtH Aed poMCHcdt were mamedi W Jofan of GMSt, (kt 
ligtbMid of nuichl^oticcnct,hiidaD[lkt«-, Ud-MAII^ 
i£ij aah belr. 

It woold bt imponiUc, bowerer, to nKr pivftf i tj llM 
tbe lubjeet In tbe limited ipece to wbtct) tbnk dbMttjMMM 
are conftned, nod allhaai;h the tblrd RepoK of tlH tM^P . 
Conrailteei on tbe PMnge eontnitif ■ Tei7 eEtenrivtl b^ 
quir; oD the (ub]c« of Eirldoin*, and Indeed Ibodgk dl 
the raiearch and Ipamin^ wbieb it «■« potdble tii btMf; ta 
the iub}eet bave b«m there employed, no iltitrictaljF tia- 
clniioD can be formed. Socb betnK the c«te, It itoM IM 
wortc Iban oieleil to attempt (o otier any ftatemeni OO tlM 
lubject i and in the roUawini* page* it wai lometlilMf (band 
a moil difficult talk ta decide to vbom the litb of Ekil 
ahould properly be attribnted : hence, tboogii man; penoM 
to wbom that di|[nity bad, by farmer oriten, been itailfiiedi 
are im the aotburlty vitber of Du^lle or (be Reportl of 
Ibe Lordi' Cammiitera omitted, ititt It ii prabtMa tAMt 
many are itill improperly included under that ddljflU- 
(ion. The Lordi* Cummittee* appear to enterciin tbe 
opinion, that in many initancei at, and ihartlj after, tb* 
ConquEit, Earldoma were penonal, and that thou|:tl bercdl- 
tary they were not partible * ; and alio to contlder that ta 
inme initancei the f;r*n(* of landi which bad been dUilwJ 
^ preeedint auitwritiea to bave canferred the dignity of ii 
Earl, had no inch effect i and that a luppoiitioo laij bi 
entertained ibat the lueceiiian uf the descendantiof fe- 
nalei to the disnity of EarU befure Ihe reign of Edward III 
wa* eanildered ai depending wbully on the ple a aure of Ibc 

Tbe dilEculty. if not the inipoaiibilily, of arrhing at my 
couclutiuu that can b« relied on, ii ibe Editor^ •pnkfy 

"t DBl rnlirjiiis un lti>* beail ; nnd ke cuiiretccs Itls 
litullij III gi" any ciiilinatiuit wliich cua Iw iltniiFit 
'iUtltLtorj!, vithaaL mcrclj repcutiiis wbat liai Li^eii su 
'^jualcd by lie Lonii' CumiDiUrrti to wIiimc »iilua)i[E 
IcfarU be tbarvfore Rtrra (huge wbo may wiilt tn inv-»- 
elflM aocb OMM u arc like!/ to illiuiral.i: Iliit ubfieore 
fiJM of ItiUory. 

tar nun)' ccDluri« Caildomi hare alwayi bem con- 
IvMd by Leitcn Patent or ChariTS, accoiDpniiied by an 
kmaitutm in Partiainetil, ai>d Ibe iDiniirr in wliicb Itie 
AfBiif «aa U iImccimI s«ai, u in Itie cmk of all otlier i>ll« 
kjr FaiMt, rifinlii)' delined. Tbe iiivKttilure Lai long tiocu 
ban dkpcnwd oitb, aiiU ihc ancient practice uf creating 
1 ftaa» Earl itl tume couiily or town, bai , IraiD Ibe great 
inrnjan o( di«ii)tiei in Ibii CDHnlrj, given place ti) de- 
i»ii>[(he title Irota tome vilU^, ur ealaie. and eren from 
Iht nane uf a laRiily. In mnt inatanm ibe citlr ha< breii 
liakud la tlie hcin mile of ibc buily ul tbr {-ranirp, but 

vur itr tlaugbter, ur lu sumc utlivr penoii iiamcil in ib« 
ftttn ' 

^^^^^Kr de Vere, EafI of Oifufd. by Ridhanl lUe 

^^^^^^Hiljigtiity of Mar<li<e«at>r Dublin fur life, b* a 

^^■nmBrt i* entrfed on ilie Rolls of Pacliamelit. Mr. 

I tlUBi, Mtbt wifaorilyut Seidell, derivei the apfeU.itimi 

Ima Ibe oufd Mar<*i*, which liad been used t.,r mauy 

afalu ileacTibe boib Eatli and Buoii*, but eKpecially ibuee 

■^ mm Lania Manlicn.or Guvernuti af the frontier |iri'- 

tt«B» t add al tlie Coronation 'if Queen Hc^nor, wife of 

Hewy 1(1.. John Fllt-AInn, Ralph Mortimer. J<ihn de Mori- 

»nU, aa^ Waller CliOord, as .VarcAigtui lU MareMui 

faUL,, bene l*"** Marehew of Walet, claimed, /«• mo.-- 

'*w, IH e«ij vh* CaDOpy wbieb belonged to the Batom uf 


k»r Marques 

I„M nilKF.IiOMS. 

ilip Ciiiqup I'lJtf.'. Ttip iipxr iiulance is liial n[ Jiihn da 
Bp-iii(url Hurl of Stinii;r((i, who w.-u crealeil MarqueM sf 
Donvl b* Ihe (nine monnrch, in Sppttmbcr, I39T i «htcb 
dif^oity bv rHlsnvd, lind wu, on ibe nine ■)«;, b; Miotbtr 
PatBiit, created Marqueii oF Sumenet, though he conti- 
nued to be aijled Mftrquni uF Dunet until Ibe I Hen. IV., 
when that tillr *aa abi>liibrd. The Commoni, hovever, 
petitioned the Kiu; tu rettore him to lliitt digniij', but hft 
bimteif opposed tbvir rrqi)eii, and humbly pmjred the Kinfc. 
Qut esmi tt nem ill Mtr^vu fitrit nlrangt a»M em etit 
myaulmt gvi il at Itii vorrail ouKtmetnent domitr tit mm* 
dt JUarqKii s ear jamait par conge du Hoi il nt w rr W 
porter, ne accepter lur lug nvl liel Hum en macant manitrt. 
Thii title duel not appear aeain to bave been canfenTd 
until tbe reign iif Edward the Siiib, lince which period il 
haa been occaiionally f;i'"n'ci' i *i^ ■< ha* now breonp, 
like tbe eompantively modern lille of Vincoont, k eomamn 
title oF Peeriee in thii country. It bai alway* been cnn- 
ferred by Lettera Patent, and, M iu the ea>e or other dig- 
nitiea created in Ifaai manner, ilrncendi agreeably 10 ibe 
limitaiiun eipreiied in the intirument oF creation. 


Thm, thehighril tide of Peera|;ein EnK)iind,wMcr»al(l 
nihe lUb year of tbr reien of Kittg Kdward IheTbird, 

■ ■ ■ ' ' .fDuke. "" 

Bg lu SelJcn j atitl ihe words of the Cbaf 

f oontMeivd to Imh rmidnri bulh tlia«e 

iti if TtHum. ami hi tuch tlity are tuid 

itorCdrtimJl l«lne >lw*yi venril in (lie 

c K)ne> «ho tweoinri aucU ihe munedi b« 

wt or LancMirr buin^ in tlie liandi of ib« 

.n lfa« Tllird fVtraei! Repurl, Henry Diikr uf 

"il to hRVc bsCH ereaud lo <btt dieiiiiy, to 

^— ^akffhvho^:; and it liiherevoiitcndvd 

■httttefniit ■( the diRDtly al Uuke of Ciirnwill *» pet- 
t«tt 1 tbt tbe |iri>ppriy ■» gMniFd to him tu enable bin 
IS malotalii lh« iliguily uf Doke uconlirig tu his nnk ; 
lUl th« Kiii-> P»t™t uf crriiiinii, nnd not ibe grant of 
Ibc proF*"T> mide bin Duke vf Cornoatl ai a oicre iJtk, 
IT naMe of bon»ur 1 attd ikat ilie i>m)>«riy did not make 
kia Eul o( Comwill, or fne him nny title nf digniiyf. 
htirr Hm period In igutatiun Diihedumt were occuionally 
futaJ ■« a pnnnlfll difrnily. vifb remainder, in moK 
(MtaJBcvf, to Ihi bELri «■■)■< nf llie lind)' <•( the {ranlee, 
tkoBKb. likVvtber dlCnxitt, jniianrei iniglit be cited «biire 
IW ItMtlaiion I; ' ' 

e tbe 

> the 

bcin-rrwral o( tbe body o 
•oboMttcd, ihat ibe jHHiiion nf Seiden, in whjib he bat 
heta (cUoacd by Mr. Cruitp, thnt Ibe Uukeilomt of Corn' 
■iB and LaocMter •>« t)akedun» by Tenure, li nut correel, 
tba (srnwi bring, at ii Just reoiarliri), a |ienDiiil honour, 
tkougli diib ■ peculiar limitation to tbe elden ion of the 
KIbc for tbi lime bTidg. Tbi> bnillaliun, independently of 
m havtnc been auihoriKd by Parllanxni U, i* not, wb#ii 
iiHidired, of *D alngular a uaturv aa at firit •>$h( 
la U; for it wa«, In Hterl, little more lh>n Ijmit- 
nltylotbi bein male of Ihe body of tbe llrit 
bo aai tben beir lo tbe thronei but vUb ibia 
larilfi tbal (he title waa lo ml in ench perauti on bi< 
* I amveedfiig to the Crown. The UiikedoiD uf Lan- 

■u aho clearly a ptnonal bonour nbei ' ' 
y CaH vt I^ntuMf In I3CI, and which 


withcmt Imu^ male becMM extinct : IratltwM 9fBla.««* 
ferred, thoosh wKh ohmv extemife power/ iii^ IM^.«i 
John of Gaont* who married the daaKbter* andt ewtiiai^y 
•ole heir, uf the Utt Duke. Mr. Crui«e conUden IImI this . 
grant was merely for life, and cites part of tbo charlir^f 
creation ; bat it it not certain, from the pasMgo 'ihfn 
given, whether the title was likewise limited to t^ 
said Dake for his life only. In any ease, bowovorg «lui> 
ever jurisdiction or title was granted to that pswow>f|,' 
it cither at, or very soon after his death, bMaaso w Mt sii 
in t^e Crowns for if the grant was only forbia ^fB»k«f 
coarse reverted to the Crown on his demise in 18Mb W 
which would alsohsve been the case had it deseeo d cAj 
his son and heir, Henry Plantagenet; for that pononai 
ascended the throne on the S9tb of September in tbo 
year, as King Henry the Fourth. 

From tbene circumstances it may perhaps be safely oaa- 
eluded, that every Dukedom which has existed in EogUnd 
has been strictly a personal honor, and that the descent of 
the dignity han always been limited by the terms of the Pa- 
tent or Charter of creation. 


As in nuroerons instances in the following pagas 
titles are stated to have been Forfeited^ it is necessary that 
a few obfervations relative to the forfeiture of dignities 
should be submitted. The sabject, however, is one of some 
difficulty, and although the nature of this work preclndai 
the possibility of entering into it in a manner suitable to 
its importance, still such points may be stated as wilk 
perbap«, be acceptable to the general reader. 

All dignities, or titles of honour, whether held .In im 
simple, fee tail, or for life, are forfeited and lost 1^ th« 
attninder for High Treason of the persons possessed of 
them ; Persons upon whom Judgment of high treason li 
pronounced, or who are outlawed upon an indictment fsr 
high treason, are said to be attainted of high treason, and 

* Cruise on Dignities, p. 1 18. 



whinz but « rercr^Al of cuch act of attainder by ParJia- 
■fnt will restore the per«on so attainted, or his po^teriiv, 
to ihe bonort thot forfeired : nor, in the erent of the i^siie 
•f the biHlj of the per«on attainted failing, will the de- 
Krodaou of the person who was tint created to the dii;:- 
nHy be admtCied to it, without a remoral of the attainder 
sf the person by whom it was forfeited. Thus in the case 
•f the Earldom of Westmoreland, which was created hy 
UttefH Patent to Ralph Neville in 1397, to him and the 
bcirs male of his body, and continued vested In such heirs 
«sle ontil it was inherited by Charles N>\ille in 1563. 
Tbesaid Charles was attainted of hi<;h treason hy outlawry 
in IS70, and died without issue male, and in the 2 Jac. 
I. Edward Nerille claimed the dit^nity as heir male of Ralph 
Neville the first grantee. The case was, by command of 
the Kimp, propounded to the Judj^es, who decided against 
tbcdaim, on the ground that the dignity was forfeited for 
str to the Crown *. 

Where a person is tenant in tail male of a dignity, with 
sremainder over in tail male to another, and such person 
i<Utai»ted of hi|(h treason, the dignity is forfeited as to 
him and his itsae male ; but upon failure of is«ue male of 
the person attainted, the dignity becomes vested in the 
RDainder man or his male descendant f. Thus in the case 
of the Earldom of Northumberland, and the fiaronies of 
P«rry of C«>ckermouth and Petworth, Poynings, Lucy, 
Kryan, and Fita-Paysie, which dignities were by Letters 
Patent conferred on Thomas Percy in I557» with remainder 
toihebeirs male of his body, in default of which to his 
liriMher Henry Percy and the hein male of his body. The 
«4tfl Thomas Earl of Northumberland, &c. was attainted of 
ki?h treason in I57lf and had he left issue male, su lon:^ 
V sqrh issue male existed these dignities would have been 
fsrfntetl; but on the extinction of the issue male of his 
Mv, the remainder would immediately take effect ; as, 
^fver, he died without issue male, the dignities instantly 
|lcvolved on his brother, in consequence of the limitations 
in the Patent. The case of the Dukedom of Somerset is 
aboitrietly in point. Edward Seymour Earl of Hertford, 
*a« created Baron Seymour, and Duke of Somerset, in 

* Cniise on Di;;nitics, p.l 1 3. f Ibid p. 1 29. 


15479 «H1i reminder to the beira mate H Mt lM%'%r 
Ann bk j^minI Mfe, failfnip whHih to «««r Biwtfii ~ 
muur^ ton of tbe Earl of Hertford by Kfttbwino bli 
wife, and tbo b«in male of tbe body of Sir Edwind 
mour tbe son.** The Doke of SomerMt WM atttlnlii 
1559 of FbloKy, wbich atttinder woold nbt, m will te 
more foUy noticed, bave aifectcd bit dfgnttiei'i fant bgrta 
Yct of Parliament paiied tboitly after bit deairb tM Ml trtlH 
were declared to be foifcited to tbe Crewn. He iiiMlMi 
of bis bodly by bis second wife did not in comequeMe Me- 
eeed to hSs titles until 1660, wben tbe act wblcfa deebwd 
tbe puke's difnitlesto bave been forfeited wes repenlidp 
and consequently bis heir male by his said seooad wAe 
soeceeded to all bis bonoors. In 1750 tbe Isstte tifll««f 
the Dake by bis second wife failed, and the digitltleeoC 
Baron Seymour and Duke of Somerset devolrcd oti tbe 
issue male of Sir Edward Seymour, his eldest son by 
bis ^r#l wire, by virtue of tbe limitation of tbe Patent iSf 
creation of those hunours in 1547' It has been stated 
that tbe furfeiture of tbe Duke's dignities by tbe act of 
Parliament of 5 flc 6 Edw. VI. did not affect the dignity 
of Duke of Somerset f^ranted to Sir Edward Seymour and 
the heirs male of his body ; for by the terras of the grant 
that dignity had vested, immediately after the Patent passt-d 
the Great Seal, in Sir Edward Seymour, with limitation to 
the heirs male of his body, though the actual enjoyment of 
it by Sir Edward and the heirs male of his body was made 
to depend on the failure of heirs male of the body of tbe 
father by bis second wife; and it is consequently alllrmed« 
that on the extinction of the heirs male of i^ir Edward Sey- 
mour first Doke of Somerset, the grantee, by his' jeeenif wife, 
that Dukedom would have immediately devolved on tbe 
heirs male of Sir Edward Seymour above mentioned, even 
bad not the act of restoration in 1660 taken place, becaoee, 
so far as the said limitation was in question, it wanted no 
act for its preservation*. A question seems, however, to 
arise out of this case which does not appear to have been 
noticed. The words of the limitation (if the extract given 
by tbe Lords' Committees be, as it cannot be doubted it is, 
strictly correct,) are, to tbe heirs male of the bodv of tbe 
Duke by Ann bis second wife, failing which, to Sir Jkdmard 

III. Peerage Report, p. 49. 



VT«w, mh »fae Earl »f UtrllWil by Kalherine kujiril 
rjf. m4 tkt irin tnaU »J the body if Sir Edward fkytnair 
- OH. Hnire it »ppf»r« lha( Sir EilwanI Sejmuur wu 

■»A«f^ uamtd ill ihe Pxirnt ; and il might, |iuisib[f , hnie 
■ti doubrrd ufaxbcr, h*il yt\t liniilalion been Id the iituc; 

'I y\t ol 111* Duke br hii crrond nife utiil ibe heir* mile 
■' their budiH, inil'id of nprfssly naoimg Sir Eiiw^nl 

Vimior, ihe dieniiici wniil-l h**i> br«ii preterrnl in iht^ 

- \^» 


Mr. CruiM 

I ruffeiicil bv ilip 
v;i>i«drr rur tctony of Ihe prefedine tenant in IaJI, i< 
jin b« inferred that it itu not neceiiiry that Sir Eilwari! 
Wnnor iNoiiid bivc been tperiallj named. The r>ise of 

'■' crkbrned Heiu^ St. John it bImi tlronfly illimntirve 

< ihr ilTcri of a rrmaiiider in prMinini; a dignllj'. That 

".-«io«f« OH rreated Viscount Bolingbroke and B«r.)n St. 

' lioBlLydiardTrecoie, en, 1TI^> with renminJer 

ib( (win male of hit body, in default nf nhicb lo \in 

■■•!Mf^t Hrnf7 !^l. Ji>bn, and Ibe bein mde of hit bodv. 
If >I B")inebTnk(M>a> allainlrd nf hi|;h (reainn l>y art of 

••[•••tnlin nUi andtbootrh, in 1795. he was r«Iored 
i: vlaod, tet hi* diffnitiei were never realored tu bim, and 
■MiUi drub vi(A«KiBV( in 1751, Frederick St. John, 
te tninttcn and heir male of Sir Henry Si. Jobn, Ihe [Via- 
"•wi't fatber). lucceeded lo ihr title* of Viicount Boling- 
Mie and Baron St. Jobn of Lyitiard Tregoie, by virtue of 

HUa important different nitti belwten an attainder for 
^Ht TVnum and an attiiniler for Felaif. Dlsniiiea 
^Hwid tUher bv Writ or by Patent h«come forreiled hv an 
<4WK)er t<ir hgklTta«mi bi-t by a» atuinder for jilmg 
VI (Btailtd dicnity ti not fnrfetled, ibiiugh sdignily ccexieil 
• ^t'rit. and deMcndible In beiri-gentral, i* furleitr-d by 
!• utainder ol^cIm|' of the penon poitetted nf it. Thus 
>1-r<UiT->i-hrt, »hu waa Uaron Audiev. by Writ, in Ei>t:- 
"•<and CrtofCnlli-haven, tinderiFaleni, in Ireland, 
■ u, in iSai, auiiiiird ol felony, and it appear* from nib- 
•n)«'ni proCTcdinga that i( wm held that the Barony of 
Amthj brcame turfeiled tn eonse'ineiice of thut allainder ; 
"•i Ihsoch, aecardrnf to modern pnnriplet, it did not 
>!•(( bii Iriab Earldoai, bit K>n was cr«aied Unron Audliy, 

\m\\ VOnBJTV»B». 

and Bail of Cattlabaraa io iKlaad, aad ly Mfc flf taL 
Si fc SO Car. If. ha «ias iMtactd to tk% hanMf af iMW^^ 
Aadky of Hel/y with the offigtoal pre c eda a aa af tlia — dlC 
Bamnsr farlinted bgr li^ fatlieri bat t4M dicnltir vat ty «M 

aet exfnestly limiiad to him and the balra of bit hodjvy mUk 
remaioder to fait bratbary Martin Toaebaty and 4ha bate of 
hit body, veoMlndar to the daugfatan of hit fatber» and Iha 
bein of their bod its. The Barony of AiidleyarilUbertfMraaft^ 
tinue to he retted in the beirt-general of the body of NkMM 
de Attdley, the firat Baron by Writ, to long aa ittna 
of the body of liervin Touebet, father af Janet tha 
Lofd I but on default of tucb iatue the Baraoy wUI 
forfeited, or parfaapt, to tpetic itore correetly. eitloeip lA 
oomcqucnoa of the attainder of tha aM If erdn TouoJwt 
forfeloay io 16X1. Bot from the cate of Charlet LoadSConr- 
ton, (which dignity ha inharited under Letteft Patent grantad 
to bit anecttor Sir Jehn Stourton in the 86 Hen. VI. anat- 
ing him Baron Stoorton, with reauiinder to tiM bain mala 
of bit body), it appetrt that entailed dignitiet are not fitr- 
feited by an attainder for felony i for though that ndblaatan 
wtt conrioted of murder^ and banged in 1557t bit ton «at 
Bommoned to Parliament without any act of reatoration In 
blood or bonoort baviag ever been patted. Andthit prineipit 
wat alto oanflrmedin the cate of the Earl Ferrert in 1711* 
In all catea of attaindert, whereby a dignity hat liean Itr- 
leited, the Crown bat no power to restore the dignky i and 
it can only be rettored by act of Parliament cither ezpiettly, 
or impliedly by annuUiiig the attainder; for by the attain- 
der it wat utterly dettroyed and gone at if it bad navar had 
eKitf ence, and tlie power of Parliament alone it competent 
a^ain to bring it into ezittenoe. The King may grant a 
dif;nity of the tame degree and by the tame name j bot the 
dignity to granted wilt not be the dignity which exltted 
before the attainder; it will be a now and distinct dignity 
of the same quality and name, but not the tame dtgat^*. 
In moat cases where a dignity bat been rettored by act of 
Parliament it has been by a reversal of the attainder by 
which it was forfeited ; which, of courte, revived the ho- 
nour to precitely the same state at if tuch aet of at tain d er 
had never been pasted : but in tome instancet the dignity 

• III. Peerage Report^ p. 50. 


k« hrtn nvloivil nilh a nvw titnitilion't ohih 
VB 1^ lieir nf tbe lul Buriiii bita hrtn (ul 
l-ud, ■ »• d»snllr oilb « liullntitin of « iliffpem i 
- (nmilm fdrl.'itrd (7 bu ancrtior, ba>, liy iIif j 

I . ■■ r- /■■-Ir- 

. il» uf hibcHiiiifr, uthtroiie if tr ' 

. iiiirreed (a (he dJeuiliFt in ca 

, i.j :_r.iitii<ler in Ihe pMciiI ol cfoat 

ir-r a^i ^miDnHillrW (ike cfl^cc. In the man 

I 'he lUiKunliEIItVuili-dpBfloIi hiHiraUF-II. 

<i r uf ihr (on anil hdr attfinrcnt uf * B^'tn 

■I •ii'ih-r lutrb tun diwt or Jui-i nui lurrlv* hi* 

'•r, •iildntnij' ihc dlgniiyi fur he it inciiprible of iii- 

■■'■^ H in cBtitEqtiFiicF of hii HltRinilrr, and bii blaud 

' If iMYvptcri no liile mn he dFrivid ibrougb hia> ; lo 

'' ibf 4lpil(7 brramn mted in ihe Cfown by «cb«ai, 

'I ii xbenby mergri and deilmyed «* efliicrually a« il it 

^■l Wan toitritr^ tiji the prTwnn aclually |iui«eaMil el tba 

^ity f. Hot it il a rule of Uw IbU the aitaindcr of a 

pnMa vba nrwl not be mentioned In rhe deriTaiion o( the 

>ifnM, doe* not imjwle the dupcnt of ihe dignity i as* 

' fVarc ahen a penon miy elaiin m heir ID an mm 

■'ii^t brin]! oUlead fo derive bit dewoM throiifh 

I ntni pennn. I"- nil! not he affected by sup' 

'■'■rr. Tlivf, ifa man bat two lont. nm! the eli' 

■ riii uudal irruon, rtiid afltrwardi the father dir« 

€ Ul (*c ainifle, the yiiunger brother eannut 

hi* f*thpr I for tbe elder brother, thoueh 

*titl a brother, and DO oitur can be belr lu 

IclMiaaljvej uiilixiuibe elder brolber c 

> Hiuinder, nor tbe ynun 

Ciicc of bii elder hriitber, Ibe tatale or 

> the Cfown ! biit if the eWer brolber 

itefhii fiulUT ttHlUmil iitar, tbe younger 

I Inheril from the fxtlicr, beciaie he ean 

UalkaBamBytrfAadlaT ju4l noticed. 

n ihaBacoaiooTLvmiey uid Duty of IHrryi all 

m Dlyuitict. p. I sa, who citet ll" "»• o* Gordon v, 

1, It 116. Vide ilia Luulr; awl Daivy <i 

liuir roRreiTUKKS. 

ilurivcliit ilcavciii (rom liim wilbtiui cUimiiiK >bruu{ 
cvcp luemitiiiiag hit bruilwt*. Tbut in tbn cm* 
Biruiiy uf BvHunmii, William iLe Ikti Buuu Beau 
uiiilcr H Writ of Suiumuiw'Ki bii ■ne«»c(ir iti tbe nij 
Eiltird ibe Spi-ood, tlied ii> 1507 witbuul luut, It-avti 
■Jiugbler ulJuiiic. bit uiily tiiUri »ho marricU Juhii 
Lovel. hli I'ohrini tit. Juaiie (lU! tildvil, wbu uiarrli 
Hruii btxplciun, and FriilEiwidVi wliu wat llie wife 
l^wanl Ntirri*. Lgrd Ldv«1 by ibe >aid Joan« B«»u 
tiul alM an ooly tun, bir Francita Hbo luucL-cdtil h>« 
■11 the Uaruiiica u( Luvel, DcUiixun, Hulaiid, and C 
Keibeilield, and wai created VismuiK Luvel in UU 
wu Ktuiiilcd uf bicb trcuuii in He?- I" contCquon 
bi> itKaiiider, all ibc buiiun ut ttbicb be Ha»a«riM(J 
mud becams (»tfdLed| but in the Act by wbich b 
■tiaiiiLeii |ito>«d duriiie Uie lite liiiir ui bit maMrual i 
WiUian. ViiDuuni and Barun Bpauuioiil; and a* h- 
withuui iuuc, it Hai hcU tbal bii atMhider did tun. 
ih« lWi>iiy uF BcmiDiuiili tu wbiuU lie wuuU have 
vccded bad be turvived butli bit uncle and alu>bcr'^. 
Date aicriti particular niientioui boouie it it an cmh 
uiifit of Ibe puiiiit rclalive lu furlcituic* wbich ban 
uuileed in ibeas renmtki uii the aubject. Francii 
count Luvel Hbrll aloiiited wai iiut unly actually 
of (cveral Baroniei In fee under Wriii ol iiumaiiinif a 
a Viicounlcy uiidir Lciiert Paient, but be tiw ptEiUM 

• tniiw 


f TlM&llowiag tubls ilicHt tbi poinn of tha 
cletrlj' iLu ■ mere Dirtative ib capable -if doing. 
Juliu, GthBaiUDtndl. 

Deaumunl, K.G. ul. 149 

Jobn Lord Luvel, tud in 
». d.0 veiled the B< 
uf HoUad. ne>DCourt 
Grey^[Ulic[£e1di ob. 

Fiancli Baron Lt>irel,Holuul, JooDC, elJe«t Fruletwide, 

Dtioeourt, and Grn of •■•tar and Co- tar and a 

8otherfield I created Vii- heiri manicd nanied S 

oonDtLovd, uea K.Ct.i Air Brian wardNoni 

17, undidierwanTi !>t*p9e(un ^ -"**, 


ttir M rifkl of Ilia morhT *■• xnollivr Uirniiy in ttt, 

<9rtj, UK Baruii^ of llmomuiit ; anil it i< tii(:lily 

"•trtiive wf tha Uw or Furfrllnre lo siiie ib* effect 

■'j<rk bit alMiiidrr b>d on thete trvcr4l ii1|:ii>li«, ai 

• ''I M tilt dtff«rvnt cff«t Hhlvh hi* dying iuueieo p(o. 

rtri wltb rmpfct ti> ibe Btrony of BMumont, frum whac 

■ L^y bne brni tbe r«)ull if he hiul Ull i»u?. HU araiii- 

'■• (>r t«* Irtatvn nvt only proilured tliv furTehure urtliH 

iiinmin o# utikh be "m «p1««iJ in fre, Ijut ulio uf ihe Vis- 

iMtj, MimtilcbUlFTili]' lichaJiiii eitate tails but hail be 

'~n MUininl of ,^^19 only, (lie Uitrr hunur vouM not 

"T tccn ■ff«cteri by it, ihougb it woulil hxve drdruycil the 

:<rTTiiiM iiblcb be inherited under Wtic< uf Suiiimui](. 

I 1I ll«niiB»nt inrviveiJ bim Icveril yrkn, and Lord Lovel's 

I 'itndn, ■( b* Ifh 110 ixue, cmild not iri any shape ifFect 

itdifntiy, anil ■bi«h ImiueillMely b«einie vcstcil in hit 

irft, M brin. In richt □( ifaclr ninther, u ilie taid Lurd 

'imotii : if bv«e*er Francii Vtseoant Loiel bid left 

itiniiiiJiTT woulil have reniJcreil Ihe sxiil Uarniiy 

111 f tilnt;!, ai lUey cauM not rUiin 1>iit (bruugU 

■' il (xlher. Hence, Ihougb, wbilal any i9iuu ru- 

L irouui Lorrl, (he Baruny uF Ueiumtiol wutild 

mrd In the Crown 1 itUI. oti (hi? txiiiiniitB: 

:T K preiumtd Ihitt Ibe iDgniiy nnutd bi 

' 111 itie dMrefidantt of bll cider, whoai 

. ii.ive hern enl)ri*1y Irrr. fnim atiy allaiiidi 

\:. ■■■■ ' i.c'iKi rrlnUfe to tiie eflVct uf an atliiiiih. 

QB. .^.--^ ,...e: llsntT Norrit, the lecolid son [ihp 

■•litunii iMiie) of FriiJnartile Uivel bj Sir John Ni 

P>tA)tit»d at lligb ireuun, which attainder wat n<^vei 

"^ d.aod it •«• comrqurnity uriteri uii tbe pan of tbi 

1 IS ih* Barvny in l:0I>, ihoi Ihe rff«ot of an at- 

t of on* of 'he □nil' two cnhcira of a Baruny, waa ii 

.m Barvny ■■> ibe arlier coheir in ihe (ame manner ■! 

I tlie lnui> of aoi'h eoUeir bad (ailed. The puint wai 

' M rtic ludRF*, sho In elftct gave U a> their <ipi 

hi ib«« the Mtakider o( a coheir mf rely vetted bii tl 

N <>(>itf to ibe rronn, without ill in any degrie (1 

~>l«nautMcthe AVyanecin lawar of the other 

: and upoalhilitiiHnion ihe Uouie of LmitIi tun 

" ■ n«» thedamiant'tpetitior ' 


eldrtt ■ 



\ ^•'7 nari-rni :lifer»nce -xiats b^cwcen the effect i 
>*\ ^'r...-.t*^T 1' -M jKir ippurenctj %a*enitT created undi 
l^t^i pnf^f, frnm «3ar -« yist »n:«d co be the effb 
',' 4;. \:r\.-.ti"T if \n hasir app«reiic co a tli^itj creati 
v/ t ff'ruif Sttmmtnu. Ii tee case of the attainder 1 
fn^ ^**'.T 4'^pirenc to i d: 2^1:5 created under Lettc 
F;tr*r.', v'&i-'.n r*n'ier the honor an estate tail« the dignity 
r,ff. *i^.k' rny^A if kt dttt in the hfe time of bis ancettori 
whom h» MAI beir apparent; but if ke mit i r ei smck a»eett§ 
tK«: f]i:;riif5 i< lo^t. Tlie former of tbese points appears - 
\iJiV9- \t>-0:n d'-termined in the case of the Dukedom of Athc 
iri nf'tA, and ihe Utter in that cf the Earldom of Airlie . 
}'<12. John Mnrrsy, Marquess of Atholl, mas by Lettc 
Villi lit cn*ated Duke of Atholl to him and the heirs male 
lii« body, and died in 1725, learing two sons, Jamea ai 
(»for%r. Jnmc< the cldcit son succeeded to the Dukedoi 
aiifl diiMl wiihoiit iisiic in 17G4. Georecy the second soi 
\vn« ntiniiitrd of high treason in 174.%, and died in I76 
ihittHfi thf life time of his brother f leaving John Murray I 
••oil iiiid hrir, who claimed and wx4 allowed the Dukedon 
:^iiil liiMii'iMt Ap|>cari to be established, that the son ofi 
■^M untrd lAthrr may claim a difi^nity in taiU provided su« 
« \ -^inii-d I iibor VI a^ nrvcr po«seised of the dignity, or on 
) ■, «. ..ird luMM |u*«««<<iii«: it in consequence of his attiui 
* - * U \S<> c.t«o of the Karldom of Airlie, the attaint! 
" ' ««• M4 Hv pirrson fn^m whom the claimant d 
■'•«»' • ,■■• »■.•!•« jAme« 0»iWte, Lonl Ogilvie, w. 
^« : • \;o And Lord O^iU-y and Lintrathen 
> . * <« >!• I .• 4'.u'oir«rd:n* tc» him in certjun land 

. l^»*-J, ^\ Earl of OgiWip, who hi 

. • . I ^..:^''»L «.ii attainted of high trcasc 

^' . • .. ■. V >.-. .■••iu..AJ IVike of Atholl to htm 

! ' 

^•■^'p-cv Mumr, 9d son ; c 
■: -t—i 'ff' \uch treason 
'' ^ '• ■.-*■»; ob. iro'O. =j= 

***"*7i cUfced udvu iI!o«r\l the DaVedom of 

Atholl in l7^'l. 


I, Mill miW'cil lut futlitr, >)»l Jicil will 

!u 7M1 ll'-W, Uniiiiic Jirhii liU brullirr ourvirinE. 

I (MM tKu i«n<, Dai4tl and Wdcer. David, tli? 

rn ilio attainted of tiieh irwnn In i;4G, ami jur- 

■ 'a'htti ba died In 1803, Irnring ■ son, wbu died 

. -i ittl^when hi< uncle Walter Ogilvie luc- 

■ r mule Af ihe body of Jaoiei the Tint Earl, and 

ii.jnon ervalcd uuder the Patent of crpaiion of 

In tht count ot (he procerdinf* un Ihe 

t:>[1qi>ing iguMlinn wa( propoiiiidfd to ih*; 

' r ir landi were granted bv llie Crown (o A. B. 
. inab of bia body laofull'v brff0tl<^ii, and A. B. 
> .011 C. D., and C. D. h^ alio i.soe a ion E. F. ; 
^.iiil)iMli/elimirfAu/nlliert»tDmilMt<l hicb trea- 
l it auby Act of Pari! 1 men t eiiartrd, ibaihe ibould 
^ he adjudeed aiiainted of Ibe (aid high ircMon, and 
'•r<*in!i ditdJnftc^iflnifci/'C. U.and CD. the 
' r v.n, tbendifd, E. F. ibeaon Gurvivi»ei E. F. 
'>iii«rril in ibc Cour-i beloo, after Ihe dealb of 
.' iL-d uiideriuch grniit to Ihe lands an granted ?" 
Inline replied, that E.F, would not be coiiii- 
' tiuni of Law afitr ibe de.nih of C. D. ai en- 
ii^ti snot to (he lanits 10 granted, tbe House 
". Mt.Ogilr}'t claim*. 
'n; ibfse ubiervaiiDni on Ibe sobjeet or Dij^i- 
''orasain beg* ta repeal. iba> bo Is teiieible that 
iiki Hiil itand III n«cil of roucb indulgence 1 bul he 
lU llie difHculIj of fonnine an accurHte coiicluiion 
alibc pai nil here notiredi and Ihe eilreme ditad- 
I *hich he Uboured under in being obliged to com- 

A. B. the ^nntM ot ludl 10 hioi ai 
nnJt ofbiiboil]!. =^ 

i4h>ir (Macewti alta 
wiffLo. aad >bom 

MS, dw nip{MMll I 

nted of high Ireuan 

■npfMMii elaimuit unrlri 


iit^Ki ■iibin the Itmiu prMcribMl b^ Ibe wwa 

k, m* well u the nmtstlyof ilivrcting it m niu< 

^„.^,^ o( ibon leclmieiil phrun Kbkb would reiiiltr 

ure Id Dn)iror(«aionil n»Atn, nmy he urged in eileu 

n irf hii not haiitig ireMed ic m i mannrr more wwt: 

, cceMcd E*il of Airlie, Ike. u> 

Jb« Lonl Oidvie, cceMcd E*il of Airllc 
UiiQ uid toe twin mile of lii> body* 

D*vld sd Ewl ofO^lhie, && ■ 

Stmtt Oeittie, mid *ad heir appircnt ; M- J 
Ulnlcdofhighttruun ialTlS; inmtrrf 
hiifathrt; ah. 1730, 1. r. 




HWUHaa L •■ ibn Conqiwror," Cnioiicd t 
CacUadDec.93, IWiti.ob. 1047. 
WOUmi II. lunianieil "Rufiu," id ton, ol 

l>. 1 100, 

«. r. 

.Huiiy I. tiinuiiuil " Ucnuclerc," braiber auiI 
htif.oh. 1136,8 r. H. 

Slepbtn, tvpheit of tbe lut Moiiareh, bcitif t. 
Md b.DrSlirplirn, Cuuiii of BloU, b; Adclc.dau. 
Df William Ibr CooquEnir, ub. I ia4. 

, Hniry II. gran^Miii and heir ul Henry I. being 
uiily aan of bii dati. and hcireu Haud, by 
GtorrKKV pLXHTaoiiNrr, Cuunt alAiijuu. Tliii 
MiHiarcb HU klau diMceiiiliid from (be Saxon 
Kjngi DlEu|land) hiagiandmoibtr Maud, (he 
latalfc of Hfory 1. being • Jau. ul Malcolm, 
3A Kins ti( ScuiUnd, by M*re>rci, lieier aud 
b«ir of Edgar AtbeliDg, ibc last male of ihe 
Stmn tmt, ah. IIH9, 

Richard L aurnained"Ccvur ile Lioii," i. and h 
ob. II99i>-r. t. 

.John, luniauwd "Lackland," brolbet and hvir, 
oh. I«l(i. 

a. indb. ub. lin. 


IX. I979.Gd<»rd I. ■urnamed "hmg Shultt," i.tml 

b.ob. 1307. 

X. ISOI.Edwtnl 11. luriiimed " of Canatmn," ». tat 

h. ub. I3ST. 
XL 13ST. E<l"Brd III. *. and b, InilHutcd (be Uwl 
Noble Order uFihc Garter 1349, ob. I3TT. 

XII. 1377. Ricbird H. ■urnamed ''otBordaaui," (randMB 

and brir, being •. and h. oF Edward ibe Black 
the lilt Monnrcb, delhroanl September 99i 
1399, ob. 1400, *. P. 

XIII. I399.Heni7 IV. lumamed " Bdingbroke," fint 

couiin to the lut Manarcb, being i. and h. of 
Johu of Gaunt Duke or Laoeaiter, UbMaon af 
Edoard 111. ob. 1413. 

XIV. 1413. Henry V. a. and b. ob. MS9. 

XV. 1433. Henrj Vi. ■. aitd h. depoMd 1461, ob. H;i,*.P. 


md e««ntoftlly ioU Mr of Edivard V. This 
Mooareh wm deicended from the House of throuf b an iliegimaie chtinnel ; 
bU father Edmund Todor« Earl of Ricbmond, 
havinf married Margaret, dau. and sole heir 
of John B«acilbrt, Earl of Somerset, s. and h. of 
iobn fieauforty Earl of Somerset, eldest no- 
#»rfff ton of John of Qaunf, Duke of Lancas- 
TBSy who, tboufh legitimaced by ParL 20 
Ric. II. it was with cxprets reienration of any 
ebim to the Croivn. Hit rif^ht to the Throne 
was therefore tolely Jure uxoris, ratified and 
acknowledf^ed by Parliament; ob. 1509^ 
XX. 1509. Henry VII L s. and b. of the last Monarch by 
Eliiabetb of York, heiress to the Throne, ob. 

XXL 1547. Edward VI. s. and kof Henry VIIT. by bis 3d 

wife Jane Seymour, ob. 15&3, 8. P. 

XXIL I5S3. Mary, half sister and heiress, being tlau. of 
Henry VIII. by his Ist wife Katharine of Arra- 
|ron. She married Philip II. KinfC of Spain 
July 95, I&S4, who was associated in the 
Royal Dignity by the style of « Philip and 
Mary," ob. 1558, 8. P. 

XXIII.I558.Elixabcth, half sister and heiress, being dau. 
of Henry VIII. by his Sd wife Anne Boleyn, 
ob. 1603, I. p. 

XXIV. 1603. James I. King of Scotland, cousin and heir, 

being s. and b. of Mary Stuart, Queen of 

Seots (by her cousin Henry Lord Darnley), 

dau. and heiress of James V. King of Scots,. 



k and heir of Jane* IV. Kin( of fleoUi bf 
Harpret Tador, Mttt liMcrof Henr^VIIL 
Lord Darnley, Ihe falhrr of this MoDuek, 
wu thagnndjon of the Mid HMpuct, Mag 
*. and h. of Matthew Earl of Lennox, bjlfar- 
garet, dau. of Archibald Eiri of Adeu*, bar 
Sdhmband. HiiMaietty ■*alike*lietb*M- 
heir and reprcientati*eof the Saxon Kinga af 
England, bnng lineally daicended from Mal- 
colm 111. and Mai|[aret, aiitcr and bdr of 
Edgar Aibeling before mentioned; ob. I6S5. 

XXV. I6C5. Chatlei 1. 1. and h. beheaded 1649. 

XXVI. I649.CharIeilI.).andh. Reitored to tbcTbraiu 

1660; ob.l6Sfr,i.i<. 

XXVII. 1S8S. Jamei II. bra. and h. Abdicated tSfIB, when 

the Crown by ParliameDt wai Killed Jointly 
on hi* nepbrw and ion- in-law, 


XIZIUT0B. George in. gnndion and li. being i. and fi. 
of rfeile.ick PniJt-e of Walet (ub. v. p. i;5|J, 
eIiIcU ion dF ibc laft Mootrcb i ub. IB!0. 

XXXUU3'IO.G«>fe«>V'-t.aiul b. bam IS Aug. 1763. Ap- 
pointed Regent al ihe United Kingdom lars. 
SacModeJ liii falbur Jan. 39, IBSU. Cronnrd 
19 July laSi. King of Hdnovcr, and Arc^b 
Trcuurcr or the Holy Roman Kiupire. 
Whom God Phesebve. 

Jfiir Ot AttfMlin «/ (Ao/ CbxMiy by Etiword I. 
int. Edtnrd Planlaseni;!, lurMtincd "of Carnar- 
von," ■■ anil h. apparent uf Edwnrd I. ; Created 
Prince of WaUi April U84. Cre.iIeJ Earl of 
CbMtcr 33 Ed«. 1. 1304. Alcended tbe tbran« 
•aSdwanl II. 1307. 
KiMI. Edward Plaiiufeiiet •. iurnarofJ "tbe Blade 

. 1370, ibin being about eight yean of age, wherein 
puflad *• Ednardu Cuaniti Cetiremi fiUo nwiro oha- 
' and by the same deiignalion he nai luiDOiuneil in 
U iGlh, ITlh. (Bib, of Edw. II. Sume wrileri of 
/ aatert that be «at created Prince of Walei and 
IMuof An|u>laiDe in a Pari, held at Ynrk, 15 F.dit. II. but not 
■ 11 DO nsiice ot (uch an nccurrcnee to be fuuiid in the 
' l^of Pullamcnt, but U >■ tcareely creel ibic that, il lucb a 
'-^"■BftmUf took place, beriiould have been sommuned 
' '» am and >ubH!i|Uenl Parliamenti ai Earl uf Chetter 
'•-Hi (ttb<r, in coniequeiire of liii creaiiaii to that 
'-*i|ttlity. wu regnlarly lumnianed from 4 July, » 
' -'. t. im. when be became cighteeii ycart uf ag', until 

f ntlNCBS OF WALia. 

Pr!n«," 1. and b. kppumt of Ki»u4 III 
Cnited Eirl of Chcilw ISSSi CtCBIadDi 
of Cornifill I33T> "i'li llnitKllon •■ habv 
vttfhend' eidrmDuciH ipilutMlMNddnM 
Rtgan AvfV filiii primogenldt, rt dletl I 
Ducili' in reKnu Anjcl' hcrtdltar* mmmmi 
Crrntrd PrinM of Walai 1343, x. o. ob. 13 
vlti pitrii. 
HI. 1377. RicbBrd Plant«senet. lurnbaied "of BordcMT 
Crmted Prinre of Wale* and Earl of Cktnt 
86 Jan. I37T ; Duke of Cornwall, s. o. 
cended (he tbrcnc u Richard II. in 1377. 

IV. 1399. Henrjr Plintageiiet, lufnamed "of MoDnovt 

1. and h. apparent of Henry IV. ; Created Pri 
of WaUi and Earl of Cbeiter 1399. and alM 
coQwnt of FarL Duke of Acquilaine ( Doki 

Ceniwnll, K. <i. Aipended (he tbnine 1413 

Henry V. 

V. 14S4. Edward Plantagenct, lurnamed " of W 

minster," t. and b. apparent of Hrnty V 
Created Prince of Wale* and Earl of Cit> 
14S4. Duke of Cumwalt, K. G. Hordt 

1471,8 P. 

VI. 1471. Edward Plantaernei, i. and b. apparent of 

ward IV. i Created Prince of Walei and I 

he aicended the throne, ai "Edwanio Priiipipi Wallit 
Cum ili Cettrin Alio lun cbariuimu." A notelci Blackito 
Ciimnenlarlei, v. I. p. S!3, itatei, on (he auf hoHly ot Ha 
wbu rile* Biirnrt, that {Jue«n Mary and Quean EDial 
«rer«crra(ed by their riiih.-r Hen. VIII. Ptinctttc* ot Wi 
each of tlirni at the (ime (lite litter alter (lie illeplliga' 
of M^ry) being lirlr preiiimiXive lu the Crowiij hot 


of Chfret I4;l. Duke uf Curnwalt, I 
Aircnded ihe lliron* ■■ Edward V. in 1 433 
t Ml-GdvaRf PUntngviift, Earl of Salltliur)', >. 
h. appArviit of Rlrhard lll.i Crimed 1> 
iir Wsl*i and EmI ut CliMier 1463. Duke 
Cmmall. Qb. *)ii pairi« 1484, s. p. 
I.HM.AjiIiut Tudor, 1. and li. ■ppxreni at Hen. 
CrcaiFd Prit-ee of Walcf, Earl or Cheiii 
at Flint, N89. Duke of CornoiU, K. G. 

IMlLfkafy Tudor, Duke of Vork, brulbcroF tl: 

Prince, and on bit dealh heir apgiiirenl la ibe 
■br»ne i Crraieii Prince ut Wnlet and Earl uf 
ChMier 18 Feb. IM.1. Dukeof CuriiKill, K.G. 
AinnOed Ibe tbnine ai llEHiirVIII. 1509- 

U3T. EdnardTudor, 4. and b. appareiii uf Henry VIII,; 
Cnaled Prinee of Wales and P.url of Cbeiler 
Oct. 16K. Duk* or Curnwalt. Aiicendrd tbe 
Ibnme aa Edoard VI. IH7. 

MtlfcUcnrp Frederick Simrl, t. and b. apparent of 
Jamei 1. 1 Crxiled Prince of Walei and Earl uf 
C'heiierSO May 16111, Uuke of CDrnwall ; and, 
e« lieir a)i|>arent tu Ibe Scotliih Croon, was 
Ilvkeuf Rotbia;, Earl ofCarrieb, and Baron ol 
Hrarrew, In ikuiland, K.n. ob. IGlS.s.r. 

IClS. Chailet Siuarl, Huke of Vurk, and Duke of Al- 
bany. Ae. In Smlland, brother of ibe lait Prince. 
oTWalM, and, on hi( dcaib,heir apparent 
(he (hraii* I Created Prince ot Wal« and E»r)i 
Chtnrt 4 Not. 161G. Duke ol Cornwall 
Dube otnotblxy. Eafl uf Carrick, aiiJ 



-t , FRiMCBS or W4H*> 

•f RmftM, In Sqadwi^XiG. AmsMI 
tbtv^ M CBAtUM I. 16H' 

DeeUnd, but mttw CinaMd, PriDM of Wi 
udEariorCbMt«raire«I69aL DvkeotCa 
waUi Dake of Roikuj. EmI of Curidi. ■ 
Bmob of lUiifMW, In WeotlMidi K. O. i 
•ndad lb* thnn* I64S, m CiuHLn II. 

XIV. )TI4>GMTKa Aukuui of BrnMwb^.LoMBban 

DbIm of Cambridfe, &«• t. »mi b. appanal 
GMrse I. i DcoUnd Princ* of Wtl« aad 1 
of Cbctler Si Sapl. 1714. DbIu of Corasi 
abo Duks of Rolbiaj, E«ri of Cinlek, i 
Btnw of ReDtea, K.O. AMCoded tb« thn 
uGbombII. 1T3T. 

XV. 1739. Frederick Lewii of Bniatwick LoDCDbw 

Duk* of Gloacciter, EdiiibuTtbi &e. t. ind 
■ppucut of GeoTKB 11.; Created Prioee 
Walei and Eari of Cheitcr & Jta. 1739. Di 
of Cornwall aod Rotbuy, Earl of Carrick, i 
Baron ol Renfrew, K. G.t vb. viU paliU, lit 

XVI. ITSUGeorp WilUan Pndtriek, a. and fa- Duki 

Gluueeater and Edinburgh, Utrqueii of I 
Earl of Bltbain, Viieount Laoeaiton, and Ba 
SnowdoDi Created Prince of WaUi aod I 
of Chetter 30 April 1151. Duke of Conn 
and Kotbia;, Earl of Carricki and BanM 
Renfrew, K. G. Aiccnded tbe thfOM 
Geobob III. 1760, 
XV1L1T6S. George Aufuitai Fraderick, t. and b. appu 
of George III. ; Created Prince of Wale* i 
Eari of Cbe«ur 1} Aof. 1763. Duka of Gi 


wall Mid RothMj, Earl of Carriek and Baron 
of Renfrew, Great Steward of Scotland, K. G. 
Ascended the throne at Gbobqb IV.S9 Jan. 1890. 
Whom God Prbsbevs. 


I 1790. John James Hamilton, 9tb Earl of Abercom, 
in Scotland, and Sd Viscount Hamilton, in 
England; Created Marquess of Abercom 
Oct. 9, 1790, K.G.i ob. 1818. 

H* 1818. James Hamilton, i^randson and b. being s. and 
h. of James Hamilton (ob. y. p.), eldest son of 
the last Marquess I present Marq. of Abercom, 
and Vise Hamilton, in Enf^land, and Earl of 
Abercom, Ac. in Scotland. 



I 1801. 1. Mary-Anne, dsu. of John Menzies, Esq. and 
widow of Lt.-Gen. Sir Ralph Abercromby, K.B.; 
Created Bironess Abercruroby,of Aboukir and 
Tullibody, co. Clackmannan, with remainder 
of the Barony to the issue male of her late 

tAiON. husband. May S8, 1801 ; ob. 1891. 

L 1891. S. Gi^orge Aberrromby, s. and h. Present Baron 
Abercromby. =p 


•*•©«« BY TENURE. 

I'Teoip. Hen. III. I.William Baron Cantilupe, by roarryinf? 

Eve, daij. and cobeir of William Lord 

The Editor being unwilling to make any very decided diflFer- 
**c« in the cUstification of titles from that adopted by previous 
^||«s, has here considered all the possessors of the Castle of 
"'gswaoT aa Barons Bergavenny, or as it is now written Aber- 
P'^ay; but much doubt exists in his mind whether, until the 

Writ of SnmDWiu of tlu 99th H». VI.lo Ednrd NmI 
"Domino lie Bprp«vfnny," tlie proper duigQitioo 
innu* hutnn *u noc ihat of ibeir r>iDily twme. T) 

•Mtor of that lerriton iifter WriU uf Summoni we ^ 

Ljaued vu John de HutlDgir who died 6 Bdir. 11, and *>■ fV 
oseded bjr Ui< lOD John da Hulinga, who died IS Edv. 11. i W 
tli«K penoDn^ neul)' thiitj Wriu of Summoni were iliiiiiillil. 
tod hi no innuoe, in thu nnmbrr, dou the wcni " Bw^rHUiJEr 
iMfur. ThediMenduti of ihe lut iTMntioiiNl John far tiknt 
SViwntioiia beine Esitlt of Pembroke, no inference nn the lubjeci 
u to be dra-D, untd the Writ of Siunmou to WillUm Kwa- 
Shamp LBRic. ILnhii wu Summmicd u " WilUeliuu Bt«aohuM 

de B*rg..ennj." Thii WAWy, H I..i,.|. r,..L i.. , ^ ij«t«ll« ' 

thepccedinaBiTons, im.l ■ ■ - ■.■ n. . , ' i' , . :,.noT." i 

auimij aSorit *t (he fine tu«> nro*K gtoaoA tiir the gtsMM^ 
iceiod opiDion that h* wit tiamiaaDed ■■ Lord Bergtueoof if 
OUK of thntCutla. On looking ittentitelj into the pnnt, )w^ 

.__ . »llji tlrong PMijbe dr»wn, thnt ItwM mw»^r 

itionlih nim from " John da BMoeh^ip 
n the preiioui rein, ■ John de BnoctMaa 
da SomeTHt," ud another John da Bm^ 

died to dittionuh nim from " John da B 
da KTddermiualer.'* In the preTioue 1 
me Smnmoned u " da SomeTHt," i 

chunp, ■ jrouager ton of Gujr Eul of Wtniick, at " da Wm- 
wj'ck i" uid bribre, contcmporair vith, lai ifkar thie W^Imb ' 
da Beiochamji " de Bcrnvennf ' nDmeroni Barou vera naaNd 
in Wriu of Summaoi with the addition of their place of nal- 
denoa. nithont inch ever being (nppoted Co ba the (itta of iWr 
Baronini aa, theiefare, in the obU inilancea which oeoM -af 
Writ! of Summoa* being iooed to the poHcauir of the CkMl* ef 
BercaTeonT, preTioui tu chat Co William da Beanchanp, b Iha 
Ifith Ric. II. Che; were never deiignaled aa " de BergaTeB^i" 
and M namplei of luch addition! were exceedingly frminaBl, 
without any aimilai inference being deduced From chera, than Aa« 
not appear any greater cauae for luppoaing that the dnai^iialBw 
in cgueition wai intended to eapreu tlie title of the Barony, Umb 
there it for cnncluding tuch to have lieen cha caae sither ia tha 
uutancea of John de Beauchamp " de Somenec," " da Wv 
wyk," or in either of the ouoennu eumplei alluded to. Ip 
order, howavar, to obtain aa much infcrmatioD aa poaaiUa op 
the (ubject, it ma naceuaiy to inquire in what maBBai dli 
Birona in qaaatiaa wtie dcaeribad Id tha RoQ* of raiThaMil 

. n-^ia ..f licnr; VI. uul tb? reaull a( the eu- 

I.. fjixour of WiJIittin BcrAuohtmp*! being 

I ..;"n>DT, ihougli It dnci not (jaii- 

liilit il cnaSrmi tbi opinion [lut liii 

. .. i M.Nbip of U<rK*»ii'>]r f'tr tion tl»c 

..'.i ui ^1-11 UiiinltT. lbs eulieil injUnce wlivn 

^-vm u . titl> ia tlu HulU of i'i>rIiin.eBt ii in 

r4 II. 13S7. fite 7>»n altrr. William fieiucliunp 

ta fWiBTDent m " Williilmo BmichuDu (de 

-bcN i>.. -I. u,.,-ni*.l .< -. W S'. 

::.-^^! ud in Ihs fillow- 

ifn^m^ u -Wil- 

< .' r, lit nbtcnrd, on tlio otiiti liuil. 
ilciun DcculoD ■hsD hla nunc iiccun 
... >if. ■lODOg [l» P«i!n preieuC at tha 
a Sill H<orT IV. lu! ii i° both 

" Itpinlili /Ainnni i!e 

;li«nip di- Bm 
• li.l.L „th,ir 


id u " Hco 

IJiaiiL ZXMniTM d« 
liinj Hetuchunp. 
■> MB aaa nsir, wtt iir>« summ. lo rui. u ■ lUrnn, u be wu 
MmI Sari of WorcHUr four jnn ifUr he becune of age ; aiid 
An^ W h toiu«tliiM> iljloi] " Loid of idrgmennv." uul hii 
a<i«. Iw)h is it.i- It, .til ..r rilluhiciit vid in her oill, U i^ied 

-'-'--'M -'■ : ^r.[.,b«diMntlnrefroin.f(.r 

' ' "i1,'[| tudciigiAtcImparUnt 

r, Biranwi. On Edwud 
I Irn. VI. u •■ DoiulDti de 
■ title of hit Uuun} i hut 
! m the Mi«n of Hen. VI. 

'.r.'UT uf the addition of 

. _ , .,, _,.i.„ ;. - .l, meh JeiignBtion being 

iil't "( liiii JiiuLy iniiitiitil 1;)- iho Stnu lu nhme n«nB 
'>! tfipniliiL Vile ilu obunaluiu'OD till* luliject uniii-r 
iMwi, Dudley, nul Ore; ofPmiii. 


lOL ISIS. a. 

to 98 ICs7, 6 U«. IL m » 
WCS-* 1313; «k 1313. 

IV. 1313. 4. Jobs HatiBfi UL-iOili 

1313, to SO Fckwlt Biw. IL IStS. a 


V. 139i. 3. Lawiciico HaMiiqEt I Vw-I Ich 

Ocated EmI of B wbi>i k o 13 ObI. 

VI. 1348. 6. Joho Hftftinct, s. and h. Eari of Vm 

ob. 137& 
VU. 1375. 7. Jobo HanioKi, s. and h. Barl of Ph 
K. &; ob. 1389. s. P. Though tho 
Hastinp mere pocscwcd of tbe CaMh 
gavrnny, it appears tbcj were SusMa. 
as Barons Haitingt only; tbc lint 
fllesignateJ as <* de Bergaveonj ** in th 
av wan*. of SkimiDons was 

I. 1393. 1. William Beauchamp, 4tb ton ofThoaai 

nth Earl of Warwick, by KaiheriM 
Roger Mortimer, Earl of Mareb, and i 
Agnet wife of Lawrence 1st Earl o 
broke, and 5ih Baron BergaYeDinr, wb 
seised of tbe Cast le and Lauds of Baf| 
ly jmrchaUf according to CoUina, 
rirtue of an entaii according to D 
was Somm. to Pari, from 93 Nor. 16 1 
1393, to 26 Aug. 9 Henry iV. 1408, as 
^ Itelmu Beaucbarop (de Bergarenny) ;* 
> ' . ^'^ ob. 1410. 

II. 1410. 9. Ricbard Beaucbarop, s. aodb. Created 

Wiircestrr in 14S0. He marrkd Isal 
tpencer, sivter and sole beir of Kicban 
8tb Baron Uetpcncer, and Baron Bor| 
ob. 1431, 8. P.M. 



tu f*rl. « -Eitttirdo Ncvill, Mill 

Edward NctiH, «th ton of Ral)>h I. Earl of », /, 

Wcii«i(ireUnd,h*vinsinBrric<ieii»beth,dAu. ^- ** 

.„A ..A^ h.i. .,r •!.. I.,( B«ruiv w» Sumiu. a/ ^, 

l«nll. MilJli. Do miM o ^■^* 

"Edwirilo NevJlTdii M^^ /u 

BcrKaveni>;.Millli,"fram6»epi.£9He».Vl. *" ' 
I4£0, lo 19 Aug. IS EdH. IV. 14T! i ob. l4Tfi. 
l-CforgeNevlll, t.>nd b.Summ. la Pari, fro ni 
II Nnv. 9-i Edw. IV. I4g:, tu IS Aug. 7 
il«nry Vll. 1499 i ub. I49S. 
4.G«ote* Nvvitl, *. and h. Suinin. to Pul. ^m 
16 Jul. lU Hcnrr VII. 1497. lo S Jiti. 3fi 
llaBiyVtll. IS34| K.G.i ob. I5J5. 11 

>.ll«nry N«vill, ■. anil b, Sunmt. la Pad, Tram i^^ 
«3 Jan. S £d«r. VI. IS^!, lo 15 Ocl. fi BIJi. ^^1 
ISe«, ub. 1587, E. p. N. ElUabf^b, hit d^u. ^H 
■nd litir marrinl Sir Tliomu F*i>e, to whom ^^H 
ktie bronlbl the Baniiiie* of Deipencer .ind ^^V 
BiirflMrth, and likcnite dialleriged the Bi- ll 

tuuj ur II«rKi>eiiiiy asaliiii ilie heir mnle, 
8.Ed<iird Ncrill. s. and h. a\ Sir Edward Nevilt, 
9d K>n uf Crorg* V..4ih Baruii ; la wliam, 

Smmvt. to Pirl.u ihg i|i>c(tiuti wis iml fiijall> 
(uilrd nniil ader bit draih i oh. Ibt)9. 
T-EdoaM Ncvill, i. and li. Summ. m I'Hrl. rmiD 
ly M....I.. l(iii4, tD4N.n. 1691, oh, IGSt 
I : >itidh.ob. 1641. 
.i.d h. ob. IGfiU, 8. P. 
LMuiherandl»ir, ub. 1686. 
n. t.and b.uh. IG95, s. P. 

A\-^ ll. tii licvigc, only ion uf Richarif, rideit 
Min al Cbrliiiipher Nrvill, !d uin of Edward, 
VIII-TiliBarani oh. 1731. 
|.lJ4;«>«p-N«vill, •. ar>dh. Ob. 179.1, <■ p. 
- |4.B>tawd Nevhl, brother ai.d hrtr.ob.lTM.a.p. 
15^W>llUil| Ncvin, ruiiiin iiiil heir, brine eli>«l 
tM> et H*«rd Nt*lll, ntil hnilher of Gearp 
JUIL-13ib Baron; i.b. 1744. 


—I. HM.— le. Ctorte Npv.II, %. ai.J h. Created 
Vitt-ounl Nevill, of Ucrbnc, cu. 
KriI, alid Ead of Abcreavelllix> 


14 ABINGl 

IIPB** -i^ '" 

XVIIL— IL 1785^17. Hcqiy Nevlllt i,;M rfh>B:T. Ptai 

VkcoastNevaiofMiBf. ^ 


I. 168S. I. Jamct Bertie, M Haiwi Narrb of ^ra 

Createil fivl of AbiacdoD; oob Bedk^ At 

II. 1699* 9. If ontago Bertie (astoBcd tbt mum oQ Ti 

blei, t. an4 h. oK It43» •.». • - 

lit. 1743. 8. WHkrai^hby Bertie, oephew attd hdr^ bdi 
. luidb.ofJametySdnHiofJaswilttBBrlj 

IV. 1763. 4. Willouf^bbT Bertie, t. and h. db. 1799. 

V. 1799. 5. Montapi Bertie, §• and b. Fresent £oi 

Abingdon and Baron Norrit of Rjeoio, s 



I. Willi. I.WniUmAbrincit,ob.l087. 

II. Hen. I. S.Raolo d'Abrinctt, s. and b. acquired tbo L 

ship of Folkestone, in Kent, by Mai^, 
Maud, dau. and beir of Nigel de Ifand 
Lord of tbat place, living 1 139> ob. anto I 

III. Stepb. 3. Willian Abrincis, i. and h. living 117a 

IV. Ricb. 4 Simon Abrincii, ob. eirea 1303. 

V. Jubn. 5. William Abrincis, ob. 1930. 
Vl.Hen.IlL 6. William Abrincis, s. and b. ob. ante 1338 

Maud, bis sister and beir, married Ha 



Manser Agoilon, ob. ante 1194. 
William Aguillon, living 1333, ob. ante I 



.Robcn Brucp, Sd Baron Bruce of Wlinrllon 
cv. Vurk, 4i.d ill Eiirl vt Elgin in ScoUnixl 
Ctcued Bimn Bruce of bki^llun, cu. Yuili 
Viicuuot BrucCDf Aniiiibill, co. Brdltird.aii 
Enil of Aikiburv, cu. Bucki, IB Marcli 
IC£4. ub. 16X5. 
y.4'bumu Bruce, (. and h. Earl of LJgin i 

ralcd Bnron Bruce 

ScDilaiid, ob. 1741. 

vl TotlcDbais, CO. Willi, oiib nuniinlEr, 

Bni» Brudvnill, ion ofGearee Earl of Car- 
ditan, by Eliiabctb, bit aiiCer, I T ApriJ, I74<t. 
E«rl of Elgin iu Scailaiid. ob. 1747, s. r. M. 
wbcil all btl EnglUb banoura became 4Se CI net, 
ciceii iug ihe Barony o( Bruce at ToUeiiham, 
iiiliit:b, aecurttiiig lo lUe abate liiuitkliou, 
■letultcd un. 

Thiiinu Bruce Btudanell (asiumed ibe iiamt 
uf) BrucF, <ie|ihe«r ajii bcir above meiilianedi 
It BaruQ Bruce uF lulteiibam ; Cmled Earl 
ufAileiba;, co.Buckl,e June, 1776, ub.tSU. 

M, — 3. Charlai Bruce Brudenell Bruce, i. 
and h.; Crealed Viacuunt Saveroake 
«t Saveriiake FoteH, eo. Wilis, Earl 
Bruce ol Wburlion. Co. Vuik, and 
Man|iKU ul Aileibury, co. Buck*, 
nJuly.lBJI. PresentMarqueuand 
Earl or Ailetbury, Earl Bruce. Via- 
make, and Baron Bruce 
afTatienbuii, K.T. =^ 


tiblU KeiMtdr. I^ih Earl of C>< 
iScDlUBdi Created Baron Ailta, of Ailia, 
Ayr, 4 Nov. UOG. PreieiU Baron Ails 
EulofCuailM, &c. ioScotlkcd. ^ 

'alio I 


DliKEufiM. esJuni!, 1 7 Ifl— tfttintC IT'JB, 
DuKbDOM, 1 Apfil. niio— Cttinct IIii7. 
DiJKMiOU,£I NaVEOiber, t]H4.— Vide Y< 

Will. I. I. EatI ol ChainpHgnc mil HuldtriiaM*, ub. 

I. mitfi. S.Seplirn.i.tiM h. Dtl, 1196. 

II. Ittie. 3. WlilUm Ic Gcvt, s. and h. i>b. 1119, 
V. Ills. WilUmn Mm.drvillt, Kirl of G*ux, flnt bii*- 

bniiJ or Hawyie, «1i1m( Ann. and cobcir et 
M'Htinn tbv l«K E*tI, oil. 
I [QO. 1. Williani ile fuiiibui, Sd lintMiid uf tbe laid 



1194. Bildwiti de Belnnr, ad butband uf Ibe Mid 
Hiwjite, ub. isit, X. r. 

. ISI!!. 2. Willhim dc ■''utlilnii, t. fliid h. of ihe Mid Hl- 
wjm, b; fafr Mcund buibiiiil, WllllKnitib 
Eirl I be KM one of ibe cdclitlied 2S Barons 
utipuinfFd in cnrmre ib> obieivaiice ul 
MAnHoCnaatA; ob. 1(41. 

I.;i S4 1 . 3. William rie t-'onlbat, *. and h. »b. 1 3bB,t.r.M. 
Avrllnc, bit ilau. *nd bvir iniirrUd Edoiiinil 
EKri of LmcMter, Sd toii of King Ucny 111. 

tsuKr.i. bnt died a. r. 

I. 1395. lliDBiMs P1aDt*)-ni(4. Duke of GlouKiier, 

yotiiil^l »n of King Edward lit, SumiB. 
to l>arl. at Uuke uf Aumarle, 3 Sept. laes, 

to Parliamnrl b; thit lille, nur did eilbcr 
of hit rbildren tucceed lo ■'. 

II. 1397. Edonrd PlanMfRnei, Earl of Rulland, MO 

and btir ■pfinnnl of Edmund Duke of 
York; Created Dukeol Albemarle In Par- 
llamenlCgSept. 18971 adjudged, togetbar 
oilb The Dokei of Surrey and Eieler, by 
rurt.eOct.lJSS, "to Inieaiid lurego Irom 
ibem ibeie naniei Ibat they now bive M 
DukeB, and (be wuribip and ibe dignliji 
Ibercul*," and oben the Dukedom oon- 
iniueiilt; betame ^cFtitrt. 
HI I. ThoiiiatPlanlagenft.SdtunurKinRHrn, IV, 
Cieatvd Girl of Albemarle and Uuke of Oa* 


utue, 3 July, Mil, K. G. 

I. HSl, 


..... i Br.u(:hi.nit., XIV,-ISlh K..r 
*)ck: Crrkiril Rail urAllHmiirlc lor lir? 1417; 
K.fl.i Dh. 14.1.4, vihvn tlilt Eirliluiu agiiin 

NiM. bfcuvB <(Ttinct. 

lOAWa. l.Gcorce Moi.hi Cr«ttd Bmot. Mui.k of 

Potherld(c, IW1..1 BMurhi.mpof Be»u- 

LkDnp. uxi Baron utTcyi, CurluFTor- 

Hmton, nil o. D>'*<m, in.) Duke of 

AIWduK? July, letiO. K.G. ub. IC'D. 

IV.Ifi:0.!.CIirl>("pl>er M«i>k, •. suJ h. K. G. ob. 

1698, a- r. wkrn all bi* buiiuutt beCHiue 


IGfG. l.Aiiold Joott Von KepH i Creuti Bdron 

Aibfaril, cu. Kent, Viicuutic Uxcy. m. Laiia 

tnd Eul Df Atbcniirle, Feb. lU, 1G!»>, K.Q»- ^, 

L ITIS. f- WiJIiam Aqiif Ki^ppcl.t. and h. K.G. ob. ITSJ 

|.I:h. 3. Cwr|* Kcppcl, •. und b. K.G. oh. 1779. * 

Kint. 4.Wlinxm Cb*rl» Krpprl. «. 4111I h. PrcMB^ 

E>il of Albrmirie, Viicuuat Bury, and Bar« 

Atbfurd. ^ 



, L I. VrtllUu dt Albini. •umimed " Plncti 

it>C iiyled "PiiiMrna HenrUi Regit Anglo- 

B. 1. B. >nill*ni dn Albinl, s. and h. beeaint poBiosed 
of ib> CmiU of Arundel, and by lliat tenure 
Earl of Aruuilil. Vide AtUNUBi.. 




I. Itta. U. I. (Iciitj lU AlUni. wippawi) lo btve be 

joatufti uiD ol NIpl, broiher of Roger, 
■•niMpd IW nuH of Uuabray; ob, , . 

II. Hbb.II. «.IUfac<t<k.\tbiiu. (.ndb. ub. II99, 
lll.Ri«.l. 3. lUWn Ji AiUai, *. ■nil h. oh. ISS4. 
IV.nt«Jt>- <-RaWn it MUni, l and h. ob. »nit ISU^ 


n btmmc hii be Ik 

. WAIL 1.1 

>>CMlr. —fpa iJ to ban bMn 1. 

tl. IWbJL L WSBB «t UiM. >. aad h. ob. 1 161. 
lllHrB.a !.««■■ 4*AIUa. ^ *m1 k He «u 

M •! UuM Cm*! 

Miiit.MJh. •b.ntS.a.i 
.txr k«tailn«ncbtfr>.«<f«srWUI 
I 1 ■■■yiiir 

*w«rfci«Y, ^ Avovcr. 




L 1871. William de AldeburKb ; Summ. to Pari, from 
8 Jan. 44 £d«. JII. I371» to 8 Aug. 10 Ric.ll. 
1386, ob. 1386. Williaro bis son and beir 
was never, summoned, and died 8. p. leavinf; 
bis two sisters bis beirs^ between wbost* re- 
presentatires tbis Barony is presumed to be in 
Nettbcr Dugdale's, nor any otber Peerage, notices tbis 


BamoitTy 97 July, 17S6— €y;tincC 1765. 

Vide Cumberland. 


Babomy, 34 Dee. 1638— 4B|:tincr 1754. 

Vide Gbantiiam. 
ViscouNTCYy 30 Sept. 1815. 

Vide Brownlow. 



I. 1689. 1. Williftm Allington, Sd Baron Allington, in Ire- 
land ; Created 5 Dec. 1683, Baron Allington 
of Wyrooudley, co. Herts. ; ob. 1684. 

11 1684. 2. Giles Allington, s. and b. ob. 1691, 8. p. wben 
tbe title became 



ViSCOUNTCY, 1 Nov. 1765. 

Vide Spencer. 


MABf^uiBATE, 30 April, l694^4E):tinct 1718. 

Vide Shrewsbury. 


I. IWI. I.RiHiiTdlVripirArdea) C 

In of AI'uJcj. c*. ChaUr. U^j B 
ck ISM. 

II. 1104. 9. n-iiliBB AtTukr. t. Md k. Pmw 



, ( i::& I.SlTJc€nTA>b«t, K.B. CicaltdBn 
' "j \:%*. tiriiT if HnlMi^ilr. r- Frr-. " t\ 
CrrU(rfSci>i.6, 1 7T8i Baron Aa bant 
ikmI, to. Knt, •Hh rwnlnihr, hi 
iMor milr, lo ba upbe*. Willian I 
hrr>i: »t>. i;!>:, i. P. wben Ibe B 
Anhrrtt of Holandalc becUM dctti 
ihu ,>f Aahrniaf MonircUdrTolTn 
mMfloibr ibarr limlaiiiuilOa 
It. 1:9:. j.WillUnP.iiABbem.rM-pb.andb.beii 
h. ef Wiria* Amhcnl, brntbcr at 
B*r.>d. PiT>«Dt Birao AnbcrM c 


ITIS. I.Rxbfn K(n>«. Mh Earl and IM Ma 
L'lHl-rr. and I3ih Barao WiII<m| 
Errthi't Cnalcd UukeofAnPastM) 
trTrn Itilh J«It, I7I&: ob. IT3S- 

i;-:3 alViTSTincHenie, t. and b. ob.IT-13. 
, l:^. .1.Pcrp-ni»Bfitic,i.aiHlb.(ib.i;T8. 
. I7;a. «. Rxbrrt Brnir, (.and h. <.h. i:;9,«.r. 
bii liitcn bit brin, bcmtcn wbma 
ran; of WiUouebbj of Embr li 

1779. 5. Brnviilus Brrticr. uncl« and b. bcinc 1 
Petvfirinr, 9nd Dukr, ob. 1809. a.r. a 
l>ukedani* of Anraitir and KntCT 
Ibe Marqiiiinir of Lindicjr btCUW 



, I.Tbanu Howard, 2i sun of Tbomai V[ -lit 
Earl or Suffolk . Crealeil Barun Howard of 
Cbarieton, co. WilK, and Vitcnunt Andnvcr 
Co,Hann.23Ja,i.lliSSi Created Earl of Berk- 
thin 5 Feb. IG26. 

Vide Berkshire. 


, I. Chrhtopher Villien, 3d tan uf Georgp Villien. 
by Mary T>ucheu of Buokingham ; Crcalrd 
Bwen VlHirn of Davenuv, co. Norlbatnptun, 
■RdEarl uT AnglcHy, in Walei, 18 A|>ri], 

3.Cbari« Villicrt, i. md b. oh. \6b9. s- p. vbeii 
bi* booort IwpainE 


L L Anbur Annulej, 3d Visrnunl V>ilenti» in 
Irdand; Created Baroti Annrilry u( New- 

r»n P^ncl, CO. Buckiii|Eh*m. and Earl of 
nclH'y. in WaU(, SOApfil, 1661 ; ob.l6e6 
_ anxi AnDctlFf. >. and b. ob. 1690. 
k&AMWiAniutlpy.t. and h.nh. IT03. B r. M. 
4. Jobn Aiinctler, hro.iiid heir, ob. 1710. s. p. 
LAnborAiinnlry, bro. and heir, ob. IT3T. i.e. 
CUcbarxlAnfinb?, bth Bnron Altbam, in Ire- 

balrof R'th*rd 3d Buron Allham, 3il ion of 
Arthorltl.-lii Earli ob.lTGI, Iravitisa Mn, 
AnhoT. ot ibe Itcitimacy of nhnte birlh 
Uwre ii loinp rfuobt, aliboush on cominK iif 
tgr h« <»• Sutninuned Ii> ibe Iri'b Purl, ai 
VbH^um Valrnii*5 hm on bii ptiilioiunj: bi« 
Vii'w'jtnr »VFtil of SommoniimhePar- 
tianrnl of Grcal Br lain a& Earl of Atiflriry 
•ud Baron Anneilrj', ihc qurilin 
birtb "a! referred lu (he Haute ol P 
■teridad ap<in>t bim. It » bo«c*ei 
Mr*cd. that nulwilhstandlnc ibU 
■be Hmwc of Ceen of Trtlaiid afitr«srUt 


Umiily ftdjaiif^ed, that he was born in W 
wmJtork. In 1793 be wai Created &tf 

MoiiiitiMirrii, in Ireland; and the TiCi 
Aiijitf v^y baa since been conrerred on 

'•-•>-« I . If ri.ry William Pa^t. Sd Earl of Uibrii 
Crratrd Marqaesft of An|^etey, June 
1 H I :>. Present Marquett of An^leiey, I 
of 1 Jihridf^e and Baron Pa^t, and a R 
lift uf I relaiid. K. G. G. C. B. =r= 


'*«*Hi»N\. Vuili A|iril, iGtil.— Precumcd to hare 

lirnuiio 4?rrincr in 176*1. 

Vule Anglesey. 



'' V«\«> ^v \iuon ; CrvAttfJ Lord Xnsun, 3» 


U I ?.•;.< »^. •h-:"j th< Vr..*! 3«^aaie 

•«'!• 1 t"oaiA<^ \->4s.>i*. «. Aou 3. :fi' G«Hir9 Ada 
. ki-«ajK'<i . i« MOM :r~ Visoii. «iui(SC wi 
> ..X- --; \ i u-». • kj. : » f I le' T', <i»ci;r of 

\i . ,-s .^ ..^1 i.i-: ''-;-i — . : -. 'Hriifuri, 
iSi^.i k ■« .'. ■«■ S. .f- .1. vi. i.knis. I 
»*.'(■ . . ■•. ? • 



tan bs cuniidsreJ u a regular Sunmoiic i 
Pullamnit; oh. rirck, 1309, l»vingT!>um: 
bi« (uli inil brir, hut l be Jfneeiidantt uf tbi 
Buva mtn ncrcf Sunnnuiied tu Parli>ni«nt 

I. U*ory Baihunt, i. and b. apparent dF Allen, 
IM E*rt Bktbunt i Creiled Baron Apil«y ur 3uu»,J>n. 33. 1771 : >ucFeeded 
aa II. E«fl ilalhum in IT'S, LurU Cbaric. 


itihtrt ilr AquiU, ub. 11!". 
I. l.Ricberiuaile Aquita, &.SI11I li. ob. 1 17(i. 
LS. Gilbert de Aquil*, i>b. I J04. 
' GtlbCTt<1*A>|Bllii, uUiin'e 1344. Tliis B*mn 
is laid W liavelFsrfrinb all bi> landi Tor guitig 
iaio Nannaodj' without the King'* liccnae. 

r asiT. 

I.Tboiiuile Arceilekne, SuiDin.ta Pari, from 15 
Mar, I4e1l1r.ll. 13^*1, lol3S«|>t. IH Edw.ll. 
UC4: eb 

Xioba 1( Arcrilfkne, >. and h. Sudiid. (o Pari. 
B P^ l« ed«. Ml. IH49, but never aDcr- 

■ardli ub iKaving a *<■<■ and lieir, 

Wariivc U ArcMkkne, »bo dl(d s. p- m. leav- 
inn Aliaoart, wife of Walter de Lucy -. Pbi- 
lipfd, at Hufita Ciian«iiay 1 and Margaret, of 
TUnai Arundel, hi* dauglilKn and beirt, 
aminic whuir repmrmniivea ihia Uaruny i^ 
pruliably in ABcvotr. 



Writ cini Im MMMidertd M ft regular S«BM. C« 
WnLi ob. IMTylravinir ittiM; bot neitbftr 
tUt Barnii nor mij of bi< detcendanU w«r« 
tvtr aftenvftrds Snininoncd to Pftrliftaeot. 


'4bl.llcBr7 Bennety brother of John Baron Ot« 
•■ktoo ; Created Baron Arlington, of Ading^^. 
ton, eo. Middlesex, with remainder, fftllinf' 
bit iMue male, to the heirs of hia bo4)r, 14 
A|Mil, 1064; Created Viscount Tbetford, eo. 
Norfolk, and Earl of Arlington aforesaid, 
wiih the same limitatlou, 19 April 1679, 
K.G. ob. 1685, &P.II. 


L i6B5. S. Isabella, dau. and h. wife of Henry I. 
Duke of Grafton, K.G. ob. 17S3. 


1783. 3. Charles Fits- Roy, 9d Dulce of Grafton* 
s. and h. Vide Grafton, in which 
title the dignities of Earl and Ba* 
run Arlington, and Viscount Tbet- 
ford, are merged. 


1. Manaascr Arsic, living 1 103. 
^Robert Arsie, s. and h. ob 

5. Maiiafaer Arsie, s. and b. living 1 167. 
4.Alesander Ar&ic, s. and b. living 1 196. 
S.Jobn Arsic, a. and h. ob. ante 1S05, s. P. 

6. Robert Arsic, broth, aitd h. ob. circa WSO, 

leaving his two daugblers bis heirs. 



. I.Roger de Montgcraerie j Created Earl of Arun- 
del and Shrewsbury by Waiiam the Cun- 
qoeror; ob. 10^, 
9. Mmgb de Aivtitgomery, Sd s. ob, 1098. 



Mil bli faihir'i stiiinder rcTerivd, t Hen IV. 

K.Ci oh MIS. *.t. lariOf hl> loot tisten 

bU br.n. 
|r. l4IS.I3Jo)iii filx-Kl^n *, Btroa Mallra^en. roiuii, 

anil h«ir mate, bpiiifc t. and h. of Jobn (iib, v. 

p.) Bldul ion of Jolin Fili-AUii, Baroii Mai- 

tnrcnJureDiorii, S4i>>n o( Richnnl, Xll.- 

9>h Eatl; oU 1431. 
I. ISJohn rtti-Alari, i. and h. K. G. Created Out 

of Touniinc, in France; oh. I*it 
IMUuLlf-HDrapbrc; Flfi-Alin,*, and h. DuIcf ui 

raii», in Francej ob. I43T, ». P. wh« 

Dtikednm nf Touriine b*pamr Crtinct. 
VWII Itn. l&.WiDiim Flu-Alan, uncle and )>.; Mng m 

dTinher of John. XVL-iath Earl; K.C.j ob. 


lii.uv;. ia.TbDmu Fiti AUn.*. Andh. K.G. ob. 15U. 
U liu IT. William Fi«.AIan. «. and b. K.G. ub. 1543. 
m iM3,l().Henfy FIh-AUh, ■- and h. K.G. oh. 1573. 

* t'siil i uli Hrnf)' \'I, i>lun it ••• decUed tliat the tcnun 
' '' t' '' .,r \: .T:<t alone, irlthout as]r DrnlioD, pncenti ■ 
!. |.ou«iDr Eail of Arundel, neitbol lU 
I und heir, vtra [cgoltrlj coniidcrsd^ 
,iiiiy, althoDgh tbey vsre balh •■ 
■I.:., r, ,.n,„fuf»lrich, JohnFiw-Alan(XV.-l 
K*-(' n. B-.rr S«inHi lo Pul. and John, hii lo 
■••Blhe Tih KrUff VI. lummoncd u a Bnron odI). 
■Mia ■. I9| not ■«■ U until the 3d Due, 1441. thattlie id^ 
■^ nf tU CMlIt of Atundet, nhet the dmih of Thouiu. Xlfl 
liihEvI, in l«ll. •.*.«. «l ID Pari, by that title 1 -bich i 
»ii« ma froio ihii riteuinilaiice, that at the ticne of the d 
' -<<lhiMu>,)nt}ullthHinrTVI. UaS.JohnEarlufAi 
' ' *M OiMfd in the vari uf France, and eoncinuFd la b 
-' til. Jiadi, >hkh liapjieoed viLhln (vo irMrt afterwardi 1 1 
'■ lilt:!!!, till "in "till li'H. rtiad in 1437, IBan onljr Mb jem 
■■ . K ■ .>i ..i[r>ti!, :] !,r William. h'» unci* and heir, 
•■■ .--,,.1;. .-1, •.,;.,„„, to Vu\. t, Eail of Aniodel. No(«t 
-!-.: .i,.i li.i U,u ubKived. tint John Fill- Alan, »ho «« 
^Ki lu :t.i. KM .u.i Klmitted to ihl. Earldom, it it manil 
^••panallT -(jW Eat! flf AruoJel. fiir Alice Wi widow bi 
^ ■■ **mbM hetwlf •• " Coautuu uf Anindel," and ipralii uf 
^whMlMBA. "John brl of Anindal." 

.^ •. o-.u li hull..,.-. ... r 

. .■ . .li*' as I'-irl . : ■^ •■- 

;,.-. •. s .!•. Tilt'lil V> L . - ■ *• 

. •*. .."x.lier, lusl bv jiit.i.:. :-.-. 
[.• rir.;.unciit, 3 Car. I. \::' i i-.". 
,^- o: AruiiJei, tu which, ly r'\iT • 
. -Ri •.••;je*uf Kitz AUli,C:U-. a:. ' < 
— . i.'l Mil'ravtrs, ynt-v au!.«:\-«l. 
...•ij .>n *M<A I'^rt ot Aruiiuc!. ai.d 
„ . .. J -ji* b.>« y ; M •. ^ *:.:-li. .-." 
' ..^ 'M».u : •" -<?••* •*• t tth:.'!'.. i.' 
' ,. \\. aim H.wArc. t-.i f c tr i 
■ ' *. .s. «•. '.. r- 111 ■:•.»: t *.o 'hf h- 
-• ill »t»Orr • > 11 e » i i Th»'t!l 

. .1 d S'lr-fv. .1.'. ' "r.:* iiei''* 
V'»'. ••^ ^^'' '*> ^ -une, I 'J 

» -X. .i:!ii N"r .• W ; »*> I 
. -... -i. A! <\ ■•». t"-Af» »^' 
•. —j.k R-^t .">'«•»; lu 

I wtn. 


hin biwn «J mii uI Rteliiinl Fio-Alaii, Earl 
•rf Aruiid*!, WM Snmni. lu r*rl from 4 Aujt. 
I R^h. IL lan. to SO On. 3 Rich. II. J^lig, 
w"/<>ti«nnl da Aiuiidel," He mifriril Ele«- 
nor,KrandiIau. and h, of John lljiroi) Miillr<i> 

■u (iR<li»My tnimni. lu Parl.i ub. 13T9. 

fi. Mitl PittAUn. onlF Arunrlel. griiidiim niiil h. 
b«<nK(. and h. ot John r»>'AlBii (oh, v. p.) 
«ldMiMmurilinlMi Baron. Wjoii'verSumm. 
to Pari hul Mne hair male oF Thnmn Fnw- 
Alaii XIV-I Ith Earl or Arundel, br, accord' 
(nc tu <liF dpHtioii KiBil* in ihc reign of 
HntF}! VI. locendrd ai Earl of Amndrlti 
alihau^h br *m nenr S<iaiin. lu ili^t 
or try an* oibtr li'k i oli, 14^1. 

3. John ds Amndr;), t. and b. Siinini. (o PaH. 
(9 July andn Auf;. 7 Hvn. VI. i4'19,xt"Jo- 
acrordlng 1o i1m dceiilon (uM died, he luc- 
c<«l«d to Ihc Earldom u( Arundel uii hi' 
rathrr'a ilnalh. In 1 1 H«tiry VI. be pedlionrd 
(a be Sumoi. to Pari.i and contidvred at E*rl 
of Aruodel by tenui« uf The Cuilc at Arun- 
M, ablcli KM atloweit 1 but he •»■ never 
Summ. IS Pari, a'lerwirds. eiiher ai a Biron 
oral an Earl; ob 1434, when he wai sur- 
Meded by bU tOO Humphrey ; who dyin|> in 
lUTi l> r. William, hi* uncle and beir. tuc- 
neded In rhe Earldom, and, the Sd Dee. 
MHeft. Vt.Ult.wiu Suniaonrd to Partiii- 
n»iu M Ewl or ArundeL If the Writ or 
Sammoni of 4 Aug. ] KIch. II. 1377, be not 
Kommoiis lu John d( Arundel 
Baron M>ilrav«n, but u lire. 

kaily afTorda a mln^ar isttasm of the nai 
ig tJnpuA H xltr itMwnl •umame of all the 
Ta Bsdn ihe Earla orAnimlel, p. »T. 




ating a new difrnity, this Barony ii now li 
Abeyance between the Lords Pet re and Stoui 
ton» a« heirs general uf ibe said John d 
Arundel, and which would also be the caiei 
he was summoned in the Barony of MjUtra 
vers, had it not been for the Act of Pari. ; 
Car. I. which limited the descent of that dr( 
nityin a special manner, an account of wbieli 
will be found under "Maltravers." 


BARONS. , . . ^ J « 

I 1605. 1. Thomas Arundel. Created Baron Arundel ol 
Wardiiur, co. WilU, 4 May, 1605; ob. 1639. 
II. 1639. 2. Thomas Arundel, s. and h. ob. 1643. 

\ I. IV-O. O. nriii- •-•- 

^K io^ 9 Jamo; Kv.r.r.1 ^".M^eJ, cons.n and heir. bein| 
|\. lao.. ». •'»|^^^^^^, I, ^,f J .mr* Kvfrard, 2ii son of Henry 

X. 1817. lO.E*^ra^^,,.^.ur. and el. e.t „, „^ 
**'^. ^ »*»•*>ny of Fit^ F>avne • ski 
n»*"^\,H*HoIyRuman Empire - 



^^,* ,5^.^ *"•";!»•> ; Created Baron Anindell ol 
* |(»U. » 'P^^v, ro. Cornwall, 23 March, 1664 ob! 

^:>». ^rundell, «. and h. ob. 16.97 



VucouNTcy, 8 Aofuftf l6iH^Cptinct 1709. 

Vide Carnarvon. 

umm, BAKU. 

L JS89.^ I. John Ashbarnbams Created Baroo 

Ashbarnbam, of Asbburnbam, co. 
SuMex, 30 May, 1689 1 ob. 1710. 

IL 17J0.. 9. William Athburnbaro, t. and h. ob. 

1710, 8. P. 

UL 171(1—1. 1730. 3. John Asbburnbam, brotb. and beir j 

Created Viscount St^sapb in Wales, 
and Earl of Atbburnham aforesaid, 
14 May, 1730} ob. 1737. 

1^' 1 L 1 737. 4. John Asbburnbam, s. and b. ob. 1 8 1 8. 

*• III. 1819. 5. George Asbburnbam, n. and b. Pre- 

sent Carl, Baron of Asbburnbam, 
and Viscount St. Asapb. =t= 


^ 1789. l.Jobn Donning; Created Baron Ashburton of 
Asbburton, co. Devon, 8 April, 1782; ob.1783. 

»> 1763. 9.Ricbard B«rr^ Dunning, s. and b. ob. 1823, 
& p. wben the Tiile became 


Barony, 10 February, 1696. 

Vide Albemarlb. 



'- 1€61. I. Sir Anthony Ashley. Cooper, 3d BaK. ; Created 
Baron Ashley of Winbome St. GiUfi, co. Dor- 
set, April 30, 1 66 1 , Created Baron Cooper and 
Earl of Shaftesbury, 33 April, 1673. 

Vide Shaftesbury. 

I. Hoi. II. I. Philip deRMl«y,1Svfnc lies. 

n. Jobn. 3.Thumai ile A^liey, t-nnd h.litinr IMS 

I lll.Hrn.ill.3.Walt«r[l<^ AbiUv, Liindb. oh 

I IV.Hi^n.llt.-l.Thumai de Anlc;, i. and b, ab. IfilM. 

I. 1 335- 5. Aiiitrco de Adiey, i. and h. Siinin). t 

lr:a> U June, 3J Eilw. 1. U93, to 
34 C>i>t. I. I30S, (boueh DuRdtle *UI 
lie died ill 1301. 

II. 1303. G. NiclLilnsde A«lley, i. and h. Summ.t 

4 July, 30 Edw. I. ISUS, 1 1 .tunc S E 

I 1309. and Se Oct.3 Edw. II. ISnfl, oU 
j 111. 134S. T.TboinudiAdlay, nephew and heir, b 

L and h. ofGilei dc Ailley, iieW btulhei 

I last Baron i Summ. In I'lrl. fram 3S 1 

I Edw. HI. 134S, la 10 March, S3 Ei 

I 1349; ob. (eating Sir Willi 

L Aclley hi( (, and h. who wni never Sui 

^^^^^ Pari, and died S. r. M. leavme Juan h 

^^^^^ and heir; ebe married litThomai B 

^^^^V b; whom Bbe had no iiiue i and Ud R 

^^^^B III. Lord Grey, at Ruthyn, by whoot 

^^^^^^L iuue, P.dwafd de Grey, lit U«ron 

^^^^^K CKby, jure uxoiit, with whirh Baroi 

^^^^^^K (il Aillej detccnded (□ Henry Crey K. 

L u. 

^^^ III. 

ey of Groby, (or more properly, 

□I Groby) Hod Duke ol Suffulk -~ 

attainder in I5S4, thii Baron] 

vther bonora, became 




Of ReaDiNG. 

1614. I. Jaeob AilUy, lineally deaMtiited fram 
3d ion of Thnmai rv.-4tb. Baron i 
Created Baron Auley of BckdiriK, ea 
A Nor. l«44i ob. ISGI- 

U. lea. g.liueA»l!ey.t.a»dh.t.. 

^ lU. IfiGS. S.JacabAxley, t.inA I,, ob. lOM^ 
Ti'lc her'ime tfrtinCt. 



■> llfLl.mbtft de Attin, Samm. t« Pari. SO Dm. 

18Edw.|r. |334j 90 Frb. ISEaif. ll.lSSfii 
•ndaKafn SSFcb. 16 Bd*. IIL I3H| ab.ia4S. 
I IMk & WilliuD dc Alan, ■■ uid b. Soma, lo P«rl. 8 
Jm. 44 Edo. III. I3TI t ob...».^ HP. M. 
iMTiHB hlf tbrM d>ui;btcra, lii, AnuutU, 
wifcofBdwBrddcSi.Joha; Ki>tb«tor, who 
BWtiadSirlUlptaEarai and CliMbcth.wbo 
m*r. I.WIIUka Playtc, and 3. Jolm CMlen, 
tit bafra, betnaro whnte reiwcKiiUllvM tbii 
Bmw^ ii in Ain^MCB. 

Vide Dittmsv, 


■■ I. I.WmiuD da AobeniU, Lon) of* 
H.1. 9.Huf h dc Aubcrvill, •■ and b. ub. 1 139. 

■fh. S. Waiiam dt AubcrriU. >. and b. ub. 

m.lLd. HoKb de Aabcrrill, *. and h. ol>. 1319. 

V^ Ji^ VWiUian da AubcrriU, i. and b. oti. •. r. m. 
(rBp.Job>. Joan hit dau. and h«)r, married 
Niebotu da CrioL 


I ITU. l.Wiir»aiBden,l*l.BaranAucklHndInlrdand| 
Created Baron Auckland of W«it Auckland, 
ca.Darfa>ai,Mar3J. 1793 4 ub. 1814. 

U- IEI4. S-GcamEdcn, i.Bnd h. Pteaent Baron Auek- 
laod, ako Baron Aiiekliiid in Ireland. 


■• HwJ1I.I.Hc»rrileA1diib1cy,li>lne 1336. 

"■ Hn-IIL tJana da AMltlitey, i. and Wob. ifTl. 



lll.Hen.MI. 3Jiiine> •!< Aldilhlrr, i 

IV. Edw. I. 4.Hei>i'y dr Alcliibky. bro. « 

V. Edw.t. 5.WiUiain lie Aldithley, f 

19SI, 3.F. 

VI. EdnJ. 6. NicbolHB de Aldilhlcy, bl 

Jin. 35 Edw. I. 1297 i I 
(hit Writ cm be 
SumRi. to Pail. Vide F(Ti 

VII. Bdo.l. 7. Tbomu de Alditbley, i 
BVirniT. HOT, i P. 

I. 1313. a.Nichblu de Alditbley, bto. 

IS Ed*.ll. 1318; Ob. 1319. 

II. 1319. 9' •'■loei de Aldicbley, i. (nil b. 

(ram ih Jiin. 4 Edo. 111. 1331 
Rlc.n. ises, K. C. ; ob. )^ 

III. ISBS. 10. Nicbolai de Al.tiihlcy, 1 

P«rL froin 17 Uec. II 
Sept. 14Ricb.ll. laSU; 

IV. 1405. II. Jubn Touchei, grand neplta 

iitd heir ur Juhn> eldeit M 
chet, by Jim, tideit du 
Barun, irid eveiituilly M 
ibcr NlchoUt, the IikJ 
Pari. Iroin SiM Uer. 7 I 
Aug. 9 Hrn. IV. 1408, I 
cbeiti" uh. 1409. 

V. 1409.13. Jitm»Toucbel, f. 

as Feb. B Hen. V, 1421, r 

VI. l4o5, 11 " jMobo de An 
V[. 1466.l3.J.>bnTuuebri, ■. ind h. Sumv 

96 Miy, 1 Ed«, IV. 1461, li 
III. 1483, »<< John deAudU 
VII. l49l.14.J<imeiTuacl»l,i. JiDd b. SnnU 
13 Aug.7Heu.VU. 1492.1 

VII. 14S7 i behFidcd 
Hlien bit bonori berai 

ISlS.ISJohnTauehet, i. icd b. | 
■IRl bonon, Ibi?; Sum 
Not. « Hen.Vtll. ISI4 
IbMi uUcim, IS&9, 
ISSp.lG.Gt^nce Toucbel, «. lad.b.l 

•■Ctsnte T« 
toTir!. i 

ind h. Sum 

aumm. to ■ 



. ILIti. Ilititi, tu5 April. 

7 ; ob. IG17. 
iirMt, I. and b. Earl of CiaOt- 
..'.l.ciileil Slid atlaiiitvd 1G3I, nhen 

I JFBcftlirt. 

I XUI.ICT&tOJMQaiTouchrt, •. and li. Crcnled Baron Aud- 
■ 1^, tfid Earl of Cuihhnvtn in irdaiid, 

J I6S4. Rnlurril to Iba Baruiiy forfeitpd b; 

^^^B bli fatber. »>tli rvmamder lo the bein of bi* 

^^^K body: rcmaiudcr to Lit bruihcr Mirliii 

^^^K- Tmdicl, and Ibe bein of lii« body ; remain- 

^V dartolbr d>ug1>tcn of bi* falber, and Ibdr 

^H lwiis,b:f ActofParl. I67B; alhl684,«.P. 

UV. l«M.«|.Mar*)uTauebri, bra. and bcir. Earl orCa>il«- 
harcn, »b. leaS. 
' leK-taJtm—Tmicbti, ■- and h. Eul uf Csallebave 

n Irr. 

. I70U- 

, i.and h. Earl of CaclK-baten 


i-Aitt, a. and b. Earl uf Caillebaven 
i!,-!.. 1769, a. P. 
i .|'....iT'iucbel, bru.>iid h. 5lh atldliK 
rlofCaillrhaveniiitiTUDdi ob. 1771, *. P. 
pTTTJB C^'iVe Tblrkonte (uiumnl ihe name of) 
Tuarb't, xepb. and h. bfitig ■. and b. v( 
Pbiiip Tliickiiw**, by Elizabeth, tialer and 
Hi* belr to ibe Utl Baron t ob. 1818. 
11ie.9T.CMrsB Ji^n Tbitkncuc Toucbet, t. and b. 
frKlvnl Baron Audley. -t- 


-, JT. 

I I.Uocli lU AUiU'Uy, o 

Audlc)-. ^uiipowd t 

- vaan|r*rbra(bnatNichiiU*I.'Mi 

B«R>ii AuiUtif^li ; Sunitn. to P*rl. •* « Hafli 
4<Audle}, i^iiiarl." 15 Mkp, U Edw. II.* 


Hacb d* Aii->lrr, t. and h. Summ. to Pul.fMI 
fO Not. II Edw. II. t3i;. <o H Mi.j, 14 
Edv. II. 1391, u "Hush dc Audl*7, J»- 
Kluri." KBil rtoroSDc. » EJ«. tl. 1316, M 
U Ab^. 10 Ed-, in. » - H<«b ^ tutHitf 
h.iiiu£ mar. Mirpmt, dan. and cutwlr of 
Gilhcri d.^ Clare. Eart ot Gfawmnef. W Vil 
CffALj E».l .,1 i;io««'.r ^ Ai-r.!. ISn.«h, 

Ibat af SiaCard, af tb* imiBt ^ ftN^ 
■tat*i>f ■tkKfc a f<d arrawM » yw — iw 
tbal Tiiit ; aid it ia aolr BctaaMj hriatf U 
obavrviMbai •■ tha ttain <■» ^ M» wJ PJM 
of Bu. kintbav in 1^31; tfeia ■bmbt, tifHka 
«>th Wis gtbar bunun, baoHa 

. VI bat nf vhtva ba ^^naa at fioAfl 
M anUM. hvmetv, that ha c^bmA 
r^ltlh Bnen'/ ^adn, «&■««& 
■m. V). a " Jacob* it A^^" 




> I. ttruMKc Finch, UtDaron CueriiEey } Created 
IUrlu(A;k«furdiuKi!ni, SGOrtabcMTHi 
nh. ITJ9. 

i. Reuace Fincb, i. una b. ob. 1757. 

3. lfcDu(c Fllicrb, >. and b. ub.HTT. 

t. thntaet Finch, b. and h. nb. 181 1. 

&. Htattft Flncb, i. aiiU li. Pr 
Ajildford and Baron ul Guernsi 

[ Earl of 

I. Ilamrlinc dc ItMlun, oh. loss, s. r. 
. 3,Wyoebtl>l do Bialuu, brother t>( the lait Ba- 
ton, liTlns 1 IIG. 


). BaflboleiDi^w de BilMtncrr, Sunn, to Pad. 
fremSNOet.3 Edw. U. tJi», lu& Ausuit H 
Bd*. II. 13W, Ob.139?. 
" " t* d« Badlnner*. ». and b. Summ. » Pwi" 
m,n J«n.9F4-. IH- 1336, to IM AiigoH 
^«.tU. l33T,ob. 1338,*. r. lea*ia|;tui 


rour ti>ten. vii. Maud, wb» nAirltd Jul 
Earl olOaturJ, si'd obukc dcicvu(l>Dt(ilball| 
wilbuut aiiy Itgal rigb>, luuincil tbc lilk 
BuDiit Bodlctmcre; Eluabctb, tttiunurri 
tnt E4I1U. Muttinier, anil *ecutiiUy WlHi 
de Uobuii Earl of Nuritampiun i MatK*** 
(he wife ot Sir John Tibctoti tDd Mutn 
«bo marrifd Williaai Karoo Ruoa, bit bci 
aiming whose rcptCMnutivet ' 
ill Abevance. 


I. i:80. I. WilUaro Bagol ; Crntcd Baron BiRut of Bl! 

field, CO. StalTurd, Oct. I", ITao.ub, ];!»■ 

tl. I7S8. S.WiUisniBagut,3.aiidb.rrei<:iilU<ironBasut.= 



I. WiU.I. I.GujdeSaliol.ob... 

II. Steiib. 8. Bamnrd Bxliol. (. mid fa. nb., . 

III. John 3. Euilace de Baliol. «. and h. ob...] 

IV. H.lll. 4. Hugh de Balial, %. and h. ob... 

V. H.lll. S.JohndE Baliol, 1. and b. ob. ISRu. 

VI. H.1II. 6. Hughdi! Baliol, 9. and b.otk IS7I,B, r. 

VII. Eil».I,7. Alciander Baliul, biotb. and b.ob. I3TB- 
Vlll£d»,l.a. John de Baliol, 1. and h. aompclilur br < 

Crown o(ScoTUnd, MidbccjiineKiucufSc 


I. 1300. AleaatidflT BaUol, brothir of the lald Kl 
Suisni. to Pari, from 26 Sept. 38 Rdw. I. H 
Id 3 Not. 3S Edw, 1 13D6i ob. i. t. «bea 
Baionj' ben nil! 

I. 111. Eiuliuc de Babul. lirtne 136 
I. m. U«nwtd dE Baliul, livine tHS. 


Uvard de Baliol Kiog of Scotland, was Surnm. to Pari. 
liaD.9SEdw. III. I348,andlOMarch,93Edw. in. 1349 { 
ii both instances the Writ with hi« name, coinmencinf^ 
h these wordf. *' Rex Mai^iifico Principi et fideli suo 
timaio de BaJliolo Regi Scotis jConsanjpiineo suo cba- 
»9 Salntem." 


L 169C. William Knollys first Viscoont Wallin^ford ; 

Created Earl of Banbury^ co. Oxford, 1 8 Au^ . 

16S6, ob. I632» s.p. l. when all his honours 

became 4tttinct, 

ThisEarldom was claimed in 1813, by Gen. Wm. Knollys, 

n " bcir male of Nicholas, son and beir of the Earl," of 

•bote legitimacy there was much doubt; and the House 

•f Loida decided, March <l, 1813, « that the petitioner 

bid not made good his claim," and consequently esta- 

tbe ill^timacy of the said Nicholas. 



!• 1313. Robert de Banyard, Summ. to Pari. SS May 
6 Edw. II. and 26 July 7 Edw.II. 1313, but 
never afterwards, nor any of his descendants, 
of whom Du^ale g^ves no account in bis 

uion IT Ttitrai. .^ 

L HcdJI. 1. William Bardolf, liring 1 174. j ; 
n. Hcn.l 1. 3. Thomas Bardolf, s. and b. ob.. • L 
UL Rich.1. 3. Doun Bardolf, s. and h.$ be married Beatrix, 
dau. and beir of William de Warren^and with 
ber acquired the Barony ofWirniegay, co. 
Norfolk. oK 1809. 

IV. John 4. William Bardolf, s. and b. ob. 1275. 

V. Edv.l.S. William Bardolf^ s. and b. liring 1281, ob. 

ante IS99. 

L 1^. 6. Hucb Bardolf, s. and b. Summ. to Pari, from 
6 Feb. n Edw. 1. 1S99, to 2 June, 35 Edw. I. 


1302 ; lie was also Sumni. B June 33 Ed*. T. 

19S4, but it i« iKtj doublFul if ibe Uiiar «rtc 

«>■ a rcpilu ■ummom to Parlianaot, VWs 

" Clyv&doh," ob. 1303. 
II. 1303. ^. Tbomi) Bardolf, ■. and h. Summ. to Pari. TrbiB 

SfiAue. 1 Eil"-IM3aT,laS3 0ct. 4Ed«.I]I. 

1330, ub. rirca 1330. 
1EI> 1330. 8.Jobn Bcinluir, f. and fa. Summ. toPail.froa 

3! Jan.-9 Edw. III. 1336, tu I June, 37 Ed«. 

III. 1363; latltrij wilb Ibe addftian sf 
" de Wirmegay ;" he marriad Elizabeib, dtfc 
and b. of Ro^r Baron D'Anioriei oli. ISTI. 

IV. I3TI. S. William DardoEr, I. and h. Summ. tDParLrnM 

90 Jan. 49 Edw.III. 1376, to 3 Sept. sRtcJL 
138S. M " WJUielmo Bardoll de Wlrowiiri* 
ob. 13S5. 

V. I38S. IO.TbomaiB*nIolr,t.andh.Sumin.toPaTLrmi 

13 Sept. 14Rie.JI. 1390, to 95 Aa^. (iUl. 

IV. MD4, M "Tbomw Bardolr da WornMg^ 
□b. circa 1404, i. P. M. and having been il^ 
TAINTED hii buiiuun became 

The twit dauKbtan and heir* of the lut Banm ma\ 
Aqd who nairied Rnt Sir William CliSiinl, and aecoiid^ 
Sir ReEiTiald Cobhan i and Juan, the «ife of Sir WUiiaa 
Philip, K.G. who waiityled, temp. Hen. VI. Lord Bar- 
dolf ; but tbou|rb ha i* (aid by acme nriten ta haTS btea 
■o created by letten patent, it diiei nut appear that ha 
waievEriummanedla Parliament. He lelt an onlyebll^ 
KliMbeth, who tnarr. Jubn lit Viicount Beaumont', K.G. 

].«)f Cbulrt MlddUlon, lit Bart Created ■ 

April IHOS, Baron Bsrbain of B 


s. Kent, «i(b n 

linder, failing bli 

. of tbeilignity o 
bain of Barham andTFilDn afoivsalil, to lira 
dau. Uialia, oife at Sir Ccrjnl Noel, ftiid iiT 
tbc dtt'i^ty (if Baron Burbani of Barhani and 
TviioR, e<i. Kint, tu tier isiuit (natr, ob. 1813, 

t. Cbrfatoplwr Vane, Crralfd Baron Birninl a 
Bannrd'* Cuilr, eo. Duthaoi, a July l699t 
ob. IT^. 

9.Cllberl Vu»,t. andkeb. ITS3. 

— Ll7M,3. HmryVain-.i.andh.CrtniedViiwwint 
Barnaril nf Bimanl'ii Cattle afure- 
l7M,0ti. 1758. Vide DaHLINCTOH. 

Tbonu BiMel. broihnr of Gilbert, latt Bird 
aaHatulHcdcndoni nbMinvd ibe manor 
Calditoo, rrom Richard 1. ob. 1319, a. p. 
tearlMChla llireedallgburabli bein. 

if Hichard U. BaronBawrt 

I3T8|S-P-H. IcHTinK hit ti 
Alire, who mftrried Sir Lawrence DutloDa u 
Eliubcth, wife of Riehxnl, kflerwanli But 
Grey ofCnlnor, K.G. biihcin.bmiKnwba 
dcieendiinti tbii Baronj i* Id abbVahCI. 

I. 1T97- I.FrftncU Buset, lit Biron de DunttanrlPti 
Crextcd Barun Battel oF Stnitlon, co. CM» 
wall, villi remainder, fiiling bii iuoe auii) 
to hli dau. France! Baupt and the bein sill 
of her body, 7 Nov. 179". Preient Bi« 
UuKt of Stratton. Baron de DuDiunnB^ 
and a Baronet. =F 



I. Han. I. I.RiilphBiHet,Ju«ticeofBnKtand,oh.cifeaim 

II. Stepb. S.RicbardBaMet, 1. andh. Juitice of EngUnd 

-6AS5Et. 4^ 

unxs lY WUT. 

have inherited the fitrony of Bnifet of Dray. 
tOD; which Barony it consequently often attri- 
bnted to George preient Marquess Townsend, 
ind Baron Ferrers of Cbartley, the heir gene- 
ral of the said Robert Shirley, Baron Ferrers 
of Chart ley, who was afterwards created 
Viscount Tamworth and Earl Ferrers. The 
Invbahility, however, if not the positive fact, 
wa«, that the said Isabel Basset, who married 
Sir Thomas Shirley, was iiiegUimaie, and 
consequently could confer no claim to this 
or to any other dignity. 


or HEOI!fDOy. 

L Hen. II. 1. Gilbert Basset supposed to have been a younger 
son or grandson of Ralph Basset, Justice of 
England, temp. Hen. I.; living 1165. 

ILHen. ir. 3. Thomas Basset, s. and h. living 1178. 

llI.Rich.1. 3. Gilbert Basset, s. and h. ob. 1205, s. P. M. 
leaving bis dau. the wife of lUchard de Cam- 
ville his heir. 



L Hen. 11. 1. William Basset, son of lUchard Sd Baron Basset 
of Weldon, Lord of Sapcote, co. Leicester ; 
living 1176. 

ILHen.U. & Simon Basset, s. and h. living 1 194. 

nUohn 3. Ralph Basset, s. and h. ob. . • 

■Y WBfT. 

t 1364. 4. Ralph Basset, s. and h. Sumn. to Pari, as 
** Radulpho Basset (de Sapcote)*' 14 Dec. 49 
Hen. 111. 1264,0b... 

H 19... S.Simon Basset, s. and h. Summ. 8 June, 22 
Edw. I. 1294, buty for the reasons assigned 
under •* Clyvedow," it is very doubtful if it 
can be considered as a regularWritof Summ. 
to Pari. ; ob. . . 

m. 1371. 6. Ralph Basset, s. and h. Snmm. to Pari. 8 Jan. 
44 Edw. HI. 1371, and 6 Oct. 46 Edw. III. 
1379^ as *• JUduipbo Batset de Sapcote,'* ob. 

IST8, •. r. M. ImiIiiic Ui tM ima^Ali 
Alin, who nuiM Sir Lawmca JMH 
BUMbMb, wife of BJdurd. •Ittwu* 
Gray otCodnof, KjG.lite brim, fcMvw 
deKCBdant* thb BwMy !• Is ibbtj 

I> 1T9T- I.PmnBli BaMOt, lit B«na da DaHti 
CrMtcd BkTon Bawat of Struion, m 
wall, with ranuinder, fillinf Ut Smi 
to bli dao. Pmnwi Buaet and th« M 
nf bcT bod;, 7 No*. ITST. PrcMnt 
Bmmi of Stntton, Baron da DwiK 
and 4 Baronet. ^ 

ob. .. 
III. Hen.II.3.Gcoirre7 BMMt, t. and b.auumed bitn 

name of Riddel, ob. . . 
IV.Ricb. I. 4.JUchard]lMie(, «. and b. ob. .. 
V. John 9. Ralph Bauet, i. and b.ob. ante I9h7. 
VI.Heii.lII.6. Ralph Bauet, t. and b. livlnc ISSr ; to 

1^9. 9. Richard Batfel, t. and h. Summ. to F 
"Riefanido BaiMt {de Weldon)." 6 f 
Edw. I. 1399. He waa abu Summoi 
Jan, 3S Edw. I. 1297, but i( U not i 
■hat the latter can be eoniidered ai a i 
Writ or SuiDin. to Pari, vide " FiTZ-J 
ob. 13I4,]eaTing Ralph Buict hli ■.&■ 
thoagh Summoned 1 Edw. IIL to be al 
caatle with horta and ariti), wa* sen* t 
<o Pari, not were any of hi( deacendaa' 
•o lanmionad, «r eonridcMd f« BaioM 



.' i-. ah. I2«ij hit 1 

. Fiillir il.i.Kr, Ij,-.,,i „f York, bro. of ibe «| 
Gilbert, lucMciIeil tu the iiibcriUnc 
)S£8, h r. 
i&lll.4.rfatlipButct, bro, ■ndhtir,ol]. lert, 

liminic Alivi« wile u( Roger Itlgui, Eiri d 

BASSINGBOUltNE. I.H'arii]eilFBu>Ir>Ebotirne,linoR lI75,to»hM 

■.ItL L Jatkii de Baiiintboumr, linnt 1IS3. 

1 t.NUhoUi lie Bull iigbourii»f living ISIS) vSs 
(tai latri'eded by 
■laJtt.8,Wa^iia de Bau.ngbourM, living IZG5, bii 

BBts.l.S, IlDBpbrcy de Uuilniboume, li' 

f latt. t.3«Mi BiHirfhler, X,-llih Damn Ptii.Warine^ 
I CnMed E«ft Ot URtb 9 July 1&36, ub. 1539.^ 
I Its*. 9. Jofan ttourcMn-, i. and h. ob. I51i0. 
I IU». 2. WUUun Baorchler. K»nds(>ii iiid h. beir 
alid b. of John Itourehler (ob. v. p.) eldeil 
of tb* Imt Eul I ub. 1623. 
I*n. 1. Bdfttrd Buorcbirr, *. and b. ob. Ifiaii. s. p 
■<)(. i.thnty Bourcliicr, coutinsndbeiribdiigi. 
)>■ >l (i«qr|c UpuTchicf, Mcvnd i. uf Ji 

VIL 1661. l.John Gnn*Ukt Cmted BWw OnMHU 
OkbMpton wd BiddrfMd, VlMont M 

. .. ThomM Thynne, 3d VitMiint Wqmovt 
CreRted MkrqueM of Batb, Anf. li, ITI 
K-Cob. 1796. 
1796. S^Tbomu Thjnne, i, and h. K. a Pm 
Harqaeit of Bath, Viceownt Wajmouik,l 
ron Thjunr, and ■ Bumiet. ^ 

Hm*. COUMTIM. ^ 

L 1799.— 1803. Henrielta Laura PoltiD^, das. tl 
WiUiam JabDMoa, Bait, ty Tmtt 
dcu. and h. of Hcdij PdIud^, ■ 
bro. to Williun PnlteiMjr, lot bit i 
wife of Sir Jamn Hnrnr, Bart. « 
Buamed Ibe name orPnlleDen ClM 
BaroncM of Bath, with UmltatkM of' 
dipiitj of Baron Baih, go. So — mt 
ber iuue mala, 83 Jul; I798,aad Cowl 
of Batb, CO. SoaMiaet, with Iha ia 
limiialion of the BaiUon of BaA. 
Oct. 1803 > Ob. 1808, •,r. wbM Ik 
titlci became 


MMW. MBl. 

I. 1713.— I. 1779. I.Allen Batfaanti Cicatcd BamnBl 
nrtt of Bedfoid. I J 
I7l3t and Earl Baihnrtt of Bath* 
cobSnaaei, Kag. 19, ITTSi ok 17 



t — II. ins, S. Henry Batbont, 1st Baron Apslejr, t. 

and h. Lord Cbanc 1771 ; ob. 1794. 
OL — JJL1794. 3. Henry Batburtt, s. and b. Present 

Earl and Baron Batburtt and Baron 

Apsley, K. G. =p 


uioff IT wmrr. 

L 1313. Ro|^r Baventy Samm. to Pari, from 8 Jan. 6 
Edw. H. 1313, to S4 July 8 Edw. III. 1334, 
bat ndtber bit ton or grandson were ev«r 
Samm. to Pari.; tbe latter died 8. p. m. 1370, 
leaving Eleanor and Cecily bii daugbten and 
and beirt, among whote descendants and 
rcpretentaiives tbU Barony is probably iu 




L Hea. I. I. Ranulpb de Bayeux. 
ILHeii.ll. S. Hugb de Bayeux, s. and h. ob. circa 1 1 96. 
lU.HeaJll.3. Jobn de Bayeux, s. and b. ob. 1948, s. p. m. 
lVJIenJIL4. Stepben le Bays, bro. and beir male. 

Ooe moiety of tbis Barony was adjudged, in 1315, to 

bcloDg to tbe King, and tbe otber to Maud de and 

ber heirs. 


ViscouNTCYj 13 May 1786. 

Vide Camdkn. 


>u»M. vuc. 

L — 1. 16S7. l.Sir Paul Bayniog, 1st. Bart.; Created 

Baron Bayning of Horkcsley Bentley, 
CO. Essex, 87 Feb. 16S7« and March 
8tb following Viscount Bayning of 
Sudbury, co. Suffolk ; ob. 16!29. 

^ *- II. 16S9. 3. Paul Bayning, s. and h. ob. 163B, s. p. M. 

wbcn bis honors became 

'n .! 

)f iSI% Anne BayiiiHKiSdilau. of Paul lit Vl*rM 

. . Mid wiftf of James Murray, E«|. \ ^re* 

Yiicouiites) Biyiiiiig of Foil«y, cu. Wilia,, 

life.lTMArcb li;74i ab. 1G9B, wUn iIm (] 

beoame <<Eftln(C' 


I. man. I. Charlei Tuonshend. ■. nnd h. ot Wm. To* 

litiid, (3d mn oi Cbarlet Sd VJic. Tuwiuhrl 
K.(i,] bv Henrlella, Oau. and h.iir \Vm. P«u 
C^d cull of CliarUt, Ut Duke uf B.iltoa),' 
Aiiiie Egertan, dau. and h*ir of {tandul 
Ef;eriaii, E4<|. by Elii&belb. eldest d>u. ■ 
cdbeir pf Henry Murray, Htq. by Aiii»,t 
last VitcounlcK Bayning; Crrnlrd Bar 
Baynitig o^ Pulley, cu. Berki. Oct. 37, 119 
ob. 18 ID. 

II. 181$. 3. Charlrs Frederick (auuiUKd the nttart < 

WNUun Pmlctt, i. ttid'lL FrMMt BW 

or BBDroUk 


]. WilLI. LHugh ileBeuiohanp,caaiaiiitoEacfaurfal 
WUIiam the Cunqueror. J/A. 

IL Will. 1. 8. SipHM de Bwuchtnp,.*. Md fa. A El 

IIL WilLI[.8.Fun de Beaaebamp, bro. and biir i ofaali 
tbe Barony of Bedford trom WilL II. 

IV. Rid. 4. Simon da IBtwiTtiMnp, i. and b. ok 4l 

V. Jobn. S.WilliMdeB«atiebanip,«.aiidh.ob. UW> 
VL H. III. fi,SiiiioQd«Bcaufliunp,pTeium>dto haraN 

bia «. and b. ob. 1 S69, ■. r. m. 
VIL a. 111. & WiUiav da Beauchamp, bro. and h. ok « 

IS66, LP. 
VIIf.H.lII.7.Jaba ■)• BMoefavPP. brather and k. UIM, 
£ve(ba^lD ^nu acavut tbe'Einf, \M\,m 
when tlw d^Bbten of WiUl^n, Hit ■« 

fifiiUCH^MF. 4^ 


(father of the Mid John), boingf the bein of 
Joaoc, dkti. and heir of Sinon Gth Baron, 
nuikinf a compoutioo lor the /orfeiiiUtty uh- 
tained hia landi» 



I ll«.lLl.Biilo de Baaaefaamp, youn^r ton of Hui^hr* 

lit. Barony living llHOi to whom succeeded 
fi ■cB.II.ff-Hnirh de Btaechamp (ton of Oliver), ob. 

in Jtha. S. Roger dc BeaochaaHs bro. aad b. ob. circa 

1317. s. P. 

IV. HnJUji JohadcBeaocbampticrandDepb. and heir, beinf^ 
•on of WiUiaai de Boauebamp, nephew to the 
last Baron; his raccetsor was 

V. HeD.Ill.5.Wiiliain de Beaucbarop, living 1357, ob. ante 
1381 ; to whom aucceeded 

VLEdo. 1. &Ralph de Beaucbamp, ob. 1393, leaving a son, 
Roger Beaucbamp, but his posterity never 
eiyoyed the dignity of Barona of the Realm. 



L HcB. I. 1. Walter de Beaucbamp, supposed of the same 
I family. 

IL Heal 1. 3. William de Beaucbamp, s. and b. Uv. 1 167. 

III. Rich. I. S.WilUam de Beaucbamp, s. and b. liv. 1 191. 

IV. H. III. 4. Walter de Beaucbamp, s. and b. ob. 1335. 

V. U.UI. 5. William de Beaucbamp, s« and h. mar. Isabol 

de Mauduit, sister and heir of William Earl 
of Warwick; ob. 1368. 

VI. Ede. 1. 6. William de Beaucbamp, s. and b. succeeded, 

jure matriSy as Earl of Warwick. 

Vide Warwick. 



L 1447. 1. John Beaucbamp, lineally descended from 
Walter de Beaucbamp, a younger son uf 
William V.-.'itb Baron Beaucbamp ol Elniley ; 

1 £ 


CiHtcd Beancbsmp of Puw;kc, 3 i 
144:1 LordTrcuufcr, K.G.1 ob. U;(. 
m. s.RtGh*ril B«ueh*aip, t. aiiil h. oli. circa I' 
». r- u. ohcn Ukt Tllk Icons 

K.LUl^l.^'I1>u> Lygtui, liDnlly dMCrnded f 
William Ljrsoo and Ann BeauclMmp 
•t(t, dwL and cobrir o( Rkbatd Um 
Bmmi Craticd Baraa BeaudiMBi 
PMTfc. «>. WuKcner. SS Feb. If 
Ovaud ViHMMt Elakjt and Bail B 
eh»t Uatyt-UItt ob. IBIfi. 
lLlfl&£.WJBlBB W i M B rfc i T Ljsan, ton wd I 

bM >^ Ik kB» *^( «< ^ Ml< '0 

~'^':"'r^^^ -f >riii« v,sib 

■!"=•'. J7 Ednrd 111. II 

"•■."fJotin jt«, 

«-e[«ai.jrand-dau. el tte 1 



BtroD, married to ber teemul husband John Beaufort, 

Eari of Somenety and by bim bad Marf^aret Countett of 

Kicbmoody mother of Kin^ Henry VII. ; but tbig Barony 

became reif ed in her detcendanti by her,^rff husband SHr 

OiTer St. Jubn, whose p«at*;reat-|rnindion Oliver St. 

Jokn fvaa Created Baron St. John of Bietshoe in 1559 ; 

Us son and heir, John 8d Baron St. John of Bietshoe, 

died iD 1596t s. p. M. leaving Anne his sole dau. and heir, 

«bo married William Lord Howard, son and heir appa- 

NM of Charles X^lst Ear] of Nottinffbam; their dau. 

sad bsir Elisabeth, married John Mordannt V.-5th Earl of 

T^rborooirh ; and this Barony, together with that of 

Mtfdsant, is now Tested in His Graee the present Dulce 

sf Gordon in Scotland, and Earl of Norwich, &c. in the 

hcnfe of the United Kin^^om, as heir general of the 

aid Esrl of Peterborough and Elisabeth Howard his wife. 




I* 1350. 1. John Beauchamp, younger son of Guy Xl.-9th 
Earl of Warwick ; Sumro. to Pari, from 35 
Nor. S4 Edw. HI. 1350, to 15 Dec. 31 Edw. 
HI. I357» as " Jobanni de Bello-Campo de 
Warrewyk," K. G. ; oh. 1360, s. p. when the 
Barony becsme 


Vide St. Amand. 


Vide Abergavenny. 


**i»» BY TKNURB. 

'' Hca.11.1. Stephen de Beaucbsmp (supposed of the 
House of Beaucharop of Elmley), ob. 1 1 84. 

II* Ric L 2. Stephen de Beaucbamp, s. and h. living 11 90, 
ob. ..., 9. p. when his sitten became bis heirs. 

L ILHIil.: 

II- ILHI.a.]«itda 

im. f E4>. m. ISM, M ••«»•*■« 

l*U«Mri.Mi Ma 1*S« 

ai^aeiu.u£i«. 9- im#iAii< 

dMbtlol if tbat Writ wu a nf^iar S^iA 
Pari. Vide " Frrz-JOHH." Ob. IS30. 

IL IS36. 6.ioIiDdcBaaacba(Dp,i.«ndh.SnBM.t»h 
froBiS4AiiK. IOBd».IILl3M«,uMlk 
lTEd».UI. 1343, •• "Jd. da Bella Gm 

. (daSomenet}i"ai).IMS. 

IQ. IMS. 7'JahodeB4aachMDp,(.a(idk Bonrntoh 
ftDntSN«*.SSBlw<lII. ISBI, to » Ml 
34 Edw. lU. I960, •• « Jobanid 4e Brii 
Cuapo (de SonenctJ 1" 

ret, wife of Tboma) ChaUoM : and B 

\, tU8.U*Ud aq-uMtr, UneiUy dcMnd 
fnim tlie ibore mcDtioiied Sir B^ 
Sermtnir and Cecilj fail <Ue, tha 4m 
and cobeir ut the left Bbtdb, iMHh 
>n-lM i» K. HMb VIII. I CreaMd V 
Besucliamp ol Hecbe, co. Soneml 
June, 1S3G, und Earl el HntlM^ 
Oct. I»T, *iik n Mal n fc r (tt Ut hi 
MtoOMreaftMrtoba bttottani Cna 

tltt% eherra tl o M llu> Writ, nd vUd 
wm MBdi Ah iliii additioo, " yASStmH' 


tiioxiiynvi-Ri. viic. 

Duke of Somerset 1547. K. G. Lord 
Protector; beheaded 1552, when all bis 
bonor« became 

^ 1559. Edward Seymour, eldest son by the 9nd wife 
of the la«t Viscount Beauchamp and Duke of 
Somerset; Created Baron Beauchamp of 
Hache, co. Somerset, and Earl of Hertford, 
13 Jan. 1559. 

^)rtincc 1750. 

Vide Hertford. 
IL 1750. Francis Seymour Conway, 2d Lord Con*' 
way (descended from Edward Seymour, 
the Protector, Ist Viscount) ; Created 
Vise. Beauehamp of Hacbe, co. Somer- 
set, and Earl of Hertford, 3 Aug. 
1750. Vide Hertford. 


Edward Somerset, son and beir apparent of Henry, 
lit Marquis of Worcester, is {generally considered to hare 
been cre<tied Baron Beaufort, of Caldecot Castle, and 
£ari of Glamorgan ; but it appears that the Patent never 
ptned the Great Seal. Vide Glamorgan, under which 
Title the circumstances of the case are fully related. 


I. 168?. 1 . HenrySomerset, 3d Marquess, and X1^7th Earl 
of Worcester. Created Duke of Bcaufurt 2d 
Dec. 1682, K. G.; ob. 1()99. 

fl* 1699. 2. Henry Somerset, grandson and b. hein^ s. and 
b. of Charles Somerset (ub. v. p.), eldest son 
of the last Duke; K. G. ; ob. 1714. 

HLljU. 3. Henry Somerset, s. and b. ob. 1745, 8. p. 

IV. 1745. 4. Charles Noel Somerset, bro. and beir. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth, sister of Norborne Baron Bo- 
tetourt, and who succeeded her brother as 
Baroness Bi)tetourt in 1776; ob. 1756. 

V* 175C 5. Henry Somerset, s. and b. obtained a confir- 
mation of the Barony of Botetourt, 4 June, 
1803, having succeeded to it jure matris in 

^ 1799; K.G.; ob. 1803. 

^ l%3. 6. Henry Charles Somersf r, 5. and h. K. G. Pre- 



MPtPolMofBaMAw;liii| iliti^lM^ 

of Cbtpttow tby Writ), and Bmm Biii| 
of Cbcpitow. XUiUiid^ and Ommt Ijhrfl 

unt). ^^ "^^ 




I. 1809. 1. Henry BenHBMrt, ttyM ta ISOf ^C 
gritoentRcfit.'* 8MmLtonttLft«B4J 

8 Bdw. II. laoe^ to aoOK.^ mp. ' 

'« A BwMi Hi4 ftvA ft takTi 
18M. to 1« Nor. 18 Bdw. III. 
** Hsorieo do BBllo4H0oto» Coahl dyj 
gtaan/' Im luvtaf maniml AUoOy dM 
len^h heir, of Alsnnder Coiiiiat ShI 
Bofcban, and Contublo of Sootiaadj d 
If. 1340. 8. Jobn Beaamonty t. and h. wbo aavar wad ll 
title of Earl of Boghan. 8oan «a PbiL 
*«Jolianni de Bello-monto,'* ^ Fob. itV 
fvard Ilf.1348 ; ob. 1348. 

III. 1348. "3, Henry Beaomont* t. and b. Sutnm. to'Vw 

from 14 Aag. 36 Edw. 111. 1368, to 5HVi 
48 Edw. IIL 1368 ; ob. 1368. 

IV. 1368. 4. Jobn Beaumont, a. and b. Somm. to M 

from 80 Augf.7 Ric. II. 1388, to 18Ndr. 
RtcII. 1393; K. G.; ob. 1396. 

V. 1396. 5. Henry Beaumont, t. and h.' Summ. to ta 

from 85 Anp. 5. Hen. IV. 1404, to 88 Mire 

1 Henry V. 1413; ob. 1413. 


VI. 1413.— L 144a— 6. Jobn Beaumont, t. and b. fttf 

to Pari, from 86 Feb. 10 Haaiy ^ 

1438, to 86 Sept. 18 Heaiy '^ 

1439. Created Viieoont Beanatf 
.^ 18 Feb.1440 ; K. G. ; ob. 1480L 
VIL .^IL I459.««-7. William Beaumont, i. and % < 

1807, 1. F. irben^tbe Viteooit 

' beeame^|tfnct,leaTin|^tbodiwi 

ten of JiMiney bit only tiitcry «i 


of John Lord LoTel, hit cohein, 
between whom this Barony fell 
into Abevancb. 

HtBirMiy of Beanmont was claimed in 1798 by Tbo- 

■MStapleton, of Carlton, Etq. who was ton and bfir of 

Nichokf, cldett aon of Nicholas Errington (who ai- 

nsfrf tbe name of Stapleton), a. and h. of Mark Er- 

rio|too, by Ann, dau. and at length sole heir, of Gilbert 

Stapteton, Knat-great-grandun and heir of Sir Brian, 

ddtn ton of Sir Brian Stapleton, by Joane, eldest dau. 

aad at length coheir, of John Lord Lorclt by tbe above- 

MBtioned Joanc Beaumont, sister and heir of William 

tkslast ViseoonC Frideswide Lovel,the other dau. and co- 

Wir of John Lord Level and Joane Beaumont, married 

firUwmrd Norres, Knt. whose eldest son died a. p. and 

Bsaiy Norreya, the 8d son, being attainted 1536, it is 

yraniad that the moiety of this Barony, posscftsed by 

tks said Heofy Norreys, became vested in tbe Crown. 

Tbe House of Peers, Mareh 14, 179B, resolved, on Mr. 

Supkton's Petition, *' that the Barony remains in Abey- 

saet between the coheirs of William Viscount Beaumont 

fin vbom it was vested by descent from his father John 

Lord Beaumont, who was summoned to and sat in Parl- 

riSBient, S Henry VI. as a Barony in fee), descended from 

In sbter Joan, and that tbe petitioner is one of these 



Vide Beke. 


UiO!t. EAKL. 

Ln6S«— 1764. I.Edward Husscy (assumed the name oQ 

Montagu; Created Baron Beaulicu of 
Beaulieu, co Southampton, 11 May, 
1T6S, to him and bis heirs male by Isabel 
his wife, dau. and coheir of John Duke 
of Montagu, and relict of William Duke 
of Manchester. Created Earl of Beaulieu 
in July 1784, K.B. ob. IBOC^ s. r. when 
bis honours became 


rolher of nobt^rl E 

he Earldom of Bedfor 

(mm Kini; Steuben. " He fell," iajt UDedlh 

'■ tiom the iligrilly of >n Earl to ihe ilxle a 

■ Kiilgbt, and in the end to mitenble ^ 

SB liigelram de Coiircv, lon-ia-law K. Edw, II 
Cmled Earl of Bedford 1366, K.C.(» 
1397, «■ P- H. wbeti (be Title became 



J. 1414. Jobn Plantagenel, 3d (on of KinsMc 
r7 IV. Created Duke ot B^dfurd ai 
E»rl of K*iidi.l 6 Mny, MM, for lil 
but conarmed to bim and bif im 
mala in 143S. RcEcot of frsnee a 
Coniiableuf England, K.Oi4 ob. iM 
S- p. when hii hanoun bccaSM 

je NsTill, lor 
of Moniatn> Created Dnke ol 
January 6, !469t depaded bj rmi 
ment I47I. 
III. 14«6^^aiperTudor,iurDamed "of HalM 
uncle of K. Henry VIL Eari of hi 
broke. Created Duke of Bedbid 
Oct. 1485, K. G. ; ofa. I49S. a, 
nhen t be the Title a^aia becw* 
IIL tssa l.John RDMtll, l)t Baron RuHcll. CrBtt 
Earl of Bedfard 19 Jan. IbdO, U H.3tMMi 
IMTt K.G.J ab.l5S4. 

IV. ISM. S.FnneiiRunell. ■.audb. K.G. ob. I68S. 

V. 1&8G. 3. Edward Runell, Krandton and b. being • 

mm) h. of Fiancii RubkII (ub. v. p.), eUi 
aarririnKaan of Ihe lailEarli ob. 163T, & 
VL I6ST. 4.Frsncu Ruuell, 9d Baren Ruuell of TbM 
bangh, coiuin and h. beine a. and h. of V 
liam Ruiielllit Baron Ruuell of TbombMl 
4(h (Ml Of Fruieia, IV,- 3d Earl j ob. IMl. 


^Ml^tV. t6tC— 5. WUIkn RaMll. i^. and li. CkdmI 
M«r<)ai>u iif 'rsTntock nnd Dull 
of BHIonl II Uay. 1694. K.C 

William HiKta'. who w: 
kCK*>dr'. p.) 11^:1. eon < 
latt DukF, K.G.( ob. 1711. 
..— TL nri^T.W»i<iI>nli7 RuticI, s. and fa. ob. 

IT3S. S. r. 
.»— VIL IT33^8. Jubn Ruitel, brotber and b. K. G. 
tb. i;7l. 
h*'— VllLlTTl-— 9-Fnnirli RoMcl, ^■nitiati and b. 
brine •■ «»^ b. of Fraricii (who 
died T. ^} (Idat tail of the l«t 
Dnkei ub. iao4. R. p. 
■..— IX. leoS^lfi-John Rui>«l. bruibcr ind btir. 
Pntrnt IJuke Mini Earl of Bcd- 
(omI, Murq'ienotTsi.'Istook.Ba- 
roD RiuuU of Cheynie*, Baron 
RnUcDiifTluirnbaUEh ' ""-^ 

mil HonUnd. =F 

Ul l.Walt«r BcllB, «btiiinrd tke Manor of Eresbjr, 

«u. Linroln, rrom Wllliini the Comiuerar. 

8. Hueb tkkr, i. and h. ob. •. p. 

3.1leiir> Bfkr, brother and bciri but he bri^^ 

wk iri bit andBntandlnti bU jrounstr bt 

bm, Walter and Joho. enjujed pan ol i 


r llrk... 

, luppwed to liire been f. ftDilB 

' Sw> MS., ■■ilbnntirt rUw l>'t drtnat thui : Wilui Bv 
'-<li^ H™t II. UA .tint, II»ory,fcll.rr->f Jolio.-'bi. ■ 
^■^h^. ia4^|. Dagdala aod CJliu ban, hoveni, b 


■unom pr writ. 
I. It9i. B. Jiibn Bek«,i. andb. Sunrn lehuLUia 

eo Srpi. iiriil 3 No'. 3.1 Eito. I. |{9S, MM 
Aug. 3« Kdw. I. I»>6 I uU 130!. 
I), no;. !i. W«liet Bikv.t. u>dh. Hr wu never Sni 
lopirl'i ab.s. r. laatin)* Alice, wlh oT 
bnt 4p WUkMcbhf, and Maitarrt, «<i 
Bk^ATd HsKMfl, bta (liK 
nvm ahaa* ivpn 

.... ~^ ■ii>BF«fB»ii; 

L**V.X 'file's a.^%««,ica. 


%-AQUA, ■ 


m d« Bell*-A«|iu, cr Bcllcw, Lwcd of Carleioi , ._ 
t In rl(tit ol bii wik LMlarioa. duu. and >:obeiT of' 
V it Brui, B4ron uf Kendil, ca. IVeitnioreUnd, wai 
Jruc, i-] Edw. 1, 1394, but it ii very doubl- 
t ■ regular Writ of Summon* to Part. Vide 
rtKto<' Noiiiing lariber ii rraorded of him,»ceptiiic 
lU hi ■» lummaaed l6 Dec 34 Edw. I. 1995, to br - - 
^c'na*lk «Uli IiurK Mid ttatt iii the NUrvli tullowiii; 


Ua. 1. Koben do Bcuhalr, Sunm. to Pari. 3 April, 34 

EdB. UL I3Ga, but never Afterxirds. and uo- 
lliing mure it recorded u( trim, oi of bit de- 
•onidaan ohu wire nrmr ranked among i 
ibc Baioui uf (lie Realni. 


irutl. LKopsdr Bn-keley, IWing 1091. Williandc Berkeley, nephew andb. ob. ., 
Hni.llJ. Ropir de IkrkGlry,*uu and beir, ob. .. 
!i-f.J1 i. Ii.;g<^r tie tl^rkeley,«c.n and )>, liriiiR I IS:i, l 
Mkiji hii dan. and L. married 

Harding, who auumed ibc naiqta 
• joUino. 
:■■ tkeley, •, and b. ob. 1319. i. r. 
! I iktkeliy.hraih. oh. 1S43. 

1111.7 MiuiicF de Oerkclcy, t. and b. ota. 1^81. 

H. t-TWinai de Bcrkricy, l. and li. Summ. (n ParLi 

framSaJuM*, 93Ed«. I. I39Sto IS May, 

Ed». II. 13111 ob.l3SI. , 

. U.Matirieedii Bftkeln, t. and h. Sumio. lo Paill 

fium C Aoffuat 9Ed«.11. tSOB, to IS Hay, 



^1. I4SI.-1. Uti. 14. William lie Btrkcky, i. ;>nd 
b. Crekifd VltniHiit Birktlay 
by Pal. IS April, 1481 1 CcEalrd 
Btri of No tinebtni, g8 June, 1483 i Creaied 
Mir>|iiF»ur Et^rkelpy in Hie-, Crcnlpil Earl 
male or Ml budy, MSSi i>b. ]4<j2, >, p. »hcti 
ihe V1>K>unl(7 nnd Marqiiitile uf Brrkeley 
aiidF.arliiomuf Nuti>n[hgiii bi-caniF 4E):Htt((i 
but ihe Barony itt Berkclr;', nccunlmg lu 
Diodcrn pfintiplet, dtvulved un 
'lU.)($a.|5. Maurice Berkeley, hli broibcr nnci heir, but 

be was never SumiD. tu Part. oli. I SOT. 
(. Maurice BcrkeI^,>.andb.SuiDm.(<>l>arr.l4 
Ilex. Vlll. and ii iii'kI to have lal >■ Junior 
Bki..n only; oh. l^^I, s.p. 
t li!3. IT.Tbumai Bcrketiy. brolher and htir, Siiinm, 
toParl. 3NuT. 31 Hen. VIII ISSSiUb. 15X3. 
It 1133. l8.Thom« Berkeley, >. and b.SuBvm. t« Pari. 5 
J«i. SS Hen. Vlll. Ifi34, and >al in lb* pri- 
cedency ofibe ancient Barony; ob. I.'i,t4. 
RlSM. 19. Ilniry Rerkeley, «. and h. Surnm, t.i Pari. 
' from S Nov. SAG Pb. & Mary, 1558 (ibough 

be ii recorded la have lat in ibe Parlimnenl 
faeld in (ha 4'b and 5Ib oT thai reign) lo 5 
April, ISJacI. l^ili ob. 1613. 
Men. 90. George Berkeley, granilsun and licir,henei. 
and h. or SirTliumat Berkeley (ub. y. p.), 
eldeM inn of thr U>( Baron i Suuim. M 
Pari, from IS Feb. Si Jae.l. 16J4, (u 3 NoVja 
IS Car.). leSBi ob. 1658. 1 


ta— 1. 1679.^1. George BerkeTcv, i. anJ h. Snmrt; 

lo Karl, from 8 May, 13 C«r. II. 

1C6I. I.. ITOcI.SICarll. lOT,"; 

Crealed Vise. Dursley and E«l of 

Berkcl'v, botb en, Gluueeder, 11 

^ 8«.t. |(?7fli ob. 1698. 

W. IW.— II. IS9I.S3, Charlr. Berkeley, s.and h- 9oniro. 

loPBrl.ti'lpairit,»jB»run Berkeley 

or Berkeley Catlle, ISBS; ob. 17 ■ 

IM Itio-rn i:iO. n Jime* Beikelty, I. * h.K,G.i 1 




XVII. I73&— IV. 1736. S4. Anipittai BwMif, ft. i 

K.T. ob.l7S5. 

XVIII. 1755.— V. 1755. S5. Fivderkk AucMtot BwU 

and b. ob. 1810. 

XIX. 1810.— VI. 1810. 86. Tbomat Momon Flta-Hw 

Berkeley, t. and b.; pnmm 
aiMi Baron Bcrkalajr and 



I. 1658. l.Jobn Berkeley (younfer brotber of CI 

3nd Viicount Fiti-HardiiiKO in Ifob 
Created Baron Berkeley of Stratton, 19 
1658 ; Lord Lieut, of Ireland, 1669t ob. I 

II. 1678. 3. Charlei Berkeley, t. and h. ob. I683» 8. t^ 

III. 1689. 3. John Berkeley, broth, and heir, ob. 1687»1 

IV. 1697. 4. William Berkeley, brother and heir, ob. 1 

V. 1741. 5. John Berkeley, 9. and h. ob. 1773, l. P. 

the Barony became <E):tinCt. 



I. 1814.— I. 18S3. 1. Wm. Carr Beretford, natural m 

George Itt Marqueti of WateKb 
Ireland ; Created Baron Berecfo 
Albuera and Dunpinron, co. Waterford, 
3, 1814; Created VUcount Beretford of G 
ford, CO. Stafford, SR March, 1833.— Pr 
Baron and Viscount Beretford, G. C. B. 


Marquisatb, 37 July, 17'iC.— ^tinct 1765. 

Vide CuMBBBl 


1. 1630. Francii Norris Il.Sd Baron Norrii of Ry 
Created Viscount Thame and Earl of 1 
•hire, Jan. 38, 1630, ob. 1630, s. p. M. 
the Viicouiitcy and Earldom became ^p 

* At his Lordship is heir genend of Thomas BoleySf I 
Wiltshire, who wu Created &trl of Ormond in Ireleadt wi 
majnder to the heirt oj his body ^ 8 Dec. 1539, he proUly 
be considered to hare also inherited that dignity*— Sea 
obsenrations on the Barony of Berkeley, p. xxi, et mq. 


. LTbDmu Haoard, lit VNcouiit Anilov«r; Cr*- 
aicd Burl of Berkshire, b Feb. I6i6, K. G. 
ob. 1669- 

. S.CIi»l»Ha<rard.t,i<n<lb. lib. 1679 
Rlf79. S.Thumu Hovird, b rot b. and h. ob. l704i,B.rji; 
KnnS. 4. Henrr Bowpt Haoinl, grand nephtw 

btinE '■ ^"'1 1>- of Crmn, eldest Bon of Wm. 
Bowkrd, youtiger ton of Thainv lit Earl; 
on (he dealb of bit kintman Henry Howard 
)Oth Earl of Suffolk in IT«5, heiiucceKled to 
that (lile, to wbicb tbii Earldom hai since 
been united. Vid« Si^ffolk. 

>e reign of Hen. V. Richard Bernrn "had the re- 


|, L HU. I. Jobn Bourchier, fonrlh son of William Eari of 
Ewe byAnnetlau, of Thomas ofWooditock, 
DukeofGloUoeiter, eiMh loii ufKingEdw. 

III. Snmm. to Pari, by the title of ■■ John 
Eloarebier de Bemert, Chevalier," from 9S 
May, 33 Hen. VI. I4S5, to 19 Auf. 19 Edv. 

IV. 1478, K.G.qb. 147*. 
■ |tI4. 9. John Bourchier, grandBon and h. being i, ■ 

fa. of John BoBrebier (ob. v. p.}, eldest son 
Ibeliil Biinini Summ.ta Parl.from 14t)ct. ] 
1 1 Sei<. VII. 1495, to 9 Nov. SI Hen. VIII. ' 
IS93'*, ab.lM3,(.P. N. Jane,hitdaD. and 

HmnVIII, a JuDuy is 


dU to decide nho wai 
iT< been, that JoIiDlIia 
a( hit demise and iha 

il mirbi hate been Hiunphtey B 
neflbe WlBuD|],iuniDiDDed (rom bii 
B noenl^ knowti : bat ibis i> imlilnlj ' 
^ Wing bu Kamd natural 100, James ai9 
'^'-'-'-taWaif, sad whowr deMeodanti it 


title lay doriniinl until sllo«ciI to 

lutllMiiD* Bok Fn1iun,iitierani)ul(iai*ti 
II Id her brulbcr Tbumat Kt^vcl. ui 
nl Sir John Kny vet, K.U. (wluneRRiil- 
fifher. Sir Tbotn^ Knyvei, cd(iiii<"l ll 
niDjr, but died betolt ibc repon had ri 
the Koynl conSrnatioii), treM-greai 
grandian aod biir of th* ibiivc-aien 
Kdraund Knyvet and Jane Boxrcbiei 
and sule heir of iho lut Baran, and ■■ 
of John Harrif, EM|. mid lecondly of R 
Bokcnbain. By ■ Indgment of the He 
Lotdl, 30 May 17S0, ahe ntt di»Ur«d 
cpiilled to the ancient Barony of th 
ob. 1743, S. V. wbrii the B«r(»i7 M 
Aheyance kiweeii Elitilidh, wife of 
Wilion. Etq. ami Lury, wife. RnU ofT 
Holt, Gent, and «B«]nrilr of John FiUl 
daujchteri and cohein of John Knyn 
and heir of Tliamaa Kny»et, neil broti 
Sir John Knyvti. K.B. fatbir of tb 

rt Wikoo, of Didliopon and of Aib«clllhM 
, Eh), 1. nnd h. of Henry William WUiun, •( 
rnrjr Wilioii by Eliiabeih Knyvei, eldeit da 
if lb" aforeHid John Knyvet, ni eldett «ohe 
iinttTD of ilia Barony of Bernera linE pt«>cr 
t» Hit Unisily, priyinf; hiu to [Eraiiua' 
w pr (bi! awd Bitrony in his rHiout. 


I. Hen. I- I. William Bertram. 

11 Hen.lJ. % RufM UeriraiD, t. and h. lMn« 1 ITI. 

III. J<.h>.. 3. WlUlnm Deririm, i. mid h. ob. circa U 

IV. H. I!l.4. Racer lUrtram,!. and b.ub. IMI. 



Rogvr Bertram bis a. find b. was never Summ. 
to Parh and died 131 1, s. p. ii.; bis only 
dan. A^es dyin^ 8. p. the issue of his four 
sisters, the aunts of the said Agones, became 
his heirs. 



i llcii.IL Richard Bertram, livins 119^; to whom 

n. Mn. Robert Bertram i living 1S03. 

lILilca.llL Richard Bertram, s. and h.livincf 1315; bis 
BQCcessor was 

IT. Bm. IIL Rofer Bertram, oh. 1361. 

V. HcB. III. Robert Bertram, s. and h. oh. 1299, learinf^ 
Robert his g^ndson and heir ; but as neither 
the said Robert nor bis son Robert Bertram 
were ever Samm. to Pari, they cannot be 
deemed PMrs of the Realm. Helen, the dau. 
and h. of the last Robert, married Sir Robert 
O^Ie, Knt. 

Vide a note under Newcastle. 


^ 1687. James Fiti-James, natural son of K. James II. 
Created Baron of Bosworth, co. Leicester, 
Earl of Tinmouth, co. NurthumberUnd, and 
Duke of BerwicL-upon-Tweed, March 19, 
1687 1 Attainted in 1695, when his honours 
became iForfeiteH. 



*■ 1784. I.Noel Hill, Created Baron Berwick of Atting- 
ham, CO. Salop, 19 May 1784, oh. 1789. 

*' 178a. 3. Thomas Noel Hill, s. and h ; prcKcnt Baron 
Bernick of Attingham = 









M*»gu(»*TR, SG M»y IT08.— «cH«rt 17 

Vide I 



1. Algernon Pcrcjf, End B»n>n L-.ur»l 
wick i Created E»rl of Be.erley, 
tNor. l;90i pnieni £«cl of Be 
B«ron Louv.ine ^ 


.■■Ml 1> 



Hen. T 

. l.lUlerondcleBldun. 

1 ji. 

Heo.ll. 3. John de Bidiui, i. and h. IWioR 1 1< 

•Uon bii fire listen becme hi 


»Uuia Am; luiriKd Gerud de Lii 



F I. 


I.Thoraw Ho-srd Bind on. 2nd i on 
Vlll.-3d Duke of Norfolk, CreM. 
Blndiin, ca. Dnrsel, t3 Jan. 1559, 

1 II. 


t. Henry Ho»«rd, s. And li. ott. cint 


. l.^90. 

3.Tbcnnu Hu»«rd, brother «nd b«i 
1G10. s.P. when the title bcctiine 




I. Henry How.rd, i. and h, uppinnto 
4lb E«rl of Suffolk ; Created v.M 
roD Cheilcrrard, en. Eti«, iiid E 
d(iD,ca.UDr>e(, Dat.SO. i;06; » 
XUMb E«l orsuffulk, ub. 1718. 



3. Clinrle. William Hii«.r.l, i.uid fa. . 

SutTollt. Ob. 17S3. *. P. wiMu lb* 

Cbwleibrd and i^nrldun of Bind 





1. JUlurt Btiton I Created Burnt ( 
CO, VbA, July ai. 17(3, •». It; 
Wlwn U>c Rxruny bac*ui« 



p Fojt {asiuneil tbc name or) Lane, 

1D<1 «( Uarrlel, onlj ilui. Biid hrinn of 

"t Baron i Created Baron Itingley d[ 

.1:0. Vurk, U M*> nUS. olt. mj, 

s. r. wbon the tiilv tgua bccinie 



LJobndcDiriiio, ob. I3SS. 
, |.Ttiu>nM de Birkin. i. a.t\i h. ob. 1^30, G t. 
Inriog liabil bit «]s(er, wife u( Robert Je 
EvcringhaiDi bii belr> 


L M4M«r Bitet, livine 1 1 S3. 

. Mmq' U»Ei, ton and htrit, oU s. r. 

UoMy B)itt,nEpbe« and belr, Iiviiigll99i 

btt lucceuor WIS 

L lAm Biwt, ob. I3-)I. s. p. M. leaving b» thna 
dan^Un bi* bein. 



iti'n l« Klunti. 
K. T. i>ilbcit k Bluitd, win inil heir. 
I. WlUtini Ic Bliiiixl, ten and belr. 
L4. Cilbirl le Bluud, Nniw 1 165. 
^WiUiiunleBIuii.l,a.Mndl>. living llS.'i. 
e. WlUlMSi k Bluna.i. and b. billed at 'be battle 
^Uwu I36d,a.t. wbsnbUtwotlitenand 
hdn (band bii laudi. 

Tbomtit li Blaonl. tupposnlto bive deicended 
Itma tba abuv* tamJl* 1 Summ. to Pari, (row 
4Ik«.2UEdM.lLi33ti,U>lS Junei'JEdw.lII. 

<8 BLOUNT-^ftOHIlN. 

BAIOm BY WRIT. -t- •«< 

1388; iftM-whieb, Dofdalt t^v, « fi lif 

teen no mofe of bim." 

L 133a WtUfam le Bloont» Sobb. to PuL 
Jan. 4 Edw. III. 1880, to 18 Aoff. Ill 
1337» oil. 1837* 8. P. vhcn tUM BoiMf 1 
came tfj^nct. 

BOCUklia * 


L Hen. a LHo^doBocland^Ihrinf 1174; Ui 

H. John. S-WilUatedeBoctand^olK 191ft, M.iilM| 

hit dan. and heir,nMirriedRoheft dtlMfl 




ViscouNTCY, 83 July 1679^— <^nct 17^ 




1. 1309. 1. Henry de Bodri|ran, Lord of Bodrigai, CO 
Cornwall, Pari. 86 Oct. 3Ed«.D 
1309, but nerer afterwards, nor any «f Uj 
descendants, and who were no loofer 
amongf the Barons of the realm* 



I. Will. 1. 1. Humphrey de Bobun came into Enf^land wii 

the Conqueror. • 

II. Hen. I. 8. Humphrey de Bobun, s. and b. oh.. . 

III. Hen.lL 3. Humphrey de Bohun, s. and h.; Steward ft 
« Henry I. married Mar^ret, dau. and wM 

U '^* mately coheir of Milo Earl of Herefordial 

1187. ^ 

IV. Hen.U.4. Humphrey de Bohun, s. and b. Btj^ed £■! i 
,^'^i\ ' Hereford.— Constable of England. f 

V. John. S.Henry de Bobun, s. and h.| Created EMli 

Hereford, anno 1 199« Vide 


I. Jubn 4« BohoD, Suniin. to l>«rl. from I 

37 E4«. HI. \M3, (u SO Jan. 30 EAw. III. 
I.M61 " Juhanni iIe liubuu ila Uidbunt," i>b. 
\S61 ; he left htue milr, nthoie ileEMiiiliiat* 
ronilimed until ihe reign of Henry VII. but 

M b*rvu* of tbe Kcaloi. 

LQ. 2.Wah« de Bolebtc, bratber anil h. ob. a 
II8&.«.P-W. It»»<liu. aiiJheir,!! 
R«b«n il« Vcrr. E>tl ol Uifo/d. 


■.L 1. Hosb dc BsUbec, preiumcd ot tha above !»• 

P ■■ R 0. 9. WiOicf Bolebec, i. and b, ob. ante 1 1 M. 
\ HL Mn. & Waller Dnlebec, >. and b. ub. cirra I3D4. 1. 1 
. I>-H.tll. 4.HarbBiiI*b«c. brotbtr and b. ob. I3«l,(.v, 
iMtlftj; bU (out dauebtiri bU heln. 

B4R04IT, II Fotiruar} nB». 

Vida Sackvillc 



■on (Ibc eldut hmvinf dud & K 11.) if tk 
Ibelut Earl; ob. I68S, •.?. 

111. 1688. 3. Paulet St John, broiber uid b. «b. ITIt, til 
wheo the Eirldom bcuma 
*iic. Cj^BCU 

1. 171S. !■ Henry St. Jubn, ion of Henr; I, Viwoatll 
John. Creaied Baron St, Joho of bdW 
Trccoie, co. Wilti, and ViKonnt Mh^ 
broke, CO. Lincoln, *itb remunder, fdh| 
bi*)*)iwii)alr,totbc iiiDe W4le of hi* hHn 
T July, 1713. Attainted IIM, irfaeiihlito- 
noon bc»nie JFoT^tcb. RMtored in UmI 
only I1S5; ob. ITSl,s.r. 

H. IT31. 9. Frederick St. Jobn, Sd ViMuant St. Itta, 
nepbew and hrir; lucceedcd to bit UDdA 
hanoun, in canlequenee of tbe limtullM 
preventing Ibe Attainder affedinK hi* intMM 
in tlioiG dignitiei arier hii unele'i iUM^ 
being I. andb. af JobnSdViiooantSt.JM 
■on of Henry lit Viieount, father of thaW 
ViicBoIinxbrokei ob. 1787. 

III. 1787. 3. George 3i. Jnbn, t. and. b. Present Viieotfl 
"Suiingbro" '" - - ■ ■ 


3. ChulM Pkulfl, >. anil h. Lonl Lieut, ot lit 

tend lTI»i K.G.i oi>. iI93. 
3. Cbul** Paulel. t. unil h. K.G. ab. 1754, s, p. 
4.R«tr Piulat, broiUef and b.ob. 1759- 
& Chwie* PnuUt, t. anil 1>. KB. ob. Ii65, &F.t 
K-Hury Paulai, bru. anil 1>. ob. 1794, s.p. m 

LTbomuOrdc (uiunied tht TiBmc uf] Paulel, 
bn>t>utda(J»iiMii7, natural •l>u.<irCLiirlH 
Blh Duke uf Hullon. CnXcd B*rau Bullon 
of Boltau Cut1«, CO, York, Oci. it}, 1797 i 
oh. 1807. 

S. WiUUni Orile Paulet, i, uid h. Preseiit Baron 

l.GUbrri ie Dulum, living i ICi. 
t. Walur dc Boliim, (>l>. i^ c. M. All 


WtlUun Bontlli! ; Suinnl. to Patl. from 93 
Stp. Sa Henry Vt. 1449. to 30 July. 38 
Henry VI. 1460, u " WilliHmo BDi>e<rile, 
Donlnu Bunctile ISi di Cbuion), ChTri" 
ak. 1480, leaving Cecily, hit Krnt |traiid-d>u. 
bU balr ; tit, d*u. nntl beir ot WlUiiim Bon- 
tito, Lord Kmrrinp'>n jure matri* (nb. vlla 
»t). «. uid b. of Wllliitm BonvilH (ob. vitu 
inuii), (Ulrtt con uf the B»rDti. Tbe »id 
Ctoilf ia*rrled, 1i|. Thoniia Grry, Harqueo 
of Donri, by wbuin (ha b*dlHii<ii and Sndly, 
Hei.ry St.lTurd, Eirl o( WilltVuie, »lio died 
■■. I'. Tbi> Barony coaliriiml merged in iha 
Harijuiiaic of Panel and Dokednm o( Sof- 
folk unttl ibe nuaiiidcr at Ucory Cny, Uuka 
at SuKulk, in 1SS4, when, vrilh bit other 
honun, It <M»aaii; 






L nVii 1. John Parker. Created Baron Borinfrdon of Bi 
ringdoD, co. Dcrooy 18 Maj, 17d4; ob. 1781 
& 1788.— I. 18IS. S.John Parker.t. mod b. Createiiyi 

count Boriugdon of North Moh»' 
CO. DeYon, and Earl of Morley, 3 
Sept. 1815. Present Viscount an 
Baron Boringdony and Earl 
MorJey. =p 


Baroky, 13 June, 1720. 

Vide Falmouth. 


ViicouNTCY, 24 December, 1698— ^]Ctinct 1754. 

Vide GRAMTUAia« 


I. 1761. 1. Sir William Irby, 2d Baronet. Created Bar 

Bustuii uf Bostun, co. Lincoln, 10 April, 17 ^ 
ob. 1775. 
IL 1775. S.Frederick Irby, s. and b. Present Baron 0< 

ton. =T= 


Barony, 19 March, 1C87— IForftitCb 1695. 

Vide Bebwick* 



]. Heu.I. I.Ralph Buteler, called "Radulphus PincerD 
de Le^recestri^," beinjc Butler to Robef 
Earl uf Leicester. Settled at OYersleyy c£ 
Warwick; ob 

II. John. S.Robert Uoteler, s. and b. living^ 1225; ob. ..•< 

S.Maurice Botelcr, s. and b. living 1245;ob««*' 
• Ralph Rotcler, s. and b. ob. ante 1277. 
William Butelcr, s. and b. ob. 1283. 
John Botelcr, s. and b. ob. 1286, s. p. 
Gawiue Boteler, bro. and b. ob. s. r. 

■ Plicar 


E Un. a. William Botcler, bra. DcJ fa. Sunm. t 

■ ItoRi «6 Aag. 94 Edw. t. 13S6*, <□ 10 Oct. 

. IS £■!■•■ II- Uiii oh. iS34. 

I UH. ).Wi1U»i Bolder, >. ind b. «» sever Summ. to 

1 P«l.; ..t.. ISC I. 

|l UtI. laWilliaai Bulrl^r. ■. anil h. SuDini. (o Pnrl. S3 
Fell. 4S F:.I». til. I3G(1, xriil 6 April, 43 
EdH. III. 13<i3i ob. I3b'9. $.1'. M. EllikUeita, 
!»• >uIe dju. und htir, married, 1. RolierC 
F-irvni £. Sir Juhn S*]ri and 3. Tliomai 
Muliiiion. Hrr »>d fir<t huibanH, Rob»t 
Firrcri, apprart to have poiteised the Ba- 
runy, » be wai SuiDni. lo Pari. n« " Robert 
Krtrer. d« Wemiiie," from 1376 lu ISIS. 
Oil b*r marriage with Thuma* Mulintoii, lis 
ftyleil himacl' '* Biron ol Weinnip." but *iu 
nwirt SDiuni. lu Pari; nor 
ibai tliE bjil iMue h_v ciilicr 
tbiril liutbaiiil. (U Ilial llila JJ«ruiiy ii proba- 
bly ill AiKTAncc between (he rppreient alive* 
(i( ber titu (lauehci *•> Robcri Ter 
ViJe Fe. ■' 


I W<Ii|i« B»(e1ef, m ynuDfter ton ufWilliaiu ll^^ib Ba-1 

M&'ifleTnf Wsncne, l.aring mirriedJuaii, aider, aiid 

•Mrly tele U uf Jobii Lord Smile}', ia eoniidered 

t Wtuaie DaruK Boteler uf Sudley, but neiihet faef 

I Hiu and lirir ThoiDiu, or lib graiiiliuii John, wera 

iniDDiiett tu Pailianieiii. 

I.EjIcIi Bnelpr. bro. and heif of Ji 

trlt latl neiitioiied. and jtraiidauii orMk 
*aid William Boleler, by .toao Sudley, C' 
sted by Patent Baruii Sudley ut SuUley, i 

fc bMi oHbi Holelo atV/rnagloa, relative to t 
a lliat tliii WUliiin BoUlFt <•» K 
id tli Edward HI. but OD relFTriDg If 
•ppein tliac •> wa* lib halfbrollier. niiiiam 
If, aW mi •umnHMiHl in thou jean ; but lh«t 
(.lali™ V. the &mily uf BoUtei U veij eonftu«l. 

74 BOTBfiitti— BCIIUltHJKi', 

Glouewctr. 10 Sept 1441 |«b. 1«|i, 
when tht Tltk bMMn 




I. Ueo. II. Robert le Boteler, fo nunvd friMi May 

ler to Ralph Earl of CiMtter, Uvtag I IM 
left itstte Robert, bat nochhiff futhi 
known of tbem ontU 

II. Jobn. WQliantteBoteler, who waiHvinf temp. ^ 
BY warr, hit •oecettor wat 

I. 1995. Witllam le Botekr, who wai Sanai. to 
S3 Jane, f3 Edw. I. 1S88» and S6 Ab| 

Edw. I. 1896* ; ob John le Bm 

bit t. and h. is said by Dogdale, vol. 1. p. 
aiid in bis '* Index Baronuoi Sunsinonlt 
bus," to bare been Surnm. to ParL In 
14tb Edward II. but bis naoie does not o 
in either of the Writs of Samnona fivi 
that Autbor'a list in that jear ; after w 
they do not appear ever to have been 
sidered as Barons of the Realm. 



I. 1308. 1. John de Botetourt, Summ. to Pari, froa 

March, 1 Edw. II. 1308, to l3Sept.l8 Ed« 
1334; ob. 1324. 

II. 1394. 8. John de Botetourt, prandion and heir, beii 

* He was also tummoned 8 June, 89 Edirard I. 1894, aai 
Jan. 95 Edirard I. 1997; but it is doubtful if either Writ ca 
considered as a reg^iilar Summons to Parliament. Vide F 
John and Clyvsdon. It is also stated, that both this Wil 
le Botcler, and William le Boteler of Wemme, were sumoM 
96 Jan. 94 Edw. I. 1996, (the other Writ of that year b 
merely a summons to be at Newcastle with horse and anni 
which, howerer, die name of Boteler does not occur,) bafcM 
name b only to- be found once in that Writ, and ihao wil) 
any descriptire addition, it is difficult to determine to whidl ^ 
Iw le Boteler it was directed. 

WlTKroCar— BOTHAL, 7S 

luiil li' u[ Ttiiiing(4 BtilelDUrl (ub. v. p.), eldrtt 
a. -( the toit Bimni Siinim. to Part. I'nJin 
U Veb. le E'l«. Itl. 1.14?, lo 3 Feb. <> Ric IL 
l3>Si ob. IJHa, kRviiig JufM, mite iif S)r 
Ua^h Biirncll, Kul. hit grunddaugblir and 
brir *>>. dAu. and hirlr of J.iha BolFtnurt (ob. 
>. p.] rld"i t.i(> of Ihe Ian Biron. Tlic miU 
iofve dird s. r. in U06, »lien ib« Bxruay i*ll 
ililu AtBTUca twiweeii ilie tbrce dauRbun 
otJvlixibD tutBinin («hi)died in I38i>), *it. . 
AEier.»l>omarri>fd....Kyrieli lt,jc<f,wi(rut 
Sir Baldwin Frrvil, and, tecoiMy, iifSir Adam 
de Pvihallj nnd Kaihirine, wbn luarried 
kUTirice dr BttkeUy. Il conlinutd in ibac 
■tain unliJ I7&t. oben ihir L'rnwn wns plcued 
la ifnnitia<e tW Abevoce in favuur uf 

L 3. Nofbome Bi^rkelcf , ihe lineal drscenJant and 
heir 0( Ibeiaid Maurice de Berkeley and Kalbe- 
riaaBoutouMi h« wuSumni.tu Pari. at Baron 
B.>liPtiHin Apnl 13, n6ii nb. lT7ti,t.F. oben 
the Barat7 ajain Tell into Adkyince, and )o 
eunilnued Dutil lg03, wben il wa* terminated 
in (armir vf 
I. tlmrj SamnTt>-l, 5lb Duke of Beaufort, one of 
the cuheirt: be being •. and h. oF Cb>r|p<i, 4(h 
Uukp of, by Eliiabelh (nba died in 
>:99}. ttaler and lole heir of Nurbocne ibe lait 
Lard. Hi« Craee oblaiiied a ounHrmalian of 
tbe bmny at Botetourt to him and the lielra 
at hit liody by Patent, 4 June, 1803, K. C; 

•b. leoi. 

I S. Ueari CbariM SoiDereeT, i. and b. Sih Duke of 
Bnnfort. K. C. Prcieat Barun Botetourt, 



Ytit * N.i'e undM NswcaiTLf . 


hh ncrecior was 

III. Her. 111. Wl.iiTa i* B :reiux, liiing: 1232, 

IV. Hec. lil. F^rr^-Ii ^f R.t-eiCT. bro. Mid 

\^ .'.■ ITT. it F. 'Tfzzx. bis *. and \ 
r TT.. •: z i *2 .r ::0], but nti 
^^ . :-TL Lt ByreiLx bit son, i» 
lo-if) were crcr (soimoDed to Par 

I. I36IL I. WiKima Bvtrean, %. and h. of 

Emvpscil. fast ■ c at iDped (tifao dii 

Somm. TO rul froa « FeK 49 Ed 

to : StTC. 14 Ric II. 1S.9I •; ob. 1 

IT. 1^1. C WiDT&iE BkiCT&iiL, ft. md h. ob. 139 

HI. I<(5>C .%. Wi.ri&ic K-cmGi., ». mnd b. Sni 

irom 1 IVr. 14 Hen. IV. I41S, 

I £c«. n. 14t;i; ob. 1469, t. P 

Ma-pirK bs dra. anil beir, and 

berseh: «* Muf uvia Ehi'a Botra 

inRmfL RftteT^. i^ Baron Unn|:«rlbrda wb 

rrfdi»c ir :tn» Bampr: but bRB^ attahitc 

n. roprbfir •itl W «:bcr bonoan, becam 

Thnm»^ Hsn^erfn?^ bs a. and b. vai noc 

r*»ftrii»fH: ft bH fa bK^» bimw», bnt be n 

»*r»inrpr ii i4f;f liir dncbtcr and beir M 

S^ kI 2?i-*"'' — created Earl o^ 


a >ll>eb tllfnLly tbil Barony, irilli ihos 
■jprtxd, HMtlnei, knit UullnM, cuntliiued mergad u 
■& ilHiih ol Fnnck, XXVlI.-IOih Eul, s. e. i 
TVti}, ahcn tbry dcvulvad on Eliiabelh, bis sucai 

W, u>d ibef *rc now veitcd in brr son Francit. 

imaul U&rt)u<u of UMIingi, Biron Butreaui, Hatl. 

uiis lloH^rford, aiiij Moliuet, Jic. Vide H«$riNas 


i IMS. l-fUbcrl B<nirahl«r, Summ. tu Par!, fniiii 

Feb. lb' Edw. lit. 1343, tu 10 March, 93 
EM*. [11. 1349; ub. l3-)9. 
k J319. ZJohnBourcbiar,*. a[i(lli.9umKi. la PMl.fruan 
lttJul;,5R<c 11. 1381, 10 31) Sept. I Hen. IV. 
1399i xb. MUO. 
L Itun. 3. Buiboloincw Bourcliicr, *. and ti. Suntio. lo 
Part, fratn 9 S«pl. I Utn. IV. UOO, id 3« 
OoL II Uco. IV. WVi ob. HiH), «. p. M. 
£lliah(ib Boarcbiir, bii aole dau. and b. 
B>«rricd firal 
Sir Hueh SUJord, wlio wu Summ. 
Imoi SI Sept. la Hun. IV. 1411, toS;^Manfl 
3Hcn.V.t41&, u" HugoiiiSiairurd,-' itiU 
But any dralenaliun ahEWing that ' 
SuMmvncd a> itaron BuurebUri ob. . 
and bla widDW, the tild Elilabclb, dau. and Jb 4 
«( Bartbulomtw ibe lait Baron, baving t*--* 

WU&. &t Le«i> Rabterl, K. R. Im waa SumiD. M - 
ParLlruiD S4 Feb. SHen.VI. H35.tu 3 Au|;. 
7 ll(n. VI. 1439, " " Ladonica Robcttart. 
CbTl" DD)y i u b^l43l . s. p. and bia widM* 
E[li4ti*Tb aboie-menlioited dying in 1433, ' 
•.p. ttili Baruny dcoNrd upon 
LlOL 4. HiiTr BnniThier, Earl of Ewe in Normandy, i 
' a and h. of William Earl ol Ewe Tby AnnV 

Plantafienitt, dui. and h. ol Thoroa. Duke olif 
r.loaniter,yoan|>eit aon o( Kins Edw. 111.^ 
rIdcM ion o( William Baurchivr, nent bniC 
oT Jubn llrSd Baron. Summ. lo Pari, rrom m, 
Jitijt 13 Hen. VI. 143S, lo IS Jan. 53 lien \^ 

£Z* ««i al Mhn u •• llmrtro Biiureihirr, 0>Y^ 
^^Hwricu BoDribcbicr (ds B.xirf-hcbier] i" " 
u fMl. U "Hcnrloo VicecoDilii Elixirf^hcbrer," 
2m, » Han. VI. H4G, to 33 M^y, I F^». T 
^^MH4 ^'I of ^*K* ^ '■"■''■ >4SI. K- G. in whla 
dtowtt* tl>>* Barony continued mcrerd until ihf demii 
«rHw)T XV^Vd Earl of Emr, in IS39. vben i( * 
^,j)«lil on Ann bli ule ilau. uhI b. nbu married Wlllii* 
flktri Earl of EiHi, Uar iMuc bring itirgiiiinaird b; 
AM of I**rl> Ibli Barony on bar death drvulted on Wll 
Mr Dtnreui VIIL Barun Fcrrert of Cbartlcj. hrliit* 
urf b. of Jobn DBremii VIL B^ron Ptrren oC Cbarib] 
by OMlIf, •i«ler and evriilnally lole h. of Henn tV 
laat Earl of Enai and Vl.-4tb Baron Bourchier. Tiw 
XkM period tb« Barony of Banrrhirr maj be coniidin 
to bavo been united to that of Firrrra oF Clianlty, ■* 
«)tb it to baTB fallen Into Abbvancb on lb* 4Mth t 
Robert XI. Baron Ferrer* of Cbartley and Earl of IM 
In 1G4S, a. p. beiwten bi) too iliiert and cobdfi, ri 
FraiiMi, wife of William Marqaeii of Hertfonl, anlOl 
rothy, wife a( Sir Henry Shirley, Bart. Tbb BanqP' 
now ill Abey«nce between ibe repreaentatiTCi ef tl 
•aid France! and Dnrolby i tIi. Anna Ellia Paa bH i 
Buckingham and Chaiidot, ai beir {enenl of FranCM t 
aldeit coheir, and tbe Harquera Townafaand, ibt Nf) 
aentative of Dorotby the younfer coheir, Tlie lata H 
qaeai Townibend being beir general of Sir Robert 8bM 
frandton of the laid Dorothy, luceecded ai Banm VMH 
of Chartley, tbe Cruwn having, in ISTTi tanalMtad I 
Abeyance of Ihal B.4roTiy in fsTDur of the alU StrKaMl 
but tbe Barony of Buurchier doea not a[^aar to hi 
been talcen out of Abeyance on that occaalon, tbo«|l 
ia generally •oeoiiiideredi and thia difnily I* (be(M 
ohen erroneouily attribuled la tbe Harqueu Towtaho 
Tbe Viacountcy of Bourcbier it preiunwd to baM 
eome 4E)tinn on the deaih uf Henry XV.rSd Ball 
Eaaca, wben i he beir* male of iba &r«t Vlicouiit MM 



I. ITI 1. I. Cbarlet BoyU. 4lb Eari of OtTMj in JnlH 
Cruled Baron Biiyle ol Ifantoii, oo. Sm 
•*l,5S-|rt. 1711; ob. 1737. 





t Sib Earl gl Cork in 

ti Himlltun B"jle, Sit (uti (Charlei ihe rld»t , 
t. U'liif! died V. F. *. r. M.), E*rl of Cork 
Md Omn In IrrlnHJ j ub. 1TG4, s.r. 
L 4. Umuad tiayle. hair br... aod hrir, £i 
Curfc and nrrvrj in Ireland, ub. I79B, 
W. S. Edmund Buyle, •. and b, Prt-tent Barun Buyl^^ 
aUnEarlofCorkaitdOrreiy Inlrrtand. ^m 


iflti. Lnonui Eprtati; Cnaied Barun iiF Ellc»- 
MFrr.Julf 17, leol, and V>>t Brackiey 
nf BnrUry. ra, NorlhanipiKm, Nov. ;, 1616. 
L. H. CbanclSSGi ab. 1616. 
Itlt. S.Juliii EtenuD, •. and h. i Crciied Eai 
|Iridc**at>r 97 Mh}, IGITi ob. 1649. 
i ICtft 3.Juba Eicfton, «. and h. Earl of BridEtwaicf ; , 

oil. IAB6. 
< IMC. 4.Jolui EccKon. *.andb. Eul of Bridceiialer; 
«b. 1701. 
1- mi—LilVl. i.8cri>opoEe»tlon,Earlo(Bridetnateri 

^ Created Marquett of Brackley artd I 

DDkrutltndgexier.Juiie I e, I ; 30,11 
■ Vtacouni'7 dcTDlwd dn Julm William VIII. ItiP 
*r - 

Vide Brio 


tin. Thiimti dr BrtiMon, Summ. In Par), from 95 
F>h. Id Ed*. 111. IS4^,ia 3 April, 34 Edw.!)). 
1360, «ben lie died, leaving hi* fnait 
Thoma* hit bclr. wbo did iiuc I'Oic lurii 
kavlnf a dau. and b. wife of Wnller de 
FoU i In wboie deieendanti ibU Bmoujp 



lfi94. 1. Fraocii Newport, Itl Vmmb SMvpaici 
jUcdEwl orBffa4fBi4» 11 Magr. leiMi «b.l 
1708. 8. Rkhanl Newport, &udlk oh. l7flL 

I7SS. 3. Hraiy Newport, ■. ud k. obL 118^ ib A )U 
1784. 4.Ricliefd Newport, bcouudkobL-.. •.a 
17... SbTlMMMi Newport, kitKud k •hwlMi^ a 

wheaallMihoMNnibieeaM |fj 



1.1794. 1. Sir Hcoiy Bri4cMaa, 9d But. •• 

of Sir Oilaado Bridgniao, hy 
port, iiiter aad mntMttv mI 
TboflMt the lest Beili Cneti 
Bradford, eo. Selop, 18 Aug. ITHl 
BABLS. ob. 1800. 

n.l800.VI.1815.3.OrlAado BrldgeoMD, t. end b. ; Created 

Vitcoant Newport end Bert of Bnidferi» 
both ca Salop, Sept. SO. 1818. PriBt 
Earl and Barvn Bradford^ Vitcoiint New* 
port, and a Baronet. =*= 



I. John 1. Robert de Braibroc, ob. ISIS. 

II.MeD. III.S. Henry de Braibroc, ■. and h. oh. 18SS, bBviep 

married tbe dau. and h» of Wytchard LedeiB 

bit eldest son 
IIL HenJIL 3. Wyscbard assumed the nameof Ledet,ohl94l» 
IV. Hen.III.4. Walter Ledet, s. and b. ob.8. p. m. his 

daughters being bis heirs. 


Barony. 3d NoYember, 16] 3.. 
€^intt 1645. 

Vide RocHBmuu 


ViiCOUNTCV, 83 Joty, 1673. 


ITIl. l.Jtniri Hamilton, 4ili Duke of HamUtun t| 
Srullaiiit ; Crexled Baron of Duttur 
Ch«lrr, ind Ouke ol BraiiHun, cu. Su 
8>pt, 10, 1711, K.G.1 ab. ITI3. 
I7lt.- 1. Jimr«Harailiun, Laiiil h. Diik« of HstoitlDn 
inSeuilMiiJ, K.T. dU 174!. 

. IKL 3. Jitnct Hamilion, *. iiid li. Duke of HamilCon 
inftcoiUud.oh. 1768. 
ITSC A.Jtmn George U ami I tun, i. and lieir, Duke of 
Hamiliuii In ScoiUud, ub. ITti9, s, p. 

, I7C». G.I>t>u|lM HaiDJIlon, bro. and bait. Duke ul 
Uanitton tn SM>iland, ob. 1799. «. r. 

f UN. & Archibald HNiuillan, uncle aud b. beiiie next 
broih.'r 111 Jamet 3d Duke. Duke it Hamil- 
iu» m Scodind, ub. IStg. 

t IIIR. 7-AI*undrr Haoiillun, t.. and b. PreKiil Duke 
al Bnuiduii, and Barun Duiton in Englaod i 
Duke of Himdlon, &e. in Scuilandj -~ 
Duke oICb>iclbcr4uli in France. =F 


f-l*n. 4.GI1M de Brtatr. Bitbop uf HerEfurd, Sd M 

I oh. WIS, a. r. 

» H- ML 1. ]t>()nald d* Braote, bro. and h. ob. 1331. 

I**. I. Jabn dc Brao», niph-of Cil« Bitho)) ot U 
ford, kliova mtntloned, ob. 1331. 


MttCnrt lY WRIT. 

1. 1S99. 3. WilliaiD de Braote* •- ud k 

from S9 Dee. i8 Bdw. I. Itgit to 
16 Bdw. n. 13«. Hfl wai alM 
June, n Edw. 1. 1)94, and 98 Jaa. 1 
lS97f bat for the rmwom astlgiii 
«* Clyvedow •• and «« Fm- John," It ii 
If either of tboM Wrica ean ba eem 
I a reipdar Sumvona to Pari. % obk Mt 

I'W 4^ leaYins Allra, wife of Jobs da HSm 

^ • Joan»wifeof JohndaB9bm,orifld 

daagbten and heirt» batween «lna 
anu and repretentativea tUa Bam 
tamad to be In Abbyancb. 


I. 1349. l.Tbomaa de Braote, bro. and h. of Pr 
bro. and heir male of William the lai 
Summ. to Pari from 95 Feb. 16 f 
1343, to 15 July, 97 Edw. III. 12 
1361, leaving two tont, John and 
the former then 99 years of a^. 
dying s. p. soon afterwards, the said 
his brother, became nis heir : he d 
statem, leaving Joane, bts sister^ 
upon whose death, 8. p. this Barony 



I. 1599. I.Edmund Bray, Summ. to Pari, front 
91 Hen. VIII. 1599, to 8 June, 98 U 
1536; oh. 1539. 

IL 1539. 9. John Bray, s. and h. Summ. to Pai 
Nov. 37 Hen. VIII. 1545, to 91 Ocl 
1555; ob. 1557* 8. p. leaving hissia s 
heirs, via. Anne, wife of George Lord i 
Elisabeth, who married I. Sir Ralph 
and 9. Sir Richard Catesby; Fridisn 
of Sir Percival Halt t Mary, who ma 
PeGkhanifEsq.; Duruthy, wife, first of 
Lord Cbandos, and secondly of Will] 
Knollys ; and Frances, who BMr* Th 
Aeld, Esq. between whose deacend 
represenutivea this Barony la In Al 



I.JabD CHffin nriffiii, 4ih Birgii Honaril df 
Wkftleni CrralFd lArd e>*}bro(.k?, Biiruiior 
Bn^bruoke, ru. NurthRmpioii. Se|ii. b, i~,m, 

Ritbinl Aldwvnli Ni-Tilli:, Eai|. -. uK I'gT- 
ST. S.Rirbard Aldtvrib Nevill* (nuumcil the ii*nie 
Bf) GriOin. Prcwat Baruii Bnyliruukt. ^ 

I I.JnbiiCampWti. 4<h Earl t>r B read &I banc in 
ounb Cattle, CO. fErtb, Ni>v.4, IKOG. Pre- 
trxtlUfuii UmdalbaiiriiiUo Earl ofBrudal- 
bane, Ac. in Scoilaod. =^ 


Foolkedt BnBnl,vb.clrra,WSa, 5.r.M.: Evr, 
hit utic dau. and beir, mairieJ Llcwlcyu 
Prioec of Nurtli Walei. 


I. jMnn Bullir, lit Marquei* otOrmond in Ire- 
land: Cnaicd Baron Bxller, of Lanthunjr, 
w. Muomuutb, and Earl of UrEcknoek m 
WaU*. W Julj, IGdOi Created Duke of 
OraioiiJ ill Irtland ii> Ifitil i Created Duke i>( 
OrutHid. 9 Nur. ICH'J, K. G. i uti. 1688, 
Vide OwoNiv— JTacfClttb IT15. 
E»LDOM, IbAug. IB13. 


• l.l^riek RuihTH orRutliven, Earl a( Torili ii 
Seoiland. Creited Eir> of Breniroril, cu 
Ulddlraei, Miij =7. IM4 i ub. 1651, K. i'. M 
•hmi tbe EatidiiRi bfcamt: 

. ^&*^- Created Bari . ^b. \W»» 

IV. le*"- \,^^s. 5„o„, E6«t»n. ;^JJ^ .„a 


. -43 SJ"'"' ^Eicertou, bro. "'* ** 

^ !*• V,48 6.»^s «hii. the Puk«?V'» ^ 


heir male . ^ 

Surt of BridRf wJiter, \ iscoun^ 
jjiroii of li:UtM»oiere. 


', I.Jnhn Diebj. Ut Bsnin DiRb)-; Crvtited Earl 

of Briilxl Sept. 15, I694i Ob, Ki&.l. 
I. S. Gnrxe Dighj. >. iiid h. K. G. ub. r6T6. 
i, S.John Dighy, I. HiiU b. Db. 1698. s. f. when all 

hi! hOoon ht^TIIBIC 

I 1. Juhn Hrrvev. Iti Baron HFrTey of Ickvorth ; 
CrcitrtI i:irlofBr>stul]uOci.l7l4> ub.lTbl. 
I. S. Gtotft William Mervey, graiidioii and heir, 
be>i>e t. and b. ul Juhn Hervey [ob. v. r.) 
(Ideil ton o( ihe Inn Eirl. Lurd-Lieut. uf 
Inland, ob. I7S5, s. p, 
I. 3. AoKuilui John Hcrvty, broiUer and beir, ob. 
ms. »■'■ 

(. 4.Fredrrick AuguUut Hrnej, bro. nnd heir; 

tnererded in 1797, at 5th Baron Ho»atd de 

Wil>)«n. BLihopuf Derry. ob. 1803. 

I. S. Frtd-fick William Hrrvey, Sd ton nnd heir 

1 (John Auguitui Herrsy, ihe eldeit 

ilird V. P. Iraving a duu. and mle heir, 

arripd th> BamnyotHooard .le Wiilden 

to the fimily ut Eltii). Preaenl Earl a( Brit- 

d Baron H«r*ey, ^ 


Junr, 33 Eflw. 1. 1305 i Created Earl of Ricb- 
B>u>i<lin I303i Db.iuunKttennardt, S.- "^ " 
b» honun b-came 

. l.WflliamBriKrre.ob life. 
tlWinUm Brtwere,«.aadh.ob. I!3?, i 
Ing kit Bve aiiiert hit bcirt. 





1. 179& >• Georgfl Brodrick, 4th VlieoanC Middlctoo i 
Ireland ; Created Baron Brodrick of PbpM 
Harrow, co. Surrey^ with mnaiiidert fcun 
iMue male, to the heira nale of bit faih« 
May 98, 1796. Prttcnt Baron Brodrick 
alio ViKouat Middlcton in Inlaiid*^ 


VitcouxTCYi SO Janei 1753. 

Vide CoutWALUA 


B%llOS »Y WRIT. 

1. 1449. Henry BrorofleCe, t. and b. of Ttiomai Bron* 
Arte, by Anastatia, dau. and heir of Sir Ed- 
ward Si. John, by Aiiastatia, dau. and eubeir 
of WiUiam de Aion, Baron of Vetci ; Suma, 
to Pari M " Henrieo Bromflet, Militi^ Do- 
mino de Veuy,** by a Special Writ, dated 
24 Jan. 27 Hen. VL 1449, with limitation of 
that honour to the hein male of bii body, 
bt'mf: the first and only initance uf the kind; 
Summ. to Pari, from the above year till 88 
FcbL 6 Edw. IV. 1466. Ob. 1468, 8. p. m. 
when the Barony became 


■\^^, 1 rka.#*^**"^«.«ndl>-of'^^l^»«l<'«^»onof 

iCiV. i.r^ ivike GrrriJJe, by Eliiabeth, dau. and 

i^*^ Kdwarxl WilJoo^bly (oh. ▼. p.) ton and 

- . ^-A i ^ .Ir " "•«> for genealqrical writen to oon- 
^A- ^ '" "' ^UIunlon., that ytuy » the pra|Mr 


bdr ot lti>bcrt. Sil B*nin WiUoQ^.b)' d« 
Brvkei Cr«>inl Biirun Bmske of Bnu- 
cliaaip'a Caun, eo- Warwick, with nniam- 
ikr, biliue bii iuue male, lu Ruberl Grevlllr, 
M« wd beir or PuUu, ua\y tun of Rubcrt 
Grrrrll>h<« uncle, s-J«>'.l6Sli; ob, 1630^p. 

IL ClUbcn Grrtrillc above menlioned. auceveiled, 
■ereeablr fo tbe »id limiUlion : oli. IG49, 

I. 3. Fnaci* GreviHe, f. and h. ob. 16.. , g. p. 

,. CRiDbntCiTTille, bru. andbeir, ob. 1076,8.p.h. 

I. li.FulkeGreville, bra. and heir, ob. 17)0. 

Il 6.Fullc«GrcvUle,c^anilianandb«ir, being «. and 
h. of Franeit GrevUle (ob. v. r.) tldeil aun of 
the (aU Baron, ob. 1T1 1 , s. r. 

1. T.WiUiaaiOreriUF.bro. and heir, ob, 1737. 

■ LniS-e-Fraacll Girrille, t. and h. : Created 
Earl SraukeurWarwickCaaile.T July, 
1746, and Earl of Wurwick ST Nuv. 
ITW, K.T.i lib. 17-3. 

'II. ITT^ g.Otorge GrenDe, s. and h. Etrl of Wlf- 

■IlLlBlfi.lO.Henry Richard Grevllle, luii and beir. 
Pment Rarl and Baron Brooke, and 
Earl ol tTanrjck. =p 


I.^Bravnlow Cuit. 4tb Cre- 

a(«d Bamn Bruonluw of Belion, cu. 
Uncoln, so May, 1776 i ob. 1807. 

•I. tSI*. S.JohnCoW, «,andh, Creaied Viicouiit 
Albrd or Alfotd, m. Uneoln, and Earl 
Bnwnlow, Sept. 30, IBIS. Preaent Earl 

and Baran Brow niof- "' •.«—-■ 

anil a Saranci. ^ 

. l.R«b*ft At Briw, Lord of Skellon and Anan- 
dabi ob 1141. 
«.Ailam 4e Un», a. and h. «b. I ISl 


m nucft. * 


IIL H. IL S.AidMi a« Bhm, t. aad lk«k IMk 
Wi RIL 4.Firtcra«BnM,t.aadkoli.lfll. 

V. John. 5. PM0r ds Brut, •. uid h. ob« eirm 19il« 

VI. H.m. e.PM«r lit BnM»i.«iNl kohl IMO» 

VIL Hill. l.Fvter de Bmt, t. uid h. ob. l?n, •.rii 
hto foar tUteit beeiw hli heln. 



L Ric* I. l.RolMrt de Bnii» 8d ma of Robart IbC 
and brotbtr oif AdBm 5M Banm, above 
tioaeid, to wbon bit fBtbor givo Ai 
in Acotlmnd; Wwiog 1196. 

n. John. 9. William de Brut, t. and h. living 1 197. 

III. Jobo. 8. Robert de Brut, t. and b. livinfc IS16. . /i 

IV.H.IIL 4. Robert de Brut, t. and b. Wat ono oT'tW: 
competitort fur tbe Crown of Scotlaad br 
1986, in riii^bt of bit motber, Itabel, dan. of 
David, brotber of William, Kftnf ofSoolla^.fr 
and refusing to do bomage to B^iol, to wf * * 
tbe Crown of that Kingdom wat adj«dft4|^^ 
be gave the Lordthip of Anandala to 'hii 
eldett ton Robert, who alto refuting to dt 
the taid homage, he gave Anandalo to III 
younger ton, 

V. Edw. I. 5. Robert Brut, who did homage accordingly { 
BY WBIT. oh. 12^4. 

L 1S95. 6. Robert Brut, t. and b. Summ. to ParL ffOBi 
83 June, 93 Edward I. 1895, to 96 Jaa.' 
85 Edw. I. 1897. though it it tonewbal 
doubtful if tbe last Writ can be dreaMd B: 
regular tummons to ParL Vide << PiTX-JoaiL''' 
Oo. 1304, 8. p. when this Barony bi 


Robert Bruce, tbe brut her and heir of tbe latt 
wat crowned King of Scotland 95 March, 1305. 



L 1641. l.Tbomat Bruce, Itt Earl of Elgin In ^, 

Craatod Baron Bruce of Wborlton^ oo. T«l^ 
Itt Aogott, 1641s ob. 1648. 

BBUCe-ilHUNE. eg 

tl. I643..-^I. IWl. 9.Roliett Bniet, t. und h. CreiilFd Ba- 
roll Btucc of Skeltoti, CO. York. Viib- 
nuni Kruoe uf Arapthill, eo. Bedforil. 
u%6 Enrluf Ailubury, 18 March, I6C4. 

€rtinct 174;. VideAiLKSBUHr. 


Eablooh, 14 Jaly, 1891. 


IS?7' I.SirTboniwBrtidencIl, lit Birt. CreMed Ba- 
ruu Brudcnell uf Stanton Wivill, ca. Lekr>- 
tET, April ifl, leSr. Created £arl of Cirdigan, 
April SO, IR6I. Vide Cardioan. 

1700. &. Jxnt* Bnidenell, Sd ion of C.eori* 3d 

I. luniKLi. or Earl of Cardigan i Created Biron Brude- 
OBKNii. nellol Dcenv, ca. Noribampiun, 17 Oct. 

I7K0. 1*80) lueccedrd bU brother Ceoree 4lh 

Earl of CardJEUi. i""! -lib Baron Brude- 
MllofSian<onWivi11,snd Duke of Mon- 
tagu, in Itw Bironjr of Briutenell oiSun- 
ton WhrlU, and Earlduni of Cardigiin, in 
ITBO t ob. 1, r. wben tbe Bamny of 
Brudtiiell uf Deene became CrCintti 
but ibe Barony of Itrudenell afSlanloii 
WItIII. and tbe Earldom of Cardican, 
detulrcdoQ bis nepbew.lbe present Earl 
ol CardlBaD. Vide Carcigan. 


ama* Bv wur. 

IJll. I. MaurW la Bruae. Summ. to Pari, rrom 8 Ji- 

nMf>, 6 Edw. It. 1313, 111 14 Mnrcb. 15 

Bdw. II. I3S3; ai>d, tUSepLing ibat be ■■■ 

' >ibr^lb«tApril, l32T.(obeat 

MiWMtClt witll MIM US •MMM'l^MiflH 
■griagt Bobtrt Bnui^ MlUaf MfaMl 

.(tek giTti M afiooant of tUs Bum te Ih Hi 
•. ' ^ 


BY wirr. 

»0. 1. Gay da Bryan. Stuaoi. Co Pari, rnwi SS Umk, 
84 Eaw. IlL 1S50, to 6 Dee. IS Rich. D. If 
K.a ob. 1890, laaving PbiUp^ 9mA 
bath, duufbtera and cobaira of Oa^ da 
hia eldeat ton (ob. ▼. p«) ^* ^ 
ai^ balrt. The said AlllpJMi aiarrledg 
John Devereux ; and eeoondly. Sir 
Scrape i but died a. P. 8 Henry IV. | and 
anbetb became tba wife of SirRobait ~ 
Knt. by whiim the had a dauabter and aalil 
Maud, whu married^ firxt, John Bail of .~ 
del, and by him had Hamphrey Barl of 
del, who died infra ctaten, a. P. : the 
Maud nnarrieil, iecondly, SirRichard Sta lbi i tf 
Knt. and had issue Avice, who beeaaM tte 
wife of James Butler, Earl of Ormoody be 
died 8. P. 35 Henry VI. 1456, when tba Ba 
rony of Brvaii it presumed to have bacawa 

it is to be observed that tlie Earls of Nortbumberlai 
m having married Eleanor, f^rAnd-dau. and baiivM 
bert Lord Poynin^, styled themselves Barons Floj 
IS, Fiia-Payne, and Br} an, probably from tba ao 
lit fl^iven by Dog^ale, and other |^o<Ki authoritiaa, f 
;bard Lord Poyiiiiin> father of the said Robert 1 
ynin^, marrini '* hab*'!, dau. and heir of Robait 
I Fita-Payne, by Elif abeih, dau. and heir of Sir 
Bryan, Knt." On a referenee, however, to a pad' 
ely compiled on unquebtiunable evidenee, it aep 
pear that any alliance ever took place between tb 
indants of Guy de Bryan, who was SunuB. to E 
I S4th Edward III. and the family of FiU-Paym 
aea that the Earls of Northumberland never b; 
Shtast pcetanaiona to the Barony of Bfjan, em 
It Writ, or to ^y other Barony of Bryan, ontil 


' I.TWoiu Petcf (i.*nd h. ufSirTliciniit Pcrcv, 
1WM bruibef ol Henry AlRirnun XVIII.-61I1 
BaTAN anil Fiix-Payne ; but hIiu ilyiiie t. r. 
IB I&3I, III bi> hu»ar. liecaniB ^Ttiltrt, in 
•uMrqiiHicr nf ihc Aiiaiiiiler uf b» bruilicr 
»hI bnr. ihfl »id Sir Thoniat Ptrcy.) hu 
rMUHl by Ptiroi, 30 April, liST, B*ron 
Prrey ol Cockctnuiulb »ni! Pctw.irih, Barun 
Pnyuiiip, Lufy, ami (probably in conie- 
qnriire ul tlir Mill auumiiiMiii o( b>i xiicei- 
tan) Bann Biiy*H and Fi<s-Payiic. wiib re- 
mainder, hillne hit iiiueni*le,te biibruiber 
Hrtiry Prrty, and hii i»ut male. Created 
Earl ulNunliuinberUnil, oiih ihf I'HTDe re- 
MmiiidM. May I, ISSli all ofobipb ilipiiijei 
Bkri of Noribiirnbcrland, i.p.m. bFc^ime 

Vidi POvxtHM, Percy, and Nohtrumbuilihd. 


I.TfaoBiu SackviUfi Created Baron ur Buck- 
hont, n>. !(u>iei, June S, I561i Created 
Bari of Dorael Mareb 13, 1603. K. G. 

Vide UoRSKT. 

,I.W*]|*r Ciffanl; Created Earl ot Buckinebim 

b« Williain ibeCDiiiiuerori ub. llu% 
>. Walter CHranl. i. aud U. ub. t IM, ». r. 

lUi-baed de Clare, lurnamea SlrunfiboM. Eatl 
ot Pimbruke, briny detceiidrri fruin Robaii, 
tl«icr and eolivir o( 1 he lui Earl, ilyled him- 
ulr Earl of Buckingham i ub. I13(i, s.f.k. 
■ TbonM Plant aE<ti*l> Duke of Glooceiler, 
foanCnit aun ol Ktn; Edward IIL Created 
Bari of Bockinghani PTT, K.G. Lord Hisb 
ConttablB) Qb. 1»97. 
S.UaBpbny Planlagenei,*. atid h. ub. MOO, i.r, 
iWa bi* hoi«i>t bicaror 


^. gi%>M»t. 1w»ift> 

S0 W CT tt fCll i AltTj 

VL 140a-L 1441. l-H gi ^ 

^ Mr of Hml^ 

' ^^^^ oiMrls. CfMCodMlA 

YII. —II. 1459. S.Heiii7 SMfferd, fciliMiinn ui Mi 

bahif i.ittdh.»fn— fhwy BtaiM 

(oil; v.p.) tltot tw «CtlM iMtDlte 

Lord Hifll CaBMahltfi ob, 14tl» 

VIIL — IU.1483. aJtdwMd Stdbi^ •• ui k Ui 

. i^te High OoMtobkp E.G. WMilfl 

jr. a.iU*M^*/^n9. i58Muid MDff.atialiiCoi. dlli 

llOflOft bOMUDO • : • 

IX. 1617.— I16I8.— IV.l693.1.George Vim«n> Itt VImou 

Villien; Craated EoriofBuel 
ingbam 5 Jtn. 1617* with r 
mainder, failiof bis issue wuM 
to bis brothers tlohn and Cbri 
topher; Created MarqatH 
Buckini^hani 1st Jan. ItfL 
and Dul(e of BuekiDf^baai afl 
Earl of Coveotrf IBMaj^lM 
He married Katherine Ma.i 
ners, dau. and sole heirof FkaJ 
cis 6th Earl of Rntland afl 
Baron Roos,who saececded 1» 
father in that Barony to IW 
and died in 1666. K.6. L.1 
Admiral ; assassinated 169« 

X. —II. — y. 1629.2.George Villiers, s. and h. S» 

ceeded as Baron de Root )ir 
roatris in 1666. BLaMafy, li 
only sitter and heir, had l^ki 
ters patent 31 An;. I6989 di 
dif^nity of DveAcM ^jhwii^ 
ham limited to her in tbt«f« 
of her sunriTinif the makiwi 
of her father. She died IW 
having been thrice WMMkJm 


bad lout only by bet lecand butbxnd, Btme 
Duke at Richnionil, vii, Eeme, »bu luc- 
c««d(d bit fiiber, mid died a p. miiJ Mary, 
>ih or Ricbird Ei>rl or Arr>it, xbu l>kc*i>e 
"cda.P. Ob. iein.».r. nben h>i boi.uri 

E Ifll. UuT Villicn, di>i. of Anlbony Be.umonr, 

' «ido<i> of Sir GciirgE Vill'ert, and muihe 

C'orgf Villicn, Ul Duke, Crpnted Cuuii 

of BuckliiFbam fur lire I July IfJlBi ob. II 

•beii Ibt diiiiliy becknift 


VI. 1703. iJobnSbrlSeld, lit Mirqueii oF I 
luiinby, CffKlcd Duke of Num 
by Morcb 9. >iid Duk? of tbt CflU 
of Burking liim Matcb 93, 1103, 8 

ob i;sa 

VlLlTSO. 9.Edniuiid Shcttrtd, i. and h. ob. i; 
1. r> wben bit bunon beeante 

ijGtortt Grrnville [anumfd (tie i 
of} Nue«nl-Tcmple j 'id Ear[ ~ 
Cnrat«il M*rquB>i uf tbe 
Boekineham, a>. Buck>, 
1784, ob, 1813. 
piL-VUl.lBn.3.Ricbanl Grvu>itU (aitumed the ni 
ol) Brvdect-C bill Jut, 1. 4 IX 
Urd M>rT|uM> of Chaodiw a 
o( Bu^kinshaai and Chiodui 
\Vl% Prtaenl Duke ol Biickiiiebat 
■nd Cfaaiidot, M*rc|ueii uf Uurkinj 
kani,M<irque>iurrh>i>di>«, E>rl~ 
pIe,Vb«o»iit and Banxi Cobham 
EatI Nugeut in Ireland ; K. G. 


b^'!«. I.Julinniibwi, lit BarunHobartiCmied Earl 
^^ of Buckillcbanitblre & Sept. 1746, K. B. ob, 

^■RK. £.Jobn Sob*rt.i. and b.ob. 1793, 6.P.H. 



I.CharlctBeaucletk, naliiraitonorK.Cbarln 
CrMicd Baroti uf HrdiiiElon mxl Eirl 
Burford, both no. Oiluri, S7 Dec 16763 
CmlMl Duke of Si. Alban'i Jan. 10, 


L Jofak 1. Hubfit dc Burgli l Crmted Esrl of Kei 

3. Jobn tU BurKb, a. ind h. Iiul livery uf hii fa^ 
Iber'i Undi, but ilid not tujoy (lie litle c' 
EwlofKcmi liTiiig lS63,ob 

3.J«hii dc Bureb, *. *i>d h. ob. I3T!), i 
ImvIdc hii ihree (biighien hii hciri. 

t IJSr. 

t.Wiilumdc Burfbe; Summ. lo Purl. Trum ID 
Pre. 1 Ed»«rd 111. I3IT. Ii> 15 Jur.c, 3 &1 
«»d IJl. ]3SS,bainevFiarteri>irdi, uoruiy 


I.Tbuinu Burch, or Burou^h, dcacendrd rruof' 
Hubert it Burgh, a younger tun of Hub 
Earl of Krnt. Summ. to Pari. Frum I S< 
jHt(i.VII.IIB7.i»M October, II Hen. Vll^, 
I4t|&, u"TbutDBBurKli, Chl'r." ub. 1496.^ 

8.E<)*vd Burgti, t.and b.Hu iievtr Summ. to 
Pari ot. 

3.TliiMDatBurab, 1. uid b. Sumto. to Pari. Trum 
3 Nut. SI H»nr7 Vlll. \b2a, to B Sei-i- fl 
KdoirdVI. lb&3i ub. 1553. 

4. William Burch, t. and b. Summ. to Pari, (roi _ 
l« Aug. 1 Hai7, 1553, to 13 Hn. I Eli>^ 
ItSSi cb. lb... 

A.Tbontu Borgb, a. ami h. Sunim. i 

bvm 1 1 Jan. £ Elii. 1 S(M, tn 34 Oct. 3<l Uiu 
mit K.G, ob. IbltT. 


■ i.i EaH of WuimariUnd 89 Hec. IC>84 i 

').rr ■■ Birxn Dnpcncrr, and in ibe anrirm Baruiiy 

t'-i'i«li*T»li in 16S6| ubicli ilijrnili's cuiilinuo) mcreeil 

c r->''-<l»ni <.r W»iinorrl.i.d uniil ihe ilcmh ..f Julin 

>"I Trli Eatl o( Wromunland in ITfa'V, i. p. 

. >rii(ft»oi.y of Burghrrth.nilli Ibm of De- 

LiuAticyitoce, Uul whii-li, » ia full* lUlcd 

.ichCBB," «t Icuelti d»c)lv.^<l an thunu 

: li' iircttiii Baron i but ihe Biroiiy of Uurt- 

Lrf.h (ftilcJ hy ihf Palenc ot 29ib Dec. lCi4, 

If did la iIm mil h(ir male, and ii now vested iu i 

rnMiX Cvl »> WrtimorrUnd. 

VU« DUMNCER and Westihorrland. 

L l»7I. 



I. WilliKDCtcil. Crcxied Banin Burleigb, en. J 
Nunbanpton, Feb. 3b, I&7I. K.G. ab.l59a. I 

9. Thunai Cecil, i. and heir; Creilid Earl gfl 
Exeirr 4 Hajt. 1605, K. G. 

Vide ExsTBR. 


). RIebftrd B<>y)«, Sd Earl nf Cork in IrrUm . 
■od lit Barvo CM-td uf LaiitiburuuRh, cd. 1 
Vofk 1 Criaifd Earl of BurliiiEtuii, co. York, J 
SOMarcli, 1664j ob. 1697. 

S;Cbul« Biiylr, Erandi. and li. brini; I. ai 
gl Cbarlr. Boylr (ob. V, r.) «lde.t ion o 
UtlEart. Earl ol Curkin Inland) ub, 1T04. I 

3. Richard Bo)le,(.an4b.Barlo(Curk,in Ireland, J 
K.G.; ub. tTS5, >.r.M. when hit Enelithho;. 



P n niT. 

III. I. EdvardBurndl, Summ. Is I*itl. from I.^Dal. 1 
I Edw. It. 131 1, )o M Oct. 8 Edit. II. 13I4| | 
«4i. 1311) a. r. vhrn ihv Barony became 



aud, hii lister and bcir, mu. Rrsti Ml 
ndly, John lie Handlo, wbicb John M(l 
irl. IG E<l», III. I 

SSO. I, Nicholas Bamvll. ^ 

d Miiud 1 

' ' 'r d{ the last Banin i I 

No*. 34 E'lo.Ill. i; 

. l38Ji Ob. 1383. 

I iriiell, a, niid h. Suma 

I Rk. II. l3B3,to 31 

b. 1410, leariiig JovD 

linpon, Jun'i Mm 

iM~»ra Uuiigerlord i and Ka 

S r Jah.i RniclilTe, the daughl 

Burnell (ob. v. P.) hit only i 

daughlert and bein, betwi 

■ceiidBDii and re|]reeeiitatj*« 


I. III). I.UenryPapt, i. and h, appan 

6ih JLord Pafct; Creaied, t 
31, ITIl, BaronBurioii of Bi 
ford I luccerded bll hthtr in 
FaKCl in 1713 j Created Earl 
ob. 1743. 

II. 1743. 3. Henrr Paeet, srandi. aod h. E 

and Bamn Pacel g ah. 1769, 
Earldom of Uibridse and tl 
came Cptinct. 


ViacouNTCv, 10 Feb. 1696. 


I. Men.!. I. Richard BuMcl, ob. a. p. 

II. Stepb. 9. Albert Buiael, bro. and heir, o1 

III. H.11. 3.Buaacl,a.Bndb.livine iS(». 1 

graiiltd iu I3D& to RoKcr di 


I.Jobn Sluarl, 4th C«r1 at Bul« ill HcotUai), Mt 
BaMfiCurdiir, and [^2d Baruii Mount Stuart i 
Created Vlic. Moiiljoy in ibc hie of Wight, 
Kail or Wlndtor, en. Ocrkt. and Matigiitis of 
But«, Et>. Bat*. !0 Fell. 1196: ob. IBM. 
!■ t, Jubn (»i>ua»d ibe name oQ Cmhlun-Siuart. 
xrandtDn and b«<r, bring t. and b, of Jubn 
Pivwiit Marc|ucii of Butt, Earl u( Windiur, 
ViMoutil Hontjuy, Barun Mutinljuy Siuart, 
and Barvn Cardiff in England, also Eart uf 
Bui«, Ac. In Srutland. ^ 


or bbaufield. 

L I.Sti Jebn Butler, tit Bart.; Created Barun 
Butler of Bramfield, co. Hertfurd, so Se|it. 
le^li nb. lesT. 
r. S. Will'ian Bntlcr, •. and b. ob. IG47, a. p. wbcu 
thii Barony became 



Vide Bhbckhdck uidOHMONoe. 

Walter Butler, ITth Earl of Onuonde and 
Marqueu at Ormnnde in Ireland ; Created 
Barun Bntler ut Lantbony. cu. Muiimouih, 
Jan. 13, ISO! I ob. MiO, obeii tbi* Uaruiiy 


laBuikr.eldut mm utJanie* I 
■lOfnondri 8uii>iti. I0 Pari. (>lla 

eh, 31 Car.II.IG-19. aiBaron Butler 
I Park, cu-Hxrifurd 1 ob. v, r. Ib'uu. 
-_ 4 8 





. 2. Jimn 

Butler. 1 

,.,«ih. wuem-iei bi*, 


, « Duk 

eorOrmond, &c. in itt 

din nil 

). wherixUbiihonarill 



■ OiMONDE and BbecW* 

, Sd ion of JKinpi lit m 
*ted B>rlarArr*n in Iff 

Baron Bulier of Wnrol 


Incdo.. , 


became <E] 


. Clurlei 

■ Bulier, 

id ion of TbomM lit 1 


r oF Mon 

■ Park lab. v. p.) eldcit | 


. Ill Duh 

,e<,rOca>ond, ».d ncpb 


tt Barot. 

1 Created Earl of ArrmuJl 


and B»ri 

m Buiicr of Weiion, to. 


m,S M««h, 1693, ob. iJSS.t.F. 


I. WULI. Emviui Baran. held tb<nyt»o LordiU] 
York. — 

I. WULII.I.RilpbdeBunin,l»idciKfaiU>ditiipa,eoJ 

■tid Are en. Dcrbj', From wbuoi d m— < 

II. Sleph. S. Hiigb lie Burun, lu obiim aucemdnl 

III. Haii.ll. S. Roger de Burun, liv. 1 194, wboM Bam 

f inn bf Kinrt Jobn to William dc Bri* 

I. 1643. 1. Sir John Byron, K. B, dFteendad few 
above fiiiiily ; Creurd Baron Bjroa aC. 
dale, CO. tdneuter, *iih llmiutitcx 
Ui iuac male, to bii brothci* and t 
mde, 340et.l64St ob. 1058, ■.*. 
t. 9. Riebud Bjron, brotber and bdr, ob. II 


3. WlKIun Byran, k soil b. ob. IG9S. 

4. WHIiun B^ron, E.aud h. ub. Il3b'. 
ll.Willi4Bi Byron, (.aodh-ob. 1198, 1. r.«rfc Gordan Byroa (otiuuieJ Ibe iiime of) 

NmI, (ntiid-iiiptiew ui J heir, briiif; t. and h. 
at Jobo Byrut), Mat (on of John Bjron, Sd 
•Douf W>IIUm4lliB>ron; ob.lg34.s.p.M. 
7. Crorge Aniun Syran, Rnt couiin ind lieir 
wale, boin^ ■' and b. of GeDrgE-Aiiwn Byron, 
U ton ,.t Mm Byron, 9d ion of Wlllium 
4iti lUrun. frrirni B*roD ByroD. ^ 


■TIB. I-Wlltum Codiigan, Created 

Culoeoi o' Reading, co. Berk). SI 
June, n\6; Creal«d Baron Cado- 
Ban of Oakley, co. Bnekt. Vitcouiit 
Cavtnbam, cu. Oxford, and Earl of 
Cadogaii, wilb limitation of the 
Baran;, failing bis iisue mile, t» 
biabnitherCharleiCailogan, Mayfi. 
lTie,K.T.| ob. 1796, s. r. H. oheii 
tbs Barony i>l Cadoi^n of Reidini:, 
Ihr ViiODuiitty of Civeribaiu, niid 
Barldom uf Cadogan became ■&!- 
Mncti but tbe Barony of Cadogan 
of Oakley devolved, agreeably to 
Ibe above liinitaiian, on 
S. Chirlei Cadogan, brother anil heir of 
ihe lut Barun i ob. 1776. 

ISOn. S.CbarlMSioaneCadogan, t. and heir; 
Created ViieDuat Cbeliea, co. M>d- 
dloil, atid Eail Cadogan, Dec. S7, 
IBOOi ob. 1 1107. 


L m. Edmund Ran 

, tufiixniRl of Langl*] 

I Ki[>gEil-. Ill-i Civ 

id E*rl 

'. 13. laesj cmitiiDukc 

k. ill 13X5, K.G.;ob. 1403. Hli dil 
, Etltt*rd rUniwnnci, who tuctrtt 
\ ■■ Duke of York, bun tl.i« liile 
IE during hli life ; liul hit yuun; 

I I MM. 


Rieliard Plintiecnet, of Cnuiiburirh, wit 
Cmin) Earl nf CambriJge in t41'li uli. 
M15. ■■Mfrktru. 
Rlchiird PliDUCenM, t. and h. rettnred to llie 
Tilloof hi* iinvle Eilonrd Duke of Vi>rk, uhn 
'lid 14IS, S.P. ill M'l!>i oil. 1460. 
nilMP. Kd*>rdniniii|:«ilifi,«. and h. Aicndrd ihe 
"Hifoiir M KinK I itwwd IV. ill 14fil, wliell 
ibil Tide bc»m« raefged in Ibr Cruwn. 
niLlglg. I.J*iHt Hanil'oii, M«n|<i(i> of Flamitlim in 
Srulliind; Oiled Barnn of ETin-rJuli 
CuubirUad, and Eall of C>inbrlJt-e, Jn 
16,16191 nil. 1694. 
It 1<M. 9. Jam*! Himillon, <. >nd h. M>r(|iiEs> i.f 
mlilan in Moiliiid. K. C. ub. 1648, (. P. 
X Ida, X William lUmdion. broihcr and licir, Ei 
Lxtiurk ill ScuIUimU Marqueu ot Ham 
iiiScoiUndi ob. 1611, »■ r- M. nbca hit 

Ibh bonon hMume 

H'liry Stuart, lurnimrdofOMUndi, 3d son ot 
KI<ieCharl»l. Criated Earl -f Cxnbridpr« 
and Puke ntGlouceiler 13 M>iy, |659,K.G. 
db. 1660, t. P. M. wlicii bie lionurt became 

1461. Ch«rlMSUan,s.and b.ofJiitiiei Duke 
of York, .fierwird* Kin- Jumt* II. 
Cmtrd Diike of Canibridge .liiiir 
ISfili ub. ieiJl.inf*ui,»l>ei>lhi>Tilli: 

L ICG3. Jan>MSiu«rt,!d *on of ih»ti»id Diik*, 
olY'itki Cicited Duke of Cambridj 
IGSli ob. 1CG7. iiirnni, Aheii ' 


UI.1M7. Bifpw8MMt^4thMi«ritetlli 
ofTorki CbnMilMwcf 
1667 1 eh* 1671i talHH» 
TItk aniiibMMM 

lY. 1667. ChiilM Stuart, Itt io« Iqr Ut 9i«l 
of the laid DdIm of Tofk | Cnift 
DolM of Canbridn ISHl ^IQ! 


I. 1706. V. 1706. GcofffB Amgotktmt M»m gllliiiil f 

Haiiofari GiMlcd JImaorTWMli 
baiy, ccGknicattcrtViMOWitlMk 
aUertoii» to. York, Bvl of MMJ 
Hmvcn in Wakt, and M arqaiM m 
DqIm of CaBbrid(«» Ncyr. 9* V^\ 
Created Prince of Wales 8S 8^ 
Sept. 1714; ascended the Thnms « 
KinK George II. 11 June, 1797» «Wl 
all these dignities became nafgti k 
the Crown. 

VI. 1^1. Adolpbus Frederick, 5th andyoufM 
sonriving son of Kinf Gcom III 
bro. of his present M ^sty ; OphIsi 
Baron of Culloden in North Britafai 
Earl of Tipperary In Ireland, §■> 
Duke of Cambridge, Nov. S7» M^ 
Present Duke of Cambridge, a» 
Baron of Cullodon ; also Ean of Tlf 
perary in Ireland, K. G. G. C B. j 



1. 1765. 1. 1786. 1. Charles Pratt, Created Baron Cam^i 

of Camden Place, co. Kent, 17 i>l 
1765 ; Created Viscount Baybam 
Baybam Abbey, co. Sussei, and Si 
Camden, May 13, 1786, U H. Cha»< 
ob. 1794. 


H. 11. 1794. 1. 181S. S. John Jefferys Pratt, a. an^ 

Created Earl of Brecknock. 



W,le.. ..,.1 M«rque« 

L=m.leii. ^T 

Aug. IS. ISli. Pre> 

lit M>r- 

queu. E>rl. ond 

n Cin- 

<1», E*rl of BrcnlMi' 

■Ic. and 

Viitgiint BijIiAiii. K. G. =p ^_ 



l.Tba<au Pilt, «. ind h. uf Thomii, i^iileK loii ^" 

or Ki'bcrt Pili.bmOier or Wlltiiini 

«t Earl 

«rCb>Ihiii>i Cre«teil LorJ C«B.eir«r. 

, B.r-.i 

of U«conm«:k, eo. Corimall, S Ja 

. 17841 _ 

Ob. IT93. 

LTbuRu* pill, c. mill h. ub. ie04, c 

.!.«.. M 

bli bonon b«c»iiie 






1. lUlpb tie Ctngli, Swiior, ob. IB38. 

It •■IT. 

S-Ratpb de Cimoli, *. ■iid b. Sumni, i 


M IIM.4S Mrih III. ISG4-, ob. 1STG, 

S. John dc C*n>iri(, B. and b. Uviiifc l!HI : 

1.,... ■ 

«»™rSumiu.toP«fl.; ob.».Uf IS99. 

4.B>)t>h d. Cunoit, ). •..d b. Sumni. 


lrDn96Nuv.7Ed«.|i. I3L3, lu i 

9 ■ 

EJ«. 111. 133S ; " but ifier ihHt tlai 


OofiUIr, ■' I hare nsi found farihef n 

at him." 


TbMBM dc Caiuoii, SuiDDi. lo Put]. Ir«m 30 
Am£.T Rir. II. I38J, (o 8G Ffb. fl Hen.V, 
1491, K. C. , ob. 1431. leavixe bl> i;»i>d<aii, 
Hn(h CamuN. rail <it Kichnrd (nh. v r.) hii 
lUui (on, bla iieil brir, *bich Hugli dyiii)C 
uno alter, a. r. b<« tiatn, Uarearet ami 
EUanur, bvi-aim hit lirin. tbr tormrr of 
■bom laarried Ralph Ridsmill, and ihc httvr 
IUiK*rLeiiJ>Duri hriwcenwbuaedetfeiitliiiiK 
and c*|iM>ait(Miirri Ihii BaruH; ii iiruLably 


I. 1. BaptiU Hicki. Creat«l Bana HIeks tT B 
mingtODy eo. Warwick, and YiMeast 

den of Campdan* cou GloiBcaMer» M !!■ 

16S8; with ramaiDder, falling hto 

to hii ton-inrlaw fidwaid Baron Nad, ^ 

band of Jaliana Hieki, Ida aldaat dnn.« 

cohair, oh. 1689f ••'• ■• . ' '^ 

>• 3. Edward Noal, Itt Baron Noal, of HiMligliB 

aoctaadad agreiahia tb tha n^ntn llBltathM 

oh. 1043. 

t. H, Baptist Noel, Baron Noal, t. and Ik ok IftB 

I 4. Edward Noel, Baron Nod, a. and k Cmtm 

Baron Noel of Titcbllakl, with tpcdal Httica 

lion, Yita patris ; Creatad £arl of Ciin*t 

rough 1 Dec. 1683. 

ei^tintt 1798. 

Vide GAiiiaBoaouoB* 



h. 1. Gerard de Camville, living 1 139 { his sueeee 
sor was 

U. 2. Richard de Caniville, living 1 189. 

3. Gerard de Camville, s.and h. living 1908. 

r. 4. Richard de Camville, i. and hair, UvUif 19ft' 
nb. 8. p. M. Idonea, his dau. and heir, mm 
William de Longipce, Earl of SalUhnrj. 


OF curroN. 


». 1 . Geoffrey de Camville, a. and h. of Williaoi 
brother of Gerard Camville, 8d Baron by !*« 
nure ; Summ. to Pari, from 93 June, S3 fiift^ 
1. 1^95, to S2 Feb. 35 Edw. 1. 1307 1 he iwS 
aUu Summ. 8 June, 8S Edw.L 1394, hut iCi 
very doubtful if that Writ can be consider^ 
as a regular Summons to Parliament, Vft' 
"Clyvedon;" ob. l'308. 

, 3. William de Camville, s. and h. Summ. ' 



P*rt.* March, JEdw. It. 1309, »n<\ 16 Sunt. 
4, 1^11. but never iricrMirdt, anil of 
■ h'lni DukiImIc adilt, ■■ but fxrilier uf him I 
miiiut tav." ArCufitlnic tu come aullicriliu 
he l(ft (wo ilaiighirre hit cuheirti vli. M«ud, 
■Ihr olSir RicliardJHiifrard, of Pipp, m. SiaI- 
(urd; ami Margriy, Hid of Sir KklianI Ver- 
nal.. Oihti writrra ilale, that lie left liYe 
daii|;liler* hit euheira ; whilst iilhen aeam 
utert,(bit he hail but one dauEhler, vu. 
Maud, who married, firal, Rkhard Veriioil, 
and t«Gon(tly. Sir MIcbard Slaffurd. The 
Htttmy U, huwever, probablj in AnEVANrE 
between (he deicendant* and repretenlativei 
ot whatever ittue he teaDj' lefi. 

1. 1. WiilieT de Cinci. livinic 1 130. 

1. S. Anfrtdde Canci, i. and h. ob. 1194, leaviiij 

ilMon de Canei, had hit lanila stiied ISiS. 


I.Wdham deCaniilope, ub, 13:18. 
.1 WilUam de(:aniilU|>e,a.andh.ob. 13.10. 
.3, H'llliaai ileCautilut>e,a. and h. ; \iy marrying 
En, dau. and cotieir •<! Willinin de Ilrau.e, 
be oblftined the Inrdihip ol Bretknock and 
CmiIc ot Abcr^KTeiiny. 


I w«rt, 

I. William de Caniilupe, •. and h. of Nicliola* 
Caiiiilu|«, Lord o( Greieler, co. Nuits. 
Jim- uauri*,yiMin;rr sun ufWilUim UtBimn 
by Tenure ; Sunim. to Tatl. (roro MD Dec. S8 
Edw. 1, 1539, to 5 Aug, i Ed*. II. UOB ; 



lot CAMTIUUn-GUaU* * 


II. ISOf. S. WfUUn de CmiJUm, •• aadl k. Bf MMW Piut I ok. .....^ B. p. bmI fnMi 

Ibfra Ktaf em. jt 

III. ISS7. 8.NicliolMd0CMifnapt» bff»B«dlMlr| 8rt| 

to Pari, from S8 April, II Bd«.llL 11^ 
18 Mareh, 88 fidw. lU. ISMi ok ISH^ «l 
eonlinf toonelnquUttafiil B«t 

another, heditd SltiFcklSTl | ibofHlli 
however appoftrt to bo cormt, fisr la Mi 
Joaiie, hit wSdoii, It Mid to havo 
Chantry for tho food of Ui aoaL 
Williaui hit ton and liclr» nor ooj ol thiAl 
■cendaiits of tUt mroH, wort over SuMMBi 
to PariiamcDt, or oonaidcmd BS Bbiow of A 


ViftcouNTCY, 18 March, 1761. 

VIdo Db la wabb. 



I. 1641. I. Arthur Capel, Created Baroo Captl of Um 

bam, CO. Hertford, 6 Aug, 1641 ; behead 

II. 1661. 2. Arthur Capel. s. and heir; Created VlwBVi 

Maiden and Eari of Etiex SO April, IGSl. 

Vide ~ 



I. 1692. I.Henry Capel, Sd son of Arthur 1st 

Capel of Hadbam ; Created Baroo Capel 
Tewksbury, co. Gloucester, 11 Aprilt M 
Lord Lieut, of Ireland | ob. 1G96, B. p. uto 
the Title became 




t. Jobn Smart, Men ton ol Jabti, 3d Earl of 
But* ia ScotUnd j Created, vita palrlt, Baron 
C*rdiff of Cardiff Cattle, May ao, ITfifi ; tuc 
ct*Aed bli motli«r in tbe BArony uf Mount 
Stuart 1794, and hii father in tbe Earlduni 
of Bute in Scatlaod in US^i Created Mtt- 
quen of Bute, Ac. 1 736. 

Vide Bute. 


l.SirTlunnai BniOenell, lit Bamn Brudenell 
•ISMHIvnWivilli Created Earl of Cardigan 
30 April IMI) ob. 1664. 

i. Hubert Brudenell, i. and fa. oh. 1703. 

;t.GcOTec Brudenrll, grandson and heir, being 
•.and b. of Frail cii Brudenell (ob. v. r.J eldest 
wnof the lut Earl; ob. 17.13. 

4.Geor^Bnidenell, aisumeJihe name of Mon- 
tagu, ((rum hii marriDge with Miry,dau. and 
Mbeitof Jobn Monla^a; Duke of Munlagu, 
bjr Mary, dau. and coheir nf the celehraied 
John Cbutcbill, Duke of Marlborougb,) son 
•till heit; Created S Nuv. 1766, M<ir(|ueM of 
Moulhermer and Duke of Moni.igu, K. G. ) 
ah. ItOO. ». r. M. wben (be >iid Dukedoin and 
Harqi>tiateb«eame £mnttt but tbit EUtl- 
dom and (he Barony of Krudeiiell uf Slanluii 
Wirill deiolved on 

li.Janin Brudenell, lit Baron Brudenell of 
Dcane, bra. and beir i i>b. leil, s. f. when 
tbe Barony of Brudenell uf Deane heeame 
CltlRtti but Ibii Earldom and the Barony 
ofBmdenen oC Stanton Wivlll devolved on 
11. 6. Kaben Brudenell, ncpb- and heir, being t. and 
heir of Robert Brudenell, next brother to 
Jkmei, latt EarL Preaent Earl of Ciirdigaii 
lud B&ron Brndeiiell of Stanti 



carew-carlisb: ■ ^g 


1. lG05. I.George Carew, (]eBc«niI«d from N 

Cnreo, who itM preaent M tb« I 

held at Lincoln in 1300, m " ti 

Carew f Je Molesfnnl) i" Crealvd 1 

[iluD, co.WarwicIc, 4 Ju 

irl of To I nee I & Feb. 

H. yibtn nil liit bonon I 



I. 16S1. I.Robert Carej', Created Bamn Cih 
pineton, ro, York, 6 Feb. I««9 i 
Earl of Monmouth 5 Feb. 16S6. 
tfEtinct 1661. 

Vide Uonm 



I. I7M. Hcnrr Boyle, bralber of Cbulet, i 
Burlio^oD i Created Baron G 
Carleton, eo.Tark, SO Oct. ITI4| 
a. p. nbcD the Titla becftsa 

U. 1786. l.RicbaTdBojle,3dEariafSbanaMli 
Created Baron Carleton, co. Yort 
]IB6,K.P.i ab.lBDT. 

III. IBOT- 3.Heiir7 Boyle, i.tndh. FreKntBaron 
alio Earl of SbKnnon In liaUnd, K 


Ranulpb de MeKhinei, afterward 
Cbeiter, ii by many writer* caU« 
Carlide, though thera il but Bt 
authority, for tbe ttatcment. 
1333. Andreir Baron Hire)*, CmtedEK 



DifeUMurh, 1393) degndei] and beheaded 
1333, nfarn hl< honon liecaipe 

Jiihn PlanOgenFt, Duke of BedfbnJ, 3d aoii of 
KinK tlci-ry IV. iib^iomoutboriliei called 
fi«r1 of Cirflde: hut (rom Du^ale'B account 
at blm, it duel not appear ihii be eklier re- 
miTcd or uu-d thai Title;; he died in 1345, g p. 

Richard Planlageiivt, Duke of Clouceiier, hra . 
ofKmc Edward IV. iJurifardt King Itichinl 
IIL Ue ha* by auine wciier^ been coiiiidered 
E«tla( Carliile, but iliere appear! lobe little 
CRIuihI for aicribins that lille lo him. 
I. laoin Hajr, lit Visconnl OoacMler ; Created 
Earl vf Catlialc l3!iepM639, E.G. ob. I6ie. 

3. Jaawi Uty, •. and h ob. 1660, s. e. vben all 

bli huiivn bename 


I.Charla Howard, gKal-grandton of WilDant 
Hovanl. (by F.liiahelh, cider and coheir ft 
CMHCe Lord Uaen, of l^illeiland,) 3d son of 
Tbpmu Duke of Norlalkg Created Baron 
Daere of Gtlletland. co. Cumberland, Viic. 
iliraari of Mnrpelb, no. Norlbumberlaiid, 
and Earl of Carltilc, 30 April, 1661; ob.l6B6. 

3; Edward Huward, a. and b. ob. 1691. 

3.CbarlM Howard, a. and b. ob. 1738. 

4. Heni7 Howard, 1. and b. K. G.ob.lTSS. 

5. Fredfriek Howard, L and h. K. G. Preient 

Earl of Carlisle, Viicount Howard of Mor- 
pNb, aod Baton Dacre of Giltealand. =p 


ttoiltj Carluui, Created Lord CirUan, Baron 
of Imbcrcourt, to, Surrej', i'i Miy, 1638 ; 
Cmlcd Vlieouut Dorcbeiler, co. Oiford, S5 
JdI]>, IGSBi ab. 1GJt,«.P.M. wbcu hi* Tillci 
bccwnt tfriliut. 




L iGas. I. Robtn Donner, !d Buoa D ihJB 

Vitcouat Accott, CO. Hcrti. asd E 

tuirvaii ! Auf. 1GS8 i ob. 1G43. 

II. )64S. 9 iiier,E.uidLi>Ll709, 

ini uid Ui( VueouBtcj 01 

^ firtincr. 

Dt 1714. Br7dgci, Stk Bmna 

ted Viiconm Wilton, eo 

E>tl of CaniirtoD, Oct. 

1^ ted U>n)a«*i of Cam 

I — i ol ChuidM April 30r I 

«Fnn« 1189. 


VII. 1793. 1. Henry Herbert, Ut Biron Pottebi 

aied Earl of CsmaiToa July 9, 

VIII. 1811. 3.Henry George Herbert, 1. and h. Pi 

f^unarron and Bann PoWthMtic. 


I. 1669. Tlioiiiai Oibome, Il.-ltt Bad of Di 
•ted HarqucH of Cwart b aa Afv 
Created Duka of Loadi 16H- 





I. 1S43. UCharltf Smith I Created Lord C 

Baron of Woiton-Waven, co. Wi 
October, 1643; Created ViMoani 
ton in Ireland 4 Nov. rollowlnf 1 a 

II. 1664, 3. FranciiSmith, t. and b. ob. 1T05, 

hit banon became 


I.RabcKSnittb, lit Barou Cimngioii in Ire- 
land ; CrcMcil Baron Uarrinirtun ufUpiun, 
TO. Nullt, Oct. «J, IT97. Praient B»ron 
CarrinEt'>ii *l*o Uiron Carrington in Ik- 


I.Sir Gforgv C>rt«ret, Bart, i CreMed Biran 
Cincrct of K«wn«, ca. Bedlurd, witli ra- 
mender, fiilms bis issus mile, to liis bn>- 
(bm Philip anJ Edvanl, 19 Ortuber, IGtJl ; 
ob. leyS. Hii aridow, 

LnM. I.Gnet Granrilla, dta. aiK) ruheir of 
Juhii GntnvlllB, Earl ot Baib, nu 
Cnucil VitomintMi Carlvrct and 
Coniiteii Granville, witb remainder 
In Ibe Vi(Munt<7 of Carteret, failint; 
lur bein male, to ber fautband'i bn>- 
TIK. th«r EJoard, 1 Jan. ITI4t ob. 1744. 

I. IT44. &Jabn Cartercl, «. and b. Buccceded 
bii r*lber in ibe Barony 1695, and 
trii inoiher in ilie Viicuunccy ofCar- 
ttrFl, and Earldum of Graniillei in 
1144; LonI Lieutenant of Ireland 

nsij K. G,i ob. nea. 

11.1761. 3.Robert Canerei, t. andb. EailGran- 
illU, ub. niG, S.P. when tbe llxrony 
and Vitcountey nl Carteret and Enrl- 
dotn of nranvillc became 

I.IUnr; Frederick Thynno (aasumed 
tb* name ol) Carteret, id ion ul 
Tlinmat 3d Vi*r>.unl Wi^yDauih, by 
Louii.1, dau, of John Carteret, Earl 
Gianville, and tiiier and coUelr uf 
Rabcri tbe lui Eirl Granii1l«, Vi<- 


■et. Ctf 

Buon CMtem of Ilawnei, c 


114 cumvPMawBju .> 

miOei to tlM Sd, S4t 4th» 
other wm of Ui hwilhWi 
Tkgnmtt itt Mu^gmm-^i 
thoir iMin Mal% 4amuufW^ 
PrcKnt BttPm Oittflvit* 



I. 1601. I.John Joshoft Probyw l0t Eail oT 
Iroland; Cirtatod Baron Cnptatt 
Qnmp ao. HnnUogdoBy iuu 1$, 111 
•ant Baron Caiytiort. Bp 


▼laC. EARL. 

1. 1716—1. 17S0. 1. James Saunderson» Itt Barao 

son in England, and lit V isiu i d 
Castleton in Ireland ; Created Vir 
coont Castleton of Sandbeek, CP 

York, 1716, and Earl of C» 

Ueton, CO. York, 17S0; ek 

1783, 8. p. when all his honon 


vise. EARL. 

I. 1807^1. 1814. 1. William Shaw Cathcart, lOth 

Catbcart in Seotlandj Created VIn 
count Cathcart Nov. 3, 1807} Cm 
ated Baron Greenock and Earl Csck 
cart June 18, 1814. Present Ba 
and Viscount Cathcart, and Beni 
Greenock in the Peerage of the Uoltsi 
Kingdom; also Baron Cathcait b 
ScoUand, K.T. =7= 



Hen. II. Rohert de Cauz, living 1165, oh. ante MC 
& p. M. Maud, his dau. and heir, brrw 
1st. Adam FiU Peter, and Sdljr. Rjdph iMfl 



£ \9M, i. WiHimi Caven^sb; Cremted Baron CiTendiih 
of Hardwiek. 00. Dtrby, 4 May, 1604 ; Cre- 
ated Earl of toerrnishire 7 August, 1618. 

Vide Devonshire. 




L MS8. I.WUliam Carendiflb, 1st Vtsoonnt Manifield; 
Created Baron Cavendish of Bolsover, co. 
Notts, and Eari of Newcastle, 16Sd. 
CjXintt 1691. 

Vide Newcastle. 


VitcouNTCT, 8 May, 1718— 4S^ilUt 1786. 

Vide Cadooan. 


L 1696. l.Jobii Campbell; Created Baron Cawdor of 

Castlennn, co. Pembroke, June SI, 1796; 

ob. 1881. 
U. 1881. 8. John Frederick Campbell, s. and b. Present 

Baron Cawdor. ^ 


L 1603. 1 . Sir Robert Cecil, 2d son of William Ist Baron 
Burgbley; Created Baron Cecil of Essen- 
don, CO. Rutland, May 13, 1603 ; Created 
Viscount Cranbome 80 August, 1604, K. G. 

Vide Cranborne and Salisbury. 



L 168S. I.Edward Cecil, younger son of Tbomas 1st 


EmI of BMtw I CiMUd Buon Cad df T^ 
n<7 Nor. 9, >fi»t CrMtod ViMsaart «!»> 
Uedon, Jul* 35, IfflS) ob. 16n, &lwl^ 
wban both ibeK Htki biuN* j 


■*MH( mr WBiT. 
I. 1300. PctcrdeChampveot) Samro. 

SB Edv. I. 189!>t mnil 9S Sapt. 

Robert deCbandoi; ob. 1IT3. 
Robert de Chindoi, a. and h. 

woi Bncweded by 
Robert de Cbindos; ub. ante i^SO. 

• F>rL VBmM 
•pt. S8 UmJm 


I. Jobn Brageit >*ul lo be dMccpdeil rrom t 
mboT* mcnttoned Tbomiu Bruget, and Alice 
bl* wife, gnu gniiiil-iliiuglilcr of Roger 
Clundo*, tba lut Bsron i CrealcJ Baron 
Cbandm nf Sudley Culle, cQ. Glouceal^r, 
Aprils, l5S4i ob. JSS7. 
Ur. « Eilmdad Bruges,!, and h. K.G. Ob. 1G73. 
^'y S.CUci Brue«. •- and h. ob. 1593, i. P. m. 
"*. ^.WilllamDrueei.brotberand beifi ob. I6V8. 
. t-Grcy Bfus», ■. and b. oli. IliSI. 
PtGSI. C. Gaor^t tttvgr; i. and h.ob. Ifa'54, ■.>■,». 
HLK3T. 7-W>ttiamBnitc*>brv.>iidbe!r,ob. 1676, i.F.M. 
I TIILm^ B. Jamra Brydgci, coaiin and hrir, bcine i. and 
h.arSrJohn,clde)( lonor SirGiUEBiydgei, 
tit Baraner, •. and h. of Charlti Bruges, Sd 
tun of John lit Baron g ob. 1714. 
_ JIB*. 

jtM^tttia. 9. Jamet Brydgei, •. and b.t Created Vit- 
CDUiit Wiliun, CO. Hprerord, and Earl 
orCamarvon, 19 Oct. 1714} Created j 
Man|UMa of CamarvoD and D 
ChaiidM 30 April, I739j ob. i: 
— tl.i;4t. lO.IIrnry Brydgn, 3d lan and beir Bi 
(Ji>faii, liii elder brotber, haTi 
v.p. I7?g, «.r.ii.)ob. 1771. 
— aLlTTl.llJimMBrjdgca, 1. and b. ob. 1769, 
a.r.M, Mb«n the Dukedom of Cban* 
dM, Marqaiute and Earldom of Cal^ 
narvon, and Viicounicy of WiUoii( , 
beeane 4e):tjnct, TbaBaronyofCbaa* J 
dm vai claimed bjr tbe Rer, EdwatifV 
Tfmewtll Brydget, m bclr male oCfl 
Anlhnn)'. 3d ion ol Jobn lit BarM| | 
Cbandiw, but ibe Home of Lords n 
auUtd, iuut )3, 1803, " iba 
ti»l oiade out bii claim to 
Barony," uhI wbicb ii iben 
aumed in bi 4frtlntt. 


ham I having married Anne Elisa BrydicMt 
cl»u. and sole brir of Jamet the late Dukit, 
he was Created Duke of BuckiDgham and 
ChandoR. and Marqueits of Chandot, Jan. IS, 
1822. Present Marqucis of Chandos, and 
Duke of Buckingham and Chandot, Earl 
Temple, &c. K. G. ^ 


Barony, 26 Nor. 1705— 43ptincc 1743. 

Vide Greenwich. 


I. 1761. 1. He«t^r, dan. of Richard Grenville, and wife of 
William Pitt, Esq. (afterwards Earl of Cbai- 
ham : Created B.«rone«s Chatham of Cbat- 
bJim, CO. Kent, with remainder uf the Ba- 
rjrv t.'> ber beir« male by her said busbiod, 
4 IVc. i:dl; Ob. Is03. 

1. .:-c. :.W '.llim Pitt, bu«band of the said Ba- 
r^cesf ; Created Viicount Pitt of Bur- 
t:a P>c>ect. CO. Somerset, and Earl 
C'2A:bam, in Kent, 4 .August, I'dS ; 

1 .r .; — :: ■.•T-. i-J.b- Piit, i. and b. succeeded bis mo- 

'.be? i:i the Bin^nv of Cbatbam in 
: jC!. P?^«<r.i Eari tnd Baron Ch:sl- 
Yis. szi Vacant Pitt, K.G. = 


A . . *i -.:•% tti CfcisT*, jr Cbaworth. 

il. *:^5«t.- - 'i "•'^•4' *•* '"-•'• • -'"•2. f. izi h. living 1 194 ; »^ 
• 10*11 aioj^wje-i 
* J«iiaiT. J»7..! itf ."Yi»^-.2; -•% •••- 
«^t^; . ..»«v:^«!* ^ ->a ••:%-::• &. » i b. ob. 1257. 
].^, ...»-..»» ^ '- : i»-'-r2. « »'>: b. oh. 1C78. s. P. 
su«^ - i-^T w' ■ ' - ^•-'^ = - r.-::r.<r and h, ob. IJfc? • 
J^.-, p.-^»j.'. h* c'vj. and beir, marra*^* 
**•" **i'*ref. Eari of Lancaster. 

i. ^^ "^rick !.;*'"*»• •«'" of Robert, hiotl»^ 

•« Saron ; lirinff ISOO. 


).RtA<n lie Cb4»ortb, 1. >nd b. ]Mag I30^^^^| 
3.Wmii>m lie Ctiiwonh, bra. tod btir; ob. .. .i!^^^| 


^t •■)!. 

1 IJSS- 

4 Tbwnu d< ChKicnb, •. and b. Suam. to PaH. ■ 

6F.h. STEdn.rdl, 1S99. liviiie 130O. He 1 

-w 4lta •ummunerl B June, 93 Edward 1. ■ 

1^94, and S6 Jari. SS Edtard 1. 139;-. but 4 

- Ctv»«O0N and Fiiz-Jomn.- Nfithef he nor I 

an; o( bia poiterily were afterwarda Sitmm. M 
lu Parllanieiit. ^^^M 



l.JoIio Howet Cremed Baron of Chedwartbr^^^H 

CO. GlnucMter. 13 May, 1741; ob. IT-IS. ^^^^M 

S.iAbn Thyiine Howe, s. and h. ob. IT69, s. r. ^^H 
3.)ln(T FnderiEk Howe, brother and beirt,^^^H 

ob.lT8I, a.r. "^^^H 


4. John Howe, nephew and heir, being >. and b. ■ 

otTbomM Ho-e. n«( brother »t the iMt 1 

Baranjiib. iao4, s.p. when the TiiUbecame I 


«(llnct. J 




VwcwnTCr.S; December, IBOO. ^^^| 


Vide Caoocah. ^^^H 




I.J<*n aientv ', Summ. to Pari. Inim I Sept. t^^^l 

HraiyVJI. M8T, to 14 Oct. II Henry Vll.^^^^H 

l«Sa, K. G. db. cirn UsG, t. r. when bhb^^^^l 

booan becam* ^^^M 





or ^^^^^H 

^V^^nn. ^^^m 

^^^.JQuAt]^ 4, ud b. nf Sit Tboniii U«^^^H 

CbcrletoD," mnd firoM St Am. If Ml 
1U8, to 80 July, SO Bdwud IIL IM 
th« tulditlon of <'8«ntori i" oh. ISSa. 

" okissa. 

IL 1353. S-John de Cbcrleton, i.iad h. SaBB.Ii 
fnim 16 Hmrch, 38Ed««rdlII. ISM,* 
Not. 34 Edwtid IIL 1S60, « <• JofaM 
CbcrlBtoo)" and from l4Ao|;Mllt 
IS6S, to 4 Oct. 4T E<h>. 111. 1375. M 
hioni dc ChereletoD deFawji)" ob.111 

III. I3T4. 3. Jobn dc Cherlvton, •. and h. Otatm. tt 

from 9 AuE- 6 Rioh. 11. ISBS, loSO 
Henr; IV. 1400, u "JobaMl da On 
dc Powyi)" ob. 1400, (.P. 

IV. 1400. 4. Edward dcCberletoa,brDtber and halrik 

to Pari, from S Dec 3 Henry IV. 1401,' 
Fcb.9Henry V, 1431, ai "BdvardoO 
ton de Powyii" oh. 1489, a.r.11. IcavlDg bli two daif 
bit bcirt. Til. Join, hii ddeit daughter, wbo saint 
Jobn Grejr, Knt.; and Joyce, nbo became the «!(• ■ 
Jobn Tiptoft, wbicb Sir John TiploCt, Ducdal* lajt, 
Summ. to Pari, in coniequence of tbil mairiaga, M 
tbc title of Lord Po»iai it ii certain be »*a Stmt 
Pari, in I4S6, but neter with the dnlgnatlon irf " to 

* In Dnedde'i Suamonu. to Periiunnt, it k itatai, 

on the ISlh February, as Eliz. IS87, and 4cb Fob. 91 

It89. "TfonhT Chenry deTodington, Chl'r." waa S^ 

hcl. but it ii probably either a miiprint or ao ciror ob thtl 

Mueriber, Ibr the abon-mcDtioned Heiay, wholk 

« died in 1687, might luva been U*i^[[ (b IM 

tanuM might out han been known. 

J LsTdtbip til Powii bfcune (lie properly of Jaane, 

V«Ue«ttbl(r, mho*t grfat erootlton, Juhn Grey, was 
_&■. U PuL in I4S-:, u -'Juliaxni Grey de I'owei." It it, 
' ''^atxTwTt'Kiy doubilul if UiiaBwrouy bu ever b«cn takMj 
B* of the AiKTAItes inio "hkb it f«ll on the lJ«»l^ -*" 
UoMdUwlulBanininMISi rurklihuughtbedciei 
mil o( the cUcM cbtir, uid tlie huibaiidniiildeaceiii' 
>( ika ywinfcr, vere Suaim. to Pari, yet it is mut pi 
!.f dut botb llie IWroniM in question must be e 
:-rc4 u IHW Cmliuiii. The daim o( John Kj 
ivQ, Emu ill iW, "bigb ii more fully nuticcd uai 
Orry of PiMii( appcirt lo hare been made under t 
I rMiiatition that John Crry, nbo wai lummoi 
.i Eiaard IV. bad ibii Barony as sole heir, ii 
.T'fsMiv* ol the alUinder of John 'Dptort, E 
l>i>roe>(« (ihi olbtr coheir}, in October 1470, o 
Ite Khtjanrt ou terminated by the Croon ill hi) I 
TU lurmcr amid iKil have txen the fad, far ths Stt 
muM hivr >c>U-J ihAt moiety in the Crown i and w 
nipRt lo Ijw ii^i'iiiil conjectuie, that the Abeyance 1 
■jnailulEil l>y iliu Wtil of Sumoioni tu Jobn Grey 
:j EJaard IV. Ibe Edilur acknowledtes himtcit inco 
ii'ent ta aiwak daciiirely, though, it no other ev'-"- 
/ ilic fact ran be addueed, than the addition o 
[,■»»■' to hi) name in tbat Writ, be pretinnea, fro 

ii^mftacLaiDplMot lucb additions aithout any 
■axtal a ainllu nature bring dedgclble tharefiDm, 
:.iil*auaa in labour of lucb a mpjioiiiion oan be liii 

:jt dtciUDAaot'e i for if it be conceded tbat John G 
> u taaBiaiied on that occasion a* " Lard Pawit" It . . _ 
mu^ niDrii I'^cK ihM he «» lArK ertoUd lu that title; 
I tin i!:lii ,t «*>'i^iiL'iiLledlogivebiin tbe Barony created 
ti il^ ^VrituC t'-'l^iATd II, lo Jobn Cbatlclon i a* bii 
f'tift- :Wi.ini.U„i>, if tucli waalheinLenlian, woulil have 
bRuLord (J«rTJ</un. lur tbeappellaliwi offowi/waa oot 
»i«rud until <t><^ !<i<h Edward 111. fotty-tiin* yean after 
ik( craai-uii of ibia liiruuy, aud then, in all probability, 
mtniT M a .li.ti lie lion, wilhoul iU being intended to 
lorn ihe iillf i.| iI.e dignity. Of Uii> aaaerlion tbe tol- 
inoiii- .i.Lij: iil.ird »lruli|E proof. Jobn Reauchantpi 

..,.„.rr ., ,. ,.i f.L,. r..,T-l of Warwick, WatSumm. to Pari. 
r„ , \ ^ .1 L.!™.lll. laW), to 15 Dec. 31 Eda.lH. 

■-- ■ -' ■ '- .1...1 =,c.) ai "JobaiUli Ui:Uo-C.-.mpo rfe 

.abJjly Kv ditiliifu'il' Wni (roBi Jowl 


n*kUGhirop iH Huche, in SoneiwtibiM, wba h liiriillKil 
In ibe Writi ■> John Brauchimp "dt Tiwimf." (nt it 
('■nnot fiir a moment be cunlcnded tbit cither Inmnmt 
in ihr xniiimanre, or Warwick in tbe other, bracdtbc 
(Ulci of olibcr of thetE Buoni, mil tbit, initead oT hdng 
lUtuii* Kraucbamp, thejr wen Baroni of Winwid ud of 
S^mmrl. Theie additiaot ire to be found in tha oriclHl 
Wru* by vhieh ibuu diicnirrM wire cruted, wbJlrt thk 
Kin'iii ei»l«l fin nurit thf yean belbrc tbcwonta ■'te 
IVuri" oceur in Ibe Writ) it Sanaoni ; the pmnn*- 
\wn it.tbf rrldiv, more i rrenfljr in fnnar of Ibe ButiDin & 
i;ur<t;oa b*inf (MM of fffaviri ud SnurttI, ibu IbtK, 
I^l* i-fD:i; tbs.-u'4 be tbat of Povii. But in otdrr t^» 
l■^. 1 ' u dfril :c'.'r«iui>Hi u «ai pouible on lbs pn*-^ 
IV.* t i\i .-.' i^:t Bir;cj. ibc RolJi of FwHaiMnt btr^ 
;w ■ .-i?rr.-.< n.'c4-j '.ei!. Fjr tbe pnrpoie of ueertainiik m 
l><' .-n^-cv- '.:« BiToni tbenio, and (be rt«u&« 
^ .V. >*-=> ;:« .-».' k-o berc eipr«ued on tbe lufcv 
'..->.. ,V .0:11:.''? *be<e ibe namci of tbe Lor^A* 

.. :- -r .' - .--■^-.^ ir.-i -.St -Iftb Edwvd III, Ii the adiX. J. 
..1 . *•■;*■..- M ^11=^. to! in that year "llot»«' 
.•*■ .e ,3,1 -«-.■»■ ir Fnryi' mu appointed aTiier «>f 

-->;. o >. * K.-':c -v Ln-j prmtni in 1397 *ere l^se 

?..;.. .ith--. •*tA fWpi,'"'ieaircdeFtE..» 

»• ^*.^- • *"' Sfra-rtJMs Sre de Brrpivena^s' 

■1 >- ,1 -".— M Cjunure.* "k Siia de Gny «3« 
<.■.-.« v~r -iin K-i*. bswerer, vil. in t.,to* 

» ;.(. X use of " Edwards ^»* 
..fc -i-.w^ ■»i«« *f ««ral utbor I^&-*" 

\_ *■'■''■ - 1 » i-T!! *f ibeM Dmoiii Ilia. "*" 

_ . „HK? ■ ::■: leij^ocninbattbe — •• 

V»"»^ ^. *>.■•:■-■•?»." Tbe Barony f^*^" 

^^^ ..,'"■ *■-= -"-■ 'JecMciir no more inli^^*'' 

*^^«^: ■ =-^» -'«• Il"pf«n»-J 

J ttfi i'i'.~ '•■■*'"-»■>* tbe opioioi) tb^ " 

u thu '?*^ >i"i5aauon nl thii Ban^ "'/ 

« "l <.MtiiLT.i<.»,»^v\i»ivhe tubas- <■■ 



tMol altrntlon thouM not be Rdopted jn preference ti 
itctHtt oflheflrit rrealioDi Tor it Is eiidenl tliiit th« 
■nClBal UUc uf tbi* Uftmny wa* not Inlally abindun 
utfU for ■ te-t yr*r*, in Ibe reign of HEiiry V. bj B 
•»4 <hc 4(fa and l»t Biron, ofaikt oF tbe Ibree prcM 
4f Bw><ii», iba Ant nertr bore any oihcr appelluld 
<t«n Ciitu.irraii i the irtoniJ, for ibaut titeniy yealf 
kH* ih« UJIM lllle oilhout liny alteration wbalever, U 
ift*nranb idoiJtrd that of "Cbrrletun de Powet>" *b||| 
iiUuian ■•> rFtainid by hit aon and turceiior, 
BuvB, aba tbouph lomedniei deicribed >i 

la*t weaitoiii when hit name occun in ihe Rolli o: 
liaxM, eipmily called "Sire dp Cherletoti." 
WltiUt aUuding to the Barony o{ Powii, if in fad 

Bu luck a Biirony at that period, it li to be aba< 

ibai In the Rolti of Parliament 33 Henry VI. 1455, th> 
"Itoainvf da Powct" la laid to bive b«n present in 
I'lidasieRL Tbi> ipprlUlion rould not )iosiibly be uied 
<a drmibe Jabn de Tibetot, Eirl of Worcester, oien- 
■wned Maw, aho I* taid by Dugdale to bare bei 
Phmjiim nutria, for Ibli it the firtt meniioi 
HolHaTaLaH Powiiafter 14^. hit fnther b!iv 
•uMiiMwfl a* "John TlploRe," and he bimaelf wat e 
lied Eafl at Worcettrr (li yean Iwfore, and, 
nn ibai oeewion bit name appear* by hifi proper title | 
"C^mmWjfom;" It muei, thercfurc, the Editor f 
itioaa, eprly to Riebard Grey, fatber uf John Grey, vd 
■ H SanM. lu Pari, a* " Jobinni drey de Punii," 
£>!«. IV. tat no ac«iunt of ibeisid Richard hKingbt 
itmmt. to Part. It rrcordtd. 

Allfaouch tbeac remark) bafc been made on tbe tuppo- 
ktinn iliat So act oer loaic place in favour of Edward 
TiMoft, a. and h. of Jabn Earl of Worcester, the other 
niudr of ibe Iljrony, who waa attainted in H7U, yet 
Ihtfa afpeara much doubt whelher the heiri of the taid 
Eart uf Wiiicearer hav* not lince been rendered capable 
tl iabenlinK the moiety uf Ibii Baruny potBeiied by tbe 
Eoi Tbe Rotli of ParlUmrnt give no account either 
•( Iba atlalndrr, or of any tnbiiequenl proceeding* on 
llx H>fa>e<l of it. That he *at ao atdtnted doei nut 
ypear tn admit of * quetlion ; but Dugdalc and 
invka «rrre*aly atate that hia ma oat reitored in 
«UJit other wrlirrt btrr tontidcrtJ that I 

<* Kiv WilHaM L bri^ Ui rimi 
CreMcJ E«rt ■! ChwtBf 1BT» t ah, II 

IIOL S.Bkhard.i.aDdk.ab.lllB,k.F. 

1119. 3.ltMa]pkdaHw^M.WM af B4fk 
cbisn. b; Hni, •Mv of H«b^ I 
'k. Hit. 

viami. 7.JokBUScot,M(>arDirid But or a 

4oD (bnHbir of WUlUa tbe Uoa, ) 
Scotluid), bj llMd, liMcr ud cohtli 
UrtEul(oh.I344,>.r. UthiSMI 
UBo 1S«5, tbil EuMmb ««■ UDOO 
Cfovn for trer i but Kiuf Hcnrj 1 
faired it on bU younger un, 
" *naBd Phntagmct ; CtMlcd Eari ( 
ur iSU, aad ■ttcrwaidi Eari at I 
aad Lancaiter. Hanj vriicn Mata i 
till* tt Eail of Chester vaa retak 
conferred on bit elder brotbcr, Ed>a 
becuae K.\a% Edward I. Dagdak M 
tbi* Edaand, in 13 Edward 1. m 
Cheater, obt^ned a pant "froa d 
»[ di«en liheitict." 

DL 13&3. EdBi 


SinMn de Mnnlfurt, the «lebratcd Eiirl at 
Lcicc^er. niortcd from Priix^e Edward, iifter 
tht bKltk of Lcoet, ■ gniit nt Ihe inhprit- 
■nn u! Ill* Enrlduiii Ljcl HoKor of CI>«Ter, 
under ihr culaur of Hit excbiiiipF, anil ob- 
tained («o paieniE from Kin); Hinry III. 
conBrming Che lamc, the one daUd 34 Dec. 
Iie4, ind th* other Ma> 30, I3t;5i killed at 
tbt tMtllc of Eveahun, in August 1SG5. The 
Earldom of Chester, *ai, by Act of Pari. 31 
Rid I. united to the Pri noipalily of W alea, and 
biu *ver nince been barne by ihe hrlr appn- 
rrat lo ibe Throne. Vide Wales. 


iBftianhope, lit Baron Stanhope of Sbel- 
li Cioateil Eiirl uf Cbeiicrfield, co. Der* 
4 Auiuit, lb!8 i Ob. Ilise. 
f Sianbupe, frandaun and heif, being 
d b. dF Sir Henry Stanfaupe (ob. v.p.) 
il>otlollhela*t Earli ob. 1713. 
1. LPhiUli Stanhope, a. and h. ob. I7S6. 
L 4. PhiJip Donner Slaubope, *. and h. K.G. Lord 

U«a(. o( Ireland II4S; ob. nSi.E.r.L. 
L i. nullp Stanbupe, eouain and heir male, being 
a. and h. of Anbur Charlei, eldeit aun of 
Mubael. a. and b. of Charki, eldeit (on of 
Anbur Slantaupc, younger lun of Pbllip Ut 
Earl, K.G. ob. 1815. 
k li. Cmmi* Aufcuuui Fnderick Slanbope, a. and h, 
Pnaeni Earl of Cbealerfield, and Baron 
Slanbupe of Shclford. 

Kaihnine, dau. and coheir of Tboinai Lord 
Wolloo, and wldo* of Sir Henry Stanhope 
(ok T. p.) «on and heir apparent of Philip lit 
BuL She married, lecondly, John Polinniler 
KiikhO'cn, Lord of Hcniaeet, in Holland ; 
and alter hU death 'he remarried Colonel 
(TNaale. Created Countesa Chealerfleld for 
l>1r-29May, IGGOj ob. 1SG7. when the Title 
hietme Crtintt. 



VMCOinm, IS SiptHdMn ITMk 


~IM4. 1. Frindi Ld|ti, Iitfiuoa Dunoni CmII 
Etrl of Cbtcbaler, irilh ra»alnd«>, MN 
hii iiiaa male, to TfaomuE^ of StNtbim 
ton, and bb heir* nale bwotUa oa SMm 
beth hi> wife, daa|:fa(«r oT Us Mid Fiwd 
LeiEh. SdJonE, 1644) ob. 1 6M, >. P. M. 
1653, 3. Thomw Wrioibesli^, Bui of Soutb«HpM 
tuccKded hii fatbar.iii4air m Earl of CUM 
ter, K.G. ob, 1667, •.P.M. «twB thi Nt 

x^i. I 

III. 1674. l.Chwlei n»-Ro7,n*tar«lMnorK.Cha>tMl 

Craitad Earl of CbfcfaeMer and Dak* < 
Southaaiiiton, 10 Sept. I6T4, iDcoMdedN 
mother in (he Dokedom of riamhirf. i 
1T09, K.G.ob. 1730-. 

IV. 1730. 9.WilliaD Fiti-Ro;, i. and b. ob. I7T4, *•< 

wheD bii bonon beeatne 

V. 1801. l.Thomai Pelbam, Sd Baron Falbani of StM 

men Created EaK of ChiebMterJDDtS 
IBOI, ob. 1B05. 

VI. 1B0& 3.Tbomai Pelham, i. and b. Prewnt lul 

Cbich eater, and Baron Pslhua of BtannWi' 


I. 164&. 1. Robert Cholmondeley, lit VUcount Cb 
moodele; in Ireland ; Created Baron Cb 
mondeler ot Wicbe Malbtnk, aliai Na* 



I. 1706. I. Hugh Cbolnontlcley. Sd Vii< 

mondelej in IreUn.l; s. mi.. .. „ 
Robert, aha was Crcalril Viicounl * 
CbnlmoDilHey in Irrtanit id Moreb, 
16SI, eldest ton of Hugh, next 
brofbcrnt ibe lam Baron ; CreaieiJ 
CD.CbeiUr, witli remaindiir, fail' 
hii tHue malr.Io bii brolbEr Ge»r 
10 April, leag, Cre«ted Viieo _^ 
MilpU, and Earl or Cholmondrli^ 
bmh cu, Cbegler, nilb the IJ-^ 
limiUlion, 37 December, 1706; 
—n. 1735. S.Gearse CbDlmandelev. Itt Bai 
Ne-burgb ill England, and 1st J 
roi> Ne* burgh in Ireland; bl 
and beir; ob. IT33. 
—111.173^ 3. George Cbulmondeiey, a. and h. 
ob. 17T0. 
I.— I.latG. 4.G«Drge Jamn Cbolmi 
ley, grandHni and hei 
i b. of George CholiDoitdeley (oh. r. p.) eldaat 1 
le last Eiiri ; Created Earl ui RucksHVa^r, and J 
ilmondelcy, .. Spptember, 1815. Preunt'l 
. and Baron tl.olmondeley. Earl ol R 
t, Viaccuni Halpai, and Baron Nrwbursli. in Engf ■ 
' < Viacouui Cbulmondeiey and Baron NembarA ff 
I. K,G. T= ■ 


, Juba Churchill. Isl Baton Churchill of Eje- t 
Dvutli in Scotland ; Created Baron ChurcUB I Herts, May 14, 1685; Cr»- ] 
at«.l Eail ol Marlborough April 9, 1689- 

Vide Mahlbohougit. | 



It BtM^V 

L IBIS. Frftncii-AlEnuick Spencer, 

Spencer, 3d Duke or Mariborou^, 
Crrued Baroo Cburehill of Wliicho 
OirorO, July le, 1815. Prcient 
Churchill of Wbkhcote. == 

BoUKV, Sih April, 16S9. 

Vide P08TUMD. 

UWnil ST YRIDtl. 

will. f. GunfriddeCiochei) hii aucceuur wm 

II. Mcph. Anielme de Ciucbei, YnSog 1 139. 

III. Hen. II. Robert de Ciocbei, >. aiid b. liviDR ) IS4. 

IV. Jubn. Peler de Cioehci, living 1905, alter whieli 

nothing farther ii koown ol (hia family. 



I. 1891. I.Robcrt JoceljD, 3d Bad ofRoden In InhMtt 

Created Baron ClaabnMll of Hyde Hall, ea. 

Herti, July 14, IftSI. Preient Baron Oaa- 

brauil I *1m Earl of Roden, Ac. In IrdM^ 



I. 1B93. Heni7 lePoer Trench, 3J Eari ol Oaneartj fat 
Ireland, and lit Raton Trench in EncUndt 
Created Viicount Clancarty of tba Canntj at 
Cork IT Nov. iaS3. Pment Viaeount Qm- 
carty and Baron Trench in the Pecr^a rf 
the United Kini^ou) 1 alio Eari of ClaiwaitTh 
Ac. In Inland, G.C.B. ^ 


■Sicbanl Fit(.Gilbert, Loid or Eari of Oasaia 

lenp. Klnf WiUiiin the Conqueror. 


.1. 4.Gilbcn de Tontbrucc, i. and b. 
k. 4.IU«1imU iM CUn, ■. and h. B*rl of Hcitfordi 
liajl. CCilbcn lie CUr«, >. and h. Earl of Hertford 

ob. IISI,S.p. 
Iftl. aJtoftr de cure, brother and bdr, E«rl 
V Hcnronli ob. IIT3. 

173. 6.B>cbird dc CUrt>, •. and fa. B*rl of Herifard : 
hw mar. Amlcla, dau. and ai leiigili >nli! brir, 
at Willuu Earl of Gluucetler, and wai one of 
■be erkhratedSSBaroni appointed to enforce 
■fee obtentance of MACNACHtRTA ; ob. 1918. 
Iflia. T'Gilbcrt Ac ClAre, «. and h. Eari of Hertford 
•Bd EafI of Clouceilpr jure matrii. He wm 
•bo pne of (be "5 Bnrons appuinled to en- 
fSTM the obacrvauceof Magna CiMaTA; ob. 
1139. fcRlcbard de Clare, t. and b. Earl of Hertfurd 

andGlonimteri ob. liSS. 
Iiet. 9.CilbeTt de Glare, *. and b. EaH of Henfard 
•nd Gloiiecatrri be roar. Joan Plnnlagfnet, 
dugbter of King Edward 1.; ob. ISgs. 
UK. lOXaibert d« Clare, *. and h. Earl of Hertford; 
and Claoeetteri ub. 1313, s.p. ' 
ttMomt became 


\3m, Uoul nantaienit, 3d ion of K. Ed«ird llf.l 
Lavinc married Eliiabetb, dau. and heir, of I 
Wmiam Earl of Uliier, ■■ and b. of Jobii di- ' 
Barehibj Clltabetb de Clare, aiiter and eg 
beir uC Gilbert tbe latt Eul, obtained withfl 
hrr (lie honour of Clare, and having beta I 
Crwctd Eail of UUter Jure uior'u, >ai Cro-I 
■ted Oak* vfClareoeelStb September, 136S. I 
IL G. Pbillppa, hi) dau. and beir, mirrie4l 
Edoiotid. Earl of March, and tbrough hatfl 
■hr faouic of York derived iIi claim to tb«1 
"nimne ; ob. 1368, «. P. ". when Ibe Duktt-J 
dam bcFane 



IL Ifll. ThoCOM Planiaeenet, !d urn of K. Helu; iV 
Created Enrl of Albeniarie and Dakc otCb 
ren»9Ja1y, 1411, K.G.i ob. \4il,i.r.mUti 
Ibe Title i£>in bpcame 

in. 1461. Groree PlBtilnfrencI, bralber of K. Edwunl IV. 
CreileJ Uuke of Clarence 1461, K.G.,' >fc, 
I17T. sod heine attaiiiled, thii Dukiihw 
hccHine ffgrftitcO. 

IV. ■;«. Wlllinm Heti^, 3d >ciu of King Groi^ 111. ud 
brother of bii preaeot miMt eraciiiui Maiuljf 
Crestrd Duke nt Clarence ind Si. AndifW 
and Earl of Muntler in Ireland. May 19, 
1789. Preaent Duke of Claren« and ft, 
Andreni; alio Earl of MuDiter in ItcUtl, 
K.G. K.T. GX:.B. c^ 

XI. I6«. I John Hotiei, lat Buod UtiaAtim , CmM 

Earl ol Clan, m. Smwi, 3d NmulNr* 1M| 
ok 1637. 

XII. IG3T. 3. John Hulln, i. ud fa. ob. IflfiS. 

XIII. I66S. 3.Gilben Hollct, t. ud b. ok 16B9. 


XlV.lfiea— 1. 1694. 4. John HoUh, fc ud b. CntMd Vw 

qoeii of CUra and Dnkesf Nt*> 

eMila 14 Majr, )«94, K.G.) * 


— II.ITIS. l.TbumaiPelhain [anniDed tb«M«« 
of) Hulln, 3d Bwon Pdbw a 
Loughton, i. and h. of TboMM tm 
Baron Baron Pelban of Lmi^MM 
h; Grace HoIIm, timt of tht M 
Marqueia of Clara i Crsated H* 
euunt Pelhain of Hoii||htM wm 
EarUrClareOet.SS, 1714; CM** 
HarqucM of Clan and DiJa ■ 
Neweaitla, i ' " " " 

AupiUS, I7I5| Cr«UMl Dttkaoi: 




uader^Lynp, willi a apeciml limiUtion 1756, 
and Btron Ptlbam of Sianmer, co. Siuiri, 
*(lh ■ HKtitt rvmahiaer :76S, K. G. ob. 
ITCS, *- P. anil l>» broiher Henry having 
dM in hii Me limi, a. p. m. tli« Earldum 
wd Uarquiiate of Clare became 



. Rtobard it Clare, Sumniuneil tn Pat). Sfi Ocf . 
3 Edw. II. 1309. biu never afler-arilt. Dug- 
dale ^vca iio- account ol this Baruii in hit 
littm»te, nor ii tbcre aoy ihiog farther 


■■■mirda, l<t Baron Hyde; Created Vise. 
i CMMknry, co. Oifonl, and Earl of Clnreiiduii, 

90Af>ril,166l,L.H.Cbaiic.i ob. Iti;4. 
, Henrjr Hyde, ■. and b. ob. 1709- 
Edvard Hyde, b. and b. ob. 1723, k. p. m. 
HcDty Hyde, ltd Earl of Rocbetter, coutiii and 
heir, being •. and b. of Lawrence, UL Earl of 
Rocbeater. yuunger ion of Edward, lit Barl 
erf Clarendon 1 ub. 1753, a. r. N. wben bii 
button became 

rboaiai Villien.edaonoi William, 9d Eitl of 
Jcney, hiviiif mar. Cbsrlotle Capel, tldeat 
du. ol WiUiam, 3d Earl of Ehgi, by Jane 
Hyde, dan. and coheir of Henry, tbe lait Earl 
oiClarcndon [nhicb Cbirloiie hu coheir to 
ber mother) wai Created Baron Hyde of 
Hlodun in 17£6i with a tpecial remainder, 
and Karl of Clarendon June 14, 1776 i 

nomaa Villien, <. anil h. ob. 1834, s. P. 
>J«kn Cbarlet Villien. bro. and b. Present 
llCUrenJun and Biron Hide of Hindun . 
Kingdum of I'f Uiiia. 


I. H*n.ll, 

II, John. 
IV. I MO. 

I. 1^95- 

I. RofCT ntiRicharJ, Urine ■ IGi. 
ILRabcn Fiti-Roircr, I. and b. oh. 1314. 

3. John PiH-Robari, t. and li. ob. lM(k 

4. Roger FiuJobn, >. ind h. ob. IMtk 

i. Hubert FiiE-Rugrr, i. and It. Soma ia 
from i Nut. 93 Eilw. I. I39S, to 16 A 
EJtt II. 131 li ub. circa, t3I I. 

6, Juhn Fiti-Robcrt (usuined ibe name of 
nring, a. and b. Suma. lo Pari, fro* 
April, S8 £d«. I. I99», to 90 Nu>. & E<j-.ll 
iS3l I ob. I33S. ». r. M. Eve. hU dag. u 
beir, mar, Ut Ralfib d* UlfMd. and S.1¥ 
nui (1( Audlc}', and \tti 'mat by boib, u 
■»unK >l>Fir licacrtidinli and repreientali' 
ibii RiTtioj U probably in Abeyikc*. 4 


>. 'n«aiu Wetilvonh, 4lb Hnran WcDIwonl 
Cmt«d EatI ul Clrreland, «. York, S 
l£i« t ob. l6ffT, a-r. «■ wbcn ib« EarUa 

m. ertlnct. ^ 

I. I. BttUra TUIton. dau. and heir of William. ! 

Waco— t Grandiion In Ireland, Miitrna 

■JnC Cbarbi li. ; Cnatad Baroncai N« 

•nek, (u> Sumv, CounicM of SoutbampM 

• - - — ■ ■ ^rt^^bid 

Ill »m 

"". iji'f. 

ClKnlaiul, lailh 

la bH- Balvnl XMU. bf Kiac Cliarlaa 11. * 
Ckartet Fii* lU* wd fieorft riti-II<7, 

Aoc. leroi •■>. no9. 

tCharlMl'iffl Ray. Dniw olSeullFanipton,d* 
■on Hdha lhK4iH«, K.U. ub. n.lO. 

1. H .lltaM nu-Roy. a. anJ h. Ouke of ~ 

■mi-loD, ob. in4. a,r. vben tbiadlgatl; ' 




L H. II. 1. Walter de aifford, liTing 1 165. 

H R 11 1.2. Walter de Clifford, ■. and b.ob.l223. 

III. IS39. 3. Walter de Clifford, s. and h. 1S63, B. p. m. 

IV. IS63. 4. Rog«r Clifford, neph. and heir, bein|; t. and h. 

of Roger (ob. v. f.) next brother of the last 
Baron; ob. 1383. 


L 1S99L 5. Robert Clifford, f randton and beir^ being son 
and heir of Roger Clifford, (ob. ▼. p.) eldest 
son of the last Baron ; Summ. to Pari, from 
99 Dec. S8 Edw. 1. 1S99, to S6 Nov. 7 Edw. 
II. 1313 ; Earl Manbal 1307 ; ob. 1314. 

H 1314. 6. R«>frerde Clifford, t. and h. Summ. to Pari, from 
6N0T. 13 Edw. II. 1319, to 15 May, 14 Edw.ll. 
1331; ob. 1327, 8. p. 

UL 1327. 7. Robert de Clifford, bro. and heir; Summ. to 
Pari, from 10 Der. 1 Edw. III. 1327, to SO 
April, 17 Edw. III. 1343; ob.1344. 

iV. 1344. 8. Robert de Clifford, ton and heir ; he was never 
Summ. to be died under age in 1 357i s.p. 

I 1337. 9. Roger de Clifford, bro. and heir; Summ. to 
Pari, from 15 Dec. 31 Edw. III. 1357, to 28 
July, 12 Ric.ll. 1388 ; ob. 1390. 

VI. 1390. 1 O.Thomas de Clifford, s. and b. Summ. to Pari, 
from 6 Dec. 13 Ric. II. 1389, to 7th Sept. 15 
Ric. II. 1391 ; ob. 1392. 

VII. 1392.11. John de Clifford, s. and h. ; Summ. to Pari 

from SI Sept. 12 Hen. IV. 1411, to 26 Feb. 
8 Hen. V. 1421, K. G.; oh. 1422. 
VI1I.US9. 12. Thomas de Clifford, s. and h. Summ. to Pari, 
from 19 Dec. 15 Hen. VI. 1436, to 20 Jan. 31 
Hen. VI. 1453; ob. 1454. 
n. 1454.13. John de Clifford, s. and h. Summ. to Pari. 30 
July, 38 Hen. VI. 1460; ob. 1461, and hav- 
ing been attainted, his honors became 

^ 1461.14. Henry de Clifford, s. and h. Restored in blood 
and honors, and Summ. to Pari, from 15 
Sept. 1 Hen. VII. 1485, to 16 Jan. Ti llcii. 
VII. Nyij I'b. \b2A. 

Idaa. and iole beir; wn twice mn\ 
Richard Sackville, Earl of Ilorsat, 
^ { Philip Earl of Pembroke, but had i 

bv her first husband. She claime 

roiiy in 1628, and the hearing of he 

was appointed for the following Sei 

, , . •■ M there was no further proceediugi oi 

Ladyship died in 1675. 
XIV. 1691.18. Thomas Tulton, 6tb Eari of Tbanet 
and was allowed tbe Baruuy by tba 
Peers, Dee. 19* 1691 • M gnai-grm 
beir of tbe last Baron* befang ioa 
matelj beir of Jobn, 8d Earlof Tl 
MarsareCy dan. and erentuallT (on I 
of tbe issue of her sister fsabell 
•fames Earl of Nortbaropton») sol 
Richard Saok^ine, Earl of I>one< 
Qiflbrdy dan. and sole heir of Geof| 
Cumberland, tbe last Baron i ob. II 
when the Barony fell into Aibyanci 
bis daughters and oobeirs, tib. C 
wife of Edward Viscoont Sondes i i 
of James Earl of Salisbniy i Maifin 
Thomas Earl of Leicester) BC«iy» 
J. Anthony Grey, son of Henry 
Kent, and S. Jobii EarlGower; and 



XV. 1776.Sa Edward Southwell. •• and h. of Edward Soath- 
well, bj Catbarine, dan. and beir of Edward 
Viscount Sondes, by Catherine Tufton, 1st 
dau. and cobeir of Tbomas Tufton, Earl of 
Tbanet. XIV.- 1 8th Baron, and eldest sister of 
the late Baroness ; ob. 1777. 

ZVI.I777.Sl.Edward Southwell-Clifford, s. and h. Present 
Baron Clifford, 


I 1644. 






V m. 


♦ ?• 




wH 1793. 




Richard Boyle. Earl of Cork, haviii|r marr. 
Elisabeth, dau. and heir of Henry Clifford. 
5ih Earl of Cumberland, was Created Baron 
Clifford of Lanesborougb. co. Yurk. 4 Nov. 
1644; Created in March. 1664. Earl of Bur- 

Ciptintt 1735. 

Vide Burlington. 



I.Thomas Clifford, descended from Sir Lewis 
Clifford, K. G. 3d son of Roger V.— 9th 
Baron Clifford; Created Baron Clifford of Devon. April S2, 1672, L. High 

^ Treasurer: oh. 1673^ 

9. Hugh Clifford, s. and h. ob. 1730. 

3. Hugh Clifford, s. and b. ob 1733. 

4. Hugh Clifford, s. and h. ob. 1783. 

5. Hugh Edward Henry Clifford, s. and b. ob. 

1793, 8. p. 

6. Charles Clifford, bro. and heir ; he marnod 

Eleanor-Mary, youngest dau. and coheir of 
Henry, 8th Baron Arundel of Wardour ; her 
Ladyship is youngest coheir of one moiety of 
the Barony of Fitz- Payne. Present Baron 
Clifford of Cbudleigh. =7= 



is Nov. ITRtftlC laoSt mi 1394, but never arKrwardi; •' whei 
Duitdalc, ■' I ihall here put n periud to my 
liiin ;" but it Hppean Ihai be died In 139S< a 
a toil John, And a ilau|;hter RlizabFtli, wba 
John Kncrit, Knt.: (he tnid Juliii Clifimi wu 
at bU ralher'i death, and though aFteraard 
wai never Summoned to Parliament ; Uugt 
daugbier and heir, wai the mitt of Sir £u 
Knt. but died i. p. trben tbli Banmjr haean 
Jabn Kn»lt, the ion and heir of Eltsibetkl 
•boTe mentioned, daughter of ConitutltM 
among whole deicendant* and r«pr«Mntat]*a 
biy now in Abbyanci. 

" Gerraalo Clifton da L^oD 
CbTr;" oh. I6li, •.?.■!. 
■ 16T4. 3. Catherine, wife of HenijrCTBciv 


A-neodoaiu ttiigh, tiitn Rnil hfltt ob. 1739. 
Sbe mir. Jobo Bligb, wbo wu Created Baron 
Cliduii in IrrtnndSepi. 14, ITSI, and aftfrr- 
**rdt Vkeount and Earl uf Dariiley in Ire- 
Und. and dwd ITSH, 

LS. Gtloard Bligb, i. itnd h. iurcented hii falber 
at Earl "f Dariilry, Ac. in Ireland, t7is ; t>b. 
. 1741. s.r. 
S> John Blitb, bru. and betr. Earl of Darnley in 

IreUnil.ub. nsi. 
|. jDbn Bl'iKh, B. and h. Pr^unt Baron Clifton 
of Lcightoii Bruoiswuldj alio Elarl of Dam- 
k]F, Ac. in Ireland. =i= 

LCeoffre; de Clinton, Chamberlain to King 

I. Geuffrey dr Clinton, t. and h. Chamberlain to 

Kins Hen. IMlvin; HG-'i- 
I. Henry dr Clinton, Land h. living 1313. 
i, Henry de Clinton, 1. and bcir, ob, 1 33£, s. e. 
ibna bii (illen became bla hein. 

I. Otbert de Clinton, nephew of Geoffrey the 

in Baroo, liTinsllGI. 
a. Osbcrlde Clinton, >. and h.ob. 1933. 
I.Thetnai de Clinton, e. and b. living 1364. 
t4.Thoauide Clinton, i.and h. living I3B3. 

LJolin de Clinton, s. and b. Summ. to Pari. 8 

Fcb.^TEdo. I. lS99i ob. 13J4. 
1 John de Clinton, . a. and b. Summ. to PxrI. 

from 37 Jan. 6 £d<*. III. 1333, lo Itt April. 

9 Ed«. 111. 1335 ; to the lut Writ the Horda 

*' nortuiu (It" ate added t ob. 1335. 
r.Jobn de Clinton, ■. and h. Summ. to Pari. 

ffooi 15 Dee. 31 Edw. 111. 1357, to 5 Nov. 

91 Rie. H. 1397 ; he married Idoncs, liXer 

and cobeir of Lord William Say ; ob. I39T. 
L William de Clinton, erandson and htir, being 


■■ and b. •■{ WOfbm Ct 
too ot UiF Un B*noi 

19 Aue. »Ric It. ISM. i 

Vt. )430i ub.1433. 
1439. 9. John dc CliniuB. (. uJ 1l _ 
from 4 Sepi. SD Hea. VI. r<l 
38 Hen. VI. 1460 i atiuuii 
bi> bonon bretnw ftifllllt. 
blood and hanon. >d>I Swnwi 

I 93 M>r. t Ed*. IV. nei. 1^ 

IV. 1463 ; okcifo. I4«S. 3 

VI. I465.tajubn de Clinton, >. kod luB 

tuParI.i ob. 1514, 4 

VII. 1514.11. Thomat deOiiiloB.t. and un 
' S3 Not. G Hen. VIII. 1514 jol 

VIII.I5)T.13.Edi>udi]FCURliin, (.and b. C 

' Lincoln 4 Maj, ISTl.K.G., I 

ob. 1584. 

BL 1584.13. tlenr; dc Clinion, a. and Lbi 

ob. 16 IS. J 

ieie.l4.ThainHde Clinion, a.aadtS 

ob. 1G18. S 

XI. 1618.15. Theophilu*deCliBtoa,i.Mi« 

eoln, nb. IGST. ' '^ 

XII. 1667.16. Edward Clinton, {randton andt 

and beit nl Edward (ub. v, y.), 
the lilt Baron ! ob. 1699, ■. r. 
run; fell iniu Abevanck bet* 
and cuhein, uulil tb« Abcjan 
nateil by the CrooOi in the i<en 


1.17. Hu^b Forieicuei ton and 
Farteicue. by Bridcel, di 
Hugli Botcawf n, by Mar; 
lUu. i>r Tbropbilu* XL 
and aunt and cobrir of lb 
Siimm. to Pari, IG Matob 
Baton/, and Created Earl 
Baron Forteiuii« of C*aU 
1746, wiih a ipFcial rvm 

.. J. 1751, ( 
n of CUntan bti 



Otfonl 1 but on ibe dealli cf the tiiJ Unr. 

£r>t Fiinwpue unmarr. in 1760, iLe ilixniiy 
TOlrcd on ' 

1.13. Uorraret, «l<1uw of Rulierl, 9ct Enrl of 0> 
(mJ, uid wile of tilt Hon. S<!*»lliB Shirley, 
M btit-Kenvrkl of Theopbilui Earl of Lincutn, 
Xl--I5lli Buroili ahe Iwing d*u. and mlc heir 
of SuDOel EUllf, son xiiil lieir of Robert Rulle, 
bj Artbtlli, elilMt Jaughterof Ibe laid Theo- 
pfclluii Ob. 1781. 

l.l9.G*ar|t Wilpole, Exrl •>[ Otford, t. and b,-, oh. 
Iigi.«.r. wlien tliv Barony ot Cliatan de- 

I.9D. Robert GtotfK William Trcruii;, be beioe (. 
•ad h. af Robert Coltoa Trefutij, clJet( (DTI 
of Rob«rt Treluiii, loti and heir o( Sitinuel 
Trtrutii, rWpit >oii of Franc ii Trvfut it Vy 
BridCfl. au»l c>rHar£are(, the lul BAfoneii, 
■nil dan. or Robert Rulle, by Arabdli Clin- 
lOH abuve nieiiiioiied ; claimeil and *!19 
•llowed ihe llaruiiy iu 1794, as beir-eeiiErnl 
o( Tbeophilu* Earl of Lincoln XI.-]5lh 
^ Baron ( ob. 1797. 
f,3).EBb*n Cuiion St. JoUd Trerutii, a. imd h. 
Pnfent Baron Ctintoii, and eldeit coheir uf 
lb* Barony of Sny. ~ 


William d* CKntoit, broibEr ot JuUn Je Clm- 
IMI, Il.-litfa Baroni Suoibi, lo Pad. from 6 
8ppi.4Bd«r. 111. nm, lo 14 Jan. lU Edw. 
IIL 13-17; Crtaled Karl of Hunlin;-dun lb' 
Mafcb, l3S7ii>b. 1354, a, p, when hii honun 
brcuie Cltintl. 


Createil Baron Clive 



Salop, Au^. 13, 1794 i CteUei 
Clive, or Ludlow, Bxron > 
Cberbury and Earl of Pavii 
1804. Present Baron VUruimt 


Alan, tbe ton of Plathald. nblained rrooi V 
Conqueror Ihe Castle of Oiwildeelrr, in ibe 
Salop : his detcenttant Williim Fit^-Aliin (Rru 
John Fili-Alin, who by miirrjiiiig Itabiel, i 
lifireii of Hugb de Albiiii, Eirl of Arundrl, «c 
Castle of Arundel, and wbose poBtenl)' by Icni 
became EarU of Arundel,] married Itabet, dai 
oF Heliai de Say, »ba brought him (be Lordibi 
but rrom (he lime of Edw. t. neilber of theie | 
were considered to confer any title of Peerap: 

1. 163T. I.Thomu Howard, Earl of Arandd • 
(on and heir of Philip Howard, E4 
del, who WH ittluQted 33 Ella, the heir-(tiia 
family of Fita-AlaD abcve mentioned, wai %A< 
Car. I. Created Baron Fiti-Alan, Clun andOiw 
and Maltraven and tbeie Baronie* were then I 
the title and honor and dignity of Eirl of Afl 
■ettled upon the tald Thomas Howard and Mm 
of hii body, wiih remaindeno the beiri ofU* 
mainder to bii uncle Lord William Howard ■■■> 
male of bii body, wilb remainder to the heir* oi 
reroainderto Ihe iforeiaid Tbomai Earl of At 
Sulreyand bii hein foreven and in conuqttei 
entail, theM Baronies are now poaiessed by 
Bernard Edward Howard, Duke of Norfolk. I 
Earl of Arundel, &c. 

Vide A RUMPEL ud N 



dt OrvidoQ wMy with aboot tixty other per- 
■OMO on the 8th Jone, S9 Bdw. I. lSa4» to 
Dagt whtrcver he mifbt be, to advtte on the 
iho Realm I but there is veiy coniidereble 
It Writ een be considered as a regular Writ of 
^ hiliamcnty as none of the higher Temporal 
r aay of the Spiritual Peers were included In 
tban anj digr fixed for the meeting. It It 
•batrrcd* that the Writ in question is the 
mooid, esuaptinf that of the 49th Hen. Ill.i 
tfmMf of tne persons Snmmoned in the 99 
m aevir afaln Snmmoned excepting in tl>e 95 
Ittkatfunl off those persons were not considered 
7 Tssore ; and that of those who were Baroae 
. and snmmoned on those occasions, many 
laeKided in any subsequent Summons to Par- 
tVs Writ off the 31i Edw. I. has however on one 
sii admitted as a Writ of Summons to Parlia- 
I Bar of the House of Lords f ; but the last 
teport of the Lords' Committee appointed to 
aatien tooehhig the dignity off a Peer of the 
pnan to eonflrm the objections here expressed. 
4i QyTcdon was nerer afterwards Summoned 
■Ct Bor does Dogdale or any other genealogi- 
bm an aeeonnt off lum. 



Henry de Cobharo, s. and b. Sumro. to Pari. 

from 8 Jan. 6 Edw. IL 1313, to 88 Jan. 9 

Bdw. IIL 1336; ob. 1339. 
Jolm de Cobham, s. and h.t ; Summ. to Pari. 

s obserratioos on this Writ of 35 Edw. I. under 

le of the Berany of Roos. 

I the authority of HoUtnshed, and in which he it 

^flNSat, nakss this John to be grandson of Henry. 





from 13 Sept. IGEJo.llI. 134 
e Hen. IV. 1407, tomelimM ai 
tion or " lie Kent ; ub. 140T( a, 
Joanp, hit i;nnil-ilBu. (J«u. an^ 
dau. Joane ile Cabbam, by S(( 
Pole), hii ntit heiri Bbemntrie 

in. I4W). John Oldcutlc, who *■■ Sunn. 
S6 Oct. 11 Hen. IV. 1409, li 
I Hen. V. 1413, jure uxorit, tk 
any olher dcaigniition than ■ 

Oldcwtte. Cbi*f i 

her 9il buBband, 

the said Joanc Cuhbam bad a 

tre of Sir Thomai I 

"jl^ ,«^ . h" 2d husband. Sir RfgliiiM 
^^ . J^ _/■ the laid Joanc Cuhbam b""! • •! 
r*"^ _/f B "^ . Joaiie, the wife of Sir Th 

^r ,'^JV. 'J445. 3. Edward Brooke, wu Sumi 
I ^ -iV* "■>'■'''' B"'"' •!« Cobban 

Cobham, Cbi 

13 Jan. ii Hen. VI. 1445, to 

Hen. VI. I460i oh. 1464. 
1464. 4. John Brooke, a. and ti. SnmiB. 

Auk. is Edir. IV. l4Ti, to IS . 

VII. 1491 ; Ob. 1506. 
1506. S. Tbomai Brooke, i. and h. appu 

to Pari, from IT Oct. I Hcn.^ 

1! Nov. T HcD. VIII. 1515, tbmi 

in tbote jeari ii directed to Ji 

oh. 15«9. 
1539. 6. Ceorce Brooke, >. and h. Summ. 

i Nut. 91 Hen. VIJI. 1SS9, to ! 

a Philip and Mary, 1S58; ofa. I 
I55B. T.William Brooke, ■. and h. So 

S and 6 Philip and Marjr, 1&5S 

35 EliE. K. G. oh. 1596. 
1596. %. HtxiTj Brooke, 1. and b. Sa^o 

Oct. 39P-UI. l59Ti Ob. 1619.*. 

Brooke, loa of Georse hii brot 

1 of John irho is Mid to hate died 98 Edv 
; Into the point, it ii mott probable (hat D 
From ithieb the (bove ii takeD, ii correct. 

iricculvd «nJ xTtMVfr.a, wu bit neit lieir j 
•ililiih Williani Cutilwiu wu reeiureil iii blouil 
111 IKIO, but "KoI luciiju]' (he lllle of Lord 
Cubluni Hilhout till! Kirig'i ■jwcial •»?«," 
•hiah wu iiEver cunlerrpd on him ; he left 
iMUcmo daugbien tnd cubcin, vii. ... x ife uf 
Sir John Dsnbam: and Hill Uruuke, wbo 
(nbr. Sir WUllunt Bouthltyi but tlie sncierit 
Buvrij liui^t nuC aiipEur in biire been ever 
miurcil, >i»l bet-ame CttmCt on the death of 
Kriir^i (h« iMt Baron. 

John Bniukir, a. aiid b. uF Heitry, younger Mii 
of Croree Brouks, VHI.-Stb Baroti and next 
beir aialt u[ Henry, lail BaruQ ; Created by 
Ltllcn Paieot 3 Jan. 164S, Lord L'ubbBio, (o 
hia uid bit biiin loale, " in enjuy that liile 
■a M ainpl' ■ muiner » any of bis aiicetiun 
hail doot." Tbii howaver oai eviJenlly a 
uao BaroDjr. and un hli death in 1651, k. p. 
bwama ^tinct- 

l.Sit Ricboril Temple, ■lib B*rt. (de- 
I. IIIV. uciidtd (luiD Mare^iet Cobbmn, 
■liter of Henry IX.-SIb Baron, 
auil ufCeorge hii brotbifr, whu oai 
attainted] -, Created Baron Cub- 
bam u( Kent , 1 9 Oct. 1 T 1 4 1 Created 
Viicuunt and Baron Cubbam of 
Kent, MayS3,:T18i » lib remain- 
der, failing bia mat, of the digni- 
lin of Viieounteia and Barouest 
Ciibhain, tobiialiter He* 
•Ule and ber ii^iu 
>n{ auth ittue, ti 
Cbriiiian Lytiletun and her heirs 
male, ob. 1749, a. \: when ibe 
Baruny of 17 14 becami! 4fritnn i 
biitibat ut ITIHiandtbeViacuunl- 
'y dcvolred an 

L *tK«umua. 

ind heii 



Counlet* Tempi?, with m 

of tbe dignity of Earl Teni|ilc I 

faer iitue tnale, le Oct. ITQ 

viBirouNT. ob. nss. 

II. nb$. 3. Iticb«rd Grenville (uium. il 

of) TrmpICLindfa. EarlTnipli 

Citated Marque&t o( Buckingliil 

Vide Temple and BuceikguI 

i34i. I. Ref:inatd de CohhalD, younger 
Cobham, Sd liarun i Sumiu. to 
FcIj. IC Edw. III. 1313, to 30 1 
III. yJQOi ob. 1361. 

13G1. 3. Reginatd ile Cofabam, <. and b. Sdoiid. 
Park B Jm). 44Edw.III. 1371. and 6 Oct. 

Stephen de Cobham, tan of Hetirj' Cobb 
bnlt brother to Reginald, 1ft Baron Cobb „ 
of Sierborougb ; Suium. to Pari, from 3 Ml 
SO Edw. II. 1336, to 90 Jan. T Edw. III. i3Ml 
ob. 1334, lesTini; iieue male, but thijr <N^ 
never Summoneil to Parllainent. < 



B« Pari. 30 Ven. m Edi>. II. i.1«4, and 
Wreb. 18 E<l<t. n. i:l<jS, bui never ahct- 
W4rcl>, nor >nj uf liis iiesL-etnlmiti. 

ItAMnr, 3 Oct. 1749- 

ViJe Egremont. 


U I.TbMDu Dircy, 3il B«ron Darcy of Cbiphej 
Creued VlKouni CnlcliMier, co. Ciici, wiib 
IWBUlDdcr, Uilllig bis iitur milr, le lii« luii- 
In-laKSirlluirau ^iv>k« (altcttttrtliCrenled 
VlKounc Savac), 6 July, 1621 ; Created Earl 
Rinn, wiih tbe name limitation, 1636; ob. 

It S-JubB, !d Vticount Savage, granctiDn of lb* 
latt Viionrnl, beine*. andh. ufThumai, Ui 
VUcuunc Sirrapt above mentioned, by Eliii- 
b«tb, (kinl dau. and cub<!ir :l (he Uit Vr*- 
rOunlColcbeMerandEirlRiicrE; EirlRiver«. 
CpniCl l<3B. 

Vide Rivuis. 

r. CbatUi Abbol. Created airon Colchester of 
CaUfaaicf, CO. Etiei, Jam; 3. 1817- Pns 
imt Baron Culcbetter. ^ 


L I. Jeha Calepcper, treated Lord Cole(ir]H.r, Ka- 
rmofTborctnay, ca. Lincoln, 31«l Oct. 1644; 


II. IMO. S-TlKinMCulipfper. (.an.lfa.o^l68B.^ 

III. 16UB. 3. John Colepaper, hall-lirotber and b 


IV. i:i9. 4. Cbewy Caii-ptper, broihfr and heir, n 

s. F.»bea(heTille btsime 


1. I80E. 1. Culbbtrt Collin^woiHl, Crested Biron C 
lingnoDd of Caldburne and Hnhptwlc 
Northumberland, Nov. so, ISOSi ob. Il 
S. p. M. oben IhF iUIe bccun* 


I. H.ll. I.Pbili'pdeColumben.ob. circa. llBti. 
1[. H. II. t. Philip Je Culumbert, >. *nil b. ob. 13IG. 
ill. John. 3, Philip de Coluiubers, <. and b. ob. 1356. 

IV. H.lll. 4. Philip de CaUmben, >. and h. ob. t1l6, l-l 

V. Edw.l.6.JahndG Culumbcn.bruthcrandbeiri Sun 

to Pari, a Jun«, 33 Edfr. I, I3>t4, bat|i 
very dDubifnl If ibat Writ wiu > np 
Summona to Purl, vide "CLVTEiiOMi" 
Bl WBIT. 1305. 

1. 1314. 6. Philip di^ CoIumberE,!, and fa. SumiDtDPi 
froinS9.luIy, 8 Ed*. II. 1314. to 3 Mu«b, 
Ed«. III. 1341 ; ub. I31S, a. p. when < 
Barony became 


Uattbew de Columbmipntuwdof At* 
lamilji ab. 1971, 1. P. 


I.PbiIii>4iC(ile*ill, liriiiEll}4i bit lucpef sor 

«.wuiua deCuitviii, livbe mc. 

,3. Robrrt da Ciitrvill, auii and beir, ab ; lo 

*bnm luccHiJcil 

4. WilCcr de Cal»ill, Sumra. lo Par), 14 D». 
49 Hen. III. I9b'4i ob. iJTS. 

i. RuKcr di Colevill, >. idd b. ub. iis:. 

B. Edmund dc Cutevill, sun auil hi^ir ; was never Pitl.i ob.l31£>. 

;. Robirt di Colevill, (. and b. Summ. lo Pari, 
troai S5 Feb. 16 E<1*. III. iU2, to 30 Jan. 
89Sd«.III. 1366) ob. 1368, leariue Walter 
Ilia •on and Iieir, *ha km never Sunim. tu 
P«rl. TbctaidWailerdeCuloiU bndiisiii: 
a un Mobcrt, nbo died a. r. leavinf Ral|>h 
BaHct of Sapcote, «ud John Gorman, lona of 
lb* titttn of Ediuutid Ill-Gib Sirun, bii 

n dc Coletill na> Summoned 8 June, JS Edw. 
^^ It il i« »wy duubllul for tUe reatoiia aeiigiied 
CLTVKPbk," If It was a regular Writ «f Sunimuni 
■i*Dl. Ndtbcrbcnorany of hl> UetccndantlncTe 
mania Sum muntd. 


l.Sif SUplXon Collon, eib Barl. Crenlwl Barciii 
Cmnbrrmare of Canbernicre, cu. Cbetcer, 
May 3, ISU. Piaaent Baron CumbeimeK', 
uid a BuuiH. G.C, 8. =t= 



UcHrjp Campion, Summ. lo Pari, from B M*) 



14Elit.l^:3,to4Fcb.31 Eli>.l4 
tied Ciiin|>li>n de Comptun 
15S9- S.WilJiun Cuai|ilaii, 9. and a. auima 
rronl 19 Feb. SS Flii. 1533, to S 
Jac. 1614 ; CnMrd Esil of NoHba 
Aug. 161B, ill which ii<tc ih» Ba 
Bierp^il, until the licHth otjxmt*, 
of Nnnhaniplon, and 6(h Baron ( 

■ mrokebs. s, f. h. ill l;&4, when 

^, IT&4. T. ChurlaiieCoitipiiiii. bit diu, juiil c 
Bole heir, luccctdcd (o tlie B&tdi 
»ri:»ded in 1741, jurr milrii, ■■ 
Fcrren of Chiirtley. Htr Lady*bi{ 
CcorKv, lit Marqueii of Towiub 

i 1770. H-GrorgeTnitnibrnil, i. iDd b. luccc 
ruber M Martjueti Tonntbcnd II 
ISM; nhrii Ibe Baruniei uf Com' 
Ferrer* of Cbsrtie]' becxnie mergti 

Vide Town 




I. H.ll. RirbordCamrnJirlncins. 

It. H. II. Walter Cumyn, DviiiB llM. 

III. John. William CamyK.litiliR 1319. 

IV. H.lll. DividComyn, iiTiit|;It41. 

V. Edw.I. lAleiandcr Comyn, Evl of Bogbftti 

Undt Db, isag. 

VI. EiJw,I. SJubii Comfn, •. and b. Etrl of BogI 


by John Com^n, h» ton and heir, whose 
ddnt iDd, Jobu Cumyn, died I3S5, a. r. but 
le of (bit Tamil; were e>er Summ. lo Pari. 


>l11t> l.Tll«*iM ConiDgib]', tst Baron Co- 
■ingiby in Ireland i Created BaruD 
Couingcbji of Cuninsiby, co. LJneoln, 
with remaiuder to Hargarel, bia 
eldMI dau. by bit SJ wife (haTins bad 
tfarte com sod four daugbten by bil 
6r*t miia, and Richard, (be ion of 
Tbomu, tbe eJdcEt of ibe laid aoni, 
iiiccredcd bim in tbe Irieh Barony,) 
aiid her ltiu« male, IB June, 1T1&; 
Created Earl of Coiiinpby, co. Line, 
oilb the tamt limitation of tbe dig- 
nity of Countess Coningsby, 30 Ajir. 
1719 1 Ob. 1T99. 

tlK'lsa. COVMTKSa, 

,17)6- LlT!9- 9. Margaret, dau. of the latt 
Eirl, and wife of Sir Michael 
Newton, K-B-i Creatn), v. p. Baroness and 
VitcoDdteti C'oninpby of Hamplon Court, 
ro. Hereford, with remainderto herinuenale, 
M Jan. ITISl ub. I76I, s. f. S- nben all her 
hoaen became 




IWl. I. Edwafd Conway, Created Baron Con- 
way of Rajify, ™. Warwick, S3 Mar. 
1694; Created Viirount Killutaph ir 
Ireland 1396, and Viscount Conway e 
CflDway Cattle, co. Carnarvon, 6 June 
l6n I ob. 16S0. 


•kftOHt. *tie, 

ir. It. tCM. 9. Bdnrd Couaai, 1. anil b. SaBUB,W] 
*. PlI£88; obi. ISSft. 

ItL IILICSS. 1. ■!:». S. Gd«>rd C 
CraMtd E 




itiue dmIf. Coiiyen Darcy, BironDarcfand 
Coajen, bis mn and heir, wai in (be Parlii- 

Dircj anil Meyn ill, and bii clJett •oiiaBBnron 
G)t>7en. Vide " Daucv." In llise he wai 
Crested Earl of HoldfrneM, and ibii Barony 
continued mec^'fd in thai Earldum unlil lbs 
dtmileorRobert Darcy VI.-4ih [i:arl,jn 1710, 
■. r. M. •ben tlie Barony ul Conyers devolved 

*. Du bia aole daagbcer and heir. 

\. S. Amelia Darcy. She married, lint, Franrii 
Godolpbin, 5Ib Duke of Leed6, from wbucn 
»b« ■■• diroTced iu ITT9i and icconilly, 
Johu Byron, £tc|.i ob. 11B4. 

S. WillUm Frederick Osborne, >■ and b. by ber 
Ant buiband ; lucceeded bit falher ill the 
Dukedam ut Leedi, &c. in 1739. Preaent 
Baron Conycn, and one of the cohein of 
iIm Barony cf Darry created by the Writ of 
SuniBani to Joha Darcy, ST Jan. 6 Edw.ltL 
1331 i Duke of Leedi, &c. =r= 

ViKoviaxrv, 93 April, I 

, 2. Petcf Curbel, l. and b. Summ. to Pari, from 
tS Jim*, S3 Ed«. 1. 1995, to SC Sept. SB 
Ed*.I. I30O. He wai likeniae Suromoiied B 
June.SS £dw. I, IS^, but it is very doubilul 
if Ibat Wiit can be caiuidered ai a regular 
Summoni (o P»fL Vide " Civvedow ;" ob, 

h «.F«Mr Corbet, a. and h. Summ. to Pail, from 
13 S*pl. 30 Eda.l. 1303, to 14 March, 15 


B4». 11. I393-. oh. tsn, (.p. John GOtbtt 
hi* bralher, «■> bit heir, aba iiti %, r, 
iMiioE ibe desccflilanti of Ml mni* Ut^ 
hrin, when, u ihv deiMnilanU of PcUr lk> 
fini Baron hv Writ failnl, Uili lUraaj M 
cim« eitlilft, 

I0T9i 1. Sareb. dsD. of Sir Robert Momon, anil widn 
ol Kr Vttlvent Carbet, Bart. Cnilnl VM- 
counieM Corbetl of Unebdtk, c ~ ~ 


VucouMTcr, SOApril. l«9t—^fthut 17U. 


.-jj. - 

1069. 1. Rabnt fl« Horaton, lulMmtbar t^VflbiB 

tlie Conqueror, by wham ba ■ 

of Cornwall In 1068) ob 

II. WUUl.S-TCinUn de Bbntun. i.aDd b.dl«i 

BmiTll. IIH. 
RachiaM de DuBKaorill, au«rAl aaa of DC 
Hod. L Creattd Eul of Cotwall I I4*i *- 

Jofaa Plantaftnet, 9d wn of Klof Hcaiyil' 
bora tha titk ol Earl of Corawall dulag tl* 
~'f UdMlLl 



. I. RUfckTil Pluiugenet, younger ion of Kin; 
Juhn; Crcileil Enrl of CoriiwiH 3U Miy, 
ItfOl BlfcUd Kiiig ol (he Etominii ob. 1ST9. 

L ^Unund flanint^nii, >. anJ li. ub. 1300, «. p. 
■bcD th« EsrIduiD bfcBiuc 

Pien it Gavidun, Creatnl Earl of CuriiwiJl, 
cirei, UOMi pb- 1314, *. T. H. oheii the Jig- 
niij' again bfcama 

«. John PUnlagatiet of Eltbam, 3(1 ion of Kiog 
Edw. 11. CrestcdEulufConioaU 13901 ob. 
I33i>, ■. p. when tbi* Eirlduiu became 

I. lur. t. Editard Plantsp^nel, cldnt ton i 

K<ns Ed*ar<l Itl. Criiud Duka ^ 

Cornwall 1337. by Pdeix, wiifa ihc futlowiiq 

limilaliiin : " Halwud- et tencnil. libi et 

ml. at bared II ■ *uor. regun Anglls filili 

magcnilUa el ejuiilem loci ducibua in ttgno 

AnpiK heccdiiarlu ul prcdiej<ur auccetEuiit." 

W ■ltn*ardi created Prince of Walei, when the 

n Mcued 111 (bat title, and bai been e*er tiiic* 

1 tlia btir *|ipareTit to tbe Crown, oho becomi 

•t CoruKall imniEdiatcIy atter fail birtli, and ■' 

rtjra been Cremted Prince o( Walei. Vide WaUl 

I. I. Sir Frtdrrick Cimiwallii. Bart. Created Ba.lli 
Curn-allit of Eye, ct>. Suffolk, ^0 Apr. ICOll 

ob. mei. 

L 3.Ctta)l»Ci>mwaIlli,t. and h. K. B. ob. ICTS. i 
>• ICt 3. Uiarlei Cunioallii. <. aiid h. ob. 16!tB. 
'' IIM. -L Cbarlea Comoallii, •. and b. ob. ii31. 

I t' ITK. L I7S3. i. CharlH CornvalUt, a. and h. Createil 
^^ Viieuunl Brome, co. Suffolk and Euia 

^K ComwallJt JO June, llii : ob. 17SS 

^^F ll.l7IR.I.i:9l6.Chafln Coniwallii, I 

^^H Crtaled Man|u«i* ConiwaHU 

^^B Au«. IS. I79S; Lord Lleot. of 

^^1 Ireland IT99, K.G.i «b. I80!r. 

■ M 


M l*"*- ulUJL aiJiitg. 

lit U.lB05.7.Ch>rlei Comwi 

ob. 18J3. g.r.M. irliM 
qniiMe MCJiaie 41^1 
(lie E*rldiiiii ufi-j 

Brome, dcTol** ~ 

...IV.ItTS. a.Juket Curnwillia. w^ 

beinc nnt breibrr i 

KaH 1 Hithop of Ll(q 

tMtr;; ob, int. 

of) Hun «ah in M 
KM bvluJam 

r ■■■mm. 

l.BrciMM de ('ourlenRj-i ob. I1S4. 

B. Willlun lie Cinirteany, «. And l>. Iitiu' I^U;, 
ab.aiiic I'i4l, s, p. 

■.RobmdBCourteiiiiy, (on nf RcKtiiiilil Itt U«- 
ron CourtcflHy, by llawyie, ilau. mid brir iif 
Kobert J* Abriiicii, by Mmid, Itaruneli of 

> 0«klMB|iCDni tib. IS4S. 

AJakndFCiMirtciiaf, bmiid h. ob. ISTX 

(tUusb dv CoDrtenmy, i. uid b. ob. I £91. 

, tlucb da Coartnuty, 1, *tid h. Summ. to Pari, 
ftuin 6 Feb. S; Edit. I. ISS9. (o 34 July, B 
Ed«. nr. 1334, in the Utter Wriii with tfae 
idditlon of "Seatorl." CrMI«d Eirl of De- 
von 31 F*bravT. 1335; ob. 1340. 
Ilofb de Court edSy, ton and heir iippsrentt 
Summ. to Purl, lu ■• Hugb de Cuurtenay, 
Jniiiuh," 33 April, U Ed«. III. 133Ti luo 
ondad at Eirl of Devod in 1340. 
Uui[b de CuurieiKy, laii and belr ippsrenl; 
Summ. 10 Perl. S Jan. 44Eaw. 111. I3T1. U 
** Hu|;h d« Cuunvnay le Fit»." K. G. ub. 
1S74, *iu palrit, Icaiing Hugh bii 1. Nod b. 
till only cblld, olio died vitk Hvi, S. r. 
.If 10 miHlern deciiiunt, tlj< t«u last Banin* 
^muidtrvd ■* merrly iuiDoioiiFd in their [Biber'i 
bnl tbe origioal Buoriy, ercMrU by ilie Writ of 
)9i cooUoiMd TMltd 111 tbe EarlUuiu of Devon 
UWladar of Tl>oniuXIV.-6ib Eail af Uevou, 
■han, wUh hi* oiber honori, it. beeime 

J-WaiiiH Counenay, beir male of Sir Pbitlp 
Coarurnay «r Powdefimm Cude, co. Devon, 
Uh MW o( Hugh Courtenay, X. Sd Earl ot 
lima. Created Vlinuuiit Courunay of Pow- 


dcrbun CuOe, eo. Dcvvn, S War, lltli M 

1T6S. 1 

n. nes. S-WiUiamCoDTtemy, •.•ad h.^klTBt. * 

III. ITas. a-WilllaiP Courtcnaj, i. and h. PrNHtlN 

coont ConrtcDBjF. i 



I. GcurEc Villiin, IitMarqacuof BncUwkM 
Created Earl of Covantir and Dnk* tlBm 
iHKbain, 18 Hay, 1683) K.G. ob. IGM. > 

3. George Villien, I. and h. Duk« of BmUU 
bin, K.G.1 Ob. 1687. •■'• »lun hU taW 
beeana €rtmtt. 

l.ThoniBt Coventry, Cmied Baron CoraiN 
ul Aylesborougb, co. Wurcester, 10 Api 
169a: ob. 1640. 


brotLar uf TbomH l*i Biru 
*hu Vitcouulcy uf Dcprhunt und Eirlilom 
aH:ti9rmty, tgneMe lo the llmitaiiOD, u 
i« before raciudi ob.nsi- 
;.CnrtKe William Covei.lry, i. >nil b. ob. 1809. 

" "'^" --i fo»eniTy, «. indb. Prvtent 

iDtcrhunt. t= 

f.Gnme WiUlam C'oc 
San of 00*61X17 "< 




1TI8. I.Sir WiUiam Cuwper, 3i Bart.j i 
kUA Baron Cuwper of WinEhani, 
Kini, Nor. nufii Crtaieil Vi«cuunl 
foritiich, cu.«Bni, And E>rl Cooper, 
la March, 1718 i Urd Chanccllot 
ITftTi ob. 1733. 

ties. S. William (aiaumtd till name of) CUvi 

lot CawiMr, 1. And h. ub. IT64. 
.ITM. a.Ciorcc Naunu Clatering Cuwpfr. 
and b. ob- tT<t9- 

IfWLl.Ccurce Auguttus Cowper, i. and h. 
ob. l:99,».P. 

IT99. S.PHrr Leopold Luuii Fraud* Cowper, 
btoihcr and h«ir. Pnicnt Earl and 
Baruii Cufiptr, and ViicouDt Ford- 


J.Robnt CcFit, Itt Barun Cecil of Easingdun i ^H 

CvMled Vittount Cranhorne, co. Dunct. Au- ^H 

gMtSO, IliM) Created Eirl ur Salitbury 4 ^H 

Maj, I6DA, K.C VidcSAUssuBv, ^M 

— J 






I, \mi. 

Lionel Crana«lcl 1 CrenreU B>r<ni CnnMi M 

Cr*nfieUI, CO. KrdC'nl, Q Juir, Hi'Sl, uulEdl 

of MiildlM'x leSepiMnber, 162S. 


Vid. UioDUHn. 

V/.ll6^r,.^ I.ChsflM Siickville, 6lh E«rl of Doiwt | Ut 

fflolher being iimr find heir of tbe lut Etri 

ol Middlesex and Birai> CranBeld, be MT 

Crealed Baron CrariBeld of Cnnfirld, Ml 

Bedlord, >nd Gtrl of MiddleMx, [ AphI 4. 

lG7i, K.G.; ob. 170s. 

V. 1:06. 

3. Lionel CraiiHeld Sackvilk. ■. ind b. Eul of 

Dor«l. Cr*aledDokeofDor.ei,K.C. 



]. 1776.- 

1. lUUl, l.CeurgeOiislow) CresUil Baron CrU', 

lev of ImberCourt, co. Surrey. M.^W, 

177G,>i>ccecded at 4lli Baron Ooikfi 

gib October following; Created VtW 

count Cranley of Imber-CuUft afxll- 

said, and Earl of Onilo*, 13 J«»«, 

IdOJ, ob. 1814. 

U - 

-11.1814. Z.Tbomat Ontluw, s. and h. PreKiil 

Baron and Vi.couiK Cranley, and fl*- 


Vide OHunr. 



t iGaG.- 

-1. 16C3,— 1. 1663 l.Williani Craven; CrMled Bl- 


ron Craven of Haniptied-lii*^ 


aball. M.."Berk., IS M.r*. 

\62G: Kitb remainder, r>ili« 


Created Vi.Poont Cra^i •£ 


of Craven, eo. York, •!*• 

new Creation of the Ban»; " 


Craven, failing bia iuiu ■*• 





^ [hit broihrn hiving ilicd i. p.) to bi> 
3d ooatlii, Sir Williim Craven, of 
Lcncbwykci wiA (em&inder (o S(r 
AnlboDJPi bnrtfacr of ibe Mid Sir Wit 
Haoi, «id their brin niitl? rc>p«eil*el]r, 
I& March, iQfi. Thr iiid Sir Willitm 
Crairn havlnf died B. P. hit Ltirdihlp 
ohKiixd a nco CrvMlaii of ihe B*run)r 
1 1 Dec. I66S, Uiimg the mule iiiue of 
Sir AolboDjF Cfafen, on Sir Tliomu 
Cftn, (n«st bnilher of Sir William 
above men tiu lied, and elder brother ut 
tbc taM tit Aiitbony,) and hia belra 
male. Ob. l69r>*.P.*henibeBaroniM 
of 1696 and 1663, and ibe Viscuunlcy 
and Earldum, became Onincti hut 
tbe Btruny crtiltd by ibe paieot of 
Dee. II, 1665, devulvcd, agreeable In 
■be limilarioi), on 
....3.W>lll<inCr>irei<, >, and h. orWllliam. 
eWeat »on of SSfTboiOM Craven (whose 
brother Sir Anthony died a. p.) men- 
tioned In the abon limitation) ob.IT II. 

,....3.WilU«m Craven,*, and h.ob.l73g,».i>. 

.... 4. Fuivar Cravcni bro. and h. ob. I7(i4,s.p. 

....S-WilKam Craven, lit cotiiin and beir. 

beine I. and b. uf John Craven, tieil 

broiLrr uf William, Sd Baron i ob. 

IT6D, I, r. 

C.WilKam Craven, nephew and heir, be- 

jn( I. ai>d h. of John Craven, next bro- 
. tbrr of William, lairBaroniob. IT!>I- 

Ull.ieoi. 7. William Craven, *. and h. Created 
VlKuuntUfnni;ton, cu.Berka,anil Earl 
of Craven, co. Vurk. June 13, laoi. 
Preitnt %'t\ and Bafon Craven, and 
ViKDunt Uffiiiglun. y 


jDhn Craven, neat brotbcr of William l*t Eari 
at Craven i Created Baron Craven of Rjrlon. 
«o. Salop, gi March, I643| ob. 1650, i-r. 
when hia booor* bacame CrtiMt, 


V»*Mi »l TWCU. 

III.H.UL l.lW«<l*CMaM.k.Mribi.ab.igM. 
IT. U.m. 4. 9>n fcw4»Cwiw».i.»pJkcb-„.. 
T. K*k.L i.«^<aH« ^ Owr: ■■■■■■■ id B Jnw 



•*N-»tlj««pu». M Aprrt. ICC, . ^^ 
k-niM Ctb*. ^ aorf k 6b. . . . . Mi «. 
■"•"'H C»»,. b,o«W nd Mr I Mibw 
■ f ■*. 17111, i.r. •hmihtltitol 



■lui Civwe; CreMrd Baron Crewe of Crewf, 
00. Cbeater, February 35, IBOG, Prvicnt 
Baron Crewe. =^ 


'l.WllUtai JfCritMiot) living I S34. 
S.WUIi»ni de Crikotol, 8. and h. oh, IMT- 

, a.Wtllism dc CrikclM, *- >n<l h. ii«ins 19B5. 
Williim da CrIkeWt, bit iod uid 1i«ir, wu 
Uvliig 1* lS]4i bot none of thii f mjl)' wtn 
evir SuniM. to Pari. 


. BcTtrani de Criol, liviog IS4Ti From wbom 

3. NlcbolMdeCrlol; lirini; I3G9. 

NiHiuUi de Ctiol, i. nud h. guoiDonrd 6 June, 
n Edward I. 1394. and 36 Jan. 35 Edward I. 
1S(97, bui. for Ibe reatoni aiiiEn'd under 
"Ciyvioon" and "Fiti-Jobn,'' it ii doubt- 
ful if eiiber of iheaeWriM can be coniidered 
ai a rrgnlir Sninuon* tu Parliaoienl. Nei- 
ther be Dnr any of bii poalerity were «Eala 

p. l.JobndeCriol, broiber of Nieholull. Bnon; 
'^ ob. 1363. 

S. Bertram de Ciiol, t. and b. nb, l!94, leivinf 
Julin bl*)oDaiidheir,whad'ed*.p in 1301, 
and wu lurcreded In ibe inheriiance by Ber- 
Iram de Criol, bii uncle, but iiune ef tbla 
braiiEh were ricf Sunm. to Pari. 


MlhiCriipini ob.UOii,a.r. 

Wllllan Crhpin, preiumed of ibe «»rae family, 
ll*1ng 1 1 1S i of wfaoDi notblne Carlber it re- 




.-. «*wntt. 



Sir Rieliitnl Hutingi, by Hhom tbo h*d only 
one ahild, *hu illrd t.r. J««ne Stiiihopc, 
tbt Dihpr dau. and culiirir uf MhuJ Crumwpll, 
hy Sif Rk'tmrJ Sliiibupr, maiTlTil 
Bunpbny Hourebler, ad aoii nf Menry Eurl 
of Emtx; Summ. (o Pari m ■■ Humrridu 
Boui^b'iT de CnimKCll," •' Mumlndo D'nu 
CruiDKetl, Ch|-r."i'r a> '• HumtridiiCrumwetl, 
Chl'r," Irom » July, 1 Ed*. IV. 1461, to 15 
Ocl.a e.l*. IV. UTO; oil. 1471. E. P. On the 
<(»th ol hit *i(r, i.r. Ibis Uaruiiy |irubRbIy be- 

tallvci of ibe djupburE of R^r^b id Baniri. 
vit.Ha«y*e,wh(i marrifd TliutHAt Lnrd Bur- 
duir, Maud, oho roirrird Sir William Fin- 
ffiUUiut. of Sprulboraugb i and Eliiabclh, 
•bo married, finl, Sir Jubn Clirtun, Kiit. 
•nd, Kriiixlly, Sl( Kdttird Bciiilcad, Kiit. 
•■loiiewboM lieiccndanti and rrpreiciilatiTci 
tbi( Itarony ii prriumcd (u be in Abevanc*. 



TboDiMCromoFlli Ctrurd Baruii Crumwell 
afUkchim, ci.. Rutland, gJulv,I.S36, and 
Earl of E«i» 10 A|>HI, 1539, K.V:. Attainted 
and babcadrrl lEi4U, wbeii bii honors became 
wan. IFsTftlttb. 

|,C(«CDrT<^roni*tll,a.Bi>d b. of the laid Tho- 
*^ Baa £•>! "( Bmvx , Sumo,. Iti Hurl, from 98 
A|inl, IMS, tu I54lli and wai Created by Pa 
Uot &»eUIHl>ec. 1^40, «b. 1351. 

U Hanry CriHnwdl, •. and b. ob. 1 80S. 

L Edxard Crr>tn»ill, >.u>il a. "b. IliOT. 
.i'bomaa Cromiiiell,!. aiiU h. Created Viirount 
Ucale, and Earl uf Ardfliaa, in Ireland : oh. 

kWlncfitlU Cromwell, i.aiidh. Bail of Anlglats, 
In Irdaiidi uh. lB6ii. 

i-Ttiomaa Crum-ell. a. and b. Earl of Ar.1-la», 
InlraUnili ob. ICSa, «.r. 

bMibcTof WmafleldMbnariui. EArlufAnU 
gUa*, IttJrrUnJ: ob. 1687, < f. M. Elisabctb, 



CO Wet tmoreland» aod Duke of CuiBberiafid 
9 April. 1689, K. G. ; ob. ]708» t.p. when 
«U tbete dipiitjea became 

1706. William Augnttuf, brotbcr of K. George II. 
Created Baron of tbe Isle of Aldemcy. Vts- 
couDt Trematon, ro. G»mwall, Earl of Ke«» 
nington, co. Surrey, Marquett of Berkhamp- 
•ted, CO. Hertford, and Duke of Cumberland, 
July S7. I76S, K. d ob. 1765, t. P. when aU 
bis faonon became 

766L Henrir Frederick, brotber of King George III. 
Created Earl of Dublin, In Ireland, and L*nke 
of Cumberland and Strat bem, in Great Bri- 
tain, October 18, 1766, K-G.; ob. 1790, t.F. 
• ben these bcnoun became 


799- Ernest AupMtos, jcungcr son of George III. 
and brotlMr of hi* prc«cni Majcaty. Created 
£ari of Arosagfa, in Ireiac^d, aad D«ke of 
Cnmberiaad ai.d Tiviocdaie, ia Grrat Brrtaia, 
April 23, 17S9. Prewnt Duke of Cmmi-Jtw 
land and Duke of Trviocdile ; MiA-i Earl -ji 
i,mlreiaad; K.G. GX^ = 



^4^ MhI beir. ourrHd KitmmtA SatMbtnll, Biq. 
— mft gntiMoa and heir, Eilward Southwell, becti 
«M J* Cliffunl by ilHcmt. Th* Bmi]ii]> of Cr 
,..Lj|il by (he Writ of i% April, 1539, to Gncorj 
m^ l> ihenfure preiumcd t« be vntEd In the | 
4 da Clifford, *( heir gcucrtl o( Vcre Emcx Cm 
rl «t Ardglau, in IrrUnd, uid Vll.-T(tl Baron 
111 but the Itsronj' o( Oomirrll created by the 
llaf U Dec. t&4D, bceime 4Znintt on the demtie 
MU Vere Euft. Earl of ArdgLul and B*rDn Cn 
)■ I6ST. be lK>ng the lul heir oiale williia Ibe lin 
•f that Paletii. 


I. 1S3S. l.Kenry Clitfard, XI.-I5lliBarunCllirur< 
■led Earl of CumberU<id 18 Jun* 
K.G.; ub. 1549. 
IL IS4'i. 9, Henry Clifford, s. and h. Baron Cllffw 

Itl. 1SG9. 3. George Clifford, i. and b. Btron Cliffiir 

ob. 1605, S.P.N. 
IT. I60S. 4. FranciiC1iff.>rd, brother and be)r; ob. 
V. 1641. S. Henry Clifford i,. and b. Sunin. lo J 
Lord Diffonl vitn pairli j ob, \e*i, 
when the Enrldom became 

L 1644. Rupert, Count Palatine of the Rhln*, 
(on of Fradprlck Prinee Elector fala 
Eliiibeiti, only dau. of King Jamt* I 
ated Baron of Kendal, co. Wetinu 
Earl of Hulderneaa, eo. York, and [ 
Cnmbnland, Jan. 3«, 1614, K.O. ^ 
I. r. when all hit hoBon (wcaow 

II. 1699. George Prince ol Denmark! liiIlh|Qill 


00 WctlDwirelanil, and Duke uf Cumberlind, 
ftAprtl, 1683, K. G. ; Ob. 1109, s. p. •.lien 
■11 ibcai dipilliEt became 

. WlUian Auf^tut, brother of K. George It. 
Crvaied Baron of ihe Uk nf Atderuey, Vis- 
eoanl Tremiion, ra. Carii*>ll, Earl of Ken- 
nis|;iuii, en- Surrry, Murqueii of Berkbamp- 
mJ, TO. Kmrxnl, aiid Uuke »( Cumberland, 
Jul; 97. 1769, K.G,, ob. 1765, ». p. »Lei. all 
Hi bonon breaioe 

, llrtiry Frederick, broiber of King Geor|;e 111. 
Cr*ale4 Barl of Dublin, In Ireland, and Uuke 
(it CuoiberUnd and Stralbeni, in Great Brj> 
tdn, Ocluber 18, 176G, K.G.) ob. 17£K), «.F. 

. Erncfl Augudu*. jnunRer ion of Georp 111. 
and hrulber el bii preient Miijexy- Creaved 
Earl of Armseli, in Irtland, and Duke of 
Cumberland and ritloldale, in Crral Britain, 
April S3, 1799- Proem Duke of Cumber- 
land and Duke of Titlotdale; aim Eatt uf 
AcB^b, In Ireland g K.G. G.C.B. y 



. IHt. LAabetoD Cunton ; Created Baron Cur- 
nm of ]>ennl>au», co. Bucki. Aug, I i, 
17M ^ Created Viicuuiit Cunon of ihe 
■auie pU», Feti. S7, len^i ub. 1B?0. 

I.IRO.S.Rieb*nl William l>elia Atbelun Cur- 
aon (u*uBied ibe name of) Hu*i 
Crandaon and beir, being i. and h. 
at Fenn Alhcion Curion (ub. v. p.) 
clditt aon of the lut Viscount i Cre- 
ated Earl Howe, July 14, IB9I. Pre- 
■ent Vlicount and Baton Cur«on, and 
Karl Howr. =F 


h At Darn, (. ilfiiJ. h. of WilliiH 
■ Vmsitii (»oL a. p. S3) it 
a. u Pvl. from Sa Eilw. Ll«)1 

iW SiiitiBi«i«M in ihii period! 
hH. Iron IS M», 14 Eda. II. 
II No. I! cam. III. 1.131), M "Ri 
Dr t gi" Im niarridl Mar|^r«l, du 
trfTliaaM BuBD UultiMi of Gllk 

UK LWtllan dc D»en, i. tnd b. Sum. ii 
«&Nff«. 94 Ed*, lit. I3&0. to i 
Bfc. Ul. 13G3i Ob. t36l,«.r. 
DCt. 4.K4rk dt D*ciT, bralh*? *.a4 Mr, t 
hri. fma U Abr. 31) E4w. UL ll 
Okn.lTEd*.'!!, 1373. ob. ISTi.i 
IK fl«S. «. Hac^ 4c Dure, brother and Wi, I 
hiL Im I Dcr. M Kd«. nt. ISJ 
Ut.1 KA. n, IS«3: «b. l3tS. 
. makM 4e Dm«t, ■. ami h. SaML 
bM > Mmb^ T Rkh. II. l3S4ri 
S Ucwy 'V. 1*03 1 Ob. . - ^ 

1 de Dacn, a. an 

• 1 DtK. 14 Uurr I' 

» -7W* 


I*. 7, 

t>icm (ut>. V. |>.) tiii i!ltl<:>l iW, bis i>eii Ijdr. 
Htr hflibaiid, 

RjcUud Tunes. wiiSumni. to Pirl, u "RU 
cbinlo Peoji, DomiDo de Dacre, Miliii," 
rnm 9 Oct. 36 Henry VI. US9, ta IS Nov. 
99EJ*. IV. 148!; ob. 1484. 

.Tlmmi Fienrt, grtntUoii *nil hdr, bdng i. 
and b. at John Pienei (ub. v, p.) «|dn( ton ot 
tbr lul Baron, bj' Ilie «ild Jodh Djterr i 
Buaim. It) Pxrl. rrom 14 Oct. II Hciiry VII. 
1495, (o 5 Jtin. 1% Henry VIII. IhSi, u 
••Tbomv Flei>e> dr D*cn-" ob. 1534. 

.TbDOiu Pienct, grani<ion und heir, balng i. 
andh. orThomai PI>d«i (ob. *. p.Jcldett ion 
nf ittelKM DArofii Su mm. to Pari B June, 38 
Ben. Vttl. 1^36. and SB April, 31 Hen. VIII. 

,( Writ 

The Darotiy uf MuUon nf 


tv t» bond ia t 

'' \ to ban deKeaded irith it to the prri 

entolm b nntfinned br lUlpli Ducre. the btir male 
brily, brine created, b; Writ SH Heur; VI. Baiou 
"UUn, i>hcn. II the unit time, Kicliud Fienei, 

of IUI|<h tat Karon Dure, iriaruinnKniedu Bi- 

Hwl th* Batouy created b; the Writ of 1 4 Ed-anl II . 
■(•d ihe taiD' a> that Inlutrited by hi> Hiie. tlie ptopu 
_ of tlie dignity would Iiitb been "Mullao of uillei- 
vUch tiiJa ibe Ediuir tbnt feeli anldnriuO to attribute 

m al "drOtllrtlaiul" in the Writ to Tbomai 
lit Kdnid II. oaa evident); lued to dlilingiiiih him 
MultOD. *bu bad Iieen regDlnly >iinini<ined 

. aa "Thomai dx Mull<>n" onlyi but io tlie 

n. In «■• inmniDnedH "TliDinai de Mullon de 
' aim di* Thoiui Ant mefiliaued waa (ummaDed aa 
'4i MvlleB dt GiUrtland;" and tbe name of the latter of ilu) rintn^r on the Roll. After the 

^T.ri I Gillfttiml. cirea fl Edward II. the 

liar;, and wa H«ardLug1y find that 

I ' 1, -u lummened witbant that ad- 

. ' ' ' I InudU. aadtltongh it occuli In 

. ! ..■ I , »i>. la May in th* latter jreat, iba 

ka, "bu (ucoecdtd Um in llie Ilaiony, aat 
dt Mitlluo." 


9, in tbc lui Wrii mith t_. 
t Svutb." Eneruled foe g 
;n hii bnnnn became 

f net. 9. GrrpjfjF Fienei. i. and L. cotond in him 
biHiOK. and Summ. <*■ fvL (mk I) i 
Ctu. Ii;a. lu 19 F«bi. 3S tttk u$) 
KSft. I^91t *- r. Icartdg 
L laltvs*'*' Ticne*, vile al S 
Eu|. b» (Utrr ai ' ' 
Uuraaf Imp. EIU. uiil < 
lAMt t>b. I«lt. 

^ .. tl-tUnfj L^mmmI, I. and k. «h. t 

LifilC ItKif^wdUBoap' -- - _ 

iLlOQ. li.Fn>n< Laoaud, t. ud k. uk IMK. 
^ l«S& i4,TVp«« Lnuwd, v and k. Cnaud E 
Swcs^Or. IK*, •Ui:ii^t».«.fc 
t*> ^aagkun a^ eohcnv, yirf.n 
Ai^ hetnm aUa ib> BwMf Ml 
Aanawc*. Tba lotaer ■■riiair>>il» 
n>,aiidiiHin4l. >.r. •bcatWAbf 
maaad, and k« mum ^ tate hu 
|,C41. tVlUftl^Wi«<<MaracdHlalht*l«yR, 
•a* thrwa ■an«< >n«.MKktefrilt 
LaavH, a. *aA h. at Dam Buini Im 


'a4kllM I 

(uliiti or TUB north). 

t. lUlfb Dacn, ^d luit of Tboma* VI. Baron 
Dura i SunuD. to Par). 9 Oci. 38 Hinry VI. 
1419 M "KiDulpbo Dure ie Gilleiliiid, 
Chl'r." iJaiu *( V/sktdM 1461, and bating 


1. Ilunphrry Dacrv, bnilber iind heir uf the last 
Ilar<.n. *Uw disd ».r. Summ.tu Pari. 15 Nii*. 
93 Ed*. IV. Ha-i, and 9 Dec, 1 Rich. lit. 
KcO ai " Huiiitridiu Dacre* de Gilleilaiid, 
Cbrvali*ri" ub. 1509. 

&Tbaiut V'sn. i. and. b. Summ. (o Pari. 
*• •■TfaoiDB Dacre dc Da c re," fro m IT Oc- 
tohar, I Henry VIU. tJUS, lo 19 Ni>*. 7 
Unity VIII. ISIS. He married Elilabelb, 
frand-dau, and lieir of Ralph Liord Greyitock, 
K. G. I Ob. I &S5. 
. 3. Wllltam Dacrv, i. and h. Summ. la ParL (mm 
3 Nuv. 31 Henry VIII. IJSg, luSl Oct. Sand 
» Philip and M>ry. ISS5, in tbe fir>.l WHt at 
•' WilUtlmo Oacre de Dnere & Greyiiok. 
CUV." alierwardi ai ■■ de Gilledand," <ir 
■■-^Creyt[i>k,"ur" de North i" ob. 1563. 

4.Tbt<iBu£>ane,i, andh. He wsi neverSumm. 
10 Pari. ab. anic 1566, 

S.C««rr: Dacre. >. and b. Snmoi. lu Pari. 30 
Srpi. a Kill, l.'ifie, Knd (hen deuribed aa 
"tutraKlaletni" ub. ISGS. 9. P. leaving fall 
Ihrrc titien, Ann. aife of Philiji Huxard, 
Rati or Anindd. Mnry. wlfeorThomai Lord 
HMtrarilol Waldcn (who died i. p.}, and EliM- 
belb, wif- I'r Uird William Hooard, hii neat 
brin.Th-iBirony.iuKeilivr with thntuf Grey- 
Hock, li nui* in Abki1*»cb between Uie co- 
beiri and rrprtieuluirtt uf the laid tiilprt of 
lh» laal B4r<iii, uf (be eldcK uf whum (be 
Lnrdi Pelre and Sluurtu'i are Itie repreieuta- 
llve«i and (lie latter ii repreteiitid by the 
prcwnt Earl of Carliele, whaae aticcxor, 




CliMrks HoMard, t. aod b. ol H 
uF Pbtlip, eldett con (oli. r. |i 
liim Howard before mrnlianed, bjr < 
cro, Biiier »nd cobeir of Gvorfc (a< 
Dun of Gllleilatid, Kai CKMcd & 
crcofGllleiUiid, ViMwunt Howard 
peth. mid Earl of Carliile. by Pal* 
SO, 1G61. Vide Car 


134T. l.ThDrom 
IS. 91 


Dsgworib; Suann. loP) 
•aril III. 1341. Mid 14 
. 13411, but ncnr*(icrwt 
(ticil ill 1359, leaiins Nlebolai bil I 
but neither lie uur any of hii poKC 
ever Sum iDuncd to PMianaiit. 


lets. I.Gvnrgc Raii>i:iy,!llhEarliif D 

lond! Crrxuil Baton l>alboitiiF 
CiiiJe, f>n. Edinburgh. July 18, t«1 
Preient Barun Dalhuuiie ; alM Earl 
liuutle ill Svuiland. ^ 



13iT. Roger D'Ammory; Sumtn. <n Pari, from 
II Ed*. II. I3ST.IO 16 May, l4Ed«. 
He married Eliiabeib, &<*i«r and o 
Ciiberi de Ciore, Earl of Gkiurcti 
nitre .<t Kin- EdwRr-l ri. widow of Ji 
vt tlliter, and of TbcubaM de Vw 
rtrc> l;l<J'2, a,r.H. leaTing Eliialtilti 
a>i4 her, »1>ri morriril John Lord I 
hci i-r.,,,!...,!, Thomat LofJ Bardolf 
b«., ,iuinlrd circa M04. Ihil " 
eclhctwilh (liM (if DardDir, IT 


r kiroi 

I. lo Pari. rra» 3 Dec. !0 Ed#. 1 
ii. IS^d, (o 33 0p>. 4 Ed*, lit. I.ISO; ub,' ' 
JMOi lexlng Ricliinl hit ton and lieir, who 
•ij iicvtir Summ. in Pari, ind died in 1375, 
1. p. iilieil (hf Barony benmc 



. l.Hiiir* DiDTcn, lit Lard Danven ( CrcMVfd 
BulurUxiliy, cu.VuTk. 5fab. lf>26,K.G.i 
Oth IQ43, ». P. *lit>n all Ui( LiU» becami; 

. I. ThotoatOiborBe, litViie. Lalimrr; CreaUd 
Earl ur Danby, cu. Yurk. June 37, lG74t 
CfMled Marquco ur Ciroiartbun, 9 Apnja f 
ISeg, ■■idUukcurLeeili4May, iG94, K.G; | 


t, Brarf Danifti, Cr«*1'd Baron Danven of 1 
Daniie;, tu. Wilta. 17 io\y, IS03 i Create4 f 
Earl ol Danby ia<S! : i>b. 1613. s. t. when 1^ 
tionon became 




.vine f*"'* .v.nulliii'""^ ="'^J ,o«i »l 
..on S.i*"'"'?.'!;!.""''' 


in t 



wmJant* inJ npRtenfatlvei ihii Buoay, 

ftiid tbe Buxiiiy ol Mdnill la jiruumed to 

hurt bevti ever litice iii ABBVtNCB. 

.111111 la ConyenDiir[7 orthedijcmliMnrBaroii 

. The pncedenee of Jobn V.-Gth Bitniii at i) 

:i-^tp)g«, cinnat Ue canilderedtu have taken 

. .ui of Ab»i.iicei rorlbvlimilation (o hitheira 

il i( •creation dW novo, iiotwilhalinding that 

,<r> Dafcy «M, jure niatria, one o{ ibe co- 

. Kiruiij ; Biid tlie precedence >□ asEicned 

'fd^nc lu niiileiu doctrinei on the aubject, 

I I.TioBiaaDarcy, a. uid h. of Willi nn, 
tun of Richard (ub.T. p.) aon and lieir ol 
D«rry, jd ton of John V.-Sifa Bnron ; Summ 
to Parllamant a* '■ Tbonia* Darcy de Dar 
QilV." rrom 17 Oct. I Hen. Vlll. 1M)9, u 
Nu*.3l Hen. VIII I&391 »■") »)<I> tbe ad 
(Ion of " dc TFtni>le Hirat," 5 Jan. S5 H 
niL tbS*. and at "Tbonias Darci«, Chi' 
t June. 38 Hen. Vin. I&36, K. C; I 
haadcd 1538, and having beea at 1 aimed U 
bonon becitne 


L 1. Cmrri D*arcy, *. and b. Rmored In blood. ■ 
■itb (he dicniiy iif Baron Darcy lo bim anA | 
Ui faaitt oak, by Act at Parliament 9 Edw^ . 
Ve. 15181 ob.l*BT. 

T. 9- ^h« Dirry, t. and b. ob. lABT. 

t. S. Jofan Vatrj, Eraniliuri and heir, beins t. 
k of Michael i)>rcy (ub. v. p.) tldeai at 
tba lati Baron 1 he naa Summ- to Pai 
"Jobanni IJsreie and Meinill," probably I| 
eoiia«iueace of hii deaeant Iram Jobn U.-f 
fiaran Darcv, by Eliiabatb, dau. and h»lr 
NieboU* Baron MriDJIL VitU " Meinill 
alb I63S, e. p. when bia honon became 

' MN> kOtorftLifVt Cm 

hii inue mtli, t« Ml bwlhHWUba Ul 
SDtc. I«88| •b.lSBU 


■LMil. I. nil.S.WilUM U«i, •. aad k Gwl 
VUcaont LraiihM. m.Km^ I 
fartof DiK— «li diWMM. ill 
nil) ob.iTdO. -■' . 

|IL.>-* II. 17*aS.Wmiiin !<(«•• ffnn'Ma tdiU 
beinK mo and Iwir of GaMp hi 
(ob. 1. p.] rldnt MB of A* I 
Barli Db. 1801. 

IV. III. tBOl. 4.Georf;e LcKii MB tod bdr, K. 

(lb. 1010. 

V. IV. 1810. 5. William LefKe, ion and belr.PiM 

Enrl and Biroo of DartiwHith, i 
ViMount Lewiihaa. ^ 


I. H.U. Ralph D'Albini, >tMinscr m« of WUI 

lyAlbini lit Biron Dc Albloi Bcil*i 
II90| hii •uGcrMor «a« 

II. Juho. PhiBiu dc Albini, ob. lUS. 

lit. H.lll. PbUipdeJUWDiinephcwandheirjOb 

L lS9i- l.EliuDaubcnry, broltMraodlMtTi Sdbk 
Pari, from S Not. 33 Edw. L 139&> to SS< 
.10 Edw.I. l30Si ob. .... 

II. 1348. !. Ralph Daubf nty, *. and h. Sumu. to hr 
Feb. 16 Edw. III. I34S, but oercr aftcrm 
and tbou|;b he left male iuue, bii dm 
an(> were never lu mm coed to PuUm 
until hit sre*i-CTeat-frM»daoa, 


3.IICD17 Daubrnrr, *, >i>d h. CmlEil Eiirl of 
Bridgewaler I9 July, 1538: oil. 1S48, m.p. 
wben biB honon crenlcd by the Piiciiti uf 
■4M anil ISSB, bccanie ^firtnCI; but the 
Barony creaini by the Writ of ^3 Edo. L it 
vaNcd JQ the bein general of Ellii Jti Baron 


John Chrittophrr Burton Daiinny, 5Th Viic. 
Dawne in Ireland : Cnaled Baruri Uawnay 
otComick, cu. York, May 18, 1198. Pr^eiiC 
Baron Dannay jn Enjlarid, and Vise. Duwne 

[. Drue Dcbeverer, called also Drue de Huldrr- 
neiM! came into Et> flan d •i(b the Cu.i- 
qocrnr, iind retired into Flanderi some jean 


Viile DuNiTANvii.1.. 


I.Henry Gray, Ut Doke of Kenlj Created 9 
May, IT40, Marc)iie(> lie Grey, with remain- 
der, raUifig hit iaiue male, to hii grand' 
daoghler Jemina, (diu. of bit eldeii dau. 
AaiUel.tiyJuhn Campbell, 1. nnd b. of 
£•41 of Bredalbane), and lo ber ixue male : 
Ob. 1741, s.r.M. 

S. Jcouma Campbell, grand- dan ghtrr and heir; 
Saroneit Luraa : ahe married Pbiiip Yurk. 
aflenranla Earl of Hardwickei oh, 1797, 
«.p. K. nhen the Marquiaate became 

UIOM ■» TEKomm. 

I. WilLI. 1. Walter Deineoun. 

II. Heii. I. 3. Rklpb Deincoun, Land b. ob. .... 
ll[. Htn.ll. 3. Walter Dcincourl.ob.cIna 1X61. 

IV. Rir. I. 4.JohnDeiiicoiiTti Imo^ ISOCh 

V. Juhn. S. Oliver Deincourt, i. and b. «b. IWI. 

VI. H. III. 6.01iTtr Deincourt, t. and b. llvinc 1844. 
.VII. H. III. 7. John Deincourt, ■. and b. ob. aota lUT- 

L 1399. B. Edmund Deineourt, I. ud h. S>BB.t*n 

from 6 Feb. S7 Ed«. I. ItS9i i« 3 ^Df. '■ 

Edw. II. H( nM alio lomnuaed B J«m, I 

Ed«. I. lS94i but for (he reaiontatiiKiwd wider "Ctrf 

DON," it i( preaumrd tbat ibat Writ caaout bt dacM 

a regular Summcni to Parlianianb Ob. I33T, lM>li 

Iiibel, hii grind-diu. vii. dau. aod «olt beir of EdaM 

{uli. V. p.) Iiii eldett tun, hit beir, but wl>bii« t* fttf 

tURte hia name and arma, be obtained « Ikcnea (lafl^ V 

Kinc to lettlc bii loriiihipi and landi, k*, on «H* ■ 

-•-'Xttl. Ue.accordinEl; icttUd tbaai en WiUiaaM 

vteafter mentioned, but the Barooj ctvatai l| 

ot 37 Edward L daaetttded to tb« Hid luM" 

vfbicr, and ii probably now ia AwnW 

■rdnGendanti and itpretentatlTM. 



I.WiHIaoi Drliicuurl, ion nf John Dnnnjiirt, 
tthu i( pnaunMil In h*re b«en brol licr of ilie 
■•<• Biron, wlin cellled on thU Williani all 
bit lorililiipi, li]f lkKn« ot the Ring. Summ. 
Utrul.lroiaiT Jui.6KAw.lU. I33t, lo I 
Jiuu. ST EdwKnl III. 1363) Ob. 1379. 

% WittUin Dfinroitn, (•ruiidun ■nil bcirj b«inc 
a. aad b. o( Willlum Ueincaun (ob. v. p.) 
rIdcK *an of the iMt Baron, Summ. to Pt,tl. 
fflAuc. 4 Ricb. II, I3HU, and IS July, and 
n Ane. 9 Rich. ir. 1381. Tboueb ibe 
Cb<i*(laii UMtne ol ihia Baron is lierp Billed 
tu bare bren William from DuE'l*l'^*> lnving 
■« Miled bim, li it mult pruliablr Hint be wu 
In hot named iAjAk, nt In each imiance inlbi^ 
liHCOf tummoiu died abnv?. be i> aiyled 
" Job-I OayneouM." Ob. li OcL b Ricb. 11. 

3. Rilph Dcin-Dun, >. and h. He ws* never 

Sunt IB. lu Parl.{ »b, 14(JS, B. r. 

4. John Deincorirt, brother and heir; bewai narei 

Summ. to Pari. * Lc married Jobaniia, dau. 
ami i^e heir of Rubctt Lord Urcy uf Rolher- 
Held. Ob. 14011. 

5. William Deincourf, i. *n<1 h. ob. infra ntalrrn. 

Mttf ■• P. leaving Alice and Margaret hii 
•l>l«r> hi* hetrt! lb* laid Aliw married, 
flnl, Ralpb BMeler ol Sudley, wbu died l. r. 
and leomdly. Lonl Lovel] of Ticbmerib ; 
Uirrttet Deincourt, ihe otbpr cobrir, he- 
came the wife of Ralph Lord Cromwell, but 
dl*d a. p. Tbii Uiroiiy, therefore, beeane 
*H<*d in (be ihnflnidani) ol Lord Lovell and 
ifae abovc-meoiiniied Alice bi* wile, on the 
larmiualluii "f iba Absjance by the dtaib of 



rohabk (•«•• uf ihii Hamn and liii ptedeee 
I Summ. to Pail, ma iheir dying in very < 
maltfiti «t(. lUlph, bishroihtr, about t* 
Mnabsui iwmy-four oi Wtanty-^Te yean of »g 

aoJ )l ilia laU Baron, died uudar t*en^-one ; 

' of )iit ihnr Hu ili^ihl* la ■ 



Uatgarei Ladj CramwelL In MBT Fraadi ' 

Bsron anil Viicount Ltnetl, grandwa irf tim • 

■bave-memiuiicd W-UUm Lord LoieI uot ■ 
Mice Deintsurt bia wife, wa* AilunlH. 

wbentbe Uarany of Dcincoun, togM bar •tib ' 

those uf Lovel u[ Tichincrtb, Holland, in* • 
Grey oiRutlierlield, bei^me 


Sir Frincil Uke, Isl Bart. Crealtd 1 

Deiiicoun oF Sut mil, CO. Derby, ?6 Oct U 

and Earl uFEcandale It Nov. 164&. 

<i!);tinct 1736. 



I. Hen. 1. Robert E'EivLII ; from whom dGtcended 

II. John. Robert D'Eivill, living 1241; bit. u 



I. 1343. NichoUi De li Heclie ; Sutdid. to Pari. 35 Feb. 
le Eduinrd 111. 1343, but never allcroudii 

nor BDy of hit jraiieritjr. 


6S. I. Michael de la Pole t Sumai. to I^rL htm tB 
Jan. 39 Eilw. 111. 1366, to SB Sept. B Kkk Ba 
1384. Ill the Writ ufSOEdw.III. b•li<»• 
d aa " Admirallo Raf" Floia NaTiuB *M«M faXi* 
M." Cnaud Eul of Sulblk • Amg, IIM. W* 


BierEril in ibnt dignity, nil J wilb ii wu 
I tlna m»i roiurvd in I39T lo Micbael de U 
« of lliM Buvn. fruro ■lium it driecuded In bi« 
Puir, £arl uf Soffulk. on abuta 
I l4ISt 1. v.M. it i« prnnmed (u b(*a (alien 
Mm belnnn bUlbreedkugbler* «iid cobcir*. 
, Eltiabclb, and Iiabtl, <>r wliom ibe t*o 
Idirdiiule Hn,a p. mxl KntlieriiiE luuk iLe 
tbM Biruiiy ilevolred un her uiicje and lieir, 
niaai da Is Pol*. Earl, Marqueii, and Unkc of SuffoJk, 
an «Im*b Altaiuder, in I4S0, it, togetber with bit other 


John de la Mare, Summ. lo Pari, rrum 6 I 
n Edo.l. IS99, lo WJuty, TEdx. II. 13 
but bi> detienilantt *cre iieter Suium. lo 
^*rl. 1 " and," nytDagitW, '' iiune of ibem 
eoatinuiiit in the rank ol Buoiu, I thall 
laka no lartber notice uf ihem." 


Ml. I. Mr Oorge Boutb, 3d Ban. Crealtd Barun 
Dtlaiseiv of Dunham Maiiey, cu. Cbeiter, 
«nb April, t6Sl: ub. 1984. 
\f.H. IHeaty Buulb, •. niid b. Crratrd Earl of War- 
nRCKiir, eo, Liiicaatrr, 16901 oh. 1693. 

iGjn. S-Omtse Buoth, «. and h. EarUf WairinKlun, 
ub. II5H, S.P.M. olien llio Earldom of Wap> 
rin^toii became 4E[tin(t> but ibii Rarunjr I 
drtiJlved on 

1!S3. 4.N»lhaii>el Bvdtb, cootln and licir mate, b«iiic J 
«. and h. of Roljcrt Booth, 9d ton nt Grui 
III Baron; ub. IT'Di «■ f- >l when I 
Baiooy became 


njS. |.C«or(e Harry Crey, Sib Eail of Stamford. I 
«, and b. of Harry itih Bar) of Stsmfi'rd, by f 
Mary, tute dau. and heir uf George Biiuibf | 

SH April, lIMt •b.HIA 
VI. Ul». S.OMf|* Hanr Onv. t. 

Vile StcjC M. CkMMr, iMi Jatrt H* 
PnicntBuoBlMuiMresrVakl — * " 

D£ lA VAU 


I. Heii.ll. Guy de li Vil s ob. 1199. Rhrmmmv* 

II. Juho. GilbcKdeUVBli IMoKlSIfi- 

III. H. 111. EuitaeedeUVali U*iD( I95T. 

IV. Edo. I. Hugh dc liL Va] , ob. anu IMI. 



I. 1786. Sir John Huimj DcUnl, lit But. I« Bb 
Delaval in Ireland; pMnfted to bi*« b 
dMcended {rooi tlw Buwu ihort mrnlim 
Ciealad B«ran DeltTal of Seuon IMs 
ca Northumberland, Aug. 31, I7K| 
1808, s.F. M. when hii boMti bceama 



I. 1^99. l.Robcrtdc la Wards i Sama. to Pari. rrM 
Dec. S8 Edw. 1. 1S99, to 3 Nov. 34 Edm 

8.Stpi»ui delaWardf, t.andh. SaBK.toll 

fnio 30 Dw. 18 Ed«. U 1334, U MM 

X 1 334, but not afterwaid*, nor wum laj rf I 

, Id wbne deamidaon and liytuiMaUNi i 
J pnibaUjr now vtatcd. 


[.I.B*S(T la W»rri Summ. la P^rl. fnun 6 
F«b. VT £<!»■ I. lf»0. (i> IG June. 4 Eil», II. 
1311. He visa likojie iammmirJ ilJune, 
it is Juubtful jl ihat 

ned«aH I. 1994, but 
Writ -at • neuUr Sun 
"* ~V»T«0O<t." Ob, 13iu. 
■ U Warr, 1. anil li. Sumi 
. I Ed*. II. I30T, 

,jii. t»(9) 

.. I34T. 

V U W*Tr, graiidion a 

»l hrii 

of John li 

at ibe ]m( Burun I Summ. id Pxrl. I^Aue. 
»$ta*.m. 1363, u<a 1 JuKu, 37 Edw. III. 
1363; ob. I3;a 

4.Jobn la Watr, i. >n<l li. Summoncii ta Pari. 
from a Jan. 44 Edw. 111. 137t, lo 5 Nov. ^1 
■fticlianin. iSIfTi ob. l3De,).P. 

SuTfaomai la Wair, broibcr and htir; Summ, 
lo Pari, rnim 19 Auk. 93 Rich. II. 1399, to 
T Jan. 4 Henry VI. 1426, and, beiiie n pmsl, 
by the appellation of ■■ Msgialru Tboms de 
UWarn" ob. H2G, s. r. 

R.Rc^iiald V.-aib Baron Wait, nephew sod 
htlTi beine ■■ and fa. (Thoma* Banni Wet(. 
bia elder brother, having died ». r.) ut Tho- 
■M Baroti We4i, by Joan, dau. of Roger 111. 
lUroD, and balf-ai)ter and heir of TLomia ibs 
lait Baron la Warri Sufninoned lo Pari, ai 
"Regmaldu la Waire, Cbl'r," from li July, 
i Hnry VI. 1497, and by lhat deiignalion, 
*r ai •■ Reginaldo W«l, Cbl'r," to 'iS Sept. 
aaUenrrVI. 1449. ob. 1461. 

7. Richard Wui, *. and b. Summ. to Pari, from 
S3 Jan. 34 Henry VI. it&G, to 16 Jan. 13 
Utniy VII. 1497, a* "lUcharaa Weit de la 
Hum, ChlV," or ai •■ Richardo Weei, 
CUV," though be it tlaled, on ibe aulbo- 
rit; of an Etelieat, t 

te, vli. 

1 March, 16 Edward IV. 
a. and h. taid to have been 

IL WMM be MMidCRd to be iwm4 is dN^HnaiMBM 
MnuBt«i*n of ibe uid lUrj. 

It ii > nixt unEular bet, tbit in tb* ffatnitay t 
Ata Bininy, temp. Klinbetb, na alhiiM i* sadi to tt 
Maty OT bcriteiecndanu; ami ibc laM Baport rf tl 
CMWitlee of the Home of Uwdi M lb* «C"i9 (f 
Vm oT ibe Re>lia ii tbo tUent on tba Mbjact af it 
iHM »F Ibc (aid Hai^, wbo left tbfea daagbun, H 
«bou drieenilaDti itiU esiit. 

I&70. I.WillUmWeM, i. and b. oTSirGMtfeWa 
Sd Mn ol Tbamaa VIIL Baran b Wwn, I 
hit iMonil ■if>, and baU-bntber alThmi 
tbe Imi Baron. Hariaf aUtwyud !• paiR 
hi* laid balf-UDcIt, b« «n, 1^ Aet m h 
tianent S Ed*. VI. dtaabM fnm aaeoH* 
bim in booon and enau. Cieani B 
roD dc la Wan. lo hta and hi* bein Ml 
by Pairnt » Febniai;. IHSh asd took I 
■eat at junior Binin; be *aa alw i«MI«l < 
Vlood : oh. ] 595. 
|99S, S.TboBiaiWMi.i.uidli.CluawdlbcpnMdha 
oflbeanciniBaronrialSSI .vhn tbe HoHi 
Lordi decided ibai ibc diaability of hta iA 
«u pefw>T>>l ouly, o|«faiin| aiaiaM Ha ■ 
latbcr for bi> life, bat not afcetiof (hl|M 
thmer i that tbe acccpianea of a ■•« tm 
UMCMMnotinJantbaduMntt %•!• 

DB LA WARK. 185 

on Ibe dealh of the Hid Wiliram the old and 
ne« di^TiiliES d^ieendril to^rther lu ilie peti- 
tioner, and ibal the old iliuuld be pceferrcd; 
ami an the Hib Nov. P.'i^T, he was accorit- 
inflj plactrd in the preccileiicy tifihe ancient 

Batuoy'. Ob. IGOS. 

S-Tbanu Weit, (.andb. ob. Ililg. 
4. Henry Weil, i. xnd h. oh. le.'a. 
».Cbwle<i Wctt, 9.uidb. ob. IGBT. 
0.J«bn Wcil.i.iuidk. ob. 17S:J. 

nSI. T.John Weil, >. and h. Created Vi.- 
caunt Cantelu|>«, and Earl <le la 
Warr, 18 M*r>^b, 1761, K. B. ob. 

-II. I7T6. S.John Weii, t. and h, ob. 1777. 

-111,1777. S.Williani Auguslui Wett. i. and h. 

-IV.I183. lOJohxRicbard Weit, brolhrr and 
ir: ob. 1795. 

•V. IT95. I IGeorge John West, i. and b. Pre- 
<ent Earl de I« Warr, Viioount 
Cai'telupe, and Baron de la Warr, 
b>P<iteiit, 5 Feb. 1570. and, at- 
cordiTig la the deciiion temp, Elic. 
•!>□ Baraii la Warr, under the Writ 
of Summont temp. Edward I. ^ 

'RfpoM of ihr Lords' Coraniiliee, to npoit an the 
^r of the Kcalin. p. Si. Al^i tliii deciiloD, it maj 
IfilDMii to have hanided the aHertioa ia the last 
• tMicBl BurODj ii veslrd in the leprenentatirea of 
b Md heir oTSic Ohd Weit, uncle of thii Baruu , 
o that of the IWoDji of Pcrej, in 
■, althnigh Algcmoa Sejmour (afternudi Uulie 

■Itiau that he bad nicceeded h>> mnther in 
and although he wu placed in and auC with 
ha andeat Bannu Pircj, yet It it held bj 
JodgH of tlu lubjact, that the onljr Itsronr 
- ' wewUoU, the Duliea of Northumhtt- 
i tbat created bjr (he Writ of IT4i> the 
Lord Perej, having rrmiitviiif;/ Iml tin' 
OBT uiignud ti> him.' '* l*i ritv." 


K 3. UoDOrU, Kife of Jimea May, Bnrl otCarliila i 

3.JainM Hiy, Eirl ol Carliile, t. ami h. ob. 
1660, s. p. «ben Ihii Baruoy became 

[. I. Robert de Fenun; Created Earl of Dcrlij 
ll3Ti Kb, \]39. 

u 8 Robert deFerrBn,t. and b. living IJ4I. Slylvd 

UmttU "Cumei Junior de Ferrariia," and ^ f/fi 
" Come* Junior de NotinglMiin." ' ' 

:. 3. William de Ferrari, 1. and h. living 1167. ' 
_ . 4. Robert de Ferran, i.and h. llrinf; I US. 
1.1. S.Witliam de Ferran, i. and h. Ouited ofhii 
Eaildomi of Derby and Nudinghaoi by King 
Richard I. but Boon arientardt rettore ' 
tbem; ob. 119I- M* M^^i^ ■ 

. 6. Williimde Ferrari, I.and b. ob. IS^S. 

. T-Williasde Ferrul, (.andb. Lord u[ Cbartley 

I. 8. Robert de Femn, a. and h. Diipn&i 
Ibe EaridoiDi by King Henry 111. i 
ob. 13T8. Tbe land! ol thii Earl x 
ferredon Edmund Plnntigenet, son of King 
Henry 111. atlMwardi crtaied Earl of Leu 

aaibority atlribule the (iile of Earl of Deri . 
but Dugdalc exprptily stat«, " he really bad 
•MtbiDB of (be title of Earl of Derl>y." 
Henry Planlagenel, i. and b. ot Henry Earl 
IdDCuIer. Creiled Earl of Derby IS Mareb, 
■ 33T,*i(i palri^.tucceirdeU hi > father ai Earl 
ot Laniatler 1345 ; <tu Created Earl uf Lin- 
coln 1349, and Duke of Lancaiter 1351, 
K.G.; ob. 1361, &PM. BUncb, his dau. and 
ultioiatcly lole heir, married John of Gaunt, 
EttI of Riehmopd, afterward* created Dtike 
ot Lancaiter, " who, amoogit tbe rnt of bii 
jttM title*," layi Dagdale, " used that, and 
DM in (effect ol any lormal creation, but 



«f<£^"'i*»^. ffti 9ho. iynf, W 

lioned." I 

X. I3B0. Heoty Pliniafcoct, ton ia4 
John of Gaa»(, by Ifac mM 
E«tI of Uirbj 1380, T. p. ••t 
I b&t Duke's tiitnton; «ll 
Lancuier. and Kiii; Hen^ 
Elarldom became nencHl iV 

Xt. 1405. t.Thamu Sunley; SoniB, t* 
Stanley \thb i CfvUrd Eart) 
1485; Lord Ui|;h CoottatM 

XII. 1504. 3.TbomuStuiky, Bruilwa fl 
A and h. or GnrSB Staiil^,) 

SumiD. to Pari, w Bartni Sin 
in right of bii wife, Jane, i 
Jobn Lord Siruifrt of Knocl 
p.) eldest ion of ihe last Eat 

XIII. 1531. 3. Ed-ird Stanley, L*nJh.K.l 

XIV. IE74. 4. Henry Slanlry, i. and b. Ht 

.•ftlf 4iM dE Henry 9d Ead 
by Alianore, dau. and ol 
Brandon, Dnke of SaOoHt, 
Do<ra|^r oF France, and i 
mately coheir at Sjag Han 
uh. 1593. 

XV. 1593. 5. Fcrdinando Stanley, (.and h. 

XVI. 1594. l>.Willuin Stanley, btotbar ■ 

XVlLIG43.T.Jainu Stanley, t. and Ii. So 

Baron Strange *. f, K.G>t b 
XVIIl.ies 1.8. Cbarlei Stanley, t. and h.ab. 

XIX. 1673. S. William George Ricbard Su 

ob. 1T03, S.F.M. 

XX. 1T03. lOJamra bianley, bro. andh.oh 

XXI. IT3G. ll.Sir Edward Stanley, 5ib B« 

next beir male, being lil 
from James, 3d ion of Geurf 
Slninee, K. G. (ob. v, p.) etd 
mai XI,-I>t Earl ; ob. IITG. 

XXII. 1776. l3.Ed»rd (anunwd the naaMol 

grandton and beir,. being • 
Stanley (ob. v. p.) •. and h. 
Earl. P[«>enl Earl of Dcrb) 



I. I. Sir Vnueu Radrlyffe, Birt. Creiled Baron of 
T<rRd*>e. •'». Nunbumberisnd, Viscount Rat- 
diiffi and Langlcy, and Eirl u( DerwcDdtMcr 
TMarcb, 16881 ob. 1(196. 
u. iSae. S. Pruicia tUdcJyffe. %. iiid b. ab. 1T06. 

I\Va. 3. J«o« RadrlyCe, ■. and b. twbcaded and at- 
b uintvd )Tl6,«htn alibi* banu ' 

I JFOrftltrt. 



hit L Robert, Dei|>eneer, or Stewanl ti 
liuD lliriiie I08S. 
Willian), Dnpcnerr, or Steward tu K. Han. I. 

Thontan Dcipenceri ob 

AInaric Dcipenccr, >. and h. living 1S04. 
jLlIl. TburMan DupencEr, |>reiunMd ■. and b. ob. 


1^. 9; Hii(b D«peneer, preiamcd 1 

f randion of the Uil Biron, *ii. it 
law, nbo in iiippoied 10 bare been bin iod 
Samm. to Patl. 14 Dec 49 Heti. 111. ISS4,a 
" Hash le Deipi nccr, Juitia' Anglia i" ob. 
" liU. X Hogb D«*pcnear, a. and h. Summ. to PuL 
IrutD 33 Jutiir, 93 Edward 1. 1295, 10 14 
Uarcfa, Id ISSii be »u iil<o SumiD. 
I 8 June. 39 Ed«. 1. I994i but for ibe rea- j 

^^f ■a<iiMil((ieilundet"CLYvUWti,"it i> doubt- 

^^V tal if that Writ «M a rceulitr Sumnioni | 

^^^ to PatlUmcnt i Crraird Earl uf Wincheiiet I 

^F Id Uay, 13931 bebeaded » Oct. 1336, an^ 

^^ btilRc bean d*clan:d a traitor by Parlia- 

' aitnt, bi* bnnora bvcame 

,yiaifc.<.a^ ivi »i «. «^jwi >k 

■M laM^ 3.B«ch Dopncrr. «. . 
'^ IniM li J««e. H ■ 

93 Ei4«. IIL !»«! •< 
^ tSST' <> Ed«>ni DcapVMB, mmb* ma aBr, nn^ 

m Um iMt (tans: W —rri.^ EI'MbHl, 
><u. uiJ lolc heir >J BvthbiMM IV-BuKB 
Bancbcnh i Sua. m IM. in-> IS Dm. 
31 Ed.anllll. lar.. aaOtt.«U«.IIL 
IST8, K. C. i ob. I»:5- 
U. ISIft. T.ThaBMD'*paw0. SaaaLM PaiLlTMll 
Nov. SO Rie. II. I3SS. 1^ UMy, 91 KicIL 
I39T ; abuiMd iha Bii u mI aT A* Am «•■ 

UIMth B 

Elrl of CUmcMUr I39T ; 

bclDc Btuinied, kit hMMM wcana 

Rkhanl Dwpenctf. Wi i. Mrf k. *rf 14* 
iofn KUUn, ». P. «h i r M iB ImM, m 
iNt<!Tbe»DieUi>ol>hnr; •WMar.UcteJ 
Bcanebamp, Bmou AbciK>vnBJ i^ "J 
of WotcmUt, by who« *• h*^ BB»«* 
ber dau. uxl kctri and th* alMia Ja * 
TbomMVMth BMon DapcMar.Wr ■«•» 
fiiber, banne b«™ re»e*arf 1 M«- '2 ' 
14«l , ihe cairiMl Ibe BaniniM of Bcip " 
Burghenb, and DeipeiieeT, u km b 
Edvard Ne*ill, in otaoM dMccnda— 
remained until the dtalh oF Hmj V** 
XIII.-4lti Baron Abergavennj, iu ISSTi"*' 
(Vide Abbeoaybhmt) i bi« du. and Mk •> 


1. S> Muy Nc*ill, obtKined > conflrmalion of ib« 
BtRHiyof D»p«n<ii-r (aod ■a* ilio cmiiltd 
bj'd««nt 10 that of Ourgbersb, but Hbicb 
h«( iie*«r been cUimeil.) in Ili03 ; she mar. 
Sir Thomai Pane, Knisbt, aiid died IG96. 

K.ID.FnncU Pane, >, and b. Crealed Baron Burg- 
hentai »iih remainder to bi* bein male and 
Earl uf Weitmordand, Dec. S9, 1634 | ob. 

S.ll-Mildmay Jane, i. anil h. Eut of WMtmore- 
laiidi ob. 1GG5. 

S.IS.Cbariu Pane. i. and b. Earl of Weat morel and; 
ob. 1691, s.r. 

||.ia.Vere Fane, broiherandbeir, Earl of Wmnare- 
Und-, oil. 1693. 

IS.M.Vrre Fane, 1. and h. Earl of Wcitmoreland i 
ob. 1G39. a. p. 

IS.Ib.TbnnlM Fane, brotber and heir. Earl of Weit- 
iBuftland, Db. 1736', s.r. 

|6.l6Jobn Fane, broiher and heir, Eirl of Weit- 
ninrcUnd t ob. I7S9| 8. r. when ihU Barany 
fill Iniu AamvAHce between (be bein uf bii 
ttttKrf. Mary, wife of Sir Franeii Uaihwuod, 
Bart, aud €aib<rine, <tbo married Williara 
Paul, E>q. until flG3, when the Crown ter< 
lalnated the Abeyance in favour of 

iB3.l7Jt<r Francii Daihwootl, tbe elder cobeir, be 
bdnf •■ and b> of Sir Prancia Dubwood by 
th- H<d Mary, eldeit tiller and coheir of tbe 
Imi Baron t obtained a Cunfirmnlidn o) the 
Bweny April 19, 1763 ; ub. I7B1, s, f. when 
ibcBnntny again fell into Abeyance betweeu 
Racbel, (titer of the lait Baron widow uf 
Sir Riibert Auiien, Bart, and (he heiri of CiilUiirii.e Paul, dau.nfTLomu Earl of 
\V«tni»rel*nd Xltl.-iatb Baron i on Udy 
Auttcn'adeiih in 1780, a- P. tbe Abeyance 
lerminaled, and the Barony devolved on 

M.tUir Tfautnat Stajiletiin, 3d Bart, be being Bon 
and h. u( Sir rhumaa, eldeit lurviving ion ot 
Sir William Siapteton, by Catherine, dan. 
and lole heir uf William Paul, F.tq. by Lady 
Catberine FaDe, dau. biii) uUimatcly tide 


b«ir of Thomas Earl of Wcttmorel 
XIII- 13th Brron. Pictait Banm U 
fpencer, and Baron off Borgbenhy under 
Writ of IS Nov. 32 Edw. L 1303. nP 



OF • • • . 

I ]387> I. Philip Despencer, preiumed to have bcei 
'' the preceding family i Summ. to Pari, fi 

17 Dec. 2 Rich. II. 1387, to 3 Oct. S H 
IV. 1400; ub. 14<23, 8. P. M. Maifery, 
sole dau. and beir, married Roger Wc 
wortbt Esq. in whose descendants and re| 
sentatives this Barony is now vested. 



. j.-o;\ 1. William Devereux, Summ. to Pari, as ** V 
*' '"" liam de Kbroitis," 6 Feb. 27 Edw. I. 12 

but never arterviardi:. Dua^dale takes 
nutice in bis Baronage of this Baron bav 
been so Summuned ; none of his descend! 
were again Summoned to Pari- until IS 
1] 1*84. John Devereux, who appears to have beeo 
grandson, was Summ. to Pari, from 28 Se 
8 Ric. II. 1384, to S3 Nov. \C Ric. II. 131 
K. G. ; ob. 1394, leaving John Devereux 
sun and heir, who died in 1397* infrt c 
tt-m, s. F. leaving Joan bin ?ister, wife of W 
ter Lord liiz-W alter, his heir, when i 
ISaruny bicauie upiied to that of F:t2 Walt 

Vide Firz-WALTEK 


\x I. ;. K vK.trd v.r Rc.i*er-. ilt line.l ih»* ri.irun 
4>.ik':i.uu} :«. : , CO Ue^..n. from K. Will. 
Crt.iifJ r.irl if Pcvoi!. by King Hen 
ob. I K>7. 
■. i. B.i'ui«*:n I'.o K^ .i*trr. -. .xnd Ii. i b. 1 I5j. 
, J. Ku'h.irii J.;. Ktww.-, ?. and li. ub. 1 1 'J I. 
4, BaIJwm: li. K^.-.:*;:-. -. ^l•.'^ b. ob , s 



I. S-Bichird ileKedven, brotber andlieir, ob.anie 

U «. WUIom de RedTen. uncle and beir, being 
brelbeturEUcbardlll. Eurl; ob. ISIS, 
r. Baldwin de Redven, [rindtan aiid heir, being 
1. and b. ot Baldwin, [ub. v. p.) eldeit lUD uf 
Ibe la*t Earli Created Earl of the hie of 
Wiebt i ub. IS45. 

i 8.B«^dBiitdeRedvcrs,B. andL. ob. 1!G3, a.p. 


L S. babel de Redven, siiUr aud bvir ; ityled her- 
Klf CouiKcst of Ue>ati, Sbe married Wil- 
liam de FoTlibui, Earl of Albemarle, whu 
^ lumc wnleri ia errmenufy called Exrl of 
DcTon; a> b« died, aeeordini; id ihe beil au- 
Iborilin.oiie vear before Bildwiii, <bc laat 
Eul. Tbeit onl> iuue thai survived «<» 
Avcline, ilau. and brir i ibe married Edmund 
PlanUfcnel, Earl of Laiica&ltr, and died in 
IS93. &.P. 

L I.Hugb Couneni}! l.-6tb Baron Courteiiaj', 
being, on Ibe death of the said Avehiie, neat 
beir to ■(■bcl ibe last Countesi, viz. ion and 
licir at Uuch, eldctt tun uf John, aoii and 
beir of Robert de Coarienay by Mary, liMer 
of BaUwln de Redver* (ob. r. p.) Tatber of 
Baldwin Ttb Earl u( Devon, and grandralber 
(o lb* laid habel: wu Created Earl of 
Pnon.Si Feb. 1S3&; ob. 1340. 

t 9. Uaeb Courlcnay, i. and b. ob: 1377. 

, 3. Edward Luurleoay, graiida. and b. being i, and 
li.o( Edward Cuuneoar (ob. v. p.) Sd mn (Sir 
Hugh Cuunenay. K. G. ibe eldesr 

ing d 

. only a. 

i EarlManlial I38&i ub. HIS- 
). .1. Hueh Cuuncuay. s. and b. ob. I4Q3. 
Li.ThuBiaiCuurIenay,a. andb. ob. 1458. 
i 6, Tboaat Cuunenay, a. and h, attainted and 
* behea;deil 14CI, when bii hunon beeame 
UaaphrcT Stafford, Baron Suffnrd of Sutb- 
wickei treated EatlcjfDevon.T May, Hli9. 

194 DEVON- 

bebeaiM IT Aitg. I469| ab. ■■ IV «hM UlI; 

haiion bceama 

«FtllIffc ' ■' 

XVl. UBS. I.EilnnlCouneiiay,!. uid h. of Hn«h,dl%^ 
■on of Hugh Couittnij, nast bnth« tf- 
Edward Xl.-3d Earl; Crested EuloTDn*. 
S6 Oct. 14S5, K. G. ; ob. 1509- 

XVI1.151l.3.HeDT7Courtena)>, grandMin ud b«l(,M|i 
1. and h. of William Courtmaj (bj KmIk 
rine, diu. of Kinf Edwatd lV.)tUtummm 
the lut Earl (ubieh WUllua CooitiHfS 
by moit wriitra calW Earl of Dnon.bita 
b* «u attainted in 16M Hlk paln% M 
iha attainder not haTlof* bean lemM^la 
of coune could not inbetit Iba dlfoltTi !■ 
died 1511, and at Heniy Vlll.'a eouM^ 
wa« buried witb tbt honon of an Bad^ 
Reatored in blood and honora Ifil 1 1 CiMtorf 
Marquuii at Eieter IB June, 1535, K. 0. i 
altaiiiled and beb<!:id<!d lbS9, nbcn hl> h» 



■nil Duke iif DevoDihIn IS MM 
1694, K,G.; ob. 1707. 
IL 1707. 5. WtllMtn CuvcnJidi, 1. jind h. K. ( 
ob. I7B9. 

,.— ni.lT)9.G.W>U>iiii] CtvcnJiib, >. Bnd h. Lord 
Lwut. of IrrUnd 1737, K. G. ; ob. 
. — IV.lTGS.T.WiUinni Ckvendiih, >. «iiJ h.Lonl 
Lltul. of Ireliiiil, IT54,S.G.i 
. —V. 1164. B. Williom Ctvendith, i. and h. K. G.jl 

ob. mil. 
.— Vl.ieil. If, Will Um Spencer C«randUh,(.>r 

PrciMDl Duke and Earl uf D«>i>ii. 
ttttre, MuntucH ut llnrlinRton, Bnron C'Hren- 
diab of Kxrdnirkr, and Biiron Clifford under 
tktWrit or T March, 3 Car. 1. 1628*. 

18. l.fclw>I«|byi Created Baron Digby ol Sber- 1 
buroe, to. Dactel, 3S Nor, IGIB, and Earl uf 
UrlMol l.'i Scpi. 1699. 

«a BUk Vida Bi laroL. 

I ITU^I. IT90. I. Henry DiRbjr, 7lb Baron DiKby ll 
IrrUndi dearended from Sir Robe 
Dlet>7< eldnt brother unt 
menlioned Jobn Di|>by, Ut I 
Ulgbynod EarlofBriiKil; CntitA 
Baron Utgbjr of Sherborne, <□. IT 
Mt, with remainder, Uillnebla ri 
male, lu ihe iuue male oF h)i rntherj 
19 Aug. t7G5i Created Vlleui 
Coleabill, eo. Warwick, and i 
Dl[by, n>. Lincoln, I No*. 1790 g 
oh. 1793. 
U. I7S3. S. Edward Drehy, a. and b. 

EirUnd Barun Dieby,an<IViBi; 
ColnblU in EnKUnd) alio L 
Dlthy in lrHan.1. 

E _^» 

. M 


1. Wm.I. Foulkcde Din-n. ^H 

I. Hen. I. Alon de Dyn.nt. ^H 

1. Hen.U. Hugh de Din>at. «^H 

I. Hei>.Il. RoUnd Dmuit, liiiQE 1 IG5. 


1. H.ll. 1. Geoffrey Din.nt, .on of OlWer, who 
■umed to have been brother of All 

n. John. 3. Oliver Dm»iil, bro. of Coffre,, lut 

HI. H. 1. 3.GeoffreyDin«nt. ■■•ndh.ob, 1858. 


I. IS95. 4. OliTerDynauiit, s. (ind 1>. Sumin.toPi 

13 June, S3 Edward I. nyo,. v> sy 

Edw. I. 1399; oU cirectTn>*l*i^ 

^ Dinan bU ion ind ttctfi* Mt nd 

Jotia nor any of fail ds«midanti m 

Sunnooned to Ptitiament mUl hi 


II. 1466. John I^bam, who wii SnaHDMied 

from S8 Feb. 6 Edwtrd ly. MA 

Jan. 13 Hm. VII 1497, u "Joha 

faim de Can Dinhani, Chl'r," K. 

Trea«ur«r ; ob. (nrca 1509*t *. r. i-i 

Baroi^ it preiumed to have become <E;[tiQCt i fi 

Writ of Summoiii wM iuued (sr lo manj pi 

between bii anceilor, wba wai Summoned in 83 

and ibii B.-iRin, the Writ to bim in all probab 

deemed a Creation de nam, deieendible to tbc 

bii body only I nhalerer claim eiiili, howen 

Barony created by the Writ of iS Edw. I. ii do 

in tbc detcrndanla and repreaenta(i*ct of tbc *ii 

cob«in of John the lait Baron. 


'vugdil*. on the authDrily of Stow, aji ha did 
VII. ISOli hut it appean that hU will WM dUtil jl 
and proted 4 May, I SOB. 


IIS. I. Javiu lluy. Ill Dirun lUt orSauley ; Crc*t«il 
Vltroiiot IJoiicuirr. CO. Vnik. S July. 1618, 
MJEarl of Ciriiilc 13 S«pi. |ti«S, K. G.) 

ob. I use. 

K. X.J*aiMH*>. (. ind b. Earl of Carltilei ob. 
1660, I. P. (then hi« fauiiurt became 

M. I. Juan riti-Roy (aiiunica the tiiniF nO Scot. 
iiUu»l iiiii of K. Charirt II. Creatrd Sarun 
Tyndalr, co. Nortbumberland, Ejrl of Doii- 
c*>l>r, CO. York, and Duke ol Monmoulb. 
UFeb. ISfla. Ha«iiirn>arri>'dAim,dau.aiitl 
b(ir ol Francii Scot. Earl of Bucclru^h, lie 
•nd fail uiil mill were created Duke an'l 
Uuebeii n( Burileugli, Earl anrl C>'UMlr«E uf 
DtlkMib, antl ttanm antl Baro»»« Wbii- 
(better and Atbdale in Scotland, SO April, 
IfrTS, K.G. 1 allaluled and bebeaded IGSS. ^ 
when bl> Ei'Eliah bonora became 


I. % Fmei* Soot, 3d Earl of Dulkeilb in Scollaiid, 
». and b. ut Jiinea «d Earl oF Dalkeith, (oii 
MhI bair of Jxinea Intt Earl uf DoiicuUT. 
aud Duke o{ M'lnmuulhi Realured to the 
tiileof Earl u( Donciater and Baron Tyn- 
■Uli, by Act of Patliamenl 33 March, IT-)3i 
aouvrded bii KrK'idniulber in tbe Dukedom 
uf ttucclrugb ill Scoiland \',3i, K.T.i ob. 

iL Z. Ilrtiry Scot, eninUton and hfir, being Ion 
and hen of F»ncia SpoI [ub. ■. p.) eldetl ton 
uf the Uil Earl, Duke of BuccleUKh in Scut- 
Und, K.G.i ob, leiS. 

a. 4. Cbarlea WiUixm Henry Scot, a and b. Doke 
of Burcleugb to Scotland, K. T.| ob. 1819. 

!>■ kWalier Franri* UoubIhi, i. and h. Doke 
cf BuDcleuEb and Queenaberry, A<Vin Scul- 
land. Prairiii Eirl of Doncatier and Baron 
Tjndale In Eneland (a minor). 

I. Idflt. Dodlay Cultoa, m Bmm GMtMii On 

Viaeoiint DonhMttr of P o w lim w , ti 
ford, 95 Jul/, 16961 oik 1881, a^r. who 

II. 1786. 1. Sir Gay Carltton. K. B. Craatid Ban^ 

chMtar of Dorchouor, oo, 0rtiioJ, iii 
1786 1 ob. 1808. 

III. 1808. 8. Arilmr Hooiy Corlotoo. gfo»iMNi md 

Mof too uid heir of Chiialophw Cm! 
(oh.T. f.) tbMbutoldirt Mil thot hoi 
of the last Baroo. l¥n a i rt Bona DM 
ter of 0oreliettor, oo. Oalbffi. 



I. 1644. Henry Pierrepont, 8d Earl of Kingi 

Created Marquess of Dorchester^ co. Di 
35 March, 1644; ob. 1680, 8. P. M.whs 
Marquisate becaoie 
coi'NTBss. C)rt<nct. 

1. 1686. Catherine Sidley, dau. of Sir Charles 8 
Bart, and Mistrets to Kin|^ James II. Cr 
Baroness of Darlin^on, eo. Durhanj 
CounteM of Dorchester, eo. Dorset, Id 
Jan. 2, 1686; she afterwerds married 1 
Colljrer, who was Created Bad of Pori 
in Scotland ; ob. I69S, when her hoao 
came Cjrtinct. 


II. 1706. I. Evelyn Pierrepont, 4th Earl of KinpCoi 

great nephew of Henry 1st Marquess ol 
Chester, Created Marquesf of DorchcsCi 
' Dorset, S3 Dec. 1706, with remMinder, 
in; his issue male, to his oocle Gervaa 
Biuron Pierrepont of Hanslope; Gi 


Duke of Kin(t(on soJuly, i;i 

. K, G., 

I. 3. Enljii Picnrpodi. srx">liDi) ■nil beir, beiii|c 
t. afid li. of Willtun Picrr*niiiii, [uh.T. nj 
<lil«i tun nr (be Uil Uukr, Ob. 1773, l-f-M. 
whan till* MwauMatB H^Hiii bvciiniB 

I.Joiviih D«mcr, III Rwon Mill on j Created 
Vi>ccuii( Mihon iri.l Eurl uf U<>rc: 
Uonel. It Mny, 1782; ob, 1798. 

3.C««ree UxiiHr, i. »ai] h. t>b. leUH, 
bit faoneri bmnie 


\i. I. Sir Rolifrt tlatmvr, l<.t Bart. Crralnl B 
Dormtrof Wciigk, cu. iliicki,30Juiie, li 
ob. 16 1 G. 

|t6. l lto^'tI Dufmer, Krnndtun irnl heir, Wii 

anil b •'rWilliain Durmer, (ob. v.p.) rideit ion 
ut ibc Uil Bfrun i created Vistouni Aicott, 
and Cirl uf Caniir'oii, IfiSS; ob. 1643. 

Ml. 3.Ct»rl»D'jrni«r,i and b. Earl orCarnirvon j 
ob. ITOg, ». r. M. (then Ihe Vistounicy ol Ai- 
pcll and Eirldum of Carnarvon became tf):- 
ttrtCt i bul thU BariiU> drvolved on 

m. A. B0wtai>d Di>rm*r, couihi and beir, being i. 
■lul b. of Robert, rldoi kon ot Antbany, 3d 
M-n ol Rub«n, Itl Biron 1 ob. I;l3.s. P. 

ns, a. Cbarle* Dormer, couth) and heir, beJiie *. anil 
b. bftbarlx Dariner, ddeit ion of Robert, 
3il (on uf Robert Ut Baron ) ob. I7SB. 

m. fi. Cbarle* Dorairr, e. and li. ob. 1761, s r. | 

Wl. T.John Dormer. brDih«r and heiri iib. I7B5. 

lit. a.CbirlM Durmar, i. and h. ob. lt)04, | 

IH. 9. Cbarln Ourmrr, a. and h. ob. I 

ItB-lU. Robert Evetju P>erre|iniit Dormer, balf-br»-. | 
(ber andhciri I'rnciil Baron Durmer*. = 

I ■ fW] tlngulat FmI, that dtliough the Barony < 
•d fiit aliov* too ceatutlu, the piesenl Lord i 
I rtrr lat In the Hoi^ie of Lnnli, 

if Dorm 


L will. I. Oimnod de Sees wu, Mcordlnc to Mai «l 

t«n, cr»t«l E*ri of Donet by Kiaf YHUm 

I.j ob. 1099> 

SoBM anthDiitirt uMrt tlua WilHain de MobM Ml 

Created Earl of Uoraet bf the Empreti Mand { U wai 

wai Lbs tacit, the ^pkilj doe* not appaai to hare kMi 

aftarwMdi eonOrvwd. 

I. 1897. John Beaufort, Earl sf SomttMt 
eldut natural idd of John of Gant. 
Duke of Lancaitar, hj KatbniM 
Swinford I legitinatcd by Act or Pari 
IS Rich. II. but with an ciprM «s 
ecptiun againit anj claim to (k 
Throne ; Created Marqueu DsrM 
39 Sept. 1397, obich he rciicncd' 
rery loon lAenrardi, haTiiie in liM 
thereof another Palcnt, datid tk 
tame iaj, whcreb; he «ai citttl 
MarquMBorSoioenet I but notvflk 
[ obich be ever alter hM 

-II. t443. l.lMlaiur 


(V. UTS. I. 

Nu*. \A\9. K. G.', oil. mi, a. F. iih*n 
1 brFmne dttintt. 
Betulort, juunxer ton of 

rJuhii, 1st Maniueaii, Jtiid nephew of 
Thomat ibe Ust E.rti Cre.icd Enrl 
or Dorttst n Aug. 14)1 ; Creniril 
Harquni of Danel ^Juni, 1449, 
and Duke of Someraet 31 March, 
1441, K. G.; oh. I4&'t. 
-lU. I«S«. t. H«nrj Bfaufuri, *. and h. Duke 
of Sumerttl i beheadrU ai;d aiuiiit- 
ed 1463. when his bunouri bcciipc 
Edmund BvKurori, bis brother and 

been reiloied to bia brother'* bonora i 
but It appsari that the aiterlion it 
irmiieoui. Vide SoMiRSBT. 

Thonia Grey, 7ih B»ron Fernn 
of Grab} g Crf Meil Earl of Hunline- 
dun J-IAuf. 1471, obicb title he i« 
uid to have ntigned* lo the King 
ihortiy aflerKardi, and was Created 
Uarqiietiof Uanet IB April, MlSi 
alMiutiid in 1483, when bis honor* 
becaine jForfotcb, but he wai fully 
miartil in blond *ad bonon in 1485, 
K.G.iub. ISO). 
ISOLS-Tbomu Grey, t. andh. K.G.i ob. 

IUO.a. Henry Grey, a. and b. CreMed Duke 
atSsFulk II Oct. I&SI 1 Lord High 
CiHM«blBlG47. He married Francei, 
data, and eah«ir of Cbarlea Brandon, 
Duke of SuITnlk, by Mary, Queen 
Donapr of F ranee, and titter at Kin K 
Hpury VIII. K.G. iiiaiDled and be- 
headed ISS4. when bii honour* bc- 
ime fgrfdnb. 

SaEkfilk, l«t Baron Buckhunl ; 
.MnI Earl ef Doraec 13 March, 160 
iMTnwurer IS99. K. G.; ob. I60e. 

p to lAa pnerdioe pm4ie. 

I I 

-. :mu xni^i 


. & St:.. » 


* r ai 



mOL AlcUMd aiM«* (MMMd tiM MUM W) 

DMglUi MS Md bdr of Sir J^ohn Stewirt, 
Bart, hv JaM» dM«r Md heir of AicbilMy, 
lart D«k&of DtNwlM in Scotkiidi Crwtad 
Bmm D— gi— or DooflM Ctttk^ >•• I** 
MlrlK,JB|r% 1790L Frawnr llarnn IkiilM 
«r JDmhIm CMtk. ^ 


«r iMMunrm. 

ITfi. QMm DosglMt llkb Earl off Morton in Seot- 
Jandi Cw nt t d Buon Dougtot of Loeblevon, 
eo.KinroM,llAnf.l791tK.T. PreMnt Ba- 
nm Ikmglim off Loelileven. ^ 


BanoNT* 4 September, 1809* 
UuigmuT^ 8 May, 1814. 

Vide Wblunoton. 



IM; l.Haoiy Carey, 4th Baron Honadon and Itt 
-Viicanpt Rocbford, Created Eari of Dover 
8 March, 1638» oh. 1668. 
SLioha Cany, •• and b. oh. 1677, &p.ii. when 
• the ■ Vieeonntey of Rocbford and Earldoin of 


1108. I. iaaMt Ilooglai, 9d Dnke of Qneensbernr in 
Hciatland, Created Baron of Rippon, Mar- 
qneiroff Beverley, both co. York, and Duke 
off Dover S6 May, 1708, ob. 1711. 

l7tL & Chtflea Donglai, a. and h. ob. 1778, a. p. when 
aH faia Bto^b honota becaoM 
• ■ ^jctinct. 



I. Hcn.I!. I. John de Samerie, hiTJne ntki 

sitter and heir of Gervue Pa^ncll, M 
Ihe Baron]' of Dudley, co. Stafford. 

' AllhoucU thii Buroii; ■■ unifofml)' cooaiderad U Ix 
" Dddlev, il appeiri terf queitionable if *Dch it ll 
dMigDUioB. Thu lutBcedtDt ta the itUer put of U 
Ed«. I. the teoure »{ tlie Cutla of DiuUey coDititDud 
of SomerielitroDitiT Tenure, cu tcucsl^ be doubUd; I 
•ucb issure did not ciubliih a rigiil in ttia poaaaMOl 
GUtle to demUKl ■ Writ of Siimmau to IWliamcat, OMji 
ferrcd from lliii Sict, thac John d* Somsric, "ho wm fint I 
moned to Puliament I EAw. II. aod oho continutd to be rrgri^ 
tummoned to tlie IS Ectw. II. ii neTer once dctiguMnl u " ■ 
Dudley," but is meiel; described ai " Johanni de Simer}.' 0> 
hii death, I. r, 1 Edii. 111. accordlog to tbe prnent law «■ 4i 
nibjecc, the Baionf creaUd by the Writ of 1 £dw. 11. bcooi 
•xtinct. In the IcKdw. III. John de Sutton, hli oephew ai 
coheir, oai •ummaned a> "jDhaani de Sutton de DtMH,' 
whioh ii the tint time that deiignatiOD ocean In the Wriarf 

lolel; to dUtifl-'ulih him tron aiHither John de Sutton wboW 
lumiDoDed til ihe game Pailiamenl u '* Jobwni de Snttea t 
HoUemesie," and who. It in prHumed, >ai the father of Jeta 
da Sutton, there deicribed u <' De Duddele -." but VvgUt 
in bit BnroDage givei do ucouot of anj perton oiled SiBM 
Iiaviog been tiimmuned belure the IS Edward III. A JoLa M 
Sutton Hat alio lummoned rrotn 9b' Dec- 17 Ed*aid tl, to M 
Dec. t B EAwui II 01 '• Juhanni de Suttou," and again 6m 
ao Jul;, e Edward 111. lo 10 April, 17 £d-ald III. vHh * 
addition of "De HoldernesH," and there does not ajipewlalii 
any greater cauie f{>r coniidering that (be addition of " D* D^ 
ley" erected a Baron; nf DuoLev, than that the Uarony etesudt) 
the Writ to John de Suttuo, S Edw. Ill, ahould be dai|;DaMlll 
the Barony of " Hol.lerueue." Dugda]e'> aecouot of the SalM 
family ia rery impeifrct ; but it ii preiumed, that the JahtA 
Sutton who -at lummoned 16 Dec. 17 Ed", tl. >•> the liiolwl 
of Margaret, the eldeit (liter and coheir of John de Surac rle, ^ 
«ai lummoBed from l.t to is Ed-. II. i that, frooi hU b<h| 
lummooed (o uKin after the death of the (aid John BaW 
Sumeiie, it maj be infcnetl vbat ho it tummoned in («•'■ 
qiwnce of ib'u inuiu>f[,«i not. "uri ui0Ti»,\(O.t«»*»iui»«" 


John," ii is tomewliat doubiful if tbit Wric 
can be rruniidemi ii a regular Sumntone to 
Parliaoinii, Dugilale gi«» na accouDt of 

(hii Oinn in hii Baronage. 

Robert <le Vere, IDth Earl at Oxlori ; Created 
Marquaa of Dublin 1336, una Duke u I Ire- 
Urn) In 1387, K.G.i ub. 1393, s.p. biii.iihed 
and atlaiiiled 13Sa, wbtn ail bia boaun be- 

. Malihew Uucie Morelon, Cteateil Lord Durie 
B«r«n of Moreton, CO. Siaffurd, 9 Jane, I7i0, 
ob. IT3S 

) Uatibew Ducie Morelon, ton and b. 
y Created BaruiiUucieufTuiIwurOi, 
\ CO. Gluuceiier, »ilb remainder, 
falllnc hi* luue male, tu bli nepben Tbumai 
Reynoldi and bi* l»ue idaIc ; and in drfault 
vf ahich lo Francis, brulberof ibr taid Tbo- 
nu« Reynold!, April 93, 1763, ob. 1770, s.p. 
■beu (he Barony of Ducie uf Morelon be- 
caoii tftlitut; but ibat of Ducie uf Tore- 
•<utb devuWad, agreeable to ihe limitation. 

w ibe lad BaroD, ub. 1785, t. P. 
L 3. Praocia Riyiiuldi (ataumed the oa 

Horvton. bnilli. mill bcir, oh. I8DH. 
L 4 Tboiua Hureiuti, a. and b. heacul 
.eoITvriHUElb. =r= 

906 BUtHiltr. 

BAMNH wt mroiB. svjRi-r V -*• 

Va lS90a Bb RofBT Oft oonOTNji MMH 
VJ. 1979. llUcwa«SiMMrte,i.«ldftu'&'ta 
VII. 1990. 7. RofK a« Sontii^ s. Md k. «fc. .«-i^W 

oT Beiwww ii ijf •ad Ony «^ V^i^^ ll «>■ 
tiMtt pfdtattM when tli* addHiao «m in ~ 
p o Mewi o M, thai such wm tlw till* of 

with tb* tiro aoiptioiit UMt dmi, Jm 

where Midi oddMoo wm dm titb of ihs 
it WM oAsed, tl WM doilfod 

Anilf^ frpa w^n thiy hhtritidt or hfjmnlja^-m^ 

ihm Spitf. Thb ■Mtrtioo wiB ho . 

W tho foilowiig iMiueo. la Ao M 9m. VL l ihi^ 
Aior WM tamnooed to f^tliimiat m **-MMMf B&m 
do BoTMH,'' ho hvriag BMUfiMl die dnhiM nd hrfr oTH 
Bernon, who had tho lopotalion of o BanM* HiOfL BHiVi 
who was nover tummonod to Failiamoiit i at that polod i 
Wit a William Bourchier who sat ia ParliaowBt m Laril 
Warine, which title he acquired by marryiog tho hoiraM d 
Baron of that name, and who wu theo and hM over oMi 
perljT been eontldered at Lord Fiti-Warfaie ; on tho aant | 
oiple thia John Bourchier wu •onunoned m Lord BcfMn^: 
withstanding that hia lathor-iii*law wm novcr a IWflana 
Baron. In the Write of Summou io which thoM iMlifMM m 
and several others preciseW similart might bo eilod» Idi 
Orey was summoned m ** Edmuodo Gray (do Rothjs)*'* U 
Orey as " Edwardo Orey (de Oroby)/' ThoBwa Daera m «*1 
mss Dacre (de Oillesland)," John Scrope m « JohMni 8l 
(de Masham)," Henry Scrope as ** Henrico Scropa (do Boki 
&e. I bat it cannot for an instant be pretended that sithor Ai 
(this, as it has been already just oUervedy wm d a eided li 
negstire by the House of Peers in 1640)» Orofly, MM 
MashoMi or Bo/Ion, being all names of huiday were fhm iWh 
the Baronies. 

The case of Bergavenny has been commented upon aa p># 
and the conclusion there stated is, that the title of BuigoiMiJ 
nerer that of the Barony until Edward Nevill wm aiuMMiri 
Parliament u « Domino de Bergarenny/* fi9th of Hea. VL V 
respect to that of Powis, which hu also beoa 

< Chbrleton," and will ^n be alluded to uadir •• Qm 
Powis/* it b only necessary to observe here, that that iMt 
appean strongly to corroborate the poeitioat that i 

iBignation wm taken from lands, it wu solely a ^ 

0, tirutli. xn<l h. Surnm. 

II Pari. 

u "Juhannl dc Somery," fnno 10 Mar. 
I Edw. II. 130(1, lu H March, 15 Ed*. II. 
ISSe, Ob. 1.133, 8. p. IcaviDK Marcarcl. wife 
of John de Sullun, and Joiiie, wife of Ttioi. 
da Baietourt, hii lieUn* and hciri. mhtn 
tb* Barany creMcd b> tbo Writ oF 1 Edw. U. 

. 1. John it Sutlon, *. and h. of John de SuUon, 
(Vld« " SuTTDN,") by Hareiret, cldeit lUitr 
and coheir of (be Irut Baron j Suniui. to Pari. 
a*"Job*nm de Sultnii ile Duddeley,'* 3R 
Feb. 16 EiIh. 111. I34ii ob. 1359. 
, % John de Sutton, i. and b. be «■■ never Summ. 
tAparl.iob. 13TG. 

. and b. be wu never Summ. to 



4. John Sulton, »an and hifir, according to Dug. 
dale I but tDme wriler* alate bim to have 
been *. and h. of John Sulton. ob. v. p. 1401, 
■(. SI, eldest (on of tbe list Baron i Smnm. 
to Part, ai "Johanni Sulton de Dudley 

To llwu obMivatina* the Ediloi beg> to add, 

tapb, " Barcwi Munttgu .(/'SI. Wrw/j," " Bum 

, sm," VucouDt Duncan <if Can^)rtAiuii," fia, 

J itaud In tbi> Dote, llut John do Sutton, who 

_... Wpart. 16Ed».ni.«ithoeMe.[ionof Johode 

» aM tinaa. tma 1 7 Ed*, tl. in I ; Edw. II I. ■ Bu^ny 

ia tbe dMcmiknti of Johu de Siillon Grtl 

Rthe Wtiluf 17 EdK.II. and u the Barony cre- 

. 1 £di>. II. beiame ntioct on hia 

Mm jrtn iruald be gained b; riti- 

» daicWBt of tbe bain of the Barony uioally termed ilie 

I Dadley £ron John de Sutlon, to aummoned in the 






Militi," trem 15 Pabniu7, 11 Hn. T|. 

ID 15 Not. !S Edw. IV. MB2.K.G.i ab. 14«U I 

VI. HBS- S.Jahn SutTan, Kmndion and heir, being 1. 

h. o( Edmund Suiion, (oh. ir. p.) fUta « 
— ' the iMt Bnran ; Siinim. la Purl, rrnio 9 Die, J 

—^ • 1 Ric. III. UBS, lo I Sept. 3 H»n. Vll. M8Tj T 

•'.'■ ob. HBT. 

VII. 1487- 6. Edward SuU»n, i. nn J b. Summ. lu P*r1. fraa 

1 8 Aug. 7 Hen. VII. N99, to 3 No*. 91 Hu. j 
Vlll. IS39. K.Gi ob. 1G30. 

VIII. 1530. T.JuhnSiillon, i. and b. be -w nt-vt t 

ti.P«rl.i B..|dIheCMileofDudl»yiol 

IX. J5M. S. Edward Sullan,(. and h. Rtstgrcd lu tbrCH'fl 

tic of Duaicy by Pil. 1SS6{ Summ. Id 

from IS Nuv. I and 3 Phit. and M<try, ISMi J 

to laOcl. 9B Elii. isao i ob. ISBfi. ^ 

X. l£ee. 9,EdiiiiirdSutlim,s,and h.SuniiD. (o Pari. fn« 

tgFeb. 35Eliz. 1593, to 3 Not. ISCu. I. 

BABaNGss. 1639! ob. ie43. 

1. 1643. 10. Franc« Sutton, gran d-d nimbler nnd heit,b»'_J 
iiig d»u. and beir ot Ferdinand SuliOD (oh. 1 
V. p.), eldest loi. of Ibe last B^ron. 5h. — ^ 
ried Sir Humbk Waid, who wai Crrao 




I. John W*r<l, «. and h. of William, rlAeU ion of 
Willi*iuWirJ, i.»c br.:t1ier uf Edward Xt. 
Baron Dudley, and Sil Baron Ward, lucneded 
ID the Biruiiy of Ward in 1I40, on (be death 
of William XIV. Baron Dudley, andV, Baron 
WanL M ririt beirmalcj Created VucDunt 
Duaity and Ward SI April, n«3: ob. m*. 
3.)obH Ward, a-andh. Ob. 178B, B.P. 
' 3. WiUiatD Ward, hairbrother and beir; ob. 

4. JobD William Ward, •. and b. Preient Vii' 
count Duillty and Ward, and 9(h Baron 



AlicPi daughUr dF Sir Tbomu Leigh, aunt of 
Thomat Iti Lord Leish, and «i(e of Sir Ro- 
bert Dudler, ion uf Ruhert Earl of Leicester 
{on tbe (oUiecI of wboie ItKitimacy ibrre ou 


I. 1. Ailun Duncan i Crealed Vitcount Dancati 
of CamperdD-n, and Barun Duncan of Lun- 
dia, eu. Perib, Ocl. 30, I79T ; o1>. 1804. 
L 3. ftolxn Duiieau, >. and b. Preaent Viicount 
and Sann Duncan. =p 

l.SirTfaamaaDundai, Sd Barl. Created Baran 
lundaa u[ Atke, eo. York, AuguH 13, HiH : 

I- «bL 1830. 
ILaunrnreDundai, «. and h. Piaient Baton 
Dundu. =p 

St Tt^^ RuHC. IM But. (linHnT f^ 

U* «*. iMm.mi bnr «(Aba ^ Ountlin'A | 

TWbmBmm ■*< MamiM htowW^duL »>•] btir «< 
BMwrf HtlccML, t i wi hiB of WBRmb Hrlfgin u< 
Mwsara U> viie. lUa. «td bcit of WUUaoi it DudA^ 
vH, •iMSTOaWgcr (« ofoac afthcabwn Barnni. Ct«* 
M^ avoa dr DamiaBTille ,.t Tchidy. CO. Tanioill, JM* 
IT, I7M- Cnalcd Bmron &t»ci af Stntloo, ca. ComMM' 
wU • ■pccnl nouindEr, Nc*. 7, I79T. Prctenl Bu^ 
■ DuMUiKillr, Baron Bi<4« of Sinllon, and i Birocrt- 






VweoUNTcV, \^Ja\y 





1. LeaU Darat, Min)u»* of BUnquerort, and ^^| 

brother of ibt: Duke 

of Durai, ill France ( ^H 

CttAtti Bwon Duf» 

., uf HolJenby, oo. 

NorthaiiiiiUMi, 19J>n 

1ti;3; «ucc«ecled hit 

hther- in-law, GrurK.^ Suii<l.f<. as tarl nt Pe- 

ob. 1705, 9. f. when 

b» buton b«ame 





' VitcooNTCV, llSepiemlwr, IGT9- ^^1 

Vide BKkEBi.ET. ^H 



BlMKT, lOSepiemlM 


Vide Brakoon. ^H 



. LWlltU* Talbot, lit Earl Talbot. Created. IT 

Om. HBO, Baton Dyi 

*vor or Dynevor. co. 

Cwmanbun, with rcinaliidar, failmf; bii i»iie 

male, to hii d»u. Cc<:rl 

wife of Geurge Rice, i 

Bm|. and ber iiiiw maJ 

e. Ob. I7IIS, S.F. K. ^H 

L «.C«cU Tatbot (aHumed 

tbe name e() D. ^H 

orse Rice. Eiq. dau. ^H 


Baron i -b. IT93. ^H 

3.C.iin» Talbot RlM.i. 

nd b. PrekCDt Huron ^^1 

"'— ? 



I.Wil)'>iD<}i!Eeluiigb«B; Sums, to Piri. h 
19 Dee. i Edw. II. 1311. to 14 
Edo. II. I3i3, bat iic*er arieniirA^j 
■en toy o( hii oaiae crer tf^a N V^ 
iDODed. Dusdale (Utu tbu a Rt' 
Ecbinsbam iiu Somm. to Pari. I E 
butilappcanrrom tb( Writ ihubeoMwIf ^ 
lummoiicd la be at Newcadle with boiK 
umI mtati in thst jur. 


I. n«. l.Ricbanl Edgriimbe ) Created Banm Eif 

cumbe or Mount Edgcumbe, co. DerM 
April SO. n4Si Ob. 1758. 

II. I7S8. 9. Richnfii E>l£cuTDbP, «. and b. ob. 1761, i.t. 
lU. I7GI. S.tirorReEdpcumbe.broiher »rd heit; Creatrf 

Vitcuunt Mount EdiEcumbe and Valklort. 
CD. Deion, Marcb 5, IT8I j Created Eari ^ 
Maunt Edgcumbe in H»9- 

Vide Motiirt EucCUMU- 



|. II. R. H. Prederivk Lewii Duke of GloucMtcr, 
ildett toil of George Prince of Witei, aficr- 
wardi King (itorge tl. Created Biron of 
Snaodon. to. CirnarvoD, Vitcouiil Launcea. 
Ion, CO. Coruwitll, Earl of Eltham, co. Kent, 
ManjoiMi lit Elj, eo. Cambridj^, iiid Duks 
of (he Cny of Edinburgh, in Nurtli Briliii). 
15 iuij, nsSi Created Prince of Ws!m, Sc. 
SJu. i;39. K.C.i oil. ITbl. 

3. H.R.M. George Uuke o[ Cioucetter, *. and b. 
Created Prince of W»le>, &c. m ITSl. Ac 
«cadcd tbe Throne on the demh oF hii gruid- 
(alber, KiogCeore* II. 35 Oci. IT6'U, wbeii 
■II ibicle dignities became merged in the 

l.aiLH. Prinre William Henty, brother of 
King Georce 111. Created DukeotGlouces- 
m and Edinburgti in Great Britain, and 
Eari gf Coiiniugbt ID Ireland, IT Nuv. i;64. 
ILG.; Ob. IHOS. 

S.H.R. K. Wlll<>ni Frederick, •. and b. Pr«- 
•ent Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, and 
Earl ol Connauslit in Ireland, K.G. G.C.U.=3 


I. Fniidi Howard, VII. Baron Howard of El- 
Kn(baa:i ; Oeated iUrl ol EffliigbstD, co. 
Surrey, a Dec. ITSI : ob. i:i3. 

9. TtioHiai Howard, ■■ and b. ub. nr>3. 

.t-llioniat Huward, ■. and h. ob. 1791, a. r. 

>& Richard Howard, brother and lidrj nb. I8IG, 
*. e. when tbli Earldom became 


TUoma* Pttcj, 3d aan of Heniy Xin.-3d Eirl 

of NonbtiuiberUiid i Created Bnrou F-ire. 

•WHit, hy iialcut. »l Dec. 1449i ob. MCO 

^ Tjytlhgiil wif* ttr 1MIM(" uawrdinK h> Dug- 


c lie left ■ (on, 8 
r*»u. h« vte ■ean-MMBxl ibe Title, u»d ■' 
tkc aiiA af tW Barna. m tentiilercd to hire h 

L I7«. LA ^ i Bu a StyDOO!-, Duke of SuidumI 
ChI of NonluDbFdand, ftp. Cna^j 
rvB si CocLtroottib ind Earl of E^ 
- ^rcCaabeTUacI, Oct. 3, IT4!>, idf 
-. lu^n; bii if«ue mlr, lo H 

nKyBrrm, > 
or ThoDiuiiiJ in Inlim)), brolherof ih 
Sir n'illiim W^oilhuii. and his inue % 
ob. I7S0, ^ r. H. nbrn tbc Earldom of, 
inonc and Bariuij of Cackrrmoutb dcr 
■grecabi; tc th« abun limitation, on 

3. &ir Cbaric) Wyndbam, 4(h Bart, nepbei 
beir; ob. 1163. 

3. Georsc O'BiTcn WTndhMa, «. and b. Pi 
Eart of EcnBBDt, and Bania Coduni 
utd aBaranet. = 


I- ISJI. John Seottt Created Baron EldoB' Durbara.Jiilj 18,17991 O 
Viicount Encombe nf EncoBb«i 
Dorlct, and Earl of Eldun alorat 
Julj. isfli Lord Hl|[h Chancellor, 
■ent Earl and Banni Eldon and Vi* 
Encombe. ^ 



t. (t«4. 

Created Baron Eliot ol 
<:u.Curn<ialJ,30Jan. lIMj oh. 180^- 
3. John Crajcsa-EJIot, 3d lon and heir fll 
Jamct Eliot, the eldMt mmi, luTiif 
F.r.H.; Created Earl of StG 
30, leift. VideST.G 



I. EJninl U<r; Cnxtefl Baruii E:ilenboruiigli C* 1 
Birniboruugb, co. CumbctlaLKl, April ID, 
MU3i Ob. ISIB. 

8. Ediran) Uw. f. and h. Preieut Bjiron Ellen- 
btmugb. =" 


Thomw Eeertun, nxurnl bod of Sir RicbardJ 
E^rton i Crtaleil Bmruii Ellesmet*, ro. 3a 
lop, Jul* -il, 1C03 t CreaiflJ Vricounl Bcacic 
kr]>,ec. NonbiiDi'lon, Nov. 7, I'<16. 

Vidi: BuAcu-Ef. 


VlKOUNTCV, G Jul>, lg!l. 


Baromv, lU Mif, l»9S. 

Vide Bocs 


- '..,1^ ...... dlxKali 

It- Vill I. Richard Engiine; to wliuni luccwilrU 
^1- SwfL Viulli Ei.|[al[.e 1 llvlug 1 l:l<i. 


IV. Juhn. a.Ricbxrd EngaiDF, ■.and h. ob. ctrcml 

V. H. tl. 3. Vital!* EDgaine, hrathir and htir; a 

VI. (I. II 4.Hti.r)>Eng«in*,s. wiUb-ob. 1871,1 
VIl.Ea*. 1.5. JubiideEiigaine, brother and beiri < 

1. 1!^!^ G. John lie Eugaine, i. and h. Summ. 
frum 6 Feb. VI Ed«. I, 1999, to I& 
Edw.ll I3SI. He wM alio luma 
Jail. 95 Edtt. I, 1997. bul, For the re 
■Ignfd under " FiT£-JpiiN," it la ■< 
doublful if Ibat Wril can be cODtiih 
regular Summon! to ParliamcDt ; • 
».p. when Ibe Barony created by tb< 
95 or S7 Edward I. beeaine 

tl. 1349. 7.Jobn d 



( 1 

viz. Joyce, wife of John de Goldinglor 
Lawrence Pabenham, and M*ry of Sir WIUUm 
•ho ihared hii landi ; and among nbotc dMcani 
Barony created by tbe WHt of 16 Ed«. IIL moH 
•idered in AgErANCB. 



1 3:16. Henry it Erdinglon ) Summ. to Pari 
S Ed*. 111. 1336, bul ncitbtrbenotl 
riiy ever aiier received tbe Uka • 
Giln de Erdingtvu, h.* wn asd I 



l.TTiDDai Enkine; Crcal^d Baron Grikiii 
Restormrt Caitle, eo. CarnKall. Feb, H, ia06. 
Lord HiebCbanccllor 1806 i K.T.i ob. 1834. 

a.Dftiiil Monugn Enkine, a. and b. PreMot 
BtroD Enkidc. =r^ 


1. Waller Etpcc, Lord of Helmulcy, or Ham- 
lakf , CO, York, ob, 1I&3. s.p. lenving bioii- 
UT1 bit bcin, of whom Adeline, tbeyoungetl, 
married Peter de Itoos, who acquired wiib 
ber tbe manoi of Hamlake. 


k I. Geoffrey de Mandeviilei Created Earl of 8 
ui by King Slepbcii ; ob. 1 144. 
lU Kn. 3.Geoffrey de Mandeiille, 9d ion; after tl 

banUhmeat of Ernul|>b, bis elder brother, b« I 
WM by KiDg Henry 11. created Eariaf Emci; 
ob. I167>s. p. 

ll<T.3.WUliatD de Mandeville, brother and heiri ob, 
1190. >.F. 

DM. I.Geoffrrj Fi((-Pier>, buskind of Beatrix dt 

Sa*, dau. anil cobeir of William de Say, bjr 1 
B««(rii,iiiterofGeoffrey, Itt EarL Creaiei I 
Eariof Emfi l!9.9; ob. 1319. I 

mt. 3.G«a(rrej Fxi-Pien, i. and h. Was one of fb« ] 
cclebrBled 35 Baroni appointed to enfuree J 
(beobserrance of MaoNaCiiARTA; ob. iSIS^ 1 

_ ltl9.3.WilliainFiit-Pier>,bro.andlieiri ob.]B37,S.fc I 
pL H.1U. I. Humphrey de Buliun, Earl of Hereforil, pot< 1 
[ u..i_. tlie honor of E'Sei in riKl'l of his mo- I 

iiici, Maud, sister of tbe last E^irl, wat Cre> j 
■led Exriof EueibyHeary lll.i Lord HighJ 
Cmtiable: ob. 12T4. 

Vin. iK4.S.fhmitmar * 1 . 



X. l3«.4JahB *t BobM, •. m4 k. AHaTHi 

iMd Hl|h CnMUbtei ab. ulLu. 

XI. IW. a.B«fhwy <t Bihw, WHW«5 hil 

XII. l3CI.CLHaa|*ivdt &)■&•. MttefMAk 

XIII. 1373, I.Tbcmi 

fgrd, K.G. I.Md'Hl^'Cab«»blai d 
■.r.M. Eleanor, hit aldtM'du. u^ 
BUTitdTtmnu t'laDtac*i>M4>ake«{'4 
ler; >Dd Harj, hii other dau. and 
Duriri Hrnr; (Earl of Hereford Jure 
aderwardi Kio; Henry IV, 

: FUuUpnet, tumaned "m 
Hoik." vDunpst ton of Edward III. 
Buckingbam ; bavln^ married ElcaO' 
■nd cobriTof the lait Eul, be aaHu 
tiilc of Earl of E«hi. Created t 
Glou(e«ter ISBS ; Lord Hl|;h CoOttfU 
ob. 139T. 


Uod, •. aod h. of WUUam Earl of E 
Ahd, ilau. and efeotually fola beir of ' 
l>lantaKcnct, Dubc of Gtooccater. < 
Earl. Creatrd Earl of Eaan 30 Jv» 
K.G-i ob. 1483. 
'.'.Ilrnry Bnurcljier, gnndaon and betr, I 
and L. u( William Uourcbier (ob. y. (• 

>n o( Lbe lait Earl, E.G. 

married WlJtUm Bail 
lerwardf Eurl ot Eami ob. 15as» 
rbrn (be Earldom barana 

l.Thoau* CromKtll, in Baron Cranivcll. C>«- 
•Ird Earl at Eiiex 17 April, 1539. K. G ; bt- 
hvadri) anil allaiutcil 154(1, nheii hit bonort 

WlllUni Pan, lit Baron Parr of K«nda], bro- 
ther of Kubcrinc, tjuren of Henry VIII. 
tuilng fDsrried Ann, dau. anJ sole h«ir of 
Htniy XV.-Sd Earl. *H [not it ilhi landing 
ibM bii itiuc 1^ ib« laid Ann Bourehier 
had bfco bBatanlmil hy Act of Parliament 
34 B-nly Vlll.) created Earl of Etiei. 
"vitbtbe lame plaee and rolce inParliamerl 
at Hciiry BourcKirr, late Earl oF E^iei. had," 
93 Dec. 1543. CnMted Marr,iie£« of North- 
unpion l<t Feb. IS4(i. Atlainled in 1553, 
*b«n all hl< bonuri bevame Jfocrdtcti. Re- 
(tond in blood, but nm in buni>n, 1558, and 
Cnated Uarqueti <iF Narlhani|>t<in 13 Jan. 
1559. K.G.i ob. 1571, *. r. <tbeo lh» tills 


III. I.Waller DtveT«lii, id Vitcifunt Hereford: beine 

Kai-EteM-grandtonof John Deieteux, Loril 
Tan uf Oianley, by Cecily Bourcliier, lii- 
t«r, and eTentually lole heir, of Henry Baur- 
■hier, XV^9d Earl of E«)n, lie «aa Created 
Earl olEuex4MB* 15Tl,K.G.i ob. 1576- 

& IRobertDeeereui, i. and h. Viicounl Hereford; 
EarlHanhal I.^BT; Lixd Lieut, of Ireland 
■U!li K.G.I baheaded and itiainied leo^ 
>bca hit hunora became 

S.l.Rol>ert Dexrvnx, i. and b. Visl^□unt Here- 
ford, flcilored in blDndandhonun IGOSi ob. 
I64S, s.r. when the Earldom of Eiaca becams 

:i. t.Arthor Capol, 3d Baron Capel. Created Vis- 
eount Maldeo, en G»ci. and Earl o( EHei.SU 
April, IMb'liL. Lieut. ol Ireland 16731 ub.lSBS. 

i3. (.Alfcnion Capel, a. aod h. ob 1709. 

no 3-W.Uliuii Capel. t. and h. K. G. ; ob. 1743' 

4l.4.W-iUiam Annr Mollet Capel, t. and b. ob. IT9». 



I.Snencile Raiei. 
9. Rohcrt tie Ebm>, i. abil b. 
3. Henry ile Eupx, t. und b. Studu 
llie King, Mill bcix; xcculcd of 


I. ler^. I.Henry Fiti-Roy, nUariil son of K 
II. Cremwl Baron Sudbury, Vi 
wiDh, and Eorl of EuttoD, all c 
Aucuit IG, 1U73. CreMcd Duke 
Seuleinbcr II, 1675, K.G. 



I. 1309. I. Adam de EvrringhiB) Sunu. to 

4 Uarcb, 3 Ed«. 1). 1309. to 6 Od 

1315; ob. 1341. 

II. 1341. S.Adim de Everinshan, l and k. 

Pari, ai •• Adc de Evtrini-baiD d 

5 Jbi>. 44 Edward 11L 13T1 ) ob. 
ine Rflbrri, hi) grandion, «un of William de E 
(ob. T. p.) hii eldctl ion, bit heir, who died o 
December, in tbe lame yenr, i. P. when Juao i 
line, liiters of tbe gaid Robert, became bii bei 
mer oF whom married Sir William Elyi. Knt. ■ 
ter became ibe wife oF John Etion, Elq. ■« 
Jeaeendaiiu and represerilalivei (bit BaraajT 



in Evrv. ei^"*^'"" ""^ '■'■'! twine*. 
I. ot a»lpb Eura (ob v. p,] eldeat iun of 
■I Quun: ob. Ibdi. 
h E*n, I. and b. living 1633. 

mam Evne, i. aod li. ob 

S. WllUani Evre. uraDduiii Bnil heir, being i. and 
h. al Rklpb EuK (ub. V. p.) eldest ion of the 

lut Uknini ob ,»,r- 

. fi. Williaa E*te, untie «nd beir, beinc 8d «in o( 
Wiiliam -lib Baron i ob. IS45, s. p. u. 
RlUl. 7. George Erre, couiin wid beir, being a. and h. 
,1 Horatro, eldeit tw nl Fwncii Eur<, Si 
onutWillinni Sd Buron ; ob. 1611, 3.r. 
|LlC;i «,Ralpb Evre, brulberand heir; ub. 1698, s, P. 
■ben iba tiile hernme 



I.RobMt deEwe, Earl er Ewe in Normandy. 
IWilULlWilUim dr Bo*. Enrlof E»e, Land li. 
1 f"vi.X Hmtr de E*e, Khti of Coe, i. *iid h. ub. 1 139. 
I H. II. 4. Jdlio'de Rtte, Earl ul Ewe, >. and h. ob. I IIO. 
" " b. Henry de Ewe, Eirl ol Ewe, s. and h. living 
1194) ob. 1. P.>. 
KMh. Ralpb de Yiaonden, butband of Alice, dau. 
and heir of tbe iaat Baron i Earl of Ewe; 
_ ob.l3IH. 

|IUIL WiUiam do Yiaondeii, «. and b. Eirl of Ewe; 
bat, ulherini! (o iht Ffciieb, the Uirony be- 
nnii JForftltiB. . 


f 1- II, Robert lie Ehvm, youager brother ot Jubn, 
Lord of SuSley, livii.g ll!)4i ob. 6. p. m. 
Sybil, bla daUi and beir, married Aril, Robert 
d« Tn%ot, and aecoodly, Roger de Clifford. 



John HoUand, 3il tan orThonu HuUa 
Eu-1 of Kent, by Joan* PlkntusenM 
and lieir al Edmunil Pluilaguwl, I 
Kent, son of Ed*. I. Cn«ti^ Earl uf 
ingdsaS June, 1387. and Duke of 
S9Sepi. I39T, K.G.altainted >adb« 



II. I4IS. Tbomaii B«aufort. Earl oE Donet, yi 

natural ion of Jubn of Gamil, Duke a 

— -- Mitler, by Calbcrine Swinfiird ; i 

Duke of Eulcr 18 Nor. Ulfi, K.I 

1496, S. f. nhen ibat dignily became 

til. 1443. I. JobD Holland, MinanilhelrofJoluild 
Creaied Duke of Eutir 6 Jan. 1441 
High Admiral, K.G.i ob. 1448. 

tV. 1446. S. Henry Holland, ■. and b. attaiDied 14d 
1413, 8. P. M.) when hii honon becaHi 


I. I59&. 1. Henry Counenaj' XVIJ. Earl of ] 

Created MarqueM of Exeter Jane IB, 
K. G. attainted and beheaded, 15SS 
bii honon became 

II. 1553. 3. Edoard Caurtenay, i. and h. Created 

Devon !S Sept. i^SSj Reitoredinbti 
bonon by Parliament 10 Oct. I6S 
1556, i. P. vlicn hii honor* tMcant 


I60S. I.ThomaiCecil, Sd Barun BurgUayt 

Earl of Eieter 4 May, IGOS. K. G., t 
16IS. 3. William Cecil, *. and b. K. G. | o 


Earl ; ob. 1643. 


I.JuhaCct-il, (. snJIi. oli'lCTS, 
I^ Jabn Cnif, «. and li. ab. ITOO. 
CJobQ Cecil, ■.and b.ob. ITSI- 
T.Jufati Cecil, *. and b. ub. ITS?, t,F. 
•.HnionlovOeil, bruitwrniidtiiTir, ob. l;M. 
'».Braitnli>«Cer>l,i.indh. ob. 1793, a-r. 

■■III. taoUld-Hciirr Cecil, nephew anj beir, 
biiiig (. Knd h. or Tbonia* Cliaro- 
ben Cecil, %J ton »[ Browiilow 
Vlll^^th Eorh Crealed Mw- 
c[uei* ur Eieter -1 Feb. IBOl ; ob. 

-tV. DM. M.Bruwnlu* Cecil, a. and b. Preaent 
Mirigueii and Earl of Euter and 
Saroii Burgbley. = 


II- 1 

ISICSlF Edward Pellew, lit Bart. Created 
Batiin Eimouib of Canonleicn, co, 
0>fvon,M>y |4, 1814; Created Viacounl 
eimnuth atoreaaid Sept. ^1, 1816. Prc- 
utiiVlgeount and Baron Exmouibi and 
« Baronet. G, C. B.. =?= 

VncuvrL-T, r; AuguH 





•'■'•'-■ &:-"'*"^":::;.:.b.c..-i 

,1,1« be '• "" 


Sunmoni, ihe fUroiiy CrcBlcd by tUe Wri' 
ufT Ric. tl. b»»tiie 


Jobn Coniaall, Creaipi) Buron Faiibope or 
FaDho[i*,CD. Hnvfonl, II Jul;, 1433, *nd on 
(baSOih Jitiuary, 1448, Baron of Milbrokc, 
tv. Bedfurd ; hi wat haKKtt alwayi Sumoi. 
10 Parliameni u "Jobanni CornewajJJ, Che- 
Vklkrt" he inaiTietl Elliabrlh PJanlagrnet, 
altur D( Henry tV. ai»l wiilu* o{ Juhii Eirt 
«f HwntlnKdaii-, K.G. ;ob, 1443, a.p.L. tthei< 
hb tioiiol* bteame 


,' L WiJtc* dc p4Uconber$. Sumni. to Pari, rrom 
S3 Jiuit, Si Ed*. I. 1395, 10 34 July, 3U 
Edw. I. 1301) be oai alia Sammoned 8 
J«ii«.3i£d<'.M«94i but it ii »ry doubi- 
lat if thai Writ can be ilecDicil a regular 
Sdwidod) Io I^liameni, vide "CLvvEDoxi" 
ot>. i3o:i. 

\. S. IValld de Pxucoiibcrg, s. and h. he wai never 
Sumni. In Pari, , ob 

[■ 3. Walter de Faucoiiberg, •. and b. Sunim. lu 
PuL troin IS Nov. 33 Edw. 1.* I3U3, to 33 
AuK.19Edw.ll.l3IH; ub.l3l8. 

§40 at iIm dnUi uf tin blher, llie linl 1 

1 (tiogld h»p RMiied aS 

I died, and Kbilil 


IV. I3ie> 4. Jobn lie Fauco^be^f, t. and b, Sqbid. io I 

fram i2 Jan. 9 Edw. III. 1336, l< 
93 Edw. III. 1349 i lb. 1349- 

V. 1349. S. Walter de Faucoiibere, ■- and U. 

Pari, trom S5 Nov. 24 Edw. 111. 13$9, la 
Aug.36Edi>.IIl. I36S1 ob. )3G& 

VI. laes. 6. Tbomai Je Fauconberc. •. and h. he wM w 

Bummoned to ParliaDienl; <ih. ciru I! 
leaving Joan bi) dao. and mlt btir. 

VII. HS9. William Nevill, younger >ui> of Ralpb, 

Ead of Wedmarelnnd, baving mrrinl J« 
dau. and heir oFTbumai the lasl Baron i ■ 
Summ. ID Pari, in her right Iroin 3 hap 
7 Hen. VI. 14S9, to 93 Maj, I Edw. IV.Itl 
though in every Writ from 7 Hen. VL 
'S lien. VI. he ii merely dele ribed a«"W 
eliDO de Nevill.Cbl'r.- In the 33Hei<.^ 
t ii however called " Willielmo Nctill 
■uponberKe, Chrr;" and to aba in tk 
len. VI. when the lolluwing; memartBA 
7 aj^peari on the Roll " viteat qnn extra n 

kr. .'■ In ihe IH EJ*. IV. the aordt " 

onberge" are aUu intened. CitS 

, Earl of Kent 1461, K.G.; ob.l4e3,t.F. 

len the Earldom of Kent hecana tf)til 

. t thit Barony Ttll into Abeyance bRW 

' kii three daughter!, JoaM, nifiof Sir Edii 

^Bedhowingi Elizabeth, wife of Sir Rich 

Strangewayi; and Alice, wife of Sir Ji 

Conyen ; amongst shote deicendanlt i 

reprefenla1i»ei it ii dill in Abbvahcc 

William de Pauconberg, di cousin of Walta, 

Barun, it ilated by Dugdale, vol. II. p. 4, lo tuvB I 

Summoned to Parliament in 38 Gdw. I. bnthia 

Dot occur fn the Liili of SumnoDi in tbftt year. 




eo.Tork» 85 Iffiy. 1637, and Vli 
Faoconber^ of HoikDvwIe, 
ham, 31 Jan. IMS; obw 16SS. 


^11. 1653.— L l6%9S.nomaM Bdvjw, 

umI beir» bciDp t. aad kof 
Henij Belatfw (ob. t. pu) 
eldest son of the lest Vis- 
eooBti Created EariFiew 
bcrr9April» I6a9|oh.l700, 
S. P. when the Earidoa he- 
CFtfnrt; b«ttheVis- 

volred oe 

.^Iil.1700.— S.ThoAas Belasjse^Bsph. 

heir, beiag s. and h. of Sir 
RowUikI Bdvyie, K. ■. Jd 
son of Henry, father of the 
lastViscomt; oh. 1711. 

.^1V.1718.~1L 1756.4.Thoaas Bdaijc, t. aad h. 

of X c o h or u ogh, co. T«A, 
UJnsc, 1756; ohu 1774. 

• — V .—111.1774. 5. Henry BflMyit,a.nB4h.ok. 

laoi, when the 

the Baranj and\i 
deseendedto hisfc 
• ..^VI.1809.6.Ro«Und Beinme, heincs.«id h. sf 

Anthooj, eldest sbb of 


,..— VIU8I0.7.( 

obu 1815, 


«t BY WBIT. 

1313. Bobeft de Fehoo, Snas. to Pari, i J 

and SSM ay, 6 Edvwd II UU. asic Sftiwf 
Mid S6 Nov. 7 Edisnd IL lU?: os- 
UllS^ Invinf John de Fdson ias sosi 
hoB Dofdik, wd. II. ^ <^ My* 
to Pad. 16 Edn. lU. ; Vl:: la 


does lint Hppcar in I be Liil ofi 
tbat year, the oiiljr person of ih 
SummuiiEd being 
WiUidm de Feltua, who wu Su 
SS Feb. 16 Ed*. Ill- 13*3, bu' 
1.. ~b.l367, kavins SitJu 

liau de Felion Dub<I 
otat) wilh tbe John dc 
ibei s> having been I 

I. 1399. I. JiihnFerrcn,i.andh.uf Robert 

Earl of Derby ; Summ. io Pu 
S7 Ed*. I. IS99, to IS Dec. 5 B 
ub. 1394. 

II. 1334. S. Robert Ferrert, •. and h. Sutdi 

Feb. IGEdw. III. 1343; oh IS. 

III. 1360. 3. Jabo Ferren, k and b. be «u 

to Pari. ; ob. I36T. 

IV. I36T. 4. Robert Ferrert,!. and b. fae wa* 

(o Pari.; ob. 1413. 

V. 1413. 5, Edmund Ferren, ). and h. I 

Summ. tu Pari. : ob. 1449, (.r, 

VI. 1461. 6. Waller DeTereui, bviing roatr 

rer>,d>u. and iolebeirof theii 
Somm. to Parl.Jureuiorii, fn 
Ed*. IV. 1461, to 9 Dec. I Ric 
'■ Waliero Devereu. de Ferren 
"Wallero DeTcreui, Dunino 
K.G.;ob. I4SS. 

VII. 1485- 6. Jobii Derereui, i. and h. SuuB 

I Sept. 3 Hen. VII. 1467,10 IG 
VH.HSTi he married Ceeily, ) 
of Henry Bourcbier, Earl of £• 

VIII. I49T. T- Waller Devereui, i. and b. 

from IT Oct. 1 Heo. VIII. 

, — ^11. I6S9.— L 1 


„— 1V.17 

••^^v. . • 

...^^ vuiaos.Cw 

...— VILiaiO.T 

99S BY 


-u J 

111 a« ^1 

n. nt9.\3- Churtolle Campion, dftU. and on lb* deUk 
h>!r<Uter, sole bcir ul Elinbcib, (h* U 
Buonttf : she married Geurfe, 4tb Vuoo« 
nnd III MarqueiiofTDwiitheiidi ob. iHO 

XI|i.l770.l4-(>eorKeTavnihend, ■. and h. ■D'-eecdrd I 
father in <he Mirquiou uf Townibcpd | 
Sept. IBUT ; ub, 181 r. 

XlV.I8ll.l3.GeDrf;e FemnTowDthend,* *nd h. Pma 
Mxrqueu Tovtniheiid aiid Buroti Ftmn i 
CbarUrf, ic. Vide TowNtatin. 

I. I7M. I.Robert Sbirley, Xll.-lltb Baron Perren tf 

Cbarlley; Crealnl Visiounl Tani«ortb, « 
Stxlfotd, and Earl Ferren, 3 Sept. 171l> at 

II. 17IT. 3. WaihingtoD Shirley, 2d ion and beir (RoM 

Shirley, hii eldeit brntber, harine died -Kb 
out iisue male), lucceeded as Evl Tttm 
and ViicouotTamworlh i ob. I7S9,s.p.>i- 

III. I7S9. 3.HenrySbirley,brotberandbeir,ob.174&,Lr 

IV. 1745. 4. Lawrence Sbirli'y, nephew and heir, beiq 

■on and Iieir of Laurence nut brviberulki 
lattEarl; executed for murder, ]T60< ob.f 

V. nCO. 5. Wasbiiigion Shirley, bruthet and heiri «• 

1778, •.P. 

VI. 1778. 6. Robert Shirley, bntber and Mr, ob. I'n. 
VU. 1787. T. Robert Sbitley, i. and h. PrwcDt Bari tm 

MM aod Viicuont Tamwottb. ^ 

H.lll. I. William Fenen, Sd ion of WilUam, SlkBM 
I WBIT. of Derby, Lord of Giobyt <*■ "87. 

IS97- 3.WilliaiQFerrcn,a. Bndb.Sa««i-t<imLH| 
36 Sept. SB Ed>. 1, 1300, t« 90 Feb. IB ■* 
II. 13SS, ai " WillielBK) d« Fcmriit.' Bt« 
a]MSiimm.3eJan.SSGd».l. I397i bA^' 
lb* TcaMina wiicned uadw ** Pm-JoM 


on BT WRIT. 

ii iomewhat doubtful if that Writ ctn be 
considered at a regular Sunmont to Parlia- 
ment; ob. 1SS&. 

1SS5. 3. Henry Ferreriy t. and b. Summ. to Pari, from 
5 June, 4 Edw. III. 1331, to SO Nov. 16 
Edw. III. 1349, at «• Henrico de Ferrariit ;" 
ob. 1343. 

1343. 4. WilKam Ferrert, i. and h. Summ. to Pari, from 
15 March, 98 Edw. HI. 1354, to 6 April, 43 
Edw. HI. 1369, at. «< WiUielmo de Ferrariit ;*' 

1371. &. Henry Ferrert, t. and h. Summ. to Pari, from 
4Auf:utt, 1 Ric. H. 1377. to 17 Dec 11 
Ric. II. 1387, at «< Henrico de Ferrariit de 
Groby ; ob. 1387. 

1387. 6. William Ferrert, t. and h. Summ. to Pari, 
from 30 Nov. 90 Ric. II. 1396, to 3 Dec. 90 
Hen. VI. 1441, at « William de Ferrert de 
Greby i ob. 1444. 

1446. Edward Grey, ton of Reg^inald, 3d Lord Grey 
of Ruthyn, by his Sd wife Joan, dau. and sole 
heir of William, ton and heir of Thomat 111.- 
7th Baron A«tley ; havinfr married Eliiabetb 
Ferrert, grand-dau. and heir of the last Ba- 
ron, vii. dau. and heir of Henry Ferrers (ob. 
V. p.) hit eldest son ; he wat Summ. to Pari, 
jure uxorit, at " Edwardo de Grey, Militi, 
Domino de Ferrert de Grobv," from 14 Dec. 
95 Henry VI. 1446, to 9 Jan. 97 Henry VI. 
1449 ; and at ^Edwardo de Grey, Militi,' Do- 
minut de Groby,** from 93 S^pt. 98 Henry VI. 
1449. to 96 May, 33 Henry VI. 1455; ob. 1457. 
'. 7. John Grey, t. and h. He was never Summoned 
to Pari. ob. 1461. 

8. Thomas Grey, s. and h. Created Marquess of 
Dorset 18 April, 1473, havinf: been Created 
Earl of Huntinj^don in 1471, K. G. ; ob.1501. 

9* Thomat Grey, t. and h. Summ. to Pari. 17 
October, 1 Hen. Vlll. 1509, as " Thomff 
Grey, Domino Ferrers de Groby ;'* but in the 
9d Pari, in 1511, as "Thomae Grey, Marchi- 
oni Dorset," Marquess of Dorset ; ob. 1530. 



^ — ^ 


1iMn.tUmjGm!g,%.m* ft.M»va.«ID 

T-te. M« rf bi« B<wy nib k 

C«M Di^ rf S.«A 1 ■ Oh. UtI, 

RHT, xik al ka •*« ^MM, riL 

D-lM^M ^ S.CA. <*> HMvriM 

Dmm. »< ibc Bmmm 4 AMltT, 



UMnMw 1 

Ri'.l. 3.Hactide Fcrf«n...^b. imoc 11971 

•.l-.l«Tb.g loM bis nMc..dc ■(» 




'• '3iS. 1 . Robert Ferren, 9 youDger ton <J Robert 
Baron Ferren of Cbanlej, ttana;; our, 
Eltzabelb, dao. and Me heir of Wia 
Bolder, of Wemme, vai Summ. to Pirl 
"Robert Ferren deWeinine, Cbev." fi 
SBDec. 49 Bdo.lLl. 1375, to 
II. I3T9; Ob. 1380. Rob-rt Frrrrrc, liil 
and beir, died J4I0, s. P. V. tila nil 
*|(Bout ba*inc been lummoiie'l to Parliament, lex 
BliMbetb, wife of John, ton of R»lph Lord Greym 

Ik- u^?^'*' '" '>■* Psdie^M of Fenen, *oL t. p. tst, m 
W • '™''™ ■ Tonnger loo of /Wfrt, l*t Eari of M 
vou-"" ^ »«nunl of tbii bnoeb in p. >££, ba un Im « 



«U* or Rtlpb NctUI. E*rl «t Wetlmureland, 

■ atii] colleln, betotcn mliute dctcendanu 

!% lhi( UuDll} {if EJilabclli, wife ui ihw 

, . le by her ieconil aiid tliirti biiibandc| 

fh ht cniulilrnil u ■ EUrvny crealcil by llic Wnt of 

^ \S7i, lodipcnilenily of tlu) Baruny of BgUUr uf 

M}Uno» iu Abeyance. 


L >Sli, I. Sir Ctoree Sonde* i Created Btroa Thrown 
(at BaruD S(wide> of Tbrowley). Viicoaa 
b(ind<i>o(LeeiuCi>urt,inii Barl ol Frvenliint 
aU GO. lUnt, M April, 1676 ; niih re 
fatlinc bii iuBB mile, to Lewu LotiI Dum 
butband Ol Miry, bii eldeit diu. and a 
ob. IbTT, a.r.M. 

n. mi- & Uoi* de Dutaa, r*l Baron Durai, ion. in-law 
and hair apceable to tbe abuTe limltaliun ; 
K. G.; ob. I70!l, t. P. wb«a all liii bonon ba- 
oame 4£|ttii». 

I. It Is. EfMigard Milotine Scbulem burgh, miitreta of 
GtocBt I. Created Baruiiiss Dundalk, Couii' 
ti^ and Marcbionrai oS ttvngitnaan, and 
DuebfU ol Muniler, in Irrland, July f 
1716. Created, April 30, 1719, Uaroneu ^ 
ClaaloDbury, pu. Sumeriiii, Cuunteii of F 
•trtbun, CO. Kent, mil Durbeas ul Kendi 
CO. WtMm«t«Und, for m«i ob. 1T43, « 
all bar bunon liacamn 

t 1711, Anlhmiy Duncumbej Crealed Lord Fev 

(bam, Baroti ol DuwiXon, co. Wilta, 3.1 Jona, 
1747; ob. 1763, a. P. M. •b«o ibe Title 

tgain became 




1^1.1690. I.Willism F-eMii.e; Cmtti Bano' 

ing of NtmibaQi P«do., co. W»nrlek, ut 
Viicount Fieldioe, Dec. 30. ISSO. CcNUd 
E»rl of Denbigh. Sept. U, 1 SS8. 

ViHe DiNtKai. 


I, nso. I.JaaiH Duff, 3d Eftrl of Pif«. in ScoUud. 
Crealed B«ron Fifc, co, Fife, in the Pnnfi 
of Great Briuin, Feb. 19, 1190; ob IW), 
s. p. M. abeii thii BaroDy became 

1640. I. John Piiich, firtt CDUiin of TbamM, lil Eid 
of Windbchea. Criraird Baron Finch oTFirf- 
oicb, en. Kent, 7 April, 1640 ; Lord KcCMrl 
ob. IGGO, s, p. vihpn (be Title becanM 

I. 1673. I.Sif Henesge Finch. UtBarl. fim eonlinof I 
ofHencase. 2dE»rlofWiniheIw«. Creiled 
Baron Finch of DaveiKry, a<. NonhacoptDD, ' 
10 Jan. I6T3, and Elrl of Noltineham, II 
Ma;, JCei ; Lord Chancellor. 

Vide Sol 



l,G«>r|ceAuKu«tuiChicbpM«r, l*t Marqoew of 
Donegal in Ireland. Crp:tted Baron Fither- 
-ick, CO. SwffunJ, July 3, 1790, Pretent 
Baron Fitberwtck, in Englaiidi altoMamueM 
of DoDC|al, Ag. in Inland. K. P. ^ 


. BtUn FlU-AUn. s. and b. Sutnm. 1a Pari. 
Inm 93 June, S3 Kdw. I, 1J95, to « J»n. 33 
Kiw. L 1305, thougb he it laiJ to bsTe died 
l30l,t.P.H. Agiiet, Dneurhiiiliughlpniiiid 
enlwin, alierwardi roirrieil 8>r Gilhi^rt Su- 
plctoni sod Katberine, hii olber clau. >iid 
robeir, became Ibe wife of Jobn Loril Grey of 
Rotherflrld, and amung ihf dncendanli md 
reprcientaliire* of Iheie (tniKlet thit Rarony 
muit be con*ideieil ti> be ia AsEViitiCK. 

<m «T TMVIIS. 

mm. I.Alan, •on oEFUtbild. obtained ihe Castle ol 

Oswalditre from William ihe L'uniiueror. 
Uu.l. £. William Fiu-Alan, c. and b. ob. ante 1 165. 
:U. 3.Wmiamnii-Alan, Land b.ob. circa 1314. 
ItU. 4.JoI») Fiii-Alin, brother; heir to hit nepbet, 
tbe un □[ tbe lait Baron, who died aooii aFter 
hilfalberi ob. 1339, having married Isabel 
de Albini, liiler aud coheir lo Hugh Earl 
^^ ofAruLilel. 
m. S. Johti Fiti Attn. s. and b. who on the partition 
ol the laiidi ol fail uncle, Hugh Earl of Arun- 
del, in IS43, obtained tbe Caitle of Arundel, 
and which was adjudged to confer the title uf 
fiarl ot Arundel on ita poueuor by Act ot 
Tarl. II Hen. VI. Vide Akundbl. 

b-Alan «a3 not a Parliamentary Barony until 1691, 

I. ThoBlH Howard, Earl ft Arundel and Surrey, 
tU heir general ul tlie family of FitiAlan 
tbo** mmliotied, wts by Act of Parliamenl 


S Car. t. Creatfil Bunn Fiix-Alan.C 
Otmldeilni ani) IMalin<ren, and wl 
TS»in mttt tbtn anneitd to Iba I 
diKiiitr ol Eirl or Arundel, umI lettl 
ibctud TbomM Eariof Arandel and 

"Cnjs," by »itlut of "nbK* Art t] 
ni« »r Fiti-Alan, Cton and Oioalda 
Msllraurr*, are nam <re«t>d in hii Gri 
nard Ednard Hooard. Duke of Norf. 
prcieut Earl of Arundpt, dec 

Vidi Arundel and Nor 


Williiin Fiti-AaicDlf, or Aoinilf < 
chengi, h«td 0Jiict]M>ne Lonbhip 
General Surrey} but oF •bora nott 
tfacr ii known. 


1313. l.Thomai Fiti Bemardt Sunm.toPul 

Jan. 6 Edw. II. 1313, tO 14 Marcfa, 1 

II. 13S9, ai •■Thodue fllio BemardL" 

Dugdale pm no account of tbi> Bamn in bi* 

afe ; nor )• he noticed by any other writar on tba i 

Brian Fill-Count) living 1141. B 
■on> bcinic lepera, and llii* Baron i 
wile "brt'king ihemielm to a r 
course a{ lifv," ibe Kine teitcd on h)*l 

1. WilLI. Robert Piti-Ceroldi Uvins II 


AUiauilrr nrz-GeraU ; living 1 165 , to wham 

Warine Fiiz-Geroid, Cbaiubcrlaiii lu Hen. JI 

WariDc rui-GeruIdi ob. I31T, Lt-.M. Mar 
Cvry, bia Sd ilau. and roheir, mirrled, dm, 
BaUoin de Rtilven, EatI of Devon ; and at- 
eondlf , Fulk de Brcant ; and Joan, hii aihei 
dau. and cobcir, wai tie wife ut Hueb dc 

Heni7 Fila-Cerold, a younger broiler of (he 
lut Baron, living W5^ ; ob. s. p.m. 


,|,Jobn FKi-Gibbon, Ibi Earl of Clare in Ire- 
laud i Crealtd Binin Fili-Cibboii ul Sid- 
buiy, CO. Devun, Sept. 54, IT99; nb. ISOS. 
•LJobnFiti-Gibbon, ». and h. PresMH Baron 
Fili-Cibbun -. alco Earl of Clare in IreUiid. 


Robert Fiti-Hamon. Came into England wii 
(he Conqueror; ob. 1 10?, ». P.M. leaving bi 
four daughter! Iiii bein, of Hhaia tiio lunl 
tbe veil ; Ibe third married ibe Earl of Brit 
tanny; and the fourth, Mahell, became tb 


1. 1309. I. Aucberus Fiti-Bcnry ; Samoi. to Par). I 1309. U> IftOct. ISEdnO, 


Dugdalc giro no account of ibete Banmi in bit G 
H^e. Hugb FiU-Henry was probably Cbc ralUriuf Hwr 
Bsrui. FiU-Hueb tViile " fiTZ-HuoH/-) but ao ' " 
)i knottn of Aucber Fil«-H«iry. 




1. Matthew FiU'Herbert. 

ii. H.III. S. Peter Fi(E-M«tlhtw, •. and b. ob.m4,P. 

II[.M.IU. 3. John Fiii-Mattbew, brother uld beii; hriif 

IV. Eilw.I. 4. Hattbew Fiti-Jobii, I. and b. ! 

.Ian. S5 Edit. I. 1^97, but it a tunu*t» 
duubtful ir tbat Writ can be dHmcd ■ ««•- 
Ur Suminunt to PartiamrnL Vidt " Fnl- 
JoiiN." Ob.«.p. 

Vide also FiTX-REGlStLD. 


I. Ib'tiO. 1. Krnpkge Fincb, 3d Earl or Wincbelceaj df 

Med Baron Fiti-Herbert of Eaalwell, * 

Kent, June 9fl, IliGO. . 

On the deatb of Jubn 6tli E.rt Of Wineb.liea, altd "J 

B^ruii Fill llerbertaf EaBt*ell,iiil739, b.f. tbuBa^M 

beciDie ^Ftinct, 

Vide WiNcllELSB'*' 




■•Wr So, £""■'«•". IvE '°° ■'■'"1.1 

SS"n;a*"' ■■•»-,,. 

■'oin 2« u ""i ». anil h c 
"Oct. I Henr^v'in I"" ''■ Sumia („ p , 

u nTZ-'O'"'- 9 

1^ '* „, w h»*« *^!i ni.»MtV>- •*'• ' Philip. f& 

...0- r;;r '»f ■r.r^-"'"'"" ""^ 

„ John.*'"' , r«95,«t 

sts ;«"■»" «^"* 



if ihe Sumnwniei in tbr College of Arint, ti; 
rt. Mil uf (be able ind iHll-knoMn Auguatine 
Ir. TawiiHud'i nuie hi 
, Na 35, p. tb, vbere i pencil nole in the 
be bMul-wtiiing, u I think, of Jobn Viiicenl) 
cui be no SummuiH, beFBUie it is only di- 
w Temporalily'." Tbe Writ or 36 Jan. £5 
MOiniandi tbe ptrtoni in whom it i< ad- 
tlcfld « Satiibury un Sunday* lb( Feut of 
' ihc ApoMte iKKt eniuinp, tit. tbe 3I>1 Sey- 
Mteoai iDper dietit iicf-otiis Caliuquium rl 
ipecUlilrr babiluri, ^ 

■nil it nil direcleJ tt 

e Jiidc> . 

Abbot* were included. On eiamining t 
lately printed by order of tbe Houie 
wan Uiat only two Writ*, (excepting lu fi 
ad srDi>i] (rere directed to tlie Spirituality, 
Edvardl.; the one dated at St. Paul'a, Lt 
ttoAtt, Hbicb reciie* that " Eduardua lil 
r vobitcum CO I 

I vab> maiidan 

i Mich'li. London' ad t 

i ibidem aJer 


tb« Biihopi ot Worcfiter, Ely. Carliite, and 
t Earl* of Cornwall and Warwick, to John 
lumeln de Badleimere, (the Uiier of whom 
I a* Earh and Baroni.) to (everal Clerki of 
ts *ia Judget. and to two Prieili. It ii pre- 
.bat Writ vsiiiiut be cuiialdered either ai a 
It af Suistnuni to Parlianieiil, or as being 
(be netfWMty perioni to make the Parlia- 
madontbeSfilbJanuirycamplelei fur only 

M«b Of tbe Earli, one of ihe Baroni (John 
I three out of the (il Judges, were included 

«{eb, RoebMtar, tad B. aliat of HM 
■bom ware included in (he Writ of tfa* M 
to tevtiiteen AbboO, Tour Prion, mat tbi 
KiiigbliTrRipUn in England, to Roger B] 
folk, and Earl Mtrtbal, (*bo wm (umm 
o( 36 January,) and tu Mumpbrc; da Bot 
nford and Eimi, (wbo mi not indaded 
Writ iwMd ■■ tba SSth Ed*Hd I.)| Ukm 
lOM, Mhbar of wbaa ««• w—id la N 
Sopmbar, b«l wbo wm alL « 
iMlmM In tbttofthaSetbof Ji 

Writ te to ba aoBridmd M k 

Peni, and tb« Eari and Baraa mtitu4 k 
M a« to parfcat tb« FuIiaBMt OTdwad h 
S6tb oT Janoaiy, to awtl on tb« tilt < 
SaUibDTjr, and wUcb tbo data Mawal 
wbatbaT, trtm tba aanaa of tba om Bm^ 
wbo vara prerlowlr wiMMo a ad ■■ JaM 
ftiat dlffaraot frvB tbal appolatad la tl 

«U1 not altespt to datarariM, Tba Bal 
do not aoniaia inj' aoiiea of a hrilMK 
held bMaecD tba sad aad tba «tb U*. 

tamntonad In tba 93d of Edward L* wn 
in eaebof (be tbraereiuUrWritaofBuB 


Ir rUimril uodvt 

ncy of 

pUccd in lb« preceilen 
, wliu wu men lummorieJ, but ntvcr i 
iiirquriiilv. Ill* Hounr reirded hii Lorriihip'i 

ih« (lixhtKt nbJKciiiiii nppEitn to bare b««n 

Wrii iitFlf. 

jr bM ibui rull; (Iftled the molive ubieh 

tiiin (a cipreas ■ doubt an Ihe subject when- 
ni imuti in tbi> Work, and lixving, to Ibe 
"'ormiitiuii, detailed ihe tiiew uf (he ewe, 
niiri? tDDipet'nt jiidgei (o determiiie haw faf 


Rofcr Fiu-Oabert, whn n not noticed in Dofdalcw^ 
iUiuoacr, r>r«i*ed a SumroDns 8 June, 3S Edwaril L1 
li'Ht but It ■« doubtful 1 for ibe reaiooa aiaigned under 

'i.TViooK," ir il can be roiiaidcred u ■ Summoni la 


K. lU I. Ruben l-'itZ.Payne, ion of Pain Pili-Jiilin,9 
Ln>ih*r uf Eoaiace riix-Juhri. ancniorof ib«| 
Biron* Vncii li*iDf! ISIb': bli lucceoar Wi 
' tlllL ^Hoc-rPiu-Pafnei ob. circa l!37. 
I II. III. X ttebtn Fiia-Ptyne, t. and b. ob. I9S0. 

' lV9!f. 4. Rubin Fi(i-Payn«, >. and h. Suma. to PuLI 
Iran f' Ftb. ST Ed». 1. ngg, to S3 Oct. H 
EdW. II- I3U. He »u alio luiDRIUiled M« 
Jan. SIi E<1*. 1. but, lor (he rcuoni auiKiMAl 
antltr "FiTE-JoHM," It i« ralbrr doubtful tfl 
ibal Writ «>• a regular Summoni to Farll»<l 

r mint. Ob. 1315. 

»»tL &. Rsben FiU'Pajinr, 1. and b. Summ. u 

train 7 A<ig. 1 Edw. lit. I3£T, >o 15 Not. 9 
Ed*. lit. 1351; ob.l354.ieavine,acronlin|:M 
tbeEtcheat SM Ed*. 111. liabil, wifenrJobn J 
Cbidtocke, bi« dau. and beir. then 3H yean 
ul aite. Sj( Jobo Cbrdcoclce, llwir •. and b. 
Uftiituc Sir John Cbideuck. Knt. whn bid 
kBue two ilaotbler*. hit cuheira, vli. Katbe- 
MfiM, wbo married, fint. Sir William Suffn^v 


uf Fiooip, >n(] bj Iritn but one eliild. Hao- 

phrey Stafford, Earl uF IJcfqiI, bM «hu 

ilird s.r. »nd secondly, Sir Juhn Arundd, 

Kiit-i and Margxrel, ihc wira uf WiUiM 

Lurd Siounoni and between the dnnndMO 

and rapreientativeg of ibe laid Kubcrttw asd 

Margaret, oil. Bierard Lord ArunM ol Wti- 

douT, and Eleanor, wife of ihe prt««nt Ln>l 

Clifford, the cobein u( one mawty of tbe ttM 

Barony, and (be present Lord Slounon, u 

■ole beir ot ibe oitaer moiety, tbe lUrDnji nl 

Fiti-Payne ii in Abeyancs. 

RoBUT DE GxEir, yuuo^r ion of Richanl Lord Gnj 

ofCodnor, and who aesumed ibe name of FtTz-pAT"!, 

ni, in the 3(llb Edward III. found beIr, hp grtntt to Ell, 

widaw of Robert Filz-Pn^rii-, the Un Haron. He i( mil 

to ban been Summ. to Pari, in Dugdalc'i LM of 9am- 

moittei, S April, 43 Edw. III. 1369) but it ipyaan, fbp 

a MS. note of tbe lale Fraiicii Towniend, £■■}. WtadHr 

Herald, and which the Lilt of Summofiia Jut priitid 

by order of tbe Houie of Lordi conRrmi, that the iubM 

of the fi>ur Uaroni lait mentioned in tbat Writ, H (IM 

byDoRdBle, *ii. Johanni,filioRieardiGrey deCDdMnBn 

JohannI de Tibelot, Roberiii Fflx-Paau, and Henriea k 

Pnty, arv not on the Roll. 

Iiibel, hit dau. and beircf i, married Richard Lend ttj^ 
in(i,and from the beireii of Robert Baron Paynlnp,!.*! 
b. of tbe laid Rich. LordPoyningf,andlM)>elFit>-P^Btlii 
wife marrying Henry Percy, i. and h. appareiil of HcMJ 
Xiri.-3d Earl of N..rtbumberland, and who wai Saa«.u 
Pari. Jure uiurit aa Baron Poyninga, hii deacciidantl ttyU 
tbamielvet Baroni Poyningi, Pitt Payne, and Bijin. Vf 
deT the Utter Title it hai been clearly prorcd tkit da 
tUrtt of Nurthumberland had no claim to the Huoq" 
Bryan i and, with reipect to tbe Barony of Fiti-PajA 
it i* evident that, a« liabel de Grey, aliu POyninp, ^M- 
mnd heir of tbe above Robert de Grey, did not deasM' 
from Robert FilB-P^yne, who was Summ. lo Pari, in <^ 
STih Edward I. ibe could not have poiicned any rifW** 
the Barony created by that Writ i and ai It appean tb*' 
her father wai not Summ. to Pari, or, at leaat, tbat th*** 
)• no record of It on ibe Roll, the lald Iiabel could ■••* 
ha*a inherited any Barony whatenr. In couiwitia**^ 
bowcnr, ol tbe Eirli ol NorthnmheiUnd bi«<*S 


M of NutibuDilwrliuiii, liecame 4rl>ncl o 

(B lUT, s. p. tiMiD ihtt iiuiiider of Sir ThoiDU 

ibit braiber, bii nN|jhaw and heir 

, I.Thmu* Percy, wn Crcklcd, by Patent, 30 
IBM, Baran Percy a( CJoekumDulh and Pelwurth, 
_ , Lucy, ary>n, sail Fiti-Psyne, with n- 
_ ta h)i IMoe nalF, riilins wbieb, to bis broiher, 
Fncy, and In4 itHiF B>l* I aiid ohen, (gr tbe tini 
tBtnaj of Pi(jt-Payii« wac legally puuesieU by ihe 
Ian* HmwoI Percy. He mm created Earl alNoribum- 
AAofUy aflemardi, iii wbich dienily Ibii Bsr<>i>y, 
^Wwtlb (lNn« abora named, Eonlinufd mFrged, uii- 
drariM of Jiiieelinc XXlL-IUb Eul or Nonbuni- 
I In lAO, >. V. M. nben alt bit bouora becinie 

Mr nnviu. 

ll. L. Kdpb Fill-Hubert ) held 47 Lordibipt at llic 

Gcneril Sumy. 

9. Kalfh Fili-Ralpb, i. »id b. 

S. Balmt nu-Ralpb, «. lod b. ob. IS9I , ». r. m. 

;. Hach r<ti-IUIpbi Db. 1375, t. P. M. Eotla- 
(tiia, dan. uf Ralph, bis >uii, wbu died v.] 
tbcn miSt al Nicliulai de Caiitiliipe, beliiK b 

■V miuaii. 

I. Rubrrt Fll>-n.i'iul|ib, Lord of Alfreton, c- 
Drrbyi living ll()'9. 

. ^William r>ti-K»iiulpb, >. and h, «b 

r. S.Thanifw Fiu-Ranulpb, i.andb.. ob Nine l!-ll 
-I. luvJD)- Ilii thtCE aiicen Ui* beirs. 


«>FRvHetbrrt, I 

»■««. «• Pmrl, Fruoi Peier, fcmher 

•mw«. Um Pif i-Hertierti, £«)■ al PM 


^Mi Cunsnw. 


n. A4aBpHfS.anw,.aBa(SM«I 

ol Richard Fitt-Gilberl, utf 
crtlnr oF the EirU of CUrr-, Suward to 
King Henrjr I. from Hbcm be oblained the , 
Barony ol Dun mo vr, cd. Eiisi ; iib. 1134. ^ 

Waller Fill-Raberl, <. aad li. -, ub. 1 198. 

Robert Fi(i-Waller, a. and b. ily led " Har- 


Church," by tbe Baroiii who obtained 
Uaona Cdabt* from King Jubn, and waa 
one of the celebrated •ib Bironi appointed to 

WaJter Fua-Waltet, (.w<S h. ob. 1S5T. 

i. Robert Fil«-Wal(er. a. and b. Summ. to Part. 
"^ rrom^June, S3 Ed«.I. 1S9S, lO lOOil. 13 

Bd«.ll. 1335; ob. 1335. 
(.Robert Fiu-Walier, ion and beirj be was 

never Summ. lu Pad. ; ob. I ne. 
\. Jubn Fili-Waller, a. and b. Summ. to Pail. 

trum 3 Uarch, ib Edw. II. 1341, to 90 Nu*. 

34Edi*.III. IseOi ub. 1361. 
I Walter Piti-Walter, e. and b. Summ. to Pari. 

from G April, 43 £d«. III. 1369, to 3 Sept. 

9Rie.ll I385i ub.l386. 
Walter Fit2-Waller, i. and b. Summ, lo Pari. 

from IS Sept. 14 Rich. II. 1390, lo 25 Aug. 

S H<n. IV. 1404 ; be married Joan, dau. and 

uUim«tr1]i sole beir of John Baron Devereui -. 
-^ ob. MOT. 
i Humphrey Pill-Walter, i. and b. ob, infra 

Klatim, N!2,B.p. 
I. Waller Fitx-Walier, brother and beir; Summ. 

to Pari. IS July and a Aug. 1 Hen, VI. H-iJ), 

and S7 Nov. 9 Hen. VI. 1430, ob. H3«, 

Johnllatcliffe», s.andh. orffirJobnRalclifTe, 

Ingulu, thai according to hiitoriam ■ 
FcfTj-biidgo uu Palm SumUj, 
J auri a Utter in tlw PaMou U I- 

K. v.. \tj Utiohxh Fl(r-Will», dui. 
Milr litir of ill* Iiu( Raron . linialv. •■ 
tri'ia l&SciH. I llin.\IL Uei, bi II 
II H'H. Vll. \iii, M "JutKLDn Km 


Vi««viiiilr}r or Fiti-Wnlivr snd E*rl>loiii of 
Suatci becainv 


e Baruny 10 
»t ol Hrntj 
I6G0J, FldMl 
tun I'f RubErl, loii mid beir of Sir Hrnry 
(■ho cUiniMl tbc fUrany in IG4D), tirmhrr 
•Dd beir of Sir Tbomi'. elil«it lun of Sir 
Tboniai Miltlnmy, ly Frmiccs Pili-Walirr 
■bun wriilioiiEd) ob. 1619. 
19. Cbarlra Miliiou}. ■, and b. ub, ITS8, s. p. 

.— I. i;30. ?U. Bctv|>iniii MilJniay, brother and 
beiri CrcniEil Viicnunl Htrwicb, 
ca. bwi, uid Eul Piti-Wallcr, 14 May, 
tiaOi Ob. lTS6,a. p. wbenlheViBcOuritcy of 
Hkrwieh kii.! Eirldum uf Fiti-Wiltcr became 
tfntntt i bul tbr Biroiiy fell into Abkvance 

of the five duuthten knil cuhein of Mary, 
wife of Tbotnai Mililnny, uf Graces, Ea(|. 
«<>itr of Benjamin XIV. teih Baron, and 
aunt at Cbarlr* and Benjamin, lucceKively 
XV.-lfiIb and XVl.-SOtb Baroni, vii. Mary, 
itifit of Chatle* GouJwin ( Lucy, wbu maf' 
rtrd Thomu Gardener; Eliiabelb, wife of 
Edmund Waiertoti; Franeri, who married 
Cbrlaiophfr Foitler ; and Kilberine, wife of 
Culuaal Tlionui Towiubeiul. 


Vide Chec SToric. 
■ in hi* B^r'tnaie, tol. It. p. iQi, aiwrii tbat 
I Ftts-WilliBDi wu SummiiTied to Parliameal 
L 131*1 biH II aiilwan Iruiu bil Liit of Sum- 
ifcM fMr, Ibul he *■• n<it iiidnded In eitlet of 
MMM* lo Parlutmtnl, but only in ibe Suin- 
4 M Ramta;, Sib April, 13^4. tu attend at 
>«paii-1^ne oitb hone and armi- 

ir4C I.Willion nil-William, 5d Earl ai>d 
Sib Baron Fita-William in Ireland , 
dtJccndEd (miu (be abote-meDtion- 




td William Fiit-WillUi . 
Lonl F>u-Wtlllam.BaninurMil 
CO. NortbimpluR, 19 Aprtl. li 
Viuouut Milluii Slid E>H tiu- 
Itani of NurbiiTonsb, es. Nxik* 
lot>. 6 Srpt. n46i ob. I.M. 
-Il.n»fi. S.WiUiam WcniMonb Fiu Uillua 
•Dd b. Lord'Luur. nf Iralt ad ij 
httcDt E«rl and BkraajQ 
«ad Tfcoaat Milton i 
Shm FMi-WdlUm la I 

or iwUaAA 


»■ ■ ■■** Im hib*c Id hit I 
B.ULVP<*>n».W«te^».>Bdlk«l>. 1K3. 

kiM » J^ n GAa. I. tSU, tu 54 Ot 

. >.M«k9lW»l»f 


>rMb «A I r- 444. ■ fiino* 

H^sf alut^ pnai a » niwiiihuil la 

"T^ WaJU^e. 



1™;''"'"' •■■"Wine. 




I H. II. 1. Robert Foliot ; held fifteen Knights' fees 
* \\€7. 

m H. II. 8. Richard Foliot, f. und h. ob. ante 1 ID6, s.p.m. 
Margeiy, wife of Wyichard Ledet, beiiif^ hit 
dan. and heir. 
Off thU name alio were several persons of eminence^ 
tait is doubtful if they ean he considered as Barons. 

UBOM BY wRrr. 

I89&- Jordan Foliot, Samm. to ParL 93 June, 30 
September, and S Nor. 83 Edw. L 1895 1 he 
was also Samm. 86 Jan. 85 Edw. I. 1897; 
but it is doabtfnl if the latter can be consi- 
dered as a regular Summons to Parliament, 
vide '* FiTz-JoHN ;*' nothing farther it known 
of him or of his descendants ; none of that 
name however were ever afterwards Sum- 
moned to Parliament. 


1747. !• Sir Jacob Bouverie, 3d Bart, i Created Lord 
Longford, Baron of Longford, co. Wiltt, and 
Viscount Folkestone of Folkestone, co. Kent, 
89 June 1747 f ob. 1761. 
I. 1761. 8. William Bouverie, s. and h. Created Earl of 
Radnor and Baron Pleydell-Bouverie uf 
Culeshill, CO. Berks, 31 Oct. 1765. 

Vide Radnor. 


VftcouNTCY, IB March, 1718. 

Vide CowPF.R. 



1881. 1. Cecil Weld Forester, Created Baron Forester 
of Willey Park, co.Salop, 17 July, 1821. Pre- 
sent Baron Forester. =r= 


■ »*■''■ . Hull! '•"* 




Fmcbrville wis Summoiitd tlie 36 J«n. !5 

L I. IS97 i but for iberei^oni uiiKneil unilcr "FitZ- 

" It bu been iluubuU if that Wiii can be cuiiil' 

u k ngaltr SuiDtnoiutoPatliiment; he was iicrer 

mBuined, nor were any of bii deiceiidanti conti- 

f M Raran* uf the Realm, until his heir-gciieril, u 

S64. I. JohnFretchFTille, oitCrealeilBari 

ville of SraVfley, co. Derby, 6tli March, 

IG^. In lb'17 h« claimed to be allowed to 

I n tbe Houie of Peeri under (he Writ of Suuimnni to 

'■■''11 inctaior above niimed, in 3S Edw. I. but ii being 

r<nl«iile4 (hat to give (be parly Siimiuoned li> Parlia- 

■toi in niate at inheritance, a tilting under the Writ 

■u nmuary ; ai tbe onus uf proving luch titling rt&Ied 

■'h tbe parly elaiming the dignity, and no lucli priiaf 

^^ng etimi ill the case of tbe said Ralph Frticbe- 

' !!-. ihe claim wat nol admitted. Some ubBervHliunt un 

> iDbJEci are offered it tbe commencetiient of tbii 

I'lme i but it muit be ubMrved here, that nu such ob- 

'- Lwn ipiwan to have been made tu tbe Writ of SS Edw. 

(. under wbicb tbe claim was gruunded, b> is stated under 

- FiTi-Jom.." p. 5*9. Lord FreiebeviUe died in 1683, 

> r M. wheu the Barony created by tbe Piilent uf Gib 

,. Much, 1664, became 

^_ Cftinct. 

HiKdalc, loL II. p. 103, and in obicb he bai been 
-i"t by utber «rileri, siat« that ALEXiNDRa DK 
'11U.E waa Suau&wied to Patliament 1 Edw. HI. ^ but 
■ 'tfimng to bis Lilt of SummonBei, itappean that ihia 
Aiiuder ii not lududed in either Summoiii to Pallia 
■"n MOtd in that year, hut only in a Summons dated a< 
itmtj, i A|>r>l, 1 Edward HI. 13:^7, lo be at Newcatllc- 

r 3 


•-1^ «U hacM Mi mmt, M « 

e J4«. S M*. til. tSSI; [b 

•^»XM.ftBI>.nL ISM 

of Weitmoreland ; bitTing married Ja«a it 
Fumi»1, dau. >nd iulu brir uF WillUtn the 
iHt Baron, «M Sumoi. lu Pari, from SO 
Aug. ^ Ric. II. 1393, lo I Dec. 14 Henry IV. 
HIS, » "Tbon» Nevyll de Kalumihire;" 
ibaueb it apiiean from (he p ' 

-ill Ibai 
M«ud, oife I 

I 1406; 
JubTi Talbor, and Joa 

i. lea< 

'. bii 

VI 1409. Jubn Talbot, lecond *on of Richard Lord 

Talbot of Blackmere, ba^iug marncd Maud . 

I lie Netill, eUett dau. and eobeit uf Ihe latt Ct- /.i#t 

Baron by the [aid Joan de Furnivalf wai J./^^ • , 
Sunm. to Pari, from 26 Oelober, 1 1 Hru. IV. ^'™ 
1409. ta 96 Feb, g Hen. V. 1431. in the firtt nrTti, 
and [reateat number ol WriU m " Johaniii 
Talbo(,D'DodePurnv»lli" except i n« uii (be 
' 1 Dec. 1 Hen.V.urs.wbenbewalSumm.w 

"JahD TallMt de Halooibire," and in m 
few ioManret, -ben he was flyted in tb« ' 
Wntt "Jobaiini Talbot de Furnyalli ba 
■uccccded bit niece in the Barmiy uf TaJbot 
ill 1431, and w» created Earl uf SbreMtbury 
30 March. 144^, K. G.| ab. 14&3. 
Tbii Baninf eoalinued vetted in tbe BarU of Shrew»- 
irj until the death of George, Tib Earl, G. F. H. in 1616, 
■hen it Fell into AterlNCB between bit ihrec daugla- 
Itti and cuhein. >iz. Mary, wife of Williain Earl of 
n-obrukei Eliiabefh, wbu married Henr; Eirl ul Keat| 

■Dd Ualhea, wile uf TbomaB Hawi 

Eliubeth and Mary diet! s. P. an 

PUItp Howard, Earl of Arundel, became poiieised of' 
ibli Barony, u hin and beir of tbe laid Alalbe% 
ilaugbier of George Karl o( Sbrewtliury, the lait Ba- 
lun Fnmival. Tbe Uukei of Norfolk, ai bein ..F lb« 
ui<l Pl»lip Howard, E:.rl of Arundel [*ide " NonroLs" 
>od •*A>li!it>ei."},weieBarun> FurnivjU nniil (be 
DfEd-anl Howard XIV.-1II11 Duke, in ITT:, s. f 

I Urn. V. Bhea be ig deutibed ai " ^ Halomilurc,"] ii 
■ e ^eari ai " Lord FurnyyaT' " 

* lUi Jmo t* prauaed to hare died j. 


I. Ill"- 

HniryGMi*' •[ ^ Mill »■ 1 ,« 
■ ^pi heir. "'."".... Itorofli 


Ll««olti, itiili reaohiiler, ratlinR hit 
ai*lv, to tlic it>u« maie of hi* father, I 
tfla^i oil. \Hea. 
3. Wrtolta«tlpy Biptiit tiarl, i. uid b. ob. II 

3. Bi|«l« N.*l, romin >nd, bdng 

uF B«i'll«l NmI, hftlF-btotbcr uf EdmitrJ, p 
E«U ob. 1714. 
■It. 4.8iptiMNrKl, «. and h. ob. i;SI, 
■^- S.B*piUl N«l, .. »nd k ob. I75[l,s.p. 
& Heiir; Natl, bruiber and bcir ) ub. 

Jkinci Gambler i Crcatnl Bariin Gambier of 
litr, to. ttuckingbain, 9 Nuv. leUT. Preicnt 
BaranCambler.G.C.D. = 


WiU. I. I. CilMn di Gant. urn of Baldwin Earl ol Hm 
(W», ubiained divm Lordihiiw Irura Williii 
tbt Cunqjeror. 
I. H>n.t. I Walter <le Cam, i.a.idh. ob. 1138. 
|M.Stopb. S.Gilbrrt dcGaol.*. indh Earl ul Lincoln j«i 
UMrin ob. llbC. «. P.M. Alin.biiili 
(Tcntually mle heir, married Simon 
U>, Earl ol HuMinEdon, but slie dyln 

1^ H. II. «. Robpit dc Cant, uncle and brir male, beliif 
W td aon of Walter, Sd Buon i ub. lirca 1 19^. 

Bl)rh,I. L Gilbert ik Gani, i. audh. ub, IS4t. 

r IK4. 9. Gilbert 6r Gaul, ■. and b. Summ. to Pari. 14.^ 
rtte- 49 HrHTj 111. 1364i ob. IST^. 

% tt». 1. Gilbert d( GaDi, >. and. b. Stimm. to Pi 
33 June. HS Ed*. I. 1S95, lo ^6 
Bda. I. I!96. He <•■• alio aumn 
Jniie,83 Eda.l. 1^4, mid Sli Jaii. iS Edw.^l 


! WklT. 

«. OMfrcy >)• Ueurvilt. •- anil b. Sumoi, 
tram 6 F<tli. 9T Edw. 1. I39!>, to 3 
E<1«. I. I5Ufl ) ob. eircM 1307. leavlns three 
•uiu, nciltirr dF ohum were e»r Surom. (u 
Pari.) eacti ut bi* loiu died leaving heir* le- 

IH. 9. mibcn (ieriid, f. and 1i. ob, 1619. 
a. S. Dutlon GeTtrd, i. and h. ub. 1640. 
». 4. Charln Gerard, *■ and b.ub.l<i(i7. 
, l.Pt|byGeruil,i.andh. ob. ITIl.s-i 
Ibe Title bemme 


. I.Ch>rl» Gerard, lull xnd heir of Sir CtlMlet, 1 
«Mcit «on of Raielifie Gsrard, younger briw 
Iber at Thumai, in Baron Gerard, of G^ 
tMd'a BroDley. Cmtied Baron Gerard of 
8rai>d»n, co. Suffidk, 8 Nov. I6-I&. Created I 
VitouuDt BnnUiin nforaiald, nnd Barl of I 
Macdeifiald, go. Cheibirt, 83 July, I679i 
db. IS93. 

■ 9. Cbarifa Gerard, (.and b. Earlol Macrle*field| 
ub. 1701, i.r. 

. 3.Fi(tanCerard,hrothcrandbeir; EarlofMac- 
duAeld I ab. IT03, •. P. wbeii all Lii huiiur* J 
beeane 4t|:tinct. 



H. L Emald Ci»iHl of Gh)ioe*. In Prance, pMfMicd 

IS bniehu' feet in Kngtand in ihe rei(n of 

KitiK Juhn, ob. l-ifll. 

illl, lB«lil-lfiGhiinn,>.audb. The i>cxl o 


Itieelrim de Ghi 
Cai«i but it < 


eitllcd alio tnp 
It dori not appear tfau 
the above bniil]>i ob. an 


1. I39S. I.tngelraro de Gbiii^eij Sutncn. to Pa 
33 June, S3 EJw. L IS», to 14 M 
Ed*.Il.]3S3. Ob. I3£3. leavincWi 
GhiBnea, called alto de Cuni, &ii ■ 
but neither ibis William nor Ii>Hr 
brother anil beir, were ever Sunm. 
In|;elrara de Courei, t. and b. of t 
luenlioneJ Ingelram, nmrried l(atiel 
Ceiiet, dau. uf Edward III. and «u 
Earl of Bedfonl in 1366. Tbii Bi 
now veited iD ibe detcendant and n 
lalive uF Ingelram, Bho irai Stum 
Tarliament iii S3 Edw. I, ^h 


L Jobo. I. Oibert Giffard, a natural idii oTV^I 
It. Edw.l. 3.0iberl Giffard, i. and b. Sunttowd 
nuary, SS Edw. 1. 1397 1 but, fur I 
■oni uEiened under " FrrK.Ji>Hrfl, 
doubtrul i( it can be cunaideml aa a 
Summon! la Parliament. Notbiiig fi 
known oF him, orof hk dMcendanii. 
iii^ Ibat the; were never Siunia. to P 

Of ibi( name, and pcrhapi Taniilr, wen ftiM, 

(t. 11L Hugh GilTanl, CooitabJe of the Tower 

dun l£3.i; living 1939. 

Edw. I. John Gilfard, living I31f3, Kt. lOD. 

Andrew GiffiinJi beld ibe Baronj of I 
CO. Wills, wbicli b« tT;i.ienFil by eon 
King Job II. 


Eliai Giflani, ■. uhI b, living 1131 ; lo «boili 

Eliu Cifficd, Db. ante llG7i lo vliurn *uc- 

£!«• G'ffird <,b. 1 190 ; 
I.Tbomu GiSudi livini; H34. 
■ S. iiliuGiffanl, s. andli. oli. lS4g, 

I. I. I3S 



10 A|.n 


. Jvhn Giffanl. s. anJ b. Summ. b> Pari from 
eO<x. T £d«. II. 1311, to l& Hay, J 4 Ed*. 
U. uei. ■■ " Juhiuni Giffkid de Brymeireld." 
Eucutcd and nllainted ViH, oh. s. p. Irarine 
Kaibetine (grandmixlKr of James dt Audlej'), 
•lid Eleanor (twtber of Jabn, aon of Folk le 
fitntnge). hit baK-abtcrt, his beirt, viE-daugh. 
ten of bii btber by bis ihird wifet and Ihnueb 
Uw Baroiij became f otftluti by the attainder 
«/ibe l«t Baron, yri as all Ihc proceediiigi 
acainil Tbumu Karl of Lancuter and his 
auUrrtnU (of wbom he viu one) were reverted 
anao 1 £d«. III. 1327, tbe digiiily amy |iT(t. 
babljr now be tooaidered to he veMed in ihe 
darsndaDla and repreaenutivra ul tbe taid 
Kaiberioe and ElMiuir, and consequentlj' tu 

(. 1. 9lr RoVn GiffunJ, Kol. Created B 
«( St. Leonard, at, Devon, 31 
Prcaeilt B^t"" CilTord. ^ 


U«bei% Cilard. PauoMaJ divere Lcuddiipt in 
lb* iwpi uf Wtllun tbc CMutucttir ; ob. inie 


EltH GllbHl, I. and b. living 1131 i lo wbom 

! M67i I 

BUm Ciir*nl, ob. a 

El««C<S>rdnb, 1190} hi* auccMSur wu 
[.TbumuGiSudj living 1194. 
8. EiUiUiirtril, %. tad b. ob, IS4a. 

'a. Jahn CiffuU. •■ aiul I 
£t Jwia, S3 EUw. I 
Eiim. I. lasOj ub. 1909. 

4. imba Giffanl. t. and b. Sunim. U) Pari, from 
aOet. 7 E4w. II. 1311. lo l&Hay, 14 Edw. 
II. 1331, at '■ Juhinni GiSaid de Brymetfdd." 
F.MNlcil and nllaiuled I'iS'i, oh. b. r. IcaiiiiK 
KkllMrinc (gnndraotber of JanwBde Audley], 
audElunor {uuihor dT Jubo, wn of Fulk Ic 
brancc). his half-iuten, lu> bein,viE.<laugh- 
ten ofhafalUer bf bis third wile; and thousli 
tb« Baraiiy bCDBme f Olfctlltl by tbe atlaiiiiter 
ofibe la«t BaroD, VFi. a> nil ibe proceedings 
afUiut Ttwmai Earl of Luneiitcr and bii 
lalktrrHlt (of wbom be waa one} were mmed 
aniiu I &la. III. 1337, tlie dignity may pr<i- 
bahlj DU* be I'onudered to he veUed in (he 
dunndaal) and re)in>ieiitaliv>-n uf tbe tajil 
Kaibeiiue and Eleaiiof, and sonacqucntly to 
be in AllitaMct. 


1. Sir Robert GiB^rd, Kul. Crcaied Baeon CifT^inl 
«r St. Leonard, co. Devon, 31 Jan. IH'.'I. 
PiMcut Baroti nilTutil. =^ 

J Keliii IK 
. m BrnMHlan of C*Urrul 

Cm<i.>j Til I •■ ini hMpui d^U ob)* abcibir 

^ IhMt 0iB l"^^ (^ CrM Sol Uiigilala lAn 
■• aMa^ aC «>; hbA OcMiaa, akikn Bcaiavn nj^ ih* 
fMMi aiM ^B^bd a MM, asd IUb, i> lib Cualutw 

^ Hm^mI ite ^Morfut of tfK laM Edoafd, lu IW- 
n* MMkwy ^ » > » i k \k Tiila in ^wuiun appcu H 
^■« ka^ MBipii^ ta ibr DhLb of Beiiifoii, It xhr ci^ 
ta^HUacB «f Oaab ibe Tint kann; ilirvticd KirnJ 
hitnn W Biniri liMU ,1 kbarc Mra■^Md b; ibe utli if 

BiH i<Gti^M«fllB i •■< JB ■ CBMWiniBU •« ItM IMHaill-' 

^Ua ikM mrfil, <Mcri ia MK matiKf tum g-o-cr loGU 
■f cMMB bfa^ tumutt WWtiia to r*ciy dieuil; Inm 
a Ilii II - U a Bwia*. W it Uvint •■ Edaard SantrHl, 
Jaw n I null I-. tali ^s«m, Baiw Beaufun ef Ctlif 
nCi. ^1 - - n*. OsfNa*. RiwUBd, uil Cuarr, Eu) (I , 

Mc*i, that tW PMcnt of CnMiw to <he d.eoi'i" »< C^ 
«f Gla*or;n« asd Sana Bcasfon ou cidccllti) iu 
It it tizicd ^ CaUtu, " ibat Ibcre ■» uuo trmaiainlL ■■ 
Itw SiCMt OSkc ■ Bill wuler lb« Rsyal &^ Manuil U 
Oxisnl i>f a Patcot ^d DM pau tbc Gnu :ieal ihin- 
upocl. lu cnler to hb b«n{ creatnl Earl ol GUmortU 
ai^ liaruo Brauloit uf Caldccot Cauir, iii the ceantj tf 
HoinBOUEb." AuMbrr digniij aitributid (u tb« Dvkn 9 
ul Beaulon i* tbe " ViaeoBolGjr vi GruMDOiit," but it bM 
baffled ib> Ediior** rciearch \a ditcoicr the tuurce abcoo 
(hat litie it deriTtd- Dale take* no miticc of anj nA 
dignity 1 aod tbc Duly mc* of a tiilc at all aiioilar il 
(bat recilFd in tbe CainiBiniun juit uotieed, whcRia 
tie il alylcd BaroD Besufon of Caldeeot, CriimanJ, lad 
GuKef Notoiihttandiog ihe opinion here rapnrued that 
-"■TillM or Earl «t Glamorgaa, Viuouut Gnxaool, 
■^^aron Beaufurt, are nal muS in the Unke si 
tisrquence u( tbc impreitiuii ihat hit *•■ 


kaTiiip' liven l«|C»Hy cmiieil id them, >l mutt 
", lli«t nut only have muit wrilers Hlrribuleil 
lu Grate, liui thu ibey ire Each inlened in hie 
hu plaie Nt k Kniebt of the Garter, in bii Sull 


,1. I. IUnUl[ib it Glanvill ; tu tthniD « 

I. «.WiUl3iu deGUiivill; ol 

4L:t.Banbi-lomew dc GIiiitiII. t. si 


II. 4> Raiiulpb is CUnTill, |iK«unieil li 
lb< brother of Ibc lut Raron 
t.r. H. Uiving hii three daughiei 


I. Jamci Giva*ill*, •■ and h. of Jnmes Greiiville, 
4tb ion of Richard Grentille, hy Uenet 
Countett Teni|i1c, anil lint couiiii unce re- 
moved uf bit Grare the preieiit Duke uF 
BiKklnKhxm mill Chaiiilui. Crexied Bamii 
GiMlonbury nf Diitle}', co. Somenet, SO Oct. 
1T9T, viih rrinaindef, failini hit iiiue male, 
to bia brolher, Richard Greimlle, wbu dird 
*.v. IdSa. Preicnt Baruii GUttonbury. 

I . J«n» Munay. )d ion ot Jnhn, pren 
at Albul. K.T. Crea(til Baron '" 


CtiHlyon, eo. Penb, IT July, I 
IUtmi (ilrnlyon, ^ 




^K I HmX 1. E*b(M. nmuB#d the Coanil, naniral hm 
^^ of KIbc Hohj I. Cmitnt lUrl of Glua«c<- 

^H IPT{ oh. lu;. It O-cA. 

^■l II. ll4l.8.«~>ao<., ■- nU b. -«L IIV,«.r.K. MabcU, 
^^V h« An* das. sal a>b*>r, Aarried tfae Earl d 

^B wrf Mhar, ntr. IUduJ>d d* CUif, Earl " 

^M H*T<Wil| m4 ImWI. bU Si •]>». and c 

^H ba>, WaiBB tW «lfa «( John, yauutti ton 

^K lU. B. U. Aate H« m«C T«ncec •<>■■ of Htiu; It- 

^B kK Cirii te wmmMtwi Sad at Gluoccurr. 

^H *nM*4 <kB -*! - im; tuoD tftcr obxHi 

^^T b*dMHcsrftM«<i^*bt>(rcn«nl«oninnl 

^" IB «M« « r m ^ tm — » ■« , Ewl of Ei«t, ■"■I 

hit aidoo, rf-mirnd 
„ 4i*d «. p. "hewufwn 
•Msfibr Earl ol E»- 

rf SlBaw, 9d E(rl, brcano 
■K >■* M*lri> i Kb. cin« 

CtaV, brf af nntfiifd, ton of 

Kitart S«( «l fcnWd. bv Aiii>c->. d«B- 
«■« *^pft«*Mr.WWUUani,SdEut. 
Mi«^^Ma^K]MrBMr<i) ob. ISf9■ 

L ka«4ag marrM J<>"> 

■ tf E^ rffllaaiumi uulB b< 
^ **=-=!■•<: a^ ISIl. •.r. laannc ^ 



,••'■. 1, 

I '-'M Zuu, 

"'"' "I M, 

■•»"« Hii-k i,7i^' '° Roger ntt "'"'"''■i dJ 

'■ "•»■ n.... p, 

■ iuii'," 





K-& oh. 

:■.,•.". J^" 




. 1706- '■ Sidney Godulphin. Crckleil Bwdd Go- 

dolpmu at Riallun, co. ConiHall, B 

8>pt. 1684. Crealnl Viicaunt Ri>l- 

(011 Mid Earl of GuJolphix, co, Curn- 

■all, I»D>!C. 1706. Lord High Tr««- 

*ur«rl709. K.G, Oh.nig. 

II.ITIS. 3.} Fr>lic»GoduJ|iblii,i. andb. Crealtd 

l.tBirou C(H]uI|iblii of HcliloTi, cu. 

Cumwall, with reiuaiuder, biliiiK bii 

JHue mile, lo the hein mala of bi> 

uadc, Hcnrv Godolphiii, 93 Jao. 

1736. Oh. ITfifi, E.r.M. «bcn the 

Earldom uid Baion^ or Goclal|.h>n of 

Rial Ion, and Vitoounliy of Rialion, 

became Crttncti hut the Barony of 


able to llie above limilatiun. upon 

tC 3. Pnncii Godulphin, couiin and hcit, he bring 

•OB Mid h«ir of Henry Codulpbin, uncle co 

Ibe Um Baron i oh. I'ii, m, r, wfaeii thia 

UUa lik««i<c beciiBe 


Viwwin'rY, H Die. ITOG— tfjtlnct 17*0. 


I.Abxinder Gnrilon, 4(h Duke ur Gordon In 
tkulltnd. Crealeil Hnron Gordon of Hunlly, 
eaGloiicnler, anJEfirlarNoroicb, IVJuly, 
1784, K.T. On ihe tlih ot April George 
Gurduii, cummotil)' culled Marqui it of Huni- 
I7, «on and hrir anpireiii of ilie laid lluka 
of Gordon In Scollnnd, and Earl of Norwich, 
•ntl Baron Cordon of Huntty, "bi Snm- 
nimrd tn ratllaniriil in bii laihet't Barony. , 







k^Mcpe Hab'Uoii Gordon, 4th Earl of Aber 
una s Scotlmd. Cmted Viscooot Gordoa 
if. .V3«fdccfi, CO. Aberdeen, 18 June, IBI4» 
?"^R»s'ic\'\icc«it Gordon » alto Eirl orAbe^ 
L:. i^&ociandy K.T. ^ 


A^ ijiTta ill GdVfS: Sbss. to Pari, fron 4 
%ianx. i £i«. II. 1309, to 18 Sept. 18 
ia^. '.'. ??£. ^«s letber he or any of hii 
.t*«,'?!««a:uir<s. viu ms^.aced in the male line 
.- «v-^i.«-^ *»iifnta7tu, »<re e*er ajiin 

!• - 


■*• '^m 

»jrfi S-irji Goriiii; of 
. >i!»-r\. :4 April, Illo-, 
;::. • V.^eiuLer, 1644; 

•I-«r .-. V r^ 

• ■?*: 4.1 ! » 3-.>:;;ri t>ecame 

_.— •^i. j\w-r- ■-■': Birt. ( reat^« 
•\i -.^c"- '- >-:-— M-in. ^.•. York, *' 
c. "■■.-■ 

. ... ^'-9c" .^'wrr. *. and h. C^' 
^.^ -w«.'-a; 7"*: ::iJm, co. St »• 

. i.-»-. : •.:"""»5*«« v.V««r, $. an(A 


_ Bb 

i~IIl.ie03. 4.Cear|n Grintllle LcvMon Gowcr. 
(. wid h. 8>1 M>riiui>>« of Staffurd ; 
he ou •umiD. la Pari, rlta patrii. 
In bU fuher'i Bitronj. Prcient 
Ekrl and Baron Goocr, Viicuunt 
Tnolbani. and Marrguen of SuS- 
for<l, iDd ■ Baronci, K. G, ^ 


. Hani; Fit»Roy, lit Earl of Eutlun, 9il niiural 
MR of KlDg Cbarl« H. Create.) Duke of 
GtmfloD, CO. Nanbampion, II Sept. 1GT5, 
K.G. Elc married laHbrlla, dau. and bciruf 
Henry Bennei, Earl of ArlinEton : ob. ICSO. 
S. Chulei Fiti-Roy, •. and b. Succeeded Jure 
Buiria a«Barlof ArtinKlon, &e. i;s:i, K. C.i 
Ob. 17 ST. 
, i. Aa^ui'"* Henry riii-Raj, Erandion and beir, 
btlDi; «. and h. ot Auf^itua Fit*-Roy (ol). 
*.p.], (ccond luu [George the eldetl baving 
died v. p. wltbaul iiiue) of Cbartea tbe lax 
Uukei K.G,i ob. 1811. 
4.CeDrxe Henry Fiti-Ruy, i, and h. Present 
Duke of Grafton. Earl of Arlington, Earl uf 
Ku«loll,ViicuuntTbtlf(irJ, ViicDunt Ipiwicbt 
Balm Arlinpou, anil Baioo Sudbury. =t= 



ilrn. I.DavM Grabatn, ion and bcir apparent of 
iamci, l*t Duk« of Mnotroie in Scotland. 
Created Baron Graham and Earl Gr.ibam, 
of Btlford, CO. Northumbrrland, S3 Hay, 
IT39, with renainder, failine bi* iaiue 
Bulr, III Ilia brothrn William and George 
Grabam: ob. 1731, R-r. 

ini. iWmiam Grabaoi, brother and heir, Suc- 
ceeded bi> taiber aa Duke of Muiitroie 
inBe«lUli(t,in 1T4I> ob. 1T90. 

rXJama Graham, band h. Preteiil Earl mid 
Baroo Graham i a1>a Duke uf MuutroiB in 
iMtlMtl, Ac, K. G. =f 





I.GratsaForltet. 8lb Carl 

of Gruuri 

Iu4. CroihI Baron Cr. 

innnl or Cu 


, fa. Uicaitf, 

15 Feb. IMS 


ran Gruud 1 ml. 

><> E>rl »F C 




UTK, 39 Harcb, 


Olba de GfAHditon ; Summ. to PmL 


Ed*. I. 1299. r. 

>9<jjn. U 

1305, ob 

flpparcntWs.p. when 

tony becBiDP 



g Baron. Sgbb. 



I. l999,t«IOOct.iaEd«.l 


r. I Fncr de Gni>diM«, i. lad b. Sa«s. 
S3 April uid SI Jan«. II Bdw. I1L I 
Nor. 9f Ed«. UI. 1348, aai I Jan. ' 
III. 1349, and 10 Harch, S3 Edw. lU 
ob. 1358, l.r. 

I. 3. John dc Grandiun, brother and Mr, 
of Eular I be aat in Pariiaawat in 
bii ^iicopa] diicnit/r ■■x' *■■ eonw 
nevar lummoucd in hl> Baronji o 

a. r. when it ■ paean that Tb 

phcH, ion of Otho de Graodiin 
who died in 1358, wa* bji hcii 
mu >u never SuDia. to Par].and,ai 
to Dufdale. died ■. F. In 49 Ed«.: 
olher orileia (tale that he left to 
Writ of Suranoni to ParL «a> bowa* 
iaaued to thia ranilr- Tbe Bara^ 
veiled is the dMcandantt and iMnM 

6 Feb. I agg- 

ie Graodiioa, hb 



H«ii7 Ja NaiiBu 1 Crrilcil B*rnn of Alfonl) I 
Viipuunt Boiion, and Earl uf UruiihRm, kH 
on. Lincoln, 34 Dec. I6&a ; ub. 1154, «.l 
sbcu iheMTlilB) beotna 

I IT'JI. I.Sir ThiiRiu Rubiniun, K.U. Crpaied Baron 
Gmitbain ol Craiitbam, co, Linculn, lib 
AptU, 1161) ub. IT7a 

>1 i;:(). ?.Th»a>Mllsblii«uii,>''iiK) b,i Ob. 1786. 
iU. UD6. 3- Tbumu Ph>l>|i (anutnrd tbe mme ol) W«a- 
dtlBoUiuuiii (.audL Pr«*«iit Uatau Craut* 


I. Flclclwr Norton: Cmlrd LardGr.iiilIej, Bx- 
ron of MarkriiRHil, cu. Vurk. 9 A|iril. HW) 
I*, nm 
J. -L Wlllram Nonon. (, anil h. ub. IBSi, i. f. 
K. S. FIrlcber Nunan, ne|ibv» and hctr, being 

>. aiitt b. uf Fleicbrr Norioii, nnt brother uf | 
tbe Un Baron. Preieni Lord Uraiulej. 




KVtKMDiTcv, So April, lEb'l— ^Ertinct iTii. 

■ Vide B«iii. 

Jafan Gnn'lll*. M (un of Jobn, lit Earl uf 
B*><i ; Cr*«i ri Baron CrinvUle of Pi.tberidue, ' 
tn. U«>«n, Q MArch, ITDSi ub. HOT, ■ 
■ hen lliii Tiale hrumc 




I, nil. I. Grace Caitenti aunt and cobclr of Williu 
Henry Grtuiville, 3d Gad ot B'tb, aod 4au 
ofJohn, lit Earl of Balfa, wldu* of GtBr$i\ 
lit ButiD CHriereti Crealei] ViicuuiitJH 
Carierrt a r>dCauntet( Granville, I Jan. II>I| 
ob. IT44 

I. n**. 8. Jcbn Carteret, ■. and h. Baron Canen 
ended hia molber ai Vuconni C»ni 
Rirl Granville. K. G, Lord Lieui. of InUal 
lT34i ob. )7()3. 

iL 1763. 3. Hubert Carteret, t. and b. ob. ITGS> •. r. 
all Lie honiira ttEcame 

Granville LevcMin Gower, ] 
Granville Leveaon Goner, lit Mm^mb I 



, Camlins Townthrnd, ht dau. andcobeir al 
ibclulDukei CreUcJ Bsroneii of Grecn- 
■icb, CO. Kent, SH August, IT67, witli re- 
mainder of (be dignity of Baron GreenHicb 
to ber iBUe mile by her 3d huiband the 
HoD.Cbarle«Tuwii«hendi the married fint, 
Francii, eon and Lieir apparent of Francit 
Duke of Buecteugb, and Sdly. Cbarlei 
To*nibeiid, 'id ion of William Viicounl 
Towntbend; ub. 1794, ■. P. M. wbeo tbii 
Barony became 



I. Ralph dt Grendon, Summ. to Pari. 39 Dec. 9a 
Edo. I. ISgS, and IS November, St Ed<r. I. 
1303, but never aFternanli : ob. 1331, leaT- 
bis a ion, RulMrt, who, according lu Due- 
dale, «ai an idwi, and died 134S, s. P. 
*ber«upan Sir Ralph Rucbford, nepbew of 
llie aud Robert, being ion uf Juane bii tiller, 
bveaoie hi> heir ; and in whose deiceiidania 
and icpretenlalivei tbia Baruny ii now rested. 

Robert de Grendon, Summ. to Pari, from 33 
Jan. 3S Edw. 1. 1305, to 3 Nov. 34 Edw. I. 
1306, but never •atlet»anl). Dugdale lake* 
no notice in bit Baronage of sucb a Baron 
baving ever been Suroroooed la Parliament. 


J.I.HuKbde Grenlemaitnill, nb. I0S4. 

. S. Ito de Greniemaiinill, 4lh (on ; lucceeded to 

bit fatber*! landi in England ; ob 

pb.3. Ivo de Grentemaitnill, i. and b. ob. infra, 

L 4. Hugh de Grenlemaiinill, preiumed to bare 
been brotber of Ivo, 3d Baron ; Steward of 

Engbiodi ob. p. M. PetrDoilla, his 

dau. and beir, OMrried Robert, 3d Earl of 





1 t?*i». : 

' • -i 


I, uncle of h 
Bwmi Grentil 
cu. BuckifS 
GfttTilie ufWol 

f. - 

5. J. 



• Air. «ii« n 

Lwi aff MaDcatie,!* 

k. aku 1S30. 
k. ob. circa 1S6I. 
L Ob. 1 £^i. 

I. fb uw£ k. SuDUi. to Piri< 
: £.rv LI- 1304, to 16 June, 

- lo. :j-it, «. p. (lc*«H 

ri«aa i& Watt* h:« sUterao^ 
•u'* unrated bv tbe Wrii 

, •* ji^!" 


la have been u( 
'^n a MMchamp ; livio(l 
• ^ ijnei ins dau. wife ol 
ai( ikt kcir. 


k, CO. E»«» 
1. anno 11^ 


-Tfa IT Td 
■f I:ettJ 

< uiu i. I#.>rd of Cod«»' 

»* ine :.,-.^ 

- - -^ iJJtr 

"iJv: J. i«i. ii7i. 



. 4. H«ur7 lie Grry, s. unJ b. Summnneil 8 June, 
SSEdw.i. l3S4il>uiriiTllie nniona iiut;ni-d 
under " CLTvetioN," It U duiibifiil if tbiti 

Writ enn he iltmird ■ rv^lar Summonl (o 
pRflomrni i Siimm. It> ful 6 Feb. iiiJ 10 
April, ST Edw. I. ll>S9i 10 Murcli, I Eriw, 11. 
ISOSi •nil li Aiiguac, 3 Edw. II. I3UB; ob. 

. 6. Richard d* Grey, ■. and h. Summ. to Pari. 
(Mm 4 Marcb. 8 Edi*. II. 1309, 10 3 Feb. 
Edo. III. 13.IS1 ob. I33!>. 
e. John da Qrey , n. and b. Sxmm. to Pari, from 
I Al>nl, edwanl til. I33S, to 8 Scf). Ifi 
RIe. II. I3M, « •' Juhin'ii Grey de Cad«- 
Bort," K. G.i ob, circa 1339. 

. T. Richard de Grey, i;r«nil(on and hsir, b«ing 
*M> and tuir nf Hinry Qtry (ub. v. p.) eldest 
■Ml sf the latt Banin > Summ. lu Pari, u 
"RIcbardoGrey de Coilinora." from 13 Nu*. 
17 Ric. U. 1393, 10 3 Sept. 4 Henry V. 1417. 
K, C.| ob. )4(8. 
8. ititm lie Gn-y, i. >nd h. Summ. lo Pirl. Inm 
ft Pab. 8 Hen. V. 1430, lo 3 \up>iu 7 Hen. 
VI. 1499, u " Johannl Grey de Codenorc, 
CMVi" oU, H.tO,i.r. 

. 9. tharj ie Grey, brother and beir; Somin. In 
Pari, a* ■* Henrico Grey de Ciidenore," from 
«7 Not. Heo. VI. 1430, to 3 Dec. 10 Hen. 
VLI44I; ob. 1443. 

lA. Henry de Grey, s. and b. Siimin. to Pari, from 
9 Ort. 38 Hen. VI. 14&9, to 14 Oct. 1 1 Hen. 
VIL 1495. ai " Henrico Grey, Milili," but 
narcr wilh tbe addliion of Codnor ; nb. 
I4$6, •. P. (. Icarint; bll father*! *>Uert (or 
tbirir iHne) fal* beira ; vli. EUxabeth, who 
tMrried John Zouebeuf Codnor; Eleanor, 
■ho uarrieil Tbuinaa Neapurii and Lflcio, 
tba «ir« of RooUnd Unlhall i lielweeii 
vluMC detcriKlanlt and rvpreaeiilalivea thi* 
Barony i* id Abevumce. 


(ajiBtiii— of TWwMH M ifai«mi<r 
1, Mi BqdMv of Bmy Gny^DakeiT 
ovi MnvB of Gralf; 
Giqr of Only, Ml UniMr» 

n. UI4. % Utar j C w y^ti BBiiMi l i fcrit,M^gt,M<fc« 

I Giim4 fad of StMiM l( 


Sir Henry Gny^ |R BMt. dcMca^ 
'i^'^'* a coaMM MMitur af i^ 
^n'y*. BafOM Gny of WcrkeJt 
Created Bwmi Gnv of Ho*i» 
5p. NurthuBlMrluid|»JmtSS,ll0l) 
Craated Vbe. Hovick. co. HoitlNi? 
^tW, and BmI Gngr» H A|* 

•■. I. John Girjr, t. ind h. of Richard, Mett lun of 
Ucnr}', t. mil h. of Sir John Grey, K. G. 
Earl ut Tmikerrilk in NorminJy, by Jmn, 
eldnt d8u. and cobeir of Edoard Baron 
Cbrrieivn vf PowJi (vide " CHGiLmTON") : 
Summ. to Paiiianeiit w " Johanni Grey de 
PaHM," rrom IS Nov. 93 Ed». IV. UBS, ID 
16 Jan. IS Hfn. Vtl. I49T ; ob. 14^7. 

'. S. John Grey, ■. and h. be Hat never Sumnonei) 

lem, in 1M)4. 

I. LEdvaid Grey, i. and b. Summ. to Pari, a* 

- Edomrdo Grey de Powi., Cbl'r," from 3 

Nov. 31 Hfn.Vlll. 1599, to, it it pretumeil, 

33 Jan.SEdwan] VI. IbSS; though in Due- . 

dale'tSuramonietheiiin the S lit and Sbtb 

Hen. VIM. called " JohK :" ob. 1553, s. r. L. 

• Barony oat claimed in March, 1T33, by John 

Hon. Eiq. beiiijE the deaceudant and heir of Sir 

V Kynaxon, hutband of Elizabeth Grey, liiter of 

■ - "lerol JuhnGrey, l.t Baron above nention- 

>» urputeiJ bv Sir Nathaniel Curion, Barl. 

b »u detcended froiii Eleanor Vernon, wife oF Prancit 

00, anil dau. and iitlimalely heir of Tbumas Vernon, 

. an, dau. and cuhrirufSirJuhn Ludlow, by Eiiiabelh, 

K ^ am m u i l JangUer of the laid Eiicbard Grey. In 

Ho John KyliMiuii Ptiitell [xin and heir of Ruger Ky- 

■naa, bniihtTof John Kyniuion above tnentioncd], be- 

!«• Ibe Pelliionar -, hul the case h» iitver been da- 

M. The Petition in quetlion ap[)rar> to have been 

Mnttd Bodcr the prrsumptiun ibat the Writ of 

■MMM to John Grey, ai '< Jubanni Grey de Powe*," 

' 'b( a Ed*. IV. did not create a nnc Barony, but look 

' "' AbejanH *bat hai been euntidered the Barony ot 

""»,bi)t ithicli the Editor hai under " CiiEELeTOs" 

983 GREY. 

cndcATOured to pnivt «m proper^ that off Ctei 
It not necesMij to retpnt the ufamentt tber 
ettablith the net that that Baranj vas not a 
the Writ of Summont of the 83 Edward IV. to J 
and, consequently, that the Barony conferred i 
the taid Writ «ai a new Barony, the ancient 
Cherleton, or as it It generally termed Pdwii 
ni4inin|( in Abeyance between the cuhein and 
tatiTca of Edward de Qwieltony who died ii 
which eobein h ow e T ec the taid John Gny wa 
tionably the ridrti 

If thia view of the qocaiion he correct, whei 

naatoo pe uun d hit petition, he wai not, evei 

own ihiwin. cither the heir or eoheir of th 

created hv The Writ of » Edw. IV. at he wai 

ioec,d<d hem iht tam of John Grey then lu 

Arc :'i-t MBc dtowrrmuMi appbec to Sir Natbani> 

'T .i :■: :*:''.»ti'i^ at hit ria*m « u olIt a« ore of tl 

-.:< sL-cr' c«f ts-e tu^i J^hn Grey ; but eitbei 

!.«».:.-•- ;-r yi* Xauox-ielCiinoQ Has then ibe 

Je*.- :•• :x* B*.-.-»r.* c£ Cberi*um, a point dep 

.■•:i: -«^ LTviT iXrt auibMtkdTT ktf tSfir respective | 

A. f.:*»i.-£. :iK \msz Lord Grvr of Pu«is, wu 

«i:*^- •'.&.£ >fM •' &» pmcfather Jabn Grey ab 

uixtt-i^ i.i<^ a» 's« ciec Sb r L. the Barony of 

^;^ tf.1 units'* :&« Wrr: if \h Ed«. IV. ,unie«i th 

iuiiuui: UJC 1 ot* a eot.ii:maT»Q of ibe Baron 

^i .!« 1* <".: ic >t.mBk7^tr ^akr. 6t Cherleion ii 

lo^vnri I'. M ^:i~^cc ^^raae ^TXniR. 

'. V kiu ;; M >>i«'^i«L. lu: tte rta«rliioffrP 

* THzn-x^ " *■ ^^atft'rv'^..'" ar.d " Chcuxt 

Hk <«ut9vrc it :i« i r>nst» apied tc- ibc raiDrt o 

« H-ns o' >iinini.iiA. aim^iei eqtaLy ftrunK|y 

^kK ihh«nr> r».:^ r.i;.-iuaen>c m tbit of Ptmit, 

t a» It mi«: »«• '**' »f K?»^; bot for 

HM^ .,^, .-^u . m^ ' ^ --x:caw£t^i ibe propel 

ri» t'^^^ "^ "^ ** -• - • .^■' The remark in 

t* , J!r«^kr«tf * ^^"- '^ :bit Bi.-onv and 

,r- *. , -■ >r« tended that tuc 

• .^. •-* c^L-iiT «beo ibi 

, pi^,^^. . ■J-**-«*'trf.«.'^ IS not at a 

^^-» tiic unij Gc^.qre Nei 

kl Butof ; and witli i«l>iiun U Ibe Barony of Puwl. 
■ '- muic bi- concHteil tliat tbii it tlie flni iIm 
duubt ba* been expresied on ili« iiibJMl 
ii!il ibai lUrrv ■• <ufnH«iit grouud fur ut{in| 
■ildilioii li> nliai hoi bi:eii |itevii> 
i la tbtt place and uoilcr ihuie liilei juii 

|ln[ Writ ID Ed»aril NcvUl eipreiilf colli bf^ 

alno dc BergikFiiii]'," and Hhich deiignaiioa It t 

' — ' bulb tu bim aiid to bii deicviidanu, ihnu 

■be wurdi areoiilf "de BergHveiiny;'" wbi 

( tin|[l« ctamiila of eiihar uf ibe Ltirdi Grq 

b bdng dciifiiaied in ibe Wriif ai " Domini 

\ nlinnct lo lome of ibe Wri 


ihii Barony ncvar <*ai lliat of Pan 
■**a, thai in tone amt; even ohen ibe ward " Demiii« 
P tc. •« picfiierl 10 ikal uf a placr, the ii 
"y mu mii*iih«iiiid>iiit (li«i ul Ibe title i fureiun- 1 
■ lAr S9U) Henry VI. we Hnd " Tbom* Grey, 0(»-fl 
• da RapOMni," and " Edwardo Grey, Uamlnodan 
bft" Ibuai^ in Ibe Writ of £7 Men. VI. be wai pro- ■ 
b ityW Domino de Fernriii {de Cruby) i" whilit in 
MM Writ Williim O'lurgchirr ii called " Domino 
■•Wann," Lurd Root " Domino de Rooti" and 
i|b aaliher Groby nur Rugemunt In Ibe iniianeut 
(he lillfi of ibe llaroiia lu wbute naiua< 
tWir are allited, itlll in the caie of Lord Cnbbam lie i* de- 
•eiiMd only u " Edwardo Brooke ifi Cobhami" and 
lord Liala ia a (imiiar manner ai " Jobn Talbot di lAtit, 

with wbicb ilalenenl ttie obiervalioni on 
t will be concluded, (be additiuna to tbe 
I »f Barona In Wrlit ■>( Summoni lo Parliament 
ll td HH pneral inference after ibe reign of Henry 
^VMh. b^ond iha coniluiioii, that when tbe addrtlun 
DaMlaa''>« never, even in a luliiary Iniiaiice, lo be 
4 pfaccdinc iba deacrlplion, luch addition can not 
.tmtdarwd ■■ ibi- lille of llie dlgnily) that the con- 
It of tirii rule caonut be relied upon, lur ai in tbe ex* 
)ln JuM meuliuned (iboujih Ibe iiisianeet are Tcry 
enmim) tt toroctluM uccun ibal ibe iTDrdt " Duiuino 
■ la. '- Miwbierd mitboutiu ere/ ba ling been deemed 
» the proper title ot tbe BatOM 



fu «ho<c ii-iB«« it 
under '• IHc^lxy." 
IWryivennj kzd Ps 

nve«i '-».'ai tit r 
lurio*" "J***? 

t«*a* w l.«a 

.'lie nas^mui^ ^:at 
iw riLtt": •» 
• ■ »j .i "ie 
Oil i.».i4niif -. 

I l.l- : i-«l -X«« 

E ir< — 

». » • -x 

added: tkaC at it h i 
tith ibe exccptkm of the 
*«• ibe deM^natioo wai net 
si ti« Rinnj «be« it wa 
*i a faaih- : that the wo 
S4n cf Mch additiua until 
■bi thjs the ofifiB of tbcM 
thefnt Urit of So* 
r; IlL ws MasiliHtlv to di 

of I'bcm 

Tseldfliaf Puinncmt 
»^?^ « c^ea. it appears tki 

J« * lV*minQs de Pow^*" 

■ j>L ' i: r. Pvianenr : aad a§ 

isr • . tZiLr^iH.** r.-hn Tipi 

-- '- :-^ ..;uut-J -J. ■: 't ill 

-• " — ^.-jf.."! «ir~v. •A: her 

— -^ '1 •It? ilJ E 

:f 1-5 -.-cr^*. 

m*\ **>« 


; u; x«»r i?fJ 

• V .- !. iii£ h«i 

■• : .4.3 'K Ban 

* • 


■ » 

^•*^^^^ - 

. A -I 

-2 P*ft 

>.fti in 

• ?•-•» "rs* 5ar:<*» ^<cI 

»^ M 


^^--^^ ^-^ 

i by 

Si "ill:! mq 



K - e ■ : : 

' 1 P h 









:-4. ii 




i^J si 



I'l £5 


1 o 






: s - " fc 













7 c 





aO g 

; ii. 











^ li X a ». 




I. Kobirt lie Grey, yaungrr Kan of Henry I.-Ui 
B«run Grey oE CoUnor i LurO uf Ruiberlieli], 

coYorki Ob 

, 9, Waller de Grey, >. and h. ub. I£67. 
3.1tnb<n de Gray, t. and li. ob. 1S94. 

4.Jobil de Grey, •. and li. Sumnianed 26 Jan. 
K Edw. I. ub: ; but, Tor tbe reiiEoiia »•■ 
dgned uodpr " FiTi-Jdiin," it U ia duublful 
U tbai Writ «ai a reeu'"' Suinmiirii (u Par- 
llaiticnl. Summ. to Pari, {rom 25 Au^al, 13 
Bd«. III. 1338,10 IS 0(c»l Eilw. III. la^T, 
u " Jvhanni de Grey da Kotlierfeld ;" oh. 

S. John Jc Grey, >. and b, ; Suniiii. Id Pari, tmm 
ao Nov. 34 Edo. IIL 13i>a, lo 4 Oct. 47 
Eda. Itl. 1373, >i •■ Jobaiiiii d« Grey de Ru- 
tbtrfeUi" ub. M75. 

(L Baribolomew de Grey, t. and b.i be wa* never 
!laBica.tuPart.) ab. 1376, «. r. 

T.ftabrrt da Grey, brother and beir; be wu 
never Summ. to Pari.*; ob. 136?, a. f. m. 
Juanc, bit lolc dau. and beir, married Sir 
Jubii Dcincuurt, Knt. and by bim left iitue 
laodaugbtert and euhuin, viz. Alice, wlio 
■•fTieil, HI, William Lonl Lovell, and !dly. 
Sir Rilpb Buielef, *h.> died t.i-.n. ; and Mar 
ufH, l^e wife uf Ralpli Oird Cromwell of ■ 
Talt'raBll, but <*hu died s. P. Tbii Barony, 
therefore, beeanie vetied in John Lon) 

O, h« ibuald I* iteiieoatail a* "Cafulo Nanb, Gray 
>.ChrT." Id tint uf 1 Jac. H. be»itjled»CaRilu 


LonU («. and ti. of Willlut VuiU 
Alice, ilnD. and t*ei>In>Il]i tola brii, < 
John Deinrourt, by Jobanni dc Gtc] 
mentioned), jun natrii. Ul> kmi, 
Vueount LoreU, K.G. *uer*«l>H) ii 
lailirr'i dienitic*, tot beioE AtliinllAfl 
IWI, (tu BanmjrKiih hii otbvr bi 
CUM fscfcitrt. 

I Gm7, jmanfrt brMber of I 
C«^. iMEutotKcMi Cnaird BiMD Gnr ' 

•IRbC**<hm* lUg (ob. f . r.) bul bir- 

■iCbcBBAitit«>drn N4l.hii bonon btiw 

-*^ :« Itaah. ■ Uw. III. IIM, tt» 

■ ONjdiM^ 


_ ila Grey, griiriiUon nitiJ Leit, hei 

1. anil b. of Henry Grey (ob. », p,) el(le»i ion 

of (tw lut Bifun; Summ. tu Pari, from 13 

Jan. 33 Ilciirr VI. 1445, lo 33 Feb. 3 Edw. 

IV. 14ti3, u "Edmuiido Grey de Rulbyn, 

Chl'r." Created Earl of K«ul 3d May, I465| 

ob. UBB. 
5. Ceufp de Grey, i. and fa. Earl of Kent ; ob. 

IMM. G. Rlebud de Grry, (. Bod h. Earl uf Ktnt i ob. 

IS«J, ».P. 
ii lilS. I. Hcriry Grey, faalf-brolfaer and brir) Earl of 

Kent, bul lie uevei uted any lilk uF bailor, 

frum poverty J ob. 15li!. 
^1. ISCf. 8. Regllialdr.rey, crandiuii and beir^ being i. 

and li. of Henry Grey (ob. v, p.) eldeii son 

oftbelui Biruoi EarlofKenii ob. I57S. 
' itTS. a. Henry Grey, brother aiid beir j Earl uf KeNt; 

ub. 1615. i r. 
ieiS.10.Gb*rlciCrc},broiheraiidbeiri Earl of Kent 

ob. \61S. 
' i«(.II.Hiiif7 Crey, i-andb. Ead of Kent: ob. 1639, 

k r. leaiing Swan, liii titter, niFe urSii Mi- 

rhael LongueviiU, h>t brir. 
il ii>4U. l3.Cbarlei UinKucTtlle, t. and b. at tbe laid Sir 

MtcbacI LuniciKTille, and Suiaii Grey, hit 

•tfe, claimed and wai alloned tbe Barony in 
'•"MM. I640i ob. 1643, ».P.H. 
1»43. IS.9iuan Velvertun, dau. and anle heir; >b« 

DiariUd Sir Henry Yel*eilu(i,Ba[t.iob.lC7i;, 
""«* av "KIT. 
'11 IQU.l'LSii Cliarlei Yclverton, 3d Bart. •. and fa, 

Sueeeeded bla motlxr ill (hi* Barony Jan. 38, 

Ib16i ob. 16:9, B.r. 
^'V. If]9,|s.||enry Yelverton, brotber and hein Created 

Viicuuiit Loniueville April -Jl, ISSOj oIj. 

- 1704.1 6.Taltiol Yelverlon, i. and fa. Viicounl LonEo*- 

villsi Created Earl of Sutiet 36 Sept. I717<| 
,,. «ilb * ipecial remainder, K. B. ; ob. 173' 

-^1 n3l.i;£«irgeAusUitoiYeWenon,t.andh.Viicf 
,,, Li>nKu»illeandEarlu(Suu»i uli IT.'ia. 

^^"■, brotber and hrifi Vi«< 

lAOigocillii mhJ EsrI pi Suittx ; ob. 1 
B » 

no GRBV. Birbira, biionlf cWld.dM'iUf^ I 
Irii, in 1777, baling nBTried Edw»rilTb»». 
ton Goaid, E<q. bv wbom ihe Ird liiut, , 
XVIII.I799.I9-Htnry Edoanl G«iU (nsiumed tlir Daaial) 
YclrFrtuii, fraii<lion and hfir, being i-Hd 
b. of B4rb>ra above mentioiitd, 4»u. tat brir 
of Ihe I 



or MiBLAMU. 

Vide Crev or WitTOK. 

I* ■OKI. 

I. 1634. l.atWillumGrej, l*t Btrt. dcMended tim* 

coMrnon ancettor of tbe LorA Or*; of ISato. 
Created Baron Gnr of Wcfke, co. Nortbaa- 
berimnd, 11 Feb. I6S4; ob. 1674. 

II. 1674. 9. R«1ph Gitj, t. and b. ob. tGTS. 

III. 1675. 3.Farde Gnj, i. and b. Created VueonntCnr 

of Glendale, and Earl of Tukarrillc, II Jut, 
169&i ob. 1701, i-P.M. when tbe VtKonUf 
and Earidom uf TaDkeniUobMaBw4)lil(tl 
but tbe Barony deralred upon 

IV. 1701. 4. Ralph Grey, brotber and belr mate; ob. II«^ 

I. p. when the dipilty becAme 

I. Hen.111. 1. John de Grey, 9d ion of Henry de Grey, I-'" 
BaruD Grey uf Codnor ; ob, 196S. 

"Reeinxlilo ile Grrji' 


I Edw. II. UUT, 
t>b. I'iuB. 

I. 3. John lie Cny, u *i\A ti. Sunitn. lo Pnrl. from 

S June, 3 Edw. II. 1309, to le Sept. IG EJw. 

_ IL 1331, k("Jt>bannide Grey;" ob. I3I3. 

113, 4. UcRfy de Grey, ). ajid L. Sumn. lu Pari, frum 

30 Uee. la Edw. II. I3M, Co 13 Sept. IS 

Eel*. III. 1342, ■■ "TIcnricodeGfey;" ob. 


HS. S. Repotld de Crey, ». *tid b. Surom. (o PiH. 

rram S4 Feb. IT Edw. III. 1343, (a SO Nov, 

34 Ed*, lit. 1360. u " Ree:inaldD de Gr«y," 

but after ibe ^3d Edw. 111. with (tie addition 

o("Seiiiorii" ob, 1370. 
ro. 6. Henry de Grty, t. and h. Summ. to Pari. 1 

Dec 50 Edw. III. 1376, aa "Henr* Grey de 

Sbirland," and Ironi 4 Aug. 1 1377, 

to M Nov. U Ric. II. 1394, w "Heiir' Grey 

de WilloQi" ob. 139S. 
ifi. T. Rkhard de Grey, t. and b.! he was never »utn- 

moned to PitlUmcnl ; ob, 144!. 
It. &. tUpiiald lie Grey, i. anil b. Summ. to Pari. ' 

Itom 13 Jan 33 Henry VI. I44S, lu 14 UcT. 

1 1 Huiry VII. 1495, u " Resinoldo Grey de 

Willoii, ChevilJen" oh. 1495. 
bS. 9. John deC.rey, i. and b. Summ. to Pari, ai 

•• Jobanni Crey de WUtun," IG Jan. 13 Ken- 

ry VTl. U9T i ob. ante IS06. 
IK. laEdniuiid de Grey, i. and b. Summ. to Pari, aa 

" Ediuundu Grey de Wilton, Chl'f," 17 Oct, 

I Henry VIII. ISOKi ub.l.Sll. 
111. II.Gcure* ^rcy, >. and b- ob. iiifra letatcm, i.P. 
"' IS.'ritucnM Grc}', brother and heiri ob. Inlra 

^L IS,. l3.Rii:hud' Crey, brother and heir; ob. iofrft 

LlHs.U.WlUlunGcey, brother and heir; Summ. (o 
'- P«ri. from a Not. 21 Henry Vlll. 1539, i 

SNdv Kand G Philip and Mary, ISSH, ■ 
•'WiUiilmo Crey de Wikon, Cbrr." ut 
1. 13. Arthur Grey, «. and h. Summ. tu Purl, ai , 
••Anhuro Crey de Wiltoti, Cbl'r," (rum S 


■MtMSrlMlndBiMlM, Ut B«b «4 MuM 

I Sir lAalMd tfiut, mi 
Bri%« Gny. bk >ifc| 0«tB< li- 
CM G««]r 4e WUioo, ^ WUtoD CmIt, 
c* HcRfard, IS Maj, ITM s CtmuA 
VwmK Cnj dc WnuMi, iml Eulrf 
WihM rfatmid. 96 Jone, IBOl, nlk 

aWk^ W At AM, fcofth, •!>< c«T 
4teM af tba Hid Detaor, 1; lir 

ri t-v &V.& ■■•■ (be Buonj tto** 

tic lama of Epttoa, hia ■ 

1^ Wir. M th»w ■Witionei. f**- 

It. III. 3.Wllluai dtGctjilock, Land h. ob. > 
I tl. lit. J.TIiomB) lie Crejiiock. >. and h. Ilvin 
. \L 111. -1. Robert <tc Unyttock, •. and b. ob. » 

.. H.I1I. S.WUIiundeGKyi(uek,a.«ndb. Ob. 1388. 

If in«rT. 

tt9&. 6. John Je GreyMnck, i. and h. Summ. tu PaH. | 
froD 93 June. 93 Edw. I. 1293, lo U2 Jan. 1 
33 Ed*. I. 130S, u "Johanni Banini ' 
Greyiluk" or at "Jabanni de Gre 
Ha •*> alaii luDimoncd 8 June, S3 
1 394, but it Jdci nol sppffar that thi 
•ai ■ rniular Summoni tu Pari. Vid< ■■ Cly« 
r>OHi"oii. 1305, s.r. when thv Barony e 
■ltd b> (be Writ u( 33 Edward 1. becaiue 

I itM. ). Ralph Fitz-WilUiio, aon of William Fil» | 
Ralpb, Lard at Grimelbiirp, co. Vurk, son 
Joaii, aunt of ih« latt Barun, tucceeded 
ilie Ljirdibip of Greyitoek, &c. by artilctnant. J 
Suam. to Pa'L a* •' Ralpb FiizAVillian,'* I 
rmnSJI Jun*. 83Ed*. I. 1S9S, to (i Oct. 9 I 
Ed«. 11. 1315; ob. 1316. 

'1 UiS. X. Robert F>li-R»lph, i. and b.; be a 

Sunm. TU Karl.! ob. I3IT. 

I 1317. 1 Rjirpb de Greyxoek, Sgmni. (o Pari rrom 13 I 

May, U K<lw. 11. la^l, to 17 Sepi. 16 Edw. 1 

It. 13 JU, u •' Rnlph de GrayiiDk i" ob. 1331. J 

'^ IJI3. t.WmUin drGrryilock, «. and b. Summ. '■- ^ 
Pul. frnm ;;o Nov. 89 Edw. 111. 1348, to I _ 
Dec. 31 Edw, III. l3STi laruriy, M<'WiUl. ' 
timo Baroni de Cnyitok i" ob. I3&IJ. 

' UU. i. Ralpb de Gnjtt,.W, a. and h. Summ. to Pari. 

from 38 n<rc 49 Edw. III. 13T5, to h Oct. 

b Henry V. 1417, u "Ridulfo Baroni de 

Greyilolii" r.b 1417. 

' >IIT. C John ilf GreyKoekj i. and b. Summ. tc 

from !4 Aug. 7 Henry V. 1419, to & July, I 

a B3 

■my VL 1481, ■ 

CnT<tofc,CU'Tr ob. 1435. 

% II. lUi. 1. Ralpli 4> Gi«TMvck, l kdi) t>. Surnm. M Pari. 

H xRadvU* Bar.>B> •» GrrjUokr, CU'i,' 

fiwnWOtt. ItHmfyVL 143b', luSSipt 

II llwry VI. I4S9; uid hvm 3 Ucc !0 Hrn>7 VI. 

IMt. (« I) S<vt. t H(DTy VII. i4iiS, « "HidtiHu dt 

~ " ' ab. MR;. »■ F. M- EluiUlh Cn;- 

M. aa4 Wir, *is. d*«. and v>U htlr 

■ *kth iUmf 

• uf niih|,. ?i 

UUi Duka f>( Nurfiilli I Bud tliM <h^iMa •< 
MM <» evbMn ■>( iMia iii.ilniy i>l tki 3Haw. iT ii kn 

f^gtk ia 14«7i tliajF Im>ii| Hi* H'|mMitMiMirfAB» D» 
UN, (k* tUft uuft and r,>l»lr »l Cmo^ I^d P>" 
afci m ■ f nilanwli *nd lb* Kad of Cartas. » itenp*- 
■MUfiM u/ KtiialHitb l>Naf., ilir jMiiipK mttt adc^ 
heir, ii tba otb»t cabair uf Mm Harwiy a 




L I6«8. I. Edward Griffin; Created Baron Griffin of 
Braybruke Cattle, co. Nortlianipton> 3 Dec. 
1688. He married Essex, eldest dan. and co- 
heir of James Howard, VIII.-3d Earl of Suf- 
folk and BarAn Howard de Waldeii ; ob. 

H 1710. S. James Griffin, s. and h. ob. 1715. 

HL 171S* S. Edward Griffin, s. and b. ob. 174S, 8. P. wben 
tbis title became 

Ann, the lister, and ultimately tbe sole beir, of tbe 
htt Baron, married William Wbitwell, Elsq. and their son, 
Jshn Griffin Wbitwell Griffin, was Summ. to Pari, as 
Ijuon Howard de Walden, 3d Auij^ust, 1784. 

Vide Howard dk Walden. 


L 1815. I. Jobn Willou^bby Cole, Sd Eari of Enniskillen 
in Ireland; Created Baron Grinstead uf 
Grinstead, co. Wilts, 1 8 July, 1815. Present 
Baron Grinstead ; also Earl of Enniskillen, 
ftc. in Ireland. K. P. =p 

Vide Glamorgan. 



'. Ii6l.— 1. 1784. I. Sir Richard Grosvenor, 7tb Bart. Cr*. 

ated Barun Grosvenor of Eaton, co. 
Chester, 8 April, 17GI ; Created Vis- 
count Belgrave, co. Chester, and Earl 
Grosvenor, 5 July, 1784 ; ob. 1802. 

1* »11.180'i. 2. Hubert Grosvenor, s. and h. Present 

Earl and Baron Grosvenor, Vibcuunt 
Belgrave, and a Baronet. =F 




. ......v"A'isr-s^S.»2; 


— V. 1S03.6. Praneit North, brolhcr an 

ob. 1817.8. P. 
— Vl.lnn.T.Pr-de'icLN<.fih, brother uid heir. 

freaent luirl aiiJ Baron Guildfurd. 


riBaxt •vreNUBB. 

Win.l. I. Hutli de Guriiaj. Potimed divers LoriUbI|Mr| 
■I I lie General Survey. 
: Willll.t.Glnrd dcGuniay. •. ind h. ob. \096. 
n sirph. 3, Hugh de Gurnaj', i. and b. oti. 1 184. 
\ 4.Hu(baeGurnay,i.audh. ab.l9Sl. 
_ U U. HI. &. Hugh de Gurnay, i. and b. ob. H3T. a. l>. M 
Julian bii dau. and beir, married Williav 

H.lll. t.AniclBie de Camay, younger brotbrr of Hu[b 

tfaelait Baroni ob,anl«IS3U. ' 

, UJII. 3. Robert de Gurnay, a, and b. ob. ISGB. 
X H.lil. 3. AiiMlm de Gurnay, i.and b. ob. 1385. 
I ft. Ed«.l.4.Johnde Gurnay, t. and b. ob. I990> ■■ 
Ellubnb, big dau. and heir, «u the wi 
Jobn >p Adam. 


ITBG. I.Sir PeterBurrell, fiitrl. huiband of Priicills 
Baroneit Willou^by at Erelby, by deicent, 
bcloK eldeil dati. of Perepine 8ertie, 3d 
Duke ol Aneaater, and Baron Wllloughby of 
Errtliy, and >ii(«r and eobeir of Ruben. 4(b 
Duke 1 Crvaled Buron Gwydir of Gwydjr, go. 
Catnarvon, IS June, IT86 ; ob. lASO. 

mo. 9. Pviar Robert Druumond Bumll, i. and b. 

D«|iBly Great Chamberlain nf England. I>r» | 
■tsi Baron GwydJr, and a Baronet. =~ 


, 1. Euttiee d« Hache, Surom. to Part, (ron 
Feb. ST Edw. I. 1239, %o -ii J«n. 33 Ed-. 
1305; ub. 1306, S. P. H. Julilll hi>il»4 
and heir, mirried John Hamard, in kLv* 
deicendnnls thit Birony muit be (.'gntidirr^ 


I. I€<e.— I. 1S79.— 1. 16B3. I. Sir Geonci S«vU«, B^w 
Creatml Baron Sa*ill« ■ 
Elkod, and VlKount HaUta: 
bolb CO. York, 13 Jan. I6G0 
Created Earl of Halibi S 
JiHf, l6T9t Crutcd Hmi 
quM* of HaUrntiiUtgam 
1681 i ob. tOS. 

|[ —II — II. 1695. S.WiMiiB Sivdit, ■.udb.c*) 

ITOO, wben aU tfaeae utlK 


I. 1700 Ifl.lTH. l.Charle*MonUKn,4CbionotGeo(-fl 

Montagu, youofief ton of Haniy, B 
EarlafHinofacitar; Creaicd Bu-' 
Halifax, cu. York, 4 Dec. ITC 
niih remainder, failins fail Um* 
m»\t, to Geurse Montifti, ■. and ' 
or Edmrd Monta|^, hii elder bV 
ther; Created Earl of Hailfai >^ 
Vitcouiit Sunbiii7, < 


I. ■•KL*. 

14 Oct. 1714, K. C.I ob. 1715, 
■faen lh« Viacountcy ot Suiibury 
Bnd Ihii Eitldom became 4f[- 
lintl ( but tbe Barony derolvcd, 
aeretkbic to lb* above llmiiaiioD, 

I— IV. ITIi. t.Ccorge Montagu, bit nrpbrx and 
faeir above roentloneJ i Createil 
Viacount Sunbury, co. Middlewx, 
■nil Barl of Halilai, 14 June, 17 IS, 
8. B.1 ob. II39. 

— V. IT38. 3. 6eorge Montagu (uaumed iht nanw 
at) Dunk, *. and b. Lord Lieul. of 
Iraland, 1T4!). K. G.i i>h. I713«, 
s, r. M. when nil fal) bonon became 



S. I.Elicabctb, td dau. of Jobn Gunning, ar 
<rirc,mm. or JaiDM, 6ih Duke or HalmJJioi . 
■nd wcondly, or John, Sib Dukeaf Ai^yle; 
Created Bamneat Hamillon of Himeldon, 
oo. Lciretlcr, SO May, I7T6. with remainder 
of (be dignity of Baroii Hamilion lober icaue 
male; ob 1790. 

). 2. Dauglaa Hamilton, 8lh Duke of Hamilion, 
■nd Sth Duke uf Brandon, Sd ton and beic 
(Jama George, 7ih Duke of Haaiilton, ths 
(Idett ton harlnK died vitA malrii, 1779, 

I. I. George Williaro Campbell, balf-brolher and 
beir, being aoo and heir apparent of John, 
Uh Duke at ArgyU, by EllEabetb, Itt Ba- 
nneu ; luccetdrd a» Duke of Argyle, Sic. 
hi IS06. Preient Baron Hamilton in England, 
and Dukeof Argyle, &c. in Scolland. ^y 



I. nee. I.Jamet HamlUon. Bih Eul of AbercM* 

ScolUndi Created Vkcuuiit Hwniiltoo 
UHmikoa, ru. LcicMier, 9 Aufiui, MS 
with remamder, (oiling bi> iuue mile, tut 
nephew John Jimc* Hamiltan, »n ■( k 
t.»t brolbcf Juhn HamiKon ■ i>b. 1789- 

II. 1 783. ^JuhiiJameiHimiltOD, nephew andbclr,«ba 

loenlianed ; Created Marqucu of Abnev 

SOct. l79U.K.G.i ob. leie. 

III. 1B18. 3. Jam** HamiltDii, gniidion and heir, bei 

1. and b. of Jamd Hamilton (ob. v. p.) ejd* 
Mill of ihe lait Viicouiil. PrvKDt Vimu 
HamiJlon and Marqueit oF Aberromi a 
Earl ut Abercorn, &■<:. iu Si-otland (a iniiK: 



I. liTG- l.RobertTremr(uiuni«l the name oO Haa 

dell 4tb Baron Treror i Created ViiroK 
Hampden of Great and Llilie HampdcD, 
Bucki, l4June, 1T7G ; ob. 1783. 

II. 1TB3. 3. Tbomu Trevor Uampdao, i. anil b. ob. I>' 

HI. 1834. 3. John Trevor Hampden, brotbef andheiri ' 
1834, a. P. wheo all bit bonon beeame 


M*ON •« WRIT. 

I. 1348. I.John de Handlo, Samm. to Pari. 35 Feb. 
Edw. HI. 1343, bu( nenr sfterwarda. ' 
married Maud, widow of John Lorel, andaiaur and b 
of Edward Buniell ; ob. 1346, leavinf Emund dc HaiM 
bit grandion and heir, but who died infra Elataa, 13^ 
leaving hii two dauelivrs bii beira, tU. Elizabeth. *1 
of Sir Edmund tie la PuJe, and Harikcei, ■ifa of Cilb* 


lliMtfin, who ire both itid lo hare die J s. r. ■ 
K>i[ti Diron liurneil, ion and heir of Nicholu de Har 
{■bo ■HBRied bli nxiiher't name of Uurnell,) :^it >oi 
ilii uii) John Bsrun Hiudin by Maud Bumill Li* < 
limmc Ibeir Inin j which NicbaUi wu Sumfnoiira t* 
['■tliUMBt in 13^0. Ai only one Writ of Sumnioiit »M 
uiutd 10 lb* »id John dc Hitiidlo, ihe Barony created 
^ ibit Writ •• jirEiUDied, on lili demise in I34G, to hair« 
^Bin« CftiiKC. 


• Km. L Guilrid Ilaiiiclyn. PoHMied dlveriLonhhipi 

in the reign vt William the Conqueror ; tiom 

wboin deteeiidcd 
' Mrpt. Ralph Kanicleyn.ob.llTl.a-i'.M. Hiidaugbier 

■ltd lieir Ii laid tu have married TliumM 



' i;i4,— I, 1719. I. B«ni>ei Sherard, 3d Baron Sb«rai4 
in Ireland ( Created Baron F 
borough or HarhorouEh, cu. Lei- 
cetler, 19 October, 1114, with re- 
mainder, fniiine bit itiae male, fo 
hti unele Philip Sherard, lecuiid 
■un or William, lit Baron She. 
rird in Ireland j Created Viicount 
Sherard ol Stapleford, co. Leicel- 
Icr, October 31, ITI3, witb re- 
mainder to hia iisue male ; and 
Earl u( Karborougli, with reniaiii- 
drr. Tailiug hi> own iisue male, to 
hit (aid uncle, B May, 1719 ; oh. 
I "3t. i. f. when the Viacountcv ol 
Sherard of Stapleford becai 
tintti but thia Barony and Earl- 
dom devolved, agreeable 
■bore limiUtion, on 
1. ITI3. 5. Plillip Sherard, cousin and heir, 
b«ng *. and h- of Hennel, eUeat 
>i>n ol Pbilip Sherard above 
uvaalj pb. I7b0. 



.—111. 1750. 3. Bennet Sherard, i. •ndb.ab.tTWi 

.—IV. 1770. *. Robert Sherard, bratlwtudMl 

ob. 1799, 
.,— V. 1799- 6. Philip Sherard, *. and h. ab. IWT- 

.—VI. 1807. 6. Philip Sheranl, *. and b. PnMl 
Earl and Biroii Ilarbaraagb i •!•> 
Baron Sherard In Ireland. 


SI. 1. Andreai (le Harcla, Summ. to Pari liHl9t 
UEdnr. n. 1391, and U March, IS | 
1333; Created Earl of Carliile ii Mink. 
1333; (teeraded hikI alUinled 1333, ■hi' 
all bit hoiiDra became 


t.— I. 1781. I. Simon Harcoun, Created Bum I 
Hareourt of Stanton Harcourt, n- 
Oxford, 3 Sept. 17 It i Created V* 
count Harcoun of Siantoo Htmurt 
arorMaid,i4 Jul;, 1731 i LordHifb 
Cbancelior 1713; oh. 173T. 

—11 1797.— 1. 1749. 3. Simon Harcourt, granto" 
and beir^ bcinfc ■■ and b. 
of £lmon Harcoorl (ob.'. 
p.) eldeat ion of Ihe lu< 
VUcount) Created Viieiunl 
Nunebam of NunebMi 
Courtney, anil Earl tin- 
court of Slanton Hamw' 
aforesaid, Ut Dec HUl 

— Uf —11. 1777.3.George Simon Harconrt,'- 

■nd b. ob. 1809, a.r. 

-tV — lil.lBOg. 4.W>UUm Harcourl, bnlhtC 

and heir. PreHOt UA, 
Viicount, and Baron H»f" 
uQUTt, and Viicounl Nuiii- 



J.Jdfan de Hinl»rHbuII, Sunnnoneil to Pari, 3o 
Febniuy, 16 Edn. III. 1349, buc never af- 
terward*. Dugdale gim no ■ccount of tbii 
Baron in bis Baronagi! ; nor li he noticed by 
any olhcr seneati^lcal nriier. 

~. 1TS4. 1. PbilipYork, Crcaied Bnrun Hard- 
«l«Ke of Hardmicke, co. Gloucee- 
ter, IS Notember, 1733; Created 
Viieount Royatoni and Enrl ul 
Hard«ieke,i:o.GiuacFi(er,!2d April, 
1754; Lord High Chanc. 1737 i 
. ITC4. 9.PhtlipYorke,B.aiidb.ab.l790,t.Mr. 
•111.1790. 3.PbillpVorkp, nephew and heir, beinE 
'^ *. and h. of Cbarfcs Vorke *, dmC 

brother of llie last Earl- Prcunt 
Earl and Uimn Hardwicke and Vii- 
eount RayilOii, K.G. ^ 

■Main Laecltrt, Creitnl Baron of Unrcwoud, 
CD. Vork, 9 July. 1790 i ttb. 1795, a. f. when 
Ibe diKnily Krrime 

. I8li. 3. Edward LKicellei, eouiin of the lait 
Baron 3 Cmlrd Baron tlareouod of 
Harewood,co.Yark, IBJune, 1T96; 
Created Vituount LiEulle* and 

■ (b* mtk of JaauaiT ■ warrasl wh licneil fm 
fcadignitiai of Idnl Mordni, Baioa of Mnrden. 
V« ka lUaJ on th< SOth uT tlw umt montb, U 

Ip^id lir Ontt Si^. 

- "-tiiiiiidir 

-.n w 
i^H Sunn HiKirwid ud V 

■ ' aaanBunnt Summ. 
jit C >io». il Edo. IK. 13 

i."a, *■!» uidheir. The ni 

iimH-iju occurs repilirlj 

BM D F-tri. rrom 1 Ilic. 

-n. . ElcntrV. t41T; hot 

M knn djcil in 1-105, tut 

I -lonpia i* luuid in ibi St 

..TV .xH ?f«eai un (1m JSd D 

-A. t ■!« be infamnl tkic < 


n;, milit tlial of Bonville, coiitiiiued In tbiit 
MatUinitcrof KcnrjiCn-y, DukeorSuffalk, 
Mid Thomu Mnrquem of DorBct kod 
ISS4, «ben all bit honor* becaniB 

Vide FeRBtGs op Grohv. 


1. John Haringtnn, deieriicliid from Robrrt Hi»> 
tinpon, bratbcr of John, 3d Baron abore 
mrniioned; Created Baron Harrington or 
Ellon, CO. Rutland, 31 July, 1^03 : ab.l613. 
L S.iuhii Hiriii|;ton, >. and h. ob. \6n, i. p. «b«n 
tbc IJlle be cam E 

Bamkv, 34 May, ITM. 

Vide Oxford. 
L H U«c 1106— 'S^ntt 1740, 

Vide KsMT. 

I.WilDun dv Harfctre, ion of John de Hai^ 
in I beld 13 Knight*' FeH in l\eb: 
I. 117S. 

t & Wmiatn dt Harpttre, a. and b. liring I3S3. 
It ■fpcar* he died ante li:3l,s.r. * 


nl vt tbu funiij ■■ ulien from Dugdais, 
1. I.Ji, 94, on the aulhorilj f.f An- 
■ cf Ytor;, ilalu that it is lery 

MfM^ M Mm. it«9, (5 
EmI af HninciMi. «o. VoS 

^AwImp-, t. and h. ok, I 

HARWICtl-41 ASrri KCS . 

|||ai«vii*ts, 10 April, iCas— <Ct:ttnct nis. 


14 M»j, 1730— lUftinct I 

\idi Kir 


. use; 

I.WilliHiUi lit Eiirl Mill SdViicuuiit HilUbo- 
burunsb ill IrElAiiili Crviici 
B(niii(>rnir«ich, ro r^st; 
Cnated Viicuuiit FnlrfiirJ, 
and barl vl HuUburuugh, SB Aug. I7l9i 
Crntrd M>ri|ueit of Duxiiihire in Ireland 
ISAus- 1;H<I. ViJtHll 


Koben d.! H>iiliii.(, Sim 
SEdw. II. 1311, be »• 
Ed*. ILLulUewuncv 

lo Pwliamciit *, iiur l> ■ 

bi* pMlcrily; ibe Uar 
b« dccncd lo bn vmud 

cuutit (iveii ur 

U dEiceudaiii* 

I Ttaonude HutMiie. Sumiu. tu Parl.SS Feb. 

Md 8U Nut. lii Bdo. III. 1343, bul never 

fdt> Dusdale tutei ib«i he wu lUu SummuiiFil 

' ACIil 111 a Ed*. III. 1331 1 but bit imiae du» 

irln Ibc Lilt of Sumnuiitr* in tbul year. H>^ 

irJiAii de llMUug, Kiii^bi, whi> wai nrvrr 

1« f ■rl>am>-»>. and who Icli bia Iwo diugbicrc 

I. Maud, o.ri! uf R>l|ib lie Smffurd, a>.v«ti..r 

>nU lit Cr>rui>i, ai.d Jum, tbeH>l« ui ^ic Jul.ii 

ni(hl. 111 ohoM daticuduni* and riiireieiiU- 





' of Phili)', Ist Earl of Cbcril 

CrcitetlBarnu Hairineton, cal 
■dipluii, 30 Nov. I7!9i C 
,- Viscaunl Pelenhami co. Sam 

GaK of Harringlim, co. NoH 
ton. 9 Fib. 114! ; Lord Lieut. 
'-"■' n46| ob. 1756. 

II — II. 1756.3 iraSunbupe, (.tiidb.ob. 

Ill — II1.1T19.3. eiStanbepc, t. and h. I 

■nd Birun Hvrinpol 
lunt Pelenbun. =r 



I. IdlS. I. GeorEC Harris CrealedBaron Harritol 
g&palBm Hiid Myture in the Eaat Indk 

nfB<^lii»iiil,co. Keni, 11 Aug. IHIS. I 
Baron Hirri&, C.C.B. ^ 

I. 1176- ■■ Natbaniel Ryder, Creatad Baron Ham 

HaTTDwby, co. Lincotn, 90 Hay, 17T< 


II. 1803.— I. 1809. 3. Dudley Ryder, «. and h. C 

ViicouDt Sandoa of SM4a 
Stifford, and Earl of H«fTO> 
Lincoln, 19 July, 1609. I 
Earl and Baron Hmowkfn 

count Sandon. ^ 




MAisctMn, lo&prU, iGag— eitlntt 1719, 

Villi' ScnoMSKBJ 
VMCotJKTCt, M M«/, l]30— iCdinct 1756 ,__ 

Vide Fitz-Waltbr,"" 

lUG. l,W>lhK>Ui Ut Earl luid 8J Vitcuuiit H>II>bt>- 
burougb ill IrcUudt Cr.^ai«il Lur<1 HhphMi, 
BininarHtrwich, CO l>(ei, S4 No.. n&Qi 
CrMtad Viteuiiiit FflJrtonJ, ro. Gluiicctlir. 
•nd E>r1 of UillibaTuuKh, SH Aug. 177^1 
Creatn] Marquui of l>oitliihifF in Ireliud 
19 Auf. I7HD. Viile HiLLssuiouoH. 


bobMl tl« H< 
i Edw. II. I 
Eilw.ll. bu' 

9 Dack 1 
u living ill the IBth 
ret after ward! Sutiim. 
10 ParlimiiEni *, nur ii iny aceuuiit (iven of 
hii panrriiy; ibc Uaruuy i ' 

II P.rl. I 

» 1343. Thuti 

IM de Hulwie. Siimin. (u Par). SS P4| 

iixl SU Nut. l(i Ed. 111. 1343, b> 

Ur«*nl». Dugdale «ut«i tbal he wa> al>i> Sii 

k FulUOHiit ifi 5 Eilw. Ill, 1331 i but liii oime doM 

«ar kf> Ihc Lilt III Sunxtioxttt ill Ibat yttar. He 

14 Sir Juhn da Huui>c. Kiii{li(< wbii wat titvar 

lamenid to farliamnit, and wlio lell hia two daughien 

I. Maud, wife ul Ralpb tie StAffurd, 1 

lllbc Bltffn^a .if Uraltoii. aiiil Joati, tbe*ila of i 

^ly. Kn<|lii, id lalKiaK deictiidiinit and rt|i 

M (li>i Baruii; li Dua letltd. 


l.\Villi.m df HlMliin, Lord of Ashley, 
Norfolk. Str«ar<l(oK-Hen.l.ub 

■ Tliii Robert apusan tu liatc tigatd tin Letnliraud Ictwr 
^ibBvaiii to iha Popa, riatad »i I^ncolu. IB Edw. 1. uoo 
n i> llian wriltaii, •■ Kubcrtu Kailangi Daminui 



II. Sicph. 1. Hugh de Htilingi, ■- and b. 

III. H. 11. 3. William de Ha«tm^, i. and b. S< 

H^nryll. ob 

IV. Ric. I. 4. Henry de Hutiiigv, i. ■ml h, ob. 1 

V. John. S. WlllUm de Hittinp, brolbcr u 


II. »nd b. ob. I 

I. 1364. e, Henry dr HAitingt, •. and h. be e 

■iiler «nd at len^h heir of Gear) 
lupe. Baron of BergavFOny ; Sui 
14 Dee. 4D Hen. 111. 1364 : ob. 1 

II. IS9&. 9. John HutinKii ■. and h, Sumni. t 

23 June, S3 Edw. I. 1395, lo 
Edo. II. 1313) Lord a1 Bcr^ 
matrit; he married luibcl, dnug 
lism ill! Valence, Eail of Pem 

III. 1313. lO.John HaMinp, ■■ and h. Samn. t< 

36 Nov. T Ed*. 1L 1S13, to SO F 
Edward II. ISSSt Lord uf Btrg 
married Julian, Knnd.danghler 
William Baron Lpyburni «b. 13! 

IV. 1395. II. Laurence Hu(inp,i. and h. Cre 

Pembroke 13 Oct. 1339 ( Ltwd 
Tcnny; ob. 1348. 

V. I34S. 13.John HxtinE*, i and h. Eari oT 

Lord of Bcrgavenny I ob. 1375. 

VI. 1375. 13. John Hatlinp, Land h. Earl of 

Lard of Bergaventiy, K. G.; ob 
irben Reipnald Lord Grey of Rulhyn, ton 
Reginald Lord Grey of Rulhyn, eldeit «on 
Grey oF Ruihyn, by Eliiabelh hit wire, alM 
Ul.-lOIh Baron Hasting, wai found Ml I 
vhule-btooil i and Hugh Biron HailinRi, « 
de Hattinp, eldest ton of Hugh de Haitli 
ibe laid John lll.-tutb Baron Hutinp hy 
wife, hit heir of tbe half-blood; betwMa 
Edward Hatlirip and the isid RcEioald 
there wat a competition for ihe riglit of I 
arnii of Hn«lin|c>, which wai decided la C 
latter. Unleu thi« Barony be c 

i«ld Ednurd Huihip >l 

IIhcIi d* Matiint;i> befurr rnrnilonci), griind- 
«uli «< Ilugli, tun tit Joliii lll..|Oih Buruii 
HHd lirir uf Ihe littirbluud loJuLii Ixtl Earl 
«r IVmbrAv; S«Rim. t» Pari. SS F*b. IG 
Ed«r. HI. I»4I ) but tidltii-r he i-at ar.y uf hii 
dMcmdaiiH Here ever aftcrwirdiSumitiuncd 

itikBarimj' 1> i">i vpileil. Edmsnl H*siinEi 

*JaMmptiiiunfdH I he mmpL-iiior t>I Lun) Crcy 

de Rntbyn wm bit lun, and «vci)tu*lly livir. 


, lUiniind de HauliiRi, youneT »"n of Hi-nfj 
l.-SIll Btroiij Suoim. (o Purl, frnm 9s Drc. 
«E.U. I. ISSp.toSaJulv, T Eilw. 11.1313. 
Iiiit DueilAli lakrt no iiolK-e uf bii liHvm-; 
Iwao Suinm. 10 Par), and na<hli>i; lunhena 

boKcver, lliit Buruiiy il Tratu). 

. Wn]<aiD Hvlin^i dett-tiided rnin ■ yi>ut>KCt 
M -Wifl-uHi'iiiiiEV MiliEi. Don>iiii>H>i>t- 
i»f*d> H»iiin," ffom 96 July, 1 Ed*. IV. 
HKI, tu 15 Nut. 99 Edw. IV. 1468 i Lord 
Chamh'fUIni K. C; hehoilcH l4H:l. 
1. t. Kdnaril 1l><tiii|;i, i. anil h. ; Sumni. tu Pari. 
•rum IS N»v.S9 Bdw. IV. I4«3, lu Ifi Ja». 
I! H«ury VH. 1437, a. '■ EJ-atdii H:.>iinp 
d<! Hun(rT(nrd," he bmini; narrlrd Mary, ihg 

■ Nalcaiiikr " AbtTetvroiiy," |>p. B. lo, il, endca- 

' - -«l>I<>li that iht BuDBT crtaud by th> Wrii of 

'tnrj HI. tu Henry da Huling*, cintcd a Baruay 

Mlly oncoDnrctad ititli the unutr of ibe C(att« wf 

Sm alio AeMKO't p.aiij. 



^u- and beir of Tlioaiai HnntnfuRl. i. v 

■iMHii-wTiT. h. of Rubtn Lord >lat>s«f(Md ; ob. ISOT. 

111. ISOT. S.Ctorft HaiiiiiKi. I. andb.; firl- 1 

*'Groi^iu Hulvnjce* Je Huijruj**," FrM 

ll Oci. I Hfnr'y VIII. 151)9. lo 9 Nsr.l 

ItenryVIII. 15^9; Created B>rl of Han«n 

dun 8 Utc. 15S!l. Vide ttbul 

Earldom ihis Biruov sat tnerxad miiil ih 

death of FniiHiXXVlUIOlh EmI nl Hum 

ingdoa, ill I7B9, -hcti ihe B)roi>7 of H'H 

■fg*! lueciber «Iib tbute of HuneErTord, Bo- 

Baaotitxs, ifEaui, and Molii.n, beiarae tmril in 

I. lias. 13.EIUibetb HuiiiiE'. biaaitier aiid beir, alii 

ol John Raitilan, Earl of Uaim in IrIwJ I 

Db. leoe. 


XIV. IB08.— 1. 19\6. U. Frant'u Rav.dun (oHtimtJ Ai 
name ui; HAttiiigt, t. an) l> 
lUCneded fail r^lher :)1 E^r! M^ira i.. Ireland jii tIMi 
claimed and wa* allowed the Bantnyor Hailinp in IHtl 
creaitd Viicuonl Loudoii. Earl of Raodon, and MtiqaM 
at H>«iinp, 7 Dec- 1816 1 GuvemoM^eiienl ul InM 
1BS3. Pment Baron and MarqurM of Hailinp, Eul t* 
Raxdun, aod Viicounl Loudun, Baron Huagcr{ord,tle- 
liriei, Bolreaui, and Ravdun ; lule heir of one lauiit!' i^ 
the Barunr of MdiiI*eu (vide p. 334), and aule bcir at 
one oiciety, and cuhelr of ilir olber looietvorthc BarMT 
of Mueli; alta Esrl of Moira, ftc. in Ittliud. K.G- 
G.C. B. =r 

aaaoM. of LonettMBODaii- 

I. 1SS8. Edward Hattliip. Sd ton ol Geurge XVlH- 

111 Earl of llunllncdoli; Cfraitd Bi»>» 
Haaline* of Lmi^tiuruujth, co. Lci«tt('i '' 

Jan. I55ai KX..: ub. ISSd, s.F.H. »hdu IK 

Tiile beL-anie flctinrr. 

II, 1S43. Henry HiiiLiiiKi, Sd s»ii of Heiii?, OiL-V* 

Earl of Hunlintdeii i Crtaied Bwon H>^' 
iiip of LulistlLiutuutli, *g. Uieoitr. « 


Oct. 1G43i Ob. IGCc;, i.p. «rhen Ihe iiiIb 


1, CliritIo)iber Hilton (son of John HMtoti, 
couiin atid b«ir mole ul Sir Cbriitopber Hal- 
lon, K. G. Lord ChamberUio tuQuren Elita- 
b«tb} i Created DAroii HatloD of Krrby, cii. 
Nortbamptaii.VSJuly, lG43i K.B.|Ob, ICTO. 
~l. IGbSL li. CbriKopber Hitioii, t. and li. Cre. 
KWd Vitcount HHtlon of Gretton, 
CO. NoRbamplon, IT Jan. ISeSi 
oh. 1 7P6. 
-IL1706. a.Williamllatton.i.andb.; ob. 176!. 
B.F. wben all hU hoiiora became 


Jiibn de lUuittrd] Summ. to Pari, rnim 30 
July, 6 Edw. 111. 13SS, to 93 Jail. 9 Ed<*.lll. 
133^, bat ueicT sditniiiTit; and of whoni, 
tiler Ibe Dth Ed*. III. or of bii deieendanli, 
naibiug 1* recorded. 


Jobn it Havering; Somm. to Pari. 6 Feb. and 
10 April, 37 Edw. 1. 1399, but nerer after- 
*ardi. Dugilale p*'* "o aceouiil of ibia 
Bamn in bit Baronize) and it ■• very pro- 
bable ibal it ii errotieoualy nrillen on tbe 
Aon for John de Ctavtring, wbote name oc- 
ean In tbe SuBitnaiitet ol tbe neat yrar, and 
then rcpilarly for many following yean. 


I.SirJobnTbumpton, lit Bart. Created Ban. 
Harenbant, no. Buckingham. 4 May, lli!Jt> 



U. ITSg. {.ThoiDu Hty, i. >nil b. £ar) of Kinnoul In 

'I' >ta;. S.Robrrl Auriol Hay Druoimiind, ucpbeM xnil 
bfirj being i. mnd b. of lt..bcr( H>y, lohw 
■atuiDti] lb« nikine of DrummaiiJ, Archbithap 
|l ol York, n*xl brulUer ol ibc liiit Biruii, E«rt 

I of Kiimuul 111 Svollind 1 uh. I !J04. 

. IV. ItM, 4. ThumM Rubert Hay UrumiUDnd, i. aiid h. 
L PM*™tB«ri.ii H.yor^J*«rdiiiei also T " 

^^L uf Kinnoul ia Scotland; Lord Lynn Kin, 


I NcD.I. l.Rolwr(d( H«ye. Lord of Hslnac, co. SutaeK, 

by graiil from King Henry I.i oii. onle 1 1ES. 

II 1III..1L !. Riaharil de Hayr, «. and fa. ; ob. aii;r I I8S, 

IraTine bit tbriic daughirn bi* cobcirs. ol 
wliom Nlvbla natrird Gerard d« Camville ; 
Mnud wai tbF oifn of Richard de Humiti 
aiiil wbonianied William dc Rollgc. 



l- IJn;. I.Caortc Auguaiui Eliixt [younKeit ion of 
Gilbert Eliott, Itart.) ; Created Lard Hea 
field, lUrun Hiatbfleld ol Gibraltar, U July, 

„ ITaT,K,l).( ub. 1196. 

"- im. 3. Fr*<ici> AuguMua EUou, *. and b. ob. leU, 
l.r. ■ben (he title became 

BilKoKY, ST December, 1616 

Vide HuaroHD and St. Alb*n'|> fl 

I. I7M. l.Rnbirt Henley 1 Created Lord Henley. 
Uoron Henley ol Crtinge, cu. Siiutb- 
tmpti/o, ij Much, iTfiOi Cnaitd 


Xl««a •■ 





L 1461. I.WiUaBlIctbatt SiHMi.toPtaLM'WS- 
cfaM Hcrberl 4e HcHieid,*' f8 Jahr» 1 Uv. 
IV. 146l» &f *'WniwlBO Domino' HerbrrC, 
Cbrr/' ?S Dee. 8 Edw. IV. 1463, and 98 Fck. 
9 Edw. IV. 1463, and as •• WilUelno Herbcft* 
Chl-r," 98 Feb. 6 EdwJV. 1466; Ottfid 
Eari of Pembroke 97 May, 1468; K.G.; 
beheaded 1469. 
II. 1 4t^9. 2. Wniiaa Herbett, s. and b. Earl of PHibnlA 
which Earldoai be reaicned, and on the4tb 
Julj, 1749, vaf Cmicd Earl of HoQtiagdoa} 
Wrmg 1487; ob..... S.P.M. lesiing Vktr 
beth bit aole das. and bcirs who oMiried 
ar TATEsrr. 
I. 1506. l.Sir Cbarlet Soaaeii et K.G. aaCVtl 
son of Htntj Beaafiut, Duke of So- 
menet ; be was Created, by ptfci^ 
S6Nor. l506,BafOo HefbeitelRir 
land, Cbepstow, and Cover*; O*" 
ated Earl of Worecaler in 1514} ok 

I'VoB the account of thk persooago, boch in Dvfdde td 

^ i* wo«ld ft|i|Mr thai tfaefiaraoj to wbidi In w« or 

bytbeWntc^SnaoHori Hewiy VIIL 17 (^ 

to FM. » "Canfo fiMBirrT * 


brr bot tbo ktterwncer,nip.tlS,« 
^ata ao ct««tod by l^ioBty dntd 96 Nav. 99 BsflJ 


It.UcnrySomrKet, I. and b. SuccreJeil Li* i 
\ Ibcriii Ibe Elaroiiy ofHethcrC createil by lbs i 
S Writ to William Herbert, diied i6 July. 1 
E<J«. IV. HGI. ind in 1536 be tacceeded bii 
lalhrr in tbe Uaruor of Herbert uC Cbepilow, 
Ratrland, and Cower, created by Ihe |<atriit 
i>rz6 No*. I&U6, and alio in ibc Earldom of 

Vide WoBCMTEii and BEAUroBT. 

I. Edward Herbert, l<t Baron Herbert in Ire- 
land, dcteended from a younger brutber of 
William lit EarlofPembrake; Created B»- 
ren Herbert uf Chicbury, eo, Stiof, Tlh 
Hay. 1639; ob. 16-IS. 
Us. 9.HicbardHerbert, ■. andb. ob. lESS. 

3. Edward Herbert, «. anil h, ob. IG78, ». P- 
9tS. 4. Henry Herbert, brother and heiri ab. iGSIf 
1 p. wbeu ihii Barony became 
t. I. Henry Herbert, e. and h. oF Henry, Sd bro- 
iberuf Edward lat Baron Herbert uf Cbir- 
bury I Created Biroti Herbert of Cbirbury, 
CO. Salop, SBlli April, 1694; ob. 1709. 
' 1709. 9. Heury Herbert, i. and h. ob. I73B, a. p. when 
tbii title again beeame 
*". I)4J. 1 l.Heniy Arthur Herbert, i. and b. of Prancli, 
'•ttwow \ cLIeil >an of Richard Herbert (deieended 
W OiS. ) from the cooiiaori anecilor u( Ibe preceding 
H Baroni), by flurentia, titter and eoheir uf 

K Henry IV..4tb Baron Herbert of Cliirbury ) 

^^ Created Baron Herbert of Chirbury, co, 


nont in 1509 wu, tberefm 
n by patent bi I SOS. 


Sdnp,!! Dec IT43! Cnrnttd Boron Pd' 
PavnCuKle. VmcouiH Ladliio, re. I 
ud Eirl ur PooU, i~t Mn, IT4>(i Cn 
: Oct, i:4», B»ron Hprbm ■>( Chi 
■kd ■>[ IaiIIoo, EC 84lop. arlib nmil 
IuKdC bM Usui iuilr,io hi»bru(bE(.K< 
Hrrben, apd bit it<ue male, iu itd' 
obkb. la Frandi Hettwrt, of Luaii>« 
w4 hi* iooc male ; ub. U73. 
Vnt im. CGeocfc Bdvtnl Hciiiy Anhur Herb* 
WMDMiv. u>db. Eari of Poaii; ub. ISOI, obi 
IL hu banitrt beome 

.. t. EdaanI din, IU Btron Cli*r )n En[ 
biHbiDd of UeiiHeio Antoiii* Herbcn. 
>nd ut\r bttreu vf >he lait Baron ; Ci 
Baron Herbrn of Chirbury, co. S.ilup, I 
Pu*<t o( Pu.ii CulFe, VitcDUiiI ni 
Ludloo, and Earl of Powii. May IV, 
PnMDt Baron Ucrben of Chirbur),d:c 


I. WilluB Herbert 1 Cr«aud Baitn Htrfc 
Candiff. CO. GlaMwna, lOOei. ISth 
aud Ewlof Peabmlu II Oct. IS5I. 

WilLL I.WiUiamFitx-OibonMi Created Earl of 
furd by William the Cm'itannir i ok. 10 
L Robert de Britolio, 3d »un, labariM 




nUh I.M)k>il* Oluuciilici CrrntFil Earl of HeMJ 
(urd ii July, il40| Lord Cuiiitable j 

MU. d.Roxpr, •■ «ndbLordC>iiituble> ub. ns4,>.4 

MM. 3.WftttBrdc Hereford, brulbiir mid ti 
Coailnbld 1 living 1158; ob i 

LI... 1. Ildiry, broiber and heir; Lord ( 

. II... 5. M«bel1, bmthrr and belr! Lord Cuntiablaj 
ub. .... S.F. wbnii ihe dlgiilly became 
i I|J9. 1. Heury de Bobuii, •. and h. of Humphrey 
Dohun, wbn w (umetimei called E*rl at I 
rcfurd. eldeii ion of Humphrey de Bubun> 
by Mireery, dKU. of Mili> lll.-ld Earl, uii< 
tiller iT>d cobiir tu tbe Imi Eur!; Crental 
Earl of Hereford 1 199i be wm one of ibe ce- 
lebrated Sa B>roni appointed tu enforce iha 
.jU*r»»nM uf Magn« Ciiarta ; Luril High 
CoOHnblei ah. 1370. 
. .:. iliiinphrey de Bobun, >. and h. BatI oll^iexi 
Lord Hieb CunXible, ob. 13T5. 
tr.l. I. Humpbrfry de Bcihuii, ^andion and heir, b«- 
ine t. and h. uf Humphrey dc Bohun (ob, v. p.) 
eldeit ion of tbe lait Rarl; Eirl of E>MX| 
Lord UicbConMablei ob. 1997. 
11BI.4.Hnmphrey rieBiihun, a. and h. £ail of E"cii 
and Lord HiRh ConitiUe. He married Ell- 
•abelli riantaf;ene[, Tth dau. of King Ed- 
ward I i ob. 1331. 
'• Bflbun,*.a[iab. EarlorEssexi LoM 
HiCh Cunitable ) ob. 1 335, i. f. 
<i.6.Hiiinphrey de Bubun, broiher and heir. 
DtKiieii Lord High Coniuble i K.G.i 
1361.*. p. 
'I. ;. Huinphrry da Bohun, Earl of Norlbxmpion, 
nephew and belr, being >. aad h. of Williarn 
dcDobun, Eail of Nonhamplon, K.G.; Earl 
atEa«ei; Lord H>e)> Conitable ; KM.-, ob. 
ISi9, (.^.M. when iJiii Earldom again becanw 


lion, ^^^1 
lliam I 



llH7t 4ui, and oofcrif af 

wu Crulcd Uulu aT Hw 

ISn. AmkmM Ik* thMM 

IV. S9 Sept. IS8S, »htD tl 

rai«B awrstd In ibe Cravn. 

Tfas title of Eta^ a/ a»r^w4 vu Mil 

phrrji Sofford, lit Duka oT BueUngbM 

Antun elMd bf DuipUle, iur4 inh Rel 

(, and b- at Edmund 3d Earl of Suffard, ( 

{icutl, dau. and tulc hclruf Tbanal Dulu 

bj Ehauor it Bofauii, dau. aiid eokair af Ij 

iMtEarli but Udi>canotapp*artb«tbcWBa< 

I, IGbO. I.WaltctDcvcraux.Barun Frmi 
BuurehiET, and Louvaiiw t'Cn 
of tb* Cuuutj at Hercfurd, 9d 
inK detcciided from the ah 
Eleanor de Buhnu ) K. G, | <rii 
IfiSe. 9. Waller Deirreui, fraudMD at 
i. and h. uf Rkhard Dncm 
Bldm iuiL ut (he inci Yltfuutii 


Le.EJ«ard De>cr«ui, brutber 

1100, *, p. 
p. 9. Price Dorteiii, couiiii mul heir hmIl'. being 

*. anJ h <•! Price, cidttt luii uf Geurgc. i. 

Knd h. of Sir Graree Uenreui, ixxt Lifutber 

orWtlfrrSib Viicouiiti ob. l7-<0. 
D. IO.Pri.t Itcverrui, i. >i>d h. ob. 1748, 8. p. 
I.I |.E4lKmnl lleviirea!!, coutiii anil beir male, be- 

ins •■ »>'l !>' o' Aribur, eldeil ion uf Vaucbaii, 

n*it brulber u[ Priee Devervui, fatber uf 

Pritc 9(b ViicaURt ; ub. 17(10. 
0. l«.E<li(>nl UEfrreui, •. aiiJ b.oti. I1H3, b.p. 
S. l3.Ge(nte UfrEreui, brulber aiicl heir ; ub. 1804. 
1, 14.Ueiiry Dc»*n!ux, «. wiJ b. Pres'iit Viic.iuiii 

Hcrclutd, Premier Viaeuuiit of Eiiglaiid, tud 

a Bwotiet. =^ 

31 I 

H. II. S 


3. Ueiiry 

&.J<>bii Je Hi 

, brgtber tad belfi ob.iiii 

ance in 139U. but uf wli 
tbio; farlber it recuiUeJ. 

■V nxURE. 

I.Junlaii Hairun; held a 

a. Williara Heron, t. anJ li. ub. . 

3. W.IIUm Heron, t. aod b. ob. tS.Sb*. 

4.William Heruii, i. and b. ob. 139&. leaving 
Emetine, hit graiid-dnu. wife of Jubn Lonl 
Dare;, bit beir, viz. diiu, of WaJler Heron, 
hii eldest ton, wbn died vita palrii. 

Winiam Heron, i. and b. of Roger 
William, tbc lait Baron i " 
Jao.44EiU. III. 1371, Uut n< 
•nd tliu Btrunji, iherrrure, t 

m iHMifcy, it • 

ti. 11, 139J, to°& Au;. a Hmi. it. :«M.t 
r.>:i, I hi'r," altboueb U ii c*nuB ihat )w 
. ,ti ml at Lord Siy, jure uion* ; f»r in 
li<! '1 l\.ti>iiliu'h bcHMa aitint, b« ii 
„v.. I!f'.\. IKiniitiui lie Sxy, Sruttch 
£1.," l>li. I I'M, $. I'. nlicD ibe Btruii; i 
rii >•) :* RiihtrJ U. it cantiilered m k di 
W ibM ol S*t, bKUK 


a Cic^ Eld Clira, I 
nt «Mfhns ob. 1I3S 
It Can.*- ud h. El 

. a«k.Ei 

.a- .n. aniiMM 

I •k.*,7«( (All 


KiiiK Ed*. VI. Crestcil Vif count BcauchaiDp 
0. Somcnet, 5 June, \b3C; Creiled Earl of 
4 18 Oct. 133;, with remainilrr ti> hit itiue male 
' r (D Ik brtuttcni CrealeJ Baron SeyRiniir 15 
Duke of Sumeriel IS Feb. 15-17, wUb ntDnitKler 
in mile uf bii budy, by Ann. hii •eeoiid wilV, 
licb, to " Sir E<l«anl Seymour, ion of the Earl uf 
by Kaiheriiie hli tnl wife, aiiJ ihe bHn male u( 
of Sir Edward Seymaurlbe (nil * ;" K.G.; Lonl 
r,&e.I bebeadeil and atUimed in ISS9,wben bii 
(GUie fotftitti. 

I. Edward Seymour, eldut ion of the latl Earl, 
by bii lecuud wlri ; Creatrd Baron neau- 
Champ of Hache, and Earl uf Hertford, \i 
Jan. ISSS ; be married Kitberine, dau. and 
eventually iiile hrir of Henry Grey, Duke of 
SufTulk, hy Franeei Brandon, niece ul Eii.g 
Henry Vm.; ab. I6SI. 

dwud Seymour, hii 
vt, hit fittber, ind 

kr lim.tMiun Ii copied from tlie lutemeat in p. 
U MA General ReporCof the Lordi' Commiltee to >earcb 
rumaoU relatiie to tbe dif^ity of a Peer of tbr Eealn, In 
ir aililtd the folloving reiouk on the effect oftheattiundei 
■id DnU oo the druendaDto of Sir Edwud Seyn 
Bi of the Duk 
i< diffciitin, hr Act of Puliameat oF cbe 5th u 
d VI. did aol affect the dignity of Duke of Somenet 
wd Seymour, and the heirt male of hit body. 
M of the grant, thit dignity had veeted, immcdiitety 
- 1 patKd tbe Great Seal, io Sir Edward Seymour, 
to the hein mala of hii body, though tlie iclunl 
n by Sir Ednid, aod the heln mate of bii body, 
'rp«id on the tilufe of hein mJe of the body of 
it leeaiid wife i " and it ii caafequeotly affirmed, 
I of the hein male of the Duke of Someriet 
Ke, that Dukedom would have denilved on the 
~ " id Seymour abDie-meatioaed, even h«l not 
IB ISfiO ukeo place, ■' ' 

lathe BaioDj ofSeyi 
be preccdiug obeerratiuni proir 
t aioiilur uiaauei to tbe Didtedt 

letim p<lcitt G J(r 

il tht hiii 

male of b 

inaardiMcly aFter Ihc i 
ha tubrr, choald b« Biroiu of tu- 
lUmmt; and alto oibci MUn 
patent, ill Ibe laoie ytar, foi lb> 
cnjajnifiit of the (ille o( E»ri •( 
Hcnfonl i Crealrd Miiquco -^ 
UcttfMi] 3 June, 16401 mivn' 
l660i K-G.I ob, ICeo. 

XIL ~ll. ICCO. 3. William Seymour, srandianuvl 

beir, being i. and b. of Hcn^ 
S*ymou, [Ob. y. p.) eld«t ton »( 
(be lu[ Marqueu : Uuke ol »- 
mtnel; ub. Ii;;i,s.i'. 

XIII ^Ill.iejl. 4.Jobn Srynour. DMk ud k« 

btinc weond ion of WilUia W 
UaniDeiat Duka of Sowwtl 
ob. 16T&, ■. P. wbm thii »«■ 
qniiiie beeane ^ftiacti batik 
Earldom darolnd oo bli coad* 

XIV. 1675.- 

S. Fnuri* SejFMMr. 3d Bam 3«r 

Barod, eUeK MB rf 
Francia lit Baran SaniM * 
TronkbridfB, ya m g u MMhM d 
WlllUm Sd Sari, and lit Hv 
queu o[ Henfordi D«ki tlS»- 
niefn-t; ob, 1678, s. r. 

6. Charles Sejrmour.brolbctaoilbeirr 
Uuke of Sumercel i be mamea 
EIiE*belb. sole diu. and hr-r ^ 
JOBC|.hnrPfrcy,XXlll.l UbEoloI 
NuribiiiDboriand; K.G.i ob. HIB- 

7. AlBemon Seyoour, t. and b. Oitk« 
or Someneti Created EatI i/ 
NuTtbutalierland i oh. I7i4. >- 



folil, t>i> V'itvounlcy ul Bmu- 
chnwp. hMil lbs Barony of Sey- 
oiDur of TruHi bridge, beclme 

-IV.I'aa. I. Fnncii Seymour Cunway, !d B«- 
roii Conciy (Jticended from Ed- 
ward III Ouke of SoiDfnei, and 
Earl of llenford. Lord Piutector, 
and Id coudn or Edward Blh 
PukeofSDmirsetli Creatnl VU- 
eauntBeauchBmp andEirl of Hert- 
furda Au;. 1750, wiibrtmiinder, 
r>Uiiigbi*it>ueniale,ia bit brother 
Hfnty: Crealcd Earl of Yar- 
tnouth, dkNorrolk, andMarqueit 
of Hertford, S July, 1733 ; K. G.; 
Ob. I7S4. 

— V. 17M. 3. Ftancia (a«>umed ibc name oO 
Ingram Srymour Cunwiy, i. and 
b. K. G.J Ob. tgSS. 

'TL IS«. 3. Vrancli Cbarlu Seymnur ConHsy, 
). and b. Pr»ent Mar(|U»s and 
E>rl of Menfurd, Enrl of Ya:^ 
muuib, Vlicount Bcauchamjii and 
BarcQ Conwifi hUo Damn Can- 
way Id Ireland i K. C. =r= 


Sir WUIiaiQ Hrrrey, Iti Bart, and 1st Baron 
H*fv*y In Inland i Created Baron Herrey 
of Kidbrok«, eo. Kent, 7 Feb. )63S i ob. I64S, 
•.r.M. whnii ibii Barony became 

Jabn Htrvry (dMceiidKl frDiii John Her**)', 
«Id»t brmber of Nicbolai, grandlalber (o 
tilt jtrrcetlint Baron) I CrtAted Baron Hci- 


b. P0Ment Earl of HilUborough« Vitcounc 
Fairford and Buron Harwich ; also Marquess 
of Downshirey &c. in Irdand. ^ 

tiow IT w»rr. 
1S9&. Robert de Hilton; Samm. to Pari, from S3 
Jane, S3 Edw. 1. 1395> to 86 Aug. 84 Edw. 1. 
1896. but never afterward*. He was also 
summoned 86 Jan. 36 Edw. L 1897f but, for 
the reasons assi|cned under ** Fitz-Jobn," it 
is doubtful if that Writ can be considered as 

a regular Summ. to Pari. Ob leaving 

Isabel, wife of Walter de Pedwardyn, and 
Maud, wife of .... Hothum, his daughters 
and coheirs. 



•■ BY wirr. 

1338. Alexander de Hilton : Summ. to Pari, from 87 
Jan. 6 Edw. HI 1338, to 88 Jan. 9 Edw. lU. 
1336. Dugdale gives no farther account of 
this Baron, nor does he notice his descendantsi 
in whom however the Barony must be vested. 


ViscouNTCY, 18 July, 1660. 

Vide Sandwich. 


ViacoUMTCY, 89 December, 1706. 



I7S8. 1. Sir John Hobart, 5th Bart. Created Baron 
Hobart, of Blickling, co. Norfolk, May 88, 
1788 ; Created Earl of Buckinghamshire 
September 5, 1746 j K. B. 

Vide Buckinghamshire. 

E E 


4. I.Robert it Holuid, baring miifTicd II 
dnu. and cobeir of Al*n Lord Ztntbi 
Athby, ou Summ. to Pstl. froo 39 J 
8 Ed*. II. 1.114, to IS Maf. 14 Ed* 
1331, u " Roberto de Hobxid i" tobci 

j. S. Robert de Halanil, >. and h. Summ. I*J 
from 35 Feb. 16 Edw. IIL 1342, t* W 
4GEd«. 111. ISTI; ob. 1373, s.r.M. ■ 
hU diu. and heir, married Joha n 
Baron Love) oTTicbmenb, K. C. and CB 
thii Baronj 10 that family, la 14!! Fn 
Viicauot Lovel, (be I hen heir loile uf ibc 
Sir Jubo Level and Uaud HoUnd hil < 
was aUained, wlitn lliii Baranj, "lib 
ottwr banon became 


\. 1763. I.JobnPerceTal,SdEwlo(Scw«(iiiIiri 
(hdr-eeneralot William Loral, Baron Ma 
Jure Diorli, ancle of iba abor* Beatli 
Fraocia ViKount Loral] i Created B 
Lovel and Baron Holland of Ennter*, 
Somenet, TMay, 17S9i ob. 1770. 

It. 1770. !. John Jamea Percsral, a. and b. 3d Eari o( 
mont in Ireland ; ab. IS38. 

III. 1893. 3. John Perceval, t.aiidb. PnwntBanmt 
and Baron Holland of Enmora ; alto Ea 
Esmont in Ireland, ^ 


IMON Br waiT. 
1353. Thomii de Holland, Sd md a( RabMl, 
Baran Holand abora mentkniMl, bat 
married Joane PlaatapuM, dau. «f BdM 

PlaaU£«net, Eul of Kant, jMupr M 

Kine Cilwird 1. and sitter aoci aole beir of 
hrr hniibet Joliii Eirl □( Kent, wu Summ. 
to Par), from 15 July, 37 Edw. III. 1353, to 
15 Feb. 31 Ed». 111. I35T. In 13S0 be a»- | 
•utncd the ujh of Earl of Kent, ai 
Surom. to Pari, by tbat lill« 30 Nov. 
ytM, anil •lied uii the SHtli December (ul- ' 
luwiDC, K.C. 

Tlih Baran} eontinuiHl reileil in ibe Earls of Kent until 
IMi), >btn by Ibe iTTikrNDEH of Tliomai Holland. Eari 
'^KtntandDukeof SurteriC'indtonofTbomBtl.Banin, 
II it pruumed (o b>«( been ttOtUiUi. If bowever It wm 
OM tifiBted by that iiiialnder( and wbicb mppoiltioa liiup- 
P'n4d bgi tlw faai of Edmund liia brother hiiiaK aueceeded 
UiIm EiriduBi of Kent, though no notice of any retlo> 
nilOalD iIm dlpiiliei lorri:iled by his said broiheti '■ to 
^'miDd in tbe Rullt ut rartiameiK) ihii Baniny, Iik ■ 
Ettbtt Blth tbat ut Wake, de'olvEd on Edmund, h ' 
Ibnuidbeir, Earl of Kent, and on bit death, i 
'*0I, it fell into AiEYANCB between (be iiiue of bis ii*> | 
tra ud eobeirt. 

or llOLUitND, 

im. MIeitry RIeb (3d aon of Robert, lit Earl of | 
Warwick), Ut Baron Keniinsloni Creiled 
Earl ul ilollind, ru. Lincoln, S4 Sept. \6'U, 
K.G. ; beheaded le-t?. 
- '$49. I Robert Rivb, s. and h. suce^ded as Earl of J 
Warwick in 1C73 i oh. 1675, I 

tirtJnCt I7l>(t. Vide WaawicK. I 

1:6^ l.flrcir^aiii Caruline,d4u. of CbarletDukeor ' 
Rirbmrmil. and wife of Henry Fui, Eiq.i 
Cnrat'd Itironeii Hulland of Holland, co. 
Liiirulii, ni[h remainder of the di);ni(y nf 
Biruii Ili'lUtid to her iitue male by her lalil 
*'<>%. Iiuabaiid. (i May, \1Gi ; ub. H July. l;74. I 

IT11 «.8«*|iliin Toi, I. andh. Baron Hulland of Foi- d 
liT. FUf lA« imt page. 

m- Jl^ 


■T TXmjRE. 

IL HtfDiy Hoese ; ob. 1313. 

IL 1. Heniy Hose, descended from Geoffrey I. B*> 

roD; ob. IS34« 
II. 9. Matthew Hoese, s. and h. ob. 1854. 

D. 3. Hcniy Hoese, s. and h. ob 

(J. 4. Heniy Hoese, s. and h. ob. 1S89. 

i. S. Henry Hoese, s. and h. Somm. to P^l. as 
•* Henrico Husee," from S3 June, 93 Edw. L 
l!i95, to lOOet 19Edw. H. 1335 ; he was also 
•onmoned 8 June, 38 Edw. 1. 1894 1 hot it is 
^onbtful if that Writ was a repilar SnmBons 
to Pftriiament. Vide " Clyvbdon." Oh. 1333. 

L 6L Henry Hoese, s. and b. Summ. to Part, from 
18 Aug. II Edward III. 1337, to 10 March, 
83 Edward HI. 1349, leaving issue Henry, 
his son and heir ; but neither this Heniy, nor 
any of his descendants were ever summoned 


OF — 

r warr. 

L Roger Hose, son of John Huse, presumed to 
have been of the above family ; summoned to 
ParL 80 Nov. 33 Edward HI. 1348, 1 Jan. 
88 Edw. III. 1349, and 10 March, '23 Edw. 
ILL 1349; ob. 1361, leaving John his son 
nod heir, who was never summoned to Pari. 
nor were any of his descendants. 


1. Denzil Holies, 8d son of John 1st Earl of 

Clare; Created Baron Holies of I field, co. 
SuaseK, SO April, 1661 ; ob. 1680. 

2. Sir Frmncis Holies, 1st Bart, son and heir ; 

ob. 1690. 
U Pencil Holies, s. and h. ob. 1694, s. p. when 
the title became 

B B 3 


I. I. Hrnry Foil, younger brother ot Sif p' 
Earlof Ikbrdei, und huBbsii ' '" 
BuoneBi HuIUt.i) of HulUnd i Crrtted ft 
Hulland Dl Fatley. cu. Wilti, 16 April, V 
ob. I July, 1774. 

,. 3. Stephen Fui, t. aiii] h. Buececdrd bU Q 
u Baron HollanJ of Halluid 34 Jul;, t 
ob. Dfc. !6, 1774. 

I. 3. Hrnry RicbnnI (■Btumeil the name oO VvB 
i. Bi.d b. Preient Biri'D H..U»I>J o' "^ 
land, and Barun Holland of Fuxlt]'. ' 

John Ruusay, Ut Viacount HaddiupN li 
Scotland; Cmied Baron of KinptOD-r'-' 
Tbame.. and Earl of Hoidem«a, S" '- 

HOE.1&— IIOLLES. 3(9 

L tUory HoMCi ub. 1313. 

[, I. Henry Hott, dcBcendcil from Geo^rej' 1. Ri- 

U 9. MutUw Haew, ■. and h. ob. 1354. 

'. 3. H*iuy Kueie, s. mil h. ob 

I. 4. Heniy Koeie, a. Mil li. ob. 1389. 

. 5. Hcniy Hiwie, t. lud h. Summ. lo Pari, u 
" Heucico Hutt«," from i3 June, 33 Etl>. I. 1335; he oil nko 
lumniDDedSJune, t3Ed*. 1. 1394; bul itia 
doubtful If that Writ wa« ■ regular Summont 
to Parliancnt. Vide ■' CkyvBDON." Ob. 1333. 

, 6. Hacirjr Hoeie, i. and b. Sumin. to Pari, froin 
ISAuE- II Ednardlll. 133T. lo 10 Mareb, 
33 Edward Itl, I34S, leavinK iiEoe Henrr, 
hii aoti and heir t but twitbet tliii Henry, nor 
any of bis dcEecndanla «cre ever lummaned 

Rt>eer Huae, <en of Juhn Kuie, prctumed lu 
ban b«(n of )bc above [amily ; lummoned lo 
Part 30 No*. 33 Eilward III. 134B, I Jan. 
HEdo. III. IS49. and lO Marcb, '^3 Edw. 
Iltl349i ob. 1361, leaving John hia aon 
Md bdr, who *>• never aummuned lo Pari. 
Mr W«r« Miy of bit deaceodaote. 


I.Dmcil Rollm, 4d aon of John Itt Earl of 

CUri Created Baron Holtea of iHcId, co. 

SuMH, SOApril. Itilil ; ob. IQBU. 
3-SirFf»neit Hollea, lat Bari. aun and beir; 

Db. 1690. 
S-Dmiil Hollea, ■. and h. ob. I6!I4, *. r. wbrn 

tbe tltk bcaniF 




















; • 
















»r* I. 




,Jobn Hep'. bsH-brulber ind heir, IK [Urun 
Niddrv. Pniriii Buron Hupetoun Bud Buon 
Niddry I >!•□ Earl of Hapeloun, Ac ScdUmi], 
CC. B. =r 

hi* untie an 

r. -hen ihe 

dl«l •, P.) Wc 




Jtbe . 

male, ob 
Jd Artbu 

WillUm Hollui Created Baron H 
Houehlon. c<>. NcllinKhim, 9 J 



ugLlon o 
]y, 1616 

e Cu»M. 


t. I. Jobn Hooard, «. and h. of Sir Robefi Hi>ward 
h* Mar|arer, dau. and tvemually cobcir uf 
YhimiBi Muirbray, Duke orNurfuIk | Suoim. 
Iti Pari. » •• Juhamii Howard <le H<mard, 
Miliil," from 15 Oclob«r. 49 Henry VI. 
MTU, IS 16 No*. SS Eilxr. IV. 1483) Created 
Eul Hanbal ot Eni;)*i>d and Duke ol Nor- 
(ulk,9BJui>e. I4B3, K.C.i ob. UHA. 
I BATOfij' «uniinued meritiid iii the Uukedom of 
** • ■ luded ill Ihe iiumemui (oHeiturM 

b atteiidifd ibe llibcritori d( thU 
of which will be found ui\dei 
«J/ Iht 4tmiw of Edward Howard 


XlX.-1Uh Duke of Norrolk in ITTT, whtn, nitb Mvti 
other BaroniH, il rrll iutu Ab«ya>iM betunrn tb* « 
dxuebtFTS and cohcin of Philip, the brother of tbe ■ 
Duke, uid il DOW In AnerANce betwseii the Lonb tm 
and Stounuo, u their cobein and teprewntativM. -^ 

or c*>TLB Bunigk 

Heorr Howard, brother of Tbnmai Duke < 
Norfolk; Created Baron Howard, of Cwt 
RUiDK, eo. Norfolk, ST Mar. 1669 i CivaM 
EorlofNanricb 19OctobeT,l073: luceeeth 
bit laid brother as Duke of Norfolk in IST^ 
^Ttian 1777. 

Vide Norwich and Norfolk 

I. 1554. I. Willlani Howard, 4ib Mn of Tboasaa Vll.-U 
Duke of Norfolk 1 Created Baron Howarirf 
Effingbam, eo. Surrey, II March, liili 
LordHiKhAdm. K.G.( ob. 1573. 

n. IS73. 3.Charlti Howard, i. and h. Created Earl e( 
NottingfaamSS Oct. 1596, K.G.I ob. 1634. 

III. 1S34. 3. Cbarlel Howard, 9d ion and beir Btii. 

(William bia eldeit brother taB*inB died vili 
pairii, a. f. m.) Earl of Nottiocbim i «b. 
1643, 1. p. 

IV. 1643. 4. Chartet Howard, halF-brolber and beir, Eif< 

of Nollingbam; ob. 16B1,b. r. when IbaElri- 
dam of Nottingham becam* CjtiACt i kH 



II, J 

I. &. FrancU Howard, r<iu*in iikI Leir, beinR Eon 
and faFir u( Cbari*a, xlilnt snn of Fnncii, 
■oil and heir of Sir William Ho»ar<l. ttcooA 
».tnol WillUm l>t Barunj ob. I6'95. 

\i. 6.Tb<i«iii>HniiaTil, a. indh-tib. l7S.<i, t. 

H. 7.Fr»ioa Huwnra, bruiher and btir; Civaltd 
Earl .,1 Eflingbaat H Dec. IT31 ; ub. 1743. 

U. B. TbumM Hu*ariL c aud b. Earl of Efliiiglian 
ob. 1163. 

i3. 9. Ttaomai Howxrd, >, itnil b. Earl of Emxgbani ; 
ob. ITSI.B.i'. 

ll.lnJti.harU Huwitd, brulberand heir; ub. [0)6, 
*. p. obvD (be Earliiitm of Effiiigbam becama 
4)ntnCI i but ibii Barony dnulved on hi* 

C. It.KcnnMh Al»ii>'der Howard, aon and heir at 
Hanrr. tUttX turvivinc ton ol Thomu. (on 
and bdr at Utorgc Howard, oeil brulber 
Pranti* Mb Baron. Preieni BaroD Howard' 
EffingkuD, G. C. B. f 

ISte. ). Edward Howard. yi>u>>e» anii of Tbamaa l«l^ 
Earl u( Suffolk i Cr»»d Baron Hottard of 
Exrirk, CO. Vurk, ^9 April, l6Se i uh. K75. 
It:!, 3.Tbuni>iHu*ard,*. aiKlfa.ob.l(>B:<.t.p. ^ 
^ im. 3. WiliuiuHoward,br«lberand heiri ub.l(J94. 
'■ Km. 4.Cl,arlrs Howard, >■ and b. ob. ITM, 
wben ibii Birtiny bECamv 


. 1 


ViK-ooHTcv. so Aptil, iser. 

Vide c.t 


as WAVOKs. 



I. 1&79. 1. Thomlt llaoard, youn^r aoii ofTboi 
Dulu ol Norfolk i Summ. (o Pariiu 
■• Thome Ho»»nl d« WiJd.i., Cbi 
October, 39 Elii. I6T9, ii'd ST Oct. 
leoo; Created EvUfSoffglk 31 Jul; 
K. G.i ob. leae. 

U. ICSS. 3.TI>eophili>iHaoird,l.aii<lh.Eutolt 


... 16-10, 

HI. 1640. 3. Jumu Howard, ■.tod h.E»ri of SdSb 
ITOG, B. p. M. wtwn Ihia Baron; !• 
Abbyaiicb between hli two daoglit 
eobein, ni, Etiex, wUe oT EdwM 
Griffin, and Eli**beth, wife of Sir ' 
Felton; and it continued la Ab^Mii 
IT84, wben it. waa terminated bj tbi 
in favor of tlie eUeit eoheir, na, 

IV. 1784. 4. John Griffin Wbitwtll (aMnmad tbe ni 

Griffin, )un and b«ir at WlUam Wbtt 
Ann, dau. and ultimatdj Ml* lieir of 
3d Baron Griffio, eldeat aon of ^« 
Baron Griffin, bj Emcx, l*t dauKbtw 
heir of Jamei tbe lait Baron. Alio 
Barony 3 Aug. 1714 1 Created Bam 
brolie, wilb a ipecial limitation la 
in wbicb year be died a. P. when, in 
quenceofall tbe iiineof tbe laid Lac 
Howard being extiacttlbii Barony deTi 

V. ITdT. 5. Frederick Auguitui Herrey, 4lb Eari 

tol, and Biibap of Derry, ai beir-fc 
Tfaomai tbe lit Enron; beingaonaod 
ally beir of Jobn Herrey (ob. v. p.) ah 
of Jobn [It Earl of Briitol, br Eii 
dau. and beir of SirTbomu FtllM, 



labcth, dau. ■n<] cohrir of Jamci Howanl, 
3(1 SarDDindEsrl of Suffolk 1 ob. 1803. 
6. Charles Aucuilus TMii, gnat enndtun and 
bctf, bcinRion and belrat Cbarln Hole Elli<, 
bq> bj Elli&betb Catherine Caraline Hei- 
nf (ob.vita a>i), ilaosbler and heir of Juhn 
Aoevitui Herrey (ob. »ita p«lri«), aon and 
bdiof Frederick, (be lait Biton. Preient 
mmn Howard de Walden. 


I. Iin.— 1- ITSa. I. Ricbinl Howe, fourth Vile. 
Howe ID Iretandi Created 
Viicaunl Howe of Langar, 
to. NMtiDchim, 30 Jan. 1783 ; Created Ba- 
ron Howe otl.inf;ar aforesaid, and Earl Huwe 
19th AD^t, 1788, with remainder of the 
UttNDji failing hit i»ue male, to hii daugh- 
Un and the faein male of Ibeir bodiei respee- 
ti«Ij, K. G. i ob. 1799, a. p. m. when die 
VUcounlcy and Earldom became <£ptincl ; 
but tbe Barony deroked on 

8, Sophia Charlotte, eldest dau. and coheir at 
tbe lul Baron ; ebe married, lint, (be Hon. 
Fcno Aubetan Cunoii j and aecondly. Sir 
JanalbanWalben Waller, Bart. PrelenlBa- 
rooea* Howe of Langar. 7 

I. Richard William Penn Aebetan Cureon (ai- 
aumed the name of) Howe, 3d VitcounI Cur- 
■on, 100 and heir apparent of tbe Baronest 
Howe by her tint buibsiiU i Created Earl 
Howe 14 July, 1131. Preient Earl Howe and 
Vltcount ant! Baron Curion. ^ 






■ 1 

HO W LAND— till HCERFORD. ^^1 


1. mi 

I.WriothHiey Ruuell, tnnd*oo lod htirj^ 

parent of Williatn Ut Duke of Bnllnnl i 

bivioK loirrixl eiiwlwlb, «il> il.o. tiid be.r 

of Juhn Hu-Uiid, Eiq. >u Cnaitd Buon 

HuoUiid of StrraduiD, «a. Surrey, 13 June. 

Bedlord, in wbicb tillc thU Bantu; >■ 

roergrd. Vide Buwitn. 



I, 1604. 

I.GeoriteHumei Creited Bvon HuoM vT Bff 

»k-k, Tih July, 1604, and EUrl ol Uunbtr is 

Scotland, 90 Mar. K^USt E.G., ob. till. 


li-F-M. Hben ihese Title* became 


U. 1776. 

1. Al»andcr Hume Ctaipb<'ll, con and Uir )|>- 

■■> Scoilund ; Cro.twl B.rui. Hua« ol ^^ 

wLckMay SO. IJTGiOb. l;ei. i. P. wbmllK 




1. Bicbsril de Humet : liTinfr Ili4. 


S. William de Humn, ■. aud b. ab. ISM. At- 

tics, bit dau. married Biildwin de Wake. 

1. Jobn. 

John de Humet, of ibe (».e familr : i» m 

ed tu Rkhard de Grry, biubsad of LmM< 

ha daughter. 


I. HS6. 

. Walter Hungerford; SuiDin. to P«H. trt«' 
Jan. U Henry VI, 1426. to S Jan. SI Htn-*'- 


K.G.i Ob. 14-19. 





. i, Roberl Hnagtrtoni, «. ind h. Sutnin. to PkrI. 
U "Hubenu Hunptrrord, Aeniuri, Millii," 
rram j aepl. !9 H>^nry Vt. Uao, to 36 May, 
33 Hen. VI. U&5. He married Margaret, 
daa. and btir of Williaoi Birun Botreaui ; 
ob. M&9. 

U. IU9. 3. Robert Huugcrford, i. nid b. baiiiig married 
AlUuarc, dau. ai<d beir of William Luril Mo- 
linei, wai Summ. tu Pari, at " Kuberto Huo- 
gwlonl, Miliii, Dumiou de Muleyin," from 
13 Jan. 23 Henry VI. 1445, to SO Jan. 31 
Henrjr VI. t4&3i beheaded and atcainled id 
1463, ohen all hi) bonari bei:ame 

Jfotftltrt. 1 

HSi. Edaard Haatingc, ton and heir ippareut of | 

William Itt Lurd Haaiiiigt t>( A>bby-de-lt- 

2uucbF, baviiig married Mary*, dau. and 

^rr ol Tbomu Hunf^erfunl (tthu was alsu allainlcd), 

I tnj b. <if Rob«n, Ibi^ lut Birun Hungerford, Mulinea 

jun Biorit, anil Bulreaui, ku Summ. lu Pari, m " Ed- 

In HwiingT* lie Huiigerfurd, Chl'r," Irom 15 Nut. 

"•.IV. 146% (notwitbMandiug tbat ibe Allalndernf 

BTE-iDKilioued Rubert, iaat Uaron Hungf rford, and 

<hl at numw. bi< sun, woa not rtvened until I4B6,) 

^Uidratb, altbaugb be lucceeded hii Father a* Sd 

' MiHaitiDgiin 1403; ob. I&07. Geurev Hattingt, bli 

•.Md b. Sd Baron Mailings >nd Banm Huiigerfurd, Bo- 

trnui, and MoliDei, wai CrenteU £arl ol Huutiogdon, 

'■■Ueb digtiiljr theie Bironiei oere merged until the 

il>v(Francit XXVn.-lilth Earl, in 17H9, b.p. »beii 

iaE*rlo(Muirain Ireland, and on ber deatb, in leoH, 
eil on hrr ton, Francis Rawdon Hasting*, pre- 
MUaniueM of HMtiugs, Baron HBitings, HungerFord, 
ibiH. and Botrtaui. Vide Ht»TiNOS and Humtingdon. 

I . * Sb rtjkd tunelf L>d; HuogerToid, Hornet, Botraaui, 
I lUk. MoUiM, and Peverell, which t'itl» are someciuies attri- 
Wl Is lb* Manioaii of Haitingi. Hamil ud Pevrrra were 
''■"hiGwDtolBiyBuunies. Afuflj, ihoiigh t Bmodj ty Writ, 
"' "* (Uolalel J Tested is the said Lady Hungerford. ai she wta 
■''! <tU Ivii of one muietj and cobeir of ihe other mDicI)' of 
" l«iit>. Vide Moitt. 



I. IbSS. W«lier HuiiRerford (i. and b. of Sir 
Huneetranl, fideit ion of W«lt»f, ; 
ton of Rdberl, 3d fiuoo Hunscrfard) j 
to Pari, t "Walter Hungerford it 
bary, Che*'," 8 June, 3B H«nnr Vll 
but aciet arter«ard«. Attiintrd i 
beadedin 1341, when hi* bnoon bee 


I. 15B9. I.ReniyCtrer (t, and h. ofWiUitinC 

Miry, dau.ofTbomaaEariorWilnh 
sister of Queen Ann Bolcjrn, molber i 
ElizKbetb]: Crealed Baron Hun 
Hunidon, co. Hens, M Jan. IS59, K. 

II. 1596. S.GeiirgeCarey,i.aiidb.K.G.ob.lODS 

III. 1603. 3. Jobn Carey, brotbar and bair i ob. It 

IV. 1617- 4. Henrj Carey, (. and b. Creaicd Vlicoai 

ford, CD. Euex, 6 Juljr, 1 GSi ) Craatf 
Dorer e March, 1647 I ob. lOSt. 

V. I66B. 5. John Carey, a. and h. Viteoaiit Kaet 

Earl of Do*er | ob. 16TT> ■■ '• « 
became ejctdtct i but tbia Baioaj dn 

VI. 1677. 6. Robert Carey, btecouiin and lMlr,bal 

h. oF Horatio, eldeat ton of lUlMn, a. 
Sir Edmund Careyt 3d ton of H> 
Baron j ob. I69S, (.P. 

VII. I69S. 7. Robert Carey, coniln and heir, betM 

of Emealui Carey, 9d mmi of Sit Hi 
and h. of Sir Edmund Caray, Bnodl 
the lut Baron, and Sd aon of Hanq 
ron; ob. ITOS, 8.r. 
VUI.1TD9. & William Ferdinand Cai«y, cimmIb ■ 
beinf *. and b. of WilliaiB, aUaat mi 
dinand, 3d ion of Kr EdEaasd Ai 
tioned, 3d ion of the lit Bwoai i 
when tbe title beeaow 



iHOli *T W»IT. 

lt». Waller it Hunterconbe , Summ. la P>rl. rroo 
83 June, 33 Edw. 1. lass, to 16 Junt, 14 
Kdw.ll. t3lli ob. 1313, g.p. (bii Dtrpbcw, 
Nicbula*, lan of Richard ie Neobiuad, and 
Gunmore, hla tUtKt being bii next heiri] 
Kbenlhiii Bamny berame 


loea. Waltbeof. Earl of N art bum be eland, Narlb- 

amirtciti, and Hiintingdun t beheaded lOTS. 
Ids. I. &man de St. Ux, ba>inK married M^tud, eldett 
dan. and coheir o( the laii Earl, he acquired 
oilli ber ihe Earldom of UuntinEdon i ob. 
circa 1 1 DO. 
'1l llOg. I.David, brotber of Alexander King of Scut- 
land, having macried Maud, widuw of the 
lait Earl, aueceeded to ibis Earldnm by the 
Ipccial favour of Henry I. ; in I Hi be tuo- 
ncded to the ibrone of Srotland. 
"''■ ISM. 8. Hen>7. «. and b. of David King nf Scolland, 
Itw tail Earl, obtained tbia Earldom from 
Kiii| Slei>ben ; ob. 1153. 
' 11(3. & Simon de St. U>, >. and h. of Simon, lt.-lit 
Earl, entered afion the Earldom on the dealt) 
of the lut Earl [ ob. circa I U4. 
' llt4.S.Halcalm King of Scotland, a. and b. of 
Heiiif, IV. -M Earl, obtained the Earldom 
from HeniT tl. in IIS4i ub. 1 16.1, a.P. 
''- )ISS. 4. William Kine of Scotland, bnilbcr and beir{ 
dJveited of the Earldom circa 1 174. 
' <'l.llI«.3.81flM»i dc Si. Lli, £arl of Norihamplor 
and b. of Slnon Sth Earl, lucceeded lo 
tUrUlomi ub.llB.I.R.p. 
■*■ IIH- 1. Paviri, hroHicr of William Kine of ScuilandJ 
""'t.-«lh Earl, received ibB Earlduni Ir 
d brotber, i 

Earii ob. IVI9. 

<he death of Sin 

> the \MM 

rcMurBd in blank «d haaan, ami M (h^ 
EvUoa (rf n I ijpli W Act o( Pirii*-- 
liuiml ( H«a*T. MTTt OMad Dak* «• 
EiMCT G Jau. IHC; tMtd H«h Uiiidl • 
K.G., oh. IMC 
. I«46.3.>lenry HaU.«l.s.«ntk.Dafcaa(Entfri*t»- 
1474, *. r. *hn dB EidkiM bacaM* 

Hanii>igd»n, 34 A^WI. Ml; OaMai M 
qiKM of Uotwc !• Af^ i«»- It Wi 
that be waa aftOTvai* MHTMd * thi El 
do* of HamiagJaa, fcr i« — » ^ l«ll a 

XVn. I«T9. wniivB HeAert. M B^ afF 

• V»te k«<M>vW^ 


of Hunlini^Dn 4t1i Jul;, N;9i ub. ... 
t. r. ■. nbeii llie dipiily became 

IVI1I.I5S). I. George HMtirij., Ill,.3cl Baron Hdilinp _. 
Aihby de U Zouche, Baron Huneerford, &e. 
Crrafed Earl of Huntingdon 8 Dec. 1^99; 
ob. UH. 
tlX. IMt. % Francii Haitlngi, i. and b. K, G. he married 
Katherine, dau. and cobeii of tleury Pule, 
Lord Montagu, i. and b. of Sir R'cbard PoU, 
K. G. by Margaret CouiitEH of Salisbury, 
diu. and lole beir of George Plsnlogcnet, 
Duke of Clarence, brother of Edward IV. ; 
uh. 15GD, 
n. rsei.S.Heni7Ua(tlnE>,(. and b.K.G.ob. 1595. 9.P. 
UL 1S9L i. George HaitiQgi, brother and bein ob. 1604. 
UIL lEM. L Henry Huiiup, granition and beir, being *, 
•Dd h. of Fnncic Haslingi [ub. v. p.) elde*t 
.,.« lonoftbe Uji Earl; ob. 16A3. 

'Am.l(U.6. Ferdlnaodo Hutlngt, •. and h. ob. IES5. 
^''iV.lGij. 7. Theopbiitu Haitinp, i.and h. ob. HOI. 
JJ* mi. e. George Hatting), >. and b ob. 1 705, a. p. 
^*MlCii.S.TheophiluiHaiting>>, hair-brotberandbciri 
„-,„ ob. 1746. 

**'lLl;46,IO.FranclaHutini;a, i. and b. ob. 1789, b. P. 
Eliiabetb, fail liiler and beir, lucceeded him 
in tbe Baroniea of Hulingi, Hungerford, Bo- 
Ireaux, and Molines, wbicb bave detcended 
10 ber Ban Francii. tbe preient Marqueaa of 
-,„ Muiingi. K.G. 

''•lU.lSIS. II.Hana Frxncla Kaiiinp*, next beir male of 
Oeorge XVllI.-IM Earl, being lineally de- 
■cfnd«d from Editanl Hattinga, 3d ion of 
Pmoda, XIX.-Sd EsrI, all ibe intermediate 

)l It W be obened tbat the Rev. TheophHut Heorj Huc- 
ftdUer bratlwr of Geoige, lither of tbe pretuai Earl of 
U, ma>i ItIM, vbea b< died, a.r. duriDg vhicb tine he VM 
bftMCarlafHvulngdoD; butaa It waa oontidrTed a doubeAd 
Mbl«* Bbon the Earldom diFto1<red on the death of the aaid 
KMAXXVU.-l0Ui£ari, umil the prrieDt Earl -aiSuminoiied 
hftfw iktegin Jan. UtH, od the report of tlw Auomt^-Gntrtl 
imm i^ tiiim hii MUBfi It oioliuJia lb* ordci of iucocMi<»- 
r p3 


niale<le«cenJ»nti 1>rioe*Winrt 1 bi 
Kiidwat KlluWFd tbp E&rMom 14 J 
Pretent Sari of Hitniin'itop. =p 



I. Juhtu 1. William tie KuntiriBfieM', (ton vt Raftr i 

Huiiun^lield,} was one of tlie niebnujf 
Baraiit ippointed ta enforce ibt obter'tnc 
of Magna Crabta; living tSIB. 

II. H.III, 9.RoErrde Kunlingheld, E.andb. ob. ]1S«. 
ULH. ni. 3. William de HantiiiBfifld, •■ and b. at>. litl 
IV. Edir.L 4. Rueei de HanlingBcId, a. aiiil b. SummoMd 

JutiF, 3S B<l«. I. IS94, and S£ Jan, » Ed' 
I. ISST, but it it rtrj doubtful if (itb 
ibould bF considered at a Writ of Sudibdi 
Is Parliament ; vide " CLrvenoN" aod Fn 
JOUN;" ob. 1301. Hriiun and heir, Willii 
de Huntiiiglield, was never Summ. to Pi 
Slid died in 1SI3. Koger de HunlinE6c 

to Pari, aiid died ia 1337, kanag 

1. 1351. WilliamdeHuntinrfield, bit ton and belt,* 
wat Summ. to Pari, fivm IS Nu*.3SE> 
III. l35l,la90Jan. 4<)Edw. IIL 13761 
1377, t. P. leaTing bi* aiint, Alicia, du. 
William, biB grindfatbsr, and widow of 
John Norwicb, Kat. bii klnawoaMn and a 
heiri but, tceording to another inqnitili 
the (Aid Alice, and Sir John Cu^edi 
Krandton of Jobinnt, dau. of ttw taid 1 
liaro, fail grandlather, bji Sybilla, bit SA ■ 

gnndMa of (hi* William i bnt from the i in aliiia of itia 

Mt hating bean one of cbe Sa fiarou ^ptintad M takm 
obaarrasn of Magna Charta, it ii prettj iriiliiir that b* *!■ 
be oonudarad •> pouaiHd of that dignity. Tba filM wg 
a ^ ^ hrluimaat appMn to b* in I8ftl. 





-in hi« heir.. Ai thin Baron 


iniie, tb« Jtnrnny became 





r- win "' 


B. Jubn as Humlugeeld, descfiided from ibe ^^ 

*■■»« famlki Sumra. lo Pari. Ir 

m 14 Au«. 

3G i:d«. III. I3G4, lo 6 Apnl, 

3Edw. Hi. 

rs^, but of obom noihlnc Canli 

rii known. 



Viilc HoEse. 





: n wnrr. 

1. 1. John HuitPti Siimm. to Pari, a 


Uauty ifc Sleford, Chi«al<r," 5 January, iB ^H 

Hmr? V11I. 1534, and 8 June, ! 

Hetl.Vni. ^H 

ttS6. Ir iiippars that he lat in 

Pa.Ii.ment ^B 

tb« Kilt H«n. VIU. Ilmugb bii na 

me doe. not ^B 

Dccar In tlie Liu of Summon 

e, ,Ur. ^B 

VMr. Bchetdrd and aiuinlcd >n 
Vim buriun I'ecaine 

1536, wben ^H 



nHo<,di., H 

1 EHf.( bal the >lt>inder or Ibeit 

father hu ^H 





of Rlrbard ^H 

Btrun Hutcbiniun o( Alexand 

iif ^^1 

KDMk)..l\}, c«. Tipperary, IC 
fRMat Baron Huichiriioii , G. (. 






or iMCnt 

MS it KbmUoAj, CO. T ^n M im 

-"-•-' • ,14 jniy, 1831^, 
«, John Hftr W 

tcMSt lliHl 
lAtaMi rin Eariof Dooaa^aa 


t_ MSB. L S*ne4 B>* i CreatMl lUnm H^A 
Ana. t*/waa, 3dXoT. 1660; Cr 
(anbvi, ea-Oilbrd, and Euiof C 
C&ITb. W April, leei. 

€amct ITS3. v>«« Cl 

IL IT56. l.TboMaA^Btn (9d Mn of WUEu 
of imety hviagt «>niH) Cbwtet 
du. of WU^ Eu) of Emci, bj J 
w>d bar ml Otmrj Bjdc, laM Eul ( 
doD ud RackcMcr, wb> Created B* 
oT HtBikn, CO. wan, witk remaind 
heir* ndc I7 bit mhI «ilei faiUl 
tbe dicniiT of PwoatM Hjpde to bk 
■nd ibe di^iu^ at Bwon Hjrde to 
aikoTbertiodr, SJane 1TS6; Cli 
of Clarendon 14 JaM, in6 ; ob. IT 

lir. ITBS. 3.Tboinu VUIkr«,«.utdb.Eulo(a 
Ob. 1824. 

IV. IBM. 3.Jobn Cbxriei Vill«r*,brotberaDdlH 
^cnt Baron H;de and Earl of Clam 


Woilon Bu«t, M. Wilt., RQil Viicount H 
ef Kroilwonb, M>. Wurwiok, S3 April, 16 
Crvalfd Eurl of RocbMtrr 39 Nov. 1682. 

«)ctintt ITB3. 
Vide RacitciTBR and CLAtesnn 


1 CnaMdl-Drd ll< 
,. Somenet, and Baroi. ot 
W<MMJr<ird Strangewjys, fo. Dorwf, 
May II. 1741 i Cre*led Lord II- 
ehmeruid Stavordalc, and Barnn 
of lledlyiicb, co. Somiinct, wilb re- 
iDaindcf, fatlins hit iuuc mal>, to 
III* bniihtr Htnry (arieriiard* lat 
BaiDii Holland), 3 Jan. I747i Cre- 
ated Earl of llchexer, oitli tbe 
taiDP limitation, &lb JuD>, ITSGi 
Ob. n7b"- 
1775. 3. Henry Thomaa Fox Sirangewayi, a. 
■lid b. ob. I S(H. 
—III. mo?. 3. Henty Siephtn Foi St range* aji, 

a. and b. Hrrient Eirl and Baron I 
Ilrbeitfr, anil Baroa llchetter apd | 
SiavordaU. ^ 

VucoUMTcv, Id July, net. 

r delngbanii Sumni. to Fori, fruni IC 1 

.. 2 Ed*. IIJ. ISSa, to 25 Feb. 16 Edw. 

III. lUi: ub. 1344, s.r. M. EUaabctI), bii 

II. aod «oh«ir (oh. ». p.) oiarf. Jobp 

Ml bii 9il dau. oai the oila 


•f Rogn k SUMfc. of K»wki»i »•« 

BuBoj >• ptwoDnl la b( la **r»»a. 


Vide L'iBLX. 


^AklMMi, I Navnaber. 1801. 

VncocvrcT, 1 1 Sectenbcr, itli. 


RAfcnt V«f«, 9ib Eul of Oi.riirdi CnMil 
Muliora (rf DobUn I Dw. 9 Ric II. IIU' 
wilfatbr Ler^blp *.nd Dominion uflnlW) 
Cfmed Duke or Inknd IS Hireb. IWJi 
Sonm. to P»rl. on (hr 8ih Au|r>»l, 10 Kkh. II- 
U?«, u " Roberto de Veer Manhioai D«b- 
lin,- .nd in <be foUo-iop Pjrli.a.tnl, "*- 
17 Dec 1 1 Ric. n. 1387, M ni SvaaM^ 
M " ChmTiwi— ContBBfUMMO Regit Kv 
bent Doci Hibento." K. G. [ builbed »■ 
•naiBtcd l3«Bt»lKB«nM«hBWBwbietP* 

lEBS. l.KrGraiteJefeiTtt, IM BaR.CnalcdBifM 
JeSetyi of Wen. co. Salop, tS Ha;, IGUl 
Ob. 1G89. 

809 : bat BO sotica of bk cnMMi 
s Uw RoO* of Pwlkaiat. 
t Itii peit^H wortbr o/mDaik in tliu plMw, tlwt tbi tbla 
of Eul of tlint uid ViicoDat W., : 
totbji notorioaip«r«nu^. Grmr'_~ . . - 

b a pint (/Jodn JtSnji u Eir- .■: 1 ^u:, \ ..^■__: \\ ._■/ .j , 
Bku of Wm i" ud addi, " I ^ i> oce? iarlicu-J u tlim^ .i • 
artaintv tmtil ■ cunoui gentlt-mui thcired me tK« feUovinr 
Litbo^iea,' .\c. dedmled l> 
bauti Fl ia t ii, Vicacowti d 

l-acfc i'UJMrtatio 


I. I703,wbent be tills I 


1. I. Htoty itrtayn I Crexled Biron Jermjn of S(. 
Edmunilibury, ca. Suffolk, wiih remsiridrr, 
failing bU iHUc nmlr, lo Tbomu bis elder 
brollicr. e Sept. 1643; CrrMcd Eart uf Si. 
Albaii'i ST April, ISSO, K. G.; ob. 1683, 
when that Earldoin became llftinct i but 
I bit B*runy deyulTed un 
_n. lEM. l.ThomaE Jennyn, iiepliev anil beir, being toil 
•nd b«tr of ThoiDM Jtrmja, elder brother of 
' c Uit S»oni ob. 1703, (.P.M. when the 

title 1 


HcniT Imayn, neit brother of Tbontaa Sd 

Baron Jcmyn oF St. Edmundtbur]! ; Created 

Biron Jenovn of Du«er, eo. Kent, 13 Miy, 

I68A ; ub. nOH. i. p. when (he tide became 



I. £<l>ira Villien. tit Baron Villlen of Hoo, and 
Viicount Villien of Danford ; Ciealed Earl 
odhtMindotJeney 13 Oct. IG97 ; ob.1711. 
1. 9. William Vlli>Fr<,i.Hndb.ob. 1791- 

«l ITS). 3. WlUiam Villien, •. and h. succeeded ai ath 
VlicouQt Grtnduon in Ireland in I7GS| ob. 

1. 176». 

UW. «. C«arK« BuMy ViUlert, i. and b. ob. 1805. 

Hm. 6. Geor«* Cbild Villien, >. and h. Prewot Earl 

^H an^ Baron Villicr* o( Hoo; alio Viscount 

^H Onndtion In Ireland. ^ 

ffdi WtiMH MpMoio AugllB Cuioeltuio, e( HrcniHirao 

nisaK Granger U, hontener, gridenl1;i ajotiricui 
!■« Ao /JMy Jefftfji. 

'31 * 


• < 


r, ia06» wHh iwsiniMk 

^«r.-^r. MM! tior iMw Bsle ; Created VifOooDt tM 
.•iiitf. -» -«« v».C. BL: <i^ IMS, 8. P. M. vheo tbe Ba* 
^uv ir &.*'iji 41 gtifwhjf «■ Maritcbal, and and the VJ** 
ciimMXir», iincuat^ AtiMI ; bat tbe Baron v of Keitb of 
A^norari us««iiV4ni» 4||r«abl» Co tbe above unitioD, oo 

I I i-i.1, i. M ir^vM. Mttfccr Elpbinstone, dau. and wk 
avT «!« oMrr. CooDt Flabault. Pmeot Bi- 
r\:a««» ILifca oft lUnbeath, =7= 

Eaixoos, -* Mah^ UI4— ^foinct 




Eakldox^ I44S— ^mact 

John de Fo(x\ soo of tbe CaphMi deb 
Buscb« ; Civated EaH of Kendal drca 1449^ 

Sovneaothori assen that h« left deMxndaato, and dMl^ 

uie title of Earlt of Loo^tterille end KeoiUi b«it 

'ibted if thU John de Foix «m ever Rodarij mmid 

^JnEjv^land; for tboogb Dv^dale dtei tbtRdb 

'«ry VI n. 31 . as hb authority it does not tfgf 

^ proof of the fiMt b aftwdid tbenou V 


Cbwta Sluarl, 3-1 ion uf James Duke of Vork. 
brother «l ClMrtei 11.; Cre«led Duke of Ken- 
dal in I6GG ) lib. IGB?, mlans, when tbe die- 
iiity b*c»me «Zrtlnrt. 
iHDOM. gih April, lUBa— ectintt nOB. 


Eren^anl de Schiiltmberg, Duoheis uf Mun- 
it*r in IreUiiJ) Ctc*tetl Birunett Gluiuii- 
haty. CO, Sumenet, Couiileta of Fevenham, 
on. Kent, and Ducbeu of Kendal, cs. Wex- 
B«r«land> lor life, Apnl 3(1, 17l9i ob. 1743. 
wtaen all ibeie tiiki became 


Odo, Biihop of Biiyeux, in Narmaiidy, and>[brr of K>»c William ibe Conqueror , 
Created Eul uf Keut 106T i ob. lOgS, i. r. 
■hen Ibe ilijniiy became 

WUtiim de Ipre ; Created Eirl of Kent in 
lUtiob. litis, a. F. Mbenbii honors became 


I Rolb ;* ■• fuUuwi. la Ihe iccamiou of tbe Dule 
' tha CommODa, in tlie taA Henry VI. it ii italed 
, Am Mid Duke, for tbe (ingular enrichjn; of hi> 
» bniUmd. lonoF lo the Capidawe, caiued jou In 
id aooa* Kris r,f Keudale. (o geve him greM poiiu- 
iberiiayncci in Eogtond, ■nd over that to graunte 
■MdlH, tordiliij)pe>, tud pctt pOHeuiuna in jaute 
ajn, M lh« fciel/ value u( MJi. and moie ; and by 
ig* pMple then ki:|il the nune cutetlu, lucdihippei, 
M to joat behoofe, tlie laicl lonne accnmpuiyed lo 
aoalira of juur adnnuioa and cnnemjo biiued 

if the u 

I manjF of ^oure h 
irmgrete ameiiuiuig nt yaat enheri 
: ,.. .. ^ i 

lal— 9. Haw 

«p KENT. 

III. I3SG. Hubert ile Bui^b ; Cmted Eul of Kfnl I 

February, ISSG; ob. 1943, lta<r>n( itu 
malr, but they iievrt enjajrcd ihii Eiridim. 

IV. 1331. I.Etlmund PUnUgenii, Btron of Wodituke, 

younger ton of King Edarard 1. ; L'rrued 
EkrI u( Kent 1311 ; be marriAl M*r[*Rt, 
iliiiEhler nf Juhn 9d Baron, jtnd tiiiir uij 
beir of Tbomag 3d Baron Wike i 1»b*nl«l 
I3lIU, >iid beine Ulaiiited bii 

V. 1330. 3. Edmund PUiilagenel, i. uid b. RwtomJ ■■ 

blooj and bouon by Parliaueni j ob. dr«i 
1333, infra Matem, a. P. 

VI. 1333. 3. Jobn PliDlBCenet, brother and h^ ; ek' 

1353, ». P. 

VII. 1360. 1. Thomas Baron Holland, ^ aon of Robctt lit 

Baron Holland, baling married Joane Itui- 
tagenet, aiiter and lolc heir of Jobn Ibc luc 
Earl, atBumed the lille o( Earl of Kent In 
1360i and on the 90[h November in ihil 
year waa Somm. to Pari, ai Eari of Knii 
K. G. ; ob. la Dec. 1360. Joane, hii wida>, 
married Edward the Black Pnnc«, and ij 
bim wai molber of Kiiig Richard II. 

VIII. I3G0. S.Tbomag Holland, i. and h. Baron Wake jun 

malria, Earl Marshal; ob. 35 April, I39T- 

IX. 139T. 3. Thomas HoUnnd, ■- and b. Created Duke o( 

Surrey S9 Sept. 1397, Earl Manhal, E.C.| 

X. 1400. -I. Edmund Holland, brother and heir) mcetti- 

ed lo thii Earldom, notwitbttandioc Iht 
attainder of hii brother, and aat in PuliP 
ment ai Earl of Kent, T Hen. V. ; Lord Ad- 
miral, K. Q. t ob. 1407, s, r. whcD the difoii; 

XI. 14GS. WilliamNevill.youneerMDofRaliihittGul 

of Weitm ore land. Baron FaaoanbeiK Juft 
ii>or>>i Created Earl of Kent 1469; LoH 
Admiral, K. G. , ob. circa I4fi9, «.?. K. ■bet 
the lille again became 

'IRSNT. 351 

I.GdmiinJ Crcy, 4lb Baiwi Grey <Ie Hulhfn ; 
CrsKrd Esrl of Kont 3 Mny, l4(iS) Lord 
HighTrcMunt; ub. USB. 
Il.lttS. a.GeorfcGre}', ion nnd ticir, Baran Gr^y Ue 
Rultiyni ob. 1504. 
I. 3. Ilieli«nl Ctry. ion xnd heir ; Uaruii Urey lie 

Rulliyn. K. G.; ob. IS33, «.P. 
t. 4.Hein7 Gnj, half broibar and heir, Biran 
Gf*y it Ruihyn i bs did not u>uin« Ibc title 
(kon poverty] ob. ISfiS. 
k Si lUpnatd Grey, gninlion and heir, bring ton 
tM hair of Henry Grey (ub. v. p.] rldeti ion 
oClhelut Eirti reiumed the title of Earl of 
K«nt and Urd Grey de Ruibyn: ab.isia, a. p. 
L IS19.<I.H«nry Grey, brother and beir, Lard Grey de 
Rulbyni ob. IGib, b.p. 
11LI<l&-*.Chatlei Grey, brother and beir, Lord Grey de 

Rutbyn i ob. I6S5. 
[, IC9S. R.Henr; Grey, i, and b. Lord Grey de KulLyn ( 
oe.l63<l, 1. r. nben the Barony of Grey de 
Rutbyn derolTed on bit lister nnd heir i 
but ibi* Eu-ldom fell to hii next licir male, 

XX. 1G39. D.Anihony Grey, coutin and beir, btlng ion and 
heir of Geor^, eldett ion uf Anthony Grey, 
3dianutGeoreeXin.-!dEu't| ob. IS43. 
lU.I«.1.1(I.Hcnry Ciey,<t b. ob. IG5I. 
^jMimi-UAnlbony Grey, «. and b. ; bii wife, Mary, 
^ dan. and «ute beir of John Lord Lucai, was 

B^ created BaroueuLueu of Crudwell,co.Wilti, 

[^ 7 May, IE63, with remainder to lier heir* 

male and female by her taid buibandi oh. 

Nang. dumb. 
XXllMT<n^LIT06^I.11iU.IS.>le>iry Grey, tun and heir; 
■uccBcded hii mother ai 
Baron Lucu 1 Nut. 1700; Cremed Viicuuiit 
Goodencb ofGoodrricb CaKle, en. Hereford. 
Earl of Harold, eo. Bedfard, and Mar<|ue»i of 
Knit, 14 Uac ITOfl i Created Duke of Kent W 
; C rented M 

a epiKi'l remainder, g May, 1740, K. t 

1740, 1 

•ben all hi> titki, 



11. 1T99. l.H-B. U. PTiiiaaEdMrd,4A ■■ if I 
■nd brotlMT of oar ■mant HijMtT I 
DukB of Kant and StMtbwa, mat 
Dublin In Iroluid. SS April, 1791 
K.P. G.C.B.I «b.lS9lh*.r.«.«ki 
title* tecuM 



E«RLDOH, 97 JulT, nX—€aiaa nss. 


S. 1. Henry Rich, 3d un of Robvct IH 
Wirvich ( Created Buna of Kmi 
eo. UlddUwi. eth ItuA, I6S9 1 Crca 
Halliind, eo. Liiuala, M Sept. IC94, 

ob. 1649. 



«pp«rent of I 
^li in Soot- 
ier nod Earl 

irk, 34 Miy, . 

like sf Rox- ^^J 

if RoibuTcb, ^^^1 

when ^^M 


'nrl. from 27 ^^| 

SI June. II 1 

ITS3. I.Robert Ker.aon Rnd heit 
John 1st Duke of Roibii 
Und ; Crratcd Baron Ker mid Earl 
Ker of WikefielJ, Co. Vurk, 34 Miy. 
1723: luccerded ■■ 9d Duke of Rox- 
bargb 94 Feb. 1T4I ; ob. IT»S. 
«.— tl. 115S. !: John Ker, a. and b. Duke of RoxbuTcb, 
K. G. anil K. T. ; ob. IgM, g. p, when 
hii Eneliib honora became 


1. Roger ie Kerdeaiou i 3uinm- to Purl, from 27 
Janoary, 6 Edaardlll. 1333, tu !1 June, 
Bdw. lit. 1337 ; oh. 1337- 
'. 8. William de Kenlettan, a. and h. Summ. to 
Pari, rroai 30 Dec. II Edw. III. 1337; in 
which Writ the Chriitian name of William 
t>H been erawd with ■ pen, and the fotlottiiij; remark is 
uldHl, " racal qoia reaiitulua fuit, & ahbi in obiequio 
Rf^i", to 3 April, 3i Edw. III. 1360 ; ob. 1361, leaving, 
iRording to one liiqniaition, William hia son and beir, 
Ibea 36 years of age; but by anotber inquUiliun Johp 
tbe Ion uf John de Durgbenh oai found to be hit couain 
andbeir,then igyenrtof ag«i the said William deKerdei- 
(nn «u I Knlgbt in the 50th Edn. 111. and then claimed 
pan ut bi* father's lands aa hia beir, and not being op- 
pMed, vai adiiiiUed Id them. He waa never lummoned to 
Wrliamcnl, and perhapa the cauae of ibe diSvrent 
Intpiitiliont arote from cooie dnubt uf hia lefpiimaey. 
Dusdale g)*e* no further account of this family; but 
ffoB Uoranl'a Essex, eited by Banka, which i> panlj 
COtTobonted by a Pedigree in the Collef-e of Armi, it 
appnn Ibat William de Kerdestun, (be lait Baron, left 
•MR by Alice de Norwich, bii aecond wife, a aon Willlami 
tat by hif Srit wife two daughters, who arc called in the 
MS. pedigree juit cited hii cofieiri, vix. Margaret, wife of 
Sir Willian deTendring (whoae son and heir. Sir William 
Ttairwg, hit itiue, of wbicb Alice, bi* daughter and < 
*^ ' ^ mrrkd Sir Jobn Howard, anceator of ibc Duke 



Norfolk) ; nriil Maud, wb<> b«c>ine tbe *i(< of Min da 
Bur|[h«nh, miil left itiue John da Bur)(h>nb, ■b*Ma{ 
aote 19 Rich. I[. left tvu d&URbtcn fait oobain, *ii. Ilw- 
p>ret, who mimed flnt. Sir John GrcDTille, andMeoidlf, 
John Aruudrl ; ind M&ud, *bo wu the wife of l^iiaa 
Cbaueer (tun of the poet Geoffrey Cbaucer], nhuaedM. 
and aole heir Alice, «u thrice lanTrled. The BiroDf tt 
Kerdrilon, on the failure uf tbe i»u« oF William de Kn- 
deaton, the reputed *m of the lait Biron, felt inU 
Abevancb hp(«een hii hair-iiitcn or their dcicendim^ 
and ii preaumed to be now vetted tn their leprtx*- 


OF leHHBUfiH. 

I. ISIII. l.Williani Kerr, «(b Marqurta of Ldbita is 

Scolland ; Created Biron Kerr of Keitbeafb, 
CO. Ro^iburch, 17 July, 18S1, K, T. i ab. 

II. 1834. S. John William Robert Kerr, ». and h. Pmeat 

Baron Kerrj alio Harqucti of LolhitBiAc. 
in Scotland. 



PR. 11. Heiiry At Kilpci:, Lnrd of Kilprc Cutic I ITS | J 

la wbum iuccmiIikI | 

KIc I. JnbB lie Kilfirc i ob. 1904, kiid ou luccHded 1 

. Jobn. HnihdcKilpec!; ob.cire* 1907, a. p. ■, leariac I 
iMbel, •rih or WmUm Waleriind, «nd I 
Jouie, wife of Philip Mannion, hil daugh- 1 
ten «ad cohdn. 1 


WUlir 0« Kinriimburgh wu SummoneU S June. 

, Bd>.r.ll<M> but rur the clusnuiigiird under "Ct.! 

W." ti doEi nol B[>pe«r that ihat Writ wu » rve: 

lit lu hHiinxiiK. He wai never agHin t 


I. I]3S. I.PclerKinei CreitHi Lcnl Kin;, Baron of I 
OFkbmm, CO, Surrey. 3S May, 1795, Lotd 1 
High CliMMllon ob. I7S4. ■ 

■T IT34. Z. John Klu^, i and b. ob. 1740, B.p. 

"L 1740. 3. IVlrrKiiic. brother and heir; ob. 1T5-).1. P. 

'V 1714. 4. WiUlainKlnK. briiiherDDd beir; ob. 17(17, s.P. 

y 17(J7. Ii.TbumM King, brother mi J beir i ob. 1779, 

^I 1797- G. P*ler King, *. and h. ob, 1793. 

^tl, 171)]. l-PtlerKlug, >.*nd h. Preient Baron King. ^ 


) ICia. I. Itibert Pierrepont, Ut ViiCounl Neoai^' 
Creaied Earl of KliiKston-apon-Hult, 
Vork,»Julv, 1636; ub. I(i43. ■ 

" IML 9.HcnryPierrPpoinl, n.andb. Crexed Mar<|<irM I 
I or Unn'ham, en. Donwt, SS March, I Ii44 | 

' ob, 1680, I. I-. M. wbeR the laid Mari|ui«al« 

btcanifl tfitinct i but thi* Earldom d«> 

lU. I<W. 3.1tafc«t nrmjnint, Ennd-ncphew 
hdaf £Mi tad \itil of Ruberl, tl 
WiOiiat Pwrriyoint, ticil bTDllicr 
Eari; ok. I6ej, (.p. 

n. laS. 4. WOMB FWmfiaiiit, bnthcr and 

irtL ». Et^T* PkcTcpoint, bf 
her; CrcMnI Muqye 
■teMcr, ■». Donet. U 

t«. Varfc, £0 Ja)T, i; 

BiKOicT, 9S Jininn, 

Cork, in ibe PtengBal iW CntM 
17 Jul., lef I. PnwM B«B B 
MictKltumn : ■!» Eul ^ Ka^ 
IreUnd. =f ^ 







TUuioM lie KirkrtoTi ; Summ. «i 

1}. ^^1 

Pi-b. l6KJ>.»rJlll. na. but nev 

er .Her- ^^H 

vuilt. >t>.lof ohoni Ilugilile g.v« 

no fuT< ^^H 




Joka dp Kiilutuii i h'«*>'""") «> !"■ 

c been Dt ^^1 

tba Mine Unily i Suiiim. to Pari. 1 

A<.»». ^H 

3S Kdw. 111. lies, iKd 1 June. 3T EU». III. ^^H 

latii; ob. I3H1. >. P. ttbeii tbii Bu-uDvbt- ^^H 

one £|:tin(t. 




, WUliim Kn^l1/i (<un of Sir FrancI 

Knollyt, ^^1 

K. G.) 1 Cnu<il Baron Ktiollyt oF Gray!, co. ^^H 

Uiford, U*y 13, 160) ; Creaird Viicount ^^H 

WaUineforil, U Nuv. IGli;, and 

E*tl ul ^^H 

Banbury 18 Aneutt. 1G3B, K.C. 

tfrtlntt 163!. 

Vide Wallingfuri) nnd B 

.B.». H 



r wuT. 

from S3 ^1 

, Bow Je Knovlll ; Stimin. l.> Porl. 

Jun., 9S Ed». 1, l395,lo8GAuguB 

, 1 Eilo. 

11. laOTi ob. 1301, Uaving Bogo il 


bi« ion aiid brir, tbeii 30 yuirs u( 

«Sr, and I 

■bet mu, iie»r Siimiu, lo Pari, .lor 

"""" ■ 



f. Thumaa Knyvet j Sumni. to P«rl, 


*• Uird 

KntTtt t.r £«>ri<:k, po. Yuri. \ \<m 

hi that aiithur. Irmn 9 Teb. 7 Jac 

''l. 1610, ^^ 

la 14 Not. i» Jao. 1. 1691, aUayt 

M»Tbo. ^m 

mv KiiyM, Cbl'ri" ob. 1691, * 

p. whan ^H 

kia boiAU* ftnvntr 




I. I. Ilbcn de Lacy, Lurd of Ponlerract, co.Yark. 

ll.SJloberl de l*cy, ■■ ■iid b. ob. s. F. 

I. 3 HBDty ilr L*i-y, btulber and lieir. 

L 4-Itobert de Ucy, ■.■nd h. ob. 1 193, s, p. Icivini; 

Albnda. hi* liiK-iiiiEr, wife of Richard Piii- 

Buitacc, liit heir. 
• S-Johnde L*ej, (oit of the laid Richard and 

. 6. Roger de Lary, <. Rnd b. ob. I^ll. 
t. T. John de Lty, >. nod h. Creaied Esri of Lin- 

eotn: be wai onv ofilie25 ceUbratedBarDni 

appointed til eiitoTL'e die obiervanee o( 

Haona Charth. 

Vide Lincoln. 

-L lOOT. I. Gerard L>k«i Created Biron Like 
of Delhi mid Luwary and Alton 
Clinton, vo. Oucki, 13 Sept. IHIM i 
Created Viacomit Lake, of the lacnc 
placet, 4 No*. IBDT ; ob. 1 BOS. 

.11. 1808. 9.Franci(Gerard Lake, i. and h. Pre- 
uot Viacuuiit and Baron Lake. ^ 


. 1. William de Lancaiter, Baron of Kendal. 

. 9. William de Laucuter, ■. and b. Steward (u 

Ilenijrll.; ob , «. p. H. Helewite, hii 

riau. and beir, mair. Gilbert, ion of (tuger 
Fla-Reinfred, their ion. 

. S. William, auunied hit mother*! namcofLaa- 
culer, and on the death of Gilbert hii (allier. 
In UI9i obtaiiiFd the Baronyj ob. circa 
194G, (. r. -ben the i»ue ol 111 lii 
found to be hlibeln. 

. l.Rvfer de Laneuter, tuiipoted to have been 
half-brotlicr to the laal Baron by UuRdile. 
bat WB InfaMbiibaalaidbralber; ob.lJ^. 

I Lancaster. 

1S99. 3. John de LJincMier, ■. and b. Sunin, idPuL 
rrcim SyDet.^H Edw. I. I°99. to 1IU«.1 
EJ*. 11: 1309) hewu alio Sunmnncd « 
Jan. SS Ed>. 1. 1897 i but for (be ruou u- 
iifnnl under " FiTe-Joiik," it » very duuU- 
ful if tbat Writ can be cuiitidend ■ irpilu 
SiinimonKu Parlinment i gl>. 1334, (.r.ubca 
tbii BtTony berime 

Earl of Cl.<!^ 
o( Lancaster 30 Jul 
Eii^laiid: ob. V'Sa. 
IS05. S/riiuQiat Plaiiiagmei, 1 

, 13'ir. 3. Henry Planlap 



anil Uuke ot AquJIslne Sil Harchi 
ISUS.K.G.) vb.1399. 
111. 1399. 3. ltrur> PluiUgeuci, lau bdiI heir; 
Aiccniltd ihe Thtoiit! Sdtb Sept. 
1399. M Heni? IV. irl»n tliU liile, 
*ilh all bl> Qlber baiior>, becimc 
mergeil in the Crown, in which it 
bu ever ilnce rcmaiiK^d vMicd. 


I.Hcnrjr PlantRgenel, brother and heir (rf Thomnl 
Jl.Sd EatI of Lioculer, whs mat atiaiiKrd 
in IJJI i Samm. to Pari. 6 Feb. 37 Edw. I. 
1399, M " Hiiiirica de Luneulre nepoll 
B«8*»," and as " Henrico de LnncaslrE" 
Iram Ihit year umil i6 Dec. 17 Edward II. 
13U. Reltored to hli brother'! dlgnily of 
Earl otLancutei ID 13^7 i oh. I34&. 
9. Henry Plintagenel, ■. and h. Sunim. in Pari. 
M '* HKiirlcul de Uaticaitre," 3 Feb. 9 Edw. 
III. 1335; Created Entl otUerhj 16 Mareh, 
I33Ti (uerecded hit fatber aa Earl of Lm- 
raiKer in 1345 i Created Eirl of Lincoln in 
lUS, aqd Duke ot Laucaater in 1 35 1 , K. G. > 
pb. I3GI, •.F.M. when thia BirLiiy M[ inio 
AaavAHCa between hit two dHughier« and 
cotaain, lit. Maud, who wai twice married, 
but died In 136'i. s. p. nnd Blanch, who mar. 
Jnhn of Caunr, Uiihe u( Lancaster ; on 
aboae ton, Henry Plaiitipeiiet, ii dcvulrrd 
JUN malrii. He atL-radcrd the 1'brone ^9 
S*pi- 139a, ■> Henry IV. when thi» Barony, 
«Ub bit uther lionurs, Iictamc merEed in the 

LMannailuke Langdalei Created Raron Lang, 
i*U of Holme in sipaldingmon-, to. York 
4 Feb. lni-». ob. ICi^l. 



. S. Manraduke LBii;da1e, I 
1. 3- Mirmaduke Lungdalt,!. 
I. 4. Msnoaduke Laii)^>lr> 
I. 5. Marmiiduke Langdilr, 

when the I ' 

" JobiM 

„. S Utttry IV. 1 

.1.1-1301 ob. 1410, 

■liter and lole ht\r, ■ 

, iVilluughby, Kiit.ubcM p 

, Robert Locd mitouKblrr 

tinied ibii Biron; a^intt Rid 

, il.-li. Baion Latimer under tbi 

tioii of the Writ of 10 Hen. VI. < 

in tbe reign of Heniy VIII. tbc 

not prosecuie hii clnm ; but ibe 6 

now be coniidereil to be Teiied in 

preieni Baron VVillougbby de Bn 

i<neTil nf Eliinbclh, siMer and t 

tbe la«t Bsron Latimer 


■ ■ Geor^ Nevill (ilb ion of Rnlpb 
WeiiDoreluid, ton and heir oF 
meatioiied Juhn Lurd Nevitl oi 



Scrio de LtniUilron ; Suinni. (o Pari, from 39 
Dee. SB Edit. 1. 1 £99, o 3 Nav. 34 Edw. I. 
1306, but never afterwards, and at mbam 
nothing: furtti«r is known. 

Y TBtrulie. 

^ 1. Wllllaim dc Unvallei i ob. 1314. 
k 3. William de Luivallei, a. and li. ; he wm one 
t>( the SS celehrxed Baronl kppuliiiEil to en- 
force (be ubiervance of Mjiom* Cimrta ^ 
ob. .. .., 1,P. M. Hawyie, bla dui. »nd >ute 
h'ir, married John de Burgb, eldeit ion uf 
Hubert E«rl uf Kent. 


Ruser Jc Litcelic; Summ. to Pari, 'ii June, 
3D Sept. and 9 Nov. 33 Kdwani I. ISUS, and 
3GAUE-34 Edw. 1. ISgG. He wa> alio Sum- 
muiird i Jun», ia Edw. I. 13^4 ) but fur the 
rvMonft uiieiird under "CLvvaDoN," il U 
tcfji duubtiul if thai Writ wai a regular 
Sumnoii* 10 Patllamini -, ob. circa l!9T, 
•■P. M. letTitit bi> four dauchun hii cohtin : 
•uMOf wlioae deuendanti and repreaenta- 
IWn ihb Bwony it probably in AxiviIiic'R. 



I, 1399. I. William le Lailmeri Smnm. to Put I 

Dec !8 Edward I. IS99. (o M Jan. SI 
1305, u " Willielmo te Litiimr, S( 
ob. 1305. 

II. I C39. 9- WiUiHoi le Lxtinier, i. and b. Sunm. 

a) "Wiiliclmu le LaliaicT. Junloti, 
6 Feb. 37 Edw. I. 1999, to SS Jui.33 
1305, and aa " Willielmo le Lalimer 
3 Dec. 30 Edw. IL 1337 i ob. 1331. 
ITh 1337. 3. William le Latimer, i. and h. Suidd. 
from GAuguit, 1 Edn.III. IS37,ta 

9 Edward III. 1335 i ob. 133». 
1335, 4. William Latimer, a. and h. Sdidd, i 

from 34 Feb, 43 Edward III. 
3Ricb.Il, 13791 ob. 1380, a.r.M. 
Letb bis dan. and beir, mirrked, finl 
lll,-]tb Baron Necill ot Rabj-, to kIi 
wat lecond nlfe i and afur hi« deitb. 
iiig to tome authariliei, she marned 
LurJ Willoughby of Ereibj. 
HOI, o.Julin Nevill, on); lan of Jobn Lor^ 
above mentioned, bjr bit lecund wile 
beib, dati. and beir uf the latl Batvn; 

10 Pari jure matrit, at ■' Jobanni 1 
mer," from 35 Aug. 5 Henrr IV. I40 
Nut. 9 Henry VI. 1430 < ob. 1430. *. 
2abprh hii tiEter and sole bf ir, nan 
TbumaEWillDughby.Kiii.nhcct ereal 
IDII, Roberl Lord Wlllouellbr <t( 
rUimed this Barony agaititt Iticbanl 
ll.-3d. Baron Lalimer under the ne 
lion of the Writ of 10 llpn. VI. fnji 
in Ibe reign of HencyVllI. ibougb 
iinl I'ruiecuie hit claim ; but ibi di|n>i< 
now be contidered to be veaied Id Hfi 
preient Baron Willougbby d* Broke i 
general i>F Elitab«lb. lUter and bcb i 
I be last Baron Latimer. 


U'l'IMCR. Hii 

bt* JInt wife Maud, ilnu, of Henry Lord 
Pi!rt>) ; Summ. w Pari, u •• Geurgio Ln- 
If ner, Cbcv." from 35 Feb. 10 Heniy VI. 
USS.ruT&ept.dEd*. IV. 1469! ob. 1469. 
t. % Rivbarri Ncvill, gnnilton and b. being ton and 
hrirofHvniy Nn'iil(ob.v.|>.) tUat tan i.f 
Ihr IMI Biron ; Summ. to Pari, at <■ RicHrdn 
Ncvill de Laiiiner, CbivaUr," rrom IS Aue. 
J Hen. VII. U9S, to 3 Nor. !1 Hen. VIII. 
lU9i ob. 1330. 
)• 3> JabnNe<HII, a. and b. Summ. id Pari, as " Jo- 
banni Neoill d« Uiimer, Chivalier," rrum 
SJ«n.9a Henry VIII. IS34, to 16 January, 
, 3S Henry VIIL IMS) <ib. 1543. 
>. 4.JubD NeTill, l-and b. " Jo- 
iHnnL Nnvillde Lnliioer, Chi*aler," frum 14 
Jan*,35 Henry Vni, 1M3, to6 Jan.SS ENi. 
ISal; ob. I5TT. a. P.M. wbeo ibe Barony 
emied by (he Writ of 3S Feb. 10 Henry VI. 
I4J3. (ell into Abryancb lietoceii hii four 
daunblen and euhein, vli. Kitbertne, wife 
of Henry Percy XX.-Bib Earl of Naitlium- 
bvrland * ; Dorothy, wife uf Tbumu Cecil, 
111 Earl of Eieter; Luey, wife ufSir William 
Cofnwalli*, Knt. i and Eliiabetb, who mafr. 
IrM, Sir John Danrert, Knt. and lecundiv, 
Sir Edmund Carey, between wbose deieend- 
anl*aiidre)ireMUlaUTe>tbJi Baiony iaitill in 



, I.Sir Thomat Oibonte, Sd Bnn. (ion and lieir 
df dir Edward 0,born>-, by Ann, dan. ot Tbf 
na* Wdaiiley and Elixabrtb Danten h ■ 
wit*, dau. uf Sir Julm Danren. by Elilabelli 
Xevill, liitcr and oibeir ol tbe lall Huron) ; 

Bwquace of Ihli alliuiw, tha Earlt of Nortliiimbci. 
kacs frtquaillf but eiroueoatly ityleil Daruut Latimer i 
*•-' ''•■<n>er, that tliey were never pnatatd dF ibat 
_- ,1 jolf the rcpretentatliei of the eldeiE of the lout 
Ithe dUiilty, and "liich fepnomUtioB i> ouw vnlrd 
mHiVD i&t pRHnl Dulie of Nonbuniberlaiid, K. G. 

K.C. I 



H MX -ranrRS. 

Alb Wiichanl Lcdci, nti. 1Z!l,a. p. ih. 
bu ilau. >nd heir, mamad Hen 


1091. I.ThnmuOslionie, Isl Marqu«» of Caennar- 
(han; Cn-ated Duke o! Lrnli, ca. York. 4 
M>r, I694i Lord High Treaiurer, K. G. , 
ob. 1713. 
mi. 3. PcNfrinc Oibarne, a. and b. ob. 1TS9. 

II ms. LPcrccriueHydeOtliunie.*. and h. ob. IT31. 

^ ini. 4.Tboi»aiO»banir, *. uud h.K. G.i ob. ITSg. 
17x9. S. Prencit Godulpbin Oaburne, t. and h. Kii Rnt 
wifr waa Amelia Baruntia Conyeri, dau. and 
■ol« heir or RubrrLEailof Huldrrneui ob. 

^' lt»,«.G«)iTv William Frederick Olborne, >. and b. 
(iKoceded to ibe Kamnj of Conyrn Jure 
malria in IT84. Pteienl Dnke ol Leedi, 
Marqueaa at Canrmartheti, fUtl of l>Hnbf| 
Viaevwit Latimer, Baron C'unjer*, Ilnmn 
(hbofiir, and a B^ruiiH ; aUu Vucpuiit fum- 
blairie ii> 3eMl>ii ' 

"■-'■ J 

1. 4. Robtrt Filt-Parneil, •. and h. ob, IW*, I 
■ben b)> honor* became 

I llOe. I. Sitnon <1e Monirori 

Earl of LelCHter b} KilijC Julin 1 bul wat 
tianlibeJ ilie Rcaloi, «uil tht Euldoin, «'aVi 

hh •ther ludi, py^a (o Ranolpb Eiii trf 

VL infc fLSBMidEMonifart', 3il con of Simon ihr [ut 
> - BhL'*» coufitmml in (his Earidum tij 
■mrIU. wilb the conteni of Aloutrir W I 
rfivkotherin l?36: Steward ol EneUnA. 
SUlau Eiabamin l?G4, and beiuK attuat* 
ad, tha Culdom became 

Vn. KM. I. ri wwi< Plar«ae«nei. 8.1 Ma at K.Htoiy lU. 
■■ll rf Cbrtleri Crealnl Earl at LeteaHe^ 
«BOM.I9e4i Cmtnl Eari uf LutuKt, M 
Jn>iHG7,Siewud DfEncl&ndi ob.lSSL 
VU1.1S9L S.nMM Planiaccnrt, t. Uld h. Earl of (Mi" 
Mr aai Lancaiter. Ac. i bchcadrd and ri> 
tuatH 13^1 1 ub.t.r. when bU liunun b^ 

IX. 1337. S. HcDr; Pluil*gcp«t, brotber mnd beir; Bt- 

ilond to all hii bnKber'i booon In IJfii 
Earl of Laocaaicr aad Chettar, Ac.) «t> 

X. 1345. 4. Hrnrt Flaotagcnrt, i. nd b. Creaud EaH tt 
^ Derbf *ita patri*i Created Bmil of Uncoil 

. . ^J^ ^ 1349, and Duke of Laucaatcr 1351, K.G. 

fS*- VrTuU*- Sieward of EncUtuI, Ae. | ob. 1360, ».r.M. 
I *>* Maud, hit eldeM dau. and cofaeir, DUnM 

t.«^ .^. Ralph,tODandbeira(KalphLordSiaflord|Ul 

\^ ^ tecondl;, William Ddke o( BaTaria, «ba ■>■ 

I*' quin-d *ilb ber the Honor ol Lcieeateri M 

bcr deaib, a. r. tbe «aid Honor o( Uo*- 
ter dcTolicd on Joba of Gaunt in ii|kt<l 
bii wife, Bbincb, tb« otbar dan. and (•■ 
beirof ibe taid Duke of I«DC«Bt(r) andlkl 
lille of Earl of Lckeatcr baa by MV 
wriien been attributed to ib« aba*t-W» 
tionrd William Duke o( Zealand Jitn aiwiil 
and afier her deatb to John ol Gannt a»d Ui 
Kin Kinp; Henry IV. t but it duet Mt apfM 
tbat eilhcT o[ theie | 
TecuUrl; entitled U 

bowenr to be oUerred, tiM at the CaroMlk* ' 



-. i BDrun 

of Denbigh !S Srpleinlicr, ]br,3. and Eirl 
«f Lvicnlir 29 SepiFmber, 1563; ob. 15BB, 
■.p. (.. when (he Eatldum bieanie 

l.ltoti*T( Sjfiney («il idii and lieir of Sir Henry 

an*)', K. G. by Mary, >iM«r of the liut 
t}. Vlll^Kt Viicuunl Lille; Createtl 
Eirl d( Lcicnter S AuHU4(, 16\S, K.G,; ub. 
«. RotKK Sydney, i, andh. K.B. nh. 1677. 
3.tWKpS]r'<ln«7,t. and h. ob. IG:>». 
4>K«bcrt Sydney,!, and b. ob. HiiS- 
5.FMH)i8ydney, *. and b. ob. I70!>. b. r. 
■S-tchn Sydney, brotUcr and heir, K. B. ob. 

nST, •- r. 
NT Jooeline Sydnry, brother and heir; ob. IT43| 
1> P. I., nhcn alt lili lioiiura becamu 

. Tbonai Coke, Ut Baron Lovel of Minaler 
Lorel, CO. UiTord i Created Viacomil Cuke 
trf Holkbam, uu. NorMk, and tiarl ul Lei- 
ocater 9 May, 1744, K.B.| ob. 1759, B.f. 
Oban (hli title again became 

JoliD of Gaunt. King of Cailite and Lcun, claimed 
LtjfUatrit, offlciuiD ScDetcalle Anglic, et ut Dui 
•4 gertndum [iriacifiatiipi gladium domiDi regit, 
~ die cDtuoai^ioaii ejuidem regii, et Coma Lin- 
im et ad lecandum oonin ipin datnlni," &c. 
nienlarly ■oniiy of obHrration, that io the nient 
■obWinBo Earl of LaicMMr, he u mled, "BaaoN 


__ JMrrOK," a fact ohich ilA not come to ilia Edltoi'i 
Mttl tfw aMouut of mc), at thcM title* wa> pnotcd, 
iliti note iboie reniaiU oh'uili 





U1784 h i 

dHft hft WW mmImhwm 
ttidM af 

BuoiiM in qMMm vflU it b ktpti. hi ( 
Fint, BoardiMr. TktBnaqr ^ Bmmkim^mh\ 

stated in pp. 78 Mid 93«, beeoM mugtd 1m thai nf 
Chartley, and, tog^ether with that dlgnitj, hXi iato Aamaa k 
1646; and, notwithstanding that the Abeyaaoe of th« Hmmd 
Ferren of Chanley was terminate in Dec. 1677 in hnmr ocSr 
Robert Shirley, the youngest coheir (finm whom Mr. TowBikal 
derived his right to that dignity^* no aiei is stated to have idM 
phu:e relatire to the Barony ot Boorehier ; nor does it smmt 
that the Abeyance of that dienity has ever beeo tensiMtMy wr 
less the &ct of Geoi^ge Townsbead Lord FeireiB of ChertkyfVhi 
was then the youngest coheir of that BeroBT, bsving on thai it* 
casion been stvled under the Great Seal **Bi«m Bonrriuery" bi 
considered to We vested that dignity in him and the han cf hii 

Secondly, Louvaine. This dignity» it if ooateadad ia pi Wt 
was never a Parliainentary Baroinr» as only ooe Writ of SaaoHM 
was ever issued to the ancestor from whoim the ^gaily was flt* 
tended to have been derived ; and, moreover, it ia-veij doabCnlif 
that Writ was a Summons to a rrpUar Paiiiament. It it te 
manifest that no Barony of Lovalne could, aooocding to aiodat 
decisions of the House of Lords, then have been held to be ii 
existence ; and even if such did exist, the Earl oi fieictattT atf 
only a coheir of the dignity. 

Thirdly, Basset of Dravton. This title, thoitth ftoqatariy 
assumed by the fiimily of Shirley, and oonseqnentlj lij its npn- 
sentative, the Earl of Leicester, was never, it ia believed» tan' 
in them. Tlieir claim to it was, as is fully rdated ia pi 4t, b 
virtue of their descent from Isabel Basset, who k eOMctiiHi 
'*41ed the sister and heir of Ralph the last Lord Binet of Dnf" 
Mit a rational doubt can scarcely be entertaiBcd tihat tlie wi 



9. Gcorf t Femn TnitiiMiid, i, nai b. Preient 
M4n|iiui Tomidiend, Eirl or Leicester, V'a- 
oeaei ToviitbenJ, Itaron de Ferrara or Cfa>ri- 
!•/. Barun Conpion, Biron Tawnibenil of 
I^n, and ■ Baconei. ^ 


l.StrThoinu Leigb, 9<I Bin. Crented BitroH 
Lclgb ol Sluiieleifb, co. Warnick, I July, 
I64JT ob. IGIS. 

il hinca iW an; peUnaioai lUilved 
7 prouodlui. 
, it i* npvfttd, clcu-ljr eiubliibed thit, 

bwtil M iMB* from luulei tha Gmt Seal, id wbieh 
Im im tMognluil 10 lie veiled id ui inrlividiiE] to 
lUb bi wu i^{<aJ^ milbdi wd, whit !• do Iui ix- 
o* of the (Kid dignitiei bu nsnr uuted ibm the 
>«d L nd mailier wh u ihst momcDt cntucljr 

Nioa of riui utTOMl imporuare 1> ioToifed In lbs 
■rhieli mint be put oo tbe [erogoiiion nf ihote dig- 
MM UDd« the UkU Seal, a 
*aca Bur b« infitiitiljr mure w 

iffitiriii>rfi. kul 
naiiia lolallf en 

I fbrit 

u dun wuujd Bt Gnl 

bs ifiecMd by Cbe ciicunuUDce, ud no 
.ben in niiteace, that tha iijliog a pcr- 
" Baioa B*i>ec and Loiuoe," ipmjacla 

iboM di^itiei. and bence tbat nnv Batoniei of 

Ijsvaine wen then cnaud. 

eflect uf tlwH digoi^i bavjng been ibui altri- 
rl of Leioeiter, u a point uf lu mucli difficult)', 
■ill not ;>niuniB to pronounce an opioiuu upon 
Ij ittX* the GOtutniDlioni which may be put on 
tU. ibat It created new Buunio of Boorchlir, 
UHt I or Lbat it terminated the Abejvsce of the 
cf BoDrchiet, and cieated dew Baioniu of Lovaine 
I ■ ijueitiun would aiiie, in L'aae of new Baroniu 
■di whetber thejr wcraBaroniei in fee. or Baio- 
snh to the heln nule iif the budj of the tairl 

3;« LEIGH -LEWIS HAkb ' 

IL 1673- 3.TbamuUicti. ennilBon4ndMr,U 
Bud hvir of TboiDU Ltleh {ob.i.pi 
iDii uElbe late lliiruii ; cb. 17 10. 

IIL ITIO. 3- E'l"»ni Leie'". «- ""tt b. ob. i;38. 

IV. n.1H. 4.ThDnia> Lcigli, a.nndb. ob. 1T4». 

V. 1749. 5. Eilwaril Liji^h, <. uxl li. ob. I7<1S> 1> 

the tillv becAiDC 



171T. l.Jomet Fiu-Geriild, Soib B«H of >Q 
IrrUnd) CrcMc^l ViicouKt Mn*1<4 
low, CD. Iluc^i,3l F.brn»i][, UK I 
Duke of UiiiEter in Inland ^ Nm 
ob, 1773. 
17*3. 3.Williiin Ruherl Fitz-GeniU, i. and I 
or Leintter in Irtlnnd, K. P.| ab. IM 
. I80S. 3. Auguuus Frederick Fil»-GF»id, *. 
PreaentViicuuut Lrinsteri aUo E«rl 
dare and Duke of Lcinsur, Ac in 

I'll. a.TboiDM Permor, >. itnd h. Crraled 
I'omfret ST December, 1781, K.B. 
Vide POH 


i. KIcbui) it Lnlnton, Lord of Leiinlon, 
Noto, (einp. Julin i llvins litlG) hit luc- 

Ull. t. Roberc (te Uxinioii ; ob. 13^0, a.r. 
■■111. 3. John de {.iMnlon, brciher md boiri 

l2BC,s. r. 

(V. EUJI. 4. Ueaty ile Leiinlon, fiichop of Uncuin, bm 
1h«iai>dUiiri ub.l3S7.S-i'. leaving Rich «9 
i3e lUarkliam ind WiUiam Je Sutton h^ 
ocjibeni and biir). 


1. iMi. I.Robert Sullon (iletctiiiled from the aba* 
tocDrionrd William dc Sudan) i Crealci 
Barun Lpiinian of Aram, cu. Nam, SI Nm 

'L not. XRabetl Sutton, i. iiid h. ob, 1733, h. r. M 
nhtn the liile brcame 


^. i.Sit J*m(i Ley, III Bart. Crcatrd Baron L»]i 
or L'j. ai. Dcvm. 31 Dec. IGS5 ; Creatrd 
Sail ul Marlburough i Feb. Iti^Gi Lurd High 
Trrasureri oh. IfiSR. 

extinct lers. 

Vide M^tRL 


WilllandeUrbum) Sumni. Id Pari, h«m A 
Frbruary, 'iT Edward I. 1399, to IC Juiir, 4 
F^w. II, 1311 i tbaugh he a laid to bava 
died 1,-1 1309, leaiing Julian, daufhier and 
faelr ufTbaaiai de Leyburii hi> rIdMt ton, 
... ■ ■ ■ J ihe 




and iMondly, WillUm de Clinton. EiH 
Huntinsdon ; her Uaae by bn Ant htubi 
failed ill 13S9, and baving nunc by hcrwca 
roarriai^, tbii Barony tben becanu 





JubnHe Leyburn; Sunim. lo Pari, froml 
June, 11 Edwinl IH. 1337, to 14 F(b, S 
Edward 111. 1349. ob. I j48, a. r. >b«aU 
dipUly beMma 



1. 1763.— I. 1T66. John Llp>nier, Itt Vneontit LigDaief > 
Ireland j Created Lord LifDaier, jiut 
of Ripky, CO. Sarrey, ST April, JlH 
Created Earl LiKonier 10 SrpC llA 
K.B.i c^ 1770. t»b«D bb EoilUkb 
Don beeaoie 


I. 1791- l-TbomaiPowyi; Created BanMiotLUtM^c 

Norlbaraptun, 86 October, 1797; oi-ieM- 

II. IBOO. 2. ThoiDai Powyi, tun and beir. Preaeat Bv" 

Li I ford. ^ 



1. Will. 1. Ral|,h de Limeii ; ob. 

11 Alan de Ltmcii, iao and heir ; ob. 

Ill Gerard de Limed, ton and heir; ob. 

IV JuhndeLiraeti, gunandheiri ob 

V, ,. ... Hugh de Limeti, aun and heir i ob *- 

when Ibe iaiue ul the dau|rhtcn of CM*'' 
3d Baron, lucoeeded to tb* inhHiiUM 


I. 1. Wtll>«Di de Kumare, Lord of Botliigbroke, co 
Lmeolni biire tlie lille o( liUcI of Lincoln in 

lUS) ob leiving William bii graiiiU 

MH hi* beir, wbo never Kuumed ibe title, 

. S-Gilfacrl tie Gxnl, hkviiig mitrried RobiJt, dsu. 
uid si Irnglli heir of the lul Earl, becime 
Earl of Linrotn jure uxurii) eb. 1 156, s. p. ». 
and bi» diugbten and coheirc ilyiog s. p. the 
iob*rit4acr aeroWed oil Ibfir uncle Robert 

3. Cilhtrt lie Gam i ■ucueded (ii tlii; Ewldon, 

bul WM diroud or it circa ISIS, 
I.Ranalpb de M«>chinef, Earl of Cbedir ; \ 

Created E^irlorUncuIn 1316) ob. 13ft, g.p. !t'H ""l. 
«bcn ibi* Gurldnro bccaros ^ 


, 1. John lie LacI, htviiigRiarriei] Margaret, dau. ^^^ 

and lieir of Robert de Quitie<r, Earl of Win- ^^H 
eb«Mer, by Ha*y»e. 41b ililer and coheir of ^^^| 
the lait Earl, mu created Earl of Lincoln ^^^| 
SI Nov. ISI^i ub. IMO. ^^1 

• il. Edmund de Laei, i. and b. He never used 
Ibe title, nut «u It ever aiiribuied lo bim in 
any cbarler, thoacli he ei^ycd the Tertiuiu 
PenariDui bf the County i ub. I3.HT. 

< 3. li«Di7 de Lacii ■■ and h. Earl uf Saliibury 
jura uaomi ob. 1319. «.p,M- Alice, hia 
dau. and btir, mairicil, BntiThoniai Plan- 
tagenel. Earl of Lancaster, nbo i» laid lo 
bare been Earl of Liiiculu in her rigbt i 
after bl) death In I3SS abe married Eubold 1e 
Strange, who died a. r.-, and thirdly, Hugh 
la Fnsiieii tbt which Eubold and HuKb arc 
cuniidenrd by many iiitilerE lo have been 
Earl* I'f Lineoln. The taiil Alice ityled 
bmrM CoontrB* of Uncolii and SaLibury. 
•mI died I.14B, B. P. 



l». 1'=' 

X. '"■ 

XI. IbH- 

XIV. 1«" 
XV. 16G1- '■ 


EJwinI I'liiitan, Sil luti of Henry Xll..3d 
Earl : ob. lUgS. 
XVlL16M.7.H»nfyntnn«i Clinton, i. mJ b. K.G.; ol>. 


XVlll.l7tB.S.C«urBBOin(on, (onandheir; ub. ITSa 

XIX. ITIO. a, flcnty Fiennn (uiumcd llie naroet uf) Pel- 

ham Clintnii, t, wid li. lUKeciled bU tnUrr- 

D>l uiicle in lb? Dukrdom uf NewcMlle IT 

Nor. I'GH, K.G.; ob. 1794. 

U. i]94.]aT1iom»Pclliain Clinton, i. and b. Puke of 

NewcattUi ob 1795. 
'». II. Henry PclhaiDP«ihiniainton.B. ind b. Pre- 
*rM Duke of NiwcuUc Mid Eail of Lincalu, 

•"■"■ ^ 


I Will.L .MandcLincolnei tivinc lOei, ob a.r.m. 

' ^tph. Robert da Llncuine, ton o( Alured de Lin- 

colne; 10 Mrboni (ucceedeil 
II- It. IL Alured dELincuIoe; ub. ligd i bij 

m ""' 

'"■ Jiihn. Alured de Lineolnei ob. .. 

■v. Alured de Uncolne, ion and btin 
i.r. (be iiiue nl bii dtten bemg hi 

'' U.ttl. 1, David de Lindeteii loMhom (UGceedeil 
!*■ U, IIL 9. Davtd Je Undiei ; ub. 1340. *. P. 
'D-H.UI.s.Cersnl d> Liudwl, bralber arul beir > ob. 

1240, B.r. leaiiue Alice bia tUier, wife of 

lleiif^ de Pinkenej'i hit beir. 


' 'yt6. i.Rubeit Brrtlr X.-lOib Uiron W<lluu|-bbr de 
l^reilijr; Created Earl uf Lindu]', eo. Lincolni 
i-i Nuv. IGWi Lord Great Chamberlain, 
k.G.; eb. I64S. 


It' 1643. $. Montacue Bertie, t. *n<I h. K. G. Lorl Cr* 
Chamberlain I ob. IfiSS. 

in. I6EG. 3. Robert Bvnit, *. and h. Lord Great Chuibt 
Uin; ob. ITOI. 

IV. 1701. 4.Rohe(i Beriie, t.anilh. Created Miniuei* 
Lin<lieyS9 Dec. 1706, and Duke ufAncul 
and Keste*en SO July, 1715. 

Vide ANn^BR, in whir 
Dukedom the Earidoni and Marquiiiie 
Lliidtey «» merged unlil (he death i 
Brvwnlow Berlle, 5th Duke of Aiieaiier n 
Ktsteyeu, 5<h MKrquett and >jt)< Enrlortin 
ley, in IS09, s-P. M. when the Diikrdi>niia 
Marquinaie beeame ^r^Htt ; but the Eul 
dom devolved on bit iieil heir male, «ll. 

IX. 1803. 3. Albemarle Bertie, eldeit «urviTii>e ion ofPe 

Chaflet' eldest (rmorCfaarlei'BertK.yoBi^ 
son ^if Muntagu Sa F.arl ; ob. iai8. 

X. 1818. lO.AIbemarle George AuEUttul Frederick Bertie 

t. and b. Preieot Eat) of Lindtey [a am'] 

I. Jubn. Bryaii de L'lale; ob. 1S33,«.P. 

G-rard de L'lile, i. and b.of WariM «• VIA 
by Alice, lister and beie of tttary Bw* 
Tveii Numn. to Pari. » "GerMd* M K 
Bula," 15 Dec. 31 Ed*. III. 1347 > bat DM 
afterwardti ob. 1360. 

Wsrine de L'IiIe, i. and h, Sanim.taPit 
fromG April, 43 Edw. III. I369,to84Hl< 
& Ric. II. ises, m '• Warino de InauUi" si 
138t, S. P. M. Marraret, hii luU AM. » 
heir, mnrried Thomai V.-ltth Bmroll Be* 
and by ber b«d An on)j dau. and b«l 


Margim, itholwciuneihvieeoriJKireDf J«1in 
T»ll>oMnEiirUf5l.r»iinburvi t^lcBnar, oho 
•nixTltd, litiTbomM Loril Ruoi, nnd 9dtr, 

Edomnd Duk« uf SDin«r>Fi i am! Klinbeib, 
•ift or George Ncvlll, LoM Lilimfri be- 
tween wboH (IfiCFnilami iind represent it ivct 
(be lUrony nf L'\t\e rmttd hy lUe Wril ..f 
SuiDinnni ufSI Edw. Ill, i> pmumcil to be 
la ABCVincE. 
1' rtmrr. »i»c. 
IW^t Mi3. 1. Jubn Talbot, b. «nd h. of Msri^arel. 
Sd wife or John E*rl of Sbrcoibury 
brfdM niFniiuned, cidetl diu, itnd luhelr of 
YlaHnr, the lait Riiron i Created Biron 
L'l'lr of Kinplun L'Isle, co Iletki. !S July, 
1*43, by one uf ihe lilu<( eiira ordinary p«- 
ttnti on record, limillne tbftt dignity t« tbe 
Mid John, and (a hi< hein and a<ii|c»> for 

ewr. twins tensrit of ibi- miHiT ol Kinpton 
L'l«le*i Crented Vlteount L'lulv, with r«- 
mlliider (o tbe hein male of hit body, Oct. 
30, l4&Si ob. 14S3. 

ittt »t ■ bet, (h*t ■■Warinade L'lilcand 
Mia at the Inrdsbi]! anil iiiuor of Kingtloa 
I* oherriif (hs meniui; of min wu not to llie 

■Ini Ui" M Micniaa BtUfactorilr pov«d by tlie Lord' 
' -«<UH 4.S lbs dlguily of ■ rmofth* RmIid, in ib'--*^- 
"■(■R. VI <:ate IwtH cnlinly Iritbaul foiiodalion i for i 
•M Ik ^,1 ,„ut» i>e»r Uea hrtd in eaplW of tbe Ct. 
' Kml al nlinTe tUiy (ran bid rtuMid, *(i. rnim 93 Edw. I, 
>^l l.i>. lit. afMr Wriu of Summuu »er« glrnfr.ily i.iued, 
Wnrid^ tiAil} of VUit, tnutit of the manor of L'fil*, "ert 
r_ ...•>.!.. Manj argunlenti might bo nd- 

D if ttie iimiu 
cnenloflbt CI 
1^ <b lUp^rt </ ibe Loi<l<'CDinmiitfeJii>tcitiid, p. IMI.etw 
■^^thiu|iiuloii of lbc;;r»t legal autburitlii cited in tlie nt 
If- h'latWtlbniullicifRttutaiiarktthaCthiaiinfukrcn 

iiO L-13L&. 

■AROHB. vucovtm. 

11. Mt3^1L 1453. 3.Thomi«TMtiot, ■. andh. ob,W 

S. p. when U» Vifcounlcj bui 

4S);tinct : but it il m my Amt 

IKiitil into wlial state the Baronj ihim 

I and upon a qu«alioii lu abttruir, Md •' 

^ . hu heen the subject of la roach diww 

(he Editor tcarccly feed bioiielf jaitib 
baiarding an opiDion. la the third Kefl 
of tbe LuriU' Comtniltee on ibe di^nit; ol 
Vert of the Reitlm*, the cue ii mott M 
itMeil, and to it lie refen in lupport d < 
(Dllowinic condutioni : Ul. Thit ibe pui 
to JohnTalbotin Hlj did not(ihDU^I 
dently inlended so to do) sITeet the Ban 
crcsled hy the Writ lo Gentrd L'lth it 
Edvi. III. Biiil which con(e<)ueiill> ttiU 
mained in Abeyance, but Eiested a *tw\ 
ronjr, deieendible according ta the proiiai 
of the patent: and Sdly.wiib fFipentatM 
, eilremely diSicuU qudtion, "to ■ hut 11 

that Barony now »*tted.'" il it la Iwlh 
■erved thnl, according lo (he ht;^ *utM| 
of Lurd Chief Juilice mket and of Jao^ 



li>r fiilh«r, mil ront?qurnily htd not Itie 
t«o cotitlllUKiit qualiflcMiorii ncMunry (o 
BnlitlFherlo tbe iliRiiiiy. On lh« Jraih o[ 
brrijiur, Lady Vett, liowcTer, s. r. die »p- 

Cn to bive become legiilly Beisvil ut [lie 
any, u it recited in the patent gririleU lu 
h«r hucbindi 
— IIL IMS. EdvxrdGrcy.SitKinotEitnitrdLurd 
Gr«y ofGruby. In 1475, which re- 
cited lo ihe rttect of the preamble 
In Ibe patent Enntrd tu -tobn I'nlbni, am) 
fartbenlateil. that Ibe iaIJ Jolici Talbnl had 
Inue Tbcma*, late Vhcuuiit L'Ule, and Ell- 
(■btlb, iLvn ihe nile ol Edward Grey, Lurd 
L'lile, and Margaret, lalelbe wife otGeoTiC 
Varv) that tbe manor of Kiiigiiun L'ltle 
dnvended to Thomai late V.icuuiit L'Ule, 
and ibat he dying g. p. the manor deicended 
III Elliabelh and Marfraret, ai bia hrjn, and 
Marcaret dying without ittue, Edward Grey, 
Lord L'lile. and Ellaabeth bis wife, were 
teiaed in tee of the manor, in right of EUia- 
beib, and had iaiue John and olben > the 
King, therefore, contidrring (be premiiei, 
and that Warine brfore-inenliuned, by rea- 
aon ut the lunlthip and muiar aforeiaid, bad 
the di|^iiy of Barun and Lurd de L'IsIp, &!■. 
" DCiiited tbe rigbl to the dignli]' to Ed- 
tl Grey and the hein of hii hudy by (he 
Afotetaid EUiabeth, ai>d grinied the dignl(y 
or Karon L'ltle to bim and the beiri ul bla 
body by tbe laid Elizabelb, nearly in ihe 
*«rda of the patent lo John Talbot *. Cre- 
ated Vi>eoun( L'Ule 3B June, 1483 1 ob. H9I. 
*-IV. H3I. iJohn Grey,*, and h.ob.lSI2,aj-.iw. 
when (he Vitcountcy became <Ce-' 
(incti but (be Darony luuat have 
dcTolved on EliiabeUi, bi> dsuehier and iule 
hair, she being HicwUe tenant of tbe mi- 


L'ISLE. ^^^1 

V. iai;i. Chxtk* Brandon (>ttPn>anIiDuk«o(9aflb1k' 
who wM llienliir* cnatcil Vumant L'ltl 
]A May, 1SI3, KUb rtmundertu (bi btin< 
bis txHlf by Ibe laiil Eliubeiti, hoi ttw n 
Tutiiig (o iiuirry liim when (he bccuiu 1^*1 
tbrpalentHiicinrelleil. Sbc ifltra inb ni 
ritd Heory Courlrnay. XVtI. 3d E»t\ ol 
von, but died E.p.aaUI&S€, l«vingb*r*gi 
Elizalietb, («ho toirrird, linl, Edownd Du 
ley, and iect>iidly,ArlhdrPlan(*C«ui.j bcrl 
xhrt't only lurtmog *iilc[. ber heir, and «b 
being sejied of the naDorof Kingtlon L' UIi 

* Vida "Caaa of the Barony of L'Ue, 1790," dran bbI 
the Hon. Huma Campbell, <.f th> dmirn oF Abnlum AtthH.S 
to tlic laid digoit;. u teouit gf the nanor of KingtlnD Liil>,a 
maieqiicntlj asilgnec of JohnT&lbot, litViiiMust Llilr. It) 
pean that ihis case eicsped llie notice of the Lords' Coainutu 
lor their Reinrcsiitei, that "they bul not diacareied nhetberi 
manor Uliiagcd to the three coliein of EUiabetti Gret, or lo > 
□f them, or lo whom it then belonged." p. 901. And agaii 
" No pereoo leiittl of the munr hai cier, aa &t at the Ciaint 
I«e have been infurmed, pretended to be entitled to the di^il> 
Baron de L'hle by -rirtoa of nich seiain." p. eoi. The latur 
Hhich tHlementi ii contradicted by the Caie juit died, a 
which not ualy cnntiiai the infutmatioa itlative to tlie daceat 
tbe manor of KlngttooL'Itla here giveo, but »aa compiltd 


>e of Jnhu Talbot, 
i tif Henry VJ. 

T preteniiOM 

■liaterd (Ii 

After Sir John Dudley loU the aaid manor to Mr. Hidt, 
deicended in lineal (ucceuion to John Hyda, Eaq. who dWdiaa 
thereof io May tT4S,aud bit widow in the following year mU I 
lame tn Abraham A tkioi, of Clapham, in Sumy, Eaq. the poai 
tor wlien the Caie was printed, in 1790. 

Since the preceding obtervationi were written, it hat ocevt 
to the Editor that the cauH of Gerard da L'lile haria^ b* 
■ommoned to Pari. In I3S7 wai hit having u)h«nl«d froa ha M 
ther, Alice, titter and heir of Henry Baron Tna, a ri^ (0 ^ 
Barony of Teyi; for although the lait Baron Tayta whemM 
attainted in lail, bit heir, together with thoat of lit •* 
•dhereou of the Earl ofLancuter.waa filly tMtdnduUikaM 
and pusaettions 1 Edward III. and aa it baa < "-^ — ^ 



•ml heir gcnerHl of John Talbot above men- 
tiitiwd, ii su|>p06vd to huve been Ir^lly eiili- 
IM to thr barony of L'lile, botli under the 
patenc uf 16 July. 1443, and under that o( 
im to Edarard Grey, her father i un her 
death butb Ihele (jualiQcatiuni, vii. the 
Bciaurv of the laid minor, and the heirtbip of 
(be body, bulh of Edward Grey and of Juhn 
Talbot, detolved on her son by hvr lin( but- 
tunil, Juhn Dudley, who is therefore pre- 
sumed In ba*e been Biron L'Ule, and who 
«•• Created Viirount L'hle, a> is meiitioiied 
In llic nent pugt ; but 

Anliur PUnlageiiet, italuial Bon of Kin; Ed- 
ward IV. hnvlng married the above-inen- 
. Eliobelh (Hldow of Edmoiid Dudley), dau. 
'««t of Edward 3d Vincount, and aunt and i..le 
tielr or Eilisbeib, duu. and beir uf Juhn 4(h 
Vltcoonl, wai, on the lurrender of the Vii- 
countey by Cbarle* Brandon, the la>t Vii- 
couiil. created Viicnuiit L'lile, 36 April, 
1533, with retuainder to hit beiti male by 
ihi Mid Eliiabeihi K.G.i oh. 1^41, a. p.m. 
■ben the Vueounicy agnin became 
I^Vll. IMS. 3. John Dudley, e. and h. of Edmoiid 
Dudley, by the Aforeiaid Eliiabtth 
Grey, dau. of Edward 3d Viicuunl, 
and aunt and sole heir of Elilabeth, dau. mid 
beirafJohii Grey, 4th Viicuunti Created Vitc. 
L'lile, with remainder to hi) iitue male, Ii 
March, I.S-)9i Created Earl of Warwick llt47, 
and Ihikeot Northumberland in 1^51 i K.G. 
On the death of hts mother be became brir 
■eneral of John Talbot, lit Vlaeouiit, ■< well 
u of Edward Giey, 3d Vi»cuuni, and being 


t Iba tauurr iif i]hi manor uf KingBlon 
a ri^l 10 ■ Wtil of SumiDODi to Par) 
lib UiM the uid Gerard wu tummoaedjiirr mauii, 

iaadiait tliat uu tueulloo uf iLi: Buou]' orTyM 

ltb> Wriu directed ti 

jiloo uf iLi: Buouy of Trei i( tu b« i 

tenant of the manor and Lorfih 

(toil U'lde, lie nu probably I«gtl 

the Burnny ol L'lile undrrthe pau 

and I47S: but on th* STUi Uan 

VlII.l33a,beilpn«uincd tobatef 

aud BiTuny hy the aliFiiativD of 

- ' ' ' *^'p aforesaid to William 

■ng ti> Coke and BUd 

Lc conKituentt of the 

I then leume and bare 

livided, whencB it ia 

ligh BulhoriliH, ibat i 

ii Ho<T far the difitiij 

(t--.. (be barely ponibte e 

of tb qualiGcatiopi of teni 

(aid n.^__. and lurdtbip, and mI« 

body of John Talboi, bein^ agair 

quire. Aitaiuted and beheaded 
when all bi> bonoia becanM 

1. 1561, l.AiDbroM Dudley, a. udh. oTJobi 

Viicounti Created Budu L'liil 

1561, and Earl of Warwick Sfi I 

K. G. ; ob. 1 5i3, wben tU hi* bmu 


VIII. 16U5. I. Robert Sydney, lit Baron Sydney 
hurst, A. and b. of Sir Hennr Syd 
by Mary, dau. and ultimately twi 
(lie last' Viicounl; Created Viscun 
May, I6U5, and Earl of Uiceiiei 
K. G. Vide Lw 

<!j:iJnct 1743. 

•* Clvvkook," it li very doubtful If (lint I 
Wril cm be lOiiijdfnd *■ i regular Suni- 
■oni to pRtL) ob. ante 1303. 

9;Jabn d«L1ilc, (.und h,i Sumni. to Pari. ■« 
"Johanni lie Intuit," or "Johaimi de Imull 
TfCtV (rum 99 l>c. SB Edw. I, l!9g, to 29 
JdIj.B Edw. II. 1314, but nnt ■rierwirdi, nor 
anj of hU posterity. He«>tllvin!c 11 Edw. tt. 
"bul rkrlber," layi Du|;dile, " 1 ciiiiiol »y 
orhim." Allhougli that writer itiributts the 
Sunmani in S8 Edo. I. to this John, it ii 
muM probable thai both it (nil ibe rollontns 
one, ia 30 Ed*. 1. mre to Lit Filler, oho 
4r|i«ars to have liv«d till abuMtlbe year 1303. 



Ruben L'ltle, havlni; nuirrieil Roheie, ilaii. 
■nd coheir ul John de Wnhull, aciiuired di- 
ver* Untl* in the couiiiiet of Keui, Votki 
Ac.} living 1864. 

I. LRolwrt L'Mc] Summ. to Pari, m "Rubrrtn 
dclinult," or "Rot»rio del Iile," frum 19 
lite. 5 El)-. II. I.1M, lo^A Feb. ItiEdiv. III. 
IS*9i ub, I31«. 
I John t/lile, t. aril] h.t Surnin. to Pari, u '* Jo- 
butni <te Ititullt di- Kubeo Monte/' fcum 95 
Ni.v.34 Edw, 111. 1350, to lb Dec. 31 £<!<* 
til. I33T. K.G.i ob. I3&S. 
a.Robert U'lale, a. and b.; Summ, ti> Pari, m 
"Roberto de Iniull ile Rubeo Monte," SO 
Nut. 34 Edwtrd 111. HCO, but never arier- 
««nU, nur any of bit poileriiyi "there- 
for*," lay* Dugdale, "I iball not need to 
|nin<ie llie itory ut tbem anydtlberi" but 
the Barony mutt be dt>Fnieit tu be itilt vested 
inbladnotbdaniian'l tcprcttatatiYe*. 

K K 



I. IMS. Charlt* S(D>rt, i. and h. of Gtarf h"^ ^'> 

higay, in Fnoce, brolbcT of Jmbci tl--l* 
Duk« uf RicbmoDd ; CreaitJ Itinin Slu*( 
of N»bur*, CO. BerLi, aud &«ri of L^ub 
6cld. co.Suffonl', 10 Dec IMS; tucnmlr 
bi* coutin EuK u Duke of fUibtMud i 
IS60-. K.G.i ub. 167S, wbco tboc titia 

II. I674. l.Sir Edwaid UcDrr Lee, 5ih But.; Create 

Birofi of Spdlecbuiy, co. Oifufd. Vitoom 
Qouvndon, eo. Bockl, ■nd Eul nl Liid 
field, eu.Suffurd, 5 June, lS74i ob. I7I6. 
lit. 1716. a. UrarEE Henry Lee, t. and b. ob. VAl. 

IV. n<S- 3. dorse Hinry L«e, i. and h. ob, ITT3, «.r. 

V. 1779. 4. Robert Lee, uncle and heir, bei nc balf-faratbi 

of Gwrs* Henry 3d Earli ob. 1776, *.! 
wbeii all bi* bonon beeaoM 


L I79C. I.Cbari« Jenkinioo, lU Baron Havkeibui 

Created Eari of UverpoDl, co. LaucM^ 

I Juiie, 1796; ob. 1808. 
IL 1804. S. Robert Banki Jeckiiiaon, a. and h. Pn«ei 

Earl of LirerpoDt and Banw Hawkdbar 

K.G. = 

I. H. I. I. Fulk de LiiurOj liring )U8. 

II. H. II. i. Witliadi de Liiurci, a. and b. linoe 1189, •- 
IlL Rid. 3. Geoffrey de Uiurei, brolher and beil, 

■hom nolhiag fanber is racorded. 

Juhn. Hugh tie Liiurn : living 1SI3. 
11,111. Kich&nl lie Liiorca 1 living IS^T- 


IMI. I.ChMlriTotlenbara LoRun, lat A 
lily ill IreUii>l| Created Baruii 
Lnni: Liirtu*, cu. Vork, Jan. 19, 


. (Uory lie Longch4m|i, i 
Miudc. bit dau. mid h. 
Crey, J<ittic^[>(Cl.gite 

1. Hiiiry iIe L><iiisGliim|>. 
grr dc ■■edwanljnc. 

KOMT, S9 June, 1T4T. 


I. H»..ry YtNerlon, XIV.-15(h Baron Grry 
R»ihyni Creatiil Vitcounc Li'iigiietillv 

April, ifiyOi ub. ITU4. 
3. Talbot YrlveTlon, i. and b. Created Earl i 
Suucx in niTi Ob. 1731. 


. S.George Velrarton, «. xnd b.. Eirl otRoMn 
and Barou tiny ile Ruihyn 5 ob. ITiS. t.r. 

. 4. Henry Vslvcnoii, brotlier and hriti £«rl of 
SuuexsndBaruii Grey Jc Hulhyii 1 ob. I}99. 
a. P.M. uhfD theBaniny uf Cny ul ItuIhfH 
devolved on hii craudian, HFiiry Ed*inl 
Guuld ; but ibJt ViicouMcj, «nd tbc Eatldon 
(iF SuHei became 


Tliomai lie U>Ti|;vilIier> ; Sumni. (o Pari IS 
Feb. 16 Edw. 111. 1349, but i.rver nriu'roardli ! 
ob. 1374, s. r. when tbe Baroiij' becaiBE 


I. 1696. j.SIr J<4loLo«(her, 8d Birt.; CKated BireB 

Lomher of Lowtber, co. Wciiniureluid, ind 
Viicoiiiit Lanedile, eo. Weitmoreland, tlij 
88. [696 I ub. noa 

II. ITOO. 3. Ricbird Luother. a. and h.ob. 1TI3,i.f. 

III. IT 13. 3. Henry Lowtber, bmtber aitil beir i ab. ITili 

B. P. Mhen Ifaii VitcouDlcy anil tbe Baim;>f 
Low I her brcanie 

IV.— I. 1784. Sir Jamei Lowtheri lucrwded ai 4tb Sir*. 
being nc>; ktlr male of Heniy, tbe lulVli- 
cuunl; Created Barun Lowtber of Loait)er> 
CO. Cumberland, and B4ron of tlie Bamnv ■>> 
Kendal ill Ibe laid counly, and Banin of [!>' 
Baruiiy cif Burgh in the euunty of WeitDwn- 
land i aliu Vitcuunl of I^nidale in Ibt uii 
couniy uf Weitmoreland and countj Pilili"' 
uf LancaMer, and Viicount Lowlher in iH 
■aid oounly of Weatoiorland, and Earl °' 
Lonsdale in the laid cnutity of WnlxM'*' 
land and county Palatine uf Laneailer,J< 
May, 1784 i Created Baron and ViwMif 




UooihEr or Wbi(cb«ven for life, with a 
■pceial remaindrr, 36 Oct. 1797 : ob. mof, 
1. r. when all (h«e litl», ucrpiing ibe Ba- 
rany •■id Viieuunicy of Luwiber nf Wliiie- 
batun, aiiU i hr HiiruiiKtage, again became 

H7. William U>w(bcr, id Viieouiit Lowthcr of 
Wbii*ba>ei>,«iMh Bart, of N-va Scotia, and 
9d Bart. Ill England, couiin or the lalt Earl ; 
Cnaled Earl of IxiiiHUIe, co. Weal morel and, 
April 7, 1^7- Preniit Earl Uiodale, and 
ViacDUiit and Karun iKiitiher a( Whilehaven, 
uidaBaninel, K.G. =p 
I. Henry L'Orti ; ob. 1241. To whom lacceeded 
% Henry L'Orti ; Suroin. lo Frb. S7 Ed*. 

I. I 

'■ Hen 

likcwiteiummoneda June, aSEdo.l. 1 59-*, 
*nJ i6 Jan. ih Edw. I. 1997; but, lor the 
feautoi aificned under " C'LVVEDnN " and 
"fnt-JrniK," it ii doubiFnlil eiihrror these 
WritieatibecoTitideredaia rejrular Sum muni 
la Parliament. Dui-dale tialFi that he died 
In 1331 ; tui rrom ihe Liii or Suromonfei 
It a{>i>e>ra (hal "Henrico de L'Orly" waa 
Somm. til Pari. Oct. 10, ID Edw. U. \3ib. 
Jubn L'Orti, hit •> and b. was nevET Sumin. 
to Pari, and died u. r. M. leaving Sybil, oilc 
of Htr Laar'nee de 3l. Martin, and Margit- 
r*i, wile Of Henry de Eaiurmie, hl> daugb- 
iiiif- •lioae dncendaiit* 



r, I7B0.J l.AlexAtiilerWeJiterburii,- C™,l»dB»fOnUm|[h- 
VlT95'I boruiigli of Lou gbUa rough, Ka. LriecMtr, 

I4<fuiie, ITSU. Crelltrd Biron LuugbboToUch 
of Lougbbarougb, eu. Satnj, ulifa rc- 
Dmindi^r, railing hi« iitue Buil«, *u hi« nr- 
phemi. Sir Jam« 9t. CUir EnkiiK, Bart. *d4 
hiiiuuemiUi filling •bii-h, to John Cnkbi'i 
E<q. brolhrr dI ib« >iid Sir Jamn Cnkltic, 
Ocl.31, IT95; Creitrd B*t[ of Rnviljn. (d. 
Mid Lolhiin, willi ibe iime limiUlion, 
April 91, 1801 i Lord Higfa Chuiccllor; ob. 
leoS, a. p. when ibe fi*n>ny of Loufhho- 
TQUgb, CO. Lcicriltr, becrnnF dtintts bai 
bi> other bonon devolved, igreeiible la ttit 
shove limilmion. .m 
II. leoii. 2. Sir Jamfs St. Clair Krskine, (A- trtnAid 
from Sir Uharlei Erikinr, lit Bin. k jovnpr 
ton of Jobn, 7lb Etrl ufMar,] nepbr* »iU 
b(ir, being *. and b. of Sir Hanry Enkine, hf 
Janet, tiller and (ale beir uf the lait Etil. 
Preaent EUrl of RumItb and Barao Loofk. 
borotitcb of LougbborDOgb, eo. SufRf, 
G.C.B. 7 


I. 1784'. 1. Huih Perry in.-3d Duke of Nonhonberiind, 

KG.; Created Biron Louvaine of AIneick. 
CO. Northumberland, with remainder to Ai- 
gernoD Percy, bit Sd ion, and (o the lK)K , 
male ofliii body, SB Jan. I7B4| oh. 17»e. 

II. 1786. ;2. Algernon Percy, gd ton 1 iuiiMeded to the Bf j 

rony agreeable to tbe above limilalioni Ck- 
ated Earl ef Beverliy 8 Nov. 1790. PrfM i 
Baron Uuvainc of Alnwick and Earlof Be- | 




I.Godlrey de Lovaine, brother of ibe puk**' 

Lavainct ob. ante ISS&. 
S. Matth*w de Uviine, i. tod b. nfa, llCI. 



I«.l. 3. Mmibew lie Lnvainc, i. anil h. ; Summunrd 
e June, 33 Edw. I. I°94i l»i( it >e verv 
dimbir.ll, lur the reismit His.giied uTi.I.'i' 
m." il lb»t WfH run be coniidereJ Ji a rrgulsr 
lo P»rt,i Ob. 1301. ktving Thumai dc Lu- 
I. anil b. who, tbuugb lumiuiincd la be ntNc"- 
■Dpmi-Tyiie, 1 1 Etin. II. mm never Summ. In Pari. 
. hit *. tnd b. ili«a 111 I34T. leaviiijt two ilniiehtvn 
Ml *U. Aliknore and I»bc1, tbe Utirr of whom 
_ ahcti her alitcr became her lole her, and miir- 
IrWiltbui Bdiirebier, aud itboie dMCendant*. the 
n r«r»ra of Chankv. ■nd Buroni Uourchicr, huve 
y>1yli-d"Baraii<Ltivutie." but it .beinot 
r Ibat Uivaliie »ni ever > ParUameniary B.iriiiiy, 
W Writ of Summoni, vii. E3 Bdw. I. having be^n 
lo lb* family urLuTaine. and whkb, at U »ptei<cd 
ire, Mn anrcely be deemed a Writ at SummoiiE lo 
novtr, a dngle Writ, oTen >f (•> a regEuUr 
aanl, would not, it ii believed, eon>t<iu)e a Ba- 
1 ft* deiceiidibie lo Ibe beiri ol ibe |<«r«on en 

I' SU|.|>. I.Wililim,ibe<niiu[ABCflineG.>eil,nnderaDJ 

■on uf Robrrl Lord nl Yvrry in Normaml). 

aiauniedlbctiaincuf Lovct,Li:rJolKa(y, c^ 

Somrrtct i ob.iiifn IIS5. 
'I an. 9:RalphUTel, i.aitdb. nb. ■ntell5.q. «.p. 
''' H-lt. a. Hrnry Lovrl, broiliec uud heir { Iiviue I IBS ; 

ob. ante 1 1U3. — 

' ' II'tb.l. 4. lUipb Lnvel, i. and b. oU ISO?, 1. 1-. 

'<«bn. a. Henry Idvd.brotlier and beiri iib. I3IS. 
■' Itllt. e.Birb»nl Luvel, (.»nd b. ob. lSo3. 
II H.IH. -. Hriiry LuvpI, i. and b. ub. mS. 
;"I.H.III.H. Hicbard Lovrl. a, and b. ob. 18i;3, E.r. 
'} f>. III. 9- Henry Lo*el, brother and lieir i ub. circa I 
^' Ui>.l. Ili-HiiEb Lovel, I. and h. ob. IIBI. 

111. 131U, ■• •■Ricliardal.DVelh" ob. I.i;il. 

4p LOVEL. ^H^ 

1 34^, ImvUis a k>ii , Rlvhanl La**l, «tw dM 
viiB "*ii *■ C' in the name jrrar, arlmruiiuii 
Muriel, till iHtrr, becaroe hi> h«ir, and i>)>i> 
wa> coniFquenlly hrimt lo fafr grunlfklhrr, 
Ricliiril, ihe Uit Baron. Sbr raRrrled Ni- 
cliiilm Baron Sl.Maur, wboic grand-dau. aiid 
beir, AIi», mnicd ihU Baranjr, togelbef aiih 
lliat nf St. Maur. to WillUm Lord Zoucbe 
of llaryiiRWDrib i ■ndibeicdiKiiiiiCTareiiuii 
in AnevANCB brtweii Ibr Bobrirt of Ediiard 
X].-!d,BiirDii Zouclic ur Ilaringworlb. VIda 
St. Mauk Slid Zouciifi of lliRrfGWoKiH. 



I. Kicb.l. 1. William Luv-I. Lord ul Mimtvr Lovrl, co 

Oiicic.l. mill T'climanh, ea. Nonliampton 
bri'tlic^r ..I Hoirv 3d Bar.m Luiel ot CailJ. 
Karii ob. anie II96. . 

II. Jobn. S. Wil1ian< Lovcl, «. and b. liTinic 1818. 
Ill H. HI. 3. Ji'hii Lovfl, 1. and h. Uiiaf I3ST. 
IV. E>l*.l. 4. Juhn Lovel, t. and h. ob, IS86. 

I. I!<)9. 5.JubnLovr1,t. and b. Suram. to Pari, from < 
Feb. 37 ^•t"- >- 1899. (0 86 Julj, 4 Ed*. H 
nn.IutheSSlb Ed*. 1. ai " Jobaniii Lc 
vrl." and aflcmardl a> " Juhanni Lo*il <i 
Tirbm«ri>h " He waa alin «uiDfDOB«a 9 
Jan. 8aEdw. I. 189Ti bat, for the reatvM 
aitijiiipd under " F1TZ.J0HN," it ii donbifol 
ih.ii Wril was a regular Summuna to Pail- 
ob. 1311. 

rL 131 1. 6. J<)hi> LoTel, ». and b. Summ. to Pat), fron 
J::.n.6Ed<«. II. 1313, tu?9 Jolf. S EJ*. « 
1.114, ■> "Jubaiini Love) da Ticbmanb > 
ob 1314. 

IlL 1314. T. JobRL.jvel,i.andh.| be naineverSdnn. ' 
Pari. 1 ob. L34T. 

IV. 13.17. 8.JobnLovel.«.Bndb.ob.)36l,inrraatateB,>- 

V. 13m. 7- Jobn Lovel. brolbrr And beirt SuaiB. to lU 

from 2« Dec. 49 Edw. )ll. ).n5, to SG AW 
e Henry )V. ]4D7, u "Jofaamii Lorcl ^ 
Ticbnierih 1" K. G. He nuTM Hand, tfe 

fraiid-iinu, and bcir ofRabert Bnion Uulind ; 
ob. 1408. 

I lUS. lOJuhn Unvel, 1. unil li. Raran Hul'iul Jure tn«- 
* Irii; Suinm. In Ptirl. fron 3U Oct. II lUnir 

IV. 140.1, (O S(J Sppt, 8 Henry V. 
•• Juhaiiiii Lonl deTichmrrtbi" ul 
VII. lll4.M.Wllli>in Uvtl, ion and heir; Sumi 
PjiH. trom S4 Ftb. 3 Henry VI, 
goJ.ii.SlHonrjVI, 1-153. m Willidmo I 
vil, Chl'ri" he marrieil Alicr, c]«u. >ndci 
tually bfir of Jobn L«rd Deii 
wfRatliarReldi ub, l'}S4. 
tll[,NS4.1?J»hn Lcvd, ton and heiri Summoned I 
P*rl. rron 8 Oct. 38 Henry VI. t4S!l. i ' 
Feb. 2 Edit. IV. 1463, » "Jiihiiiiii V 
CliVr." He mirricd Joane, sltUrufWiUld 
Viiniant Btaumoul i ub. 1463. 
'i* KCl— I. I4B3. 13.FnDcii Lovfl, i. and b. Samm. lo 
PmI, » " PraDciica Lovel ileLmel, 
CWr," )S No.. 23 Edw. IV. UBij 
Crenled Viicuunl Luvcl 4 Jan. 1483^ 
K. G. Slnln M8T, S. r- a»d being 
■ItainWd, allbUhnnnri, vii.the Bs- 
ronlci of Luvel of Tichmerth, Ho- 
knd, Deincnurt, and Grey of Ro- 
Iberfleld, became 


m tMWM|arnee of ibe Attainder o( Frnii-I', Ibe latt 
~ d ViToant Unl. lis two »i«.'r> ..nd lieiri, 
I, Blfe of »Lr Bryan Slagdetan, and FridMwide, 
%tlSU Edoan) Nvrri*, could not iuberit Ibe patenial 
** maDUelrrimilyi but they beeame bei'i <a their ma- 
I* MMlcal Baruny uf Deaumutit. Vide BEauMONT. 


1. John Peroval, !d Earl of F-?nii>i 
(brir general i.f Willi-m L»vel, 
ley, lure utorii. uncU of*. I«t Biron 
■nd Viioouiit Luv(1}| Created Uiiron Lu'el 
khI Barnn Hulland ol Biioiore, co. Suowr&ei, 





II. mo, 

f.Johii J>in» Perceval, > uid'h. U tul il 
EgmutitiiilnlMndi ub. laSS. 

III. mas. 

3. Joliii Perceval, .. and b. Pnwnt B»n>n 
and Bnroii Holland of Cnaiore . aha Cvl J 
Egm^nT.&c. in Ireland. =r 

LovEL m 

or BIITISTBR lOVtt. - 


1. I7S8. 

Thonia« Cake ; Created Baron Lotel s( N>i- 
Iter Lovel, co. Oiford, .. May, lisai Crf 
ated Vitc. Cake aod Earl of l,.cice>l(r 9 »•!, 
i;44, K. B, nb. IT!>9> t.v.M. -ben all b> 


*FtiR«. « 

I, 134!. Tboroai Lovel; praumed to have been oftbe 
■nme lamlly a« tb« Baron* Lovel of Ticb- 
merth ; Summoned to Pari. ISSept. 16 ti*- 
111. 1343, but never afterward*, and of Khia 
Uugdale gives no account in bit Baronap. 


I. IGS7. l.Itkhard Luvi-laee; Created Baron LoveUct "f 

Hurley, cri. Berki, 3lai May, I6ST i ■>!>. IGI*- 

II. 16.14. S.Juhii Lovelice, *. and b. He married AnRi 

<1au. and ;it ien|^h lole beir at TboDM ■»' 
Earl of Cleaveland, and ■ho anceeedrdw 
Baroness Wentworth in 1696 1 ob. I6T0. 

III. ir.JCi. 3. Jnhn Lovclnce, I. and h. ob, Vila malrb, ISI. 

H.p.M. Mxnha hii dau. and ullioiatelyfalt beir> 
became Uaroiieti WcDlKOtlb in riibt of ^' 

IV. 1603. 4.Jal>u Lovelace', couiin and beir inaJe, bciBf 

iuii aud beir bf William, eldeitun of FnK" 
Lovelace, 3d ion of Richard lit Banw ; o^ 

V. nOi). o. lo\m l/i>«\atti», wcA'n.tia.tTOa.l-r. 


I. 6. N«>lll Lovelace, bt«( an.l Le>r> ob, I 
R. r, when thit Biruny becaai* 

Vide LDHIIlltLE. 

i4 ViseouBTCY, 1 1 Miy, nB^— Cjrtinct i«oa. 

-I. 17DT- I. Jinci Lowrher lit Eart of Lonsiliki 
Crealed Ilirnii anil Viicouni Luw- 
Ihtr of VVIiiuhiveu, ca. Cumlier- 
liiiil ht life, Hiili rcrtikiiider, imine- 
diuely «fut lii. tJeeeue, to iIie htirs 
male tif lUe body uf tlii: lUv. Sir 
CD. York, Ban. 96 Ocl- 1797; ob. 
leos, 8. r. when tbe Earlduin of 
LuDtdale, &c. bi^caine C;:tiiut ; biii 
U)i*Viicuuritcy anUB*runy devolved, 
BErimble tu tbe t»id limitstiun, du 

It. ISD9. «. Sir Willliu LuwibM ad Barl. ion and 

h<i( i>f [be above- menOuncd Sir Wil- 
liam Loaiher ; C'realcd Earl uf 
Luixdale ; Apiil, IBOT- PrEKUt 
Baruii and Vitcguiit Luitther of 
WhiicUaveii, Earl uf Ltmidale, and 
■ fijiruuei, K. V: ^ 


. LJobn Uie»; Created itaruii Lmcm u( Sbcii- 
Md. eu. ban, 3 Jaiiunry, MHi. -lib re- 
mainder, failing hi* iMue male, 1o lilt briilber 

'•I Calimrl Lut'»» who waa ktivi 



dcfkuU at wbicli, to Tboiniu Lueu, vim ■ 
bit eidi-r bcolber by the tame Bunhtr, li 
born before marii4gr, and bii iuuc oil 
II. 1670. 2. Chdrles Li.rat, lun »nd h«ir of Tboma. U> 
abnvi! iDtnlioiied, the natural hruihet of I 

IIL ICaS. 3.Tbol 

L AS ' 

I. 1663. I, Mar; Lucm, ilau. and lole bcir of Jobn 1 

Biraii Luci': vf Sbenfli-ld, and alfc ol A 
ibonyGrcy XXl.-lllh Earl or Kent ; Creai 
lUruncbs Lupus of Crucl»e1l, to. WjU', 
Miy, 1663, itilb ibe lingular remaindtr 
the dignity ot Biron Lucm arorciaid to 1 
hein male by Ibe Earl of Kcft ; flili 
whicb " ibe tide not to be iuipended, bat 
he enjoyed by luch of tbe daughter! and ■ 
heirt, if any ihall be, at other in^vinl 
inheritances by the cammon law of tl 
ntlioN. rvalm sre usually poateiied ;" ob. ITOO. 
I. 1700. 3. Henry Grey, ton and beir : luccceded 
XXJJ.I^lb Earl or Kent ISAuguit, l;0 
Creeled Marqueli of Kent, &e. in ITOS, • 
Duke <>r Kent, in ITOG i Created M 
qiies! de Grey, wilb remainder, failiaf ' 
issue msle, to Lady Jemima CampbcU I 
grHi,iJ~(Jaug'hler and (ole heir, via. dan. a 
bute iii'ir uf Lady Amabel Grey, hit ehl> 
dau. (leceast'il, bv John Campbell, VmcoK 
(.leiiurcbv, and her i»ue male, 9 May, 17 
K.Gi ub. J740, a. p. m. 

II. i'liO. 3. Jemina Campbell, f rand-daugbler aild b< 

wife of Philip Vorke, Sil Earl of Hanfarid 
Marchiuiieo de Grey ; ob, 1737, IP.M- «> 
llie Marijuiaate became ■Qx^iatt ; but < 
Barony devolved, agreeable W tbe llniUtf* 
uu btr eldest daugbler 


lil. nm. t. AntibcU IIumB Cimpbcll. wlia masniinl Al«k- 
■niler, luii anil livif upp-iraiit vl itie latl Earl 
«f Mtrehmunl, (Mbo died i.r. >ii ITalJt 
Crctled' Counlets de Grey u( Wrnl, tu. 
Uedfurtl, wiih a ipcclal remainder, 'it> Oei. 
Itllb'. PrcMiit UaniiicH Luc« uf Crudncll 
■ad Cuuiittu de Grisy ut Wrctl. ^ 


' Umd. I. Bicbard da Liiciu, L'ld uf Disce, co. Nur(.>lb4 

ub. i-irca HW- 
'' S. Richard de Lucie, e"'idiuti ind beii, Iwiiip ~ 

MU suJ licir ol Ccuffny de I.ucle (ub. v. |>.] 

tvn ami Lcir uf lli« Itiit BAruii i vb 

a. r. leaaiiiK hia aual Ruba», wJlc ul Ruben 

dc Duvur, hii brir. 

Hici. I. Kcsliiald de LucU, Lord of £;remanl, i 
CumtKiland.Jureuaurii; ob. aiite IISS. 

' JiAn. S.RirhaRldeLucw. I. andb. ub. ISIii.i, p. 
Hi* two daiiKbien, vii. Atinabell, w>lr 
Lnnibiri de Muliun, and Aliri', inarrlid t 
Alan dc Muliuu, bviii; bii culieiii. 

I UwA. 3.Tbumit de U.illun, aui> and be.r ul tbe > 
Alan d« Million unil Alice de Lucie bit wi 
aiiuined the name of Luciei ob. 13U4, le 
IneTboiiiM de Lucje bl) ion aiiit heir, wuo 
died ID \30«, s. r. while brother and heir 

>ii<nt %1 WRIT. 

IIM. I.Anlhony de Lucj', *ai Sutnm. lo Pari, from 
ii Hay, 14 Edward II. I3S0, tu S4 Feb. 17 
Edoanllll. 1343 ; ub. 1343. 

I' IMt XTbomH dr Luey, a, and h. Suuini. <o ParL 
at Feb. 16 Edward III. 134S, *ila palilf. 
and Irom fO April, 10 Edward III. 13-14, ti 
4 Dee. Se Edward III. 1364 ; ub. 1365, leal 
in: Imbb Aniboiiy da Luey bit ton and heii 
wbo wu oeTerbumni. to Pari, and dit' 


Hii ontr dangbleT, Joane, iy'wg ■ 
Mkud hii siitrr lucccrdnl lo the inhcrit- 
miCF I alie nuwrixl fint, Gilbert de UmFntaie, 
EnrI of Aiipii, and, weondly, Henrf XII. -U( 
Earl of Nonhumbrrlam), but dird %. p. •hca 
Sir Willi am Melton, >on of Joined* Lac},*i(- 
~ ~ ~ 9d Banm by Writ, «u lw(^ 

lu.., 11 fndatiltlbe Barony createA 

by th( Edward II. it |>reiunicd ta 

III i-oni I 1 ^ of Maud, thr daugbte^ 

niidrven > le last Baron Lnc}- kilVi 

Henry Xn m no. sb^rland, il wai iiipulatt^K. 

thai the C Hoik i^odcermmth, pan of iIm 

inherilanci; »■ hie «aid Ibn-U, tbooM be aetlled upon 
himseir and tier and Ihe heir« male oT thrlf Iwo bu^r* ; 
failing which, upon the hfirt of her body ; and in riLs* 
■he ibould die witliuut itsue, then apoR Henry Lond 
fercy hi> Bon and heir be^tien on bii^iif wife, and the 
hein iDBle of fall body, upon condition, that the imiil 
Henry and bis hein male ibaiild bear the ami of 
Percy quarterly with the armt ol Lucy, Tia. Gale* three 
Lucies Argent, in all shieldi, hannrrii, eniigni, Ac; Mi 
nolwilbalaiidine that the taid Maud died OnfkMI itlM. 
the descendants of the taid Earl were often atyled Baroiit 
Lucy 1 their preteniiont to that Barony bsinfr iDanMbily 
witliout even the ili^hteit roundation. On the 30 April, 
155T, however, probably from the laid a>*ump[ioD bji bit 

I.TIiomaaPeny.a.andh of Sir Thomu Ptrcr. 
who wat attainted, the bnxher and heir <■' 
Henry AlRenmn XVIII.-Gth Earl, wai Cie- 
ated Bacon Perry uf Cockermoulfa and F«- 
worlh. Baron Poyninpa, LocT, Bryan, aad 
Filz-Payiie, with remainder, failiae bit iuvt 
male, lo bia brother Henry Percy and hi' 
itiue male ; Created E^arl of Northunber- 
land, with ihe tame limatlon, lot May, lSS7l 
io which digniiy thfa Baronj, toeelhrr ■i'j' 
those above named, continued meiftd v"*'' 
the death i>r JuscelHie XXll.-lltb Eui'l 

LUfV— LliMLRV. ;i99 

KorlbuinberlaiiJ in Ui',0, ii.r.n. wbm nil liii 
liuiior* bnsni* 



mv muNc Of' 

L l-Geo^fde Lucie, aliuufihU family; ab.l25J. 

4. S. Geoffrey it Lude, t. unci h. Summ. (o Pari. 
«4Du.4»Hen.UI. l!64i ob. *i>te iSSa. 
3, Geuffrry il>^ Lucie, (. and h. Summutied S6 
Jin. !iS Ed*. I. iSOT. but it it very ilriubtful 
it tbal Wric can bt cuiiiiiJared aa a regular 
itummiiiK ro Pari 1 anient, vide ■■ FiTZ-JoHH." 
Neither lhi> Baron nor any of hu pwlEnly 



, I. Ralph de Lunlley ; Summ. to Pari. 98 Srpt. B 
Mich. 11. UM, lo ^ Sapu I He[>. IV. 11199. 
!4*in and anaiKTU) In MUD, whea bit liu- 

fJ.Tttoniu de Lumli-y, fri4iid«i^n uf (lie li't 

Ity, wliD *■< reilortd In bluod fay Purtiaineiit 
In 1411, brother and beirofTbumaa dc Liiui- 
Iry (ab. infra letalciii 1404), eldnt >oil of 
Ralph Ihe U( Baroni ublained an Act ot Pai- 
tiatwol lnl4(il,raTsntnicltieAiiainder at bit 
Kraniirather, and wu Suuim.tu Pari, (rnm S6 
July, 1 Edward IV. UCI, to 16 Jan. J8 Hcii. 
Vll\ 149Tl ob.cirea U97. 

[W* doe* But ttate in vliat yetr hr isei ; Edmondion 

M la 14II&, ■bidiiivcrylmprDlMblf, fiom tharietof 

Wra reifiilulv Suiumeaed la rarlianienC uiilU 14B7 , 

400 LUMLEY. 

III. M31, 3. Georfe Je Lumley, t. »nJ b.; he nu sum 

Siimni. loParl.i ob. U08. 

IV. l.iOS. 4.Ricbinl de Lumlev, itranUion and bcir, bun; 

ton Biid Ueir or'Tbomu LucnUy {ab.t. p.) 
elilcti (nn of ibe liM Baron i Summ. id F»1. 
17 On. I Hf II. VIII. IS09,iin<laaNowBili«. 
3 Hen. VIII. 15 U.; la (be 1*11 Wrllilil (°1- 
loniiij; adJiliiiii it Made on Ibe Rail, " Hor- 
tiiutcsi, utdiciiori" oti. ISID. 

V. IM\. S. Joht< d>; Lumlef. «. and b. Sunm. to P>ri' | 

33 Nov, 6 K«n. Vlll. 1SI4 ; llvinf lUti o». 
.... and George bii WD and bd'r birMl > 
been attaintpil, the Barony becaois I 

BARON. 4EFtinct. I 

I. I54T- 6. John lie LumUy, g^mndion and heir, Mv 
aon and heir of Georpe Lumlfy (ob. '-p-) 
clJcsI (OH of tlic U« Baron; wbirb Cwrp 
having been attainted, tbii Baton ••■ <*" 
ttored in btood by Act of Parlianwnt iMi. 
nhereby it «ral enacted, that be and M 
beirs male ihauld enjoy the dignily o' * 
Baron 1 ob. IG09, l. P. nben (be Baroaj bf 
the new Crealion of 134T alio became 

in March, 1T33, the Barony of Lnmley w» cliiv' 
bv the Rev. Dr. Robert Lloyd ai hnr of UnnipbitT 
Lloyd and Barbara hit wirr, ijiter and ultimaicly »'>' 
heir of John the latl Baron ; but the Hume of Phi* i*- 
cide'l " that he ha.l not any ri^ht to a Writ of Summiw* 
to Parliament at prayed by hit petition ;" ihui del"" 
miniiiK, that the ancient Barony reitored to TluW** 
l].-<2J Barou, berame extinct nn the death of Jolm »>> 
Baron, by reaton of the attainder of bit ion Gi-'rp 
never having been reverted i thai John, the laii B*!*"* 
ivsi reil.ired to the oBclen/ Biruny i and IbH il>' 
creation uf 154T, being limited to hit iiiue male, bet*"' 
ritJnct on hit demiie g. P. in lf>C9. 



-I. IGB9. Kichari] tumlcj'i S-l Viicounl Liimley 
uf Wiierfi>fdiiilrclanit,ti)iiinilbcir or 
Jubn Lumley (ub. v. p.) eldeit lun ot 
Richiinl 1st Viicmmt Lumli-j, iuii >nil btn 
"f Roger, rlilc<( tun of Aiilhony Lumley, 
9il iDii of Richard IV.-4ih tinran Lumliy ; 
CrcDlird Biirair Liimlfji of Lutnley Caiilr, co. 
Durham, wilb r«iiiiiini!er, failing hii i»ue 

male. 31 May, IGBI 1 Crcatril Vitc<util Lorn- 
ley of Umlcy Caitl*. 10 April. 1689, aiiJ 
£<rl of Scacbaraugti 13 April. 1C!)0. 

Vide SfiililinKOUcM. 


I.Cwirrfy de Lnterel) ob. rJIT. 
, % Andn-w de Lnlcril, i. a»d li. ob. 1364. 

3. Gcoffrry de Lutenl, ton anil hHr; but he not 

tning cudiroa nenllt, Alcianiltr bu brother 
bad Ihe rmtodj' of hit |Wri'in. 

4. Rolwrt de LuUrel, Iho aucceisnr of the said 

Gcotlny 1 wai Siiniin. tu Pm\. 54 JiinE, 30 
September, mid 3 Nov. ?.>t Edward L IS9S, 
but never afterward* ; he ttan aUn Siim- 
Btoned 8 Jutie, 9^ Eilttxnl I. 1^04 i but it il 
Tirf doubilul if ibnt Writ can b<? fintidered 
aa « rTgiilar Summoni iu Parlianirnt, vide 
CLtVKOCiM [" nb. IS8S, ItaviriR Gpgfffey bii 

111! h 

r, but 

o Parliament, 1 


ULWilliamdeUretot: ob 

' S, Richard de Luvetut. «. and h 
I a.lfllllande Luvetnt, •.and I 


MBQHa iV TKKUIB. ■ ■■ ■ J 

I. H.1I. l.NkseUdaLn<raK>t,7WWMflwarWiawM ] 

Baroa abav* nwliofl^. 

II. B. U. >■ Ricbari OvLuniHt, *«n ud htif t ab. amta ' 

III. Rii?. I. X Racer da Lyvatol, brikand bcir; ob..... a.', i 

IV. John. 4.Ni|EdldaU**ut,braiherBndbciri ob. .... 

V. H.IILi.R(<prdal4iTei(>t, a. and b. ob. 1964, a. p. 

■l^vn Ua three NUtn hffi— Ui hsin. 


Iiab. I . Joko Wallop i Created Baron Wallop of Wat- 
lop, co. Soutbanpton, aodViacoaDl [^Biat^ 
tun, in the laid countj, 11 June, USO i 
Created Bad of Foiumouib 1 1 Jun«, 1743. 



Lyttleton of Frankley, co. Worcester, 19 
Nov. 1757 ; ob. 1773. 
IL 1773. S.TfaoiDM Lyttleton, i. nnd b. ob. 1779» B,p, 
when the B«rony became 

III. 1794. 1. William Henry Lyttleton, Itt Baron Westcote 

in Ireland, brother of George Itt Barun 
Lyttleton of Franklcy ; succeeded as 7th 
Baronet on the death of bis n«*pbew Thomas 
the last Baron; CreatedLord Lyttleton, Ba-, 
ron of Frankley, co. Worcester, 13 August 
1794; ob. 1808. 

IV. 1806. S. George Fulke Lyttleton, son and heir. Present 

Lord Lyttleton Baron of Franckley ; also 
Baron Westcote in Ireland, and a Baronet. 






A >l., Uj.. 



C|it Datt of artotion, 




■it>nH.'wniTrEili ;' J.'CDih'll, Middr'no. tlr>i>oiiii J uj 
■" ■» — - '^ *----*• C.J — ^ < "■-'tard»ofl, RotbI £achdD|ai 

. B«krt. H» BdbJ SUKt; 



Maru'Luiei B. Uajd uid Son, llailtT >""l'i 





TisIm «f Peenge» Im stricUj alphabettcd order, canti- 

to Pfods of Bmom' Siitiogi in Parliunent . 715 

' Lrtter to the Pope, mmo iO Edwud I. with 

> 761 
ObaeffTBtioBs thenoB 

toProofrofBMroni'Sittbp 810 

of Bishops aad Archbuhopt 818 

Alphat^erinl List of Kaighu of dw Chrter 9M 

Alphabotioftl List of Knights of tho Beth from the Re- 

rbral of Uiet Order in 1715 

> 5)33 

' k 





I. n9S. George HmrttKv, in Eirl Matarlncr in 
Irdiiiil 1 Created Baron Mu*Rii(> af Vmk- 
hunt, CO. Surrey, anJ of Auehiiil«ck in tlie 
Sitoartry of K<rkciidhritlii> 8 June, ITSC, 
K.B.I ub. IBOS, s. r. wbcn »1I liii lillei be 


rj. Itl». I.Ch«rIeiGrr»r<l, lit BaronCerardofBrandoni 

If Cr«leil V«L-o«nl Brai.Jo.i, co, Suffolk. anJ 

■ Etrl of UacFleslivli], cu. Cbeibire, 33 July, 

■ 16791 oh. n;94. 

' TT. *^9*- ^- Chirlei Gtrird, a. anJ Ii. ob. 1701, ». p. 
III. 1701. S.FitlunC.ersrd, brollier and heir ; ob. 1709, 
>. r. when li<« honon became 
IV 1791- I.ThoniMP»(k«r, IiiGaron Patkerof Macclci. 
firld) Ciealnl Viticouiit Parker i.t E»tlni<v 
CO. Oxfutd. >nd Earl of MancUsfield, to. 
Cbnhlre, with remainder, (itiling liit iMUK 
majr, ol tbc digniliei uf Biron»i and Vi«- 
rnuiileia Parker and Countrsa of Mai-i Ici- 
6rld to hit daugbltr Eliiabctb, wifu i>l Wil- 
liam Uralhcole, Eiq. and nf Ibe Barony and 
Viiuouiitcy oF Parker and Enrliloin uf Mac 
clnli«ld to her iiiuemale, 5 Nov. 1T9I t Lord 
Cbsnocllor IIIBi ub. 173^. 
1I3S. 3.CeorceParker, ). andli.ub. 17C4. 
. ItM. 3- TliDDui Patker, •. tail b. ob. I ' ^i. 

mmss- ^„i„ 




iiuiuTK, I J»iiu»ry, 1715— JfotWteB ir99. 


—I. I8O0. I. Jamei H«rri« ; Cre*teil Baron 
MiilniB«bury of Hilmeibur;, nt. 
Wilts, 19 SeiX. i;<te; Crenlcil 
Vitcounl Flt>-H*rr>t of Hum 
Caun, G[>.Sau(lianiplDn,>iidEirl 
of Malniesbury, 29 Dee. 1800, 
K. B.; ob. teSO. 

-It. le^O. 3. Jumci EdwMd Harris, i. «nd b. 
Pro^nt Earl and Baron M*lm ' 
bury, and Viaeount Fii 

VwcotiKTcv, 27 DtMinber, 170C. 


L i:!8.-I. 1734. I.Thomat Wentworih C«on «•"! 
of Tbomai Wition, wbo a»u 
\\ie name of Weniwonb, Sd is 
F.ilward Sd Baron Rockiiipbatn) j 
Created Bar»n at Mallon, co.York, 
!i4 May, 174^1 Crealed Viseouiii 

MLcham of HlRlmm Ferrer., Barun 

otWailb, «o. York.andorUarmw- 
deii, en. NurlI>aiU|ilun, and Earl 
at Mallon, in>. York, 19 Nuv. 
17-14 I incceeded to the Barimy <.f 
Roeklngnam -IH Feb. 174G: anil 
wa> created Marqueii of ttKckhie- 
l^am 19 April, 1746, K, 8. i ob. 


K.G.; Ob. 17e2,s.r. dhcnillti* , 
hcitiori bee&ine 



1. 1330. I. John Maltrnven; Summ. to Pari. S JdM. 
4Ed<»rd lit. 1330, and IB Ni»-Si Eilt.Ul- 
I3SI. Dugdalc itatft, ihit John MiliniirS 
tbe falher of tbii Bnron, tiiid tbh John *et« bolkSuB- 
moiicd to Pnrliamvnt 1 Edw. iri. but on tuoiiiinc l)» 
Summoniei In that jkm it appeart, thai tbtf ■"* 
metely tumman^d lo be at New cast Ic-upDn-Tyni. "cu* 
Bquil et atmii." The Indci In hit U*t of SainllioBiM 

. >iMrti that Ihit Barun wai l>kei*ite tomniancd 35 Edw. 
in. but that Writ waicTidenily not aSumniani III Parii*- 
iDf nt ; Ob. 1364, U avin^ bit grand-daughirr (daughiu «l 
Johu Maltraveri. bis eldest .on, ob. v. p.) Ekiinuf,«i(« "' 
Jubti Fitz-Alaii, !d >od of RicLard Xli.-Stb Eurl ulAwi- 
d(t, hit next heir, and which John Fm-Alan ii ofttn Hf M 
Baron MiUrav<>rs jure uxoriii, but he waa never SuminotiMl 
to Parliament by ibaC title*. John Fiti-Alan bii gnad- 
wn, iuc«eded ai XV.-ISth Karl of Arundel ;m<iiioMif 
acendants thii Barony remained veiled, and Tbomat. ** 
•nd heir appareut of William XVlIE.-ISih Earl of Ann- 
del, and Henry, eldeit son of William XX.-lTth Eirl «' 
Arundel, were SummoneJ to Parliament rita yitni » 
BaroiiiMflI(rav«r«. Mary Fili-Ahn, ihe dau, and etrt'o- 
ally aule heir of the I ait- men I ion ed Henry Bimn U>1- 
traveri (who Eueceeded ai XXI.-ISlh Earl ul AraDd'l)< 
carried ihii llarony to her buthand Thoinai Huward IL- 
4[ti Duke of Norfolk, and with llie Earldom of Arundd 
H deaeeudeci to tbeir ton Philip Howard, who wai alUinlM 
33 Elix. when it became JForfntlD ; it wii, bowenr, 
rettorcd lo bis son Thama* XXlll.-SUIh Earl of AraoM 
and by Act ol PnrliHmcnl 3 Car. I. Ibis Baroiiv, locellxl 
wilh ibe Baronies of Fitz-Alaii, Clun, and OswaldOU*' 
was anneied to Ihe liUe, cligniiy, and honor of E>ri «< 
Arundel, and aetlted upon ibe laidThumai Howard, ihr" 
Earl of Arundel and Surrey, and hia beiri D>I(, vj^ 
naindet^^he faeiri of his body i remainder lo M 

p that thii John was SummoBrd lo I^ 
lueBce of iii> raaniifie) in the 1>t. '"' 
lohanni de .fruiidcf. Viihp.«9. 


Lerd Williara Howard ami the W»t mnle of hi* 

>llb mnifndfr to the heirtnf his body, rtmuiider 

kfoMMtd Tbomu E.irl iif AriMi<l«l and Surrey, and 

httntorvttr; In con»qiKiice nf which, ihe Buoajr 

tb Gran, Bemitnl Eilwan) pmeiii Duke of Norrolk. 
kirn^s of ihe said TboniM Eurl c{ Arundirl ind 
VideAnvNUEL and NomoLK. 



iH. t.Hrnr; MontitfOi l'< Bcron Monli|[u of EioM 
boltun, and lit Vjicmint Maiideville ; Cre- 
ated E»rl uf M*iiehaicr& Feb. 1636; Lord 
Trruurer! i>b. IG43. 
tt. S. Edward MumigUi ■ and h. K.B. and 

ah. l(iT1. 
I. 3. Ruben Munti£U. a. uid h. oh. IGB3. 

IS^I. 17l8.4.Cbiriri Monlaeu «. and h. CrtaTc4| 

Dakc uf Haucbuter )3April. ITI9i 

ob. I7S3. 

..— II. lT22.i.WillUni MunMgu, ■, and h. ob 

IT39, ». r. 

I.. .^-111.1139. CRubert Moiilagu, brutber and bcir: 

ob. nei. 

„.— IV.IT69. 7.(leurse Montagu, ■. and h. ob. I7B8. 

.,,— V. ITW). S.WilliaiD Munlagu, a. and b. Pttavnt 
Duke and Eirl i>r Manthsster, Vie- 
cuuut Mandefilli: and liuoa Mon- 
lasu <>' Kimbollon. ^ 


»1 TT-HUtLT.. 

I. I. Ctofftiy d« Uandevilli obtained dive n L^rd- 
■Uip* (ron William Ihe Conqutror. 

!. S-WlUUmdeMandcville,!. nndb. 

4>. 3. Cxoffccy de Mandevillc, i. and h. Created 
EMloTEtmbyKInsStirheo. Vide EUBX. 





t. Joba. 1. William de M*ni]>«iil«, ol lU un* fisU} * 

the aborc. 
U. Beii.lil.!l. Rnbcn de Mandcrille, •. >im1 h.; 1i>in( ISfiS 

I. J6S0. 1. Henry Monla^, brother of EJward lit BiM 
Montagu uCBouEblon; Created Baron Mo- 
tKgu of Kimbnlton, CO. UuhtlDgdon, and Via 
Mandeville, Dec. 19. IGSO; Lrratrd Earl 
Maiioheiter Feb. b, 1636. Vide MaMCvma 



March, 33 Cir. U. 1680, Ibough he tuccecded 
y« r«tb*r u X.-!(ih Etrl or Rutlmd on (he 
SSth Sr|iWniber, IGT9i Created Marquri« of 
Cfknby and Duke ot Rulliiid. !9 March, 
n03i inwblchiJienitjithLiBnraiiyiainergedi 
Ob. 171 1. Vide Run-AND, J 


n WMT. 1 

T- Walter dfl Manny i Siimm. to Pari, from IS ' 
Nov. 9i Ed<f. MI. 134T, to S Jnn. 44 Edw. 
Edw. IJI. 1371. K.G.i lib. 1378, t. P. M. 
Anni, hi* only phildi married John Hatiinp, 
Xtl.-Sd Earl uf Pembroke ; and on ibe death 
lit their only iaiui, John XIIJ.-3>I Earl uF 
f^mbtuke. Ill 139!Jit.r.tbl( Barony became . 


9. Wlliiam CarendUb, *. and h. of Charlei Ca- 
vendiih (youiieer brother of William l^lit 
Earl ot Devonshire], by Catherine, dun. and 
e*fnlually lule heir of Culhben. 3d Baroo 
Oglej Crrilnl Barnn Ogle, of Bothal, eo. 

and ViiCDunt MnniAeld, CO. Noiiing- 

htm, 3d No*. 1610. Created Earl of Ne*. 
cwileT Match, 1651. Vide NEWCarrtE. 


-I. me. t.WniUin Mumy, 4th son of David, fith 
I.IT9Z. Visrouiit S'ormoiit in Scotland; Cre- 
■leil Lord Mniitneld. Baron Mansfield. 
CO. NoUl, U Not. IT5C, to him and his 
bftn mal«i Created Earl of Manifleld, 
eaNafi«.3l Oct. ITTG, »ith remainder 
of the dirtily of Couiileis Mantfield 
to Louiia Vitoounless ■SlurniBiit, •ifi 
of hU nephew David Vi.eanni Slot- 
munt, and after her deeeate the Earl- 
dom to Ihe hein male of her body by 
her husband, David Viuiiunl Sin rmuntt 
CreMdl Earl <if Mantfleld, co. Middle- , 
us, aith remainder, failinf; hit iiitin I 
■mIc, Id his nenhcw the Mid David | 

, kfiw I, «i»i 

th* i Me«4w of tl OM. IfTi A 


1799. S.LouiM, dM, o(.Ch«rfH M Lard Otki 
In SMUwd. Md w(fc of DmvM, rtk VMM 
Stomont, naphew af Iba Uk IM A«U< 
•Uittftarwar* MMfricd tha BM.MktGi 
*IUi)t pTMcnt CoontMi d HuiWd, . 
Nortnilmv, ud tba dlpito «r EHt rf lb 
IWd In HIMlMn, whh tU mttimn 
iiLs. Aur. l| lT9ttdn>oli«d«ilwraRtb«kM 

III. 179&4.wmi>mMam]r. ■.and h. PMaeM Bari 


Vticnunl Nennrk, MO of Philip hleadow«, by 
rriincei, nUier «nd li«ir uf Kvelyn Hierre- 
pont, Ux Uuke of Ktiigironi Created Earl 
MikMvcn A|>nl S. IBUiJ ; ub. lltlS, 
ICbarlHHcrbtri Piern']ioni, i.anU h. Frnent 
Earl Miiirert, Vlacount Newark, and lliron 
Pierrvponl ol Holme Pierrepont. ^ 


. LRoftrMurtimeri Crexted Eitrl af March >n 
138B i etrruleJ xui Mtainteil in 1330, whtii 
tbedisnir; bcciiiie 

. £.Ro[er Hortinitr, grandioii of ibe lut Earl, 
fi*. t-und li. ol Edmund Mortimer, hiseldeit 
•on, who turvived bim, but wis not reilored 
to the Eatldutn i Dbiniiied the rpven^l a( hit 

erindruber'i Attainder in 135! i K.G.j ob. 

>3.Ediiiand Mortimer, s. ind b. He married I 
PblliprR, diij. and beir of Lionel Pluilaice- | 
net, buke ut Clarence, 3d »on uf Eilw»ril 111 . I 
lbruuj;h vbreh nlliAiiee ^bit Family after* ardi ' 
bee*mebeir< to ibe ilirunti ob. 1381. 

• 4, RoB*r Mortimer, a. and b. ob. 1398. 

. i. Edmond Huninier, *. and b. ob. 1494, B. r. 
whfD (he EartiJom beirame ^FtlnCt. Ann, 
hit (ider and uliioiMely ioIg beir, mar- 
ried Richard Planlisenel, EarlafCambridce, 
brotber of tbe Duke uf York, and conveyed 
the right to the Crown lu ibe Huuie of 
York. Richard Planiagenet, Duke uf York, 
1. and b. of the inid Earl of Cambridge anil 

Garl o( March'i anil which tide wa> aUu 
burnf, Vila patris, by hia auii and lieir, Ed- 
wMd, alierward* King EdwanI IV. though 
m palrni of creaiion lu tbe liienily ever 
*n^*rt lu have patsed the Greal Seal. 
^ l.Eilward PUnlagetiel, Prince of Walei, >. and 
h. apparent ol Edward IV. Created Earl of 
.^jdlibary It F«b. 147T, and Earl of Uarcb 


TtaMtAfril 9. Ml^wMn 
lU hit tklM baMM awirf ta d 

Vir. iaifl.l.B«KwatBW,Loi<rftwMpq ia 
■OB of E*me Doka of Lmm I 
CrcMed Baron Stam of UgM< 
taa BrantwoU, Mu.Hnt% uSli 
T Jane, 1619) ob.1084. 

VI1I.1694. 3.JuiaStiimrt,i.uidli. CmladD 
mond Aug. 1611, with • tpacUl 
K.G.S ob. 16&5. 

[X. I6S5. 3.E*iBBStuan, (.>DdlLob.taBI>,t 

X. 1660. 4. Charlet Stutrt, BaH of Litetifldd, 

beir, beinf ». and b. ^Gaorg* S) 
of Jarnn Vlll.-id Bari, and I 
Richmond! Duka of WduMoJ 
1678, B.p.wb>n ^ Utbananbe 

XI. 1675. 1 CUrlM Lenn, natanl aen of 

Created Baron of 3etrinctaa,«D.1 
M*Kb and Duka or~- ' ' ' 


^L ITU. % Bnirirti*, riirH dau, and cnhni 

l>it Diikir, >iii] wrfe or Pranris Earl^j^ 
Gudul|4iini lucntded ■>)' rinue ut 
abnve'iDaii(<<i|icd Art u( PurlUmrii 
Bsroneat Churchill, CounlMa iind II 
eitt of M>ribi)rou|:)ii ind MBrrhiin 
at BUnilford, Hni) M Baroneu "' 
bill in ScoUuid i ob. II3.1, t. P. 
, 1713. 3. ChirUi Spencer. Sih Eurl ofSundprlaa 
nephew ■tid lirlr of (he Duebeia 
gtaiidiaii of John, lit Duice, beU 
tnn of Ch*rle* third E>rl uF Sundeiiaaj 
by Anni 9d dsu. and culirir of John, I 
I>ulce 1 succeeded, ign-eible in the n 
Aul of PArlimnriil, >■ Duke and Earl d 
Mxrihutough, Marqiiem of Blandtujf 
Baron CburehiU, and alio aa B. 
Cliarchill In Scutlaiid; lucceeded 
brother Robert 3d Earl of Sunilerla^ 
Nor. n. IZlOi K.G. i ob, l',!-S. 
'_y-m.nia 4.GeornS|>encer, i. ^ndb. K.G.<>b. II 
'I^IV. 11)17. a. Georee Speuur (atiumed the name 
Churebill, s. and h. Preaent Doki i 
EarlofMarlboronBhi Marqueu uf DIM 
ford, Earl of Sunderland, Baron Sp«nai 
of Worralcitcbion, and Bnron Cburcliinj 
alio Bami Churchill io Scoilaiid. = 


'- '^'111. I Ri>lji;ri Mamiion obtained (he Lurdthip 4 

TAiiin'irili from William the (."oritiue 

II I :, Kiii.rT-i \|iiiinion. a, and b. tiring 1 M 

'■' i!il .1. It,.i-it Mjftnion, ri.andh. ob. eirrnl^ 

'V H III 1. ll.,\..-r\ MHrniinn, >. and li. oh. 1341. 

^' ll-III. b. i'hilip Mnrmion, a. and b. ob. IS93, a. r.M. 

hnTiui; bit daufhirri hiiheirt, via. Joan, the 

•ir« of William le Moaryn ; Muera, •ho inar- 

■v&alrdeCruoinrlti Maud, w.le ol Ralph de Borde- 

Vi aad by bia itcond wife ■ diughier, Ju3i>e, oho mac 

|"*i finr, S'rr Thomai Ludlon, whoie ann, Tbomaa 4| 

'• left lull* a daiiEhfer and hekr, M.^rearel, 

^iSIr JaksDjrnoke, Km. biuugbt ilie maiiur J 


t)ian >t the King'i CormiUidii, tbt dtK«nil>UH it <" £^ 
laid Sir John Dymofce bavs J'rcqucniljFcieRiKdlhith*' -^_ 
norable ofnec as Lordi of the aaid manor. In Julj 1B1' 
Lenii Uymoke, £>q. tbe deannduit of Sr Jubn D}BI^ 
above mentinncd, preienlcd a yEtitiun tn bii lata H^ 
jeily, praying him to be plrued to declare the pctiliowc 
enlitleil to llie Barony ofManaion or Scrivclil^, in 
(ue u[ Ibe leiiure of tbe manor of ScriiclibT ; whidi 
tiliun was referrrd to tbe Attomcy General, aba bin(( 
reported Ibereun, the aame waa referred lo the Haweil i 
Lorda, where evidence wai received at (he bar, a 
CJaimnnl't Couniel aummcd up, when tbe Attar 
neral was heard in reply, and tendered lome doc 
on the part of ihe Cruwn ; but tbe claioiaDt died befott . 
tlie Juderaent at the Houie wai Kivrn. 

With reipect to thii claim, it ii to be ohierred, thit 
though Ibe nianur of Scriveliliy wai held by the srrvict ul 
perlormine the office of King'a Champion bj Robert da 
Marmyan, in tbe reign at WiUlBm tbe Conc|uerur, be ait 
not by teiiure thereof a Baron, but by aciiure of ika 
Casde and Itarony of TitMWORTH, wbich he held of the 
King in eapiie by Knight't service: lo thai, if j ' 
period lixroiiiei by Trnure were admixed, the p»t 
of ihe Mniiur and Lurdihip of Tamworlh, [whicli 
diriaion of bia propert? fell lu the tbare of Juai 
eldcit daughter, utift^ of William Moileyii, and o 
death, >. P. to AleiitiderFreville, huiband of Joaii 
and heir of Rilf Lrumwfll, by Margaret or Maier: 
iieit sister of'tbc said Joan dc Mosleyn], wuuld poatcaa 
*' " "'"-"n ID ihe Barony posieticd t " ' " ' 

bcft M«rniion, 4tbLardo(T><D«onU j Lon 

of Witriiigton, CO. Lihculii i ob 

U «. WtllUa Marmion, i. and h. ub 

I. 3. John Mumian, i. tod b. Summ. tu Pari. Iroa 
SSJulf.lEdw. II. 13J3, tu 14 March, li 
Gdw. ft. 133?. He oai alto aummoiicd the 
8th June, t£ Edw. I. 1994, and 2C Jan. SS 
Ed*. 1. l-iaii but it ii<li>ubiful ir rlibrr of 
tbcie Writi can be cantidereiJ a> h regular 
Summuiii laParl.! vide "Clvvedon" and 
" FiTZ Jon.v i" ob. 1333. 

t, 4> Jabti Marmton, i. and b. Sumin. to Pari, fron 
3 Dec. 30 Edw. II. 13!b', to 1 April, 9 Edw, 
111. l33Si ob. 13.15. 

. k Robert Martnion, ■.andb-i he wai never tunv* 

moned i nb , >. p. leaving fait two (i»> 

tCN.vK. Joane, the wire of Sir John Btr- 
naek, and Aviee, Ibe 3d Kife of John Il.-Sth 
Lord Ore; of Rotherfield, his hein, bctwrcn 
whom 1 fall baron; fGlMntoAneYiNce. John, 
tbc tldeil Jon uf lie laid John Lord Grey 
faj Avice Manaion. aiiumrd Ibe name of 
Mannlon. and died ■ r. in 1385, leaving bis 
niece, EllHbctb, the lole dau. and bvir of 
Robert, bii brother, the 3d aon o( Avica 
Marnion and Lord Grey, bla heir : ihe mai^ 
rted ll(n>7 Ul.-I tih Baron Filx-Hi>Kh, K.G. 
and tbc repntcniailvM oribcBaruny of Fiti- 
llufh arc coDaequentlj cohcira ol thi< Btrorij'. 


William Mflrmion, jtounger brother of Robert 
Marmioii, 4lh Lord ol Tamwurlh, and al>D 
brother of Robert l>t Lord ol HilririKtoni' 
filunn. to pArL £4 Dee. 49 Henry IIL IS64, 
but never illerwarda, and aa it doea not ap- 
pear that be led ittue, the UaroDy on bit 
death probably becaEse 




I.Hcnr; Mamey; Creited Bim H 
Lcyr Marnej, eo. Eiiei, 9 April) 151 
ob. 1534. 

S.JobnHiirney, I. indlLob. ISSS,S.r 
the tille became 

II. Stepli. ?.JDhDMaKicball,ManliaII»ttwKii 

HI. Rict. 3.JDhn Uareichall, i. and h. Hantu 

King) ob. 1199. a.p, \ttw\ag hi 

Willtaoi Eul of Pembroke bi« beir 




I- WilU. I. Mutin de Toun. ■ Narman ; aciiuireil tha 
Lordthip of Kemya, ou. Pi'mbroke. 

'I- ll«.l. i Ruben M.rtin, land h. ob 

Ill' H. 11.3. W>lli>n> Martin. I. and b.Db.l!09. 

IV. Mm. 4. William Martin. 8. and b, Ob. ial5. 

^'H'lll. S.Nicholat Martin, i. aiid b. became Lord of«Iii|ilejur«uioriii ob. 1S8!. 


'' Ila^. & William Martin, erandiDii and htir, bcifif; 
1. and b. of Nicholai Martin (ob. v. p.) eldest 
ton of Ihe laat Baron; Summ. ro Pari, frum 
Si June. 33 Edw. I. IS95, to 10 Oct. 19 Edw. 

„ U. l3Sj, Db. 1395. 

jjt I3!5. 7- William Martin, i.anil b.; he«as never Summ. 

L tu Pari.! ob. 1336, s, P. leaving Eleanor, hia 

K uEler, wife of William de Columbcn, and 

■ James ton of Nicbalaa de Audley by Joane 
H Martin, hii otber aiiler, his nett faeirs, imoni; 
H wboH deacendanti and represeniativci tbia 
H Baronjiiin Abeyance. 


^pit. I. William Welletley (assumed tbe name ol) 

W Pole, Sd ton of Garret lit Earl of Momine- 

^H Ion in Inland, and brother of tbe Marqaeaa 

W Wellesley, K. G. and of the Duke of Wel- 

F tinKtun, K. G. ; Created Baron Maryboroujih 

B ol Marybarough, in Queen's County, 15 Au^. 

H leai. Preaent Baron Maryborough. =p 

■ t 

Pnit. l.SirSamuel UiBbam, 4ib Bart.; Created Ba< 
^ ron Haabnm of Olea, e o. Essex, 3 1 Dee. 171); 

,, ob. IT38. 

"* '<^- ISamoel Mithsim, s. and b. ob. 1776, t. r. 
Hheillbe title bccume 
L s S 


Kaci ckatfo tl]S,«.r.K. 
m. B.IL l.w;»— MiMftiii. kmteraf BiAMIitwlM 

IT. t^ *.m^t n 1t m *m U t ■fc-lMI. I 

T. a-BL »■ wafa^ Mi.iaH. «. M»J fc. ak |«X. I fcWM Mil till, fc M< h. WfWfBwl i| I 
INrrtttJw wM iii. VUeWuvtCE. I 

».aB4h.hirtadlbvlUiJ«hB » 


I. Ricl. I.PdPr dt Ihnkyi obUiM^ tba Baron; rf 
Hulenre in ri^i of hi* >ilc, laabcl, das. of 
Robert de Tunib&B ; ob. IS31. 
It. H. III. 9. Piter de Maulr;, ». uid h. ob. 1141 
III. H. 111. 3. PcterdeMaulcj, ■.■ndh.Urinf laUt ob... 

I. 1S95. 4. Peter dr Mule;, «. 4iid L S«bm. to PaiL m 
" Petra de Hato-Un," Inm SS Jme, 19 
Edo. I. I39S, to 19 Decs EdK. IL IXVi ah. 




IJIU. fi-Fvlvr d> Mnuley, k. and Ii. Rumm. In PaH. 
u "Peltu MiilM-Jacu," from In Uec. 5 Edw. 
IL 1311, lu £2 J9i>. S EtJh. IIL 13:16, and 
froai J4Aue. 9 Edw. 111. 13J6, lo 15 Marcb, 
£8 Edw. II. I3b4. u « Petrode Malu-licu le 
quiuti" <>b. li},i. 

I35S. CPttei de Maslcy, ■. >nd h. SuiDm. to Pari. 
iHiin 20 Sept. 29 Edw. III. 1355, lo 7 Jan. 6 
Ric. IL 1383, HI "Pciro de MaJo Ucu le 
iiinie," tbougb iii rbe last few Wrirs nitbout 
tbe addition of" le ibmi!") ob. 1363. 

1383. 7. Peter de Mauley, gnndion mid heir, beinK •• 
>nd b. of Peler de MauUy (ob. v. p.) eldot 
■on ol tbe lail BanMi ; Summ. to Pari, frum 
18 Auf. S3 Ric. II. 1393. lo IS Aufr. 3 Heii. 
V. 1415, u "Petro de Malo-licu ;" oL>. 

■t. 3i), nbu inMrrled, fine, William Fairfax, 
and 3dly, Sir JoUn Blgut ; and E4iMbelb, tet. 
S5, ibe wife o( George Salvaiiie, hie bein, 
■tnuH^t wbote detcenilantt and rcpreBenla- 
ti*ei tbii Buvuy ii in Abb) i.'iCB. 


I.SirWillUiDMiynard, Ul Ran. and in Ba- 
ron Maytiard ia Ireland ; Created Barun 
Mavnard of EiUinei ni Turrim, Co. Eeiei, 
UMarcb, 1638: ub. I6J9. 

1633- S.WiUiaiu Mayuanl, >, and b. ob. 1G<)a. 

|69«i. 3. Baaittrv Miyuard, *, and b. ob. 17 IB. 

IJIB. «. Hetiry Majnanl. .. and b. ob. 1742, a p. 

1743. S. Grey MayiiBrd,brulb<:r and belli ob. 1745, i.F. 

6. Cbarlea Maynard, brother and helri 
Created Barun Maynard of Much 
Eatton, CO. E»ei, and ViiLxunt 
Mayiiard ot Eatton Lodge, co. £i- 
»e», witb reiDainder, tailing hii iiiue 
male, to liii kiniman Sir William 
Maynard, Bart. IBth Oct. r.HG ; ob. 
1775. wherithelnih Barony, and tbe 
Barony of Maynard ol Eilaiiii-i ad 

HAVNARn— uEmru. 1 

Turrini, became ttytti 
Vispouiilpy anil Barun} 
of Mud) eMlon dcrolvi 

1] — n. I7T5. SSirCharlri Maynant. I 

and h. of Sir WllliaB 
*buni tbe Viicoonlcy 
vu in remaloder, n i 
above], dMMnded b 
Miynard, a yaitnpt br 
liam Ut Biron; ob. 1i 

III .— III.18S4. 3. Henry Mayoafd. nvpb 

Lieing I. anil b. otWillli 

' neii brulber i>F the L 

Pri-tenI Viscaoiitaiid B) 

dI Much Easiun, and a 


.BkaOMt IV WftlT. 

I. 1!95- l.Nicbolaide Meinilli Summ. to 
Jnne, IS Edw. 1. 1S9S, to 6 Fel 
1399. He waialioiummonidSJ 
I. 1994 i but, fat the reaaoD* a* 
" Cltvedom," it U very duubtfa 
run be cantiilered a* a Mcular 
Parliimenti ob. IS99, ».r.U dI 
»o.iy became 

I. I3IS. I.Nichotai de Meinill, nalural ani: 
Btron I Summ. to ParL rrom S3 
U. 1313, to 14 Hsrcb, IS Ed«. I 
I3SS, g. r. wben Ibii Barony nIh 

I. 1336. 1. NiebnU) Ue Heinill. caUedbyDui 
af tbe fatnil)', but buw relate*! 
nienlioiied NicbolM I find n«l 
Pari, from 33 Jan.gEdw. lU. 
Feb. 16 Edw. Ill, l34Si ob. 1 
leacing Eliiabclh, hii dan, bi* ■ 
married, 1st, Jobn [l.-3d Baron 
3i\y. Pe<et I11.6ib Baron Maul 
rony continued TCttcd In tbi 1 
until ibe deatb oF Pbilip "' 
Dntfy, In 1418, when. 

Ulip VI 


t>»Ttr, it f«ll into AuevANCB between hit 
tfausbten and eobeirt. Vide Darcv. 

Allbough the Abeyance oF tbe Barnniei of Mcinill and 
MHj hu Mttt lieen terminated, jrl Canyera Uarey, Sd 
"wDiray under tliepaleiii of 10 Aug. ]<>4],ind Baruii 
CBilJtn in ntbt o( hit e>''>n<l mother, probably tinilrr tbe 
^*i>iitg]>(JaD thic tbe iiid patent nut only re'lored tbe an- 
al fi«Uny ol Diircy, but alio that of MeinlU, wai oyled, 
- Ibe Writ! or Summona li Parliament of ^ Oct. 3 1 C»ttm 
IL 1(79, and IMircb, 31 Car. D. I6S0, « CuiiyertDara' 
•)• Dircu & MtiniU. Cbl'r." He on ereated Earl t 
UoUemtu >a 1 IJB3, wbicb title, m well at ibe Baninr tj 
Duiy treated by the Patent of IS4I, became 4Si:tiltCt t" 
~|}ni but il U manifest that tbe aiiumptinn nflbe litf 
lltU Buoaj ofMcinlU waawiibouiany leealfouiidaliM 


t 1(11. I.t^niiton Lamb, Itt Viicount Melbourne ta 
■relBiidi Created Baron Melbourne of Mel- 
boume, eo. Derby, tl A<ig. Igl.'i. Pretent 
Baron HelbuurnE > altoViacouni Me1b<iurH«_ 
lu Ireland. =t= 


[I7SI. 1. George I)od<ncI(ini Creatrd Baron Melon 
^ of M-leomb»R<gi>. re. Oottel. April 

ob. I7GS, s.r. when tbe title became 



I.CeorEe Cordon, ."ilb Earl of Ahoyne In Scot- 
land; Created Baron M-ldruin uf Mnrvcii, 
e«, Aberdeen, 1 1 Aog. IBIS, Preit-ni Baron 
Meldrum and Earl of Aboyne in Scuiiaiid. ^ 


VueowrcY, S4 Fcbnun, itlS. 



I iWi- I-Hmih' Dundu; CreUed B»T<m Duntn, et, 
Perth, md Viscouiii McMlle of MtWUr. 
cc>.EdinlMrgb, l>ep.34, ItuHi ab. ISll, 

II. 1«ll. 3- •*•*"» S»mide™ Dundu, i. and b. Prewflt 

Vtocount Uelville anilBaruaDDaiNiS.T.y 



I. 1793. I.Wtlbore Ellii; Creiled B*nin Mindip o( 
Mrndifi, cu. Souenfrt, 13 liuf. ^^H, irilb 
naiiiiti(Ur, failtnf his bcira dkIf, io Hin^ 
Weli'on Agar, 3d Banin and Vlicouni Clil- 
den in Iiflaod, ion mud beir of Jiidm Id 
Bnron and Viieount Clifden in Ircland.eldcA 
■uii of Henry hgAr, Esq. by Ann Ellii, «na 
o1 (be laid Baron Meiidip, and to hi> biin 
male i railing whiiib, lo John Ellii /kfU <■< 
Cliarlcs Bigiial Agar, brotben of the wl 
Henry Viscount Llifden, and tu ihcir im* 
male respectively ; in default of wbiEb, M 
H-.lborc Ellii Agar, Em). and Dr. CbvO 
AK»r, Arebbiihap of Caihel (afterwardi cn- 
aied Biruii aiid Viicounl Somarton and Cvl 
of NarmantDn in Ireland) the 3d and 3d W 
of the above-mentioned Henn Apir u' 
Ai>n Ellii, (be liiier of Lord Mendtp, and » 
ilie hcin male of tbeir bodin • ; «b. IKt> 
$.p. when tbe Barony devolved, agntabli 1* 
the above limitalion, on 

* It it vorthji cFf nmuk, tbat the only male deaeendut* " 
Henrj Agar and Ann Ellii, no! Intloded In tba linitatka rf *• 
Barony of Mandip, wu ihe Ror. Haai; Agar, iMi J0««^ 
' iedcicvnduuareitillliviae> 




9. H«nrT Wetbore \f»r ruiumed tbe name oQ | 

KUli, Sd Htroii nxil Vj<cauni Clifderi in Ire- 

Und. Pi«(ent Baron MendiniiligViicouDt V 

■nd BuoD Ujrdtn io Ireland. =r _^H 



^ma *t mmna. ^^^H 

1. Ranulpb Merley. «. Md h. of William de Mei- ^^H 

Ity; Lord of Wrllon. ^^H 


3. IU«er d> Merley, i. >nd h. ob. 1 IgR. ^^H 


3. R«eer de Merley, 9. and h. ob. 1 °39. ^^H 

tRorefdeMerky.t-Bndb.ob. IStS, 9.P.M. hl» | 

three daughleri being tiit cobrirt, of wbon i 


Vide NeuoH. ^H 


Tnuii. ^^1 


William He Mocbinet. broilier of Ralph Eart ^^M 

of Cheiler ; Lord of .evet.l Ma.iofi in Cum- ^^ 

fairlandi ob. i. p. m. Cecily, hit dau. iDil il 

iMir, married Robert de Rumely, Loid <■' 1 



1. Lionel Cr>nfietd. Ut Baron CronfieU; Cr«- ^^H 

afcd K)ri or Mlddleiei IS Sept. ISSij Lord ^^H 

Treatureri ob. 1G45. ^^^1 

t. Jamx Crinlidd, i. andh. ob, ISSI, a. P. M. ^^H 

3.Li>>nelc:rBnfi.ld,bro(h«r and heir i ob. 1674, ^H 

S.r. wbcD the title becama ^^^1 

«»tilKt. ^^ 


I.C1>ari««Sapk*i!le, ion and hfir apparent ot 

Richard IX.-5tb Earl ot Dorwt, by Franeej, 

ri*ur ud U Imth Ml* ferfr ff Um 
Karit CfMUd BWM arC^Ml 
orllMdlnnApr.4, iWUlhiBufci 

ihia EarldiMB hat »!■€■ t«M ■■■rtw 
Cnuiflcld !UekTill«. kta *. ud k. El 
wt, «u Crutad DuM aTDoiNt. VU 

I. nil. l.Sir 

_ MM WiBodghb*, J 

tlier or WiUim VllWtk B 


dletcM, CO, Virwkk, H Daetmb 

ob. 1TS9- 

173$. 3. FraoEu WiUaa|^, i. ud h. ol 
IT5B. 3. Pnncit WfRaasblnF, ■. asdh. d 
IV. 1774. 4.Tbaiut WillMcbbhtaMhwi 


nel- 5. Henry Willoughby, c 



, 3«pt«niber, 11*6. 



pi>l. nyt. l.Joaeiib Damer, III Barun Mi 

a Inland i Ciwateil Baniii Mi 

L Milton MWj, 00, I>uract, I 

1763'. CrcRled VltcouTit Miltui 

ton Abbey sforeiaiil, niiil E«rl 

cbMlcfi in itie <a>tl cuuiiiy, I 

1799; ob. i:!»a. 

M. 1788* X-Ccwee D«Rier. *. and h. Birl 

^ ebotari ob- 1*08, S. v. wbeii 

boBBn befome 


Mhntrall li lald by itiKny wriien (« hare been 
» Hwvn MioibuU of Mlmhull, cu. Cl.nbire, iii 
Bd it !• *tii((d that (br tide became exlincl an bit 
DaEdtlv, hoRcvcr, lukci no rioliire uf tiicb a Pclrr, 
' iMIIty li, lh«t llle pUeiit wai nerer regulitrty 

. (or Bank*, io htaDutmitit iiid Eiliiiit Peemri!, 
tkn the Mid John Minthull leFl iiiiie male,whutH 

Id in the male line are ttiti eliding, and who, 
pRtniiiDd, would a«ert ibelf claim lu the dig- 

FsUd ooc Mutd be preferred. 


I. Henry Conynf^him, lit Marqurai Cnnyof'hnm 
in Iroland i Crealnt Karon Miiiaier of Miii- 
aler Abbay. co. Kent, Joly U, 1)131 1 Lord 
Steward. Prewut Haron Minsler ^ altoHir- 
qiiai Conyngbain, lice, in Ireland ; K. P. =j^ 



BAUNI. BAta*. 
L 1797^-r. laig. 1. 3iT Gilbert Eliot, 4(h B«n.;Q 
Baron Mintu, c<>. Ru&butxb, O 
IT9Ti Crcatnl VnctHiot MalM 
Mclgund, CO. Forfar, 104 | 
Miiito, CO. Roiburgb, £4 F«bk' 
ob. 1814. I 

II _ll.iai4. 3.Gill>cTiEli<>i, (siiuni«d tbe DM 

Murrk; Knynrtmoanil, ten ta 
Preietii Burl uld lUron UfaM 
ViGcaunt Melguad. =p 

II. Etio.l. 9. Roe^r <'* Moelt, 1. and b. ob. IS94. 

L 1S99. 3. John de Moelt, i. and h. Sdm«. to hi 
6 Feb. ST Ed«. 1. 1399, to IG JaiM, 
IL 1311. H« WM ■!«> lonmMMd M 
Ed*. I. 1397 1 bui. Tor the wm om ■ 
under "Fitz-Jobn," h i« donbthl 
Wrii wu ft regular SainawM 10 hiB 
ob. 1311. 

II, 1311. 4.Ni<;balude Moel>, 1. uidb. Sama. ' 

rrom 19 Oct. 5 Edw. II. 1311, te S 
Edir. II. 1315 i ob. 131fi, (.p. 

III. 1316. S.John de Mueli, brother uhI bitri 

never Summ. to Pwl.i ob. 133T, 

leiving IiabcL wife of WiUiu L 

treaui, and Muriel, wi[a of Sir 

Court en ay, bii daughter* and cohatn 

whote dmcondanu and reprcMntatl 

Barony ii in Abitaiici. 

Tbe heireii of tbe abora WUliam Lord Botre 

ried the Biirony a( Bolreaui wllb tbe moiety of 

Moeh to Robert 3d Lord Hungerlurd, wbMe no 

iberine Lady Hungerford, dau-aud eventaaUy mI 

Sir Thomai Peverel by Margaret, dan. and oobr 

Tbomai Courtenay and Muriel d« Moeta bii «i 

meiiiioneiJ, wai alM tbe coheir of tbe other Bote 

Barony of Moelf ; which repicMnUlMDi ite 



iltfiMd uf faalTihe olfa«r inoiely,ii now TOtcdinibe 
' «tl)lti|a*WD(tlwllnp, Barun Hungfrfanl,Muline*. 
iKMfcauK, tllc beir^iirral oF the budr of tbe laid 
n Hvnftrtatd and of Mirgaret, daughter and 
■ *f Lord Butnaux, bit wiff. Vide HurtnERFORB ^ 
KUunNoa- Muriel, ibe mhrr lUiiEhter and 

. » Courtmay and of Muriel til! wife, daugh- I 

Md Mbeir at John lul EUrnn Mucli, married Jobs ] 

nior of Lord Oiiibam), among wbiNe do^ 
Idinti ibv rep[«cenra(ion of tlie other pari at ihtrfl 
i»ij of the B»riiiiy ol iSoeli i* ih>w reitcd. 


1. William de Msliun i obl^ned SS Lordthipt'l 
(rum William tb« Cunqueror ; Lord of ^ 

i. 9. William de Mabun, i. and h. ob. . . . , 

b. S. W Jliasi de Mahuti, (. aiiJ b. laid to ba*g been 
created Earl of Dunet by tbe EnpreM 
Maud in 1140) ob. ante 116a. 
%U. 4. William d« Mubun, i.aiid h. living 1196) 
Mile I SOf. 

I. i. RciiiialddeMobun, >. and h. ob. ISI3. 
Jl(. 6. Reginald de Mohun, t. and b. ob. I S5G. 
Mil 7. John de Mubuii, i. and h. ub. 1S7S. 

W. a. John dcMobon, •. andb. Sumin.toParl.froiBfl 
li Fab. ST Edw, I. I8g9, to 83 Oct. 4 Bdn.llL'1 
1330; ub. 1330. 

I. 9, John de Mabun, grandion and heir, being iofl'1 
«Dd hair or John de Mubun (ob. v. p.) eldcK I 
aon ol the lait Baron ; Summ. to Pari (i 
S5 Feb. ili Edaard 111. I34S, Xo 4 Oct. 47 1 
EdwanI 111. 1373i aflrf the 23 Edw, " 
With [be addition of " dc Dunitrrra;" 
.... a. r. II. leaving bi< three duugbicrt, 
EUiabrlh, wire of Edward Plant agenet, Duh 
»( York ; Eliiabfih, aarrled to William d 
Montufute i and Maude, married t 
Lord Strange of Knocking, bit nex 
among whuie deicendanta and reprelelttt^ 
U*n ihit Barony is hi Aievar-cE. 

Baron] ; Creatrd B 
ttin, CO. Deron, ISj 

II. 1644. 8. John Mubun, i. uid 

III. 16... a. Warwick MofaaD,br 

IV. I66S. 4.GlHrtef llohm,fi« 

V. 16... S. Cbailaf Unban, i. • 

tbc tida becanw 


■AKwii iv wmiT. 

1. I34T. I.JobDdeUaHne«i 9t 

SI Bdw.lll. IHTt 


hit MM ud bdTi 

died ill 1384, laarii 

•on and Mr, who < 

asi* fail iMil)'ds«| 

of the mala dcfla* 

Baron were ever m 

and ibe Baron* on 


U. H46. Robert HDBjNribrd • 

oT Robtrt 8d Baron Huncerfi 


lllU.loSO J*n.3l Hen. VI. I453i iaccmdedas 
knu lluncprforil in I4S9 i Attainteo I4<]I, wliiiii « 
k lniDon bCBkOie f orfritctl. Thomxi HuneerTanl bU 
> ud hr)r wai utainied in H6ii, sritl dying a. r. ' 
WT hll diughler was bii bcir i the married Eilvri 
KlUp, aflrTBirili >«cuni1 Lonl Uii«IIm|;s of Ashby da I 
(2ay«|iti undin HSb thaMlainileraf iheEaidThuoHl 
■ttuiii knd ur Rotjcn Hung^Kord bit faiber wat re 
. Grurxe Mutiny, son and beir of tba laiU Ed- 
rd Wd llMli><e>- euGceedeil hitfHihcr in lliit BaronT, 
HluiboM or tlutine*> HungFrford, and Kutrcaux In 
^. and MM Created Earl of Hunilngilan in l&3y,»hen 
Bvjain of Momnm, Hunnrford, Hasiin^, and Bu- 
*'^Bi, bccamo retted in <lie Earls of Hunlliigdoii, and 
*°<onliautd until ibc death of Francii XXIl.-lotb Earl 
<" ing, nbrii ihe; tlevaWed on hit tiiier and heir Elixa- 
l>tii, and art niiw vetted in her ion Frandl, the prtaeltt 
Mirqntu vf Hattitip, Barun Haitinp, MoJiaea, "' ' 
itui, tnd Hungerfurd, Ac. 

Vide HuNGERroRD and Haitihoi 


B*iionr,7 July, iGSo— Ci^jn 


Vide AlBemahib. J 

■ Will.l, I 

' Urii.1. 9. Withriiuck, aurnamcd de Manmoulli, 

" H.ll. 3. BiuleninUB Mnnmoulh, i, and h. living Iti 

ob. anie II 76. 

' Kiel. 4.r.Jtwnde Moiiiaoiiih.a. andh. ob 

' John. 3.Juhnd« Muiimouih, t.andb.ob. JS4e. 
> lUU. '.Ju'indeHanninuib, >. and b. ob. VihJ.t.t 

Albreda de Batet-.M and Juan dc Nei . 

beinK Ilia danichleci and cobein according lu 

Dugdalr ■-- -' ^-■ 

gdale> hut other authoriiies oalr, th.lh, n*. 

dleds (be laid Alhrrda andly-**' 
...jii were aitlrn to Cecily de Wileran, their*" '^" 
mutlier uf ilili Baron. ^ ^ 





I. 1696. 1- Robert Carey, lt( Baron C«rryo(b 

Created Earl of Muumoulh t P 
ob. 1639. 

II. 1635. 9, H(!iiryC*rty,s.uidh.ob. 1661,1.1.* 

tbc tille berame 

1. 1G63. JaiDci Filz-Rojr, nalnial MO o( Cha 
Created Barun of Triidalc, t». Nanh 
lanil, Viicuuiit Donoaaler and Duke B 
mouih 14 Feb. J6G3, K. G,( aiiiio 
bebeaded jees, when all hia bonurtb 
ill. 1689. 1. Cliirlea Murdauiii, 3d Viicount Monl 
AvaloD, bring ton and heir of Jubn 
count Mordaunl, by EUlabeth, Mia i 
beir of Robert Corey, tieit broiber a 
Cir^y 3d Earl of Monmoutb i ou ' 
Earl of Monmouih 9 April, 1689! » 
ai 3d Earl of Feterboroogh in 169T, d 
lille Ihit Earldom WHi united unti 
wh'n by the death of Cbarlei Henry! 
of Peicrboroueh and 3d EaH of UoD 
s,c bulb Iheiedigoitiea becane 

•CEtmct. Vide ParutM 


I. 1798. 1. Sir John Monion. Sth Bart. CnUld 

Monion of Burton, co. Ltaculb, t 
1798, K.B.; ob. 1748. 

II. 1T48. S. Jiibn Muniuii, t. and K.ob. 1774. 

III. 1T74. 3. Juhn Moiiuin, a. and h. ob. Illt)6. 

IV. tBOe. 4.JohnCe>ir|;e Monion,*. and b. ob. KOJ 

V. 1808. S. Frederick Jubn Muninn, t. and kj 
I Baron Monion (a minur). J^H 

L I 


H, II. fticbard d« Mantacute j living IIGOi 
■lite MGni bli (uccvdor wai 
. .... Drufl da Moniicutei liiine 1167; ob. , 
to ohum (urcecdrd 

Ittt ob. 1517, fcP.lM 

mr. iDii of nr>i do IH 
; ub. IS4G, UivJnsbliu 

t i30U. !I. Simon it MunUcolv. s> and b. Sumtn. ^ 
P«ri. from 95 September, SB Edw. I. 

I to G OcTaber. 3 Ed«. II. I3IS ; he »si al 

^V SuotCRiinede June, S3Edw, 1. Iii94i liulli 

^^h Ttrjr doubtrul if iliat Writ wis a regular 

^^H Sumaoiii (O Parliataeul, vide ■' Clyvedon i" 

^^B oh.Hrci> 13l(i. 

^^Klm. 3. William de Monisrute, ). ami h. Summ. to 
^^V Pill, froni !U Niiv, II Edw. II. 1317. lo 35 

^^B Aug. i8Edw*r>l II. I3IB; lib. 1319. 

^^B-IItg. 4.Wllliiin de Muiilacure, i. and h. Summ. <d 
^^P PiirJ. from S Jiwit, S E<tMatdIII, 13111, la S9 

^^ Nov, 10 Edward III. 1336 i Created Earl of 

S4UU7 ><> Marcli, I.13T- Tbi> Batoiiy continued 
"■•ltd Ml tint Eatldvio HKiil Ihe atiiinder nf Jubn 
^'L-JJ tirl in I4<i0, <«beii, wiib lii< uihrr lioiiott, via. 
. tt« (Urldom of SaLiburv. the Biruiiy of Muiitaeu, 
mud by the Writ uf 31 Edward III. (vide |>. 43b-), 
MdtHuniifut)! bii ion and heir wai Summ.tu Pari. In 
"' *• Earl of Sallabui^, and wu fully rvsiored in bluad 
||lbunoti 9 Henry V. 1431 I lia died 1438, 
"^n llilt D«runy, nltti ibuie Juil nienlluiied, dcvulveil 
"'f> lilt tule dauRliter and beir, wbo mimed Richard 
1 ber biuband wai created Earl «l Salitbury i 



umiund in iba (ullowiiig year, beli 
''t* died, when all bl* honuri devolved on bit «in 
4 Earl sf Wan»kk,anditbi>,iurc mairii, poucitcil 



both Ibe BaroniM of Monlagu and Ibiit of M 
but on hii atuindrr in UTI, Ihcte Bkronii 
o(ber digiiilics became 

He leh two daughter* hii cahein,Tii. \m 
Tied, Bnl, Edward Prince gtWiln, >Dd ue 
Richard in. but died s. f. R. ; and laabel. < 
Gear^e Planlaecnei, Duke of Clarence, oho * 
and atlointed in 1477, by nhnm ahe left in 
■ha »U beheaded and attaiiUed in 1499 
and Margaret, nifeot Sir Ricliard Pole.K.G, 
^ret wa» Created Cuunleaa o( Satiiburj, I 
tainted in 1539, aud beheuled in 1S41 ; her < 

I. 1533. Henry Pale, wai Sotnin. (o Pari. 

S4HenTy VIII. 1.^33, andiSJni 

VIII. 1536, » " Henrico Pole de 

attainted and beheaded in 1S3< 

Barony alio becaine 


He died a. p. u leaving Kaihniiw, wife 

XIX.-3d Earl of HuniinKdon (now npreui 

bfeir-generat the MarqucM of Haitinp], am 

who married, firat, Sir Tbomai Hutinci, an 

Sir Thomai Barringlon, bit dauf bten and c 

were fully realored in blood and bonon I Ph 

and aiDonf'st whose dcieeudaiit* and reprMV 

Barony uf Moniagu, created 1^ the Writ o< 

VIH. to their father, ia in Abeyance. 



I4S1.— 1. l4Ta John Nerill, 3d lOD of Bic! 
Earl of Saliibury, and A 
cute above meiitionad, •» 
Richard Earl of Warwick ; Sbb 
a< "Ji>h»nni Nevyll, Dunino d 
Chl'r," 23 May, 1 Edw. IV. 14 
"Johanni Nrvytl dp Montacu, 
I Edw. IV. I4E2, and 3e Feb. 3 
1463, having on the 30tb July, a 
1460, been Summoned a( " <■ Joh 
Uumino NevitI, Lhl'r /' Ctcat 



N«rthunib«rUDd »7 Mity. H67 1 whicli liile 
be mi{:ileil in I47l> anil *u crealrd M>r- 
quM< Monlieu 25 Mitrcli, I470i ub. 1-171, 
•ud being MUiniFil, nil hii liunors tKCanie 

I.AmboTiy Brown, Brandson «nd heir of An- 
(hoiij Bruwn aoil Lucy hit viite, widow of 
Sir William Fiii-Williini, ai^.l dxu. nnd 
c*«D(ual]y cobtir of John Noill, litt Mar> 
ifuu i Created Viicounl Montii;u« 3 Sept. 
I6S4, K.G.I oil. IIi93. 

L 9. Anlboitj' Brown, gnmilfton and h«ir, bcinc 
•on and beir of Atilhony Brown (ob. v. p.) 
eldnt ion of the U.t Vi^taunt -, ob. IG29. 

. S. Frueil Browp, •. and b. ab. 1682. 

. 4. F/Miei* Browii, a. and b. ub. 170B, a. r. 

. 5. Henry Bruwn, brotber and heiri ob. I717- 

. CAMboar Drown, >. and h. ob. K67. 

. I.Antboaj Joieph Brown, b. andb. ob. 1787. 

.0. George Samaal Brown, ion and heir; ob. 

1793, ».r. 
L % Mark Aotbonr Browne, couun and heir male, 



hnnf aoa a: 

•on of 8«aniilaus, ton a'«l li< 
•Idett iDU ol Jubn Bruwnt 
Anibony lit Viicounii ob. 
(hladlgnii)! became 
etURO. *. 

M (liii disnic; bai beon uicnl lii 
_ OWM, of Storington, u tba deici 
af John BrowBi, id ion nf Anihoaj the li 

'Utd be baa bruvgbt ul 

i> oteirclment for ihe le 


under the reienion of the otU 
W AbUiooj 1 il ViKouae, hia hsin mile lieing conit' 
&lled) I but Mr. Btowna hu neni pioceected to 
__iim M tblt Vbenuotc} hu been latel}' urged b)> a 
\)Su Cnnra, and by it referred to the Attoniey-GedeTil, 
'IriapvCcnKmiwill oo douht receive the coaiidrratloo 

1849, t« CO Not. M B 
ISfil, B. P. M. iMiinit Joan, i 
liun de Uffonl, alterwudi 
bis <]3u. aiMl heir) un wboaa 
Uarouy became 



1. 13ST. l.Johnd* Hsntaita, M im «C 
E«rl <a SalUbvr]'. w»i IIU 
t«pi (Tida p. 433J I ba mm 
grand-dia. and belr of lUI) 
tharnwr | Bamm. to T»A bM 
««rd lU. ISBT, w f Dm. 1] 

11. 1390. S-JobnilaHMtara, ■.udk I 

from 98 Nor. 16 Uck. U. U 

80 Rich. II. ISM M •■ Job» 

■neceadMl bia «neto In tba Bn 

craatad hj tbe Writ irf tS fl 

1900, (Tide p. 4aS), Md M 

SaUiburrtaim. V 

This B«n(nr, tot^bar wttb tbrt of Mn 

cute, criiKed by the Writ of 98 Edward 1. 

and tbe Barony of Montherawr, contiti 

Ih.^ Earlilnm of Snliibitry until the all 


Iklurd Ncijll, Earl of Salitbury and Warwick ; but 
bvuirulcr in Mi I ibts Baronf, witU all hli ailicr 


Villi HONTAOU, [I, 433, 


I.EHwanl Mont>eu, prHumeil to have been 
ducended (min Simon de Munugu.a rnunger 
■on u( John l.-IJi Baron Monli^ de Man- 
tagu, vniler llie Wfilof 31 GJunrdlll. I3sT. 
tide iBil pacB ; Crtited Rarun Montagu of 
Boughtan. co. Nanfaampton, 39 June, IfiSI ; 
Ob. 1644. 
S. Bdward Montacu. «- ""1 ><• <>>>. 16S3. 
■aKLa. nuKM. 

-L 1609^-1. I'OS. S.IUIph Monta^, >. and b. 

Created Viicount MontlMr- 

mer o[ Montbemer, to. 

Etiex, and Earl of Mnn- 

taeu, 9 April, 1689 l Cre- 

aled Marqueii of Moniher- 

iner and Uuke of Montagu 

ISApril, llOb; ob. 1709. 

UL ....— ILlIOS.Jobn Monlagu, ■ and h.uli. 

1748, t. F. H. wbcD all hi« 

titles became 


I.John MoDtagu, MR and beir apparent ot 

Gaurge 4Ih Earl uf Cardigan, (aticrwardt 

Duke uf Munlaj(u, vide iiiFra,] b; Mary, dau. 

and coheir or John last Duke al Montaeu, 

and Baron Montagu of Duughtoni Created 

Baron Montagu of Boughion, co. Northatnp- 

(OD, eth Miy, net: ob. vita patrii, 17Tt, 

l.r, oben diii Barony again became 


111.1756. I.George Biud«ae11 (a< 

nine ol) Moniagu 4tb Earl of 



Montigu ieolt, tiiuBat Um 
BuedcuKfa, by EUiabMh Hm 
dau. and heireu. K. G. oh. 
when the Marqulikts of Ha 
Uukrdoni of MuDUgu bccsBe 
EirJdum of Cinli^n tlovulni 
faeir male, and ihi* Bann; 4m 
able to the kbon U^tailDn, o 
VM. 1T90. 9.Heai7 Jamei UaiH*|M la*l« 
tinned, uncle of W«k>r fn 
Duke <tt BuedMifh. PmmKl 
tagu Df BongtitOD. ^ 

I. Hrnrj Hontaru. brotbir oTUi 
MomaKm)fBDu(bUHi| Cmu 
tagu nf KlnibuUoD, eo. Hw 
Viicount HaDderiHa 19 Dmv 
E«ri of UuMbeuu A Fab. 1« 


or tr. 1 
Baronv, l3Ja1y, 166a 


*.Mm da MantHtt, t. uai b. ab a. f. 

i. Robvn lie Muiiuit, bruilicr iiid hi:'<r-, nb... 
* iniiT. 

S.Roit^r lie Miiiilalt, «. and li. Sumiti, (a Pi 
93 Juiic, -ii EJiraM I. IS9J; oli. 139;, ■ 
when tti« II I rein; became 
Robrrt de Munlxlt, brother ard heir ; Sun> 
■a furl, from 6 Prb. ST Ediir. I. 1399, to 
Junr, 13 Edward III. 1339 { nb. I3';9, t 
wtieii ihi* B"ron]p alia bepanie 


I I. Rofcr de Montbegion ; held ceveral Lordthijys 
Id Uneoln ttmp. SCcpb. 

i, Adam 'ie Mtinrhpgun, *. and I1. oh 

. 3. Rotvrt dc MiinibFK°'>i ■■'■d h. oh 

4.R«eerdeMon(breot>>*'>l>dh. oh. I£3U*, h.p, 
.3.nei>r} de Mdiilhepni, cnuiin and heir; ol 
vhiim nutliiiig fartber is knunn. 


I. Edward Stanic}', Sd aon ofThoniM in Rirl nt 
Dtriiy; procliiimed Lord ot MdhIpmeIi! 1^14, 
•Od Sunm. to Pari. S3 Nov. 6 llei.ry VI 11. 
ISI4, and l'2 Nov. T Henry Vlll- J&li>. a« 
" Rdoardo Sianlt; de Momit-Egell, Ctil'r,'' 
K.G.; oil. [&S3. 

9.Tbc.Ha* SluiiUy, 1. and h. Summ. In Par). 
Horn 3 Nov. 5l Henrv Vlll. 1539. to 2S 
Jan. I Kill. lS&9i ub. I5C0. 

3.Wmi«mStiuilcy. a. and b. Summ. lo Pari 
from 1 1 Jan- 5 Eliir. 1^63, •» C .Ian. 33 Ell*. 
lUI I ob. UB), 9.r. u. Elianbrlh hit lole 

di dbutjiwiej Id Ougdalc'i 


ilau. knd beir, manieil Edvud Xl^ 
run Morley. 

IV. 1605. 4.Wimiin Park<r, ton ind heir appcrei 

E&iil Edward Baron Morlcjr bjr Eliia 
wife, dau. xrid lalc heir of lb« \M 
Sumni. to Pari, u " Willielmo Pi 
Moiileele, Chl'r," Vila pilrit, {mm 
JacIGOb, to 5 April. ISJac, iGMiii 
lo Ibe Baruiif oF Murley in I6IB, 
Summ. to Pari. IHJac. I6!0,u"1 
Parker de Motic; aud Moi>trEl<> Chi 
1 Hil. 

V. \S2i. 5. Henry pRrher, i. and h, Summ. U 
B Baron Marie; and MunleHglei ob. I 

VI. 1655. G.Tbomii Parker, i. and h. !;umD.U 

Haron Motlry aiidManlcBitle i Kb. i^ 
g. r. when the Baronici of Parker ai 
en^le, Hilh that uf Marshal, fell in 
ANcr. between ilie itiue of bi> a< 
CatberiiM, wife of John V.-Sd Ear 
and Elizabeth, who married Ed*) 
field, E<q. MDoiiK nhoae dcfceiidaal 
preieotatiTc* ibej are aom la AaEr 

I, IBOG. I. John Deoii Browne, lit Mirqutwa 

Ireland ; Created Baron Monteacle 
port, CD. Ma}'0, 30 Feb. 1806, B 

II. 1809. 3. Hawe Peter Browne, (.and b. Pre* 

MonteagU of Wettport; alw Hi 
Sligu, &c. in Ireland, K. P. <^ 


I. Will.l. l.WilbamdeMontficheti Hrins 1133 

II. H. U. S. Gilbert deMoifit^ct,*. and b.Unwi 
IIL RiE. I. a. Kicbard ite Moi.tiBchel, a. and h. ob 
IV. Jaba. 4. Biubard de MoniliGhet, «. and h.) h 

of ibc celebrated S5 Baroni appoiiil 

M«N1 FORI . 


furuc tbc ubtervuicc u( MitoNA Ciubta i 
lltine liM; ub.,..., I.F. letviiigliit ihrce 
iib>l*n Ilia hain, rii, Margiry, wife i/( Hugh 
■I* (•..lolKri A>cliiic. marnrcl lu Willxm 
Eirl vl Atbciuarie ( auil Fliilipiii, married tu 


U I. Hugh de Muulfuit i obtuRed 1 1-1 LonUliijit 

(ruoi Willi.iii ili« Cuni|ucror. 
. 3. Hugh dc M»mluri, *. and k ob , e. r. h. 

HugU hu<I Hi<b«r[, Ijit luiK, died B. r. 
1 i. Hugh lie Muuilort, gruidiuii aiid heir, belnc 
'^ »«n uid beir uf Cllbert Uc Gant, by 

daucbitr aQd beic u( Hugb ibe lut Btruui 

■MUiUEil Ibe iisinE of Mumrort •. liv. |lg4. 
,4.ftuti«rt de MoDtCori, i. and b. living 111)3, 

^.Tliunimi tie Muulfurl, brotber and hejri ub. 

ante H90. 
.6,lliit\ry lie tlontfort, ■. and b. ub ; 1o 

w liuiu luccccded 

, T.Thunun de Muiitfurt i ub. isie. 
, ». Ptter de Muiitfuii, •. and b. ub. IS64. 
if.l'eterdfl Uonifon, t. uid b. ub. l£)t;. 

. Jntin da MuiilFurt, i. and h. 9uiiirn. to Pari. 
IS June, t Oruiber, and 3 Nuv. S3 Edward I. 
l]l9Si «b. I°3«. 

ll.Johit dc Muuilurl, i. and h. Sumin. to Pari. 
£fiJulj,7 Edw. 11. 1313; ub. rirca 13I4,S,P. 

l.rBler<ls Muiiiron, bruihrr and huir i Sumin. 
toParl. Iraai aSJaii. a Edward 111. 133(1, lu 
lOMareb, -23 Hdnaru UL 1349) ub. 13tiT. 
». r. bitaiaten beiuebia beim vii. Eliiabetli. 
«■(> of Mr Ualdwiii de Fretiile, Km. and 
Maud, wiFe uf .... !iudle)' j between wbuae 
daanidant* add r«pr«>«iilalivM the Baruiiy 
created 1^ Ibe Writ of <J3 Edward I. ic ibtir 
iHliar li in AoEvaNCi:. 



8. ThomM Bromley, l ind h. ob. 1199. 
3. Henry Bromley, i, and h. Fieicnt 
Hontfort of Honeheilh. = 



U4S. John de Rlontgoiniry ; Summ. to FuL IS 
Feb. 16 Edw. Hi. I34S, bat iieTrr aftFrirudh 
nor any of hU dcMcnjanUi Admirkl nt tki 

King'i Fleci i ob wben tLe Uuinj *'• 

etnie Cninct. 




nd Kliiltl >lie mmlnueil lii* wife lie htitl tU« titU* 

irl of GlouMiur uid Herlfanl allribulFil to him, and Pari, u " Cotniti Olouccair' et Hertr." rram 

i. ST Edw. I. 1^90, io 3 Nov. 34 Edw. I. 1306, jure 

UMN, tnit <h< dying ■■> I30T, he never atterwRrd* uted 

'tine iIUm, but vu Surnm. tu Pari, u " Hadulpbo de 

Uratliermer'' only, froai 4ih Mnrch, 3 Edw. II. isos, 

I U) 30 Ort- IH Edw. il. IJS4. Thorou de Maiilhermrr, 

^^|>Mi and beir. died viu patrii, leaving Margnret, hi* 

^Hfb dau. and brtr, who Darried Sir John de HonCa- 

^Ml, id ion Hi William IV.-Itt Eorl of Snliabury ; ohlch 

^^■rJohn aa* !lumni. ra PxrL a> ■■ Jubn ile Mantacule," 

^^VHw. 111. iboogb probably id FoiitEqufiici: of hli inar- 

[ >Up (titl> p. *3e). John de Montagu, hii ion and 

htir, *ai alio Suianl. lo farl. and «ucceeded ai Vl.-3d 

F-uI oF Saliibury, atid lo ihe Itaruity of Montacule, ere* 

I ftd \>j the Writ ol SB Ed*. 1. 1300, in 1397. He wm ai. 

^^laM Uii txtaeaded in 1400, whei) tMf Barany. with hU 

^HprbeoDn, became forfdtrb. Thamai de Moniacute, 

^■ffta ud heir, VU.>dih Bar! of Saliibury, ww reitored 

^■fcAtbtr'adlEDltiMln 1431, on whuie death, s. p.m. io 

^iHli lb« too Baroniei of Uonta^, and that of Monther- 

'•r,dtTalvcd on Alice, bl( dau. and heir; the uatried 

^"■hAii NeTiil, who wai created Enrl ot Saliibury, and 

''imfii Attainted ill USD, appear* to hare been miored 

"<lw fuUowlng f»r, when he died, and *hen hii honon 

'^ bi bia Mn and heir, Kiehard Nevill, the celebrated 

(lolWarwiek and Sallihary, and who, jure mairii, 

._.>d tAboth the BsRiniea of Montagu, as well ■» 

It at Moiitlienner, but on hit death and Attainder, lo 

li all Mi honori became 

Vide MONTAOU, pp. 433, 134, and p. 436. I 


EdvarJ de Monlliermcr r supposed by It.iiikt , 
lo ban been the (oit of the laid Ralph bf 
Juane PlanHgenrti Suinin. to Pari. S34 
April, II Edw. III. Ii31, but never ader, 


niKl of whom riolhing hnbet n i 
liU death, this Biroiiy brcJiRK 


ViicocNTCT, 9ih April, lees. 

M^tNOUUATe. llth April, 1705. 

Bsih ^linct i^*S. 

Viile MONToOU OF B»U<UnM> ] 
HAR«uii*rK, Stli Novprnbcr, il6li~^nilWt HW 
Vide Montagu or BauoNtML 

14GS. I. WsliEr BlauTii 1 Creatnl Baron Mon^«T ^ I 

Tburvnrnn, co, Dtrby. 30 June, Mi; Uril 
Treuurer ; K. C.( oli. 1474. I 

14T4. 3. Eilittrd Qlu'ini, cnn<Iion and heir, brit|l 
9. mid b. uf William Blount (oh. r. pjcl' ' 
fun nf the last Baron 1 oh. 1473, «. r. 


11' I.Thainu WinUiur, let Viacount Wiodior in 
IfcUiiJ. yuuLger Bun of Tlionw Isi Earl of 
P^Duulbi ttuceiulcJ from Andrewi Winilauri 
lit Baton Wiliillur, tij Blitabelb, Bisler and 
eobtir u( Edwird U.-ld Baron Muiitjay ; 
CrKltd Bxtan Montjny of the Ijle of Wight 
I J>n, ITIli ob. ITSa. 
9, i. Herbert Wiiidior, t. anil h. VUeount Windsor 
In Ireluid) ob. 1768, & p. m. when all bu 
(iimurt became 




Vide Bute. 


I.Ch»rtr(M<H>re, 1hM»<)u 

i» of Droebeda in 


Crcaieil Baron 

Moore o 



o. Kent, 17 Jan 


P.J Ob. 



Ktoote, «. Hnit 

. Prneiit 


aliti Marijucu o 

f Drogheda 




', l.Joha Monlaunl ; 3uinD- to Pari, from 4 May, 

SI Heury VIU. to Q Not. ^ aud U Pbilip and 

Man, l»Si ob.l563. 
I, 3. JohoMortUunliS, and b. Patl.frcm 

II Jan. 6 Elli. 1SS3, lagMay, U £lli. 157^; 

Ob. IS73> 
k. S. Lcitii Hordiunl, l. and b. Samm. lo Pari. 

from B Feb. U Elii lh^6, to '14 Oct. 39 E1i«. 

1^7) ub. I60i. 
U 4. UtDty UordMuoi, i. and li. Sumn. UtPkA. 



rrPRi 97 Oc(. 43 Elii. tGol, to i Nov, 3J 
1605 1 oh. 16(18, 

V. I60B. 5. John Mord^uDt, a. andb. Soinin.fD Piil 

30J»n. 18Jai|. I. 1 6 SO, to I7Mit, ». 
\mS: Crexled Eltrl oF PelcrborauEh In 
He miTTled Elrmbrth, lUu. and (uli! > 
Willum Howard, 4on anil h«>r ippu 
ChatlH Hu'irJ, E>tI nf NoUinxbiii 
til Tight of btt mother AiiD, dim. >nil 
Jobii Sd B«run St. Julin of Blet>ti> 
■ok bcir or the Biirany of Beaucbi 
Blettbo; ob. 1R4S. 

VI. 1649. 6. Menrv MonlRunt, i. and h. EUrlofF 

roust), K.G.( Ob. )GS7, a.F. M. 

I. lt>91. 7. Miry MorilBiinti ilait. und tole b< 

married, la(, Htnry Dukt alNDtTti! 
vliiiiD ibe WIS dirorccd ; and Ei 
John Getmain, Bart. ; ob. 1T05. «■ 

VII. l;05. 8. Charles Mord^unt, lll.-3d Earl of 1 

rough, and lll.-litEari of Moiitnou 

(in and heir, being i. kod b- of J< 

count MordauutorAvaloD, nut bn 

Henry id Earl uf Peierbarougb, i 

Bafuu MordiuDI. 

Tlili Barony becanie mer^d in tho Barldomi e 

boruugb and Monmouth, untd ihe tteaih of Cbarl) 

V.-&th Eitrl of Prterboroueh, and V.-3J Earl i 

TDoutb, 9. r. In 1614, when it devolved un 

II. iai4. S-Mary Anattatia Grace MoTdaunt, 

Charlri IV. Earl vt Peterborough, 
Baron Mordaunl of Turvey, and fa 
and sole heir of Charle* twt Eart 
Haron ; ub. Itsto, a.i*. wbsn the Bi 
voUcd on 

X. luiy. JO. Alexander Gordon, 4ih Duk« of Ci 
:4catl*nd. and l>t Eati o( Norwich 
land, coBiin and heir, he bdnf bslr 
of Charlea 3d Earl of Peterbom 
Vll.-8(h Baron Mofilaiinr, vii. a. ai 
Coamo 3d Otike of Conlon, tidwi 

JU«uiuler Sd Dukn u( Cordon, by Hcnrtctla, 

PcIcrboToiRb ai>d Rutin 

i Chnrles 3d £:irl 

' Tiirvey, Banm Be«ii> . 
Eitnu, Baron Guriloii, dikI ~ ' 
*\ta Duke uf Curdoa, Ac 


^1. mil. I.John ManUimt.Sd non of Juhn 111 EarUr '' 
pFlcrbiiroogh, and V.-atli Baron Munlxunt 
el Tuirey ; Crcacrd Bnran Murdnunt of 
AyrgnM, Co. Surrey, nnd Viscoimt Mor- 
dauiit of A*al<in> ca. Sumeraeti 10 Julv, 
I6&9: xb. <eT3. 
ItmS- Z. Cbtrlc* Mordiiuni, i. ind b. Cr»tcd Earl 

ofUunmuuib April9, I6B9 : lucrrcdcd ** 
in.-3d Earl ot reicrborouph in 16gT, knil 
M Vll.-8(h B>ron Mordnuni ot Tiitiey in 
i>r Mxrdmiiit of RycEate, and ibli 
laanlT7 romiiiiivd merj^d )n ihe tuprrior litlci of 
borough and Monmuuih, uiilil Ihe Jrilb iiF Chtrtei 
f fttli E4rl ol Peterbuniugb, V..3il Earl or M'ln- 
I. IX'IOib lUriiii Mordauiii utTuroy, and IVMtb 
Mcii Motdaunt of Avalnii, and Baron Mordatint of 

H IT w«rr. 

■ .William dcMorlryi So mm, to Pari, from S9 
D»f. s« Ed*. I. lagg. to 3 Nov. U E.U. 1. 

1306, ob 

I Ul7. 3. Rubtrt d« MurUy, i. and h. Summ. In Pari. 
^ from an Nu*. II Edo. II. 1317, tu l5F(b. 3t 

Edw. in, 1357. He married lUfjtt, dau. 
_ an<l beirorjubn Barun Manbah ob. t.ieo. 

[.IMO. 3. WUIiam .\t M»rlcy, ■. ai.d h. Kumm. to Pari, 
fr.™ 4 Dtr-, S9 Ed*. IM. iaC4, to 3 Dec. 8 
Ric. II, 1378 i ob. 1380. 

4.Ttiainu de Mortey, «. and h. Siimni.t 
rrom IG July,& Itic. tt. 13)11, to 3 i 
HBiiry V. 14l?i ub. HIT. 

V. 1417- 5. TbomiiE de Murley, i;rind*on tdd heir, 

1, krid b. o( Robert de Morlr; (vb. v. p.] 
•DD of Ibe list Barun ; Sumin. to Plr 
15 July, 5 Henry VI. T4«T, to S Jo 
Henry VI. 1435 • j ob. 143S. 

VI. 1435. 6. Robert de Morley, >. and b. Bamm. U 

3d Dec. W Heory VL 1441 ; ob. I44i, 

VII. 1469. William Lorel, 2d loo o( William Bar 

v«l or Ticlimenb, bating B)ani«d All 
dau. and tola beir of the laat Bani 
Sumni. to Fail, jure uiori*, froin tl 
9 Ed*. IV. 14S9, (o lb Oct. 10 Eil 
1 4 1 T I ■• " WillieliDo La>el do Morlry, t 
nb. I4;6. 

VIII. 1476. 7. Henry Luvel, 1. aod h.i bcuMlinrrl 

to Patl.i ob. I4B9. &P. 

IX. I&S3. a.Henry Parker, «. and b. of Sir WilUtl 

ker, by Alice Luvel, iiiler and aole I 
Henry the lut Baron i Summ. to P 
-■ Henrit^o Parker de Horley, Cfd'r." fi 
April, 14 Henry Vlll. 1523, to M Oct, 
3 Pbilip and Miry, mil ub. U&5. 

X. ISSS.ia Henry Parker, grandton and bHt,bein| 

h. of Sir Henry Parker, K. B. (ob. *. f.) 
ton of the Iwt Baron i Sbdhu. to Pari 

■ A John it Motley ii lUUd id ill* Liil of Samnm 
Kane been Siuom. to Pail. 34 Maj, 1 1 Hen. VI, U3a, bal 
name of Thomai de Motley regularly oocuri in lh( ith • 
Henty VI. and again the lath Henry VI. it ii pfaunMdt 
hean BO BTTori in tbs year prrcwllae, •r'a, tO Heniy V 
Chriittan oama does not appear in (be Liai o rSommoiiMd 

Hands •■ de Motley, Oil'l." TTunui «*• Daroa J 


Eol in ParliameDl in tlie 1 1 lli of Haatj V. 
:ik he it ityled ia tlie Writ JoSii do InotltT, b 
catM "'nun.iK ^ H(n\i?i, CU'nUi," Vida Hot. 



r w<rr. 

90 Jan. 4 and 5 Pfiilip and Mniy, ISSS, to 8 

May, l4Elix. ISTSi ob 

) I.Ednanl Parkirr, «. and h. Sumin. ro Pari, rram 
16 Jan. ii Elii. 1581, lo 5 April IS Jaq. I. 
1614. He married Elinbctb, «a1e dau. and 
brir of William Bxnin Uontcaiile: nb. 1(;i8. 

LI9.William Parker, i. and b. Summ. la Pari, vita 
parri* in rigbt of hit molbFr, a* Baron MunC- 
raslei and tummoned lu " Willie Imo Par- 
ker H« Morlry and Montc!ii|:lp," rrom 30 Jan. 
IMJaq. I. Ib'9l, la 4 Nu*. 1.4 Jaq. [. 1621 ) 
(lb. IGSZ. 

tIS.Henry Parker, *. and b. Summ. to Pari, u 
°^ " Henrico Parkerde MorUy and MonleaeU," 
fram IS Ffli.Sl Jai|. I. 1G94, to 3 Nov. I& 
Car. I. IG391 ob. IGS5. 

IK.Ttioaia* Parker, >. and h. SoniTn. to Pari, a* 
*'ThiiinK Parker de Morlev and Monienele," 
fram 8 May, UCar. II. 1661, lo 19 May, I 
Jaq. U. 1585; ob. circa 1686, i.r. xhen Ibe 
8.iraniei of Uorlry and MonteaKlr, (ogelhcc 
with ibat of Miinhal, fell inlu Abtyant-e b^ 
lw«li tbt inue of hii aunts «ii. »( CMbe- 
rinn, ■il'e of Jubn Savi>e, V.-fd Earl Rlveri. 
and of Eliiabeib, nho mafried Edward Cran- 
field, E4(|. and KmotiE nbixe de«cendai>It and 
nprcteittalin* \bty are still in Adevance. 

I. John Parker (dficeniJed from a distinct family 
from itiat of the above Baran^), 3d Bsrun 
Boringdon : Created Viicoui'l Buringdon of 
Nonb Mvlion. CO. Uevon. and E<irl of Mor- 
ley, in tbe la'd County, 99 Nov. 1315. Pre- 
•rni Earl of Uurlei and Viicounl and Baron 
Burin(dun. =r 


WUI.I. l.anlphileMartiin«Ti came Inta Em 
WiUiam tbc Cuiiqueror, and ob 

Ctule of Wigmure i ob 

[. H. t. S. HusbileMonimcr, E.aDah.<ib. II 

1. U.ll. 3. Roecr de Mortimer, t. and tu ab. IS 

I IV. John. 4. Hugh de Murtimer, I. and h. ob. H 

H.UI, 5.Ralrh deMurtimrr.bair-bcottKrao 


Tl. H. III. 6.R<icerde Monitcer, (.and h. ub.lj: 

« WKIT. 

139s. 7. Edmund Mnnimrr, 1. and h. Suai 

trom 23 June. « Edw. I. 1S8S, lo 

Edw.1.1303. HewataUoauiamor 

SS Edw. I. lSS4i bul, [i>r lh« r 

si^eil under " Clvvbimn," it u i 

tbat Writ can be deeacd ancular 

to Parliament) ob. 1303. 

1^9. e. Ri>ser Mortimir. 1. and b. Sana 

rrom G Feb. ST £dv. I. ISMi to ! 

Edn. IL 139(1 ; after tbe Ui Edw.II 

adJitionof"deWigmor«r C 

March in 13S8i executed M ' 

when all hU bonon b- 


1331. I.Edmund Martin 

o( hiB father*) Attainder, he? , 
to fail honort, but (ta* Summ. Ic 
Not. a Edw. III. IsaUaiHEdawiN 
luomarii" uli. Uec. I3SI. 
1331. 9.1 Ro^r Mortimer, i. and h. Sainn 
1353. 9. S '">«' SO N"*- S9 Bdw. Ul. 1340, to 
38 Ed*. III. 13&4, aa "ItOEerv de 
mari," eicepting in the 24ilt, Csibi 
Edw. III. and then wjtb tbe additta 
Wigniore." ibe Attainder uf bis rit 
being rcveneJ. in ibe Patliamei 
Edw. 111. he WB« lummoned to the 1 



llie (iMer ind eventually lole heir of ■ ■- htJjf 
h E«rl ol Marrb, uid Vl.-lSth BsroD Morti- " l/T 
) Ricbard PlBnta^eiiel, Enrl of Cambridge, '~f ' "^ 
1 the right tu ib<? Tbronv to Ihe Hnnw of 
■ lun, Kicbard Plintagenel, Dukr of Vurk, 
w BaroniH of Mortimer oresi«d by ibe Writ* 
I.I. mil 6 Edn. III. Jore malHi, mid un tht 
1 nl (fae ion and boir of tlie caiH Duke to lUe 
by (he title of King Edwnrd IV. ibese Baroniei, ^_ 

■ bM other dlgnitie*, became meigeilin tbe Crown. ^^t 

I. Robtrt tie Morlimer, uf the axiDe family u 
tbe preceiliiigi hy marrying Margery, dau. 
and beir of Uugh de Say, acquired Ricbard'i 
CHlleteinii. Henry II.; ob^circaJSI^. 

K3.Ilu)(h>l* Muriimer, I. and b. t>b. iZ76. 

E 3. Robert de Mortimer, t. an?li. RF~laarried 
Joyce, dau. and beir of William le Zouebe, 
M aon of Roger tl.-Sd Barun Zouchs uf 
Aahbyi ob. ISBT. 

4. Hugh de Martimer, a. and b. Sunim. la Pari. 
6 Feb. and 10 April, !T Edw. 1. 1399. Ke 
wai mIio lumiDoned 38 Jan. and 9 Sept. ib 
Ed«. I. I99T i bat it i) doubtful if tbe two 
lauer Writa were regular Summunief to Pari, 
ifide "PiTxJoHH;" ob. 13(M, s. p. m. Joan 
and Margaret bring bii daughteri and beirii 
of whom tbe fortner married to ber lecond 
huaband Rii^bard Talbut, wboite poalerity 
ei^oyed the Loril&hip. (Vide Tulbot of 
RiCHaM)'* C*Kri.E.) Thie Baruny I) probably 
Iq Abkyahcb among ibe deicendama and 
rcprrKiilalivei of the dauglilers and cohein 
of tilt lait Baruii. 









or ATntHito. 


■AROMt n 

L Jahu. 

Rubrn de Moriiairr, Lord of Aiiillw 
Norfolk, ump. J»bu , rrun whiHn de 

I. Ed-.I. 

IS94, and SS J>n. S& Ed-. 1. ia» : 
it doublful if either uf tbac Wciii 

mem i vide " Clitveihin " and •■ Fiti 

Ob. 1297. 

U. 1349. 

5.Const.ntinede Mortimer, >. and h. 

xo P»rl. 2S Feb. 16 Ed-, m. tj. 
leit Ihe WHli uf SS >nd 95 Ed* 

ParlianienT, tbl> B^Mtij, or 
ConitintiDe, the tut Bann, t 


RogrT HortincT, 3d iod of Roger V' 
ran ; Summ. ut Pari. Troni 96 A<tf. I 
130T. (o IS May, H Edm. II. 1391, i 
(er da Murtuu-niari de Chircliei" o 
leaving Jubi) liit tun and hrir, wbai 
riiy cuntinued in tbe male line Im 
f^neratiaiii, but neiiber he nor an 
de^cendaiitt were ever SDnmoned t< 
nient ; tbe Baroiijr ia, howerer, pro 
ABEVANrE ■mong I be detceiidaiiti ai 
M of the laid John de Blonli 


Sunun. tu P<rl. 9G Au^. i* Ed*. I. 1I9«, but 
IWMr Rfter, iDil uf wliotn iiuibiiig firlhcr ii 
bnoKii [ ub wbin ib* S&ruuy became 


Ruben Hurley i Croud Baron Hirlcy of VTtf- ' 
mon, en. Hvrefurd, Eul u( Oif.'cU, mid Eul 
Muriiflieff with ■ ipecial reiuiiiiiiler, ^4 Hay, 
nil. VidEOiroKD. 


' Hin.ll. I. Soooii (It Morvill, Lord of Burgb, cu. Cu« 

bErlanil, jure uxorl^; ub 

II Rk.L 8. Rnser de MurviU, t. and h. ub 

111. John. S.Hu^h d« Murvill, i. and b- ub. fHH.: 

bu tuo daugbien bciiig bit beln. 

' H. II. Rieliard de KlortiHi }t>uiiK«r Eon ol Sitaa _ 

Baroii i ob. B.F.M. Heleo, Idi dUifl 

ixia^ till bcir. 

L 1JI9. NIcbalu de Morvillc, prab«b1y dctccndcd rnmi 
Ibe Mine Isniiyi Sumiti. tu Porl. (i Nu*. 13 
U«.il. 1119, autk S Aue- 14 Edward II. l3-;0, but never 
•Am, and u( wburo iiuibiue mare i) knuitn. Uucdal* 
l>^nti accuunt ut ibl* Uaron. 


■•low ly TCkURB. 

'- U-iL I. Criiuirdt Murewlc, bcid one kiiithl'i fat fl 

NurlhuRibcrUnd I l<iS. 
'- H.Itl. 1. Kufh do Murpwie. t. and h. vb. 1 19% 

111. KlcJ. 3. Ilusb d<^ Mureoic, i. and h. uh 
»ilJll. 4. Hugh de Uurroif, *. and h. ub. IS6I, R.r. 
L leaving bti (brie daugbien bit bein i *». 
■ Sybil, aife, l>1, u[ Rugcr dc Lunilcy, and Sd, 
■OU II. 




I. IJSI.— I. ITSS- I.Geocgv KilecBmbe, 3d Baron Of 
OBbe; Created ViMouM MmiN 
EdgcBBib and Vallclon, ro. tinat, 

^. i Much, i;«l i Created Etil 4 

Mount Edj^umto kbrcMid il Aa( 
1769; Ob. 1T9S. I 

n......— 1L1]»>. SiRicbard Edgniuilw, ■.*ndb. IVmaJ 

Eart of Moont Edcrumbe, VUcmkI 
Muuiit Edgcanibc>ndV(lI«on,U<1 
Baruii Eilgcumbc. ^ ' 

^"^fl '^■'^^/^ 



1161. I. Mary, onl; lUu. of Edwanl Wortler Uan»{* 
(ifraddton of Edward lit Earl of Stiwl«icli)i 
and wife of John 3d Earl of Bute in Scoilud, 
K. C. I Created Buonni Mount Stuart •! 
WortJej, CO. York, 3d Ajiril, 1761, "ithli^ ' 
lation of tbe Bjrony to ber it»u«nirf«*f ' 
.RON*. bn (aid htubind I ub. IT94. 

1T94. 3. ,>ahn Stuart, 4(h Karl of Bull in ScotUnd,!. 
and h.; sucFecded fail molber in tbii Bt' 
Ton; 13 Nov. 1*94 i Created MarqiKM ' 
Bute, &c. in Engfknd. Vidi Btrm 

r de Mowbraji, whicb name be msooh* 
d li. liiing 1145; ob 

111. H. 111. 3. Nigel de Mowbray i. uid b- ob. 1191- 


ifan. 4. WlirniB Je Muubmy.i.atK] b,| be 
the crhtinlail Sft Btruiia appiiji 
(urec ibe obaerraMns uf MACNit Cii«rt«*J 
uh, ISS3. 
111. ».Nifi<l da Moobray, t. ■nil b. ab. IS98, i.p. 
Ull. 6- Rcf rr dc Muttbray, broilitr and bciri a 

'. T. IU>p;r de Mo*bra}', <. iifid b. Sumi 

(MOi 33 Jane, 93 Edw. I. 13!)5, to 36 Aof, 
£4 Ed«. I. ISae. HeoM alto Minimoneil tl 

Juue.SSEd*. I. lS<l4,and9(iAug. " 

1497 ) bui It U doubtful it eilhi 
Wriu WM a regular Summon* tu ParL vid*' 
"CtviKnoN" *ntl "finjonv." ab. ISfSS. 
1. 8. John dr Mombray, l. and b. Sumru. to PnHi 
(ram !6 Anc. 1 Edw. II. 1307, to 5 Aug. 14 
Edw. IL 1330 I ob. 1331. 
<SSI. 0.Joti(i lie Mowbray, i. and h. Summ. lo Pari, 
froin 10 Dee. 1 Edw. 111. I3ST, to SO Nov. 
34 Ed*. 111. laeui ob. 1361. 
I. 10. Jobn de Mowbray, >. and h. Summ. to Pari, 
from 14 Aug. 36 Edw. III. 13G?, to 10 Jan. 
39 £dw. HI. 1366', aj " Jobantii de Mowbray 
da Atilholm i" he married EJiiabetb, dau. . 

and b>ir of John Daron Se;ra*e, by Marga- I 

r*lf dau. and heir of Tliamai Plant>KFiiet, 
Earl of Nurtuik, (on o( King Edward 1. ; ob. 
;. 11. John de Mowbray, a. and b.| Created Earl uf 

Nottlnchare 1377 1 ">b. 13-9, >. p. 
I. IS.l'hDroat de Muwbray, brother and beir; Cre- 
r, M«d Earl of Nodliieham 1383. and Duke of 
K] . Norfolk, imii Earl Manhal; K.G. ■. 
*' V,de NoKMLS. ^n/i 
lh« death of Ann Mowbray, dm. and aole bcit gf( ' 

»■ Di Mowaair, a youngir hhrthir of tliit Baran, 
■riiapi, tn be laaliHl unong lIm Barunt uf tlwt parlod, aa 
taenJIy nioiidared to have been anolber of the «!•- 
I HmdM ai^inted lo eDfoica ihi obiervaaFe of M la^ 
at, Ibtnifh Hmie wr'.len call him Roger it Moutbeiuii. 
pr de Muwl>ray died i. r. 



John IV.-4lh Duke of NorFolk, 


!, Ibii 1 

ttciwetn ibe dettvodanit af M*nnti| 
daughlrra of Thon """ " 

l.-lEtD»keorNarrDlki wbich Mari^ii 
ben Hooirrl. ancetlor of the Duketi 
iMbel was ihe wife uf Jiini« Baruii 1 
o( the Eirli of Berk 
minctl until the IJlh April, lG39. * 
ton and heir apparent of Thooiai E 
fi>Ih, and Surrey, «a> Summ. 
bray ; bU eldeit ton wu reitotrd i 
of Norfolk, in which di^iiy thU Bart 
merged until the death of Edward XIV.- 
1777. when, togpihcr nidi leTeral other Ba 
fell into Abdvance between the two daug 
hritt of Philip Hutard, younger bnMh« 
Duke ; and between Ibe Lords PetTo and Si 
deicendantt and repreientaiivei uf the laii 
Barony, oilh ihoae of HuHard. Fumival, 
ABEViiMce, Vide Furkival. 


a SbeRUld. 3d Bagfl 
:arl or Mulgrav* XS 

d Sheffield, Rruiib^H 
id beiruf SJr John ^| 
ton otthelait Earl Tn 

IL 1693. I. Eitmund SbeRUld, 3d 
ated Earl of Mulrrav* 
Ob. 164S. 
II. IG46. S. Edmund Sheffield, fruu 
ton and beir uf SJr John 
eldrtt (on uf the lait Earl i 
111. 1C5S. 3. John Sheffield, t. and b. Ci«ati 
Normaohy, co. Lincoln, in Mi 
ated Uuke oT Nurmanby 9 


■ame month, K.G.; ob. 1^ 
I. Edmund Sbeffiejd, i 

■nanby and Buekingbaqill 

•benallbiilitleibcM ' 


\a Vi«\miA -, ' 




Kift**, CO. York, IG Jiinp, ITiX' ; ob. I7PS, 
*. ■■. M. ttlivn «lu> Gii^iih llnroiiy hfcame 

>— V. laid. U Hcnty Pyppi. 3tl Biron Mulcr«*ei[i 
InUriJfbnidieriiJid lieir oriheUit 
R*tt>a 1 Created Itarnn MuIgr<iVE of, 13 Aug. 1798; 
Cicaied Viccuunt Nonnanby of Ntir> 
manby, co. Vurk, and E»rl ot Mul- 
f[ravr in tbe iiiil caunly, T Se|<t. 
lei-1. Prtwnt Earl bikI Bari.n Mul- 
|tr>TB «ndVi«cuuiil Nurmanbyi alto 
Baron Molgr«»o^Irelaiid,C. C. B. 



"nHiiniii de Multon, Lurd ol 
colli i tu wlium luccccdciJ 
Laiiil)»rt 6e Multon i livir 

MuUon, CO. I 
S litis i bit I 

.Thomu de Mallon, «bo married, secondly, 

Ada, dnu. and cuhair of Hugh dc Morville ; 

ob. 1940. 
k S-Tbomaf Je Mullon, Hdett (on by the Sd wife , 

Iw nwrled Maud, dan. and hrlr ol Hubert 

UaVaoi otCillriland; uli. \i;o. 
U 3.Tb<>n>ai de Multoo, a. add h. ob, 1-293. 
I. I.Thainai lie Mullon, E, and h. ob. IS95. 

> S.Tliofnaa de MuUon, *. and b. Summ. lo Pari, 
tron SffAuguii, I Ed*. 11. 1307, to S6 Nuv. 
7edB.II. 1313. at "ThoniM de Mulion de 
GlllnUiid!" ob. 13I3,S.P.1H. Margaret, hia 
tUu. and heir, married ftatpU l.-Ut Karon 
Dleie, and carried the Barony of Multon of 
Gilleilaiiit to ibai (anilly, and wliiirb Barony 
I* now vettud tn T^umai, ibe jirtitM Baron 
Uacrc. Vide U<iche. 






op SOBMiMr. 

BimftNl IT 



H-ill. 1 

1. Umbfrt d« Hull an. i. and h. of Tbl 
111 Kiron ; \,t mBrried Aaoabtl, < 
cobiiroffticharO de Lucie or E^a 
■cquind ibit Utnltfaip; ob. 1«T- 



3.Tboii>u de Multun, (on and heir; A 

• BIT. 



iTbomM de Multon. s. and b. Sum>a. 
(ma 6 F»b, yj ICdward 1. 1899, IV 
14 Ed*Brd 11. U80i liter tbe III a 

1997: bul It !• doubtful if ihBt W 

B r^irtilar Sunmoiu la PBrlumcal 

" FlTl-JnlW ;■' ob, I3S2. 

IJW. 4. J»b.i de MulIcHi, I >ndl>.S,.mm.talM 

31 Ju. G Edo. III. m8. to 84 Julr. 

III. 1334, u "Johanni dc MullM 

1334, B. P. leavinc bii three liM 

beir,, vii. Jo.n. -if^ of Robert Btn 

Wilier; Eliisbelb, ..ire of Walter i 

micbani ; and Margaret, wife of Tbo 

Lncie, who (bared bii itiberilaDM 

Bioon? leboso dneendanlt and re|B 

(ire* tbii Baronjr it now in Auva:<ca. 








Wari.i«deMun.-henii,«nn and beiriB 


H. 11. 

Ibe neat meixianed il 


Ric. I. 

W.lli,m de Muufhewi , ob.drca I9M 



William de Muncbeuii. (. and heir; ■ 

ISIS, 8. p. 


H. III. 


Warine de Muncbenti, uncle and h< 



Pari. 94 I>c. 49 Hen. III. l3S4i ol 
S.P. N. Dfoniiii, hii Mile duu al 



mkrrieil Hugh d« Vere, ynunger ton 
___ R«l«rlE«rli>tOiford. 

William do Munctienti, n yr.unzcr brorhrr of ihe I 
'dWaniiF, miiFnol BeM'U, ilau. xnd coheii 
IliiiD ilo BcDurhanip, Bitraii nf Bcdiur 

'•■><»I mall i>tu« I but no 
ivnmatieU to Puliainent. 

e uf thii brancb n 

r, «bo died 1303, 

'« of faim or bit poiteritjr b; any oiber g*- 

HiRoNr.S Auguit, 1766. 


ViJe SrfttNOB. 

mi.L I. HMrnit MumM; hrlil nuoKroui Lonlibip* 
Mt (h« Gciirral Survrv. 

II. Hrn.r. 9. KIchitnl Mu»rd, t. nnd b. nb 

III. II. It. 3. HhcoIi MiKird, •. and b. cvriilied for icvcr«l 

Knifbt'* [«■ I ISS I uh. aiiTe I t^T. 
I'l'. Fill-. I. -t. Ralph Moiard < ■. and h. \ ob. I'^SO. 
V 11.111. s. R,.brn MuiirJ. 1. and h ub. I^4u. a. p. 
>l. h.tll.6.Ralpb MuMr>l,bru1hrran<lbeir: ub. 1S«5. 
Vll K.I11, ). Ralpli MuMrd, •. *nil h. i>l.. lf.?>. 
MILed«.LR.J<.bn M<i*>rd, %. and h. ob. IV8!), «. r. 
'I' tilvj. 9. NlehoUn MuiarJ. ui>cl« aiid hiin ob. 1.100," 

■■P. luring bit (iitert bis iirit hrln. 





Msom ti nmiu. 

L Ueo-l. t.Robertda UuichaiDpi ubtaineil lUf rn Lori- 
abipi frum Henry 1. 

II. H.ll. 3.Tbaii»><le Mut<!hanp,i.andh.linu(ini 

III. Rie. 1. 3. Robert deMuMtiiup.t. andb. ob. .... 

IV. H.IIl. -I. tl<ibert<l<^Mi»cbai>>p,*.«udb. iib.l!M$,i.rj. 

IcAving bii diusblers bii hcira. 


l. llt&O. lliarou UuiEn*« ; Sunm. to Pari Inn U 
Nov. S4 EJw. 111. 1350, 10 4 Oci. 47 EanJIL 
I3T3> but never aftenrsnU, nor an; si bb 

deicFTidan(<i who coniiiiucd in tbt n>lE 
line wlien Ihi^ale wrote, «nd it It pRfODtd 
are stilUitsnt. 

Vide Lansladiom. 

I. 179a. I. laoi. I.Sir Horatio NeUon, K. a CitUt* 
DARON8. Baron NeUon of tb« Nile and oi 

■■ 1801. Rurnbam Thorpe, eo. Norrolk, No'- 
e, 1798 i Created Viiooutii NelMia t>* 
the Nile and Burn bam Tborpe afortf' 
laid, S3 May, leoi ; Created Ban>^ 
" ' I of the Nile and of I 

niugb, CO. NdKoIIc, 4 Auput, 1801 » 
with remainder, failioE U« Imov 



intle, ta bin hlber tha Rrv. Edmund 
Ntlaon. Uprk, Rmor of Burnbatn 
Tbor)i«, Hiicl bii itiue mxlg ; failing 
whicli, 10 ihs iiiii« male trvernlly 
■nd (ucceiiiielj arSuuntmli, wife ot 
Tbomu Buliun, Eaq. anil of Cube- 
rln«, wife ur George Mxicbim, Etq. 
•later* of (he ViiiouiK, Duke ot 
BroMi in Sii'iljFi >l«in IgOS; t>b. 
i.F. when (he Barony of Nelion gf 
Buriiham Thorpe anil ibe Vi<eaun(ry 
brcame tfrtjnct ; but the Baruiiy of 
NeUon of Hilbaruush derulved, 
K|i«eabU (o the tbort lioiilaljon, on 
IMS. S. William Nflion, brother ivtid beir; 
Created Viieouot Herlun and Tnf 
falicar of Merlon, cu. Sorrej, and 
Eari Nclion of Merton and Trafal- 
far. with retnutnder, fnilini; bis isiue 
male, to ibe iiiue loale at bi> ilifen 
•bu*e mentioned. Nuv. 90, IHOb. 
Preaent EnrI and Baron Neliun and 
I'Tiieoanl Mcnon and Trafiilear i alio 
PDukeorBruni^ iu Sicilf. =>= 


le Ncreford; Sure 
. e January, 35 E 
t eilher of iheie W 

>ned SJune. !9 Edw. I. 

Midered ■■ Baroni of tbe Uealm. 

hnve been A.lmlral at WillUm ll 
queror'a fl«l), fasvins married Emi 
aiid heir of Derlrxni ile Uulmer, icqi 
laiiclii Ob. 1194. 
It. JobD. 3. Henry de Nerill. •. and b. ob. I9?T, * 
ing Itatvl, hit liiler and beir. *ha 
Robert FiU-Maldred, Lord of Saby, 

III. H.I11. S.GeatFrer, whuailumed (he Dame ol 

Lord of Raby: ob 

IV. Hill. 4. Robert deNevill.s. and b.ob. ISBi. 

1. liSh. 5. Ralph lie Neiill, jcratidaon and heir, I 
and beiruf Robert deNetill(ob.*. I 
toil of the lait Baron i Snmflk to P. 
S3 June, 33 Edward 1. I!95. tu la i 
i, Ed*. Ill, 1.131 I be ira* »iso Sum 
June, 31 Ed«. I. ItH t but for the 
HBiipied under " CblvKDON," it 
doubtful If ibat Writ wai a reeular S 
to Puliaoient I ob. 1331. 
e. IUl|>li de Nevill, (.and b. Surom. to f 
30 Nor. 5 Edo. lU. IS3), la 30 Jm 
Edward 111. 1366t ob. ISfiT. 
7. John <1e Nevill, >. and b. Sutam. to F 
34 Feb. 4° Edward III. 136a, to 9S 
Rieti. II. 13^8, as " Jubanni del 
Raby," K. G. Hii leeuod wife wi 
beib. dau. andbeirol Willian IV .-4i 
Laiimer, by nbom he had one «< 
Nevill, who tueceeded ai tUnin I 
Jure mnirii, and a dakirhler Eliiabi 
married Sir Thomas Wfltouchbj, K 

S.KMph' de Nevill, t. and h. 9uaa. 

tr»ni GDec. 13 Riib. II. l3Hg, to ; 

£0 Rich. II. LIlHi, a> '■ Rnnulpho d. 

de Raby ;" Crealed Earl of V/nic 

5y Sept, I39i. Vide WoarMo 

laruiiy continued merged In the Ear 
:Uud unlil 1510, •ben, with bic inber 
\.v\%&et<AC\ai\M, VUlith aud lut Eari i 

t - 4 






;. Boben de Neoll ; olicllier tthi 

led or not (9 ^^M 

the above family is uiikoown ; 1 

ivinellul. ^^^H 


. lUtphdeNerill; living temp. Hi 

'"'y ^^M 

, tiv. IISS- ^^H 

■ Tin. 

I.Atan JcNevill, brnthpr of (he 

latl Gllbert,,^^^! 

Chief JuHicr of (he Fureni! ob 

1 150. ^^^H 

,. j^iiii. 

3. Geoffrey de NptIII, «. itiiil U. living 


i- I'- 

3. John de Neviti, >on *nd b. living 



WaiUm de NcTlU, ShenlF of Norfolk ll55i,^^H 

IMne IS34i be married laabtl, 

d«u. and cft.^^^ 

b»ir uf Walter de Wiilerantl ; 



mar- ^^H 

ri«d Jordan St. Martin. 



1. Ralph dcNrvill) Hvlngins. 


S.HusbdeNevill, a.aTidli. ub. eir»llQa. ^^^H 

3. Henrji <le Nerlll, (. and h. ub, i«i 


4. Hugb lie NtTill, 1. and b. ; ob. t 


G.Joban da Ncvill, brolher and belr 

, .ho ».. a ^^H 

JuMira llinerani, and fruio »b 


brated MS. in the Exchequer, 

" Teita da ^^H 

NeriU," uk« i<a name. 

Hosb de Neviil. Sheriff «t Oirord, 

E9>ei, and ^^^1 

llFrtfuid I1B81 living ISIQi but uf obixa ■ 

Dugriale myt, " 1 have teen 

no«" 1 

tbaii ibat he eave (be manor uf L 
lb( Kiuclili Templara, and died 

.okeiwold (0 1 


iSSg. 1 




1. IluKb do N< *ill ) loundL-d Stoke U 
in DooDibIrr , IWhu: 132!f 

lurr; Pnurr, ^^^^| 

■U. 1- foUii dv Ne*ill, (. Midi), ub. vm. 


I. ISII. l.Uuih d«N«*<It, obd it i* pniHOKd i 

Hugh de NetiU who wu Sumn. u FaL < 
frotn 19 Dec«mbei, 5 £i!w. II. 1311, la I 
April, 9 Edw. III. I33S, Omi^ D«(Ul 
laket uo notice Id hii BuuD^ct d MJ 
" Hugh de NcTill," having b«rn lumaoiM 
in [hutc yean, but merely uu«, tlut Hii(k 
de Nevill wa* the ialber uf 

II. 133G. S.Juba de Nevill i Suma. to Pari, fnn fl 

Jan. » Edward III. 1336, to 10 Manh, S 
Edw. III. 1349, u " Jubanni de NenU « 
Eueii" ob. I3sa, (. t-,«b«) if Um Bmw 

wu created by the Writ of 33 Jaa.9 Edw.lli 
it became £[tintli but l( ibe conj^cian i 
coirefl, ihai Hugli ih^ fa.bti- of xbnlA 
•cat SumiuolXKl tu {'.irliAoirnt, dnj (bll tL 
Writ of 33 Jan. 9 Edwmul III. wm ia*Mi I 
bit ton on hU deaib dm » EdwaH UI.) 
became vested In ibe bein of lb* b«dN>*ttk 


tUS. RoUrt do Nevill; Sbm«. t« Fkri. 31 fW 
16 Edward 111. 1349, but ntnr ■ftemi* 
and of wbom nothing futbor h kiM«a( •! 
....,«lieD tbttBaroDjr bMMU 



or utTiMxm. 


Vide ABEROAvenNv. 


. I. Robert PIf rrvponc ; Crealed Baron Pierrepont 
lit H-\iae Pierrepuiil, cu. NutliiighHm anil 
Vitcouiit NEWiirk in itie man cvunljr, S9 
Jan*, ItiST i CrcMcd Earl uf Kinpiuii SS 
July, lti». Vide KiNon'ON. 

£[tlntt 17T3. 

:. 1. CharU* Aleadowi (aiiumed ih^ nami of] 
PicmtfHiDIi beiueaunar riiitl)! Meadowi by 
Fran<»Mi littcr and heir uf Evrlyn, lait Duke 
at KinglMn, Xid VI.-Bth and lait Baran 
Piartvpual tif llulmc PiErrcpont, and Vii- 
ouniit Newark, K. G, Created Borou Pierre- 
pout of Hultne Pierrrpont, co. Nut(*. and 
Viieouix Newark, S3 July, IT96: Crealvil 
E*rl Maiivcn Apiil, IS06i ub. 1816. 
||G. S.Cbarlei Ucrbert Picrrepont, >. and b. Earl 
Manren. Pr««ii Vi»count Newark, Barun 
Picrrcpom of Uuliue Picrrepont and Earl 


l.CMf|te Cbolmondeley, Ut Bafuii ut New* 
buruu|b in Ireland i Created Baron of New* 
burgb in lb* I>1e oF AnEtcaey, 9 July, 1TI6 ; 
aacceeded a* ll.-3il Earl, and lll.-3d Baron 
Cbolmuitdeley lu ITii. Vid(CllOLU*i<t>Ei.tT. 


George Horatiu Cbolmondeley, ■«) tttid heir apparrM 
oF Geoi^ Jnniea, prcwBt Harqucii of CiuAamtAt\ty, 
K. G. and ltl.-3d Biron Newburgb i «M SumiD. to Pari, 
in hii ruUei'i Baruny orNawbarghf MDvc. IB3I. 


Stuart, Ut Earl of Riclimoml; 
Created Eart of NeHi-aaile-upuii -Tyiie and 
DuheoCRii-iimundi; May, IG^.l, K. G.^ at I 
l634i a. P. wbcn Ihli title became 

111.161)4.1. John Hullu, 4ili Eirl of 
Clare, litviiie itiiirrirtl Mar- 

BMfct, ilau. and cirhiir <it 
lETirylliG lu( Duke, wm 
Cri^ilFil Mar>|iir» of CUre 
and Dukr u( NewraiiU 14 
May, ie!)4, K.C.I ob.llll, 

IV. i;iu.) 1.1'liomM Pelham (uauncil 
-viiDiia-LvHK. I (be iiaui« of) Unllu, 9d 

UUKU. r Uaruu Prlbim uf Hi>ii|;h- 
I. IT^d. ) tiiii, ion and beir u( Tbo- 
mu Ut Baron Pelbim by 
Grace Hi.llef, «<ler of the 
but [)uk*i Creaird Vi>»iint Pelbitn and 
EarlcifCiiuB36 0cl.l7Mi C rented Mi ri|uets 
of Clare and Duke of Nb« castle, ca. Nortbum- 
btrland, with rcinainJer, railing bi> luue 
imIc, I<> bi* brutber Henry, S Augutt, 17 15. 
Hi* laid brtrtber bavine died s. p. m. he wu 
Cmied DUKt or KKnctrrtt-Diiriii-LvMi.wilh 
r«Malii«)er, Tailing bis Uiue male, to Henry 
Karl ol Lincoln and hii iiaue male bj Catbe- 
riiie hit wife, niece of hit Griii^e, 13 Nov. 
MhO I Created Bwan Pelham of Sianmere, 
with ■ tpeelal remairiilpr, 4 May, ITIiS. 
K. a. , at: l£C8, *, r, when itn- DukeUon> ol 

NBw-ttTLBUFoN-TvNr^ and all his honon 
eiccifiini t^e Uukfiluin of NkwcistlR' 
iiKtiRR-LTHe, anil HHriiiiy of Pelhuu ol 
AUMMire, b>-rame 




bnnd ur Ciiih«riiie, Itt (I«d. *nil t 
Uenrj Pelhim, only brolber of Tbv 
Duke ; iiiccFedfd to iLe Dulcrdun ■ 

tiun befure n 

cleJ, 17 Not. IIBB 






m Ctinton,!. and b 




4. Henry Pelhiin 

Clinrnn, ■. inU 


Duke of Ne« 


Lincoln, E.G. =f: 








. BemiiH Ne- 
woip. Will. 

m>rcb: <clile4f 


L Hen. I. Aitam de NewmiTch, fiti^ ihree oi 
lind in HaUon (a the Cauon* of 
CO. York. 

I. H. II. I.Heiiry deNeHiDircbt li«IncII66; « 

II. Jubn. S. JaiKr* <le Newmarcb, brutber and I 

rlrck 1339, *. V. M. leaving t*« ilaug 
heirt.dl. l»bel, wife of Ralpli Rut 
H«i>yie, nlio Gnt marrMilJuhn lie M 
and Silly, Nicbalat Ue Hoeli. 

I. 1964. A<Um it Ne-marcb, ton of Robert . 
m^rchi Summ. to l*«rl. S4 [tec. 4!l 

lSG4i ub , leaviii;; EuRtr III* 

beiri butneiilier (hii RuKernoriu 
dr;)«iidani( were emt Sudtcniined I 

III. le; 

w n. it} 




<:rrMLil Eirl of Nesporl in Ibv IeIe ut Wigli| 

. i. Gooiicc Bluunt, «. Miil li. ub, IG7(i, a. 

1. 3, Charln lUuuiit, bmllH^rxiil lirir; qb. I6TS.M 

. 4.Uciiry Bliiui.1. hrothcr mid belt; ab. liiSIJl 

Visenu'iTcv, ;!0 Sepieinli^ 


1. 1CiI&. 1. Franri* Newport, i. tiid h. Created ~ 
Vtecount Newport at BriUtoril, cu. 
ShIu)), M Mxruli, IgTS, ana Earl uf 
BtuirBnl M May, 1694. 
<Srnniti:e3. Vide Brae 


I fuhti Hope, iialf-btollicr of Jamri 3d t^rl ot 
lliijietou^ In Seulland, xnd 1st Burmi Hupe- 
IDUII In tlie PHrs^e uf Crem Briiaix i Cre- 
atptl Birun Niddry of Niditry, tn. Linliib- 
Caw. 1 Ml}', Itll4i cut'tirnlnl m 3d Baron 
llupfiimn, and at K«rl of Hop'luun in 
Scotland in IHIO. PreKiii Baruii Hiipotuun 
and Biiron Niddry i aico Earl of Hujieliiun, 
tLc. Scutland, G. C. B. ^ 


SlrEdff:itd No«1, lit Burt. Created BaroaJ 
Ridliiiglon. cii. Rutland, V3 Marcb. 
luecsFdrd hie falher-iu-law an Il.-3d 
CttnpdEn and Baien Kick* iti 1699i 



S. Bnpliat Noel. i. and b. 3d Vltcoant Cupdeil 

Ob. 1689. 

3 ^ Edward Nwl. ton and heir ippDKnl ol Bi^ 

y { list id VitcnUHl llmty6ra\ Crrilrd B»i«« 

.Df Nix^t uf Titchfidd. c<i. Soutbimpion, vitk 

3 rcmxinder, failing hit iuur Diati, Id t^ 

iuue male of bji fatbcr. J Feb. 1G«i : vnB- 

cttilFd hi* fatbcr u 4ih Viarnnnt Cinpdot, 

4lh Biiroo Hieka, and 3d Baron Nwl nfRiil- 

linKion, llia-2; Ci*at«l Earl of Gainib*- 

roiii;h, wiib the tame reniaind*r, I Dtb 

1683. Vide GalNHIaROUO)!. 

Both theie Baronlcl, on the death of Henry Vl.-6th 

Earl of Gainibaroiigh. Vl.-6ih itiron No^l of Titehfirk 

Vlll.-8th Baron N..el of ll>dlli>gtna,aad IX. Sih VitconnC 

Campden in 1*9?, S. P- hrcame 




I. Will.I. Ittlpli Wahcr or Cuadrr; Crvalnl Eu) 

Nnrfolk and Suffolk b* William ibe d 
querur ; fdrfcltttl bii Earldom* for truu 

II. Sicpb. I. Ilnich Biccid, SleoaM In K. Henry t. Cmlid 

Earl of Norfolk by KinK .Slepbi-x. and Dkc 
wise by Krug Henry II. i ob. II;T. 

III. IITT. 3. l^'giT Bigod, *. and b. Creatril to, or nfbrr 

pprhapi ronnrmrit in, ih<a Earldom by Jlir*. 
LSI Nor. 11891 Steward of KiitUml. fh 
wa> one of Ibe 35 eelehrattd Barunt anpclat- 
eofnrcF the obirrvance of MlCM 

IV. ISW. 3. Hugh UliMd, <.andh.] tie «** alio oae of iW 
Hi celebrated Bari-n* aiTo>'>>*4 ■« n^"^ 
lb' obiervaiice u( Macin* CntKTAi obklflt- 

V. ISIS. -). iUi^r Uigrid, B. ami h. Marthalof Gngbnd'i* 
rielil ol hi* mother U*n<l. lb* iiitrr an'* i^ 
heir of Anielm Earl of IVabrak* 
Marihal) ob. mo, 


ji. S. it«jE*t RiC"!. ticphFw and h«ir. bring ion and 
beir of Ila'h UIr.kI, Ju«iiee of Ei>|;l<ii»l, 
btnlbtf It the iMt Eoil I Exrl Manhxl. 
Havlne nil Imiip bit aurn^tKlrnnl ihli Eirlclom 
and IbB ManbAl't nod inro (be KlnRt hmidf. 
which Here re-Rranlrd la him and In the hein 
«rbUlKMl> laoS; ob. l3i)T,s.p.1('ii*itii;J(ihn 
hli bralhitrfaiinral hciri but in ronivquenca 
or ibe Mid •xrrcnder, bis dieTniiei becanu 
t.Thamai Plnmaj^fiel, anmamrd "De Brolhcr- 
toii," flrih «>'. i>f Kins Edinird 1, Cre.iltd 
RariofNurfolk IGDrrcrabcr !3I3, and Earl 
Manb*l 10 Feb. 1335; oli. 1338, s. r. M. 
■ hen tbe Itile becai8? 

MatTaret Planta^cnct, cldeii dau. and cvetitu- 
ally lole beir n( thii U>t Earl, <(yled Cuunteii 
of Norfolk in Djb Rullt of ParlianicnC !1 

(R>F. II. Creurd Ducbeii ol Noifolk for life 
IffSept. l.l9Ti •hemarned. nnc, Jubii Baron 
Srtnie, and wtondly, Sir Walter Manny, 
K. G. ; Ob. Ijgg, >. r. W. when Ihe litl« 
•Kain beeanie 


l.ThnmaaVI.-IBib lUmn MowhrA v. brotlitr and 
heir of John V. ii fi.iron hovibray, and 
Earl of Nnllinsbam, and 9d >„n i>l John L 
IV^IOlh Banin Mimbray by Bi <^ Mb. dau. 4 
•nd lirirot John Baron Sfgrav^T^yMargaret /i 
I1anta|(«iiet, the tait Ducbcti o( Noffollt i j. 
-CrtatnJ Earl of Notlingham 13^3: coi»(U 'A 
tut«d Ear) Manhal of England h<r lite 1.133, ' 
*)lh remainder fn him and hit hc'ra mala .. 
IMaSt Created Duke of Norfolk S9 Sept. 
l8!n>K.C,i banlibtd In the lame year; ab. 

uu. . ** 

I. Jiilin Mimbray, 3d ion, and heir tn hii brother 
Tbnnai, iih<> tirnrr uard this tiilt, but (im- 
rly tital of r^rl Marshal, and wat bfhtadol 
[«b. ». p.) MOSi xrliFn biibrKlhrrJohniiie- 
tMiteit bim, and (Olrd hinucif Earl of Nni- 
iin(hun and Eart Mnnbat until l<m, <»ihn 


lie WM r«rui«il ■ ti> Itw dignity i 
NoKdk. K.a.i ob. I<:i9; 
Flu. 143j. 3. JoUll MottbrNjr, t. And h. cafl5rn» 
Nurfulk 1«4-)i Eirlar Kuttlnglu 
MsnliM, K.G.i ob. MGI. 
I tV. MGt. 4.Juhii Moitlirif.i.aiidli- Birlof K< 
CrcKteH, vit* palrit, Earl at U 
Surrr;!9M*reb, I4JI ; t^rl Mar 
lib. 1475, «-P.H. Aim, hlsoBltr da 
ont cunlrnvlcd lo itithiird, «d M 
Kiluard IV. but died bclorc omm 
A> lliis Duke died iitiihoul male 
Ijoiiurs, with xhn VKCFplioii i>l tli 
of Mowbrsy aiid Segravc, li«cune 

1477- Kiuliard Pl*i)ta]!cnet, Duk* otVoH 
King Etl»iird IV. bring lietrmht 
ilxui and heir of Jobn Uib Ihm 
Cnalcd ICiirl of Nutlingham I'i J 
diiil Earl Warreii and Duke uf 
February, 1477 1 mofdertd in 
wiib bit brother King Edviard V. 
being uiily niue yean ul age, • 
honors became 4E):tin(t. 

I4»J. I.John llowanl, &.and b. of Sir Robe 
by Margarel, ■lau.orTbomaiMu'' 
UukE of Nurfolki anil rauain aiui 
ciibeir of John Mowbray IVMi 
Duka of Nurfulk i Suoini. W Pw 
Howard 15 Oct. 10 EJnaril tV. 
- Aed Earl Manhal aiiil Dnk* i 
SS June, I4ej, K. G.; tUin at 
field )4S.S, and, liciiig allainicd, 
non were JFoifllttb. 
SI4. 3.ThLiiuai Howard.i.andh. Created, 
Earl of Surrey 38 June, 1493) aiti 
when ihat Earldum became Jfar 
iiured tu the Earldam of Surrey 
aled Duke ot Norfolk I fih. 1 
TreaiurerandEailMir^bfll, KG 

' Thuugli liii elder bruOier nr>>" 
/Nurfulb, ao<) tUll Duke vag W^ . 
^ It tlin Act of Baoiihuwui »: . ... 

ca|H)ile [ijUwof tucDreding Ic 1,. -.^^ 

XVlVvJ. ^ 



a.ThaiiUB Uuwanl. i. mil li. MlRinit<d lS4e, 
when b)« honor* became AtlflitcD^i Re- 
fund IIiS3. K.C.! ub. 1554. 

<TbaniJt> IluoarJ, grnndioii >tiiI htir, beinir 
■on and htir of Henr; Huwnril (rlde^t ion of 
the iMt Diike), *bo «u niuinied »nil 
Iwbciuleil, viin pairii, in 1547- Rettored In 
UtNMl >nd buoora In 1553; tuceveded to lili 
frraadfMlifr'i digmiiei 15M ; be nmrried 
Mary, dtughter miil uUlmMtl]' <u1e heir of 
IleiH> FlM-AUn, XXl.-iaih Earl of Arundel, 
K. C. i aiuinttd ind hehcMled 1573, aheii 
all hi* dicnliiet beeume 
,5.TbomM Hionrd, ton und heir of Philip 
Iloxard. XX1l..]9th E>rl of Arundel b; 
detccllt and (enure (eldcit ion ol Tliomai 
tbn lAtt Uuke or Norfolk); which Pbillri 
WMBKainIrd in 1590; Rrstor^d In hluul 
and lo luch bonon ai Pbllip Eirl of Arun- 
del hi* father enjoyeil ; likewise at Eirl of 
SurTe]r,"and to such dieniiieiof B:<rui>iei 
aiThoiiiiiUle Duke of Norfnlk hit gran il- 
ftlfaer la<t by aiUinder" in ItiOS. By Aet of 
Pari, a Car. I. IGiT, (he Earldom »t Arun- 
del and the lillei and dignlliei of ihe B^ro- 
nin of Fill-Alan, Clun and Oioaldeiirc, 
and Mall rave r* «ere annexed tn ihe title, 
honor and diRiiity of E.irl of Amiidi'l, and, 
lofriher oith the Earldom of Arutidtl, >ere 
tttilEd upon Ibli BatI and upon ihe brirn 
male of hi* body ; In default o[ whii'h. upon 
the heir* ut hit body : wiih remaindEr lo hi* 
nnelc Uid William Hownnl* and (be heir* 

inguW facFt, and which ihould hive been 
IB, lliu accorrilo); to the llmiuiioa of llie Earldom 
^^' -ha Baniaiet of PIclAIio, Clun an<l Oiwaldeiire, 
h; iba Act ofa Car. 1. the Earl< of who 
«nl Tbnana Howard (aftsrwardi lyird Howard 
Sail of Snftilk,) are pnatiwncd in the ■uecciiion 
Im M the Euli of Carliiie, aoiwlthituuting that 
r. At ahoTt-nanUoDed Lord Witllain Ilnwird waa 
Howard ihi " - ■ - 



Ctmtad SJMk •» SvMMX ftk JmF, IU^ 
C.&-. bit HMitali ak IMC. 
IX. IMC &llMiTFf>4«k^ l|pB>r<*.>nlb.S«B»iD 

hri. {r. r^ w liww HMfef^ , ah. ICil. 

X IBA^-X. ICM. Z-TW«MBa-wi, (Lu4 k.Ctrii' 
AfMM. S«nT. Hd NorfA > I*- 
MMc4 w Ikt D>ik.4M> U NmW 

VL-IM OakE. ly JLM ^ IWL 9 DR- tSSD. u4 lit 
Imm* W Milker kt* Dm. Ifltl, silk UaUnlw*l« 

la b4 tk Win Mk af Ui W4r : ika«c "^i^ " 
Hf^ FnAvitk Eari al AraaAJ. Sarrrr, uiJ NiirliA, 
Wt &tker, mJ U> MflK Bde: ia dtCuHi of ■bkti,<- 
TWm m Enl af AtibJiI. Smr;, m4 N<i(«Dlk ku (na 

PUm Evi cf Amdd 1^ SMny.faiVT ar ihe nM n 
KM Eul .f An>M. Swny. iBd NHfclk iMt annia^ 
xbA Ik brin uk af b ta*> ; bibC "Urb. to Ihi kria 
Mlffihtha^-allte— 'EwlalSifcn-. hiU-brMbV 
^ PUt Eul af An^ aJ Sb«i^ !« BtntiootJ i ii 
*&^i>(-hich, tatkahonaak aT tW body ol Ld 
iraia Bem4 ol MmmK hMkar af lk« uU 1W- 
■M EmI of Sa«A: baiv «Utb, M Chntai Euf rf 
Hiil^fcM. KKa^r Ii* b» T1»a« VlUlt 

.a.MWiarfd«?<MM. IW ca«a rf ikii «»^ i-iM" 
pnbU. M*. Am TkM. HaaMi, IK bri ^ S.f>a. M 
innri 'no WIU* tW .\n <tf I i.iiiiiia ^na4. MiK Ud 
WillNM tii* bndxT mrind a«3 tM«: M k to aoaM*' 

T* avaU tlw HMiWCt* of cnvr ■ itoliBg th> l » i n ai i ' 
thar ^MiM ud oTlk D-fadoB »f N«Uk B»kt the .M •' 
Itcrtanana hi iSM mI IfiGI. ^ <&aa *k i mM b« ■ 

n .fiM^tdj M ihaa dw tekMM .tf It* M^ 

1«M, Ik Silhmap dgta A 


Nvrlulk, Kud tlie Udrf mule uf Vw body ; ob, 



U HoMTd VII.-] 

.1 Vlll.-8d^ WLIIUm Hn-«J. Ctii.J l,,raT= 

^[7■] Chulet Uowuil, tiic««deil liii lidf- 
WoOur Cliirles. u X][.-3d Eul uf 
NuUbeluuu UlGSIl oL.IKSI,!.!', 

t>k.) ThcirDuUiKud. (n.) LordWUtliim 
VI.-J.I Hul of »ur- KuwuJ of N^ 

(uIIl, idioD. =Y WOTtJl^J».oo. =F 

jf ouD tbe i^rcuiK Eul jf yun thi prmnC 
oFSuffolL Earl orUtliilfl. 

• Ilomd, Eul of AiUDdd, Surnj, ud NDrrolL=7= 

l«tick. Eul of AraDdel.SiuTi!}, ontl Norrolk,^ 

Hrafy llow- 












Oakt, ohn i). 

t-l-. il11T77, 


XL....— XL iRT-a- 

of Nar«ieh IB 00.10: 
Saii Manhal o( riffm ' 
»iiidcrta Ul iMHBik 
«hi«)i, to tbc Ulna aril 
»u E«ri of AniBdd. ia 
Nurfalk, hii fnndbika 
« Licb, to tba hrin aifet 
Hjaanl, U(B EmI af ii 
■lehult of ahicb, h> tkc I 
uf Lord WiUiam Baaa 
nunb, youiiEMt km oI 
lX.-4th UuLa of Nuifvl 
■bich, la CharlM HubM 
Earl uf Nuttiii^ham, an< 
sate*. K.G.i ob. IS84 

Xll — XIL ism. 9.H«liry Howard, Mil aud 

Uanbal, Ac, K.G. ; ob. 

XIJ] — XilLnOLiaTViBat Hovanl, nriibr 

bciug (un aitd beir ul 
" rolhetof the Im 


iV. inl. 19.C'b«Us Howard, ■on and h<-tr of 
olGrey>ii>ck, nni bmihrraf Hrnry 
Xl--atbUDkeo( Norfolk; sucLeeded 
u Dak« of Nurfolk, Earl vt Arun- 
del, Surrey, aiut NorFolk. Baron 
Maltravirii bertdilary Earl Mar- 
shal ol BnglBnd ; ob. ITM. 

n I1M. IS.Chailct Howard, t.andh.ob.lSlo.a.F. 

I.ISU. 14. Bernard EJmrd Hosard, fuutin and 
h<ir, belnj; a. aiul h. of Henry, Sd, 
bat eldcM turviviag ion ol Bernard, 
i. and h. □[ Bernanl Ho»;<rd, 8lli 
ton oCHcnrj' FcnIrrickEarlof Arun- 
dd,Suner, and Norfolk*. Pi»<^nt 
Duke or Norfolk, Earl of Arundrl, 
SBrrey, and Norfolk, Baron Fin- 
Alan, Clan aod Oiwaldettre, and 
Maltravera, Earl Marshal, and Uare- 
dilaQ' Earl Marebal uf England. ^ 


rltOS. l.'joba SheffUld, 3a Earl of Mulgrave i 
Created Mar(|Uf •« o' Nurmaiiby, n, 
Lineoln, IUUay,l694iCreaiedUuka 
of Nurmanby 9 March, I7(U, and 
Dak<! of BnckiiifbaBi on Ibe 93d ot 
the 11010 noDtb, K. G. ; ob. 1731. 

tin. 3. Edmusd Sbclfield, i. and h. Dak<^ of 
BnckiBghani, itc; ob. 1735, a. P. 
wbrti all bi* hanori became 

Vitcouirrcv, T September, ISIS. 



'Benrr Norria; SMnn. to Pari, from 9 May, 
14 Elu. I5TS, ><> 34 Ok. 39 Elii. 1597, ■• 
" Haarico Nortii de RTOoir, Cbl'r;" bi map- 
ritd Matfcry, dau. Mid coheir of John Lorii 

* Vlda the pedigree, p.4'6. 






XI. .... 

, -XI. IG7T. 8. H.ntj H<..*ri, hrolfatr ui 

Tr-nTiMl Hmi> HnaanI .J 

RiiiiiE 37 Much, 1669, an 

DfNor«iehl»0ct.lCT3> C 

&irl Msrttaal of EueUnd, *: 


Khich. tu tbe Uiue luta «! 

^ Doi Earl or Aruadcl. Sam 

^C »l>icb, Ui lh« hcin mileolT 

^E Hu»*r<], Uie Earl vf 6uSii 

^r .Icfault of whii^L, t» tbc bell 

^^ uf Lottl WaUaiu Howmnl . 

K wurib. youLCcit *o>i of 1 

^K IX.-4ib Uuke i>r NurFuIki 

^^ »bkb, to ClurUi Uu>ud, ) 

■ £>rl »f NuiUiieh»>i.itnd h 


m.le'. K.G, ; ob. 1684. 

^^Vxii. .. 

..—XII. 16(!4.S. Henry Ho»ud. (Oil uulbt 

Martbil, &c. K.G. ; ob. IT 

^^^K Xiu... 

bci»g tun uid heir »f T 


1732, S. P. 

^^H 3UV... 


iucceeLted u Duke ••( t 


E«-l of AruiMld, Sarw,, 1 

and Nor«icb, aud EUrl li 

BriKiM Moubt^y, Honanl. I 

17TT. .. f. .b,r, Ih. R«. 

^^^^^^^^»> Hu»^. MuuknvT~A^< 

tliooibcrBlnMninfce. i 



dau. at>d coheir, oliu mun 

liam Buvu blounuu; aii 

llie yuuiiKol du. Abll mb< 

married Robert Barau Pcu 

(lie BUOKT u( lluKUd ul 

Itiuitg and E<(ldam of ) 





R>dCV.t71t.l3.Clutl«« Kawwil, u>n Knd li-ir of 
CbiriM oiliest u>n ur Charlei lluo Nnl 
of CceytliH'k, iinl brulbrror Hrnn 
XI-BlhUukeorNurrolkj luci^rcded 
u Puke or Nurfulk. Earl vt Arun- 
del, Sumy, «ud Norfulk, Barun 
Fill' A1a»,C)un and Oawaldetire, and 

rMkllriverii bereUitary Eati Mar- 
1^ thai of England i ob. 1T86. 

cVI. HW. 13.ClMil>lHa««rd,t.andh.ub.l8ISr«-P- 
[VI1.I8I&. l4.Ben»nl Bd»anl Hovard, cuuthi and 
. hair, bcinK ■■ aiid h. □[ Henry, 2>l, 

■ but cldeK lunivinc ion ol BcrnanJi 

» (. and b. or Bernard Hoxard, SlIi 

■on or Henry Fieilfriik Earlof Arun- 
del. 3urrey, and Nurfolk*. Ptcicnt 
I Utike o[ NorFidk, Earl or Arundel, 

. Sarrey, and Notfolh, Baron Filz- 

I Alan, Clan and Otwatdeilr*, and 

M'hraveri. Earl Uanbil, and Here- 
dilar)' Earl Manbal uf England. ^ 



1709. I.JulioSheineid,3dEarl nF Mulgraie ; 
Created Marquitt e( Nurmanby, cu. 
Untoln, 10 May, l()M; Created Uuku 
of Nurnuinby 9 Mardi, i70J, ai«l 
Uuke of Buckinrhain on Ilie 43d uf 
■be tame monlb, K.G, ; ob, IT'2I. 

1741. 8. Edmuod Sb>lfi«ld, ). and b. Duke ot 
DneklnEham, lici ob. I73&, a. r 
wbrn all y* boiiun tKcame 

ViacouNTcv, T S(|)t(mbcr, ISIS. 



L U HBry Norrii t SaoitB. to Pari, rruni H May 
14 Bill. ibT3, to i4 Oct. X9 Elli. 1^91, u 
"HMiTicoNorriidc Rycota, Cbl'n" he i 
ri*d Margtiy, dait. and cuh^r of Jolm Lord 

• Viilelhr |wd%[H, p.47j. 

, 478 NOARtS—NORTH. 

WiUiin» orTluDic, kdJ oM of 
to theSBiilB*rxinyi ob. lEOO. 
U. 1600. 3. FfnticU Norrfs, gritiiltun and be 
and b. of WilUtm Norrii (ub. i 
■on ol the lut BaroD ; Sumai. to 
17 Oct. 43 Elii. 1601, (o 5 ApHI, 
16141 Creatal Vitcoant Thaoie : 
Berkshire Jin. SB, 16^{ ob. It 
EDiHlieth. hit lole dmu. and be 

BenU. sa Esrl of Liudttj, and 
1619. 3.JBniuBrrtIe,i.andb.i>f(haMM 
ftm.,,— MonUgu Eurl of Lindivy, too 

f 'Of^ ■ nktrit to this Barony: Sumou 

Barun Narrii of Rycole, IT Oci 
ieT9, and arfain 1 March, 39 Ci 
Created Ear) v( Abiiigdun 30 
Vide Amncdon, in which Eaildt 
ronj it merged. 


15S4. 1. Ednard North ; Summ. la PkrL u 

North de Kinling, Cbe*." fn 

1 Philip anil Mary, 1SS4, to 5 Ni 

Fbilip and Mary, 155U; ob. IS6H 
1564. C.Roger North, %. (nd b. Summ. to 

SO Se|it. B Eli*. 1566, to S4 O 

I59T; ob. 1600. 
, 1600. 3. DudJey North, Ei^nduin «i»l b 

and b. of Jvbn North (ob. *. p.] t 

the laitDaruDi Snmcn. to 1^1. 

3 Jiq. L 160S, to 8 Mav, 3 Car. 11 

ICGG. 4. Dudley North, (.and h.i bewMO 

ID Parliameol i K.U-i ob.1677. 
IGTT. S.Charlea North, i. and h. Samni 

Baron Grey of RoUatone, 11 Oei ob. 16»0. 
IG90. 6. William North, (.and h. Baron Gr 

vmvi uh. \.fu, t. r. Hb«n the Bai 

•A V^WvAuW >H>S«BR %9e>S«X> 

I. i;m. T. Fnuicii Narih, Ill.-.'id Bwan Guildford, bems 
t. and h. of Frnncis ll.-Sd Baron Guildfurd, 
eldest ion or Fraiicii Narib l.-ls( Biroii 
Guildford. Si Kin ot Dudkv IV.-4lh Barun 
Nartb; Crea'ed Earl of Guildrard April 8, 
ITSSi Ob. 1190. 

1. 1790. 8. Fndarick North, ■. >nd h. Earl of Guildfurd, 
K.G.J ob. I193- 
[;P3. 9. George Auguttug North, t. and h. Earl of 
Guildford i ob. IBOS, I. r. M. leaving three 
daugbten and cohein. via. Marii, who mar- 
ried John, present Man|ueii of Buie ; Susan ; 
and Georeianni betweeowhoia thit Barony 
11 now in AnavAHce. 

l^ouiTcv, 9 November, 1706 — M erged in the Crown IT3T. 
Vide Cahdiidoe. 


. WiILL I.Wkltbeof EarlofHuntlnedon, Nonhamiiton, 
and North umbel] and, being a. and h. of 
Sintard, Earl of (hose caunliea before the 
Conqueiti beheaded 1073 j ob. s.P. M. 

I I.Simon (le S). Ui, husband of Maud, eldest 

dau. of the lut Earl; obtained this Eirldoai 
IroiD William the Conqueror i living 1100. 

; : It. I. S. Simon it St. Lia, *. and h. Earl of Hunting- 
don j ob. 1153. 
I 1^3. 3.SimondeSi.Lit,s. and h. Earl of Huntrngdan i 
ob. 1 1B4, S.P. when the Earldom became 
1 1.17. 1. William dt Bobun, 3d ion of Humphrej' Earl 
ol Hereford and Euei. by Elizabeth Planfa- 
g«net, dau. of King EUlward I.; Created Earl 
«f Nonhampton March IT, 1337, K.G.i ub. 

I. laSO. 3. Humphrey de Bobun, t. and h., succreded 
bi( nnclcAi Eari of Hereford and E^sen, and 
u Coiutsble of Eofluiil, in 1361 : ob. M't, 
s. F. u. Elfxnor, hit eldeu daughter «nd «w 

K lieir, mtrrifJ rboittM Plaiitagenet, Duke ul 


Cloucoticr * I ■» J Mwy, liii lecond lUu. m 
tl>e wife of Henry Plmilae*"". *titiiiu< 
Kir.e Hrnry IV. u thu Earl died -iibui 
i«9ue male, hi» bannn bcoinie 

I. 1547 nVilliitm Pirr, lie Dxran Parr of Kendil.u 
1. 1&». t XVll.-l*t F^rl «( £u». brothfr of Qm 
K^iiherliie, Gth >cd l»t «ite orKinK lltoi 
Vlll.i Cleutfil Miui|U«H of NuftliaDipu 
16 Feb. ISdTi Lord CreH t'himbcfldi 
K.G.i Altaimed I^M, wtwD !><■ bui 
cioieXtTfcitftl) reXorod in blood, I 
in lionura. iLe same )«»', nesin CreHl 
Marqucii lA Nanli«Di|ilau II Jan. lUS ; d 
1S7I, [. P' wlieti thisiliguiiy bccAin* 

VII. ieu4. Henry Howard, Sd iDn nfUenry Eiri «t 9i 
rey, wid *uuti|;ci bnilher of TiMMt U| 
4tb Dnhe ol Norfolk, K C. Hi* taibcf hi 
ing bveii AlliiMrd, be was raMored It bUl 
1659; CreMc4 Baron Howard of MaraV 
and Earl of Norlbampion 13 Marrbi M 
K.C; Ob. IG14,S.P. when hilbunontata 

VIII.lGle. 1. William C.ioipion. Il.-Sd Baron Coaptt 
Created Earl i>f Nonbamptuo ^d Au£. ICI 
K.G.; ob. 1630. 

IX. 1630. S. Siiciiwr Ciimruii, 1. and b. ub. 1641, 

X. 164J. 3. J>ai» Cun>|>ton, a. and b. oU. 16B1. 

XI. I6)jt. 4. Giur-e Cunipton, •. and b. ob. I73T. 

XII. I7ST. 5, Jamei Comjuon, t. and h. H« married EHi 

beih Baroiieai d« Ferren of Clianleji > 
17M, s. F. H. when Ihe Birony of Ci>nir<i 
devolved on hii only child, Cbirlotia Buur" 

* Humphrfy SmlTiird, Earl of Suffard, a. aiHl li. of Eima 
£>tt of Sufford. by Ado PLanCq^t>»t, dan. and brir of Thoa 
Duke afGlouceiur.byElnaor eldHtdau.«ad cuUeirafUa 

R V>aB^V) vwanVwi 4u* ^i^M- 


«U de Ferren uf Chtriley, ijure matri', l<iit 
ibi* BJirlilnm devolved on hii bralber and licir 

. 6.n«inreCunipii>ii, ob. ma,*.!'. 

. T'Cfaxrlei Coinploii, nej.l>ew arid heir, beini: 
*. md h. of Charl'B Complon, jmrmeer bro- 
ther or Graff e, tut Eirl ; ob. nG3, t. r. M. 

. S. Spencer Com pluii, brat ber and heiri u)j.l7ae. 

t.— 11. iei3. 9- Chartn Compton, t. and li. Cre- 
Hled Baron Wilitiiiiglon of Wil- 
xuingion, to. Sum«, Earl Cump- 
lon ii( Compton, co. Warwirk. 
■nd Mirqiieii of the Cuuiilv nf 
Nonbimphin, 7 Sept. 181!. Pn-- 
%tDt Miirqiiet* itnd Earl of Norllf 
■mptoo, Earl Compton, in J Bnraii 

*"■"'"■'•"• 5 


I.Robert Hrnley, lit Baron Henley; Crrnled 
VMcouni Hti'}rj anil Earl of Noribii>inon, 
CO. Hami, May IS, 176''), Lord Chaiicellari 

ob. i;;3. 

% Rohrrt Itenlej. a. and b. ; Lord Lieut. 
IrelanJ, K. T.i oh. 1786, S-c. »bcn all ' 
■Ittra became 4!rtinct. 


Mercar (younjrer ton of Algar Earl of Clir>». 
irt). Earl ul Northumberland before the 
ConqunI i deprived of ihi: Earlitoiu fur rr- 
beDbn, when Kin; William eoiiferred it on 
Copii. nbo wai ilain a few weeki after be ob- 
tained thai honor, and 

RotwrtCoRiynwiiconKituiPdEirl ofNorth- 
intibetlaod lOGfl) lUm I06g. 

CMpatrick, descended thruugb bia tnolhrr 
Irotn Uotbrvd. Earl of tbii Provmoe brfote 
the C<>ni)Dett, vbiained Ibi* Eatldom Irota 
Kmt mllUm I. hilt wai deprlve.l o1 i\ 

fbtitiiM itouu 1070 : wbereupon 


Wilthcol, mil u( EUrl Sliriird, wu ■ 

Earl of NonhnmbcTliiiid \ ht mainn 
niece of Williatn (be Cunquerar ; I 


Alberic, ■ Narmaii, wu caiitrjtutrd Eiti « 
iknCaan<y,liut |in>iniiK uiilti fonltcdifiihi 
he rsiunieil <ii<o Nornitud}' about loes, »l 
GcoBrey BitlKip ul Cuii>i*iice bad ibc 
veniBHfiil ul lhi< lUrlilam, and slio rtf 
liituseK, in (lie irear lUSH, " Eu tcnp 
Northymbroium Cunsulatum regcbat j." J 
the licit Earl wu 

Riibf rt de Monbray, Tiepbew lo the iild C( 
fery ; depriveil ul llic Eartdoin lor tre« 
circa 10»A, aiid died 1 106, i P. 

1. Hcniy Prince of Scoi land, i. and h. appan 
ul David King of Scoilaud {vbo, acoirdi 
tu lome wriien, atirr ibe rorlciiure of Rab 
ilie UK £arl, altu bore tlic title of Earl I 
HuiiiinedDn], ii generatljr cvntiilered mIh 
been Earl o( Nortliumberlauil ) ob. viu p 
irii, II S9. 

S. Mnlculm, ■. anil h. *ho anerwardt 

King ul Scotland i aeeurdiiic ID l)u|:<lal>il 
aurrcndervJ the cuuittia uf NorUtuoibei ' 
Cunberliuit. aud Weti mure land, to Httkl 
in 1 1 £4, ill lieu wlitreul lie obU'uad tliM 
Hugb de Pudte;, Hiibnp of Durhas, m 
hjr tume •riler* iirphor iil "' _ " 
obralLcJ ibe Enrldum of N,>rtbm 
from Riffaard I. cir« JIM. but i 
rcsigiird it iborti; ahervai ji ; oh. I 
.Henry IVrcy, fV.-ISth Batun ' 
Earl oINunbuinliertind 16 Julr>'lS11> I 
Manbil: a|i|>ainled LonJ H|(b ^Mial 
' ' ; 1399; (lain 140Bt atiil I ' 


h. of Sii Biinr; Farey, K.G<, ihe renowned 
"Hotm^Jb." (ob. v. p.) (IdMiion Dfiheluc 
Earii rMiomliuiliH Eiiridon Nov. ll,t4N, 
■nd ubiiiiieiJ > rurmnl Charter of Cri^atioii la 
tliatdleiiiiytn 1434) Lord Higl< CaiiMable i 
lUin I4S&. 

■5. 3. H«tit7 PtTcy, (, nnri k. ; bm'utg mirricd C1e>- 
nor, >Uu. Ktnj Mrie heir of Robcrl Birun Pujn- 
kiip. de n« SuinBi. lo Pai4. Tits pMrli, a* 
B*r(Hi Poyntiifiij *lsin Mtil i uid beinE A(- 
tainled, bM Lmxirt beoame 
I.Jdbii Nevlll, BAron Montagu, brolher of 
RiCharJ E<r1 of Wiirnick and Saliiburyi 
Created Bar] oF NunliumberUnd May 9T, 
1164, wliichbeRKSiGNEO in 1470, and *■■ 
Created Marqueii ■>! Munla^. 
|e. 4.1t*nry Pttcy, a. and b. of Henry XtV.-3d 
Eail : reRuNd in blood and bunuri alrca 
I4T0, allhauttb tbe retenal uf bis latlier'i 
Atlaindcriloei nut appear un iIie RuIIi of 
ParliuDenl luitil 19 and 13 Edward tV. K.G.{ 
ub. I4M9. 
i.lJ'-Tiiy Alccruoii Perry, a. an<l b. K.G. ob. 

fS7.9.iUntj AlgMnoii Prrey, c. and b. K.G. uh, 
lS3Ti *.!•. and bia broiher. Sir Thuinai P.^rcy, 
lia*ii>g Ltrii Allahiled, bia liunort becaiue 

kl. Uohn Dndley.Earl u{ Warwick I Created Duke 
uf NonhumlirrlAnd 1 1 Oct. \!,b\ : Earl Mxr- 
•bal, K.G., beheaded and atlainted 1553, 
KbeD hi* dienittn* became 

I.7.T1w>mM Percy, • and h. oF S!r Thnmai Prrcy 
{»l.» >a< Aiiaimed), »eit brother uf Ilriiry 
Algernon Percy. XVIII. «ib ai.d lait Earl i 
Created Baron Percy u! Cucketmoulb and 
Prtwvrlti, Damn Poyiiinp, Lucy, Bryan, and 
Frti-Payne, wilb remaltider, failing hU iuue 
wale, 10 hii brother Henry and bU Iwoe mile, 
Arrll!IO,1S6Ti Created, May J, 1551, Ea>l of 
Jtertbanib«rland, with ibe time rrmimi^tii 


I m l3e\. ha hw 

»■■» II ^^v •. wrfk.) 9mi 

vteMHH. * ^aM Pw^i K.G.; 

1« <l ! ■ II ^ n. «. >■< h. oklCl 

■^^■ly iM i Mn J ^IW 


NnllT(ll;MI)EIU>4NU. 485 ^^M 


|*nU to htt brin male ; CrHied Biran ^^M 

ITIO,^''."- ^H 


XMumed llie mine of Periy, 

liuibsitU of L*6y EliKthclh. 

uiily lurviviriR child of Alger- 

nuuDukiiofSomcriel.thclm .^H 

Ei«rl > lucceeded «gre»ble to ^H 

llic brliitc-iiMnliuiird ren>*in- ^^H 

dec u Bliruii Wurkworlli iiiJ ^H 

^ *i«l Earl Piircy nnd Duke 

V i;66. -.ilh r.m»inder to hit 

E iuu> male by EJiiilwlh hit 

wife i CreiteJ fl.n.H Lou. 

vsineuf AlDwkk, ttitht >|-e- 

1784, K.C.; Ob. 1788. 

— IV. 17SS. S.HuEb P<^rcy, >. u.d L. K. G. 

SuiDiD, ti> Pari, un Ibe il»lh 

of hi> BWtlenn I77J, «* Ba- 

ron P.rrtyi ob. 1817. 

—V, 1817. 4. Hugl. Perry, «. ind b. Sum- 

moneil to ParlUmpiit, vltii 

palri), in the Baruiiy of Percy. 
Preifiit Dokt ariU Etrl ut 

Bwun W.rkworib, »>d > B.r.n.ri ; >l>o 

«ldut cobeir uf the n»rwiy ol L.tiroer, ere- 
MeU by Writ 10 Hn>. VI.i cobeir of one 

■lolely of the BaroiiiM uf 5c«lu Mid Plain, 

>Dd < «pr««n.Mi« of one of ti.e c.lieir. uf 

lbs B«ru»y or Uulleioierc. K. G. = ^H 






I79T. l.Sir John Ruahout, Stb But-i Creatrd B 
Nonbvick of Nor(h»ick Park, t». Wa 
ler. 30 Oct. 1797; ob. 1800. 

IBOO. 3. JobnRuibout, s. undb. Prucnt Buon Nonl 



I. 1313. I.John de Notlhwadei Summaned 8 Ju 

Edw. I. 1394 i but it it lerj duuhtfal 
Writ *aa a ref^lar SuniiDoni to Parliinra^ 
Tide " Cli-vedon i" SaNmoncd to pAfI, tnm 
8 Jan. 6 EJ«. II. 1313, to 90 Mareb, II 
Bdw. II. I31<>i ob. ciru 1319. 

II. 1319-3'RaE^r d« Nurthvode, ^lodton and Iwir, 

being ion and btir of John dc Nartb«di 
(ob. *. p.) eiittt ion of the l»( Bir«>; 
Summ. to Pirl, 3 April. 34 Edw. III. imi 
ob, i;56t, 

III. 13G1. S.John de North wode, t. and h. SomiikiDpuL 

from 1 June, 31 Edwud III. 1363, to » 
Jan. 49 Ed*. MI. 1376: eb. 1373. Iw . 
■»ue Ro|;er, hi* ion and beir, then S4;ctt* 
of age, bin who ■*• never Suntmonrd !• 
PKrlismeni, and igiiiran lo have dird *■ '■ 
Williim, the brotbpr of ihi* Raeer,di«II 
Hen. IV. leaving John hii ion and he>r,tM 
ten yean of a^ ; whii:hJohn died 6- F. 4H0i' 
V. 1416, heingtben just of agF> lining eiiu- 
heib. wife of Peter Cat, and Eleanor the "if" 
of .luhn Adim, bis titter) and cobcln. Oftk 
■itueofthe tald EliiabeihDotbingii lin«>i 
hut Eleanor left a ion and beir Th-mm 
Adam, irhose potleriiy In the raalc line it" 
heeu inced for fire deiccnlt, when Rl'ban' 
Adam, the repreMnUti»B of the fatnilr. •" 
living, Kiiif who, though toire married, b'JM 
iiiut ; Rugpr bit brother then hail " ""■ ' 



■ aht ISaa, tnrrt mU and s, f. iilieii tbe E«rl- 

. I.ThomM Baron Mowbray, brorher and hrir i 
CreMH K*r1 ./ Noiringham in I3«3, md 
Pake of Norfulk S9 Sept, 139; ; Eirl Mar- 
ihnl.K.C; ob.M13. Thit Eirhlom cuixi' 
nue.l uicrxrt) in ihe Dukedum of Ncirtolk 
until tbr ilritth ol Jubn Moitbrgy, IV. --Kb 
Dukcof KirfDlk,andV.-6th Earl ol Nalliiig- 
hAm in l4Tr<, oben it betame 

<lZ|ctlnrt. Vide NoirOLii. 

BicHnI nsniagenet, Duke of York, 3d imi 
of King Edwnnl IV. brine betroilied to Ann, 
illtu. and lolg beir of Jubn Mnwbriy lV.-4lh 
I>uk« III Ni>r(ulk and Istt Eurl uf NuUine- 
ban>, wai CfcaleU Eatl of NuliiriEbam i'l 
Jam, H76, Knd Earl Warren and Duke of 
Norfolk T February, 1477: munJercd 1409, 
Kt. S, when bin Iiunort becamR 
I William lUran Berkeley, f. and h. of Jame* 
Ilaron Berkeley by liabel, ilaii.anil «l IcnKth 
cnhei) oC Tbumaa Muobriy, II -Itt Earl of 
Noltinicbaia, mid l.-l«l Duke of Norfolk; 
Cr**led Earl of Nouingbam £S June, i4H;ii 
Created Mangueaa Berkeley U^e . Earl M»r- 
■hal I ob. HUl , B. r. wben tbis Earilum again 

. Henry Fiti-Ruy, natural aon uf King Henry 
VIII. Created Earl of Nudingbam and Duke 
uf Ricbmond la June, Ib^i, K. G. Lieut, uf 
Ireland ; ub. 1a3(i, intra bi. b. i-. Kbtii all 
hi* bouon became 

1. Charlea Ilu-ard, Sd Baron Howard uf ERug- 
ban, detcended from Sir Robert Huaanl and 
Margaret bia wi'e, dnu. and ulliroaiely ci 
heir of Thomat Mowbray, ll.-Ut Earl of 
Nuttiiigbam, and l.-ltc Duke o< NotloVk^ 




V. 1684. 9. Henry Huvran), i. Nnd h. Duke ot Norfull 

He. K.a.; ob. ITOI. S.P. 

VI. 1701. 3.TliiiiDai Hooiird, net'facw and beir, bcinc lu 

Mild beir of Thomas Huw*nl, nrit bmibcr i 
theluc Earlt Duke of NotColk, Ac, ul 
1T3S.I. p. 
Vli 1T33. 4. Eilnard Howard, hrotlief snJ heir, Dak* « 
Norfolk, &c. ) ob, I7TT. «■ p- *ticn the I' 
ruiiy ul HoxDrd of CulU Ririnc «o(l Etrliloa 
ul Norwich b^Mtne ^ 


Vlll. 1784. I. Alixaniler Gordon, 4tb D«ke of Gardun 
SpolUnd ; CrcKed Entt of Nuraich i 
Biroii Gordon <>l HDnlly, en. GluurcKrr, 
Jaly, 1T84. PrciFnt E.irl of Norwich. BjMt 
Giirduii uf Hundy, Biraii M'-rdiui.l urT 
vrj, tind Ri.r<RI BrDothMinp uf BiH.uc i I 
Duke ei Gurdon, dtc. rn SoutUiid, K T. 


record. William Ptrcrel. ■ >i«iur*l ion at WtDita 
Cniiqiieror, ublaiiivd the Lordihip of Natliniibain, «UC 
patied by an heir female lo tbc Ferrrrt, Barli of D*ll| 
■bu are lomelinies, Ibougb errnnfous'y, it>ledEufci 

LNoitingham. John, afierwanli Kmf of EJifiUiid, mtl«< 
agrant of the Coanly and Catile of NMiiiiglMia, ti\ 
ibe whole bonor of Peiefeh ln>t ihe flnl prrtun iibti •( 
regular!} crtned EaBL of ibii Cinitiij •>•, 

JohnV.-i IthBaruii Mowbray, >. and h. of Ji 
Baron Muubray, by Eliialieih, tUn. audbrji . . 
Jubn Baron S-gn>v« bj tlnTf!*n% Pluibi^Drt^ 
Ducl>e*t ot Nofblk, daa. aod kiIe bair ol 
Tbumaa de HruihertoB, E«rl •! NurfMli, i 
Earl Mar«hat, yvuogertoa of Kinc Ed'ard I, 
Created Earl uf NoiiiaBkui, 16 Jnljp, I3TT i 


•b. }ia3, InFrs at. and f. r. wben tbe Earl- 
daoi iKeaiBF 

, l.TboiDHi Biiroii Mowbray, bmtier mid hein 
CrtDTtdEarl nt N[>i()>>Kb«tu in ISM, and 
Ihihc of NarfoTk S.g Sepr. 1997 ; E*t\ M>r- 
ibHl, K- C. ; ab. 1413. Thii Eariaum caiili< 
nuril RicrEnl in ihe Dukeilam of Nurfolk 
U«>tll the dM* nt J"li« Mowbray, IV,-)lh 
nuke <T( Norfolk. aiiilV.-ethlidrl at NaKii.s- 
tixm iu I4;ri, (ben it became 

£rlinct. Vide NoiroLK. 

Richard naniacenrt, Duke of York, 3d ion 
d( King Eilaard IV. beios bMrothed Id Ann. 
dau. and nole heir or Juhii Mnwbrsy lV.-4ib 
Uuk« <■( NoTfulk and lut Eiirl „l NuUinS- 
ham. *ai CreBTed Earl of Nutiiiighim )d 
June, 14T't, and Earl Wnrrcn ind Duke of 
Norlulk 7 February, 1477 ; mnraereil IffS, 
«L 9, wben hi> bonarg bi'CBniR 

Williiai Ilarun Berkeley, (. and h. of Jame* 
tUran Berkeley bj Iwliel, dau.-inJ at lingih 
cnbeir ol Tboma* IMo-bray, il.-lat Earl of 
NullJnKbam. and I.-Kl Duke of Norfolk; 
Created Eail orNuiilnBtiam £S June, t4e:ji 
Created Mar(|uc<6 Berkeley 148^; Earl Mar- 
abal ; (ib. 1491, t. r, wbeii tbii Eardora again 

H«R(7 Fils-Roy, natural ton of Kine Henry 
VIH, Created Eorl of NollinEbaiu ai.d Duke 
of Rtcbnoiid la June, \b^b, K. G. Lieut, of 
Inland j ob. IW6, intra Bt. s. i-. obeii alJ 
bla banort bpcime 


I. l.Chari<iH>i'»rd,«d Baron Howard of Effing- 
ham, deiceiidcd from Sir Robert Huvard and | 
Margaret bu "t'e, d»u. and uliimately co- 
hair uf TbuiDM Mimbray, Il.-Itt Eaii of 
Nutiiii^bam, and I.-Itt Duke of NottoVk., 


Created Eiri oT NmUngluM SS Oetabff, 
ISST I Lord HIsb Adalnl, K. G.| ob. IG». 

XI. 1634. S. Cbkrlcs Hamui, 9d MB ud bdr Bik i ob. 

1649, ^.p. 

XII. 1643. 3. Chkrie* Howard, llal^broth■r and btir ; (A. 

l6Bl,(.r.»beD tlu EaridoM of NottiogliaM 
acain beeama 

XI[1. 1681. l.Hcncaev Finch, l.-]at BaroD Finch otDanB> 
try) Created Eirl of Nottingham IS Hqr, 
1681 1 Lord Chancellor i ob. 1683. 

XIV. tees. 3. Daniel Finch, *. and h. luccetidcd hii eooaia 
JohnV.-Sib Earl ofWinchilaea in 1T39. (a 
which digaity thii Earldom haa aince ban 
united. Vide WiNClliuiil. 

WilLI. 1. Roecr de Navanl; obiaintd the infaeritanca 
of Jubell de TotDeil from King William tbe 


. I, Robert Ofh ; Summ. to Pari, frum 36 July, 
I Edward IV, 1461, to T Sept. 9 Edmrd IV. 
l4fiS, U •'RoLerlo Ogle, Duniliio Oeic, 

Chl'r;" Ob. 146S. 
, SLOwcaOeK ■■"III b. Summ. to Purl, from 15 
No*. 3SEdw.1V. Maa.tu ISSrpi. I Hc[ii7 

VII. I4esi ob 

. X Ralpb Ofle. a. nnd h. Summ. (o Pirl. 17 Oct. 
1 Hen. Vlll. 1509, and S8 Nov. 3 Hen. VIII. 

l&lll OthlSlf. 

, 4. Robert Ocle, i. knd b. Summ. to Purl. 33 Not. 
6 Hni. VIII. 1514, and 3 Nov. SI Hen.VIII. 
I5S9; »>). IS39- 

I S. Robert Ogle, >. «nd h. ; be sai never Sutoni. 
te Pari.; ob. I&44. 

. 6. Robert OieIp, •- and h. Summ. to Pari. From 
M Au^. 1 Pb. and Mary, 1553. (o b Nov. b ami 
G Pb. and Mar^, 1S58 i ab. I56'3. 

, J. Culbbert Ogle, baK-brotber and heir; Summ. 
to Pari, from 1 1 Jan. S E^ii, 1 563, to 1 7 Oct. 
4] Ellx. IGUI i ub. 1597, s. T. M. when ihi- 
Bamiij' (ell into Aieyukcb between bit Imi 
daugbtenarid coheira, until the deaib,*. 
leST, ul Ja.ine, one ol (be laid cabein, wite 
uf Edward Talbot, T'bEarlol Sbiewaburjr. 
on wblch event 

V i. CMherina, widaw of Sir Cbartei Cavendiib, 
and dau. ■ndcveniualljriolebeir of Culbbert 
tlie lui Barun, auecredcd to the dignity, and 
by Istlen Pilrnl, dated 4 Dee. I68S, w*a 
drolaml Baruneai Ogle, with a ratlflcatfon uT 
Ihe honon to ber and her beiri tor ever i ob. 







VIII. 1639. 

-1. \6di. } 9. WUHam Caveniluh, ion and 

1. IG£0. 

\ Baron Ogle af Butbal, M- 

ancl Viicounl MtntBcId, t 

Ne^cMlle 7 M»reh. 16il 

queu o( NiwnitU 97 Os 

■nd Earl of Ogle u.d t 

NewcMtle. Iwtb co. Nurib 

l...d, 16 Match, leWiiu 

his mother in tbo H*ron<r ' 

^^ '' 

ercMed by ibe Wrii of 1 E 


1461,111 lG!9i K.C.1 ob, 

■ IX iG7e. 

BOTHkL. { of Neoeatle, &c. nti Eari ' 


Huron Oile, and Baron 

Bothal, K.G. j ob. I6ai,t.r.l>. ahei 

bunon, Ficepting the aneicnt fti 

Ogle, bccave £j;t:nn t wbiiJi digi 

into AftEVANCE bilwcen hH ibree di 

and cobein ; of obuni Eliiabelb < 

first, Chriatopher Duke of Albemm 

teeondljF, Ralph Duke of Montasu, i 

t. P. ; Fr>»ce> oil the oifi oTJubn, 

heir appartriii of (he Earl of Breadalb: 

likcKiie died t. r, t Marcant, ni«tri 

Holleg, Earl af Clare (aherwarUi 
D-,ke of Newcaxle)! CatWii.e. 

Tbomu Earl of Thanel i and Ara:*; 

the wife of Cbarle* Earl of Sum 

tive* of ihe Mid Marram, Gather 

Aribella, thi« Barony >■ dow Id Abki 




John Oldcaitle, havine mamed Joaiu 


dansliter ai.^ brlr of J«bi> Il.-«<l B.i 

ham, he WB« Sumai. to Pari. fA>m 

1 1 Heo. IV. I4n9. to 93 MBreh, 1 

Mil, M "Jobaniii Oldculell, Cy'ri' 

hr la eetwally xondderwl %o have 1 

ro>i Cubbam jure utot<*, and In tb* 



he ii cipreulj> ciUeil "Dominuni Joli'^m 
OldcaMtll, Mill Tern, Don) iniim de Cubliim *;" 
ob. circa I4IT> s. P. when the itarony ereatcd 
br the Writ of II Hen. IV. i( ■ lepirate 
dignity from thai of Cohham, becami 


I. Sir Richard Onflow, 9d Bart. Created Baron 
Oiulow or Onaloo, co. Salop, and of Weit 
Ctandon, eu. Surrey, 35 June, nie.iiich re- 
mainder, failing hi> isiue male, to liii uncle 
Deniill Onilnw and hii iuue male i {ailin|[ 
which, to tlie iuue male of hii father Sir 
AnhurOntlow, In BarLi ob. ITIT. 

9.Thotna* Onilow, t. and l>. ob. 1740. 

3. Richard Onilow, i. andh. ob. 177G, s- r. 


-1. IBOl. 1. GeorKe Ondow, Isl Daron Cranley, 

of Arthur, eldeit ion of Foot Ons- 
low, next brolher oF Richnrd lit 
Baron Omluw (Denjill On*li>w, un- 
cle to the laid Richard Baron Oiii- 
low, hsTine died B. p.) -. Created 
Viicount Cranley of Cranley, eo. 
Surrey, and Earl of Onslow, co. 
Salop, 19 June, 1801 : ob. 1814. 
II. IBN. &. Tbomai Oiiilow, i. and b. Prcient 
Earl Onilow and Baron Ontlow and 
Viicount and Baron Crnnley. =f= 


t.&hrardRauEll, nephew of William VIL-.Mh 
Earl and )V. Duke of Bedford ; Created Ba- 
ron of Shiiigay, CO. Cambridge, Viirount Bar- 
fleur in the Ducby of Normandy, and Earl of 
Orford, co.SuffoIki with remainder to hia iuue 
n»le; failing which, the dignity of Baroo of 
Sbipca7 la the Utue male of Letitia bit eldest 

" Rot. Fail. *dI. iv. p. 109V 

iiiler, T M»y, 1G97. ob- lilt. I 
hu honon (hi* ttid tiittr Leiilia 

II. 174!. I.Sir Robert Wjilputr. K. G. Creal 
H.>]ioi. mid Vitcuuiit W.lfK. 
<<jlk, and ExtI of Qrrurd, eo. Su 
nJi; Ob. 1144. 

UI. 1745. a. Rolien Wal|talc,i.uab.Cr<Mr^ 
jwle or W*t|H.lE, CO. Norfolk. w\ 
reiDninilet 1 June, 173S| hr a 
girct RoIIf, wbo in I7ti0 *ucci 
BuuDv of Clinion s K. tt. i dh ) 

IV. 1751. 3.G<ar^'Wil|nile,i.aiulh.(>bLJTS 

v. 1791. 4. Huruiu Waljule, oua* »nd k«<r. 
brother of Ruben I11.-2U Earl 
S. p. >rhEii the B»aiiy of Hoi 
country uf Walpul;, mid Eatldo 


VI. I8D6. t. HuratioWalpulc, 9<l Birott Walp 

lertun, cuutin and beirj lucce 
BarouWulpoleurWalpole in 171 
EflrUrOrrord iO April, 1606} ( 

VII. IS09. 3. KuralioWaliiDle, raiid h. ob. IB! 
VIII.IHSS. S.Horntio Walpule, >. and b. Pn 

Orfun), Barun Walpule oT Walp 
run VVnlpolc of Woultertoa. =f 


I. LH'JI. J. ibii Foster ; Crelttd Baron 
r;,rd, cu. Luulli, ITJuly, IB3I. 
ship married M>r|arc(B Aucti 
Created Baruneu Oriel «kHd 
TernrJ, both in the Peerac* of I 
tent Baron Oiiel. ^ 

I. 149S. Tboinat Buder, iA Exrl of Can 

ORMUN n— nsDOItN E. 

Earl D'Ormnnil In Ireland ; SumiDDnvd to 
¥»r\. (ram 14 OoiotHr, im, 1 1 Hciiry VII. 
(0 S3 No*. G Hrii. VIII. IM1. » " ThomiB 
OriiKind lie Rmbruril, Uu>./' i>b. 1513, 
>. r. M. Iravlnc Iwo duo; blurs nriil colicirc, 
vli. AiiiiP, wi<c uf Sir JoIkiSi. Lr;er, aud 
Margarrt, wife or Sir William Balejn, be- 
tweui whose detcGnJaikti and ~ 
tivu ihii Baron]' U now i[i AuEVi 


IB«I. I. JimciButUr, lit Duke i>( Ormom 
l*i)d, add UI Earl c.f Brecknock, A> 
lind; Crealed IJuke of Orisuoa 9 Nuv. 

\6%-i. K. G.i ob I6ii. 
II 1S«a. S. Jamet Butler, grandtoii aiid heir, being i. and 
h. of Thonai B^iUr, U( Baron BuiUr of 
More Hark flA>' v. p.) eldeit >U[i at ti.e lait 
Duke, K.Ci altainted in i;i5, xbcli all bit 
lioiiuii became 



I. Jran Huiler, ISib Earl nt Ormond in Ire- 
Uiitli Creaicd Bartin Ormond of Llanthuiiy, 
ra. Munrauulh, IT Julv. 1891. Pieieut 
lUruii Ormutid of Uantliony i ulao Larl »f 
Orniund, &c. in Ireland, K, P. =t= 


J.,bn de Orreby; Siimm. to Pari. I 
March, 9 Edw. It. 130.4, to IG June, 4 
131 1 1 nb. taiT, ■>r. wlien the Barony beet 

Bahonv, i:. Aoeutt, lfl7S- 

Vide LuTiMr.i a rid 


S.riiariet BraiKt, ■. and k. Cmtd Eari at 
TaukmiUt, I90ct 17 M. 



UU3- , 

I. nSS. I. ABbir;dc Vera: Created Eari ^ Oifnfltf \ 

the Emprcn Mtud, anil eonSnotd t^ ll'B. 
li-ipllSS: GreatCbambcrivDolEiitUo'; 
ob. ll»4. 

II. 1194. a.Aubiry itf Vprv, t. and fa. Lord Great Cbio- 

berlain; oh. I'JU, t p. 

III. UH. J. Rubtn Jr. \ I -. . I.'. ' ' . - ,■ J b*ir; Iw wu u« 

iif <be 1; ■ ■ . appoinlnt Wf- 

force the obwrranee al llAOM COAITt ! 
Lord Great Cbanbcrlaio : oh. 1391, 

IV. 1981. 4. Hugfa de V«fe, a and b. Lwd Great Oi*- 

beriaia 1 nb. 1363. 
T. ISfi3. S. Robert de Vere, a. and h. Lord GraU Cba*- 

berlain; ob. 1S9G. 
VI. 3396. 6. Robert ilc Vete, a. and h. Lali GiAt CW*- 

berUin; ob. 1331. t.F. 
Vlt. 1331. 7- Jofan de Vere, nephew and bar, bcinc M 

and bcir of Alphoastia de Vere, Mat bnthtr 

or the laH Eari ; L.G. ChaMb.i be Marfnl 

Maod, danchter and c^air of GUea BaiM 

Bnlleimcre; ob.1360. 
VIII.1360. a.TboaaadeVere, t.andfa. LofdCfMlOM- 

berlaioi ob. 1371- 
IX. 1371. 9.Robert de Vere, t. and h. CnU»iUii^tf 

of DaUia 1 3BC, and Svb*. to PaiLbrt^ 

title B Aoc-io thatjrcari Cnated Dwkerf 

Irdacd IS Manli, I3B7) L. G. Clixmlier- 
luo.K.Ci ob.l3B3,ii.P. I but Imviiig bnti 
buiilibnl ABd MlAlnlcd in l;illB, all li» bi>- 


.loJiahteyit Vcrr, uncle anil bcir; ohtiinad it 
KTiat ot ibe Eiililuiu to bim and bfl Utin 
niiJe 13i»a. ■nil in US'! ibt Aiuinder of hi* 
nr|ibaw, Robert lh« lait Ejtl, «» repraltrd 
and aonullrdi L><rd Creal Chmubtrlnln, but 
■bunly ■ller liii irtlnnliuu ho wai drprivrd 
oT tbal ulTice i ub. MOU. 
ll^icbarddE Vera, ■. and ti. E.G.; ob. 141 1. 
lUobudeVfre, >. and b. Ha iii.->rried Eliia- 
bctb, dau. ai>d bcir of Sir Johii Haoird, and 
aule hrir of the Itarmiy uf Plain ; Auaiiiled 
and beheaded I4b'i, vhcn all bU Uouon 

.tSJoho de Vere, >. and h.; reilored in bluud 
aui] btinuii 14G4 ; Atlaiitted l>i 1474, when 
b)« digniliet Li>uaitie JFotftjnb; retlored lu 
■II bii bonun and potietouria in I4S'> ; ob- 
Uined a coiiflroiation of ibe office of Lord 
OreitChaniberlaiii; L. 11. Admiral j K.G., 
Ob. 1513, LP. 
Il.l-I Jabo de Vere, nephew and h*ir, being >. and 
h, uf Sir GeurgE Vere, N»t bruih>^r uf ibe 

^iMlBarli L.G. Chamberlain; ob. ISSG.i.r. 
.l&Jubn de Vere. coutin and heir, b»nK >. and b. 

vf John, clde«( ion uf Robert de Vere, not 

broiber of Juhn ISihEarh L. G. Cbaoiber- 

laliii K.G.! ob. I53S. 
IGJvhn de Vere, >. andh.) L. C. CbamberUin i 

<tb. tS«9. 
.17.£d»ardde Vert, i. and b.i L.G.Chamber- 

lalni ob. IG04. 
LIB-Hturj de Vere, a. and b-i I^ G. Cbusber- 

lllni ob. l£S5,il.r. 
>.l9.Ruben dr Vere, cuuiin and heir, being ). 

and b. ofHuth, elded ion of Aubrey deVete, 

bruiber uf John 16Ui Carl ; ub. iHlZ 


4cVa>. «. ■■d h. Kr-, A,m, I 
>. r. K. <rhc* tU» BuWoa bc«u« 

XXL nil. It^m Barter; Cre4lFJ Bnvn HirbT o> 1 
WiC— "■ »- HcnloRj, £«rl of Otfivd ut 1 
Karillirtii— f , »«M»y,.l-||, >itki nmu» 
*r. aan% Us MM* ■»lc, to tbc ivot ouh 
«tSi» I Ufc»« lUrity. K. B. bit sruiiltHbt! 
UriH«bTi«a«uer. K.G.-, tb. \:U. 

XMU. mt. alfcml tUriej, >. wid h.t the roL-KDU iJ 
AaoltknledHMUiu Liuuir i ab.1741, 

XXBLmi. S-Ii^w4 Hark;. Im cowin aod Ixir Mb, 
W^ •«*<«*-«> at KhnH Barkr. onl l» 
Ibtf ■( %j>h u t XXL-m Ejtrh tnccctM 
fiwhk. I* Ibe limilation nciltd *b»N 

XXIT. nU. ■l.gJ»M4 Hark;, t. uhI b. »b. 1790, f. r. 
XXV. tTM. S.U*m4 Hattey. D«T-bei> and htir, htine i. 

Ml h. af iba Hon. John Harle;. Biibop °( 

BHcted, Mat brotltcr of ibe lul Ciri. 

hamt Eari cf Oirord and Earl Uertinwr, 

MdBwMHaricr. =f 

I. Wia L I. Ralfh Pac*Mll : brid dirm Ur&bif* « t^ 

II. Win. 11. i. F«lk IScaMa. t. aad b. •*. . ... 

III. 5t*«b. S. Ralph ft^nt*, a. a«d h.) LaH of Th»l- 

n^SuSiMdi lniiVll«. 


<4.Cerruc PjiBViell, >. *nJ Ii. living 1189; ub. 
,. .. nj-.M. letvinK Hiwyse hit lUu. iin<l bcir, 
wb« carrinl the LorJtbtp of Dudky Iv ber 

I ftwl butbariil, John de Soiocty. 


iir TRKUKE. 

|. WlllUm Paf;an«II, brolber of Gervtie abave- 
mcnlianed i bt marriail Julian, dan. and 
bcir oF Robert de Babuiitune, wilh ■hnm be 
acquired the Lardihi]) uf Oahuntuoe, cu. 
Devoti: ob. ante HBO. 

«. Futk Pacamll, a. and 1>. ob. circa 1S08. 

3. William Pagaarll, *. and h. ub. circa I3IT. 

4. William Piinell, 1. and h. ob 

5. William Paiiiell, i. and li. cib. 1^94, S. r leaf- 

ing Auda, the wife u( Jubn ile Baluii, bi* 
■Ider and beir. 

Hugb Piinell, younger ton of William lit 
Lord of Babuntune, Lord uf Drax, »hich he 
obtained fram King John i ob. 1241. Of this 
line no furtbur iDeiitian It made unlil SH 
Edward T. nben 

John Pajnell of Drax «>i Summ. to Pari, 
from S9 Uec. 38 Edw. I. 13S9. to 33 Aug. 13 
Edw. II. laid i be it cuiiiiUereil to have died 
l> Mo aceount ii given uf bU itiue, nor duei 
I'ln bi» Baronage lake toy notice o( bim. From 
went in Baiikl'l Eitinct Peerage, vol. i. p. 391, 
. apfeaT there nere two John PiiytiellB Suni- 
■d ParL ttilblu tbe above period, but in all pru- 
Itoal ibe B*ine |>vr>an ; (or iboughi iit tbe Indea 
iilauOumniodi, one Jubn Paynell u described 
■ n ibe WrJt* ibcmielvvs ibeie wurdt nevft 



U. II.IILS.t.J>fc pMd I. ». aHl b. »hv in tMi tid 
Mrh. tot al atwMi mxUbi bntet b IT 

L B-BL t-FWfc PhjMai M«w«>4 ta Inn bM t 

■b. >Mt IXGd. 

It. IWDna PmoD, LUidk-i U'uiC liSO;<^- 
mm* 1373. 

UL E^J. S. Jcta hfwtl, nnl bcir to Waiiun ibe lul 
Bsraai Db. 1^4. 

nr. E^X4.J«taP*jBcil,K. uidk ub. lSt,i.P. 

V. U«Xl.rM^ P«»U. brotbcr and Mr: ob. Il». 
Innac Jota bn ibd ami beifi but *tbe** 
aot ■!■■■»< ta Pulianent. (bit [>a''r 
ca« » kM|«c be cDDiidereil u tUnru «< 

WtlKm Piraelli pfctuned lo have bHn aflW 
MaaeEiaul;: Sumn. lo PaiL frinu liN«.!l 
EJa.I. ISiU, Iu6a>.-I. 9 tdv.II- 13)^1 *■ 
I3i;, t.^. wb«a tba Bwvay bccMM 

■ SSO. I.Sir Williaa Pm*(. K.G.I S««a. U Fm^ 
fnm » Jan. 5 Ea>. VL 1553, ta 90 JM< 
and 5 Pbilip and Harj, l&St, ■••'WilLF>' 
eel dt BcBiHleMit," co. Sulbnl, tbM(> " 

I( lta<«d ilwt b* »■> nnt Summ. to Ptrl. 1 

lice. 4 Edward VI. IbSO. aiiil fhHt he ■ 

■TMIKcl (0 that >l)tnil> » Jan. LSG^: ob. I5fi 

U S. Hrwy P»(H, •■ and h. Summ. to P.rl. ; 

Sept. a Riii. isasi ub. ugh, ». p. m. EUt 

hcih, hi* dnu. and brir, died, Bccnrdme 

yun, though Du|;date i 

ritd Sir Henry Ue, 

|SB. 3,Tbanii 

. Paget, I 

roni Suoiin. 

iihcr of Henry the ]ist Ba- 

il Pari. I 

jm 4 April, 1.1 Elii. 

o Jan. S3 Eliz. I58J i AtmhiiEd 
len bi> hoiion becnmc 
. 1603. 4, WillisRi P*icei, *. htmI b.i reitored to liia 
falher'* honnri lit Jimei 1. and RitmRi. to 
Par). Irotn S No*. I Jaq. I. ISdS, to 7 March, 
3C*r.f. 169iil: ob. I Can. 
p. 6. William Pagri, a. and h. i Summ. In Pari, 
rrom 13 April, 15 Car. I. iG39, lu S May, J3 
Car. II. leSI, ob. IKS. 
I. 6. William Page), i. and b.g Humm. lo Puh 
r>om SMnrch, 31 Car. II. 1S7H| ub, l7tS. 
bl3. T- Henrr P*c*(, t- and fa. lii B..roii Burton; 
^ Created Enrl of Uibridge, eo. Middlessa, 19- 

Oel. IT14| ob. 1743. 

il be obienn]. that aliboogh lhi> Bamn; h 

~ tj in fee, ai originating in a Writ t , 

^ .» iha death of Hearj Kcond Lfltd, bi*br»v, 

I lUlnl Li<tJ, itaa apparentl;i iimimoned to Par- 

'inf the lif^'tini* lit Eliiabeth tile daii. aad heir of 

i Lord I for, erm aHmitting that Dugdale ■• erraiwoiia 

I tha •he marrieJ Sir Haaty Lee, it appun the lut- 

t lather abrHil three yeari, and that her uncle »a* 

' la Partiaoant thiM mODlht before the period when 

irii. p. If) u» slie diad, vii. June ■i3. 

lli»tW.ii«', "[(aronie. b. Writ," p. 116, 
> Sd Buon did ant tucccpd to the title u 
• add Etiraheth, the dale of ithlch ■• nu 
I Dugdalc'a Ldit nf Suininons&t, the firK nwDtlon 
■a 43 Jan. A Ed<r. VI. anno U«S, *htB " WiUlam 
Uaen" ia lUted m hate been 
U begm at Wciiininiiat on that day. 





h. of Thomai Ca«e»by Pagrt (ok*.| 
ton of the l»t Baron i Barm Bnri 
Earl of U(brid«t oh. I7fi9. a. r. < 
Baronj of Burton and Earldom oil 

became 4EltinCt ; hut tha Barabj 


devolved on h» couiin and heir. 

Paget, beiog ». and b. of Sir Nieb<. 
ley. Ban- hy Caroline, daw. and bc>< 
ma* Paget, eldnl ton of Henry, oca 
of William e<h Baron Paget; Cre> 
of Uxbridge M>iy 19, IJMi ob. I81< 
lO.Henry William Pa^O, i. aoil b. Eai 
bridge i Created Marqueai of Al 
July, 1B15. PrcacDl Baron Pant 
Uabridge. Marque., of Anglewj. ■ 
rooet of Ireland, K. G., C. &■■ 


:. William Pantulfi founded the Abb 
Peter ofNoromj ItTJiig 110*. 
Robert Panlulf, id ton of tha lail Bi 
cecded to bii fatber-a Banmy >o 



^^Bfl. Will. 1 

^^B V. 


, Steph. Hof h Pantult] wboie lueecttor -aa 
H. 11. 1*0 [>«i(uir; »ha «■* luoceeiM br 
John. WilllRm Pinlulf, •. and b. of wbon 
hnber ii recorded. 

H.III. I.HuRh Pdiitulf, broAerorivoi K*in| 

H. III. S. William riiiiulf, *. and fa. ob. isn 

bis dau. and beir, married IWAJ 

of Wcmmc. ^H 


716^1. 17'il. I.ThomMParkariCre^^H 



•o. OxroriL ind Earl of Macclnniili wiib n- 
failtpg hU iuue mitlF, uf the ilif;til(y of BnroneM 
'MacclMHeld, xad Vitcountet) P*rker of Ewelme 
, Uiil CuuiiCei* of Mkccleitielil, to Eliubetb, hli 
•(Willikni Uruhcote, Em. and la the hrin 
r body, a Nuv. 1731. Vide MAccur.sntto. 


WiliiiRi Purri Cnued Biroii Parr of KendU 
isaa, tuid Sutiin. m P>rl. from in April, 31 
Henry VIH. 1539, id 4 June, 35 Henry Vltl. 
IS43. His liiier Kitherine baving married 
KinE Hcnrjr VUL 1! July. 1543, be »u 
4Jn>*lnl Earl uf Eiiei 33 Dec. in (bit year. 
AlraimeU 1553, when all biidignitiei became 



William Parr. uncU to William Bnron Farr ol 
Kendal above-mentioDed, and tcj Queen Ki- 
tbennej Created Daron Parr ul Uurtoo, co. 
Morlbamplon,33 Dee. 1543 i ob. ]54G,s.p.m, 
wbeD Ibo title became 


I air. 

John de PateihuU; Summ. to Pari, S& Feb. 
Ill Gdw. Ul. 1.149, but nerer aricrwardi: ob. 
1349, lea*ine William hit ton and heir, nho 
WW never Niimm. to Pari, and died in 1366, 
a. r. when hit four aiitcri became hii bein, 
*it. Sybill, wile dI Roeer de Deaiicbamp ; 
Alice, of Thiima* Wake; Mabell, uf Walter 
de Faueonbergi and Kalherine, of Sir Ro. 
btn de Tudenham, Knt. The Barnny, hoW' 
ever, on the dealb of Juhn Baraii Pateibull 
In eonaerjuenee of iiTily one Writ having been 
i>«D(d, and there being no proof of liiiing) 

I«S», K. at bcbMdid 14ft. 

_^,^ {.William Herbart, ■. i«d ki intmmlimi 

^^ ibiiEarldumatthBMpMtaf BMlliiri. 

i IV. lud w« MHtrt Arirf ^5h^« 

July, 1473s •b.....LKik 
-. M». Edwnrd PtantHMM, Fl hw ■! WlH i* I 
** and heir auMM «f KiM MmI »•> 1 




wboi thii tiitt bMiViHMfii iBlkib 
t~iU3. Aun Bolryn, dM. <f ItaMB Bd^ri. td4 
broke 1 Se'pi. IUI| h^MMflMM if llT 
DU«7, 1533) fcllmiiilllti: 

(uily'ctulil. lUMM^ii tmt^thnma, hM*> J 
hwor probata^ I w^MMiwirflatM lty* | 

. i.Witrutra HerhM, a. m« h. if Mr lUtf*! 
Herbert, natural (on il WHIaH BMtafc 1 
XVIL.-lit Earii CniUJ BuaD Hwtal *> ' 
CaenliiriOOcl.lSSl.wiJEwlal IV lhl) ^ 
II Ortotwr, 1551) be married Ann, Hrtcr 
and coheir of TbMBU Parr, MarquM •• 
Northampton, UMliiiter of j^ieea Kaiheii*' 
Parri K.B.i ab.l569- 
XXI.I569- S-Hrnry Herbert,!, and h.K.G.| ob.lSOI. 
XXILI601. S.Williim Herbert, t.aodb.K.G.1 ab. l630,tf' 
XXHM630.4,Pbitip Herbert, lit Earl vt HontEOBtry, lad 
l*t Baron Herbert ufSburiuidi brother lad 
heir, K.G.I ob. l6sa 

XXIV. ie5U.S.Pbilip HerbMt, i. and k^ Eari of HoWfo- 

mery ; ofa. 1669. 

XXV. l6G9.e.W>lliamH««int, t.uid kEarloTHoair- 

iiierTt ob. IST4,>.P. 
XXVM674, TPbillp Herbert, half-brotber and beir, EarioT 

Munt|;omarT I ob. I8B3, n,r,m. 
XXVH.lEe.l.8.Tboii>a* Herban, brother and bair. E>il*f 

Moniioneiy, L. H.AdMtnl, LaidLiHi-i' 

ltAui4„V.t^.\ 4».WW. 


hi« lUiigbtfn ftnil cuhcin ; but neither of 
ihatr Juliiii were luiiimuiieil In rarliamcnl. 
Joan, the eldot diu.iiiilcubciraf John Peche 
U*( u«ntioiieil diti I, r. leavinB Margaret, 
ihe liih or Sir WillUm Montforl, lier liiter, 
her beir, in whoac deiCEiidaiili and repre- 
•CDlalWet tbe Baroiiy of Pecbr u veiled. 


Robert Pechci Sutnm. to Pari. 1.S May, 14 
Edo. II. 1331, but never after. iiiJ of wlinm 
Daplale civet no account in liii Baruniige ; 
nor dur> be appear lo bv meiiljoncil by any 
oiber«nieri unliiideaiblbeBarDiiy became 


I. Str Tbomat Pelbam. 5tb Ban. i Crealed Ba- 
ron Peiliam oi Uu|>bloii, cu. Suhh, S9 
Ifte. I;(j6i ub. ITIi. 

— I. 1714. a.Tliuaiaa Pethani (auumed the 
■a. name of] Hulles, s. aud b. ; Ctc 

1. ated, 3G Oct. 1714, Viscount Prl- 

bim af Houghton, co. Noitingbani, and Earl 
ofClarei wiib remainder, failing hi> iitue 
Dialr, to Ilenrv, bi> brotbvr, and hia iuuc 
malf { aubtequenily Creattd Marqueit of 
Clare, and Duke of Newcaiile-upon-Tync, 
and in I TEG Duke of NencaitJe-under [•yne, 
wiib a «|iec1al remainder ; Created Baron 
Pelbam of Siauinere, co. Suiaei, with re- 
mainder, failing bi* Itiue male, to bia kina- 
man Tbomu Pelbam, uf Si an me re, co. Sua- 
•n, Etq. 4 May, 1763, K.G. i ub. I7G8, «.r. 
*b«i lbs Barony of Pelbam of Laogbion, 
th« Viatonntcy of Pelham, the Earldom and 
Harquiiate of Clare, and Dukedam ul Ncw- 
eaalte-npvn-Tyiie, became <f|;nntt ; but ih« 
Bamny of Pelbam ol Sianmere, devolved, 
■peeabte 10 tbe above limitation, 
I 3 


U. ITSB. S.Tbotnaa IVlbam, nf Btanni 

p|il»< furri'iiiemni'rilTnf^Pithia 

linillicf of Tbuoai li 

Lau'hion ; he »lui \ 

Thumat ^ 8*ron Pvltum otLaufhioi 

lit Baron Prlham of Sunmfn (Ihiit tj 

NcHcitik, &c.) in ihe Biron*icT : CnKiiI 

E«rl of Chiccslcr 33 Junr, 1801. 

Vidt ClIiCHWnt- 



I. 1138. I.Gilbert deCbrei CrcMed SariofPetitirotx I 
1138) Ob. IH9. I 

If. 1149. 3. Ricbati) de Clare, curnimtd Slronglmi, >■ 
and h.: Jutiiee of IrtUiid i ub. U7fi, >.r.«- 

III. 1189. I. William Mirsbil. having micried liibtM' 

Clare, dau. and heir bl Rirhirri ibe Nil Ei'L 
nrquiKd ihe EttUma of Pcmbcske in ll'9; 
Manbal of England; ob. 13I9. 

IV. 1319. S. William Matihal, i. and b. ) waa one ol (I" 

celEbraied Ss Baroni appointed to eohx^ 
tbe obKFTancc of Hagna Cnarri, htiat 
tbcQ ilyleJ "CoDMi MiireidMl Jun.;" EmI* 
Manbal; ob. 1331, sr. , 

V. J33I. 3.Ricbard Minhil, broibcr and bcir; E*f* 

Manbalj ob. 1334, s.r. 

VI. 1S34. 4. Gilbert Manbal.bratbcr and bcir; Earl Mtr' 

shah lib. l£41,s.P. 

VII. IS4I, 5. Waltrr Minhil, brother and beirt Earl Uu- 

thal; <ib.34Nov. 1343, t.P. 
VII1.1945. CAnielm Uarthat, bnitber and heiri EaHUiT' 
thai ; ob. & Dec 1345, >. P. wbeu bi* bongr* 

IX. 1. William de ValeiMe, sgD of Hufb ]■ BrU, 
Eftrl of Man:b, by IiaM, Midao of Kiar 
Jobn, and muiber of Kyis Henrr HL lad 
t>< bave been Created Eail id Pembroke is 
134; i but Dufdal'-, (pfkklnit of the bante 
uf Le»e* tnuo 13«4, *tft %Tijf Wiiiiam wa* 
" tb«n called Earl «l RmMf- •'"' "■•< •*- 
foie, for aujbt I have Men i'^ob. I i3S. 


H. tAylmirde Vt'eucr, *. and li-i oh. I3S3, k.i 

■hell ihe li>l« hremuc 
B. I. Lturcnce IV.-llih Biiron Hmlini:*, Lard e 
• Abtrgitenii}, gmndion ufJobn Bimn Hnit 

■ tneti l-u") of Abrrgiveriiiy, by Icntivl, ilau. ut 

William ant) liiter and hcrr ur Aymrr (l<- Va- 

len«c, Ihe lait Earl ; Created Earl u( fern- 

brake t3 (let. I339i ob. HAS. 
W, i. Jniin Ha>i>iiB*> *. and Ii.i he married Anne, 

•ule dau. and beir of Waller Barun MaDuy, 

ob. 1375. 
r&. 3.Juhii Hailing!, 1. and h. K.G.; ob. 1389. «, P. 

wheo tlic Earldom agniii became 

BTiet. younf»( i 

, Pari. M Duke of < 

Uloueeiler and Enrl nf Pembruke S6 Sept. 

1414, K.G.i ob. 1446, ».r. olitii his bu 

Don became 

4ni 11 Cl- 
iff. I.Wiltiafn de la Puk, Vt.-4tt> Earl and r.-4lh 
Mar^UEit of Suffulki oblaimd a revinionary 
irrao( ol the Earldum of Pembroke SI Feb. 
1443, |>Rivided that Humphrey, at ibat time 
Karl uf Pembroke and Duke of Otauceiier, 
died wllhi'ul Ktue: Craattd Mar(|iieii of 
Sulfulk 1414: lueceeiitd lo (be EarlJutn of 
IVinbruke l-li6, .-o'd *At Created Duke of 
Suifulk J Jm>e, 1444. K. G i ob. 1450: aud 
being aitainied, all bi> disnitiH became 

it. I.JatperTiidur, >urn>iiied ol Haifietd. 9d (on 
of Sir Owrij Tudor, by KHtheriim, oJdow of 
Klne Henry V. and nolher of Kins Henry VI. 
Fratumed (u havo been created Earl of Pern* 
broke dr» Nuv. I4SS, ibooeb Dugdalo 
(»(«>, "ihere is no notice (akeii of It in iha 

Bull of tbat ti , " 

ot hint lllil 1 have leaii." By bia attainder^ 
in 1461, wbaterer liuuuia UepuMeited IfecaiM 

513 PEBCy. 

grandson Hugli, the present Duke of NonhiTRilinlt^ 
mid wlio KM tiiminunrd lo Parliament ni Oxtoa Prttf 
mill |>Uce<l in 1 he ptcaeilencj ut lh« unctani Buon; I' 
March, IBIl. Frixn (be pnccdiDg tiaicmcnt (l» rulloa* 
iiiR coiiluiloni may be drawn : 

l8t. That, aciTording tulbefaiFdriluetion fiBtn n 
i!eciiioni, the aiiPirnt Baruny o( Prrry, rmtiird hy th* 
Writ o( Suminanj of 6 Feb. 37 Edoar'! I. I'i^fi, h>««D» 
^trtinct on the death uf Henry Alseniun, XVIII.-lkfc 

Earl, i 


9d- That the Barony ol Peicy d( Cachenmnilh i 
Peiwortli, with tbe itarouiu of Poyaiugt, Lorjr, Dn»o, 
and Fila.Payne. created by the Paleiil of 3U April. liW, 
Uernme 4!t[lnCt un th« deitli. a. r. M. wf JwreliM 

XXilI.-iiib Earl, in I6:0. 

3d. That Ale'rnnn Seymour, ■rrtrwar'la DuLe i 
Somtnei, and XXV.-UI Earl uf Noil buml-fr land, cm 
rrranFDudy pUred iu ibe [ireerdeney at (he ;-iieie 
Barony nii beiiig Suniroaned to rarU*in>ni in KS7. 

4(b. That Hugb Percy, gran'Iaun uf the laid l>iik* ai 
Bnron Peri? lure matria, uid Hugh (be )irt>rt>t IloLr a 
NDrlbuuibeilariil, ncrv llkewiae eriontouklf placeil iu Iti 
preeeitenuy u( the uriRinal Saroliy. 

;ilb. Tb'al (be only Biirony of Percy, no* *rUT<l t) 
bis Gr.irc Hugh, preirnt Uuke of Nonbiimbrrtaiid, n ih 
Bnruny in Ice created by the Writ i.l Sumnona ta lii 
eruat-e ran dfatber Alger nun Seymour, in ITS8. 

'. I. Hugh ^nitibioni butbatid nt Elisabetli b 
roneti Percy, daa. ulid aule brir «r Almwi 
(),ike of SumrrHI, anit XXV.-l.i Earl ■ 
Nun hiimlwr land, aaitimril ihe name n 
Prrey. XXVI.-sd Earl flf NonhanitwKairi 
Crrateil EafI Percv, and Duhi 
bcrl^iriJ IS Get. ITCti. 

Vide NamtvHuaui*, 


OF auwtcii. 

I6«3. 1. Hpury P.rry, ynunerr aon ol HrBryXXl^ 
Earl lit Nurtbumberland i Cmied Bam 
Perry of AlRWkk, «i. MeithoAbnlaxt. B 
li...«.lli«: nk |6S«, •.KN.«thn<bciiili 



pb P*TTOl, SumniDntd 36 Jon. •!•, EJwurJ I, 1397 i 

' v«ry diiutitful If ihM Writ van lie coiKiilrred m » 

Susimoni lu P«iliini™ii vi<lc " Kii/Joiin," 

Ptrtc nfteririrdi iuiuiiioiicd ; and Dugdalc girea 

int u( him in tiii liaraoigr, 


4. Jama Drummand, rcpreiFnutiie of the Earl- 
diHH of Perth in Scoiltnd, which dignii^ 
111* ftnccilur iiad furfviled in lll&i Crclted 
Lurd Pirlb, Bftroii f)runimond of Siub-bill, 
CO. IVrtb, ie Oetobrr, 1T91 : ob. leuo, s.r.M. 
ttb«ii the liile IjpcaiDc 


I. Jobn MardaunI, Sth Haron Uordauni of Tur- 
reyi Cffated Earl ufPelerliorougb Q Marcb, 
IGSBi nb. 164!. 

L S.HTi.r>Mard*unr, •.unit h. K.C,.; oi,. iCd7, 
1. p. M. wb(n Ibe Barony of Mordauui d>- 
vdIvhI on Mary bit dau. and lule htireit i 
bat he wai lucoericd in thii Earldum by 

7. 3. CbarlnMordauni, tll.'Iti E«rl uf Monmouih 
■nd td Viirouiit Monlaunt of Aviloli, bi* 
iicpheiK and heir male, being ion and heir of 
Jobti lit Viirnunt Mordauiii i>r Avalon, td 
Mnnf Jubii lt( Earl of Peterboruugb i luc- 
Ptrdrd bit Eoutin Mary Baroneii Mordauiit 
til tliat Barany and in the Barony of Beau- 
dianf of Bimbo in Hob, K. G.; ob. 1735. 
Charlci Mordauiil, pErandwn and heir, being 
a. anil h. of Jubn Murdaunl (ub. v, p,] eldeit 
•nnof IbtUalBarli Earluf Munnioutbi ub. 

h >> Gliarle* Henry Mordauiit, t. and b. Earl uf 
Monmaulh, oh. IBM, s. P. when the Eail- 
dvniB ul Pet«rlinri-u-b aiid Muriinouth, li,t 


ViicouDtcj or Monlauni of Avitau, wri Ik 
Barony of Mordtunt of Rjrcgut bMUK 

Barohv, laAugiuIt 1673— 4frtt)Kt 1134. 

Vid* PoRimMTn, 
BAftoNV, S& June, lG7*—£rtiMt 1681. 

Vide Giiuinu. 
ViscouNTCY, 9 Febniiry, 1741- 

Vide HAumcTM. 


I. 1603. l.JobnPeirci CnBled Baroii F^ire at Writik, 

CO. Em», St Jul;', tG03 ; ob. 1613. 

II. iei3. 3. William Petre, (.and h. ob. IGST. 

III. 1S3T. 3. Rohtn Pelre, «. and b. ob. 1638. 

IV. 1639. 4. William Pclre, i. and b. ob. 1683, i. r. >. 

V. 1663. 6. John Petre, brother ukI faeit; «b. liM.t. 

VI. 1684. b'.TliDmai Pelre, brutbtr and beir i ob. Hn. 
V|[. 1707. 7. Robert Petre, •.aod l>. ub. 1TI3. 
VIII.ni3. e. Robert JameiPeire,*, and h.ob. i;43. 
IX. 1T43. a Robert Edward Pelrc t. and b.; be nan 

Aim, ilau. and coheir of Lord Philip Hool 
brother uf EH*ard XlV.-lllb Duke orNv 


>. IHUI. 

X. leni. in.Robert EJoard Pelre.B. and h. «b. 1809. 

XI. 1H09. ll.WilliamFrancii Hcury Pctre.a.andb, t 

■ent Itaruti Pelte ; alia in right ol Aon 
g^nnilmoiber, youniEeii of ibe iw« 
■nd pohein ot Lord Pbilip llovanl, Man 
Ed-ard XlV^llth Duke of Norfolk, « 
uf the Bwoniei at Howard, MowbriT, Br 
of Cowefi SefaTc, Daere 

Sintngeuf Blaekmere, Fumival, GiSird i^ 
Brim met field, and Vemon. and prtibaU; 
alto of the Barony «f Aruudcl uiutu ibc W~^ 
ol I Rich.H.* =T= 



rncvvMCT, 14 May, nso-Crtintt nJ3. 



fUnulph Pfcntl i btid difcn LordBblpi it 
the General Surrey; be married Maud, dau. 
«f Incelrie, ind the eoncubine at Williim 1. 1 
the idue both by tbe >aid Ralph and by the 
King a'lutned the iiimg of Pe'trrell, of Mhom 
Williim Pe«erell, abuined numeraul Lord- 
ship* fram William ibe Coniiieror, smonfil 
olbert tbe Caatle of NuKJiiEbim ; liviiif 

William Pererell, i. and h. baving poisoned 
RatpbEirlufCbeiler.fledlrornJutiice. Mar- 
Harei, hii dau. and heir, carried bii poaici- 
■lout to tbe family ot Krfreri. 


! TtHUaa. 

Hanon P«**Ml,elilcU»>nDr Ranulpb Prve- 
Kl, lit Baron, of whom little i) kriownJ 

i«V TKNVte. 

It l.WilUamPevcrelof DoTe^(■nolhfrBonB(Rl- 
llutpb abarc mcnlioncd), ao palled fram being 
Caelellanufihat plio*i ub 

%. i, Willlain PrTFnll, >. tnd b. called "of E>iex." 
"^ oho, with Maud bl> tiller, bi^itig enfeoffed 

lb* powerity of Mugh IVverel of Sandfurd 
■hh rfrvera Lord>bi|u, iba Uaruny uF ibe 
uid William and Maud fell (a the Kii>e. 


I. Unhl. t.PMB FmnL 3J ten of il>i uU fUnult^i 
oUuMid the Barony of Brnaiw. co. L4>- 
baiKc,Inia Kinc Kco. Li ob.cimlUl 

lLUn.L S.inffia« l^nrri, •.iDdh.ob. .... «. p.lc4v 
iag bu lour luctrt bu btln, «ba iIur4 W 


UknPtmi SamBUNica 8 Jane. !9Efa.I. 
|«M i M it it mjr doobthl il tbU VA 
•u ■ n pbi SaBinaiu lo PuJiimrDi i ■>'> 
" Ct.nuw-( i" SuiBin. fo Pari, ti Fib. ^ 
C^trd I. i;99,bul ntvcrafitroirai. Dil- 
dalt C"* ■"> ■ccQunt tit ibi* Baiuu iu bi> 
Bmnagc ; nor ii *nj ibin[ rccordtd ul b> 
pM(n<7 b; any mbcr anier. T^ BuMf 
•• ^ <lcatb rraiD ibc Writ of ?7 Ednf^L 
boBC ihc obIii rp^Ur SammODt lo Puia- 
mtmt rtrt directed lo him, ind Ihtn bt"t 
B* ftvaf [TciKrifrJ o( bit baring ut midti "i 



SiB« it KRTTpant sai lamooiMd 8Ib June, 3t H'- 
. l£»« -. bat A uicfj doublful if tbat H'nt ci° ^ 
KCBFil 1 r*(«Ui SvBiBiiMu to Parliament ; tide" (.~M'>" 

KKS, OF »etj>a niUNMT. 

I«n. I.RabcftPittnpoati pw^td tn bara bwi «t 
■be taoK iMdr ai lb« Bbo*c Sisoa *> 
Pirmpaat; CnatcJ Buna Rtrw | mt «< 
HalMe PitncpaM, c^ NattiDfiaa, iM 
Vi«aut Neinrk.fl9JMe, 1697: Citai'' 
EmI «f Ki««MB » JbI7. ISS8. 

«auR ina. Vi4e KuMSnii- 


t nn 


(^•rvMe riempont, lit B«ron Pierrrpont i . 
Irdanil. K rand ton of Robert lit E»l of Kinj- 
■lon I Crraffd Baroo Pierfrporit of Hantlap*, 
co.Bucht, 19 Oct. 1714^ Ob. 1715,11. p. wbvn i 
hU liilet beuma 

VL H.dt.e 


■ .CilailePinehency. 

9. Ralph de Pliicben*y, s. anJh. Itvinf 1140- 
3. Cilbcrt lie Piiichcni!/, i. and b. Vnlae 1 165, 
(. ileni7 dc Piiicbatip)', •. and li. lining liOC. 
G.Rotwtt de Pini'benej, i. aiul b. ub. cir< 
.Uiary de FInchcney, i. and b. ob. 1954. 
. flenr^ da PJiichrnay , i. and h. living ISS8. 
Robert de Pincheney, i, and b. i>b. circa IS9 

I J9&. S. Hpljry de Pinkney, brulb«r and beir ; Sumni. 
to Pari. 6 Fib. 37 EJo. 1. 1899. and Is Dec. VH 
Eiliaardl. 1399; be waalikawiteSummuncd 
SG January, 35 Edmanl I. 1397 ; hut it U 
(luiibldU LF ihat Writ nan be decoicd a rrgular 
3i)mmoiia to ParlUmeni > vide *' FlT(- 
Jdkn.'' He Ka) (>rt«en( ac the Parliament 
held at Liiiudi) 29 Edward 1. when he wat 
Kylcd ■■ Heiiricui dv Pyakeney, Diwiiinui de 
Wnlanr i" in 13U1 he lurtvndcrfd bit land* { 
to ibe Kiniri ob. i. r. wbeii (be Barony be- 
caine tffttnct. 


■«t VKIT. 

Ralph Pipardi Suum. (□ Pari, from C Feb. | 
S7 Cdward I. 1^99, lu i4 July, M Ednaril I, 
\iVii be VMtikCKlM iuinaiuiKdlMlJan-91 
fidw. [. 3S!)T ; hut it i> my duubtlul i( thu 1 




Writ cin be itowed ■ rpptbr Sa*iB> 
PxrlUmeni ; itde " PiTj-JnHH ^" ob. IKO. 
kuTiiig Julin bi« ten (nd btir; bolatiillKf 
In ttur IDJ ut hii dcMelidliiti *tn *>« 
■ummonrd to Ftrliamcnt, >n4 uf ulua 
Dugilalc gtm DO accuuia. 

■aawn ■»■ WMT. 

Gila if Pliiu I SumoKmcd S Sum, M U: 

1. 19»4iin(!3b'Jui.9S Edoatd I. U^'i boi 

it isiloublful ir eilberof thcie>^'riiii'i>nW . 

contidrreil u > neular Suntnuni td Pul. 

tide "CLYYawm" ind " Fit7. Jon.i ;" oLlWl ] 

r. IJIT- Richard dc Pbili, l. sod h. Suh>id. to FuLl 

from 30 Ncv. 11 Edoud II. I3IT. to 141 

Maicb, 15 EdwudU. 1333, ub. . . . . turirf 

John bi> luu and heir; he died in ISM. 

leavingSir Jobs de Plaits hi* ii>o and biir, ' 

n«tb«r of labom it«[e cnr lummoued In Patlitowii- 

Hat^ni. daii^ierajid beit of the lad rorniiuiird Sir 

Jobn <te Pliid. oai (be fini wife nf Sir John Hariri 

(gnndfaiher, bj hi* Mcond *ife, of John lloaard D<ik> 

of Norfolk], bv whom be hul Sir Johu Hu*>rd, mbs* 

dancbtrr uid beir, Elisabeth, narried Jobn V«C| 

Xll^iatb EartofOxbrdi in nhtcb titk tbi* Barony cm- 

tinned Btr^ DUIil the death of John XIV.-l4ih Eiri.ia 

ISSfi, Mben it felt into AsBVaMcB betvten bi. three 

iitten and cahein, rit. Dorothy, vho marrird M* 

Nevilt Lord Utincr ; Eliaabetb, oife of Sir Aniboar 

Winjfifld J and Ufiula, who narried, Gnt, Georp ^i"^ 

*or, and iecoiidl]'. Sir Ednund Knifhtlj, bul dird i. r- 

and who were alio coheir* of uue moid]' of tbe Bmnfrf 

Scalf 1. and (be repreaentativci of ona wf the eohtin »* 

the Barony uf Baitktmer*. The Barony o( Plain '' "•" 

in Abbvamcb between FnuMii Dillon, Baran rf tbc HttJ 

eAmaivCmv%M,U<e9re«catalin; af the laid EliuMb 



_AiU, and (be <l«ceiidAnIi iiid rtpre4enliiivei of ihc 
•■nrntlMiFil Uoroiliy LjiiIv Luimtr; of •rbicb repra- 
jlitnhi* Griice Ihe imwnt Dukeof NonhumberUnd 
to cfdMI, and ahuis conieciufnily one a( (be cubeira u( 
K oioicl)' of ibe BflTon}' |iu(iciicd by Lady Litimcr. 


II. 111. I. Jobii de PlatcUi, buiband of Margery, liiier 
and Mie heir od'botDai Earl ol Warwick; ilvled 
EHrt of Warwick by the King 1^47 ; ah. 1!63. 

H. III. X Hugh (Je Pleuelii, i. and h.j but by a fottDBr 

1^'OS. 3. Hugh de nciieiii, i. and b.) Summoned 9G 
January, ia Edw. 1. 1397 i bnl it ii doubtful 
if thit Writ can be deemed a regular Sum- 
raoni to P»rlia(nent; vide *' FiTz-JotlN j" 
Summ. to Tarl. 6 F«b. 27 Ed-. I. IMS j bat 
never after, nor any of hii de>ceiidanl)> of 
obiiiii Uugdale gjvei no account. 

BaB0HV,3l October, 1I6S. ' 

ViiJe Radnor. 

1. Alan lie Plokcneti Summ. to Part. S4 June, I 
Oct. and e Nu*. Sd Edn. I. 1S95, and 26 Aug. 
34 Edw. I. I39G, aitu S6 Jan. £5 Edw. I. I39T i 
bat It n duubUul if Ibe latler can be cunii- 
dend 11 a regular Writ of Summona to Par- 
lianMnK vide " Fitz-Johnj" ub. 1399. 
i> 3. Alan de Plukenet, n.aiidb.i Samm. to Pari. 19 
Dec. 5 Edw. II. 1311 ] ob. rirca 1311, a. ■>. 
learing Juan deBobun hit •iilerhliheir, on 
itbone deceiie in 1 3ST, *. P. the Barony hecaais 





Viscount Totneti, And EvI uf ntwMtk dl 
cu. Divun, 39 July, lS]Ii ub. l6Wi, t. r. 
wUeli Ml liii riilei bicatDe 



[.Thomai Hickman Wrndtor. Vlt.-Tifa Bmi 
Winiltof i Creaird Earl o( Plj inuulh ( Ite, 

16tt3 i ob, 1G87. 



3. OLher Wlniltor. eraiid«tn anJ fanr, b(ii(N* 
and beir ot OlWt WiliJiof (ah.r.p.) ttM 
lonorthelaitEir); ub. 113T- 



3. Olbu Windiur. •. •iid b-i ob. IT38. 



4. Oiber Uif >> Winri«ur, (. and h. ; ob. ITTl. 



5. Olber Hickman Wiiidsur, a. a>.d h. ; ob. n» 



e. Ollw r Arcber Windior, t. and b- Piwnl fiul 
ofPlyiDOUlbaiiillSthBarun Wii>d«jr. = 


I. 1295. 1. Hugh Point!! Summ. to Pari, frum 24 Jonc, 

3:1 Edward I. 1395, lo 36 Augutt, ! 
1307 I ob. 1307. 

II. 1307- 3.Nichi>lai Poinii, «. and h.^ Summ. to Pul- 

from 4 Marcb, 3 Edw. II. 1309, t<> 16 JuW. 
4 £dw.lL13Ili ub.1313. 

III. 1313. 3. Hugh Poinli, •. and b.| Summ. lo Pari. Fton 

SO No». II Ed*. II. 1317, tu 34 St*. H 
£di>. HI. 1343 i IbDUgh IhigdaJe in bit 
account lit ihii familj', vul. I. p. 3, mici 
Ibat ibia Hugb nai auijr tummoiird uiml 
ibe 7th Edo. HI. 1333, and that be di..d >Ih 
13Ih of October in that jcu, leaiiiis Niclw- 
Ini hii ion and bcir, who did hamage fur bit 
raiber*! iandi 14 Edn. HL but fho ■» 
never luinnioTied to Parliameoi, mid M' 
iltue two daugbten bii eobein, via. Aii<ici>> 
wire of John Btnj, and Margaret, of Joba 
de Newburgb, between whote drarcndinti 
and rrjircieu tat ires Ibii Baronj' in in Ani- 


Kalph de Pumcni : held Jinn 
Ihe Survey ; (o mbaiu lucceBdcd 

I Hfn.t.S.WiUUnL __ . 
IIH. II. 3.Ue»rydePu 

I. sndb. li>iriK 1304; ob. 

IV.J„ba. 4.Ht>i>TaePoiDCru,t.uidb. ob. 1!«. 
>' H.lll. &. Henry de, i. and h. ob. 123T. 
M II 111, 6.itenr7dePunirrii,t. and b.ob. I!»l. 
^IILdw.l.T.HrnrjF dePotiienl.i.aiid b.ob, 130Si but « 
none of hii dcicindinu were ever iuididoiic^ 
to PirliiniEnt, tliey ceued to be ranktil 
araoilE the Barr>n< ur Ibe Rmiai until 17M3> 
irhrii Anbiir Pumeroj', tbe heir male of (bii 
J lleni7 tie Ponierai, ww created Baron Hu- 

^_ berlon in Ireland i i>b«e«ori, Henry PuniS' 

^L rujr, prMent Vlicount and Baron Hirbenup 

^H In Ireland, )• the male reprnentalive of tbii 

^H ancieat family. 


'■ HSI. I.ThomaiFermnr, Sd Baron Lemptten Cre- 
ated Eail at Pumfrel, co. York, S7 U«c. 
nVl.K.B.! i.b.I7S3. 

II. nsj. !. Ceorse Fetmor, t. at>d b. ob. 1785. 

III. iI«S. S.Ceorge Ferrour, *. and h. Preteul Exrl o 

Pomfrei, Baro» Lempiter, aud a Baromi. ^ 

BtBONV, I October, 


p*0. I.Braba«onPonionby, lit Enrl ot Beiboroosb, 
■nd Id Viscount Duricantmn in Irt^lai ' 
Cmted Baron Ponionby of Syionby, 
L«iceiier, tSJune, II49( ob. Jibi. 



1. sir WillUrn Herbert, K. B. aun nnd heir of 
Sir Edward Herbert, 9d ion of William 
XX.-UtE*rl of Pembroke; CreHCrd Baruo 
Poais or Powli Castle, co. Monleomery, 9 
April, IG^Si ob. I6S5. 

3. Sir Percy Herbert, i. and b. ; he wai created 
a Baronet *iii patiii; ob, 1G66. 

U 1674.— I. 1687. a.William Herbert, >. and b. 

Created Earl ol Puvia, co. 

Montgumery 4 April, IGI4i 

Created Viacount Munt- 

Eomery a[id Marqueia of 

tomit 24 Marcb, 1687*; 

outlawed IGBSi ob. Il>96. 
1.1696.— n.lC96. 4. William Herbert, t. and b. 

ConBrmed in bia father*! 

binoKin 173Si ob. );4S. 
.1.1145^111.1745.5. William Herberi, >. and b. 

ob. 174S, s.T. when all bit 

titlei became 


:T. )T48. I. Henry Arthur Herbert, Vll.-llt Ba- 
ron Herbert of Cberbury, hsying 
married Barbara, dau. and beir of 
Kitwird Herbert, neit brother of 
William (he lait Cart and Marqueta, 
■nd being likewiae ileaceuded from 






U. USB. 

i. Williim PonMnby, •. and 1i. Evl of Btiln- 

rmgh, &«. ia IttUnUt ob. 17»1. 

111. 1703. 

3. Frtdcrick Pontonby, i. and b. PhmoI BinHi 

much, &e. to Irelud. >f 


or iMMiiut. 


1. leofi 

I.Wini*mPoB.onby Ci. »nd h. o( J«.tw ht- 

ionhy, next brother o( William ti turn 

Fonioiibjr of Syionb*, utd Earl ft Bnk*- 
rougb in lreUnd)i Cruleil Btran PofMontr 

or ImoLilly, co. Cork, 1 J Mmreb, 18M, A 


11. 1806. 

t. Jubii Ponionhy. i. and b. Prttcnt Bun 

Foiuouby onpwkillr. = 


I. 1780 

Henry Herbert, Bld«t .on of WiUiiB Hw 

bert, 4>li wn of Thoma. XXVII.-B.h Eui »f | 

Pembroke ! Created Bama Porrh«t«r J ] 

Kleh Clare, co. Hand, IT Oct. I7)J0^ Cn- 

aled Earl of C»ro«r»oo 3 Jul^, 1793. 

Vide CavilPo*- 


BanoNa bvtbnuiu. 

I. Will.l. I. Hath da Part] held U Lwdihipa it tW 
General Surrey, amoDK ableb wu tbt Bimj 
of Baaing I ob 

It. Wil1.I[.S. Henry de Porta, and h.ob 

III.H. II. 3. John de Port, *. and b. IWInc 1 167; ob. ...■ 

iV. Rie.1. 4. Adam de Port, •. and h. living 18l3t h««V- 
ried Mabell, dau. ttl BasioaM da AwraOt 
byUuricll, dau. Mid belt •! Roger de St. 
John ( in conMipMlct «( wUch (bt poM'ri'T 
of (bit UtnaiaumedilN sxnMof^.Jou". 


0.11. Adam lie Put 

heUI J 

Kni^hl'* fcM, 

Hrrafitnl, uniio lies< living 1 1;4. In ilp4 
William da Bn>tc, paid nii/. liiii. Tor th«i« 
Knisbt'i (en »hlcb faclonf^il to (bii Adnm ; 
alibaaih it doc* not appewby what title he 
puHeued tbcm. 


^P^ Craaied ICarl dI Portland 17 February, li;33i 

■ L. H. Treaiareri ob. 1634. 

II 1«34. S. Jerome WntoD,*. and li. all. I6lt9. 
\-:9L 3. Chariei Wuton, t. and b. ob. I6(i5. s. p. 
''lOi. 4. ThomuWeatoa, unele andbeir, bcini; 3d ton 
ti( Richard lit Earl ] ob. circa lltSlli •. *•* 
when fail itilea benanic 
fa, I, William Bentinek; Created Baron of Ciren< 
ctairr, co. Gloucetler, Viicounl Wuod«ii>cki 
c».Oirord, and E^rUrPurtlaiid, to. Dorwl, 
SApril, 1689, K.G.i ob. r.03. 

—I. IT16. S.Heiii7Bentinck,i. andb. Created 
Marqu«is of Titeb field, co. South- 
amptuii, iiid Duke of Portland, 
e July, 1716 i iib.nSG. 
M.— II. ITJG. 3.WUIiaiii Bentinek, i. andb.K.G.i 
ob. 1768. 
—lll.iTC?.4. William Henry Cavcnditb Ben- 
tlnck, (ou and heir K. C.i ub. 
-IV.1B09. i. William Henry Cavendith, auumeil 
the name of Scott- Deotl nek, a. and 
h, Preienl Uuke and EafI ot 
Portland, Uanjueia of TichAsU, 


VitCDUnt WnodUock mi Bini 



1. )67S. Loolu R«ie( dr Pu«n(«nt de QutnMk 
mutnu to Chule* II. and b^ bu UM 
niolber of Ctutrla Lvnoi, 1)uk* •[ tM- 
noDil i Crcaird BtraiMM PflinbrU. m> 
Sosthmmpion, Onmtru of FanhiK, >* 
Hantt, aDil Uocbcu ot FartimBUlhUI'i'. 
13Aiiput, I673t Ob. lIM.vbca bit lHt» 

UBU. Cftintu 

I. )743. I.JofaDWalli^, in ViMmiot LjmmpM.i^ 

III Bunn Willi^ ; Crcalnl Eul ol Fif:»- 
nuulb II April, \143; oh. i;6!. 

II. ITG9. ^ John Wallop, ^andion and b«r, b«ing po 

and beir of Jobu Wallop (ob, t. p.) cidat w* 
of the lait Earl ; ob. 1797. 
1(1. IT9T. 3.JabnCbarla Waltop,a.andh. Pmcnl Eirl 
of PorI>ni(HiIb, Vitcount I^luiiigion tud 

Bano Wallop. 


I. IfiTT- I. John Pdatetl ) Cnatoil Baroo P«k<t rf 

Hinton Si. GMirs«, co.SoqKiwt, SJJaaci 
1627; ob. 1649. 

II. 1649. 9. Jobn Poolclt, a. and b. ob. 166s. 

III. 1665. 3.JobDpo«Icii,«.aMdb.ob.l6SO. 


IV. IfiSO.— I. 1706. 4.Joho Poaktl, i. and b. CmtfJ 

Viicaunt HtntOB ol UialM S*. 
Gcorp, CO. SoMcnH, and Ear 
Poulctt, 99 Dec 1706, K. <i- I 
ob. 17«. 

V. 1743.— II. 1743. S.JobDPuaUd.t.aDdli.ab.lTH.i'- 
Vf. I764/-III. 1764. 6. Vera PoolMt, bratbtt aod Mr I 

VIM78B.— IV. I7B8. 7. John PotiJctl, t. ud b. E.T.*^ 


I.SirWIllM Herbert, K, B. »^n nnd l.^irnf 
"^ ffir fUward Htrbert, ?d •on of W<IU>m 
XX.-lME>rl r>r Pembroke; Cr»iHl Baron 
Poait at Pool* C utile, eo. MoMgomtry, 3 
April, I6fst ob. ie5S. 
t. Sir Prrey Herbert, ■, andli. ; be«ucre*led 
» Baronet fiit piirii} ob. IGfiG, 

lUftLI. MjIBQ. 

. m*-—l. 1687. 3.W'lli'>ni Herbert. ». and h. 
Crealed Earl of Puwit. cd. 
MonlfTuniery 4 April, I67<i 
Crealed Viicount Monl- 
eomrr; and Marquell of 
PuULi S4 March, I68J • ( 
oulUned ICB9i ob. 11)96. 
1. 1G96^U.IG3G. 4. William Herbert, i, and b. 
Canfirmed in hia (atber** 
bonorcin nil; ob. I74&. 
11.1715^111.1745.5. William Herben, <. and b. 
ob. IT48, I. F. Hbeuallhii 
tiltei became 
'. )T48. 1. Henry Artbur Hrrbeil, VII -lit Ba- 
ron Horberl of Cberbury, having 
married Barbara, dau. and beir of 
VAwtrd Herbert, next brother of 
William Ibe latl Earl and Marqueu, 
and being likewiie deieended from 
lb, ...... 




0««ad Marqueia of Mooiir 

sx rowis-iormNGa. ^ 

Pu*li kTMnvd, 37 M17, 1741 i 

CnaMd Baran UcHien of Cbrt- 

bur; and Ludlow, ailh 1 tftaiX 

rcui4iader,70et. i;49i ob. 177!. 

VU.....— V. 1773. 3.G«>f^E<l«an) HM>rT Artbur Kn- 

b«Tt.L (ad b. »ti. l«OI,k.r.abai 

kH bl« thfe* beeuM 


TUL....— ^XieW. l.Ei-»4^ Oift, in Bum. Clin in 

Eo(tui4, and Si Buun Oin in 

Ireiud, b4>inc BtrriFd HmriHU 

AMosia Uerbert, d«iicfater of Ucor; Anbor 

IV.-Ul Earl, uid liilct and beimt at Gcw(> 

Edoard, ifac lau Earl, vat crtaltd Bu<* 

Ponii oF Pa»ii Cullr, co. Mai>lcttael)'> 

Bafon Herberl ut Cbcrbor;, eo. Salop. V»- 

couut CLra i>f Ludloo and Eari of Psv* 

ID the laid count* of MunlCDmerr, 14 H^i 

leM. PrcMnt Eirl and Baron WdIi, V»- 

couQi QiTe, Baron CliTr. and Baron Htiterl 

Df Cberbury, also Baron Clivc in Ireland. ^ 


I. 1337- l.Tbonai de Furninf* (•■ ud k.^yktel4i 

Poyoinp who ■«* SmiwmbmI ■ JiMtM 
Edward L I«4; bat hkToydMMMH 
that Writ on be ' ' - 1 iihIm iMMiir 
to PaHiamut 1 vid« " Clttsimm"} ] Sm» 
ta Pari U April. II EdwudUt. I»T] * 

II. I3t». S.HkhMldcPQjDJ*s«,i.wdb.S«MK.tir»l 

froB 9S Feb. 1« Edw. IIL IMS, t« S4 Nk. 
43 Bdwaid Hi. 136* ; ob. ISC9. 

ni. 1369. 3.Tb«MaadePurmuiKi,i.andh.; facvMimr 
SoiDn.taPari.i ob. l3TS,(.r. 

IV. 131^ CRicbaid de PorBisci, br«kw urf bM[ 
Sana, to ParL from ; Jamurp>t C RlA IL 
1383. to S Sept. 9 Ucb. II. l3tS 1 ht nhtM 
Itabcl, daa. and heir of RdbcR Onr, 1^ 
iu'amit^i.\Ki»iM<i( Fltx.P>yoCi ob. IIT. 



. &. Habcrt de Poyninp, ■. «nil h. Summ. (o Pirl. 
frotD 95 Ai>pi»t. a Hen. IV. HI)4, lo 13 Jxn. 
M Hta. VI. 1145 ; ob. 1446, >. 1-. M. lenvlng 
ELIfUior, dan. and heir of Rishard d« Poyn- 
iBfl (ab. r. p.) fail eldeit Mn, bi* {tand- 
iltBchier aoil beir -, wbicb Eleanor wu ilien 
lbs «ife of 
Uennr Pern, ion nnd li«ir anpareni of Henry 
Xlll.-Sd Eurl ot NoitbumbetUndi be vtia 
Siimro, Id Pirl. jure uioria, m " Henrico de 
Vrnj, Chl'r, Domino ile fojmnp," Srom 
14 l>re. SS Hen. VI. H46, (o S6 May, 33 
Hen. Vt. 1455, when he lucceeded bli lather 
u XIV.-3d Earl of Northumberland. 

B ibia patiod the Barony of Poyningi becama 

I in tbc dipiity of Enrl of Noiibumberland, and 

t wiib llut thhi bai besn frrquenll; forfeited and 

I. Aa a (nil account of ihia Barooj' «i1l bs found 

kat ot Psfcy In p. S 10, it it Only neceuan in tbU 

>ei*e lb* raltowing brief (ommary of ill deicent : 

I ItatftiUt, u nell u the Earldom of Nurtbum- 

and Bwony of Percy, in I40B, but wai RESroBEt) 

i( ■MBcainJFoifctreDIn M6I, and HEnoaED in 

h bnt on (be death of Henry Algernon, XVItI.-6lb 

U(Nanbumb(t]and, )53;,it became <C[tin(t 

■tqutDce of (be attainder of bit brother Sir Thoma) 

On the SOtb of A|icil, 155T. Tbomai Percy [(on 

r of the Bald Sir Ttioniai Perey, and nephew of the 

__J,tuid lul Baron Percy, and Poyniuci,) waa Ortatrd 

M Baron Percy vt Cockeimoutb and Pelworth, 

PovHUHM, LuFy, Bryan, and Fiti-Payne, wilb re- 

~ Tailing hii iKue male, to hi> brother Henry siid 

male i and ihartly afterwarda be wai created 

Northumberland, with the tame remainder. Thii 

Percy aucceeded to tbeae honors, nnd they n- 

' mated in bla deacendanti until the denilie of 

.ieXXII.>lltbEarlafNDrlbuniberland,>. p. m. in 

Ken all the honor* conterreit by the Patent of 80 
&T (areoaneiodudingtheBaKOdv oi PotKiiiiS 
by thu liMtrunrnt], becama 


liraa M Fab. 4S 1 
JM.49Ed«.lU. in 

inp i" ob. elccA 1S8 

Willi af 4ata VhoH 


ttitta. tta tk* aboi 

PsfBinn WMf— 




Jaha Villkn. ton ind heir of Sir George Vil- 
U«n by Muy CucbcM of Backiaghntn, and 
eld«at brolher ol George Duke of Bucking- 
lum I Croied B«ron Vitlien of Sioke, eo. 
Bucki, >nil ViacDunt of Purbeck, co. Dorset, 
19 June, IfiISi ob. 16&T. B. p. ■hcD hii 
title* been me 

Robert VitUen, ion of Robert Wiight, wbo took 
MBieof Diatfri, okimid the titlei of Buon VJIlien, 
Snbeek, &c, ud of £>r1 of Buckinghtm u bcir-mtlc 
rWcounlPuibtck; but the Hoaie of Peen decidwl 
* I, oa (be fp-ounil ihit iiii ftther wu illecitiimte. 
ware (Aermrdiclumed b; the Rsr. George V ill ien, 
-■jH. * joimger ton of the Hid Roheil Wrigbl, siiu 
W no {VMeedingi were idomed, uid oa llie deilli at 
krwm tn ITT-I, >. r. tbe DBlilme beome otmcl. Tlie 
>Bf BacklaghuB wi> Ehlned in HiuMuuence ofaipeclil 
~r ihatiKi^iiinwhiincoaiciire^an Oeutec VUlien, to 
Join ud Cliri<to|>her Mid tbeir bei» ii»l?. h wm 
(ioD nf tbe ollim of tlis ibove- mentioned RobeiC 
_ tin Houia of Ptctt, is Juor:*l67», cuoe to the 
limotntioo. " tital DO Gdb now levied, not »l ui; time 
i« b« Inltd U (be Kiog, on bu luch title of boaoi. 
h of uj jierioit cUImiag luch title nndei bim tbit 
tiull leitj auch Roe : ihui sonfinniDg a timilar daeiiion 
1 oTilw ctiim to ibe Batraj of Grej de Rutbjn, I Feb. 
SsUioCt frecedeuti, v. Sie aad 306. 



Vide ucun 


1(>40. I.TbamwWentwonb.lttViMOontWdK 
Ctcatcil Baron Raby ol Habj Cut! 
Durham, with icmaindur, [hIiiic hii 
iiiile, tu hit younger brotbcN and (b>{ 
milf, llJdn. 1S401 CrutMl Eail of 
furJ, K. G. ( bchrwltid aod attainW 
wU«n mU bii titlet be»ni« 

ICSS. Z. Williim Wenlwonh, i. »iid b. RcMo 
Ktl hit ratber'i liaimr* I Dec, IGGS, 
ub. IliSS, B.r. ahi-n alt fail dieniiin, i 
iii|- tb« Borony of Raby tnd ibc B*n 
beeaai« 4£r(inf(i wbirfa difaitiH itf 
■Brecably to the linitatloo. on 
, IC.95, 3,TbaniM Wenlwortb, hi* coaiin aoi 
malv, being t. aoil b. ot Sit WiUJan, 
>L»i of Sir William, u>D and heir of S 
liaffl Weatwonli, nnt brvittcr of 1 
lit Uaran Raby | Crtatcd ViMiOunt 
•rOTlb iiid Earl of Stniford 4 S 
<[ttntt 1799- 

ri 4 S«tt. 17 



l./e1iiiRub«rtt), SdBiron Robartes( Craaieil 
ViicDUiii UmJmiii, CO. CuriiwiJI, uid EarJ of 
Radnor III W,Im, 33 July, 1679 j ob. 1685. 
S.CIiailc) BodTille Ruhariea, erajiiltoii and heir, 
brinS 1. and b. of Robert Rubartei [ob. *. p.) 
cldnt ion ut tlie last Eul ; ub. i;S3, 1. 1. 
, 3. Henry Robartei. nepb«» ind beir. bein^ xm 
•lid heir of Ruuel Robirto, neit brother of 
(heUitEarli ob. ITll.a. p. 
4.JaIin Robartet, cuuiln and b«ir, being fan and 
heir Iff Francis Rubartei, jruunger xtn of 
Jubn 111 Euli ob. 1T(>4. B. p. wbeii all hl> 
liUea bcctme 


|l.WllliMilloa*erif, 3d Viieouiit Folkeatone ; 
' Crraled Baron Ple»dell-B«uverie of Colet- 
hlll. no. ttcrki, and Earl ol ibe County of 
Radnor In the Priiicipalily of Walei, witb 
rcoialiidir of tUu Gariduia, failing liii jliue 
male, 10 the hein uals of [bii failicr) Jicub 
BoUTcrip, Viavoiint Fulluutune, decvaied, i\ 
Oat. I76&i ob. 1776. 
Jftcob Pirvilpll BuuviTia, i, and b. Prnent 
Earl uf Radnor, Vitcouni Polk«lone, Birun 
Longturd, Baruit PleydeU Bouv«rie, and a 

WUnTcv, 7 March, I6B8— l<atrmrb 1716. 



1. Sir Henry UiM\, 4tb Bart. Creaied Lord 
Ravvniwonli, Baraii of Raventwonb, co. 
Dorbam, 9a June. IT'IT 1 ob. I74^^i.^. 
whin (bo Barony bccnine 

LarTlionaiHeiii^LIddirll. Gib Ban. i. andtt. 
■^ -«/ llrnn GeorgK LFd.lell, .'.Ih tlatl. eXitil 



lan o( II1M1U Liddell (•hu illtd viufi 
Hfil brother o( ibr l**t B«n>t> 1 ~ 
Bamn EUnnOnnh of Bi'ioivottt 
CO. Diubam, n Jalj. I8:JI. I'cMnt fe 
RiTonswortb, anil a fiutuwl. 


1SI6. I. Boo. Fhtncii lUvdon, MUrana 1W 
nuic of Hulin(t, •. aad btit tpp 
rentsf Jubn lit Earl of Udnit 
IreluMi ; Crcilcd fUran Rjiwilun uf EUadaii, 
ni. York, S March, 1183 ; lucctedtd bu It 
(her ai EatI of Mutn, Ac in Inluid tt 
June, 1793 ; and hi* notbcr in tbc ucifri 
Baroniei of Ha<tin|:>, Ilun^rford, Btniriu, 
and M.ilinu, li ApHl, imSi Ctf,1ei\•^ 
count Loutlan, Earl ol lUodon, and Minjiu 
of Huiin^, T Dk. I»l6. Pnttm Bum 
and Earl Rawdon. Man|iMii df Hutiofii 
Baron Haittnp, Bntrtain, Uoiiatt, 1 
Hun g er fo t J ; ilia lole Iwir of one noirt; 
lb« BHWiy of Maiiiafu, tide p. Ul; i 
Hie heir af nfie moHny , and mbeir uf 
Mber (aoiet; of the Baruiij irf Moeb; IL6, 
C.C. B. =?= 


l«il. I. ChutoUa Maiy CeitMde, wifc «r Jowrh B>1- 
dea SuiitI, Ecq. and daagbwrvT J4m> lit 
Duke of LeioHcr in Irehadi CiMteJBi' 
ronen Kajleigh of Terlin^ PUm, to. Biwii 
10 bold 10 her •■d tba bcin aak if kt 
bodj bj the uM Jm^ HoMcd Sinilt. 
ISJuljr.lgil. P(HeD(Ban>aMRa}kifk.f 


■ III. I. Robert Rajao^j CretfcJ Idfd RarVMA 
BanM <rf AhfaM'* 1ab(Ic7. ca. Heflfrt >> 



tUUi W tin U(I«r dignily. By bet Iwl bui- 
baiidCunitKnce otBriiutiy h*il two diugh- 
tan, at whonl Alice, the eldeil, mRiried 
Ptiri it Dteux, ittia iu 131$ had livery of all 
the luid* of (he Honor of Richmond ; *liil, 
in ■ patent dated 14 Henry III. IS30, it 
ilylcd Duke of Brilliiiy aod Eut of Ricb- 
noiid) ub. circa IS^iO*. 

6. Jobn da Ureui, ■. »a<l b. On the 6ib July, 
126a, be obtained a grant of tlit (itlei of 
Duke u( Briltiny and Earl of Ricbmopdi 
ob. ISBti. 

;. Jubii d( Draux, i. and b. Duke of Briitany. 
He married Beatrii Planlagenel, dau. of 
King Henry III. and wai Guromoiied to be at 
W«ricttcr with bone and armt, u " Jub'i 
da BriUonU Com. Richem." 13 Dec. S lulw. 
I. ItTGl ub. 1306. 

•- John lie Dreui, yuunfeat ion of the latt Earl. 
Ha wal SumiD. la Pari, ai " Johaniii Briiati- 
nU Jtiniori," in tbe 33d Ed*. 1.; Cre.iti.-d 
Earl of Rl«hniund rb Oet. 34 Ed». i. UUSi 
and Sumin. lu PatI. bi " Johanm de Britan- 
nia Cvtatli Riehmond," 3d Nor. rulluKiiiR, 
■>d in tlie Sth Ed*. 111. 1334 i ub. circa 
1334, a. r. 

ft John da Dreoi, De|>I>e» and bcir of tbe laat 
Kari, being a. and h. of Arthor, hit eldeK 
brother, Dake at Brittany i Summ. to Pari, 
a* ••Jidianni Duci Urilannin and Coniii 
Risbraund'," l AptiU 9 Edw. III. I33&, and 
Vi Jan. 9 Ed*. III. U3Gi ob. 1341, •. r. 
■hen tlw Earldom reverted to tbe Cruwo, 
Jobn flantagvnel, itirnimed uf Gaunt, 4th 
MM or Kine Edw. HI.-. Cnaled Earl of Ricli- 
ttODd «0 Sejii. I34S, but bo re.iRned ibat 
lith in 46 Ed*. 111. ISTti, wbeo It wu tun- 


AfSaTK.uaclaafQueMEJcuHir, !• otno indndedin 
||w brb of RichRiuul, but it i> eiidant diat ha unit 
Knot flf tlw Hutinr iiT RiebmiRid, and oeier uud the 
llilrd GenrnI Htjiirl, p. 39. 

Wllb tha jMtiNt t1 

hMwtbeBHUoB «i 
to lUKinct; hi tl 
howcTer ylndllB ^ 

lntlMl(tHcw7lV. I 

ninm qmllf mV « 
Job's* Diu BrlUMB* 


XIV. 1414. JuhB PbDt^nrt, I 

K. G.1 

. by p.tfti 

' dated 6 Mny, 1414, and 
rdi enrolled ii " ■' " 

I Earldom. 
with bi> uilicr bonort, b««ine 4£FtinCI. 
IBS. I. Edmund Tudor, •urnamfd of Haclham, ion of 
Sir Owen Tudor, by Kitherine of Fr>nee, 
•>>Jo» of King Henry V. rikI mother or Kiiif: 
Henry VI. i Created Earl of Ricbmand S3d 
Not, M52, with precedence uf all other 
Earli ; ob. USA 

1VI. 1456. e.Henry Tudor, i. and b-i aucceeded to the 
Throne « K. H«n. VII. !9 A\if. UBi, «h«A 
tbit Earldom became inerpd iu Ibe Crown. 

MI.ISSS. I.Henry Pill-Roy, natural ion nl King Heni^ 
VIII.; Crraied Earl of Nottingham and 
DukeorRiebmond andSomeriM, IB June, 
lh25, K.G. AdminI oF Englandi oh. 1536, 
fl.p. when all bit honon bscame 

■^IIMGIJ— I. I6a3. I.LodoTickSiuart, 3d Doke of Le- 
nox in Scotland I Created Baron 
of Setringion, co. York, and Earl 
or Richmond, G Upi. If>l3i Created 
Earl of Neiicaaile-iipon-Tyneand 
Duke of Richmond, 17 May, 16SS, 

■ In tlie third Report of the Lord*' Committee ju« cited, it 

' ••>4 tlwt 1^ Ihii PtUDt '■ (he DuLe of Bedford wai creatMl 

'■'1 of Kicli(UDad immediatily, though be had the territorial 

iptrljf only ta revenion." P. 103. It It aviJent from the 

-'■' Riporl tlial the patml to Ralph Earl of WeinooreUod ii 

•'■LilnnI In han cmMdhim Earl of Richmond, a fact denied by 

'• initUlifftUt Vinoeuli though the Editor nill not preiume 

' pn *D opinion on tiie lubject, h* may be eiciued for alluding 

tin riiiEularilT of the circumilince of cnaticg the Duke of 

:<-Jfiiid, Earl oT Richmond, ifthaCiitteiru then puiseiied hj the 

'-'"^Weatmorelabd; and which itrongly jmlifici the iofrrence, 

' U( that, if Ralph Nsrill na (hen Earl ot Richmond, the dig- 

'"■•■ m nil ai paiMiiiou included in the grant to the Duke of 

wd.aTTB only inMnded lo be in renninni or thatV^aeenl i» 

■n it fnppning (lial the patent tu the aaid Eatl of Weil- 

'IubI nenly gure him the Hoeor and not the Earldom -f 


K.G.i wb. IC94, ».r. Mbm tOUi 
nuKU. iUlei bcume titttSCI. 

II. 1641. I.Janei Siuan.Sd Earlof U*rab In EncUwl, 

and 3<1 Duke of Lienni in SnxlAiid, t. and b. 
o( Ei<ne Smart, l«l Earl of Uarefa, ind nrtl 
brolber of (be latt Duk« i Crcaud Duk< J 
Ricbmolid, idlb na»iaitr, failing lii( inw 
male, lo the iuue male at bi* yuuiipr li»- 
Ibert, a Aug. 1641 ; K.C. i <^. I6ii. 

III. 1GS5. S-Etme Stuart, a. and h. Duke a( Lriioi >n 

SculUnd i ub, I6G0, a. r. 

IV. IGGO. S.ClnrlesStnart, Earlof LitcbAeld.coDKnuui 

beir, beinp; ■, mid h. ol Cetrrse, neat bnili'i 
ofJainei 1I.-U( Duke; Ouk« nf Lenoi n 
SMtland; K. G. ; ob. IST8, l-P. abcn ntltu 
dipiiliei became 

V. leis. I. Chirlei Lennoi. natural ton of Kin; Cfaule 

11.) Created Baron of Selriii£toii, Ciri 
March, and Duke of ItictiinontI, all co. Vol 
9 Aug. 1675 { alio, 9 Sept. tollminc Bat 
Mclbucn of Torbollon, Earl ol Dandey, > 
Duke of UniMK ill Scodaud, K.Ci i 

Vt. 1-S3. «. Cbarlei Lennox. >. and b. Uuke ot Lcnao 
inScolUnd, IC.O.[ ob. 1750. 

VII. 1750. 3. Cbatlea Lennox, i. and b. Duke of LtDDMii 

Scotland, K.G.i ob. 1806, l.r. 

VIII. I BOG. 4. Charlri Leiinoi, nculie* and heir, htllic i 

and b. of Georfre 11^1117 Leiioov, yituon 
ton of Charte* VL-Sd Duke) Duke ol £*> 
noi in Seotlind, K. C. t ob. 1819. 

IX. larg. S.CIiarleg Lcnnoi, t. and b. 1 PretCDi Dak' 

uf RlcbiDond, Earl i>r Uvcb biiJ Baraa Si 
(rinslun : aliu Duke ot Leiiiioa, tie. InStM 
tantt, and Duke of Aubigny in Fnu«(> 


Geuffre; Ridell, Juiilcc of Ett%iaoi « 
Henry L wreiikcd altb Prir.n WilUatti 
lllSi ub.a.p.H. Maud, bi* itau. an4 beif 
oiartiril Richard Uaaici, aficmarlt >' 





0«ffrty ItaMti. MiumH ibo nine of RiJell j 
lUlne 1IT7. 
Hugl> Ri-lell, ?d ion, mag 1184; io *hon 

BdpbRidtU, llvine IS04. In the ISibJnhn. 
indilloii it niRile iif ■ Geoffrey It"l'l>. *«a 
Bfter lum of Itueh BiJaU, *Uo ii tuiil to 


^H RIB. 

j^^pIL I. 1. Cuilo de RiE, obtMined w*e»l Lordihiin froia 

[^^ WillUm (lia Cuiii|urrari ob. 1190, s. p. M. 

MareHrel.hiailaii. mid lieir.dikrned Williim 

lie Miiidcvil, fiithar of Geoffrey Earl u[ Eiirl. 

t Mciib. I. Itrni7 de Rir, livins lUS; wbo wu i 

cffdod tf 
'I lifn.ll. 3. Hubert lie Rie ) nb. 117!, s.P. M. 

■ •:■□)■. Henry lll.iudwu living 1560. 

ilhailrRyv; SumiBaiied a June, 3f Edw. 11. 1394; 

' *erydii(ibilul If ibil Writ cm be deemeil ■ regu- 

9(1111 1(1 f^rliaaent i «)de " Clvveemin." Duf> 

■ iin HfcoKiil of ibU penoniK*) uid notbiaf 

ir it noordcd of biin. 


US. 9. JohD de Riptrlli, «. *nd b. Summ. lo Fm\. 
fmm 8 Jii). G Edir. II.^, In ISOct. 
9 EJ«. II. 131 S I liTing 1339, but neither he 

_*V, mfuM di. cdebnLWd IftWr to Ihf Pope, SO Ed«. I, t 
' <'> mi l da Kijiinlt. Daauuui de Allele." 

f - 


nor any oF bU pn«t*riif (of xbon Kulliiut 
fan her ii kituwn) metv tvtt agiiutaataunri 
to Parlimioenl. 
Dugdale glvei oo accuuiiC at tbil Birun iu Ll> BWD- 
■K«l aiiillhBpreHdlne account hu bfEn lakftilrvitlkt 
Lwiof Suminutiiea to ParUamenli aiiil (rum Binki'SirB- 
m«U Auclicaiia. p. 234. He ou prulial.l^ tiUitdllUi , 
rami]/ Dt tbe Eacli of DeVDU of tbat uami. | 



I. 1999. WiUiaiadcRilhrci Summ. lo Patl. (tuaV j 
Dec. 38 EJ*. I. IS99, Iu 36 Adc- I ' 
U07) to whum cucceolfd Jobn i)c R;llin< 
hit s. aiid h. whit «» Guveriior al Sk;)iiM 
Cullej but neiiber be nor u,y of bii dt- 
■ceuilaiili were ever Summ. tu Pari, mi d 
wbum Dugdale (ire* no futbttaccaani. 

Vide Rip* RID. 



I. 1448.— 1. I46S. I. Richard WJMfo (latbei^i»4a« M 

Edward IV.}| Created BareoRinr* 
39 May. 1448 ; Creatrd Earl Rinrs 
•ii Mav, 1466 { Uird Hifih CooKa- 
blc, KIG.i beheaded 1469. 

II. 1469.— Ij. 14G9> 3.Aiithuny Widrile, a.andli.t BanM 

Scale! jure aiorii)E.G.i betea*' 
1483t ob. (P. 
III.14S3.— 111. 1483. 3. Richard Wid>Ue, brotfaer u4 bdri 
ob. 149l,*.p.«ben bUbuDonke- 

IV. 1636. l.Thomai D-Arcj, M Baron Jfiirf 
<A Ctiwbe. and I«t Vtieoaat Cb(- 


mnaKiilFri lailing bit itiuc itiaU, to hit lon- 
iii-Uw, Sir Tbomai Savap, Rnd bi* bcin 
male, 4 Na*. I696i ab. 1639, l. F. m. 

I. S.JobiiSava^a, Sd ViicouiiC SavHf^p, gnndion 
and heir, being i. and h. of Sir Tbumai Sa- 
vage aboTe luentioDcd, by Elitabeth bit wjfCi 
elJeal dau. and eobelr ot the Uit Garli tue- 
ceedfd hit in;it«rnal graniifalfaer in (he Vli- 
euunte}(ifCiilFheaie>-Bnd Birldom of Riven, 
■erFFabI* lu tbc above limitation ; ob. I6.S4. 
He married Kalherine Parker, dau. of Wil- 
haiii Xll.-lSth Baron Horlejr, Baron Mount- 
englci and Baruu Mnribal. 
14. 3.ThaiDa>Savai!e, 9. aiul b.i in I6S6 he be- 
came. ID lisbt uf h» mothec, heir of one 
muitiy of the Baruuiei of Morley, Moaut- 
eacle, and Marihal ; ub. 1694. 

U 4. Richard Savajte, Sii *on and beir maler ab. 
ITIS, sp.iti. 

I. S. John SavajtP, couiin and heir, being i. and h. 
of Hiibard Savage, next brother of Tbomai 
VI.-3il Earl: ob. ITii, a. P. when hli titlei 
becam* tfgrtintt. 

l.ElUabeih, dau. and coheir of Thomai Land 
D'Arcy, lV.-l(t Earl Riven, widnw of Tbo- 
DU l>t ViacouDt Savage, and mother uf 
Tbomat Savage. 3il Viicount Savage, and 
V..3d Earl Rtvrrt ; Created Couoleti Riven 
fur lire, iln April, Iti4l j ub. IIJ5U. Mbeu 
ibe (illc beoame 4£r[illtt. 



I. C«urge Fitl (deicerided from Juhn Piit, Esq. 
isy an^ Jane hia wife, dau. of Juhii V.-Sd E:irl 
Riven, aniloiduw of George Lord Cbandui) > 
Created Uarun Riven of Stratbficlil Say, co. 
Southam[>(on. SO May, I7?e; Created Ba- 
ton Rivcn uf Sudeliy Castle, co. GloucsMer, 
I April, laoS, oilli remainder, failing the 
beir* male nf hii body, to bi) brotbei. Sir 
William Au;u)iui Pin, K, B. and (he bein 

■ ■MMtBwkk«^B>VMiiithUf ; 
m^ f ^i|IHiB. en Ife(M«, Cut- tf 
h k* Mb «ii>. 4b^ of D* uid G«i|i 

«■ fc a« i% » aTiawn c».C»«ii»«l]. 16 W 

' ~ ~ ■■fcifclw. «. Mrf k.: Cniicd Vrafll 

• WAS. n My. 1^3- VideKtOMfl 

AnuTITM. 1 


Bu TWwi ^ la K«fa«: Sua*, to PirL M 
9»D«c « Ed*. I. 1399. lo 3 Not. 31 Eil«.| 
IMC DbcUc, in hB Buon*c«, giTca ri 
■(•(*■■■«■•; bst is kb"lDd« BironuaSiri 
IMMha." he Mr* be >■« Sdwb. to Put. froa »« 
I^La^«E4-. II. IV MttE. ho«fTer,da««l 
«•■■ th« S bmmdii^ <rf lb* a.h EJ-. II. 
■b, M hie Stftn AkcIirAua, p. SiS, ^int 4 || 
r ■< Iki lunlT tm DagcUlc-t WaraiclubiR, M 
b It tfmt thM tbu Baran kfi mile iune, -UJ 
■wd fcr Imt feacnttoai (douc u( vhoiD, hmrmf 
iTiilBMW u hflt abeo ttw reprcseiiiaiiini nM 
,nE. Elcoa, vbonarned, I it. Edmood |l 
MFcmnafOurilr.; iDd, £d)v, Philip Cbct-fd 
Elinbnh. fb* «fe of CMM^r LOoki^Hp. ud lart 
JiT«J«»U uid TCpreteaiuivH thi* B4roii}' n |(l 




Bodwiter 93 March, Ifilli L'rcatml Baron 
Bcanmpelb, ra. DMrlmin, anJ Eiirl or Suoikf- 
MI,S Nuv. 161.1 i Uril Clutmberlaiii ; K.G.i 
oil. 164a, «. F m. xbvn Ills boDuri faccsnie 

I. Haiiry Wilniui, lit Bxran Wilmai in Eiie- 
Unil, Bi>a SdV>ic<>ui>t Wilmol in lr«Ui'<li 
MidEarlurRiivhEalrr l3Ueu. IU53)ob.lS59. 

9. JuUti Wllmoi, e. and b. ob, 1680. 

3.Cbiitlci Wilmot, ■. uid b. i ob. I6BI, £. i>. 
oben bit buimra becxoie 

I. LJiKwnM Hyde, i*t Vi.coui.t Hyde of K«<iil- 
wonh (3d *un of lUwinl ImEhI trf CIifeii- 
dunji Created Earl uf Mucbtilcr S9 No?. 
tflBSi LunJ Lieul, nflKliiidi ub.lTN. 

S. Henry Hydci •. and h. ; aucccfced bli cuutiii 

al dib Bafl uf CUr.udi>li in 1T33 i ob. ITiS, 

(.» M. When Ibe Earldom* or Clarendoti and 

Ruchntrr, and all hii other horiort, became 



l.nama* Bolcyii (tatber-in law a! Kini- Hrn. 
rr Vni.); Created ViKount Ruclifura l» 
June, I533i Created, 8 Dec. Ia?9. Earl nl 
Wllilblre. wilb remunderto bit lirin m*W, 
and Earl nf Urmonrf in Ireland, with limiii- 
tioii to bit Ueiri^pitfrali K.G.i ub. ISidi 
■nd hii uiily Mil, Ueurge Buleyii, whu was 
Suuim. to Call, at " Georgio Bulleii de Rocb- 
furd," S Jan. 1S3J (but never arierHardi), 
li*vin( been altainted and behi-adtd viia 
pairii, bit bunori, niib ibe eii-utiiiun o( thv 
Earldom of Ormaiid In Ireland, beciime 
LHenrr Carey, 4th Baron Htintdun, erriit 

B Indian of Sir Williain Carey, by Mary Ou- 
JB, fai« wife, dau. and (ou tbe deatb of 
Queen Elinbeih, tiieee of the >*id Mary) 
M>le heir of iha lait Viieount, crEated VU- 
oounl RocblontCJuJy, ISSI i Cienud UuV 
^Duvets Mxnh, I6S7. Vide D«vt». 


pnnikon of iht PriBtv otOnntr ; Cmlnl i 
Bitrun ol Ci.firld. co. Miilrflmt, Vi»usn 
'I'BubrUgi. c^ Kent, ind EvI u( Rothlprd, 

<Mi. EtMi. 10 Mm. i<j»^. <>>> no*- 

II. noB. S-WillamUrury Naauu, i. and b.ab. I 

III. 1710. 3.Frad«rick Niutu,brMbcr>Ddbe<iii>b.i;i«. | 

IV. 1138. 4. WiUuim Hcor; Nuiau, i. ami h. K . G. ; i*^ 

tin, i.t. 

V. 1781. a. William Htnrj Nawn, nepfac* and b>ir,b» , 

iiig a. and b. uf ftitiunl Sava^ Nnoau. nt>l 
bratbcr u( tbe Ixt Earl. PrrKiit Eul o' 
Koclif'inl, ^'iicount Tuabridce, ancl Bwvh rf 


1645. I.SirU-iiWitUon. lit Bart.; CreitrJ Bam 
HDcki.iKliam of Rockiui;b>ra. co. Nofihup- 
ton, 9<l Jf>n. Ifi4&; oh. 16^9. 

]Gb^. !. EdwAril WaltOD, i. and li. leyl. 

. 1691.—]. i:J4. S.Unii Watlun, a. andh.iCTMW 

B^run of TbTovky and VanoA 

SoiidH of L*e'i Coun, boifa Mi 

Kent (wbicb tilln mttt barnt tf 

hiifalhcrin l«» SirCcorgeSoDdn). 

jind Eiri ol Rui^kine>>aaua.Nanb. 

luiftoii, is Oct. ITU^i. ns*. 

1714.— II. IIS*. 4.Le>i* Waiaon, (randun lad M^ 

beinK >• 'od b. of Ed*aid WatiM, 

H {.k. ■. p.J cldtit aoB dI the Uit EmIi 

/ ob. IT46, •. r. 

)T34.-'Ill.li4&. kTljoBaa WaUoa, bntber aad Win 

I ob. IT46, t.r. abcn tbt Buaar*' 

Tbruaby, Viicounicj of Soad«i 

and Earldom of Rm^ioitkWi 1^ 

cMDe tfrtlnct, but tbc Bu«arf 

Rockiugbaa devolved on bit catwl 

and iMlr nala. 

VI. t7«.— I. lT46.e.notn»» W«nt«oftb, 6«t Wrf 


Malton, heing 4. uni) h. of Tbomat 
WmiutI, liliu aitiiiDifd tlie name nt 
W,rui*ur(b, ii.l tun uf ^ward II.- 
9tl BuTon I CVuitil MariiueiA u( 
RockiiiEhaut 19 A|itil, 1746, K. B. t 
ub. II&O. 

IT50, K. G. 1 u 



Sif C<ore<? nr/dpi Rodney, 1st li»fl,i Crr- 
•Ird Karun Kodney uf Rudiiey Stuke, cu. 
livintn'l, IDJuiw, ITBJ. K. 8. r ob. UUtl- 
>. George Rodiiey, l liid b. <ib. Id09. 


1.H«nry Roller Created B!ir..n RoKe of Sipv. 
(torn-, cu. Uevuii, e Jill. 17'10) ob. i;; 
». f. «hea Ihe title txinme 

I. Jubii Rolle, t. hihI h. nt Dennit Rolle, n( 
brollitr uf the lut Baruiii Created Bar 
Rulle of StemiiiDiie, ev. Oetvii. ^0 Jul 
1796. Prticot Btron Rul1& = 


I. H.I. l,R-^>i, Maaf GaoMifaRiMufr. 

It. H. IL S. WiO-m, *t KoaMv, ■. a^ kt Omttmu J 
Nr«Birrfi 1 1 Ik-, Kvinr KM. 

HL a. II. B.WilI)wd*BoBn^l|fMdM«Midbrir, 

*. ■B<t k. of WHiUb d* Rmmu« (okLKl 
■Mnl tvN uf Iba Um Bum i IMb( 1 181. Hli 
KHhrr WM H«<n^, d««. or Sirpbra Ui 
III AUif BMlr. Nslhinc bnbrr U fMvrffi 'I 
vT I ill tiBufy. I 


LHinfj Syintj, lit Vitngnt Sfdnr; ef ik i 
Isle or ^be|>c]r, >iii] t(iun|;c(l ><iti o( Rubrn 
XIII-SJEariot Leii«lfr; CremJ CM 
Runnel, eo. Kent, S& April, 1694; eb. i;M| 
>. r. vbcii all hi* honort became 

II. i:S4. 3. Rol>rrt MinbaB, b. oh. 179]. 

III. IT93.— II. ieoi.3.Ch*rlet Manbani, *. and h.i Cn- 

xled Vi~couni Manbani <rf If 
>loTe, and EatI of Robuk}, fi 
June, IMliob. ill I. 

IV. I81I.~1II.I8II. 4ChariMM«nbam, a. and b. fit- 

icnl Earl and Bamn Robmj ■■' 
ViiFounI Manban, and a Bi 


1. Htn. 1. 1. Pcirr de Rdm, Lurd of Roaa in HaMonM 

Mil* lias. 

IcL 4. Hubtrt <le Root, •. and b. He wa> one o( ibe 

celibratnl 3h B>rui» appoiiKHl to cnlurM L 
ih> ab«erv>nce ol Micna Cuaht* ; wiJ niirrJ 
rbil li*bel, iltu, vtWiJIinm the Lion, KiumM 
(.rScuiUlxJ; ub. ISK. ■ 

'. S. WfllUn da Kum, i. and li. ob. issa. 

I. S. Rob«rt de Rum, 

■nd h.i Sun 

P*tl. 34 

Ute. 4» Henry III. Ifi<>4. He cnarried U»b*l, 

diD. and belf of William de Albiiii, Lciril uf 

Btlvoir Caute 1 ob. Ues. 

Ma. 7> WiltUn de RcHM, •. and b.i Summ. (o Pari. 

rrun S3 June. 33 £d*. I. lldb", to 8 Om. 

0Kdw.ll. DIG. Ill l9E<li*.l, bo wu one 

<■{ lb« B<iin|wilton rurihe Croon of ScatUiiJ, 

in right of babel, hli Kreat-graodiaulher, 

■ba«ro.iiiei,tiuneij ( ob. I'iin. 

HC ■■ Wimau de Roof , >. and h.i Summ. to Purl, 

rrom 80 No*. 10 Edvr. II. 13IT, to ISSept, 

18 Edw. III. I343i ob. 1343. 

I. 3.Willlniu de Ruoa, i. and b.( Summ. to Part. 

9.1 Nov. 34 Edw. HI. I3S0, and SO Nuv. » 

Ed*. III. I:I5I; oh. 1352, 8. r. 

ro.Thuwaidc Uiioi, bniiber andbeirt Summ. lu 

Pari, ttoto 84 Aug. 36 Edir. 111. 136% to 3 

M*reb. T Ricb. 11. lie* l ob. 1384. 

I. ll.Jabo de Ro«, a. and b.i Summ, to Pari. 

ftom 8 Aog. 10 Rkb. H. UBC, to 13 Nov. IT 

Rlcb.ll. IS93i ub. 1393, B.r. 

I. l9.W>IIUn> de Ra<i>, hroiher and heir; Summ, 

la Pari, frum tO Nov. IM Rich. II. 13S4, to 

tt Dec. 1 Henry V. 1413 ; Lard Treaiurer ; 

ob. 1414. 

aaaifioed S Jiuu, «t Edw. I. i «94, ai " Wlllielma | 
li lognaDdiOTMi" bat it ii very doubtful if that Wnt 
""nla* a (n^uSuiaaiuniKil^rliainciit ; ildc "Clvvi- * 



il? Rmn, I. and h.; Sumw. 
tnim S Jan. S7 Henrj VI. IM9, lo 
3S Hexrr VI. 1460. Atllluted 4 N< 

*h*n liii hniinn Iwome 

>. le.Edmunit <ii> Ro<M, i. and h. obtii 
rrvenal of hi* faibcr*! Atialndtrtn 
Hit never luimnuncd i* Parliuni 
ibOt, t.r. when tbr Baton)' fell in 
ANCE bvlwtPii bit (li)rn anil coh 
Eleanor, who marrieit S>r RotwR I 
Kiit-i Itahel, wIid married Tbom 
anil died B.r.i Mid Marpm, iiIh 
IiniFd to liave died umnarriod. 

IT.GforEeMxiiien, i-andh, of Sir Roll 
I pri, by El'flnor dr, >i«lcr at 
n' Edmund ihe lait Ban>«. H«ii *tj 
■nonumriil " Lnrd Rooa," and (up 
the BaruiiTi jure mairii, on the de* 
bel and Margaret a, r. the olbef 
ibuuith lie wai never tummoiwd to 
married Ann, diu. and anle faelr of Si 
SI. Leeer, Knt. hf Ann Planiageiiet 
King&lwardlV.i ol>. 1513. 

>e.Thon]*t Manner*, *. and b.; Sumn 
at "Thfloiz Minnen de Rim», C 
Nov. 7 HentyVIlI IMS, and l»tb 
Henry Vlli. 1583 i Created Earl o( 
l« June, ISIS, K.G.I ob. 1543, 

IS.Henry Manner*. a.Bod b-t Eail of 
K.G.i „h. U63. 

S(l,Ed«ard Minnen, ■. and b.i Earl of 
H-C; ob. ISBT. B.P •>. 

Eliiabelh Manner*, dan. and *nl* I 
William Crcif, nn and beir am 
Tliomu Itt Carl at ticiarid 

Kiart alhJ 

il6IB-S3-FMr>cu HcnHcn, Vlt.-6ih Eirl of RuilnDdri 
(outiiiatiJ b. hEiiig biatber «ikI beir of Rogfr 
VI. H\t Ctrl ur Rutland. elJett ion of Jabn V.- 
4iti Eitrl or Kutland, and neil braiber ot EJ- 
■RRl IV.'3d Earl ol Rullaml, and XVI.-SOth 
ItsrunRiiu*. In I6IB li« cUireiidiliKBiiroiiy ai 
lieir male of Hniini XIV.- 19lh Baron, agslnit ' 
WjlIiamCeell|biiIieir^mfra/,tuwliomitwu r 
allu*cJ( buti by patent dated 9Sd Julj-j^ 
ItilS, he obtained a grant of the ilignity «rl 
Baron Rno* ot Hiiinhke tu him and hi* iuiM 
male, and >ucc«eded In Ibe ancient Uaronj 
«D tile death of bU cousin, ihe laid Williai 
Cecil, in Ib'Ui K.G. ) ob. i6i2, S.P 
the Baroiiy created by the patent of SS Jul; 
leiG, became 4Epilt(C, but the otisinal E 
nay devolrcd ou 

VIOS. tl. Kaibf rine Villierc, his lole Jau. andheJr^ 
widu* of George Villien, IV.-lit Duke of" 
IT. Buekincbatn ; ob. 1666. 
|JSS6.UX:eorEe Villien, t. and b. Duke of BuFkini;- 
bam, K.G.i ob. 1687. »-r. wheo the Baronjr 
of Boo* fell into Abgyancb belwern the 
bein General of IheiLitcn and beirtofGeorK* 
Uaniien, Vin..7lh Earl of RutUnd, brother 
•ud brir male ot Franrii Manner*, Vll.-6th 
Earl of Rullaod, and XVIII.-93d Baron Kooi, 
and continued in abcj'aiice antil lBU3,wbcu 

IC (.'harlolle niifierald (asiumtd the name of} 

l>e Rvaii oile of Lord Heniy Fiii-Grrald, 

{4ih(onolJ4mei Itt Dukeuf Lriniter]. Pe* 

titiuned tbe King to terminate the Atwy-^ 

I of the Barnoy in ber favour, ihe being one « 

-)b*ln ot Ibe *aid dif;nily, rii. dau. and lole htl 

> Hun. Robert Bo^le WaUinsham, by Cliartutn 

hB«M dau. and cubelr ofSir Cbarlet Hanbury WillianM 

\ bj Praticci, dau. and at length only iur*iving chid 

^ — i*£ad of Couiiigthy, by Lii ttcaadK^e FruioMn 

mi noos. 

An. Mild evanluallj lotc heir, of RtclMrdBarlaf ItHii 

Iw Cllinbelb, dan. and uUimilelyiole heir, iif F ram 
B»r<>n Wnbughliy ai Parbam, ,. and b. uf Id 
Willoughby of Parbsni by Pnnct* Manncn hit 
yoaiigfX ilslrr and coheit of Gtorge Muiiifti, VII 
E^rl or Rutland, brulhrr and beir male of I'nncii 
iierc, Vll..6lh Earl o( Rutland, and XVIII.-SM 
ileRoDi, mbote bein-general (ailpd an tl>» dtatb gf ( 
Duk« of Suckingbam, ami XlX.-9S<b Barun de R 
leST- HU MiO^Eiy was pleMcd (a nter her Lad; 
pelltlon to ibe Attorney General, on wbiMe rtpon 
referred to tbe Houte of Lordi, Kbo, 7tb May, IK 
poncd (bat the Barony wai tben in Abeyabce belm 
Henry Hun loke, Bart, (heir-^neral of BrWeei Ma 
eldeit titter and cobeir of Gmi%t VIU.-Tih Carl o 
lariil above iDcnlioned) ; George Carl ot Ehci (aiti 
hrir of Francet, eldrii daiigbter and coheir of Sir C 
Hanbury WiUiami, K. D. ber.ire roentionrd), u 
Petiliuiier ; and on tbe 9(b May, 1B06, iht Kii 
pleated lo lermiriate tbe taid Abeyance in her Lad] 
favour*. Pretent Barone** de Roo*. ^ 

I, 1^95' Robert de Rom ; obtained tfc* Lordi 
Wctke from hi* father Robert IV ^ib 
Riwi of Himlake , Sumnoncd B Jn 
£dw. I. 1394 i but it it vary doobi 
that Writ can he deemed a repilar 

* It it worthy of lemaik, that bar Ladyablp ira only yo 
cubeir of one moitty of tb* Barony of Hoot ; the entire 
KDtalion of thg eldeit coheir ht'mf retted in Sir Heaiy 

lul,e,Bart.i and the Editor i) pot aiaro of any ilriillu ilu 
(eicenting in the c»«c of the Barony of Zouchs of Haiw 
but Hbich ii Dot pTeciBcly in puiol, beeaiue, thoaih Sit 
Jtiihopp itai only the elJeel coheir of ooe moiety ofuial B 
DO d«oendantt could be traced of the coheir of tbe otbet 1 
after the time of the CoininoaHealtli,) of the )inwe c^thiC 
having beeo exerciaed in favor of a coheir who did Mt ' 
I'V' ticiA Qiw akOttV'i uf ilic digaitf. 


55 1 

mom to Piiriiainent i vide " Clvvedon /* 
Snmin. to PaH. 94 June, I Oetiiher, itiiil 3 
Not. !3 EdwaH I. 1S95, «> " Roberto de 
Rooi de WcTke," but iiv*er >r(cTi>iirdi i 
having been found euiliy of lr«uon, bis Imdi 


Wiilitm de Riioi, ■■ aod h. or Robert de Ragi 
otWerke, by MargaTet, aiilcr and colieir u( 
Peter de Brua, xbo obtained frum liii raoiher 
Ui* Cutle of Kendall: ob, \i19, l»vins 
iwue Tbomu. who wai never Sumiti. to Pari, 
and cannot therefore be conildered Amonf; 
the Barons of lb« Realm. Jubn, ■■ and h. nf 
Ihii Thoma), died B. r. in 1356, leaving Eti- 
tthttb hit diu, and heir, wbo married Sir 
Willtam Tarr, Kjit. ancettor of the Pam 
of Kendall. 

John de Root, next brotlierof William Ul.-etb 
Baron Root ot Hamlakei Summ. to Pari, 
frum <J1 Jan. 6 EriUHtd lit. 133%, to 15 June, 
IS&litafdIII. liiSgi Admiral ur the Fleet , 
ob. 1333, S. P, when ibii Baruoy btcame 


da Roacelyn wu Sunmaned e June, 13 Edw. I. 
Ml »t It very doubtful If (hat Writ ean be eonil- 
>aiv|nilarSuinDiDn)taParliBroenT! vide "Clvve- 

Dofdale givet no account of him in hi> Baronage, 

' ba tver tunoiaiied to Patliameni. 


George Boylf, 4lb Ekri ••( Gli 
hnd \ Creatcil Baron Kan r 
ru. Renlnw, l8July,tei5, 
R»cs ; iIjo Eurl of GIUM 


I. 1B0I, I. Aleiinder Weilderbum, Itt Bii 

roucbof Li>u|;bborau^,co.l.ric 
Uaron Ituugbhuruugh of Lou^li 
Surreji Creiitil liarl of Roul 
Luihian, 31 April, IKOI, wlibm 
iiig Ihc betn mala ■■T^-ir ' — ']- 
male of ihe bnly of J«nef Enki 
widow of Sir Henry Eitkina. of 
Lurd H. Chinnrllori ub. IMS, ■ 
Baron]' ul Laugbboniunh, eo. L 
caniECFtiniti buthiiatherbuii 
agreeable to <he abuvr limKatio 

II. 1805. 2.SirJanif> Si. Clair Enkiuc, Bar 

iiiiit bcir, being i. and fa. ol 
Enkiiie b; Janet, lUur of ll 
Prctent Eart of Roulrn.antf Baf 
rougb of Lousbboroufhi, mA| 


Tbe beir atiparrnt lu tbe ibnine of Scottii 
been [treated Duke of Rutbesa;, Earl ul i 
Kirun of Ren(rew, and ibc dencnit of « 
luuiiU under the " Pnihcksoi 
niib SciXlAud, wlien tiieie lillea bi 
Peer*i;e uf iIjc United KingilcH 



. Sir John Rout, (>[h Birl. ; Created Baron 
Rnua of D«nnin|Cton, eo. Suffolk, 14 June, 
1790; CrialrdViicouiK Duiiwieh and Earl 
of Stradbruke, co. SufTiilk, 18 July, IgSl, 
Pmeni Baron Eoui, Vricount Dunitkh, aoit 
EartoIStradbroke. ^ 


I.WUlf^ Ruitell) Created Biron RutHll of ■ 
Cbeiwyt. CO. Burkinsham, 9 March, 1539 i 
Cnalol Eirl of Bedford 1& Jmi. IG50, K.G.; 
Lord HIgb Admiral, Vide Bkdfohd. 

F THORNH Alien. 

Cmied Ba»n 
. Northampton, 

I.WilliKm Ruuelt, yoanger 
IWId Earl of Bedford 1 
Ruaacll vl TbarnhauKh, c. 
SlJuly, 1603; ob. Iiil.l. 

9. FtUMii Ruasell, t. and b, luccecdfd hii caiitiii 
Edvard V.-3d Earl of Bedford in ibat Earl- 
dan, and Bi Baron RiuieU of Cheyneyi, 3 
May, I63T. Vide Bbd»oiu>. 


or titii<«*r(onSHlNGAY]. 
r, I Hay, ie»r— tfrtlntt 1737. 



u..' Uii Lord 


Aim, lole dnu. and hp 

l^fr, ICu(. by Ann PI*nU|eiiFt, aiilEr of 

King Ed>*rcl iV.CreMcd Eorl uf Rutland 18 

Jitue, I5?5, K,G.; ub.lS4J. 
a. flanry Mnamn, t. and h. Baron Root, K. G. : 

nb. 1d63. 
3. Edward Manii*n,t.and fa. Baron Rnai, K.G.j 

ab. ISBT.s r-H.KbeuthclUrunyorRoot de- 

rolvnlon Eliiabeih hii dau. anil heir. 
-CJohn Mannar*, brui her and faeir male; ab.1588. 
S.Rdfcr Mannart, ■. and h. ob. 1613, K.P. 
6, Frtnej* Manneri, braihrr nnd bcir ; lupceeded 

to the Banmyur Rao( in IGIB, K.G.i ob. 

1038, «. P. M. when Ibe Barony of Root de- 

T0l*«d on Kaiberine Uueheai of Bucking- 

liaai, bi* (ole dan. and beir. 
, T'Grorgc Manriert, brother and beir; ob, 

-6. JubnMannfrt,coiiiin and lieir male, being ion 

and bcir uf Geuri;e Maniien, eldest lan uf 

Sir Jubn Maiineri, Ud aou or TliuniU ll.-Itt 

Karl; itb. IdVJ. 

'8,— I. n03. 9. J»fan Mannrri, •. and li. In Baron 
Manners ot Iladdan ; Create,) 
M>n|ue>i of Granby, co. Nniline- 
ham, and Duke of RuilaniJ, sg 
Marrb, I703i ob. ITM. 
I.— II. 1711. 10.John Mannen, a. and h. K.G.i 
nb. 1791. 
-IIM73I. ll.John Uannen. ). and b. K. G. i 
^ nb. ITT9. 

P^-tV. lTT9-I8.Cbatle> Munnen, grandton anJ 
^^ heir I beiiiE >. and b. uf Jubn 

Mknnen (ob. v. p.) eldeil ton uf 
the lax D<ike > L«ril Lieut, of Ire- 
land, K.G.1 ob.l7BT. 
-V.l;8T.I3.J>.hn Henry Manner), t. and h. 
HreienI Uuke »i.J CarUf R<iiUu,l, 
Mar<|UHi III Granby, and Barun 
Maonen u( Haddun, K. G.. =p 






__^ It tkkt W 

Docnt'i Ciutnl Buon ol Bukbnnk, n- 
•jMirT. and Vncmut SackoiUe ol DnjiA 
t«, HwthwptM, It F«b. 1783 1 Ob- ITU. 
n«S. 9.Cb«tkaSMkvillcC«r«UD,*.andh.iDca«" 
ha eoD*ia Georee 4(h Dul» of DorKt iniks 
DakediMB, and in hit otbcrhonoun. M ir 
bmuT, 1815. Prwent Vitcount S*(k>ilk, 
Bann Botcbnwk, Duke lud Earl ol D«>^ 
and Eul of Uiddlan, Vucsaiit Gccdvi. 
Buvn-BockhoHl, and Baron CnaGeld. 


FrmocU Bkqh, tbc lit and nitbnttd Ban 
Vernlaa ( Cmled ViiaMat St. Albant, « 
HHti, 77 Jin. l£^ti Lord Cfaancttlori A 
16^, s. P. vhrn bii bonon bcctmc 
■iKLs. Cttinct. 

I 1636. l.Sicbud dc Burgfa, let VUcmini Tueit«>i>P 
in EneUiid, and Earl of Clanrickard in >"- 
Undi Created Eari of St- AUwDt 33 Aiir^> 
1638 i ob. IS36. 

II. ISU. 8. Ul<k de Burxb, t. and b. Created Uinji"^ 

(4 aaorickatd in lidand ; ob. 1GS9, t-M' 
•bcD hit Ensliih booon and Itiib Mu'T^ 

III. leeo. 1. Htnrj Jeiayn, luSaroD J^Mrn of St &^ 

•uMaiTi Cnated Bari >f SI. Alb«> ^^ 


April. IG60 . nh. lUBS, 1. V. when tliii Earl- 
ilom tgfU twcame 
I. Cbkrln Beilucltrk, lit Earl of Burforcl, nalii- 
nl toil or Kii>K Cliirtei 11.; Creaied Uuke 
ofBl.Albani 10 Jmiiiar}, IG84i be mnrried 
Diana, dau)>hler and evenlually inle hfir of 
Aubrey d* Vck, XX^^Oih and lait li:^!! of 
Oirord, K.G.; »b. nss- 
9.Cbarlei Beituderk, >. niHlb. K.G. ; ob. 175 1. 

3. Geotp Bcauplerk, i-and b. ob. \7m,f.r. 

4, George BrBuclrrk, oiuilii and heirj bciii); ion 

and belt of Chirlei, d.ii^ii lan of Wlllian 
Btaucterk, 3il luii uf CbatUi 111 Uuke ) ub. 
1787, B. P. 
G. Aabrry Heauclrrk, 9d Baron \m of Ilan< 
*0Ttb, voQiiii and hpir, b«iiig iud and bcir 
ur Vcrc Brauclcrk, Ut Barun Vera of Han- 
woTlb.Sdtoiiol Charlea UtDuk*! ub. IBDS. 
L 6. Aubrey Beaucterk, t. and fa. ob, Jt)l&, 
■ 7> Aubrey Beaaclerk, (.and b. ob. IBIS infant. 
; H. William Beiuclerk, unelfl and beir, bcinx Sd 
•on of Aubrey Mb Duke. PreiEiii Duke of 
!>l.Albant, Earl ul Burford, Baron of Hed- 
diugton, and Birun Vere of Hanworlb. ^ 


.AIniaric de St. A nan d ; Summ. (o Pari, from 
Sfi Dec ^8 Eilward I. If!l9, <o IS June, 4 
Kdvard II. 131 1 i ob. 131:!, ti. r. »b«n tbe 


1. Jobn de Si. Amaiid, broiher and beir of ibe 
laat Barun 1 Summ. lo Pat). Iruin S3 Marcb, 
6 Edward 11. MM, lo lu Oct. 19 Edaard II. 
13«5; ub. 13^6. 

I. Alnaric de Sl.Amand, 1. and h.\ Summ. lo 
ParLrrom 8 Jxn. 44 Edward lit. 1371, tuSV 
Auguit, Ii Rich. II. laul) ub. 13111. 

1. Almarie de Si. Anand, s. and b.Summ. lo Pari. 
Iiom S August, 6 Rich. II. I3g3, to 1 Dec. 


3 Hall. IV, 1401 ; ob. 1403, 1.1 
Ida hii dau. by bit wcond wife, 
Briytaroke hit enndian (nf. loi 
Gerard Braybruoke bj' AtiHivn 
firit wife) bit hein ; b«l»««f 
Barony lell into Aasvancb. 1 
marriEd Sit TbolDU Wed, but i 
1436, when the three dauflitcn 
of ibe Mbove-meotiiHied Gcrinl 
(grandiDD uf the lut Baron) b«i 
the Birony. It coniinuid in Al 
1449, wben 

1449. WiUinin Beauchaoip (psndion o( 
Beaucba<n|i of Powyk), bavin; 
labrtb (wbo mxrrieil tecondty R 
eldut dau. and cahcir of the 
Braybrooke, graiidtan aad vh 
heir of ibe lut Baron, 'u Bu 
iurc UKorii, a* " Williclmo de 
Daniiio de St, Anand," Ina 
Henry VI. 1449, to 86 May, a 
l4Sh; oh. Msr. 

l4IiT. 4. Richaril Beaucbamp, i. and b. 
Rkb. III. •ben hi> hotion becan 
but he waa fully teiioreJ 1 Hen. 
to Pari, at ■< Ricbardo Beaud 
Amandu," IG Janauy, 12 Henr 
ob. I50tr, a.p.i.wheD the Barony 
to ha*e become retted in the dru 
repretentali*e« of liabtlta, (IIIf 
lUSd Baron (Maud and Alianui 
daugbien andeobeinof Ibe ahoi 
Geraril de Braybrooke baiingdie 
liabella married, Gnt, Riehard 
secondly, Robert de lltlolc'. 

"Arihougli DooJietinueitaatigMdtwWniiaaM 
Amand io either oF [lie niimeroiu p*dicn« wUth ll 
couulted, (ban hit mo lUchald, tlMlaii Bam. d 
Diarkffd, that in tbe will of th* **id Richard lord ! 
IwqueatbeiacuptokuuMeLftimM. Thl* (IfMi 
bal.1yn,edtode«rib«AuuT/i*jB£«ri hat It nM 
that Jf he had a littet of the vfiole bkiod who kSWi 
on W Atrnvw, \. 1. ^.Vcvw mud in her ortt 



ST. ASAril. 
Vdcouitcv, 14 May, 1 



l.JubnCraegt Eliot, SdBarsn Eliot; Cr»teil 
Eail tif Sl.Gtnnaiirs, co. CoroHill, 30 Sept. 
18IS, wllb remainder, fallias ibe bein mile 
of bi* body, (V bis brutber William i ob. 
1083, «.r. 

S. WtUiam Eliot, brulber aiiil heir, Prcient Earl 
<il Sc Germaint, and Baron Eliot. =?= 

I.AUirne FiiK-Kerbert, Ul Baron Fili-Heleiii 
fn Irclsnili Created Baron St. Helena iii the 
btc of Winht, to. Suuihampicn, 15 July, 
ISOI. Prueol Baron St. Helena, G. C. B. 

I. WUllim d* St John, i. and h. of Adam <Ie 
Part uF Baliiie (tide Port) by Mabel), diu. 
ar ttrgiiiald rte Aucevnllc by Muriell, dau. 
and beir of Rojcer de Si. Jubn and CcEily Ilia 
«ife,dau. nnJ beir of Robert de Hayaj living 

9. Roltart de St. Jnhn, t. and h. ob. liQO. 
^■JobudeSl. John, *.andb. ub. 1301. 

4 lltVT 



.JahaifaSuJobn. ■. Kndfa. SaBB.MFuLu 

" Je. J* "-1 Johuine, inniort," e I)m- 

ta Elt^Mll L 1S99 1 u -* J<>h*l>IU it «M«W 

SA«|i. l4Edv.ll. 1340, udu>-Jubuiniilt 
S*»c(i> iobanDC de Buynt." fniB liMu, 
IS Ed«u>d IL 1399, to [0 Ocl. 19 U'ui II. 
13S&>1 ek. 1399, Icinnt HuchdiSl-iute 
bi* «a and b*ir, vbu dM In 1337, ind ■ 
Pfnr — * dc Sf . Jobn, hi. oDir un. iti win 
KtMtm. H EJ*. Hi. Miffuvt ■nd ■••)-<> 
th* liitrn at tbe laid Ednunil bKi« 1^ 
bcin. MarfUM mrriedJohiKl* St. l^iiUlir", 
bM «»1 I. r. L 3S Ed«»d 1 1 L *»d Itibel t» 
cMHt ihe iBifF, Ani.of Hrar; d« Bufhmlb 
by «h0m ifa« had no U^ue, and Hcmi^hiil 
Lorn Pcvninct, *bo oat Summ. id Pul 
iTomi'i lo 49 Edo. III. probub!} iii r<gtiL<l 
hit wile, ihough he is onlv deicHM iiib 
WriU u " Luce dc Poyniop -." ThaWi 
dc Pojoinp tbcir ion aiid heir, «u KjW 
Lurd St. John, and luceeeded to bu lulift 
KinraT, ibougli h< wu aerrt lumaiiiOfJ ■ 
PafliaiiKni, tiid died in 143a, ka'ia[ to 
panil.dau^len (the daughltn and bend 
Hsgh de Puyning* b» oolj *on, vbu d^ 
THt |wlTii)'bii twin, *ii. Coniiinn, tft 
«l John Paukt.Alicr.Dife or John OmU.u' 
Juine, the nife of Thomu BodtiII ; ■••■■ 
■ b«e descfudantE and reprMcmaiim ')> 
UanlDiet al Si. Jobn of Buinc, ai»t P°!> 
iofi, I'il Lucai de Poj-i 
giandTather be not coDiid 



loprore that thti Buna ified H Mi;,>»** 

bulu be <ru reguJarlj imnnioBed oalil Oetofaer 13U, '»'»f 
•untdbediedcircaaEdir. lU.rit. tSn. 


in bii «irc'( Barony, but ot wbich 
cvidiiiiee), are in ABiYtNCE. 
, I.Williun Paulet, greM griinlmii inil brir of 
Jaliii Paulel by Cuiistaiice <le Po^iiingi abavB 
)Deiitt(iiii:i], Mid In tier rigbt cubrir of ibe 
Baronie* of 3l. John of Butnf! and Poyntngi, 
Cr*ai*J Baron Hi. John nf Bating, with re- 
li>3n; Created Earl uf Wilubire 19 January, 
laso, and Marqueii of Winchciier 13 Occo- 
ber, 1551, K. C. Vide Wincheitsr. 

, ■• Oliver St. Jobn [preiumrd to bare been de. 
KCndcd ftom ibe rainily of St. John of Stan- 
lone). Baron Bcauctiaiup uf Hlelthue by de- 
■ceriii CrcMolBarunScJohn of Bletihoe, CD. 
Bcdfonl, [3Jan. 1659; ob. ISS!. 
S-Jolin St. Juhn, t. and b. ob. ISSC, t. P.M. 
Anil, bit lule diu. and heir, married Williaip 
Lord Howard (son ajid beir apparent uf 
Charl<» Carl of NoKingbum), in wbo«e de- 
•eendanli the Barony of Ueauebamp u( 
Bletihoe became veded. 
S.Otlver Si. Jubn, brother and heir male) ub. 

16 IB. 
4. Oliver St. Jobn, •. and b. Created Earl of 

, Bolinjcbrnkc^BDct. Ii;a4; ob. IG-16. 
S. Oliver St.John, (randiou and beir, being ion 
and heir of Sir Paulet St. John, K. B. (ob. 
V. p.) elileit lurvlviiig son of ihe liM Baron i 
EarlotBoiinghrokei ob. iSSH.B.r. 

,C. Paulat Si. Jobn, brother and beir, Eitl ol 
Bollngbtoke t uh. 171 1, e, p. when ibat Kjirl- 
dom became df:l|nct ; but Ibi* Barouy dc- 

T.SlrPauIrt St. Andrew St.Jobii, 4tb Bart. cm>. 
•In 4nd heir inale,bi:iiig i. and b. ol Sir Aji- 


j«g ST. JOHN. 

drew 3d Bart. dd«n ua of Sir Si. Andm 
Si. John, id But. «ao and heic of S>c Obit 
St. Jobn, Itl Ban. ooly Ma of RosUod St. 
John, youuger «on of Oliver, 3d Buon , ub. 
UR«Ni. 1714, intani, 

VIII. 1714. B.WmianSl. John, unde and biir, b«inc anl 

biotber o( Sir Andren St. JahH, faltin of ihe 
1a>lB*roni ob,nEO,(.P. 

IX. I'SO. 9. Rowland Bt. John, bnither and hciri »k. 


X. IT33.IOJohaSt,John,bnMh»andbeiri ol>.l71*. 
Xt. IT&7. lUohn St. John, t. and b. oh. ITS?. 

XII. 1761. IS.HeDiy Beauchamp St. John, *. and b. ob.iei», 

a. P.M. 
XIlI.lBoa.lS.St. Andrew St, John, brother and hetr: sk. 

XIV. I BIT. M.St. Andrew Si. John, i. and h. Preteai BaM 

St. John of Bletihoe and a Baronet. 


I. —I. ITI6. l.Sir Henry Si. Jobn, 4th Bart, dracendu) 

from Sir Oliier Si. Jobn, ancetlor of lb> 
Barani Si. John of Bletiboc : CrcaMl 
Baron St. John of Billeraea, co. Sunoy . 
and Vi*rounl5t.Jobn3dJulj, 1716, wKW 1 
nnuinder to hit iuue male b; AnjilMk | 
his tecond wife i ob. 1743. , 

II. —II. 1743. S. John Sc John, a. and b. ob. 1749- 
JII.— III. 1749. 3. Frederick St. Jobn, >. and b. tacrfe6fi 

fail bair uncle Henry Viscount Bollnr- 
broke, who wai attainted in 1714, M 
reciored in blood in 1735, at 2d Vixwuit 

Bolingbroke and id Baran St.JabatI I 

Lydiard Tregoye in 1751 [ ob. 1787. I 

IV.— rV.ITer. 4. Ceorge Richard St. Jobn, a. and b. A I 

Nov. 1884. I 

V. —V. 1834. 6. Henry St. John. ..and h. Pmtrrt »■ I 

count BoKngbruke andVi(MuiitS[.J°^ I 






». ■ 

a*roiiS[.Johp(.(Lydi»nlTrego« ^ 

Si. JoliO of Uiltinu, and a Baronet =f 





• BT WHIT. "' '-•0»I1«M. 


W. i.JobndeSr.Jolini Summ. to far!. 

from SI ^M 

Sept. 81 EilwatdJ. IS99, to 6 Otl. 9 Edw. II. ^« 

1310 ; after the 6 E.I*. IJ. oceaiion 

ally wiib ' 

lb* addition of ■' de Ltmbam i" be 


SuRKDoned «e Jan. 35 Edward I. IS97 i but 

H i« doubtful if lb>t Writ car. be 

ecmed a 

" vide ^H 

"FiTlJOIINi" Ob. 1316. 

to Pari. H 

le. 9.Jobiide8t.John, >. and h. Samm. 

from SO No*. 1 1 Ed«r. 11. I3IT, lo 

18 Sept. ^M 

16 Edward 11. 13^3, aa " Manni de S. Jo- ^H 

hMincdeLaeebaiUi" ob. I39S. 

m. 3.Jolin de St. Jobn. t. and h. Summ 

to Pari. ■ 

fnnn Ut Aiiff. I Edward lU. 1337, t 

Id Feb. ^H 

S Edward 111. 1331. ai » Jobanni 

e S.Jo- ^H 

bannei" ob, I3W, learing aoger 

bl» ion ^ 

■nd heir, who died in 13S3, ». p. when Peler ' 

dc St. Jubn bii ibuvHot wai found 

o be bl« 

beiri but none of tbii Eunll; w 

1. The 11 

Barony ii now vested in the heift-g 

eneral of H^ 

John the Am Baron. 




'<""■ ■ 

Baron*, T July, ITIS. 


Vide BoUNCBItOKE. ^^1 





fcj. Tbamaa de St. John, Lnrd of SOnlon, ro. ^^| 

Oifordi living II13I bii luccetior 

h, John de St. John i living Hsgr 


, U. Tbomai de St. Jolm, Lord of Stanton afoK* ^^ 

mMimi b« WM (ocMeded by 



ST. US. 

L MM. I. Maa n*Wi>;. ~:d E>ri of Dwbi^ ; Ci 
B*KM> dT S' i I : r-i. I'"-:. ■■ ^ u 

d> Us, Ihc hnr'sdc o< Swub it S 
W«Aa-af Smm UL-U Eui of NonI 
Ma), «iik iiaMiwIii. tufas bii iuM 
tothcWinHaieaf tefaihiri ob. IC 
IL ICTL 2.inBw r«Uii«, Earl af Dmbitrh, • 


I. lilt. I.VitMm 4r St. Usui Sbbb. Io P 
Jah. a E^. IL UI4, Md fi Oct. 9 E 
IIU; ah. ISIG. 

U. IIIC i. 1^— 4c Si. Mnr. ». ud h. i be «« 
WMpJMPari.j ok. .... 5.P. 

III. ISil. AMt*ri«i4iScM^.fcwthef>BJhtir;i 
M PaK. (>«■ 1^ No*. » Ed>. UL 13 
9rN«r.HEa«.IILISMt hmuli* 
rM. gfJ ii«|[fc««* *n4 kdr of B 
BwwiLMvtofEarii ak 1361. 

tV. mi. 4. Wiibifa ^ a. Ifaf. LMrfk. gb. Ml 

VVateiA *E ^. >*HB, W<«.Wt mJ 




I IMU, to S October 9 Henfy IV. IdOO, «■ 

I' " Bitbirdo Sejrnuuirj" ob. 14(1], 

i «. JUcUrd tie Sc Miur, *. and fa. SumiD. to Pari. 

irroni '31 June, 3 H(n. IV. 1403, to 26 Auguil, 
e Hen. IV. Moe, fli " Richarda Seymour ;" 
«b. 1409, *.F.M. Alice, bis lole dnighter 
•nil heir, married Williara IV.-51h Bsron 
Zwictie of Haryn^ortb, in whose Jeieend- 
»nti, Ibe Barans Zouchp, ii continiieil unlil 
Ibe demite or E<lHBC<IXI.-IS)b Baron Zouube 
in IGS5, S. P. M. Kiben, (ogetbvr witb iLe 
EUroniei of Zuucfae of Harvngworlb and 
IJorelot ( (ill into Abeyance between 
hit tvo dauenten >itd cobeirc, viz. EUinbelh, 
wife of Sir William Tate, Knt. and Mary, 
wife DfTboDaa Uighton, Eiq. The Barony of 
2ouebe bai bttn lately rcTived in the perion of 
alt CfcU Biabopp. Bart, one of the cnbeirt of 
tkat Barony, but Ibe Baruniei of Sr. ftlaur 
and of Love] of Kary are Etill in Abivance 
bKwren the beln-general oF Editard XI.- 
ITlb Baron Zoucbe, and XIIl.-13lh Baron of 
St. M«ur. 


WliT. or 

WilliBmcUSt.Mauri preiumed to have bfcn 
of tbe same fimily i bui of ohom Dugdale in 
hi« IllaroDaee gitra no necouni : Sun 
Purl, from 90 Nov. 11 Edward II. 13 

MUarcb, 15Edii. II. I3SI. 


I Hygbde Si. Fbiliberti Summ. to Pari. 6 Feb 

ST Edw. 1, 1«99. butnevvrineroarda. 

dale in bia Rarunafe (ike* no notire of ibia 

Hufb having been Sumin, (o Pari.; but 

rv to be the lame Hugb de St. Pbilim 

M in the Scattltb wara 'i6 Edw. 1. a 

aon and hair Juhn had livery of I 

landa 7 Edward II- and ditd T Edicacd W. 

htriagbiiton and htiri 

u>y, altbr.'ifb -.Le Eai 
riml the t-:r-cci.frr*l 
il lbtini<i>ci Buuni 

-[. ITS-. 1. Sir Jo 




lunlcy de- 
ll I lie nam* Of} 
being ion and 

bemnie 4F|tinit ; 
volveJ, igrecably (o tbe abo 
liS3. 3.WUIiiimJer'>sRickelu(ai>ui 
Jervit, 11 nephew and heir, I 
heir male (William Henrj, t 
having died 8. P.M.) of William Henry Riek- 
etl», Etq. by Mary. Ilie sister of Ihe Uit 
ViKouDt. Preient Viicouiit St. Vincent. ^ 




I. Siepb. 1. Reginald de 5l. Walerie, Lord of IlaielJene, 
CO. GloucTEler; livinj; US'), 

I. H. II. 9.BernarddeS(. Walerie,!, and h. i oh. MDO. 

Ill, Rich. 1. 3. Thomas de St. Walerie, t. and h.g nb. 1919, 
s.p.M. Annora, bi« Eole dau. and biir, mar- 
ried, lii. Ruber! deDteux, and, 2dly, Henry, 
Lord of Suilly. 

Rlrbard de S(. WaUrico. pcnbnbly the nfrbew of the 
latt Baron, -as inminoned S June, 99 Edw. I. IS94, but 
h ii very duublfol if that Writ can be contidered a regu^ , 


L Stepb. 1. Patrick D'ETereui ; Crentett Earl oFSaliibury 
by the Empreii Maud i oh. H 67. 
tier. 9. William D'Etirrui, (.and h.i ub. IISG, s.f.h. 
EU, hti dau. and lieir, married 
Willlani dv LorKe>pee,naiur»l son of Hrn.ll. 
vbo became Earl of Saliibury jure nnoris i 
ob. l^e. William de Longesper, bii son and 
bcif, claimed ibe Earldom, but Dugdale ex- 
prcsaly laya be wai netcr allowed It. He 
died in ISSn, leaving ■ ion William, who 
died In 1^S6, s. p. m. Nnd whose dau. and co- 
beif, MMjtarel, rommunly p.illrd CounlpM of 
Rallthury, married Henry de Lacy, E.wl of 


iaST> I.Williimde Monueute, 11I^4IU Bi 
(•uute ; Creited Eart ol Saliiburf 
I3ST; ob. 1343. 

1343. S.WilliiQi de Montuute, ■. anil b. 1 
1397, ».P.a. 

IA91.3.Jubn de Manlacule, Baroo Mont 
Monlliermer, ncpliew atiil b(ir, be 
b. of JuUii Baron MoDtacute, icca 
William IV.'Ut Earii Manbal of 
bebeaded and aluiiMed aoaa 1400, 
bo nun becaoie 


I TU. 1409. 4.Thomni dcMontacutr, •. *nd b. i 
10 have been Teiloreil to ibe EarlJi 
HI I lib of Hciiry IV. ror on ibe 
b«r in that year (1409} b« «M 
Pari, ai "TbaiiiDeComiilS>nilB"i 




Ridiard N«iill. Si fOD of Ralph 
of Weil mortl and, he <■** ereati 
Salisbury 4(b Maf, 1443 1 Aiidati 
iiben bis bonon beease jforffKl 
appear* to have been reitored in I 
High Chamberlain ; K.G.; behea 
14C0. a. Rjeliani NeTili, Earl vf Warwiok, 
K.U.^tUm 1411, 1.P.M. and belDK 
bi> hull or* became 

r of tM latt 
•?i«>led Earl of Warwick and 8i 
March, I4T3| executed and ftKai 
■lien all bii> bonort btcarae 

I.BdKacdPlaniaeeiiet, tnn and bti> 
i>r Richard Duke o( Vark (all'd 
Riohard III.] by Ann Nerilt, you 
uf Richard IX.-Sil Earl of Sal» 
F.(ri lit Warwick 1 Created EkltM 
\^*,\\ CnMed Vtiaeo ul !■■■ 


Bhrxvet Plant ip>nct, clau. and r*fmu(l1y 
•ole beir, of Gtunc* I)iik« of Ctirrii(>r, iha 
X^IM Eiri or Saliibiirj' i Cri-a(ifl (.'i.unirta 
al Salisbury I40ci. ISUi aha marrUtl Sir 
Bicbard Pule, K.G. by whom >ba liail uif 
n\ ehiUccn. Atlaliilvd \ti30, and brliaadad 
in 1541. <ih«n llw till* again bivcama 

i. I. Robert Cecil, lit Vlioount Cranbornai Cr*> 

■(«l Earl ill SalKbury 

Lard Hi|ch Tnaturrri 
r. S. WUIUm Cecil, 1. and b. K. G. ob. 1608. 
^3.J*mc«C*cil, crandMiiandbelr, brliii«.i 

of Cbartn Ceell {nb. v. p.) eldol *un u 

iMtEarli K.G.I ob, 1683. 
I. 4. Jaaws Cfcil, a. and b. vb. IG34. 
e* Ctcil, a. mil h. ob, ITiS. 
r% Cecil, *. aud h. ob. IT80. 



)9. r.Ji 

I, ). and b.i Crralxd 
of Saliibury Aug. 10, 
i.a9,K&l ob. I))S3. 
aaa Bronnluw Wiliiant Cfrit, 
a. and h. PTMent Mar(|D*4i and 
Earl of Saliaburj, Vitroont Cnn- 
iMfaa, ami Baron Cecil of £f 


U Eui of Ceanewn In Ir*- 
Beraii l^alunlirrd of Sahara- 
ml ChMler, T JuDCt \19S, 


WillUni Sampion ; Summ. to f*A. ftM i 
Dec. S8 Edw. 1. i°99, U3 Nor. 34Eili. 
1306. Dugdalc give* noacoount o( IbiiBi 
Ton in hliBironagr. 



I. IG6D. I.SIrEdwardMontasu.K.G. (t. uidb.«Ft 

S}dniy Monla^, jouuger brother of ItM 
lit EkrI of Manchcitcf Cn>t«4 Bikd U 
tigu at St. Neot'i, ViacuuM Hlocbiabra 
boib CO. HunCinpian, anil Eari of Suidwl 
DO. Kent, IS July, 1660) aUto ^S^t. 

II. 16T3. 3. Ed«an1 Montagu, a. unit h. ob. 16K9. 

III. 1689- 3. Eilwant Montagu, a. and h ot. 17SS. 

IV. 1739. 4. John Montagu, gnniUon sod beir, belii{ 

and li. of Edward Richard MoMaK" (ob.t 
elde»l ion e( the latt Earl j ob. 17^. 

V. 1793. &, Jaliii Montagu, t. and b. ob. UM. 

VI. 1814, & George Jobn Manliga, a. and b. ob. )«)« 

VII. leiB. T.John WiJJiam Monlagu, c and h. Pn 
£irl of Sindwieh, Viioount Hiacb'mbi 
and Baron Montagu of Sl.NeM'a. IIb I 
ahrji » likewiae one of the cobeira of (be 
roniei o( St. John at Baaing and o( PoM 
-rtrated b; the Wtlt ol 43 Edll.UL.£ 


1. IT4S. 1. Samuel Sandyi) Created LonlSandrt. t 
<>( Omberele}, Oo. WucaulM, SO OtC I 
ub. 1710. 

S. Uwin Ssndyi, a. ind h.-. ob. 1797, ■. p. when 
ibe title becima 


^ L Uaiy Hill, diu. xnd Mr of (he Hon. Itfur- 
tin SanJj's, rlMt bmlber of tbe Uit Barun, 
■nil itidD. of Anbur Hill, &1 Marqueci of 
in rnluid, and 3d E»i of Hilliburuugb in 
U CnMei Buuiirl* Saodyi of Ombcrkky, cO. 
^^. Jun> IS, laoS, Willi rcnislnder to btr tecaiid 
lur May« William Hill, and hii youiierr bro- 
I ihclrlieira nalv tDCCaaiivdri fnilin^ nliicb, lo 
It too Anbur, prcwnt Maniuaaa of Uaaiiihirc, 
' ' bdn male. Preti-nt Bkrunesi S.mJyi u( Om- 

I.WillioraSandyai Summ. lo Par), frum 3 Not. 
SI Hen^VIII. l5S<t, (a l(i J^n-SS H?n. VIII. 
IE44| Dugdate ilaln that be wu " ad- 
vanccd la ihedtgreeor aBxron of ihi: Realm 
b7 ih« tide uf Lord Saadi, 87 April, 1533," 
IbuuRb Ibcre i* no patent on recuid ; K. G. i 
ob. 1S49. 

LThomHSandyt, a. and b. i Sonim. to Pari. 
IV«m 14 Jane, 3fi Henry VIII. 1543, ro 8 
Nov. 5 and G Pbilip and Msry, 1558 ; ob. .. 

I. Willika Sandyi, gratidion aiid b. being i.and 
b. of Henr; Satiriyi (ob. v. p.) eldeai aoii of (be 
UitBaroni Surnm. to Pari. fraiiiB May, M 
Blif. IST3, to 14 Nur. 19 Jaq. 1. 1631 i ub. 

kWilUain Sandys, a. and b.i he imt nerer 
Sumn. tu Pari, i tib. l(j£9, B. r. wben ibe 
Baruny derolTed on 

>■ Henry Sandyi, b>* half nephen and beir, ba- 
ing ton and beir of !iir Edwin Sandy* by 
EliMbetb Sandy*, only dauEhler of William 
Sd Barnn, and ball lUter of Wiiliim tbc last 
BaMnt bewa* never Sumtn. lo Pail. ; ob. 





VI. IG44. 6.Witllsm Sandyt, 1. Mid h-Saan. (ariAl | 

Mb;, 13Ciir. I[. 1661 ; oh. 166B,Lr. 

VII. 166S. 7. liEnry Sandyi, bratbct and heir; Snmm. l' 

Pwl. 6 M»reb, 31 C»r. 11. 1679, tviK 

Miteb, 31 Cat. n. I6a0i ob t.t. 

VlU.lfiT ' B. Edwin Saiidyt,bri>ihErand bcir; bivuwitr | 
iunitnonfd to Parliameul ; ob. tittM llW 
s. p. le»in^ bif (it lUten bia han, •>>< 
Heiter, "ife of Humpbrey No», whote te" 
gcneFAl U Darin Gidily Gilbm, Eu). UP. 
and wba ii coniequenlly eldat coheir dllUi 
Barony; AlMbra, *i(e of Prancii CoW*. 
Esq.i Ma^7,•1feorD^.Iltnr7&«Tl((lJ■D^ 
wils of Jalin Harrii, Km|.i Marg>Rt,*il> 
^ or Sir John Mill, Bart. ; ud MarfMj, *H 
married Sir Edmund Forteieue ; inoit* 
whuiB deicendsnti and reprtienUlivu tt* 
Dacooy la non in Abevaxce. 


I. WilLl. I.Edward de Sarobgrii!, WD o( Walter de Ei 

rii, or D'Evereux, Earl of Hoamar in Nu 
inandy, held divin Lordihipt Kt tbe Surre] 
living 1119. 

II. Steph. S. Walter de Sareaburie, i. kiulh. ob. 

III. Slepk. 3. Patric da SareabuKe, or D'Erarrui, a. and b. 

CreUed £»il of SkUabutr. 

Vide Saluiut. 


lei Saundenan, Viicount Caatlctoa 
land I Created Baron Saunderaon of S) 

, CO. LincolD, ni4i Created V 

int Cattleton in 1716. Vide CAtTLm 



itODHVer "M luiDnioneJ B June, 21 Edit. 1. 

tfot ihe nstoni utigned under " Clyveoon," 
ubtful iF (bat Writ on be coniiderril u a n- 
. lo Pirliiment. Neitber Lhii Ralph, nor 
I ddccndftnU wen ever lumiiioned to I'arli.i- 


,Sit Thoaiu Savage, Sd Dart.) Crealeil Via- 
eount Savage uf Ruekaavage, co. Clieiter, € 
Nov-lfiSSi Db. 1635. 

t John SavKKC, ■. and b. ; iucceedeil hii mater- 
nal grandlalhvr a) Viicitunt Culchetter and 
Earl Riven in 1639. ViJc Rivers. 

VlieoUNTCV, IT ■luly, IBS 

Viile AiLEiDuav. 


LJolmSarite; Crealed Baron Savile of Ponte- 
(r«cl,c«. Vork; 31 July, 1638: oh. I(i30. 

tThoBlaiSarilc, l. and b.| Created Viicount 
Savile in Ireland S5 Hay, 1644 i Created 
Earl of Suttei. Vide Sutsex, 

«rnnct 1671. 



■ SMV. 

■^ L WIIL I. 1. PleM i» S^, Urtoc tOUt tb> B«l nil 

II. WU1.1I. S. Ineelnm it Siy, lirin^ n3S| br m «» 


III. Stnrh. 3. Williant de S«7 i he m*rft*4 Ihitrti. i«lr 

■nd beir cf GnlTray d> M»idt>illt. E41I <l 
Enei ; Ob. . . . . 

V. JiAii. 5. Geoffrey de 8*7, *. and b. H* km on (T 

tht eclebnud 95 Btruni ipipintrd W »■ 
farce tb« oU«rT«iicc of Maoni Ciimri; A 

VI. a Williiioi de Siy, •. and h. ob. IfT^. 
VIl.Edw.l.T.WitliBm de Siv. «. ind b. Summoned fit 

June, S3 EJ«. I. IS94 1 bat il is »ry doolx- 
ful if tbal Writ on be roniidcred u 1 np' 
Ur SammofM (s ParlianieDli *ide "Civn* 
i>om" Ob. 1595. 

I. 1313. 8.GeotStty de Sa;, a. anil h.i Summ. la Pirl 

from 36 July, 7 Edv. II. 1313, to U Hiji 
14 Edw.U. 1331) ob. 1339. 

II. 1333. 9. Ctodnj de Say, «. and b. j Snmia. Is tiA 

from 95 Feb. IG Ed*. III. 1343, to Hl^ 
97 Bd«. III. 1363; ob. ISSB- 

III. 1336. lO.Wiiriam d« Saj. >. and h.i Sobidi. to firi' 

from 14 Aug. 36 Ed«. III. 138S, to 4 Oct. 
47 Edir. UI. 13I3i ob. eir«a .... 

IV. mS. I I.JObD de Say, a. aad b-t ob. infnatatea ISA 

I. T. IcaTiag EUnbMh hi* liiitr and in"'- 
•be married, lil, Juba de FaWealcy. aba ■* 
Summ. to Pari, from SO Auf. I3BS, ta ) 
Sept. 1399, and died 1. F. M. in that ye^i 
■nd, Sdly, Sir William Heron, obo ■>• 
Summ. to Part, rrom 13 Nor. 1393. tv ^ 
Aug. 1404, wben he died l^ r. Ahko<t(t il^ 
evident butb bar botband* were ■"■■^ 
Jure uioris, yet ai they were nenr irrf'* 
^&T«i«%i.-,\\\ 'Ou.'^TAi.Bt Summoiu, l^ 



I 1303, (. P. leaving ihe deweiidjinl> oS her kunti, 
'', mho martied Sir Jchii Cliii<i>i>, (mil wliuie 
(be priicnt Lunl Clmtun, it il)* rldeii cubcir 
rony,) unA Juan, 111* wile uf Sir William rie>i». 
fVUliam III.-IOi.h Biron, her h«ir*. ><mvi>K hI>i><« 
laiid lepcMEniatiTc* lbi> Barouy i> in AUKviincE. 


1. Jamci HenH. SJ ion u( Sir Wiiliiin Fienu, 
•un >i>a beir of Sir Williin Fi.nn, by Joan 
lit Say abi>T«.iDriitiannl, yuungcii, of 
Witliani Ill^lOib Biruo Say, Summ. >.> 
Pari, u " .'arroba de Fyiifs, Miiiii, Doiaino iJe 
«.iy & dc Self," (rom 3 Harsh, 25 Hen, VI. 
1447, la Si Sept. SB Henry VI. M49i (Hid lo 
hare been creHed earmi S»y ai«l Sele G Mar. 
U4]fi Lurd HiebTreai.; ub.UJO. 

•t. Williiiu FienM. *. and ii. ; Sumni. la Pari. a< 
" Wdlielmo Feiiyi, MilKi, numiii<i Say," or 
at " Willieliae Kenya de Say," (rum 13 Apr. 
ItDllanry VI. USl, loT S«|>i. ■) Edyv.ird IV. 
^4&9 i alain U7 I- 

J. H«iiry Fienra, (.and h, i hn ods never Suinni. 
Mrail,! qU N;(j. 

4. RicbanI Fienct, aun and beir i lie his never 
'uinnl. to Par). I oli. infra «i. 14.. . 

reallon of Sir Jamei Fienn 

nl44T. Juba Lord Clinton, 

■y, the oUur liilec and heir 

it Wifli 

i II I. -mill 

leiiEiialiBo affscti the iigbt of Ii 
laf we Barony of Sij hiiaot been delcrmiDcd ; hut 
relillvslD(hi>iumiider of dlKnitiu cited in p. its, 
sort eanain, ihu the act of the uidLord Cllntoa 
St tht intneii of hii lepreiCBtacire in tbaidigniiy. 
I, vol. II. p. <4S, *lal« lbs reoiainder lo liiia been 
ttU^hit beiyi but naitbrr iJollins oc CiuIh bu- 
tlon whatever, and (he latUr wriier Pipieiity •■vi 
■ _ " " ., tmeilher ioliie 

4 Rollt." 

' ooUiiug of ibe kind appeui 


I. Sirnli. 1 . Hugh da Seite*, LotJ st I 

If. M.]l. 8.HetiirileScilFi,B.aadh.|b*iB|nn. 

III. Kiel. 3. Hugh ileS«l», •.and b.) ob. 

(V. Juhn. 4. Henry dc Sealci. i. ind b-j okcirc* ltW,l.l 
H. 111. S.droSrty AeSctit*. Iirutbrrkndhrir i sb.lW 
of nboni Ituids)* tajt, " 1 km k"> ■ 
more than iLat Aliaooit, bii ■lilsv, iiA U 
■sidabip c( liii bcir" 

I. Han.rl. l.SKpbendeScaIn, nrpheworUafbmBvxi 

living 1165 ; to •bom nlccMdnl 

II. RIcL 9. William deS«lt«i oh. ore tSOJ. 
Ill.John. 3.RUh»rdil«Sc«lM,«. .nrfh.j oh. ISSO.i.M' 

kaviiiE Lucia bit jMugbtci lod bcit. 

r. H.iii 


lie Scald, u 
,ctdmr B«on. 
d Hunlinsdoiii 

Ihe Bine hm\}! u <b> 
ire in IS4SuidUi9. 

1. H.lll- 


ben de S.-alri, 
■iicbi ob. ISGS 


phucipil nailoH 

I. 1S99. 3. Robert de Scalr;, t, and h. : Suoim. It Firl 

frum 6 Feb. 57 Ed*. 1. I?93, lo JSJipH 
Dlt. I. 1305; lib. 1305. 

II. IJD5. 3. Robert de Scalei, Landh.; Suniin. lo rv>- 

Irom 3 Nov. 34 Ed-. I. 1306, to It U>^ 
IS Edir. 11. 1S33, ob. 1333. . 

III. I35S. 4. Robert de KealM, i. and b. i Sdibb. (o '^'f 

rniiD Si Feb. !6EJw. 111. 1343, loSAfiil- 
43 Eitur. III. I3E3; ob. I3S9- 

IV. 13G9. 5. Kujer de Seilei, >. and b ; Summ .Ic Pidf"* 

i»Dtc49 £d<r. III. UTs.iuSScpl.SlI'"' 
II. 13do; ob. I3d6. , 

V. lies. €. Ruben de Scal», *. and h.; Summ. !«''"'' 

from 30 Nor. SO Ricbard 11.1396,10 1""- 
SHenrr IV. I4t<0i oh. 1409. 
\ I I id. 7. Rubert d'eSealei, i. and li.; he «»i nerrlSo""' 

\U. ■ 

oPirl ; 
t.TbiHaaa de Scalei, 



\-i*l»!fc.'»IU<x.VI. IW,"* 


Oct. sa Henry VL 1459; ob. 1460, s.r.u. 
Eliiahctb, hii sote liiii. and hfir, married 
fin(, HenT} Bourchier, 3d son of Heni7 Earl 
o( EiMX) wbd died s. r. uid secondly, 

, Anthonjr Widvite, rod nnd heir spparent of 
Riclurd Isc Earl Kiversi lie wns Summ. (o 
Pari, jure uiorii, a« ■' Domlna ScalM." 2S 
Dec. S Edw, IV, HS3, S3 Feb, 3 EJw. IV. 
1463, and 9S Feb. 5 Edw. IV. I46G, K. C. ; 
suceCEdedliHrxtberiii 'id Earl Rivera in 1469: 
beheaded 14H3i ob. B. P. Elizabelh Lady 
Scales, his 'Hi. haiinR died beCare him, (be 
descendants of Mareare(, wife of Sir Roberl.*'*^-^' 
Howard (anetslar, by bisiceimil wifF, of Ibe 
Dukes D( Norfolk) : and of Eliiabelh, who 
married Sir Roeer de Felbngge, tlie tlileri of 
Rocer 1V..5II1 Baron Scales bec.ime her heirt, 
and •dioiiK (heir descendants and repre- 
•cniaiives the Barony has since breii in Aibv- 



I.RiebirdLuQiley, lit Viscount Lumley ; Cre- 
ated Earl of Scarborough IS April, IGgOi 
«b. ITf I. 

9. Richard Lnmlcy, i.and h. K.C.i ob,l740,s.P. 

3. Thomas Lumley (assumed the name of) 

Saunilersoii, brother and beir, K. 0. i ab. 


4, Rirhard Lumley Saunderion, s. and li. ob, 


B. George Aufcutta Lumley Sauudcisun, i. and 

h.ob. UOT.t.r. 
B. Rirhard Lnroley d^tunderson, brother and beir. 

Present Earl of bcarboruup-h. Viscount and 
I Lumlfj, also VIscouni Lumlejr in 








1. FraDcii Lekf , Itt Biroo Deineourt o(SulW»l 
CretKil Earl of SomUtc 1 1 Nov. leiS ; «k 



3. NUholu Lcke, t. and h. ob. 1630. 



3. Robert Lrke, f. ind b. Ob. I707,».». 



4.NitholuLcke, nephew and beir, btln; M 
Mid h«ir of Richard L*ke. Mil bnrtbtr ol 
the U(t Earl i ob. IT3G, S. C. when ill Ul 
hunon becime 1 

_ UBOSi. 




I.Sir NathMiel CursoD. Stb B>rt ; Cntvi 
Baron Surtdale, co. Dctbj, 9 April, iW > 1 
oh. 1804. 



3.N«ih»ni»l Cuf»on, i. aod h. Prttent Bit* 

I. 1689, I. Frederick de i 

Tiyct and Earl of BreDtford, co. IfidjktOi 
Maniueu d( Hamich, cci. Emci, aod Itakl 
or SchomberE, 10 April, 1689. «itb it»ir 
dcr to fail ■econd loa Charlc* de SchoDbtiti 
and hii iiiuc male ; failing which, to Hm* 
hardt dc Scbomberf hii ildett aoo, and bit 
iiiue male, K. G. i ob. 1 690. 

II. 1690. !. Charlei de ScbomberE, Sd md and heir (a ibt 

aboTe titlci acrceablc to the Mid linitWiHi 
ob. 1693, 1. F. 
Ul. I6S3. 3,MeinhardtSchomberf, lit Dnka Ot V^aiUt 
in Irelaod, broiher and b«ir, being MO u^ 
heirofFrederick lit Dake. E.G.I ob-lTUr 
S.F.N. when all hi* lillc* becaM* 



jlMt nmiiiu 

|lli. I.Lambert de Seotenl ; held ten Knighi's let* 
IIS81 ob. circa 1195,1. P. u. leaving BerU 
■nd Aumiraii his tisltn and beirt. 
, a. WiUiam lie Scoleni, loii of Bcrti, dsu. of the 
lait Baron ; nave lk niitrks lor ihat portion 
ofifae linili d( fhe uid Lainbcrl, nhicb be- 
longed to him jure inMrit i living 1SI9| ob. 
k p. M. leaving bii three daughter* bi) hein. 


ended from Aumirait, 
ibcrt the Dm Baron; 
eet wilh the above 

■> I. ThoDiBi de Scoieni. deM 
the olher •iiter of Lai 
held divert Knight't 
William in 191!; ob. I^4S. 
L S. Peter deScDteni, s. and h. «h. IST7, lUd o( 
•ham nothing farther ii knonn. 


«Y TSHVlie. 

I. Robert lo Scropet eertified three Knight'i 
feci, 00. Glout^eiier, 1 1liS. 

9. Henry leScrope, t.and h. living I31T. 

3. William k ScTupe, ion and heir,- livlnj; i;9S. 
Heniy le Srropc, his tun and heir, wat ap- 
pointed Juitice of Ifae Common Pleaa IT 
Nov, 3 Edw. li. 1309, and wu Summ. lo 
Pari, u- offlaa, from 8 to ig Edif . tt. ; be died 
drea 133(1, leaving William le Scrope his ion 
•ml heir, who wa* never summoncil to Pari, 
and died *.t. 1345, vhen he wni suecended in 
bit land* by bis brother and heir 

I, Richard le Scrope ; who was Numm. to Pari, 
frame Jan. 44 Edw. III. I3T1,(0 UAuguit. 
S Hen. IV. 1409-, ob. 1403. 

S. Roge.- le Sfrope, i. and h. Sumtn, (o Pari. «i> 
Oct. and 33 No*. 5 Hen. IV. 1 403 1 he m*r> 
rird Margaret, dau. and coheir of Robert 
Buon Tiplutt , ob. IH14. 






3. Richard le Serope, .. and b.i b«mM<« 
Suiniii.loP.tI.j •b.neo. 



.Henry leServpe.i. and h.SomB). to Pul.bM 
3Dec. IsHen.VI. 1441, tuitiMaj.UHffi 
VI. 1455, u " Heutico te Scrope d. BoIm, 
Cbe*')" oh. 14S3. 



S. John le Scropr, •. and h. Sumu. lo Pari, ta 
30 Jsi;. ae Hen. Vr. 1460, to 16 
Hen. VII. I49T, K. G. ibough aocuidlnf U ■ 
Dogdalobe died Igjuly, 14M- 



6. Henry le Bcrope. a. and h.j be wat «nt 
Summ. 10 Pari.; ob. 150«. 



7. Ueory le Scrape, *. and b. Sunn- U Pfl' 
from 13 Nov. 6 Han. VIII IGI4>. lo 9H 
31 Hen. VIII. 1590) Ob. eir«. Ii33. 


B. John le Strop*, ». and h. Summ. to Pari. fi"« 

5 Jan. 3b U«n. Vlll. 1533. lo 5 Jan. <i Ei" 

VI. 155^1 ob. circal554. 



3. H«nry le Scrope, ■. and b. Sunxn. to P"l 
from 31 Oct. S and 3 Ph. and M. liSi, I.* 
Feb. 31 Blit. 1SS9: ob. 159S. 


ISyS.IO.ThumMleSprope, i. and h. Summ. wPu!- 

Frotn IS Ffb. 35 ElU. 1533, to 6 Oct. B Jic.l- 

1610, K.G.; ub.eirM IS13. 



1. Emanuel leScrop«, a. and b. Sumir.i»P'n- 
from 5 April, 13 J»p. I. IGI4, to 17 M»?. 

1 Car. I. I6!5| Created Earl of Si. 
19 June, 16*7 J ob. leST, ». P. l. •*«» '" 
Barony dcTolTed on the iuue and reprcMH"' 
iWe* of Mary, only dau. of Henc; IX Buni 
ahe married William Bowea, Esq. and i> f^' 
tinned veited in her dearendanti nniil lil^' 
when (be iiiue of all the other nbeinki'- 
in; failed, the Barony deiolied on CbuW 
Jonei, Eiq. he being helrgeneral of (be bw 
of Henry IX, Baron, ihoUKb he bai M"' 
ur^ hii claim to the diED't?. Hr.Jn)'* 

* Id Dugdale'i Liiu of Summoni he it daicn'bed u SfW 
le Scrope in the 6th and Tcb Hen. VIII. ; but pn^iabtj likf 
error in tnuscribiDg the Uit froDi (he B<^ of.llMae jaan. 

Ii likawiW cidett cnbcir of (be lUrory o( 
Tiploft, crr4l«d bythaWHi uf 10 March, 
1 KJw.II. 1303; and coheir oroiiB am'mf 
uFiIk Barony o( Bailleimen. 

I. HePO* le Scrape, finl ooutin of Eicbird I.- 
B*ion Scrape of Bolion ( Summ. lo P 
trem 9t Feb. 16 Edw. III. 1343, to 7 Sept. 
Rich. 11. 139l> <a '< Henrico le Scrape " 


I Pari. 

S. Slc]>heJl le ScTope, i. and ti. Sunt 

from S3 Nor. IGRIeb. II. IJtIS, (o I Jan. 
7 Heo. IV. 1406; ob. 1406. 

S.lleniy le Scrope, «. and b. Summ. to Pari, 
rrom 86 AvK- 8 Henry IV. 1408, to 36 Sept. 
9H*n.V. 1414, u •'Henrico le Scivpede 
Makbam ;" bebeailed and attaliKfd (ob. a. p.) 
1415, when hik bonori became 

1i.Jobn le ScTope, brother and beir. He npprari 
to have obtained a reiiuiaijon to hii bro- 
tber'i bonon and inbcri tame in 1431 i Sum- 
(Doned to Pari, rram T January, 4 Henry VI. 
1436, to 36 Uay. 33 Hen, VI. I4ib, u " Jo- 
bannl le Scropc de Maibani /' ob. 1465. 

S. Tbomai te Scrope, I. and h. Summ. (o Pari, 
rrooi i Oct. 3a Han. VI. I4.'>p, lu 19 Auguii, 
13 Ed«. IV. 1413, a* " TbomH k Scrope de 
Matbami" ob. 147S. 
\, 6.Tbonia* le Scrape, t.ftnd b, Summ. to Par). 
fmiD IS Nut. 33 Ed*. IV. 1489, to IS Aug. 
T Km. VII. 1499, ■• " Thoios le Scrope de 
UuhtlDi" ob. 1494, leaving Alice biadau. 
■nd heir, then IS yean of t^ei she became 
tba Beeond wile ul Henry Lord Scrope at 
Bolloni butdiedii.p.i. 1501, wbtn ibii Ba- 
rony dcvoWed onber uncif a 

, I.Henry le Scrope, n»« brother of the h 
■' iiBui tu r«rli»meol M " Hcuti 


Scroape de Scroop* et Upull, CM't :" S 
3 Hen.VUI.iaili «b.dica ISIJ.u. 

Vin.lSia.e-Ralpbde Scrn|>r, brother and belt) 1 
never Summ. lo P»l. tfao«)^ be ii< 
ouily (aid by Du(;<lale in hit Buoiii 
have been ta fumDiDOed 6 tlcD. Vill 
UIS, «.F. 


never Summ, to 
leavinp bis three liMen. via. AUet, i 
Thotdax Slraii|i»yt[ Mary, wife i 
Critlaplier DanCiy, Km.; and Eliubei: 
of Sir Ralph Fxi- Randolph, Km. ai 
iuue bii neit heit* ; aniDni; whioe di 
■nil and repreiiatainEi IhU iBiM 

Created Lord of SeaFonb, 

of Kinlail, to. Roti, SB Oct. 

«.r. M, Hben the tiile becai 




iMj, I89S. 

I. H. 11, 1. Gilbert de Beware, Lnrd of 8e{r«*«. « 

ceiter, (enp. Heii. Il.i liTln^lIM. 
It. John. S. Stepbfii ■)•• Segrave, a. and h. ob. 1*41. 
1)1. 3. Gilbert de SegraTC, a. and h. ab. circa I! 

I. I3C4. 4 Nicbolaa de Htgrm. i. uid h. 
S4Uec:. 49 Henry ill, ISM 
CAk.I. V!9&i ab.tS». 



lUS. S-Jnhn deSegrave, t, and 1). Summ. la Pirl. 

rnini 'JC Aufuitt M Edo. I. iS'jti, to 6 May, 

Ifl E<l<i. II. I3S5: ob. I3S5. 

Ill, \3Ji, 6. Jahnd* bcgiine,BrBniliDn*Dilh«ir, beinEton 

Riiil bcir of Stephan ile SegriTC (ob, v. p,) 

cl<leM ion of (hp last Bnron ; Summ, (o Pari. 

fromSS Nov. 10 Edward Ml. 1 336, to 1 6 Nov, 

Ldw. III. I3SI I hemarritilMirgsret Plantnfenet, dau. 

Md » Miilunll> aule beir ut Thomai de Brulherton, E«rl 

^H^rfolk, ]<aunger ton of King EdnsTil I.i ob. 1353, 

^|Bk Eliikbfth. bii aole dnogbicr and heir muricd 

^■flV.-IO a*nm Mowbfiy, whole >on ThoRiai wu 

^^■(d Dnh* of Norrolh, In whicb title this Bininy, 

^^^thar wilb (bat of Mnnhnir, continued merged until 

lUdeubol John IV.-4lb Duke uf Norfolk, ohen they 

t:'lted on bit daughter and beir, Ann, on whole desib, 

'. ihe dcw*ndiniE u( Margaret and Itubel, titters of 

<lin U.-id Dnke of NorFolk, became ber heira, between 

■bMe Tepreienlalivei (*ii. the pretent Bari of Berkeley, 

B btit of the laid U«bd, and ibi Baroni Pelre and 

hnrtOD *• h(ln-general of the laid MargU'ei) ibii Ba- 

nny 11 now in AaevaNCE. Vide Mowbrat. . 

ll^i. NleboUi de Segrave, Sd ion ofNIcbolai I.-4th 

Barun Segtave) Summoned to Parliament 

■I " Nicboiao de SegrnTe, Junion,'' from ^4 

June, 2i Edw. I. 1995, to 3G Jan. «S Edw. 

' ItSTt and at " Nicboiao de Segrave" from thence to 

~ ', 14 Edward I. 1331 -, ob. 1333, s. P. M. Haud, bit 

■ugUtcf and beir married Edmund de Bohan ; in 

M deacanduu ud repmcntatiTei ihii Barony i< now 





BjKDKr, 6 Octobrr, 1613 — g ( d m \SU. , 
Biiosr, 9 l^'gmt, ISTS. 

Vide RicnMt 

SETllOIJR. |j 

I54T. IKdoudSeyBMnr, IX.-lM Eul ot H«| 
Cr«te>t l» Feb. IMT. iUtvD Scrmai] 
rrmiiimler (o ifac trtn aula ei bit H 
Ann hit inviid ■ir*i mnaiinleT ml 
iwymour h» *<>D bjr CatWrioc b« 6nU 
>■ vbeKby," at tbe Kinf 4r«Um infl 
tsnt, the name or thai lamil; " Irami 
bis BiuM bfluvcd mother Jane, laiej 
«( England, (Iif« ber be|;iiiniiic, inifl 
be clouded by auy bieher title or e 
ofdlpnityi" Created DukeofSoDenri, 
the lanie reiDiiiider (b* oeit dajj K 
Lord Protector ; beheaded and itu 
1539, when all bit honon became 

16G0. 9. WilliUD Sej-maur, Itl Manpeia of Hell 
and beir agreeable to the tbure liiniiitii 
the Barony of Seyniour and Duk<4al 
Sumertct, wu retiored lo thoieliilnb] 
of Parliament in 16ff" 
since beeo locrged ii 

Thomai Seymnur, younger brolber of (b* 
lector ; Coaled iJar-m SeTmour of 9* 
CI. Gluunilrr, 16 Feb. 134; ; Lor4 ■ 


AOmitali K. G.j iitaiimd i 
IS49 (otk«.r.) ohFiibi ' 


1. Fruii^ii Scjmonr. nnt braihrr af Willinia I. 
MarquGHuI Herttonl, ami VILSU IJukc of 
SaaiEnet : Cnited Bamn SeyioDur af Trou- 
bnd|^, CO. Willi, 19 Frb. 1641 ; ub. 16G4. 

9. CbHrlei SeyiDDur, (. aTid li. ob, IGS5. 

i. FmotU Seymour. ■■ and b. s<i<n«k4 hit Uiai- 
nun, Jubn Seymuur, » XIV.-&ib End of 
Hertrord and X..5lb Duke af Somenet <u 
I6T5. This Birony conlinurd merged in (be 
Duk«duiii of Snmenet unlil ibt deMh of 
Algcmun Seymiiur. Xtl.-TIb Uuke of Sumer- 
Mti Mid Stb Baron Srymour of Troubridgc, 
cr. Ill lISii. »h«n it became 


Anihon)' Aililey Cooper, lal Baron Ailitejri 
Created Darun Coofier ul Paolett, cu. Sumer- 
■eMnd Earl ut Sbaftetbnry, j3 April, IGISi 
Lord Cbancellor 1 ub. 1683. 

3.Aiilb<Mi]i AthleyCuDTwr, ■. and h, ab. ■6.9.'). 

3. Anthony Aibley Cooper, ■■ and b ub. 171:1. 

4.Ai>lltuiiy AtblcyCoupar, i. and b. ub. I;T1- 

&Amhuny Aittlcy Cooper, *. and \\. ob. i«ll, 

6. Cruplry Atbley Couptr, bruihcr and brlr, Prr- 
>«nt Earlof ^bafie<bury,Itaraii A>blcy,IU(i>ii 
Cooper, and a Oiranet. — 

I, Edmund Sbi-ffleldi Crested Baniii i-beffipli 
Butteraikr, co. Lioooln, IQ Feb. 1MT i 


... IMS. S. Jabn SiKffleM. >. and It Ob- IKS. , 

ML IM^. S-Eamnnil ShefflEld, >. and h. t.'nuiti Bm 
Mulen*' I Peb. IBK, K.G. 

CiTlltft I73S. 


, MiM Rika Kolroyd, l*t Bai 
lidmd: Crr^cd Barsn Shei&<ld ul jl 
■a.Vatk,i9Ju1;, IB03^ Cniud Eari«l 
Sdaio Ireluid IB16i ob. IBSl. ' 

mi. d, Gcorft AjisuMui Fmiciick <:harltt f. 
L ami b. PiVMni Biron Sbcftcid -, tlm 
of SWffirid, Ac. in lrc<*od. 


Clinbrtii BqrBia^ uit« ind ■[ leapt 
brir nrp4ul Viicount BvhikE' "'"l ■'* 
Fnbcii Lnidard, Xlll.-I3tb Baun M 
CtMI(4 CdhMM* irf Sbcr«7 r»r l<fe, i ^ 
tCM : ob. 1690. *bcn ihc litk hean* 


Bvanet ^Vntnl, Itt Biron Barinraol 
EBfUnd, and 3d Blrob Sberard in lid 
Creaird ^Itcoaiii Shcnrd of Stipktorf 
Lpicvtrt, 3l(t Od. niB.witb rrmuii^ 
hit ittut lul* ; L'fUTcd Earl ol HuM" 
>i<b a i{wrial rcBundfr, i Hit, iTISi 
r.i% i. r. >lirn tbit Vis< 



I. 3. Joba Dutinn, a. and li. Preient Baron Shot' 

'"'"•■ f 


'. E'Uard Ruoell, n«phe» of Williaai VII.-Gih 
Enrl.ancl 1V.-&ibl>ukp uf Reilfunj ; Crealril 
Biruii of SfaiiiKnv (or B»an Ruu«ll oF Sliia 
e^yj, ro. CaiulJtiJge, Viicoiiiil BarHeur, aiii 
£i<rl uf Orfun), 7<h May, 1697, olili niDBin 
litr 111 hit iuue male i failiue wliich, uf the 
drgniiy of Bxmn Shingay (ur Rmiell of 
Sliiiigay] |g Ibe iuue male of Leiilia, hia 
eldetliiXert nb. 179T, B. p. when all hi ■ hu^ 
" itiaidiltlerLetiliahariugdieils,)'. 





pimifry : Cfentt.l E«rl nf 
aiiri^ocDury ami Ami.del, &r. by Williai 
Cui<[|uerr:ri ub. 1094. 

i. H.igh de MrxitgDinrry. Sd bod ; iucccec 

the Earldom ; ob. logtt, s. r. 
3. Robert Ue Belume, brolber and hcir^ 

eldtti ion of Roger lit Earl; diveiteil of ibe 
Earldom circa I loS. 

I.Johii T-lbot, Vl..|!ib Biron Talbot; alt.i O*^ et 
Buroii Strange of Blackmi^rG by dricenl, miil J ^-itl^ 
Karon Furnival jure unurit ; Creaied Eiirl of i* a^^ -j^ 
Khrcwtbury^ May, 1443; Created Earl of " Vi'"/ 

md Earl of Walerford in Ireland U '' t'^*^* 

Jj>lj..l44g i L'lrd Lieut, of Ireland 1446, Hdt.t^A 

H. John T«ll.ut, *. ami h. Lord Treuurer, K. G. ; 
ob. lieu. 

VI. I4G0. xJ>kkTaaM.«.HCk*.i^ 

VII. I4TS. 4.CfyT^fci^ !■ « S.^~ ASa. 

VIII. iHi. s. r i»i- Ti^^ •.••*. t*^ *. 1* 

X. ll«aT.OH»tKT^Mi,>^ad V K.«^ *X 


XI. l«l«. «.E«-«JTMm. Ift taaftvart 


XII. I6l>. 9.0M(f*Tifti«,««^ ad lifc 

•01 *»d W^ ifJhftM. «Afei««* 
n)d tieircf lo^ ■■■ if iv C 
of CnftM, M MB if JMb V-( 

XII1.I630. 10. JabnTdbM. ■>)*«• M< hi«. 1 
brirai J.^ 
etf!: ab-lCa. 

XtV.IG53.II.FniicwT>lbM,i. MrfLaK 


XV. ISfiT^ 

. IG»I. llCbntaTakK, ■. 

Dake af : 

oh. nil, •.?.•!■*■& 
olAlMB ■■irtifr^iit— '- 

XVI, lUa.lJ'". l-^riT - . . . »A 

(onirfJobn XIU.-10«k£>rii ak i;4»- 
XVII.IT43.M.CcorceT>lb<Fi, atpkn ud bar, bM(<* 
■nd b«ir of Gcorp, Mzi bcMbff allkl H 
Earl , ofa. ITBT, &. r. 
XVIII,i;>:.1S.Cb>il«T>]bM. ■eyhtWpJWir. brinw 
and brtr ■fCbarto, ant hntbn d Ct^ 
lut £ari. pTCTtrnt Kaii rfSb W »t»iTi*' 
EaHofWdiunlu — - - - - ■ -^ 


1. Devon. 13 Jin, IBOS. 
nt ViscouiilSidiDDutb. =i= 


leSI- 1 . ThoniHS Paketihaa, Ut Earl of ton^Furd in 
Irelaiiil ; CrealEd Baron Silcbester, co. 
Snuib<iniploTi, llJuly, 1891. Preient Baran / 
Sllcheiier ; illo Earl at Longford, Al-. in In* 
Und, K.P. =F 



I 1. RogeT it Somarici living 1139. 

tl. 3. John dc SuiDcri, nho Hrquired ihe 

Dudley by marrying lUwyGe, l^sler anil heir 
uf Gervu« Paganctl. Vide DuuLtr, 


, 1. JobiiSumcr 
Eveih*m, < 

LliaiicEllur i ob. 171 


Mi. I. Sir CbarUi Cocki, Ut Baronet, t. and b. of J 
J«hit Cucin, (Ideit lurvivinc )on of Cbirlc* f 


CuFki, hy Mary, cliteil •utd mi coWr^ 
tbo Uit (Urop I Cnnttil Lord SoiBrn, El«q 
•jrErnUim, eu. Warcetur. IJ Mij, llUl 

I IBM.— L ia3I.S:i-<bQ5»niiDenC«luA*'»lb.LiMtt 
Vucounl Eulnvr, uf Eutnot (■ 
lU, CO- Hcrrford, miu] E*r1 ^mbM| 
IT Juir 1831. PrcMdt Earl d 
BAron Sommcri, Viicouat tWN 
u)(l ■ Baroaei. ^ ^ 


Ml MM 

1397. I.John de Beuilarl, cUmi b 
lun nf Julm of G«ii>tl, Oi 
Lanculer (but iFKiiimaiixJ hjil 
of Parlilmeul, wilh ■□ uircpliuu apM 
an; cUioi to ibe Ibruiir) i Crciltil Etrl i 
SomeiHt 1397. and Marqun* of Donitl 
Srpt. I39T, wbicb litle be loan aftcrvtnton 
ligDrdi aod Ibc tame day, l*. S9tb Sn 
«u Created Ifanjuna at Svaerwl -, bult 
rJitaft wai irjrted Murqurtt uf Dunrt (ii 
IM Htn. IV. nbrii be *al acprivKl of lb> 
(ille, and hu only mtnidrrcd m EuI ofS 
merHf. Rnlorcd lo ih« Haniaiiate ofDa 
■el -I Hen. IV. bul be wu ne.rr itylcd Uil 
quell uf Sooiertel, nhkb di^iry sii pn 
bably n>n<idtred to bavr beefi Mi<crllcd. E-C 
Lord Kifh Admiralj ob. 1410. 
MtO. 3. Henrydc Beaur>>n,t.aDdb.i ub lili,t.r. 

Hia— I. 1443. 3.J><biideBe*u(urt.bratbrrindlial 
Crtaied Earl ol Kendal and IH^ 
uf Somenei 1443; K.G.:i>li.lM 
«. p. V. [Marfnni, biiostvdii>(k 
ler and hnir, marned EJiau" 
Earl of RiLbmnr-d, and ■» » 
bim DIOthrr of Kti.|; Hrat, Vll. 
oheii ibe Dukedxai uirSuouml 
xid EiiMom ol Kriidil bc'»* 
fltlnrt, boi ibc Earldumvfi^ 






4.Eai»l)na Je BfKufort, MnrquU of 
Daricf, ■■ brother unit hrir male; 
CroinJ Duke ol Somcnei 31 
M.rol. 1448 i Rfgeni of Ffunce 1 
U)r<IH)|ttiCon«ub1«i K.C.i ob. 



S.H«nry d« B«iiurorI, i. anil h. bc- 
h«itil«] I4«a, (ob. s, r. L.) iind 
bting attalntvil, all bb liunuun 
beemne iPorfclUB. 

IPllmiin.l #!■«..> 11 fAvT hpnllia#«n«t 

ciimunu ue itpAuiarii oruiiitr Ana 

licir, is laii] lu bate b«ii rertorcd 

49(li Hrliry VI. ami [u biTC at- 

lendrU that (r<ailliliiiei>< i but hii 

iiinie ilou nul appear in the litt 

briutnmant«a in that y»ri and 

hl> rEiiuntUon il tou doubtful 
* Pdiiit to allow of hit beinit >^un- 

lldvt«i) to bl*i! ptMiet'ed hie bro- 
ilier-i di/nliiM ; bebeadfd 1471 1 
Ob. S.I-. wb«n, irthe6ai(]h..i>uuri 

tih.l kaAii «U.V>fil4il 1.. L. im tliBU 

Tiau t>ecTi nmoi^u iw iiirn> tDcy 

brine aitalnipil, would agiiii ban 

bcin ftrftttrt, e«n bad hi left 



. Eilmuml Tudur, 3d iQn of Kinr 
Henry Vtt.i Created Du ice or 9o- 
■oenet H!)6;<ib. 1499, infani. 
when ih> title becamt 



. Henry Fit* Roy. natural ion of 
Ki..g Henry Vnt.; Creatr,! Earl 
of NoUingbam and Duke of K.el- 
DKindanJSamertel IttJune.lS'Jti 
Admiral uf England, K.C; ub. 


I53C. »,p. -hen all hit diKnitie) 
became 4!Ftinct. 



.Gdwnrd Seytuour tX.-lit E«rt at 
Hnrtlord, broll>er-i»-l*w ul Kins 

M.fl.n. VIII _H.J ..rt..!^ ntf 4fb..» 

Henry Vlli- and uncle ol Klug 

W<randVJ.; CreMed DuVc ol^- 
mrrirt ISib Feb. IS«, v.nV> tt- 



■ , 

U*ne sab *•* bit bni ^i' : iJ" 
ProuetM. K. C. ; brtr»i»0 m*i 
uij iMtoit Miwn'ril. »ll bu to- 
aon btcaoK JFoiftitrt- 
Roberl Cur, I M VUcDBnt Rocbccirr ; CmiM 

B*ron of Brua|>ctb. co- U»A*ot, ^ E^ 

of Somcncl, M Su«oil"'. iSlS. 

Chunbcrlun, K. a; ub. 164^ «■'■■• 

bii tillo becune £lltlltt. 

Vli. 1660. 8.W.lli«n Stjmour. IH MirqMM, toJ n^Jj 

af SomcnM and B»roiij of SijBioBf, <i7<« 
re«n»Uf Ih. «l.inaef of Ed-mfdVn-l*. 
_ _ nuke,ihe Proteoor, 13f*pt. l660,iiido* 

firmed by «noth«r Act, SO Dec. IG6I;IJ 
being eldeil ton of Ed«anl Si>inuur i* 
». p.) .. and h. of Ed-«d X.-lit E«fl ol H«ri- 
furd,eldeilH>D ot Ihe Mid Duke bj hii in"| 
*ife,«Dd,iRr«.blB W ihe !■"<"• "I^*" 1 
tion of the B»rony of Sejiaour and Dukrf«»l 
of Somereet, beir to iho«e dicnittu ; t.^i 
ob. 1S60. 

VIII. IfiSO.a.WilliimSejniour, fraodioa ■ndheiriWI 
«. and b. of Heiiry Seymour (ob. ».P.) "■ 
(on of the lut Duke ) Ob. 167 1 , «- r- 

JX. 1671.4.John Seymour, uncle ■nd b«ir, beiii( Ed" 
of Willwro VU.-Sd DuLe ; ob. 1675, s. f. 

X. IftTS. 5, Franci. Seymuur, 3d Baron Seymour of Ti«^ 

bridRp, cooMil utd beir, btiBf i. UM •■ ■ 
Cb>rle<, 9d Baron, elde»t »oi» ol Franc* '" 
Batop Seymour ot Troabrlrlge, youni" W»- 
tber o( Wllllim VIL-U Duke of SotKf"*- 
ob. 1678, 8. P. 

XI. 1678. 6.Charlei Seymour, brother and heir i b« •'^ 
ried Elixabeib, lole dughtar and mi' ■ 
Joicelinc, Earlot NorthamberUudi K-"*" 
ob. 1748. ,_,j 

XII.IT4B. T.AlHemonSeymoor, i. andh.; Created""" 
Nortbomberlwd, Egrrmont, ftc i ob. 1I» 
vv.«. «ben tbe Earldooi of Hcrtkifd, l"^ 


tnour. o( Trouhridge, became 'lErtlnct ; but 
iha Birany ol S-vmaur and lJuliedDiD of 
Sum tnr I ieval'ti un, 

fl.Slr Edimrd Sevioour, 6ih Baron tl, ba being 
hrir msir uF Sir EdwKrd Seymour, ion and 
heir, by hii firtl wife [all the miBe dricetid- 
*i.» of the itcoRd wilt liBvins failed}, of lid- 
•mrd VI.. Ut Uuke the Pruteclor ; i>b. 17.SI. 

9. Edward Seymour, ■.and b. I ob. 17.43, N. P. 

laWebbSejrmuor, brolher and heir; ob. 1733. 

It. Edward Adulphui Seymour, •. and b. ; pment 
Ouke of Sumeraet, Baron Seymour, and • 
UaTDiieL =p 



8 April IKS— Cjtinct 1709. 

Vide Fkvebsham. 
lOUWTCV, 19ih Oel. 1714— flFtinct ir4C. 


I I. Uwii Munian, Ulum'-d the name of WaU on, 
ftlwiaorjuhn, Iti Baron MoiKon, by Ma^ 
cam, dau. of Lewii, Earl of Rorkingbam, 
and lU.-Itt Viivuunl Surnlei, and lunt nf 
ThomM, 3d Earl of Rockingbam, and Uit 
\1«cuuTit Sundea, of Leei Court, cu. Kent i 
Crealed Baron Sondei, of !.««■ Court, cv. 
Kent, eutli May 1760 1 ob. 1795. 
«. Uoli Tbomai Waoon, i. and h. i ob. 1 Boe. 

, 3 Lewi* Richard Watton, i. and b. i prtteni 
Uarun Sundti, of Lcei Court. 


I. VniliunFitiwillinm (defended from ihe com- 
anmalorof the preirnt Earl Fili-Wil. 


Oct. 1537 i Aitmirftl of Eng,i»ai, K-C-ilL 
1543, s. P. »l>en ihe title beetnie 
r-ARLi. <lftlnct. 

II. 1S4T. I.Tbemfti Wriothvcley. I*t BaronWnvthnl'H 

created £irl of buulbioipioa I61I1 Fibruir), 
IS4? I Lord Ch&ncellur, K.C. ; ob. I£». 

III. 155a S. Heiiiy Wriotbailcy, ■. «I><1 h. i ob. 1581. 

IV. J SB I. 3. Honrr WrioiUetLiy, «- and b. •cuintcd in W 

nhdu all bia buiion b«»iB« twfttt^- ■ 
■torcd in I6U3 i CrtMcJ, bjr ■ nca »>rn<, 
daled 31M Julj, 1603, Eul uf SmithMir""! 
«iih till) (■inc risbti And priiiilcta u l» li'- 
mcrly eitjayed, K.G. ; ob. 1624. 

V. 1GZ1. 4.Tbomai WnuibriUy. t. and b. K.d 

ItiST, fi. F. M. aben k11 bi> tillei bEUint 


I. IfiTO. i.B»bftr)iVilllrn,dRu. >ndheirarWIUi>a]V* 
count Graiidi«on, and miitreM urKinKCiiria 
Il.i Created BAronoi Nuniucb. fo. Sumj, 
CounleiE of Suulbampton, and Dufhoi tl 
CUviluid. oilh remainder to CbirIn ul 
Gcrorge Fiti-Roy, hft natural turn bj Iki 
King, 3d Ausuit, I6T0 ; 06, i;OSI. 

VI. 1703.— 1. IG74. I.CharlM Fit* Roy, natural n 

KineCbirledl., Creaiid Bamitl 
Nevbury, co. Bcrfci, Earl nlCV 
chfHler, cu. SuMn, and Dwk) •> 
Southampton, 10 Sept. Ifi7«( mi- 
seeded bii tnother In itie Itakt> 
dom of Cleveland and Eifldwn •( 
Soulbamplon 1709; K.G. iohlTA' 

VII. i;30.— II. naO. 9, Williaoi FriiroT, •.•ndb.Pako' 

Cleretand, and Duke and fiulrf 

Southampton 1 ob. nil, 1 

■11 bii bonuora became 

BaRONt. Crtlntz. 

L 1780. I.CbaHesFUtray, a»( bralhei of Aupuiai, M 

Duke of Grafton, and eraiidiuu of IM? 

Filc-Rxy, l(t Duke uTGraltou. ualuraK^' 

tber of Chwlei, Ut Duke at Soulk ' 


Cmted Baron of Saiitl>«nptt>n> «a 
ITOdi. OBOi Ob. nsT. 
n- S-Gwiri:* Fctdlnand Fid-Ray, >. and b. { gb.1 
IBIO. 1 

blO. S.Charit* Fiit-Rojr, a. and k. i preient Baron 1 



Vide DEarENCER- 

Bobert SfMotr (iiiil bjr toina Bothontiea 1< 
liave btta deEcenileil Irum ■ youtiget htatwh 
of Ae anrient BiFoni Deipencar); Ctealil 
Baron Spencer of Wonuleiglit an, cu.Warwick, 
!l Jul; 160.1, ob. leST. 

>l- I64T. 9. WUIiDln Spencer, ■. »ai h.} ob. 163S. 

Ill 1C38- 9. Urnr* Spencer, t. and h ; Crealed E*tl of V 
Sunderland, H June, )643. I 



Jobn Spencer, eldeil aon of 
John Spencer, 3d son of 
Cbarlei, 3d Earl ol Sunder- 
land, and Atb Baron Spen- 
•er or Wormleigblon ; Cre- 
alad Baron Sptnear, of Al-, and 
ViiCAuni Speneir ol Altborp 
■ToreiaiJ. 3 April i;GI ; 
Crvaled Viscount Altboip, 
oo. Nortbampton, and Earl 
Sliennr, 1 Nut. IT6S| ob. 

heir, K. G. He married Ami 
Pliilil*C«iet< d>u- ■"•1 heir uf 
TUmni of WoodtiDck, Puke uf 
I. of Ki..B 


t«1iiili HC 

>V1. 1403, IS.Humpbrcy ie fiuHTunl. ••>!■ and 
heir I Crcitcl Dukr uF UuckiKE- 
himl43cpt.l-)44, K.G.i >tain]4'I0. 

■VlI.I4eOI6.Heiirjde Suffgrii. inndion and 
bElrj beitie •. ki>d h. or Hum- 
phrey (uli. V. r.) tlilcit >oii of tba 
lut Earl i Duke ol Burkiiighau i 

LunlHlKb CoiuubU, K.G. b«- 

headed 1483. 

■Vlll^l4e3.ll.Ed«ard de Sufferd, s. and h. 

niikeofBuckiniham. Lord High 

Conaiable, K.G., bebeaded 1531 ( 

aud, being aWainted, nil hit bu- 

fiouri became JfoifciKD. 

Neory Stafford, a. and h. ot Ednatd, the latt 

Baton and Earl of Sofford, and [luke o( 

Buekinsbamin 15471 it wai enacted bv Act uf 

ParliAmenl 1 Edo.VI. '■ that tbe laicl Henry 

LurdRtaffurd, and Ibe beiri rnale of liit body 

com in]:, may be laken. and repuled ai Lord 

Slafford.oithaieatandvoiceiDParliimeni ai 

■ Baron 1 andfurtheribat the aaid Henry* b« 

rutOMd In bloodai soil and heir ofEdHardime 

Dak* uf BuckinKhatD," Ike, iiuDiinoiied <u 

Pwllanicnt fram S4 Nov. 3 Edw VI. 1S48, in 

6(h Nov. S and VI. Pta. and Mary, I55il. He 

W«rricd Cnula, dau. of Sir Riebard Pule, 

K. B. by Margaret Pliniaicenel, Cuuiiteaa of 

8atiabury,d«u. and heir of George, Duke of 

Qannee, broilier uf Kin); Edirard IV, and 

King Richard 111. ; ob. IbGS. 

MM that h« HM rotortd in blood in I S!1 1 but OD 

be Mlhoiiud Colleclion of tlia Siatutei it appearg, 

IS Hn.VIIL the Act in (|ue>lii« vai (laued, 

naUed tb> laid H( ' " ' ■ 


I6ST. i. Roga^iMi 
MB dCltMl 

* Ilia sribl^ 

amittd to itm SgAti k 
Hnav, u aMt witik U *t 
LtoaofSotuMMt tiMfUr 
■DaMfivalBtann. tollB 
H, b 

rnnag, hniuc inowJai hb I 
HauT to ba famd io iIm M 
Ilia W FraoBb TowdMdI. I 

. ^ir William KuHard, K.B. (yuungifr 
•in ol Tlioniu, XX[1[.-SU E*rl of 
AiuLilal) tiMviiie mnrrinl Uuy, 
•itter and uile heir of Htury IV.- 
4il) B*nni ; Ibey were civBleJ B*- 
n>ri uid BDronetiStaBurcliWlib rt- 
niuiiiler tu ibe liein mile of ibclr 
tiuilie«i failine which, to l he he in 
oflheirbodie«>,lil»[>i.l640. The 

ttiiaey f;Ina b; thii Patent ■■ 

MHtnl by HtBij SuflFurd, IV.-4ih 

Mtiofl eiy'iB^ iiraccilencii Ujancl the dsti uf 

lUt «o Ant of ('■tliuDBnti ia illcgm 


liuDBiiti ia illcni. A 
.good did at the cliimi if ■ bti. Ricbiid Sufliird 
-) Moiatit BiroDj uf Stafford, ■ few xirdt on hii 
Hf paaalbl* be eipcud. Thai centleman ia taid 
r-Etiwnd of Durolhy, daiubler of 11(017, *l><> <•« 
[Stafford in 1S4T, which Dorothr nurned Sir Wil- 
, af Gnflon. Adoiittinn Ihii deaoent, it ■• difficult 
al akim wbich it afforda to the Banmj of Sufford. 
!an»]F iinduubtedlj' beeunc ronriirto on iha *t- 
hnid, Duke of Buukincliva, in 1691, and wbicli 
Mm bteo rtvtnad. Hcnrj' Stafford, bia aoe and 
Ud Bamn Staffuid rft tioiv, wlib an cipniaa iinita- 
t Mr> maU uf bia hud} caniing," ]<j Act uf Pari. 
1147. and ■bicli digaily bscuic eiTiNCT on the 
r tin male duccndann of the tald Henry, about Uu 

ard, Dul» of 

i Mary lil> oife, 

>,l*> of I 
m uabtriting hi 

Sofford, pre- 
ifiniliri i and though it did 
her life, it in affott pro- 
iH, at It prevented her de- 
.til tlie revciial of tlu aaid 

sTAFRMtD. , 

uM Sir Wim jn Havtri «<• mf | 
trd Viic SuBurd, anh R>ii>'te , 

ninicd. aU bic bonon W«mm 

I luDon a iha Haialj 
IW nmiW (^ th( Mil 

JiuWi g'*!'' nfthabodi of Htnn Ban» 

I i i ii i ii p ir H ly Mr in tdood oT Edwd Dnkc of Bodiinclum, I 
lut pBna poH^wd of ttir innnt Rmin. Norwithina^ 
Ah a* iliiiimil of ttu dHInnt titlu of Snffud u*. >! 
hoped. te*trMj dauli then in th« Mit, thi f»lh.-ii£ Ml 

liL tlHuciat Bdvd' cmtnl bj tht Wrli orSstiisnad 
edi Frb. tT Edw. i. l999,'udt)wBuMDnicr«M(d bjtluta^ 
of 3ih MutIi, I3J1, nn bodi roRrcirtn b* the Ktustel 
Edavd Duke of Btu^mgfanB, IX. Bbdo u>l VUI. Eu*g(9rf 

; "■- T r . -1 cr'iwd bjlht Adof Pu^UMnnilB 

■ .■■'■ - - '■ ;. Suifird, ion of EJ<«ni l»itl>*< 

;■ --■■ EtTiscr oo l!w derth of bit tail J 

sdJr. The Bb^ J of Snffnd, cnMx) M WaduB Hawd lid 

DOW Te4[«l LD S<T Georee Jfratnglum, m hil bnr-gniat«l> v <■< 
sHfRiia of dv nmu] of the uid MUtiuier ■ In idaMbt Aa. 

*ibtj. Tbc VtKoatttef cTMtod to tha ttH WHiiam StA 
bj nuiit 1 1 Not. i«40, becBDc roanrrmo b; hit tftMn 

hot thni;;fa ttw aii ittiiniteT ii mmed, the Vji Mj oM 

unmCT ftnn difaok of th« hein oak of the nid VbcMM. 

Stblj. Tb* Buivy cmled to Htij, wifc «f tin mU 1 
liui Sttffbrd, VBcouBt uil Buon StdFbrd, bf PdM* I *th 9q 
I640, fid not oe W d«ub dCueBd to hrr iAoe, id taB(q«M 

30, »pw»!tfti Xn *«1«B»»»«- 

STAFrORD. dOt.^^H 

M^ L ISBS. 1 . M«iy Mo*;irf. >1<t» mil (ok bcic 1 
of Httiry IV.Hlh Bkmii Swfford, 
tnd wlh of Sir WilHsiD Ha«kfd. 
K.B ; CreiltH] B^rooeii KUfford. 
H ii brforc ttileJ in p. 601, I9lh 

Sept. 18*0 1 Crewcd Coumwi of 

SMfford. for life, 6f h Oct. ■(>«?; 
Ob, 1693, <>h«n (be dieoKy of 
Coonteu becnme Crtlntt, >iid 
hcT huibxnd ha>lng been KtiBrnt- 
ed, bi« isiue by her eould not lae- 
M«l 10 tbe Bitiuny. 
18. l.Htaty SUfTurd Howard, eldest f on of Williitn 
Homrd, Itt Viieount SttlTurd. ana M*ry, 

Stiffurd, wlib remsinder, fiiUnC b» iMiM 
■Dal<^ to Jobn and Fnncic, bii brolbm tnJ 
(beir iuuB male, S Oct. 1688 ; ob. IT 19, s. p. 

«. 9. WilliRoi Sl«ffurd Huwird, iifpheo >nd Ueir, 
beint >. ind b. of Jobn, nesl brolUer of tbii 
UxBarl; ob. i:a4. 

H A-WilHamMmUatStiifrard Howard, i.andb.t 

St. 4. Jobn Paul Sufford Howard, utick and heir, 
being.iiMt broiher ol William X.-2U Earli 
ob. nee, «. p. whto Ibe Eirldom brcame 

M. ff.SirGearee JcrtiiriEbam. 7<ti Bart. (i. and b. 
of Sir William Jef.ii..gbaw, eld«t ion of Sir 
Ceoixc Jcrmnsbam, by Mary, dan. aod lok 

TU EarUon of SuiFard, created to Henry 5tdT..rd ^^H 
by RmcbC & Oct. lesfl, henme ixtiuct on tba Mr- ^^^H 
ofthllMD* na1« orilicbro(b>noftliewdHeoiy,.ia ^^H 

Mr Oenei JimlaeUn, by tbe rersiul of iha al- 1 
rf WltllMo Ho".rd, i.t Vi.c«.ni .''i.ffo.d, !,« .««- 1 
B tl» IWoay of Stafford, ctnwd by Palent lith J 

1 hair^Dcnl of the bodiai of tbe »>d William Howard. ■ 


^M ud nwauullj nic h*ir ■( J«hn PmiI. XIMih uid lot , 

^m EaH af SnTont. »m4 l> ar -pa ti» l of Sir WlUnm H««rI. i 

^B K.B.Ifi40,t^lM B««.wd i.-l4lV>«f<Mit>lHB«ird,u.d 

^B urMHTSurutilb>«-)fc],MMr«4«lioi)wB«nin}otSul- 

^1 rord, cRMcd by Ike P*tHl ol 18 Stft. IG40, Ibc Kitrnl J 

^1 of tbc atoinder of ibc uid TnUian Howud. Viteoaui id I 

^1 Btnin StaaoH biTio; bMS pnwrf by lb* Cman iii im, I 

^H u bni^cownl oT ibr biaiie* of tbc aid Williaa IIms4 J 

^H anil Marjr bi* mitr, BinM tad Buoneu Siaffunl. 

^H of rrcoitiiiiKia of ibc B*ra*j being *at«l ia fail 1> 

^H till faaacier ai ftt ulua pU«. ^ 

I. IITI. Riebin) de SutTont, (. UNJ h. of Richiri 

Siaffurd (lounfrrr bruther of Ralfib T>< fj'l 

of Suffard;, who uniuiped the LoMthip"! 

Clirion, CO. SiiffuFd. by Diamine H>4 

d>a. and heir of RLrbaid de C:iiDvilli Summ. 'o Put. 

rr-xn 8 Jan. M Edward 111. 1371, lo 90 Od. 3 Ridi-n. 

13T9i ot>. lSB\,\rtr\ug Edmond. aftcmnlt Biibor el 

Elder, hii ton and brir, and Tbomai hi^Sd »n; "' 

Tbuoai left inDc Tbomu StaSunI, *hti died i. P. I< 

Kalherine bit ti«t»r iirid heir, oho married St I'M 

Ardcii, Km. Maud Anlen.iheiroiil; child, miuti " 

Tbomu Suoleji bat none of Ibe docendanl) ti 

Baron were crer lumninDed (o Partiametit. Tbt Bmt 

it buweTer reired in Ibr deterndaiiti and repmenu^"* 

III Itie taid Maud, wile of Sir Ttramat Slaolej'. 

Huch de Stafford : Sdidiii. to Pari. B J>i">W< 
*i Edward III. 1371. Dugdale in huSi'»- 
aer (i.ct na arcouni of a Hugb dt 5uM 
bioiof been (uaioianed in (haljrir. '"* 
pr.>balile il *u Hugh, ibe wn and bri'l 
pamilur Ralph lit Ejirl of Siaffoid.oa'** 
^l*cHIA "U ChV in Au^it , I ET'f. 



HuBtfilif)' SiaKird (dincHidfU rrora Sir Jubn 
StiCsn) of Hook*, Ihe linenl desFrniJint of 
H«r''eyB>f:oiii>a Mll!»Bt Stafford bis wire, 
Ihi> ruoiMKin iiiia(«l<ns of the Birons Biiil 
Ead* <il SuQwrd) i Smaoi, to Pari. It*m t6 
4«tr. I Bdw.lV. I46l,toSe Feb. !Ed». IV. 
H6S, M "HaMfrklu StaFnid de Smhoyk 
Che».i" Crealed l.y Patent Lord SiifTurd uf 
Sulhwyck, 34 April, 1464; Crcnltd Enrl ot 
U«»on, 7 Mny. l«J ; bcUc.iJed UfiS; ol>. s,r. 
«bai all hi> lionori became 

Vide Bov 


. Cr*livll]« UveMH Gawer, Sd Earl Cower ^ 
C'rvMed M*rqii«Esur Itie Cuunly u< Sisfford 
3H Feb. l-.m-, K.G.: ob. IBOI. 
I. t. Gmixe Gr«iiville LcTnan Gower, *. and b. 
Pftfrtil Mhtijatttot Suffurd, Earl and Biroii 
Cnoer, VueuuntTrfnlhiin, iiiil » Biruiiti, 




k S-TbunuMnrvy, grmidtun and bfiri b(!ins><'n 
*nil lieir of Tliotnu Grey (ob. v. p.) tldnt 
•wa ol (be lu( Earl i ob. I7<0, s. *. 

i. 3. llMT^Cre}, couain and btir, beitis ton and 

f - 


ISO- «- Baiy Cv*. L ud h. Uc ■unolMin,! 
dH. m4 'few ai Grtwft BoMb, bM W 

fc k Mm, Md Eut of WunoflM 

»f*. naet ak lats. 

,>i Cfoird Bum Snah 
B«iltM|,iua, eo. NvillianiDtoa, 4 U»j, 

I. OariB Suabapc, •. aad h. ob. 1G7S, 
«kta iW Ciike t[ir»mf 

I. PUip Stanhope Cenat-eniNlconofSirlf 
SoBhuf*. foibcir of Jobn lit Baron 
b«pc «l HuTiBgtoo) ; Crealcd BarMi 
bnr cf Sbtlfml, ro. NtXliasbiD, T 
I6l<i; LnaKd Eailof Cb«I»ficlil 4 Ai 
leii. \~ide CHUTcan 

i.Jaoia Sunbope (two 
beir or AInuidvr Stn 
jmingtr ton of PbiKi 
Btron Sunhofw or Sbi 
and Itt B«rl of Cb 


hopf or Elvuton, CO. Ucrbr, 
■nd VUcount St»nbor« "' 
Mahon in the iiland of Ml- 
nuro, 18 July, ITIT, "illi 
remainder, TaiUng liii isaue 
niaUi (o hii kinimin Tbo' 
mw Siinbope or EI>aiton, 
Et(|. iiiid ii> Cbarlu an<l 
William (nFtFrwards Earl 
of Harriiitton), brofhen ciF 
hit >*id kinimiti Tbomu 
Slaiibupc, >ho «M iet' 
cended from Sir Jolin Sian- 
hupC) icreat-erAiidfilher of 
tbe Viicuuni, anJ id ibeir 
ixue mate retprclivrly ; 
Crea'd Earl Sianliape, 
with remainder to ihc htira 

I male of 1>i> bodji, 14 April, 

V vitc. SARLL 17181 ob. 1791. 

191.1731^11. 173l.9.Ptiillp5iatih(ipr, i.andh.j 

L ob. 17M6. 

■11.1786^111. 1 7 86. 3. Chatlei Sia..hope, c. and 

r h. iob. IBI6. 

riBIK—IV. 1SIS.4. Philip Henry Slanbopc, wn 
■nd beir. PrFunl Earl, 
Viicouni, and Baron Siau- 



Tbomai SlanleT'i Summ. to Par', by a ipecial 
Wril lexed 15 Jan. 34 Hrn. VI. 1456, LuC 
never alierwirdtj K. G, ! ub. 14^8 9. 

Tlionia* Sl.inley. •. and li. Summ. to Parl.frDDi 

,JH)Juty,3BHeii. VI. l4Gu.tug Dec. I Ric.lll. 
14113 1 Created Earl i.f Derby S7 Oel. I4RS, 
lliit BarDi>> com liiued merg<.d in ibe Earldom 

1 of Derby until the dcmiis of Ferdinand XV.- 
6 b Earful Derby in 1504, t. p. u. when It Irll 
lulo Abeyaticc between bia tbre* dtugbter* 

• XiJrAvDKIto*, p. SC. 


; I.JabnSrewrtrt, 8lfa Earl uf GillowBy in Scat- 
land i CreMrd Barim ■'teuart uf Gacll", «)■ 
Wiglown, G Juiit, ITflG, K. T, -. ub. IDOG. 
B. 9. GturKr Siewirt, t. hiiiI b. Pttttnt Banm 
S<e*9irl of Carllei i kIi<> EwI oI GaUowav, 
Ac. in ScuCliiid, K, T. =7= 

14 I. CharlM WlllUm (Miumcd ihe name o^ Vane- 
Stewart, Sd ton u( Robert 1st Mari{u«s uf 
Londonderry in Ireland; Created Barun 
Slcirarl ot Stewarl'i Cuurt and BalUUwn, 
CO. Duoegal, in tlie Peerage o( the United 
Kingdom, UlJuly, 1^14; auececded bit bro- 
ther Robert at 3d Mariiutii uf Londonderrj' 
ill Ireland in I8!S| Created Earl Vine and 
Viteauiil SealiatD. with a tptcial reinaiiider, 
H July, lBi3. Pretenl Biruii S'ewart of 
Slewari't Court, Vitcuunt SrHharo and EaH 
Vanei aNo Mxtqueii 4 Uudunderr;, lit. in 
Ireland, G. C. B, =p: 



p 6t Sltyngreve wa> Summoned B Jone, 33 Edw. I. 

W (or llie aitigned ui.der " ClvVeDon," 

J doubtful i( that Writ oat a regular Summuuilo 

C. Nell be r he, iiur any of tils deiceiidanli. Mere 

. aunmoned lu Pjrliauieni. 


. Jotiit Siourtun { Created Baron Slourton of 
StOUtton, cu. Willi, liMay, 1448', ub. 14"" 

tfiin STOURTON, 

II. mis. 3. William Stourlon, i, mil li. i ' 

I II. 14TB. 3- J»bn Stourton, «■ and li.i ub. 

IV. H'ii. 4- WillUm Staurlon, brother : 


V. i5£!. 3. Edvxrd Siuurlon, brother i 

VI. iiZB. 6. William Stourton, «. and h.; 

VII. 1348. 7. Charles Stourton, 1. and h.i > 

VIII. 157^. 8..)uhn Slourton, t. and b. ; uk. 

IX. iSiie. 9. Edward Siaurtoo, brotber 


X. 16.13. 10. William Sluurton, (.and b. ; 

XI. 1673. II. William Slourmn, grandioii 

1. and b. of Gilward Slum 
Rldeit lan nf tbe lail Baron 

XII. I6ns. 13. EdwiirdSiourlon, i.and h. ol 

XIII. 17S0. >3. Thoma* Stourton, brotber 

1744, ». p. 

XIV. 1741. M.Charlet Stourton, npphew am 

and heir of Cliarlei Scoiirtoi 
ofllie lastRaroni ob. ITS3, 

XV. i:,'.:l.l5.William Slourton, brother an 

ried Winilred, dnuebler and 
llct>.ird, brother of Edward : 
of Nnrfiilki ob. IT8I. 

XVI. 1781. lG.Char!e« Philip Stourton. «. an 
XVir.l8IC.1T. William Stourtim, i. and b. 

Stourton; aUo in right . 
^raiidmolher (eldeit of (b( 
and coli-ir. of Philip Hi.* 
M the Baroniei of Howa of Go««r, S«(;rare, 
land, Greystock, Ferrer* of ' 
Strange of Blacltmere, Fun 
Brimmeideld, and Verdun, ■ 
nf the Barony of Arundel ui 
I Richard ll.ti a1«o eoheir 
of the Barony of Filz-Payne 


I.WIIUiini Si^ntl.rMiThrallirror John lit Bxron 
milt lit EvIofEldani Crnted Bsruu Siixidl 
of Siowtlr Pwk, CO. GloucMtcr, IT July, 
rSSI. PreteiitBBianSlawetL =T= 


I. DirldilrSlriihulKl.EitrlorAthal in Scoltandi 
Sumin. 10 P>H. rrum 14 Mirch, 15 E<lw. tl. 
I3t3,lii3 D«c39Edw. II. 1336; ob. I33T. 

3. lUviil <i« Slmbolgi, (. and b. Earl of Aihal in 
ScoiUridi Suoim. to PxrI. from 35 Jtnunry, 
4 Ed*. HI. 1330, to S4 July, 8 Edw. 111. 
1334; uh. 1335. 

3. DiKid d« Sirabolgi, ■. and b. Earl of Aihol in 
Scadind i Summ. loPari. rrom SO Jan. 9 Edw. 
111. 1366,10 6 A[>ri1, 9 Edoard 111. I369i ob. 
1315. a. P.M. leaving hii diaghlen Eliznbetli 
und Pbilippa l.ii brin. Eli(ab«tb mair, flrii. 
Sir Tboraai Percy, Km. and, itcuDdly. Sir 
Jubn Seropr, Knt,! and Pbiili|ip> wa> Srit 
(he wMc of Sir Ralnb Perqt (brutber oF 1h« 
aToniaid Sir Tbamaa Percy), and accandly of 
SirJobii Uiliham : andaoioiii; ili' deicend- 
aiit* and rrpreKnialivet of Ibeie cubeira (fail 
BaroDy it in AsBVAtJCE. 


obD R<iu<. Ill BaroD Rout; Crealrd Viirouul 
Dunaich, mid Earl i>f Slrailbruke, tiolli eu. 
Sufftftk, 18 July, laSI. Prupnt Earl of 
Stradbrokf, Viicount Dunwich, Baron Rou*, 
and a Baroitei. =^ 


V. IT9I. 3.rrs(hriCk Them 
btir, WfiK M* 

Tfaomn ni^M 

uMni IT ttmm. 
I. n. II. 1. Guy leStraBp, Li 

I. John. 3. RRlph Ic Strange, 
inghit ihreeiiH 

. Hen. II. Hamuli le 5trHn| 


Bl ntHORn. or KNOKYN. 

Fobn Ir Siranpo, Lord of Noie ami Chrip- 
■unKnr, cu. S«Iop, brother of Hninnn tiiil 
Guf before mtiiUDiKd ; ob. cire* I'^IT. 

lohn 1e Strange. *. *iiil b. ab. H69. 
. S. John le Sirjuigi'. *. and h. Lard ol Kiiokyn ; 
he married Juiii, di^ughler and cobiir uf 
Ri>icr ds Sumerj, Baruii of Dudley ; ab> 


. 4. Jmhn le Siraojtr. 1. *nd h. Suinm. lo Pari, u 
"Jiihaniil Eilraueo" (rum 90 Dee. 98 EiIk. 
I. 1199. li'd ai " Juhaiini Leiirxiige de 
Knnkiii," Irani 4 March, 3 Edward II, 1309. 
10 18 Ore. 3 Bdward 11. 13091 ub. 1310. 
I. &.Jobn le Stranice. n. and b. Summ. lo Part. 

16. rune, 4 EJw. II. 1311 I nb.1311. 
I. fi.JobnleSlranr'.^-aiid b. Sumni. cu Pari, e 
Jan. 19 May. (i Edward II. 1313, and SG July, 
TtMa.K. 1313i ob. 1394, R.r. 
• 1. ftnferleScraiige, briiihrr and heiri Summ. l<i 
l>*ri. From S5 Feh I<1 E<lw. 111. 1349, m 10 
March, S3 Ed*. 111. 1349; ob. 1349. 
. 8.Roser le Strange, i. and li. Summ. to Pari. 
tromWSepl. 39 Edoaril III. 1355. tog Aug. 

SRieb. II. 13891 ■ 

L 9- Jtihn le Slrat>Ki;, «. Bud h. Siiiam. la Pari, 
from 90 Auguil, T Rich. II. 1383, to IS July, 
<1 Rich. II. I39T| vb.eirra nsfl. 
I. IO.RIcbafd le Sirange.t. and b. Summ. to Pari. 
(n>m 9&A<igi>if. G Heni? IV. 1404, 1 
«T Hrii. VI. 1449 [ ob. 1449. 
|. llJdbnltStran)^, I. and b. Summ. to Pari, from 
iH Feb. 6 Edoard IV. HBU, tu l9Ausu«l, 13 
Ed«. IV. 1479. He married Jaqu«lla,da<i. 
of Richard E»fI Rivrrt, and tiilerin-li* uf 
KiiiK Edward IV. i ub. l4;7,«.r.M. Johanna, 
•ul* dan. and hrir, mnrried 
ft Ctorgt S'anley, 1. and h. apparent uf Thumaa 
Xl.-Ul Earl of Derby, and >a< Sumn. '^ 
P»rl. jure uiorli, u " Georgi., Stanloy de la 
Sinnp," from 15 Nu*. 99 Eilo. IV. I4B3, 



K. 1I57- It.Tliaaiu SonlcT, ton uidtinr; ••< 

rrwdfaiber in I MM, u XJl.-S 

Derby, wkMI thit Bannj bMinU 

th« Ejuldom of Dcrbj until th 

Ferimando Sonler- XV.-5th E4f 

I la 15!H, l.r.M. Fdurine ahiFh period (ercnls 

«iwi o( (b« uid Earli were SammoDed to P«rt 

fatrii U BkroDt Stransr). nhen, tofMbtr wt 

rooy o( St»nlej. it f»U into AbeTaaee.beloev 

iaujlilen ■nd cohtin, lil. Ann, ■bo murM 

5(k Idrd Oiandat. aod Mcondljr, Merrin Eu 

k>*tii ; Fraixns, ■ilc of John Eart of Brvdp 

EUnbrtb, «bo swried Hearj Eari of Mvnii 

l*e«o nboie dcMcndanU and repnveniat it< 

n\it* ot Stiange u( KnoLyn, and Sunlef, an ii 

BaioKS BT waiT. or BUcu 

L 13ua- 1. Fulk le Strang (brotbcr and hci 
Siniwe, Lord of Whitekoicb, 
Robert, ncKt brother •! Jobn III.* 
Sirangt of Knokjn] ; Summ. M f 
Jan. 3 Edn. IL I30B, to 13 Sept. 
1334. M " Pulcj Ic Stnnee (" ot 

II. I3?4. 3. John le Sinuicc. i. and b. Saa 

(ron 6 Sept. 4 Edward IIL ISM, 
17 Ed.. 111. 1343, M "JtAMini 1 
and IS 10 March. ^ Edir. lU. I> 
banri le Strange de BlaekmeK ;' 

III. 1349. :t.PulkleStra>isr,vandb.ihcwain 

(o Pari, i ob. 1349, s. r. 

IV. 1J49. 4. Jobn le Siraiife, brother and brir 

ParL 3 April, 34 Edw. III. 136a* 

V. UGI. 9.Jobn ItSiraoge, i. and b. ob. hi 

1375, l.F.H. Uating ElitahKb 
beir, tbeii an iafaot. Sba «ar 
Mowbray, Earl of Not tiu^BMj : 

* Tbough Pu^dale, in 

Rocta Buoo Strange of , 

•rLu wer* iuucd to " JUger* U . 
friHB a Janurr, 44 £dw. 111. I3TI, to 

i, Ricbard Talbot, (on and heir afip^reat at 
Gilbert BiFDii Talbot ) be mt SummoneJ to 
Pari, from 3 Marcb, 7 Itlcb. II. 1384, la ir 
Ow. llRicb.[I. 1387, M "Ricardo Talbot 
d( lllackmf rt," wben be succeeded hi> Taiher 
aa Baron Talbot ; oli. ISgfi. 
r. 6. Gilbert Talbul, i. and b. Baron Talbot ; ob. 
I1I!J, leaviii[ Aiiknrel bia dau. and (ole hrir, 
wbo died an Inlant in 14^1, »hen ibis Ba- 
'o"Y' loecUier wiih that o( Talbot, devolved 
on ber uncle and heir, 
t.T.JobnTalbuti Crented Earl o( Shrewabury SO 
Mar, l^*)^' '" *t>ieti title thi« Barony, (o^e- 
tber witb Ibe Baroiiiet of Tilboc and Funii- 
vat, conllnufd mer^d until tbe dealb of 
CUbcit X.-Ttb Earl oF Shrtvibury, s. e. m. in 
Iben tlity hll lutu Arevamcb beiwei^n bis three 
~ I and eobrin, tit. Mary, wbo beeaoie tbe wife 
DXXil.-3d Karl of Pembroke, and died 2b Feb 
l| Eli»betb, wbo roarritd Henry XlX.-8th Earl 
, and died T Der. 16!>] ; anil All hea, « bo married 
t Howard XXill.-SOih Earl of Arundel, Surrey, 
>f«lk. On tbe dealli ol tbe eaiil Mary and Eliia- 
I Abeyance of Ihii U«rony, and at tbe Baronin 
mt aud Funiival lerroinateJ, and (bote di|[ni(ie( 
Wned tu have btcunie vetted in Altbea Counted 
del, Surrey, and Nnclolk above roentioned, ai ihe 
Had IK have aurvived brrtiitere*; and ber de- 
lta the BarUof ArunJcl and Surrey, and Duket 
i* ol Norfolk Inlieriied tbe laid Baroniei mitil 
■>■■ ol Edward H.xtarU. XtV.-l lib Duke of Nor- 
t Barun Talbot, Fumiyal, and Strange of Black- 
I ITTTi k f- wbMi Ibry ae<>in (ell into AaiYAHCK 
Kbe two dauibtera and cobeirt of Pbillp Howaid, 
ol tba (aid Edward Duke of Norfolk ; between 
*yr»MiitMive*, vli. Williani, preieni Barun Slour- 
jrWiUuiiD Franeit Henry, preient Barun Petre, 
" Do« In A>«T*NCR. 

aa ll«ine III ApFil, 1(i49. Vide > l«tl<i[ frum ber 
iS.MZ.fbl.tBl, dated at Amiurdam, od tint di^ : 

' ber deniu could DM be aManaiacd, tbougb much 

I taken on tbe tuhjccl. 


■jtaOH* IT TSSOflK. 
1. U. III. I. Hamon l> Stnnc«, pmuowd U M 
jrounpr mn of Jnha Il^Sd Ban>a|l 
KiiokfTi. Lord of Elleimere >■! | 

ay WHIT. 136; I Ob , ■. p. 

I. 1395. 3.Rnetr>eSlraner,bratti«r«niIbeiri1| 
tu I»Te btro ibe '• RoE«-ni EHH 
<tu Suoini. to Pari. t4 June. 3 Si) 
Nov. 23 £il«anl I. 1 39&. and « tl 
VAm.l. 139G 1 beOM *l(a So*' 
Jan. 3& Ednard I. lt9T ; tn>t it 
■ bi iMicr Writ wu > npilM I 
Partiancnt ; *id« " Pm-jMrn.**^ 
<tale> tbat be vai lirine 130), 
" TanbEr he ciannt siy o( hia / 
si1«iit about hit bavin); been iota 
rarliADieul. lie probably dud s. r, 


I3!(;. i. Eubnlo \r Strange, youn^r ton ofji 
Birt>n Strange of Knokyn, ha*Ini 
Alice, d*u. knd M lenglb brirufl 

fnim'a Der. 30 Edward II. I)!16. \i 
.') EdKird in. 133S ; ob. 133&,*.P. 



Si»nge, Cbrr," : Match, 3 Car. I. IGSR, 9o 
Jan. 4 Car. L 1639, ■«! ia (be ncit Pur- 
tiaBnnli, vii. 13 April and 3 Not. 15 Car. 
1. l6S9i NieixvdRl » XVII^Ttti Ewl of 
Deriiyin I(i4e, K. G.t bebeuled I6SI. 

9. Cbwki Suoley. •. ami h. XVIll^^ih Bail of 
Dsrby; uli. 16T3. 

3. Willlnm Gvurge Richnrd Sranlcy, (. and h. 
XVill^SUi Eatl ol Derby; ob. ITUS, 8.p.m. 
when ibe Barony tell inio Arbvancr beiwesn 
Uaiifi«tl« nnd CliiBbdta hii two daughiera 
aod coheire. Elizabclli died uiimarrlEil iti 
ITIli wliea tbe Baitiiij' de*ulved aa 

4. Hen 

I, h» li 

Z-i. Anne Aibburnbniti.dui. and h«lr{ ub.unmtr' 
risit In nSS, wlien iliii Baroiiy devulveil <iii 


L 6. Janwt Stanley, XX^IOib Earl of Derby, be 
being ber hcirei pane maternag ob. I73C, 
a. T. laben the Baraoy devolved on 

I 7. Jimta Aturray, °J Doke of AthoU In StroiUnd. 
he beini; ton and heir of Jobn Ut UiiLe oE 
Atholl, eldeit ion of Jobn Ul Mernne^i of 
Alholl bv Amelia SupItU, daugbler of Jimea 
Stanley, 'XVIl.-Tth uf Derby, and Ut Baron 
SlranKei claiined init was allowed (be Barony 
a( heir-eenenil of the said Earl uf Derby and 
BiT«n SliJMige, 14 Maicb, tT3T > ub, 1764, 

i 4. B. Charlotte Murray, diugbier and aolehrir.wife 
D[ ber cuutin John Murray, 3d Duke vt 
Albolli ob.iaU5. 

miT. tin. 

i,—^. lieii. a. John Murray, i. and b. lucwedcd 
hit father u 4lh Duke of Atholl it 
Scotland in 1774 i Created Earl 



B«tmr, T Jwm 


l.F»ncl>S!uart, eih Enrl of Mumv, ir. 

Und I Created B*niii Sluiin of Cu'ilr ! 

e». Invernru, 4ib Junir, ITS6: ub. IS< 
3.Frilicit Siuarl. >. *iid h. Prrieiic 

Siu>rt at Ciitle SiUMt ; ■!>» E.irl of I 

&e. ill SculUuil. ^ 


f TENl/HE. 

I. Ruben de Slulevllle, called aitu 

I. RuUrt de Sluleville, t 
;. Rubert de Stulerille, 1. 
I. William de Siulcville, 
I. Itnbrrt de SiuIevKItf, 

>i>g I loG 1 

Klldh.i lirillg iI7<i. 

1. laoi. 

I, brotlieraiid heir i ub.. 
.Nicbulu de Siulevllle, >, tin<t b.; oil I3JS, 
S.P.M. leaviiis JubRiinn. *tl« uf Hugli de 
Walie, &nd Margwel, wbu DtarrieJ W'lltiani 
Maitop, and died 8. p. bii dstugbien and cu- 

1. Enauce de Stuteville, halMi 
4ih B«n>ii abovc-raeiiiiuue 
, 8. R'lbert de Stuleville, i- aixl 
■iioa U49, J..aii, wife ol 

> ub.a.iie 1!«43. 
b. ill 36 H. 111. 
HuRh de Wake 

CM snuTtmum-sniAiT- 

Ta M | i M^ Bum Mtmrnftl^ 
Gk mm aua . ■ kBgrni. l;«f i iomI 
■mWt a itu tlu>n>7 of ^nnft tt 
IM&. PiMrM Ewt uiil lUrMi aip 
fc*M Horti^ iJ StuW* t (M 


I, It OosWr, 17CC-en l l in II! 

N^ S) AfiO, l;s»-««tiaa Mj 

fidk. WE4a.lII. IM9.iD8iui.4 
IJTI; •*. .... 1 iMt "farthw." 
4^. •• I ikkU Bet nj of triB. ■ 

«i«e. iIhS Chriiliaa Ui 



or LUCMTAH >i 
Buv-ty. 7 Jkm, I6I»— CntBCT 161% 


I. FruDci* Sluart, Sib Enrl oC Murxv, in S«o(- 
Uiid 1 Cnsalea Bafun Stuirc nf C'.siiti S>u(ri, 
CO. InvmicH, 4ih Jutir, lT96i ub. 1810. 

S.Fnnci> Siuirl, >. bii.I h. Prcteiil Biiriiii 
Sluurt ol C«tle Siunn ; aliu E^rl uf Mur>y, 
Ac. in SeuiUuJ. =P 

rr TGHufli. 

Hoberi tie Stutollle, called ili" Fmiilelioer, 
■ Barun lemp. William I. and hvii.g I loG i 

3. Robert deStuleville,!. iiiJh.; liviiig 1176. 

3. Hubert de»l>i(e»lle,l. huil b. ; ub 

4.WHIiaindt>Siuievill«,t.*>idb.i ub. IJOj. 

S. Robert do SfuteTille, i. and h. i ub. 1 iob, t. r. 

G. NicbalM<)*!iluieville, bcuilier tiiil beir; ub.. 
Lr.Nlchulaa da Stulevllle, a. itiil b.i ub I-Jj3, 
«.p.M. iMvi.iK JuhaKKH. vih uf Hugb tic 
Wakp. tnd Marginal, «ibu married William 
Mutuc, and died e. r. hi> dau^hieri «i>d ev- 

l.BtntMm de £iu(evill>>, kaK-brolher of William 
4<h Daraii abuvr-ineiiltuiied i ob. ai>te IMS. 
9. Rtibcrl de Siulcville, a »<d b. 1.. !(> H. IIL 
•nnu 1349, J'>aii, aire ul Hueh de Wake 
■I'litiuned sbuvr, obuiiicd \nriy of ibe 
landiof lhi« Ruber*. 

i»il}, bad 

I.WllliaindcSiuicvilte.tDnufOnDuiid, bruiber 
uT Robert 3d BaniTi ; ub. IS.'iS. 

3. Hubert de Sculrrdle, i. li<d U.: li'iiie l^G. 
<ihE[i ibe Kinn niiliireil (u bun hU manur ur 
Wiibrrvtficlcl, uf itbtch be bad bvcu '[({rnviid. 


^^^ _^_ STtmnritLt- 

W bj In la.4, MM - 

n. £«>.t S-RAvt 4t Suu^iU* 

*anmf a •»■ Join ^ tai Miib-r hcM 


n«lph EmI •! U«iw4. but, urodi 
•thn •ritei^ baibmI un a( Kriijc U 
Md •rwrtal Loiriilup* M the Ccna 
•^< " ■ " ■« MlMn tbal of Saikj i bi 

U. Hc*>LS.J.h^Mi;,wdlWM»eBtSDd>v. 

III. H. ni. 1. a«i,fc * s««,,. ,. .«d fc. , iJrtns" 1 1 6s. 

n . Kk. 1. 4. Olvdl ac &^hT, 1. uul h -nb. ci>n 1 13; 
V. J*k«. S.R*iphil(S«a^.^^.db.:«.IW 
VI-H.I{L(.KiilvkdtS«lky.i...Ub.t ab 
MUl.tU.T.B«thatgM. 4«S»ril^,..Midb.i ob. I 

1. I£3». CJidudtS^dlTY. 1. iBd b.i Susm. lo 
froa 39 Dec. 88 Ed*. L 1399, loISUi 
Ed-, ir. iMli mb. I3j«. ..p. ,m)ri« 
Dii|^»te. nd. i. fk 4Ss ; but io hit Hhi» 
Wuvitlubm. be tmci ib«t Jobn ;d* 
of BaitholoaMii de Sudlcj) ■» bit croi 
ud bcir. Jijxiie, ■,fc of WiiJum dt Boll 
at Wiase, and Uargciy. air* of SirB* 
Mtatej, -ere iIk du<chwn,uid *«•» 

«*WM. uf Um Job ' ' ' 


I. SlrHMrbord H^irhord, Sd Bun. , Crcoti-a U>ruii 
tinmeltl of Nuffield, CD. Nurlulk. Sib AugUM, 
ITBdi ob. 1810. 
. 8. Willinin Aahiiton lliirboril, a. and b. | ub. 
IIHI, 8. P. 
I. 3.Edwanl Harfaunl, braUivr and heir. Prcfeiit | 
Birou Suffldd, and ■ Buaoct. ^ 

9. 11.Willun> •)>< UITurd, ion ind b«r; Admiral 
of Ibe King-i Fleet, K. G, i ub. 13H3, >. r. 
wb«ti tUe Earldom hvCane 

5. I.Mkbai-l dc la Pole, Ut Baron dc 1% Fulv; 
Creaied Eur) ol Suffolk (!(b Aug. 13a&; Lord 
Chaneellurj outlawed circa 138B, wbeii bit 
biHiurt "CM 

17. B. MiebBd He la Pale, t. and b, ; reatored lu liii 

lalbtr'idicnltiH 1397 1 ub. 1413. 
I». 3.Micl>iUil da la folo, a. xid b.i >lain I4IS| 

I. 1444 1. MJt). 4. William da U Pole, uncif 

and lieir lOklc, being nexl 
brvtiwr of MichatI IV.-Sd Earli CnMtd \ 
IUiit()U«iii of Suffolk 14 Sept. 1444. luc 
ortdcd ai Earl nl Pembtoke, accardltli{ ti> ai 
npri^tt liiiiitatioii, in I446j Creai«d Duki 
■)( bulTulk 3 Juiir, 1448, Lord Ibancfl 
juri Urd Higb Adiuimli K.G.; h<- mar 
ricd Alice, graiid-ilnu. ot tieodny C'li.iiccl 
itu puiil I litbcadfrd 14.M), and hsiini; bed 
•lUiiitMli hia honoti became 

«. MCS. LM«4r to POe, •.»<«.> Omu4 DA 
^ MR. S.1^ iii *■ b r-fe, 1. B^ k. K.C.I I 

IC ISM. 1.C 

, T.-W 1 

V. IMS. *. Umn fktmttm. ^ ■- nl k kf IM h 

TL liil- I. Bon Gnr, V1.-U Mt^mm id DM 

H(«n \111. ^^ bIhs he ted tteMfe 
■< ^vAtifc 1« Ort. IMI, K.G. r ' 


*•; 1^1. ■w>Wft— MlX.-<ihIIWti 
}wUk.<: Civur4 EhI af SaiUk tl Jrf 

VIL Ii^-lt: £.TV«vkit«H«u^i.MlLLG.*k»M 



A.Geatffi Howttnl, brolhcr anil heir male i ob, 
I6et.>. P.M. 

b. Henry HowiH, brolhcr nnd hvlr; ub. 1709. 

6. Henry Hooard, •.nnrlh-i Iti U^roti Clietler- 
fanl, and Eail »t Blndnii, liHviiig been >u cre- 
ated viii palrUi ub. 1718. 
. T-Chirlci William HoM*ril, i. and b, ; Eirl of 
Binilon anil Baron Chederfuni; ob. 1T39, 
a.r. when lbe«e titlei becnme 4f)rllncti but 
I he Earldom or Suffolk devolved on 
B. Edward Hooard, micle and hc>r, beinc next 
brotnerof Henry Xl.-Sib Earl ; ob. IT3l,t.r. 
9. Charle* Howard, brother and beir: ob. IT33. 

10.H*ur> Howard, a. and h. ob. IT4S, ». r. 

ll,H«nryUowe* Howard, V.-4lli Earl of Berk- 
(hire, coutiii nnd lieir, being deicended (ram 
Tbomn* Howard, lit E.irl of Brrk>bire, tA 
•on ol Tbomaa Hnward, VI.-lii Carl o( Su[- 
fc Mki ob. 1767. 
', l3,Henry Howard, gmndion and beir, bring e. 
and b. ol WlltUm Howard (ob. >. )■.) Mat 
lan ut the Use E>rl 1 Eirlof Berkihlre; ub. 

h13.Henry Howarl, a. and h. Earl uS Berkihlre ; 
ob. 17T!1. infant. 

iN.Thomaa Howard, |;ri4nd nnrle and heir, bein^ 
yuonKcr ion of Henry Bowel. Wl.-llili 
Earti EarlvTBerktbiwi ob, 1703, s.p, 

, ISJobn Howard, coualn and beir male, being 
Untklly del tended from Philip lloward, 
vounEariau uf Thnmaa Ul Earl of Ovrkthlre, 
■rcond ami or Th[>ai>aVI.->it Earl of Suffolk, 
RarlofRerkthire) ub. iHiO. 

I6,TbiKnai Howard, t. and b. Prrcint Eitrl ol 
Suffolk, Earl ul Ikrkaliirr, Vhcount Andover, 
■nil 84ruii Howard ol Charlecon. ^ 

HOelub«r, 171-1 

:— flriinci 1715. 

Vide Hau»i. 








Em.i<]u«l Scrupr, lltli Buran SoMK^I 
IGS7; (lb. IE)40, s.F. when III e Ecrldu 




I.HfT.ry8r«r<«r. 3<1 Biron SpeiiMt «f V 
lei;hion , CrMt*d Birl of SudiIu Und B 
I(i43: Ob. 1643. 



3. Hubert Sprneer, i. tr»l ti- K.G. oh. ITOS 



3. Cliarle. Spencer, t. and h. i Unl UmI 
of lri;l»nd,K.6.! ob. 1783. 


4. Rdberi S|>enerr. «. and h. «b. ITS9, v.r. 



b..roogli in 1733. 

Vide M«lilDOK0< 


or tiitn), >on nixl biir ippftiTni ol , 
111) Duke of Arjiflt in Srulhiid; Cf 
Baran Sundrid^ of Oombtnfc, ca. 1 
Kiih reniiindcr. (ailing hi> imov iual«, I 
(.c.-tLirt Fredxkk iiul Wllliim, and 

rreded at Slh Doke ul Arjyie tii t;:o 




3. Ceurg* Williim Campbvll, (. and 1>, Pr 

Duke at Argyle, «c. Ill ScoiIdimI. = 


1. \v"i!ii 

I. William de W.r«B, E.rl Wamn hi 

m«.,dy; Creaird Karl uf Surrey b; Wt 

Knluc be nuTricd Guni»i<a, dan. al 

l>ain iheCutiqueroC; ob. IUI19. 



9, William d< Warran, a. and h. i «b. IIU 


XWWW* 4« Warren, aoi, ai.rf bcr i ok 


M. laabel, hit lule il.tu, AnJ brlf, hkving 

inB SC*- 

WilliaDi de Blaia, natural t 
rhen, lia bec:iin)e Ewl uf Surrey jure 
ab. 1 16*0, a. p. Iiiib«l. liit Hiilow, baling ton 
Tied, ir«jiidly, 111 IIIJJ, 

lUmrline riAnUgcn«I, naturiil ton oF Gf<. 
frty E«rl oCAiijau, (aiher of Kinp Henry 11. I 
he oblDined Itic Enrliluui uf Surrey 'la tbac 1 
ytar; ob. ISOS. 

t03. 4. Williitn Plantagenel, i. and h.i ob. 1340. 

"1. &. John PUatagencI, a. and b.i ob. not. 
U C John VUnlagcnel. grandaan and beir, brii _ 
(. anU b. or Jobii PUiiUiBeDBl (ub. v. p,] eldeat I 
ton uf th« laat EnrI i ob. 134T> B- f' Unviiltt I 
AIJM, wife of Edmund Earl uf Arundel, bla I 
(iaier knd btir. 

•47. 7.RicbardFiii-AI*n, Xllt.-ltihEHrl at Arun- 
del, a. and h. uf Eilmuna Eirl of Arundd, by 
Alice, bj(<)lfc,«iaicrandhair oribrlatl Earl, 
i* eaoaidered in have aucceciled tu llie Earl- 
doni uf Snrrrr, and >u styled liimtelfi 
but It li doubtful il he waa ever furmally 
inveaicd wiih that Earlduni ; K. G. ; . ' 
|T5. a Hinbar^ Fiti-Alan, i. and li. i Carl ut Arundel 

and Surrey, K. 0. ; brbpadtd 1391, atiil 1 
being Atlalntcd, hit biuiun bt cattle 

J. I39T. Thomaa Ilollnnd, IX. .lit Earl ut Kent; 
Created Uuke uf Surrey S9 Sept. 
1397 i Earl Mnribil i K. G. i and 
be ill f Attain led iu HW, bit bonura 


U 9.TbMn3ta rui-Alan, ton and heir ot Rictiird 
X^8lb Earii restored •« Earl of Arundel 
•nd Surrey, 1401); K. C. ; ub. 1415, •. r. 
Ickfing bis tislera hit lieirt, of wiiuiD Eii- 
■abeibmiirrUdTbtimasMuwbT»y, l.-liiUulkc 
Of Norfolk 


htin M<»tnjr. m* «rt Mr tftoM i 


4 Sarrn i Ccntcd Emi of V 

/ « Murk. MSI, rti f - 

ncdf^ M iV.-4il> Dulr of NBfMk i* 1«| 
EsrlManbol: K. & ; oh- NTX*.r.a.<ll 
tb* ikiM •! NurfDlJu SuMj and Wnri 

(L'lk (hn liiti^r, Jcbu Vt..|ti DuliF hnl 
l««B Attaim.d) IMFtrb. ISI-I.K.(:.rt.III 

XIV. 1504. ■;. Tbomat Ho«in), t. aDd b. Dukf ol SuHJI 
Atiaintcd \HG. oben hu di)n>i<i» <«« 
faifnirft-i mkoml IU3( K.G. alkliM 

>^V. 1&5L l.Tbvwu H^-ml.Uuke uf Nurf»11i,En>^ 
tad bfir, being •- uii b. ol Ucnr^ Hon 
ILG. ibe Pari, « bo it (cDcraUy njUd El 
ol Sumy (tlAttl wn of ibc Utl Oukt,) ■! 
■ uAitainiFdvidbchFkilnllMI; nMt^ 
blueil iDd boiion lUSi Atuinud lal < 
beaded >&:!(, wfaen &U hu bmun bctiw 

XVt. 1603, 4.Tbainu Haii>nl.t.4ndti. o(Ph.lip)liiM 
Kail at AnUKkl (clclni wn dI llwev 1I 

■ Bmikf eouuten (uhI is which b* a uoi a 
b^ mnt* cosiMBUlai VumotJ tlui Kcbud 
Dvkc of Voik. td ton of Ki^ Ed«n) IV. who au 
Abb Mgubnj, tbc dan. nd h«I of John Dukt of ' 
hit EiHorSuTCT, mamMa Bait of Snmj.tBd 
ticwW Uti^unJ a hiB> br BM>( ollin writm. 

bowow ciM lu paueu sf ncttwo U> th 
KoUBj^n ud W4fTno, Bid (o i!w D 3 kedom of N I 
w" a^k« iJtmj paxnt ontm* biia Erli^Airrn, 
■ Mai ■■• H^gaed bss out of ilw csvitiB of fkaif^ 

» » ha •alber di^BtM 1* a eani^iKallf nr 

«nt pnmMd thii EuLiom. 


1m( Puhc)> wliieh Philip «» A(t*Tn<cil fn 

IS90. Rm 

r«il i 

nonm ** hi< fithrr ri 

rnlDynl, likrwiiE »> Ejirl 
of SurrrT. ill llio.l ; CrFMFd Eail of Nurfolk 
! 1644, K.G.; Ob. 1646. 
t' tC46.5.H»ni7 Fmlerrrk Howard, t. and li. E.rl of 

Arundel, NorMk, xnd Surrey < ob. I6&!. 
i!I.IG&3.G.ThuinM tlevmrd, ■. and b. Eail of Atund«l. 
Norlnlh, anil Surrey. Reitored (o ibe IJukc- 
dun) u( Niirfulk »ili Mity, Iti4-I : Bini^e winch 
ppiiod tlie Esrldiim uiSurrpy Um bren merged 
in thBtdlguii;. 

Vide No H rout. 


hlU. I.Rogcr de MoLlguincry ; Crrated Earl o( Su»- 

' »•!• by Willimi) ihcCunnuerar; ub. 1094. 

1. S.HukU de Mdiitf;iimcry, 3il luti) ub. l(i!)B. 

|ptl. 3. Robert lie Bttlmoc, cMciI bmUxr and heir, 
h'^ixg •. and h. nt Ru|(r, ist Exrl ; deprived 
al Ihe EHtldoni tot treuun, 1 Mii. 
I.Wllliam ile Albiiii, i. indh. orWilli.m de Al- 
bini Piaernt, by bi) nariiage wiili Adelitii 
Qatra of England, widow of King Henry I. 
■cquirvd Ihe cuile uT Arundel and the 
Cuuiiiy ii( Suciriti and waa tlyled Earl of 
Arundel I xb. 1176'. 

§»■ 9. WUtlain de Alblni, >. and h. ; ob. ISS3. 

in (ho caulugua uf the Bull of this County. 

■peakioB rif tlii* Earl. ml. I. p. Mfl, uyi;- 

BIT Im did not only obtaio ihe oattls ind hoi 

mf and hii heln, bat ■ conftmatiDn <it.\isv Earl- I 

( (fat ihoufih tha title of Earl vaa raott kouiru kf I 

111 <>f Sii»n Ihu be wu mlly Earl j I 
aaOnwrnimoflhe Mm. of Su.ihi (tranted ic ' ■" " 

6*8 SUSSEX. 

VI. I9SS. 3. WllliHmdeAlhiai, I. atulb.! oh..... 

VII. l3...4.Willi.>m]cAlbini,m.Mdb.i ob. 1333, LP. 
V11I.1333. i. HuKb de Albiui, brmber bdiI bcir, ob. it*S, 

s. r. iFrer which (he EuMum or Sugu-i tf rui' 
nUed, proliibly in eon»qucn« of li<> $twi 
posuitiont being divided »munpt bii la« 
tiater* >nd bcit*. 

IX. 1539. I.Robert RXclllTe lX.-l3lb Birnn and I.Vu- 

count Filioilleri CreMed Eul ul f 
SBlh December, \SVt, K. G. Ldid Hijb 
Chamberlain; ob. I5<3. 

X. 154!. 3. HenryR>tcl>fT«.i.altdh. K.C.: ob. I5S£. 
Xi. ISSb'. 3.ThDniu RatclilTe, t. add b. K.G.; oU litS, 

XII. I5S3. 4. Henry Ratcliffe, broibcr and heir, K. G. -, ab. 

XUI.K193. S. Robert RalfJiffe, •■and b. K.G.g vb. Ib'SS, 

XIV. Il>!s. 6. Edward RatclilTe, cuiiiin and heir, bcin 

and b. of Humphrry, «il win at Ri.lwrf, lA 
E«rl, auMMded ai Viieount Hliwaltrr 
Earl oF Santx ; ob. 1541, s. r. wben iheM 


XV. IS44.l,Thomii Savile, °d Baron Savile In ElieU»a, 

and 111 Viscount Cullebar Ml I.Tlaud; 
aled Earl of Suwi !S MlT, IC44] ob. 

XVI. ie4G.5.Jani».tavUe,«.ii>d h. ; ub. 1(>:I, a. p. 

bii bunur* bmami 

XVII. lGT4.I.Thoniu Lennard XIV.-Mih Uaron Oa«nr: 

Created Earl of Suii» Sih Oitobrr. )ff:4 
lib. ITI5, a. P.M. obiill tba Eirlclun acaii 

XVtll.l7IT.I.THlbot Yeirertun XV.-lfflb Haron Qity nf 
Hutliyn, and Sd Viicouiit Uia|[(uirillet Ci*- 


■I«d Earl of Suuii 9C Sept. I'lT. "ilh 
■naiiiili^r, failing bii iatue mule, to bis 
ilier, Henry Velverlun, aud his iiaue D 
MB1.K. K.B.; ob. 1731. 

XIX. l73l.S.Gcarge Augutlui Yelieilon, s. and li.; 

1758, I 

IT5S.3. Henry YeI' 

indbfir: ob. 1793, 
1 ihe ViscDUntej' uf Luiigueville 

and Earldom of t<u&Bi 

. t. H. R. H. AuguUus FredeHck, 6(h *on of Hii 
MajcBiy King George III. and brother of Hi« 
pretriil Mutt Graviou! Majeaty ; Creiied Ba- 
ron of Arklow in Ireland, Earl of Iiivernets 
in North Britain, and Duke of Su»ei, Tth 
November IBOl. Preienc Duke of Suitei 
and Earl of Inverneu ; alio Baron Arklaw, In 
IreUhd, K.G, 


I. 1393- l.Juhn de Suttun, SutniD. to P*rl. from 36lb 

DtL: 17 Edn. II. 1393, to 30 December, 

IH Bd«. II. 1334, ■> " JoUaiml de Sutlun," 

■nd il pretumed to be ihe inme prrton wbo 

Man (uiDiDar.ed from 90 July, 6 Ed«. IK. 

IJJS, toSOApril, l7Edw ni.l343,as"Jo. 

hantii de Sultgii ds Holdemeue." 

It i) diflii-ult to ascertain wbo lhi> John de SuIIod wm, 

O'lliii be Kai the John de Sution <*tia married MargarrI, 

•tit. randcoheirofJohn lb Somerie.l.-BlhllArunuf Dudley, 

laluiK lull and heir, John de Sutlon, wai Summ. to Pari, 

ai Juhn de Sutlun de Dudley, 2S Fub. IS Edw. III. 1349, 

•nd died iu I3&9- Dugdale gives no acruutil, Ju bii 

Baronage, of any pertiin failed iiutton being lummoned 

before 1343, but bii nUtenienl relative lo Ihif fsmUy ii 

tvry ubicure aud u n>a tit fac lory. There wai alto a 


tofan de Sulton, Snmni. to Pari, ai " Jobannl 
de Suttun de Euei," 3 April, 34 Kdw. III. 
13IiO, hut nutblnr moie ii «a[d at bim. 



:. I. AilumdcRwilUnfrtont SaiBW.|| 
Decembtr, 30 Edw. II. I3t<. i 
Ed<r. 111. 1398, bul neTer«ftet 
uf his poiterily, anJ uf ufaoa 111 
no further Mcount. 


1. Roger de Swynctlan, Sunm. to ft 
II Edo.UI. 1337. bul never afic 
any of bis poiterily, nhieb cdui 
mate line fur KVeril CBuerklicMa 


I, 1(103. I.KulwrtSydney (lonofSirHeniT^ 
by Mury.iiiierof Robert Dudley. 
ccsiFr) ; Crealed Bnoa Sydney o 
co.Kent, I3lh May, 1603; Crt« 
L'lile Miy 4, 16oS, and on 1! Au 
Earl of Leicester, in ttbieh dljcn 
rony, ■□■) the ViJcountcy of L']*li 
merged unlil the death of Jottvl 
XVIIL-IHih E>tI of Uicntet, m 
they became 

Tlili Barony was claimed >n M(y, i'.H. by 
oido-uf Williflm Perry, Em|. and daup-hier, 
(ually luk btir of Thamai Sydney, neit broil 
Celine, liut Earl or Leicester and Banui Stdne; 
pntuniption that Robert Sydney (tbe Peiilixi 
father} the ion and beir apparent of Philip X 
of Leiceticr, having berii summoned lo Parii 
palrli, in bil fatlier'i Karuiiy, a Harony I 
thereby created ] but the House of LonU rcwli 
178:^, ■■ TliHt Rotwn Sydney. codiumhI* nU< 
L'uU, \^ iffManix^t ctandfatber, uod^^ 


tdaim, ncquireil nn new 
« d( bi> fatber, the Eorl 
iifatbet't Unruny in 
r but no debt ill cuitti 
u and filtinf." 



. 1689- Hvniy Sydney, brother of Philip, XIV^ 
Sd Earl ul Leite^lvr; Crtded Baruii 
Sydney of Milltm, nnd ViKount .Sy.j. 
n<7 of ittieppy, liuih eu. Kent, 9 April, 
ICK9I CrHled Earl of Romnev Mth 
May, 1694 i ob. ITdO, i. r. wb'en aU 
hia lit lei became 



, 1789. I.Tboinai Townahend, eldeit ton <>f 
TbomaaTuNiiihend.SJ «un of Ctiattu 
3d Vitenutit Toonibend, K. C. by 
eiiiibelli, dau. urTbomai, lit Diron 
Pelham, ion ol Sir Joba Pelbam, Bart, 
by Luev Sydney, bii wire, tister ut 
Philip XlV.-3d Earl of Ulcetler, and 
3d Buun tlydney of Penibuni, and 
uf Heiiry Sydney, last Barun Sydney 
of Hilton, and Viieount Sydney of 
Bbeppey ; Created Uaron Sydney of 
ChttelbunI, co. Kent, b' March IT83, 
•nd un Die ] lib June, 1789. Viacininl 
Sydney uf Si. Leunard'i, co. Gkiucc*- 
ler i oil. IKOO. 

LlgOO. S.Joba Tboma) Townahend. (. and b. 
Praient Vlteuuni and Baron Sydney. 


I. HeniT O'Biren, E>rl of TbuB 

Created Viicuunl Tadcu.irr. ra. XiA, IMJ 
Ocl.i;i4i ob.l741.s.r. obcDllieViiniMM 
beckme ' 




GeoITrey Tllbot, i. anil h. o! RIcbard TtlbM 
lie held dlTcra knigbi'i fvei, lenip. Ucn. I. 
but Dugdale givci no Fanlirr .ir>'Oui>t u( h<i 
than thai ha wai livinc in M 3B ; tn the mft 
at Henr> il. the aboie knigbl'i fees atn 
puiieiied by Walter de MeJuana. 


1. Hen.l. 1. Hugh Talbot, iiregumed to bare been bfolM 

tber to the above Geoffrey ) ub 

IJ. Stepb. 2. Ricbard Tilbol, a. and b. hnuf II.U. 
1II.H. II. 3. Gilbert Talbot, s. and b. tivuig l>£iij. 

IV. H. tl I. 4. ttidiard Talbot, t. and b. ; ob 

V. Edw. 1. S. Gilbert Talbot, ). and b. He m*rtu^ GurO- 

lian, dau. aod at leofth heir, nl RbrK tf 
GriStbi, Prince al Soulb Walet ; uB. \3J*. 

VI. Edir.l.S.RicbardTalbiit*.i.audb. Tbo ugh never laai 

muned to Parliameiit, it it evident, FroD b 
being prelent at the Parliament btid it Lio 


It Hithia a bordare Oc, 

r. I.> 


coin 99 Edw. I. and tigniog tbe letter lo the 
Hope Bi " Rirarilui Tatebnt, Uomitiui de Eck- 
Irtwetl," liiKt be ranked nmong tbe B>ruii« 
of h»lin)«(| ob. 1300. 
. Gilbrn Talbot, ■. and h, Siiinni. ti> Pari, frum 
Rlh June, 4 Eilw. Itl. 1331, (o IJOlb Aprrl, 
17 Eilw. Itl. 1343i Ob. 13iS. 
.lUcfaard Talbot, a. aud h. Sutnm, (o I^rl. 
from S June, 4 Edw.lll. 13.11. to£SOot.%) 
Edw. III. taSSi Ob. I3G6. 
Gilbert Talbot, i. and b. Summ. lo Pari. Irom 
UAus. aeEdw. HI. 1363, luaAi>g. lOKicb. 
11. 13a«; ob. I3B7. 
■ Richard Talbot, i. siidh. having married An- 
karel, ililcr. and evcntusll)! cole heir of 
Jobn, Baron Strani^ of Blackniere; be wat 
Smum. to Pari, vil& palrii, frnm S Mnrrb, 
7 Rieh. 11. 13B4, to 17 Dec. 11 Rieh. U. 1387, 
M " Ricbardo Talbot de Rlackmerr." Sue. 
ceededhii father in theBaroriT ofTalbot ia 
ISBTi and it aypean ibat, on IT Dee. 1 1 Ric.U. 
1387, in Ibe ■■me nrll in wliich hit nai gum- 
tnoned u "Ribbird Talbot ul Blackmerr," be 
•KU lihewiic summoned aa " Ricardu Talbot 
iv Godricke Cutvll," and from that lime lo 
IJlh Not. IT Rich. II. 1393, by ibe lame de- 
ll enilion i ob. 13S6. 

Gilbert Talbot. *. and b. Summ. to Pari, ai 
" Gilberto Talbot," ^m S5 Aue> & Hen. 1 V. 
l404,loSOci.5HeD.V, I417,K.G.: Db.1419, 
leiTlng Ankarel, bit aole daughter and brir j 
irbo dying an infant iu 1431, tbii Baron]', 
toeeiber with (hat <il Strange uf Ulivkmerr, 
dcvoWed on ber ancle and heir, 
John Talbot, next brother of Gilbert Ihe-lait 
Bjuvn, who bavins married Maud ile Ne- 
•tll, cideit dau. and cabeir of ThoRiaa V. 
Elaron Furnival, wm Summ. lo Pari, from 3fi 
Oct. II Hen. IV. 1400, loS6No«. 8 Hen.V. 
Jobanni Talbut de Furnyvall." Summoned 
Bhaiuil Talbot Militl." from 19 Feb. 3 Hen. VL 
13 Hen. VI. 1435 1 Created Earl of 
lyttfUarob 144S.K.C. Tbla B atony, togethet 


Blackmerei tctiDmiiT*d, aad ISH 
become vetted in Akbea, widq 
XXII t.-3(> Earl of Atuitdcl, tbe tU 
mid her dciceiid&iilt, ihc Etrli of jj 
Dukea or Norfalk, iiiUeriied thdMl 
ur Edwurd Howard XIV.-I lib Dol 
E. !■. when iliey again fell into Asn 
daughter; and c^be.n 0I Pb>U|> H 
■aid Edward Duke of Nortulk, B« 
fiUckniere, Furiii*sl, «c betwa*« 
*ii. William, preteiit Barun Si 
Francii Heiiry, pnutit Jlarun ^ 
Abbvance.. VideSq 

I7:i:j. I. Chnrlei Talbot, liaed) 
Gilbert Talbot of C^ 
but of Henaol, ea. Qj 
Lurd Cbanctllorj ah>, 

of Talbot 
the Baronj 

-H. 17m. 3.Juhn Chet> 
and belr 1 
heir of Ju 
Cbarlei 111 

E»rl Tfclbo 


h. Prftent E»rl nnil Bsron Tiil- 
bot, ind Viieount Inf^tttic, Lord 
Lieut-oMrcUndin IBIS.K.P.^ 

trd T»lb«. nett brother ut Giibfrt l.-Tih Bjron 
, faavjni miirried Join, dau. mid cobeir or H ugL Mui • 
r Cutic Richard, CD. Hvrlfnril, nri|Uind it»t tir- 
ibcut ihe end of (he reign ul Edward II. lo whom 
M Jebn bit urn uid heir, whniE daughter), or ic- 
Dugdiile, grand- daUKhleft and beirs Eliiaheih 
il&pp> (Ihc (urraer the oife of Sir Warioe ArcU- 
Knt.and the latter of Sir Matibew Gouma^, Km.) 
tbe inbcrilanee ; but none of tbt> branch of the 

did Dot acc|uire this Harony until the reign of 
n. they cannot be cunaidered to have been 
' the Realm, ai feudal buNora rarelj, if ever ex- 
Ibe -ra of Edm. I. 


I , Gilbert Talboji, lineallvdeiMndrd ffoin Henry 
Ttiboyi by Eliialieih'lix wiFr, dau. nnd hrlr 
ol Ciiberl Iturdoii by Eliiabeth hi* wile, 
llaler and beir of CilLen bjirl ul AnRua, mil 
and hvlrol Gilbert Earl of Angoi by Lucie de 
Kyve bia Kife. *<tter and heir of William 
Il^iith Baron Kyme; Sumin. (u Pari. 31 
Hen. VIII. anno I5f9, ai "Gilbert Talboya 
da Kyne," and lac by that (ille In the Par- 
liament held S8 Hen. VIII. annu 1530; ob. 
•. IS..,a.p.M. 

3. Eliiabeth, hi* lole dau. and heir, ii pretumed 
lo have locteeded lo the Barony, ai Mr. 
Wimbiih lier huiband, claimrd the dignily 

Itir pre*eiit:e uf Kliie Henry VIII. " that no 
' ' ' BaruiiMi, tliuuld uw \.tt 



title of her 4if;oH^ until h« bUt 
liir. whereby be i 
: of bcr 

iHy until I 
«Iioulil b 

.t<:aii>IJy, AiiibruiH Dudltj, Earl at\ 


. Hen.l.a 

Robert de Tani, t«n|>. WilUtM 
HaKulf de Tiaii tiling II39i 

el de TanI, brother and beiri li<i 

V. H, If. 

and heir, llvii.gJIDOi <o «bam <u. 

VI. Ric 1. 

fi, Gilbert de Tani I oh. 13^1, (.F. 

1. H.III 

■nme r>m>l} , liviiig 193$. 


9. Juliii dc Tbmi, aon and beir i ob. ant 


3. RIcbnrd de ThAnr, >. and b. Db. ISTI. 

IV. ICdw.l 

4.Ru'harddeTha>><, a. andb. ob, 1S9< 

Roger bit >un iv\d beir i but ai n 

nor bl> poltetUx *«" »"" •inn" 

P*ilLi,m=iH, lb.-y can nu longer bi 

among (be Bannii af tbe Realm. 


1. l(iB5 

J.Foriie Grey, 3d Baron Grey of Wer 

Bled \ iacoonl Grey of Glendale, >n< 

* Sir JoKr Grey, anceitur of iha Buoot Qrtj dt 

crated Eul at lukflrrills in NoRVjiTiitT, ff HcB.1 
dignity bli graudioD fuifeilcd ihaSH Hm. VL 



Tuikerrillr, m. Nniiliumlierhiitl, II M»f,M 
)(i9Ei ob, lT()],s.i>.M. •btn tbe ViteouDt^ 1 


114. l.Cliarl»Benn«t, 3i] Baron Oitu lit an, hovii 
married Mary, uk tlRU. iniJ beir uf ibe In _ 
Ear), wai created Earl i>( Taokcrville 19 I 
Oetober, IT14,K.T.-, ob. 1782. 

?. 3. Cbarlei Beniie nd )i. K. T.x <ib. )7S3. 

lim. 3.CbarlH Bennet, i. ai.d li. i>b. 1767. 
1767. 4.Ch*rleiHennet.).aiidb.ob. lti2S. 
li'iti. 5. ChariM Auguiiui f)e<ii>et, i. and b. Pment 
Earl of TaukeiviUeaud Baron OttuUton. ^ 

ins 11.19. 
I(.K.II. 3. RubenFitLHugh. I 
V. Ric. I. 4. Pbilip Fit(-Rnb«n, i 

■ndb. Lurdof Taoball, 

J.ibn. S. RobcndeTaithall, a. andh. ob. ISO. 
I.H.IIL 6.Roberr de TKiaball, i. and h. i be married 

Amabill, eldeil dau. and coheir of WillUn <ia ' 
itWKIT. Albtiji, Earl nl Arundel; ob. 1949. 
1J»S. T.Robert deTallball.i. and h. Suinm. 10 Pari, 
from !4 Ju<iP, 93 Ed»ard I. I29S, lo j6 Aug. 
54 Edward I. lgS6i be -at likewite Siim- 

rnoned SC Jan. tS Edw. I. 1^97 i but fur (he 

reaiona axigiiFd under " Titz-Jdhn," it it 
doubtful If ib>l Writ ean be cumidered » a ' 
regular Sunnnoni to Parliament : ob. 1397. , 
H. e. Robert de TiKball, «. xnd b. Summ. to Pari. ! 
(rt™ 6 February. S7 Ed>rard I. 1S99. <o 13 
September, 30 Edward 1. 1303: ob. 1303, 
leaving Robert bit ion and heir, wbo died in 
)30fi, : T. and in hii minority, when hi* 
Minli. Ibe liiieri of Robert bii father, or 
their inue, beeatne hit bein i amon); whoae 
^Mcetidant* nnd rrpreceolitive* ibii Baron;', 

. K-MFF Granville, Vi<«ouni»i and Bii 
CobbatD, naiFe of Rirburd Greavillt, 
CrMtvfl Counin* Temple, wiih reniici 
ilic dignity uf Earl Temple lo ber iuac 
ieO<^l. n4»| ub. ITSS. 

il Xlrenrlllc l^kKUmed tbe nam 
Temiile,!. b. K. G. i ab. 1779.a.l 
3. GtOfge Grentille (aiauDinl Ihc n«a< 
Kiueeiil-Teinvte, nrrtiew and httr, Mi 
and beif ul Gvurge Oxnriltr, neit biul 
ibcUilEirli CrealnlM>r(|<iMta(Bui 

ham 30 Nuv. 1734; <ib, tais. 
. Ricliaril Ti^inple NuK«m Grenrille (w 

dix, Marquet) of ChandH and EarlT 
uf StnoF. wiih remainder a[ iheoU 
d'lin, fRJIing the bein male under lb* f 
patent to Anne F.liia, bii Graec'i I 
iJ«uf hicr, und tbe bein male of her IwC 
Jill. iK'i. Pr«ieni Earl Tempi r, «■» 
Triupk of Slowe, Vliruuni and Btm 

o be obaened, ihat Biilher Du/pldt, Collivi an 
>»iA' Limi anjr of thU Umllj mew enr lanuunwd to IW, 
tbe Li.M of bumiBoniKi, however, ■ Hubert da Talwhall * 
ta Iiive been tummuDed iha aStll, «4lk. IMlt. f7tb, 
and aoiii of lidwaid 1. and ilia out} gtauad fUdi the Edil 
flit uiecUng, that hlh the lut Buusa nm toaiooMd, i 

Cra auigotd b* Dugdale lui [litir ileailil. Xobetl til 
on ■nmnioDcd, oai bora aluut Uia Jeal I1T4I b«a> 
pwm\,le i,W oU tU* Wtitiin 


hum. DokB or BuckJngbam and CbMidw, 

Marqueas ot Buekingbam and Matcjueu of 

Cbitiiilo<,ftlii>E«rlNugciilinlrclBi»l,K.C. 7 




Baronv, T July, 1660— «rttn« I68B. 

Vide Ai.>iMuiLiuJj 
BiNONY, le April, I6B9— 4CrnilCt 17 19. 

Vide ScHOMKRe, ] 


It. I.Jobn Roper; Created Baron T«>nbii>i 
T>ylibii«i, ro. Kent.S July. lUlCi ab. IGI 
8, a Chriilopher Roper, ■■ uid b. ob, liisa. 
UL leas. a.Jobi> K-^twr, Land b. ub. Ifii^T. 

IV. IfiST. 4. Cbri*u>(<lier R.iper, a. and k ub. 1673. 

V. IR3. b. Cliriatnpber Rupur, a, and b. ob. Ilitttt. 
VL lUm. e.John Rflprr, a. and b. ob. 1689, s. p. 

Vn. 1689. T. CbrtilophFr Ruper, brulber aiid beir ) < 
1697. ». P. 
"II6J7-8 Her.ry Rn|«r. brolhcriiiidheiri «b. I7E3. 

I73S. 9. Pbilip Roptr, a. anil h. i.b. V,l;,t.r. 
I nn.lO.Henry Roper. lirt>tber»iidh*ir; ob. UBI. 
'>!■ 178I.II.IIeiiry Rup^r, t, and b. ob. I7BS. 
XII. nS8.l9 Henry Rop^r. a. ami \<. i>h. 1800, a.P, 
Illl.lMOil IS.Johii Roper, brolher and beir ; ob. 1831, ». 
KIV.iB14.H.Hri>ry Franeh Roper (aMumed ibc name i 

Cutsoii, lit coudit and hrir, limine aon ai 

hr)r at Francis Roper, brulhcr uf Hfii 
X'lOtb BHton. I'reieiil Bnroli l*eynha»,^ 






1. 1G3B. 

l.NUholM Tufiun, lit Baron Turtpn; Cfcaud 

EarlofTbanei, co. Kent, 5 Auuii, 1M9; 

Ob. 1633. 



d»o. «nd coheir of Ricb.rd E*rl <.f Dotwi 



S.NicboliiETurton. 1. iiidh. ob. Iii^s, ». r. 



4. Jobn Tulion, bralher and heir i ob. 1680.t. f. 



b. Ricburd Tufton, broibet and beir ; <4i. 1GS4, 



G. TbomoiTufion. brotberiDdbein claimed tnd 
HBt allowed (be ancient Barony at CliltoRl 
in 1691 ; ob. 1TS9, b. p. m. oben the Btnof 
ot Cllffard Wl into Abby*(icb betveen bi 
dauEbtenandcobeirai hii oiber hnnon de- 



T. SaekviUe Tufton. nephew «tid ttelr mak, btia( 
■.and b. of Sackville Tutton, nttx brotbcc «( 
the lut Earl; ob. ITM. 


8. Sackville Tuflon. i. Mid b. ub. I7HC. 



9.SaekvJUeTufian, t.aiul h.j ob. IBSS. 


l8S5.10.Cb»ri« Tofton, broth.f ii.J beir. Pmral ■ 

Eari of Tbaoet, Baron TulW*. aad • Bk- 



ViicotuiTCV, IS April. 1673. 




MurroiighO'Bryen, III M*rqUcM ofTlMNMai 
inlrtlauilt Created BaranTlloniond WTm> 
loo, eo. Bucki, 3 Oc(. tWIl, K.P. ; oh. IWf. 
1. 1: nheii the lUroiiy beoane 



uliii da Thorpe Suinm. la Pari. Fron IUhj 
3 EJw. II. 1319, lu Id Oct. 13 Bin. " 
but ucvcr ■fierwartli. 

1381. Willinni ileTlorpe; P^rl. from 16 July^ 
S Rich.ll.l3Sl,laI3Sr|.l. URidi.ll. 1390. 
ilt Ulineulsr ihit nrltlicr Du|;<]>le, nor Cullini, (ive 
^yMMunl of ibcu Burnn*. Bciiviii aivi thai Jubii 
■ Tliarp itai Lord ofCrckc, co. Norfullc, In rigbi of 
bit gniidmotber MArKarel, clJett tiller and cuheir uf 
krtfauluocw, LurU of CnsLe i lie i*. buwrvrr, cilciii aiib 
(••pert to William Je Ttiotpe. Bunk*, in bit Sitinmaia 
AnRlicaiia (ihough be ba> oDiilled lo notice tbtiu in bii 
'Istin'!* BaroiiigE] iiaiet, tb>iiJu1iii Barun Ttiof|>e died 
b It Edw. IL and dpducu ibe indigne Id Sir Edniuiid 
" , obu dird in HIT) leaving Iwo daughiert hii 

, vii. Iiabel. wbo mairUd Pliilip TyXacj, and Joan, 
j» married flni Sir Robert EcliiMgliam, and lecundly 
It Juhli CliFlDii : if tbii pedinreE be correct, the Uaroiiy 
mied bribeWriiuf Stidw. II. ii vetted in ibe lies- 
tndanU and rcprcieniaiivei of (be laiU Juan and lobel: 

i«or tbedetcendanUutJuhiideTburpe •ere, boncrt 

_ umoned lo failinment. Niilliiii' apiitarj lu be n 

f'«nnlcd of iba deicendant* uf William Eiiun Thorpe. ' 



1. Etlwiiril Thnrlow i Created Daron Tburlo«j| 
w. A.hHeld, CO. Suffolk. » June, I7;e 

Baron TburluW of Thorloir, m>. Suffolk, 4 
tenunder, falling bit male ittue. <o bit ' 
(hen and ihtir baue male, 18 June, 179^1 I 
High CbmixWor; ob. 1806, t.v. iibenv\Afl 


ti ltmx>»m, tKKt bretber of lb* bit Bum.. 


n&»*. I. lS»4iliHk i>T«7 4MMM>tlhM*riilfl| 
hm w^tmnAaei m a wgriir S a— i»q»4 is Pacfi«M)ill l| 
MaiiP«>«>*MM.IUfctTia^ Mu<»4ykt. Babertdl 
iH II 4;^ 1. r. K. LiKM bn MuehrFr b*cB»< hi* M^ 

to<rthM»beirBaIci- br ■ u $UM>i. to Piri 
fMM 33 F(t>. U lU-. I. IM;, u ldSci>t.ll 

IL 13£L S. W.OwB «> T>«n<. t. and h : Sana, to PiH 
SO D«. II Ed-. II. Hit. bul wnr ■firrwinli 
«b. t34l. (.P. tnting hii brolfaer ftabtn. 
fVi-«i, bit bcir, ahs died lUt, s. p. lo abaa 
111 his bdHhrr. abo >»»!«< 
ibo dwd