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<if THB 



ys^ S)ate of Kreation» 






VOL. l. 



For C. and J. Rivington, St.Paars Chorcliyard and Waterloo Plac«; 
T. Eserton, Whitetaall ; J. Cntheli, Middle Row, Holborn ; J. and 
W. T. Ciarke, Portugal Street, Lincoln's Tnn ; Longman and Co. Pater- 
noster Row; T. Cadell, Strand; J. Richardson, Royal Exch4nge; 
J. Booth, Duke. Street, Portland Chapel ; J. Booker, New Bood Street; 
Ktngsbnry and Co. Leadenhall Street; Baldwin and Co., S. Bagster, and 
Hamilton and Co., Paternoster Row ; J. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly ; 
J. Hardiog.St. James's Street; Rodwell and Martin, Kcvr Bond Street; 
6. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Lane; B. Lloyd and Son, Harley Sueet ; 
and R. Saunder», Fleet Street. 


'^ r , 

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Dedicatloii ••••••••••••••• 6 

Prefiu» • • • • 7 

Expbmatioii of Abbram|ioiit • 16 

Addenda 19 

Gwrigendft • 31 

OboenratioDt OQ DignitMt • • • i 

Snccettum to the Crowo • 1 

Princetor Wales 6 

Titlet of Peenge^ in i trictiy alphabetical order, from 

AtoL « 9to405 

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My Lokd^ 

Respect for your Lordship*s eminent public 
Services« and more especially for the important 
assistance which your profound legal acquirements 
have afforded to the '' Lords* Committees appointed 
to search for documents touching the dignity of a 
Peer of the Realm»*' Las induced me to solicit 
the honour of being allowed to inscribe these Vo- 
lumes to your Lordship 3 and as there is no individual 
so competent to judge if they are in any degree 


worthy of consideralion> I assure you, iny Lord, 
tbat there is no one whose approbation of them I 
should be so proud to obtain. 

With the highest respect, 
I liave the honour to subscribe oiyself^ 


Your Lordship's humble 

and obedient Servant, 

NicHOLAs Harbis Nicolas. 
June \3, 1825. 

Digitizedby Google 


MucH as has beenpublished on the IVerage of 
England, most persona conversant with the subject 
have probably feit that a work was required which 
should contain a coneise account, not only of the 
State of evei^Title of D%nity which has existed in 
this Country« from the Conquest to the present 
time, buc which would also present to a Single 
reference the snrname o( each individual who pos- 
sessed a particular honour in any year within that 
pmod; for, from the mutabilitj of poHtical affidrs 
in the early part of our lüstory, the same title has 
c^ten been bcnrne by ibur> five, and even tcn dif- 
ferent families. It is consequently inipossible to 
remember the family-name of the person, when, as 
is uniformly the case, he is mentioned by historians 
by his title» and to ascertain it has hitlierto been 
attended with much research. Antiquaries^ it is tnie, 
generally possess those voluminous and expensive 
works which ccmtain every inforuiation on the sub- 
ject ; but from their coniparative rarity, as well as 
the peculiar nature of their contents^ they are but 
little consulted by the more numerous classes of the 
literary world; and it is presumed» that even Anti- 
quaries themselves have frequently experienced the 
want of a small work» containing those general 
points of inforuiation connected with the EogUsh 
Peerage> which oceasion them> on each reference» 
much trouble and loss of time« 



These considerations have led to the compilation 
of the '* Synopsis of the Pberage op England,*' 
ivhich exhibits, under strictly alphabetical arran^e- 
ment, the desoent of every Title which has been 
conferred in this Country since the accession of 
William the Conqueror, the manner and period of 
its creation^ the dates of the deaths of those who 
inherited it> and of the year when each.dignity 
became extinct, was forfeited« or feil into abeyaace : 
and to render the Work more complete, a U^t of all 
the Pielates who have filled the dif^rent Sees withip 
the same period is inserted; and references will 
be found to the proo& i^tdiich the printed Rolls uf 
Parliament afiR)rd of the Sitjtings in Parliament of 
Barons of the Realm — ap object of considerable ipo- 
portance to a work of this kind> because^ without 
such pr0of, no titlje which origini^ted in a Writ of 
Summons can be succ^ssfuJly daimed, or, in ot)ier 
words, cao now be deemed to exjst. Under the aame 
head some ob«ervations are submitted, tendipg to 
»tablish that the i.etter written by the Barons> who 
were assembled in the Parliament which met ^t Lin- 
coln in February, 1300-1« anno 99 £dw* I. should 
also be received a$ an undoubted proof of Sitting In 
Parliament; and the very material circumstance, 
that the admission of that Letter would establisb the 
existence of many fiaronies which must otheirwise 
be consldered tabeextinct, will, it 19 expected, be 
thöught a suQicient excuae for the space which has 
been devoted to it. 

At the end of the second volume^ an Alphabetical 
List of all the Knighcs of the most Noble Order of 
the Carter is introduced, because such a List is 
only to be found in a scarce tiact> whilst its Utility 
to those who are interested in the biography of 
illustrious persons^ cannot be doubted. A sinnlar 



List of the Knights of the Bath» or^ as they are 
DOW termedy Knights Grand Grosses, from the re* 
vival of the Order in 17^5, thougfa perhaps not 
so desirable, may nevertheless sometimes prove ac* 

To the Work some introductory remarks on 
dignities have been prefixed, not with the pre- 
sampCuous expectation that the Editor could throw 
any tight on the subjeet^ btit with the view of 
pladng before the general reader a familiär epitoine 
of the leading princif^es whieh regulate the descent, 
or prodace the^forfeitore of Titks of Honoor in tbis 
Kingdoip. This appeared to be^ tbe more called 
for, because it was in some degvee necessary to 
the füll cootprehension of many of tke eipressions 
used in the Work ; and still fnore; because such 
Information was only ta be gleaned firom the 
perusal of. legal writers« 

It will at once be seen that the plan on wfatch 
the Synopsis op the Peeraob of England has 
been formed was that of '' Heylyn's Help to EngUsh 
History ;'•' and the numerous editions which that 
populär Tohime passed fhroi^h^ it is* hoped, jusd* 
fied the ej^pectätion that an improved work on 
the same model woiild not be deemod whoUy unde- 
serving of public notice, at a period when a compen- 
dium oif every species of Information is honoured with 
approbation. Uliilst^ however« making the candid 
avowal that the obvious Utility of Dr. Heylyn*s work 
suggested the present^ the Editor owes it to himself 
briefly to State those points in which^ he hopes, it 
will be found an imiürovement on that well-known 
production. Neither Heylyn, nor his subsequent 
editors, notioe any digtiity below the raivk of Earls, 
excepting by the insertion of an imperfeot catalogue 



of ^scounts and Barons at the end of tHe volume *, 
hence it does not com\vnae nearly half the tkles 
which have existed in tids country. The descent of 
the Dukedoms, Marquisates, and Earldoms;, from 
one person to another^ is not in every case snffi-» 
dently explained; for it does not alWays appear 
whether the inheritor of the dignity was the son> 
brother» or nephew oi the last possessor; and where 
the title passed to a more coUateral line» the precise 
vdationship is seldom expressed. Lastly» no account 
is giTen by Heylyn of the manner in which the ho» 
nour terminated, whether from the ÜBulure of heirs^ 
or by the act of the l^slature ; and the deseent of 
existing digpnities has not been continued below the 
year 1773. The diffisrence» howeirer» in many other 
instances between the ^'Help to £nglish History/' 
and these volumes is, it is presumed, fuUy sufficient 
to justify his considering tlM3 present as a totaliy dis^ 

Astheaocuracy of a work of thisnatureis.of the 
very first impcrtance to its talue, a few words on its 
«xecution may be pardoned. If it were for oitte 
moment pretdnded that this compilation was free 
from errorsy such a pretension wouid most justly entail 
upon its Editor the ridicule of every person in the 
slightest degree acquainted with the subject* The 
extreme difficulty of detecting the misrepresentations 
of former writets» the peculiar liability to mistakes 
whieh the collation of varioiis Statements necessarily 
produoei and still more the circumstance that every 
line contains either a date or a lact, combine to 
render a perfect work of this kind totaUy impos« 
sible, Stille much may be done towa^rds the attain» 
ment of so desirable an d>ject» and whilst ad* 
mitting that these volumes must unfortunately 


PfttFACI. 11 

exhilnt many {irob& of the truth of the preceding 
remark/he neverthekss flattere himself that as few 
maecuiacies will be found as could feirly have been 
anticipated. To tbe inerit of sedulous care> of rigid 
kripaitiality, and to haviug acted apon the re« 
Solution of not stating a Single word which he 
did not believe to be strictly true, with the view 
of flattering the pride» or gratifying the ambi« 
tion of others» he conscientiously feels that he is 
entitled ; and many instances wiU be found where 
dignities which by every previous tmter have been 
attributed to lUflferent noble families^ are in these 
pages proved eithor to be now vested in olher indi- 
viduals^ to have become extinet, or never to have 
been created to the ancestor of the present Peer. 
He has feit that with respeet to hereditary honours^ 
more than with any other worldly possession^ that 

lUen n*est beau qu€ ie vraif 

and that to attribute a dignity to an individual who 
has no legal right to it^ is a speciel of falsehood, 
which, if not so injurious, is at least as roorally 
culpable^ as any other deviation from truth ; hence 
he tmsts that the public will poisess at least one 
work in which no title is stated to be enjoyed by a 
Peer which is not undoubtedly vested in him: 
ander the superior title of each existing nobleman» 
a list is therefore inserted of the English honoure of 
which» to the best of the Editor*s belief, he is pos- 

It is no less a subject of regret to the Editor of 
a Peerage, than to those who refcr to it, that the 
plan and limits of the work should preclude the 
poesibilitysOf statinghis authorities. A short cata- 
iogue of the works which have been chiefly used in 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


the following oo^lpilaäoll9^ may» liowever, tend to 
sfaew that tbe best writers have been consulted. 
Dugdale^s Baronage, Dugdale's List of SummoDs 
to Parliament, the three Reports of tbe Lords* 
Committees on the Dignity of a Peer of the Realm, 
and especially the valuable Appendix thereto, the 
Rolls of Parliament^ the dlfierent editions of Col- 
lins* Peerage, ColUns* Precedents o£ Baronies by 
Writ, £diiiondson*8 Pe^age, Brooke*s Catalogue of 
Houor, Bank*s Dormant and Extinct Peerage, &c. 
are the works which ha%'e beeu roost frequent](y 
employed, bat every book. ajt all likßly to afiFord 
information on any doubtfiil point which arose, has 
been referred to. On all occaeions^ however« where 
a fact stated in the text has been hitherto unnoticed» 
or was otherwise of peeuliar. int^rest, the authority 
for it will be found in the mjar^n. 

The preceding list merely comprises part of the 
printed authorities.but in agreat manycases the most 
valuable genealogical manuscripts in the kingdom 
have been consulted ; and in some ins^ances the offi- 
cial record of patents of creation, and qther public 
documents, have been exaniined^ and it is with 
partk:ular gratitude and pleasure that the Editor 
alludes to the constant assistance which has been 
afiforded him by the meoibers of the Collie of Anns« 
With the majority of that highly respectable body 
he has the honour to enjoy a personal acquaintance, 
and with some to boast of a friendship which has 
long been to him a subject of pecullar gratification$ 
and on every occasion where he has applied fbr in* 
formation, not only has access been most liberally 
given him to the public archives» but the private 
collections of many of the members were with uo 
less readiness and liberality thrown open to him^ 
To Francis Townsend, Esq. Rouge Dragon, among 



otheracceptable cootributions« he is indebted for che 
proofs of Barons' Sittings In Parliament« and for 
tbe use of the greater pari of the manuBcript and 
other ccdkctions of bis late father, Francis Town« 
send, Esq. F. S. A. Windi»or Herald ; to bis friend 
Charles George Young, Esq. F. S. A. York Herald, 
the Editor owes numerous important suggestions, 
together with other Communications of the highest 
value i indeed the kindness of those gentlemen« and 
of G^rge Frederick Beltz, Esq. F. 8. A. Lancaster 
Herald^ of William Woods, Esq. F. S.A. Norfolk 
Herald Extraoidinary and Blue Mantle, as well as 
of James Pulman» Esq. F. S. A. PortcuUis» was 
only limited by bis unwiUingness to trespass too 
far on their indulgence. His sincere acknow- 
ledgments are likewise due to Dr. Lingard, not 
only for affording bim such Information relative 
to the existence of tbe original letter from tbe Ba- 
rons of England to Pope Boniface VIII. in the 29 
Edw. I. as he possessed» but for immediately i4>ply- 
ing to Rome on tbe subject; and it is to that 
gentleman*s obliging attention to his inquiry, that 
he is indebted for the facts stated in the Addenda 
connected with that interesting document. 

Before concludingthese remarks, the Editor hopes 
that he may anticipate a fiivourable consideration to- 
wards whatever errors may be found in these volumes; 
for it ought not to be forgotten that tbis is the first 
attempt which bas been made since the publication 
of Sir William Dugdale*s invaluable Baronage» to 
pve an account of the descent of every title which 
bas existed in tbis kingdom. Tbe most material 
mistakes which have been discovered will be found 
among the ** Corrigenda.** A few titles which have 
been accidentally omitted in their proper places are 
inscrted in the ** Addenda." 

YOL» I. b 


14 t>REFACe. 

Any communication addressed to the Editor, at 
Messrs. Ri?ingtons% Waterloo Place, Fall Mall, 
will be carefully attended to 3 and corrections of the 
dates, and limitations of the patents of crealion of 
Peers, will be highly acceptable. 

Digitizedby Google 



(XEL. or OEtEBS, unmurried. 

F. and H. filhtt et lianct, ton and heir. 
s. md H. 8on and heir. 

nnfVPTA, namarried« 

OB. died, 

T. r. yit& pabriB» in the life-time of hii fitther« 

T. M. vit& matrifl, in the life-time of hii mother« 

T. p. yitft fratns, in the life-time of hii brother. 

s» 7. fine proley withoutisrae. 

s« r. M. fine prole mascnlty withoat male iisne. 

s. p. L. sine prole legitimi» withoat lawfiil istne. 

9, p. s. «ine ptole saperstite, withont iuue that tunriTed» 

K. 6. Knight of the Garter» 

K. B. Knight of the Bath. 

G. C. B. Grand Gross Bath. 

K. C. B. Knight Commander of the Bath. 
K. T. Knight of the Thistle. 
K. P« Knight of St. Patrick. 

The Roman anmerals indicata the numher of persona who hart 
harne that title, whUst the fignres show how many of the tarne 
fiHiiiljhaTe inherited it; thus in the title of Buckinouam the 
tvo nrst Earlsy of the name of Giffard» are described» 


L . 1066. U Walter Giffiird. &e« 

II. 1 103. S. Walter GiKiud, s. and h. &c. 

indicating that the first Earl w«a cvcated ta that dignity in 
1066, and that the second sueeeeded to it in 1109. 'Hie next 
Earl, Riehard de CUre, is marked 

tu, Ben. I. Richard de Oare, &c. 

which meansy that he was the third Earl, and snceeeded to the 

dSgnity some time in the reign of Henry the First, though the 

precise year conld not be ascertained. No person again bore 

. tiiftt title vntU 1377, when Thomas Plantagenet, Dnlce of Glou^ 



cester wm created Earl of Bucldnghmniy and beiug thefourth Emil, 
but theßrtt of bis fitmily, is nuurked 


IV. 1377. I.ThomasPlAntagenet, &c. 

and bis 8on> wba succeeded bim in 1397» is designated hj the 


V. 1397. 2. Humpbrey Plantagenet» s. and b. &c. 

Tbe title became Extinct in tbat line in 1400» and in tbe asaie 
year Humpb]7 Stafford styled bimself Bari «f Buckingham, 
and became tbe sixtb Earl ; in 1441 be was laised to tbe digntty 
of Duke of Backingbam» and be is consequently marked 


VI. 1400. — ^I. 1441. l.HumpbreyStaÜbrd» 8(c. 

and bis grandson and great-grandson, wbo inberited tbose dlgni- 
ties, are described» 


VII.— IL 1459. fi. Henry Stafford, grandson and beir,beaig,&c. 
VIIL— 111.1483. S.Edward Staifoid, b. and b. &c. 

indtcating» tbat tbe grandson succeeded in 1459» and was the 
fourth £arl and second Duke o£ Buckingbam, but tbe second of 
tbat family wbo bore tbe title of Buckingbam, wbilst the great- 
grandson of Hompbrey Stafford above mentioned, wbo inberited 
tbe dignities in question in 1483, was tbe eighth "EmX and third 
Duke, and the ihird person of tbe name of Stafford wbo bore 
tbose titles. Tbe title of Buckingbam was forfeited by the 
House of Stafford in 15S1, and in 1617 George Villiers was 
created Earl of Buckingbam, in 1618 Marquess» and in 16ss 
Duke of tbat County, and dying in 1629 was succeeded in hia 
bonors by bis son George. .These personales are therefore 
designated in tbe following i 


IX. 1617.— I. 1618.— IV. 1623. 1 . George Villiers» &e. 

X. «....— II .— V. 1629. 2. George Villiers, s.andh.&c. 

In 1687- tbe line of Villiers became extinct; but in 1618 Mury 
Villiers was created Countess of Buckingbam for life» and she is 
marked thus» 


I. 1618. Mary Villiers, &c. 

In 1703 John Sheffield was created Duke of Buckingbam, and 

was succeeded by bis son in 1720 ; they are tberefbre described aa 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


VII. 1703. l.JobnSlieffield, &c. 
Vlil. 1790. 3. Edwsrd Sheffield, i. and h. &c. 

The title of Bockingham again became extinct io 1 735 , and in 
1782 George Grenville^ 3d Earl Temple» was created Marquest 
of tlie Town of Buclüngham *» in whicn dignity he was succeeded 
Inr bis son and heir Bichard» who has -since been ratsed to the 
Pidcedom of Buckingham and Chandos; t|iese personages are 
theiefore marVed 

Mimfi. DUKX. 

ni. 1784. 1. George Grenvilley&c 

IV. 1818.-— VIII. 1833. 3. Richard GrenTÜle, s.and h.&c. 

Ittkos •pPftfS that the present Duke is the Jmaik Marqoess 
aad eighth Doke of Buckmghan» thoogh but the seeond person of 
bis name who ever bore either of those titlea. 

In the case of Baronies, those who were Barons by Tennre are 
nniformly stated to have svcceeded each other in a spedfied 
reign, beoanse it was impossible alwajs to gire the exact year 
when each possessor of ijhe Barony med ; imd after one of Uie 
family was sommoned to Parliament» the descent of the dignity 
created bT Writ ts shewn by the numerals, which comroenee 
again wlth the person so summöhedy thoogh the^^^ures are con- 
tinued ; fbr example in the Barony of Despuicbii» the first five 
Barons by Tennre are marked merely by Roman nnmerals, be- 
canse the relationship of one to the other is not known : but the 
moment the descent is recorded> the fignres are introduced. 

The words ** Summoned to Parlisiment as" when applied to 
Barons by Writ, mean, that the style giren is that by wnich he 
was addressed in the general Writs of Summons directed to htm ; 
and the ezpression alluded to has been snbstituted for the inore 
eorrect one of '< by Writ addressed,'* which the grammatical con- 
struction of the quotation requires, to aToid the Irequent repeti- 
tion of that sentence. 

* In p. 98, this title is considered to bare been the same as 
that bome by the House of VUliers, but this is perhaps erroneous, 
for it does not appear whether George Villiers was created Mar- 
quess -of the Toti'n or Qnmty.oi Bndangham ; nor is the Editor 
positive whether the present Duke was created Duke of the Town 
or County oCBucldngham, hat most probably only of the former, 
there behig now and at the time of the Duke's creation, an Earl 
qf Buckinghßn^hirf, .... 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


It shoold be obterved, that no marriage is noticed, excepting 
where the woman wat either hendf potsetasd of » dignity, or w aa 
the coheir of one ; or where sfae was immediately or nearly de- 
scended firom the Blood Royal. 

This mark s=: applied after the name of an existing Peer, indi- 
cates that he is married ; and the following one =?= that he haa 
issue. , Y 

The limitation of aU Patents of creatton was to the heirs mal» 
of the body of the (Jrantee only, miless otherwise expressed. 


Barony, 25 Nov. 1815— 4B):tlnet 1895. 

Vide Whitworth [jddenda), 



I. 1823. 1. Nicholas Vansittart } Created Baron Bexley of 
Bexley, co. Kent, 1 March, 1823. Present 
Baron Bexley. =^ 



I. 1815. John Bowes, lOth Earlof Strathmore in Scotlandj 
Created Baron Bowes of Streailam Castle, co. 
Durham, 7 Aug. 1815 ; ob. 1820, 8. p. l. when 
. this Barouy became 4£ptintt, 



I. 162d. l. Henry ClifFord, son and heir apparent of Fran- 
cis IV.-4th Earl of Cumberland j Summoned to 
Parliamenc by Writs addressed *• Henrico Clif- 
ford, Chevalier," from 7 Marcb,3 Car. I. 1628, 
to 3 Nov. 15 Car. I. 1639, and sat in several 
Parkaments accordingly ; succeededbis faiher 
RS Earl of Cumberland in 1641 j ob. 1643, s. p. 



M. wben that Earldom becaroe ^^rtinct, but 
mASONBSS. thit Baropy devolved on 

I. 1643. S. EUsabetb, bis daughter and sole beir; ibe 

married Riebard Boyle» Earl of Cork, in Ire- 
Und, wbo was in consequence cr«ated Baron 
Cliffoso of Lanesborough, by Patent to bim 
and tho bei» male of bis budy, 4 Nov. 1644; 
be was created Earl of Büriiogton in Marcb, 
1664$ ob. t62K>. 


II. 1690. 3. Cbarles Boyle, s. and b. Summoned to Pari. 

in hitfather's Barony of Clifford of Lanbs- 
BOROUGH in 1689 i ob. viU patrü, 1694. 
IfL 1694. 4. Cbarles Boyle, s. and b. claimed a Writ of 
Summons to Parliament as Lord Clifford of 
LtANBSBOROUGHy in consequence of bis falber 
baying been so Summoned, wbicb claim was 
allowed» and be was Summoned accordingly in 
1694; succeeded bis grandfatber as Earl of 
Burlington in 1698$ ob. J704. 

IV. 1704. 5 Riebard Boyle, s. and b. Earl of Burlington ; 

in 1737 he claimed, and was allowed tbe Ba- 
rony of Clifford created by tbe Writ of 3 Car. 1. 
1628, to bis great great grandfatber Henry 
Clifford before mentioncd, K. G.; ob. 1753» 
8. p. M. wben tbe Earldom of Burlington and 
Barony of Clifford of Lanesborougb became 
üptinct; but tbe Barony of Clifford, created 
by tbe Writ of 3 Car. I. devoWed on 


II. 1753. 6. Charlotte, bis daugbter and sole heir; sbe 
married William Cavendisb, 4lb Duke of De- 
vonsbire; ob. 1754 


V. 1754. 7. William Cayendisb, s. and b. 5tb Duke of De« 

vonshire, &c. ; ob. 1811. 

VI. 1811.8. William Spencer Cavendisb, s.andb. 6tb and 

present Duke of Devonsbire, &c. Present 
Baron Clifford under tbe Writ of 3 Car. I. anno 
1628; bis Grace bas not, bowever, obuined 
any recognition of tbe Barony. 


I. 1«99. John FiU-Roger; Summoned to Parliament 6 
Feb. 27 Edw. I. 1299, but ncver afterwards, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


and of whoiD notbSn^ further is known $ on 
bis death tb« title (irobably became 



I, 1299» Andrew Fitz-Roger $ Summoned to Parliament 10 
April, S7 Edw. I. 1209, but never afterwards, 
aud of wbom notbioc fnrtber is recorded ; tbe 
eitle, on bis demise, luay, in all probability, be, 
considered to bave beeome 



Robert Fitz-Walter, descended from a younger branch 
pf tbe Barons Fitz- Walter; Summoned 26 Jan. S5 Edw. 
|. 1^97. by Writ addressed, «« Rob'o fil' Walteri de Da- 
ventre ;" but, for tbe reaaons assigned under IFitz-John, 
it if doubtful if tbat Writ can. be considered as «.regulär 
Summoos to Parliament; neitber be nor any of bis' de- 
. scends^nts were ever afterwards Summoned to Parlia 



ViscoüNTCY, 34 November, 1815. 

Vide Vbrulam. 

Barony,^ MAy, 1784.— €;tiltCt 180f. 


MONTJOY (p. 444). 

Montjoy Blount, IX- Ist Baron Montjoy of Tburveston, 
CO. Derby, was created to tbat dignity 5 June, 1627, witb 
tbe foUowing clause of preQedency, to bave *< locum et 



precedenüam pr^B omnibus a^ harmnhui ptibuteumgue 
Aufusregni nostri JnglÜB^peinos pott vicenmum die Mtni 
jam uUimo prtBteritum f actis sive creatü, aüquo et cei, in 
contrariumin aiiquo non obstante;* but o« complaints pre- 
<erred by Lord Faucoobrid|re, who bad beeu creaced tbe 25 
May, and by Lord Lovelace, who was created on tbe 27 
May ia tbe same year, agaiii^c tbe precedence attempted tu 
be given to Lord Montjoy, tbe point waf referred to tbe 
Lerds' Committee of Privilege, who reported on tbe 29 
April, 1628^," that tbe Committee bad considered thereof» 
and are of opinion tbat according to tbe Statute 31 Heu. 
VIU. and according to a former judgment of this House, 
this Parliament, in tbe like case of precedency granted to 
tbe Earl of Banbury, that the said Baron Fauconbridge, 
and tbe said Baron Lovelace« are to bave place and pre- 
cedence accordlnir to tbe aneienties and dates of tbeir 
seyeral patents. before tbe said Baron Montjoy, whose pa- 
tent of creation bears date afterw^rd, iiotwithstanding tbe 
Said clause in bis patent to the contra ry •. 

See also some observations oo this subject of patents 
giving a precedency beyond tbe date of tbe liistramenr, 
uudAr **^ O^sBRVATiONS ON Dksnities," pkge Uix. 

Barony, 19 August, J673— ^ptinct 1732. 

Vide Yarmoutu. 


OF Bolton. . ^ 
yide Pedigree in next page. 

* Lords* Journals, Vol. III. p. 775. Cited in Banks' Slem- 
^i^ata JngUcana, f. 108. 

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-.'S SB 

11 "5 J 

^ i g s • 







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JB "O Q •• 3 




g-^ ge«g 
■■J S|2 3 «11.'' 

"2 o • 
S S a 


•3 9 

S'2 5e 




a t» 1 .. i~ 4ä 3 

1-1 !^j 



SM » <N »x ;o >^ 




1^2(5 «Sl 

0-2 ?:: 



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c5 £ 



w •* 5 i »« .g . 
'S«» ^Jj g .< 







s c" 




STANLEY Cp. 607). 

li bas been considered doubtful «hether the Thimiaf 
StanWy wbo was Sutnmoned to Pari, on tbe ^ Jan. 
34 Henry VI. 1456, waa the father of Thomas Stanley 
mho was Sammoned in snbsequent years, and wbo was 
created Earl of Derby in 1485. Du^dale ttatet, (bat 
Thomas Stanley, Lord Cbamberlain, ihe frther^ died in 
37 Hen. VI.? and tbougb he speakt miiiutely of tbe 
stiustions he filled, be takes no notice of bis ever baviiig 
been Summoned to Parliament ; but on tbe otber band, 
he considers the first Writ of Summons «hieb was issoed 
to Thomas ihe son^ to have been tested 34 May, I £d«« 
IV. 1461. Collins expressty States, tbat it was Thomas 
tbe father who was Summoned in tbe 34 Hen. VI.« but 
otber writ er» consider ihat it was the son wbo was Sum- 
moned in ihat year. A reference to the Roll« of Parlia- 
ment, however, tends to prove tbat it was Thomas the 
Jather who was Summoned io Parliament in ihe 34 Hen. 
VI. for it appears tbat in soroe proceedinfs in Parliament 
relative to ibe Royal Household, 10 July, 33 Hen. VI. 
1455, be is styled «Thomas Stanley Miles & officiarii 
dicti Hospitii,*' whilst in tbe act of Resumption, in Par- 
liament 17 Nov. 34 Hen. VI. 1455, belsealled ««Thoma«! 
Stanley, Knight,* Lorde Stanley, our Chamberleyn," 
tbough tbis occurred about two mombs before tbe date 
of tbe first Writ, which is recorded 4o have been issued lo 
a Thomat Stanley. Moreorer, in tbe 38 Hen. VI. Wil- 
liam Stanley, tbe son of Sir Thomas Stanley the Cham' 
berlaifif is described as << William Stanley, son of Thomas 
lote Lord Stanley.* " And in the 1 Bdw. VI. in the act 
of resumption, tbe following acoount of the pedigree of 
y Stanley oecurs, and which determines tbe point in quef- 
. tion : — '* Jybn Stanley» Knigbt, Besaiell of the said Lord 
Stanley, John Stanley, Knight, ayell of tbe seid Lord 
Stanley, or io Thomas ßtanfey,'Knight, lote Lord Stanley, 
fader qfthe taid now Lord Stanley, f" 


♦ Rot. Pari. Vol. 5. pp. 279, 312 b, 8t p. S4S. 

f Ibid. p. 471. 

VOL. 1. C 

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I. 1813. I. 1815. Charles Wbitwortb, Ist Baron Wbit- 
worth in Ireland; Created Viscount 
Wbitwortb of Adbaston, co. Stafford, 
14 June, 1813; Created Baron of Ad- 
baston aforesaid, and Earl WhitwortH 
25 Nov. 1815, G. C. B. ; ob. May, 1825» 
s. p. wben all bis honours became 

The following Barons and Earls sbould bare been calied 


P. 66, Thomas Howard, Ist Viscount Bindon. 
71. Williaro, firsi Lord Bonville. 
73. Ralph. /r«< Lord Buteler of Sudley. 
77. John 11.- 2d Lord Bourchfer. 
Ibid. Hugb StafTord IV. Lord Bourcbier; I42I. 
92. Henry Stafford VII. Earl, and 11.- 3d Duke of Buck- 

95. ThomMt ßrsi Baron Burgb, or Boroogb. 
98. Hugb n.-3d Lord Bumell. 
99» Thomas Butler (commonly catled Earl of Ossor^r, in 

Ireland), first Baron Butler of More Park. 

103. James Hamilton Vlll.-lst Earl of Cambridge. 
Ibid. William Hamilton X.-3d Earl of Cambridge. 
Ibid. James Stuart II. Duke of Cambrid^. 

104. George Augustus I. Marquess and V. Duke of Cam- 

ISO. Edward de Cherleton IV.-4ih Baron Cherleton of 

143. George Brooke Vll.-6tb Lord Cobbam. 
Ibid. Henry Brooke lX.-8th Lord Cobbam. 
S03. James Douglas, first Duke of Dover. 
S59. Fulke IU.-5tb Baron Fitz-Warine. 
354. William, Baron Fitz- Warine, who died in 1361. 
291. William XIlI.-14th Baron Grey of Wilton. 
304. William V.-5th Baron Harringion. 
353. Robert I. Baron and I. Earl Ker, and Duke of Rox - 

burgh in Scotland. 
364. William lV..4ih Lord Latimer. 



P.414. Esnie Stuart Vll.-lst Earl of Mareh, and Duke ot 
Irennoz in Scotland« 
4^ John ll.-9tb Lord MobuQ. 
437. Jobn IV. Baron, III. Earl, II. Duke of Montacu. 
444. WUUam Qlount IV.-4tb Lord Montjoy. 
448. Thomas IV.-4ib Lord Morley. 
508. WUliam Herbert XX.-l8t Earl of Pembroke. 
538. Charles Lennox Xl^Sd Duke of Richmond. 
543. Lawrence Hyde IV.- Ist Earl of Rocbester. 
547. William VlL-lSib Baron Root of Hamlake. 
557. Henry Jerroyn IIL-Ist Earl of St. Albant. 
588. Henry IX.-9th Baron Scrope of BoUon. 
«21. Riebard de ia Pole llL-lst Bari of Suffolk. 
690. William V^5tb Baron Willougbby of Ereaby. 
Ibid. Robert Vl.-6ib Baron Willoughby of Eretby. 
€92. Robert J.-ltt Baron WiUougbby de Broke. 

P. 778. Rbmahks on thb Barons* Lbttbr to tbb Pope, 
AMNO 1301. 

In consequence of a doubt having existed in tbe Editor's 
mind whetber a document similar to tbat presenred in the 
Cbapter was in tbe Vatican, at Rome, he took the liberty 
of addressing Dr. Ung^rd» the well-known hiitorian of 
England, througb wbose kindness the foUowing Information 
bas just been obtained from Signor Marini, the Librariah 
of tbat place. 

Ist. Thal gentleman-is satisfied that tbe letter from the 
Barons of England to Pope Bon|face VIII. does not exist ili 
tbe Vatican. 

2dly. It 18 not noticed in the Register or oopy of doeu- 
ments belonging to tbe Vatican. 

3dly. Neither of tbese circumstances sUoold be considered 
as evidence tbat it was not received at Rome ; because many 
Instruments are now wanting wbich are known to have 
been received at ibat early period, and in the Register there 
are several racuns previous to the lime of Pope Nicbolas V. 
aano 1447. 

This Information is important, as it tends to prove that 
tbe ORIGINAL LETTER is not now extant in the place where 
it roigbt be supposed to exist $ bence it is still questionable 
whetber the document in tbe Chapter House is tbe ORioi- 
KAL, whicb» for some poUtieal rea^u» was never forwarded 
c « 

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28 . ADDfiNDA. 

jd t^e Puntiff» or wbether it is an ofpicial ouplicate 
of the origioal» made for tbe purpose of teing preserved 
ankong^ tbe reeords of this kin^dom. But, it is contended, 
it is snfficient for tbe purpose of provin^!^ the sitting in Par- 
liament of tbe Barons wbose seals were aflixed to the docu- 
ment preserved in tbe Chapter House, if it be admitted 
that it was an instrument executed by tbe Barons of this 
kingdom, altbovjf^b, after it was so executed and became a 
rec<»rd of Parliament, it never passed the door of tbe Parlia- 
ment cbaokber. • i 

It should ^ observed in reference to the supposition * 
that Pope Boniface's Bull was dated in 1300 instead of 
1299, tbat Dr. Ltngard explains tbe apparent anomaly of 
its having been written on the SB May, 1299> and of £d- 
ward's not summoning a Parliament to take it into con- 
sideration until Septei^kber in tbe sucoeeding year,- in tbe 
fullowing manner; and as tbat admirable hiätoriau's re- 
markfl are entitled to tbe utmost attention, the followiitg; 
•extract from bis valuable work cannot be deemed oils- 
placed : 

, **Thi8 cxtraordinary document was enclosed in a leiter 
tp WioQbelsey, Archbisbop of Canterbury, ordering bim, 
under tbe penalty of Suspension, to present it to Edward. 
By some linäccountable delay twelve montbs elapsed before 
i\, was delivered to tbe Primate/ wbo immediately repaired 
to Carlisle. But the King bad already reached Kirkud- 
bright; and the intermediate country was in possession of 
the Scots. Für six weeks the Archbishup 1 ingered on the 
borders^ afrald to proceed, yet distressed through wänt of 
provlsiuns ; at length be beard tbat ibe army was on iis 
return, and crossing tbe «aiMls, found £dward encainped 
in the neighbourbbod of Caerlayarock, He delivered tbe 
ktter, wbicb was publicly read in Latin and Frencb to all 
the Barons in tbe King's presence. Jt came ai a most cri- 
tical moment. The peace with France was not yet con- 
cluded, and Gascony was still sequestered in the hands of 
the Pontiff. Unwilling to offend one wbose friendsbip was 
60 necessary to bim, he took lime to deliberate, and then 
repliedy tbat in a matter which concerned the right of bis 
crown, ii was. bis duty to consult bis uiber counsellors : that 
in a sbort lime he would assemble bis Parliament, and wiih 

• Videp. 779. 

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iu advice would return a satiifactoiy answer to the Pontiff. 
Tbe Archbisbop returned t he was folloved by Edward: 
and ai tbe request of tbe Ring^ of France an armiitice was 
granted to tbe Scuts. To answer tbe letter of Boniface a 
Parliament was summoned to meet at Lincoln. Tbe Uni- 
versities were ordered to depute siz civilians, and tbe Mo* 
nasteries to furnish every docuroent in tbeir poisesiion 
wbich could bear upon the question. After tome dfebM^ . 
a rcply was framed, wbicb was signed and sealed by one 
bundred and four * EarU and Barons, in the name of tbe 
comnioaatty of England.*'— £d. 1819» Quarto» Vol. II. 
p. 438-9. 

It is to be regretted that Lord Hallet does not State tbe 
gruands on wbicb be considered Rynerto bave been wrong 
in assigning the year 1S99 as tbe date of tbe Bull in ques- 
tion ; but in proof that such was tbe year in wbich it.was 
written, Dr. Lini^rd infj^eniously obsenres» «From tbe 
Arcbbishop's reply to tbe Pope it appears that be was twenty 
days on bis joursey to Cartisle, remained on tbe borders 
six weeksy and leacbed tbe King on tbe S6th August; of 
oonrse, be roust bave received tbe Bull in tbe end of June ; 
and as it was dated on tbe S7tb of tbat montbi it must 
bave been written tbe year before." 

* One bundred and tkree* Vide p. 762; et seq. of this work« 


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P. 7. Edward Tudor, afterwards King Edward VI. is stated 
-to have been created Pfince of WaUs i but 
Sandford asserts, tbat tbe Patent of creation to 
that dignity was never actually passed. 

P. 13. 1. ^3. It sbould bave been observed, tbat Sir Edward 
Neville, tbe fatber of Edward Neville, Vn.-6th 
Baron Abcrgavenny, was summoned to Parlia- 
nient 2 and 3 Pb. and M. but died before tbe 
, Parliament met; and in tbe 8tb Jac. 1. it was 

decided, tbat tbe direction and delivery of tbe 
Writ did not make bim a Baron or Noble uniil 
he catne to Parliament, and tbere sat according 
to tbe commandment of tbe \Vrit{ aiMl bence 
tbat no bereditary dignity was created by tbe 
Writ directed to him in consequence of bis 
never baving sat under it *. 

P. S3. Tbe date of tbe Patent of Creation of tbe Marquisate 
of Anglesey is, 4 t/K/y, 1815. 

P. 26. John Fit2-Alan, wbo is tbere called tbe IX.-6th Earl 
of Arundel, died in 1272, and wbicb sbould 
consequently bave been also stated as tbe date 
when bis son Riebard Fitz-Alan succeeded tu 
tbe Earidom. The list of tbe Earls of Arundel 
was compiled from tbat of previous writers, but 
it bas been proved by tbe Lords' Committees in 
tbeir Reports on tbe dignity of a Feer of tbe 
Realm, tbat in fact tbe first of tbe faraily of Fita» 
Alan wbo was actually Earl qf Ai'undel was 
Richard Fttz-Alan, wbo died in 1301, and who 
is called in p. 26, tbe X.-7tb Earl. 

P. 42. Dele tbe note; tbe date of tbe Writ of 4dtb Hen. 111. 
being tbe 24tb Dec. 

P. 53. 1.41. Dele tbe words *< havmg succeeded to it jurt 
matriiin 1799" 

* Ctuise on Digmties^ p* 72. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


P. 63. 1.31. For ** John Bourchier, jjramUon and helr, 
beini; 8. and \u of John Bourchier (ob. v. p.)" 
&c. read, «* being s. and h. of Humphrey 
Buurchier (ob. v. p.)" &c. 

P. 66. Under the title of Binoon tbe narae of ihe Ist Vis- 
count 18 incorrectiy stated to have been Tho- 
iDa8 Howard Bindon, instead of Thomas How- 
ard. It was the ßrst VUconnt inttead tf 
Thomas Howard, tbe third and last Viscuuuty 
who was a Knight of the Carter. 


VISCOÜNT«. ^ ,. . • 

III- 1787. 3. George St. John, third Viscount, died m 

1834, and was succeeded by 
IV. 18«4. 4. Henry St. Job-', s. and b. Prcscnt Viscount 

Balingbroke, Viscount St. John, Baron St. 

John of LvUiard Tregoze, Barou St. John of 

Battersea, and a Baronet. =p 

P.72. BOSl'ON. 

BARONS. , _ „ _ . 

II. 1775. 2. Frederick Irby, the second Baron, died on tli« 

2&th Macch, 1825, and was succeeded by 

III. 1826. 3. George Irbyr s. and b. Present Baron Boston 

and a Baronet. =p 

P 74 The earliest Writ addressed to John de Botetourt 

was tested 13 July, 33 Edw. l. 1305, and which 

is consequently the precedency of that Baruny. 

P Tg BOURCHIER. Vide a Note relative totbeBarony 

" ' ' of Bourchier under Leicester, p. 369, et seq. 

P 82 l 86. Elizabeth, the secbnd sister and 4Coheir of J^b* 

Sd Lord Bray, marri^d first, Sir Ralph Femep^ 

anceütof of the Viscounts Ferqianagh and Eait 

V^roey in Ireland.5 secondly, Sir Richartf 

Catesby j and fÄirrf/y, PFilliam Clark*. 

• El. inform. WilUam Bray, Esq. F. S.A. 

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II. 1797« 3. Riebard Aldwortb Neville (assumed the name 

of) Griffin, tbe second Baron^ died 1 March, 
1825| and was succeeded by 

III. 1825. 3. Riebard Neville- Griffin» s. and h; Present 

BaroD Braybrooke. 

P. 84. Alexander Viseount Bridport is erroneously called 

K. C. instead of JT. ß, 
P. 85. Tbe dates of the Writs addressed to Jobn de Britan- 
nia were, 24 May and 13 July, 33 Edw. I. 
1305 i be died in 1334. 

P. 96. 1. 19y et seq. Dek ** bot tbe objeetion stated under 
FiTZ-JoHN to tbe Writ of 25 Edw.I. also occtirs 
to tbe Writ of 12 Nov. 1308, viz. that tbe Spi- 
ritual Peers were not summoned," as it appears 
tbe wbole of tbat body were duly summoned to 
tbat Parliament. 

P. 97* Tbe date of tbe deatb of Riebard last Earl of Bur- 
lington is erroneously stated to bave been 
1735 instead of 1753; tbis correction also ap- 
pUes to p. 135, as tbe Barony of Clifford oC 
Lanesborougb and tbe Earldom of Burlington 
botb beoame 4E]rtlnct on tbat event in 172^3« 
Vide Addbnda, p. 20. 

P. 124. 1. 1 1. for 1086 read 1066. 

P. 129. 1. 37. Tbe date of tbe creation of the Dukedoft of 
Clarence was 13 Novtmber, instead of 15 Sep- 
tember, 1362 •. 

P. 142. Edward Brocke, [V.>3d Baron Cobbani, was sum- 
moned to Parliament until tbe 28tb Feb. 2 Edw. 
IV. 1463, and George VII.-6tb Baron, and 
Henry lX.-8th Baron, were botb Knigbts of tbe 

P. 149. Margaret Baroness, VisconntelSf and Baroness Co^ 
ningsby, died s. p. s, instead of s. p. m. 

P. 155. 1. 31. for ^* in tbe Earldom,** read, in tbe Earb. 

P, 178. 1. 7. The date of tbe Patent creatiog the Baroness 

* Rot. Pari. Vol. n.p.«73i 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

LAieas» Covateta de Grey, wm ^ Ociober, iu- 

stead of che 1 1 Septembiff 1816. 
P, 18S. I. 11. Cor ** Thomas Stanley» Summ, to Pari, as 
. Baroo Scaiiky, USS^'* rtad Thomas Stauley« 

teeond Batm^ SUmley, : 
P. 190. 1. 32. After " Thomas D^spencer," add j. andh, 
P. SOS. The Title of Fiseount SacbvilU shooid bave been 

iuserted in.the Ust of digaities posstssed by tbe 

preseDt Duke of Dorset. 

P. 203. James Douglas, Sd Duke of Queensberry in Scot- 

. Und» was crcated to bis Euglish honors of Ba« 

roo Hippofi, Marqueas of &verley, aud Duke 

of Dover, ta hold to him for lifie, witb remain- 

der to \i\%.8ee9ni.%otk Charles, theo £ari of Sol* 

fßßy .in ScoUand in . taii male *. The «aid 

Duke was also elected a Kiiigbt of tbe Carter, 

and dying in 1714 was» accordipg to tbe above 

limitation, suceeeded hy bis son Charles, wbo 

. in 17ü6 was created £arl of Solway in Scot* 

laud, and bis eider brother James having died 

. vüä paitis, be likewise became Duke of Queens* 

berry» ftcio Seotland. 

P. 205. RoU^rC de Vere, £arl of Oxford, Marquess of Dub- 
lin» and Dttkfi of Jkelaod, was never a K night of 
the.Qarter, tbe same cotjcection applies to tbe 
latter title in p. 346. The date of his creation 
to tbe Marquisate oC Dublin was 1 Dec. 1385. 

P. 218. 1. 8. for •' 1. 1229. 6." &c. read, 1. 1299. 6. &c. 

P.241. L 33. lor "26 May, 23 Henry VI. 1455/' read» 26 
May, 33 Heu« VI. 1455. 

P. 247. L 17. «or " 3aül.-ll, fiarl," read, XXIll.-ll. Earl. 

P. 259. A luore correct account of tbe descent of tbe Ba* 
rony of Fuanival, after it feil iiito Abeyance in 
1616, wUl be found.uiMler tbat of Strange, in 

P. 267. Jaotes.GreuvUle, LiPrd.Glästonbury, died 25 April, 
1825, S. P. wben tbat Barony bi^caipe 'Ü^Üntt, 

P. 28a. 1. 4; for ** being s. and h. of Henry Grey (ob. v. p.)" 

* Cruise on Diguitles, p. 91« 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

34 CORRieiNDA. 

&c read, beinf •• and h. 9fSir Jokm Gray K. G. 

(ob. ▼. p.) &e. 

P. 291. Wüliam Grey» XIII.-U« B«ron Gray de Wilton, 
was attaioted in 1 S53» whea hit bonon became 
Iforfeitetl, but be waa fnlly restored to them in 
J558. He was likewise a Knigbt of tbe Garter. 

R S93. 1. 9. fw ** WiUlam de Graystock, s.and h, ob. 138«," 
read, hrother and hetr, &c. 

P. 317* Humphrey de Bobun, Xlll.-eth ^rl of Hereford, 
U erroneously called a Knigbt oft he Garter. 

P. 355. Dele Kincumburgh ; tbe name of ff^alter de TCm- 
cumburgh was taken from Dugdale's Lists of 
Summons to Parljanienty ifvhere it is errone- 
ously printed for Walter de Fauoonhergh^ in 
wiiich Biaimer it Stands in the Llsts of Sum- 
mons ^ven in tbe Appendix to the I. and II. 
Peera^ Reports. 

P. 385.1.31. John L'Isle, II.-3d Baron L'Isle of Ruge- 
mont, was Summonedto Parliament only until 
tbe 15tb March, 28 Edw. I. 1354» and tbe 
Writs addressed to bis son and heir Robert 
L'Isle, wer« tested 15Dec. 31. Edw. III. 1357, 
and SO Nor. 34 Edw. III. 1360. 

P. 421. 1. 7. for " 28 Edw. II." read 28 Edw. III, 

P. 448. Dtle the Note, as the name of John de Morley 
among the pcrsons summoned 84 May» 11 
Hen. VI. 1 433, was Dugdale's error; for in the 
Appendix to the I. and II. Peerag^ Report it 
properly Stands as Thomat de Morley. 
P. 456. Vide some remarks under ** Observations on DiO'* 
NiTiBs/' pag€ xlixy on the subject of the ter- 
nsination of the Abeyanc« of the Barony of 

P. 476. 1. 18. Henry Howard, XI..8th Duke of Norfolk, is 
erroneousfy ealleid a Knight of the Garter. 

P. 496. 1. 34. for ** Maud, daughier and cobeir of Giles 
Badlesmere," read, sister and cobeir. 

P. 497. 1. 4. Dele K. G. 

1. 32. After the words *^ cousin and heir," add maU, 


P. 505. 1. 26. for •* I. 1672. 1." read, «T. 1762. 1. 

P. 508. 1. 31. fojr " K. B." read, K. G. 

P. 510. 1. 2. for " Earls»" read, Barons by Tenuee. 

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P. 514. 1. 39. för << L9r4 Philip Howard," read, PHHp How- 
ard, Esq. 


Gregory William Twisleton, present Baron Say and Sele, 
nts in tbe precedency g^ren by tbe Patent of 9tb Anj^st, 
1603; faence it möst De ihferrtd, tbat tbe only Barony «hieb 
is recoipiiaed to be vetted in bim is tbat ereated by tbat 
Patent; but as be is beir-general of tbe body of Sir Jamet 
Fienes wbo was summoned to ParHament 3 Marcb, 95 
Hen. Vi. 1447, if tbat personage can be jproved to have sat 
in tbe House as Baron Say and Sele between tbe day on 
wbicb tbe Writ was testet and tbat on wbicb be is said to 
bave been ereated to tbat dignity in füll Parliament, %oiih 
remainder io Ms Aeirs male$ or if it could be establisbed 
tbat Sir James Fienes was nerer ereated to tbe dignity in 
queslion, witb remainder to bis heirs maUt and of wbidi, 
accordiog to Mr. Crutse, tbere does not appear to be any 
eridence, bis Lordsbip must, it is presumed, be deemed to 
bave inberited a Barony in fee under tbe Writ of Summons 
to Sir James Fienes in 1447. Tbe earliest proof of a Lord 
Say and Sele baviifc been piresent in Parliament is in 1449 ; 
tbus tbe only cläim wbicb appears feäsible to tbe Barony 
ereated in 1447» eonsUts in establisbing, tbat no Patent 
limiting tbe dignity to tbe heirt male of Sir James Fienes 
eter piMsed, and consequently tbat it originated in a Writ of 
SammoDS. It is also to be observed, tbat tbe Patent of 
9tb August, 1603, recited tbe fact, tbat James Fienes was 
summoned by Writ 3 Marcb, 1447, and tbat on tbe 5tb of 
tbe same montb be was ereated in füll Parliament a Baron 
of England by tbe style, title, and bonor of Baron Say and 
Sele, but mentions no limitatum whaiever ; bence perbaps 
tbe only evidence against tbe Patent of 1603 being a con- 
firmation of tbe original Barony, to wbicb Sir Richard 
Fienes was undoubtedly entitled, wbetber it was limited to 
tbe heirs male or beirs general of Sir James Fienes, be 
being both beir male and beir general of tbat personage, 
was tbe circumstance of bis always sitting as junior Baron. 

P. 581. 1. 88. Henry le Scroop, Justice of tbe Common 
Pleas, was summoned to Parliament ex officio, 
from 5 Edw. II. instead, as is there stated, 
from 8 to 19 Edw. IL 

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P, 631. William de XJfford, IL-Sd E»rl of Suffolk, wa» never 

a Knight of tbe Carter j 4l1hs correciion applie» 

also to p. 653, 1. S6. 
P. 662. 1.32. The earHcst Writ ofStimmons addressed to 

Hufh de Vere was tested 6 Fehruary^ 27 Edw.I. 

P. 677. Hejjry de Beaucbamp, XV. Earl, and I. Duke of 

Warwick, is errwemuijf called a Kmfbt of tbe 

P. 680. l. 16. for ** 38 Hen. VI. 1640,'» read, 38 Hen. VI. 

P. 683. 1. 30. Francis Lord Wemyss is iroproperly stated to 

be 6th Earl of Wemyss in Scotland, bis Lord- 

sbip not havin^ established bis claim totbat 

P.757. Note *. Dele tbe words, ** but no reeord exists of 

tbe said Thomas baviog been summoned to any 

Parliaroent as a Baron.;" for be wa« summon«d 

to Parliament, viti patris, as Lord Maltravers. 


P. 843. ST. DAVID'S. 
Thomas Bargess, Bisbup of tbat See. 7raiiftlated to Salis- 

bury May, 1895. 
1825. Jobo Banks Jenkinson, Dean of Woreester. Ap- 

pointed May, 1825. PresisNT Lord Bisbop of St. DaTid's. 


1807. John Fisber, ob. 1825. 

1825. Tboma» Burgess. Tnmslated from St. DavWs May 
1»S5. PKESENTLord Bisbop of Salisbury and 
Chancellorof tbe Order of tbe Carter. 

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To a work oontaininp the descent and present «täte of 
every title of Peerage which bas exiited in this Couiitry 
since tbe Conquest, such observatlons as tend to explaiii 
tbe nature of thow diffnitie«, with a brief analysis of tbe 
principles wbicb repulaie tbeir descent, togetber with a 
Short bistory of the different degrees of honour which con- 
stitute tbeir posseMors a Peer of the Realm, will of courfte 
be expected. In tbe foüowing attempt to afford this infor- 
mation, those remarks oidy are submitted wbicb contain 
vfaat is iiow deemed to be tbe law on tbe subject ; for it 
would be useless, were it compatible with the limits of 
tbe Work, to attempt to foHuw tbe Toluminous writera 
t»ho have treated on dignittes in th^ir speculations on 
Points wbicb do not admit of proof, and wbicb consequently 
depend entirely on conjecture. The greatest part of the 
autbors bere allndedto have bcen ccmsuited; and although 
occasional Statements have been extracted from them, it is 
aecesAary to obsenre, that the worksfrom wbich the follow- 
ing conclusions have been chiefly deduced, are the.valuable 
**Treatise on Dignities," by the late Mr. Cruise, and the 
f* Reports of the Lords* CommitCees appointed to searcb 
the Journals of the House, Rolls of Parliament, and other 
records and documents, for all matters touching the dignity 
of a Peer of the Realm/* While thns avowing that the mos't 
iinportant partof these remarks have been derived from the 
soorces alluded to, the Editor feels it right to acknowledge 
that he bas not beenimplicitlyguided by thedicta latd dowit 
in either of those publications, where the investigation of 
VOL. I. d 



the nanenrnt titlet contained in tbete passet bas prodaeed 
a difiierent impresslon on bis mind ; and tberefore one or two 
casei occur in wliicb a stirbt Variation from tbe Statements 
of former writers will be found s tbese, bowever, aresub- 
mitted witb unfeigned diffideiice, and perbaps demand bis 
apology. On tbe contents of the Reports of tbe Lords* 
Committees it would be tbe beigbt of presumption to oflfer 
any encomium, but it is impossible to refrain from express- 
ing tbe bomage of that admiration wbicb frequent reference 
to tbeir pages bas elicited. The trifling errors wbicb are to 
be found in them *» togetber witb tbe bias witb wbicb seme 
parts appear to bave been written, serve only, by the force 
of contrast, to render the brilliancy of tbeir general merita 
tbe more conspicuous : some of tbe misstatements bave 
been oceasionally noticed in different parts of this Work» 
and agunst tbac bias tbe Editor bas presumed» in one in- 
stance» strenuously to contendi*. Tbe deep researeb, pro-^ 
found learningy and important deductions» wbicb erery 
page of tbe Reports exfaibit, must, bowerer, command tbe 
retpeet of all wbo are capable of appreciating tbeir ralue» 
and render tbem, beyond all eomparison, tbe most im- 
portant work on tbe subject wbicb bas ever appeared. On 
Mr. Cruise's Treatise any Observation would be superfloous^ 
as its merit is universally acknowledged s bence tbe Editor 
bas feit satisfied whenever be bas been able to cite tbafe 
Work as bis autbority. 

In tbese observations, eacb dignity Is treated of under * 
separate bead, in tbe foltowing order. 


By Tenure. EARLDOMS. 


By Patent. DUKEDOMS. 

Under tbe bead of ** Baronies by Tenure/' a few remarks 
are submitted on feudal titles generally; wbilst^ under 
** Baronies by Writ/' what is now considered to be tbe law 
relative to Adbyances, SriTiNGs, Baronies ** Jure Uxoris»'' 

♦ Vide tbe Critiqae on ihese Reports in lh» Edinbm^ Re- 
view for March, 1 821. 

f On the subject of the Barons' Utter to Pope Boni&ce VIIL 
voL 11. p. 761 ^ seq. 

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OF AN £arl9 in U18 Father's Barony» are pointed out; aiid 
tbe subject is coodudcd by some observations od the eflfect 
of attaindera of Hifrh Treason or Felony, oo DignitieH 
whether created by Writ or by Letters Patent. 


After tbe Conquest, all dignitiet were attacbed to tb« 
posseetiofi of certain lands» «hieb, agreeable to tbe Feudal 
Syttesy introduced into tbis Country by tbe Normans, waa 
beld imniediately of tbe King, apon condition of performinf 
eertain honorary serrices, and wbich was ealled a Fmäum 
NobUef and ondoubtedly conferred Nobility on tbe indiFi* 
dual to wbom it was franted. Tbe Services by wbicb tbeso 
lands were beld chiefly consisted of attending the Sovereign 
in war witb a eertain number of knigbts, and likewise of 
attending bis great couneils> afterwanls designated Parlia« 
ments. Tbe number of knigbts to be provided by each 
Baron depended o» the conditions apne&ed to the grant, 
and aeeording to tbat number he was said to be pouessed 
of so many knigbts* fees ; tbat is, bis lands were nomlnallv 
divided into eertain divisionsy to tbe tenure of each of whieh 
was appended the duty of providing a knight completely 
armed Cor tbe field, wbenever the King commanded bis 
attendance. As feudal tenures are not now deemed to exisC 
in this Country, a point which will be more fuUy noticed, 
it is not necessary to inquire into the laws which regulated 
these Services, or to attempt to investigate the precise na« 
tiire of the legislative assemblies of the Nation» antecedent 
to rhe 49th Hen. III. when we have proof tbat they wer« 
convened by Writs of Summons» as the defectiv« atate of 
records prevents the possibility of formiug a satisfaotory 
concUision on tbe subject. 

Seiden considera that tbe lands which were oonferred by 
William the Conqueror on bis foUowers descended to their 
posterity, and who consequently were deemed to form the 
baronial body of the Kingdom $ but in the reign of John, 
from many having alienated portiona of their possessions, a 
great pari of tbem beeame so rediieed» gs to cause such of 



the Barons as retained all the lands granted to their ances- 
tdrs to obtain a law by wbich tkey only should in fiiture be- 
styled Barons, and all tbe rest oierely Tetiants in^ Chief, or 
Knights; but because tbe uame uf Baron cuuld not be 
wbolly taken froni them, the addition of Majores was giveii 
to the most pow^rful Barons, and that of Minores to tbe 
otbers. From tbat period to tbe reign of Henry III. the 
rigbt of sitting in tbe Legislative Assemblies appears to 
have been cunfined to those persons who, from possessinf; 
entire Baronies, were styled Bat'ones Mqjores; but under 
tbat Monarch it has been held that this practice ceased, 
and that no person was then «onsidered to be entitled to sit 
in Parliament, unkss he was summoned thereto by the 
King's Writ ; though Mr. Cruise contends, on the autho- 
rity ofa proceeding in Parliament, in the Parliainent 
which met in 1225, as given by Matthew Paris, that the 
Crown^ never pussessed tbe prerögative of omitting to stim- 
roon tbe principal nobles to every parliament. This sub- 
ject is^ however, one of very great uncertainty, nor has its 
investigation by the Lords' Comiuittees produced any iiifor- 
mation of a condusive nature. * 

In another part of tbese observations, such facts will 
be stated as tend to establisb, that after the S2d Edw. I. - 
whatever may have been the practice before that time, the' 
possessors of Baronies by Tenure had not, ex debiiojusiiiüe, 
a right to a Writ o^ Suminons to Parliauient ; but it is neces- 
sary, in the first place, that the manner in wbich Baronies 
by Tenure are supposed to have descended should be brie6y 
stated ; and after noticing the important decision on the 
subject in 1669, this part of these observatiuns will be 
concluded with a short inquiry into those inst ances which 
afford the strongest presumptive evidence (hatdignities'were 
deenied to be attacbed to tbe tenure of certain lands, at a 
p^^riod long subsequeut tu tbe reign of King Edward the 

•• Dignititts by Tenure," Mr. Cruise observes, *'appear to 
have always been hereditary, and to have destfended in the 
same manner as the Castles, or nianors, to which they were 
ann&xt>d. So that the descent of dignities of this kind^ in 
ibe male line, must have been exactly simtlar to that of 
estates in fee simple, unless the Castles, or manors, tu which 
ihe dignities wereannexed, wereintaiied ; in which case the 
Uignity descended to the person entitled to those Castles« 



or maoors, ander the intail. •»"<—'< In Micient timct tlit 
ri^t of primogeniture appears to bave taken plaee in tba 
descenC of dignities by Tenure to females as well as to nalea« 
For Bracton, treating: of tbe partition of eiUtes wnaoBg 
femalesy haa tbe fallowiag passage s De boc autem quod 
dicitur quod de feodo militari veniunt inMavitionem cap^ 
talia mescoagia, et inter coberedes dividufitar» boc verum 
ett, nisi capitale messua^um illtid tit capnt comitatdi» 
propter jus gladii quod dividi non potest» vel caput baroni« 
cattruai vel aliud sdificuim. £t boc ideo ne sie caput per 
pkiret particulas dividatur, et plura jora comitatum et 
baronianiiB deveniant ad nibilum, per quod deficiat reg^ 
■an, quod ex eomitatibus et baroniit didtur esse oonsti- 
Catua f." 

'* Now» as tbe eldest daugbter« or sister, had a right to tbe 
principal maosion, jure emecim, to whiob, if it was eaput 
«MBttatüto or baroni«, the senrice of atteudioif Parliameiit 
tppears to bare been always annexed» she would, in tbose 
times, bave been entitled to tbe di«nity |.*' 

'* Wbere tbe eider dau^ter of a Baron was married ia 
4be lifetiine of her fatber, the Crown appears to bave for^ 
BBerly bad a rigbt to confer the estates whereof tbe Baron 
died seised oa bis unmarried daugbter § ; and by tbe law of 
Scotland all beritable titles of nobilUy still go to the eldest 
beir portioaer, tbat is, to the eldest dau^bter ||." 

Tbe decision just alloded to relative to Baronies by Tenure, 
was made in 1^9, in tbe case of the Barony of Fita-Wakei*, 
wbich dignity was, in tbe reif^ of Charles Il.clained by Henry 
BUldmayy Esq. tbe beir-general of Robert Fita-Walter, 
wbo was sumrooned to Parliament 34 June, 23 Edw. J. 
1895, and opposed by Robert Cheeke, Esq. Tbe claimant'a 
peiitions were referred to the House of Lords, but no pro« 
cceding:8 of iroportance then toolc place; in 1667 Benjamin 
Mildmay, brother and heir of the said Henry Müdmay, 
preseiited a petition urpttjr bis claim totbe Barony, whicU 
was atoo referred to tbe Huuse of Lords. Mr. Cbeeke's 

* Treatise on Dignitles, Ed. 1323, p. 17K 

t Ibid, p. 1 73. X Ibid. { IbuL 



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cUiii» chiefly rested o« tbe questiun of whether thertt could 
be H possemofrairis u\ a iltgnity ; and att«rievüral h«ariii^ 
At tb« bar of the Houee, tbe Parliaiueiit was prorof^iifd, 
af)d notbtni^ furtber wa^ dune iti tbat ses^ion ; but on tbe 
-69 Dec. fuUowiiifC« Mr. Miidmay af^aiii petitioiied tbe Kinsr^ 
wbeii bU Majesty was |»lea«ed tu order in Council, tbat the 
cause should be beard by tbe Privy Council on fbe 19 Jan. 
1^9* and when' the two Chief Justiccs and the Lord Chief 
Baron were ordered tu attend. 

•' Tbe Counsei für the said Robert Cbeeke affirroed tbat 
tbe same wasa Barony by Tenure, and oupbtto go alon^ 
witbtbe land; wbicb tbe Cuunee^oPtbe Petitiuner denied, 
and offerfd tu argue upon tbe same. Upon wbieb both 
parties bein^ ocdered to witbdraw, the nature of a Barony 
by tenure bemg' discoursed, it was found to haue been discon» 
linuedfor many ages, and not in being-y and so not fit to be 
revived, or to admit ßny pretenee of right of sucoession there^ 
upoti. And tbat tbe pretenee of a Barony by Ttfnure bein^ 
declared (für weigbty reasons) not to be insisted upon, &o. 
and tbe other points urtced by Mr. Cbeeke being overmledy 
it was ordered by bis Majesty in Council, tbat tbe Peti- 
tioner is admitted humhly to »ddress himself to bis Majesty, 
for bis Writ to sit in tbe House of Peers as Baron Fits- 
Walter, and wbo was so smnmoned accordiiig^ly-*.** 

it does notappearoB wbat ^ounds Mr. Cbeeke's Counsei ^ 
claimed the Barony o1 Pili- Walt er by Tenure, for tbat 
Barony was ori|^nally attached to the Tenure of the manoT 
of Litrle Dunmow, in Essex, wbicb was ^anted to Robert 
Fitz- Walter in the reiffu of Henry tbe Fmt; and at tbe 
period wben thisclaim was discMssed it was not in thepos- 
session of eitber of the daimants f. Tbis fact does not, 

* Collins' Precedente, p. 287. Cruise on Dignitles, p. 66. 

t ThU manor desceaded from the fdmily of Fitz- Walter to 
tbat ofRatcIiffe^, and firom the latter to its renresentative, Sir 
Henry Miidmay of Moulsham, who was seized of it in 16S9 ; in 
the latter part of the seventeenth Century it was possessed by Sir 
Thomas May, wbo sold it to Sir James Hallett in 1700. A 
MS. note to the copy of Morant's Essex, in the College of Arms, 
BUtes, tbat Sir John May mortgaged it beibre the year ] 6*72 to 
Edward Eversfield, Esq. hence it could scarcely bave been pos- 
sessed by either of the ciaimaats to the Barony of Fi^z- Walter 
inl 6*6*9. 



bowever, in aiiy dec^ree lessen the weit^ht of tbe decision 
of tbe Kin^ in Council ; for tbat decision not only refere to 
tbe fiidindual case before it, but to tbe iceneral principie 
of wiietber Baronies by Teuure were then in existence ; and 
w4ien it is coiisidered tbat tbat resolution was formed by the 
advice of tbe Lord Chancellor, tbe two Cbief Justices, and 
of tbe Chief Baron of tbe Elxcbequer, Sir Matthew Haie; 
wbuse intimate knowledge of subjects of tbat nature is 
justly noticed by tbe Lords' Comraittees ; and tbat in tbe 
Itttcase in wbi<*h the qaestion was agitated before the 
Mouse of Lords *, tbe decision was in a ^eat degree con- 
firmatory of it, tbe doctrine tbat - auy territorial possesion 
in tbis couutry cunstitutes its possessor a Barou of tbe 
realin, niay, tt is confideotly presumed^ be deemed to be 
eotireiy exploded* 

Tbe laiesc instance in which a claim of tbis nature waa 
set up was in 1805, in the case of tbe Baronv of Roos, a 
Claim to which was urged by Lady Henry Fitzgerald, as 
Gab(>ir of tbe body of Robert de Roos, wbo was summoiied 
to pHfliatnent in the 49 Hen. 111.; the ancestors of whieb 
Robert were unquestionably Barons of tbe realtn byTenure, 
eitber of the Manors of Hanieslake or Trusbiit, or the Castl^ 
of Belvoir, eaeh of which was beld of the Crown in capUt 
per ßaroniam. The Manors of Hameslake and Trusbut were 
tben altenatedi bnt tbe Honour and Castle of Belvoir was beld 
by the Duke of Rutland, wbo consequently opposed Lady 
Henry Fitzgerald's petitton on theground tbat the Barony of 
Roos was a Barony by Tenure, and that where an ancient 
Baron, bolding a Baronial estate» t. 0. a castle or maiior 
beld of tbe King in capiie per ßaroniam, was sumrooned 
to Parliament, bi« title did not arise from the Writ of Sum- 
mons, but frotP bis Barony, and be became a Baron by 
Teimre. The House of Lords, bowever, resolved, ** tbat 
tbe Duke of Ruttand was not entitled to tbe Barony c!»itn- 
ed on tbe part of the coheirs of Robert de Roos." Tbis 
decision, though not so conelusive as tbat in tbe case of 
tbe Barony of Fitz-Walter (for it conveys only an implied 
opinion on Baronies by Tenure, inasniucb as notwitbstand- 
in^i; tbat the House resolved tbat tbe Barony claimed by 
Lady Henry Fitzgerald was a distinct dignity from that 

t The Barony of Roos in 1 804. Fide infra. 

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oontsncled (qt by the Duke of Rutlaad, yet it exf na u d im 
resolutioD whetber tbe Teoore of tbe Castle of Belvoir 
did or did not confer a Barony on its pottessor}» mutt» 
bowever, be considered in a great degree confirmatory off 
tbe resolution of tbe Privy Council in 166$, and benee it 
m^ perhaps be deemed bigbly improbable tbat any clain 
of a dii^nity by tbe tenure of iandt will ever be admitted ia 
Ibis oountry. 

In tbe Reports of tbe Lords' Committees on tbe Dignity 
of a Peer of tbe Realm, almost every Statement on the 
subject admits of a conclusion against tbe existence of dig^- 
jiities by tbe tenure of lands» a fcw of wbicb will bere be 

After noticing tbe decision on tbe Abergavenny and 
Roos cases, and partlcularly the resolution on tbe Barosy 
of Fitz- Walter, tbe Committees obsenre : 

'* These acu of tbe Crown and dectsions of the House, 
and particutarly tbe order of tbe King in Council of tbe 
19 ^an. 1669» roade with tbe assistance uf tbe Lord Keeper 
(tbe Lord Asbley), tbe two Chief Justices (Keeling and 
Vaugban)« and tbe Chief Baron Haie (wbo was eminently 
learned in tbe ancieat records of this country)» after dis- 
4:ttssin8f tbe natura of a Barony by Tenure« and dedarinf 
tbat it was not fit to admit any pretence of right to suc- 
cession thereupon, may perhaps be considered as amount- 
Ing to a soleron opinion tbat, although in early times tbe 
right to a Writ of Summons to Parliament as a Baron may 
bave been founded on Tenure, a cuntrary practice had pre- 
vailed for ages { and tbat therefore it was not to be taken 
as then furming part of the constitutional law of the land. 
Jndeed wheo tbe changes wbicb apparently had taken place 
generally in the Constitution of the legislative bodies after 
tbe charter of John, and before the 23 Edw. I. (when the 
^mmons to Robert Fltz-Walter, under whom Miidmay 
elaimed^ appeared on reoord» and especially tbe division oi 
tbe legislative body under the Crown into two distinet 
bodies, having separate characters, rights, and Privileges, 
jof wbicb tbe Committee bave found no trace before or iu 
tbe Charter of John), are considered ; and when it is also 
considered tbat nuny persons roight in and after tl^e 23 of 
Edw. L bave daimed a right to be summoned to Parlia- 
ment as Barons, tf tbat right had depended solely upon tbe 
Tenure of Lands (a iact wbicb the Committee apprehend 



wUl distinctly appear in a further report wbich they por- 
pote to make to this House), and tbat tbe Crown, notwicb- 
atanding, un^ueslionably exercised tbe power of cailiii|; to 
such assemblies as Peers of tbe land, personi «bo had no 
elaiiD to tbat dignity by Tenure, wbiUt no pertou durin^ 
tbe period from tbe 23 Edw. I. tili tbe reign of Henry VI. 
appeais to have distinctly daimed as a matter of rigbt, a 
Writ of Suminons to Parliament, deriving tbat' rigbt from 
Tenure independent of tbe power of tbe Crown ; it seems 
tbat tbe advisert of tbe Order of Council of tbe 19 Jan.' 
1669t bad at least strong grounds for tbe dedaration on 
tbe subject contained in tbat order, and for giving tbe 
sancf ion of tbeir opinions to tbe propriety of considerini^ 
tbe Writ of Summons to Robert Fitz- Walter in tbe 33d and 
subsequent years of Edward 1. and tbe Writs issued to five 
penont suceessively as bis beirs in tbe male line, ai baving 
given a presumptive rigbt to tbe dignity of a Peer of tbe 
realm capable of being transmitted by deseent to Elizabetb, 
tbe only daugfoter of Walter, tbe last male in tbe direct 
Inie of deseent irom Robert, witbout regard to Tenurty 
and tbat tbe Writ of Summons to Jobn Ratdiffe, tbe sou' 
and beir of Elizabetb. ' was founded on tbat presumptive 
rigbt and not >on Tenure; and tbat Mildmay being at tb» 
time of tbe decision tbe beir of Elizabetb Fitz-Walter, was 
eiititled by tbe same prescriptive rigbt to tbe same dignity. 
And altbougb tbe decision in favour of Mildmay was not 
tbe judgment of tbe House but of tbe King in Council, 
aud tbe King migbt by bis prerogative bave issued tbe 
Writ under whieb Mildmay took bis seat,' yet it reroained 
for tbe House to judge wbetber tbat Writ did or did not 
give tbe precedence whieb it was intended to give; and 
tbe House -faaring admitted Mildmay to take bis seat with 
a precedence wbich tbe Writ under wbich he sat could not ' 
have giveu, if he had not been eutitled to daim tbe Writ 
under tbe rigbt. vested in bis ancestor in tbe retgn of Ed- 
ward tbe First, tbe House, in fact, accepted tbe decision of 
tbe King in Council as a proper decision, and considered 
tbe dignity vested in Mildmay as a mere personal dignity 
derived to bim from tbe Writ of Summons issued in tbe 
rdgn of Edward the First to tbe person wbose beir he was. 
It may be added, tbat tbe Lord Keeper, the Chief Justice«, 
and the Chief Baron Sir Matthew Haie, when they advised 
tbe King in Council to declare, tbat on üiscussion of tbe 



nature of a Barony by Tenure» it was foood to have been 
discontinued for many Sigts and not in beiog, and so not 
fit to be reviredy or to admit of any pretence of rig^t to 
succesiion thereon, must have conaidered, tbat neither the 
case of Arundel or tbat of Abergavenny, as those casei tben 
stood, could affect the question *." 

In aiiother part of the tauie Report tbe tubject is tboa 
ably noticed : 

** It has bcen eontended tbat tenure of land, * per Baro^ 
mam,* gives tbe rigbt of demanding a Writ of Summons to 
Parliament as a Baroti of tbe realm, and renders tbe tenant 
of tbe land so holden a Baron and Peer of tbe realm ; but 
it hat not been distinctly stated whetber tbat rigbt is sup- 
posed to be attaabed only to tbe Tenure of an cntire 
Batooy, or tbat it may.belong to tbe Tenure of part of a 
Barony ; though it has ratber been suggested, tbat it may 
belong to the Tenure of part of a Barony» provided the 
tenant of tbat part has what has been called tbe * etqmi 
Barttum.* If tbe rigbt should be confined to tbe Tenure 
of an entire Barony» it wouki appear» from tbe Testa de 
Nevill» and otber doeumeuts, tbat the number of Baroniea 
in the time of Henry the Tbird and Edward tbe First waa 
considerable ; and the Comnittee propose» in anotber re^ 
porty to give a list of such a» have occurred to them in their 
searcbet on the subject. If the right should be extended 
to the Tenure of part of a Barony, provided tbe tenant had 
the Caput BaronUe^ tbe number of such rights must be 
equal to tbe number of Baroniea contained in the Ust ; as 
some persona amongst tbe varioua tenants in severalty of 
parts of a Barony must have tbe e€^^ Baixmim, If the 
right were extended to bolding per Barmdam^ tbougb of 
any part of a Barony, tbe number of pörsons wbo might 
elaim under such title must be Tery great, as every divisioR 
of a Barony would thea produce a new claimant. To prove 
tbat any land as now holden by any one, was an entire 
Barony, would probably be at tbis day a Tery diflScult task» 
and therefore it would probably be deemed most prudent 
to limit the clsim to the Tenure of tbat part of a Barony 
which contained tbe oaput Barania, Tbis in tbe reigns of 
Edward the First» of bis son» and of bis grandson äward 

• f. and II. Rpport, pp. 446, 447. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Hm Third, may not htre be«n difficult to tteerCain. Tbe 
Comniittee bave therelore endeaToured to diicov^r wbetber 
durins tbat time, or aftcrwards, any tucb cUim bad b«cti 
made; and if niadt, wbat wai tb« retulc Tbey bar« 
foond manj instaucts of persona wbo appear to bave bolden 
landt per Baroniam, and wbo bave probably potsesstd tbt 
e&pui BanmUe, and yet were never iummuiied by Writ to 
Parliameut. Tbey bave found, in oiber cases, peraooi wbo 
were summoned to Parliameot baving tucb aqmt Baromucf 
änd wbose deicendaots bare contiuued to be summoned to 
Parliament after alienaiion by tbemselves or tbeir ancestors 
of tbat cajtut Baromte^ wbilst tbe alienee has not foundcd 
any clain to sucb a Writ on tbe posscssion wbicb be bad 
acquired •." 

Tbe Committees tben add, tbat tbey propose to gire tbe 
resnlt of tbeir searcbes in a further Report, not having been 
able to raake so eomplete an inyestigation of tbe subject 
as appeared desirable, and prooeed to notice tbe clairo 
founded ha tbe reign of Henry VI. to tbe Rarldoro of 
Amnd^ by John Fitz-Alan, wbo stated in bis petition tbat 
bis ancestors, Earls of Arandel, Lords of tbe Castle, Honor, 
and Lordsbip of Arundel, bad bad tbeir place to sit in 
Parliament and Councils of tbe King's progenKors for time 
wbereof memory of man did not run, by reason of tba 
€^t|e, Hooor, and Lordsbip afuresaid, to wbicb tbe said 
same faad been united and anneiced for tbe time afo/esaid, 
of «rfaicb Castle, Honor, and Lordsbip tbe petitioner was 
seieed. Tbis case it is impossibie to sute satisfactorily in 
tbe limits to wbicb tbese obsenrations on dignities are 
ikecessarily conAoed, but it ts suAcient foriefl^ to offer 
such remarks as bear immediately on tbe subject of dig- 
nities being attacbed to tbe tenure of land after tbe reign 
of Edward tbe First. Tbe Statement in tbe claimant^s pe- 
tition, tbat all tbe persons wbo bad been seized of tbe 
Castle and Honor of Arundel were Earls of Arundel, was 
not true ; for tbe Lords* Committees, in tbis Report, prove 
tbat neitber Fitz-Alan (tbe nepbew, and one of tbe beirs 
of Hugfa de Albini Earl of Arundel, and wbo, in tbe partl- 
tioB of tbe Said Earl Hugb's lands, obtaiued tbe Castle of 
^rundel], nor John Fitz-Alan bis son, tbe petitioner's an- 

• L aod U. Repoft, p. 404. 

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cestors« were styled Earls of Arundel in any confemporarj 
record, tbough tbey were both seised of the Castle and 
Honor of Arundel at a period wben dipiities were undoubt- 
edly attached to tbe tenure of lands. Ic woald conseqnently 
appear, tbat tbe first Earl of Arundel of tbe famtly of FitUr 
Alan, was Richard Fit£-Alan, tbe son and beir of Jobn Fit«- 
Alan last mentioned, who, in record of tbe 16 Edward 1. 
is merely styled ** Ric*o filio Alani," but wbo, in the SO 
Edw. I. was styied in the Placita in Quo Warranto in Salop 
in tbat year, ** Ricardus filiu« Alani Comet de Arundell^** 
and who, in the S3 Edw. J. was summoned to Pariiament 
by tbat title. Tbe conclusion tberefore is, tbat he was 
created to tbat dignity some tinie between the 17 and SO 
Edw. 1. *< but in what manner the Committee have been 
onable to discover *." John Fitz*Alan's petition was, bow- 
ever, so far admitted, as tbe assertion ii) bis petition is 
made the consideration, thou^b with some otbers not con- 
nected witb tbe quesiion, for tbe Kini;*8 accedinf^ to 4t 
with a savinfc, nevertbeless of tbe ri^^bt of tbe King^, of tbe 
X>uke of Norfolk who, bein^ the beir*|^eneral of tbe Earls 
of Aruhdel, had opposed tbe Earl's elaim, and of every 
other person; which saving clause, as the Report truiy 
observes, ** was tbat species of savin^ which in law is 
deemed illusory, operatin^ nothing f." From Jobn Fitz- 
Alan, who obtained this recoi:nition of the Earldom, the 
dignity descended to Henry Fitz*Alan, Earl of Arundel^ 
who died in 1&79» witbout male issue, wben Philip Howard, 
bis grandson, son of Thomas Duke of Norfolk, by Mary, 

* X. and II. Report, p. 420. In the list of the Earls of Arun- 
del, p. 26, both the Jobn Fitz- Alans are Included; this was 
,done in consequence of the decision of Pariiament on John Fltz- 
Alan's petition in the 1 1 Ren. VJ. which recognized the asser- 
jtlon, that every person who had been seized of the Castle of 
Arundel, was by the tenure thereof Earl of Arundel, and the 
satisfactoiT refutation of the position by the Lords' Committees 
had not tnen fiiUen under the Editor's Observation. See, how- 
ever, the note to p. 27, from which it appears that John Fitz- 
Alan, the father of the claimant, in the 11 Hen. VI. though 
Bever summoned to Pariiament as an Earl, was, nevertbeless, 
styled Earl uf Arundel. 

t Ibid. p. 427. 

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tbe daughter and erentoally lole beir of the last Earl, lue- 
ceed?d to tbe possession of the Castle of Arundel and to tbat 
JEarldom. He was attainted in 1595, when bis dignitiet 
became forfeited; but Tbomas, bis son and beir, was 
Kttored to all bis fatber's bonours, and, in tbe 3d Cbarles 1. 
obtained anAct of Parliaioent, wbicb is in tbe form of a Peti- 
tion to tbe King, and recites tbat tbe Earldom of Arundel 
bad been real and local from tbe tiine wbereof tbe memorj 
of man was not to tbe contrary; and bad from tbe time 
aforesaid been used and enjoyed by bimself and such of 
bis ancestors as bad bad tbem, and enjoyed the inberitance 
of tbe Castle of Arundel, &€. in almost similar words to 
tbe allegations of tbe petition of John Fitz-Alan in tbe 
reign of Henry Vl^ for a new settleroent of tbe Earldom of 
Arundel, and for tbe annexation of certain ßaronies to tbat 

An acconnt of the new limitations of tbe Earldom 
will be found in sereral parts of tbis work *, by virtue of 
which it bas descended to its present illustrious possetsor 
the Duke of Norfolk. " Tbis legislative provision,'* tbe 
Report obs^rves, ** bas put an end to all questions as to 
the title of Earl of Arundel, so long as there remain issue 
male from the said Thomas Howard Earlof ArundeL" Wbat 
may be theeffect of tbose limitations on tbe faiUire of such 
issiie male, it would be impossible to determine, nor does 
tbe discussion fall witbin the object of these observations. 
The faqts stated by tbe Lords' Committces prove tbat the 
teRure of tbe Castle of Arundel did not constitute its pot- 
sessor an Earl at the time when dignitieswere indubitably 
dependent upon territorial possessions; bence itisdifficult to 
believe, if it be not totally incredible, tbat it sboold bave 
done so at a subsequent period: and with respect to the 
adroission by tbe. King and Parliament in the 1 1 Uen. VI. tbe 
remarks made in another part of tbis work, tbat in tbat reign 
inore anomalies, with respect to tbe Peerage, are to be found 
than in any .wbicb. preceded it,mayhere again be offered, as 
tending to estab^sb tbat if tbe extraordioary proceedingf 
5M1 the subject wbicb. took place under tbat monarcb 
are to be considered as evidence of tbe general . prineipl« 
which then, and previoqsly, prerailed. on the subject of 
dignities, the inferences which are to be drawn from wbat 

• Pp. 28, 408> and 473. 
VOL. I. e 

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appcai« to hftve bcen tbe prindpley wkfa rf»ptet tö title«; 
from tbe S3 Edw.I. to the aecession ofHenry, in 1432^ 
couki not be maintaincd. In addition to tbe manifest 
error of tbe allefation of Jobn Fitz^Alan» a similar in- 
»tance i« afforded in tbe eate of tbe Barony of Lisle^ wbich 
dignity was franted to Jobn Talbot, not only witb a most 
eatraordioary limitation, but the n^roundt on wbieh it was 
so srauied, vis. üiat tbe tenure of tbe maner of Kingston 
Lisle bady from tbe time of tbe memory of man» eonferred 
OR its posiesfor tbe dignity of a Peer of tbe realm, with 
place in Parliament» are proved by the Lords' Committees 
to bare been without the sligbtest foundation i this 
singfular case isy bowever, so fuUy detalled in a subsequent 
page *f tbat it is only necessary to refev to it. 

Tbe Earldom of Amndcl and tbe Barony of Lisle have 
been now dted because tbey are generally deeroed exception» 
to tbe positions tbat Baronies by Tenure did not etist after 
the reign of Edward tbe Seeond, and because the Re- 
ports of the Lords' Committees have so eompletely re- 
moved tbe impression wbieb had existed. A few other 
iiistauces wbich affbrd tbe strengest presumptive evideuce 
against tbat positien» will be partially noticed» togetber 
with such of tbe Statements of tbe Lords^ Committees as 
tbe moat strongly establish tbis important fact. In th« 
third Rsport tbe Comraittee ob<enre> , 

<< A right to be summoned to Pailiament by reason of 
tenure of aoy land denominated at any time a Barony» 
does not appitar by any document wbich tbe Coromittee 
have disooirered, to have .been asserUd in tbe reign of Ed- 
ward the First, er ia the reign of any of bis succeuors, tili 
the clai« made by Edward Neville to be summoned to Par- 
liament by Writ in respect of bis possession of the Barony 
•f Bergavenny, in tbe reign of James tbe Pirst.'^ p. 92, 

The Claim of Edward Neville will be raore particolariy 
alluded to, but a law remarks on this very important asser- 
tioq will not, it is presumed, be misplaeed. In a subsequent 
page it will be inquired wfaether all the persona who were 
ineluded ia tbe earliest Wric of Semraons to Parliament en 
reeord, excepting tbat of the 49 Henry HL, namely, tbat of 
tbe 23 Edw. 1. were Barons by Tenure^ or in other words, held 
tbeirUnds/ier Buroniam, and wbetberall wbo undoubtedly 
licld their possessions per Baroniam were then summoned to 

• P. 378, et seq. 



Farliaiiicnt. Bul in tbe oonsidttrmtiaa of tUt quattion it i» 
material to remember, tbat no record bas been found of any 
individual ever havinif daimed to be siunmoned to Parlia* 
ment in oonscquenoe of the tenure of Und, from tbc tioM 
wbeo siunnonses for tbat purpote are regularly preterved 
to tbe reign of James the First, a period of thr«« bundred 
yearsl If tfais fact be not dcemed condusive evidenca 
that the principle wbich bas been recently set up tbat 
Baronies by Tenure still exist, it must be from tbe tuppo- 
sition of one of tbe two following ^auses :— ist, That every 
person wbo held per Baromam in tbe S3 of £dw. !• wa« 
then summoned to Parliament, «nd» oonsequently, that 
tbose wbo were omitted in tbe Writs of that year weN noi 
Barons by Tenure { or, Sdly, Tbat elaims of that natura 
irere iif|;od« and perfaaps admitted» but no racord of locb 
clainis, or the proceedinf^ on tbam» ara now to be found« 
The firat of these suppositions will ba afain considejrad in 
the inquiiy of wbo were the persona tummonad in tbe S3d 
£dw. I. i and consequantly it i« onlv requisita to State tbat 
Bumerotts instaneas eaist in whicb penons bolding p» 
JSoraiitamv , and evan positively seized In tha raifn of 
Edward 11. a^d Edward 111.^ as well as in aefaral successiva 
raigna, of tha identical lands whicb in tha raign of Hanry III* 
aonstitttted what was deamad the cupu/t Btwmim^ and who» 
thougb thus possessed W tbe very lands by tha tcnura of 
which tfaeir aneestors were Barons of tha laalns» were 
never «nmmoiied to Parliament« or in any otber way ra- 
cognieed as possessinf Baronial rank« Witb respeat to 
the second coi^eeture» howeyer dafectiva tha records of 
Parliameiit are of tbe Parliaments of Edward I. IL and III« 
they are by no.means so deficient in subsequent reigns \ in 
tbe Ist of Henry VUl. the Journala of tha Houie of Lords 
eommenced % hence it is almost Incredible that daims of 
that natura thould have been so frequently urged» as» if 
every tenant of lands per Bar^mmm was entitled» «r äeiii» 
jtuHti^t to a Writ of Summons to ParUamanty they un- 
doobtedly would hava been« withdut soroe notice of auch 
alaima being preserved. Tbough attendanca in the iegis- 
lative asserablies migbt hava beao deemed an oneroua 
duty io tbe reign of Edward I. and of two or tbrea suq- 
ceeding monarcbs, such attendanca certainly became an 
ob}eet of ambttton vmder the House ^ L an casler, if not 
much earlier j and tbough tbe records of tbat period are 

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far leM seanty and imperfect thati önder preceditif^ tove- 
reil^ns, itUl not tbe slig^htest notice is to be fouud of dainM 
tb Baronie« in consequence of tbe teuure of lands per B«^ 
rofttatf». It is also to be observed, tbat besides tbe almost 
conchisive fact of tbe total absence of any reoord of sucb a 
etaim, tbere is but one sollt ary instance,— tbat of James de 
Kerkeley, from wbicb iucb a fact oan even be jpretumed. ' 
Tbis instance did not oceor until so late as tbe 9 Heo. V. 
and, as %viU be remarked in a following pagCt bowever 
stronp tbe presumption may be tbat be was summoned to 
Parliament dejure^ in consequeuce of tbe ternire of tbe 
Castle of Berkeley, it is by no meaus positire tbat sucb 
was tbe fact. Anotber circumstance, and wbicb doies not 
appear to bave been before pointed out, may be stated, 
wbicb tends to pruve tbat tbe tennre of lauds wbicb» before 
tbe SS £dw. I. rendered tbeir possessor a Baron of tbe 
realm, was not considered to bave tbat eflfect after tbat 
period, is, tbe eircumstaoce tbat in several instances wbere 
tbe descendant of sucb fifarons by Tenure was sutninoned 
to f everal Parttaments in tbe reign of Edward tbe First, and 
wbere, in 8ome> bis son and tuccessor was also summoned, 
yet tbat in many cases tbe said son, and in others tbe 
nlkale descendants'eitber of tbe said son or of tbe persoii so 
sommoned in tbe rei^ of Edward tbe First, were never 
afterwards summoned to Parliament, notwitbstanding tbat 
tbey were s^ed of tbe 9ame lamdi wbicb constituted tbeir 
ahcestors Barons of tbe realm before tbe SS Edw. I. and ' 
wbichy if it tben entitled tbeir possessor to a Writ of Sum- 
n&ons to' Parliament, could not bave eeased to bave tbat 
effect wben it descended to tbose wbo at tbat time inberited 
tbem ♦. 

• Tbe Lords* Gommitteet bave observed, witb respeot to 
tbe -Writ of tbe 49 Hen. III., tbat, of tbe eif^bteen persont ' 
tben summoned to Parliament» '< it seems bigbly probable 
tbat no great regard was paid to Tenure in tbe selection of 
persoils to wbom Writs of Summons were tben issued f." . 
Upon tbis Writ mucb stress cannot be laid, for it is clear 
tbat it did not comprise one-tbird part of tbe Baronial 
body, and as ic is equally certain tbat, tbougb issued in 
tbe King's name, be was at tbat time a prisoner, it may 

• Daubeney, Stc. f III. Report, jn 80. 

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bc inferrtd tliat tbe EmI of Leicestei^ ike leadcr of tbc 
flcbellioiis «my« oaly «iHDmoncd tbote Baroiif wbo were 
ofpcwed to the reyal cMuej tb« earlittt Writ wbicb ii 
selected for tbe pvrpoee o{ inv«stigaiiii|f bow many of tbote 
indaded in iC were Barons by Tenure, aad also wbetber 
aH wha were deemed by Duicdale to bave been Barons by 
Teonre were tben sunuBonedy is tberelore tbaC of tbe S3 
Edw. I., tbe nezt on record to tbat of tbe 49 Heu. III. 

Tbere are tbree Writs exUnt of tbe S3 Edw. I. bot» M in 
tbe two last, tbose oaly wbo were sumoMned in tbe firtt 
Wrk were incltidedy it is not aecessaiy to notice tbeos. 
Tbe earliest Writ of tbat year is tested M Jane, 1395» bv 
wbicb eleven Earls and fif^-three Barons were sumBooed. 
Of tbe latter number forty-two were certainly Burons by 
Tenwre ; one Alaa Piugenet was seiaed of lands wbicb bad 
prevlously been beld per Bartniam^i and a second, Tbomas 
de^ttmival, is ranked by Dugdaie anonf^ tbe Barons 1^ 
Tenure, tbou^b be cites a record to prove tbat be did 
»ot bold bis iands by Baroay f ; but tbe remaininf nime % 
are not auy wbere stated to bave beea preWously Barons 
ef tbe realn. Tbus, akbongh tbe (j^reatest part of tbose 
somaMiied by tbat Writ were tenants of lands per Bare* 
mdm, yet from being extensive landed proprietors^ and oon« 
sequently persons of considerable iasportance, tbey would 
natorally b«ve been selected by tbe Kin^ to attend bis 
Päu4iaiiient ; and it is eqoally as probable tbat a Writ was 
issoed to eacb of tbe«B fron tbe mere gruce of tbe Crown^ 
as tbat tbe tenure of tlieir lands entitled tbem to demahd 
Hf beeause we bave positive proof tbat tbat Writ did not 
i»elude all tbe persons in tbat kiagdom wbo beld per Bo" 
retnam, and wbo would bave bad the same rigbt to demand 
it as tbose wbo received it, if being tenants of land per 
Barmnam eenstituted tbat rigbt; wbUst> on tbe otber 

* Tbis esse will be more fully noticed in a subsequent pa^e, 
S8 itaffords atxong premmptive evideuce that the tenure of bis 
lands entitled him to a Writ of Sammons to Parliament. 

f See p. 358 of this werk. 

I Nicholas de Meynilly Walter de Fauconberg« Robert de 
Hilton> Walter de Huntercumbey Robert Lascelles, Nichölaj de 
8egrave> Hugli Folntz^ tJeoffi^ de Camvitle, and Bogo de Kno- 


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band, nearly a fifth of those summoned by tke Writ of S3 
Edward I. did not bold l^ndiper Baraniam, and wbo eonse* 
quently were never before considered as Barons of th^ 
R«alin. If tberefore every pertou seised of lands f>er Bar9» 
niam was, as has been eontended, entUled to tUmand a Wric 
of Sunimons to Parliain^nt, tbe partial uumber selected l>y 
the King on thac uccanion, and sCiU more, tbe circa mst an <2«5 
of II ine or ten individoals betn^ so telected who did noc 
buld lands by that tenure, cannot be reconciled to utiy 
principle of justice on tbe part of tbe Crown, and allows & 
very strong; iuference, and wbich infervncr is supported by ' 
other facts whicb will afterwards be stated, that no such 
privilege was attached to tbe tenureof iMiAtper Bcnrottiatnj 
or in other word<«, that in tbe 23d Edward 1. when tbe tirsc 
regulär writ of Sumniont (witb tbe excepf ion of that of tbe 
49th Hen. III.) whs iisued, Barons by Teuure were not 
deemed entitled ex debitojustiHm, to a Writ of Summona to 

In the 34 Edward I. one Writ of Sammons to Pariianaent 
was issued, and in wbich only tbirty-seven Barons werts 
induded, nearly all, If not all of whom, were likewise suod- 
nioned in the 23 Edward I. Tbe Wnt of tbe S5 Edward 1. 
it has been stated *, is not positiveSy a Writ of Suiomons tu 
Parliament; and tbe next Writon record is that of tb« S 
Feh. 27 Edward I. 1299. Tbis Writ inckided ten Earls and 
eightp Barons ; tbe considerable difference between whicb 
namber of Barons and tbose summone«! in tbe 23 Edward I. 
18 wurtby uf attention. Of Xhejtfty-tkree Baruns included 
in the Writ of 23 EUlw. I. only tkurty-five were suuimoned by 
this Writ ; \kenctforty-five persona were then summoned for 
the firsttin^e; and eighteen who were summune«! in the 
23d EUiward 1. did not then receive a Writ of Summons to 
Parliament. If the forty-ßve persons in question had all 
been Barons by Tenure, it might have been argued that, 
tbough omitted in the 23d Edward I. they had, between that 
year and the 27th Edward I. established tbeir claim to 
attend the Legislative Assemblies of tbe Kingdom, and 
that tbeir pretensions to do so was then recognized by tbi« 
Writ; but on examination, it appears that on\y tu^eniy* 
Jhurf of that number beld lands per ßaroniam, w hl Ist 

• Vide « PitZ'Jofm," p. 242. 

i* Zouche, Deincoart, Momüt (this Baroo is deemed a Baron 
by Tenure, as bis brother to whom he was heir, and to whose 

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iweniy-one * were never before Baron« of tbe RraliD ; tlie 
iw€iity-four persona who beld ptr Baroniam, addeH to tbe 
forty-two or lurty-tbree wbu were suiumoned by tbe Writ» of 
the 33d Edward I. would only make siiift-tix or tixty-ieven 
individuals «»bo beld by^lbat teiiure, if it be inierred tbat 
erery persun who bt-ld per Baroniam was included io some 
Writ between tbe S3d and S7th Edw. J. a nuniber certaiuiy 
v«ry much below not oiüy !be number of persuut wbo beld 
parts of a Barony, even aliowiug eacb of tbuBe parts to 
include tbe Caput BartmuB, but likewise tbe number of per- 
Bons wbo were tben seibed of an entire Barony. 

By tbis Writ twenty-one persona were added to tbe 
Baronai^e of tbe KingtloiB, and witb tbe ten added by tbe 
Writ of 23 Edw. J. and one or two suinaioned by separate 
Writs between tbat year and tbe 27tb Edward I. the Peer- 
age, independent of Earls, consisted in the year last men- 
tioned of about one hundred persans, sixly six of wbom bav- 
ing beld landsptfr Baroniam^ bad been Barons by Tenure» 
and thirtytkree or ihiriyjour, bad only hecotne so by virtue 
of a Writ of Summons Io Parliament. Tbe greatest num- 
ber of Barons ever summoned to Parliaonent between tbe 
S3d Edw. I. and tbe 5th Edw. II. both years inclusive, was 
on tbe ^th Dec. 2titb Edw. 1. 129i^,wbeii ninety-nine Bmou^ 
were »ummoned : tbis number, agreeable to tbe above cal^ 
culation, was about wbat is considered to have bi^en tbe 
extent of tbe Baronage of tbis Kingdom t on tbat occa- 
sion, buwever, one iodividual wbo was not a Baron by 
Tenure. Almaric de St. Amand, was summoned for tbe first 
time. Tbe next greatest number ever summoned in tbe 
above period was in tbe 32d Edward I. wben ninety/mr 
Barons are named in tbe Writ tested 12 Nov. 1304; but 
tbey couststed only of tbose wbo bad been previuusly suin- 


laods he consequently succeeded, was a Baron by Tenure, and 
was sumittoned to Parliaiuent in the 23d Edward I. but died two 
ears afterwards, s. p.), Pitikaey, Basset of Weldoo, Plessetis, 
Tony, Scale», Engaine, Fitz-Payne, Moels, Hugh de Mortimer, 
Courtenay, Mohun, Chaworth, Multon, Bardolf, Genevil, Clin- 
ton, Beauchamp, Stafl^rd, Tregoz, L'Orti, and Percy. 

* Ferrers (bis fatber was Earl of Derby, but bis lands were 
forfeited), Welles, Hacche, La Warr, Havering, Grandison, 
John Fitz-Roger, Pcyvre, Tyes, St. Phllibert, Leybum, Vava- 
sour, Ap Adam, Muncy, Pipard, Devereux, Latimer,juD. Liansla- 
dron, Walter de Teyes, and feipariis. 



iDoneA, witb tbe exteption of Robert de Bargbenb «nd 
William Paynell, neither of wbom were Barons hy Teiiurc ' 
It woold be difficult xo give an exaot Statement of wbat 
families were Barons by Tenure in the S3d of Edward 1« 
Ditgdale's accoHnt is generally deemed to be tbe most cor- 
rect ; bot tbis distingoisbed antiquary expresses ninch 
doubt on tbe subjeot ; for in the introdnction to bis inva- 
luable Baronage^— a work whicb, notwithstanding tbe bick- 
erings of some obscure writers, both of tbe p«st and tbe pre* 
sent time, who first eriscerate bis most important state«> 
ments, and tben, wben possessed of tbe information wbioh 
bis pag^s afford, presume to criticise bis accaracy and sas- 
pect bis fidelity, will long be deemed tbe most splendid mo- 
nmnent of antiquarian researeb and learning wbich basever 
appeared — be obsenres, ** Perbaps it may be doubted by 
some, wbetber evefy family of wbom I bave discoorsed in 
tbis first tome, wt*re strictly BAnoMS BY Tbnurb or not» 
becaose notbing dotb appear by iitqoisition of some, that 
tbey beld by Barony ; nor by any memorial of tbe^ Relief s.* 
To satisfie, tberefore, tbe curiosity of such, I say, tbat tiav- 
ifig foand from tbe notes of some former judicious antiq^a« 
ries tbey were so reputed, I deemed it a safer error to tako 
Botice of cbem in tbat qu^ification, than by tbeir Omission 
tacitly to condode tbem otberwise." It is, boweyer, certain 
tbat tbe nnmber of Barons by Tenure in tbe reign of 
Edward tbe First greatly exc^eded tbe namber of persona 
smnmoned to Parliament. Mr. Craise remarks, *' Matthew 
Paris or bis continuator relates, tbat King Henry theTbird 
being at St.Alban's, and baving occasion to speak of bis 
brotber Richard Earl of Com wall, reckoned first tbe names 
of tbe Kings of England tbat were canonized for saints, and 
afterwards tbe names of the Barons of England tbat be 
could remember, wbich be found to be two hundred and 
fifty, Camden's copy bas only iMe hundred and ßfty i and 
Seidon observes, tbat this latter number was poSsibty tbe 
true reading, it appearing from tbe Close Rolls, 47 Hen. III. 
tbat tbe Temporal Barons by Tenure, being about one Mm- 
dred andfifly^ were called in tbat year, by several Writs, to 
be present, cum eguis et armis ad habendum servUium. Tbis 
calculation must, bowever, be uoderstood to apply onl^ tO 
tbe period wben it was made, and to tbe Barones Mqjores 
only, for in the time of the Conqueror aod that of bis sons. 



«ben every tenant in capiie who bad a manor wai a Baron, 
tbe niimtHT niust bave been mucb greaier."* 

Tbus adniiiuiiii; tbat tbe nuiuber of persons wbu beld 
lands per Bwrmnam in tbe ^3d and 27tb Edward I. did nuC 
eiic«ed tbe number stated to bave done so in tbe 47tb Henry 
III. namely, one hundred andßfty, and deducting from tbat 
amount nocty-six, tbe number ot persons wbo beld /»er Ba- 
roniam and were summoned to Parliament, it appears tbat 
eighijf-four, considerahly above haffof tbe individuaU of tbe 
Kin^om wbo before tbe 23 Edward I. were indisputably 
Barons of tbe Realm, were never included in any Writ of 
Summons to Parliament} afactwbicb inobt niaterially mili- 
tates agaiust tbe principle, tbat tbe tenure of landt per. 
ßaromatn, at aify ttnie after tbe 23 Edward I. constituted a 
right, ex debüo jusHius, to a Writ of Suuimons to tbe Le- 
gislative Asfiemblies of tbe Realm. 

Tbe inqüiry of wbo were included in tbe Writs of Sum- 
mons to Parliament wben Writs of tbat nature first be- 
came general, or perbaps, to speak more correctly» at tbe 
t)me from whicb tbey are regulariy recorded, may, it is pre- 
sumed, be coocluded witb the follo^ing deductions : 
' First y tbat ail wJio were Batom by Tenure in tbe latter , 
|>art of tbe reign of Edward tbe First, were not Summoned . 
tb Parliament; and > secondly, tbat roany wbo never bebl 
lands per Baroniam, nor previously bad tbe reputation of 
Barons of tbe Realm, were summoned to Parliament. 
Hence there cannot be a doubt, tbat in tbe issuing of sucb 
Writs pf Summons, tbe Crown not only exercised its discre- 
tiod by sammoning persons wbo never beld per Baroniamt 
but tbat of tbose wbo were seised of lands by tbat tenure, 
a part only of sucb tenants were summoned to Piirliament. 
* Of tbe few instances tbat afford grounds for considering 
t^at tbe dignity of a Baron was attacbed to territorial |H)8- 
sessions after tbe reign of Edward tbe First, tbe Barony of 
Berkeley is undoubtedly tbe strongei^t, and is consequeHtly 
tbe most deserving of attention. Until the 23d Edward U 
tbb ancestors of Thomas de Berkeley, wbo in tWt year was 
' summoned to Parliament, were unquestionable Baruns of 
tbe Realm by Tenure of tbe Castle and Honor of Berkeley. 
Tbomas de Berkeley so summoned to Parliament, was soc** 
ceeded'by bis soii Maurice de ^Berkeley, wbo was likewis« 

"♦ ,Cxuise on Di^nitics, p. 37. 

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summöned to ParÜtmenty lind djringin 1336 wts tueceede<f 
hy his soD Thomas» to whom succeeded Maurice bif aom 
änd beir, which Maarice was summoncd to Parliament in 
tbe lifetime of his fatber» wbo also was summoDed to Paiw 
liament. On tbe deatb of Maurice de Berkeley last men* 
tionedy tbeBarony devolved on bis son Thomas, who was i*ie-> 
fularly summöned to and sat in various ParliamentSy and 
who, as well as eaeb of tbe Barons above named, was seised 
of Berkeley Castle^ Tbis Thomas Lord Berkeley died in 
1416» leavinif Elisabeth, tbe wife of Richard Earl of War^ 
wick» bis dau^ter and soie beir. Bf one inqnisition It was 
found tbat be died seised, in his own rigfat» amonif otber 
Lordsbips» of tbe Castle and Hundred of Berkeley} but by 
anoCher Inquisition it was found, tbat Thomas de Berkeley 
bis grandfatber, being seised in bis demesne as of fe« of tbe 
Castle of Berkeley, &c. bad, in tbe 83d Edward lil. levied a 
fine, by which tbe said Castle was entailed on tbe saidTbonas 
for life,witfa remainder to Maurice bis son and beir (tbefatbev 
of Thomas Lord Berkeley, who died in 1416), mndthe Aar» 
maie •fhuhody^ with some otber remainders over, which it 
is not material to State, and that^in oonsequenee thereof tlM 
Castle of Berkely ou^ht to descend to James de Berkeley, 
tbe iiepbew of the last Lord, he being b*tr male of Maurie« 
Lord Berkeley, vvt, son and beir of James de Berkeley, bro^ 
iber of Thomas Lord Berkeley, and seco«d son of the said 
Maurice. Notwitbstanding tbis inquisition, tbe Earl of 
Warwick entered npon and kept poisesseon of the Castle^ 
and in the name of himself and bis wiie, kept Courts, ab« 
pretending^ a dear right to aU the lands so entailed, ** aa 
also to the Barony." In the 5t h Henry V* Janea de Berke^ 
ley sued out a Writ of Diem eiausit e x tre m um, by v»bieb» 
after much Opposition, be was found beir and rtgbtM iahe- 
ritor to the Castle i but tbe Earl of Warwiek refused 
to delirer it up antil so eommandcd by the King. In tbe 
9tb Hen. V. James de Berkeley, Unding himself too weak ta 
cope with so powerful an Opponent, obtained the support of 
the Duke of Gloncester, and by his means procured bis 
livery ; " which being effected, be paid his relief as a Baron, 
and bad Summons to Parliament thereupon." It is certain, 
tbat tbis James de Berkeley was not summöned to Parlia- 
ment until tbe 9tb Hen. V., thoagh, wben bis unele died^ 
five years preceding, be was of füll age. Hence Dugdale's 
Statement is iu some degree corroborated ; but it must be 

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^bienr«^ tbuttlM mithorily Cor tbe cbief facts oftbe nar« 
intire of that weiter is laid tu be ** Ex Vetqst. Scrip. in 
Castro de Berkeley ;" and that on tbe lanie authority only» 
Fest tbe most naterial pointi in favour oftbe poiition that 
tbe Barony was always deenied to be atcaobed to tbe te* 
Hure of tbe Castle, wbieb remain to be notieed *• 

From tbe precedin^ account a very streng case is oer- 
taioly made out in support of tbe position, that in tbe 9t h 

* Tbe foUowing sligbt Pedigree will oerbaps be considered as a 
necessarj iUastntion of tbe descent of tbe Bwony of Berkeley. 

Thomas de Berkeley, a Baron by Tenure of the Castle and Honor 
of Berkeley ; summosed to Parliament from 93 Edward I. to 
14 Edir. 11. ; sealed tbe Letter to tbe Pope in 29 Edw. 1. 1 
ob. 1821. =T= 

Manrice de Berkeley, s. and b* ; summoned to Parliament firom 
2 Edw. 11. vit&jiuris, to 14 Edw. II. ob. 1326 ; but be is not 
xeccwded to bare stU in Parliament; ob. 1326. =j= 

Thopiaa de Berkeley^ s. and b. ; summoned to Parliament from 
ß to 34 Edw. I|L and sat in various Parliaments ; ob. 1860. ^ 

I - ■ •■ " " ■ ■' 

Manrice de Beikdey» s. and b« ; summoned to Parliament 16 
Edw. III. tntd pairiti and again firom bis &tber*s death to 4 
Rieb. IL 1380, though he died in 1868 : he is not recorded to 
bave sat in Parliament. ^ 

Thomaa de Berkeley, s. and h. ; sununoned to James de 

Parlmient fron 5 Riehard IL to 6 Hen. V. Beikeley, 

and tat in various Parliaments; ob. 1416, Sd son; 

s. F. M. then seised of Berkeley Castle. ^ ob. vüä 

-J frtttruj= 



EBzabetb, dan. and sole James de Berkeley, succeeded to the 

heir,married Richard Castle of Berkeley as heur male, 

Beauchamp, Earl of summoned to Parliament from 9 

Warwick. nr H«>>* ^' ^ ^ Edward IV. and sof in 

'^ Parliament i ob. 1463. ^ 

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Hen. V. the Harony of Berkeley was dependent upon tbe 
teiiure of that Castle; but if Du^dale be correct, still 
stronf^er evidence of that tact exists. James Lord Berkeley 
alludedto, died in the 3d Edw.IV. 1463, and was succeeded 
by William bis son and heir, who was successively ereated 
Viscount Berkeley, Earl of Notting^ham, and Marquess of 
Berkeley, and died in ihe 7th Hen. VII. 1492, witbout issue, 
leaving: Maurice bis brother bis befr. Tbe Marquess, bow- 
ever not bavin^ any cbildren, and being bigbly displeased at 
tbe marriage of bis said brolher, covenanted by indenture, 
dated 10 Dec. 3 Hen. VII. 1487, to assure tbe Castle and 
Maiior of Berkeley witb some otberLordsbips, in liefault of 
issue of bis own body, unto King Henry tbe Serentb an^ 
tbe heirs male of bis Majesty's body, in default of wbieby 
to bis own rigbt beirs. it is certain, tbat on tbe demise of 


William de Berkeley, son and heir ; Maurice de Berkeley, bro- 

created Viscount Berkeley, Earl ther and heir ; was not 

of Nottingham, and Marquess possesse^ of Berkeley Cas- 

of Berkeley i settled Berkeley tle, and was never sum> 

Castle on K. Henry VIT. and bis moned to Parliament j ob. 

issue male; ob. 1499» s. p. • 1507. =p 


Maurice de Berkeley, s. aad h. Thomas de Berkeley, brother 
was not possessedof Berkeley and heir j ims not possessed of 
Castle; said to have been Berkeley Castle; aumraoned 
summoned to Parliament 14 to Pkriiaraent 81 Hen. VIII. 
Hen. VIII. and to have sat but it does not appear in what 
as juuior Baron ; ob. 1523, place he sat in the House; 
s. P« ob. 1682. =p 
, 1 

Thomas de Berkeley, s. and h. summoned to Parliaroent 25 Hen. 
VIII. and sat on every occasion in the precedency bf the ancient 
Barony, though he was not possessfd of' Berkeley Caille ; öK 
1534. = 

Henry de Berkeley, s. and h. not of age until 1555 ; succeeded lo 
the possessum qf Berkeley Castle in 1553; sat in Parliament 
557> but in the sante place as that in which bis father sat. ={= 


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Ifae Marqiiess tbe Castle became vested in the Crown by 
▼irtue of the indeiiture in question, and so continued untÜ 
the death of Edward VI. wben the heirs male of Henry Vll. 
haviiig failed, the Castle reverted to tbe family of Berkeley, 
and the foUowin^ cyrcunistanees are stated by Dufi^dHle lo 
prove that, in coiise()uence of tbat alienation, tbe ancient 
Barony was also alienated, and tbat thouf^b some of tbe 
beirs of the Marques« sat in Parlianient, yet tbat tbey did so 
only by virtue of a new creation. Tbis question admits how- 
ever of discussiun, and it is presumed tbat tbat inference is 
not st riet ly correct. Maurice de Berkeley, tbe brotber and 
beirof tbe Marques8,doe9notappeartobave been summoned 
to Parliament, notwitbstanding^ that he sucvived bis brotber 
about fifteen yeärs, thou^b if the Barony was a personal di|;- 
nity he was tbe undoubted beir to it. Maurice de Berkeley, 
bis soH and beir, is said by Duf^dale to have been summoned 
to Parliament in tbe I4tb Henry VJ II. «but bad not the 
place of bis anceätors, in regard tbat tbe Castle of Berkeley 
•and tbose Lordsbips belonginf^ ibureto, which originally 
were tlie body of that ancient Barony, then remained in tbe 
Crown, by virrue of tbat entail so made by William Mar- 
t)ue88 Berkeley before mentionedj" *< by reason of which 
Summons he then sat in Partiankent merely as a new Baron 
in the Iowest place, of which he bad iio joy, considering 
the eminency^of bis ancestors, and tbe precedence which 
tbey ever bad : but in point of prudence he was necessitated 
to subroit, beini; thereuntopersuadedby bis Council learned, 
as appeareth by an oripnat letter written to bim by John 
•FiC2-James, then'' Lord Chief Baron of tbe Excbequer and 
others, which letter bears date 6 May, 45S3, 15 Hen.VIII." 
Of tbis Maurice de Berkeley having been so summoned and 
sat in Parliament, notwitbstanding tbat no record of such 
Writ of Summons appears in tbe list of persons summoned 
thereto in Dugdale's Lists of Summonsj and the ouly au- 
thority cited for it by JDugdale is, *' Ex ipso Autogr. apud 
Berkley," still the original letter which he cites from Sir 
John Fitz-James must be deemed very strong moral if not 
legal evidence of tbe fact; The Journals of tbe House of 
Lurds between the 7t h and 25th Hen. VIII. baving been 
lost, no proof of bis havin;; so sat in Parliament is tu be 
fouiid. Under all tbe circumstances we ttiay, bowever, 
safely conclude, that tbe facta were as is stated by 
Dugdale, and a very strong case raust be allowed to be 
VOL. I. f 



made out, that up to tBe I4th yeav of Heniy VIII. the Ba«- 
rony of Berkeley was attacbed to the tenure of the Castle. 
Maurice Lord Berkely died in the followin^ year withooC 
issue, when Thomas de Berkeley his brother became h|« 
heir, and who lucceeded to such laiids as bis brother died 
seised of ; but if^ as Dugdale contends, the Barony created 
by che Writ of Summons to Maurice de Berkeley In the I4th 
Heil. VJ II. was a new creation, and whicb, if the said Mai>- 
rice sat as junior Baron, undoubtedly was the case, that 
Barony on his death witbout issue became Extinct ; and 
if the tennre of the Castle alone constituted the ancient 
Barony, as that Castle was then in the bands of tbe Crown, 
Thomas de Berkeley, tbe brother and heir of Mauriee Lurd 
Berkeley, could have had no claim whatever to a Writ of 
Summons to Parliament, or to the digniiy of a Baron of the 
Realm. We find, however, that to the very next Parliament, 
namely, that wbich was ordered by Writs tested 9th Aug. 
Sl Hen. VIII. 1529» to meet at Westminster in the Novem- 
ber following", a Writ was issued to this Thomas Berkeley, 
and in whieh he is styled << Thoms Berkley de Berkley, 
Chevalier s" this Writ must have acted as a iiew creation» 
if the ancient Barony was not then vested in him, and his 
precedence would therefore be that of the junior Baroa 
only. The Lords* Journals for that Parliament being 
lost, the only notice of his having then sat, is a note printed 
in Dugdale's Lists of Summons of those Lords who made 
their first entry into the Parliament Chamber, and of wbom 
Carter demauded his fee \ among tbese, who consisted of 
the Marquess of Exeter, six Earls, the Lords St. Johq, 
Zouche, &ۥ he is included, but tbe precedency aU 
lowed him cannot he determined. He died in the 34th 
Hen.VIlC. before another Parliament was summoncd; but 
bis son and heir, Thomas de Berkeley, was summoned in tbe 
-S5th Hen. VIII. to the ensuing Parliament ; and as tbe 
Lords* Journals for that Parliament are preserved, the ques- 
tion of his precedency, and wbich involves the point imme- 
diately under discussion, may be ascertained. The naroe of 
of Lord Berkeley regularly occurs in the Journals of this 
Parliament I and on the 33d» S5th, 27th, and 75th days, he 
16 marked as having been present ; and in every instance his 
name Stands as the tbird Baron on the Roll, naiyely, be- 
tween Lord Zouche and Lord Murley ; — a fact wbich clearly* 
proves that be did not sit in tbe precedency nhich would 



M gttt^f etther by tbe Writ direeted to bis fafber» or by 
tbat to bis iiiicle, in tbe 14tb Hen. VIII. Nor wtt it tb« 
precedeocy of tbe earliett Writ» direeted to bis aneettor ia 
tbe 83d Edw. I. 1295, for tbat Writ would bave entitied bim 
to Sit above Lord Zoucbe, wboie aneettor was not sunimoned 
to Parliament untii tbe Sd Edw. II. 1307» and tbe precedeney 
gireo to Lord Zouche above Lord Morley it no lest extraor- 
dinary, for tbe first Lord Morlcy was summoned in tbe 
S8tb Edw* L 1299. Witb tbe eaception, tberefore, off Lord 
Zoueb^ bein{f impropcrly placed above bini| it is certain 
tbat be tat in tbe place of tbe ancient Barony ; for on no 
olber groonds could be bave been plaeed above Lord Mor* 
ley, and at tbe third Baron of Parliament. Lord Audley* 
wbo tat QBder tbe donbtful Writ off tbe 25tb Edw. I. and 
was in tbat and tubsequent Pariiaments plaeed as tbe firt t 
Baron» was also improperly plaeed above bim ; but tbovgh 
tiie preise p'oands of tbcs anomaly caanot be asoertained, it 
ttiay be satislactorily conduded tbat it was intended to f iv« 
bim tht place of tbe ori^nal Barony. Lord Berkeley died in 
tbe 96tli Henry VIII. and was eonseq\iently never again 
summoned to Parliament. Henry, Lord Berkeley» bis ton 
and heitr, waa not bom until a few weeks after bis latber't 
deatb» and did not become of age until Odober» 1655» 9 
and 3 Pbiiip and Mary t be was present in Parliament in 
tbe 4th and Stb Philip and Mary (tbongb be is not reeorded 
fo bave been summoned untii tbe 5th and 6tb of tbat 
teign)» wben be was plaeed even lower tban wbere bis 
fatber tat» as in tbe Journals of tbat Parliament be stände 
tttiLt to Lord Morley, tbough» on tbe deatb of Edward VL 
In 15S3, ke tueeceeded to tke cmstk qf BeHkelep^ tbe beirt 
male of Henry VII. baving tben failed» and wben Dugdaie 
eonsiders tbat be aUo succeeded to tbe ancient Barony. 
Qn tbe 26th day of January» \nB name occurs in tbe 
Journals next below Lord Morley» be was placed next 
below Lord Audiey» and above botb Lord Zouche and 
Lord Morley ; but in tbe kh of Elizabeth he Stands 
in $he Journals as tbe fifth Barou, between Lord Zouche 
and Lord Morley» tbe tbree above Lord Zouche being tbe 
Baroi»s fiergaveuny» Audley, and Strange, but neither of 
wbtcb Barons were entitied» according to the dates of tbe 
earliest Writs direeted to their ancestors to be placed above 
These facts provie» bowever» tbat» irbatever may bave 




beeti the place assif^ned to Maurice, Lord Berkeley, in the. 
Uth Heil. NTIII. or to hi& brothtr Thuoias, Lurd Berktttey, 
ifi th« Slst Hen. VIII. qucstions wbich, Trom tbe loss of tbe 
Lord's Journals, cannut be pusitively decided, yet ibat in 
the instaiice of Tbuoaas, Lord Berkeley, suminoiied in the 
35tb Hen. Vill.he was, nutwitbstandiii)C bis not bein^seized 
of tbe Castle of Berkeley, plaeed in precisely tbe sanie pre- 
cetlence as tbat wbich was f^iveu to bis son, after be ob-, 
tained possession of the said castle; and con3equeiitIy, 
wbatever may bave' been tbe priociple wbicb prevaiied 
between the period wben tbe castle was alienated and tbe 
$5tb of Hen. VIIL it is certain that tbe aucient Barony was 
not in tbat year deemed to be attacbed to tbe tenure of tbe. 
eastle. Notbing, therefore, but presumptive evidence cau. 
be adduced, witb the exception of tbe letter of Sjr John, 
Fitz James, to shew that tbe alienation of Berkeley Castle, 
in tbe reign of Hen. VII. prevented tbe beirs of tbat fainily 
from inberiting the ancieut Barony, wbilst, on tbe otber 
band, positive evidence is extant, that tbe precedence of , 
tbe ancient Barony* was possessed by tbe beirof tbe f^.mily; 
nineteen years before tbe castle was restored to it. 

On tbe subject of the Barony of Berkeley two circumstances 
nnly remain to be stated. In 1661, Georg^e, tben Lord- 
Berkeley, petitioned bis Majesty to be allowed bis place in 
Parliament above and before Lord de la Warr, grouudin^ 
bis claim on tbe Barony bein|^ by tenure of tbe honour of 
Berkeley, and reciting the circumstance of the said honour 
baving been entailed on Hen. Vli. by.the Marques« Berke- 
ley, **and tbat consequently Sir Maurice Berkeley, the 
nephew and beir of tbe said Marquess, being sumqaoued to, 

* Altbougb the exact precedency of 'tbe ancient Barony was 
certainly according to present ruies on tbe subject, above tbe . 
BaroDs below whom Thomas, Lord Berkeley, was plaoed, in the* 
25th Hen. VIII. still tbe words used In tbe text are justified by 
its beiog the precedeney which was allowed to bis descendants, 
wbo were seized of Berkeley Castle. Antecedent to tbe Ist of ' 
Heo. VIII. there are no meaos of ascertaining correctly the pre- 
cedency given to Peers ; and as tbe Journals between the 7tb and 
25tb Hen. VIII. are not now extant* and as between tbe Ist and 
7th of that reign no Baron Berkeley was summoned to Farlia^ 
ment, tbe earliest entry of a Barqn Berkeley in the Journals it in ^ 
tbe 25tb Hen. VIII. 

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Parliament in tbe 14th Hen. VII!. did, by reason of tbat 
entaä, slt no otherwise than as a puisne Baron ; and {hat 
npon the death of Kin^ Edward VI. without issue,, Henry» 
Lord Berkeley» nepbew aud beir to tbe said Maurice» beiiig 
not tili that time in a capacity to challenge tbe place of bis 
ancenors» was tben under age." No resolution appears to 
haye beeo made on tbis petition ; wbich» if it be correctiy 
given by Mr. Croise» is remarkable for tbe Omission of tbe 
contest relative to tbe Barony, in tbe reign of Henry V. 
between James de Berkeley and tbe Earl of Warwick ; 
tbougb» tbat tbe fact above» relative to tbe place in wbich 
Tbomas, Lord Berkeley, tat in tbe S5th Hen. VIII. sbonid 
bave been soppressed is not extraordinary» as it is evldently 
made agalnst tbe claim, inasmucb as it militated against 
the assertion of tbe Barony being by tenure of tbe castle or 
bonour of Berkeley. Tbe precedency of tbe Barony of Ber- 
keley, Ander tbe Writ of 33 Edw. i. is certain|y above tbat 
of Le Warr, «hieb was created by tbe Writ of 6 Feb. S7 
Edw. L and tbe claim was not groonded on tbat circum- 
stance, probably becanse, if it was admitted to be a Barony 
by Tenure, it would give its possessor a precedency above 
ereiy Baron wbo was not tben seized of such lands as con« 
stituted bis ancestors Barons of tbe Realm before tbe reign 
of Henry I. One Observation stil( remains to be offered. It 
is evident tbat Dugdale, in preparing bis account of tbe 
Berkeley family, bad bad access to all tbe arcbives and mu- 
nioients preserved by it ; and it is no less evident, tbat be 
endeavours to establisb that tbe ancient Barony was by vir* 
tue of the tenure of tbe castle. In 1 661 , at wbich time Dug- 
dale was Norroy, tbe petition just noticed was presented to 
tbe Eüng, wbich petition, it is known» was prepared by tbat 
Herald : bis Statements may, therefore, fairly be suspected 
of some bias. Tbis Suggestion is far from intended tu itnply 
a iMpicion of an improper motive on tbe part of that dis* 
tinguished writer ; but as much of wbat has here beeu 
noticed infavour of tbe position tbat the Barony was by 
tenure of tbe castle, depends entirely upoi^ tbe fidelity of 
Dugdale*8 extracts from documents in Berkeley Castle, a 
ilight hesitation may perbaps be expressed to receivihg 
bis Statements with implicit confidence, especially as tbe 
iact of the precedency of tbe ancient Barony being allowed 
in the 85tb Hen. VIII. is totally onnoticed in bis narrativ^. 
It is said tbat a clatm to tbe Barony of Berkeley, by tenure 

f 3 

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of the Castle, is about to be urged : -wh^t tbe resutt of this 
Claim may be, it would be pre&uinptuous to anticipate ; buc 
if a decisioit be proiiouiiced oii it, sucb decisiun would ^e of 
cuiisiderable importanee, as it wuiiid tend to remove what- 
ever duubt may riow exist, notwitbstaiiding the soleron re- 
solutioii oCtbe Privy Council oii the subject in 1669^ as to 
Baroiiies beinfi; attached to territorial possessioiis. 

Previous to concludiii^ these observations qii the Barony 
pf Berkeley it should be remarked, tbat if the principle wbich 
regulates tbe desceot of diguities at tbe present day may be 
applied to tbe subject, three Barouies of Berkeley by Writ 
have existed ; tbe first, tbat created by tbe Writ of Sum- . 
uions to Thomas de Berkeley, in tbe 23d £dw. I ; the 
ttecoitd» tbat created by the Writ of Suromons to bis son» 
Maurice de Berkeley, wbo was summoned to Parliament 
vüapatris, in the 2d£dw II.; and the third, tbat created 
by tbe Writ to Jaiues de Berkeley, in the 9th Uen. V. ; and 
unless tbe Barony ii understooü to have been attached to 
the tenure of Berkeley Castle, the Barony created by tbe 
Writ of 33 Edw. I. as well as that created by the Writ of 
2 Edw. IL are now in abeyance amon^the coheirs of Eliza- 
beth, Countess of Warwick, the daughter and sole heir of 
Thomas, Baron Berkeley, wbo died in 1416; wbiist tbe 
Barony created by the Writ to James de Berkeley in 1421, 
9Hen. V. is vested in the present Earl Berkeley, tbe beir- 
general, as well as heir-male, of the said James. 

The Barony of B^rgravenny, or, as it is now w ritten, Aber- 
gavenny« is anotber wbich bas been considered to bc depen- 
dent upon territorial possessions, and tbe precedence wbicb 
tbe Barons Abergavenny have been allowed in the House of 
Lords cannot be explained in any other manner, tban thac 
it was so recognized. Although much has been wriiten 
upon tbe subject, a brief sta'ement of the principal facts of 
tljai case are bere necessary. Under that title, in up. 9 et seq. 
tbe reasons wbicb bave produced a conviction in tbe Editor's 
mind tbat, after the 23d Edward I. tbe persons wbo were 
tenants of the castle of Bergavenny were like every otber 
person summoned to Parliament in tbat and subsequent 
reign,,&ummoned in consequence of being seised ofa personal 
dig4Üty, without any reference to the possession of tbat 
Castle, are fuUy stated ; but it roust be observed, that the 
John de Hastings wbo was seized ofthat place in tbe ^d 
Edw.I. was uo^ouly a Barou by tenure, by the possession' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


of Bergavenny Castleybut also by tenure of tbe lands which 
fae inherited froni his falber; and if, whicb in these pa^ea 
it is contended was not the fact, the possessiou of landt 
Hbich were beld pifr Baroniam, eiititled tbe po^sessor 
to a Writ of summuns tu Parliainent, ex debitojustitüB^ ic 
may be contended, tbat John de Hastiiigs was as luuch 
entitied to demaud it by the tenure of the lands wbirh 
cunstituted bis fatber a Baron of tbe realm, as by the 
tenure of Bergavenny Castle, wbicb be inherited from bis 
motber. Tbe Castle of Bergavenny continued in tbe fa- 
Diily of Hastings for five generations \ and as tbe tbree 
last pussessors of tbat Lordship were Karls of Pembroke, 
it is only from tbe Writs addressed to tbe two first John 
de Hasti^igs, wbo were suininoned to Parliauient as Bafons, 
tbat any inference from tbe manner in wbicb tbey were 
designated in tbose Writs can be drawn. Tbrs inferenee 
»ould tend to establisb tbat tbe Barony of wbicb tbey were 
possessed was tbat of Hästings, for altbougb above thirtif 
Writs were dirtcted to them, not tbe sligbtest mentiun in 
either of tbem of the title of •• Bergavenny" occurs. On 
the deatb of the last Earl of Pembroke in VS^d, tbe Castlti 
of Bergavenny devolved on William Beaucharap, fourth soii 
of Thomas Earl of Warwick, but in whaC manner be suc- 
ceeded to it is not quite certain, some writers affirmin^ 
thatit was by eniail, and others by purchase ; tho'it^b, as 
Du^dale cites tbree records in prouf tbat John de Hastinscs 
£arl of Pembroke, in tbe 43 Edw. III. settied, in case be 
died without issue of bis body, tbe Castle and Lordship of 
Ber£ravenuy,and other lands, on bis cousin William de Beau- 
champ (viz. bis motber^s sister's son), in fee, provided be 
sbuald bear bis anus, and endeavour to obtain tbe tirle of 
Earl of Pembroke ; and in case be should declineto dd so, 
tbeii thai his kinsman, William de Clinton, was to bave 
them nw tbe same conditions, it is most probable tbat 
William de Beaucbamp obtained the Castle in consequence 
of an entaii. The issue of the Said Earl of Pembroke faiied 
in 1389, wben tbe Castle of Bergavenny must, if Dugdale's 
Statement be correct, bave devolved on William de Beau- 
cbamp, and wben, if tbe tenure tbereof constituted a righc 
in its possessor to demand a Wrii of Sdmmons to Parlia- 
meiit, fae ou^bt immediately to bave been suroraoned Xti 
Parliament. It was not, bowever, unlil three years after- 
wards, namvly, on the 23 NoV. 16 Ric. II. 13d«, tbat tbis 
Waiiam de Beaucbamp was summoned lo Parliament, in* 



tbe Writ of which ycar he is stylet) ** Willielmo Beauchamp 
de Berjfaveiiny.*' It may serve in a great degree to illus- 
trate the puint bow far tbis Writ w»s issued ex debiio 
juttituB lo tbis Baron from bis teiiure of Abergaveiiny Castle, 
to inquire wbetber be was raised from comparative obscu- 
rity to iiDportance by baving succeeded to tbese lands» and 
also wbetber any otber cause can be assigned for bis beiiig^ 
described " De Bergavenny" In tbe Writ of Summonsy tban 
bis being summoned in consequeuce of tbe tenure of tbat 
Castle. In ans wer to tbe first question, it is satisfactorily 
prored» tbat tbougb be was never summoned to Parliament 
until tbree years after be succeeded to tbose lands» be bad 
been for many years preceding a personage of considerable 
reputation. He was tbe younger son of a powerful Earl, 
and as early as tbe 40tb Eldw. III. bad distinguisbed bimself 
as a soldier in tbe wars of France ; and from tbat period to 
tbe time wben be was summoned to Parliament, be con- 
stantly fiiled some office of tbe bigbest trust, and was daily 
adding to tbe cbaracter wbicb bis military prowess faad 
obtained for bim : be was tben, likewise, a Knigbt of tbe 
Carter, and Lord Cbamberlain to tbe King, and unüoubt- 
edly stood bigb in tbe estimation uf bis Sovereign. These 
circumstances, therefore, prove tbat tbe lands to wbicb be 
sueceeded, in 1389, could scarcely bave increased bis im- 
portance ; and bence it is as likely tbat be would bave been 
summoned to Parliament bad he never possessed them, as 
tbat the tenure of tbem was tbe sole cause to wbicb the Writ 
of Summons is to be attributed. That at the period in which 
be lived, tbe increase of estates rendered an individual so 
far of greater importance, as tbey enabled bim tlie better to 
Support a dignity, and consequently tbat be was tbe roore 
likely to bave been created a Peer aßer such adüition to bis 
rerenue tban before, cannot be deiiied ; and, as is remarked 
in anotber part of these observations, tbe circumstance of 
persons of extensive landed property being generally induded 
in Writs of Summons, may on the same ground be ac- 
counted for; but tbis fact by no means proves, tbat to the 
tenure of such lands a rigbt de jure was attached, to demand 
a Writ of Summons to Parliament. Even at tbe present 
day, tbe dignity of tbe Peerage is generally conferred on 
very extensive landed proprietors, and apparently for the 
game reason $ but as it does not now follow that, though 
created on account of tbeir possessionsi such possessiuus 



neeesiairily conttkutes » ri^ to the i'fgnity, it may be. 
ar^ed tbat a similar principle prevailed in earlier periodS' 
of our bUtory. .With Te8|>eGt to the circum^tance of WilHam 
de Beaucbaiiip- baWng been ityled in the Writ *' de Berga- 
venny/* it is ttecetsary to refer to the arg^uments submiited 
in several partt of this Work, that such additions to name« 
in WriCs of Summons before the rei^ of Henry VI. werC' 
iutroduced solely to distiii^uish iiidividuals of the saiiie, 
name from each otber, and. that it was never intended tO' 
iopiy tlMi title of the digaity. Ju tbe instance in qu«>stion,. 
at the sani« period wheu tbe Writ was issued to this Baron,, 
tbere was a John de Beaocbamp, de Kydderminster, who 
was summoned to Parlianient, and who was always described 
in the Writs hy the adüition <* de Kydderminster*' i that iiir 
previous reigns two Barons of the iiame of Beauchao^p had , 
been suionioned; the one being styUd in the Wriu '*6^^ 
Somerset,*' and tbe other '* de Warrewyk ;" hence tbere > 
doesnot appear, so far as such - designations in Writs of 
SumoDoo^ aUow of an infer^nce, , any greater reason f«»r. 
cousidering that tbe title intended to bare been couferred 
on:WiUiaiB de Beauchamp, in tbe 19th Rieb. II. was tbe 
Barony of Btrgavenny^ than that eitber of the other per-; 
sonages alluded to was Baron Kyddertninttery Baruu Somer'^ * 
t^y or Baron fFarwiek / 

Whatever may have been the title intended to have been ' 
conferred on William de Beaucbamp by Riebard the II. the' 
Writ under wbich be sat is tbat which created tbe Barony 
inberited by bis descendants. His son was created Earl of 
Worcester in 1420, and dyin^ witbout issue male in 1451, 
tbe Barony devolved ' on his daughter ' and ' heir Eliza- 
beth, who married Edward Neville, and who was summoned* 
to Parliament, jure uxoris, in the S9rh Henry VI. by the 
style of *• Edwardo Newfllf Domino dt Bergavenny ,** or 
** Edwardo Nevyll de Bergavenny** The introduction of 
the Word "Domino de Bergavenny," may perhaps be deemed 
torenderthe title of tbat Barony, '* Bergavenny," and as such 
it has ever since been denominated. From this George 
Neville tbe dignity descended to his great-grandson Henry 
Neville, who died without issue male in 1587f and when, ac- 
cording to modern decisions, all the Baronies in fee of which 
be was seised, namely, tbat created by tbe Writ of 16 Rieh. II. 
and the Baronies of Despencer and Burghersh, which were 
acquired by the macriage of Richard Beaucbamp, E-~^ 

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df Woreelter, witfa Isabel^ daugbter and etentually sole faeir 
df Thomas, Baron Despencer, devulved on bis daugbter and 
lieir ElSsabetb, tbe wife of Sir Thomas Fane. A dispute on 
tfae Saccession of those dignities, however, arose between t be 
smSd Elisabeth and Edward Neville, the heir male of her 
ftithiery the former contending tbat the Barony of Berga- 
v^nny was a personal dignity, and the latter tbat it was 
attacfaed to the tennre of the Castle of Bergarenny» of 
whiehy in conseqnence of an entail, be was seized. This 
daim, whiefa has been frequently reported, is important in 
oonseqnence of the extraordinaty decision formed on it» a 
deeisien whiefa has more the character of an amicable adjnst- 
menty referring chiefly to the feelings and convenienee off 
the parties, tfaan as having been regulated by any legal ptin- 
dple *• In the discassion the qoestion of Baronies by Tennre 
was heoeisarily agitated, for on it Neville's pretensions wera 
solety groonded ; and had the decision of the House of Lorda 
been a positive retolution, the point would in a great mea- 
skM« havebeen detided^ After many bearingt, the Home ac 
last resolvedy 

*^ That the question seemed neverthdets not so perfectiy 
and ezactly resolved, as migbt ^ve clear and undoubted 
iatisfeetion to all the eonsciences or Jndgments of ail the 
Lords, for the precise point of right $ and yet so much w^ 
shewn and alleged oA %ach aide, as in the oj^inion of the 
Hoase, if it might stand with the King's good pieasure and 
gtace, ms(de them both capable and worthy of honoar. It 

* On thts decision the Iiords' Committees in their III. Re- 
portyjp. 916, observe : 

" The pToceedings respecting the daims of the dignity of Baron 
Abeigavenny in the reign of Jmmes the First, hkre also been 
represenied as showtog, that even at that time the possession of 
a JDarony was considered as eiving the person who held t^t pos- 
session a t'isht to a Writ of Suxnmons to Parliament as a Baron, 
by force of the ancient law of the land. But there was no decision 
on the question of right, and the proceedings terminated in a com' 
promise between contendingparties,Joundedon noprincipie ; and the 
preeedeace finaily glven to the dignity of Baron Le Despeoser, 
avowedly amere personal dignity, derived from aWrit in the 49th 
Hen. III.> was utterly inconsistent with tlie right to a dignity of 
Baron claimed in respectof Tenure of the Baronyof Abergavenny, 
which Vas a Barony long before the 4d^th Hen. III," 



«rat tberefore moved and so agjeedy tbat iDformation ^l^^ld 
b«given unto tbe Kiiig's Majesty of all tbe proc^ingt of 
tbe Said Court in tbe matter i and tbat bumble galt sbould 
be made to bis Majesty froni tbe Lordi» for tbe enpobliny 
of botb partiesby way of restitution; tbe one to tbe said 
Barony of Abergavenny, and tbe ancient place belongiof to 
tbe same, and tbe otb«r tu tbe Btirony of Le Oespenser." 

Tbis restitution was, in otb^r wordt, an acknowledgment 
tbat tbe case was une of great difficulty ; tbat tbe Peers could 
form no satisfactory conclusiun upon it ; tbat botb partiet 
were, in tbe opinion of tbe Uouse, ** capable and wortby" 
of tbe dignity clatmed, if it migbt stand witb tbe Kinf'f 
good pleasure ; tbat tbe wbole of tbe proceedings sboold be 
referred to tbe King, and tbat it recommended tbat 
botb parties sbould be ennobled, giving tbe Barony in dis- 
pute to tbe one, and tbat of Le Pespenser to tbe otber. 
His Mi^esty agreed to tbe wisbes of tbe Houst, bot reqoireil 
tbem to decide to wbicb tbe Barony of Abergarenny 
sbould be adjudged. Tbis being put to tbe rote, tbe ma- 
jority decided tbat tbe Barony of Bergavenny sbould be 
allowed to tbe beir male, in cousequence of wbicb Edward 
NeviUe received a Writ to Parhament, and be took bis seat 
in tbe same place as tbat iu wbicb tbe last Baron Aberga- 
venny sat. 

It is impossible to consider tbis decisicn at bearing opoa 
tbe geqeral question of Baronies by Tenurei tbougb, as far 
any inference is to be drawn from it, it affords evidence, 
tbat it was by no means a settled point, tbat sucb Baronies 
were tben in existence s tbe admission of Bdward Neville 
into tbe place of tbe ancient Barony, was certainly an ac- 
kiiowledgment by tbe House, tbat be was seised of tbat dig- 
nity ; bot tbe House did not in tbeir Resolution in any 
degree ad mit, tbat be bad a righi to tbe Barony, unless tbe 
King allowed it to bim ; for if sucb righi was vested in bim 
^ tbe tenure of tbe Castle^ it could not legally bave been 
a question of prerogative in tbe Crown to bave allowed it to 
bim; and still more, tbe House left it entirely to tbe King, 
to determine wbetber eitber or botb tbe parties sbould be 
eonobled by way of restitution, and also wbetber tbe Ba- 
rony of Deapenser sbould be given to Neville, and Aberga- 
venny to Lady Fane, or trice versd. In tbe precedenee 
giveii to tbe Barons Abergavenny and Despenser after tbis 
decision> an anomaly is to be found «ütirely at Variante 



«i(b the udmission, tbat tbe former derive^ bit dfignily fr»ift 
the tenure of <he Castle of Bergav«imy; l^r,if the fwrm»4T 
dignity was derived iroin ibeteuureoftfaatCaitlB» ibe pr^ecy»- 
dence would certainly be above that vf 4>efyi«nwiv wht^h 
diKtii^y was cont idered to bave been ereated bjr tbe Writ of 
49,Httnry HI. as the Castle of BergavHiBy ennferrsd m. 
Barony on its possessor long befor« that firmd f and if tbe 
tlignity was coiisidered in any degree to bave ariaen trs^wn m. 
Writ of Summons, the-earliest Writ tind<r wbicb he ««hsM 
possibly bave claiined was that to Richafd Beauchamp m 
tbe 16tb Hen. JI. one hundred and thirty yepm subsequeac 
to the creation of the Barony of j[)es)*ens«r. 

Since tbe decision in the reign of Jame» tbe First« tbe 
Barony of Bergavenny bas been allowed to the heir wkaie «ff 
'Edward Neville, witbout any <)uestion baviug been raified on 
the subject; and it would tberefore perbafit b«|>res4»naptu* 
ous to express a doubt wbetber such decision would be eoi»> 
ürmed at tbe present tiroe, in the e^'ent of a cLai«n beiMf; 
urged by bis htSt generale on tbe ground that, unlees ßa^ 
ronies hy Tenure are now adniitted and the principle reeug^ 
nized, tbat whoever may be possessed of tbe Castle wavA 
Lordship of Bergavenny must, ipso facto, be entitl«d to t he 
dignity of a Peer of the Realm, a Bwfanp in Fea smw 
created by the Writ to Edward Neville in I6u49«ml wbicb 
'Barony niust consequently be vested in bis faeirs fpet»cH>al. 
Jt bas been before remarked, that th« Resolution of ttife 
House of Lords, wbich recommended the Crowa te aHow 
one of tbe Baronles tben claimed to each ^f tbe elaimattts, 
iiortbevote of the House on tbe question of wbieh sboul4 be 
given to Neville and whicb to Lady Fane, nor the actof tbe 
Crown in con>;equence of that Resolution, estabKsbed tbist 
the Barony of Bergavenny was allowed to Edward Ketrille 
in conseqiience of a prescriptive right attacbed to tbe tenure 
of that Castle ; and it is no le^s certain, tbAt no resolution 
was tnade, that the dignity allowed to Edward Neviüe 
should be limited to Jus heirs male, Unrier all the eircuns- 
stances of tbe case, it is possibly a question foi* «rguniene, 
wbetber tbe principle whicb bas unifornily been aeied upon 
for above a Century, would not, In tbe absence'of a positive 
Resolution of the House of Peers in the reign of James tbe 
First on this Barony, tcnd toestablish, that tbe only dignity 
uf whicb Eklward Neville was legally seised was the Bnrony 
ciieated by tbe Writ of Summons under wbich be took bis 

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SüU»4IKS BT HKNUftE. xxtwH 

«rat Ui 1604 i* and ihat tbe Barony of Barftrenny, or 
BfMMbMip of BarfavMiny, ereated by the Writ of 16 Ric. 
IL ii DO« TMtad In the b«ir ^n«ral of Lady Fane, whose 
dain to it wai dR» cofnprombed. 

ir» aa waa aootanded, tbt Barony of Bei^arenny was 
attaebed to Um tanom of that Castle, it if a siiigular fact» 
tbat naitbar iUebard Beauebamp, who •ueeeeded bit father 
in 1410, EMd wai oreated Earl of Worcester In 14S0, Edward 
Kcrill bis aon Ht law, George N«vill, son of tbe said 
fidvard» nor Georg« bit aon, were ever seUed of tbat terri- 
tory * ; ao tbat tboogb eaeb of tbe tbree pertons last named 
were regularly aamoioned to Parlament as Lordi Berga- 
vanny, tbay eovid bave no rig;bt to ineb Writt of Sumrooni , 
bad tba ptlneiple tbeii prevaiied, tbat tbe dignity was at- 
taebed to ihe tenore of tbe Caatle of Bergavenny. Thit 
eireiHDatanea afbrde very ttrong evidence, tbat the dignity 
poasetsed by eaeb of tbe indiriduato in quettion was merely a . 
pft'Mmml digmiipf derived under tbe Writ of Sommons to 
tbeir aneestor William Beaocbamp in tbe ]6tb Rieb. II. ; 
and moreorer it appcars from tbe seal of Riebard Nevill, 
Earl of Warwicfc and Salisbury, attaebed to a deed, ab- 
,t(raoted in tbe Visitation of Hontingdonsbire in 1613 t, 
dated 1 Fcb. 4 Edward IV. 1465, tbat tbat nobleman tben 
ttyled faiBBfelf Lord Bergavenny, tbe legend thereon beiiig, 
SigiUum Jäeardt NeviU^ CbmUit fFarrtwici, Domini de Ber- 
gmnmmjß, Ina treatise on dlgnities, entitled ** Tbe Magazine 
•f Hotwur^" wbidi was revised by Sir John Doderidge, ona 
•ftbaJftttieeaof the Hing's Benebln 164S, the opinion tbat 
Baroniea were attaebed to territorial possessions is urged 
wkb aome forea ; and tbe following casei wbich are there 
addaottd io pvoaf of k, meric a sligbt notice. 

Robert Walaron, wbo by tenare of the Barony of 
Kilpcc ia tbera aaid to baVe been a Baron by Tenure,^ 
died f n t4ia 9d Edw. I. witbout issue, leaving Robert 
WalofoUvaan of bis brotber William, bis next beir; yet, in 
couseqneoee of Robert Waleron wbo died in tlie Sd Edw. h 
^aving gieen to Alan Plokenet, the son of Alice, sisf er of. 
tbe Said Robert, tbe Caatle, Manor, and Lordsbip of Kilpec> 
be^as Mimnoned to PaHiamenU At tbe first view H must 
be «dmitted, tbat tbese circumstances support tbe opinion 

* Collins, Baroniei by Writ, p. 96. 
t Cottonian MSS. Julius F. viii. f. 33. 
VOL. 1. g 

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in proof of «bich tbey ar« addoced; ibr m% findtbat Alan^l» 
Plokenet was included in the earliest Writ ef ShUmdoiis 
issued by Edward tbe Firat, naoaely, tbat Of tbe 94 June» 33 
Edward I. 1295, and wai reg^ularly summoned ufltll tbe &cb 
Edw. II. about wbbb year be died witbout iiMie ; whtUt no 
record appears of Robert Waleron, tbe hnr of Robert the 
last Baron by Tenure, baving ever beeu sutnüioned. in 
answer to tbis Statement, it appeare tbat tbe Lordabip of 
Kilpec was acquired by Robert Waleroa witb bis vtih babel» 
tbe daugbter and cobeir of Hugb Kilpec, and tbere H s a — d 
doubt wbetber be was not a Baron by Tenort antecedcnt to 
bis marriage. If tbe possession of tbe Castle of Kilpee 
however in tbe 2äd Edw. 1. by Alan Plukenct entitfed bt» 
to demand a Writ ef Summons to Parlianient, it may be 
inferredy even fron tbis very case, tbat tbe praetice was 
entirely cbanged early in tbe reign of .Edward ill.; for tbe 
persons wbo succeeded to tbe possession of tbat Castle eis 
tbe deatb of tbe said Alan Plukeaety were nerer atuMnooed 
to Parliament. 

It may be bere proper to süßest» tbat writers on tbe sttb- 
ject of Baronies by Tenure, appear in mtoet instances to 
bave fallen into tbe error of cousideri«f» tbat irben a persvii 
vrbp was seised of lands wbicb, afitieeedent to tbe S3d of 
Edw. 1. constituted tbeir possessor a Baten of tbe Realoif 
was su.mmoned to Parliament, it was «de jttre -from tbe 
tenure of.tbose lands, instead of its baving solelymsen 
from tbe prerogative of tbe Crown, tboug^ perbapt tbe ea* 
ercise of tbat prerogatrve in tbeir favor raay be mfelf 
attributed to tbe power and influenoe wbicb siiäi laoda na« 
turally conferred on tbeir owner. 

Tbis bypotbesis will be more fully iUuatraled in amiber 
part of these observations *, and it is only stMed bere to 
explain tbe anomaiy of tbe beir of tbe Baron by Tenure not 
baving been summoned to Parliattent, irbüst a Writ for 
tbat puipose was issued to tbe pefson iHio obtaieed hia 

Tbe Barony of Deincourt is next cited in suppert of tbe 
same position. In tbis case Bkimwid Deincourt» wbo in 136T 
succeeded to the lands by tbe tenure of wfaieh bis latber and 
ancestors were Barons of tbe Realm,. was sutnmolied te Far- 
liament from the S7th Edw. I. to 20 Edw. Il.j but baving na 

• Vide p. xl. 



«ak iafoe» he obUtned tb< King's IkeBccto enUil bis landg 
oa bis iMpbew tiidbair MoZe» WilUam Deinoourtyand wbicb 
WiUiain tucceeded to tbose landi aocordinsly, and was 
UMMBoned to Parliament from tbs 6th to tbe 37th Edw. IIL 
Fcom tbeto «ircomstances. it bat been contended, tbat tbo 
Wffit of Summons of tb% 6th £ilw. 111. was iatued to bim in 
coose(|iienco of bis baving, by tenurt of tbose lands, a pre* 
s^ptire rif bt to demand it; bot it is presnmed, tbat tbe 
SHipgeatioa just submitted aceotints for bis baving been so 
summoned— ^be extensive possessions of' wbicb be waa 
soiscd baving probably caused tbe Crown to exercise ita 
prepogative« by sumasoning bim to Parliament aa a Baron 
«f tba-Kiofdofli» wbieb Writ of Summona acted as a new 
f»atioD9 wbilst tbe originid Barony created by tbe Writ of 
SS^ Edur. I. to bis unde continued vested in Isabel, tbo 
gmndi itaughter and beir of Edmund Deincourt, wbo waa to 
snwmaneri in tbat jrean Morcover tbere does dot appear 
to. be sMy otbe» cause for believiog tbat tbe tenure cf tbe 
knds of wiueb Edmund Deincourt died seised, constituted a 
ligbt m tbeir possesser to demand a Writ of Summona to 
Partfamenc beyond tbe pr£tiunpiion, tbat wben William 
Paincooft was summoned, it was solely frora tbe possession 
of tbem ; wbilst thtfaett, tbat tbe said Edmund was not 
sammoned io Parliament forßmr years after Writs of Sum« 
vonses are ncordcd to bare been generaliy issued *, and 
tbat William, on wbom tbeae latids were entailed> was not 
aommoncd iorßne years iker be suooeeded to tbem, tend to 
cstabüsk tbat no such rigbt was attacbed to tbe tenure of 
tbose landet. 

Tbe Barony of Burnell is also adduoed as proof tbat Baro« 
ttes isi the reign of Edward HL were deemed to be depend«- 
tot wpon terrttorial possessions ; for it is stated, tbat in tbafi 
fsign ** iobnHandlo, ia rigbc of Maud bis wi^e, was seised of 
tbe manor of Uolgate> Acton Burnell, &e, for term of ber 
Ufe^ oemainder to Nicolas Uandlo, alias BurneU, sonne to 
tbe said Maud and Jobn, by a fine in tlie Court levied, and 

* He was hpwever snmiDonad in tbe 32d*£dw. I. ) but this 
Assembly was no$, it is submitted» a regulär Parliameot. Vide 
p. 141. 

f Vide some Valuable observations on tbe Baroaj of Pein- 
couxt lA tbe3dPeeiage Report, p. 216, et sf%. 

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that Jobn Lovell was next beire of the said Maud and her 
firttpborne sonne by ber first busband, and aftenrards tbe 
Said Nicolas was summoned among otber Lordt to the 
Parliament, by reason of the fine aforesaid, and not the aaid 
Jobn Lovel who was next beire." Primäfaeie tbis cer- 
taiiily appeart a very stron^ iustance in favor uf the princi- 
ple wbieb it is ciied to support i but on examinatiun» tbouf^h 
tbe pedigree is correctiy scateü, tbe cireumstances of tbecase 
prove to be wboUy miirepresented, for neitber tbe manora 
of Holgate nor Acton Buroell appear ever to bare been held 
per Baroniam; and consequently, as the possetsors of tbem 
wese not Barons by Tenure antecedent to the 83d Edw. I. 
it is iropossible tbey could bave conferred tbe dignity of a 
Baron of Parliament in tbe rei|^ of Edward 111. Eidward 
Burnell, tbe brotber of tbe said Maud, was the. first Baroa 
of that family, be having been summoned to Parliament 
from tbe 5tb to tbe 8th Edward II. ; he died without issue 
in tbe 9tb Edward II. wben tbe Barony became ex- 
TiNCT,- but bis lands devolred on the said Maud as hia 
Hext heir. Her first busband, Jobn Lorel, was a Baron of 
Parliament, to wbicb Barony bis son succeeded, though ha 
is not recorded to have been summoned to Pariiament ; bia 
son and successor John Lovel (grandson of Maud Burnell), 
was bowever repeatedly summoned. By ber second faiia- 
band, Jobn Handlo> wbo in the .I6th Edward Uf. was sum- 
moned to Parliament, sbe bad two sons, tbe younf^r of 
whom, t<iicoIa8, assumed bis motber's maiden name of 
Burneil, probably in consequence of baring succeeded to 
tbe lands of that family, and wbo in tbe S24th Edward III. 
was summoned to Parliament; but eyjen admitting he was 
then seised of the manors of Holgate and Acton Bumell 
under tbe entail mentioned in tbe " Magaaine of Honor,'^ 
no notice of which oceurs in Dugdale's äccount of the fa» 
mily, tbey could not possibly, for the reason before stated, 
have conduced to bis receiving a Writ of Summons, in any 
otber way tban by addingtobis wealtb and importance* 
. From what bas been bere advanced relative to Ban>nies 
by Tenure, and especially from the inquiry intp tbe prind- 
pal points of those cases wbicb the most strongly support 
the opinion, that such Baronies bave existed in this coun- 
try, pot only at a p^riod long subsequent to tbe S3d Edw. K 
but even that tbey exist at tbe present time, tbe foUowing 
inferences, wbicb will conclüde tbis part of these obsenra- 
tions, may, it is submitted, be drawn. 

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. .Iftt.-Tliat it i»by no meaot evid«nt tfaM io the reigQ of 
jBiIward tbe Firet, lucb individuaU m were thcn seised of 
iands per Saromam, aiid by tbe ienure of wbich tbey afid 
tbeir anceston b^d beeil Baron« of tbe realm» were eotitüd 
dejure^ to a Writ of Suramons to Parliament. 

Sd. Tbat in tbe iiiatances wbicfa are fentrally coniidered 
to ectablUh tbe principle tbat a prescriptive rigbt to a WriC 
of SuiniDon« was anpexed to tbe tenure of certain laoda» 
no positive proof of tbe fact bas ever been adduced; anfl 
tbat wbatever pretunptive «Tidence may exist in favoar 
of sucb ao bypotbefiis in tbe case of tbe Barony of Berkeley 
previaus to tbe Sl Hen. VIII. no sucb presumptive evidence 
is to be deduced from any circumstance connected witb 
tbe subjecc after tbat year. 

ad.Tbat tbe decision of tbe Abergavenny case, in tbe reigo 
of James tbe Firtt> did not establisb tbe face tbat Baronies 
by Tenure were tben in existence, or tbat tbat Barony was 
of tbat natare. 

4tb. Tbat tbe r€>solution of tbe King and Privy Council 
in tbe case of tbe Barony of FiU- Walterin 1669, " tbat no 
«uch BaroTiies had Tor niany ages exiited," is not opposed 
by any decision before tbat peciod; and tbat in cveiy 
instänce siocei wliicb at all bore upon tbe question of 
BAroities by Teiiurt^ tbe resolutions of tbe House of Lords 
hftve tend«fd to confirm tbat of the Priry Council in 1669. 

And Usüyy Thüt frons a)l tbe circua)«tancei wbicb bave 
bi'ei) stated* there iloes pot appear to be any ground to ex- 
fjcct tbat tbü princtple of a dignity being annexed to tbe 
|iosge$siona of lan(J£ would at tbe preseat day be admitted» 


The cause to wbicb tbe origin of Baronies by Writ 
ipay be imputed, bas been differently stated by tbe moit 
distinguisbed writers on tbe subject ; but as it is foreign to 
tbe object of tbese observations to enter into tbe inquiry, iC 
Is only necessary tq remarH, tbat tbougb Writs of Summons 
to Pftrliament were probably issued at a mucb earlier 
petiod, the first Writ of tbat nature, on record, was tesfed 
^^e 24 DAcio.ttie^ of ^ppiy tb^Thjirdi and tbat after tbat 


xiü BARONfES Bt WKfT. 

yäf nu siniilar Writ b cutant ontU the SSd of Edward tlie 
Firtt, in nhicb year aboot tixty peraont were eommanded 
to attend tbe Kin|^ wberever be migbt be, to adviie on tbe 
affairs of tbe kinfifdoni. It bat )^en doabted, bowever, 
wbetbtr tbis Writ cati be d^med a re^lar Writ of Soitf^ 
montto Parliamenty notwitbstanding tbat in one instance * 
St wat adnihted as auch by tbe House of Lords ; and ^bere- 
löre, perbaps, tbe eariiett positive Writ of tSummons to 
Parliament after tbe 49 of Henry tbo Tbird, U tbat tested 
on tbe 94 June, 99 Edw. I. 1295. 

Whatever mayhaTe been tbe principle relative to tbe 
descent of a dignity created by tbese Writs, it is certai» 
tbat tbe effect of tbem was always to render tbe persona to 
wbom tbey were addressed Barons of tbe realm; and 
tbougb some wrfters bave expressed a different opinion, 
tbere are strong grounds for considerinp tbat tbe dijcnity 
tbüs created was atways of an bertditary nattire. In a 
former page it bas been contendeU tbat tbe persona som- 
noned in the 93 Edward I. were seleeted by the Crown^ 
witikout any referenee to tbe prescriptive rif;bt wbich hat 
been stated to bave been inberent in tbe possessors of land 
Baronies to demand a Writ of Suromons; hence, in tbe 
consideration of tbe question of wboeonstitoted tbeBarona 
of tbe realm after tbe reign» "df Edward tbe First, it bas been 
presumed in tbis work, tbat tbose only wbo received Writa 
of Summons to Parliament eitber before tbe dose of tbat 
reifrn orvery early in tbat of bis suecetsor^^continued to b* 
ranked among tbe Barontal body. On tbe Writ of tbe 
49 Henry III. some remarks bave already been made, and 
it is tberefore merely proper to State in referenee to it, tbat 
two Baronies t are at tbis day considered to bave been ' 
created by tbat Writ; tbongfa all tbe persont summoned 
on tbat oecasion were not indiided in tbe next Writ wbich 
k reeorded to bave been issned. Tbe epinion tbat a Writ 
of Summons ifas not originally intended to create an bere- 
ditary dignity, rests cbiefly on tbe absence of any worda for 
ibat purpose in tbe Writs, and on tbe fact tbat in some 
instances peraons were summoned to Parliament in the 
reign of Edward tbe First, Edward tbe Second, and even in 
tbat of Edward tbe Tbird, wbo were never afterward sum- 
moned, or wbo, if summoned on «ubsequent occasions, 

^|n|beolaim«^<ibaBarenyt>fB«ei* f l^esptneer and Roos 



siailar Wntt wen ncver imitd- to ibtir öetModaittt« K «W' 
lattcr oiciNifiiitAaee be aU#we4 to prova tlit Utet w Mofa it Im» 
bcen ailduc«d to etublishy it Bust be kiforred tbat in a frtKt 
maiority o( instaaees in wbicb tbe eldeit ton of « Baron «rat 
auiDiDooed to tbe very neat Parlia«eNt after tb« deatb' of - 
bia falber, tbe Wric was iMoed to bim fram tbt omiw f mew^ 
of tbe CrowDy and tbat bad not tbat^ ffraM baan eztrdttfl 
in bit iavour^ be wonld never bave postetied tbe dignitjr 
<»f a Baron. Tbat'ibbtsupfoiitlbrt is fallaoions may be coa« 
dudfed from tbe cases in wbicb tbe ton was iwgulaiiy tum* 
oioned on.tbe death of-bi« fatber beiap infiniieiy mora 
iiuineroua tban tbote in wbicb Writs ceaaed to be tuaad 
after che demise of tbe iint Baron, ahd from its baviof 
long been settled tbat a Writ of Sudmdod$ to ParUaoMnt^ 
tfttended ^ a tittincf in Parliament under Mcfa Writ, «on- 
ftituted a Baronj in Ice, detcendible to tbe beirf general of 
tbe persona «o summoned to and aitiing in Parliament. In 
oasee of Baronies by Writ, tbe difnity is not conferred untü 
tbe person bat aetaally sat in Parliament by virtuc of attcb 
Writ, ao tbat in an inttanca^wbere i be pcfton was summoned 
to Parliament aiid died beforetbe ParUament sat, it was re- 
•otved tbat be was not a Peer*. 

The foltowing is tbe nsual form ola Writ of Sommona to 
Parliament : 

Rgx, ^e, diUct0 H fideU n9itro,,,,fuia tup€r ^tMtu^ 
dam amimt negMiiSy n&t ei regnmm noiirmm eaiero$fm§ 
proceret et magnate*, 4e eeämn-regnü tongenübuff qum rime 
vetirA ei eorum prttteniiä noiumut eapederi, Parüameniftm 
nosirum ienere, ei vobiteum tuper Am eotleqmum hmbef 
voiumutt ei traciaiumi *^o^ HHinäamuein ßäe^et komagi» 
quikus nobis ieneminiy ßrmiier it^ngentet qwed sitie ad no$ 
ajpud fFestmoHatierium primo die tnensie AugutH^ proxind 
fitiuro, vel saitem imfra ierminum diei eubtegtteniii ad uU 
timvm, nebiseum super dieiis negoins traeiaiuri, ei vesirum 
consilium impeneuHt ei hoc nuUo mode omittaiit. Teaie 
wte qua, ife, 

Tbere is a soKtary instancef, bowerer, of an ezpfeaa 
limitation of tbe dignity to tfaa heirs male of tbe body of 
tbe person to wbom tbe Writ waa issued, being inserted in 
%k*i Writ of Summons wbicb created tbe dignity ; bot tbe 

Ilie Barony of 3roinflcte> Yida p. M» of ibis wor&. 

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tlMfh atlflic wifttiofia Irom «««b otlrar avt »iwitiu M « to 
befMiod» . •, . 

^ Wrüt «r SttiDin#Bt to Pi^liamont am «f tbut speciM 
üumÄt oalka fcMvia «iHMfA, beoiuiie Oiey «i» «)o9^ up 

laiid; %kf «railMa scot vitb l^Mi to e?ei^ in4ividMaA 
I^tt«. S«Mea ohwmH tkt ilia WriU of Swnfufm (|ilNe4 
Mcoffdl^gto tUb «fuOity of thß p9t¥>tm io mh9m ikßj wftr? 
tdänami. Tbe Sfii^toal Bitron» mvß comm^nde^ to ^^ 
pfment te /d^ «1 4lffoe«iMi0 fict^ mbm ftnemimK »nd Ih^, 
TcMfwral Pcci« <M>Sde «tf Ao«m«mn upai «lH>Ut t|i|B «iddl^ 
Pf tho rei0n •{ fidwmcd ttet TlMffl, Wwi« tb« wqhU in ßOe 
nß ügmmtiA, bogan t» h» mfii ipyUad Qf tb^em, bat «fc^r- 
wards tbt «oid ikmua^t w4il «opßlin»^ iP9ßC^4 Tbe 
Writt ihaft ««le addMfsed to ihtm fß^W^ wbA h(»d pla«e 
in Pariiameiit biit so voit» Im its d9Ub«)?aMoA8f oawely, tU» 
JHdeea; tbe A<tontfy4^f|^r4iU and tbe Klo«'» ^ßijeaii^, 
coMoiaiidsd tbeü» %t mfermtÜM npinfcfmiei (mm mUm 4( 
emudUo mmtvßi and si^netUvie« f¥fbmmk mHf ^Hper pr^^ 
miuk troitfUwri, vfitmnttva cnmWf^mimiffimHris wbeiv»;^ 
tbat of tbe Barons was quof^ vUmsUiß^ ßw» ptUßUßjt^ufk 
magnaüiMS ei prHH!film$^ iun* a di^n^i^qe «vbicb stUl qqn- 
tinues •. In these Writs the Temporal Barons were ITfiWj^t 
raUy slykd bjr tbev bapCiawial avd sncn^^wes oi^y, tbpugh 
kl «Mn^ iBttaaoM^ wbese tb^re yffifK^ «tibar SaKHWi Qf ibff> 
aamesiMroamey an adOUion» mw% ifQ^mwXy derived fffm 
Uietr place of retideiiccy waff ti^fodi^eftd« apd vbi^b. it U. 
saboMtted, was never Inseried «itJb any otbepol^^ct tban t«^ 
distaagiMsb ofie Baron firom aNodi«v of vbe sa»e naipe. Qii^ 
tbese addiaioBS» aa evAmple of wbicb QfiOMr« m tbe earU«^t 
Weit 94 aeeend» inany cenaarks will be fo^nd in 4Hhefi. imitta 
ef tbk «erkf« in e^Mequ^ce «f spw^ attempts ba^vin^ 
been oiade to eatabtitb tbat Ibe additions in qßUtSqn ow^ 
atteuted tbe title af tbe Barony; b^/t f9r tbft rea»Qi»» tbe» 
stated it is presumed tbat in every instance, unt>l tb.e reif» 
ef Henry tbe Sixtb« Uie. piroper title of a B^xony « 
Writ was tbat of tbe sumwne of tbe pertpa wbo waa ^m 
iumanaMd to Parliament. la sabseqiie»^ yeaia tbe addi« 

* Cniisey p. 70, 71. 

t See pages 10 aad U> 130 to \^, «06 «p ti09, and 813^ to 

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tioo 9f JHüUest or Ck^vaUmTf wm maöe to the naiae of «Mb 
Baron» the Utter 6f wbicb to ftill prttMnrttd» c¥«ry Baron 
being now addreued oiily as a Knifbt. Afttr tbe SOch' 
jear of tbe reifpn. of Hciury tbe Sixtb we ooeationally And 
that Barons were suasnioiied by tbe style of DmmMMMf 
for ifistancey '< Henr' Perey Z^Ve dt Pmtjfmgmi E4m Hu r 4 ^ 
4$ Greif Wno de Ferrarüs, &c. od wbkb sub^t som« 
comaieiits will be found in tbe pagcs Just reforred to. Two 
instances occur in wbicb tbe wotd Bmram was . applied 
in early Wriu to names in Writs of Suaimonsi bot ibia 
additioa was always conAned to tbe famiUes of Staflbfd ^ 
and Greystocky wbo are frequently styled <* Edm'o Barem 
Stuf;" or •< Edm'e Barem de Siaff^" and ** JekH Barem 
de Crgfstekf*' but for what reason tbey were so distinguisbed 
bas never becn ascertained. 

Mr. Cruise , eontends ibat a solemn inrestiture witb 
robes iD ParliaMent was formerlj neieestary to oomplete a 
digirity created by Weit of SomauHis i wlicii tbto praciiee 
eeased to noilLnowe, btU it appears not to bare been ne* • 
cessary at tbe tiine wben Lord Cobe wrote, as it was tbea 
fully cettled and admittcd» tbat a Writ of Sommons to Par- ^ 
liameat, .and a sittiAg in pursuance tbereof as a Peer», 
exoept in tbe case of a spiritual person, operated as- a 
creation of a Barony descendible to'tbe Uneal beirs» or 
beirs of tbe body, boib male and femsle, of. tbe person so., 
sumnioned ; wbioh doctrine bas been eonfimed by so many > 
decisions tbat it is not now to be sbalcen *. 

Sir William Blackstone says» that some were of opinioa 
tbat tbere mast be at least two Writs of SuiiMDons and a 
siltiof? in two-distinct Parliaroents, to evidenee an here- 
ditavy Barony f t but this is a mistal&e» for in tbe case of • 
tl^e' Barony of Clifton tbere was but oue Writ, and a sitting : 
under it, wbicb was held sufficient to create a Barony {. . 
In tbe case of tbe Barony of Frecbeville, wbicb was claim«i4 
in 1677» under a tingle Writ of Summuni, issued in tbe S5 
Edward tbe First, tbe House of Lurdt refused to allow the 
dignity, on tbe ftround tbat a Single Writ of Sumroous, 
wiikoui .atip pro^ ef a sitMfig under it, did not create. an 
bereditary Barony. Tbto principle was also acted upon in . 
tbe 8 James the First, wben a question baring arisen in 
Parliament wbetber Edward Nevill, wbo was summoncd to 

• P. 76. Coke, l Inst. 9 b. 16 b. f Comm. I. 400. 

X Craise, p. 79. 

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xki ABJSVANae. 

PftfKMieat in ihi 9 mdS i4i. And IHff, kut died before 
th« PtrUanent ne^ wm a Bato» or not ? it iwas msoWed, 
<^ tbat thc dWtdioD «nd delsvewy »f (he Wrk did not make 
him a Baron» or noble, nntil be canM to Pariianent, and 
tbate tat accordtnc to tbe commandmeot of tbt Writ, f#r 
usttt tbat tbn Wtit did not take eflbci^." 

At Ibtw ii Bo Inttanea of a Baroay havmi^ bteo crcated 
by Lettaia Patent untU 1 1 Ric IL, in cUiming a digni^ of 
an eartter eieatiMi tban tbat year, it will always be pre» 
tnincd to bava «eig inated in a Writ «I SiMP n a n s , and con« 
ge q nw it ly tbat it k a Baronj in fee^ 


Oll tbe deatb ot a Baran wboie dignity atiginated in n 
Writ of Siunmons, «itbout itene nMte, tboBarony beoo«nen 
vetted i» bie dan^btcr» ; ü be bat enjy onedaugbter tbe 
tneeeedt to it, but ü tbeie be meiedauf^blert tban ene tb» 
title fallt 4nto Abivancb among tbem, and oentinnet h» 
tbtt ttate eitber undl nkk bot ene ef tbe dauf btert, or tbe 
tote beir of enly one daugibter turvivet $ In wbiob oate tbe^ - 
Barony devolve» on tbe turvirini; dau^bttr, or o« tbe 
beir of ber bedy. If, be«r«ver» tbe reprtttntatio» of tneb 
dangbter be anitiig her eobeift, tbe dignity faHs into abey- 
ance among tbem, nnlett tbe Crovn exereitet itt prero- 
g^tirm of aliowiag tbe Barony te eitber of tbe tald cobeirt. 
Fer inttanot, in tbe cate ef tbe Bavony ef Zoucbe ef 
Harinfwortb} Edvard Lord Zoucbe, wbote Barony t»at 
ereated by a Writ of StHnmons to bic aneettor WUltan le 
Zeuch«, tetted tbe 13 Jan. 3 Sdw. II. 1308, died in 1635, 
learin^ two dangbtert, Elizabeth and M«ry, between «bom 
tlie Barony feil into Abeyance. Bolb tbete tadlet warried 
and Mt Ittne, and tbe title tberefore oentinued in tbat 
ttate nntil 1815, wben tbe Crown eaarcited itt prero^tive 
of temMwatln; tbe Abtyanee ki farour of Sir Ceeil Bitbopp, 
Bart, wbo bein; bne of tbe rtpretentatiirct ef Elizabeth 
Zoncbe above nientiened, vat centequently one of tbe 
eobeirt of tbe diffnity, and wbo bavinj^ been tuntmoned to 
PadianMnt, and tat under tbe Writ in tbe precedency of 
tbe original Barony, it üow seised of tbe aacient Barony of 

i m » I III 11 j | .1 < ■ I ^ «H iT I IIP H • 

* Cniise» p. 78, 

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Z^ocbtt in Ibe. Hit l^ordbbiti tiM no SM» tnd mi bis deatby 
witboot istue i&ak« tbe 4ignky will tkgäin fkM lAto Abey^ 
aaee^ n«t> b6#et«ri beiw«en hh; iMtie fetnAte and tbe otlier 
vobein of Ed#ard Lofd 2o»ebe wfao dUed itt I6S5, bat 
ftokiy between tbe two daii^tert of ibfe pretent Lötd ; and 
M looi^ as issue of bit Lordfih4p ckiMty tb« dl^nity wMI ba 
Testcd in bis dei06ndaatft**^be Barony remmnlng in Abay- 
aBce vfaenever tbe repi^entatlon is amangf cobeHV^ bat 
becooiing rested in tk% beir of bi« body Ibe iivottient tba 
repreventatioii is rtifed in one tndivtdual, «bich indiridual 
«ill bave an ittiaediate Hgbt ta tbe digntty. Iir tbe event 
of tbe issue of tbe body of tbe sakl Lord ftiillng, tbe Barony 
»iU again beeone vested in tbe beirt of £d«ard Lot4 
Zouobe» who died In 1625 1 and if tbe re|>re6entation of 
tbat per»oiHtge it among^ two or more cobeirs, tbe Crown 
may again beste« tbe dignity on «btcb. of tbe said cobeirft 
it MMy tbinb (miperi 

It must be remMnbered tbat tbe repretentation of a 
Barony by Writ is alwayt vested in tbe beirs' of tbe body 
of tbe person 6rst dreatedi tbuson tbe deatb of a Baron 
wbo tnberited tbe difnity wlibotit issue» tbe title, if be 
bas na brotber livin^, or tbere be no iasoe of sncb brotbcr» 
will beeotoe vested in bis Bieter or sisters, or ^beir beir« ; in 
defaalt of wb{<!li^ it will rei«rt to bis eldest onele of tbe iide 
from wbom be inberited tbe dig^nity» or bis issue ; failhif 
«bicb, to bit aunts and tbeir issue^^t be feasalesof eaeb gene^ 
itttion being preferred to Ae male» of the precedin^ genera- 
tion* On tbe failure of tbe issoe of a Baron wbo inberited a 
difnity from bis motber, and also of tbe isiue of bis motber» 
tbe dignity» of course, devolves an bis matemal ancestors* 

Tbe earliest instance of cbe Crown baving terminated 
an Abeyance of a dignity is presumed te bave taken place 
in tba reign of fieniy VI. $ but tbe Hgbt to do so bas 
been eonsidered as one of tbe rayal prarogative« from a 
miich «arlier period. Tbougb^ allowed to dispose of a 
Barony in Abeyance to eitber of tbe eobeirs, tbe Crown 
canoot bestow it on any otber penon tban one of tbe 
repreaentatii^es of tbe Baron first aeised of tbe dignity. 
Tbe case Just cited äs being tbe first instante of tbe ter- 
Aination of an abeyance of a Banmy by tbe Cro^n» was 
tbat of Crumwell. Ralpb Lord Cromwell inberited tbe 
Barony of Cromwell from bis great grandfatber Jebn 
de Cromwell, (wbo wtis summoned to l'arllament on tbe 
10 Marcb, 1 Edw. II.) 13tyft, and died in 1455 wHboiit 
isi«e> kuving Maud, bis sist^r^ bis beir, on wbom tbe 


Sunbup«« and hy Jiim Jeft twp daughter» anl cd|bein| 
Maud Ü}#;el^«ftt ,«as U^rioe ^marnied». and lefi issnei mtii 
Jpai^ tl>fe y^nfiest nuurrWd Huoiphrey Aourchier, thir^ 
son of Henry £arl of ^uei^ ivbich Hompbrey biivifi|r beek 
aun»ipQoed to FarlUnent ]^y Writt addressed '* ttiinfflcfS» 
Boiirchm' i$ QromweUt .or Humfrido D'n*o Crwnpelf, or 
Huniftido Cromwellf OkevaUer,* frum ihe l tOrtb^ & &|v 
ward considered to bave had the Abeyatice of tbe ßaroii^ 
qf CrooiveU Urroinated in bia favour jure vxorit. He <lte4^ 
however, witbout cbildreni and the issue of bli wife^tfvt^^ 
Maud» baviiiff al^o faiied» tbe ßarony feil into Abeyanc^ 
•mong tbe desce^ants of tbe two daugbters. or'Rt^^ 
Crumwell, tbe Sd Baron. It ig. boweyer, veiy doübtMl 
wbetber tbis Writ to Humpbrey Bourcbier was, accofffHij^ 
toexisting principles oo tbe subject, a terminatiön öf tm 
Abeyance of tbe original Barony of CromweTl } für drau^ 
bis wife wag one of tbe cobeirs of tbat dignity, be'wal 
uot in any way de«cended from tbat famüy. On'''tlll% 
otber band, it innst be remarkedy tbat at tbat time it w^ 
tbe commun practica to Summon tbe bugbands of won^en 
|iQSges&ed of B^rqnies to Parliament in tbose Baronfe^. 
and it may be inferred from tbe Writs directed to b^y 
tbat it was ipte^ded to give bim tbe dignity in (^uestf^. 
Anotber intMince pf tbe termination of an Abeyance w\ 
Barony, at a period about fiftyyearg previous to tl^t^ 
. Cromwoll, occurs in tbe instance of St. Amand, wbtth' cMe 
is not noticed by Mr. Cruise in Illustration of tbia tub)ei4. 
Almaric St. Amand inberited tbe Barony, of dt Ainaitd 
under a Writ isgyed to bis graodfatber in tbe 2d of Edwai^ 
11. Tbe Said Baron, big son, and Almadc de St. Amttitd 
just noticed, were cousequently repeatedly summon^ -fo 
Parliament \ but be dyiug witbout issue male in 1403, tfae 
dignity feil into Abeyance between Gerard Braybrook», Mk 
grandson (naroely, son , and hi^r of AÜanöreT bis ehieit 
daughter, wbo died before herfatb^r), and Ida big dau^t^ 
by bis second wife. JHa married Sir Thomas West, bat- di^ 
.witbout issue in 1426, wben the Barony became v^tft»d^4n 
the tbree daughters and cobeirs of Gerard Braybroakekbc^ 
jnentioned, and was consequently in Abeyance. EliiM^tlb, 
tbe eldest of these daughters, married William Bea^chMht», 
wbo was Suromoned to Parliament jure uxerit, hf Writ 
teated 3 Jan. S7 HeA. Vf. 1449^ Mit iddr^ed fFtüMmo de 
Beauckamp Domino de St, Jmand» j. < 

Numeroug inistances have since occurred of the ^ermi- 


, iie9 9f«B«:Mijr inCivcNirofdiitor tb* 

j pfili^^smty» itlof wldfib will be fornid inid«r tftcir 

.t^kt In tbi9 woirk, and k U tbtref^ only necesiaiy 

e tb€ greatett pari of tbeni, vix. Le Defpenter» 

^bby of Eretby.BuUCourty Mowbray» Zöucbe« Rooi, 

I «fCbartl«yj. Clinton, and Clifford. 

tb reapect tp tbe Barqny of Mowbray, boweTer, a 

Ipfbt My perbaiM be ezpresied ^bciber tb« Writ of Suiir> 

Bona Jo Henry Frederick Howard, ton and lieir apparent 

•f ThoBaa £arl of Aruiidel in 163df did not create a new 

BaffM^y^ Inttead of aflfectiuK tbe Abeyance of tbe anclent 

^i|^Uyi fn>r in every instance in wbicb an Abeyance bat 

imt9 tarisiinate^ (eaceptin; tbose of St Amand and Crom- 

wall» aii4 in tbose it appears tbat tbe Writ to tbe busband 

liaa conaidarad to bare tbe effiect of allow in; tbe Barony of 

übiab ibcir «rlvei were cobeirs)» it bas Uniformly been in 

lavooc of . one of tbe cobeirs of tbe dignity. But Heniy 

fMerick Howard was not one of tbe eoheirs of tbe Barony 

of Jdovfbray In 1$39> nor did be become so until tbe deaib uf 

bia father in 1646» after wbich period be never sat in Par- 

•Uameiit in (be Barony of Mowbray, ai be tben succeeded to 

tbe Earldom of Arundel. In tbe 89 Charles II. Henry, son 

and beir apparent of tbe Duke of Norfolk (w ho was tba 

«91^ of Hfsnry Frederick so Summoned to Parliament aa 

Baron Mowbray in 1639)» was also Suminoned to Parliament 

as Ärop Mowbray, '* and tbere bein; question whetber 

ba sbpuH Sit in and enjoy the ancient place of tbe Lord 

Mowbray» tba. Journal Book of tbe House of Peers was pro- 

i\Uit4f wberein it didappear, tbat on the 16 April, 1640, 

)itßfy l^rd Mowbray was imroduced and placed at tbe 

9pper eud of tbe Bapn*' Bencb» and after a füll consi-r 

Iteration tbe House resolred, tbat tbe sald Lord Mowbray 

«buttldVe called in and introducedi and placed in tb6 place 

ff Uft grandfatber, as iiord Mowbray, at, tbe Upper end of 

tbs, woiia' b^ncb, wbicb was done acoordingly. **' It is 

1^ c«rtain» tbat Heniy Frederick Howard was considered 

^ liave .be09 duly aummoned in tbe ancient Barony of 

Mpaiirsy in 1639; and consequently» as Henfy Duke of 

^i^Qlkt bis aon» succeeded to wbatever bonours tbe said 

Äwy fredorick possessed, the Huuse was ^orreet in 

lülotiof t^ tbe aon of tbe said Poke, wben sOmmoned in 

VOL. I* 

^ Ctvim 00 DignitiN^ p. si. 

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hU rfttlMf*! Bcfony, the pKMdencjr whieh htd beeti affowed 
tu bli grandfatlMr. Notwithat&ndin^ whieh proce^ding^, fit 
apptark by oö »«am c^itairt wbether tbe Ab^yance of th* 
anctent Baroay of Mdwbray ha« ever been legally termi- 
Baud I if not, tbe Wfit of SommoiM to Henry Frederick 
Howard in 1639, oreated a new Barony of tbe sane iiaitie, 
and wbich is now in Abeyance betweeh hU toheirt tbe 
liordt Petre apd Stourtoii, and who ar« also cobein of on^ 
moicty of tbe original dignity if» at is faere soggeated, it wa^ 
aot afffceted by tha Writ of 1639. 

Tbe manner of teriafnating tbe Abeyanee of a difpaity in 
lavour of a person wbo k not a Peer, is by tbe hsuing of a 
Writ of SiuaiAons by tbe aiyle and title of tbe Barony iifc 
Abeyance ; bat wberc.tb« person in arbose fatoür an Abey- 
anee is to be determlned is already a Beer, and bas a higher 
•iignityi tbe King eonfirm« the Barony to bim by lettei« 
patent} and in tbe case of a femaie an Abeyanee ia also 
terminatad by patent. In proof of tbe former assertion 
tbe cases of Ferrers of Cbaitley, 2oaebei &ci may be cited y 
«nd in 1804» wben tbe Crown determlned tbe Abeyance of 
ibe Barony of Botetourt in favour of tbe Duke of Beaofbrt» 
. whoy jupe maM$f was one of tbe cobeirs of Chat digiiity, 
* tbat Barony waa coiiArmed lo bim and the beirs of bis body 
by leiters patent. Tbe instances in wbich females bave 
been aliowed dignides wbicb wbere previotisly in Abeyanee 
by letters patent, are tbose of Clfflford in 1734, and Roos in 
1804. To wUWt bas been said on tbe snkitject of the Abey- 
ance of Baronies by Writ, It is merely necessary to add, 
^bat the oascB last determlned, namely, tbose of Roos and 
Zouohe, proTe that tbe oobeir in wbose favour the Crown 
exercises its prerogative need not be the sde beir of one of 
tbe coheirs of the Baron whe was Arst possessed of the dig^ 
iiity; forintbat of Roo«, Lady Charlotte PitJ^Gerald wss 
only one of tbe coheirs of Frances Manners, tbe youngest 
aister and coheir. of il^e dignity, whilst tbe entire repvesen« 
tatio« of Bridget Manners, the eldest sister Of the taid 
Franoes» was vested in Sir Henry Hunloke, Bait. % and in 
the case of the Barony of Zooohe, Sir Cedl Bisbopp was also 
but the eoheir of one of the cOheirs of the dignity, though 
no descendants of the other oobeir coald be traeed after 
tbe time of the Comasonwealthi ßxcepting in these in* 
atanoas, bowever, the person in wbose fkvour the Crown hu 
exercised its prerogatiTe of determintng ibe Abeyance of a 
Barony was, uniformly, the sole representative of oneof 
the coheirs of the dignity. 

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^It has.been already pbserve^« thiit to oonstitute a Barony 
ip fee, there mu^t be a Sittin;: in P^rliament under tbe Writ 
of SumpiQii^, bencc some Qbservations on tbe preof of auch 
SlUinj^9 piay be expected. 

' Theproof of a $itting in P^rUaiQ^Qt inp9t, accordingto 
tord Cpke, be by th^p Kecord» yf Parlian^nty and 6^«U pnly 
lisnre be«p. J^itherty admitti^d by the Hou&e of t>Qrd8, Tbo 
11109^ anoleqt * proof of Sittin^ in Parliam^nt wblcb U 
c^ta|i^ wre two r?coiird» pqbli^^d in tb« Roll» of PvUa-» 
m^Qt^y, J. p. 8&, and 324, Ml «^lijch tl^c naivef of uey^ral. 
Iiersoo« w1m> ^ben sat in Farliaro«nt are m^ntionad, 7))«^ 
napiei wiU be fouqct lii anptber pait of tbis workf«' 
but it ipiMt be noticf (1| tba( one of tbei e records re- 
lates to a ParUamant beld ip tbe ^th, and tbe otber to a 
Parliament beld in tbe Idtfa of Edw. f., for wbicb years oq, 
Weite, 9f ^mpinoM aro e^tapt* Tbe earüeit proof of a Sit- 
tiog la ParUafnent for wbicb $ucb Writs are recorded, 184 i( 
i| contendedl, tbe letter written by tbe Barons assenbled 
iu tfaie Parlament at Lineoln in tbe 29 ^ir. ). Feb« 1301 » 
to Pbpa Bonifafe tbe Eigbtb > but tbia refiord bas never 
been teiidered m evidence^ 

After tbe 18 ^w.l« 90 proof of .^ittlngs is to be foynd 
on tbe Rolls of Parliament «intil the 33 Edw. l.t wben cer- . 
taiQ 9arona ara n^inedf witb sundry Bi^bops, Abbots, and 
EarlSy as baving been assigned to treat of tbe affairs of 
Seatland ; but tbis record, on being tendered in tbe Bo- 
tetouit case to prpve tbe sittjnf of Jobp de Botetourt» wbo^ 
was one of tbe said LfOrds« was refused to be reqeived as' 
«vidence by tbe Lords* Committee, on tbe ground tbat it 
i^as not written upon tbe C|awse Roll, but aCßxed, or taclj^ed 
to it, and tbat it was written in a different band from tbat 
of the Ron. Tbe earliest proof of Sttting wbicb occun on 
tjbe R<»Us of PaHiament is, in üansaquaace ol tba itfatal 
to 9Amt tbe ffeoQtcd just eited« parbaps tbat of tbe 8S G4iv. 

♦ Cnüae, p. 185, f P. 71*, «t seq. 

l Vi^e p. 7i»i> et seq. 


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lii srrriNGs in paruament. 

I. wbicb occurt in Vol. L p. 188, of tbe Printed RoUf, Iq 
the cate of tbe Barony of Zouche tbe Printed RofU were 
received in evidence ; and it would appear from tbe report 
of Sir \^icai7 Gibbs, tbe Attorney-General, a> fpven by Mr. 
Cruise, on tbe Barony of Hattiiigf in I8O9, tbat no other 
pruof was tendered in ibat initance tban the Printed Rolls 
to prove the Sitting in Parliament of the Bafons of tbat 
family *. Tbe report of tbe Attorney-General was of so 
farourable a nature, tbat tbe Barony was allowed to tbe 
Earl of Moira, tbe claimant; bence, in two cases, the one 
bv tbe Hüuse of Lords, and tbe otber by tbe Attorney- 
General, it appears not only tbat tbe Rolls of Parliament 
were receired to prove a Sitting in Parliament, but even 
tbat the Printed Rollt were deemed tufficient for tbe pur* 
pose ; whilst, in the previous instante of tbe dum tb tbe 
Barony of Botetourt, the original Rolls were produced, and 
tbat of tbe 33 Edw. I. objected to, from its exhibiting inter* 
nai evidence of not beiog written in the same band and 
at tbe same time as the otber parts of tbe Rolls of tbat 

In tbe Botetourt case an entry on tbe Close Roll of tbe 
3d Edw. II. of which no notice occurs in the Printed Rolls 
of Parliament, was also cited as a proof of Sitting ; but it 
does not appear tbat any decision was formed on tbat 
record ; for on tbe rejection of the record of the 33 Edw. I. 
the Counsel for tbe claimant cont^nted himself with prov- 
ing the Sitting, from the Rolls of Parliament, of tbe last 
Baron Botetourt in the 50 Edward III. 

The Journals of the House of Lords commenee In tbe 
Ist of Henry VIII. from which time all pruofs of a Sitting 
in Parliament must be from the entries in tbe Journals : 
from the 7th to tbe 25tb of tbat reign they have, bowever, 
been lost; hence no proof of a Sitting witbin tbat period 
can be adduced. 

In proviiig a Sitting under a Writ of Summons, when a 

* Cmlse OD Dignitiet, p. 918. The prooft of Sittinr admkted 
by the Attomey-GtnonJ in tbe claim to the Barony ofHaalngt 
were those in which tbe namo of Lord Hastings occurs relernd 
to in p. 755, 756 (Vol. V. p. 490 of the Printed Rolb,), 767, 768 
(Vol. VI. p. 196, of the Printed Rolls), of tbb work. The prooft 
of Sittings admitted in the Botetourt and Zoodie ebims,* wtH^ be 
lound rcmrred to in a note to p. 806» 


3nrTniQriKMRUA«mrt\ mi 

hfi$'%€nfi bf Wirils af6 r#6e(dkd to htcvm bem inued tö 
•eT«||Eial tuccessive Barone, U seefeM te liave ^etn held that 
ki&aiiflUiienC to fibew a SUt'mg of any individual from who» 
t|i|« (slaiaBaM k desccnded } für in tbc Botetoort case nm 
,MPoj»l if as raGtfif«d of tbe Sittinp of John d« Boteunirc Um 
.fifst fiarbn, wko va« aammoned Irom tbe ZS Bdward 1. 1» 
J^JÜmAtd Ihi b«t tbe proof tbat Jdhn de BotetouK, bii 
j^andaon and beir, tbe second Baron, tat in ParUament in 
%he SO Edward Uf . wai alone tead in evldeiice, tboQ|;b b« 
WAS «umiDooed fro^i tbe l^th of tbat reipi to tiM 9 RIe. 
IL; a#)d ;|be precedence of tbe epriiett Writ, vis. of tbe S8 
Edward I. was alloaied to be tbe preoedenoe of tbe Baromr 
wbcn tbe Abeyance was «erminatcd in favour of Norbonie 
Be fb e lcy , Etq. in 1764. Apun, in tbe case of tbe Barony 
ef Besipenoer, tbe ptecedennr of tbaC Barony it tbat of th« 
Wxk addreased to Hu^ le Despencer in Deoember 4$ Heu. 
ilL 1S64, tbottgb no Saltinf ean be «bewii untU tbe SS 
£dwt I. Tbe oai# of tbe Bevo^y of Rqm ia also in pobit» 
Mid iodeed aiany eebers mif bt be oited. 

It k 4loiibtlul, bowever, wbetber in tbe instanoe of a 
daim to a Barony hy tbe deacendanC of tbe seeond or 
Cbird BaioB reocided lo bave bcen «onMooMd to Faf- 
liament» H woaid be svAoient ie sbew «bat tbe brotbcr 
or nvpbow of tbe person from wbom tbe daiiDaiit w«s de- 
■ceBiAid tat iu ParUament i for exainplei 141 tbe oase of tbe 
BanoBgr of .Manley. Ftter de Mauley was atHumoMed to 
Patlianient iaom tbe HB £dw. I. to 8 £d«. JI ; bis son 
waa aiMBmoiied fro» tbe b Edw, H. to 9ß E4w. III., and 
dyio; intbefoMomnf ytear wae succeedcd by bis son, wbo 
«laa also «epeatediy s<M>iinenccl, as wm ius son and beir, 
Peter de Mauley, tbe last Bavon wbo died witboot issue in 
iAlhp leaviuK bis sisters bisbeirc, No otber proof of Sit- 
ting occufs on tbe Rc^ls of a Beaon Mauley tban of tbe last 
Bamn, i«bo was 'presentin Parliam^nt on several occations, 
aAd tbe ondedded 4|iiestioB is, wbetber bis bavin^ so sat 
would be deemed a «oAcient |»oof of Sittinf^ to support a 
oktteato tbe difotcy on4bepart el tbo4etce«dantool bis 

Usa aaaiiidiapoted fect tbat tbe «arly Mcorda of Partt»- 
wmat mn «Baeadinily-iiiipeafoct, andtbat net only arenMMsy 
pkswMitaneaa-atfaiA it •• »otonova wäre tramaoted in Pul»* 
■ BaaieoiiüaiiBisBad, imt, volike tbo Jomtiafaof tbe HfiM« 
of Loidii in «hieb «i^iyRnr wboaUtaded 4>a Mcb day «tf 



P«rUaiii«nt U b«lo( preieot, tke xmiy prpof oi n. 
BfUMHi having been prctent ia Parliamcnt, on U» RoU*^ i« 
hU bavini: beeo telected to be a frier of PcUtioniy or «• 
bavios witneucd a cartain cbarter or creation made in aiiy 
panlcttlar Parliament. Under tbese circumstances a p^puof 
oi SUtins depeiidt oo a mere aecideot, and tbe abseuca ol 
ti»ch.proof on tbe Rolls, especially from tbe reignof. Edward 
tbe First to that of Henry tbe Fuurth, is by no means evi- 
daiice tbat a Bapon* of sucb proof is to be fbuad^ 
was never preseut } nor does it seem eqoitable in instaocea 
wbere a long consecuüva series of Writs are exUnt, tbat 
tbe want of evidence of sucb fact sbould be,deeiDed;eoii«> 
clusive af;atnst any claimant to tbe dignity. In. tbe 
Frescbeville case, tbough tbe Attorney-General argued 
agaiust ihe claim, contendiog tbat even supposing a Sum- 
inons to Parliament by Writ did give an «State of inberit- 
ance,yet» be obserred, <*tbis mustbeunderstood wben tbcre 
bad been a Skting lipon it, and tbat ber« tbe not «lepe^t« 
ing tbe Summons «as an evidence of notSitting^ k bad 
been objected tl^t there was no eTidence of any Sltting^ tiM 
tbetime of Henry VIII.| wben Jounials first begann bui-ii 
tiwf one thing where fPlrüs of Summons had ieat ofit» r^ 
peatedand another where tkeif were never iteued bui omee** ^ 
It may with mucb reason be insisted, tbat tbe i8suing^4i 
. eonsecuiive series of Writs» not only to one individiial,but (e 
bis son, and even in sonie cases to bis grandson, tboiigb no 
nutice of eitber of tbem baving ever aat in Parüament .can 
be found, mutt at least b'e deemed presiunptive evidenee^ tbat 
tbe Crown coniidered tbey were entitied to sucb Writs ^ and 
as in early periods of our bistory it appears to bave -been an 
imperative duty in tbose wbo were summoned to attend 
Parliament to obey sucb summons, it can scarcely beaup* 
posed, tbat persons wbo were repeatedly oomroandedifodo 
so, sbould for any time presuoaeto disobey tbeKiogts^Writs. 
]f it beadmitted, tbat even in oneinstance eitber of tbe pAi« 
soiisao sumoBoned obesred tbe King's oommandby attendlug 
Parliament» sucb obedience was aJtHtfii^under.aWrit : benoe« 
it is barely possible for a person at all acquainted wUb tbe 
numncrs and ouscema of tbe ttmie« to.belieiWktbatin ibe fonf*- 
tesnib and ülaentbeentiifiea, «series ^Writs>l«revi|ia ten 
^eaiasbeold ^bave been iastted wttb^i tbet>«riiM'tOi«ihiiii 
tbey wse« nddnsfed bayin|««i, ^iieb^)ei9;ifafl| 
tarn iDr ni«re gandiatiMia ateould^bAve b«en4(^giii«fl3r;Siuil« 
mened, aod yet tbat neitber^ß tben riioMld ev«r ba^ tM km» 
Parliament» because no notice of sucb sitting is to be found 

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0h the Rölli, #ben, at U ]m t retDArked, «b«fr pfMMice in 
FuHaiiient Wotihi not Irave been reeordtd, uaktt tbcj h»|K 
pene«! to bave been pftrtiet to ceruin tfAnMotS^nf, or wer« 
»•leec«d tot particuUr dutiet. It was in all probabilitjF eoo* 
dde^tfoni of tbil nature tbat Indiiccd Sir V^iUnun Jonef to 
ob a er v ^, ** tbat it w at one tbiog wbcre Wrkt of Summon»^ 
liad l)een offen repeated> and anotber nbere tbcj wert 
ne<rer1«tued but önce." 

Nö Inttance, however, in whicb thera bat beea a eon- 
ttctttite terlei of Writt to one or more individualt, but no 
proof of Sittln; under tbem, bat erer been aifned befort 
tbe Hoote of Lordi. 


Befors tbe reigvi tf Heniy tbe Bigbtb, it wat a eonmon 
pf»etii!e to Sttttimen tbe hutband of a wooMin potieesed 
oi a Bairony In fee to ParKament, in tbat Barony i and» in 
toofte infttances, he eontinned to be lo tumoioned after the 
deatb of bis wtfe } and» in otbers» wbere tbe bosband died 
before bi« wife, her second busbaud was also summoned to 
Fkrliaoient in the tane- Barony. No evidence can» bow- 
cfv^r^ be abewn wbere an bcreditary di^ity detccndible to 
tbe imue of tbe perton to tumrooned by mnoiktr wjfif bat 
beeo comidered to bave been ertated by tucb Writt. Tbia 
praetlee appeart to bare originated in äie feudal principle 
dftbe hutband beini; calied upon to perform tbe tervicea 
by the tenore of whicb hit wife't lands were beldf and fron» 
tbe deeition on Mr. Wymbikb't clairo, in the reiffn of Heniy 
tbe'E%btb, it may be conoluded tb|it dignitiet were then 
oeotidercd in tbe ligbt of real etiatet in whicb a tenancjr 
by courteiy exitted. The elaim in quettion wat ur^d by 
Mh Wymbitb in rigbt of bia wtfe, wbo wat entiticd to tbe 
Barony uf Talbnyt, and after contultiug tbe noH learned 
cHriliaiia of tbe day, tbe Kin^ himtelf pronounoed tbe 
IblltWIns deeitkm, tbat '*foratmocb at be underttood tbat 
tbtre wat no farce of reaton or law to give tbe name to 
bktt tbat bad nvlttoe by bis wife, tbat neltber Mr. Wym- 
hMfWofttkime otber from benoeforth tbould ote tbe title of 
bltf«iift^i (MgAt«y^ bwt tiidi at bgr courtety of finfland had 
riM'HgbVteeber'fOttet^otitF for «tmt ef bi« lifity" Vtmm 
tblt4e «it^b^bilWn«« «iMt fbe prinoi|4e of Bareaiet iure 


tcMTk was (be» recofol^ed» ai^JtlMlt Oie fi?<Hif^,p|| wilqjt%. 
M«<. Wysibitli's pi»t«MMHi8 yer« vefuM ym* tbatM. tk#ul 
NO imms fagr In» wiCe» on wfaoie ri|;bt ^ w pifinii^ bis cJUm» 
««s loiJiideä. . . . . 

O» 4bis4«cUI«n tt iQ«i«t h$ iibienr«4* tbat th« $t%UmeQt. 
tb«t « Baronyhad iK^ver be?n Allo«re4 U> tb<e ^usba^d 4iC 
a Barontis wbo bad not iimie by ber, was far from cori^ef^^. 
for in tbe case of tbe Barooy uf Bovrcbiejr, whßf» tbe Mr4>. 
buabattdUaf Elizabalb« tbe.dausburapd beir of ftactJbiQ- 
lomew Lord BovrobMi:^ wcra lomniQa^ tp Parliamer»^ ^. 
b«r«fbt, iiekbtf appear to bava b^ any cbildreo by b«T ; 
aUo in tbe inntance of Elizabeth Baronegs Say, botb of her 
busbands were summoned to Parliament^'tirtf uxoris, tbough 
by neitber bad ahe any diitdren i «nd otber cases migbt be 

Tbis principle^never appeatv to^ %avte baen acted npon 
after tbe reign of Henr^ VIII. and tbe latest examples of 
tht kind ^mtlt «hoae of fba Bnranilaa of Huasetlpird m^d 
Strang, in «be 19tb of Heu. Vif.» bwc notwitbstaniliiii»- 
tbe decision on tbe tubject by King Henry VIU. a daWa-t^ 
a ^^^Hy,jure uxorit, waa in 1580 Mjacied, tboM^b the hm^ 
band i»ad iMue by tbe Baroncas. Ui tbat yeav RiobaM 
Bertte, tbe bnsband of Katberiae, Baraneas WiUovfbby tatf 
Eresby (widow of tbe Duke of Suffoik), at tenant by tbe 
<»urtesy elaimed to be aliowed tbat Barony, wbicb cUifla 
was refeired by Queen Bliaabetb to Lord Ba^eif^b andl. 
fwo other Commissioners ; and tbe «aid Barones« l^nic 
diod in tbeyear in whioh t*ie petitien Was presented ^ram 
her initfband, ber son by Mr. Bertie likcwise clamed tb»- 
Barony; bot tbe Comwistioners reported in {av^HH'(»f tbe 
gon, who was accordingly adaiitted to tbe Barony 4n tb« 
Kfe-time of bis fatber. In 15«€, Mr. Thomas Fane, tbe 
busb^nd of Maty, tbe daaf:bter and ^ir of Hanry NavUI«, 
Lord Abergattnny, claimed tbe Barony of Abevgan;«»!^ ^ 
and about 1^04, Sir Samfiaen Lewnard iß«tilrioned t» km 
aliowed tbe Barony of Daore, In ri^bt of bis wife Marfraret 
Lady Dacre. Of tbe erent of tbe foroMr claifli no aeeotiot 
h recorded; afid witb respeot to tbe iatt^^ as Lady ]>ai!re 
died in 161 1, before any deeision was pranoiinoed> tlK 
ftfFair was, according: to Mr. Cniite, tftfw p rq m tfirf in 1681^ 
by tbe^ing:^ p^ming tbe preoedency to ber l)Q«A>a«d» >•« 
tMese son rf L&rd Bacre, The lactj 'baw^ref , tfppMrt- 1« 
bftye'been somewbat dHfertnt » 4or4ba Barony waa^aUoawd 
to tbe son of Lady l>ftor0» by dirSampsoA LcHnatd, iniOM- 

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djately after bi« aiother*s deatb, as be it recordcd to bave 
been summoned to Partifloient by Writ addretted Hmrie9 
Lamard, Domino Daere de South, ChVr, in 1614, wbieh 
was tbe next Parliament afcer her decease $ benca, tbough 
ibe precedency alluded to was i^iven to bis father, it eannot 
bt deenied to bave been any compromiie of tbe qaettlon of 
tbe Barony, wbicb, seven years beforci bad betn allowed 
to tbe f on. 

Tbe impression h now, bowever, so decidedly a^nst 
tbere beini^ a courtesy in digoities, tbat it ii unnettary to 
eatend these obscnrations on tbe subjeet. 


Tbe eaatom of tnoiiiionini; tbe eldett son of ao Earl, in 
bia fatber'i Barony» it ttated to bave commenced in tb« 
ragn of £dw. IV. in tbe 83d year of wbose reifen Tbomas 
Fits Alan,' alias Arundel^ son and beir apparent of William,. 
Eari of Arundel, was summoned to Parliament in bis fa- 
tber'a Barony of Maltrarers ; since wbicb period numerous 
instancea of tbe kind bave occorred. But it is, some- 
wbat qoestlonable wbetber tbe practice of allowinf a Seat 
in Parliament to tbe eldest son of an Earl is not of mucb 
eailier date ; for on tbe Rolls Ist Hen. IV. 1320, tbe nama 
of Motu, Henry Percy^ tbe renowned Hotspur, eldest son 
of Henry, Earl of Nortbumberland, occurs amonf^ tbe 
Baronatheu present*, and wbo was evidently considered a 
PMr of tbe Realffl» tbou^b no Writ of Summons to bim. 
ia extant. 

In tbe rei|^ of Cbarles IL an instante oecurred in wbicb 
tbe floii and beir-apparent of a Baron, possessed of two 
Baronies, wa« summoned to Parliament in one of bis fatbef^s 
Baronies. Conyers Darcy was seixed of tbe Barony of 
Darcy, created by Patent to bis fatber in 1641, and also of 
tbe Barony of Conyera, in rigbt of bis gcandmotber, wbicb 
dipiity originated in a Writ of Summons, in tbe l«t ot 
Hen. VUL He was bowever summoned to Parliament in 
tbe Barony of Parcy, aiid in 1680 bis son and beir-apparent 
was aiunmontd in tbe Barony of Conyers ; tbus tbe Barony 

* See p. 7a7, of tbls Work. 

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in whicti his son sat was of much bigber' precedeney tban' 
the dif^nity by virtue of which bis fatber was sumraoned. 
Tbis anomaly, howerer, eeased two yeattt afterwards« wbefi* 
the fatber was created Earl of Holdernesse. 

It was for some time a disputed point, wbetb^r the Wrft 
of Summuns to an beir^apparent, thougb by tbe title of a ' 
Bareny vested ifi bis fatber, dtd not create a diuinct dig- 
itity, descendible to tbe beirs of tbe body of tbe pei^oii 
s6 Bumtnoned. But in tbe Sydney case, in whIch tbe 
gtAnddaughter and beir of Robert Sydney (son and hfcir 
apparent of Philip Sydney Earl of Leicester, and Baron' 
Sydney of Pensburst, under letters patent to bis ancestor 
Robert Sydney, with remainder to tbe Said Robert and 
tbe beirs male of bis body), who was summoned to, and 
8»t in Pariiament by tbe title of Baron ^jin^y in lb« AlftV/ 
time of bis fat1??r, it wfBS resolved by tbe Houßaoi Lords In 
1782, tbat tbe claimant bad no rigbt in consequence of her 
^raiidfatb^r's Summpns and Sittings, H^nee it is uqw de- 
t^rmineil tb^t a Writ of Suromons to th^ spn 9n4 U^^i r 
apj>ar«nt of * P^er, in 4 Barony vegt.^d in bis fatber^ B^ii,bc^ '. 
takes tbe dignity out of tbe fatber nor creates ii new 
dignity, but is merely i^llowi^d to tb? son to enable hiio 
to Sit in Farliam^nt: on bis deatbi If he leaves beir« of . 
bis body «i^^ipable of inberiting tbe dignity agreeable to . 
tbe liniLtatiuns of it» such beir will also be entitled to «. 
Writ cif SucDinuns, For exainple; if an Earl is possesfled .- 
of a Barony uuder a patent, the limitations of which are to , 
tbe beirs male of the body of tbe (ifst ^ranteei and tho [ 
spn and beir apparent of such Earl be f umtnoned to^ an4 ! 
•it in Parliamenty and dies leaving a son of fuU age» s^cU 
son is entitled to a Writ ef Summons in confieqneoce ot 
tbe Writ and Sitting of bis fatber ♦, tbuügh tbe effect pf , 
such Writfc in the lifetime of the fatber ojf i^randfatbef« 
only accejerates the possession of tbe dignityt. 

Wbere a Writ of Summons is issued to the eldest son of a^ 
Peer by the name of a Barony not vested in his fatber« 
tbougb the Writ be issued under the presumptibn tbat 
such Barony is vested in tbe fatber, it operates as a new 
creation of a Barony,. and niakes it descendible to all tbe 
lineal beirs, male and female of the person sp sumnioned}« 

* Cam of the Baroay of Clifford of Lanesborough. Cniise oo 
Digaities, p. 325. 

t Ibid, p. 336. % Ibid> p. 335. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


TM» dm^ritie was eitabllsWd in 1736, In tlife ülüm f^ih^ 
Bärony ^ Str9^ge*i aiid tonfirmed in tbft fbllowinr yent 
fti th« «ftse of tlie Barony of Cliffordf ; in tbe fint of Wbi«b 
'ittstftncei a wfit df Summont was itsiMd to tbe eldett fto«i 
of tbe EafI of Derby, under tb« idea tbat tbe aneieitt 
B«n>ny of Strange was tben vcsted in bis fatber; and in 
the latter tbe ton and heir apparcnt of tbe Earl of Bur^ 
llngton was suoiaioned to Parliament as Baron CIHFord, 
ftom the impression tbat tbe aneient Barony of CHirurd, 
«Maced by Writ in tbe S8tb of Edward L was at tbat tittie 
vettedin tbe said EarL In eacb case tbese Bsrons took 
tbeir seat, and were placed in tbe preeedence of tbe aneient 
Barony f bot as it was elearly proved tbat tbe original 
Baroaies were tben Tested in otber personü» sueb Writs 
and Sittings were beld to operate as new creationtt and 
tbe digkniies tben created, are now Tested in tbe beirs of 
tbe bodies of tbe Barons to wbont tbe Writs in qaestion 
weie issned. Two inferenoes of some importance, besides 
tbe pvAnt estabiitbed by these decisions, may be drawrt 
firom tbem : ftrst, tbey appear to bave been fbrmed on tbe 
general prineiple tbat wbate%er may be tbe motive under 
wbicb a writ of Summons is issned, thedireetlon of saeh 
Writ, and a Sitting under it, if no sueb Barony was prei> 
Tloftsfy vested in the person so sutnntoned, ereatexa Bar&np 
in/he to tbe individaal wbo reeeives it, and to tbe beirs of 
bis body ; and seeondly, tbat if a Baron sits in an erroneocrs 

' )^eeedeney in tbe House, sucb erroneous preeedeney has 
HO effeet od tbe question of bis right to tbe dignity to 
wbicb tbat preeedeney beiongs. Besides tiie cases of Lords 
Strange «nd Clifford, botb of mhbm, as is just observed, 
sat m tbe ptace of tbe original Baronies of those names, 
tbe tbree individoals wbo bave been summoned to Pariia- 
kueiit as BArons Perey were plaeed in t>e preeedeney of tbe 
Bamny of Pfercy ereated ander the Writ of 2J Edward I. 
tboagb it is eoutended^ and, it ii presoreed, proved, nnder 
tbat title^tbat no otber Barony of Percy was possessed by 
tbe first of tbose indiTidaals than tbat wbieb was ereated 
by tbe Writ directed tobim m 1732, wbicb Barony 

. tbe two otber personages succeeded. 
' Tbe subj^ct of Baronies by Writ wiU be eonduded by a few 
«ibsenrations on tbe question» wbetber tbe many Baronies 

• See p. 616. f Vidc ths Addead», p. 1 8. 

» ■ . 


tbe Secoqd^ abd Edward ttieTbird» miy jitltt Qedb«^ to 
be in e xiitenoe» notwitbiUndJOf tbat no penon lM^(<io 
•ummoned in tbem ^or feveral ctnturiti $ and still wAoüni« 
notwitbttaadinK tbat in mnnj inttancM fbe mal^.detceni^ 
antt of tbe persons to sumnonedi tbougb lirin; in a(l9* 
ance» and »ometiroet pertont of importance« were ner^ 
•ummoned to Parliament* It would be diflicultt and in4M4 
pretumptuouf, to pronoance a decided opinion on vim 
queition, but as tbe doctrine tbat a Writ otSummont» an4 
a Sittinf ander sucb Writ, erentet a ßarony in fee« il mtj 
be concTuded tliat notbini; but a corruption of . blood ea4l 
. affect tbe descent of such digiiity to tbe beirs of individualp 
wbo bave been summoned to, and sat in Parliameut, boip^ 
ever Ion; tbe title may bare reroained dormant, or wbat- 
ever cause may exitt for presumin; tbat, at tbe perio4 
wben tbe son or f^randsons of thote wbo were auminonad 
to Parliament liTed, it was contidered tbat tbey bad n» 
hereditaiy claim to tbe di^ity poesessed by tbeir aneestor* 
It bas been laid down tbat dignities are not witbin ihm 
Statute of limitationty aod may tbereforc be elaimed at ai^ 
distance of tiroe s for as a di^nity caonot be aiiencd» aor- 
rendered, or eatin^iahed, so nettber can it be lost by tba 
nepligcnce of any person entitled to it*. Tbe Lor^ . 
Committees, towards tbe conolusion of tbeir tbifd Report» 
allude to tbit circumstance, and obsenre, 

" Tbe descendants of many persons wbo bave been in 
former times summoned to Parliament by Writ» appc^ir not 
to bare been afterward summoned; and tbertfore, if tb« 
rtile of law now clearly esublisbed, tbat a Writ and Sitting 
in Parliament will create an bereditary ri^bt to tbe di|i;nitjr 
of Peer of tbe realm, were applied indefinitely, as tbe Lord 
Frescbeville urged it ougbt tu be, it would introduce VMioy 
persons into tbe Peerage wbo are not now supposed to bava 
a title lo tbat digiiity. It seems evident tberefvre, ibat 
recourse to ancient rigbtty applying to them tbt principles 
of modern retolutions and decisioos» must ereile in^mtt 
di0icuUy and embarrassroent.f*' 

Tbe first part of this Statement» tbat ^* if tbe rule of law 
tiow clearly establisbed" was to be applied indeBiuit^ly, 
many persons would be admitted to tbe dignity . of tbe 

* 3kin. Rap. 4S7. CoHint' PrecedenU, p. 333. 
t Third Peeiage Report, p. 936. 


pMWt*£owfi^p<*^ tb Uvi a {iUV tbereto, 

vMtdIy tru^ caonot, It if submltt««!. In any 

'$$9^ tfae' qoettlon of tbeir rifht to it} for if it bft 

/ *! ar|ir^<f |f Uw,'* tbat tbe beir of tb« body of a 

|N|fdii wbö wit •umiDoned to, und iat In Parli^ment^ 
tliBold be antitlf d to tbe dignity so created to bit aiieeftor, 
iO^ iai(kiitit>le to imagine ivbere caii be tbe ^* inAnita 
dlttculcy an«i embarrassmenC*' öf aetlng upon lucb rule of 
Ana ; and still niore, it does not appear tbit tbe House 
of L^rd« bas tbe tui^er^f deciding contrary to a rubt 
ff law eüar^ establitked in a case of a claim to a Peerage» 
any more tban it ^ould In a cUini of any otber natura 
#bieb, in its iydieial cbaracter, migbt come before it. 
Tbe öi|^t!on tbat tbe indefinite adoptioD of tbe principl« 
in^qücstiod arould admit many persons to tbe Peerage wbo 
^re not now snpposed to be entitled to it, operates equally 
as strongly against erery claim to a Barony created bv 
Writ^ for an aecidentat researcb may proTe many indi-* 
vtihiah to be erititled to such dignity wbo are now uncon- 
flciois« of tbeir rigbt to it, and if tbe argunient of tbe Re- 
port be allQwed any weigbt, it mast be supposed to con- 
und Ibat tbe tery circumstance of sucb persons being at 
(be jfnretent time anaware of tbeilr pretensions to tbe 
Peera|;e, oogbt to be a bar tö tbeir claiming It wbenever 
tb't^aigbt eitber diicover tbeir rigbt, or become entitled 
to it by tbe eztinction' of tbe otber cobeirs, — an argu- 
nent'wbieb can scarcely be recondled to any principla 
of law bf* Justice. As in several otber parts of tbeir 
Lordsbios' Reports constderable stress is laid on tbe ease 
•f Lord Frescbeville, and as it bas been adduced to 
«opport inferencei wbicb are certainly not justified by tbat 
«as«'*, a digbt aHusion to bis claim appears neeessary, 
W^tts^ tbe decision on it did not in tb^ sligbtett degree 
iff^ct tlie mle of law tbat a Writ and Sitting in Parliament 
erjia^ad *n bareditary dignity. In 1677 Jobn Lord Frescbe- 
«^Ik!, Whd Was created a Baron by Patent dated 6 Marcb» 
l06Mr, didMied as b^ir of tbe tody as well as belr male of 
Ralobde Frescbeville, wbo was somroonedto ParUanient bv 
Wiht't^tc<d Ü6-Jan. ^ Edw. L 1S97, to be allowed tbe 
MÄk iaiä prepeddn^ of tbe Barony created by tbat Writ j 

♦ See particularly pp. « |, 24;. ^ ??^ of the TJ^d j^f po^fcr . 
▼OL. 1. t , - 

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<Jii! Petition wai refenred to tbe Attorney-General 
advked hk Majesty to i^fer it to the House of Lord 
tbe proceddings' on itite dlaim, it wto adoiifted th: 
petlHoner's anOettor» Ralph de Frescbevllle^ wM sumi 
to ParKament in th« 95 Edw. 1. ; nor, as ia ttat«d ih 
of thia worky döei tber« appear to hate been the 
oDjeetion offeredto tbe raUdity of the Writ Itself, t 
it niay, perhapt, be doubted wbether the Writ of ths 
was a regulär So dMHoiii to BirlianKBnt. But it wa 
tended« on the part of the Crdwiij»t1iat, " supposing a 
moM to ParliaMBent did give an estate of iiiberitanc 
thif must be ondentood wben thens had been a J^ 
ypon it. Hers tlw not repeaCin^ tbe Sommons (f 
ocher Writ thMi that of the S5 Bdw. I. w«s ever issu 
Ralf li de FrescheviHe,) was an eiridence of noi S$t\ 
and upon this ohjectioit tbe Houae appears to bave f 
itt resolution, <* that tbey did not find sufiicient grui 
adhriae bit Majesty to aUow the elaim of tbe petitionei 

It it thus evident tbat tbe abtence of a proof qf <j 
under tbat Writ, and not the dreümatanee tbat tbe 
was never repeated, Was tb6 ohj^ction relied on l 
Attorney-Generai ; and tbe eauae of bis erging th 
cumstance that tbe Writ was not repeated, was .< 
to pret ent tbe inference that, thongh no proof of ü 
was to be found, stiß that there might have b 
Sitting «nder that Writ ; for, as has been alreatl 
served, he remarked, " It had been objected that 
was no evidence of any SIttSng tili the tiine of ] 
YIII. wben Journals first began. But it was one 
where Writs of Sumnions had been often f^peated, ai 
where tbey were never issued but once." SÖfai' then 
Freseherille case is in question, it oniy establishc 
doctrine-^bat a Single Writ of Suasmons, unaeeoni| 
byetidenee of a Sitting in ParKament under that 
will not be coneidered to bave creftted an her« 

The Barony of Botetoutt wbich was allowed in 170' 
been in Abeyanee for nearly tbree bundi'ed and < 
years; henee it ibay be coneluded that, in cäses 
dignities feil into Aib^n«e at an early period, a la] 
time, huwever great, is no bar to a daim on the part 
beirsof the Barony; butno point has been decidedin 
a Claim to a Bafotiy lias been bf'g^d, where ibc Ut 
son summoned to Parliament: left male desccndaau 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

OF £AR[fS, VITA: PATRtö. \w 

continued in uoiaterruptetl descant fqr sevenU geoeratwun 
witboutever bsringbeea suiaaioned to ParUameut. lo thif 
work a Baro^y U consider«d to^ave been crealed in every eup 
where a Writ of Smnoi&Ds to Parliamrnt is recorded to bare 
been issued» and tbe di'Dity ii pre&umed sti)! to exitt» wbefe 
tb^ d«6cendant8 of eitber of tue personi «bo were lo siun- 
iDoned have been traoed. Tbis plan bas been acted upon no^- 
withstandingtbe impression tbatnoproof of lUtiqgif in iqa^y 
cases to be found ; because, if^ contrary to tbat impressimv 
a prqof of sittine could be adduoed» a claim to sucb 3arony 
would probably be admitted to be still vested in tbe beirs ot 
tbe person pruved to baye sat in Parluoient. In those caata 
where male desoendants of a person recorded to bave receiv«4 
«rits qf Snmmons to Parllam^nt exlited for aeveral gene- 
rationsy but w^re neyer mromoned» tbe f*ct i« cacefi;di(y 
noticed. Tbe manner in wbicb individnait have bee« 
^tyled in] writa of Summons is alw^ys ftated vbere 9^ 
inTerence can be drawn thcrefrom ; and with tbe otiject of 
beinff accurate, tbair name» are Uterally tranaofibed ffom 
4be Li$ts of Sunmons priuted by order ol tbe Honte of • 
tiordsy or from tbat putdisbed bv Ilugdale, the (ormer of 
oourse beic^ pxef^rred down to tbe period wbeu t^ey terxnt- 
nate ; tbougb as gfreat part of the work was written befor^ 
tbe Appendix No.i. to tbe Ist and 2d Peerage Report came 
into the £ditor*s bands, and before tbe Appendix No. II. to 
the same Report was printed, the early part of Dugdale's 
Lists were, in those instanoes, consulted. In all doubtfol 
easesy bowever, %he A|ii|>«)dix to lli<|?etrafe Reports has 
been referred to. It must also be obsenred» to aecount for 
tbe a«fkward constrnctioa of seotenoes like tbe foUow- 
iu^:-!— *<Sumnioned to Parliament a#WUUel|ito Boueviile» 
Domino Bonevile/' *'Henrico de Bellomonte Comite de 
Boghan,*' &c, instead of Sununoned to Parliament bsf ffrits 
addrtssed Willielmo Bonevile, Domino Bonevile, &c tbat 
tbe former was adopted» though at variaiice witb tbe gram- 
matical sense of tbe quotation, for the sake of brevity, as in 
tbe effort to comprite so much matter in tbe limited space 
«f twQ nnaAA volnme«, it was bigkly desirabbs to avnid tbe 
repetitien» even of two words, so many times as they wenid 
hate been requitted. 

Befofe this part i>f theae ofaserrations is concluded, it it 
netessary to sUte tbat, anoiently dignities were «onstdered 
to be alienable with the consent of the CiwaiMi, mud many 



instances occur of such alienation*: example« are also to 
be found of tbe tuitender of dignitiet into the banda of tbe 
Crownf ; but in tbe case of tbe Barony of Grey of Rutbyn, 
tbe House of Lordt resolved, nemine eontradieente, 1 Feb. 
1646, '* tbat no person tbat batb any bonor in bim, and a 
Peer of this realm, inay alien or transfer tbe bonor to any 
other person | and that no Peer of thit realm can drown 
or extin^ish bis bonor, but tbat it descends to bis de- 
icendants neitber by surrender, grant, fine, nor any otber 
conveyance;" and on tbe 18 June, 1678, in tbe claim to tbe 
Vilcountcy of Purbeck, tbe House also resolved, " tbat do 
fine now levied, nor at any time bereafter to be levied to 
tbe Kin^, can bar such title of bonor, or tbe rigbt of any 
person clalming; such title under bim tbat levied or sball 
leyy such fine." On the former of these resolutions Mr. 
Cruise observes, " This resolution cannot be consi'dered as 
having tbe autbority of a law, but it is now understood that 
diirnities are absolutely unalienable.t " 

These decisions of the House of Peers were eridently 
intended to have a retrospective effect, but, as tbe Lords' 
Committees justly remark, if tbe resolution in Viscoant 
Purbeck*s case were to be now applied retrospectively, it 
would tend to produce g^reat oonfusion §. 


^Althouoh, as will be observed in a foUowing paf^e, dignl- 
ties were conferred by Charter at an earlier. period, tbe 
first instance of a Baruny having; been created by Letters 
Patent under tbe Great Seal, which only differs from char- 
ters in the modeof attestation, occurred in the reign of King 
Richard the Second, who created John Beaucharop of Holt, 

* See account cited by Mr. Cruise in pp. 1 09, to 1 U . of bis 
▼aluable Treatiese on Dignities. 

f See the Earldom of Norfolk, P>471 of this woik; Vb- 
countcy of Lisle, p. S89*; Barony of Stafförd, p. 600 ; Huotiog* 
don, p. 840 ; Dorset, p. 300 1 n^ tbe Viscountcy nf Purbtck in 
1660, which is the last instance of the kind» 

X On Dignities, p ui. 
Third Keport, p. 286, 


iMi' til^iu^sifQp öf Kiddermintter» by Letter« Patent, 
dttedmbOct. 11 Rieh. II. 1387» to bim and tb« heirt male 
^l^'^dy. Tbe words of creation in tbe^e Letters Patent, 
äpcordini^ to 8eldon, are, Jj^rsrnM Jfohiumem m unum püfrimk 
fi $W4mwm r^gni noitriÄngHm fr^^ficimm: vohnies gmd 
i^fm ^6heam€9^ lufr^daa maseuR de CTp^re suo exeuMm 
f(«Mt» S^Kums ghHmant^ ac ßornimi df BMtuihamp et Ba* 
«)^P0# de Kidekrmimier nmncypanim'. But this Baron never 
«at:in Parliam^t, bavins been attainted in tbe foltewinf; 
year. Hie next insta^itse df thö kind wat in Ihe 10 f^eiiry 
\(., «ben gir Jobs Corawall was etoaled Baron Fanbop^ ; 
Ibe oferallve wHirds in bte Patent, ftf giveii bj Mr. Cruite, 

*< Pr^gfuium Joktmmem in Baroaem indigenam regni smi 
^»gUe earexH frefecit et oreaviii eidemtgue dohamm nomen 
iiidMim f»MiMi et honorem ßarenia de ^unkope imposmt dedU 
eeneemt et assignavü. Volem et ctmeedens eidem guod ipae 
memenHeiromis de Fmmk epe kakeaieigereat, if>c.eedem quoque 
tt locutnetmm i» ParUameütie et comUins regte mier eteter^ 
Banmes dieti regni AngMa habeat et potndeat,'^ p. 83. 

It bas been contended. tb^t, exoepting; in tbe caie of 
L«rd BeattchaBip of Kiddcrmintter, tbere is no example 
from tbe 11 Edw. III. to tbe 1 Hen. Vil. of a di^ity 
btTtn^ been eteatcd l^ Pste»t oibcrwise tban in Parlia- 
,iRent; frofin wrbiuh it was atteapt«d t« be inferred tbat 
tbe Crown cooHd not fotmerly oonier a Peerage witbont tbe 
oonseat of ParUament. Tbis dootrio«, bowever, never «x- 
isted in England, wbere tbe Crowm bas always been eon- 
sidered as tbe fcumtain of bonour^i'. In aU Letters Pa- 
,tcnt by vbich digniUes are cpeated, tbere is a clause df 
investiture similar to tbat contained in tbe ancient cbar- 
tersof icreation of personal diffniiies ; and even so Ute as 
tbe 13 Jac. I. tbe solemn investiture of Barons created by 
Letters Patent was perConned l^ tbe Kinf; bimself, by 
putttnf on tbe new Baron a robe of scarlet and a liood 
farred wirb mänevcr ; but in tbat year tbe 4aw ad«^isers di 
tbe Crown declared tbat tbe delivery ol tbe Letters Patent 
was sufficient, witbout any ceremony ; and ip tbe modern 
Patents of Kreation tbe public ceremony of investiture is 
difipensed witb by express words f. Annuities were some- 

• Cmise «n -pigmties, p. 84. f I^»^> P- ®^* 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Ummb ttnmtd Sö a MIPHIHI4* Baron t6 tupport bii dig^ity, 
liut tbit practke hat l«o|^ siüca hllen into desuetad« *. 

In the eate of^letten patent tlie creatl««! ii p«rfeet and 
OROH^te MM loonaathegreac seal is plit to tb^ pat«^ in 
c9ntef|ueoce of tbefoUuwinf ebUMe, «»bk^lft ffitetted in iH^ 
pttteuts of thia naUret «rftMifi/ttfltf^ et %<«#^ar Mr< nunvitli 
jprmdkHt et eorum fuiUÖMi kabeat tetteai et potädeai MeOem 
immm et vecem in -parHamentii cernttUt et cohHHü noMrfir/ 
kperedum et meceuerum metr&i^um infra regnum HeetHtm^ 

Ueoc« acittioff in Parliament is not necestaiy to perfect 
tb« creation, and aany Instances migbt be citad of fefwm 
createcl by letten patent dylnic witbout ever bating saC in 
Parliament, and tbe digpaity bat nevertbelest detcended tn 
tbeir potterityt; end ki oive inttance a Barony bad extfted 
for above two centuriet, and desoended te tbe iwetmeth Baron ' 
before eitber of tbe inberitors of tbe dipiUy ever toolc bis 
teat in Parliament f. Wbatever meaiuret Ynay bave been 
previously adopted relative to tbe ereation of a Peer, if tbe 
perion dies before tbe great teal bas been etetuallf aflixed * 
to tbe patent, tbe ereation deei not taice place. Tbt» in tbc^ 
c^e of Lord Gardner a Warrant was iisued for bis ereation 
to tbe diguity of Viscoant Gardner in 1806, bot as be died^ 
before tbe patent passed tbe i^reat seal» bis son only sne- 
ceeded to tbe Barony; also in tbe instanee of tbe Hon. 
Cbarles Yorlw, wbo was Lord Cbancellor in IT70, a Warrant 
was signed for bis ereation to tlie dig^mties of Lord Morden, 
Baron of Morden, CO. Cambridge, on tbe I8tb January, 1710, 
bnt as he died on tbe IJOth oftbat montb, before tbe patent 
received.tbe great seal, bis son did not iuberit tbe dignity ; 
and otber instances migbt be adduced. 

It is laid down by Lord Colce tbat wben a person i« ereated 
a Peer by letters patent, tbe sute of inberitance must be 
limited by appropriate words or eise tbe grant is void. Tbe 
usual limitations are to tbe beirs male of tbe body of tbe 
grmntee, and intbis werk, in wbieh partieular eare bas been 

• Cruise on Dignitiss, p. 86, on tbe caM of Lord Butler of 
Sndlev. t Ibid, p. 86. 

X Waldegmve, oited by Cmise, p. 87. 

$ The Barony of Dormer, aoticed m p. 199. Tbc oanseef 
this siQguUr fiict wu the , ciroumstance of tbe mtsters. of ihe 
pi^ient Peerbeing Cathölict. 

Digitized by CjO.OQIC 


t»keD to glYe tb« limitation of ««ttb pattnt of erestioii wher» 
theTe was a special rcmaindsr» i% it alwajt to be «ndentood 
tbit vb«re no limitation it expraated in difiiitict ereated by 
patent» that it was tolely to tke beim Bnüa of tfao body «ÜT 
tbt penon to ereated« Inttancet, bowevtr, oeeor wbere 
tba Tamaioder bat been t» tbe teeond ton and hit beirt 
VjJe* iaUinii; wbicb» to tbe eldett ton and bit beirt male*; 
otWrtywbere tbe limitation wat to tbe ittue nale of tbe body 
oftbe fvaot^e by a particolar woman^; totbe beirt general 
of tbe body of tbe granteet; to tbe ittne male of tbe Ittber 
or gra&dfatber of tbe grantee fulini; tbe beirt male of bit 
ovn ,bodys and lo tbe beirt male of tbe titter of tbe grantee 
in default of bit own beirt raa]e§ ; but tbe mott tingular 
limitation of a dignity on reeord ittbat of .tbe Barony of 
Lucaty vrbicb wat i^ranted by lettert patent, J5 Car. II. fo 
Mary Gouutets of Keat, to bold to ber ahd tbe beirt male of 
b^r body begotten by tbe Earl of Kent» and for want of taeb 
itsue totbe beirt t>f ber body by tbe taid Earl, witb a deda« 
ration, *■ tbat if at any time or timet after tbe deatb of ihe 
Said Mary, Countets of Kent, and in defaiilt of itsne male 
cf ber body^by tbe taid Earl begotten, tbere tball be more 
persont tfaan one wbo tball be co-beirt of ber body by tbe 
^said Eait, the taid bonour» title, and dtgnity, tball go and 
be beld and ei\joyed from time to timc by socb of tbe taid 
co-beirt at by courte of detcent of eommon law tbould be 
inberitable to otber entire and indivitible inberitancerf t aa 
namely an office of bonoiir and public trutt, or a Castle for 
the neeettary defence of tbe realm, or the like, in cate 
any such inberitaoce wat given or limited to tbe taid Mary 
and tbe beirt of ber body by tbe taid Earl begotten" || ; and 
by virtue of tbit limitation tbe Barony of Lneas It now pot- 
tessed by tbe Countets de Grey, tbe being eUett daughter 
and eo-beir of Jemima, Baronets Lncat, grand*daugbter • 

* Dokedom of Scbembeigs also Duksdom of Dover» Vida 
CoaaiGENDA, p. 8S. 

t Dukedom of Someitet. 

1 Earidom of Ormonde in JreUad^ Tide p. 696 9 &o« 

§ Earldom of Maccletfield. 

Ü Cjuise on Digoities, p. 349. Tbit copy of tbe limitation of 
tbe Bareay.of Lucas dlffert in a sl^bt desree firom the abstract of 
itbf p. ssenf tbit work, bot in au probabflity Mr. CraUjp't (joj>| 
it the mott oorrect. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


anil b6ir of Heiuy Grey, Dul^e of Kent, son and heir af 
Mary, Countess of Kent, \he grantee by her sa)d hu&band 
Anthony Grey, Earl of Kent. But the limitation of the Ba- 
ronyof Lucas ofSbenfieldythoui^h not noticed by Mr.Cruise, 
pr other writers, is scarcely less Singular. John Lucas w^^f 
by letters patent, dated ßd Jan. |644, cr«ated Baron L^ucas» 
of Shenfield, co. Essex, with remainder to the b^irs male 
of bis body; in default of whicb to bis brotber Cbi^rles 
Lucas and tbe heirs male of bis body» in default of whicii 
to Thomas Lucas and bis issue male» whicb Thomas Lucas 
was eider brotber of tbe said Charles, and by tbe aame 
motber» but was born before roarriage, and in conseqtience 
of tbe faiiure of issue of the other persons nan^ed in tbe pa- 
tent, tbe son and beir of the said Thomas Lucas sucqeeded 
io the dignity on the death of John the first Lord in 1670*. 
In many instances of the grant of a dignity by letters pa- 
tent to a feroale» tbe limitation hat only beeu for term .«f 
her natural life, but tbere does not appear to be a Single in- 
•tance (with the exception of tbe gr;^nt by charter from King 
Richard 11. dated 25th Feb. >390, to bis cousin £d ward Planta- 

Enet, son aqcl beir apparent of Edmund, Duke of Vurk» of the 
LrldomofRutlandyduringbisfatber'slife only, Aa&«nir, ifc, 
iurofiie vUädictiDucispatrusui) of aPeeragehavingever beein 
created to a man in whicb tbere was not a remainder to the i^ 
tue of bis body, some other person expressly named j and 
in eyety instance in whicb a Peerage bas been conferred on 
a person with a limitation to others instead of tbe issue of 
bis body» such person was previously a Peer of a higher rank 
in the Peerage than tbat created by tlie said letters patent.f 
From this fact it does not seem too much to inf^r tbat it h^s 

* This limUatioQ will be best shewn by the foliowing «light 

. Luca8.=T= 

8. Thomas «l.John Loc^; created Baron s. Charles Lucas, 
Lucas. =j=: Lucas, as is above mentiosed» ob. , Yit& fratris 
' , 1670» S.P.M« John t\ie first 

Baron, 9. b. 

Charles üicas» suceseded as 3d Losd Thomas Lucas» SdLofd; 
in 1670; ob. 1688» s.^m. ob. 1705» s. P. 

f Vide the Eürldoms of Beverley and "E^noKtp Pi^Eedqpn of 
Neweastle under Lyne» Barony of Pelham, &c. 

T Lucas» as is i 
1644J ob. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


bceo alwayt cousidered tbat if a Peer onee tat in Pariiament, 
auch sittlog, ipso facto, rendered tbe dif oity by rirtue of 
wbich be lat hereditary in tbe firtt inttance in tbe itiue of 
bi« body«— in dig^nities nnder lettert patent to bis beirt male, 
and in dignitiei by writ to bis beirs general. 

Attempu bave at Marions times been made to gire a pre- 
cedence in letters patent by wbicb dipiitiet were createdy 
beyond tbe preeedence wbicb would ante from tbe date of 
aocb patent. In cases of Peerage sncb preeedence is now 
nniversally considered to be illeg^aly for altbouf h it i« tbe un- 
doubted prerogative of tbe Crown to create an indiridual to 
any degree of tbe Peerage wbicb it tbinkt proper, it bat not 
tbe power to give a preeedence above any Peer prcviously 
created of tbe same degree. It it not necettary to inquir« 
into tbe power of tbe Crown to bettow a partieular preeedence 
on any pertonage it roay be pleased to to bonour, and tbe 
case of Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg, wbo, tbougb not a 
Peer of tbe realm, bat been attigned a place next to tbe 
blood royaly tendt to prore tbat it bat tncb a prerog^ative. 

In all caset witb retpect to dignitiet» an Act of Parliament 
it without any limit in itt effect, and nomerout exam- 
ples migbt be cited wbere tbe power of Parliament bat 
beeo exercited : in most inttances, bowever, tbe aid of Parlia- 
ment bat been called in to give effect to tbe grace of tbe 
Crown in catet wbicb were beyond itt prerogative. Tbit bat 
most freqaei>tly been done to reverte a^taindert, and tbougb 
generally attaindert, wben at all affected by tubsequent 
actt of tbe Legislaturen bave been abtolutely reverted, still 
in otbert new dignities descendlble according to tbe provi- 
tions of tucb act bave been created. Thus in tbe cate of tbe 
Barony of Lumley, wbicb was created by a Writ of Suro« 
knont in tbe 8ib Edw. Jl., forfeited in 1400, restored in 1461, 
by Parliament reversing tbe attainder wbicb produced its 
forfeiture, and in 1558, on tbe deatb of Jobn Lord Lumley, 
^ became extinct in consequence of tbe attainder of George, 
tbe son and beir of tbe taid Baron ; yet, tbdugb Jobn, tbe 
ton and beir of tbe said George Lumley, was restored in 
blood in 1547» tlie act of restoration, wbicb enacted tbat be 
and tbe beirt male of bis body ibould en)oy tbe dignity of a 
Baron, watdeemed to bave operated at anewcreation, änd 
tbat it did not affect tbe original Barony forfeited in conse- 
quence of tbe attainder of tbe son «ndbeir of tbe last Baron*^. 

-■^'- — I ■ 

* Tbe Btrony of Dany of Dtrcy, p. 178, is »Iso illostrative of 
%he point in quesltnr* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Parlianent in one insfMic« created a new liaiit«(ia 
the original preoeUence of digiiities, wbieh witbout 
tcricfeDce womM bav« beeome eitinot. Tbe oclebpatc^ 
Jhikt o£ Blaiiborongb, beld tbat Dukedosi aod aevera 
English titles, togctber wkb a Scotob Barony, w 
flBainder to tbe baira aale of bis body; but in tbe 
Anne, bairin^ no issue male (ben Itrin^, an aot was 
limitin^ all Us di^ities in default of isuie male to hia 
davgbter and tbe betn male of ber bedy, witb remai« 
all bis oiber daufbteri iererally and snocessiTely, acc 
to tbeir priority of birtb, and to tbe bcirs male of %h 
apeoiive bodies wiib divers otber remaindevs*. Tbi 
bowever, an extraordioapy» and indeed unprecedent 
eorrence, whicb perbaps netbing woold afain pi 
but soob important poUio lenriees aa tboae firom wl 
tbcn arose. 

Aa it is connected witb tbe tubfect ef d%nities ^f 
it may perbaps be proper Co allode to that personal 1 
wbieh a wife acquires by marriage witb a f^eer. Ew 
man wbo is married to a Peer beoomea cntitied to tb 
di^aity as ber bnsband, and aequitcs all tbe rights ai 
vileges of Peerage wbicb are consistent witb ber sex. 
if sbe be accnsed of treasun or felony« sbe can otily I 
•by tbe Hoose of Peers ; bat if a womaa wbo bas a« 
a dignity by marria^e afterwards Biarries a common 
loses ber dignity, and all tbe rights and privüeges*«! 
to it, for that wbieh Is gained by maniage may be i 
marriage, etäetk mtdo fuod quid eonsHhiiiur ditifhiit 

Tbis doetrine was formevly doubtedy but tbe H< 
Lords pesohvd in 1691 that if tbe widow of a Peer t 
ried to a Oommoner, «A# skaii tmt be allowed privi 
Peerage ; bence saeb undoubtedly isnow tbe lawon tl 
ject, notwttbstaodini^ tbe frequent praetise of tbe wii 
Peers retaining tbe title of their first busband thoug 
ried to Cooimoners. If a woman be noUe by birtb 
eeeated a Peeress, sbe will nal lote ber dignity 1^ man 
Commoner, and Lord Coke also says, that if the wid< 
Duke marry a Baron or »ny Peer under tbe rankof li 
busband, sbe siill retains tbe name of a Duchess, t 
ber busband is noble 1 1 but it bas been beld by otber 

• Cruise on Dignities, p. «42. 
X l inst. 19 h, 

t Ibid, p. 90. 

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yföCOUNTCiiES. UftI 

Ui»t sbesboiiM be stylad by tbe Utle ol her leoond bttibM^i 
and at tbe Coronation of bit liKd Mi^ty the latter doo 
trine was acteU up^n« fof tbe widow of tbe Duke of Lcedi, 
«ibo was tben tbe m(e of tbe Earl of Portmortry daifDcd to 
«dk AS a DucbeM> but was refuted *. 

It may aot lie ii^prof^r bere to observe tbat tb« 
int iustance iu whicb Carjs and Baronf appear to bava 
been styled Peers, is in tb«» »ward of eaile, ag^ainft Huffh 
Iß Despeocer, and Hugb le Defipei>cer> bis son, in tbe Par- 
liament wbicb met at Westminsterin tbe fourteentb yearof 
^ing Edward tbe Second, Annp 1321, wbicb inttrument 
concludes in tbe following wor^jls,. "Tberefore we Pifers qf 
ihe lAOulf Earis and Barons, in tbe preseuce of tbe Kiof^, 
dti award tbat Sir Hugb le Pespeticer, the fatber, and Sir 
Uu^ le DespeoceT) tbe son, be disinberited for ever/^&c.f 


Tbis title, wbicb is always conferred by letters patent, 
and descends accordiogto ibe limitation expressed in them, 
is tbe most modern title of Peerage in tbis cuuntry. The 
Word had long been used to detiote tbe Sheriff of a County, 
und ihou^b the cVigiiity wm known in France at a mucb 
«srUi^r period, wh^re, Wka i\\\ otber titles in Vbat kingdoro, it 
was of a fpud^l nature and n.iuched to lands, it was not in- 
trudiiced ifito England until the reign of King Henry the 
Sixlb, wbicb Müuai-choti ibe JOtb of February, in tbe l8tb 
year of bis rei^ii, ütuvo 1440, created Jobn^Lord Beaumo&t, 
ViiCOuntBeaumunt, bj ktters patent. Tbewordsof crea- 
tlon are ** Nomefi. VicecGmUis de Beaumont imponimus, ac 
ipsfim tnsigniä t^wecümitis de Beaumont realiter investimttSf 
tocumque in Parlinmenfis eojisiliis et aliis congregationibus . 
nosiriSf tmpsr ötnnes Härenen regtti riostn assignavimui 
ei^m, This di^nrty was liiniced to the heirs roate^of Ms body, 
and it ü observahte tbat King Henry a« th6 aame tinte 

* Cnuse on Digoities, p. 91 . 
t Sfecönd'Ptf^n^e Report, p. dtl. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



franted hini tht VifMttütrjf cf BMomorft in Frtiie«, i 
hsd beeil IbrüBitdl to tlie Oroim hf tbe rebeHloii a 
Duke of Alen^on, äod {r*nted by Kinf^ Henry the Fif 
eis brotber tbe ]>uke of Bedfbrd, bot by fah deatb ba 
rerted to the Crown*. The teeond Imtancf« Oeeorrted j 
jears aftenvards, for it appeari f bat Henry Lord Bbvrc 
waf on tbe1l4tb Dec. 8Stb Hen. Vf. 1446, fnainioned fo 
liament as Vifcount Bourcbier, and It it pretumed tbm 
patent of creation tb tbat difnity wai dated ibortly b 
tbat Writ was itsued, bat neitlier Dugdale.. nor aiiy t 
writer cite any fucfti patent, bot merely refer to tbe Wi 
proof that be wattocreated. 

Tbit digiiify ha«, conparafirely, leMoni been conf^ei 
itt precedence, as stated in tbe patent of John Visc 
Beaumont, is immediately above all Baroni, and fori 
each person wbo recei^ed it was previously a Baron : b 
a few modern instanees indiTlduats bavebeen at once er 
a Baron and a Viseonntf ; and in otbers they bave 
raised to tbe di|;nity of a Viseount withoat haviiig 
eitber previously possessed of a Barony, or at tbe same 
created to ^bat dignityX. 


The title and dignity of Cbm«», Bari, was introc 
iAte England by tbe Normant at tbe Cunqueit, froos i 
period to tbe end of the reign of Henry tbe Tbird, Baroi 
Bari were tbe only names of dignities or titles knowo in 
land ; and some writers bave conjectured tbat the ap| 
tion of Camei arose from the circumstance of tbe 
being Comes et sociut ßtco in perdpiendUg becausegen< 
tbe Earl had tbe tbird part of the profits arising frua 
pleas of the county ; but the learned Seiden disseuts 

* Cniiae on Dignljlieiy p. SO. 

f Viseount Bolingbroke and Baron 8t. John in 171 9, J 
BTOg and Viseount Torrington In 1781, Viseount and ] 
Maynaid in 1767» &c. 

X Leinster in 1747, Courtenaj in 1763| 
Gordou in 1814^ and Granrille in 1 8 1 6, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


not ji%uY^ tkm ward Omm k^m C§miiaiu»f and he ob» 
«prc^oii Uft«;4iitborkj.oraa'iyDdefit wriier cited by Cam- 
4n», tb#t. MVKiftl JB«rte hadAoc.4be tkird penoj, or third 
part, joMbP pieas pf Uw Goiuuy «. 

Mr.CvMU« «tfOtsitibitt tbe digiut7t)f «a £Url was origi- 
uiUy. jw iMW ad to tbe vpoMtsskin ol a panicuUr traa of 
iMd| «nd ibatiliMfe appaar Xo hava been tbr«e diflfejeut 

** Tbe first waa wbei« the diguity was. aonexed to tbe 
seUin and possession of an eutira couaty, mth jwa regaHa, 
Uk wiiieb caia^jilie «ttaaty beeaiae palaUn«» and the peraon 
cceated- £arl ibeceuf aflqaired rei^al Jurisdiction and ro>al 
ieignoiy« By reat oq of the royal Jurisdiction tbe £arl pala* 
tiue had all tbe bigh courts» and officers of justice whicb 
U»e King bad, wich a civil and criminal Jurisdiction ; and 
by reasoB of bis loyal seignory he had all tbe royal Services 
^shd royal extreata wbiob tbe King had^ so that* in fact, a 
eovniy palatine was in avery respcct a feudal kiugdom of 
iuelf, but beld of a superior Lord.f '* 

Tbe second^ bind of Karldom was where the King created 
aperson Earl of a county> witbout granting bim tbe seisin 
and possessioa of tbe couuty itself, or any of tbe frauchises 
of an Earl palatine» but on^ the third part of tbe profits, 
or tm^tium denarium, arisiug from tbe pleas of tbe county 

The tbird kind of Earldoni was where the Crown granted 
a eonsickrable tract of laud to a person to hold per servil 
fium mtnui cotnHatus % • » 

^OA tbiB subjeet, however, avariety of cooflietiftg opinions 
Uist ; tior does tbere appear to b« any positive evidence of 
Ae prinoiple whicb j»gulated the creation and deseent of 
Earfdoms imtil the reign of Edward tbe Tbird, wbenthey 
w«re conferred hy Charters or Letters Patent, with an ex* 
pMss llmitation eitber to thö beirs-general or beirs male 

* Cniise on Dignities, pp. 17» 18. 
' f Of this kind were ehester, Pembroke, and Durham ; but by 
Stat. S7 Hen. VIII. c. 24, the privileees of Earls Palatioe were 
rnnch iduridged, with the exception of we Blshops of Durham. 

X Ciaise oa Dignities, p. 63> et. seq. 

VOL. I. k * 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



of tbe body of the grantec. From the ConqiiMt to Um jt 
of Henry the Tbird, tb«:y appear in sevtral inttaneei 
have been beld, like Baronies, 1^ tbe tenure of oer 
lands iwbicb bad been erected into Earldoma. Oo 
forfeiture of tbose laods» tbe persona on whom tb» Cr 
conferred them, in most instances, aasumed tbe title of £ 
and even as late as tbe rei^n of Edward tbe Tbird tbe t! 
of tbe Earldoms of wbicb Henry Plantagenet Duke of I 
caster died possessed, were assumed by John ef Gaunt, 
busband of Blanch Plantagenet, bis daughter^ a»d eve 
allv 8ole beir. 

it would be impostfble, bowereri to enter properly 

tbe subject in the limited Space to wbicb tbese observal 

are confined, and altbougb tbe tbird Report of tbe Lk 

Committees on tbe Peerage eontains a very estenelv« 

quiry on tbe subiect of EarldooDs» and indeed tbougl 

tbe researcb and learning wbiob it was possible to briti 

tbe subject have been tbere esipleyed, ne salisfactery 

clusion can be formed. Such benig tbe ease^ tt weiil 

worse tban oseless to atteropt to oifer any atatement oi 

subject i and in tbe following paget tt was soHMtiiAef £ 

a nsost difficult task to decide to wbom tbe title ef 

abouid properly be attrtbated : benoe, tbofigb maoy ft\ 

to wbom that dignity bad, by former writer»^ been aesi| 

are on tbe aothority oitber of Dngdale or tbe Rkiper 

tbe Lords' Cemmittees omittedy stiU k ii probMe 

many are still improperly included under tbat de« 

tion. Tbe Lords' Committees appear to entertain 

epinion, tbat in many instances at, and sbortly after 

Conquest, Earldoms were personal, and tbattbougbbc 

tary tbey were not partible * ; and also to consider tfc 

some instances the grants of lands wbicb bad been de 

by preceding autborities to have confeired tbe dtgnity 

Earl, bad no such effcot i and tbat a snpposition mi 

entertained tbat tbe suecession of tbe descendants 

»ales to tbe dignity of Earls before tbe reigii of Edwai 

was considered as depending wboUy on tbe plea&ure c 

Crown f. 

Tbe diflSculty, if not tbe impbssibility, of arriving i 
condusion tbat can be relied on, is tbe Editer^s gj 

* III. Report, p* S99. 

f Ibid,p. 161. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


for Röt enlarging^ on thb head } and he confetset hit 
inability to gir« any explanation vrhich can be deemed 
latiffactory, witluMii nerely rep«ating wbat has been so 
aUy statcd by tbe Lords' Committees ; to wbose valuabte 
Reports he tbefefiore refers those who inay wisb to inves- 
tigat« «aeb cascs as are likely to illustrate tbis obscare 
poinc of bktory. 

For niany eenturies Earldoms bare always been eon« 
icrred by Letters Patent or Cbarters, aecoropanied by an 
inwcstiCore m ParHaiBent, and tbe roanner ki wbich tbe 
dignity wm to descend was, as in tbe ca>.e of all oiber titles 
by FatMSt, expvessty dtfined. Tbe investiture faas long since 
beeR dispviised witb, and tbe aneient praetiee of oreating 
a persoD Bari of some county or town, iß», from tbe great 
inereasf of dignities ut tbis oountry, given place to de- 
ming tbe title fvom some rlHage, or estate, and even from 
tbe name of a famHy. In moit instanees tbe eitle bas been 
limited t« tbe beirs male of tbe budy of tbe grantee, but 
remaindert at« by no means oncommon to tbe issue of a 
sistcr or daoghter« or to some otbcr person named in tbe 
Patent ^. 


The title of Marquess was unknown in tbis country, as 
distinguisbed from otber titles of honour, uiitil tlie crea- 
tion of Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford, by Riebard tbe 
Second, to tbe dignity of Marquess of DuMin for life, by a 
Cbarter, wbicb is entered on tbe Rolls of Parliament. Mr. 
Crulse, oa tbe anthority of Seiden, derives tbe appellation 
from tbe motä Mfy,fchiOy wbicb bad been used for many 
ages to deseribe betb Baris and Barons, but especially tbose 
wbo were Lords Marcbers, or Governors of tbe fronticr pro- 
▼inces ; and at tbe Coronation of Queen Eleanor, wife of 
Henry IIL, J'obn Fita-Aian, Ralpb Murttmer, Jobn de Mon- 
mootb, awd Walter Clifford, as Marchionest de MarckUt 
0iaHaf, being Lords Marcbers of Wales, claimed, ;W mar" 
ehim, to carry tbe eanopy wbicb belonged to tbe Barons of 

• §00 p. bww- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


tbe Cinque Ports *. Tbe next inttan<*e is ibat of John de 
Beaufort Earl of Somerset» «tho was created Marqoesa of 
Dorset by tbe same monarcb, in September» 1397 ; whieh 
dignity be resi^ed, and was» on tbe same day, by anotber 
Patent, created Marquess of Somerset, tbong^h he eonti* 
nued to be styled Marquess of Dorset until tbe 1 Hen. IV.» 
wben tbat title was abolisbed. Tbe Commons, however, 
petitioned tbe Kinfp'to restore bim to tbat dig^nity» bat be 
bimself opposed tbeir reqoest» and bumbly prayed tbe Kin^^, 
Que come le nom de Atarquis fürst ethramge fwm en cett 
royaulme qui il ne lui vorroU auscunemeni damer €ii nome 
dt Marquis $ car jawuiis par conge du Roi ü ne vcrraU 
porter, ne aceepter sur Ivy nul Hei nam en ixuscune maniere» 
Tbis title does ^ot appear af^ain to bave been eonferred 
until tbe reign of £dward tbe Sixtb» since wbich period it 
bas been occasionally granted.; and it bas now become» 
like tbe comparatively modern title of Viscount» a common 
title of Peerage in tbis conntry. It bas always been eon- 
ferred by Letters Patent, and, as in tbe case of otber dig- 
nities crei^ted in tbat /nanner, descends agreeably to t£e 
limitation expressed in tbe Instrument of creatioo. 


This, tbe bigbest title of Peerage in England, was created 
in tbe Iltb year of tbe retgn of King Edward tbe Tbird, 
wben tbat monarcb eonferred tbe dignity of Duke of Corn- 
wall on bis eldest son, Edward the Black Prince» wbo vas 
before only Carl of Cbester ; but tbe :term Dux, or Duke, 
was, according to Seiden, used in tbe description of Earls 
roany centories before it became a distinct dignity. The 
Charter of creation of ibe Duke of Cornwall is cited by 
Mr. Cruise to shew tbat the dignity of Doke was original^ 
annexed to tbe possession of lands : tbe next instance of a 
similar creation was tbat of Henry Earl of Lancaster, wbo, 
on tbe 6th Marcb, 1351, was created Duke of Lancaster 

* Croise on Dignities, p. 1 9> 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

mmEfX)M6. ixivii 

fwr life*, a«cord<n^ to SeMen ; aiid tbe words of the Char- 
ters of creation $ere coiisider^d te faave rendered botb thote 
dignities Dukedoms hy fenupe, and a» mcfa they are said 
stül ta erfet^ — that of Cornwall being alwayi vested in tbe 
eldest son of tbe King, wbo becomes socfa tbe moment be 
Is born, and tbat of Lancaster being in tbe bands of tb« 
Crown f. Bat in tbe Third Peerage Report, Henry Duke of 
Lancaster is stated to faave been created to tbat dignity, to 
Irim and tbe heirsmate ofkkhodyli and M is tberecontended 
that tbe grapt pf tlie dignity of Duke of Comwall was per- 
sonal ; tbat tbe property was granted to bim to enable bim 
to maintain tbe dignity of Duke aecording to bis rank; 
that the King's Patent of creation, and not tbe grant of 
the property, made bim Duke of Cornwall as a mere title, 
or name of bonour; and tbat tbe property did not make 
him ^rl of Cornwall, or give bim any title of dignity §• 
After tt)e period in (^uestfon Dukedoms were occasionally 
granted as a personal dignity, witb remainder, in moH 
instances, to the beirs male of tbe body of tbe grantee, 
tbough, like otber dig^ities, instances might be dted where 
tbe limitation bas been of a more special natura ; and 
one or two occur wfoere tbe remainder bas been to the 
heirs-general of tbe budy of the person so created. It is 
submitted, tbat tbe position of Seiden, in which be bas 
been followed by Mr. Cruise, tbat the Dukedoms of Com- 
wall and Lancaster are Dakedoms by Tenure, is not correct, 
the former being, as is just remarked, a personal bonour, 
tbottgh witb a peculiar UmHation to tbe eldest son of the 
King for tbe time being. This limitation, independentl^ of 
its having been autbor^zed by Parliamentfl, is not, when 
property considered, of so Singular a/iatufe as at first sigbt 
it appears to be; foir it was, in e6fect, little more than limit- 
ing tbe dignity to tbe heirs male of the body of tbe first 
grantee, who wa? the;i heir to the throne; but witb this 
pepuliairity» tbat tbe title was to vest in each person on bis 
father's succeedii)g to tbe Crown« Tbe Dukedom of Lan- 
caster was also clearly a personal bonopr wb^n conferred on 
Henry Earlof Lancaster in ,1351, and which on bis death 

* Sslden staliQS thu ha was so ^feated m Parliamentf but no 
DOlJ^ pf such an event is to be found on the Rolls of Parlisioent. 
t Cruise, pp. 64, 65. §111. Peerage Report, p. 150. 

l Hl. Peerage Report, p. Ifi«. H Ibid. 

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without i»«ue male became extinct : bat it wm affatfi eon- 
ferred, though with more extensiTe power, in 1362, on 
John of Gaunt, who married the daughter, and eventually 
gole heir, of the last Duke. Mr. Crutee ccmsiders that thia 
grant was merely for life, and citfis part of the charter of 
creation; but it is not certain, from the passage there 
given, whether the title was likewise limited to the 
Said Duke for his life only. In any case, however, what- 
ever Jurisdiction or title was granted to that personage, 
it eitber at, or very soon after hi« deathy became vested 
in the Crown; for if the grant was only Cor his life, it of 
course revertcd to the Crown on his demise in 1399, and 
which would also have been the case had it descended to 
hisson and heir, Henry Plantagenet ; for that personage 
ascended the throne on the 29th of September in the same 
year, as King Henry the Fourth. 

From thesc circumstancea it roay perhaps be Jafely con- 
cluded, that every Dukedom whioh has existed in England 
has been strictly a personal honor, and that the descent of 
the dignity has always been limited by the terms of the Pa- 
tent or Charter of crcation. 


As in nuroerous instances in the following pagei 
titles are stated to have been Foffeiied, it is necessary that 
a few observations relative to the forfeiture of dignities 
should be submitted. The subject, however, is one of some 
difficulty, and although the nature of this work preeludet 
the possibility of entering into it in a manner suitable to 
its importance, still such points may be stated as will, 
perhaps, be acceptable to the general reader. 

AU dignities, or titlea of bonour, whether held infee 
simple, fee tail, or for life, are forfeited and lost by the 
attainder for Hiofl Treason of the persona possessed of 
them *. Persona npon whom jndgment of high treason is 
pronounced, or who are oatlawed upon an indietment for 
high treason, are f aid to be attainted of high treason, and 

* Craise on Dignities, p. 118. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

FORFEITUHE*^. \xxix 

Bothmi^ but a reverAal of siidi act of atUin^er by Parlia- 
ment will rettore tbe pensm lo attainted, or hU posterity, 
to the boBOfs tbas forfeited : nor> in tbe event of tbe i«tue 
of tbe body of tbe person attaintpd failing, will tbe de- 
scendants of tbe person «ho was first created to tbe dif^- 
nity be adniittcd to it, witbout a removal of tbe attainder 
of tbe person by wbom it was forfeited. Tbi)s in tbe case 
of tbe EarldoDi of VVestmoreland, wbicb was created by 
Letters Patent to Ralpb Neville in 1397» to bim and tbe 
heirs male of bis body, and coniioaed vested in sucb beirs 
male until it was inbcrited by Cbarles Neville in 1563. 
Tbe Said Charles was attainted of high treason by outlawry 
in 1370, and died witbuut issue male» and in tbe 2 Jac. 
I. Edward Neville claimed tbe di^nity at beir male of Ralph 
Neville tbe first f rantee. Tbe case was, by coromand of 
tbe King^, propounded to tbe JudgeSp who deeided ag^ainst 
the daim, on tbe fci^und that tbe dignity was forfeited for 
ever to tbe Crown *. 

Where a person is tenant in tail male of a dignity, with 
A remainder over in tail male to anotber» and such person 
is attainted of high treason, tlie dignity is fbrfeited as to 
bim and bis isiue male t but upon failure of issue male of 
tbe person attainted, tbe dignity becomes vested in tbe 
remainder man or bis male deseendantf. Tbus in tbe case 
of the Earldom of Nortbumberland, and tbe Baronies of 
Percy of Cockermooth and Petwortb, Poynings, Lucy, 
Bryon, and Fita-Payne, which dignities were by Letters 
Patent conferred on Thomas Percy in 1557» with remainder 
to the heira male of bis body» in default of wbicb to bis 
brother Henry Percy and tbe heirs male of bis body« Tbe 
Said Thomas Earl of Nortbumberland, &c. was attainted of 
high treason in 1571» and had be left issue male, so long 
as sucb issue male existed these dignities would have been 
fori«ited i but on tbe eatinction of tbe issue male of bis 
body, the remainder would immediately take eflfect ; as, 
bowever, he died witbout issue male» tbe dignities instantly 
devolved oa bis brother, in consequence of tbe limitations 
in tbe Patent. Tbe case of the Dukedom of Somerset is 
also strictiy in point. Edward Seymour Earl of Hertford, 
waa created Baron Seymour, and Duke of Somerset» in 

* Cmise on Digntttes, p.l 1 8. t Ibid p. 199. 

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1547t wi^^ remalnder to tlie beSre male of bis bod 
Ann bis second wife, failinp wbicb to ** Sir Edward 
mour, son of ibe £arl of Hertford by Katberine hi$ 
wife, and tbe beirs nale of the b«dy of Sir Edward 
mour tbe son/* Tbe Duke of Somerset was attaint< 
1 552 of Pelony, wbicb attainder woald not, as wi 
more fully noticed, bave affected bis dignities ; bat \ 
act of Parliament passed sbortly after bis deatb all bis 
were declared to be forfeited to tbe Crown. Tbe issue 
of bis body by bis second wife did mit in consequence 
ceed to bis titles nntil 1660, wben tbe act whicfa deel 
tbe Puke's dignities to bave been forfeited was repe 
and consequentW bis beir male by bis said second 
sueceeded to all bis bonoors. fn 1750 tbe issue ma 
the Duke by bis second wife failed, and tbe digniti 
Baron Seymour and Doke of Somerset develved on 
issue male of Sir Edward Seyreour, bis eldest soi 
hisßrsi wife, by virtue of tbe limitation of tbe Patei 
creation of tbose bonours in 1547. It bas been tt 
that tbe forfeiture of tbe Duke's dignities by tbe ac 
Parliament of 5 & 6 £dw. VI. did not affect tbe dig 
of Duke of Somerset granted to Sir Edward Seymour 
tbe beirs male of bis body ) for by tbe terms of tbe g 
tbat dignity had vested, immediately after tbe Patent pa 
tbe Great Seal, in Sir Edward Seymourj witb limitatio 
tbe beirs male oJF bis body, tbough tbe actoal enjoymei 
it bv Sir Edward and tbe beirs mute of bis body was n 
to depend on the faUure of heira male of the body of 
fatber by bis second wife ; and it is consequently aifiri 
tbat on the extinction of tbe beirs male of Sir Edward : 
mour first Duke of Somerset, the grantee, by h\» second y 
that Dukedom would bäte immediately derolved on 
beirs male of Sir Edward Seymour above meutioned, < 
had not the act of restoration in 1G60 taken place, beca 
so far as tbe said limitation was in question, it wantei 
act for its preservation*. A questlon seems, howevei 
arise oat of this c^e wbicb does not appear to bare I 
noticed. Tbe words of tbe limitation (if tbe extract g 
by tbe Lords' Committees be, as it cannot be deubted i 
strictly correct,) are, to tbe beirs male of tbe body ol 
Duke'by Ami bis second wife» failing wbich, to Sir Edu 

"' .11 1 ■' I I I , , »1 

• IIL Peera^ Report, p, 49. 

' w 

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Stymmtr, 4on qftft£ Efiti a/ Heriford I^ KtU herine kaßnt 
mtff, and tkt hdrit maU of tke b&d^ &f Sir Edwmrd Se^mtmr 
tke^san, Heijce it appi^ar'^ (hat Sir Edward Seyraour wm 
ipmtiit^ named iw t he Patent j nnrl k inipht, p<>«ftibly, hnve 
beeri ÜLiubteiJ whFther, had the limitation bpen io the i»fiu« 
nialE of ihe Duke by bi^i ^^efontl wife antl tlie beirs hiäIk 
of their budie«, inslead of cxpressly riüminj^ Sif EdwiiTil 
Stjrnioiir, ihe diipirilie* w«uld have beeil pre«er?eil in the 
io«nner just suted : but ä« Mp, Cruise * €ites liih 
cXie tö ihew thftt an ^state In tnil U nal forfeic^d b? tli« 
AtUinder foF felony of the preeedm* teni^nt in tait, it 
(iiay b« inferred lliAt U was not neMiasary ibAt Sir Edward 
S*yTpoiir ühonld have b^een spedally Ramed» The ra-^o of 
ihe celebmred Henry St, John U also stfongrly niu5tr.itWe 
flf the effeft of a remninder in pre'^'^rvinp a dignitj. That 
personaj^e wää created Viicount Boiingbroke and Bnrnn St. 
iübn of LydiardTrej^o^e» co, Wilte, in 171?» with remaindor 
Ui ihe heir« male of hli b^nty, in dpfnult nf wbtcb To hH 
f»lhfir 5lr Henry St* Jühn» Äod the heirs male of hi<i-body. 
Loril Bcdin^broke was attainted of hif^b treason by art of 
Parliament In 1715; and ihongb, In 1725, be mm restored 
m blüod, yet hh disnities were never r*"*f ored tu bim, and 
upim bis death mthtmi isme in 1 7S I » Frederick St^ Jobni 
the /^miidson and heir male of Sir Henry St, John, tb*^ (Vis- 
cuuni's fsther), lucceeded tr> fhe tttles of Viscount Btding- 
bTikke and Baron St. John of Lydiard Trego^e, by virtue of 
Ihe s.^id remainder« 

An impnrtant dlffünence exists between an attainder for 
/%/i TreasonAfid an attainder for Feiany^ DisnlüeR 
cre^red eitber by Writ or by Pattnt becoine forfeiled by an 
^ittamdef for hi^h ireason^ but by an attäindep for Jelon^ 
afi einailed di^nity i^ nüt foffeiied, thou^b adig:nity preaietl 
liy Writ, aitd desoendible to htfirs-eeiii-ral, is furfeiled by 
theaitainder of /etonif of the person (tosses^ed of it» Tbu« 
M^rvin Tüu^ftet, who was ttaron Auüiey, by Writ, in Enp- 
laftd, mnd E;irl of CastUhaven, under a Paltot, in Ireland, 
«ai, m 1631, attainted of fel«ny, and it appffars from si*b~ 
sequent procrcdin-j» tbat it wa^i beld tbat the Barouy of 
Aücjley became forfeit^d in con?iequeiife of tbat attainUerj 
and thougb, aneording tn modern principle-s^ 5t did not 
affcothii Iriih EarldoiDj bia »on was ereatud Bnfon Audley, 

* On Dignitiefi, p, las. 



and Eari of CMÜehaven in Irakmd, and by aot of Pari. 
39 & 30 Car. 11. be was restored t* tfae bonour of Baron 
Audley of Hely» with tbe original preeedenct of tbe ancient 
Barony forfeited by bU fatber ; but tbe dif nky wai by tbat 
act expresfly limited to bim and tbe beirs of bis body, witb 
remainder to bis brotber, Martin Toucbet, and tbe beirs of 
bis body, remainder to tbe daugbters of bis fatber, and tbe 
beirs of tbeir bodies. The Barony ofAudley will tberefort con- 
ti nue to be vested in the beirs-general of tbe body of Nieholas 
de Audley» tbe first Baron by Writ, so long as issue exists 
of tbe body of Menrin Toiicbet, fatber of James tbe restored 
Lord $ but on defauh of sucb issoe the Barony will beeome 
forfeited, or perbaps, to speak more correetly, extinoC» in 
consequence of tbe attainder of tbe said Merrin Toucbet 
for felony in 1631. Bot from tbe case of Charles LordStour- 
ton» (whicb dignity be inb«rtted under Letters Patent granted 
to bis anoestor Sir John Stourton in tbe 36 Hen. VI. creat- 
ing bim Baron Stourton, witb remainder to the beirs male 
of bis body], it appears tbat entailed dignities ars not for- 
feited by an attainder for felony t for tbough tbat nobleraan 
was convfcted ef murder, and banged in 1557, bis son was 
sommoned to Parliament witbout any aet of restoration in 
blood or benours baving ever been passtd. Afid tbis principle 
was also eonfirmed In the case of tbe Earl Ferrers in 1711. 

In all cases of attainders, wbereby a dignity bas been for- 
feited, tbe Crown bas no power to restore tbe dignity } and 
it can only be restored by act of Parliament eitber expressly, 
or impliedly by annofling tbe attainder; for by tbf attain- 
der it was utterly destroyed and gone as if it bad never bad 
existenee, and the power of Parliament alone is eompetent 
again to bring it into existenee. The King may grant a 
dignity of the same degree and by tbe same narae$ but tbe 
dignity so granted will not be tbe dignity whicb existed 
before tbe attainder; it will be a new and distinct dignity 
of the same quality and name, but not tbe same dignity *. 
In most eases wbere a dignity bas been restored by aet of 
Parliament it bas been by a reversal of tbe attainder by 
whicb it was forfeited ; whicb, of eourse, revired tbe bo- 
nour to precisely the same State as if such aet of attainder 
bad never been passed : but in some instances tbe dignity 

* III« Peerage Report, p. 50. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


hat been restored with a aew Umitation*; wbiltt in otbers, 
tbouiifb the beir of thc last Baron has been fuUjr rettortd 
In blood^ a ncw dignity with a liniitation ef a dlfferent na« 
ture from that forfeSted hf bis aneettor, bas, by tbe act of 
restoration beea ertatedf. 

In cases of entailed di^ities, tbe itsue of the perton 
attainted nust be capable of inberitiiig, otberwite if tbere 
be a person wbo emild tuceeed to tbe dif uities in conse- 
qnence of a special remainder in tbe patent of creation, 
soch remainder will immediately take eflfect, in tbe sane 
manner aa if tbe issne of tbe attainted pctrton had falle»! }• 

Tbe attainder of tbe son and beir apparent of a Barvn 
hy ff^f wbetber such son does or does not survive bis 
fathefy' will deatroy tbe dignity } for be is incapable of in- 
berlting it in conseqaence of bis attainder, and bis blood 
being eorrupied no title can be derived tbrougb bim ) to 
tbat tbe dtgnity becoRMS vested in tbe Crown by escbeat» 
and is thereby mer^ed and destroyed as effectually as if it 
bad been forfeited by tbe person actually possested of tbe 
dignity §. But it is a ruk of law tbat tbe attainder of a 
person wbo need not be mentioned in tbe derivation of tbe 
descenty doet not impede tbe deseent of tbe dignity $ and 
thevefore wbcre a person may claim as beir to an aneestor» 
withont being obliged to derive bis descettt tbreugh aa 
attainted petson, be will not be aflfected by sueb at« 
tainder. Tbus> if a man bas two sons, and tbe eldest is 
att aint e d of treason, and afterwards tbe fatber dies seised 
of an estate in fee simple, tbe younger brotber cannot in- 
berit from bis father ; for the eider brotber» tbougb at- 
tainted, is still a brotber, and no other can be beir to tbe 
fatber wbile be is alive | so tbat as the eider brotber can- 
not infaerit in conseqaence of bis attainder, nor tbe younger 
becanse of tbe existente of bis eider brotber, tbe estate or 
dignity escheats to tbe Crown : but if the tider brotber 
dies in ihe Hfe-Hm& nfhis fitther urithout isme^ tbe younger 
brotber wilt then inherit from the fatber, because be can 

* Vide the Barony of Audley just noticed. 

f See the fiaronies of Lumley and Darcy of Darcy, alluded to 
in p. Ixix. 

t Cruise on Dignities^ p. 123» who cites the case of Gordon v. 
King's Advocate. 

§ Cruise» p. 125» & 125. Vide the Lumley and Parcy cases. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



derive his üetcenl from bim without daiminf^ ihrougb» «r 
even meDtiomng bis broiber*. Tbus in tbe cate ot ihe 
Barony of BeauiBoiit, William ibe last Baron -Beaoouint, 
under a Writ of Summons to bis ancestor in tb« re4gn of 
Edward tbe äecond, died in 1507 witbunt issoe, leavini: tbe 
daugbter of Juane, bis only siäteri wbo marrSed John Liord 
Lovely bis cobeirs, vis. Juane tbe eldest, wbo miirried Sir 
Brian Stapleton, and Frideswide, wbo was tbe wife of Sir 
Kdward Norris. Lord Lovel by tbe said Joane Beaunooi 
bad also an only son, Sir Francis, wbo aucceeded bis fatber 
in tbe Baronies of Lfovel, Deincuurt, Uoland, and Grey of 
Roiberfield, and was created Viscount Lovel in 1483, bat 
was attainted uf bigb treason in 1487» In consequeiice of 
Ins attainder, all tbe bunors of wbicb he was actuaUjf pat- 
sested became forfeited { but us tbe Act by wbicb be was 
attainted passed during tbe life time of bis materaai uncle, 
William, Viscount and Baron B«aumM)t$ and as he died 
wiibuut issue, it was beld that bis attainder did not affect 
tbe Barony of Beaumont, tu wbicb be would bave suc- 
ceeded bad he survived butb bis uncle aud moibert- Tbl« 
case merits particular attention, because it is an example et 
most of tbe points relative to Forfeitures wbicb bave beeii 
noticed in tbese remarks on tbe subject; Francis Vis- 
count Lovel wben attainted was not only aotnally seiscd 
of several Baronies in fee under Writs of Summons, aiul of 
a Viscountcy under Letters Patent, but be was presumptiv« 

• Crulse onDignities, p. 129. 

"t* Tbe follpwing table sheiVs the points of tbe case much more 
clearly than a mere narrative is capable of doing. 

John, 6th Baron aod Ist Viscount Beaumont, K.G. ob. 1459.=^ 

William, 7th Baron 
and 3d Viscount 
Beaumont ; ob. 
8. p. 1507. 

Joane»=^ohn Lord Lovel» aodin whom. 


Francis Baron LoveUHoIand, 
Deincourt, and Grey of 
Rotherfield; created Vis- 
count Lovel, 148S K. G.; 
slain 1487, and afterwards 
attainted of high treason ; 
ob. s. p. 

was also vested the Baronies 
of Holand) Deincourt, and 
GreyofRotherfieldi ob. 1463. 

Frideswide, Sd sis- 
ter and coheir ; 
married Sir Ed- 
ward Norris. =p 

Joane, eldest 
sister and co- 
heir; married 
Sir Brian 
Stapleton. =j= 




beir in right of bis mother to another Barony in Fee, 
namely» Ihe Barony of Beaumont ; and it is bi|;bly 
ilkistratWe of tbe law of Forfeitare to itate ibe effect 
whicb bis attain<ler bad oii tbese several dignities, as 
well »8 tbe diflferent effeet whicb bis dying issuelesi pro- 
^eed witb respect to tbe Baroqy of Beaumont, from wbaC 
woiild have been tbe result if be bad left issue. His at'ain- 
4er för high ti'eason not only produced tbe furfeiture of tbe 
Karoiiiet of wbicb be was seised in fee, but also of tbe Vis- 
eountcy, in wbicb dif^nity he bad an estate tail; but bad be 
been i^ttainted of feltmy only, tbe latter bonor would not 
bave ^en aflfeeted Vy tt, tboug^b it would bave destroyed tbe 
Baronies wbicb be inbertted pnder Writi of Suromons. 
Liord Beaumont surrired bim seren^l yf ars, and Lord Lovel's 
attainder, as be left no issue, eoold not in any sbape affect 
tbat dignity, and wbicb immediately became vested in bis 
sistersy as iieirs, in rigbt of tbeir mptber, to tbe said Lord 
Beaumont: if bowever Francis Visoount Lovel bad left 
issue, bis attainder wouldT bave rend^red tbe said Barony 
'Of Beanmont extinct, as tbey could not claim but tbrougb 
tbeir attainted fatber. Hence, tbpugb, wbilst any issue re- 
mained of Viseoaot Lovel, tbe Barony of Beaumont would 
bave been vested in tbe Crown ; still, on tbe extinction of 
sucb issue, \t h presomed tbat tbe dignity would bav^ be- 
come vested in tbe desicendants of bis sifter, wbose claim 
to it would bave been entirely free from nny attain<j[er. 

Anotber poiift relative to the cfft^ct of an attaandei* arose 
in the s^me case : H«nry Norris, tbe second $on (tbe eldest 
died wiihovit issve) of Frideswide Lovel by Sir Jplin Norris, 
was attainted of b!gb treason, wbich attainder was never 
reversed, and it was consequently urged on the part of tbe 
olaifiiant to tbe BanMiy in 179^ tbat tbe e#e«t of an at- 
tainder of one of tbe only two cobeirs of a Barooya w^ to 
vest tbe Barooy iji thß oiber coberr in tbe same pnanner as 
if aH tbe issue of sucb cpbßir bad failed. Tbe point was 
referred to tbe Jodges, vbo in effect gave it as tbeir opi- 
nion, tbat tbe attabider of a cofaetr merely vested bis sbare 
of the dig«ntgr4B tbe Crown, witbout ita in any degree tend*- 
big to tetmlAate t&e Abe^ance in favear of the otber co- 
beirs : and npoB tblt epmion tbe House of Lerd» forraed 
tbeir Res ol ntion onthe cla i man t'< petHion *. 

M l IWI H I I HM I WM » lni iw u l lw w i iii i um i iu !■■ — "in II I' ' • •■ 

* See tbe Report of tbia ease give« by Mr.Cruise, p. 214 et 
eq. of bis valoable Treatise on Dignities. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


A very material differenee txhts between tlie effc 

an attainder o( tbe beir apparent to a dignity created ui 

Leiters Patent, from what is jast stated to be tbe e 

I of an attainder of an beir apparent to a dignity cre 

by a PFrit of Summons, In tbe case of tbe attaind« 

tbe beir apparent to a dignity created under Let 

Patent, wbich render tbe bonor an estate tail, tbe dignit 

not destroyed if he dies in the life tinie of bis ancestc 

. wbom be was beir apparent; but if he survives suchancei 

tbe dignity is lost. Tbe former of tbese points appeai 

bave been determined in tbe case of tbe Dukedom of At 

I in 1764, and tbe latter in tbat of tbe Earldom of Airli 

f 1812. Jobn Murray, Marquess of AtboU, was by Le< 

Patent created Duke of Atholl to bim and tbe heirs ma 

bis body, and died in 1725, leaving two sons, James 

George. James tbe eldest son succeeded to tbe t)ukeil 

and died without issue in 1764. George, the second i 

1 was attainted of bigb treason in 1745, and died in 1 

T during the life time qfhis hrother^ leaving Jobn Murra^ 

son and beir, wbo elaimed and was allowed tbe Duked 

and bence it appears to be establisbed, tbat tbe son o 

attainted falber may claim a dignity in tail, provided i 

I attainted fatber was never possessed of tbe dignity, or < 

I prevented from possessing it in consequence of bis att 

der *. In tbe case of tbe iSarldom of Airlie, the attaii 

ancestor sunfived the person from wbom tbe claimant 

^ rived bis pretensions. James Ogilvie, Lord Ogilvie, 

created Earl of Airlie and Lord Ogilvy and Lintratbei 

I bim and bis beirs male succeeding to bim in certain la 

'. Tbe title descended to David, 3d Earl of Ogilvie, wbo 

two sons. James tbe eldest was attainted of bigb trei 

* Cruise, p. 128, and seq. 
John Marquess of Atboll, created Duke of Atboll to bim 
and tbe heirs male of bis body; ob. 1725. ^ 

I 1 _-J 

James Murray, succeeded as Geoige Murray, 2d son ; 

2d Duke of Atholl ) ob. tainfed qf high treasoi 

1764,8. P. 1745; ob. 1760. =t= 

I ' ' 

' Jobn Murray, elaimed and was allowed tbe Dakedom of 
I Atboll in 1764. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

FOiifllTViiES. Ixxxvii 

li» (%^ia,.»iJ sunmied hUJath^r^ hnA die«) wUhout ittue 
nhmt jt t^yoar, I7<m, leaviiif; John hin bro^her.xunrmns, 
iwli^^Hft isMie (wo fODSy Pa\id and WaU«r./ David, the 
«UUßtv wast j|ls« attaintfld of h^h tr^a^on in 1746^ and tur- 
v^xftd hk /ßtk^; he died in ia03, leaving a son, wbo died 
munarried in 1813, when hU uncle Walter Ogilvie suc- 
cei^ed as hcir male o( the body of James the first £arl, and 
^laiioed the bonors created utider tbe Patent of creation of 
tbat . diguHy. In tbe oourse of the proceedin^ on the 
elaiai« tbe following question was propo«inded to tbe 
4ud{c<ps % 

** Wbether if lands were prantcd hy the Crown to A. B. 
Mul the beirs male of bis body lawfully begotten, and A. B. 
bad issiifi a son C. D., and C. D, bad also iseue a son E. F. ; 
lind C.P« inilf0ji/e time qfhis/aiker committed high tr<ar 
son« and it was by A^t of Parliament euacted, that he sbould 
stand and be adjudged attainted of tbe said high treason, and 
A« B. afterwards died in the itfe time ofC. D. and C. D. the 
attainted peraon, tben died, £. F. theion surviving; £. F. 
woulU be coDsidered in tbe Couns below, after the death of 
CD. aa entitied undersuch grant to the lands so granted ?'* 
Tbe Judges baving replied, ibat E. F. would not be consi- 
4ered in tbe Courts of Law after the death of C. D. as en- 
titied under such grant to the lands so granted, the House 
ffefused to allow Mr. Ogilvy's claim *. 

In concluding these obserrations on tbe snbject of Digni- 
ties> tbe Editor again begs to repeat, that he is sensible that 
bis renarks will stand in need of much indulgence-, but be 
bopes that the difficultv of forroing an aceurate conclusion 
4Ui some of tbe points here noticed, and the extreme disad- 
▼antages which he laboured under in being obliged to com- 

* Cniise, p. 131, et seq. The foUowing slight tables shew tbe 
pretensions of tbe claimant more clearly than a narrative State- 

A. B. the graatee of lands to htm and the heirs 
maldof bis body. =jr 

r — * 

tXD.fon and beir apparent; attainted of high treason in theUfi 

dme nfA, B. and whom he also survived» =p 

l ' * 

£.^F, bis 100, the snpposed claimant upder the grant to A. B. 


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prefiii ihe suitjcct witUln the limits prescribed by the n^ 
üF thU werk, ai well as the necesRttyordtv^eiitln^ it as i 
;iR p<js»ib]e orihttse technicat iihrase« wbich wouitl rem 
obscure lo uniirofessional readere, ttiay be urged in exl 
iktion of bis not ha¥Jn^ ireated iL in a manner more wi 
of atttMiiioii. 

Jtmes Lord OsitviCr <:remted Bari of Airlicj &g. to 
liim and the beira male of hi« body. 
-^ quo 


David 3 d Eati of Oj,^I1t1c , & c ^ 

Jacnes OfiKie, lon and heir appare&l j nt" John Ogilvip 
tainted (if hightreason ia 1715; ^mvrd vived hb 

hisfathtTi üL 1730, b. p, ther JÄints 

David OgJlv je, soü and lieir apparent^ at- 
tainted of high treason L 74fa' ; surptved his 
falker j ob» 1 S 03 * =t= 

Walter Og 


A SoD, who d]»d unmarrüd m ISIS, 






I. ie66.WUliaai 1. «tbe Conqueror/' Crowned Kinff of 

Enffland Dec. S9, 1066^ ob. 1087. 
U. 1087. William II. surnamed « Rofui," Sd Iod> ob. 1 100» 

8. p. 

III. 1 100. Henry I. sornmaied ** Beauelerc/' brotber aud 

beir»ob. 1135, s. p.m. 

IV. 1135. Stepben, nepbew of tbe last Monareb, bein; t. 

and b. of SCepben, Coont of Bloii, by Adela, dau. 
of William tbe Conqueror, ob. 1 154. 

V. 1154, Henry II. grandson and beir of Henry I. beinff 

only 8on of bis dau. and beireM Maud, by 
Gboffrby Plantaobnbt» Coont of Anjou. Tbis 
Monarch was also descended from tbe Saxon 
Kings of England | bis grandmotber Mand, tbe 
Ist wife of Henry I. being a dau. of Malcolm, 
3d King of Scotland, by Margaret, sister and 
beir of Edgar Atbeling, tbe last male of tbe 
Saxon race^ ob. 1 189. 

VI. 1 ] 89. Richard I. surnamed " Coeur de Lion," s. and h 

ob. 1199> s«P* L« 

VII. ]199.Jobn, surnamed " Lackland,'* brotber and beir, 

ob. 1316. 

VIII. lSl6.Henry III. s. and b. ob. 1272. 


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IX. 1879. Edward I. surnaintd ** Lod; Sbanks," s. and 

h. ob. 1307. 

X. 1307. Edward II. surirttaied « of Camarvon»" s. and 

h. &b. 1^37. 

XI. 1327. Edward HI. g. and b. Iti^ituted tbe Most 

Noble Order of tbe Carter 1349, ob. 1377. 

XII. 1377. Richard II. surnamed <*of Bordeaux," grandson 

and heir, being s. and h. of Edward tbe Black 
Prince, Prince of Wales, (ob. T.p.) eldest son of 
tbe last Monarob» deltröBcd 8ei|^t««iber 89^ 
1399) ob. 1400» ». i>. 
XI IL 1399*Hen»y IV. «umamed « Biriili||;blt>k:Q»" firlt 
Cousin to tbe last Monarcb, beinf s. and b. of 
John of C^imt Duke of LaAcaster^VAiMtoo of 
Edward 111. vb. 1413. 

XIV. 1418. Henry V. s. and b. ob. 1482. 

XV. 1488. Henry VI. ». «nd b. d|Qpoied 146l>«b. 1471, 8. P. 

XVI. 1461. Edward IV. ». aad b. of Rlducrd Plantagenet, 

Duke of YoBK, «Ideet ton bf Ru^afd fiarl «f 
Caaibrfdge, (son Utid «ikiniately beir of Ed- 
imnid Duke t>f York, foitrth «oi of Edward 
III.) by Ann Mortimer, <daiL Md ultimately 
Sole 'beir of Roger EbtH t)f Mareh» s. and b. of 
Edtnund Emil df MaMb, by Pbüippa Plantage- 
net, dan. and s<^ie bdr odAcm^ Duke of Cla- 
inence, iecoml sota «>f Edwurd I H. ob. 1483. 

XVII. 1483. Edward V. s. aiid b. M^itdered togetber wltb 

bis brotbelr Riebard Duke of York io tiie 

Tower 1483, ob. s.i». 
XVIU. 1483. Riobsrrd Ill.uncle to %kt last Monarch^ being 

younger brotber to Edward IV. Ob. 1485, 8.P. 
XIX 1485. Henry Vil. busband of Eliziybeth of York« siater 

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•od eventually stfe btir of Edward V. ThU 
Monarch was deioendtd from tbe House of 
Laneafiter,but tbrougb an t/^'imrtocbannel ; 
bis falber BdoMad Tum«» Earl of Ricbmond, 
kaviof oMirricd MUrgaret, dau. and lole heir 
•f John Bcaufort, Eari of Somertet, •. and h. of 
John Beanfbvt^ fiad of Somorset, eldest na* 
iwal ton of John of Gaunt, ]>«ke of Lancas- 
TBB» who» tbotigfa legitimated by Part SO 
Hie. IL U Utas with txpress reatrvation of any 
daim to th« Crown. Hit right to tbe Throne 
was therefore solelgr jure usorii» ratjfied and 
aeknowledged by ParliaoMat; oh. 15P9. 

XX. 1509. Henry VIII. i. and b. of Uke last Monarch by 

EHiabeth ol York» beiMis to tbe Throne» ob, 

XXI. 1547. Edward Vi. i. and b. of Henry VIII. by bis 3d 

«•fo l«ne Seynour» oh, 155S, t. r. 

XXII. 1$&3. Mary» b^f sis4er and beiresf» being^ dau. of 

Henry VUI. hy bis Ist wife Katbarine of Arra- 
fon. 6be oaafried PbiUp H. King of Spain 
July 95» 15W» who waa asaociated in tbe 
Royal lügnity by the style of '* Philip and 
Mary," ob. 1568,8. p. 

XXiU.1558.EUaabeitb» half aistAr and beiress» being dau. 
of Henry VIII. by bis 3d wife Anne Bqleyn« 
ob. 1603» a.p. 

XXIV. 1608. James I. King of Scotlaod« cousin and heir» 

being t. «nd Ib of M«ry Stuart, Queen of 

Seots (hy her «ensin Henry lK>rd Darnley)» 

dau. and beiress of James V. King of Scots» 


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8. and heir of James IV. King^ of Se< 
Margret Todor, eldest sister of Henr] 
Lord Darnley, the falber of this Moi 
was tbegrandaon ofthesaid Margaret» 
8. and b. of Matthew Bari of Lennox» b] 
garet» dau. of Archibald Earl of Angu 
3d busband. His Majesty was likewise t 
beir and representative of the Saxon Ki 
England» being lineaUjr descended frooD 
colm in. and Margaret» sister and I 
Edgar Atbeling before mentioned ; ob. 

XXV. 1625. Charles h s. and h. beheaded 1649. 

XXVI. 1649. Charles II. s. and h. Restored to the T 

1660; ob. 1685, 8. p. 

XXVII. 1685. James IL bro. and h. Abdieated 1688» 

the Crown by Parliament was settled j 
on his nephew and son-in-law, 

XXV1II.1688. William III. Pkince of Orange, s. and 
William Prince of Orange» by Mary S 
sister of the last Monarch» and on hi 
Queen Mary, eldest dau. of the last 
narch, wbo died in 1694 $ ob. 1703» s. p 

XXIX 1702. Anne» sister of Queen Mary, the wife of tl 
Monarch» and youngest dau. of James U 
of George Prince of Denmark, ob. 1714 

XXX. 1714. George I. Elector of Hanover, son and l 

Ernest, Elector of Hanover» by Sophia 
of Frederick, Elector Palatine and K 
Bohemia, by Elicabeth Stuart, sisti 
Charles 1. and only surviving dau. of Jai 
ob. 1727. 

XXXI. 1727. George II. son and heir» ob. 176O. 



2XKIU7$0.€eiDrgc 11). f^randton aqd b. bekff s. and b« 
of Frtderick Pri^c« of Wales (ob, r. p. 1751), 
«Idest gon of tbe Uit Moparcb; ob. 18S0. 

XXXUL18^.Georg9 IV. i. and b. boro 12 Au«. 1763. Ap- 
pointed Ee|:ent of tbe Uiii^d Kingdom 1818. 
SuQceeded bU fatber Jaq. 29> 18S0. Crowned 
19 July 1821. King of Hanover» and Arcb 
Treasurer uf tbe Holy Roman Eyipire. 
Whom Goo Prbsiwvp. 


4fUT tkß Su^jeetitm ^ tht$t Cmmiry iy M4mari L 
1. 1984. Edward Plantagenet, surnaned ^* of Carnar- 
von," I. aod k. apparcnt of Edward I. ; Created 
Prinoe of Walti April 1984. Created Earl of 
Cbester 83 Edw. I. 1304. Ateended tbe tbrone 
as Edward II. 1307. 
U. 1348. Edward Plantagenet*» tuniaiDed << tbe Black 

T . , ■ I. 

* It it wortby of Observation tbat Edward 111. never bore 
^be title of Princc of Wales { the earliest writ of Summons 
to Parliament in wbicb bis name occurs is tbat of 5 Aug. 
9 Edw. IL 1330, tben being about eigbt years of age, wberein 
he is atyled ** Edwardo Cqmili Cestrenti fiUo nostro cba* 
nssimq/' and by tbe same designation t^e was «^mrooned in 
tbe 15tb, 16tby 17tb, 18tb, of Edw. IL Some writers of 
ambo ri ty assert tbat he was created Prince of W^et and 
9uM •f Acquitaioe in a Pari, beld at York, 1 5 Ed w. U. but not 
qnly is no notice of svcb an occurreaco to be found in tbe 
RoUs of Parliament, but it is searcely erediblt tbat, if snob a 
qr^ation leally took plaoe> be ibould bsvie been sumasoaed 
to ^e nnt and subseqnent.Parliaments as Earl of <Chesur 
qnly: bis fsftber, in consequence of bis creation to tbat 
^rin^pality, was regularly summoaed from 4 July, 30 
Gdw,Xjl^% becaoie eighteen yeais ef age, uiitU 




Pfince/' 8. and b. apparent of Edward III.; 
Created Earl of Cbester 1333 ; Created Duke 
of Coro wall 1337» with Umitation ** habend' 
et tenend' eidem Doci et ipsius et beredum suor* 
Re^um kngV filiis primogenitis, et dicti loci 
Pucib' in regno Angl' beriditar' successur'." 
Created Prince of Wales 1343^ K. G. ob. 1376, 
▼itik patris. 
HI. 1377. Richard Plantagenet, sumamed ** of Bordeaux ;" 
Created Prince of Wales and Earl of Cbester, 
26 Jan. 1377 ; Duke of Cornwall, k. o. As^ 
cended tbe throne as Richard II. in 1377. 

IV. J399. Henry Plantagenet, sumamed '<of Monniouth," 

s. and b. apparent of Henry IV. ; Created Prince 
of Wales and Earl of Cbester 1399, and also by 
consent of ParL Duke of Acquitaine ; Duke of 
Cornwall, K. g. Ascended tbe tbmne 1413, as 
Henry V. 

V. 1454. Edward Plantagenet^ sumamed << of West- 

minster," s. and b. apparent of Henry VI. ; 
Created Prince of Wales and Earl of Cbester 
1454. Duke of Cornwall, K. G. Murdered 
1471, 8. p. 

VI. 1471. Edward Plantagenet, s. and b. apparent of Ed- 

ward IV. ; Created Prince of Wales and Earl 

be ascended tbe throne, as << Edwarde Principi Walliss & 
Comiti Cestri« filio suo ebarissimo." A note to Blackstone's 
Commentaries, v. I. p. 293, sUtes, on tbe authority of Hume, 
wbo cites Buraet, that Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth 
were created by their father Hen. VIII. Prineesses of Wales, 
eacb of tbem at tbe time (tbe latter i^ter tbe illegitiniation 
of Mary) being beir presumptive to tbe Crown; but on 
exankination it appears that tbe Statement is unfounded. 



of ehester 147 K Duke of CornwaU, K. G. 

Ajcended tfae cbron« as Edward V. in 14S3« 
14S3. Eflcrard P]»ntagenet, Eirl of Saftsbury, Sm und 
fa. apparerit of Rlrfaard ITT.; Created Prlnce 
or Wal^s and Eaii of Cbeiter HSa. Duke uf 
Com wall. Ob. Vit ä patris L484, S. p. 
14B4. Arthur Tudor, s. and h. apparent of Hen. VIL ; 
Created Prince nf Wales j E^rl of C best er and 
of Flint, 1489, Duke of CornwaU, K, G. Ob, 

IÄ03. Henry Tudor, Duke of York, brother of the tait 
Princp, and on bis deatb heir apparent to the 
throne j Created Prince of Wales and Earl of 
Cbeiter 18 Feh, l B03, Duke of Cornwallj K.G. 
Aicended the throne as HekryVUL 150^. 

1 537> Edward Tudor, s, and b. apparent of Henry VI I f. | 
Creatcd Prince of Wales and Earl of Cbester 
Oct* 1S3T« Duke of Com wall. Aseended the 
throne AB Edward VI. 1547. 

1610, Henry Frederirk Stuart» s. and h, apparent of 
James J.j Created Prince of WaJes and Earl of 
ehester 30 May 1610. Duke of Com wall f and, 
Afi beir apparent to (be Scottish Crown, w&s 
Dukeof Rotbßayj Earl of Carrick, and Baron of 
Renfrew, in Scotland, K. G. ob. 16H, s. f« 

1613. Charles Stuart, Duke ef York, and Duke of Al- 
hany,&c. iti Scotland|brolher of che last Prince 
of Wales, and, on bis deatb, beir apparent to 
tbe throne ; Created Prince of Wales and Earl of 
ehester 4 Nov. 1016. Duke of Cornwall j also 
Duke of Rotb^ay, Earl of Currick^ and Baron 


of Rpn freit» in Seoüand» IL O. Asceodec 
tbrone as CuAßLES h W^b^ 

Xlll. jGSO.Cbafles Stuart| s« find b. apparent of Cbarle 
Declared, but Derer Created, Fr i nee pf \l 
»nd Earl of Cbester circa 1630. Dtike of C 
IV all : Duke or Rolbsa;, Earl of Carrick, 
Baron of Renfrew, in Seotland^ K. G. 
cended tbe tbrone 1649, as CHAHi.Eg IL 

XIY. ITH. George Au^ustaq uf Bruuswick Lunenbu 
X>uke of Cambridge, &.c* e, and h> appar€f: 
George L ; Geckreü Prince of Waka and 
of Cbester SS SepL 1714. Duke of Comv 
alio Büke of Rotbsajr, £&rl of Carrickj 
Btron of Renfreur, K.G. Aseended tbe th 
as George IL 17ST> 

XVm IT-d- Frederick Lewis of Bruniwick Lunenbii 
Duke of Gloucester, Edinburgb, Alc. b, an 
appareiit of George il.; Created Princ 
Wales and Earl of Cbesttr 9 Jan. 17 ^B. I 
of Cum wall and Rotbs&y, Earl of Carriek, 
Baron of Renfrew, IL G. i ob. vitä patris^ V. 

XVL nSLGBOTge Williaro Frederick, s, and b, Düti 
Gloueester atid Edinburgh» Marquess of 
Eaj-1 üf BUbaro, ViscouDt Lance^ton» aiid B 
Snawdoti; Created Prince of Wales and 
of Cbester 20 ApHl 1751. Duke of Corr 
and Eatbsaj, Earl of Carrtck, and Baro 
Renfrevr^ K. G. Aicended tbe throni 
Geobce in. 1760. 

XVU.176S. George August us Fredeiiek, s. and b. appi 
of George IIL ; Created Printe of Walei 
Earl of Cbe»ter 17 Auf, 176«. Ehike of C 



wall and Rotbtay, Earl of Carrick aod Baron 
of Renfrew, Great Steward of Scotland» K. G. 
Ascended the throne as George IV.S9 Jan.lSSO. 
Whom God Preserve. 



L 1790. John James Hamilton, 9th Earl of Abercom, 
in Scotland, and 3d Vitcount Hamilton» in 
Entstand; Created MarqueM of Abercom 
Oct. 2, 1790» K.G.; ob. 1818. 

II. 1818. James Hamilton, ^randson and b. bein|^ 8. and 
b. of James Hamilton (ob. v. p.), eldest son of 
the last Marquessi present Marq. of Abercom, 
and Visc. Hamilton, in En|^land, and Earl of 
Abercom, &c. in Scotland. 



I. 1801. I.Mary-Anne, dau. of John Menzies, Esq. and 
widow of Lt.-Gen. Sir Ralph Abercromby, K.B.; 
Created Baroness Abercromby, of Aboukir and 
TuUibody, co. Clackmannan, with remainder 
of tbe Barony to the issue male of her Ute 
BARON. busband, May S8, 1801 ; ob. 1891. 

I. 1831. S. George Abercromby, s. and h. Present Baron 
Abercromby. =?= 



1. Temp. Hen. III. 1 , William Baron Cantilupe, by marrying: 
Eve, dau. and coheir of William Lord 

• The Editor being unwilling to make any very decided differ- 
eoce in the Classification of titles firom that adopted by previous 
writers, has here considered all the possessors of the äutle of 
Bergavenny as Barons Bergavenny, or as it is now writteft Aber- 
gavenny ; but mach doubt exists in bis mind whether, nntil the 


Brtote, o^ained the CMtle und Lands of 
Sergavenoy» and is said bjr aoitie writers 

Writ of Summons of th% 39tK Hen. VI. to Edward Nevill, as 
** Domino de Bergavennj)*' the proper designation of the pre- 
Tious barons was not that of their family name. The first pos- 
•etsor of that territory afiter Writs of Summons were regularly 
istued wai John de Haitlngs» who died 6 JBdw. II. and was suc- 
ceeded by his son John de Hastings, who died 1 8 £dw. II. ; to 
theae personages nearly thirty Writs of Sommons were direded, 
■ad in so inttanot, in thu nombtr, does the ward '* Bergarenny ** 
•ecur. The desoeadants of the last inentiened John for three 
p ea errtiüu s being Saris of Bsmbrole, no inftfence on the subject 
IS to be drawny UDtH tbe Writ of Summons t* William Reau- 
ifcamp 16 Ric. II. who was Sammonedaa *' WiUietmo Beaachaoqi 
4a Betgavenoy." This WUKa» Beaadfeamp not being related to 
tht preoeding Baroas, aad being Samnooed as ^ de Bergavenny," 
Mrtaialy affords at ih* first view streng grouads für the generally 
received opinion that he was Sununaned a» Loüd Bergavenny by 
tenure of that Castle. On looking attentively into the point, how 
ever, a conclusion equally atrong mi^ be drawn, that it was merely 
na addition used to distinguish nim from ** John de 3eauchamp 
de Kyddvmüuster." In the prevlous reign, a John de Beauchamp 
was Sununoned as " de Somerset," and another John de Beau- 
champ, a yoimger son of Gruy Earl of Warwick, as " de War- 
wyckj" and before, contemporary with, and after this William 
de Beauchamp " de Bergavenny ^'^ numerous Barons were named 
in Writs of oummons with the addition of their place of resi- 
dence» without such ever being supposed to be the title of their 
Baronies; as, therefore, in the only instances which occur of 
Writs of Summons being issued to the possessor of the Castle of 
Bergavenny, prevlous to that to William de Beauchamp, in the 
16th Ric. IL they were never designated as " de Bergavenny;*' 
and as examples of such additions were exceedingly frequent, 
without any similar inference being deduced firom them»there dofs 
not appear any greater cause for supposlag that the designation 
in question was intended to express the title of the Barony, than 
^ere iß for concluding such to have been the case either in the 
instancea of John de Beauchamp << de Somemet»" " de War- 
Wyk," or in either of the numerous emunpks ailuded to. In 
•xdoxf howevei» to obtaln as mnch informatiop aa poasible on 
the su^ijeot, it waa neceasary to Inquire in what manner tha 
B«ona in 4|\M8tion were deacribed in the BoUa of Parliamenk 


ABEftGAVfilfNr. II 


to havc betD Sumb. U Pari, by Hen. III. 
at Baron Ber^reoDy, tbotigfa no record of 

previa«8 to the reign of Henry VI. «ad Ibe rttalt of ikt exa« 
HunatioB n certaialy in furoor of WilUam Boaacbaiap't beiag 
caooidered as fiaran Bergareany, thotigh it doet not poti- 
tively «ftablish the &ct, whUtt 'A oonfirms the opinion that hie 
prade<:et8on in the Lordship of Bemvenny never bore that 
naoM M the tille of their dignity. Thit earfiett instance when 
BaRGAvaifNT occurs as a title in the RoUt of Parliament b in 
the Sltt Richard II. 1397» £ve yeare after William Beaachaiap 
waa aummoaed to Parliainent as ''WUliekao Beauchamp (de 
Bei^aveany)," when he was described as << W<n Beauchamp» S^ 
de Bergavenny." In the Ist Henry IV. the names of «Das. de 
Rooa, de Willogfabyy de JBergeven^,*' occur ; and in the foUow* 
ing year we üaA among the Barons then pfesent> "le S' de 
Bergavenny." In the 2d Henry IV. he is sentioned as « Wil- 
liam Sire de Bergavenny," and in a slmilar manner oa sabeequeol 
oecasions. It must» nowever, be obsenredy on the other band» 
that on the last and most solemn occasion when his name ocoort 
in the Rolk of Parliamen^ viz. among the Peers present at the 
settiement of the Crown in the 8th Henry IV. he is in both 
plaoes styled *<WiJl'mi Beauchamp </e ^ergevenny/' and at the 
same time Henry Lord Scrop of Masham ts mentioned as '* Hen- 
rici le Scrop Je Masham, whilst other Barons are styledy 
^'Regmaldi Damini de Qsrey de Ruthya, William Domitd de 
Ferren, Thomae Domim de Fumyvel," &c. Riobasd Beauchamp, 
his soB and hetr, was never Summ, to ParL as a Baron, as he was 
created Earl of Woroeater fbiar years after he beoame of age ; and 
thoogh he is sometimes styled " Lord of Bergavenny," and hu 
mother, both in the Rolls of Parliament and in her will, is called 
<* Lady of Bergavenny," no coadusion is to be drawn therefrom, for 
this expression was more üreauently applied to designate Important 
manors and lordships than rarliamentary Baronies. On Kdward 
NevilTs beinz Summoned in the S9th Hen. VI. as << Dommu de 
Beqpvenny,' such certainly became the title of his Barony : but 
it is to be considered that this occurred in the reign of Hen. VI. 
a period, as is remarked elsewhere, fruit&il in anomalies on sub- 
jects eoanected with the Peerage, and when even, as is stated in 
a subsequeot page, some instances occur of the addition of 
« Pomino de,' &c. being used, without such designation being 
the title of the disnity possessed by the Baron to whose name 
it was appended. Vide the observations *on this subject under 
Cbarleton, Dudley, and Grey of Powis. 





tbe fact appearfi to be exlant^ ai 
beeti the ßret wbo a£sumed tbe tit 
gavfnny ; ob* 1253, 

IL 1S53. ^, Georg« Caiiti&ape, », aod fa. ; ob. 1! 

in, li73^ 3, Jühn Uasliiigi IL-dth Baron tl<i§tiri 
and beir ^ being s. and b . of Heni^' B 
iTi|S, by Joarip sist, and cob.üf tbe V. 
- Summ, to ParJ. from S3 Jua«» f 3 Ei 

to 2S May, 6 Edw. JI. as " Jobanr 
inp," 1313; ob. 1313. 

JV. 1313. 4.Jobn Hmingi lU.-LOlb Baron H 
and b.; Sumtn. to ParU from 26 Nai 
1313, to 20 Feb. 18 Edw. IL 132f 
banal de Haalmics ^** ob. 13S5. 

V. 1325. 5. Lawrence Hasiinp» IV,-1 Üb Baron 

Created Earl of Pembruke ] 3 Oct. 

VI, I34d* 6. Jobn Hasthip, s. and k Earl of I 

ob. J37&^ 
VIL 1375. 7- JoHn Hatlinp, b. and b, Earl oF 
K. G.j ob. 1389, s. p. Tboogb t 
Hftstinp were posiesied of f be Cai 
faveiiny, h appears tbey were Suni 
85 Barons Hasting* only ; tbe f! 
de&igriaCeJ as "* i\e. Bergavenny*^ ii 
BY WEIT. of Suroroona was 

I, \W% LWilKam Beaucbamp, 4tb son of Tho 

lUb Earl of Warwick, by Kaiher 
Roger M ort! mer^ Earl ofMarcb, a 
Agnes wife of Lawrence Ist EaT 
broke, and 5ih Baron Bergavenny, 
Bci&ed of the Castle and Lands of E 
hf pUT€fuis€f according to Colli] 
virtue of an entuii aecoFding to 
was Summ, to Pari, from S3 Not, 
1392, to 26 Aug. 9 Henry IV. HOB 
lielmu Beaucbamp (de Ber^areon^ 
ob. Nia, 

II. 1410, 2. Riebard Bf auchamp,«. and b, Crea 

WurcesttT in 1420. He marrkd 
ßpeneery sister and sole beir of Rio! 
81 h Baron Difspencer, and Baron I 
ob. 1431, S, P.M. 




lU. 1450. Edward Nevill, 6th ton of Ralph I. Eari of 
Westmorelandy having marriedElisabethy dau. 
and sole heir of tbe last Baron, was Summ, 
to Pari, as «Edwardo Nerill, Militi, Domino 
de Berg^venoy/' or as "Edwardo Neryll dt 
Bergavenny, Militi/'from 5 Sept. S9 Hon. VI. 
1450, to 19 Aug. 18 Edw. IV. 147S ; ob. 1476. 

IV. 1476. 3. George Nerill, s. and b. Summ, to Pari from 

15 Nor. 99 Edw. IV. 148S, to 13 Auf. 7 
Henry VII. 1498; ob. 1498. 

V. 1498. 4. George Nevill, s. and fa. Summ, to ParL from 

16 Jan. 13 Henry VII. 1497, to 5 Jan. 35 
Henry VIII. 1534; K.G.; ob. 1535. 

VI. 1535. 5. Henry Nevill, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

33 Jan. 5 Edw. VI. 1553, to 15 Oct. 38 Elis. 
1586, ob. 1587» 8. P. M. Elisabeth, bis dau. 
and heir married Sir Thomas Fane, to whom 
she brought the Baronies of Despencer and 
Burghersb, and likewlse challenged the Ba* 
rony of Bergavenny against the heir malt, 

\ll 1586. 6.Edward Nevill, s. and h. of Sir Edward Nevill, 
8d son of George V.-4(h Baron ; to whom» 
however, it was allowed, but he was never 
Summ, to Pari, as tbe question was not finally 
settled until after bis death{ ob. 1589« 

VIIL 1586. 7. Edward Nevill, s. and h. Sumte. to Pari from 
19 March, 1604, to 4 Nov. 1631, ob. 1683. 

IX. 1633. 8. Henry Nevill, s. and h. ob. 1641. 

X 1641. 9. John Nevill, s. and h. ob. 1660, 8. p. 

XI. 1660. 10.George Nevill, brother and heir, ob. 1666. 

Xir. 1666. 1 I.George Nevill, s. and b. ob. 1695, s. p. • 

Xlil. l695.13.George Nevill, cousin and heir male, being s. 
and b. of George, only son of Richard, eldest 
son of Cbristopber Nevill, 3d son of Edward, 
VIII..7th Baron ; ob. 1731. 

XIV. 1731.1 S.George Nevill, s. and b. ob. 1783, s. p. 

XV. 1*733. 14.Edward Nevill, brother and beir,ob.l734, s.p. 
XVX. 1734.15.William Nevill, cousin and heir, being eldest 

son of Edward Nevill, neit brother of George 
XIII.-13th Baron; ob. 1744. 


XVII.I744.— I. 1784.— 16. George Nevill, s. and b. Created 
Viscount Nevill, of Berling, co. 
Kent, and Earl of Abergavenny, 




CO. MonvoiwIlH 17 Blay» 17»^ 
KARL. ob. 1785. 

XVUL— TL 1785^-17. Henry NeviU, •, mi4 b» K.T. Present 
£«rl and Baron ofAberj^arennyy and 
VifeooQt Nevill of BtfÜD;. ^ 



I. 1682. 1. JamM Bertie, 3d Haron Norrit of Rycotei 

Created Earl of Abing^oo» co. Berks^ SOtiow, 
\6%9, ob. 1699. 

II. 1699. ^. Montaga Bertie (asautoed tbe name oQ Ven»- 

blea, 8. and h. ob. 1743, 8.P. 

III. I74S. S. Willougbby Bertie, nepbew and heir, belüg c 

and b. of James, 2d aoa of James ist Earl, ob. 

I¥. 1768. 4. Wllloughby Bertie, s. and h. ob. 1799. 
Y. 1799. S. Montag« Bertie, s. and b. Present Earl of 

Abingd^ and Baron Norris of Rycote. =p 



I. Will. I. I. Wiltiam Abrineis, dh. 1087. 

II. Hen. 1. 2.Raoto d'Abrineia, s. and b. acquired tbe Lord- 

abip of FoUoesCoDe, in Kent, by marrying 
Maud, dau. and heir of Nigel dt Manderil, 
Lord of tfaat place, Itviog 1 139, oh. ante 1147 
lil. Stepb. 8« William Abrincif, s, and h. living 11 70. 

IV. Rieb. 4 Simon Abrincts, ob. circa 1S03. 

V. Jobn. 5. William Abrincis, ob. 1230. 

VI. Hen.UL 6, William Abrioeis, s. and b. ob. ante 1285, s.p. 
Maud, bis stster and beir, married HamoB 



I. Rieb. I. Manser Aguilon, obh sinte 1194. 

IL Jubu. William AguiUon^ li;^iii^ 1233, ob. ante 1257* 




111. lieii. 111. Koben Asuillon» üb. 1385, 8. r. m. lsabel, 
bis dau. and b. married Hugb Bardulf. 



I. 1664. l.tlobert Bruce, 2d Baron Bruce of Wborlton, 

cu. York, and 2d Earl of Elgin in Scotland ; 
Created Baron Bruce of Skelton, co. York, 
Viscount Bruce of Ampibili, co. Bedford, and 
Earl of Ailesbury, co. Bucks, 18 Marcb. 
1664, ob. 1685. 

II. 1685. 2. Tbomas Bruce, 8. and b. Earl of Elrin in 

Scotland, ob. 1741. 

III. 1741. 3. Charles Bruce, 8. and b. ; Created Baron Bruce 

of Tottenbam, co. Wilis, wiib remainder, 
failin^ bis issue male, tu bis nepbew, Tbomas 
Bruce Brudeuell, son of George Earl of Car- 
digan, by EUzabetb, bis sister, 17 April, 1746. 
Earl of Elgin in Scotland. ob. 1747, s. p. ii. 
when all bis English luinours became 4iptintt, 
excep ing ibe Baronylf Bruce of Tottenbam, 
Mrbicb, according to tbe above limitation, 
devolved on, 

IV. 1776. 1. Thomas Bruce Brudenell (assumed tbe name 

of) Bruce, nephew and beirabove mentioned; 
2d Baron Bruce of Tottenbam ; Created Earl 
of Ailesbuy,co.Buck8,8 June, 1776, ob. 1814. 


V. 1814.— 1. 1824.— 2. Charles Bruce Brudenell Bruce, s. 

and b. ; Created Visooont Savemake 
of Savemake Forest, co. Wilts, Earl 
Bruce of Wborlton, co. York, and 
Marquess of Ailesbury, co. Bucks, 
1 7 July, 1 82 1 . Present Marquess and 
- Earl of Ailesbury, Earl Bruce, Vis- 
count Savemake, and Baron Bruce 
of Tottenbam, K. T. =7= 



!• 1806. J.Archibald Kennedy, ]2th Earl of Cassilis, in 
Scotland ; Created Baron Ailsa» of Ailsa, co. 
Ayr, 4 Nov. 1806. Present Baron Ailsa, also 
Earl of Cassilis, &c. in Scotland. =7=: 
b2 y 



DuKfcDOM, 2g June, ITK»— 4Bj:tinft 17«^. 
DuKfcDOM, t April, l760->-^^mtt 1767. 
DüEEDOM, 27 November, 1784.~Vide York. 

EARLs. albemarle; or AUMARLE. 

I. Will. I. I. OJo Earl of Champagne and HoMernesse, ob. 

It. 1096. 2. S epben, s. and b. ob. 1 126. 

III. 1 126. 3. William le Qroi, g. and b. ob. 1 179, s. p. 

IV. 1 179. WllHam Mandeville, Earl of Essex, first hus- 

band of Hawyse, eldest dati. and cobeir of 
William tbe last Earl, ob. 1 190, s. p. 

V. 1 190. 1. William de Fortibus, Sd husband of the said 

Hawyge, Ob. 1194. 

VI. 1194. Baldwin de B^iin6, ad butbaftd of tbe said 

Hawyse, ob. 1212, s. p. 

Vil. 1212. 2. William de fortibus, 8. aird b. of tbe said Ha- 
wyse, by ber secuiid busband, William 4ih 
Earl s he was one of tbe celebrated 25 Barons 
appointed to enforce tbe observance of 
Magna Charta; ob. 1241. 

Vlll.;i241. 3. William de Fortibus, s. and b. ob. 1259>8.p.m. 
Aveline, bis dau. and beir married Edmund 
Earl of Laneaster, 2d sou of King Htoj II f. 
DuKRS. but died 8. p. 

I. 13B5. Tbomas Plaotag;eiiet, Diike of Gloocester, 

yoongest son of King Edward III. Summ, 
to Pari, as Duke of Aumarle, 3 Sept. 1 385, 
bat he Was neret afterwards sommened 
to Parliaitienc by that title, nor did eitber 
of bis cbltdren sucteed to it. 

II. 1397. Edward Plantagenet, Earl of Rutland» son 
^ and bdr apparent of Edmund Duke of 

York ; Creat^d Doke of Albemarle in Par- 
Hament 29 S^pt. 1397; adjudged, togetber 
witb tbe t>oke8 of Surrey and Eieter, by 
Pari. 6 Oct. 1399; *no lose and forego from 
them these names that they now bave as 
Dukes, and tbe worship and tbe digni(y 
tbereof *," and when tbe pukedoib coa- 
secjüeotly becaifrt ^örftfted. 
IX. 1411. Thomas Planiaffenet, 2d *on of King Hen. IV. 
Created Earl of Albemarle and Duke of Cla- 

* Rot. Parl.VoK 3. p. 453. 


i. Nigel de A.tMtü» youn^er brotber of William, 
fatber of William, IV,- Ut Earl of Arutidel» 
ob. . < . 
U S^Eofcr de Albini, f* ftnd b, asiumed tbe nnine 
of M^wbray, Vide Mowbray, 



rence» 9 July, 141 1^ K. G. i>b. 143lj £.p. 
üben bis bonors bt-i^aEii£ 

r- Eichard Beawchamp, XlV.-l2t1i EarlofWiir- 
wick; Cr«ated EArlciTAlbr marlc; furlife 14L7{ 
K. G>; üb, I43^f wheu tbi& Earldoiu a^ain 

UiKS. becatne <txtintt. 

HL 1660. l.Geürgt Monk; Crraled Baroi^ M«iik oF 
Poiheridge, Baron Ikaucbamp of Benu- 
cbamp, and Baron üfTeyi, EarlüFTur* I 

rln^un, aJl co. Dev«in, and Duke of I 

Alberoarle, 7 Jüly, l€ßO» K.G. ob. 167a ! 

IVJGTO^SXbrUtüpber Mouk, s. and h. K. G. ob, 
168B| S'P. whejii all bLi baiiouni becatue 

Jfi, l.Ämold Joost Von Keppel * Crtat^d Buron 
Asbfürdj CO, Kent, Viscount Bury, ift*. Lanc, 
und Eail of Albcmadej Feb. 10, 16D6, K. G. 
ob. 1718, 
iB. S. William Anne Keppel, h. and b. K, G. ob. 1734« 
S4, 3. George Keppel, s, and h. K. G. ob. ] 71^. ^ 

J% 4* William Cbarki Kepptl, i« nnd b» Fretent 
Earl of Albi^murlcj Vifcoutnt Bury, and BaroD 
Aibford. =p 


B¥ TBNUll. 
[. 1, Williiim de Albim, surnaioed ''Pincema/' be- 

ifig Btyted **Pincema Henrici Regia Anglo- 

I. B. William de Albini, s. and h. bccame possessed 

of tbe Castle of Aruudd, and by tt4at tetiure 

Earl of Arundel. VideARUNDBL. 

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I. Hen. II. 1. Henry de Albini, supposed to have been a 

younger son of Nigel» brother of Roger, who 
assumed tbe name of Mowbray; ob. . • . 

II. Hen.II. 3. Robert de Albini, s. and b. ob. 119$. 
III.Ric. I. 3. Robert de Albini, s. and b. ob. 1324. 
IV.Hen.III.4.Robert de Albini, s. and b. ob. ante 1333, S. P. 

wben bis sisters became bis beirs. 



I. Will.II. 1. William de Albini, sumamed Brito, Lord of 

Belvoir Castle, supposed to bave been s. and 
b. of Robert de Tudeni^ Lord of Belvoir, ob. 
circa 1155. 

II. Hen.II. 3. William de Albini, s. and b. ob, 1 167. 
lII.Hen.II. 3. William de Albini, s. and b. He was one 

of tbe celebrated 35 Barons appointed to 
to enforce tbe observance of Magna Charta; 
ob. 1336. 4. William de Albini, s. and b. ob. 1185, s. p.m. 
wben Isabel, bis daugbter^, wife of William 
de Roos, became bis beir. 


Vide Daubbnby. 


Vide AuDLEY. 

Barony, 7 April, 1733— tfjtJnct 1778. 


* Some MS. authorities, of sufficient valoe to justifytbis note, 
call her tbe sister, instead of tbe daughler, and heiress of William 
the last Baron. 

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I. 1371. William de Aldeburgb ; Summ, tu Pari, from 
8 Jan. 44 Edw. 111. 1371, to 8 Au^. 10 Ricll. 
1386} ob. 1386. William bis son and beir 
was never tummoned, and died 8. p. leavinf^ 
bis two sisters bis beirs, between wbose re> 
presentatives tbis Barony is presumed tobe in 
Neitber Dugdale's» nor any otber Peerage, notices tbis 


Baroky, S7 July, lHß-^Cptintt 1765. 



Bar<wy, 34 Deo. 1698— 4EptlftCt 1754. 

Vide Grantham. 
VISCOONTCY, 80 Sept. 1815. 

Vide Brownlow. 



I. 1688. 1. William AHing^on, 8d Baron Allington, in Ire- 
land ; Created 5 Dec. i68S> Baron Ailington 
of Wymondley, co. Herts.; ob. 1684. 

n. 1684. S. Giles Allington, s. and b. ob. 1691, 8. p. when 
tbe title became 


ViscoüNTCY, 1 Nov. 1765. 

Vide Spencer. 

Marquisate, 30 April, 1694-^4Ejtinct 1718. 


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I. I80L 1. Richard Pepper Arden j Created Baron ^ 

ley of Alvanlty, CO. Cbeaterj May SS, 
üb 1804. 

II. 1804. 2, William AWanley, a. atid h. PrPÄent ] 




r nie. h Sir Jcffery Amhert, K. B, Created Baror 
\ 1788. berat oF HolmeBdale^ co. Keiit, 20 May 
Created Sept. 6, 1778i Baron A mherst of 
treaty et), Kent» with remalnder, fall in 
jsaue taale, to bis nepfafew, Williani Piti 
berät j ob. 1797, S. p. when ihe Barf 
Antherst oF Holmeidak betame ^jtintt 
tbat of Amberst of Montreal de volvtfd^ i 
able ta tbe abovf limtUtiori, on 
U. 1797, SAVilliaiD Pitt Ainberst« nepb. and h bein^ 
b, q( William Ambersti brother uf th 
Baron. Present Baron Amberst of 
treal. ^ 


L 1715. 1. Robert Beriie, 4tb Earl and lit Marqi 
Lind«ey, and I3tb Baron WilLought 
Eresby ; Created Üuke of Ancaster and 
teven iÖth July, 1715; ob. 1723- 
IL 1752. 2. Peregrine Bertie, s. and b. ob. 1742* 
MI, 174?. 3, Peregrine Bertie, s.and b. ob. 1778. 

IV, 1778. 4. Robert Bmie, s. and b, ob. 1779, 8- R 1e 

bii sisterg bis beire^ beiween wbom the 
rony of Willougbby of Ere*by feil 

V, 1779. B, Brownlow Bertie, uncle and h. belrv«; 9ä i 

Peregfine, 2nd Duke, ob. 1809, ». F. wbe 
DukedumA of Aocaster and Kesuvenj 
tbe Marquisate of Lindsey became 

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1. 1632. ]. Thomas Howard, 2d son of Thomat Vl.-itt 
£arl of Suffolk \ Created Baron Howard of 
Charleton, co. Wiltt. and Viecount Andover, 
co.Hantt.23 Jan.l6S8; Created Earl of Berk- 
shire 5 Feh. 1626. 

Vide Berkshire. 



I. 1623. 1. Cbristopher Villiers, 3d son of George Villien, 
by Mary Duchess of Buckingbam ; Created 
Baron Villiers of Daventry, co. Nortbampton, 
and Earl of Anglesey, in Wales, 18 Aprily 
1623, ob. 1624. 

H. 1624. 2. Charles Villiers, s. and b. ob. 1659^ 8. P. wben 
bis bonors became 

III. 1661. 1. Arthur Annesley, 2d Viscount Valentia in 

Ireland ; Created Baron Annesley of New- 
port Pagnel, ca Buckingham, and Earl of 
Anglesey, in Wales, 20 April, 1661 ; ob.l686. 

IV. 1686. 2. James Annesley, s. and b. ob. 1690. 

V. 1690. 3. James Annesley, s. and fa. ob. 1702, 8. P. M. 
^1' 1702. 4. Jobn Annesley, bro. and heir, ob. 1710, 8. P. 
VII. 1710. 5. Arthur Annesley, bro. and heir, ob. 1737, 8. p. 
VHI.1737. 6. Richard Annesley, 5tfa Baron Altharo, in Ire- 

landycoustn and heir,being son andultimately 
heir of Richard 3d Baron Altham, 3d son of 
^ Arthur Ill.-ltt Earl ; ob. 1761, leavinga son, 
"* Arthur, of the legitimacy of whose birth 
there is some doubt, ahhoagh on Coming of 
age he was Summoned to the Irish Pari, as 
Viscount Valentia ; but on bis petitioiiing bis 
Majesty for a Writ of Summons to the Par- 
liament of Great Britain as Earl of Anglesey 
and Baron Annesley, the question of bis 
birth was referred to the House of Peers, who 
decided against him. It is however to be ob'* 
served, that notwithstanding this decision, 
the House of Peers of Ireland afterwards so* 


m ANGUdfif— AP MMI^. 


lemnly mäjndf^ßdf that he wai born in lawfal 
wedlock. In 1793 he wai Created Earl of 
, Mountnorris, in Ireland; and tbe Tiüe of 
Anglesey bas skice been conferred oH 

1. lers. l.fienry VniKam Paget, 2d Bari of Uxbridpe; 
Cfeated Marqtiess of Ang^lesey, June 23, 
1815. Present MarqveM of Anglesey, Earl 
of Uxbridg^ and Baron Paget» and a Baro- 
netof Ireland. K.G. G.C.B. =7= 


BaaoKYj ^Oth April, 1661.— Presumdl to have 

beoome 4^ttnct in 17€1. 

Vide Anqlssev. 



I. 1747. George Anton; Created Lord Anson, Baron 
of Soberton, co.Soutbampton, June 13» 1747» 
ob. 1762»s. p. wben tbe Title becama 
vise. ^Bptinct. 

IL— «1.4806. 1. Tboonai Anson» s. and b. uf George Adams, 
(asmmed tbe name of) Anson» eldeat son of 
George Adams» Fsq. by Janetta, sister of tbe 
last Baron ; Created Viscoont Ansoo of 
Sbugborough and Orgrave» co. Stafford, and 
Baron Anson, of Soberton» co. Hanta. Feb. 
17,1806; ob. 1818. 

llL->-IlJ818.S.rbomaB William Anson» «. and b. Present 
Viscount. =f= 

BABON 'BT wnrr. 

I» 1S97. 1. Jobn Ap Adam» Summ, to Pari, from 6 Feb. 
87 £dw. I. 1999» to 1^ Dec. 3 Edw. II. 1309. 
He was likewise Summ. 86 Jan. 85 Edw. I, 
1897; but for tbe reasons assigned under 
"FiT2 JoHic»"tbereis somedoubt if that Writ 

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r WRIT. 

can be consldered as a re^iilar Suminon» ta 
Parliament) obk circa, 1309» l^ävin^ Thomaa 
bis ton and htir, bui th« deEceiifli<int& of tbia 


1. Henry Bathurct, a. «ncl b. apparent af Allen, 
Ist Earl Batburst j Createtl Bkfon Apdey uf 
Apsley, CO. Su&seit, Jan, 23, ini ; iueceeded 
as 11. Earl ß^^thurst in 1775, Lord Chane, 
1771; ob. um. 
. SLH^nry BatburB(, b, »od b. Preseni Baron 
Apfley, and Earl Batburst, K.G. ^ 



. I.Gilbert deAquilji, ob. USO. 

. S.Ricberius de Aquila, e. aiid h. ob. 1 176. 

1.3. Gilbert de Aquila, ob, 1204, 
4. Gilbert deAquLla^ nb. ?inte tS>14, Tbis ßürnn 
18 Said to havelFotfeitfb all bi^ Unda for g"iing 
kito Normandy without ihe Kiug's liceufie. 

ly WRIT, 

1. Thomas le Arcedekne, Sumni. to Par). frotn TS 

May, 14 Edw. II. J321, Co 13 S«pt. JS Edw.H. 
1324 j ob 

2. Jobn le ArnedekRe^ &. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

25 Feb. 16 Edw. III. 1349, but never after- 
wards; ob. ....... leavin^ a aon artd beir, 

Warin« le Arcedekne, wbo died a.v. m, leav- 
ing Alianore» wife of Walter de Lucy j Pbi- 
lippa, of Hugb Cüurtenay ; and Margaret, of 
Tbomas Arundel, bis dAUifbters and beira, 
anong wboie i^preservtatives tbis Earotiy is 
probably in Abry*!nce* 

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I. 1747 

1. Thomas Arther, Created Baron Archer of Um- 
berslade, co. Warwick, 14 July, 1747» ob. 

II. 1768. 3. Andrew Archer, 8. and h. ob. 1778» s. P. Bt. 
when the Title became 



I. 1802. 1 . Charles George Perceval, half-brother of John 
James, Ist Earl of Egmont, in Ireland; 
Created Baron Arden of Arden, co. Warwick, 
20 July, 1808 s succeededhisbrotheras Baron 
Arden, in Ireland, in 1784. Present Baron 
Arden, and also Baron Arden, in Ireland. =iF 



I. 1806. 1. Hagh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Egiington, 

^ in Scotland ; Created Baron Ardrossan of 

Ardrossan, co. Ayr, Feb. 15, 1806, K.T.j ob. 

II. 1819. 2. Archibald William Montgomerie, grandson and 

heir, being s. and h. of Archibald (ob. v. p.) 
eldest son of the last Baron. Present Baron 
Ardrossan, and Earl of Eglington^in Scotland. 



I. Hen. I. Reginald de Argentine, ob. ante 1139$ to 

wbom succeeded 

II. Ric. I. Regi nald de Argentine, ob. ante 1223; bis suc- 

cessor was 

III. Hen.III. Riebard de Argentine, ob. 1246. 

IV. Hen. 111. Giles de Argentine, s. and h. ob. 1283. 

V. £dw. I. Reginald de Argentine, s. and h. Summ. 86 Jan. 

25 Edw. I. 1297, bot for the reasons assigned 
under *< Fitz-John," it is doubtful if tbat 




Writ ean be oonsidered as a regulär Summ, to 
Pari.; ob. 1307» learinf itsue ; but neitber 
tbis Baron nor atiy of bis detcendants were 
ever afterwards Summoned to Parliament. 



I.1664.I.1674. I.Henry Bennet, brotber of Jobn Baron Ot- 
sulston ; Created Baron Arlington, of Arling- 
ton, CO. Middlesex, with remainder» failinf 
bis issue male, to tbe beirs of bis body, 14 
April, 1664: Created Viscount Tbetford, co. 
Norfolk, and Earl of Arlinf^on aforesaid» 
wiih tbe same limitation, 13 April 1673, 
K.G. ob. 1685, ap.M. 


I. 1. 1685. 8. Isabella, dau. and b. wife of Henry (. 

Duke of Grafton, K. G. ob. 1733. 


II. II; 1733. 3.Cbarle8 Fits>Roy, 8d Duke of Grafton, 

8. and h. Vide Grafton, in wbicb 
title tbe dipiities of Earl and Ba- 
ron Arlin^on, and Viscount Tbet- 
ford, are merged. 



I. Hen.I. 1. Manasser Arsic, living 1103. 

II. Ben. I. 3. Robert Arsic, s. and b. ob 

Ill.Stepb. 3. Manasser Arsic, s. and b. living 1167. 

IV. HenJL 4. Alexander Arsic, s. and h. living 1 196. 

V. Rieh. 5. John Arsic, s. and b. ob. ante 1205, 8. p. 
VLJohn. 6.Rubert Arsic, brotb. and b. ob. circa 1330| 

leaving bis two daughters bis beirs. 



I. WilKL I. Roger de Montgomerie ; Created Earl of Arun- 
del and Sbrewsbury by William tbe Con- 
querer; ob. 1094. 

IL 1094. 3. Hugb de Montgomery, 3d s. ob. 1098. 


sa ARUNDVIi. * 


lUk 1098*. 8. lUbeH de BelMmey «Idcat bf«lll. and beir, be- 
ine 6. and b. of Roger» 1 it EarU DepriTed of 
tbe Earldom für treaton llOSi 

IV. 1139. 1. William de Albini, s. and b. of William Baron 

de Albini Pincema: by bis marriage witfa 
Adeliza, Quaen of England, widow of Kin^ 
Henry 1. acquired tbe Castle of Anindel« co» 
SvBsex, 1139» and became tbcraby Bari oC 
Arundel; ob. 1176. 

V. 1 176. 2. William de Albini % % and b. ob. 1S2S. 

VI. 1228. 3* WilUan de Albini, s. and b. oh. 1233, s. p. 

VII. 1233. 4.Hugb de Albini, brotb. and b. ob. 1243, s. p. 

wben bis eatenaive inberitanoe was divided 
amongst bis four sistem, or tbeir issue, in 
wbicb division bis nephew 

VIIL 1243. 5. Jobn Fitz-Alan, s. and h. of Jobo Fita-Alair» 
Lord oC Clun, by Isabel de Albini». 2d dau^of 
William 2d Earl, an* ßister and coheir to 
Hugb tbe last Earl, acquired tb« Castl»^ ol 
Arundel, and beoame, by tbe tenuife tberaof, 
i^irlofArundel; ob. 1267. 

IX. 1267. 6. «lobn Fita-Alan, «. and b. ob. 1269. 

X.. 1269. 7. Richard Fitz-Alan, s. and b. ob. 1301. 

Xr. 1301. 8. Edmund Fitz-Aian» &• ^nd b. bebeaded 1326, 
and being attainted bis bonors became 

XII. 1330. 9. Riebard Fitz-Alan, s. and b. fuUy iMtered.i|| 
blood and bonors, 4 Edw. III. { ob, 1375. 

XIIL 1375. 10.Richard Fitz-Alan, s. and b. K.G. bebeaded 
1393, and being attainted, bis bonours ba^ 
came forfeitel^. 

XIV. 1399. 1 l.Tbomas Fitz-Alan, s. and b. restored in blood, 

• In tbis account of tbe Albinis Earls of Arundel, Dugdale's 
Statement was followed, in consequence of tbe Committee of tbe 
House of Lords, in tbeir Report on tbe Peerage, having adopted 
that writer*8 account ; but on a subsequent investigation it ap- 
pears that tbere were in £ftct four William de Albinis, Earb ol 
Arundel, viz. WiUiam IV.-lst Earl, <*. 1176; William, bis s. 
and b. wbo dled in 1 196, and was succeeded by bis s. and b. Wil- 
liam, wbo died .... leaving William bis eldest soo, wbo died s. p. 
1988, and to whom suoceeded Hugb de Albiniy bis bro. and beir, 
tbe last Earl of tliat name, as is stated in tbe text. 


' ASONOIL. 97 


and hii IttlMr's atUSnIer nv«ncd» 1 HtnlV. 

K«G.| ob. 141$, t.p.leavBDf hif foor fUten 

bU bein. 
XV« 1415«13Jobn Fitz- Alan*, Baron Maltraven, cousin 

and keir male, birini; t. and b. of Jobn (ob. r. 

p.) eldest ton of Jobn Fits-Alan, Baron Mal- 

travert jure uxoris, 3d ton of Riebard, XII.- 

9CbEarl; ok 14S1. 
XVI. USl. IS John Fiu-Alan, t. and b. K. G. Created Dokt 

of Toaraine, in Franc»; ob. 1434. 
XVII.1484« l4.llvBi|pbf^ Fitt-Alany •. and b. Duke of Ton- 

lainey In France { ob. 1437» •• P. wbtn tbe 

Dokedoni of Tooraine beeame CjptincU 
XVIIL1437. U.Williaai Fitf-AUn, unde and b.; bein« next 

brotber of Jobn, XVL-lStb Eari ; K. &; ob. 

XIX.14i7. I^Thoaiai Pitt Alan, B. and b. K.G. ob. 15M. 
'XX. IM4. n.WiUiatti Fi»-Alan, •. and b. K.G. ob. 1543. 
X'Xl.l543.18.Heniy Fka-Alan, b. and k. K.G. ob. 1579, 

8. P.M. 

* Until 11 tb Henry VI. wben it was dedded thaft tbe tenure 

of tbe Castle of Arundel ahme, witbout any creattoo, patent, or 

ioTestitare, conttituted iti poiaessor Burl of Anindel, neither thit 

Jobn, nor Jobn hii ton and faeir, were regnlarly oontidered to 

bave potaatted ihat dignity, altiioiigb ther were both teized 

of the taid Castle; in proof of wbiefa, John Fitz-Alan (XV.-19th 

Eail^ wat nerer Summ, to PbrI. and John, hb ton and bei», 

was in the 7th Henry VI. tommoned as a Baron only, as is fully 

etated in p. 99 ; nor was it untU the Sd Dec. 1441 , that the iahe« 

rltor of the Castle of Artmdel, after the death of Thomas, XIV.- 

llth Earl, in 1415, t. p. M. sat in Farl. by that title; which pro- 

bably aroae from this oircnmstanoe, that at the time of the aeci* 

tion alloded to, in the 1 ith Henrr VI. 1489, JohnEarl of Arun- 

del was engaffed fai the wart of Franee, and continued to be so 

nntil bis deaä, which happened within two years afterwards ; and 

Hvflnphrey, bis sen and heir, died in 1437, tben only ten years of 

age, aod was sncoeeded by William, bis uncle and heir, who 

wu BCCordiuglY Summ, to Pari, as Earl of Arundel. Notwitb- 

standioff wbat uas been observed, that John Fitz- Alan, who suc- 

eeeded m 1415, was not admAtted to this Sarldom, It is manifest 

he was generally styled Earl of Arundel, fbr Alice bis widow in 

her will describet herseif as « Coantess of Arundel," and speaksof 

ber lata hnsband» <<John Earl of Arundel." 






XXUJ5T9. Id^PliiWp Howard, ^randsnn ftnd h. bein^ t 
h. of ThomäB iX.-4th Duke of NarfaVk 
was atiainted m 1573), by Mary Fnz- 
dau, and eventualis sale hetr, af th« last 
Summ, to Pari, as Earl of ArundeL li 
22 Eliz* 1530, ob. 1595, and liaviug 
attaiiiledy im hcmours became 

XXÜLl^oa.SO.Thanias Howard, §. and b. restnred In I 
aiid lü iucii hotiours as Pbilip bis fatb< 
,,, ,, - joyed ; also as Earl of Surrey, and to 

^1 I Baronies as Tbomas Duke of Norfoll 
., ' graiidratber» lost by attainder, 1603. E 

of FarLiament^ 3 Car, J. anno 1637» the 
dorn of Arundd, tu wbicb, by tbe sami 
tbeßaroniefiorPiU Alan^Clun anci Osw 
iTCf aiid Mail raversj^ were annexedj wa 
tled on thiü Earl uf ArundeU arid tbe 
male üf bis body^ failin^ which, on tbe 
of bii body { in default of wbkb, to hit i 
Lurd William Howard, and tbe beirs m 
bis body, wjüi remalnder to tbe b^lrs t 
büdy i remainder to the said Tbomas F 
Aruridel and Surrv-yf and hls beirB for 
Created Earl of Nurfolk 6 Jüue, 1644, 
Earl MarsbaU ob. 1646. 

XXI V. 1640. SI, Henry Frederick Hu ward, i. and b. E 
Arundi^lj Surrey, and NurTolk ; ob^ läSS 

XXVM652.S3.ThQroas Howard, s, and b. Earl uf An 
Surrey, and Nurfolk. Ri?stored tu the 1 
dorn üf Nurfolk 8 May, Iö6i4,^ in whiL4 
nity tbe EaHdum of Afondt-t, and tbe 
nits above mentumed, afjreeably to tb 
of FarL 3 Cark U bave Kjnce been m« 
and wbleb bunours, together with tbe 
doms nf Sürrey and Norfolk, are now i 
in bis Grace B+^rnard Edward Howart 
prespiit Dnke of Norfolk , and XXXIl 
Earl of Arundel, Earl Marshai, &c. = 
Vi de Norfolk, ^ 




L 1377. UJobnFUz-^AUn*,ordeArande),«iboinDu|rdale*i 
Index Barenum Summonitionibut ig ttated to 
btkre been Sd «on of Richard Fitx-Alan, Eaii 
oS Aruad^ was Subnd. to Pari from 4 Aug. 
1 Rieb. If. 1377» to SO Oct. 3 Rieb. II. 1379» 
«■ "Jobaiuii de Arundal." He married Elea- 
nor, grand-dau. and b. of Jobn Baron Malira- 
vers, in contequence of wbicb marriage be 
was probablj Summ, to Pari.; ob. 1379. 

U. 1379» 'S* JoiMvFifes-Alan, or de Arundel, grandson and b. 
being s. and b. of Jobn Fitz-Alan (ek v. f,) 
-Meit sonoftbelafC Baron. WisneverSiumiii^ 
to Pari, but betng beir owJe sff Tbomas Fits- 
Alan XlV.-l Itb Earl of Aninde], be» mccord» 
kig to tiM decitittn made in die r«ign of 
Henry VI. suoeceded a« Earl of Anvtudelt« 
altbouf^ he was acrer Siumn. to ParLty tbat 
or by any otber title; ob. 148h 

ni. 1431. 8k Jobn de Arundel, s. and b. Sunnn. to Pari. 
12 Jiily and 3 Aug. 7 Ken. VI. M29, as ««Jo- 
baoni Arundell (de ArundeU), Cbev."tboiigb» 
«ecdffdiag to tbe deeision )ust cited, be suc- 
ceeded to tbe Earldom of Arundel on bis 
iatber's deatb. In 1 1 Heocy VI. be petttiondi 
to be Suinm. to Pari.» and eoosidered as Earl 
of Arundel by tenurfriof tbe Castle of Arun- 
del» wliicb waa allewttd;.bot be was never 
Summ, to Pari, afterwards, eitber as a Baron 
or as an Earl; ob 1434, wben be was luc- 
ceeded by bis soo Humpbrey ; wbo dying in 
M37» s. P. William, bis uncle and beir, suc- 
ceeded in tbe Earldom» and» tbe 3d J)ec. 
SO Hen. VI^ 1441, was Suminened to Parlia- 
nent as Earl of Arundel. If tbe Writ of 
Summons of 4 Aug. 1 Rieb. 11. 1377» be not 
oonsidered as a suamons to Jebn deAfundel 
Jure uxoris» at Baron Maltravcn» but as crc* 

H ^ ■■ ■■>■» ' ■ .1111. I I ■ 

* Tkb fiunily afPords a Singular instanoe of tbe name of tbe 
dignitv betng adopted as tbe-^jeowal somame of dl tbe brancbM« 
T vuie note under tbe Earls of Anmdel» p. 97. 




ating; a new di^nity, tbis Barony is now In 
Abeyance between tbe Lords Petre and Sioar« 
ton, as heirs f^eneral of tbe said Jobn de 
Arundel, and wbich would also be tbe case if 
be was summoned in tbe Barony of Maltra* 
wen, bad it not been for tbe Act of Pari. 3 
Car. I. wbich limited tbe descent of tbat di^* 
nity in a special manner, an aecountof wbich 
will be foand under "Maltravers." 



1. 1605. l.TbomasArundeL Created Baron Arandel of 

Wardour, co. Wilts, 4 May, 1605t ob. 1639. 
n. 16S9. S. Tbomas Arundel, i. and b. ob. 1643. 

III. 1643. S. Henry Arundel. s. and b. ob. 1694. 

IV. 1694. 4. Tbomas Arundel, s. and b. ob. 1718. 

V. 1718. ^5. Henry Arundel. s. and h. ob. 1736. 

VI. 1736. 6* Henry Arundel, s. and b. ob. 1746. 

VII. 1746. 7. Henry Arundel, s. and b. ob. 1756. ^ 

VIII. 1756. «.Henry Arundel, s. and b. ob. 1808, 8. p. m. 

IX. 1808. 9. James Everard Arundel, cousin and beir, being 

s. and b. of James Everard, 2d son of Henry, 
6tb Baron; ob. 1817. 

X. 1817. IO.Everard Arundel, s. and b. Present Baron Arun- 

del of Wardour, and eldest cobeir of one 
moiety of tbe Barony of Fiti-Payne; also 
Count of tbe Holy Roman Empire. = 



L 1664. 1. Riebard Arundel ; Created Baron Arundell of 
Trerice, co. Com wall, 83 Marcb, 1664; ob. 

ir. 1688. 3. Jobn Arundell, s. and b. ob. 1697. 

III. 1697. 3. Jobn Arundell, s. and b. 6b. 1706. 

IV. 1706. 4. Jobn Arundell, s. and h. ob. 1768, 8. P. wbcn 

tbe Title became 


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ViscouNTCY, 2 Aususty 16^8— 4^tiCt 1709. 

Vide Carnarvon. 



I. 1689.^ I.Jobn Asfaburnbam; Created Baron 

Ashburnham, of AsbburnbaiDy co« 
Sussex, 30 May, 1689 t ob. 1710. 

II. 1710.—^ S. William Asbburabam, i. and b. ob. 

1710, 8. p. 

III. 1710^—1. 1730. 3. Jobn Asbburnbam, brotb. and beir | 

Created Viscount St Asapb in Wales, 
and Earl of Asbburnbam aforesaid, 
14 May, 1730| ob. 1787. 

IV; iL 1 737. 4. Jobn Asbburnbam, §. and b. ob. 181S. 

V. III. 1813. 5. Georg« Asbburnbam, s. and b. Pre- 

sent Earl, Baron of Asbbombamy 
and Viscount 8t. Asapb. ^ 



I. 1782. 1. Jobn Dunning; Created Baron Asbburton of 
Asbburton, co. Devon, 8 April, 178S{ ob. 1783. 

IL 1783. 2. Richard Barr^ Dunning, s. and b. ob. 18S3, 
S.P. wben the Title became 


Barony, 10 February, 1696. 

Vide Albbmarlb. 



I. 1661. 1. Sir Antbony Asbley Cooper, 3d Bart. ; Created 
Baron Asbley of Winborne St. Giles, co. Dor- 
set, April 90, 1661, Created Baron Cooper and 
Earl of Sbaftesbury, 23 April, 1672. 






I, Hfji, n. U Philip de Eftl^, Irving 1 165, 

IL Job«!. S. Thamas de Astley» s. and bJivin^ 1230. 

lII.HenJ [[.3. Walter de Astlev, e. and b< ab, ...... 

IV. Hen J iU.Thumas de Astky, 8. and L ob. 1^4* 


I. 1295. 5, Andrew de A^tley, s. and h. Summ, to 

fmm 33 June, 23 Edw, K 1S95, lo ; 
' ' 54 Edw. L 1306, tbough Durale State 

bedled m 1301. 

II. 130S. 6t Nichulas de Astley, s, and h. Summ, to 

4 July, 30 £dw. I, t302, 1 1 June 3 Ed 
1309, anti 26 Oct.3 Edw. IL 1309, ob. ., 
ÜL 134S, 7. Tbomas de A^tley, nepbew and beir, be 
and b. ofGiles de Asile^r, neitt brother 
last Baron i Summ, to ParL from S5 F 
Edw. IlL J342, to 10 Marcb, 23 Ed^ 
1349; ob. ....... leaving Sir Willia 

Asrtley bis s. and b.^ wbo was never Suni 
Pari, and died S, P. M, leavinff Joan bli 
and beir I sbe married Ist Tbomas Ra 
bj wbom Bbe bad no issue j and ^d Rej 
III. Lord Grey, of Rutbyn, by wbom b 
issue, Edward de Grey» Ut Bairon G 
Groby, jure uxons, witb wbi<?b Baron; 
of Aslley descended to Henry Grey X, ] 
Grey of Groby, (or inore properly, F 
of Groby) and Duke of Suffulk ; on ^ 
attainder in 1554^ tbis Barony, witi 
fltber bonors, became 

Vi de Fereers or G 



L 1Ö44. L Jaeob Astley, lineally descetided from l 
Sd son of Tbomas IVt-4tb Baron A^ 
Created Baron Astley of Reading^ co. I 
4 Nor* 1644} ob. 1651. 

IL 1651. S, Jtaac Astley, B. and b. ob. 1663. 

III. 1662, S.Jacob Astleyi 6. and b. oL 1680, s. p, wbi 
Title became ^B^tintt. 





f. 1334. I.Gilbert de Aton, Summ, to Pari. 80 Dee. 
18 Edw. II. 1324; SO Feb. I8£dw. II. 13S5; 
andagain 25 Feb. 16 Edw. (II. 1342j ob.1342. 

U. 1342. 2. William de Aton, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 8 

Jan. 44 Edw. III. 1371 ; ob. , 8. p.m. 

leaving bis tbree daugbters, viz. Anastatia» 
wife of Edward de St. Jobn ; Katheriney who 
married SirRalpb Eure ; and Elisabetb, wbo 
mar. I.William Playtz, aud 2. John Coniert, 
bis beirs, between wbose repretentatives tbit 
Barony is in Abbyance. 

Vide Paubbmby. 



I. WilLL Roger de Aobervill, or Otburvill, held divers 

Lordships in Essex and Suffulk. 

L Will. 1. 1 . WIlUam de AubenriU, Lord of Berlai, co.HerU 

II. Hen. 1. 2.Hugh de Aubervill, s. and b. ob. 1 139. 

III. Stepb. 3. William de AuberviU, s. and h. ob 

IV. Hen.II. 4. Hugb de Aubervill, s. and b. ob. 1212. 

V. John. 5. William de Aubervill, s. and b. ob. s. p. m, 

temp. Jobn. Joan bis dau. and heir, married 
Nicholas de Criol. 



i 1793. I. William Eden, Ist. Baron Auckland in Irebmd; 
Created Baron Auckland of West Auckland. 
CO. Durbara, May 23, 1793 ; ob. 1814. 

II. 1814. 2. George Eden, s. and b. Present Baron Auck- 
land, also Baron Auckland in Ireland. 



h Hen.111. I.Henry de Alditbley, Uvinr 1 236. 

IL Hen.IIL 2.James de Alditbley, s. and h. ob. 1271. 

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lII.Hen.III. S James de Alditbliy, s. andh. ob. 1973, t.p. 

IV. Edw. I. 4.Henry de Aldithley, bro. and b. ob. 1871», 8.r. 

V. Edw.I. 5. William de Alditbley, brotber and bcir, ob. 

l?ai, 8.P. 

VI. Edwl. 6»NicboU8 de Alditbley» bro. anä beir» Summ.9G 

Jan.S5 Edw.I. 1297; but it it doubtful if 
that Writ oan be considered as a repilar 
Summ, to Pari. Vide Fitz-John s ob. 1899. 

VII. £dw.1. 7. Tbomat de Alditbley» s. and b. ob. Infra ct. 
•Y w«iT. 1307, • P. 

I. 1318. 8.Nicbo]ai de Alditbley. bro. and b. Samm. to 
Pari, from 8 Jan. 6 Edw. IL 1313, to 85 Aii|;. 
18 Edw. II. 1318; ob. 1319. 

ir. 1319* 9* James de Alditbley, s. and b. Somm. to FurL 
from 85 Jan. 4 Edw. IH. 1330, to 8 Aug. 10 
Rlc. n. 138«, "K. Q. ^ mb. t386. 

III. 1386.10.NicboIas d« AJdi^hiej, s. and b. Summ, to 

Pari from 17 Dee. 1 1 Rie. II. 1387, to 18 
Sept. Hü 1890; ob. 1398, 8. p. 

IV. 1405. 1 1. Jobn Touchet, g^rand nepb.^and beir» beiof son 

and beir of JoJba, 'eldett son of Sir Jobn Too- 
ebet, by Jane, eldett dau, of James 11..9tb 
Baron, and eventually sole beir to ber bro- 
tber Nicholat, the last Baron; Suann. to 
Pari, from Slst Dec. 7 Hen. IV. 4405, to 86 
Aug. 9 Hen. IV. 1408, as <<Jobanni Ta- 
ebett;'* ob. 1409. 

V. 1409*18. James Tooebet, s. and b. Pari, from 

86 Feb. 8 Hen. V. 1421, to 96 May, 33 Hen. 
VI. 1455, as « Jacobo de Aadley ;" ob. 1458. 

VI. 1458. 13. Jobn Toucbet, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

26 May^ 1 Edw. IV. 1461, to 9 Dec. I Rlc. 
IM. 1483, as « Jobn de Audley }" ob. 1491. 

VII. ]491.14.Jame8 Toucbet, t. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

12 Aue:.7 Hen. VII. 1493. to 16 Jan. 18 Hen. 
Vn. 1497; beheaded and attainted 1497, 
wben bis bonors becarae 

VIII. 1512. 15.Jobn Toucbet, s. and h. Restored in blood 

and bonors, 1512; Summ, to Pari, from 83 
NoY. 6 Hen. VIII. 1514, to 83 Jan. 1 EUs. 
1559} ob. circa, 1559* 

IX. 1559.l6.Ceorge Toucbet, s. and b. wsiB never 'StmidU 

to Pari. } ob. 1560. 


1UDL£Y. 35 


X^ 156Q.l7«Heni7Toucbet» b^ and h. wai Derer Summ, to 
Parliamentt ob. 1564*. 

XL 1 5t64 J Q^Oeorge Toucbet, f. and h. Sumo^. to ParKfroin 
30 Sept. 8 EHz. 1566, to 5 April, 18 Jacl6l4; 
Created Ead of Castlehaven in Irelaod, S, 
Sept. 1617 I ob* 1617. 

XU« ijfin^l^.l^rYiaToucbet» f. and b. E^irl of Castle- 
baven; belieaded and attainted 1631» wben 
bif bonoura becam? 

Xttl. l<7d.80JlaiiieeToucbet, a. aod b. Created Baron Aud^ 
le|t» and Bari of Caatlebavco in Ireland, 
I6»4i Reatored to tba Baeony forfeiud by 
bie fUber». with remainder to tbe beirs of bii 
badjfi; renainder to bi» brotber Martin 
Tosobet, and tbe beira of bis body ; remain- 
dertatba davgbters.ol bis falber, and tbeir 
hcMS^ by Aet of ParU 1678 ; ok 1684, M, P. 

XTTv ia»4tiaUbrTin Toecbet, bro» and beir^ Earl of Castle* 
luuren, ob. 1686. 

XV. 1686.88MFameaiTou€bet, s. and b. EarLof Castlebaren 

in Ireland, ob* 1700«. 

XVI. 1700.S3 James Toocbet, s. and b. Earl of Castlebaren 

XVIL ]74aS4^aineaTc^bet, s. and b. Earl of Castlebaven 

in Ireland, ob. 1769» S. P. 
XVlU.176^$,Jol^ Talbot Toucbel, bro. and b< 5^b and last 

E^lx>fCastlebay«n in Ireland; ob. 1777» 8.P. 
XJKt l7%7^Geor|» Tbickqeipe (asaum^d tbe naroe of) 

Touäet, nepbt aadb^.being s. and b. of 

Philip Tbicknesse* by EUsabetb» sister and 

sole beir to tbe last Baron s ob. 1818. 
XX.1818.S7.6^iKeJFoknTbickneiMi'IHMi|!bet, s. and b. 

Present BaroB Audlm^ =t= 


I. 1320. UHügh, de Aldrtbley,„ or Audley, supjp|Q4e4 to- 

* Di^dlJs aqd Collins State, tbat be tenred intbe £k>w Cbtin- 
tries ift 168ß,,a*d di^ i^ 1696i bnt it is almost eeitain thft ba 





haye been a yoon^r brother of Niebolat 1 
Baron Audleigh ; Somm. to Pari, at " 1 
deAudley, Setiiori/' 15 Blaj, 14 Edw. 


II. 1317. Hagb de Audley, t. and b. Samm. to Pari 
SO Nov. 11 Edw. II. 1317, to 15 Ma 
Edw. II. 13S1» as «Hogb de Aadley 
niori," and fromS Dec. 80 Edw. II. 131 
S4 Aug. 10 Edw. III. as « Hugh de An« 
having mar. Margaret» dau. and ooh 
Gilbert de CUre, Earl of Gloucetter» b 
Created Earl of Gloueeater S3 April, 133 
1347, S.P.BI. Margaret, bis sole da. and fa 
Ralpb Lord StaffOrd ; and tbis Barony i 
tequently presumed to bave been merg 
tbat of Stafford, of tbe deteent and pi 
State of whicb a fall account is giren 
tbat Title ; and it is only necessary brl< 
observcytbat on tbe attainderof Edward 
of Buckingbam in 1591; tbisBarony^ tof 
witb bis otber bonorSy became 





I. 1538. l.Tbomas Audley; Created Baron Audi 
Waiden, ca Essex, 29 Not. 1588 ; 
Cbanc 1538, K.G.; ob. 1544» 8.P.11. 
tbe Barony became 


* Dagdale, ▼. I. p. 750, states, tbat thii Hagh was Soi 
Psrliament 11 Edw. II. Nov. 1317; but on referring 
'< Lists of Summons," it appears tbat it wu to bis son, ** 
de Audele, Juräori,** tbat tnat Writ was directed. 

Tbat eminent autbor slso ssserts, tbat there was a '< 
de Alditbley" of this fimiUy Summoned to Psrliameni 
8 Hen. V. to SS Hen. VI. but of wbom be gives no furtl 
formation : it is dmost certain, however, tbat he confoun 
witb James Tauchet, V.-I2th Baron of Audley , who was 
hom 8 Hen. V. to 33 Hen. VI. as «« Jacobus de Audley." 

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J. 1714. 1. Heiieag^e Finch, Ist Baron Guernsej ; Created 
Earl of Aylesford in Kent, S6 October, 1714; 
ob. 1719. 

II. 1719. 2. Heneafe Finch» s. and h. ob. 1757. 

IH. 1757. 3. Heneage Finch, s. and h. ob. 1777. 

IV. 1777. 4. Heneage Finch, s. and h. ob. 1813. 

V. 18 IS. 5. Heneage Finch, s. and h. Present Earl of 

Aylesford and Baron of Guemsey. =^ 



I. Will.l. I. Ham^line de BaaloB, ob. lOJiQ, s. p. 

II. HenwI. ^ Wynebeld de Baalun» brother of the last Ba- 

ron, living 1 126. 

Hen. JII. John de Baalun, pfesumed of the samt fa- 
mily, wap at the battle of Eyesham 1265. 



I. 1309* 1. Bartholomew de Balesmere, Summ, to Pari. 

from 26 Oct. 3 Edw. II. 1309» to 5 August 14 
Edw. 11. 1320, ob. 1322. 

II. 1322. 2. Giles de Badleimere, 8. and h. Summ, to Pari* 

from 22 Jan. 9 Edw. 111. 1336, to 18 August 
11 Edw. 111. 1337» ob. 1338» s. p. leaviiig his 



BAROWS BY WRIT. . «, ^ u - j t m^ 

four sUters, viz« Maud, who mamed Jonn 
Earl ofOxford, and whos« descendants^though 
without any le{;al rigbt» assumed tbe title of 
Barons Badlesmere; Elizabeth, wbo married 
iirst Edm. Mortimer, and secondly William 
de Bobun Earl of Nortbampton ; Margaret» 
tbe wife of Sir John Tibetot$ and Mar^ery, 
wbo married William Baron Roos, bis beirsy 
aroon^ wbose representatives tbis Barony is 
m Abeyamce. 


BAR0N8. «,«... 

I. 1780. 1. William Bagot ; CreatedBaron Bagot of Blitb- 

field, co.Staflford, Oct. 17, 1780, ob. 1798. ^ 

II. 1798. 2.WilliamBagot,8.andh.Pre«entBaronBagot.-T- 



I. Will.!. l.GuydeBaliolyob... 

II. Stepb. 9» Barnard Baliol, s. and b. ob..« 

III. Jobn 3. Eustace de Baliol, s. and b. ob.. « 

IV. H.ITI. 4. Hugb de Baliol, s. and b. ob... 

V. H. III. 5. Jobn de Baliol, s. and b. ob. 1S68. 

VI. H. III. 6. Hugb de Baliol, s. and h.ob. IS7I9 S* f« 

VII. Edw.1.7. Alexander Baliol> brotb. and b.ob. 1278. 
VlIl.Edw.1.8. Jobn de Baliol, s. and b. competitor for tbe 

Crown of Scotland, and became King of Scot« 
land. ■ 


1. 1300. Alexander Baliol, brotbcr of tbe said Kini?; 
Summ, to Pari, from S6 Sept. 28 Edw. 1. 1 300, 
to 3 Nov. 35 Edw. 1. 1306; ob. S.P. wben tbe 
Barony became 



1. Heo. HI. Henry de Baliol, Eupposed to bare been.bror 
tber of Hugh 4tb Baron, ob. 1245. 

I. Hen. III. Eustace de Baliol, living 1269. 

\. Hen. III. Bemard de Baliol, living 1243. 




Edward de Baliol Kioi; of ScotUnd, was Summ, to Pari. 
Jan. 22 Edw. tll. I348,and lOMarcb.SSEdw. Hl. 1349 ; 
bocb instances the Writ witb bis name, cummencinf^ 
these wordg, <* Rex Maf^nifico Principi et fideli suo 
Iwardo de Balliolo Regi ScotUe Consang^uineo suo cba« 
simo, Salutem." 



636. William Knollys first Viscount Waliingford ; 

Created Earl of Banbury, co. Oxford, 18 Au^. 

1626, ob. 1632, s.p. L.wfaen all bis bunours 

became Ültintt. 

rbisEarldom wasclaimed in 1813,b7 Gen« Wm. Knollys» 

'* beir male of Nicbolas, «on and beir of tbe Earl," of 

lose legitimacy tbere was mucb duubt ; and tbe House 

Lords decided, March 9, 1813, '* tbat tbe petitfoneir 

d not made good bis claira," and consequently esta- 

«hing the Ulegitimacy of tbe said Nicbolas. 



1313. ' Robert de Banyard, Summ, to Pari. 22 May 
6 Edw. U. and 26 July 7 Edw. IL 1313, but 
never afterwards, nor any of bis descendants, 
of whom Dugdale gives no account in bis 



[eu.IL L William Bardolf, llving J174. 
len. IL 2. Thomas Bardolf, s. and L. ob..« 
Ueh*L3«Doun Bardolf, s. andb.j he niarried Beatrix, 

dau. and heir of William de W-arren, and witb 

her acquired the Barony of Wirmegay, co. 

Norfolk« ob. 1209. 
ohn 4. William Bardolf, s. and b. ob. 1275« 
Idw. 1.5. William Bardolf, s. and h. living 1281, ob. 

ante 1292. 


299. 6. Hufch Bardolf, s. and h. Summ, to Pari, from 
6 Feb. 27 Edw. I. 1299» to 2 June, 35 Edw. L 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



1309 ; he wai also Summ. 8 Jun« 93 E 
1994, but it it Tery dottbtful if the lattei 
wai a regulär iummoiis to Parliamentj 
«« Clyvedon," ob. 1303. 
If . 1303. 7* Thomas Bardolf, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
96 Aug. l Edw. II. 1307, to 93 Oct. 4 Ed 
1330, ob. circa 1330. 

III. 1330. 8. Jobn Bardolf, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

99 Jan. 9 Edw. III. 1336, to I June, 37 

III. 1363; latterly with the additio 
« de Wirmegay ;" he married Elizabeth 
and h. of Roger Baron D'Amorie } ob. i: 

IV. 1371. 9. William Bardolf, s. and h. Summ. toParl 

90 Jan. 49 Edw.IIL 1376, to 3 Sept. 9 R 
1385, as *< WiUielmo Bardolf de Wirme| 
ob. 1385. 

V. 1385. 10. Thomas Bardolf, s. and b. Summ, to Pari 

19 Sept. 14Ric.II. 1390, to 95 Aug. 5 

IV. 1404, as ««ThomsB Bardolf de Worme 
ob. circa 1404, s. P. m. and haring bee 
TAiNTBD bis honours bccarae 

The two daughters and heirs of the last Bsifon 
Ann wbo married first Sir William Clifford, and sec 
Sir Regtnahl Cobham ; and Joan, the wife of Sir Wi 
Philip, K. G. wbo was styled, temps Hen. VI. Lord 
dulf i but though he is said by some writers to hare 
so created by letters patent, it does not appear tl 
was ever summoned to Parliament. He left an only 
Elisabeth, wbo marr. Jtihn Itt Viicouot Beaumont', 


I. UeD.II. 1. Hugh Bardolf, soppoted tohare beenayo 

son of William I.-lst Baron, ob. 1903, 8, 

II. 4ohli 9. Robert Bardolf, broth. and b. ob. . . s. p. 

iug bis sister*8 sons bis heirs. 

1. Hen. II. William Bardolf, presuioed to have b 
younger son of Thomas II.-9d Barun, ob 
1905, and of whofte issue there is no ac< 


ViMoüNTCY, 7 May 1697.— «jrtlnct 1797. 

Vide ÜRFO 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


a05. l.SIr Charles Midäleton, Ist Bart. Created 97 
April 1805, Baron Bärham of B^rbam artd 
Testun» cii.K*int, mth remairider, fäiliö;^ his 
is^ue miilei of the ilignity of Eiiruneäs Ba^^ 
hjim of Barham and T«?sttin aforesaid, l4> hrs 
dau. Didna, ifife of Sir Gerard Nod, and uf 
tbe di^nily of Baron Barhani of BarbaiD and 
Testun, co. Kent, to tier tssue niale^ ob. ]3l3i 

ONKSS, & P, M* 

BI3* 2, Diatm, wife of Sir Gerard Noel, dau. and faeir; 
praietit Barone&s Barbam ^ 



^93, i. Cbrjitopher Vane, Created Baron Barnard of 
Barnard*s Caslk, co. Durbam^ 8 JuJy 169$ ^ 
ob. J723. 

733. S. Gilbert Vane, 5. aud L ob. 1753, 


753»— L 1754, 3. Henry Vane, a. and b, Created Viseount 
Barnard of Barnard's Castle afore* 
AaiJ« a»d Earlüf D^irlüigtoßj 3 April, 
1 7 5 4, ob, 1 7 5 S . Vide D AU Li ngto n. 


OP dOtlWTOIf, 

J€h. I. Thomas Basaet, bfotber of Gilbert, last Baron 
Bai^set üf Hedendon i obtajned the manor o£ 
CüUnton, from Rvchard I. ob. 1213, S. e, M, 
leaving hl» ibree daugbter&his 'beirs* 



emlLL Ralph Basset, Ron of Richard II, Baron Bastet 

of Weidon i Lord of Drayton, ctt. SjLalTord. 
:epb- 2. Ralph Bassel, s. and h-ob..^ 






I 1264. 3. Ralph Basset, s. and h. Summ, to Pari, 
Dec. 49 Hen. III. 1264, a» *« Radulphui 
set (de Drayton) }** slain 1265. 

IL 1295. 4. Ralph Basset, s. and h. Summ, to" Vi 
June, 23 Edw. 1. 1295, and 6 Feb. and U 
37 £dw. I. 1299» as '^ Radulphus Bass 
Drayton)," ob. 1299- 

III, 1299. 6. Ralph Basset, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. I 

same designation, from 29 I^ec. 28 Ei 
1299, to 25 Feb. 16 Edw. IIL 1342, ob. 

IV. 1343. 6. Ralph Basset, grandson and heir, be 

and h. of Ralph Basset (ob. v. p.) elde 
of the last Baron ; Summ, to Pari, frc 
Dec. 31 Edw. III. 1357, to 6 Dec. 13 F 
1389 ; he marr. Joan, sisier of John Di 
Brittany, K. G. ob. 1390, & P. ; leavir 
cordiRg to one Inquisition, Thomas I 
Sufford, grandson of Margaret fasset, 
öf bis grandfather, bis heir; and, acco 
to another Inquisition, the said Earl ol 
ford and Alice, wife of William Chat 
descended from Maud sister of the said 
garet, were found to be bis heirs ; h\ 
Mrithstaading these Inqaisitions, Sir 
Shirley, s. and h. of Sir Thomas Shii 
Isabel Basset, who is said to have be 
•ister of the last Baron, is by some ^ 
called his nephew and heir. On tbi) 
there appears much doubt, for if tb 
Isabel had manifestly been his legititm 
ter, both the Inquisitions could not p 
have failed to notice her issue. In th 
of Charles I. Sir Henry Shirley, the bei 
of Sir Hugh Shirley aboYementione$l,n 
Dorothy, sister and heir of Robert] 
Essex, Baron Ferrers of Chartley, a 
grandson Robert Shirley was allowe 
Barony, and who, if the said Isabel 
was tbe latvfiU sister of Ralph Lur< 
set öf Drayton, must be considered a 

* The 24th of Decerober in Dugdale*8 LisCs of Su« 
but as abo?e in the Lists lately published by the lU 



Bj|SS£r. 43 


hnve inberited the ßArony uf Bauet nf Drny^ 

tonj wUichBartinyis Qcrii|t'C|u«]itlj öftere atiri- 
but€d to G^ofj^e prest^ni Marquefls Ti>wnseiid, 
nnd Baron Ferrera of CbärtJey, the beir gene- 
fal uf ibe Said ßpbert ShiHey, Baruii Ferrers 
*»F Cbartley, whf* was aFterwiirdä crt?ated 
Vbcaunr Trtmwtirtb apd Earl Ferren, Tbe 
prabability, bowev^r, if not Ihe positive Taci, 
was, 1 bat tbe Eaid Isabel Baesetp whü jiiarrieJi 
SJr Tbüinne Shir^i^y, was iliegitimtUe, ariit 
consequenily cuuld catifer nt* claim tu ibia 
vr tit atiy üiLer diguity^ 



tu« IL L Gilbert Bastei Giippnsed to bare been n yotin^er 
ai>n or ^randson of Ratpb B^e^et» Justicu t>f 
EnrLaiid, teinp, Hen. I.; Ilviiif 1 1415. 

en. n, S, Tbomas BasBet, s. aiul h, Uviiig 1 170. 

ücb, I. 3. Gilbert ßaiset, s. anü b. ob. 1£ö5, &* f, iv, 
leavlng bis dau, tbe wife of Riebard de Cam- 
ville bis bejr. 



EP . I U h Wi l Li am B asset , a on of Ricbard 3d Bani n Bass et 
Qt Wddon, Lord of Sapijute, co, lieiceBter | 
Ytv'ms H76. 

«n. IL 3> Simon BaBSfit, 6. and b» livlng 1 i<>|. 

obii 3. RaLpb Basse c, s, and b. ob. * . 



4. Ralpb BaEse^ s« and b. Süiüm. to Park as 

** Ridulphu B aaset (de Sapcote)" 14 Dec, 49 
Hen, IlL iS64,üb, .. 
S.Simun Baaset, s, and b. Sutnin. a June. 22 
Edw. L 1294, but^ for tbe roasotis assigneil 
ander ^^Clyvedon," \t 'v& very doubtfuJ jf it 
can be conaidered as a re^larWntof Summ, 
to ParL; ob. ,. 

5. Ralph Bafifietj s. and h. Symm. to Pari. 8 Jan, 

44 Edvr, HL 137», a"d G Oct. 46 Edw. IlL 
137 S* as " Radolpbo Baäsei de Sapcote/' ob. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



12f78, 8. P. M. leÄvinff hi« two dau|rhteK, n«. 
Alice, who roarried Sir Lawrence Dutton, and 
Elizabeth, wife of Richard, aherwards Barun 
Grey of Codnor, K.G. bis heirs.between whose 
descendants tbis Barony it in abbyancb. 


»ARON. ...... 

t. 1797. I.Francis Basset, Ist Baron de Dunstanville ; 
Created Baron Basset of Stratton, co. Com- 
wall, witb remainder, failing^ bis issue male, 
to his dau. Frances Basset and tbe heirs male 
of her body, 7 Nov. 1797. Present Baron 
Basset of Stratton, Baron de Dunstanville, 
and a Baronet. =t= 


of weldbn. 

I. Hen. T. 1. Ralph BassetjJusticeofEn^land, oh. circa II 20. 

II. Steph. S. Richard Basset, s. and h. Justice of Eng^land, 

ob. .. 

III. Hen.II.3.Geoffrey Basset, ». and h. assumed bis mother's 

name of Riddel, ob. • . 

IV. Rieh. I. 4. Richard Basset, s. and b. ob. . . 

V. John 5. Ralph Basset, s. and b. ob. ante 1857. 
VI.Hen.IIl.6. Ralph Basset, s. and h. livins 1257 ; to whom 

VII. Ed*. 1.7. Ribbard ffifcset, ob, 1275. 
VlII.Edw.I.8.Ralph Basset, s. and h. ob 1294. 


I. 1299. 9. Richard Basset, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, ai 
«* Richardo Basset (de Weldon)," 6 Feh. 27 
Edw. I. 1299. He was also Summoned 26 
Jan, 25 Edw. I. 1397, but it is not cerUia 
that the latter can he considered as a regulär 
Writ of Summ, to Pari; vide •« Fitz John;" 
ob. 1314,leaving Ralph Basset his s.&h. who, 
though Summoned l Edw. III. to be at New- 
Castle with horse and arms, was never Summ, 
to Pari, norwere any of hi« descendants ever 
so summoned, or considered as Barons of the 





I. Jobn I.Alan BasMt, younger brother of Gilbert last 

Bafon of Uedendon ; öbtaiüed tbe manor of 
WyconibefroniKit)|c<^obO; ob. 1332. 

II. IIen.IlI. 3. Gilbert Batset, t. and h. ob. 1240) bis s. an<f 

b. dy\n% ioen afterwards, bis uDcle 
]II.Hen.lII.3.Fulke Battet, Dean of York, bro. of tbe said 

Gilbert, sueoeeded to tbe iiiberitance; ob. 

1258,8. P. 
IV. Philip ßasset, bro. and beiri ob. iSTl» 8. p. m. 

leavini; Aliva« wife of Roger Bigot, Earl of 

Kurfolky bis beir. 



1. Ileu. n. 1. Warine de Bassingboume, living 1 175, to wbom 

II.Hen.III. 2. Jobn de Bassingbourne, living 1223. 

I. Jobi) l.Nicbolai de Bassingbourne, living 1216, wbQ 

was succeeded by 
n. HenJII. 2. Warine de Baasingbonrne, living 1265, bb 

successor was 
lll.£dw. t 3. Humpbrey de Bassingboume, living 1285. 

«ARL8. £h a^rJ^u f •'y 

I. 1405. PbilibtrC de Sbann^) C^ated Earl of Batb 

6 Jan. 1485, Sift Rotbing furtber is known 
of btm. 

II. 1536. 1. Jahn Bonrcbier, X.-l Itb Baron Fitz- Warine ; 

Created Earl of Batb July 1536, ob. 1539. 

III. 1539. 2. John Bour^bief, s. and b. ob. 1560. 

IV. 15$0. 3. William Bourcbier, grandson and h. being s. 

and b. of John Bourcbier (ob. v. p.) eldest sou 
of tbe last Earl ; ob. 1623. 

V. 1623. 4. Edward Bourcbier, s. and b. ob. 16S6. ^ p. M« 

VI. 1^6. 5. Henry Bourcbier, cousiii and beir; bemgs.and 

b. of George Bourcbier, second s. of Jobn, 




Ill^Sd Eärl; ob. 1654, s. F. when tt 
became 4ipt\ntt. 

VII. 1661. l.John Granville; Created Baron Gram 

Kilkbampton and Biddeford, Viscouni 
ville of Lansdown» and Earl of Batb, 2 
1661 ; ob. 1701. 

VIII. 1701. S. Charles Granville, t. and b. ob. 1701. 

IX. 1701. 3. William Henry Granville, s. and b. ob. 

s. p. wben all bis bonors became 

X. 1749. 1. William PuUeney ; Created Baron of H 

CO. York, Viscount Pulteney of Wringt 
Somerset, and Earl of Batb» July 14 
ob. 1764, 8. p. wben tbese dignities t 


I. 1789. 1. Tbomas Thynne, 3d Viscount Weyn 

. Created Marqaess of Batb, Aug. 18, 
K. G. ob. 1796. 

II. 1796. 2. Thomas Tbynne, s. and b. K. G. 1 

Marquess of Batb, Viscount Weymou^ 
ron Tbynne, and a Baronet* ^ 


I. 1793. — 1803.Henrietta Laura Pulteney, daii. 
William Johnston, Bart, by F 
dau. and b. of Henry Pultenej 
bro. to William Pulteney, last E; 
wife of Sir James Murray, Bai 
assumed tbe name of Pulteney ; ( 
Baroness of Batb, witb limitatior 
dignity of Baron Batb, co, Somei 
her issue male, 23 July 1 798, and G 
of Batb, CO. Somersetg witb th< 
limitation of tbe Earidom of B 
Oct. 1803; ob. 1808, 8. F. wbei 
titles became 


1. Allen Bathurst; Created Baroi 
urst of Battlesdon, co. Bedford 
1712, and Earl Bathurst of Bs 
CO. Sussex, Aug. 12, 1772; o\ 


I. 1712.— I. 1773. 




— II. 1775» 3. Henry B.Ubursc, Igt. Baron Apaley, t, 
and k Lürd Chane. 1771 t oK 1T9C 

—HM 794. 3. Henry Bathurstj i. and h. Present 
EftrI aiirj H^Ton Bathurst and Baron 
Apsley, ICG. =p 



Uia* Rflger Bavent, Sumirr. to Par». fröm 8 Jan. G 
Edw. II. 1313, to 34 July 8 Edw. HL 1334, 
hat neitber bis son or graudiion were evtr 
Summ, to ParL; tbe lattof rfied a. p, m. 1370, 
Jeaving Ekanor and Cedly blf dau^bten and 
and beirs, among whoee descendants and 
representativfls tbU Bürony h iimbably lu 



in. 1, hHanulpb de Bayeux. 

I. JL S. Hugh d& BAyeojt, 8. and h. ok circa I latf. 

nUr.X Jülin de Bayeüst, a. and h. ob, 1548, s. r, m. 

n.lll.4. Stepben le Bays, bro. and lieär male, 

le moiety of ihis Barony was adjudged, in 1315, lo 

tJf to tbe Kinf , and the other to Mand de and 

ViscouNTCv, 13 May 1766, 

Vi de C AM DEN, 


IS. visc- 

• I. 1627. hSir Paul Baytiing, Ist, Bart. s Created 
Barmi Bayning; of Hürkesley BtntJey, 
CO, Eaiex, 21 Ftb, IGS;, and Mardi 
6th followiiip Viscount ßayning^ of 
Sudbnry, co, Suffblk; ob. l6iU 

- n. IÜS9. % Pa»l Bayning»«, and b, ob. ]&32,s. p, m, 
wben bU bunors became 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 



h 1674. Anne Bajtdng, 3d dau. of PapI Ist Viccouaf, 
«od wife of James Murray, Esq. ; Created 
Viscountets Bayning of Foxiey, co. Wilts, for 
life, 17 Marcb 1674; ob. 1698^ wben tbe title 
becanifl 4SKtinct. 


I. 1797. 1. Cbarles Townsbend, s. and b. of Wm. Towns- 

bend, (3d ion of Cbarles 2d Visc. Townsbend, 
K.G.) byHenrietta,dau. and fa.of Win.Panlet 
(2d BOB of Cbarlet» Ist Dukeof Bolton), by 
Anne Egerton» dau. and bdr of Randolph 
E^rtoOy Esq. by EliaaboCb, eldest dau. and 
c<äieir oi Ueqry Murray» Esq. by Anne, tbe 
last Visfountess Bayning) Created Baron 
BayBing of Foxley, co.Berka.Oct. S7» 1797 ', 
ob. iai9. 

II. 1819. 2. Cbarles Frederick (assiuned tbe names of) 

William Powlett, s. and b. Present Baron 



Barony, 7 July, I660^€ptintt W88. 

Vide Albemarlb. 



I. Will. I. l.Hugb de Beaüebamp, came into England witb 

William tbe Conqueror. 

II. Will. 1. 2. Simon de Beaucbamp, s. and b. ob. s. p. 

III. Will.lI.d.Pain de Beauebarop, bro. and beir ; obtained 

tbe Barony of Bedford from Will. II. 

IV. Rio. I. 4. Simon de Beaucban»p, s« and b. ob. circa 


V. Jobn. S. William de BeaucbampyS. and b. ob. 1959. 

VI. H. III, 6. Simon de Beaucbamp, presumed to bave been 

bis s. and b. ob. 1262, s. p. m. 

VII. H.III. 6. William de Beaucbamp, bro. and h. ob. ante 

1265, 8.P. 
VIU. H.III. 7. Jobn de Bea«cbamp, brotber and h. ktHed at 
Evesbam in arms against tbe King, 1265, 8.?. 
fvbea tba daugbters of William, 5tb Baron 



(fatfaer of tb« said John), bein^ the beirt of 
Joftiie, dau. and beir of Simon 6tb ßaron, 
makin; a compotitioa for tbe forfeiturt, ob* 
tained bis landt. 



I. Hen.lI.l.MHo d« Beauobamp, yonn^r ton of Hu^b 

Ist. Baron, Hving I IBO ; to whom succeeded 

II. Hen. II. 3. Hu|:b de Beauchamp (son of Oliver)^ ob. 

1185, 8.P. 

III. Job». 8. Roger de Beancfammp^ bro. and b. ob. circa 

1«17, s. p. 

IV. JohndeBeaucbarap, l^nd ncpb. and beir, being; 

8on of William de Beauebamp, nepbew to tbe 
last Baron I bis tuccestor was 

V. Hen.III.5.William de Beauebamp, liring 1S57» ob. ante 

1S81 ; to whom succeeded 
Vl.fidir. I. 9.Ralph de Beauebamp, ob. 1293>leaTinga son, 
Roger Beauebamp, but bis posteritir nevcr 
ei^yed tbe dignity of Barons of tbe Realm. 



h Hcn. I. 1. Walter de Beancfaanp, tupposed of tbe same 

ff; Hen.lf. 9. William de Beauebamp, s. and b. liv; 1 167. 

III. Ricb.1. 8. William de Beauchamp, s. and b. Ut. 1 194« 

IV. H. 111. 4. Walter de Beauebamp, s.«nd b. ob. 1335. 

V. H. III. 5. William de Beauebamp, s. and b. mar. Isabel 

de Mauduit, sister and heir of William Bari 
ofWarwick; ob. 1 368. 

VI. Edw. I. 6. WiUiAn> ^^ Beauchamp, s. and h. suceeeded| 

jure matris, as Earl of Warwick« 

Vide Warwick. 


I, 1447« l.Jobn Beauchamp, lineally descended frpm 
Walter de Beauebamp, a younger son of 
William V,-5th Baron BeauchaiDpof Elmleys 





Created Benucliamp of Powyk 
1447 ; Lord Treasurer, K.G, ; ot 
IL 1475. g. Richard Be au Cham p, s. and h. ob. 
a. r. M, when the Title became 

HL 1806 J. 1815* lAViliiam Lygoü, lineally desc 
William Lygon and Ann Bea 
**ife, dau, and coheir of Rich^ 
Barrm; Crcated Baron Bes 
PtJwyk, CO. Wtircestep, 26 
Created Viscount Elinley and 
chsimp 13 Sept. 1815; ob. 181 

IV. II.l8l6,2,William Beauchamp Lygon, sc 

ob, ia3:i, s. p, 

V. IlH823.3JohnReginaldBeauebamp, bn 

Present Earl aiid ßaron Bei 
Po Wyk, and Viscgunt Elmky, 




1 387- I . Joh II deBeaucbatnp, of Holt, gtands 
of John de Beauchamp, of Holt,y 
of William X.-StU Earl of Warwic 
BV PATENT, being: the first insta 
kindj Baron Beaucbamp of Kjdei 
bim and the heirs male of bis bo 
13B7; ob. 1387. 

1387. S.Jübn de Beauchanip, s, and h. ob. 
wb«ii tbe Title became 

I, 1363, 



Ro»er de Beauchamp, also desce 
Waker, younger son of William 
ron Beauchamp of Elraley; Summ, to Pari, a 
de ßello-Carapo/' from 1 June. 37 Edward 
to 20 OcCober, 3 Richard IL 1379? ob. 13' 
Rojjer Beauthamp, his g randson and heir, wl 
ceeded by John Beaucbanip, bis s. and h, but J 
descendants of Roger Baron Bea ueb am pweree 
toParLj Margaret, dau. and lu of Jobn Beauch, 
nicntioned, atid tbe sreat-great-grand*dau. t 



Baron» married to her seeimd butband Jobn Beaufort, 

Carl of Somerset» and by bim bad Marf aret CounteM of 

Riebmond» motber of Kin; Henry Vll. } bat tbis Barony 

beeame vested in ber descendants by htvßrst biisband Sir 

Oliver St. Jobn^wbose great-^eat-|rrandson Oliver St. 

Jobn was Created Baron St. John of Bletsboe in 1559 ; 

bis son and beir, Jobn Sd Baron St. Jobn of Bletsboe, 

died in 1596, s. p. M. leavin^ Anne bis sole dau. and beir» 

wbo married William Lord Howard, son and beir appa- 

rent of Cbarles X.-]st Earl of Nottingbam; tbeirdau. 

and beir Elizabetb, married Jobn MordaantV.-5tb Earl of 

Peterborougb ; and tbis Barony, tog^ber witb tbat of 

Mordaunt, is now vested in His Grace tbe present Duke 

of Gordon in Scotland, and Earl of Norwieb, &c. in tbe 

Peerage of tbe United Kingdom, as beir general of tbe 

• Said Earl of Peterborough and Elizabctb Howard bis wife. 




1. 1350. 1 . John Beauchamp, younger son of Guy XI.-9tb 
Earl of Warwiek ; Summ, to Pari, from 25 
Nov. 24 Edw. III. 1350, to 15 Dec. 31 Edw. 
III. 1357* as " Jobanni de Bello-Campo de 
Warrewyk," K. G.; ob. 1360, s. P. wben tbe 
Barony beeame 


Vide St. Amand. 


Vide Abergavenny. 


OF E88BX. 

L Hen. II. 1. Stepben de Beaucbamp (supposed of tbe 
House of Beaucbamp of Elmley), ob. 1184. 

II. Ric. I. 8. Stepben de Beaucbamp, s. anU b. living 1190, 
ob. ...,5. p. when bis sisters beeame bis beirs. 





I. H. iü. I.Robert de Beaucliarop, ob. 18S8. 

II. H. ni. 3. Robert de Beauobampf ■. and h. ob« ante 125 !• 
tu. H. 111. S.Robert de Beaucbamp» f. and b. liv. I$57« 

IV. Edw. 1.4« Johu de Beaucbamp, t. and b. ob. lS8d. 


L IS99* 5.^obn de Beaucbanp, s. and h. Sumnk to 
Pari* trom 29, Dec 28 Bdw. I. 1399» to 2S 
Jan. 9 Edw. III. 1836» as " Jo. do Bello- 
Campo (de Somerset}/' but it is not certain 
wbetber the Writ in tbe followinc^ year was 
direeted to bim or to bis Bon. Ho was aiso 
Samm. Sei Jan. 85 Edw. 9« 1S97^ but it is 
doubtful if tbat Writ was a re^lar Summ, to 
Pari. Vide *• Fitz^ohn." Ob. 1336. 

IL 133$. 6. Jobn de Beauohainpy s« and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 24 Aug. 10 Edw. IIL 1336 «• to 34 Feb. 
17 Edw. 111. 1343» as << Jo. de BeÜo Campo 
(de Somerset) ;*' ob. lS4l 

Ul. 1343. 7* Jobn de äeaucbamp. s. and b* Summ, to Pari, 
from 15 Nov. 35 Edw. III. 1351» to 30 Nov. 
34 Edw. III. 1360, as ^ Jobanni de BeUo- 
Campo (de ^omerset^ i** ob. 1360, & p. wben 
bis sisters, Cecily, wife of Sir Rogner Seymour, 
and wbo mar. 3. Riebard Turbeville ; Marga- 
ret, wife ofThomas Cballons ; and Eleanor, 
tf^bo takt* .• »it Meriet, becAi^ hh beirs, be- 
tween wbose representatives tbis Barony is 
ttoW in Abbyance. 


Ji 1530.EdWAftl Stph<Mt, llti^aUy descended 
from tbe above mentioued Sir Rogcer 
Seymuur and Cecily bis wife, tbe sister 
and cobeir of tbe last Baron, brotber- 
in^law to K. Hep. VIII. ; Created Visc 
Beaucbamp of Hache, co. Somerset, 5 
Jnne, 1536, and Earl of Hert/ord, 18 
Oct* 1537» witb remainder to bis heid 
male tbereafter to be begotten ; Created 

," ■ ■ ■ - ^ I ■ ■ - ^ 

* Vide the preeeding Observation ea this Writ, and which in 

Dugdale's Summonses Stands witb this additlon, " vel filium." 

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Büke of Somerset: 1547, IC. G. Lord 
1]0PJ>^!^ became 

ISS9, Edwr^rd Seymoup, eldest son by the f nd wlfe 
of ttie la'fi VbcOQnt Beauehainp and Duke of 
Somerset; Created Bur^n Bt^äucbamii of 
Hache t cü, Soiuer&et, atid Earl of Hertford^ 
13 Jan. 1559. 

€ptmct 1T50. 

Vide Hertfoeid, 
iL 1750. Francis Seymour Conway, ^d Lord Con^ 
way fdescended froia Edward S<?ymourp 
tbe Pfot€ctor, Ist ViicoLii^t) ; Created 
Visc. Beauchamp of Ki^che^ co. Somvt' 
set, aud Earl of Hertford, 3 Aug. 
iTSOi Vide HehtfoBö. 


Edwrard Somppset, fion aud belr apparent of Henry^ 
it Marquis of Worcester, is geiierally cuniidered to bave 
äi^ii crerited Barou Oeaurorc, of Caldticot Caätte, and 
arl of Glamorgaij ; but U appear» tbat ibe Patent iiever 
L&sed the Grifaf: SeaL Vide GlaiuocioAS, und er wbich 
itk tbe i^ireußiÄiances of the cace are fuUy related, 

1 6M3, l . Hpiiry Sütnersetj 3d Marqu^ss, and XT,-7th Earl 
oT Worcester. Created Doko of Be au fürt 2d 
DeL% 1665?, K.G.; ob. 1693. 

2* Henry Somepsetj grandson aud K hein* s, and 
h* üi thaHes Si>inerset (ob. v. p.), eMest son 
of Ihe iust Duke; K. G. ; ob. IT 14. 

3. Henry Somcraet^ i* and h. ob. JT45, s, p* 

4- Charts Nüd Sumerset, bru. aiidbeir. He m^^r- 
ried ELi2abetb, sister of N^rborne Baroii Bo* 
tetourt, and who Hocceeded her broiher as 
Barone-sa Botetourt in 1776] ob* i756. 

5. Wenry Somerset, g. and b. obtained a eonfir- 

matioii of tbe ßarony of Boteiourt» 4 June, 

1803, baviiig Bucceeded to it jure matris in 

1T99; K:«;.; ob. 1803. 

JBüa, 6, Henry ChadesSomEfaetjS. ajidb, K.G. Pre^ 





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tenl Duke of Beaufort, Marquess an J E 
Worce&cer, Barcin Botetourt» Baron He 
of Chepsttiw [Uy Writ), and BaroTi He 
of Chepitow, Raglaudf &Qd Güwcr (b; 
tent)< ^ 



I, 1309, J. Henry B«auniontt styled in ISOT "Co: 
guineus Re|:iB." SumEn.tciPar]. fram4 M 
Ö Ediv. IL 1309, to 20 Oet, 6 Edw. Jll, 
as a Baron; and fmm ^2 Jan. 7 Edn 

' „ 13a4, tu l6NüV, 13 Edw. IIL 133 

^' Heiifico dti Bello-mttnto, Comiü di 
ghaii|*' he havrng mariied Atiqe, dau* a 
leni^th beir» of Alexander Cominj E< 
Bogban^ and Coni table of Scotland 

ir. 1340« 2. Jahn Beaumont, e. and h. vrho never use 
tick ot Earl or Boghan. Summ to P; 
" Jühanni de Bello-monto/* 25 Feh. 1( 
ward II U 1343; ob. 134S. 
ni. 1342. 3. Henry Beaumont, e. aiid b. Summ, to 
jTrom 14 Aug. 36 Edw. III. 1362, to 24 
43 Edw. III. 136B; ob. 1368. 
IV, 136B. 4. Juhn ßeauroontj s. and h. Summ, to 
from SO Aug. 7 Ric 11. 1383, to 13 N« 
Ric. II. 1393J K. G.; ob. 13^6. 
V* 13^6. 5. fienry Beaumontg e, and h. Sumtn. to 
from 25 Aug. 5. Hen. IV. 1404, tO 22 M 
I Henry V, 1413; ob, J4I3, 
Vi sc. 
VI, 1413.— L 1440.— 6. Jobn Beaumont, s. and h. Si 
to Pari- from 26 Feb. 10 Heni 
1432, to 26 Sept. 18 Henr 
1439* Created Viscount Beau 
12 Feb, 1440; K. G, j ob. 14 
VIL —II, 1459.^7, William Beaumont, ». and I 
1507, s, p. wben tbe Viscoi 
became^ptintt» Leavingtbe di 
ters of Joane^ Ms ouly sister. 




of Sohn Lord Lorel, his cobeirv, 
betfveen vrboni t^a Barony feil 
intö Ab?.vance, 
The Barony i>f B^aumont was cl^mfd in 1733 byTUo^ 
äE Slapleton, of Cafkoii, Eaq. whq was »ort aod bi-ir üf 
icbokaSj eldeit son of Nlcholns ErHngtoti (who re- 
med the nam« of StaiiletDn)^ e. and h. of Mark Er^ 
i^on» by Aiiii, dau. und &t lengtb sc^le heir, of Cjlbert 
apleton» ^r^at-grEai-grandBon and heir of Sir Brian, 
jest fion of Sir Brian Stapletarii by Joarse, t^ldest dau* 
id at tengih cobeir, of Jubn Lord Lovel, by the abcjve" 
entioned Juane ßeaumonr, sister and beir of WVUiatn 
e la»t Vbcount. Prides Wide Lovel^tbp otber dau, and co- 
ir of John L4ird Lovel and Joanc Beaufnontj njarried 
r Edward Norrea, Krit. wbose eldest Bon died s. p. sind 
enry Norreys, tbe §d ton, bein|f aUamted 1536, it iB 
QEUmed tbat the muiety of tbie Barony, posse&sed by 
e Said Henry Nor re^ys^ becime vestcd in fbe Crowtii 
Ae Hoüse of Peers, Mitrch 14, 17^8, resolved, oti Mr. 
Apleton's PetkiODf ** that the Barony remains in Abey- 
ice between tbe coheirs of WilHam Tiacount Beaumont 
n wbom it was vesCed by de&cenc from bis fmtber Jobn 
!)Td Beaumont, who was iummoned to find sat »n Pari- 
iment, 2 Henry VL as a Barony in fee), deficcndpd froni 
s sifter Joan, and ibat ibe petilioner is one of tbese 


Vide Beük. 



Edward HuBsey (assume d tbe name of) 
MontagUj; Created Baron Beaulieu of 
Beaulieu, eo Soutbampton» 11 May, 
176£,to bim and bi$ beirft male by Isabel 
his wife, dau. and cohelr of John Duke 
of Montagu» and reliet of WiUjam Duke 
of Manu bester, Created Earl of Beaulieu 
in July 1784, K.B. ob, lBQ2j s, f, when 
hb houours became 

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1. 1150. 


Hugh de Bellomoot, brother of Robert i 
Leicester, obtained tbe Earkioni of Bi 
from King Stepben. *<He feil/' says I>Ui 
<< from tbie disnity of an Earl to tbe st; 
a Knifrhty and in tbe end to miserabl 
H. 1366 Ibgelram de Courcv, son-in-law K. Edi 
Created Earl of Bedford 1366» K. O. 
1397» 8. P. M. wbcn tbe Htle beeame 


I. 1414. Jobn Plantagenet, 3d son of King- 

ry IV. Created Duke of Bedfor 
Earl of Kendal 6 May» 1414, fo 
but . confirmed to bim and bis 
»ale in 1432. Regent of Francf 
Constable of England, K. G.; ob. 
s. p. wben bis bonours beeame 

II. 1469. George Neviil, son of Jobn Mai 

of Montagu. Created Duke of B< 
January 5, 1469; degraded by f 
ment 1477. 
IIL 1485.'-JasperTudor,8urnamed «of Hati 
unde of K. Henry VIL Earl of 
broke. Created Duke of Bedfc 
Oct. 1485, K. G. ; ob. 1495, 
when tbe the Title again becan 

III. 1550. l.Jobn Russell, Ist Baron Russell. Ci 

Earl üf Bedford 19 Jan. 1550, L. H. St( 
1547$ K.G.; ob. 1554. 

IV. 1554. 2. Francis Russell, s. and b. K. G. ob. 1585 
y. 1585.. 3. Edward Russell, grandson and b. beinj 

and b. of Francis Russell (ob. v. p.)* < 
• survivingson of the last Earl; ob. l6Ti 
VI. 1627. 4. Francis Russell, 2d Baron Russell of I 
baugb, cousin and h. being s. and b. ol 
liam Russell Ist Baron Russell of Tbornb 
4ih son of Francis, IV.- 2d Earl; ob. 16 

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EML^IV. 1694*^5. WUltam EüiseU, i* nnü k Cre»t«d 
Mftrquess of Tavlituck i\nd Duk« 
of B«dford \ l Miy, I6d4. K. G. ; 

ob, noo. 

. i.-^V. ITOOi — 6. WriQibeRley Rtjsael, Ist B^ron 
Hom\'AU (^t^rfti I de u ti a ttd bei r; b c^i n ^ 
s, ftnd hejf of tU# celebrated Lunl 
Williani Ru&sell, wbo was b«'- 
b^adpcl (v, p.] ItiB^i aon of tbe 
laut Duke^K.G.; ob. MlL 

. #•— *VL 1711.— 7p WHüÜJcsley Rusäel, i. and b. ob. 

. i.— VIL 1732.— S. Jdbn Rüssel, broiher and b, K.G, 

ob. ini- 

*•#— Vin* 177 li-^9. Francis ßussd, grandson and h. 
billig ^4 «ind tai üf Francis (wbo 
dkd y, pO eld^st son a| tb« last 
Duke; üb. 180^,«^ F. 
■ ti^^IX. 180^. — lOrJobn Rüssel, brutber and Wn* 
Present Duke and Ejirl of Bed- 
ford, XfarquefiB of Tavistnck, Ba- 
ron Russell of Cheynieii Baran 
Russell üf Thornbnti£:h and Ba- 
ron Holland, =^ 


\^illl K Wolter Bek«i obtained tbe Mauor of Eresby, 

ca. Lincoln* from William the Conqueror, 
% Hügb Bekej i. and b, ob. s, p. 
ä. Henry Beke, brotber and beiP| butbebpjn^ 

weak u\ bis lindem andinf, bii younger bro- 

tbers, Waller and Job n, enjuyed part of the 

fj. IL 4. Walter ßeke, a. and b. ob, ,.. 
Jwbn. 5* John Bfke, a. and h, living 1S07 ♦^ to wbom 

HJU* 6. Henry Beke, sopposed to bare bcen s, and h, 

of the last Barüii. 
HllL Z.Walter Beke, s. and b . ob, . . 

ome MS, authoritlei pliice the descent thus : Walter Beke, 
teitp. Henry IL left issaD, Hcnrv» fatlier of Jobn^wbo w9S 
Etmm. tu Pari. Dugddä and CoIUni b&vfl, howayer^ befo 
cd in tbe text. 


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L 1S95. 8. John Beke» s. and h. Summ to Pari 83 Jone, 
90 Sept. and S Nov. 33 Edw. I. 1395^ and 86 
Aug. 84 Edw. I. 1896 ; ob. 1308. 

II. 1308. 9. Walter Beke, 8. and h. He was never Summ, 
to Pari.; ob. s. p. leaving Alicey wife of Ro- 
bert de Willongbby, and Margaret» wife of 
Richard Harcourt, bis sisters and beirs, be- 
tween wbose representatives the Barony is 
probably in Abbyance. 



I. 1644. 1. John Belasyse, 2d son of Thomas 1 st Viscount 
Fauconberg ; Created Baron Belasyse of . Wor- 
laby, 87 Jan, 1644; ob. 1689. 

IL 1689* 8. Henry Belasyse, grandson and heir, being s • 
and h. of Sir Henry Belasyse (ob. v. p.), eldest 
ion of the last Baron ; ob, 1698, s. p. when 
the Title became 

. BARdNBSS. 4E;tinct« 

I. 1674. Susan, dau. and coheir of Sir William Armine, 
Bart, and widow of Sir Henry Belasyse 
(ob. y. p.), 8. and h. of John Ist Baron Bela- 
syse, and mother of Henry last Baron. Cre- 
ated Baroness Belasyse of Osgodby for life, 
.85 March, 1674; ob. 1713, when the dignlty 
became ^jXintU 



I. Steph. Hervey Belet, living 1 139. 

IL Hen. II. Robert Belet, living 1 800 ; to whom succeeded 

III. John. Michael Belet, who died ante 1818, 8. p m. 

I. Hen.II. 1. Hervey Belet, living terop. Hen. II. 

IL Rieh. I. 8. John Belet, s. and h. living 1 196, ob. s. P. 

III. John. 3. Michael Belet, brotber and heir, ob 

IV. H. III. 4. Hervey Belet, s. and b. ob 8. P. 

V. H.IIL S.Michael fielet, brotber and h. living 1835, 

wben he officiated as Butler to Heniy III. 
but notbing farther is known of him or ol bis 

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ViscouNTCY, 5 July^ 1784. 

Vide Grosvenor. 


John de Bella-Aqua» or Bellew, Lord of Carleton, co. 
York, in rigbt of hit wife Ladarina, dau. and cobeir of 
Peter de Brus, Baron of Kendal, co« Westmoreland, was 
svimmoned 8 Jane, 99 Edw. L 1394, bot it is very doubt- 
f ul if it was a regulär Writ of Summons to Pari. Vide 
«'Clyvedon." Notbing fartber is recorded of hlm,ezc6pting 
tbat he was summoned 16 Dec. S4 Edw. 1. 1S95, to be at 
TIewcastle with horse and arms in the March foUowing. 



I. 1360. 1. Robert de Benhaie, Summ, to Pari 3 April, 34 
Edw. UL 1360, bu;t never afterwards, and no- 
thing more is recorded of bim, or of bis de- 
scendants wbo were never ranked among 
the Barons of the Realm. 



I. WilLL 1. Roger de Berkeley, living 1091. 

II. Steph^S William de Berkeley, nephew and h. ob. . . 
in. Hen.lLS. Roger de Berkeley, son and heir, ob. .. 

IV. Hen.n.4. Roger deBerkeley, son and h, living 1165, ob. 

8. p. M. Alicia bis dau. and b. married 

V. Hen.H. Robert Fitz-Harding, wbo assumed the name 

VL Hen.IL 5. Robert de Berkeley, s. and b. ob. 1319, S.P. 
VIL H. in. e.Tbomas de Berkeley, bro. & b. ob. 1243. . 
V1I1.H.III. 7. Maurice de Berkeley, s. and b. ob. 1381. 


I. 1395. 8. Thomas de Berkeley, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 33 June, 33 Edw. I. 1295, to 15 May, 14 
Edw. n. 1321; ob. 1321. 

II. 1308. 9. Maurice de Berkeley, s. and h. Summ, to ParL 

from 6 August 3 Edw. II. 1308, to 15 May, 14 
Edw. IL 1321; ob. 1326. 




IlL 13^* 10. Thomas de Berkeley, s* and k Summ, 
from 14 June, 3 Edw, Ilt. 1339* io '. 
34£dw IlL 1360»intbetwolastWrt 
f he additioD of ** Seiiiori." 

IV* 1342, \ 1- Maurice de Berkeley* s, and h. Summ. 
fnimSS F«b. JG Edw. irM34?, to 
4 Rieb. 11, 1380j tbou^b it i« certaia 

V. laeO. 12. Thomas de Berkeley* 5, And b. Summ, 
fromKjJuly, 5Ric. IL ia8]*to3 S«pt. 
V. 1 4 n » He man Ma rg are t, d au , au i 
of W&rineSd Baron Llsk; ab. 1416, i 

VL J416. 13» James de Berkeley* nepb. and h, beln 
h. of James, bro, of tbe latt Baron ; S 
Pari from B Oct. B Hcn. V. 1431, to £ 
1 Edw. IV. 146L He mar. Uabel, d 

• Iwq. Post Mort. 42 Edir, III, 

i* Eliznbethj. bis sole dau.and be|r msrned Ricb^rdBe 
XIV.-12th Karl of Warwick, by wbom she ba«l tbree d 
end cobeirsj vh. Margaret, wjfe of John Talbot^ Earl of 
bury i Eleanor, wbo mar. 1 . Tboinas Lord Rous, and S. 
Duke of Somerset ; and Elizabeth, wife of George Nev 
Latimcr. AccordLng to tbe usual descenta of Barouiea in 
Barony of Berkeley, Created by tbe Writ of Summons oi 
Edw, L devolved on tbe said Elizabeth, daugbter i 
of Tbomas Lord Berkeley, instead of bis beif um 
wbetber thia anomal j aroae from an jdea tben prevaili 
tbe ^Qure of the Castle of Berkeley eonferred tbe Be 
tbat tbe be^r male bad tbe greatest political influeni 
not now perhapa \>e ascertained : tbe inference wbicb 
drnvra from tbe relative flituatioas of tbe busband of 
Elizabeth, wbo was one of tbe moit powerfiü nobleme 
time, aod that of James Berkeley wbo 8uccee,ded to the 
l9, that tbe lenurc of Berkeley Caitte was then cons: 
confer tbe digoity of Baroa oa Its posfessor, and con 
tbat tbe sald James was allowed tbat dignlty as hU rig' 
tban by tbe fiivonr of tbe Crown, If* bijwever, modern 
may be applied to tbe snbject, tbe Barony of Berkeley, e 
the Writ of Summons of the 23 d Edw, L is now in abe\ 
tween tbe deacendants and represeotatives of tbe tbree 
eoheira of Elizabeth Couotess of Warwiük abovo mentioi 
the Borony possessed by tbe preflcnt Earl Berkeley i« tb 
by the Writ of Sujoimoiis to James de Berkeley « aHen* 




at IcnfTth ooMr oi TkoniAs RiMm Mowbray, 
Ut Duke of Norfolk ; ob. 1463. 


VII. 1463.-1. 1481.«-!. 1488. 14. William de Berkeley» s. and 

b. Created VUeouiit Berkeley 

by Pac. 12 April. 148 1 j Created 

EaflofNotingbaiDf 38 June» 1483; Created 

Marquessof Berkeley in 1488$ Created Earl 

Marthal of England, witb limitation to tbe beirs 

male of bis body, 1485; ob. 1492, 8. P. wbeii 

thc Viscountcy and Marquisate of Berkeley 

aod Earldom ofNottin^bam beeame 4E^ncf $ 

bot tbe Baronv of Berkeley, according to 

modern f»rlneiple#, devolved on 

VH1.1493. 15. Maurice Berkeley, bis brotber and heir, but 

be wa« neverSurom. Xo Pari. ob. 1M)7. 

IX. I50T. »6. Maurice Berkeley, s. and h.Summ. to Pari. 14 

Hen. VIII. aud ts satd to have tat as junior 
Baron only ; ob. 1523, s. P. 

X. 1523, 17. Tbomas Berkeley, brotber and heir. Summ. 

to Pari. 3 Nov. 21 Hen. VIU. 1529; ob. 1 532. 

XI. 1532. 18. Thomas Berkeley, s. and b.Suuun. to Pari. 5 

Jan. 25 Hen. VIII. 1534, and sat in tbe pre- 
cedeaoy of tbe aiicient Barony ; ob. 1534. 

XII. 1534. 19. Henry Berkeley, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 5 Nov. 5 & 6 Ph. & Mary, 1 558 (t bough 
be is rccorded to bave sat in tbe Parliament 
held in tbe 4t b and 5th of that reign) to 5 
April, 12 Jacl. Ißll ; ob. 1613. 
XIII.1613. 20. George Berkeley, grandson and heir, beings. 
and b. of Sir Thomas Berkeley (ob. v. p.), 
eldest son of the last Baron ; Summ, to 
Pari, from 12 Feh. 21 Jac.l. 1624, to 3 Nov. 
15 Car. I. 1639; ob. 1658. 


XIV. 1658.— 1. 1679. 21. George Berkeley, s. and b. Summ. 

to Pari, from 8 May, 13 Car. II. 
1661, to 17 Oct. 31 Car II. 1679 ; 
Created Visc. Oursley and Earl of 
Berkeley, botb co. Gloucester, U 
^„ . Sept. 1679; ob. 1698. 

XV. 1698.-11. 1698..22. Charles Berkeley, s.and h. Summ. 

to Pari. v|ii patris, as Baron Berkeley 
of Berkeley Castle. 1689; ob. 1710. 

XVI. 17I0.--III. 1710. 23 James Berkeley, s. & h.K.G.5 1736. 





XVn, 1736— IV. 1736. 24. Aupustus Berkeley, s. 

K. T. ob. 1755. 
XVm, 1755.— V. 1755. 25. Frederick Au^ustus Berki 

and h. ob. 1810. 
Xm. laiO.— VI. 1810. 26. Thomas Moreton Fitz-Ha 

Berkeley, s. and h.; presei 

and Baron Berkeley an 

Dursley •. 



l.Jobn Beikeley (youngrer brotber of C 

2nd Viscount Fitz-HardinKe in Ire 

greated Baron Berkeley oFStratton, U 

1658 ; Lord Lieut. of Ireland, 1669, ob. 

2. Charles Berkeley, a. and h. ob. 1682, 8. i 

^_. 3. John Berkeley, brotb. and heir, ob. 1697, 

ly. 1697, *. William Berkeley, brotber and heir, ob. 
V. 17*11. 5. John Berkeley, s. and h. ob. 1773, S. P. 
tbe Barony became ^Eptinct. 

f. 165a. 





h läK— L 1823. 1. 

Wm. Carr BeresFord, natural t 
George Ist Marqaess of Waterf« 
Irelaiid ; Created Baron Beresfi 
Albuera and Dun^arvon, co. Waterford 
3, 1814; Created Viscount BeresFord of 
ford, CO. Stafford, 28 March, 1823. — P 
Baron and Viscount Beresford, G. C. B. 

Marqüisate, 27 July, 1726.— ^tinct 1765. 

Vide Cumbeh 


L 1620, Francis Norris II.- 2d Baron Norris of R3 
Created Viscount Thame and Earl of 
shire, Jan. 28, 1620, ob. 1620, s. p. m. 
tbe Viscüuntcy and Earldom became 4£}i 

* A% hin Lordship is heir general of Thomas Boleyn, J 
Wiltshire, who was Created Earl of Ormond in Ireland, wi 
mainder to the heirs qf his hody, 8 Dec. 1629, he probabl] 
hü cansidered to have also inherited that dignity.— See 
öbsi-rvationi on the Barony of Berkeley, p. xxi, et seq. 



[. 1669. 

'. 1679. 



I.Thomas Ho^rd, Ist Viscoutit AndoTer; Cre- 
ated Earl of Berkshire» 5 Feh. 1636, K. G. 
oh. 1669. 

S. Charles Howard, s. and h. ob. 1679> 8* P. M. 

3. Thomas Howard, hrotb. and h. ob. 1706,8.f.m» 

4. Henry Bowes Howard, grand nephew and h. 
being: s. and h. of Craven, eldest son of Wm, 

Howard, younger son of Thomas Ist Earl ; 
on the death of bis kinsman Henry Howard 
lOth Earl of Suffolk in 1745, he succeeded to 
that title, to which this Earldom has sincc 
been united. Vide Suffolk. 


In the reign of Hen. V. Richard Bemers " had tbe re- 
[latation of a Baron of tbis realm, though nothing of hh 
;reation or summons to Parliament that I could ever se«,'* 
iays Diigdale, <* doth appear thereof ;" ob. 1421. s.p. M. 
tfargery, bis daa. and b. married to her second husband 
lRONS by wrff. 

1455. I. John Bourchier, fourth son of William Earl of 
Ewe by Anne dau. of Thomas of Woodstock« 
Duke of Glouce^ter, sixth son of King Edw. 
ni. Summ, to Pari, by the title of <* John 
Bourchier de Bemers, Chevalier," from S6 
May, 33 Hen. VI. 1455, to 19 Aug. IS Ed«. 
IV. 1472, K. G. ob. 1474. 
1474. 2. John Bourchier, grandson and h. being s« and 
h. of John Bourchier (ob. ▼. p.), eldest son of 
the last Baron ; Summ, to ParL from 14 Oct, 
11 Hen. VII. 1495, to 9 Nov. 21 Hen.Vau. 
1529^, ob. 1532, s. p. M. Jane, bis dau. and 

^ Inthe«5th HemyVIII. 5 January 1684, the name of "Huca- 
ido Bourchier de Bemers, Cherr, occurs in the Writs of Sum- 
BS, but never afterwards. It is dlfficult to decide who was 
person so described; it might eitherhave been, that John the 
Bsron, was summoned in ignorance of bis demise and the 
take in the Christian name, a misprlnt, or an erroneoixs enn^ 
the Roll ; or it might have been Humphrey Bourchier, tho 
iiral son of the last Baron, summoned from nis bastardy not 
lg then senerally known : but this is imlikely from the nid 
mphrey being bis second natural son, James bis eider naturat 
ther being then living, and whose descendants still exbt. 


lule h^fr^ taftrried Edmund KnyTet, Esq. 
Se^easit-Port^ t» Kift^ Hen. VIII. but tbe 
title lay dormant antil «Howcd to 

I. It^ Katherin^ok^nbam» lister and ultimatelysole 
h. to her brotber Tbonoas Kilyvet> and dau. 
of Sir Jobil KnyVet» K.B. (Wbosefreat-grand- 
faibtery Sir Thomas Knvvet, «laimed tbe Ba- 
rany, but difed before tbd rcport had received 
tB^ Royal 6onllrmati<Mi)^ ^reat-great-g^at 
gratadson arid heir of tbe aA>ove-mentioned 
Edmund Knyyet. and Jane Bourcbier, dau. 
and sole heir of tbe last Baron, and wife lirst 
of John Harrf^i £s^ and secondly of Richard 
BokeflhlMn» By a |«dpnant of the Hofise of 
Lofds« 80 May 1720| sbe was dedare^ to be 
ehtttted to tbe anoient Barony of Berners, 
ob. 1743f t. P. wben tbe Barony feil into 
Abeyänce betwcen Biiaabeth» wife of Henry 
Wilson, Esq. and Lucy, wife^ first, pf Thomas 
BoH> G€wL and s<eondly of John Fteld# the 
daught^rs and «obeirs of John Knyvet, son 
«ad heir of Thoasas Knyvet, next brother of 
Sir John K«yyet,,K»& father of the last 
RiA>ert Wikoa, of Didllostonr and of Ashwellthorpe, in 
Norfolk, Esq. s. attd b. of ffenfy William Wilson, son and 
h. of HrAry Wilson by Elizabeth Knyret, eldest dant. and 
oobelr of the afor^aid Jöhn Knyvet, as eldest coheir and 
lrteb#esenf atSvtf of tbe Baft>ny of Berners bas presented a 
}p4iit\6A tö HU Majef ty» prayln^ bim to terminate tbe 
Abeyianei of the said Baroliy in bis faroar. 


I.; Hen.L 1. WtlUaro äertram. 
il.^ Hen.ll. 3. RiOjrer Bertram, s. and b. Hving 1171. 
III. Jobpf 8; WiUiam Bertram, s. and b. ob. circa 1205. 
iV. H. III. 4. Rogör fiertram, s. and h. ob. 1241. 


h IS64tf 5. Roger Öertram, s. and h. Siimm. to Pari 14 




Rager Bertram bis •. and h. was never Summ, 
to Pari, and died 1311, 8. P.M.; bis only 
dau. Agnes dying s. P. tbe issue of bis four 
sisters, tbe aunts of tbe said Agnes^ becam« 
bis beirs. 



I. Men. II. Riebard Bertram, living 1196; to wbom 

Robert Bertram } liviiig 1203. 
lUcbard Bertram, s. aud b.liyuig 1215; bis 
successor was 
, Roger Be^am, ob« 1261. 

Robert Bertram, s. and b. ob. 1899, leaving 
Robert bis grandson and beir i but as neitber 
tbe Said Robert nor bis son Robert Bertram 
were ever Summ, to Pari, tbey cannot be 
deemed Peers of tbe Realm. Helen, tbe dau. 
and b. of tbe last Robert, married Sir Robert 
Ogle, Knt. 

II. Jobn. 

III. Hen.III. 

IV. Hen. III. 

V. Hen. III. 

Vide a note under Newcastlb. 


I. 1687. 


James Fitz- James, natural son of K. James II. 
Created Baron of Boswortb, co. Leicester, 
Earl of Tinmoutb, co. Nortbumberland» and 
Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, March 19, 
1687 { Attainted in 1695, wben bis bonoors 
became Ifarfeiteb. 


J. 1784. 
II. 1789. 



1. Noel Hill, Created Baron Berwick of Atting- 

bam, co.Salop» 19 May 1784, ob. 1789. 

2. Thomas Noel Hill, s. and h. ; present Barou 

Berivick of Attingbam =: 




MABguiSATR, 2fi May 170B.— €j;tinct 17T« 


1* 1790. 1, Algernou Percy, Snd Baron L(>üvain< 

' friek ; Created Earl of Beverley, t 

f t Nov. 1730 j present EarL of Bevt 

1 Baron Louvalne ^ 

.1 BIDUN. 

J BAßOKis ir Tiwvti. 

' 1. Hen. I. 1. Haierand de Bidun. 

*" IL Hei).U. % Jülin de Bidun, s* aiM h. livin^ 116^ 

j when bis five sUters bccaine bis 

I whom Amy lüarried Gerard de Lim< 



L 1559, J,Thoina8 Howard Binden, Snd son o( 

Vül-3d Duke of Norfolk ; Created 

Bindoiij CO. Dorseti 13 Jan. 155^, u 

IL 1583. S. Henry Howard, s* and h. ob, circa 15 

HL 1590. 3/Tbonias Howard» brother and bdr, 

EAKLS. J61£^i B,p« when tbe title became 

L 1706, 1 . Henry Ho ward^ s* and h. apparent of l 

4t h Earl of SuflTülk ; Created vita pa 

ron Chesterford, co. Esiex, and Ear 

dcn> CO. üoraetj Dec. 30, 1106 ; succ 

XL-5th Earl of Suffolk, ob, 17I8. 

\f Ih 1718. % Cbarles William Howard, i.and b. hi\ 

i Suffulk, üb. 1723, s. p. wben the B 

CliesterfoTd aiid Earldom of Bindon 

)j €];tintu 



. L I713i 1. Robert Bchson ; Created Baron of 

I CO. York, July 21, 1713, ob, 1730 

1 Hhetl the ßarony liecaaie 


BlMfLfiy— BLOUNT. tl 


H. 1762. f.Geor^ Fox (assumeti the harne of) Lane, 
husband of Hattiet, ötilf dau. and beiresi of 
tbe last Baron ; Created Baron Bingley of 
Bingley, co. York, 13 May 1762, ob. 177Ä, 
s. p. wben the title a^ahi became 



I. H. IIL 1. Jobn de Birkin, ob. 1326. 

11^ H.III. 9.Tkomas de BirkiR> s. and K ob. 1930, S.p. 

leaving Isabel bis sisteri wife of Robert de 

ETeri&ghaio« bis beir. 




I. Stepben. ManserBii^t» living 1153. 

II. Hen. IL Henry ^set, son and heir^ pb, Sc p* 

IIL Rieb. I. Heniy Biset, nephew and beir^ living 1199 f 

bis Buccessor was 
IV. Hen. IIL John Biset, ob. 1241, s.p. M, leaving bis three 

daughters bis böirs. 


MAB^tnsAtB, 14 Deetniber 1702. 

Vide Marlborouoh. 



L Will. I. I.Robert le Bland. 

IL Witt.!!. 2. Öilbert le Wand, sön trid Wir. 

IIL Hen. \. 3. William le Bland, son and Mr. 

IV. Hen.IL4. Gilbert le Blunt!, fiviri^ f 165. 

V. Heit.Il 6. WilHam le Bland, i. äftd Ui \ning 1 185. 

Vt rt. HL 6. William le Bland, s. aAd b. fciWed at the battle 
of Lewes 1263, s. r. M^ben bis two sisters and 
beirs sbared bis lands. 


I. 1326. TboAasleBloünt,8UppoiedtobaTedescended 
from the above family ; Samm. to ParU froA 
3Dec. gOEdwJl; 1336,(0 15 June,2Edw.IlL 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



. 1338 ; after «bicb, Diigdale sajrs, << I have 
Seen no more of bim." 

L 1330. William le Blo^nt, Summ, to ParL from 35 
Jaii.4£aw. III. 1330, toi 8 Aug. llEdw.III. 
1337» ob. 1337, s. p. wben tbis Barony be- 
came 4S^inct. 



i. Den.' II. l.Hugh de Bocland^ living 11 74; bis successor 

H. Jobn. 2. William de Bocland,ob.l2]5,; Joane, 

bis dau. and beir,married Robert deFerrars. 

, . . BODMIN. . 

ViscouNTCYy 23 July 1679.— €ptiisct 1764. 

Vide Radnor. 



L 1309. 1. Henry de Bodrigan, Lord of Bodrigan, co. 
Cornwall, Summ, to Pari. 26 Oct. 3£dw.IL 
1309, but never afterwards, nor any of bis 
descendants, and wbo were no longer ranked 
among tbe Barons of tbe realm. 



I. Will. 1. 1. Humpbrey de Bobun came into England witb 

tbe Conqueror. 

II. Hen. I. 2. Humpbrey de Bobun, s. and b. ob.. . 

III. Heii.II. 3. Humpbrey de Bobun, s. and b.; Steward to 

Henry I. married Margaret, dau. and ulti- 
mately cobeir of Milo Earl of Hereford, ob. 

IV. Hen.ll.4. Humpbrey de Bobun, s. and b. styled Earl of 

Hereford. — Constable of England. 

V. Jobn. 5. Henry de Bobun, s. and b. ; Created Earl of 

Hereford^ anno 1 199. Vide Hereford. 






I- 1363. 1. John de Bohun, Samni. to Pari, from 1 June, 
37 Edw. III. 1363, to 30 Jan. 39 Edw.lU. 
1 366, '* Johann! de Bohun de MidhUrBt," ob. 
136*7 ; he left issue male« whose descendanta 
continued until thc reigti of Henry VII. but 
they were never Summ, to ParL or ranked 
as Barons of the Realm. 


BAttem ttV TENÜRB. 

ii Wm.I. I.HoghdeBolebec, ob..... 

II« Stepb. 9^ Hvgh de Bolebee, 8. and fa.; IWing 1145, ob. 
• • . « s. p« 

ill^ H. 11^ 8. Walter de Bolebec, brotber and b. ob. ante 
1 185, 8. F. M. Isabel, bis dau. and beir, mar- 
Robert de Vci^, Earl of Oxford. 



I. Hen.I. l.'Hugh de Bolebeci presumed of the aboTe fa- 

mily, ob. ..«• 

II. H. II. S. Walter Bolebec, s. and h. ob. ante 1186. 

III. John. 3. Walter ßolebec, s. and h. ob. circa 1204. s.p. 

IV. H.III. 4. Hugh Bolebec, brother and h. ob. 1261, 8.P.M. 

leaving bis four däughters bis heirs, 


Baro'ny, 11 tebrüary 1782. 

Vide Sackville. 



I. 1624. 1. OlWer St. Jobrt, 4th Baron St John of Bletsho. 

Created Earl of Bolingbroke, 28 Dec. 1624; 
ob. 1646. 

II. 1646. l&Othn^r 5t. Johri, grandsotr and h. being s. and 

h. of Sir Paulet St. John, K. B. (ob. ▼. p.) 2d 




son (the eldest having died 8. p. M.) of the 
the last Earl ; ob. 1688, 8. p. 
III. 1688. 3. Faulet St John, brother and b. ob. 1711} s. p. 
wben the Earldom became 
visc. 45^intt. 

I. 1712. 1. Henry St. John, son of Henry I. Viscount St. 

John. Created Baron St. Jobn of Lydiard 
Tregoze, co. Wilts, and Viscoont Boling- 
broke, co. Lincoln, witb remainder, failing^ 
bis issue male, to the issue male of bis father» 
7 July, 1712. Attainted 1714, wben bis bo- 
nours became iforfeiteb. Restored in blood 
only 1725; ob. 1751, s.p. 

II. 1751. 3. Frederick St. Jobn, 3d Viscount St. Jobn, 

nepbew and beir; succeeded to bis uDcle'« 
bonoursy in consequence of the limitation 
preventing the attainder affecting bis interest 
in tbose dignities after bis uncie*s deatb, 
being s. and b. of Jobn 3d Viscount St. Jobn, 
son of Henry Ist Viscount, fatber of tbe last 
ViscBolingbroke; ob. 1787« 

III. 1787* 3. George St. Jobn, s. and. b. Present Viscount 

Bolingbroke, Viscount St. Jobn, and Baron 
St. John of Lydiard Tregoze, Baron St Jobn 
of Battersea, and a Baronet. =t= 



I. Hen. I. 1. Baldwin de Bollers, living 1 165. 

II. Rieb. 1. 2.Robert de Boilers, s. and b. ob. 1203. 

III. Jobn. 3.Baldwin de Bollers, bro. and b. ob. 1809, S.P. 



I. H. 111. 1. Njcbolas de Bolteby. Baron of Tindale jure 

uxoris; ob. 1272. 

II. Edw. I. 2.Adam de Bolteby, s. and b. ob. 1281, & P. M. 

Isabel, bis dau. and b. married, first, Thomas 
de Molton, and secondly, William Tunstal. 



I. 1689. 1. Charles Faulet, 6tb Marquess of Winchestet. 
Created Duke of Bolton 9 April, 1689; ob. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



IJ. 1699. S. Cbarles Faulet, s. and b. Lord Lieut. of Ire« 

land 1719; K.G.; oi>. 1722. 
JiU 1722. 3. Charles Faulet, s. and b. K.G. ob. 1754, 8. p. 

IV. 1754. 4. Harry Faulet, brotber and b. ob. 1759- 

V. 1 759. 5. Cbarle« Faulet, s. and b. K. B. ob. 1 765, 8. P. L. 

VI. 1765. 6. Harry Faulet, bro. and h. ob. 1794, 8. p.m. 

wben tbe Dukedom became 


I. 1797. I.Tboniat Orde (assuniedtbe namc of) Faulet, 

busband of Jean Mary, natnral dau. of Cbarles 
5tb Duke of Bolton. Created Baron Bolton 
of Bolton Castle, co. York, Oct. 20, 1797; 
ob. 1807. 

II. 1807. 2. William Orde Faulet, s. and b. Fresent Baron 




I. H. IL I.Gilbert de Bolom,living 1165. 

II. H. ir. 2. Walter de Bolum, ob. s. p. m. Alice, bis daugh- 

ter, being bis beir. 



I. 1449. William Bonvile ; Summ, to Farl. froro 23 
Sept. 28 Henry VI. 1449, to 30 July, 38 
Henry VI. 1460, as « Willielmo Bonevile, 
Domino Bonerile {& de Cbuton), CbTr;" 
ob. 1460, leaving Cecily, bis great-grand-dau. 
bis beir ; viz. dau. and beir of William Bon- 
vile, Lord Harrington jure matris (ob. vita 
avi), 8. and b. of William Bonvile (ob. vita 
^ patris), eldest son of tbe Baron. Tbe said 
Cecily roarried, Ist. Thomas Grey, Marquess 
'Of Dorset, by wbom sbe bad issue; and 2ndly, 
Hehry Stäflford, Bari of Wiltsbire, wbo died 
s. p. Tbis Bafony conti nued roerged in tbe 
S^arquisate of Dorset and Dukedoro of Suf- 
folk until tbe attainder of Henry Grey, Duke 
of Suflfolk, in 1554, wben, witb bis otber 
honors, it became 





1. 1184. 

1 p John Parker. Created Baron Boringd 

ringdüu, ca« Devout 18 May^ 1784; 


li 1189.— I. 181Ä, 2- John Parker, B, and b, Cre 

count Bofingdon af NorÜ 

<ro, Devon» and £ärl of U 

Sept. 1 8 1 5 . Present Visc« 

. • - Baron Botingdan, and 

Bforley. =^ 


Bakony, 13 June, 17^0. 

Vide Falmoc 



TijcovNTGV, S4 Decemberi l6i 

Vide GaA. 


I. 176L 1, Sir William Irby,2dBaronet. Creat 
Boscun iii Boston, co. Liucolny IQ Ap 
ob, 1775. 
IL 1775. 2. Frederick Irby, ft. and h. Preient Bi 


Baiomy.IS March, 1687— Iforirirrtl 1691 

Vide Bs 


lalOVi BT TS NU HE. 

h Heni. I.Ralph Btjteler, calbd "Radujphus 
tle Legrocestnil/' beinpr ßuUer ti 
Bart üf Leicesler. SetUeü at Ovre 
Warwick ; ob 

2. Robert Uoteler, s. and n. livinf ]9§5i 

3. Maurice Boteler, &. and h. living 1S4J 
4,R»lph Büleler, s. and li, ob. ante 1£7 

V, EdwJ. 5. William Boteler, s. and h. ob. 1283. 
VI.EdwJ. G.JoUn Eüleler, s. and h. ob. l^Bß, s, p. 
7^Ga^vine BoiekT^ bro. aod b, ob, s, r. 






N$ 9Y WRIT. 

t93. 8.WilUam Boteler, brov actl h. Summ, to FirU 
fromSGAu^, 24 Edw, I, 1S36*, tp 10 Oct, 
]9Edw. IL 1395 j ob. 1334. 

134» 9. William BoCeler» I, and k was never Summ, to 
ParLj ob, 13€i. 

361. laWilÜAin Botelefj s. and h. Summ, to PurL ZJ 
Feb. 43 Edw, II U J3€S» amt 6 Apnl, 43 
£4«r.Il]. 1361}; ab. I369, &f.m. Elizabetb, 
bis sole d^u, and htlr, married, L Robert 
F(?rr«r8i S, Sir Jobn S\y; and 3. Tbonias 
Molinton. Her üaid &r£t husba^ndj Robert 
FerrtlW» appeari to bave posaeg^ed tbe Ba* 
rony, as be was Suranj. to Park as " Robert 
Fofcera de Wem ine," from 1375 to 1379. 
Qu l^er marria^ >vlth Thoniaa JVfuliiiton, he 
8tjfle4 biai^cK ** Baron of WeniEne/' but was 
ni$v«r $umin« to Pari j nor does \t appear 
tbat sb« b<id ig&ue by einher her «ecorid or 
tl^irii buBb^iid, so tbat t bis ßarony is proba- 
bJy.iA. AaEYAitcB betweeii tb^ repreaentatives 
ttf bw l»o daughter» by Robert Ferrtfrä» 

VJde Fianaas <iv VVcuhe, 



Villiam Boteler, a youn^er j»on orWllUam n.-0ih Ba- 
I Boteler of Weminej havHi^ married Joaii, &ist<!r, arul 
imately pole b. or Jubn Lord Sudley^ 11 oonsidered 
^ve become Baron Boteler of Sudley, but nekber be'f^ 
bis son and beir ThümaB, or bis grandsoti Jubn, were 
r MioMiioned to Parlament. 

N aY PAT£M3^ 

i41. I.Ralph Boiekr, bro. and beir of John Bu- 
telep last mejilLoiied, and grandson or the 
sakl Willi am Bor der, bj- Joau Sodley, Cre- 
ated by Patent Baron Sudley uf Sudley, CG* 

ide aoieunder Boteler of Weiy[ii5tonj relative (0 thii Writ. 
ngdiJe stotes tbat ihm WiLIUm Boteler was Summ, to 
1 the 424 and 4Sd Edward HI. but on ref^rtmg to bis Us^ 
imonses, it appean th&t it waa hU balf-brotliflr^ Williawi 
r, of Wenmie, who «aa fumioüned io tbuse years ; but that 
8 Statement relative totbe &nuly of Botel« r U veiy OQnfiüed* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Glouce&ter, 10 S^pU 144 L; ob. ] 

when Ihe Title becänie 



I, Hen. IL Hubert le But^kr, ^o named from bi 
ler to Ralph EarJ uf Cbeettr, living 
left ii^ue Robert^ but iiothing fi 
knowii of tbem until 

IL Jahn. WUlmm ]e BoUler, wUq wa^ livingteo 
UV WRiTi hn sucees&ar wss 

t« 1295. William le Buteler, «bo wat Sunon 

23 Jui>e, €3 Edw. L 1^95, and 26 
Kd«v. L 128^*^ ob. ,.., Jobn le 
Lis fi. and h. is Said by Dugdale, toI. 
and in bis " Index Baronuai Sumii 
bufi," to have beeti Summ« to Pai 
]4th Edward IL buC bis name does i 
in eitbtr of tbe Wrils u| Smnnoiis 
tbftt Atithor^s lisi ih tbat year ; aft< 
they du not appear tver lu have b 
Eidervd as Barons of tbe Realm. 



L 1308. l.John de Botetourt, Summ« to Pari. 

Marcb, 1 Edw.IL 1308, tu l3Sept.U 

lJ24p ob. ]3'24* 
IL 13S4. S. Jobn deBoletourt,grandson and beir 

* He ^m fdso Anmmowd Ü June^ ^S Edward I. 199 
Jao, f S Edwnrd L 1 «37 j but it ia düubtful if eltber W: 
considered os a regulär Summoat to Parli&nient. Vi 
JoHft and Clyv^do^t. It is also stated, that both thu 
1d Botel er j and William le Boteler of Wemme, were si 
€^ Jan. 94 Edw. L 1296, (tliü other Writ üf that y 
mefel^ a BummQtis to be at Ns^wcastla witb Horte and 
wUith, bowe^er, tbe P^ine of Boteler lIogb not occur>) l 
üftine i& oiily to be fouod fmte m tbat, Writ, and thei 
Aitj dcftcriptivti ßdditiun, it is düEctilt to deteroiiae to wt 
liam k Botelei: It was ditected. 




«nd h. of Thomas Botetourt (ub^ v. p,), tldr$t 
«. of tbe last Baron; Siitnm, *o ParL from 
«5 Feb. 16 Edw. III. 134^, to 3 Feb. Q Rit IL 
t3855 ob, 1385, leaviiiK -'oy^e, wife of Sii- 
Hu<;h Burnell, Knt. hU ^randdftugtit«r and 
beir. vis. dau. and beir of John B^icetourC (oK 
V. p.) eldest son of tbe \m*. Bi^ron. Tlie said 
Joyce died 8. P; in 1406« wben tbe Bartiny teil 
anto ASBYANCB betMreen ib^ tbri'e daugbters 
of John tbe lait Baron (w\n* dktl in 13B5), vIe. 
Alice, who inarried .. ..ICyriel j Joycp, wifc of 
Sir Baldwin Frevil, and, seconclLy, of Sir Act Am 
de Pesball) and Katberine, #bn married 
Maurice de Berkeley. U Cfintinued ia ihm 
«täte until 1764« wben tb« Crown ivas pleaseil 
to terminate tbe Abbyance In favaur of 


f. 1764. 3. Norborne Berkeley, tbe lineal {]i»si?Gnthnt and 
beir of tbe said Maurice de Berkeley aiiU K ALbe- 
rine Botetourt; he was Summ, to Pari, as ßamn 
Botetourt April 13, I764j ob. llltJiB.p, vvhen 
the Barony again feil into Aqevasce, and &a 
continued until 1805, wben it was termuiated 
in favour of 

. 1803. 4, Henry Somerset» 5tb Duke of Beaufort, onc^ of 
the coheirs; be being 8..and b. oF Charkft, 4th 
Duke of Beaufort, hy Elixabf^th (who died \n 
1799)» sister afid sote heir of Norborne tbe last 
Lord. His Grace obtained ,% ronfifntation of 
the Bartmy of Botetourt to bim and tbe bciri 
of bis body by Patent» 4 June, 1803. K. G.; 
ob. 1803. 
1803. 5. Henry Charles Somerset, b. and U. 5th Duke of 
Beaufort, K. G. Present Baron Btitetönrt, 
&c. =p 



Baronv» 17 March» l664.--4C^einte lG6r». 

Vide FALMOUTft# 


VUle a Note under Newcasti-k. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



I. Hen. il. WilKaiD d« BotiMOK, ob. «fit« 1 194. 

II. aohn WiHkm de BotrtMa, t. and b. living 1820 $ 

bis suoocttor wm 

III. Heu. III. Willtoai de Botfcmiz, living 1833, ob. ... s. p. 

IV. U«D. III. Rcfiirald de Batreaux, bro. and b.ob. 1272 ; 

WiUteni de Betrcaua, bb t. and h. succeeded 
bim, and died ia laoi, bot neitber be nor 
Wilttam de Botreaua bh loii» wbo died in 
1349» wcre cver tttiDiiiooed to Pari. 


I. 1868. I. WiUiam Botramt, •• and b. of WUliain de 
Botfeauz» km meBtionfd (wbo died in 1349 ); 
Sunan. to Part, from 24 Feb. 42 Edw. III. 1368» 
to 7 Sept 14 Ric. IL 1391 *; ob. 1391* 
n. 1391. 2. WUliam Botmax» t. and b. ob. 1392. 
III. 1392. 3. William Botremix^ t. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from I De«. 14 Hen. IV. 1412, to 23 May, 
1 Edw. IVw 1461 1 ob. 1462, t. P. M. leaving 
Mmgarel bH dau. and beir, and wbo styled 
benell «« Margarete Dn'a Botreauz.*' She 
married Robert, 2d Baron Hungerford, wbose son suc* 
oeeded to tbia Bafonyi but beinf attafnted in 1463» 
it, tofetbtt wi«b blt otber boneuffti became Ifnrfieitetl. 
TbooM» Hoftgerfafd. bis a. and b« was not only neTer 
rettofed te bit faib^r'a Imbmv, but be was likewiae 
actainted in 1468 1 bis daa|;b«er and bcir Mary married 
Bdward Uasting»» and batmig obtained tb« reyertal of tbe 
attaindev ol btr fatbcr aüd grandiatber t ber said busband 
was Summ, to Pari, as Baron Hmngerford, and suc- 
ceeded bis ftitber in tbe Barony of Hastings in 1488. 
Ceefge» bis sen and belr, was created Earl of Hunting- 

* Thouffh Dugdale sUtes ihat William I.-lst Baron, was 
Summ, to Pari, until the 1 5i)i Ric. H. it is most probable tbmt 
tbe Writ ofthat year, 7 läept 1391, was directed to bis son ; for 
this BaroB died Tbarsdaj, Aug. 10, 1891, leaviag William bis 
son twenty-ibree vears of age, who died on the S5th May, 1S93, 
and, excepting this conjecturc beeorrect, wlthout having been 
Summ, to Pari. William his son was tben only fi?e years of 
age, and soon aftt r ooBMOg of age he was smnmoned as is stated 
in the text. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


don, in whieh dignity tbit Barony, with thote of Hun- 
gerford, Hastings, and Molines, continued merged until 
the deatb of Francis, XXVII.-IOtb Earl, 8. p. M. in 
nSS, wb«n tbey dcvolved on Elitabetb, bis sitter and 
beir, and tbey are now vetted in her son Francis, tbe 
present Marquess of Hastings, Baron Botreaux, Hast- 
ings, Hongerford» and Molinet, &c Vide Hastings 




I. 1342. I.Robert Bourcbier, Summ, to Pari, from S5 

Feb. 16 Edw. III. 1349, to 10 Marcb, S3 
Edw. IIL 1349; ob. 1349. 

II. 1349. 3. Jobn Boorcbier, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

16 July, 5 Ric. IL 1381, to 30 Sept. 1 Hen. IV. 
1399,- ob. 1400. 

III. 1400. 3. Bartbolomew Bourcbier, s. and b. Summ, to 

Pari, from 9 Sept. 1 Hen. IV. 1400, to S6 
Oct. 11 Hen. IV. 1409; ob. 1409. s. p. M. 
Elizabeth Bourcbier, bis sole dau. and b. 
roarried first 

IV. 1411. Sir Hugb Stafford, wbo was Summ, to Pari. 

from Sl Sept. IS Hen. IV. 1411, toS3 Mar. 
3 Hen. V. 1415, as « Hugoni Stafford," with- 
out any designation shewing tbat he «as 
Summoned as Baron Bourcbier; oh. ... . s. p. 
and bis wiUow, the said Elisabeth, dau. and b. 
of Bartbolomew the last Baron, having re- 

V. 1435. Sir Lewis Robsert, K. G. he was Summ, to 

Pari, from 94 Feb. 3 Hen. VI. 1435, to 3 Aug. 
7 Ben. VI. 1439, m « Lodowico Robessart, 
ChTr" only ; ob. 1431, & P. and bis widow 
Elizabeth above-mentioned dying in 1433, 
8^ p. this Barony devolved opon 
VI.. 1435. 4. Henry Bourcbier, *£arl of Ewe in Normandy, 
8. and b. of William Earl of Ewe (by Ann 
Plantageneti dau. and b. of Thomas Duke of 
Gloucester, youngest son of King Edw. UL), 
eldest son of William Bourcbier, next. bro. , 
of John ll.-3d Baron. Summ, to Pari, from 5 
Jaly, 13 Hen. VL 1435, to 13 Jan. 33 Hen VI. 
o 3 




1445, iometimeA an ** Hennco ßour^chrer, Comi 
Ewe," and *» oiberi as *' Heriripo BimrEthi^r, Ch'l' 
&i '* Henri CO Bourfhcbier (de Bourg hehrer) j" S 
to Park as **Heiirieo Vic^comtti Boiirghckier,"' fro 
Dec, 25 Hell, Vi. 144G, tu 23 Mhy, i Ed«. IV, , 
Cre«tetl EarL of EsseK 30 Junp» \4Gi^ K. G. in i 
dipilty tbis Bamny contifineil merged until ttie di 
of Henry XV.-'Sd Earl of Essex, iii 1S3£>, when i 
volved on Ann bi$ fiokt dau. &iid h. vtho married Wi 
Parr, Earl ot E&sex< Her h&ue btiing iLlej^itlixiat« 
Act of Pari. tbU Baron y on her deaiU dtvylved on 
ter DevereuK. VI IL Barun Ferrers of Chartley. bei 
and b» olJoliii l>«:v«?reux VIL Baroii Ferrera of Cfaa 
by Cecily, sister and evpiituaHy sole h. of Henr 
last Earl of Es«<ex and Vl.-4tb Baron Buurchief. 
tbat pertod Ibe Baroriy of Bourchier tnay be consi 
to bave beeil uiüted to that uf Ferrers of Cbartlej 
witb it to bave fallen inta Abryance on tbe dea 
Robert XL Baron F«rrer6 of Cbartley and Earl of 1 
in 1646, s. p* between his two fiiEters and cobein 
Franceij wiCe of WlUiiim Marquess of Hertfortl, an 
rotbj, irife of Sir Henry Sbirley, Bart. Tbb Bare 
flow in Abslyaucb between tbe representatives c 
said Frances And Dorotby i viz. Anne ElUa üucb 
Buckingbam and CliandoB^ as heir gener&l of Franc 
eidefit cobeir, and tbe Marque«fi Townibend, tbe 
tentatiTe of Uorotby tbe younger cobeir. Tbe lat^ 
quess Townsbend beio^ beir general of Sir Robert Sl 
grandBon of tbe said Dorotb^» iuceeeded as B^iron F 
of Cbartley, tbe Crown baviog, in I677i terminate 
Abeyance of that Barony in favoor of tbe said Sir R< 
but tbe Barony of BoorL^bit^r dues not appear tc 
been taken out of Abeyance on tbat occasion, tbo 
b generally so considered ^ and tbift dignity h tbe 
often erronfously attnbuted to tbe Marqueis Tovrn 
Tbe Vi&countcy of Bourcbier b prei^umed to ba 
CO nie €|:tinct on tbe death of Henry XV^Sd P 
Eneitf wben ibt heirs male of ibe ßrat Viecouni fai 



L 171 L L Cbarles Boyle» 4tb Earl of Orrery in In 

Created Baron Boyle of Marston, co, S 
setj fi Si-pt. IT M j ob. 1737. 





1737* S.John Boyle, f. and h. Earl of Orrery, in 
Ireland; Sueceeded as 5th Earl of Cork in 
Ireland; ob. 1769. 
. 17O8. 8 lliimiltoii Boyle, 9d 8on (Charles the eldest 
«. \19ynffr died V. p. s. p. M.), Earl of Cork 
and Orrerjr in Irettind ; ob. 1764, 8.P. 

1764. 4. Edmund Boyle, half bro. and beir, Earl of 
Cork and Orrery in Ireland, ob. 1798. 

17^. 5. Edmund Boyle, s. and b. Pretent Baron Boyle, 
also Earl of Cork and Orrery in Ireland. =?= 




1^16. 1. Thomas E^erton; Created Baron of EUes- 
mere, July 17, 1603, and Viscount Brackley 
of Brackley, co. Northampton, Nmr. 7, 1616, 
L. H. Chane. 1S96 $ ob. I6l6u 

1616. 3.Jobfi Egerton, s. ^id h. ; Created Earl of 
Bridfce waler 27 May, 1617; ob. 1649. 

1649. 3. John Egerton, s. and b. Earl of Bridgewater j 
ob. 1686. 

1686. 4. John Egerton, s. and h. Earl of Bridgewater ; 
ob. 1701. 


1701. — L 17^* 5. Serpope Egerton, Earl of Bridgewater; 

Created Marquess wf Brndüey and 

Duke of Bridgewater, June 18; 1780. 

The Marquisate of Braokley became ^^ptklCt Iti 1808, 

tut the Viscountcy devolved on John William VIll.-7tb 

Sari of Bridgewater. 




1349. Thomas de Bradeston, Summ, to Pari, from S& 
Feh. 16 Edw. III. 1342, to 3 April, 34 Edw. IIK 
1360, wben he died, leaving bis grandson 
Thomas bis heir, wbo did not long survive^ 
leaTing a dau. and h. wife of Walter de la 
Pole; in whose descendants this Barony ii 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




I. ]fi94v l. Francifl Newportf lit Viaeount Newpori 
ated Earl of BracJford, 1 1 May, 1 694 j ot 
tl. ITOB. 2. Richard Nenport, & anil h. ob. 17^3. 
IIL 1733. 3. Henry NewpoFt^ t. and fa* ob. 1734, S. p 

IV. 1734. 4. Riebard Newport, bro. anrt b. ob. «, ,. s 

V. 17... 5.Tboniaa Newportp bri>. aiid h. ob. 1765 

wben all bis bonora became 

L 1794, 


Sir Henry Bridg^man, Sd Bart, s. 
of Sir Qrlatidp Bridge man, bj Am 
pori, siiter and eveßtaaUy Bole 1 
Thomas tbe laat Earl^ Creat«d 
Bradford, co* S^lüp, 13 Aug. 
EARLS. ob. ier)0. 
n.lBOO,Vj. 1)^1 5.2. Orlando ßrld^mati^ i. and b. ; C 
Vlseount Newport and Earl of Br« 
botb CO. Salop, Sppt.äP, 1815, F 
Earl and Baron Bradfbrd, Viacuuni 
pürt, and a Baronei. ^ 



1. Jobn 1. Ruberi de Bratbroc» ob, 1113. 

ILHen. IILS. Henry de BraibroCf i, and b. oh. 1933, 1 

martled Ibe dau. a,i»d b. of Wyscbard I 

bis eldest soii^BU[tied tbe nameof Ledec^ofa 
lV*HenJJL4. Walter Ledet, b. aud b* ob* s. p, m. hi 

dauf bters bmng bis beirt. 


Baeiony* 3d Novemberj ]6l3» 
^p^ma 1645. 

Vide RocHESTBi 




ViscouNTCY, 33 Jvly» 1679* 

4^ttCt 170^ 

Vide Macclbsfield. 


I. 1711. I.James Haroikon, 4tb Büke of Hamilton in 

Scotland ; Created Baron of Dutton, co. 
ehester» and Duke of Brandon» eo. Saffolk» 
Sept. 10, 1711, K.G.; ob. 17 IS. 

II. 1713: 3. James Hamilton, s. and h. Duke of Hamilton 

in Scotland, K. T. ob. 1743. 

III. 1743. 3. James Hamilton, s. and h. Duke of Hamilton 

in Scotland, ob. 1758. 

IV. 1758. 4. James Georg^e Hamilton, f. and beir» Duke of 

Hamilton in Scotland, ob. M69, 8. p. 

V. 1769« 5. Douglas Hamilton» bra and beir, Duke of 

Hamilton in Scotland» ob. 1799» 8.P. 

VI. 1799» 6. Archibald Hamilton» uncle and b. being next 

brotber of James 3d Duke. Duke of Hamil- 
ton in Scotland, ob. 1819. 

VII. 1819. 7- Alexander Hamilton, s. and h. Pretent Duke 

of Brandon» and Baron Dutton in England ; 
Duke of Hamilton» &c. in Scotland; and 
Duke ofCbatelberauU in France. ^ 



I. Will. I. 1 . Williaro de Braose» living 1075. 

II. Hen.II. 3. Philip de Braose. s. and beir» dispoMessed of bis 

lands for treason» 1163. 

III. Rich.1. 3. William de Braose» s. and h. oh. 1310. 

IV. John. 4. Giles de Braose, Bishop of Hereford, 3d soD» 

ob. 1315» 8. F. 

V. H. III. 5. Reginald de Braose» bro. and h. ob. 1331. 

VI. H. III. 6. William de Braose» s. and h. ob. 1339, 8. P. M. 

leaving bis four daughters bis beirs. 


er Gowsiu 


I. Jokn. 1. John de Braose» neph.of Giles Bishop of Here- 

ford» above mentioned» ob. 1331. 

II. H.ltl. 3. William de Braose» t. and b. ob. 1390. 





J. 1^99. 3. William de Braose, s. and h. Summ, t 
from29 Dee. 28 Etlw. L 1299, tu I] 
16 Edw. IL 13^^, He was also Su 
June, ^S Cdw. I. 1^94, and 2S Jan. ^5 
l^dTr but for tbe reaions a&gigiied 
" Ctvv ECKIN" and '* Fitz- J oh v/' it is di 
if either of tbüse Writs can be consid 
a regulär Summansta Pari, ; ob, las'S, 
• Jeaving Alira, wife of Jobn de Mowbn 

Joan,i%]fe of Jobn de B^bun, of Miidhe 
daugbCers and beirs, between wbose t 
ants and rcrpresentat'ives tbia Barony 
ftu(n«d to be in Abevancb, 

BY waiT. 

I* 1342. LTbomas de Brao^c^, hva. and h. of Petei 

bro. and beir male of Williani tbp \^H \ 

Suniin. to Pari froro 25 Feb, 16 Edi 

I34S, to 15 July, 27 Edw. IIL 135^ 

I36l| leaviiig twa sons» Jobn and TJ 

the former tben 2S years of age, bu 

dyini; S. p. aoon afterwardi, the said Tl 

* * fata brotherj became nis beir: be di« 

aetatem^ teavjn<^ Joane, bis eiiteTi, bi 

upon wbose demb, s. P, thU Barony bi 




I. 15@9. ]. Edmund Bray, Summ, to ParL from : 
S21 Hen. VI II. 1539, to 8 June, 28 Hen 
I536{ ob, J 539, 

IL 1539, 2- Jobii Bray, s. and b. Summ, to Pari 
Nov* 37 Hen. VIU. 1545, to 21 Oct. - 
1555; ob. 1557, s.p, leaving' bis siji Bist 
heirs, viz. Anne,wife of George Lord Col 
Elizabetb. wbo mamed t. Sir Ralph Vi 
and 9* Sir Riebard Care^by ; Fridiswul 
of Sir Percival Hart s Mary, who mar, I 
Pei^lchanij E5(|.ä Dürothy, wife, firstof E{ 
Lord Cbandus, and eeeondly of Wiljlan 
KnoUys ; and Frances, wbo mar, Thon 
fieid, Esq. between wbose deÄceiidan 
representaiives tbi& Bafony is in Abc\ 





I. 1788. l.Jobn Griffin Griffin, 4th Baron Howard d« 

Waiden ; Created Lord Braybrooke, Baron of 
Braybruoke, co. Norihampton, Sept. 5, 1788, 
with remainder, failiiig bis issue male, to 
Riebard Aldwurtb Neville, Etq. ; ob. 1797. 

II. 1797* 2. Riebard Aldwortb Neville (agsumed tbe name 

of) Griffin. Present Baron Braybrooke. ^ 



I. 1806. l.Jobn Campbell, 4tb Earl of Breadalbane in 
Scotland ; Created Baron Breadalbane of Tam- 
wortb Castle, co. Pertb, Nov. 4, 1806. Pre- 
lent Baron Breadalbane; also Earl of Breadal- 
bane, &c. in Scotland. ^ 



I. Jobn. Foulke de Breant,ob. circa, 1388, s. p. m.: Eve, 
bis sule dau. and beir, married Llewleyn 
Priuce of Nurtb Wales. 



I. 1660. I.James Butler, Ist Marquess o£ Ormond in Ire- 
land; Created Baron Butler, of Lantbuny, 
cuMonmoutb, and Earl of Brecknock in 
Wales, 20 July, 1660 ; Created Duke of 
Ormond in ]r<:laudin 1661 ; Created Duke of 
Ormond, 9 Nov., 1682, K. G. ; ob. 1688. 
Vide Ormond.— JForfeittH 1715. 

Earldom, 15 Aug. 18 IS. 

Vide Camden. 



I. 1644« 1. Patrick Rutbyn or Rutbven, E^rl of Fortb in 
Scotland; Created Earl of Brentford, ce. 
Middlesex, May 37, 1644; ob. 1651, S. P. M. 
wben tbe Earldom became 



Earldoh, 10 April, iGBB^^Ttintt I7ld. 
Vi de Schon 
Baronbss, 179S— ^Ftinct 1730, 

Vide Darlf! 


bahon* VI8C. 
I, 1706,-1801. l.Aleic ander Hood^ Ut Baron Bei 

IrtUnd \ Cr^Bttfd Bnruii Brtdport üi 
St, Thomas, (»j. Sei mers^t^ June 13» I 
Vl&count Bridportf ut tbe same ph 
10, 1801, K, G. ; ob. 1814, R r. i 

' EugUfib bon<irs became 

' • 4f)ctinct. 



I, 1583. L Heiii7 D'aufaeney Il.-ed Barun Dt 
Created Earl of Bridg;eivater, eo. £ 
19 July, 1538, K, G.i üb. 1548, js. 
boiiora became 

IL 1617^ LJobn Egerton, 3d Visc. Bracklt^v; 
Earl of Bridgt water 37 May, leiT j 

III, 1649. S.Jobn E^ertun, b. and b. ob. 16B6. 

IV, 16B6. 3, Jobii Egerton, &. aiid b. ob. 170L 


V, 1701.^1, 17m4,Scroop Egerton, B. and h, 

M^rqucss of Braekley ai 
of Brädgcwater IS Juiie, 1 

VI, IL 1745. 5.JoJm Ej^erton, s. ftnd h, oh. 

VII, llLl74i.6,FrandB£gertoi], biy). and 

1803» wben ihe Dukedotn 
Marquisate of Braekley 
4£FtinCt ; but the EarLdor 
oiber bünors devolved oii 
heir male 
Vm. 1B03, 7' John William E^^erton. b. and b. 
eldeiBC Bon of Henry Ef ertön, young 
Jrihn IV-3d Earlj üb. )8£3,s. P. 
IX, IBiSt B* Franc 19 Henry Egerton» brotbcr and l 
Bent Earl t>f Bridge water, Viicouüt J 
and Baron of ELlesmerCp 





16fS. LJohn Dif^by, Ist Baron Di^y; Created Bari 
of Aristol Sept. 15, 1633; ob, 1653. 

. I65S. 8. George Digby. ». and h. K. G. ob. 1676. 

L 1676. 3. JofaB Digby, f. and h. ob. 1698. 8. p. wben aU 
hiM bonofsbecame 

. 1T14. 1. Jobn Henrey, Ist Baron Henrey of Ickwortb ; 
Created Earlof Bristol lOOctlTHs ob. 1751. 
1751. 3. George William Henrey, grandson and heir, 
being s. and b. of Jobn Henrey (ob. v. p.) 
eldest son of tbe last Earl. Lord-Lient. of 
Ireland. ob. 1755, s. p. 

. 1755. 3. Angustus Jobn Henrey^ brotber and beir, ob. 
1779, «.P. 

1. 1779. 4. Frederick Augustus Hervey, bro. and beir 5 
sneceeded in 1797» as 5th Baron Howard de 
Waiden. Bisbop of Deny. ob. 1803. 

11.1803. 5. Frederick Wittiam Hervey, 8d son and beir 
male; (Jobn Angustus Henrey, tbe eldest 
son, died ▼. p. leaving a dau. and sole beir, 
w bo carried the Barony of Howard de Waiden 
to tbe family of fiMis). Present Earl of Bris- 
tol and Baron Henrey. 




1305. 1. John, a youager son of Jobn Earl of Rieb- 
mond and Duke of Britauy ; Summ, to Pari. 
as '* Jobanni de Britannia, Juniori," 13 
June, 33 Edw. L 1305 ; Created Earl of Rieb- 
mond in 1 303 ; ob. soon afterwards, & p. wfaen 
bis honors became 



Jobn. l.WilKam Bnwere, ob. 1336. 
H.IH. 3. William Briwere, s, and b. ob. 1333, 8. P. leav- 
ing bis five sisters bis beirs* 

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1. 1796. 1. George Brodrick, 4tb Viteoant Middleton in 
Ireland ; Created Baron Brodriok of Pepper 
HarroWy co. Surrey, with remainder» hUiag 
igsue male, to tbe heirt male of hU falber, 
May 88» 1796. Present Barun Brodrick $ 
also Viscount Middietou in Ireland.^ 


V18COUNTCY9 30 Jone» 1Y53. 

Vide CoaNWALLis. 



1. 1449. Henry BromOete» s. and h. of Tbomai Brom- 
flete, by Anastatia, dau. and beir of Sir Ed- 
ward St. Jobn» by Amastatia, fbiu. and cufaeir 
of William de Aton» Baron of Vesci ; Summ, 
to Pari at *' Henrico Bromflet» Millti, Do- 
mino de Vvuf" by a Special Writ» dated 
S4 Jan. fn Hen. VL 1449, with Umiution of 
that bonour to tbe beirs male of bis body, 
beio|f tbe first and only instance of tbe kiud; 
Summ, to Pari, from tbe abore year tili 88 
Feb. 6 Edw. IV. 1466. Ob. 1468» 8. P. M. 
wben tbe Barony became 



L 1620. l.FulkeGreville,a.andb.ofFulke,eldettsonof 
Sir Fulke Greville, by Elisabeth, dau. and 
heir of Edward WiUougbly (ob. y. p.) son and 

* Altho^b it has been nsual for genealofdoal writan to con- 
sider tbis Birony as ibat of ,Br<mfltU of Ve3cy, it is almost 
certain firom tbe first Writ of Summoos, ^lat Vescy is tbe proper 
title of tbis dignity« 

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. 1711 

beir of Robert, 2d Baron WiUouf^hby de 
Broke; Created Baron Brooke of Beau- 
cbamp's. Court, co. Warwiok, witb remain- 
der,failing bis issue male, to Robert Greville, 
son and beir of Folke, only son of Robert 
Qreville ht$ oncle, 9 Jan. 1620 ; ob. 1620,8J>. 
'. 2. Robert Greville, above mentioned, succeeded, 
aji^reeable to tbe said limitation : ob. 1642. 

3. Francis Greville, s. and h. ob. 16. . , 8. P. 

4. Robert Greviile, bro. and beir, ob. 1676, s.p.m. 
5.Folke Greville, bro. and beir, ob. 1710. 
6. Fulke Greville, grandson and beir, being s. and 

b. of Francis Greville (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
tbe last Baron, ob. 1711, s. p. 
. 7. William Greville, bro. and beir, ob. 1727. 


1.1746. S.Francis Greville, s. and h. ; Created 
Earl Brooke of Warwick Castle, 7 July, 
1746, and Earl of Warwick 27 Nov. 
1759, K.T.; ob. 1773. 

II. 1773. 9. George Greville, s. and h. Earl of War- 
wick, ob. 1816. 

IILl81&10.Henry Richard Greville, son and beir. 
Present Earl and Baron Brooke, and 
Earl of Warwick. =f= 



776.— 1. Sir Brownlow Cnst, 4tb Baronet. Cre- 
ated Baron Brownlow of Beiton, co. 
Lincoln, 20 May^ 1776; ob. 1807. 

807.— 1. 1815. 2. John Cust, s. and b. Created Viscount 
Alförd of Alford, co. Lincoln, and Earl 
Brownlow, Sept. 30, 1815. Present Earl 
and Baron Brownlowe, Viscount Alford, 
and a Baronet. =|= 



WiU.1. I.Robert de Brus, Lord of Skelton and Anan- 

dale; ob 1141. 
Steph. 2. Adam de Brus, s. and b. ob. 1 161. 

■1 r* * 

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m Bituca 


m. H. II. S.kdMm 4e Bros, t. and b. eb. 1 185. 

IV. H. II. 4.PMer de Bros, t. «nd b. ob. 1911. 

V. Jobn. 5. Peter de Brut, t. and b. ob. cirea IS81. 

VI. H.III. 6. Peter de Bros, t. and b. ob. 1840. 
VI1.IUII. T.Peter de Brut, i. and b. ob. 1S7I» 8.P. wben 

bis feor sisters became bis beirs. 



L Rio. L I.Robert de Brus» 9d son of Robert Ist Baren» 
and brotber of Adam 2d Baron, above men- 
tioned, to wbom bis fatber gave Aoandale, 
in ScoCland; living 1196. 

II. Jobn. 8. William de Ems, s. and b. living 1197. 

IIL Jobn. ä. Robert de Brus, s. and b. living 1816. 

IV. H. m. 4. Robert de Brus, s. and b. Was one of tbe 

coBpetitor» for tbe Crown of Scotland in 
1886, in right of bis motber, Isabel, dau. of 
David, brotber of William, King of Sootland; 
and refuting to do bomage to B^iol, to wbom 
tbe Crown of tbat Kingdom was acQudged, 
be gave tbe Lordsbip of Anandale to bis 
eldest son Robert, wbo also refusing to do 
tbe Said bomage, be gave Anandale to bis 
younger son, 

V. Edw. I. S. Robert Brvs, wbo did bomage accordingly ; 
BY wmrr. ob. 1894. 

L 1895. 6. Robert Bros, s. and b. Summ, to ParL from 

83 June, 83 Edward I. 1895, to 9G Jan. 

85 Edw. I. 1897, tbougb it is somewbst 

doiibtful if tbe last Writ ean be deeroed a 

regulär summons to ParL Vide ''Fitz-John.** 

Ob. 1304, 8. p. wben tbis Barony became 


Robert Bruce, tbe brotber and beir of tbe last Baroo, 

was crowned King of Scotland 25 Marcb, 1305. 



I. 1641. l.TbomasBraee, Ist Earl of Elgin in Scotland. 
Created Baron Bruce of Wborlton, co. Yori[, 
Ist August, 1641; ob. 1643. 




1643.— 1. 1664. 8. Robert Bruce, i. and h. Created Ba- 
ron Bruce of Skelton, co. York, Vis- 
count Bruce of Amptbill, co. Bedford, 
and Earl of Ailesbury, 18 Marcb, 1664. 
€%tintt 1747. Vide Ailbsbuky. 



Baron Y, 17 April, 1746. 


BRUCE. |; 

Earldom, 14 July, 18SI. tb 

Vide AiLESiURY. 



1627. 1 • Sir Thomas Brudenell, Ist Bart. Created Ba- 
ron Brudenell of Stanton Wivill, oo. Leices- 
ter, April 26, 16S7. Created Earl of Cardigan, 
April 20, 1661. Vide Cardigan. 

1790. 5. Jamei Brudenell, 2d son of George 3d 

.UDBNBLL OF Earl of Cardigan ; Created Baron Brude- 
DBBNB. nell of Deene, co. Nortbampton, 17 Oct. f^ 

1780. 1780; succeeded bis brotber George 4th 

Earl of Cardigan, and 4tb Baron Brude- 
nell of Stanton Wivill, and Duke of Mon- 
. tagu, in the Barony of Brudenell of Stan- 
ton WiTiU, and Earldom of Cardigan, in 
1790; ob. a. p. wben tbe Barony of 
Brudenell of Deene became <Sptinct; 
but tbe Baronv of Brudenell of Stanton 
WiTill, and tbe Earldom of Cardigan, 
devolved on bis nephew, tbe present Earl 
of Cardigan. Vide Cardigan* 



13i3. I.Maurice le Brune. Summ. toParl. from 8 Ja- 

nuary, 6 Edw. II. 1313, to 14 Marcb, 15 

Edüv. II. 13S2 ; and, excepting tbat be was 

summoned on the 5th of April, 13S7, to be at 


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90 BRin»-^RYAN. 

Newoftttlt mkth bon« and Anns, to serre 
«gainst Robert Bruee» notbing faither U 
knowD of bim. 
DugdUüe giveg no mecoant of tbit Baron in bii Ba- 



I. 13&0. 1. Guy dt Bryan. Stmin. to Pari, from 35 Nov* 
24 Edw. III. 1350, to 6 Deo. 13 Rieb. IL 1389* 
K.G. ob. 1390, leaTing Pbilippa and Elisa- 
beth, daugbters imd cohein of Guy de Bryan^ 
bis eidest son (ob. v. p.) bis grand-daugbters 
and heirs. Tlie safd Pbilippa married, firat. 
John Devereiix ; and secondly, Sir Henry le 
Scrope ; but died s. P. 8 Henry IV. ; and Eli« 
sabeth became tbe wife of Sir Robert Lovell» whom sbe had a daugbter and solebetr» 
Maud, wbo oiarrled, first, 3(Ain Earl of Amn* 
del, and by bim bad Humphrey Earl of Arun- 
del, wbo died infra aetateni, 8. p. : tbe sald 
Maud married, secondly, SirRIcbard Staflford, 
Knt. and bad issue Avice, wbo became tbe 
wife of ilames Butler, Earl ö1^ Ormond, but 
died s.P« 35 Henry VI. 1456, wben tbe Ba- 
rony of Bryan is presumed to bave become 

• It is !• be obterved that tbe Earis of Nortbumberland» 
frora Isaving married fileaaor, f^nd-daiu and beiress of 
Robert Loa Poyningis, styled tfaecneel¥e8 Barons Poyn- 
ings, Ftta-Payne, and Bryan, probably from tbe state- 
snat givefi by Dugdale, and otber good autborities, that 
Richard Lord Poyniiigi, fatber W xkim said Robert Lord 
Poynings, married ** Isabel, dau. and beir of Robert Ba- 
ron Fita-4^yiie, by £|ifabatb, dau. and beir of Sir Guy 
de fiiyan, Knt." On a referenoe, bowever, to a pedigree 
lately compiled on unque&tionable evidence, it does not 
appear tbat any alliance erer todk place between tbe de- 
scendants of Guy de Bryan, wbo was Suarai.tQPari.iA 
jfebe 84tb Edward HL and tbe favily «f Fita>Payna» apd 
iwnee tbat tbe Eaiis of Nortbumberland never bad tbe 
«ligbtest pretejMions to tbe Bareoy of Bryan» created by 
ibat Writ» or to any other Barony «f Bryan» until 

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IS57. UThooMS Percy (a. «nd h. of Sir Thomas Percy, 
next brotber of Hanry Aljpernon XVIII. -6t h 
Bari of Nor tbumberUund, and Baron Poyning^, 
andMrbo was likewise erroneouslystyled Baron 
Bmyan and Fits-Payoe ; but wbo dying s. p. 
in 1537» all bis bonor« became <E^nct, in 
coDsequeneeof tbe Atfainder of bis brotber 
and beir, tbe said Sir Tbomat Percy,) was 
Created by Paten t, 30 April, 1557» Baron 
Percy of Coekermputh and Petwortb, Baron 
Poyuings» I^cy, aml (probably in conse- 
quence df tbe »aid assumption of iiis anetf* 
tors) Baron Bevan and FitJB-Payne, witb re- 
mainder, failing ^i> ifsue male, to bis brotber 
Henry Perey, and bis issue male. Created 
Earl of Nortbomberlandy witb tbe same re- 
roainder, May 1, 1557; all of wbicb dig^nitiei 
in 1670, on tbedeatb uf JosceUineXXII.-l It^i 
Earl of Nprtbumberlandy s. p. m. became 

Vide PoYNiNos, Percy, and Northumberland. 




l.Tbomas Sackville; Created Baron of Buck- 
burst, CO. Sussex, June%, 1567; Created 
Earl of Dorset March 13, 1603, K. G. 

Vide D0R8BT. 


1066. I.Walter Gjfifard; Created Earl of Buckingbam 
by William the Conqueror; ob. 1102. 

1102. 2. Walter Giffard, s. and b. ob. 1 164, s. P. 

HenX Richard de Cläre, surnamed Strongbow, Earl 
qf P^ipbroke. being descended from Rohais, 
ffister and cplieir uf tbe last Earl, styled bim- 
seif Earl of Buckingbam ; ob. 1 126, s. p. m. 

1377. l.Tbomas Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester, 
youngest son of King Edward HL Created 
Earl of Buckingbam 1377, K.G. Lord Higb 
Constable ; ob. 1397. 

^^7. 2. Humpbrey Ptantagenet, s. and h. ob. 1400, 8.P. 
wben bis bonors became 




dby Google 




VI. 140a— I. 1441 





IX. 1617.— 1 1618.— IV.16«3. 

I. Hurophrey Stafford. 4tli Earl of Scaf- 
ford, ton of Edndnd Earl of Staf. 
ford, by Ann PUntagtenet, lister and 
heir of Humpbrey tbe last Bari, 
styled Earl of EUickingbain jare 
roatrii. Created Duke of Buckini^ 
bam 14 September, 1441» Lsord 
Higb Constable, K.G.; ob. 1459- 

—II. 1459. 3JIenry Staflford, grandson and beir, 
being t. and b. of Humphrey Stafford 
(ob. r.p.) eldest son of tbe last Duke, 
liord Higb Constable; ob. 1483. 

— III. 1483. 3.Edward Stafford, s.and b. Lord 
Higb Constable, K.G. bebeaded 
1521» and being attainted, all bis 
bonors became 


.George Villiers, Ist Viseount 
Villiers; Created EarlofBuck- 
ingbam 5 Jan. I6l7ff witb re- 
mainder, failing bis issue male, 
to bis brotbers Jobn and Cbris- 
topber; Created Marquess of 
Buekinghatn Ist Jan. 1618, 
and Duke of Buckinghain and 
Earl of Coventry 18 May, 1623. 
He married Katberine Man- 
ners, dau. and sole beirof Fran- 
cis 6th Earl of Rutland and 
Baron Roos,wbo succeeded ber 
falber in tbat Barony in 1632, 
and died in 1666. K.G. L. H. 
Admiral; assassinated 1629. 
l629.2.George Villiers, s. and h. Suc- 
ceeded as Baron de Roos jure 
roatris in 1666. K. G.Mary, bis 
only sister and beir, bad by let- 
ters patent 31 Aiig. 1628, tbe 
dignity of Duckest ^Buckkiff" 
harn limited to ber in tbeevent 
of ber surviving tbe male issue 
pf ber fatber. Sbe died 1685, 
baving been Ibrice niarried,but 


— V. 




faad Istue onTy bj ber second bosband, Bsme 
Duke of Riebmond, ris. Etme, wbo 8ue> 
c«eded bii fftthery tnd died 8. p. and Mary, 
wlfe of Rtcbard Eaii of Arran» wbo likewiie 
died s. P. Ob. 1687» s. p. wben bis bonort be> 
came ^jstlntt. 

Mary Villiersy dau. of Antbony Beauinonty and 
widow of Sir George Villiers« and motber of 
George Villiers, Ist Duket Created Counteaa 
of Buckingbam for life 1 July 1618 { ob. 1633, 
«ben tbe disnity became 


VI. 1703. 1 Jobn Sbeffield, Ist Marquesi of Nor- 

roanby; Created Duke of Norman- 
by Marcb 9» and Duke of tbe County 
of Buckingbam Marcb 33, 1703, K.G. 
ob. )730. 

VII. 1730. 3.Edmund Sbeffield, s. and b. ob, 1735» 

B,9. wben bis bonors beoaqie 

784<— IhGeorge Grenville (assumed tbe names 

of) Nugent-Temple ; 3d Earl Temple. 
Created Marquess or tbe town of 
BuokiBgbam, co. Bncks, Nov. 30, 
1784; ob. 1813. 

U3^<-VIIL18d3;3.Ricbard Grenville (assumed tbe nimes 
of) Brydges-Cbandos, f. and b. Cre- 
ated Marquess of Cbandos and Duke 
of Buckingbam and Cbandos, Jan. 13, 
1833. Present Duke of Buckingbam* 
and Cbandos, Marquess of Bucking- 
bam, Marquess of Cbandos, Earl Tem- 
ple, Viscount and Baron Cobbami also 
Earl Nugent in Ireland ; K. G. ^ 




!• Jobn Hobart, Ut Baroii Hobart ; Created Earl 
ofBuckinghamsbireSSept, 1746, K.B. ob. 
1756. 3. Jobn Hobart, s. and b. ob. 1 793, s. p. m. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 






V. 1816. 


3 . George H t>bart , h al f- brat h er a nd fa e i i 
4> Robert Hobart, h< and h. Summ, to 
in bis faiber'ä Barorvy, 1798 i oh. II 
S.Georfe Robert Hobart (^Eumeü tbe 
Hani|ii]en, iiephew and belr^ bein 
of George Vere Hobarr, next broll 
Iftst EarU Present EarL of Buckia 
and Baron Hobart. ^ 



1, WilLL 1. Roger de ßüisli.lmng 108B. 

IL Stepli. % Riebard de Bulslij (f^resumed) s. an 

HL H. IL 3. Rkbard de ßuifih, b. and h. livln^ l ] 

IV. Job». 4. John de BuisUr s. and h. ob. ante IS 
leaving Idonea bii daughter and 
married Robert de Vipuunt. 


ThomaB Jame* Warren Bulkeley, 7tl 

Bulkeley in Irelandj Createil Baroi 
of Beaumarifi, in tbe Isle of An 
May. 1784; ob. I82S, s,p. when all 
became ^jCttntt 



I. H.H. Bertram de Bolemer^ livirtf 1163 ; ] 

•or wa<i, 
Stepben de Bcdemer« living 1167* 
Tboniaa de Bulemer, i. aad b, living 

i«bü[n succeeded 
Robt-rt de Roletner, iWing 118D» he 

ceeded by 
Bertram de Bnlrmer, wbo died e. p. M 

bis dau. and heir, married Geoffrey 


L 1342. Ralph de Bulmer; Sumra. to ParL f ra 
16 Edw. III. 1342, 10 10 March, 3^ 
134$; ob. 1357, leaving a son and 
none of this family were ever 
Summ, tu Pari, or ranked as Bar< 


I. 1784. 


IV, Riei. 

V. John* 





L 1676. 1. Charles Beauclerk, natural •on orK.CbarietII. 
Created Baron of Hedin^^on and Bari of 
Burford, both co. Oxfor^ 27 Dec. 1676 j 
Created Duke of St. Alban's Jan. 10, 1684. 




I. John. 1. Hubert de Burgb ; Created Earl of Kent : ob. 


II. Hill. S. John de Burgh, s. and h. had livery of his fa- 

ther's lands, but did not evjoy the title of 
Earl of Kent; IWing 1363, ob. .. .. 

III. H.III. 3. Jobn de Burgh, s. and h. ob. 1S79, s. P. M. 

leaving his tbree daughters bis beirs. 


I. 1327. 1. William de Burghe; Summ, to Pari, from 10 
Dec. 1 Edward III. 1327, to 15 June, 2 Ed 
irard III. 1328, but never afterwards, nor any 
of hisdescendants. 



I. 1487« I.Thomas Burgh, or Borougb, descended from 

Hubert de Burgb, a younger son of Hubert 
Earl of Kent. Summ, to ParU from 1 Sept. 
3 Heu. VII. 1487. to 14 0ctober, 11 Hen.Vll. 
1495, as «ThomsB Burgb, Cbrr." ob. 1496. 

II. 1496. 2. Edward Burgb, s. and b. was never Summ, to 

Pari ob 

III. 15. . • 3. Thomas Burgb, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

3 Nov. 21 Henry VIH. 1529» to 8 Sept. 6 
Edward VI. 1552; ob. 1552. 

IV. 1552. 4. William Burgb, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

14 Aug. 1 Mary, 1553, to 23 Jan. 1 Eliz. 
1559; ob. 15... 

V. 1563. 5. Thomas Burgb, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 1 1 Jau. 5 Eliz. 1563, to 24 Oct. 39 Eliz. 
1597i K.G. ob. 1597. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1lJlltOK8 BY WBIT. 

VI. 1597. 6* Röhert Byffb, a. and h. Im n^ 1598, 
leavinf Elizabeth, who mar. Georg 
4tto son at Lord Cübhain ; Anii«« wt 
»i ihe wife of Sir Drtw Drury ; Frai 

• mar. Francis Cüppiiiff*?n and Katbf 

became tbe wife of Thomas Knevet 
siiters and coheirt,between whosede 
aiiid represtntativei thisBarouy ts in/ 



Ba»oi«y, U May» 1784-— €p£inrt 180$. 
Vide LoNS 



L 1303« 1. Rubert de Burghenb ; Summ, to 1 
ISNüv. 32 Edw. L 1303, tu 13 
Edw. L 1305 \ but ifae obj^ccion sta 
Fitz-John to theWrif of 25 Edw. \ 
curs to tbe Wnt of 13 Nsiv, 1303 
ihc Spirhual Peers were nut Summ 

II. 1305. S. Sephen de Burghereb, b, and beir ; 
Summ, to Pari, ; ob ,. 

HL 1330, 3. B^nhiilümew de BurgberAb, a. and 
i« Pari, frrtm S5 Jan. 4 Edw. II L 1 
Nfareb, 28 Edw. II I, 1^54, latterlj 
additioii cf ** Seniorr ;" ob. 1355. 

IV. 1355. 4. Bart hü Iota ew de Burghersb, b, and 
to Pari, from 15 l>ec. 31 Edward II] 
94 Feb. 42 Edi*. 111. 1368, K. G.| 
8. F.1H. ELizabetb, bi« eule dau. 
married Edward V.-Gtb Baron Des 
wbkb Barony cbis dignity bas s 
united, nnd tbougb tbe title is not 
tbe dignlty is unqoestionably |joj 
Thomas Siapletou, present B&roo 1 


I, 16S4. I. Francis Fane, s. and b. apparent of A 
of Sir Thomas Fatie, Knt.) who w^ 
tbe Barony of Despeii^er in 1603| 
was also Barune&s Bur^bersb ; Crea 
Burgbersb» wrtb remaiuder to blsti 




«iii Bari of WestmoreUnd Sd Dec 16S4 ; succeeded bis 
motber as Baroii Despencer, aad in tbe ancient Barony 
of Burf^hersb in 1696; wbicb di<rnities coutinued merged 
in the Earldom of Westinoreland until tbe deatb of Jubn 
Fane, XIII.^7tb Bari of Wettmorrland in 1762, 8. p. 
wben tbe aneient Barony of Burgbersb» witb tbat of De- 
spenser« feil into Abeyance, but wbicb, as is fuUy stated 
uoder *< Db8PBN€ER," at lengtb deyolved on Tbomat 
Stapleton, the present Baron ; but tbe Barony of Bur;- 
bertb created by tbe Patent of 29tb Dec. 1694, de- 
scended to tbe next beir male^ and is now vested in tbe 
preient Earl of Westniorelaud. 

Vide Dbspencer aud Westmoreland. 




I. William Cecil, Created Baron Burleigb, co. 
Nortbampton, Feh. 86, 15T1, K.G. ob. 1598. 
15&8. S. Thomas Cecil, s. and beir; Created Earl of 
Exeter 4 May, IßQSt, K. G. 

Vide Exeter. 



1664. 1. Richard Buyle, 2d Earl of Cork in Ireland, 
and Ist Baron Cliffurd of Lanesborougb, co. 
York ; Created Earl of Burlington, co. York, 
dOMarch, 1664; ob. 1697. 
1697. 2« Charles Boyle, grands. and b. being s. and b. 
of Charles Boyle (ob. v. p.) eldest son of tbe 
last Earl. Earl of Cork in Ireland; ob. 1704. 
• 1 704. 3. Richard Boyle, s. and b.Earl of Cork, in Ireland. 
K. G. ; ob. 1735, «. P. M. wben bis Englisb ho- 
nours became 



1311. 1. Edward Bnrnell, Somm. to ParL from IpDee. 
5 Edw. II. 131 1, to 84 Oct. 8 Edw. II. 1314; 
ob. 1315, 8. p. wben the Barony became 



Mäui], his iister and beir, mür. ßrst, John Lovi 
SPcondLy, John de H audio, wbieb John HandLu was 
to Karl. W Edw. IIL 


L 1350. l.Nicholas Burnell, ^d son of John 
above mentionedj and Maud hia wife, 
and heir uf tb« last Baron ; Sucnm. t 
frnra S5 Not. 24 Edw. IIL 1350, tu 7 
Rirli. II, 13B3; ob. 1383. 

IL 1383. S. Hugb BurneLI, b, and h. Summ, to Pai 
SO Aii^.7 Rio. IL 1383p tu ^1 Oct. 8 i 
1430» ob. 1420j leaving Joyce, wite o 
mm Eriin^orit Jon""; Margery, « 
Edward Mutiferford ; and Katherine, 
' St Jobn Ratcliffgj tbe daugbters of J 

B um eil {ob^ v. p.) bis oniy fron, tüs 
daughters atid beirsp becween wb< 
scendants and repfesentativefi tbis Ba 
In Abeyance. 


I^H^nry Pafetf g. and h. appar«nt of 1 
6ih Lord Paget ; t'reated, viia patri 
3Ip 1711, Baron Burioti of Burtüii, c 
furd j succeeded bis fatbc;r in tbe Ha 
Paget in 1713; Created Earl of Uii 
ob, 1743, 
1743, 3. Henry FngeU grands. and h. Earl <it üi 
and Bmron Paget i ob, 1769, s. p. wb 
Earldom of Uitbndge aiid tbis Bare 
came CrttnCL 


L 17 IL 



ViscouNTCVi 10 Feb. 1696, 

Vide Albemam 


L Hen.L LRicbard Bu5sel, ob. b. k 

IL Stepb. 2. Albert Bu&ad^ bro. and heir^ob. 

IIL U. IL 3. Buiset, s.and b. liviug 1^02. Hi« Bare 
graiued in 1205 lo Rogi^-rdc Laci, 





. Jobn Stuart, 4thEarl of Bute in Scotland, ]»t 
Baron Carcfiff, and I.-2d Baron Mount Stuart ; 
Created Visc. Montjoy in tbe Isle of Wigbt» 
Earl of Windsor, co. Berks. and Marques« of 
Bute, CO. Bute, 20 Feb. 1796 ; ob. 1814. 
1814. 9. Jobn (assumed tbe name of) Cricbton-Stuart, 
fcrandson and beir, being s. and b. of Jobn 
Stuart (ob. v.p.) eklest son of tbe last Marquess. 
Present Marquess of Bute, Earl of Windsor, 
Viscount Montjoy, Baron Mountjoy Stuart, 
and Baron Cardiff in England, also Earl of 
Bute, &c. in Scotland. ^ 




1628. I.Sir Jobn Butler, Ist Bart.; Created Baron 
Butler of Bramfield, co. Hertford, SO Sept. 
1638 ; ob. 1637. 
1637. 8. William Butler, s. and b. ob. 1647> 8. p. wben 
tbis Barony became 



Bakony, 20 July, 1660— jporfejtet» 17I5. 

Vide Brbcknock and Ormonds. 

r . 

1801, Walter Butler» 17tb Earl of Ormonde and 
Marquess of Ormonde in Ireland; Created 
Baron Butler of Lantbony, co. Monmoutb, 
Jan. 13, 1801 ; ob. 1820, wben tbis Barony 
became ^^rtinct 



1679. I. Tbomas Butler, eldest son of James ist Duke 
of Ormonde; Summ, to Pari (yita patris) 5 
Marcb, 31 Car. U. 1679» as Baron Butler of 
More Park, co. Hertford ; ob. v. p. 1680. 


leo BirrtER-BYRON. 


IL 1680. % Janiefl Butler, s. and b. succeeded bis grand- 
fatber> »s Duke o{ Ormoi>!d» &c. in 1688 ; at- 
tainted in 1715, wbeaaU bis bonors became 
Vide Ormonbe and Brecknock. 



h 1678. Richard Batkr, 9d son of James Ist Duke of 
Ormond ; Created Earl of Arran in Ireland ; 
and in 1673, Baron Butler of Weston, co. 
Huntingdon ; ob. 1685, s. p. M. wben tbe Title 
became 4ij^tintt* 

II. 1693. Charles Butler, Sd son of Thomas Ist Baron 
Butler of More Park (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
Jumes Ist Duke of Ormond, and nephew to 
tbe last Baron } Created Earl of Arran in Ire- 
land, and Baron Butler of Weston, co. Hun- 
tingdon, 8 Marcb, 1693; ob, 17$9t s* P* wben 
bis bonors became 


Baromy, 9 Sept 1721. 

Vide Torrington. 



I. WiU.I. Ernisius Burun, bald tbirty-two Lordsbips, co. 

I. WilLII.l.RalphdeBurun, beWeighl Lordsbips,co.Nott8. 

and five co. Derber, from wbom descended 

II. Steph. S. Hugh de Burun, to wbom succeeded 

III. Hen.II. 3. Roger de Burun, liv. 1194, wbose Barony was 

giyen by King John to William de Briwere. 

I. 1643. I.Sir John Byron, K. B. descended from th« 
above faniily $ Created Baron Byron of Rocb- 
dale, CO. Lancaster, witb limltation, failinf^ 
bis issue male, to bis brotbers and their issue 
male, S4 Oct. 1643 ; ob. 1659, 8. P. 

n. 1652. 2. Richard Byron, brother and belr, üb. 1679* 




II I. 1679. 3. William Byron, s. and h. ob. 1695. 

IV. 1695. 4. Wttliam Byron, s. and b. ob. 1736. 

V. 1736. 5. William Byron, i. and b. ob. 1798, s. P. 

VI. 1798. 6. George Gordon Byron (assumed tbe name of ) 

Noel, grand-nepbew and beir, bein; s. and h. 
of Jobn Byron, eldest ton of Jobn Byron, 8d 
8on of William 4th Baron ; ob.l824.8.P.M. ^ 
Vif. 1824. 7. George Aoson Byron, Arst coosin and beir 
male, being s. and b. of George-Anson Byron, 
3d son of Jobn Byron, 8d son of William 
4ib Baron. Present Baron Byron. =?= 



I. 1716.— I. 1718. I.William Codogan, Created Baron 
]. 1718. Cadogan of Reading, co. Berks. 21 

June, 1716; Created Baron Cado- 
. gan of Oakley, ca Bucks. Visconnt 
Caversbam, co. Oxford, and Earl of 
Cadogan^ witb limitation of tbe 
Barony, failing bis iisue male, to 
bis brother Charles Cadogan, May 8, 
1718, K.T. ; ob. 1726, 8. p. m. when 
tbe Barony of Cadogan of Reading, 
tbe ViseeiMitcy of Caversbam, and 
Earldom of Cadogan becaroe ^- 
tinct; but tbe Barony of Cadogan 
of Oakley devolved, agreeably to 
tbe above limitation, on 

II. 1726. 2. Cbarles Cadogan, brotber and beir of 

tbe last Baron ; ob. 1776. 

III. 1776. ir. 1800. 3. Cbarles Sloane Cadogan, s. and beir; 

Created Viscount Cbelsea, co. Mid- 
dlesex, and Earl Cadogan, Dec. 27, 
1800; ob. 1807. 



BARON. »ARL. ... «. « » 

IV 1807. nLl807.4.Cli«fl«t H^nff Slimne Cadosan, ». 
and h, Present EaH oT Cad^gan, 
ViMoont Cbehea and Baron Ca- 
dogan of Oakley. 



I 1809. Thoroat da Cailli, Summ, to Parliament from 
4 March, 9 Edw. II. 1309, to 16 June, 4 Edw. 
II. 131 1, •• P. when tbe Barony became 


ViscoüNTCY, 30 Nov. 1784. 

Vide LanSOOWNB. 


BARONS. ^^^ ^ ^ (assumed tbe naroe oQ Cal- 

thorpe, 2d Bart. ; Gwated Baron CaUhorpe 
of Caltborpe, co. Norfolk, June 15, 1796 ; 
ob. 1798. 

IL 1798, 3. Cbafles Caltborpe, 9. aed h. ob. 1807, 8. p. 

111 1807. 3. Georg« Gougb Caltborpe, bro. and beir. Kre- 
seiit Bvon Caltborpe, and a Baronet. 


l.*^"7i 39. WiHiaro de MeschJnef, a younger son of Ralpb 
Earl of Cbester, is by some autbonties stylea 
Ei^rl of Cambridge, but nothing of bis mar- 
riage or issue is reeorded. 

ir. 1340. John de Avesnes. uncle or brother of Pbilippa 
Queen of King E4ward l IK ; Created Earl of 
Cambridge 1340. but was very toon after- 
wards deprived of that dignity. 

III. 1340. William Marques» of Juliers ; adyanced to tbe 
title of Earlof Cambridge 7 May, 1340, by 
King Edw. III. whose nlece, Mary, dau. of 
tbe Duke of Gqelders, by Eleanor Plantage- 
net, sister of tbat Monarch, be had married. 
He surrenderedthis Earldom into tbe King s 







I. I4«0. 

Edamnd Hvitaftae^ uirnaratd qI Langley, 
Sth 800 of King Edw. III.; Created Earl of 
Cambridfa Nov. 13> 1S62 \ Created Duke of 
York in 1385, K.G.; ob. 1402. His eldest 
son, Edviftfd Plantagenet» wbo succeeded 
bim as Duke of York» bore tbU title for 
some tioie during bis life ; bot bis younger 

Riobard Plaqtagenet, of Conisburgb, was 
Created Earl of Cambridge in 1414; ob«. 
1415, vita fratris. 
Riebard Plantagenet, s^ and b. restored te tbe 
Titles of bis uncle Edward Duke of York, wbo 
died 1415, 8. P. in 14<^5 ; ob. 1460. 
Edward Pfantagenet, s. and b. Ascended tbe 
Tbrone a^ King Edward IV. in 1461, wbea 
(bis Title became roerged in tbe Crown. 

11.1619. I.James Hamilton, Marqyess of Hamilton in 
' Scotland ( Created Baron of Ennerdale, co. 
Cumberland, and Earl of Cambridge, June 
16, 1619 ; ob. 1624. 
1624. 2. James Hamilton, s. and b. Marquess of Ha- 
milton in Scotland, K. G. ob. 1648, s. p. m. 
1648. 3. William Hamilton, brotber and beir, Earl of 
Lanark in Scotland; Marquess of Hamilton 
in Scotland ; ob. 1651, s. p. M. wben bis Eng- 
lieb bonors became 
H^pry Stpart,9urnamedof Oatland8,3d son of 
I^inf Charles I. Created Earl of Cambridge 
and Duke of Gloucester 13 May, 1659» K. G. 
ob. 1660, 8. p. M. wben bis bonors became 




Cbarles Stuart, s. «ind b. of James Duke 
of York^ afterwards King James II. 
Created Duke of Cambridge June 
1661 } ob. 1661, infans, wben tbis Title 
again became 

II. 1663. James Stuart, 2d son of tbe said Duke 
of York i Created Duke of Cambridge 
1663; ob. 1667, infans, wnen tb» 
digfiity became 



Digitized by CjOOQIC 




11 L 1667. 

Edgar Stuart, 4tb son of the 
af York ; Created Duke of i 
T6G7 5 ob. 1671, infans. 
Title again became 
IV. 1€67. Cbarlea Stuart, Ist son by l 
of the Said Duke of York 
Duke of Cambridge 1677; 
tnCanfi, when tbis Dukedom 
MABö* came ^ptintt» 

L 1706, V. 1706. George Auguatus, Prince E] 
HarioYer j Created Baron c 
buryj CO. Gioucester, Viscov 
aUertonj co. York, Earl < 
Haven Lii Wales, and Mar 
Duke of Cambridge, Nov. 
Created Prince of Wales 
Sept. 1714; ascenüedtbe' 
King Geor^Il. U June, IJ 
sl] these dignities became i 
the Crown. 

VK 1801. Adolphuß Fr^derick, 5tb and 
surrivitig son of King d 
bro. of b!B preteat Majesty 
Baron of Culloden in Non 
Earl of Tipperary in Irel 
Duke of Cambridge, Nov. 
Preserit Duke of Cambri« 
Baron of Cullodon ; also Et 
perary in Jreland, K. G. G. 



I. 1765- [, 1786. 1. Chart« Pratr, Created Baroi 

üf Camden Place, co. Kent, 
176S i Created Viscount B 
Baybam Abbey, co. Sussex, 
Camden, May 13, 1786, L. H 
ob. 1794. 

__ MAftQ. 

II. IL 1794, I, leiZ 2, John Jeffierys Pratt, 

Created Earl of Brec 




Wales, and Marquess Camden, 
Aug. 15, 181S. Present Mar- 
quess» £arl^ and Baron Cani' 
des, Earl of Breckiiock, and 
Viscount Baybam, K. G. =p 



1784. h Thomas Pitt, s. and h. of Thomas» eldest son 
of Robert Pitt, brother of William Ist Eart 
ofChatham; Created Lord Camelford, Baron 
of Booonnocky co. Cornwall, 5 Jan. 1 784 \ 
ob. 1793. 

17d3. 2. Thomas Pitt, s, and K ob. 1804, s. p. wfaen 
bis honors became 



H.III. 1. Ralph de Caimowy Senior, ob. 1S58. 


1364. 8.RaI|>1l de Gamois, s. «na K. Summ, to Pari 
14 Dec. 49 Hen. III. 1264 1 #h. 1876. 

1376. 3. John de Camois, t^ and h. livitiic' 1 38 1 ; he was 
never Summ, to Pari. } obL^iite 1399. 

131a. 4. Ralph de Camoia, «• and h. Summ, to Pari, 
from 36 Nov. 7 Edw. II. 1313, to 1 April, 9 
Edw.lll. 1335; << but after tbat time,'*says 
Dugdale, ** I baye not found farther mention 
of bim." 

1383. Themas de Camois, Samm. to Pari, from 30 
Au^. 7 Ric. U. 1383, to 36 F^b* 8 Hen. V. 
I43U K* G* $ ob. 1431» leavinfc bis ^randson, 
Hugb Camois, s«n of Riehard (ob. v. p.) bis 
eldest son, bis neat beir, whieb Hugb dying 
soon after, 8. p. bis sisters, Margaret and 
Eleanor, became bis beirs, the former of 
whom marrted Ralph Rademill, and the latter 
Roger Lewknor ; between wbose descendanta 
and representatives this Barony is probably^ 
in Abbyancb. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 






I. 16€S. 1. ßaplist Hickf, CreaCed Baron H 
rohi^on, CO. VVarwick, and Visco 
den ot Campden, ru, Glauce^ster, 
IS?8 ; with remainder, failin^bia i 
to bis Bon-in'law Edward Baron 
band of Juliana Hicks, bis eldes 
citheir, ob, 16S9, s,p, m. 

fL 16^9. 2. Edward Noel, Ist Baron Noel, of R 
sucL-eeded agreeable to the above J 
ob. 1€43. 

II [* 164."^. .^.Eaptist Nodj Haran Noel, s. arkd b. 

IV. 1682. 4. Edward No«l, Baron Noel, s. and 1 
Baron Noel of Tltcbßeld, witb ^pei 
tton, Vita patria > Created Earl o 
mugh 1 D^c. I68a, 

Vide Gain&Ei 



J. Stephr 1. Gerard de Caroville, livin^ 113^; h 
sor wai 

II. Hen. II, 9, Richard de Camville, living \ 189. 

ItL John. 3. Gerard de Canavilk, s. and b. livinf 

IV. H, JH. 4. Richard deCamvUlei s.and heir^ ]] 
üb. s, p, M. Idonea, bis dati. and 
William de Lun^spee, Earl of Salis 


OF CLirroN. 

J. 19^5, 1. Geoffreyde CamviHej b. and b* of 
hrurberof Gerard CamvUl^i 2d Bai 
nure ; Summ» to Pari, from 33 Jon 
J, 1S95, tu '22 Feb, 35 Edw. 1. 130 
alsu Summ. 8 June. 32 Edw,I. 129 
very doubtfut if tbat VVrit can he c 
as a regulär Summons to Parlian 
*UJi.YVEDON i" üb. 1308. 

IJ. J.^08. ^.William d« Camvillv, t^ and h. t 




Pail4 March, 3 Edw. II. 1309, and 16 June, 
4 Edw. II. 131 1, but nevcr afterwards, and of 
whom Dugdale adds, <* but fartber of bim I 
caiinot say." Accordtnf; to some autboriti«! 
he left two dau^bters bis cobeirs, viz. Maud» 
wife of Sir Riebard Staffbrd, of Pipe, eo. Staf- 
ford; and Mar^ery, wife of Sir Riehard Ver- 
non. Other writers State, that he left fire 
daug;bter8 bis coheirs; whilst otbers again 
assert, that be bad but one daugbter, viz. 
Maud, who mi^rried, first, Riebard Vernon, 
and secondly, Sir Riebard Staflford. The 
Barony is, bowever, probably in Abbyancb 
betireen the descendant« and repretentatives 
of wbatever issue be really left. 



I. Stepb. 1. Walter de Canci, living 1 139. 

II. Ric. I. 3. Anfrid de Candl, s. and h. ob. 1194, leaving 

bis heir a minor. 

I. John. Simon de Canci, bad his lands seized 1215. 


I. John. I.William de Cantilupe, ob. 1238. 

II. H. III. 2. William deCaotilupe,s.andh. ob. 1250. 

III. H. 111. 3. William de Cantilupe, s. and b. ; by marrying 

£ve, dau. and coheir of William de Braose, 
he obtained the lordsbip of Brecknock and 
Castle of Aber^avenny, 

Vide Aberoavbnny. 


I. 1399. 1* William de Cautilupe, s. mnd b. of Nicboias 
Cantilupe, Lord of Greseley, co. Notts. 
jure uxori«, younger son of William Ist Baron 
by Tenure { Summ, to Pari, froro 29 Dec. 28 
Edw. I. 1299, to 5 Aug. 2 Edw. II. 1308 ; ob. 




II. 1309. S. William de CantUupe, s. and b. Hewunever 

SuniiB. to Pari. ; ob ..y 8. p. and probabler 

ibfra «tatem. 

III. 1187* d.NicbolatdeCantilape, bro.andheir; Sumoa. 

to Pari, from S3 April, 11 Edw.III. 1337, to 
13 Maroh, S8 Edw. HL 1354 1 ob. 1355, ac^ 
€ording to ooe Inquiaition i but accordinf; to 
anotber, be diad Slat Feb.1371 ; tbe former 
however appeara Co be oorrcct. Cor in 1358 
«loanc, bia wtdow, ia aaid to bave founded ai 
Cbantry for tbe good of bia aouL Neltber 
WilUaan bia aon and beir, nor any ol tbe de- 
acendanta of tbla Baron, were ever Summoned 
to Parliameot, or cunsidefed aa Barona of tbe 

ViacouNTCY, 18 MarcK, IT^fil. 

Vide £>£ ^A WARB. 



I. 1641. l.AffCbnrCapel, Created Baron €apel of Had- 

bam, CO. Hertford, 6 Aug. 1641 ; bebeaded 

II. 1661. 2. Artbur Capd, a. and %eir ; Created Viacouut 

Maiden and Earl of Esa^ 30 April, 1661. 
Vide ~ 



1. 1692. l.Ueniy Capel, 8d aon of Artbur Ist Baron 
Capel of Hadbam ; Created Baron Capel of 
Tewkebnry, CO. Glouceater, 11 April, 1699, 
Lord Lieot.of Ireland; ob. 1696, 8. p. wben 
tbe Title beeanie 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



I. 1766, 


l.^obn Stuart, eldest son of Jobn, Sd Bari of 
. Bute ia ScoUand j Created, vita patris, Baron 
Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, Ma^ 20, 1766 ; suc^ 
c^eded bis motber io the Barony of Mount 
Stuart 1794, and bis fatber in tbe Earldoro 
of Bute in Seotl^nd in 1793; Created Mar- 
quess of B4te, tft«. 1796. 

Yide BUTB. 


I. 166U 

). 8i« Th^maa BrodeptU, Ist B^ißoj^ Bradenell 
pf Siapton WMitt '» Created Bari of Cardi^an 
90 April 1661 1 ob. 1664. 

II. 1664. % Robert BfudcfieM, •. »nd b. ob. 1703. 

III. 179)l» ftiGeorffi ^rudenell, ^andeon and beir, bein|^ 

1. and b. of Francis Brudenell (ob. v. p.) eldest 
son of tbf iMt Baris ob. 1732. 
IV« 1782. 4. George Brudenell, assumed tbe naroe of Mon- 
tagu„ (from bis marria^e witb Mary. dau. an4 
cobe|r pf Jobn Montagu; Duke of Montagu, 
by Mfiry, dau. and cobeir of tbe celebrated 
Jobn Cburcbill, Dukie of Marlborougb,) son 
and beiri Created 5 Nov. 1766, Marquess of 
Montbermer and Duke of Montagu, K. G. : 
ob. 1790. 8. p. M. Mrben tbe säid Dukedon and 
'Marquisate b«ca«6 ^ptinct) but tbis Earl- 
dom and tbe Baroay of Brudenell of Stanton 
Wirill devolved on 

V. 1790. 5. «lanes Brudenell, Ist Baron Brudenell of 

Deane, bro. and beirj ob. 1811, 8. p. wben 
tbe Barony of Brudenell of Deane became 
4?ptmct; byttbis E^rldom and the Barony 
of Brudenell of Stanton Wivill devolved on 

VI. 181 1« 6. Robert Brudenell, nepb. and beir, being s. und 

beir of* Robert Brudenell, next brother to 
James, last fii^rl. Present Karl of Cardigan 
and Baron Brudenell of Stanton Wivill. ^ 

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BARON. , \ . . ^T. . . j 

I. 1605. 1. George Carew, descended from Nicholaa de 
Carewy who wai present at tbe Parliament 
held at Lincoln in 1300, a»* "Nicholas de 
Carew (de Molesford);" Created Baron Ca- 
rew of Clopton, eo. Warwicic, 4 June, 1635 ; 
Created Earl of Totness 5 Feb. 1635 ; ob. 
1639, s. p. M. wben all Iiis bonors became 


BARONS. _ , ^ ^ 

I. 1633. 1. Robert Carej, Created Baron Carey of Lep- 
pington, CO. York, 6 Feb. 1633 ; Created 
Earl of Monmoutb 5 Feb. 1 636. 
Cptintt 1661. 




I. 1714. H^nry Boyle, brotber of Cbarles, 3d Earl of 
Burlington ; Created Baron Carleton of 
Carleton, co^York, 30Oct. 1714 1 ob. 1735, 
8. r. wben tbe Title became 

IL 1786. 1. Riebard Boyle, 3d Earl of Sbanoon in Ireland ; 

Created Baron Carleton, co. York, Aog. 6, 

1786, K.P. 5 ob. 180T., 
III. 1807. 3. Henry Boyle, s.andb. Present Baron Carleton, 

also Earl of Sbannon in Ireland, K. P. =j= 



Ranulpb de Mescbines, afterwards Earl of 

Cbester, is by many writers called Earl of 

Carlisle, thougb tbere is but little, if any, 

autbority, for tbe Statement. 

1. 1333. Andrew Baron Harcla, Created Earl of Car- 




lisle S5 Mtrcby 1333; degradedand bebetded 
1333, when his honors t^came 

John Plantagenet, Duke of Bedford, 3d son of 
King Hennr IV. U by some authorities called 
Earl of Cariisles bat from Dngdale^s aecount 
of bim, it does not appear that be eitber re- 
ceived or nsed that Title;; hedied in 1345,8.p. 

Richard Plantagenet, Dake of Gloucester, bro . 
of King Edward IV. afterwaids King Richard 
11 1. He has by some jvriters been eonsidered 
Earl of Carlisle, but there appeartto be little 
ground for ascribing that title to bim. 

IT. 1693. 1.. James Hay, Ist Visconnt Doncaster ; Created 
Earl of Carlble 13 Sept. 1633, K.G. ob. 1636. 

III. 1636. 3. James Hay, s. and b. ob. 1660, 8.P. when all 

bis honors became 

IV. 1661. I.Charles Howard, great-grandson of William 

Howard, (by Eüsabeth, sister and coheir of 
George Lord Dacre, of Gillesland,) Sd son of 
Thomas Duke of Norfolk; Created Baron 
Dacre of Gillesland, co. Cumberland, Visc. 
Howard of Morpeth, co. Northumberland, 
and Earl of Carlisle, 30 AprU, 1661 ; ob.l686. 

V. 1686. 3. Edward Howard, s. and b. ob. 1693. 

VI. 1693. 3. Charles Howard, s. and h. ob. 1738. 

VII. 1738. 4. Henry Howard, s. and h. K. G. ob. 1758. 

VIII. 1758. 5. Frederick Howard, s. and h. K. G. Present 

Earl of Carlisle, Viicount Howard of Mor- 
peth, and Baron Dacre of Gillesland. =r= 



I. 1638. Dudley Carlton, Created Lord Carlton, Baron 
of Imbercoort, co. Surrey, 33 May, 1638 ; 
Created Viscount Dorchester, co. Oxford, 35 
July, 1638 j ob. 1631, s. P. M. when his Titles 
became ^ptititt. 




1643« S, 



L Rubelt Dormer, Sd Baron Donner j C 

Vbcount A«eotl, co. HertB, and £arl € 
narvon 2 Aup, 1628 ; ob. t643. 
Charles Dormer, g. and fa. ob. ITOdr ^.^M 
tbJB Earldom ^nd the Viscountcy or Asc 
came ^|:tmtt* 

.17 Id. James Brydgefi, 9th Barora Cbs 
Created Viscount Wilton, ca He 
and Earl of Camarvonj Oct. IB, 
Created Marquess of Carnarvo 
Düke of Ch&ndoa April 30, 17 J^ 
€11111^ 1789. 

Vide Chandos, 

K Henry Herbert, 1 fit Baron Portehester 

ated Earl of Carnarvon Jiily 3, 179, 


3. Henry George Herbert} b, and b. Pre&ei 

Carnarvon aud Baron Fortchester. ^ 


TbomaB Obbarne, iL- Ist Earl of Danbj/ 
Rted Marque&s of Camiartben April 6, 
CYeated Duke of Leedfl 1694. 

Vide Lbi 



Vide Roth El AV. 


1, Charles SmUh ; Created Lord Carrii 

Baron of Wotion-Waven, co, Warwii 
October, !C43; Created ViBCouiit Ci 
ton in Ireland 4 Nov. fuUowin^ \ ob* l 

2. Francis Smith, s. and b. ob. 1705, s.p, 

bis honors br^came 





. 1797. 



I.Robert Smith, Ist Baron Carrington in Ire- 
land; Created Baron Carrinf^on ofUpton, 
CO. NotU» Oct. 20, 1797. Present Baron 
Carrington, also Baron Carrington in Ire* 
Und. ^ 




[. 1695.— I. 1744. 

/. 1784.— 

I.Sir George Carteret, Bart.; Created Baron 
Carteret of Hawnes, co. Bedford, with re- 
mainder, failing his issue male, to bis bro- 
thers Philip and Edward, 19 October, 1681 ; 
ob. 1695. His widow, 


1. 1714. l.Grace Granville, dau. and coheir of 
John Granville, Earl of Batb, was 
Created Viscountess Carteret and 
Countess Granville, with remainder 
in the Viscountcy of Carteret, failing 
her heirs male, to her husband's bro- 
ther Edward, 1 Jan. 1714; ob. 1744. 

S.Jobn Carteret, s. and h. succeeded 
bis fatber in the Barony 1695, and 
his motber in the Viscountcy of Car- 
teret^ and Earldom of Granville, in 
1744; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 
1724; K.G.; ob. 1763. 
—II. 1763. 3. Robert Carteret, s. and b. Earl Gran- 
ville, ob. 1776, S.P. when the Barony 
and Viscountcy of Carteret and Earl- 
dom of Granville became 

1. Henry Frederick Tbynne (assumed 
the name of) Carteret, Sd son of 
Thomas 2d Viscount Weymoutb, by 
Louisa,. dau. of John Carteret, Earl 
Granville, and sister and cobeir of 
Robert the last Earl Granville, Vis- 
count and Baron Carteret. Created 
Baron Carteret of Hawnes, co. Bed- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


ford, wifh f^MHinder» failing bis istue 
male, to the 2d, 3d, 4thy and erery 
other son of bis brotber, Tbomas 
Tl^nnfe, IM Marqy^s of Batb, and 
tbeir beira malet January 39, 1784. 

Present Baron CarUret. 



BARON. « . .^ 

I. 1801. I. Jobn Josbtia PnAy, Ist Earl of Carysfort, m 
Ireland; Created Baron Carysfort of Norinam 
Ccoss, CO. HuiUinsdon, Jan. 13, 1801. Pre- 
«ent Baron Carysfort. =^ 



I. 1716—1. 1730. I.James Saunderson, l«t Baron Saunder- 
«on in England, änd Ut Viscoant 
Caatleton in Ireland; Created Vis- 
count Castleton of Sandbeck, cck 

York, 1716, and Earl of Caa- 

tleton, CO. York, 1730; ob. 

1738, 8. p. wben all bis bonors became 


ViSC. EARL. ^ 

1,1807.-1.1814. l.WiUiam Shaw Cathcart, lOth Baron 
Catbcart in Scotland; Created Vis- 
count Catbcart Nov. 3, 1807; Cre- 
ated Baron Greenock arid Earl Cath- 
cart June 18, 1814, Present Earl 
and Viscount Catbcart, and Baron 
Greenock in the Peerage of the United 
Kingdom; ako Baron Catbcart in 
Scotland, K.T. =t= 



Hen.II. Robert de Cauz, living 1165, ob. ante 1316, 
s. p. M. Maud, bis dau. and beir, married, 
Ist. Adam Fitz Peter, and 3dly. Ralph Fit«. 





1 804. I . Witliam Ctvendish ; Created Baron Cavend ish 
off' Hardwick, co. Derby, 4 May, 1604; Cn- 
ated Earl of Deroilshire 7 Aug^tt, 1618. 

Vide Dbvonshikm. 



. 16S8. l.Waitam Cavendish, lat Viseount Mansfietdf 
Created Baron Cavendish of Bolsover, gq* 
Notts, and Earl of Newcattle, 1638. 
4ij:tintt 1691. 

Vide Nbwcastle. 


ViscouNTCY, d May, 1T18— 4E|:tinct 1726. 

Vide Caoogam. 



. 1696. l.Jofan Campbell; Creiited Baron Gawdor of 
Cadtlemain, co. P«nibrok«, J'Une fil, 1796 j 

I. 18S1. 3. John Frederiek Campbäll, 8. And h. Preaent 
Baron Cawdor. ^ 

. 1603. 


1. Sir Robert'Cecil, Sd son of William Ist Baron 

Burghley; Created Baron Cecil of Esten- 

don, CO. Rutland, May 13, 1603 ; Created 

Viseoant'Cranborne SO August, 1604, K-G» 

Vide Cranbornb and Salisbury, 




1625. 1, Edward Cecil, younger son of Thomas Ist 



Earl of Rz0tcr ; Crtated Baron Ceeil of Put- 
nej Nor. 9, 1685; Created Viscount Wiin- 
Uedon, July 85» 1626; ob. 1638, 6. p.m. 
wben both tbese Titlet became 



I« 1300, Peter de Cbampvent; Samm. to Pari. 29 Dec. 
98 Edw. I. I99.Q, and 26 Sept 28 Edw. I. 
1300, bnt never afterwards, nor any of bis 



I. Hen. I. Robert de Chandos, Uring 1124; bis succea- 

sor was 

II. Hen. II. Robert de Cbando« ; ob. 1 173. 

III. Rieh. Robert de Cbando«, s. and b, liTing^ 1 196 : be 

was suoceeded by 

IV. Jobn. Robert de Cbandos ; ob. ante 1220. 

V. Hen. III. Roger de Cbandoa, s. and b. living 1262. 

VI. Edw.L Robert de Cbandos, t. and b. ob. 1301 ; bis 

son and beir Roger de Cbandos, was living in 
1330, <<bat &rtber," says Dugdale, *< 1 i^m 
not able to contioue a direct series of suc- 
cessors ; I come, therefore, to" 


I« 1337« Roger de Cbandos (probably son of tbe last Ro- 
ger), brotber and beir of Thomas de Cban- 
dos i SunMD. to Pari, from 20 December, 1 1 
Edward 111. 1337. to 22 October, 29 Edw. III« 
1355; ob. circa 1355, leaving a son andiieir» 
Thomas, wbo was a Knigbt, and died in 
1375, but was never Summ, to Pari. Dof^- 
dale gives no account of bis descendants ; 
bat in Banks' Extinct Peerage, vol. L p. 260. 
it is stated tbat tbis Sir Thomas Chandos left 
isiue Sir Juhn Cbandos, Knt. wbo died in 
1430, leaving Margaret bis sister and beir, 
which Margaret married Sir Thomas Berke-^ 
ley, of Coberley, Knt. and by bim bad two 
daughters and coheirs, viz. Margaret, tbe 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




mihmt NicMas Ifa^Mden» and Alice, who 
■larried Tliomat ßnic^. 

. 1557. 
I. 1573. 
^ !59l 
. 1602. 
I. 1«21. 
H 1.1676. 

1. Jolm Bnigesp taid to be desceaded from the 
above-neotioned Thomas Bruces, and Alice 
hU Mfife, gveat grand-daughter of Roger 
Cbandot, the last ßarons Created Baron 
Chandos of Sudley Castle, co. Gloucester, 
April 8, 1554; ob. 1557. 

2. Edmund Bruges, s. and b. K.G. ob. 1573. 

5. Giles Bruges, s. aad h. ob. 1593> a. P. m. 
4. William Bruges, brother and heir; ob. 1602. 
5.Grey Bruges, s. and h. ob. 1621. 

6. George JBmges, s. and b. ob. 1654, «.p.m. 

7. William Bmgesj bro. and tMir,6b. 1676, 8.P.M« 
i, James Brydges^ coasin and helr, being s. and 

b. of Sir John, eldett son of Sir Giles Brydges, 
ht Baronet, s. and b. of Chartes Broges, 8d 
son of John Ist Baron i ob. 1714. 


^. 1714.-1.1729. 9« James Bry€ges, s. and h,% Created Vis- 
connt WiHon,eo. Hereford, and Earl 
of Camarvon, 19 Oct 1714; Created 
Marquess o!f <}aliiaryon and Duke of 
Chaiidoe 80 AptrH, 17S9; ob. 1744» 
—II. 1744. 1 6.Heni7 Bi^ges, IM son ind faeir «ak 
(John, Ijift elier brother, haring died 
v.p. 1799, 8.P.M.) ob. 1771. 
IfLl77«.llJamesB^^, s. and h. ob. 1789, 
8. P.M. wben the Dukedom of Chan- 
doa, Mar^ukita and Earldom of Car- 
nanron, and Viscouni^ of Wilton, 
beeame4E9ttllCt. The Baronyof Chan- 
dos was clalmed by the Rev.£dwand 
Tymewell Bcydges, as heir male of 
Anthony, 3d son of John Ist Baron 
Chandos, bot the House of l^ords re- 
solved, June 13, 1803, <<that be had 
not made oot bis clai» to tKe said 
Barony," and whicb is therefore pre- 
sumed to be ^]p$.incu 

r. --B 


. J822. ] 

Riebard Grenville \(assumed the names of) 
firydges-Cbandbs, 2d Marquess of Bucklng- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



hjini i baving marn«fi Anne Eliza J 
dnu. and Role belr oF James che las 
be was CTieat€d Duk« qf BuckhigrU 
Cbandw. and Marquf^üs of Cbandt^^ 
le^S» Present Marqueas of Cband 
Duke of Backingham and Cbaadi 
' TempLe, Stc, K.G. ^ 

Baboiiy»36 Nov, 1705 — €jitintt I74a. 

Vid« Gree^ 


I. 1761. 

1. Hesttff, dau, of Ricbard Grenville, am: 
William Pitt, E&ii, (aftefwardä EarL 
ham) ; Created Baron es & CJbatham i 
• ham, CO. Kent> witb remaiiider oF 

Tony to ber beirs male hy her 8a!d t 
4Dec. 176 h ob« 1903. 


J. 176a L William Pitt, buaband of the 
rone&fi ; Created Viscount Pitt 
ton Pynieni, co. Somerset, 
Chatham^ in Kent, 4 Augus 
BARON. ob, I77B. 

h ia03.— II. 17TB. S. Jobn Pitt, i, and b. succeeded 
thep in the Barony of Cba 
1803« Present £arl and Bari 
bam, and Viscount Pitt* K,G 



I, Will. I. I . Patrick de CadureiSt or Cbaworth. 

II. Hen.Il. 3, Patrick de Chawortb, ä* and h. Vivin^ 

whom succeeded 
[11 Jobn. 3, Fain de Cbawortb ; oh, . , . . 
lV.Hen.llI.4.Patrick de Chawonh, h. and h. ob. 19 
V. HenJir.5.Pain de Cbawortb, b, and b. ob. 1378| 
VL Edw* I. 6,Patrk'k de Cbawortb, b rother and bj i 
S, r. M. Maud, his dau. and heif, 
Henry Plantage oet, Earl of Lancast 


Rieh.]. I. William de Chaworth, son of Roberti 
of Patrick In Baron ; living 130Ü. 




. John. S. Robert de Cbaworth» s. and h. iiving 1804, 

ob. 8.P. 
I. H. III. 3.WUliaiii de Chaworth, bro. and heir; ob 


1299* 4. Thomas de Chawortb, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 
6 Feh. 27 Edward L 1299, imn? 1300. He 
was also summoned 8 Jane« 22 Edward I. 
1294, and 26 Jan. 25 Edward I. 1297; but 
it ii somewhat unoertain if eithcr were regu- 
lär Writs of Summons to Parliament. Vide 
** Clyvbdon and Fitz-John." Neither he nor 
any of his posterity were alterwards Sumoi, 
to Parliament. 




V. 178K 


I.John Howe; Created Baron of Chedworlb, 
ca Glottcester, 12 Majr, 1741$ ob. 1742. 

2. John Tbynne Howe, s. and b. ob. 1762, 8. r« 

S.Henry Frederick Howe, brotber and beirj 
ob. 1781, 8.P. 

4. John Howe, nephew and heir, beine s. and k. 
of Thomas Howe, next brotber of the last 
Baron j ob. 1804, 8.p. when the Title became 


ViscoUMTCY, 27 December, 1800. 

Vide Cadogan. 



1. 1487. 1. John Cheney ; Summ, to Pari, from 1 Sept. 3 
Henry VlI. 1487, to 14 Oct. U Henry VH. 
1495, K. G. ob. circa 1496, s. p. whenhi» 
honors became 



1. 1572. 1. Henry Cheney, s. and h. of Sir Thomas Che- 

Digitizedby Google 


• ney» K.G. nephe« of tbe lun I 

to Park, from @ May, lhl% to 
MS *'HBnrieo CheJit^y de Todiji 
H« iB Bald to bare died s.p. h 

• - tbe Title becaiae 



L 1313. 1. Ji>bn de Cberleton, Lord of Powi 

Pari from 96 July, 7 Edw. JL 

JuLy, S7 Edward Jli. »a53| as 

Cfaerleton/* and from 25 Aug. 1! 

1338, to 30 July, 30 Edward 11 

tbe addiüon of **Sefiion i'^ ob. 1 

IL 1353. S. Jolin de Cherktoii, s. and h. Su 

from 15 March, SB Edward HL 

Nov. 34 Edward HL }3S0, a$ < 

Cberleton ;" and frpm 14 Aug< 

136^, to 4 Oct. 47 Edw. UL 13 

hanni de Ch&releton de Powy* ;"' 

HL t3T4« 3. John de Cfaerleton, fi. ^»d b. Syi 

from 9 Aug. 6 Rieb. JL 1389, 

Henry IV, 1400^ an "Jobanni < 

de Püwy&i" ob- 1400, S,f. 

i V. 1 400. 4. Edw a rd de C b«rte t on , b m t he r a n d 

to Pari, from S Dee. 3 Henry IV, 

Feb, 9 Henry V. 1421, as "Edw 

ton de Pöwys;" ob, 1423, ß.p.M. learing hh U 

bis beirs, vlz. Joan, bis eideit dau^bter, wbo 

John Grey, Knt*; and Joyce, who became th« 

Job« Tiptoft, whith Sir John Tiptoft, Dugjda 

Summ. Co Pari, tn consequeivce of ihis luardaj 

tbe liile of Lurd Powisi it is cerfaiw he wa 

Pari, in J42G, but never wUb tbe designaclun 

* In Dugdale's Su[nmoii$eK to Parliamentjp it h 
on tbe löth February, 2.9 Eliz, 1587, and 4th I 
158g. ** TAomtf Cheney de Todin gtoa, ChFr.'* wi 
Pari, but it 15 prohably eitber & mlsprmt or eo) error 
or of the transptiber, forthe abave-nafiötloaed Henri/ 
stated tn have dled in 1 5J:J7, niigbt have hcen Uvinj 
if dead bis dfniUe might not h&re been known. 


The Lof^ibip ol Powit bteame tbe properCy of Joane, 
her eMett tiMcr, nkoie great gprandton» John Gray, was 
SuouD. to Pari, in i488, as *<Jolianiii Gray de Powei." It is, 
bowever, very doubtful il tliisBarony bas ever been talsen 
ool of tlM Abbyancb iota wbieb it feil on tbe dtath of 
Bdward tbe last Baron ki 1433 ; für altbou^b tbe detetnd- 
aBta of tbe eldeat oobeiri and tbe boaband aiid daaoeiidanU 
of tbe younger, were Sumoi. to Pari, yet it is most proba- 
ble tbat botb tbe Baronies In «luostion most be consi- 
dered aa new Craationf . Tbe olaim of John Kynaa- 
ton» Esq. in 1731» wbieh i« mora foUy notieed imder 
Gray of Powia» appean» to bare been made nader tbe 
presomption that Jobn Gray» wbo waa aominoned in 
SS Edward IV. liad tbis Barony aa uAm beir, in eon- 
se<|aence of tbe attainder of John Tiptoft, Bari of 
WoreeaUr (tbe otbev eobeir), in Oetober 1470, or tbat 
tbe Ab^ance waa teminated by tbe Crown in l>la favour. 
Tbe former conld not bave been tbe fact» for tbe attainder 
woald bave veated tbat moiety in tlie Crown f and witb 
nspeet to tbe seeond eonjeoture, that tbe Abeyance was 
terminated by tbe Writ of Summons to Jobn Gray in 
SS Bdward IV« tbe Editor aekaowicdgea hioaself incom- 
petent to ipeali deeiaiTely, thougb, if no ether evidcace 
of tbe faet can be addueed, than tbe addition of '* de 
P«wes" to bis name in tbat Writ, he prasumes, fron tbe 
nttmerotta exaeoplea of .aocb additiona witbout any infer- 
enee of a similar natura being dcdncible tlicrafroin, Chat 
little atress in favoor of aatcb a suppotition can be laid on 
that drouBiatanee ; for if it be eonceded that John Grey 
waa ftummoAed on tbat occaiion aa *' Lord Powitf** it is 
much mora Iticely that be was then creaied to that title, 
than tbat it was tntended to give bim the Barony oraated 
by tbe Writ of 7 Edward II. to John Cbarleton ; aa bis 
proper designation, if such was the intention, would bave 
been Lord €herleiüm, for the appellation of Pawis was not 
adopted untH the 36th Edward ill. forty-nine yeara aAer 
the craation of thii Barony, and then, in all probability, 
meroly aa a distinotioii, witbout its tMing intended to 
form the title of tbe dignity. Of this aasertion tbe Ibl- 
k>wing instances afford streng proof. John Beauchamp, 
younger son of Guy Bari of Warv^iek, was Summ, to Pari. 
Irom Sd Nor. 24 Edw. III. 1350, to 15 Deo. 31 Edw. III. 
1357 (when he died a.F.) as « Johauni Bello-Campo de 
fFkrrewyhf** probably to distinguisb bim Iroas John 




Beaucbamp of Hache, in Sotnerietsbire^ wlio is i 

in ihe Writs as Jobii Beauchamp **de Somerset/ 

cannot far a moment be cantendeil tbat eUber : 

io tbe one instanve» or Warwick in the otber^ foi 

titlet t>f eithcr of tbeae BaronH, and tbat, instead 

Barons Beauchamp, tbey were Baroni of fParwk 

S^meriet* Thes« additions are to be found in tbe 

WhtH by wbieh thoae di^iütieB were createdp nt 

Barony existed for nearly fifty years before tbe w 

Powea" occup in tbe Writ» of SummonB ; the \ 

tion lijtbeTefore^ mort strangly in farour of the Ba 

questian being tbose of WArmick and Somerseit t 

tbifl dignity sbotild be that of Poiwli, But in 

übtaln as much inFormation as wa^ possible on 

per title of tbls Barony, tbe RolU of Parliami 

been carefully consulted, for tbe purpose of asei 

the designation of tbe Barons the rein, and ti 

fully confirms tbe optnion bere expressed on 

ject. On no occasion vbere tbe name« of ti 

Cberleton occur^ untiL ibe 46tb Edward ill. h 

lion of Powes to be found, but in tbat year 

Joban de Charletoii de Paißys" was ap]>ointed t 

Petitions. Among tbe Lords preaent in 1397 

" Sire de Camoys," " le Sire df Fmvys" " le Sin 

Wauter," ** W™ Beauchamp Sire de Befg 

*Me Sire de Grey de Codnore," "le Sifc de 

RuthyTi/' &c. After tbia period, however, vjs 

Ist Henry IV. 139^» he is deacribed among^ t 

preaent on tbat oceasion as "le S' de Cberll 

a^ain in the foUowing year as "Joban Sire d 

ton/' about wblcb time he died, Tbe natne 

occur again untU the 6tb of Henry IV^, wben tl 

Arundel and 'Mes Sires deü Powys and de F 

were appointed to observe a certain ordinance 

8tb of Henry IV. we find tbe name of " Ed 

Cbarlton de Powys/* amon^ tbose of eeveral i 

rona, preaent at the settlement of tbe aiiccessii 

Crown* No fürt her notice is given of these Bai 

the reign of Henry V. and then tbe name occurs 

timeSi but aiways as " Sire de Powys." Tbe B 

into Abeyance in 14$S, and consequently no in 

niation ia to be pined on the ßubject, It is 

tbat. this examination strengthens the opif 

tbe original and proper designatioti of tbli 

was and stiU is that of Cherleton^ and tbat i 



quent altenition should not be adopted in preferenee to 
the title of the fint creation ; for it is evident that tbe 
original title of tbis Barony was not totally abandoned 
until, for a few years, in the reign of Henry V. by Ed- 
ward tbe 4tb and last Baron, wbiUt of tbe tbree preced- 
ing Barons, tbe first never bore any otber appellation 
than Chbrlbton ; tbe second, for about twenty years, 
bore tbe same title witbout any alteration wbatever, bat 
afterwards adopted tbat of *'CberIeton de Powes," wbicb 
addition was retained by bis son and successor, the third 
Baron, who thougb sometimes described as <*Sire de 
Powes," was nererfheless, as is stated above, on tbe two 
last oecasions wben bis name oceurs in tb6 Rolls of Par- 
liament, ezpressly called '^Sire de Cberleton." 

Whilst aUading to tbe Barony of Powis, if in fact tbere 
was sucb a Barony at tbat period, it is to be obsenred, 
tbat in the Rolls of Parliament 33 Henry VI. 1455, tbe 
**Dominus de Powes" is said to have been present in 
Parliament. Tbis appellation could not possibly be used 
to describe John de Tibetot, Eari of Worcester, men- 
tioned below, who is said by Dugdale to bare been Baron 
Powes jore matris, for tbis is tbe iirst mention in tbe 
Rolls of a Lord Powis after 1420, bis fatber baving been 
summoned as '< John Tiptofte," and be himself was cre- 
ated Earl of Worcester six years before, and, moreover, 
on tbat occasion bis name appears by bis proper title of 
•« Comes Wygorn ;" it must, tberefore, tbe Editor pre- 
sumes, apply to Richard Grey, fatber of John Grey, wbo 
was Samm. to Pari, as *<Jobanni Grey de Powis," S2 
Edw. IV. bat no accoont of tbe said Riebard having been 
Summ, to Pari, is recorded. 

Altbough these remarks have been made on the suppo- 
sition that no act ever took place in favour of Edward 
Hptoft, s. and h. of John Earl of Worcester, tbe other 
coheir of tbe Barony, wbo was attainted in 1470, yet 
tbere appears much doubt whether the heirs of the said 
Earl of Worcester have not since been rendered capable 
of inberiting the moiety of tbis Barony possessed by the 
EarL Tbe Rolls of Parliament give no account either 
of tbe attainder, or of any subsequent proceedings on 
the subject of it. That be was so attainted does not 
appear to admit of a question ; but Dugdale and 
Brooke expressly State that bis son was restored in 
blood, whilst other writers have consiUered that be 




was taWy regtureil to bk father's honours. li 
the fact, the mniety o( tbe Barony of Che 
which be was beir, devolved od hiA deatb, iofn 
$, p, on faU auntfi, viz. Fbilippa^ who ranmet 
LfOrd R008 ; Jobaiina, tUe wife oi Sir Rubert 
thorp ; and Joyce^ who [narried Edmund Suttoi 
beir appärent of Lord Dudky, or more prop 
Sulton of Dudiey. 


I, 1086 

HU 1101 

IV, lila 

V. usa. 

VI, 11S3. 

viL um. 

GeorboduB ; Created Earl of Cbestei 
WilÜam the Conquerorj but being 1 
taken by hia enemies and inipri&c 
dignity was conferred on 
II, 1070. I. Hugh de Abrincitf Mirnamed Lupus 
of King Williaai 1. beitig hii &ht 
Created Earl of CbeBter 1070 ; ob, 

2. Richard y s. and h^ ob. II iSj B.P. 

3. Ranulph de Mtscbincs, «on of Rjsl^] 
chUieSf by Maud, sifiter of Hugh| 
ob. 11^8. 

4. Rändle, Gomanied de Gernonai s. a 

5. Hugb Cyvelioc, e. &nd b. ob. 1 1 SO. 

6. Ranulpb« laruained Blondevil, ■. a 
1^31, S.P. 

Vllt. 1331* T.JohuieSeoti äonof David Earl of 
don (brotber of Williani tbe Lion, 
Scotland), by Maud, siscer and coht 
kU Earh ob, 1S44, S. p. In the 3lsl 
anno 1246, thls Earldom was aniiei 
Crown for ever ; bot King Henry 
ferred it on bis younger son, 
Edmund Planta^eiiel: ; Cfeated Earl 
ter 1253, and afterwards Earl of 
and LanoastejT. Many w riters etat« 
title of Earl of Cbestcr was rtavc 
conferred on hm eider brotber, Ed« 
became King Edward L Dugdale 
tbis Edmund» in 13 Edward f. a 
ehester, ohtatned a grant "from 
of divers li be rtiei>' ' 

IX, 1353. 


:. 1S64. 



Simon de Mootfort, the celebrated E&rl of 
Leicester, extoited from Prince Edward, aftet 
the battie of Leires» a grant of the inherit^ 
aoce of the Earldom and Honor of Chciter, 
under the eolour of an exchange» and cib- 
tained two patents from King Heni^ Ilf. 
confirming the same» the one dated S4 Dec. 
1264, and the other May SO, 1365 1 kilied a| 
the battie of Evesham, in August 1S65. The 
Earldom of Chester, was, by Act of Pari. Sl 
RicII.united to thePrincipality of WaleSj and 
has ever since been bome by the heir app.v 
rent to the Throne. Vide Walbs. 



. 1638. 

II. 1713. 
V. 1726. 

I. Philip Stanhope, Ist Baron Stanhope of Shel- 
ford ; Created Earl of Chesterfield, co. D«r- 
by, 4 August, 1628 ; ob. 1656. 
1656. 2. Philip Stanhope, grandson and heir, being 
s. and h. of Sir Henry Stanhope (ob. v. p.) 
eldest son of the last Earl ; ob. 1713. 

3. Philip Stanhope, s. and b. ob. 1726. 

4. Philip Dormer Stanhope, s. and h. K.G. Ltird 
Lieut. of Ireland 1745 ; ob. 1*^52, s. p. l. 

h 1752. 5. Philip Stanhope, Cousin and heir male, baiiig 
s. and h. of Arthur Charles, eldest son uf 
Michael, s. and h. of Charles, eldest son of 
Arthur Stanhope, younger son of Philip ist 
Earl, K.G. ob. 1815. 

^I. 1815. 6. George Augustus Frederick Stanhope, s. and lu 
Present Earl of Chesterfield, and Baron 
Stanhope of Shelford. 


. 1660. 

Katherine, dau. and coheir of Thomas Lord 
Wotton, and widow of Sir Henry Stanhope 
(ob. V. p.) son and heir apparent of Philip Jbc 
EarL She married, secondly, John Poliander 
Kirkhoven, Lord of Hemfleet, in HolUnü i 
and after bis death she remarried Cototiel 
O'Neale. Created Countess Chesterfield for 
life 29 May, 1660^ ob. 1667, when the Title 
became ^^tinct. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

i9ß cnmriOfoitß^^KmnMQHWLEY. 


Barony, 80 Dectnber, l706^-4S]Ctinct 1729. 

Vide BiNDON. 


A'iscoüNTCY, 13 September, 1729. 

Vide Waldegratb. 



I. 1644. 1. Francis Leigb, Ist Baron Dun$more: Created 

Earl of Cbichester» witb remainder, failinf 
bis issue male, to Thomas Earl of Southamp- 
ton, and btt heirt male begotten on Elisa- 
beth bis wife, daug:hter of the said Francis 
Leigb, 3d June, 1644 $ ob. 1668, 8. p. m. 

II. 1653. 2» Thomas Wriotbesley, Earl of Southampton, 

sucoeeded bis fatber-in4aw as Earl of Chices- 
ter, K.G. ob. 1667» 6. P.M. when ^bc said 
Earldom became 

in. 1674. i. Cfaarks Fita^Roj, natuml soa oTK. ChmflesilL 
Created Bad of Chiiihe«t«r and Duke ol 
SouthamiMxm, 10 Sept. 1674, sucoeeded bis 
mother in the Dukedon of Cleveland, in 
1709, K. 6. ob. 1730. 

IV. 1730. 2. William FMz^Roy, s. and h. ob. 1774, s. P. 

when bis honors btcame 

V. 1801. 1. Thomas Pelbam, 2d Baron Petbam of Stan- 

mer ; Created Earl of Cbicbester June 33, 
1801 ; ob. 1805. 

VI. 1805. 2. Thomas Pelbam, s. and h. Present Earl of 

Chicbester, and Baron Pelbam of Stanmer^ 



I. 1645. I.Robert Cholmondeley, Ist Viscount Cbol- 
mondeley in Ireland ; Created Baron Chol- 
mondeley of Wicbe Malbanky alias Nampt- 




wich, CO. Cbester, 1 Sept. 1645 ; Cremte J 
Earl uf Leinster, in Ireland, 5 March, 1646 1 
ob. 1659» S.P. when all bis bonors became 


[. 1689.— I- 1706. l.Hugh Cholmondeley, 8d Visc. Cbol- 
mondeley in Ireland; s. and b. af 
Robert, wbo was Created Viscuunt 
Cbolmondeley in Ireland 29 Marcbi 
1661, eldest son of Hugb, next 
bnother of tbe last Baron ; Created 
Baran Oboknondeley of Namptw ich, 
CO. Cbester, witb remainder, failin^ 
bis issue male,to bis brotber Georg^t.', 
10 April, 1689 ; Created Viscuuiit 
Malpas, and Earl of Cholmondpley, 
botb CO. Cbester, with tbe same 
limitation, 27 December, 1706 ; ab. 
1725, s. p. 
—IL 1725. 2. George Cbolmondeley, Ist Bamn 
Newburgb in England, and Ist Ba- 
ron New burgh in Ireland; broitier 
and beir; ob. 1733. 
— III.1733. S.George Cbolmondeley, s. and h. KM, 
ob. 1770. 
— IV.I770.*-I.l815. 4.George James Cbolmonde- 
ley, grandson and beir, be- 
ing s. and h. of George Cbolmondeley (ob. v. p.) e\de^t 
son of tbe last Earl ; Created Earl of Rocksavage, and 
Marquess of Cbülmondeley, . . September, 1815. Presitfit 
Marquess, Earl, aitd Baron Cbolmondeley, Earl of Rock- 
savage, Viscount MaLpas, and Baron Newburgb, in Ei^g- 
land, also Viscount Cbolmondeley and Baron Newburgb 
in Ireland, K. G. =^ 



. 1685. 


Jobn Churcbill, Ist Baron Cburchill of £ye- 
moutb in Scotland ; Created Baron Churchill 
of Sandridge» co. Herta, May 14, 1685 ; Cre- 
ated Earl of Marlborough April 9, 1689. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 




1. 1815. 



FranciS'Almarick Spencer, 2d Bon of 
Spencer^ 3d Duke of Marlboroug 
Created Baron Cburebtll of Whkh 
Oxford, July 18 1 1815. Presen 
Churchill of Wbichcote. ^ 

ßABONYj 9tb April, l68d- 

Vldc Po RTL 



Will. K Gunfrid de Cioches ^ bis BucceEsor w 

II. Steph. Anseltne de Ciocbes, living 1 139, 

III. Hen. IL Robert de Ciocbes, b. and b. liviiig I 

IV. John. Peier de Ciocbeg, living 1205, aft 

notbin g far(her h known of tbi! fai 

I. 18^1. 


L 1BS3. 


1« Robert Jocelyni 3d Earl of Roden in 
Created Baron Cknbraaiil of flyde 
Herts, July 14, IBSl. Present Bai 
brassil ; also Earl of Roden, &c. in 


Henry le Poer Trench, Sd Earl of Cla 
Ireland, and Ist Baroti Trencli in 
Created Viscount Ctancarty of tbe i 
Cork 17 Nov. 1833. Present Visco 
carty and Baron Trench in tbe F 
the Untted Kingdom ; al^o Earl of i 
&c. in Irelaad, G.C.B, ^ 



I. WilU. 1. Richard Fitz^Gilbert, Lord or Earl 
lenip. King William tUe Conqueror 




n. HenJ. 8. Gilbert de Tonebruce» s. and b. 
UZ. Stepb. 3. Richard de Cläre, s. and b. Earl of Hertford : 
ob. 1139. 

IV. 1139. 4.Gnbert de aare> t. and b. Earl of Hertford ; 

ob. 1151, S.P. 

V. 1151. 5.Roger de Cläre, brotber and beir, Earl of 

Hertford; ob. 1173. 

VI. H73. ^.Richard de Cläre» e. and b. Earl of Hertford : 

he mar. Amicia, daa. and at leng^b sole beir, 
of William Eart ef Gloaoetter, and was one of 
tbe ae1ebratedS5 Barons ■|}poiitted to enfiorce 
the ob«ervanee of Magna Charta ; ob. 1818. 

VII. 13J8. T.Gilbert de Cläre, s. and h. Earl of Hertford 

»od Earl of Gkmceater ^re matris. He wat 
»Ito ooe of tbe 25 Barons appointed to en- 
ioret tbe obtenraoce of Magma Charta ; ob. 

Virt. 1329. 8.Ricbard de Cläre, s. and h. Earl of Hertford 
and Gloucester; ob. 1362. 

JX. 1263. 9. Gilbert de Cläre, a. and b. Earl of Hertford 
and Gloucester ; he mar. Joan Planta^ eiiet, 
dau^hter of King Edwanl I. ; ob. 1295. 

X. 1395. laGilbert de Cläre, J. and b. Earl of Hertford 
and Gloucester; ob. 1313, 8.P. when these 
Earldoms becaroe 



f. 1363. Lionel Plaot^enet, 8d son of K. Edward llf. 
having married Elizabeth, dau. and beir, of 
William Earl of Ulster, s. and b. of John de 
Borgb, by Elizabeth de Cläre, sister and co- 
beir of Gilbert the last Earl, obtained with 
her tbe bonour of Cläre, and baring been 
Created Earl of Ulster jure uxoris, was Cre- 
ated Duke of Clarence 15tb September, 1363, 
K. G. Pbilippa, bis dau. and beir, married 
Edmond, Earl of March, and through her 
tbe bouse of York derived its claim to the 
Throne; ob. 1368, 6. P.M. when tbe Duke- 
dom became 




II 1411. Thomas Plantagenet, 3d son of K. Henry IV. 
Created Earl of Albemarle and Dttke of Oa- 
rence 9 July, 141 1, K.G.i ob. 1431, S.P. when 
tbe Title a^ain becaine 

in. 1461. George Plantagenet, brother of K. Edward IV. 

Created Duke of Clarence 1461, K.G.; ob. 

1477, and being att^nted, this Dokedoiii 

became forfeitetl. 
IV. 1789. William Henry, 3d son of King George IIL and 

brother of bis present most gracious Majesty ; 

Created Duke of Ctarenee and St. Andrews, 

and Earl of Munster in Ireland, May 19, 

1789. Present Duke of Clarence and St. 

Andrews ; also Earl of Munster in Ireland, 

K.G. K.T. G.C.B. =5= 


RARL8. „ . ^ X j 

XI. 1634. l.John HoUes, Ist Baron Houghton : Created 

Earl of Cläre, co. Sussex, Sd November, 1634^ 
ob. 1637. 

XII. 1637. 3. John Holles, s. andh, ob. 1665. 

XIII. 1665. 3. Gilbert HoHes, s. and h. ob. 1689. 


XIV.1689.— 1. 1694. 4. John Holles, s. and h. Created Mar- 
quess of Cläre and Duke of New- 
castle 14 May, 1694, K.G.^ ob. 
1711,8, P. M. when all bis honors be- 

XV 1714 —11.1715. 1. Thomas Pelham (assuroed the name 
oO Holles, Sd Baron Pelham of 
Loughton, s. and h. of Thomas Ist 
Baron Baron Pelham of Laughton, 
by Grace Holles, sister of the last 
Marquess of Cläre j Created Vis- 
count Pelham of Houghton and 
Earl of Cläre Oct. 36, 1714 ; Created 
Marquess of Cläre and Duke of 
Newcastle, with retnainder, failing 
bis issue male, to bis brother Henry, 
Augusts, 1715; Created Duke of Newcastle- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



under-Lyne, with a special limitation 1756, 
and Baron Pelham of Stanmer, co. Sussex, 
with a special remainder 1169, K. G. ob. 
1768, s. p. and bis brother Henry baving 
died in bis life time, s. p. m. tbe Earldom 
and Marquisate of Cläre became 



1309. Riebard de Ciare, Summoned to Pari. 26 Oct. 
3 Edw. II. 1309, but never afterwards. Dug- 
dale gpves no account of tbis Baron in bis 
Baronage, nor is tbere aoy tbing fartber 
known of bim. 



. 1674. 
l 1709. 
'. 1723. 


. 1786. 
1. 1824. 


1. Edward Hyde. Ist Baron Hyde ; Created Visc. 
Combury, co. Oxford, and Earl of Clarendon, 
20 April, 1661, L. H. Cbanc; ob. 1674. 

3. Henry Hyde, s. and b. ob. 1709. 

3. Edward Hyde, s. and b. ob. 1723, s. p. m. 

4. Henry Hyde, 2d Earl of Rocbester, cousin and 

beir, being^ s. and b. of Lawrence, Ist Earl of 
Rocbester, younger son of Edward, Ist Earl 
of Clarendon; ob. 1753, s. p. m. wben bis 
bonors became 


1. Tbomas Villiers, 2d son of William, 2d Earl of 

Jersey, baving mar. Charlotte Capel, eldest 
dau. of William, Sd Earl of Essex, by Jane 
Hyde, dau. and coheir of Henry, tbe last Earl 
of Clarendon (wbicb Cbarlotte was coheir to 
ber mother) was Created Baron Hyde of 
Hindun in 1756, witb a special remainder, 
and Earl of Clarendon J^ne 14, 1776; 
ob. 1786. 

2. Tbomas Villiers, s. and b. ob. 1824, s. p. 

3. John Charles Villiers, bro. and b. Present 

Earlof Clarendon and Baron Hide of Hindoii ; 
also a Count in the Kingdom of Prussia. 

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L Hen.IL l- Roser FitzRIchaftl, Unnf 1 165. 
II, Jtthn. S.Rübert Fitz-Ro^^er, s, and h, ob, 12 
11LI214* 3. John Fitz- Robert, s. and h. ob, 1^4 
IV. 1940, 4, Roger Fit z- John, 6. and h. ob. l^i 


1. 1295. 5. Ruhert Fitz-Roprer, s. and h. Sum 
from 2 Nüv, 33 Edw. I, 1S95, to 
Edw II. 1311 ; ob. circa, 1311. 

IL 1^9$. 6, Jabn Fitz-Robert (aa»umed tbe na 
vering;, b. and b* Summ« to Pa 
April, 28 Edif f. 1S99, to 30 Nov. 
1331 i ab. 133^p s, p, m. Eve, h 
heir, mar. tsl Ralpb de UfTord, t 
mag de Audley, and left isäue b 
araoriff their descendants and repi 
this Biirun/is probab^y in Abeyai 



1. 1636. TbomjiB Wentworih, 4th B»ron \ 
Created Earl uf Cleveland» co» Y 
1626 i ob. 1667, S. p. m. wben t 
DUTcHEss. (ijjctinct. 

J. 167U. 1. Barbara Villiers, dau. and heir of 
Visconnt Graridi^oii in Ireland, 
King- Charts IL ; Created Bar 
siinh, CO, Surrey, Countesa of So 
and Dntcbi'&s oF Clcfveland, witt 
to her natural sons, by K\n^ Cha 
Charles Fitz Rov and George F 
DUKES. Aug. \610; ob. 1709. 

IL 1709. S. Charles Fitz Roy, Duke ofSoüthaö] 
»OD of the Duchess, K. G, olv, 173 

IIL 1730. 3, William fitz^Roy, s. and Ij. Duk 
ampton, ob. 1774, s, p. wben tbis 
came ^JCtitltt. 

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. H. 11. 1. Walter de Clifford, living: 1165. 

I. H. ni. S. Walter de CliflEord, g. and fa. ob. 13S3. 

I I. 123S. 3. Walter de Cliflford, s. and b. 1 S63, s. P. M. 

V. 1263. 4. Roger Cliflford, nepb. and beir, being s. and b. 
ol Roger (ob. v. f.) next brotber of the last 
Baron» ob. 1385. 


]S99w 5. Robert Cliflford, grandson and beiri being son 
and beir of Roger Clifford, (ob. ▼. p.) eldest 
son of tbe last Baron ; Sumno. to Pari, from 
29 Dec. 28 Edw. 1. 1299, to 26 Nov. 7 Edw. 
11. 1313; Earl Marsbai 1307 ; ob. 1314. 

I. 1314. 6. Roger de Clifford, 8.and h. Summ, to Pari, from 

6N0Y. 13 Edw. 11. 1319» to 15 May, 14 Edw.ll. 
1321 ; ob. 1327, S. F. 

II. 1337. 7. Robert de Clifford, bra and heir ; Summ, to 

Pari, from 10 Dec. 1 Edw. lil. 1327» to 20 
April, 17 Edw. 111. 1343; ob. 1344. 

V. 1344. 8. Robert de Clifford, son and beir; he was never 
Summ, to he died under age in 1357* 8j>. 

L 1357. 9. Roger de Clifford» bro. and heir; Summ, to 
Pari, from 15 Dec. 31 Edw. 111. 1357» to 28 
Joly» 12 Rrcll. 1388 ; ob. 1390. 

I. 1390. 10. Thomas de Clifford» s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 6 Dec. 13 Ric IL 1389» to 7th Sept. 15 
Ricll. 1391; ob. 1392. 

II. 1393.11. John de Clifford, s. and h. ; Summ, to Pari 

from 21 Sept. 12 Hen. IV. 1411» to 26 Feh. 

8 HeiL V. 1421, K. G.; ob. 1422. 
111.1422.12. Thomas de Clifford, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 19 Dec. 15 Heu. VI. 1436» to 20 Jan. 31 

H«B. VI. 1453 ; ob. 1454. 
X. 1454.13. John de Clifford, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 30 

July, 38 Hen. VI. 1460; ob. 1461, and bav- 

ing beeil attainted, bis honors became 
u 1461.14. Henry de Clifford, s. and h. Restored in blood 

and honors, and Summ, to Pari, from 15 

Sept. 1 Heil. VII. 1485» to 16 Jan. 12 Hen. 

VII. 1497; ob. 1523. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



XL 15S3.15. Henry Clifford, s. and h. Created Ea 
berbnd 18 June, 1555, K, G. ; ob, 

XIL 1549.16. Henry CLiffiird, p, aiid h, Earl ol 
laud, ob. 156a 

X n 1 . 1 3 69> I T. George C lifforü, s , antl h. Earl o f 
Und, K,G. ob. Ib'OB, S.r.w, Aon C 
dau, and sole betr, was twice mar 
Richard Sack vi De, Earl af Dornet 
Philip Earl of Pembroke, hut liad 
by her Irrst busbaiid. She claime 
rony in 1638, and tbe hearin^ of ht 
wag ajuminted for the following Sei 
there^ias iiu furCher proce^dinga oi 
Ladj^ship died in 11>75. 

XIV. 1691-18. Thomas Tufion, 6th Earl of ThauH 
and was aUowed the Baruny by the 
Peers, Üef, 19, 1691, aa great-grai 
heir oF Ihe laat Baron, being son 
mately heir of John, Sd Earl of Tl 
Margaret, d au. and eveniually (un 1 
of the issue of ber Btster l&abell 
James Earl of Norlhampton,) sol 
Richard Sackville, Earl ttf Dorsei 
Clifford, dau. and aole heir of Georj 
Cumberland, the last Baron ; ob, 11 
when theHarony feil into^ADEVANCi 
bis dau^bters and coheiri, viz. C 
wife of Edward Viscount Sundes i i 
of James Earl of Salishury ; Mar^^ar^ 
Thomas Earl of Ldceeier ; Mary, 
I. Anthony Grey, son of Henry 
Kenty and 5. John Earl Govrerj and 
who mar, 1 ^ Lurd Nassau Paulet, a 
Francis Delaval, K- B, until 1734, 
Crown was pleased to terroinate t 
asvce, and confirm tbe Barony by F 

RAftoNESs. Au|r, 1 T34, to 

t . 1 734, ] £», Margaret, ad dau. and cobeir of the h 
wife of Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicj 
1775, s. P, when the Earony again 
A&EVANCE among tbe descendantB i 
ters of the Baroness, who are n 
above ^ in wtiiüh State it contini 
\71G, when ihe Abeyance was aga 
nated in favgur of 





XV. 1776.20. Edward Southwell, 8. and b. of Edward Soath- 

well, by Catbarine» dau. and beir of Edward 
Viscount Sondesy by Catherine Tufton, Ist 
dau. and coheir of Thomas Tufton, Earl of 
Tbanet, XlV.- I8tb Baron, and eldest sister of 
tbe l%ie Baroness ; ob. 1777. 

XVI. 1777.31. Edward Soutbwell-Clifford, s. and b. Present 

Baron Cliflford. 


I 1644. 



Riebard Boyle, Earl of Cork, baviug marr. 
Elizabeth, dau. and beir of Henry Clifford, 
&tb Earl of Cumberland, was Created Baron 
Cliffurd of Lanesborou^b, co. York, 4 Nor. 
1644; Created in March, 1664, Earl of Bur- 

eptiittt 1735. 

Vide Burlington. 



I. 1673. 1. Thomas Clifford, desceoded from Sir Lewis 

Clifford, K. G. 3d son of Roger V.— 9tb 
Baron Clifford; Created Baron Clifford of 
Chudleigh, co. Devon. April 33, 1673, U High 
Treasurer; ob. 1673. 

II. 1673. 3. Hugb Clifford, s. and b. ob. 1730. 

III. 1730. 3. Hugb Clifford, s. and h. ob. 1733. 

IV. 1733. 4. Hugb Clifford, s. and b. ob. 1783. 

V. 1783. 5. Hugb Edward Henry Clifford, s. and b. ob. 

1793, 8. p. 

VI. 1793. 6. Charles Clifford, bro. and beir; be married 

Eleanor-Mary, youngest dau. and coheir of 
Henry, 8th Baron Arundel of Wardour ; her 
Ladyship is youngest coheir of one moiety of 
the Barony of Fitz-Payne. Present Baron 
Clifford of Chudleigh. =f= 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 



h 1376. 1. John d« Clifton, Summ, to Pari, from 1 Dec. 

50 Edw. IIL 1376, to S8 July, 19 Ric. II. 

1388; ob. 1388. 
II. 1388. 2. Constantine Clifton, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

13 Not. 17 Ric. IL 1393, and 90 Nor. 18 
Ric. II. 1394, but never afterwards ; ** wfaerefore," says 
Dufdale» " 1 shall here put a period to my discourse of 
bim ;" but it appears thac be died in 1395. and had issne 
a son Jobn> and a daughter Elizabeth, wbo married Sir 
Jobn Knevity Knt. : tbe said John Ciifton was one year old 
at bis father's deatb» and though afterwards Knif^hied, 
WM never Summoned to Pariiament ; Margaret, bis sola 
daughter and heir, was the wife of Sir Andrew Ogard, 
Knt. but died s. p. wbtn tfai« Barony became vested in 
Jobn Knerlty the smi and beir of Elisabeth Lady Knevit 
above mentioned, daughter of Constantine II. Baron ; 
among wbose descendants and representatives it is proba- 
bly now in Abbtancb, 



I. 1608. 1. Gerrase Cltfton, Summ, to Pari, from 9 Jnlv, 

7 Jac. I. 1608, to 5 April, 18 Jac. I. 1614, äs 
^'Gervasio Ciifton de Layton Bromswold 

BARONK8S. CbTr;" ob. 1618, s. p.m. 

I. 1674. 3. Catherine, wife of Henry <yBrien (s, and h. 
apparent of Henry Earl of Tbomond, ob. 
▼. p.) claimed and was allowed the Barony 
7 Peb. 1674, being dau. and eventually heir 
of George Stewart, s. and b. apparent of 
Esme Duke of Ricfamond (ob. v. p.) by Ca- 
therine Ciifton, dau. and beir of the last 
Baron; ob. 1708. 


II. 170S. 3. Edward Hyde, grandson and heir, being son 

and heir of Katherine (ob. vita matris), wife 
of Edward Hyde, 3d Earl of Clarendon, and 
dau. and sole heir of the last Baroness ', ob. 
vita patrisy 1713« s. p. 




II. 1712.4.TbeodoBiaBli8li» sitter and Mr; ob. 178S. 

. She mar. John Bli^hywho was Created Baron 

Clifton in IrelandSept. 14, 1721, and after- 

wards Viscount and Earl ot jbarnley in Ire- 

landyanddied 1738. 


III. 17S9. 5. Edward Bliifh, s. and b. succeeded bis father 

as Earl of Darnley, &c. in Ireland, 1728 ; ob. 
1747, 8. p. 

IV. 1747. 6. Jobn Bligb, bro. and beir, Earl of Damley in 

Ireland,ob. 1781. 

V. 1181. 7. Jobn Bligb, s. and b. Present Baron Clifton 

of Leigbton Bromswold; also Earl of Dam- 
ley , &c. in Ireland. =1= 



I. Heii.I. l.Geoffrey de Clinton, Cbamberlain to King 

Hen.l. livin|^1129. 

II. H. 11. 2. Geoffrey de Clinton, s. and b. Cbamberlain to 

King Hen. IL living: 1165. 
IIL Jobn. 3. Henry de Clinton, 8.and b. living 1212. 
IV. H. IIL 4 Henry de Clinton, s. and beir, ob. 1232, 8. P. 

wben bis sisters became bis beirs. 

I. H. IL 1. Osbert de Clinton, nepbe# of Geoffrey tbe 

Ist Baron, living 1161. 
IL Jobii. 2. Osbert de Clinton, s.and b. ob. 1222. 
IIL H. IlLS.Tbomas de Clinton, s. and b. living 1264. 
IV. Edw.1. 4. Tbomas de Clinton, s. and b. living 1283. 


I. 1299. 5. Jobn de Clinton, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 6 
Feb. 27 Edw. L 1299 ; ob. 1314. 

IL 1314. 6. Jobn de Clinton, . s. and b. Sumqp. to Pari, 
from 27 Jan. 6 Edw. III. 1332, to Ist April, 
9 Edw. IIL 1335 ; to tbe last Writ tbe words 
" mortuus est" are added ; ob. 1335. 

IIL 1335. 7. Jobn de Clinton, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 15 Dec. 31 Edw. IIL 1357, to 5 Nov. 
21 Ric. IL 1397 ; be married Idonea, sister 
and cobeir of Lord William Say; ob. 1397. 

IV. 1397. 8. William de Clinton, grandson and beir, being 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



s. and b. of WiUiMB aWiton (ab. v. p.), eldest 
•on of tbe last Baron ; Scnom. to Pari, from 
19 AufT* S3 Rio. II. 1399, to 27 Nor. 9 Hen. 
VI. 1430; ob. 1438. 

V. 1432. 9. John de Clinton, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 4 Sept. 39 Hen. VI. 1450, Co 30 July 
86 Hen. VI. 1460; a^ainted 1460, wben 
bit bonora became MntftitS^ Restored in 
blood and bonors, and Summ, to Pari, from 
«8 May, 1 Edw. IV. 1461, to 28 Feb, 2Edw. 
IV. 1463; ob. circa, 1465. 

VI. 1465.10. J<^n de Clinton, s. and b. was never Summ. 

toParl.; ob. 1514. 

VII. 1514.1 l.Tbomas de Clinton, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

23 Not. 6 Hen. VIII. 1514 ; ob. 1517. 
VIII.15i7.12. Edward de Clinton, s. and b. Created Earl of 
Lincoln 4 May, 1571, K. G., L. H. Admiral j 
ob. 1584. 

IX. 1584.13. Henry de Clinton, s. and b. Earl of Lincoln, 

ob. 1616. 

X. 1616.14. Thomas de ainton, s. and b. Earl of Lincoln, 

ob. 1618. 

XI. 1618.15. Theopbilus de Clinton, s. and h. Earl of Lin- 

coln, ob. 1667. 
XU. 1667.16. Edward Clinton, grandson andbeir, being son 
and beir of Edward (ob. v. p.), eldest son of 
tbe last Baron; ob. 1692, s. p. wben tbe Ba- 
rony feil into Abeyawce between bis aunU 
and cobeirs, nntil tbe Abeyance was termi- 
nated by tbe Crown, in tbe person of 


XIlI.1721.I.1746.l7.Hugb Fortescue, son and beir of Hogh 
Fortescue, by Bridget, dau. and beir of 
Hugb Boscawen, by Margaret Clinton, 
dau. of Theopbilus XI.-15tb Baron, 
and aunt and coheir of the last Baron ; 
Summ, to Pari. 16 Mardh, 1721, in tbis 
Barony, and Created Earl Clinton and 
Baron Fortescue of Castle HiM 5 July, 
1746, with a special remainder of the 
Barony 5 ob. 1751, s. p. wben tbe Earl- 
dom of Clinton became iSftinttt and 
tbis Barony again feil into Abeyance, 
between Margaret Fortescue bis sister 
and beir, and Margaret Countess of 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Orfoid; but QB tke death of the said Mar- 
garet Forte9cue unmarr. in 1760, the dig^nir/ 
deirolted on 


I. 1760.18. Marg^aret, widow of Robert, Sd Earl of Or- 
fordy and wife of tbe Hon. Sewallis Sbirley» 
as beir-general of Theopbilus Earl of Lincoln j 
Xl'-I5tb Baron; she being dau. and sole heir 
of Samuel Rolle, son and heir of Robert Rulle, 
by Arabella, eldest daughterof the said Theo- 
pbilus; ob. 1781. 


IV. 17BI.19.Geor|re Walpole, Earl of Orfor4, >• and b.; ob« 
1791» s* P* when che Barony of Clinton de- 
Tolved on 

^V. 1791.90. Robert Geori:e William Trefueis, be being s. 
and h. of Robert Cotton Trefusis, eldest son 
of Robert Trefusis, son and heir of Samuel 
Trefusis, eldest son of Francis Trefusis by 
Bridg^t, aunt of Margaret, tbe last Baroness, 
and dau. of Robert Rolle, by Arabella Clin- 
ton above mentioned ; claimed and wa<» 
allowed tbe Barony in 1794, as beir-e:eneral 
of TbeophiluR Earl of Lincoln Xl.-lSth 
Baron ; ob. 1797. 

VI. 1797. Sl. Robert Cotton St. John Trefusis, s. and h. 
Present Baron Clinten, and eklest coheir of 
tbe Barony of Say. ^ 




1330. William de Clinton, brother of Jolin de Clin- 
ton, II.-6tb Baron ; Summ, to Pari, from 6 
Sept. 4 Edw. in. 1330, to 14 Jan. 10 Edw. 
III. 1337; Created Earl of Huntingdon 16' 
Marcb, 1337; ob. 1354, s. p. when bis honors 
became 4SptinCt. 



1794. 1. 1804. I.Edward Clive,3d Baron Clive in Ireland ^ 
Created Baron Clive of Walcot, co. 

Digitizedby CjOOQ IC 

140 CLIVE-^LÜN. 

Salop, Aug. 13, 1794 ; Created Viscount 
City«, of Ludlow» Barön Herbert of 
Cherbury and Earl of Powis, May 19, 
1804. Present Baron Viscount Clive, &c. 


Alan, the son of Flathald» obtained from William tbe 
Conqueror tbe Castle of Oswaldestre, in tbe couDty of 
Salop ; bis descündant William Fit^-Alan ((^andfather of 
Jobn Fitz-Alan, wbo by marrying Isabel» sister and 
heiress of Hogb de Albini, Earl of Arundel, acquired tbe 
Castle of Arundel, and wbose postenty by tenure thereof 
became Earls of Arundel,) married Isabel, dau. and heir 
of Hellas de Say, wbo brougbt bim tbe Lordship of Clun ^ 
but from the time of Edw. I. neitber of tbese possessions 
were considered to confer any title of Peerage until 16S7, 


]. 1627* 1* Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, 
son and heir of Philip Howard, Earl of Arun- 
del, wbo was attainted 33 Elia, tbe beir-general of tbe 
family of Fita-Alan aboTe mentioned, was byAct of ParLS 
Car. I. Created Baron Fitz-Alan, Clun and Oswbldbstrb, 
and Maltravers and tbese Baronies were tben annexed to 
tbe title and honor and dignity of Earl of Arundel, and 
settled upon tbe said Thomas Howard and the heirs male 
of bis body, with remainder to tbe heirs of bis body ; re- 
mainder to bis uncle Lord William Howard and the heirs 
male of bis body, with remainder to tbe heirs of bis body; 
remainder to tbe aforesaid Thomas Earl of Arundel and 
Surrey and bis heirs forever; and in consequence of this 
entail, tbese Baronies are now possessed by bis Grace 
Bernard Edward Howard, Duke of Norfolk, tbe present 
' Earlof Arundel, &c. 

Vide Arundel and Norfolk. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Repnaldde Clyvedon was, with about sixty otber per- 
lODS, Summoned on the 8th June, 22 Edw. I. 1S94, io 
ättend the King, wberever be migbt be, to advise on the 
affaira o( tbe Realm; bat tbere is very considerable 
doubt if tbat Writ can be considered ai a regulär Writof 
SammoDf to Parliament« as none of tbe btgber Temporal 
Nobility nor any of the Spiritual Peers were included in 
U| nor was tbere any day fixed for tbe meeting. Ic ii 
■iso to be observed, tbat the Writ in question is the 
earliest on record, exoepting tbat of tbe 49tb Hen. IIL i 
that the mi^rityof the persons Summoned in tbe 22 
Edw. I. were never again Summoned excepting in the SS 
£dw. L*} tbat seTeral df tbote persons were not considered 
as Barons by Tenure ; and that of those wbo were Baron« 
by Teoure, and summoned on those occasions, many 
were never included in any subsequent Summons to Par- 
liament. Tbe Writ of tbe 22 Edw.I. faas faowever on one 
oecasion been admitted as a Writ of Summons to Parlia- 
maat at tbe Bar of tbe House of Lordsf; but the last 
** Genetral Report of tbe Lords' Committee appointed lo 
search for matters touehing tbe dignity of a Peer of tbe 
Realra," appearsto confirm tbe objections bere expressed . 

Regiaald de Clyredon was never afterwards Suminoned 
to Parliament» nor does Dugdale or any otber genealogi- 
cal writer give an aocoont of bim. 



1313. 1. Heniy de €obba«9 s. and b. Summ, to Pa^rU 
from 8 Jan. 6 Edw. II. 1313, to 22 Jan. 9 
Edw. in. 1336; ob. 1339. 
. 1339« 3. John de Cobbam, s.and b.t; Summ, ta ParJ. 

• Vide some observations on this Writ of 35 Edw. I. under 

•f* In tbe case of tbe Barony of Roos. 

t Banksy on the authority of HoUinshed, and in whiob he ii 
ipported by Vincent> makes tbis John to be grandson of Henfyi^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



from IS.Sept. l6Ed«.in. 1349. to S6 Ang:. 
8 Heil. IV. 1407, sometimes with tbe addi- 
tion of ** de Kent ; ob. 1407» S. p. m. leavin^ 
Joane, bis grand-dau. (dau. and heir of bis 
dau. Joane de Cobbam, by Sir Jobn de ia 
Pole), bis next beir; shemarried to her third 

III. 1409. John Oldcastle, who was Summ, to Pari, from 

26 Oct. 11 Hen. IV. 1409, to 23 Marcb, 
1 Hen. V. 1413, )ure uxoris, tbough witbout 
any other desi^ation than as **Jobanni 
Oldcastle, Cherr;** ob. circa 1417, s. p. By 
her 2d husband, Sir Reginald Braybrooke, 
tbe said Joane Cobbam had a dau. and heir, 
Joane, tbe wife of Sir Thomas Brooke, Knt. 
their eldest son and heir. 

IV. 1445. 3. Edward Brooke, was Summ, to Pari, as << Ed- 

wardo Broke de Cobbam, Chivalier," from 
13 Jan. 83 Hen. VI. 1445, to 30 July, 38 
Hen. VI. 1460; ob. 1464. 

V. 1464. 4. John Brooke, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 19 

Aof^. 12 Edw. IV. 1472, to 16 Jan. 12 Hen. 
VII. 1497 ; ob. 1506. 

VI. 1506. 5. Thomas Brooke, s. and b. i^pparently Summ. 

to Pari, from 17 Oct. f Hen. VIII. 1509,to 
12 Not. 7 Hen. VIII. 1515, thooeh each Writ 
in those years is directed to Jolm Cobbam ; 
ob. 1529. 

VII. 1529. 6. George Brooke, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

3 Nov. 21 Hen. VIII. 1529, to 20 Jan. 4 and 
.5 Philip and Mary, 1558; ob. 1558. 

Vlil. 1558. 7. William Brooke, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 
5 and 6 Philip and Maiy, 1558, to 19 Feb. 
35Eliz. K.G.ob. 1596. 

IX. 1596. 8. Henry Brooke, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 24 
Oct. 39 EU«. 1597 ; ob. 1619, s. p. WilUam 
Bruoke, son of George bis brother, who was 

viz. son of John who is said to have died 28 Edw. III. ; bot oa 
looking Into the point, it is most probable that Dogdale's State- 
ment, from which the «bove is taken, is correct. 




executed änd ATTAINTBD9 was bis next heir ; 
wbich William Cobbam was rfrstored in blood 
in 1610, but *'not toenjoy tfae title of Lord 
Cübbam witbout tbe King^s special grace,*' 
whicb was never conferrä on bim ; be left 
issae two daugbtere and cubeirs, vis. ... wife of 
Sir Jobn Denbam; and Hill Brocke, wbo 
mar. Sir William Bootbby; but tbe ancient 
Barony docs not appear to bave been ever 
restored, and became <S)rtitlCt en tbe deatb of 
Henry tbe last Baron. 


I. 1645. Jobn Brooke, s. and h. of Henry, younger son 
of George Brooke, VIII.-6tb Baron and next 
beir male of Henry, last Baron ; Created by 
Letters Patent 3 Jan. 1645, Lord Cobbam, to 
him and bis beirs male, « to enjoy tbat title 
i ample a maiiner as any of bis ancestors 
Tbis bowever was evidently a 
ony, and on bis deatb 10 1651, s. p. 


1. Sir Riebard Temple, 4tb Bart, (de- 
seended from Margaret Cobbam, 
sister of Henry IX.-8tb Baron, 
and of George bis brotber, wbo was 
attainted) ; Created Baron Cob- 
bam of Kent, 19 Oct.l714t Created 
Viscount and Baron Cobbam of 
Kent, May 23, 1718 ; witb remain- 
der, failing bis issue, of tbe digni- 
ties of Viscountess and Baroness 
Cobbam, to bis sister Hester Gren- 
ville and ber issue male ; and fail- 
ing sueb issue, to bis otber sister 
Cbristian Lyttleton and ber beirs 
male, ob. 1749, s. p. when tbe 
Barony of 1714 became 4B^tinct; 
but tbat of 17 18, and tbe Viscount- 
cy devolved on 


I. JI. S. Hester, sister and heir, wife of 

Richard Grenville, Esq. ; Created 

Digitizedby Google 

144 COBHJM. 

CounCeM Temple, with remainder 
of tbe dignity of Earl Temple to 
her iss«« male^ 18 Oct. 1749 ; 


XII. II* 1759. 3. Riebard Grenrille (assum. tbe name 

of) Temple» ». and b. Eail Temple ; 

Created Marquess of Buckingbam. 

Vide Temple and Buckingbam» 



I. 1343. hReginald de Cobbam, younger son of Jobn 

Cobbam, $d Baron ; Summ, to Pari, from 35 
Feb. 16 Edw. III. 1343, to 80 Nor. 34 Edw. 
III. 1360; ob. 1361. 

II. 1361. 3. Reginald de Cobbam, 6, and b. Summ, to 

Pari. 8 Jan. 44 Edw. III. 1371, and 6 Oct. 46 
Edw. III. 1373 ; ob. 1375, leaving Reginald 
Cobbam, bis son and heir ; but neitber be 
nor any of bis descendantSy wbo continued 
for several generationd in tbe male line» wen 
ever Summ, to Parüament. 



1336. Stepben de Cobbam» son of Henry Cobbam, 
balf brotber to Reginald, Ist Baron Cobbam 
of Sterborougb ; Summ, to Pari, from 3 Dec. 
SO Edw. II. 1336, to 30 Jan. 7 Edw. III. 1334 ; 
ob. 1334» leaving issue male, bot tbey were 
never Summoned to Parliament« 



7334. Ralpb de Cobbam, brotber of tbe last 

tioned Stepben de Cobbam of Rundall^ 



US Pari. 30 Dec. 18 Edw. IL 1834» and 
20 F«b. 18 Edw. II. 1335, but never after- 
wards, nor any of bis descendants. 

Barony, 3 Oct. 1749. 



V18COÜMTCY, 9 May, 1744.— €):tillCt 1759. 

Vide Leicestbk. 


DISCOUNTS. . _ ^ - ^. . .. 

l. 1621. l.Thoma« Darcy, 3d Baron Darcy of Cbiche ; 
Created Viscount Coldieater» co. Essex, with 
remainder, failing bis issue male, to bis son- 
iu»law Sir Thomas Savage (afterwards Created 
Viscount Savage), 5 July, 1621 ; Created Earl 
Rivers, %vitb tbe same limitation, 1626; ob, 
1639, 8. P.M. j r u 

U 1639. 2.Jobn, 2d Viscount Savage, grandson of tb« 
last Viscount, being s. and h. of Thomas, Ist 
Viscount Savage above mentioned« by Eliaa^ 
beth, eldest dau. and cobeir of tbe last Vis- 
count Colchester and Earl Rivers j Earl Riyeiji« 
<Sctinct 1728« 

Vide Rivers. 


I« 1817« 

Charles Abbot, Created Baron Colchester of 
Colchester, co. Essex, June 3, 181 7« Pre;, 
sent Baron Colchester. -t- 


1. 1644. I.John Colepeper, Created Lord Colepeper, Ba- 
ron of Thoresway, co. Lincoln, «Ist Oct. 1 644i. 
ob. 1660. 





Jl. I660. S. Thomas Culepeper» s. and h. ob. 16 

HL Ib'Se. 3. iohn Colepeperi balf^brotber und 

1719, 8, p. 
iV. 1T1&' 4, Cheney Culepeper, broiher and hei 

s. p* wbeti tht; Title became 


ViscoüNTOf« 1 Not. J790. 

Vide D 



1, Cythbert CüllinsTwood; Created 1 
lingnood of Caldbunie and Hei 
Northumberland, Nov. SO^ 1805 
S. p, Bf. wben tbe iiüe b^came 



]. H. IL 1. PbiLip de Columbers, ab. circa« IIB 
IL H. IL £. Pbilip de Columbers, s. and b. ob. J 
llh Jobn. 3. PbiLip de CoLumberf » s, and b, ob. 
IV. H. 11 1. 4. Philip de Columbers, ». and b. ob. 

V« £dw.L5. Jobn de Columbera, brotber and he 
to Parl.€ June, 2^ Edw, L ISiJ 
yery doubtfol If that Writ was 
Summons to ParL vide ** Clyve 

BY WRIT. 1305. 

L 1314. 6* Philip de Columhers, a» and b* Sin 
from 29 J Uly, B Edw. IL 1314, to ^ 
Edw. lU. 1341 j ob. 1343» s, P. 
Barony became 



L Juhn. Matthew de Columber», pretuMedi 
family y ob, 1273j s. r. «i ^ • 





I. H. II. l.Pbüip de Colevill» livinif 1174 ; bis suecesior 


II. Jobfi. S. William de Colevill^ livin^ I9lß. 

III. H. HI. 3. Robert de Colevill^ son and beir, ob. • . • • ; to 
BY WRit. wbom saeeeeded 

I. 1S64. 4. Walter de Colevill, Summ, to Pari. 14 Dee. 

49 Hen. III. l$64s ob. 1376. 

II. 1276. 5. Roger de Colevill, s. and b. ob. 1387. 

III. 1^7' 6. Edmund de Colevill, son and heir^ was never 

Samm. to Pari.; ob. 1315. 

IV. 1349. 7' Robert de Colevill, r. and b. ^umm. to Pari. 

from 35 Feb. 16 Edw. IM. 1343, to 30 Jan. 
39 Edw. III. 1366 ; ob. 1368, leavin^r Walter 
bis son and beir, wbo was never Summ, to 
Pari. Tbe said Walter de Colevill bad issue 
a son Robert, wbo died 8. p. leaving Ralpb 
Basset of Sapcote, and Jobn Gorman, sons of 
tbe sisters of Edmund III-6th Baron, bis 
next beirs. 

A William de Colevill was Summoned 8 Jane, 99 Edw. 
I. 1394; but it is vcry doubtlul for tbe reasons assigned 
Pfider <^Ci«YT||pON,*' if it was a regulär Writ of Summons 
to Parlament. Neitber be nor any of bis descendantfwere 
ever afterwards Summoned. 



I. 1 814. 1. Sir Stapleton Cotton, 6tb Bart. Created Baron 
Combermere of Combermere, co. Cbestef, 
May 3, 1814. Present Baron Combermere, 
and a Baronet. 6.C. B. 




I. 1573. 1. Heniy Compton, Summ, to Pari, from 8 May» 

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t4EK£,157S,lo4Feb.31 £liz.l5 
rico Ci>mpton d« Comp ton. Che 
II, 15B9. S.William Cumpion, s. and h. Sa 
from 19 Feb, a5 Elix. 15^3, t 
Jac. ]6I4 ; Crented Earl of Nu 
Aug. Jßld, in which title ibie 
merged, utnil tht; death oTJaiu 
i>r Northamptün, and älh Bar 
BAHONES5, S- P. M. in 1754, when 
L 17&4. 7. Charlotte Cuinpton, bis dau. an 
sole heirf succefrded tu the E 
bucceeded in 1741* jurp matris 
FtTreri of Cbartley. Her Lad} 
George, l&t Marques« of To« 


VIL 1770. 8- Geüfge Townshend, s. and li, « 
falber ai Marque&a Townsheni 
1811 j when tbe BaronieÄ uf i 
Ferrers of Cbartlej became tn^ 

Vide T^ 


• ' Earldom^T Sept^lBlS. 

Tide Nor 


BATinNs BV tenuaf:, 

H . 11. R ieharcl Coinyn, living ] 17S* 
H. IL Waker Comyn, livmg 1 185- 
JIL John, WUliAm Com^n, livini: 1S19« 
IV. H.IIL David Comyn, livjngI24L 
V- Edw.l. I.Alexander Comyn, Earl of Bog 

land; ob. i^HB- 
VL Edw.LSJubn Comyn, m. atid b. Earl of ] 
. . . . r s. p» 




1. Edw.I.lJofan Comyn, CotapetHor for the €rbwii of 
Scotland in ]S9l> rie was succeeded in bis 
lands by Jofan Comyn, bis son and beir» wboie 
eldest ton, Jobn Comyn, died 1335, 8. p. but 
none of tbis familjr were ever Summ, to Pari. 



L 1715. 1.1719. l.Tbomas Coningsby, Ist Baron Co- 
nii^sby in Ireland -, Created Baron 
Conin^^sby of Coningtby> co. Lincoln, 
with remaiuder to Margaret, bis 
eldest dau. by bis 3d wife (baving bad 
tbree sons and four daagbters by bia 
first wife, and Richard, tbe son of 
Tbomas, tbe eldest or tbe said sons, 
succeeded bim in tbe Irisb Barony,) 
and ber issue male, 18 June, 1715; 
Created Earl of Coningsby, co. Line, 
witb tbe tarne limitation x>f tbe dig« 
mty of Couiltess Coningsby, 30 Apr. 
17191 ob. 17S9. 


. 5 1716. 1. 1716. 1. 1789. S. Margaret, dau. of tbe last 
i 17S9. Earl, and wife of Sir Micbael 

Newton, K. B. ; Cieated, v. p. Baroness and 
Viseountess Coningsby of Hampton Court, 
co.Hereferdywitb remainderto ber issue male, 
S6 Jan. 1716; ob. 1761, 8. P. M. wben all ber 
honors became 


^AROH. Vftcofmr. 

I. 1624. 16S7. 1. Edward Conway, Created Baron Con- 
way of Regley, co. Warwick, 23 Mar. 
1634; Created Viacomit Killutagb in 
Ireland 1636, and Visceont Conway of 
Conway Castle, co. Camarvon, 6 June 
1637; ob. 1630* i 




IL ir 





% Edwnrd Conway, 8. and h. Sun 
V, p. 16^8; üb. I6b5. 

lll.ldä&. I* 1679. 3. Edward Canway, san 
Created Earl tif Ccjnv 
1673 ; ob. 1683, &P 
Uuiior« becanie 

I. J703. I.Francis Seytuciurp (3d stiti of Sir £i 
müLir, Bart. Ihe ancestor of tbeDu 
mersei,) baving, untier tlie «vLII 
Earl, Gucceedid tu hls estates, he äi 
tiame and arnia of Ci>iiway, and w 
Bamn Coiiway of Ra^ley, co. Wai 
uf KilluLtagb In Irdand, IT Mai 
üb. I73S. 

Jl. 1732. 3. Francis Seymour Cuiiway, s. and 
£arl of Henford. Vide Me 



I. läO^i 1, William Conyer6> sun aud heir oi 

Conyers, K.G.eldegt soii uf Sir Jul 
by Mar^ery, second daiighit^r aih 
Pliilip Baron üarcy. He bore tl 
Lard Cüuvt^rs in I50B, atid wsl-h 
Pari, fruin 17 OcM Heil .Vm. 1509 
G Hen. VIIL 1514, as " Willielmu i 
Conyers, Chivalerj" ob. 1524, 

II. ] 6S4. ^. Chri»topber Convers, i. and b. Sum 

3 Nüv; 21 Heß. Vm. 15^9, and 
Hen.VlIL 1534; ob. 1538. 
JII. 153B. 3. Juhii ConyerSp s. and K Summ, to 
30 Jan. 36 Hen. VIII. lo fl Oct 
Philip and Mary» 1555 ; oh. 155 
wbtfn the Bari>ny fellinto ÄEßVANC 
I bis ilaui^hteTS aiiii cobtriis, but tiieii 

.i.i« all faiied in Jti^ti, exctiiting of Eliz 

eldest, wbo married Thomas Darcy j 
Coiiyers Darcy becamt^ Baron Con 
matria, atid beittg aUo, ju re matrta^ 
cobi^ini uf ibe Baruny uf Darcy, waa 
Created ßarou Darcy ^ with remali 




iMiie mal«. Cooyert Dsrcy, Baron Darcy and 
Conyen, his son and heir, was in the Parlia- 
ment 8S Car. II. 168S, Summoned ai Baron 
Darcy and Meynill, and bis eklest ton as Baron 
Conyers. Vide <• Darcy." In 1628 he was 
Created Elarl of Holderness, and tbis Barony 
continoed merg^ed in tbat Earldom until tbe 
demise of Robert Darcy VI.-4th Eatl, in 1778^ 
8. p. M. when tUe Barony of Conyers devolved 

BAR01IB88. on bis sole daofbter and faeir. 

I. 1778. 8. Amelia Daroy. Sbe married« first, Francis 
Godolphin,. 6th Duke of Leeds^ from wbom 
sbe was divorced in 1779; and secondly» 
Jobu Byron» Esq.; ob. 1784. 


ix. 1784. 9. William Prederick Osborne, s. and b. by ber 
first busband ; sueceeded bis falber in tb« 
Dukedom of Leeds, &g. in 1799. Present 
Baron Conyers, and one of tbe cobeirs of 
tbe Barony of Darcy created by tbe Writ of 
Summons to Jobn Darcy, 27 Jan. S Edw.IIL 
1332; Duke of Leeds, &c. ^ 


ViscouNTCY, 23 April, 1672. 

Vide Shaftesbury. 



. H. n. 1. Robert Corbet, Lord of Caus, &c. ob. 1221. 
i. H. lU. 2. Thomas Corbet, s. and h. ob. 1273. 


I. 1295. 3. Peter Corbet, s. and h. Summ, to Pari, frofn 
23 June, 23 Edw. 1. 1295, to 26 Sept. 28 
Edw. I. 1300. He was likewise Summoned 8 
June, 22 Edw. I, 1294, but it is very doubtful 
if tbat Writ can be considered as a ref^ular 
Summons to ParL Vide ** CLYVEDONi" ob. 

I. 1300. 4. Peter Corbet, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 
13 Sept. 30 Edw.L 1302» to 14 Marcb, 15 



Edw, 11. 1323; ob. nS3, ■. p. , 

bit brother, was bis beir» wl 
le<ivln^ the descendants of hk ; 
beirs, wben, as tbe de&cendRnts 
hm Baron by Writ falled^ tbh 
caroc «eptfnet; 


1. 1679. I-Samb, dau. of Sir Robert Monsoi 
of Sir Vincent Corbet, Hari. 
comiteia CorbetI of Lincbdale, c 
I life, 1673 -y ob. 16.. , trber 




I, Will, I» Ainsfrid de Comieites^ to whom 
IL H«ii. L Riebard de Cormdles^ ob, clrc^ 

iuccesfior fvas 
ItL Jubn. Walter de Cormeiles» ob. 1217, s 

bU tbree daugbters or tbeir Um 


Viseoüirrcv, m Aptlh IGSI— ^^tinct 




L 1068. I.Robert de Moreton» balf-brotbe 
tbe Conqueror^ by whom be wai 
of Ci>mwall in 1069 ) ob. , * , . 

IL Wil1.Il. ^.Williaoi de Moretun, s. arvd k 
of tbe Earldora by King Henry 

liL 1 I4Öp Reginald de DunstanTtll, natural 

Heu. L Created Earl of Coniw. 

] 173^8. v,u 
IV. Bic, I. Jobn Plantagetiet, Sd son of Ki 

bore tbe title üF Earl of Comiw a 
' life time of bis brother Kmg 

betrame King of England 1 159, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 




V. 1836 

]. Rkhard Plantafenet, youoger son of King 
Juhn i Created Earl of Cörnwall 30 May, 
1226; Elected Kiiigroftbe Romans; ob. 1878. 
1278. 8. Edmund PUntagenet, 8. and b. ob. 1300, 8.P. 
wben tbe Earldom became 
Piers de Gaveston, Created Earl of Cörnwall, 
circa, 1308; ob. 1314, s. p. M. wben tbe dig- 
nity again became 
Jobn Plantagenet of Eltham, 2d son of King 
Edw. 11. Created Earl of Comwall 1388; ob. 
I33G, 8. F. when tbis Earldom became 


VU. 1308. 


I. 1337. 1. Edward Plantagenet, eldest son of 

King Edward !ll. Created Duke of 

Comwall 1337» by Patent, witb tbefollowing 

limication : " Habend, et tenend. stbi et b»- 

red. ac hseredu. suor. regam Anglias filiis pri- 

nogenitis, et ejusdem loci dticibus in regno 

AnglisB bereditario ut predicitursuccessoiis." 

He was afterwards created Prince of Wales, wben tbe 

Dukedom merged in tbat title, and bas been ever since 

vested in tbe beir apparent to tbe Crown, wbo becomes 

Duke of Comwall immediately after bis birtb, and wbo 

bas always been Created Prince of Wales. Vide Wales. 

..o««a CORNWALUS. 


. . 1661. .1. Sir Frederick Cornwallis, Bart. Created Baron 
Com Wallis of Eve, co. Suffolk, 80 Apr. 1661 ; 
ob. 1668. 

I. 1668. 8. Charles Cornwallis, s. and b. K. B. ob. 1678. 

II. 1673. 3. Charles Cornwallis, s. and h. ob. 1698. 
V. 1698. 4. Charles Cornwallis, s. and h. ob. 1738. 

^ 1788. I. 1753. 5. Charles Cornwallis, s. and b. Created 
Viscount Brome, co. Suffolk and Earl 
Cornwallis 30 June, 1753 ; ob. 1768« 


H.1768. 1.1798. 6. Charles Cornwallis, s.and b. 
Created Marquess Cornwallis 
Aug. 15, 1798; Lord Lieut. of 
Ireland 1799, K.G.; ob. 1805. 


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VII III II. 1805. T.Charles Corawallis, s. and h. 

ob. 1823, 8.P.M. wben tbe Mar- 
quitate became 4E^nct; but 
tbe Earldom and Barony of 
Comwallis, and Viscountcy of 
Brome, devolved on 
VIII... ..IV. 1893. 8. James Cornwallis, unele aod beir, 
being next brotber of Cbarles 9d 
Earl ; Bisbop of Lkehfield and Co- 
Tentrf; ob. 1824. 
IX. ....V. 1824« 9. James Comwallis (assumed tbe luune 
of) Mann only in 1814, s. and h. Pre- 
sent Earl and Baron Comwallis, and 
Vifoouiit Brome. Sp 



I. 1631« Sir Francis Cottinf ten, Bart. Created Lord Cot- 
tin(tttii, Baron of Haoworth, co. Middlesez, 
10 Julj, 1031, ob. 1653» S.P. wben tbe Title 
became <Ej;tlnct, 



I. WULl, Riebard de Courqi ; bis snccessor was 

II. Stepb. Robert de Courcif Sewer to tbe Empress 


III. William de Courci, Sewer to Hennr Il> ob. 

ante 1 1 79, leaving Alice, bis da», bis beir. 

I. Stepb. Richard de Courci ; livinif 1 137* 

I. Hen. II. Wrlfiam de Courci, of tbe same family, Jes" 
tice of Ireland ; ob. 1 174. 

f. Ricb.I. WnKam de Courci. 

f. Hen. II. Jobrl de Coorci ; Created Earl of Ulster in 
Ireland ; ancestor of tbe Barons of Kinsale 
in Ireland. 

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Rich.I. l.Reginald de Courtenays ob. 1194. 

3. William de Ccrurtenay, s. and h. living ISOT» 
ob. ante 1241, s. p. 

3. Robert de Courtenay, ton of Rej^inald Ist Ba- 
ron Courtenay» by Hawyse, dau. and beir of 
Robert de Abrincis, by Maud, ßaroness of 
Oakbampton; ob. 1942. 

4b John de Courtenay, s. and b. ob. 1S73. 

I. «lohn. 




f. Edw.l. 5. Hugh de CoHrCenäy, s. and h. ob. 1291. 


• 1S99. & Hugb de Courtenay, t. and h. Summ, to Pari, 
froro 6 Feb. S7 Sdw. I. 1399, to 34 July, 8 
Edw. III. 1334, in tbe latter Writs witb tbe 
addition of << Seniori." Created Earl of De- 
von 38 Febraary, 1336; ob. 1340. 
Hifh de Courtenay, son and beir apparent; 
Summ, to Pari, aa *<Hush de Courtanay, 
Jnniori/' 33 April, II Edw. III. 1337 1 0UQf 
ceedcd a» Garl of Devon in 1340. 
Hugb de Courtenty, son and beir apparent ; 
Summ. CO PArL 8 Jan. 44 Edw. 111. 1871, m 
*<Hiig:h 6m Cpnrtenay le Fitx/' K.O. ob, 
1874, vita patris, leaving Hugh his 8. and h« 
his only ehild, wbo died vUa avi, 8.P. 
Atoordiog to modern deeitions, tb« Iwo last Baroni 
miiat be eonsidered as mcrely aummoned in their faiber's 
Barony ; but tbe orifiaal Barony, created by tbe Writ of 
<i Feb. 1399» condnucd vasted in the Earldom of Devon 
uBtil tbe attaindcr of Thomas XlV.-6tb Earl of Devon, 
ia 1461^ whan» with his other hoaors, it became 



viscouirrs. • • 

1763. I.William Courtenay, beir male of Sir Philip 

Courtanay of Powderham Castle, co. Devon, 

fitk son of Hugh Courtenay, X.3d Earl of 

Devon. Created ViscDunt Courtenay of Pow- 

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derbam Gastk, co. Devon, 6 Ma 

IT. 17^^. S- Wiaiam Courtenay, s. and b. ob. 
HL ]7ä8. 3.\^iLiiam Courtenaj, u. a.nd b. 

cotinl Coarteoaj. 


II. 16^1. 


1. Geurge ViUlerB, Ut Marquesi of fi 
Creaied Earl of Coventry a.iiü Di 
ingham, IB May, 16^3; K. G, u 

S. George ViUiers, s, and Ii. Duke 
liam, K.G.$ oh. i68Ti &P- i^bei 
beeam« €^inct. 



L 162B, LTbomas Coventiy ; Crvated Bari 

of Ayleiboroiigb, co. Worceste 

1628; ob. 1640. 

IL 1S40. $. Thomas Covenlry, s. and b. ob. 16 

IIL JG^L S.Georg^e Coveniryp s, and h. oK 168 

IV. J6ao. 4. Jubn Cuveiitry, i, and h. ob. 1685^ 

V- ie85<— I1L1637. 5.Tboottai Coventf^, ühc] 
being neit brotb«r of 
Barooj CreatedViBcoun 
cü, Gbuceater, and Eai 
trvi witb limkatiiiOi fall 
male, to ibe grandson 
Cüventry, nent brotber 
Ist BaroDj 36 April, I6l 
VL ,,,* — IV, l69g.6.Thomas Cüventry, s.ani 

VII ^V. I710,7.Thomaß Coventry, s. 

171% 8. P. 
Vin.,,,^VJ. ni2.8.Gilbert Coventry, und 
being nexc brotber of 
Earl, ob, 17 19» s* p. W 
Barony became 4lum 
uib^r boiion devolved i 





VII. 1719. S.Wimam Cövtntrjr» t. «nd b. of Walter, eklest 
ton of Walter, s. and b. of Walter Coremry, 
brotber of Tbomat Ist Baron, socceeded to 
tbe Viscountcy of Deerfaarst and Earldom 
of Coreotty, agreeable to tbe limiution, as 
is before recited ; ob» 1751 . 

Vni.lT51. e.George William Coventry, s. and b. ob. 1809. 

IX* 1809. T.George William Coventry, s. and b. Present 
Earl of Corenciy and Viscount Deerburst. ^ 



I. 1706.— I. 1718. I.Sir William Cowper, 3d Bart.; Cre^ 

ated Baron Cowper of Wingham, co. 
Kent, 9 Nov. 1706; Created Viscount 
Fordwicb, co. Kent, and Earl Cowper, 
18 Marcb, 1718; Lord Cbancellor 
1707; ob. 1723. 

II. »,..— II. 1723. 3. William (assumed tbe nameof)Claver- 

ing Cowper, s. and b. ob. 1764. 

III...;..— III.1764. S.George Nassau Clavering Cowper, s. 
and b. ob. 1789. 

rV... ..— IV. 1789. 4. George Augustus Cowper, s. and b. 
ob. 1799, 8.P. 

V. .. •• —V. 1799. S.Peter Leopuld Louis Francis Cowper^ 
brotber and beir. Present Earl and 
Baron Cowper, and Viscount Ford- 
wich St= 

. r 



I» 1604. I.Robert Cecil, Ist Baron Cecil of Essingdon; 
Created Viscount Cranborne, co. Dorset, Au- 
gost 20, 1604; Created Earl of Salisbury 4 
May, 1605, K.G, Vide Salisbury. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 





1, 1681. Lionel Cranfieldi Created Baroo Cranfield of 
Cranfield, co. Bedford, 9 July, 1621, and Earl 
of Middletez 16 SepUsmtwr, 1622. 
4^tillCt 1674. 

Vide Midulbbkx. 

IV. 167.5, l. Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset ; iiit 

mother heing »ister and heir df tbe last Earl 
of Middlesex and Baron Cranfield, be was 
Created Baron Cranfield of Cranfieid, co. 
Bedford, and Earl of Middleaex, April 4, 
1675, K.G.; ob. 1706. 

V. 1706. 2.lionel Crapfield Sackville, «. and b. Earl of 

Porset. Created Duke of Dorset, K. G. 

Vide Dorset. 



1. 1776.— I. 1801. 1. George Onslowj Created Baron Cran • 
ley of ImberCourt, co. Surrey, May 14, 
1776,succeeded as 4tb Baron Onslow 
9tb October foUowing; Created Vis- 
count Cranley of Imber-Court afort- 
Said, and Earl of Onslow, 19 June, 
leOlj ob. 1814. 

11 -^11.1814, 2.TboiDas Onslow, s. and h. (»resent 

Baron and Visoount Cranley, and Ba- 
ron and Earl oC Onslow. ^ 

Vide Onslow. 



C 1626.— 1. 1663.— 1. 1663 I.William Craren ; Created B4- 

I, < 1663. ron Craven of Hampsted-Mart 

, ^166^ slwU, CO. «Berks, 12 March, 

1626; witb reonainder, failing 

. l)ilissae n}ale,tobisbrothers. 

Created Visoount Craven of 

UfBngton, co. Berks, and Earl 

of Craven, co. York, with a 

i^ew Creation of tbe Barony of 

Craven, failing bis tssue male, 


CiUVSN. 159 


(his brothert bavin; died t. f.) to bis 
Sd eoutki, Sir WilUam Craren, of 
Lenchwyke; witb remaiiider to Sir 
AnUiony, brother of tbe said Sir Wil- 
liam, and their beira male retptotively^ 
15 Marcb, 1663. Tbe said Sir William 
Craven bavin|^ died s. p. hi§ Lordsbip 
obtaincd a new Creation of tbe Barony 
1 1 Dec. 1665» failing tbe male issue of 
Sir Antbony Craven^ on Sir Thomas 
Craven» (next brotber of Sir William 
above mentioned, and eider brotber of 
tbe laid Sir Antbony,) and bis beirt 
male. Ob. 1697, 8.P. wfaen tbe Baronies 
of 1626 and 1663, and tbe ViBcountcy 
and Earldom, became ^;;tinct; but 
tbe Barony created by tbe patent of 
Dec. Uy 1665, devoWed, agreeaMeto 
tbe Kmitation, ou 

IL 1697.^ S. William CraY^n, s* and b. of William, 

cldest son of ^r Tboma^ Craven (wbose 
brotber Sir Anthony died s. p.) men- 
tioned in tbe above liniitation ; ob.l7 1 1. 

IIL 17n.r— 3. William Craven, s. and b. ob. 1739, 8.P. 

IV. 1739.— 4. Fulwar Craven, bro. and b. ob. 1764,8.p. 

V. 1764.— 5. William Craven, Ist cousin and beir, 

being s. and b. of John Craven, next 
brother of William, 2d Baron; ob. 
* ^ ""^ 1769, 8.P. 

VI. 1769.— 6. William Craven, nephew and belr, be- 

ing 8. and h. of John Craven, next bro^ 
tber of William, last Baron j ob. 179L 
VII.1791.—IM801.7. William Craven, s. änd b. Created 
ViscountUffington, co.Berks, and Earl 
of Craven, co. York, June 13, 1801, 
Present Earl and Baron Craven, and 
Viscount Uffington. =r3 



I. 1642. Jobn Craven, next brother of William Ist EaH 
of Craven; Created Baron Craven of Ryton^ 
CO. Salop, 21 Marcb, 1642; ob. 1650, 8.P. 
wben )iU bonorg became ^jbinct, 





L HeiuII. I.HughdeCreBsie; Uring 1186. 

JL John. 2. Roger de Cressie, g. and h. ob. 1245. 

111. H. I n. 3. Hugh de Cressie, i. and b. ob. 1362. 

rV. H. 111. 4. Stepben de Cressie, s. and h. ob 

y« £dw,I* fi,Willtani de Cressy; suromoned 8 June, 22 
Edw. I. 1294, and 26 Jan. 25 Edw. I. 1297 s 
but it is doubtful if eitber of tbese Writs caa 
be considered as a regulär Suaimons to Par- 
liament. Vide *'Clyvedon" and << Fitz- 
John." Neitber be nor any of bis posterity 
were ever afterwards «ummoned. 



L 1332* Jobn de Creting; Summ, to Pari. 27 Jan. 20 
Joly, 20 Oct. and 1 1 Dec. 6 Edw. lil. 1332» 
but never afterwards, nor any of bis de- 
seendants. ** So tbat," obsenres Dugdale, 
** 1 bave no more to say of bim." 



I. Ilen. I. l. Robert de Crevequer ; living 1 1 19* 

n. Hen.IL2. Daniel de Crevequer, s. and b. living 1165. 

)II. John. 3, Robert de Crevequer, s. and b. living 1 196. 

iV. U.III. 4. Hamon de Crevequer, s. and b. ob. 1262. 

V« H. lil, 5. Robert de Crevequer, grandson and beir, being 
8. aiid b. of Hamon (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
tbe last Baron; living 1288. William, bis 
son^ 4icd s. p. leaving bis aunts bis next beirs. 



J. 1661. 1. Jobn Crew; Created Baron Crew of Stene, 
CO. Nortbampton, 20 April, 1661 ; ob; 1679. 

II. 1679. 2. Tbumas Crew, s. and b. ob. .. . .8.P.M. 

in. 16. . 3. Nathaniel Crew, brotber and beir ; Bisbop of 
Xhirbam ; ob. 1721, 8. p. when tbe Title be* 
came ^ptitltt. 






I. 1806. John Crewe; Created Baron Crewe of Crewe^ 
CO. ehester, Feb^uary 25, 1806. Present 
Baron Crewe, =nn 



I. H.III. LWilliamdeCriketot; living 1SS4. 

II. H.11I. 2. William de Criketot, s. and b. ob. 1277. 

III. EdwJ. 3. William de Criketot, 8. and b. livlng 1285, 

William de Criketot, bis son and heir, was 
liTing in 1314 j but none of tbit family weie 
. . «Ter Summ, to Pari. 



I. Hen.III. Bertram de Criol, living 1247; trom whom 

IL Hen.III. Nicholas de Criol; living 1269, 
III. Edw. I. Nicbolas de Criol, 8. and b. sommoned 8 June, 
22 Edward 1. 1294, and 26 Jan. 25 Edward L 
1297, but, for the reasons assigned under 
"Clyvedon** and "Fitz- John," it is doubt- 
fül if eitfaer of thete Writs can be considered 
as a regulär Summons to Parliament. Nei- 
tber be nor any of bis posterity were agam 

I. I.John de Criol, brother of Nichola» II. Baron ; 

ob. 1263. 

II. Edw, !• 2. Bertram de Criol, s. and h. ob. 1294, leaving 

Jobn bis son and heir, wbo died s. P. in 1301, 
and was succeeded in tbe inheritance by Ber- 
tram de Criol, bis uncle, btit none of this 
branch were ever Summ, to Pari. 



1, Will. I. Milo Crispin ; ob. 1 106, 8.P. 

1. Will. I. Williaro Crispin, presumed of the same family, 
living 1118 j of whom nothing farther is re- 



lig CiUNPTS.^ROifW£LL. 



t 1668. WilUam Crofu ; Created Baron Crofts, of Sat- 
bam, CO. Suflfolk, 18 May, 1658; ob. 1677» 
8. P. wben the title became 



I. WiU.1. Guy de Creon ; to whom gucceeded 

II« Stepb. Alan de Creon ; ob. » . . . 

III.Hen.IL Maurice de Crouo, t. and h. livin^ 1 181. 

IL Rieb. I. Guy de Croun, 8. and b. livinff 1 189 ; ob 

8. P. M. Petronel, bis dati. wife of William de 

Loiigcbamp» befng bis beir« 

1. Hen. 1 1 1. Maurice de Croun ; li ving 1 27 1 • 


I. 1308. 1. John de Crom weih Summ, to ParL frora 10 
Marcb, 1 Edward IL 1308, to I April, 9 Ed- 
ward IIL 1335 i ob. circa 1335. 

IL 1335. 3. Ralph de Cromwell, s. and b. Summ, to Pari 
from 28 Dec. 49 Edw. III. 1375, to 19 Aug. 
23 Rieb. IL 1399; ob. 1399. 

IIL 1399. 3. Ralph de Crom well, s. and b. Summ, to Pari« 
from 9 Sept. 1 Henry IV. 1400, to 3 Sept. 4 
Henry V. 1417. ob. ante 1419. 

IV. 1418. 4. Ralph de Cromwell; Summ, to Pari, from 2d 
Sept. l Henry VI. 1422, to 26 May, 33 
Henry V. 1455; Lord Treasurer; ob. 1455, 
8.P. leaving Maud, bis sister, bis beir. Sbe 
married Sir Richard Stanhope, and by bim 
left twu daugbters and coheirs, Maud and 
Joane. Maud, the eldest, wa8 tbrice mar- 
ried, but only bad issue Uy her first busband, 
Robert Lörd Willoughby de Eresby, vis. 
Joane, who became the wife of Sir Richard 
Weites : Joane Welles, their dau.' (and beir 
to her brother, Sir Robert Welles,) married 


cftcmwfiLL. tes 


Sir Riehard Hastingt, bj Mrbom tbe had only 
one child, who died 8.p. JoAne Stanbope, 
tbe otber dau. and cobeir of Maud CromwHI, 
by Sir Riehard Stanhope, married 

V, 1461« Homphrey Botircbier, 3d son of Henry Earl 
of Essex ; Summ, to Pari, as ** Humfrida 
Bourcbier de CromwcU," ** Uumfhdo D*no 
Crom well, CblV' f^r ai *< Humfrido Crom well, 
CblV' f^omSS July, 1 Edw. IV. 1461, to 15 
Oci. 9 £<lw. IV. 1470; ob. 1471, s.p. On tbe 

. . deatb of bis wife, 8.P. tbis Barony probably be- 

came vested in tbe descendauts and rtpreten* 
tatives of tbe daugbters of Ralph 2d Baron, 
viz. Hawyse, who married Thomas Lord Bar- 
dolf; Mäud, who married Sir William Fi ta- 
Williaml, of Sprotborougb } aiid Elizabeth, 
who mOTried, first, Sir John Clifton, Knt. 
and, tecondly, Sir Edward Benstead, Knt. 
amonf^.whote deaeendants and repretentativea 
tbis Barony h presumed to be in Abbyancb. 



I. 1536. Tbomas'Cromwell; Created Baron Cromwell 
ofOkebam, cu. Rutland, D tluly, 1536, and 
Bari of Essex 10 April, 1539, IC.G. Attaitited 
and bebeaded 1540, wben bis bonori became 

BARONS BY WRIT. ^tvftiUfi, 

h 1539. I.Gregory Cromwell,«. audh. of tbe taidTbo« 
maa Earl of Esaex ; Summ, to Pari, from 88 
April, 1539> to 1548; and was Created by Pa- 
tent Baron Crom well 18 Dee. 1540, ob. 1551. 

JI. 1551. S. Henry Cromwell, s. aud b. ob. 1592. 

III. 1593. 3. Edward Cromwell, s.and s. ob. 1607* 

IV. 1607. 4.Tbomas Cromwell,«. and h. Created Vitcount 

Leeale, and Earl of Ardglass, in Ireland ; ob. 

V. J653. 5.Wingfie]dCromwell,6.andb*Earlof ArdglaM, 

in Irelaudi ob. 1668. 

VX 1668. 6. Thomas Cromwell, s. and h. Earl of Ardglast, 
in Ireland; ob. 1683, 8.P. 

VII. 1683. 7« Vere EssexCromwell, uncleand heir, beingnext 
brotherofWing5eld5tb Baron. Earl of Ard- 
glass, in Ireland ; ob. 1687> s* P. M. Elizabeth, 

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his Oatt. ud bdr» narried Eämui 8daitk«eU, Esq. whote 
f rMt frandson and beir, Edward Soatbwell, became Ba- 
ron de Clifford by desoent. Tbe Barony of Cromwell 
created by tba Writ oT S8 April» 1&39» to Gregory Crom- 
well, it therefore presumed to be vetCed in tbe present 
Lord de CliflEord, as beir geaeral of Vere Essex Cromwell» 
Bari of Ardi^ass, in Ireland, and VII.-7tb Baron Crom- 
well : bot tbe Barony of Cromwell created by tbe Patent 
of 18 I>ec. 1540, became 4ilXinct on tbedemise of tbe 
aaid Vere Etsex, Earl of Ardglast and Baron Cromwell, 
in 1687, be being tbe last beir malt witbiik tbe limitation 
of tbat Patent. 


Barony, 37 November, 1801. 

Vide Cambridge. 



I. 1535. 1. Henry Clifford, X!.-15th Baron Cliflfbrd : Cre- 
ated Earl of Cumberland 18 June, 1535, 
K.G.; ob. 1543. 

IL 1543. 3. Henry Clifford, s. and b. Baron Clifford; ob. 

in. 1569. 3. George Clifford, 8. and b. Baron Clifford, K.G. 
ob. l605,s.p.M. 

IV. 1605. 4. Francis Clifford, brotber and beir; ob« I64I. 

V. 1641. 5. Henry Clifford s,. and h. Summ, to Pari, is 

Lord Clifford vita patrh ; ob. 1643, 8. p. Mr 
wben tbe Earldom beeame 


I. 1644. Rupert, Connt Palatine of tbe Rbtne, second 
ton of Frederick Prince Elector Palatine, by 
EKzabetb, only dau. of King James I. Cre« 
ated Baron of Kendal, co. Westmoreland, 
Earl of Holderness, co. York, and Duke of 
Cumberland, Jan. 34, 1644, K.G. ob. 1683, 
t. p. wben all bis bonors became 

IL 1699« George Prince of Denmark, bnsband of Anne^ 
afterwards Queen of England ; Created Ba- 
ron Wokingbam, co. Berks, Earl of Kendal, 





CO WettmoreUnd, and Dake of Cumberland, 
9 April, 1689, K. G. ; ob. 1708, 8. p. wben 
all these digiiities became 

III. 1708. William Augustug, brotber of K. George II. 

Created Baron of tbe Isle of Alderney, Vii- 
count Trematony co. Cornwall, Earl of Ken- 
nington, co. Surrey, Marqaess of Berkbamp- 
sted» CO. Hertford, and Duke of Cumberland, 
July 97» 1768, K. G.j ob. 1765, 8. p. wben aU 
bis bonors became 

IV. 1766. flenry Frederick, brotber of King George III. 

Created Earl of Dublin» in Ireland, and Duke 
of Cumberland and Stratbern, in Great Bri- 
tain,October 18, 1766, K.G.s ob. 1790, 8.P. 
wben tbese bonours becarot 
Vi 1799« Ernest Augustus, younger son of George III. 
and brotber of bis present Majesty. Created 
Earl of Armagb, In Ireland, and Duke of 
Cumberland aud Tiviotdale, in Great Britain, 
April SS, 1799. Present Duke of Cumber* 
land and Duke of Tiviotdale ; also Earl of 
Armagb, in Ireland; K.G. G.C.B. =P 


%4R0Nt. YI8C. 

J. 1794.-I-L 1808« l.Asbeton Curson; Created Baroa Curw 
son of Pennbouse, co. Bucks, Aug. 13, 
1794 $ Created Viscount Gurion of tbe 
same place, Feb. 27, 1808; ob. 1880. 

II. .... -»IM 880. 8. Riebard William Penn Atbeton Cur- 
flon (assumed tbe name of) Howe, 
grandson and beir, being s. and b. 
«yf Penn Asbeton Curson (ob. v. p.) 
eldest son of tbe last Viscount | Cre^ 
ated Earl Howe, July 14, 1881. Pre- 
sent Viscount and Baron Curson, and 
Earl Howe. q? 

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I. 1391. 1. Ralph du Dacra, t. and. b. of William Dacre» 
whom Dufcdale (yoL ii. p. 9i) states wac 
Samin. to Pari, front S8 Edur. I. to 13 Edw. II. 
but bU naiue does not once occor in any of 
tbe Suromonses in tbat period; Summ, to 
Pari, from 15 Mav, 14 Edw. II. 1321, to 
15 Nov. 12 Edw. ni. 1338, as <<Ranulph de 
Dacre ;'* he married Margaret» dau. and beir 
of Thomas Baron Multon of Gillesland ; ob. 

1 f. 1339. 3. William de Dacr«» i. and h. Sum. to Pari, from 
85 Nov. 24 Edw. Itl. 1350, to 20 Nov. 34 
Edw. m. 1363; ob. 1361, ft.P. 

IXT. 1361. 3. Ralph de Dacre, brotber and heir, Summ, to 
Pari, from 14 Aug^. 36 Edw. III. 1362, to 4 
Oct. 47 Ed«r. III. 1373; ob. 1375, 8. p. 

IV. 1375. 4. Hugh de Dacre, brotber and heir. Summ, to 

Pari, from 1 Dec. 50 Edw. Hl. 1376, to 20 
Aug. 7 Rieb. II. 1383; ob. 1383. 

V. 1383. 5. William de Dacre, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 3 Mareb, 7 Rkb. II. 1384, to 23 Nov. 
5 Henry IV. 1403; ob. circa 1401. 

VI. 1403. 6. Thomas de Dacre, s. afidh. SuMaOt* t» Bsri^ 

from 1 Deo. 14 Henry IV. 1412, to 26 May, 
33 Henry VI. 1455, as '«Thome de Dacre 
de GUleslaiKl « {" ob. 1457» leaving bis 
grand-dau. Joan, dau. and heir of Thomai 

* The additioa of GüLaiand occurs for the first tlme in the 
Writ of 14 Hm. IV. I aad i« may be inferred, tbat although Ralph 
de Daore, the first Baron, was probobly summoned in consequence 
ef bis marriage, yet tbat the Barony created to him by the Writ 
ofSummoos 14 Edward II. was a distinet Barony from tbat of 
Multon of Gillesland, of which bis wlfe was the sole heir, fbr both 
this Ralph and bis descend^ts were uniformly Summ, to Pari, for 
ninety-me years, viz. from 14 Edward IL to 13 Henry IV. 
without the words Multon or Gillesland being, even in a Single 


Di^CRE. I6T 


Dacres (ob. v. p.) bis eldest son, bis next beir. 
Her bosbandy 

VII. 1459. Riebard Fienes, was Summ, to Pari, as «Ri- 

cbardo Fenys, Domino de Dacre^ Militi," 
from 9 Oct. 38 Henry VI. 1459» to 15 Nov. 
2S Edw. IV. 1482 ; ob. 1484. 

VIII. 1484. T.Thomas Fienes, grandson and beir, being s. 

and b. of Jobn Fienes (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
tbe last Baron, by tbe said Joan Dacre ; 
Somm. to Pari, from 14 Oct. 11 Henry VU. 
1495, to 5 Jan. 25 Henry VIII. 1534, as 
"TbomsB Fienes de Dacre;*" ob. 1534. 

IX. 1534. 8.Tbomas Fienes, graudson and beir, being s. 

and b. of Tbomas Fienes (ob. v. p.) eldest son 
of tbe last Baron ; Summ, to Pari. 8 June, 28 
Hen. VIIL 1536, and 28 April, 31 Hen. VIII. 

to be found in tbe Writs. The Barony of Mtilton of 
Gillesknd i* tberefore presomed to have become merged in tbat 
of Daore, aad to bave descended with it to tbe present Baron 
DifCre. This opinion is confirmed by Ralph Dacre, the heir male 
of ^e Dacre fiunily, beine created, by Writ 88 Henry VI. Baron 
Dacr9 of 61LLB8LAND, wben, at the same time, Richard Fienes, 
She heir general of Ralph Ist Baron Dacre, was summoued as Ba- 
bohDacbe. Had the Barony created by the Writ of 14 Edward II. 
^Mn «onsidertd the same as tbat inherited by bis wife, the proper 
Resignation of the dignity would have been " Multon of Gilles- 
land," and wfaich title thie Editor thus feels authorized to attribute 
%o tht pnsent Lord Dacre. 

The addition of **de GükiUmd** m the Writ to Thomas 
de Mtilton, Ist Edward II. was evidently used to distinguish him 
ftom Thomas de Multon, who had bsen regularly summoned 
ftam «7 Edward I. as «Thomas de Multon" only; but in the 
first Edward U. he was summonedas <^ Thomas de Multon de 
Mgremumi" when the Thomas first mentioned was summoned as 
«Tbonaae de Multon de GiUesland;** and the name of the latter 
temediftteK follows that of the former on the Roll. After the 
death of Thomas Multon qf GiUetkmdf circa 8 Edward II. the 
dbtinctioo was no langer necessary, and we acoordiugly find that 
Thomas Multon of Egremond, was summoned without that ad- 
dition in the ISthand 14th Edward II. and though it oocurs in 
the last Writ directed to him, viz. 15 May in tbe latter year, tlie 
Writ to 14s son John, who »ucceeded htm in the Barony, «im 
address « Johanni de Multon." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

168 DACRE. 


1539» in tbe lagt^Writ with tbe addition of 
*< de Soutb." Executed for mnrder 1541, 
wbeo hii bonora became 
IX. 1563. 9. Gregory Fienes, s. apd b. rettored in blood and 
boiiors, aiid Summ, to Pari, from 1 1 Jan. 5 
Eliz. 1573, to 19 Feb. 35 Elia. 1593; ob. 
BARONB88. 1594» s. P. le&Ying 

I. 1604. la Margaret Fienes, wife of Sampson Lennard, 

Esq. bis sister and beir. She claimed tbe 
Barony temp. Elia, and waa allowed it in 
1604» ob. 1611. 


XI. 1611. 11. Henry Lennard» s. and b. ob. 1616. 

XII. 1616. 12. Riebard Leunard, s. and b. ob. 1630. 
XII1.1630. 13. Francis Leiinard, s. aiid b. ob. 1663. 
XlV.1662. l4.Tbuma8 Leniiard, s. and b. Created Earl of 

Sussex 5 Oct. 1674; ob. 1715, 8. p. m. leaving 
two daugbters and cobeirs, Barbara and 
Ann, betweeii whom tbe Barony feil into 
Abbyance. Tbe former married Cbarles Skek» 
ton, and died 1741, s. p. wben tbe Abeyanoe 
BAKONBsa terminated, and ber sister and sole beir, 

II. 1741. 15. Ann Leunard succeeded to tbe digiiity. Sbe 

was tbrice married, first| to Riebard Barrett 
Lennard, &• and b. of Dacre Barrett Lennardf 
eldest sun of Riebard L^nuard, second son of 
Riebard XII. Baron ; Sdly, to Henry Roper, 
LordTeynbam (to wbom sbe was third wile){ 
and, 3dly, to Hon. Robert Moore; ob. 1755. 


XV. 1755. 16.Tbomas Barrett Lennard, s. and b. by ber 

first busband i ob. 17B6, ap* wben tbis Ba* 
roiiy devolred on bis balf<^epbew, 

XVI. 1786. n.Trevur Charles Roper, s. and h. of Cbarles 

Roper (ob. vita matris), son of Heniy Lord 
Teynbam, by tbe second husband of Ann Sd 
BARONESS. Baroness Dacre ; ob. 1794, 8.P. 
111.1794. 18.Gertrude Roper, sister and beir, wife of Tho- 
mas Brand, Esq.; ob. 1819. 


XV11.1819. 19*Tbomas Brand, s. and b. Present Baron Da- 
cre and Baron Multon of Gillesland. ^ 




!• 1459. 1. Ralph Daere, 8d son of Thomas VI. Baron 
Dacre ; Summ, to Pari. 9 Oct. 38 Henry VI. 
1459 at **Ranulpho Dacre de GiUetlandy 
CblV.*' Blain at Wake6eld 1461, and havinf; 
been attainted bis honora became 

I. 1483. 1. Humphrey Dacre, brotber and beir of the last 
Baron, wbo died s.p. Summ, to Pari. 15 Nov. 
8S Edw. IV. 1483, and 9 Dec. 1 Rieh. III. 
1483 as <* Hutnfridio Dacres de Gillesland» 
Chevalier;" ob. 1509. 

II« 1509. 2. Thomas Dacre, s. and. h. Summ, to Pari. 
as **Tbom8B Dacre de Dacre," from 17 Oe- 
tober, 1 Henry VIII. 1509, to 12 Nov. 7 
Henry VIII. 1515. He mamed Elizabeth, 
icrand-dau. and beir of Ralph Lord Greystock, 
K.G.; ob. 1525. 

III. 1525. 3. William Dacre, s. and h. Summ, to Pari from 

3 Nov. 21 Henry VIII. 15S9, to 21 Oct. 2 and 
3 Philip and Mary, 1555, in the first Writ as 
'* Willielmo Dacre de Dacre & Greystok, 
Chl*r." afterwarda as « de Gillesland," or 
" of Greystok," or •• de North}" ob. 1563. 

IV. 1563. 4. Thomas Dacre, s. and h. He was neverSumm. 

to Pari. ob. ante 1566. 
V« 1566. S.Georg^e Dacre, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 30 
Sept. 8 Eliz. 1566, and then described as 
^^ infra fetatem ;" ob. 1569, S. P. leavinp his 
three sisters, Ann, wife of Philip Howard, 
Earl of Arundel, Mary, wife of Thomas Lord 
Howard of Waiden (wbo died s. p.), and Eliza- 
beth, wife of Lord William Howard, his next 
beirs. This Barony>to^ther with that of Grey- 
stock, is now in Abbyance between the co- 
heirs and representatives of the said sisters of 
the last Baron, of the eldest of whom the 
Lords Petre and Stourton are the representa- 
tives ; and the latter is represented by the 
present Earl of Carlisle^ whose ancestor» 





1. 1661. Charles Howard» s. and h. of William, s. and b. 
of Philip, eldest son (ob. v. p.) of Lurd Wil- 
liam Howard before mentioned, by Ann Da 
cre, 8i6ter and coheir of George last Bar«»n 
Dacre of GiUesland, was Created Baron Da- 
cte of Gillesland, Viscount Howard of Mor- 
petb, and Earl of Carlisle, by Patent, April 
SO, 166 U VIde Carlisle. 



1. 1347. 1. Thomas de Dagwortb ; Summ, to Pari. Nov. 
13, 21 Edward III. 1347, and 14 Feb. 33 
Edward III. 1348, but never afterwards. He 
died in 1359, leaYing Nicholas bis s. and b. 
but neltber lie nor any of bis posterity were 
ever Suromoned to Parliament. 



f. 1815. 1 . George Ramsay, 9tb Earl of Dalhousie in Scotr 
land ; Created Baron Dalhousie of Dalhousie 
Castle, CO. Edinburgh, July 18, 1815, GX B. 
Prozent Baron Dalhousie ^ also Earl of Dal- 
housie in Scotland. .=p 



I. 1337. Roger D'Ammory; Summ, to Pari, from 20 Nov. 
llEdw. 11. 1337, to 15 May, 14 Edw. 11.1331. 
He married Elizabeth, sister and coheir of 
Gilbert de Cläre, Earl of Gloucester, and 
niece of King Edward FI. widow of John Earl 
uf Ulster, and of Tbeobald de Verdun, ob. 
circa 1333, S.P.M. leaving Elisabeth bis dau. 
and hcir, who married John Lord Bardulf ; 
her grandson, Thomas Lord Bardulf, having 
been attainted circa 1404, tbis Barony, to- 
gether with that of Bardolf, then became 




I. 1326. Richard DairtorJe, presumed to bare been ne- 
pbew to Roger Baron Dumoty before men- 
tioned , Summ, to Pari, from 3 Dec. SO Edw. 
II. 1326, to 23 0ct. 4 Edw. III. 1330; ob. 
1330, leaving Richard bis son and beir, who 
was never Summ, to Pari, and died in 1375, 
s.p. wheu the Barony became 



I. 1626. 1. Henrv Danvers, ist Lord Danvers; Created 

Eari of Danby, co. York, 5 Feb. 1626, K. G. ; 
ob. 1643, 8. P. when aU bis tiües became 

II. 1674. 1. Thomas Osboma, Ist Visc. Latimer ; Created 

Earl of Danby, co. York, June 97, 1674 ; 
Created Marquess of Carmartben, 9 April^ 
1689, and Duke of Ueds 4 May, 1694, K. G. 
Vide Leeds. 



f. 1603. 1. Hfenry Danvers, Created Baron Danvers t>f 
Dantsey, co. Wilts. 27 July, 1603 ; Created 
Earl of Danby 1626 : ob. 1643, s. ?. wben bis 
honors became 



I. Will.1. 1. Norman D'arcy, living 1392. 

II. Uen.L 2. Robert D'arcy, a. and h. ob 

III. H. II. 3. Thomas D'arcy, s.and b. ob. 1180. 

IV. John. 4.Thoma8D'aroy,8. and h. living 1220. 
V^ H. III. 5. Norman D'arcy, s. and b. living 1253. 
VI. H. III. 6. Philip D'arcy, s. and h. ob. 1263. 
Vll<£dw.I. T.Norman D'arcy, s. and b. Summ. 8 June, 22 

Edw. I. 1294) but is doubtfui for the reasons 
assigned under *< Cly veoon," if that Writ cau 


17« lyARCY, 

be considered as a regulär Summons to Par« 
liament; üb. 1396. 


1. 1299. 8. Philip D^arcy, s. and h. Summ. 26 Jan* 25 
Edw. I. 1297 ; but it is doubtfui if tbat WriC 
was a regulär Summons to Pari. Vide *' Fitz- 
John." Summ, to Pari, from 29 Dec. 28 Edw. 

I. l299,to20Oct.6Edw.Ill. 1332, ob , 

leaving Norman D'arcy bis son bis beir, wbo 
diedin 1340, witbout baving ever been Summ, 
to Pari. Philip bis son and beir died soon af- 
terwards, infra setatem, wben Sir Philip Lim- 
bury, son of Julian, and Agnes, wife of Sir 
Rogf r de Pedwardine, tbe daugbters of Philip 
Baron D'aroy, and aunts of tbe said Philip, 
beeam« bis beirs, among wbose descendants 
and repretentatives tbis Barony is presumed 
to be in Abbtancb. 

I. 1332. l.Jobn Darcy, brotber of Philip I.-8th Baron 
Darcy ; Summ, to Pari, from 27 Jan. 6 
Edw. III. 1332, to 20 Jan. 7 Edw. III. 1334, 
as ** Jobanni Darcy le Cosin/' and 25 Feh. 
16 Edw. IIL 1342» as " Jobanni Darcy ;" 
ob. 1347. 

IL 1347« 2. John Darcy, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 
20 Nov. 22 Edw. IIL 1348, to 15 March, 28 
Edw. IIL 1354, as << Jobanni Darcy de 
Knayth." He married Elizabeth, dau. and 
sole beir of Nicbolas Baron MeiniU ; ob. 1356. 

III. 1356. 3. John Darcy, son and beir, ob. infra letatero« 

1362» S. P. 

IV. 1362. 4. Philip Darcy, brotber and beir; Summ, to 

Pari, from 4 Aug. I Ric. 1377, lo 5 Nov. 21 
Rieh. IL 1397» as « Philippo Darcy," ob. 

y. 1398. 5. John Darcy, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 
19 Aug. 23 Ric. IL 1399» to 21 Sept. 12 Hen. 
IV. 1411; ob. 1411. 

VI. 1411. 6. Philip D'aroy, s. and b. ob. Infra aetatem» 
1418, 8. p. M. leaving Elisabeth, wbo marr. 
Sir James Strangways, and Margery, wbo 
became tbe wife of Sir John Coiiyers, bis 
daugbters and beirs, between whuse de- 



tcendants and representatives thit Barony» 
and tbe Barony of Meinill is presuroed to 
bare been ever since in Abbyance. 

The Creation to Conyers Darcy of tbe di^nities of Baron 
l)arcy, with tbe precedence of Jobn V.-5th Baron as is 
stated in tbe next page, cannot be consideredto bave taken 
this Barony out of Abeyance; for thelimitation to bis beirt 
male rendered ica creation de novo, notwitbstanding tbat 
tbe Said Conyers Darcy was, jure matris, one of tbe co- 
beirs of tbis Baruny ; and tbe precedence so assigned 
bim was, according to modern doctrines on tbe subject, 




I. 1509. 1. Tbomas Darcy, s. and b. of William» eldest 

son of Riebard (ob.y. p.) son and beir of Jobn 
Darcy, 2d son of Jobn V.-5tb Baron ; Summ, 
to Parliameot as *^ Tbomas Darcy de Darcy, 
Chl'r/' from 17 Oct. 1 Hen. VIII. 1509, to 3 
Nüv. 21 Hen. VIlI. 1529 1 and witb tbe addi- 
tion of <* de Temple Hirst," 5 Jan. 25 Hen. 
VIII. 1534, and as «TborosB Darois, Cbl'r," 
8 June, 28 Hen. VIII. 1536, K. G.; be- 
beaded 1538, and baviog been attainted bis 
bonors became 


II. 1548. 1. C^orge D'arcy, s. and b. Restored in blood, 

witb tbe dignity of Baron Darcy to bim and 
bis beirs male, by Act of Parliament 2 Edw. 
VI. 1548; ob. 1557. 

III. 1 557. 2. Jobn Darcy, s. and b. ob. 1 587. 

IV. 1587. 3. Jobn Darcy, grandson and beir, being s. and 

b. of M icbael Darcy (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
tbe last Baron ; be was Summ, to Pari, as 
'* Jobanni Darcie and Meinill," probably in 
^ consequenoe of bis descent fronr Jobn JI.-^4 
Baron Darcy, by Elizabetb, dau. and beir of 
Nicbolas Baron Meinill. Vide '< Meinill;'* 
ob. 1635, s. p. wfaen bis bonors became 

p 3 

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174 DARCY. 


I« 1641» I, Conjpert Darey» •• and h. of Tbomas Darcy, by 
filisabetb^ dau. and «WDtually sole beir of 
John Baron Conyers, so» of Arthur Darcy» 
8d 8on of Tbonias Baron Darcy, wbu wm be- 
beaded in 1538; Created, by Patent 10 Aug^. 
1641 , Baron Darcy, to bim and the heirs male 
of bis body, with tbe preceüence of John V.« 
5th Baron Darcy, to whom, jure matris, he 
was coheir. Baron Conyers, jure matris ; ob. 

II. 1653. 2. Convert D'arcy, t.aiid h. Summ, to Pari, from 

8 May, 13 Car. II. 1661, to 1 March, SS 
Car. II. 1680, ai •< Conyers Darcie de Dar- 
cie," and in tbe two last Writs with tbe 
addition of *< and Meynill ;" Created Earl of 
HoldemeM 5 Dec. 1683; ob. 1689. 

III, 1689. 3, Conyers Darcy, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 1 

March, 3S Car. U. 1680, in tbe same Pädia- 
meiit in whicb bis fatber sat as Baron Darcy 
and Meiniü as ** Conyers Darcy de Conyers, 
Cbrr," by which title he was also Summ, 
I James IL 1685; succeeded bis fatber in 
bis bonors 16899 s^nd tbe Baronies of Conyen 
and Darcy continued merged in the Earldom 
of Holdernesse until the death of Robert 
VI.-4th Eari in 1778, s. p. m. when tbaC 
£arldom and tbe Barotiy of Darcy created 
by the Patent of 1641, became ^^ttCt; and 
tbe Barony of Conyers descended to Amelia, 
bis daugbter and beiress. Tbe title of Meinül, 
as is stated under tbat dig^ity, is presumed 
to have been an assumption by these Barons 
without any legal right* 



I. 1551. 1. Thomas Darcy, presumed to have been de- 
scended from the ancient Barons Darcy; 
Created Baron Darcy of Cbiche, co. Eises, 5 
April, 1551, K. G.; ob. 1558. 

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II. 1558. 3. Johri Darejr, 9. «nd h. ob. 1580. 

III. 1580. 3. Tbomas Darcy, s. aiid h. Created Viscount 

Colcbester for life, with reiuftinder to hit 
•on*in-law Sir Tbomas Savai^e, b July, 163J ; 
Created 4 Nov. 1626, Earl Rivers, with tbe 
same limitation ; ob. 1639t 8* P* M. wben tbe 
BaroDy of Darcy of Cbicb« became 


Barony, 3 Jan. 1 686— €^tinct 1717. 



I. 1738. Cbarlotte-Sopbia, wife of tbe Baron Kilman- 
sefTg, Countess of Platen in Geripany, and 
Cuuntess of Leinster in Ireland; Created 
Baroness of Brentfurd, co. Middlesex, and 
Countess of Dartington, co. Durbam, 17S8; 
ob. 1730| 8. p. M. wben ber bonors became 

I. 1754, 1. Henry Vane, 3d Baron Bamard ; Created 

Viscount Barnardy and Elarl of Darlington, co. 
Durbam. 3 April, 1754; ob. 1758. 

II. 1758. 2. Henry Vane, s. and b. ob. 1793* 

III. 1793. 3. William Henry Vane, s. and b. Present Earl 

of Darlington and Viscount and Baron Bar- 
nard. He married Katberine, dau. and co- 
heir of Harry, last Duke of Bulton, and co- 
beir of one moiety of tbe Barony of St. Joba 
of Basing^. 

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17^ DAirrMOUtH— DAUBCNEl'. 


Barony, S9 July, I675^€}ftittct 1680. 

Vi4e Plymouth. 


1» 1682. I. Georg:« Leg^e, Created Bare» Dartmouth o( 
Dartfnouth,co. Devon, witb reaiainder, failin^ 
his issue male, tu bis brotber William Legge, 
SDec. 1682; ob. 1691* 


II. 1691. I. 1711. S.WiUlam Leffc. s. and b. Created 
Viscount Lewisbam, co. Kent, and 
Earlof Dartmoutb aforesaid, 5 Sept. 
1711; ob. 1750. 

III...*.. II. 1750. 3. William Legge, grandson and beir; 
being son and beir of George Legge, 
(ob. V. p.) eldest soa of tbe last 
Earl; ob. 1801. 

IV. III. 1801. 4. George Legge, sott and beir, K. G. 

ob. 1810. 

V IV. 1 8 1 0. 5. William Legge, son and beir. Present 

Earl and Baron of Dartmoutb, and 
Viscount Lewisbam. =^ 



h H.H. Ralpb D'Albini, younger son of William 
D'Albini Ist Baron De Albini Britos ob. 
1 1 90 ) bis «uccessor was 

II. John. Pbilip de Albini, ob. 1235. 

in. H.IIL Pbilip de Albini, nepbew and beir; ob. ... . s.p. 


L 1295. 1. Elias Daubeney, brotber and beir ; Summ, to 
Pari, from 2 Nov. 23 Edw. 1. 1295, to 22 Jao. 
30Edw.Ll305; ob 

II. 1342. 2. Ralpb Daubeney, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 35 
Feb. 16 Edw. III. 1342, but never afterwards; 
and tbougb he left male issue, bis descend- 
ants were never summoned to Parliament 
until bis great-great-grandson. 


L 1486. 1. Giles Daubeney ; was Created Baroti Daube- 
ney 12 Mafx:b, 1486, K. G.; ob. 1507. 




II* 1507. 3. Henry Daabeney, t. and h. Created Earl of 
Bridgewater 19 July, 1538; ob. 1548, i^P. 
V when bis bonors created by the Patents of 
1486 and 1538, became 4l^tinct; but tbe 
Barony created by the Writ of S3 Edw. I. it 
. vested iu the heirs general of Elias Ist Baron 



I« 1796. John Christopher Borton Dawnay, 5th Vise. 
Downe in Ireland ; Created Barun Dawnay 
of Cowick, CO. York, May 28, 1796. Present 
Baron Dawnay in England, and Visc, Downe 
in Ireland. = 


I. Will. I. Drue Debeverer, called also Drue de Hoider- 
nesse; came into England with tbe Con- 
queror, and retired into Flanders fome yeart 





I. 1740. 1. Henry Gr^, Ist Duke of Kent} Created 9 
May, 1740, Marquess de Grey, with remain- 
der, failing bis issue male, to bis grand- 
daughter Jeinina, (dau. of bis eldest dau. 
Amabei, by John Campbell, s. and h. of John 
Earl of Bredalbane), and to her issue male ; 
ob. 1741, 8.P.M« 


L 1741. 3. Jemima Campbell, grand-daughter and heir; 
Baroness Lucas : sbe married Philip York, 
afterwards Earl of Hardwicke; ob« 1797« 
«. p. M. when tbe Marquisate became 




I. 1816. l.Amabell Hume Campbeil, eldest dau. and 
cobeir of tb« l«n Marchioiiess ; succeeded 
ber mother as Baroness Lucas, and was Cre- 
ated CouDtt^is de Grey of Wrest, co. Bedford, 
8ept. II, 1816, witb remainder, failiiis her 
i6sue male, to her sister Mary Jeminia, widow 
of Thomas Robinson, 2d Baron Grantham» 
and to her issue male ; sbe married Alexan- 
der Campbell» eldest sou of Hogh Eari «f 
Marchmont, wbo was Created Baron Uume 
of Berwick 1776, bot died s. p. t. p. 1781. 
Pretent Conntest de Grey and Baron^s 
Lucas. ^ 


ViscoüirrcY, S6 April, 1697. 



BanoNfl BT TENima 
1. WÜ1.I. 1. Walter Deincourt. 
IL Heu. L 2. Ralph Deincourt, s. and b. ob 

III. Hen.ll. 3. Walter Deincourt, ob. circa 1167. 

IV. Ric. I. 4. John Deincourt; living 1200. 

V. John. 5. Oliver Deincouft, s. and b. ob. 1201. 
Vf. H. III. 6.0liTer Deincourt, s. and b. living 1244. 
VII. H. III. 7. John Deincourt, s. mnd b. ob. anie 1257- 

BY WRIT. ^ , 

L 1299. 8, Edmund Deincourt, s. and b. Summ, to Parl- 
from 6 Feb. 27 Edw. I. 1299, to 3 Dec. 20 
Ed*r. II. He was also suramoned 8 June, 23 
Edw. L 1294; but fortbe reasons assigned under " Clyve- 
DON," tt is presumed tbat that Writ cannot be deemed 
a regulär Summons to Partiament. Ob. 1327, leaving 
Isabel, bis grand-dau, viz. dau. and sole heir of Edmund 
(ob. V. p.) bis eldest son, bis heir, but wishing to perpo- 
tuate bis name and arras, be obtained a Hcence ftom tbe 
King to setUe bis lordsbips and lands, &t. on whom be 
pleased. He accordingly settled tbero on William Dein- 
court, bereafter mentioned, but tbe Barony created by 
the Writ of 27 Edward Ldescended to tbe said Isabel, bis 
grand-daughter, and is probably now in Abeyance 
among her descendants and representatives. 




I. 1339. 1. William Dciitcüort, ton of John Deincoiirt, 

who is presuBied to bAve been brother of the 
last Baron, wbo settled on tbis William all 
bis lordsbips, by lioence of tbe King. Summ, 
to Pari, from 37 Jan. 6 Edw. III. 1332, to I 
June, 37 Edward 111. 1363; ob. 1379. • 

II. 1373. 2. William Deincourt, grandsoN and beir ; being 

8. and b. of William Deincourt (ob. v. p.) 
eldest son of tbe last Baron, Summ, to Pari. 
S6Aug. 4 Rieb. II. 1380, and 16 July, and 
S2 Aug. 5 Rieb. If. 1381. Tbough the 
Christian name of tbis Baron ii bere stated 
to bave been fFilliam from Dugdale's barin^ 
so called bim, it is most probable that he was 
in fact named John^ as in each instance in the 
lists of summons cited above, he is styled 
« Job'i Deynoourt." Ob. 15 Oet 5 Rieb. II. 

III. 1381. 3. Ralph Deincourt, s. and h. He was never 

Summ, to Pari.; ob. HOS, s. P. 

IV. 140S. 4. John Deincourt, brother and heir; he was nevei 

Summ, to Pari. * he married Jobanna» dau. 
and sole heir of Robert Laid Grey of Rotber^ 
field. Ob. 1406. 

V. 1406. 5. Williaro Deincourt, s. and h. ob. infra sstAteniy 

i^SS» s. p. leaving Alice and Margaret bis 
sitters bis heirs: tht said Alice married, 
first» Ralph Boteler of Sudley, wbo died s. p. 
and secondly, Lord Loveü of Tichmersh ; 
Margaret Deincourt» the other coheir» be- 
came the wife of Ralph Lord Cromwell, but 
died s. p. Tbid Barony, therefore» becane 
vested ia tbe descendants of Lord LotcU and 
the above-mentioned Allee bis wife, on the 
terniination of the Abeyanee by tbe death of 

^ The probable cause of this Baron and his predecessor never 
having been Summ, to Pari, wi^ their dying so very soon after 
they became of age; viz. Ralph, his brother, about twenty-one, 
and thts Buron about twenty-ß>ur or twenty-five ycars of age. Wil- 
liani, his s, and h. tbe last Baron, died under twenty-one ; so that 
onlv one out of the three was eligible to a seat in Parliament, and 
as he did not make proof of his age until just b^ore his death, it 
is |i9t lUfaly he voul4 h^ve been summoaed before he baddona so. 

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Margaret Lady Cromwell. In 1487 Francif 
Baron and Vitcount Lovell, ip'andson of tbe 
aboTC-mentioiied William Lord Lovel and 
Alice Deincourt bis wife, was Attainted, 
wben tbe Barony of Deincourt, tog^tber wirb 
tbose of Lovel of Ticbmersb, Holland, and 
Grey of Rotberfield, became 



t. 16S4. I.Sir Francis Leke, Ist Bart. Created Baron 
Deincourt of Suttoii, co. Derby, 260ct. 1694, 
and Earl of Scarsdale 11 Nov. 1645. 
€%tintt 1736. 




I. Hen. L Robert E'Eivill ; from wbom descended 

IL Jobn. Robert D'Eivill, living 1841 j bis successorwas 


I. 1S64. Jobn D*Eyvill; Summ, to Pari. 14 Dec. 49 
Henry III. 1964; living 1866: bis posterity 
were never Summ, to Pari. 



L 1348. Nicbolas De la Beche ; Summ« to ParL 85 Feb. 
16 Edward III. 1343, but never afterwards, 
^ nor any of bis posterity« 



I. 1366. 1. Micbael de la Pole ; Summ, to Pari, from 90 

Jan. 39 Edw. III. 1366, to 88 Sept. 8 Rieb. II. 

1384. In tbe Wnt of 50 Edw. III. be ii de- 

scribed as «* Admirallo Regis Flot« Navium versus partes 

Boreales." Created Earl of Suffolk S Aug. 1385. Thit 


DB lA POLE— 0£ LA MERE. Itl 

BtiPony eontiaaed nerged in that dig^nSty, and with it was 
||%Tfefteil cirea 1388; restored in 1397 to Michael de U 
Pole, son of this Baron, from wbom it descended to bis 
son, Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suflfuik, on whose 
deatby in 1415, «.p.m. it is presumed to bare faUen 
inio Abeyaace betwe«n hii three daugbters and coheira, 
ICatberine, Elisabeth, and Isabel, of wbom the two 
last iiamed died ante 1422, s. P. and Katberine took the 
Teil, wben tbit Barony devolved on her uucle and bcir, 
William de la Pole, Earl, Marqneii, and Duke of Suffolk, 
on wbose Attainder, in 1450, it, togctber witb bis olber 
bonors, became IFotfettetI« 



]. 1299. ' «^obn de la Marc« Summ, to Pari, from 6 Feb. 
27 Edw. K 129^, to 26 July, 7 Edw. II. 1313, 
but, bis descendants were never Summ, to 
Pari. ; " apd," says Dugdaie, ^* none of tbem 
continuin^ in the rank of Barons, I sbaU 
take no fartber notice of tbem." 



I. 1661. I.Sir Georg^e Bootb, 2d Bart. Created Baron 

Delamere of Dunbam Massey, co. Chestet, 
20th April, 1661; ob. 1684. 

II. 1684. 2. Henry Boutb, s. and b. Created Earl of War- 

rinf^on, co. Lancaster, 1690; ob, 1693. 
IIL 1693. 3. George Bootb, s. and b. Earl of Warrington, 
ob. 1758, S.P.M. when the Earldom of War^ 
rington became 4E):tincti but tbis Barony 
devoWed on 

IV. 1758. 4.Natbaniel Bootb, couain and beir male, being 

s. and h. of Robert Bootb, 2d scn of George 
Ist Baron; ob. 1770, s. p. m. wben tbis 
Barony became - 


V. 1796. I.George Harry Grey, 5tb Earl of Stamford, 

B. and b. of Harry 4th Earl of Stamford, by 
Maiy, sole däu. and beir of George Bootb, 

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3d Baron DeUmere, and 8d Earl of Warrms^ 
ton ; Created Baron DeUunere of Danham 
Mast^, CO. Cbetter^ and Earl of Warringteo, 
8Sd April, 1796 ; ob. 1819. 
Vr. 1819. 3. George Harry Grey, s. and h. 6th Earl of 
SUmford, and lV.-2d Earl of Warrington. 
Present Baron Delamere of Dunham Bü»- 




I. 1821. 1. Thomas Cholmondeley, descended from tbe 
common ancestor of the present Marquess of 
Cholmondeley. Created Baron Delamere of 
Vale Royal, co. ehester, 14th July, 1881. 
Present Baron Delamere of Vale Royal. =r 



I. Hen. IL Guy de la Val ; ob. 1 199. His successor was 

IL Jobn. Gilbert de la Val ; living 1216. 

HL H. 111. Eustace de la Val ; living 1257. 

IV. Edw. I. Hugh de la Val j ob. ante 1301. 



I. 1786. Sir John Hussey Delavai, Ist Bart. Ist Baron 
Delaval in Ireland; presomed to bave been 
descended from tbe Barons above mentioned. 
Created Baron Delaval of Seaton Delaval, 
cob Nortbumberland, Aug. 21, 1786; ob. 
1808, 8.P. M. when his honort became 



I. 1 299. 1 . Robert de la Warde ; Summ, to Pari, from 29 
Dec. 28 Edw. I. i299, to 3 Nov. 34 Edw. L 

1306; ob 

IL 1324. 2.SimoudelaWarde, 8. andh. Somm. toParU 

from 30 Dec. 18 Edw. IL 1324, to 24 July, 

8 Edw. III. 1334, bat not afterwards, nor was any of bis 

posterity, in wbose descendants and representatives this 

Barony is probably now vested. 




I. 1209. I.Roger la Warr; Summ, to Pari, from 6 
Feb. 2T Edw. I. 1299, to 16 June, 4 Edw.U. 
1311. He was likewise sumrooned 8 June. 
22 Edward I. 1294, but it is doubtfui if that 
Wnt was a regulär Summous to Pari. Vidc 
" Clyvedon." Ob. 1320. 

ir. 1307. 2. Roger la Warr, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 
26 Aug. 1 Edw. II. 1307, to 26 Feb. 16 
Edw. III. 1242; ob. 1347. 

in. 1347- 3. Roger la Warr, grandson and heir, beine s 
and h. of John la Warr (ob. v. p.) eldest son 
of tbe last Baron; Summ, to Pari. 14Aur 
36 Edw. III. 1362, and I June, 37 Edw. llf 
1363; ob. 1370. i^iw. III. 

IV. 1370. 4« John la Warr, s. and h. Summoned to Pari 

fipom 8 Jan. 44 Edw. III. 1371, to 5 Nor. 21 
Riebard II. 1397 ; ob. 1398, s. p. 

V. 1398. 6. Thomas la Warr, brother and beir; Summ 

to Pari, from 19 Aug. 23 Rieh. II. 1399, to 
7 Jan. 4 Henry VI. 1426, and, being a priest 
by tbe appellation of *• Magistro Thom« de 
laWarr;"ob. 1426,s.F. 

VJ. 1426. 6.Reginald V.-5tb Baron West, nepbew and 
beir 5 beings. and h. (Thomas Baron West, 
bis eider brother, baving died s. p.) of Tho- 
mas Baron West, by Joan, dau. of Roger 111 
Baron, and balf-sister and heir of Thomas tbe 
last Baron la Warr| Summoned to Pari as 
«Reginaldo la Warre, Chl'r,'' from 15 July. 
SHenry VI. 1427,and by that designation. 
al S "J^^gnäldo West, CbPr," to 23 Sept 

mr« , .. , «2.8. "«»'y VI. 1449 ; ob. 1451. ^ 

VII. 1451. T.Richard West, s. and h. Summ, to Pari, from 
23 Jan. 34 Henry Vi. 1456, to 16 Jan. 12 
Henry VII. 1497, as "Rlcbardo West de la 
y.!r;'.*P*Vu^'' " "Richardo West, 
Chl'r," though he is stated, on tbe autbo- 
nty of an Escheat, to have died twenty-one 
years before, viz. 10 Marcb, 16 Edward IV. 

Vni.14.. 8. Thomas West, s. and b. said to have been 


184 DE LA WARR. 


Äged 19 at tbe death of bis father, and to 

have bad livery of bis lands 1 Sept> l476, 

tbougb tben witbin age. SiMlilD. to Part. 

from 17 Oct. 1 Henry Vlll. 1509, to 15 April» 

14 Henry VIII. 1533 ; K. G. ; ob. 15S5. 

IX. 1525, 9* Thomas West, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

3 Nov. 31 Henry VIII. I5S9, to 14 Aug^. 1 

Mary, 1553, K.G.; ob. 1554, ivben, aecord- 

in|^ to modern decfsions, tbe ßarony Ml ihto Abbyancb 

between tbe daugbters and coheirs of SirOwen West, bU 

balf-brotber, of wbom Mary married, fiKt, Sir Adnan 

Poynlng^» Knt, and seeondly, 8ir Riebard Rogen, Kut. 

and as sbe became eTentually tbe sole beir of 1:^ Iktbei^i 

tbe Barony of la Warr, as well as tbat of West, created by 

tbe Writ of Summons toTbomas West, in 95 Feb. 16 Edw. 

11. mtist be eonsidered to be vested in tbe descendants and 

representativet of tbe said Mary. 

It is a moit ilngular fact, tbat in tbe proceedings oil 
this ßarony, temp. Klieabetb, no allusion is made to tbis 
Mary or bet desceiidants ; and t)ie last Report of tbe 
Committee of tbe llouse of Lords on tbe dignity of a 
Peer of tbe Realm is also silent on tbe subject of tbe 
isftue of tbe said Mary, wbo left tbree daugbters, and 
wbose descendants still etist. 


L 1970. 1. William West, s. and b. of Sir George West, 
Sd son of Tbomas VIIL Baron la Warr, by 
bis second wife, and half-brotber of Tbomas 
tbe last Baron. Having attempted to poison 
bis said half->uncle, be was, by Act of Par- 
liament S £dw. VI. disabled from succeeding 
bim in honors and estate» Created Ba- 
ron de la Warr, to bim and bis beirs male, 
by Patent 5 Febrnary, 1579» and took bis 
seat as junior Baron ; be was alfio-reftored «n 
blood; ob. 1595. 

IL 15i95« 2» Tbomas West, s^ and b,C!laimed tbe precedency 
of tbe ancient Barony in 1 597»wben tbe Houseof 
Lords decided t^at tbe disability of bis fatber 
was personal only, operating against bis said 
fatber for bis life, but not affecting tbe peti- 
tioner ; tbat tbe aeceptance ot a new crea- 
tion could not injure tbe claimant ; but |bat 


DE LA WARR. 185 


on tbe deatb o( the taid William the old and 
new di^Uies descended to^tber to the peti- 
tioner, and tbat the old ihould be preferred ; 
and on tbe 14tb Nov. 1597» he was accord- 
ing\y placed in tbe precedency of tbe ancient 
Barony*. Ob. 1602. 

III. 1603. 3. Thomas We^t, s. and b. ob. 1618. 

IV. 1618. 4. Henry West, s. and h. ob. I6'>d. 

V. 1638. 5. Cbarlen West, s. and b. ob. 1687. 

VI. 1687. 6. John West, 8. and b. ob. 1733. 


VII. 1723.— I. 1761. 7. John West, s. and h. Created Vis- 

count Cantelupe, and Ear) de la 
Warr, 18 March« 1761, K.B. ob. 

VII! —II. 1776. 8. John West, s. and b. ob. 1777. 

IX -111.1777. 9. William Augustus West, s. and h. 

ob. 1783, s. p. 

X .— IV.1783. lOJobn Richard West, brother and 

heir; ob. 1795. 

XI .—V. 1795. 1 LGeorge John West, s. and b. Pre- 

sent Earl de la Warr, Viscount 
Cantelupe, and Baron de la Warr, 
by Patent, 5 Feh. 1570, and, ae- 
corämg to the decition temp. Eliz, 
also Baron la Warr, und^r tbe Writ 
of Summons temp. Edward 1. =t= 

* Vide last Report of the Lords' Committee, to report on the 
Digntty of a Peer of the Realm, p. 35. After this decision, it may 
appear presumptuous to have hazarded the assertion in the last 
Mge, thot the ancient Barony is vested in the representatives of 
Mary, the dan. and heir of Sir Owen West, uncle of this Baron ; 
but the case is analagous to that of the Barony of Percy, in 
which instance, althongh Algemon Seymour (afterwards Duke 
of Somerset) was summoned to Parliament In 1722 as Baron 
Percy, on tbe supposition that he had succeeded bis mother in 
the ancient Barony, aod although he was placed in and sat with 
the precedency of the ancient Barons Percr, yet it is held by 
the most coropetent jndges of the suhject, tnat the only Barony 
of Percy to which bis descendants, the Dukes of Northumber- 
land, have succeeded, is that created by the Writ of 1 722, tbe 
Said Algemon Seymour, Lord Percy, having erroneously had the 
precedency of the old Barony assigned to him. Vide *< Percy." 




J. 1563. 


I. 16SS. 

rf. 1643. 

III. 1675. 

IV. 1685. 

V. 1717. 

VI. 1755. 

VII. 1800. 


Robert Dudley ; Created Baron Denbigh 28 Sept. 
1563, and Earl of Leioester 29 Sept. 1563, 
K.G. ob. 1588, 8.P. wben bis booors became 

1. William Fielding, Ist Baron and Viscoant 
Fielding; Created Earl of tfae County •£ 
Denbigb 14 Sept J622; ob. 1643. 

S.Basti Fieldin^, s. and b. Created Baron St. 
Lis, with a special remainder, 2 Feb. 1664 ; 
ob. 1675, s. P. 

3. William Fieldinfi^, nepbew and beir, being s. 

and b. of George Earl of Desmond In Ire- 
land, youn«:er son of William Ist £arl of 
Denbigb. Earl of Desmond in Ireland ; ob. 

4. Basil Fielding, s. and h. Earl of Desmond in 

Ireland; ob. 1717. 
S.William Fielding, s. and fa. Earl of Desmond 

in Ireland; ob. 1755. 
6.Basil Fielding, 6. and b. Earl of Desmond in 

Ireland; ob. 1800. 
7. Basil Perey Fielding, grandson and beir, being 

s. and b. of William Robert Fielding (ob. 

V. p.) eldest son of the last Earl. Present 

Earl of Denbigb, Viscount and Baron Field- 

ingy and Baron St.Liz, in England; also Earl 

of Desmond, &c. in Ireland. = 



1. 1604. 1. Edward Penney ; Summ, tu Pari, from 27 Oct. 
2 Juc. I. 1604, to 17 Mav, 1 Car. I. 1625, 
as "Edwardo Denny, de Waltbam, Cbl'r;" 
Cr«ated Earl of Norwicb 24 Oct. 1626 ; ob. 
1630, s. F. M. wben tbat Earldom became 
<^mct, bnt tbe Barony devolved ob bii 
d^^ and heir. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

DENNfiy--^DERBY. 18^ 


L 162^. 3. Uontria, wife of Jaroes Hay, Bari of Carlisle i 
ob. •. .. 

II. 16.., 3. James Hay, Bari of Carlisle, s. and b. ob, 
1660, S.P. when this Barooy became 



I. 1137. I.Robert de Ferrars; Created Earl of Derby 

1137; ob. 1139. 

II. Stepb. 2 Robert de Ferrars, s. and b.Uviiig 114t. Styltd 

bSmself ** Comes Junior d« Ferrariis," and 
<* Comes Junior de Notinf bam." 

III. H. il. 3. William de Ferrars, s. and b. livinf; 1167. 

IV. H. II. 4. Robert de Ferrars, s. and h. living 1 172. 

V. Rich.I. S.William de Ferrars, s. and b. Ousted of bis 

Baridoms of Derby and Nottiflgbam by Kinf 
Riebard I. but soon afterwards restored to 
them; ob. 1191. 

Vr. 1 191. 6. William de Ferrars, s. and b. ob. 1246. 

VII. 1246. 7. William de Ferrars, 8. and b. Lord of Cbartley 
jure roatris; ob. 1254. 

VIIL1254. 8. Robert de Ferrars, s. and b. Dispossessed of 
tbe Earldoms by Kin^ Henry 111. in 1265 ; 
ob. 1278. The lands of tbis Earl were cOii- 
ferred on Edmund Plantagenet, son of King 
Henry III. afterwards created Earl of Leices- 
ter and Lancaster, to wbom many writera of 
autbority attribute tbe title of Earl of Derby ; 
but Dugdale exprcssly states, ^be really bad 
notbing of tbe title of Earl ol Derby." 

IX. 1337. Henry Plantagenet, s. and b. of Henry Earl of 
Lancaster. Created Earl of Derby 16 Marcb, 
1337» vitl patris,8Ucceeded bis fatber as Bari 
of Lancaster 1345 ; was Created Earl of Lin- 
coln 1349, and Duke of Lancaster 1351, 
K.G.; ob. 1361, 8. P.M. Blancb, bis dau. and 
ultimately sole beir, mjtrried Jobn of Gaunt, 
Earl of RiebmoDd, afterwards created Duke 
of Lancaftter, '* wbo, amoogst tbe rest of bis 
great titles," say» DitgdaU, ** used tbat, and 
in»t in rr^rc'^t of any fortnal creation, but 


188 DERBY. 


becAute he bad married Blanch above men- 

X. 1380. Henry Plantaicenet, son and heir apparent of 

John of Gaunt, by tbe said Blanch ; atyled 
Earl of Derby 1380, v. p. <<merely as he was 
tbat Duke't eldest son ; afterwards Duke of 
Lancatter, and King Henry IV. when thts 
Earldom became raerfi^ed in ihe Crown. 

XI. 1485. I.Thomas Stanley; Summ, to Pari, as Baron 

Stanley 1455 ; Created Earl of Derby 37 Oct. 
1485 ; Lord Hi^b Constable ; K.G.; ob. 1504. 

XII. 1504. S. Thomas Stanley, ptindson and heir, beings. 

and h. of Geor^ Stanley, K. G. («vho was 
Summ, to Pari, as Baron Strange of Knockyn, 
in right of bis wife, Jane, dau. and heir of 
John Lord Strangre of Knockyn, and died ▼. 
p.) eldest son of tbe last Earl ; ob. 1521. 

XIII. 1521. 3. Edward Stanley, s. and h. K. G. ob. 1574. 

XIV. 1574. 4. Henry Stanley, s. and h. He marr. Marf^aret, 

only cbild of Henrjr 2d Earl of Cumberland, 
by Alianore, dau. and coheir ot Charles 
Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, by Mary Queen 
Dowag^r of France» and tister, and uhi-.. 
mately coheir of King Henry VIII.; K.G.; 
ob. 1592. 

XV. 1 592. 5. Perdinando Stanley, s. and h. ob. 1 594, s. P. M. 
XVL 1594. 6. William Stanley, brother and heir, K.G.; 

ob. 1642. 
XVIL1642. 7* James Stanley, s. and b. Summ, to ParL as 

Baron Strange v. p. K.G. ; beheaded 1651. 
XVin.1651.8. Charles Stanley, s. and b. ob. 1672. 

XIX. 1672. 9. William George Richard Stanley, s. and b. 

ob. 1702, 8. P.M. 

XX. 1702. lOJames Stanley, bro. and h. ob. 1736, s. P. when 
XXh 1736. 11. Sir Edward Stanley, 5th Bart, succeeded as 

next heir male, being lineally descended 
from James, 3d son of George Stanley, Baron 
Strange, K. G. (ob.' v. p.) eldest son of Tho- 
mas XI.- Ist Earl ; ob. 1776. 
XXII. 1776. 12. Edward (assumed tbe name of) Smith Stanley, 
grandson and heir, being s and b. of James 
Stanley (ob. v. p.) s. and b. of Edward, last 
Earl. Present Earl of Derby. t= 





I. 16Ö8. 1. Sir Francis Radclyffe, ßart. Crcated Baron of 
Tyndale, co. Nortbumberland, Viscouot Rat- 
diffe and Langley» and Earl ot Derwentwater 
7 March» 1688 ; ob. 1696. 

IL 1696. S. Francis Radclyffe, s. and h. ob. 1705. 

III. 1705. S. James Radclyffe, s. and b. bebeaded and a^ 
tainted 1716, when all bis bonors became 



[. Will. L Robert, Des)iencer» or SteWard to Kinf WU- 
liam I. liTing 1083. 
William, Despencer, or Steward to K. Hen. L 
Tburstan Despemier ; ob. . • . • 
Almaric Despencei^ s. and b« llvinf 1S04. 
Tbarstan Despencer, presottled s. and h. ob.' 

I. H.III. 1. ftngb Despeneer, contempomry wtth the last 

mentioned Thttrstaa s livin^ 1236. 
L 1864, % Hd^b Despeater, presamtd to have baea 
grandson of tli« kist Baron, vis. son of Tbo- 
mas, wbo 18 supposed to bave been bis soo ; 
Summ, to Pari 14 Üec 49 Hen. HI. 1864,ai 
** Hugh le Despenoer, Justic' Anf li« s" ob. 

II. 1395. 3. Hugb Despencer, s. and b. Summ, to Part 

from 88 June, 33 Edward I. 1895, to 14 
Mareb, 15 Edw.II. 1388; be was also Summ. 
8 June» 92 Edw.I. 1894; but für tbe rea- 
sons aMifned under ** Clyveoon," it is doubt- 
fttl if tbat Writ was a regulär Summons 
to Parliament ; Created Earl of Wincbester 
10 May» 1382; beiieaded 9 Öct. 1386, and 
baYinf been dedared a traitor by Parlia- 
ment« bis bonors became 








H. III. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



III. 1314. 4. Hugh Detpencer, t. and b. bavinf married 

Elcftnor, dau. aitd colieir of Gilbert de Cläre, 
Earl of Gloucester, and niece of Kin|; Edw. 
11. wai Summ, to Pari, as " Hugoni le De- 
tpencer, Juniori," from 99 July, 8 Edw. II. 
1814, to 10 Oct. 19 Edw. II. 1325; bebeaded 

30 Nov. 1386, and baviiig been deelared a 
iraitor by Act of Parliament, bis bonors be- 
came forfeitetl. 

IV. 1338. 5. Hugb Deipencer, t. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 15 Jone, 12 Edw. III. 1338» to 1 Jan. 
S9 Edw. III. 1349 { ob. 1349. & p. 

V. 1357. 6. Edward Detpencer, nepbew and beir, being 

% and b. of Edward le Despencer. next bro. 
to tbe last Baron; be married Elisabeth, 
dau. and soie beir of Bartbolomew IV. Baron 
Borfcbersb ; Summ, to Pari, from 15 D«^ 

31 Edward III. 1S57> to 6 Oct 46 Edw. III. 
I57S»K.0.; ob. 1375. 

VL 1375, 7.Tbomat Despencer, Summ, to Pari, from 30 
Nov. SO Ric. 11. 1396, and 18 July, 21 RtcK. 
1397 ; obuUied tbe Reversal of tbe Act ile- 
elaringbis ance«tors Hugb II.-8d, and Huf^h 
IIIMtb Barons, traiturs« in 1397 ; Created 
EarlofGloucester 1397; bebei^ed 1400, and ^ 
belng atuinted, bis bonors became 

RIcbard Despencer, bis s. and b. died 1414, 
infra «tatem, 8. p. wbereupon Isabel, hii 
sister became bis sole beir; sbe mar. Richard 
Beancbamp, Baron Abergavenny and Earl 
of Worcester, by wbom sbe bad Elisabeth, 
ber dau. and beir t and tbe attainder of 
Tbomas VI.-7tb Baron Despencer, ber grand- 
fatber, baving been reversed 1 Edw. IV. 
1461 , sbe carried tbe Baronies of Bergaveniiy, 
Burgbersb, and Despencer, to ber busb«nd 
Edward Nevill, in wbose descendants it 
remained until tbe dcatb of Henry Nevil 
XIII.-4tb Raron Abergavenny, in I587.8.P.N. 
(Vide Abergavenny] ; bis dau. and sole bvir 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



I. 1603. 9. M«ry NeVill, ol>tiiined a conflrnifttion of the 
Barony of Despencer rand was also entitled 
by descent to tbat of Burf^bersb, but wbich 
bat iiever been claimed,) in 1603 ; she mar. 
Sir Tbomas Fane, Knigbt, and died 1686. 


VIII. l626.10.Francis Panels, and b. Created Baron Barff- 

bershy witb remainder to bis beirs male and 
Bari of Westmoreland, Dec. 89> 1684; ob. 

IX. ]688.1l.Mildmay Jane, s. and b. Earl of Westmore- 

land; ob. 1665. 

X. 1665.18. CharlesPane, s. and h. Earl of Westnioreland; 

ob. 1691» 8. p. 

XI. 1 691 . 1 S.Vere Fane, brotber and beir, Earl of Westmore- 

land; ob. 1693. 

XII. 1693.14.Vere Fane, s. and b.Earl of Westmoreland ; 

ob. 1699, 8. P. 
XliI.16^.15.Tbomas Fane, brotber and beir, Earl of West« 
moreland; ob. 1736, s. p. 

XIV. n36.l6Jobn Fane, brotber and beir, Earl of West- 

moreland ; ob. 1 768, s. p. when tbis Barony 
feil into Abbyancb between tbe beirs of bis 
sitters, Manr, wife of Sir Francis Dasbwood, 
Bart, and Catberine, wbo married William 
Paul, Esq. until 1763, wben tbe Crown ter* 
minated tbe Abeyance in favour of 

XV. i763.i7.Sir Francis Dasbwood, tbe eider cobeir, be 

bein; s. and b. of Sir Francis Dasbwood by 
tbe Said Mary, eldest sister and cobeir of tbe 
last Baron ; öbtained a ConBrmation of tbe 
Barony April 19> 1763 ; ob. 1781, 8. p. wben 
the Barony again feil into Abbyancb between 
Racbel, sister of tbe last Baron widow of 
Sir Robert Austen, Bart, and the beirs of 
Lady Catberine Paul, dau.of Tbomas Earlof 
WestmureUnd XIIl.-I5tb Baron s'on Lady 
Au8ten*8 deatb in 1788, 8.P. the Abeyance 
terminated, and the Barony devolred on 

XVI. ]|88.18.Sir Thomas Stapleton, 3d Bart, be being son 

and b. of Sir Tbomas, eldest surviving son of 
Sir William Stapleton, by Catherine, dau. 
and sole beir of William Paul, Esq. by Lady 
Catberine Fane, dau. and ultimately sole 



hüt 9i TbcNMS Sari of Westnoreland 
Xlll^lSth BnoB. Present Baron le De- 
apencar, and Baron of Burgbersb, under tbe 
Writ of 18 Nov. 3S Edw. I. 1803. ^ 


OF •••. 

I. 1SS7. 1. Philip Despencer, presumed to bave been of 
tba pfeeeding family i Summ, to Pari, fro^ii 
17 Dec. 9 Rieb. U. 1387» to 3 Oct. S Hen. 
IV. 1400 i ob. 1423, 8. p. M. Margeiy, bU 
sole dau. and beir, married Roger Went- 
wortb, Eiq. in wbose deacendantt and repre- 
tentatives tbis Barony is iiow vested. 



I. 1899. 1. William Devereux, Summ, to Pari, as ** Wil- 

liam de Ebroicis/' 6 Feb. 87 Edw. I. 1899» 
jiyt uever afteryirards. Dugdale takes no 
notice in bis Baronage of tbis Baron baving 
been 90 Summoned ; none of bis descendanu 
were again Summoned to Pari, until 1384, 

II. 1384. Jobn Peyereux, wbo appears to bare been bis 

f randsoo, was Summ, to Pari, from 88 Sept. 
8 Ric. n. 1384, to 83 Nov. 16 Ric II. 1397» 
K. G. i ob. 1394, leaving Jobn Devereux bis 
son and beir, wbo died in 1397, infra sta- 
tem, s. P. leaving Joan bis sister, wife of Wal- 
ter Lord Fiu-Walter» bis beir, wben tbis 
Barony beeame united tot bat ofFits Walter. 
Vide Fitz-Waltkr. 



). H. I. 1. Riebard de Redvers, obtained tbe Barony of 
Oakbampton, co. Devon, from K. Will. 11. 
Created Earl of Devon, by King Hen. 1. 
ob. 1137. 

II. 1 137. 8. Baldwin de Redvers» s. and b. ob. 1 155. 

III. 1 155. 3. Riebard de Redvers, s. and b. ob. 1161. 

IV. 1 161. 4. Baldwin de Redveirs, s. and b. ob ,8. p. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

J»mi. las 


,V. H. II. & RithMi d# Ibitefi; brotb«r and hdr, ob. ante 

VI. RicI. 6. William de.ftohr«», uncle and beir, bcinr 

brotber of Riebard III. Earl ; ob. 18J6. 

VII. 1216. 7. Baldwin de Redvere, f randson and beir, being 

8. and ^. of Baldwin^ (ob. v. p.) eldett ton of 
tbe last Baris Created f^l of tbe Itle off 
WifTbt ; ob. 1345. 
Vf II.1345. 8. Baldwin de Redvers, s. and b. ob. 1S6S» 8.P. 


I. Vi6% 9* Isabel de Redvers, sister and beir ; styled ber- 
self CouDtess of Devon, Sbe married Wil- 
liam de Fortibus, Earl of Albeniarle, wbo 
hy sonie writers is erronecutfy called Earl of 
Pevon ; ai be died, according to tbe best au- 
tborities, one year before Baldwin, tbe last 
Earl. Tbeir only issue tbat survived was 
Aveline, dau, and beir s sbe married Edmund 
Plaptagenet, Earl of Lancaster, and died in 
BARU IS^, 8.P. 

IX. 1335. l.Hugb Courtenay I.-6tb Baron Courtenay, 

being, on tbe death of tbe said Aveline, next 
beir to Isabel tbe last Countess, vis. son and 
beir of Hugb, eldest son of Jobn, son and 
beir of Robert de CouHenay by Mary, sister 
of Baldwin de Redvers (ob. v. p.) father of 
Baldwin 7tb Earl of Devon, and grandfatber 
to tbe Said Isabel; was Created Earl of 
Devon. 33 Feb. 1335 ; ob. 1340. 

X. 1340. S. Hugb Courtenay» s. and b. ob. 1377. 

XI. 1377. 3, Edward Courtenay, grands. and b. being s. and 

b. of l^ward Courtenay (ob. v. p.) 2d son (Sir 
Hugh Courtenay» K. G. tbe eldest son, hav*. 
iog died v. p. and bis only son vita avi,) of 
tbe last Earl ; Earl Marshai 1385; ob. 1419. 

XII. 1419. 4. Hugh Courtenay, s. and b. ob. 1433. 
Xlli.1433. 5. Tbonias Courtenay, s. and b. ob. 1458. 
XIVJ458. 6.Tbonsas Courtenay, s. and b. attainted and 

bebeaded 1461, when bis bonors became 

XV. 1469. Hompbrey Stafford, Baron Staffnrd of Sutb- 
wicke i Created Earl of Devon. 7 May> 1469 ; 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



beheaded 17 Auf. 1469; ob. s. p. wben bis 
bonora became 

XVI. 1485. I.Edward Couitenay, s. and b. of Hugb, eldeit 
son of Hu^h Cottftenay, next brotber of 
Edward Xr.-3d Earl; Created Eari of Deroo. 
S6 Oct. 1485» K. G. { ob. 1509. 

XV1I.1511.S. Henry Courtenay, f^randson and beir, being 
t. and b. of William Courteniy (by Katbe- 
rine, dau. of King Edward lY.) eld^t son of 
tbe last Earl (wbich William CourteDay if 
by mott w riters called Earl of Devon, bat as 
be was atuinted in 1504 vitA patris, and 
tbe attainder not bavinf; been reyerted, be 
of course could not inberit tbe dignity ; be 
died 1511» and at Ueniy VIlI.'s command, 
wa« buried witb tbe bonors of an Earl). 
Restored in blood and bonors 1511 ; CreatcMl 
Marquess of Exeter 18 June, 1535, K. G. : 
atuinted and bebcaded 1539, wben bis bo- 
nors became 

XVIII. l553.3.Edward Courtenay, s. and h. Created Earl of 

Devon S8 Sept. 1553; Restored in blood and 
bonors by Parliament 10 Oct. 1553} Mar- 
quess of Exeter ; ob. 1556, 8. p. wben all bis 
bonors became 


XIX. 1603. Charles Blount, 8tb Baron Mounjoy ; Created 

Earlof Devon 21 July, 1603, K. G.; ob. 
1606, 8. p. L. wben this Earldom again be- 
came 4^ttnct. 



I. 1618. 1. William Cavendish, Ist Baron Cavendisb of 

Hardwicke; Created Earl of Devonsbire 7 
Au^. 1618; nb. 16S5. 

II. 1625. 2. William Cavendisb, s. and b. ob. 1628. 

III. 1628. 3. William Cavendish, s. and b. 1684. 


IV. 1684.— 1. 1694. 4. William Cavendisb, s. and h. Created 

Marquess of Hsgtington,caDerby, 




•nd Duke of Devonihire IS May, 

1694, K.G.; ob. 1 707. 
V —II. 1707. 5. William Cavendish, s. and b. K. G. ; 

ob. 1729. 
VI —III.17S9. 6. William Cavendish, Land h.Lord 

Lieut. of Ireland 1737, K. G. ; ob. 

VII. •••. —IV. 1755.7. William Cavendish, s. and h.Lord 

Lieut. of Ireland, 1754, K.G.; ob. 

Vm —V. 1764. 8. William Carendisb, s. and h, K. G.; 

ob. 1811. 
IX — VI.181 1 . 9. William Spencer Cavendish, s.and h. 

Present Duke and Earl of Devon* 
•hire, Marquess of Hartin^on, BarOn Caven- 
dish of Hardwicke, and Baron Cüfford onder 
the Writ of 7 March, 3 Car. f. 16S8*. 



I. 1618. l.JohnDigby; Created 3vQn Digby of Sher^ 
bome, CO. Dorset, 35 Nov. 1618, and Earl of 
Bristol 15 Sept. 1623. 
€püntt 1698. 
SARL& VideBumou 

IL 1765^1. 1790. 1. Henry Digby, 7 th Baron Digby in 
Ireland 1 deseended from Sir Robert 
Digby, eldest brother of the above- 
mentioned John Digby, Ist Baron 
Digby and Earl of Bristol ; Created 
Baron Digby ofShtfrborne, co. Dor- 
set, with remainder, failing bis issoe 
male, to the issue male of bis father, 
19 Aug. 1765; Created Vlscount 
Coleshill, CO. Warwick, and Earl 
Digby, CO. Lincoln» 1 Nov. 1790 ; 
ob. 1793. 

III —IL 1793. 2. Edward Digby, s. and h. Present 

Earl and Barun Digby, and Viscount 
Coleshill in England ; also Baron 
Digby in Ireland. 

• Vide AoDBNDA. 




I. WiU.1. Foulke de Dinan. 

I. keo. t Alan de Dynant. 
L Hen.II. Huf h de Dinant. 

L Hen JI. Itolahd Dinant, living 1 165. 

I« rt.II. 1. Geoffrey Dinant, son of Oriver, who is pre- 
tumed to bave been brother of Alan abow 

II. John. 9. Oliver Dinant, bro. of Gtoffrey, last Baron ; 

livins 1213. 

III. H. I. 3. Geoffrey Dinant, s. and h. ob. 1858. 


I. 1895. 4. Oliver Dynaunt. s. and h. Summ, to Pari, from 

83 June, 83 KdWttrl I. 1895, to 89 Dec 88 

Edw. I. 1899; ob. circa 1899, leavingf Jötfü 

DifWn lii'^ön änd htelir; but neiffitfi^thia^ 

JeiBle nor nn^ of Ms dei<^Hdknts were ever 

Summoned tö PtrÜat^^ttt mitil bis freat- 


IL 14m Jöbrf I^nbam, wbo was SuWMfted to Pari. 

from 88 Peb. 6 Edj^Md l^i mßi to 1$ 

Jan. 18 ben. VII 1497, aa « Jobanni Din- 

bam de Gate Dinfaaro, Chl'r," K. G. Lord 

Treasurer ; ob. circa 1509*> 8. p. L. whcn the 

Barongr is presumed tor bave become 4tj^ntt ; for as no 

Writ of Summons was issued for so many generations 

between bis ancestor, who was Summoned in 83 Edw. L 

and tbis Baron» the Writ to bim in all probability was 

deemed a Greation de nov», descendible to tbe heirs of 

bis body only i whatever elaim exists, however, to the 

Barony created by tbe Writ of 83 Edw. I. is now vested 

in the descendants and representatives of tbe sisters and 

cobeirs of John the last #aroq. - . . . 

... ^. '-...-. ■ -it .. . . .. — , 

* Dugdale, on the authority of Stow, says he died 17 Hen. 
VII. 1501 ; but it appears that bis will was dated 7 Jan. 1505, 
and proved 4 May, 1509. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




I. 1618. 1 . James Hay, Ist Baron Hay of Sauley i Crested 

Viscount Doncaster, co. York, 5 July, 1618, 
andEftrl of Carlisle 13 Sept. 1623, K.G.; 
ob. 1636. 

II. 1636. S.James Hay, s. and b. Bari of Carlisle; ob. 

1660, 8. P. when bis bonors became 
EABL8. ^jrtinct. 

I. . 1663* 1. James Fitz-Roy (assumed the name of) Scot, 

natural son of K. Cbarles II. Created Baron 
Tyndale, co. Nortburoberland, Bari of Don- 
caster, co. York, and Duke of Monmoutb, 
14 Feb. 1663. Having married Ann, dau. and 
beir of Francis Scot, Earl of Bucdeug^b, be 
and bis said wife were created Duke and 
Ducbess of Buccleugb, Earl and Countess of 
Dalkeitb, and Barun and Baroness Wbit- 
cbester and Asbdale in Scotland, SO April, 
1673, K. G. ; attainted and bebeaded 1685, 
wben bis Enj^lisb bonors became 

II. 1743. % Francis Scot, Sd Bari of Dalkeitb in Scotland, 

s. and b. of James 2d Earl of Dalkeitb, son 
and beir of James last Earl of Doncastcr, 
and Duke of Monmoutb; Restored to tbe 
title of Earl of Doncaster and BarQn Typ- 
dale, by Act of Farliaraent S3 March, 1743; 
succeeded bis grandmotber in tbe Dukedum 
of Buccleugb in Scotland 173S, K. T.; ob. 

III. 1751. 3. Henry Scot, i^randson and beir, bein^ son 

and beir of Francis Scot (ob. v. p.) eldest son 
of tbe last Earl, Duke of Buccieugb in Scot- 
land, K.G.; ob. 1812. 

IV. 18 IS. 4. Cbarles WiUiam Henry Scot, s. and b. Duke 

of Buccleugb in Scotland, K. T. ; ob. 1819. 

V. 1819* 5. Walter Francis Scot Douglas, s. and b. Duke 

of Buccleugb and Queensberry, &c. in Scot- 
land. Present Earl of Doncaster and Baron 
Tyndale in England (a minor), 
tt 3 




I* 1688. DadleyCarltoii» Ist Baron Cariton; Created 
VUoount Dorcbetter of Dorebetter, eo. Ox» 
ford, 85 July, 1638; ob. 163 1, s.p. when hit 
honort beeame 

II. 1786. 1. Sir Guy Carieton, K. B. Created Baron Dör- 
cbttter of Dorcb«t(er» eo* Oxford, Aug. !ei^ 
1786 i ob. 1608. 

im 1808. 8. Artbur Henry Carleton, f randion and beir» 
beln^ ton and beir of Cbriitopher Carletoo 
(ob. V. p.) tbird but eldett ion tbat bad mue 
of the last Baron. Present Baron Dorcbes- 
ter of Dorcbefttar, co. Oxford* 



L 1644. Henry Pierrepont, 8d Earl of Kingston ; 
Created Marquets of Dorobester, co. Dorset, 
35 Marcb, 1644; ob. I68O9 s. p. M. «»ben tbe 
MarquUate became 
C0UNTE8S. CjXintU 

I. 1686. Catberine Sidley, dau. of Sir Cfaarles Sidley, 
Bart, and Mistret « to King James II. Created 
Baroness of Darlington, co. Durbam, and 
Countess of Dorcbester, co. Dorset, for life, 
Jan. 8, 1686 ; sbe afterwvrds roarried David 
Collyer, who was Created Earl of Portmore 
in Scotland ; ob. 1698, when ber bonors be- 
came 4iptintt 


II. 1706. 1. Evelyn Pierrepont, 4tb Earl of Kingston, and 
great nepbew of Henry Ist Marquess of Dor- 
cbester, Created Marquess of Dorcbester, co. 
Dorset, 83 Dec. 1706, witb remainder, fail- 
ing bis issue asale; to bis unde Genrase, Ist 
Baron Pierrepont of Hanslope; Created 




Duke of Kinfitoit SOJuly, 1715, K.G^ ob. 
IK. 17S6. S. Evelyn Pierrepontt f rao^son and hetr, beinr 
s. ftnd b. of William Pierrepont, (oK r. p.) 
eldest ton of tbe last Duke» ob. 1 773, S. V* M« 
wben tbit Marauiaate again becane 
SAKLS. ^ijAtütt. 

I. 1798. l.Jotepb Damer, Ist Raron Milton; Crealed 

Vitcount Milton and Earl of Dorebcater, 00. 
Donet, 18 May, 1792; ob. 1796» 

II. 1798* & George Damer, s. and h. ob. 1808, 8. P. wben 

l^is bonort becane 



I. iei5. I.Sir Robert üormer, Ist Bart. Created Baron 
Dormer of Werige> co. Bucks,30Jone, 1615; 
ob. 1616. 

n. 1616. S. Robei't Dormer, f^randson and heir, being s. 
andb. of William Dormer, (ob. v.p.) eldett son 
of tbe last Baron ; created Viscount Aicott> 
and Earl of Camanron, 1628; ob. 1643. 

III. 1643. 3. Cbarles Dormer, s. and b. Earl of Camanron ; 

ob. 1709» 8. P. M. wben tbe Viscountcy of At- 
cott and Earldom of Camarvon became 4^- 
tfncts but thiB Barony devolred on 

lY. 1709. 4. Rowland Dormer, cousin and beir, being s. 
and b. of Robert, eldest son of Antbony, 8d 
son of Robert, Ist Baron; ob. 1718» 8. p. 

V. 17 IS. 5. Cbarles Dormer, cousin and beir, bein^c s. and 
b. of Charles Dormer, eldest son of Robert, 
3d son of Robert Ist Baron $ ob. 1728. 

Vr. I72S. 6. Cbarles Dormer, s. and b. ob. 1761, s P. 

VII. 1761. 7.Jobn Dormer. brother and beir s ob. 1785. 

VIII.I785. 8. Cbarles Dormer, s. and b. ob. 1804. 

.IX. 1804. 9. Cbarles Dormer, s. and b. ob. 1819» 8. p. 

X. 1819*10. Robert Evelyn Pierrepont Dormer, balf-bro- 
tber and beir; Present Baron Dormer*. =^ 

* It is a very siogular fkct, that dthough tbe Baronv of Dbrmer 
his exitted fot above twro centuries, tbe present Lord is the first 
Peer ib8t ever sat in the House of Lords, 




I. Will. [. OflODond de Sees was, accordmg^ to «om« wrl- 

ters, created Earl of Dorset by King William 

I.; ob. 1099. 

Some aotborities assert that William de Mohun wat 

Created Earl of Dorset by the Empress Maud $ if socfa 

was the faet, the dignity does not appear to have been 

. afterwards coofiroed. 


I. 1397. John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset» 
eldest natural son of John of Gaunt, 
Duke of Lancaster, by Katberine 
Swinford ; legitimated by Act of Pari. 
15 Rieb. II. but with an express ex- 
ception against any claim to the 
Throne; Created Marquess Dorset 
S9 Sept. 1397t «bicb he resigned« 
Tery soon afterwards, haviug in lieu 
thereof another Patent, dated the 
same day, wbereby he was created 
Marquess of Somerset } but notwith- 
standing which be ever after bore 
the title of Marquess Dorset : tbat 
dignity was made void by Parlia- 
ment 1 Henry IV. but it was, 
bowever, restored to bim a few years 
afterwards, K. G.; ob. 1409, leavinf 
two sons, neitber or wbom bore tbat 
'!• 1411. Thomas Beaufurt, youiigest natural 

son of John of Gaunt, by Katberine 
Swinford, and brother of tbe last 
Marquess; Created Earl of Dorset, 
5 July, 1411, and Duke of Exeter 18 

• The wolrd resigned U here used, Dotwitbstanding tbat the 
Editor b well aware of the resolutions of the House of Peer«, 
Ist February, 1640, and 18 June, 1678, that no surrender of a 
Patent can be a bar to a claim of the diffuity so surrendered; but 
at the period in question such surreo&rs were not «ncommon, 
and it is presumed that the expression is correct when applied to 
a transaction which took place nearly two hundred and fifty years 
before such was determined to be the law on the subject by the 
House of Lords. 


»A UtA MAR9« 

Nor. 141^, li:. O,; ob. l4l7, «. K wh^rt 
hit boDöts becitne 4ttHnct» 

III. 144l.'^II. 1443. 1. Edmund Be^ufort, younger ioq of 
John, Ut Mak|ue88, fttid nephe# bf 
Thomas the Ust EarliCreated Earl 
d( Donet 28 Aug. 1^1 ; Creat^d 
Kfafquess of Dornet 24 Jtini^, 1449, 
and Duke o( Somerset 31 March» 
1447, K. G.J ob. 1454. 

IV —IlL 1454. jk. Henry Beaufort, s. and b. Duke 

of Somerset ; beheaded and attaint- 
^d l46d. wlien Uli honours became 

Edmund Beaufort, bis brother and 

beir, is by some writers said to bave 

, been rettored to bis brother's bonors ; 

but it appears tbat tha assertion i^ 

erroneous* Viae SoMiRSBT. 

IV. 1475.1. Thomas Grey, 7tli Baron Ferrer^ 

of Gruby; Created Earl of Münting- 
dop 34 Aug. ^471» wbich title he is 
säid to bave rcsigned* to the Kin^ 
sbortly afterwards, aiid was Creatf4 
M?i;4ues8of porsei 1*8 April, l475'; 
attiuDted in 1483^ wheo bis honerr 
became JForf9iteb, but he was fuAy 
restored in blood and bonors in 1485^ 
K.G.;ob. 1501. 

V. 1501; 3. Thomas Grey, s. and h. K. G. ; ob. 

VL 15i30. 3. Henry Grey, f. and b. Created Duke 
of Suffulk 11 Oct. 1551 ; Lord High 
Constable 1547. He married Frances, 
dau. and coheir of Charles Brandon, 
Duke of Suffolk, by Mary, Queen 
Dowager of France, and sister of King 
Henry VIII. K. G. attain ted and be- 
htfaded 15^4^, when bis honours be- 
came IForfeJteli. 

V. i^Öä. l.lliomas äackviAe, Ut Öaroii Buckbürst; 
Created Earl o^ Dorset 13 March, 1603; 
LoMTreasurer 1599, K. G.; ob. 1608. 

* Vide the Note to the precediog page. 

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VI. 1608. 9. Roben SackTiUe, s. and h. ob. 1609. 

VII. 1609. S. Riehard Sackville, s. and h. ob. 1634, 

i. P. M. 
VIIL 1624. 4. Edward Sackville» broth. and heir» ^G. 
ob. 16&3. 

IX. 165S. 5. Richard SackviUe» i. and b. ob. 1677. 

X. 1677. 6. Charles Sackville, •• and b. Created Bnon 

Craiifield of Cranfield, co. Bedford, and Earl 
of Middletexy 4 April» 1675« whieh titlet were 
borne by bii maternal nncle Lionel CrtiH 
field, Earl of Middleaex, to wbom he wu 
beir, K.G.s ob. 1706. 


XI. 1706.— I. 17S0. 7* Lionel Cranfield Saekville, i. and 

b. Created Duke of Dortet 13 June, 
1780} L. Lt. of Ireland 1730 and 
1750, K. G. ob. 1768. 

XII —IL 1763. 8. Charles SackvUle, s. and b. ob. 

1769, 8. p. 

XIII .— III.1769.9*John Frederiek Sackvitle, nephew 

and heir, being s. and h. of John Phi- 
lip Sackville, 8d son of Lionel, Ist 
Duke, ob. 1799. 

XIV. .•••«— IV.1799.10. George John Frederick SackTÜle, 

s.andh.ob. 1815, 8. p. 

XV. •....— V.1815.11. Charles SackriUe Genn^n, Snd 

Vlscount Sackville, cousin and heir; 
being s. and h. of George Sackville, 
who assumed the name of GermaiOy 
and was Created Baron Bolebrook 
and Viseount Sackville, 3d son of 
Lionel 1 st Duke. Present Duke aod 
Earl of Dortet, Earl of Middletex, 
Vitcount Germain, Baron Buckburtt, 
Baron Cranfield, and Baron Bole- 



I. 1786. William Douglas, 4th Duke of Qoeentbeny 
in Seotland, Created Baron Douglas of Am- 
bresbory, co.WilU, Aug. 8, 1786, K.T.t ob. 
1810, s. p. when thit Barony became 




1. 1190. 



Archibald Stewart (aMomed the nane of) 
DougUt» ton and heir of Sir Jobn Stewart» 
Bart, by Jane, siiter and heir of ArcbibaM» 
last Oulce of Douglat in Scotland i Created 
Baron Dooglat of Douglas Castle« co. L»- 
nark« Joly B, 1790. Present Baron Dooglaa 
of Douglas Castle. ^ 



J. 1791. 

George Douglas, I6tb Earl of Morton In Scot- 
land, Created Baron Douglas of Locbleren» 
CO. Kinross» 1 1 Aug. 1791, K.T. Present Ba- 
ron Douglas of Locbleven. =?= 


Barony, 4 September, 1809* 
Marquisatb, 3 May, 1814. 

Vide Wellington. 



I. 1688. I.Henry Carey« 4th Baron Hnnsdon and Ist 

Viscount Rocbford, Created Earl of Dover 

8 Marcb, 16S8, ob. 16G8. 
IL 1668. 2. Jobn Carey, i. and b. ob^ 1677, 8. p.m. when 

tbe Viscountcy of Rochford and Earldom of 

Dover became 



I. 1708. I.James Douglas, Sd Duke of Queensberry in 

Scotland, Created Baron of Rippon, Mar- 
quess of Beverley, both co. York, and Duk« 
of Dover S6 May, 1708, ob. 1711. 

II. 171 L 8. Charles Douglas, s. and h. ob. 1778, s. p. when 

all bis English honors became 



1. 1788. JoMpb Yorke, yimnger sou of Philip Ist Eaii 
of Hardwieke»<€MAUd Baron Dover of Dover» 
eo.Kent« Sept. 11, 1788, K.B.; ob. 179^1 «• f. 
wben bit bonors became 



1« Uep. I. f ulbert 4e Dovor, ob. tut« 1 139 ; bis lueeetsor 

IL Heii.ll. Hugb de Dovor, living 11G7; wbo wat auc- 

oeeded by 

I II. Rieb. I. Pulbert de Dovor, living 1 194. 

IV. John. Robert de Dovor, (suppoted) ton and beir, ob. 

ante 1S04; bis dau. and beir Roese, oiaiTiod 
llrt t, Riebard, son of King Jobo, bot on Com- 
ing of age ibe dissented from her marriage : 
ai^ married, secondly, Riobard de Cbilbam» 
wbo died ante 1232» leaving by tbe aaid 
Reese a son and beir, 

V. Hen. in. Riebard de Dovor, fst. 81, 1271» db» 8. p. leav» 

ing Jobn, Earl of Athol in Scotland, bis beir ; 
¥12. son and beir of lsabel, bis sister. 



I. Willi. 1. Robert D'oyley, ob... s. P. 

II. Hen.I. 2. Nigell D'oyley, brotb. and heir, ob. . . 

III. Stepb. 3. Robert D'oyley, s. a»d b. living 1 140. 

IV. Hen.II.4. Henry D'oyley, s. and b. Constable to tbe 

Kiu|(, living 1216. 

V. Hen.III.5. Henry D'oyley, s. and b. Constable to tbe 

King, ob. 1232, 8. p. leaving bis two aister» 
bis heirs ; ol whom Margaret tbe eklest mar- 
ried Henry Earl of Warwick. 



I. 1297. Riebard de Draycote ; Summoned to Pari. 96 
Jan. 25 Ediv. I. 1297» but never afterwards. 
Por tbe reaisons assigned under ** FiTZ- 



John," it it tomewhat doubtfui if thit Writ 
can b« consMered as a regulär Sommont to 
Parliament. Dugdale fivtt Bo accoimt of 
thii Baron in bii'BaroDage. 



i. 1^^. Hobcfrt tle Vere, lOth £^^ of Oxford ; Cru^td 
Marquteu of Publiu 1336, and Duke of Ire- 
ünd in 1397, K.G.; ob. 1392, 9.P. banisb^i 
anid attainted 1318» wben.all bis bpoors b«- 



I. 1720, 1. Matthew Ducie Moreton, Created Lord Ducie 
Baron of Moreton, <;o. StaflTord, 9 June, 17£0, 
ob. 1735 

IL 1735. 2. ' f Matthew Ducie Moreton, son and b. 

DuciB op ToaTWORTH. > Created Baron Ducie of Tort wort b» 

I. 1763. 1. ) CO. Gloücester, with remainder, 

failing bis issue ipale, to bis nepbew Tbomas 
R^holds and bis iasue male j and in default 
of wbieb to Francis, brother of the said Tbo- 
xnas Reynolds, April 23, 1763, ob. 1770, 8.P. 
wben the Barony of Ducie of Moreton be- 
came 4ijXinit ; but tl^t of Ducie of Turt- 
worth devoived^ agree^ble to tbjs liml^Uony 

IL 1770. 2. Xbomas Reynolds, nepbew and beir, being s. 
and b. of Tbos. ReynolÜs, |ßtq. by £li«. More- 
tpn, sister and uUimately sole beir to Mat- 
thew the last Baron, ob. 1785, 9. P. 

III. 1785. 3, Francis Reynolds (assuroed the name of) 
Moreton, brotb. and beir, oh. 1808. 

lY. 1808. 4.Tbon)as Moreton, s. and b. Present Baron 
Pucie of Torlwortb. =7= 


Digllizeöb, Google 



I. HenJL 1. John d« Somerie» ha?ing married Haw/se« 
•Uter and heir of Genrase Paganell, acquired 
tbe Barony of Oudky« co. Stafford. 

* Althouffh thif Barony if imifbrmly considered to be that of 
** DuDLBY, it appem very questionable if such is the proper 
detignation. That autecedent to tbe latter part of the reign of 
Edw. I. the tenure of the Castle of Dodley eonstitiited the fiunily 
of Somerie Barons by Tenure, cea scarcefy be doobted; bot that 
such tennre did not establish a right in the possessor of that 
Castle to demaad a Writ of Snmmons to Parliament, may be in- 
ferred firom this fact, that John de Somerie, who was first smn- 
moned to Parliament 1 Edw. II. and who continned to be regulaily 
summoned to the 15 Edw. 11. is never once designated as ** ob 
DuDLSY," but is merely described as ** Johann! de Somery." Ob 
his death, s. p. l Edw. III. aceordingto the present law on the 
snbject, the Barony created by the Writ of 1 Edw. II. became 
extinct. In the 16 Edw. III. John de Sutton, his nephew and 
coheir, was summoned as "Johann! de Sutton de DuddeU," 
which 18 the first time that designation oocurs in the Writs of 
Summons to Parliament, and which in all probability was nsad 
solely to distinffuish bim from anotber John de Sutton who wu 
summoned to Sie same Parliament as " Johann! de Sutton de 
Holdemesse,** and who, it is presumed, was the fitther of John 
de Sutton, there described as « De Duddele ;" but Dugdsle 
in his Baronage gives no account of any person called Snttoa 
having been summoned belbre the 16 Edwud III. A John de 
Sutton was also summoned firom 86 Dec. 17 Edward II. to 80 
Dec. 18 Edward II. as ** Johanni de Sutton," and again fiom 
80 July, 6 Edward IIT. to 20 April, 17 Edward III. with the 
addition of "De Holdemesse," and there does not appear to be 
any greater cause for considering that the addition of *< De Dod- 
ley" created a Barony of Dudlby, than that the Barony created by 
the Writ to John de Sutton, 6 Edw. III. should be designated as 
the Barony of " Holdemesse." Dugdale's account of the SaUon 
family is very imperfect ; but it is presumed, that the John de 
Sutton who was summoned 96 Dec. 17 Edw. IL was the husband 
of Margaret, the eldest sister and coheir of John de Somerie, who 
was summoned firom Ist to IsEdw. II. ; that, firom his being 
summoned so soon after tbe death of the said John Baron 
Somerie, it may be inferred that he was summoned in conae- 
qaeoce of this marriage, not mre uxoris, but from the extensire 

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II. Jobn. 2. Ralph de Somerie, t. and b. ob. 1210. 

III. 1210. 3. William de Somerie, s. and >. ob. 1221. 

IV. 1221. 4. Nicbolas de Somerie» 8. and h. ob. 1228, 8. P. 

influenee whicb he aoauiied hj her propertj ; that he wp» the 
same persoa who was afterwards described as ** de Holdemesse ;" 
and tnat when his son John was suminoned in the 16 £dw. III. 
he was designated as « de Duddele»" solely to distinguish him 
firom his fitther. Thb Writ was tha only one ever issued to the 
laat-nientioned John de Button ** de DiKUey»" although he lived 
about nineteen years afterwaids ; nor was nis son or giandson 
ever summoned to Parliamenty and it is doabtfol whether it was 
bis great-grandsony or the son of his great-grandson, who was 
aummoned firom 1 8 Hen. VI. to 23 £dw. IV. It is thus numifest 
that the Castle of Dudley did not constitnte a right to a Writ o£ 
Smnmons ; that John de Somerie» first summoned in 1 £dw. IL 
was not described as Baron '< of Dudley ;" that» acoordinff to the 
decision in the case of Charles Longueville» Esquire» on oaiming 
the Barony of Grey de Ruthyn ia 1 640» the |^oper designation of 
the Barot^y created by the Writ of the Ist £dw. II. to John da 
Somerie» was that of « Somerib ;" that the said dignity becama 
extinct m the Ist of £dw. III. ; and that the Barony «reated hj 
the Writ to John de Sutton 16 Edw.UI. was that of « Button r' 
qr if the description used in that Writ he insbted upon» " Sut» 
ton de Dudley. Some remarlu on this subject will he round under 
** CuBRL£TON»" p. 120 ; and after much consideration the Editor 
fiftUy coincides with the position that the designation frecmently 
addied to the names of Baronf in Writs of Snmmons to rarlia- 
ment l^e the reign of Henry VI. never did» nor was it ever 
intended to confer a title of disnity» but tüat it was senerally 
vaed to distinguish Barons of the same aame from eacn other» 
and was taken ehiefly from their residence or possessions. 

In the reign of Henry. VI. probably from the numerous political 
convuIsioDS which chaiacterize that period» frequent anomalies in 
eases of Peerage are to he £Dund» as parties when possessed of the 
unhonnded temporary influence which generally attends some in- 
dividuals in such disturbed times» obtained from the Crown con- 
cessions which can neither be reconciled with previous or subse- 
quent practica» and of which the case of Lisle» which will here- 
after faie stated, aifords a sufficieot proof. It was under that Mo- 
narch that instances are to be^r^^ discovered» when some desig- 
nations added to the names in Writs of Suromons» indisputably 
implied the title of the Barony ; but with the exceptions of the 




V. 1289. $. ^of^T de St>0(ierie» unde and heir, ob. 1S79. 

VI. 1272. i, ijioger de Somerie, s. and b. ob. 12^. 
Vit; f990. 7. Roger de Somerie, «. and h. ob. ... s.p. 

G#iet of Bergamedny and Qrey of Powis, it was xttritt evea 
then prateiided #hea ^e addhion was derhned h&m territorid 
possesSioBs, tbat sucb was the title of ^e dlgnity ; bat, 
wftb tbe two «kdepäotts just cited, io ertty sbgle examfile 
Wfiere soeb addftioii was the ACfe 6f tbe personage to wbose 
miMi it was dbxed, it iak deifved trom tbe name of tbe 
BtMf^ üroQk wbem tbe^ ikiberited^ or hy marriage aoquimd 
tito AgtoitV. fiAM asteition will ber sulficieatty establisbed 
W tbe followiog ittstadee. In tlie 83 Hen. VI. Jobn Bour- 
iwn9f a^ snmmobed to ^llainent as *< Jobaiini Bonrebier 
M Bohlen," be baving married tbe dAughter aod beir of Riebard 
Behi^, n4iiy faad tbe repdtaäon of ä Baron, terop. Hen. V. bot 
f^ho ih^Jl&ftt snnimoned to ^Arliametot ; at tbat period tbera 
ijät a WÜSun Böttfcbier wbo sat in PiuQiament as Lord Fits- 
Wy^lne, fHkieb tüte be' aeqnired hf itian^ing tbe beiMss of tbe 
mMa df 0uti name, mk^ #bo wik thefl and bae e?er sbee pro- 
]ftHr bi^eb d6Ml(lered A hM Fitr-Watine ; oii tbe same prin- 
dBle'tbÜ S6M äottröfaieir wab s^moited as Lbrd Bemen^ ndl- 
witHartilriding <bdt bi^ fittbeT-in-kW was never a PaittaaieBttky 
Bfti^on. In Ab Writs of ätxnkmons in wbicb tfiese instances ocenr, 
dfll ifeVerifl ötbers pi^selr sbntkr, raigbt be ciied, Edmood 
Chi^ ihtf ^ummbned sü « Edmundo Orey (de Ruthyn)," Bdwshl 
Or^ tt^** Ed#ät^ Onf (de Orobj),'* Tbomas Dacre as *<Tbo- 
idtt'Ditcrä (de GRüeslknd)," Jobn Scrope a^ «Johanni Sorope 
(^ Mibhtih)," Hei^ Screpe as <* Henribo Serope (de Bohoa)," 
fi^. ; bnt ie cän^ot; fbr ah iustttnt be preteiided tbat eitber RtUkm 
(tbtü, tä it \m ^«tt afreadv Jüst öbserred, wts deeided b tbe 
negative bjtbe House of Peen in i640), Grthyt Güttämi^ 
Me&haniy or JBZtort, Befbg au nimes öf lands, were tbe Cittss of 
iftte Baronies. 

The case' of Biergavemiy bas been comniented upon m p. 9*10,' 
and (ibe cnnclüstbn there stated Is, tbat tbe tide of BergaveaBy wae 
never tbat of tbe Barony nntil Edward Nevlll was summooed te 
Parliatoent as «Domino de Bergavenny," 89tb of Hen. VI. WitK 
respeet to tbat of Powis, wbicb bas also been noiioed nndst 
«Cheiükton," and will agahl be allnded to ander « Gltir of 
Pewis,'* it b only neeessanr to obsenre bere, tbat tba< akMBoe' 
ap{>ears strongly t» corroborate tbe position, tbat wbeit tbr 
designation was taken from lands, it was sdely a distinotioB, 


DÜDLKV. 209 


I. 1308. 8. John de Somerie, broth. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

at *< Johann! de Somery," from 10 Mar. 
1 Edw.ll. 1308, to 14 Marcb, 15 Edw. II. 
135)2, ob. 1322, 8. p. leavin^ Margaret, wife 
of John de Sutton, and Joane, wife of Tbof . 
de Botetourt, bis ststert* and heirt, when 
the Barony ereated by tbe Writ of 1 Edw. II. 


II. 1342. 1, John de Sutton, s. and b. of John de Sutton, 

(Vide " SüTTON/*) by Margaret, eldett sister 
and coheir of tbe lait Baron j Summ, to Pari, 
as« Johann! de Sutton de Duddeley/' 25 
Feh. 16 Edw. III. 1342; ob. 1359. 

III. 1359* 2. John de Sutton, s. and h. he wai never Summ. 

toParl.;ob. 1376. 

IV. 1376. 3. John Sutton, ■. and h. he was never Summ, to 

Pari.; ob. 1406. 

V. 1406. 4. John Sutton, son and heir^ according to Dug- 

dale; but some writers State h!m to bare 
been s. and b. of John Button, ob. v. p. 1401, 
SBt. 21, eldest son of tbe last Baron ; Summ, 
to Pari, as << Johann! Sutton de Dudley 

and never a title of dignity, exoeptbff in the case of Ber- 
ffavenar in the reign of Henry VI. or wnen the title origioated 
m a ratent. To these obsorvations the Editor begs to add, 
tbat toch descriptions are very similar to those now used in Patents 
of cieation ; for example, ** Bwcon Montagu qfSt. Neott," « Baron 
Howard qf Eßingham," Viscount Duncan qf Ckanperdown," &ü. 

If the opinion stated in this note, that John de Button, who 
was snmmoned to Pari. 16 Edw. III. was the eldett son of John de 
Sutton, who was sanim. from 17 Edw. II. to 17 Edw. III. a Barony 
of Button is now vested in the descendants of John de Sutton first 
mentioned nnder the Writ of 17 Edw. II. and as the Barony ere- 
ated to John de Bomerie in 1 Edw. IL became extinct on ■ bis 
death, a precedency of nineteen years would be gained by esta- 
blishing the descent of the heirs of the Barony usually termed the 
Barony of Dudley from John de Sutton, so summoned in the 

* Edmondson asserts they were bis dcmghters and hein, 
and hence deduces the Barony from the Writ of Summoos Ist 
Edw. II. but the escheats In both instances prove ihat bis sisters 
wete bis heirs. 

s 3 

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fto BODLET. 


BÜilkf,** fi'efeü 15 Pebraary, 18 Heu. VI. 1440, 

to 15 Nov. 92 Bd«f. IV. 14d3,K.G.; ob. 1483. 

Vi. 148$. ^» Jöhn Sutton, ^rnnöiow and heir, being i. and 

A. of EdmuMff Sutton, (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
tb» last Baron ; Sumnl. to Pa¥l. froro 9 Dec 
1 Rie. Iir. 1488, to 1 Sept. 3 Nen. VII. 1487; 
ob. 1487. 

VII. 1487. 6. Edward Button, 8. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 
18 Auif. 7 H4ii. VU. 1499, to 3 Nov. 21 Hen. 
VIII. 15S9, K.G) ob. 1530. 

VIII« 1580. 7. Jobn Sutton; tf. aad b. he was never Summ, 
tu Pari. ) Sold tbe Castle of Dudley ; ob. ... 

IX. 1554. ft Edwafd Sutton, s. and b. Restored tu tbe Cas- 
tle of Dudley fty Pat. 1556; Somm. to ParL 
froro 12 Nov. 1 and 2 PbiL and' Mary, 1554, 
to 150ct. 28 EliM. 1586 ; ob. 1586. 

X 1586. 9. Edward Satton, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, frotf 
19Feb. 35Eliz. 1593, to 3 Nov. l5Car. I. 
BAKOifESS. 1639; ob. 1643. 

L 1643.iaFranccB Sutton, gmnd-daugbter and beir, be- 
ing dau. and beir of Ferdinaad Sutton (ob. 
Tt p*)> eldest son of tbe last Baron. Sbe mar- 
ried Sir Humble Ward, wbo was Created Ba- 
ron Waid ol Bif mingb am , Mafeb 23^ I^44f 


XI. 1697. J 1. Edward Ward, s. and h. Baron Ward ofi tbe 
deatb of bis fatber, 1670 ; succeeded bis mo- 
ther in tbe Barony oiP Dudley in 1697 { ob. 

XJl. 1701. 12. Edward Ward, grandton and beir, being s. and 
b. of Williaro Ward (ob. v. p.) eldest soo of 
tbe last Baron. Baron Ward, ob. 1704. 

XIII.1704.13.Edward Ward, 8. and b. Baron Waid, ob. 
1731, 8.P. 

XIV. 1731.14. WiUiam Ward, unele and beir, being nett 

brotber to Edward XJItb Baron; Baron 
Wafdt ob. 1740, 8. P. 

XV. 1740.15. Ferdinando Dodley Lea, nepbew and b. being 

t. and b. of William Lea, by Frahcet Ward, 
slater ami sok beir of tbe last Bänm } soc- 
eteded at Baron Dudley \ii 1740; ob. 1757, 

B. F. wben bis Are sisten beeame bÜ b«ii«^ 
among wbose descendants tbe BaroBy, era- 




ated by tbe Writ of Siunmons to John de Sut- 
ton, 16 £dw. in. is in Abeyancb. 



I. 1763. 1 . John Ward, 8. and h. of Williaro, eldest son of 

William Ward, next brother of Edward XT. 
Baron Dudley, and 2d Baron Ward, tucceeded 
to tbe Barony of Ward in 1740, on tbe death 
of William XIV. Baron Dudley, and V. Baron 
Ward, as next heir male; Created ViscounC 
Dudley and Ward 31 April, 1763; ob. 1774, 

II. 1774. % John Ward, s. and h. ob. 1788, s. p. 

III. 1788. 3. William Ward» half-brotber and b«ir; ob. 


IV. 1833. 4. John William Ward, 8. and b. Present Vi8- 

count Dudley and Ward, and 9ctl ßäron 


Alice, daüghter of Sir Tboma8 Leigb, aunt of 
'fbomai l8t Lotd Leigb, and wife of Sir Ro- 
bert Dudley, son of Robert Earl of Leicester 
(on tbe 8ubject of whoie leg^iiimacy tbere was 
rouch coRtroversy), was Created Duchess 
Dudley forlife 33 May, 1644; ob. 1670, S.P.M. 


I. 1644. 



I. — I. 1797. I.Adam Duncan; Created Viscount Duncan 
of Camperdown, and Baron Duncan of Lun- 
die, CO. Pertb, Oct. 30, 1797 i ob. 1804. 

II. — ^11.1804. 3. Robert Duncan, s. and b» Present Viscount 
and Baron Duncan. =7= 

»ARcms. "» 

I. 1794. l.SirTbomasDundas, 3d Bart. Created Bai^i 

Dundas of Aske, co. York, August 13^ 1794^; 
ob. 1830. 

II. 1830. 3. Laurence Dundai, s. and b. Present Baron 

Dundas. =j= 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Barony, Sl December, 1802. 

Vide M BLViLLB. 



L 1638. Sir Francis Leigh, Ist Bart. Created Baron 
Dunsmore of Dunsmore, co. Warwick, 31 
July , 1 628; Created Earl of Chichester 3 June» 
1643» with special ümitations ; ob. 1653, 
wheu tbis Barony becane 

Vide Chichester. 



I. Hen. I. Regfinald de Dunstanvill j bis successor was 
IL Hen. II. Robert de Dunstanrill, living 1163; to wbom 

III. Ricb.I. Walter de Dunstanvill j ob. ante 1196» and 

was Sttcceeded by 

IV. Jobn. Walterde DunstanTill; ob. 1S40. 

V. Hen.IIf, Walter de Dunstanvill; ob. 1269» leavin^^ a 

dau. and beir, Petronil, who married Robert 
de Montfort, wbich Robert died soon after- 



I, 1796. Sir Francis Basset, Ist Bart, (lineally de 
scended from William Basset and CeciHs 
bis wi!e, dau. and beir of Alan de Dunstanvill, 
younger son of one of tbe above Barons ; and also froia 
Tbomas Basset and Margaret bis wife» dau. and beir oi 
Ricbard Helegan, grandson of William Helegan and 
Margaret bis wife, dau. and beir of Williaro de Dunstxn- 
vill» also a younger son of one of tbe abuve Barons. Cre- 
ated Baron de Dunstanville of Tebidy, co. Cornwall, June 
17» 1796. Created Baron Basset of Stratton, co. Cornwall, 
witb a special remainder, Nov. 7» 1797* Present Baron 
de Dunstanville» Baron Basset of Stratton^and a Barooet. 





I. 1673. 


ViscouNTCY« 18 July» 1821. 

Vide Stradbroki. 


Lewis Dural, Marquest of Blanquefort» and 
brother of tbe Duke of Dura«, in France ; 
Created Baron Duras, of Holdenby, co. 
Nortbampton, 19 Ja«. 1673 ; succeeded bis 
father-in-law, Geor^^e Sondes, as Earl of Fe- 
yersban, 1677. K. G.) ob* 1709, 8. P. when 
bis bonors becanie 


ViscouNTCYy 11 September, 1679. 

Vide BsRKBLRr. 


I. irae. 


BARoitIV» 10 September, 1711. 

Vide Brandon. 


Wnilha Talbot, Ist E:ii1 Talbot. Created, 17 
06t, 1780, Baron Dyiievoi* of Dynevor, co. 
Carmartben, witb reinaindet, fkiling bis issue 
male, to bis dau. Cecil, wife of George Rice, 
Esq. and ber issue male. Ob. 1782, s.p. m. 


1. 1782. 2. Cecil Talbot (assumed tbe name of) De 
Cardoiiell, wife of George Rice, Esq. . dau..' 
and beiress of tbe last Baron; ob. 1793. 
!!• 1793. 3. George Talbot Rice, ^ and b. Present Baron 
Dynevor. =^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



VitcouNTCY, 14 July, 1821. 

. Vide SoMBRS. 

Vmcoiwtcy» 16 Aoi^t, 1789. 




I. 1311. 1. William de EchinifbaiDj Summ, to Pari, from 
19 Dec 5 Edw.U. 1311, to 14 Marcb, 15 
Edw. II. 1388,' but never afterwards, nor 
were any of bis name ever again so lom- 
moned. Dufdale states tbat a Robert de 
Ecbinc^bam was Summ, to Pari. 1 Edw. lU. 
but it appears from tbe Writ tbat fae was ooly 
summoned to be at Newcastle witb bone 
and arms in that year. 


BARONS. _ ^, 

I. 1742. I.Richard Edgcnmbe ; Created Baron Edg- 

cumbe of Mount Edgcumbe, co. Deren, 
April 20, 1742; ob. 1758. 

II. 1758. 2. Riebard Edgcumbe, s. and h. ob. 1761, 8.P. 

III. 1 76 1 . 3. George Edgcumbe, brotber and beir ; Created 

Viscount Mount £df:eurobe and Valletort, 
CO. Devon, Marcb 5, 1781 ; Created Earl of 
Mount Edgcumbe in 1789. 

Vide MouMT Edgcumbe. 





I. 1726. 

If. 1751. 


V. 1805. 


1. H. R.H. Frederick Lewis Duke of Gloocester» 
eldest son of George Prinee of Wales, after- 
wards King George II. Created Baron of 
Snawdon» co. Carnarvon» Viscount Launces« 
ton» CO. Cornwall, Earl of Eltbam, co. Kent, 
Marquess of Ely» co. Cambridge» and Duke 
of tbe City of Edinburgb, in North Britain» 
15 July, 1736; Created Prinee of Wales» &c 
9 Jan. 1739» K.G.; ob. 1751. 

9. H.R.H. George Duke of Gloocester» s. and h. 
Created Prinee of Walei» &c. in 1751. *As- 
eended tbe Throne on tbe deatb of bis grand- 
father» King George U. 25 Oct. 1760» when 
all these dignities becane merged in tbe 

I.H. R.H. Prinee William Henry» brother of 
King George IIL Created Dake of Glouces- 
ter and Edinburgh in GreaC Britain» and 
Earl of Connaught in Ireland» 17 Not. 1764» 
K.G.; ob. 1805. 

3. H.H. H.William Frederick» s. and b. Pre« 
sent Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh» and 
Earl of Connaught in Ireland» K.G. G.C.B.» 


I. 1731. 

U. 1743. 

III. 1763. 

IV. 1791. 


I. 1449. 


1. Francis Howard» VII. Baron Howard of Ef- 
fingham; Created Earl of Effingham» co. 
Surrey» 8 Dec. 1731 ; ob. 1743. 

3. Thomas Howard» s. and h. ob. 1763. 

3. Thomas Howard» s. and b. ob. 1791» 8. p. 

4. Richard Howard» brother and heir; ob. 1816» 

s. p. when this Earldom became 


Thomas Percy, 3d son of Henry XIII.-3(1 Enrl 
of Northumberlaud ; Created Baron E^Kce- 
mont, by pateiit» 30 Dec. 1449» ob. I4H0 
** witbout wife or issue/' according to Dug- 



dale ; bat other autboritiet State be left a son, Sir John 
Percy, but wbo never assumed tbe Title, and wbicht od 
tbe death of ibit Baron, it contidered to have become 


I. 1749. l.Algernon Seymour, Duke of Somenety and 

E^rl of Nortbumberiand, &c. Created Ba- 
ron of Cockermoatb and £arl of Egremont, 
both CO. Cumberlandy Oet. 3, 1749, with re- 
mainder, failing bis issae male, to bis ne- 
phew, Sär Charles Wyndbam, Bart, son of 
Sir WilKam Wyndbaro, Bart, by Katherine 
bis sister, and bis issue male ; and in defaiüt 
of wbicb, to Percy Wyndbakn (wbo assumed 
tbe naroe of O'ßryen, aiid was created Earl 
of Tbomond in IreUnd), brother of tbe said 
Sir William Wyndbam, and bis issae male ; 
ob. 1750, 8. p. M. wben tbe Baridom of Egrt- 
mont and Barony of Cockermoutb devolyeid» 
agreeably to tbe above limitätion, on 

II. 1750. 8. Sir Charles Wyndbam, 4tb Bart, nephewand 

beir; ob. 1763. 

III. 1763, 3. George O'Bryen Wyndbam, i. and h. Present 

Earl of Egremont, an<l B^ri^Q Cockermoutb» 
and a Baronet. == 



I. 1799.— I. 1821. Jobh Seott ; Created Baron Eldon of £1- 
doiiy CO. Durbam, July Id, 1799» Cfeated 
Viseount Encombe of Bncomb^ oo. 
Dorset, and Earl of Eldon aforesaid, 6 
July, 1891 ; Lord Higb Cbancellor. Pre- 
sent Earl and Baron Eldon and Viico^t 
Encombe. qF 



I. 1784. 1. Edward Eliot (assumed tbe name of) Craggi- 

Eliot; Created Baron Eliot of St. Germainii 
co.Cornwall, 30 Jan. 1784; ob. 1804. 

II. 1804. 2. Jobu Crairgs-Eliot, 2d son and beir (Edward 

James Eliot, tbe eldest son, baving died 
s. P.M.) Created Earl of St. Germains Sept. 
30, j 815. Vide St. Germaini. 





I. 180S. 1. Edvard Law ; Created Baron Ellenborough of 

Ellenborougb, co. Cumberland, April 10, 
1802; ob. 1818. 

II. 1818. 2. Edward Law, f. and b. Pretent Baron Ellen- 

borougb. = 



I. 1603. Thomas Egerton, natural son of Sir Riebard 
Egerton ; Created Baron Elletmere, co. Sa- 
lop, July 21, 1603 $ Created Vitcount Brack- 
ley, CO. Nortbampton, Nov. 7» 16 IG. 

Vide Brackuy. 


ViscouNTCY, SO September, 1815. 
Vide Beaochamp of Powtck. 

Earldow, 15 Jolj, 17S6.--Mei^ed in tbe Crown 1760. 


MARQUigATE, 15 Julj, 1726.— Merged in tbe Crown 1760. 

Vide Edinburob. 

ViscoüNTCT, 6 July, 1821. 

Vide Eldon. 

Baront, 10 Bfajr» f 695. 

Vide RocuFORD. 



I. Will.!. Riebard Engaine; to wbom ffucceeded 

II. Stepb. VitalisEngaine; living 1139. 
in. Hen.I. 1. Riebard Engaine; ob. 1208. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 



IV. Jobn. 8. Riebard Engüne, t. and b. ob. circa 13 16, S.P. 

V. H. If. 3. Vitalit Engaine, brotber and beir; ob. IS48. 
Vf. H. II. 4. Henry Engaine, s, and b. ob. 1371» s. p. 
VII.Edw.L5.Jobn de Engaine, brotber and beir; ob. 1S96. 


1. 1S29. 6. Jobn de Engaine, •• and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 6 Feb. 27 Edw. I. 1299» to 15 May, 14 
Edw. II. 13S1. He was aUo tummoned 96 
Jan. 35 Edw. I. 18979 but, fortbe reasont aa- 
•igned under '* Fitz-John," k is somewbat 
doubtful if tbat Writ can be considered aa a 
rej^Ur Summont to Parliament ; ob. 1333, 
8.P. wben tbe Barony created by tbe Writ of 
25 or 27 Edward I. became 

II« 1343. 7. Jobn de Engaine, nepbew and beir of tbe last 
Baron, being son of Nicbolat Engaine, Iris 
brotber; Summ, to Pari, from 25 Feb. 16 
Edw. III. 1342, to 30 Nut. 34 Edw. fll. 1360, tbougb 
Du^dale States be died 14 Feb. 1358, leaving Tbomas his 
s. and b. wbo died 8.P. 1367» witbout baviiig been sum- 
iDoned to Pari, wben bis tbree sisters became bis beirs, 
viz, Joyce, wife of Jobn de Goldington, Elisabetb of Sir 
Lawrence Pabenham, and Mary pf Sir William Bernak, 
wbo sbared his lands ; and amon^ wbose descendaiits tbe 
Barony created by tbe Writ of 16 Edw. III. musC be con- 
sidered in Abbyanci. 


barony, 16 June, 1619— €|:ttnct 1651. 

Vide Cambridge. 


barOm by writ. 

I. 1336. Henry de Erdinicton | Summ, to Pari. 33 Jan. 
9 Edw. IJl. 1336, but neitber be nor bis poste- 
rity ever after received tbe like summons« 
Giles de Erdington, his son and beir, waa 
liviiig in 1345. 

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I. 1806. 1. Thomas Erskine; Cremted Baron Erskine o( 
Restormel Cagtle, co. Cornwall, Feb. 8, 1806. 
Lord High Cbancellor 1806; K.T.; ob. 1824. 

IL 1824. 2.DavidMontagu Erskine» s. and h. Pretent 
Baron Erskine. =t= 



I. Hen J. Walter Espec, Lord of Hetmesley, or Ham- 
lake, CO. York, ob. 1153, 8.P. leaving bis sis- 
ters bis beirs, of wbom Adeline, tbe youngest, 
married Peter de Roos, wbo acquired with 
ber tbe manor of Hamlake. 



I. Stepb. l.Geoffreyde Mandeville; Created Earl of Es- 
sex by King Stepben ; oU 1 144. 

IL H. IL S. Geoffrey de Mandeville, 2d son ; after tbe 
banisbment of Ernulpb, bis eider brotber, be 
was by King Henry IL created Earlof Essei ; 
ob. 1167, s. p. 

IIL 1167. 3. William de MandeTille, brotber and beir ; ob, 
1190, s.P. 

IV. 1199. LGeoflfrey Fitx-Piers, butband of Beatrix de 

Say, dau. and colUir of William de Say, by 
Beatrix, sister of Geoffrey, Ist EarL Created 
Earl of Essex 1199; ob. 1818. 

V. 1818. 8.Geoffrey Fitx-Piers, s. and h. Was one of tbe 

celebrated 85 Barons appointed to enforce 
tbe obsenrance of Magna Charta ; ob. 1819, 


VL 1819. 3. William Fitz-Piers, bro. and beir; ob. 1 887, S.P. 

VII. H.IIL l.Humpbrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, pos- 
sessing tbe bonor uf Essex in right of bis roo- 
tber, Maud, sister of tbe last Earl, was Cre- 
ated Earl of Essex by Henry Ifl.; Lord Higb 
Constable; ob. 1874. 
T 2 


MO B98BX, 


VIIL lS74.9.Huinphrey de Bohon, {^randson and beir» 
beinif •• and h. «< Humpbrey (ob. v. p.) eldest 
lon of tbe last Earl ; Eaii of Hereford ; Lord 
Hi)(b Conscablei ob. 1297. 

IX. 1297. 3.Hampbrey de Bobua, ». and b. Earl of Here- 

ford ; be married EUaabetb Plantagenet, dau. 
of Edw. I.} Lord Higb Congtable; ob. 1331. 

X. I331.4.JobndeBoban, •• and b. Earl of Hereford; 

Lord Higb Constable; ob. 1335, 8.P. 

XI. 1335. 5.Humpbrey de Boban» brotber and heir, K.G.; 

Lord Higb ConsUble; ob. 1361, s.p. 

XII. 1361. 6. Humpbrey de Bobun» nepbew and beir> being 

a. and b. of WUliaan de Bobun, Earl of Nortb* 
anpton, K..G. next brotber of Humpbrey, tbe 
last Earl« Earl of Nortbampton and Here- 
ford, K.a Lord Hifb Constable; ob. 1373, 
8.P,if. Eleaiior, bis eldest dau. and cobeir, 
marriedTbomas Plantagenet,Dukeof Gloncet- 
teri and Mary, bis otber daa. and cobeir, 
married Heory (Earl of Hereford ]are uzoris}, 
afterwards King Henry IV. 

XIII. 1373. l.Tbomas Plantagenet, sumamed ''of Wood« 

stock," youngest son of Edward HL Earl oC 
Buckingbam ; having married Eleanor, dau. 
and cobeir of tbe last Earl, be assumed tbe 
title of Earl of Essex. Created Duke of 
GUucester 1385 ; Lord Higb Constable; K.G^| 
ob. 1397. 

XIV. 146L l.HeiMry Bourcbkr, Earl of Ewa in Nocmandy, 

and Baron and Yiseoant Boiurebier in Eng- 
land, s. and b. of WUUam Sari of Ewe, by 
Ann, daa. and efentually sole beir of Tbomas 
Planta^eatt, Doke of Gtoucester, tlie layl 
Earl. Creatfd Earl of Esse« 30 June, 1461, 
ILai ob. 1483* 

XV. 1483* 8.Henry Bourebier, grandson and beir, being §. 

and b. of William Boarobier (ob. v« p.) eldest 
son of tbe last Earl, K.G. Anna, bis solt 
dau. and beir, married William Baron Parr, 
afterwards Earl of Essex ; ob. 1539, 8. p. m. 
wben tbe Earldom became 


ESSfiJC 8S1 


XVK IS39. hThomat Cfomwell, Itt Baron Crom well. Cre- 
ated Earl of Etsex 17 April, 1539» K. G ; be- 
headed and attainted 1540, wheo bis bonort 


XVII. 1543. William Parr, Ist Baron Parr of Keodal, bro^ 
tber of Katberine, Queen of Henry VIII. 
bavinf^ roarried Ann, dau. «nd sole beir of 
Henry XV<-8d £arl, was (notwitbstandinf^ 
tbat bis isiue by tbe said Ann Bourcbier 
bad been bastardiaed by Act of Parliament 
34 Henry VIII.) created Eart of Essex, 
« witbtbe tarne place and voice in Parliament 
as Henry Bourchier, late Earl of Essex, bad/' 
S3 Dec. 1543. Created Marqness of North- 
ampton 16 Feb. 1546. Attainted in 1553, 
wben all bis bonors became ßüxftittb. Re- 
stored in blood, but not in bonors, 1558, and 
Created Marquess of Nortbampton 13 Jan. 
1559, K.G.; ob. 1571, 8. P. wben tbat title 


XVin.157 1. I.Walter Devereux, 2d Viscount Hereford : being 
preat-great-grandson of Jobn Devereux, Lord 
Ferrars of Chartley, by Cecily Bourcbier, sis- 
ter, and eventuelly sole beir, of Henry Bour- 
cbier, XV^Sd Earl of Essex, be was Created 
Earl of Essex 4 May 1571, K.G.; ob. 1576. 

XIX 1576. 8*Robert Devereux, s. and b. Viscoont Hereford; 
Earl Marsbai 1597; Lord Lieut. of Ireland 
1599; K.G.; beheaded and attainted 1600/ /^^# 
wben bis bonors became f 


XX, 1603. 3. Robert Devereux, s, and b. Viscount Here- 
ford. Rettored in blood and bonors 1603 ; ob* 
1646, 8.P. wben tbe Earldom of Essex became 

XXL 1661. I.Artbur Capel, Sd Baron Capel. Created Vis- 
count Maiden, co Essex, and Earl of Essex, 20 
April, 1661; L.Lieut.of Ireland J67S; ob. 1683. 

XXII. 1683. 9.Al^ernon Capel, s. and b. ob. 1709. 

XXI1L1709 3.William Capel, s. and b. K. G.; ob. 1743. 

XXlV.1743.4.WUUam Anne Holtes Capel» a. and b. oh. t799. 



BARL. ^ ^ 

XXV, 1799. 5.G«)fj;# Capel, t. trtd b. PrMent Eart of Embx, 
Vlscount Afatden» and Baron CapeL ^ 



I. Will. I. 1. S#enc de Est ax* 

IL Will. II. S. Robert da EtMX, f. and h. 

IU.Hen.II.3. Hanry da Eitel, 8. and b. Standard-bearer to 

tbe Kinpi and betng accuscd of cowardice, 

bia lande wäre 




I. 16*79. I. Henry Fits*Roy, natwral son of King Charlea 
II. Craated Baron Sudbiiry, Vitcount Ipa- 
wiob, and Earl of Euiton» all co. Suffolk, 
Augttit 16, 167S. Craated Duke of Grafton, 
September 11, 1675, K.G. 

Vide Grafton. 



1. I8O9. 1. Adam de Everingbam t Summ, to Pari, from 
4 March. 2 Edw. II, 1309, to 6 Oct 9 Edw. II. 
1315; ob. 1341. 
IL 1341. 3. Adam de Everingbam, s. and b. Summ, tu 
Pari, as ** AdaB de Everinfcbam de Laxton," 
8 Jan. 44 Edward III. 1371 j ob. 1371, leat- 
Ing Robert, bis grandton, ton of William de Everingbam 
(ob. V. p.) bis eldest son, bis beir, wbo died on tbe 27th 
Dacemberv in tbe same year, 8. p. wben Joan and Katbe- 
rine, sisters of tbe said Robert, beeame bis beirs $ tbe for- 
mer of wbom married Sir William Elys, Knt. and tbe lat- 
ter beeame tbe wife of Jobn Elton, Esq. vnong wbose 
desoendanta and repräsentatives tbis Barony is now in 



1. 1544. I. WilMaM Evre, Created Baron Rtre or Eure of 
Wilton, CO. Durbam, 24 Feb. 1544 ; ob 


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II. 15. • S.WUliaiii Evre, g^randson and heir, beinf •• 

and h. of Ralph £are (ob. v. p.) eldest ton of 
the last Baron ; ob. 1594. 

III. 1&94. 3. Ralph Evre, t. andl b. livinp 1683. 

IV. 16. • 4. William Evre, 8< aod b. ob 

y. 16. • 6. WiUlam Evre, grandaon and beif , being t. and 
h. of Ralph Eore (ob. v. p«) eldest son of the 
latt Baron ) ob , 8. P. 

VI. 16. • 6. William Evre» onore and heir, belnj; 8d son of 

William 4eh Baron; ob. \6A5, s. p. m. 

VII. 1645. 7* George Evre, cousin and heir, beinf^ s. and h. 

of Horatio, eldest son of Francis Eure» Sd 
son of William Sd Baron ; ob. 1679, 8. p. 
VIIL 1672. 8. Ralph Evre, brotber and heir; ob. 1698» 8. p. 
when tbe title became 



I. Will.I. I . Robert de Ewe, Earl of Ewe in Normandj. 
IL Will.ll. 5I.WiUiam de Ewe, Eari of Ewe, s. and h. 

I I I. Steph. 3. Henry de Ewe, Earl of Bwe, s. and h. ob. 1 139. 

IV. H. 11. 4. John de Kwe, Earl of Ewe, s. and h. ob. 1 170. 

V. H. 11. 5. Henry de Ewe, Earl of Ewe, s. and h. Uving 

1194; ob. 8. P.M. 

VI. John. Ralph de Yssonden, husband of Alice, dau. 

and heir of the last Baron ; Earl of Ewe ; 
ob. 1318. 

VII. H.III. William de Yssonden, s. and h. Earl of Ewe; 

but, adherinur to the French, the Barony he* 
came IForfettetl. 



L H. II. Robert de Ewyas, younger brothef of John» 
• Lord of Sudley, living 1 194 ; ob. s. p. m. 
Sybil, bis dan. and heir» married first, Robert 
de Tregoz» and secondly» Roger de Clifford. 

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I. 1397. John Holland» 3d ton of Thomaf Holland, Ist 
Earl of Kent, by Joane Plantaben«!, dau. 
and beir of Edmund Planta^enet, Earl of 
Kent, son of Edw. I. Created Earl of Hunt- 
ingdon S June» 1387» and Duke of Exeter 
29 Sept. 1397, K. G. attainted and bebeaded 
1400» wbcn bis bonors became 

n. 1416. Tbomat Beaofort, Earl of Donet, youn^tt 
natural son of Jobfi of Gaunt, Duke <>f Lan- 
caster, bj Catberine Swinford ; Created 
Duke of Eaeter 18 Nov. 1416, K. G.; ob. 
1496» 8. P. wben tbat dignity became 

III. 1443. I. Jobn Holland» son and lieir of John Ist Duke; 

Created Duke of Exeter 6 Jan. 1443, Lord 
HifbAdmiral, K.G.; ob. 1446. 

IV. 1446. S. Henry Holland, s. and b. attainted 1461 ; (ob. 

1473, 8. P. M.) wben bis bonors became 


1. 1585. I.Henry Courtenay XVII. Earl of Devon; 

Created Marquess of Exeter June 18, 15S5; 

K. G. attainted and bebeaded, 1539, wben 

bis bonors became 
IL 1553. 3. Edward Courtenay, s. and b. Cceated Earl of 

Devon 98 Sept. 1553 $ Restored in blood and 

bonors by Parliament 10 Oct. 1553 ; ob. 

1556, 8. p. wben bis bonors became 


I. 1605. I.TbomasCecil, 9d Baron Burg:hley; Created 

Earl of Exeter 4 May, 1605, K. Q.; ob. 1689. 
II» 1688. 8. WUliam Cecil, s. and b. R. G. ; ob. 1640, 

s. P. M. 
III. 1640. 3. David Cecil, nepbew and beir, being s. and h. 

of Riebard Cecil, 8d son of Thomas l.-lsc 

Earl ; ob. 1643. 

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IV. 1643. 4. John Cecil« •• 9nd h. ob. 1678. 

V. 1678. 5. John Cecrl, t. And b. ob. 1700. 

VI. 1700. 6. John Cecil» 8. and h. ob. 1791. 
VIT. 1721. 7.JohnCecil, s. and b. ob. 1729, 8.r. 
VIII.1722. 8. Browiilow Cec», brotberaiid heir, ob. 1754. 

IX. 1754. 9. Brownlow Cecil, 6. and h. ob. 1793, «.F. 


X. 1793— III. 1801. 10. Henry Cecil, nepbew and beir, 

being: t. and h. of Tbomas Cham- 
berg Cecil, 2d son of Brownlow 
VIIf.-8th Earlj Crcated Mar- 
quess of Bieter 4 Feb. 1801 ; ob. 

^' -»IV. 1804. 1 1. Brownlow Cecil, t. and b. Pretent 

Marqdesa and Eari of Exeter and 
ßaron Bargbley. ^= 



I. 1814.^11. 1816. Sir Edward Pellew, Ist Bart. Created 
Baron Exmoutb of Canontei|:n« co* 
Devon, May 14, 1814; Created Viscoont 
Exmoutb aforesaid Sept. 2 1 » 1 8 16. Pre- 
sent Viscount and Baron Exmoutb, and 
a Baronet. G. C. B.« ^ 


ViscoüNTCY, 12 Aai^ft, 1772. 


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1. 1664k LCbarlet Berkeley, Ist Baron Berkeley and 
YUeount Fitz-Hardins i" IreUnd, son of Sir 
Charles Berkeley, brotber of John Ist Lord 
Berkeley of St rat ton ; Created Baron Bote- 
tort of Lanjcport» co. Somerset, and £larl of 
Falmoutb 17 Marcb, 1664; ob. 1665, s.p.m. 
wben bis Enn^Hsh honors became 


I. 1674. 1. George Fitz-Roy, natural son of King Charles 

II. Created Baron of Pontefraet, Viscount 
Falmoutb, and Earl of Nurtbumberland, 
1 Oct. 1674 ; Created Duke of Nortbumbei^ 
Und 6 April, 1682, K. G.; ob. 1716, S.P. 
wben his honors became 

II. I7S0. l.Hugh Boscawen, Created Baron of Boscawen 

Rose and Viscount Falmoutb, both co. Com- 
wall, 13 June, 1730 ; ob. 1734. 

III. 1734. 3. Hugb Boscawen,s. and b. ob. 1783, s. p. 

IV. 1782. 3. George Evelyn Boscawen, nepbew and beir, 

being s. and b. of Edwarid Boscawen, nezt 
brotber of tbe last Viscount ; ob. 1808. 


V. 1808.— 11. 1831 . 4. Edward Boscawen, s. and h. Created 

Earl of Falmoutb June 14, 18S1. 
Present Earl and Visc Falmoutb 
and Baron Boscawen Rose. ^ 



I. 1383. Jobn de Falvesley; baving married Elizabeth, 
sister and beir of Jobn L(Drd Say (vide Say), 
was Summ, to Pari, from 30 Aug. 7 Ric. II. 
1383, to 8 Sept. 16 Ric. 11. 1393, as *' Jobanni 
de Falvesley, Chevalier;** ob. circa 1393, 8.P. 
wben if it is considered that he was not 
Summoned jure uxoris as Lord Say, by wbich 
^.itle he is not described in any Writ of 



Summons» the Baroiiy Created by tbe Writ 
of 7 Ric. II. becam^ 



J. 1438. John Com wall, Created Baron Fanbope of 
Fanbope^co. Hereford, 17 July, 1433, and on 
the 30th January, 1443, Baron of Milbroke, 
CO. Bedford; he wa« bowever alwayt Summ, 
to Parliament as ^'Johanni Cornewayll, Che- 
valier}" he married Elizabeth Plantagener, 
sister of Henry IV. and widow of John Earl 
of Huntincfdon ; K.G. ; ob. 1443, 8.P.L. when 
bis bonors became 


CouNTESS, 19 August, 1673— 4BptmCt 1734. 

Vide PoRTmouTH. 



I. 1S95. I.Walter de Fauconberg, Summ, to Pari, from 

23 June, S3 £dw. i. 1295, to 24 July, 30 
Edir. I. 1301 ; he was also Summoned 8 
June, 22 Edw. I. 1294 ) but it is very doubt- 
ful if tbat Writ can be deemed a regulär 
Summons to Parliament, vide ** CLYVEDOfi ;** 
ob. 1303. 

II. 1303. 2. Walter de Fauconberg, s. and b. he was never 

Summ, to Pari.; ob. .... 

III. 1303. 3. Walter de Fauconberg, s. and b. Summ, to 

Pari, from 12 Nov. 32 Edw. I.» 1303, to 25 
Aug. 12 Edw. 11. 1318; ob. 1318. 

• Sic. Duffdale, vol. H. p. 4, It is however probable tbat 
Walter, tbe &tbcr of this Baron, was Summ, to Parliament ; for 
he was set. 40 at tbe death of bis f^ther, tbe fir^t Baron, and it is 
not likcly that bis son should bave reoeived a Summons in the 
«ame year that bis grindfatber died, «nd whilst bis fatber was 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



IV. 1318. 4. JobD 4« FawMMiberg» t. «»d k Samm. to Pari. 

from 83 Jan. 9 Edw. III. 13S€, to 10 Marcb, 
23 Edw. III. 1349 ) ob. 1349. 

V. 1349. 5. Walter de Faetconberf^, i. and h. Summ, to 

Pari, from S5 Nov. 34 Edw. 111. 1359, to 14 
Aug. 36 Edw. III. 1363; ob. 136S. 

VI. 1368. 6. Thomas de Faucoiiberg, t. and b. be wal i»evcr 

summoned to Parliament; Ob. ctrea 1376» 
leaving Joan bis dau< and sole beir« 

VIL 1429. William Nevill, younger son of Ralpb, Iit 
Earl of Weftmoreland, bavinr married Joan, 
dau. and beir of Tbomat tbe last Baron; was 
Summ, to Pftrl. in her riebt from 3 August, 
7 Hen. VI. 1429, to 23 May, 1 Edw. IV.1461; 
tbougb in every Writ from 7 Hen. VI. to 
25 Hen. VI. be is merely deseribed as « Wil- 
lielmo de NeviU, ChlV." In tbe 33 Hen. VI. 
he U however ealied «< WiUielmo NeriU de 
Fauconb^tl^» Cbl*r i** and so also in tbe 38 
Hen. VI. when the following nkemorandum 
a|>pear8 on tbe Roll ** VBcat qui« ettra reg- 
num." In the Ist Edw. IV. tbe words « de 
Fauconberge*' are also inserted. Created 
Earl of Kent 1461, K. G. ; ob. 1463, S. P. N . 
wben the Earldom of Kent baeame €0nCti 
but tbis Barony fcQ into Abeyanoe betweea 
bis thvee daugfaiers, Joane^ wUe of Sir Edward 
Bedhowing} EUiahtitb, wife of Sir Richard 
Strangtways; and Alke» wife of Sir John 
Conjrers; «mongst wbose descendants and 
repsesentativ» k k still in Abbyancb. 

William de Fauconberg, 3d coofin of Walter, Sd 
Baron, is stated by Dogdale, vol. II. p. 4, to liafe beett 
Summoned to Parliament in 38 Edw. f. bttthlsnamedoei 
not occurlo the Lista of Sammons In that ytar. 



L T687<*-4. 1643. U Sir ^Thomaa Belaayse, 9d Bart Cia- 
atcd Bann Faneoakeig of Yan», 


FAUC0Mi»tR6^F£LT0N. 9^9 


cc». York, 95 May, 1637, and Vwc, 
Pattconbcri^ of Uenlraowle, co.Dar- 
bam, 31 Jan. 1643 1 ob. 1652. 


H —II. 1653.^1. 1689.3-Tboiiiat Belaiyfe» f randton 

and b^r» beincf s. and b.of 
Henry Belas)fle (ob. v. p.) 
eldett 8on of the last Vis- 
eount{ CreatedEarlFaucon- 
berg 9 April, 1689| ob.l700, 
s. p. wben tbe Earldom be- 
eame ejcn'nrt} buttbeVit- 
eotmtcy and Barony de- 
volved on 

III — lU. 1 700.— 3.Tbooia8 Belasyse, nepb. and 

bair, being s. and b. of Sir 
Rowland Belasyse, K. B. 3d 
son of Henry» fatber of tbe 
last Viicowits ob. 1718. 

IV.....— 1V,I7 18.-^11. i;i»6.4.TboaiasBelasye, s. and b. 

Created Earl Fauconberp 
of Ntwborougb, co. York» 

_ 15 JaR#, 1756; ob. 1774. 

V — V *— IJL1774. 5. Henry Belasyse» s. and b. ob. 

180!^ «ben tbe Earldon 
acauibetäiiie4E):tinct; but 
tbe BiupeDy andViscountcy 
detcended to bis Sd cousin» 

VI«.»..4^Vi.l803.6.RowlaBdlBela9«e» beinf s. and b. of 
Antbony» eldett ton of Rowland 
Belage» aast «anrirlng brother of 

. . „ Tbomai,3dVifcoant;ob.l810,s.p. 

VII.. ...— VILl810.7.Cbariet Belatyse» brotber and beirs 
ob. 1815» wben tbese titlet became 



I. 1313. Robert de Feiton, Summ, to Pari. 8 January 
and 23 May, 6 Edward II. 1313, and 26 July 
and 26 Nov. 7 Edward II. 1313; ob. cirea 
1313, leavinp Jöbn de Feiton bis ton and 
beir, whom Dugdale, vol. 11. p. 64^ says was 
Summ, to Pari. .16 £dv. 111. i büt bis name 




does not iippear in the List of Summonses in 
tbat year^ the only person of that name then 
SunnDoued beincf 
I. 1343. William de FeltoDy wbo was Summ, to Pari. 
25 Feb. 16 Edw. lll* 1342, but never after« 
wardts ob. 1367» leaving Sir Jobn Felton bis 
son and beir, but wbo was never Summoned 
to Parliament, nor were any of bis posterity. 
Tbis William de Felton Dugdale says was 
contemporai;y with tbe Jobn de Felton wbom 
be describes as baying been Summoned in 
tbe saroe year ; so tbat it is evident bis error 
did not arise from mistaking the Christian 



I. 1299, 1. Jobn Ferrers, s. and h. of Robert, 8th and last 

Earl of Derby ; Summ, to Pari, from 6 ^eb« 
S7 Edw. 1. 1299, to 19 Dec. 5 EdW. 11. 131 1 ; 
ob. 1324. 

II. 1324. 2. Robert Ferrers. s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 25 

Feb. 16 Edw. 111. 1342 ; oh, 1350. 

III. 1350. 3. John Ferrers, s. and b. he was never Summ. 

to Pari.; ob. 1367. 

IV. 1367. 4. Robert Ferrers, s. andb. he was never Summ. 

to Pari.; ob. 1413. 

V. 1413. 5. Edmund Ferrers, s. and h. he was never 

Summ, to Pari. ; ob. 1449, 8. p. m. 

VI. 1461. 6. Walter Devereux, having married Ann Fer- 

rers, dau. and sole heirof the last Baron, was 
Summ, to Pari, jure uxoris, from 26 July, I 
Edw. IV. 1461, to 9 Dec. 1 Rio. III. 1483, as 
«« Waltero Devereux de Ferrers, Chrr,'* or as 
«*Waltero Devereux, Domino de Ferrers," 
K. G. ; ob. 1485. 

VII. 1485. 6. Jubn Devereux, s. and h. Stimm, to Pari, from 

l Sept. 3 Hen. VII. 1487, to 16 Jan. 12 Hen. 
VII. 1497 i he married Cecily, sister and heir 
of Henry Bourchier, Earl of Essex ; ob. circa 

VIII. 1497. 7. Walter Devereux, s. and h. Summ, to Pari 

from 17 Oct. 1 Hen. VIII. 1509, to 24 Nov. 




SEdw.Vl. 1548$ Created Vitcoont üf Uie 
County of Hereford Feb. 9, 1550; ob. 1558. 

IX. 1558. 8. Walter Devereux, grandson and beir, being 

s. and b. of Riebard Derereux (ob. v. p.) 
eldeit son of tbe last Baron j Viscount Here^ 
fordi Created Earl of Essex May 4, 1^79, 
K.G.; ob. 1576. 

X. 1576. 9 Robert Devereux, 8. and b. Viscount Hereford 

and Earl of Essex, K. G. ; bebeaded and at- 
tainted 1600, wben all bis bonort became 

XI. 1603.10. Robert Devereux, s. and b. Restored, together 

witb bis sisters, in blood and bonort by Act 
of Parliament 1603 ; Viscount Hereford and 
Earl of Essex ; ob. 1646> 8. P. wben tbe Earl- 
dom of Essex became Extinct; tbe Vis- 
countcy of Hereford devolved on Sir Walter 
Devereux as next beir male, and tbis Barony 
feil into Abbyancb between bis two sistert 
and beirs, via. Frances, wife of William 
Seymoar, Marquess of Hertford, and Doro- 
tby, wife of Sir Henry Shirley, Bart, until 
tbe Crown terminated tbe Abeyanqe ia 
f avor of 

Xir. 1677.1 I.Sir Robert Sbirley, 6tb Bart, tbe younger 
eobeir, be being son and beir of Sir Robert, 
eldest son of Sir Henry Shirley, by tbe said 
Dorotby, sister and cofaeir of tbe last Baron ; 
he was Summ, to Pari, as Baron Ferrers of 
Cbartley 14 Dec. 1677» and bad tbis Barony 
confirmed to bim and tbe beirs of bis body, 
by Charles II. ; Created Visc. Tamworth and 
Earl Ferrers Sept. 3, 1711 ; ob. 1717. 


I. 1717.13. Elizabeth Sbirley, grand-dau. and beir, being 
dau. and sole beir of Robert Sbirley (ob. 
V. p.) son and beir apparent of Robert Earl 
Ferrers, tbe last Baron ; she married James 
Compton, Earl of Nortbampton ; ob. 1741, 
8. P.M. wben tbe Barony again feil into Abey- 
ANCE Detween her two daughters and cobeirs $ 
but on tbe death of Lady Jane Compton, 
unroarried, in 1749» tbe dignity devolved on 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



II. 1749uld. CllafWlteOoaiptoii» dAu. and on the death of 
her tittcTy »ole beir of Elisabetb, tbe last 
BarofNiMt she Married Gmrg«, 4tb Vtocoaat 
aod Ist Ifarqucts af Towntheod } ob. 1770. 

XIU. 1770. 14. George Townsbeod, 6. and b. succeeded bis 

fatber in tbe MarqaisaU of Townsbend 14 

Seilt. 1807; ob. 1811. 
XIV. 1811.15. George Ferren Townsbend, s and b. Present 

Marqueas Townsbend aad Baron Ferrers of 

Cbartley» ftc. Vide Townshbnd. 



I. 1711. I.Robert Sbirley, XIL-Utb Baron Ferrers of 
Cbartley ; Created Viscouat Tamwortb, co« 
Staflfbrd, and Bari Perrers, 3 Sept. 1711; ob. 

If. 1717. 3. Wasbingtoa Sbirley, 2A sod and beir (Robert 
Sbirley, bis eldest brotber» bavinfc died wlth- 
out issue male], succeeded as EarlFerreis 
and Visconnt Tamwortb ; ob. 1729, & P. m. 

III. 17^. 3. Henry Sbirley, brotber and beir, ob. 1745, 8. P. 

IV« 1745. 4» Lawrence Sbirley, nepbew and beir, being 
Jon and lieir of Laurence next brotber to tbe 
last Earl ; ezecuted for niurder, 1760 ; ob. 8.P. 

y« 1760« 5. Wasbin^on Sbirley, brotber and beir; ob. 
1778, 8. p. 

VI. 1778. S. Robert Sbirley, brotber and bdr, ob. 1787. 

VII. 1787* 7. Robert Sbirley, s. and b. Present Earl Fe^ 

rers and Viscount Tamwortb. ^= 



I. H.III. 1. William Ferrers, 2d son of Wmiaro, 8tb Eaii 
BY WRIT. of Derby, Lord of Groby ; ob. 1287. 

L IS97. 2. William Ferrer6,s. and b. Summ, to Pari, fron 
36 Sept. 28 Edw. I. 1300, to 20 Feb. 18 Edw. 
IL 1325, as ** WilUelmo de Ferrariis.»* He wss 
also Summ. 26 Jan. 25 Edw. 1. 1297 ; but, for 
tbe reasous assigned ander *< Fitz-John," it 




M MBMwhat ^ubt/ol if tbBt Writ can b« 
•comidered as a regaUr Suaiaont tu Parlia- 
ment; ob. 1S85* 

II. 13S5. 3. Henry Ferren, s. and h. Summ, to Pari, from 
5 June, 4 Edw. III. 1331, to 20 Nov. 16 
Edw. III. 1342, at <* Henrioo de Ferrariit ;" 
ob. 1343. 

ill. 1343. 4. William Ferrers, s. and b. Pari, from 
15 March, 28 Edw. 111. 1354, to 6 April, 43 
Edw. III. 1369, aa *« Willitlmade Ferrariit;"^ 
ob. 1371. 

IV. 1371* 5. Henry Ferren, s« and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

4 August, 1 Ric. 11. 1377, to 17 Dec. 1 1 
Ric. II. 1387» as ** Henrico de Ferrariis de 
Groby ; ob. 1387. 

V. 1387* 6. William Ferren, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 30 Nov. 30 Ric. II. 1396, to 3 Dec. 80 
Hen. VL 1441, as «William de Ferren de 
Groby; ob. 1444. 

VI. 1446. Edward Grey, son of Rei^inald, 3d Lord Grey 

of Rutbyn, by bis 8d wife Joan, dau. and sole 
beir of William, son and beirof Thomas III.- 
7tb Baron Astley; having married Eliiabetb 
Ferrers, grand-dau. and beir of tbe last Ba- 
ren, viz. dau. and beir of Henry Ferren (ob. 
V. p.) bis eldest son ; be was Sbmm. to Pari. 
jure uxoris, as ** Eclwardo de Grey, MiUti» 
Domino de Ferrers de Groby," from 14 Dec. 
25 Henry VI. 1446, to 2 Jan. 27 Henry VI. 
• 1449; and as <* Edwarde de Grey,Millti, Do- 

minus de Groby," from 23 Sept. 28 Henry VI. 
1449, to 26 May, 33 Henry VI. 1455; ob. 1457. 

VII. 1457. 7. John Grey, s. and b. He was never Summoned 

to Pari. ob. 1461. 

irill.1461. 8. Tbomas Grey, s.and b. Created Marquess of 
Dorset 18 April, 1475, bavinfi: been Created 
Earl of Huntingdon in 1471, K. G. ; ob. 1501. 

IX. 1501. 9. Thomas Grey. s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 17 
Oetober, 1 Hen. VIII. 1509, as «< Thomc 
Grey, Domino Ferren de Groby ;" but in tbe- 
2d Pari, in 1511, as **TborosB Grey, Marchi- 
ooi Dorset/' Marquess of Donet ; ob. 1530* 


964 FERRBtö. 


X. l&80.IO.ii«W3rGrBgr, •. an« Ik IfMqaeM of Donet, 
hvring aurried Fmieet« da«« and coheir off 
Charies Rrandoo, Doke of Suffolk, bj Maiy 
Tudor» tiater of King Henry Vlil. ha mam 
Cnated Doke of Sutfolk 11 Oct. 1551, K.G. 
atUhitad and bebeadcd 1554» wfaen this Ba- 
ronjr, with all hii otber boBort, tu. the 
Dakedam of Saffolk, the Mafquiaate of 
Doract» and the Baionica of Astlej, Bon- 
TiUtyand Harinxfcon» bacaMe 



r. H.H. l.Wakbeline de Ferren *, Lord of Okebam, ca 

Rutland, 1164; Ihring^lldl. 
II. Rin.I. 8. Hugh de Ferrers, s. and h. Kving 1197 ; ob. 

s. p. leaviBi; Isabel bis aister, »ife of BLoger 

Lard llortiiDeT bis beir. 



r. 1375. 1 . Robert Ferrert, a younger son of Robert, 8d 
Baron Ferrers of Cbartley, baving marrted 
Elizabetb, dau. and sola beir of William 
Boteler, of Wemme, was Summ, to Pari, as 
** Robert Ferrers de Wemme, Cbev." from 
28 Dec. 49 Bdw. HL 1375, to 16 Fab. 2 Rio. 
11.1379; ob. 1380. Robert Ferrers, bis son 
and beir, died 1410, s. p. m. Tita matris, 
witbout baving been sumrooiied to Parliament, leaving 
Elizabetb, wifie of Jobn, son of Ralpb Lord Greystock, 

* Dugdale, in bis PedSgree of Ferren, vol. I. p. 859, maltas 
tbis WaJcbeline a yoonger son of Robert, Ist Earl of Derbj ; 
but in bi» account of this biatncb in p. 269, he says he wu a 
yoiiBger8onofXPiiinim,adEarlofDeri)y. The dates render tlie 
former the most probable accounti 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

reilRBRfr«*nv£Baiü|M* 3S6 

mnd Mary, wife of Ralpb NwiU^ Earl of Westmoreland» 
hlfl daughten and coheirs» between wfaote descendants 
and repretcntatives tbia Baroay (jf Elisabeth, wife of tbit 
Baroo» left no issue by ber second and tbird busbands } 
or if U be considered as a Barony created by tbe Writ of 
S8 Dec. 1375, independently of tbe Barony of Boteler of 
Wemme) is now in Abeyancb. 



i; 1076» I. Sir George Sendet; Created Barojl Tbrewley 
tor Baron Sondet of Tbrowley), Viscount 
Sondei of Lees-Court, and Bari of Feversbam, 
all CO. Kent, 8 April, 1676) wttb remainder, 
failing bis kam dMle, to Lewis Lord Duras, 
busband of Mary, bis eldest dau. and cobeir; 
ob. 1677» S.P.M. 

II. 1677. S. Lewis de Duras, Ist Baron Duras, son-in-law 
Md beir agreeable to tbe above limitation ; 
K. G.*, ob. 1709, s. p. wben all bis bonort be^ 
eame 4tptinn. 


I. 17 19* Erangard Melosine Scbulemburgb, mistress of 
George I. Created Baroness Dundalk, Coun- 
tess and Marcbioness of Dungannon, and 
Ducbess of Munster, in Ireland, July S, 
1716. Created, April 30, 1719, Baroness of 
Glastonbury, co. Somerset, Countess of Fe- 
versbam, co. Kent, and Ducbess of Readal, 
CO. Wcstrooreland, for life; ob« I743y wben 
all ber bonors became 


L 1747. Anthony Duncombei Created Lord Fever- 
sharo, Baron of Downton, co. Wilts, S3 June, 
1747 ; ob. 1763, S.P.M. wben tbe Title 
again beeame 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Iw— I. 1690. 

I. 1790. 


1. William Ftelding; Created Baron Field- 
in^ of Newnham Padox, co. Warwick, and 
Viscoant Fielding, Dec. 30, 1620. Cröated 
Earl of Denbigh, Sept. 14, 1692. 

Vide Denbigh. 


.Jamet Duff, 3d Earl of Fife» in Seotland^ 
Created Baron Fife, co. Rfe, in the Peerai^e 
of Great Britain» Feb. 19, 1790; ob, 1809, 
S. p. M. wben tbis Barony became 


I. 1640. 



. Jubn Fmcb, ftrtt coosin of Thomas, Ist Earl 
of Wincbelsea. Created Baron Finch of Ford- 
wich, CO. Kent, 7 April, 1640 ; Lord Keeper; 
ob. 1660, 8. P. when the Title became 


1. 1673. 


I. 1790. 



1. Sir Heneage Fincb, Ist Bart, first coosin of 
of Heneage, 2d Earl of Wincbelsea. Created 
Baron Fincb of Daventry, co. Nortbampton, 
10 Jan. 1673, and Earl of Nottingham, 19 
May, 1681 ; Lord Cbancellor. 

Vide Nottingham. 


1. Georfi^ Augustus Cbicbester, Ist Marquess of 
Donegal in Ireland. Created Bnron Pisber- 
wick, CO. Suflford, .Fuly 3, 1790, Present 
Baron Fisberwick, in England; also Marques« 
of Donegal, &c. in Ireland. K.P. =? 




L H.U. l.AUnFiU-Brian) ob. 1190. 

II. H. III. SL Brian Fiu-Alan, s. and b. ob. ante 137$. 


I. I€96. 3. Brian FiU-AUn» s« and b. Summ, to Pari. 
IVom SS June, S3 £dw. I. 1395, to S2 Jan. 33 
Edw. I. 1306, thoQ^b be is said to bave died 
1301, S.P.M. Afnes, one of bis daugbten and 
eofcmn» afterwards marricd Sir Gilbert Sta- 
pletMit md Katherine, bis otber dau. and 
eobeir, became tbe wife of Jobn Lord Grey of 
Rotberfield, and among tbe deicendanu and 
repretentatiTes of tbeie females this Barony 
matt be considered to be in Abbyamcb. 



I. Will.1. I.Alan, ton elFlatbald, obtained tbe Castle of 

' Oswaldstre from William tbe Conqpieror. 
IL Hen J. 12. William FiU-Ala% s. and b. ob. a«te 1 165. 
ni. U. U. 3. William Fita-Alan, s. and b. ob. circa 1214. 

IV. H. II L 4. Jobn Fks-AIan, biotber ; beir to bis nepbew, 

tbe son of tbe last Baron, wbo died toon after 
bisfatber; ob. 1S39> baving married Isabel 
de Albini, sister and cobeir to Hugb Earl 
of Arnndel. 

V. H.IIL 5. Jobn Fita Alan» s. and b. wbo on tbe partition 

of tbe lands of bis uncle, Hugb Eariuf Arun- 
del, in 1243, obtained tbe Castle of Arundel. 
and whicb was adjudg^d to confer tbe title oi 
Earl of Arundel on its possessor bjr Act of 
Pari. 1 1 Hen. VL Vide Akundel. 

FitB-Alan was not a Parliamentary Barony until 1627» 


L 1627. '1. Tbomas Howard, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, 
tbe beir general of tbe family of Fitz-Alan 
above mentioned, was by Act of Parliament 



3 Car. I. Cfeattd Baron Hts-Alan, Clun and 
Otwaidettre, and Maltraversy and which Ba- 
roniet were tben annexed to tbe title and 
digiiity of Earl of Arundel, and settied upon 
tb« Said Thomas Earl of Arundel and Surrey, 
with divers remainderSi as are related under 
<<Clun," by virtue of whiefa Act tbeBaro« 
nies of Fita- Alan, Clun and Oswaldestre, and 
Maltravers» are now vested In bis Graee Ber- 
nard Edward Howard* Duke of Norfolk, tbe 
preient Earl of Arundel» &e. 

Vide Aeundel and Norfolk. 



I. Will. 1. William Fiti-Ausculf» or Ausculf de Pio- 
cbenfi, beld ninety-one Lordsblps at tbe 
General Surve/; bot of wbom nothiug far- 
tber is known. 



L 13 13. 1 . Tbomas Fits- Bernard ; Summ, to Pari, from 8 

Jan. 6 Edw. II. 1313, to 14 Marcb» 15 Edw. 

II. 13SS, as ««Tbomse filio Bemardi.'* 

Du^fdale gives no aceount of tbis Baron in bis Baron- 

age; nor is be noticed by any otber writer on tbe subject. 



I. Hen. 1. Brian FiCi-Cuunt; living 1141. His two 
sons being lepers, and this Baron and his 
wife <*betaking themselves to a relipous 
course of life>'* the King seized on bisBarony. 



I. Will.1. Robert Fitz-Gerold; livins 1082. 




II. Hen. II. Alexander Fiti-Gerold j livini: 1 165 ; to wliom 


III. Hen. IL Warine Fiti-Gerold» Cbamberlaio to Hen. H. 

his tuccesior wai 

IV. Rieh. I. Warine Fitz-Gerold; ob, 1317, 8. P.M. Mar- 

fCery, his 3d dau. and ooheir, married, flrst, 
Baldwin de Redvers, Earl of Devon ; and se- 
condly, Pulk de Breant i and Joan, his other 
dau. and cobeir, was the «ife of Hu^b de 

U. III. Henry Fits-Gerold, a young^r brotber of tba 
last Baron, living 1252 | ob. s. p.m. 



I. 1799. I.John Fits-Gibbon, Ist Earl of Cläre in Ire- 

land; Crented Baron Fitz-Gibbon of Sid- 
bury, CO. Devon, Sept. 24, 1799; ob. 1802. 

II. 1802, 3. John Fitx.Gibbon, s. and h. Present Baron 

Fiti-Gibbon ; also Earl of Cläre in Ireland. 



I. Will. I. Robert Fiti-Hamon. Came into England with 
tbe Conqueror; ob. 1107, 8. P.M. leaving bis 
four daugbters bis beirs, of wbon two took 
the veil j tbe tbird married tbe Earl of Brit- 
tanny; and the fourth, Mabeil, became tbe 
wife of Robert Earl of Gloucester, natural 
son of King Henry I. 


ViScouNTCY, 29 December, 1800. 

Vide Malmesbury. 


A Httgh Fits-Heury was sumrooned 8 June,22 Edw. 1. 1295, 
bat wbicb Writ^, für the reasous assigned under ** Clyvb- 



DON,** caoDot» it U pretumed» be considered at a regulär 
Summons to Parliament. He was aever afterwardt sam- 


I. 1309. 1. Aucfaerus Fits-Heniy ; Smam. to Pari, from 4 
Marcb, 8 Edw.U. 1309« to 10 Oct. 19 Edw.ll. 

Dugdale ^tyes no aecouot ofthete Barons in his Baron* 
age. Hugh Fita-Henry was probably tbe father of Heniy 
Baron Fits-Hugb (Vide «*FiTz*HuGRi") but ootbing 
is known of Audier Fits-Uenry. 



I. John. 1. Matthew Fits-Herbert. 

II. H. III. S. Peter Fitz-Matthew, s. and h. ob. 1S54, f, 8. 
III. H. III. S.John Fiu-MaUhewy brotber and beiri liriog 

IV. Edw.I. 4. Matthew Pits-John, s. and b. Summoned S^ 
Jan. 35 Edw. I. 1$97> but h is somewhat 
doubtrul if tbat Writ can be deemed a regu- 
lär Summons to Parliament Vide **FiT£- 
JOHN." Ob.8.p. 

Vide also Frfz-RBGiNAU). 



I. 1660. 1. Heneage Finch, 3d Earl of Winchelsea ; Cre- 

ated Baron Fitz-Herbert of Eastwell, c<k 

Kent, June S6, 1660. 

On the death of John 5tb Earl of Winchelsea, and 4tb 

Baron Fitz-Herbert of Eastwell, in 1789» 8.P. tbis Barony 

becaroe iiptintU 


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I. WillX J. Bardolpb» Lord of Ravenswortb» in Riebmond* 

sbire» in tbe reign of William tbe Con- 

II. Steph. 2. Akaris Fitz-Bardolpb, s. and h. ob. 1 161. 
m. H. II. 3. Hervey Fitz-Akaris, s. and h. ob. 1 1«3. 

IV. H. IL 4. Henry Fitz-Harvey, s. and h. ob. 1301. 

V. Jobn. 5. Randolpb Fitz- Henry, s. and b. ob. 1363. 

VI. H. III. 6. Henry Fitz-Randolpb, 8. and b. ob. ,. .^ 

VIL EdwX 7.Randolpb Fitz-Henry, s. and b. ob 8.P. 

VIU.£dw.L8.Hugb FUz-Heniy» brotbe^ and beir; ob. 1304. 


I. 1331. 9. Henry Fitz-Hugb* 8. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 15 May, 14 Edw. IL 1331, to Ift Nov. 
35£dw.IILl351; ob. 1356. 

IL 1356. lO.Henry Fitz-Hugb« grandson and beir, being 
s. and b. of Henry Fitz-Huj^b (ob. v. p.) 
eldest son of tbe last Baron, Summ, to ParU 
from 4 Aug. 1 Ric. IL 1377, to 8 Aug. 10 
Ric. n. 1385 ; ob. 1386. 

III. 1386. 11. Henry Fitz-Hugb, s. and b. Sunun. lo Pari. 

from 17 Dec 11 Ric.II. 1387, to 1 Sept. 3 
Henry VI. 1433. He roarried Elizabetb, dau. 
and sole beir of Robert de Grey, son of Jobn 
Lord Grey of Rotberiield, by Avice, tister and 
coheir of Robert Lord Marmion, K. G. ob. 

IV. 1434. 13.WiHian Fitz-Hugb, i. and b. Papl. 

from 13 July, 7 Henry VI. 1439, to 5 Sept. 
39 Henry VI. 1450; ob. 1453. 

V. 1453. 13.Henry Fitz-Hugb, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 36 May, 33 Henry VI. 1455, to 15 Oct. 
10 Edw. IV. (or49 Henry VI.) 1470; ob. 1473. 

VL 1473. 14.Ricbard Fitz-Hugb, 8. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 15 Nov. 33 Edw. IV. 1483, to 1 Sept. 3 
Henry VIL 1487 s ob. circa 1508. 

VIL 1508. 15.George Fitz-Hugb, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 
17 Oct. 1 Henry VIII. 1509, and 38 Nov. 3 
Henry VIII. 1511; ob. 1513, 8. P. wben bis 
aunt Alice, wife of Sir Jobn Fienet, Kut. 
(fatber of Tbomas Lord Dacre,) eldest dau. 
of Henry V.-13th Baron Fiu-Hugb, aiid 




S^ndfather of tbe last Baron ; aud Sir Tbo- 

mas Parf, Kut. sun of Eliiabvtb, anotber dau. 

of tbe Said Henry V.*13ib Baron, were fouiid 

bis nezt beirsi betw«en wbosedescendantsaiid 

representatives Ibis Barony is in Abeyancb. 

It is to be observed tbat some writers bave considered 

tbis Barony to bave been vested in tbe Earh uf Pembrokc, 

as tbe representatives qf Elizabetb, tbe seooiid dau. of 

Henry V.-13th Baron ; but on tbe deatb of Pbilip, ei^bth 

Earl of Pembroke, it would bave devolved on bis dau. 

and Sole beir» Cbarlotte, wbo was twice married, and left 

issue by botb busbands, and would nuw be vested in ber 

representatives. Tbe fact» bowever, apiiears to be, tbat 

tbe Barony was never allowed to eitber coheir, and tbat 

it bas been in Abeyance ever since tbe death of George 

Baron Fita-Uugb, in 1512. 



I. H. in. 1. Jobn Fits-Geoffrey, son of Geoffrey Fits-Piers, 

Earl of Essex, by Aveliue, bis secoad wife ; 
liviug^ 1245. 

II. U.lII. 3. Jobu Fitz Jobn, s.and b. ob. circa 1257. 


I. 1264. 3. Jobn Fitz-Jobn, Summ, to Pari. 14 Dec. 49 

Henry III. 1264; ob. 1275, s. P. wben tbe 
Barony created by tbat Writ became 

II. 1295. 4. Riebard FiU-Jobn, brotber and beir; Summ. 

toParl. 23 June,23Edw.l. 1295, ob. 1^96, s.P. 
wben tbe Barony created by tbat Writ also 
became 4tptintt. 

A Mattbew Fits-Jobn was summoned 26 Jan. 25 Ed- 
■ ward 1. 1297 ; but, as is expressed wbenever tbat Writ 
was tbe earliest granted to any personale noticed in tbis 
Work, a doubt bas been created in tbe Editor's mind, by 
a manuscript note in a copy of Dug^dale's Soromonses to 
Parliament, wbicb belonged to tbe late Francis Townsend, 
Esq. Windsor Herald» and was obliging^ly leut to bim by 
bis 8011, Francis Townsend, Esq. tbe present Rouge Dra- 
gon Pursuivant of Arms, as to wbetber tbat Writ can be 
deemed a regulär Writ of Summons to Parliament. The 
not« in question appears to bave been originally written 


. nrZ-JOHN. 843 

in a Copy of the Sunnioiiset in tbt College of Arms, bjr 
John Vincenty soii of the able and well-known AugiMtine 
Viuceiit. Mr. Townsend't note ist 

'* Vincent, No. 35, p. 4ö, where a pencil note in tbe 
mar^ii (of tbe band-writing, as 1 tbiiik, of Jubn Vincent) 
saysy * Thifi can be no Summons, because it is only di- 
rected to tbe Temporality'." Tbe Writ of S6 Jan. S5 
Edward I. cummands tbe pertons to wbom it is ad- 
dressed to attend at Salisbury on Sunday * tbe Feaf t of 
Sc. Matthew tbe Apostle next ensuing, vis. tbe Sist Sep- 
tember» '* nobiscum saper dictis negotiis Colloquiani et 
Tractatum specialiter babituri, Testrumque Consilium 
impensuri ; et hoc» ticut nos et bonorem nostrom ac sal- 
vationem Regui, nostri ac iiicolarum diligitis» nullatenus 
omittatis i" and it was directed to six Earis and seventy- 
live Barons, and to tbe Judges; but not one of tne 
Bisbops or Abbots were induded. On examining tbe 
Summonses lately printed by order of tbe House of 
Lords, it appears tbat only two Writs» (excepting to fur- 
nish borses and arms,) were directed to tbe Spirituality» in 
tbe S5tb of Edward I. ; tbe one dated at St. Paul's, Lon- 
don» 5tb September^ whiob recites tbat <*Edwardus 6Uus 
n'r catissioMis tenens looo' nVm in Angl' vobiscuoi collo- 
quium b'eat» et t'actatum vob' roandamus in fide» &c. q'd 
in instanti cTastino S*cti Micb'is» London' ad eandem 
filiu' nVmmodisoro'ibus p'sonal'r int'stitis, cum eodem et 
cet'is de consilio o'ru qui ibidem adenin t s'r d'c'is negociis 
t'actaturi» et v'rm consiliu' impensuri," and whicb was 
addressed to tbe Bisbops of Worcester» Ely, Carlisle» and 
York» to tbe Earls of Cornwall and Warwick» to Jobn 
Giffisrd and Gunselm de Badlesmere» (tbe latter of wbom 
are described as Earis and Barons,) to several Clerks of 
tbe Council, to six Judges, and to {wo Priests. It is pre- 
sumed tbat tbat Writ cannot be considered eitber as a 
separate Writ of Summons to Parüament, or as being 
addressed to tbe necessary persons to make the Parüa- 
ment summoned on tbe S6tb Jaouary complete; for only 
four Bisbops are named in it, not a Single Abbot is men- 
tioned, and both of tbe Earls, one of tbe Barons (John 
Giflfard), and tbree out of tbe six Judges, were included 

* According to the Tables given in "Notitia HIstorIca," the 
feast of St. Matthew» viz. 91 Sept. feil in the 95th Edward L 
1997» on a Satuiday. 




' ii» the Writ dated the 96tfa of Jannarjr. The otber Writ 
alkided to wm dated St. Paul's, London, 9th September, 
and contains tbe same words as tbose quoted from tbe 
Writ dated on tbe 5th of that montb ; it was addressed to 
the Bishopi of Batb and Wellt, Lincoln, Hereford, Nor- 
Wieb, Rocbester, and S. elect of Salisbary (neitber of 
whoiB were inctuded in tbe Writ of the 5tb oftbat montb), 
to teventeen Abbots, four Priors, and tbe Master of the 
Knigbts Templars in Engpland,to Roger Bi^, Earl of Nor- 
folk, and Earl Marsbal, (wbo was summoned in the Writ 
of S6 January,) and to Humpbrey de Bobon, Earl of He- 
reford and Bssex, (who was not incladed in any previous 
Writ issiied in tbe 35th Edward I.); likewise to seven Ba- 
rons, neitber of wfaom were named in tbe Writ of 5th of 
September, but wbo were all, ezeepting Alan le Zonche, 
Inclttded in that of the 36th of Janaary. Whether tbe last 
Writ is to be considered as summoning the Spiritual 
Peers, and the Eari and Baron omitted in previous Writs, 
•o as to perfeet tbe Parliament ordered by tbe Writ of the 
S6th of January, to meet on tbe Slst of :$eptember at 
Salisbury, and wblch the date somewbat Supports, or 
whether, from tbe names of tbe one Earl and six Barons, 
who were previously summoned in January to meet at a 
place diflPerent from that appdnted in tbe last Writ, be- 
ing the same as those then summoned, it must he re- 
garded as a summons to a distinct meeting, the Editor 
will not attempt to determine. Tbe Rolls of Parliament 
do not eontain iMiy notice of a Pariiament barinf^ been 
held between the 83d and tbe 36tb Edw. 1. and as many 
persoAs wbose names are inserted in tbe Writ of S5 
Edward I. were never afterwards summoned to Pariia- 
ment ; as some were summoned in that Writ who, tbou{^b 
tummoned in the 22d of Edward L * were totally omitted 
in each of die tbree regulär Writs of Summons in the 93d 
Edw. I. as well as in that of 24 Edw. L and who, exeepting 
on the 86>tb January, 25 Edward L were never again sum- 
moned to Parliament, the suspicion expressed in tbe MS. 
note hefore cited, appears to bave much validtty. 

On tbe otber band, it must be obserred that the 
▼alidity of tbat Writ has never before been questioned ; 
and tbougb, in tbe Frescheville case, wben Lord Frescbe- 

♦ Tbe Writ of 92 Edw. I. as is stated under ««Clyvedow,** 
is generally admitted not to have been a regulär Writ of 
Summons to Parliament. 

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Tille elaimed underit to be pUced in tbe preeedency of 
bis ancestor, wbo was then sumoDoned, but never eitber 
before or subsequently, tbe House rejected bis Lordsbip's 
Petition» not tbe sligbtest objection appears to bave been 
made to tbe Writ itself. 

Tbe Editor bas tbus fuliy'stated tbe motive wbicb 
has induced bim to express a doubt on tbe subject wben- 
eyer tbat Writ occuri in tbis Work, and bavinp, to tbe 
best of bis information, detailed tbe facts of tbe cate, 
leaves it to inore competent judg^es to determine bow far 
tbe objection is just. 


Roger Fitz-Osbert, wbo is not notieed in Dugdale's 
Baronage, received a Sumroons 8 June, 3S Edward I. 
1394; but itisdoubtful, for tbe reasons assigned under 
**Clyvedon/' if it can be considered as a Summons to 



I. H. II. 1. Robert Fitz-Payne, son of Pain Fit2-Jobn» 

brotber of Eustace Fitz-Jobn, ancestor of tbe 
Barons Vesci; living I3l6x bis successor was, 

II. H. IIL 2. Roger Fitz-Payne; ob. circa 1237. 

III. H. in. 3. Robert Fitz-Payne, s. and b. ob. 1280. 


I. 1299. 4. Robert Fitz-Payne, s. aiidb. Summ, to Pari. 

from 6 Feb. 27 Edw. 1. 1299, to 23 Oet. 8 
Edw. II. 1314. He was also summoned 26 
Jan. 26 Edw. I. but, for tbe reasons assigned 
under ««FiTz-JoHN," it is ratber doubtfui if 
tbat Writ was a regulär Summons to Pariia- 
ment. Ob. 1315. 

II. 1315. 5. Robert Fitz-Payne, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 7 Aug. 1 Edw. III. 1327, to 15 Nov. 25 
Edw. I II. 1351; ob.]354,leaving,according to 
tbe Escbeat 28 Edw. III. Isabel, wife of Jobn 
Cbideocke, bis dau. and beir, tben 36 years 
of age. Sir Jobn Cbideocke, tbeir s. and b. 
left issue Sir Jobn Cbideock, Knt. wbo bad 
issue two daugbters, bis cobeirs, viz. Katbe- 
rine, wbo married, first, Sir William Staffbfd, 


f46 PrrZ-PAYNE. 

of Prome, and bj bim faa^ rnie efaikl, Hum- 

phrej Staflbrd, Bari of Deron, bat wbo 

died 8.P. and tecondij, Sir Jobn Anradel, 

Knt.; and Margaret, the wife of WilUani 

Lord Stourton $ and between tbe descendsntt 

and representatives of tbe taid Katberine and 

Maii^aret» vis. Everard Lord Amndel of War- 

dour» and Eleanor, wife of tbe present Lord 

Cliffordi tbe cobeirt of one moiety of tbe said 

Barony, aod tbe present Lord Stoarton, ai 

sole beir of tbe otber moiety, tbe Barony of 

Fitt-Payne is in Abeyancb. 

Robert db Grby, youagier son of Riebard Lord Grey 

of Codnor, and wbo assumed tbe name of Fitz-Payne, 

was, in the 30tb Edward IIL fonnd beir, hy grcmt to Ela, 

widow of Robert Pit2-Payne, tbe last Baron. He is said 

to bare been Summ, to Pari, in Dugdale's List of Sum- 

montes, 6 April, 43 Edw. IIL 1369» but it appears, from 

a MS. note of tbe iate Prancis Townsend, Esq. Windsor 

Herald, and wbicb the List of Summonses just printed 

by Order of tbe House of Lords confirms, that tbe names 

of tbe four Barons last mentioned in tbat Writ, as giren 

byDngdale, via. JobanniyfiKo RicardiGrey de Codenoure, 

.lobannl de Tibetot, Roberto PUz-Paine, and Uenrico de 

Ferey, are not on tbe Roll. 

Isabel, bis dau. and beiress, married Richard Lord Poyn- 
ings, and from tbe beiress of Robert Baron Poynings, s. and 
b. of tbe said Rieb. Lord Poynings, and Isabel Pita-Payne bis 
wife marrying Henry Percy, s. and b. apparent of Henry 
XIIf.-Sd Earl of Nortbumberland, and who was Summ, to 
Pari, jtire nxoris as Baron Poynings, bis descendants styled 
tbemselves Barons Poynings, Fitz Payne, and Bryan. Un^ 
der the latter Title it has been clearly proved tbat the 
Earls of Nortbumberland had no claim to tbe Barony of 
Brvan ; and, with respect to tbe Barony of Pitz-Payne» 
it is evident tbat, as Isabel de Grey, alias Poynings, daa. 
and beir of tbe above Robert de Grey, did not descend 
from Robert Fitz-Payne, wbo was Summ, to Pari, in the 
S7tb Edward I. sbe could not bave possessed any rigbt to 
the Barony created by that Writ ; and as it appears that 
her fatfaer was not Summ, to Pari, or, at least, that tbere 
it no record of it on the Roll, tbe aaid Isabel could never 
bare inberited any Barony wbatever. In consequence, 
howerer, of tbe Baris of Nortbnmberland baving 

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astomail the titlet of Barons Fkz-Pajmei Bryan, &e. 
wben all the bonort ponessed by Heni^ Alf^ernon XVIII.- 
6tb Bari »f Nortbumberland, became ^tintt on bia 
deatb, in 1537> S. p. from the attainder of Sir Thomai 
Perey, bis brother, bit nepbew and heir 
i. 1557. l.Tbomaa Percy, was Created, by Patent, 30 
AprH, I5S7« Baron Percy of Cockermouth and Petwortb, 
Biiron Poynings, Lucy, Bryan, and Fits-Payne, witb re* 
mainder to bis issue male, failing whiob, to bis brotber, 
Henry Percy, and bis issue male j and wben, for tbe first 
tiraey a Barony of Frta-Payne was legally possessed by tbe 
HKistrious House of Perey. Uewascreated Earl of Northum- 
bertaiid sbortly afterwank, in wbicb dif nity tbis Barony, 
tof^iber witb tbose above named, eontimied merged, un- 
til tbe demise of Josceline XXU.-lltb Earl of Nortbum- 
berland in 1670, 8. p. m. wben all bis bonors became 




I. Wm. L 1. Ralpb Fitz-Hubert 9 beld 47 Lordsbips at tbe 

General Snrrey. 

II. H. II. 2. Ralpb Fitz-Ralpb, s. and b. 

III. H. in. 3. Hubert Fitz-Ralpb, s. and b. ob. 1291, 8. p.m. 

I. Hugh Fitz-Ralpb; ob. 1S75, s. p. M. Eusta- 
cbia, dau« uf Ralpb, bis son, wbo died v. p. 
tben wife of Nicboias de Cantilupe, being bis 



I. H.H. I.Robert Fitz-Ranulph, Lord of Alfreton, co. 

Derby; liviiig 1169. 

IL Ric. I. 3. William Fitz-Ranulph, s. and h. ob 

III. H JH. 3. Thomas Fiu-Ranulpb, s.and b.. üb. ante 1241, 

B. p. ieaving bis tbree sisters bis heirs. 



I. Steph. 1. Herbert Fkz-Herbert, Chamberlain to King 
Stepben 1139» livin^ 1196. 




II. John. 8. Peter Fitx-Herbert, s. and h. ob. 1234. 

III. U.III. 3. Herbert Fics-Peter, s. and h. ob. 1347» s. P. 

IV. H. III. 4. Repiiald Fitz-Herbert, brotber and heir i ob. 
BY WRIT. 1385. 

I. 1399. 5. Jobn Fitz-Reginald, s^ and h. Summoned 8 
June, SS Edw. I. 1394, and 36 January, So 
Edw. 1. 1397» but it is doubtful if eitber cau 
bc coii&idered as a regulär Wrtt of SummoDS 
to Parliament. Vide " Clyvbdon and FiTZ- 
JOB.N.*' Summ, to Pari, from 39 Dec. 28 
Edward I. 1899» to 86 Aug;. I Edw. II. 1307 ; 

ob HU descendantt assumed the name 

of Fitz-Herbert, but oone of them were ever 
Summ, to ParL From Peter, brotber of tbis 
Baron, the Fitz- Herberts, Earls of Pembroke, 
Are descended* 

Vide Clavbring. 



I. John. John Fitz-Robert, No account is given, 
eitberby Dugdale, or any otber Genealo^cal 
writer, of thii Baron, who was one of the 
celebrated twenty-five Barons apoiiited to 
' enforce the observance of Magna Charta. 
From bis arms, viz. Or, two cbevroiieb 
Gules, it bas been conjectored tbat b^ was 
related to the family of Cläre. 



I. H. II. Adam Fitz-Swaine, son of Swein Fitz-Aluric ; 
ob. 8. p. M. leaying^ Maud, the wife of .... 
Montbegon, and Annabil, bis daughters and 

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I. H. 1. I.Robert, 5th son of Richard Fitz-Gilbert, an- 

cestor of tbe Earls of Cläre; Sieward to 
King Henry 1. from whom he obtained the 
Barony of Dunmow, co. Essex ; ob. 1 134. 

II. 1 134. 9. Walter Fitz-Robert, f. and b. ; ob. 1 198. 

III. 1198. 3. Robert Fitz-Walter, s. and h. styled « Mar- 


Church," by tbe Barons wbo obtained 
Magna Charta from King John, and was 
one of the celebrated S5 Barons appointed to 
enforce its obsenrance j ob. 1S34. 

IV. IS34. 4. Walter FitzWalter, s. and h. ob. 1857. 


I. 1295. 5. Robert Fitz-Walter, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 83 June, 23 Edw. I. 1295, to 10 Oct. 19 
Edw.U. 1325; ob. 1325. 

II. 1325. 6. Robert Fitz-Walter, son and heir; he was 

never Summ, to Pari. ; ob. 1328. 

III. 1828. 7. John Fitz- Walter, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 3 March, 15 Edw. II. 1341, to 20 Nov. 
34 Edw. Iir. 1360} ob. 1361. 

IV. 1361. 8. Walter Fitz-Walter, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 6 April, 43 Edw. III. 1369, to 3 Sept. 
9Ric.Il. 1385 t ob. 1386. 

V. 1386. 9. Walter Fitz-Walter, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 12 Sept. 14 Rieb. II. 1390, to 25 Aug. 
5 Hen. IV. 1404 ; he married Joan, dau. and 
ultimately sole beir of John Baron Devereuz; 
ob. 1407. 

VI. 1407.10. Humphrey Fitz-Walter, s. and h. ob. infra 

SBtatem, 1422, S.P. 

VII. 1428.11. Walter Fitz- Walter, brotber and beir; Summ. 

to Pari. 12 Juiy and 3 Aug. 7 Hen. VI. 1429, 
and 27 Nor. 9 Hen. VI. 1430; ob. 1432, 
s. p. M. 
VIII.1485.I2. John Ratcliffe *, s.andh. of Sir J(^n Ratcliffe, 

* It is not a llttle aingular, that according to hlstorians a 
I^rd Fitx- Walter was tlain at Ferry-bridge ob Palm Sunday, 
1 Edw. IV. viz. 39 March, 1461 ; and a letter in the PastonLet- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



K. G. by Elizabeth Fitz-Walter, dau. and 
sole heir of tbe last Baron ; Summ, to Pari, 
from 15 Sept. l Heu. VII. 1485, to 14 Oct. 
n Hen.VII. 1495, as •«Johannes RatcUffe 
de Fitz Walter ;" bebeaded and attainted 
1495, wben bin honon became 


VI8C. , 

IX. 1509.— I. 1525. 13. Robert RatcUffe, 8. and h. Restored 
in blood and honors by Parlia- 
ment I Hen. VIII ; Summ, to 
Pari. 28 Nov. 3 Hen. VIII. 1511, 
to 15 April, 14 Hen. VIII. 1523, 
as ««Roberto Ratclyff de Fitf- 
Walter, Chl'r ;" Created Viscount 
Fitz -Walter 18 July, 1525, and 
Earl of Sussex 28 Dec. 1529; 
Lord Hiph Chamberlain 1540, 
K.G.; ob. 1542. 

X —II. 1542. 14. Henry Ratcliffe, i. and b. Eari of 

Sussex, K. G. ob. 1556. 

XI —III. 1 556. 15. Thomas RatcUflfe, s. and b. Eari of 

Sussex, K. G. ob. I583,s. p. 

XII —IV. 1583. 16. Henry Ratcliffe, brother and heir, 

Earl of Sussex, K. G. ob. 1593. 

XIII — V. 1593. 17. Robert Ratcliffe, and b. Earl of 

Sussex, K. G. ob. 1629, 8. P. 

— ^VI. 1629. Edward Ratcliffe, cousin and heir, 

bein^ s. and h. of Humphrey, 2d 
son of Robert Ratcliffe IX.-13tb Baron aud I. 
Viscount ; succeeded as Viscount Fitz-Walter 
and Earl of Sussex ; but tbe Barony devolved 
on the issue of Frances, wife of Sir Thomai 
Mildmay, who was tbe dau.of Henry X.-I4th 
Baron and 2d Viscount, and aunt and heirof 
the half blood of Robert XIlMTtb Baron 
and 5tb Viscount { ob. 1641, 8. P. wben tbe 

tere (vol.I. £.219), dated 4 April, 1461, hos the followiug 
pasaage : " On the King's part ia slain Lord Fitz- Walter," &c. 
As Sir John Ratcliffe, K. G. father of John Ratcliffe VIII.-12th 
Baron, died, accordine to Dugdale, in the 15th Hen. VL aano 
1 466 ; and as Thomas bis son, who was- Sumrooned to ParKameBt 
by that title, was lirin^ nntil 1495, It is difficult to say to whom 
thli title was then attributed. 




Viscouiitcy of Fitz- Walter and Earldom of 
Susaex became 


XIV. 1669.18. Benjamin MiWmay, allowed the Barony 10 

Feb. 1669, being brotber and beir of Henry 
(who claimed the Baruny in 1660), eldest 
soll uf Robert, son and beir of Sir Heniy 
(who claimed the Barony in 1640), brotber 
and heir uf Sir Thomas, eldest sun of Sir 
Thomas Milduiay, by Frances FitE-Walter 
above mentioned j ob. 1679. 

XV. 1679.19. Charles Mildmay, s. and h. ob. 1728, 8. P. 


XVI. 1728.— I. 1730. 20. Benjamin Mildmay, brotber and 

beir ; Created Viscount Harwich« 
CO. Essex, and Earl Fitz- Walter, 14 May> 
1730 ; ob. 1 756, 8. P. wben the Viscountcy o£ 
Harwich and Earldom of Fitz-Walter became 
4iTPtintti but the Barony feil into Abeyancb 
between the descendants and representativet 
of the five daugbters and coheirs of Mary^ 
wife of Thomas Mildmay, of Graces, Esq. 
sister of Benjamin XlV.18th Baron, and 
aunt of Charles and Benjamin, successively 
XV.-19th and XVl.-20th Barons, viz. Mary, 
wife of Charles Goodwin ; Lucy, who mar- 
ried Thomas Gardener; Elizabeth, wife of 
Edmund Waterson; Frances, who married 
Christopher Fowler ; and Katherine, wife of 
Colonel Thomas Townsbend* 


Vide GrbyStock. 

Dugdale in his Baronage, vol. 11. p. 105, asserts that 
a William Fitz-William was SumBK>ned to Parliament 
1 Edw. III. 1324; but it appears frum his List of Sum- 
roonses in that year, that he was not included in either of 
the Summonses to Parliament, but only in the Sum- 
mons dated at Ramsay, 5th April, 1324, to attend at 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne with horse and arms. 


I. 1742,— I. 1746. 1. William Fitz William, 3d Earl and 
5th Baron Fitz-William in Ireland ; 
descended from the above-mention- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



ed William Fitt-Wüliaiii ; Created 
Lord FUa-William, Baron of Milton, 
CO. Nortbampton, 19 April» 1743; 
Viscount Milton aod Earl Fits-Wil. 
liam of Norborougby co, Nortbamp- 
ton, 6 Sept. 1746; ob. 17.56. 

II — II.17&6. 8. William Wentworth Fit« William, «. 

and b. Lord-Lieut. of Ireland 1795. 
Present Earl and Baron Fitz -William 
and Viscount Milton ; also Earl and 
Baron Fitz-William in Ireland. =^ 



1. Ric.l. 1. Fulkc FitB-Warine, son of Warine de Meez; 

succeeded bis father ia bis lands; liviiig 

1190; ob. ante 1195. 
ir. H.III. 3. Fulke Fitz- Warine, s. and b. ob. 1363. 


I. 1295. 3. Fulke Fitz-Warine, «. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 23 June, 23 Edw. I. IS95» to S4 Oct. 8 
Edw. II. 1314, in tbe two last years with the 
addition of ** Seniori*;*' be was also Sum- 
moned 8 June, 32 Ed«r. I. 1395; but it 
is doubtful if tbat Writ was a repilar Sum- 
mons to Pari, vide *' Clyvedon ;" ob. circa 

n. 1314. 4. Fulke Fitz-Wafine, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 6 Oct. 9 Edw. III. 1315, to 22 Jan. 9 
Edw. III. 1336; ob. 1349. 

HI. 1349. 5. Fulke Fitz-Warine, s. and h. he was never 
Summ, to Pari. ob. 1373. 

IV. 1373. 6. Fulke Fitz-Wacine» s. and h. be was never 
Summ, to Pari. ob. 1377* 

• Altbougb Dugdale*8 statement, vol. I. p. 445, is followed in 
tbe text, tbat tbis Fulk Fitz-Warine was not Surorooned after 8 
Edw. II. it is to be remarkcd, tbat the word '* Seniori" is eon- 
tinued after the name of Fulk Fitz-Warine from 9 Edw. II. to S 
Aug. 14 Edw. II. during which period it is consideied to have 
been bis son who was so summoned. 




V. 1377* 7. Pulke Fitz-Warine, son andheir; bewai iievtr 

Summ, to Pari. ob. 1391. 

VI. 139K 8. Fulke Fitz-Warine, 8. and b.; be wai Dever 

Summ, to Pari. ob. 1407» infra aet. 

VII. 1407. 9. Fuike Fitz-Warine, 8. and b. ) he was never 

Summ, to Pari. ob. 14399 infra et. 8. p. leav- 
iug Elizabeth bis stster, wife of Richard 
Hanckford, bis beir. 
VI 11.1448. William Bourcbier, tbird son of William Bari 
of £we, by Ann, dau. and beir of Thomas 
Plantagenet, Duke of Gkiucester; havinf? 
married Tbomasine, dau. and beir of Richard 
Hanckford by tbe said Elizabeth bis wife, 
sister and beir of tbe last Baroii,be wasSumm. 
to Pari, as *< Willielmo Bourgbcbier, Militi, 
Domino de Fitz-Waryn,"from 2«lan.S7 Hen. 
VI. 1449, to7 Sept. 9 Edw. iV. 1469; ob. 
circa 1470. 

IX. 1472.10. Fulke Bourcbier, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

as <* Fulcoiii Bourgbcbier de Fitz-Waryn, 
CbevV 19 Aug. 13 Edw. IV. 1472; ob. 1479. 

X. 1479>n. John Bourcbier, s. and b. Summ, to Parl.from 

12 August, 7 Hen. VII. 1492, to 8 June, 28 

Hen. VIII. 1536; Created Eari uf Bath 9 

July, 1536; ob. 1539. 
Xr. 1539. 12. John Bourcbier, s. aud b. Earl of Batb; ob. 

XII. 1560.13. William Bourcbier, grandson and beir, being 

8. and b. of Jobn Cfourcbier (ob. ▼. p.) eldest 

son of tbe last Baroa ; Earl of Batb ; ob. 

XIH.1623.14. Edward Bourcbier, s. and b. Eari of Batb; ob. 

1636, 8. p. M. wben tbis Barony feil into 
, A9£YANCB between bis tbree daugbters aud cobeirs ; of 
wbom, Elizabeth married Basil Earl of Denbigb, and died 
8. p. ; Dorotby was tbe wife, first, of Thomas Lord Grey of 
Groby, and secondly, of Gustavus Mackworth, Esq. by 
botb of whom sbe left issue; and Ann, who was twice 
married ; first, to James Earl of Middlesex, by whom sbe 
bad a dau. Elizabeth, wife of Jobn Lord Brackley, but 
who died s. p. ; and secondly, Sir Chichester Wrey, Bart, 
from whom the present Sir Bourcbier Wrey, Bart, is de- 
scended, and wbo, as beir-general of tbe said Ann, is con« 
sequently one of tbe cobeirs of tbis Barony. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 




1. 134S. WUliam Fits- Wanne, of tbe family of tbe 
preceding Barons, surnained ** leFrere;" Sum. 
to Pari. S5 Feb. 16 Edw. III. 1343, as « Wil- 
lielmo filio Wahni," but never afterwards; 
he died 1361, leavinc Ivo bis son and beir, 
wbo was liring in 1385 ; but aeitber be Dor 
any of bis descendants were erer Sumin. to 


Tbe county of Flint bas alirays been considered as an 
appendant to tbat of ehester, and is said ** ad Gladium 
CeStris pertinere ;** and it bas consequeotly formed part 
of tbe Earldom of Chester. Heyiyn states, tbat Edward, 
son and beir apparent of Edward II. was Summ, to Pari. 
as Earl of ehester and Fliiit; but tbe latter name does 
not occur in any Writ of Summons on record. Tbe first 
time it appears as a distinct title is in tbe reign of Henry 
VlI. wbo, according to Sandford, created bis son Artbar 
Prince of Wales, Earl of ehester and of Flint in 1489; 
but it is presumeid tbat it bas neter b6en beld ai a distinct 
Earldom from tbat of Chester. 



I. 1711. I.Thomas Foley, Created Biron Foley of Kid- 

derminster, co. Worcest^r» 31 Dec. 171 li 
ob. 1733. 

II. 1733. 2. Thomas Foley, s. and b. ob. 1766, 8. p. wbea 

tbe title became 

III. 1766. 1. Thomas Foley (grandson of Thomas Foley, 

first Cousin of Thomas, Ist Baron); Created 
Baron Foley of Kidderminster, co. Worces- 
ter, 20 May, 1776 j ob. 1777- 

IV. 1777. 2. Thomas Foley, s. and b. ob. 1793. 

V. 1793. 3. Thomas Foley, s. and b. Present Baron Foley. 





I« H. IL I. Robert Foliot ; held fifteeil Knif bU' feei 

II H. II. 2. Richard Foliot, s. and b. ob. ante 1 196, 
Margery, wife of Wyscbard Ledet, beiiig bis 
dau. and heir. 
Of this fiame also were several persons of eminence, 
biil it it doabtfttl if tbey can be considered as Barons. 


I. 1S95. Jordan Foliot, Summ, to ParL S3 June, 80 
September, and S Nov. 33 Edw. I. 1395 ; he 
was also Summ. 26 Jan. 35 Edw. I. 1397 ; 
but it 18 doubtful if tbe latter can be consi- 
dered as a regulär Suramons to Parliament, 
vide " FiTz-JoHN ;" notbinglarther is known 
of him or of bis descendantf ; none of tbat 
name bowever were ever afterwards Sum- 
moned to Parliament. 



I. 1747. i. Sir Jacob Bouverie, 8d Bart.; Creatcd Lord 

Longford, Baron of Longfbrd, co. Wilts, and 
Viscount Folkestone of Folkestone, co. Kenty 
39 June 1747; ob. 1761. 

II. 1761. 3. William Bouverie, s. and b. Created Earl of 

Radnor and Baron Pleydell-Bouverie of 
Colesbill, CO. Berks, 31 Oct. 1765. 

Vide Radnor, 


ViscouNTCY, 18 March, 1718. 

Vide CowPBR. 



I. 1831. 1. Cecil Weld Forester, Creaied Baron Forester 
of WilleyPark, oo.Salop, 17 July, 1831. Pre- 
sent Baron Forester. =t= 






I.' 1746. l^Hairh Fortescue Xlll.-nth Baron Clinton; 
Created Earl Clinton and Baron Fortescue of 
Castle Hill» co. Devon, with limiiation of 
tbe Barony failinp bis issue male to bis half- 
bruther Matthew Fortescue and bis heirs^ 
male, 5 July, 1746, K. B.; ob. 1751, s. p. and 
was sueceeded in tbe Barony of Fortesciiey 
ag^reeable to tbe said limitatiun, by 

II. 175 1 . 3. Matthew Forcestue» bis half-brotber »od beir; 
ob. 1785. 


Hl. ]785.»1. 1789. 3. Hugb Fortescue, s. and b. Created 
Viscount Ebrington, oo. Gloucester, 
and Earl Fortescue, 1 Sept. 1789. 
Present Earl and Baron Fortescue 
and Viscount Ebrington. =j= 



I. H. I. 1. Nigel Fossard, ob. ante 1 139. 

II. Steph. 2. Robert Fossard, s. and h. ob. circa, 1194» 

ieaving Joane, wife of Robert de Turnbam, 
hit dau. and beir. 



1. 1815. 1. Edmund Henry Pery, Ist Earl of Limerick in 
Ireland ; Created Baron Foxford, of Stack- 
pole Court, CO. Cläre, 1 1 Aug. 1815. Present 
Baron Foxford ; also Earl of Limerick, &e. 
in Ireland. =p 



J. 1336. Hugb de Fiene, Summ, to Pari. 39 Nov. 10 
Edw. III. 1336, and 14 Jan. 10 Edward Hl. 
1337, but uever afrerwards Dugdale's Ba- 
roiiHge gives no accuunt of this person, nor 
is he noticed by any other writer. . 




Ralph de Frescbeville was Summoned th« 96 Jan* S5 
Edw. J. 1397 ; but for tbe rensons asfifjpned under '* Fitz- 
John," it bas been doubted if that Writ can be coiisi- 
dered as a regulär Summont to Parltament ; be was nerer 
apiio SqmiQoned, nur were any of bis detcendants conti- 
dered as Barona of tbe Realniy until bis beirgeneraly at 
well as beir male, 

I, 1M4« I. Jobn FrescbeTille, was Created Baron Frescbe- 
ville of Staveky, co. Derby, 6th Mareb, 
1664. In 1677 he daimed to be allowed to 
Sit in tbe Hoose of Peers nnder tbe Writ of Summons to 
bis aneestor above named, in 35 Edw. I. but it being 
contcnded tbat to give tbe party Sunmoned to Parlia- 
ment an estate of inberitance, a sitting under tbe Writ 
was necessary ; as tbe onus of proving such sittlog rested 
with tbe party olaiming tbe dignity, and no such proof 
being extant in tbe case of tbe said Ralph Frescbe- 
viUe, tbe daim was not admitted. Some observations on 
tbis . subjcet are offered at tbe commencement of this 
voiume ; but it must be obsenred bare, tbat no such ob- 
jection appeara to bave been made to tbe Writ of 35 Edi«. 
I. under wbiob tbe daim was groundedy ac is stated under 
•* FiTZ-JoHN," p. 243. Lord Frescbevill« died in 1683, 

. 8. p. M. wben tbe Barpny created by tbe Patent of 6tli 
Marcb, 1664, became 



Dugdale, vol. II. p. 103, and in which he bas been 
followed by other writers, states tbat Alexander de 
FrbvillE was Summoned to Pariiaroent 1 Edw. III. ; but 
on referring to bis List of Sommonses, it appears tbat this 
Alexander is not induded in eitber Summons to ParUa 
ment issued in that year, but only in a Summons dated at 
Ramsey, 5 April, I Edward III. 1337, to be at Newcastle- 
Y 3 


upoii^TyM «lih borse and irau» to fenre a^nst Robert 



I. Ri^. t. 1 . Gerard de Furnival, livlng: 1 203. 

If. Jobn. 9. Gerard de Furiiival, s. and h. ob. 1S18. 

III. H.III.3. Thomas de Furnival, s. and s. livin^ 1237. 

IV. H.III. 4. Tbomai de Furnival, 8. and b. IWinff 1369. 

V. Edir.1.5. Gerard de Furnival, 8.andb. ob. ante 1280. 


I. 1395. 6. Tbomas de Fnmival *i a* and h. Summoned 

to Pari, fr^ni SS June, SZ Edw. L ^395, to 
27 Jan. 6 Edw. Ilt. 1832, (from the 12th 
Edw. II. witb tbeaddition of" Seniori.'*) He 
was also Sammoned 8 June, 22 Edw. I. 1294| 
but for tbe f eabons assi^ned ünder ** Clyte- 
DON,*' it is presumed that tbat Writ was not 
a re^lar Sammons to ParKament ; ob. 1332. 

II. 1318. 7* Tbomas d« Fumiral, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

▼Ha patrisytts ''Tbomss de FomivalJuniori," 
frcMn 25Aagutt, 12 Edw. If. 1318, to 27 Jan. 
ß Edw. 1 1 1. 1 832, and witboot tbe addition of 
<« Juniori** until 16 Nov. 12 Edw. Hl. 1338{ 
ob. 1839. 

III. 1339* 8. Tbomas de FumiTal, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 20 Nov. 22 Edw. HL 1348, to 4 Oet.38 
Edw. 111. 1364; ob. circa 4 364, s. p. 

IV. 1364. 9. William« de Furaival, bro.4indbelr; Sobd. 

to Pari. 20 Jan. 39 Edw. III. from 1366 to 
7 Jan. 6 Edward UI. 1383 ; ob. 1383, 8. p. M. 

V. 1383. Tbomaa Nevillf, brotber of Ralpb, Ist Earl 

* Tbougb Dogdals places thu family amongst thoee who 
were Barons by Tenura, it appears firoro a Record wbich be citet, 
tbftt (bis Tbomas did not hold bis laods by Barony. 

f NotwitlistandiDg that all genealo^cal writers considerthis 
Thomas NeviU as Baron Fumival, he was uniformly Summoned 
to Pari, as ** Thomae NevUl de Halomshire ;" and if it were not 
for the £u!t that he is always styled « Le Sire de Fomyvall" in the 
Rolls of Parliament, it might ädmit of some doubt whether he 
should be deenied Baron Fumival ; bis son^in-law Jobn Talbot 
was Summoned in the first (and with the exoeption of Üiat of 


of Westmoreland ; bavini; manied Joänr de 
Furniva], dau. and sole heir of WiÜiani tbe 
last Baron» was Summ, to Pari, from 30 
Aop. 7 Ric. II. 1383, to 1 Dec. 14 Henry IV. 
1412, as «Thomae Nevyll de Halumahire;" 
tbough it appears from the probate of bis 
will tbat be died 1406 ; ob. s. p. m. leaving 
Maud, wife of Jobn Talbot, and Joan *, bis 
daugbters and cohein. 

VI. 1409. Jobn Talbot, second son of Riebard Lord 
Talbot of Blackmere, bavini: married Maud 
de Nevill, eldest dau. and oäieir of tbe last 
Baron by tbe said Joan de Furnivaly was 
Summ, to Pari, from 36 October, 1 1 Hen. IV. 
1409, to 36 Feb. 8 Hen. V. 1431, in tbe first 
and greatest number of Writs as *' JobannI 
Talbot,D'no deFurnyvall ;" exceptin|^ on tbe 
1 Dec I Uea.V. 1413, wbenbe was Summ, as 
<<Jobn Talbot de Halomsbire,*^ and in a 
few instances, wben be was styled in tbe 
WriU « Jobauni Talbot de FurnyTall; be 
succeeded bis niece in tbe Barony of Talbut 
in 1431, and was created Bari of Sbrewsbury 
20 Marcb, 1443, K. G.; ob. 1453. 

Tbis Barony eontinued vested in tbe Earls of Sbrews- 
bury until tbe deatb of George, 7tb Earl, 8. P. M. In 1616, 
wben it feil into Abbyancb between bis tbree daugb-' 
ters and cobeirs, viz. Mary, wife of William Eitfl of 
Perabroke; Eli2aÄ>etb, wbo married Henry Earl of Kent; 
and Alatbea, wife of Tbomas Howard, Earl of ArundeL 
EUzabetb and Mary died 8. p. and ort tbeir deatb», 
Pbilip Howard, Earl of Arundel, bccame possessed of 
tbis Barony, as son and beir of tbe said Alatbea, 
daugbter of George Earl of Sbrewsbury, tbe last Ba- 
ron Furnival. Tbe Dukes of Norfolk, as beirs uf tbe 
said Pbilip Howard, Earl of Arundel (vide " NoAfolk" 
and <' Arundel*'), were Barons Furnival until the demise 
of Edward Howard XlV^lltb Duke, in 1777» s. P. wben 

1 Heu. V. wben be is described as '^ de Halomsbire,") in erery 
Writ Ibr twelve years as « Lord Famjvall." 
* Tbis Joan is presumed to bave died s. p. 



it iM^n ffiU iptft Awif AiWB t)Hwe«fi , $k^ two daogfaten 
and coMn ol Pktilij^ Howard, brotbev ot tbe said Duke, 
vi«. Winifred, wife of William C#ord Stourton, wboM 
gMindvQn, WiUiauD, püVMiil Uord SUMMtoa» is ber repr»- 
tentaiive and one cobeir of tbii Barony« nod Ann, wife of 
Robert Edward Lofd PeUe» wbote gcandson and lepne^ 
MOtative« Willia*i» f vesent Lord Petft» Is tbe otber co- 
beir oi UÜt Barony. 



I. 1780. l L William Hall Gage, 2d Visc. Gage, in Ireland. 

I. 1790. S Created Baron Gage of Firle, co. SusseXiOct. 
27, 1780, nitb remainder to bis issue male ; 
Created Baron Gage of Higb Meadow, eo. 
Gloucester, Nov. 1, 1790, witb remainder, 
failing bis iasue male, to bis nepbew, Henry 
Gage. Ob. 1791, S.P. wben tbe Barony of 
Gage of Firle beoame €)(tt«tt| but tbat of 
Gage of Higb Meadow derolTsdy agreeable to 
tbe abov« llmitatton, «pon 

IL 1791. 9. Henry Oig€,3dVltcGage, in Ireland, nepbew 
and beir> belng ft. and b. of Tbomaa, nett 

' brotbepto tbe last Baron t ob. 1808. 

IH. 1608. 8. Henry Hall Gage, t. and b. Present Baron 
Gage ; also Vlibonnt Gage in Ireland, and a 
Baronet. ^ 


KARLS. . - 

h IGö«. 1. Bdward Nocl, son and bair iw^rent nf Bap- 
tist, 2d Viscount Campden. Created, vita 
patris, Baron Noel of Titcböeld, co, South- 
ampton, witb a special remainder, 3d Feb. 
1681 ; succacded as 4tb ViMount Campden 
1688| Created Bari of Gaintboroogb, co. 




Lifieoln» with rcmaliider, ha\in% bif issue 
male, to the itsde male of htB fatber, 1 Dec. 
1689; ob. 1689. 
II. 1689.' 3. Wriotbesley Baptist Noel> t. and b. ob. 1690, 

IIL J690. -3. Bafitiat Noel, couttfi and beir, being 8. and h. 
of Baptift Noel, bal^brotber uf £dwanJy Ist 
Earl; ob. 1714. 

IV. 1714. 4. Baptist Noel, s. and h. ob. 1751. 

V. 1751. 5. Baptist Noel, s. and h. ob. 1759, S.P. 

VI. 1759. 6. Henry Noel, brotber and beir $ ob. 1798, s.p. 

wben tbe Titl<^ became 

J. 1807. 


James Gambier ; Created Baron Gambier of 
Iver, CO. Buckingham^ 9 Nov. 1807* Present 
Baron Gambier» G. C. B. ^ 



I. Will. I. 1. Gilbert de Gant, son of Baldwin Earl of Flan- 

ders, obtained divers Lordsbips from William 
tbe Conqueror. 

II. Hen.I. 3. Walter de Gant, s. and h. ob. 1138. 

III. Stepb. 3. Gilbert de Gant, s. and h Earl of Lincoln jnre 

uxoris ; ob. 1 1&6, 8. P. M. Alice, bis dau. and 
eventually sole boir, married Simon de St. 
Lis, Earl of Huntlngdon, but sbe dying witb- 
00 1 issue, tbe inberitance want to 

IV. H. II. 4. Robert de Gant, uncle and heir male, being 
8d son of Walter, 3d Baron ; ob. circa 1 193. 

5. Gilbert da Gant, s. and b. ob. 13^1. 

V. Ricb.I. 

I. 1364. 

6. Gilbart de Gant, a. and b. Sumni. to Pari« 14 
Dec. 49 Henry III. 1964; ob. 1374. 
II. 1 395. 7. Gilbert de Gant, s. and. b. Summ, to Pari, from 
33 June, 33 Edw. I. 1395, io 36 Aug. 34 
Edw. I. 1396. He was also summoiied 8 
June, 83 Edw. I. 1394, and 36 Jan. 35 Edw. I. 



ISyit bot, for tW rtatoM expressed under 
"Clytedon" and ««Frrz-JoHN," it is doubt- 
ful if either Writ oan be coM^dered as a re- 
f^Ur Sumreons to Parlianent. Ob. 129T> 
8.P. learing Roger, son of William de Kerdes- 
ton.byMarfaivt, bis eldeti saater; PMer, aoa 
of Peter de Mauley, by Nicola, bis 8d sister ; 
and Julian de Gant, bis 3d sbter, bis beirs. 



I. 1806. 1. Alan Qardner» Ist Baron Gardner in Ireland. 

Created Baron Gardner of Uttozeter» eo. 
Stafford, S7 Nov. 1806; ob^ 1808. 

II. 1808. 2.AlanHvdeGardner\s.andb.K.CJ8.ob.l815. 

III. 1815. 3.AlanLejfgeOardner, s.andb. Present Baron 

Gardoer } aUo Baron Gardner in Irland (a 



I. Hen.II. Ralpb de Gaugi, ÜTing 1165; to wbom suc- 


II. Jobn. Robert de Gaugi: be was liting 1218. Tbe 

next mentioned is 

III. H.III. William de Gaugi, who was liring 1233. 

IV. H. III. Ralpb de Gaugi, s. and b. ob. 1378, s.P. 

V. Edw. I. Adam de Gaugi, brotber and beir; ob. circa 

1286, 8. P. wben Roger de Clifford was found 
tu be bis cou^in and beirf. 



I. I.Peter de GeneviU, baYing, in 1243, married 
Maud, niece aiid cobeir of Walter de Lacy, 
obtained witb ber tbe Castle of Ludlow ; 

♦ A Warrant was istued fo# hi« creatlon to tbe dignity of a 
Visoouxit, but be dkd before tbe Patent passed tbe Great Seal. 

t The acceunt given of this hmWj by Dngdale u Ycry ob- 
•cnre t bat frora one of tbese BsfonS tbe present Lord Gage is 
Mud to be deseeoded. 




I. 1S98. 8. Geoffrey de GeneviUy t. und b. Summ, to Part, 
from 6 Peb« S7 Edw. I. 1299» to 3 Noy. 34 
£dw. I. 1306; ob. circa 1307» leaving tbree 
sons, neither of wbom were ever Summ, to 
Pari. { «ach of hie sons died ieaving beirt fe- 
male only. 


I. 1603. 



.Tbomas Gerard ; Creafed Baron Gerard» of 
Gerard's ßromley^co. Staffard, 21 July, 1603; 
ob. 1618. 
tl. 1618. 8. Gilbert Gerard, t. and b. ob. 1632. 
III. 1632. 3. Dutton Gerai^, t. and h. ob. 1640. 
rV. 1640. 4.Cbarle8Gerard»8. andb. ob. 1667. 
V. 1667. 5. Digby Gerard, 8. and h. ob. 1711» 8.P.M. when 
the Title became 


I. 1645. 



1. Cbarles Gerard, ton and beir of Sir CbariM, 
eldeBt son of Ratcliflb Gerard, younger bro- 
tber of Tbomas, ist Baron Gerard» of Ge- 
rard's Bfomley. Created Baron Gerard of 
Brafidon» co* Suffolk» 8 Nor. 1645. Created 
Viscount Brandon aforeiAkI, and Earl of 
Maccletfield» co. Cbesbire» 83 July» 1679» 

IL 1693. 8.Chark8Gerard»s.andb.EarlofMaccle8field; 

ob. 1701» 8. F. 
III. 1701. 3. Fitton Gefard, brother and beir; Etrlof Mac- 

clesfieldj ob. 1702, 6.F« wbeu all bis bonort 

became 4ijXintt. 



I. Jobn. 1. Emald Count of Gbknei, in Fraftce, potsetsed 

12 knigfau' fües in England in the reign of 
King John s ob. 1231. 

II. H. III. 3. Baldwin Gbisnes, s* and b. Tbe next on re- 

record is» 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



IlL H. 111. Robert de Ghisnet, livin^ 1348, and caJled 
uncle to Arnalph Earl of Gbisnes. Tbe name 
does Dut ag^in oecur tili 

I. £dw. I. Ingelram dm Ghif net, calied alfo Ini^lram de 
Curti ; bot it doet not appear tbat he wtf 
related to tbe abore fiuuily ; ob. ante 1S88. 
Hit succetsor was, 


I. 1295. 1. Ingelram de Gbisnes; Summ, to Pari, from 
S3 June, 33 Edw. 1. 1S95, to 14 March, 15 
Edw. IL 1333. Ob. 1323, leaving William de 
Gbisnes, called also de Cursi, bis s. amd b. 
but neitber tbis William nor Ingelram, bis 
brotber and beir, were ever Summ, to Pari. 
Ingelram de Courci, s. and b. of'tbe last- 
mentioned Ingelram, married Isabel Planta- 
genet, dau. of Edward III. and was created 
Earl of Bedford in 1366. Tbis Barony is 
now vested in tbe descendant and represen- 
tative of Ingelram, wbo was Summooed to 
Parliament in 83 Edw. 1. 



I. Jobo. 1. Osbert Giffard, a natural son of King Jobn. 

II. Edw.I. 8. Osbert Giffard, s. and b. Summoned 96 Ja- 

nuary, 85 Edw. I. 1397 ; but, für tbe rea- 
tons assigned under "Fit^ohn," it is 
doubtfül ir it can be considered as a regulär 
Summons to Parliament- Notbing fariber is 
known of bim, or of bis descendants, except- 
ing tbat tbey were never Summ, to Pari. 

V Of tbis name, and perhaps family, were also, 

I. H. IIL Hugb Giffard, Constable of tbe Tower of Lon- 
don 1335 ; living 1339. 

I. Edw.I. Jobn Giffard, liring 1393, 8Bt. 100. 

L Jobn. Andrew Giffard; beid tbe Barony of Funtell, 
CO. Witts, wbicb he resigncd by consent of 
King Jobn. 

1. H. III. Walter Giffard j living 1239. 




OF mmmuMMWiKLü. 

BARON« Ür tttIVIlE. 

I. Will. I. Osbert Giffard. Potsetted div^s Lordsbipg iü 

tbe rei|^ of Willnim tht bofiqiieror ; ob. ante 

II. H. I. Elias Gtffard, 8. and fa;llyiii|f 1)21; tö whotn 


III. M. lt. Elias Qiffard, db. ante 1167,' to whom *uc- 


IV. H. II. Elias Giffard ob. 1 19^ j faH tu6cesftor wat 

V. Rio. I. 1. Thomas Giffard; fivtrt^ }I94. 

VI. Jtfbn 3. Elias Gtffiird, s. «ttd b. ob. 1948. 

J; 1995. 3. Jolm Giffardj s. and h. Summ, to Pari, from 
94 Jone, 98 ßdw. 1. «95, to 10 April, 37 
Edw. I. 1399; ob. 1399. 

VI, 1999. 4. Jobn Giffard. s. and h. Smn». to Pari, from 
8 Oct. 7 Edw. IL 131 1, to 15 May, 14 Edw. 
II. 1 33 1 , as <* iohanni Giffkrd de Bryme^fcld.** 
Executed and attatttted 1339, 6b. 9. p, leavin^ 
Katberine (grandmotber of James de Audley), 
Aiid Eleanor (motbei^ of Jdbn, Son of Falk le 
Stranjf^e), bis balf^ifstera, bit) bierrs, viz.daii^b- 
ters df bis fotber bf Ms tbird wHe ; and tboo^h 
tbe Barony beclime iNtfeftCti by tbe ättaiiider 
oftbe last Baron, y^t äs ^1 tbe nroeeedinga 
ai^ainst 'tbeiteaS EM>1 of Läncaster and bis 
adherenis (öf wbom be wa» one) were reversed 
anno 1 Bd#. III. 1337, the di^ity may pro» 
bably now be eonsidered to be vested in tbe 
descendants add repräsentatives of tbe Said 
Katberine and Eleanori and eotiiseqii^tly to 
be in AB^iKNCB. 



I. 1894. 1. Sir Robert Gtfford, Kat. Created Baroii Gifford 
of St. Leonard« oo, J^vfr^ 31 Jan. 1824. 
Preseni Baro» Qiffoi4. >?= 



Edward Somertet, ion «nd heir apparent of IJenry ItC 
Marqueit of Worceiter, is generally cousiiiered to bavc beet» 
cjreated Bari of Glamorf^an» and Baron Beaufort of Caldecot 
Castle, by Gar. 1. in 1644 ; bat greal doubt exiits wbeiber 
the Patent ever paated tbe'Great Senl. Dugdale takea 
no nolice of asy >ucb Creation» wfbiUt Beation says tbe 
l^atent msä cancelled in 1660, and Dale, in bis Catalogue 
of Nübility» do^ not attribut« tbete Titles to tbe Duke 
of Beaufort, tbe descendant of tbe said Edward, in 1697. 
Tbe autbority ou wbicb the Titlet in qutttion appear to 
have been assigned to the Dukes of Beaufort, is tbe cir* 
cumstance of Charles tbe First baviug directed several 
letters to Edward Somerset above mentioued by tbe title of 
Eari of Glamorgan j and, in a commission no less remark- 
able tban illegal, dated in 1644, icranting. bim power tofill 
up certain blank Patents of creation to every dignity from 
a Marquess to a Baronet, be is styled *• Edward Somerset» 
alias Plantagenet^ Lord Herbert, Baron Beaufort of Calde- 
cote, Grisinundy Chepstow, Kaglaud, and Gower, Earl of 
Glamorgan }" wbicb Patent was, in conscqueuc« of a 
motion in the House of Lords after tbe Restoration, de- 
iivered up, from its being deemed ** in j^rejudice lo ibe 
Peers ;" and wbicb is probably the cause of Beatsoii's State- 
ment, tbat tbe Patent of Creation to tbe di|cnities of Eari 
of Glamorgan and Baron Beaufort was cancelled in 1660. 
U is stated by CoUins, *< tbat there is now remaiuing in 
tbe Signet Of&oe a Bill under the Royal Sign Manual at 
Oxford (if a Patent did not pass tbe Great Seal tbere- 
upon), in order to bis being created Earl of Glamorgan 
and Baron Beaufort of Caldecot Castle, in the county of 
Monmoutb." Anotber dignity attributed to tbe Dukes 
of Beaufort is the *< Viscountey of Grosmont>" but it bas 
baffled tbe Editor's research to discover tbe source wbence 
tbat title is derired. Dale takes no notice of any such 
dignity } and the only trace of « title at all similar is 
tbat recited in tbe Commission just uoticed, wbereln 
he is styled Baron Beaufort of Caldecot, Gritmatid, and 
Gower. Notwlthstanding tbe opinion bere expressed tbat 
the Titles of Earl of Glamorgan, Vncouiit Grosmont, 
and Baron Beaufort, are not vested iii the Duke of 
Beaufort, in consequence of the iropression tbat bis an- 



cettor not having been legally created to theniy it must 
be obserred, that not only have most writers attributed 
tbem to bis Grace, but that tbey are each inserted in hh 
style on bis plate as a Knigbt of the Garter, in bis Stall 
at Windsor. 


BAaOWS BY Tllfini«. 

I. WiU.1. 1. Ranolpb de Glanvill ; to wbom succeeded 

II. Hen. I. S. William de Glanvill; ob. .. .. 

III. Hen.ll. 3. Bartbolomew de Glanvill» s. and b. living 


IV. H. II. 4. Ranulpb de Glanvill, presumed to bave been 

tbe brotber of tbe last Baron; ob. 1189, 
s. P. M. leaTing bis three daugbters bis beirs. 


BAR0NES8» 30 April» 1719— 4]^ptince 1743. 

Vide Fbvbvseum. 


I. 1797. 1. James Grenville, s. and b. of James Grenville, 
4tb son of Richard Grenville, by Bester 
Countess Temple, and ürst cousin onee re- 
moved of bis Grace the present Duke of 
Buokingharo and Chandos, Created Baron 
Glastonbury of Biitley, co. Somerset, 30 Oct. 
1797> with remainder, failing bis issue male, 
to bis brotber, Richard Grenville, wbo died 
8.P. 1823. Present Baroii Glastonbury. 



1. 1821. 1. James Murray, 2d son of John» present Duke 
of Athol, K.T. Created Baron Glenlyon of 
Glenlyon, co. Pertb, 17 July, 1821. Present 
Baron Glenlyon. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



I. ' Hen.1. 1. Robert, turiuimed tbe Contal, naturtl ton 
of King Henty I. Created Earl of Gloocen- 
ter; ob. 1147. 

fl. 1 147. S. William, «. and b. ob. 1173» 8. p.m. Mabell, 
bis fint diu. and cobeir, married tbe Earl of 
Evereux in Normandy; Anice, bis Sd dao. 
and coheir, marr; Riebard de Cläre» Earl of 
liertford ; and Isabel, bis 3d dau. and oo- 
beir,! becaroe cbe %iife of Jobn, youneer son 
of Henry II. 

III. H. II. Jobn Plantagenct, yoonger son of Heary IL 

baving married Isabel, dau. and coheir of tbe 
last ärl ; b« was created fiavi of Gloocester. 
Ascended tbe throne 1199; soon after wbich 
be divorced bis wife, wbo afterwards married 

IV. l91S.3.Geoflfreyde Mandeville, Earl of Essez, and 

wbo beeame Earl of Gloueester jure uxoris ; 
ob. 1216, 8. p. Isabel, bis widow, ce-married 
Hubert de Borgb, but died s. p. whereupon 

V. H. III. 4. Almarick D'Evereux, son of tbe Earl of Eve- 

reux, by tbe above-mentioned Mabell, eldest 
dau. and coheir of William, 2d Earl, beeame 
Earl of Gloueester jure matris ; ob. circa 

VI. 1326. B.Gilbert de Clsre, Earl of Hertford, son of 

Richard Earl of Hertford, by Amicia, dau. 
and at length sole beir, of William, 2d Earl. 
Earl of Gloueester jure matris; ob. 1329. 

VII. 1239. 6. Richard de Cläre» s. and b. Earl of Hertford; 

ob. 1261. 

VIII. 1261. 7. Gilbert de Cläre, s. and b. Earl of Hertford ; 

be married Joan Ptantagenet, dau. of King 
Edward 1«; ob. 1295. 

IX. 1297. Ralph de Montbermer, having married Joane 

Plantagenet, widuw of Gilbert, tbe last Earl, 
bore tbe title of Earl of Gloueester uutil bis 
wife's death, in 1307 *, 

X. 1307. 8. Gilbert de Cläre, s. and h. of Gilbert, 7tb EarL 

Earl of Hertford ; ob. 1313, 8.P. leaving bis 
three sisters bis heirs, viz. Alianore, wbo 
married, Ist, Hugh le Despencer, and 2dly, 






WUlUm Lord Zouclie of Mortimer; Marga«» 
ret, wife, Ist, of Pien Gavestone, and Sdly, 
of Uugb de Audley ; and EUzabeth, niarried» 
\9t, to John de Burfb; i^dly, to Theobald de 
Verdon, and 3dly, to Rof^er D'Amory. The 
above Hugh le Despencer it by many writers 
considered tohave been tbe n«xt Earlof Glou- 
cetter jure uzoris ; but it it evident tbat be 
ncver bore tbat title, for not only ii be not 
called 80 by Diigdale, but in tbe Parliaroent 
beforc bis execution, vi2. 19 Edw. II. he was 
Bammoned at ** Hugh le Detpenser, jun^'* 
XL lasr. Hssh^ Audlty, 8d bosband of Margaret de 
GUm, liatcr and e«beir of th« last EarL Cre- 
ated Earl »f Glowcetter in Parliament S3 
April, 1387 ; «b. 1 847, 8.Vw M» wben the dignity 
became Cftintt 


I. U85, Thomas Plantafenet, surnamed of 
Woodftock, Earl of Buckiog ham and 
Essez« 6th son of K. Edw. III. Cre- 
ated Duke of Gloucester IS Nor. 
1385, K.G. Lord High Constable; 
ob. 1397, leaving a son and beir, 
Humpbrey, wbo did not bear bis fa- 
t ber's titles, and died 1 399t >• '• when 
tbis Dukedon becanM 

XII« 1397.^ Thomas Lord Despeneer, being s. and h. of 
Edward, eldest son of Edward, s. and h. of 
Hugb Despeneer, by Alianor de Cläre, sister 
and coheir of Gilbert, lOth Earl, was Created 
Earl of Gloucester 39 Sept. 1397*. De- 
graded, attainted, and bebeaded 1400, when 
bis honors became 


iL 1414. 

Humpbrey Plantagenet, yoongest son of King 
Henry IV. Summ, to Pari, as Duke pf 
Gloucester and Earl of Pembroke, 36 Sept. 
1414, K.G. ob. 1446, 8. P. when bis honors 
became 4E):tinct. 

* Rot. Pari. vol. III. p. 855. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



III. 1461. Richard Plantafi^net, brother of K. Edw. IV. 

Created Duk« of Gloucester in Parliament 
1461 *, K.G. Ascended the throne as Kinf^ 
Riohard Ili. 39 June, 1483, when the dignity 
became nerged in the Crown. 

IV. 1659. Henry Stuart, youngest son of K. Charles L 

Created Ean of Cambridge and Duke of 
Gloucester 13 May, 1659» K.G.; ob. 1660, 
S.P. when bis honore became 

In 1689 a Warrant was iaiued for the creation 
vf Prince William, K. 6. son of George, and 
Anne, Prince and Prineets of Denroark, 
Duke of Gloucester, but he died befpre the 
Patent passed the Great Seal. 

V. 1717. l. Frederick Lewis, eldest son of George Prince 

of Wales rafterwards K. George IL), and 
grandson of K. George I. Created Duke of 
Gloucester Jan. 10, 1717» and Baron Snaudoa 
in Wales, Viscount Launceston, co. Com- 
wall, Earl of £ltbam, co. Kent, Marquess of 
the Isle of Ely, co. Cambridge, and Duke of 
Edinburgh, in I7S6. Created Prince of 
Wales 9 Jan. 1729, K.G.; ob.l751,vita patris. 

VI. 1751. S. George William Freüerick,s. and b. Created 

Prince of Wales SOth April, 1751. Ascended 
the Throne as King George III. 25 Oct. 1760, 
j»hen all tbese TKles became merged in the 

VII. 1764. 1. William Henry, younger brother to King 

George 111. Created Duke of Gloucester 
and Edinburgh, and Earl of Conuaught in 
Ireland, 17 Nuv. 1764, K.G.; ob. 1805. 

VIII. 1805. 3. H.R.H. William Frederick, s. and h. Present 

Duke of Gloucester aiid Edinburgh in Great 
Britain, and Earl of Connaught in Ireland, 
K.G. G.C.B. = 

* Dugdale stetes that he was created Duke of Gloucester in 
the first Pari of Edward IV. but no notice of It appears in the 
Rolls of Parliament ; as he was very younff at that period he was 
nerer Summ, to Pari, until 10 Aug. 9 Edw. IV. 1469, when he 
was Sommoned by the title of " Ricbardo Duci Gloucestri«.'* 


GQMfliPHn^-^dÖRDÖN. ^1 



I. I684v— I. 1706. I. Sidnev Godolpbin. Created Baron Go- 
dolphin of Rialton, co. Cornwall, 8 
Sept. 1684. Created Viicount Rial- 
ton and Earl of Godolpbin, co. Com- 
wall, 29 Dec. 1706. Lord Higb Trea- 
surer 1702, K.G. Ob. 1712. 

II —II. 1712. 2. ? Francis Godülpbin, s. and b. Created 

I. 1735- — 1.^ Baron Godolpbin of Helston, co. 

Cornwall, witb remainder, faillng bis 
issue male, to tbe beirs male of bis 
unde, Henry Godolpbin, 23 Jan. 
173^. Ob. 1766, 8. P.M. wben tbe 
Earldom and Baroiiy of Godolpbin of 
Rialton, and Viseountcy of Rialton, 
became üj^nct i but tbe Barony of 
Godolpbin of Heiston devo]ved,agree- 
able to tlie above limitation, upon 

II. 1766. 2. Francis Godolpbto, cousin and beir, be being 

son and beir of Henry Godolpbin, yncle to 
tbe last Baron t ob. 1786, s. p. wben tbis 
title likewise became 


ViscoüMTCY, 14 Dec. 1706— 4EjtJttCt 1740. 

Vide Kbnt. 



I. 1784. I.Alexander Gordon, 4tb Doke of Gordon in 
Scotland. Created Baron Gordon of Huntly, 
CO. Gloucester, and Earl of Norwicb, 12 July, 
1784, K.T. On tbe lltb of April George 
Gordon, commonly called Marques« of Hunt- 
ly, son and beir apparent of tbe said Duke 
of Gordon in Scotland, and Earl of Norwicb, 
and Baron Gordon of Huntly, was Surh 
moned to Parliament in bis fatber's Barony. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 






I. 1114. 1. 

George Hamilton Gordon, 4th Earl o^ Aber- 
deen in Scotland. Created Viscount Gordon 
of Aberdeen, co. Aberdeen, 18 June, 1814. 
Present Viscount Gordon i also Earl of Aber- 
deen, &c. in Scotland, K.T. =^ 



I. 1309. Ralph de Gorgca; Samm. to Pari, from 4 
' Marcb, 3 Edw. U. 1309, to 18 Sept. 16 
Edw. II. 1328, but neitber he or any of bis 
descendants, who continued in the male line 
for aereral generations, were ever a^in 
Summ, to Part. 


I. 1644. 

II. 1662. 


I.George Goringi Created Baron Goring of 
Hurst-Pierpont, co. Sossex, 14 April, 165S, 
Created Earlof Norwich, 8 November, 1644; 
ob. 1662. 

3. Charles Gormg, a* and b. Earl of Norwicb ; 
ob. 1672, S.P. wben all his honors became 


I. 1703. 

1. Sir John Leveaon Gower, 5th Bart. Created 
Baron Gower of Sittenham, co. York, 16 
Marcb, 1703 ; ob. 1709. 

II, 1709.— I. 1746. 2. John Leveson Gower, s. and b. Cre- 
ated Viscount Trentbam, eol Staf- 
ford, and Earl Gower, 8 July,l746 ; 
ob. 1754. 

in —II. 1754. 3. Granville Leveson Gower, s. and h. 

Created Martjuess of the County 
of Staffbrd, 28 Feh. 1786, K. G^ 
ob. 1803. 




IV ^111.1803. 4. George OranTüle Lereion Gowery 

8. and h. SU Marquett of Stafford ; 
he waa arnnm. to Pari. Tita patria, 
in hia father's Barony. Present 
Earl and Baron Gower, Vitcount 
Trentham» and Marquets of Staf- 
ford, and a Baronet, K. G. ^ 



I. 1675. 1. Henry Fita-Roj, Ist Earlof Evston, Sd natural 

son of King Charles II. Created Duke of 
Grafton, ca Northampton, II Sept. 1676, 
K.G. He narried Isabella, dau. and heirof 
Henry Bcnnet, Eari of Arlington; ob. 1690. 

II. 1690. S. Cbarlea Fka-Roy» s. and h. Succeeded Jure 

matrta aaEarl of ArMngton, dtc. 1723, K. G.{ 
ob. 1757. . 

III. 1757. 3. Augustua Henry Fits.R<^, grandson and heir, 

being s. and h. of Augustus Fitz-Roy (ob. 
r.p.}, secondson (George the eldest baving 
died ▼. p. witbout issue) of Charles the last 
Duke; K.G.; ob. 1811. 

IV. 1811. 4. George Henry Fitz-Roy, s. and b. Present 

Duke of Graftoii, Earl of Arlington, Earl of 
Euston, Viicount Thetfonl, Viscount Ipswich, 
Baron Arlington, and Baron Sudbury. ^ 


BAttOlfS. EARL8. 

I. — I. l7fiS. 1. David Graham, son and heir apparent of 

Jamee, Ist Duke of Montrose in Scotland. 
Created Baron Graham and Earl Graham, 
of Beiford, co. Northumberiand, 23 May, 
1722, witb remainder, failing bis issue 
male, to bis brothers William and George 
Graham; ob. 1731, 8. p. 

II. — II. 1731. 2. William Graham, brother and heir. Suc- 

ceeded bis falber as Duke of Montrose 
in Scotland, in 1741 ; ob. 1790. 

III. <— III.1790. 3.James Graham, s.and h. Present Earl and 

Baron Graham ; also Duke of Montrose in 
Scotland, &c. K. G. :?: 



^4 GRANMO*^fMWraAM. 



I. 1806. 1. George Porbes, «tb Earl of Granard in Ire- 
Und, Created Baron Granard of Castle Do- 
ninf^on, eo. Leioester, 15 Feb. 1806. Pre- 
sent Baron Granard ; also Earl of Granard» 
&e. in Ireland. Bp 


MARguiSATB, S9 Marcb, 1703. 

Vide Rutland. 



I. 1899. Otho de Grandisot ; Somni. to Pari, front 81 
Sept. 37 Edw. I. 1899, to »S Jan. 33 Edw. I. 
1305, ob. .. .. apparentljr 9.P. when tbis Ba- 
rony beeame 


I. 1299. 1. William de Grandison, brotber of Otbo, tbe 

precedinp Baron. Summ, to Pari, froni 6 Feb. 
27 Edw. I. 1399, to 10 Oct. 19 Edw. 11. 1395, 

II. 1337. S. Peter de Grandison, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

83 April and 81 June, II Edw. III. 1337. SO 
Nov. 88 Edw. III. 1348, and 1 Jan. 83 Edir. 
III. 1349, and 10 March, 33 Edw. III. 1349; 
ob. 1358, 8. P. 

III. 1358. 3. Jobn de Grandison, brotber and beir, Bisbop 

of Ezetert be sat in Parliament in rigbt of 
bis episcopal dignity, and was consequently 
never sumrooued in bis Barony ; ob. 1370, 
s. P. when it appears that Tbomas, bis ne- 
pbew, son of Otbo de Grandison, bis brotber, 
wbo died in 1358, was bis beir; whicb Tho- 
mas was never Summ, to Pari, and, accordinc 
to Dugdale, died S. P. in 49 Edw, III. bvt 
other w riters State that he left issue; no 
Writ of Summons to Pari, was howeveragain 
issued to tbis family. Tbe Barpny is now 
vested in tbe detcendants and representatives 
of William de Grandison, wbo was summoned 
6 Feb. 1899. 





J« 1^. UMiry deNMMu} Cnattd fiaronr of Allbrd» 
Viioouiu Bteton, and Earl of Grantbam, all 
1». LHiooln, 34 Dtc. 1698» ob. 1754» S.P.M. 
wbtn tfaeta Titlet bocame 


I. 1761. I.Sir Thomas Robinson, K.B. Created Baron 

Grantbam of Grantham, co. Lincdni 7tli 
April, 1761; ob. 1770. 

II. 1770. 3. Thomas Robinson, s. and h« ; ob. 1786. 

III. 1786. 3. Thomas Philip (asiUmcd f he name of) Wed- 

del-Robinsoiiy s. and k Prtsent Baroii Orant-* 
ham. =p 



I. 1783. I. Pletcher Norton ; Created Lord Grantley, Ba- 

ron of Markenlield, co. York, 9 April, 1783; 
ob. 1789. 

II. 1789. S. William Norton, S. and b. ob. 1833, s.p. 
Ilf. 1833. S. Pletcber Norton, nepbew and heir, belng 

8. and b. of Fletcber Norton, next brotber of 
tbe last Baron. Present Lord Grantley. 



Barony, 30 April, 1661— €|;ttnct 171 1. 

Vide Bath. 



Viscountcy, 30 April, 1661— €;ttltct 1711. 

Vide Bath. 



L 1703. John Granville, 3d son of Jobn, Ist Earl of 
Bath ', Created Baron Granville of Potberidge, 
CO. Devon, 9 March, 1703; ob. 1707» 8.r. 
ivhen this Title became 





!• 1714. l.Grtee Cirtefet» «Mit and es lKir oi WiUiara 
Hennr Gr&mriUe» 34 Btrft ol Bath, and dan. 
of John, Ut Earl of Batb, ^i4^w of George, 
Ist Baron C^artevat; CrealA Viscoontess 
CarteretandCoootastGraBTille« 1 Jan. 1714; 
ob. 1744. 


J. 1744. S. Jobn Cartevet, 8.aiidh. Baion Carteret ; soc- 
ceeded hit mother as VUeoimt Carteret and 
Earl Granville, K. G. Lord Lieut. of Ireland 
1734} ob. 1768. 

II. 1763. 3. Robert Carteret, s. and h. ob. 1766« s. p. when 
all bit bonors became 



I. 1815. GranviUe Leveson Gower, youngest aon of 
Granville Leveson Gower, lit Marquesa of 
Stafford, K. G. aud g reat-g^reat-g^randson of 
Sir William Gower, 4tb Bart, by Jane Gran- 
viUe, aunt and cobeir of William Henry, 3d 
Earl of Batb, and sister of Graee, Ist 
Countets Granville ; Created Viscount Gran- 
ville of Stone Park, co. Stafford, 13 Aug. 
1815. Pfetent Viseount Granville. =j= 


Baeony, 18 June, 1814. 

Vide Cathcart. 



I. 1705.^1. 1719. Jobn Campbell, 3d Duke of Argyle in 
Scotland ; Created Baron of Cbatbam 
and Earl of Greenwicb, co. Kent, 86 
Nov. 1705 ; Created Duke of Green- 
wicb 30 April, 1719, K. G. ob. 1743, 
8. P.M. wben bis Englisb bonors became 


GRESNWiCH^-«R£NT»yiSNlLL. 877 


I. 1767. Caroline Townsbeiui, Ist dau. and cobeir of 
tbe last Duke ; Created Baronett of Green- 
wich, CO. Kent, 88 August» 1767» witb re« 
»ainder of tbe dignity of Baron Greenwich 
to her issue male by her 8d busband tbe 
Hon. Charles Townsbend; sbe married first, 
Francis, son and beir apparent of Francis 
Duke of Bucdeugb, and 8dly, Charles 
Townsbend, 8d son of William Viscoont 
Townsbend ; ob. 1794, s. p. m. wben tbis 
Barony becarae 



I. 1899* Ralph de Grendon, Summ, to Pari. 99 Dee. 88 
Edw. I. 1899, and 18 November, 38 Edw. I. 
1303, but never afterwards ; ob. 1331, leav- 
ing a son, Robert, wbo, according to Dug- 
dale, was an ideot, and died 1348, s. p. 
whereupon Sir Ralph Rochford, nepbew of 
tbe Said Robert, being son of Joane bis sister, 
became bis beir ; and in wbose descendants 
and representatives tbis Barony is now vested. 

L 1305. Robert de Grendon, Summ, to Pari, from 88 
Jan. 33 Edw. I. 1305, to 3 Nov. 34 Edw. I. 
1306, but never afterwards. Dugdale takes 
no notice in bis Baronage of such a Baron 
baving ever been Summoned to Parliament. 



I. Will J, 1. Hugh de Grentemaisnill, ob. 1094. 

II. H. l. 8. Ivo de Grentemaisnill, 4th son } soceeeded to 

bis fatber's lands in England $ ob. ... • 

III. Stepb.3. Ivo de Grentemaisnill, s. and b. ob. infra, 

SBt. 8. p. 

IV. H. II. 4. Hugh de Grentemaisnill, presumed to bave 

been brotber of Ivo, 8d Baron ; Steward of 

EngUnd ; ob , 8. p. m. Petronilla, bis 

dau. and beir, married Robert, 3d Earl of 
, Leicester. 

A A 

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1. 1790. 1. William Wyndbam GrenTilley uiide of bis 
Grace Richard, present Doke of Buckiiig^am 
and Cliandos, K. G; Created Baron Grenrille 
of Wotton-uitder-Bemewoody co. Bucks, S5 
Nov. 1790. Present ßarofti Grenville of Wot- 
ton. Ä 



I. H.I. I.Robert de Greslei, Lord of Mancestre, co. 

Lfincoln» living^ 1134. 

II. H. II. 8. Albert de Greslei, 8. and b. ob. circa 1 185. 
in. Ric. 1. 3. Robert de Greslei, s. and h. ob. 1230. 

IV. U. III. 4. Thomas de Greslei, s. and h. ob. circa 1361. 

V. H.III. 5. Robert de Greslei, s. and h. ob. 1283. 


1, 1307* 6. Thomas de Gresley, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 
from 10 March, 1 Edw. II. 1308, to 16 June» 
4 Edw. II. 1311: ob. 1347, s. p. (leaving 
Joan, wife of Jobn la Warr, his sister and 
heir,) when the Barony created by tbe Writ 
of 1 Edw. II. became 


I. John. Ralph de Greslei, presumed to have been of 
the same family, Lord of Muscbamp } livin^ 

1217 ; ob s. p. M. Agnes his dau* wife of 

Uugh FlU-Ralph» belog bis heir. 



I. Ric. I. 1. Henry de Grey, Lord of Turrock, co. Essex, 

by grant from King Richard I. anno 1194; 
livlng 1224. 

II. H.IIL 2. Richard de Grey, s. and h. Lord of Codnor, 

CO. Derbv ; living 1258. 

III. H.JII. 3. Jobn de Grey, s. and b. ob. 1271. 

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GREY. 279 


I. 1299. 4. Henry de Grey,t. and b. Summoned 8 June, 

22 Edw. 1. 1294 ; but for the reasons Kssigned 
under *' Clyvbdon/' it is doubtful if tbat 
Writ can be deemed a reg^ular Summont to 
Parliament ; Summ, to Pari S Feb. and 10 
April, 27 Edw. I. 1299 { 10 Marcb, 1 Edw. II. 
1308; and 6 August» 2 Edw. II. 1308{ ob. 

II. 1308. S.Richard de Grey, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 4 Marcb, 2 Edw. II. 1309» to 8 Feb. 9 
Edw. III. 1335} ob. 1335. 

III. 1335. 6. Jobn de Grey, b. and h. Summ, to Pari, fitom 

1 April, 9 Edward III. 1335» to 8 Sept« 16 
Rie. 11. 1392, as « Joh«oni Grey de Code- 
iiore," K. G.; ob. circa 1392. 

IV. 1993. 7« Ri^bard de Grey, i^andson and beir, beinf 

ton and Ibeir of Henry Grey (ob. v. p.) eldett 
8on of the lalt ßaron ( Summ, to ParU as 
<*RlcbardoGrey cie Codtoare»" from 13 Nor. 
17 Ric. II. 1393, to 3 Sept. 4 Henry V. 1417, 
K. G.; ob. 1418. 

V. 1418. 8. Jobn de Grey, •* and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

26 Feb. 8 Hen. V. 1420, to 3 August, 7 Hen. 
VI. 1429» as *' Johann! Grty de Codenore, 
CW'r;- ob. 1430, s.p. 

VI. 1430. 9. Henry de Grey, brother and beir ; Summ, to 

Pari, as ** Henrieo Grey de Codenore," from 

27 Nor. 9 Hen. VI. 1430, to 3 Dec. 20 Hen. 

VI. 1441 i ob. 1443. 

VII. 1443. 10. Henry de Grey, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 

9 Oct. 38 Hen. VI. 1459, to 14 Oct. 1 1 Hen. 

VII. 1495, as << Henrieo Grey, Militi," but 
never with the addition of Codnor; ob. 
1496, s. p. s. leaving his father*s sisters (or 
their issue) bis heirs ; viz. Elizabeth, wbo 
married John Zouche of Codnor; Eleanor, 
who married Thomas Newport ; and Lncie, 
the wife of Rowland Lenthall ; between 
whose desceiidants and representatives this 
Raroity is in Abryance. 


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ViscouNTcr, 11 Juue, 1695— ertinct 1701. 

Vide Tankbrville. 



Sir Edward Grcy, Kot« eldeit ton of Reginald, 3d Lord 
Grey of Rotbyn, by bis second wife Joan, daugbter and 
beir of WilKam de Astley, lon and beir of Tbomas» IIL-7th 
Baron Aidey; baTinif marrted Elisabetb, sole dau^ter 
and beir of Henry (ob. v. p.) eldest son of William Lord 
Ferren of Groby; be was Sammoned to ParHameot ia 
1446, ai Lord Ferren of Groby; bat bia descendanu wen 
tometimea improperiy styled Baront Grey of Groby. 

IFotfriM 1554. Vide Fbrrbrs of Groby. 


I. 1603. 1. Henry Grey, a. and b. of Jobn Grey of Pirgo, 

(a yoonger son of Thomas, 8d Mar qoess of 
Donet), and nepbew of Heniy Grey, Duke of 
Saffolk, and hitt Lord Ferren of Groby ; 
Created Baron Grey of Groby, co. Leicestcr, 
July 81, 1603; ob. 1614. 

II. 1614* 3. Henry Grey, fcrandson and beir, being s. and h. 

of Sir John Grey (ob. v. p.) eldest son of tbe 
last Baron I Created Earl of Stamford 96 
Marcb, 1638, in wbicb title tbis Barony is 
merged. Vide Stamford. 


of flOWlCK. 

J. 1801.— L 1806. I.Sir Charles Grey, K. B. (nepbew of 
Sir Henry Grey, Ist Bart, descended 
from a common ancestur of tbe 
Greys, Barons Grey of Werke) ; 
Created Baron Grev of Howick 
CO. Northumberland, )une 33, 1801 ; 
Created Visc. Howick, co. Nortbum- 
berhind,' and Earl Grey, 1 1 April, 
1806| ob. 1807. 


GR£Y. 881 


II --^I. 1807. 3. Heilig Gray, s. atnl b. Pf€Mnt Earl 

and Baron Grey of Ho w ick, and Vis- 
count Howick« ^ 


op powis. 


I. 1483. I. Jobn Grey, s. and h. of Riohard, eldest ton of 

Henry, s. and b. of Sir Jobn Grey, K. G. 
Earl of Tankerville in-Normandy, byJoan, 
•Ideiit dau. and cobeir of Edward Baron 
Cberleton of PowU (fide *' Chbrlbton") ; 
Svmin. to Parliaineiit at '* Jobanni Grey de 
Powes/^ from 15 Nov. 22 Edw. IV. 148^ to 
16 Jan. 13 Ken. Vli. 1497; ob. 1497. 

II. • 1497* 3* J«bn Grey, g» and b. be wat never Summoned 

to Pari, at be died infra «tatem, in lö04. 
IIL 1504. 3. EdtMird Orey, t. and b. Summ, to Pari, as 
«* Edwardo Grey de Powis, Cbl'r," from 3 
Non 31 Hen. VIII. 1539, to, it is presumed« 
23 Jan. 5 Edward VI. 1552 ; thoufb in Dug- 
dale't Summontet be isin tbe 31tt and 25tb 
Hen. VUl. oalted " Johm, ," ob. 1552, s. p. l. 

This Barony was clairaed in Marcb, 1732, by Jobn 
Kynaston, Esq. beiiig tbe descendant and beir of Sir 
Ro^er'Kynaston, husband of Elizabeth Grey^ sister of 
Riebard, fatber of Jobn Grey, Ist Baron above mention- 
ed { but be was opposed by Sir Natbaniel Curzon, Bart, 
wbo was descended from Eleanor Vernon, wife of Francis 
Curzon, and dau. and ultimately beir of Thomas Vernon, 
by Ann, dau. and cuheir of Sir John Ludlow, by Elizabeth, 
tbe presumed daughter of tbe said Richard Grey. In 
1800 John Kynaston Powell (son and heir of Roger Ky- 
naston, brother of John Kynaston above mentioned), be- 
came tbe Petii ioner; but tbe case has never been de- 
cided. The Petition in questiorr appears to bave been 
presented under the presuvnption that tbe Writ of 
Summons to John Grey, as '* Jobanni Grey de Powes," 
in the 23 Edw. IV. did not create a new Barony, but took 
out of Abeyance what has been considered the Barony of 
Powis, but which the Editor has under ** Ch£R|.eton*' 
A a3 


S8S aRBY. 

' tndMWMKil to provt was iim pat ly ikat of CAeriüMi» It 
it aot nee«UM7 lo reifMst the «rgumeiitt tbere ufged to 
eitablitb tbe fad tbat that Baiony was not affected bj 
tbe Writ of Summofif of the 89 Edward IV» to Man Ckvj; 
andy oontequently, that the Barony eoaCerred on him bj 
the Said Writ was a new Barony, the ancient Barony of 
Cbericton, or at it it gencrally termed Powi«, ttiU le- 
mAininp in Abeyanee between the coheirt and r ep te a e n - 
tativca of Edward de Cherelton» who died in 148S» of 
wbkh oobeifft bowerer the said Johfi Grey was un^uet- 
tionably the eklett. 

If tbis view of the question be coneet, wben Mr. Ky- 
naston pretented bit petition, he was not, even upon lut 
owA tbewinif» eitber the heir or coheir of the Bareiiy 
ereated by the Writ of 89 Ed«. IV. at he was only de- 
scended from the omni of John Grqrtbea tummoiied; 
and tbe taote obtenracion appliet tO'Sir Nathaniel Cnraon 
bit Opponent, at bit ctaim wat only «a oiie of the eoheirt 
of tbe tuter of the taid John Grey ; hut either Mr. K^* 
natton or Sir Nathaniel Curson wat then tbe eider co- 
heir of the Barony of Cberleton, a point dtpending of 
oourie npon the authentidty of their retpeetive pedigrect. 
As Edward, tbe latt Lord Grey of Powit, wat the only 
turriving^ istue of bit grandfatber John Grey above men- 
tioned, and at he died 8. p. l. the Barony of Grey of 
Powit, ander tbe Writ of 15 Edw. IV. (unlest the general 
opinion that it was a conflrmation of tbe Barony created 
by the Writ of Summons to John de Cherleton in the 7th 
Edward II. be correct) beeame Cpintt. 

It it alto to be »bserved, that tbe remarks offered under 
«* DtJDLEY," «• Bergavenny," tnd " Cherleton," on 
tbesubjectof tbe appellation added to tbe names of Baront 
in Writt of Suromons, applies equally strongly agaiust 
tbis Barony belüg considered at that of Powis, thoogh 
it haf in most caset been to ttyled ; but for tbe rea- 
tont tbere expressed, it it pretumed that the proper title of 
tbit dignity is <*Grey de Powis." Tbe remack in p. 308, 
that excepting in tbe case of tbit Barony and that of 
Abergavenny, « it wat never pretended that such addi- 
tions formed tbe title of tbe dignity wheji they were 
derived from territorial possessions," is not at all eon- 
tradictory to the preceding obtervations, for it hat been 
attempted to be proTed, that until George Nerill wu 
Srnnmoned to Parliament, temp. Hen. VI. at <* Domino 
de Bergavenny," Bergavenny wat never the title o{ 

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> * tbat iMifmiy ; ^xid wHh Mfa^io» t» Um Baronji.of^ Poma, 
atthovgii it must be eenoedcd ^lat tliit ii thc lirtt tioie 
tbftC elfter a doubt has been exprasied on the bo^ct» 
»tau itid hoped that tbere is tafficient ground for urging 
it> nhen, ki addkion to wbat bas been previouily taid 
both in tbis place and ander tbose titles jutt puinted 
•ut, it it cOBsidered tbat tbere is this very marked dit- 
tinotion between this case and that of Bergavenity«— >tbat 

t tbe firsft Writ to Edward Nevill expretaly calls bim 
*^" Domino de Befgavenny«" and «hieb detiguation ia fre- 
quently used both to bim and to bis deaeendants, though 
occasfonally tbe words are only '* de BergaTenny ;" wbilst 
tbere is not a aingle example of either of tbe Lords Grey 
•f Powis belNg designated ia tbe Writs aa " Domino de 
Powya." A refeitence ta aome of tbe Writt in tbe reign 
mS Henry tb« Sixtb oonfinns tbe opinion» tbat tbe title 
of tbis Baro»y never was tbat of Powis ; wbiUt it also 
"Itroves, that In some eases, even when tbe word " Domino 
de*' &c» was prefixed to that of a place, the name of tbe 
family was iiotTwitbstandiitg that of the title; for exam- 
ple, in the 89tb Henry VI. we find " Thomn Grey, Do- 
mino de Rngemont," and ** Edwardo Grey, Domino de 
Groby ;" though in the Writ of 87 Men. VI. he was pro- 
perly styled ** Domino de Ferrariis (de Groby) ;" whilst in 
tbe same Writ William Baurgchier is called *' Domino 
de Fitz-War3pn," Lord Roos <* Domino de Roos;" and 
ahhpugh neitber Groby nor Rugemont in the instances 
first cited were the titlet of tbe Barons to whose names 
they are aflixed, still in the case of Lord Cobhara be is de- 
scribed only as ** Edwardo Brooke de Cobkamf* and 
liord Lisle in a similar manner as ** John Talbot de lAtle, 

In fact, and with which statemtnt the obserratlotts on 
this subject will be concluded, tbe addltions to the 
names of Barons in Writs of Summons to Parliament 
admit of no general inference after the reign of Henry 
the Pifth, beyond the condusion, that when the addition 
of '* Domino" is never, even in a solitary instanoe^ to be 
found precediiig tbe description, such addition can not 
be considered as the title of the dignity ; that the eon- 
verse of tbis rule caonot be relied npon, for as in the ex- 
amples just mentioned (tbougb the instances are veiy 
uncommon) it sometimes occurs that the wordt " Domino 
de," &c is introduced without its ever having been deemed 
that such appellation was the proper title of the Barons 

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384 QREY. 

to wboM iiiiiiies it was added ; thftt at It is veroarked 
under ** Budlby," wHh the ezception of tbc titlet of 
Bergavenny and Powit, the detigpfiation was nerer consi- 
dered to be the title of tbe Baronjr when it was not de- 
rived from tbe nam« of a family ; tbat tbe word <' Do- 
mino*' never formed part of aucb additiun antil the reign 
of Henry tbe Sixtb ; and tbat tbe origin of theae descrip- 
tions wbicfa occar even in tbe Hrst Writ of Summont on 
recordy the 49t b Henry HI. was manifestly to distlnguish 
one individual from anotber or otbers of tbe same naroe» 
witbont its ever being intended or considered to be tbe 
title oftbeBarony. 

On lodking tbrougb tbe Ri^t of Parliamcnt since the 
preceding remarks were written, it appean, tb^t in tbe 
33d Hen.VI. 1455, tbe ** Dominm de Powya" ia atated 
to bave been then present in Parliaroent ; and Ǥ from tbe 
causes assigned ander ** Chükleton/* John Hptoft couM 
not bave been tbe peraonage allnded to, it is slraost cer- 
tain tbat it must bave been Riebard Orey, falber of Jobn, 
bere stated to bare been summoned in the S3d Edw. IV.; 
but tbere is no notice of tbe said Richard Grej baving 
been ever Summoned to Parliament by tbat or any olber 
title*. Vide Cherlbton. 



1. 1673. 1. Charles North, son and heir apparent of 
Dudley, 4tb Baron North, and husband of 
Katherine, daa. of William Ist Baron Grey 
of Werke ; Summ, to Pari, by a Special Writ 
n Oct. 25 Car. H. I(f73, as Baroo Grey of 
RoHeston, but no acconnt of whicb is given 
in Dugdale's Summonses to Parliament; 
succeeded as 5tb Baron North in 1677 t; 
ob, 1690. 

IT. 1690. 3. William North, s. and h. 6th Baron North; 
ob. 1734, s. p. when tbis Barony became 

* S«€ Pedigree in next page. 

+ Although the monumental inscription cited by CoUint 
poves thiit he succeeded to the Barony of North in 1677, it is 




^4 - 

• 1 

§ ? 

Ol «■ 


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• 5 

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w a> 
C O 

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.i 1 i 'S 

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"« ö o 

• N ^ TS 5 W 





ft O *i «5? «O 

»o-a ♦• e * 

M e W ia CO 

•^ S ^ 
•■ a «B 

•O fc, « c« 11 

* > > i*JC 
c « vXi> 

*-« s-a w^ 

« *i 5 . 
^ sOi.a'ä w 


•ö P 1 2i ^• 
c SQ 9 e .. 






m W 

w e 





E St 





•O Ol 

o s 

— o 

* ri 2 

■■5 * 


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GREY. 287 



I. John. 1. Robert de Grey, younger son of Henry I.-Ist 

Baron Grey of Codnor ; Lord of Rotherfield, 
CO. York ; ob 

II. H. III. 8. Walter de Grey, s. and b. ob. 1267. 

III. H. 111. 3. Robert de Grey, 8. and b. ob. 1394. 


I. 1338. 4. Jobn de Grey, s. and b. Summoned 26 Jan. 

25 6dw. I. 1297 ; but, for tbe reasons as- 
signed under ** Fitz-John," it is is doubtful 
if that Writ was a regulär Summons to Par- 
liament. Summ, to Pari. froM 25 August, 12 
£dw. in. 1338, to 15 Edw. II f. 1357» 
as «Jobanni de Grey de Rotberfeld;" ob. 

II. 1359. 5. Jobn de Grey, b. and b. ; Summ, to Pari, from 

20 Nov. 34 Edw. IlL 1360, to 4 Oct. 47 
Edw. 111. 1373, as «Johann! de Grey de Ro- 
tberfeld;" ob. 1375. 

III. 1375. 6. Bartholoroew de Grey, s. and b.; he was never 

Summ, to Pari.; ob. 1376, s. p. 

IV. 1376. /.Robert de Grey, brotber and beir; he was 

never Summ, to Pari.*; ob. 1387» t. p. m. 
Joane, bis sole dau. and beir, married Sir 
Jobn Delncourt, Knt. and by bim left issue 
two daugbters and cobeirs, vlz. Alice, wbo 
married, Ist, William Lord Lovell, and 2dly, 
Sir Ralph Boteler, wbu died 8.P.8. ; and Mar- 
^ garet, tbe wife öf Ralph Lord Cromwell of 
Tattersall, but who died 8. p. This Baruny, 
therefore, became Vested in Jobn Lord 

not-a little singnlar, that in the Iiist of Summonses of tbe 6th 
March and 7th Octobei:» 31 Car. II. 1679, andlstMarch, 32 
Car. It. 1680, he should be desl^ted as ** Carolo North, Grey 
de Rollestoo» ChlV." In that of 1 Jac. IL he is styled«' Carolo 
North and Grey de Rolston, Chl'r." 

« Dugdale asserts that this Robert was Summ, to Pturl. 1 Rio. 
II. bot bis Dame is not inserted in the List of Summonses in that 


S88 GREY. 

LoTell (8. and h. of William Lord Lovell, by 
Alice, dau. and eventually sole heir, of Sir 
Jobn Deincourt, by Jobanna de Grey abore 
mentioned), jure matris. His son, Fraiids 
Vitceuiit Lovelly K. G. succeeded to all bis 
father's di^ities, bat being Attainted in 
1487, tbit Barony with bis otber bonon be* 
came INrfettetl. 



I 1449. 1. Thomas Grey, younger brotber of Edward 
Grey, Ist Earl of Kent; Created Baroo Grey 
of Rugemont*. ..... 1449 (ob. s. p.) bot bav- 

iog been Attainted in 1461 , his bonors became 


BARONS BY WRIT. r r u ¥1 oJ 

I 1324. I.Roger de Grey, younger son of John ll.-3d 
Baron Grey of Codnor j Summ, to Pari, from 
30 Dec. 18 Edw. 11. 1324, to 15 Nor. 25 
Edw. lll. 1351, as «'Rogero de Greyj- ob. 
1353. ^ . 

II. 1353. 3. Reginald de Grey, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 15 Marcb, 28 Edw. Hl. 1354, to 20 
Marcb, 11 Rio. II. 1888, as •' Reginaldo 
Grey de Rutbyn;*' ob. 1388, 

III. . 1388. 3. Reginald de Grey, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 6 Oct. 13 Rieh. II. 1389, to 26 Sept. 
18 Henry VI. 1439, as "Reginaldo Grey de 
Rutbyn;" ob. 1440. 

• Though thts appears to bave been Im proper title, it is to 
be obwsrved, tbat in tbe first Writ by which he was summooed to 
Pari, he b styled " Thoroae Grey, Militi, Domino de Rugmont." 
In the last two Writs in which his name occurs, viz. 38 Ken. VI. 
and I Edw. IV. he is designated as ^<Thom« Grey de Rvgs« 
mont; CWr.** 




IV« 1440. 4. Edmund de Gray, graodson and beir, beinif 
8. and h. of Henry Grey (ob. v. p.) eldett son 
of the last Baron ; Summ, tu Pari, from 13 
Jan. 23 Henry Vi. 1445, to 83 Feb. 2 £dw. 
IV. 1463, as «Edmuudo Grey de Rutbyn» 
Cbl'r." CreatedEarlof KentSdMay, 1465} 
ob. 1488. 

V. 1488. 5. George de Grey, 8. and b. Earl of Kent ; ob. 


VI. 1504. 6. Rkbard de Grey, s. aad b. Earl of Kent ; ob. 

1523, i.P. 

VII. 1523. 7. Henry Grey, balf-brotber and beirj Earl of 

Kent, but be never used any title of bouor, 
from poverty ; ob. 1562. 
VIIL 1562. 8.Reginald Grey, grandson and beir; being •• 
and b. of Henry Grey (ob. v. p.) eldest son 
of tbe last Baron ; Earl of Kent; ob. 1572. 

IX. 1572. 9. Henry Grey, brother and beir$ Earl of Kent; 

ob. 1615, s P. 

X. 1615. laCbarlesGrey^brotber and beir; Earl of Kent 

ob. 1685. 

XI. 1625. 1 LHenry Gre>', s. and h. Earl of Kenti ob. 1639, 

s. P. leaving Susan, hissister, wifeof Sir Mi- 
chael Longueviile, bis beir. 

XII. 1640. 12.Cbarle8 Longueviile, s. and b. of tbe Said Sir 

Michael Longueviile, and Susan Gray, bis 

wife, daimed and was allowed tbe Barony in 

BAB0NB8S. 1640; qb. 1643, a.P.M« 

I. 1643. 133u8an Yelverton, dau. and sole beir; sbe 

married Sir üeniy Yelverton, Bart.; ob. 1676. 


XIILl676.14JSir Charles Yelverton, 3d Bart. s. and b. 
Succeeded bis motber in this Barony Jan. 28, 
1676; ob. 1679, s.p. 

XIV. 1679. 15.Henry Yelverton, brotber and beir; Created 

Viscount Longueviile April 21, 1690; ob. 

XV. 1704.l6.Talbot Yelverton, s. and b. Viscount Longue* 

ville; Created Earlof Sussex 26 Sept. 1717, 
with a special remainder, K. B, ; ob. 1731. 

XVI. 1731.]7.George Augustus Yelverton, s.and b. Viscount 

Longueviile and Earl of Sussex; ob 1758, s.p. 

XVII. 1758.1 S.Henry Yelverton, brotber and beir; Viscount 

Longueviile and Earl of Sussex; ob. 1799, 
B B 

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fdO GRBY. 


8.P.M. Barbar», bis only ebild. died Tita pa- 
tris, in 1777» bavinif married Edward Thoro» 
ton Goiild, Esq. by whom sbe left itsue, 
XVlII.1799.19.Henry Edward Goold (aisumed tbe Dame of) 
Yelvertoti, g^randton and beir, beini^ t. and 
b. of Barbara above mentioned, dau. and beir 
of tbe last Baron i ob* 1810. 


II. 1810. SO. Barbara Yel verton, dau. and sole beireis. 
Präsent Baroness Grej d« Rotbyn (a minor). 



Vide Grby OP WiLTON. 



I. 1634. 1. Sir William Grej, Ist Bart, deseended froa a 
common ancestor of the Lords Grey of Powii. 
Created Baron Grey of Werke, co. Northum- 
berland, 11 Feb. 1684; ob. 1674. 

iri 1674. S.Ralpb Grey, s. and b. ob. 1675. 

III. 1675. 8. Forde Grey, s. and h. Created Viscount Grey 

of Glendale, and Earl of Tankerville, 11 June, 
1695 ; ob. 1701, s. P. m. when tbe Viscountcy 
and Earldom of Tankerville became^]rtinct{ 
but tbe Barony devolved upon 

IV. 1701. 4.Ralpb Grey, brotber and beir male { ob. UO^i 

8. p. wben tbe dignity becatne 



I. Hen.III. I.John de Grey, Sd son of Henry de Grey, J.-lit 
Baron Grey of Codnori ob. 1865. 

By WRlT. 

1. 1395. 3. Regfinald de Grey, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 33 June, 33 Edw. I. 1395, to S6Än|. 


GRBY. «91 


I Bdw.Ii. 1307, at ««Reginaido de Grey;" 
ob. 1308. 

IL 1309. 3. John de Qny, f. Jind b. Summ, to Pari, from 
9 Jan«, 2 Edw. II. 1309, to 18 Sept. 16 Edw. 
II. 13^, as « Jobanni de Grey;" ob. 1323. 

IIL 1333« 4. Henry de Gray, i . and b. Sumn. to Pari, from 
30 Dec. 18 Edw. II. 13SS4, to 12 Sept. 16 
Edw. 111. 1342> ai *' Henrico de Grey ;*' ob. 

IV, 1342. S.Repnald de Grey, i. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 24 Feb. 17 Edw. 111. 1343, to 20 Nov. 
34 Edw. III. 1360, as ««Reginaldo de Grey," 
but after the 23d Edw. Hl. witb tbe addition 
of "Seniorij" ob. 1370. 

V« 1370. 6. Henry de Grey« 8. and b. Summ, to Pari. 1 
Dec. 50 Edw. III. 1376, as ««Henr» Grey de 
Sbirland," and from 4 Aug. 1 Rio. II. 1377, 
to 20 Nov. 18 Rio. II. 1394, as ««Henr* Grey 
de Wilton ;" ob. 1395. 

VI. 1395* T. Rtchard de Grey, 8. and b.; he was never sum- 
moned to Parhament ; ob. 1442. 

Vn. 1442. 8. Reginald de Grey, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 13 Jan. 23 Henry VI. 1445, to J4 Oct. 

II Henry vn. 1495, as << Reginaldo Grey de 
Wilton, Cbevalierj" ob. 1495. 

VIII. 1495, 9f Jobq de Grey, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, as 

«'tTobanni Grey de Wilton,'* 16 Jan. 12 Hen- 
ry VII. 1497 ; ob. ante 1506. 

IX. )&06. 10.£dmund de Grey, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, as 

« Edmundo Grey de Wilton, Cbl'r," 17 Oct. 
1 Henry VIII. 1509; ob. 1511. 

X. 1511.11 .George Grey, s. and b. ob. infra letatem, s. p. 

XI. 151 . 12,Tboma8 Grey, brotb^r and heir; ob. infra 

aetatem, S.P. 
XU. 15.. |3.Ricbard Grey, brotber and beir; ob. infra 

Ktatem, s.p. 
Xin. 1529,1 4.William Grey, brotber and heir; Summ, to 

Pari, from 3 Nov. 21 Henry VIII. 1529, to 

5 Nov 5 and 6 Pbilip and Mary, 1558, as 

"Willielmo Grey de Wilton, Cbl'r}" ob. 

XIV. 1562. 15. Arthur Grey, s. and h. Summ, to Pari, as 

•'Arthuro Grey de Wilton, Chrr," from 30 

B B 2 


B9t GK£y. 


Sept. 8 SKs. 158S» to 19 Feb. 35 Elis. 1593 ; 
ob. 1593. 
XV. 1&93' l6.Tboaia8 Grey, g; and h. Summ, to Pari. U 
**rkomm Grty de WUton, Cbl'r/' 24 Oct. 
39 Elii. 1&97, and 87 Oct. 43 Elia. 1601. Ac- 
tainted in 1604, wben all bis booois became 

He died in 1614, 8. P. Bridfet, bis sister and heir» 
married Sir Rowland E^erton, Ist Bart, and Elizabotb» 
bis bair-si&ter, married Sir Francis Goodwin, Knt. -wbose 
f^raiid-dau. and beir Jane Goodwin, was tbe wife of Lord 


1. 1784.— I. 1801. l.SirTbomas Egerton, 6tb Bart, line- 
alty deseended fröm tbe abofe-men- 
tioned Sir Rowland Egerton, aod 
Bridget Grey, bis wife; Created Ba- 
ron Grey de Wiiton, of Wilton Castle, 
CO. Hereford, 1 5 May, 1784 ; Created 
Viscoont Grey de Wilton, and Eaurl of 
Wilton aforesaid, 26 June, 1801, witb 
remainder, failing bis issoe male, to 
bis grandson, Thomas Grosvenor, 5M 
son of Eleanor, bis dao. wife of Robert 
Viscount Belgrave (now Earl Grosre* 
nor), and bis issue male; failing 
wbicb, to tbe tbird, fourtb, and eveiy 
other son of tbe said Eleanor, by ber 
present or any fiiture busband; ob. 
1 8 14, 8. P. M. wben tbe Barony became 
^B^tintt ; but tbe Viscountey of Grey 
de Wilton, and tbe Earldom of Wilton, 
devolved, agreeable to tbe above limi- 
tation, upon 
II. 1814. d.Tbomas Grosvenor, wbo bas assumed 
tbe name of Egerton, bis f^randson 
and beir, as above-mentioned. Pre- 
sent ViscoUntGrey de Wilton and Earl 
of Wilton. s= 

Vide Wilton. 

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I. iobn. l.lUnulph de Grey^tock» Lörd of Greystock, 

oo. CumberUnd ; living 1810. 
11^ U. lU. 3. WilliaiD de Greystock« s. and h. ob. ante 1216. 

III. H. llh 3. Thomas de Oreystock, «. and h. Uving 1244. 

IV. H. Jll. 4. Robert de Greystock» s. and h. ob. ante 1353, 


y. H. HI. &• William de Greystock, s. and h. ob. 1988. 


I.. 1395. 6. Jobn de Greystock, t. and h. Summ* to Pari, 
from 23 Jane» 23 Edw. L 1295, to 22 Jan. 
33 Edw. I. 1305, as ''Jobanni Baroni de 
Greystok," or as *'Johanni de Greystok." 
He was also summoned 8 June, 23 Edw. I. 
1294, but it does not appear tbat tbat Writ 
was a reg^ular SummoBS toParl. Vide ** Clyve- 
DON ;" ob. 1305, s. p. when thc Barony cre- 
ated by the Writ of 23 Edward L became 

I. 129«. I.Ralph FitB-WilUara, son of William Fitz- 
Ralph, Lord of<yrimethorp,co. York, son of 
Joan, aunt of the last Baron, sueeeeded to 
the Lordsbip of Greyatock, &c. by settlement. 
Summ, to Pari, as ^ Ralph Fitz^ William," 
from 23 June, 23 Edw. 1, 1295, ta 6 Oct. 9 
Edw. n. 1315; ob. 1316. 

n. 131G. 3. Robert Fits-Ralph, s. and h.$ he was iiever 
Summ, to Parl.i ob. 13 17« 

IJI. 1317. 3. Ralph de Greystock, Summ, to Pari, from 15 
May, 14 Edw. IL 1321, to 17 Sept. 16 Edw. 
II. 1322, as ''Ralph de Graystok}" ob. 1323. 

IV. 1328. 4. William de Greystock» s. and h. Summ, to 

Pari, from 20 Nov. 22 Edw. III. 1348, to 15 
Dec 31 Edw. III. 1357} lattesly, as «'Willi- 
elrao 3aroni de Graystok ;" ob. 1358. 

V. 1358. 5. Ralph de Greystok, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

from 28 Dec. 49 Edw. III. 1375, to 5 Oct. 
5 Henry V. 1417» as "Radulfo Baroni de 
Greystok;" ob. 1417. 

VI. 1417. 6, John de Greystock, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

from 24 Aug. 7 Henry V. 1419, to 5 Juiy, 13 

B b3 

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S9I cKemtocK. 


Henry VI. 143& as ''Johanni Btroni de 

Gfeyitok, Clil'rr ob. 1435., 
VII. 1435. 7« Ralph de Greystock, i. and b. Summ, to PaH. 

a» ^Radulfo Baroni de Greystoke, CblV' 

from 39 Oet. 15 Henry VL 1436, to 6 SepL 
18 Henry VI. 1439; and from 3 Dec. 20 Henry VL 
1441, to 15 Sept. 1 Henry VII. 1485, as ««Radulfo de 
Greyttok, CbeT'lr$" ob. 1487* a. P. m. Elizabeth Grtj- 
stock, bis ^rand-dau. and heir, viz. dan. and sole heir 
of Robert Greystock (ob. r. p.) bis only son, married Tbc» 
mas Lord Dacre of GiUesland, K.G. to which Barony 
that of Greystock became nntted antil tbe - death of 
Geor^, 5th Baron Dacre of GiUesland, and Baron Grey- 
stock, 8. P.M. in 1569, wben it feil into Abbyancb be- 
tween bis tbree sisters and coheirs, of whom Ann, tht 
eldest, married Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, ancestor 
of tbe Dukes of Norfolk ; Mary, tbe second sister and 
and coheir, married Thomas Lord Howard of Waldeo, 
but died s. p.; Elizabeth, tbe third sister and cobeir, be- 
came tbe wife of Lord William Howard, ancestor of tbe 
Earls of Carlisle ; and between tbe representatives of these 
coheirs this Baruuy is presumed now to be in Abeyancbi 
but tht Barony of Gr^tock has by many writers beeo 
aseribed to tbe Dukes of Norfolk, tbe representatiTes of 
Ann, tbe eldest coheir. M Ifat Abeyance was terminated 
by tbe Crosf n in favoor of tbe Dukes of Norfolk, but which 
is e&tremely doubtfol, tbe Barony must nowbe in Abeyance 
solely between tbe Lords Petre and Stourton, as repre- 
•entatlTes of tbe oobdrs of Philip, brotber of JBdward 
XlV.-ntb Duke of Nntfblkr and these Noblemen are 
also tbe coheirs of one moiety of tbe Barony, if it bas 
been in Abeyance since tbe deatfa of Ralph Lord Grejr- 
stock in 1487, they being tbe represenUtives of Ann Da- 
cre, tbe eldest sister and cobeir of George Lord Dacre 
above-mentioned; and tbe Earl of Carlisle^ as tbe repre- 
sentative of Elisabeth Dacre, tbe youngest sister and co- 
heir^ is tbe other coheir of the Barony of Greystock. 

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I. 168a. i. Edward Gri^n; Created Baron GriflBn of 

Braybruke Castle, co. Northampton, 3 Dec. 
1688. He married Essex» eldest dau. and co- 
heir of James Howard, VIII.-3d Earl of Suf- 
folk and Baron Howard de Waiden j ob. 

II. 1710. 3. JamesGriffln, s. and h. ob. 1715. 

III. 1715. 3. Edward Griffin, s. and h. ob. 174S, & P. when 

tbis title became 

Ann, the sister, and ultimately the sole beir, of the 
last Baron, married William WhitwellaEsq. and tbeirson, 
John Griffin Wbitwell Griffin, was Summ, to Pari, aa 
Baron Howard de Waiden, 3d August, 1784. 

Vide Howard dr Waldbn. 



I. 1815. 1. Jobn Willougbby Cole, Sd Earl of Enniskillen 
in Ireland; Created Baron Grinstead of 
Grinstead, co. Wiks, 18 July, 1815. Present 
Baron Grinstead ; also Earl of Ennltkillen» 
ftf. in Ireland. K. P. sf 


Vide Glamorgan. 



1. 1761.— I. 1784. 1. Sir Richard Grosvenor, 7th Bart Cr«* 
ated Baron Grosvenor of Eaton, co> 
ehester, 8 April, 17C1 ; Created Vis- 
count B^lgrave, co. ehester, and Earl 
Grosvenor, 5 July, 1784 ; ob. 1802. 

U. . . . . — n. 1803. 3. R<»bert Grosvenor, s. and h. Present 
Earl and Baron Grosvenor, Viscount 
Belgrave, and a Baronet. 7 




BARON. ^ , 

1. 1703. !• Heneaf^ Fineh^Sd ton of Heneafe, Ut Karl 
of Nottingham ; Created Baron of Guemiey» 
00. Soutbampton, 15 Marcb, 1703; Created 
Earl of Aylresford 19 Oct. 1714; ob. 1719. 
Vide Aylresford. 


L 1660. 


I. 1674. 


Elisabeth, dau. of William, Ist Earl of Den- 
bigb, and widow of Lewis Viscount K^nel- 
meaks in Ireland; Created Countess of 
Guildford for life 14 July, 1660$ ob. 1673, 
wben the title became 

John Maitland, Ist Duke and Sd 
Earl of Lauderdale in Scotland; 
Created Baron Petersham and Earl 
of Guildford, both co. Surrey, S5 
June 1674, K. G. } ob. 1683, s. p. M. 
wben bis Englisb honors beeame 

1. FriMAOS North, 2d son of Dudley,4th 
Baron North ; Created Baron Guild^ 
ford of Guildford, co. Surrey« 37 
S^. 1663 1 ob. 168&. 

TI 1 685. 3. Francis North, s. and h. ob. 1 799. 

HL 1739.-«-IL 175S. 3.Francis North, s. and h. suceeeded 
to the Barony of North in 1734 ; 
Created Earl of Guildford 8 April, 
1752; ob. 1790. 

IV — IIL1790. 4. Frederick North, son and heir ; Lord 

North, K.G.; ob. 1798. 

V —IV. 1798. 5. George Augustut North, a. and h. 

Lord North i ob. 1808, s. P. wheu 
the Barony of North feil into Abby- 
ANCB between bis daughters and 
cohdrs ; but the Barony and Earl- 
dom of Guildford derolved on 


L 1683. 

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VI *-V. 1803. 6. Francis North, brotber and heir; 

ob. 1817, 8. p. 
VII —VI.I8 17. 7. Frederick North, brother and heir. 

Present Bari and Baron Guildford. 



I. WillJ. 1. Hugh de Gurnay. Pofiessed divers Lordships 

at tbe General Survey. 

II. Will.II. 3.Girard deGurnay, s. and b. ob. 1096. 

III. Steph. 3. Hugh de Gumay, s. and b. ob. 1184. 

IV. H. ir. 4.HugbdeGurnay,s.aiidb. ob.l38l. 

V. H. IIK 5. Hugh de Gurnay» s. and b. ob. 1837» s. p. m. 

Julian bis dau. and heir» married William 

I. H.I II. 1 . Anselme de Gurnay, younger brotber of Hugb 

tbe last Baron ; ob. ante 1S30. 

II. H.III. 2. Robert de Gurnay, s. and b. ob. 1S68. 
fll. H.III. 3. Anselm de Gurnay, s.and b. ob. 1385. 

IV. £dw.l.4Jobn deGnma^, s. and b. ob. 1S90, 8.P.BI. 
Elizabeth, bis dau. and heir, was tbe wife of 
John ap Adam. 



I. 1786. I. Sir Peter Burrell, Bart, busband of Priscilla 

Barqness Wülougbby of Ereaby, by- descent^ 
being eklest dau. of Peregrine Bertie, 3d 
Duke of Aneaster, and Baron Willoughby of 
Eresby, and Jister and cobeir of Robert, 4tb 
Duke; Created Baron Gwydir of Gwydir, eo. 
Camarroo, 16 Jime, 1786 9 ob. 1890. 

II. 1830. 3. Peter Robert Droniinond Burrell, s. and b. 

Depttty Gveat Cbamberlain of England. Pre- 
sent Baron Gwydir, and a Baronet. sjP 

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I. 1299, 1> EustAce d« Hacbe, Summ, to Pari, fron B 
Feb. 87 Edw. I. 1S99, to 8S Jan. 33 Edw.L 
1305 ; ob. 1306, 8. P. M. Julian hn dto. 
and beir, married Jobn Hansard, in wboM 
detcendants tbU Barony mun be coniidered 
to be vetted. 



I» l6«8,u*L WS^^h 1688. I.Sir Georg« Savile, Bart 
Created Bwron Saville of 
Bland, and Vlicount Halifai, 
botb CO. York, 13 Jan. 1668 ; 
Created Earl of Halifax 16 
Jnly, 16791 Created Ma^ 
queas of Halifax 83 Aefwit, 
1688 ; ob. 1695. 

n. • . . .-^IL. . . . —II. 1695. S.WUtiam SaTÜe, t. and b. ob. 
1 1700, wben all tbcM Utki 


BARON». > 

I. I700k-^IL 1714. I. Charles Montana, 4tb son of Geoife 
Mootapi, younger ton of Henry, IK 
Earl df Maaebeater ; Created B«ron 
HaUfiaa, co. York, 4 Dec. 1700, 
witb remainder, failing bis iisve 
male, to Geor8;e Montagn, s. and h. 
of Edward Montagu, bis eider bro- 
ther; Created Earl of Halifax and 
Viscount Sunbufj, oo. Middlesez» 




14 Oet. 1714» K. G«; ob. 1715» 
whcn tbe Viscountcj of Snnbufj 
and this Earldom became itp- 
tinct; but tbe Barony devolrcd» 
agreeable to tbe above limitatioD, 

II. 1715.— IV. 171 &*S. George Montafpi, bis nepbew and 
beir abore mentioned; Created 
Visconnt Sunbuiy» co. Middletex» 
and Earl of Halifax» 14 June» 1715» 
K. a; ob. 1739. 

Ili. « • • • —V. 1789* 3. George Montagu rattamed tbe name 
of) Dank» s. and b. Lord Lieut. of 
Ireland» 1749» K. G.; ob. 1778» 
I. p. M. wben all bis boaors became 




I. 1776. l.Eliaabetb» 8d dan. of Jobn Gunnlng» and 
wife»ffir8t, of James, 6tb Duke of Haknilton» 
and seeondly» of Jobn» 5tb Duke of Argyle ; 
Created Baroness Hamilton of Hameldon» 
CO. Leicester» 90 May» 1776» witb remainder 
of tbe difnity of Baron Hamilton to ber itsue 
BAtONS. UMÜe; ob 1790. 

I. 1790. 9. Douglas Hamilton» 8tb Duke of Hamilton» 

and 5tb Duke of Brandon» Sd son and beir 
(James George» 7tb Duke of Hamilton» tbe 
eldest son baving died viti matris» 1779y 
6.p.)s ob. 1799>s.p. 

II. 1799. 3. George William Campbell» balf-brotber and 

beir» being son and beir apparent of Jobn» 
5tb Duke of Argyle» by EUsabetb. Ist Ba* 
roneH ; suceeeded as Duke of Argyle» &c 
in 1 806. Present Baron Hamilton in England, 
and Duke of Argyle» &c. in Scotland. ^ 

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I. 1786. l.Jimw Hanihon» 8tb Earl of Abercorn in 

Scotland; Created Viscount Hamilton of 
Hamilton, co. Leictiter, 8 August» 1786, 
with remainder, failing; his issue male, tu bis 
nepbew Jobn James Hamilton, son of bis 
riext brotber Jobn Hamilton ; ob. 1789. 

II. 1 789. 2. John James Hamilton, nepbew and heir , above 

mentioned ; Created Marquess of Abercorn 
« Oet. 1790, K. G. } ob. 1818. 

III. 1818. 3. Jame* Hamilton» grandson and beir, being 

s. and b. of Jamss. Hamilton (ob. v. p.) eldest 
son of tbe last Viscount. Present Viscount 
Hamilton and Marquess of Abercorn; also 
Earl of Abercorn, &c. in Scotland (a minor). 



1776. 1. Robert Traror (aasumed tbe name of) Hamp- 
dea 4tb Baron Tteror; Created Viscount 
Hampden of Gfeat and Little Hampden, eo. 
Bucks, 14 June, 1776; ob. 1783. 

II. 1783. SL Tbomas Trevor Hampden, s. and h. ob. 1834, 

8. P. 

III. 1834. 3. Jobn Trevor Hampdtn, brotber and heir ; ob. 

1834, 8.P. wben all bis bonors became 



I. 1348. l.Jobn de Handle, Summ, to Pari. 35 Feb. 16 
Edir. UI. 1343, but never afterwards. He 
married Maud, widow of Jobn Lovel, and sister and beir 
of Edward Burnell ; ob. 1346, leaving Emund de Handio 
bis grandson and beir, but wbo died infra «tatem, 1355, 
leaving bis two daugbters bis beirs, viz. Elizabetb, wife 
of Sir Edmund de laPuIe, and Margaret, wife of Gilbert 



CblMUsiii, w1m> an ha^ said «o hare died s. p. when 
Hugh Baron Burnell» son and lieir of Nicbolas de Händlo, 
(who assumed bis motber*f name of Burnell,) 2d ton of 
tbe laid Jobn Baron Handlo by Maud Burneil bis wife, 
became tbeir beirs ; wbicb Nicbolas was Summoned to 
Parliaanent in 1350. As only one Writ of Summons was 
iiiued to tbe said Jobn de Handlo, tbe Barony created 
by tbat Writ is presumed, un bis demise in 1346, to bave 
become «Cytintt. 



I. Will.I. Gosfrid Haiiselyn. Possessed difers Lordsbipt 

in tbe rei^ of William tbe Conqaeror; from 

wbom descended 
I. Stepb. Ralpb Hansfdeyn, ob.1171, S.PJII. Hisdaugbter 

and beir is said to bave married Tbomas 




L 1714.— I. 1719. 1* Bentfiet Slraimrd, 3d Baron Sberard 
in Ireland; Created Baron Har- 
boroofb of Harborou^b, co. Lei- 
eetter» l»Octobar» 1714, with re- 
maittder» failing bis issue male, to 
bis uRek Pbilip Sberard, secoud 
son of William, Ist Baron Sbe- 
rard in Ireland $ C^ated Viscount 
Sherard of Stapleford, co. Leices* 
ter, October 31, 1713, witb re- 
mainder to bis issue male ; and 
Earl of Harborouf^b, witb remain- 
der, failing bis own issue male, to 
bis said uncle, 8 May, 1719; ob. 
1732, 8.P. wben tbe Viscountcy of 
Sberard of Stapltford became <Ep« 
tinct; but this Barony and Earl« 
dorn devohredy agreeable to tbe 
-• above limitation, on 

II. «•••-— II. 1732. S. Pbilip Sberard, «uusin and. heir, 
bein^ s. and b. of Bennet, eldest 
son of Pbilip Sberard above men- 
tioned; ob. 1750. 
C c 

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III. . . .— III. 1750. 8. Bcnnet Shenutl» •• and h. ob. 1770, 


IV —IV. 1770. 4. Robert Sberard, brotber and heir i 
ob. 1799. 

V • .—V. 1799. 5. Philip Sfaerard, 8. and b. ob. 1807. 

VI **'*— VI. 1807. 6.PbiUp Sherard, 8. and b. Present 
^* Bari and Baron Harboroogb i al8o 

Baron Sberard In Ireland. 


L^'^^lMriTASdreatdeHarda, Pari. 15 May, 
14 Edw. II. 1381, and 14 Marcb, 15 Edw. iL 
13««i Croated Earl of Carlislc 35 Marcb, 
laSSt degrädcd and attointed 1333, wben 
all bto bonort beeame 


BARONS. VI8C. _ ^ , m% 

L 1711.— I. 1731. 1.81nw>n Harooort, Created Baron 
Hareoort of Stanton HareourC, co. 
Oxford, 8 Sept. 171 1 J Created Vi8- 
connt Hareourt of Stanton Hareourt 
aforesald, 34 July, 1731 ; Lord High 
Cbaneellorl713; ob. 1737. 


II —II 1737.— L 1749. 3.Sinion Hareourt, grand»on 

and beir, being a. and b. 
of Simon Hareourt (ob.T. 
p.) elde8t 8on of the lait 
Viscount; Created Viscount 
Nunebam of Nunebam 
Courtney, and Earl Har- 
eourt of Stanton Hareourt 
aforesaid, l8t Dee. 1749; 
ob. 1777. 

III — m —IL 1777.3.George Simon Hareourt, s. 

andb. ob. 1809, S.P. 

IV —IV — III.1809. 4.WÜliam Hareourt, brother 

and beir. Preaent Eari, 
Viseount, and Baron Har- 
eourt, and Viseount Nun«- 
/ baro, G.C.B. — 





I. 1343. I.John de Harderetbull, Snmnioned to Pari. S5 
February, 16 Edw. III. 1348, but never af- 
terwards. Dugdale giTet no account of tbis 
Baron in bis Baronage ; nor is he noticed by 
any other genealogical w riter. 


BABOfft. EABL8. 

I. 1733«—!. 1754. h IHiilip York, Created Baron Hard- 
irlcke of Hardwicke, co. Glouotf- 
ter, 83 November, 1733; Created 
Viscount Royston, and Earl of 
H ard Wicke, eoXaloucester, Sd April, 
1754; Lord High Chane 1737 s 
ob. 1764. 

fl — If. 1764. 3.PhilipYorke,8.andb.eb.l790,i.FJ«. 

III —III. 1790. 3. Philip Yorke, nepbew and heir, being 

8. and h. of Charles Yorke *, next 
brother of the last Earl. Present 
Earl and Baron Hardwicke and Vis- 
eount Rejtton, K. G. ^ 



I. 1790. Edwin Lascelles» Created Baron of Harewood, 

CO. York, 9 July» 1790; ob. 1795, f. f. when 
the dignity became 


II. 1796.^1« 1818. 2, Edward Lascelles, cobsIb of the lait 

Baron ; Created Baron Harewood of 
Harewood, co. York« 18 June, 1796; 
Created Viscount Lascellea and 

* This Chwies Yorke was Lord Chaucellor of Engkod in 
1770, aod on the Utk of Januaiy a wsmot was skned for bis 
eMBtioQ to the dignities of Lord Morden, Baron of Morden, co. 
Ca mbri d g e, but hedied ob the SOih of the same BMmth, beA>re 
the psMsBt had passed the Oreat ScaL 
C C9 


M« HAllBWO<M>-i-HARINCrroil; 

BAROMt. BARL8. ,«._._ - «_^^ 

Eftrl of Harewood» €o. York, 7 Se)pC 
181«; ob. 18^0. 

III —IX. 1820. «.Henrv Lascelles» •. and h. Pretent 

Eari and Baron Harewood and Visc 
Lascellea. -^ 



I 13S4. l.John d^ Haripftoii» S(imm.toParL trom SO 
Dec. 18 Edw. U. 1324, to 13 Not. 81 Kdw. 
111.1345*; ob. 1347v 

IL 1347. 2, Jobn de Harinf^ton, grandson and heir, beinj 
t. and b. of Robert Harington (ob. r. p.) 
eldett son of thelast Baron j Summ, to Part 
14 Feb. and 20 Nov. 22 Edw. III. 1348, 
1 J^n. 22 Edw. 111. 1349, and 10 Marcb, 
23Edw,in. 1349; ob. 1363. 

m, 1363^ 8. Robert de Harington, ^.andh.Samro, to Part 
from 4 Aug. 1 Ric. U. 1377, UQtil bis deatb, 
in 1405. 

IV. 1405, 4. 4obn de Harington, son and beir. Tbe name 

of Robert de Harington occurs regularly in 
tb* Samm^fites to Part from 1 Ric. II. 
1377, to 3 Sept. 4 Henry V. 1417; bat as 
Robert tbe last Baron died in 1405, andas 
John Baron Harington is stated in tbe Rolls 
of Parl.f to bave b^n present on tbe 22d Dec. 
8 Henry IV. 1406, it may be inferred tbat aH 
tbe Writs after tbe 7th Henry IV. were di- 
rected to tbis Baron, and tbat tbe Cbristian 
name of Robert on tbe Rolls after tbat year 
was an error; ob. 1418, s.p. 

V. 1418. 6. William de Harington, bfotber and heir; 

Snmm. to Part from 26 Feb. 8 Hen. V. 

1421, to 6 Sept. 18 Hen. Vt 1439 ; ob. 1457» 
B. p. M. leating bis grandson William Bonville, son of 
Eliaabetb bis daugbter and betress apparent (ob. r. p.>i 
wife of WilUam Lord Bonville, bis next beir; and who 
beeame Baron Harington, jure matrif . Cecity, bis dao. 
and beir, married Tbomas Grey, Ist Marqness of Donet; 

* In the early Writs be it called << Jobaam de HaferingUMk.** 
t Vol. iii. pp. 58S and 583« 


«ad 4lMa Baronjr» with Ihit of Bonville, continned in tbat 
iHBily antü the atUMer of Hcnnr Gray, Dake of SoflTolk» 
^graojton of the Mid Thoaiat MarqueM of Dortet and 
. Ciooljr Idi wiÜB« in 15&4, «hon aH hit honort beeame 

Vide Ferbbbs op Groby. 


I. 1603. 1. John Harin|;ton, descended from Robert Ha* 

rinfton, brotber of John, Sd Baron above 
mentioned; Created Baron Harring^ton of 
Exton» CO. Rutland, Sl July» 1603 ; ob.l6l3. 

II. 1618« 8. John Harinfcton, t. and h. ob. 1614, s. p. wben 

the title beeame 


BAK0NT>84Ma7, 1711. 

Vide Oxford. 


Earldom, 14 Dcc. 1706— '^Ctliia 1740. 

Vide Kbnt. 



I« H.II. 1. William de Harpetre, ton of John de Har- 
petrej held 13 Knights' Feet in 1165; 
ob. 1175. 

II. H.II. 3. Wmiam de Harpetre, s. and h. liTing ms. 
It appears he died ante 1831, 8. P.* 



I. 1789.— I. 1748. 1. William Stanbope, doMORded from 
Sir John Stanbope, yonn^r brotber 

* The ahove account of this ^unily h takea from J>iiffda]e, 
▼oL I. p. 678 ; bot Banki , toL I. p. 94, on the aiuhori^ m An- 
denon'g Histcoty of the House of Yrerf» «tates that It U rerj 

c c3 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



cf Philip, Ist Eail of Chesterfield ; 
• CrtatedBaroBH*iTrnstoiif€o.North- 
amptoiiy SO Nor. 17S9; Created 
Vitcount PetenkmiDy eo. Surcey, and 
Bari of Harrin^n, co. Nortbam|>- 
ton, 9 Feb. 1743 $ Lord Lieut. of Ire- 
Und 1746; ob. 1756. 
II. .... —II. 1756. 3. WiUiaoi Stanhope, t. and h. ob. 1779- 

lil ^IU.1779. 3, Charles SUnhope, s. aud h. Present 

Earl and Baron Harrington, and 
. VIscount Petenbam. =p 



1. Idl5. 1. George Harris, Created Baron Harris of Serin- 
gapatam and My«oire in the East Indies, and 
of Belmont, CO. Kent, II Aug. 1815. Present 
Baron Harris^ G. C. B. ^ 



1. 1776. 1. Nathaniel Ryder, Created Baron Harrowby of 
Harrowby, co. Lincoln, SO May, I776 j ob. 

U. 1803.— 1. 1809. S.Dudley Ryder, f. and b« Created 
Viscount Sandon of Sandon, c<^ 
Staffo^d, and Earl of Harrowt^, co. 
Lincoln, 19 July, 1809. Present 
E^rl ai^d Barqa Harrowby and Vis- 
pouQt Sandon. =F 


Barony, 19 November, 1734— ejEtinCt 1782. 

Vide MAI.TON. 


MARguiS^TE, 12 May, 16i>4, 

Vide Dbvonshire. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Marqvisatb, 10 April» l^B-^^ptintt MW- 


VtscouMTCY, 14 May, nSO— <lE|;ttnct 1756. . 

Vide Fitz- Walter. 


I. 1756. 1. Willi Hill; Ut Bari and 3d Viscuunt HilUbo- 
borough in IreUnd ; Created Lord Harwicb» 
Baron of Harwich, co. Kftseic, 24 Nov. 1756 ; 

4 ' < Created Viscoant Fairford, co. Gloucester, 

and Earl of Hillsborough, 28 Aug. 177$; 
Created Marquess of Downshire in Ireland 
19 Aug. 1789. Vide Hillsbokough. 



I. 1311. Robert de Havtang, Siimm« to Pari. 19 Dec. 
5 Edw. II. 1811 ; be was living in tbe 18th 
Edw. II. but be was never afterwards Summ, 
to Parliament *, nor is any account given of 
bis posterity; tbe Barony must, however, 
be deemed to be vested in bis descendants 
aud represeutatives. 

I. 1342. Thomas de HastanfT, Summ, to Pari. 25 Feb. 
and 20 Nuv. 16 Edw. III. 1342, but ncver 
afterwards. Dugdale states tbat he was also Summoned 
t» ParKament in 5 Edw. III. 1331; but bis name doct 
not appear in tbe List of Summonses in tbat year. He 
left issue Sir John de Hastang, Knigbt, wbo was never 
Summoned to Parliament, and wbo left bis two daugbters 

'■ bis beirs, Tic. Maud, wife of Ralph de Stafford, ancestor 
of tbe Scaffurds of Grafton, and Joan, tbe wife of Sir Jobu 
Salisbury, Knight, in wbose descendants aud representa^ 
tives tbis Barony is now vested. 



i. Hen. I. I. WiUiam de Hastings, Lord of Ashley, co. 
Norfolk ; Steward to K. Hen. I. ob 

* Tbis Robert apoears to have signed tbe celebrated letter 
Urem tbe Barons to tne Pope, dated at Lincoln, 29 Edw. I. anno 
1300. His name is (bere written, « Hubertus Hastang, Dominus 
de la Desiree.*' 




II. Steph. 9. Hu|^ de Hastingt, t. and b. 

III. H. IL 3. WUllam de Haetingt, s. and b. Steward to K. 

Henry II* ob 

IV. Ric I. 4. Henry de Hastinp, t. and b. ob. 1 194, 8. p. 

V. Jofan. 5. William de HasUnp» brotber and heir } ob. 


VI. H.III. & Henry de Hastingg, g. and b. ob. 1349. 

VII. H.III. 7. Henry de Hastings, s. and b. lirins 1866. 


I. 1964. 8. Henry de Hastinp, s. and b. be marr. Joane, 
titter and at len^j^h beir of George de Canti- 
lape, Baron of Bergavenny ; Summ, to Pari. 
14 Dee. 49 Hen. IH. 1264 ; ob. 1268. 

IL 1895. 9. John Hattings, t. and h. Pari, from 
S3 June, 23 Edw. I. 1295, to 22 May, 6 
Edw. iL 1313} Lord of Bergavenny, jare 
niatrit ; be married Isabel, daugbter oif H^ 
liam de Valence, Earl of Pembroke; ob. 

HL 1313. IO.John Hastingi, s. and b. Samm. to ParL from 
26 Nov. 7 Edw. IL 1313, to 20 February, 18 
Edward IL 1325 t Lord of Bergarenny; be 
married Julian, grand-daugbter and beir of 
William Baron Leybum; ob. 1325. 

IV. 1325. 1 1 .Laurence Hattingt, t. and b. Created Earl of 

Pembroiu 13 Oct. 1339 ; Lord of Berga- 
▼enny; ob. 1348. 

V. 1348. 12.Jobn Hastinga, • and b. Earl of Pembroke; 

Lord of Bergavenny ; ob. 1375. 

VI. 1375. 13. John Hastinp, i. and b. Earl of Pembroke; 

Lord of Bergavenny, K. G.; ob. 1389» 8.P. 
wben Reginald Lord Grey of Rutbyn', ton and beir of 
Reginald Lord Grey of Rutbyn, eldest ton of Roger de 
Grey of Rutbyn, by Elizabeth bis wife, sister of John 
Ill.-lOth Baron Hastings, was found bis beir of tbe 
whole-blood; and Hugh Baron Hastings, son of Hugh 
de Hastings, eldest son of Hugh de Hastings, son of 
tbe Said John Ill.-lOth Baron Hastings by bis second 
wife, bis beir of tbe balf-blood; between wbose soa 
Edward Hastings and tbe said Reginald Lord Grey 
tbere was a competition for tbe rigbt of bearing the 
annf of Hastings, wbich was decided in favor of the 
latter. Uoleit thit Barony be considered tbe same 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


at that of Bergavenny *, it must be vested in 
tbe descendantg aud representatives of the 
Said Edward Hastings above mentioned. 
Vide iufra« 
baHoh by writ. of — 

1. 1342. Hugb de Hastings, before mentioned, grand- 
8on of Hugb, 8on of Jobn Ill.-IOtb Baron 
and beir of tbe half-blood to Jobn last £arl 
of Pembroke ; Summ, to Pari. 35 Feb. 16 
Edw . 111, 1342 ; but neitber be nor any of bis 
descendants were ever afterwards Summoned 
to Parliament : in bis descendants, bowever, 
tbis Barony is now vested. Edward Hastingi 
just mentioned as tbe competitor of Lord Grey 
de Rutbyn was bis son, and eventually beir. 



i. 1299* Edmund de Hastings, younger son of Henry 
I.-8tb Baron $ Summ, to Pari, from 29 Dec. 
28 E<l<r. I. 1S99> to 26 July, 7 Edw. II. 1313, 
but Dugdale takes no notice uf bis baving 
been Summ, to Pari, and notbing fürt her is 
known of bim orof bis descendants, in wbom, 
however, tbis Barony is vested. 



I. 1461. 1. William Hastings; deseended from a younger 

son of William III.-3d Baron; Summ, to Pari. 
as ** WiU'o Hastings, Militi, Domino Hast- 
ings de Hastings," from 26 July, I Edw. IV. 
1461, to 15 Not. 22 Edw. IV. 1482; Lord 
Cbamberlain; K. G.; bebeaded 1483. 

II. 1483. 2. Edward Hastings, s. an<) b. j Summ, to Pari. 

from 15 Nov. 22 Edw. IV. 1482, to 16 Jan. 
12 Henry VIL 1497» as <* Edwardo Hastings 
de Hungerford," be baving married Mary, tb« 

*. Vide a Note tinder " Abergaveony," pp< 9, 10, 11, endea- 
yovring to establUb that .the Barony created by the Writ of 
Sommons 49 Henry III. to Henry de Hastings, ereated a Barony 
of Hastinos totally unconnected with the tenure of the Castle of 
Berj^venny . See also Addenda, p. xxxi. 
C C5 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


datt. and heir of Thomas Hangerford, s. and 

BAKONBYWTIT. h. of Robert Lord Huiigerford 5 ob. 1507. 

III. 1 507. 3. George Hastings, s. and h.j Summ, to Pari, ai 

*• Georgia Hastynges de Hastyngea," from 

17 Ocu I Henry VlII. 1509, to 3 Nov. 21 

Henry Vni. 1529; Created Earlof Huntin«- 

don 8 pec. 15S9. Vide Huntingdon, in which 

Earldom this Barony was merged uiitil tbe 

deatb of Francis XXVII.- lOth Earl of Hunt- 

ingdon, in 1789» when tbe Barony of Hast- 

iRgs, togetber wttb those of Hungerford^ Bo* 

BARONESS. treauz, and MoUnes» besame vested in 

I. 1789. 13. EUizabetb Hastings, bis sister aiid helr, wife 

ol Jobn Rawdou, Earl of Moira in Ireland; 

ob. 1808. 


XIV. 1808.— I. 1816. 14. Francis Hawdon (assnmed tbe 
name of) Hatttngs, g. and b. 
Ist Baron Rawdon in England; 
tucceeded bit father as Earl Muira in Ireland in 1793 $ 
elaimed and was allowed tbe Barony of Hastings in 1809; 
created Vtscuunt London, Earl of Rawdon, and Marquess 
of Hastings, 7 Dec. 1816; Govemor-General of India 
18$2. Pretent Baron and Marquess of Hastings, Earl of 
Rawdon, and Viscount Louüon, Baron Hungerfortl, Mo- 
lines, Botreauz, and Rawdon; sole beir of one muiety of 
tbe Barony of Montagu (vide p. 354), and sole beir of 
one moiety, and cobeir of the otber moiety of the Barony 
of Moels; also Earl of Moira, &c. in Ireland. K.G. 
G.C.B. =p 

Vide Wellbs. 



h 1558. Edward Hastings. 2d son of George XVI U.* 
Ist Earl of Huntingdon; Created Baron 
Hastings of Luughborougb, co. Leicester, 19 
«lan. 1558; K.G. ; ob. 1558, 8.P.M. when the 
Title became 4Ejtinct. 

IL 1643. Henry Hastings, 3d son of Henry, XXIL'Stli 
Earl of Huntingdon ; Created Baron Hast« 
ings of Loughborough, ao. L^icastari ^■ 



Oct. 1643; ob. 1666» •• p. when the titl« 
a^ain became 




I. 1643« 1. Chrittopber Hatton (ton of Jobn Hatten, 

Cousin and heir male of Sir Cbristopher Hat- 
ton, K. G. Lord Cbaroberlain to Queen Elia a- 
betb) ; Created Baron Hatton of Kerby, co. 
NortbamptonyS9July, 1643 ) K.B.} ob. 1670. 


II. 1670.— I. 168S. S. Cbrittopber Hatton, s. and b. Cre- 

ated Viscount Hatton of Gretton, 
CO. Nortbampton, 17 Jan. 168S; 
ob. 1706. 
UL .... —IL 1706. 8. WiUiam Hatton, s. and b. ; ob. 1768, 
S.R when all bia bonors became 



1. 1338. Jobn de Hausted; Summ, to Pari, from 80 
July, 6 Edw. III. 1338, to 99 Jan. 9 Edw.lll. 
1336, but never aftcrwardt ; and of wbom, 
after tbe 9ib Edw. III. or of bis detccndants, 
notbing is recorded. 



I. 1899* Jobn de Havering; Summ, to Pari. 6 Feb. and 
10 April, 87 Edw. I. 1899> bot never aftcr- 
wards. Dugdale gl^et no aecoont of tbia 
Baron in bis Baronaf^e ) and it is rery pro- 
bable tbat it is erroneously written on tbe 
Roll for Jobn de Claveringf wbose name oc- 
cors in tbe Snmmonset of tbe next year, and 
tben regularly for many followin; yeait. 



1. 1696. I.Sir Jobn Tbompton, Ist Bart. Created Baron 
Harersham, co. Buckingbam, 4 May, 1696; 
ob. 1710. 



II. 171<^ 

8.llauriee Tlioii|Woii, f. and li. ob. 1745, 8.P.M. 
wben the title became 


BARONS. ^ „ ^ , « 

I. 1776. l.Sir Edward Hawke, K.R Created Baron 

Hawke of Towton, co. York, 20 May, 1776; 
ob. 1781. 

II. 1781. 2. Martin Bladen Hawke, s. and b. ob. 1805- 

III. 1805. 3. Edward Harvey Hawke, 8. and h. ob. 1824. 

IV. 1834. 4. Edward William Harvey Hawke, 8. and b. 

Present Baron Hawke. = 



I. 1786. 

1. Sir Charles Jenkinson, 7tb Bart. Created Ba- 
ron Hawkesbnry of Hawkesbury, co. Glouces- 
ter, 21 Aug. 1786; Created Earl of Liver- 
pool 1 June, 1796; ob. 1808. 
II. 1808. 2. Robert Banks Jenkinson, s. and h. Earl ef 
Liverpool; Summ, to Pari, vita patris, in 
this Barony, in Dec. 1803. Pre:ient Baron 
Hawkesbury and Earl of Liverpool, K.G. = 


I. 1615. 


I.James Hay; Created Baron Hay of Sawlqr, 
CO. Cumberland, 29 June» 1615; Created Vis- 
count Doncaster, 5 July, 1617* 




I. 171 1. I.George Henry Hay, son and heir apparent of 
Thomas 6th Earl of Kinnoul in Scotland. 
Created Baron Hay of Pedwardine, co. Here- 
ford, 31 Dec. 1711 ; succeeded bis fatberas 
7th Earl bf Kiunoul in Scotland in 1719; 
ob. 1758. 



U. 1758. 8.Tboma8 Hay, t. and h. £arl of Kinnoul in 
Scotlaudi, üb. 1787» s. P. 

111. 1787. 3. Robert Auriol Hay Drummond, nepbew and 
beir; being 8. and h. of Robert Hay, who 
assumed tbe name of Drummond» Archbisbop 
of York, next brotber of tbe last Baron, E^rl 
of Kinnoul in Scotland ; ob. 1804. 

IV* 1804. 4.Tbomas Robert Hay Drummond, 8. and b. 
Present Baron Hay of Pedwardine; also Earl 
of Kinnoul in Scotland; Lord Lyon King of 
Arms. = 



]. Hen. I. 1. Robert de Haye, Lord of Halnac, co. Süsses, 
by grant froni King Henry L; ob. ante 1 165. 

II. Hen.lL % Riebard de Haye, s. and b.; ob. ante 1185, 
leaving bis tbree daughters bis cobeirs, of 
whom Nicola married Gerard de Camville ; 
Maud was the wife of Riebard de Humet; 
and •••••• wbo married William de Rollos. 



I. 1787« I.George Augustus Eliott (youngest son of Sir 

Gilbert Eliott, Bart.) ; Created Lord Heatb- 
field, Baron Heatbfield of Gibraltar, 6 July, 
1787, K.B.; ob. 1796. 

II. 1796. 2, Francis Augustus Eliott, s. and b. ob. 1813, 

s.p. wben the title became 


Barony, 27 December, 1676. 

Vide Burford and St. Albam's. 



I. 1760.— L 1764. 1. Robert Henley; Created Lord Henley, 
Baron Henley of Grainge, co. Soutb- 
ampton, 27 Marcb, 1760; Created 

D D 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Viscouni Henley and Earl of Mortk- 
ington» in tbe said county, May 19i 
1764; ob. 1772. 

n — ILin«. S. Robert Henley, s* and b. Etri of 

Nortbinf^on ; Lord Lieut. of Ireland 
1783; K.T.S ob. 1786, wben aUbu 
bonon became 

Vide a Note under Newcastle. 



I. 1461. 1. William Herbert; Summ. to Pari, at <<WiUi- 

elmo Herberd de Herberd," 9S Jalv, 1 ^dw. 
iV. 1461, as «Willielmo Domino' Herbert, 
Cbl'r," S8 Dec. 2 Edw. IV. 1463, and 88 Feb. 
S Edw. IV. 1463, and as « Wiilielmo Herbert, 
Cbl'r," 88 Feb. 6 Edw. IV. 1466 1 Created 
Earl of Pembroke 87 May, 1468; K.G; 
beheaded 1469. 

II. 1469. 8. William Herbert, t. and b. Earl of Pembroke, 

, wbich Earldom he resignedy and on tbe 4th 
July, 1749, was Created Earl of Huntinf^ ; 

living 1487; ob S.p.m. leaving EUia- 

beth bis sole dau. and heir, who manied 


I. 1506. I.Sir Cbarles Somerset K.G. natural 
son of Henry Beaufort, Duke of So- 
merset ; he was Created, by patent 
^ Nov. 1506, Baron Herbert of Raf- 
land, Chepetow, and Gower*; Cre- 
ated Earl of Worceeter in 1514; ob. 

* From the acoouBt of this personage, both in Dugdale ud 
Collins, it would appear that the Barony to which he was crs- 
ated was that by the Writ of Summons of 1 Henry VUl. 17 Ort, 
1500, when he was Summ, to ParL as «Carolo Somerset de 
Herbeit» Chivalers" but the latter writer, in p. SIS, vol. i. ia- 
forms US that he was so created by Patent, dated 96 Nov. 99 Heary 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



III. 15. . ) 9. Henry Somerset, t. and h. Socceeded bis mo- 
BV PATiNT. > tber in tbe Barony of Herbert created by the 
II. 1536. ) Writ to William Herbert, dated 86 July, l 
Edw. IV. 1461, and in 1526 be succeeded bis 
father in tbe Barony of Herbert of Cbepstow, 
Ragland, and Gower, created by the patent 
of S6 Nor. 1506, and also in the Earldom of 

Vide WoRCESTBE and Beaufort. 



I. 1629. 1. Edward Herbert, Ist BaroB Herbert in Ire- 
land, descended from a younger brother of 
William Ist Earl of Pembroke; Created Ba- 
ron Herbert of Cbirbuiy, co. Salop» 7th 
May, 1629; ob. 1648. 

IL 1648. S. Riebard Herbert, s. and h. ob. 1655. 

HI. 1655. 3. Edward Herbert, s. and h. ob. 1678, s. p. 

iV. 1678. 4. Heniy Herbert, brother and heir; ob. 1691, 

8 p. when this Barony became 


V. 1^« 1. Henry Herbert, s. and h. of Henry, Sd bro- 

ther of Edward Ist Baron Herbert of Chir- 
bury ; Created Baron Herbert of Chirbury, 
CO. Salop, 28th Apnl, 1694; ob. 1709. 

VI. 1709. 2. Henry Herbert, s. and h. ob. 1738^ 8. P. when 

this title again became 

VII. 1743. 1 I.Henry Arthur Herbert, s. and h. of Francis, 
op LUDLow. V eldest sön of Richard Herbert (descended 
!• 1749. 3 from tbe common ancestor of the preceding 

Barons), by Florentia, sister and coheir of 
Henry IV.-4th Baron Herbert of Chirbury ; 
Created Baron Herbert of Chirbury, co. 

VII. I606f as 18 abore ststed^ and wfaich is likewise asserted by 
Dale. The Writ of Summons in 1509 was, ther^ore> issued in 
consequence of bis creation by patent in 1506. 
D d2 





Mop, 91 Decl74S; Created Baron Powisof 
Pow is Castle, Viseuunt Ladlow, co. Salop* 
and Earl of Powis, 37 May, 1748; Created, 
7 Oct, 1749» Baron Herbert of Chirbtiry 
and of Ladlow, co. Salop, with remainder, 
failinpbit itsu« male, to bis brotber, Ricbard 
Herbert, and bis itsue male, in default of 
wbieb, to Francis Herbert, of Ludlow, Esq. 
and bis issoe male} ob. 1773. 

VII!. 1773. 3.Geor|re Edward Henry Anbur Herbert, s. 

DP LUDLOW. and b. Earl of Powis; ob. 1801, wben all 

U. bis bonors became 

OF CHIRBURT. «^ftitlCt. 

IX. 1804. 1. Edward Clive, Ist Baron Clive in England, 
biisband of Henrietta Antoiiii Herbert, sister 
and sole beiress of tbe last Baron; Created 
Baron Herbert of Cbirbury, co. Salop, Baron 
Powis of Powis Castle, Viscount Clive of 
Ludlow, and Earl of Powis, May 13, 1804. 
Present Baron Herbert of Chirbary, &c =p 

Vide Powis. 


l. 1551. 

I. William Herben: Created Baron Herbert of 
Caerdiff, co. Glamorican, 10 Oct. 1551; Cre- 
ated Earl of Pembroke 1 1 Oct. 1 551. 

Vld« Pembroeb* 



BAR0NY,4May, 1605. 

Vide MoNTOOMBRY and Pembroke. 



I. Will. f. I.William Fitz-Osbomet Created Earl ofHere- 

ford by William tbe Conqueror t ob. 1070. 

II. 1070. 3. Robert de Britolio, 3d sou, inberited tbe 

Earldom ; ob , and, accordini; to most 

writers, S.P. l. wben tbe title became 




Hl. 1140. l.MilodeGIooeetter; Created Earl of Here- 
ford 95 Jiily» 1140; Lord Constable; ob« 

IV. 11 43. 3. Roger, s. and h. Lord Conttable ; ob. 1 154, 8. p. 

V. 1154. 3. Walterde Hereford, brother and heir; Lord 

Constable) liring 1158; ob 8.P. 

VI. 1 1 . . . 4. Henry» brotber and beir; Lord Conttable; 

ob. .... 8. F. 

VII. II... 5. Mabell, brotber and beir; Lord Conttable; 

ob s. F. wben the dignity became 


VIII. 1 199. 1* Henry de Bobun, t. and b. of Humphrey de 

Bobun, wbo it lometiroet called Earl of He- 
reford, eldett son of Humphrey de Bobun, 
by Margeiy, dau. of Milo III.- Itt Earl, and 
titter and cobeir to the latt Earl ; Created 
Earl of Hereford 1 199; he «rat one of the ce- 
lebrated S5 Baront appointed to enforce the 
obtervance of Magna Charta; Lord High 
Conttable; ob. 1230. 

IX. 1330. 3. Humphrey de Bobun, t. and h. Earl of Ettex ; 

Lord High Conttable; ob. 1375. 

X. 1375. 3. Humphrey de Bobun, grandton and beir, be- 

ing t. and h. of Humphrey de Bobun (ob. r. p.) 
eldett ton of tbe latt Earl ; Earl of Ettex ; 
Lord High Conttable; ob. 1397* 

XI. 1397. 4. Humphrey de Bobun, t. and h. Earl of Ettex 

and Lord High Conttable. He married Eli- 
labeth Plantagenet, 7th dau. of King Ed- 
ward I.; ob. 1331. 

XII. 1331. 5. John de Bohun, t. and b. Earl of Estex; Lord 

High Conttable ; ob. 1335, & f. 

XIII. 1335.6. Humphrey de Bohun, brotber and beir; Earl 

of Estex ; Lord High Conttable ; K. 6«; ob. 
1361, 8. P. 

XIV. 1361. 7. Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Northampton, 

nephew and beir, being t. and h. of William 
de Bohun, Earl of Northampton, K.G.; Earl 
of Ettex; Lord High Conttable; K.G.; ob. 
1373, t.p.M. when thit Earldom again became 


I. 1397. Henry Plantagenet, tuniamed of Boling- 
broke, t. and h. of John of Gaunt, Duke of 
D D 3 



Lancastert Earl of Derby ; havini^ married 
Mary, dau. and cobeir of tbe last Carl» 
was Created Duke of Hereford 29 Sept. 
IS97. Ascended tbe tbrone as King Henry 
IV. 89 Sept. 1399» wben tbit dignity bc- 
eame merged in tbe Crown. 
Tbe title of Earl •/ Herefcrd was next used by Hun- 
phrey Stafford, Ut Duke of Buckingbam (vide an In- 
denture cited by Dugdale, dated IStb Feb. 1443), being 
s. and b. of Edmund 3d Earl of Stafford« by Ann Planta- 
genet, dau. and sole beir uf Tbomas Duke of Gloucester, 
by Eleanor de Bobun, dau. and coberr of Humpbrey, tbe 
laitEarl} but itdoet not appeartbat b« was «ver so crented. 


I. 1550. l. Walter Devereux, Baron Ferrers of Cbartley, 
Bourcbier, and Louvaine ; Created Vticount 
of tbe Cuunty of Hereford, 2d Feb. 1550, be- 
ing descended from tbe above-mentiuned 
Eleanor de Bubuu ; K. G. ; ob. 1558. 

!!• 1558. S. Walter Devereux, grandson and beir, being 
s. and b« of Riebard Devereux (ob. v. p) 
eldest son of tbe last Vtscount ; Lord Ferren 
of Cbartley, &c. Created Earl of Essex May 
4,1573; K. G.s ob. 1576. . 

III. 1576. 3. Robert Devereux, s. and b. Lord Ferren of 

Cbartley, &c. and Earl of Essex, K. G. At- 
tainted and bebeaded i6oO, wben bis bo- 
uors became 


IV. 1603. 4. Robert Devereux, s. and b. restored in blood 

and bonors 1603 ; Lord Ferrers of Cbartley, 
&c. and Earl of Essex; ob. 1646, s.p. wben 
tbe Earldom of Essex became 4tl^t\Xktt\ tbe 
Baronies of Ferrers of Cbartley, Bourcbier, 
&c. feil into Absyamcb i and this Viscouutey 
devolved on 

V. 1646. 5. Sir Walter Devereux, $d Bart, cousiii aud beir 

male, being s. and h. of Sir Edward Deve- 
reux, Ist Bart. 3d son (William, tbe Sd son, 
baviiig died S, P. M.) of Walter Ist Viscount ; 
Ol . ante 1661. 

VI. 1661. 6. Leicester Devereux, s. and h. ot*. 1676. 

VII. 1676. 7. Leicester Devereux, s. aad b. ob. 1683, 6.?. 




VIII. 1683. 8. Edward Devereux, brotber and heir; ob. 

1700, 8. p< 

IX. 1700. 9. Price Dtfvereuz, cousin and heir male, being 

8. and h. of Price, eldest sonof George, 8. 
and h. of Sir George Devereux, next brotber 
of Walter 5th VUcount; ob. 1740. 

X. 1740. lO.Price Devereux, s. and h. ob. 1748, 8. P. 

XI. 1748. ll.Cd ward Devereux, Cousin and heir male, be- 

lüg 8. and b. uf Arthur, eldest son of Vaughan, 
next brotber of Price Devereux, fatber of 
Priee 9th Viacount $ ob. 1760. 

Xir. 1760.1«.Edward Devereux, 8. and b.ob. 1783, 8.P. 

XIII. 1783.l3.George Devereux, brotber and hdr; ob. 1804. 

^IV. 1804. 14JIenry Devereux, s. and h. Present Viscuuni 
Hereford, Premier Viscount of England» and 
a Baronet. =p 


L H. II. 1. William de Heriz, Lord of Worton, co. Notts, 
tem^. Henry IL; ob. ante 1179. 

IL H. IL 2. Ivo, or John de Heriz, 8. and h. ob. ante 1S45 1 
to whom fiucceeded 

IIL H.IH. 3. Henry de Heriz; ob S.p. 

IV. H. 111. 4. John de Heriz, brotber and heir; ob.antel298. 

y. Edw.L S.John de Heriz,' s. and h. who obtained livery 
of bis iuberitance in 1298, but of whom no- 
tbin g fartber 18 recorded. 



1. John. I. Jordan Hairun ; held a Barony in Northum« 

IL H.nL 2. William Heron, 8. and b. ob 

IIL H.lll. 3. William Heron, s. and b. ob. 1256. 

IV. H.lll. 4. William Heron, s. and b. ob. 1296, leaving 
Emeline, bia grand-dau. wife of John Lord 
Darey, bis beir, viz. dau, of Walter Heron, 
bis eldest son, who died vit« patris, 


I. 1371. William Heron, s. and h. of Roger, 2d son of 
William, the last Baron ; Summ, to Pari. 8 
Jan. 44 Edw. III. 1371» but nevernfterwards; 
and tbis Barony, therefore, became <ßptintt 
on bis death. 





.1. 1393. 1. William Heron, grandson of Odonel Heron» 
3d son of William, tbe last Baron by Teiiure ; 
baving married Elizabeth sister and beir of 
John Baron Say, be was Summ, to Pari, from 13 Nov. 17 
Rieb. II. 1393, to 25 Aug. 5 Hen. IV. 1404, as << WiUielmo 
Heron, Cbrr," although it is certain that be was generally 
considered as Lord Say, jure uxoris; for in a Charter of 
1 Henry IV. to whicb be was a witness, he is styled *< Wil- 
lielmo HeroRy Dominus de Say» Senescballus Hospitü 
Re(ps." Ob. 1404, 8. p. wben tbe Barony created by the 
Writ of 17 Richard IL if considered as a distinct dignity 
from tbat of Say, became 



I. Stepb. 1 Richard de Cläre, Earl Cläre, Earl of Hert- 

ford, temp. Stepben; ob. 1136. 

II. 1136. 9. Gilbert de Cläre, s. and h. Earl Cläre; ob. 

1153, 8. P. 

III. 1 1 59. 3. Roger de Cläre, brotber and beir ; Earl Cläre ; 

ob. 1179. 

IV. 1173. 4. Richard de Cläre, s. and h. Earl Cllare; be 

was one of the celebrated 35 Barons ap- 
pointed to enforce tbe observance of Magna 
Charta; ob. 1318. 

V. 1318. 5. Gilbert de Cläre, s. and b. Earl Cläre, and. 

Earl of Gloucester jure roatris ; he was anotber 
of the Said 35 Baruns appointed to enforee 
the observance of Magna Charta ; ob. 1839. 

VI. 1339. ^' Riebard deClare, s. and h. Earl Cläre and Earl 

of Gloucester ; ob. 1361. 
VIL 1361. 7. Gilbert de Cläre, s. and b. Earl Cläre and Earl 

of Gloucester. He married Joan Plantagenet, 

daughter of King Edward L; ob. 1395. 
VIII. 1395. 8. Gilbert de Cläre» s. and b. Earl Cläre and Earl 

of Gloucester; ob. 1313» 8. P. wben this Earl- 

dom became 

JX. 1537. l.EdwardSeymour,brotber-in*>lawofK.Hen.Vin. 




and unde to King Edw. VI. Created Viscoant Beaacbanp 
of Hache» co. Somerset, ^ June, 1536; Created Earl of 
Herlford 18 Oct. I537f witb remainder to bis itsue male 
thm-tafUr to be b«cotteii; Created Baron Seymour 15 
Feb. and Duke of Somerset 16 Feb. 1547» witb remainder 
to the beirs male of bis body, by Ann, bis tecond wife, 
failin^ wbicb, to " Sir Edward Seymowr, ton of tbe Bari of 
Hertford by Katberine bis first wife, and the beirs male of 
the body of Sir Edward Seymour tbe son * $" K. G. ; Lord 
Protector, &c.; bebeaded and attainted in 1553» when bis 
boDors became iForfdteb. 

X* 1559. 1. Edward Seymour» eldest son-of the last Earl» 
by bis second wife; Created Baron Reau- 
charop of Hache, and Earl of Hertford, 13 
Jan. 1559 ; he married Katberine» dau. an4 
eventually sole heir of Henry Grey, Duke of 
Suffolk» by Frances Brandon» niece of Kinc 
Henry Vni.; ob. 1681. 

* This Singular limitation is copied firom the Statement in p. 
49 of the third General Report of the Lords' Committee to search 
fbr doeuments rebtlre to the dignity of a Peer of the Realm, to 
which is added the followiag remark on the eflFect of the attainder 
of the Said Duke on the descendanCs of Sir Edward Seymour, bis 
son : — <<The attainder of the Duke of Somerset» bis ntther, and 
forfeiture of bis dignities, by Act of Parliament of the Sth and 
6th of Edward VI. did not affect the dignity of Duke of Somerset 
granted to Sir Edward Seymour, and the hieirs male of bis body. 
Bt the terms of the grant, that dignity had vested, immediately 
•ner the patent pasMd the Great StJ, in Sir Edward Seymour, 
with limitadon to the beirs male of bis body, though the actual 
enjoyment of tt by Sir Edward, and the beirs male of bis body, 
was made to depend on the failure of beirs mala of the body of 
his iather by bis second wife ;" and it b consequently affirmed, 
that on the extinction of the beirs male of the Duke m Somerset 
by his second wife, that Dukedom would have derolved on the 
beirs male of Sir Edward Seymour abore-mentioned, eren had not 
the act of restoratlon in 1660 taken place» << liecause» so fiur as 
the Said limitation was in question, it wanted no such act for its 
preaenration." As tbe Bairony of Seymour was granted w^th . tbe 
same limitation» the preceding observations prove that it would 
have descended in a similar maoner to the Dukedom of Somerset. 




XI. 16SI.— >1. 1640. 9. WHlMim Seymoory fpriDdson and 
beir, being t. and h. of Edward 
Seymoor (ob. v. p.) eldest son of tbe 
lastEarLThe taid Edward obuined 
leiten patent 6 Jac. I. tbat he, 
and the heirt male of bis body, 
immediately after the deceaae of 
bis fatber^sbould beBaront of Pär- 
Uament; and also otber letters 
patent, in tbe same year» for the 
enjoyment of tbe title of Eaii of 
Hertford; Created Marques« of 
Hertford 3 June, 1640; restored 
to tbe title of Duke of Somerset in 
1660; K. G.; ob, 1660. 

XII« .••..— II. 1660. 3. William Seymour, grandson and 
beir, being s. and b. of Henry 
Seymour (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
tbe last Marquess ; Duke of So- 
merset; ob. 1671, &P. 

XIII •^111.1671. 4» John Seymour, unde and heir, 

being seeond son of William Ist 
Marqness; Duke of Somerset; 
ob. 1675, s.v. wben tbis Mar- 
qaisate became 4S]EtttlCt; but the 
Earldom devolrcMi on bis cousin 
and beir, 

XIV. 1675.^ 5. Francis Seymour, Sd Baron Sey- 

mour of Trowbridge, s. and h. of 
Charles Sd Baron, eldest son of 
Francis Ist Baron Seymour of 
Trowbridge, yodnger brother of 
William ^ Eari, and Ist Mar- 
quess of Hertford; Duke ofSo- 
« nierset ; ob. 1678, s. f, 

XV. 1678.— 6. Charles Seymour,brotber sind beir; 

Duke of Somerset; he married 
BHzabctb, sole dau. atod beir of 
JoscelinePercy^XXllM IthEarlof 
Northumberland ; K.G.; ob. 1748. 
X VI. 1 748.«— 7, Algemon Seymour^ s. and h. Duke 

of Somerset; Created Bari of 
Nortbumberland ; ob. 1760, s. 
P. M. wben the Earldum of Hert- 





ford, tbe Viioountey of Beau- 
cbamp» and tbe Barony of Sey- 
mour of Trowbridge, became 

XVII. 1750.— IV. 1793. 1. Francis SeymourConway, Sd Ba« 
ron Conway (descended from Ed- 
ward Ist Duke of Somerset, and 
Earl of Hertford, Lord Proteetor^ 
and Sd cousin of Edward 8tb 
Duke of Somerset) ; Created Vis- 
countBeaucbamp andEarl of Hert- 
fordS Aug^. 1750>witbremainder9 
failingbis issue male,to bis brotber 
Henry; Created Earl of Yar- 
montb, CO. Norfolk, andMarquess 
of Hertford, 5 July, 1793 ; K. G.; 
ob. 1794. 

XVUI — V. 1794. 3. FrancU (assumed tbe name of) 

Ingram Seymour Conway, •• and 
h. K. G.{ ob. 183S. 

XIX. . • . • .--VI. 1892. 3. Francis Cbarles Seymour Conway, 
s. and b. Present Marquess and 
Earl of Hertford, Earl of Yar- 
moutb, Viscount Beauebamp, and 
Baron Conway ; also Baron Con- 
way in Ireland ; K. G. ^ 



I. 16S8. I.Sir William Hervey, Ist Bart, and Ist Baron 
Hervey in Ireland; Created Baron Hervey 
of Kidbroke, co. Kent, 7 Feb. 16S8 s ob. 1642, 
8. P.M. wben tbis Barony became 


I. 1703. 



1. Jobn Hervey (descended from Jobn Hervey, 
eldest brotber of Nicbolas, grandfatber to 
tbe preceding Baron) ; Created Baron Her- 



▼ey of Ickworth, eo. Soffolk» Marcb 33, 1 703| 
Craated Earl of Bnstol Oct. 19, 1714. 

Vide Bristol. 


Barony^ 14 July, 1743— «ptinct 1764. 

Vide Bat« . 


Barony, 5 May, 1628— ettinct 1798. 

Vide Campden. 


VifCOUNTCY, 19 NoTember, 1734— <S|tinct I78S. 

Vide Malton. 



S 1814. l.RowUnd Hill (2d son of Sir John Hill, 3d 
^* 1 1815* Bart) Created Baron Hill of Almarea and 
, of Hawkestone, co. Salop, 17 May, 1814; 
Created Baron Hill of Almaraz, and of Hawke- 
stone and Hardwicke, co. Salop, with re- 
maiuder, failing his issue male, to the issoe 
male of his Ute brother, John Hill, of Hawke- 
stone, Esq. deceased, Oct. 31, 1815. Present 
Baron Hill of Almarez and Hawkestone, and 
Baron Hill of Almarez, Hawkestone and 
Hardwicke; G. C. B. 


L 1773. l.WillsHill, Ist Earl of Hillsborougb in Ire- 
land, and Ist Baron Harwich in England; 
Created Viscount Fairford, co. Gloucester» 
and Earl of Hillsborougb, 38 Aug. 1773, 
and Marquess of Downshire in Ireland, Aug. 
19, 1789; üb. 1793. 

II. 1793. 3. Arthur Hill, s. and b. Marquess of Downshire; 
ob. 1801. 

Jll. 1001. 3» Anbur Blundell Sandys Trumbull Hill, s. and 



h. Present Earl of Hilhborough, Viscount 
Fairford and Baron Harwich ; also Marquess 
of Downthirey &c. in ireland. =f= 



I. 1295. Robert de Hilton; Summ, to Pari, from 33 
June, S3 £dw. 1. 1395, to 26 Aug. 24 £dw. 1. 
1296, but uever afterwards. He was also 
summoned 26 Jan. 25 Edw. L 1297» but, for 
tbe reasons assigned under " Fitz-John," it 
is doubtful if tbat Writ cau be considered as 

a regulär Summ, to Pari. Ob leaving 

Isabel, wife of Walter de Pedwardyn, and 
Maud, wifie of . • • . Hotbum» bis daugbters 
and cobeirs. 




I. 1332. Alexander de Hilton : Summ, to Pari, from 27 
Jan. 6 Edw. HI 1332, to 22 Jan. 9 Edw. 111. 
1336. Dugdale gives no fartber account of 
this Baron, nor does he notice bis descendaiitss 
in wbom bowever tbe Barony must be vested. 


ViscouNTCY, 12 Jttly, 1660. 

Vide Sandwich. 


ViscouNTCY, 29 December, 1706. 

Vide PoüLBTT. 




I. 1728. 1. Sir John Hobart, 5th Bart. Created Baron 
Hobart, of Bückling, co. Norfolk, May 28^ 
1728 ; Created Earl of Buckiughamshire 
September 5, 1746 $ K. B. 






I. 1314. L Robert de Holand» hftTlA^ miurried Maod, 

dau. and cobeir of Alan Lord Zoache of 
Asbby, wai Samn^ to Pari, from 29 July, 
8 Edw. IL 1314» to 15 May^ 14 Ed«r. U. 
1321, «f •< Robertb de H«laiids" bebeaded 

II. 1398. f. Robert de Holaad, s. aad h. Somm. to Pari. 

fh>m 35 Feb. 16 Edw» IIL 1348» to 6 Oct. 
46 Gdw. IIL 137Sf ob. 1878, s. P. M. Maod, 
bis dau. and belr, sariied Jobn V.-9th 
Baron Lorel of Tiebmersb, K. G. and carried 
tbii Barony to tUt fhmify. In 1487 Francb 
ViscoaDt Lovel, the tben hetr male of tbe said 
Sir Jobn Lovel and Maud Holand bis wife, 
was attained, wben tbit Barony, witb bis 
otber bonors became 



1. 1762« 1. Jobn Perceyal, 2d Earl of Bgmont in Ireland, 
(beir-general of Wilfiam Lovel| Baron Morlej, 
jure uxoris, uncle of tbe above mentioned 
Francis Viscount Lovel) ; Created Baron 
Lovel and Baron Holland of Enmore, co. 
Somerset, 7 May, 1762 ; ob. 1770. 

IL 1770. 2. Jobn James Peiteeval, Si «od fa. 3d Bari of E^ 
mont in IreUnd ; ob. 1822. 

III. 1822. 3. Jobn Perceval, s. and b. Present Baron Lofel 

and Baron Hollaihd of Enmore ; also Earl of 
£gmont in Ireland. b= 



OP — 

I, 1353. Tbomas de Holluid, 2d ton Of Robert, Ist 
Baron Holand above mentioned, bavinif 
married Joane Plantageiiet, dau. of Edmund 
I^antagenet» Earl of Kent, younger lon of 



Kifif Edward I. and sHter and sole heir of 
her brotber John £arl of Kent, was Summ, 
ia Pari, from 15 July, S7 £dw. UI. 1353^ to 
15 Feb. 31 Edw. III. 1357. In 1360 he aP- 
tttiMd the ttyle of £atl of Kent, and waa 
SwMii. to ParL by that title SO Nov. in tbat 
yeary and died ou the 38th Peeember foü 

Thit Barony continued rested in the Earls of Kent untll 
1400» when by the attaiKdbr of Thomas Holland, Earl 
of Kent and Duke of Surrey, mndson of Thomas I. Baron^ 
it Ia presumed to have been j^cfeite^. If bowever it was 
i^ot liffected by that attaioder(and whlch supposition issnp« 
ported by the fact of Edmund bis brotber having; sueceeded 
to the Eiarldom of Kent, thougb no notice of any resto- 
ration to the dipnities forfeited by bis said brotber, is to 
be foand in the Rolls of Parliament) this Barony, to- 
fether with that of Wafce, deroWed on Edmund, bis bro- 
tber and heir, Earl of Kentt and on bis death, §.P. ki 
1407, It feil into Abbyancb between the issue of his sis- 
ten apdeoheirt. 



I. 1684. I.Henry Rieh (Sd son of Robert, Ist Earl of 

Warwick), Ist Baron Kensin^on; Created 
Earl of Hollapd, co. Lincoln, 84 Sept. 1624» 
K.G.; beheaded 1649. 

II. 1649. 8. Robert Rieb, s. and h. sueceeded as Earl of 

Warwick in 1673 ; ob. 1675. 

^Eptinct 1756. Vide Warwick. 


L 1T6& I. GeorcUna Caroline, dau. of Charles Duke <tf 
Rie^ond, and wife of Heory Fox, Esq.; 
Created Baroqess Holland of Holland, co. 
LIneoln, with remainder of the dignity of 
Baron Holland to her issue male by her said 
BARON. busband, 6 May, 1762 ; ob. 34 July, 1774. 

II. 1774. S. Stephen Fox, s. and b. Baron Holland of Foa- 
ley. Fide tht nexi page. 
B bS 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




I. 1763. 1. Henry Fox, younger brother of Stepben Ist 

Earl of Ilcbetter, tnd busband of Georgiana 
Baroness Holland of Holland ; Created Baron 
Holland of Foxley, co. WilU, 16 April» 1763; 
ob. i July, 1774. 

II. 1774. S. Stepben Fox, s. and b. succeeded bis mother 

ai Baron Holland of Holland 24 July» 1774 ; 
ob. Dec 26, 1774. 
Hl. 1774. 3. Henry Richard (assumed tbe name oO Vassal 
s. and b. Present Baron Holland of Hol- 
land» and Baron Holland of Foxley. ^ 



1. 1621. Jobo Ramsay» Ist Viscount Haddington in 
Scotland; Created Baron of Kingston-upon- 
Tbamesy and Earl of Holdemess, 22 January» 
1621 ; ob. 1625» s. P. wben tbese titles be- 


Earldom» Jan. 24» 1644— 4Eptinct 1682« 


III. 1682. l.Conyers Darcy» 2d Baron Darcy and Con- 

yers; Created Earl of Holdemess 5 Dec. 
1682 ; ob. 1689. 

IV. 1689. 2. Conyers Darcy» s. and b. ob. 1692. 

V. 1692. 3. Robert Darcy» grandson and heir{ beingson 

and beir of Jobn Darcy (ob. t. p.) eldest son 
of Conyers» last Earl; ob. 1721. 

VI. 1721. 4. Robert Darcy» s. and b. ob. 1778, 8. P. M. whea 

tbis Earldom agaiu became 



1. H. I. l.GeoflFrey de Hoese; ob. 1199. Tbe next of 
this name was 




II. H. II. Heniy Hoese ; ob. 1913. 

I. H.III. 1. Henry Hose, descended from Geoffrey I. Ba- 

ron; ob. 1234. 

II. H.III. S. Matthew Hoese, s. and b. ob. 1254. 

HI. H JII. 3. Heniy Hoeee, s. and h. ob 

IV. Edw.I. 4. Henry Hoese, s. and b. ob. 1S89. 


I. 1295. 5. Henry Hoese, s. and h. Somm. to Pari, as 
** Henrico Husee," from 23 June, 23 Edw. I« 
1295, to lOOct. 19 Edw. II. 1325 ; be was also 
summoned 8 June, 22 Edw. I. 1294 ) bui it is 
doubtful il that Writ was a rei^lar Summona 
to Parliament. Vide ** Cltvbdon." Ob. 1332. 

IL 1338. 6. Henry Hoese, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 
18 Aug. U Edward JH. 1337» to 10 March, 
$3 Edward III. 1349, leaving issue Hßnty, 
bis son and heir ; biut neltber tbis Heniy, noiR 
any of bis descen^anU wer« exer summoned 
to Parliament. 



I. 1348* Eoger ^use, son of Jobn Huse, presumed to 
bave been of the above family ; summoned to 
Pari. 20 Noy, 22 Edward HI. 1348, 1 Jan. 
22 Edw. III. 1349» and 10 Marcb, <i3 Edw. 
III. 1349; ob. 1361, leaving John bis son 
and lieir, who was never suroinoned to Pari, 
nor were any of bis descendants. 



I. 16G1. l.Denzil Hallet, 2d sob of John Ist Earl of 

Cläre I Created Baron HoUes of Ifield, co. 
Sussex, 20 April, 1661 ; ob. 1680. 

II. 1680. 2. Sir Francis Holles, Ist Bart, son and heir; 

ob. 1690. 
HL 1690. 3. Denzil Holles^ s. and b. ob. 1694^ 8. P. when 
tbe title became 

B B S 




1 1447. 1. Thomas Hoo; Created Baron of Hoo, co. 
Bedford, and of Hastings, co. Sussex, 3 June, 
1447, K. G. ; ob. circa 1453, s. P. M. when bis 
bonors became 



BARONESt. • , « . 

I. 1795. 1. Susannah, dau. of Edward Lindsee, Esq. and 

wife of Samuel Ist Baron Hood in Ireland; 

Created Baroness Hood of Catherington, co. 

Hants, 37 Marcb, 1795, with remainder of 
BARON. tbe Barony to her issue male ; ob. 1806. 

I. 1806. S. Henry Hood, s. and b. Present Viscount Hood, 

&c. ytde infra. 


▼ISC0UNT8. _ ...... 

I. 1796. 1. Samuel Hood, Ist Baron Hood m Ireland, 
husband of Susannab, the abore Baroness ; 
Created Viscount Hood of Wbitley, co. War- 
wick, 1 June, 1796, G.C.B.; ob. 1816. 

H. 1816, 3. Henry Hood, s. and b. succceded as Baron 
Hood of Catherinfcton jure ibatris, in 1806. 
Present Viscount Hood of Wbitley, and Baron 
Hood of Catherington, co. Hants ; also Baron 
Hood in Ireland. ^ 


*ARONS. ,„,,,, 

I. 1809. 1. James Hope Johnstone, 3d Eart of Hopetoun, 

in Scotland) created Baron Hopetoun, of 

Hopetoun, co. Linlitbgow, 3 Feb. 1809, with 

remainder failing bis issue male, to the issue 

» male of his father; ob. 1816, S. P. M. 





II. 1816. S.John Hdpe, balf-bfother und beir, Ist Baron 
Niddry. Present Baron Hopetoun and Baron 
Niddry ; also Earl of Hopetoun» &c. Seotiandy 
G.C.R sp 

1. 1643. 


Ralph Hopton $ Created Baron Hopton of 
Stratton, co. dorn wall, 4 Sept. 1643, with 
remainder, failing bis issae male, to Arthur 
Hopton bis unde and bis issue male; ob. 
1658, s. p. wben the title (tbe said Arthur 
having died s. p.) became 



1. 1616. 1. William HoUes; Created Baron Houghton of 
Houghton, CO. Nolting^ham, 9July, 1616; 
Created ISarl of Cläre S Nov. 1634. 
€ptintt 1711. 

Vide Cläre. 



Barony, 6 Febniary, 174S— 'Cjctinct 1797. 

Vide Orfokd. 



I. 1470. 1. John Howard, s. and b. of Sir Robert Howard 
by Margaret, dau. and eventuaüv coheir of 
Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk ; Summ, 
to Pari, as *' Johanni Howard de Howard, 
Militi," from 15 October, 49 Henrv VI. 
1470, to 15 Nov. 33 Edw. IV. 1483; Created 
Earl Marshai of England and Duke of Nor- 
folk, 38 June, 1483, K. G. ; ob. 1485. 
This Barony continued merged in thä Dukedom of 
Norfolk, and was included in tbe numerous forfeitures 
and restorations wbich attended the inheritors of that 
dignity, an account of wbich will be found under 
'* Norfolk/' until the demise of Edward Howard 


33» HOWARD. 

XflL-lltli Dttk« of Norfolk in 1777, when, with «everal 
othtr Baronitt» it feil Ifito Abeyanoe between tbe two 
dma^tkUn and ecMn •# Philip» tbe btotber of tbe said 
Duke, and U now in Abeyancb between tbe Lords Petrc 
and StourtoOf ai tbeir cobeirt ^d representaüves. 



I, 1^69, Hamy Howard, brotber of Tbomas Duke of 
Norfolk; Created Baron Howard, of Castle 
Bisioi^ CO, Norfolk, 97 Mar, 1669 ; Created 
EarlofNorwicbl9Clctober,l672; succeeded 
bis Said brotber fus Duke of Norfolk in 1677. 
eptinct 1777. 

Vide NoRWiCH and Norfolk. 



Barony, S3 Jknuary, 1683. 

Vidt Akdoter and Bbrkshirb. 



I. 1554. 1. William Howird» . 4t|i son of Tbomas VII.-Sd 
Duke of Norfolk ; Created Baron Howard of 
EllüSbaio, 00. Surrey, U Marcb» 1554; 
Lord Hiffb Adm. fC G.s ob. 1673. 

U. 1573* 8. Cbavles Howard, s, and b. Created Bari of 
Nottlngbam $2 Oot. 1596, K. G.; ob. 1684. 

UI* 1684, 3. Cbarles Howard, 8d son and beir male, 
(William bis eldeat brotber baving died vita 
patHs, 8. P. M.) £arl of Nottingbam ; ob. 
164^, ».P- „ . 

ly. 1643. 4. Cbarles Howard, balf-brotber and beir, Earl 
of Nottinffbam ; ob. 1681,8. P. wben tbe Eiiri- 
dorn of Nottin^bam became Ci:tintt i bot 
tbi9 Barony devoWed on 


HOWARD. 333 


V. 1681. 5. Francis Howard, cousin and beir, beingson 

and beir of Cküsrles, eldest son of Francis» 
son and beir of Sir William Howard» second 
son of William Ist Baron ; ob. 1695. 

VI. 1695. 6. Tbomas Howard, s. and b. ob. 1725, & P. M. 
VIL 1735. 7* Francis Howard, brotber and beir) Created 

Earl of Effingham 8 Dec. 1731 ; ob. 1743. 
VIU.I743. 8. Tbomat Howard, s. and h. Earl of Effingbam s 
ob. 1763. 

IX. 1763. 9. Tbomas Howard, s. and b. Earl of EiBngbam ; 

ob. 1791. S.P. 

X. 1791. ICRichard Howard, brotber and beir; ob. 1816, 

8. P. wben tbe Earldom of EfBngbam became 
4C)rdltCt ; but tbis Barony devolred on bis 
next beir male, 

XI. 1816. 11. Kennetb Alexander Howard, son and beir of 

Henry, eldest surviving son of Tbomas» soa 
and beir of George Howard, nezt brotber of 
Francis 5th Baron. Pretent BaroD Howard of 
Effingbam, G. C. B. y 



I. 1638. I.Edward Howard» younger son of Thomas Ist 

Earl of Suffolk ; Created Baron Howard of 
Escrick, CO. York, 39 April, 1638; ob. 1675. 

II. 1675. 3. Tbomas Howard, s. and b. ob. 1683, s. p. 

III. 1683. 3. William Howard, brotber and beir; ob.l694. 

IV. 1694. 4.Cbarles Howard, s. and h. ob. 1714» s. P. 

wben this Barony became 



Barony, 13 Mareb, 1604— 4E|:tinct 1614. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 




ViicouNTCY» SO April» 1661. 

Wdie Cablml». 



L 1579. 1« Thomas Howard, ^fpunger son of Thomas 4th 
Duke of Norfolk i Soinm* to Pariifme^t 'jm 
<<Thom» Howard de Waiden, Chl'V," S4 
Octobei^ 39 iUis. 1579^ and S7 Oct. 43 Elia. 
1600 ; Created EarlolSuffolk 31 Jalv, 1603, 
K.6.1 ob. 1636, 

IL 1606. S. Theophihis Howard« s, and h. £arl of Suffolk -, 
ob. 1640. 

UL 164«» 9. James Howard, s. and h. Sari of Suffolk ; ob. 
1706, (b p. M. whe« thif Q^rony feil into 
iÜBYAiiCB between bis two daughters and 
coheirs, yiz. Essex, wife of Edward Lord 
Griffin, a|id IBlizabeth, wife of Sir Thomas 
Feiton; andit contlnued in Abeyance nntil 
1784, wben it was terminated by the Crown 
In favor of the «Idest coheir, vis. 

IV. 1784. 4. John Griffin WbUweU (assumed the name oQ 

Grillln, son and beir of William Whitwell, hj 
Ann, daa. and ultMDAtely sole heir of James, 
ed Baron Griffin, elAest son of Edward Itt 
Baron Griffin, by Essff , Ist danflliter and oor 
heir of James the last Baron. Allowed the 
Barony3 Aug. 1784; Created Baron Bray^ 
broke, with a special limitation in 1797; 
In which year he died s. P. when, in conse- 
quence of all the issue of the said Lady Essex 
Howard being extinct,thi8 Barony devolved on 

V. 1797. 5. Frederiok Augustns Henr^, 4tb Earl of Bris- 

toi, and Bisbop of Derry, as beir-g«neral of 
Thomas the Ist Baron ; being son and eventu- 
ally heir of John Hervey (ob. ▼. p.) eldest son 
of John Ist Earl of Bristol, by Elisabeth, 
dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Feiton, by SU- 





2abeth| dau. and cobeir of Jamei Howard» 
dd Baron änd £arl ofSoffolk ; ob. 1803. 
VI. 180a. 6. Charles Aagustus Ellis, great grandson fttfid 
heir, bernf^ion afld behrof Cbarlei Rom Ellit« 
fisq. by Elizabeth Catherine Caroline Her- 
vey (ob.vita a¥i)| daaghter and heir of John 
Augustus Herv^ (ob. f ita batrit)» gon and 
beir of Frederick^ tbe litt Baron. Pretent 
Baron Howard d6 Waiden. 



I. )788.— I. 1789.^1. 1788. 1. Richard Howe, foarth ViM. 

Howe in Irdaad; Created 
Visoount Howe of iMngw, 
c*. NotlingbaiB, 30 Jan. 178S i Created Ba- 
ron Howe of Lani^ar aforesidd^ and Earl Howe 
19th Angasti 1788» with remainder of tbe 
^ Barony. failing bis issue male» to hif dangb- 

ters and tbe beird male of tbeilrbodiei re*pee« 
tirely» K. G. i ob. 179S^» 8. P. M. wben tbe 
Viscountcy and Earldom besame Cptintt i 
but tbe BÄroDy detolved on 


I. 1799« S. Sophia Charlotte^ eldest davu and eobeir of 
tbe last Baron ; she married, firtt> tbe Hon* 
Penn Assbeton Curzoo; and secondly» Sir 
Jonathan Watben Waller^ Bart. Pretent Ba- 
roness Howe of Lang^. np 

1. Richard William Penn Asbeton Canon (aa- 
•umed tbe name o() Howe^ 2d Visconnt Cur- 
aon» ton and beir apparent of tbe Baronen 
Howe by her first busband ; Created Earl 
Howe 14 July, 1821. Present Earl Howe and 
Visconnt and Baron Carson. n? 


n. 1821. 


Vi6couiiTCY. 11 April» 1806. 

Vidi Guy OF HOWICK* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



I. i69b. 


. Wriothesley Russell, grandson and beir-ap- 
parent of William Ist Duke of Bedfonl; 
baving married Elizabeth, sole dau. and beir 
of John Howland, Esq. was Created Baron 
Howland of Streatbam, co. Surrey, 13 June, 
1695 i suceeeded in 1700 as 5th Duke of 
Bedford, in wbicb title tbis Barony is 
merged. Vide Bbdforo. 



1. 1604. 

I.George Hume{ Created Baron Hume of Ber- 
wick, 7tb July, 1604, and Earl of Dunbar in 
Scotland, 90 May, 1608; K.G.; ob. 1611, 
&P.M. wben tbese Titles became 

II. 177^. 1. Alexander Hume Campbell, son and beir ap- 
apparent of Hogb äd Earl of Marcbmoot 
in Scotland ; Created Baron Hume of Ber^ 
wick May 20, 1776 $ ob. 1781, s. p. wben tbe 
title again became 



I. Stepb. 1. Riebard de Humet; living 1174. 

II. Hen.ll. S. William de Humet, s. and b. ob. 1S06. Ag- 

nes, bis dau. married Baldwin de Wake. 


Jobn de Humet, of tbe same family; in 1S16 
bis lands were seized for rebellion, and grant- 
ed to Riebard de Grey, busband of Liuda, 
bis daugbter. 



I. 1426. 1. Walter Hungerford ; Summ, to Pari, from 7 
Jan. 14 Henry VI. 1426, to 2 Jan. 27 Hen. VL 
K.G.; ob. 1449. 




II. 1449. S. Robert Huogerford, 8. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

as ^* Roberto Hungerford, Seniori, Militi^" 
from 5 Sept. $9 Henry VI. 1450, to S6 May, 
33 Hen. WL 1455. He married Margaret, 
dau. and beir of William Baron Botreaoz ; 
ob. 1459. 

III. 1459. 3. Robert Hangerford, s. and h. baving married 

Alianore, dau. and beir of William Lord Mo- 
lines, was Summ, to Pari, as ** Roberto Hun- 
gerford, Militi, Domino de Moleyns," from 
13 Jan. 33 Henry VI. 1445, to 30 Jan. 31 
Henry VI. 1453; bebeaded and attainted in 
1463, when all bis bonors became 

IV. 1483. Edward Hastings, son and beir apparent of 

William Ist lA>rd Hastings of Asbby-de-la- 
Zoucbe, baving married Mary*, dau. and 
heir of Tbomas Hungerford (wbo was also attainted), 
8. and b. of Robert, tbe last Baron Hungerford, Mulines 
^ jure uxoris, and Botreaux, was Summ, to Pari, as ** Ed- 
wardo Hastinges de Hungerford, CblV," from 15 Nov. 
33 Edw. IV. 1483, (notwitbstanding that tbe Attainder of 
tbe above-mentioned Robert, last Baron Hungerford, and 
tbat of Tbomas, bis son, was not reversed until 1485,) 
tlU bis deatb, altbougb be succeeded bis Fatber as Sd 
Baron Hastings in 1483 ; ob. 1507. George Hastings, bis 
8. and b. 3d Bäron Hastings, and Baron Hungerfoid, Bo- 
treaux, and Molines, was Created Earl of Huntingdon, 
in wbicb dignity tbese Baronies were merged until tbe 
deatb of Francis XXVII.-10tb Earl, in 1789» s.p. wben 
they became vested in Elizabeth bis sister and beir, wife of 
John Earl of Moira in Ireland, and on ber deatb, in 1808, 
tbey devolved on ber son, Francis Rawdon Hastings, pre- 
sent Marquess of Hastings, Baron Hastings, Hungerford, 
Molines, and Botreaux. Vide Hastinos and Huntingdon. 

* She styled herseif Lady Hungerford, Homet, Botreaoz, 
Moels, Molines, and Peverell, which titles sre sometimes attri- 
hoted to the Marquess of Hastings. Homet aod PeverdL were 
never Parliamentary Baronies. Moels, though a Barooy by Writ, 
was not absolutely vested in the said Lady Hungerford, as she was 
only sole heir of one moiety and coheir of the other moiety of 
that dignity. Vide Mokls. 

P F 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



ftAHOll Bt WlÜT. 

L 2536. Walter HiiDgerford (s. and b. of Sir Edward 
Hungerfordy eldest son of Walter, younger 
son of Robert, 3d Baroti Hnn^rford) ; Samm. 
to Pari, as << Walter HuDgeribrd de Heyte«-' 
bury, Chev»," 8 June, 38 Henry VIU. 1536, 
but never afterwards. Attainted and be- 
headed in 1541, wben bis bonors became 



I« 155d. 1. Henry Cafey (s. and b. of William Oarey, by 
Mary, dau. of Tbomas Eari of Wiltobire) and 
sister of Queen Ann BoWn, motber of Queen 
Elizabetb); Created Baron Hansdon of 
Hunsdon, co. Herta, 13 Jan. 1559, K.Cs ob. 

U. 1 596. 3. Georg;e Carey, s. and b. K, C. ob. 1603, s. p. n. 

Ui. 1603. 8. Jobn Carey, brotber and beir ; ob. 161 7* 

IV. 1617. 4* Henry Carey, s. and h. Created Viscount Rocb- 

ford, CO. Essex, 6 Joly, 16S1 ; Created Earl of 
Dover 8 Marcb, 1637 1 ob. 1668. 

V. 1668. 5. Jobn Carey, s. and b. Yiscount Rochford and 

Earl of Dover; ob. 1677» 8. v, wben tbe 
Viscottntcv of Rocbford and Earidom of Dover 
became <f jrtinct ; but tbis Barony devolved on 

VI. 1677. 6. Robert Carey, bis cousin and beir, being 8.and 

b. of Horatio, eldest son of Robert, s. and k of 
Sir Edmund Carey, dd son of Henry Ist 
Baron : ob. 169^, s. p. 

VH. 169$. 7. Robert Carey, coüsin and lieir, betng s. andb. 
ot ErneStus Carey, Sd son of Sir Robert, s* 
and b. of Sir Edmund Carey» rrandfatber oif 
tbe last Baron, and &d soo of Henry Ist Bar 

^^ ron; ob. 1703, S.P. 

Vui.1703. d. William Ferdinand Carey, cousin «od beir, 
being s. and h. of William, eldest aon oi Fer- 
dinand, 3d son of Sir Edmund above men- 
tioned, 3d son of tbe Ist i^aron i ob. 1675^ 
wben tbe title became 





I« 1895. Walter de Hontereombe j Summ, to Pari, from 
23 June» S3 Edw. I. 1395, to 16 Juoe, 14 
Edw. II. 1311; ob. 1312, 8.P. (bis nepbew, 
Nicbolas, son of Riebard de Newbaund, and 
Gunmore, bis sister being bis next heir,) 
wben tbis Barony became 



I, l€6a. IVWltbeof, Eni of Noftbumberland» North- 
amptou, and Huntingdon ] btbeaded 1073. 

IL 1075. 1. Simon d« St. Lis, baving mtrried Maad, eldest 
dau. and eobeir of tbe last Earl, be acquired 
with ber tbe Earldom of Huntingdon; ob. 

lir. 1108. 1. David, brother oi Alexander King of Scot- 
land, baving married Maud, widow of tbe 
last Earl, socceeded to tbis Earldom bjr tbe 
special favourof Henry I.; in 1184 be suo- 
eeeded to tbe tbrone of Scotland. 

IV. 1884. 9. Heniy, s. and b. of Darid King of Scotland, 

tbe last Earl, obtained tbit Earldom from 
King Stepben ; ob. 1 153. 

V. 1153. 8, Simon de St. Uc, s. and b. of Simon, 11.-1 st 

Earl, ontered upon tbe fiarldem on tbe death 
of tbe last Earl ; ob. oiroa 1 154. 

VI. 1154. 8. Malcolm King of Sootland, s. and b. of 

Henry, lV.-8d Earl, obtained tbe Earldom 
from Henry II. in 1 154 } ob. 1 165, 8.P. 

VIL 1 165. 4. WiUUm King of Scotland brftber nni heir i 
divetted of tbe Earldom circa 11 74. 

Vlli 1174. 8. Simon de St. U», Earl of Nortbampton, s« 
and b. of Simon 5tb Earl, succeeded to tbe 
Earldom } ob. 1 1 84, 8. p. 

IX. IIAI. 5. David, brotber of William King of Scotland, 
Vll.-4tb Earl, received tbe Earldom from bis 
Said brotber, on wbom King Henry II. bo- 
stowed it on tbe de^th of Simon, tbe last 
Earl; ob. 1819. 




X. 1319. 6. John le Seot, s. and h. Earl of ehester jaie 
matris; ob. 13S7» s. p. when this £arl- 
dom became 

XL 1337. WilliaiD Baron Clinton (brotber uf Jobn IL- 
6tb Baron Clinton) ; Created Earl of Hant- 
ingdon 16 Marcb» 1337; ob. 1354, 8.p. wben 
bis bonors became 

XII. 1377. Guiscbard D* Angle, orD'Angolesme; Created 

Earl of Hantingdon 16 July, 13n> K.G.; 
ob. 1390| 8.P. wben this Earldom again be- 
came Stiftet. 

XIII. 1387. l.John Holland, 3d son of Tboraas Earl of 

Kent, by Joane Plantagenet, dau. and heir 
of Edmund Earl of Kent, yoiuiger son of 
King Edward I. ; Created Earl of Huntingdon 
8d June 1387 ; Created Duke of Exeter S9 
Sept. 1397 ; Lord High Cbaraberlain; K.G.; 
bebeaded 1399» and baving been attainted» 
bis honors became 

XIV. 1417. & Jobn Holland, Sd s. and b. (Richard» bis 

eider brotber» having died nnmarried beforc 
tbe attainder of bis fatber was rerersed;) 
restored in blood and bonors, and to tbe 
Earldom of Huntingdon, by Act of Partia* 
liament 5 Henry V. 1417; Craated Duke of 
Exeter 6 Jan. I44S ; Lord High Admiral ; 
K.G.i ob. 1446. 

XV. 1446. 3. Henry Holland, s. and b. Duke of Exeter j ob. 

1474, 8. p. wben tbis Earldom became 

XVL 1471. Thomas Grey, Baron Ferrers of Groby ; Cre- 
ated by bis fatber-in-law Edward IV. Earl of 
Huntingdun, 24 Augost, 1471 ; Created Mar- 
ques« of Dorset 18 April, 1475. It appeats 
that be soon afterwards resigned * the Earl- 
dom of Huntingdon, fbr it was in 1479 con- 
ferred on 

XVII. 1479. William Herbert, 2d Earl of Pembroke, who 
resigned* that Earldom, and was Created Earl 

* Vide a Note, p. 200. 




pf Xjlpntipgdon 4th Jolyg 1479; ob. ..«., 
9. p. a^. wben the ilifinAity b«ci^e 

XVIII.1539.1. George Hastings, III.-3d Baron Hastings of 
Asbbjr de la Zoucbe, Baron Hungerford, &c. 
Created Earl ofHuntingdon 8 Oec. 1539; 
ob. 1544. 

XIX« 1544. 8. Francis Hastings» s, and b. K. G. be married 
Katborlney dau. i^nd cobeir pf Henry Polej^ 
Lord Mcmtaju, 5* and h. of Sir Richard Pole, 
K. G. by Margaret Countesa uf Salisbury^ 
dau. aod Bote beir of George Plantag^enet, 
Duke of Cläre nce^ brotber of Edward IV. ; 
üb, 15G0- 

XX. 151)0. 3, Henry HaitingSj s. and h. K. G. ob. 1595, s. p. 

XXL \B95. 4. George Hasting^Sj brotb^r and hdr; ob. 1^04. 

XXIL 16Q4« S. H^nry Ha^tin^s, |;randüon and beir, faein^ s. 
an^ h. of Fronoii Hastlngs (ob. t. p.) eldest 
ion of tba iBst Earl i ob. 1643, 

XXI!].1€43.6. Fe^dinanda Haftinga, «, and h. ob. 1655* 

XXlV.1655,7.Theopbllus Hactings, «<and h. ob. 1701. 

XXV. 1701. 8. George HastingSi e. and b. ob. ITOSj b»p. 

XXVI.lTaS. B. Theopbilus Haatings», balf-brptber and beir; 
ob. 1746. 

XXVai74€.lÖ.Franei5 HasCinge, s, and b. ob. 1789^ i.P. 
EHzabctb, bis iister and belr, succeeded bim 
in tbe Baron left of HaUingi, Hungerford, ßo- 
treaux, and MoBnes, wbicb have descanded 
to Ler Sün Francis, ibe preaent Marques^ of 
Hastings, K. G. 

XXVIII.1819. 1 I.Hans Francis Hastings *, next beir male of 
George XVIII.-lst Earl, being lineally de- 
scended from Edward Hastings, 3d son of 
Francis, XIX.-2d Earl, all tbe intermediate 

* It IS to be observed tbat the Rev. Theopbilus Henry Hast- 
ings, (eider brother of George, fatber of tbe present Earl of 
Hiintingda«,w]io died in 1 80«,} sivrived Fraaois tbe XXVI1.-1 Otb 
Esd, witU 1804, wktn be died, a.p. durmg wbicb time be was 
ia §itA Earl of Huntingdon; but as it was considerad a doabtiul 
point OB whom the EarldoBn dovohed ob tbe dcatb of the said 
FbiiMS XXVII.-lOtk £arl> nntU tbe present Earl was Stunmonad 
by the King in Jan. 1 819> on the repott o£ tbe Attoraey-General 
lipon liisdaim bis aane^ is omittcd i« the order of succession. 



male descendantt beinn: extinet ; he daimed 
and was allowed the Earldom 14 Jan. 1819. 
Praient Bari of Hontingdon. =p 



I. John. I.William de Huntingfield*, (son of Roger de 

Huntingfield,) was one of the celehrated S5 
Barons appointed to enforce the obserranoe 
of Maoka CHARTA ; livingf 1318. 

II. H. III. 8. Roger de Hantingfield, s.andh. ob. 1856. 
UL H. IH. 3. William de Huntingfield« s. and h. ob. 1888. 
IV. Edw.L4. Roger de Huntingfield, s. and h. Summoned 8 

June, 38 Edw. I. 1894, and 36 Jao, 85 Edw. 
I. 1397, but it is very doubtfot if eitber 
sbould be considered as a Writ of SammoiM 
to Parliament ; vide " Clyvedon" and Fitz- 
John j" ob. 1301. His son and beir, William 
de Hunting6eld, was never Summ, to Part 
and died in 1313. Roger de Huntingfield, 
his son and beir, was Itkewise never Summ, 
to Pari, and died in 1337. learing 


I. 135 1 . William de Huntingfield, bis son and beir, wbo 
was Summ, to Pari, from 15 Nov. 85 Edw. 
III. 1351, to 80 Jan. 49 Edw. III. 1376; ob. 
1377, 8. p. leaving his aunt, Alicia, dau. of 
William, bis grandfatber, and widow of Sir 
John Norwicb, Knt. bis kinswoman aud next 
beir; but, according to anotber Inquisition, 
tbe Said Alice, and Sir John Copledick, 
grandson of Jobanns, dau. of tbe said Wil- 
liam, bis grandfather, by Sybilla, bis Sd wife, 

• Dogdale considers tbat this fiuniJy did not obtain Bwooisl 
iMk until the Summons in »6 Edward I. 1896, to WilUm, die 
grmdson of this WiUism ; but firom the cireumstanoe of the Ut- 
ter having been one of the 26 Barons appointed to enfoice tbe 
obsenrance of Magna Charta, it is pretty evident that he shoold 
^ considered asposaessed of that dignity. The first reeuhr 
Summons to Parliament »ppears to be Äissi. ^^ 



were bU beira. As tbis Baron died witbout 
iMue» tbe Barony became 



I. 1363. John de HanÜD^eld, descended from tbe 
same family ; Summ, to Pari, from 14 Au|r. 
36 Edw. lU. 1363, to 6 April, 43 Edw. 111. 
1369, but of wbom notbing fartber is koown, 

Vide HOESB. 



eanoN bt wbit. 
I. 1529. 1. Jobn Hussey; Summ, to Pari, as '«Jobanni 
Hassey de Sleford, Cbivaler," 5 January» 85 
Henry VIII. 1534, and 8 June, 88 Hen. VIII. 
1536. 1t appears tbat be sat in Parliament 
tbe SIst Hen. VIII. tbougb bis name doea not 
occur in tbe List of Summonses in tbat 
year. Bebeaded and attain ted in 1536, wben 
bis bonors became 

Tbe cbildren of tbis Baron were reitored in blood in 
tbe 5tb Eliz.; bat tbe attainder of tbeir father bas 
nerer been reversed. 



I. 1801. Jobn Hely Hutcbinson (brotber of Riebard 
Earl of Donougbroore in Ireiand) ; Created 
Baron Hutcbinson of Alexandria and of 
Knocklofty, co. Tipperary, 16 Der. 1801. 
Present Baron Hutchinson ; G. C. B. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 





I. 1881. 

I. 1660. 

Riebard Hely Hutchinson, Ist Earl of Donough« 
more in Ireland ; Created Viscount Hutchin- 
son of Knocklofty, co. Tipperary, of the 
United Kingdom 14 July, 1821, with re- 
mainder, faiUng bis issoe male, to the male 
issoe of his fatber» John Hely Hutchinson, 
Esq. by Christiana Qaroness Ponoaghmore in 
Irtland, his mother. Present Viscount Hat- 
chinson ; also Eaii of Ponougbrnore, &c. in 


. Edward Hyde ; Created Baron Hyde of Hin- 
don, CO. Wilts, 3d Nov. 1660 ; Created Visc. 
Combury, co. Oxford, and Earl of Clarendon, 
oaWilcs, SO April, 1661. 

4E;;tinct 1753. Vide CLAnBNDOir. 

II. 1756. l.TbumasVäUerB (Sd son of WilLiam Ist Earl 

oNersey), bavinK married Cbarlotte, eldest 
dau. of William Earl of Esieit, by Jane, dao. 
and heir ol Henry Hyde^ last Earl of Claren- 
don and Roobfiftter, waa Crealed Baron Hyde 
of Hindun^ GO.WiUs, wilh rcTaainder to bis 
beirs male by his mf^i failing which, 
tbe di^iiity of Barone BS Hyde tö hia said wife, 
aiid ibe di^ity of Baron Hyde to tbe beirs 
male of her body, 3 June 1756 ; Created Earl 
of CUrendüii J4 June, 1T76; ob. ITSCr» 

III. 1786. S. Thomas Villiers, s. and b. Earl of Clarendofi; 

ob. 1824. 

IV. 18^4. 3. John Charles Villiers, brotber and beir. Pre- 

sent Baron Hyde and Earl of Clarendon. 



I. 168i;— L |68i: Lawrence Hyde, 3d son of Edward Ist 
Earl of Clarendon; Created Baron Hyde of 



Wotton Basset, co. Wilts, and Viscount Hyde 
of Kenelwortb, co. Warwick, 23 April, 1681; 
Created Earl of Rochester S9 Nov. 1682. 
^ttnct 1753. 
Vide Rochester and Claebndon. 



. 5 1741.P— L 1756. I.Stephen Fox (assumed tbe name oQ 
i 1747. Strange way 8 ; Created Lord llches- 

ter, CO. Somerset, and Baron of 
Woodford Strangeways, co. Dorset, 
May 11, 1741s Created Lord 11- 
cbester and Stavordale, and Baron 
of Redlynch, co. Somerset, with re- 
malnder, failing his issue male, to 
bis brotber Henry (afterwards Ist 
Baron Holland), 3 Jan. 1747; Cre- 
ated Earl of llchester, with tbe 
same Hmitation, 5th June, 1756; 
ob. 1776. 

11 — *1I. 1776. S. Henry Thomas Fox Strangeways, t. 

and h. ob. 1802. 

III —III. 1802. 3. Henry Stephen Fox Strangeways, 

8. and h. Present Earl and Baron 
llchester, and Baron llchester and 
Stavordale. ^ 


ViscouNTCY, 3d July, 1784. 

Vide Talbot of Hbnsol. 



I. 1328. CHiver de Ingham ; Summ, to Pari, from 15 
June, 2 Edw. 111. 1328, to 25 Feb. 16 Edw^ 
ill. 1342: ob. 1344, 8. p. M. Elizabeth, his 
«Idest dau. and coheir (ob. ▼. p.) marr. Jofan 
Curson ; and Joane» his 2d dau. was tbe wife 


a» INOHAM^liFraitYS. 

of Roger le S^rtne»» of Knocküi ; Amonß 
w^ose detcendaots and ropresentatives this 
Baroi\y ta prasamed io be in Abbyancb* 

Vide L'ISLB. 

Earldom« 7 November, 1801. 

Vide SussBX. 
ViscouNTCT, 11 September, 1675. 



f. 1887. Robtrt Vere, 9tb Earl of Oxford; Created 
Marquest of Dublin 1 Dec. 9 Ric II. 1385; 
witbtbe Lordsbip and Dominion of Ireland^j 
Created Duke of Ireland 18 Marcb, 1387; 
Summ, to Pari, on tbe 8tb Au^st, 10 Rieb. IL 
1386, aa ** Roberto de Veer Marcbioni Dub- 
lin," and in tbe foUowing Parliament, via. 
17 Deo. 11 Ric. II. 1387» be was Summoned 
as <* Cbarissimo Consanguieneo Regia Ro- 
berti Duci Hibemie," K. G. ; banisbed and 
attainted 1 388, when all bis bonora becamci i 



I. 1685. 1. Sir Geprge Jefferys f, Ist Bart. Created Baron 
Jefferys of Wem, co. Salop, 15 May, 1685; 
ob. 1689« 

* Rot. Pari. vol. III. p. 809 ; bat no notice of his creatkn 
to tbe Dubedom o£Iiebuü occurt in tbe Rolls of Parliunent. 

i* It 18 perbaps worthy of remark in tbis place, tbat tbe titlet 
of Earl of Flint and Viscouat WioUuim were sarcasUcalfy Applied 
tothis notoriouspersonage. Granger, vol. iv. p. S7ft# eaw» ** tWa 
iB A priot of Jodga JefEsryt as Earl of Flint, Visconnt Widtbaat» 
Banm of Wem;^ and addt, "l was onoe indüned to thbik ita 
saxcasm, uatU a oorions gentlenian shewnd me tbe followmg 
baok t «Diieertatb Uthokigioa,' &0. dedicaSedfeo «HonoratiaauBO 
Domiao Gaorgio Cooiiti FUntansi, Vieeiomili da Weieldiam, Ba- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


II. 1689. 3. Jobn Jefferyl^ 8. änd b. ob. 1 TOS, wben tbe title 
becatne Cj^O* 


BAROn. , ^ 

I. 1643. 1. Henry Jennyn i Created Baron Jermyn of St. 

Edmundsbary, eo. Suffolk, witb remainder, 
failing bis issue male, to Tbomas^iis eider 
brotber, 8 S^pt. 1643 ; Created Earl of St. 
Alban's 37 April, 1660, K. €. ; ob. 1688, 
wben tbatEarldom becaibe 4tptincti but 
tbis Barony devolved oft 

II. 1683. 3. Tliomas Jermyn, nepbcw and beir, bein; son 

and beir of Thomas Jermyn, eider brotber of 
tbe last Baron; ob. 1703, 8. P.M. Wben the 
title became 



I. 1685* Henry Jermyn, kiext brotber of Tfaomas 8d 

Baron Jermyn of St. CUlmundsbnry ; Created 

Baron Jermyn of Dover, co. Kent, 13 May, 

1685) ob. 1708, s.p. wben tbe title became • 




I. 1697. h Edward Villiers, Ist Baron Villiers of Hoo, and 

Viscount Villiers of Dartford $ Created Earl 
of tbe Island of Jersey 13 Oet. 1697 1 ob.171 1. 

II. 171 1. 2. William Villiers, s. aiid b. ob. 1781. 

UI. ITSl. 3. William ViHiers, s. and b. succeeded as 5th 
Viscount Grandison in Ireland in 1766 s ob. 

IV. 1769. 4. George Bossy VnUers, s^ atid b. ob. 1805. 

V. 1805. 5. George Cbild Villiers, s. and b. Present Earl 

and Baron Villiers of Hoo; also Viscount 
Grandison in Ireland. ^ 

• ^ . ^' 

roni de Wei<ä, suprasio Anglia CanoeUorlo, efc wrto&sBifliO 
Jacobo Secnndo t^gi Angliee a secretioribiä coBtUüt." The 
ptoof whicb convinced Oraoger ii, hMreVer, «vidbntiy a «iMmI 
dedUcation to bim as tbe fimty Jefferyt. 




Barony, 87 May» 1797-^)CtttlCt 1833. 

Vide St. Vincbnt. 



1. 1803. $ Keitb in Ireland, 4th sou of Charles 

lOth Lord Elphiustone ia Scotland; 
Created Baron Keith of Stonehaven Marischaly co. Kin* 
cardine> Dec 15» 1801 ; Created Baron Keith of Banheath» 
CO. Dumbarton, 17 September, 1803, with remainder, 
failing bis issue male, to hU onljr daugbter Margaret 
Mercer, and her issue male ; Created Viscount Keith 
1 June, 1814, G.C.B.; ob. 18f3, 8. P. M. wben the Ba- 
rony of Keith of Stonehaven Mariscbal, and and the Vit- 
countcy, became ^ptintt i bat the Barony of Keith of 
Bauheath devolved, agreeable to the above Umitioo, on 


I. 1823. 2. Margaret Mercer Elphinstone, dau. and sole 
heir; she marr. Count Flahault. PresentBa- 
roness Keith of Banheath. =p 


Earldom, 6 May, 1414^4E;tlnct 1435. 

Vide Bbdtord. 

Earldom, 1443— -€]CtttlCt 1443. 


III. 1449. John de Foix*, son of the Capitan de la 
Busche ; Created Earl of Kendal circa 144$, 

* Some authors assert that he left descendanta, and that they 
auumed the title of Earls of Longaeville and Kendal ; but it 
may be doubted if this John de Foix was ever regularly created 
Earl of Kendal in EngUmds ^or though Dugdale citea the Roik 
of Pari. 38 Henry VI. n. 31, as bis authority it does not appew 
that positive proof of the fact is afforded therein. The 



Baront, 24 Januarj, 1644— <Eptinct 1683. 

j^^^2^ Vide CUMBBRLANa 

I. 1 666. Charles Stuart, 3d son of James Duke of York, 
brotber of Cbarles II. j Created Duke of Ken* 
dal in 1666 ; ob. 1667, infans, wben the dig- 
nitjr became <S)EtinCt« 
Earldom, 9th April, 1689— 4^tirt 1708. 


I« 17 IP. Ereng^ard de Schulemberg, Duchess of Mun- 
ster in Ireland; Created Baroness Glaston- 
bury, CO. Somerset, Countess of Feversbaro, 
CO. Kent, and Ducbess of Kendal, co. West- 
moreland,.for life, April 30, 1719; ob. 1743, 
wben all tbese ticles became 



I. 1067* Odo, Bisbop of Bayeux, in Normandy, and 

balf-brotber of King William tbe Conqueror t 
Created Earl of Kent 1067 ; ob. 1096, s. p. 
wben the dignity became 

II. 1141. William de Ipre ; Created Earl of Kent in 

1 141 ; ob. 1 162, & P. wben bis bonors became 

notice on the Rolls is as follows. In the aceusation of the Duke 
of Suffolk by the Commom, in the 28th Henry VI. it Is stated 
that, ** Item, the said Duke, for the singular enrichyug> of bis 
neece and her husbond, sonne to the Capidawe, cansed you to 
make the said sonne £^le of Kendale, to geve bim grete posses- 
sions and enheritaunces in Engtond, and over thÜkt to gimunte 
hym dyvers castdles, lordshippes, and grete possessions in youre 
Duchie of Guyen, to die yerely value of M^t. and more ; and by 
cause youT liege peopletherekept the same castelles, lordshippes, 
and possessions to your behoofe, the said sonne accompanyed to 
hym grete nombre of your adrersaries and ennemyes biseged 
joure seid liege people, and gate aomme of the same castelles, 
lordshippes, and possessions, and distressed many of youre seid 
liege people, to the overgrete amenusing of your enheritaunce, 
disBomfortyiui and discoraging of your liege people in Guyen 
aforesaid." Rot. Pari. «8 Henry VI. vol. v. p. 181—2. He was 
never summoned to Parliament. 

G 6 


350 KENT. 


III. 1396. Hubert de fiurgb ; Created Bari of Kent 11 

February» 13S6; ob. 1343, leftving^ issoe 
male, bat tbey nerer eojojed this Earldom. 

IV. 1381. 1. Edmund Piantagenet, Baron of Wodstoke, 

younger soa c^ King Edward I. ; Created 
Earl of Kent 1381 ; be married Margaret, 
daughter of John 2d Baron, and sister and 
beir of Thomas 3d Baron Wake ; beheaded 
1330, and being attainted bis honors became 


V. 1330. % Edmund Plantagenet, s. and b. Restored in 

blood and honors by Parliament ; ob. circa 
1333, infra aetatem, S. P. 

VI. 1333. 3. John Plantagenet, brotber and beir ; ob. 

1358, 8. p. 

VII. 1360. 1. Thomas Baron Holland, 8d son of Robert Ist 

Baron Holland, baving married Joane Plan- 
tagenet, sister and sole beir of Jobn the last 
Early assumed tbe title of Earl of Kent In 
1360; and on tbe 80tb November in tbat 
year was Summ, to Pari, as IEaH of Kent» 
K. G. ; ob. 88 Dec. 1360. Joane, bis widow, 
married Edward tbe Black Phnoe, aiid hy 
bim was motber of King Rkbard II. 
Vllf. 1360. 8.Thomas Holland, s. and b. Baron Wake jure 
matn's, BUrl Marsbai; ob. 85 AprIL 1397. 

IX. 1397. 3. Thomas Holland, s. and h. Crrated Duke of 

Surrey 89 Sept. 1397, Earl Marsbai, K. 6.) 
attainted and beheaded 1400; ob. 8.P. 

X. 1400. 4. Edmund Holland, brotber and beir} succeed- 

ed to this Earldom, notwithstanding tbe 
attainder of bis brotber, and sat in Parlia» 
ment as Earl of Kent, 7 Hen. V. ; Lord Ad- 
miral, K. O. ; ob. 1407» s. p. when tbe dignity 


XI. 1468. William NerilUyoünge^ son ofRal|ih Ist Bali 

of Westmoreland, Baron Faoconberg jttre 
uxoris; Created Earl of Keilt 1468; Lonl 
Admiral, K. G. ; ob. circa 1468, 8. P. M. wbcn 
the title again became 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


XII. 1465. 1. Edmund Grey» 4th Baron Grey de Rutbyn ; 

Created E^ pi Kent 3 May, 1465; Lord 

High Treasurer; ob. 1488. 
XIII.1488. % George Grey» sob aii4 beir» Bflrpn Grfy .4f 

Rotbyn t ob. 1504. 

XIV. 1504. 3. Riebard Grey, son and beir; Baron Grey de 

Rutbyn, K. G.; ob. 1523» s.p. 

XV. 15^ 4.HtDfy Grey, half biothep and beir» Baron 

Grey de Rutbyn ; be did not assume tbe title 
frompoverty; ob. 1562. 

XVI. 1562. 5. Reginald Grey» grandson and beir» being son 

and beir of Henry Grey (ob. v. p.) eldest son 
of tbe- last Earl ; res«Mned tbe title of Earl of 
K^Dt and Ltord Gregr de Rutbyn ; ob.1 572» s. p. 

XVIL 1512. 6.Henfy Grey» brotber and beir» Lord Grey de 
Rutbyn; ob. 1615» S. F. 

XVIILl6l5.7.Cbarle8 Grey» brotber and beir» Lord Grey de 
Rutbyn ; ob. 1625. 

XIX. 1625. 8. Henry Grey, s. and b. Lord Grey de Rotbyn ; 

obk 1639» 9, p. wben tbe Barony of Grey de 
Rutbyn devoWed on bis sister and beir; 
bat tbia Earldom feil to bis next beir male, 

XX. 1639» 9. Anthony Grey, consin and beir^being «on and 

beir of George» eldest son of Anthony Grey, 
3d son of George XIII.-2d Earl; ob. 1643. 

XXLl643.10.Henry Grey» s. and b. ob. 1651. 

XXlLl651.11.AnthonyGrey» s. and h. ; bis wife» Mary» 
dau. and sola beir of John Lord Lucas» was 
created Baroness Lucas of Crudwell» co.Wilts, 
t May» 1663» with remainder to her heirs 
male and female by her said busband } ob. 


XXIII.1702.— Ll706^^I.1710.12.Henry Grey, son and beir ; 

succeeded bis mother as 
Baron Lucas 1 Nov. 1700 ; Created Viscount 
Gooderich of Goodericb Castle» co. Hereford» 
Earl of Harold» co. Bedford» and Marquess of 
Kent, 14 Dec. 1706 ; Created Dulce of Kcnt 28 
April» 1710 ; Created Marquess deGrey» with 
a special remainder» 9 May» 1740» K. G. ; ob. 
1740» 8.P.M. wben all bis titles, excepting 
O o2 



tbe MarquiMte de Grey» and Barony of 
Loeas» becaroe 


II. 1799. l.H.R. H. Prince Edwafd, 4tb son of his late, 
aDd brother of our pretent Majesty ; Created 
Duke of Kent and Stratbern, and Bari of 
Doblin in Ireland, 83 April, 1799, K. 6. 
K. P. G.C.B.; ob. 1830, s. P. M. when tbese 
titlet became 

Earu>om,37 July, 17S6— Cptinct 1765. 

Vide CuifBBRLAND. 



I. 1692. 1. Henry Rieb, 8d son of Robert Ist Earl of 

Warwick ; Created Baron of Kensington, 
CO. MIddlesex, 8tb Marcb, 1688 ; Created Earl 
Holland, co. Lincoln, 84 Sept. 1684, K. G. ; 
ob. 1649. 

II. 1649* 8. Robert Rieb, s. and b. Earl of Holland ; tac- 

ceeded as 4th Earl of Warwick. 
4tiptintt 1759. 

Vide Warwick. 



I. 1788. 1. Sir Lloyd Kenyon, Ist Bart. -, Created Lord 

Kenyon, Baron of Gredington, co. Flint, 
9 June, 1788; ob. 1808^ 

II. 1808. 8. Georg^e Kenyon, son and beir. Present Baron 

Kenyon. =j= 



I. 1788. Augustus Keppel, 8d son of William XiL-8d 
Earl of Albemarle, K. G. Created Viscoant 
Keppel of Elveden, co. Suffolk, 88 April, 
1788; 00. 1736, s. p. wben tbe title beeame 


KEa*.K£RDE8T0N. 3S3 



I —I. 1793. 1. Robert Ker, son and beir appartnt of 

John Ist Duke of Rozbnrfch in Seot- 
land ; Created Baron Ker and Earl 
Ker of Wakefield» eo. York, S4 May» 
1793; tuceeeded as 9d D«ke of Roz- 
bnrgb 24 Feb. 1741 } ob. 1755. 

II -*II. 1755. 9. John Ker, b. and h. Duke of Roxburffh, 

K. G. and K. T. ; ob. 1804, 8. K «vhen 
hh Enf^ish honon beoaflM 

baroks'bt writ, 

I. 1338. 1. Roger de Kerdeston ; Summ, to Pari. fW>m 87 

January, 6 Edward 111. 1338, to 81 June, 11 
Edw.lU. 1337; ob. 1337. 

II. 1337. 8. William de Kerdeston, s. and h. Summ, to 

Pari, from 80 Dec. 11 Edw. III. 1337; in 
which Writ the Christian naroe of William 
has been erased with a pen, and the followin; remark ii 
added, ** raeat quia restitutus fuit, & alibi in obsequio 
Reg^s", to 3 April, 34 Edw. III. 1360 ; ob. 1361, leaving, 
according to one Inquisition, William his son and beir, 
tben 86 years of af e ; but by another inquisition John 
the son of John de Burghersh was found to be his cousin 
and heir, then 19 years of age; the said William de Kerdes- 
ton was a Knight in the 50th Edw. 111. and tban «laimtd 
part of his father's lands ag bis beir, and not beiiig opr 
poted, was admittad to them. He was never summoned to 
Parliament, and perbaps the cause of the different 
Inquisitions arose from some doubt of his legitimacy. 
Dufdak gives no further account of this fanulyi but 
from Morant's Essex, cited by Banks, which is partly 
corroborated by a Pedigret in the College of Arms, it 
appears that William de Kerdeston, the last Baeon, leijjt 
issae by Alice de Norwich, bis second wife, a son William ( 
but by his first wife two daughters, who art caUed in the 
MS. pedigree Just eited Air eohmtSf vis. Margaret, wife of 
Sir William deTendring (whose son and heir, Sir William 
Tendring, left iisne, of which Alice, his daughter and co- 
heir, married Sir John Howard» anoettor of the Duke of 
o o3 



Norfolk) ; and Maud, who beeame the wife of John de 
Burrbenh, and left issue John de Bur^ersb, wbo dying 
«Dte 19 Rieh. II. left two daughten bis cobeirs, vim. Mar- 
raret. wbo married firrt, Sir John Grenville, and secondfy» 
John Anindel j and Maad, wbo was the wife of Thomaa 
Chaocer (sod of the poet Geoflfrey Chaucer)» whose dau, 
and iole heir Alice, was tbrice married. The Barony of 
Kerdeston, on the failure of the issoe of WiUiam de Km^ 
deston, the reputed son of the last Baron, feil into 
Abbyancb between bis haif-sUters or their descendants» 
and 18 presumed to be now vested in their represeo- 



L 1881. 1. William Kerr, 6th Marquess of Lotbian in 
Scotland ; Created Baron Kerr of Kersbeof^, 
CO. Roxburgh, 17 July, 1821> K. T. s ob. 

IL 1884. 8. John William Robert Kerr, s. and h. Present 
Baron Kerr ; also Marquess of Lothian» &e. 
in Scotland. 


Vide Ancastbr. 



I. Hen. 1.1. Ralph de Keynesi obtained divers manofs 

from Henry I. in frank marriagfe with the 
daughter of Hugh Maminot; living 1167; 
ob. ante 1175. 

II. H. II. 8. William de Keynes, s. and h. liring 1 194 ; bis 

successor was 
in. John. 3. Ralph de Keynes, ob. 1881. 

IV. H.lll. 4. William de Keynes, s. and h. living 1856. 

V. Edw.1. 5. Robert de Keynes, s. and b. ob. 188 K 

VI. Edw.1. 6. Robert de Keynes, s. and h. ob , 8. p. 

William de Keynes, bis brother and heir, 
succeeded to the inheritance ; but neither be 
nor bis descendauts were ever summoned to 
Parliament, and tbey consequently can no 
longer be considered as Barons of the Realm. 




I. H. II. Henry de Kilpec» Lord of Kilpec Castle 1 175 j 

CO wbom succeeded 

II. Ric I. John de Kilpec ; ob. 1S04, and was succeeded 

IIU Jobn. Hagh de Kilpec ; ob. cirea 1207» S. p. m. leaving 
Isabel, wife of William Walerand, and 
Joane, wife of Philip Marmion, his daugh- 
ters and coheirs. 


Walter de Kincumburgh was Summoned 8 June, 88 
Edw.l. 1294 ; but for tbe causes assigned under *' Clyvb- 
DON," it does not appear tbat Chat Writ was a regulär 
Summons tu Parliament. He was never again sum- 



1. 1785. 1. Peter King ; Created Lord King, Baron of 
Ockbam, co. Surrey, 89 May, 1785, Lord 
High Chancellor; o«. 1734. 

IL 1734. 8. John King, s. and h. ob. 1740, S.P. 

IIL 1740. 3. Peter King, brother and beir; ob. 1754, s. p. 

IV. 1754. 4. William King, brother and beir ; ob. 1767, 8.P. 

V. 1767. 5. Thomas King, brother and beir ; ob. 1779. 

VI. 1797. 6. Peter King, s. and h. ob. 1793. 

VII. 1793. 7* Peter King, 8. and h. Present Baron King. =p 



I. 1628. 1. Rubert Pierrepont, ist Viscount Newark; 

Created Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull, co. 
York,85 July, 1628$ ob. 1643. 

II. 1643. 8. Henry Pierrepoint, s.andh. Created Marquess 

of Dorchester, co. Dorset, 85 Marcb, 1644$ 
ob. 1680, 8. p. M. wben tbe said Marquisata 
became 4ij:tintt j but tbis Earldom d«- 
volved on 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

:8S6 KINGfiTON— KlftfüSBY. 


III. 1680. S.Robert Pierrepoint, grand-nepbew and beir, 

beiog Bon and bdb of Robert, eldest son of 
William Pierrepoint, next brotber of tbe lait 
Earl; oh. 1683, s. p. 

IV. 1683. 4. Williaro Pierrepoint» brotber and heir; ob. 



V. 1G9(L-^L 1715. 5.1£velyn Pierreiuiint, brother and 

heir; Created Marquess of Dor- 
chester» co. Dorsei, 33 Dec 1706, 
and Duke of Kin|^ton-upon-HuÜ, 
CO. York, SO July, 1715, K.G.{ 
ob. 1726. 

VI —II. 1726. 6. Evelyn Pierrepoint, grandson and 

heir,being son and beir of William 
l^errepoint (ob. r. p.) eldest son 
of tbe last Duke, K. G. ; ob. 1773, 
wben all tbese dignities became 



Baront» 2S Jannary, 1620— €;rtitltt 1625. 




I. 1 821 . George King, 3d Earl of Kingston in Ireltnd ; 
Created Baron Kingston of Micbelstown, co. 
Cork, in tbe Peerageof tbe United Kingdom, 
17 July, 1821. Present Baron Kingston of 
Micbelstown ; also Earl of Kingston, &c in 
Ireland. =p 


William de Kirkeby was Summoned 8 June, 22 Edw. f. 
1294 ; but for tbe reasons assigned under *• Clyvedon," 
it is rery doubtfiil if tbat Writ can be consideied as i 
regulär Sumnons to Parliament. He was never afte^ 
wards summoned. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




I. 1343. Thomas de Kirketon ; Summ, to Pari. $& 
Feb. 16 Edward 111. 1342, but never afteN 
wards, and of whom Dugdale gives no fur- 
ther account. 



I. 1369. John de Kirketon ; presumed to have been of 
the same family ; Summ, to Pari. 14 August, 
36 Edw. III. 1363, and 1 June, 37 Edw. III. 
1363 ; ob. 1367» s. p. when this Barony be- 
came 4E)Ctinct. 



I. 1603. William KnoUys (son of Sir Francis KnoUys, 
K. G.) ; Created Baron Knollys of Grays, co. 
Oxford, May 13, 1603 } Created ViscounC 
Wallingford, 14 Nov. 1616, and Earl of 
Banbury 18 August. 1626, K.G. 
<Eptitirt 1638. 
Vide Wallingford and Banbury. 



L 1895. Bogo de Knovill ; Summ, to Pari, from 23 
June, 23 Edw. 1. 1295, to 26 August, 1 Edw. 
11. 1307i ob. 1307, leavingBogo de Knovill 
bis son and heir, then 30 years of age, and 
who was never Summ, to ParU nor were any 
of his descendamts. 



I. 1607. Thomas Knyvet $ Summ, to Pari, according 
to Dugdale, 4 July, 5 Jac. 1607, as Lord 
Knivet of Escrick, co. York ; but bis name 
occurs in the Writs of Summonses publisbed 
by that author, from 9 Feb. 7 Jac. I. 1610, 
to 14 Nov. 19 Jac. L 1621, always as <<Tho- 
mie Knyret, ChPr;" ob. 1622, 8. F. wben 
his honors became 





1. Steph. 1. Simon d^ Kyme» Lord of Kesteven, co. Lin- 

IL H. U. S. Philip de Kyme, s. and h. living 1177; ob. 
ante 1194. 

III* Rief. 3. Simon de Kyme» t. and b. ob. 1319* 

IV. H.IIL 4. Philip de Kyme, s. and h. ob. 1242. 

V. H.I1L 5. Simon de Kyme, s. and h. ob. 1247, s. p. 

VI. H.111. 6. William de Kyme, brotber and heir ; ob.1258» 

s. p. to whom tucceeded 


I. 1295. 7. Philip de Kyme ; Summ, to Pari, from 23 
June, 23 Edw. 1. 1295, to 26 Nov. 7 Edw. IL 
1313} ob. 1322. 

II 1322. 8. Williaro de Kyme, s. and h. Summ, to Pari, 
from 26 Dec. 17 Edw. II. 1323, to 22 Janw 9 
Edward III. 1336; ob. 1338, S. p. Lada, hk 
sister, marr. Oilbert Eari of Angoa ; amon^f 
wbose descendants and representatives this 
Barony must be considered to be in Abbyancb. 



I. Willi. 4. Walter de Lac! ; ob. 1084. 
IL Will.II.2.Roger de Lact, s. and h. bis lands were f 
in 1091» and given to bis brotber 

III. Hen.I. 3. Hugh de Laci ; ob. s.p. Hit nephew, (ris. ton 

. of bis sister Emma,) 

IV. Steph. 4. Gilbert, assumed the name of Laci. 

V. H.H. 5. Hugh de Laci, 8. and h. ob. 1185. 

VL Bio. L 6. Walter de Laci, s. andh. ob. 1240, learingtbe 
daughter of Gilbert hi« ton (ob. r. p.) bis 
heir. ■ 



I. H.III. Hugh de Lad. brotber of tbe last Baron. 
Lord of Ulster in Ireland ; ob. 1341, &p. m. 

I. Will 1. 1. Ilberi de Lacy, Lord of Pontefract, co.York. 

II. Will.ll. 2.Robert de Lacy^ 8. and h. ob. s. p. 

III. Heu.I. 3. Henry de Lacy, brotber and bei r. 

IV. Ric. 1. 4. Robert de Lacy, s.and h. ob. 1 193, 8. p. leaving 

Albreda, bis balf-sister» wife of Riebard Fitz- 
Eustace, bis beir. 

V. H. II. 5. John de Lacy, son of tbe said Riebard and 


VI. Jobn. 6. Roger de Lacy, s. and b. ob. 13] 1. 

VII. H.III. T.John de Lacy, s. and b. Created Bari of Lin- 

coln ; be was one of tbe 25 celebrated Barons 
appointed to enforce tbe observance of 
Magna Charta. 

Vide Lincoln. 


I. 1804.— I. 1807. 1. Gerard Lake; Created Baron Lake 

of Delhi and Laswary and Aston 
Clinton, co. Buoks» 13 Sept. 1804| 
Created Viscount Lake, of tbe same 
places, 4 Nov. 1807 s ob. 1808. 

II. • . • . — <II. 1808. 2. Francis Gersnl Lake, §. and h. Pre- 

sent Viscount and Baron Lake. = 



I. H. II. 1. William de Lancaster, Baron of Kendal. 

II. RicI. 3. William de Lancaster, i. and b. Steward to 

Heniyll.; ob , 8.P.M. Helewise, bis 

dau. and beir, marr. Gilbert, son of Roger 
Flti-Reinfred, their son. 

III. H.III. 3. William, assumed bis motber's name of Lan- 

caster, and on tbe deBtk of Gilbert bis fatber, 
in 1219» obtained tbe Barony; ob. drca 
1846, 8. p. when tbe issue of bis sistert were 
foand to be bis beirs. 

I« Edw. I. 1. Roger de Lancaster, tupposed to bare been 
balf-brotber to tbe last Baron by Dugdale, 
but was in fact bis bastard brotber ; ob. 1390. 



■YWRIT. , , « « . 

I 1899. 8* Jobn de Lancaster, s. and b. Sornm. to Pari, 
from 89 Dec. 88 Edw. I. 1899> to IS Dec 3 
Edw. IL 1309; be was also Sammoned 86 
Jan. 85 Edw. I. 1897 ; but for tbe reasons as- 
signed under ** Fitz-John/* it is very doubt- 
fiil if tbat Writ can be considered a regulär 
Suinmons to Parlament ; ob. 1334, s.p. wben 
tbis Barony became 


I. 1867. 1. Edmund Plantagenet, 8d son of K. Henry III. 

Earl of Cbester and Leicester ; Created Eari 
of Lancaster 30 June, 1867 ; Steward of 
England; ob. 1895. 

II. 1895. 8. Thomas Plantagenet, s. and b. bebeaded and 

attainted 1381 ; ob. S.P. wben bis bonors be- 


IIL 1387. 3.HenryPlanUgenet,brotherandbeir;Re«tored 
in blood and bonors in 1387 { ob. 1345. 
DUKES. , , . 

IV. 1345,— I. 1351. 4. Henry Plantagenet, son and beir, 
Earl of Derby and Earl of LiiicH>lo; 
Created Duke of Lancaster 6 Mar. 
1351 , K. G. ; Steward of England ; 
ob. 1360, s.p. M. Maud, bis dau. 
and cobeir, married, first, Ralph, 
son and beir of Ralph Lord Staf- 
ford, and secondly, William Duke 
of Zealand, but died s. p. in 1368 ; 
and Blanch, bis other dau. and co* 
beir, was tbe wife of 

IL 1363. l.Jobn Plantagenet, sumamed «of 
Gaunt," Earl of Riebmond, 4th 
son of Edward III. Created Duke 
of Lancaster 13 Norember, 1368, 

* Some writers State, that Robert de Poictou, a younger toa 
of Roger Montgomery, Earl of Anindel, was created Earl of Lan- 
caster by William the Conqueror, and that he was soon aflberwards 
banished the Realm, aud bis estates confiscated. — Sed quaere. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



and Duke of Aquitaine 8d March, 
1389, K.a; ob. 1399. 

VI — in. 1399. S.Henry PJantagenet, son anil heir; 

Ascended the Throne 39th Sept. 
1399» as Henry IV. when this title, 
with all bis otber honort, became 
merged in the Crown, in which it 
bat ever tince remained vested. 



I . 1 S99. 1 . Henry Plantagenet, brotber and heir of Thomas 

II.-$d Earl of Lancatter, who was attainted 
in 1321 ; Summ, to Pari. 6 Feb. 87 Edw. I. 
1299» as << Henrico de 'Lancastre nepoti 
Regia," and as " Henrico de Lancastre'* 
from that year until 26 Dec. 17 Edward II. 
1323. Restored to bis brotber's dignity of 
Earl of Lancaster in 1327 ; ob. 1345. 

II. 1335. 2. Henry Plantagenet, s. and h. Summ, to Pari. 

as « Henricus de Lancastre," 3 Feb. 9 Edw. 
III. 1335; Created Earl of Derby 16 Match, 
1337; succeeded bis fatber as Earl of Lan- 
caster in 1345 j Created Earl of Lincoln in 
1349, and Duke of Lancaster in 1351, K. G. ; 
ob. 1361, s. P.M. when this Barony feil into 
Abeyancb between bis two daughters and 
coheirs, viz. Maud, who was twice married, 
but died in 1362. s. p. and Blancb, who mar. 
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster ; on 
whose son, Henry Plantagenet, it dewolved 
jure matris. He aseended the Throne 2^ 
Sept. 1399, as Henry IV. when this Barony, 
witb bis otber honors, became merged in tbe 



L 1658. 1. Marmaduke Langdale ; Created Baron Lang« 
dale of Holme in Sipaldingmore, co. York 
4Feb. 16,'^8; ob^l66l. 
H H 




II. 1661. 8. Marmaduke Langdale, s. and b.; ob. 170?. 

III. 1703. 3. Marmaduke Laii^ale^s. and b. ob. 1718. 

IV. 1718. 4. Marmaduke Langdale, s. and b. ob. 1771. 

V. 1771. 5. Marmaduke Langdale, s. and b. ob. 1777, «• r- 

wben ibe title became 

ViscouNTCY, 7 Marcb, 1688— f orfritrt 1716. 



BAROK. , . , _ 

1, 1711.1. George Granville, 8. and b. of Barnard, brother 

of Jobn GranviUe, Ist Earl of Batb ; Created 

BaroD Lansdowue of Biddeford, co.Deron»31 

Dec. 1711 ; ob. 1734, wben tbe title became 



I. 1784. 1. William Petty, 2d Earl of Shelbume in Ire- 

land, and 3d Baron of Wycombe in England, 
ba^ng married Sophia, grand-daugbter of 
Grace Gönntest of GranviUe, aunt and eobeir 
of William Henry IX.-3d and last Earl of 
Batb and Viscount Lansdowne ; was Created 
Viscount Calne and Calstone, Earl of Wy- 
combe, CO. Bucks, and Marquess of Lans 
downe, co. Somerset, 6 Dec. 1784, K. G.; 
Ob. 1805. 

II. 1805. 3. Jobn Henry Petty, s. and h. ob; 1809, s. p. 
m. 1809. S.Henry Fitz-Maurice Petty, balf brother and 

beir ; succeeded as Earl of Kerry in Ireland 
in 1818. Present Marquess of Lansdowne, 
Eari of Wycombe, Viscount Calne and Cal- 
stone, and Baron Wycombe ; also Earl of 
Shelburne, Earl of Kerry, &c. in Ireland. ^ 

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I. 1299. Serlo de Lansladron ; Summ, to Pari. Crom S9 
Dec. 28 Edw. I. 1299, to 3 Nov. 34 Edw. I. 
1306, but never afterwards» and of «rhott 
nothing furtber is known. 



I. H. II. 1. William de Lanvallei ; ob. 1214. 

II. John. 2. William de Lanvallei, 8. and h. ; he was oni 

of the 25 celebrated Barons appointed to en- 
force ihe observance of Magna Charta ; 

ob , S.P.M. Hawyse, bis dau. and sole 

faeir, married John de ßurgb, eldest son of 
Hubert EarlofKent. 


ViscouNTCY, 7 September, 1812. 

Vitie Uarewood. 



L 1295. Roger de Lascells ; Summ, to Pari. 23 June, 
30 Sept. and 2 Nov. 23 Edward 1. 1295, and 
26 Aug. 24 Edw. I. 1296. He was alsoSum- 
muned 8 June, 22 Edw. I. 1394 ; but for the 
reasons assigned under "Clyvedon," It is 
very doubtful if that Writ was a regulär 
Summuns to Parliament ; ob. circa 1297, 
s. p. M. leaving bis four daughters bis cobeirs ; 
among wbose descendants and representa- 
tives tbis Barony is probably in Abeyance. 

H hQ 

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I 1S99. 1. William 16 Latimer; Stamm, to ParL from 29 
Dec. 38 Edward I. 1S99, to SS Jan. 33 Edw.L 
1305» as •* Wlliidmo le Latimer» Seniuri j" 
ob. 1305. 

IT. 1399. 3* William le Latimer, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 
as VWillielmo le Latimer» Janiori," from 
6 Feb. 37 Edw. L 1399. to 33 Jan. 33 Edw. I. 
1305, and as ** Willielmo le Latimer/' untU 
3 Dec. SO Edw. IL 1337 i ob. 1337. 

Ilh 1337. 3. William le Latimer, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, 
from 6 August, 1 Edw. III. 1337» to 1 April, 
9 Edward III. 1335 ; ob. 1385. 

IV. 1385. 4. William Latimer, s. and b. Summ, to Pari 

from 34 Feb. 43 Edward III. 1368, to 30 Oct. 
3 Rieb. II. 1379 ; ob. 1380, 8. p. m. Elisa- 
betb bis dau. and beir, roarried, first, John 
III.-7tb Baron Nerill of Raby, to wbom slie 
was second wife; andafterbis deatb, accord- 
ing to some autborities, she married Robert 
Lord Willougbby of Eresby. 

V. 1404. 5. John Neyill, only son of Jobn Lord Nevill 

above mentioned, by bis second wife Elisa* 
betb, dau. and beir of the last Barun ; Summ, 
to Pari ]ure matris, as ** Jobanni le Lati- 
mer," from 35 Aug. 5 Henry IV. 1404, to 91 
Nov. 9 Henry VI. 1430 1 ob. 1430, 8. p. Eli- 
2abetb bis sister and sole beir, married Sir 
TbomasWilloughby,Knt.who8e great grand- 
son, Robert Lord WillougLby de Broke, 
claimed tbis Barony against Riebard Nerill 
II.-3d. Baron Latimer under tbe newcrei- 
tion of the Writ of 10 Hen. VI. (Me ifj/raA 
in tbe reign of Henry VIII. tbougb hedid 
not prosecute bis claim j but the dignity muit 
now be cunsidered to be vested in Henry, tbe 
present Baron Willoughby de Broke as be^^ 
general of Elizabeth, sister and beir of Joho 
tbe last Baron Latimer. 



I. 1433. I.George Nevill (5tb son of Ralpb Ist Earl of 
Westmoreland, «on and beir of tbe above- 
mentioned John Lord NevilJ of Raby, by 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



his firu wir« Maud» dau. of Henry LoiM 
Percy) ; Summ, to Pari, as '* Georf^io La- 
tymer» Cbev." from 35 Feb. 10 Henry VI. 
1433, to 7 Sept. 9 £dw. IV. 1469; ob. 1469. 
II. 1469. 3. Richard Nevill, grandson and b. being son and 
heir of Henry Nevill (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
tbe last Baron ; Sumni. to Pari, as '< Ricardo 
Nevill de Latimer» Cbivaler/' from 13 Au«r. 
7 Hen. VII. 1493, to 3 Nor. 31 Hen. VIII. 
1539; ob. 1530. 
llf. 1530. 3. John Nevill, s. and h. Summ, to Pari as << Jo* 
hanni Nevill de Latimer, Chivalier," from 
5 Jan. 35 Henry VIII. 1534, to 16 Januam 
33 Henry VIII. 1543; ob. 1543. 
IV. 1543. 4. John Nevill, s. and h. Summ, to ParKas <« Jo- 
hann! Nevill de Latimer, Cbivaler," from 14 
June, 35 Henry VIII. 1543, to 6 Jan. 33 Eliz. 
1581; ob. 1577, s. p.m. when the Barony 
created by tbe Writ of 35 Feb. 10 Henry VI. 
1433, feil into Abeyancb between his four 
daughters and eoheirs, viz. Katherine, wife 
of Henry Percy XX.-8th Earl of Northuro- 
berland * ; Dorotby, wife of Thomas Cecil, 
Ist Earl of Exeter; Lucy, wife of Sir William 
Cornwallis, Knt. ; and Elizabeth, who marr. 
first, Sir John Danvers, Knt. and secondly, 
Sir Edmund Carey, between whose descend- 
ants and representatives thit Barony is still in 



I. 1673. I. Sir Thomas Osborne, 3d Bart, (son and heir 
of Sir Edward Osborne, by Ann, dau. of Tho- 
mas Walmsley and Elizabeth Danvers bis 
wife, dau. of Sir John Danvers, by Elizabeth 
Nevill, sister and coheir of the last Uaron) ; 

* In consequence of this alKance, the Earls of Northumber- 
land have been frequently but erroneoutly styled Barons Latimer ; 
it is evident, however, that they were never possessed of that 
Barony, being only the representatives of the eldest of the fout 
coheirB of the diniity, and which representation b now vested 
in bis Qrace Hugn the present Duke of Northumberland, K. G. 
H H 3 

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Created Yitcount Latimer of Danbj, and 
Baron Osborfle of KWeton, co. York, 15 
August, 1673 ; Created Earl of Danby 37 Jone, 
1674; Created Marquess of Caermartben SO 
April, 1689> and Düke of Leeds 4 May, 1694, 
K.G. Vide Danby and Leeds. 



I. 1 2D9. Tbotnas Latimer, i. and b. of Jobn Latimer, 
brotber of William I.-lst Baron ; Summ, to 
Pari, frotn 29 Dec. 28 Edward I. 1299. to 
16 June, 4 £dt*ard II. 1311; ob. 1334, leav- 
inff issue male ; but none of bis descendants 
were eyer summoned to Parliament, in wbora, 
bowever,tbe Barony is probably now vested. 



1. 1806. 1. James Maitland, 8tb Earl of Lauderdale in 
Scotland ; Created Baron Lauderdale of 
Tbirlestane, co. Berwick, 22 Februaiy, 1806. 
Present Baron Lauderdale ; also Earl of Lau- 
derdale, &c. in Scotland, K. T. ^ 


ViscoüHTCY, 15 July, 1726— Merged in tbe Crown 1760. 

Vide Gloucestbr. 

Vide De la Ward. 

Vide De la Warr. 



I. 1721. Niclu>las Lecbemere; Created Baron Lecbe- 
mere of Evesbam, co. Worcester, 25 Aupist, 
1721 ; ob. 1727, s. p. wben tbe title becane 





L Jobn. Witohard Ledet, ob. 1381» s. p.m. Chrittian» 
bis dau. and heir^ married Henry de Bray- 
• broc 



I. 1694. L Thomas Osborne, Ist MarqneM of CaendArb 

then ; Created Duke of Leeds, co. York, 4 
May, 1694; Lord High Treasurer, K.G.; 
ob. 1712. 

II. J713. 9. Peregrine Osborne, t. and h. ob. 1789. 

III. 1729. 3. Peregrine Hyde Osborne»s. and b. ob. 1731. 

IV. 1731. 4. Thomas Osbome^ t. and b. K. G.| ob. 1789. 

V. 1789* 5. Francis Godolpbin Osbome, s. and b. His first 

wife was Amelia Baroness Conyers, dau. and 
sola heir of Robert Earl of Holderness ; ob» 

VI. 1799. 6. George William Frederick Osbome» s. and h. 

sueceeded to the Barony of Conyers Jure 
matris in 1784. Present Duke of Leeds» 
Marquess of Caermarth«n, Bari of Danby» 
Viscüuiit Latimer, Baron Conyers, Baron 
Osborne, and a Baronet $ also Viscount Dum- 
blaine in Scotland. ^ 



I. 1 103. 1. Robert de Bellomont, Earl of Mellent in Nor- 

niaiidy ; Created Earl of Leicester by King 
Henry 1.; ob. 1118. 

II. 1 1 1 8. 8. Robert de Bossu, s. and h. ob. 1 1 67. 

III. 1 167. 3. Robert Blanchmains, s. and h. ob. ] 190. 

IV« 1190. 4. Robert Fits-Pamell, s. and h. ob. 1204» s. P. 
when his bonors became 

V. 1206. I.Simon de Montfort, having married Amicia, 
sister andcoheir of the last Earl, was Created 
Earl of Leicester by King Juhn ; but was 
banished the Realm» and the Earldom, with 




hit other lands, giren to Rannlph Earl of 
ehester; «^1217« 

VI. 1S36. 9. Simon de Montfort, 8d son of Simon tbe last 

Earl, was coDftrmed in tbis Earldom by 
Henry 111. with tbe consent of Almarie bis 
eider brother in 1S36 ; Sc<:Wftrd of England. 
Slain at Eresbam in 1864, and being attaint- 
ed, tbe Earldom became 

VII. 1864. 1. Edmund Plantagenet, 8d son of K. Henry III. 

Earl of Cbester ; Created Earl of Leicester, 
85 Oct. 1864; Created Earl of Lancaster, 30 
June, 1867, Steward of England; ob. 1295. 
VI1I.1895. 8.Tbomas Plantagenet, s. and b. Earl of Cbes- 
ter and Lancaster, &c. ; bebeaded and at- 
tainted 1381 ; ub.8. p. wben bis honors be* 


IX. 1387. 3. Henry Plantagenet, brotber and beir ; Re- 

stored to all bis brotber's honors in 1327» 
Earl of Lancaster and Cbester, &c. ; ob. 

X. 1345. 4. Henry Plantagenet, s. and b. Created Earl of 

Derby vita patris; Created Earl of Lincoln 
.1349, and Duke of Liincaster 1351, K.G. 
Steward of England, &c ; ob. 1360, 8. p. m. 
Maud, bis eldest dau. and coheir, married 
Ralph, son and heirof Ralph Lord Stalfurd ; aiid 
secondly, William Duke of Bavaria, who ac- 
quired with her tbe Honor of Leicester ; on 
her death, s. P. tbe said Honor of Leicest 
ter devolved on John of Gaunt in rigbt of 
bis wife, Blancb, tbe otber dau. and co- 
heir of tbe Said Duke of Lancaster; and tbe 
title of Earl of Leicester has . by msny 
w.riters been attributed to tbe aboye-meui 
tioned William Duke of Zealand jure uxoris ; 
and after her death to John of Gaunt and bis 
son King Henry IV. ; but it does not appear 
that either of tbese personages were ever 
regularly entitied to it*. 

* It is however to be observed, that at tbe Coronation of 




XL 1563. Sir Robert Dudley, K. G. younger ton of Jobii 
Duke of Northuroberland ; Created Baron 
of Denbigh 28 September, 1563, and Ear| 
of Leicester 29 September, 1563; ob. 1588, 
8.P. L. wben the Earldom became 

%U, 1618. I.Robert Sydney (2d son and beit of Sir Henry 
Sydney, K. G. by Mary, Bieter of tbe last 
Earl), Vin.-l8t Viscount Lisle; Created 
Earl of Leicester S Auf^st, 1^18, K.G.; ob. 


XIir.1626. 2. Robert Sydney, s. and b. K. B. ob. 1677. 

XIV. 1677. 3. Pbilip Sydney, s. and h. ob. 1698. 

XV. 1698. 4. Robert Sydney, s. and h. ob. 1702. 

XVI. 1702. 5. Pbilip Sydney, §. and b. ob. 1705, 8. P. 
XVII.1705.6.John Sydney, brother and beir, K. B. ob. 

1737, 8. p. 
XVIlLl737.7.^oceline Sydney, brotber and bek* ; ob. 1743, 
8. p. L. wben all bis honors became 

XIX. 1744. Tbomtfl Coke, Ist Baron Lorel of Mintter 

Lorel, CO. Oxford ; Created Viscoant Coke 
of Holkbam, co. Norfolk, and Earl of Lei- 
cester 9 May, 1744, K.R; ob. 1759» 8. F. 
frben tbis title apain became 

XX. 1784. I. Georg^eTownsbend, Baron de Ferrers of Chart- 

ley* and Baron Compton jure matris, son 

Richard ü. John of Gaunt, King of Castile and Leon, claimed 
'<ut Comet Leycestrie, officium Senescalle Anglie, et ut Dux 
Lancastrie, ad gerendum principatum gladium dombi regit, 
vocatum Curtana, die coronacionis ejusdem regis, et Comes Lin* 
eolme ad scindendum et ad secandum coram ipso domini," &c. 

* It is particularly worthy o£ Observation, that in the patent 
ereating this nobleman Earl of Leicester, he is styled, *' Baron 
DB Ferrers op Chartley, Baron Bourchier, Lovaine, Bas- 
SETj^ND CßMPTON," a fact which did not come to the Editor's 
knoMjdge until the account of each of these titles was printed, 
and wMch obliges hini to iniert in this note those remarln which 
so exträordlnary a circumstance requires. 

\ ' "^V ■■? Digitizedby Google 


and heir apparent of George 4tb Viscount 
TowDsbend ; Created Earl of tbe County of 
Leicetter 18 May, 1784 ; succeeded bis fatber 
at Marquess Towosbend 14 September» 1807 ; 
ob. 1811. 

In 1784 it ii mupiMtioiiable that tbe Baroniet of Ferren of 
Cbartley (Tide p. 83«) aod Compton (vide p. 148) wem Terted, 
jure mairiMf ia tbe Hon. Georee Townsbend, bot it U confidently 
pteMuned tbat be was not legJly possetsed eitber of tbe Baroniet 
of Bonrcbier, Lovaine, or Bauet. As it would scarcely be 
imagined tbat titles of bonour sbould be ligbtlj attributed in a 
patent ander tbe Great Seal, tbis assertion reqoires to be sm»- 
ported by hcUf and tbe foUowing brief accoont of eacb oi tbe 
Baronies in question will, it is boped, be deemed satisfiMstory : 

First, Boorcbier. Tbe Barony of Bourcbier, as is xnore fblly 
stated in pp. 78 and 232> became merged in tbat of Ferrers oSF 
Cbartley, and, togetber witb tbat äignity, feil into Abkyancb m 
1646; and, notwltbstanding tbat tbe Abeyance of tbe Barony of 
Ferrers of Cbartley was terminated in Dec. 1677 in favour of Sir 
Robert Sbirley, tbe youngest cobeir,(fit>m wbom Mr. Townsbend 
derived bis rigbt to tbat dignity), no act is stated to bave taken 
place relative to tbe Barony of Bourcbier; nor does it appear 
tbat tbe Abeyance of tbat di^nity bas ever been terminated, an- 
lese tbe &ct of George Townsbend Lord Ferrers of Cbartley, wlu> 
was then tbe youngest cobeir of tbat Baronv, baving on tbat oe- 
casion been stvled ander tbe Great Seal " Öaron Bourcbier," be 
considered to Iiave vested Uutt dignity in bim and tbe beirs of bis 

Secondly, Louvalne. Tbis dignity, it is contended in p. 391, 
was qever a Parliamentarj Barony» as only one Writ of Sommons 
was ever issued to tbe ancestor from wbom tbe dignity was pre- 
tended to bave been derived ; and, moreover, it is very doubtrol if 
tbat Writ was a Summons to a regulär Parliament. It is tbus 
manifest tbat no Barony of Lovaine could, according to modern 
decbioDS of tbe House of Lords, tben bave been beld to be m 
existence ; and even if sucb did exLst, tbe Bari of Leicester wu 
oidy a cobeir of tbe dignity. 

Thirdly, Basset of Drayton. Tbis title, tbougb frequently 
assumed by tbe familv of Sbirley, and consequently by its repre- 
sentative, tbe Earl of Leicester, was never, it is believed, v^ted 
in tbem. Their claim to it was, as is fully related in p. 49, b 
virtue of tbeir descent firom Isabel Basset, wbo is sometimes 
calied tbe sister and lieir of Ralph tbe last Lord Basset of Dray- 
ton, but a rational doubtf can scarceljr be entertained tbat tbe saut 




XXI. 18 11. ^ Geoff^e Perrars Townsend, f • and h. Pretent 
Marquess Tovrnsbend, Earl of Leicetter» Vis- 
count Townsheud, Baron de Ferrars of Chart- 
ley, Baron Compton, Baron Townshend of 
Lynn, and a Baronet. = 



I. 1643. LSirThomat Leigh, ^ Bart. Created Baron 
Leiffh of Stoneleigfb, co. Warwick» 1 July, 
1643; ob. 1678. 

Isabel was iUegitimatef and bence tbat any pretensions derived 
from her mutt be totally groundless. 

These remarks have, it is expected, dearly established that, 
either from vneccounti^Ie negligence or iznoraooey an mstrament 
has been allowed to issne from under Ute Oreat Seal, in which 
ihree Buronies are recognized to be vested in an individnal to 
neUhtr ef which he was Ugaüy entUied; and, what is no less ex- 
tiaor^naiTy one of the said dignities has never existed sinee the 
reign of Edward I. and another was at tbat moment entiraly 
f ested in other persons ! 

Bat a question of the utmost importance is involved in the 
constniction which mnst be put on the recognition of those dig- 
nities in a Patent under the Great Seal, and the consequences of 
official ignorance may be infinitely more serious than woold atfint 
aight be oontemplated ; fbr it may be insisted tbat siace the old 
Barony of Basset cannot be affected by the circumstanoe, and no 
Barony of Londne was then in existence, tbat the stjling a per- 
aon in snch a doonment ** Baron Basset and Lovaine," ip»jacto 
created him to those dignities, and hence tbat new Baronies of 
Basset and Lovaine were then created. 

The precise effect of tbese dignities having been thns attri- 
buted to the Earl of tieicester, is a pomt of so much difficultj, 
tbat the Editor will not presume to pronounce an opinion upon 
It, but will merely State the constructlons which may be put on 
the recognition, viz. that it created new Baronies of Bourchier, 
Lovaine, and fiiasset; or tbat it terminated the Abejaace of the 
old Barony of Bonrchier, and created new Baronies of Lovaine 
and Basset; and a question would ariae, in case of new Baronies 
being thus created, whether they were Baronies ui fee, or Baro- 
nies descendible only to the heirs male of the body of the said 
Earl of Leicester ; but as this is a case without precedent, it 
would be useless to attempt to anticipate what the House of Peers 
may declare to be the law on the subject. 

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379 UlGy^LßWlSHAM. 


II. 1672. S.ThotnMM Lcisb» «randson and heir, beinp ton 

and beir of Thomas Leigh (ob. r. p.) eldett 
ton of tbe last Baron ; ob. 1710. 

III. 1710. 3. Edward Leigb, s. and b. ob. 1738. 

IV. 1738. 4. Tboniai Leigb, 8. and b. ob. 1749. 

V. 1749. 5. Edward Leigb, s. and b. ob. 1786, 8. P. wbeo 

tbe title became 




L 1717. l.JÄmes FitzGerald, 20tb Earl of luldare lo 
Ireland ; Created Viscount Leinster of Tap- 
low, CO. Bucks,21 February, 1747; Created 
Dttke of Leinster in Iceland S6 Nov. 1766; 
ob. 1773. 

IL 1773. «.William Robert Fitz-Gerald, s. and h. Duke 
of Leinster in Ireland, K. P. ; ob. 1805. 

III. 1805. S.Augustus Frederiek Fitz-iGerald, s. and h. 
Preaent Vi^cpunt Leinster ; also Earl of Kil- 
dare and Duke of Leinster, &c. iu Jreland* 



I. 169S. 1. Sir William Fcrmor, 2d Bart. Created Baron 

Lcmpster, co. Hereford, 13 April, 1693» ob. 

II. 1711. S.Thomas Fermor, 8, and h. Created Earl of 

Pomfret 87 December, I7»l, K. B. 

Vide Pomfret. 



I. John. 1. Richard de Levinton; ob. 1349. 

II. U.Itl. 2. Ralph de Levinton, brother and heir; obi 

1253, s. P.M. 


ViscwNTCY^ 5 September, 1711. 

Vide Dartmoutu« 

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I. Jobn. 1. Richard de Lezinton, Lord of Lexinton, co. 

Notts, temp. Jobn ; living 1316; bis tucces- 
8or was 

II. H.III. S. Robert de Lexinton i ob. ]250, 8. P. 

III. H.lll. S.John de Lexinton^ brotber and heirj ob, 


IV. H«III. 4. Henry de Lexinton, Bisbop of Lincoln, bro- 

tber and bftir ; ob. 1257, 8. ?. leaving Richard 
de Markbain and William de Sutton bis 
nepbews and beurs. 



1* 1645. 1. Robert Sutton (descended from tbe above- 
mentioned William de Sutton) ; Created 
Baron Lexinton of Aram, co. Notts, 21 Nor. 
1645; ob. 1668. 

IL 1668. 2. Robert Sutton, s. and h. ob. 1723, 8. p. M. 
wben tbe title became 



I. 1625. 1. Sir James Ley» Ist Bart. Created Baron Ley 
of Ley, CO. Devon. 31 Dec. 1625; Created 
Earl of Marlborougb 5 Ftb. 1626; Lord High 
Treasurer; ob. 1628. 
^ptintt 1679. 

Vide Marlborough. 



I. 1299. William de Leyburn; Summ, to Pari, from 6 
February, 27 Edward I. 1299, to 16 June, 4 
Edw. IL 1311 ; though be is said to bave 
died in 1309, leaving Julian, daughter and 
heir of Thomas de Leyburn bis eldest son, 
(ob. y. p.) bis grand-daugbter and heir ; sbe 
married, first, Jobn III,- lOtb Baron UasUags, 

I I 



and tecondly» WiAiam de Clinton, Earl of 
Huntin^doTi ; her issue by her first bosbaind 
failed in 1389» and having none by her second 
marriagey thit Barony ihen became 




1 1337. John de Lcybum ; Summ, to ParL from 31 
June, 11 Edward III. 1337, to 14 Feb. S2 
Edward 111. 1348. ob. 1348, s. P. wben ibe 
di^ity became 



I. 1763. — 1. 1766. John Lif^onier, Ist Viscount Ligonier in 
Ireland; Created Lord Li^onier, Baron 
of Ripley, co. Surrey, 27 April, 1763 ; 
Created Earl Ligonier 10 Sept. 1766, 
K. B.; ob. 1770, «heu bis English bo- 
iiors became 



I. 1797« !• Thomas Powys ; Created Baron of Lilford, co. 

Northampton, 26 October, 1797 ; ob. 1800. 
IL 1800. 2. Thomas Powys, son and heir. Present Baron 

Lilford. =T= 



I. Will. I. Ralph de Limesi ; ob. .... * 

II. . • • . . Alan de Limesi, son and heir ; ob 

III. ..... Gerard de Limesi, son and heir ; ob 

IV. ..... John de Limesi, son and heir ; ob 

V Hugh de Limesi,' son and heir ; ob , s. f. 

wben the issue of the dauf^bters of Gerard, 
3d Baron, succeeded to the iahcritance. 





1. Steph. 1. William de Romare, Lord of Bolin^broke, co. 
Lincoln ; bore tbe title of Earl of Lincoln in 

1 142 ; ob 9 leavinf Williani bis grand- 

son bis beir, wbo never assumed tbe title, 
anddied 8,p. 

IT. H. II. 9. Gilbert de Gant, barinf; marrled Robaisy dau. 
and at len^b bcir of tbe last Earl, became 
Earl of Lincoln jare uxorit $ eb. 1 156, 8. p. M. 
and bis daiif^hters and cobeirs dying 8. ?. tbe 
inberitance devolved on tbeir uncle Robert 
de Gant, wbose son 

III. 1156. 3. Gilbert de Gant; succeeded to tbis Earldom» 

but was divested of it circa 1316. 

IV. 1316. l.Ranalpb de Mescbines, Eari of Cbester ; 

• Created Earl of Lincoln 1316; ob. 1331, 8.P. 
wben tbis Earldom became 

Y. 1333. 1. John de Laci, baving married Margaret, dau. 
and beir of Robert de Quincy, Earl of Win- 
chester, by Hawyse, 4tb sister and cobeir of 
tbe last Earl, was created Earl of Lincoln 
33 Nor. 1333; ob. 1340. 

VI. 1340. 3. Edmund de Laci, s. and h. He never used 
tbe title, nor was it ever attrrbuted to bim in 
any cbarter, thougb be enjoyed tbe Tertium 
Denarium of tbe County ; ob. 1357* 

Vit. 1357. 3. Henry de Laci, s. and b. Earl of Sallsbuiy 
Jure uxoris; ob. 1313, S.P.M. Alice, bis 
dau. ai)d beir, married, first, Tbomas Plan- 
tagenet, Earl of Lancaster, wbo is said to 
bave been Earl of Lincoln in her rigbt s 
after bis deatb in 1333 sbe married Eubold le 
Strange, wbo dieds.P.; and. tbirdly, Hugh 
le Frenes ; tbe wbicb Eubold and Hugb are 
considered by many writers to bave been 
Earls of Lincoln. Tbe said Alice styled 
berself CouBtess of Lincoln and Salisburyt 
and died 1348, S.p. 



VIII. 1349. Henry Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster and 

Derby, ton and höir of Henry, brotber and 
beir of Thomas Earl of Lancaster Juat 
mentioned; Created Earl of Lincoln 30 
Augost, 1349; Created Duke of Lancaster 6 
Marcb, 1351< K.G.j ob. 1361, s.p.m. Jobn 
of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, having married 
Blancb bis dao. and ultimately sole beir, is by 
some authorities called Earl of Lincoln *, 
and «hieb title tbey consider feil to bis son 
King Henry IV. and on bis accession to 
tbe Throne to bave beconie merged in tbe 
Crown } but it is more probable that it be» 
came eatinct on tbe deatb of this Henry sj»j». 

IX. 1467. Jobn de la Pole, ton and beir apparent of 

Jobn Dukeof Soflblk and Elizabeth bis wife, 
tister of King Edward IV. Created Eaii of 
Lincoln 13 Marcb, 1467; ob. 1487, s. p. 
wben tbe title became 

X. 1535. Henry Branden, son and beir apparent of 

Charles Duke of Suffolk, by Mary, sister of 
King Henry VIII. Created Earl of Lincoln 
15S5| ob. 15.., 8. p. wben tbe title again 


XL 1573. I.Edward Clinton, VIII.- I2tb Baron Clinton; 
Created Earl of Lincoln 4 May, 1572 $ Lord 
High Adniral, K. G. j ob. 1585. 

Xfl. 1585. 3. Henry Cnnton,scn and beir, K. ß.i ob. I6l6. 

XIII.16I6. 3. Thomas Clinton, son and beir; ob. 1619. 

XIV. 1619. 4.Theophilu8 CUnton, s. and b. K. B. ; ob. 


XV. 1667. 5. Edward Clinton, grandson and beir, being 

son and beir of Edward Clinton (ob. ▼. p.) 
eldest son of tbe last Earl. K. G. ; ob. 1693, 
wben the Barony of Clinton feil into Abey- 
ANCB between bis aunts ; but this Earldom 
devolved on 

XVI. 169^. 6. Francis Clinton, cousin and beir male, being 

son and heir of Francis, eldest son of Sir 

* Vide Note to p. S68, under Leicester. 




Edward Clinton, 8d ton of Henry Xll.-Sd 

Earl; ob. 1693. 
XVn. l693.7.Henry Fiennes Clinton» s. and h. K. G. ; ob. 

XVIILl7S8.8.George Clinton, son and heir; ob. 1730. 

XIX. 1730. 9. Henry Fiennes (asBumed tbe naniet of) Pel- 

bam Clinton, s. and b. succeeded bis roater- 
nal unde in tbe Dukedom öf Newcattle 17 
Nov. 1768, K.G.; ob. 1794. 

XX. 1794. 10.Tboma6 Pelbam Clinton, 8. and b. Duke of 

^Newcastle; ob 1795. 
XXI.1795. 11. Henry Pelbam Pelbam Clinton, s. andh. Pre- 
seut Duke of Newcastle and Earl of Lincoln, 
K.G. ^ 



I. Will. L Alan de Lincolne ; liying 1081, ob 8.P.M« 

I. Stepb. Robert de Lincolne, son of Alured de Lin- 
colne ; to wbom tncceeded 

IL H. IL Alitred de Lincolne ; ob. 1198; bistuccetsor 

III. Jobn. Alured de Lincolne; ob... ••. 

IV. H. 111. Abired de Lincolne, son and bvir; ob. 1363» 

6. p. tbe istue of bis sisters being bis beirs. 



I, H.Ill. 1. David de Lindesei; towboro succeedeit 

IL H. III. 2. David de Lindsei ; ob. 1240, 8. P. 

III. H. III. 3. Gerard de Lindsei, broiber and beirj ob. 

1848, s. p. leaving Alice bis sister, wife of 

Henry de Pinkeney, bis heir. 



I. J626. I.Rübert Bertie X..10tb Baron WiUougbby de 
Eresby; Created Earl of Lindsey, co. Lincoln, 
22 Nov. 1626; Lord Great Chamberlain, 
K.G.; ob. 1642. 




II. 1649. S. Ifontaf ue Bertie, s. and b. K. G. Lord Great 

Chamberlain ; ob. 1666. 

in. 1666. S.Robert Bertie, t. and b. Lord Great Chamber- 
lain ; ob. 1701. 

IV. 1701. 4. Robert Bertie, s. and b. Created Marques« of 
Limlsey 29 Dec. 1706, änd Duke Of Aüciaster 
and Kesteven 80 July, 1715. 

Vide Ancastbr, in which 
Duk^dom tbe Earldotik änd Marqnisate of 
Lindsey was tnerg;ed until the deatb of 
Brownlow Bertie, 5tb Duke of Anca«ter and 
Kesteven, 5tb Marquess and Bth Earl of Lind- 
sey, in 1809, S.P.M. wben the Dukedom and 
Marquisate became 4ipti\itt $ but the Bari« 
dorn devolved on bis next heir male, viz. 

IX. 1809« 9. Albemarle Bertie, eldest survtving son of Fe- 
re^ine, son and eventually heir male of 
Charles, eldest son of Charles Bertie, youn^er 
son of Montagu 2d Earl; ob. 1818. 

X« 181B« lO.Alhemarle George Augustus Frederick Bertie» 
8. and h. Present Earl of Lindsey (a mino^]. 



I. John. Bryan de L*Iale; ab. ISSS» 8.F* 



L 1357. Gerard de L'Isle, s. and b. of Warine de L'Isle, 
by Alle«, sister and heir of Henry Baron 
Tyes; SumaK to Pari, as <<Gerardo de In- 
sula," 15 Dee. 31 EdW. III. 1347 1 but nsver 
akerwards; ob. 1360. 

II. 1360. Warine de L'lsle, s. and h. Summ, to Pari, 
from 6 April, 43 Edw. 111. 1369, to 24 May, 
5 Ric. II. 48«S, as <« Warino de Insula;" ob. 
1381, s. p. M. Margaret, bis sole dau. and 
beir, married Thomas V.-18th BAron Berke* 
ley, aml by her bad An only dfiu. and heir, 
Elizabeth, who beoame the wife of Richard 
Beaucharop, XlV.^l^th EAfl of Warwick, by 


L'ISLB. 379 

whom ibebadtbreedaughtenhercobein.Tix. 
Margret, ^ho becainetbesecond wifeof Jobn 
Talbot, Ist ]^arl of Shrewsbury ; Eleanor, wbo 
niarried, Ist, Thomas Lord Koos, and Sdlv, 
Edmund Dake of Somerset ; and EUtabetb» 
wife er George Nevill, Lord Latimeri be« 
tween wbote descendantt and repretentatiret 
tbe Barony of L'lsle created by tbe Writ of 
Summont of 31 £dw. III. Ib preiumed to be 
in Abevancb. 


I. 1443.^1. 1458. 1. Jobn Talbot, s. and b. of Margaret, 
Sd wife of John Earl of Sbrewsbury 
before mentioned, eldest dau. and eoheir of 
Warine, tbe last Baron ; Created Baron 
L'lsle of Kingston L'lsle, co. Berks, S6 July, 
1443, byone of tbe most extraordinary pa- 
tents on record, limiting that dignity to tbe 
Said Jobn, and to bis heirs and assignt for 
erer, being tenantt of tbe manor of Kinpton 
L'lsle * ; Created Viscount L'lsle, witb re- 
nn ainder to tbe heirs male of bis body, Oct. 
30,1452; ob. 1453. 

* The patent recites as a ftct, that ** Warioe de L'lsle and 
bis aneestors, by reason of the lordship and manor of Kingston 
L'lsle had, from time whereof the memory of man was not to the 
contfaiy, the name and dignity of Baron and Lord L'lsle, and by 
that name bad seat in Parliament, &c. as other Barons of the 
Realm bad;" an assertion satisfactorily proved by the Lord's 
Coromittee on the dignity of a Peer of tue Realm, m their third 
Report, to bave been entirely without fonndation ; for not only 
had the said manor never been held in capite of the Crown, but 
a period of above sixtv years had elapsed, viz. from SS Edw. I. 
to 31 Edw. Illt 9&er Writs of Sumrooos were generali? issued, 
before the family of L'lsle, tenants of the roanur of L'lsle, were 
erer lummnned to Parliament. Many arguments might bc ad- 
dnced to support tbe conclosion statod in the text relative to 
Ulis dignitj» but they are rendered nseless, even if the limits of 
tbis work permitted their Insertion, by the Statement of the case 
in tbe Report of the Lords' Committee just cited, p. 191, et^seq. 
and by die opiuion of the great legal autnorities cited In the next 
page. It is therefore sufficient to reDMurk> tbat tbis sidgular crea« 



380 VfSUL 


II. 1453w— IL 1453. 3. Thomat Talbot, s. and b. ob. 1469, 
s. p. when tbe Viscoaotcy became 
^ptintt ; but ic is a very doubtful 
point iDto wbat State tbe Barony theo feil, 
and apon a qaestion so abstruse» and which 
bas been tbe subject of so much discussion, 
tbe Editor scarcely feeU bimself jastified in 
hiiarding an opinion. In tbe tbird Report 
of tbe Lords' Conimittee on tbe dignity of a 
Peer of tbe Realm *» tbe case is most ably 
stated, and to it be refers in sapport of tbe 
foUowing conclasions : Ist. Tbat tbe patent 
to Jobn Talbot in 144S did not (tboogb eyi- 
dently iiitended so to do) affect tbe Barony 
created by tbe Writ to Gerard L'Isle in 31 
Edw. III. and wbicb consequently still re- 
mained in Abeyance, but created a new Ba- 
rony, descendible accordin^ to tbe proYisions 
of tbe patent : and 2dly, witb respeet to tbe 
eatremely diflicult question, ''in whom is 
tbat Barony now vested?*' it is to be ob- 
served that, accordin^ to tbe bigb autbority 
of Lord Cbief Justice Cokef and of Justice 
Blackstone t, John Talbot and bis beirs, 
under tbe patent, bad only a base or quali- 
fied fee in tbat dignity, and <'tbat tbe in- 
stant be or bis beirs quitted tbe sei^ioiy of 
tbis manor tbe dignity was at an end.'* On 
tbe deatb of Tbomas Sd Vlscount» in 1469» 
S.P. bis two sisters became bis beirs, vis. 
Mar{raret, tbe wife of Sir George Vere, Knt. 
and Elizabetb, wbo will be bereafter men- 
tioned, wben it is presumed tbat tbe Barony 
of L'Isle became suspended; for altboog^b 
tbe siid Elisabeib was possessed of tbe ma* 
nor, sbe was not sole beir of Jobn Talbot» 

tion probably arose from tbe powerfiil inflaence poBiessed hj tbe 
Earl of Shrewsbury, in a relgn when more anomalies connected 
with dignities «re to be fbond tban under any precediog or sobse- 
quent monarcb. 

• Page 191, et seq. f Co. Litt. «7. 

* t Comiftentaries, v. ii. p. 109. 


L*ISL£. 381 


her father, and consequently bad not the 
two constituent qualiftcations necessary to 
entitle her to the dignity. On the death of 
her sister, Lady Vere, however, s. p. sbe ap- 
pears to have become legal ly seised of the 
Barony, as is recited in the patent granted to 
her husband» 
Iir. 1475.— III. 1483. EdwardGrey,3d son of Edward Lord 
Grey of Groby, in 1475, wbich re- 
cited to the effect of the preamble 
in the patent granted to John Talbot, and 
furtherstated, that the said John Talbot had 
issue Thomas, late Viscount L'Islfe, and Eli- 
zabeth, then the wife of Edward Grey, Lord 
L*Isle, and Margaret, late the wife of Geor^ 
Vere; that the manor of Kingston L'Isle 
descended to Thomas late Viscount L'Isle, 
and that he dying s. P. the manor descended 
to Elizabeth and Margaret, as bis heirs, and 
Margaret dying witbout issue, Edward Grey, 
Lord L'Isle, and Elizabeth his wife, were 
seised in fee of the manor, in right of Eliza- 
beth, and had issue John andothers; the 
King, therefore, considering the premises, 
and that Warine before-mentioned, by rea- 
son of tbe lordfihip and manor aforesaid, had 
the dignicy of Baron and Lord de L'Isle, &o, 
recognized the right to the dignity to Ed- 
ward Grey and the heirs of his body by tbe 
aforesaid Elizabeth, and granted the dignity 
of BaroD L'Isle to bim and tbe heirs of his 
body by the said Elizabeth, nearly in the 
words of the patent to John Talbot •. Cre- 
ated Viscount L'Isle 28 June, 1483; ob. 1491. 

IV .— 'IV. 1491. 2.JohnGrey, s. and h. ob. 15]2,8.p.M. 

when the Viscountcy became 4ij:^ 

tinct ; but the Barony must have 

devolved on Elizabeth, bis daughter and sole 

heir, sbe being HketoUe tenant of the ma» 

Dor aforesaid. Sbe was contracted to 

^ Third Report of the Lords' Committee^ page 200. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

aas L'ISLB. 


V. ISIS. Chtrki Brmndon (afterwtnU Duke of Suffolk), 
who wit tbereföre created ViseoonC L'Isle 
15 May» 1513, with remainder to the heirs of 
bis body by tbe taid Elisabeth, bat she re- 
fuf iiif to inarry bim wben sbe became of age 
tbe patent was cancelled. Sbe afterwardt mar- 
ried Henry Couitenay, XVIl.-Sd Earl of De- 
von, bot died s.p. ante 1586, leaTin^ ber annt 
Elixabetb, («bo married, fint, Edmond Dod- 
ley.and seeondly, Artbnr Plantagenet,) her £a- 
ther*! only surviving sister» ber heir, and who, 
being seised of tbe manor of Kingston L'kle*» 

• Vide «Gase of the Buronj of L'Isle, 1790," diawn up by 
the Hob. Home Campbell, of the claim öf Abraham Atkins, JSsq. 
to the taad dignity, as tenant of the manor of Kingston lisle, and 
conseonentW aasignee of John Talbot, 1 st Viscoimt L'Isle. Itap- 
nears tbat tbis osse escaped the notice of the Lords' Committee; 
tor their Report states, tnat ** thej had not discoreied whether the 
manor belonged to the three coheirs of Elizabeth Oier, or to anj 
of them, or to whom it thea belonged." p. 901. And again: 
<< No person seised of the manor has ever, as fitf as the Commit« 
tee have been informed, pretended to be entitled to the digoity of 
Baron de Lisle hj virtoe of such seisin." p. 208. The latter of 
which ststements is contradicted by the Gise jnst cited, and 
which not only contains the information relative to the descent of 
the manor of Kbgston L'Isle here jgiven, but was compiled in 
fitvour of a daimant who had no other pretensions whatever than 
the tenure of the manor in question, and, , as such tensnt, 
assignee of Johu Talbot, to whom the Singular patent was 
granted by Henry VI. 

After Sir John Dudley sold the said manor to Mr. Hyde, it 
descended in lineal succession to John Hyde» Esq. who died seised 
thereof in May 1 745, and bis widow in the followiug year sold the 
same to Abraham Atkins, of Clapham, in Surrey, Esq. the posses- 
sor when the Gase was priuted, in 1790. 

Since the preceding observations were written, it has oocorred 
to the Editor that the cause of Gerard de L'Isle baring been 
summoned to Pari, in 1857 was bis having inherited from bis mo- 
ther, Alice, sister and heir of Henry Bsron Tyes, a right to the 
Barony of Teys ; for although the last Baron Teyes was probaUy 
attainted in 1891, bis heir, together with those of tbe other 
adherents of the Earl of Lancaeter, was fully restoied to bis honors 
and possessions 1 Edward IIL and as it bas been satia&ctorily 





and heir ^neral of John Talbot above men- 
tioned, it supposed to have been legally enti- 
tled to tbe Barony of L'Isle, botb under tbe 
patent of 86 July, 1443, and under tbat of 
1475 to Edward Grey, ber father; on her 
death botb thete qualificationt, vis. tbe 
seisure of tbe taid manor, and tbe beirsbip of 
the body, botb of Edward Grey and of John 
Talbot, devolved on ber ton by ber first hus- 
band, John Dudley, wbo is tberefore pre- 
sumed to have been Baron L'Isle, and who 
was Created Viscount L'Isle, as is mentioned 
in the next pa^e ; but 
VL 1533. Arthur Plantagenet, natural son of* King Ed- 
ward IV. having married the above-men- 
Elix&betb (widow of Edmond Dudley), dau. 
of Edward Sd Viscount, and aunt and sole 
heir of Eliiabeth, dau. and b^ir of John 4th 
Viscount, was, on the surrender of tbe Vis- 
countcy by Charles Brandon, the last Vis- 
count, ereated Viscount L'Isle, S6 April, 
1533, with remainder to bis beirs male by 
the Said Elisabeth; K.G.; ob. 1541, s. p.m. 
when the Viscountcy again became 
BARONS. <S)tttttCt. 

IV. 1541.— VII. 1542. 3. John Dudley, s. and h. of Edmond 
Dudley, by the aforesaid Elisabeth 
Grey, dau. of Edward 3d Viscount^ 
and aunt and sule heir of Elisabeth, dau. and 
heir of John Grey, 4tb Viscount } Created Visc. 
L'Isle, wiih remainder to bis issue male, 12 
March, 1542; Created Earl of Warwick 1547, 
and Duke of Northumberland in 1551 $ K.G. 
On the death of bis mother he became heir 
general of John Talbot, Ist Viscount, as well 
as of Edward Grey, 3d Viscount, and being 

eatablished that the tenure of the manor of Kingston L'Isle did 
not constitute a right to a Writ of Summons to Parliament, it 
18 highly probable that tbe said Gerard was summonedjure matris, 
notwitbstanding tbat no mentioa of the Barony of Tyes is to be 
found in the Writs directed to hiin. 


384 L'töLE. 

tsnast of tbe maoor and Lordsbip of Kio^- 
tton L'tile» Ue wm probably legally seised of 
tbe Barony of L'lsle onder tbe patent of 1 443 
and 1475} but on tbe S7th Marcb, 39 Hen« 
VIIL 1 538, be ift pretumed to bave forfeited tbe 
taid Barony by tbe alienation of tbe manor 
and lordsbip aforesaid to William Hyde» Etq« 
for» aeeording to Coke and Blackstone, tbe 
two reqnisite eonstituents of tbe title to tbe 
•aid dignity tben tecame and bave ever aince 
continutd divided, wbence it is concladed, 
on tbose bigb antboritiet, tbat tbe Barony 
18 ^tintU How far tbe dignity woald be 
revired, in tbe barely possible coBtingency 
of tbe twvo qualificafions of tenant of tbe 
taid manor and lordsbip, and sole beir of tbe 
body of Jobn Talbot, being again united in 
one person, it is not now necessaiy to in- 
quire. Attainted and bebeaded in 1563, 
wben all bis bonors became 

L 1561, 1. Ambrose Dudley, «. and b. of Jobn, tbe last 

Viscount; Created Baron L'isle 25 Vee. 

1561, and Earl of Warwick S6 Dec 1567 1 

K. G.; ob. 1589, wben all bis bonon became 



VIII. 1605. 

. Robert Sydney, Ist Baron Sydney, of Pens- 
hurst, s. and b. of Sir Henry Sydney, K. O« 
by Mary, dau. and ultimately beir, of Jobn, 
tbe last Viscount ; Created Viscount L'lsle 4 
May, 1605, and Earl of Leicester in 1618 1 
K, G. Vide Leicestek. 

Cptintt IT43. 



1. Edw. I, 1. John de L'lsle; Sammoned 8 Jane, 23 Edw. 
I. V29ii but, for tbe reasons assigned under 


«« Clyvedon," it 18 very doubtful if that 
Writ can be considered as a regulär Sum- 
rooDS to Parl.| ob. ante 1303. 


J. 1^99. 2.«)ohn deL'Isle, 8. andb.} Summ, to Pari, as 
« Jobanni de InsulA./' or <<Jobanni de InsulA. 
vecta," from 29 Dec. 28 Edw. I. 1299, to 29 
July,8 Edw. II. 1314, but not afterwards» nor 
any of bis posterity. He was livini; 1 1 Edw. If. 
*< but fartber," says Dugdale, " 1 cannot say 
of bim.*' Altbougb tbat writer attributes tbe 
Suramons in 28 Edw. f. to tbis Jobn, it is 
more probable tbat botb it and tbe followinf; 
one» in 30 Edw* I. were to bis fatber, wbo 
appears to bave Uved tili about tbe year 1303. 

L'ISLE '^K'^ 

oF Ruäe^Wt;* ^ 


1. Jobn. Robert L'Isle, baving marri^d Robese, dau. 
and cobeir of Jobn de Wabttll; acquired di-* 
vers lands in tbe counties olf Kebt» York| 
&c.; living 1264. 

by i^iniiT V 

L 1311. 1. Robert L'Islej Summ, to Pari, as f Roberto 
delnsulV or *« Robferto del IsleAfrom 19 
Dec. 5 Edw. 11. 1311, to 25 Feb. 15' B^w. 111. 
1343 j ob. 1342. 
IL 1342* 2. Jobn L'hle, s. and b.j Summ, to Pari, aii^* Jo- 
banni de InsulA de Rubeo Monte," froms25 
Nor. 24 Edw. III. 1350, to 15 Dec. 31 Edw 
ill. 1357, K.G.; ob. 1356. 
III. 1356« S.Robert L'Isle, s. and b.; Summ, to Pari, as 
" Roberto de InsulA de Rubeo Monte," 20 
Nov. 34 Edward III. 1360, but never after- 
wards, nor any of bis posterity; "tbere* 
fore," says Dugdale, " I sball not need to 
pursue tbe story of tbem any fartber j*' but 
tbe Barony must be deemed to be still vested 
i» bis descendants and representativet« 

R K 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



EABLS. ^ , a . 

I. 1645. Charlei Stuart, s. and h. of George Lord Au- 
bignyy in France, brotber of James 11.- Ist 
Duke of Ricbmond ; Created Baron Stuart 
of Newbunr, eo. Berks, and Earl of Utcb- 
field, CO. Sufford *, 10 Dec. 1645 ; succeeded 
bis Cousin Esme as Duke of Ricbmond in 
1660; K. G.{ ob. 167S, wbeu tbese titles 

11.. 1674. I.Sir Edward Henry Lee, 5th Bart.; Created 
Baron of Spellesbury, co. Oxford, Viscount 
Qoarendon, eo. Bucks, and Earl of Litch- 
field, CO. Staffurd, 5 June, 1674; ob. 1716. 

HL 1716. 8. George Henry Lee, s. and b. ob. 1743. 

IV. 1743. 3. George Henry Lee, s. and b. ob, 1773, s.p. 

V, 1772. 4. Robert Lee, uncle and beir, bcing balf-brother 

of George Henry 2d Earl; ob. 1776, s.P. 
wben all bis bonors becaoie 



L 1796. 1. Cbarles Jenkinson, Ist Baron Hawkesbury; 

Created Earl of Liverpool, co. Laneaster, 

1 June, 1796; ob. 1808. 
IL 1808. S.Robert Banks Jenkinson, s. and b. Preseut 

Earl of Liverpool and Baron Hawkesbary, 

K.G. = 



L H. I. L Fulk de Lizures; liring 1158. 

II. H. II. 2. William de Lizures, s. and b. living 1 189> 8.P. 

III. Ric,l. S.Geoffrey de Lizures, brotber and beir, of 

wbom notbing fartber is recorded. 

* Tbese titles were mtended to be conferred on bb uncle, 
Bernvd Stuart, but he died before tbe Patent passed the Great 




r. Jobn. Hugb de Lisures; living 1S13. 

I. H.III. Riebard de Lizures ; li vi ng 18^7. 



]« 1801. 1. Charles Tottenbam Loftas, Ist Marquets of 
Ely in Ireland j Created Baron Loftus of 
Lon^ Loftus, CO. York, Jan. 19, 1801; ob. 

II. 1806. 2. iluhn Loftus, s. and b. Present Baron Loftus { 

also Marquess of Ely, &c. In Ireland. K.P. =^ 



I. H. I. 1 . Hugh de Lonipehamp ; ob 

II. H.II. 2, Hugb de Longchamp, brother and heir^ ob. 


III. John. 3. Henry de Longehamp, s. and h. ob. .. . . s.p.m. 

Maude, bis dau. and beir, married Reginald 
Grey, Justice of Cbester. 

I. H. III. I. William de Loni^cbamp, son of Henry de 
' Lon^bamp, presumed to bare be^n of tbe 
same family. 

il. H. IIJ. 2. Henry de Lon^cbamp» s. and h, ob. s. p. m. 
Alice, bis dau. and beir, was Ibe wife of Ro- 
ger de Pedwardyne. 

BARONY,89June, 1747. 




I. 1690. I. Henry Yelverton, XlV.-lSth Baron Grey de 

Rutbyn; Created Viscount Longueville 81 
April, 1690; ob. 1704. 

II. 1704. 2. Talbot Yelverton, s. and h. Created Earl of 

Sussex in 1717; ob. 1731. 

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III. '1731. 3. George Yelrerton, t. and h.. Earl of Süsses 

and Baron Grey de Rutbyn ; ob. 1758, 8. p. 

IV. 1758. 4. Henry Yelverton, brotber and beir; Earl of 

Sussex andBarun Grey de Rutbyn ; ob. 1799» 
S.P. M. when tbe Barony of Grey of Ratbyn 
devolved on bis p*andson» Henry Edward 
Goald; buc tbis Viscountcy, aod tbe Earldom 
of Sussex became 



I. 1343. Tboroas de Lonfprilliers ; Summ, to Pari. 25 
Feb. 16 Edw. HI. 1343, but never afterwards; 
ob. 1S74> 8. p. wben tbe Barony became 



I. 1696. 1. Sir John Lotrther, 3d Bart.; Created Bjutm 

Lowther of Lowtber» co. Westmoreland, and 
Viscount Lonfdale, co. Westmoreland, May 
98, 1696t ob. ITOa 

II. 1700. 3. Riobard Lowther» a. and h. ob. 17)3, s.p. 
I1I.I7I3. 3. Henry Luwtber, brotber and beir; ob. 1751, 

8« p. when this Viscountoy and the Barony oC 
Lowther became 


IV.— I. 1784. Sir James Lowther; succeeded as 4th Bart. 
being next beir male of Heniy, tbe last Vis- 
count ; Created Baron Lowther of Lowther» 
CO. Curoberland, and Baron of tbe Barony of 
Kendal in the said county, and Baron of tbe 
Barony of Burgh in tbe county of Westmore- 
land ; also Viscount of Lonsdale in the said 
county of Westmoreland and county Palatine 
of Lancaster, and Viscount Lowther in tbe 
said county of Westmorland» and Earl of 
Lonsdale in the saict county <>f Westroore* 
, land and county Palatine of Lancaster» 34 
May, 1784; Created Baron and Viscount 




Lowtber of Whitebaven for life, witb a 
special remainder, 86 Oct. 1797 ; ob. 1809» 
8. p. wben all these titles» excepting tbe Ba- 
rony and Viscountcy of Lowtber of Whit*- 
baven, and tbe Baronetage, again became 

II. 1807. William Lowtber» 2d Viseount Lowtber of 
Wbitebaven, & 5tb Bart, of Nova Scotia, and 
8d Bart, of England, cousin of tbe last Earl; 
Created Earl of Lonsdale» co. Westrooreland, 
April 7f 1807. Preseot Earl Lonsdale> and 
Viscoutit and Baron Lowtber ofWbitebaven» 
and a Baronet» K. G. cp 



1. H. III. 1. Henry L'Orti ; ob. 1341. To wbom iuceeeded 


I. I S99« 2. Henry L'Orti ; Summ, to Parl.6 Feb^ 27 Edw. 
I. 1899» «s " Henrico de Urtiaco." He was 
likewise summoned 8 June, 28 Edw. I. 1294, 
and 86 Jan. 25 Edw. I. 1297; but, for tbe 
reasons assi(;ned under "Clyyedon" and 
<' FiTZ-JoHN," it is doubtful if eitber of tbes« 
Writs can beconsidered as a regulär Summons 
to Parliament. Dugdale states tbat be died 
in 1321 ; but from tbe List of Summonses 
it appears tbat '* Henrico de L'Orty" was 
Summ, to Pari. Oct. 10, 19 Edw.K. 1325. 
Jübn L'Orti, bis s. and b. was never Summ, 
to Pari, and died s. P. M. leaving Sybil, wife 
of Sir Lawrence de St. Martin, and Marga* 
ret, wife of Henry de Esturmie« bis daugb- 
ters and cobeirs ; amoug wbose descendants 
and representatives tbis Barony is now in 


Viscountcy, 7 Dec 1816 

Vide Hastings. 

ILK 3 

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I. 1780.? 1. Alexander Wedderbu m ; CrcAted Baron Lougb- 
V 1795' > borough of Loughborougb, co. Leicester, 

14 Jone, 1780. Created Baron Luughboroui^h 
of Lougbborongh, co. Surrey, witb re- 
mainder» failing bis itsue male, to bis ne- 
pbew, Sir James St. Clair Enkine, Bart, and 
bis iuue male; failingwbiebyto Jobn Erskine, 
E«q. brotber of tbe said Sir James Erskine, 
Oct. 31, 1795; Created Earl of Rotslyn, co. 
Alid Lotbian, witb tba tame limitation, 
April 31, 1801 ; Lord Hi^ Cbancellor; ob. 
1805, 8. p. wben tbe Barony of Lougbbo- 
tougb, CO. Leicester, became ^SpttttCt ; but 
bis otber bonors devolved, agreeable to tbe 
above liroitation, on 

II. 1B05« 8. Sir James St. Clair Erskine, Bart, (descended 

from Sir Cbarles Erskine, Ist Bart, a younfper 
ton of Jobn, 7tb Earl uf Mar,) nepbew and 
beir, being t. and b. of Sir Henry Erskine, hj 
Janet, sbter and sole beir of tbe last Earl. 
Present Earl of Rosslyn and Baron Loogb- 
borongb of Lovfbborougb, co. Surrey, 
G.C.B. =p 



I. 1784. I. Huf^li Percy IH.-2d Puke of Nortbumberland, 

K. G.; Created Baron Louvaiiie of AInwick, 
CO. Nortbumberland, witb remainder to Al- 
gernon Percy, bis 3d son, and to tbe beirs 
male of bis body, 28 Jan. 1784; ob. 1786. 

II. 1786. 3. Algernon Percy, Sd son ; succeeded to tbe Bs- 

rony agreeable to tbe above limitation; Cre- 
ated Earl af Beverley 2 Nov. 1790. Present 
Baron Loiivaine of AInwick and Earl of Be- 
verley. =^ 



I. Jobn. 1. Godfrey de Lovaine, brotber of tbe Duke of 

Lovaine; ob. ante 1225. 

II. H. III. 2. Matthew de Lovaine, s. and b. ob. 1261. 




III. £d«r.I. 3. Matthew de Lovaine, s. and b.; Summoned 
8 June, 28 Edw. 1. 1294; but it is very 
doubtful, for tbe reasons assigned under 
** Clyvbdon," if tbat Writ can be considered as a regulär 
Summons to Pari.; ob. 1301, leavinp Thomas de Lo- 
vaine, bis s. and h. wbo, though summoned to be atNew- 
castle-opon-Tyne, 11 Edw. II. was nerer Summ, to Pari. 
John, bis s. and b. died in 1347, learing two daugbters 
bis eoheirs, viz. Alianore and Isabel, tbe Tatter of wbom 
diedl s. p. wben her sister became her sole her, and mar- 
rfedSIr William Bourebier, and wbose descendants, the 
Bürens Ferrers of Cfaartley, and Barons Bourchier, have 
been frequently styled " Barons Lovaine )" but it does not 
appear that Lovaine was ever a Parliamentary Barony, 
only one Writ of Summona, viz. S2 Edw. I. having been 
issued to the family of Lovaine, and whicb, as is eipressed 
elsewbere, can scarcely be deemed a Writ of Summons to 
Parüameni, Moreover, a Single Writ, even if tu a regulär 
Parliament, would not, it is helieved, constjtute a Ba- 
rony in fee descendible . to the heirs of the person so 



I. Steph. 1. William, the son of Asceline Goell, and grand- 
son of Robert Lord of Yvery in Normandy, 
assumed tbe name of Lovel,Lord of Kary, co. 
Somerset; ob. circa 1155. 

If. H. II. 3. Ralph Lovel, s. and h. ob. ante 1159. s.p. 

III. H.H. 3. Henry Lovel, brotlier and heir; living llS6i 

ob. ante 1199* 

IV. Rich.I. 4. Ralph Lovel, s. and b. ob. 1207, s.p. 

V. John. 5. Henry Lovel« brotber and heir; ob. 1218. 

VI. H.III. 6. Riebard Lovel, s. and h. ob. 1253. 

VII. H.III. 7. Henry Lovel, s. and h. ob. 1262. Richard Lovel, s. and h. ob. 126*3, 8.P. 

IX. H. III. 9. Henry Lorel, brotber and heir ; ob. circa 1280, 

X. Edw.I. lü.Hugh Lovel, s. and b. ob. 1291. 


I. 1348. 11. Riebard Lovel, s. and b. Summ. <o Pari, from 
20 Nov. 22 Edw. III. 1348,to 25 Nov. 24 Edw. 
HL 1350, as «* Richardo Lovell ;" ob. 1351. 
James Lovelle bis son and heir, dicd v. p. in 

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3$9 LOVEL. 

1348, leavlnf a son, Richtrd Lovel, who died 
vita avi, t. P. in the saroe year» wliereo|»on 
Muriel, bis sister, became hia heir, and wbo 
was consequently beiress to ber grandfather, 
Riebard, tbe last Baron. Sbe married Ni- 
cholas Baron St. Maur, wbose grand-dau, and 
beir, Alice» carried tbis Barony, togetber witb 
tbat of St. Maur, to William Lord Zoucbe 
of Haryngwortb ; and tbese dignities are oow 
in Abcyance between tbe cobeirs of Edward 
XI.*8d Baron Zoucbe of Haringwortb. Vide 
( St. Maur and Zouche of Harynqworth. 



L Ricb.l. ]. William Lovel, Lord of Minster Lovel, eo. 
Oxford, and Ticbmarsb, co. Nortbampton, 
brotber of Henry 3d Baron Lovel crf Castle 
Kari; ob. ante 1196. 

II. Jobn. S. William Lovel, b. and b. living 1819. 
III H. III. 3. Jobn Lovel, s. and b. living 1937. 
IV. Edw.1. 4. Jobn Lovel, s. and b. ob. 1286. 


1. 1S99. 5. Jobn Lovel, s. and b. Summ, to Pari, from 6 
Feb. 9,1 Edw. I. 1S99, to 36 July, 4 £dw. II. 
131 1, to tbe 28tb Edw. I. as << Jobaniii Lo- 
vel," and afterwards as <* Jubanni Lovel de 
Ticbmersb." He was also summoned S6 
Jan. 25 Edw. I. 1S97; but, for tbe reasons 
assigiied under « FiTZ-JoHN,'* it js doubtful if 
that Writ was a refipilar Summuns to ParL; 
ob. 1311. 

n. 1311. 6. Jobn Level, s. and b. Summ« to Pari, from 8 
Jan. 6 Edw. 11. 1313, to 29 July, 8 Edw. II. 
1314, as «Jobauni Lovel de Ticbmersb ;" 
ob. 1314. 

III. 1314. 7. Jobn Lovel, s. and b.; be was neverSumm. to 

Pari. ; ob. 1347. 

IV. 1347. 8. Jobn Lovel, s. and b. ob,I36l, infraaetatem,8.p. 

V. 1361. 7. Jobn Lovel, "brotber and beir; Summ, to I^. 

from 28 Dec. 49 Edw. IIl. 1375, to 26 Aup. 
8 Henry IV. 1407, as " Johanui Lovel de 
Ticbmersb ;" K. G. He married Maud» the 


LOVEL. 393 


prand-daa. and heir of Robert Baron Holand ; 
ob. 1408. 

VI. 1406. ]O.Jobn Lovel, s. and h. Baron Holand jure ma- 
tris; Summ, to Pari, from 20 Oct. II Henry 
IV. 1409, to 26 Sept. 2 Henry V. 1414, as 
<'Jobanni Lovel de Ticbmersh;" ob. 1414. 

Vif. 1414. II. William Lovel, son and heir; Summoned to 
Pari, from 24 Feb. 3 Henry VI. 1425, to 
20 Jan. 31 Henry Vf. 1453, as WiUielmo Lo- 
vel, Cbl'r;" he married Alice, dau. andevep- 
tually beir of Jobn Lord Deincourt, by Jo- 
hanna, dau and sole heir of Robert Lord Grey 
of RotberBeld ; ob. 1454. 

Vllf. 1454. I2Jobn Lovel, son and heir; Summoned to 
Pari, from 9 Oct. 38 Henry Vi. 1459, to 28 
Feb. 2Edw. IV. 1463, as •«Johanni Lovel, 
Cbrr." He married Joane, sister of William 
Viscount Beaumoiit ; üb. 1463. 


JX. 1463.^1. 1483. 13.Francis Lovel, 8. and h. Summ, to 
Pari, as ** Francisco Lovel de Lovel, 
Chl'r," 15 Nov. 22 Edw. IV. 1482; 
Greated Viscount Lovel 4 Jan. 1483» 
K. G. Slain 1487, S. P. and being 
attainted, all hisbonors, viz.the Ba- 
ronies of Lovel of Ticbmersh, Ho- 
land, Deincourt, and Grey of Ro- 
tberfield, bccame 
In consequence of tbe Attainder of Francis, tbe last 
Baron and Viscount Lovel, bis two sisters Aud heirs^ 
viz. Joane, wife of Sir Bryan Stapleton, and Frideswide, 
wife of Sir Edward N«rris, could not inherit tbe paternal 
honurs of tbeir family ; but they became heirs to tbeir ma- 
temal unele,Wi)liamViscount Beaumont,andconsequently 
to tbe ancient Barony of Beaumout. Vide Bbaumont. 



i. 1762. I. John Perceval, 2d Earlof K^monc in Ireland» 
(heir g^eneral of William Lovel, Baron Mor- 
It^y» Jure uxoris, utrcle of Francis, last Baron 
and Viscount Lovel) ; Created Baron Lovel 
and Baron Holland of Enmorei co. Somerset« 
7 May, 1762; ob. 1770. 





II. 1770. ^ Jobn Janet Perceval, a and b. 3d Earl of 

EpQont in Ireland; ob. 18S2. 

III. IBSS. S.John Perceval, s. and h. Present Baron Lovcl 

and Baron Holland of Enmore ; also Earl of 
E^mont» fte. in Ireland. ^ 



1. 1788« Thomas Coke ; Created Baron Level of Min- 
ster Lovel» co. Oxford, .. May, 1798; Cre- 
ated Viftc Coke and Earl of Leicester 9 May, 
1744, K. B. ob. 1759, s. p. m. «then all bis 
honora became 



. OF — — — 

I. 1348. Thomas Lovel ; presumed to bave been of tbe 
same family as tbe Barons Lovel of Tich- 
mersb ; Summoned to Pari. 18 Sept. 16 Edw. 
III. 1348, but never'afterwards, and of wbom 
Dugdale gives no account in bis Baronage, 



I. 1687* 1. Richard Lovelace; Created Baron Lovelace of 
Harley, co. Berks, 3 Ist May, 1687 ; ob. 1634. 

H. 1634. 8. John Lovelace, s. and b. He married Ann, 
dau. and at len^^th sole beir of Thomas last 
Earl of Cleaveland, and wbo succeeded as 
Baroness Wentworth in 1686; ob. 1670. 

ilT. 1670. 3. Jobn Lovelace, s. and h. ob. vita matris, 1693, 
S.P.M. Marthabis dau. and ultimately sole beir, 
became Baroness Wentworth in right of her 
grandmother, and died s. F. 

rv.' 1693. 4. Jobn Lovelace, cousin and beir male, being 
son and beir of William, eldest son of Francis 
Lovelace,^d son of Richard Ist Baron ; ob. 

V. 1709. 5. Jobn Lovelace, s. and b. ob. \7Ü% s. p. 



BARONS. , , 

Vi. 1709. 6. Nevin Lovelace, brother md beir; ob. 1736» 

8. p. «then tbis Barony becamt 




Bakony» S8 May, 1696— <S^tmct 1751. 

Barony and Viscountcy» 11 May, 1784— 4E^ttct 1803. 

Vide Lonsdale. 



1. 1797.— I. 1797. 1. James Lowtber Ist Earlof Lonsdale; 
Created Baron and Viscount Low- 
tber of Wbitebaven» co. Cumber- 
land for life, witb remainder, imme* 
diately after bis decease, to the beirs 
male of tbe body of the Rev. Sir 
William Lowtber, Ute of Swillin^on, 
CO. York, Bart. «6 Oct. 1797 ; ob. 
1802, s. P. wben tbe Earldom of 
Lonsdale, &c. became 4iptintt } but 
tbis Viseouiitcy and Barony devolved, 
agreeable to tbe said limitation, oü 

IL . ..— U. 1802. 2. Sir William Ltiwlber 2d Bart, son and 
beir of tbe above-mentioned Sir Wil- 
liam Lowtber; Created Earl of 
Lonsdale 7 April, 1807. Preseni 
Baron and Vi&count Lowtber of 
Whitebaven, Earl of Lonsdale, and 
a Baronet, K. G. t= 



1. 1644. I. Jobn Lucas s Created Baron Lucas of Sbeu- 
field, CO. Essex, 3 January, 1644, witb re- 
mainder, failing bi8*is6ue male, tu bis brotber 
Charles Lucas * and bis issue male ; in 

* This Charles was the celebrated Cohmel Lucas who was shot 
at Colchester by Cromwell j he died ?it» fratris, s, p. 


396 LUCAS. 


defAolt of wbicb» to Tbomas Lucas, wno was 

bU ttider brother by tbe same motber, but 

born before marriage, and bis issu« male } 

ob. 1670, ».P.M. 
IL 1670. $. Cbarles Lucas, sun and heir of Tbomas Lucas 

above mentioiied, tha natural brotber of tbe 

last Baron ; ob. 1688, s. P. m. 
IIL 1688. 3. Tbomas Lucas, brother and beir; ob. 1705, 

t. P. when tbis difj^nity became 


BARONBSS. - , - 

L 1663. I.Mary Lucas, dau. and sole heir of Jobo Ist 
Baron Lucas of Shenfield, and wife of An- 
thony Grey XXI.-l I th Earl of Kent ; Created 
Baroness Lucas of Cnidwell, co. Wilts» 7 
May, 1663, with tbe Singular remunder of 
tbe dignity of Baron Lucas aforesaid to ber 
heirs male by tbe Earl of Kent 5 failing 
whicb " tbe title not to be suspended, but to 
be enjoyed by such of tbe daugbters and co« 
beirs, if any shall be, as other indirisible 
inberitances by tbe common law of tbis 
BARON. realm are usually possessed ;" ob. 1700. 
h 1700. 2. Henry Grey, son and heir ; sucoeeded as 
XXlI.l^ih Earl of Kent 19 August, 1702 1 
Created Marques« of Kent, &c. in 1706, and 
Duke of Kent, in 1706; Created Mar- 
quess de Grey, with remainder, failing bis 
issue male, to Lady Jemima Campbell bis 
grand-daughter and sole heir, viz. dau. and 
sole heir of Lady Amabel Grey, bis eldest 
dau. deceased, by John Campbell, Viseount 
Glenorcby, and her issue male, $ May, 1740* 
K. G ; ob. 1740, 8. P. M. 

iL 1740. 3. Jemina Campbell, grand^daugbter and beir, 
wife of Philip Yorke, 2d Earl of Hardwicke» 
Marchioness de Grey j Ob. 1797, s.p.m. when 
the Marquisate became 4i^tintti but tbis 
Barony devolved, agreeable to tbe ligiitatinn» 
on her eldbst daughter 




Jlt. 1797* 4. Aroabell Hiime Campbell, who married Alex- 
ander, son and beir appareiit of tbe last Earl 
of Marcbmont, (wbo dted s. p. in 1781); 
Created Countesfr de Grey of Wrest, co. 
Bedford, «vith a special remainder, ^b Oci. 
1816. Present Baroness Lucas of Crudwell 
and Countess de Grey of Wrest. ^= 



J. Ueu.I. 1. Riebard de Lucie, Lurd of Disce, co. Nurfulk ; 
ob. circa 1180. 

n. H. II. 2. Riebard de Lucie, grandson and beir, being 
son and beir of Geolfrey de Lucie (ob. v. p.) 

son and beir of tbe la»t Baron ; ob , 

«». p. leaaing bis aunt Robais» wife of Robert 
de Dovor» bis beir. 



I. Ric.I. l.Reginald de Lucie, Lord of Egreroont, co. 

Cumberland, jureuxoris; ob. ante 1199. 

II. Jobn. 2. Riebard de Lucie, s. and b. ob. 1313, s. p. M. 

His two daugbters, viz. Annabell, wile of 
Lambert de Multon, and Alice, married to 
Alan de Multon, being bis cobeirs. 

III. Edw.I. 3.Tboma8 de Muhon, son and beir of tbe said 

Alan de Multon and Alice de Lucie bis wife j 
a&sumed tbe name of Lucie; ob. 1304, leav- 
ing Tbomas de Lucie bis son and beir, wbo 
died in 1308, s. p. wbose brotber and beir 


I. 1330. l.Antbony de Lucy, was Summ, to Pari, from 

15 May, 14 Edward IL 1320, to 24 Feb. 17 
Edward III. 1343 ; ob. 1343. 

II. 1342 2. Tbomas de Lucy, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

25 Feb. 16 Edward III. 1342, vita patris, 
and from 20 April, 18 Edward III. 1344, to 
4 Dec. 38 Edward III. 1364 ; ob. 1365, leav- 
ing issue Antbony de Lucy bis son and beir, 
wbo was never Pari, and died s.p.m. 
L L 

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398 LUCY. 

Hii onlj dMif hter, JMDe, dying an iRfant, 

Maiid hit sitter succeedcd to Che inberit* 

anoe } the marricd fir^t, Gilbert de Umfreville, 

Earl of Aasuf, and, tecondly» Henry XII.- Ist 

Earl of Nortbumberland, but dieds.p. whea 

Sir WiUiam Mdton, son of Joane de Lacy, sis- 

ter of Thooias tbe 9d Baron by Writ, was her 

heir, in whosedescendantstbe Barony created 

by the Writ of 14 Edward II. is presumed to 

be still tested. 

In consequence of the marria^ of Maod, the danghter 

and eventually sole heir of the last Baron Lucy mith 

Henry Xll.-lst Earl of Nortbumberland, it was stipulated, 

tbat tbe Castle and Honor of Cockermomb, part of the 

inheritanee of the said Maud, should be settied upon 

hfmself and her and tbe heirs male of tbelr two bodiesf 

failing whlcb, upon the heirs of her body ; and in case 

sbe should die without issue, tben upon Henry Lord 

Percy bis son and heir begotten on hisßrst wife, and the 

heirs male of bis body, upon condition, that the said 

Henry and bis heirs male should bear the arms of 

Percy quarterly with the arms of Lucy, viz. Gules tbree 

Lucies Argent, in all sbields, banners, ensigns, &c.; and 

notwitbstanding that the said Maud died without issue, 

the descendants of the said Earl were often styled Barons 

Lucy ; their pretensions to that Barony being manifestly 

without even the slightest foondätion. On the 30 April, 

1557» bowever, probably from tbe said assümption by bis 



I. I5&7« 1. Thomas Percy, s. and b of Sir Thomas Percy, 
who was attainted, the brother and heir of 
Henry Algeriion XVIII.-6tb Earl, was Cre- 
ated Baron Percy of Cockermouth and Pet- 
wortb, Raron Poynings, Lucy, Bryan, and 
Fitc^Pajne, with remainder, failing bis issue 
male^ to bis broiber Henry Percy and bis 
issue male ; Created £larl of Northiimber- 
land, wiüb tbe same UmatioR, Ist May, 1557; 
in wbicb dignity thts Barony, together with 
those abqve named, contimie4 merged until 
ibe deaib of Josceliae X^L-llth Earlof 



Nortbrnoberland in 1670» S.P.M, wb«n all bis 
boQOrs beoame 

Vide North UMBERLAND and Percy. 


I. Ric. I. i. Geoffrey de Lucie, also of tbis family ; ob.1252. 


I. 1S64. S. Geoffrey de Lucle, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

94 Dec, 49 Hen. III. 1^64 $ ob. ante 1286. 

II. 1288« 3. Geoffrey de Lucie, s. and b. Summoned 26 

JaD« 25 Edw. L 1297 J but it is very doubtful 
if tbat Writ c^n be considered as a regulär 
Summons to Parliament» vide <* FiT2-JoHN." 
Neitber tbls Baron nor any of bi« poeterity 
wereeTBraftefwards eummonedtoParliainent 


VwcoüNTcy, 27 May,1748.^-4ig]ptinct 1801. 

Vide Powis. 



I. 1384. 1. Ralpb de Lunley ; Summ, to Pari. 28 Sept. 8 
Rieb. II. 1384, to 30 Sept. 1 Hen. IV. 1399. 
Slain i^nd attaimted in 1400» wben bis bo- 
nofrs becRme 


II 1461. 2.Tboinas de Lumley» grandson of tbe last 
Baron, being ton and bcir of Jobn de Lum- 
ley, wbo was restoted in blood by Parliament 
in 1411,brotberand beirofTbomas de Lum- 
l^y (ob. infra sBtatein 1404), eldest soii of 
Ralpb tbe Ist Baron; obtained an A^ of Par- 
Hament in 146l«reversing tbe Attainder of bis 
in^ndfatber, and was Pari, from 26 
July, 1 Edward IV. 1461, to 16 Jan. 12 Hen. 
VII. 1497»; ob. circa 1497. 

* Dugdale does not State in what year he died ; Edmondson 
says be died in 1485, whicb is very improbable, firom the fact of 
bis having been regularly Summoned to Parliament until 1497» 
tivelve years afterwards. 



400 LUMLEY. 


III. 1497. 3. Geor^ de Lualey» b. and b.; he was nerer 

SumiD. to Pari. ; ob. 1508. 

IV. 1509. 4. Riebard de Lumley, g^randson and heir» beüif: 

son and heir of Thomas Lumley (ob. v. p.) 
eldest son of tbe last Baron ; Summ, to Pari. 
17 Oct. 1 Hen. VIII. 1509, and 38 November, 
3 Hen. VIII. 1511.; to the last Writ tbe fol- 
lowing addition U made on tbe Roll, ** Mor- 
tuus est, ut dieitur;" ob. 1510. 

V. 1311. 5. Jobn de Lumley, s. and b. Summ, to Pari. 

23 Not. 6 Hen. VIII. 1514; livingf 1538; ob. 
• ••• and George bis son and beir baving 
been attainted, tbe Barony became 
BARON. Cj^tintt, 

1, 1547* 6. Jobn de Lumley, grandson and beir, bein|^ 
son and beir of Geor^ Lumley (ob. v. p.) 
eldest son of tbe last Baron ; which George 
baving been attainted, tbis Baron was re- 
stored in blood by Act of Parliament 1547, 
wbereby it was enacted, tbat be and bis 
' beirs male sbould enjoy tbe dignity of a 
Baron; ob. 1609, 8. p. wben tbe Barony by 
tbe new Creation of 1547 also became 

In Marcb> 1733, tbe Barony of Lnmley was daimed 
by tbe Rev. Dr. Robert Lloycf as beir of Humpbrey 
Lloyd and Barbara bis wife, sister and ultimately sole 
beir of Jobn tbe last Baron ; but tbe House of Peers de- 
cided '* tbat be bad not any rigbt to a Writ of Summons 
to Parliament as prayed by bis petition ;" tbus deter- 
minin«:, that the ancient Barony restored to Thomas 
II.-2d Baron, became extinct on tbe death of John 5th 
Baron, by reason of tbe attainder of bis son George 
never faaving been reversed ; tbat John, the last Baron, 
was never restored to the ancient Barony ; ^nd that tbe 
creation of 1547, being limited to bis issue male, became 
extinct on bis demise s. p. in 1609. 

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BARomS. VIS«. 

i; leai.— I. 1689. Riebard Lumley, 3'1 Viscount Luroley 
off Waterforil in Ireland, son and heir of 
Jobn Lumley (ob. v. p.) eldest son of 
Riebard Ist Viscount Lumley, son and beir 
of Roger, eldest son of Anthony Lumley, 
2d son of Richard lV.-4th Baron Lumley ; 
Created Baron Lumley of Lumley Castle, co. 
Durham, with reroainder, failing bis issue 
male, to Henry bis brotber, and to bis issue 
male, 31 May, 1681 ; Created Viscnunt Lum- 
ley of Lumley Castle, 10 April, 1689, and 
Earl of Scarborough 15 April, 1690. 

Vide Scarborough. 



I. Jobn. l.GeofiFrey de Luterel; ob. I21T. 

II. H.IIC. S. Andrew de Luterel, s. and b. ob. 1264. 

IIL 3. Geoffrey de Luterel, son and beir; but be not 
being compos roentis, Alexander bis brotber 
BY WRIT. bad the custody of bis person. 

L 1295. 4. Robert de Luterel, the successor of the said 
GeoflFrey ; was Summ, to Pari. 24 June, 30 
September, and 2 Nov. 23 Edward I. 1295, 
but never afterwards; be was also Sum- 
moned 8 June, 22 Edward I. 1294; butit is 
very doubtful if tbat Writ can be considered 
as a regulär Summons to Parliament, vide 
** Clyvedon;" ob. 1296> leaving Geoffrey bis 
son and beir, but wbo never was Sumrooned 
to Parliament, nor were any of bis posterity 



I. Hen. L 1. William de Luvetot ; ob. ... . 

II. Stepb. 2. Richard de Luvetot, s. and h. ob 

IIL H. H. 8. William de Luvetot, s. and h. ob. circa 1 180, 
L l3 




s.p.M.Maud» bu dau.and ht\r, marr. Gerard 
de Fumival. 


I. H.H. 1 . Nifell de Luvetot, younger son of WlUiam lat 

Baron above meiitioBed. 
JX. H. II. 3. Richard de Luvelot, son and heir ; ob. ante 

lldse, 8.P. 
IIL Rt(*. I. 3. Roger de Luvetot» bro.and heir ; ob s. p. 

IV. Jubn. 4. Nigell de Lnvetot, brotber and beir; ob 

V, H. 111. 5. Roger de Luvetüt, s. and b. ob. 1^4, s. p. 

wbsn bis three sister« becaiae bis beirs. 



I. 1730. 1 . Jobn Wallop ; Created Baron Wallop of Wal- 
lop, CO. Soutbampton, and Viscount Lymlng- 
ton, in tbe said county, 11 June, 1730; 
Created fiarl of Ponsmoutb 11 June, 1743. 



1. 1814. I.Sir Tbomaa Gtabam, K.B. ; Created Baron 
Lynedocfa of Balgowaii, oo. Pertb, 17 May, 
1814. Present Baron Lynedocb« CG. B. ^ 


1. 1640. 


Edward Lytileton, descended from Thomas 
Lyttleton, tbe youngett son of Sir Thomas 
Lyttleton, K. B. tbe celebrated Jud|re < Cre- 
ated Baron Lyttleton of Mounslow, co. 
Salop, 18 Feb. 1640^ Lord Keeper; ob. 
1645, s. p. wben tbe title became 




I. 1757.). Sir George Lyttleton 5tb Bart, deacended from 
Sir Williaro Lyttleton, eldest son of Judge 
Lyttleton above mentioned ; Created Baron 




Lyttleton of Frankley, co. Worcester, 19 
Nov. 1757 ; ob. 1773. 

II. 1773. 2. Thomas Lyttleton, s. and h. ob. 1779» 8. P. 

wben tbe Barony became 

III. 1794. 1. William Henry Lyttleton, Itt Baron Westcote 

in Ireland, brotber of George Ist Baron 
Lyttleton of Frankley ; succeeded as 7th 
Baronet on tbe deatb of bis nephew Thomas 
tbe last Baron ; CreatedLord Lyttleton, Ba-, 
ron of Frankley, co. Worcester, 13 August 
1794; ob. 1808. 

IV. 1808. 3. George Fulke Lyttleton, son and heir. Present 

Lord Lyttleton Baron of Franckley ; also 
Baron Westcote in Ireland^ and a Baronet. 




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