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Full text of "A Tagalog English and English Tagalog dictionary"

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sn:PHi:.\ spavlulxg 



tlS£ O I 





English Tagalog 


• * 



Gt^arles Nigi 

w»P»P^< Aff ^ <— p* > ? ^ ^ 






• • • 

* • • 

6^'<^ D - 4*^ 


Ang dahilan nang pagsalat nitong libro^i, dili iba kun di ang maka 
abuloy nang pagpapakalat nang mahalagang wika nang Ingles na ngayo,!» 
lumalatag sa halos lahat nang manga naciones; kayft ang nasa nang sumulat 
ay ang tumulong hindi lamang sa manga Americano at Ingles na may pitang 
matuto nang wicang Tagalog kundi lalonglalO na sa manga maginoong taga 
rito sa Filipinas na ngayo^i, nagsusumikap sa pagaaral nang wikang Ingles. 

Pinagpilitan sa pamamagitan nang masiyasat at masinip na paghahalunkat 
ang pagtitipon nang lahat naug manga matatanda at manga batang salita at 
wikang Tagalog sampo nang manga kahulugan nang bawat isa upang mai- 

hulog sa wikang Ingles at gayon din naman ang wikang ito sa Tagalog at 


gayondin naman pinihit ang ibinigay sa bawat isang wika sa paghuhulog ang 
halaga at kahulugan sa iba at gayon din na man ang manga tinatauag na 
Frances baga^ ay pinilit ang magkaroon nang tunay na kahulugan sa kaniyang 
tunay na halaga ss iba. 

Ang librong ito, ay nakasulat sa bagong ugali nang pagsulat nang 
wikang Tagalog; Kaya ang titic na C ay naging K: ang Gui ay naging gl: 
ang Qui ay naging ki; at U ay ang naging W. At dahil dito kung may ha- 
liauaping salita na sa dati ay nasusulat sa C at hindi makita ay dapat ha- 
napin sa K. At gayon din naman ang m^nga dating nasa Qui ay dapat hanapin 
sa Ki; at ang dati sa U ay hanapin sa W. 



The author's object in compiling and publishing this 
book is to put before the public a work that will aid 
both the American and the Filipino in learning either 
English or Tagalog whichever the case might be. 

It has taken about three years to compile it and 
each word has been thoroughly tested so tliat the 
definitions will be found correct. 

It is written in what is called the New Tagalog 
which differs from the old in the following respects. 
The C has become K, Gui has been shortened to gi; qui 
has been changed to Ki and w is generally substituted 
for U. Therefore should a i^erson look for a word that 
begins with C and fail to find it he should turn to K; 
should he be unable to find Qui he should turn to Ki; 
and in case of u should turn to w. 




In a pioneer work of this character it could hardly be lioped that where 
tliere are so many opportunities sunie errors would not creep in, but these 
for tlie most part are trivial and of the sort to be expected until Manila 
typesetters beoonie more accustomed to Enjrlish orthography and American 
ideas of exactness. 

It is suggested that teachers would do well to make these corrections in 
ink in the appropriate places and tliat as most of the changes only involve 
a letter or two the task would not be diflicult. The word as it now appears 
is given tirst in this list, after the page number, and Tagalog, followed by 
the corrected form. 

7 aba po-Virgen-Virgin.alaala momento-memento.-alalayan-assert-assist. 

8 andukhahel paid help, aid 

9 apo-descondent (lescendent.- asinan-pikcle-pickle.-ayunan ang iba-suscribe- 


10 babala sa madala-programe-program.-bagay--de«ig- design.- bagay -usefur-- 

useful. --bagsik stricness-etrictnessi-narshness harshness. -bahidsing sign, 

11 bala rheart-threat. 

12 banta nntion notion. -l)aj«agfrac'ered-fractured. 

13 bigyan-signif signify, bigyan ka})angyarihan-autorize-authorize -bigyang sin- 

dak frjggten-frigliten. 

14 bihis-clotaes- clothes.-hilas-marrp-marry.-bilog-spahere sphere. - binti - shang- 

shank- -binvajian- Chriatian-Christian.- biroan-caroucol-carousal. -biruin- 
6oke-joke. binubukulan origen-origin. bisa positivility-possibility. bilog 

15 bugtong -puzjle -puzzle.- buhatan -impaech-impeach.-buhaylivoly l\vely. bu- 

hayin -resusticate resuscitate, buig-buuch- bunch; racenne -raceme.- bukal 
origen-origin; eourse course; linst-first.-bukod sa iba-feroign-foreign.-l uk- 
san-rhow show. 

16 bulaw wilb-wild.-bulukan-rotiing-rottinsr,-bumabasa -beader-reader -bumbuan- 

grown-crown.-bunjukal sprink spring.-bumukod-separste separate. 

17 butihan-pertecfon perfection; butil frain-grain. butlig-pustle-pustule -cabelle- 

riza estable stable. -canta churous chorus. daan-ocasionoccahion. 

18 dahasan-ferce-for(e;-stregtbeu-strengthen, daing mormur-murmur;-suplication 

supplication. -dakila-illustration iliustriouNj-magesti majestic; -magaificent 
magnificent;-protent potent;-wealty -wealthy;- transciendent -transcpndent 
dakip cappure capture dali instunt-instant.-dalidalian pispose dispose.-Ha- 
litaan- suffe suffer. -dalitaincompoort coniport; condesend-condescend.-da- 
losdalos idrot idiot. 

19 damihan-ougnient augment, dapat iealang hanorable honorable. -dapat ipagta- 

gubilin laudable-laudable. -dapat magalingin nepectable respectable. -dapat 
parub-ahan-puishable punishable, 

20 cliccionario-dietiiJiiary dictionary -di hikayat incorruptable-incorruptible.-dika- 

rampatan-imprope-improper. dikdikin-crash-crush.-dilag grarduer-grandeur 
brlllancybrilliancy.-di maba))ago stapla-staple; anchangable unchangeable, 
di rnahiirpit-unstaple ur stable. -di makararaan-imj)assible -impassable, di 
nialapatan unlic-unlike; une(iuaune(iual.-<li malirip inscrutable inscrutable, 
di ni:iruti()n<r niag veracios veracious. -di matarok-unfathonable unfathoma 
able, di Misasalang numingled-unmingled. 

21 dios iiTr alak linchus Bacchus, di pagka-palagay inconstanty inconstancy, di 

sapat -'nadcijuaty- ina<le(|uacy. -dispunte -backstich backstitch. -dowahagi- 
porsiiit-pu'siiit. dowaiia^inin- pcrsue pursue. <luende--f ray-fay. dulu suniic- 
summ t duinal abhorencc-abborrcnce. (himalas- fre(iuant frequent. -dum- 
iian polute jxdlute. 

22 dunong. sicnco scicii((\- dnrng- ushed- crushed, durugin -(Tasli-crush.-dusta- 

oltjectabjcct iragai-in niark out fcnut. 
2:5 'jaliug- l)('}iclit hcnelit; suti]ity-uti]ity.-galit-aiigray-angry;-<iretfulfretful.-galit 

— 2 — 

na tj:alit mery very.^Hinot purtion-pfjUon. -^amutin-dotor- doctor. - jrnniri 
vtdilecit videlicei.-gapusin gyne gyve. 

24 g.iyak preperative prej) rative;-poniptious poinpoim.-gayatin sltice slice. -gibaiii 

mark out lerbel. Kilala«in-tiindi-timid. gikban asyiat assist.-giliiigiii grindi- 

25 gulo n dissention disfc<ension.-gulo-a corilased confused. -gululiin ang-confonnd. 

coiifoiiiid.-guniagad niinic-niiniic. guniinhawa aiig troin-froni 
27 gunamgunam refUxion reflection, gunieuni-pantoni-phaiiioni.-habag, habagin 
coinpasion compassion -liahiin eonuf^e-c.onfuse. 

27 hampasin ng catne cane, bari-severign sovereign. 

28 ha\van-di8engagad-diBengagedbawanan-dissengage-disengage;facinirate faciH 

tate.-liigantivengence vengeance bikayat,bikayati»i facination fascination; 
facinale fasrinatf^.-bilawincrnde crude, binianbinian tiatery tiattery. 

29 bindi nagbnbat ooriginai origii-al. 

30 binlog forfatbers forefatbers. birangin-cbose-clioose.-biwasan enon. -biyaw se- 

ream scream. 

31 hub<b\n- deude-denude.-hubog carver curved, -bukayin n)nb extume exbunie - 

bulan propbecy propbesy. liuli adv.-mark out yelj); yelping. -bulihan-pack- 
back. bulma-nntrice matricc-. bulugin ng-ernctify sanctify bumabaprotroct 
protract, bumakbang stirs stir. 

32 bumarap appaer-appear. Immiyaw oyell yell bumpay-interrudtion interrup 

tion. humula v. perdictprr-dict. bumupa weak-weak, 

33 ibaon -preoare prepare, ibu id, ibulusok ruin rain.-idagdag inscrease increase. 

idarang seortcb sco cb.-igalang reganls regard. - igiba demoisb - deniolisb.- 
ibabilin comission commission. 

34 ibuldg ang tormenst- torments, ilag-w exasion-evasion. ilagay sa ibang-trans- 


35 ilagay sacodigo codefy codify, ilap-willness-wildness.-ilarawan-portrait-portray 

inamov-smelesd smelled. 


36 mark out Ji rat two linen at top (tf first cv>»/<f;>/w. inutog enlage enlarge.-ipagin 

tin<li annunce announce, ipagkaloob-cencede concede. 

37 ipagtulakan imdel - impel, i. abintnlot-privelegeprivilege -ipasan loaid-load- 

ipatalo-let lose-let loose, ipatuloy- ersue pursue. 

38 isabog layisb lavisii.-isulat ang ngalan marticulate matriculate -itago-idclose 

inclose, itak gorn corn. 
89 itatua cuntradict- contradict. itula»'-persue-pursue.-iulireestablib reestablisb 

40 kababayan-foUow-fellow.kabagayaccomadating accommodating, kabaitan-di 

seretion- discretion kabait.n sa pagtupad concientiousness conscientious- 
ness. -kabangubanfiagracyfragrancy. 

41 kabigatan gaavitygravity.-kabiglaanan (juicbness-quickne^s. 

42 kahabaan ng bubaylongetivy longevity. kaluunbugan-pompuosity-ponip^>sity 

kabigpitan-pertenacity-pertinacity. kabinaanng effeniinence,effeminaieness 
effeminency, effminacy. 
AA kaiklian ng-dulness- luUness.-kailangang indespensil)le indispensable. 

44 kakulangan ng bait- indescretion-iniliscretion. -kalaban- oncmy-enemy. kala- 

baw-carabou carabao kalagayang bata peiulity j)uerility. kalakban ngkata 
wan corpulodcy-corpQlency. kalaulin forsee-foresee. 

45 kalibugan-lowneslowness. kaligayabangayaty gaiety, kaliitan sutility-subtilty 

kalog-emputy-empty;ball()W-bollow. kalupaan bondiness bonieliness. 

46 kamangmangan- dulness -dullness. -kamote potatoc-p( tato kMmukbasniilarsi 

milar. kanmraan -sauvity-suavity. kanunuan forefetlicrs forefatbers. kapa 
bayaan abandoment- abandonment, kapal tickness tbickness. kapalaluan 
arogance arrogance; pompuosity pomj)osity: j)onipuousness pompousness. 
kapanabunan epportunity opportunity 

^7 kapangyariban meams means.- karangalan exellence ex«ellence karaniwan 
prevalent prevalent. 

48 karapatan mert-merit karuagan effenunence, effeminateness-efliminency, effe 
minacy karupukan britleness, brittlenes-; weadness, weakness basalau 
laan -inipnrity impurity -kasalbahian savgatness savngeness.-kasaliwaani: 

- 3 — 

inconstencv, iuconstaiii'v; fii'pleness, ficklenesi^, kaj^aliwaanji pala<l illiluk 

40 ka«iibaan-glottuny-^lii ton y-kasiguriihan sponner sponsor kasiraan niistakmis 
take kasiraaii ng i»iiri degre«lation ilegraiiation.kasuknbaii-threacliery trea- 

oO katjinipalasanan- petiilence-petulance. katan<laan longlevity-longevity-katata- 
^'aan adv -midding-nii J«iling. katlia-niinde-inind.-katitntiinaii ng cunt<tanck 
constancy, katiyagaan-persistance-persistence. 

51 katnlinan. accleration-arceleration. katusulian-sagacousness-sagaciousness. ka- 
ukol coreespondent correspondent.kaunalian preceedence precedence.-k <- 
imuran.-dnlnesM dullness, kanpasalaan threachery-treachery. kausap-wliich 
whoin.-kawalan ng baitindescretioi -indiscretion, kaw Ian ng gawa liesure 
leisure.-kawalan ng gusto displeasnse displeasure kawalan ng hi a-shanie 
shanielei^snessi-tilippancy- -tiippancy kawalan ng kailangan abandonmant 

62 kayabaiigan -ponipuosityjpomposityi-ponipuousnessjponipousne^s.-kayanianan 

nianion uran.nion.-kgyarianperpection -perfection, kilalaninfu» see-foresee 
kiling inclanation, inclination; sidp, ^ide. 

6'^ kuhingan ng tupa. sheep-fnhi slifep-fold. 

f)4 kuniapal-enlargo enlarge. -kuniapit sieze seize -kumpisalin ascartain-ascer^ain 
kung-thongh- though, kupitin-theive-thieve. kurap niuvurient-inoveiueht.-kuro 
imagnation-iinagination. kuruin concept conceive. 

65 kuyumpism-r/f ^>uf denie{i.-labahin, labhan laundry launder. -lagpos-a.-exhor- 

56 lagusavv-rustlinyrustling, lahatlahat guite-quite.-lahi-8ept,sect; foction, faction 

lakas ng pronititutde promptitude, laki ng anoman granduer-grandeur. 

laman-esscfnce-essence.laniasin-handell handle. 
67 lainpas-exssive, excessivei-exhorbitant, exorbitant.-lainu^'inpumel pummel 

lansetang-lacne lance.-lanta-a.-w fthered-- withered. -lasap-aesthetice-aesthe- 
tics. latag outspaead-outspread. 

58 latak ng alak lee lees -laya-ereedom-freedom -lihisan-evoid avoid, likc-unllaw- 

fui-unlawful.-limbagin muli-republisp-republish. 

59 linkod sa woer-wooer. linta-leach leech. -listahan-dock docket. -listalian ng mga 

tawong voice invoice litaw a.-si-ncible sen8ible;-w apearance-appearance li- 
wanaganivolve.-evolve -loob ng buiaklak corollo corolla.-loob ogdibdib bu- 
som bosom-luat prolixnees prolixness.-lubag-toose loose.-lubhang-exhorbi- 
tant t xorbitant.lubhang hambog presumptions presump uous 

60 lubugin-vvatar water.-lugal lien lieu lugal na 

hog suplication-supplication.lumalo eurpo88-surpass;-ontvie outvie. 

61 lumigalig terrupt.interrupt.-lumiko sa tlm rtght the ri^ht.-lumipana certain 

print-certain point lunntak-creak-crack. 

62 lusawincosurae consume. niaamoy-oderous, odorousjoderiferous odoriferous. 

63 mabalakubak-scurry scurfy. -mabango-arromatic-aromatic; oderiferous, odorife- 

rous;-oderous, odorous. -mabiglato to be mabisa-diligence diligent.-mabuhav 
uli.-re^U8ticate resuscitate. 

64 mabulungin grumbling grumbling, mabunyi-renowmed- renowned, maburak 

mlry-miry -mabuti convenient convenient. -madaling hubugin-eithe lithe 
madidikit vicid viscid. 

66 magagalitin-seasily easily, -magagamit servicible -serviceable -magaling-mag- 

nanamous magnanimous.- magaspang- incident -indecent.- niagbahala a rn 
care.magbakod fance-fence.-magbalita-warm warn. 

66 magbawas siuk-sink -magbigay lugod gr-itity gratify. -magdalit cant chant.-njaji- 

dilim ang-mar/c out tach.-magdugtong-at-attach. 

67 magitla-starled.-startled-magitlahin-skittlish skittish. 

68 magkaisa angof at.-magkanlalabis overfowoverflow. 

69 maglaro-ganblogambol.-magmula- ame come. 

70 magpaaraw -oa- to.-magpahirap - everpow^er - overpower, - magpalakas-stregth 

strength.-magpamana demtze demise.- magpasakitpaini-nain. 
72 magsubukan spig-spy. magtuli-circumsize-circumcise. magutom hanger-hunger, 
mahalay-impudent imprmlent. mahalin profer-prefer. 


— 4 — 

74 mahinahon prndent prudent; courtious-courteous. mahihin obliging obliging, 
mahirap dissatrous diHastrous. 

76 niakabubuhay nonriying nourishing. -makaisaang layoof at-makasinglayo of-at 
<6 makatuladlake like, niakiapid adulterate connnit adulterv.-makinvon acomo- 

date accommodate niakipajrawayoposse-oppose. makipagcapowa-corteous. 
courteous.-malabis exhorbitant-exorbitant. 

77 nialabo uninteligible-unintelligible -malago fruitrul fruitful. -malajrpoa exxces- 

sive-excessive. malakay afort afoot dravvny brawny -malambot plaint-pliant, 
malangib scurry-.» curfy. malangis oleagnecu*» -oJeagenous.-malason poiasn 
poison, malason-a.-venemos-venomous malibag filty filthy. 

78 nialiit na maliit litle little, malinaw crear clear.-malipos full of of pustles full of 

pustules -malulutang bouyant buoyant. -malunia become become-malumbay 

79 mamahala reek reck.-mamantal biten bitten -manahan-rsNide seside. nianaing 
misfurtuness -misfortunes, manainga -hear en -barken. -manintas -cristicize 

manduduit-thiel thief. mangagamotng-vetrinarian,veterinarian;-ferrier, farrier, 
mangagkayonkayon Gonsert-concert inangahas agressive ajzgressive. 

81 nianghimasok Interrup interrupt maiighinapang farce force, manindal-added 


82 nianunulsa- papist-rapist. -mapagbasagulo-'.-outious -captious.- mapagkit- vicid 

88 niapagod-uot out. mapagwari maditating.meditating; oontemplative,comtempla 
tive -mapakialam mad'ilesome meddlesome, mapakikinabangan--* ervicil)le, 
serviceable.'utseful, useful, mapalagay chose-choose. mapang agad quiclky. 
quickly.-mapatpatdifinite definite 

84 mapatulala stufeyin^, stupefying; wondeful, wonderful, mapaghati-sntipha- 

tethic antipathetic, marangal- exellent excellent.-marikit -genseel- genteel; 
handtome- handsome. marumhBn-bedpatter. - bespatter. - marumi grtmy 
grimy;-droosy-drossy.-marungis-dro()8y-(lrossy;af top o/^^rt^c/yo-uninndtece, 
indecent; bejoming, unbecoming; liewd lewd. 

85 masagana-evcessively. excessively. -masaktan main, maim; affend, offend, masa- 

lab-scortch- scorch.- masama n fault fault, masamain aHhor-abhor. masiba 
gluttinousgluttonous. niasiala diligect <liligent 

80 niasundo -arter after. -mataba- fertille fertile. -mataginting-sonoreus sonorous. 

masobasob to full down to pull down, niasundo-arter-after.-masupok to be 
on sumed to be consumed^. 

87 matapa gay:ressive- aggressive. -matatangaj)-recievable receivable,- matibay 

storng strong; peimament permanent. -matiis-obstinent-abstinent.-matowid 
glhteouly righteously. 

88 matungol aportain -appertain. -matuwa joiful-joyful.-mauhaw thristy- thirstv. 

mauna preceed precede, mauntogoolide collide. -mawalan ang hiya-same 
shame mawalan ang pitagan-imprudent-impudent-.may ari propietor 

89 may katowiran justiticable-justifiable. may panganib mahulo^-wevering wave- 

ring, may puri virgen-viri:in, may sala-dilinciuentdelinquent.-may tatlong 
wika-trilenguar triangular, niiniiidal lucheon luncheon. -mitsa-which wick- 
monja mun-nun.-mahi-xexation vexation;- abhorence abhorrence.-- muhiin 
teidous tedious. 

90 nadadaya -docieving-deceiving, naL^alay-dedication dedication, nagaarawmerci 

nary-mercenary.-nagbabalita narraton-narrator. nagbabanalbanalan demur 

91 naghabandog-donater-donator. nagkakadugtong continuos continuous; asiduous 

assiduous.-nagkasala-violater-violator. nagoapastol herdsmen-herdsman. 

92 nakahihikaiyat exciting exciting. -nakahihiyaabomnible abominable; hienous 


93 nakasusukananseons nauseous, nakatatawa ludricous ludicrous. -nangis -crys; 

obsnivel-cry; sob; snivel. 

94 napapaloob withim-within. nararamdaman sensitiva sensitive, nauukol sa re- 

velant relevant. -nauukol sa bato peruU' puerile, nauukol sa lupaeartly 


— 5 — 

earthly, nauukol sa mga kiilay chromatis-chromatic. 
96 nauukol sa pagtangi-negatory.-nugatory.-nauukol sa • tiyan- ventrial- ventral, 
nauna-preceeding preceding, ngala-ngala-pharnyx-pharynx.-ngimi-emerity 
temerity. nilayin meditate meditate. -ningning-lu8teo--lu8ter;gleen gleam, 
niya-it's-ite.-huno spight, sprigfct; pantom-phantom-ni-wit with. 

96 ordenanza ordenance-ordinance. -oyamin riducule ridicule.-owangrembles-re- 

sembles.-pabaya-indescreet- indiscreet.-pabuya premium - premiun.-paga- 
aliw-liesure. leisure. -pagaanin-aleviate alleviate. 

97 pagalipusta effontry-effrontery.-pagalis-agression aggression. -pagbabalin tun a 

perpersity perversity, pagbanalbanalanhypocricy hypocrisy. 

98 pagbawiredemtion-redemption. pagbubuhat- baginwing beginning, pagdahas 

coersion coercion. 

99 paggiba-desolution-desolation.-pagullamos -pinching pinching.- paghahalili-re-. 

Uiousness.-paghihiwalay-devergency- divergency paghiluman ng sugat 
knittisg-knitting. , 

100 pagiiwan-abandonmant-abandonment. pagiyak-corying-crying-pagkabalisares 

lessmess-restlessness. pagkabata-perulity puerility.-pagkabawi recevt'ry-re- 

101 pagkabigla quikness -quickness- pagkadiosdiety deity. -pagkahibang-delirim 

delirium, pagkakagalitan- qurreling -quarreling.-pagkakalingacolicitude-sp 
li( itude. pagkakamukha likiness likeness; equaelity equality. 

102 pagkakasalimoot-deustiy- density.-pagkakayas -whitling-whittling.-pagkalipol 

distruction, destruction; extinclion-extinction.-pagkalubog submersion 

103 pagkasagi broshing brushing.-pagkatina- dying-dyeing.- pagkukunuwari-hypo- 

cricy-hypocrisy -pagkukupkup protectios- protection.-- pagkupas pading-fa- 
ding -pegkuskus catching scratching.-paglabag, paglaban-resistence-resis- 
tance. paglabas - exodos exodus, paglagin prequence-frequence.-paglagom 
junciure-juncture.-paglaktaw ng-elipsis-ellipsis. 

104 pagligalig- definity definite. -paglilibHUg-liesure -leisure.-- pagluhog, pagma- 

maka-anosuplication -supplication. -pagmamatowid-dissentation-disserta- 
tion.- pagmamana- inkeritance-inheritance.-pagmamatwiran-disquisitation, 
disquisition; dissencation dissertation. 
106 pagpaalaala— momento-ruemento -pagpapahayag -anunciation- annunciation, 
pagpapahinga liesure-leisure.-pagpapasakit-tortuetorture. 

106 pagpilipit wreating-wreathing.-pagpilit-coersion-coercion.-pagpukol-trow-throw 

pagsaldt-proverty poverty. 

107 pagsalin-emptingemptying. -pagsasalab-sQortching-scorching -pagsuhol subor- 

dination subornation. pagsukot humilliation-humiliation. 

108 pagtatamo sufference-sufferance.-pagtatanaw dicernment discernment.-pagtigil 


109 pagtupad ebedience obedience. 

111 palakasin renove-remove.-palangoy bouyant-buoyant. 

112 palasugal-quambler- gambler.-palihim-surreptuously surreptitiously, palutang 


113 pamamanglaw- lonliness-lonelinees.- pamankin-neice-niece.-pamuti-adorment 


114 panauhan-border-boarder.-pangamba-8Uspence-su8pense;-indici8ion indecision. 

pangapas siekle 8ickle;-gyue-gyve. 
1 16 pangatngat - nible-nibble.-panghinuli- earpliick • earpick.-panginoon-propietor 

proprietor, panglaw-lonliness-loneliness.-pangpatulog-marcotic-narcotic. 
116 pangpatuyo-drien-drier.-paniniba-closhes clothes. -panipit-princers-pincers-pa- 

nudlok stimulan-stimulant. 
1)7 panyo-hankerchief-handkerchief. paragala-girt-gift. 

118 parusa-penality penalty.- -requittal-requital — paaalurga-pe' ugnantly- repug- 

nantly, -pasuin-scortch-scorch.-patabain maka-make-patago - clandestinety 

119 patawarin- pardon- pardon.-patayin-quenca-quench.-patutot-poostitute-prosti- 

tute.-payo-admoniton admonition. 


1 I 

I : 

— 6 — 

120 pijrsa-abcess abscess.-palihin-disortdistort. 

121 pito picolo piccolo. 

122 pumana-orrow arrow, pumayapatranguilize tranquilize.puinukpuk trob tlirob- 

pumuno pod pad. purihin plaudit applaud. 
113 pusod ng novel-navel. -putliii, putulin resind rescind. 
124 sakit desease disease.-sakit na naka-venerial desease- venereal-disease. 

126 salabin scortch-scorch.-salahula slutish-sluttish.-salitaan convenant- covenant. 
226 salawahang indicision-indecision-salubsob-on-or. samd homliness homeliness; 

misfurtune misfortune.-sambahin ang indolize idolize. 

127 sapat-anough enough, sapilitan-indespensible-indispensable.-saya na ecstacy 


128 sigaws heech screech.-sigawan gowl howl, sikap - afticiousness-officionsness 

sikapat sikolo-cento cents.-silab, silabin- scortch scorch.-siksik thich thick, 
imaron iotractible intractable sinapupunan grons-groin. 

129 siraandelapidate dilapidate sirain ang mabuting,-puri-viliate vitiate, sisi re- 


130 sugathether tether.-siihol bride bribe; subordination- subornation. -suklam-dis- 


131 sumasamba saadolater idolater.sumaya to elate-to be elate, sumira delapi- 

date dilapidate.-sumisigaw-cryer-crier. 

132 sundan-persue-pursue.-sunodsunod-alterate-alternate. sunugin-ecortch-ecorch. 

1 33 taba-corpulancy-corpulency.-tabas pusod-naval-navel.-tabi-margen-margin.-taga 

bilang acomptant accomptant. tagakabila-a.-transmountane-transmountain. 

134 tagiliran-margen-margin.-tagliran-fllank-flank. 

136 tali-litigation-ligature.-talino guickness quickness. -talohaba-elipse-ellipse. 

136 tandaan-memoramdum-memorandum.-tangapin reseive-receive. -tankay -culm; 

handon-culmination. tarok-profoundity-profundity. 

137 tayantangin-to be well-to be well acquainted. 

138 tinagin-nove move. 

139 tipirin enonomize-economize -tubos-redemtion-redemption. 

140 tulisan sa dagat-corsican corsair.-tumag lid lay lie. 

141 tumpak knac-knack 

142 tumuntong-accupy-occupy. 

143 udlok-boman-instigater. 

146 unatin-stcatch stretch.-usigi persne-pursue. 

146 usisain-scrutenize-scrutinize. -utal-stuterer- stutterer.-utusan edict-make edict. 

viage-jonrney-journey.-virgen-virgen-virgin.-walaon-no.-walang-gawa liesure 

147 walang kabuluhan -addle-addled.-walang -kahulugan-wortlesss-worthless. wa- 

lang lamanaddle addled. 

161 Andres-Adrew-Andrew.-Cristina, Chistiana, Christiana, Cristino Chistian 

Christian. Enriquetta Henrieta Henrietta. Josepa Josaphine Josephine. 
Margarita Margarita Margaret. 


162 Nicolas Nicolas Nicholas. 

16i3 Josaphine Josaphine Josephine. 

164 Balph Balph Ralph, 

166 abbetabbey. 

168 acoos-across 

160 advise-noMn-advice-avisory-advisory.-affoot a-foot. 

161 albietalbeit. 

162 amatuer amateur. 
164 annus anus. 

171 basam-balsam.-bainsh-banish. 

176 blowse-blouse. 

177 boats waim boatswain. 
179 beezebreeze. 

182 but-HOwn butt.-calculou8-«ouw-calcuIu8. 
184 caribou carabao. 
196 candone condone. 
-197 contemtuous-conteniptuous. 

198 coutradictory-contradictory. 

199 cadatecordate. 

202 crociform-crnciform. 

209 diety deity. 

210 disvelieve-disbelieve. 
216 duodesimalduodeciiDal. 

226 eurie eyrie -facination-fascination. 

232 f on teen fourteen. 

236 gas coal-oil.geniel-genial. 

238 grande-grandee. 

239 grogery-groggery. 

242 headguarters-headquarters.-htasehaste. 

243 underhemp mark-out copra. 
247 I-conj if 

2 48 inparity imparity .-impheacment-impeachment. 

249 impromtu-impromptu. 

266 ihundate inundate.-iracible irascible.-ironicsronioal-ironics ironical. 

259 keyver 6-lock 

261 larcency-larceny.-laterly-latterly. 

269 meadw-meado-mead, meadow. 

271 midgeomidget. 

273 nunerally-numerally. 

289 oglleogle. 

286 penant-pennant. 

287 permament-permanent. 

188 piet-pier.pharnyx-pharynx.-piano-pianofortr-piano, pianoforte. 

294 probosis-proboscis. 

296 premptitude-promptitude.prohetic prophetic. 

304 repitition-repetition. 

305 resusticate, resuscitate.-resuBtication resuscitation. -reticle-reticule. 
310 senatorium-sanatorium. 

312 scissors-vcrfescissor.-screach-screech. 
315 sarpnes sharpness. 
317 shwb-shrub. 

321 safa-sofa. 

322 soncery-sorcery. 
S23 soverignsovereign. 
324 sgongy-spongy. 
235 stalliont stallion. 
326 stalwar-stalwart. 
331 supolant-supplant. 
334 tatertatter. 

336 teaminationtermination. 

341 tradegy-tragedy.-tranpierce transpierce» 

346 uun-un-a |)rc/!a;.-unapunapt. 

348 uneigborly-unneighborly. 

351 venicon-venison. 

357 wh tile.- whittle- wifehoop- wifehood. 

358 witess- witness. 




Antokn-Sleepiiiess; drowsiness; som- 
nambulance; somnambulaniy. 

Anvahan r-To invite; stand treat. 

Anyaya «Invitation. 

Anvon-Civilitv; custom: habit; outline; 
plan; scheme; project; means; form; 
manner; shape. 

Apad nColic: cramps. 

Apat wFour. 

Apat na daan «Four hundred. 

Apat na panulukana-Four cornered; 

Apat na puo-n-Forty. 

Apawan-rTo submerge: inundate; over 

Apdo n-Bile, gall. 

Apellahan ang usap n To appeal. 

Apo w-Grand child; descondent. 

Apog n-Lime. 


Apo sa talampakan-n-Great grand 

Apoy-w-Fire; conflagration. 

Apuhapin-r-To feel or grope one's 

Apuyan n-Heart; fire place stove. 
Aral n-Doctrine; teaching; instruction; 

AralanvTo instruct; teach; advise; 

educate; drill; inform; apprentice. , 
Aral na patnugot-w-Maxim: axiom. 

Ararohin-v-To Plow; furow. 
Arjyv* n Day. 
Araw nang kapanganakan-w-Birthday; 

day of birth. 
Araw nang fiesta-n-Holiday. 
Araw sa langit n Sun. 
Ari w-Fortune: farm; state. 
Ariin t'-To own-use. 
Ariin ang di kaniyar-To usurp. 
Ari nang sarili-n-Fortune; property; 

Aropel n-Tinsel; tinfoil. 
Areglahin-V'To organize; arrange; 

Arzobispo «Archbishop. 
Arokinv-To try; fathom; sound. 
Asa-n Hope; expectancy. 
AsahanvTo hope for; expect; await. 
Asal-n-Custom; habit; mode; style; action; 

Asal batan-Actions of a child. 

Asamasam M-.lnxiety; hankering: an 

guish: longing. 
Asamasamin-<;-'lo hanker; long for; 

Asarol «Hoe. 
Asawat» Spouse. 

Asawang habayi-w-Wife; helpmeet. 
Asawang lalaki« Husband. 
Asim«-Cru<lity; cj-udeness; sourness. 
Asin « Salt. 

Asinan-vTo salt; corn; pikde; cure sea- 
son*, brine. 
Aso «Dog. 

Aso «Smoke; steam; vapor. 
Asong ulol «Mad dog. 
Ataho «Partition wall. 
Ataul-«-Coffin; ca ket. 
^ Atay-« Liver. 

Atimin v-To bear with patience. 
Atip-«-Thatching; thatch; roof. 
Atipan-r To thatch; roof cover. 
Atuhin «-To weigh; poise. 
Auspicio-«- Asylum. 
Awa-«-Mercy; clemency; condolence; 

leniency; ruth; generosity; pity. 
Awak-«Crow; raven. 
AwasanvTo deduce; subtract; take 

away; lessen. 
Awatan v-To separate; part, 
Awatin ang hayopr-To wean animals; 
Away-«Dispute; quarrel; fight; riot; 

tumult; strife; affray. 
Awit « Song-legend; fiction. 
Av ano-What else. 
Ayaw-a Loth-unwilling. 
Ayaw magbait a-Incorrigible. 
Ayon-j9re/?.-According to; about; per- 

suant; coincident. 
Ayos-a-Fit; proper; elaborate; to the 

Ayos-«-Symmetry; aptitude, pertinence; 

array; opportunity. 
Ayunan v-To restore friendship. 
Ayunan ang iba v-To second, suscribe 

consent; promise. 
Ayup-«-Sarcasm: abuse 
Ayupan-i'To abuse ridicule. 
AyusinvTo conform; arrange propor 
tion; array; police; marshall; methodize. 
Azul ang mata «Blue eyed. 

B.-B. Baakin-r-To split; break. 

Baakin-a Fissile: capable of being split. Baba-«-Chin. 





Babag-w -Tumult; strife; contest; riot; 
quarrel; fray; scuflle; fight; dispute; 

Babagin-r To scuffle; fight; dispute of- 
fend; irritate; hurt; injure. 

Babala-n- Admonition; omen; advice; 
alarm; threat. 

Babala sa madlan-Programe; announ- 

Babalam-(6a6a/rtw)-v To imitate; induce; 
request; r:>quire; investigate. 

Babasagin-rt-Weak; delicate; brittle; frail; 
fragile; thin. 

Babay in- Woman: female; lady; mistress; 

Babay ing abay va i)agkakasal-n-Brid- 

Babaying alila sa bahay wHouse keeper. 

Babay ing banal -w-Virgen. 

Babaying Guiooo n Lady; damsel. 

Baboy-w-Pig; hog; barrow, 
aboy ramo-w Wild hog. 
aIulusan-r{-Bello\^ s. 
adya-w-Mockery; mimicry; tease. 

Badyahin r-To tease; moc. ; mimic; 


Baga-?i Live coal; ember. 

Bagd-nAbcess; tumor, 

Bagabagw- Vexation; mortification; dis- 
gust; disturbance. 

Bagabagin-ivTo vex/ mortify; afflict; 
disgust; disturb. 

nagal-wTediousness; prolixity; delay' 
laziness; tardiness; sloth. 

Bagaman-/>rc/). Yet; as yet, ^till; over; 
never; the less; though; however; not 
with standing. 

Bagang-tiBack t(»oth; grinder; molar. 

Bagaso-n-Bruised sugar cane. 

Bagay-n-Object; thing; item; desig; end; 

Bagay-aFit; proper; adequate; apt; com- 
petent; seasonable; appropriate use- 
fur; deft; profitable convenient; suit 
able; natural; punctual; exact; ap- 

Bagay lupa-w-Earthly; wordly; terrene. 

Bagabagin-r To farm; plow till. 

Bagku8-j*rcp. and cw^;.-If not: but; except; 
only; besides; excepting. 

Bago-a-New; recent: modern; young 
novel first. 

Bago-arit'.-bef ore Immediately: presently; 
right away; here to fore: rather. 

Bagongbago-a-Very new. 

Bagong binyagan-nConvert; neopliyte. 

Bagong labas sa Oolegio-n-Graduate. 

Bagong nag-aaral-n-Beginner; novice, 
learner; tyro; freshman. 

Bagong tawo-M-Single man: youth. 

Bagong tawong may edad-w-Bachelor. 

Bagot-w Displeasure: disgust 

Bagok-w-Mud hole. 

Bagsik-w-StricneHs: strenuousness; stern- 
ness; severity; rigi<lness: rigor; narsli- 
ness; tvrannv. 

Baguhin-r-To renew; remodel; alter: 
change; modify; deviate; vary; amend: 
reform; convert; make over; retract: 
taRe; back; recall; annul; revoke. 

Bagwis n Quill; quill pen. 

Bagyo-w-Storm; tempest. 

Baha-n-Flood: inundation. 

Bahagw-Truss or bandage for ruptures 
gee string 

Bahag hari-w-Rainbow. 

Bahagi-7^Piece; part: })ortion: share 
division; section segment: quota: 

Bahagi ng isang hukbon-Squad. 

Bahagihin-r-To divide; i)art; share. 

Bahagva-a^r.-Scarcelv; hardlv. 

Bahang bigla at malaki-r^Torrent. 

Bahawin-r-To wound; sear; scar. 

Bahay-n House: habitation; edifice. 

Bahav bata-M-Womh. 

Bahay gagamba-w-. Cobweb; spiderweb. 

Bahay ginikan-?rHaylof; strawloft. 

"Rahay na pinagtitinaan-w-l)yesliop, 

Bahay fig hari-w Palace 

Bahay pukyutan w-Beehive. 

Bahid-Minark; sing. 

Bahin n sneeze. . 

Bah6 ?t-8tench; stink: corruption; pulii 
tion: infection: 

Bahog n Mixture; medley: mortar; com- 

Bait-?t Sense: prudence: intelligence; abi- 
lity; mind: will; skill: knowle<lge; 
knack; circnmspecticm: pirit; under 
standing: disposition: standard: jud- 
gement; continence: continency. 

Baiki w-Mumps. 

Baitang ?t Step of a flight of stairs: IJuiij: 
of a ledder. 

Bakaw-Cow: kine. 


Bakal fig kabayo w-Horse shoe. 

Bakam-r? Groove: hack: mortise. 

Bakasw Track: footprint: rut: sign: fur 
row; mark; blot: vestige. 

Bakat-rtrfr-not alike: unequal, roujrh. 

Bakbakin f-To unglue. 

Bakia-w-Wooden shoe pnttin. 

Bakin (bakit «^/r.-Why: how. 

Baklad-nFish corral. 
.Bakman-w-Sheep fold. 

Bakod-n- Pence: inclosure; yard: play 
ground court. 

BAL 1 

BaktaHaii- II Shortcut. 

BakurannTu Fence; inclosure; court; 

playgr'iuDc]; railing. 
Bakoran v To fence; inclose. 
Baia-nTheart: surpriBe; fright. 
Bala- 11- Bullet 
Bal abatohin-fiBtony 
Bftlahibo-H-Hair; fleece; feather, 
Balabibo fig tupan-Wool. 
Salaho-n-MuH; mire. 
Balak-M'ProEfer; propoaltiou; estimate; 

computation; calculation; euppnta' ion; 

Bal akang-n-Loiu. 

.Balahilan.n-Croaspiece; cross timber 
Balakin-u-To compote; proffer; reckon: 

calcula.te; connt; eaCiniate; notify. 
BsIokubak-n-Dandruff; scurf. 
Balangpro.'Each; every; someone; 
Salaoga-n-Bound earthen pot. 
BaIangftw-»-Arc; bow. 
Balang buan-odif- Mont lily. 
Balang lingo-arfiv Weekly, 
Balang na-ndn.-sorae what; in a manner; 
Balang na^ro. Some one; whicfaso ever, 
Balantuk n- Arched: bowed. 
Balat-n-Peel; rind; crust; 8 in; pelt; hull, 
fialat kayo-n- Fiction; falsehood; ntrata- 

gem; strategy. 
Balawis o-Hot lieaded; quick tempered. 
Balayi n Marriage; 
Holbas-n-l'eard; whiskers: barb. 
Bali-n-Giranary: mow. 
Sali-n-Break; fracture; crack, 
Bal i bal -n Auger; gimlet; bit. 
Bahbulin-vTo perforate: drill; bore. 
Baliin-v To break; fracture; crack; crash; 

shatter: disrupt. < 

ilalikat Ji-Shoulder 

Balikatan a Firm; fast; liard; resolute. 
Baliitatin r-To shoulder; carry on the 

Bat ik-a-re versed inside out. 
BaIikin1^To verthro»; reverse; over- 
turn; crush. 
Bal iktad-a .Re verse; refractive; 
Baliktarin c To uverthrow; overturn; re- 
Bali li si n-r-To raise; lift. 
Balindang «Canvas; sailcloth, 
Belintuua-aiJu-Against; backward. 
BalisaA-RextleHs; ansious:. 
Bali sab i»v-To vex; disturb; perturb; 

Balisakeakin a*Strong; robust; corpulent. 
Bal ieunsoDg-n- Wrap; Stingy per'<on, 
Baliaunsongin-thTo t\vi-t; wrap. 


Balieuso.Q Curly; curled. 
BalisusuiO'irTo ring: curl: encircle. 
Balttaii-NeWB* notice; message; omen; 

information; report. 
Bal iia- a Famous; celebrated; reno neii; 

accredited: distinguished. 
Balitang Tiininam-«-Evangel. 
Bal iw-a Furious frantic: mad; crazy. 
Bali Willi! -To mope: fool; be come dc 

BaUik-ft Pellicule; cuticle; inner skin of 

Balon n-Well; Cistern. 

Balot-n Bundle; parcel; pack: cover; co- 

Balot ng kalaMangiiRu<it 

Balot ng Bulal !iFn\elupe 

BiltaknHavl pull titg 

Balubaluman n Crop maw 

Bal ikan i Clean husk strip oft hake. 

BuluktJt (iCur\ed bent bo ed;curvate, 

BalnktutiniTo 1 en i cnr\e; turn; 

Umcb ruet 
BalufigoyfiBO^ n Nosebleed Hemorrhage 

lit the nose 
Bal u tain To wrap up 
Balutan «Panel en\elot 
Balutan fig papol n Pa 1 of paper. 
Palutan fig sapoti To enshroud. 
Balutin t To w rap up embale, cover; 

envelop park sireen 
Baluti sa dib lib «Nightmare 
Bainbo n ballows bamboo Lane. 
Bamh^hmi To (ane 
Bai akal» The wood around the heart 

Banal (I "\ irtuous pious holv; pure; 

vireen simple just menifui, 
Banal i tense t "ht stiff 
Banitii T stret I lengthen expand; 

haul tight thwarl tug unfold; adjust. 

Bana^ad a Moderate modest circuni- 

sped (.autiouB slow sluggish; 

Ban lay a impnue irreligious profane, 
Bandila n Flag standard banner; colors; 

pennant ennign 
Bmlc;a»Tra> aaher 
Ran lejaia 11 Platter 
Banga i Nai row netked ulla 
Banga « C Jinl at traj knock collision 

clash fight encounter 
Bangui I Titight assail attack; assault. 
Bangaliu iTo ut oH at the root; chop: 

ff maim 
Baiigan ti drinary mow 
Bani,an n Horseflv 
Ban^hang ii Canal drain 
BTilini>in T tig a tanal or drain, 




Ban gang gatasan-n-Milk pail. 

Hangin-a Rough, corduroyed. 

Banginbangin-a-Rough cragged: rude; 

Bangis n Tyranny severity; ferocity; 
wildness; cruelty. 

Bangis a Ty ran nical; severe; cruel; wild, 

Bangit w Record; reference. 

Bangitin-r-To mention; relate; refer; 
touch; treat of; record; report; direct. 

Pangungot-«-N ightmare. 

Bauguyngoy-w-Hemorrhage;fluxof blood 
from the nose. 

Bango n-Sweet smell; redolence. 

Fangos-w Shad. 

Banhainu-To frame; begin work. 

PankawBoat: canoe; shallop: bark. 

Bankay w-Corpse. 

Bankero-w-Boatman; ferryman. 

Banko-w-Bench, PanK. 

Banlian-t'-To scald. 

Banlik wMud; mire; slime. 

Bansag w-Nickname; alias. 

Bansagin-r-To nic name; ridicule. 

Bantay n-Guard; watch; sentry; vigil; 
sentinel; custody. 

Ban taw Idea; notion; fancy; admonish; 
forward; premeditate, permonish; 
have a nntion. 

Bantainn- To intend; design; fancy; 
admonish; forward; premeditate; per- 
monish; have a notion. 

Bantayan-n-Guard; watch; patrol. 

Bantayin v-To watch; keep guaid; keep: 
protect; preserve. 

Bantog-a-Celebrated; famous: noted; 
renowned: illustriou?: notorious; dis- 
tinguished; accredited: noble; hono- 

Ban tog sa kahambugan-a-Blown; noto- 

Bantuan-r-To assuage: tune pouj cold 
water with warm. 

Pao-n-Widow; widower. 

Baog-a- Barren; sterile; unfruitful. 

Bao ng Hari M-Queen dowager. 

Bao ng ulo-n-The crown of the head. 

Bao sa buhay-wljrass widow; grass 

Bara ?iYard stick, shaft. 

I*araha-w-Playing cards; ])ack of cards 

Barahin r-To measure bv vards. 

Parak a-pale. 

Baraka-w-Market; market; place. 

Barak sa takot?/ Pale with fright, 

Barandillas /< Baluster. 

Barazo ?iArni. 

Barazo ii}> dagatM-Pay; ^nilf; sound: 
arm of the ocean. 

Baria-w Coppers; pennies; cents. 

Bariles-nBarrel; keg; cask. 

Baro w-Shirt; jacket 

Barongbarong-n-Hut; cottage: shack. 

Barrena n Gimble; auger. 

Barric^n Suburb. 

Basda-Wet; damp; moist, (ng hamog) 

Basabasahinii-To read; peruse. 

Basabasain-v-To dampen; moisten; wet 

Basag a- Broken- fractured- destroyed. 

Basag n- Break; fractered crack. 

Basagin-v-To break; fracture; bust; des 
troy; crak; crash; shatter. 

Basag ulo w-Puzzle; perplexity' dissent; 
dissention; quarrel dispute. 

Basahan-w Rag fragment of cloth. 

Basahin y-To read. 

Basahin ng patakbo-w-To peruse; read 

Basahin muli vTo reread, read again. 

Basain-t'-To wet; dampen; moisten; wa- 
ter; dabble; sprinkle. 


Bastos-a-Ooarse; rude; indecent; illbred; 
tough; rough; disreputable; fell; im- 
moderate; contumelious, rustic, unbe- 
coming; gross; unpolished, noisy; 
blowzy; boorish; clamorous. 

Bastos na ugalia-Abusive; insulting; 

Batan-Child. boy; girl; lass; lad. 

BatahinrTo maintriin; suffer; sustain; 
tolerate; endure; resist; abide; oppose; 
repel; comport. 

Batakn-Tug; pill; haul, (na bigla) 
.Jerk . 

Batakin-r-To pull; tug; touse; lenghten, 
stretcth (nang pabigla) jer . 

Batang maganda w-Cherub; (maliit) In- 
fant; babe. 



Bati w Salute; greeting; salutation; curt- 
sy; observation; remark; note. 

Batia-?i Wash tub; tub; laver. 

Batibatihan-r-To beat; knock. 

Batibot a Strong; robust; sound; stout, 
firm; solid; inflexible; hard; rigid; 
arduous; tight; entire; com])lete; 
stubborn; just; informed. 
Batiin/'To salute; greet; halloo; repri; 
maud; rebuke; chide. 

Batik n Stain- spot; blot; blemish. 
Batikbatika Spotted; speckled; mottle»!; 

Bato H Stone; rock; cliff. 
Batobalani-n-Magnetism; loadstone. 
Batolun r-To stone. 




Batong Marmol-w Marble. 

Batong Maliit n-Cobble; cobble-stone. 

Bato ng katawan-w-Kidney. 

Batu^an a-Lazy; indolent, inatentive, in- 
different, idle, slow; tardy. 

Batugan-o/ivLazily, indolently, tardily, 
inattentively; slowly. 

Batulang-n- Basket, hand-basket; pannier 

Batya-n Washing place; laundry. 

Batyag-nListeninp; hearing. 

Batyagin-vTo hear; listen, hearken, 
understand; comprehend. 

BaulnTrunk; locker; coffer. 

Baunan-n-Place of burial; grave; se- 

Bawal a Furtive; clandestine; prphibited. 

Bawang n Garlic; cives. 

Bawag-» reduction; subtraction, deduc; 

Bawasan-t?-To subtract; reduce, lessen, 
discount, deduct, deduce, pare, clip, 
lighten; cut away. 

Bawat aEach;every .f&Man) «(^v-monthly. 

Bawiin-v-To recover; win back; regain. 

Bayad-w-Pay fee; stipend, salary, com- 
pensa ion, wages, retribution, pay- 
ment, satisfaction; reward. 

Bayag-n Testicle; {nang campana)-hQ\\\ 

Bayakan n-Bat; vampire. 

Bayan-w-Town; city. 

Bayani-a- Valiant; courageous, brave, in- 
irepid, audacious, strong, gallant, 
vigorous^ noble, famous, celebrated, 
illustrioos, renowed, distinguished; 

Payani-w Champion; combatant. 

Bayang tinubuan w-Birth place. 

Baybay» Shore; strand, limit, border, 
edge, (dagatyn Shore; beach sea shore 
sea-coast; sea side, 

Hayaran-i'-To pay; recompence, com, 
pensate, retribute, idemnify, reward, 
fee, liquidate a debt, fm*«7i)-r-Repay, 
pay again, (nglagpos)vO\ erpay . 

Bayaw n Brother-in law . 

Bayawak n-Guana; large lizard. 

Bayawang wWaist; (ng damitjW aiat 
band girdle. 

Bayong n Sack; bag; sac. 

Bayubuan v-To turn the ground; weave 
the edge of a tray or basket. 

Bayugo ng tuhod w-Kneecap. 

Bavuhan-wPlaceof flailing; mall, mallet; 

Bpyuhin-r-To pound; flail, mall; drive 
with a mall or mallet. 

Payiimbo n Screen. 

Bel is n-Half cent. 

Beuditahan uHoly watering pot. 

Benditahin-rTo consecrate. 

Biakn Half; crack, fracture; piece. 

Biakin t'to have; break, crack; fracture. 

Bianan n-Father or Mother in-law. 

Bibi w Goose. 

Bibign Mouth; chaps; orifice. 

Bibinga-w-Tile; piece of burnt clay. 


Bigasan w-Place where rice is threshed; 
building in which rice is threshed 
or hulled. 

Biaat-w- Weight; gravity, heaviness, 
heft, importance, consequence, toil, 
burden, trouble; cross moment. 

Bigatan-v-To poise; load, oppress, mor- 
tagage; try the heft. 

Bigay-n Gift; present, donation, grant, 
gratuity; keepsake. 

Bigay lamang-a Gratis; free of cost; 
for nothing. 

Bigkisin-fc-To pronounce; express; name. 

Bigkis w Bundle; parcel, pack, forgot; 

Bigkisan t-To bundle; parcel, bind; tie- 

Bigkisin-r To bundle pack, bind, tiegird. 

Bigla-rt-Unexpected; unforseen; quick- 
sudden; rapid; cursory; injudicious; 

Biglaarfr Hurriedly; unexpectedly; ra- 
pidly: suddenly, quickly; hastily. 

Bigla-n-Error; mistake; hurry; sud- 
deness; quickness. 

Biglaan-rt-Urgent; pressing; executive. 

Biglabigla-a-Unexpected; sudden. 

Biglain-rTo precipitate: hurry; hasten; 

Biglangbigla a-Sudden; hurried; preci- 
pitate: unexpected.' 

Bigti-w Suicide; hang ng, 

Bigtihin-??-To hang, commit, suicide. 

Bigyan-r-To give; present. 

Bigyan ang kahulugan r-To siguif; 
mean; declare. 

Bigyan ang kailangan-r To give the 
necessities, provide; aid; succor de- 
fray; supply; furnish; minister. 

Bigyan kapangyarih'an-y To autorize 
empower commision 

Bigyan katibayan v-To guarantee; 

Bigyang loob-r-T(f gratify; condescend*, 
indulge, submit, give way. 

Pigyang pasiya-r-To judge; decide; de- 
termine; conclude; resolve. 

Bigyang sal a r -To blame; condemn, 
accuse criminate, impeach; reproach, 
Bigyang sindak i-To friggten; scare, 
dispirit, render de jected. 




Bigyan lakas v-Tostrenghten ; cheer; 
give strength or force; reanimate. 

Bihagin-v-To capture; spirit; kidnap. 

Bihasa a- Accustomed; used; capable, 
skilful, practical, dexterous, sly, pru- 
dent; knowing, able, experienced; 
clever, expert, astute, cunning, ele- 
gant, excellent, polite; civil; corteous, 
graceful; smart; learned. 

Bihasahin-v-To guide; teach; train; 

Bihasang lubha a very learned; wise 
well educated. 

Bihasa sa paggawa-a- Accustomed; fit; 
proper: convenient;. 

Bihira-a-Scarce-uncommon; pare; old, 

Bihira-adt;.-Few; seldom, rarely, un- 

Bihis-n-Change of clotaes. 

Bihisan-w-Change of clothes; dress. 

Bihisin i;-To change clothes; dress. 

Biik w-Shoat. 

Biisw-Reward; remunerarion. 

Bikasn-Sbape; form, statnre, size, as- 
pect, measure, oste nt, mode, gni' e, 
will disposition; manner. 


Bikik-Choking; small obstruction. 

Biklarin-vTu unfold; enlarge; extend. 

Bilang w-Count; computation; nume- 

Bilangin v-To count; ennumarate; cal- 
culate; compute; estimate; suppute. 

Bilang fig panahon-w-Date, 

Bilango-n-Jail; prison; calabose. 

Kilanguan-w-Jail; prison, calabose, 

Bilaran-n-Drying place; place where 
an3rthing is dried. 

Bilasr^n-Two people who marrp two 
sisters; sister and brother; or two 

Bili ^«Cost price; buying price; value. 

Bilibirin ng suga-v-To fasten with a 

Bilig sa mata-w-Cataract of the eye. 

Bilin-n Message; errand; mission; char- 
ge; commission; request; mandate; 
injunction; order. 


Bilis w- Vivacity; roidnoss; excessivenss; 


Billete w-Ticket. 

Bilog n-Roimdness; circle; spahere; orb; 
globe; rotunditp; disc; disk; total. 

Bilog-a Circular: round; whole; total: 
universal; entire. 

Bilugin tJ-To round; sum; add; complete. 
Bimbinginr-To retard; delay: defer. 

withhold; stop; check; dally; mono- 
polize; preserve; suspend. 
Binat n Relapse: second fall. 
Binata a-Young; youtful, juvenile. 
Binata-w-Juvinile; youth. 
Bingas wGap or notch in a tool. 
Bingaw n-Gnp or notch in a tool. 
Bingi a-Deaf; hard of hearing. 
Bingihin v-To deafent make deaf. 
Binhi-n-Seed; grain; germ; bud. 
Binithay-a<fe p. ^Sifted. 
Bintang-w. False charge; imputation; 

presumption; suspicion; imposture, 
Bintangin-v-To accuse falsely; inculpate. 

Binti w-Caif of the leg; shang 
Binubukalan-n Source; spring; origen. 
Binwitw Fishing iackle. 
Binuli-a ik p. p. Polished. 
Binutas ng tangaa-Motheaten. 
Binyagan-?i-Chriatian; convert; baptism. 
Binyagin-w-To christen; baptize. 
Birador-M Wrench; 
Birang-n- Handkerchief. 
Biro w-Joke; jest, pun, trick, burffoonry. 

hoa, flirt, drollery, grimace. 
Biroan-w-Caroucol, revelry, romping, 
jocularity; jocoseness, jollity, scuffle, 
(masaklap -sarcasm. 
Biruin-u-To 6oke; jolly, fool; revel; laugh 

at, ridicule; flirt. 
Bisaw Activity, valor, force, fortitude: 
vigor; courage; power authority; ab- 
ility; possitivility. 
Bisaklatin f?-To spread or extend the feet. 
Biscuit w Biscuit. 
Bisto-a^v Perhaps. 
Bitag-n-Snare; trap. 
Bitakw Crevice; chink; cleft; crack, 

Bitakbitaka-FuU of oracks or Assures. 
Bitakin <; To fissure; chink; crack. 
Bitangn Springe; Deer net. 
Bitav-w Gallows. 

Bitayin-r hang; excute by ban ging. 
Bitbitayan-n-Scaffold: gallows; place of 

Bit bi tin /To carry suspended; grasp; 

Bithay w-Sieve; riddle; crib; cribble. 
Bithayin-f-Ti) sift; bolt. 
Bitik n (Tarter. 

Bitiwan f-To let go; forsake; yield untie; 
loosen; discharge; slacken; selve; 
l)ermit; forego; set at liberty 
Bitiwan and dalii r-To lay down a 

Bito^j Feast; festivity; rejoicing holiday; 




Bituin w-Star. 

Bituka-n-Intefitine; tripe; gut. 

Biwas-w-Tug; pull, haul, wave; move. 

Biwasin-v To tug; pull, haul, move; 

Biwiin r-To untwist. 

Biyaya-n-Gift, present, grant, favor, 
keepsake, gratification, compliments; 

Biyaya ng DIOS n-Unction devotion 

Bokot-a Rough; rumpled; snarled. 

Bola-n Ball. 

Bolingan-An obscure thought. 

Bomban-Fire engine. 

Boogin n-To rot, remove. 


Buan daratingn-Proximo. 

Huan sa lan^itnMoon. 

Buaya-n Alligator; crocodile, cayman; 

Bubas-?«- Small tumor. 

BubonClown buffoon. 

Bubogn-Hall; crystal; glass. 

Bubong-w-Roof, thatching. 

Bubong ng paa-n, Instep; tarsus. 

Bubuan-n Mold. 

Rubungan-nRoof: shed. 

Bubuyog-w-gumble bee. 

Buchebuchen- Fritter. 

Budburin-v-To sow; scatter: powder. 

Budlongin-n-To punch; bore. 

Brtgaw Pumice. 


Buj?ain-n-To burnish; glaze polish. 

Bugawin-v-To scare away: frighten. 

Bugbog-w Contusion; bruise, hurt; 
wound injury; blow. 

Buebugin-vTo contuse; bruise; hurt; 
injure; mongle; wound; maim; crip- 
ple; pound crash. 

BugnosaLoose, surplus. 

BugnusinnTo loosen, untie. 

Bugok «-Addle; rotten, empty; void. 

Bugsok-n-Basket; hamper, hand basket. 

Bugtong-rt-only; single, particular, in- 
dividual, unique, rare; singular. 

Bugtong ofl^i^alone. 

Bugtong-n-Enifma; puzjle, riddle, co 
mundrum, poser, re us; quiz. 

Bugtong na anak-n-Only begotten child. 

Buhaghag-a Spongy porous, fungus soft, 
blended; thin* 

Buhaghaga-An idle talker. 

Huhaghagin ?7 To thin rarify; dilute. 

Buhalhal-nFooI; madman; idiet. 

Buhalhalaf rank-open . 

Buhangin n Sand . 

Bubat-odv.-Since; after; from. 

Buhat-a-Originated; derived. 

Buhatan ang kasalanan r-To accuse; 
impaech, criminate; incriminate. 

Buhatin-v To raise lift, elevate, heave; 
get up. 

Buhat ngayon-a/it'. Hereafter. 

Buhawi-n- Whirl wind. 

Buhay n Life. 

Buhay-a- Active; livoly, spirited, high; 

Buhayin-r-To vivify; enliven, spirit, 
electrify; spirit. 

Buhayin muli-v To resusticate; restore, 
to life revive acquire new life. 

Buhay na loob a-Awake; lively: impet- 
ous; vivacious; active, fervent. 


Buhong-a-Haughty; lofty, rude, insolent, 
shameless impudent. 

Buig-w-Buuch; racenne. 

Buis n Taxes impost, excise, duty, levy; 

Buipit a-Ungrateful bad, unlucky; un- 

Buisitin-v To cause to be unfortunate. 

Bukal-«-Origen, eource spring, jet, foun- 
tain finst cause. 

Bucalanw-Head spring;8preng;foun-tain . 

Bukal sa loob-a Spontaneous; voluntary. 

Buc&sadv To morrow n Morow. 

BukAs adv open, a clear; open. 

Bukbok-« Grub; weevil; rotted tooth. 

Bukbukin a-full of grubs or weevils. 

BuTjid n-Field; countrv, farm, soil, land; 
ground; region. 

Bukid na sinasakaw Cultivated ground; 
or land. 

Bukiran-n- Field; farm. 

Bukirin «To farm cultivate. 

Buklaw-wTumor; extuberance. 


Buko «Joint knuckle. 

Buko-w-Green cocoanut 

Bukod-adr.-more over; besides; ex(e})t. 

Bukod ang-The rest; others. 

Bukod-rt-Special; particular. 

Bukod pa sa-afit'.besides; moreover. 

Bukod sa adv.Let; besides, more-over 
except, away from; more than. 

Bukod sa iba a Strange; feroign, rare. 

Bukod tangi a-Distict; particular. 

Bukol-w-Abcess; tumor, lump. 

BukotaCrooked; hump-bac ed. 

Buksan-r-To open: rhow disclose, dis- 
cover, display. 

Bula-«-Froth; foam: spume scum. 

Bulaan-«-Liar; imposter. 

Bulaan-a-Lying: erroneous. 

Bulag a Blindman. 


Bulagaw r/-Blue or gray eyed. 

BUM 16 

Btita^in n-To blinrl; darken cheat. 

Butaklak-n-Floner: btosBom, posy. 

Biilaklakan «Plaoe of many flowers: 
(lower garden. 

BulanglanK-n Vegetable Mup. 

BnlaoB-nPalli trail 

Bulaw n-Young wilb boaf. 

Bulaw-n-Faiie'l: withered. 

Bulali « Worm. 

Bu lay bu 1 ny -n- M eci itali on I con te m p I at i on . 

Biilaybulayin-rTo meditate, muse, con- 
sider, contemplate. 


Biili n-Small tree snake. 

Bulihin-iJ-To poIlBh; burnieli, finish; 

B.ililiin innlicTo repolish. 

Bniinaw-H Sliorl or near eigliteil. 

Blllo-.-CnIf. Hiickling. 

Bnli.kd rollrii ^virriipl. plltrlii. 

Biilong n- Whisper. 


BiilongbiiJongan-n Whisper; ninior, re- 

BuI6 ng baka-n-Calf; heifer; veal, 
BnloB-n-A roll of cloth 
Butaa-n- Packet: pooch. 
Buiiikan «Bntiing plai-e. 
Bulukin v To rot: corrapt; make putrid 

BiiiNiilia '■ T'l li'tiHiTi, lower, descend, go 
ili,«ri, rl.iw slump; let down. 

Biimahag-i'-To tight, contend, dispute, 

Biimaba ang laobr-Tn hniiible. tame. 

Butiialiasft n- Bender. 

Bumflho-rT(, otink; smell, ba<I; get or 

Biimaka-r-To war; fight, opp^ise, con- 
tend stniKRle, 

Bunialn r-To threaten, nienace; pro 

Bnmago-cTo renew; alter, change; dis- 
Bmiialak-iTo jiropose; offer, announce; 

Biinialik I'To return: go back, fall back, 
retrograde retrocedi'. 

Bnmal kiiftd-j'-To o('ertiirn, double, du- 
plicate; tnrn over. 

BimiBliing-i'-To spring from; spring: 
issne or proceed from, begin, grow: 
have it's beginning in, 

Bumalong anj; diigo r To blee<l. 

Biimaliiktot r- U, cnrve bend 

Binnanat r Tuf \i<-nd;eiilaruif,uri'wlarge. 

Bnman^a-r-To attack; asnanlt, attempt 
fight; collide, 

BniiinngiM r To become or grow llerce 
or wild. 


Bumangon r To arise; rise, get ap. 

BumaBac-To read; peruae. 

Bumati-rTo eatute; hail, greet cnrteiy: 

BnrnuiU'-T<i ford; wade. 

Bmnautot I'To stink, 

ItumawasrTo slnmp; dwindle, les^sen 

Bnm^wi «-To relnevo a loss; regain. 

Bumbiian-n <.iro»n of the head. 

Bumigat-F'To grow heavv; increase in 

Bumifat anj; domdan r-To grow worse 
impair; deteriorate. 

Bumigti i--To hang. i-To captivate; kidiiap, cap- 
ture, charm. 

Bumilanii-c-To count; enumerate, rec- 
kon; calculati. 

Bimili r-To buy; purchase. 

Baminyag r-To christen; bspti^e. 

Bamithay c To sift; separate. 

Bumuay-v-To be unstable. 

Biiiiiuh'ngft ng-r-To vomit; spit. 


Eumugar-To vomit; spil, expectorate. 

Eumugbog-i--Ta injure; hurt, wound, 
bruise, harm, cause pain; irritate, 

Bumuhat c-To raise; lift up; erect. 

Bumuia-t'-To pay taxes; contributs. 

BumukalrTo proceed from: issue or 
sprink from, bubble: emanate. 

Rumukas r-To open, dilate. 

Bunuikod-cTo sort, separste, remove, 

Bumukol-f-To lump. 

Uumula-v-To foam; froth, spume ef- 

bumtilok ('To rot; addle, debauch, 

Bnmnlong-cTo whisper, marmur, 

Bumulongbulong ''-To nhirtper; mutter, 
murmur, grumble; gro» 1. 

Bumnliibok-f-To bubble. 

Bumunoi'-To -wrestle; content, etmggle. 

Bumiiti-»- To better; thrive; prosper. 

Bummil-L'- To grain 

Bundok-n- Mountain; hill, mount; knoll 

Bundok na bato-n-Cliff; rock; moun- 
tain of rock. 

Bttiidok na napuputok-n Volcano. 

Bunga-n Fruit; fruitage. 

Bunga nji bayaboB-n-UuaTa. 

Bungan« arow-n-Prickly heat. 

Bunei •> -Tooth lesH. 

Bunftin '-To corrupt; rot. make putrid. 

Bungiii-n Hough; coarsi-. 

Bungo 11 Skull; cranium. 

Bungo If Clash, eollisi.m, knock, blow. 




encounter; Hliock; pu^h: fight; con- 
fusion; suddden meeting. 

Buni w-Scurf; tetter; scurvy. 

Bunihin a Scurvy. 

Bunow- Wrestle; wrestling; tussle; strug- 
gle; strife. 

Buntal-n Slap; blow with the open hand. 

Buntalin-rTo slap; strike with the 
open hand. 

Buiiton n-Heap; pile; stack; crowd. 

Buntonbunton ft Piled; Having many 

Buntong hiningan Tail; train; cue; cau- 

IhmtotnTail; train: cue: caudal ap- 
<lal appendage. 

Buntutan-r To follow; parsue; persecute; 
dog; importune; implore; dun. 

Bunuhann-Fish corral; place of wrest- 

Bunot n-Pull; tug. 

Bunutin-t'-To pull up; eradicate; ex- 
tract; abstract. 

Bunyi-ft-Illustrious; noble; famous; ce 
lebrated; notei; conspicuous; no- 

Buo ft-entire; whole; complete; full; per- 
fect; integral; chock; intact; utter; 
sound; just; informed; candid. 

Buo ang loob-a- Valiant; brave; bold; 
courageous; whole hearted. 

Buo at paikpik a Solid; firm; sound; 

Buoin-t'To sum; add; fill up; fill, in- 
tegrate; complete. 

Burahin-r-To blot; blur; erase; raze; 
efface; abolish; expune; cloud. 

Burak-n-Mud; mire; slime. 

Burakburak-ft-Mudy; miry; slimy. 

Burol-n-Dry bed of a river; corp-e. 

Buruhin-r-To salt; season; sprinkle. 

BuHilak-n-Snok; frost. 

Buslon Basket; hamper. 

Busogft-Full; satiated; satisfied. 

Busugin-vTo satiate; fill with food, 

Butas-w Hole; aperture; eye; puncture. 

Butasan u-To perforate; puncture; bore. 

Butasin-f To perforate; puncture; bore. 

Buti w-Kindness; goodness; improve- 
ment; generosity; benificence; be 
nignity; clemency; good will. 

Butihan n Kindness; goodness; generos- 
ity; grace; gallantry; spruceness; 
smartness; pertection; delicacy; ga- 
yety; finery. 

Butihin-r-To better; make goo<l or 

Butiki-n-Eft; small lizard. 

Butiktik n-Reptile. 

Butil n Frain; grain of corn. 

Butlig n Pimple; pustle. 

Buto n Bone; seed: ernel. 

Buto ng balakang-n-Haunch bone. 

Buto ng paypay-w-Scapula; shoulder 

Butong malambot-w-Gristle. 

Butones-n- Button. 

Butuhan o-Re ard, premium; satisfact 
ion: gratification. 

Buya w-Re ard; premium, satisfaction; 

Buyain-r-To Reward; satisfy; satiate; 


Cabelleria-H-Oaval ry . 

Tabelleriza-n Barn; estnble. 

Cajon M-Box; casing; 

Cr&y prep -of; with; from; on; for; by; to. 

Oauiison-H Sniock. 

Canta n Chorous: song. 

Cantador-M Chorister. 

Capital ?imetropolis; capital. 
Carbon n Coal; charcoal. 
Circo-n-Circus; Hippodrome. 
CI ima-M- Climate. 
Cornetin n Cornet. 
Cuartel n-Barrack. 

Daan >i-R<)ad; street;lane;gangway ; place, 
spot; time; ocasion; leisure; itinerary. 
Daan ng araro-» Furrow. 
Dag^-n Rat; mouse. 
Daganan-r-To cover; i)ut below. 
Dagat-« Ocean: sea; ^ulf; bay. 
Dagatd agat an tr ] .a k e . 
Dagdag-M Addition; increase; increiiiont; 

amendment; patch; repair; fringe; 
porder; binding 

Dagdagan r-To add to; increase; aug- 
ment; add; enlarge; exaggerate amend, 
aggrandize, (ang bigat)- overload. 

Dagdagan ng malabis-t-To supera<ld. 

Dagdagin r-To augment; add; increase, 
enlarge; anjen<l. 





Dagisonw-Assistam e; aid; help. 

Dagli-rtdt/'.-Soon; speedily; quickly; hur- 
rie<ily; swiftly. 

Dagok-n.Blow; cuff; knock. 

Dagta-w-Sap; gum; juice. 

Dagukan-v Te punch; s rike; beat; knock. 

Dahak w-Cough. 

Dahandahan-arfr.-Slowly; softly; gently; 
by degree. 

Dahas-w Courage; boldness, strength of 
heart, vigor; force, 

Daha8an-?7-To ferce; urge, give force- 
invigorate; strengthen. 

DahidahilanwExcuse; pretence; reason: 

Dahilan-w-Excuse; pretence; reason; 
pretext; motive; cause; plea; right; 
occasion; allowance; forte; sake 

Dahil ditoa^^v. Therefore; thus; so also; 
for this reason; in this manner. 

Dahiliga Sloping; inclined; slanting. 

Dahilig na lupa w-Declevity; slope; 

Dahil sa prep.-¥or; be cause; about; as; 
by; through; on account. 

Dahon w-Leaf. 

Dahunan a Leafy. 

Daigin-v-To overpower; overcome, sur- 
pass, excell: surmount. 

Daing-w-Lamentation; lament; complaint; 
petition; plaint; dole; wail; suplication; 
request; remonstrance; grievance; 
mormur; groan; entreaty; dolor pray- 
er; evening prayer. 

Dakila-aGrand; noble; illustration: ma- 
gestic; splendid; honorable; magaifi- 
cent; eminent: protent; famous; su- 
blime; solemn; exalted; palatial; gor- 
geous; lofty; high; elevated; great; 
powerful; wealty; patrician; transcien- 
dent; tremendous. 

Dakip-w-Cappure; spoils; prize. 

Dako^rf/?. Towards; about near; in the 
direction of. 

Dakong kaliwa To the left side. 

Dakong kanan-To the right side. 

Dako rito-rtr?r -Nearer; hither. 

Dako roonarfr.-Farther; forward; on 
the' other side. 

Dako asian-prep Towards; about; near; 
in the direction of. 

Dakot-n Hand full, 

Dakot a Few. 

Dakpin-v-To capture; seize; catch; im- 

Dala-a-Cautious; wary; suspicious. 

Daladalawang taon-ar^r.-Bi-ennial . 

Dalagan-Young lady; 8in«j:le lady; T>aHH; 
Maiden; miss. 

"Dalagang may edad-w-Old maid. 

Dalahan-w Hand basket. 

Daldin-t'-To frighten; scar ; cause to 
be warv or cautious. 

Dalamhati-w-Troubl ; pique; displeasure 
cross; pain; hardship; toil; ache; 
fatigue; grief; sorrow; concern; 

Dalangw- Petition; prayer. 

Ddlangan-rTo rarify; dilute, thin. 

Dalangin r To petition; entreat, pray 

Dalas-/i Frequency. 

Daiaw-w Visit. 

Dalawa a-Two both. 

Dalawa n Two , 

Dalawa ang kulay-a-Bi-colered. 

Dalawahin v-To duplicate; repeat, halve. 

Dalawahin-^ double 

Dalawin v-To visit. 

Dalhin-v-To carry; convey, conduct, 

Dalhin ditovTo fetch 

Dali-w Moment; instnnt. 

Dali-w-Witdh of a finger. 

Dalidalian {dalidaliinyvTo hasten; pre- 
cipitate; pispose of; alleviate; dispatch. 

Daliri w-Finger; digit. 

Dalisay-a-Clean; pure; neat; clear; chaste, 
untouched; innocent; simple; cor 
dial; perfect; unmingled; simple; cor- 
dial; dehcate; genuine; smart; mere; 
free; glad, 

Dalisayin rTo cleanse; purify; refine; 

Dalisdis rt-Sloping; slanting; inclined. 

Dalisdis na lupa n-Declevity. 

Dalisdisin-y-To cut away the edge. 

Dalit w-Song; ditty dirge. 

Dalitan-Misery; poverty; torment; pain; 
anguish; torture; patience; tolerance. 

Dalit'3an-vTosufffe;bear; tolerate; abide, 
comport, torment; torture. 

Dalitain r-To suffer; bear; abide; com- 
poort; deign; condensend; pain. 

Dalit na malumbayw Lamentation. 

Dalosdalos-a Impetuous; hasty, unex- 
pected; precipitate; sudden; violent; 

Dalowdalos ?rI<lrot; madman; fool. 

Dalubay w-Interpreter; translator. 

Daluhongn- Assault attack. 

Daluhungin-r To assail; attack, assault. 

Dalumat w-Sufferance; suffering, tole- 

Dalumatin-r-To suffer; tolerate; al)ide; 

Daluyong-w-Wave; surf; swell of the sea. 

Damaji-fir^/r.-all night: 

Darnahin r-To feel; touch; grope; ex- 
amine; investigate; prove; ])rocure; 




experiment; treat of; move; inHpire; 

Damaran-Shade; tent. 
Uamasko-n Damask. 
Damdamn- Affliction; disease; suffering; 

sufferance; geievance; feeling. 
Damdamin-v-To suffer; grieve: feel; 

perceive. * 

Damit; Maltitude; crowd. 
Damihan-t'-To ougment; increase; sum; 

Damit-n Clothes; dress; robe; costume 

garb; habilament; vesture. 
Damit na pang-ibabawn Loose garment; 

worn over the shoulders, overcoat. 
Damot-a-Stingy; miserly; closeflsted, 

scant; short; avaricious. 
Damot n Stingin'^ss; closefistedness. 
Damotin v To suffer; abide; telerate; 

comport; grasp; seize. 
Dampot-n-Grasp; hold. 
Damputin-v To grasp; hold; seize; pilfer; 

receive; hold up; heave; get up; raise. 
Damtan t'-To furnish; provide; sopply; 

Damuhan-n-Hay field; Meadow. 
Danaw-w-Small lake; pond-; loch lough. 
Ddnay-nBoundary; limit; district. 
Dangal w-Honor; reputation fame; glory 

excellent; kin-iness; excellency; 

triumph; esteem. 
Dankaln-Palm; hand breadth. ' 
Daongw-Ship; vessel, schooner, goaster. 
Dapat a- Worthy; deserving, adequate, 

competent, fit, apt, condign, conven- 
ient, exact, punctual; meritorius. 
Dapat v.a.-Must; ought. 
Dapat akmaa-Fit; seasonable, apt. 
Dapat batiin-aOne who should be 

Dapat damdamina-Sensible; perceptible; 

Dapat a-Reputabie; estimable. 
Dapat giliwin-a-Adorable; lovable, 

amiable; affectionate 
Dapat ibigin-rt Amiable; lovable, ador- 
able; pleasing, affectionate; kind; loving. 
Dapat igalanga Respectable; honorable. 
Dapat ilagan-rt- Avoidable; n-That which 

should be avoided. 
Dapat ipae dangal-rt Illustrious; noble; 

Dapat ipag-tagubilin Yi Commendable; 

laudable, praiseworthy; deserving. 
Dapat isumt ong-a Accusable: blaniable. 
Dapat katakutinri Awful; friy:htful, 
dreadful, terrible, fearful: ferocious. 
Dapat matapos-a-Termi liable. 
Dapat magalingin-aPreferable; nepec- 
table; praiseworthy. 

Dapat mahalin-a- Preferable; commen- 
dable; appreciable; laudable; prais- 

Dapat pangusapin-aReprehensible 

Dapat paniwalain; a-Creditable worthy 
of credit or belief. 

Dapat parusahanaCulpable; puisha- 

Dapat patawarin-a-Pardonable; justifia- 
ble, excusable; venial. 

Dapat purihin-aPraise orthy; laudable; 
plau(litory, eulogistisc. laudatory; 

Dapat sifeihin-a-Reprehensible; suffera- 

Dapat tangapin-a-Receivable; admissible, 
proper; fit. 

Dapit-n The acompanying from , one 
place to another; meeting and con- 
veying from one place to another, 

Dapitin-«-To take frem one place to 
another; call; summon; meet and 

J)apit sa^rejo. -To wards; about; near, in 
the direction of. 

Dapog w Oven; fireside; hearth. 

Dapugan na labasan ng as6-w-Chim- 
ney; smo e-stack; stack. 

Darak-n Brnn; short; chaff. 

Darating panahon-w Future time. 

Dasal-w-Praver; oration. 

Dasal na sumangpalataya w-Creed; 
articles of faith. 

Dasal sa umaga w-Matin. 

Datapua-^rep.-Except; yet; besides; more 
over; however; not be it. 

1 )atapwacowj-. But. 

Dati-M Original. 

Dati «Original; quondam. 

Datihan a- Accustomed; used; excellent; 
dexterous; original. 

Datnan V- 1 o overtake; reach; meet en- 

Dawag w Perplexity; impassible place. 

Dawis-/A Anguish; anxiety; grief; sorrow. 

Daya-M-Cheat; deceit; delusion; impos- 
ition; fallacy; frandulence; dodge; de- 
canard; claptrap; slfight; gull guile. 
Dayaa-false; deceitful; dekisive, sham, 

claptrap; fraudulent; not real. 
Dayain-vTo cheat; delude; defraud; de- 
ceive; counterfeit; falsify; impose 
upon; default; sham; fleece; gull; 
jockey; cozen; allure. 
Dayami/A Straw. 
Dayap-w-Lime; lemon. 
Dayu-?i Visit; challenge. 
Dayuhin r-To challenge; visit. 
Dayuk(l<)k-/j(T-lutton; hungry person. 




Demonio n-Devil; satan; the evil one. 

Di akmaa-Unlit; improper; inconve- 
nient; inexpedient, 

Di bagHy a Unfit; unbecoming; improper, 
mal apropos; inexpedient; unseemly; 

Di bagay sa anak a-Unfilial. 

Di binyagan-w Pagan; heathen; savage; 

Dibdib wBreast, 

Di buo ang loob a-Halfhearted. 

Diciembre-w December. 



Di dapat patawarin-a- Inexcusable. 

DighalW' Belch. 

Digma-n-War; combat; fray; fight, 

Di hi ayat sa masama a Incorruptable. 

Di hinihintaya Unexpected; unforseen; 

Di kamukha a-Unlike; dissimilar; dif 

Di karampatan a Unworthy; unjust; in- 
convenient; perverse; imprope; un- 

Di karaniwan a Old; queer; non descript. 
not general. 

DikdikinvTo crash, powder; pulverize; 
triturate, bray; pound. 

Dikit-n-Beauty; fairness; comeliness; 

Dila-w Tongue; tang. 

Dilaan-»'-To lick; lap. 

DilagnSplendor; brillancy; beauty; glo- 
ry, greatness; grand uer; finery; lus- 
tre, luster; magnitude. 

Dila ng compana n Bell-dapper. 

Dila ;t; dila-One and «11. 

Dilaw-a Yello ; yello ish. 


Dili w-Reflection; thought. 

Dili ofir.-Perhaps; maybe; perchance. 

Dilidili-nlmagination; fancy; concep. 

Dilig-« Sprinkling; watering. 

Diligin v-To sprin le; water; spray. 

Dilim-n Dar nes: ; obscurity; gloom, 
gloominess; opacify. 

Di maaninag a-Opaque; not transparent. 

Di maari-a impossible; impracticable* 

Di mababago-a-Immutable; stable; sta- 
pla, unchangable, permanent; fixed; 

Di maaninaw-a-Impercep.ible; opaque. 

Di mababawas fl-Irreducible. 

Di mabait a-Restless; incorrigible. 

Di mabasa Illegible. 

Di mabubura-fl Indelible. 

Di magagaling alrremediable; incura 

Di magka-kaila-a Irrefutable; indisi)U- 

Di mahigpit a insecur •: unstaple. 

Di makababawi-a-Irrecoverabie. 

Di makakilalaa Incog; incognito. 

Di maka- ita a-Blind; Latent. 

Di maka-raraan-almpassible. 

Di maka-sisira a- Harmless; puie. 

Di maka-titiis a Insu erable 

Di ma atulog-a Sleepless. 

Di malapatan-a-Unli e; unequa. 

Di malirap-a Imperceptible. 

Di malirip a-Iuscrutable; fathomless. 

Di malnpo «impalpable; intangible. 

Di mapakali a Impatient; restless; fid- 
gety; peevish- 

Di mapalagay a-Impatient; restless; fid- 
gety: peevish. 

Di mapasok ang hatol-a-Inflexible; In- 

Di maramdaman a-Imperceptible; im- 

Di marating a-Inaccessible. 

Dimarimw Reluctance; aversion; repug 

Dimarim ng sikmura na tila ibig mag- 

Di marinig-a-Imperceptibie. 

Di marunong mag-sinnugaling-n-Vera- 
cios; truth teller. 

Di marunong mapagod-rt indefatigable 

Di marunong tumanaw ng utang na 
loob a Ungrateful. 

Di masalat-a-Impalpable; untangible. 

Di masasaktan-a-Invulnerable. 

Di masaysay-a Unspeakable. 

Di masupil a-Invincible; unconquerable. 

Di matagosalmpenetrable. 

Di matarok-rt Unfathonable; incompre- 
hensible; fathomless; impenetrable. 

Di matibay-a-Shaky; instaple; frail. 

I»i matiis a-Intolerable; insufferable. 

Di matingkala-a Incomprehensible. 

Di mawawala-rt-Indestructible. 

Din-a^r. also; a same; similar; like; 

Di nagdadalita-a Insensible; impassible. 

Di nahahati-a- Undivided. 

Di nakatutulog «Sleepless. 

Di naki ila a-Unknown; not known. 

I)i Naka sulat rt-Nuncupatory; nuncupa- 
tive, un ritten; oral. 

Di namumungaa-Sterile; unfruitful; 

Di nararapat-rt-Unworthy; undeserving; 
unfit; unjust; unseemly 

Di nasasalang« Untouched; numingled; 
})ure; ciean. 

I)i nawiwili-aUnfavorable. 

DU 5 

Dinaya-a Ap. p. Delude<I; itereived, 

cheated; swindled. 
Dimling-tt Partition wall; wall. 
Dinginr-To hear; listen, UDderstaixl: 

Diii)-fMfc.-Her<^; liitlier, tins way. 
Cinig-n-Heario);; listening, uti ieretanil- 

ing; comprehension. 
Dioa og alaK-nJiachus: the god of wine. 
Dipa n-Brace: spread <jt the arms. 
Ui pagka-lalagay a Reetlesenees; uiien- 

Di paglia-palagay-n.Inconatanty; flckte- 

Di pagodo-Refreebeil; unwearied, rested. 
Di pagka-tunaw ti| pagkain ea siknjii- 

Di pa Untanied; wild. 
Di paniniwalain a Iiicrftiiilous; uuIk'- 

Di pa panahon n-l'nseasonaljle: uudne, 

out i>f Season. 
Di p(t eiguro a Comparative; not very 


Diri-M-Despicability; loathing. 

I>iBapat-a-lDeuf(icie!it;ina(leqiiaty, lack- 

DiBcipulo^n-Dificiple scholar. 

Di BiiiasBysay<i.Ni)n deacrlpt. 

Dispnnte-n- r ack*stich. 

Di snkat nan gyario-Im possible; im- 

Di BOBoko-a-Indomni table. 

Di tatalonin-a Insurmoiintablp. 

Ditowfo.-Here; liiiher 

T>ito pt doon-a Passim. 

Diwara^n Cnriosity «conversation. 

Diwara-a Curious; inquisitive. 

Diwi-n'Salrit; soul. 

I>iyan-ai{v.-Ttere; yonder. 

Di yari'd- Imperfect; incomplete, faulty; 

■Doon-fldp.-There; yonder, thither, oppo 
site; on tlie other side, 

Poongan-n-anchorage: place of anchor- 
ing, harbor, port; landini:. 

Dowahagi-n-Persecutioii; harass, dnn; 

Do ahaginin-p To harass; persue, dim, 
importune, persecute, ain; sustain. 

Duag-n Coward. 

■Dnag-» Cowardly; craven, chickenhear- 
ted, pusitlanimoiis, timorous, timid, 
faint-hearted; fearfiil. 

Dub'e-a-Double; duplicate. 

Dublihin-rTo double; duplicate. 

■DubHhin ng tatio rTo treble; triplic-ate. 

Duda-n.Itoubt; mis- trust. 

1 mm 

I>uenUe.n-i'a y sprite, frav, eif; goblin- 

>U)(oilugoan.nBltiiiiiv, eanguinarv. 
Ougtoiig-d Additii.ii, wpiiro: affix.' 
I)ntha-ii- Helpless: destitute, poor, pe- 
nurious, mean, iiigKOrdly, paltry; 

Dukiiflngin-f-Tu overlake; reach; obtain. 
Dula sa kapwa» Keeentmeni,- grudge; 

Dulang tt-Table. 

DulingnCross-eyed: torvous. 

DuluH Point; em) extreme, extremity, 

suniil, headland, upsliol; pinnacle. 
Du Ion- Last; tiid latest, late, latter. 

final; extreme. 
Dulot It Present; jfralificatjoii, 
Dumaan I'TiipaHMby aplace, fro i>y; pass. 
" lubogi'-Tii growl; enarl, grumble; 

Dumadelaw n Visitor. 

Dumahakr-To spit; expectorate, cougli, 

Dumahinglaruin f'fo frisk; romp; sport. 

DumaingvTo lament; bewail, remon- 
strate, ail, crave, complain, resent, 
reprimand; expostulate. 

Diimakip-ivTo npprehend; capture. 

Dumakip «-Appreheiider. 

Dumal n Aversion; abliorelice. 

Dumalajiang manokn Piil et 

Dumalagang-v-To thin; rarify. 

Dumalangin rTo implore; beg, entreat, 
Holi^'it, crave; iiroy 

Dnmntas-rTo frequant; repeal often. 

Diimalaw-r-To visit. 

Dumalieay I'To refine; purify; cleanse. 

Dumalo v assist; support, produce, visit. 

Dumalulongi'-Tfi allnck; assail, assault^ 
imdertiike; attempt. 

DlllIialusoIl^; r Tii assail; assanll; attack. 

Dumami-t'To thicken; a ell, increase, 
gr<i , thrive, improve; «row rich. 

iKlmampot I'Tu jjick up. 

Diiiiinpit-iTo meet at one place and 
escort to another. 

Dnmapo r-To perch; roost. 

Dumating-r-Tu arrive: come, amniaHi' 
reach, ™ 

Dumhan i-To slain; poliile, soil, dirty, 
danb. dab, bespatter, darken, cor- 
rupt; profane. 

liumin-Dirl: dross, slagti, lilthiness, 
nastlneps, feaces; grime. 

f>ujiiihan-,i To dirty; soil, dab, danb, 
darken, obscure, ckiud; confuse, 

Dnmi fig tinta-)i.Blot of ink. 

Dumikit-cTn slick <ling, cohere; paste. 

I>umilhay-r To beli-h. 

lluminigf-To hear;' listen, understand, 
comprehend; nverhear. 




Dumoon a To lodge; rest, reside, dwell. 

Dumoong-v To anchor. 

Dumoong sa gawaa To complete one's 

Dumoon savTo be at. 
Dumpolin-v-To tinge; dye; stain. 
Dumudugo-r-Bo bleed. 
Dumudugo-a Bleeding; bloody, sangui; 

Diimugo V To bleed. 
DumulasvTo slip; slide. 
Diimulas sa kamay-v-To slip from the 

Dumulang t'-To wash gold. 
Dumulogv-To present; arrive, reach; 

Diimunong v To illustrate; experience 

grow or become wise. 
Dnmpo v-To become weak or infirm. 
DmustavTo become low or abject. 
Dumusta ng masama sa kapwa-w-Of- 

fender; delinquent. 
Dunguis-w-Stain; blot, filthiness, dirty, 

daub, grime; nastiness. 
Dungisin-t? To stain; blot, daub, dirty, 

darken; corrupi. 

Diingis sa puri w Stain or spot on one's 

Dungit-w-Point; extremity, end, summit; 

Dungo a-Pnsillarainous; timid, dull, co- 
wardly, timorous, rude^ obscene; 

J)ungol-/i-Blow with the fist 
Dungot n Summit; apex, top, point, 

extremity, end; edge. 
Dupoka-Brittle; weak, frail; fragile. 
Dunong-w Sience; knowledge, accuracy. 

wisdom, understanding, excellence; 

Dupongn-Half burnt wood; charcoal. 
Duraduhin-v-To gilt; gild, adorn. 
Duron Stitch. 

Durog-a-Po dered; broken, ushed. 
Durugin-v-To powder; crash, pound, 

shatter; pulverize. 
Duruin v-To stitch; penetrate. 
.DusawChastizement; punishment. 
Dusta-a-Bad; low, object, miserable, 
Duyan-w-Oradle; hammock. 
Duyan ng lubid-w-Swing. 
Duyo ng bilanguan-wDungeon. 

Edadw Age. 



Escandalo iT-Scandal. 
Europa w-Europe. 


Favor n Favor; boon. 
FebreroM February. 
Fecha-M Date; epoch 
Filipino w Philippino. 

Gaan-w-Lightness; levity; celerity. 

GaanantTo lighten; alleviate. 

Gaano-How many; how much. 

Gabay^i Balustrade; banister. 

Gabci[-»-Dn8t; powder. 

Gabokin-v-To powder. 

Gabok na ginto n-Flake gold; dust. 

Gabukin-vSo powder: 

Gagad-w-Imitation; counterfeit; copy. 

Gagahin v-To usurp. 

Gagarinv-To imitate; counterfeit, forge. 

mimic, copy, mock, feout; ape. 
Gahawa-a-Impetuons; violent, fierce. 
Gahi n Tear; laceration; mark. 
Gahiin-vTo toear; lacerate, rend; 

mark . 

Formal a Formal; serious, solemn; im- 
Frenohan.rTo bridle; curb. 

Gahisin t?-To force; allure. 

(Tahisin and dalaga t'-To rape force 

Gala-aErrant; wandering, erring. 


(lalakn-Pleasure; glee, content; mer- 
riment, rejoicing, festivity, joy, hap- 
piness; satisfaction. 

Galakgak-n J^oud laugh. 

Galang-n-Courtesy; civility, respect, 
regard, veneration, esteem, polite- 
ness; good manners, purity, reverence 
urbanity, breeding, education, man- 
ners, gentility, genteelness; homage- 

(jalangw-Small hand-basket; book-clasp, 
han<l cnff. 





Galaw-w-Agitation; move. 

Galawin-v-To agitate; move. 

Galawing muli v-To alter, dismiss 
change; remove. ; 

Galing w-Goodness; behefit, sutility, 
kindness, health, welfare, pros- 
salvation; generosity. 

Galing sa-a Originated drived from. 

Galisw-Itch; mange. 

Ga'isin a-Itchy mangy. 

Galisin-v-To have the itch ormange. 

Galit 71 Anger, rage, animosity; indig- 
itation spite, ma.lness, odium, annoy, 
annoyance, rancor enmity: discxDm- 
posure, cHoIer dudgeon. 

Galit-a-Angray; mad, firetful. peevish- 
irate, ireful, wroth, indignant, at 
variance with another. 

Galit na bigla n-Anger; rage; passion. 

Galit na galitaMery angry; furious; 

Galit na labis-w Spite; hatred. 

Gallera n Cockpit. 

Galletasw Hardtack; crac ers. 

Galos n-Scratch; scrape; ^car. 

GaloHan t? To scratch; scrape. 

Gamit-a-Used; experienced; skilful, 

Gamitn Use; disposition, prac ice, ex- 

Gamitin t'-To use; serve, wear, prac- 
tice, accustom; adopt, employ, make 
use of, allay, espouse, wield, aftil- 
iate; {na lagi addict. 

Gamitin a Useful; employed. 

Gamot w-Medicine; physic: portion. 

Gamot na may halong apian-?i Opiate. 

Gamutin-v-To dotor-cure; heal, mend; 

GamogamoM Horsefly dragon tty. 

Ganap-rt Perfect; complete, exact, right, 
finished, punctual, clever integral, 
whole, candid, just, entire, faultless, 

Ganapin-r-To complete; perfect, tiinish. 

Gandaw-Beuty; godliness, fairness, be- 
neficence, kindness. 

Ganda ng tikas w-Gentility; elegance, 
easiness, freedom. 

Ganid a Cruel; hard-hearted; severe. 

Ganiri-a/ii'.-8o; thus, also, therefore; 

Ganito-ativ.So thus; also, therefore, in 
this manner. 

Gansala-Odd. unequal uneven. 

GanFal-n-That which is left over. 

Gantiw Revenge; reward, recompence, 
gratification, satisfaction, triumph. 

remuneration, compensation, retri 
bution, premium, honor, amends, 
fee, wages, stipend, salary, payment 
glor}', requital, meed expiation. 

Gantihin-t? To revenge; reward, recom- 
pence, gratify, indulge, remunerate, 
retribute, requit, expiate; disgorge. 

Gaiitihin ang loob v-To reward recom- 

Ganting loob-n- Premium; reward, 

Ganting palad-/i Reward.' premium, 
prize; bounty. 


Ga6d;/i-Paddie; scull. 

Gapasan «Harvest place of harvesting. 

Gapasin r-To harvest; reap mow. 

Gapusin-t'-To manacle; handcuff; tram- 
mel: gj'iie. 

Gapusin ang paa ng hayop-t;-To hopple. 

Garabanso 7i-Pea. 

Garing-w- Ivory. 

Gasa-w-Border; edge, brim; margin. 

Gasaan-v-To chide; scold. 

Gas^as w- Waste, expenditure. 

Gasgas-rt-Used; worn. 

Gasgasinr-To waste; expend, wear by 

Gasta-wCharge; expense; cost. 

Gastos w Charges; expenses, costs; out- 

Gata n Juice; «ap. 

Gatas -?i-Milk. 

Gata^an v To milk. 

Gatasan a-Milch. 

Gatasanw Milk cellar. 

Gatong wTinder; kindlings, firewood. 

Gawaw-Work; means, toil, occupation, 
task, business, pursuit, labor, hus- 
bandry, operation, depd, action, act, 
conduct, management, procedure, cut, 
fashion, shape, figure; make. 

Gawaan-n-Manufactury; factory. 

Ga^aang hunhangn Foppe y; impru- 
dence, folly; foolit»hness. 

Gawa na marangal n-Masterpiec.^. 

Gawaan ng katad w-Tannery. 

Gawaan ng lil)ro-?t-Book binder. 

Gawang bastos w Meanness: malice. 

Gawang bata-n Chihiish doings. 

Gawang dapat tularan «Example, pre- 
cedent copy; pattern. 

(Tawang hamak n Malice; meanness, 
knavery; injustice. 

Gawa ng kamay a-Hand made. 

Gawang labas sa matwid-w-Wrong; in- 

Gawang niabuti H-Remedy; good. 

Gawang mahalayw Knavery; malice; 

GAY s 

Gawaiiji iiiarAiigal-H Glotioua deed, msB- 

Gawang luasaiTia M Wic etinea iniquity, 
guiltuesB iriiiiiualily, ugliueHs; rude- 
^ nees, impurity, diilnesd; lewdness. 

Gawang pangil-n Moral depravity; tur- 
pitude; uylinesH 

Gawang ulol n-FrettKv; folly, mlliiiew; 
foolish ne^H. 

GawgawjnrTo stir; revert; return. 

Oawi a.CoDitnon freijiient inclined. 

Oawi». Inclination (requeure, frequen- 
cy, style, use; c««ti>m. 

Gswinf-To <lo; work, operst«, make, 
perform; exei.'ute, manufacture, pro- 
dace, constrnot, form; realize. 

Gawi Bg loob» Tpiiilency; [iropenaity: 

Ciawing g'ntnv-Te conve-t in goi.l, 

Uawingkniiin 11 ranaOccideiital; western. 

(tawing kalunuran I'fli.'. Westerly. 

Gawing kanauiO Right. 

(iawing labad ng panuluknn JiAngle; 

Gawinj; lagi vTn practice. 

<iawinii likod-nOroup; back-ai<Ie. 

(iawing muli-r-To iterate; do again, re- 
prod ucc; reconstruct, 

Gawing panibogo t'To renew; repair 

Gawing pai-isukat c-To square. 

Ga inn tab(wi--To shape; give eliape, 

Gawing tntlong dubleuTo treble; tri- 
ple; triplicate. 

Gawin ng pasulipat ?^-To do or place 
anything obliquely, 

Gayak n-Preparatiijii; pomp, show, de- 
I'oratlun, adornment, enibelMslmient, 
ornament, preparative; dress. 

Gayak n Preperative; provldefit, oma 
mental; pomptiuus. 

Gayakan-i'To embellisli, ailorn, orna- 
ment, prepare; provide. 

Gayakin I'-To prepare: ornament, adorn; 

fiayak na m.ilaki n Splendor; pomp; 

Gayat-n-Piece; slice. 

Gayatin«-To pick to piece»; cut, 8|fice; 

Gayon-niir -So also; as, snch, therefore, 
an much, as ^reat, in this manner; 


Gayondin-a-Jc. -Equally; uniformly, even- 
ly, also, likewise, moreover, such, 
like, eke, atraiuhtway; ditto. 

Gayijn itian-nrfc.-Yet; not with, slaud- 
ine, still, neverlhelesK, however; 

Gayon naw«..imen 

Gbvou nga «Right; fuiv.-that way. 

G ay u ma »- Fascination : hypnotism; en- 

Giba nDestruction; ruin, 

Gibain v To destroy; demolish, i uin, 
plunder lerbel, 

Otbang-N-Reel; ptagser. 

I. ii bang' a- Reeling; staggering. 

liiiken-n'Threshiiig place; threshing. 

Gii in-r-To thresh. 

GilagiH-nTlie gUmfl. 

Gilalasn-Temeriiy b'l^bfulness. 

Gilalflsin-o-Thndi- bashful; co atd. 

Gilalaainr-To frighten; make bashful. 

Guilii) «Edge; border, margin, brim, 
verge, fringe, limit; sire. 

Gilid ng kavo-nEdge of cloth; selvage. 


Gilik-n-lJust; powder. 

Gihban-t'.To help: aid; assiat. 

Gikban ako infer. Help me. 

Gilin|an-n Mill; grinder. 

Gilingang muiiti-n-Hand-tnill. 

(Tilin^in-t'To grindi mill. 

GilitiiCut: slice. 

Gilitaaf-To cut slice. 

Gilitan atig liigvTo behead. 

Giiitin-iT-To cut; slice. 

Glliw-n- Beloved; dear; estimable. 

Giliw-n Esteem, love; delicacy. 

<.iiliwiii-<i-Ti> love; esteem, amuse; make 

Ghnhfll n Kettledrum. 

Ginagawa ng taontaon-«4ti- Yearly. 

Ginaw-fi-Cold: frigidness, frigidity. 

Ginawa sabayaSimultaneons. 

Gindoy n-Affe"cted gail or walk. 

Ginawan-Easy; light; convenient; tit. 

Ginibanggibiingn Oscillatinii; vibra- 

Ginikan-n Straw, 

(iinoO'ii Mister; gentleman, master; sir 
Ginoo n-Genllenianly; poHte. 
«iiiito » Gold. 

GintoinrTo convert into gold 
Giray n-Wabble; aRected air or gait. 
Giravn Keeling; staggering. 
GisahinrTo fte . 
Gisi n-Smatl piece; fragment, tear. 
Gisiin-i'-To tear; rend, lacerate. 
Gisi ng-n- Watchful; lively; wakeful. 
Gising-arlf. Awake; alive. 
Giaingin-c-To wake; awaken; waken, 
Gitia n-Surpiae, astonishment, fright. 

Gillahin-r.'-To surprine; a«toniHli; amaze. 
Gilna-n-Cetiter; middle, midst, medium, 



^obierno w Government. 
Gobiernador-wGovernor; prefect. 
Goniaw-Gum rubber 
Gorra w-Cap. 
Grifo-w Faucet hydrant. 
Guangw-A hollow spot; in wood. 
Gubat-w-Woods: forest backwoods. 
Gubatin-t; To pillage, plunder lay was- 
te desolate. 
Gugnl-w-Expenses charges costs- 
Guhit-w-Line, mark; design, plan; 

sketch vestige. 
Guhitin-t7-To line. 
Guitaraw Guitar. 
Guk-gok a Disheveled. 
Gulagulanit a Ragged. 
Gulang w-Age. 
Gulang ng isip w Solidity, firmness or • 

integrity of thought. 
GulanitwRag hanging from clothes. 
Gulanit a- Ragged, wornout. 
Gnlatw Fright; consternation; astonish- 
ment alarm. 
GulatanvTo frighten; astonish; sur- 
GulatinvTo frighten; alarm; startle 

make tremble. 
Gulat na gulat-a- Fearful; awful scared. 
Gulay n- Vegetables herbs; verdure. 

Gulo-wPerplexity confusion; distur- 
bance; turmoil tangle chaos chayos; 
discord; dissention, din; revolution; 
sedition, scrape agitation, shindy; 
discomposure; disquietude disquiet- • 
ness entanglement ado; pother. 
Guloa-Re verse intricate, tangled, con- 

lused chaotic. 
Gulodw- Hillock barrow; slope. 
Gulok n-Bolo large knife, corn-knife. 
Gulo ng isipw- Bewilderment. 
Gulongn-Wheel, circle. 
(•»ulonggulongan-w Windpipe; gullet. 
Gulugod w Spine backbone; chine. 
Guluhin v To disturb, entangle, tangle; 
perturb, ensnare, row; subvert; per- 
plex disconcert alarm disquiet dis- 
compose, confound, reverse, overturn, 
overthrow; stir agitate. 
Guluhin ang isip-v-To bewilder; con- 
found; perplex. 
Gulungin-v-To wheel; roll. 
GumaanvTo lighten; alleviate. 
Gumabi-v-To grow dark; benight; grow 

Gumagad-vTo imitate; minic ape; fiout, 
Gumaganti a Retributive vengeful; re- 
Gumagatas w-Miller. 


Gumagawa-w- Workman; doer, laborer; 
worker, journeyman. 

Gumalaw-v-To move stir. 

GumalingvTo recover; get or grow 
well, convalesce. 

Gumanapv-To execute; perform; dis- 

Gumanda-v-To beautify; embellish; 
adorn decorate. 

Gumaod v-To row paddle; scull. 

Gumapangv-To crawl, cjeep go on ^11 
fours. Sec. Rob or steal at night. 

Gumapasi;-To mow cut, reap harvest. 

liumasta-i; To spend; waste, wear away. 

Gumatas-v-To milk. 

Gumanting loob-v-To correspond; suit; 

Gumawa-v-To do; make, manufacture; 
execute, labor construct, build, per- 
form; form, produce; practice; ope- 
rate cause; act. 

Gumawa ng antos-i; To digest; consider- 
assist; produce. 

Gumawa ng hatol-v-To judge; make 
zudgement. . 

Gumawa ng kautU8an-t;-To maKe or 
enact laws. 

Gumawa ng salitaan-v To contract; sti- 

Gumayak-vTo prepare, adorn; get ready; 
caparison: clean. 

Gumayak agad-v-To prepare hastily. 

Gumayongayonv-To idle loiter; lounge- 
be eareless. 

Gumibik-vTo Aid; assist; help; save; 
succor: support. 

Gumugiti a-Growing. 

Gumiikv-To thresh. 

GumiitvLo meddle; interfere. 

Gumiliw-v To love like adore, esteem. 

Guminday-i;-To walk with an affected 
air or gait. 

Guminhawa-v-To thrive; prosper; ease- 
become easier. 

Guminhawa ahg sakit-v To recover trom 

Gumiraygiray-v-To swagger; wabble; 

Gumiri-vTo clamor; howl. • 
Gumisa-v-To irritate; smart. 
Gumiti r-To bud; grow; shoot; begin to 

Guraucol t'-To expend: spend; waste. 
Gumuhitv-To draw; line. 
Gumukgok-v-To grunt. 
Gumulo-v-To disturb; perturb; riot; 

destroy; be noisy; perplex. 
Gumulong-v-To roll. 
Gumulong sa lupa-v-To tumble. 
Gumumon r-To roll. 


HAL ^_^_ 

Gunamgunam-w-Memory; memorial; me- 
moirs; reflexion. 

Guniguni-w-Fancy; imaginacion; pre- 
sumption; pantom, hallucination. 

Guniguni-a- Fantastical; fantastic; whim- 
sical; imaginary; fanciful; chemerical. 

Gunigunihin-v-To imagine; fancy; sup- 

Gunting w-Shears; scissors; snips. 

Guntingin-v-To shear; cut with shears 
or scissors. 

Gupitin-v-To cut shear. 



Gupitin ang buhok v To cut hair. 


Gurlis w Scratch. 

Gusarin ang lupav-To clean ground. 

Gusi-w-Large china jar. 

Gusot-a-Tangled; intricate; difficult; 

Gusutin-v-To entangle; snarl. 
Gutom-w Hunger. 
Gutumin-v-To make hungry; starve. 



Habaan-v-To lenghten; prolong; pro- 
tract; distend; extend; amplify; en- 
large; stretch out. 

Habag-w-Clemency; compasion; pity, 
condolence; mercy. 

Habagat-n-North wind. 

Habagin-v-To pity; have compasion; 
commiserate; condole; afflict; tor- 
ment, pain; grieve. 

Habagin a-Oompassionate: commisse- 

Habi-w-Weaving; plat. 

Habihan-w-Loom . 

Habihan-v-To weave. 

Habihin-vTo weave. 

Habulin-v-To pursue; vex; persecute; 
chase; catch. 

Hadhad-n-Abrasure; scratch; wound. 

Hadlangn-Stall; cell; obstacle; impe- 
d iment; obstruction. 

Hadlangin v To stall; partition; obstruct; 
impede, hinder; restrain. 

Hagdan w-Stairs; staircase; steps; stair- 

Hagdanan nStaircase; stairway, steps, 
ladder; stile. 

Haging-wWhistle; whistling; hum; whir; 
whur; hiss, 

Hagkan-w-Hug kiss. 

Hagkan-v-To hug; kiss. 

Hagulgol-n-Flood of tears, mourning. 

Hagurin-v-To soften; pummel. 

Hahaliliw Substitute. 

HAka-n-Thought; meditation; idea; de- 
sign; supposition. 

Hdkain-v-To suppose; meditate; think; 


Halaan-w Bivalve; shellfish. 

HalagwCost; price; chartje; value; 
amount; worth; moment; valuation; 
appraisal; estimate; estimation; ex- 

Halagahan-v-To appraise, value, esti- 
mate, assess; prize. 

Halagahang muliv-To reassess. 

Halagahin-vTo value; prize, esteem, es- 

Halak n-Horselaugh; loud or boister- 
ous; laugh. 

Halakhak-w-Horselaugh; loud or bois- 
terous laugh. 

Halamanan w-Garden; orchard. 

Halap w- Alarm; notice of danger. 

Halas w-Ulcer. 

Halata-a Sensible; noticable; notable; 

Halatain v-To notice; feel; note; scent; 

Halay-w-Ugliness; rudeness; homliiiess; 
moral depravity; turpitude; impurity; 
lewdness; depravity. 

Halayin-t?-To ridicule; censure; decry; 
sligh'^; disregard; laugh at. 

Haligi-nPost: pillar; support. 

Halik-w-Kiss; osculation. 

Halikin v-To kiss; osculate. 

Halikuatinv To raise on edge; pry. 

Halimbawaw-Example; pattern; copy; 
precedent; examplar; instance. 

Halinghing-w Sigh; moan; groan. 

Halinhan-v-To change; exchange; subs 
titute, succeed, surrogate. 

Halo-w-Mixture; compound; medley; 
mortar; admixture. 

Halobaybayw- Anchovy. 


Haloin-t?-To mix; stir. 

Halomigmig-n-Lukewarm; neither hot 
nor cold; slippery. 

Halomigmig-w-A small mixture. 

Halos-aSv.-Almost; nearly, well-nigh. 

Halos wala-a<?v.-Scarcely; hardly. 

Halubid; Stroke; with a whip or rope, 

Haluin-v-To stir; mix; revert; derange; 
confuse; break the thread of inter- 


Halumigmig-a-Damp; humid; moist. 

Hamak-a Low; abject; contemptib'e; 
vulgar; despicable: infamous; unbe- 
coming vile; mean; base; knavish; 
unworthy; contumelious; cursed; 
undeserving; discreditable; clamo- 
rous; menial; servile; sneaking; sla- 
vish, petit; plebian. 

Hamakin v-To underrate; undervalue; 
depreciate, disobey; lower the stan 

Hambal-wGrief; anguish; affliction. 

Hambog wPride; haughtiness. 

Hambogw-Haughty; supercilious: arro- 
gant; proud; vain; presumptuous; 
preposterous; disdainful; ostentatious. 

Hamog-w Dew. 

Hamon-w Challejige impeachment 

threat, fight. 

Hampas-w Stroke; scourge; blow. 

Hampasin ng tungkod-v-To came. 

Hampas lupan Vagabond; vagrant: 

Hamunin-y To challenge; rival; Fight 

Hanapbuhay-w Occupation; situation; 
employment, employ; profession; vo- 
cation; work. 

Hanapini;-To search; look for, find, 
hunt. • 

Hanay-nRow; file; line; arrangement; 

HanayinwTo put in line; order file; 

Handa-w-Preparation; pomp; show; pro- 

Handa-a-Preparative; prepared; provi- 
dent; coutious. 

Handa na malaki-w-Splendor; pomp: 
large feast. 

Handog w-Off er: gift; grant; homage; 
tribute; gratification; pleause; com- 

Handuka-w-Tolerance; patience; for 

Handulungin-vTo assault, assail; attack. 

Hanga-w-Limit; boundary; border; goal; 
district; milestone; bound; butt; con- 
fine: contour; term, milepost; land- 
mark; end; edge; crisis; margin; pe- 
riod; frontier; condition. 

Hangahan-n-Boundary; limit; landmark, 
border, frontier. 

Hangad-w-Concern; interest; desire. 

Hangal-aFoolish; stupid; ignorant; in- 
decent; rude; coarse; clownish. 

Hangalinv-To astonish; stupefy, infa- 
tuate; fool; be rude; deceive; sur- 
prise; cheat. 

Hangann Extreme: extremity. 

27 HAR 

Hangan-atZv.-even; till as far as: also; 

Hanganan n-Boundary; limit; end; ter- 
mination; goal; milestone; district; 
period; term. 

Hangang di-a Provisional. 

Hangang ngayon adv.-Here to; here to- 
fore, here unto; till now. 

Hanghang-w-Pungency: acrimony; pique 

Hangin-w Wnd; air. 

Hangin hilaga-n North-wind. 

Hangin sa araww East wind. 

Hangin sa balas-n North-wind. 

Hangin sa kalunurann- West- wind. 

Hanguin-vTo extract; ta e out; take 
from- remove; bring out; extort; de- 
duce; ransom; release; liberate; re- 
deem free; set a liberty; acquit. 

Hanguin sa sakit v-To heal; cure. 

Hantungan-n-Halting place; stay so 
journ; habitation. 

HanipwLouse; flea, small thing, 


Hapdi w Pain; prickling; smarting. 

Hapdi ng kalooban w-Wound ;affliction; 

Hapis-w Gloom; sadness; grief; pain; 
ache; anxiety; hardship; disgust; 
sorrow: grievance 

Hapis-aGrievous; sad; dejected; dis- 
gusted; dispirited; painful; . pained; 

Hapiein-v-To vex; mortify; afflict; pain; 
sadden pain; torment; grieve; dis- 
gust render dejected. 

Hapitan-v To press. 

Hapitin v- To press. 

Hapo-a-Exhausted; weary: worn out. 

Hapo-M Fatigue; hardship; anguish; 

Hapon w Afternoon. 

Hapunan-n Supper. 

Hapunan w-Perch; roost. 

Harang n Hold-up; ambuscade; robbery; 

Harangin v-To hold-up;.ambu8cade rob; 
plunder; beset- waylay stop; restrain. 

Harap-a*iv. -Forward; lead: before. 

Harap-a Front. 

Harapan n Front; Face; fore- end; fore- 
part; lead. 

Harapan ng bahay-w-Facade; face of a 

Harapin v-To present; ones self. 

Hari w-Monarch; king; severign; ruler 

Harina w-Flour. 

Hari nga-iw^er.- Would to GOD; GOD 

Harumpak-n-Waste; expense. 

Harumpak-a- Active; wasteful. 

HIG 28 

Hanimpakin-v To expend; waste. 

Hasikan-w-Place of sowing. 

Hasikan-v-To drill; sow. 

Hatdan ng viatico ang may sakit v to 
administer sacraments. 

Hati-a-mid; half. 

Hatid-w- Conveyance; conduction. 

Hatiin vTo divide; halve; part; share; 
compart; cut apart. 

Hating gabi w-Mid-night, 

Hatol-n-Decision: judgement; sentence; 
verdict; issue; advice; opinion, reso- 
lution; proceedure; council. 

Hatulan-v-To sentence; judge; decide; 
resolve; determine. 

Hawak-w-Clasp; clutch grasp. 

Hawakan-v- To grasp; clutch; catch; 

Hawan-a Free; clean; neat; pure; clear- 

Hawanan-v To free; dissengage; facil- 
litate make easy; ease, expedite. 

Haya w-Sheaf. 

Hayag a Manifest plain; clear, public; 
general, open, vulvar, perceptible. 

Hayin-w-Gift oblation, offering. 

Hayop M- Animal brute; beast. 

Hay op na apat ang paa-w-Quadruped. 

Hayop na walang gulugod n-Inverte- 

Hayuma w-Patch. 

Hayumahin-v-To patch; mend fix. 

Hibaybayn- Boundary, district; limit; 

Hibik-w Lament; lamentation; groan; 

Hibla-w-Fiber; yarn, 

Hibo-w-Cheat; fraud; deceit; delusion; 
decoy; sham; claptrap dodge; trick; 

Hiboin-v-To cheat decoy, deceive seduce; 
sham; guile; jockey; cozen. 

Hibuin-r-To cheat; cozen; deceive; de- 
coy; sham; victimize; jockey 

Hibuin sa pagibig-v-To jilt. , 



Higitin-v-To enlarge; stretch; lengthen; 


Higop w-Swallow; draught; sip; absorp- 

Higuit-n-Tenacity; pertinacity; contu- 
macy; asperity; closeness; tightness; 
marrowness; straightness. 

Higpitan-v-To compel; press; oblige; 
oppress, squeeze; tighten, restrain, 
bind; compact. 

Higpitin uli-v-To re tighten; repress. 


Higtan ang balicakt'-To shrug the 

Higupin v-To swallow; sip. 
Hihiganw Couch; be<l. 
Hihigan ng hayop sa damo n Lair, 
Hika w-Asthma. 
Hikayat-w Attraction; invitation; faci- 

Hikayatin-t?-To attract; facinate; invite. 
Hikuatinv-To pry up. 
Hila-w-Draw; pull, tug; drag. 
Hilaga-n-North; North-wind. 
Hilaga «-Northern; boreal. 
Hilagaan w North. 
Hilagaan «-Northern boreal. 
Hilagaan-aciv. -Northerly. 
Hilahin-v-To haul; tug; drag,-pul ; draw; 

Hilakbot-w-Horror; dread; fear. 
Hilamusan w-Lavatory; wash-stand. 
Hilatsa-v Thread of cloth 
Hilaw-a Crude, gr^en; rare; raw; unripe 

Bilawan i;To separate; pick. 
Hilawin v-To make crude. 
Hilera-wRow; file; line. 
Hilig w-Inclination; propensity; tenden 

cy; disposition. • 

Hilig-a-inclined; disposed. 
Hilig ng loob ^Inclination; fancy; pro- 
Hiligan-w- Anything to lean on. 
Hilik-w-Snore; harsh sound. 
Hilo-aDrunk; intoxicated; dizzy. 
Hilot w-Mid; wife. 
Hilurin v-To soften; rub; stroke; act as 

Hilutin-vTo rub; act as mid wife; 

Himagas n Dessert. 
Himala-w Miracle; wonHer. 
Himanhiman n-Flatery; cajolery. 
Himanhiman a Prudent. 
Himimlay-vTo rest; repose 
Hi niatay-w Fainting; swo'»n; faint. 
Himatayin a Subject to fainting. 
Himawaw Blasphemy. 
Himawain v-To Blashpemy 
Himpakhimpakan-w Loins of an animal. 
Himpakhimpakan-w- Bashfuhifss. 
Himu hol-n Small knot in cloth 
Himulmol «Ragged; tattered. 
Himulmol n-Small knot in cloth. 
Himulmulan v To pluck. 
Himutok w-Oomplaint; murmur, 
Hina-w-Weakness; prostration. 
Hinabi-p. p. -Woven. 


Hinabiw-rhat which has been woven. 

Binabing lino-n Linen. 

Hinagap-wSuspiciqn jealousy. 

Hinagap V o beleive credit give faith. 

Hinagpisw Tribulation; anguish aflic- 
tion; anxiety envy compasion pity. 

Hinahon w-Moderation; forbearance; pru 
dence continence continency. 

Hinala w- Dread V fear, suspicion: jea- 
lousy presumption supposition, ma- 
lice conjecture 

Hinalili-^ ^.-Changed. 

Hinanakit n-CompIaint: murmur disgust 


HinanginwTo solder. 

Hinapangw-Courage valor; mind; in- 

Hinawan ng kamay w Wash stand. 

Hinay w-Delay; detention, lingering; 

Hinayangw-Grief pity; compassion; 

Hinayhinay a^v.-Little by little. 

Hindi -arir. -No; not. 

Hindi Ayos a Disheveled: irregular. 

Hindi ayos-ac^v.-Uulike; disorderly. 

Hindi binyagan-w Pagan; heathen. 

Hindi dapat a-Unbecoming unworthy; 
unlawful, illicit; undeserving. 

Hindi gamit a-Disused; obsolete. 

Hindi ganap almperfect; faulty; de- 

Hindi gumagalaw-a Quiet undisturbed. 

Hindi kaayon-a Contrary; unlike. 

Hindi kailangan «Unnecessary, super- 
fluous; dispensible. 

Hindi kamu ha a Strange foreign; un- 
like; dissimilar. 

Hindi kaofficio-a- Foreign; different vo- 

Hindi kaparis a-Unlike dissimilsr, con- 
trary; different. 

Hindi kaugalian a-Strange; unknown, 

Hindi quilala a Strange; unknown; fo 

Hindi mabahagi «-Invisible. 

Hindi mabutia-Bad; false; faulty; 

Hindi mabuti ang lasaa-Sour; . bad- 
tasting pungent. 

Hindi magkaayos-a-Confused;disorderly; 
perverse intricate difficult contrary. 

Hindi mahalata a Imperceptible; hidden; 

Hindi makamalay tawo a Spiritless 
weak; feeble. 

Hindi malayo-ariv.-Near; not far. 

Hindi m&n adv. Though, notwithstand- 

29 HIN 

— ^-^— ^^— ^^^^^— ^— — — ^^^— .._^__^_^^^____ •__ 

Hindi mangyaring mabahagi a-Indivi- 

Hindi mauso-a Obsolete disusefl, pas- 
sed gone hy. 

Hindi mapawi aindelible. 

Hindi marunong a Stupid ignorant 

Hindi marunong sumuiiod a Obstinate; 

Hiudi inasaysay a Indefinite, indeter- 

Hindi matangap-a Inacceptable; inad- 

Hindi matarok a-Unfathomable. 

Hindi alipin a-Free. 

Hindi nababago-a-Constant;firm; loyal; 
permanent; durable; lasting; ma- 

Hindi nabubulok a Incorruptible; im^ 

Hindi nagagalaw a Untouched; pure 

Hindi nagagayak-a Informal; indispo- 

Hindi nagbuhat sa iba a Ooriginal; pri- 
mitive; first. 

Hindi nagpapaamo rt Free; frark; lib- 

Hindi nakaalam a Stupid; ighorait; 

Hindi nalulupo a Pure; untouched; un- 
mingled; chaste. 

Hindi mapaamo-a-Untamable; inflex- 

Hindi napaguusapan a- Pure; clean (per- 
taining to conversation.) 

Hindi pa nalalaman-a Unknown. 

Hindi pa nangyari-a Unfinished; in- 
complete; lacking. 

Hindi pa napaamo a Untamed; wild. 

Hindi paris a-Unlike; unequal, dif- 

Hindi patag a Rough; cragged; craggy. 

Hindi payag-a-Inadmissible. 

Hindi rina & cow^'.- Neither, nor. 

Hindi sagrado a Profane, not sacred. 

Hindi sinasadya-a-Accidental; casual: 

Hindi tamaa-Amiss; false; not true, 
untrue, wrong. 

Hindi tapat na loob-a-Unfathful false; 
feigned; infidel; disloyal; instable; 
fickle; uncertain. 

Hindi tinatalagaa-Casual: uninten- 
tional, unexpected- accidental. 

Hindi tinatangap a Unacceptable; inad- 

Hindi totoo a Fictitious; untrue, false; 
fabulous; feigned; uncertain; spurious. 

Hindi tumupad sa ipinanumpa a-Per- 
jured; forsworn. 

HIT 30 

Hindi tUQtiy a False; untrue, feigned 

count erteit, imitated. 
HingalwPant; palpitation; difficult 

Hingalon-Agony; gasp; last breaths; 

of a dying person. 
H ingbubuli-n- Lizard. 
Kingil a- Propensity inclination; desire. 
Hineil-a-Disposed. inclined. 
Hingii 8fi-adv. Moreover besides; over, 

above according to; relating to: 

Hingkod a-Lame: hipshot. 
Hinhinw Urbanity; civility; calmness: 

tranquility, politeness, kindness, fru- 
gality; bashfulners. 
Hinkod a Lame; hipshot. 
Hinlalaki n-Thumb. 
Hinlog w Lineage : race, forfathers; off 

spring class; parents; relatives; kin- 
dred: pedigree. 
Hinoga-Ripe: mature- 
Hintay-M-Stay; stop: hope. 
Hintayin vTo await; hope; expect. 
Hinto-w-Stop; halt; pause. 
Hintuan w Stopping place; halting place. 
Hinubahin-v To collect, deduce; infer. 
Hipan-v-To blow, play on a musical 

Hipo w-Touch; blind man's stick. 
Hipoinv-To feel; touch; grope. 
Hipon-n Shrimp. 
Hipon sa dagatw-Lobster. 
HipuinvTo feel; touch; grope. 

Hirum-w-The thing which is lent. 
Hiramin-w To borrow; loan; tax. 
Hiran-n Example; instance; pattern. 
Hicang a Selected chosen; select; choice. 
Hirangw Selection; choice. 
Hirangin-vTo select; choce pick. 
Harap-w Hardship; pain terture; grief; 

toil, torment; misery; poverty; distress; 

affliction; anguish; cross; trouble; 

anxiety; fatigue; ado; dolor. 
Hirap ng kaloobanwAVound; affliction: 

Hiraran-w-Example; instance. 
Hira i a-Accustomed; used. 
Hiratihin-r To accustom; use. 
Hirayanlllusion; apprehension. 
Hiringahin V To syringe. 

Hitad-?? Whore harlot; prostitute. 
Hitit-n Suck; smoke. 
Hititin r-To smoke; such. 
Hitsiira n Sliape; form, mode, appea- 


ranee; phase; likeness; mien; garb; 

guise; ostent; cut; fashion; face. 
HiwawSlice cut; incision. 
Hi waga-a-My stery . 
Hiwain v-To cut; slice; carve. 
Hiwalay w-Separation. 
Hiwalayin v-To separate; assort; sort 
compart; renounce; divorce; divide part. 
Hi was a- A cut on a bias. 
Hiwasa-Slanting squint-eyed; incorrect. 
Hiwasan v To cut en a bias or slant. 
Hiwid a Hipshot- lame. 
Hiya-w-Shame; bashfulness! modesty; 

embsrrasment; compunction. 
Hivain-vTo shame; embarrass; affront; 

Hiyas-w Ornament; adornment; trim- 
ming, furniture. 
Hiyasan v-To ornament;adorn;embellish. 
Hiyaw-w Shout cry; seream! howl 

outcry; clamor; hoot. 
Hiyawani'Outcry; clamor; shout; cry 

hoot: howl. 
Hiyawin vTo shout; cry-out; howl 

huzza, clamor; hoot. 
Hodyatw Countersign; watchword 

Hodyatan n Countersign; wartchword.; 

rendezvous; appointment. 
H ogy at w- Alarm; notice of danger; 

Holhol-w-Howl; crv of horror. 
Howad-w-Oounterfeit; imitation; copy; 

Howaranv To counterfeit; copy, imitate; 

forge, mimic; pirate. 
Huad-w-Counterfeit; copy; forgery; imi- 
tation- likeness; transcript: 
Huag-iwfpr.-Shan't; do not; don't: stop. 
H uaggawin-v-To neglect; quit; relinquish ; 

forsake, leave, yield; let; omit; retuse 

to do. 
Huag gumanting palad t?-To be dis- 
agreeable, uncompromising. 
Huag ipagkaloob v-To refuse; deny. 
Huag ipatuloy-v-To desist; discontinue; 

supercede; stop. 
Huag isama-v-To exclude; shutout; keep 

Huag kalingayin-v-To slight; disregard. 
Huag kumilala V- To disown; disclaim. 

ignore: refuse to recognize. 
Huag kumilala ng utang na loob t' To 

be disagreedable: uagrateful. 
Huag kupkupin-r-To leave in danger; 

refuse to help; aid; shelter or protect. 
Huag magalingin vTo reject; condemn 

lower refuse to approve. 
Huag niagsalita-r To refuse to talk 

hush; remain silent. 

Uuag mahftUta i-To hiilt: concenl; keep 

Rnag mabalin v To eliehl; ditireiranl. 
Hnait makipBg usap t-To BtamI inuti>; 

BnaE makilala v To ilisoMii; itisavow: 

Hung malamanf To diso\vn: disavow; 

be igiiorant of. 
Hu&K bilangin-i'To exclude; »\\»t out; 

Bnag mapanabi T^To regtrain; refuse t.) 
tell or say; bind. 

Hnag matantovTo be ignorant of; not 
to. know. 

Hoax pahintulutinrTo disapprove; dis- 
favor:»!! BconntenanOe. refuse to permit. 

Huag paniaiifthiii-f-To disinherit, 

Bnag puiiinyapi'To refuse; objeil; 

Huii;'-To refuse to leli or say 

keep eecret or silent; seni; sei-rete, 
Huag samantatahin r To fail to take 

advantage of; fail to gain advantage; 

fail to procure 
Huag tamaan-vTo err; raiejudge; 

Huag tangapin-cTo rejeot; refiice; 

object to. 
Huag tmnupad-ti'To shirk fail to do, 
Huag umimik rTo remain silent; luisli 

keep Btill 
Hubati-nNanod; nud". 
HuWran I'-To deuude; underss; empov 

erieb; make poor. 
Hnbaran ang lukearTo leave off 

moH ruing. 
Huhdan-rTo undress; deude; dlsrolic. 
Hubog rt Curver; bent; crooked. 
HubognBent; curved; crooked. 
Hubogra-Bend curve: arrh; crook. 
Hubogji. p.-Bent; curved: arched, 
Hubugano-To bend; arch; curve. 
Hubugin-cTo bend; arch; curve. 
B udy atan rf- Passport ; c o u n 1 1* r s i g ii ; 

Hugasing c-To wash; lave hatti. 
Hugos ng com pan 8- w Bell -clap per. 
. Hugutinc-To extract; remov.-; takeout, 

dedoce; draw out: abstract; estort. 
-Hukay-n-ExcavatJon; hole; pit: IioUi'm; 

TInkayin-p-To dig,- escavatp; bollow. 
Bukajin muli-c-To extume. 

Hiikom-n Governor; judge; nrliilt-r. 
Bukiuban-H Place of covering any thing; 

lotting place. 
Hukiinian-7'To Judge. 
Hukomann'Province; goveninr's Ikiumi' 

Hulan Prediction; prophecy; coujeiiure. 

Burniite; omen: diviuation; augurv; 

Hulaan !■ To predict: foretell: prophecv: 

sriiithsay; proguostlcatc; divine. 
Ilulhiii 4 Howl, yelp; yelping. 
Hull (nfi-.-Ijite; yelp yelping. 
HAlin Capture: spoils; prize. 
Huli njt sasakvau'I Stern. 
HuliliniiRTIie'pa<k part; strrn. 
Hulihan nj hokbon Rearguard. 
Hulihin r-To capture; teiie; catch; get; 

Huli sa lahat n-I,^Et. 
Mulma-n-Mold; mitrice. 
Hulo-n Upper. 

Hulo iig ilog-n-Source of a liver 
Hulog-M-Fall; tumble. 
Hulugin-rTo throw down; cast, 

Humaba-r-To lengthen; piotroci; pro- 

Huniabi r To weave: plai. 

Humnbol t'To catch; run after. 

B«i[inijkHn-c So bug; kiss. 

Humoging pTo whir; whur, wiiietle, 
whi^; hum. 

Bumagpos-r-To siip; slide, skulk; escape 
from danger. 

Biimalialon-Rocker. one who stirc. 

Bnmakbaugr-To step; stirs 


Humalaw-rTo choose; select; elect. 

Humalay f-To consume decry. 

Hunialiki'-To kiss; osculate. 

HumalilirTo exchange; clwnge, alter 
nate, reci e; supercede. 

HunialinihinifTo set; hali'li. (pft- If. 

HiniinlingbingrTo sigh, groan; m<mn. 

Humamak-r-Grovel; lower dcguneiiiic, 
Huniomoki'To bedew Eog. 
Humamok cTo light; struggle; contend, 
Huniamon r-To unger; provoke; tight 

irritate; offend: excite; contend; 

IluuiQiiap-c-To find; search for; hiuil 

warrli. ook for. 
Humanda-oTo prepare: gel ready. 
HiimangatiTo limit; finish; end; dose. 
Huiiiangitin-r-To gnaw; molest. 
Hu mangos r-To pant; palpitnlc. 
Humantong-tJ To stop; hall- desist 
Humnpdi-u-To smart, irritate burl 

HumapisrTo opprcfj; grieve; nnjuru. 
Hiimapon k-To eiit supper. 
Hnmapon !■ To perch. 


Humarap-v-To present appear, confront 

Humatol v-To judge give sentence sen 

tence, decide condemn. 
Humawak i'-To clasp clutch hold. have. 
Huinbak t7Concavity; hollowness. 
HumibikuTo sob lament groan. 
Humigitv To exceed, surpass excell. 
Humigit a More. 
Humigit-adi;. -More over. 
Humigop-v To sip suck absorb imbibe. 
Humihip-v-To blow. 
Humikayat v-To attract draw invite. 
Humilig-v-To incline, tend; lean, recHne. 
Humilik vTo snore. 
Humimalay-^-To take what is left 
Humimawa-v-To blaspheme curse. 
Humimig-To bubble, appear; answer. 
HumimpaywTo cease; forbear, desist 

Humimpil-v-To appease, calm; pacify; 

becalm; rest repose, stop. 
Humina-v-To grow weak; debilitate, 

impair weaken. pall, enfeeble; 

Humindu-ay v-To weaken; give up an 

intention dispirit. 
Humingav-To respire, breathe, exhale; 

Humingal-y-To pant palpitate. 
Humingi v To ask request petition; 

beg entreat; implore, demand claim; 

Huminkodv-To limp; deviave. 
Huminkodhinkod r To limp. 
Huminto-t'-To stop; halt; desist, rest; 

Humitit-vTo smoke, suck. 
Humiwalay v-To separate; diverge, de- 

32 IBA 

Humiyaw vTo oyell shout exclaim. 
Humpay-n-Intermission interrudtion. 
Humpayint7To interrupt, intermit; 

Humuad-v To counterfeit, falsify, copy; 

imitate mimic. 
Humubad-v-To undress denude. 
Humubo-vTo undress, denude. 
Humubog-v-To undress denude. 
Humukay-v-T6 dig excavate, hollow; 

delve enter. 
}juniula-'t?To foretell prophesy; perdict; 

portend, prognosticate announce con- 
Humulaw-Predictcr, prophet. 
Humuni v-To neigh. 
Humupa-v-To rest calm; grow quiet; 

become thin or weak. 
Humutok f-To arch; bend; curve. 
Hunghang a- Foolish silly, ignorant; 

Huni-r- Neigh. 

Husay-w Order, regulation array. 
Husay a Regulated arrayed; elaborate; 

Husayin-t-lo arrange; perfect regulate; 

array adjust class; order correct; 

set off. put in order; rectify, repair; 

patch- conform; improve; mend; 

Husaying muli-v To rearrange; rearray 
Husto-a-Enough; complete: complete 

perfect; exact right; sufficient ef 

fectual equitable, upright honest 

Hustuhin y-To complete, perfect; finish 

execute, perform. 
Hutukin v-To arch: bend: curve. 
Huwarin v-To imitate; copy; simulate 


Iabangi;To wait for, watch for, 

labot t-To proffer, hand; offer: reach. 

laga t'-To foresee, anticipate, preoccu- 
py, prepare. 

lalay-v-To offer dedicate; present give 

lalis-f-To to take away; discard, move; 

lalok v-To offer, hold out; proffer, offer 
for sale, entrust propose^ 

layos r- To regulate, arrange; array; 
busk: put in order. 

Iba-a-dissimilar. different: diverse: un- 
like, other. 

Ibapro. -Other. 

Ibaba-r To lower, put down. 

lba,t, iba-a Various. 

Ibabalav-To explain; announce; antici" 
pate; foretell; signify. 

Ibabaow Topside; outside, cover; surface. 

Ibadbab-To soak; steep, imbue. 

Ibagay t'-To make convenient; conform. 

Ibago n-To renew; make over, change. 

Ibahin-r-To change; transform; alter; 
deviate; remove; vary; convert; re- 
form; transfigure; transmute, modify. 

Ibahin ang hitsurav-lo change the 
shape; disguise. 

Ibahogr-To mix; mingle; unite; incor- 

Ibalabagy To throw; cast. 

Ibalibag-rTo throw. 

Ibalik-t'-To return; restore; devolve. 

Ibalitar-To relate; report; tell; announce; 

I DA 33 

say mention, notify apprise, make 
known narrate proclain. 

IbalotvTo envelop. 

Ibangon v-To raise; stand up, elevate; 

Ibang tawo nStranger; foreigner. 

Ibanting v-To tie; fasten. 

Ibaon-v-To bury; inter, submerge; 

Ibaonv-To preoare or fix for a journey. 

Ibarkav-To load or freight a ship. 

Ibatay-v To prop, build; upon; be sup- 

Ibawal-v-To prohibit. 

Ibhan v-To change; diversify. 

Ibig-n-Love. friendship. 

Ibigayv-To give present, bestow, do- 
nate, cede, afford. 

Ibigay nawa ng Dios-m^er. — GOD grant; 
^^ould to GOD. 

Ibitfin-v Lo love, like. 

Ibiladv- Todry. sun, put in the sun. 

Ibilango v-To imprison; arrest, confine; 
shut up. 

Ibitin-e^To suspend; hang up. 


Ibsan-vTo lower; take away; forgive. 

Ibual vTo overbalance; tip over, turn 
over; discomfit. 

Ibubo-v-To mold cast; founder. 

Ibudbodv To sprinkle scatter, sow; dis- 
tribute. • 

Ibuho vTo empty, clear: induce; prompt. 

Ibuhol-vTo tie, knot; join or unite by 

Ibuhos-v-To pour; spill, empty; effuse. 

Ibukod v-To separate; divide, except, 
exclude, preclude, set apart, blink, 
segregate, keep out, discriminate. 

Ibukod ang tuliapes sa palay v-To 

Ibulid-v To precipitate; expose to ruin. 

Ibuluakt?-To pour; spill; leak. 

Ibulusokv-To precipitate; expose to 

Ibungov-To collide. 

Ibunton-v-To heap; pile up, put together. 

Iburiyiv- To extoll; praise; magnify. 

Ibusav-To parch; rgast. 

Ibuyo v-To induce inspire, incite, rouse, 
stimulate, imbue; persuade. 

Idagdagt7-ro add to; inscrease, accrue, 
aggrandize, aggregate; superadd. 

Idaingt7-ro implore; complain; beg, 
petition, appeal; entreat. 

IdaitivTo unite; join; touch. 
Idalangin-vTo intercede; mediate. 
Idamay v-To implicate; effect. 
Idarai n g- v-To com plain . 
Idarang-t7To scortch; singe; heat. 


Idaos /iTo dispatch, dispose of, com- 
plete; verificate. 

Idatay v-To stretch; unfold; expand. 

Idatig v-To unite join, pu: together. 

Ideposito v-To deposit. 

Idikit-vTo stick paste; glue. 

Idikta-v-To dictate. 

Idukitv-To sculpture engrave. 

Igalangv-To esteem; respect, venerate 
reverence, regarH, appreciate, have 
regards for; notice. 

Pgawgaw f-To mix; mingle, unite, join, 
coalesce, consolidate, copulate, incor- 
porate; conjoin. 

Igayak v-To prepare; get ready; adjust 

Igi nEase; goodness, kindness. 

Igiba-v To destroy, demoish; obliterate. 

Iganagayak v-To prepare. 

Iguhitv-To draw: trace; line. 

Iguho-v-To demolish; obliterate; destroy. 

Tgumoniv-To roll, wallow, humble. 

Ihabilin-vTo comissiori; give charge. 

Ihagis v-To throw; cast. 

Ihagis ng pabigla-v To jerk. 

IhalabosvTo boil; cook-in water. 

Ihalal-v-To elect; choose. 

Ihalangv-To put cros.-wise. 

Ihalili-vTo substitute; change: ex- 
change; surrogate. 

Thalov-To mix, mingle; alloy; join; 
unite coalesce; admix; intermix; 
intermingle; blend. 

Ihampas-v To strike; beat; whip. 

Ihanda v-To prepare; get ready; supply; 
provide; arrange; adjust. 

Ihapay v-To incline; lean. 

Iharangv-To stop; check; hold up. 

Iharap w-To present; exhibit; confront; 

Ibasav-To sharpen. 

Ihatid-v-To convoy; accompany, convoy, 
conduct: carry; transport. 

Ihawin-w-To roast; toast bake: grill. 

Ihayaj!-v-To publish: disclose; show; ex- 
pose; apprise divulge; lay open; reveal. 

Ihayin-v-To offer; present give, 


Ihian-w-Re treat. 

Ihiga v-To lay; down; stretch; unfold; 

Ihilabos-vTo boil; cook in water; 

strike sweepingly. 
IhilbanavTp baste. 
Ihiligv-To incline; recline; lean back; 
influence; imbue; persuade induce. 
Ihinang-vTo solder; mend with solder. 
Ihinday-vTo move to a distance. 
Ihingil v-To incline; influence; induce; 



Ihiwalayv-To separate; divide; set 

apart; subtract; lay aside; revoKe; 

withdraw; sunder; sort; remove; 

discriminate; divorce; segregate. 
Ihiwas-v-To slant; sling; diagonally. 
Ihuli-v-To put last or at the end. 
Ihulog-v-To throw down; translate; 

Ihulog ang kapwa sa infiernov-To 

damn; condemn to eternal tormenst. 
Ihulog sa ibang wika-v-To translate; 

lihan-n-Chamber pot. 
linit-v-To heat; kindle, 
lisaitisa adv.-One by one. 
lit n-Nickname. 
Ikaanim-n Sixth. 
Ikaanim a- Sixth. 
Ikaanim na puo ^Sixtieth. 
Ikaanim na puo-a Sixtieth. 
Ikaapat n Four th . 
i kaapat-a-Fou r th . 
Ikababayad-n-Payment; that which is 

paid; pay; reward; satisfaction. 
Ikabit-v-To fasten; stick; join; tic; paste; 

add to. 
Ikadalawang puo-a- Twentieth. 
Ikadalawaiig puo-n-Twentieth; vigesimal 
Ikadkad-v-To unfarl; unroll; unfold 

stretch; expand. 
Ikahon-v-To box; embale; pack. 
Ikaila-v-To deny; lie; negative; gainsay; 

refuse to tell. ' 
Ikait-v-To deny; reject; nefuse. 
Ikalabing apat-w-Fourteenth. 
Ikalabing apat-a Fourteenth. 
Ikalabing dalawa n-Twelvth. 
Ikalabing dalawa-a-Twelvth. 
Ikalabing isa-w-Eleventh. 
Ikalabing isa-a-Eleventh. 
Ikalabing pito-w-Seventeenth. 
Ikalabing pito-a Sevententh. 
Ikalabing tatlo-w-Thirteenth. 
Ikalabing tatlo a-Thirteenth. 
Ikalabing walo-n-Eighteenth. 
Ikalabing waloa Eighteenth. 
Ikalat-t? To scatter; distribute; disperse; 

diffuse; extend-, publish. 
I kalawan Second . 
Ikaling-t'-To unite; join. 
Ikama-v-To adapt; apply; adjudge con- 
solidate; copulate, join; conjoin; unite; 

Ikama ang isang bagay-r-To intervene 

Ikanlong-r-To hide; conceal: defend; 

excuse; disguise; keep secret* ' 



Ikao-^rojp.-You; thou. 

Ikapit-v-To apply; adapt; adjudge. 




Ikasampuo-w Tenth. 

Ikasal v-To marry; betroth; match. 

Ikating-v-To incorporate; join; conjoin 

consolidate, unite. 
Ikawalo-a- Eighth. 
Ikawalong puo-a Eightieth. 
Ikawingv To fasten; add; paste; tie; 

Ikiling-v-To incline; induce; persuade. 
Ikinabiibuhay w-Nourishment; food; 

maintainance; sustenence; ration; 

Ikintal-v To stamp; print imprint. 
Ikiran n-Spindle privot axle, bobbin. 
IkiranvTo wind, convolve. ^ 

Ikiskisv-To scratch; smooth polish; 

rub. burnish. 
Iklian-v-To shorten; abridge; reduce 

confine; restrain; pare; clip. 
Ikmo-n-Betel nut leaf. 
Ikog-n-Tum. . 
Ikumpas v-To beat time. 
Ikuskos-v-To scratch; ecour; rub. 
Ikusot-v-To wrinkle; rumple. 
Ilabas-vTo remove; put out; exclude 

extract; extort; reject; eject; effusQ 

shut out. 
Ilabas sa katawan t; To excrete. 
Iladlad-vTo unfurl; unfold; expand; 

Ilag-w-Shyness; fright; scare; avoidance; 
' exasion. 

Ilag-in^er. -Begone: keepoff. 
ilagak-v-To deposit; entrust leave 

with another. 
Ilagan-v-To evade; shun; avoid; parry 

stave off blink; obviate; escape. 
Ilagay-v-To put; place; set; lay; arran- 
ge; appoint; situate; wager; pledge^, 

Ilagay ng manga dingding-v-To par- 
Ilagay sa airaw r-To to put or place in 

the sun. 
Ilagay sa grado-r-To grade; class; clas- 

Ilagay s^ hulihan-r-To put or place 

last. ' 
Ilagay ajbang wika-r- To interpret; 

transslate, ■ ' '' 



Ilagay sa kasukatan-vTo appraise; 

Ilagay sa codigo-v-To codefy. 
Ilagomv-To coDgregate; unite; join; 

IlagpakvTo tumble or throw down; 

Ilahok v-To mix; brew; comprise; inter* 

Ilak-v-To solicit; collect. 
Ilak-w Collection; solicitation. 
Ilakip-v-To Reconcile; unite; join; 

league; congregate; coalesce; con- 
join; tie; bind; alloy; copulate. 
Ilalima'iv.-Underneath; below under. 
Ilalim nang-^ep.-Under; below. 
llsingadv. 'Deserted; lonely; barren. 
Ilang-n-Lonely place; desert. 
Ilang-a Sundry; several; various. 
Hang-How many. 
Ilangkap-vTo unite; join; conjoin; 

incorporate; knit; coalesce; comprise; 

contain: include. 
Ilap-n-Willness; shyness; coldness; 

temerity; avoidance; bashfulness. 
llapat-v-To unite; join; inclose. 
Ilapit-vTo approach; bring near: 

Ilarawan sa papel-v-To portrait; pho- 
tograph; take pictures. 
Ilatag-v-To unfold; stretch; out; evolve; 

Ilatag ang bato-v-To pave. 
Ilathala-v-To declare; manifest; ex- 
pound; explain; divulge; publish; 

Ila^ n-Lamp; light; clarity; clearness. 
Uawan-w-Light lamp. 
Ilawitv-To hang up; reach. 
Ilaylay-v-To hang up; hoist; reach. 
Ilayo-v To remove; separate; divorce; 

distance; retire; withdraw; retract; 

lay aside. 
Ilibing-v-To inter; hury; intomb; 

Ilibad-r-Te to take turns; cause to 

Illgaw-v-To lose; err; commit a piis- 

take; go astruy^causp Jbo mis judge. 
Iligin-v-To move to and fro; handle 

Iligpit t:-To gather; colLect; hide; hoard; 

c6nce:al. \ .., ., 

lligtas-v-To resQtie;' -redeem; ransom; 

succor; save; free;. ' exempt; acijuit; 

excuse; liberate; parc^bn; relieve; remit. 

llihim-v-To conceal;' keep secret; hide; 

di^uise; reserve. ' . 

Ilihis!:V-To separate^, obviate; mi8gu:de; 


Ilikmo-v-To become: fit; suit, establish; 

Ilimbag-v-To stamp; print: emboss; seal. 
Tlimbang-v-To take a round about way. 
Ilingidv-To hide; conceal; bury; keep 

secret; diminish. 
Ilipat-vTo transform; remove; move; 

cross: passover; transpose; transport. 
Ilipat ang tanimt;-To transplant. 
Ilitan-r To envy; pay less than one 

should for anything underpay. 
Ilitaw-w-To disclose; show, adduce; dis- 
Ilog-n River; creek; stream. 
Hog na munti-w-Rivulet; creek. 
Ilong-n-Nose; snout. 
Ilual-«-To advance money. 
Ilubog-v-To sink; submerge; immerse; 

dip; put under water; douse; duck; 

Ilugmok-t?-To wallow; roll. 
Iluhog v To beseech; appeal; ask; pray; 

implore; harangue. 
Ilulan-i?-To load; ship; lade; freight. 
Ilunodv-To sink; submerge; immerse 
Imali-v-To err; misjudge; equivocate; 

Imang-ha-i? To stupefy; surprise. 
Imarka-v-To mark; stamp. 
Imbak-aOld; cured. 
Tmbot-n- Concern; interest. 
Imot-w Economy; frugality. 
Imot-a-Economic; frugal; close. 
Impas-ociv.-Equal; even. 
Impis-vTo thin; diminish; lower. 
Impitin-t?-To press; prolong the appear- 
Impukin-v-To keep guard; watch; 

Imukha-v-To resemble; conform; favor; 

Ina-w-Mother; mamma. 
Inaakalav-To intend; mean; design. 
Inaalona-Wavy; undulatory. 
Ina-anak-n God-son; God-daughter. 
Inaaralan-v-To counsel; advise; teach; 

Inahin-w-Hen; Female (per. to animal.) 
Inahit^.j?.- Shaved. 
Ina-ina-w God-mother. 
Inam-w-Peauty; goodliness, fairness; 

delight; pleasure. 
Inam ng kilos n Gentility; elegance; 

good breeding. 
Inam ng tikasw-Genteelness; elegance; 
bravery. , 

Inamoy-j9 ^'•"Sn^^^^^^i scented. 
Inang n Mamma. \ 

Inanyaya-i)|?.<fe im^.-J^ade; bad, 

IPA 3 

apo-n GnLndchilJ; det^cendant; po^- 


Tnawak-n-Veil, cover. 


lodahinwTo feel perceive: grieve. 

InBerno-nHell: purgatory. 

Ingatn Care, solicitude caution, guard; 
precaution; paine atteation; wah'h: 
observation: -circumspection, prolec- 

Ingatan-pTo guard; protect; obeerve; 
waich care for, look after heed keep. 

Ingay-n-Nolse. caronaal. revelry, romp- 
ing, scuffle racket 

Inglesn English. 


Inig u-Tremble. fhake, qoake: quiver, 

Ini^inig-M-Shake, tremble OBCillation. 

Inihalili n Substitnte delegate. 

Ini-ibigj)j> Aa-Loved. beloved. 

tni ibig-u-Dear. estimable. 

Ini-ibig R Dear. 

Ini-irogpp. Loved; beloved. 

Ini irog a- Beloved: dear. 

In ingat-n- Reserve; secret, exceptiun. 

lngit»Eavy; jealousy. 

Inimot (uin-Geotly. softly; little by litile, 

InijJrt-EDvy; impatience; eagernenH; 

Inig n-Cboking; Huffocatlon. smother. 

Iniajnu-To am other: oppress; choke. 

[nit n-Heat; warmth.' zeal; fervor; chafe. 
Inom n n Beverage; drink, 
Inomin-I^t'0 driak. 
Inotinot-oiiv.-UeDtly. softly; Httle by 

Inpo-cTo become; smooth; suit, eata- 

tnsik n-Chiuamun, chino. 
Lnaik-a-Cbino. Chinese, 
tnstrumenio n-Itictrument, 
In teres-n -Interest,- lielialf, 
Inugin-r' To go round; encompass: en- 

[numin-n Drink; beverage, 
Iniiminf-To drink, 
Inuman-n Afterbirth. 
lnuno6-a-Worm- eaten , 
[nupahan a Hankney; back. 
tnutog-v-To grow large; enlage; harden 

(ftot uged). 
Inutoi-p^, Ordered; sent; bade, ' 
Inuniii-n Theft. 
Inumitpp, Stolen. 
Inuyat n Treacle; sorghum. 
[paala-ala v-To remind; hint; »ug)ceat; 

prompt; mention. 

; T PA 

Ipaalam vTo ask permission: bid adii-ii. 
Ip^bigay alam-i^To encourage entice: 
reward; induce. 

Ipal>!iya-f To encourage: entice: reward 

Ipudula t' To send; dispatch: remit 
transmii: expedite convey. 

Ipagayak F-To provide jiei ready. 

Ipagnwitr-To eing; chant 

Ipagbaln r To threaten menace. 

Ipagbalobalo ttTo feign; pretend affect. 

Ipagljanda-P-To Proclaim' announce, 

Ipai;bawat-r-To prohibit; intpntici; 
forbid; refuse: deny; ban. 

Ipagbilin-rTo cbarice; enjoin: reconi- 

1pagdiwagi;-To ahoul: huzza: applaud 
Ipagd wanacTu celebrate: feast; 

Holemniae; praise; Terify 
Ipagbabta v-Tu SCCII&6; demand; inform. 
Jpagintindi fTo signify, intend; mean: 

declare: annunce.' To center: put in the center. 
pagkaila-i'-To deny contradict reftiwe: 

Ipagkait I'To denj': contradict 

Ipagkaloob tr-To ceniede; cede do-:ate; 

bestow: confer; Assign. 
Ipagkapuri c-To honor, respect, dignify: 

Ipagkilala-i'-Tii intro<hice; present. 
Ipagkatiwala-r-To give credit, contide: 

Ipaglaan-i' To prepare: persist, main- 

Ipanlaban I'-Tu defend: protect main 

tain; argue: sustain: persist hold: 

IpBglagay-ii To i>iit or place for another, 
Ipagmasakil t Tn interest; concern; 

ilefend pri.tecl; give share in: en 

joiu; charge. 
Ipagniatowid rTo argue: regulate; 

dispute contend; atraightau, 
Ipagpag-f-To shake brandish. 
Ipagpahuli-4'To put behind: leave 

(pogpalagay-c-To suppose, 
Ipagpalil-t-To permute; exchange: 

Ipagpnhimal p-To remove transport: 
tranfiT (onve> hold anything until 

Ipagpa^ml i To lake for a walk 
Ipagpista II To feaw' celebrate, solem 

IpagpannsiTo e\pet't anticipate 
Ipagsangiilang v To defend 
sustain protect support 


Ipagsabi-f? To tell; publish; reveal; 

Ipagtaboy-v-To divorce; separate; dis- 
miss. . 

I pagtabuyan v-To Divorc ; separate; 

Ipagtangol-v-To defend; protect; aid; 
save; help; support; maintain; sus- 

Ipagpatuloy vTo protract; prolong; con- 
tinue; hold. 

Ipagtulakan v To push; imdel; shove. 

Ipagwisik-v-To sprinkle. 

Ipahalang-v-To lay crossways or 
crosswise; thwart. 

Ipahalata-v To display; show; make 

Ipahalay-17-To thwart. , 

Ipahatid-v-To send an escort; dispatch; 

Ipahayag v-To proclaim; publish; an- 
nounce; reveal; herald; cite; make 
known; impart; declare; manifest; 
apprise; send; forth; communicate; 
emit; divulge. 

Ipahayag muli VtTo republish; rean- 

Ipahintulot i7-To leave; let; permit; give 
consent; consent; agree; condescend; 
sanction; privelege. 

Ipaibabaw-vTo add; augment; put 
upon; boot. 

Ipailalim v-To put under; put below; 
bury; cover. 

Ipainom-v-To give to drink; invite to 

Ipakilala-vTo introduce; present; mani- 
fest; demonstrate. 

Ipakilo^-t^To actuate. 

Ipakipagtalo-v To dispute; controvert. 

Ipakita-17-To show; exhibit; lay before; 
point out; explain; expound; present; 
display; evince; produce; bespeak. 

Ipakiusap-v-To beseech; implore; appeal; 
intercede; entreat; harangue; ask; 

Ipako-v-To nail; spike; peg. 

Ipako sa ctuz-v-To crucify. 

Ipakuskos t?-To order to clean or rub. 

Ipalabasv-To put out: effuse. 

Ipalagay-v-To choose; elect; name. 

Ipalagay sa loobv-To put within. 

Ipalaman-w-To put inside. 

Ipaligid v-To beset. 

Ipalitv-To change; barter; substitute: 

Ipaloobv-To put within; enter; 

Ipalubog tJ-To sink; immerse: inundate; 
hide; conceal. 

37 TPI 

Jpamahagi v-To apportion; distribute 

part; dispart; divide. 
IpamalitvTo exchange: permute 

Ipamudmod-rTo sprinicle; distribute; 

divide: part; apportion. 
Ipamulsar-To imbnrse; put in the 

pocket; pocket; pouch 
IpanabirTo tell; publish: reveal; 

proclaim: say. 
Tpanagano v-To dedicate; consecrate. 
Ipangakor-To promise; insure^ 
IpanganakvTo give birth; bear chil- 
Ipangat-vTo expose; lay open; boil. 
Ipangayaw-v To refuse; retrocede; retire; 

Ipangusap-v-To adv ce; counsel; fore; 

Ipanhikv-To go up; take up; invite 

Ipanumpar-To swear in; adjure. 
Iparis-v-To favor; pair resemble; 
Ipasan-v-To loard; land put on the 

Ipasial vTo take for a walk. 
Ipasya-vTo ordain, decide; enact; 

determine conform. 
Ipasok-v-To place in; put in; enter; 

IpaspasvTo shake. 
Ipataasv-To lift up; raise; emboss: 

Ipatagv I'o level; make level. 
Ipatalastas-i; To make known; manifest: 
explain announce; declare; construe; 
Ipatalo-v-To lose; cause to lose; lose 

purposely; let lose. 
Ipatanaw-v.To show; exhibit; expose; 

lay before; point out. 
Tpatawadv-To forgive; pardon. 
IpatongrTo add to; put on; load; 

Ipatnugot-v To direct; teach; guide; 
show the right way; manage; con- 
duct; show; rule; govern. 
Ipatuad-v To invert: turn upside down. 
Ipatuloy v-To continue finish; persue; 

follow; accomplish 
Ipannawa vTo expound; explain; point 

out; announce; teach; lay before. 
Tpawis-v-To perspire: sweat. 
Ipayag-v-To concede: allow; admit; grant: 

Ipilig-v-To shake. 
Ipinanganak sa bundok-n-Mountaineer 

Ipinahirnm n Loan; that which has 
been lent. 



Ipintar-To paint. 

Ipinta ang tabasr-To draw the out- 
lines; trace. 
Ipis n-Cockroach. 

Ipisan-r-To unite: join; congregate. 
Ipit n-Tweezer»; pincers. 
Ipitin-v-To pinch; press. 
Ipoipo w-Whirlwind; vortex. 
Ipukolf-To throw; cast. 
Ipunin-r-To gather; store; hoard; lay up. 
Ipunta-r-To point; direct. 
iraos-r-To finish; complete. 
Ire pro.-This. 
Iri M Groan. 
Iroga-Dear; beloved. 
Irug:n r-To love: esteem. 
Isa ff One. 
Isa w- Digit. 

Isabat-l^To interrupt. 
Isabit-r-To hang up; suspend. 
Isabog-r-To scatter, throw broadcast; 
•bestrew; squander; lavish; misspend; 
(sa <7m/o} discomfit: disperse. 
Isabongr-To fight or pit cocks. 
Isadya-r-To do intentionally or pur- 
sagi-r-To use out of place or when 

one should not. 
Isa-isaone by one; one at a time;-rtrfr.- 

Isakay-r-To ride: embark. 
Isalangsang-r-To oppose: object: con- 
tradict: trespass cross: go through. 
Isalin r-To copy; transcribe; transfer. 
Isalit-t'To alternate; mix: mingle. 
Isalong ang sandata-r-To sheathe. 
Isaloob ang hindi totoo-r-To suppose. 
Isama r-To join: unite: conjoin: conso- 
lidate, associate: adjoin: include: ac- 
company: incorporate: collect; alloy: 
mix: mingle: affiliate knit. 
Uambulat r-To ascatter; squander lavish. 
Isampay-r-To hang up: suspend. 
Isandigr-To recline; lean back. 
Isandok-r-To dish; stir with a spoon. 
Is^angagrTo toast; torrefy, 
l^'sang dali N-Instant. trice. 
Isang dooena-M Dozen. 
Isang k:\suotang husto-w A complete 

Isang laksa a-Ten thousand. 
Isang kisap mata-ri-An instant. 
Isang pulutong-n A platoon. 
Isanla r-To mortgage, pleige. pawn: 

plight: hypothecate. 
Isara-rTo close; shut, 
Isarin r To resemble; be alike. 
T<n«?!-r To return: restore, reestablish. 
Isawala r-T'> f-ause to lose: make lose. 


Isaw-a-Gut; tripe; intestine; en trail. 

Isawsow-r-To dip. 


Isikad-vTo kick spurn. 

Isiksikt^To cram in; force, pdt in by 

Isilid r-To put in; pack; place in. 
Isilid sa supot-vTo sack 
Isinga-r-To blow the nose. 
Isingitr-To cram; put in by force. 
Isip-n-Reason; thought; sense; will: 
understanding; mind; idea; medita- 
tion judgement; notion; fancy. 
Isipin I'-To think; reason; meditate; con- 
ceive; contrive; fancy; suppose. 
Isi ping r-To put or place by the side: 

lav beside. 
Isipot r-T6 cause to appear; show; dis- 
Isisid-r-To duck; put under water; dip; 

Isisin r To scrub; wash; mop. 
Isubo r-To eat with the fingers. 
Isuga-r-To tie to a rope; tether. 
Tsugba-r-To precipifate. 
Isulat r-To write. 
Isulat ang huling kalooban-r-To write 

a will; bequeath. 
Isulat ang ngalan sa isang libro-r-To 
marticulate. register; enroll; record. 
Isulong-r To propel; shove along. 
Jsumbong r To accuse; inform. 
Isuot-r-To put on; wear. 
Isurot r-To indicate; point out. 
Isurot sa isipr-To suggest; hint: 

Isusi-r-To lock. 

Itaan-r-To dedicate; consecrate: re- 
Itaas-rTo lift; raise up heave up: ele 

vate; upbear. 
Itaas-r fldr. -above; over; high. 
Itaboy-r-To divorce; remove; sepa- 
liagal-r To suffer; tolerate: abide: com 

port; prolong. 
Itaguilid-To raise on edge. 
liajro-r-To hide; conceal; guard: keep 

secret: reserve; idclose. 
Itagpu r-To patch: mend. 
Itagpos r-To continue; hold; protnu^t. 

lengUien. endure. 
Itahan r To Quiet; still: place: put. 
Itak H Bolo. Gorn knife. 
Itakadr To move by degrees. 
Italaiag r To exhibit or show all. 
Italay rTo dedicate: ix>nsecrate. 
Itakwil r To rojeol; repel:' gainsay, i-on 

Iiali r To tie; fasten, bind: oblige. 

KAA 39 

Itambal-r-To strenghen; join or unite 

in order to strengthen. 
Itampok-v-Toemboss; extoll; aggrandize. 
Itandav-To remember; note; record; 

ItangJ-v-To except; exclude; keep out; 

separate; divide; lay aside; refuse; 

deny; disown. 
Itanong-r-To ask; question; quaere. 
Itanyang-v-To present; extoll; manifest; 

magnify: exhibit. 
Itaob t?-To overbalance; put face down; 

Itapal v-To poultice; put on; apply. 
Itapon-v-To thtow away cast; lavish; 

mis-spend; waste; discard. 
Ttapon ang may sala sa ibang lugar-r-To 

banish; deport; exile. 
Itapon sa labas-v-To eject. 
Itatag-vTo establish; institute; found; 
'ordain; ^x\ enact. 
Itatua-v-To deny; cuntradict; gainsay; 

disown; refuse. 
Itayo-v-To establish; build; situate; 

Itayongv-To delay; suspend. 
Itayo uli-vTo rebuild; reestablish; re- 
Itigilv-To discontinue; suspend; delay; 

Itim a-Black; jetty; blackish; gloomy. 
Itim-nThat which is black; blackness. 
Itimbuang-v-To leave or let lay. 
Itirik-v-To set posts. 
Itiwalay-v-To separate; sort; divide re- 
move; divorce; withdraw; lay aside; 

Itiwasay-v-To calm; tranquilize. 
Itlog-n-Egg; testicle. 

Itoon-v-To join; unite; add; increase. 
Itowid-v-To straighten; make right. 
Itudla-v-To point with the finger. 
Itulag-v-To throw a spear. 


Itulak-vTo pust; impel; shove, drive; 

press; forward. 
Itulos-v-To set on end; set posts. . 
Itulot-r-To compare; dedicate; permit: 

give permission. 
Itulayvfo continue; keep on; persue. 
Itungo-v-To direct; conduct; incline; 

Itungkol v-To destinate; pertain. 
Ituro-v-To teach; train; guide; direct; 

show; construe; point out; denote. 
ludyok-v-To induce: egg on; encourage; 

persuade; prejudice. 
lugoyr-To swing; rock; move. 
lukol-v-To destinate; pertain. 
luli-v-To restore; reform; reestablih 

mend; tenew. 
lunav-To anticipate; preceed: forego. 
lunatr-To unfold; extend; stretch out.' 
lutos-vTo order; enact; ordain; send; 

Iwa-w-Cut; gash. 
Iwaan-v-To cut; slash; gash. 
Iwagwag-v-To shake wave. 
Iwaksi-vTo separate; reject; condemn; 

repel; preclude. 
Iwala-v To lose; miss. 
Iwanu-To leave; let; abandon; forsake; 

omit; quit; relinquish. 
Iwayway-v-To wave; shake. 
Iwisik-v-To sprinkle. 
lyak-n-Cry; howl, 
lyak ng tupa-w-Bleat. 
lyan-pro.-That. * 

lyangyang v-To dry; put in the air; air. 
lyang manga a- Those, 
lyan manga-jpr^. -Those, 
lyan nga-jpro.-That. 
lyopro.-Thy; thine; your; yours, 
lyon a-That. 
lyuko-v-To bow; incline or lower ones, 

Iyakod-r'-T6 humble; lower. 

Jelea w- Jelly; jam. 

Jesu CristorM-J-esusy. Christ; Messiah. 

Judio?i-Jew; Hebrew. 


Judio-aJewish; Jew: hebrew, 
Jumenton- Jackass; ass: 

, ■ a ) 

Ka-^ro.-You; thee: 
KsL-adv.-Yery. • - i 

Kdabalahan-ViiOb'stacle; impediment 

KaiagaJw->i Rival; combelitor; ahtogonist; 

.dpp6hent'.'' v " • • 

Ka-agulo-wMistress; coucubine. 

i<^uU>^4l,»h,.im-;, ,,„„1 .-•.t.m.hU'm 

I I :i'ini:iiii i^tench stink. 
Knliaitxin „ A ^I'lnni hiiowlcile*', prit 

iluiH'.i- Hkill ffloilt-ralioi) jiiile<- 

riK'iiL, It^arning iJitteretion iimrnl- 

Kniiaitjin xa pnifl'alapat-n-Equity. ri^hi; 

JiiHli<^R, itiiiiartialitj, moderation: 

« WronK Hide: back part: 


ri>iiiiiiotli>ri ilintiirbnnee. 
Kiiliiitiilitultin II rook i^ii Ilea 


«Trunk i'lie«l i-offer locker. 
ii|t H'lnilmliion-Hat-bok. 
n-Virtiiti purity; 

"Wit l>i«milmii.m 
KH(ml>«4u -4 y.^Pkn-»*, )in>nilil,v wM- 

V>*vyvMtk« nvoohtvitt Ituki vw» |H»r 

UVu'iitwaih HWJfWiRy W*ijM»w* u^- 

Knlm nft liilHlib'N Pntpitation: pant: 

)it>itvJnK »t th« Itretwt. 
Kitlutniiyanm-H Pmilence: equity; ju?- 

l<i-e rtKlU: mildnew» iui partiality; 

Kitl>ai)>; ((Softer hier. 
KittxtniSloun n Crnolly inhiiuianity, tni 

euloncy Mp»rity: («riKitr. 
KKtumJutian n FnitntK^ fnignKt. 
K»tuiit«nUn * ?»««■, c«l«*briir riory 

ivi>HUlI«>n r»»o«rn namt vsi-wIImh* 
Kal>4MttiMi> it-Kouiehnin» mtlen»»» 

t\>i>rM>»M«>» rowilyUtn oiuImiiipIj 

oiwittttifiw iiMiituiit*iy: rovOyU^ 

\ : ■ ■' ^^«tnei». 9J:«.v»(f[iliaiei» 

i*H«nw»iB. briOMni- ■wo. 

KrtthVivllIt . ■ ■ ■ 'l'":**. 



Kabayong nguson Peevish horse 

Kabayong siklan-r» Stallion. 

Kablak-n Half counterpart. 

Kabiawan n Sugar mill; cane press. 

Kabigiitan n-Heaviness heft; weight; 
gaavity enormity; seriousness. 

Kabigayan «Liberality; giving. 

Kabiglaan n-Speed; quickness; promp- 
titude; rapidity promptness; activity; 

Kabiglaanau n Hatjte; activity; speed;' 
urgency; exigence; quichness; prompt- 
ness; promptitute. 

Kabdiasahan /i-Habit custom 

Kabihasanan w-l earning; wisdom know- 
le<lge; skill; ability; sagacity. 

Kabihasnan w Revelation; illucidation; 
illu«Jtration; the forming of a habit. 

Kabilangan ng tawo sa isang lugarn- 
census; population 

Kabilugan »t-W hole; total; totality; 
roundness; account. 

Kabilujian ng buan-n Full moon. 

Kabingihann- Deafness. 

Kabinian-n Modesty: decency chastity; 
gentility genteelness me.ekne s. 

Kabinyagan n bay of baptism. 

Kabkab n;Cavity in wood. 

Kable w-Cable. 

Kabo-n Corporal. 

KabogiiFall hurt; contusion; blow; 

Kabubulirann Precipice fall. 

Kabuisan n Revenue tax; rent. 

Kabulaanann-Fictitiousness falsity; 
uncertainty; lyicig. unreliability. 

Kabulagan w Bl ndness error, stupidity; 

Kabuluhan /I Weight worth conse- 
quence importance moment use. 

Kabulukan» Corruption; pollution; 
putrefaction depravity rottenness. 

Kabulukan ng sugat w Proudtlesh. gau; 
gren pus. 

Kabundukan n Mountain svstem. 

Kahuntisan n Pregnancy. 

Kabunyian w Fame glory, reputation; 
excellence name. 

Kabuoan-n-Total totality; entirety; sum; 
amount roundness. 

Kabuoan ngloob-n Valor, bravery; bold- 
ness courage in repidity. 

Kabuoan ng pusoH Serenity; valor; in- 
trepidity. ' 

Kaburakan-'n-Quagmire slough; marsh; 

swamp; miry place. 
kahusug'an-w-Satiety; satiation; satis- 

factioti. •• 
Ka^Hitihan w-Gobdness; kitiHness; gobd; 
benefiit; utility; benevdlence. 


Kabutihan ng isipn-VVisdem; know- 
ledge prudence. 
Kabutingtingan n-Folly; tedium; useless 

Kabuyaann Satiety ;satiation;satisf action 

Kadaghan n Promptitude activity. 

Kadakilaan w-Greatness; sublimity; mag- 
nitude; preeminence, superiority, roy- 
alty grandness dignity; loftiness; 
majasty sumptuousness. 

Kadalagahan n Maidenhood. 

Kadalamhatian w-Grief; disgust; abhor- 

Kadalasan n-Frequence. frequency. 

Kadali n Instant. 

Kadalian w Quicknese; activity; speed; 
promptitude rush facility, ease, hur- 
ry pressure ready compliance. 

Kadalitaan-n Poverty, misery. 

Kadataan-n Softness delicacy; tender- 
ness; suavity 

Kadiliman n- Darkness; obscurity; den- 
sity; opacity. 

Kadingatdingat a-Unexpected; unfor- 
seen; sudden. 

Kadingatdingat-arfv.-Suddenly; unex- 

Kadiosan-w Diety divinity; sanctionary. 

Kadiw araan n-Curiosity;inqiiisitiveness. 

Kadlitw-Small cut; incision. 

Kadlitan v To incise make a small cut! 

Kadoonganw Harbor, anchorage. 

Kadowahagian-A f fl i c t i o n; humiliation 

Kadugo-w Kindred: relation;-haviDg tbe 
same blood of the same blood 

Kadugtong w-Addition; continuation; 
end postscript. 

Kadukhaan w-Lowness lewdness; vile- 
ness abjection; degradation. 

KaduluhannEnd; extremity. 

Kaduluhan a-1 ast end, extreme. 

Kadungan w Contraction; humiliation; 
humility, backwardness. 

Kandunguan 71 Bashfulness; . backward 
ness temerity; pcrtness. 

Kadustaan-n Lowness; vileness; lewd- 
ness abjection. 

Kadustadusta a-Humiliating; ignoble; 
ignominous. disgraceful; low; abject; 

Kagaanan-w Levity; lightness. 

Kagabi n-Last night. 

Kagagawan-n-Action; doing; feat; event; 

Kagal^ng-n Pair; the other. 
Kagalangan n Respect reverence; re 
gard; politeness; civility; homage; cour 
manners, observance; obedience: 



Kagalanggalang a-Respectable. polite; 
respectful; courteous, reverend; civil. 

Kagalawan n-Movement; disturbance; 

Kagalingann GoodJiesz; kindness; 

Kagalitn Enemy; apponent; antagonist. 

Kagalitan-n- Anger, indignation; vex- 
tion; passion; rage. 

Kagalitan-i; To anger; perturb vex. 

Kagaraitan-n Use; custom; utility profit. 

K agamitan a-Ordinary; usual; customary. 

Kagampanan-w-Compensation value. 

Kagamutann Remedy; reparation; cure; 
redemption; recourse 

Kagandahan n-Beauty; elegance: come- 
liness; kindness, gentility; amia- 
bility; genteelness. 

Kagandaban nang loob n-Munificence. 
kindness; benignity; benificence; 
generosity; benevolence; liberality. 

Kagasohan w-Noisiness; restlessness. 

Kagaspangan-n Rudeness. roughness; 
coarseness; illbredinj^, stupidity; 

Kagat-n-Bite; mouthful. 

Kagatin-v-To bite; gnaw; nip. 

Kagawian n Inclination;habit;u8e;custom 

Kagayatw-Slice. Piece, cut. 

Kagilit-nCompanion. . 

Kagilit ac^v.-side by side. 

Kaginhawahan-nEase; facility; pros- 

Kaginsagipsa flkiv. Suddenly; unexpec- 

Kaginsaginsa a-Sudden; unforseen. 

Kagipitan-n-Narro wness; closeness; 
straightness; hard straits. 

Kagulangan-n Maturity. 


Kagulatan-nFright; scare. 

Kagulatgulat-a- Dreadful; frightful; 

Kaguluhan-n-Disturbance; confusion; 
commotion; carousal; tumult; revelry; 
scufflle; romping; quarrel; perturba- 
tion; overthrow; noise; fight. 

Kagungkong-n-Noise; clamor; bustle; 
dispute; tumult; rumor. 

Kagyat-ociv.-Hardly; with trouble; scar- 
cely; almost. 

Kagyatin «To prepare. 

Kahabaan-n Length; protraction. 

Kahabaang malabis n-Tediousnes. 

Kahabaan ng buhay-w Longetivy 

Kahabagann- Wretched; misery. 

Kahabaghabag a Watched; miserabhe; 

Kahalagahan-n Appraisement; valuation; 
value; price; worth. 

42 KAH 

Kahalakhan-wBoisterous laughing. 

Kahalakhalak-a-Happy; joyful. 

Kahalayan-w-Lowness; lewdness ugli- 
ness; obscenity; impurity; unchastity; 
dishonor; dishonesty; rudeness; sor- 
didness; turpitude; covetousness. 

Kahalili wSubstitute; exchange substi- 
tution; relief; successor; alternate; 
delegate successor. 

Kahalo-nMixture accomplice. 

Kahamakan-w-Lowness; lewdness; base- 

. ness vice contumely; infamy;, dis- 
honor; Hcoundrelism; accident. 

Kahambalhambal-w-8ad; deplorable; 
lameut»ble; dismal; doleful; hor- 

Kahambugan n-Braggartism; haughti 
ness; arrogance; presumption vanity; 
boast; pompuosity, disdain; vaunt; 
ostentation pride. 

Kahangan- Limit; bound. 

Kahangahanga-a Miraculous wonderful; 
admirable marvelous; astonishing. 

Kahanginan w-Brayrgartism; brag, boast 
presumption; ignorance; foolishness; 
clownishness emptiness. 

Kahapisan-n-Suffering hardship; suf- 
ferance: infelicitv: calamitv. 

Kahapishapis-a-Doleful. sad; dismal; 

Kahapon n-Yesterday. 

Kahapon-a^v. Yesterday. 

Kaharian-n- Kingdom, crown; dinasty; 

Kahayopan-n- Brutality: inhumanity. 

Kahigpitan-w-Tightness; tenacity; con- 
tumacy pertenacity; severity; harsh- 

Kahigtan-n Surplus; increase au^mentM- 
tion overplus preference difference. 

Kahigtan sa iban-Snperiority 

Kahihiyaan w-Bashfulness shame; con- 
fusion: humilation; compromise. 

Kahilawan wCrudeness. crudity; 

Kahiman-jore/?.-Though: notwith stan- 

Kahimanawari u<^cr-. Would to GOD 
GOD grant. 

Kahimpfik n Large slice. 

Kahinaan-n Weakness; debility; feeble- 
ness. ; Prostration. 

Kahina^n ng loob-n-Eff eminence; ef- 

KahinaHinayan-n-Compassion; pity. 

Kahingiin-n- Petition; request; claim; 
prayerS^ demand. 

Kahinhin^n-n- Decorum; purity; honor; 
circumspection: modesty; chastity; 
decency ;Vre8pect; meekness; gravity, 


Kahiniigan n Maturity ; ripeness. 

Kahirapan-n-Hardship poverty; misert; 
sufferantie; disaster; suffering; duress; 
yoke; disadvantage calamity. 

Kahit-rt^Zt'. Though; notwithstanding- 

KahitnianTJffp. -Though; notwithstand- 

Kahiwa 71 Slice cut; piese part. 

Kahiyahiya-a- Disgraceful; shameful; 
inglorious low: lewd. 

Kahonn-Box; crate. 


Kahovan /i-Grove woods timber. 


Rahuad-n-Likeness. imitation; copy; 

Kahubarann Nakedness nuditv 

Knhulihan n Posteriority. 

Kahulihulihan a-Last hindmost; latest 
tnizzen; utmost; uttermost 

Kahulihulihang pasiyan Ultimatum. 

Kahulihulihang salita n-Ultimatum. 

Kahulugan-n-SiKuification; definiti(»n; 
prognostic utility. 

Kahumalan-n Nasality. 

Kahumbakan-H Concavity, hollowness. 

Kahung hangan-w Foolishness; silliness; 

Kahusayj n-w-Decency; order; arrange- 
ment propriety. 

K ahustuhatj-n Sufficiency; enough. 

Kaiba-a- Foreign strange; rare. 

Kaiba-n- Difference strangeness. 

Kaibahan w-Difference. diversity; va- 

Kaibhan ng laiaki sa babayi w-Sex. 

Kaibigann- Inclination; desire; mind; 
wish; intention. 

Kaibigan-n Friend. 

Kaibuturan n-Cehter; interior; inside. 

Kaidkuran-n Scraper; cylinder; roller; 
meanness; avarice. 

Kaigutan-n-Penury; avarice meanness; 
paltriness: poverty; difficulty. 

Kaiklian n Shortness: brevity. 

Kaiklian ng isip-n-Dulness; stupidity: 
ignorance; turpitude. 

Kaila-n-Negation; denial; refusal; re- 

Kailangan-n Wildness; bashfulnesss shy- 
ness; backwardness 

Kailangan-a-N^cessary: needful; requi- 
site; stringent; esssential. 

Kailangan-»-Nec^ssity; need; want; re 
quisition; essential; requisite. 

Kailangang malubha-n-lndespensible 

Kailanganin-17-To require, need: neces 
flitate, Wfih't. 

K ailanman adri^Never; always; at one 


Kailanman hindi narinig-rt Unheard of; 
strange, foreign. 

Kainaman-n Neatness, beauty, elegance; 
prettiness; finery; nicety; goodness. 

Kainam manalita-w-Fluency or elegance 
of speech 

Kainan-M Feast; dinner; banquet. 

aingatan-n Care prudence; caution. 

Kaingayan-n-Noise carousal, revelry; 
roniping; clamor; scuffle; jargon; 
racket; bustle. 

Kainipan-n Envy; impatience; eager- 
ness hastiness. 

Kainitan-w Heat fervor; warmth; zeal; 
ardor; zest. 

Kain aan n-Proverb. 

Kaisaa-Idrntical; smilar; equal: uni- 
form; like; unanimous; united. 

Kaisa-w Unanimity; similarity. 

Kaitaasan-n-Top peak; summit. 

Kaitiman w-Blackness. darkness. 

Kaiva n-Fish basket. 

Kakaiba a-Eccentric; strange; absurd 

Kakaibang umisip-n-Paradok. 


Kakal na may ngipin n-Curry-comb. 

Kakanan ng hayopn Manger; crib; 

Kakapalan n-Thickness; density. 

Kakapusan-n-Lacking; shortcoming: 

Kakapusan ng isip-n-Incapability; in- 
capacity inability; dulness; stupidity; 
ignorance; folly. 

Kaunti-a-Scanty; scare; limited; small; 
little: slight. 

Kakaunti ang halaga a-Trifling; of little 
value; valueless: worthless. 

Kakikita twiv.-Recently seen. 

Kakilakilabot a-Horrible awful; mons- 
trous; terrible; horrid dire direful; 
grime; grisly; ghastly: horrific. 

Kakilala-n-Acquaintance friend. 

KakinangannBrightness; smoothness; 
terseness; purity. 

Kakinisan n-Brightness; delicacy: finery; 
cleanliness beauty, terseness. 

Kakiputan n Narrowness; straightness; 

Kakitiran n-Narrowness; straightness; 

Kakubaan-n Hump curvature; Hump- 

Kakubutan-n Curvature; hump back. 

Kakulangan-n-LacKing: defect, defi- 
ciency, shortcoming; shortage; slight: 
discrepency; want need; neces- 
sity. .'. : • 

KAL 44 

Kakulangan- iig ay os- «Diecord; di 

Kakulangan nang palad w Misfortune; 

mishap; misery, unhappiness; di» 

Kakulangan ng bait n- Folly, nonsense; 

indescretion absurdity. 
Kakuparan w-Slowness; sloth; sloth 

fulness, laziness indolen» e. 
Kakupinan n-Slowness; laziness: inlo 

lence slothfulness. 
Kalaw Shell of the turtle turtleshell. 
Kalaban-w-Opponent competitor; an 

tagonist rival onemy. 
Kalabasa-w Squash.' 
Kalabaw n-Carabou. 
Kalabisan-w-Excess: surplus; overplus, 

superfluity; profuseness; residue, 

Kalabnawan-nLiquidity thinness. 
KalabognFall; tumble noise clamor,- 

Kalabuan w Muddiness opacity opaque 

ness, dulness stupidness. 
Kalagayann State con<lition aspect; 

situation; rank; attitude disposition; 

mode; consistence consistency, pre 

dicament; manner; quality. 
Kalagayang mahirap n- Peasantry. 
Kalagayang bata w ChiMhood perulity. 
Kalagayan ng loobn-Humor. mood 
Kalagin-vTo unhitch unfasten untie; 

loosen, absolve pardon. 
Kalagin sa salav-To pardon: arquit; 

Kalagitnaan-n- Middle: center; mi<l-t; 

ra dium; average; half diameter. 
Kalagokn Swallow; draught. 
Kalagposan w Surplus; overplus; super 

fluity; excess; superabundance. 
Kalagpusan n Surplus; overplus; super 

fluity; excess; superabundance. 
Kalaguan-w Fertility: plenty; fruit 

Kalaguan ng sanga n-Thickness of fo 

Kalaguyo n-Companion; comrade; part 

ner; friend. 
Kalahatanw Totality; total; entirety; 

Kalahati-a-Half; semi: moietv. 
Kalahatiann-Half; middle; midst; av 

Kalahati ng bilogn Semicircle; half 

Kalahok-n Ingredient; mixture; com- 
panion: associate. 
Kalaitlait a- Nefarious; a bo mn able; 

hideous; despicable; vile; reprehensi 

ble; low. 


6- kalakalw-Merchandise; commodity. 
Kalakaran w The usual or ordinary cus 
tom or habit. 

Kalakasan-n Strength; force: vehemence: 
vehemency; hardiness; robustness. 

Kalakhan w Size; amplitude; greatnes». 

Ka'akhan ng katawan» Corpulence; 

Kalakhan ng pusow Liberality, gen- 
erosity largeness of heart.' 

Kalakihan-w-Size largeness; ahiplitnde: 

Kalakip-M Annexation; joining; inclo 

Kalihiman-n Depth; profundity. 

Kalaluan n Surpassing; excess; surplus; 

Kalamangan-M Overplus; surplus ex- 
cess residue. 

Kalambutann Softness, delicacy; ten- 
derness mildness suavity, pliability; 

Kalaniigan n Cold coolness; frigidness. 

Kalamkam 7i Ticklimr. 
alamnan n-l'ip buttock: rump. 

Kalan wFircplace; for^e; heartli. 

Kalanda ?i Bier heatse. 

Kalang n- edge; prop. 

Kalap n Timber; wood. 

Kalapara j m Width, space capacity, 

Kala pas t an gan an 7i- Offense injury in- 
solence; impudence; transgression. 

Kalapati-w Pijft-on; dove. 

Kalapit a Neigl)oring next; pn^ximate. 
mediate; conti*>uous. conjunct unit- 
ed; near. 

Kalapitan n Proximity, closeness vicin- 
ity; conti<:uity. 

Kalapsawin r To stir revert. 

Kalaputan ?t Tliickness; density. 

Kalasag/i Sljield. 

Kalasin n Chaise 

Kalasin r-To undo. 

Kalasin«r ?< Clatter jingle; jangle. 

Ka'at 7J Distril)Uli()n; scaticriny. 

Kalatis 7t-Noise made in walking. 

Kalatog ?i Noi.«^e made by shaking any 
thing; sound; report. 

Kalauliu-v To forsee; know beforehand. 

Kaulaunang panahonn Antiquity. 

Kalawang »-Ruht, stain. 

Kalawangin rt Rusty; moldy. 

Kalawangin-t'-To rnst. 

Kalawang ng tanso ?» Verdigris. 

Kalaw it-w- Hook. 

Kalawitin-v-To hook. 

Kalayaan n-Freedom; liberty, release. 

Kalayolayoan:a Farthest; farthermost, 
utmost; uttermos:. 


Kalendarion Calender. 

Kalesan Chaise gig. 

Kalibangan-n-Neglect; joy; pleasure; 

Kalibugan-w Ob'cenity; i m modest y ; 
unchastity lewdness; shatuelesauesa; 
impudence: impurity lust uglinefs; 
rudeness turpitude lownes. 


Kalif*ayahan n Happiness; joy; ga aty; 

Kaligharan n-Spitting; expectoration, 

Kaligharaan v-To spit expectorate. 

Kaligtaan w Forgetfulness carelessness; 
neglect; omittance. 

Kalihimw Secretary detective; allay; 
confederate emissary. 

KaIiitan-7} Smallness nicecy siitility. 

Kaliksihan n Quickness activity; agility; 
promptness: promptitude accelera- 
tion; nimbleness; velocity; lightness; 
speed; accuracy. 

Kalikutan n Resth ssness; mischievous- 
ness; trick; wile. 

Kalilohan w Treachery perfidy treason; 
disloyalty; felony, overthrow; over- 

Kaliluhan n Treachery: perfidy Trea 
son disloyalty; overthrow;overturniiig. 

Kalimutin vTo forget neglect; over- 
look; miss. 

Kalinawan n Clarity; purity. 

Kalin.^wan ng isipv-Illustration sane- 
ness; sanity, clearness of thought, 

Kaling n-Door knocker crossbar 

Kalingain-r To favor; patronize protect. 

Kalinisan n Cleanliness; chastity; pur- 
ity; . neatness; decency; decorum: 
excellence; frankness; modesty, cor- 
diality; accuracy; honesty 

K alipulan'-n-Destruction ; havoc. 

Kalisan v-To scrape. 

Kaliskisw Scales. 

Kalituhan n-Confusion; perplexity per 
turbation; lightheadednes, overthovv; 


^ali wan-Left. 

Kaliwegan n-Delay; protraction tar- 

Kaliwanagan n Illustration; clearness; 
brightness; clarity. 

Kaliwang kamay-The left hand. 

Kalo-n Pulley. 

Kalog-aEmputy; hallow. 


KaloobnGift grant; present; gratifi 

. cQtipn; keepsake, donation; boo^; 

4r) KAM^ 

Kalooban n Will mind; sense under- 
standing; sheathe; interior. 

Kalooban adv.At will. 

Kalooblooban a-Most central; rooht 
inward; inmost. 


Kalos n S^^^rickle level. 

Kaluagann Breadth; width; freedom 

Kalualhat'an-w Glory; honor;, sane 
tionary; fame; felicity. 

Kaluban-w Implemant bhed; place for 
keeping implements. 

Kalubayan n Stop; compliance. 

Kalubayan ng loobn Amiability: pru- 
dence; affability; serenity; meekness; 

Kalubongn Cover; covering net. 

Kalugohigod-rt Delightfull; pleasing; ac 
ceptable; happy; ddlicious. 

Kalugkogn Anything that -serves to 
make a noise. 

Kalnguranw Happiness; gayety; con- 
vivialitv amusement. 

Kalukungan «-Convexity. 

Kaluluwan Soul spirit; ghost; spright. 

Kalunitan n-Obscurity closeness. 

Kalungkutann Sadness; sorrow gr ef ; 
contrition; contriteness; infelicity. 

Kalunitan w Obscurity; closeness. 

Kaluno.slunrs a Deplorable lamentable; 
detestable; Wretched. 

Kalunuran a-West; Western. 

Kalunnran ?iWest. 

Kalunya n Mistress concubine 

Kalupaan n Earlhlincss; sensuality : 
lewdness moral depravity; ugliness; 
homliness; turpitude 

Kalupitan n Cruelty; inhumanity; detes- 
tation; hatred 

Kalupit-lupit-a Detestable; hateful, 
loathesome; cruel; inhuman. 

Kalupkop ?? Noise; horse shoe any- 
thing that serves to make a noise. 

Kalnpkupan w Cover; spread. 

Kalupkupan i; To cover; overspread; 

Kalusakan-« Muddy place rubbish. 

Kamaganak-n Parent relative, kindred; 

Kamaganakan n Lineajje; kindred; re- 
latives; offspring. 

Kamahalan-w Dignity; honor rank re- 
putation: nobility; purity; respect 
decency; decorum; valor; distinc- 
tion; splendor; glory, lustre t»en 

Kamahalan po ninyo -Your Grace, 
Your w orship. 

Kamakalawa-n The day before Yesterday 

KAX 4 

£iiiaakalawa'iilt' Day bef'ire veBlerday, 
Kamalbiuan-n Mallow grouiid: plat'e 

nhere mallous grow. 
Kaiuallann-Wrong: error; miHlnke: 

blunder: fault alip injustii-e. 
Kamnlig-n-SLore houne. 
KHiiialiin-f-To kneml. 
Kaiuanahan-n Inheritaiii-e,* iii'irliicmi. 
Kamanilag n-Poiaon. 
Kamandagan-u-To poison. 
Kamanglinmangha-n Won'lerfiil; slii- 

periiluua^ iiiinii^ulouit extraonlinarv: 

Kariian^mangan n StupMity; frilly: to|i. 

pary i gno ranee; fool ielines8;n onneime; 

inuspabiliiy inability dulness iiglincR": 

niden«aa,- absiirditv,- inc;a-panty. 
Karimluyaiin Death; niortalilv: fate pest. 

Kanmw H-Wridt; earthen pan, 

KamiyawnAer^tniplii'e,- ansoiriate. 
Kairilyawin cTu ntir,- aHt(0<:iate. begin; 

Kambaan nCroverb. 

Kauihnin «.Avarioe envy. 

KaniotenSwee potatue. 

KampapHlia »-R wallow. 

Kuin|)it n Knife. 

Kamuklia.<t Like:8inilar,-nniform,'eqtiah 

Kaiuiildiaaflr .Alike; on n par. 
Kumtan.r To attain; obtain; collect; 

Katlier possees 
Kaniuliiaii-ii-To hate abhor: detest; 

Kamumuo-n Bee. 
Kflmunti n-MJte; whit 
Kamunti.nrfo.-Very little eome hat. 
Kaniuraan.nlmraaturity; t<;n<lerneKH,- 

aauvity; delicauy; Hoftnens. 
Kamurahiiu.ndieapneBH; insult infamy; 

(«neure; affront; outrage, baBeneHs; 

lownesH; dishonor; hitmilliation. 
Kauiutiii I'Tii auratch; scrape 
Kanan» Ilij^ht 
Kanan a Right. 

Kanawin.H-i'o dilute iliKsolve. 
Knndara, ti-Latcb. 
Kandilk nn-tiandle. 

Kanginongpro.'-AVhone. *' 

Kan i la-pro.. Tht-ir; Iheirn. 
Kaningnsann Fervor, warmth ' r.eal: 

jlrdor. flame, vehemence, vehemenrj'. 
■ Kaninong-;»ro -Whose, 
KanipiBan-nThinDeKH; nicet;. tenm(y; 
'- HabtJIeDeiti): delicacy; acatenees. 

6 K AP 

Kaniya/jro.'His; hers. 

Kaniyahin-p To appropriate; usurp: 

defraud; cheat. 
Kaiilungan n-Coaversation anion e 

many; >rr..uf> of lalkere. 
Kan ungin-i>-Tn shelter: protect; defpnil. 
Kanot a Bald. 
Kama a- Son):. 

Kantero n-Masoii: bricklayer. 
KanugDOg-«- Limit; bound. 
K an unuan-H- Ancestry; forefether». 
Kapabayaan-n-Ne^ligence; neglet-t; 

ahandonient c^arelessness; lazinesf: 

inadvertanee; inadvertancy; lacsitnde; 

indoleni;e; idleness "tardiness; intic- 

Kapdg-odi'.-How; aa if after; just as. 

Kapaijalann. Service; work. 
Kapahamakan-n Calamity; diaappornt. 

Kapahingahan n-ResI; quiet; lrant[U)l 

ity; repose; quietude. 
Kapiihiatuhitan» Permisnion: leave; 

liberty; ^reeilurn. 
Kapain-c-To search: grope; feel; 

Kapaitan-n- Bittern ess; asperity; poig- 

Kapakinabangan-n Utility; profit; gain; 
advantage; usefulness 

Kapok umbabaan-n Submission; compli- 
ance; modesty; meekness, density: 
multitude; 4'reation 

KapalnTiuknes; coaraeness; density; 
multitude creation 

K a pa lagay an- n- Tranquil ity; rest; repose; 

Kapalagayang looW-Conlidenfe. 

Kapalagayang loob-a-Uoniident. 

Kapalaiuan n Pride; presiiiripliun ar 
ogance; hauahiiness; vanity; loft- 
iness; pompuoaity. pompuousness; 
inflation swelling 

Kapalan-v-To thicken; strengthen; make 

Kapalaran-n Fortune, success; chance, 
luck; fortuity; doom: fate; hap; con- 
tingent, contingency, haxard; hap 

Kapalibhasaan-n Affront; outrage; In- 
famy. ilishonoT 

KapaUt-Ku'hange; sustitution. substiln- 
ta barter delegate: commutation. 

Knpidit naug-/»'«j>,-Fur, by, about: a» 
!>;■; 3n ai'colmt. 

Knpimaghilian n-Envy; covetuousnesi'. 

K a pan Contemporary, time. 

Kiipiinahanan-W-Mattirity; season; time, 
lerin; age; epportunity. 



Kapanatagan-n-Tranquility; rest; repose; 
peace; calmness; quiet; security. 

Kapangahasann Zeal; valor; bravery; 
boldness; insolence; impudence; 
precociousness precosity. 

Kapanganakan n-Nativity birth. 

Kapanganakan a Natal; native. 

Kvpanganiban-n-Danger risk; hazard. 

Kapangitan n Ugliness; hideousness; 
homliness; sordidne&is; moral depra- 
vity; turpitude; covetousness. 

Kapanglawan-n-Gloom; sadness, obscu- 
ity; darkness. 

Kapangyarihan n Power; authority; a- 
ibility; jurisdiction meams. right co- 
mmand; dominion; virtue; faculty. 

Kapangyarihan gumawa n Authority or 
power to do. 

Kapangyarihan nghukom-n Jurisdiction. 

Kapantay-a Equal; similar, uniform; 

Kapantayan-n Similarity; equivalence; 
uniformity; equinamity; equalization. 

Kapara «Identical, equal; similar; 

Kaparis a-Alike; similar; equal; iden- 
tical; unifom; even; equable. 

Kaparisan-n-Equality; uniformity; sim- 
ilarity likeness; comparison. 

Kaparte n Participation; part. 

Kapaslangan-w-Impudence; insult; out- 
rage abuse; contempt. 

Kapatagan-w-Evenness; levelness. 

Kapatak-n-Drop; little. 

Kapatawaran-n-Pardon; absolution; for- 
givenness; acquital. 

Kapatid-n- Broth err; sister. 

Kapatid na lalaki n Brother. 

Kapatid na babayi n Sister. 

Kapatid ng aman Uncle. 

Kapausan n-Hoarseness. 

Kapayapaan n-Rest; repose; tranquility; 
calmness; quietness, quic'tude. peace; 

Kapayatan-n-Feebleness. leanness; thin- 


Kapighatian-w-Disgust; vexat on; an- 
tipathy; mortification; humiliation. 

Kapilayan-n Lameness. 


Kapilitan-n-Force; perseverance; persis- 
tence persistency; necessity; indis 
pensibility; persuasion. 

Kapinsalaan-n-Reunion obstacle; im- 
pedilnent; herd; flock; drove. 

KapiBtasan n-i^ault; defect; censure. 

KapitaDgotn Particle. 

Kapir^o n-Piece; ^lice; cut; fragment; 
scrap; part; portion; share. 


Kapisanan- n-Reunion; congregation; 
meeting; facition; clique. 

Kapisanan ng bundok n Range of 

Kapisanan ng kalapnRaft of logs. 

Kapisanan ng mga utos ng gobierno ?i- 
Code of laws. 

Kapisanan ng mga hayop-n Flock; herd; 

Kapisanan ng manga tawo-n Society; 
partnership; corporation. 

Kapi.sanan ng n)ga utos n Dige^'t. 

Kapistahan n Feast; holidav; festivitv 
exhibition; presentation. 

Kapit bahayn Neighbor; fellow crea- 

Kapootan n- Anger; vexation; . rage; 

Kapormahin-w Formality; seriousness; 
gravity; circumspection. 

Kapos-a Lacking; insufficient; wanting; 
inadequate; short; scanty small. 

Kapowa |?ro Both. 

Kapowa tawo-n Fellowcreature. 

Kapulaan ng sahingu'Io paint or 
cover with pitch. 

Kapurihanwlurity; chastity; excellency 

Kapurulan wDullness turpitude* ugli- 
ness; impurity; stupiditiy. rudenefs; 

Kapuspusanw- Roundness; fullneshj. 

Kapusukan-nheat; vivacity. 

Kaputican-n Marsh; slough miry place. 

Karagdagan n-Addition; increase, im 

Karakdvaka-ddv.- mmidiately; instantly; 

Karakot-n-Handful fewness. 


Karatula sa ibabaw ng libing-n Epitaph. 

Karalangan-n Rarity; looseness. 

Karamihann- Abundance; plenty; mul- 
titude; torrent. 

Karamiramihan r-Most. 

Karampatan a-Fit; proper; convenent; 

Karampotn-Mite; whit. 

Karamutan-n Stinginess; penury; pov- 
erty; avarice; covetousness; paltriness; 
meanness; voracity; voraciousness; 

Karang-n-Cover covering; awning. 

Karangalan-w Glory; honor; dignity; 
royalty; fame; prestige; majesty; exel- 
lence; eminence; sublimity; elevation; 
loftiness; superiority. 

Karaniwan-a-Usual; ordinary; familiar; 
customary; vulgar; common; epidemic; 
prevaleut; prevailing; mediocre; pie 
bian; hackney. 




Karaniwan tawo n-Plebian. 

Karapatan wDignity; condignity; mert. 

Karapatan-a Just, deserving; correspon- 

Karativ; orfv.-Near close; neighboring. 

Karatiila sa ibabaw ng libing n-Epitaph. 

Karayom n Needle. 

Karayon» na panahi ng siipot w- Packing; 

Kartton-a- Wagon; cart. 

Kargadorn- Porter; packer. 

Kargahan n Pack. 

Kargahanv-To pack; load. 

Karikitan w Neatnesp beauty, elegance; 
prettiness. gentility. 

Karne n Meat. 

Karne . ng baboy-n-Bacon pork. 

Karromata n Chaise; gig. 

Karuagan n Cowardice dastardnees; 

poltroonery effemifience effiniintncy. 

Karugtongw-Annex addition; annexa; 
tiou sequence sequel. 

Karukhaann Penury, poverty, misery; 
lowness lewdness. 

Karuniihan n-Dii t tilthiness obscenity; 
impurity; sordiduess slovenl ness. 

Karun ungan n-W i s d o m ; knowledge: 
learning science sagacity, ability, 
ken erudition; discretion; art illustra 
tion sapience virtue culture apti- 
tude; cleverness, dexterity, exce- 

Karupuknn-n-Frairy; britleness wead- 
ness feebleness. 

Karyagiu-M Clearness clarity: front or 
right side of anything. 

Kasabay-n-Contemporary. companion: 

Kasabay «rfy Together simultaneously; 
at the same time. 

Kasabihan-n-Proverb maxim. 

Kasagauaan-n-Abundance plenty: pro- 
fuseness profusion fullness; ampli 
tude: lavishness multitude excess. 

superfluity overplus, surplus excess. 

Kasagauaan ng pagaarin Opulence; 
wealth affluence. 

Kasagsagan n-Trot haste. 
Kasakiman-n Avarice stinginess: cove- 

Kasakitan-n Sickness, suffering: suf- 
ferance, calamity hardship, cross; 
toil; trouble: epidemic anger, vex- 
KHsakitsakit a-Painful! sensitive. 
Kasaklapann Detestation: acerbity: 

asperity, sharpness roughness or 
severity of taste. 
Kusaksaan n-Tirae; season opportumty. 

Kasal-n >Jarriaire; wedtiing; espousal, 
betrothal betrothment, espou;al. 

Kasalanan n Fault crime guilt; trans; 
gression; offence; defect; sl'ght- 
infringement failure. deficiency; 

Kasalatan-n-Want need necessity; pen- 
ury poverty: meanness paltriness: 
narrowness n)isery, bereavement 

■ blight misadventure. 

Kasalaulaau-n Fil.h dirt sordidness; 
tilthiness obscenity impurity lust. 
immode^ty unchastity rudeness; 
lewdness squalor! squalidness. squa- 
lidity. uglinesss impudence 

Kasalbahian n-Savagery savgaeness; 
truculence truculency. 

Kasaliwaan n-Misfortune. mishap; mis- 
erv stubbornness: contrariness. 

Kasaliwaang loob n Inconstency; iic- 
pleness contrariness. 

Kasaliwaang palad-n-Calamity; misfor- 
tune mishap disaster illiluck bad- 
luck fatality unhappiness. 

KaAalukuyau-a-Actual present; real; ef> 

Kasama n Compa nion : colleague; 
company; partner, comrade; help- 

Kasama-a-Inclusive, united. 

Ka>ama arit? -Near close near at hand. 

Kasamaan n-Malice wickedness iniqui- 
ty, lowness vileness infamy; base- 
ness dishonor profligacy, evil bane- 
vice criminalitv, 

Kasamaan ng lasa n-Bitterness. aspfer- 
itv want or lack or taste. 

Kasamahan n-- ompanion. accomplice; 

Kasamasfcinaan a- Worst. 

Kasma sa paggawa-n-Cooperator; ac^ 

Kasauhvan nPractice ability; aptitude. 

Kasandok-n Spoonful ladle. 

Kasangkapan n-Instrument tool; fur- 
niture appliance: apparatus. 

Kasangkapan panugat ng araw-n-Heli- 

Kasangulan-?ilnfancy; childhood: be.- 

Kasantosan «Sanctity: holiness: god; 
liness. '' 

Kasantosantosan a Most holy. 

Kasapatan n Sufficiency. • . 

Ka-arapann Sweetness: delicacy. • 
Kasariw^aan-n Freshness, coolness. 
Ka^ayahan-n- Happiness jocularity gay- 
ety mirth gbe, joy festivity: rejbic 
ing content; pleasure; comedy; 
comicality: conviviality; vivacity: 


.*■ '3 



vivaciouaneeH. jocosenesa; comicality, 

Kasayeayan w Si jrnification; explanation; 

interpr tation: account; comment; 

declaration; definition affirmative; 

narration- relation. 
Kasia-a Sufficient; apt; fit; proper; 

Kasiba nSplinter. 
Kasibaan n Glottonv. 
Kasiguruhann Security; certainty, bail; 

sponser probability. 
Kasiitan-nGrove of bamboo. 
Kasikian n Impediment obstruction; 

obstacle difficulty; nnisance. 
K asi k pan -n- Narrowness, closeness; in- 

Kasikpan-w- Narrowness; intimacy; clo- 

Kasindakann Fright scare; horror. 

Kasindaksindak-rt Awful horribble ter- 
rible; dreadful; horrific; tremen- 

Kas'mgadv So: as much as; so much; 
as much as well 

Kas ng buti o^v -A good as. 

Kasing halaga a Equivalent of the same 

Kasinsinan n Density thickness; solidi- 
ty closeness; compactness. 

Kasinungalingann-Lying: untruth false 
hood fib; fiction; fallacy; delusion; 

Kasi pagan n-Tndustry diligence acti- 
vity; promptness; promptitude; light- 
ness quickness. 

Kasipinga^v -Beside: near; mediate. 

Kasiraan w Destruction: fault defect; 
scath: error; mistak; disadvantage; 

Kasiraan malakin Calamity; havoc; dis- 

Kasiraan ng baitw-Madness; insanity 
derangement of the mind. 

Kasiraan ng loob w Dementea. 

Kasiraan ng puri-n Shame: disgrace; 
dishonor fall ba eness: degeneracy; 
degredation discredit; stain or spot 
on one's character. 

Kaisiraang tinatangap n Prejudice; in- 
jury; detriment; damage: dishonor. 

Klisiyahan-n Sufficiency frugality; com- 
mensuration; sobriety; proportion: 
competence; moderation; temperate- 
ness abstinence; justice; temperance; 
thrift method. 

Kaskdsan-M-Grater; scraper; raker; rol- 
ler cvlinder. 

Kas aadn-v-To grate; scrape; rake. 

Kasko/i-Casco; barge. 


Kasowayan-n Rebelliousness; stuborn- 
nesH; disobedience. 

Kastila-n Spaniard. 

Kastila-a Spanish. 

Kasubha ti Saffron. 

Kasuitikan n-Theft thieving; rascality; 
fraudulence cheating. 

Kasukaban-nThreachery. disloyalty.* 
perfidy felony crime. 

Kasukal'ari M-Dirt filth sordidness filth 
iness rubbish; dumping ground. 

Kasukalan nj> loob n-Mortification, vex- 

Kasukasuan-n Joint. 

Kasukatan-zi-Measure dimension mea- 
surement justice; right; enough; 

sobriety; equality. 
K asuklaman-w- H ate; disgust; abhorrence 

detcHiation repugnance; diplike, an- 
tipathy revulsion; curse execration: 

Kasnklamsuklam n-Detestable; hateful; 
loathesome dreadful; awful horrible. 

Kasulatan-n Writing deed: contract: 
treatise document maxim abstract: 
accord accordance; schedule. 

Kasulatan ng isang puno-n- Attestation; 
disposition; or command in wri- 

Kasuiiodn Successor follower, one who 


Kasunoda-Successive following; con- 
secutive next. 

Kasunod-arit;. Then following. 

Kataasan-n-Height eminence eminen- 
cy superiority preeminence; arro- 
gance haughtiness. 

Kataastaasan a Supreme; paramount; 
tallest; most high; highest; omnipo 
tent most powerful almighty. 

Kataastaasan lugarn- Highest place; 

Katabaan-n Corpulence corpulency obe- 
sity fat. 

Katabaan ng lupa-w-Fertility; fruitful- 

Katabi a^iu.-Beside conjunct: near. 

Katad n Skin leather: hide. 


Katahimikan w-Peace. tranquility; pac- 
ification: quietness; quietude: rest- 
calmess. serenity composure silence: 
repose: self possession; continence- 
continency dispassion; lull; hearts- 
ease; quiescence. 

Katakatakart Strange rare scare; stu- 
pendous; wonderfull: marvelous; as- 
tonishing miraculous: fabulous; ad; 
niirable; unheard of; excellent; fool 
ish silly: egregious; awful; dire; 
dreadful! ; extraordinarv. 


Kntakawan H (ilutioii. 

Katakottakota-Awfu ; dreadfiiliterrible; 
horrible dire; feorful; munstroos; 
ilirefti trempodous formiJnble ghast- 
ly; ji'''"' jEfisly; S""»"''- 

Kstakeilan n- Ireiis.m: per lidy; treachery ; 
inslabilily iTiminnlitv. 

Kftlala^aii n Sitdinity. sbarpnees ciiii- 
tiinK \Tiifi «isiioni: siijfBi'iouanese; 
ability: prudem-e; akill leaming: sa- 
(lieiK'e; handiness. 

Katol iniilin II n Learning; wisJom; abil- 
ity sagacity; aagaciuusnesa; praiience; 
Bkill, handitiess; sharpuees quioknees. 

Katalo-n -Rival antagonist; opponent; 
adveraary, competilcr. 

KatAm» Plane 

Katimananll Constoni'v ""^-.v.-riince; 
persiatence, I ■■ ■ ■ ■■■y. 

Knlnmaran I' li indo- 

lence; Blovenliiiefs _ _ ■ . tar- 
dineaailHUBitUiic ..i^.ec-l.earelessnMH. 

K ataniasan it- Ad vantage; gain. 

Katftoiiu-i'To plane. 

Katamisan-n-SweetneBB; UneneBB. 

Katamisnn ng ^ila « Elmiueiice 

Kataiiilayan-n Sadnesa. indisposition: 
glooudnees; ctiolnesa toward a friend. 

Katampalasanan-w-Insolem-e; impuden- 
ce indivility: inetilt diBreepaci; dis- 
regaril; flippancy petuleni'e; hau^bt' 
inee» inhumanity, 

KMampatann Jnatillcation; justice; 
riifhl. c.Jiu'ierrtiour'Tiess reation: mod- 
eration: imparliality; uprightness; 
esaciitude. ri);lilei>iisness. 

Katnni' ■ . just; honora- 

Kataiiiia[u;iii "MiiiMieiir_i: enoufib. 
KaUmtaman-a Sutlifient; fit: propro- 

Katanitrtiiian oWr Mi.l.lling so so. 

Katau>i-v,ri ■■ -V-'i-titv- L.tic'eviiy: age: 

(,]i) ■!,- - ■! '■■. liecrepilude 

Kai:i[u '' "■ lateness; dinner; 

»0 KAT 

ity: conclusion; goal result bonndan-; 

KatasN-Jnice; sap: snbetance; essence. 
Katasahan-N-Valuation; appraisal, ap- 

Kalasiii f-Tf draiv out the sap. sap. 
Kataa nf kai.ivan i.-tfumor; mood. 
Eatatagaan n Medium; middling suf- 

Katatagaan-(n{r,-Sa so, midding; even. 
Katawan-n Body. 
K at ba-n- Fiction; fabulosity; invention of 

c-To bring fortb; p 

>; gen- 

y ati-n Itch. 

KatibayauN Guarantee: plight bail; doc- 
ument; tlrmness; solidity; steadi- 
ness; stability. 

Katibayvn ng loob»-Inllesihility; per- 
Heverance.' constancy: loyally; firm- 
ness; candor; proof reliance. 

Katig-n Out-riggers; balance 

Eatiga»an-n Hardness; ei<titfness; firm- 
ness, slubbornness. 

Katigasang makipagOHap-n Harshnesa 
or severity of speech. 

Katiisan-n- Forbearance suffering; pa. 
tience: respite indidgence penaiice- 

Kntimlimaii n-Prodehce moderation; 

Katiuitinian ng looh n-Constnnck; lo- 
yally; tideiity; fealty; flrmnees. 

Katingano fioiler; caajdron. 

linigH-Uosion; two ibings which 

have the i 


Katipnnan-n-Meeting; congregation; 

reanion; society; secret society, 
KBtiwa«iyan-N-Tranquility; repose; quie- 

K'itivsi:q<ir " Constancy; loyalty; per- 
severance; per» i stance. 

Katan^iliaiMi-Kefusal: denial; negation: reliabl 

escepi viil, liiH^rpnie, 
KaUpan^-n-Boldness; bravery; 

Katapalan-H Opposition; coni 

reason, sufficiency; equality: c 

Kaiapatang loobu I^iyalty; sin.-e 

fraukiiess cordiality: tideiity; honi 

fealty: candor troth. 
Katapusan-n-l.ast; latest, linat; I 

most, estreme; i-onclusive detern 

Katapiisaii II find final litiish esii 


mUity; , 




ition; witness, rei 

won: indi. 





lawfulness; reasc 

? upright- 

ness: e 



ness; pre- 

rxigalive. oonsideralioii; 


forte: i 



1 Resi^-.'iise 



aid. help. 



; unifor[ 

ui(y. like- 

jsemblance. simile; 




Katulad na lubos-a Like similar; equal; 
even; on a par. 

Katulinan n-Swiftness agility; activity; 
rapidity; promptitude; speed; quick- 
ness celerity; accleration. 

Katulisan-n-Sharpness; keenness. 

Katulonjrn Co-operator; accomplice; 
helper; helpmate. 

Katulungin vTo associate; cause to 
help or aid. 

Katunayan w-Reality; truth; fact; cer- 
tainty; legitimacy; legitimateness; se- 
curity; truthfulness. 

Katungkulan-n- Position; occupation; 
duty; employment; obligation; work; 
profession; situation; business; trade; 
engagement; employ; contract; com- 
mand; power; authority; prefec- 

Katunugan-n Sonorousness. 

Katuparan n-Compliance; excution; dis- 

Katusuhan n-Craft; cunning; astuteness; 
sagacity; sagacousness; ability. 

Katutubo-a-proper; fit. 

Katutdbong hilig-a Natural. 

Katuwaan-n Joy; gladness: drollery; 
mirth; merriment; diversion; gayety; 
happiness comicality: comedy; comi- 
calness; joyfulnes. 

Kauealian w-Custom; habit; use; usage; 
style; fashion; mode; manner; rite; 

Kaugaliang sarili-n-Natural custom. 

Kaugoygoyf n n Underbrush; copse; 


Kaukulan-w-Correspondence; relevance- 
relevancy; pertinence. 

Kaululan-n-Nonsense; foolery; foolish- 
ness bosh; madness; insanity. 

Kaunahan-n-Preference; preceedence. 

Kaunaunahan a First. 

Kaunaunahan-a'lt;.- First. 

Kaunaunahan martir-w-Protomartyr. 

Kaungasan-n-Nonsense; ignorance; stu- 
pidity: foolishness: turpitude. 

Kaunti-a-Some; few; little; scanty; not 

Kauntian w-Smallness; scantiness: pau- 

Kauntian ng pagmamahal-w-Lack of 
respect: scorn: contempt. 

Kauntiuntian-o-Minimum; least. 

Kauntiuntian w-Minimum. 

Kan unuan-w- Ancestry; fore fathers; an- 

Kaunurann-Dulness; stupidity; non 
sense; ignorance; foolishness. 

Kaunuran-w-Confidante; crony. 

51 ' KAW 

Kaupahan-n- Wages payment; fee;salary . 

Kaupasalaan-w-Threachery; perfidy; in- 
constancv; treason. 

Kausap n-Companion in conversation; 
the person with which one cover- 
ses or speaks. 

Kausutin-rTo move; touch; manage; 

Kautalan-n S*ammering: stuttering. 

Kautusan w Proclamation; order: com- 
mand; errand; message, edict; pre- 
cept; rule; law: mandate. 

Kdwa-n-Caldron; boiler. 


Kawalaan n Loss; deficiency; lack; ab 

Kawalang hiya w Shamelessness; im- 
pudence; insolence; immodesty. 

Kawalan magampon w-Lack of support; 

Kawalan ng awa n-Inhumanity; cruelty; 
inclemency; rigor; severity. 

Kawalan ng ayos n-Slovenliness; care- 
lessness disarrangement. 

Kawalan ng^ bait-n- impudence; indes 

Kawalan ng damdam-w-Health; welfare; 
prosperity; apathy. 

Kawalan ng damit-w Nakedness; nu- 

Kawalan ng dunong w-Inaptitude: in- 
ability: ignorance lack of know-ledge. 

Kawalan ng galang-n-Incivility: impu- 
dence; disrespect; inattention; lack 
of beauty. 

Kawalan nang ganda-w Awkwardness; 
lack of beauty. 

Kawalan ng gawa n-Liesure; lack of 
work; idleness. 

Kawalan ng gusto-n-Displeasuse; lack; 
of taste: dissstiffaction. 

Kawalan ng hiya-w-Impudence; shame- 

Kawalan ng interes n Sangfroid. 

Kawalan ng kailangan n-Necessity want; 
need; lacking. 

Kawalan ng kailangan-nlnattention; 

abandonmant; carelessness. 

Kawalan ng kaya-n-Incapability; inca- 
pacity: inability; inaptitude. 

Kawalan ng laman-w-Vacancy; vacuity; 

Kaawlan ng lasa nWant or lack of 
taste; bad taste; disgust. 

Kawalan ng pag-ibig w-Lack of love; 

Kawalan ng pagmamahal-nScorn; con- 

Kawalan ng pananampalataya-w-Incre- 
dulity; unbelief; disquisition. 

KEL i 

Kawalan ng paiiiniwala-ii-IiuTeiliilitj; 

unbelief 'diaquisitiun. 
Kawalan ng punoM Aiiari-hy 
Kawalan ng tikaB-w- Awkward nee». 
Kawalan ng tuio» Ignoranfe utujiidity; 

error; blindnens; iBt'k of hnowledtte. 
Kawalan ng wi-ali n Dinri-epert; ind- 

vility. lack of manHrt-e 
Kawalan ng waaio iiLTncleanlineM; 111- 

thiness tareleeaiifB», lack of core. 
KfLwali n Griddl« skillet. 
Kawan-n Herd,- flock biincli multitude 
Kawangisn Like BJmilar; alike. 
KawangiH-M Li eiieBS nimile; similarity, 
KawangkidLike; ainiilar nlike eflual. 
Kawanki-n Similarity likenet-H Kqiial- 

ity: reBcmblance; simile. 
Kaway «Brandwb Hourisb. 
Kawavann Bamboo; cane. 
Kawayan-t-To call or summon by siiina; 

signal; brandisb. 
Kawikaan n- Pro verb 
Kawiliwilia Agreeable; pleaeiiig niiiu- 

aing attractive, delightful. 
Kawit'R Hook galf drag'hook. 
Kaya-n-Abililv power »iilitiiiie: capa- 
city,- authority possibility. 
Kaya«(itr.-Siuce' perhaps tiieii. by wlial 

Kaya nga-jjre;i,-Tbe refute. 
Kayahangan n BraggartiBin brag; boa^^t; 

vatmt pnmpiioaily, pompuosneas. 
Kayabangan ng s^|a n-TbicknesB .if 

Kayamanaii n Ricliee; wealth: 

fortune, properly; pelf potency af- 
fluence opulence; mamon. 

Kayamoan n Gluttony: excess cuper- 

Kayarian-?i-Cut; shape make; faabion: 
figure termination, completion, per- 
pection: faultleasneBH. 

Kayatiang n Completion; pe>fec- 
tion; fauUlesBness 

Kayaaan-cTo scrujie, dean: polish. 


Kayayari pa lamang (i-Recent; modern; 

Kiyo »-Clotb texture. 

Kay6j)fi>.-Vou. , 

Kiyong panhikeaji Crape 

Kiyong sutlaw-riilk; «ilk doth. 

Kajii po-^i-o,- You.— Your honor; your 

worship; you wir. 
KayonK «utla at mal>intab-n ■'■atin. 
Kav fiaronj.-Tlian. 
Kayumangi-a-Brown: ttwarthy, drab, 
Kayumangi-a Drali; brown. 
KaytimanKing muran Browniwli. 
Kelooy-ii-Mirp: mmi: quagmire. 

2 KIN 

K ba H-Fiali-hook, 
Kibal n-bend Curve. 
Kibit-n- Grimace wry face. 
Kibit*n-p-To make a grimace of wry 

face; shrug; hook. 
Kibltiii ang isda v-To hook a fifb. 
Kibot n-Panl, palpilation nervous move- 
Kid lei rin-i'- To unwind; wind. 
Kikil n-File; raep. 
Kikilin.v-To file,- rasp. 

Kilabot-n.Pore; Horror; fright scare. 
K i I al a-n- Acquai n tance. 
Kilalanin-t)-To acquaint know. 
Kilalanin maaga r-To anticipate foraee. 
Kilalanin mabiiti «To ascertiiin; consi. 

der; repogu ae; know well. 
KilapnSplendor, brilliancy, gloss; Ins- 



Kilikili-n Armpit. 

Kilikin-r-To take in ones arms. 

Kiling-n-lnclanntiou,' sidp motion,- de. 

Kiliflgan sa masauia c-To defend any 

one who is bad. 
KilitinTii-kling tickle. 
KililiinrTo Li.kle. 
Kilkiliur.T.i, file rasp, 
Kilos-nAct action,- move; movement; 

manner; form; deportment; civility: 

antic todo. 
Kilusinr-To move act; excite: ins]ii- 

Kimi n-Temerity; sliyueae baHlifulneai<. 
KimpoCH Temerity; shyncMs; bashful- 

ti<>s&, ])ant palpitation, 
Kinagatan-p.j>. Bitten. 
Kinakabagaii n-Windy: iurligestible 

Kinalong ng abogailo «Client. 



Kinang-K-GloMB; polia 
■ niior: ' 

I,- j.ii 

fiuinh; )>H 

Kindai ii-U'ink, 

Kindatin r-To wink. 

Kindj.n-An affected air or walk. 

Kinikita-ii-Wagea; ttalary, earnings; pay, 

Kinia-»-Polisli finish; brightness; lus 
tre, gloss, fineness: lersenens. 

Kineay-n Celery 

Kintal) nGlosB, poliali; shine; finish: 
brighlness, eheen shimmer,* twinkle, 
glimmer: glitter: corruscatifii. 

Kt^I E 

Kintal-n Seal: signet, i^ien. cnii'ible: 

iiieltiug pot. 
Kiutalan-c-To purify cleanse; cleftn. 
Kinta1inf-Ti> ttmelt; melt. 
Kiniikulungaii-n-Place where anytliiDg 

or anyoDt: is tonfineil 
Kiniilty n-Tnmiinjt. 
Ktnuaa-firfivlnteiiliDiisDy: purposely; 

(leeifniedly: knowingly. 
KipubaD-vTo norrow: conlra<-t; i-iir 

tail; restrain: contitrain: tighten. 
Kirotn-Pain och. 
Kisap-n-FlHsli; wink; brilliance: «lieen: 

shimmer: corruecntioii twinkle. 
K eap mata» fnalnnt wiuk of the eve: 

mo men I jiffy 
KiekiH » PotisI file- scarf. 
Kiskisinv-Tu Ale: poli(<h: snioolh; ruh. 
Kitii-»i- Appearance faee, looks; iikenesw. 
Kiting n-Fish-net. 
Kitid-.n HarrowDeeiH, 
Kitiii-n-Fish-net Irawlnet, trawl. 
Kitiran-fl-To narrow. 
'Koiiiediahan n-Theaire: theatricals. 
Koinediante-nActor; player- comedian. 
KomerciantenMerciiant; dealer 
Ko no wa-a- False; apparent; deceitful; 

K on owari-a- False hypocritical; lieceit- 

ia apparen but not real. , 

KonventoTiConvenl; priory. 
Kopa-n-Cup; goblet; wine-glass. 
Kosina-n Kitchen. 
Kosina ng saaakyan-n-Galley. 
Koeinero « Cook. 
Koronan Crown; diadem. 
KoronahanrTo crown. 
Kotsero-n Coach tuan. 
Kreo80te-n Kreosote. 
Kruz n-CrosH inlercection. 
Kuarta-n-Mfiney; coinage. 
Kdarto-n-Boom chamber. 
Kna.rto ng babayi sa Tiirkia-n-Harein. 
Ifabo-a-Hunipbacb: deformed; crooked. 
Knbo-n-Cabin; li n t ; barrack; shed; 

Kubkob-n-Defense: protection. 
Knbknbin-p-To defend protect; sustain. 
Kndknran n-Orater; scraper. 
K-n6nt«-»i-0alciilation; example; problem. 
E nentahiD'ti To calcnlate; reckon; liKure; 

compote; estimate. 
Kuetis-n- Skyrocket . 
Kngon-n Straw; moiintain-grast>, 
Kuha-wfer. -There, well; what, 

1 Kl'M 

Kuiubii Blackaiit. 


Kuko-N-Nail clnw liout': tnliin. 

Kukob II Convex convexeil. 

Kninni-n FaKcinali.m enchantment 

Kulanibo M Mowiuilo net. 

Kulnniin r-To fascinate charm enclianl: 

KnIamoH'ii'A furrow made by n plane, 

KnIandoitg'U Cover; coverinij awninji; 

KulninTH Defective; lacking; ilelicicir, 
fniiity incomplete; wanting intmfli 

Knlaiigan ng aiiouian-r-To discount- 

dednct,- cnrtail. 
Kniantf ng ]igipin-<T-TooilileHs. 
Kulang palailn t'nlucky unliappy: mid- 
fortunate; iiiiBerable;wrtt(-lie<i dejected. 
Kulanir »a pagkaiii4i-HTm}!ry. 
Kulapnlun-r-To besmear; smear, 
Kniay-tt Oolor hne. 
Kniay da an^'hila-w-Xanlliia. 
Kulav liuv'o « Rlodi colored. 
Kulav jiiiiio/MioM colore*]. 
Kulay kapisn-l'earl colored. 
Kulav lila-n-Lilac colored: mauve. 
Kulay puIa-dRed. ruby: rudily. 
KnIay pulotaHoney colored.' 


Kulay suha 

Knlay tabaco a-Tohacco colored. 

Kulay Calon-fl 1. vid. 

Kulay trign-n-Brou^nish. 

Kutiglign-Katydid; cricket; locuM. 

Kulkulim-To scrap; stTatcli. 

Kulon-Boil; boiling- 

Knlogn-Th under. 

Kulos-n Riistle. rustling; noise. 

Knlot-n-Ourl; ringlet. 

Knlot-n-Curly; crisp. 

Knluban-n Sweater. H«-caliiig; pljice. 

Kulubot n-Wrinkle, 

KuUibol "Wrinkly, nijiOKe. 

Kuliingaii 7i-Coral, pen. inciosure; place 

of conflnenient. 
Kulungan ng tnpaii Sheepfuld. 
Kulun0n-i->To shut up; pen up lock up: 



Kulutin f-Tii twist: curl. 
Kumaba ang dibdib-r-To pant: jmlpitntii 
Kumabilu-T'-To cross go over. 
Kumagat-rTo bite; gnaw, nip, 
Kumagungkonj!i'-To make ii noiwe. 

umain-r-To eat dint 
Knmaiu anj! agahan-i-T.' breakfaM; 

eat: .rc,ikfa-t 
Kiimukiw ( Ti. bark: howl, 
Kumalasingr To jingle; jangle: sonnd. 

Kumalatc-Tii scatter, throw hrondiMi-t, 

KUM 6 

KamsliDga-v-To care for; protecl; look 

out fur admin later, govern serve. 
KiitnalogiiTo clatter; make a noise 

from within. 
Kumapali--To thicken; grow; increase; 

Bwell; au)tment eniHrgo. 
Kamapii v To grasp; sieze. 
Kumasal-v-To espouse. 
KiiinaskasL'Ti. rob. 
Kumatas I'-Tu extract the «ap or juice. 
Kumatha-u-To think: plant; invent; 

create; appoint. 
Kaniati-u*To itch smart. 
Kamati ang tuhlgu-To ebb; receJe. 
Knmatigii-To take holil of anything 

to beep it from falling. 
KnmatoB-w-To knock. 
Kumaiisap-t^-To talk: speak. 
Ka^la.¥od-^^T[) «rate. 
Kumidlatv-To fiasli; lighten. 
If urn lap v- To glitter; glow; shine; 

Kum Ji.jt c-Tf. Bhruff. 

KumiMngv-To incline; lean. 

Kuinilo8-J7-To move Hct. 

KumimotoTo economize, save; hoaril. 

Knmindat-B-To wink. 

Kumindi-iiTo assume an effected air 

Kurainigt'-To tremble: vihrat», 
Kumlntal v To glitter f}ii'Vi; shine; 

glislen: corrnscate twinkle glimmer. 
Kumipot-K-To narrow.; contract. 
Komirapif-To move the eyelids; wink. 
Kumiaap-u-To shine; glisten; El'ttei"; 

glow corruecate; twtrkle. 
Kumislot-ii !Moke a sudden move, move 

suddenly; act quickly. 
Knmita o-To gain; earn; see. 
KumitidrTo narrow; contract. 
Kumitilp-To pincli; cut, gather one 

by one, 
KumiyawvTo brag; threaten. 
Kumon»-Toilet; closet, 
Kumot-reBlanket; Comforter; counter- 

Kumot na linso-n Bed-sheet, 
Kumpi^alin-vTu confe»»; bear fon- 

fession aH(;ortain. 
Kumpuniliin-Ji-To recompuHe; nieml; 

Kiimnrlkod-11-To grate. 

Ku mull an Taker. 

Kuiiiulang sa-odti.-Kcarlv:! almost; in 

sufficient; less than: Vcrimp. 
Kumnlon-To boil seethe; Mimmer ef- 

Kunmlogti-To (liuiidfr. 


mpuiii ir-To repair; patch; mend 

Kumnratrato-uTo contract. 

Knmunti i--To lessen decrease; grow: 

Kumupasv-To fade. 

Kumurntf-To pinch; nip. 

Kuriinijtii i;-Tu greet. 

KuniuHta-n-Complinients; greeting 

Kumuto f-To be lousy; have lice. 

Kitmutog ii-To palpitate pant; flutter. 


Kundi-nJp.-Yet; besi.les; moreover., it 

Kundol n Citron. 

Kungjirep.-lE; though when. 

Kung gayonndv Then, at that time. 

Kung bindi.aiv.-If not; on the con- 

KiiiiL' saoali If perhaps; provided; if 
it should happen. 

Kunin t'To get take; fetch; extract: 
remove: subtract; seize; grasp; re- 

Kunotkanot a Rugose; wrinkly. 

Kunowa-a Fictitious; fabuluus hvpocri- 
tal; deceitfnl; illusive delusive. 

Kupas a Faded; discolored; colorless 
withered decayed; pale. 

Knpitin-i'To steal rob theive. 

Kupkupin-t'To^id help. succor; protect; 
defend assist; champion shelter; ad- 
vocate preserve. 

Kural Ti Coral 

Kurap-nMovment of the eyelids. 

Kuripot a Stingy; petit; close, miserly 

Kurlit n- Com ma. 

Kuro-M-T mag nation fancy; conception. 

Kurotrt Pinch scratch, nip; flip: tweak. 

Kurao-n Diarrhea. 

Kuruin-eTo imagine; fancy; calculate; 

Kurusanu-To crocs. 

Kurutin-uTo pinch, tweak: wcratch, 

Kmtan Hpontaneuusnese: spontaneity: 

voluntariness; voluntariness. 
Kuskusin-^i-To scrub; rub; polish. 
Knsotn Shavings, sawdosl. 
KasulinfTo rub; scrub clean. 
Kiihi " I;!iiiiii:irt, fort, wall: castl.'. 
KnUiiitiGriiiJve; hack: mortise. 
Kuliiig-ii- Kitten; kit. 
Kutkutin-ii-To excavate; hollow, in 

K» to -II -Louse, 


Kutod ang buntot a Shorttailed. 
Kutog ng pusow-Foreboding; movement 

of the heart. 
Kutong aso-n Flea. 
Kutsaran Spoon. 
Kutuhinr To become lousy. 

55 LAG 

Kutuhin r-To plait; fold; double crimple. 
Kiituhin ang kayo/To fold cloth. 
Kutyain-v-To censure; decry; criticise; 

defame deride 
Kuyumpis a-Wrinkled; denied; timid; 

Kuyusin r- 1 o rub against. 

Laann Secret; reserve. 

Laba-w Wash; Washing. 

Labag w-Contradiction; resistance. 

Labahin-v-1 o contradict; gainsay; op- 
pose; resist. 

Labahin r-To wash; laundry. 

Labak-n-Puddle; rut; pit; pone^?. 

Laban-w- Ad verse; contrary; opposite. 

Labandn-n-War, fight; setto; assault; 

Laban^n-t'-To war; fight; resist; assault; 
assail attack. 

Labangan-n-Crib; rack; manger; trough; 

Laban cay •jE?rep.- A gainst; by favor of. 

Labanos-n Radish. 

Laban sa-j^rep.- A gainst; counter. 

Laban sakatowiran a-Illegal; unlawful. 

Laban sa pagkabulok a- Antiseptic. 

Laban sa pinuno-a-Against the gover- 
ment insurrectionary. 

Labasi>rep. Besides; except that, with- 
out; excepting: over and above. 

Labasa-n Razor. 

Labasdn w-Outlet; result. 

Labasan ng ilog-n-The mouth of a river. 

Labas ng hay&nadv. Abroad; in public. 

Labas sa hirap at sakita-Healthy; 
sound; well. 

Labas sa katowiran-o-Illegal; unlawful; 
unjust; unrighteous. 

Labas sa matowid-a Wrong; faulty. 

Labas sa panahona Unseasonable; abor- 
tive; untimely. 

Labas sa panganib a-Safe! unhurt; 

Labay-n- Skein. 


Labhan-v-To wash; lauijdry. 

Labi » Lip. 

Labing apat-a- Fourteen. 

Labing apatn-Fourteen. 

Labing dalawa a Twelve. 

Labing dalawa w-Twelve. 

Labing isa<f Eleven, 

Labing isaw Eleven. 

Labing lima-a-Fifteen. 

Ldbing makapalw.Thick lip. 

Labing tatlo-a-Thirteen. 

Labing tatlo-n Thirteen. 

Labis n-Excess; surplus; superfluity; 

remainder; residue; overplus; refuse; 

Lablabw Quagmire mud; mire; marsh. 
Labnutint'-To pluck out; pull out. 
Labo-n Obscurity; darKuess. 
Labuan-vTo cloud: obscure; darken; 

delay make muddy. 
Labiilan-r-To feed by scattering; 
Laceta-n Knife; skean. 
Lagablabw-Flame; blaze; firelight. 
Lagak w That which is left with another. 
Lagillag n Tramp; vagabond; bum. 
Lagdnap-a Universal, general; public. 
Lagapac-w-Sound or report made by 

the falling of anything. 
Lagari n-Saw. 
Lagariin-v-To saw. 
Lagasan-n-To strip; draw. 
Lagasan ng dahon-v-To strip off leaves 
Lagasan ng ngipinv-To draw teeth 
Lagayn State: condition; rank; status 

category; form; shape appearance 

look; likeness; face aspect. 
Lagay na loob-a-Frank; outspoken 

Lagay ng loob-a State or condition of 

the mind. 
Lagi-a^v. -Always. 
Lagi-a-Perpetual; everlasting; habitual 

permanent; durable; stable; firm; 

steady; continuous. 
Ldgim-n Sadness; gloom gloominess; 

Lagi na-adv.-Always; frequently. 
Ldgi na-a- Perpetual; everlasting; ha- 
bitual; frequent. 
Laging madilim-n-Perpetual darkness. 
Laglag n-Fall; 

Lagot w-Draught; swallow; tragus; potion 
Lagot-w- Break. 
Lagpak n-Fall; collapse. 
Lagpos-n-Excess; surplus; remainder; 

overplus; overtime. 
Lagpos-a-Excessive: superfluous; exhor- 

bilant; extravagant; lavish; ennor- 



La&poS'adv.Too mucli. 

Lagpos sa pag-gasta-w Lavishness; ex 

Lagpiis-a-Supertiuous; excessive; la 

l^agpiisan ang karampatan-r To trans- 
gress; .exceed. 

l.agnmin-vTo Gather collect hoard 

Lagrnsaw w-Noise made by the rust- 
liny of paper or the shaking of 
water; movement. 

Lagusaw adv. -Spread out. 

].agutin/'To break pull apart. 

Lagutok-w-Crack; crackling, clash. 

Lagyan t- To put; place. 

Lagyan ng asin v-To salt. 

Lagyan ng bubong-v-To roof. 

L4gyan ng biitas v-To perforate. 

Lagyan ng halaga v To estimate; value; 

Lagyan ng ribetevTo hem. 

Lagyan ng sangka-v-To construct ca 
nals or drains. 

Lagyan ng sello r To stamp. 

Lagyan ng siya sa kabayo-r To saddle 
a horse. 

Lagyan ng sopas-t^-To put soup. 

1 agyan ng tanda t'To seal sing. 

Lagyan ng tandang krusv-To make the 
sign of the cross. 

Lahang M-Crack cleft; fracture chink. 

Lahangin-v-To crack cleave; split, frac- 

Lahangin-a-Brittle; frail; iissile; fra- 

Lahatrt-All: whole entire; each; every; 
total; gross; universal. 

Lahat-lahat-adv.-Wholly entirely; guite, 

Lahat-lahat «Entire; all; whole; every; 

Lahi-w Progeny; race; clan; lineage; 

sept; foction: class offspring. 
Lahok ng hari-n Dynasty. 
Lahok-w Admixture; mixture. 
Laitn Insult abuse; execration; curse. 
Laitinv-lo insult; abuse; curse revile; 

Lakad n- Walk; step; pace; passage; 

excursion; journey. 
Lakad ng paa w- Pedestrian. 
Lakad ng panahon-w-Course or space 

of time. 
Lakas-n- Strength; hardiness; vigor 

force; forti ude; valor; brrwn; might; 

thew. impe.;u8: violence; robustness; 

activity; ability. 
Lakas ng loobw Resolution; courage; 

decision; fortitude; will; power; 

strength of mind; promptitutde. 
Lnki-M-Size; largeness. 

56 LAM 

Laki at lapad n Dimensions, extent: 
capacity; bulk. 

Laki ng anoman-w Magnitude, great 
ness granduer. 

Laknip w-Cream 

Laksaa-Ten thousand. 

Laksaw Ten thousand. 

Laksi-n Contidence aid help. 

Laktaww Omission skip. 

LalaginwTo Undo gather collect. 

Lalagyan-wPlace of putting. 

Lalagyan ng asin n Salt-cellar. 

Lalagyan ng ginikan w Hav or straw 

l^alagyan ng labasa 7i Razorcase. 

r^alagyan ng manga kopa-w-Cupboard. 

Lalagyan ng palaso-n Quiver. 

lialagyan ng salapinTill. 

Lalagyan ng salsa-w Saucer. 

Lalagyan ng sombrero nHatbox. 

Lalagyan ng tabacow-Tobacco pouch. 

Lalaki-n-Man; male. 

Lalaking bagong kasal-n Groom. 

Lalamin-vTo reserve; retain, restrain; 
with-hold; suspend. 

Lalamunan-n-Throat gullet; windpipe; 
esophagus gorge. 

Lai an g n Strategy stratagem; snare: in- 
dustry: trick; wile cunning; craf 
slyness; skill; creation; inventton; 
handiness; handicraft; work, toil;- 
labor employment., 

Lalangin-rTo produce; create generate 
make: institute bring forth.' 

Lalas-n-Banishment extermination. 

Lalasin w-To banish; exterminate; halve. 

l.alawigan w-Province; county; shire. 

Lalikan-Axletree; wheel 

Lalikin-vTo turth wind around. 

Lalim-n-Depth profundity; profound- 

Lalo-afiv. More. 

Lalo-ft More. 


Lalong dakila-a-Superior; paramount. 

Lalonglalo-flwiv. -Principally. 

Lalong mabuti a-Better. 

Lalong magaling-rt Better. 

Lalong malaki-a Bigger; larger; more 
grand; superior; paramount. 

Lalong maliitaSmaller. 

Lalong masama «-Worse. 

Lalong mataas a- Higher; loftier; su 

Laman M-Substance esscence. 

Tiaman ng tiyan:n-Vi>cera. 

Lamang oiiv.-Alone; solely; sole. 

Lamang-a-Sole; singular. 

Lamasin-v-To knead; pummel; handell. 

Lamat f/Crack; chink. 





Lambanogn- Sling. 
Lambat-n-Net; snare. 
Lambo-n-Taesel; tuft. 
Lam bong-n- Black veil; 
Lambot-w-Softness: delioacy tenderness. 
Lambutin-vTo soften; mollify. 
Lamigw-Cold; freshness: coolness; frig- 

idness; damp: frigidity. 
Lamokw-Mosquito; gnat. 
Lampara-n Lamp; light. 
Lampas-w More; exssive; exhorbitant. 
Lampasn-Excess surplus; remainder; 

residue: superfluity: overplus: 
Lampas sa panahon a-Overdue. 
Lamugin v To pumel: make soft: soften.* 
Lamunln v-To swallow, glut: eat hur- 
riedly; stuff ones self, imbibe; en- 
gulf, gorge: gobble; gormandize; gulp: 
devour consume; absorb. 
Lamuymoy-a Threadbare; shabby; 

Lamuyot n-Deceit fraud; imposition. 
Lamuyutin V To deceive; delude; seduce; 

impose upon; pick to pieces. 
Lamuyutin ang isang dalaga-v-To se- 
duce a young lady. 
Landas-w-Path; trail; defile;path way ;way, 
Langam n-Ant. 

Langaylangayan-w-S wallow, (bird) 
Langib w Scab; scurf; 
Langis n-Oil. 

Langislangis-a-Oily; unctous; greasy, 
Langit-n Sky; heavens. 
Langitngit-nCreaking; crackling; creak; 

squea . 
Langkumin-v-To fold; gather; unite; 

collect: hoard. 
Langoa-Drunk; intoxicated; inebriated. 
Lango n-Drunkenness. 
Lango-w- Drunkard. 
Langotse-n Gunny. 
Langoy-w Swim; swimming. 
Languay n.Be^tlenut box. 
Lahguhin-v-To inebriate; intoxicate; 

make drunk. 
Lansaw-Stench; fetor; bad smell. 
Lansag a-Ruined; broken. 
Lansagn- Destruction; ruin. 
Lansagin r-To destroy; ruin; tear to 

Lansakin-vTo congregate at a certain 

place to do a piece of work. 
Lansangann-Street; road; lane; avenue. 
Lansetang panagra-n-Lancet; small knife 

or lacne. 
Lansi n-Trick; stratagem; wile; craft; 
thrust in fencing: throwing of a lance. 
Lanta-n-Fading; withering. 
Lanta a Faded; wfthered; parched. 


Lantahin v-To perish; fade; wither. 

Lan to t-n- Stench; fetor: stale water. 

Ldon-a Old; stale; musty. 

Laon n-Duration: age; preservation; 
prolixity; prolixness; oldness; time; 

Ldot-n-Middle; center. 


Lapad-n Width. 

Lapak-n Break; fracture. 

Lapakin-v-To break; slice; part. 

Lapang-w Piece; slice; part. 

Laparanv To widen; extend; outspread; 
expand: enlarge; amplify. 

Lampastanganann-Insult; offense; out- 
rage; abus^. 

Lampastanganin-v-To insult; offend; 
abuse outrage; depreciate. 

XiStpat-arExact; even; punctual apt; 
proper; fit. 

Lapok-a Weak; feeble; forceless; frail. 

Lapukin-v-1 o enfeeble; make weak; rot; 
make brittle. 

La rak-n- Proof; review. 

Lakardn vTo review: prove; observe. 

Larawan-n-Effigy; image, figure copy; 

Lara wan ng Jesu Cristo-n-Crucifix. 

Larga vistan-Telescope. 


Laro-nPlay; sport; game; jest amuse- 

Laroann Plaything. 

Larong karat-n I ottery. 

Larong rifa-nRaffle; lottery. 

Larong tanga-n-Play that resembles 

Larotw-Leaky; ragged; broken; de- 

Lasan-Taste; palate; relish; flavor; 
essence; smack; gust; aesthetics; de- 
light; pleasure; satisfaction ; substance. ; 

Lasang matapang-n-Tang; taste. 

Lasap-nTaste: smack; relish; palate; 
gust; aesthetice; pleasure; delight. 

Lasapin v-To taste; relish; smack; like 
sip; enjoy; try. 

Lasa sa pananalitan-Wit. 

Laseta w- Knife. 

Lasing-a-Inebriated; intoxicated; drunk. 


Lasou-n-Poison; venom. 
Lasuninv-To poison; envenom. 
Latdn- Weakness; feebleness; debility. 
Latan Can. 

LatagaFlat; extended; outspaead. 
Latag-n-Extension paving. 
Latagdn-v-To nnfold; expand; stretch. 
LAtak-n-Sediment; silt. 



Latdk ng alak-wLee. 

Latigo-w-Whip, scourge. 

Latok-a-Rotten; putrid. 

Lawdw-Pool; pond; lake; reservoir. 

Lawak w-Width: extension; size. 

Ldway-n-Spit; saliva. 

Lawin-w-Hawk; castrel; falcon. 

Laya-a-Ungoverned; free, exempt; inde- 
pendent, unencumbered; unrestrained 

Laya n-Ereedom; independence; exemp; 


Layds w-Tramp; fugitive. 

Layaw-v-Caress; favorite. 

Layawin v-To Caress; favor, free. 

Layo-ew^er.-Keep off; begone. 

Lavo wDistance. 

Layog-w Distance. 

Layolayo-Rather far. 

Layolayo ang pagkalagay-At certain 

Layuan-v-To distance; put at a distance. 


Letran Letter. 


Liad-abent back. 

LibagWrFilth, dirt; nastiness. 

Libaganv To dirty;^ make filthy or nasty 


Libak-n-Mockery; ridicule; sneer, scoff; 
derision jeer, moc . 

Libakinv-To deride; ridicule; scoff- 
mock: sneer at. laughat; reprimand. 

Liban-rtdv.-Less; except. 

Liban w-Happiness; gayety. 

Libangin-v-To make happy; distract. 

Liban saadv.-Away from; except; with- 
out, excepting. 

Libing w-Funeral; burial. 

Libingan n-Grave; sepulchre; vault; 

Libingang mar i lag-n-Mausole u m . 

Libia w-Declevity; low land. 

Libo w>-1housand. 

Libo-a-Thousand . 

liibro n-Book: volume. 

Ligaligw-Perturbation; vexation; con- 
fusion; laziness; riot. 

Ligaligin vTo perturb, vex; disturb; 
molest: confuse. 

Ligas ti-Garter. 



Ligawan-v-To love; court; pretend. 

Ligaw na balita-wSilliness; false news. 

Ligaw sa akala-a-Deluded; deceived. 

Ligaw sa daan-n-Misguided; illadvised. 

Ligaya-w-Mirth; merriment; pleasure; 
happiness: felicity; delight; comfort; 
satisfaction; caprice. 



Ligisinr-To mill; pound; break into; 

bits, powder. 
Ligtaan-w- • o neglect; forget; omit. 
Ligtas o-Free; saved; exempt; un- 

Liguanw- Bathing place 
Lillian Ginger. 
Lihim w Secret; termination; secrecy; 

clandestination; caution; silence. 
Lihim-o/iv.-Secretly. hiddenly. 
Lihim-a-Hidden; secret; clandestine; 

reserved; private; silent. 
Lilim n-Shade. 

Lihis-M-Avoidance- shunning; escape. 
Lihisanv-To evoid shim: escape. 
Lihis sa daan-a-Misguided lost; 
Lihis sa matowid-a-Wrong; illicit; 

unlawful; unjust. 

Liig ng pantong-w Urethra. 
Liit n-Smallness; littleness. 
Liitan v-To decrease; curtail; clip; 

abridge; impair; reduce; lessen. 
Lijan- Fruits. 
Lijaw-Joint of bamboo. 
Likat-n-Intermission; interruption. 
LiKO-o-Illegal; unllawfully; illicit; wrong. 
Liko-n-Angle; turn; salient; ply. 
Likod w-Backj reverse. 
Likod ng hukbo-w-Rear guard. 
Liksia-Activy: lightness; speed; 

quickness; promptness; nimblenesss. 
Likuran-n-Bark part; croup; back. 
Lila-w- Toaster, roaster. 
Lilik /i-Scythe; sickle; reaping hook. 

Lilis-w Raising of the pantleg. 
Lilis ang binti a-Barelegged. 
Lilo-a- Unfaithful; treacherous; dis- 
loyal; perfideous; infidel. 
Lilukan v-To engrave; cut in metal. 
Lima w-Five- 
Li mangpuo-w- Fi f ty . 
Limangpuo a Fifty. 
Limbaga-Print; printing; edition. 
Limbaginw-To print; stamp. 
Limbagin muli-r-To reprint; republisp. 
Limonada-n-Lemonade; sode water; pop. 
Limosn-Charity; alms. 
Limutinv-To forget omit. 
Li nab' a (Treasy. fatty. 
Linangin ang lupav-To cultivate; farm. 
Linaw-n-Clarity; clearness. 
Linawan-v-To clarify; clear; illuminate; 

Lingap-w-Notice; appreciation; regard; 


LI W 59 

Lingapin-t7-To regard; notice; appre 
ciate; watch: observe; behold 

Linkodn- Servant. 

Linkod sa isang dalaganWoer; lover. 

Linkod n Sunday: week. 

Lingahan-odv- Weekly. 

Linis i^-Cleanliness; neatueHs. 

Linis a Clean neat pure. 

Linisin-tJ-To clean clear; purify; cleanse; 

Linisin ng walis-r To brush; sweep. 

Linkawn Sickle. 


Linta-n Leach; bloodsucker. 

Lintik-n Electricity, lightning. 


Li pa«- Nettle. 


Lipas a-Old stale; gone by; musty; 
obsolete: disused; passed. 

Li pay n- Vine. 

Li pi «Offspring, descendent; race. 

^Jpos a-Full replete, complete. 

Lipolin t? To destroy; abolish; oblitarate; 
annihilate; exterminate; suppress; 
raze; rase efface. 

Lisa-n-Egg of a louse. 

Lis' ahan-n- List; dock; bill; catalogue; 
role; file; register, schedule. 

Listahan ng manga bagay sa isang 
lugar-n-In voice. $ 

Listahan ng mga salita w- Vocabulary. 

Listahan ng mga tawong tumatahan 
sa isang lugar-w-Census; poll, voice; 

Listahin v- To list; schedule, invoice; 

Liston-n-Ri bbon . 

Litak n Crevice; fissure; chink; cut; 
cleft; crack. 

Litang-n-The spreading of a ladder 
so that the rounds fall out. 

Litaw a-Vulgar, apparent; public; gen- 
eral notable, sensitive; sencible. per- 

-Litaw a Upshot apearance. 

Litid-n-Nerve ligament. 

Litiran-a-Nervous; strong, robust. 

Lisanin-v-To choose; select. 

Litiran-vTo cut the cord or ligament 
of the ankle. 

Litohin v-To amuse; entertain. 

Lituhin-w-To amuse; entertain. 

Liwag-n- Delay. 

Liwanag-n Clarity; clearness; bright- 
ness; splendor; refulgence; refulgen 
cy; illumination, explanation. 

Liwanagan-v-To clear; clarify; illumi- 
nate; lighten; illustrate; explain; 


Liwanagan ang isip-t\To enlighten thd 

Liwanag na malaki-n Splendor; great 

Liwanag nang isip-n-Illustration; illuci- 

dation; revelation; clearness of 

Liwayway-n-Dawn; twilight. 

Loco fl-Crazy; daft; delerious. 
Longib-»-Cave; grot cellar. 
Loob-n-Interior; inside. 
Loob a Interior. 

Loob ng bulaklak-n-Corol; coroUo. 
Loob ng bubungan-n- Ceiling. 
Loob ng dibdib-n:Breast. busoni. 
Loob ng simbahan-n-Nave. 
Look n- Bay; gulf. 
Loterian Lottery. 
Luad-n-Mud: mire. 
Luagan-r-To widen; loosen; free; ease; 

Lualhati-n-Glory; honor; fame. 
Lualhati a God-like; famous; glorious 

Luang n Width. 
Luagin-v- To widen; free; extend; 

Luatn-Delay; protraction; length of 

time prolixity; prolixnees. 
Luatan-vTo delay; prolong; protect; 

extend; lengthen; postpone* 
Luat ng isang panahon-n-Era; age, 

length of time. 
LubagaToose; free. 
Lubagin-v-To loosen free; slacken; ease. 
Lubak-w-Hollow; hole. 
Lubha-afir.-More; greatly; very. 
Lu bhang a-Exhorhitant; enormous; ex- 
Lubhang dakilaa Superior; supreme. 
Lubhang duag-a-Timorous. 
Lubhang galit-a- Furious; frantic. 
Lubhang hambog-a-Presumptious 
Lnbhang hunghang-a-Savage; barbarous; 

very ignorant. 
Lubhang mabaho-o- Fetid: stinking. 
Lubhan naahalagaa-Inestimable; 

Lubhang mahigpit-a- Austere; strict; 

Lubhang mainam-a-Exquisite; super- 
fine; excellent. 
Lubhang tagoa-Hidden;secret;ab8truse. 
Lubid-aRope; cord. 
Lubid na may silon-Halter. 
Lubirin y-To twist; make rope; 
Lublubann Wallowing place. 
Lubog/t Dip; souse; douse. 


Lubo8-a-Complete; full; perfect; utter; 
quite; plenary; absolute: plentiful. 

Lubos ang inam a-Beautiful; fair; hand- 
some fine. 

Lubugin-v-To sink submerge; put under 
watar; dip; souse; douse. 

Lubukin-v-To aid; assist; preserve. 

I ubunutan-v-To pluck. 

LubusinvTo complete; perfect; finish; 

Lugal-n- Place; position; spot; region; 
time; occasion; leisure; stead; lien. 

Lugal na aliwann-Place of recreation; 
play ground. 

Lugal na doongan-w-Place of anchor- 
ing; por; harbor. 

Lugal na gawaan ng lario w-Brickyard. 

lugal na gawaan ng lubidn Rope- 
walk; ropery; ropefactory. 

Lugal na gawaan ng tisa wTileworks. 

Lugal ng ilang-w-Desert. 

Lugal na labahan n-Washing place. 

Lugal na madulas n Slippery place. 

Lugal ng liig-w-Throttle. 

Lugal na patakbuhan ng cabayo w- 

Lugal ng parusahan-w-Place of pun- 

Lugal na patuyuanw Place of dryiug. 

Luagl na pinagaalakan-n-Distillery; 
still; brewery. 

Lugal na pinagpapatayan ng hayop-w- 

Lugal na pinagtuturuan w-School; col- 
lega; studio; place of study. 

Lugal na tagowPlace of privacy. 

Lugal na yangyangan-w-Drying place. 

Lugi-w-Loss; perdition: disadvantage. 

Lugod w-Pleasure; delight: comfort; 
joy; mirth; merriment; satisfaction; 
joyfulness; choice. 


Luhaanw-Place where the tears come 


Luhog w-Request; entreaty; petition; 
suplication; oration; demand. 

Lukba n Bulb. 

Lukob w-Gouge; round chisel. 

Lukubin-v-To gouge. 

Luksan Mourning; sorrow. 

Lukso-nJump; leap; bound. 

Lula-n-Seasickness; dizzinesn. 

Lulanw-Load; baggage. 

Lulod-n-Tibia; shinbone. 

Lulon-w-Swallow; draught. 

Luluanr-To gain; profit. 

Lulunin r To roll up: swallow. 

Luma-wOld; stale; rank; antique; musty; 
archaic; worn out. 



Lamabag-t;-To disobey: oppose 

Lumabag sa kautusan v-To violate; 

Lumaban-v-To fight; war; oppose; de; 
fend; protect; attack; combat, con- 
tend; resist; repel; conflict; cope- 
advocate; antagonize: champion; tilt; 
rival; undertake; attempt defy. 

Lumaban sa utosv-To violate. 

Lumaban sa utos-w-Violator. 

Lumabasv-To go out; sally; depart; 
proceed forth. 

Lumabis v-lo exceed: overflow; surpass. 

Lumabis na lubha-v-To superabound. 

Lumabnawv-To thin; rarify. 

Lumabo v-To grow dim; darken; bedim. 

Lumaganap v-To extend in all parts. 

Lamagay v-To put place 

Lumagi-vTo endure; last; persist. 

Lumagitig-v-To crack; crackle. 

Lumago-v-To grow; thrive; improve; 
increase swell; become fruitful or 
fertile; fertilize. / 

Lumago muli-v-To resprout. 

Lumagpak-v-To fall; collapse; plumbpod. 

Lumagpos-v-To exceed; superabound. 

Lumagutok v-To crack; crackle. 

Lumahang-v-To split; crack; splinter; 
chink flaw. 

Lumahok-v-To mix; mingle. 

Lumalait w-Insulting person. 

Lumakadv-To walk; go away; depart; 
amble; march. 

Lumakad ang hukbo-v-To decamp: 

Lumakas-r-To strengthen: become or 
grow strong. 

Lumaki v-To swell; increase; aggrandize; 
ascend; eke; grow large; accrue; di- 
late; plumbpod. 

Lumalov-To increase; aggrandize. 

Lumalakad-n-Pedes trian ; passenger. 

Lumalak nOne who grows. 

Lumalang-v-To create.* found; institute: 

Lumalik-v-To wind about; turn; in- 
crease; aggrandize; outvie. 

LumalovTo exceed; surposs; excel; 
increase; aggrandize; outvie. 

Lumambotv-lo soften; emoUiate; grow 
or become soft; limber. 

Lumampas-v To exceed; surpass; excel. 

Lumangitngitv-To squeak; creak; grate. 

Lumangoyv-To swim. 

Lumapit-vTo draw near; approach; 
abut; advance; join; arrive. - 

Lumapot-v-To thicken; condense; cur- 
dle; grow; thick. 

Lumatar-To become or grow weak; 


LiiDiayatE-r-To sail. 

Lumayu-r-To separate; quit; absent go 

away, abaiiduni,* foteake,- leave; evade. 
Lninbayn-Surruw; grief; concern,* 

gloom; angaiah, afHictioti; melancholv. 
Lumbaj'in-i'-Tu render rejected, ilisplri 

ted, sad, gloomy or melancholy. 
Lnmbo-H -Driabinggourd. 
Lumibak tvToridicule;raaBt;njal[efiinof 
Lumibat-r-To reii^at; try again. 
1.U m i bis-r-To de8i-enil.letor^ilown;fllow 
Lumigalig-p-To perturb; disturb; terrii|it: 

l.nQligpi^t--To collect; gather; hide; 

lumihiB-rTii separate; remove; aort; 

eecape; lotie ones away. 
Lumiil-r-ro ^rou smaller; descend; fall: 

descr^ase, lei^^en. 
l,iiiDikHb rTij go round; encompasH. 
Lumikmo-i'-Ti:> ait: 
Lumiko r-To sheer; digress; turn. 
LnmiLo i»a kanan-t'-T'^ turn to tbn rljflit. 
Lumikei c-To be active; accelerate. 
Lumilim-f-To be came or grow sLady. 
Luminbutod-dTo jnt onl. 
LumiT1do1-t^To qnake. 
Lnminaw'i'-To clear, up grow or become 

clear; clarify 
Lumipad c-To fit; transfer. 
. Lnniipad na magpasiKu»iku-i'-Ti> flutter, 
Xnaiipana r-To ex tend to a certain print- 
Luiiiipa»i>-To pawn; grow stale; elapse. 
Lnmipat-r-To »rauwfer; trausport; re- 

Lnmitab-r-To creak; split; splinter. 

Iitimitaw.('-To appear; cdnie out; occur; 
result; come into view: seCni.reeetnble 

Lnmiiranag-v To clear up; dear, illumi- 
nate; lighten; explain; be come serene; 

I,nmkalin-r-To inspect; survey; investi- 
gate: re^ster, rei'Ord, 

I.uinpo-n-Dingue;inability to walk; weak- 
ness of the lower limbs. 

Lnmpon-H -Crowd: group; bunch. 

Lumuag-f-To loosen; free; ease; slacken. 

Lumuag ang bob v-To appease grow 
calm; be come pleasant or generoiir. 

Lomuangi-r-To broaden; widen; extend; 
looeen; free; ease. 

lomabog-r'TciBink; submerge; immdale; 
put; under water. 

Lumulia-r-To weep; mourn; lament he- 

Lumnhod-r To kneel. 
Lumuhod-r. imp. -Knell' 
LumiihogvTo beg; petition; crave, im- 
plore; pray; solicit; entreati demand; 

; LAS 

Lumukso-r-ro leap jump; rebound. 
Lumulaii e-Toload; ship;freighl: embark 
Lumalutang ea abig-A-Natatory. 
Lumuudag-v-To leap; jump; rebound- 
Lumura-t-To expectorate; spif 
Limiueob-i' To fight; combat; attack as- 


Lnnmsong-t'-To descend: flow; go dowu; 
help another do work. 

Lumasot't'-To fall through; pass in a 
runii ng niati-h, 

Lumutang-r-ToHoat; been the surface 
of the water 

Lunas n-Antidote. 

Lunas ng ilog-n-Bed of a river. 

Lnndag-n-Jump; leap; bound. 

Lunga-Oave; grotto; grot; cellar. 

I>unga ng daga » Bathole. 

brilliancy; glory. 

Luiiit rt Frequence; frequency. 

Lunusin-f-To affect, move; "touch. 

Lui>a-n-Urouud: soil; land; earth; globe: 

Lupainn-IIarge tract of land. 

Lnpau^ abtan-n^al inarsli; land thai 
is lencbed by the tide, 

LupaiiB aBinon-H Saltniarfili. 

Lupang nialuag at palag n-P lain; 
prairie; champaign. 

Lupang may tanim na mansanas-u- 

Lupang panagulaii ii-Riccland. 

Lupang [lalasJi-Priiiric; plain: level 

Lupang putin Chalk. 

Lupang Hinasaka-n-Farni; estate; grange; 

Lupang tuyot at mahinan Barren- 
ground; sterile ground. 

Lupang walang damo-n-Desert, 

Lupnypay-n-U'eakneee; debility 

Lupuypay na loob-a-Lanj;uid; down- 
fallen; feeble. 

LupiBn*n-Place of doubling or turn- 
ing; folding; turning. 

Lupigin-ir-To usurp; apropriate by 

Lupit-n Hternness; harshness; cruel- 
ty; inhumanity; rigor; moral de- 
pravity; inclemency. 

Lupon-n- Reunion; meeting; congrega- 

Lupong-n Reunion; meeting congrega- 
tion; galheriiig. 
Lura-n-Spit; saliva. 
Lurasn-rt F-pittoon. 
LusakTiMud, mire. 
l,URaw-»-Liq<ilil; Huid. 
Lusaw-a-1 iquid: fluid. 

MAA 62 

Lunawin u-To liquefy, dilute; dissolve; 
melt; cosume; mis spend. 

Luslos-n-The unwinding; giving out; 

Luslosan-r-To unwind give more rope; 
free give more freedom; increase; 

Lulan Profit; advantage; improve- 
ment, proficiency; progress, utility. 


Lutasan-n- Finish; termination; con- 
clusion; end: 

Lutasin-v-To terminate; finish; con- 
clude close; end; dispatch; dispose of. 

Luto «Cooking; manner of cooking. 
' Lutcs-M-Rottenness. 

Lutusin f-To rot on the inside. 

Lutuinr-lo cook; hoil. 

Lutuin sa mantika^r-To flv. 


Maaaring ipahintulot a-Permissible; 
admissible; allowable. 

Maaaring mabiak-a Fissile. 

Maabala-v- o be embarrassed. 

Maabot-a-Attainable; obtainable. 

Maabot ng isip-a Comprehensible: con- 

Maabot ng isip r-To comprehend; un- 
derstand. \ .. 

Maaboyv-To be led; taken to. . 

Maaga-rt^t?.- Early; soon.' 

Magaap-aActivp; smart; quick; alert; 
(iiligent; ready. 

Maagap-fl/iv.-Early; soon; quickly; dili- 

Maagasan t>-To miscarry; menstruate. 

Maagaw-vTo be stolen. 

Maagaw tulog y-To doze; nap; be 

Maakma-a-Proper; fit; suitable; agree 

Maakma v To be proper; ' tit; cor- 
respond; suit be ready; fit. 

Maaksaya-t^.To be spent foolishly; mis- 

Maakyat v-To, ascend; go up. 

Maalala-a-Memorable; memorial. 

Maalab (^t-Fervent: ardent. 

Maalaga-a Diligent active; officious; 
careful; obsequious. 

Maalam na loob-a Gentle; mild; raeel; 
quiet; prudent. 

Maalam na lahat-a General; omnis- 
cient; omnipotent. 

Maalas-vTo notei 

Maalat aSalty; salted; briny; ' husky; 
brakish; saltish. 

Maalikaboka Dusty. 

Maalindog a-Facetious; happy. 

Maalis.ang galitf-To become appeased; 

Maalis ang puit-t; To lose the bottom. 

Maalisan ang atip-i'To unroof. . 

Maaliw I'-To rest; sport; live at ease. 

Maaliw a-Diverting; free; happy. 

Maaliwalas a Spacious; capacious; wide; 
commodious; free. ., ; 

Maaluningning-a Brilliant; sparkling. 

Maaluningning a Brilliant; sparkling; 

Mamag a-Musty; mouldy. 

MaamoaTame meek; gentle; mild; be- 
nign; benignent. 

Maamong loob a Soft affable meek; 
placid; jovial; gay merry; cheerful. 

Maamoy a- Sen ted; oderous; oderiferous. 

Maanghang-a-peppery; sharp. 

Maangilin-v To growl, demand in a 
loud voice. 

>Iaangilin-a-Growling: snarling. 

Maaninag a-Tranaparent. 

Maanta-aRank; stale: strong scente<l. 

Maantala-y-To retard;, defer;, delay; 

Maasahana Sanguine; hopeful; ex-pect- 

Maasima Sour; acrid; sharp salty; 
crude; briny; salted- 

Maaso-a-Smoky; fumy; full of smoke. 

Maawa-a-Clement; compassionate. 

Maawav-To pity; be clement; be sorry 
for another. 

Maawain-a-Clement humane; compas- 
sionate; commiserate; magnanamous; 
generous; nrerciful; touching noble; 

Maawain sa mahirap a-Charitable; gene- 
rous; liberal 

Maayaa-Eloquent; pleasant: pleasing. 

Maayos-a Honest; pure; arranged clean; 
convenient; decent; reasonable mod- 
est: suitable. 

Mabaak-v-To be cleaved, quartered ta 
ken to pieces. 

Mababa a Low; abject; ordinary; vulgar; 
plebian; dull. 

Mababa ang halaga-a Cheap: inferior. 

Mababakla-i'-To be disturbed; petur- 
bed or vexed. 

Mababa sa iba a Inferior: lower. 

Mababang loob g Humble; meek; sub- 
nnssive;. gentle; quiet; mild; tame; 
simple; plan, resigned; respectful. 



Mababaw-a Low: sfhalti^H. siipertii-ial. 

Mabagal-a-Slow. liuil; taniy; lazy: 
indolent dilatory. s^Iusgish 

3Iabagay-a-Fit: pr.iper. *iiitai»le. ••«.m- 
venient bei'uiuin:; adaptable Aurve- 

Maba^baj; amr stasakyaii cTo i>e 7*hiii> 

>IaJ>ago-r-Tri be aliere»!. chanjre<I or 

Maba^ik-d Rigid severe rijforousi: 
ansiere: cruel truculent; fell; »»terii: 
arbitrary fieri-e: terrible: eriin: 
tvrannical liard hearteti •lesii»os:tir.- 
rungb ugly. 

Mababagi-r-To l>e divide^l or i»arte«l. 

Mabanaw ang #u>;at-r-T(> heal or cure 
a wound. 

Mabaho-<i-Stinkine. bad-smelling. 

Mabait-a Prudent: juiiicioui*: moilest: 
di-creet ju<«t; fair: honest hon»»ra- 
ble; reasonable: skillfull: capable: 
smart, clever; candid, wise: sensi- 
ble: circnmspc^-t; decent: sharp: 
mature; continent: becoming; suita- 
ble; considerate. 

Mabait ang ugali-/i Decorous: decent. 

Mabakbik-r-To unjrlue. 

Mabalahibo a-Wooly: rteecy: hairy. 

Mabalaho a-^^wampy. marshy; muddy; 

Mabalakul>ak-a Scurvv; 8<-urrv. 

Mabalat-a-Cn poll shed; unfinisheil: rus- 
tic sk nnv. 


Mabalatong-r-To be intercepie«l; ile- 

Mabnlda r-To be interrupted. 

Mabali-r-To break. 

3ttabalian an^ buto-r-Break a bone. 

Mabalisa-r-To be restless: disturbetl; 
perturb . 

Mabaliw-r-To mope; fool: be mopish. 

Mabaliwag a Deep. 

Mabalot-r-To be em baled packed. 

Mabalot — Having many wraps. 

Mabaanagan-r-To have an idea. 

MabangarTo bump against, colliile. 

Mabangis r Severe, cruel; hard-hearted; 
tyrannical desp^jtic sanguinary; 
ugly: wild; fierce; savage; ferocious; 
arbitrary truculent grisly: grim: 
in olerable. 

Mabango a* Fragrant; arroniatic: redo- 
lent; oderiferous «>derou8. 

Maban toga- Famous; noble; honorable: 
great; grand; celebrated; renowned. 

Mabao-r-To be coine a wid<tw or wi- 

Mabasa-fi-To become wet or moist. 

Mabasafl-Wet; moist. 

Mabasag-n Broke n . 

^53 MAB 

Mabaso;; r To l>ecome br*.»ken. 

Mabatbat r To l»e scratched or si-ra- 

Mabatid r T«» understand, hear. 

Mal»at«» /1 Stonv rockv. 

Mabawasau >* To diminish, lese^n: waste. 

Mabawir-To recover *niin back 

MabiakrTfi crack; cieave. 

Mabi gat *i- Heavy: buriiens'ome: weigiity. 
important: grievous; offensive; se- 
rious: cumbrous: ponderous: gr^ve: 

Mabik!at ;^win-a Laborious, tiresome: 

Mabigla r-To surpriseil or astonisheii. 
do without thinking t>r in a hurrv. 

Mabihasa-r-l'o lie accustomed or 

Mabihasa /i-Wise 

Mabilango-r-To be contineii or im- 

Mabilis-(i Rapid. quick; precipitate, 
swift: litfht. 

Mabilog a Round; ci^rular spherical. 

Mabilo^ na haba a-Oval; plump: egg- 
shapeil: oblong. 

Mabilog an«f katawan/i Plump: plumb. 

Mabinat-r-To relapse devolve. 

Mabingbing r To l>e impeded, checked, 
or stopf»ed. 

Mabingi-r- To become or grow deaf: 

Mabini a Quiet peaceful: modest; 
chaste: decent unassuming. 

Mabisa a Stout strong, fervent ardent, 
active; effective deligence; vigorous. 

Mabitin rTo suspeml: be suspended. 

Mabo<xi-r-To be obstructed: impeded. 

Mabaal-r To tumble fall: topple. 

Mabubo r To overHow run over. 

Mabutibod r To be distributed; divitled. 

Mabugnos r-To come untied: open. 

Mabuhaghag r To become loose: free. 

Mabuhangin /'«-Sandy. 

Mabuhav-r-T«» live; be alive. 

Mabuhay-fl Lively; active, alive 

Mabuhay sa gugol ng iba r-To live on 
another; live on another's salary. 

Mabuhay na mahaba sa iba-r-'lo out- 
live survive 

Mabuhay uh-cTo restt^re to life re- 
vive; resusticate: live again. 

Mabuh<ik a Hairv. 

Mabukid a landed. 

Mabula a Frothy; foamy. 

Mabulalas r To be frank, open or in- 

Mabulalasfl Talkative; generous: spend- 

Mabulid-r-To fall; tumble; topple. 


Mabulo a-Wooly; fleecy. 
Mauuloka Rotten; spoiled; damaged; 

Mabulok-v-To rot; spoil; decay; corrupt; 

Mabulungin-a Grumbling. 

Mabunga rt-Frqitful; fertile, 

Mabunia Scurvy. 

Mabunotv-To be pulled up. 

Mabunton-v To be heaped up; piled. 

Mabunyi-a-Celebrated; famous: renow- 
med: noble extolled; excellent; mag- 


Mabura vTo blot; be effaced or clouded. 

Maburak a-Muddy; miry: s ampy. 

]^Iabu8og V To be satisfied; filled; satiate. 

Mabutia Good: wholesome: suitable; 
healthful: salutary: useful; fit; pro- 
per; profitable covenieut. 

Mabat -flrfv. Well. 

Mabuti ang gayak a Elegant. 

Mabutihin-v To make good; justify; 

Mabntil a-Seedy: granulous, granular. 

Mabuting kapalaran-w-Good-luck; sue 
cess prosperity. 

Mabuting loob-w- Kindness: generosity 
benevolence; magnanimity. 

Mubuting ngalan-n-Fame; good name 

Mabnting paguugali-n Urbanity; good 
manners civility. 

Mabuti sa katawan-a-Healthful salu 

Mabuto a-Bony; seedy. 

Mabuya vTo stuff or glut one's self. 

Mabuyo v-To be induced or persuade. 

Madagdagan-r-To be augmented. 

Mad«gil-v-To wear away by friction 
gall; chafe. 

Madahakin-v To spit phlegm. 

Madahon-a-1 eafy. 

Madaigv-To lose: be corquered. 

Madakilaa-Grand; superior; paramount; 
excellent; glorious; noble; honorable. 

Madala-v-To avoid be scared or fright- 
ened; become timid: evade; shun. 

Madala-v-To be carried or conveyed. 

Maddlanga-Rare: scarce; wide; spare. 


Madalas-avri-Frequently; often. 

Madalas-a-Frequent habitual. 

Madali-a^iv. -Quickly; promptly; briskly; 
urgently; actively; swiftly; soon. 

Madali-a-Quick; urgent; pressing; brisk; 
brief prompt; ready; nimble; concise; 
. active; swi.t; cursory. 

Madalian-vTo be in a hurry; be in 
haste; ba quick or active. 

64 MA 

Madaling araw-n-Day-light; dawn. 

Madaling galawin-a-Movable; variable; 
unsteady, shifting. 

Madaling gawin-a-Practicable; feasible; 
easily done. 

Madaling gumalaw-a-Unsteady; mova- 
ble; variable; shifting. 

Madaling gumulong-Easily rolled. 

Madaling hubugin-a-Eithe. 

Madaling humalata Esily noted or dis- 

Madaling intindihin-a-Intelligible; con- 
ceivable; easily understood. 

Madaling kalagin-aSoluble; solvable. 

Madalingkuruin a Intelligible; conceiva- 
ble; easily; understood. 

Madaling macaraan-a-Transitory. 

Madaling mamuo-v Oongealable. 

Madaling maniwala a Believable cred- 
ible: trustworthy. 

Madaling masira a-Brittle. 

Madaling matanaw-a-Soluble. 

Madaling matunaw sa sikmuraa-Digest- 

Madaling ulolin-a Simple; artless. 

Madalita a-Poor; penurious: .suffering. 

Madapat-v-To become; behoobe; concern; 
belong to. 

Madapat a Proper, fit; corresponding; 

Madapilas-f-To slip; slide. 

Madatayv-To be laid smoothly. 

Madawaga-Thorny; shiny. 

Mad ay a a Deceiving delusive. 

Madidikito-Vicid; viscous; sticky. 

Madilaw a- Yellow; xanthia. 

Madilim-aDark: gloomy; hazy; shady; 
opaque; murky; obscure; unintelli- 

Madiwara «Curious; troublesome pry- 
ing; cautious. 

Madla-w-Public; multitude. 

Madla-aMuch; abundant; plen*ifu[; 

Maduag-aOowardly; dastardly. 

Madugo-a Bloody; sanguine; gory. 

Madulas-1-Smooth; slippery. 

Madulas v-To slip; slide. 

Madumhan-r-To besmear; be (!overe<l 
with dirt or filth. 

Madungis-a-Nasty; dirty; filthy. 

Madungo a-Silent; dumb; repellent. 

Madurog-vTo break; powder. 

Maestro-nMaster; teacher; pedagogue. 

Maestra-w-l ady teacher. 
Mag-v-To grow; do. 
Magaan-a Light; gay; nimble; swift; 
agile; spry; buoyant; jaunty; janty; 
giddy; triflng. 
Ma gaan ang dugo-a-Sympathetii*. 






Ma gaang basahin-a Legible; easily read. 
Mag aaraw-n Day laborer, journeyman; 

Mag abot v-To rieach amount to. 
Magagalitin-a Hot headed; croso grained 

intraciable, seasily enraged; 

grumbling snarling. 
Magagamit-a.Usual; customary; ordi- 
nary; profitable; useful; tit; servici- 

ble; helpful. 
Ma^agapas — Fit to be harvested. 
Magagawa a-Possible; feasible; prac 

Mag akala-r-To think* plan: wish; 

design; invent fancy, imagine; try; 

intend; desire; discuss. 
Mag alaala-vTo remember remind. 
Magalab-v-To burn; blaze glow. 
Mag alaga-r-To breed bring up; care 

for heed; nurse educate. 
Mag alak-w-To distill; still. 
Magalang a-Urbane; polite: respectful: 

kind; obliging; decorous; decent; 

Magalang (W^v.-Respectf ully ; courteously! 

kindly obligingly; politely. 
Magalangin a Courteous; polite; civil; 

Magalaw a Lively; noisy; boisterous 

restless; mischievous. 
Mag alay-r-To dedicate; consecrate 

sacrifice; offer; pay homage. 
Magaling-a-Gallant gay; smart; elegant 

noble genteel; polite; fine; perfect 

delicate: civil; good; precious; valua 
• ble; magnanamous: generous; libe 

ral; attentive; heedful. 
Magalinginr-To respect: appreciate; 

have regard for; honor; be polite; 

credit; dignify; approve; prefer; like; 

enjoy; adorn: be pleased with. 
Magaling kay sa iba a Better. 
Magaling na lubha-a-Wonderful; as- 
tonishing; miraculous; marvelous. 
Mag alipustavTo blackguard; defame- 

run down. 
Mag alis-v-To leave off; take away. 
Mag alia ang luksa-v-To leave off 

Mag alisaga-vTo loiter; idle; lounge. 
Mag alisan v To take off or away. 
Magalit a-Angry; mad. 
Magalitv-To be angry; irritated of- 
fended; enraged; exasperated; pro- 
voked; displ^^ased; disgusted. 
Mag «liw-v-To intertain; keep in hope; 
amuse; delight; comfort; rest; gratify; 
recreate: sport; live at ease. 
Magamita-Usual; customary; ordinary; 

_([5 MAG 

Mag amponr-To shelter; aid; help; 
protect assist. 

Maganda-a Beautiful; pretty; handsome; 
fine: fair; dalicate. smart; neat; ex- 
quisite; gorgeous; winsome: comely 

Magandang kalooban w-Gentility; mag- 
nanimity- gei^erosity; liberality; be- 
nevolence nobility. 

Magandang looba Generous; magnana- 
mous benignant; liberal; bounteous; 
benevolent; benign gracious; noble. 

Magandang tikas-a-£legant: graceful; 
exquisite; gallant; gay; gentle; polite, 
excellent; brave; strong; robust. 

Maganit-a-Tough; glutinous. 

Mag aral v-To study; learn; pore. 

Mag araro v-To plow; plough. 

Mag asawa-Man and wife. 

Magaslaw a Rompish; boisterous; noisy; 
fidgety; restless. 

Mag asawa-v To betroth; espouse; wive; 
marry; match. 

Mag aso v-To smoke. 

Magaspang-o-Coarse: rough; rude; ill- 
bred incident; blowzy; gross. 

Magasta-a-Expensive; costly. 

Magawa-v-To do; be done. 

Mag away-v-To fight; wrangle; war; 
quarrel: dispute; struggle; oppose. 


Mag ayos-t?-To arrange; put in order; 

Mababagv To struggle; fight 


Mag bago-17-To be eformed; reform; 
renew; correct; mend; change; alter; 

Magbahala-v-To care for; take earn of; 
man; manage; run; take charge of. 

Magbahin v-To sneeze. 

Magbakodv-To build fence; make a 

Magbala-vTo threaten: menace. 

Magbalak-v-To proffer; announce. 

Magbalatkayo-v-To go incognito; de- 
lude: deceive. 

Magbalita-r-To inform; report; relate; 
proclaim; announce; give notice; 
herald: warm; tell. 

Magbaliwag-r-To traffic: trade. 

Magbaliwas-t7-To pull up a pole and 

Magbalobalo-v-To feign; pretend; de- 

Magbanalbanalan v-To feign; pretend; be 
a hypocrite. 

Megbangayv To combat: fight; attack. 

Magbangitv-To allude; mention. 

Magbankat v To reinforce; tie; bind; 



Magbangon-w-Tb arise; rise; get up; 
edify; build; erect. 

Magbanhay-v-To frame. 

Magbanli-v-To scald. 

Magbansag-v-To nickname; dub. 

Magbantay-v-To patrol; guard; watch. 

Magbasabasa-v-To moisten, dampen wet. 

Magbasag ulo-v-To disput-e, fight quarrel; 

Magbatikbatik «Spotted; speckled. 

Magbawal-v-To prohibit; divest. 

Magbawas-v-To lessen; reduce; decay; 
sink; decline; abridge: grow smaller. 

Magbayad-v To pay; recompence; retri- 
bute; disburse; liquidate a debt. 

Magbayaran-v-To pay; recompence; re- 

Magbeberso-w-Poet; Author. 

Magbigay-v-To give; grant; concede 
allow; admit; donate. 

Magbigay alam-v-To inform; warn; tell 
give notice; participate; advise. 

Magbigay daan v-To allow; give way 
admit; give a reason; assign amotive 

Magbigay galang-v-To salute, hail greet; 
pay one's regards or respect 

Magbigay loob-v-To condescend; siib- 

Magbigay lugodv-To please; gratity; hu- 
mor; content; satisfy, 
mit; comply; allow. 

Magbigay ng fianzav-To bail; give 

Magbigay ng katibayan v-To bail; give 

Magbigay pagkain-v-To give food; feed; 
nourish; maintain. 

Magbigay pakinabang-r-To give or yield 
a profit. 

Magbigay parte v-To give notice; par- 

Magbigay puri-r-To purify honor; res- 
pect; credit; dignify; adorn. 

Magbigay sala v-To criminate; accuse; 

Magbigtiv-Tocommitsuicide by hanging 

Magbihis-v To dress; change clothes. 

Magbinata-v-To act like a child.' 

Magbingibingihan-v-Ta grow deaf; act 
like a deaf person. 

Magbintang-v-To accuse falsely; impute; 
attribute; suspect; criminate. 

Magbinyag-v-To christen; baptize. 

Mabiro-v-To play; joke; palter pun; jest. 

Magbithay-v-To sift; sieve. 

Magbitin-v-To hang up; suspend. 

Magbubo-r-To found; cast. 

Magbubong v-To roof. 

Magbugbugin-t'-To contuse; bruise. 

Magbugnosv-To loosen; untie; free, 

66 MAG 

Magbuhat-v-To originate; orise from; 

commence begin;descendfrom; occur; 

Magbuhat kailan-Since: when. 
Magbuhol-v-To knot tie in a knot. 
Magbukidv To farm; plow; plough; 

cultivate till. 
Magbukod-v-To separate; remove, sort; 

Magbulaan-v-To lie; falsify; deceive. 
Magbulaybulayan-v-To cogitate, muse; 

think; meditate. 
Magbuno v-To wrestle; struggle tussle. 
Magbuntod-v-To pile up heap, accumu- 
Magbuntong hininga-vTo sigh, draw 

a deep breath. 
Magburil v- To engrave polish. 
Magcompisal-v-To confess. 
Magdaan-v- o go by; pass; walk. 
Magdagta-v-To gather sap. 
Magdahilan-v-To feign; give a reason; 

give an excuse. 
Magdala-v-To carry; wear; bring: bear. 
Magdalit-r-To sing; cant; hum. 
Magdalita V To suffer 
Magdamdam-vTo feel be sensible of; 

suffer; grieve; resent: be sorry; be 

affected or moved deplore; lament; 

bewail; smart; irritate. 
Magdaragat -«-Mariner; seafaring man; 

sailor, seafarer., 
Magdaragat-v-To sail the seas. 
Magdaraya-a Knavish; counterfeit; cheat- 

ing; false untrue fraudulent; sham; 

deceitful; guileful vile 
Magdaraya-n-Impostor; defaulter sharp- 
er swindler; cheat: defrauder. 
Magdasal-t^To pray; beseech. 
Magdenuncia-v-To denounce; blame; 

Magdibuho-v To draw; lithograph. 
Magdiladila-t?-To flatter; coax; delight; 

Magdilig-r-To sprinkle; spray; water; 

Magdilim-r-To grow dark; daze. 
Magdilim ang buan 6 araw-r-To tach. 

Magdiwang-v-To celebrate. 
Magdiwara-v-To pry; be inquisitive. 
Magduda-?'-To doubt mistrust- 
Magdugtongv-To add; exaggerate; at 
Magdulas -vTo sli;p slide. 
Magduling-v-To look crosseyed, 
Maggalaw vTo move; traverse. 

Maggalawin-r-To stir begin; move 

Maggamot-r-To doctor. i-^ j ' 

Maggantihan-r-To revenge; retriV; 
recompence. * ^ 









Maggasta-rTo spenii; <iishuri<e. 

Maggiliwan-r To amii^e one another; 
love one another. 

Maggisa-rTo cook. 

MaggradorTo grade; class, reach a 
certain class or grade. 

Magguhit rTo draw. 

Maggtinigunit?-To imagine: cojjitate; 

Maghahalanian n-Gardener; liorticul 

Maghain 17-To offer; present sacrifice; 

Maghaka-vTo deliberate: reflect: con- 
sider; imagine; fancy. 

Maghakbang t*-To step. 

Maghalamanv-To garden. 

Masrhalimba war-To give or set an 
example: instancie 

Maghalinhinan-vTo take turns; alter- 
nate; exchange 

Maghalov-To mix mingle. 

MaghambogvTo brag; boast; blow; 
bully; swagger; vaunt infatuate. 

Maghampas t?-To chastize; punish; 
strike: whip. 

Magbampfts Inpa-r-To tramp; loiter; 
lounge; lead a licentious life. 

Maghamunan-vTo defy; rival; chal- 

Maghandar-To prepare; get ready; 
provide; furnish; cater; busk: dispose; 

Maghandog-v-To present; offer; sac- 
rifice; dedicate; pay homage. 

Maghangad-v-To desire; wish; long 
for; require demand. 

Maghangin-r-To boast; brag; blow; 

Maghaplit-v-To hustle; hurry; rush; 

Magharang v-To hold up; rob on the 
public highway. 

Maghari-v-To govern; reign; command; 
predominate; be king. 

Maghasikv-To plant by drilling; sow. 

Maghatid-v-To conduct: acconii)any. 

MaghigabvTo yawn; gape 

.Maghikab v-To yawn: gape. 

Maghilatsa v To ravel. 

Maghilik-v-To snore. 

Maghimatay-w-To faint; swoon. 

Maghimutok v-To lament; complain; 
resent murmur. 

Maghinagap-r-To believe; credit; give 

Maghinakdal-y-To receive; j)rotcrt; 
give shelter. 

Maghinala-y-To presume: suppose: con- 
jectiire: suspect. 

Maghingalo-t'-To gasp expire. 

>Iaghingutuhan-r-To criticiie one an- 

Maghito-rTo stop; )>ause. halt, 

Maehirap r-To grow or beiH>me dif- 

Maghubad r-To tlenude: undress; doff. 

MaghuborTo denude, undress; doff. 

Maghugas r-To wash: bathe. 

Maghusay-r-To arrange; put in onler; 

Mag iba r-To alter; change; reform. 

Mig iba-r-To fall; tip; over; topple. 

Mag 1 haw- r-To roast; l>ake. 

Mag ikit-w-To turn. 

Mag ilaw-r-To enlighten; illuminate. 

Magiliwa-Tender; loving; affectionate; 
amorous: friendlv. 

Maginaw a Cold; frigid. 

Maginawin rt-Ohilly. 

Maging-t'To become; be; be current; 
exist belong to; behoove; concern; 
beseem; worth. 

Maging alak-v-To ferment. 

Maging asawa-v Future wife. 

Mag ingat-r-To care; heed; watch; be 
on one's guard; reck; beware. 

Mag ingayt^To make a noise; be 
noisy; be boisterous. 

Maging bagay-vTo beseem. 

Maging bastosv-To becoine coarse. 

Maging buto-r-To ossify. 

Maging bubogt'To vitrify. 

Maging paano ay hindi — in no degree; 
by no means. 

Maging para sa isa-r-To becrome like. 

Maginhawa-a-Prosperous; successful; 
fortunate; happy; easy; eminent; 
potent; wealthy. 

Mag inis V To smother; oppress. 

Mag initvTo heat. 

Maginoo-a-Principal; honorable. 

Maginoo-n Sir; mister; miss; master; 
madam; gentleman; lady. 

Mag isdavTo fish. 

Magising-zz-To wake; \Eiwake. 

Mag isip t*-To think; reason; meditate; 
muse; contemplate; consider; pore; 

Mag isip isipz/To meditate: muse; 
deliberate; reflect; consider; con; 
(togitate; ponder. 

Mag isis-v-To scrub. 

Magitla-v-To be surprised or starled. 

Magitlahin-a-Timid; fearful; skittlish. 

Magitnav-To be between. 

Mag iwan-z/-To leave; forsake; aban- 

Mag iwi v-To nurse; breed; bring up; 
care for. 

Magkaakma-v To eympathize; be oympa- 

Magka amag-v-To moas; cover with 

Magkaanohanjustly or unjuatly; by 
all means, 

Magkabangon-To bump against; col- 

Magkabutasbutast'Tit be perforated. 

Magkftgalit-u-To displease, anger; offend. 

Magkagusto-17-To be pleased, like; 
enjoy; relish. 

Magkahalaga.u-To amount to, 

Magkahiang-i;.To Bympatbize; be sym- 

Magkaibau-To diaaent, 

Magkaibigan-),'To be friends. 

Magkaibigan-u Friends, 

Magkaila-f-To negative; disclaim; 
contravene; abjure: recant. 

MagkailanganrvTo want; need; necen- 
sitate; be in need, 

Magkailangang mahigpitvTo be ur- 
gent or absolutely necessary. 

Magkailanman ady.-Alwaye; perpetually. 

Magkainkil !i-To wear or waste away 
by friction; collide. 

Mflgkaisa-t)-To resemble; lie equal; 
agree; coincide; be of the earae 

Magkaisa ang layo-Equally distant; of 
an equal dietcuice. 

Magknisaisa ti-To agree; concert; be 

Uagkakaayon-rt Accordant. 

Magkakalioy-n Woodsman; woodcutter. 

Magkakalakal-n- Merchant; trader; shop- 
keeper: dealer, 

Magkakalap-n-Wooddealer; timber-mer- 

Magkalabog-t^to Call and make an 

Magkalago*-«To pull: apart: break. 
Magkalakal-b trade; buy and sell. 
Magkalaman-c-To grow fleshy; be of 

the same Heah and blood 
Magkalawaso-To tie; bind; fagot, 
Magkaliliiu-u-To be shady. 
Magkaloob-ii-To allow: give; bestow; 

grant; concede; admit. 
Tdagkalugat-v-To contain, 
Hagkalunatlunat-v-To defer; delay 

Vagkamali-v-To err; make a mistake; 

mistake; commit an error. 
Magkamatayan a-Mortal; fatal. 
Magkamit r-To reach; overtake; come 

up; obtain,- attain. 
Mag amtan-c To acquire; get; beget; win. 
Magkanlalabisv-To overfow. 

i MAG ■ 

Magkandili-p-To bring up; breed; care 
tor; watch. 

Magkanlong-u-To protect; hide; shield; 

Magkano How much. 

Magkantar To sing. 

Magkaparia-!-.To resemble; be alike. 

MagkapurivTo honor; respect; digni- 
fy; credit, 

Magbarinigan-i' To misunderstand; con- 
found confuse, 

Magkaroon o-To have; get; beget: con- 
tain; possess- attain, obtain; procure; 
take; hold fast. 

Magkaroon ng karampatanr-Tn de- 

Magkaroon ng pagaaat'To hope 
Magkaroon ng ugab t To bate habits 
MagkaRakil? To be sick feel (ndis 

posed a.l 
Magkasakitan t To pester annoy 
Magkasalatlo sm infract, :.ommit a 

Magkamlf 1 uTo pester anno\ 
Magknsal ngal t lo oppose 
Magkasama ang loob v To displease 

Mai-kasikHikan-KTo stuff, ram, jam 
Magkawun luan-«To agree accord 
"Maiikitaai i; To plane. 
Magkatajni To happen, befall, be 

cbai Le hap be casual; take place. 
Maakntir n i To assemble; meet; con- 
Magkatmalau-To be an agent, 
Magkatkat v To cast a net; unf jld, 
Mngcatulad vTo assimilate; resemble; 

fa^or be equal, 
Megkaumpog u-To collide. 
Magkayayal i To extenuate debilitate 

waste away emaciate 
MagkidkiduTo wrap up reel wind 
Magki Hat v To Hash lighten 
MagkitauTo meet see encounter 
Magki nowa (. Til tounterfeit pretend 

forge mimic pirate 
Magkonowari u Tc counterfeit, pretend 

mimic pirate feint lis-mi ble 
Mitkoiitrato ( To contratt 
Magkrus i Ti> cross inlerset t make 

the sign of the cross 
MagkuakorTo smoke a pipe 
MagkulangiTo fall short la(k be 

deficient fail lessen diminisli 

decline decav sink «aste shrink 
Magkulang sa kaiituaan v To stii 

Magkulung v To imprison shut up 
Magkulimlim t. To darken betonic 



^ ^ - ----- - , 

Magkiimot t>To blanket: use a blanket. 
MagkumpanivTo repair; fix; mend; 

Magkunot t?-To wrinkle; plait; knit. 
Magkupkupan-v-To ^help one another. 
Magkural-i;-To pen up; corral. 
Magkuro-v-ro mu8e meditate; reason; 

contemplate; provide; get ready; fur- 
nish conceal. 
Maglaan-v-To reserve: restrain; separate; 

provide: get ready; furmish conceal. 
Maglabanv-To flght: contend: war; 

invest; wager; sustain; defend. 
Maglabatibav-To syringe. 
Maglagay-r-To put; place: set; lay; ap 

point; wager; arrange. 
Maglagay ng iit-v To nickname; give 

an alias. 
Maglagay ng nota-vTo make note of; 

note; mark. 
Maglagay ng tanda-r-To note; mark. 
Maglafiay sa loob-r-To put in. 
Maglagda-rTo legislate: enact laws. 
Maglagosr-To omit; exeed; overlook. 
Maglaitanr-To insult scoff deride; 

ridicule: criticize in an insulting 

manner; execrate; curse. 
Maglakad r-To walk; march journey. 
Maglakbaybayan r-To go from place to 

place: trravel. 
Maglalabra ng bato-w-Stonecutter. 
Maglalario n-6rickmaker. 
Maglaman-rTo contain: comprise- 
MaglamasrTo knead, 
^lagldmas r-To handle. 
Maglanipaso-tr-To play; gambol. 
Maglaro-rTo play; ganblo. 
Maglaro ng rifar-To rafflle. 
Maglasing r-To get drunk; inebriate; 

intoxicate; besot: tope. 
Maglatag r*To nnfoid: 8tret<*h out. 
Maglatag ng bato-r-To pave. 
Maglaway-rTo spit expectorate. 
Magliab-r-To blaze: elow; burn. 
MaglibakaD-r-To scoff ridi^-ule; insult 

laugh at; criticize. 
Maelibang r-To nport: ref^t live at ^a«>e 

smtuse one's self. 
Magligawr-Tobecomeioflft; Ufffr one*i» away 
Magliguak-rTo spill. 
ilagliit-r-To shorten: Fi^-ome *»mailer. 
Hagliit ng znstfmv-lo re^ia/*: <rxt^n«»*T* 
MagUkot-rTo caper frolic fr>k j«-**. 

joke; be regies*; be m:.«^h:evo';« 
HaidiKngo oefr \Ve#-kIy 
Magiiiingo 4- Weekly 
Magiicnaff-<l'To bft-.L 
Mm^hk^a^€'lo bl*z<^ h-r. griow 
MagiiDgkod-r-To ^ozn w a >. : pr» n ; ■» • >/ 


69 ^*'^^_ _ 

MagIinis?/To clean; scour, purity. 
Maglipat r To transfer; aitt'r tin» pn^i 

tion transmit. 
Maglipat n^ pananim ?/ To transplant. 
Maglitakt/To crack; split. 
MagliwanagT'To glitter; shine; glow; 

gleam; become clear: illuminate. 
Magluat7/-lo prolong extend; protract 

retard; lengthen, (iefer; deloy dally; 

Magluha-r-To weep- cry. 
Magluksa 7'-To be in mourning 
Malulnat?/- Perpetual; tedious tardy. 
Maglunasr-To build the bottom of a 

Ma^lunas wTo massage. 
Majflundag-i'-To jump caper, frolic, 

spring bound. 
Maglufigkot-v-To mourn; pine; lament 

be sorrowful. 
Maglura-r To spit; expectorate. 
Magluraanw-To spit at one another. 
Maglutot>To coo . 
Magniadalas-w To frequent; haunt, 
Magmadaliv-Tohurry; be in haste be 

stir; bustle; hustle: hie rustle. 
Magmagaling7/-To make good, become 

goo<l or a>rreeable, 
Magmahalan-r-To value; prize love, 

Majtmalikmata-r To chaiifre appearnnri' 

asBume different aspects; be trans 

Magmamana M-lnterior; heir, 
Magmana-r To inherit. 
Maif mamannoi r To b*- stingy; pennri 

ous, clf^sefisted or cord id act th»* 

miser: act miserly. 
Magmasa r To knf ad 
Majrmasid r To observe watch, notice 

heed behoM; Unjk mind: scrutinize. 
Mairmasiran r-To spv w;it/'h cl/fs^-lv 

Mairmatijfai* r To b^-come hard h^irden 

persist p^-r'evere be ol^t.inaf>r. 
Majrmatuid r To argue: rea*^/n; forrfti 

remonstrate set ari^rht, make rijfht 

objerrt ojff 9^1*4; proUrf't. assist. 
Magminindal rjf, l-iuf-i». 
Ma^rmithi r To Ttr*^ul fail b*-^:ri to 

give way 
Majrrriiarsf-r-To ca.*t throw. 
Maarr?*knha «^-To f^.^trmu\fi. 
Marr^^fukhansr ar»;r^i r To r*-«^r/.'/> ;iiir, 

Mayrr. ■ - . * «^ T ^i >>*vin : c/, rr. n.^Xiff *.',** 

f'orr. '-4f.';e frorr*. o^'^nr ha:.r*r, 

Ma;nrn'iri »- T-s ^ipro»:^ bn-^ 


MagmuravTo curse slander, insult; 
blakguard; censure. 

Magmurahan-v-To blackguard, insult 
abuse; revile. 

Magnakaw-v-To steal, rob; plunder; 

MagnanavTo suppurate. 

Maguanakaww-Thief; robber; freebooter; 

Magnangis vTo whine whimper, snif- 
fle cry. 

Magnasa-i'To wish desire; long for; 
covet claim; demand. 

Maangasab v-To smack; masticate. 

Magningas 1^To burn; blaze glow 

Magningning-vTo glitter glow; shine; 
glisten gleam; radiate;sparkle twinkle. 

Magnutnot-v-To ravel. 

Magpaalaala-v-To remember; record; 

Magpaaraw-v-To put oa dry in the sun. 

Magpabaya v-To neglect, forget; over- 
look; lounge. 

Magpabuis-t? To loan money on interest 
rent to another. 

Magpabuya v-To recom pence; reward; 

Magpadala v-To dispatch; send; trans- 
mit; carrv. 

Magpagal t'-To tire; work until tired. 

Magpagalit v-To exasperate; irrita'ef 
anger offend. 

Magpahalata-v-To cause to feel. 

Magpahamak-v-To damage; injure; hurt; 
lower; make worthless. 

Magpahayag v-To say; tell; announce; 
declare: manifest; expound; express; 

Magpahid r-To wipe smear. 

Magpahingav-To rest; stop; repose; 
cease; live at cease. 

Magpahingalay-vTo rest; repose; live; 
at ease stop work. 

Magpahiram-vTo lend, 

Magpahirap-v-To oppress; make poor; 
overpower; criu^b; squeeze press, - 

Magpakahirap-t;-To*hurt one's self by 

Magpakailanman arfr. -Never; for ever 
and ever. 

Magpakain t; To feed; nourish; maintain. 

Magpakainom-r-To drink often. 

Vlagpakalaonv-To prolong; delay, retard; 

Magpakaluatt/'-To prolong; defer; delay; 
rt^tard; detain. 

Magpakasakit ^'-To work until onejbe- 
(^orne sick. 

Magpakilala-r-To make known; intro- 
duce; lay before; expound. 

70 M AG 

Magpakita v-To show exhibit. 
Magpako-y-To nail; spike. 
Magpakumpisal v-To confess; ' receive 

Magpalagay-r-To adduce; suppose. 
Magpalagi v To accustom; frequent. 
Magpalago v-l o make fruitful; maintain 

or nourish plants. 
Magpalahawv To exclaim shriek. 
Magpalakas-y-To strengthen; make; 

stronger cheer; reanimate, give 

Magpalaki v-To increase aggrandize; 

make larger. 
Magpalalo-v-To boast; drag; bully; be 

proud or haughty. 
Magpalamig-v-To cool; refresh, 
Magpalibhasa-v-Lo insult; revile; abuse; 

Mairmaligid-r-To encompass, go round; 

Mapaliit-v-To lessen; diminish; make 

Magpalimos-w-To beg; ask alms. 
Magpalipas-?^ To pass; cause to pass; 

leave or let become stale, 
Magpalipatlipat-v-To fly across. 
Magpalit-v-To change, exchange; trade; 

barter transfer. 
Magpalitan-t' To barter exchange. 
Magpamana V To bequeath demtze. 
Magpaniangha-7ATo astonish amaze. 
Magpamula-t'-To commence; begin. 
Magpamulsa v-To reimburse put in the 

Magpanayan v-To continue make equal. 
^lagpangako-v-To promise plight. 
Magpangalan-vTo call; name; summon 

by name. 
Magpangkat-7/-To chapter; divide into 

chapters or paragraphs; paragraph. 
Magpapari-t?-To admonish; correct; ad- 
Magpapaupa sa maghapon-n-Workman; 

journeyman laborer. 
Magpaputok t'-To have shot; cause to 

Magparaan V To leave or let pass; 

Magparatang-r-To accuse; charge; im- 
pute; attribute. 
Magpari-t'-To be ordained; be a priest. 
Magparisr-To compare; make ali e 

or equal. 
Magparusa y-To chastize; punish; re- 
monstrate: sentence. 
Magpasakitv-To cause or give paini 

Magpasalamat-v To thank. / 


Magpa8alubi-i7-To except excliule keep 

Magpasandali-z^'To lend. 

Magpasawatan r-To coiuproniiHe with- 
oat advantage. 

Maepa^ial-r-fo take a walk: stroH: 

Magpasimano-r-To begin; roiiimence. 

Magpasiya-v-To sentence resolve, de- 
termine, give sentence. 

Magpasokr To put in. 

Magpastol-r-To herd; watch cattle. 

Magpasuso f-To nurse; give i*uck. 

Magpataba-r To fatten. 

Magpatahimik-r-To calm; pacify; ap- 

Magpatamar-To hit the right thin^. 

Magpatawa-t7-To cause to laugli: make 

Magpatawad-r-T(» pardon; forgive. 

Magpatotoor-To assure; approve; prove; 
«red it. 

Magpatubor To loan money on inter- 
est; cause to grow. 

Magpatuloy-r-To shelter; protect; con- 
tinue; protract. 

Magpatupat t* To smoke a pipe. 

Magpatutot v-To be lewd; prostitute. 

Magpatutot n Harlot; prostitute; strum- 
pit; whore. 

Magpaagap-r-To counterfeit; forj^c; 
mimic; feign: affect; pretend. 

MagpaunarTo advance; go first. 

Magpaunawa-r-To announce; proclaim; 

Magpaunti r-To diminish; lessen; shor- 
ten make smaller. 

Magpaupar-To rent; hire; let. 

Magpayo-r-To reconcile council. 

Magpighati r-To grieve; disgust; detest: 
feel; consume with rage. 

Magpilapil-r-To embank; terrace. 

Magpilipit-v-To distort; twist. 

Magpinta-t* To paint; delineate; picture. 

Magpisan-r- To join; associate; adhere; 
be united; unite; assemble; congre- 
gate; meet, abut; adjoin. 

Magpisik-v-To sputter. 

Magpitav-To desire; wish; long for; 

Magpugad v-To nestle; dwell. 

Magpugay v-To salute; hail; greet. 

Magpugotv-To behead; decapitate. 

Magpulikat-r-To cramp; convulse. 

Magpumilit-v To persist; exert; enforce; 
■ contend; force; urge; persevere. 

MagpunasvTo wash the hands and 

Magpunla- -To propagate; make a nur 
sery; sow broadcast. 

71 MAG 

Magpuno-r-To direct preside command; 

Magpurol r-To become dull: get dull. 

Magpustalian-r-Tc» bet; wager. 

Magputok-r-To shoot, fire break; burst; 
split; crach. 

Magputok sa towar-To burst with; 

Magpuyat-r-To stay up all nigiit. 

Mag rabo-i7-To mortise. 

Magrenunciar-To renoifnce; resign; give 
up: abjure. 

Magsabi v-To tell say: speak; express. 

Magsabi ng cahanginan-r-To bnig l>oast. 

Magsabi ng mabuti-r-To expound: ex- 
plain: interpret translate. 

Magsabog-cTo scatter: propagate: sow 
broadcast: throw broadcast. 

Magsabog ang ari r-To misspend 
squander; lavish: dissipate. 

Magsabong v To pit cocks. 

Magsagsag r To trot; be in haste. 

Magsaka-wTo till cultivate. 

Magsakdal r-To go to another and ask 
a favor; petition. 

Magsalaghati f-To resent. 

Magsalamangka-r-To juggle. 

Magsalangtfang-r To oppose; cimtradict: 

Magsalansangan-f-To impugn: contra- 
dict; confute. 

Magsalat-i-To Hunger, want; need lack, 
famish; starve: be hungry or in 

Magsalita-fTo talk; speak reason a«^- 
dress; harangue: converse. 

Magsalitaan-r-To converse; talk toget- 
her; condition: convenant; parley. 

Magsalungatan-zz-To contradict; gaJnsay . 

Magsamasama-z/-T(» unite put together; 
bind; alloy; mix; league, coalewe; 
collect; gather. 

Magsanay-t^To practice: exercise. 

Magsangalang-r-To defend: protect; 
assist: prohibit. 

Magsangayon r-To ait*»ociate: join: unite. 
be united. 

Magsankletas r-To wear toe slippers. 

Magsapantaha r-To swppose; suspect; 
conjecture: presume. 

Magsasalxmn-Boapm aker . 

Magsasaka-//-FaruieT :. agriinilturiBt. 

Magsaulian-r-To return; restore; give; 

Magsaya-r-To be happy; enjoy one's 
self:* be comforted; sport. 

Magsayaw-»-To dance. 

Magsaysay-f-To to relate: report, ex- 
plain; announce; tell; characterize* 

Magsikad-r-To kick. 


Magsikap v-To economize; save. 
Magailbe-v-To s^rve; be useful. 
Mags'nokuTo hiccough 
Ma^singkaw v-lo hitch up; harness; yoke. 
MagsinungaHng-v To lie; fib. deceive; 

MagsiravTo hreak rot; degrade. 
Magsiraan ng puri v To tarnish or 

darken one's reputation. 
Magsirain-v To blacken or dar en. 
MagsisivTo repent rue bemoan. 
Magsiste-v To assist; make or cause 

to laugh. 
Magsubsob-v To fall down; crawl un- 
der anything. 
Magsubukan-v To trig spig watch; rival. 
Magsugal vTo play cards; gamble. 
Magsuhol v-To bribe. 
Masrsuitikv-To rob; plunder. 
Magsukav-To vomit disgorge. 
Magsulsol i; To provoke; induce; excite; 

Magsumakit r-To economize; lay up; lay 

away; hoard. 
Magsumbong v-To Accuse; blame; tell; 

Magsumikap-vTo economize; lay away. 
Magsungad-v To pit two animals. 
Magsuot-t;-Toputon;wear, cover, screen; 

pui in. 
Matfsuot sa gubat vTo hide in the 

Magsupling-v-To sprout; shoot; bud; 

M Dgnuri-v To fold: plait; double crim- 

p\e: probe; investigate; eaxmine. 
Magieasutla-n Silkmercer. 
Magftaanv-To reserve: defer; exempt; 

conceal: separate: restrain; leave. 
Magtabil-v-To gossip. 
Magtaglay-vTo fetch; carry; wear. 
Magtago-v-To hide; conceal: disguise; 

hoard: iiollect; protect; shelter. 
Magtahao-t'To cease; desist forbear. 
Magtaka-v-To marvel: wonder. 
Mi^takapan-r-To inetilt. 
Magtacbo-9-To run; caper: frolic; frisk. 
Magtali-v-To tie: bind; fagot. 
Magtalo-i^-To dispute; contend; rival; 

fight; straggle: antagonize; cope. 
Magtaman-i^To nuffer; tolerate. 
Magtamaaa-f'-To gain; succeed; procure; 

Magtamo-c-To follow; pursue; reach; 

overtake; come up; obtain. 
Magtampo vTo pout; be sulky. 
^lagtanan-t'-To run away; leave f^ecret- 

ly skip out. 
Magtanan :ig snndalon-To desert. 
Magtanka r-To be . motheaten. 



Magtanga-a Motheaten. 

Magtangal v-To take apart; take to- 
pieces discompose. 

Magtingkal vTo lump. 

Magiangol-v-To defend; protect; help-; 
assist; resist; oppose; repel. 

Magtanim t7-To sow; plant. 

Magtanong v-To ask, question; enquire; 

Magtapon-v To throw away; mis spend. 

Magtapon ang ari-u-To mis-spend. 

Magtatag-vTo found institute; build; 
set up establish; construct; edify. 

Magtatagal o- • asting. durable. 

Mag tatapayan-n Potter; earthen ware 

Magtayo-v-To build; found; institute; 
edify; construct form. 

Magtihaya-e?-To fall on the back; lay- 
face up. 

Magtiis v To suffer; endure: abstain; 
. refrain; tolerate, submit; resign; 

Magtika v-To determine; decide. 

Magtimbang-vl o weigh. 

Magtinda-w-To sell; vend; cater. 

Magtipid r-To economize lessen ex- 

Magtipiran v-To economize; curtail or 
clip expensess 

Magtipon-v-lo accumulate; gather; lay 
up. store; save, lay away; cumw- 

Magtira v-To reserve; defer; exempt; 
conceal; separate; restrain; leave. 

Magtirik-v-To set on end. 

Magtitinapay v-To BaKer; breadmaker. 

Megtitisa w-Tilemaker. 

Magtrabaho-v-To work; labor. 

Magtubo-v-To gain; profit; grow; in- 

Magtulak-v-To push; impel; press for- 

Magtulakan-v-To push; shove. 

Magtuli-vTo circumsize. , 

Magtulpy v-To continue; proceed; ad- 
vance; stay; sojourn. 

Magtulungan v-To favor; protect; help; 
assist; aid. 

Magtunaw v-To dissolve; liquefy; 

Magtungayaw v-To curse; swear; blas- 
pheme: execrate. 
Magturing t7-To propose; guess; hag- 
gle; higgle; offer a certain price. 
Maturot?-To teach; educate; breed; 
instruct; drill; discipline; coach; 
Magturuan v-To discipline; drill; 



Magtaos r-To balance an account; close 

an account reed em a pledge. 
>Iaj2 nbo-r-To cough. 
Mag ugat ang halamanan r-To take 

root, sprout. 
Magugol-a£x pensive; costly; highpri- 

Mag ugnay t?-To add to exaggerate; re- 
compose; put in order. 
Mag ugoyw-To swing; rock: move to 

and fro. 
Maguhit a Full of lines. 
Maguho-rTo fall collapse. 
Mag ukoi-t7-To pertain belong to. 
Mag ukol parang may ari-r To master; 

Mag ulakv-To reel; wind; wrap up* 
Magulang-a Ripe; mature; parent: aged. 
Magulangn Parent. 

Mag ulap v-To cloud; darken, obscure. 
Magulat-v-To be astonished, startled, 

surprised; astonish, surprise. 
Magulatin-a -Timid; skittish; easily 

Mag uliuli-k-To whirl; eddy. 
Magulo a-Noisy; troubled; disorderly; 

troublesome: chaotic; clangorous; 

Magulo-v-To put heads together. 
Magulo ang kalooban a-Turbulent, un- 

quite; dissatisfied; pertubed. 
Magulungin a-Rolling; wheeling; easily 

Mag umpok-v-To converse; hold or 

carry on a conversation. 
Magunigunihinv- Apprehensive; fanciful ; 

visionary fearful; timid sensitive. 
Mag nsap- vTo talk converse; litigate; 

contend: dispute. 
Mag usbongv-lo sprout; shoot up; bud; 

Mag usisa v-Investigate; pry; reconnoi- 

ter: espy; reconnoitre. 
Magustuhan-v-To like enjoy; be peeased 

with; be delighted. 
Magutoma-Hungry: ravenous: starved. 
Magutomv-To hanger; starve; famish; 

be hungry. 
Mag utos-v-To order; send; command; 

ordain; enact. 
Mag utos parang may ari-vTo master 

Magviage-v-To travel, journey; make 

a journey. 
Magvisitav-To .visit. 
Magvoto-t7-To vote. 
Magwagi-rTo wave; brandish. 
Magwalis-v-To sweep; brush. 
Magwangki-v-To appear; see; hypocri- 


Magwari r-To think: meditate muse 
contemplate consider reason; reflect, 
cogitate; ponder, theorize. 

Magwariwari r-To think meditate; muse; 
consider; contemplate; reflect; Cogi- 
tate con; deem; reason. 

Magyabang vTo boast: brag; vaunt. 

Magyari v-To complete finish. 

Magyari ng salitaan r-To contract. 

Mahaba a Long; lengthy. 

Mahabaga-Com passionate; clement; 

Mahabagv-To sympathize; pity; have 
compassion; grieve; be sorry. 

Mahabagin-a-Compassionate: ' merciful 
pious; piebald: holy; godly. 

Mahabang lubhaa Prolix; tedious; very 
long; troublesome. 

Mahal a Costly; dear; high priced; 
magnificent; grand: splendid. 

Mahalaga a-I recious; dear; costly; ex- 
pensive; valuable. 

Mahalal v-To be elected; elect; choose; 
declare; decree. 

Mahalata-t7-1o feel; note; percieve. 

Mahalata a Notable; percie vable. 

Mahalay-a-Indecent; immodest, obscene; 
shameless; lewd; impure; mean; 
homely; ugly; bad; depraved; licen- 
tious sordid; rude; imprudent: unbe- 
coming; malicious; dirty, dishonest; 
slow; dull; torpid. 

Mahalan-vTo grow dear; overvalue; 
raise the price. 

Mahalin-vTo have regard; overvalue; 
value profer: endear; enshrine; praise 
appreciate; love 

Mahal kay sa iba v-Superior; paramount; 
dearer; more dear. 

Mahalal na ugali a-Noble; honorable; 
gentlemanly; ladylaike; prudent. 

Mahambal-a-Mournful; sad. 

Mahangal-a Stupid; dull; mean; low; 

Mahapdi-a-Sensitive; painful; smarting; 
prickly; pungent. 

Mahapdian v-To irritate; smart; cause 
a shap pain. 

Mahapis-a-Sad; mournful; grievous. 
Mahapis-i?To sadden; afflict; be mourn- 
Mahapishapis a-Woebegone. 
Mahawigv-To incline; be disposed. 
Mahibang-v-To rave; dote: become mad; 

go crazy; become demented. 
Mahiga-v-To lie down; lay down. 
Mahigit a-More. 

Mahigpit-a-Tight; tenacious; exact; se- 
vere; harsh; strict; taut; ^igid; close; 
inflexible; narrow. 



Mahigpit kumapit a-Tentacious; firm; 

Mahigpit na nasa-n-Eagerness; violent 

Mahikayat-v To exeite; rouse/ stimulate; 
be attracted. 

Mahilig-v-To incline; be inclined. 

Mahilig-aLiable; subject. 

Mahilig sa pakikipagtalo-a-Peevish; 

Mahilig sa basagulo-a-Ensnaring; quar^ 

Mahilig sa kasiyahan-r- Temperate; reg- 
ulated; quiet. 

Mahilig sa pakikipagsama-a Sociable; 
corteous social. 

Mahimana Prudent slow, moderate. 

Mahina a Weak; languid; imfirm feeble; 
rickety; delicate; frail; thin; imbecile; 
insecure; withered. 

Mahina ang tainga a Hard of hearing. 

Mahinahon-a-Moderate; prndent; tempe- 
rate; circumspect; abstemious: aftable; 
peaceful: courtious; confidential;quiet; 
frugal; continent; reserved. 

Mahinahoe <w?v. Moderately; calmly; 
quietly; peacefully. 

Mahinang loob a-Coward; languid; weak; 

Mahinrng umintindi-a-Stupid; hIow to 
comprehend dull minde«l. 

Mahingil a Liable; subject inclined. 

Mahinhin-a-Chaste; pure; modest; decor- 
ous polite, kind obliging honest; 
moderate; attentive circumspect; de- 
cent; virtuous; heedful unassuming. 

Mahinog-v-To ripen mature; mellow. 

Mahinto-t^To stop. 

Mahinto muna-vTo stop before. 

Mahipohipo-a-Tactile; frequently ban 

Mahirap-a-Poor; hard; difficult; bur- 
densome; needy; grievous important; 
dissatrous; dolorous; weary; anxious: 
painful; decrepid; tiresome; onerous; 
arduous; profound disadvantageous; 
abstract inaccessible; faint. 

Mahirap gawina-Laborious; difficult; 
tiresome; painful; hard to accomplish. 

Mahirati-a-Usual; ordinary; used, ac- 

Mahiya-v-To be ashamed; blush. 

Mahiya-o-ShamefuI; timid; backward. 

Mahiyain a-Timid; shameful; backward; 
bashful; shv. 

Mahiyang-v-To be arcliniated, united, 
or accustomed. 

Mahiyawin-a Clamorous; vociferous; 
boisterous; loud voiced. 

Mah»bdan rTo denude; ^li^»ro)>t*. 



Mahubog-a-Pliant; easily bent 

Mahubog sa lambot-rTo bend because 
of the softness. 

Mahukaya Pitted full of holes. 

Mahulaan i'-To foretell; prophesy. 

Mahulagpos-t'-To avoid escape libe- 
rate avoid punishment. 

Mahulogf To fall; yield under a difri- 


Mahulog sa ibang wica-f-To interpret; 

Mahulog sa iba-r-To relapse; fall back. 

Mahusay a wSound; healthy; wholesome; 
arranged; secure discreet; generous; 
noble; safe sincere just. 

Mahusayin-rTo arrange, justify; make 
good classify 

Maibigan-v To like have regard for. 

Maibigan a-Friendly; beloved; tempe- 

Maibigan sa kasiyahan a Loving; friend 
ly beloved. 

MaibsanrTo throw off. 

Maigot a-Paltry; niggard niggardly. 

MaigotrTo be bound tightly. 

Maihaw v-To be roasted roast. 

Maiinom-a Potable drinkable. 

Maikli aShort: brie^- concise; small: 
limited; diminished; compendious 

Maikli anir isipa-Dull minded. 

Mailag-i?To avoid, be bashful or sh}' 
be afraid of. 

Mailagan a-A voidable; evitable; eludible; 
that which may be avoided. 

Mailap a-Wild; unsocial; intractable. 

Maimota-CIose; chary. 

Maimot at niasakim a-Avaricious. 

Mainanirt Handsome; fair pretty; fine 
genteel dainty tasty; cheerful neat; 
entertaining beautiful; exquisite; 
gorgeous; janty jaunty. 

Mainanr na lubos a Elegant; ex(juisite: 
excellent; graceful dexterous. 

Maingat «-Careful prudent; moderate; 
modest; circumspect; vigilant; mind- 
ful; solicitious; cautious; chary; con- 
fidential; aware precautionary; pre- 
cautional; reserved. 

Maingat a-CarefuIly. moderately; ]»ru- 

Mainip-/'To be inipalient; restless, fid- 
gety or jealous; vex: irritate. 

Mainipan-ffKestless; impatient: fidgety; 

Mainis-f;-To smother. 

Mainita-Hot: warm: fiery; sultry. 

Mainit ang ulo «-Quick tempered; hot- 


. i 


Maiotindihan-t; To understand; oompre 

Mai pagkakaila-a- Deniable. 

Maipahihintulot a Permissible. 

Maipapalit a Changeable permutable. 

Mai rog a- Loving lovable fine tender; 
affectionate; delicate: mild, kind; 
plea«*ing perfect. 

Mairogin a Lovable amiable; pleasing. 

Mais n Corn 

Maisann Cornfield. 

Maisasabit a Fit tu be hung up. 
n that which may be hung up. 

Maisipan-v To remember, remind; think; 

Maisipan a Pensive; thoughtful. 

Maitatago a-Concealable. 


Maitim-a-Black blackish jetty; obscure; 
gloomy, dark; raven, ebony, dark- 

Maiwanr-To leave; forego quit. 

Maka v Can; could having the power. 

Makabubuhaya-Nutri mental; nourisinar. 

Makagagaling a Sanative; sanable; 

Makagigilit n-Cutter. 

Makahalin ang loob-2/-To call or court 
the love of another. 

Makahapis a-Painful; sad; piteous. 

Makahawa-v-To contage; be contageous; 
infect; corrupt, pervert. 

Makahawig a-Propitious. 

Makahinga sa harapr-To breathe audi- 
bly; perspire. 

Makahihiwa a Sectile. 

Makahilagpos v-To pull apart; elude; 
slip away, get away. 

Makahon v-To embale; be packed or 
boxed up. 

Makahuhubog-a Pliable. 

Makaisa ang halaga-vTo be equiva- 
lent; be of equal value. 

Makaisa ang layo-z/To be of an equal 

Makaiyak a Crying. 

Makakaiba-a- Alterable alterant. 

Makakain-a Eatable; edible;, comestible. 

Makakamtan-a- Attainable; obtainable. 

Makakita-2/-To see. 

Makalat «To scatter; extend. 


Makaligtas-r-To liberate; save from 

Makalilim a Shady. 

Makalilioiot aOmissible. 
Makaliliwanag a Illuminative; illumi- 
Makaliraot-v-To forget; omis; miss; 

75 MAK 

Makalinga-a-Careful; solicitous; vigilant; 
mindful assiduous; attentive; diligent; 
anxious; obsequeous; compliant. 

Makalugod y-To be pleasing; gratifying 
or humorous, 

Makalulugi a Disadvantageoas losing. 

Makalulugod-a Agreeable; pleasing; smil- 
ing humorous. 

Makalunos-v-To cause sadness. 

Makalanos-a Painful sad; piteous. 

Makamamatay a Deadly, mortal. 

Makamandag aPoisonous; venemous. 

Makamandagan-v To be poisonous; be 
affected by poison. 

Makanaw-vTo dilute; dissolve. 

Makapagbigay lilimvTo make shady; 
produce shade. 

Makapal a Thick; large; corpulent; 
compact, numerous, serried; stocky; 

Makapal ang buhok-a Hairy. 

MakapamahalanJurisdiction; authority. 

Makapamalau-To heed watch; manage. 

Makapangyarihan a Powerful; potent; 
omnipotent; most powerful, al- 
mighty, eminent; wealthy. 

Makapangyayari a-Powerful potent; 
miglity; wealthy. 

Makapangyayari sa lahat a Omnipotent; 
almighty; most powerful. 

Makapasok f-To contain; be able to en- 

Makapitong doble-a-Sevenfold. 

Makapulas-u- o escape; avoid danger. 

Makapupurga n-Cathartic. 

Makaraan-v To elapse; go by; pass. 

Makasalanan n Sinner; offender; delin- 

Makasama-v-To hurt injure cause pain; 

Makasapat-v-To be just or sufficient, 
satisfy: gratify. 

Makasasama a Injurious; harmful. 


Makasilawr-To dazzle. 

Makasilingit-vTo crowd in; slip in- 
take part after the proper time. 

Ma asing layo — Of an equal distance. 

Makasira-v To be able to break or des- 

Makasistra-a-Harmful; injurious; not 
healthful; deleterious; disadvan]- 
tageous; noxious. 

Makatanaw v-To see; look view. 

Makatas-o-Juicy; sappy; succulent. 

Makatatawa-a-Laughable; ludicrous; 
smiling; agreeable; droll; absurd. 

Makatawan-a-Vast; massive; corpulent; 

fat; large. 
Makatekas-f-To cheat; deceive; swin- 





be friends or congenial. 
Makipaglamas-v-To attack; assauit fight: 

Makijiaglikiitin rTi) be boia erous. be; 

Makipagmook iJ.To 'fight; war; oppose 

MakipogpasiyauTo feel; grieve. 
Makipagsalitaan r-To converse, talk; 

Mak pagtalo-i'ToiiiBpute; argue litigate, 
contend; quarrel; resist oppose; repel; 

MakipagUBap-t'-To litigate; dispute; 

sludy talkidiscuaB contend; converse; 

Bpeak; reason; confer; harangue. 
Mafcipagyari r-To complete; finish. 
Makipot-n Narrow; close; tight. 
Makiskis-ii-To scratch; waste by fric- 

Makisama-c.Tg be friends be with. 

Makiaap-a-Brilliant; shiny, bright; lucid; 
lucient; glossy. 

Makita-r-To see: look; meet: ken. 

Makitaioniiiam-o-To meddle- inter- 

Makitang mnli r-To review; see or 
meet aj^iii. 

MakitidoSarrow; close; tight; rigid; 

Miikiiit^ap-rTi^ entreat; speak: haran- 
gue; reason; implore; crave; beg pray; 
request; petition 

Makiugali if.To sympathize; be con- 

Makuhav.To get; take. 


Makidot'V'lo curl 

Makutiaoc-To miscarry; menstruate 
very etrongly, 

Mnkupad-p-Dilialory; lazy; dull; indo 
lent late. slow. 

Mnkupitin v.To purloin; pinch; knock 

^Inkuro.V'To know: uaderi<tand 
Makuto n.Lonsy. 

Malaban-rt Opposite. , 

Malnbasi'-To be excluded or kept ■, 

out; be exempt. , 

Malahis a-Eacessive e«borbitBiit; enor- , 

mo lis )>rofii8e, abundant; lavisli; i 

Malnh's-(iritT. Abandantly; lavishly; ex- j, 

fessivply; profusely. [ 

Malabis «Rest: remainder; residue. \ 

Malnbis na kaaamaan-n-Perveraity : ! 

wickedness. [ 

Malabis na Itiat n Tedium; tedoiiisnes» J 

prolixity, I 

Makatimbang-p-To balance; counter- 
poise; weigh. 
Makatitiis a-Bearable; forbearing; pa- 

Makatulad pTo be lake: resemble, 

Makaiulog,«-To sleep. 

Makaulinigv-To misunderstand; hear 

Makawala-f-To escape; avoid, 

Mftkawangis-a-Alike, equal, similar; as- 

Makaya-n To be able; have the power 

Makayamutan.i' To displease; offend; 

Makialam-K-To interfere; meddle; in- 

Makiapid-wTo feduce; fornicate adul- 

Makiayon )T-To coincide; acquiese, yield; 
have tlie same Idea. 

Makibagay-w-Tosympatine; accomodate. 

Makihalubilo-c-To be one of a multi- 

MakiisaeTo yield; coincide; agree; 
attest; comform: prove, 

Makiisa sa pasiya-wTo feel or. grieve 
for another, 

Makilala-B-To know; nnderstand; detect; 
meet, ascertain; discover; recogni/.e; 

Makilinga Leaning, inchned. 
Makihtiin (iTicklish. 
Makimatyag-i^-To look after care for; 

attend to pay attention 
Mdkina-n- Macbi n e. 

Makinabang wTo gain, profit; interest. 
Maki n an g-a- Bright; shiny; polished; 

ylosay. briiUaut; lustrous, 

MakinigfJ-To hear: listen. 

M akin is-»- Glossy; elegant; fine; shiny; 
nice; gay; graceful, lucid; shining; 
plain; neat; natty; terse; slick, 

Makintab o-Shuwy; shiny, lambent; In- 
cieut. glc6sy 

JUakintal'i- To print, stamp: emboss: 

Uakipagaway-v-To dispute; litigate: con 
tend, fight; rival; quarrel :opposBe pick; 
a quarrel. 

Makipagbabag-v To fight; rival; con- 
tend; quarrel. 

Makipagbaka-rTo war; fight; attack; 
combat; oppose. 

Makipagdamdam-vTo feel; grieve. 

Mafcipaghamon-v-To fight oppose; com- 
bat defy: challenge, 

Makipagcapowa-u-To be cordial, kind, 
Bocial or vurteoue. 




Malabis na pagmamahal-w-Predilection; 
excessive love. 

Malabis ng tipid-a-Miserable. mean; 
miserly; stingy.' 

Malal>naw alhin pare diluted. 

Malabo a Muddy; obscure; murky; dark; 
gloomy; dubious; indistinct; unintel- 
igible enigma:ic thick. 

Malagak-v-To put in charge of an- 

Mala^amgamgam-a-Tepid; lukewarm. 

Malagas ang dahon-aTo fall off (per 
to leaves). 

Malaglagr- o fall. 

Malagkit a-Sticky. unctions; greasy- 
mucous gluttinous soft. 

Malago-rt- eafy; pertile; luxuriant, 
fruitful^ copious. 

Malago ang buhok a Hairy. 

Malagot-v-lo break, pull apart. 

Malagot ang hiningav-'lo expire, 

Malagpos-a-Exxcessive; overabunilant. 

Malagpos-ariv.-Excessively; abundantly; 

Malagpos n-Residue; remainder; over- 

Malagpos ang dami-a-Overabundant; 
exuberant, too many. 

Malagpos ang kababaan-a-Obese; too 

Malait-a Contemptible; despicable; low; 

Malakad ang paa-w-To go afort; walk. 

Malakas«-Strong «tout firm; hutiky; 
vigorous; mighty; drawny; burly; 
hale, corpulent robust; rigid per- 
fect; sound; solid; stocky; inflexible; 
hard coarse brave; valiant active; 
effective; bouncing vehement. 

Malakas ang katawan-a-Healthy sound. 

M^ilakas kumain^i-Glutton; healthy 

Malakas uminom w-Tippler; drunkanl. 

Malakhin-f-To honor, respect, dig- 
nify adorn. 

Malaki a-Large; great; vast; huge; burly; 
gigantic; heavy; weighty; important; 
compact; strong lofty; corpulent; 
circumspect; arduous; stout; grievous. 

Malaking iakas-?i Powder; might. 

Malakingmalaki-a-Very great or large; 

chief; principal. 
M«laking pag-ibig w Deep love. 
Malakingtawo-w- Large man gentleinan. 
Malaki paa Larger greater. 
MaiakukoaVVarm lukewarm tepixl. 
Malalaluan-a-Superable; conquerable. 
Malalim a-Deep; profound. 
Malamdn-«- Fleshy; full of meat. 


Malanian-r lo know; wit; ken; under- 

stanil comprehend; cognize. 
Malambot « Soft; spongy; pliable lim- 
ber; bland; mellow; tender; lithe; 

flexible; delicate; docile plaint weak; 

Malanibot ang ugali ^Submissive; hum- 
ble resigned affable; meek gentle; 

placid solft tempered; hnient. 
Malamig-a Cold; frigid; cool, bleak; 

Malangiba- Scabby; scurvy; scurry; 

Malangis-a-Oily oleagneous; fine, 
Malanta i' To pine or fall away wither; 

diy up. 
Malaon-wTime tide term; sea on; age; 

Malaon a-Prolix old. 
Malapad-a Wide; ««pen; spacious, capa- 
Malapad-nOne cent. 
Malapit a^r -Near; close, 
Mnlapit a Proximity next; negbhbor- 

ing; contiguous mediate impending. 
Malapit na malapit-arfv.-Very near 

nearly; almost. 
Malapot a Thick dense close. 
Malasa a Palatable tasty; melIow\ 
Malasin-v-To run over; peruse: survey 

review; revise; observe notice heed; 

Malason-r-To be poiasn. 
Malason «Poisonous; venemos. 
Malataa Tender; weak; delicate languid 

faint: sofc heartless; withered 
Mnlawak a Large; extensive ample: 

wide capacious spacious; champaign. 
Malaway rt Salivous salivary. 
Malawigt/'-To explain in a round about 

Malayo a Distant remote; outlying; 

far; retired solitary. 
Malayo sa kaguluhanfl Quiet calm. 
Mrtlayo sa kapowaaShy diffident. 
Malayo pa sa-adv. Beyond, farther; on 

the other side. 
Mali n-Mistake; error; fault; defect; 

oversight; blunder. 
Mali-a-False; mendacious: orroneous; 

bad; incorrect: faulty. 
Mali sa eulat 6 limbag-n-Erratum. 
Malibag-fl-Dirty: greasy filty. 
Malibogrt-Lewd: lustful; immodest; 

indecent; obscene; impure; shameless. 
Mjiligaw'-v To mistake; commit an error 

lose one*s wav. err. 
Mai igaya-rt- Joyful pleasant: merry; 
happy; fortunate; prosperous; con- 
vivial; holiday. 

MAL 7 

MallgurTu batlie take a buh 

Maligtaav-To be uaveil 

Mitlihiin rt Sei ret reserved i,autious 

confidential salient 
itiilihis (t-To err mistake [lupjudge 

become lost 
Maliit-a Lett 111 email sbirC si anty 
Miliit na kiUn n Bnlwark deferiLe 
Maliit na malntnVer\ eriialt len 

Maliit pa ea a H mailer, leee 
Malihot-a Restle-^B t>uiete'Ous mis 

cliievous lively noisv ttirbalent 
MalikaiaActive quuk sjieeil^ etpe 

ilitioiis; Hinart mmbie light free 

prompt; litheaome iiiglmpirited ewift 

ready; spry diligent iooBe merm 

Malilim-d Shady iimbrapeone 

Malilimutin-ftForKetful; oblivious; 
neglect fill. 

Malimbag-fTo etamp; print. 

Malimit a Close detiae; thick; eompaut: 

Malimutaim-To forget; neglect; omit; 
mistake unlearn. 

Mulinamnani n-Deticioiis; select; mel- 
low: buttery 

Malinaw d-Urear; br'ght plain; dis- 
tinct; open uviilenl manifest; pub- 
ic: iransporen sheer; obvious 

Malinaw dingin-n Intelligible; con- 
cievable. pronoimred 

Malingatinu-To negUit: forget; over- 
look «kip. 

Malingat n-Forgetful; neglectful. 

Malinis a Olenn; pure; clear; decent; 
unmixed: free: neat plain; immocu- 
late; nnadulterated; virtiioup; devout; 
tidy: lioneat; modest; relitied: mere. 

Malinis na loob-rt-Sinrere; clear; frank, 
cordial' pure. 

Malinsad f'l o difjoint. 

Malipow-To extiuguieh; l>ecome exter- 
minated or destroyed. 

Maliposo-Puatly; fnll of puntles. 

.MaliposrTo be full of. 

Maliroto Unsavory: liavinic a bad taste. 

Malited-A Strong; robust. 

Mslito V To niietake; err. embarrasci; 
be uneasy or discomposed. 

Mai i waft- B- Slow: tardy; elothtiil; indo- 
lent; lazy, 

.Maliwag mane'ari-ri Difficult bard. 

Maliwanagn-Clear. bright evident; ob- 
vious; luminous; liidd; distinct, 
refiilireni; overt; ostensihle: express; 
notable; quite: pronounced, point 
blank sheer. 


Malirtauis na mijabis n-Glistening, too 

nhiny oi bright 
Mai jw L^ (1 \\ ide free; open; loose. 
Milowa„*fiL lae free open; wide. 
Mnluigang kama) «Spendthrift, prod 

^lalnag ang loob a Free hearted: gene- 
rous calm free good natnred 

Mnlualliatin Blessed glorious, hapDv- 

■MjluagoWide diffuse ample open: 
•jpaiioiis I hampaign; diffusive, capa- 

Maluang mangusnp a Elo<juent. 
MaluataSlow tardj protracted: pro- 

MnlubavdlilaBt pliant; amiable; pleas- 
ing «low ensj of HUCeert», 

'Milubay \ng a<4al a Amiable, pleasing; 
go*id natured. 

Malubay niakipagUMapn-Mild of 

Malubay na loob-oMeek; gentle, tame- 

quiel; mild. 
Malubha-rtEscesNive; extreme. 
Maiubha-aiii' Too; very. 
Muhibogu-To sink; submerge. 
Malugas u-To fall out. shed hair. 
Malugod-a Amiable pleasing; happy; 

merry convivial good natnred. 
iMahigod-uTo be happy, contented, 

pleased, satlstied, lieliglited or 

Malukong-K-Concave. I'oncav 

Malulan-vTo contain; hold; 

prise be lieli). 
Malututango Bonvaiil. 
Malnma-«-To hecome old, «t. 



!iTo DfH-ile; gentle; 

Malumbak a- Pitted; full of holes. 

Malumbay «-Gloiny: sad sorrowfi 
urnful plaintive, meaci. 

Malumbay (^To he afHicted or sad. 

Malumbay na loobaSad mournful. 

Maluniol-o- Mossy; oozy, slimy. j 

Mftlumpo-c-To have rlie din^ue gi'.je 
way in the kneew. P 

Malundoo Kngged, 

li.l„„gk<.,-.S.,l. ■"""»■'"1. l-l.tJX..! 
unhappy iiLournful; iiil-1:i .„i, 

mean rueful bleak, hapl,..., , »^'"'' 
cast ,^re-ttalle... .-hapfall,. ■'''>■■■ i- ^"^J^ 
plainlibe: pensive; disiTi .. *'-5*° 

Maluningning-a Bright: a' r'-fniti^^a^- 
lant; glistening glitter'*"'"^rfl«t 

*; t^dc 


Mai npa-a- Earthy, having much land; 

Malupaypay-t7-To grow or become weak 

or languid. 
Malupaypay a- languid ; weak. 
Malusaw a Liquid. 
Malusaw r-To dilute; dist-olve. 
Maluto v-To boil; cook. 
Malutong a Brittle, fragile. 
Mamaangr-To wonder; stare. 
Mamaga-r-To swell, become swollen; 

Mamagitanv-To intercede; interpose; 

mediate; bespeak. 
Mamahal-r-To grow or become dear; 

raise the price. 
Mamahala-v-To manage; look after, heed; 
take care; keep govern command; 
direct; administer, man; wield; reek; 
Mamagpag ?/ To shake; wag. 
Mamalagi-w-To continue; endure; ha- 
bituate; subsist, protract. 
Mamalagor-To become fruitful; be 

Mamali-v^To err; mistake equivocate; 
blunder; misjiidge. commit a mis- 
Mamaii ang dinig-i'-To misunderstand. 
Mamalo-r- o falsify;' be false. 
Mamalso w Falsificator. 
Mamamayapa-w Pacificator; pacifier. 
Mamana v To inherit. 
Mamauas v To swell tumefy 
Mamanghav-To wonder marvel; store. 
Mamanhid V To numb; benumb; cramp; 

become torpid or senseless. 
Mamanhik t?To intercede, interpose; 

mediate; go up. 
Mamausa-zz-To brag; glory; boast. 
Mamansag-rTo spot. 
Mamantalv-To be fiea biten. 
Mamantik9-a Puttery mellow; fat; cor- 
pulent: coarse; obese. 
Mamantog-tvTo inflate; fill with wind; 

blow full of wind. 
Mamao8t?-To become hoarse. 
Mamasdanr-To see; watch: detect; find; 

discover; meet with; hit upon. 
Mamaslang-v-To be rude or disre- 
Mamatay-?^To die; perish: end go out; 

stop; terminate or conclude life 
Mamaulo-t?To fill; be filled or stuffed. 
Mamaya-flwiw. -Presently; soon; immedi- 
ately: right away at once then; be- 
fore long, in a moment; after. 
Mamili-v-To choose buy; purchase; 
go shopping; prefer. 

^ MAN 

Mam i nsan m i nsa n <wfr.- Now and then. 

sometimes; from lime to time. 
MamintasrTo find fault; censure; 

ridicule; cristicize. 
Mamirinsa-r To iron. 
Mamohaghag r To rarify. become thin. 
Mamook r To war; fight oppose. 
Mamualant^To fill stuff; satisfy. 
Mamuhi-r-To disgust; displease of fend; 

vex; molest loathe; excite 
Mamuhunan-f> To found; furnish capitah 
Mamuisan-f-To loan on interest; rent 

for cash. 
Mamukha-r-To resemble; be like; favor; 
Mamukod-r-To separate divide; be dis^ 

tinct except; distinguish. 
Mamukod sa lahat-tNTo surpass; out- 
vie exceed, excel. 
Mamula-i? To redden; blush dve red. 
Mamulaklak V To flower, bloom flour- 
ish thrive. 
Mamulamula-rt Reddish. 
Mamulangos f To slip or run through 

the fingers. 
Mamulayan-t; To have knowledge. 
Mamulayan «Wise, knowing. 
\1amunga-J?-To bear fruit; produce; 

bring forth flower; be fruitful. 
MamumulaThat which will become 

Mamulubi v-To beg; be poor; im- 
poverish hunger starve; famish 
MamunorTo command, lead; hea<l; 

Manmmuhunan n-Capitalist. 
Mamuti-tvTo whiten. 
Mamutik-r-To become mud(h\ 
Mana-n-Inheritance; heirloom; rheum; 

Manabako r To smoke cigars. 
Manada-n-Flock herd. 
Managal-t'To last; continue; subsist; 

endure persist. 
Managhoy r-To lament: mourn; grieve; 

cry; bewail. 
Managot-v-To bi^il: answer. 
Manahan v-To inhabit rsside; dwell. 
Manaig v-To conquer; predominate; ex 

eel; out do; surpass. 
ManaingvTo lament; bewail; tell one's 

Manainga-t/-To listen; liear. en; liear; 

Manakanaka-a^r. Sometimes; now and 

then from time to time. 
Manakit-v-To hurt wound; offend. 
Manakot-r-To frighten; terrify; dnunt, 

intimidate; scare. 
Manalan'" -?^To petition; harangue 
besee n; pray; pleab; invocate invoke. 


Manalig-vTo have faith. 

Manalo vl o win; gain conquer exult 

Manamanahan a-Hereditary. 
Mi^nambitan V To lament; mourn; cry; 

grieve; bewail 
Manampalasan-vTo insult: offend; 

make: angry revile; abt|se; injure. 
Mananagot yi Bondsman. 
Mananagpi-n Cobbler one who patches. 
Mananagwan-w Rower; paddler. 
Mananakop w Savior; rescuer redeemer. 
Manananirn-w-Planter, one who plants. 
Mananayaw n Dancer. 
ManangisvTo cry; mourn; snivel; sob; 

grieve lament; bewail. 
Manaog v-To descend; go down. 
Manariw^avTo grow or become green. 
Manatili-v-To continue: protract endure; 

subsist; last fix; fasten: persist. 
Mandala n Stack; rick. 
Mandayav-To deceive; cheat. 
Manduduit n-Thiel; robber; freebooter; 

pillager; plunderer. 
Mandudurogw- Pounder; one who flails. 
Maneka^-Tz-To cheat* defraud; swindle; 

gull; impose upon. 
Mnenekas-n- Swindler; defaulter. 
Manga anakn-Ohildren. 
Manga bagaybagayan-w-Chattels; fix- 
tures; furniture. 
Manga bagay nakasamsam sa kaaway- 

n spoils capture prizes. 
Manga bitukaw-Entrails; intestines. 
Mangabayo-v-To ride a horse" 
Manga damit w-Apparel. 
Mangagamot w-Doctor physician. 
Mangagamot na hindi nag-aral-n-Quack- 

Mangagamot ng hayop w-Vetrinarian; 

ferrier. horse doctor. 
Mangagaod-n-Rower; paddler. 
MangagapasTiReaper; harvester; mower; 

one who reaps or harvests. 
Manga gastos-n Expenses; charge^. 
Mangagaw-w-Robber; plunderer thief. 
Mangagawa-n Doer; maker; author. 
Mangagawa ng barilesn Cooper. 
Mangagawa ng kutsilio-w-Cutler. 
Mangagat-v-To bite: 
Mangajrkayonkayon-v-To agree; consert; 

M' ngahasa Agressive; saucy; hold; 

plucky: intrepid : forward; stalwart; 

stalworth; spunky; precocious; high- 
spirited. V 
Mangahas t'-To dare; defy; vt^ure; try. 

80 MAN 

Mangaligkig v To shiver or tremble 
with cold. 

Mangaling v-To come from; issue from; 
arise, proceed or spring; from; ori- 
ginate in. 

Mangaling sa r To descend or come 

Manga manok-w-Poultry. 

Mang ambavTo pretend to threaten. 

Mang^ngahoy-n Woodsman woodcutter; 
timber merchant. 

Mangangalakal-w-Merchant; dealer; tra- 
der; shopkeeper. 
Manganibv-To be in danger. 
Manganinag»?-To be transparent. 
Manga pagkain-w Victuals; provisions. 
Mangapit-v-To grasp; seize; catch; 

Mangas-n Sleeve. 
Mangas na maluag-w-Poke. 
Mangaso-v-To hunt; chase; go hunting; 

course gun; go on a chase. 
Manga sundalong bantayw Guard. 
Mangatal vTo oscillate; vibrate, shiver; 

Mangangatal ^.Tremulous; quivering. 
Mangangayat-v To become or grow 

thin, weak or poor. 
Mangati-v-To attract by deceit. 
Mangatowiran-t? To argue; reason; dis- 
cuss: discourse; affirm; give a rea- 
Manga upang bato w-.Tudge^s fees. 
Mangayayat n-To become weak; thin 

or langui<l; debilitate. 
Mangbabasag w-Breaker; one who 

Mangbadya-v-To imitate; pcoff; mock; 

ridicule; copy. 
Mangbansag-v-To nickname, 
Mangbihag v-To capture; captivate. 
Mangbihag ng sasakyan v-To pirate. 
Mangbububo-n Founder. 
Mangd rigma n- Warrior: soldier. 
Mangubat v-1 o go to the woods; work 
in the woods become or grow woody. 
Mangugupit n Barber. 
Manghaw Wonder, admiration; amaze- 
Manghahabi ng sutla wSilkweaver. 
Manghahalo w-Wixer roller. 
Manghaharang-9i Highwayman; bandit; 

Manghahayuma n-Patcher; cobbler 
Mangharang-u-To hold; up; rob; plunder 

ManghawakvTo attach; hold up; catch 

hold of. 
Manghihinang-n Soldering iron. 





ManjjhiraasokvTo interfere, interrup; 

Manghimatayv-To faint: swoon. 

ManghinaT-To weaken pine; away; de- 
bilitate extenuate: wa^te away. 

Manghina ang loob v To dishearten be- 
come; discouraged; grow dejected; 
become weak. 

Manghinapang v-To become coura- 
geous strengthen; invigorate enforce; 
exert reinforee, gather farce; make 
strong or brave. 

Manghinguto r-To louse; clean from; 
lice or fleas. 

Manghinikaik-rTo louse; clean from 
lice or fleas. 

Manghinuha-v-To collect: gather. 

Manghiya-v-To shame; make ashamed; 
cause to be ashamed. 

Manghuhulan Prophet. 

Mang iba-r-To alter change. 

Mang iba sa capowavTo distinguish 
one's self. 

Mang iit-w-To nickname; ridicule scoff; 

Mangilabot w-To terrify, frighten; scare. 

Mangilaldsv-To marvel wonder. 

MangilidvTo approach the edg^e or 

Mang imay-v-To shell. 

Manginigv-To tremble; sparkle; oscil- 
late; vibrate. 

Mdngiti-w-To smile look pleased or 

Mangitlog-v-To lay eggs. 

Mang iyaw-v-To mew. 

Mangkok-n-Crock; bowl; porringer. 

Mangkulam-v-To bewitch. 

Mang-laban-v-To struggle; fight; war; 
oppose: strive; contend; resist. 


Manglibak-v-To deride; scoff; jeer; 

Mangliligis-w-Miller: grinder. 

Manglilinag w Cultivator; gardener; hor- 

Mangloob v-To plunder; assault; pillage; 

Manglulusog w Plunderer; destroyer; pil- 
lager; consumer. 

Mangmanga Folish idiotic; stupid; dull; 
conwardly; ignorant; rude; silly. 

Mangmang-n-Brute; idiot. 

Mangmumulin Grinder: miller. 

Mangulo-v To wrangle; fight; perturb; dis 
turb: harrow. 

Mang ulo vTo head; command; be chief, 

Mangulam «To eat nothing but meat. 

Mangulo v-T ocurl. 

Mang umit r-To steal; pilfer; rob; seized 

Mang unay v-To benumb. 
Mang undot-v To wrinkle; become wrink- 


Mang urong r To revoke, retract; retreat; 
retire; go back. 

Mang usapv-To talk; utter; converse 
speak; reason harangue. 

Mangusap na hindi nIawatasan-v-To 
numble; mutter. 

Mangyari n Result; consequences. 

Mangyari-v-To happen: be done have; 
may: can; be possible; be able or 
feasible; possess. 


Mangyaring bigla-v-To do in a hurry. 

Mangyayari a- Feasible: practicable; pos- 
sible; easy. 

Mangyayari sa arawaraw-a-Quotidian. 

Mangyayariring ihiwalaya-Separable. 

Mangyayaring mabusog a Satiable. 

Mangyayaring mamali a Fallible. 

Mangyayaring mapagaling-a Curable; 

Mangyayaring matapos-a-Terminable. 

Mangyayaring matawa a-Laughable; lu- 

Mangyayaring tiisin a-Sufferable; en- 

Manhid-n-Numbness; ache. 

Mahilakbot-v-l o terrify; scare; frighten. 

Manhinayang-r-To pity; have compas- 
sion; grieve for: be sorry for. 

Manibasib v-To attack; assault; under- 
take; attempt. 

Manibay-v To strengthen; secure; make 
fast; prop; affirm. 

Manigarrillo t/-To smoke cigarrettes. 

Mamihasa-z/To accustom; inure. 

Maniin v-To prop up; build upon; raise 
on the hands; support on anything. 

Manika n-Wrist. 

Manikadv-To kick- fling out. 

Manikluhod-v-To ask; beseech; petition; 

Maniko-v-To ellow. 

Manilbihan-v-To serve; favor; make 
use of. 

Manindal-v-To be added or supported 
by another. 

Maningas-a-Fervent; ardent; vehement. 

Manigid n Trower. 

Maningil-r-To collect. 

Maningning-a-Bright; sparking; radiant; 
shining: luminous; lucid; refulgent; 
grittering; lucient; quivering. 

Maningning v-To sparkle; shine; glitter; 
radiate scintillate. 

Maniningilw-Collector; taxgatherer. 



Manininta-n- Lover. 

Maninira-w-Breaker, destroyer; misdeal- 
er; corruptor. 

Maninira ang ari ng may ari-w-Defaul- 
ter; defrauder. 

Maaninira ng pagaarin-Spendthrift; 

Maninira ng puri w-Defamer: slanderer. 

Maninirahan sa isang lugar-w-Inhabitant. 

Manipisa-Thin; slender; fine; sleazy. 

Manirahan v-To dwell, live; lodge, re- 
side; inhabit. 

Manirintas v-To braid. 

Maniwala-vTo believe; trow; credit; 
trust; have faith. 

Maniwalain n-Trustful. 


Man lalagari-w Sawyer. 

Manlalalik w-Turner. 

Man lamang a(Zv.-Though;atleast;scarc.e- 
ly: hardly, otherwise. 

Manliso-n-Cramp; spasm. 

Manlulupig w Usurper. 

Manok-w-Rooster; cock; chanticleer. 

Mano na-m^er.- Would to GOD; for 
heaven's sake. 

Manong-infer.-At least. 

Manong-ac2z/.-Though; at least; scarce- 
ly; hardly; otherwise. 

Manotnot-vTo ravel. 

Mansa-w-Spot; stain; blot; blur; blotch; 
blemish; faeces; dirt. 

Mansahan-v-To stain; spoil; blur; blot; 
tarnish; bespatter; daub, contaminate; 

Mansuhin-v To tame; domesticate. 

Man tel-n Mantel; tablecloth; altardoth. 

Mantika-n-Grease: lard; fat. 

Mantinihin-v-To maintain; support, sus- 
tain; hold up. 


Manuag-v-To hook with the horns; 

Manuba-v-To deceive; cheat; defraud; 
swindle; impose upon. 

Manuba-a-Deceitful; cheating. 

Manubig-v-To urinate; emit urine. 

Manubok-z/-To spy; espy; witch; test; 

Manuka-Tz-To peck. 

Manukodv-To jut out, surpass; excel* 

Manuluyan-v-To lodge; board; repose; 
entertailn in one's home. 

Manumpa-z/-To swear; make oath; curse; 

Manumpa ng kasinungalingan-i; To per 
jure; swear falsely. 

Manunuba-n-Swindler; cheat. 

Manunubok-w-Spy; hangdog. 


82 MAP 

Manunulid-w Spinner of thread, exam- 

Manunulong-?i-Helper, aid; assistance; 
one who aids or assists. 

Manunulsa-w Raper papist. 

Manununog 7i-Incendiary; burner. 

Manuyav-To flatter; coax; deligth; 

Maolingan-v-To bespatter with soot. 

Maowi-t;-ro return, devolve; become. 

Mapa-7i Map. 

Mapag aglahi-a-Joking funny happy, 

Mapag aksaya-a-Spendthrift prodigal. 

Mapag aknaya ang pag aari n-Spend- 
thrift; squanderer, prodigal. 

Mapagal v-To fatigue, tire. 

Mapag ampon-a-Generous; noble; lib- 
eral; magnanimous; kind. 


Mapagbalbasw Flatterer. 

Mapagbanalbanalan a Hypocritical; in- 

Mapagbasagulo a-Quarrelsome: entan- 
gling; ensnaring, coutious; bellicose; 

. controvertible. 

Mapagbata-a Childish. 

Mapagbigay galanga-Respectful; polite. 

Mapagbigay loob-a Obedient; attentive; 

Mapagbiyaya-a Extraavagant; generous; 
wasteful, magnificent grand; splendid. 

Mapagbuhos a-Effusive. 

Mapagdasal-a-Prayerful; pious. 

Mapagmagaling aCurable. healable. 

Mapaghamona- Provocative; irritative; 
provocating, provoking. 

Mapaghangin-a- Boastful; arrogant. 

Mapaghilik a-Snoring. 

Mapaghinala-a Fearful; distrustful; sus- 
picious: suspective; jealous. 

Mapag isip-a-Thoughtful; imaginative; 
fanciful, contemplative. 

Mapagkit a-Vicid viscous sticky. 

Mapagkonowaria-Hypocritical; deceit- 
ful; false; untrue; counterfeit. 

Mapaglantunay-a Slothful; tardy, slouch- 


Mapaglaro-a-Playful; jesting; rompish; 


Mapaglinkod a-Compliant loving, kind; 
obliging; obsequeous. 

Mapag lura-aSalivous. 

Mapdgmarikita Spruce; proud; haughty; 

Mapagmarunong-w-Pretender; sciolist. 

Mapagmasid a-Observing; careful, cau- 

Mapagmayabang-a-Conceited; proud; 




Mapagmura a Vile; slandering; low; 

Mapagnasa-a-Desirous eager; greedy; 
longing lewd. 

Mapagod-v To be or become tired, be 
fatigued or worn uot. 

Mapagimbabaw a-Feigned; false. 

Mapagpalaro-a Playful. 

Mapagpanaginip-a Dreamy. 

Mapagpasial-a Strolling walking. 

Mapagpasiya-a- Abstinent. 

Mapagpatawa «Laughable; happy; gay; 
joyful ludicrous. 

Mapagpatubo-a-Feitile; profitable. 

Mapagpigil-a Temperate; frugal mod- 
erate abstemious; prudent sober. 

Mapagpita a-Respectfully; kind; gene- 

Mapagpitagan-a-Polite; respectful; kind; 
obliging generous. 

Mapajrpasinungaling-a Lying; deceitful; 

Mapagsiste a Joyful; gay. festive happy; 

Mapagsugaln Gambler. 

Mapagsumbong n Telltale. 

Mapagsumbong n Informer; telltale; tale- 

Mapagtago a Secret underhanded. 

Mapagtago ang galit-a Rancorous spite- 

Mapagtamasa-a-Profuse; lavish; showy; 

Mapagtanim sa loob-a Rancorous: spite- 

Mapagtapon-a Spendthrift; prodigal. 

Mapagtawa-a Laughable 

Mapagtiisa Patient; forbearing; accomo- 
dating abstinent. 

Mapagtumpak-a-Prudish; fastidious. 

Mapagtungayawa-Cursing slanderous; 
vile; foulmouthed. 

Mapagupasala-a-Critical; slandering; in- 

Mapagwari-a Prudent; considerate; mad- 
itating contemplative. 

Mapaghamak-i?-To injure; hurt. 

Mapahinga-v-To rest; repose; be calm; 
breathe: respire. 

Mapaigatan-a To interpose; intercede. 

Mapaikpik v-To compress; press. 

Mapainom-v-To invite to drink. 

Mapait-o Mordant bitter; poignant; 
pungent; rough to the taste. 

Mapakaila-v To deny; retract. 
Mapakaila a Deniable. 
Mapakaluma-r-Ta be old or stale. 

Mapakatanda-Tz-To be very old. 
Mapakialam rt-Maddlesome; i n t e r f e - 

Mapakikinabafigan-a Profitable; serv- 
icible; utseful; beneficial. 

Mb palad-a Happy; lucky; fortunate bles- 
sed prosperous; successful; thriving. 

Mapalagay-v-To elect; chose; nomina- 

Mapalaran v-To be lucky; happy; or for- 

Mapamanhin-a Superstitous 

Mapamansaa Spotted; dirty; proud; ar- 

Mapamula-v-To commence; begin. 

Mapanaog-v-To go down; descend; let or 
send down. 

Mapang agad a-Quick; early. 

Mapang agad-ac^y. -Early; quiclky. 

Mapangaw ang gulong-v To stick in the 

Mapangbabayi a-Lewd; lustful. 

Mapanghibe-a Deceitful; cheating. 

Mapanglibka a-Scoffing; ridiculous. 

Mapanglibak w-Scoffer; scorner; cen- 

Mapanghicayat a Attractive; exciMng. 

Mapanhinayang a- Attractive. 


Mapani?law-a Gloomy; dark;obscure: sor- 
rowful; sad; mournful sullen; som- 
ber; cheerless; rueful: mean; murky; 

Mapanggulo a-Turbulent; seditious; nial 
content; discontented, noisy; boister- 

Mapanhik-z/-To mount; ascend; go wp; in- 

Mapaniran-Destroyer; breaker. 

Mapanirang puri-w Defamer. 

Mapansin-v-To feel; note; understand; 
hit upon. 

Mapantay-v-To become equal or matched 

Mapanumpa-a-Foulmouthed; vile. 


Mapaos-a Hoarse; husky. 


Maparafigalan-a-Boastf ul ; arrogant; 
proud haughty. 

Mapasa iba-v-To fall to another; devolve; 

Maparis-v-To be like or equal; resemble; 

Mapasal-u-To meddle: interfere. 

Mapasalan-v-To be obstructed or choked 

Mapasigaw-v-To exclaim; cry out. 

Mapasok-v-To enter; go in. 

Mapatawa-a-Comic; comical. 

Mapatong-v-To put on; add to; aug 

Mapatpat-v-To go to a place without 
any difinite object in view. 


Mapatulala-a-astonishing; s t u f e y i n g ; 

Mapawisu-To be sweaty or sweated. 
Mapawis-a-Sweaty; perspiring 
Mapeka v To feel angry or hurt. 
Mapekasa Angry; disgusted; hurt. 
Mapiga-v To squeeze; press. 
Mapaghatia Antiphatethic; irritated. 
Mapigil-v To be bound or restrained. 
Mapilay-r-To become lame limp sprain. 
Mapilipit-r To be twisted or twined, twist; 

twine about. 
Mapilit-rt Urgent compulsory. 
Mapilitin-t'-To press; urge; compel; 

Mapiutasaea Censorious Particular. 
Mapoot-v-To be exasperated, irritated, 

offended or provoked. 
Mapoot a-sulky; testy. 
;Mapootin-a-Touchy; .moody; fretful; ir- 

Mapudpod a-Blunt; dull stupid. 
Mapula a-Red reddish; ruddy. 
Mapula ang mukha a Redfaced. 
Mapulang mukha ?J-Blush 
Mapulapula a-I ink reddish. 
Mapulot-p-To tind; pick up; detect; hit 

upon: meet. 
Mapiilot-a Full of honey; having much 

Mapungay ang mata-a-S quint eyed; 


^lapuno-t'To fill; stuff. 

Mapurol rt Dull, obtuse; blunt spiritless. 

Mapurol ang isip a Dull; torpid, stupid; 
inert; slow. 

Mapati-rt White. 

Maputik rt-Muddy; miry. 

Maputiputi a Whitish. 

Maputla-a-Pallid; pale; discolored; color- 
less; sallow; ghastly. 

Marabilis w Maravedi. 

Marahau a(h\Slowly; little by little; by 

Marahas a-Brave; valiant; bold; auda- 
cious forward. 

Marahil «wirProbably; perhaps; maybe; 
can be; haply. 

Maralita (I Neeily i>oor; poverty-stricken; 
in want. 

Marama^v rTo effect, inculpate. 

Mararadaman-r-To feel: grieve; percieve: 


Maramdamin a Sensible: tender; not- 
able; sensitive, tender; hearted, af- 

Marami-« Many, numerous; copious; 
abundant: plentiful: manifold; several. 

Maraming buto a l>»>ny. 

Maramius: dahon-'i Leafv; full of leaves. 

84 MAR 

Maraming nabasa sa libro a-Learned. 

Maramingpagaaringlupaw Land holder, 

Maraming panulukan-a Angular; cor- 

Maraming taba a Greasy, fatty; corpu- 
lent obese. 

Maraming sanga a-Branchy. ramous; 
ramose having many branches. 

Maramot-a Stingy: miserly; paltry; 
niggardly; petit; close mean, close, 
fisted; penurious; tight grasping; 
frugal, voracious; selfseeking, m s- 
erable; churlish narrow. 

Marangal a Eminent; honorable noble; 
illustrious, solemn; exellent sublime; 
grand: great: fine splendid; sump- 
tuous; surpassing; potent; just; fair; 
honest. patrician; transcendant; 
exalted; powerful; wealthy; large; 
huge, lofty important. 

Maarapat-r-To deserve; merit; have due: 
appertain belong to. 

Marapatin-r To incur merit; have due. 

Marapatang tangapin a Acceptable. 

Marapat nasain a Desirable. 

Marapat pagpalain a Meritable;deserving. 

Marapat parusahan-a Punishable, that 
which should; be punished. 

Maratihan-r To accustom; be experi- 
enced, able or accustomed to. 

Marawal a Unworthy; undeserving; un- 

Marawal ang ugali a-Tmpolite; rude; 
false bad mannered. 

Marawasan-r-To known: experience, be 

Marjren-« Margin; edge. 

Marikit-a Beautiful; graceful: pretty gen 
seel; elegant; excellent; nice neat; 
fair, handsome; gay; gallant; fine; 
exquisite: dexterous. 

Marilag a Eminent grand: famous; illus- 
trious; magnificent, noble honorable: 
splendid; gracefu ; gay; shining: lucitl. 

Marinero-nSailor; marine; seafaring 

Marinig r To hear: understand pay 
attention; percie\9. overhear. 

Marka nMark; •tanio. 

Markahan r To slami ; mark brand. 

Marques n Marquis. 

Mart ilio /«-Hammer. 

Marumhan rTo dirty, soil; bedpatter. 

Marumi a Dirtr; 8oi!t i. nastv; filthv; 
foul: sordid; indece it dingy; grtmy; 
dowdv; droo«T. obscene; licentious, 
obscure; jettr; glootny. unbecoming. 

Marungis <i Dirtv; soiled; filthy foul. 
nastv dowdv; drooe\: eordid; diuirv; 

m m m ■ • 




uninndtece. becoming; liew(i; licen 
tious; obscene. 

Marunong a-Wise; learned knowing; 
discreet; prudent; judicious sajje; 
erudite; shrewd; proficient pruden 
tial conversant able; civilized, sa- 
pient; reserved. 

Marunong-wSage; wise man. 

Marunong magingat ng lihim-a-Secret. 
silent reserved. 

Marunong makipagkapwa tawoa polite, 
urbane; courteou : well bred. 

Marupok-a-Brittle; frail feeb'e fragile; 
delicate; forceless, frangible; weak. 

Marzo n March. 

Masabi a-Loquacious talkative. 

Masadhau-t/- To be obstructed or choked 

Masagana-rt Abundant excessive plen- 
tiful; wealthy; rich. 

Masagana adv.-Abundantly; evcessively; 

Masagana sa dugo-a Sanguine. 

Masagana sa pagaari o Rich; opulent; 
affluent; wealthy. 

Masagi v-Gall; wear away by friction. 

Masagutin a-Answerable; responsive, 

Masahin-v-To knead. 

Masakim-a Avaricious; greedy; mi- 

Masakit a-Sick; painful; dolorous; la- 

Masaklad-a Sour, mordant; rough to 
the taste; anpleanaat disagreeable; 

Masakop-vTo protect; defend; be an- 
nexed; be included; ioopend 

Masaktan v-To cripple hurt injure; 
main; wound; affend; grieve. 

Masaktin-a-Unhealthy; painful; sickly 


Mnsalab v-To scortch; singe. 

Masalanta-r-To be of no use. 

Masilitaa-Loqnacious. talkative; con- 
versant, garrulous; voluble. 

Masai ubong-r-To encounter; meet: join; 
hit upon. 

Masai ungat-v-To oppoee; repugn; con- 

Masama-a-Bad; evil; wicked; vile; per- 
verse vicious; pernicious unbecom- 
ing; indecent: baneful; deleteri«jus; 
harmful: abusive profligate; arrant; 
despicible depraved; infamous; omi- 
nous; destructive, dreadful; false; 
ferocious: terrible; fatal. 

Masama-oiit;. -Perversely, viciously; per- 
niciously; banefuUy. 

Masama-fi-£vi); bad harm; faul, hurt; 
injury; mischief. 

Masamaathilig-rt Sinister; inauspicious; 

Mawamang hitsura-a Ilbhaped; de- 

Masamainv To disapprove; censure; 
dislike reprove make or cause to 
be bad; liate adlior detest loathe. 

Masamaiig kaugalian a-Illbred rude. 

Masamang ugali a-Illmannerred. impo- 
lite; illbred. 

Masama pa a- Worse. 

Masama sa lahat a-Worst. 

Masambulat-r-To scatter; sow broad- 

Masanayt'To practice know; experi- 
ence; be accustomed or able. 

Masandat-r-To fill stuff; satisfy; glut. 

Masanga-a-Branchy; ramose. 

Masansang a-Strong scented. 

Masapantaha-r To presume; suppose, 

Masapongr To meet encounter; col- 
lide; hit upon. 

Masarap a-Palatable: sweet; savory; de- 
licious, rich; dainty, tasty, nice; 
select; delicate. 

Masarapaii r To bfe sweet; sweeten; 
make palatable or savory. 

Masaya a-happy; joyful; cheerful jocose; 
jocular; entertaining; merry; halcyon; 
facetious; pleasan'; affable convi- 
vial; bouyant; gleeful; jaunty; viva 
cious; winsome comical; comic good 
natured. cavalier, festive; amusing; 

Masayang-v To throw away; fail of 
success; do in vain. 

Masaya ang loob r-Happy; gay; jovial; 
merry; cheerful; compliant. 

Masaya ang mukha a Smiling; agreeable. 

Masculino-fl Masculine. 

Masdan-n Exploration watching exam- 
ination; study; observation; notice; 

Masabo a-Greasy fatty fat. 

Maselang-n Clean; neat tidy; fastidious, 
cleanly; particular cleanly. 

Masiba-a Gluttinous; fond of dainties. 

Masidn Observation; glance; gaze; 

Masidli-a-Active; affective. 

Masigla a-Diligect; active; merry; amus- 

Masikap-a Officiou8;diligent;industrious; 
solicitous anxious; assiduous. 

Masiki-a Shv. bashful; embarrassed. 

Masikip-a-Narrow; close; tight. 

Mas ksik-v-To fill up stuff. 

Masilaw V To be dazzled; daze. 

Masindak-t'-To be startled, surprised, 
or astonished. 


Masinop-a Curious; inquisitive. 
Masinsay-y-lo be clear, evident or 

Masinsay aClear; evident. 
Masinsin-a Close thick; compact firm; 
solid; consistent, gross; tight, strong, 

Mas intahin-a- Affectionate; kind; loving; 

Ma«iintahin sa Dios a-Pious; holy; mer- 

Masipag-rt Diligent; industrious; thrifty; 
sedulous officious: ready; prompt; 
quick; active; smart. 

Masipag magaral-a Studious. 

Ma'<ipak-v-To break (per. to, the jaws). 

MasiravTo break; damage, rot. spoil; 

Masira ang isip y-To go crazy, become 
demented or crazy. 

Masiyasat fl-Curious: inquisitive. 

Mfiso-n-Nave; hub. 

Masobasob-v-To full down. 

Masowail-a Stubborn rebellious: con- 
tradictory disobedient 

Masawayin-a Disobedient; contradictory; 
stubborn; obstinate, rebellious con- 

Masubok-y-To try; experiment; attempt; 

Masubucan t; To wound; hun; cause 

Masuhin-v-To drive or pound with a 

Masucal-a Dirty; filthy; slattern. 

Mus'ical ang loob-a Malcontent; discon- 

Masuklamrt Acrid detestable; loathe- 
some execrated, antipathetic. 

Maauclam ang loob a-Angry; irritated. 

Masulat-t;-To be written or composed. 

MasulongvTo swell increase; continue; 
be brave or bold. 

Masumpong-v-To run against: meet 
by chance: strike or butt against. 

Masundo v-To be called or sent arter. 

Masuuduan a-Reconcilable. 

Masungit-a-Cross; intractable; severe; 
harsh; arduous; crampy; cynic; fell rig- 
id; arbitrary; combative cynical; pug- 
nacious; vixenish; vixenly. crabbed. 

Masunod v-To Follow, ceme next. 

Masunog-v-To burn; blaze; inflame. 

Masunurin a Docile; convenient; gentle; 
moderate; obedient; attentive; com- 
pliant submissive; humble; (lutiful; 
amiable; resigned, duteous; indulgent. 

Masupok-v-To be on sumed. 

Masuytancia a Succulent, juicy, nourish- 

86 MAT 

Masusuklam a-Repulsive. 

Masuwayin-a Obstinate; obdurate; stub- 
born conceited. 

Masuyo a-Obedient; attentive compliant; 
civil; polite; courteous. 

Mataas a-'l all; high elevated, lofty tran- 
scendant majestic. 

Mataas ang gitna-a-Convex convexed. 

Mataas magsalita a Grandiloquent. 

Mataas ang halaga-a Dear, costly; high 

Mataas pa «-Higher; taller: superior. 

Mataba-a-Fat obese; greasy; chubby 
chunky; plump thickset, corpulent 
unctions; fertille fruitfvl: copious. 

Matabang-a-Tasteless; insipid; dull; 

Matabil-alalkative loquacious. 

Mataboy-f-To be divorced or sepa- 

Matagal a Staple permanent; firm; stead- 
y; lasting; durable; prolix, indefatiga- 
ble; unwearied 

Matagid-v-To be obstructed; take the 
clear and leave the muddy. 


MatagintingaSonoreus; pleasing; bar 

Matago-?J-To be hidden or concealed. 

Matago a-Hidden concealed. 

Matagpos-a-l o be deficient; fail. 

Matagpuan-a-1 o find detect; meet! en 
counter, discover hit on. 

Matagumpay-t;-To triumph exult; 

Matahimik v-To become calm, peaceful; 
serene or quiet. 

Matahimik-ariv.-Quietly: calmly. 

Mataho-v-To know; be able; expe- 

Matacaw rt-Gluttonous; greedy; sharpset; 
ravening hoggish. 

Matakot a Afraid terrified; intimidated 
trenmlous; timid; fearful. 

Matakutin-aTremulous; timid: fearful; 
cowardly; apprehensive; sensitive; 
corward: chickenhearted 

Matalas a Cute; cunning; sly; sagacious; 
fine; smart lively: knowing; crafty; dil- 
igent adroit shrewd; discerning: 
ready: delicate perfect. 
Matalas ang isipa-Learned: sharp: intel- 
lifcrent; skillful skillful; awake; know; 
ing; ingenious; able; sagacious; keen; 
sapient; sage; watchful; lively. 
Matalas ang mata a Sharp eyed. 
Matalas magmasid rt Cunning; saga- 
Matalastas 7/-T0 know; understand; com 
prebend: prove, demon8trate;manifest; 


Matalim-a Sharp; pointed; edged. 

Matalino a-Clear: circumspect; witty; 
prudent judicious wise knowing; 
sharp; sensible light; acute discreet; 
learned smart; intelligent skillful; sa- 
gacious sage sapient; mature. 

Matalo V- To lose. 

Matarabog-r-To throw to another. 

JMatambok a-8wollen. 

Ma tamis-w Sugar sweets. 

Matamis a Sweet dulcet. 

Matampuhina-Sulky. touchy; pout- 

Matanda-a-Old aged; decrepid, ancient; 
antiquated antique. 

Matandang galitn Rancor grudge. 

Matandaan a- viindful retentive. 

Matanga "-To astonish; stupefy. 

Matangisin-a Touchy; snivelling. 

Matankad «Tall straight. 

Matantov-To understand; hear. 

Matapang-r-Brave; valiant, bold; in- 
trepid; spirited; vigorous; gritty: re- 
doubtable courageous stong; firm: 
gallant; doughty, graceful: stalwart; 
stalworth spunky plucky agressive; 
saucy; pungent: poignant. 

Mataposu- o finish; terminate; end; 
perish: die; conclude. 

MatarokvTo enter; penetrate: remark; 
sound; be understood; judge. 

Matastasv-To rip; ravel. 

Matatag-a-Strong; robust vigorous: firm; 
fast; resolute; consistent inflexible; 
solid; stubborn tight. 

Matatagv-To be established, ordained 
or enacted. 

Matatahanan a Inhabitable. 

Matatakutin-a Fearful, timorous; timid; 

Matatangap a- Ad nissible; acceptable; 
fit; proper; recievable. 

Matatawanin-a-Smiling agreeable. 

Matayoga-High; tall; elevated 

Matayong v-To obstruct check stop. 

Matibay-rt-Firm; storng staple; com 
pact; stout; sound; permament; per 
feet: fast; steady: resolute: secure; 
entire: constant; coarse complete; 
solid; vigorous ;hard; rigid, informed, 

Matibay na loob a-Constant; loyal; ma- 
nifest; steadfast; firm. 

Matigast a Hard; solid; subborn; firm; 
inflexible; vigorous: tight. 

Matigas ang biihok balahibo a- 

Matigas ang ugali rt-Stubborn; pertina- 
ceous; obstinate. 

Matigas ang ulo-a-Stubborn; pertina- 


ceous obstinate, contumelious, dog- 
ged; tenaceous. 

Maiigmak-i' To impregnate; be im- 
pregnated; soak. 

Matiis a- Colorable; sufferable constant; 
obstaining; obsiinent. firm; loyal; 

Matikmanv-To try; attempt; experience; 
taste^ experiment. 

Matili-M Shrill. 

Mat im bang- 1'- Co balance; counterpoise; 
be weighed. 

Matindi a-Heavy; weighty, cumbro 
strong; cumbersome. 

Matinik a-Thorny spiny. 

Matiningr-To re-ound; tingle. 

Matining na kaloobano- Brave; strong; 

Matining na loob-n Moderate: forbear- 
ing temperate kind obliging; polite; 
constant; manifest, brave, valiant; 
firui loval. 

Matinkal aCloddv. 

Matipi-a-To compress; be compressed. 

Matipip-a Economic; frugal; econom- 
ical; close; stingy. 

Matira-f- To remain; stay; stop over; 

Matisod-r-To stumble stub. 

Matisuran a-Stuuibling tripping. 

Matitiis «Tolerating abstemious; suf 
ferable; abstaining. 

Matitirahan-a Inhabitable; habitable. 

Matiyaga «-Constant loyal; firm; dili: 
gent: tolerating; sufferable. 

Matong n Hamper; basket. 

Matowa-/; To be happy, gay, merry, de- 
lighted rejoiced. 

Matowid-a Right; legal; la fnl; just; 
constitutional; honest: upright; 
straight direct pointblank. 

Matowid a^y. -Rationally; justly; honest, 
ly gihteously. 

Matsing-7i- vionkey. 

Matuiran V To debate discuss; dispute; 
controvert reason. 

Matiibo «Lucrative profitable: flour 
ishing; thriving increasing; growing. 

Matuklasan i?-Te discover; detect; find; 

Matulin-a Swift; quick fast, nimble; 
rapid; prompt; hasty; precipitate; 

Matulin-ar2(\-Rapidly: lightly; quickly; 
ready; promptly; precipitately. 

Matulad-vTo resemble; be similar. 

Matulis «Sharp pointed; marked. 

Matulogi'-To sleep: doze; slumber. 

Matuloy r To continue; proceed; effect 


Matumal-a Dull depressive, 

Matumbakan v To conjecture; assert; 
guess hit upon: stamp. 

^latunaw-v-lo dissolve; liquefy; melt. 

Matunaw ang kinain-v-To digest. 

Matungkolv- 1 o respect; belong or per- 
tain to apportain; concern, relate; 
refer, behoove correspond. 

Matunog-a Sonorous; resounding; loud. 

Matuto-v-To learn; experience: com- 

"Matutol n Respondent: replier. 

Matuto a Ready; having the last word. 

Matutol v-To respond. 

Matutuhan vTo learn. 

Matuwa a Happy: joiful content sat- 
isfied; fain; gleeful; good humored; 

Matuyo-v-To dry up dessicate fall; 
pine away; become lean or thin. 

Mauban a-Hoary; grey headed: old; 

Maiibos v-To give out; expend; run out 
of; use up 

Maubo n-Hoarse with a cold. 

Maubuhin-aSubject to colds or hoar- 

Maugata Nervous robust: lithe; vigorous 

Miuhaw a-Thristy; dry. 

Maukol-v-To pertain; belong to; ap- 

^laukol sav-To belong, pertain; con- 
cern; behoove. 

Maukol sa amoy a Olfactory; pertain- 
ing to the sense of smell. 

Maulan a Rainy; showery; pluvious, 

Maulap-a Cloudy; hazy; forgy misty. 

Mauliningan-rTo hear imperfectly; 
hear indistinctlv. 

Maulol v-To dement; become crazy or 

Maumid-rt-Mute; short. 

Maumid-w-To stand mute or silent; 

Maumpog-y To bump against; run 

Mauna y-To go before; anticipate; go 
ahead; preceed. * 

Mauntogv-To bump against; oollide, 
strike against 

Maupo-vTo sit down. 

Mausisa-t7-To inquire; investigate; be 

Mausisain a-Inquisitive; curious. 


Mautak at mahinahon-a-Prudent; sedate. 

Mautal u-To stutter; stammer. 

Mautas-u-To finish; terminate; end; con- 

88 MAY 

Mauyam-rtCritical; scoffing; sarcastic; 

Mawanki vTo be similar or like; resem- 
ble; be alike. 

Mawala-v-To lose, be lost. 

Mawalan v-To lose be lost. 

Mawalan ang hiya v-lo become shame- 
less; lose one's sense of same 

Mawala ang dili-v-To lose one's sense 
of honor, 

Mawalan ang pitaganv-To lose one's 
selfrespect become rude or impru- 
dent; be disrespectful. 

Mawatasan v-To understand; compre- 
hend know. 

May-v-To have; possess contain, hold. 

Mayabang-a Boasting; bragging; boast; 
ful; vaunting: conceited; blown; vain- 
proud; haughty: whimsical. 

Mayabang (an^;-w-Boaster. bragger. 

Mayabong a Leafy; luxuriant; branchy; 

Mayaman-a-Rich potent; weal hy; opu- 
lent; powerful: eminent; affluent. ^ 

Mayamotv-To disgust; vex; displease; 
molest loathe; irritate lose patience- 
Maya mutin n-Tedious; tiresome dis- 
gusting irksome; loathe some irrita. 
ble; vexatious. 

May anim na panulukan-a Sixcornered; 

May apat na mukha a-Four faced; qua- 
drilateral; having four faces. 

May apat na paa-a-Fourfooted; quad- 

May ari-w-Owner; propietor; lord; 

May ari ng daong w-Shipowner. 

May ari ng gilingin n-Miller, mill- 

May asin aSalty: briny: saline. 

May bait-a Judicious; prudent; discreet. 

May buiga Bunchy; full pf bunches. 

May butoa-Bony. 

May damdam-a Suffering; sick; indis- 
posed; feeling: patient. 

May dangal-a-Honorable illustrious; no- 
ble; gentlemanly, honest. 

May daya-a Counterfeit false; cheating. 

May duda a-Doubtful; mistrustful. 

May dunonga-Wise: intelligent; apt 
erudite; knowing; fit learned. 

May galit a-Angry; mad. 

May gawa w-Author; maker. 

May gawaa Busy. 

May guhit aStriped; full of lines. 

May gusto a Voluntary. 

May gusto-rtriv.-Voluntarily. 

May haligi-a Columnar. 

May halong lupa «Terrene; earthy. / 

May hanga-a-Limited; finite, bounded. ,■ 



May isipa-Rational; prudent, judicious; 

May kamaDdajGc-oBaneful; poisonous. 
May kapal-n Creator. 
May kasalanan a Culprit delinquent. 
May katawan-a Corporeal ; corpulent 

plump; fat obese. 
May katowirBn a-Justiiicable. 
May katungculan nOfficeholder; One 

who has a trade or vocation. 
May katungculan magbayad-n-Paymas- 

May kaya-a- Competent; fit able; apt; 

proper; sufficient; enougli. 
May lalang w-Creator. 
May lafigib o-Scabby. 
May lipak a-Callous. 
May hihaa Weeping. 
May malaking nasa a Greedy; ravenous; 

very desirous. 
May man sa a- Stained spotted; dirty. 
May raanamang kalooban a-Malevolent; 

malignant; malicious angry. 
May maraming butaa a Cellular* 
May maraming hitsura-a-Multiform. 
May nana a-Fiirulent. 
May figipin-a-Toothed. 
May pafigintindi*a-Intelligent; skillful; 

learned; knowing; wise. 
May pagitan-a/it?.-At intervals; by 

May pagcaulolulol-a Foolish; silly; half- 
May pagsala-a-Fallable. 
May pakinabangrt Profitable useful; 

gainful; proficious. 
May pahid na sebo-a-Greasy; greased. 
May pakpaka Pennate. 
May pafigako-a Votary 
May pafiganiba-Dangerous; perilous, 

May paf^ganib mahuloga-AVevering; 

unsteaby. unstable. 
May panganib mahulog arfv.-Waveringly. 
May pawis flt-Sweaty; perspiring- 
May pitagan n-Respectful; honorable; 

noble gentlemanly. 
May puri-a-Honorable; honest; pure; 

just fair; virgen. 
May putika-Muddy; miry. 
Mayroon-r-To have: possess: cointain. 
May sakitaSick; ill; unwell; infirm; 

May sakit-n Patient; sufferer; sick 

May salart- Faulty; guilty; dilinquent; 

May sala-M-Dilinquent; offender; crimi- 



May salapi a Rich wealthy. 
May sugat a Wounded 
May sungay-a-Horned. 
May supil sa kamatayan a-Mortal; fa- 
tal deadlv. 
May sutla a Silken. 

May tali a-Subject; tied knotted; bcund. 
May tangan Motheaten. 
May tanim sa looba Angry; wroth; 

May tatlong ngipin n-Trident. 
May tatlong ngipin-n-Trident. 
May tatlong panulukana-'iriangular. 
May tatlong panulukann Triangle. 
May tatlong wika-a-Trilenguar. 
May tinik-n Thorny: spiny. 
May tubo-a Profitable; gainful. 
May tnka a-Beaked. 
May tulis a-Poited sharp. 
May uban - a - Hoary, white headed; 

Mayungib-a Pitted: full of holes. 
May nod a- Worm eaten. 
May usap w-Litigant. 
MaytiHCula-w Capital letter. 
May utang wDebtor. 
May walong silaba-a-Octosyllabic. 
Mercurio-M Mercury. 
Mey-v To have: possess; contain. 
Minamahal-v- Beloved; dear; favorite; 

Mina ng asinw-Salt mine. 
Minindal-w-Luncheon; lunch. 
Mitsa-n-Lamp-which: which. 
Mo />ro.-Thy: thine; your; yours. 
Monje w Monk. 
Muang-a Foolish, ignorant; artless; 

M ugmog-n-GargJe. 
Mugmoginv-To gargle. 
Majhi-wMolestation xexation: disgust; 

abhorence; hardshid; detestation; 

Muhiin-a-Disgusting: teidous; irritable; 

impatient: loathesome. 
MukhawFace: aspect: surface: shape; 

outside; countenance; looks; front; 

cover; side. 
Mukhaan-v-To face: make a face. 
Mukha ng dahon ng libro-n-Page of 

a book. 
Mukhang angel-a-Seraphic angelic. 
Mula-n-Beginning; origination; origin. 
M\ilaj)re2?.-Since; after. 



Mula adv. Since; after. 
Mulaan v-To commence; begin; under- 
take, attempt. 
Mulain-v To commence; begin attempt. 

undertake, examine, investigate. 
Muli-a^Zy. -Again. 
Mulihin-v-To grind. 
Muling buraalik-v-To return come back 

Muling gawin-t/'-To reproduce; do again; 

do over. 
Muling ibigkis v-To rebundle rebind. 
Muling ipatnugot v-To renew a lease or 

Muling kathain-vTo reproduce. 
Muling mubuhay-v-To acquire new life; 

Muling magsisui-vTo resprout. 
Muling magsupling t7-'I'o resprout. 
Muling tingnan-tvTo review; revise. 
Multa v-Mulct fine; forfeit. 
Multahan r-To fine; mulct; make pay a 

Multiplicando ^-Multiplicand. 
Muna-a^v.-Before; prior, 
Mundo w World. 

90 NAG 

Muni-w Peanut. 

Munika-w Doll. 

Munti a-Small; little. 

Munti ang halaga-a-Trifling; light; of no 

Munting duende n-Elfin. 
Munting damdam-w Indisposition. 
Munting trabaho-w-Chore 
Muog-n-Rampart; wall. 
Munting piraso ag lupawPlot; plat. 
Mura-a Cheap; valueless, tender; young; 

modern, new; recent. 
Muraw Curse; imprecation. 
Mura ang halaga a Cheap; valueless; 

Murahin-v-To insult; revile; abuse; 

affront; accurse; curse; detract; vilify; 

Muselina-w Muslin. 
Miisica w-Music. 
Miisicow Musician. 
Musonn- Landmark. 
Mustasa w-Mustard; mustard greens. 
Mutain-w Soreeyed. 
Mutyang a Beloved; dear, darling. 

Najpro/?-.Wlio; which; that, whom, 

Naagaw tulog a-Sleepy; drowsy. 

Naayon sa niatowid a-Just; lair, equi- 
table; honorable; according to right. 

Naayos-a-Shipshape; arranged. 

Naayos sa mabuting caugalian-a Just; 
simple; sacred; honorable; noble; vir- 

Naayos sa matowid-a-Lawful; jnst; ac- 
cording to law. 

Nababagay «Convenient; fit; proper; 
suitable; proportional; correH4)onding. 

Nabangit-aSaid. aforesaid; aforemen- 
tioned; abovementioned. 

Nabibitin a Pendant; hanging; unpaid. 

Nabubuhay sa limos-wBeggar. 

Nabubukod a-Solitary; separated; lone; 
extra; especial; special; extraor- 
dinary; exceptional; rare uncommon. 

Nabubuiok-a Corrupting. 

Nabuloka Corrupt. 

Nadadapat a-Proper; fit; merited; cor- 

Nadadaya-a-Delusive; cheating; deciev- 

Nadarapat-a Proper, tit; corresponding; 

Nadarapat sa silong-a-Nasal; pertaining; 
to the nose. 

Nagaabot 7? Giver; donator. donor. 

Nagaiay-w-Dedication; give; donator; 

Nag aalon-alon a- Wavy; undulatory. 

Nag ampon a-Tutelary; helpful; tute- 
lar, protecting. 

Nag aantok-a-Sleepy; drowsy; somnam- 

Nagaaral-n Student; Scholar; pupil; di- 

Nagaaraw-7i Laborer; journeyman; mer- 


Nagaaso-a-Smoky; full of Smoke. 

Nagagalita-Angry; mad; hostile; 

Nagagatid-r-To be speechless; unable 
to explain. 

Nagagayak-aPrepared; provident; ready. 

Nagbabalita w-Narraton; relater; repor 
ter; herald. 

Nagbabalita a-Monitory; newsy; admon- 


Nagbabanalbanalan - w - H y p o c r i t i c a 1 ; 
false; demur. 

Nagbabayad-a-Retributive; [retributing; 

Nagbabayad-n-Payer; he who pays. 

Nagbibigay-wGiver; donor. 



Nagbibiliw-Buyer; seller. 

Nagbibili ng asin-n Salt dealer. 

Nagbibintai)gn-Imputor accuser. 

Nagbibisitan Visitor. 

Nagbigti n-Suicide. 

Nagbubuig-rt-Bunchy; full of bunchfs 
or clusters. 

Nagbubunga n Fertilizer. 

Nagdadakop-a Needy; in want. 

Nagdadalit-w- Vocalist. 

Nagdadalamhatin Sorrowful; low spi- 
rited; dejected 

Nadamdama-Sorrowful; low spirited, 


>'a^didiw«ing-nCelebrator; one who 

Navhabilin n-Repositor. 

Naghahalal-n-Elector; chooser. 

Naghahalaman-w-Gardener. rthoicultu- 

Naghahandog n-Donater; giver; donor. 


KaghahayadnHerald; reporter. 

Kaghihiman-v-'lo exi^t cause, make; 
form; practice; produce. 

Naghihingalo a Dying: dear death. 

Nag iibig-a-Loving; desirous; longing; 

^ag iinainalon-a-Wavy: undulatory. 

Nag iisaa-Solitary; lone; only; sole; 
singular, single; individual; particu- 
lar; especial; solus; lonely. 

Nag iisaa^iv. Alone; purely; simply. 

Nag iisipin a-Pensive; thoughtful. 

Nagising a Awake watchful lively. 

Nagkakaakma «Uniform; agreeing; fit; 
proper; convenient. 

lasting; asiduous. 

Nagkakahati-n-Hal ved 

Nagkakaisa-n- Attesting; unanimous; uni- 
form; confirming. 

Nagka kaloob n-Donor: giver. 

Nagka kapisan-o^r.-Unanimously; un- 
iformly; joinedly; conjointly. 

Nagka-kataonv-Accident; casualty; hap- 
pen ng. 

Nagkaroon-v.-Jm/?. Had. 

Nagkasala-nViolater. sinner; delinquent; 

Nagkataon-a-Accidental; casual; un- 
expected, fortuitous; haphazard. 

Nagkatoan-n Contingent; accident. 

Naglalakad n Pedestrian; traveler; 

Naglalako ng asin n-Saltdealer. 

Nagliligaw-n Lover; wooer; one who 


Naglalamana-Increasing; thriving; or 

Nagliliwanag a Radiant: resplendent; 

shining; glittering. 
* Nagluiulan a Containing having. 
Nagmanan Heir; lagatee. 
Najrnakaw-n-Robber; peculator; thief. 
Nagnanasaa-Desirious longing; eager; 

Nafniningning a Resplendent; glittering. 

Napangako-n Votarist; votaress; votary. 
Xagpapabunga-n-''>uit grower. 
Nagpapadala n Sender; remitee; remit- 
Nagpapap«yat a-Extenuating. 
Nagpapagayongayon-n-Tramp; hobo; 

Nagpapakati a Diminuitive. 
Nagpapakonowari-a-False; feigned. 
Nagpapala asa Strengthening. 
Nagpapalambot a Softening; mollifying. 
Nagpapaliit «Diminuitive. 
Nagpapalimos n Beggar. 
Nagpapaluang a-Laxative. 
Nagpapamana n- Legator. 
Nagpapastol-n-Herder; cowboy; herds- 
men; herdman. 
Nagpapaupa sa araw w-Laborer; jour- 

nevman; wor man. 
Nagpipigil w-Detainer; one who stops. 
Nagpipita-a-Desirous, longing; eager. 
Nagsasalawahann-Irresolute undecided; 

Nagsaysay-n-Narrator; relator; reporter; 

Nagsisisi n-Penitent. 
Nagsusumbong n-Accuser; informer; 

Nagtatangi-v T deny; refuse. 
Nagtatakbo-n-Runner. - 
Nagta^animn -Planter; farmer. 
Nagtitiis-n Sufferer; patient. 
Nagtitinda-n Seller vender. 
Nagtitinda ng binhi-n Seedsman. 
Nagtitinda ng bungang kahoy w-Fruit- 

Nagtitinda ng mga pagkain-n-Grocer. 
Nagtitira sa bundok-w-Mountaineer. 
Nagtuturo-n-Teacher; educator. 
Nag utos V. imp. -Bade. 
Naghahalal sa katungkulan-n-Elect; the 

Nahahanga a-Bordering; neighboring. 
Nahahapis-a-Grievous; pitiful. 


Nahibo-w- Victim. 

Nahihiyao Ashamed; shy; coy; crest- 
fallen; mortified. 

Nahuhuli-o-Last hindmost posterior. 

Naibigan-aLo vabl e. 

Nais w-Wish; desire; will; want, longing; 
eagerness; hankering lust; mind; as- 
piration; cupidity; whim anxiety. 

Nais ng sarili-n Self will. 

Naka-aakit-a- Attractive inductive. 

Naka-aalibadbad-a Nauseous. 

Nakaaalimura a Outrkgeous dish on 

Naka-aaliw a Loving; recreative, divert- 
ing; comfortable. 

Naka-aanyaya sa katamaran oLazy; In- 
dolent; inattentive. 

Naka-aaral-a-Wise; learned; sage. 

Nakaahon sa mga utang-a Solvent. 

Nababagot a-Sharp; rough; mordant dis- 


iSakabibigkis-o Bundled. 

Nakabitin a-Pensile; suspended. 

Nakabubulok a-Curruptive putrifying. 

Nakabubuti-a- Wholesome, heathful; sal- 


Nakadadaya a Delusive; illusive; deceit- 
ful; affected; claptrap; sham. 

Nakadayti «Touching: adjacent. 

Nakadudulit a Terrifying; frightful. 

NaKadudutfta-a Ignominious; disgraceful; 
dishonorable; reproachful; shameful. 

Nakadugtong a- Adjunct. 

Nakadugtongw- Appendix. 

Nakagagiling n Sanative. 

Nakagagalin sa katawan ri-Healthful; 

Nakagagalit-a Offensive onerous; dis 
agreeable; unpleasant; vexatious; ugly' 
immodest; homely; fastidious; 

Nakagayak-rt Prepared ready; prompt. 

Nakahahalina'a-Alluring attractive; 

Nakahalo-a-Mixed: mingled. 

Nakahanda-a- Prepared prompt; ready; 


Nakaharap a Present. 

Nakaharap adv. Present in front of. 

Nakahiga-a-Laid down; horizontal. 

Nakahigpit-a Tight; close; contracted. 

Nakahihibo-a^ Cheating deceiving illu- 
sive; alluring claptrap; guileful; 
sham: simulate. 

Nakahihikayat-a-Pro vocative; exeiting; 
quarrelsome; inciting. 

Nakahihilaa Attractive; inductive. 

92 NAK 

Nakhihinayang «Pitiful; sad; doleful; 

nible: hienous; shameless. 

Nakahilig a Minded inclined. 

Nakahiwalay-adv -Apart asunder. 


Nakakain a Eatable nutritous; nutritive. 

Nakakalakip adv.- Jointly, unitedly; 

Nakakalat-a-Sgattered; wide; open. 

Nakakalatadv.- Broadcast; wide. 

Nakalabas-a Free; unencumbered inde- 
pendent exempt unrestrained. 

Nakalagay a Situated; situate. 

Nakalaman-a-Full of meat; having 

Nakalilibang a Recreative; diverting. 

Nakalilinis a Cleansing; purifying. 

Nakaliliwanag-a Luminous; luminary; 
light giving. 

Nakaluhod-v. p. jo. -Knelt. 

Nakalulugod-a Affable, recreative pleas- 
ing; agreeable comfortable; happy; 
placid; gentle. 

Nakalulumbay-a Mournful; sad; mel- 
ancholy; saddening. 

Nakamamangha-a-Marvelous; v^ onderf u 1 ; 
astonishing; awe inspiring. 

Nakamamatay-a Fatal; deadly 

Nakamatay-n-Murderer; cutthroat. 

Nakamumuhi-a-Disagreeable disgust- 
ing; vexatious agravating. 

Nakangiti a Smiling agreeable; pleasant. 

Nakapagaantok-a-Sleepy; drowsy. 

Nakapagkakasakit a Morbid; unhealth- 
ful; sickening. 

Nakapagpapalakas a-Healthful; whole- 
some; salutary. 

Nakapagpapalambot a-Softening; mol- 

Nakapangingilabota-Hideous; frightful; 
shocking disgraceful; awful. 

Nakapangingimbuboa Enviable. 

Nakapapagod-a-Tiresome; tedious; anx- 
ious painful. 

Nakapapangit a-Ugly; disfiguring. 

Nakapipilit-o. Provocative, exciting 

persistent; inciting. 

Nakapilipit-a- Twisted. 


Nakaraan na-a- Preterit; past; gone by; 

Nakaririmarim a-Nasty; filthy; dirty; 
ugly; homely; immodest. 

Nakasabit-a-Pensile; suspended. 

Nakasadsad-a- Anchored . 

Nakasasaklaw sa lahat-a-Universal- 

NakasAsama a-Harmful bad;, evil; pre- 
judicial; pernicious; vicious; wicked. 


NAM 93 

Nakasisindak-a-TerrifyiDg; terrible; 
awful terrific; dreadful. 

NakasisiraaCorruptive; pernicious; 

JNakasisira ng katawan aUnhealthful; 

Nakasisira ng malaki a-Destructive. 

Nakasisira ng purl a-Ignominuus; dis- 
graceful; blighting; ugly, homely; 

Nakasusuka a-Nanseous. 

Nakasusuklam-a Disgusting; ugly ; 

homely, immodest. 

Nakasusunok a-Sweet but not palatable; 
sickening sweet 

Nakasusuya-a-Sweet but not palatable; 
sickening sweet. 

Nakataan sa DlOS a Sacred; lioly. 


Nakatataho a Learned. 

Nakatatakot a-Timorous timid; fearful. 

Nakatatalastas-a-Learned; wise. 

Nakatatawaa- Laughable, ludricous; fa- 
cetious, jocose good natured. 

Nakatatawag sa iba-n-Attractive; allur- 
ing inductive. 

Nakatayo a-Perpendicular. 

Nakatitibay a-Strengthening; corrobor- 

Nakatotowa-a-Oheerful; entertaining 
happy; joyful. 


Kakatufigo a-Directory. 

Nakatutuwa a-Pleasing; happy; enter- 
taining cheering, cheerful, joyous. 

Nakatutuyo a-Dessicated. > 


Nakaupo-t7. p. p -Sat. 

Nakaw-n-Thef robbery. 


Nakawin-uTo steal; rob; plunder, pec- 
ulate; filch; thieve. 

NakayamotaGrievous: vexatious. 

Nayayayamot a-Fastidious; disagreeable; 
tedious; unpleasant; offensive. 

Nakita-n-That which was seen. 

l^ak\ta.'Vimp. Saw. 

Na;ita-n- Wages; salary: earnings. 

Nalaban a Opposite; adverse; contrary. 

Nalalahok-a-Mixed: mingled. 

Nalalayo-a-Distant; far, remote. 

Nalalaman-t7 im^. Knew. 

NaliligayaaGlad; content; joyful. 

Nalilihim a-Secret; confidential. 

Nalilimutan-a- Forgetful. 

Nalimutanv. imp. -Forgotten; forsaken. 

Nalulugod a Happy; glad; gay; cheerful; 


Namamagitan-a- Intervening; interme- 
diate; mediating. 


Namamanhid a*Nunib. 

Namamaos a-Husky. 

Namamanginoon-u-To hunt a superior; 
recognize one's superiors. 

Naman-a/2t7 -Also; likewise, moreover; 
even; still; yet; as yet; never the- 
less equally; evenly. 

Namatay-r. imp -Died dead. 

Namimili ng asin nSaltbuyer. 

Naminami-w Nauseous, loathesome des- 

Naminami a- Nausea; despicableness. 

Namnamn- Taste, relish pleasure; de- 
light choice; caprice mind. 

Namnamin-v To taste, relish like;enjoy. 

Wamumukud a Singular; single individ- 
ual particular; surpassing; excellent. 

Namumuho ang dugo-r-To contuse. 


Namumula-v To become red. 

Namumunga r-Te bear fruit. 

Namumutt v-To whiten; become white. 

Namumutla-a-Discolored; pale, pallid; 

Namumutla-v-To grow or become pale 
or pallid. 

Nanan-Pus; gleet. 

Nanalo V. imp.Won. 

Nanalo-w-Victor winner. 

Nananainga-w-Hearer; listener; auditor. 

}^a.tig prep. For. about to, in. on; with 
if; as by; on account. 

Nangagaw ng isang babayi w Rapist; 

Nangangalakal hg puri ng isang ba- 
bayi n-Pimp. 

Nanganganinag-v-To be transparent. 

Nangangaral-n Preacher orator; speaker. 

Nangangatal-a Tremulous, quivering. 

Nang hindi-v To refuse. 

Nagi-inter.-Meaning disgust. 

Nangingibig w Lover 

Nanginginig-a-Tremulous quivering. 

Nangingitim-r-To blacken; beconce 
black, dark, or brown 

Nangis n-Whimper;cry8;obsnivel whine 

Nang panahong yaon-adv.-Then; at 
that time. 

Nangyari n&p. p. done, 

Nangyari na-v. imp,J)'id. 

Nangyari na a Preterit past. 

Nangyaring sabay-a-Simultaneous. 

Nayayari-w-Event; issue; success. 

Naninigas-v-To become hard: harden. 


Nanininta o-Lover: sweetheart. 

Nanonood-w-Spectator; looker on; by- 
stander; gazer' 




Kanumpa ng di totoo ?i-Perjurer; for- 

>anunuluyan-n-Lo(lger; boarder: guest. 

l^apahiya vTo be ashamed. 

Napakadakiia a-Excellent; magnificent; 
potent, fine; grand. 

Napakatulis a Very sharp. 

>apakatuyo-a-Very dry. 

Napapagal-o-1 iresome, fatiguing; griev- 

Napapaloob ar^y.-Withim. 

Nararamdaman a Sensitiva feeling; sen- 
sible; perceptible painful. 

Nararapat a Worthy; meritable; suit- 
able; serving. 

Nasunogv. mjp.-Burned; hurt. 

Nasusuklam ang loob a Disgusted; rest- 
less; sorrowful. 

Nasusulok-z/-'' o be in the corner. 

Natakpan-a Covered. 

Natatago a-Secret; hidden; dark: con- 

Natatalaga-a. Intentional; disposed, 


Natatalagaa//v -Purposely; inten- 
tionally; always. 

Natatangi-a-l o be retired; refuse; sep- 
arate; divide. 

Natatapat-a Proper fit; convenient. 

Natatapat-«(iy. Opposite; in front. 

Natatapos a-Terminable; transitory tran- 

Natav n- utthroat: murderer. 

Natav sa ama n Patricide. 

Natay sa hari-yt-Re^icide. 

Nat ay sa ina-w Matricide. 

^-'atay sa kapvva n-Hoinicide; murder. 

Natav sa sarili-w Suicide. 

Natimawa-a Free unencumbered: inde- 
pendent exempt; unrestrained. 

Natotowa-a Glad pleased; liappy; gay; 
merry, cheerful; joyous; entertaining. 

>'aturan na a AforeHaid;abovementioned. 

Natutungcolrt- According; belonging; per- 

N'atutungcol sa regla a-Regnlar; accord- 
ing to rules or regulations. 

Natutvvaa Glad; happy free; pleased; 
jovous merrv: content; contentted. 

yauna-a-Foremobt; first; previous; pri- 

Nauuhaw a-Thirstv; drv. 

Nauukol a-To pertain or belong to. 

Nauukol a-Fit; apt. 

Nauukol sa (X Revelant. 

N.'uiukol sa alipin-a Servile; slavish; 

Nauukol sa alon n-'J i<lal; wavy. 

Nauukol sa ama a-Patrimonial; pater- 
nal; fatherly. 














> auukol 










Nauukol sa anak-a- Filial; childish; per 

taining to children. 
Nauukol sa ara a-Solar. 
Nauukol sa aso a-Canine: doggish. 
Nauukol sa awit-a-l;egendary. 
Nauukol sa babayi a Feminine; woman- 
ly womanirh. 
Nauukol sa baboy-a-Porcine. * 

bakang lalaki a-Taurine. 
bata a Perule childish. 
Bathala a-Sacred; godly; 

bubog-a Vitreous, 
buto a B« ny. 
kristal-a Vitreous, 
dati a Primeval. 
dugoa-Sanguine; sangui- 

gatas a Milky; lacteal. 

>' auukol sa gawa-a-Pertaining to work. 

Nauukol sa gobierno-rt- Administrative; 

Nauukol sa halamanan a Horticultural. 

Nauukol sa hilagaan-a-Polar, pertaining 
to nhe north. 

Nauukol sa historia-a-Historical; histo- 

Nau kol sa hukom-a-Juridic; juridical. 

Nauukol sa ilog a-Fluvial. 

Nauukol sa ilong-a-Nasal. 

Nauukol sa infierno rt Hellish; infernal. 

Nauukol sa itim-a Ethiopic; ethiopian, 
pertaining to black. 

Nauucol sakaluluwa-a Spiritual; ghostly. 

Nauukol sa kalunuran a Occidental; west- 

Nauucol sa kapanganacan a-Natal; na 

Nauukol sa karunungan-a-Scientific. 

Nauukol sa kasal-a-Nuptial; connubial; 

Nauukol sa katawan-a-Bodily. 

Nauukol sa konvento «Monastic. 

Nauukol sa kosina a-Culinary. 

Nauukol sa lalaki a Male: virile. 

Nauukol sa lamesa-a-Tabular. 

Nauukol sa laway-a Salivous. 

Nauukol sa liiga-Jugular. 

Nauukol sa likod-a-Dorsal. 

Nauukol sa limbag a-Editoial. 

Nauukol sa lingo-a- Weekly. 

Nauukol sa lulod a-Tibial. 

Nouukol sa lupa-rtEartly;terrene; world- 
ly: earthy. 

Nauukol sa lupang tinubuan-a Vernac 

Nauukol sa pagkakasama-a-Social; com- 
panionable; sociable. 

Nauukol sa mana-a Hereditary 
Nauukol sa mga kulay-a-Chromatis. 



Nauukol sa pag iisip-alntellectual; 
mental; ideal. 

Nauukolsapagkain riNutritious nutrive 

Kauukool sa pagkakapatid a Brother- 
ly fraternal. 

Nauukol sa pagsasaysaya Narrative. 

Nauukol sa pagtangi-a-Negative; neg- 

Nauukol sa pagtatawa-a Laughable 

Nauukol sa paoahona Chronic; prime- 

Nauukol sa parang-a-Rural rustic. 

Nauukol sa paskong mahabaa Quad- 

Nauukol sa patay a-Obituary. 

Nauukol sa puso a Cordial; sincere. 

Nauukol sa religion aSacred; holy. 

Nauukol sa sacramento a Sacramental. 

Nauukol sa salapi-a-Pecuniary. 

Nauukol sa katawohan-a National. 

Nauukol sa serapin-a Seraphic, angelic. 

Nauukol sa su'at-a Graphic. 

Nauukol sa tingin-a Visual. 

Nauukol sa tiyan a Ventrial. 

Nauukol sa umaga a-Matin. 

Nauukol sa voces a- Vocal, 

Nauukol sa volcan-a Volcanic. 

Nauna a-Primitive; former, anterior pre- 

Nauuso a-Customary; fashionable; fre- 

Nauutal-a-Tongue tied; stuttering; stam- 

Nauutas-v To finish; te»*minate. 

Nawala ang diwa-w Spiritless; languid; 
weak; downhearted. 

Nayon-w-Suburb district; territory . ham- 
let; burg; small village. 

Negrow Negro ethiopian; ethiop. 

Nuetro a-Neuter. 

Nga-ait7.-Well; then, since; therefore. 

Ngalann-Narae; vocable: denomination. 

Ngalanan-v-To name; denominate; give 
a name; nickname. 

Ngala ngala-w-The roof of the mouth; 

Ngasab w-Munching; crunching. 

Ngatngat-w Gnaw; gnawing. 

Ngatngatin-a'lo gnaw. 

Ngayon-a(iv.-^ow; at the present time. 

Ngayon aiaw adi'.-Today. 

Ngayon dinadv.-Now; immediately; in- 
stantly: plumb. 

Ngiaw w Mew. 

. O-PO 

Ngiba a-Singular individual; particular. 

Ngibit-n Grimace, wrv face. 


Ngimi w emerity; scare; fright. 

Ngingi 7t The edge of the eyelids or 

Ngiain-n- Tooth. 

Ngipinin at paglapatin t; To mortise. 
Ngiwi w Grimace. 
Ngumasab-r lo crunch; munch. 
Ngumiaw-r-To Mew. 
Ngumiki-r To chill. 
Ngumiti-r-To smile. 
Ngumuso-r-To pout; pucker. 
Ngumuya-r-To masticate: chew. 
Nguni cow^'.-But. nevertheless, except; 

Nguso-w Up'^er lip. baboy 6 hay op n Snout; nose. 
Ngusnan a-Longsnouted. 
Ngusuyan-r-To point with the nose. 
Nguyain-i'-To chew; masticate. 
Ni j??'e/.-To; of; from; vvic on; by; for. 
Mla7?ro. -Their; their^^. 
Nilay wThought: meditation, idea. 
Nilayinr-ro think; muse, moditate; 

contemplate; consider. 
Nilimbag-«-Pamphlet; printed matter; 

Ninakaww Theft; robbery; that which 

has been sfrolen. 
Ningas-n-Fervency; flame; ferventness, 

Ningnin^'-w-Lwsteo, glitter brilliancy; 

brightness shine; refulgency; reful- 

gecce. scint'Ua; shimmer, gleen. 
Niog w Cocoanut. 
Nipis w-Thinness. 
Nipisan-r-To thin niake thin 
Niya7?ro.-His; her it's; hers. 
Nivon-o^t'.-Then; at that time. 
Noon Forehead. 

Noon twir. -Then; at that time; when. 
Nunal n-Mole. 
Nunon Grandfather; grandmother;spec- 

tre; specter; spight: pantom. 
Nuno sa taUmpakan-n Great; great- 
Nutnut a Ravellings. 
Nutnotin I'-To unravell. 
Nuynoy n-Exploratiou: examination. 
Nuynoyin r-To explore; examine; name, 



Octubre-w October. 

Ooo^r-Ves; sure ave; vea; indeed, 
O opo-a<'?r.YeK sir; yes-ma'am. 


Ora8 n Hour time. 
Oraaion-n-Orison. even; eve. 
Oras ng camatayan w-'l he hour of death. 
Orason-w-Clock watch; timepiece. 
Ordenanzaw Ordenance bylaw. 
Oropel w-Tinsel. 

96 PAG 

Oroy-iw^fr Begone; gitout; hum. 
Owang-n-Horned bug which rembleslhe 

June bug. 
Oy a mn- Mockery; scoffery; jeer; eneer, 

scoff; hoax. 
Oyamin-v-To riducule, scoff, jeer. 

Pa ofi/;.- Yet; still, notwith standing. 


Paalam-n-Goodbye; adieu: valediction; 

Paalisin-r-To dismiss; send away; pnt 
out dispel. 

Paamoin-vTo tame; domesticate. 

Paamuin-t7To tame domesticate. 

Paa ng ibon 6 hayop na ang 
kuko-n-Talon: claw. 


Paano a<iv.-How; as; why; in what man- 

Paano iyan How is that. 

Paano na ay hindi-By no means; in no 

PaasahanvTo give hope. 

Paaasohan v-To make or cause to 

Pa asohann Smoke stack: chimney. 

Paasohin-w-To smoke, fumigate. 

Pababain-vTo lower. 

Pababain ang loobv-To humble; hu- 
miliate tame; dishearten. 

Pabalik-a Reverse backward. 

Pabalikan-v-To reverse; rebut. 

Pabaliktad a Contrary, reversed. 

Pabangisin-r-To make wild or fierce. 

Pabango w Perfume odor. 

Pabangohan-v To perfume. 

Pabaya-a Indolent; neglectful; lazy; 
negligent careless heedless; inju- 
«liciouH indescreet, inert; forgetful; 
indifferent; devious: inadvertent; 
improvident; slovenly, slouchy. 

Pabayaan v-To neglect; omit; forget; 
overlook: abandon; countenance; quit, 
leave; let; relinquish; forsake. 


Pabigat-n- Weight burden; ballast. 

Pabiglabiglaoiiy.-Hastily; hurriedly; 

Pabilin-w Compliments; message; errand; 

Pabuis-n- Interest: profit; gain. 

Pabulabukin sa lalamunan-r-To gargle. 

Pabnya H Premiun; prize; reward; boun- 
ty; encouragement; inducement; stimu 

Padakilain-v-To extol, exalt; sublimate; 
elevate; manify. 

Padaluyan ng tubig-w Canal; gutter; 

Padapa-a-Prone facedown. 

Pader na lupa-w Mud-wall. 

Padilagin-i/'-lo embellish: aggrandize; 
beautify adorn, emboss; raise; elevate; 

Padilimin-t?-To blacken; darken; blind: 

Padparan v To pare shorten; cut away; 

Padparin-v-To equalize; match; make; 


Pag aagawan w-Scrambling; snatching; 
scrambling match. 

Pag aalaala n-Remembrance; reflexion; 
thought thinking; meditation; con- 

Pag aalab ng loob-n-Passion; rage; an- 
ger; strong love. 

Pag aalaga-w-Tutelage education breed- 
ing; taking care of; bringing up. 

Pag aalay-w-Dedication; consecration; 
present; offer, gift 

Pag aalis-w-Going; leaving; evacuation. 

Pag aaliw-w-Diversion; sport; merry- 
making, liesure; recreation; consola- 
tion: comfort entertainment; amuse- 
ment; pastime. 

Pag aalsa-7i-Rebellion: uprising; insur 
rection: mutiny; riot. 

Pag aampon-w- Protection support, main- 
tainance: kindness; favor; patron- 
age help; aid; tutelage. 

Pa gaanin-v-To lighten, aleviate; make 

Pag aanito-w-Tdolatry: inordinate love. 

Pag aanyaya-wlnvitation. 

Pag aapoyw Kindling, ignition; setting 

on fire. 
Pag aaral-w-Study; learning; instruction; 

Pag aarin- Fortune; wealth; estate farm. 
Pag aari sa salaping buisan-n- Mortgage; 

pledge; security. 
Pag aasawa sa dalawa-n-Bigamy. 



Pag aaway-n-Fight war; combat; dis- 
pute; quarrel; conflict; contest; disa- 

Pag abuloy-w-Aid; help; succor; as- 

Pag agap-n-Activity; lacrity; quickness; 

Pag agaww- Scrambling; snatching; 
rape; pillage; plundering; marauding 

Pag ahit-w-Shave; shaving. 

Pag ahon-n-Going up; ascendency, 

Pag akayn-Leading; teaching; drawing. 

Pag agkyat-n-A-cension ascendency. 

Pagal-n-Fatigue; hardship; weariness; 
molestation; work. 

Pagal a- Wearisome; tiresome; fatiging; 

Pagdld-w-Pelican . 

Pag alangan ng loob-a-Uncertainty per- 
plexity; irresolution: wavering; hesi- 
tation; suspicion; suspense. 

Pag alimura-nlnsult abuse; reproach; 
slander; denunciation. 

Pag alalay n-Support: help; assistance. 

Pagalingin v-To cure; heal; mend; 
heighten; extol. 

Pagalingin-w-To clean or clear land; 
prepare brush land for planting. 

Pag alipusta-w-Insult; abuse; effence; 
effontry; contempt denunciation vi- 
tuperotion; vilification; injury; abus- 

Pagal isn- Start; departure; egress; 
agression; exodus. 

Pagalitan-v-To anger make angry. 

Pag alitan-w-Cause of a quarrel. 

Pag ambag-w-Contribution; subscription; 

Pagandahin-r-To beantify; embellish; 
adorn; decorate; emboss. 

Pag angil-w-Growling: snarling; grum- 

Pag anin-Crop; harvest. 

Pagano w Pagan. 


Pag apaw-n-Inundation; overflow. 

Pag api-w Grievance. 

Pag apid-n- Adultery. 

Pag aguhap-n-Groping; hunting for any- 
thing by feeling; blind man's stick. 

Pag asa-n Hope; expectancy. 

Pag asiste-n-Help; assistance; aid. 

Pag ato-j-Poise. 

Pag ayawn Refusal denial; quitting. 
Pagayongayon a Lazy; indolent; idle; 
careless; negligent; wandering; slip- 
shod- harumscarum. 
lazily; negligently. 


Pag ayusin-v-To arrange; regulate; set 
in order. 

Pagbaba n-Descent; descencion. 

Pagbabadbadn Steeping, soaking; wet- 

Pagbabagn-Fight; mutiny: riot. 

Pagbabagan Kindling; ignition setting 
on fire. 

Pagbabago n Renewing, change; altera- 
tion: transfiguration; metamorphosis. 

Pagbabagong lakas n Convalescence: re- 

Pagbabahagi-n Partition division, 

Pagbabahin n Sneezing; sneeze. 

Pagbabahog n Incorporation. 

Pagbabaka n War; fight; conflict; fray 
combat; dispute. 

Pagbabala-a-Threat menace; intention. 

Pagbabalbas n Flattery. 

Pagbabalayi n Wedding; nuptials. 

Pagbabalibag n Throw, cast; casualty. 

Pagbabalintuna n Doing of anything by 
another, that should be done by one's- 
self reverse perpersity; perverseness. 

Pagbabalita-n-Narration relation; notifi- 
cation reference: telling of news. 

Pagbabaliwas n Traffic; trading; com- 

Pagbabalot w-Package; wrapping: baling. 

Pagbaba^uktot w-The bending; clinching. 

Pagbabanaln Virtue; sanctification; vir- 
tuousness purity chastity. 

Pagbabasta ng kalakal n- Packing; pac- 
kage.- baling. 

Pagbabawas wDimunition; decline; 

Pagbabayadw Payment; pay; retribution- 
reward; disbursement; quittance. 

Paebabayad nglubos-w-Satisf action; grat- 
ification; recompence. 

Pagbabayad ng upaw Payment; recom- 

Pagbagayin v-To adjust; adapt: fit; make 
proper or convenient. 

Pagbago w-Renewal;alteration;renewing; 

Pagbaha w Overflow; inundation. 

Pagbala w Threat; challenge; impeach- 

Pagbalak w-Intention; innouncement. 

Pagbalik w-Return; devolution. 

Pagbanalbanalan-w Hypocricy. 

Pagbangit n Mention; allusion. 

Pagbdsa n Wetting; moistening. 

Pagbdsa n Reading. 

Pagbatak wPull; haul; tug; draw; pul- 
ling; tugging;, regress, 
Pagbati n Salutation; greeting; salute. 
Pagbatiinv-To salute;g reet; reconcile. 
Pagbawalan-w Prohibition; prohibiting. 



Pagbawalan r-To prohibit; d ep r i v e ; 

Pagbawan ng kahoy-n-The felling of 

Pagbawas w-Dwindle. 

Pagbawi-w Recovery; red em tion. redeem- 
ing; retaliation. 

Pagbayaran-n- Payment: recompence. 

Pagbibigay-n-Giving offer; gift bequest; 
legacy ; present; presentation; gratuity. 

Pagbibigay ng upan-Payment. 

Pagbibigay parte ^Notification; par- 

Pagbibigla n-Haste; hurry; confusion; 
tumult, speed. 

Pagbibilang-w-Count; counting; enume- 


Pagbibilinn-Oommission ; command ; 
errand; charge; request; recommenda- 

Pagbibilog-w Rotation; rounding sum. 

Pagbibintang-n-Impotation ; accusation : 
indiction indictment. 

Pagbibintangan-r-'lo accuse; blame; 

Pagbibithay-n-Sifting; bolting. 

Pagbigat-w Gravity; weight; importance. 

Pagbigkas-w-Pronunciation publication; 
saying of anything without thinking. 

Pagbigyang lingkod-w Courtship; love- 

Pagbigyang loob-n-Indulgence* compli- 

Pagbitakan-n- Cracking: splittinjr. 

Pagbitakinv-To crack; split. 

Pagbual-n Tumbling tumble;demolition. 

Pagbububo-w Founding, casting, fusion; 

Pagbubugbog-n-Bruise; contusion. 


Pagbubucod-w-Separation; segregation; 
• preclusion. 

Pagbubula-n-Ef f ervescence; e f f e"r v e s - 

Pagbubulay bulay-n-Meditation ; contem- 
plation; musing: thought idea. 

Pagbubulungbulungan-n-Whisper; whis- 
pering; gossip; gossiping. 

PagbubunonWrestling; wrestle; scuf- 

Pagbugaw-w-Scaring; fright. 

Pagbugbog n Contusion; bruise. 

Pagbuhat-n-Lift; raising. 

Pagbuhos-w-Ef fusion; pouring. 

Pagbukal wSpringing up; dawing; emi- 

Pagbuli-n Polish. 



Pagbulokw-Rottening; pus; corruption; 

Pagbunot n-Eradication; pulling up. 

Pagbutasbutasin parang bithayn Per- 

Pagbuti-n- Improvement; improving; 
progress; advancement; growth addi- 

Pagdabog-w-Grumbling; growling; mur- 

Pagdadala-nCarrying; carriage; trans- 
portation; transporting. 

Pagdadahilanw-Excuse; plea: allowance; 

Pagdadalawahin n-Bi section. 

Pagdadaop-n Dispute disagreement; the 
closing; of two things. 

Pagdahak w-Hawk; hawking. 

Pagdahas w- Force; courage; vigor; for- 
titude valor; violence: co-ersion. 

Pagdadalhin n '1 ransportation. 

Pagdaing n Lamentation; entreaty; ini 
ploration; expostulation. 

Pagdaka-ariv.-Soon; immediately; in- 
stantly: suddenly, right away; pres- 
ently: speedily. 

Pagdaka a-Sudden; unexpected; im- 
mediate; plumb. 

Pagdakip-n-Seizure: capture. 

Pagdalangin-r-To request, entreat; pe- 
tition; pray. 

Pagdalaww Visit; visitation. 

Pagdalo-w-Succor; assistance, aid; help. 

Pagdama-n Moietening. 

Pagdamayw Implication inculpation. 

Pagdamdam-n-Sentiment; percept ion; 
feeling: sensation; indisposition. 

Pagdami ^Increase; multiplication; pro 

Pagdaraan-n- Passing; review. 

Pagdaragdag-w- Addition; increase. 

Pagdaragdag ng lakas n Reinforcement. 

Pagdaramdam 7i Suffering; feeling suf- 
farence: indisposition; sensation. 


Pagdaraya w-Cheating; allurement; de- 
ceit; fiction. 

Pagdatal w-Arrival; coming. 

Pagdatingn Arrival; coming. 

Pagdayo-w-Visit; visitation; going to a 
place for a certain purpose. 

Pagdedeposito-n-Depositing; deposition. 

Pagde<iestiero w-Deportation; banish- 
ment; exile 

Pagdidikitn Gluing; co-hesion; coher- 
ence; coherencv. 

Pagdidilidili-w-Meditation; musing con- 

Pagdidilig-w-Sprinkling watering. 

Pagdidilim ngaraw-w-Eclipse of the sun 


Pagdidilim ng buan-n-Eclipse of the 

Pagdidiwang w-Celebration. 

Pajjdool w-Perversion - perversity; per- 
verseness deprevation. 

Pagdowahagi w- Persecution : i 1 1 1 r e a t 
menl abuse. 

Pagdowahagiin-v-To persecute; ilUreat; 

Pagduduble n-Doubling: duplication. 

Pagdudurog n Pulverization; powder- 

Pagdulog-w-Presention; presenting. 

Pagduruin-t7-To prick; perforate; punch 

Paggahis-n Rape; ravishment; allure- 

Paggala-n-Stroll; gadding: going. 

Paggalang n-Respect; adornation; 

Paggalaw-n-Movement; commotion. 

Paggaling «Recovery; growth advance; 
progress; advancement. 

Paggamit-n Use; service; employment; 
custom; adoption; affiliation; style; 
espousal; fashion. 

Paggamot-nRemedy; reparation; cure; 
healing doctoring; recourse. 

Paggantin Remuneration; revenge; re- 
ward; retribution. 

Pagganti ng utang na loob-n-Gratifica- 
tion satisfaction; gratitude. 

Paggapas-n- Harvesting; harvest; reap 
ing; gathering of a crop. 

Paggasliw-n Liking affection; taste. 

Paggasta-w-Expense; costs charge dis 

Paggawa-nWork; construction; opera- 
tion working. 

Paggawa uli n-Iteration. 

Pacgibaw Destruction; overturning; des- 
olution dev8 station. 

Paggibik-w-Succor; assistance; aid; help. 


Paggisi ng balat-w-Itch; itching. 


Pagguhit-n-Lining; line; drawing of 

PagguIamos-n-Scratchiug; pinching. 

Paggulong-n-The rolling. 

Paghahaba-M- Lengthening; prolongation. 

Paghahabilin-w Trust; recommendation. 

Paghahalagan Valuation; appraisal; 

Paghahalaman-^t Horticulture. 
Paghahalili Tt-Ohange; substitution; 

reliel; exchange; & Accession; surro- 
gation; remission. 
Paghahamak-n-Depreciation; contempt; 
scorn; disregard; insult. 

99 PAG 

Paghahamok H Dispute; dissagreement; 

fight war. battle; conflict. 
Paghahandog-n- Preparation : preparing; 

pleasure present; gratification. 
Paghahati-n-Division; partition; appor- 
tionment; compartment; distribution. 
Paghahatid nConduction conducing; 

PaghahayinnOblation; offering 
Paghahalal-w Election; choice; electing; 

Paghalay-n-Awkwardness; scorn; con- 
tempt depreciation. 
Paghalo-n-Mixture; mixing. 
Paghaluhaluin-v To mix; jumbl^. 
Paghaluin-vTo mix: mingle. 
Paghahanga-n Limitation, limit; dis- 

tric; bounds. 
Paghamak n-Depreciation; disregard; 

scorn; contempt; insult. 
Paghamogw-The falling of the dew. 
Paghamon-M-Challenge; threat; provo- 
Paghanap-n-Search; hunt; searching; 

looking for 
Paghandulong n- Assault; attack. 
Paghapis n Excruciation. 
Paghapit n-Pressure. 
Pagharap-n-Presence; presenting; pre- 
sentation; exibition. 
Paghatol-w Setence: judgement 
Pahawan-n The felling of trees. 
Paghibik-n Groan; sob. 
Paghibon- Seduction: deceit; illusion; 

imposition; cheating. 
Paghigpit-n.Tightening; oppression; cru- 
elty; hardship. 
PaghihigopnSupping; sup; absorption; 

Paghihimagsik-n-Rebelliournes; severi- 
ty; stubbornness 
Paghihimagsik ng bayan laban sa 
puno-n Revolution; sedition; insurrec- 
tion' rebellion. 
Paghihimpil w-Alleviation. 
Paghihintay-wExpectation; stop; stay; 

sojourn; pause; expectancy. 
Paghihip-n-Flow; blast: puff. 
Paghihirap-w-Excruciation; pain. 
Paghihiwalay-n-Separation; disunion; 
segregation; divergence; devergency; 
Paghilaw-Draw; drawing; haul; hauling, 
dragging: tug; tugging; towing; tow. 
Paghilig-n-Inclination; fancy propensity; 
• reclining. 
Paghilo n-Dizziness. 
Paghilot-n-Softening, mollifying 
Paghiluman ng sugatn-The knittisg to 
aether of a wound. 




Paghimangit-w The tearing into small 

Paghinapangin-v-To fortify; strengthen; 
give courage. 

Paghingal w-Pant; palpitation; respira- 
tion; breathing. 

Paghingi-w-Entreaty; request; petition; 
prayer, claim; demand; implcration. 

Paghintow-Stop. pause, suspension, ces- 
sation: relay; delay. 

Paghinuhod-n- Apology 

Paghipo a Touch. 

Faghiwa-a-Out; cuttings slicing. 

Paghiwa-hiwain-v-To cut into small 

Paghiwalay-n-Division; separation; sun- 

Paghiwalayin-v To separate, divide; part; 

Paghuad-w-Counterfeit imitation; copy. 

Paghuhulaw- Prognostication, prophecy. 

Paghuhulog-n-Falling; fall; throwing 

Paghuhulog ng isang wika sa iba-w- 
translation; interpretation. 

Paghukay-n Excavation. 

Pgahukay muli-w-Exhumation. 

Paghupa-w-Decay; decline; fall; decli- 
nation extenuation. 

Pagi-w-Dog fish. 

Psg ibig-w-Love; affection; esteem; at- 
tachment; desire; estimation; philan- 
thropy; good nature. 

Pag ibig sa DIGS w-Piety. 

Fag ibig ng mahigpit-w-Fraternity: bro- 

Pag igi-n-Improvement; easing; alle- 

Pag igihin-v-To ease; alleviate. 

Pag iiba-w Alteration; transformation; 
change; metamorphosis. 

Pag iikit-n-Giration; turning. 

Pag iilag-w-Wildness; evasion; scare. 

Pag iilagan w-Wildness; temerity; eva- 
sion; scare. 

Pag iilagin-n-Diarrhea. 

Pag iilagin-a-Wild; timid. 

Pag iingat-n-Care; caution: precaution; 
prudence; painstaking; sefeguard 
watching; heed; reserve; security. 

Pag iinog-n-Gyration; turning. 

Pag iiponw Hoarding; gathering laying 

away; storing; putting; away. 
Pag iisa-w-Solitude; unison; lonliness; 
agreement: conformity. 

Pag iisip n-Thinking; thought; reason; 
talent; mind; brain; understanding; 
intention; justice: consideration; pru 
dence; right; principle; ability. 
Pag iiwan-n Abandonmant; quittance. 

Pag ikitn-Rotation; turn; turming. 

pag ilag w-Avoidance; evasion. 

Pag iling w Negation; denial; negative; 

Pdgina-n- age. 

Paar intindiw-Intelligence; understand- 
ing; skill; ability; sense; spirit. 

Paging-vTo be; become; exist. 

Pagitanw- Space; interval, interlude; dis 
tance; middle. 

Pagitan^prep.- Among; between. 


Pag inis w Smothering; hardship; op- 

Pagiwi V Nur8ing;tutelage guardianship 

Pag iyak-w Cry; weeping; actof corying; 

Pagka adv. -After; afterwards. 

Pagka abawMisery; humiliation. 

Pagka agas n-Miscariage; strong mens- 

Pagka ahonn-Ascencion; ascendency. 

Pagka ahon sa pagka alipin w-Freedom. 
from slavery. 

Pagka akmaw-Corespondence; fitness. 

Pagka alaala-w-Remembrance; recogni- 
tion; memory. 

Pagka alila n Servitude, state of bein^ 
a servant. 

Pagka alipin-n-Servitude; bondage; sla 
very; thralldom; thrall, yoke;oppre8 

Pagka antala n Detention; delay, obsta 

Pagka api n Degredation; fall; degen- 
eracy; diminuit ve. 

Pagka ayos n Arrangement; order. 

Pagka ayos sa matowid n Justification; 
equity; justice. 

Paka baba w Degeneracy; declination; 
fall; decline. 

PagkabagDag ng sasakyan n Shipwreck. 

Pagkabalam w Detention; delay.; slow 
ness; lingering. 

Pagkabalatong n Accident; incident; de 

.. lay caused by the breaking of an 
instrument or machine. 

Pagkabalisa n Kestlessmess; perturbat 
ion; uneasiness. 

Pagkabantay n Guard; watch. 

Pagkabasa n Wetting; moistening. 

Pagkabasag ng sasakyan n Ship wreck. 
Pagkabata n Child hood; perulity: juven 

Pagkabawi n Recovery; regaining. 
Pagkabayani n I bldness; courage auda 

city. \ 

Pagkabigatann-.ieaviness; overloading; 




Pagkabigla n Harry: qnikness activity ; 
promptitade speed. 

Pagkabihag n-Captivity. confinement. 

Pagkabili n Cost, cost price price. 

Pmgkabitin n Suspension hanising. 

Pagkabawal n Tumble; fall: overbalance; 

Pagkabahay it Maintainence: su pport ; 
sastinence; subsistence; life 

PahkabuhaT na muli it Resurei^tion re 

Pagkabubos n Effusion; pouring. 

Pagkabulift ^^olish: finish. 

Pagkabulok Rottenness, putrefaction; 
pollution; corruption infection: 
putridness; depravity; depravation. 

Pagkabusog-n- Satiety: fullness of the 

Pagkadalaga-n Virginity; girlhooil. 

Pagkaduble-n- Duplication. 

Pagkadulas-tt-Smoothness; slippini;. 

Pagkagalit-ft-An^ser; rage. 

Pagkadios-n Diety: divinity. 

Pagki^awa-fi-Work; cut; shape; fashion: 
make: doing. 

Pagkagastahan n-Expense; cost. 


Pagkaginoo-n-Rank honor; decorum; 
honesty; decency: nobility; distinct 
ion; respect. 

Pagkagitla-n-Surprise: amazement. 

Pagkagulo n-Disturbance: fi^ht; noise: 
war. insurrection; commotion tumult; 
riot; confusion: periurbation. 

Pagkiidiamak-n-Infamy; dishonor; dis- 
grace: humiliation; baseness. 

Pagkahanda-n- ^reparation; pomp; show. 

Pagkahango-n Redemption: taking out: 



Pagkahaponodr -Afternoon: after din- 
ner; in the afternoon. 

Pagkahawa-n Infection; contagion. 

Pagkahibang-n-Dilirim; dotage; rant. 

Pagkahilig n-*nclination; inclining 

Pagkahilig ng loobn Affection; inclin- 
ation; fancy- liking: taste. 


Pagkahubo-n- Nakedness. 

Pagkahukluban-fi-Decrepitude. old age. 



Pagkaiba-n Dissim'larity; dissimilitude; 

Pagkaibig-n-Love; liking; desire choice: 

Pagkain-n-Food; ▼ictnmla; viand: ration: 

fare; sust'iiimiice. 
Pagkaina n-Maternity, .aotlierhood. 

Pagkaing ikinabubuhay-N Fooii. main* 
tenance; subsistance. 

Pagkaisa n Uniiurmity. unison; unity 
c «nfunnitv. 

J'agkaitan-n Refusal denial; negation. 

Pagkaa akgpang ng mga tawo-n- Frat- 
ernity; brotherhooil. 

Pagkaka alit m Dispute; disunion: dif* 
fereni*e;controveisy; discord; disagree- 
ment; misunderstanding; variance. 

Pagkaka ayaw n Refusal; denial. 

Pagkaka ayon w-Acconl: accordance; 
conformity, uniformity, unity; coin 

Pagkaka ayos-w- Arrangement, equality, 
alliance unitv. 

Pagkakagalit w-Disc^ord. anger; dispute; 
rage; p<iSsion. 

Pa^kakagalitan n Qurreling; misunder- 
standing tlisagreenient tlispute. 

Pagkakagulo »1 Revolution; insurrection; 
disturbance seiiilion. 

Pugkakahalo N Mixture; mixing 

Pagkakahiwalay n-Separation. disunion; 

Pagkakaibaii Alteration; difference. 

Pagkakailari- Denial; contravention. 

Pagkakailangan n Necessity, want; need; 
urgency: exigence. 

Pagkakaisa-n-Unity; agreement; unan- 

Pagkakakuha-ii Seizure; capture; taking, 

Pagkakalagay-H State; condition. 

Pagkakalakip-fi-Juncture joint; unity: 
state of being together. 

Pagkakalapat fi Juncture; union: con- 
nection; uniting; combination; joining, 
unity; coalition; contiguity. 

Pagkakalapit-?i-Proximity ; vicinity; 
proximation; approximation. 

Pagkakalingw Reference: relation. 

Pagkakalinga-7i Heed; care; attention; 
colicitude caution watching. 

Pagkakaloy-n-Timbrel maker or seller; 
stamp maker. 

Pagkakamag anakan-N Relation; rel 

atives: kindred. 
.Pagkakamali n-Error: mistake; blunder; 

Pagkakamatay-w Mortality; death. 

Pagkakamit n Attainment. 

Pagkakamtan-N Attainment; acquisition. 

Pa?kakamukha-n Resemblance simi 
larity; likiness equity; equaelity; si- 
militude; simile. 

Pagkakapantay- 71 Equality; similitude 

Pagkaka pari s «Equality; similitude; 
similarity; simile equivalence: equi 
ty; likene^<s. 




Pagkakapisan-w-Unity; union; combi- 
nation; meeting; congregation; al- 

Pagkakapatid-w-Fraternity ; brother- 

Pagkakasal-w-Espoiisal; nuptials; wed- 

Pagkakasalimoot-w-Deusity; closeness; 
. compactness. 

Pagkakaksalingsaling-n Tradition. 

Pagkakasalot n- overty; badluck; pes- 

Pagbakasama nJuncture; joining; uni- 

Pagkakasangayon «Unity of time. 

Pagkakasira-n-Discord: variance; misun- 
derstanding; disunion; corruption; 

Pagkakasunduan «Reconciliation; con- 

Pagkakasunod-nSuccession; series. 

Pagkakasunodsunod n Row; flle. 

Pagkakatalaga «-Intention; a p p r o p r ia- 
tion propriety; manner; mode. 

Fagkakatali-M Tie; tying binding. 

Pagkakatalo-«-Di8pute; opposition; ar- 
gument contradiction. 

Pagkakataon M-Acciden ; occurence; oc- 
casion: happening: hap; opportunity. 

Pagkakatimbang-w Equilibrium; balance. 

Pa^»k ikatipon «Meeting; gathering; con- 
gregation; hoarding laying up. 

Pagkakatipon ng madia a-Multitude; 
crowd; meeting congregation. 

Pagkakatotoo« Proof; realization; 

Pagkakatulad-«-Resemblance; simili- 
tude likeness: similarity. 

Pagkakaumpog-w-Company; meeting. 

Pagkakatapat-«-Equality: equivalence. 

Pagkakawanag-« Reference; relation. 

Pagkakawangis«-Oomformity; likeness; 
resemblance; similarity; simile; simil- 

Pagkakawanki « Similitude; resem- 
blance: likeness; simile. 

Pag akwasto «-Order; likeness; uniform- 
ity; regularity. 

Pagkakayas-« Whitling; shaving. 

Pagkakikil-« Filings. 

Pagkakiskis-w-Scr^itching; friction. 

Pagkakabahog « «Incorporation; com- 
bination; mixing- 

Pagkakilala «-Amnesty; cognizance; 
intelligence; knowledge; skill; abil- 
ity: friendship. 

Pagkakiling-«-Tnclination; declination. 

PagkakintalwStamp, print; edition; 

Pagkakola /i-Gluing. 

Pagkakuha ng kabuntisan «-Miscarri- 
age; abortion. 

Pagkakulo« Effervescence; efferves- 

Pagkalagay-«- Attitude; position; state; 
condition: rank. 

Pagkalalaki-«- Virility. 

Pagkalanta «Withering; fading. 

Pagkalasa «Taste. 

Pagkalat-« Scattering; distributien; dis- 
persion. , 

Pagkaligpit-«-Picking up; gathering; 
putting away: putting in order. 

Pagkalimot«Forgetfulnes8; careless- 
ness heedleness: oblivion. 


Pagkalipol« Extermination; difltruction ; 

Pagkalis« Scraping; taking of the edge. 

Pagkalito« Confusion; perplexity; per- 
turbation; lightheadedness. 

Pagkalunok «-State cr condition of pov- 

Pagkaloob«-Giving; gift; presentation; 

Pagkalubog«-Snbmer8ion; immersion. 

Pagkalugso « Destruction. 


Pagkalulo-w-S oon. 

Pagkalusaw-«Fluidity; liquescency; 
squandering of an inheritance. 

Pagkaluto-«-The manner of cooking; 
cookery; decoction. 

Pagkamaan« Amazement: charm. 

Pagkamalahininga «Tepidity. 



Pagkamaramdaman« Tenderness; deli- 

Pagkamasdan-« Look; review; examina- 

Pagkamatay« Death; decease; mor- 

Pagkamot« Scratch; scratching. 

Pagkanlong-wHiding; protection con- 
cealment; shading: palliation; defense. 

Pagkapa «Feel; touch. 

Pagkapalabunga «Fruitfulness, fertility. 

Pagkapa]agay-«- Adulation. 


Pagkapatawad-n- Acquittance; acquittal; 

Pagkapilay«Lamenes8; sprain; limp- 
disability; halt. 

Pagkapilipit-«-Twist; wreathing; con- 
tortion; twining. 


Pagkapuno-«-Repletion . 

Pagkaraka-adv.-Suddenly; •• instantly; 


Pagkasagi-n-Broshing of one's clothes: 
against another, walking where one 
should not. 

Pagkasakitn- Disability; sickness. 

Pagkasaklaw-n Universality. 

Pagkasalan- Violation. 

PagkasalangasangnContra vent ion. 

Pagkasala wahan g loob n- 1 n con stan cy ; 
infidelity; uncertainty; suspicion; 
doubt; hesitation. 

Pagkasauli n-Return; reintegration. 

Pagkasiran-Ruin; downfall; pollution; 
corruption; putrefaction. 

Pagkasunduan-n- Accord ; accordance; 
amenity; reconciliation; accomniada- 

Pagkasunodsunod-n Alteration; succes- 

Pagkasupil-n Subjection; submission. 

Pagkatagpo n>Find: discovery. 

Pagkatakid n-Trip; stumble. 

Pagkatangi n S"ngularity. separation; re- 
moteness; solitude. 

Pagkatangi n Refusal; denial. 

Paekatapos-adv.- After; afterwards; then; 

PagkatAposn-Termination: end. 

P^gkatapos nang prep.- After. 



Pagkatina w-Dye: dying act of dying. 

Pagkatingnan w-Review; examination. 

Pagkatisod-n Stumble; trip, impediment; 
obstacle difficultv. 


Pagkatulisan-w Outlawry. 

Pagkatunaw-n Smelting, melting. 

Pagkatunaw ng kinain-n-Digestion. 

Pagkatunaw-n-Reference; relation; uni- 
ty union. 

Pagkaugpong-n Juncture; union; con- 

Pa&rkaulianin n Decrepitude; old age; 

Pagkaulila n Orphanage. 

Pagkaulit n Repitition; reiteration. 

Pagkaulol n Deliriam; dotage: rant; 
craziness: ineanity. 

Pagkautal-n Henitation; etammering; 
stuttering: haw. 

Pagkautas n Finish; termination; 


Pagkawala n Lose. 

Paekawala ng diwa n Loss of sense. 

Pagkawalang dslita-»i*Im{>sssibility. 

Pagkawalan n} loob-n Perturbation; 

Pagkawdy-n- Waving; motioning. 

Pagkawilin-Affection; liking taste; 

Pagkikikil n-The filing. 

1 03 PAG 

Pagkilala ng utang na loob n-Gratitude; 

Pagkipagkitaan n Meeting; visiting; en- 

Pagkit n Glue mucilage; waxtaper. 

Pagkubkob sa isang lugar n-Siege. 

Pagkuenta-n-Summing; addition. 

Pagkuhaw Taking; seizing grasping; 
grasp; capture; seizure. 

Pagkuha ang di kaniyan-Usurpation. 

Pagkukulang-M-Lack; shortage; want. 

Pagkukulong-wConfinement: seclusion. 

Pagkukulong sa kusan Hermit; recluse. 

Pagkukunuwari n Affectation; deceit; 

Pagkukupkup n Shelter; protectios; safe 

Pagkukuro-n-Correction ; regulation . 

Pajjkukuton-n-Wrinkling; wrinkle; ruf; 

Pagkulo It-Boiling. 

Pagkupasn-Pading; withering. 

Pagkurot-w-Nip; pinch. 

Pagkuskus-n Scrape; catching: friction. 

Pagkusot-rt-Rumple; rumpling. 

Paglabag-n-Resistence; stubbornness; re- 
belliousness; rebellion insurrection. 

Paglabag sa kautusan-n-Violation. 

Paglaban-n-Resistence; fight; war; an- 
taganism opposition: assualt. 

Paglabas-w Departure; start; exit; exo- 
dos; going out. 

Paglabnotn-Pluck; plucking. 

Paglagin-nPrequence; f recuency; perma- 
nency: duration. 

Paglago n-Proficiency: profusion; im- 
provement addition. 

Paglagom-nUnision; uniting; joining; 
junclure: joint. 

Paglahang n-Crack; cracking. 

Paglabok»n-Inclusion: incorporation. 

Paglahu in v To incorporate; include. 

Paglaitn-Abuse; contempt; outrage; 

Paglakad-n-Walk; march. 

Paglaki-n ncrease; growith; swelling; 

Paglakip-n-Unision: joining, alloy; unit- 
ing; coalescense gathering. 

Paglakasan-n Strengthening: exertion; 
invigoration; enforcement. 


Paglaktaw ng isang salita-w Elipsis. 


Paglalaba-nAA ashing; wash. 


Paglahokn-Inclusion; incorporation; 
mixture: mixing. 

Paglalacbay n-Travel; travelling; journey; 




Paglalakip-w-Joining: union; juncture; 
conjunction; coalition; combination; 

Paglalang w Creation; creating. 

Paglalaro n Play; playing; romping; 
amusement, sport: game. 

Paglalatag ng bato n Paving pavement. 

Paglalaway-w Salivation; spitting. 

Paglamas n Kneading. 

Paglamatin-v-To flaw; crack. 

Paglamutak n Kneading. 

Paglamuyot n Seduction. 

Paglangitngitn Creaking squeaking. 

Paglapad n Width; widening. 

Paglapastanganan n Outrage; insult af- 
front; abuse, contempt; injury; slight, 
injustice; wrong; offense. 

Paglapit-w-Approximation; approach; cal- 

Paglasap n Tasting; taste; relish. 

Pasjsalon n Poison; poisoning. 

Paglayo n Retreat; distance, privacy. 

Paglibak w Slander; defamation; rid- 

Pagligalig n Laziness; indolence;deprav- 
ity; carelessness; tramping about 
without any definity object. 

Pagligaw n Love mating courtship. 

Pagligawligaw n Subversion. 

Pagligpit n Gathering up; putting in 
order; putting away. 

Pagligtas n Salvation; saving; preserva- 

Pagliit n Dimunition; declination; de- 

Pagliko n Sheer; digression. 

Paglilibang n Recreation; amusement; 
pastime; diversion; sport; play; jest; 
game; festivity; feast; vacation; re 
joicing; liesure. 

Paglilibing w Funeral burial: sepulture. 

Pagliligaw n Lovesuit love, courtship. 

Paglilihim n Secret reserve; secrecy; ex- 


Paglilimbag n Stamping printing; edi- 

Paglilinkod n Service; courtship; atten 
dance; compliance. 

Paglilinis n Cieansinjr; cleaning. 

Paglilipat w Transition; transfer; tran 

Paglimot n Neglect; forgetfulness neg 
ligence; disregard. 

Paglinang n Harrowing. 

Paglinkuran n Service, courtship. 

Paglipana n Extension; scattering; skir- 

Paglipat n Passage; transition; transfer. 

Paglipol-n-Extinction; destruction; ex- 
termination abolition. 

Pagliyasin-n-Try; attempt, examination; 

Paglitakin-n-Cracking; crack; split, split- 

Pagliwanag n Solution; illumination. 

Pagluat w Duration; protraction; prolon- 
gation retarding delay; deference. 

Paglubay n Stop; cessation. 

Paglubo n Flattery; flattering coaxing; 

Paglubog w-Tnundation: sinking; over- 
flow, immersion; Occident; west, sub- 

Paglubog ng araw w The setting of the 

Pagluhog n Request; suplication; en- 
treaty; imploration; petition. 

Pagluluat n Slowness; delay; detention; 
lingering; prolongation. 

Palulubog w Submersion; immersion. 

Paglululan w-Embarkation; sipping; load- 

Paglupig n Usurpation. 

Paglupi n Fold. 

Paglupilupiin-w Redoubling; refolding. 

Pagiura-n-Spitting; expectoration. 

Paglusob-n-Attack assault. 

Pagmamadalas-w-Frequence; frequency. 

Pagmamadali n-Haste hurry speed, ex- 
igence; hastiness; celerity; rush; 

Pagmamagaling-nPride; self esteem. 

Pagmamahal-n- Affection; estimation; 
esteem; endearment: value; price. 

Pagmamahal ng tangi w-Brotherhood; 
fraternity; predilection. 

Pagmamaka ano wSuplication; request; 
petition; doing in any way. 


Pagmamanaw- Heirdom; inkeritance. 

Pag mamaratiw Durability, permanency; 
stability; duration; durance; minute; 

Pagmamasid-nObservance; observation; 
note; scrutiny; remark. 

Pagraamatowid-wReasoning argument; 
discussion; correction; disquisition; 
dissentation; dispute. 

dispute;discus8ion; disquisitation, dis 

Pagmumukha-n-Mode; face; aspect; coun- 
tenance; look; appearance; front; out- 
line; arrangement; manner. 


Pagmuran-Slandjr; insult; abuse; vi 
tuperation; vi.l.ification; slandering: in- 




Pagmurasa hindi kaharap w- Backbiting; 

Pagnacaw n-Theft robbery; larcency; 
peculation, pillage. 

Pagnanakiiak ng sugat n Ulceration. 


Pagngingiti n Smiling. 

Pagngiti n Smile. 

Pagngiwin Grimace; wry face. 


Pagiiitin-n Unglueing. 

Pagod n Anguish; fatigue; weariness; 

Pagod na malabis «Fatigue; hardship; 

Pagong «Turtle; tortoise, terrapin. 

Pagpaalis n £xpuI»>ion. 

Pagpagalann Work fatigue. 

Pai!pag n Shake; flourish; brandish. 


Pagpakonowari n Sham: fiction false- 
hood stratagem pretense deceit. 

Pagpalabas-7i-Kjection; ejectment; expul- 

Pagpalairay n Ascription. 

Pagpalain-w-Po help support; shelter; 
protect heed, take care of; do well; 
improve; mend; meliorate. 

Pagpalaki n Increase; aggrandizement. 

Pagpalayaw n Cajolery; favoritism; ca- 

Pagpalitan-M Change;barter;permutation 

Pagpalitanngngalan n Misnaming alias; 
taking of another name. 

Pagpalitpalitann Changing with fre- 

Pagpalo-n Strike; beating- whipping; hit. 

Pagpana n Shooting . of an arrow, ar- 

Pagpanaog w Descent; descension. 

Pagpanaw n Deportation; exile; banish 

Pagpanibaguhan u Renewal; mending; 
reiteration; reformation. 

Pagpaalaala n Remembrance; momento. 

Pagpapaalis n Expulsion; sending away; 

Pagpapabaya n Abandonment; neglect; 
negligence; carelessness. 

Pagpapabunga-w- Fertility; fruitfulness. 

Pagpapabuti:n Betterment. 

Pagpapala w Remittance; remission; re- 
mittal; jemitment. 
Pagpapagayongayon n Idleness; i n d o - 

Icnce; laziness. 
Pagpapahangin n The airing. 
Pagpapahayag n Relation; notice; anun- 
ciation," manifestation: declaration, 
revelation; proclamatiaon. 

Pagpapahid n Smearing: wiping. 

Pagpapahinga n Rest; vacation: cessa 
tion pastime: repose, diversion; inter- 
mission liesure. 

Pagpapahinga ng hokbo n Camp; en- 

Pagpapahinog n Maturity; maturing; rip- 

Pagpapahintulot n Permission, leave; 

Pagpapahiram n Lending loaning. 

Pagpapahirap n Illtreatment; abuse; giv- 
ing or causing of pain. 

Pagpapakababa n Humility;submis8ion; 
meekness; humiliation; self-contempt. 

Pagpapakabanaln-Sanctification; virtue. 

feeding giving of food. 

Pagpapaiwan n Leading; abandonment. 

Pagpap^kiiala n Prese: tation, introduc 
tion; acquintance; explication; man- 

PagpapaJagay n Supposition; putting. 

Pagp ipalago n Fertilization. 

lagpapaialo n Bragging; pride; haught- 

Pagpapaligo n Bathing. 

Pagpapalimos n Beggary; mendicancy; 

Pagpapalit m Changing; permutation. 

Pagpapalitan n Commutation; change; 

Pagpapalooblnsertion; putting iii. 

Pagpapalumagak-n The leaving of any- 
thing with another. 

Pagpaparreok-n-Affray; scuffle; strife; 
strugg e. 

Pagpapanaw «Deportation; banishment 

Pagpapanday n Blacksmithing. 


Pagpaparatang m Imputation; accusation 

Pagpaparusa w Punishment; chastize- 

Pagpapaedkit-n-Tortue; pain; torment; 

Pagpapasiyal n Stroll; walk. 

Pagpapasiya n Sentence; judgment ad- 
vice; determination. 

Pagpapatalastas n Announcement;notice; 
declaration; annunciation. 

Pagpapatawad n Pardon; relief; remis- 
sion: absolution; liberation; for- 
Pagpapatawag n-Call; calling; notice; 

notification; summons; admonition. 
Pagpapatay n Murder; assasination. 
Pagpapatibay-w Strengthening; confir- 
mation; ratification; fortification. 






Pagpapatigil-w Suspension; ce8e?ation; 

Pagpapatiwakil w-Exasperation. indig- 

Pagpapatotoo-w-Confirmation rat fica- 
tion affirmation; certification tepti- 
mony; assertion. 

Pagpapatuloy-w Continuation; contin- 

Pagpapau pa-w-Hire. 

Pagpapaupa ngpuri-w- Brothel whoring. 

Pagpapautangn Giving credit credit- 
ing loaning. 

Pagpapawis-w-Perspirat i on . perspiring; 

Pagpapayo w- Advice, exhortation. 

Pagparoonn Going. 

Pagpasdin w Contusion; bruise; burn. 

Pagpasalamat w-Thanksgiving; thanks; 

Pagpaslang-w-Illtreatment; abuse; of- 
fence; injury, insult; lack of respect; 

Pagpasok w-Entrance ingress; entree; 
entry importation, beginning; inter- 

Pagpasuko-w Repulsion 

Pagpasulong-w- Propulsion; drive. 

Pagpasuso-n-Lactation; nursing. 

Pagpatalastas-7i- Annunciation; proclama- 
tion announcement. 

Pagpatawad-w-Quittance; pardon. 


Pagpatay sa hari w-Regicide. 

Pagpatay sa kapwan-Homicide; mur- 

Pagpatay sa sarili-w Suicide. 

Pagpatay sa sariling ina-n-Matricide. 

Pagpatibay n-Confirmation ratification ; 
fortification; strengthening. 

Pagpatotoon- Affirmation; testimony; 
proof; attestation; evidence; indica 
tion; verification. 

Pagpaunawa-n- Annunciation; proclama- 

Pagpatuad-w Inversion, demolition. 

Pagpawala nang halaga-w Depreciation 
in value. 

Pagpayapa w-Pacification ; quietude; 
calmness; quietness; quiet; tranquil 

Pagpayohann Advice; advising. 

Pagpayuhan-7i Advice; admonition; in- 
Pagpigan-Pressure; squeeze 
Pagpighatian n-Disgust. loathing. 

Pagpigil-w Suppression ; suspension; 

stop; check constraint. 
Pagpigilan-n-Chech: stopping. 
Pagpigilan ng kaloobann-Moderation. 

Pagpili w-Election; choice choosing. 
Pagpilipit n-Twisting; twist; twining; 

wreating; contortion; winding. 
Pagpilit-w Persistence force urgency; 

coersion; enforcement, compulsion; 

Pagpilit sa babayiw Rape. 
Pagpipigil-n-Stopping; checking; stop; 

Pagpipiging-w-Festivity; feasting. 
Pagpipilit-w Urging: persistence, 
Pagpipinsan w-Cousinship. 
Pagpipisan n Reunion; meeting congre- 
Pagpipisik wSputtering; sputter. 
Pagpipista M-Feasting; rejoicing; feast. 
Pagpiral-w-The twisting of the ear. 
Pagpisan n- Accumulation; heaping; 

unision. uniting. 
Pagpitagan n Resnect; regard; esteem; 

Pagpugot n Beheading; decapitation. 
Pagpukol n-Thow; cast. 
Pagpulandit n Spattering. 
Pagpupiilo-w Congregation ; meeting. 
Pagpupulongw-Meeting; congregation. 
Pagpupulong ng congreso-n-A session 

of congress. 
Pagpupuri n Plaudit; eulogy. 
Pagpuputong ng koronaw-Coronation. 
Pagpuputukan ng baril n-Shooting of 

a gun. 
Pagpupuyat-n-Night- watching. 
Pa^uri-zi-Commendation; esteem; esti- 
mation virtue acclamation. 
Pagpuri ng kabutihan n-Praise. 
Pagpusta-w-\A ager; bet. 
Pagputok-n-Shooting; shoot explosion; 

crack report. 
Pagputol-w Amputation; cutting rut. 
Pagputol ng kahoy-n-The felling of trees. 
Pagsabog-w-Dispersion; scattering. 
Pagsabunot-w- Plucking out. 
Pagsadsad-w-Ancfiorage. anchoring 

Pagsagot w Answer: reply, repartee; 

contestation response. 
Pagsagsag n Trot; trotting. 
Pagsaka-n Cultivation; agriculture. 
Pagsakay-n-The riding; ride. 
Pagsakop-n -Redemption; salvation; 

ransom; taking under protection. 


Pagsalangsang-w Resistance; opposition; 

contradiction^refutation contrariness 


Pagsdlat-w Touch; touching; notation, 

Pagsalflt-n-Misery; hardship; proveity, 






Pagsalin-n-Transcription; copying; 
emptingfrom one vessel into another. 

Pagsalsal n-Flattening riveting; clinch- 
ing^ expending; wasting. 

Pagsalubong-n-Reception; meeting; en- 
counter; compromise. 

Pagsalungit n-Contrariness. opposition; 
disobedience; stubbornness, contra- 
riety; reverseness. 

PagsamanConnection; meeting; com- 
pany; retinue; corporation; affiliation; 
uniting; joining; aggregaMon; aggre- 

Pagsdma-n-Per version; perversity; dep- 
ravation; wickedness; disobedience. 

Pagsamahin w- 1 he joining; collection; 
gathering: spoils; capture of anything. 

PagHamasamahin-9»-Collection; gather- 

Pagsarasam-n Collection. capturing;gath- 

Pagsandig-n-Reclining; leaning against. 

Pajssapsap n Munching; crunching 

Pagsasabi-w Telling: report; narration; 
ralation predication. 

Pagsisabon n Making of suds; soaping 

Pagsasagupa-w-Scuffle. strife, fight; 

Pagsasaka n Cultivation; farming. 

Pagsasakdal w Recourse; appeal; pe- 
tition; entreaty. 


Pagsasalaysay-n-Explanation ; narration; 
signification; saying. 

Pagsasalin-wPutting from one vessel 
into another coppying transcribing. 

Pagsasalita-n-Talking saying; conver- 

Pagsasalitaan-n- Conversation chat; 
conference; talking. 

Pagsasamba-w Homage. 

Pagsasandokan-w-The taking by spoons- 
ful; ladling. 


Pagsasauli n-Devolution: returning; 
restitution reintegration. 

Pagsaway w Stopping checking, 

Pagsasaysay-w- Relation; narration; 

report; explication declaration; 
account; saying; telling. 

Pagsaulin Devolution; restoration. 

Pagsawa w-Fullness. 

Pagsasaya-7i Feasting; rejoicing, fes- 
tivity happiness celebration. 

Fagsayaw-w Dance 

Pagsaysay-w-Narration; reference, rela- 
tion solution; predication; portrayal; 

Pagseaello w-Stamping. 


Pagsiyasat-n Inquiry; investigation; ex- 

Pagsigaw-n-Ory; screaming; yell; yel- 
ling; calling; vociferation 

Pagsi Ian gngaraw^-w-The rising of the sun. 

Pagsilbihan-n-Serving. making use of. 

Pagsimanan-Turn. order; succession, 

Pagsimba n-Worship. 

Pagsinga w-The blowing of ahe nose. 

Pagsingaw-w-Steaming; exhalation 

Paiisinta-w-Love; loving, courtship. 

Pagsipot-w- Appearance, apparition; em- 
anation; birth. 

Pagsira-n-Breaking; destruction; disrup- 
tion demolition; dilapidation; de- 
stroying rotting 

Pagsirang puri-n Slander; defamation. 

Pagsilid-7t-Putting in sacking up. 

Pagsisisin Repentance; penitence; 


Pagsieiyasat-n Examination; investiga- 
tion inquiry inspection; survey. 

Pag30way-n-Disobedience; contrariness; 
contradiction; opposition. 

Pagsuhol w-Bribery; subordination. 

Pagsukat-w Measurement; mensuration; 

Pagsu o-w-Subjection; surrender; rendi- 
tion; yielding. 

Pagsukol-w Prevention. 

Pagsukot n-Humilliation; self-contempt; 
shame; submission. 

Pagsulat-w-Writing; contract; treatise: 

Pagsulong-n Progress; advancement; 
growth: augmentation; improvement; 
proficiency; addition increase. 

Pag!*uma w-Sum; summing; up; total; ad- 
dition; amount; conclusion. 

Pagsungab-n- Wrestling; wrestle. 

Pagsunod-n-Obedience; submission; ob- 
servance; following; succession. 

Pagsunod -n- Burning; conflagration; 
combustion; burn. 

Pagsuob n-Fumigation; smoking; fumi- 

Pagsupil-w Domination; control; govern- 

Pagsusulatan-w-Correspondence; writing; 

Pagsusulsol n- Instigation; infusion; 

Pag8U8umakit-n-Work;working with care. 

Pagsusumbong-w- Accusation; impeach- 
ment accusing 

Pagsusupling-w-Sprouting; germination. 

Pagtdbas w-Shape; shaping; cut; outline. 

Hagtabas-n-Cutting; delineation. 


Pagtahol-n-Bark; barking. 





Pagtakal-n Measurement; measuring 

Fagtakas-n Migration; escape; elope- 
ment secret leaving. 

Pagtakbow-Run; running, flight. 

Patakpan-w-Cover. covering. 

Pagtalikod w- Denial; negation. 

Pagtalop-n Paring peeling. 

Pagtangan-wHold holding. 

Pagtangapw-Receipt; acceptance; recep- 
tion acceptation receiving. 

Pagtangin-Denial; refusal; negation. 

Pagtangis-w-Crying, weeping; bewailing; 

Pagtapak-n Tread; tramp. 

Pagtapakan-w-Treading tramplin^r. 

Pagtarok-w-Sounding sound. 

Pagtatae na may halong dugo w Dys- 

Pagtatagal n Duration; continuance; sta- 
bility; continuation, subsistence pro- 
longation; tardiness; slowness. 

Pagtatagpi w Mending; patching. 

Pagtatagumpay w Defense; protection; 

PagtataRa n-Wonder,amazenient;charm; 
admiration; amaze. 

Pagtatakapan w Dispute; light with 
words argument in which bad words 
are used. 

Pagtakip n Cover; covering hiding; 
concealment; concealing. 

Pagtatakpanann Covering; concealment 

Pagtataktak n Branding; marking; seal 

Pagtatali wTying. 

Pagtatalo-w Dispute quarrel; strife tight; 
contest?; conflict: rivalry; competition; 
antagonism; argument; difference; lit- 
igation; lawsuit; controversy. 
Pagtatalunan n Cause of a dispute or 
argument; argument; quarreling. 

Pagtatamo n Sufferance; suffering; tol 
erance; toleration. 

Pagtataman wEloperaent. 

Pagtatanan ng sundalo-w Desertion; de 

Pagtatanaw w-Desernment; view. 

Pagtatanda-w-Memorization remember 
ing; marking; branding; sign 

Pagtatangal w Solution; disintegration; 
taking to pieces. 

Pagtattingap-w-Receiving; acceptance; 
acceptation: taking. 

Pagtatangol n-8helter; i)rotection; de- 

Pagtatanim w Planting; sowing. 

Pagtatanim galit 7t Hatred; aversion; 
rancor grudge. 

Pagtatanim 8akapwa7jHatred;aversion. 

Pagtatanim sa loobw Anger passion: 

Pagtatankilik-w Protection; support; 

Pagtatanod n Guard watch sentinel. 

Pagtatapat-w Fidelity constancy; the 
telling of the truth; comparison of 
two things. 

Pagtatapon-n Throwing away; wasting; 
cast; scattering. 

Pagtatapos w-Conclusion. finish; tini!<h- 
inp. ending. 

Pagtatatag-n Institution; founding; es- 
tablishment; edification. 

Pagtatayo ?i-Edification; building found- 
ing; establishment; establishing; in- 

Pagtatlong bahagi-w-The dividing into 
three parts. 

Pagtawad-w-Bartering; hangjjling; offer- 
ing of a certain price for anything. 

Pagtawag-n Calling; announcement; 
announcing; summons. 

Pagtflvo ng bigat r» Weighing. 

Pagtibayan-n Ratificaticfn; affirmaticm: 
fortification; strengthening corrobo- 
ration; making; fast; security. 

Pagtigil w Stop; check pause; delay; 
suspension; suspence; sojourn. 

Pagtigpas-n The act of cutting <»r slic- 

Pagtikhim-M-Tastf-; tasting, 

Pagtiklop-w-Fold Folding; dou))ling. 

Pagtikloptiklopinn Refo «ling. 

Pagtilansik-w Splashing; splash. 

Pagtimbangan-7i-Weighing ; balancing. 

Pagtingin-w-Sight; respect; regard, ven 

Paptipirin-n Economy. 

Pagtira-n- Habitation; lodging; dwelling; 
living; inhabiting. 

Pagtitiis-w-Patience; endurance; toler 
ance; toleration, sufferance, suffer 

Pagtitina-w-The act of <lyeing. 

Pagtitipan-w-Notification; agreement; an 

Pagtitipid-w Economy; frugality. 

Pagtitiponn-Gathering. hoarilin^^ lay 
ing away; collection; collecting; ron 
gregation; meeting. 

Pagtubo-«-lncrease; growth; augiufuta 
tion; profit gain. 

Pagtubos-zi Redemption ransom; reini.*^ 

Pagtud la- w -Throw cast. 

Pagtugtog-w The playing of musical in 

Pagtugtog ng kampana-Jt-The tolling of 
a bell. 





Pl^^ak^l-lt-The peikiiij;; peek. 
Fagtukso M Teatfinj;. jokin;:: jesiini:; 

PagtQtakinn The rollistion. 
Pagtnlail-fi- Imitation rupyin)?. 
Pagtulak-N Shove: push propulsion. 
Pagtulougn Help; atf8i!<tant'e: ai«l: «.•«.•- 

operation: safe-^ianl. 
Pagtupa<l-M-Comphance; o»ni plying. ♦•1»- 

aervance; ebe<iienfe. 
Pagturo-M-Teairlnng: iinitru«'tion: <1<h- 

Pagtutukain-M Peck <*r perking of a fowl. 
Pagtutulungan n C«K»peration. ai«i a:<- 

aistance help. 
Pagtutunaw-Ji Thawing, melting .«nielt 

ing: I «ss: lo:«ing of money. 
Pagtuturo fi-Teacing; in:«truction: e*li- 

Pagdulot-n Kel>«iun<ling returning. 

bjuuciug: retrogression. 
Pag aga-ii Rx'kiog.nioviRgc«*niu)i.>n«>n 

Pag ugpungin m The joining at theen<I:<. 
Pag agtnngan-R The joining at theenil?*. 
Pag ali-fi Repetition reittration. 
Pag ulit N-Reiteration. rei»etiti^>n. 
Pagulogaio/irfr.-Ditf^nieriv maiilv; sii- 

Pagulungin-r-To roil; run on wlieeJs. 
Pag nmit'ii Peculation «•t^'uling 
Pag uno »»-Hej«itaiion. wavering: *«iani- 

mering; j^tuttering. 
Pag unti-fi Dimunition. «leiiine: fah. 

decimation dwin«ile de<;av. 
Pag upak n-Clap. 
Pag upak-n Tlie hu.<king. 
Pag apat /i Instigation: riatiery iiersua- 

aion destitution leaving ^.f another 

in desiitute circu-nsiau'-e*» 
Pag uraly ll-In^tigation; iinpr.i'-e; i»er 

suaaion: or>ini*^n. 


PagurinrTo tire: make tire'L 

Pag orong-ii Retpjie«?«ion taking hack. 

return - 
Pag uaad-it-Crawiiit/ creeping. w^.«N!en 

Fag UJ*ig-« Pe^?*eciiti'jn. 
Pag usi-a-n-Examinati'tn ii'.ve-tigativn 

Pag iL^iitain-r To in^'; iuve-tigate 

Pag ungali-w Pr'^»«-e*- i'lr*- t'>,iyi:,t man 

ner: demeanor "-♦- «'i*»! •::: •*y:*r;fa*»ii 

ion mode: form: ruetrioi: .••-t»ortrii*-i:i. 
Pag uugnay » Conf'^rr..:ry r^ririgc.iiy 

combination, nni^n •• •nj">w':'^n fT 

der unitv. t'omx^^'-liy'ii 
Pag uagoyw .^winging: rr.'/'ir. 2 r ♦ «c:r.g. 
Pag unkol j»-I»e**.'.:ia?:'-r. :.'ert'ji::;eii'f- 

Pag uuii>/i Restoration re^tituti«ln: de 
volution: renewing: ree^tahiiaimient. 

Pag unlit M Iteration; reiteration du- 

Pag uurong-M Re«*ession backing liown 

Pag uusa{>-N Dispute litigation lawsuit 

Pag uu.<apan-i* .Sessiim ^•«uifereni'e: con 

Pag usixiUg M Gernnnati<«n. 

Paguu!«i!«a N Kxamination researcii. 
review: itrobation: inonirv. 

Paguusisang niuli-N-Revi.*<ion review. 

Paguuvam m Ri«ticule. 

Pagvovolo #1- Voting. vt»te; poll: ballot. 

Pagwawaksi n .Separation «iivisir^n: cnl- 
iing refusal nega^on. 

Pag awari h Meditation <leliF>eration 
rerieclioii cogitation: contemplation: 

Pagwiwika-a Ta'-king. taik saying. 

Pagwiwika ng masania-»i Backbiting. 
Slander; g^^sip l.»ad taik. 

Pagwiwika ng katainpata^nnan jv Insult, 
abuse slander. liWl abiijiivenes!* 

Pagwiwis;k-» -Sprinklii.g. 

Pagyamanin r Ti» enricii make rirh. 
make fruitfu: or fertile. 

Pagyaw n Departure. 

Pagyari n • Const rucli'-n: termination 

J'agyasak a Trampling: treading 

Pagyukod n Re>peci veneration, hom- 
age reverence 'r»ackwarilne*s. 

Pagyurak /i-Tranii»hng treading. 

Pahaba /I'/r,- Length wise sidei'«ng. 

Pahaiang-H-Crosspiece. cr»^s-tinit>er. 

Pahani w Learning. wis<lom. 

Pahanginan r To air. dry in the aii. 

Pa!iaraf»-^//»'.-Faie for wan!. 

Pa haAag «Notice. pr«:M-lamati"n reve- 
iation publication . 

Pahayag ng kasai /*-Bai;ns 

Pahayag ng paiay-rt* »b;tnary. 

Pahidw Smear: wif»e. 


_ - • 

Pahiga «Horizontal 
Panigitin r To ex«-eil exceed surpas*. 
Pahigtin-r- To li-jhten: i^ress. 
Pahiri:piiin'r-To- ea'*e lighten cairti 

Patiiriain-r* To weaken, make weak. 
Pahinain ng i'xd>^r-T*-- di'^hearten: d>- 

«•'^urage dismay. 
Pahinayin r To prepare for *'»H>k!ng. 
Patiindi /» Denial refi:*ai negati-"»!» con 

tradicti'.r. dis^'WHing. 
Pahinga!::ut->»- Resting pia-e r»Iace ( 





Pahintoin-v To 8:op; check; detain; keep; 

rahintulot-w-Permission; assent: leave: 
license; privelege approval; admit- 
tance; approbation; sanction consent; 
indulgence; furlough liberty; author- 
iiy rijrht; power good will. permit; leave; con- 
sent; approve admit: give permis- 
sion; let; sanction; assent; privelege; 

Paghinugin v-To ripen; make ripe. 

Pahiran-r-To wipe smear. 

Pahiran ng alkitran-v-To tar. 

Pahiran ng cebo v-To t?rease. 

Pahirapan-v-To chastize; punish; in- 
jure-, a,bu8e: aggrieve; agonize; dis- 

Pahiwalayan v-To separate divide. 

Pahiwas-rt^v. Slantingly; slopingly. 

Pahiwas-a-Slopingr slanting. 

Pahiyain-v-To shame; disgrace: em- 


Pahupain-7/-To diminish make thin; 

Pahusayin I'-To arrange put in order. 

Paibabaw a-Uppermost: top superficial; 

Paikit a^fv. -Gyratory 

Pakipik-a Tight; compressed; pressed; 

Paikpikin-v- o press; tighten; make sol- 
id tamp. 


Paimbabaw-w-Hypocrisy; haughtiness. 

Paina w-Shelf. 

Painamin-v-To adorn- embellish- deco- 
rate beautify; extol; exalt; honor; 

Painisin-v-To overwhelm; smother. 

Painitin-v-To heat; warm. 

Painog-arfw -Gyratory. 

Painom-w-Drink; beverage. 

Painugin-v-'^'o spin; twirl. 

Painumin-v-To invite to drink; give to 

Paisipan a-Thoughtful; meditating. 

Paisipan-n Puzzle; enigma. 

Pait-n Chisel. 

Paitn Bitterness. 

Paitan-v-To chisel. 

Paitiman-n-To blacken: darken: ebonize. 

Pagkaasahan n-Hope; expectancy. 

Pagkabana^wPurity; virtue 

Pagkabanalan sa gracia ng P. Dios n- 

Paj:ak:(larngin n* Powdering; pulverizing. 

Pagkngiliwin v-To love; make love. 

F*agkagiliwin ?< Deeplove;anxiou8deHire. 

Pakakaisa-n-Unity; agreement; unanim- 
ity; union. 

Pakakinisin-v-To polish; smooth; finish. 

Pakalayaan-nLiberation; giving of free- 
dom; setting at liberty. 

Pakaligisin ^Pulverization. 

Pakaliningin-w Review; revision: in- 
quiry close observance: examination 

Pakalinisin-v-To clean; cleanse; purify. 

Pagkalog n Rattle. ■" 

Pakamasdan-n-Look; observation; in- 
quiry; review: revision: examination; 

Pakamusta-n-Compliments: message. 

Pakanan-Idea notion fancy; def»ign. 

Pakanasain-a-Anxious; desirous. 

Pakanin-v-To feed; give to eat. 

Pakapilitin-w-Twisting twining. 


Pakasalin v- o betroth marry; match. 

Pakasamuin-v-To condemn. 

Pagkasintahin-v To love. 

Pagkasiyasatin-v-To ascertain; examine; 

Pakatinain-r-To dye. 

Pakatingnan-nReview; revision; look; 
investigation sight; watching. 

Pakaway w-Movement of the hands; 
weith: balance. 

Pakay-n-Tntention; desire: end; goal; 
object; design- 

Pakikiapid-n- Adultery; seduction. 

Pakikinabangan-a- Profitable; useful. 

Pakikipag usap-n-Style of address or 

Pakikisama n-Partnership; company; so- 
ciety, treatment; behavior; gallantry; 

Pakikitungo-n-Compact; contract; traffic; 

Pakinabang-w-Profit; revenue; gain; ad- 
vantage; utility behefit interest ben- 
efaction; lucre; improvement: income; 
tax usefulness; acquisition: rent. 

Pakinabangan-v-To profit: benefit; gain. 

Pakinangin-?>-To smooth; polish. 


Pakinganv-To listen; hear; heed: hark; 
hearken; comprehend: understand. 

Pakinisin-v-To smooth; polish; finish: 

Pakintabinv-To brighten; polish: 
smooth; finish. 

Pakiramdam-w Feeling sensibility; not- 
Pakita-n Appearance. 
Pakitang loob ?i Gallantry; manners. 
Pakiusap-n-Reqnest entreaty; petition 
supl'cation; prayer. 


Pakiusapan i?-To request, entreat; beg 

or petition. 
Paklin Intercalation; contestation; dis- 
tant answer. 
Pak6-n Nail. 
Pakong bakal na walang ulo-n-Brad; 

tenon; spile. 
Pakong kahoy-n-Wooden peg. peg trun- 

Pakong maliit-n-Tack; shingle nail; 

small nail. 
Pakong sabitan ng papel n-aper file.; 
Pakpak» Wing; lean to; addition 

Pakuan-n- Watermelon . 
Pakuluin-v-To boil. 
Pakumusta-n Compliments; expressions 

of kindness. 
Pakupasin-v-To fade; wither; cause to 

fade or wither. 
Pakupkop-n- Protection; help; aid; as- 
sistance; favor. 
Pakunutin-t?-To wrinkle. 
Pakunutin ng noo-w-To wrinkle the 

Pakuyumpisin-vTo shrink; contract. 
Pdlaw-Shovel; spade. 
Fald-n Improvement gain; reward; prof- 
it; compensation, triumph, gratifica- 
tion; glory. 
PaXa inter. So. 

Pala?nito-w- Idolater; pagan. 
Palaantok-w Lethargic sleepy. 
Palaaway n Quarrel ler. 
Palaaway-a Quarrelsome; noisy, touchy; 

Palabd-n-Wash; washing. 
Palabahan-n-Place of washing; laundry. 
Palabd ng buan-n The raining at night 

when the moon shines. 
Palabiroa Jocose; jocular, droll. 
Palabiro-n-Joker; jester, wag. droll. 
Palabisin v-To exceed; excell; surpass; 
overcome; give more than is neces- 
Palabuin-v-To darken; blur; blot ob- 
scure; cloud; confuse; make muddy 
or murky. 
Palabunga-aFruitful; prolific. 
Palacio-w- Palace. 
Palad-n-Chance: fate, luck: doom: hap; 

happiness prosperity; felicity. 
Palagay-n- Supposition; election; ap- 
Palagay na loob-a-Calm: serene; tran- 
quil affable meek; plain. 
Palaguin-v-To make leafy; unfold; unroll; 

Palahangin-y-To crack; split; cleave; 
flaw; chink. 

Ill PAL 

Palahangin-a-Boastful; bragging. 

Palaihi-a Continually making water. 

Paid isipan n Riddle, enigma; puzzle; 

Pala isipin-a-Thougtful; meditating. 

Palak a Distant remote, separated. 

Palak-adv.-At a distance. 

Palaka n Frog; toad. 

Palakad-n-Proceedure; conduct; demean- 
or, management; manner; custom; 
use; usage, mode; method. 

Palakad lakad a- Wandering vagaboi/d; 
erring; errant; excursive. 


Palakain a Gluttonous. 

Palakang kakappoy n Toad. 

Palakasin-v- To invigorate strengthen; 
fortify; inspire or give courage; make 
courageous; renove tear. 

Palakhin v-To enlarge aggrandize- in- 
crease; heighten; augment; improve. 

Palakihin v To augment; increase, en- 
large; aggrandize heighten. 

Palakihin ang isip-vTo educate: in- 
struct; breed; bring up; teach broad- 
en the mind. 

Palakihin ang katawan-v-To make fat; 

Palakol n Axe: ax. 

Palakolin-v-To chop, hew; cut with an- 

Palakpak-n Slam sound caused by the 
fall of anything; wooden rattle. 

Palalasing a-lntemperate; immoderate. 

Palalimin-v-To deepen; profou d. 

Palaloa-Proud; haughty; supercilious; 
overbearing arrogant; lofty presump- 
tuous, insolent; impudent boastful; 

Palaluin-v-To make pround or haughty; 
exceed: excel; surpa-ss; overcome; 

Palamara n-Traitor. 

Palamara-a-Infidel; inconstant; untrue; 
traitorous ungrateful: shameless. 

Palambutin-v-To soften; mollify; make 
soft, bland or tender. 

Palampasin-v-To exeed, excel; surpass 
go beyond; pass. 

Palanangis-a-Snivel ling;. 

Palanangis nSniveling. 

Palanas-n Stony place; fiat rock. 

Palangana-w-Washbasin: basin. 

Palangoy-a-Floating: bouyant 

Palangoyin-v-To make or cause to swim. 

Palansikin-v-To bespatter; splash 

Palamigin-v-To refresh; cool; refrige- 

Palapala-nScaffold; shade. 




Palaputin-t; To thicken; condense; cur- ' 

Piilapasialn-Walker: one who is on 
the go all the time, gad about. 

Palaso n Dart arrow. 

Palasugal n Qambler. 

Palasanibong n Taleteller telltale. 

Palatain v-To ("ause to wither or £a«le. 

Palatak n Click. 

Palatanongn Querist. 

Palatauong n Quizzical. 

Palataw n-Hatchet. broad axe. 

Palausap-a Quarrelsome; touchy. 

Palawit n-Anything that, is hung upas 
an adornment. 

Palay n Rice that is still in the hull. 

Palayan n liice-field. 

Palayasin-v To send away;dismi8s oust. 

Palayaw-w ( aress; cojulery; dandle: pet- 
ting; freedom. 

Palayawin-y To caress; pet cejole: hu- 
mor; cheer coddle; dandle; free lib- 
erate; give much freetlom. 

Palayok na gatasann Milk jar. 

Palayoka-Jar olla. 

Palayok na tanso-r Copper kettle. 

Palayuin-v-To distance romove to a 
distance; send; away; separate part. 

Palibid-?i-Circumference; circuit; envi- 

Palibhasain y'l o depreciate; insult; re- 
vile; abuse. 

Palibot n-Circumference; circuit; envi- 

Paligid 71 Circunjference; circuit; per- 
imeter: periphery. 


Paligid-/? J'f/?. -About. 

Paligiran v-To circuit skirt. 

Paliginu-To bathe lave. 

Palihanw Anvil* 

Palihinia<ir. Secretly; hiddenly; surrep 
tuously treacherously. 

Palikid n Ball of string. 

Palikoliko ar/r.-Flutteringly. 

Palikoliko-a-Fluttering; crooked; turn- 
ing tortuous. 

Palikpik ng kayo-w- Fringe of cloth. 

Faliligo-M Bath. 

Paliling (^(rir. Obliquely. 

Paliling a Oblique. 

Palinamnannn-j'-To taste; relish; give 

Palinawin-r To clear; make j)lain; ex 
plain; expound; demonstrate the 

Palinsarin ang buto-r-To di.sjoint; j)nll 

Palinuhod-Humble; meek; be^'^in^'; 

Pal i pari ni;- To cause to fly. 

Palipisan v-Temple. 



Palitw Change; barter; exchange; sur- 
rogation commutation. 

Palikatin-v-To split; cleave; crack* 

Falitaw w Apparition; appearance; overt. 

Palitan-v-To change; exchange barter; 
substitute surrogate; commute; per- 
mute replace. 

Paliwanagin-t;To explain; cloar: ex- 
pound; lay open; evince; make plain 
or clear; demonstrate. 

Paliwas a transverse; oblique. 

Paliwas w-Evasion; avoidance. 

Palo-wPole mast stick; cudgel; blow 
with anything. 

Pdlopalo ng damit Clothes-beater. 

Paloob-v-To put in enter, meddle; in- 

Palsoa False. 

Palsohin-vTo falsify; counterfeit. 

Paltos n Burn. 

Paluagin-yTo loosen; free; liberate. 

Paluagin anjr loob-r To appease; calm; 

Palubalub-f-To wallow roll in mud. 

Palubalub sa bisio-v I o wallow in vice. 

Palubayin-y-To mitigate; assuage; ap- 
pease calm; stop check; soften. 

Palubugin-vTo submerge; inundate. 

falugit-/i Advantage, start; handicap; 

Palujrit ng panahon w-Increase of time; 

Paluin-r-To beat; strike; belabor; pum- 
mel: scourge. 

Palumatlu matin r-To crak; spUt; defer; 

delay; dally. 

Palumatin-t;-To crack; split. 

Palundagin-i;-To cause or make jump. 

Palungkutin-i' To make or cause to be 
sorrowful or sad. 

Paluputan-v-To wrap up. 

Paluputin-v-To wrap up. 

Palutang-flriv.-Floating: bouyart. 

Pamagain-v-To cause to or make swell. 

Pamagat >i-Vow: promise 

Pamagat-n-Nickname; alias; denomina- 

Pamagatan-v-To nickname; give an alias; 
denominate make a vow or promise. 

Pamahalaan-v To manage; heed; care 
for; keep; guard; govern; direct; con- 
duct; domineer. 

Pamahid-H-Wiping rag; packers waste. 

Pamahid n^ pawis-w-Handkerchief. 


Pamakpak ;i-A<ldition; lean to: wing. 



Pmrialiiiiali-a Erroneous, fnll of mis- 
takea; incooBiiJerate. 

PamamogaN Hweiling, inflamatjon tu- 
midity tuniiHneBB. 

I'amamagpakTiThe wavintt of otie'a 
arms cnise biftinning appearance 

Fsmatnag; itan « Intepceeskm interven. 
tion meilliafiin 

Pamamahagi-B Partition; distribution 
division dividinfr 

Pamamahala ft Care: cargo «atcli^itiiBrd 
duty manapement Bovprnment 

Pamatiahala nn mahsjiKilinTyrannv 
Beverily. rieidity of g T<-rnment ' 

Pamamahay II Habitation abinie res- 
idence; lodging: mansion 

PamamalaKi H Stability lasiin>r babitua 
tion; HiibsiBlence 

Pamamnlat n RonrHt^nenH 

Pamamalitan Narration: tipeakine re- 
velation; speaoh; mlk: talkinK 

Paraamanafi n-Beri-beri Bwelling caneed 
by a cold. 

Pamamanglaw B Solitude: lonlineBa: 

Pamamansag n Nickname ; alias. 

Pamamanto^n Inflation. 

PamaniaoB-n HoaraeneNr<. 

Pamaniaratin Stability; duration; per- 
manency; eternity. 

Piimaniayadn Payment, compen- 
sation . 

Pamana n Legacy; inheritance. 

Pamanaban v To legate, inberit. 

Paiiianghain-t) To amaze; cauae to stare 
or wonder: astonisb. 

Pamankin n Nephew; neice, 

Pamankin na habayi n-Niei-e 

Pamankiii na lalaki n-Nephew. 

Pamankin aa pakinabanR n-Stepcbild. 

Pa man sa-n Promise, denomination; de- 

Pamantugin kTo inflate fill witb wind. 

Pamaoy n Scare crow. 

Pamaratihin v To accustom; inure; fre- 

Pamagatan n Lebel; anything used tor 

Pamatay ng ilay-nl.ipht extingnisher, 

Pamawie n Hankerchief 

Pamaypay I» Wag; fan; ghaking 

Pamibigan n Talk anyth'ng that is 

I thi* I 


Pamimininhon-Petition, prayer; ask" 
ing; service obedience; submission' 

I'smiminlulio ea Dios-n Prayer to God- 

Pniii rgih ii-hTo deafen. 

I>aminsan(u{u Once 

Paminta-n Pepper, 

Pamlipii n Iiiftrnment tor cutting, 

I'amneaw n Scarecrow. 

l'amiila«Orii;in source: beginning: 
root: entree -entry; element prin- 

I'amnlflan-f-To commence, bigin; under- 
take attempt 

Pamumnhofc n Crvstalrzation 

Pamuinnkod-n Separation distinction: 

Pamitmula n^ mnkha n Blush; bashful- 

Pamumunn n noyernment.commandiDg; 
commandment: leading: beading. 

Pamnmntla ng bnlatH Pallor; wanness 
paleness Eb'O'tliness 

Pamunasn Wnshingcloth: dusting 
cloth trifle 

t'omimgaliin uTo fertiliie make fniit- 

Pamnti-n Adorment adornation; or 
nament: enibellisbment. 

Pamutihan v-To adorn embellieli set- 
off fit up ornament; clean. 

I>anuitihin-v To decorate: embellish: 


t oft. 

PamigkienBelt sash; girdle; hand; lig- 

Pamigkis ng ba I at-n- Leather belt. 

Pamihasanin «-To abuse; inure; ac- 

Pamimili-nPurcbaae. buying, selection; 
cfaoise; volition. 

Pamutiin r-To whiten: make white. 
Pana n-Arrow dart. 
Panabihan «Toilet: retreat 
Prnabingn Curtain: covering: awning; 

Psnabing sa pinto tt Screen . 
Panagano n Dedication. consecrat'oh; 

Panagsp nf bula-n- Skimmer. 
Panashiiing bana1-n Emulation: envy 

1'anaghoy n Lamentation dole: dolor; 

lament bewailing, wail strong sen 

Panaghoy na m alum bay n- Sad lamen 

tation . 
Paniginip n Dream. 
Tanaupi ?i Patcli, 
Tanagutan ii Guarnnlee bail; response: 

responding; answering. 
Panahod n Receiver, small bucket. 

Tanahon-nTime era; age; term, tide, 

season; epoch; occasion; opportunity. 

Pnnalion mabuting ipagtanim n Seed 

Panabon na magkasiiig Inat ang araw 
at gabi nEquinox 





PanahoQ nakaraan-n-Past time; pa^t 

Panal^Qn na walang gawa-n Rest; re- 
pose; recreation. 

Panahon nang babayin-Periodical in 
disposition vi women; mennes. 

Panahon ng gapasan n-Harvest time. 

Panahon ng pagani-n-Harvest time. 

Panahon ng tatlong buan-n Quarter. 

Panahon salat sa ulan-n Drought. 

Panahunan n-Turn; time; succession 

Panakipw Cover lid stopper. 

Panakip ng hihigan n Coverlet. be(i 

Panakot-n Scarecrow. 

Panaksakn Poniard; dagger; dirk; 

Panaktak-n-Branding iron 

Panalangin-T» Prayer; petition: invo- 
cation, oration; evening prayer. 

Panali-n String thong, 

Panali ng zapatosn Shoestring. 

Panaluyan bahay-n Hotel; inn; board- 
ing house. 

Panambil-w-Covering screen cover; 
inclination; vocation. 

Panambitan n- Lamentation; lament; 

Pananahan-n-Habitation; abode; living 
at a certain place. 

Pananakot-n Fright; threat; surprise. 

Pananalign Hope, expectancy; firmness; 

Pananalita-w-Talk discourse; conversa- 
tion; idiom; language. 

Pananalo-n Victory, winning. 

Pananamit-n Garb; wearing, apparel; 
clothes complete suit. 

Pananampalatayan Credence; faith; 
. creed; belief, troth theory credit. 

Pananamsam-w-Piunder; spoils pillage. 

Pananatili-n-Stability. permanence; du- 
ration; tenacity; continuance, persis- 

Pananauli-n- Restoration; devolutation. 

Panandan Branding iron; stencil mark 
er; marking iron. 

Panangis-n Weeping; crying; snivelling 

Pananim-n-Seed; sowing; seed time; 
that which is planted. 

Panat a-Tight: hard; firm; solid. 

Panata-n-Promise; offer. 

Panatag W'Secure: constant tranquil, 
quiet; calm rest. 

Panauhan-n Border; lodger: guest. 

Panay-a-Even; equal; continuous: all. 
Panay-flwiy.-Evenly: equally; totally. 

Panaya n Continuance; evenness; 

Pandak a Short; chubby; stocky; chunky. 



Panday-n Blacksmith ironsmith. 

Panday an n Blacksmith shop; forge, 
iron Works. 

Pan de sain Salt bread; bun; bunn. 

Pandilig-w-Spriukler; watering pot. 

PandinignEur trumpet; ear 

Pandulon Final; conclusion acme 
finish; termination; crisis, goal. 

Panduro w Punch. 

Panga-n Jawbone. 

Pangadya w-Anything used to defend 
something else. 

Pangahas^n Daring; boldness; sauci- 
ness forwanlness insolence; impu- 
dence dissolution; audacity; intre- 
pidity; fearlessness, spunk. 

Pang ahitn Razor. 

Pangakon- Promise, guarantee; plight. 

Pangaldg ng tornillo-n Screwdriver. 


Pangalawa n Second, assistant. 

Pangalawa buhat sa dulo n-Penulti 
mate; the last but one. 

Pangalawang ngalan n Surname, nick 

Pangalingn Brush hook instrument for 
cutting away brush. 

Pangalos-»-Scrapper; anything used as 
a craper. 

Pangamba n-Doubt suspicion; jealousy; 
fear; plight indicision; dread sud-. 
pence; hesitation. 

Panganibahin a Feirful; distrusful; 
jealous suspicious. 

Pangamoy n Nostril; nose. 

Pangangalakal-n Traffic trade; com' 
me roe. 

Pangangalakal ng katawan n-Brothel, 
whoring prostitution. 

Pangangalan-w The giving of a nanie; 

Panganganak-w-Birth; giving birth. 

Pangangaraln Preaching sermon; ex- 

Pangangaso-n Hunt- chase; gunning. 

Pangangatawan n Shape or form of the 

Pangangayaw n-Negation; unwillingness. 

Pangangayayat-w-Exten nation feeble 
ness; weakness debility; wastinga" ay. 

tion; yielding; losing in a fight. 

Panganib n-Danger; risk; peril; jeopardy, 

Pangapasn-Siekle; scythe; reaping- 
hook gyue. 
Pangapon n Discard. 
Pangapos ng paa-n-Shackles; hopple, 




Pangapos ng kamaynUandcuffs. 

Pangaraln- Discourse; sermon; advice; 

Paugaralan v-To exhort, preach. 

Pangaral kristiano n Sermon. 

Pangarap n Dream. 

Pangaso n-Chase: hunt. 

Pangati-w- Decoy, snare. 

Pangating ibonn- Decoy bird. 

Pangatlo n-'I he tliird. 

Pangatngat n Bite gnaw; nible. 

Pangayayatin v To extenuate; debili- 
tate, make weak or thin. 

Pangayod n Grater, scraper. 

Pangbatak n Pull; tug haul, attraction. 


Pangbayo-w-Mallet mall. 

Pangbulok-n Anything that will make 
or cause another to rot. 

Pan gbutasn^ Auger gimble; punch; 
weevil; puncheon. 

Pangbuya n Incitement; spur; 6timulouS. 

Pangdaiiidamn Sensibility, sense; sen- 
timent; perception. 

Panggapus-n-Trammel; handcuff; shack- 

Panggising-n-Alarm clock; alarmbell. 

Panghahapdi n Smarting; stinging- 
smart pain. 

Panghaliarang-n-Highway robbery; 

Paughahalili» Substitute; that which is 
put in place of another. 

Panghali nan- Attraction; magcet. 

Panghalo w-Mixer; rocker; mortar; any 
thing that is uped to mix with. 

Panghapit n- estle. 

Panghihigantin- Vengeance; retaliation. 

Panghihimagsik-w Sternness; rigor; 
strictn'iss; severity. 

Panghihimagsik laban sa punon Insur- 
rection; rebellion; sedition. 

Panghihinaw Debility; weakness; ex- 
tenuation; feebleness; wasting; away. 

Panghihina ng Ipob w Lack or want of 
courage; temeiity, weakness of heart; 

Fanghihinangn Soldering. 

Panghihip ng platero n-Jeweler*s blow- 

Panghihiwalay-n Separator. 

Panghikuat-Lever; fulcrum. 

Panghila-n Attractio ; anything which 
serves to draw another. 

Panghilamos-n-Towel; the washing of 

the face nnd hands. 
Panghina-n- nything which serves to 

weaken another. 
Panghinang-n Solder; soldering-iron. 
Panghininga-n Toothpick. 


Panghuhulan Prophecy; surmise; con- 

Panghuitn-Lever; fulcrum. 

Panghukay-w Spade, hoe. 

Panghuli ng isda n Fishtrap. 

Panghulin Trap. 

Pangiki n Chill. 

Pangil n Eyetooth; fang; tusk. 

Pangimayin v-To benumb, cause to be 

Pangimbubo n Envy, jealousy. 

Pangingiba-n-Singularity; distinction; 
novelty; strangeness. 

Pangingilabot n Fright; terror. 

Pangingilag n Avoidance evasion. 

Pangigilalas n Admiration; wonder; 
amazement stupor. 

Panginginig n Trembling;shaking; quak- 
ing sparkling. 

Pangingisda n-Fishing. 

Pangingitlog n The laying of eggs. 

Pangingitlog ng isda nl he spawning 
of fish. 

Penginoon n Master;overseer.propietor; 
owner; mistress; lorti. 

Pangintindi n Sense; spirit, intelligence; 
knowledge; skill; ability. 

Pangispiki n Lever, fulcrum; hand- 

Pangit n Ugly; homely; immodest: dis- 
figured; dirty; deformed; sordid huge; 

Pangitlugan-n-iien's nest; haunt of a 

Pangkat-w-Chapter; part: clan. 

Pangkat ng bayan-w-District; part. 

Panglalati n Prostration; languidness; 

Panglasap w Palate; taste; relish. 

Pang law -n-G loom; sorrow; grief; sad^ 
nessi lonliness; depression of spir- 

Panglilibak n Slander; insult; ridicule. 

Panglingot ng tapon-n-Corkscrew. 

Pangloloob w Robbery; robbing. 

Pangnamnam-n-Taste; palate: relish. 

Pangpahimpil-n-Sedative. anything 
which serves to quiet; ease: or calm. 

Pangiti M-Smile; budding of blossoms. 

Pan gpakilos n Motor. 

Pangpalakas-w Corroborative; anything 
which serves to strengthen. 

Pangpang-w Shore; strand; bank. 

Pangpawis-w Sudorific. 


Pangpasulong-n-Propeller; incitement: 

Panpatibayn Corroborative; guarantee; 
anything which serves to s^^^rengthen. 
Paugpatulog-w-Marcotic; drug. 

PAN ne 


Pangpiga-n Press; pestle. 

Panpigil n- Brake. 

Pangpihit n- Wrench 

Pangsual-n Handspike. 

Pangsurong-n-Shovel' spade. 

Pangtala-n-Rule; marker that which 
serves .to govern. 

Pangudngod n-Grater scraper. 

Pangulo n- Leader; commander; chief; 
principal; head. 

Pangunahann Head: leader. 

Pangungulili n Sordidness, filthiness; 

Pangungundot n Lance; blunt instru- 
ment used for purposes of defense. 

Pangungurong n Contraction bucking; 
shortening retraction retirement; 
backing down. 

Pangungusap w Advice talking; lecture; 
locution; speech. 

Pangusap «Correction advice; charge; 
reprehension; reproach, censure; 
reprimand; reproof. 

Pangusapanv-To advise reprimand 
censure; reprehend; admonish; lec- 

Pangusap na masaklap n Reprimand; 
reproof; lecture. 

Pang uumit n-Theft; peculation; steal- 
ing; thieving 

Pangwakas n-Final; conclusion deter- 
mination: end; remembrance. 

Pangwakas a-Final. conclusive, last. 

Pangyayari n Accomplishment; event; 
incident issue, success realization; 

Pangyayaring bigla n Sudden; happen- 

Panibago a New; renewed. 

Panibagong pagbabangon n Rebuilding; 
reconstruction . 

Panibughon Jealousy, envy. 

PanimbA w Bucket. 

Panlmba n Closhes used to go to church 

Panimbang n-Weight balance. 

Panimdim-n-Meditation; anxiety; rest- 
lessness caused by thinkingof another. 

Paningasin r-To kindle set afire. 

Paningilan-wCollection of debts place 
of collection. 

Paninigalann-Sideboard dresser. 

Paninilawn Pallor; ghastliness; wan 
ness; pallidness. 

Paninilay n Med tation: contemplation; 

Paninilbihan n-Service; sevitude. 

I*aninilo at pagbabalat ng libro w the 
binding of books. 


Paniningil n Collection of outstanding 

Panininta-n Courtship love making love 

Paninirangpuri n Slander gossip back- 

Paninird sa isang lugar»-The living or 
lodging at a certain p ace. 

Paniwala^t Belief; faith; credit credence 
confidence testimonv. 

Panipit n Tongs princers: clamp. 

Panira ni puri n-Slander defamation. 

Pani ala-n-Belief credence credit 

Paniwalaan v To believe credit; have 
faith in. 

Paniwalain-a Credulous; simple. 

Panlimas n-Bail. 

Panota-Bald hairless baldheaded 

Pansinin a Notable preceptible; sensi 
ble; sensitive; thoughtful 

Pantain v o level make equal. 

Fant^s-n Sage wise man writer 

Pan tay-a Equal; uniform; level; even, 
similar; of the same height 

Pantayin t/ To equalize; level; make 
equal; match, make similar. 

Panti n Net. 

Pantuyo n- Drier. 

Panual n Lever push; shove. 

Panudlok w Stimulan; billiard ene 

Panugtog ng kampana n-Rell clapper 

Panukat-n Measure tape line. 

Panukat ng ulan n Udometer: 

Panukaban esign: intention. 


Paiiulukan-n Angle corner; nook 

Panuluyanan n-Inn: hotel inn of a mon 

Panumpa w- Adjuration. 

PanumpaanvTo make oath; swear; 

Panungkit n Hook; gaff; window pole; 

Panunuan n Longing champion; friend. 

Panuniiba n-Trick: deceit trap fraud. 

Panunubok n Secre» observation or 
watching; surprise 

Panunumbalik n Restoration devolution. 

Panunumpa w Vow: oath; curse; impre 

Panunumpa ng hindi totoon Perjur}'; 
false oath. 

Panuob n Disinfectant 

Panutog n ^rick. 

Panutog ng nabet»- n Snuffers. 

Panutsotn Whistle; call 

Panuyo n-The asking of the farher for 
the hand of his daughter in mar- 
riage: gallantry service of love; con- 


raiiuyiian V To t-ourt, love; woo. 
Panfito ng linmitJiGore of skirt. 
Panyo-» Hankerdi ff 
I'anVd i»a jrn Kercliief. 

FApan Pope poiiiitf. 
Tftpag arnliii i' To send to brIiooI, make 
-, <.!■ taUBB 10 study; teach. 
pBpag aisahin e-To cause to raise. . 
PapanbagahiiitfTo rubify; make like a 

VapandalitainfTo cauBC to suffer. 
Papagbirapin v-To give or cause pain; 

impovtiisli make poor. 
Papag initin ti To beat, make angry. 
Papag asuniJuin-v-To leconcile; cause 

to become friends again. 
PapaglftniatinrTo crack. 
Pupagiuatiiii' To prolong. Btretcli; 

lengthen (per. to timf). 
Papagpasain vTo bruise burn; con- 

Papaglakabin tt-To aetonisli; amaze 

cause to wonder or stare: surprise 

Papanghimagaik.n Vengeance cruelly; 

Papangilabiitiii v To terrify: scare. 
Papangijinin v-To observe; aaiict fy; 

reapeet. worship. 
Papangitani/To pollute; stain: make 

uglv or homely. 
Papangitin-ti'To polluie; stain; make 

homely or ngly. 
Papanglawini! To sadden, make or 
cause to be sad, gloomy, dare ur 
Papang undutin u-To contract; wrinkle. 

Papang uriingin-T' Vo contract, shrink. 
PapaniwalainuTo pereuad ; imbue 

induce; make or cause to bel eve. 
Papasok- M-Entering, manner of enter 

ing; entrance. 
Papayo n-Advice. 
Papal n Paper. 

Papel ns baetos «Wrapping paper. 
Papilipit «dB. Twisting'y on the con 

Papnlahin-w To redden: rubify stain. 

make or cause to blush. 
Papiilandilin-r To squirt. 
Papnrihan «To honor, res. ect, dig 

Papuiiin «To pick 
Paputibin v To whiten. 
Paputukinti To shoot: burst break open. 
Paraann Patir mode, method,- way 

manner, from, course gangway, dis- 
' position; will: aspect. 
Paraan ng isipn Theory. 

7^ PA R 

Paraanan ng masid ang isang libro «To 

peruse; run over read hurriedly. 
Paraaniu v-To pass; let pass; give 

Paraanin sa-rTo make go a certain 
way: compel tt> go a Certain way. 

ParagalanGri' reward: preser.t 

Parados n Harrow; drag. 

Taralis n Roller: rolling pin. 

Paralis nj nagliligawan n Pimp. 

Paramibin-e To multiply; increase aug- 
ment dilate; diffuse: propagate. 

Pa rang-» Country field; meadow. 

Pnrangnlin tiTo extol; exalt; elevate; 
(lublimaie: honor. 

Parang apoy «Fiery. 

Ptlrang bato a Stony. 

PArang hayop a Brutal. 

Pdrang hindi adii.-A» if not as if it 
were not. 

Parang langibo Scabby; scablike, 

Parang ng pnsiulan n Pasture. 

PArang nunon Gliastly. 

PSrang spmlin a Seraptiif, aDgelio 

VArang suila-aSliky- 

PAraiig uhng a Mucous: slimy. 

Parapara-oiiv Equally; uniformly; even- 
Para saprep.For to- towards in order 
to to the end that. 

Par&tang n Accusation: charge impu 

Paratangan c-To accuse; charge; impute: 

criiii iiate impeach. 
Parati ailc Always, 
Paraya « Deceit; fraud' 
Parayan Suffering; patience toleration. 
Pareja nPair brace; couple; match; 

l*ari-n Priest, clergyman; divine, eccle- 

Parikit n Ornament adornment. 

ParikitincTo ornament; beautify: em- 
bellish adorn. 

Parinean Sadiron. 

Pari n sab inb-To iron. 

Paresn-Pair: brace doublet. 

Parisin n-Pattern: precedent; typ e; 
model (-sample: 

Parisan v To imitate counterfeit: mimic: 
forge pattern. 

Parisukat n-Square. quadrate. 

Parisukat a Square; quadrate; quad. 

Pariaukatiii-r To square: quadrate. 

l>arol-w Lantern 

Paroodin f-To go after; send, after. 

Paroparo n Butterliy. 

Parti n Quota: part. 

ParalihinvTo part: divide. 




Partisan- Pimshment; chastizemnte 

penality; correction; requiital. 

Parutfahin-t?-'l o punish; chastize; cor- 
rect; requit. 

Paru-ahin sa salita-o-To rebuke; can- 
sure; scolcU 

Pasan bruise bum; contusion; 

Pasabi n-Messaifc; errand. 


Pasa ug dugo-nSerous blood. 

ha-akabila ng bundok-i'-To go over 
the mountain. 

Pasak n^^ lug. stopper, calk; peg. 

Pasakin t'To calk plug stop; heck. 

Pai«akit-n Torment; torture; pain; an- 

Pasdkitan t; To pain distress; torment; 
torture; afflict chastize; mortify; 
disgust; disable. 

Pdsal-n Oakum. 

Pasalan-v-Tu calk; stop a leak; block 

Pasalapsap a Shallow, superficial. 

Pasaliwa o^t;. Backhanded. 

Pasalunga-o^/f; Reluctantly; contrarily; 
reverse; pepugnantly. 

Pasalungat-a Contrary, reluctant; re- 
pugnant; reverse; against. 

Pasainaliin i;To unite join; put to- 

PaMamain v-To deprave; corrupt; make 
or cause to be bad. 

Paaainain ang loobr-To displease; 

Panan n Load. 

Pasanin r-To carry or put on the- 

Pa.sarapin-v To relish; give zest. 

Pasaulann-De volution; restoration. 

Pasayahin-n To gladden; cheer; make 

Pasial-w Stroll; walk, saunter. 

Pasialau nJ'romena<ie. avenue; walk. 

Pasigaii n-Shore; strand, beach. 

Pasiylahin-i; To vivify; incite; excite; 
irnhue revive. 

l*asimalaan-v-To oommence; begin. 

PaHiinnlan-n l3eginning; commencement. 

Pasinungalingan-v-To give the lie; 

Pawiya-n Decis on verdict; judgement; 
sentence; resolution, detirmination, 
liiH'rae; rebuke. 

Pasko n Christmas. 

I'askong niahaban Quadrigesima. 

l*asko ng pagkabuhay n Easter. 

Paslangin a Skittish. 

Paslanginv To surprise, make a sud 
<ien movement 

Paslang n Insolence; impudence; daring. 

Paslaugiu-t^To insult, profane; dare* 
be impudent; violate, impute. 

Paslit o-Mucous; mucky; low: abject; 
ignorant despicible: depraved. 

Paso n-Burn. 

Paso n Earthen pan or tub. 

^■aso n Pass. 

Pasok-ti-En trance. 

f^olo n-Sharp point. 

Piispas n-Shaking; dusting; instiga- 

Paspasin-v-To dust shake. 

Pastol ng tupan Shepherd. 

Pastor-n-Castor. divine; ecclesiastic. 

Pastulan-n Filed; meadow: pasture. 

Pasubali-n Exception; condition; con 
ditioual promise. 

Pasubali sanOn condition that. 

Pasiigo n-Embassador; counsel. 

P8suin-i?-To burn; scortch. 

Pasukab asw.-Treacherously, under- 

Pasukal «dw.-Treacherously: under- 

handed low; dirtv 

Pasukalin ang loobrt;To vex disgust; 
disturb; molest displease. 

Paaukuin-v-To subdue: quell overcome 
conquer, subject worst overwhelm 
cause to surrender; captivate; charm. 

Pasulat-n Dictation; order to write* 

Pasulungan-r-To drive; impel. 

Pasunod n-ExampIe; precedent; copy; 

Pasupil n Triumph; subjection; conquer- 
ing; overcoming; overwhelming. 

Pasupilin r-To overcome: subdue, over 

Pasuotsuot o/it'.-Twistingly: tortuously. 

Pasuotsuot a-Twisted; crooked; winding; 

Pasu8uhin-t7To nurse; give suck. 

Pasutsot n-\A histle. 

Pataasin-T/To raiEe; elevate. 

Patabain-v-To fatten; batten; fertilize; 
maka fruitful. 

Patadw Rosin. 

Patag a Level; flat even: plane: firm: 
equal; similar; uniforn); contain; con- 
sistent, tranquil; smooth. 

Patagin f-To level; flatten. 

Patago adv -Hiddenly; secretly: clan- 

Patahimikin v-To calm: tranquilize. 
pacify, appease; settle; quiet. 

Patakn Drop; blot; trip. 

Patakasin v-lo cause or help to es- 
cape, steal. 

Patalim wSteel cutting edge. 
Patalimin-t'-To sharpen; make keen. 
Patanaw n-Sight; apparition; model; 




Patangahiti-v-To canne to be lazy or 

Patani-n-Lima beans. 
Patapan Jin v-To encourage; strenvthen; 

invigorate, enforce; make valiant. 

Patahanin -r To quiet; pacify; ap'^ease; 

Pdtaw n- Weight. 
Pa tawad-n Pardon; absolution: palliat 

tion: forgiveness. 
Patawarin-t; To forgive; pnrdou. ab- 

sojve; spare; acquit, condone; palli- 
Patawin v-To weight. 
Patayan n-Killing: slaughter, carnage; 

slaughter house. 
Patayin t?-To kill; murder; assassinate; 

quenca: put out: extinguish. 
Patayo a- Perpendicular. 
Patay sa kapatid-n- Fratricide. 
Patay sa sariling ina-n Matricide. 
Patibong-n-Trap deceit; fraud cheat. 
Patibong na panghuli ng dagan-Rat. 

Patid-n Break; cut. 
Patigasin-v-To toughen harden. 
Patilan8ikin.t;-To spatter: pplash; dab; 

Patingkayad a-Tiptoe; walking on the 

Patiningin-n-To clear up; settle; make 

Patirin-vTo cut asunder; break; fracture. 
Patitiin vTo drain. 
Pati tis n Lampblack. 
Patiwasayin-v-To tranquilize; calm; pac- 


PatnugotH Maxim; adage motto. 

Patongw- Addition; boot; premium; aug- 

Patos ng gulong n Clinch. 

Patotohanan-rTo ratify; verify; prove; 
manifest testify; confirm. 

Patotohanin v To make true; prove rat; 
ify; verify: true. 

Patuad-a-In verted. 

Patuad adv. Vpfiide down. 

Patubo n Interest; profit gain. 

Patuhin v-To toss; pitch. 

Patulinanv-To accelerate; enliven. 

Patuloy-wOontinuation; succession. 

Patuluyan-r-To continue; lodge. 

Patuluyap ang kapwa-vTo receive- 
lodge; entertain; protect; give shel- 

Patuluyin-v-Tp lodge; let lodgings. 

Patungan-t?-To add; augment; give boot; 
give a premium. 

Paiungut n iSmall addition: or premium 
I'atuuugin-t'-To whistle; make a noise 

or sound on anything. 
Patii pat n- Pipe. 

Patutotn Whore poostitute; harlot. 
Patuyo-arit;.- Dryly morosely. 
Patuyuin-v-To dry; dessicate. 
Fatuyuin sa hangin v-lo dry in the air. 
Paul6lflwiy.. Foolishly; sillily-; madly; 

Panlol w-Increase; addition. 
Paulol ulol-a^v. Foolishly; madly sillily. 

precipitately; rashly. 
Pauldlin v-To make foolish. 
Paululinv-To fill augment add to. 
Pautang-n Credit; trust: bill; note. 
P^waa-All each; every; all; whole. 
Pawalaan-€?-To loosen slacken; free 

liberate set at libertv 
Fawalan ang alipinr-To emancipate 

Fawalan ang h^laga vTo condemn; de 

preciate; diminiph the value. 
Pawalan ng kabuluhan v-To condemn 

depreciate; diminish. 
PawiinvTo blot; eiase; abolish; extin 

guish; efface put out: suppress. 
Pawiin ang antokrTo wake. 
Pawiin ang kulay r-To discolor; fade 

wash out. 
Pawiin ang uhaw v-To quench thirst. 
Pawikan-w Tortoise. 
Pawis-n-Perspiration; fweat. 
Payamanin-v-To enrich; make rich. 
Payamoyin v-To chafe disgust. 
Payanigin-v-To make or cause to trem- 
Payaos-a Husky; hoarse. 
Fayapa a- Pacific, tranquill; calm; quiet, 

Payapain-v-To calrp: pacify; tranquilize, 

quiet; allay; settle; appease. 
Payata-Weak; lean; thin: poor; meagre; 

delicate; slender gaunt, wizen; infirm; 

faint; barren. 
Payatin-v-lo prostrate; exhaust; debil- 
itate; make thin or lean. 
Payo n-Advice; admoniton. 
Payong-n-Parasol; umbrella. 
Payong na munti-n-Parasol. 
Paypay n-Fan. 
Paypayin-r-To fan. 
Pekas ng mukha-n Freckle. 
Peras-n Pear, 
Pidpid-n-Stick; splinter. 
Pidpirin ang kahoy -r-To chop wood. 
Piga n-Squeeze; press; crush. 
Pigain-v-To Squeeze; press; crush. 


I'igiiflti n-Pisftuct; melancholy: nnnny 
annoyance: ilistBBte iliiHBe'on: griev- 
ance grief; sorrow: gloom (i:iJneBB; 

Pigin Breech; buttock; hnmich; hip: 
rump,- posterior». 

Pigil « Curb: check; stop. 

Pigilan-B-To stop cnrb check rein. 

PigilintiTo stem coiiftniin: clieik; 
curb; brdle stop obstruck restrain. 

Piginn-n Bnnqtiet feiist: fele. 

Piitingin n To banquet give; a feast in 
honor of another 

Pigaan Tumor. abceas; tumefaction; boil. 

PigtainiT.To drench; eoak 

PihitnTnrn finuation. 

PihitinnTo turn t ghten xinniite. 

PikitnWink; blink 

Piklat-Jt Scar 

P ko H Pick. 

Pilakw Silver. 

PilapiiM-Terracc- Hike; dam; embank 
ment. imbankment. 

Pilay a Lame. 

Piliiyin?/To lame liisable t-HUi^nte; 
make lame 


PlegaanPlftit nitf: ruffle. 

PitevapancTo plait: ruffle crimple 

Pitin-Choice volition; selection 


I'alihinvTo twist; warp; iliaort; turn; 

Piliin e-To chooBe select ele.-t. 

Pilikmatai' Eyelash. 

Piling nCluat'er. hunch 

PilipitnfiinouB: tni te.l contorteii. 

PiliritdSinuation twist 
■ Pilipilin.p-To twirtt; curl sinuatd 

PilitftPeMuation obliuation; enforce- 
ment; compulsion 

PilitincTo persuade; urge: enforce: 
oblige extort press: persist hesel; 
compel; ply; prevail convince; drive 

Pina n Pine 

Piflan Pineapple, 

F'ina aapiiyan « Hearth: fireplace; stove. 

Pinag aaralan «.Breeding eiltication: 

Pinagbuhuan ii Foundry, canting house. 

Pinabuhatan-n-Caiise: occasion begin 
ning motive soiirce;origin;germ; n- 
ception; principle ancentry: fore- 

Piling gagawan ng saboii-n Snap fac 



Pinngknkautangnn n Creditor, 
Piiiagkaraiilinn » fjabit cuscom. 
Pinugkaskasati ii Filinge; scrapings 
Pinagkaanmlaan n Agreement reconcil- 

Pinngkikilan n Filinss 
PiiiaBlnirariun n Sawdust 
Pinasrlil hanjtH" "-Place of recreation or 
■ amusement. 

Piiiiigli1iiii1ini>ati n Printing shop. 
Pinaglinisan-n Cleanings rubhish, 
Pinnghilntu n n Place of cooking. 
Pinagmnlaitn Source; origin beginning 
motive cauee; occaasion principle. 

Pinegpasc imp .Shook 

Pinaupagihnn n filings made by tiling 
with the tail of the pagi. 

PinagpiliannBemain'^er, residue; ref- 
use; leavings offal 

Pinagpupugutan n-Place of beheading, 
gar rote. 

Pinngiiutulan n-Besidue or remainder 
of anything that has been cut. 

Pinag'uhunan n Soapsuds; ands; lather. 

Piringflasnhnuniin Place of making 

PinrtcHngpnngnn B.loin; jnncture. 
Pinaglabasan n-Clippings or leavings 

Pinagtatalan «Chips fagots 

Pinnetinahasnn-n Chip facots. 

Pi nag usnpn n Contract subject of con - 

veraatfon; argument agreement. 
Pinagtutun|u-iann esign; purpose 

Pinaguusapan n Object; design; pur 

pose; subject of conversation. 
Pinag nlusan n Servant agent errand 

Pinanyngilan n Place of congregation: 

Pinakamatatiiia ea lahatn Senior. 


Piiiamilitt. jhj;). Bought; purchased. 

Pinangaliofan-n Source origin head; 

spring beginning; cause ancestry. 

anceBtors; forefathers root; germ. 
Pi ii'lang-n Jerked heef; dried beef. 
Pindaiigin t! To jerk or dry beef. 
Piudot nFincli; nip press; stineexe: 

Findutin-v To pinch; nip: equeeKe. press. 

Pindntin v To pinch squeeze; prews; 

Pingan I.evcr; carrying slick. 
Pingan n Plate. 
Pingan namalukl-n Platter. 
Pingasn Chip: notch; chink; gap. 




Pingasan-vTo notch; chip; chink. 


Pintan- Paint. 

Pintahin-v-To paint. 

Pintakasi-n- Mediator; favor; patron; 
protector; intercessor; solicitor; one 
who does a favor. 

Pi ntas-n Fault; defect: drawback; de- 
crial; disappointment: criticism; 
scorn; contempt; censure; aspersion. 

Piutasan r-To criticize, censure^ un- 
derrate; undervalue; dissapprove; re- 
prove find fault; asperse. 

Pintasin-v- To find fault criticize; carp; 
censure; gibe; inculpate. 

Pinto-n-Door gate; entry gateway. 

Pintuhon- Veneration, reverence; re- 
spect; regard. 

Pintuhuin-vTo respect; venerate; rev- 
erence; esteem: obey; have regard for. 

Pinuno na wdlang sinusunod na utos 
n-Tyrant. despot. 

Pinya n- Pineapple. 

Pipi-aDumb; mute; silent. 

Piraln A pull or twist of the ear. 

Piralin-r-To twist or pull the ear. 

Pirason- • iece fragment; scrap; shred; 
sherd; morsel, 

Pirasong manipis;n Slice; thin piece. 

Pirasong munti n Fragment; morsel; 
nip. pinch, small piece. 

Pirito-a Fried. 


Pirmahan-aTo sign; at tech one's 

Pirmahinv-To sign; attach one's sig- 

Pi^ak ang isang mata-a- One eyed. 

Pisanin v-To meet congregate gather. 

Pisaw-nLarge knife, resembling a 
corn knife. 

Pisi-n-Cord; string. 

Pisigan a Strong; stout; vigorous; robust. 

Pisikn -Sputter; flicker. 


Pisia M Feast, banquet: holiday. 

Pistahin-v-To feast banquet. 

Pisunin-t^To level; flatten; stamp; ram; 
drive down. 

Pi tan Desire; wish; liking; lust; mind; 
ambition; aspiration; cupidity. 

Pitdgan n Respect: politeness; vene- 
ration; reverence: homage; kindness. 

Pitahinv-To wish; desire; like; aspire; 

have ambitions. 
Pitik n Chalk line: snap. 
Pitikin n To chalk line, snap. 
Pitisint;-To squeeze; press: wind; 

Pito » Whistle; picolo. 


Pit6 n Seven. 

Pitong daan-a Seven hundred. 

Pitong daan-n-Seven hundred. 

Pitpitin-t?-To mash. 

Piy'aos a Hoarse; husky. 

Platero n-Jewtler; silversmith. 

Plaza-n Square; park. 

Pohia n-Boiler; kettle; dyers copper; 
copper dipper 

Pokyotan n-Honey bee. 

Policiaw- Police. 

Pook n-Corner; point; 'place. 

Poon-nLord; saint. 

Poot-n-Indignation; dislike; disgust; 

Porcelanan Porcelain. 

Pootin-v-To irritate; provoke; disgust; 
cause to be indignant or to dislike. 

Pormal-a-Formal; serious; ritual; ear- 
nest grave. 

Potro-w Colt. 

Presidente w President mayor;chairman. 

Prituriinv-To fry. 

Pronombre-n Pronoun. 

Provincia-n Province; country. 

Puangn-Space;interval;distance breech. 

Pudpod-a Dull; blunt. 
Pugad n Nest. 

Pugaran-n-Hen's nest; haunt of a hen 
Pugay-w-Salute; salutation; greeting. 
Pngo n-Quail: bod white. 
Pugpog-n- Knoll; low hill. 
Pugot-a-Headless; decapitated; be- 
headed; blunt; cut off. 
Pugutan ng ulo-v-To behead, decapitate. 
Puhunanw Capital; fund. 
Puit-n- Bottom; breech; hinder. 
Pukaw-n-Fright; surprise; scare. 
Pukawinv-To surprise; excite; scare; 

frighten; rouse. 
Pukulin-v-To throw cast. 
Pukulin ng bato-t?-To stone. 
Pukliin-v-To stone: throw: cast. 

Puklo-«-Udder; bag of a cow. 

Pukol M-Throw; cast. 

Pukotn Fishing boat or smack. 

Pukpok n-Hammer; stroke with a 

Pukpukinv To hammer. 

Pukpukin ng maso-r-To pound with a 

Pula n Red: ruby; color of flesh. 

Piilan-Criticism; censure. 

Piilaan-v-To criticise; censure. 

Pula ng itlogn Yolk; yelk. 


Piilikat M Spasm; cramp: convulsion. 

Pulo w-l^land. 

Pulong n Reunion;meeting;congregation 

PUM 1 

Pulo8-o-All; entire; whole; each; every; 

equal: uniform. 
Puloln-Honey; niolaeses. 
Pul polo-Blunt dull; qljtiise. 
Pulubi» BegKar. 
PuluUn-fTo pick np; gather. 
Pumanoil-o-To tire, weary; fatigue; 

molest; ink. 
FiimHgpaewTo shake; fli)p. 
Pomaibabaw-tf-Tn be superior; put on. 
PumalatoknTo dick. 
Pumalii-u-To change; barter; alter. 
Pumalo-vTo beat, strike cudgel; drub. 
Futnalo-nCudgel; club. 
Pamana-u-To shoot a dart or an orrow. 
Pamanaw-uTo absent one's aeif; go 

Pumandny-i'- To blacksmith. 
Pumaugit uTo grow or become ugly or 

Pumauhik o-To go up; ascend: iiKvnnt. 
Pumanhilc en kabayo-u-To mount a horse. 
PumantayV'To equali^'e; match; become 

equal or of the same height. 
Pumaijaypay v-To wave, undnlaie. 
Pumaroon-it To go; resort; wend. 
Puma^ok-r-To enter, go in; interfere; 

Pumatakj/To drop; drip; dribble. 
Pumatakpatnk u To drip; drop; fail in 

Pamat4y v-To kill; murder; assasHinate. 
Punmtnug'i i' To defend; guard; attend; 

accompany; go with. 
Pumdwiiipawid-wTo Stagger; waver. 
PumawiavTo perspire; .sweat. 
Pumayag'u-To concede; permit allow; 

cede; agree; a<'quiesce; grant; c6 in cide; 

aocord; countenance. 
PumayapaoTo calm, pac ty; appease: 

tranguilize; allny, settle; re^t. 
Pumnyapa-M Pacificator, pacifier. 
Pumiga v-To squeeze; press out. 
Pumibiti'To turn; go back; return. 
PiimikitwTo blink; wink. 
Pnmili B To choose prefei; elect. 
PumilingvTo cltister, bunch. 
PumilipittrTo twist; twine. 
Pumili V To urge; persist; force; oblige. 
FumipintasD Critic,- faultfinder. 
PumirmacTo sign; subscribe; under 

Pumisan vTo join: (congregate: meet; 

collect; unite, aggregate, asaociate 
PnniiaikrTo Bputter; flicker. 
Pumukpok V To hammer; trob. 
Pumulaan u-To commence; begin, 
Pumulot-p-To pick up; gather; acquire. 

Pumnnil-w-To tear; louse. 
Pumulion-To fill. pod. 
Piimunia-i'To go wend. 
Pumustav-To wager; bet. 
.Pumutok-tiTo burst shoot-; explode; 

break open; breach, fulminate. 
PumutoluTo chop; cut down. 
Pumuyat-ttTo gtay up; keep awake at 

Tnfial n-Daeger; poinard. 
Piinasan-p'J'o clean with a rag. 
Pumluhan-M Anchoring place, anchor 

^e; harbor; port; place, where people 

PungkenPannier basket; dust pan. 
Pungusin-D-To slice, cut away; pare off, 

Puulan Sprout shoot seedling. 
Puniaan-u-Weeri plot nursery; hotbed 
Punih-tf-To fill, stuff. 
Pimit n-'I'ear, touse. 
Punit a Torn; ragged. 
Pnnitin-tiTo tear, louse. 
Punltpnnit-a Ragged;" torn; very ragged. 
Pun6o.Full; replete; chock; plenary; 

Puno'n CoTjimaiidpr chief; leader; prin- 
cipal; prefect; trunk, 
Puno n lieggining, principle: motive, 

Puno ng alikabokii-Dusty: full of dust. 
Puno ng banlikaMuddy, full of mud. 
Puno ng kasamaan a Malicious; wicked' 

Puno ng lukban-n Orange tree 
Punong nra «Axiom; maxim; rule, 

8t.andard; proverb. 
Punoiigpunoa-Replete full lo the 

Piino sa catedral n Dean, 

Puntaliin w To point: aim. 

Puntas « r.nce edging bobbinet, 


Punto sa pagsaaalitan Style or man 

ner of speech. 
PunuinnTo fill; replete; stuff; satie- 

fy; satiate. 
Purga n Purge: cathartic. 
Pnrgahin'isTo purge. 
Pari « Virture; honor; reputation; rank 

fame; glory; applause; dignity. 
Parihin it- To praise; honor; respect. 

dignify: commend; plaudit; eulogize: 

Piisa n Cat; pussy; puss. 
Piisak 11 Movement; [nuviug. 
PubbkbI 'I Accuetooieii. 
PoBftli n Mud: mire; slime, clay. 
Pdsalian n Place that is muddy, sink 
bole; sink. 




Puso-n- Heart. 

Puso ng mais-n Ear of corn. 

Pusod n Center of anything. 

Pusbd-n Chignon. 

Pusod ng tiyann Novel. 

Pusok a-Prou(l; bragginir; passionate. 

Pusok na loob a Fervent; impetuous, 
fiery; lively. 

Puson n Groin. 

Pusot n Bottorii; bed of a stream or 

Puspos-a-Full; replete; round; circular; 

Puspos ng kalualhatian a-Glorious; ex- 

Pusta n Wager; bet. 

Pustaha^-t^ To wager; bet. 

Pufirtiahah n Wager; bet. 

Huta-n Whore; harlot; prostitute. 

Putaktin- Hornet; wasp, yellow jacket. 

Putik-n-Mud; mire; clays. 

Pntla-n- Paleness; wanners; pallor; ghast- 

Putlain-l?-To extenuate; grow pale. 

Putlin v-To cut; chop, amputate; trun- 
cate; resind. 

Putlin ng manga sangav-To prune. 

Putok-n-Shot. burst; report; crack; 
cracking; sound. 

Putol-n Piece. 

Putol ang kamay-a-Handless. 

Putongn Crown: wreath; coronet. 

Putulin v To chop; cut; resind; truncate; 

Putungan ng corona u-To crown. 

Putusan-vTo fill. 

Pututin-v-To rape: ravish: force. 

Pnyatn Vigil; nightwatch, 

Puyat a Sleepless. 

Puyatin-v-To keep awake. 


Queso n-Cheese. 

Quitd— You, by me. 


Regla n-Rule; order; precept method. 
Religion-?^:Religion; faith; creed; be- 
Retasd-n- Remnant. 

Retrato-n Portrait; picture. 


Rifa w-Rafflle; lottery. 

Rigudon-n-Quadrille; cotillon. 

Rin adv.- A\8o, too; self same; similarly 

Sa-prcj)..To of; from: with: at for; on; 

or; about; through towards; in. 
Sa aba ko inter. Poor me;, unlucky me; 

pity me. 
Saanewiy.- Where; whither;, to or at'ifrhat 

place. ' 
Saan banda adv. Where: whither, at 

what place at which side. ^ • 
Saan mnn arit7.Whereever, everyV^ere; 

Sabadon Saturday. 

Sabak-n- Crotch joint; mortise; grbove. 
Sa balasan w Nprthwind. 
Sabarin-v-To vex' harrow; pertutb; dis 

turb; interrupt, interfere; disgu^t.^ 
Sabatn- Wedge. 
Sabatan -v- To Wedge; split with a 

Sabatin-v-To ambush: ambuscade; lay 

in wait; meet; encounter. 


Sa bawat sandali-ociy.-Momentarily; ev 
ery moment. 

Sabay adv.-Tog'ether; at the same time. 

Sabay sabay- adv. Simultaneously; to- 
gether; at once at the same' time. 

Sabi n I'alk; speech; citation; nartation; 

Sabihin-w-To say; tell; narrate; cite, 
speak; talk; predicate. 

Sabihin ang ngalan-v-To name; call by 

Sabihin ulivTo reiterate: repeat; say 
or tell again. 

Sabisabi-n Rumor; report; gossip; fool- 
ish talk. 

Sabisabing lihim-nSecret; gossip. 

Sabitan w-Hook; hanger; peg: coat-rack; 
anything that is used to hang things 
Sable nSabre. 




Sabon n Soap. 

Sabsdban n Trough: bog trough. 

Sabtfabau v To scrape but leave the 
scrapings, clean but leave the cleau- 

Sabiigan-n Scattering. 

Sabugdnv To scatter; throw broadcast. 

Sabunin v To soap. 

Sadhan v To obstruct, close; block up; 

Ssid\& adv.- Intentionally; purposely; 
avowedly; disignedly; deliberately. 

Sadya adv. Intentionally; purposely; 
avowedly; designely: deliberately; 
knowingly, on purpose. 

Sagad-a-Brim full; replete; exhausted. 

Sagad na sagad a Krim full, replete. 

Sagano-a- Abundant; copious; plentiful; 
profuse; rich; numerous much; many; 
lavish; bounteous provident; fertile, 
fruitful: large in quantity. 

Sagana-odz/.-Fullv; completely: abun- 
dantly; copiously; plentifully; boun- 
teously; magnificently. 

Sagdpan n Skimmer. 

Sagapdn ang bula v To skim. 

Sagawing odt;. In the direction of; to- 

Sagawinghilagaana<2]7. -Northerly ;north- 

Sa gawing kalunuran adv.- Westerly; 

Sa gawing silanganan odv.-Easterly. east- 

Sa gawing timngan adz/. Southerly; 

Sagiok n-Crack; snap. 

Sagipin t; To save; succor; deliver. 

Saglit adv. Shortly; briefly in a short 
space of time. 

Sago n Sago. 

Sagot n Answer; reply; retort; response; 
repartee contestation. 

Sagpangin v To snap, bite quickly. 

Sagsag n Trot. 

Saguan n Paddle, oar; scull. 

Saguing-n Banana; plantain . 

Saguingan-n- Banana grove or plantation. 

Sagutan r-To answer; respond; contest; 

Sagutan-n- Answer, debate; response; 

Sa harap odv.-In front; against; before; 
in presence of. 

Sa hay agadv. Abroad; in public; at 
sight; publicly. 

Sahign Floor. 

Sahigan v-To floor. 

Saliing-n-Pitclj; roHin. 

Sa hipo adv. by the touch. 

Sa huli*adt;. Lastly; after; behind; back 

Sa hulihan adv. Lastly; after, behind; 

Sa hulo adv. -At the upper part; at the 

Sahurin-v To receive; accept. 

Sahurin ang upa-v-To receive one's 
pay or salary. 

Sa ibabaodv. Below; beneath; under. 

Sa ibabaw adv. On; upon; above; on top. 

Sa ibayo odr. Beyond on the other side. 

Sa ilalim adv. Under; beneath; below. 

Sa ilalim a Nether. 

Sa isang dali adv. In a moment; pre- 
sently in a trice. 

Sa itaas adv.-Above; over; high up. 

Sa ito adv. Here in; hereon; herewith. 

Sa iyo— For, with, to, of, from yoj. 

Saka adv. -After; afterwards, next. 

Saka condj. And. 

Sa kaduluhan adv. Lastly; at the end. 

SakagnFish net. 

Sakang adv. Open legged. 

Sakangadv. Bowlegged. 

Sakali-odv. -Perhaps; by chance; at least; 
should it come to pass. 

Sakasakali -adv. Perhaps; if by chance; 
should it come ' to pass. 

Sa katapusan-odv.-Lastly; at the end; 
then: at last. 

Sakdal -a Full; replete; complete. 

Sakdalan n Protection; shelter. 

Sakit n Sickness; desease. torture pain; 
hardship; anguish; tormen:; ail; dis- 
tress; dolor; malady; afliction; suffer- 
ing ache; trouble. 

Sakit ng himatay n Fainting swooning. 

Sakit na nakahahawa na buhat sa ga- 
waang kalupaan n-Venerial desease. 

Sakit na pasma-n-Spasm: convulsion. 

Saklapn- Bitterness; disgust, harshness; 

Saklaw-wHold up; heading of; 

Saklawin-v-To head off. hold up: turn. 

Saklolon- Defense; help; protection; 
support; aid; suffrage. 

Sakloiohan-r-To help; aid; succor; pro- 
vide; support; protect; defend. 


Sakramento-n Sacrament. 

Saksak-n Stab; thrust. 

Saksakin-v-To stab; stick; dirk. 


Saksi nakakita ng pinaguusapan-n-An 
eye witness. 

Saktan-v-To hurt; woun<l; pain; cripple; 
maim; lame: chastize; agrrieve; of 
fend; irritate. 




Sakuua n DiBauter, calamity; misfortune; 
mieadventure; mishap; misery; acci- 

Sakupin v To take or put under the 
control of another; subdue; subject; 
subordinate overcome- 

Sal-»-Sin: fault crime; culpability; in- 
fraction infringement; violation; guilt; 
offense; transgression; defect; vice; 
deticiency. slight. 

Salaan-n-Strainer, collander; sieve; fil- 
ter cullander. 

Sa labas adv. Out side; abroad; in pub- 
lic; publicly; moreover. 

Salabin r To scortoh singe. 

Salagn Man midwife. 

SaUgn Contradiction: opposition 

Salagin-vTo stop anytliing that is 
thrown toward you. 

Salaghatin-Resentment: grudge; dis- 
gust; loathing; restlessness inquie^ 

Salain V To strain; filter. 

Salain muli v To restrain; refilter. 

Salagubang-n Junebu};. 

HaJakubann Leather bag or pouch. 

SalahinvTo reject; condemn; find 
fault; criticize; 

Sdlahin r-To weave. 

Salahulaa Sloppy; dirty: filtl y; slat 
tern; slatternly; slutish: squalid; 

Salamangka n Jugglery; leger de main. 

Salamat n Thanks. 

8alambaw-n Fish net, snare, or trap. 

8alamin-n Looking glass; mirror, spec' 

Salamin sa mata n Eyeglasses; specta- 

Salamin ng tainga n Eardrum. 

Salangin v To touch. 

Salang palad n Bad luck misfortune. 

Salang palad a Unlucky, unfortunate: 

Salangsanjr-n Trespass: contravention. 

Salangsangin-r-To contradict; confuse; 
oppose; resist, controvert; dispute; 
transgress, trespass; refute, reject; re- 
pel contravene; object 

Salanta-72-Abuse; illtre^tment; misuse; 

Salanta-a*Iliused mistreated: abused. 

Salantain V To misuse; illtreat; 

Salapang-n-Fork, pitch fork spear. 

Salapiw-Money: cash; pelf specie. 

Salaping katubusan sa anonian n Ran- 

Salapungan ng daan ?i-C;-o}?sroad. 

Salasn Salon; saloon; hall. 

Salat-a Poor; needy helpless; destitute; 
disconsolate; poverty stricken^ scarce; 
scanty; wanting; lacking: deficient» 
penurious; paltry, mean; short; close. 

Salatin V To touch; feel; t^ou^d; probe; 
investigate; procure. 

Salat sa bunga-a Sterile; fruitless bar- 
ren; unfruitful. 

SalauIainvTo soil make foul, nasty; 
or filthy. 

SaUwal n Pant; pantaloon trouser 

Sdlay-n Nest; receiver; dripping pan. 

Salaysay n Relation; narration; account; 
explication; declaration; proposal. 

Salaysayin v To narrate relate declare; 
account tell; explain; refer; pro- 

Salbahi n Savage. 

Sal bahi-a Savage; truculent; mean; rude 

8a likod adv -Behind; after at the back. 

Sa likuran adv. Behind; at the back; 
after; following. 

Salilongan n Redemption: ransom; as, 
sistance; defense; guard; shelter. 

Salilungan n Vindication defense; pro- 
tection; shelter, guard. 

Salin n Copy: transcript; likeness; conn- 
terpart; duplicate. 

Sal nan n Place of copying or transcrib- 

Salinsing n Wild growth of grain. 

Salisalita w-Foolish talk; runor. 

Sal i ta n Discourse speech talk word; 
conversation; converse; gab; locution; 
vocable term. , 

Salitaan-n Conversation; agreement 
contract; discourse col oquy; parley; 
chat; argument; conference conven- 
tion; convenant pact; paction; par- 

Salitaan ng dalawa n Dialogue. 

Salita at kilos palalo n Braggartism. 

Salitain v To speak; talk; reason; ha- 
rangue; narrate: say; tell; relate 

Salita na may maraming silaban Pol- 

Salita ng isang nacion 6 kapulungan n 
Language idiom; dialect. 

Salitang hunghang-n-None«ense, 

Salitang magkaisa ang kahulugan-n Syn- 

Salitang mahalay-n Rude word, phrase, 
or speech. 

Salitang malasan Wit; witty talk. 

Salitang panininta n-Love talk. 

Salitin-v-To mix; mingle; alternate; jum- 

Salitsalit-a-Streaked or interlined with 
fat and lean; alternate. 

^ SAM i\ 


imlicUi^in . ineonetnney 
BaliwahnngloobTi Intoiistoncy; infi.iel- 
. ily; indiciBi^n: tickleness. 
Saliwanji kapalaran tt Bad or ill lack; 

Kalrwaiig loobolTiihappy; unlucky; un- 

fiftlongn-Cabin; barrack, hut. 
Salon gMv» 1*1 nee of concealment; pro. 

tectioi): help. 
8a oobn*i(i. VVithin inside; internal. 
Sftlopilin fl -O. liam: obstruct; augment: 

«Kaggerate add to. 
Salpok n h'I<,w. km) clash: 

sh'ck figlit; sudden meeting. 
Salsa;-a Obtuse; binnt: dull; flat nosfed 
Salsain c-To blunt; dull the point, rivet 
.clinoli. squander .or spend money 
MalubsubMTJiorn on eplitttpr that has 

bet'n run ntu the fool slantwise 
Saliibong n Gift, present. 
8alubungino-l'o meet; encounter.'' 
8a lugiir ngarfu. Instead 
8a1ukan-vTo skim taku off. 
Salungaban nAscenaion; acclivity. 
8aluiignt-n-0jipu8ed, contrary. 
8ali]ng:iLinr-To oppoee coniradit^t ob 

ject; resist; brush bacK; turn back, 

8alung'it ea-i-Opposite; contrary. 
Sahmpnt ea ado. On the contrary. 
Saluugatin-i> To raise with the point of 

a needle or pin; reach with a pole 

iiatuysoy «.Ravine; gully; brook; rill 

8am!i n Ugliness; wickedness; evil; bad 
nesB iuiperfectioii fault mischief 
injury; hurt; harm; moral depravity 
homiineBs; turpitude; miBFurtunCi 

8a mahnting panalioii ^lOpporunie 

Ba magisang sariliorfu. Alone; only. 

8ainah;tn-n Society; company; partner- 
ship; assembly. 

Samahan-(i- lo accompany; unite; join. 

Ha maitling panaliono'iiu. 6hortI y ; 
briefly; soon; in a short time. 

Samokiilawaa/fii. Duy after toniorrow. 

SamakalawB-n The dsy aftei- to morrow. 

Sami ng looh-nDisp tea sure; disgust: 
uneaBiness;Tesentment; grudge; finger; 
discontent; asperity; pique. 
Samungpaladn-Bad luck; illhick; mis- 
Snmantalafl»fi).While: in the meantime; 
meanwhile, interim. 

6 SA'N 

Samantalahiji t'-To whille away timet 

take advantage of improve. 
Saraantalnng rt-Prnvisionsl. 
8a may-To him who has in the di- 

Sambahann Church; temple, place of 

Sam hohiii-ii-Tii worships reverence; hal- 

. low; csnctify. 

Sambahin ang anlto-rTo iifdolize; wor- 
ship idols, 

Sapihalilo-n Hat. 

8amhilatiniJ-To scatter promiscnoaly: 
throw about; tumble topsyturvy. 

SairpaguitanSmnll white flower. 

SampalnSlap; blow white the open 

Saiiipalataya n Faith creed; belief. 
Sam palatayanini)-To believe, credit: give 

Sampnhn e Slaps. 
Sampnl kw Tamarind; tamarac. 
SamrijinnCloth.'S line; line used t(. 

hnns th ngs on. 
Sampa^invlo bang up. 
Sampong ode. Till; until; also, even; an 

Snmpulong (uJv.-Whole; entire; all. 

Simpuo w Ten. 

Sampuo 1 Ten. 

bnmpuorg iitosng DT08 n The Ten com- 

mindmenta of GOD. 
Samsaman n Colleciion: gathering. 
Samofliniiri v-1a i:o1lect; gather; take 

a»av (ongest. 
Samsamfin ng sandaiaiiTo disarm. 
SamsamintTo capture collect; gather. 
Sanay « Practice; ■ esperience; exer. 

bai a\ a Experienced: expert; able- skil- 
ful Lapabie; (it; adroit graceful; deft; 
dexterous; practical. 

Sana>int> lo teach; instruct; practice; 
tram, exercise; break in; learn by 

Snndahrt Instant moment; trice; jiffy 
short npaPL' of time. 

Saudalias n*8andals. 

Sandata-Full; reulete; abundant; sa- 
tiated saliefled. 

8an<l;itn " wmd, weapon: arm. 

Sandatin-o-lo satiate; saliBfy, replete 
gratify, _ 

San(ii)[-o-Slanting; sloping; leaning. 

Sandigan n-Oouch; baluster, snylbing to 

Sniidii-MivtfTo put a rail or balustrade 

on the side of a stairway. 
Sandok-n- Ladle,- large spoon. 
Sand ok na malaki-tt-Scoop. 



8andukiii v-To scoop, take out .with a 

spoon ladle. 
Sanga-A an; one. 
Sanga-n-Branch. sprig. 
Sang daan n One hundred. 
San daana-A hundred. 

Sangdaig digan n Ihe universe. 

Sanghaya-» Dignity rank. 

Sang haya n Hand full 

Sangka-n Canal drain sluice, ditch. 

Sangkang patubigan n Canal drain. 

Sangkap n-Jewel; .ornament; part piece. 

Sanglaw- Pledge; pawn; mortgage; at- 
tacliment; plight: security. 

Sanglang lupa^ Mortgage. 

Sanglibutan-n The earth; globe; 
universe. i 

Sangol n-Creature; babe; baby. 

Sangtaon n One year. 

Sdnib n Juncture; joint. 

San epa-n Picture frame 

Sankalan-n Butcher's block. 

Sankap-n-Impleiiient tool. 

Sankatuwohan-n Humanity nation. 

Sankleta n Slipper. 

Sankuts^hin-t'-lo parboil. 

Sansalain-v-To impece. hinder; ob- 
struct; restrain; detain. 

Santa Biblia-nHoly, bible; evangel. 

Santa escritura n Holy scripture. 

Santo n Saint 

i*apa n Rivulet brook creek. 

Sa paanomang paraan ad?). Resolutely 
justly or unju^tly; by all means in 
any possible way; no matter what 


Sa pagitan adv. Meanwhile, meantime. 

Sapagka't cofy . Because, for; as; since. 

Sapakin-v-To break. 

Sapakin ang bibig t; To break the jaws. 

Sdpal n Trash; crushed sugar cane. 

Sa palibid-odv. -Round; about; around; 
round about on every side. 

Sa paligid oc^Vj-Round: about; around; 

Sa palibot-adv. Round; about; round a 
bout; around; on every side. 

Sa pamagitan r\g-adv,\^y means of. by 
virtue of; by favor of. 

Sa panahon-o^v.-Timely; in time. 

Sa panahon a Opportune; 

Sapan taha-n Supposition ; hypothesis; 
conjecture; presumption; suspicion. 

Sa paraan ito a^lv.Hereby. herewith; 

Sapatn Sufficient; anough; full; com- 
plete; replete. 


Sapatos na bakal-n- Horseshoe. 

Sapilitan oiv. By force or persuasion. 


Sa pilitan-aObligatory; binding, neces* 
saiy; needfu ; precise; indespensible. 
Sapin n Shoe; shoefi. 
Sapol sa ugat adv. From the root; en 

tirely. ' 

S^pot /t Shroud. Winding sheet. 
Sapsapani/-io husk, strip off husks; 

Saputin V To enshroud. 
Saran Closing; sealing. 
Saraguete w-Truant; rascal. . 
Sara ng sulat w-The sealing of a letter. 
Sarap» laste; relish pleasure; sweet- 
ness, delight gratification. ' ' 
Sarili ng araw-a Solar; belonging to 

the sun. 
Sarili ng mga alipin 6 aiila a-Servile; 

menial; slavish. 
Sariling asawa ng isang babayi-n-Hus 

Sariling asawa ng isang lalaki'n Wife; 
Sarili nilapro-Their; theirs, 
Sarili niya pro His her; hers. 
Sarisarin Notions. 

Sarisari a- Various; miscellaneous; mul- 
tiple. ^ ' 
Sarisaring kulay a-Motley. 
Sariwa-n Fresh; green; young; delicate. 
Saro w Jar. pot. 
Sasakyan-n-Ship: vessel. 
Sa sariji To him or her. 
Sa 8\\ongadv.'Down stairs, beneath; be 

low; under. 
Satsat ng pari-n-Bald spot on a priest's 

Sa tabi ngn-Beside; on the brim or 

Sa tanyag adv. Abroad; in public vis- 

Sa tanyag a-Visible; public. 
Sa tapat-odw. Opposite, facing; in front. 
Sa towitowi na ado. Always; momeiitar 

ily. frequently; every momen*". 
Saulan-v-To restore give back return. 
Sa uli uli-odu- Again; again and again. 
Sawa-a-Enough;suf ficient; full; complete. 
Sawain-v-To prohibit; interdict; forbid. 
Sawatain-f To impede; hinder, obstruct; 

restrain; detrain. 
Sawi-odv. Opposite; contrary. 
Sawing kapalaran n 111 luck; bad luck; 

Saya.nJoy; happiness; glee; festivity, 

mirth, merriment; gladness; pleasure; 

gayety. joyfulness: airiness. 
Sayd na malabis n Ecstacy. 




Sayang n-Grief ; pity; compassion; con- 
dolence; waste. 

Sayan g iWcr.-Pity; what a pity. 

Sayangin-t;-To waste; squander; throw 

Savawn Dance. 

Bayawan-n-Ball; dance. 

Sayasatint'-To examine investigate. 

Haysayn'Explication; declaration, dem- 
onstration; signification narration; 
account; proposal; Precept; method; 

8aysayant;-To decide; distinguish; de- 
termine; give importance; explain; tell; 
narrate account expound. 

Saysayin-v-To Explain; p. rtray; say; tell; 
narrate, recite; translate; relate,. cite; 
predicate; analyze interpret signify: 
lay open; expound; manifest; report; 
rehearse; construe; declare charac- 
tarize; demonstrate: mean; denote. 

»Saysayin ang kahulugan-v-To interpret; 
translate tell the meaning. 

Saysayin mabutivTo explain. 

Haysayin malinaw v To define describe; 
explain delineate. 

8ay-ayin maliwanag t; Ta describe; ex- 
plain; define; say or tell claerly. 

Saysayin sa pintasv- 1 o comment. 

JSebada n-Barley. 

Sebo-n-Grease; fat. 

sSebuvas n Onion 

Sentencia n Sentence; decision; judge; 

Sermon nSermon. 

Sermon sa paglilibing n-Obsequy. 

Servilletan-Doile; napkin. 

Sesgo-M Gore; plait. 

Sexo n Sex. 

Siasatin rTo investigate; examine; in- 
spect; review; survey; study; probe; 
revise; register. 

Siap n Puling; chirping; chirp. 

Sib^ n Glutton V. 

Sibad n Running like the wind. 

Sibak w-Split. 

ISibakin t^To split, 

Sibatn Spear; lance pike; staff. 

Sibatin-v To spear; lance. 

Sicante n Blotter. 

Sidhi n Rigor; sternness;' harshness; 
keenness; fulness, completeness. 

Siga n Bonfire. 

Sigent? To set afire; k'ndle; burn. 

Sigaw n Cry; shriek; yell; loud rail; 
srream; howl; shout; screak; scheech. 

Sigawan r-To shriek; call, cry out; 
«rowl. shout: hoot. 

8iv:a\vin j'-To shout, howl; scream; cry; 
exclaim; hoot, clamor. 

Sig(iwin*a V^ociferous; clamorous; noisy; 

Siglrin v-To prick; pierce. 
Siglati- Boldness; courage; activity; 

livliness. vivacity. 
Sigwa n Storm; tempest. 
Sihaug n Jawbone. 
Sikad-n Kick, spurn; thrust with the 

Sikang 71 Cross timber; long bolster of 

a bed 
Sikap-n Diligence; industry; activity; 

afficiousness; assiduity. 
Sikapat n Shilling bit; 12^ cents 
Sikapat labinff dalawa n-Twenty cents. 
Sikapat sikolo n Eighteen and three 

quarters cento mex. 
Sikarnn v To kick spurn. 
Sikat-n Appearance; rising. 
Sikat ng araw-n-The rising of the 

Sikmura n-Stomach. 
Sikmura ng hayopn-Maw. 
Sikon-Elbow; hock 

Sikolo n Six and a quarter cents mex. 
Sikpinin v To Narrow, contract. 
Siksika-Dense; close; thich; compact. 
SiksikinvTo pack closely cram stuff; 

jam force in. 
Sikulate n Chocolate. 
Silabn-Burn; parch scorth. 
Silabinvlo burn scorth parch. 
Silanganan n-The east; orient. 
Silay n Glance; glimpse. 
Silia-nRoom; chamber apartment. 
Si lid na tulugan n Bed chamber; bed 

room; sleeping apartment. 
Silip n Glance, glimpse; blink peep. 
Silipin V To peep glance; blink. 
Silld n Chair. 
Silon 5jnare. 

Silongnlhe fiist story. 
Silsilinv To clinch rivnt secure. 
Sibangot n Frown displeasure, wryface. 
Simaron-a Intractible; wild; savage; 

cross grained. 
Simbahan n Church; temple; house of 

Simot-a Exhau: ted; fatigued; tired; 

used up; totally drained. 
Simpan n Economy; guard; watch. 
Simpanin v To economize; keep; guard. 
Sinabi-r.ji?. j[?.-Said. 
Sinadya a-lntentionnl. 
Sinadya a/ir.- Intentionally; designedly: 

avowedly; purposely. 
Sinandali-r-To borrow. 
Sinapete n Anchor. 
Sinapupunan n Grons. 
Siuasama-r-To be unhappy; unhu'ky. 




Siaasapantaha aPutative; supposed; 

Sinasaysaya Affirmative. 

Sinsaysay sa libro v To quote; affirm. 

Sindakn. Fright; terror; dread; scare; 

Sindakin-v-To scare; frighten; surprise. 

Sindin Fire; light; burning. 

Sindihanv-To kindle; light; set fire to. 

Sinelas n-Slippers. 

Singaw n Appearance; eruption. 

Singaw na anoman sa b«lat n Eruption 
or outbreak of the skin. 

Singhot nSnuff : snuffle 

SingilinvTo collect dun; request 

Singit-n-Groin; crack. 

Siugkada-t'hief; principal; important. 
greaiJ collective. 

Singkawn Yoking; hitch. 

Singkawin-r To hitch yoke. 

Singsingw-Ring finger ring. 

Sinkad-a-Full; complete; replete. 

Sinkamas n Turnip. 

Pino-;>ro.-Who; . which. 

Sinok-n Hicqough. 

Sinoman^ro.-Anyone anybody. 

Sinoman-n Somebody. 

Sinoman ay hindi pro Nobody; none 

Sinop n-Curioaity; inquisitiveness; in- 

Sinsay-a-Illegal; illicit unlawful. 

Sinsin n Solidity, thickness; closeness; 

Sinsinan-v-To condense: thicken,confine; 
press; condense; put close together. 

Sinsinin-rTo thicken; confine, press; 
condense; put close together. 

Sinta-n Love; courtship. 

Sintahinv To love; court. 


Sintaron-n-Belt: strap; 

Sinulat ng nagpapalimbag-n-Editorial. 


Sinungaling w-Lie; cheat; imposter; liar; 
swindler; sharper. 

Sinungaling a Lying; false; fraud; un- 
faithful; inconstant. 

Sinvusundan n Former antecedent. 

Sipa-n-Kick; spurn. 

S pag w Diligence; attention; industry; 
thrift: officiousness. 

Sipain-r-To kick: spurn. 

Sipakin-vTo split; cleave. 


Siphayo-?i-Insult: censure; reproach. 
Sipiin-f-To compile; copy. 
Sipit-wTweezers: pincer; tonga 

Sipon-M Constipation: catarrh. 

Sirdn Putrid; broken; disrupt; cracked; 

used up; useless. 
Sira-nBreak; scath; breach: blight; 

putridness; putridity. 
Sird ang isang mata-a One eyed. 
8ira ang isip a-Crazy; insane, delirious; 

mad; frantic; furious. 
SirainvTo break destroy; ruin in 

jure; fracture; scathe: disrupt; blight 

delapidate hurt pervert; polute 

corrupt; infect; deprave: shatter 

stain; impair, waste; misspend; de 

Sirain-a Brittle; fragile perishable. 
Sirain ang loob-v-To dishearten; alien- 

Sirain ang mabuting kaugalian-v-To 

corrupt: viliate. mar; seduce bribe. 
Sirain ang puri v-To stain; viliate; 

degrade, deprave; detract: profane; 

stain or tarnish one's character. 
Sisid-n-Dive: immersion; dip; plunge. 
Sisi-n Repentence. 
Sisihin v-To repent; scold; reprimand; 

admonish; blame. 
Sisiw-n Chick small chicken. 
Sisiwa n Wet nurse. 
Sitaw-w Beans. 

Sitsit-nGossip; false rumor. 
Siyapro He; she: it. 
Siy dinger. -Enough; stop; halt. 
Si'ya-» Saddle. 
Siya nawan-Amen. 
Siya nawa adv.-Amen 
Siya nga-a^v.-Sure; surely; yes: yea. 
Siyasatw- Inquiry; : investigation; 

examination; inquisition; survey 

Siyasatin-n-To inquire; investigate: 

examine; explore; search try; prove; 

scrutinize; scan; survey, peruse; detect; 

Sjyasating maingat-vTo search; pry 

into; consult. 
Siyasatin ang lihim vTo scent; pry or 

peep into; discover secrets. 
Sombrero w-Hat: castor. 
Soriso n Sausage. 
Sowail-a Obstinate; disobedient; perti- 

naceous: rebellious; intractible; dog- 
Suabe a Soft; tender: delicate. 
^uahe-adv. Softly; tenderly; delicately. 
Suagn-Butt; hook. 
Suagin v-To butt; hook. 
Suatan-vTo fail to keep one's word 

because of an accident. 
Subiangn-A thorn or sliver that is run 

into the foot slantingly.. 
Subo-n Mouthful. 





Hubok-n- Proof; assay, trial; indication; 
sign; token; evidence; reason. 

Subukinv To try; prove; assay; ex- 
amine; try one's strengh. 

Bud.-od n Plow point: colter; coulter. 

Sudsuran-t? To give the lie; contradict, 

hiudlan n-Spindle. 

Sudyan-Gore; plait. 

Huela ng sa»iin-n Sole; sole leather. 

SueldonPay; wages; salary; stipend; 
fee; payment. 

8uga w-Thether; stake line; stake rope; 

Subuknt;To spy; watch closely; lurk; 
surpiise; o\ertake; astonish. 

SugalnGame; gambling: card playing. 

Sugahinf To tether, stake out. 

Sugatw Wound; cut incision; injury. 

Sugatan a-Ulcerous easily hurt. 

Sagaian v To wound; hurt; injure. 

8ugat ng pana n Arrow wound. 

Sugat ng saksakn Stab. 

8ugpo n Large shrimp Lobster. 

Sugpong n Joint: juncture; union. 

Suhay n- • rop; fulcrum; support. 

Siihol-n Bride; bribery; subordination; 

Suhulan-r-To bribe; suborn, 

Suhulinv-To bribe; suborn. 

Sui n Shoot or sprout of a banana plant. 

Suitn Small bowl. 

Suitik wThief; robber; higwayman. 

Suitik-a Cheating; infidel; disloyal; in- 
constant; crafty. 

Sukaba Treacherous faithless; infidel; 
false, inconstant; traitorous; perfldous. 

Sukaln Disgust; garbage; filth dirt. 

Hukal ng loobw Disgust; displeasure; 
discontent; anger. 

Siikatn Measure; rule; dimension; ex 
tenjt; capacity; bulk. 

Sukat inter Enough. 

Sukat-aSufficient; enough; effectual; 
mete; apt; fit. 

Sukatin v To measure mete. 

Siikatin ang lalim ng tubig v To sound. 

Sukatin muliu To remeasure. 

Sukat kamtan a Obtainable; attainable. 

Sukat mabusog-a Satiable. 

Snkat magasta-a J^xpendable. 

Sukat maga wa-a-Feasible; practical; prac- 

Sukat manyari a Feasible; practical;prac 

Sukat makadava-a Delusive; deceiful. 

Sukat makaliwanag-a-Illuminative. 

Sukat mamuo a Congealable; that which 
may or can be melted. 

Sukat matalaatasin -a- Comprehensible; 

Sukat nat'it^r. -Enough; halt: stop. 

Sukat ng anoman-n Measurement; size; 
dimensions; measure. 

Sukdan-/7rep.-Though; notwithstanding; 
never the less. 

Suki ra-Customer patron. 

Suklam-ra-Disgust; dislike; reluctance; 
repugnance; antipathy; nausea, loath- 

Suklam ra Nauseous; dispicable; disgust- 
ing: loathesome. 

Suklam ng loob n Aversion; abhorence; 
displeasure; loathing. 

Puklay n Comb. 

Suko n Defeat; surrender; subjection* 
vanquishment cession, repulse. 


Suksukan ng palaso-n^ Quiver. 

Suksukin-v-To sh ffle. 

Sulambi n Row; aisle; fiank: brim. 

Sukiobn Cover; covering: lid. 

Sulasurin v To fall headlong; stumble 
into errors. 

Sulat w Writing: deed; letter; contract; 
treatise; inscription: epistle. 

Sulat k»sama sa testamento 6 huling 
kalooban n Codicil. 

Sulat kamay n Manuscript. 

Sulat na bastos n Scribble. 

Sulat ng banhay n Rough draft. 

Sulat na maikli n Summary. 

Sulat na paninta n Billetdoux 

Sulat sa ibabaw ng libing n Epitaph. 

Suliap n Glance; peep; gaze; glimpse; 

Suiibw n Cup; crock; bowl. 

Suligi n Dart: bamboo; lance. 

Sulipat-a Oblique, squint eyed. 

Sulirau V To spin; weave. 

Suliran-n Spindle. 

Sulit le-Examination; investigation. 

Sulitin-vTo investigate, examine; ex- 

Sul6w-Torch; firebrand. 

Sulok n Corner: angle. 

Sulol n Shoot; sprout. 

Sul on g-mter.- Hurry up; continue; be 
gone get away; get out; go on. 

SuKol-n-Agitation; excitement; incite- 
ment, instigation; temptation. 

Sulsulan-w-To incite excite; agitate; 
temp; urge; instigate; prompt; hint; 

Siimaad-v-To inform; advise; admonish; 

Sumabav-To be at home or in mourn- 
Sumabang-v-To fall headlong; remit. 
Sumabi^v-To cling: hang, catch on. 
Sumadsad t'To anchor. 




Samagana f-To Swell grow teem: in 

crease, abound; grow abundantly. 
Sumagana ng malabis t*-To super a 

Sumagiok*v-To smack the lips. 
Sumagot-rTo answer; reply; respond; 

acknowledge, guarantee. 
Sumagsag n To trot, be in baste. 
Sumaguan v To row>* paddle; scull. 
iSumahod t?-To receive accept. 
SSumakay-v To ride embark. 
Sumakay sa cabayo r To ride a horse. 
Sumakit v-To pain: hurt; smart. 
Sumaklaw-r Toambu8h;encounter;meet; 

lie in wait; be bounded by. 
Sumakop-f'To join with another; he 

under the control of 
Sumaksi-r^To testify . certify; be a wit- 

ness give evidence. 
Sumala v To miss; fail violate be de- 

ficient; be guilty. 
Sumalangsang-T/-To oppose go against. 

violate: resist; contradict. 
Sumalig-t? To recline; lean back; lie back. 
Sumalilong r-To be sheltered, protected, 

helped or favored. 
Suraal!nv-To copy; transcribe 
Sumalipad lipad v- • o flutter. 
Sumaloysoy-r-To gully. 
Sumalubong-?>-To meet join; encounter. 
Sumalunga t;-To mount ascend. 
Sumdma-V'To accompany; attend: go 

with; join; associate; follow; adhere; 

unite; be united. 
Snmamd-vTo be bad go to the bad; 

deprave; corrupt become depraved. 
SumambaV'To praise worship. 
Sumdmov To implore; petiton; beg; pray; 

Sumampa-w-To mount; ascend; rise. 
Sumampalataya^v-To believe, trow; cred- 
it; have faith in. 
Sumampalataya sa Dios-r-To believe in 

Sumamyo-v-To smell. 
Sumandal-v-To recline; lean back. 
Sumandali-ofir.-Shortly; briefly; imme- 

diatefy; instantly. 
Sumandig sa siko-v-To lean on the el- 
Sumanguni-v To consult; take or receive; 

Sumanib-v-To join; unite; associate: ad 

Sumansala-w-To prohibit; interdict for- 
bid; stop; check. 
Sumapaw-v-To appear; sprout; shoot; 

SumdpitvTo arrive; reach; fetch a 

mount to; approach; join end. 

SumariwatJTo green; become green. 
Sumasn^anaa Luxuriant: abundant; 

superfluous; superabundant. 
vSuma-aklaw sa lalmt-a Universal; pub 

lie; vulgar general. 
Sumasal-r-To irritate. 
Sumasama ang loob-t?-To disgust dis- 

Siimasaniba sa anito n Adolater. 
Sumawa r-To tire loathe; disgust grow 

tired of anything. 
Pumaway v To stop check; dissuade. 
Sumaya v To elate; exult be happy. 
8umbanjr n-Head long fall; d'spute; quar 

rel contradiction. 
Sumbangin v-To fall headlong; dispute; 

quarrell. contradict; gainsay. 
Sumbi n Slap blow, cuff; box. 
SuiHbongn-Accusation; complaint. 
Sumentencia r-To sentence condemn. 
Sumiap i-To pule; chirp peep, pip. 
Sumibol r.To sprout; bubble spring; 

8umigaw7^To cry; scream; shout; 

shriek; exclaim; clamor vociferate; 

halloo; hoot screech; screak. 
Sutnikat-r-To appear rise sally. 
Sumikat angarawrTo rise (per', to the 

Sumiki-v-To narrow; contract mij^; 

SuniikipvTo narrow; contract; groW; 

less; lessen. 

Sumilakboangtubigt)-To bubble; spring; 

Sumilang u-To appear; grow out occur. 

Sumilip rTo glance, peep peek. 

Sumiphayo t;-To insult slander, abuse. 

Sumimangot-vTo pout; make a wry 

SumimbA-v-To go to church, hear mass. 

Sumingap v To draw a long breath af- 
ter drinking. 

Sumingasing v To sniff; blow one's nose. 

Suminghot r To sniff; snuffle. 

Suminsin v To grow thick condense; be 
come dense. 

Suminta v To love; woo court. 

Sumisinta-n-Lover; sweetheart. 

Sumipotr/To appear begin; sprout; 
eminate; loom; grow out. 

Sumipot na walang abog abog «/ To sur- 
prise: overtake; astonish; come with- 
out notice: appear suddenly. 

Sumira r To break; impair; delapidate; 

Sumisi-r-To repent. 

Sumisi sa namamali-n Ueprehender. 

Sumisid-r-To dive; plunge; dip. 

Sumisigaw w-Shouter; clamorer.; crver. 




Sumowayv-To resist; disebey; oppose, 

Su in paw Curse, imprecation; oath. 

SSumpaia-t? To curse detract; accurse. 
swear make oath; imprecate. 

Sumuway t; To disobey; violate; oppose. 

8umuway sa kautusan-n Delinquent; of- 

Sumubov To eat with the fingers. 

Sumubsob-t^-To crawl under, fall head- 

Sumugat-t^To hurt; wound injure. 

Sumugat n Wounder; striker. 

8.umuhol-t?-To bribe; suborn. 

Sumukab v-To be traitorous; unfaith- 
ful, inconstant, bad, infldiel or evil. 

SumukoT/To Surrender; truckle, be 

Sumukot-vTo crouch; stoop. » 

Sumulat-r-To write; compose. 

Sumulat ng bastos t7-To scribble. 

Sumulat sa bato-r To lithograph. 

Sumulid-«-To spin. 

Sumulong-rTo continue; advance; go 

Sumumpa-v-To swear imprecate; bias; 
pheme; execrate; accurse; «urse; make 

Sumundo t7-To send for. 

Sumungkal-v-To loosen; not scatter 

Sumuno-t^To board; lodge; live with 

Sumunod-t?-To follow; obey: yield; com- 
ply; submit ensue; be inherent. 

Sumunod sa mangyari-rTo happen* 

Sumunod sa iba-2/-To follow another; 
comply, yield; yield to anothe*s wish 
or desire. 

Sumunodsunod a Following: ensuelng. 

Sumunodsunod sa uso-v-To be in use 

Suiuunodsunod sa uso-a Fashionable; 

Sumurot-v To point. 

Sumuso-vTo suck. 

Sumustento-r-To sustain; support; 

Sumusulat ng historian-Historian. 

Sumusunod-rt Successive; following; con- 

Sumusunod sa aral-w-Sectary. 

Sumususo n Sucker one who sucks. 

Sumutsot-t; To whistle; whiz. 

Sumuyo-2/To love; court. 

Sundalo n-Soldier. 

Hdndalong dagatw-Marine; marine sol- 

Sundalon<? lakad-w-Grenadier; infan- 

Sundalong nagtanan/t-Deserter 
SundanvTo persue; follow, go after; 

Sundangn Poinard; Pointed knife. 
Sunday o-Inclined; leaned against; 

Sundinv-To follow; obey; submit, com- 
ply; persue. persecute. 
SundulinwTo punch. 
Sungaban-?iWre8tling; scrambling. 
Sungabdn v-To wrestle (cafc/i as catchcan). 
Sungay wHorn. 
Sungayan a Horned; homy 
8ungkal-w-Rooting (per. to the Iwg), 
Sungkal-w-Disorder. ' 

Sungkalin v-To root. 
Sungoy wGulch. gully. 
Sunon Guest lodger; boarder. 
Sunodsunod-aSuccessive; following al 

ternative; consecutive; alterate. 
Sunodsunod-orit;. Successively; consec- 
Sunog-n Fire conflagration; burn; burn 

ning; combustion. 
Sunok-w Distaste: aversion to the taste 
Suntok-n Blow, fistycuff, punch with 

the fist. 
SunUgin-v-To burn; fire; scortch; set 

afire: kindle. 
Suob w-Fumigation disinfection. 
Suobin V To fumigate disinfection. 
Supil-n Domination, subjection; repret^ 

sion; humiliation reduction. 
Siipil-n-Round or circular comb. 
Supilin v-To subject; dominate; subdue: 

conquer, overcome; humble; curb; 

rein subjugate; subordinate; repress 

confine; humiliate. 
Supling-n Sprout; shoot. 
Siipot-w SSack; bag; pocket: pouch; poke. 
Supot ng dalawang itlog-n Scrotum. 
Siipot ng sulatn-Mail bag. 
Siiri-w Ruff, ruffling pleat. 
Suriin v-To ruffle; pleat. 
Siirot n Bedbug. 

Sur6t n The pointing with the finger. 
Surutin-v To surprise by pointing with 

the finger. 
Susi n Key: cock. 
Suso n Teat; dug; pap. 
Suson n Layer. 

Susuhan-a Having large teats. . 
Susiihan v To weave the corners of u. 

bag or basket. 
Sutla n Silk 

Sutsot-n Distaste; aversion of the taste, 
Suyo-n-Distaste; aversion of the taste. 
Suyo-w- Courtship: courting; lovf 

making; loving, 
Suyo-7i-Compliance; civility. 




Suyuin v-To love; court; make love; iSuypd /* Fine haircoiiib. 

comply; be civil or polite. Suyuriii-v-To comb with a fine comb. 


Taan n Reserve, exception; secret; cau- 

Tans n Height highness. 

Taas ng kata wan «Stature; height of 
the body. 

Taasan vTo raise; heighten. 

Taba n-Grease; lard; fat;corpnlancy. 

Tabad n-Scratch; call by whistling. 

Tabagan-v-To increase; augment. 

Tabakw-Long knife point; lack of spice 
or seasoning. 

Tabako- Fresh. 

Tabangn Lack of spice or seasoning 
insipidity; insipidness, 

Tabaran-wTo cJcratch: cause tobleed. 

Tdbas n Cut; shape; fashion; appearance; 
aspect; look 

Tabdsan-v- . o cut. delineate; pare off. 

Tabasdn n-Tailora pattern; tailor's table. 

Tabas pusod-fl- Naval shaped. 

Tabi-n-ftide; e<lge; brim; limit; border; 
margen; fringe; verge; shore, bank; 

Tabign-Pushj shove. 

Tabing-M-Curtain; veil; screen. 

labing ng pirito w Door-curlain. 

labla-n Board. 

Tablanjj makapal-n Plank. 


Tabsinga-fc*altish; brakish. 

Tablado w-teaffold. 

Tabunan-»To cover anything with dirt, 
chaff; straw, grain oi» sand. 

Tadhanaan-r-To determine, assign or 
give time: set a limit. 

Tadhaanaann-Time;limit; duration; sea- 

Tadtailn n To chop fine; make into 

TadvaknKick; tread. 

Tadyang n Rib. 

Tea n Flux; excrement; faeces. 

Taeng bakal u- lags; dross. 

Tea ng hayop n Dung; manure. ' 

Taga n Fishhook. 

Taga n Cut; slash; gash. 

Taga-^rfp.-From; of. 

Taga bayad-nPaymaster; paying teller; 

Taga bilang n Acomptant. 

Taga Filipinasw-Filipino. 

Taga gawa n \S orkman; artificer; mak- 
er; author; mechanic. 

Tagti gising n Alarm. 

Taga ibang bayan n Htranger; foreigner. 

Taga intierno-a-Hellish infernah 

Tagak w Crane; heron swan. 

laga kabila ng bundo n Traiismoun. 

Taga kabila ng bundok a- rransmoun- belonging to the other side of 

the mountains. 
Taga kilala n Examiner. 
Tagal «-Duration time> protraction, de 

lay prolixness. prolixity. 
Tagalan-t?-To protract, delay; prolong; 

lengthen postpone. 
Taga langit-9^8aint. 
Taga langit a-Heavenly; belonging tooir 

from heaven. 
Taganas «Clear neat; pure: clean. 
Taga pa8alaga-« Breeder, trainer; nurse; 

Taga pagdala «-Conductor; carrier. 
Taga pavr inas «Transporter; carrier. 
Taga pagkanlong « Defender, abettor; 

Taga pagkuilkod-w-'^craper. 
Taga pagluto «Cook. 
Taga pagpasan «Poner; carrier. 
Tflga pagpasuso-«- Wet nurse. 
Taga pagsalin ang sulat-w-Copyist. 
Taga pagsunog« Incendiary burner. 
Taga pagtangol «Defender; protector; 

Taga pag ugoy-« Ro ker; one who rocks. 
Taga paniagitan «•Interce8sor;mediator; 

petitioner; solicitor; advocate. 
Taga pangasap-«-8peaker; one who 

Taga pigil-«-Brakeman. 
Tagn panubok-M-Examiner; scout; spy. 
Taga pulo-«*Islander. 
Taga Roman Roman. 
Taga sa/jrpjp. -Belonging to; from. 
Taga sa ibang bayan 6 lupa «Foreign- 
er; stranger. 
Taga siyasat-w-Examiner; investigator; 

Taga sulat*«- Writer; secretary; notary; 

Tatfa tangap ng buis-«-Tax collector. 
Taga taktak-«-6(ealer. . 
Taga tupad-n-Complier; one who com 

plies; envoy. 
Taga tawag«Call boy; bellboy; caller. 

TAK 134 

Tagdan n Handle. 

Taghoy w-Lamentation; grief, complaint; 
story of hardship 

Tagiliran-w Side; flank; margen; brim; 

Tagiliran kanan ng sasakyan-Ti Star> 

Tagiliran kaliwa ng sasakyan-nLar- 

Taginting n Sonorousness. 

Taglayw-E uivalent. 

Taglayin-v-To equalize; fetch; carry. 

Tagliranw-Side fllank, verge. 

Tago-a- Hidden; concealed; secret clan- 
destine; profound; deep: private 

Tag6bana-n Porosity; porousness. 

Tagobilin-w-Recomendation: charge; in- 
junction; praise; command. 


Tagpian-v-To patch. 

Taguan-w-Storehouse; repository; place 
of concealing anything. 

Taguan ng damung tuyo-n-Hay loft. 

Taguan ng labasa-n-Razorcase. 

Tagumpay-w-Defense; protection; sup- 

Tagupak-w-Report of a slap; clapping; 

Tahanan w-Habitation; abode, residence; 
lodging; mansion. 

Tahanan v To live; reside; lodge; in- 

Tabid n Spur (of a chicken). 

Tahi-n Sewing; stich. 

Tahiin-v-To sew; stitch. 

Tahian wTailor shop; dressmaking estab- 

Tahiin muli r-To resew. 

Tahiin na bigla w To baste; sew quick- 

Tahimik-o-Quiet; peaceful; calm; pa 

cific; placid; noiseless; gentle; undis- 
turbed; serene; tranquil; mild: tame; 
meek; self possessed: dipassionate; 
halcyon: quiescent; composed; con- 
tinent; tacit: mature: judicious. 

Tahong-n.Bivalve; shellfish. 

Tahul n Bark; howl. 

Tainan wTenacity; flexibility. 

Taimtim a Loving; affectionate; inti- 


Tdkal-w-Measure; extent; dimension; ca- 
pacity; bulk; mete: guage; contents. 

Takalan-v-To measure, (for someone 

Takalin-v*To measure; mete guage. 

Takalin muli-v-To remeasure. 

Takdpan-w Quarrel; dispute; insult; fight; 


TaJtapan-v To quarrel; dispute insult. 

Takaw w-Gluttony. 

Tukaw na malabis w-Gieed. 

Talas-n-Cunning; craft sharpness wit: 

. quickness of thought 

Takbo w-Run scamper; running; sprint; 

Xakbo ng panahon-n-Lapse or space of 

Takbuhan w-Race. 

Takdaan-v-To determine; distinguish 
decide resolve. 

Takip n Cover; lid; covering; casing. 

Takipan-v-To cover; case, put on the 

Takip ng lamesa n Tablecover; table- 

Takot w-Fright; terror affright temer- 
ity; timitidy cowardice, dread, con- 

akot ng m ar am i n Panic 

akpan -v-To cover; overspread; hido; 
thatch; conceal: stop up. 

Takotin-v- ! o scare: frighten; overawe. 

Takpa*! muli v To recover. 

Taksay-a Fishing boat. 

Taksila-Treacherous;perfldous; disloyal, 
false unfaithful infidel, inconstant: 
instable: seditious. 

Taktak wSeal stamp brand mark. 

Takutin v To scare; frighten; i pall; cow; 

Tala n Star; sign; mark. 

TaldanvTo mark; assign; designate; 
brand; note. 

Talaan n Clam; bivalve; cockle 

Talaba n Oyster. 

Talagd-arir. -Avowedly; disignedly, inten- 

Talagahan v To intend; do intention- 
ally or avowedly. 

Talagahan-vTo do intentionally; or a- 

Talahib n Reed grass rushes. 

Talaksanw Measure of wood. (64 X 64 
X 32 inches, (about 7H en. ft.) 

Talampakanw- ' he sole of the foot. 

Talampakin-v-To tread; trample under 

Talampakin-v-To speak clear, frankly, 
plainly or openly. 

Talasn-Ounning: slyness; wit; skill; 
sharpness of wit; handiness; craft. 

Talas-n Drip; dripping. 

Talas ng isipn-Talent; ability; genius; 
understanding; wit. 

Talalasok-n-Wooden wedge. 

Talataw-Row; file; line, 
lalbos-w- Vegetables (such an the squash 
and sweet potatoe). 




Tali n Garter; band; tie; litigation; string. 

TalianvTo tie; bind; hitch; chock. 

Talidn-n Place of tying. • "'" 

Taliba-n-Guard; watch. 

Talibaan-v-To guard; watch. 

Talibis na lupa n-Ravine. 


Talikuran-v- To turn the back; retract; 
take back; renounce; reject; abjure; 
negative; disclaim; recant; disown. 

Talim-nSharpness; cutting edge; steel. 

Talinhagan Proverb; allegory; exam- 
ple; mystery. 

Talino n Clearness of thought; wisdom; 
guickness of thought. 

Talino ng isip wTalent; ability; wisdom; 
genius; clearness of thought. 

Talipandas a-Exempt; unrestrained; 
loose; dissolute, rude; insolent. 

TalisnShafp prickle; fork; point. 

Talisuyo-n Serf . slave; servant; lover; 
one who courts. 

Talo-v SettO; dispute; dissension; per- 
dition; repulse. 

Tdlobw Cover lid. • ' 

Talohaba-a Oval; oblong. 

Talohaba n Oval; oblong; elipse. 

Taloktok n-Top; apex. 

Taloktok ng bundok-n-The top of a 



Talonin ang hari-v-To dethrone. 

Talon ng tubign Falls; cascade; cataract; 


Talop n Peeling; peel. 

Tdlt^lan n Dispute; quarrel; argumet. 

Taltalan-v-To dispute, quarrel; argue. 

Taluban-v-To cover 

Taludtod-n Row. file; line; lay. 

Taludtod ng bundok na sunodsunod-w 
A chain of mountains. 

Taludtod ng haligi n Colonnade. 

Talu ap ng mata-n-Order; method; rule; 
example; precept; following. 

TaluntoninvTo follow. 

Talupan-r-To peel; shell; bark; husk; 

Tama a Right; exact; dogmatic; dog- 
matical; upright; faithful; honest. 

Tamada-Lazy; indolent; idle; inatten- 

^ tive; neglectful; heedless; negligent; 
careless; slow; tardy; inert. 

Tamad-flkiv.-Slowly; lazily; idly; tardily. 

Taman-n-Firmness; steadiness; con- 
stancy; resolution. 

Tdmandn v-To De constant; firm; res- 
olute or steady. 

Tama sa katuiran n Reasonable; fair; 
just; right. 

Tambak-a Level; even, 

Tambakan-v-To level; even. 

Tambaln Joining putting together 
addition; exaggeration. 

Tambalan-t? To join; put together; add 
to exaggerate. 

Tamban-w Anchovy. 

Tanibing adr.-Immediately; instantly; 
hastily, right away; presently; 

Tambingin-v-To do immediately; pre- 
pare hastily. 

Tambol nDrum. 

Tambubong n Granary; mow; place 
where tiaders stop or meet to buy 
and sell. 

Tambuli-n Hunter's horn; deerhorn. 

Tamlay-n-Indisposition; sorrow; down 

Tamnan-v-To sow; plant. 

Tamnan muli-v-To resow; replant. 

Tamnan panibago v To resow; sow 
again; replant. 

Tamuhin-v-To feel; bear; wear; suffer; 
forbear; lead; carry. 

Tampa-w-Advance of money on any- 

Tampahan-v-To advance money on acrOp. 

Tampak-i?re/?. Against; opposite. 

Tampal n Slap; cnff; blow with the 
open hand. 

Tampalasan n Insolence, discourtesy; 
discourteousness; rudeness; abusive- 
ness; insult; immodesty. 

Tampalasan fl-Insplent; rude; discour- 
teous; impudent; flippant; abusive, 
profligate disreputable; overbearing, 
immoderate; contumelious; lofty; in- 
human: soulless; perverse; haughty. 

Tampalasanin V To insult; abuse; injure- 
misuse; malign; illtreat; mistreat; 

Tampalin v To slap; cuff 

Tampi-w Blow; knock; cuff; slap. 

Tampo-w-Pout; resentment; anger; pique. 

Tampuhanv-To sulk; pout; resent quit; 
forsake; abandon. 


Tamtaman-v-To indemnify; compensate; 

Tamuhin-v-To Reach; gain; feel suc- 
ceed; procure; obtain; attain; bear; 
suffer; forbear; lead; wear. 

Tanaw-wView; sight; prospect; look. 
Tanawan n Place of watching; ken. 
Tanawin-v-To view; behold; observe; 

watch: notice; discern, 
TandawMark; emblem; sign; standard; 
note; symptom; precursor; score, 
badge; significant; prognostic; note, 
brand; seal; banner; print; stamp. 




Tandaan w Catalogue; list, role; file; 

TandaAnv-io remember; mark, seal; 
record: note; stamp, name score. 

Tandaim ng nangamatay n-Ne^prology. 

Tandos-n Spear, lance javelin. 

Tanga-n Stupid; slow; dull; ignorant; 
wondering; starting. 


Tanga-n A game which resembles 

Tangaan V To cause to stare or wonder; ' 

Tan gal w Disponnection. 

Tangalin-v-1 o disconnest take to 
pieces; disunite; disintegrate; take 
apart disarm; disband. 

Tangapin w To reseive; take accept. 

Tanjrhali-n-Noon: noontime; midday. 

Tanghali ndv.Widday, 

Tanghalian w-Dinner. 

Tanghalan» Fair exposition 

Tangi a Singular; single; individual; 
particular; rare strange; unequalled; 
special foreign. 

Tangi arir.-Solely; only; purely; alone. 

Tangi-n-Refusd; denial; contravention. 

Tangi han-u To deny; refuse; contra- 
vene; resign; disown. 

THngi ng inam a Exquisite; excellent. 

Tangi sa^rep.- Besides; without; above; 

Tangi saarit;. Besides; more<^ver. 

Tangisw Snivel: crying. 

Tangkakal w-Defense; protection; vindi- 
cation: aid; assistance. 

Tangknlag /ililock. 

Tang kilik w -^'rotection: defence; aid; 

Tangkilicani; To shelter; protect; as- 
sist; aid. 

Tanglaw «Light clearness; clarity. 

Tangnan «Handle. 

TangnaU'V-To take; hold; have: grasp; 
catch; obtain. 

Tangnan ng baldi.« Hail. 

Tangnan ng palakol «Helve. 

Tango « Nod of the head signifying 
yes; conformity. 

Tanikala n Chain. 

Tanim « Plant; seed, seedtime; plant- 

Taiiim na loob «Rancor; anger; hatred: 

Taning-«-Term: end. 

Ta ingan-r-To determine; decide. 

Taning na araw-w-Last day; writ 

Taninir na panahon-// Crisis; end of 

Tankay ?i Stem handle; culm; hanlon. 



Tankilik «Shelter; protection; aid. 

Tanpdw Custody, guard; Watch; sentry; 

Tanong« Question; inquiry; r interro- 

Tanso «-Brass; copper. 

Tansong dila^-« Brass. 

Tansong pula « Copper. 

lantiaw Comprehension; underestand- 

Tantuin-V'To comprehend understand, 
consider; try; ascertain; recognize. 

Tanyag a Manifest clear; open; plain. 

Taob rt^v.-Overset; up side down; face 

Taon «Year. 

Taontaon-adv:- Annually; yearly. 

Taontaonw-Anniversary; annual. 

Taos «Affection; liking 

Taos na loob a Affectionate; intimate. 

Taos sa puso a Cordial; sincere. 

Tapa«-l>riedbeef; jerked beef. 

Tapak-w^Fpotstep. fgot print; tread; 

Tapal-M Cover; poultice; cataplasm. 

Tapal na pangtibay ng sikmura « Ab- 
dominal bandage. 

Tapang-«Courage; bravery; fortitude; 
intrepidity; boldness; valoi; vigor; 
spunk; grit; mind: intention. 

Tapat-a Ju^t. -traight; upright; honest 
lawful perfect strong; sound; com- 
plete; s*^eadfast; evident; certain. 

Tapatan « Short cut. 

Tapat ng loob a Loyal; confident firm; 
faithful honest; sincere, frank cor- 
dial, pure: gentle. 

Tapat sa matuid arii'.Straightly; justly; 
honesly: frankly. 

Tapayan«-Ewer; large earthen pot or jar : 

Tapiasanv-To cut slantingly or on a 

Tapik« Slap; clap of the hands. 

Tapon « Cork; plug; bung. 

Tapos-n-Finisli; end; final; close; ter- 
mination: conclusion. 

Tapsin a Brakish; saltish. 

Tapunan-?iDumping; ground. 

Tapunan ng yagit-« Dunghill. 

Tapusan r To Close; finish; terminate; 
end; conclude. 

Tapusin-t'ToClose;finish;end. terminate. 

TapusinrTo finish en<l; terminate: 
close; conclude; complete; perfect; 


Tarik «Steep slope. 

Tarik a Steep. 

Tarok «Depth: profoundity; skill; ju<lg 
mcnt; Nvis<lom. 




Taroen- Prudence; knack; activity; skill; 

TaruhinvTo measure; compare; esti- 
Tarukin-v-To try; fathom: sound; probe: 

investigate; perforate; penetrate; 

Tarnkin ng isip-vTo comprehend un 

derstand enter the mind. 
Tarunahan-u To board a floor. 
Tasa n Cup. 

Tasahan-v-To appraise; value. 
Tasahan-vTo sharpen; point. 
Tasakn-Plug; cork bUng. 
Tasakdn i;-To plug; cork; stop a 

crack. • 

Tasik w- Brine. 
TasoknPlug; wooden stopper; cork; 

wedge: stab. 
Tastas-w Rip. 

Tastasin-v-To rip; unseam. 
Tatag-w Equilibrium: solidity: integrity; 

firmness; establishment; founding. 
Tatahan at muling babalik-a Intermit 

Tatakn Stamp brand; sign; seal; mark. 
Tatakaiiv To seal; stamp; brand; mark; 
Tatal n Splinter; chip, 
latangn Papa 
Tatangnan n Handle. 
Tatay-n Papa father. 
Tatlo-n Three. 
Tatlo ang kulay-a-Tricolored three 

Tatlong kulayn-Tricolored; three col- 
7 aula ng paggawan Glorious deed; no 

ble work. 
Tawaw-Leugh laughter; giggle. 
Tawad w-Bid immunity; pardon. 
Tawag n-Call; summons; announcement; 

Tawagin-v-To call summon; name; an 

nounce: proclaim evoke 
Tawag sa madla-n Proclamation; publi 

cation; notice. 
Taw iran-n Ferry. 
Tawirin r-To ferry; cross on a ferry; 

ferrv across. 
Tawo-n- Person; man; individual; woman; 

people; nation. 
Tawong bastos-w-Curmudgeon; carl; 

myrmidom; rude person. 
Tawong bukid-wTike farmer; person. 
Tawong duagnCoward: poltroon. 
Tawong gubat-w- Back woodsman. 
Tawong ginoo n-Gentleman; lady. 

Tawong hamak-nPlebian, hangdog 

Tawong kumakain ang kapwa «Can 

nibal. / 

Tawong itim-n-Negro; ethiop. ethiop 

Tawong mababan-Plebian. 
Tawong malakas n Carl. 
1 awong mahirap n-Peasant. 
Tawong maramot-nCodger. stingy per 

Tawong marungis-n- Dowdy person; 

Tawong marunong-w-Sage; savant. 
Tawong matakaw-n Glutton; gormand; 

Tawong matalas n Wit; genius; witty 

Tawong mayam an «Potentate. 
Tawong napakababa n Dwarf. 
Tawong napakasuitik n-Sharper; cheat; 

Tawong natatanoha n Overseer; fore 

man; inspector. 
1 awong sinomann Anybody; any per 

Tawong taksil-w Traitor: turncoat. 
Tawong ulol n-Luna ic; crazy person; 

Taya w Bet wager. 
Tayaan-v-1 o bet wager. 
Tayantangin r-To be well or accus- 
Tayantangin adv.! Ittle-by little. 
Tayo n Position: posture; attitude; form; 

situation shape; size; mode. 
Tayom n Indigo: indigo plant. 
Tayum n Suspense; uncertainty, 
leatro n Theatre, 
lekasn Pickpocket; cheat; swindler; 

Tekasin v-To cheat; swindle; victimize; 

Tiaga-n Sufferance, constancy. tolerance; 

Tiakad-n-Stilts booth. - 
Tian n Abdomen; belly; paunch. 
TianaK-w-Goblin: sprite; spirit. 
Tibag-n-Bank; avalanche; cave in. 
Tibagin v-To cave; slide down quarry. 
Tibay-w Solidity: firmness: fortitude; 

strength integrity: force; vigor. 
Tibayan v To strengthen; plight; man; 

fortify; support. 
Tibay na loob-n Fortitude; forbearance; 

strength of heart. 
Tibo n-'lhorn; fishhook. 
Tibok n-Pant; palpitation. 
Tibok ng puson- Palpitation; forboding. 





Tibyaya n Squash. 

Tigagal-n- Idler; loiterer; indolent person. 

Tigas-n-Hardness solidity, stiffness; 
firmness; strength; force; fortitude; 
violence; inflexibility . 

Tigas ng loob n Resolution; decision in- 
flexibility tenacity; hardness of heart. 

Tigdasn Measles; pimple. 

Tigdasen-v To break out with the meas- 
les or with pimples. 

Tighabol n Augmentation; increase; ad- 

Tigil n Stop; halt; lull; cessation. 

Tigil-inter.-Halt stop; beware. 

Tigmak n Stain; drench 

Tigmakin-v-To wet; drench; stain; damp- 

Tigpas-n Slice cut. 

Tigpasin-» To cut; slice; divide. 

Tihaya adv. Face up. 

Tihayaa Faced. 

Tiis-n- 1 oleration; sufferance; endurance- 
repentance patience. 

Tiisin-v- o sunffer. tolerate endure: 

Tikan Intention meaning; mind; view; 
design; purpose intent. 

Tika-»-Form; shape; size; mode; de- 
sign; manners; gentility. 

Tikimn-Taste palate; relish; proof; 

Tikis-adv. Intentionally; purposely; de- 
signedly, knowingly. 

Tiklop-n-Fold; plait; ply. 

liklupinz/To fold; plait: double. 

Tiklupin muli-vTo refold; redouble. 

Tikinan-w To try; taste; prove; experi- 
ment; probe; attemp; assay; grope; 

Tiktikn-^py; hedger; scout; one who 
aids another to win at cards. 

Tiktikan r-To spy, watch secreMy: lurk, 

Tila adv. Like it seems, it appears. 

'I ila patay a Ghastly. 

Tili-n Shriek; loud cry. 

Timain a-Fusible. 

Timawan Peace; tranquility; freedom. 

Timawa a- Peaceful; calm; tranquil; quiet; 

Timawain-r-To free: liberate; tranquil 
ize; make tranquil. 

Timawain ang alipin-v-To emancipate: 
free a slave. 

Timbang n Weight: balance, poise. 

Timbangin V To weigh; balance; poise; 

Timogn South; south wind. 

Timpla n Temper. 
Timplahin-f-To temper. 
Timplahin t'-To temper. 

Tiinsim-n Wicking. 

Timtim «Modesty decency; chastity; 

Timtimana-De ent, chaste; unassum 

ing; modest. 

Timtiman-n-Chastity; decency; modesty; 

TimtiminvTo extract; remove; inves 

tigate; inquire. 

Timugan-w South south wind. 
Tina n Dye; stain; indigo. 
Tinaan-n-Dye shop: place of dyeing. 
Tinag n-Touch. 
Tinagin-v-To nove; touch, direct; guide; 

manage; use 
Tinago-a-Hidden; secret. 
Tinago-u.^.j!). Hidden secreted. 
Tir.ain-vTo dye; stain. 
Tinalaga adv. Intentonally; designedly; 

knowingly; deliberately; purposely: 

Tinali-v. p. p.'Tied; bound. 
Tinapay n-Bread. 
Tinuturuan w Scholar; pupil. 
Tindaw-Notions; anything that is sold: 

Tindahan-n-Store; shop; canteen. 
Tindahan ng gatasnDairy. 
Tindahan ng alak « Groggery; grog- 
shop; saloon, 
Tindahan ng mga pagkainn Grocery. 
Tindi n Weight; gravity; importance: 

burden; guarantee. 
TindignSland! position. 
Tindigan-v-To stand; guarantee; be 

Tindihan-n-Stretcher place of stretch 

ing anything. 
Tinekas-n Victim. 

Tingalan ng asin-n-Salt marsh. 
Tingang puti n-'i in; tin plate. 
Tinghas-n Chip; splinter, sharp point. 
Tingin-n Sight; look; gaze; glance; pros 

lingin sa labas-rt Appearance, face, 

Tingkal rrLump: clod. 
Tin^kayad a<it;. On tiptoe. 
Tingkayad «Squatted, stooped. 
Tingnan-v-To look; see. 
Tingnan muli-r-To review; revise; look 

or see again. 
Tingnan muna r To foresee: see be 

Tinig w-Sound, tone; echo tune. 
Tiniis c p.p. Underwent; undergone. 
Tinik-r/ Thorn; fishbone; thistle. 
Tining ?i-Settlinge; residue; remainder. 




Tining^lw- Provision. 

liningalo^v.-Stored away; put away. 

Tining ng loobn Determination res- 
olution intrepidity; bravery; valor; 
boldness; courage; moderation; for- 

Tinitingnan wThe object which is 
seen that which one is looking at. 

Tinkal n Clod lump. 


Tinutulugann-Bed chamber; bed: 
place of sleeping. 

Tinutungtungan-n-Route; ending; ob- 
ject; itinerary; goal. 

Tipaw Convention, appointment; con- 

Tipan-nPromise; vow; testament. 

Tipanan-n (Convention contract; agree- 
ment; utility; profit. 

Tipiaw-n Trip; stub stumble. 

Tipi<i aE(;onomical frugal; close. 

Tipi-a Compact; firm; close, solid; com- 

Tipiin-vio press; compress. 

Tipirin-r-To enonon)ize clip or cur 
tail expenses; be frugal or saving. 

Tip6 n Gap or notch in a tool. 

Tip6-a Toothless. 

Tipon-n Gathering meeting; assembly; 
congregation. • 

Tipuin-u-lo breack; nick; notch. 

Tipunin v-To gather; unite; compile; 
pouch; congregate meet. 

Tira n Gleanings; residue; remainder; 
remains; residium excess, refuse; 
overplus remnant. 

Tirahau-n-Habitation abode; house; 
home; place of living. 

Tirahan-v To save; leave over; reserve; 
set aside keep for. 

Tirik a Steep; perpendicular. 

Tirikan ng kandila-zi Candlestick. 

Tirlkan-v-To put a candle in a candle- 

Tirintas n Braid 

Tirintasiri-v-To braid. 

Tisa-n Tile. 

Tisain-i'To tile. 

Tisod n Stub; stumble; trip; slip; imped- 
iment; obstacle; difficulty. 

Tistisin-vTo sew; him. 

Tisurin-a Tripping; stumbling. 
Tisurin-r-To cause to stumble. 
Titikn Letter; deed: writing. 

Titingkatingkayad-v-To walk on tiptoe 

or in a cowering manner. 
Titulo n Title; diploma. 
Tiwalag-a Separated; distant; far; re- 
tired; divided. 
Tiwangwang a(ii".-Wide; open. 

iwasay a Firm ; secure; safe; clear. 

iyan a- Abdomen; belly; paunch. 

Tiyot n Drought. 

Toktok n Top; crest; crown. 

'I ono n Tone; tune; volume 

Toro n Bull. 

Totohanin-vTo be serious verify; ac- 
complish; affect; make; true. 

Totoo a-Certain; serious evident; true; 
positive sure; effectual; devout; 
downright; veritable; dogmatic; dog- 
matical; peremptory; reliable, catagor- 

Totoong adv. Very: greatly. 

Towa nJoy; pleasure; glee, mirth; mer- 
riment; gayety; delight; comfort; re- 
joicing; satisfaction. 

To wid-n Right; straightness. 

Towid a-Right straight; just. 

Towi na-acJv.- Always often; frequently. 

Towirin V To straighten rectify justify; 
make right right clarify. 

Trabajador n Worker; workman: laborer; 
journeyman artificer; mechanic. 

Trabajo-w-Work. task; labor; husbandry 

Trangka »' Gate gateway. 

Trangkahan n Gate; gateway. 

Trato-w Contract; agreement. 

Tresagio n Matin. 

Tresillas n Gimp. 

Tresiete /I Whist. 

Trono n- hrone. 

Tropan Troupe; company. 

Tropang lakad n Infantry. 


Tsa n-Tea. 

Tubig n Water lymph. 

'J ubig na bumukal n Spring water. 

Tubig na ulan nRain water. 

Tubow Interest; profit; gain; lucre; rev- 
enue; emolument; acquisition; ad 
vantage; growth; increase. 

Tubo-w Sugarcane. 

Tubo w-Lamp chimney. 

Tubos w-Redemtion; ransom. 

Tubo sa ibang bayan-o-Stranger; for- 

Tubo pa ibang lupa w Stranger; for- 

Tubsin 7/ To ransom; redeem. 

Tubsin ang sangla vTo redeem a pledge. 

Tubuan-w Sprout; growing; growth. 

Tubuan ng ngipin v-To cut teeth. 
Tubuan r-To grow sprout. 
Tubusinv-To redeem; ransom. 
Tudla-n-Aim; point. 
Tudlain v-To aim; point. 
TudlinganvTo furrow plow. 
Tudlok n Punch point. 




Tndlukin r-To punch; poke; point; shoot 
with a cue. 


Tugatog-n-Hiil; knoU, hillock; small; 
mountain; hommock. 


Tugon-n-Answer; repartee; reply; re- 
sponse retort 

Tugtog n-Play; piece of music; palying 

. on musical instruments. 

Tugtog muna sa kanta n-Overture. 

Tbgtog ng loob n Inspiration* 

Tugtog ng musico-n-The playing of a 
band or an oschestra. 

Tugtugan-n-Piece of music; playing of 
musical instruments. 

Tugtugan na walangayos-w Dissonance; 

Tugtugin v-To play on a musical in- 


Tuhogn- Stringer; that upon which 
anything is strung. 

Tuhuguin-v To string; impale; pass 

Tuhuran-v-To push or shove with the 

Tuka-n-Beak: bill; peck. 

Tukain-t;-To peck; pick. 

Tukarol n-Cap; bonnet; turban. 

Tuk6 n- - mall lizard. 

Tukod-ti Post: prop; support Protec- 

Tukso-n-Teasing; temptation; vexation; 
aggravation; enticement; instigation. 

Tuksuhin z/-To tease; vex entice tempt; 
instigate; worry; chaff, haggle; in- 

Tuktok w Top: crest. 

Tuktok ng inanok n Comb of a chick- 

Tuktok ng ulo wThe crown of the 


Tuladn Copy: counterfeit; imitation. 

Tulagn Spear; lance: dart; javelin. 

Tulagin-v-To throw a dart or spear; 

Tiilak n Push; shove: thrust; drive. 

Tulakin-n-To shove; push; thrust. 

Tulala-a Stupid; lazy: ignorant indo; 
lent; idle: weak; feeble; imbecile. 

Tulalain-v To-astonish; stupefy. 

Tularan-r-To imitate; copy; counterfeit; 

Tularan-n-Precedent; example; pattern. 

Tulatod-a-Last; hindmost. 

Tulatod-n-Rump; croup. 


Tult w-Circumcinion. 

Tulig n-Foolish stupid; torpid; ignorant; 

idiotic; senseless. 
Tulig-n Fool idiot; madman. 
Tuliin r-To circumcise 
Tulin «-Speed; velocity, quicknecs; ac- 
tivity; promptLess; promptitude nini- 

Tulingad n Fool; idiot; madman. 
Tul is n Sharpness point acutenefei8;end. 
Tulisan n Robber; nighayman; bandit, 
Tulisan v- o sharpen; point. 
Tulisan sa dagat-n- Pirate, corsican. 
Tu)6n Leak. 

Tulog-n-Sleep; slumber. 
Talongn Help aid: assistance;'support: 

succor: vindication. 
Tulongan n To help, aid: assist succor; 

defend; facilitate: protect. 
Tulos n Stake. 
Tulot-n- ermi sion license; furlough; 

leave; admittance. 
Tuloy-a-Con tinned successive con- 
tinuous; lasting; following. 
Tuloytuloy-a-Prompt speedy expedi- 
tious continued without interruption. 
Tulungan-v-To assist; defend; aid help; 

protect; furnish; favor; minister; 

Tulungin a- To help; aid: assist; defend; 

Tulutan-v-To permit; license give leave 

or permission. 
Tuluyan v To continue; keep going. 

Tiiluyan-n-Hotel; boarding house. 
Tumaan-v-To reserve; put away; keep 

Tumaas vTo grow in height ascend: 

mount; rise; raise. 
Tumal)a-t?-To grow or become fat or 

fleshy; fatten. 
Tumaba ang lupa-vTo fertilize; grow 

or become fruitful- (per. to land) 
Tumadiak-r-To kick 
Tumae ang ibon-vTo mute. 
TamagalvTo last; prolong; endure; 

suffer, dally subsist 
Tumagilid-v-To turn sideawys lay on 

the side. 
TuiragintingvTo sound. 
Tumagistis ang luhat'-To cry; weep; 

run {per. to tears). 
Tumago-v-To hide: conceal; put away. 
Tumagosv-To penetrate, leak; run 

Tumagupak-u-To clap; make a noise 

by clapping the hands or stamping 

the feet. 
Tumahan-v-To dwell; nestle; resid 





Tuuiah.aiiv ' o calm; appease; grow or 

become quiet or peaceful. 
Tumahi c To «ew; stitch. 
Tumahoi-r To bark; yelp; yap^ yaul; 

Tumabimikr To appease; btcome or 

grow peaceful or calm; cahn; rest; 

repose,- lull. 
Tumakas v. io decamp e»<^'ape; slip off 

leave on the sly; sneak off leave 

Tumakbor-To run sprint; course. 

hasten: flow. 
Tumakotv-To intimidate; frighten; 

scare; terrify. 
Tumal-w-Depression,- scarcity; slowness; 

Tumal a-Slow; depressed; not salable. 
Tumalas vTo filter strain; leak; trickle; 

trill; pour down; ooze. 
Tumalas v To become or grow^ witty. 
Tumali v To tie bind 
Tumalikod-t; To turn on€*s back; take 

back: retract, recant. 
Tumalikod sa kanyang bandila r To 

desert one's flag. 
Tumalima-v-To yi«ld; submit-: obey. 
Tumalima v To contradict; oppose; 

Tumalon t?-To jump down precipitate. 
Tumama v To hit guess; conjecture. 
Tumanan-vTo run away: elope sneak 

off make off; leave sei'retly. 
Tum^nga-v-To prohibit; inteidict. for- 
Tumangan v-To have hold. 
TumangapvTo receive^ accept; take. 
Tumangap n-Receiver. taker: recipient. 
Tumangi v To refuse; renounce; deny; 

Tumangis-t; To weep; mourn; lament; 

Tumango v-To consent; agree; confirm; 

affirm; promise 
TumaningvTo give or prolonjr time; 

extend time; reprieve. 
Tumankilik v-To protect; defend; sup 

port; favor; corroborate, confirm; hold 

up; prop. 
Tumanong t?-To ask; question; inquire; 

Tumantan v-To rest: quiet; 4.ppease. 
Tumaos v To penetrate; pierce 
Tumapang v To encourage; become 

brave,courageous, bold or valiant, 
Tumarok V To sound; <lelve. 
Tumatahan sa isang lugar 6 bahay n 

Inhabitant; lodger. 
Tumatakbo n-Runner. 
Tumatanaw-nSpect ator. 

Tuinatutua «Backslider one who denies 

anything gainsay er contradictor 
Tuinatawa» Laugher; one who laughs. 
Tumatua v To deny,- contradict gain- 
Tuinawar To laugh giggle. 
Tuinawagt? To c^ill; summon name; 

term send for; announce evoke; 
TuniayacTo bet; wager. 
Tnmayoi'To establish; build; edify. 
Tumba n Tower; grave st<.ne. 
Tumba ng patay cTomb vault sepul- 

cher; tomb stone. 
Tumbong n Anns fundament. 
Tutnibay r To fortify, strengthen; a- 

firm; guarantee. 
TumibokrTo palpitate; flutter. 
Tuiniiras r-To harden indurate. 
Tumiguil r To stop; cease: stay, lull; 

remain: leave off; work. 
TumiinrTo ooze leak. 
Tumikat'-To limp. 

Tumikim v Taste try; attempt assay. 
TumikimrTo though; ilraw onet< atteiV 

Turiiila V To cease. 
TumilirTo shriek scream; cry in a 

high tone. 
TumimbangrTo weigh. 
Tuminbuang V To lay down; stretch 

one*s self on a bed. 
TnniindigrTo arise; rise stand up. 
TuminagrTo be brisk or smart. 
•Tumingini'To see look: view; gaze; 

behold; observe; watch; notice dis- 
cern; vide. 
Tumingkayad r-To stoop; squat walk 

or stand on the toes. 
Tumirai'To dwell; live; reside lodge; 

inhabit; nestle. 
Tumira r To remain: be left over. 
Tumita v To <lrain let fall drop by 

Tumitigr-To eye; glance look. 
Tumitis ang pawis v-To sweat or pf^r- 

spire freely. 
Tumiwalag v To separate remove; sort; 

Tumpaw Last journey or trip; going. 
Turn pa gawi-t» Inclination; tendency; 

Tumpak-n Skill: judgment: prudence 

knac ; mischievousness; restlessness. 
Tumpok-n Small round heap patty. 
Tumubo-r To grow: increase: swell. 
Tumubo pumatong sa ibaw-r-'Io out 

Tumugon t/To answer respoml; reply; 





Tuinugtog-r-To p?ay on a musical 
instrument ring a bell. 

Tumuka-r-To peck; pick. 

Tumuktok r To beat, strike or knock 
with the knuckles. 

Tumulad r-To equalize; make equal, 

Tufuiiiak r-To push f4)ove thrust. 

Tumulo r To leak drip, fall dropby drop. 

Turn u long r-To help aid assist coop- 
erate favor succor; support serve; 
defend piotect corrol>orate hold up: 
confirm prop; minister. 

Tnmulotulo r-To drip. 

Tnmumba r lo lower. 

Tuiijumog na malakasn Resolution: 
courage; mind promptitude: aid; de- 

Tumumok r-To gather crowd. 

Tumumpar-To carrr do^^n have the 
last of anvthing. 

Tumunaw-r To melt; liquefy; dissolve. 

Tumungo <' To weud; trend; bend bow. 

TumunogrTo .'<ound; clank, clang; 

Tumuntongr To tread; trample; stamp, 
put on accupy 

Turn u pad r-To execute discharge; per 
forin; comply: heed, do one*H duty; 
di»«penHe: observe. 

TumuroterTo trot. 

Tiirrnitul-r To reply: arv*wer; respond, 
affirm; allege oppose, fight. 

Turiiutol sa jngtangol v To fight for 
anotljf>r; defend; argue in another's* 

Ttinaij;! n Outcry. 

Tunarijr malaki /«Tumult; out crv: riut. 

Tunaw w Liquid, fluid, 

'Junawinr'lo melt; liquefy; dissolve; 
Hrneit consume; spend. 

Tiiuawin a Soluble; solvable: meltible 

Tunawin ang kinain r-To digest. 

Tunav-« True: cordial ninc^re loval; 
ronstant; firnj; manifest: nolemm; dog- 
ni*itic; dogmatical; c( rtain; downright; 
reliable; legitimate; actual; candid 
confident: real; peremtory; important. 

Tu II ay ^irir Really; truly, actual y loy- 
ally; candirilv certainlv; serioui^Iv; 
Hurelv; r»ositivelv; evidently; 

Tunay nga-r/ True; serious; certain pun- 

Tunga a Slow; half witted; ignorant 
torpid: rude: foolish. 

Tnngaj; (^/ Half wilted; foolish dull; 
torpid; slow; iiinorant; rude; wild. 
TunC'aw ?/ Tick woodtick 

Tungayaw-w-Curse; imprecation; oath 

malediction swearing; ban. 
Tung ayawiu r To curse swear; im- 
precate ban. 
Tungkay» Object; design; end; intent. 
'Tungkod-n » ane staff prop; fulcrum; 

support protection tmnchec» 
Tungkol-j>. a.-According pertaining: 

concern mg. 
Tungkol-/>rcp. -About; over. 
Tungkol It Duty; obligation: contract; 

TungonBow; nod. object; behavior; 

Tungo-a Inclined; disposed. 
Tungo n-'\ uber. 

Tungo ng look-n- Intent; design; purpose. 
Tungtongn Cover lid pot lid. 
Tunod-n Magnetic needle; the unrolled 

leaves of the palm or banana. 
Tunog n Sound; noise; report clank; 

clang; ring; resonance. 
Tunog na ba^ol w-Grating harsh sound. 
Tunog ng voces-w- lune; tone. 
Tuntungan n Objective; place that one 

is heading for. 
Tupa n Sheep. 
Tupad w Compliance; doing of one's 

Tupang babaye-n Ewe. 
TuparinrTo comply; do one*s duty. 
Turing n Bid asking price proposal; 

overture; proposition; guess. 
Turo w-Teaching instruction doctrine. 
Turuan-r-To teach instruct educate: 

discipline; imform civilize poii»t out. 
Tuso a-Sly; cunning: crafty; sagacious; 

vulpine; keen; sapient, wily. 
Tu?ok w-Stitch 

Tustusin-r-To loosen; slacken. 
Tusukin-rTo stitch; prick. 
Tuto-w Skill; learning knowledge: judg 

ment; prudence, wisdom; sagacity; 

Tutoln Answer; reply; response; repar- 
Tutop n Patch cover. 
Tutos n Stitch; union. 
Tutsang n- Bristle, 
Tutugin r To separate or take out the 

ashes; reduce to ashes. 
Tutnpan r To patch; mend; splice. 
Tutusin-r-To stitch; sew. 
Tnwa-?r Happiness; mirth: merriment, 
joy; pleasure: content; solace; con- 
solation; glatlness; gayety; festivity; 
TuwaaTlad. joyful, merry; happy. 
Tuwi ^rEach, every; all: entire: whole. 




Tuwituwinaa^v.Often; frequently. scar sere; wizen. 

Tiiyd » Flattery false praise, Tuyongtuyo a-Very dry. 

TuyAin v-To flatter. TuyotaDry; dessicated. 

Tuyo-a Dry, barren; withered arid; Tuyuin a To dry, densicate. 

Uban-o Hoary gray headed; white. 

Uban-w-Gray hair; chaff. 

Ubanin-a Old hoary grayheaded. 

UbaninvTo grow old or gray headed. 

Ubas-n-Grapes; grape. 

Ubo n Cough. 

Ubod n Heart; center. 

Ubod ng hirap n Worst misery. 

Ubong malakasn- Whooping cough. 

Ubosn-Termination; consuniation, end- 

Ubos a-Terminated. consumed; used up, 

Ubusin V To consume use up; end; 
terminate; expend, waste. • 

Udiokn Stimulation; incitement; per 
suasion inspiration instigation. 

Udiokan n To incite stimulate insti- 
gate; excite; persuade, induce; im- 

Udiukan-v-To Persuade; incite induce, 
prevail upon inspire more. 

Udlok w Boman. 

Udyok n-Persuasion incitement excite- 
ment, stimulation; inspiration, en- 

Udyukan-v To inspire persuade; induce; 
incite; ply; imbue. 

Uga-w Move rock. 

Ugain n To rock, move. 

Ugali-w Use custom; habit disposition; 
usage; wont; fancy; temper. 

Ugaling parang-a Rough ; illbred; rus 

Ugangin v-To make foolish. 

UgatnRoot vein blood vessel; bud; 
source; origen; spring. 

Ugit n Plow beam; plow handle helm. 

Ugong-w-Noi^e; clamor, crack; clash; 

Ugoy-n-Rocking swinging. 

Ugoyin v- I'o rock; swin^. 

Uhalea-w Buttonhole. 


Uhaw na uhaw-a Very thirsty; dry. 

Uhaw-w-Head of grain. 

Uhog-w Mucous slime snot; muck. 

Uhugin-a-MuCous; slimy, snotty. 


Ukitin V To <lent. 

Ukol n Correspondent; trustee; agent. 

Ukpl sa' a Pertaining to; concerning; 
apt; fit; ready. 

Ukol sa sikmura a Gastric; pertaining 
to the stomach. 

Ukol sa lupa-a Terrestrial; belonging or 
pertaining to the earth. 

ITlak w Spindle; reel; pinfeathers. 

Ulakan-M- Wrapping frame; spindle reel. 

Ulakin v-lo wind roll up. wind around. 

Ulam n-Meat. 

Ulam-nRain; shower. 

Ulang bigla at masasal w-Heavy. 
shower of rain. 

Ulap n Cloud 

Ulak na makapal at mababa w Mist; fog. 

Ulapot-n-Rag hanging from the clothes. 

Ulian a-Wornout; decrepid. 

Ulianin a Old; worn out; decrepid. 

Ulj adv.-Again. 

Uliin-r-To repeat renew; patch; make; 

Ulila» Orphan. 

Ulilang labos w-Orphan; child who has 
neither father nor mother. 

Uiing-n-Coal; charcoal soot; cinder; 
grime; lampblack. 

Uliran-n Type; pattern example model. 

Ulit a^iz/.'Again; once more. 

UiitinvTo repeat; duplicate; renew; 
double; iterate; reiterate; rehearse; 
do or try again. 

Uiiting madalas-t'-To repeat frequently. 

Ulili-n W^hirlpool; eddy; vortex. 

riivaw n Echo. 

Ul«-w-Head; poll. 

riog w-Movemeut. management; direc- 

Ulogin r-To move; manage; direct. 

Ulol-n-Lunatic; madman idiot dolt; 
gump loggerhead; crazy man. 

Ulol a Demented; crazy; insane; mad; 
daft; delirious, foolish; stupid dis- 
tracted; idiotic ignorant, unlearned. 

Ulong ulo a Baldheaded. 

Ult)ng w-Meeting union; congregation. 

Ulos ng sa-'data-M Slash or stab 

I' lug-n Handling moving. 

Ulugin-r-To handle; move to and fro. 

Ululan-v-To exaggarate; add to. in- 

UlulingvTo infatuate stupefy; make; 
or cause to be foolish; alienate. 

Umabala v To interfere; oppose; pre 
vent, molest; trouble; vex; prolong. 

(Imnbot-p-To reach; overtake; talch up. 
Approaeh, amve. eume up; b"*'; <>'> 

tf>r niiniHle promole. 
I'uiu^ii-^ornin); forenoon, 
Umaga adn. Early; soon tielinies. 
rmagaufc ujiiajja arfu Very early, 
limagang amana-nDawn break of day, 
Umagap-r-To preoccupy foresee: an 

ticipale; be quick or' actiTe. 
Umagaw v-To siea) snatch. 
I'manaw ua isang babayi-H-Rap Bt; rav 

Umabon-pTo go np: am'eii<): lanil 
iiiiaiiU^ cliitib up ■lisembark. 

Umukin-K-Tu tame; domes titrate. 

Umakyat r-To climb; secend; mount; po 
up; ini-rease. 

I'makyat na iiiagukiabitirTu >:lhub 
wilb the use of ihn bands. 

fiiialaIa(tc-To resouml; jingle; dink. 

lJmalalayu-1 o support: help: aamst; 

rmaiicTo euct-eed; happen. 
riiialimuraoTo insult; revile. 
(Tmalingasaw tt To rise: extend; tran- 

rnialingasaw ang bnho v To stink; 

smel); bad, 
UmalingB»ngaw-r-To erho: rewound; 

Tumlile: ruroor. 
rmalist-To go. leave i^ally; retire; 

abandon forsnke •piit emigrate; ab 

sent one's sell. 
I'niaUliil-r Tij grate, creak: Ktrape. 
rnialsa-c-To rise: loOHeu; «row fluffy; 

I'manibagikTit. contribute; give: pro 

I'mambon-H-To mist: drizzle; mizxle. 

I' manio o To lame; domesticate; lifcnnie 

I'mamponi'Tf' help: protect aid: de- 
fend: support, corroborate; favor con 

I'mamoy-fTo «mell, 
^maQgil-l^1'o howl; Hiiarl. growl; mur- 
mur; gruuibte. 
I'lnangian-To xtink omell im.\. 
llmani o-lo gather, harvcMt. reap. 
I'manito-To pull. 
I'luankin-o-To appropriate ncurp. 
I' descend. How with the 




Umaral n-To advise warn; info rm. 
I'mariwTo own have 
Umari ng hindi kaniyaoTo usurp ap- 
propriate anything that is not one's 

Umasa v To hope await; de re expect. 

I'masimt^To sour, become salty or 

Vmaso f-To smoke fume; reek. 

L'm&Hoa-FuDy;emoky;fuming smoking. 

I'masok «1 o smoke fume. 

I7uiaw3y I'-To fight war oppose: die 
pute: rival; contest. 

Umayonu-To conform; coincitle; acqui- 
esce; agree accord. 

Una wit r-To sing, carrol. 

I'mayawfTo resign, decline quit re- 
nounce; reject; stop. 

rmayos-p-To arrange, agree; put in 

I'mbok ang gitna-n-Convex conveied. 
n«ibige-To love, like wish: desire,- 

L'oun; will. 
(■inibi*r-To .lismonnt get off. 
t'migi-FTo ease, improve; appease; be^ 

come less painful. 
rmihi-pTo urinate, 
Dmiki-pTo limp. 

ITmikit-r-To turn; revolve, roll: gyrate. 
llroiko-cTo 'imp. 
I'milag V'To dodge; avoid; escape: shun: 

grow or become wild, 
I'mimik-p To miirnini': mutter; mumble; 

riiiiiiiiaydg-rTo oscillate: vibrate: 

I'mingos V To grumble: snarl; growl. 
I'minisf-To smother; oppress, over- 
power criisli. subject. 
I'minog-D-lo turn; gvrate; roll. spin. 
rminom d-To drink; 'imbibe. 
Llmislp'tiTo think: invent; plan; plot; 

contrive, meditate. 
I'mitim-f-To blacken; become black; 

I'mitimt'-To steal; peculate; pilfer; 

cabbage purloin; tilch. 
I'miyak rTo cry weep; bewail, lament; 
I'miyak ang hayop-e-To low; bleat 

howl: grunt. 
I'mpog-n-ColiiBion; encounter; rlash; 

shock: push. 
I'mpok n Conversation converge. 
rmudlot-rTo rebound; bounce; recoil 
rniugJtMoib; the fouling ot grain so 

that il lumps, 
I'mugatiTo move: shake, vibrate. 
Umuguin-V'To molder; lump beeause <>f 




Umugit V To steer, pilot. 

Umugit sa sasakyan n.Pilot; steersman; 

Umugong V To make a noise. 
Umugong parang kiilog V To fulminate; 

make a noise like thunder. 
Umugoy-v-To rock; swing. 
Umukit-t>-To dent. 
TJmayabit v-To claw; scratch. 
Umulayaw-v-To coax; wheedle; fondle; 

pet; humor. 
Umulanv-lo rain; shower. 
Umulan ng busilak-r-To snow. 
Umulan ng bubog-v-To hail. 
UrauliawvTo echo, resound. 
Umulitt?To pilfer: steal; peculate; 


UmiinarTo go before; go first; anti- 
cipate; forsee; expect. 

Umunat-t?-To stretch; lengthen; adjust; 
anlarge; upon. 

Umugotv-To whisper. 

Umunouno v-lo stutter; hesitate; stam- 

Umuntia-To lessen; decline; fall; de- 
scend; dwindle; grow or become 

Umupasala-v To defame; slander; in- 
sult; deride. 

Umupo-i? 'o sit. 

Umupo v. imp. Sat. 

Umuriturit V To stammer; titter; stut 
ter; hesitate. 

Umurong-t?-To recoil; fall back: retro 
grade back regress; backslide. 

Umurong ang kabayo v-To balk. 

Umurong ng marami v-To quaff. 

Umusig-wTo investigate; inquire; ex 
amine; follow register. 

UmusosvTo go down; descend. 

Umutalutal-o- i o stutter; stammer; haw; 

Una flkit?. Soon; early; first. 

Una a First primiti> e. 

Unahan-« To go first; preoccupy; pre 
ceed; lead; anticipate; expect; fore- 

Unahan-n-Front; lead; fore end; begin- 

Unan n Pillow. 

XJnant; araw ng buan sa langit-nNeo 
DDenia: first night of the new moon. 

Unano-n Dwarf ; pigmy; manakin. 

Unatin -t?-To stcatch; unfold; expand. 

Unatin ang baluktot-v To straighten. 

Unauna a(2t/.-Fir8t; principally; chiefly. 

Unka-n-Lowing; low 

XJngal n Howi: cry oi horror. 

Fngas-a Stupid: foolish; dull ignorant; 
simple; idiotic. 


Ungong babaye ti-Female monkey. 

Ungos-n Sprout shoot; anything that 

protrudes from another. 
Unos-w- 1 ornado tempest; storm; hurri- 
cane; heavy shower of rain. 
Unosin v-To storm. 
Unouno Stammer, stutter; stuttering; 

Unsayanin a Rickety; chaffy; without 

Untiuntl^adv. Slowly; little by little; 

by degrees gradually 
Untian-v-To lessen; curtail, clip; de 

cline; sink; decay. 
Untogw Collision, encounter; blow; 

Uod w-Worm; larva; larvae. 
Upa-n- Wages; salary; pay; fee; recom 

pence; stipend. 
Upahan v-To pay; recompence 
Upahan ng araw n Daylaborer; j6ur 

UpaknBark; peel; rind; crust; skin. 
Upakanz/To bark peel; skin. 
Upasala w Insult; scorn derision; de 

famation; slander mockery. 
Upa sa pagtawidw Bridge or ferry toll. 
UpataBald; hairless; destitute 
Upat n Deceit; delusion; fraud. 
Upatan t? To deceive; defraud; delude; 

impose upon; leave bald. 
Upa w a- Bald headed; bald. 
Upawin-t?-To make bald. 
Upo w Squash 
Upo n Seat; sitting. 
Upuan n Chair; seat. 
Uralian-v-Io imbue; instigate: inspire; 

persuade; induce; incite; stimulate; 

Uraling masama-n Temptation ; entice 

ment: incitement. 
Uraing-n Stake cudgel; club. 
Uria w Border; fringe. 
Uriin-nTo assay; examine; look into. 
Uron>»sulong.a Undecided^ irressolute 
Uroy inter. Get out; git. 
Uroy-n Mockery; scoff; jeer. 
Urunganv-To retrocede; take back; 


Usang babayi-nDoe; roe. 
Usang inahin n Doe; roe. 
Usang lalaki-tt. Hart, buck. 
Usap n Dispute litigation; lawsuit con 

test; strife; dissent; contract. 
Usb ng n Sprout; shoot, sucker. 
Usigi-v-To examine; investigate; pei* 

sue; follow. 
Usisa n Probation; examination. 





Usisain v-To examine; investigate sur 
vey; inquire; inspect; scrutenize; 
probe scan discern espy. 

Uson Use; habit; custom; usage. 

Usokn Smoke; vapor; steam. 

Usds-w Rupture, (of the scrotum.) 

Utak n Brain. 

Utak ng buto-n-Marrow. 

Utal a Stammering; stuttering; hesita 
ting; tonguetied 

Utal-nStammerrng; stuterer. 

Utang» Debt; obligattion; duty. 

Utas a-Finished; closed: concluded. 

Utasin-v-To finish; terminate; end; con- 
clude; close bring to an end. 

Utayutay a^w.-Gently. softly; easily. 

Utong-«- Nipple. 

Uto8-w-Law> order: command rule stat- 
ute, precept; edict: injunction: man- 
date; errand; message, proclama- 

Utiisan-vTo send; convey; command; 
order; edict. 

Utusan-v-To send; convey; command; 
order, edict, 

Utusan nServant; errandboy; messen- 
ger; porter. 

Uupan n Chair: seat. 

Uyam-n Sarcasm; mockery; ridicule- 
disdain; decrial. 

Uyamin v To mock scoff; deride ridi- 
cule, scathe; make fun of. 


Varnis n Varnish. 

Vervo w-Verb; predicate. 

Verso w- Verse. 

Viage-n-Voyage; passage; journey; ex 

Violeta n Violet. 
Violin n Violin; fiddle. 
Violinista n- Violinist. 

Visagre-w Hinge. 
Visitan- Visit; chapel: 
Visitahin-v-'I o visit examine. 
Vocabulario » Volcabulary. 
Volcan-w Volcano. 
Vol untarios-n- Volunteer. 
Voto n Vote. 


Wdgas-aNeat; pure; clean; clear; free: 
innocent; virtuous genuine. 

Wahiin-r To tear; rend, lacerate; cut; 
wear out break; fracture. 

Wakal-n Termination end; conclusion; 
extremity; edge border; extreme; 
limit; boundary; bounds. 

Wakasn Extreme; extremity; end, limit; 
bound, boundary; edge; border; con- 
clusion termination. 

Wala n-Nothing naught. 

Wala-flwi«.-No; not in on degree. 

Wala-a-Disttnt absent; not present. 

Walang ala alao-Calm; free; tranquil; 
peaceful; havingnothingto think about. 

Walang asa a Desperate. 

Walang asawa a Single unmarried. 

Walang asawa-n Bachelor; old maid. 

Walang awa-o-Heartless; cruel; ruthless; 
inclement; fell; inhuman; hard- 
hearted; soulless. 

Walang ayosa Disarranged disorderly; 
slovenly; careless filthy; confused; 
pellmell; immethodical; unclean; 
harum scarum. 

Walang bahid dumi-a- Glean; untouched; 
pure neat; un mingled: innocent; 
virtuous; holy. 

Walang bait a Thoughtless; imprudent. 

Walang baro-aShirtless. 

Walang basaguloa Peaceful; calm; se- 

Walang bayad a Gratis; free of cost; 

Walang buhay a Lifeless; inanimate. 

Walang buhok a Bald; baldheaded. 

Walanir daan a Impossible, impracti; 

Walang dalita a Painless; well. 

Walang damdam a Insensible; well- 
without pain painless. 

Walang damit a Naked. 

Walang dangal a Infamous; vile; despi 
cable; low; abject. 

Walang dulo a Pointless. 

Walang daya a Equitable. 

Walang galang a Disrespectful: rude; 
impudent; morose; insolent; haughty: 
peevish, inattentive; thoughtless; lof 
ty: discourteous. 

Walang galang odv -Peevishly; impa 
dently. morosely; insolently; discour- 
teously; thoughtlessly. 

Walang galit a Quiet; serene; calm; un 

Walanjr i'awa-w Liesure. 




Wlang guloa-Silent; quiet; still: calm; 
tranquil; noiseless; loyal; constant: 

Walang gulugud-a Inrertebrate. 

Walang gusto-a Loath; loth. 

Walang habag a Cruel: heartless hard- 
hearted inclement; incompassionate; 
inhuman; soulless. 

Walang halagaa Worthless: trifling; 
vain frivolous; mean; vulgar; empty; 
void: fruitless. 

Walang halo-a Pure: unmixed; unmin 
gled; clean; neat: mere. 

Walang hanap buhay-a-Destitute: help 
less; without work or employment. 

Walang handa a Extempore informal. 

Walang hangan a Boundless; endless; 
interminable perpetual everlasting; 
immortal; infinite: infinitive. 

Walang hanganan-a Unlimited; bound 
less interminable; endless; everlast- 
ing: infinite; without end. 

Walang hiya a Shameless; impudent; 
insolent; forward; disrespectful; ob- 
scene: petulant; without selfre- 

Walang hiimpayaOontinual; incessant; 
uninterrupted; continuous. 

Walang ikababayad a Insolvent, 

Walang ingat a Careless; incautious; 
heedless; reckless; forgetful; neglect- 

Walang interes-a-Impartial; uninterest- 
ed; candid; just; loyal. 

Walang kabaaBold intrepid; daunt- 
lesst valiant; firm; constant; serene. 

Walang kabuluhan-a- Worthless trfling; 
catchpenny: futile; addle; void; emp- 
ty; incapable. 

less; singular; unequalled; unpar- 

Walang kahulugana Senseless; unmean- 
ing; trifling: wortless; useless; fool- 

Walang kalinga a Inattentive careless; 
thoughtless; heedless; negligent; neg- 

Walang kalulwa-a Soulless; inani- 
. mate; lifeless. 

Walang kamahalan a.Insolent; impu 
dent; haughty; vulgar;ordinary; shame- 
less; ignorant; without; dignity. 

Walang kapalaran a Hapless; luckless. 

Walang kapara a Matchless, special; 
unequalled; unparalleled; incompar 
able; particular; singular. 

Walang kaparis a Singular; special; 
unequallei; unparalleled; matchless; 
particular; peerless. 

Walang kapintasan-a Immaculate, fault- 
less perfect. 

Walang karapatan a Unjust; unjustifia- 
ble; unfit unreasonable, without jus- 

Walang kasam a Solitary: sole; only. 

Walang kasama ad. A lone; solely. 

Walang katapusana Endless intermi- 
nable immortal; without end; infi 

Walang katawan a Bodiless; immate- 

Walang katulad a-Unequalled; matchless: 
unparalleled; special; peerless without 
comparison; incomparable. 

Walang caya a Unable; incomparable; 
unfit powerless. 

Walang kibo a Silent; quiet: dumb. 

Walang kimi a Free; disengaged; unem- 

Walang kimot a Silent: quiet; undis- 
turbed dumb; motionless: noiseless. 

Walang kinikilingan a Impartial; just: 

WalangKulang a Complete;entire;whole; 
integral;perfect: exuct; right; finished; 

Walang labas sa matowid-a-Ju8t;lawful; 
true; fair; truthful. 

V/alang laman a Empty; addle; vacant; 

Walang lana-a-Tasteless: insipid: flat. 

Walang lihim a Open; frank; clear; un- 

Walang likat a Perpetual; everlasting; 
continuous; ccntinual; endless erect. 

Walang likit a Straight; erect: con tin 

Walang makakamukha-a-Matchless; in- 
comparable; unparalleled, u n e - 

Walang mansa a Immaculate; spotless: 

Walang hanga at mula a-Endless; eter- 
nal without end. 

Walang nag aampon a Helpless; desti 

Walang nagkukupkop a Helpless: des- 
titute; solitary: lonely. 

Walang nasa a Disinterested; not de- 

Walang ngipin a-Toothless. 

Walang pagod a- Indefatigable; unwea 

Walang paglitiis a Insufferable; intol 

Walang pakiramdam-alnsensible;senst' 

less; indifferent; shameless. 
Walang palad a Unfortunate; unlucky; 

sad; hapless. 

YAN 148 


V^alang pangaiawat^Matchless: unpar- 
alleled; solitary: singular, un- 

Walang pangdamdam-a-Insensible; in 
different; shameless. 

Walang paniniwala-alncredulous; un- 

Walang pi nag aralan-a Coarse; rough; 
illbred; rustic; ignorant; abjeet; low. 

Walang puri-a Infamous; vile; despica- 
ble; shameless. 

Walang sakit-aHale well. 

Walang sandata a Disarmed. 

Walant; sapin-a- Barefoot. 

Walang sigla-a Infirm; lifeless; inactive; 
slow weak. 

Walang sinelas-a-6arefoot. 

Walang nukal a Clean; pure; free; neat; 

Walang taba-a Lean meagre. 

Walang tahan-a-Oontinual endless; in- 
cessant; uninterrupted continuous. 

Walang tab i -a- Seam less. 

Walang takot a- JoM; fearless intrepid; 
dauntless audacious; valiant plucky. 

Walang testamento-a-Intestate. 

Walang tigil a-Incassant; continual; 

Walang turing a-Ungrateful; low; abject, 
mean; ignorant. 

Walang tnto-a Ignorant; dumb silly; 
unlearned; foolish. 


Walang ulo-a-Headless. 

Walang wasto-a Disarranged confused: 

disorderly; siinple: sillr; artless. 
Wala sa horas a-Unseasonable. un 

Wala sa capanahunan-a- Abortive, un 

Wala sinoman-n Nobody none. 
W^ala sinoman pro Neither. 
Walisn Broom; duster. 
Walisin r-To sweep; dust. 
Walo n Eight. 
Walo a Eight. 
Walong puo n Eighty. 
W along puo a Eigh^. 
Wari-n Reasoning; thought idea, medi- 
Wariwariin-i;-To think; reason; med 

itate; recall to mind 
Watak a Wide open; clear separated. 
Watakwatak-a-Wide; open, clear; sepa 

rated; at or by i: tervals. 
Wawa-n The mouth of a stream. 
Wika n I anguage; idiom discourse talk; 

lingo; dialect conversation; conTerse; 
Wikain-v-To talk; converse; pronounce. 

speaK; say tell; discourse. 
Wikain labas sa matowid-rTo lie: tell 

a f ilstrhood. 
Wika ng Judio «Hebrew. 
Wilig n-8prinkling. 
Wilijjan -vTo Sprinkle. 
Wisikn-Sprin kler. 
Wisikan t? To sprinkle: water; spray. 

Yabag-n Footstep; tread; noise of a 

Yagyag n-Trot. 

Ya«Mp-i»-Hug embrace. 

YacapiivTo hug; embrace; imbosom. 

Yaman-nR^ches; mammon. 

Yaman-a<iv-Since; well; then now that. 

Yaman prep » herefore. 

Yamut-n- Disgust; abhorrence; molesta 
tion; displeasure; impatience; vexa 
tion; loathing; disturbance, chafe, 
disquiet; distaste. 

Yamuan-91-Rasure; scrapings; filings; 

Yamutinv-To distnre; displease; vex;^ 
molest; irritate; worry; bother; dis- 

Yangyangann Place of stretching any- 
thing stretcher. 

Yanig n-Oscillation; vibration; shake; 
trembling; wave. 

Yanigin-r-To wave: shake. 

Yano oAverage; regular: even; ordinary'. 

mediocre; plain; flat; neither good 

nor bad. 
Yantas n Tire; felloe. 
Yaon /wo That. 
Yaon din adv.Ditio: idem. 
Yapak n i read footstep. 
Yari-n Cut; shape; make; flmire: work: 

form fashion; termination: finish 

YsLtipro. 1 his. 
Yariin v-To finish: close: terminate; 

end; do make; effect. 
Yasak n- Desolation: break: destruction; 

Yasakin-r To desolate; destroy; break: 

tear; lay waste. 
Y'asyas n- Polish; planing. 
Yasyasin r To plane; smooth: polish. 
Yawe n Stopcock. 
\'aya-n- Invitation. 
\'avainr-To invite stand treat. 




\ayainan^-j)re)).- Therefore; yet; 

Yayamaiijf.a</.-Theii now then now that: 
Yayat-n-Exten nation; weakness; lean 

nesH: langiiidness. 
Yiniot-w Oaknm; tow; tow; cloth. 
Ymari-w-ro make; form; produce; cause. 

exist; be. 
Yuko-riBow; stoop; salutation: bend 

Yukod i^Salutation; Ikjw; salute; nod; 

Yumajryajr t? To trot: jojr: be in ha»te. 
Yamainjr r-To tremble, vibrate; oscil- 
Yunianian-r To enrich; j^row or beirome 

rich; thrive; i»rosi>er 

Yuniamotr-To vex disgust displease- 
glut pique; irk; molest: disturb, af 
flict; be displeased or vexed; an* 
ger; oppress. 

Yumi-rt-Faded; withereil; decayed. 

Yumiim-v-To fade; wither: decay. 

YumukorTo bow; nod: bend; stoop. 

Yumukod r- To nod; bow; stoop; bend 
the head. 

YumurakrTo tread: trample, stamp. 

Yungib n-Cave; grotto, cellar, hole; 
cavern; haunt: pit. 

Yupi-wBend; fold; double. 

Yurak-n-Stamp; tramp. 

Yurakanv-To tread; stamp trample. 

Yusakin-r-To tread trample; stamp. 

Yupiin r-To fold; double; bend. 


mm6n pnndAiRn 

Adan-n Adam. 

Adelaida n Adelaide. 

Aldrianon- Adrian. 




Alejandron Alexander. 


And rea-n- Andrea. 

Andres tt A drew. 

Angel n-Angelo. 

Angela n-Angeline. 


Anselman Selma. 

Antonio n-Anthony. 

Artiiro-n- Arthur. 


Barbar an Barbara. 


Basil io-72- Basil. 

Beatrici an- Beatrice. 



Bernaldo-n Bernard. 

Bibiano n Vivian. 

Cain fi-Cain. 




Carolina n Caroline. 

Catalina-n Kathrine; Kate. 

Cecilia nSisilia. 

Cristina-n Chistiana. 


Clara n-Clara. 

Claro n Clare 

Claudio-n Claude. 


Conrado-n Conrad. 

Constantina-n Constance. 

Daniel n-Danifl; Dan. 

David-n David. 

Diego-n Diejro. 

Dicnicio-w Dennis. 

Dora-r» Dora. 

Dorotea n-Doroi hv . 



Elena-nHelen; Lena; Ellen. 




Engracia n-Grace. 


Enrique-n-Henry . 

Enriqaetta-n-Henrieta; Hari ret . 

Erman-n- Herman. 

Eugenion Eugene. 

Eva n Eve. 

Federico;» Frederick . 


Fernando-**- Ferdinand. 

Felipe-» Phillip. 

Flora-n Flora. 


Francisca-n- Francis. 


Gabriel n- Gabriel. 


Oer6nima-n Jeremy. 

Ger6nimo-«-Jeremiali: Jerome. 


Gregorio-n Gregory. 

Guillerma n-Wilheima. 

Guillermo-n-William . 

He rodes-n Herod. 

Herculano-»-HerculeH . 


Jacob-n- Jacob. 

Jarmen- James. 


Jos^-n- Joseph . 


Juan-n-John; Jonathan. 


Julia n-Julia. 

Julian n Julian. 

Juliana n Juliana. 

Julio n Julius. 

Justo n Justus. 

Laura n Laura. 

Le6n-w Leon. 

Leonardo» Leonard. 

Leoncia n Leona. 

Leoncio n Lionel. 

Leonora n-Leonoir. 

Lorenzo n Lawranee. 

Lucas n Luke; Lucas. 

Lucia n Luciie; Lucy. 

Luis» Lewis: Louis. 

Luisa » Louisa. 

Magdalena» Magdalene. 

Magal lanes-» Magallan. 

Manuel » Emanuel. 

Marcel o n Marshall 

Marcel i no n Marshall. 

Marcos» Marcus; Mark. 

Margarita » Margarita; Margery 

Maria» Mary; Marie. 

Mariana » Miriam. 

Mariano » Marion. 

Marta » Martha. 


Martinn Martin . 
Mateo-n Matthew. 
\fauricia-n- Maurice 
Meleciow Michael. 
Nicolas n-Nicolas. 
Patricio-n Patrick. 
Paula; Paulina w Paulina. 
Pedrow I eter. 
Rafael M-Kalph. 
Raymundo n Rayniontt. 
Rebecaw- Rebecca, 
Ricardo-n Richard . 
Roberto n Robert. 
Rosan-Rose; Rosa, 
Rosalia it Rosalind. 
RufinoM Rufus. 
Ruperto-n Rupert. 
8alome-w Salome. 

Sara- n- Sarah. 
Simeon n-Simeon. 
Sofia-n Sophia. 
Salomon n Solomon. 
Susana nSusanna. 
Teobaldo Theobald. 
Teodora-w- Theodora. 
Timoteo n-Timothy. 
Tobiasn Tobias. 
Trinidad-n- Trinidad. 
Vicente n- Vincent. 
Victor n- Victor. 
Victoria w Victoria. 
Ysabel-n- Isabel. 
Ysayas n-Isaiah. 
Zoilo uZoilns. 

Enero-M January. 


Marzon- March. 
Mayo n May. 
Junio M-June. 

Manga buan 

Julio-M July. 
Agosto n-August. 
Septiembre-n Septen) ber. 
Octebren October. 
Noviembre n-November, 

Manga araw 

Lingo- M .Sunday. 
Luues M-Monday, 
Martes-n-Tuesday . 

Juevesn Thursday. 
Sabado »■ Saturday. 



Adelaide ^- Adelaida. 
Adamn Adan. 
Adrian Ti-Adriano. 
Albert-n Alberto. 
Alexauder-n Alejandro. 
Alphonson Alfonso. 
Andrea n- Andrea. 
Andrew n Andres. 
Angeline-wAnjrela, Angelina. 
Angelo-n Angel. 
Anna n-Ana. 
Anthony-n- Antonio. 

Barbary-n Bdrbara. 
Bartholomew nBartolona^. 
Bernard n-Bernaldo. 
Bernice-w- Benancia. 
Berth an- Alberta. 

Carl-n Carlos. 
Caroline-n Carolina. 
Charlotte» Carlota. 
Clara n Clara. 
Clare-n (^laro. 
Claude-n Claudio. 
Conrad-n Conrado. 
Constance» Constancia. 

Dan » Daniel. 
Daniel n Daniel. 
David-n- David. 
Dennis-» Dicnicio. 
Diego-n Diego. 
Dora-r» Dorotea. 
Dorchester n-Deroteo. 
Dorothy »-Dorotea. 

Edward» Eduardo. 
Emily» Emilia. 
I Eugene » Eugenic. 
Ferdinand-» Fernando. 

Florence» Florencia. 
Francis» Francisca. 
Frank »- Francisco. 
Frederick » F^derico. 
Gabriel » Gabriel» 
George-» George. 

Grace-»- Engracia. 
Gregory-» Gregorio. 
Harriet» Enriqueta. 
Helen» Elena. 
Henrietta »-Enriqueta. 
Henry-» Enrique. 
Herman» Erman. 
Herod-» Herodes. 
Ira» Yreneo. 
Irene »-Yrene. 
Isabel-»- Ysabel. 
Isaiah-»- Ysayas. 
Jacob» Jacob. 
James »- Jaime. 
Job-»- Job. 
John» Juan. 
Johnathan» Juan. 
Julia » Julia. 
Julian » Julian. 
Juliana n Juliana. 
Julius » Julio. 
Juniata »Juanita. 
Justus » Justicio; Justo. 
Kathrine-» Catalina. 
Kenith w-Canuto. 
Laura » Laura. 
Lawrence » Lorenzo. 
Lenoir »- Leonora. 
Leon.» Leon. 
Leonard » Leonardo. 
Lewis » Luis. 
Lionel »Leoncio. 
Louisa »Lui8a. 
Lucile » Lucia. 
Lucy » Lucia. 
Magdalene » Magdalena. 
Magellan-» Magallanes. 
Marshall » Marcelo. 
Marcus » Marcos. 
Margarette /i-Margarita. 



Marion-n Mariano. 
Mar k-n Marcos. 
Martha- w- Mar ta. 
Martin-w Martin. 
Mary w Maria. 
Matthew n-Mateo. 
Maurice-w- Mauricio. 
Michael-w Melicio. 
Nicolds w-Nicolas. 
Patrick-w Patricio. 
Pan 1-n- Paulino 
Pauline nPauHna. Paula. 
Pe tern Pedro. 
Philliw Filipe. 
Ralph n-Rafael. 
Rebecca w-Rebeca. 
Robert-w Roberto. 
Rose-Rosa M-Rosa. 

Rupert-w Ruperto. 
Salome w Salome. 
Sarah n Sara. 
Selman Anselma. 
Sisilia-w Cesil a. 
Silvester-n Silvestre. 
Simeon w-Simeon; Sinioti. 
Solomon-w Solomon. 
Susanna nSusana 
'I heodora- w-Teodora . 
Theodore-n-Teodoro . 
Tobias n-Tobias. 
Victor w- Victor. 
Victoria w Victoria. 
Vincent w- Vicente. 
Virginian- Virginia. 
Vivian-w- Bibiano. 
Zoilus-w Zoilo. 

niontlis of tfte pear 

May w Mayo. 
June-w Junio. 

October-?/ Octubre. 
November-w Noviembre. 

Daps of t^t tDttU 

Tuesday -w-Martes. 







Aa-Isang; sang. 

Aback-fl</r.-Sa likod; sa gawing likod. 
Abacus n Kasangkapan pangbilang. 
Abaft -oWr.Sa gawing likod; sa gawing 

Abandon r Umalis maiwan luniayo pa 

bayaan tanipuhan. 
Abandonnientfi-Pag iiwan; pag alis ka 

pabayaan: kawalan ng kalinga 
Abater Magpahamak ibaba ang loob 

ng kapwa. 
Abate rBumaba huniinipil: luniubay. 

umigi guminbawa. 
Abbet M C<mvento. 
Abbot n Amo ng oonvento. 
Abbreviate v Iklan. 
Abbreviation m Pag iikli. 
ADoess» II Pigsa baga. bukol na nia 

Abdioate-r Ibigay sa iba ang kaliarian. 

umalis sa pagkahari. 
Abdication fi Ang pag aalis sa pa^kabai i. 
AlHlonien-H Tian. tiyan. 
AlHioniinal «i Nauukol sa tiyan. 
AlHiuotr Itanan. agawin iaga^. 
Abiinction n-Pagtanan; png agaw. 
Abed m?r.-Nakabiga. nasasa hihican 
Abet-i'-Kalongin; knmalong. 
Abettor-H Taga pagkalong. 

Abeyancen-Pag aaaahan; pag aantay 
Abhor-r Masuklani sa kapwa; magalit; 

kamuluan; mapoot;mamuhi yumamot. 
Abborrence-n-Dnmal. kasnklaman; 

muhi; suklam ng loob sa kapwa: ya- 

Abide I'-Tuicira; magbinto magluat; 

daluniatin; damotin: batakin; dalitain; 

niagtiis; uniayon, 
Ability-n Kaya kapangyarihan kasana- 

yan bisa: karunnngan: katalinaban: 

lakas talas ng isip pag iisip. 
Abject (I Haniak: mababa malait; wa- 

hmg dangal; walang pinag aralan. 
Abjure r Talikuran: makaila; mag re- 
nun ci a. 
Able-fi Makava: sanav niav kava: ma^ 

talino; marunong bibasa. 
Ablution n Ang pag lilinis. 
AlHiaril a<lt\ Nasa sasakyan; nakaaakay 

sa sasi^kyan. 
Abode >i Tiraban; babay tabanan; pa- 



.Vboiish r Lipulin alisin bnrabin: anta- 

lalun pawiin. 
.Vboliiion n Pagkalipol: |kagliUpol. 
Abomiitable^i ^akabibiya; bamak; ma* 

saiua; kahivabiva. 



A 00 

Abominate-t; Magpahaiiiak; haniakin. 
Abominatiou - n - Pagpahamak; k a h a- 

Aboriginal a Cannaunahan; unang. 
aborigines-n Ang mga unang tawo na 

tumira sa isang iugar 
Abortion-n-Panganganak labas sa pana- 

hon pagkakunan. 
Abortive-a Labas sa panahon; walang 

Aboundv Sumagana masagana. 
Aboura(2z/. -Malapit: saan. dako; sa pa 

libid sa pagligid. 
About-prep. "Nan g ay on; dahil sa sa. 
Above j?rep.-Hingil sa, tangi sa mataas 

pa sa 
Above-ae2v.-Sa itaas; sa ibabaw. 
Above men ioned a Nabangit; nasabing. 
Abreast-o^v Sa tabi katabi, sa tagilid 
Abridge-v-Iklian; liitan; magbawas. su 

malin. awasan. 
Abridgement-n-Pag ikli; pagkaliit pag 

babawas salin. 
Abroad adv.Sa. tanyag sa labas ng ba 

hay; hayag. 
Abrupt a-Bigla; golpe. 
Abscond-vTekasin manekes; tumekas. 
Absence-w-Pagkawala; kawalan. 
Absenta Wala. 

Absent-v Ujnalis; lumayo; lumayas. 
Absentee n Ang umalis na ang hindi 

Absolute a To toon i?: tunay; makapang 

Absolution-n-Patawad; pag papatawad. 
Absolve-v- ♦ ata war in . 
Absorb-v-Higupin. humigop humitit. 
Absorption-w-Higop; hitit. 
Abstain v Magtiis; tiisin. 
Abstaining a Matitiisin. 
Abstemious a-Matitiisin; mapagpigil; 

Abstinencen-Pagtiis; ka iyahan; kasu 

Abstinent a Magaptiis; mapagpasiya. 
Abstract v-Hugutin; bunutin; hiwalayin; 

Abstracted-r Nakahiwalay; nakabukod; 

wala sa isip. 
Abstracts on-w- Pagkah i w al ay ; h i wal ay ; 

hugot; bur.ot. 
Abstruse a Malalim;inahirap. talastasin; 

Absurd a Makatatawa; walang kabulu- 

ban; walang casaysayan. 
Absurdity -w-Kamangmangan ; kaululan. 
Abundance-W'Kasaganaan; karamihan; 

kahustuhan; kasukatan. 

Abundant a 8flgana,* husto maranii; nia 

Abundantly a^v.-Malabis masagana. 
Abuse-v-Lampastanganin; alimurahan: 

lurrait: laitan pamihasanin pasla; 

ngin salantain alipusiain; murahin. 
Abuse nLapastangan paglai ; pagaali 

mura; katampalasanan; dowahagi; 

pagmumura kalapastanganan 
Aburtive a-Tampalasan; bastos; masama. 
Abusivenes&n- Kalapastanganan; pag- 

Abut-v Magpisan umabot; lumapit. 
Abutment w Fader na bato. 
Abysmal a Malalim na totoo; walang pu 

sud 6 puit. 
Abyss n Lugal na totoonj? malal'm. 
Academic Academical a Nauukol saaca 

Academy n Academia. 
Accede v Pumayag; umabot abutin; 

Acelerate-r-Tumulin. lumiksi. 
Acceleration n 1 ulin katiilinan; liksi; 

Accent-w Accento lakas. 
Accent v Ilagay ng accento 6 lakas. 
Accentuate v Ilakas. 
Accentuation n Pagkalagay ng accento. 
Accept-vTangapin; tumangap damotin. 
Acceptable a Dapat tangapin; marapat 

tangapin matatangap; nakalulugod. 
Acceptance n Pagtangap 
Acceptation-w Ang pagtatangap;kahulu- 

Access-w Pag abot pag lapit. 
Accessible a Makakaabot; makakamt^n. 
Accession-n- Pag abot; pagkamtan; pag- 

Accident n- Ang nangyari na hindi sina- 

sadya; nagcacataon; pagkabalatong; 

Accidental a Hindi sinasadya; nagka- 

taon hindi tinatnlaga; mataonan. 
Ac'^Jaim-v Purihin; parangalin. 
Acclamation n Pagpupuri. 
Acclivity-w-Tiba^; akyatan tirik. 
Accomodate-f-Magbigay loob; makiba- 

gay; magkasundo 
Accomodating-a Mapagbigay loob ma- 

Accomodation-w Pagkasunduan. 
Accompany-v Sumdma; isama; sumabay; 

ihatid maghatid. 
Accomplice-w-Ang kasama sa paggawa; 

kamiyaw; kasdma; katulong. 
Accomplish-t'-Tapusin; yariin; totoha- 

Accomplished-a-Yari; natapos na. 




Accoiuplitfhment n Pagkayari; pangya- 

yari katapusan. 
Accomptant n Taga bilang. 
Accord-» Kasiilatan; salitaaii; pagkasun- 

Accord-v-Pumayag; umayon; mag ka- 

Accordance-n Salitaan pagkasunduan. 
Accordant-a -Nagkakaayon. 
According a Ayon. nauukol. 
According to law Naayon sa matowid. 
Accordion « Cordion. 
Accu8t-r-llapit: lumapit bumati' 
Account w Balak; saysay; taring; salay- 

say kasaysayan kuenta 
Account V Salaysayin; balakin; saysayin, 

Accountable r2 Masasagutin; taga pana- 

Accountant H-Taga bilang ng kuarta. 
Accounter -^' Ibigay ng kailangan. 
A'.couterments w-Manga kasangkapau 

nor sundalo. 
Accredit-vlbigay ng katowiran 6 ka 

paneyariban puniayag. 
Accredited a Balitang ban tog. 
Accruer Magdagdag; lumaki. 
Accumulate-r-Magipon; bumunton; umi- 

pon lumaki. 
AccuiQalation-/i-Pag iipon; dagdag, pag- 

Accurate a Kawanlan ng mali dunong. 
Accurse v-Sumpain sumumpa manum- 

pa magtungayaw; tungayawin. 
Accursed a Hamak; malait. 
Accusation n-Bintang; surabong; para 

Accusative a Dapat sumbungin. 
Accusable a Dapat isumbong. 
Accuse-v-Isumbong; sumbungin; bin- 

tangin; paratangan; magsumbong; 

magparatang niagbigay sala. 
Accustom-t'-Mamihasa; bibasahin; pa- 

maratibin; hiratihan; tramitin. 
Accustomed-rt Hirati; bihasa; datiban; 


Acerbity-w Kasaklapan. 
Ache V Sumakit; humapdi; liunia})is; 

Aclie n Sakit: dauidam; bapdi, antak. 

(liilambati; hapis; kirot. 
Achieve r Gawin tapusin. 
Achievenient-n Pagyayari; tai)0s. 
Acid /rAksi<lu. 
Acid /^/Maasiin. 
Aci«lity-;/-Asiin kaasiiiian. 
Acknowledyje >/ SaL'ut: tuniu.^un. 
Ackiiow l('<lLreineiit-;/-Sa,u:<)t,' tugoii. 
A<iiie // Painlulo; kataastaasan lugar 

Acorn-n-^^unga ng kahoy na tinata- 

wag (acorn). 
Acoustic a Nauukol sa dinig. 
Acoustics-n-Karunungan sa pandinig. 
Acquaint!;- ilalanin. 
Acquaintance-n- akilala; kilala; pag- 

kikilala; pagpapakilala. 
Acquiesce-v Makiayon; pumayag. 
Acquiescence n Pakikiayonpagkapayag; 

Acquire v Makinabang; magkamtan; 

maykaroon; pumulot pulutin. 
Acquirement w-Pagkamit; pagkakaroon; 

Acquisition n Pagkakamtan. tubo; paki- 

Acquisitive a Mahilig t^a tubo. 
Aquittal nPagpatawad 
Acquittan<"e n Tawad; re ibo. 
Acren-Pirasong lupa na may 123 baras 

at tatlong dankal ang haba at 49 ^ 

ng baras ang lapad. 
Acrid a Mapait maasim; naninigid. 
Acrimonv n-Kapaitan hanghang. 
Acrimonious a Mapait; masaklap. 
Acrobat n Tawong malakas at sanay. 
Acrobatic-'^ Malakas at sanay. 
Across j^rf^; -Sa kabila; nakahalang. 
Acoos arf?;. Sa ibayo pahalang. 
Acrostic-n-Hugtong na may isang sali 

tang nakatauro. 
Actw Kilos; gawa bawat isa ng manga 

bahagi ng teatro. 
Act-r- umilos; gumawa;magkomediante. 
Act like a rhild-i'-Kumilo» parang bata; 

Action wKilos gawa; anal. 
Actorn Komediante. 
Actress w-Komedianteng babayi. 
Active-a-Maliksi; buhay; hammpak; ma- 

agap; masigla; madali; mabisa; bihasa; 

Activene8s-7i-Kalik8ihan; agap; kasipa 

gan; kabihasanan; sigla; liksi. 
Activity «Liksi; aga}); sipag kasipagan; 

kaliksihan; sikaj); bisa; katulinan; 

Actual a Kasalukuyan: tunay. 
Actuallv-rtfZr.-Kasalukuvan; tuna v. 
Actuate ripakilos; iudyok. 
.Acute a-Matulis; inatalino; matalas. 
Acuteness-M Katulisan; katalasan. 
Adaire/i Patnugot; salita nangaling sa 

Adapt-r-Ikaiiia; gamitin; ikapit. 
.\daptable-rrMabagay: bagay. 
Adaptation ?/ Paggaganiit pagkania. 
Add r Dagdagaii; bilugin ipatong; pa 

tuiigan; inagsuma; magdugtong; inag- 

ugnaV; ipaibabaw. 




Addict vGumamit na lagi. 
Addition-wSumar pagdaragdad; karag- 

dagan dagdag. dugtong; pagbuti. 

Additional a- Nakadagdag pa. 
Addle-a Bugok; walang kabulahan wa- 

lang lanian. 
Addle V bumulok. 
Address-v-Magsalita; batiin. 
Addres n-Sernion pagsasaysay dis- 

curso; kinatitirahan; pagbati. 
Adduce vllitaw iharap ipakita. 
Adept-a Bihaga; sanay; marunong; ma 

Adeptw Tawong marunong at sanay. 
Adequate a-Hu8to; sukat; aapat; bagay; 

Adhere-v-Sumama; dumikit; magpiean; 

sumapit pumisan. 
Adherence-w Pagdidikit; pagkapisan; 

Adherency w Pagdidikit; pagkapisan; 

Adherent a Nakadikit. 
Adhesion n Pagdidikit. 
Adhesive a-Nakadikit. 
Adieu n Paalam. 
Adipose-a-Puro taba. 
Adjacent-a-Malapit; katabi, hindi ma 

Adjectively adv. Parang adjectivo. 
Adjoin-v-Ipisan; isama; magdugtong. 
Adjourn-vTumapos. tumigil ang kapi- 

Adjournment n Pagtitigil ng kapisanan. 
Adjudge-v-Mag hatol; hatulan. 
Adjudicate-v-Bumatol hatulan. 
Adjudication n Paghahatol. 
Ad j unct-a-Makadu gton g. 
Adjuration w Panalangin panumpa. 
Adjure-x/Manumpa; ipanumpa. 
Adjust 17- Ayosin; husayin, banatin; iga- 

yak; ihanda maghusay. 
Adjustment n-Pagkakaayos; pagkaka 

husay; katotohanan. 
Adjutant n Ayudante. 
Administer-v-Kumalinga; mamahala; 

suyuin; manuyo. 
Adrainistration-n-Pamamahala; pagpu- 


Administrator-7i-Ang namamahala: taga 
bantay ng ari ng iba: 6 kapwa. 

Administratrix n Ang babaying nama- 
mahala sa ari ng kapwa. 

Admirable-a-Katakataka; dapat pnrihin; 
main am. 

Admiral n Admirante; puno ng mga 

sasakyan de guerra. 
Admiration-n-Pagkapuri; mangha pag 

tataka; pagmamangha; pangingilalas: 
Admire V Purihin; ipagpuri; mamangha; 

mHUgingilalaf»; magtaka. 
Admissible-a-Dapat tangapin. matatan 

Admission-n-Pahintulot: pagpasok. 
Admit vipasok; ipahintulot magbigay 

daan; raagkaloob; tumangap. 
Admittance-w-Pahintulot; tulot pagpa 

Admixv Ihalo; ilahok. 
Admixture n Halo lahok. 
Admonish-r Aralan: pangusapan; sisi- 

hin; sumaad. bumala magpasiya; 


Admonition-w-Babala; payo; pasiya 

Ado n Gulo; hirap. 
Adobe wLadrillo na natuyo sa araw 

Adoption v Paggagamit. 
Adore w-Gumiliw lumigaw, giliwin; H- 

gawin umibig ibigin 
Adorable a Dapat giliwin dapat ibigin. 
Adoration n-Paggiliw pagibig. 
Adorn v Gayakan; igayak pamutihin; 

magalingin; gumayak. 
Adornment-w Gayak; hiyas; pamuti. 
Adrift a Nakalutang. 
Adroit a Matalas; tuso. sanay. 
Adulation n Pagpalayaw Paglalangis ng 

Adulatorya Nauukol sa pagpapalayaw. 
Adult a Matanda may edad. 
Adult-w Tawong husto na ang laki. 
Adulterate a May halo. 
Adultery w-Pakikiapid. 
Advance-v Sumulong; magtuloy; luma 

Advance n Sulong; paglalapit; pagtuloy. 
AdvancementM- Pagbuti; pagsulong, pag 

galing; paglalapit. 
Advantage n Pakinabang; tubo; luta; la 

Advantage Makinabang. 
Advantageous «Pakikinabangan; niaki 

Advent n- Ang nagyari na; nagknkataon. 
Adventure-M-Ang hindi sinasadva anu: 

Adventure v Magkataon. 
Adventurous a Matapang; niangahas. 
Adverb n Advervio. 
Adverbial a-Nauukol sa adverbio 
Adversary. ?t Kalaban; katalo. 




Adverse a l^aban; malaban. 
Adversity nKasalatan kahi»apan. 
Advertise v-Ipahayag: ipabalita. 
Adverti'*ement n Babala; pahayag balita. 
Advise-w-Aral; babala; panguiigusap; 

payo; inaaralan; pagpayo. 
Advise «J-Aralan; payiihan sumaad; 

pangusapan; ipangusap; uniaial. 
Adviwable-aDapat suiidin. 
Advisedly arZr.-Dapat sundiisunduin. 
Avisory a-Manipat sumuiiod. 
Advocate-w-Aiig tag a pama^itan. 
Advocate v Mamagitan; lumabaii; kup- 

Adz or adze w-Dahas. 
Aeral w-^auukol sa hangin. 
Aesthetic a Nauukol sa lasa. 
Aesthetics w-Lasa lasap. 
Aether w-Etero. 
Atixradv Sa inalavo 
Affability-w-Saya; kasayahan; lugod; 

Affable n Maamong loob; malambot na 

ugali iiakahilugod masaya; pala^ay. 
Affableness w Saya lugod; kasayahan; 

Affair w-(iawa. 

Affect-r Magkonowari; ibahin; maukol. 
Affectation -w agkok iiowari; kaibhan; 

kaukulan: daya. 
Affected a- Nakadadaya. 
Affecting a-Naiiukol sa. 
Affecticn-n Pag ibig; pagakwili; paggi- 

Affectionate a-Magiliw; mairog; mairu- 

gin; masintahin taos sa loob; ma- 

gandang loob; dapat ibigin; maram 

Affidavit w Kasulatan na ipinaniimpa. 
Aftiliate-^'-lr^ania ganiitin. 
Affiliation 7i Pagsasama; pag gngamit. 
Aftinity-n-Pagkakaraaganak dahil sa 

paK aasawa. 
Affirm y-Tibayin; tumutol; tuniibay; ma- 

Affirmation w-Pagpapatotoo pagtibayan. 
Affirmative aSinasaysay. 
Affirmative n Kasaysayan. 
Affix-y Idngtong sa «hilo 
Affix n Diigtong sa dulo. 
Afrtict ii Habagin; hapisin; pasakitan; 

yamutin; yumamot;huniapis; mahapis. 
Affliction n Damdaui; liimbay; pighati; 

kahirapan; kasakitan. hambal; hinag- 

pis; alipnsta. 
Affluence-w Kayamanan; kasaganaan. 
Affluent nMayaman; sagana; husto 
Aff'^rd 71 Tbigay; pumayag 
Affray-w. Away pagsasaguna; laban;pag- 

p:il)am()()k takapan; babag. 

Affray-y-Takutin; labanin. 

Aff right-w Takut. 

Affrigbt v Takutin. 

Affront n Katnurahan kapalibhasaan; 

paglapastangan pagaaHpu^ta. • 
Affront V Murahin lapastanganin; ali- 

pustain; hiyain. 
Afghan a Nauukol sa Afghanistan. 
Afghan w-Taga Afghanistan. 
Afield ad''. Sa parang 6 bukid. 
Afire a Kalilingas; naliliab. 
Afire flwi« Nakalilingas. 
Afloi t adv. Nakalutang; langoy; lumu- 

Altootadv. Nakaladkad; palakad. 
Afore a^y -Nauna nabangit sinundap. 
Aforef'aid a Nasabing nasabi na na 

baogit naturan na 
Aforementioned a Nabangit nasabing; 

naturan na. 
Aforetime adv. Nauna sa panahon. 
Afraid a Natatakot matakot. 
Afresh adv. Uli panibago. 
Aft-adv. Sa gawing likod. 
After a^v.-Pagkatapos sa hulihan sa 

After j:>rep.-Pagka; pagkatapos. 
After a Sumunod; nakasunod huling. 
Aftermath-n Hapon pagkatanghali. 
Afternoon w-Hap<'n. 
Afterward a^iz/. -Pagkatapos pagka; sa 

Afterwards twit/.-Pagkatapos; pagka; sa 

hulihan; sa huli; saka 
Agan adiK Uli; null; ulit 
Aiiainst prep. Sa harap; laban sa; ba- 

lintuna laban kay. 
Agate-w-Uang metal na mararami ang 

Ag*^-w Gulang edad panahon. kapana- 

hunan; katandaan; laon. 
Age V Tumanda lumaon; lumipas. 
Aged a Matanda: magulang; laon. 
Agency n Oficina ng isang katiwala; pag 

Agent w- Katiwala encargado 
Agglomerate-vPumisanpisan sa isang 

bo la 
Agjrrandize v-Dagdagan; idagdag; luma- 

ki; lumalo, magpalaki pagdilagin. 
Agjzrandizement-n Pagpalaki; pagdarag- 

AgsjravateaPasamain hamakin; yamu- 
tin pagalitin. 
Asrgravation-n Tukso kahamakan. 
Aggregate vUmabot; abotin; dumagdag; 

idagdag pumisan. 
Aggretrate-n-Bilog; buo nakapisan. 
Aggregate-w-Buo; kabilugan; pagsasama; 



Aggregation -71 Pagsasama; pagpipisan; 

kalaha an. 
Aggression w Pag laban; pag aalsa. 
Aggressive a Matapang; maugahas. 
Aggressor a- Ang lumaban; unang hi 

Aggrieve v Magpahirap; saktan; pahi 

Aghast a- akilakilabbt. nakataka. 
Aghast o^v. Nakamamangha; kakilakila- 

Agile a Maliksi. niasigla, magaan; ma 

Agitate-v Sulsiilin: udyokin; tuksuhin. 
Ajtitation w Sulsol gulo; udyok. 
Agitator n Ang sumulsol nian^ugiilo. 
Ago-adv Naknraan na; iipas. 
Agoing adv Pa^alaw; lumalakad. 
Agonize-v Pahirapin; tuksohin; suma 

kit na lubha; inaghingalo. 
Agonyw-Hirap hingalo; sakit. 
Agree V Magkaisa; umayon; pnmayag; 

tuinango pahintiiliitin ipahintulot. 
Agreeable a Mabagay; makalulugod; na- 

kangiti; matatawanin. makatatawa. 
Agreeably adv. Kawiliwili?kalugodlugod 
Agreement- w- Kasulatan; pinagkasun 

duan salitaan tipanan: trato;pinag 

usapan pagkaisa pagkakaayon. 
Agricnlture-w Agricultura pagsasaka. 
Agriculturist n Magsasaka. 
Aground «rf/;.Naka8ayad sa lupa. 
Ague n Ngiki. 
Ah infer. Aba 
Ahd adv. Aba aroy; 
Ahead adv. Nauna; sa una; sa harap; 

sa dulo. 
Aid V Tulungin; amponin; abuluyan sa- 

klolohan; gumibik; kupkupin; tang 

Aid-wTulong: andukha; abuloy; pag- 

bibik; saklolo. tangkilik: pagaabuloy; 

Ail v-Magkasakit: magdamdam. 
Ail-n-Sakit; damdam. 
Aim w- Tudla; punta. 
Aim-v-Tudlain; puntahin. 
Aimless a Walang dulo pabaya. 
AirnHangin; kahambugan. 
Air-i'-lbilad; iyangyang; patuyuin sa 

ban gin. 
Airily a^iy. -Magaan; masaya. 
Airiness w-Saya; kasayahan; gaan ng 

Airing-?* Pasial : pagpapahangin. 
Airy a Parang hangin; magaan; nauukol 

sa hangin. 
Airtight a Di makapasok ang hangin. 
Aisle n Sulambi; daan sa pag itan ng 

dalawanir taludtod uupuan 6 banko. 

161 ALL 

Ajar-/)^v.-Nakabukas ng kaunti. 
Akimbo a Baluktot; nakabaluktot. 
Akin a Kamaganak sa dugo kamukha. 
Alabaster n Bicarbonato de cal. 
Alacrity-n-Liksi; kaliksihan tulin; agap, 
Al amode a'iv.Ayon 6 sunod sa ugali; 

sunod sa uso. 
Alarm n Gulat gulo; takot; babala; ba- 

balitan^r masama. 
Alarm clock n Relos na pangising. 
Alarm-r Gulatin; takutin; guluhin. 
Alas infer. Sayan g; kaawa. 
AlbatroF-n-Ibon sa dagat. 
Albiet arfi'.Bagaman datapua yamang 
A\h\et prep. Datapuat; bagaman. 
Albino-n-Bata na maputi ang buhok. 
Album n Libro na kinalalagyan ng mga 

larawan 6 sulat 
Albumen n Ai-g puti ng itlog. 
Alcohol n Alak na 36. 
Alcoholic a May halong alak. 
Alcove-w Lugar na tago sa isang silid. 
Ale-w Alak. 

Alee-a^v. Sa gilid ng sasakyan na wa- 
lang hangin, 
Alert a Maliksi; maagap; buhay. 
Algebran Algebra 
Alias-w Bansag; pamagat. 
Alibi-wlbrng lugar. 
AlienaBuhat sa ibang lupa: iba. 
Alien n Tawong taga ibang lupa. 
Alienate v Sirain ang mabuting kauga- 

lian; ilipat ang pagibig; lumayo. 
Alienation-n-Paglipat ng pagibig; kaulu- 

Alike adv. Magkaparis; magkamukha; 

kawanki kawangis; kamukha. 
Aliment n Pagkain. 
Alimental a Nauukol sa pagkain; may 

Alimentary a Nauukol sa pagkain; may 

Alimony-n Pagsusustento; salaping na 

mauui sa asawang bababye kung 

nataboy sa kaniyang asawa. 
Aliquot a Makakahati na walang labis. 
Alive a Buhay; maliksi; mabuhay. 
All a Lahat lahat lahat; pulos. 
A\\-7i Ang kalahatan. 
A\\-adv -Lahatlahat 
Allay-v Patahimikin; payapain; tumahi 

mik pumayapa; umigi. 
Allegation w-Palagay; pagkalagay. 
Allege r-Magpalagay; magsabi; sabi- 




-Alleviate v-Gaanan: umigi; pahimpilin; 

Alleviation w Pag iigi paghihimpil. 
Alley-n-Baang makipot. paraan. paso. 
AUiance-n Pagkapisan; pagkasama; pag 

AUigatoi -n-Buaya. 
All-night ac2v.Magdamag; damag. 
AUot-v-Ibigay; ikalat; ipawkaloob. 
Allotment-w-Pagbioigay; pagkalat. 
Allow-i; Pahintulutin: pumayag: paba 

yaan; magbigay loob; magbigay 

Allowable-a Dapat pahintulutan. 
Allowance-n Pagkapayag: pagpapahintu- 

lot dahilan pagdadabilan. 
AUoy-n-Halo; lahok. 
AUoy-v-Ihalo; ilahok. 
All Saints day n Kaluluwa. 
All souls DaywUndas; kaluluwa. 
Allspice-w-Bunga ng paminta. 
AMude-w Ibangit. 
Al-luren Dayain: gahisin. 
Allurement n Pagdadaya; paggagahis. 
Al-lusion w Pagkabangit. 
Al lusive n Nauukol sa bangit. 
Allyt; Isama; ilakip; magpisan. 
Ally w Katulong; kapisan; kasama. 
Alamanac n-Almanaque. 
Almighty a Makapangyayari. 
Amighty n Ang May-kapal; Bathala. 
Almost aciv.-Halos; malapit, na malapit; 

kumulang sa 
Almshouse-w Bahay na tinitirahan ng 

mga pulubi. 
Aloft-odv. Sa itaas. 
Alone-a-Bugtong nagiisa; nabubukod; 

walang kasama; natatangi. 
Alone adv. Lamang; natatangi; walang 

Along arfi?.- Kasama* sa gawi. 
Alongside adv.Sa. tabi kasiping. 
Aloof adv. Buhat samalayo; nabubukod; 

Aloof-prep.-Nakabukod sa; buhat sa. 
Aloud adv.-Malakas. 
Alphabet n Alfabeto; mgn titik na gi 

nagamit sa isang salita. 
Alphabetic a-Nauukol sa mga titik; 

sumusunod sa mga titik. 
Alphabetical-a-Nauukol sa mga titik; 

sumusunod; sa mga titik. 
Already a<iv. Ngayon na. 
Also-a^iv.-Naman; gayon din; din; rin; 

man; gayon. 
Altar-w Altar. 
Alter-v-Ibahin; baguhin; magbago; ili- 

pat: bumago. 



Alterahle-a Makakaiba; umubrang iba- 

hin 6 baguhin. 
AlteraHon v- Pagkaiba; pagbabgo. 
Altercate-n Umaway; makipagtalo. 
Altercation w- A way pagtatalo, pagaa 

Alternate-t; Humalili 
Alternate a Sunodsunod. 
Alternation n Pagkahalili. 
Alternative v-Makapipili. 
Alternative n-Pagkapili sa dalawang 

Although con/. -Datapua; baga man. 
Altitude-n Taas. 
Alto w- Voces ng babaying kumakanta 

ng mababa. 
Altogether-acZv.-Sabaysabay; lahatlahat. 
Alum w Tawas. 
Alway Always avd. Lagi; sa boong pa 

nahon; parati. towitowi na; lagi na; 

magkailan man. 
Am v-Ay; may. 

Amain adfv-Biglangbigla malakas. 
Amalgam n Halo ng mga metal. 
Amalgamate v-Ihalo ang azogue sa 

ibang metal. 
Amalgamation w-Ang paghahalo nang 

azogue sa ibang metal. 
Amanuensis-w-Taga sulat ng idinidikta; 

ng iba. 
Amass-v-Ipunin; tipunin; samsamin. 
Amatuer n Ang hindi pa lubhang sa 

Amaze-v-Magpamangha gitlahin. 
Amaze-w Gitla mangha. 
Amazement-w-Mangha. taka; pagtataka; 

Amazon-w-Babaying malakas at may 

ugaling lalaki. 
Ambassador-w-Katiwala ng isang Go- 

bierno sa ibang lupa. 
Ambassadress-w Ang asawa ng ambas- 
Ambiguous-a Mararami ang kahulugan. 
Ambiguity-w-Pagkarami ng mga kahulu- 
gan. ' 
Ambition n >*ipag; nais: pita. 
Ambitiousa Masipag; mapita. 
Amble-v-Lumakad, majrpasial. 
Ambulatory-a Makalalakad. 
Ambuscade n Harangin; pagharanjr. 
Ambuscade-w-Harangin; sabatin. 

Ambush-v-Harangin; sabatin; siimaklaw. 
Ameliorate-v-Butihin; buniuti. 
Amen adv. Siya nawa. 




AineQ-«-Ang siya nawa. 

Amenable-a Mananagotin; makapapa- 

Amend-v-Baguhin; ibahin. 
/^mendatory-a Makaiiba; makababago. 
Amendment-wDagdag; pagkabuti. 
Amends n-Ganti. 
Amenity n Kagandahan ng loob: kaga- 


American-n-Tawongtaga America; Ame- 
American M-Nauukol sa America. 
Americanism-w Ang pagkagusto sa 

Americanize v Gawin parang America; 

Gawin parang Americano. 
Amiable a Magsusunuran; mairog; mai- 

rogin: dapat ibigin. 
Amiability-w Kabutihan ng loob; kai 

naman ng asal. 
Amicable a Masusunurin,- tahi m i k ; 

masrkakaibigan; mabait; mabini. 
Amicability-w Kabutihan ng iigali 6 

loob; kabaitan kabinian. 
Amid AmUUtprep. Sa pagitan. 
Amiss a Mali. 

Amiss a<it7.- Hindi tama; may sala. 
Amity n Pagkakaibigan. 
Ammonia w Espfritu de anion a. 
Ammunition n Mga kartucho 6 bala 

ng baril. 
Amnesty w-Pagkakalimot; patawad. 
Amnesty ?vPatawarin. 
Among Amongst prep, ^a pagitan. 
Amorous a Mahilig sa pagibig; magi- 

liw maningas ang loob. 
Amount v Umabot; abutin; sumapit; 

Amount n Halaga; kalahatan kabuoan. 
Ample-a Maluang husto sapat; sagana; 

aliwalas malawak. 
Amplifyv Habaan; laparan, gawing 

gusto luangan. 
Amplitude-n Kalakihan,kahu8tuhan ka- 

Amputate v-Putlin; pugotin. 
Amputation-w-Pagpuputol; pagpugot. 
Amuck a Pabaya; walang ingat 
Amuse 17 Giliwin 'ituhin; mag aliw; 

magpasaya; sumaya. 
Amusement n asayahan; aliwan; saya; 

pajrlilibang; libang; pag aaliw. 
Ana sang isa sang. 
Anaconda w Sawa. 

Anaesthesia w-Kawalan ng damdam. 
Aaesthetic w Gamot na pangpatulog. 
Anal-a-\^auukol sa tumbong. 
Analagous-rtKamukha: nagkakahawig. 
Analogyw Pagkakahawig. 

Analysis n Pagsasaysay; salaysay. 

Analyst n-Ang nagsasaysay. 

Ana'ytic-Analytical-a Nauukol sa Kasay- 

Analyze-v Saysayin; magsaysay; salay- 

Anarch n Ang autor ng kataksilan la- 
ban sa Gobierno. 

Anarchist-n AnglumalabansaGobierno. 

Anarchy-n-Ang kataksilan laban sa Go- 
bierno; Pag aalsa. 

Anastrophe-n Pagkabaligtad ng dating 
ayos 6 kahusayan. 

Anatomic Anatomical a Nauukol sa ka- 
tawan 6 sa paghihiwa ng katawan. 

Anatomist n-Ang marunong tungkol sa 

Anatomize r-Siyasatin ang hatawan. 

Anatomy-n Ang karunuDgan tungkol 
sa katawan. 

AncestornNuno kanunuan; pinagbu- 
hatan; pinangalingan. (nauukol sa 

Ancestral a Nauukol sa kanunuan. 

Ancestry n Kanunuan. 

Anchor-w-Sinepete: kasangkapan na gi- 
nagamit sa pagpundo ng sasakyan. 

Anchor V Sumadsad; pumundo dumo- 

Anchorage w-Doongan; punduhan. 

Anchored a-Nakapundo; nakasadsad. 

Ancho vy ■ w- H alobaybay . 

Ancient a Matanda. luma; unang laon. 

Ancient a Unang tawo. 

And conj. At saka. 

Anecdote n Aral na patnugot. 

Anew adv. Panibago;bago; uli; muli; ulit. 

Angel-w Angel. 

Angelica Parang angel; mukbang an- 
gel; nauukol sa angel. 

Anger n Galit kasamaan ng loob. ka- 
pootan: pagkagalit; sama ng loob. 

Anger V Pagalitan yamotin magpagalit. 

Anglen Sulok; liko; gawing labas ng 

Angle-t/'-Mangisda magbinwit. 

Anglem-Ang nagbibinwit. 

Angrily adv. Magalit; pagalit. 

Angry-a Galit; nagagalit; masama ang 

Anguish-n Kahirapan; hapis; hirap; sa- 
kit; dalita; dawis; hambal; hinagpis; 
pighati; lunibay. 

Angular a Maraming panulukan; ma- 
pan ulukan. 

Angularity n Karaniihan ng mga pa- 
Angularly a^Zt'. Mapanulukan. 
Anil-w-Tinang azul nangagaling sa In- 




Animal n Hayop. 

Aniuiate-r Buhayin; palik8ihin;pagila8in. 

Animate v Buhay; maliksi. 

Animated a Buhay; maliksing maliksi. 

Animation-n Pagpaligsi. 

Animosity n Galit. 

Ankle n-Kasukasuan. 

AnkletSankap na isinusnot sa ka 

Annals n-Mga kasaysayan tungkol sa 

Anneal t^^ainitin at pagkatapos ay 

palamigin sa tubig timplahin. 
Annex r-Dugtungin. 
Annex-H Dugiong. karugtong. 
Annexed a Nakadugtong ka:<ama. 
Annexation n-Pagkakarugtong. 
Annihilate a Lipulin. 
Annihilation r Paglipol: pagpapalipol 
Anniversarv a Taon taon. 
Anniversary fi-Kapistahan. 
Announce-F-Magbaliia; magsabi; ipaha- 

yag; magpahayag ibalita magbigay 

alam; tamawag; tawagin ipaunawa. 
Annonncement it fialita pahayag; tawag 

babala: paunawa. 
Annoy-r \"amutin; pa^alitin; payamutin; 

Annoy-it-Pighati galit yamot. 
Anno?ance-fi-Pagpagalit yamot; snklam 

galit; kayamotan. 
Annual a Mangy ay ari sa taon taon. 
Annual n Ang nangyayari sa taon tai»n. 
Annually adr. Sa taon taon. 
Annuity-n Salaping tinatangap sa taon 

AnnulrPawalan ang kabuluhan. 
Annular Annulary a Nauukol sa sing 

sing 6 buklod. 
Annunciate r Ipahayag. ipaunawa. 
Annunciation n Pahayag pagpapalia 

yag; paunawa: pagpapaunawa. 
Annus f»-Tumbong. 
Anodvne-M Gamot ua pangpaisri ng sa 

Anoint-r Buhusan o pahiran ng langis. 
Anomalism n Ang kawalan ng pagsnn<Hi 

sa regla. 
Anomalistic Anomalisiioal-fl Hiniii s^:- 

musnnod sa anoman^ regla 
Anomaly » Paj» Hhis sa reiila. 
Anon <i^r. A^rad. mayaniia. sa i)«ang pa 

nahon; nooni: nnili 
Anonimous-rJ Pi nakikilaJa walan*: 

Anoiher-fl Il*a. isa pa. 
Answer « Sagot lujron pagsasagot iti 

lol; kasagiiian. 
Answer-r-Sa^nit^n: uinuigon snmasrot, 


Answerable a Masasagutin. makasasa- 

Ang eater n Hayop na kumakain nang 

Ian gam. 
Antagonism n-Pag lalaban pagtatalo; 

laban; talo away; salangsang. 
Antagonist nKalaban; katalo. 
Antagonize a-Lumaban. magtalo; suma 

Antecedent-a -I^auna unang. 
Antecedent n-Aug nasasa uiia. 
Antedate-ti Unang fecha 6 bilang ng 

pM nahon. 
Antedate-!/-! lagay nang fechang naka- 

Antediluvian a-Nauuna sa pag hibog 

ng sang kalibutan sa panahon ni 

Antediluvian n Ang tawong nabuhay 

nauna sa paglubcg ng mundo. 
Antelope n Isang hayop sa ramo na 

kamuka ng usa 
Antemeridim-a Sa umaga. 
AntenuptiahNanuna sa kasal. 
Antepaschal-rt Nauukol sa kuaresma. 
Anterior a Sinusundan nauna. 
Anthem n Kanta sa simbahan. 
Anthropoid n Mukhang tawo; nakaka* 

hawig sa tawo. 
Auihropid w Ungong malaki. 
Anthropology-n Ang karunungan tung- 
kol sa sanling katax^an. 
Antic»! Kilos; kilos na nakakatawa. 
Antic-r-Kumilos ng nakakatawa. 
Antichrist ii Ang ayaw suniani|>alataya 

sa Dios. 
Aniichristian-rt Xauukol sa Antirhrisii. 
Anticipate r lagap; ipagpauna. innahan. 

nmuna kilalanin maagap. 
Anticipation w Agap. pag aasahan. 
Antidote »*-Gamot na panlaban sa ka 

Antipathy-M Pigliati: kapiirhatian; kasuk 

laman sukiam galit 
Antipathetic *3 Mapighati: masuklani. 
Antipode « Ang tawong tumitira sa ka 

bila ng mundo 
Antiquarian fl-Xaunkol sa iinanii pana 

Aniiquateii rt-Luma matarda. n.ala^'n 
Antique rt-Luma. matanda n^.-^laon. 
Antiqne w Rnomang V^sgay j.a h;mang 

luma 6 matanda. 
Antiquity w l^on. kaiandr.nn 
Aniiseptu- a I^Vvan sa bi;]ok 
Antiseptic » l^mot na iv^ulaivtr^ ?*a ka 

Anl3er w Sun gay ng nsa 

APP 11 


AnxiuuB-fi Balit^H maeikap. 

Anynllan» rii:>ii^u 

Aiijbody-n ^iiii.niiiiii. 

Apace o^. Matuliii; bigU; pabibla; 

Apart-oi^ii.'Nakabukad. nakahiwalay. 

Apartment n Si lid. 

Apathetic I» Walang damdam. 

Apathy-n Kawalan ng damdam. 

Apen Uakulaw; nngong malaki. 

AperGumagad. gagario. 

Apt;rtiir« nliulas. 

Apex-». Diilo 

Apiary n-Lugur ng luagalaga ng matiga 

poky Ulan. 
Apiece-fulv.-Balan^ isa. 
Apish a Miikiiang ungo. parang iingu. 
Apod «Hayop nu walaiig paa 
Apoda -a-Walani; paa. nnutikul ea lia- 

yop na walang paa. 
Apologetic Apolu]ietl<;al nliBuiikol na 

paghingi ng patawad. 
Apolo^Bt-n-Ang liiiiiiihiDgl ng tawad. 
Apologizef-Huniingi flDg lawad; mag- 
da hil an, tumangkakal. 
Apologue-N Talinhaga. 
Apology -H-Dabilan. tangkakal paglii- 

ngi ng tawad; pagiladah lati. 
Apoplosyn-Hipan ng liangiu, 
Aportiu]» Sa gawiiig kaliwa. 
Aposlaey-M-Pogtatal kwi ea dating paiia- 

ApoBtieship-n-Ang pngka apoBtolei». 

toles Apoetolico. 
Apostrophe n-Kurlit na ginagamit sa 

Igar na may luktaw ng isatig tJtik. 
Apoatroptize-r-Ilagay ng knrlit. 
Apotbecary-n Ang martinuiig ilahok 6 

gumawa ng mga gamol. 
Appall V Takiitin. 
ApparatUB-n- Kasangkapan. 
Apparel-n- Manga itanjit. 
Apparel o-Isuo I ang dumit. 
Apparent-a Mali wan ag; makakikita 
Apparently odv Maliwanag. tila. 
Apparition-n-Puwipdt, pag liiflw. 
Appeal-n-Panalangin; daing pakiusap; 

Appeal V Oumaing; manalangin; ipnki 

UBBp. ilubog. 
Appeal -v-Lu mi taw; aiimipot snmilang. 

Bamikat; samingaw; niatagpuan. 
Appearance-n-Biteiira; pagsipol pagfi- 

kat, tabas tingin sa labas: paliiau. 
AppeaBe-n-Humimpil. magpatahimik pt- 

lahimikin; pumayapa; tumahimik. 
Append! x-n- Ang nakadugtong. 
Appertain-t'-MBiikul;i»arap!it nuiltingk"! 

5 APP 

Appetite « Aiijj; pEgkngunto sa pag kain 
Appetite «.MajjI.igay lasa. 
Applaiidt-Ipagdiwang- purjiiin. 
Applflusen Pagdiwang, pagpupuri. 
Ajipltfl UatiHnuQfl 

ApplJAnten Kasangkapan; pag gamlt. 
Applicable. n iJagay; akiua. 
Applicanl nAu)! humiliiiigi ng diBtinii 

6 trabajo. 
Application n-Pagliibingi ng diatino 6 

Apply-cOaniitin; ikapit ikama; guma 

Appoint-*' Magia gay pitiin. 
Appointee»! Ang nakalagay sa katniig- 

Appointiiient-B DiBtino: katungkiilan. 
Appoiiioii i; Ipiiiiiahagi, ipaniuiimod; lia- 

Apportionmenl-w Paghaliati; pamama- 

Apposite-rtBflgay; aknia karapatan. 
AppoHitiofi-nPaglabiin; ladan: dagdag. 
Appraise vHala^rahan; ilagay ang ha 

lagn lagvan ng lialaga taiialian. 
Appraisal-» Fagtataea; paglalagar ang ' 

Apprsisenient n Paglalagay ng halagn, 

katasaban; paghalials^a. 
Appreciable-n-Dflpat malialin. 
Appreciate v-lgalang. niagalingin; ma 

halin; maibigan. 
Appreciation it Poggslaiig pagmamalinl. 
Apprehend-f-Huliliin, dakipin: idakip. 
Apprehender n Ang dumnkip; tagft hull. 
Apprehension « Hiraya. akulang maii, 
Apprelieneive nJWagDniguniliiu, 
Apprentice « Ang nngaaral ng lianap. 

buhav 6 katungkiilan. 
Apprentice r Aril Ian. 
Apprentj.-cslnji ii Pag aarai. 
Appriner IJpulilJi ipahayag. 
Approach-f Limiapit Bumapit: ilapit: 
Approach n Daan sa poglapit paglapit. 
Approbation n Pahintiilot. 
Apprnbative a Makapapahinlutot. 
Appro ba tory. (i Mapahintnlotan. 
Ajipriipriate r Ariin; nmari Inpigiii; 

umarikin; ankinin; kaniyaliin. 
Ajipropriaten Ilagay; aknia. 
Appropriation-w-PagkiiJnpig. pagaankin, 

pagbubnkud ng anomaii. 
Appro ve-r Pahintulotin: niagpftti 'tuoima- 

gftlingin. , 

Approval n Pahintulot; kntotohanan. 
Approximate c-DuniuIog, ilapit. 
Approxiniale-K Malapit. 
VPproximation tt Piiglapit kaloHahan: 





Appertenancen Pagkaukol. 

Appricot n-Biingang kahoy na kamukha 

ng mansanas. 
Apriln Abril. 
Apron-M Topise. 

Apropos rtBagay; mabagay; akma. 
Apt-a-Bagay; akma; dapat; marapat: 

kasia; 8ukat sapat; nauiikol iikol. 
Altitude n Kabagayan; kasanayan; ka- 

sukatan, kaya. 
Aquaw Tubig 
Aquarium-nKstanke na kinalalagyan 

ng manga isda 6 hayop sa tubig. 
Aquatic a Naiiukol sa tubig. 
Aqueduct M Sangka. 
Aqueous a Parang tubig. 
Aquilinea Nauukol sa aguila. 
Arab-MTaga Arabia. 
Arabic «Nauukol sa Arabia. 
Arabic-n Wika ng taga Arabia. 
Arable «Dapat araroliin. 
Arbilern Hukom. 
Arbitrary « Mabagsik; masungit; ma 

bangis; matigas ang ulo. 
Arbitrate v-Pakingan at magpasiya. 
Arbitration n- Pagkasunduan. 
Arbor n Kahoyan. 

Arboreous-o Mauukol sa mga kahoy. 
Arborescent « Mukhang kahoy. 
Arc-w-Balangaw arco. 
Arcaden Mga arcong nakasunosunod. 
Arcanum-n Lihim. 
Arch w-Arco; hubog. 
Arch V Humubog; gumawa ng arco. 
Arch « Kaunaunalmn puno. malaki sa 

Arched «Balantok: hubog. 
Archaic-«^alaon; luma. 
Arciiangel n Angei na kataastaasan. 
Archbishop n Arsobispo. 
Archdeacon-/* Puno sa siniV)ahan at 

mababa laniang sa arsobispo. 
Archer w Ang nagpapana. 
Archery-M An» paguapana. 
Archipehigo M-Kapuluan. 
Architect-w-Ang gumawa ng piano ng 

Architectural «Nauukol sa paggawa ng 

Architecture w-Ang karunungan sa pag- 
gawa ng bahay. 
Archives-/4-Mga sulat ng isang i^o 

Archway /i Paan sa ilalim ng arco. 
Arctic a Nauukol sa Hilatraan. 
Ardent a Maningas mainit; niaalab. 
Ardor /i Init; kaningasan ningas. 
Ardun>as //.Matibay; maningas; mainit; 

Illal:li^as batibot, masungit. 
Are (' Av 

Are w-Isang sukat na lupa na may isang 

daan metros quadrados. 
Area w-Laki ng isang lupa. 
Arena-n-Lugar na pinag labanan. 
Argal-w Tanaro. 
Argent a Makintab makinis. 
Argentfferous «May halong pilak. 
Argil-n Lupang ginagamit sa pag gaga- 

wa ng tapayan. 
Argillaceous Argillou8-«-May halong 

Argol n Tartaro. 

Argue t?-Magmatuiran mangatowiran; 
Amakipagtalo. salitain; taltalan 
Argument w Pagmamatuiran; taltalan; 

pagtalo pinag usapan; katowiran 
Argumentative-fl-Nauukol sa pagtatalo 

6 pangatowiran. 
Arid-« Tuvo karat. 


Aridity Aaidness-n Pagkatuyo. 

Aright-«f?t?. Tama. 

Arise t/Magbangon; tumindig: buma 

ngon magmula magbuhat; umali 

Aristocrat « Tawong mataas 6 dakila. 
Ari8tocratic-« Mataas dakila. 
Arithmetic w Aritmetica. 
Arithmetical «-Nauukol sa aritm^tica. 
Arithmetician-«- Ang marunong ang arit 

^ rk n-Bangkang malaki at may bubu- 


Arm n-Baraso; bisik. 

Ai mament-Ti-Kasangkapan panlaban. 

Armful n Pangko. 

Armhole w Kilikili subo. 

Armistice M Pagpapahinga ng labanan. 

Armlet-ii-Munting baraso. 

Armor-w Ang bakal na nakalagay sa 

mga tabi ng sasakyang panlaban. 
Armury /4 Gawaan ng mga kasangka 

pang pangpalaban: taguan ng armas. 
Armpit )/ Kilikili. 
Arms ?4- Armas; mga sandal a. 
Army /4 Hukbo. 
Arnica-« Arnica. 
Aroma m Amov. 
Aromatit' M Mabango 
Aroumi adv.Sa paligid; sa palibid; sa 

palibot malapit 
Around />rej>.sja paligid sa palibot; sa 

Arouse rSulsulan buhayin; hamunin. 
A row a^r. Nakakahusay. 
Arraign 17 Iharap sa Juez 6 sa hukom. 
Arraignment-w Pagpaharap sa hukom o 

Arrange r-Husavin avusin ihanda; 

areglahin igayak; magayt->s. iligpit. 
Arrangement /4 Pagkakaayos;ayos;husay 


Arrant a-Masama; hamak. 
Array n Husay. ayos. 
Array v Ayusin; husayin. 
Arrear-Arreare Arrearage-v-Kakulangan ; 

Arrest-v Ibilango: abalahin; ilagay ^a 

Arrest n Abala; pagkabilango. 
Arrival n Pagdating, pagdatal. 
Arrive-v-Dumating; dumulog lumapit; 

pumantay sumapit, umabot; abiitin. 
A rrogaoce-n-Kapulaluan; kahambugan; 

Arrogant-a-Hambog^ palalo; mapagha 

Arrogate-r Ankinin; kanyahin; lupigiii. 
Arrow-n Pana. 
Arsenal-n-Gawaan at taguhan ng mga 

kasangkapan ng hukbo. 
Arson n Pagsisigan ng ari ng may ari. 
Art-n Arte; karunungan. 
Arterial-n-Nauukol sa ugat. 
Artery-nUgat ng dugo. 
Artful-a-Tuso; matalas. 
Article-M Bagay; pangkat. 
Article-r- Pumangkat. 
Articular-a-NauuKol sa kasukasuan. 
Articulate-v Sabihin; wikain. 
Articulation n Pagsasabi; pagwiwika. 
Artifice n Ldlang; 

Artificer n Taga gawa: trabajador. 
Artificial-a Ginawa lamang; Hindi dati. 
Artisan n-Machanico; mangagawa. 
Artist»- Artista. 
Artlese-a Banayad: mababang I o o b ; 

muang; walang wasto. 
ABodv. Gayon: din; rin; naman; man; 

kasing; paano. 
As yet adv. Bagaman. 
Ascend-v Tumaas; umakyat; pumanhik; 

sumalunga; umahon; sumampa. 
Ascendency-n-Pagaahon pagpaahon pag- 

akyat: pagtataas. 
Ascension Pagaayat pagaahon, 
Ascent-w Pagahon: pagpanhik. 
Ascertain-z/Kilalanin; talastasin; siyasa- 

tin tantuin; pasiyasatin. 
Ascribe-v-Ilasray; ipalagay. 
Ascription n Pakalagay. 
Ash-riKahoy na maputi; malambot at 

Ashen a Maabo. 
Ashore-a^Zv.'Nasasa baybay dagat; nasa 

Ashy-a-Kulay abo. 

167 ASS 

Aside-arfv. Sa tabi. 

Asinine-a-Mukhang 6 ugaling jumento. 
Ask vMagtanong itanong. ipakiusap; 

tuiiianong; manalangin. 
Askant Askance-aPahalang. 
ABhew-adv. Pahalang. 
Aslopeotir.-Pubaba; paliwas. 
Asp-n Alupong. 
Aspect n Hitsura bikas; lagay, mukha; 

Asperity-w Higpit kasungitan; kabag 

sikan; aukal ng loob; sama ng loob; 

kapaitan; kasamaan ng lasa. 
Asperse v-Pintasin; pumintas. 
Aspersion w Pintas, 
Asphyxia Asphyxy wKalagayan parang 

patay. pagkalagay parang patay. 
Aspirant-w Ang may nasa; may gusto. 
Aspirate-v Itunog parang kung may 

kasamang h. 
Aspiration -n-Nasa; pita; asa, 
Aspire-vMagpita; asahan. 
Ass r-Ulol; jumente. 
Assail V Mangloob;builgain:dahihungin; 

dumaluhong; gulatin; labanin. 
Assailant n Ang bumanga; ang duma- 
luhong. ang lumalaban. 
AssassinnAng nakamatay: pumatay. 
Assassinate v Pumatay sa kapwa. 
Assassination-n Pagkapatay. 
Assault w- Lusob; labanan; pag lusob; 

paghandulong; daluhong banga. 
Assault-v Lumusob; lumaban;mangloob; 

dumaluhong, bumanga; bangain. 
Assay-n-Tikim; pagtitikman. 
Assay v- Tikman; uriin; magmasid na 

mabuti ang metal. 
Assemblagew-Kapisanan ng mga tawo. 
Assemble-v-Magtipon . 
Assembly n Kapisanan; tipan; katipu- 

nan samahan. 
Assent n pagkapayag. 
Assent-r-Pumayag; umayon. 
Assert-t; Sabihin; magsabi; aialayan; 

ma umpakan. 
Assertion n Sabi; alalay; pagpatotoo; 

Assertor n Ang nag aalalay; nagsabi; 

Assess-r-Halagahan; tasahan. 
Assessment n Paghalaga; halaga. 
Assessor n Ang tumatasa. 
Assets w Ang yaman ng sarili. 
Asseveratev-Magsabi ng formal. 
Asseveration a Pagsasabi ng totoo. 
Assiduous-a Masikap; makalinga. ; 

Assiduity w Pagkakalinga; sik a p 





Assigii-ivllasray; idistino; maj?laj?ay; sa 
lugar; ta<ihanan; ibigay ng kalmigku- 

Aseign-nTadhana tnlaan. 

Assignable-a-Makapagtadhanan mata- 

Assignee wAnjr nagtatadhan 6 naj?tatala. 

Assigner Apsignorn Ang nagtata«lhan 

6 nagtatala. 
As^signment-n Pagkalagay sa disiino; 

pagkatadlianan pagtatala. 
Assimilate V paris: imukha; itulad 

tularan; niagkawangis. 
Assirailation-w Pagkakaparis; pagkaka 

tnlad; pagkakawangis 
Assist rTumulong tiilnngin; ahnluyin 

umabnloy; grumibik ampnnin; uni'am- 

pon; lubiikan; andiikhain. 
Assistaiice-n Ampon; tulonj? abulov: 

anduklia; gibik: katulong tangkakal. 
Assistant n-Pangalawang. 
Assistant w-Ayudante; katulong panga- 

Associate t? Isipan; isama kamiyawin 

puniisan; niagsangayon: sumama; 

Associate a-Kasamang. 
Associate n-Katiilong; kaulayaw kasa- 

ma; karamay: kaalakbay; abay. 
Association w Papsasania; pagpipisan; 

pagkapisan pagkaalay. 
Assort r Hiwalayin; ibukod. 
Assortment-w-Paghihiwalay pagbnbu 

kod; manga sarisaring bagay na naka- 

Assuage-t^-Bantiian pahibayin. 
Assusivea Palambotlambot 
Assume-r-Gamitin; matrpalagay. 
Assumption w Pagkapalagay; palagay. 
Assurance n Patotohanan: patunayan; 

Assure »'-Mavrpatotoo. 
Aster n Bulaklnk na marikit at maba- 

ngo ang amoy. 
Astern-rt^M. Sa gawing likod; sa likod. 
Asteroid 7j Kometang niunti. 
Asteroid n Hika. 
Astonisb-r-Gitlahin; n^a>rpatulala; *ru- 

latin; liangalin; tulalain. 
Astonishing rt- Kagitlagitla; n a k a ni a - 

Astonishment n-Mangba; gitia: iinlnt. 
Astound rlmangha; mngpamanpha. 
Astrad<lle ar/r.-Pahalang 
Astral-r/ Nauuk(d sa bituin. 
Astray f/'/r.-Nakawala. 
Astride ^///r.-Nakasavsav. 
Astr<«lo;jer // Anvr bunnibnla anj; rnantr 

va\aii dtihil sa bituin. 

Astronomern-Ang nasraaral ng bituin. 
Astrononioy n Ang karunungan sa ma- 
nga bituin. 
Astute a Bihasa tuso marunong. 
Asunder /iWr.Nsgkasa bog; nakahiwalay. 
Asylum w l^ahay ng manga ulol; aus- 

At prep Sa. 
Ate-»', imp,- umain. 
Atheism n Ang pagkaayaw snmampala 

tava sa P. Hathala 
Atheist n-Ang avaw sumampalataya sa 

P. Bathala. 
Athirst rt•^aunha^; mapita; maasaban. 
Athle'enTawong malakas at sanay. 
Athletica Nanukol sa tawong malakas 

at sanay; malakas at sanay. 
Athwart ard Pabalang. 
Atlantic n-Atlantico. 
Atlas n-Kapisanan ng manga mapa sa 

isang libro. 
Atmosphere n-Hangin. 
Atmospheric Atmospherical -a- Nauuko) 

sa ban^in mabangin. 
Atoll r Gantihin; magtiis bawiin. 
Atom n Pirasongr muntingmunti. 
Atomic Atomical a Muntingmunti. 
Atomize r Pirasuhin nang finongpino 

gawin ng parang alikabok. 
Atone r Magtiis: gantihin bawiin. 
Atonement n Pag i^aganti; pagtitiis. 
Wop adfi -Sa ibabaw; sa itaas. 
Atrocious a Katakot takot: kakilakila 

bot: bastos. 
Atiocity ri-Kabastopan;kawalanghiyaan. 
Attach r Idngtorg; mahalin. 
Attachment-n Dugtong. sangia; pagibig. 
Attack v-Labanln; bangain: bumanga; 

makipag lamas; lumusob; harangin; 

Attack-w Pag aalsa: pgg laban; banga; 

laban; lamas; daluhong dalusonj?. 
Attain t» Magkaroon; umabot abutin; 

magkamtern: kamtan: datnin. 
Attainable a Magkakaabot: maabot; ma 

kakamtan; sukat makamtan. 
Attainment /< Pa>r aabot; pagkakamtan' 
Attempt r Tikman; mulaan pamulain. 
Attempt // Tikhini pagtitikman; pag 

Atten<l r Dalawin: dumalaw; sumama: 

mairingat;ingatin: mamabala; manuod. 
Attendance wPagiingat; paglilinpkod 


Attention n Ingat sipa^ pagkakalinga. 
Attentive rtMaingat nialiinhin: maka- 

linga; maanyo mapapbigay loob. 
Attennate-r-Awasan ang taba; pahi 





Attest-v Siimaksi; magsabi ng katoto- 

Attes cation Pagkasaksi: pagsasabi nang 

Attion-Ang loob ng bubungan. 
Attire vMagbihis: isuot. 
Attitude wTayo; lagay: hilig; kiling 
Attorney -w-ICatiw8 la; abogado, tagakan- 

Attract-r-Hikayatin; humikayat. 
Attract l)y deceit-v-Mangati. 
Attractionn-Paghalina; panghinang; 

Attractive a-Mawili; makababalina ma. 

panghalina mapanghikayat. 
Attribute vMagparatang; majepalagay. 
Attribution w-Pagparatang; pagsumbong; 

Atributive a Mapaparatangin. 
Auburn-n-Kulay kayumanging mura. 
Auctioneer-n-Ang may katungkulang 

mag almoneda. 
Auctioneer v-Mag almoneda. 
Audacious «-Matapang; mangahas wa- 
lang takot tampalasan. walang.hiya. 
Audacity-nPangahas. tapang katampa- 

Audible a Makaririnig. 
Audience-n Ang manga nanunuod. 
Audit V Isulat 6 ilistasa libro. Siyasatin 

ang nakasulat sa libro. 
Andit-w Pagsisiyasat ng manga libro. 
Auditor-nAng duminig; taga siyasat 

ng manga libro. 
Auditory-w-Ang manga nanunuod. 
Anjrern Palibol; barrena pangbutas. 
Aught rtWala; walang anoman. 
Augment V Dagdagan; kumapal; lumaki; 
ipaibabaw; dumami: damihan; patu- 
ngan salopinlin. palakhin. 
Augment-n-Patong: dagdag: tubo; 
Augmentation.n Patong; dagdag: pag- 

daragdag pagtutubo: pagpalaki; 
Augur n Pangbutas barrena. 
Augur V barrenahin; butasin. 

August a-Mainam. dakila; marangal. 
Agustness n-Kadakilaan; karanga]an;ka- 


Aural-aNauukoI sa tainga. 
Aurich n-Tainga. 
Auricular-a Nauukol sa tainga. 
Auristn-Mangagamot ng tainga. 
Aurora-w-Madaling araw. 
Auspicious-a-Makakabuti ang hula. 
Austere-a Mabagsik; masungit. 
Austerity-w Kabagsikan; kasungitan. 

Authentic-a-Totoo; tama: tunay. 

Authenticates Magsabi 6 ibigay ng ka- 

Authentication n Pagbibigay 6 pagsasa- 
bi ng katotohanan. 

Authenticity-»-Ang katotoban. 

Authorn-Ang gumagawa mang gagawa; 
author, may gawa. 

Authoress n-Ang babaying autor. 

Authoritative a Makapangyayari; may 

Authority -n-Kapangyarihan; pabintulot; 

Authorization-n- Pabintulot. 

Authorize-v-Pahintulutin; ibigay ng ka- 

Authorship n Ang kalagayan autor. 

Autobiography n Ang pagsusulat nang 
sari ling kabuhayan. 

Autocrat n Hari. 

Autocratic Autocratical-a- Nauukol sa 
hari; mabagsik: masungit. 

Autagraph n Ang su!at ng sarili. 

Autographic Autographical-a N auukol 
sa sulat ng sarili. 

Automatic Automatical a Talagang su- 
musunod na walang magturo. 

Autonomy-w Ang kapangyarihan 6 
katowiran na magogobierno sa sarili. 

Autopsy n Pag uusisa ng dahilan ng 

Autumn-w Tag araw. 

Autumnal(j(- Nauukol sa tagaraw 

Auxiliar Auxiliary a Nakatulong. 

Auxiliary-n Katulong. 

Avail-v Ganapin; gumanap 

Avail-n-Pag ganap. 

Available a Makaganap. 

Avalanche n Tibag ng busilak. 

Avarice-n-Kamkam; karamutan; sakim; 
kasakiman: kaingitan; ingit. 

Avaricious-a-Masakim; matakaw; kiiri- 
pot; maramot. 

Avaunt-mfer. Laumayas; layas. 

Avast-tnfer.-Layas: sulong; maalis. 


Avenuen-Pasialan; Garsadang mahaba 
at may tanim na mga punong kahoy 
sa dalawang tabi. 

Aver-v-Patunayin; patotohanan; sabihin 
say say in. 

Average a Karaniwan; katatagan. 

Averages Ilagay sa katatagan. 

Average n Katatagan. 
Averse a-Ayaw; laban. 
Aversion n Suklam nang loob; dumal; 
pighati; kasuklaman; tanim sa loob. 
Pagtatanim gatit. 
Avert-v-Lihisan; ilayo; pigilin ang ano- 
man upang huag mangyari. 

BAC 170 

Aviary-n Lugar ng mag alaga ng mga 

Avidity-n-NasaDg mahigpit. 
Avocation-n-Hanap bohay. 
Avoid V Lihisan; umilag; mahulagpos; 

Avoidable-a-Dapat lagan: mailagan. 
Avoidance n Pag iilag. paliwas. 
AvoQch-r-Magsabi; saysayin. 
Avow-v-Mannnipa: magpatunay. 
Avowalft-Katibayan ng salitaan; pa- 

Avowedly cuLv, Sadya; tinalaga. 
Awaits- Hintayin; antayin; mag antay. 
Awawe v Gisingin gamising. 
Awake-aBuhay ang loob; gising; ma 

talas ang isip. 
Awakenv Gisingin; gnmising; buhayin. 
Awardn-Premio; ganting palad. 
Award-rMagbigay ng premio 6 ganting 

Away-adt?.-Malayo; sa labas 6 malayo 


Awe-nMangha; gitla. 

Awevlmangha gitlain. 

Awfol-a Makapangingilabot kas ndak- 

sindak; nakasisindak; dapat kata- 


Aweather-acir.'Sa gawi ng hangin. 
Awhile-a<2r. Samantala. 
Awkward-o-Bastos: di mainam. 
Awkwardness'ii-Kawalan ng ganda ng 

kilos: kabastosan. 
Awn-n Tabing. 

Awning-^Tabing; kulandong. 
Awoke-v. imp.-Nagising: ginising. 
Awry a. adv. Masamang bitsura. 
Ax Axe-n-Palakol 
Axial a-Naunkol sa palakol. 
Axiom n-Patnngot punong aral. 
Axis-n-Likiran; ikiran. 
Axle-Axletree^-Lalikao; ikiran. 
Ay .Aye adv,.Oo. 
Azore a Aznl. 
Azures* A znl. 

Baa-nlyak ng tupa. 
Baa V Umiyak ng tnpa. 
Babble r-Masalita ng kaulnlan. 
Babble-n-Salita na walang kabuloban. 
Babblern-Ang nagsasalita ng walang 

Babe n Bata sangol; nilalang. 
Baboon n-Ungong malaki. 
Baby n Bata; sangol. 
Baby-a Nauukol sa bata 6 sa sangol. 
Baby boodn-Panahon nang pagkabata; 

kalagayan bata. 
Babyisb-o- Parang bata. 
Bacbelor-n-Bagong tawong may edad; 

lalaking may edad at wala pang asawa. 
Back-aSa gawing likod 
BackvUmorong ang kabayo; tnmalikod. 
Backbite-i7-8amitsit, magalibugha; ma 

Backbiting-ft-Pagaalimnra; sitsit; pagaa- 

Backgronnd-n-Lupa sa licnran. 
Backside n- Ang likod. 
Backslide-v*UmQrong tnmalikod. 
Backward3-Back ward-a<2f7 Nakaharap 

ang likod; sa gawing likod; sa pa- 

ni^on nakaraan; nakasasama. 
Backward-o-Sa likod; nabihiya. 
Backwardness-n-Kadnagan; pagyuyo- 

kod; biya; kamagan. 

Backwoods n-Gnbat. 

Backwoodsman n Tawong gnbat. 


Bad a- Manama; mabalay; btstos; wa« 

lang kabuloban. 
Bad Bade-v. tmp.-Inanyaya; i p i n a g 

Badger v Toksobin. 
Badinagen-Tukso . 

Badly-o^Ir.-Sa masamang pAraan; naka- 
sasama; papaano. 
Bad nessft-Kasamaan . 
Bafflle V Abalahin: talonin. 
gagn-Bayong saco sopot. 
Bagging-n-Kayong ipinagagawang ba- 

Baggage n-Ang baol ng damit na dina* 

la sa viage. 
Bailn-Katibayan; panagotan. 
Bail n Tangnan; panglimas. 
Bailv- 1 bigay ng katibayan; managot. 
Bail v Manglimas; niaglimas. 
Bailiff n-Kati wala 6 kabalili ng sheriff. 
Bait-r-Ilagay ng panghuli. 
Bake-v Ibawin; magihaw. iluto sahorno, 
Bakery*n-Panaderia: gawaan ng tinapay. 
Balance-n-Timbang; pakaway; panim- 

hang; ang natitirang otang otang 6 


BAN 171 

Balance-t7-Timbangin; matimbang; tu- 

mimbang; magtuas. 
Balcony n-Balcon. 
Bald o-Panot. upat; aban. 
Bald-bead Baldpate-n Tawong panot. 
Baldheaded a Upat. panot. 
Baldertiash-n-Lahok na walang kabalu- 


Bale n-Bigkis; pamigkis. 

Bale v-Ibigkis; magbigkis. 

Bale-n-Kahirapan; kasalatan; 

Baleful a Mahirap; salat. 

Balk if.Abala; hinto; urong. 

Balk t? Huag ararohin; huminto ng pa 

bigia; umurong. 
Balky a Palaurongan. 
Ball-nBola; anomang bagay namabilog 
Ball-tsGumawa ng bola; maging bola. 
Ball n Sayawan 
BalladnKanta; awit. 
Ballast-n-Pangbigat na nalulan sa sa- 

Ballast-v-Ihilan ng panbigat. 
Balloon-n Gl6|>o ng hangin na mainit. 
Ballotn-Voto; pagvovoto. 
Ballot vMagboto. 
Bal m-v- Pabangoh in . 
Balmoral-n-Sapatos na mataas 
Balmay a-Mabango. 
Basam • n- Bal samo . 
Baluster-n Barandillas; gabay. 
Balustrade n-Gabay. 
Bamboo n Kawayan: buho; bucaue. 
Bamboozle-v-Hibuin dayain. 
Bann-Hayag; numpa; hayag ng kaeal. 
Ban-v-Tungayawin; ipagbawal; magba- 

Banana n-Saging. 
Band-n-Tali; bigkis; pamigkis; sinta- 

BandvTalian; ibigkis. 
Band-n Banda. 
Bandage-nPamigkis balot. 
Bandage-v-Ipamigkis; balutin. 
Bandanna-n-Panyong mapula. 
Bandbox-n-Lalagyan ng sombrero. 
Bandit nTiilisan. 
Bandy n Banda. (Isang laro). 
Bandy v-Magbanda. 
Bandy legged-o-Mabilog ang binti. 
Bane-n Kamandag kasamaan. 
Baneful a-May kamandag; masama. 
Bangv Paluin. 
Ban gn- Palo; lagpak: putok. 
Bangn-Mga kulot malapit sa noo. 
Bang-v-Gupitin ang buntct ng kabayo. 
Bang Banguen Gamot na may haiong 

Bangle nPulcera. 


Bainsh- -Itapon ang may sala sa ibang 
lupa 6 lugar; ipadistierro. 

Banishment n Pagpapanawin; pagpapa- 
alis pagdidistierro; pagkatapon ng 
may sala sa ibang lupa 6 lugar. 

Banister n- Barandillas, gabay. 

Banjo-n Banduria. 

Bank-nPangpang; tab! ng ilog; tibagan. 

Bank-v Magpilapil. 

Bank nPilapil. 


Bank i; Ilagay ng salapi sa bangko. 

Banker-n-Ang may ari ng bangko 

Banking n Ratungkulan ng muy bangko. 

Bankrupt n Ang hinni makakabayad 
ng kanyang utang. 

Bankrupt a-Hindi makakabayad ang 

Bankrupt v Ubusin ang salapi 6 pu- 
hunan na kailangan sa isang nego- 
co 6 sa pangangalakal: tunawin. 

Bankruptcy n Kalagayan na hindi ma- 
kakabayad ang utang. 

Banner n Bandila; bandera. 

Banns-nPahayag ng kasal; tawag sa 
simbahan ng mga may ibig mag- 

Banquetn-Piging; pista; kainan. 

Hanquet-v Pigingin; ipiging; magpiging. 

Bantam-n Manok na nangaling sa Javia. 

Banter n Biro; tukso. 

Banter-x/Biruin; tuksuhin. 

Bantling n Batang munti: sangol. 

Baptism-n Pagbibinyag, pagkabinyag. 

Baptismal a Nauukol sa pagbibinyag. 

Baptist-n Ang nagbibinyag. 

Baptize-v-Magbinyag; binyagin; bumin- 


Bar n Bara; kapisanan ng mga abogado. 
Bar-u-Barahin; iwaksi; ifuera; ibukod. 
Barb-n Balbas. 
Barb n Tinik ng kawad. 
Barbarian-n-Tawong salbabi; salbahi; 

tawong hindi marunong. 
Barbarian a Nauukol sa salbahi. 
Barbaric a Salbahi. 
Barbarous a Salbahi, 
Barber-n-Mangugupit; mang ahit. 
Bare a Walang damit 6 takip; hubo; 

Bare-v-Alisin ang takip; maghubo; mag- 

Barefacedv-Walang hiya. 
Barefoot-a- Walang sinelas; hubo ang 

paa; walang sapin. 
Barely a halos; hindi; laman. 
Bargain-n-Pinagkasunduan; kasalatan. 
Bargain- u-Magusap. 




Barge n-Kasko. 

Baritonen- Voces ng lalaki na kung 

kumanta ay alanganin. 
Bark n-Balat ng kahoy. 
Bark-v-Alisan ng balat; upakin; kuma- 

kaw; talupan. 
Bark r-Tumahul. 
Bark- Barque n-Sasaky an na may tatlong 

palo at layag. 
Barley n Sebada. 
Barmy-o-May halong la^v adura. 
Barn-n Caballeriza; bahay ng hayop. 
Barnacle-n-Talaan na dumidikit sa mga 

bato at sasakyan. 
Barometer-n-Kasangkapang panghula 

ng panahon. 
Barouche-w-Carruage . 
Barque-n- Sasakyan na may tatlong palo 

at tatlong layag. 
Bar rack-n-Cu artel; balankas. 
Barrack t; Tumira sa cuartel. 
Barrel n-Bariles. 

Barrel-v Ilagay 6 isilid sa bariles. 
Barren a Tuyo;tuyot;karat;di mamunga. 
Barren-nKarat na lupa; Ingar na ilang. 
Barricade n-Kutang munti. 
Barricade-v Magkuta; ilagay ng kuta. 
Barrier-nPangharang. abala. 
Barrister «Abogado . 
Barrom-n-Tindahan ng alak. 
Barrow-n Kareton; na may isang gu- 

long. lamang. 
Barrow-n- Baboy na kinapon. 
Barter n Palit. 

Barry tone-n Voces na alanganin. 
Barytone a Alanganin ang voces. 
Basalt n Batong matigas. i 

BaseaMasama; mababa; hamak nia- 

Base n Fondo; paa. 
Base v-Ilagay sa fondo 6 paa. 
Basemen t-nSilong. 
Baseness n Kahamakan; kahalayan. 
Bashaw n-Maginoo sa turkia. 

Bashfulness n- ^ ahimpakhimpakan; hin- 
hin;kahihiyaan; hiya; karuagan; kimpot. 
Basin-n Palangana. 
Basis-n-Pinagmulaan; pinagbuhatan. 
Bask v-Magbilad: ibilad. 
Basket-n-Batulang; bakol; bugsok: bus- 

lo; kaing. 
Bass-n- Voces na mababa 
Bass-a Mababa ang voces. 
Bass viol w Viola. 
Baste v-Ihilbana. 

Basting n Hilbana, 

Bat n-Bayakan; paniki. 


Bat v-Pamalo. 

Batch-n Hango. 

Bath n-Liguan. paliligo; pagpapaligo. 

Bathe v iVlaligo; paliguan. 

Bathe n-Ligo. 

Batsman-n Ang pumapalo. 

Battalion nisang bahagi ng hukbo. 

na may apat na daan sundalo. 
Batten-v Patabain; yumamau. 
Batten v Tapalin. 

Batten n Tablang makipot; panapa). 
Batter v Pitpitin. 
Batter n- Pinagbatihan . 
Batter-w- Ang • pumapalo. 
Battery -n- Kuta na may kanyon; isang 

companiang sundalong artilleria. 
Battingn-Ang pagpalo. 
Battle-n-^'ag laban; labandn; pagaaway. 
Baublen-Bagay na walang halaga. 
Bawl-v-Sumigaw; umiyak ng malaka». 
Bawl n Sigaw; hiyaw; iyak na malakas. 
Bay-w Baraso ng dagat. 
Bay n Tahol. 
Bay-v tumahol. 
Bayonet w-Bayneta. 
Bayonet v Saksakin ng bayneta. 
Bayou w-Baraso ng dagat. 
Bayrum-wRum y quinina. 
Bazaar-Bazar n-Basar. 
Be v-Ay; mag yari; magka. 
Beach w Bay bay dagat, 
Beach-v Ilagay sa bay bay dagat. 
Beacon-nSiga na pananda. 
Bead n Batong munti na may butas. 
Bead V Ituhog ang kuintas. 
Beadle-TiUtusan na taga tawag nang 

Beagle-n Asong munti na ginagamit 

sa pangangaso. 
Beak n Tuka. 
Beaked a May tuka. 
Beaker- w-Tabo. 
Beam w Kilo; ana-man pinga (of aplow) 

Kabayo ng araco. 
Beam t; Maningning. himitaw: knmin 

tab; ipalitaw. 
Bean n Si taw; patani. 
Bear-vTiisin; magtiis. 

Bear-t?-lbaba ang halaga. 
Bearable a-Makatitiis. 
Beard n Balbas. 
Beardi;-Batakin ang balbas^ 
Bearing n Kilos; asal; ugali» 
Beastn Hayop. , 

Beastly-a Bastos, paranjr 'layop. 




Beat-n-Palo; suko. 

Beat-v-Pumalo; paluin; hampasin; da- 

Beat v-Lampasin lusutin. 
Beauteous-a-Maganda mainam marikit. 
Beautiful a Maganda, marikit; mainam. 
Beautify-v Parikitan; gumanda; pagan- 

dahin; painamin. 
Beauty -n-Ganda; kainaman; karikitan; 

dikit; ganda dilag; inam. 
Becalmv-Uumimpil; tumahimik: lumu- 

Became^u mj^.-Nakafoagay; naging. 
Because conj^ Sapagka't. 
Bechance z/ Magkataon, mangyari. 
Beckji-Kaway bati. 
Beck-f7 Kawayin; batiin. 
Beckon-v Kawayiii. 
Become t; Mabagay; maging maoui. 
Becominga Hagay; akma. 
Bed-n Hihigan; tinutulugan; catre. 
Bed-v Tlagay sa hihigan. 
Bedaubv Kulapulan; pahiran ng putic. 
Bedclothes-n Manga damit ng hihi 

Bedfellow 9t-Kasiping sa hihigan. 
Bedim-v-Lumabo; labuin; dumilim. 
B^lam-nBahay na tinirahan ng mga 

ulol. gulo; kaguluhan. 
Bedlam a-Ulol. 
Bedrid Bedridden-a Ang hindi makaba- 

bangon: ang nakafirme sa hihigan. 
Bedroom-n Silid na tulugan; tinutulu- 
Bedsheet-n Kumot na linso. 
Bedstead n-Hihigan. 
Bedtime-nOras na day at matulog. 
Beew-Kumumo pukyutan. 
Beech'H Punong kahoy na tumutubo sa 

Beef-n-Laman ng baca 6 calabaw. 
Beefsteak-n-Isang hiwa na manipis ng 

laman ng baca 6 calabaw. 
Beehive-n Bahay pukyutan. 
Beeline-n Matowid na guhit. 
Been-v.imp cfe/).p.-Naging; nagka 
Bees wax-n-Kal aba . 
Beetle-v-Pukpok na kahoy. 
Beetle-t?-Pukpokin ng pukpok na kahoy. 
Beetle n-Bicho. 
Beeve-n Baca. 

Befall v Mangyari; magkataon. 
Befit v-Maging bagay. 
Before ^rcp.-Nauna; umuna. 
Before-ae^v. Muna; nauna. 
Befoul-v-Bumulok; bulukiu. 

Befriend-v Kupkupin; tulungin, 

Beg-v Magpalimos pakiusapan; maki 

usap; sumamo; manalangin; humingi. 
Began-v. «««p.-Pinamulaan,* nagmula. 
Beget v Magkaroon; magkamtan. 
Beggarn-Pulubi; tawong walang ha- 

nap buhay at nagpapalimos; nagpa- 

Beggar-vMagpahirap upatin. 
Beggarly a Parang pulubi. 
Beggary n Kalagayan nagpapalimos; pag 

papalimos. • 
Begging» Pagpapalimos; pahinuhod. 
Beginv Magmula; pamulaan banhain; 

pasimulaan; magbuhat; mulain; bu- 

malong sumipot; magpasimuno. 
Beginner-n Bagong nag aaral. 
Beginning-n-Pinagmulan; pinangali- 

ngan; pamulan. pinagbuhatan; pa- 

Begone-tnfer. Layas, alis. 
Begot Begotten-v tmp.p p.Nangyari; nag 

karoon nagkamtam; kinamtan. 
Beguile v-Aliwin; paalindugan. 
Begun v.p.p.-Pinasimula. 
Behalfn-Pakinabang; in teres. 
Behave V Tumungo; sumunod sa mabu- 

ting kaugalian. 
Behavior ft Kilos tungo; kaugalian. 
Behead -t/Pugu tin ang ulo; magpugot; pii- 

Beheld v. i»tp. Nakita; nakakita. • 
Behest n Utos. 

Behind adv. Sa likod; sa huli. 
Behind prep. Sa huli; sa likod. 
Behindhand a Huli. 
Behold V Makita; makaklta; tanawin;tn- 

Beholdena Kailangan. 
Behoove vMatungkol; maukol. 
Being n Tawo 

Belabor-zz-Paluin; hampasin. 
Belate v Luatin; magluat. 
Belayv Magluat. 
Belch-r Duminghal; dumilhay. 
Belch-n Dilhay; dinghal. 
Beldam Beldame n-Tmpo; nunong babayi; 

matanda at pangit na babayi. 
Beleaguer v Ipaligid ng hukbo. 
Belie r-Mag alibugha; sumilsit ng ma- 

Belief v Paniniwala: pananampalataya; 

sampalataya; religion. 
Believe-i?-Maniwala; sumampalataya; 

sampalatayanin; hinagap. 
Believable a Paniniwalaan» dapat mani 

Belittle r-Pintasin; untian. 
Bell n Compana. 
Bell-t'-Tlagay ng compana. 




Bell clapper-n-ay agng compana;panag- 
tog ng compana. 

Bellen Dalagang maganda. 

Bellicose-n Mapagbasagulo. 

Belligerent a- May gu8tonglumaban;ibig 

Belligerent-n Ang may gustong luma- 

Bellow-n Sumigaw. humiyaw. umiyakng 

Bellow n Sigaw; iyak hiyaw. 

Bellow-n Balulusan; hungkoy. 

Belly-fiTian; tiyan. 

Belly band-nPamigkis ng tiyan. 

Belong v-Matungkol. maukol 

Beloved-^. jr.-Iniibig; ginigiliw. 


Below adv Sa ilalim; sa ibaba. 

Belt-nPamigkis; bigkis; sintoron. 

Belt-v Bigkisin. 


Bench-n Banko. 

Bend» Hubugin; humubog: baluktnrin, 

bumaluktot; yupiin; humutok hutu- 

Bend n Hubog. kibal pagkabaluktot. 

yupi; tungo kabaluktutan. 
Beneath adv. Sa ilalim; sa ibaba. 
Beneath ^rep.-Sa ilalim. 
Benediction-n Bendicion. 
Benefaction n Kaloob; pakinabang. 
Benefactor n Ang gumawa ng mabuti 

sa kapua niya. 
Benefactor-n Ang babaying gumawa ng 

mabuti sa Kapwa niya. 
Beneficence n Eagandahan ng loob. 
Beneficent-a-Maganda ang loob mapa 

kinabangan; may pakinabang. 
Beneficiala Mapakinabangan. 
Benefit n Pakinabang; tubo. kabntihan; 

Benefit i; Tumubo; pakinabangan; ma- 

kinabang; bumuti. 
Benevolence-n Kagandahan ng loob; ka- 

mahalan ng agali. 
Benevolent a Maganda ang loob; ma 

gandang loob; maawin. 
Benight v Gumabi: gabihin. 
Benigna-Magandang loob: maanio. 
Benignant-a-Magandang loob; maamo. 
Beninity-n-Kagandahan ng loob. 
Bent-v. imp <fe^. j^.Hinubog nakahubog; 

Benumb v-Mangimay; pangimayin; ma- 

ngnmay; mamanhid. 
Bequeath-v-Magpaman a . 
Bereave-vSalatin; masalat. 
Bereavement n-Kasalatan. 

Berg-n- Bundok ng hielo. 

Berry-n Bnngang |munti. 

Berth n-Tinutulugan sa sasakyan 6 tren. 

Beseech-v-Ipakiusap; mamanikluhod; 

manalangin dumaing. 
Beseem-vMaging maging bagay. 
Beset- t/'-Ipalid; pilitin; harangin. 
Beside-prep. Bukod pa sa bukod sa; 

Besides-a(2t;.-Sa tabi nakabubukod sa; 

mahigit pa. 
Besides prep -Bukod pa kundi. 
Besiege r-Ipaligiran ng sundalo ang 
isang bayan at huag palabasin ang 
tawo 6 ipasok ang mga pagkain. 
B(8maer-v-Kalapulan pahiran 6 pu- 

nuin ng putik* 
besot V Mag lasing. 
Besought V. p. j7.-xpinakinsap; namanik- 

luhod dinaing. 
Bespattrr-v-Patilansikan; mansahin; 

marumhan tilansikan 
Bespeak-v-Mamagitan ipakita. 
Bestn-Ang kabutibutihan. 
Beat adv, Kabutibutihang 
Bestir v Magmadali: maghaplit. 

Bestow-vlbigay: ipagkaloob. 

Bestrew-t^Isabog ikalat; Ipawalat. • 

Bestride-<^ Ihakbang; umupo na naka- 
cruz ang binti. 

Bet-n-Pusta; taya; pagpasta. 

Bet t? Magpusta; tumaya." magtaya; pu- 

Betake v Maukol. 

Hethink-t/ Alalahanin. 

Betime Betimesa^v.Sa mabuting pa. 
nahon: agad; madali. 

Betoken-17. imp.-Nauukol. nakaukol. 

Betook:t7. twip.-Naukol. 

Betray v-Ihayag ang hindi dapat; tu 
maksil sa capwa. 

Betroth v Ipakasal. 

Betrothal-Betrothment n Kasal. 

Better Bettor n- Ang nagpupusta. 

Better a Lalong mabuti; mabuti pa. 

Bettern ng lalong mabuti. 

Better adv, Mabuti pa. 

Beiter-v Butihin; gumaling. 

Betterment-n Pagpapabuti. 

Between Betwixt prep Sa pagitan. 





Bevy n Kapisanan ng manga ibon. 

Bewail t7-Dumaing; manangis 

Beware t; Mag ingat ingatin. 

Beware infer. Tigil. 

Bewilder I? Guluhin; gitlahin. 




B«wild«rment-n-Ang paggugulo ng isip> 

gulo Dg isip. 
Bewitch-v-Kulamin man^kulam. 
Peyond-arfv.-Sa ibayo malayo pa, 
Beyond-jprc^. Sa ibayo. 
Bias n. Joint. 
Bia8-t^Pahalangin. halangin. 
Bibn Pangibabaw ng damit ng bata. 
Bible n Biblia. 

Biblical o-Nauukul sa biblia. 
Bibolous a Mabutasbutas 
Bicker z/-Magtalo magusap. magaway, 
Bicycle-n Bicicleta. 
Bid n Taw ad taring. 
Bidt? Tumawad magturing. 
Bidder n-Ang tumawad. 
Bidding n-Pagtatawad. 
Bide V Tumira magtiis. 
Biennial-o-Dalawa dalawang taon; nang- 

yayari sa towing makalawang taon. 
Biennial n Ang nangyayari sa towing 

dalawang taon. 
Biennially ^€.Sa towing dalawang 

Bigamist n-Ang tawong may dalawang 

asawa; ang nag aasawa sa dalawa. 
Bigamy n-Ang pagaasawa sa dalawa. 
Big};in-n-Gorra ng bata. 
Bight n-Suiok. 
Bigot n-Ang tawong na uraiisip na 

nasa kaniya ang lahat ng katowiran 

at sa iba ang lahat ng niali. 
Bigoted o-Matigas ang ulo. magda 

Bigotry n Katigasan ng ulo« 
Bile n Apdo. 

Biiiary-a-Nauukol sa apdo. 

Bill n-Listahan ng anoman. ^ 

Bill V Maglista. 
Billet n-Snlat na maikli. 
Billet v-Patoloy in ang manga sundalo 

sa bahay ng manga paisano. 
Billetdeox n-8alat na pan iota. 
Billiard a Naukuol sa billiar. 
Billiard cue n-Panudlok. 
Billion n-Isang libong angawangaw. 
Billion o-Sang libong angawangawng. 
Billow n Malaking alon. 
Billy-n Palo ng policia. 
Bin-fi-Tagnan 6 sisiglan ng pal ay 6 

Binary-tf^Nakahalo sa dalawa. 

Binatea Duble; dalawa. 

Bind-r Talian; higpitan; magkalawas; 

pigilan pagipitan. 

Bindery-n Gawaan ng libro. 
Binding-n-Yari ng libro; pagbalot. 
Binnacien-Kahon na kinaJalagyan ng 

gujon ng sasakyan. 
Biography-n-Historia ng sariling buhay. 
Biographer-n Ang sumulat ug historia 

ng sariling buhay. 
Biographic Aiographical <i Nauukoi sa 

historia ng sariling buhay. 
Biped n Tawo. Ang hayop na may da 

lawang paa iamang. 
Bird-r Hulihin 6 barilin ang manga 

ibon mangati. 
Birdseye a Nakita buhat sa itaas. 
BirthnPanganganak; kapanganakan; 

Birthday-n Araw ng kapangapakan. 
Birthday a Nauukoi sa araw ng kapa- 
Birthplace nLugar ng panganganak; 

bayang tinubunuan. 
Birthrigh^n• Katowiran na nagbuhat sa 

Biscuit-n- Bisquit 

Bisect V Biakin; dalawahin: hatiin. 
Bisection n Paghnhati pagdadalawahin; 

Bishop-n Obispo. 

Bit-n Pangatngat pirasong munti. 
Bit-tNllagay ng pangatngat sa bibig. 
Bit t7-tm|>,-Kinagat. 
Bitch-n-Asong babayi. 
Biten Kagat. 
Bite-v-Kumagat; kagatin. 
Bitter a-Mapait. masaklap. 
Bitterness n Kapaitan; kasaklapan. 
Bivalve nTalaan; tahong. 
Bivouac-n-Bantay ng isang hukbo. 
Biweekly-o-Balang dalawang lingo. 
Biweekly adv.-Sa. towing dalawang 

Biweekly-n-Pahayagan na lumilitaw 

sa towing makalawang lingo. 
Blad-v-Madiwara; sumitsit; magbunga- 

ngaan; magtaltalan. 
Blad-v-Bunganga taltalan. 
Black a Maitim; itim, mapanglaw; wa- 

lang awa; mabangis. 
Black n-Ang itim; kaitiman. 
Blackant n Kuitib. 
Blackball n Huag ihalal. 
Blackbird n-Martinez; ibon na maitim. 
Blackboard-n-Pisarang malaki. 




Blacken t/Utnitim paitiman; padilimin. 
Blackguard -V Mag alibugha; magmura; 

magalipusta; alipustain murahin. 
Blackguard n Tawong pala alipnsta; 

tawoDg hamak. 
Blackguard-a Hamak; maRama. 
Blacklead n-Tingang itim. 
Blackness-n-Kaitiman; kadiliman. 
Blacksmithn- Panday. 
Blade w Talim; dabon. 
Blame vBintangin: magbigay sala; 

sisihin sumbungin; magparatang. 
Blame-nSala kasalanan. 
Blameless-a Walang kasalanan. 
Blanch v Mamutla. 
Blank n Walang sulat. 
Blank-n Papel na walang aulat. 
Blanket nKumot. 
Blanket-v Magkumot. 
Blarney w Salitang makadadaya. 
Rlarney-v-Magsalita ng nakadadaya. 
Blaspheme-r-Tumungayaw, sumpain; 

Blasphemy-n-Tungayaw; sumpa; hima- 

Blast-n-Putok na panibag. 
Blatant a Magulo. 

Blazen-Liab: lingas; lagablab; apoy. 
Blaze vMagliab; lumagalab; masunog; 

Bleach v-Mamuti. 
Bleak a Malamig; malunkot; mapang- 

Blear-v-Lumabo at pumula ang mata. 
Blear eyed a Dirain. 
Bleat-nlyak ng tupa. 
Bleat V Umiyak ang tupa nmiyak pa- 
rang tupa. 
Bleed r Dumugo. 
Blemish-n-Dungis: batik: mansa. 
Blemish-v-Mamansa; dumiingis; dungi- 

Rlench-v-Umurong; tumakot. 
Blend r Ihalo; ilahok. 
Blended aNakalahok: nakahalo: buhag- 

hag; may halo may lahok 
Bless-v Hulugin ang gracia ng Dios. 
Blessed-a^Mapalad; malwalhati. 
Blessingn-Gracia ng Dios; Kapalaran. 
Blest a Masaya. 
Blet n-Pagkabulok ng bunga dahil sa 

Blight v-Sirain. 
Blight ?i-Sira: pagkabutod. kasiraan. 

lind a Bulag. 


Blind n Ang bulag. 

Blindfold I7-Takpanin ang mata. 

Blinfold a Natatakpan ang mata. 

Blindness-n Kabulaanan ; kabulagan . 

Blmk V Pumikit: ilagay. ibukod. 

Blink n Pikit; silip. 

Blinker n Panakip ng mata ng kabayo. 

Bliss-w-Saya; kasayahan; kaluguran. 

Blissful a-Masaya; matuwa; maligaya. 

Blister n Lintos. 

Blister-v Lumintos. 

Blithe n-Makinis mainam. 

Blithesome a Makinis. 

Bloat t; Mama ga. 


Block vAbalahin ilaeay ng tangkalag. 

Blockade.n Pagsasara ng bibig ng ba- 
hia upang hindi makalalabas at maka- 
papasok ang manga sasakyan. 

Blockade v Isara ng labasan ng bahia. 

Blockhead-w Tawong hindi marunong 

Blond Blonde a-Maganda; maputi ang 
balat at maganda. 

Blond n Tawong maputi at maganda 
ang balat. 

Flood n Dug6. 

Blood colored-a Kulay dugo. 

Bloodheat n Init na paris ang init ng 
katawan 6 dugo. 

Bloodless a- Walang dugo. 

Bloodshed w Kamatayan; patayan. 

Bloodshot a- Mapula ang mata. 

Bloodsucker n Linta. 

Bloodthirsty a Walang awa; mabangis; 
walang habag; dumudugo. 

Bloodvessel -n-Ugat ng dugo. 

Bloody-a-Madugo; dugoduguan; dumu- 

Bloody t? Dumugo pahiran ng dugo. 

Bloom v-Bumuka; bumulaklak. 

Blossom n-Bulaklak. 


Blot n Mansa: dungis: dumi. 

Blot tf Dungisin mansahin; marumhan. 

Bloch-Ti- Mansa. 

Blotch v-Mansahin. 

Blotter n Sicante pandamp^. 

Blousen Barong pang ibabaw. 

Blow n Umihip; ihipan: hipan; humihip; 

Blown Ihip. 

Blow n Sumbi; bugbog; tampi; dagok; 
suntok: bungo: salpok. 


Blow-n Bulaklak. 

Blowerw-Taga ihip. 
Blown-v. p. /j.-Nakaihip. 

Blown a Hambog; mayabang. 

Blowpipe n Pangihip. 

Blowsen Barong pang-ibabaw; . 


1 i i 


blowze n Babaying mataba at mapula 

ang mukba. 
Blowzy a Magaspang basics. 
Blubber-n Taba ng isdang malaki. 
Blubber-z/ Umiyak. pumangit dahil sa 

Bliuigeon n Palong maikli; palo. 
bluew Kulay azul. 
Blue r-Tinaip ng azul. 
Blues a Kalungkutan. Kapanglawan. 

Bluff n Batong matirik at malaki. 
Bluff-r Takutin. 
Blundei n Mali pagkakamali. 
Blunder v Matnali. 
Blundeibuss n Paril na maiksi at ma 

laki an^ butas. 
Blunt a Pudpod salsal ang dulo. 
Blunt 17 Pulpolin; salsaiin pudpuran. 
Blur r-Palabuin; lumabo. 
Blur-n Mansa. 

Blurt r-Sabihin ng pabigla at malakas. 
Blush n Pamumula ng muc ha. 
niush w-Mamula ang muc ha. 
Bluster v Maggulo magalit; maasalita 

ng malakas at hambog. 
Bustern Kahambugan: kayabangan. 
Boa a Sawa. 

Roar-M Baboy na lalaki. 
Bonrd-w Tabla. 

Board vllagay ng tabla: ilatag ng tabla. 
Board V Tumuloy; sumuno manuluyan; 
Boarding w-Pagsusnno; pagtutuloy. 
Boarding housen Tuluyan 
Boapt n-Hambog: kahambugan: kahangi- 

nan kayabangan yabang. 
Boast t-Maghambog; maghangin; ma- 

Boastful «Hambog, maparangalan ma 

paghangin: mayabang. 
Roat-n-Bangka. banka. 
^oat-t; Mamanka. 
Roatman-w Bangkero. 
Boatswaim n Ang puno na namamahala 

sa mga banka ng isang sa^akyan. 
Bob V Kilusin ng pabigla. 
Bob ?--Kumilo8 ng pabigla. 
Bobbin w-Ikiran 
Bobta/ 1-w-Maikling buntot. 
Bobw hite-wPugo. 
Bodil ssa-Walang katawan. 
Bodilv-a-Nauukol sa katawan. 
Bodkin n-Kasangkapan pangbutas. 
Body-n- Katawan 
Body t' Ibigay ng hitsura. 
Bogn-Burak kaburakan; banlik. 
Boggle V Gawin ng pabigla: gawin ng 

pabost s. 

Bogu--'i Howad; hindi totoo. falso. 
Boilr Kumulo maluto; lutuin. kuluin; 

niagpakulo ihalabos. 
Boil n Kulo; pagkukulo. 
Hoijer n Pohia 
Boisterous a Malikot; maharot; maga- 

law mapan^ gnlo. 
Bold a Matapang; walang kaba mara- 

Boldness-n Tapang, katapangan. tining 

ng loob kapangahasan; siglat dahas; 

kawalan ng takot. 
Bole n-Ang puno ng kahoy. 
Bole n Isang sukat 6 panukat 
Bole n-Pusali na ginagamit sa pag ga- 

gawa ng tapayan. 
Bolstern Tungkod tukod. 
Bolster-r Itungkod itukod. 
Bolt n-Tornillo na may ulo. 
Bold I'-Magsabi ng pabigla bithayin; 

Bombard v Ihagis ng bomba; barilin ng 

Bomb-^hell n Bala ng kanyon. 
Bonbon n-Matamis. 
Rond-n-Katibayan; panali; panagat. 
Bond r Tibayan ng panali 6 panagot. 
Honda Kulong preso. 
Bondage-w Pagkapreso; kalagayan ali pin . 
Bondmaid-w Aliping babayi. 
Bondman n Alipin. 
Bondsman-w Taga panagot. 
Bojie n Bnto. 
Honp-r Alisin ang buto. 
Bonfire-n Siga. 
Bonne wAng pagaalaga sa 'isang bata 

taga alaga ng bata: taga iwi. 
Bonnet n Tukarol. 

Ponnya Maganda; masaya; maligaya. 
Bonnyclabber-n-Gatas na malapot. 
Bonus 7i-Ganting palad. 
Bony a Mabuto butuhan. 
Rooby-w-UIol; bubo. 
Book w Libro. 
Book-v Ilagay sa libro. 
Bookbinder n Taga gawa ng libro; ang 

gnmagawa ng libro. 
Bookbinderyn Tahian at balatan ng 

Bookcase n Lalagyan ng mga libro. 
Bookish a Masipag magaral. 
Book keeper n Tenedor de libro. 
Book keepiing-n-Ang pagtatanda sa 

Booksellern Ang nagtitinda ng mga 

Bookworm n Ang tawong walang gawa 
kundi bumasa sa manga libro; ang 
maraminng nabasa sa libro. 



Boom-n-Palo ng sasakyaD na lumampas 

sa dulo ng cable 6 tanikala na na 

kakahalang sa labasan ng ilog. 
Hoom n Sigaw na malakas. 
Boom v-Sumigaw ng malakas. 
Boon-n Kaloob; favor; kapalaran. 
Boon-a Masaya masagana. 
Boor-w Tawong mahirap. 
Boorish a Bastos; magaspang. 
Boost-r-Buhatin; tulungin. 
Boot-n Patong; gamot. 
Boot-v-Makinaloang; ipatong; tumubo. 
Boot w-Bota. 

BootvSipain; isuot ng bota. 
Booth-nTiakad; peria. 
Bootjack-n-Kasangkapan pangpaalis ng 

Bootless a Walang sapatos; walang ka* 

buluhan: di pakikinabangan. 
Booty nAng ninakaw. 
Boraxn-Sal de sosa. 
Bordern Gilid; tabi; wakal wakas bay- 
bay; dagdag: gasa; banga hangahan. 
Border-v Umabot sa gilid; abutan ang 

Bordering a Nakakahanga 
Bore-v-Butasin balibulin; barenahin. 
Bore w Butas; tawong ikinayayamot. 
Borough-w-Bay an . 
Borrow-v-Manghiram; hiramin; suman- 

Hosh-n-Eaululan . 
Hosom n Dibdib; puso. 
Boss-n-Amo; panginoon; puno; jeffe. 
Boss V Mamahala; magpuno; magjeffe. 
Botany-w-K arunungan tungkol sa mga 

gulay; kahoy; at bulaklak. 
Botchr-Pamamaga; mansa; gawa na 

hindi tama. 
Botch-t?-Mansahin; gawin ng pabastcs. 
Both-o-Dalawa. kapwa. 
Both-^ro.-Ang dalawa; kapwa. 
Bother-v-Yamutin; abalahin; yumamot; 

Bother w-Yamot: abala; hirap; pagal. 
Botheration n Abala; yamot, kayamu* 

BotsBotts n Bulati sa lalamanan, bi- 

tuka, at sikmura ng kabayo. 

Bottle-v-Ilagay 6 isilid sa Bote. 
Bottom-a Ang sa ilalim. 
Bottom-n-Pusot; puit; ang ibaba. 
Bottomless a- Walang pusot, di mata 

Boudoirn-Silid ng babayi. 
Bough-Malaking sanga. 
Bought-viwp'-Binili; namili. 
Boulder-n-Batong malaki. 

178 . 


Boulevard -n-Carsadang maluang. 


BouncevUdlotin; umudlot. 

Bouncer n Bagay na malaki; tawong 

Bouncing a Malakas; malaki. 
Bound n-Hanga; wakal; wakas; udlot 

lundag; lukso. 
Bound V Ilagay ng manga hanga. 
Bound v-Lumunda; umudlot; lumukso. 
Bound v.imp, d p p. T'ln&ii. nakatali. 
Boundary-w Hangahan; hanga wakal, 

wakas danay. hibaybay; katapusan. 
Bounden-a-Dapat gawin. 
Boundless a Walang hanga. 
Bounteous-a-Sagana; maganda ang loob. 
Bountifula Magsagana; husto. 
Bounty w-Pabuya; ganting palad. 
Bouquet-w Tali ng manga bulaklak. 
BournBourne-n-Sapang munti. 
BoutwTalo; away, laban. 
Bovine-a-Naaukol sa bakang lalaki 

Bow-v-Batiin; yumuko; iyuko; sumuko. 
Bow n Yuko; bati; tango. 
Bow-w Anomang bagay na baluktot. 
Bowed a Balantok; baluktot. 
Bowel n Isaw; bituka. 
Bowel-v-Alisan ang mga bituka. 
Bower n Bahay na munti sa halama- 

nan na walang dingding at may 

mga uupuan sa loob. 
Bower w Ang bumati; ang yumuko. 
Bowknot-n Tali na mainam. 
Bowl n Mangkok. 
Bowlder-w Botong malaki. 
Bowl^gged a-Mabilog ang binti. 
Bowline n-Lubid ng layag. 
Box-n-Kahon; kaha. 
BoxwSumbi; sampal; palo; tampai. 
Box-r-Ilagay 6 isilid sa kahon; ikahon. 
Box v-Sampalin; magboxing. 
Boxer n Ang marunong magboxing. 
Boxing w-Boxing. 
Boy-n Batang lalaki. 
Boyish a May ugaling batang lalaki. 
Brace-n Pareja; tungkod; dipa; dalawa. 
Brace v Itungkod. 
Brackletn Pulsera. 
Bracket-v-Itungkod. ^ 

Brad n Pakong maikli; pakong maliit 

at walang ulo. 
Brag-vMagyabang; maghambog magliu- 

Brag 91 Kahambugan; kayabangan; ka- 

Brag-a Mahambog: hambog; mayabang. 




Braggartismw-Kahambugan; kayaba- 

ngan kahanginan. 
Braid n Trintas. 
Braid v Trintasin; mamirintas. 
Brain n Utak; sa ulo. 
Brake n-Pangpigil. 
Brakeman n-Taga pigil, 
Brakish a-Tapsim; maalat; maasim. 
Bramble w-Kaugoygoy an na may tinik. 
Branch n Sanga. 
Branch a Kasanga. 
Branch v Magsanga, 
Brand n Tanda; marka- tatak; tala; ka- 

sangkapang pang lagay ng tanda. 
Brand v Tandaan; markahin ilagay ng 

tanda; tatakan; talaan; 
Branding n Pag lalagay ng tanda: pa . 

nananda; pananaktak 
Brandish v Kawayin; pagpagin; ipag- 

Brandish n Kaway; pagpag. 
Brandnew a-Bagongbago. 
Brandy w Al»k. 

Brant n Gansang ramo; bibi: itik. 
Brash a-Marupok; mainit ang ulo; ma- 

Brasier-Brazier w-Ang marunong guma- 

wa ng mga kasangkapan ng tansong 

Brass-w Tansong dilaw. 
Brassy a Parang tanso; may halong 

Bratn Batang hamak. 
Bravado n Tawong hambog. 
Brave a Matapang. mangahas bayani; 

marahas. marikit. 
Brave w-Tawong matapang. 
Bravery nKatapangan; dabas kapanga- 

hasan: tining ng loob. 
Bravo-n-Tulisdn na matapang. 
Bravo mfer.-Mabuti; tapang. 
Brawl-n Gulo; talo; away; usap. 
Brawl-t?-Makipagtalo; mag usap. 
Brawnn-Lakas; kalakasan. 
Brawny a Malakas. 
Bray-t?Durugin; dikdikin. 

Bray n-Iyak ng kabayong mula. 
Bray-r-Umiyak ang mula. 
Brazena May halong tanso; bastos. 
Breach n Puang: sira; puit ng baril. * 
Bread.n Tinapay. 
Bread th-n-Lnang lapad; kapalaran; 

Break V Basagin; sirain: tipuin; biakin; 

lapakin: bumasag; masira; tumipo; 

lamagok; lagutin; masayang. 

Break n Basag; sira; tipo; lagot; kasi 

raan; puang. 
Breaker-wAng maninira; maninira. 
Breakfastt; Kumain ang agaban. 
Breakneckw-Lugar na matirik. 
Breaknecka-Matulin na matulin. 
Breakwater w Harangan ng tubig. 
Breastn-Dibdib; loob ng dibdib. 
Breast-v Salubungan; lumaban; huma 

Breastbone-w Buto ng dibdib. 
Breastpin w-Alfiler. 
Breastwork-w- 1> uta. 
Breathe-w-Ang hininga. 
Breathing-w Paghihininga. 
Breathless a Walang hinga. 
Bred v imp &p. ^.-Nagalaga. 
Breech n Puic. 

Breech v Ibigay ng salawal. 
Breed-w Magiwi; magalaga. 
Breed n Lahi. 
Breeding n-Kagalangan; kaugalian; asal; 

galang; turo; dunong; karunungan; 

kagalingan; inam ng kilos; pinaga- 

Breeder w-Taga alaga. 
Beeze n Hangin; amihan; habagat 
Brent wGansang lalaki. 
Brethern n Magkakapatid. 
Brett n Carruageng mahaba. 
Breve-n-Nota ng musica. 
Brevet wKalagayang mataas pero wa 

lang dagdag ang suedlo. 

Brew-r-Gumawa ng servesa. 
Brew n-Lahok. 

Breweryn-Gawaan ng servesa. 
Brewhouse w Gawaan ng servesa. 
Brewing n Pag gagawa ng servesa. 
Bribe n Suhol. 
Bribe-t/Suhulin; suhulan. 
Bribery w Suhol: pagsusuhol. 
Bricabrac n Manga sangkap na munti 

ang halaga. 
Brick-n-Lario; ladrillo. 
Brick-v Ilagay ng lario. 
Brickbat-w-Pirasong lario. 
Brick kiln n.Gawaan ng ladrillos 6 lario. 
Bricklayer-w Kantero. 
Brickmakern Ang gumagawa ng lario. 
Bridal-a Nauukol sa kasal. 
Bride n Mapangasawa. 
Bridegroom nLalaking bagong kasal. 
Bridesmaid n Babaying abay sa kasal. 
Bridge n-Tulay. 


Bridge-v-Ilagay ng tulay; guina>^a ng 

Bridle w-Cabesada. 
Bridle v Pigilin. 
Brief a Maikli. 

Briefly-adv. Agad; mayamia. 
Brier BriarnTinik. 
Briery a Matinik. 
Brig n Sasakyan na may laiiiang dala 

wang palo. 
Brigac^e w-Tatlong regimientongsundalo. 
Brigand n-Tulisang; masamaiig tawo; 

tawong suitik. 
Bright a-Makintab; maningniiig. mali- 

wauag; makisap; malinaw maliniH 
Brighten-u-Lumiwanag liwanagan; pa 

kintabin pakinisin. 
Brightness-w-Kaliwanagan: kisap; ki 

nang kintab; kiais. dilag. 
Brilliance-w-Ningning; kisap; dilag. 
Brilliancy-n-Kisap; ningning; dilag. 
Briiliant-n-Makinis: maningning. maki 

sap; raakinang makintab. 
Brilliant n Brilliante. 
Britnn Gilid; gasa; tagiliran. 
Brim-v-Punuin; pumuno hangang sa 

Brimful-a Puno hangang sa gilid. 
Brimstone nBatong Matigas. 
Bi indel-Brindeled-a- i atikbatik. 
Brindle n Batik. 
Brine-w Patis; tasik 
Brine vAsinan. 

Bringv-Dalhin: magdala; ilapit. 

Briska Maliksi; magdala; masaya. 
Brisket-w Dibdib ng hayop. 
Bristle-n Tutsang. 
Bristle vTumutsang. 
Bristle v Tumindig ang tutsang. 
Bristly a Matutsang. 
British a Nauukol sa Inglaterra. 
British w Ang tawo sa Inglaterra. 
Briton-n-Tawong Ingles; Ingles. 
Brittle-a-Marupok; lahangin; malutong; 

Broach n Aspile; kasangkapang matulis. 
Broach-v-Butasing; ipahayag. 
Broad-a Malapad; maluang. 
Broadax nl alataw na malapad ang ta 

Broadcast wPagsasabog. 
Broadcast a Masabog. 
Broadcast avd. Pasabog. 
Broadcloth-w-Kayo parang merino. 
Broaden V Luangin; lumuang. 
Broadside w-Tagliran. 
Broads word-w-Sabat na malapat at ma 

Progan w Sapatos na magas^pani»;. 



Broguen-Salitang utal. 
Broil. v-Lutuin sa baga 
Br okev. imp Sinira sumira. 
Broken-v Basag; sira. 
Brokenhearted-a-Malunkot na malun- 

kot malumbay. 
Broker-w-Katiwala negociante. 
Broma-w Pagkain. 
Bronchial a Nauukol sa baga. 
Bronchic-a-Nauukol sa baga. 
Broncho w- abayong Americano na 

munti at matigas ang ulo. 
Bronze wLahok ng manga metal na 

tila tansong pula. 
Brooch-n-Alfiler sa dibdib. 
Brood w-Akay 
Broodv-Takpanin ng itlog 6 akay; mag 

isipisip; magwariwari. 
Brook w Saloysoy; ilog na munti; sapa. 
Brookv Magtiis matiisin. 
Broom w-Walis; lawis. 
Broomstick-w Tangnan ng walis. 
Brother w-Kapatid na lalaki. 
Brotherhood n Ang pagkakapatid; kati- 

Brother-in low n Bayaw siaho. 
Brotherly a Parangkapatid. 
Brougham n Carruage. 
Brow n Noo. 
Browbeat v-Takutin ang kapwa sa salita 

Brown a-Kayumangi. 
Brown-n- ulay kayumangi. 
Brown vTinain ng kayumangi. 
Brownish a-Kulay trigo. kayumanginji 

Bruise n-Bugbog. 
Bruise-v Eugbugin; bumugbog. 
Bruiser-n-Tawong bastos at malakas. 
Brunette n-Babaye na hindi maputing 

Brun^nAlsa, Lakafi ng isang suntok; 

Brush-w Walie na munti; escoba. 
Brush-v-Escobahin; lawisin. 
Brushwood n Kaugoygoyan. 
Brusque a Magaspang. 
Brutal a-Bastos. walang awa; jiaranjr 

hayop; hiridi marunong maawa. 
Brutality n-Kawalang ng awa kabaw. 

tosan; kahalayan; kahayupan, kabag 

Brute-w Hayop; tawong bastos. 
Pryony-M Lipay. 
Bubble n Bula. 
Bubble V Bumula; bumukal; humining. 

sumilakbo; bumuluhok. 
Buccaneern-Tulisan dagat. 
Buck-n-Usang lalaki; negro. 


Bui-k-i' Siiiiiuwail: iiiiiiiruti{[. 

Buubet nTimba liolJi; |>aii3iiilia. 

Bimkle-n Hibilla. 


Buckle ti'Huinu))»^; liiitiialtiktot. 


Huckfhot'tt' Per de ^'oiie". 

Bnckskin n Katail iig tiipa 6 una. 


Bm) t'buiniikii. isabak. 



}<iit]^et » AnK tayunpf at aiiK Inmaii. 

Buff II Kittail im ipiiiatcimiot na Inii^iH. 

Buffalo-M aUbaw. 

Biirfi>on-n- uIk> payano. 

B LiHoo n .H u f foil i f 1 1 -A Ma I n n a. 

Buffouni' y ti-Biro; katuwaait. 


Buggy a Masiirot. 

Kaggy n-KarriiaKen;; iiiniiti. 


Bugle ri-Aag corneia. 

Iliiililwltayo. jinmawa ^awlii. 

Buililn Yari ng iaaiiji baliay; parasii r<a 

Building n Daliav. 
t'ulb ti Maniaga; luiiiake. 
Bulbous o Mabiikba. 
Ilulge-n HuliOK ''a Inbay, 
Bulgev Huiiiu)><>^ ea \iiha». 
nulkvfl MEilnki. 
BiilJ-.iToro bakan« iaiaki. 
Bull a-Malaki; mabajj-'ik tiiut.aiigi^. 



Bullion nOiiitu 6 pilnk na hiiiai |>ii. 


Bnils evenGlliia ng targetn. 

Bully )i'Ta«<,ri); liuiulmg at mafiaina, 

Bully-v-MaghAmbog ItiuiamTiui^l.inuaiiiii. 

Bulwark « Mh ilt tia kuta. 

Hutulilebpe n Bubuyog 

Bump« Umiimjjoj;,- untojriii. 

Sump D Umpog; iiiiCO):. 

Bumper n Paiiumpo;; 

Bumpkin itTiiwimt: barto»: liuuiak 6 

ulol Uwunj; bukid, 
Btimptiou!' a Mangahns. 
Bun rtunn n Pande><al. 
Bunch n-Buig-n Kinaii. 
Bunch V Kuniuig isflmji. 
Bunchy a May buig niabnij;. 
Bund n-Katipiinaii, 
Bundle nPiKki» baK.t 
Bun.ile-flbigkis; ibaU>t ^.alulan; big 

II B rs 

Buiin « TapiSu pasak. 
Buu)fl)olt ), Biitas 1)^ biirik'H 
Bungle «6a»ii, na kung pa]iaaii.i. 
Bunglingd Bigla. 
BunkB-tJibigoii tatre. 
Bu(ikcMalii);a sa hibjgan; tumira sa 
Bunker N l.ulagyaii ng uliiig. 
Burning «Kavoiig pungnviik. 
Buny<..l■».^„nlau,aKa ng duliri ng paa, 
Buuj-t.Tan,la na iimui aii^- m ibabaw 

iig lubigat tinuHii-okungSfuin dapa( 

ii.ugdaaii A,,)! manga siiBukyan. 
BtLoi r aluiAngiii. 
Buoyancy rtCiuaii. 
Bouyimt u Mag.ian: masaya. 
Burden K-liuibmiK; bigat ga«a; kalii 

rapan; kapagalan. 
Burden-c-lpatraboliin ng niabigiit. 
BurdeoMome a Mbigat niabirap tiianiiiii. 
Burdoi'k-H Mori;». 
Bureau s Aparadur; oflicina. 
Burg» Nayon. 

BurgesM n Hukoni xa nayon. 
Burgher „ Aug turn tira 'sn nav<ni 
Burglar» Magnanakaw. 
Burglarise v Gutiuipaiig; tnagnakuw na 

kawiii xa babay. 
Burial'fl Paglilibing baunan. 
Burin «Kasangkapsn ng platero. 
Btirlesnue h Katuwaan. 
Burlesque « Maluwa, 
BiirlyaMalHkas: u.alnki. 
Burn n Siipa aaluysoy. 
Hiirn nSiinug; pasu silab |ial(.iH. 
Burnn.Sunugin silabiii sigan papag- 

paHain; nisglinga»; niagliab; tnapawo; 

Burner-w Manunog,- tagacnnog. 
Burning n Miiinil. 
BurninaR-Pageuncg pagliab; paglingaH. 

Burniflh r Buliliin pakinlabin 
Burni»li n Bull. 

Burnt r/i. ;>, Nasunog. iiakasimog. 
Burro-H Juniento. 

Burrowc-Naycjn; Hukay ng liayop. 
Burrow f Hiikayin ang liipn luiimikav 



Burthen n Rigat hli-ap; kaliirapai 

Buntbeno Bi^taii: mahirapaii. 

Bury-T- Ilibiiig ibaon; liutnukny. 

Bush n Ugoygoy, 

Bunh r llagnanga 


Bui<liy n Masarijia malag". 

Busily if Maeipag. 

Buskw luyiiH ihanda. 




Busom w Loob ng dibdib. 

Buss w-Halik. 

Buss v Huraalik; halikin 

Bust w Lara^ran ng ulo at balikat. 

Bustle w Kadalian; kasipagan; ha- 

Bustler-Maghaplit: magmadali. 
Busy a-Masipag; may ginagawa. 
Busy-v-Sumipag. maghaplit. 
But cow/.-Bagkus; ngunit; datapua; 

But ativ.-Yamang; bagkus. 
But n Hanga. 
Butcher n Mangigilit. 
Butcher v-Patayiu ang hayop. 
Bucherknife-wCuchillong malaki. 
Butchery-n Pagpatay; kamatayan. 
Butler w-Tagair gat ng mga alak at 

Butt w Malaking bariles. 
Butt V Idugtong. 

Butt end-w Dulong malaki; puit. 
Buttern Mantiquilla. 
Butter-r Ipahiran ng mantiquilla. 
Butterfly-w Paroparo. 
Buttermilk-7iGata8 na walang laknip. 

Buttery a-May mantiquilla. 

Buttock-w-Baywang: pigi. 

Button w Butones. 

Button-v Magbutones. 

Button holenUhales. 

Butress w Haliging bato na pangpatibay 

sa bahay. 
Bukom a-Mataba; malakas; masaya. 
Buy V Bumili; mamili. 
Buyer w-Ang namimili. 
Buzz-w-Hanging; Haginit. 
Buzz vHumaging. 
By^re^.-Sa sakay. 
By adv.-Ssi tabi; malapit sa. 
By-Bye-n Paalam. 
By-end-n-Sariling interes. 
By gone a-Nakaraan. 
By gone w-Anomang bagay na nakaraan. 
By-law w-Ordenanza; utos. 
By-name n Bansag. 
Bypath-w Landas na tago. 
Byroad-w-Daan na tago. 
Bystander n Ang nanunuod. 
Byway-n-Daan na tago. 
Byword n Karaniwang salita; talinhaga 


Cab a-Carromata. 

Cabal n Kapisanan ng tawo; katipunan. 

Cabai-v Ma^akala. 

Cabbage r-Repolio. 

Cabbage V IT mi tin; uniumit. 

Cab n w Salong; kubo. 

Cabinet-w Aparador. 

Cabinet ma er-n-Ang gumagawa nang 

mga aparador. 
Cable w-Kable. 
Cable v-Magtelegrama. 
Cable gram-n-Telegrama Hatid Kawad. 
Caboose Ti-Coche. 
Cacao-w-Cacao; Puno ng cacao. 
Cad-wTawong bastos. 
Cadaver-w-Bangkay; Burol. 
Cadaverous a Parang patay; raaputld: 

mukhang patay. 
Caddish-a Bastos; hamak; palalo. 
Caddy ?i Maliit na sisiglan ng cha. 
Cadence-w-Pagkaayon ng voees sa pag- 

Cadet-w Ang nag aaral ng magpuno sa 

Cafe-n- Restaurant; fonda; karihan. 
Cage-M Jaula; kulungan ng ibon. 
Cage v-Ilagay sa jaula. 

Cairn-w-Bunton ng bato 
Caisson-w-8isiglan ng bala ng kanyon: 

lalagyan ng bala ng kanyon. 
Caitiff-wTawong hamak 6 bastos. 
Caitiff a Masama; hamak bastos. 
Cajole V Palayawin. 
Caken-Mamon; bara. 
Cake v-Tumigas; maging matigas. 
Galamitou8-a-Mahirap; mahapis; ma 

sakit; masakuna. 
Calaboose n Bilango; calaboso. 
Calamity-n Sakuna; kahapisan; kahira- 

pan; kapahamakan; kasakitan; ka- 

siraan ng purl. 
Calash n-Carruage na umubrang alisin 

ang itaas. 
Calcareous-a-Parang apog; may halong 


tasahin: bumilang. 
Calculation n Bilang; kuenta; balak; ka 

tasahan; kabilugan. 
Calculator-n-Taga bilang; ang gumaga 

wa ng kuenta. 
Oalculous-a-Parang bato. 
Calculous-w-Bato sa loob ng pantog; 
Paraan ng pagkuenta 




Caldron n Kawa katingan. 

Calandar n Caiendario; almanake. 

Calf nBulo. 


Calicon Ciia; sita. 

Calipers n Panukat nang inga bagay na 

Calisthenics-n Bjercicio; Pagsanay. 
Calix n Balat ng bulaklak. 
CalknPasakin; tasakin. 
Calk n Pasak; tasak. 
Call-v-Tumawag tawagin. dapitiii; uiag* 

visita: visitahin dumalaw. 
Caller-n-Ang magvisita; lagatawag. 
Calling n Tawag hanap *buhay. 
Calligraphyn Sulat na mainam. 
Callosity n Kalipakan. 
Callous n Lipak. 
Callous n-Malipak. 
Callow-o-Walang balahibo. 
Calm n-Kawalan ng hangin. 
Calm a-Tahimik, walang gulo; payapa; 

Calm V Katahimikan; humimpil; tuma* 

himik; pahimpilin. palubayin; paya- 

pain; tiwasay pumayapa. 
Calmness n Katahimikan; kapalagayan; 

kapayapaan. kapanatagan. 
Caloric n-Taginit panahon ng init. 
Calorific a Mainit; nauukol sa init. 
Calumniate v-Bintangin: magbingtang. 
Calumniation n Bintaug pagbibintang. 
Calumniatorn-Ang nagbintang; hindi 

tama: masama falso. 
Calumniatory a Falso; hindi tama; si- 
nun galing. 
Calumny-7»-Paratang na falso; alibugha. 
Calve-v-Manganak; (naaukol sa kalabaw 

6 haka, 
Calyx-n-Manga dahon sa labas ng bu- 
Cambric-n Cambray, 
Oame-t?. imp.-Dumating. 
Camera-n Kasangkapan sa pagkuha ng 

Camp.n Lugar ng pagpahinga ng huk- 

bo; pahingahan ng hukbo. 
Campaign-n Panahon ng pag lalaban ng 

Camphorate v Ilagay ng aleampor. 
Can-v-Maka; umubra. 
Canal-n-Sangka; padaluyan ng tubig; 

sangkang patubigan. 
Canard-n-Daya; hibo. 
Canaryr^-Xbon na munti at azul ang 


Uancel-r-Lipulin; burahin; umayaw. 
Cancellatonn Pagbura; paglipol. 
Cancer n Pigsa. 

Cuncerous-aaNuukol sa pigsa. 
Cancriform-a-May hitsurang alimango, 

hitsurang alimango 
Cande labrum-w-Lalagyan nang candila 

Candid a Tunay totoo; ganap; mabait 

tapat ang loob; walang labas sa ma- 

Candidacy n Pagkacandidato. 
Candidate nCandidato. 
Candidly a«?<?.-Tunay; totoo; tapat. 
Caudle n < andila. 

Candle-stick n-Tirikan ng kandila; can- 
Candle-light-w-Ilaw ng candila. 
Candor-7i-0atapatan 6 catibayan nang 

Candy n Matamis. 

Cane w-Cawayan; baston; tungkod. 
Cane v Hampasin ng baston. 
Cane brake n-lubuhan. 
Canine a-Parang aso; nauukol sa aso 
Canister w Bala ng canyon na kung hi 

magpak ay sasabog. 
Canker-n Gibik ng suso. pamamato ng 

Canker v Gumibik ang suso; mamatu 

ang suso. 

Cannibal n Ilongot; ang tawong kuma- 

kain ang kapwa. 
Cannibalism n Kasalbahian; pagkasal 

bahi; pagkakain ng kapwang tawo 
Cannon-w Kanyon. 
Cannonade n Pagpuputok ng kanyon. 
Cannon ball n-Bala ng kanyon. 
Cannon shot n-Putok ng kanyon. 
Cannot w Walang kaya. di maka. 
Canoe n Bangka. 
Canoe V Mamangka. 
Canon n Utos. regla. 
Canonic-Canonical-a-Nauukol sa regla 

6 utos. 
Canonize v Ilagay sa pagkasanto ang 

Canopy «Tabing: baldokan. 
Canopy v Itabing; ilagay ng tabing. 
Cant v-Kumanta; mag awit. 
Cantn Salita na nakakahawig sa kanta 

labas ng sulok. 
Canteloup-» anteloupe n Kunting melon. 
Cantata n Poema na may halo ang mga 

Canteen n Tindahan; lalagyan ng tubig, 
Can tern Takbo. 

OAR 1! 


Uanticle n Ang katita tii SnlomOn. 

Canton flannel n Freneln. 


('nnvnaback-M Patong ilnaat. 

CaoTasa vSiyasalin hnmanap nf vnto. 

Canraae-n Siyasal; pa((haiiap ng voto. 

CapnTnkaro gorro. 

CBpuTnptopin: takpan; tapnsin. 

Capable-rt May kaya; bihasa; mabnit »a 

nay aapat. 
CspacioiiM a Maaliwalae; inaltiag; :n» 

JUanK malaki. 
Oapai;i[y-n Kapalaraii sukal: tokal; Inki. 
Cap-a pie-(trfi'. Magbnhatsa ulo hangang 

Caparison-n- Koaargkapan tig t^abayo. 

Caparison-^/ Gayakiii, 

<!ape-n Cnpa. 

Caper-r-Mflglikot; magliiiiiinirnn. 

Capei--nJ,ikot umlair, 

Capi I lary-o- Parang- biihok. 

Capital n Nannkol aa buhay ii tilo. 

Priineroeahalaga; mainam. inarikit. 
Capital-»- Capital; maiiscnla. 
Capiial-n Puhuiian 
CapitaiiBt «Ang may pnhunan ong iin- 

Oapltalize-a Mainnhniian. 
Capital elterw I.^tning iniiii«riilii. 
Oapitilioti n Po^piif«it. 
Capltn -s-Bahay n^ gcibiurnii. 
Capitulate nSuniuko, 
Capitnlation n-Pagnnko. 
Capon «Kapon. 

Cprii:e » Ligaya iiiaiit; pagkaibtg. 
■CHpricioas-nMsinaDi: nialigaya. 
Capaize-W'Itaiib liiniiiiib. 
Ca ps i ae ■«- Pairt a W u b . 
CapBiiUr Caput! lary-n-Hiliiirangi-apMiiIn; 

noiiukol na capsula. 
CapBnIe-n Caps Ilia. 
CaptainnKapitan: puno. 
Captaincy n Pagkakapitan; kniagayan 


C:i)ili-i - .; M ■! !:iitp[iita8; mapintaBin. 

I'iiiiii ■ .m[: nakiilong. 

•-' . .'Ill bninibag^paaiiknin. 

Captivii', ., i' i.'L.iiircHo pngkal)ihag, 

CaplrirnAng hnmibag. 

Captnre uBiliagin,- linniihag snmcaniin; 

Grfpliirp n Pagkabibag pngknba; pag- 
. pagbil.ig. 





4 CA R 

Carat «Tim bang ng ginlo. 
Carovansarv-n Tnlutan, 
Carbiiie-n Baril na nmikli. 
Carbolic c Carobolico. 

Cnrbima-'cunnrt-Mny balong nling. 
Carbriy « PamaiuHna. 
Carbmirle n Piaea. 
Can' a a « Bantikav. 
CarfinSnklnv n^ balahibo. 
Car<i-n Snlal na nisikli, Pir.isong carton 
na may nskasnlat ang ngalan; ha- 

Cariiu Siiklayin ang halahibo. 

Cani hoard n Carton. 

Cirdia «PuBo. 

Cnnlinc n Nannkol pa pUBO. 

CardialgiaCardialgy n Sakit ng pusr». 

Cardinal a Unang. mahalagang. 

Cunlinal-n Cardinal, 

Care n Ingiit pagkakalinga; pagiingai; 

pninamabala kahirapan. 
Care « Injatin pamnhalaan; msmahala. 
Caretal-n Maingftt; raaalaga; makalinga; 

Careless rt Pabaya «alang ingat; maba- 

gal walaiig knlinga; walang ayos, 
Cnrelessness-ii-Kapabayaan; kaligtaan; 

kstamaran; kabagatan; kanalan ng 

Careen-»iH,imi!ig; hlimapay, 
Careeiti-Carrera, palakad;lianapbnlifly. 
Career t) Luniakad ng matil Ti' 
CarreBs-ti Alindngin; palayawin. 
CurBsa-B Alindrtg: anis palayaw 
Cureworn fl Pogod niahirap mapagal. 
Cargfi fl-Panmnialiala; ang niliitan. 
Canbon n Kalabaw. 
Caricature n Ketrutung niapapatawa, 
Carii'at.urer Unman a nang retrntong 

Caricatnrist n Ang gnitiawa ng retratniig 

Carl n-Tawong majakan; tawong baftnti. 
Carman n Codiero. 
Carminative n Carminativo. 
CarnnjienLainan " came ng tawo " 

hEiyop na patay; kamatayan. 
Carnal'» Motaba; nialnninn. 
Carnation-M Corn ad On. 
Carnation iMapiiIapnla. 
Carnival nKnrnnval. 
Carn veronso Makakain np kariie. 
Carol n-uanla: Awit, 
Carol vKumanta Mag awit. 
CaronBal » Kalikutng ingay kagnhihan. 

kn'Jignyan biroan, 
Caninse It Uminom at magkagulo. 
Caronsen-Ang pag iinoni atpagBiignlo 




Carp n- Bum buan. 

Oarpenter-n Anluagiie. 

Carpentry w Pag aaiilnague. 

Carper wAng pnmipintas. 

Carpet nKayoiig niakapal na nakala- 

tag sa sahig. 
Carpet w-Saco de noclie. 
Carriage n-Carruage; pagdadala. 
Carriern Tagadala aiig nagdadala; t^ga 

Carrion w Carneng nabubulok. 
Carrom»- Carom. 

Carry-v Magdaia pasanin; dalhin. 
Cartn-Kagol: careton. 
Car t-v- Dalhin; ilag:ay sa bagol. 
Cartage n Pag lululan sa bagol. 
Carter w-Cochero. 
Cartilage n Butong malambot. 
Cartilageous o Nauukol sa butong ma- 
Cartridge w Tartucho; punlo. 
Carve v-Guhitin; hiwain. 
Carving n Ang pag uhit; paghiwa. 
Cascade n Talonan ng tubig. 
Case n Ba»>ay, lalagyan. 
Case V Tsilid sa lalagyan. 
Case n Usap; ang nangyayari. 
Caseous a Parang queso. 
Cash-n Salapi; kuarta. 
Cash-w-Ipamalit ng kuarta. 
Cash book n Librong tandaan ng pag- 

pasok at pag labas ng kuarta sa 

Cashiern-Tenedor de libros. 
Cashier-t^alis sa katungkulan. 
Casing n-Takip; kahon; lalagyan. 
Cask H Bariles 
Casket n-Ataul. 
Casque n Bariles. 
Cassi m ere n- Kayo de lana. 
Cassock w-Hdbito. 
Cast-v-Hagis; pukol; balibag: tapon; 

pagpukol pagtapon; pagtudla. 
Cast-v Ipukol . ibalibag; itapon; ihagis. 
Cd£ta way-v Tawong hamak. 
Cast way-a-Hamak; walang kabulu 

Caste z/Kapisan an ng tawo: lahi. 
Caster-v-GuIong ng inga kasangkapan 

ng bahay; 
Castigate t> Parusabin; paluin; bampa- 

Casting v-Pagbububo; ang binubo. 
Castlev-Kuta; bahay na mainara at 

Castor-v-Sombrerd. ^ 
Castor oil v Aceite de castor. 

Casual a-Hindi sinasadya; mataonah. 
Casual v Siihdalong walang destino. 

Casualty v-Ang ragkakataon; pangya 

yari: ang hindi sinadya. 
Cat-n Pusa. 
Catacomb n-Lugar ng tipunin ang mga 

buto ng nangamatay. 
Calalepsy n Knlagayan parang patay. 
Cataleptic a Nauukol sa himatay.* 
Catalogue n-' andaan. 
Catalogue V Ilagay sa tandaan; ilista 6 

isulat sa tandaan. 
Catamarann-Sasakyan na may dalawang 

Catamount w-Hayop na mabangis na 

nakakahawig sa tigre. 
Cataplasm n Tapal. 
Catapult-n-Panghagis na mga bato at 

Cataract-n Talon ng tubig; (malaki). 
Catarrh w Sipon. 
Catarrhal a Nauukol: sa sipon- 
Castastrophe-n Sakuna. 
Catboat w-l'angka. 

Catch V Hulihin; humuli; umabot abu- 
tin; dakpin; habulin; humabol; ku- 
Oatch-n-Ang nahuli: ang hinuli* 
Catching n Paghuhuli. 
Catch penny-o-Walang kabuluhan. 
Catchup Catsup n Sarsa. 
Catechise-v Magturo sa pagtatanong. 
Catechism n Catecismo. 
Category n Lagay; kalagayan. 
Categorical a Nauukol sa lagay; totoo. 
Cater-v Maghanda nang pagkain; mag- 

Caterpillar n Uod, higad. 
Catfish n Kanduli, 
Catgut n Pisi ng bituka. 
Cathartic n Purga. 
Cathartic-a-Nauukol sa purga. 
Cathedral-w Katidral. 
Catholic a-' atolico. 
Catholic n- Ang sumasampalataya sa re- 

ligi«ng catolico. 
taya sa religiong catolico. 

Catholicize-t; Pilitin ng magiging cato- 

Catkin w-Tinik. 

Catmint Catnipn Eabling. 

Catsup n- Sarsa. 

Cattle nManada ng baka: mga baka. 

Caucus-n-Kapulongan ng mga partida. 

Caucus* v-Magtipon ng partida. 

Caudal a-Nauukol sa buntot. 

Caudate a May buntot. 

Caudle n Inumin ng mainit para nang 
' may sakit. 

Caught-v. imp, (Si p, p. 'HmuW; ikakahuli. 





Caiil-n-Panakip ng ulo. 

Cause nEMnaginulan; pinagbuhatan. pi 

nangalingan. dahilan: katowiran; ka 

tarn pa tan. 
Cause-t; Yumari ibigay ug pinagbulia 

tan 6 pinagmulan. 
Causeless n Walang dahilan. 
Cause way Causey -n Daaii na mataas. 
Caustic a Mapapasuhan. 
Caustic n Gamot na pangpaso. 
Cautern-Bakal na mainit na pamaso. 
Cauterize v Pasuhin. 
Cautery nPagpaso. 

Caution-n-Ingat; siyasat bait; unahan. 
Cc^ution V Uinabala magbigay alam. 
Cautionary a Nauuko) sa iiigat. 
Cautious a Dala; maingat mai>aginasiii: 

Cavalcade n- Procession ng raga tawong 

nakasakay sa kabayo. 
Cavalier n Ang nakasakay sa kabayo. 
Cavalier a Masaya. 
Cavalry n Kaballiria. 
Cave-n-Yungib; lunga. longib; tibag. 
Cave-v Tibagin, itibag tumibag. 
Cavern n-Yungib. longib lunga. 
Cavernous a Naunkol sa yungib; ma- 

Cavil-w-Dahilan na walang kabuluhan. 
Cavil z/Magbigay ng dahilan na walang 

Caviler-n-Ang nagbigay ng dahilan na 

walang kabuluhan. 
Cavity-n-Hukay; ukit; butas. 
Caw v-Magwaka. 
Cayenne n Paminton. 
Cayman n Buaya. 

Cease-t; Tumigil; humimpil; tumahan. 
Ceaseless a- Walang tahan. 
Cedar-n-Kahoy na malambot at mapul^i. 
Cede- w Magbigay; ibigay; ipagkaloob; 

pumayag. • 

Ceil t;-Maglagay ng kisame. 
Ceiling.n Kisame. 

Celebrate v-Magdiwang,ipagpista; mag- 
Geiebrateda-Bantog. balita; bunyi. ba- 

yani; mabantog. 
Celebrity n-Bantog:kabayanihan. t 

Celebration-nbiwang pista. 
Celebrator-n-Ang nagcjiidiwang. 
Celerity-n-Katulinan; kadalian; liksk:) 

tulin. ' * , ' 

Celery -n-Kinsay. ; 

Celestial a Nauukol sa insik: 
Celestial-nJnsik. , ; f / 

Celibacy-n-Kalagayan na walang ass^wa; 

pagkabagongtaw(^. ) ' ' • 

CaJJ-^-Hadlang; butap. 

Oellar-n- Lunga; longib; yungib. 
Cellular a-May maraming buiae; butas 

Cement n Cimento. 

Cement V Ilagay 6 pahiran ng cemento. 
Oemetaryn Pantion. 
Censern Incensario. 
Censor-n-Taga pintas, ang pumipintas; 

Censorious-a-Mapintasin; pala pintasin. 
Oensnsw Censo; kabilangan ng manga 

tawo sa isang lugar 
Cent n Baria cuarta. 
Cental n la&ng daang libra. 
Centenarian-a Nauukol sa isang daang 

Centenarian n a wo na may isang 

daan taon ng gulang. 
Centenary n Luat ng isang tiaan taon 
Centenary a Nauukol sa isang daan 

taon; may isang daan taon. 
Centenial a Nauukol sa isang daan 

Centenial-n-Pagdiwang sa katapusan ng 

isang daan taon. 
Center-w Gitna; ubod; kaibuturan; laot 

Center v Ipagitna; pirmihin. 
Centesimal a Icaisangdaang bahagi. 
Centigrade a-May isang daang grado. 
Centigram w-Centigramo. 
Centiliter ?iCentilitro. 
Centimeter n-Centimetro. 
Centiped n Uod na may marannng paa. 
Centipede n-Uod na may maraming paa. 
Central a Sa gitna; nauukol sa gitna. 
Centralize v Ipagitna. 
Centric a Gitna. 
Centrifugal-a-Nakakaalis (a gitna. 
Centripetal a-Nakakalapit sa gitna. 
Centuple alsang daang duble. 
Centuple-t;-Dubiihin nang isang daan^^ 

Century n Luat ng isang daang taon. 
Ceramic-n Nanukal sa mga tapayan 
CeramicH n-Karunungan sa paggagawa 

ng mga tapayan. 
Cereal a Nauukol sa mga mais, pa lay 

trigo, etc. 
Cereal n Maiz, palay, trigo, etc. 
Ceremoniala Nauukol sa cerenionio. 
Ceremonious a Nauukol sa cerenionio 

dakila ayon sa kaugalian. 
Ceremonyn-Ceremonio; kaugalian; ka 

Cei-tftin-o Totoo; tunay. 
Cer.tajinly-adr.-Tunay; totoong. 
Certainly n Katunayan; katotohanan 




-CBnincaiiai: « T'ainicirrtirtitM- nasmmt 

Ctrrvica. a 'Naams.ii <«. iii^ 
CdTvuH- c amiftfi. «V. tMk 
-C ■•iiiiim. ffi Pivninni iia^nimiiii: iiu«ns 

dsHRifiL •< 'Sakr. 

Cixitff r Tnm-'nim ynnncn; 

Cmdt- fk Tmiiiii. utTPHfisii. 

Otucff]( r TiHwyHTim 

Ouam « Tmikaita CBcknoL 

Ofaair * TiinHn; «iiiB. 

«m ifianf kstnnrufii: 
CriMMC « K&rroiits!& 
C^iaktrcm «-Takii'j nr nliuir n* mmT jtt- 

Ctuiikie • Calif»; tnpoii. 
<Si }k •» Y«p<» inTiaiir pim. 
CiMilk r^jiu h hill o patiins nj v«»«\. 
ChaltT «Paniiff T«»o. 
CftxaJk* hu^ • Pitii. 

C^iallen^ « HaiDc*n:.^jTo;l!rtJUL;AjiT«han 
C%a]k'ng€>r Hixmaiz>oxi. haniiiBin, «^ 

_ m 

Chamber n Knarto f^hd. 
Chamber r Ilairay «a «lilid. 
Chamberl:iin a Paso f« bahav nang 

Chamber-maid n Alila fta bahay. 
Chameleon n Bntiki, 
Cham p-r-Ngn masab. 
Champa^e h Champa^e. 
Champaign m Lupang malaang at patag. 
Champaign a Patag maluang; malawak 
Champion a Pnno; tawong bayani. 
Champion-r Lumaban* knpkopin. 
Chance n Kapalaran patad. 
Chance-f Itagay sa kapalaran. 
Chancel-n Lugarnang altar 8a simbahan. 
Chancellor n Hukom, 
Chandelier n Lalagyan ngkinki; aranya. 
Chandler nAng magtitinda ng candila; 

mangagawa ng candila. 
Chandlery ?i Tindnhan ng candiln. 
Change r Caguh in palitan; halinhnn; 

ibahin: ipamalit biimago; hnmalili; 

magpnlit; suklian. 
Change n Sukli; palit; pagkalmgo; knib- 

han halili. 
Changeable Chaniieful r Hin«li flrm«». 

v*.«i»n* • ^U***^ »^ »^*1>K t«»*v *%*«i^^. 

v]iiMi'>^ «ft ■»«*<• 

Otmw^-fir-tf iMiC ii^tii?>«*li»H: b*»biiv- i*», 

Ohw*rfrrmr-)n^^*rtii?^ >i^ mnMi?>#*>»nv b^ 

buy^ titif: TT»(k|* df»»>K«i^ 
Oh«pfiilH«ft.« >|>i>«ni?i'^< l^bO'Cvl* 
OhaL^)ifc)9t4i 0«nilU»tk y^i nj^ni: ♦i>^niJv 

OhaT»>« « l5-n»ri^ 


Oha-r^ ^T)t^v» 

Ohariw^w^Tfi K4i<¥0a1>A)h *i<!*lS. *5Mi ij^n 

OhaTVHval r Vhv^^ * 

ChaT«<»ii Min|ti; 0*^<A. 0>0n^ bA^Aw-.^ 
bibti l4^Nb^liii, ^\l^t*v>* b>^^^V»«! 

Charily m \ iw^v* 

CharUtan m Aug uagiM^i^AblA \\ft ^t^\^\\M 

Charm m l^^ngbalh^A. |viiU)H^<\^i^yAiNi» 

pag^atukA. puko. 
Charm r TaUkAuiU; i^n^^kMh^ 
Charming f» MaiUMhv d^kUn 
Chnrnol n May \\\\^\\ wft \\\it^ \\^s\)i\s\ 
Churnt'l bounf n \.\h\\\» ^MiMtoH, \^\^\\^^\ 

na ikinalaUgynn w^ mg«i Ufti^itkMN 
Chart H Mnpa 

Chart vUunmwa w^ tunpn 
OhiirtorH rnhit\tnlo< nff ihd>if^vnn. Vm^M 

OliArlort» Upnhan. 
Ohtiry ri Mrtinj^nt, iHMltnnl 
Chiiito «• llnhnlln, iniuiiniiiMt hiMtiiibtil 
ChaKo n Pnithnhnl pniiflnngniiii 
Chnni^rfiAng hutimlmliMl 
ClitiMin n PnrlH maIiivmov 




Ohaste-a-Mahinahon; wagas. dalisay; 

mabini; mahinhin. 
Ghasteuess-n-aabiuian; kaliuisan;' ka- 

Gliasten t^-Dalisayin linisin. 
Giiasteaingn PagJadalisay. pag liliiifs. 
Gaastity n Kabinian: kapurihan; kali- 

nisan; timtim; katimtiman. 
Ghastise vHainpasin; paluiii; parusa* 

hin; magparusa. 
Gliastizement n-Parusa; hampas; palo. 
Gaat nSalitaan; salita usap. 
Gaat V Magsalitaan; makipagusap. 
Giiateau-n Bahay sa parang. 
Guattel n-Bagay; kasangkapau. 
Gbatteri^-Magsaiita ng matulin. ^ 

Giiatterw Salita. 
Ghatterbox-n-Tawong masalita. 
Chatty a Masalita. 
Cheap V Miira: hamak. 
Cheapness n-Kamurahan. 
Cheapen v-Bawasan ng halaga. 
Cheat nTekas; daya patibong hibo; 

tawong magdaraya; tawong snitik; 

paghibo; Manunuba. 
Cheat v Hibuin; dayain; tumekas; te- 

kasin; manuba ankinm. 
Check n Pigil; billete. 
Check-w-Pigilin; pumigil; ampatm; pa- 

hintoin; awatin. 
Cheek n Pisngi. 
Cheer w-Sigaw ng tuwa. 
Cheer-v Sumigaw dahil sa tuwa. 
Cheer v-Bigy an lakas. 
Cheerful-a-Masaya; maligaya; nakahi- 

lugod; nakatutuwa; matuwa. 
Cheerless a Malunkot; mapanglaw. 
Cheese n Queso. 
Cheesy-a Parang queso. 
Chemise n Camison. 
Chemist n Kemista. 
Oherish-n Palayawin; ingatin. 
Oheroot-n Tabaco. 
Cherry a Oeresa. 
Cherry nMapula. 

Oherub-n Sangol; batang maganda. 
Cherubic Cherubical-aNauukol sa ba 

tang maganda. 
Chest TtKaban; haul. 
Chestnut-n Castafio. 
Chevalier-n-Tawong sumasakay «a ka- 

Chew V Nguyain; ngumuya. 
Chicken hearted-a-Duag; mahinai ang 

loob: matatakutiu. 
Chicken poxn-Bulutong .tabig. 
OhJde vG&a&an, tuksuhin. 

Chief a Uniing; malaki primerong. 

Chief n Puno; singkad. 


Chieftain n Puno. 

Chaignon n Pusod. 

Chibiain n Alipunga. 


Childhood w Pagkabata kasangulan. 

Childish-a- Parang bata; ugaling bata. 

Childless-a-Walang anak. 

Childlike a-Paran^' bata ugaling bata. 

Chill n-Ngiki. 


Chillya Malaniig na kaunti; malamig 

Chime-w-Tugtog ng compana. 
Chime-v Tumugtog ang compana. 
Chimerical a Maguniguniin. 
Chimney n Palabasan ng asd; dapugan 

na labasAn ng as6. 
Chimpanzee-w-Ungong malaki. 
China w China; 
Chin cough-w Ubong malakas. 
Chine n Gulugod. 
Chinese a Nauukol sa Insik* 
Chinese n-Tnsik; tawong insik. 
Chinese-w Wika ng Insik. 
Chink-vBitak: lamat lahsng. 
Chink-v-Bitakin lahangin lumahang. 
Ohintz-n Sita. 
Chip-r? Tatal; pingas. 
Chip-t? Pingasin: tatalin. 
Chips « Pinagtatalan. 
Chirp z/Sumiap. 
Chirrup-n Siap. 
Chirrup f-Sumiap. 
Chisel-n-Pait; lukob. 
Chisel-vMagpait; raaglukob: lukubin 
Ohitw- Batang munti: supling. 
Chit chat-n-Salita. 
Chivalric a Mabuting loob, nauukol sa 

Chivalrous a Mabuti ang loob maginoo' 

maganda ang loob. 
Chivalry n Pagkaginoo. 
Chive nSibuyas na munti. 
Chloroformn Cloroformo. 
Chloroform v-Patulugin sa Cloroformo. 
Chockodt;. Puno; 1 u b o s ; p u n o n g 

Choice n-Hirang: pili; Ingod; pagpili> 

Choice-n-Hirang; mainam. 
Chokev-Inisin; uminis. 



Cholera n I. olera. 

Olioler n Apdo. 

Clioleiii; a Nauukol aa galit. 

Ohuleric a auukol an apci». 

Cholera [ixirbu^H» (ilerainorbo;t:olerin, 

Cliouae 1^1halal; piliiii; pumili: tiuuii 

rang liirangin liumalaw; iiiaglialal. 

Ohop-t)^ Hiitolin; tadlariii palakolin. 
Oliup n-Piitu pagpupuCol . tndtuil. 

Oliiipstiukii-CTibiertos iig manga iixik. 
ChoruJ H Nnuuko! ea i;on>. 
Cliuril ■» Kutrdaa 
Ohord-vllagny ug knerdau. 
Cliore-nMunlitig trabajo. 
Choristei -«-'■ antador, 
Oborua n Kapisanan ng manga uaiiia 

Ohoae b. ttnp. Pinili: puniiii. 

ChoBen u. p. f PiiiJli na. iiakapili iia. 

Chowiier-n Pagkasnlii.y ng pagkaiii. 

Chowder-ti Lutiiiii ng sabogRahog. 

Chriat-nt mtti. 

Ob^iaten't^BiDyagiD; bninitiyag. innp:- 

" bill )-&((. 
Chmteiidom-'i Lupaiii ii| manga bin- 

Cbtiatian-ii'Biiiyagaii anR biiiinyniiaii. 
Cbristisua-Naniiku aa pagbibiiiyag. 
Christ ianily-nPagkabiiiysKan, 
Chrimiaiiize t BinyBgiii magbmyat;. 
Clirlstmaa -H-PaKcu 

CbroniatiC'i) Nauukul sa manga kulay. 
Cbrom en Metal iia maputi at matigat>. 
OhronkaNauuko] «a panalion. 
Chronicle nTniidauij ii^' manga bagay 

□a nangyari sa iba,t, ibang panalion. 
Ohroniule v I'iatabin ng manga naiifc 

yari saiba.t, ibang paiiahon. 
Chronometer nReloe60rasannaniabuti. 
Obubby a I*andak mataba. 
Chuck-tf Sumiap. 
Chuck-n Slap. 
Chuckle n Tawa. 

Chamn-Kaulayaw; kalaguyo. kaibigaii. 
Chum e-Magkalaguyo; magkaulavaw. 
Chntk-n Pirflsu 
Chunky a-Mataba; paodak. 
Obarch-n Sinibaban. 
ChDrcb tnaiin'lawoni; simbahan. 
Churchwarden n Piin-a] ng aimbaban. 
Churchyard n- Patio, 
Churl «TawoTih- bast-.e at may maxa 

man;; kaiiyalian 
Oharlish a Maramot at hastos. 
Cham V Pagpsgin: galawin. 
Cider nEatae ng maneanas alak. 

!S> CIT 

Cigar n Tabuco, 

Cigart'ite-n > iKarrillo, 


Ciliary-rt Nauiikol «a pilikniaia. 

Cinder nUling Abo 

Oinnamou n Cnnelu. 

Cion n Supliti^. 

Cipher n Zero. 

Cipliur II Kuentalitii; nmpkuenta 

Circle n-Bilog; kabJIugan 

Circle V raUtihin. pumalinlii. 

Circlet-n Miinting bilog, 

Cin-uitnPalibid bilog palihot: paligid, 

Ciivna i-tunialigid pnniolibot piimii- 

Circuitous a Mabilog; malikoliko; ji»; 

Circular a Mabilog 

Circular nPabayatr ng iKaitfi bniray 

Circularity w-Kabilugan. 

Circulate >i Ikolat: ipamalat. 

Circiilation-nAtig pagkakalat. 

Circumferencen-PaliKid. palibid kabi 

Circumflex nKurlit. 
GircumftexaNauukol sa kurltt. 
CirnitnloiiKioii fi Salilong baliklad. 
Oircuni naviaate v Paligiringangmiind-,; 

pumuligiil na mundu, 
Circuui iiavigationn Pa^papaligid ng 

Circuit! polar a Malapit ea hllagaan ng 

CircuuiBcribec Kulungio; paligirin ng 

Circumscription m Guhit ea labos ng 

anomang bagay 6 lugar. 
Ciriuuifpci-t a Mubai marunong: ma- 

iiinaini}] l.rinavjid; mahinhin. 
Cif-iiii.-["iii^.i, ;, Kahinhinaii bait; 

into, lUiryi'ii^ k:irunungan Jiinaboii 
Circumstance nAng Nangyari 
Cir,'uni^t3(i(.-ial-fl-Nauukol ea manga 

CircumventcHanato sa pagdadayu, 

Circuciivention it Pegdaraya pananalo 
sa pagdaraya daya. 

Cia atlantic a Sa gawi 

:. ng dagat 

Ciatern-n ISalun 
Citadel n Kuta ng bayan. 
Cite-vSabibin eayeayin. magHaynsy 
mageabi: magpuhayag: pahuyagin. 
Citation N Pag^abi: pahayag, 
Ciitnzen n Tawnii;.- bayan. 
Citric a Nauukol ua kundol 6 deyap. 
Cjtron n Kundol. 
City» Bayan na malaki , malaking bayari 


Cii'eB n Bawang, 

Civic; oNauukol sh paii^tio. 

Oivil'd Masiiyo; mabnit, inasalan»;. 

Civilian n Paiaano. 

CinlitynAnyo; Buyo galang: hinhin 

kilos na moinam. haiiJog. 
Civilization n Dunong; lialagaynn ma 


Civilizeii-aManinonj;: tnav iliinong. 
Clabber n Paglalapot ng gotns. 
CI ihber-i> Liitnapot. 
Clad B. imp. A 

90 ^CLl 

clatter tt Knmalog. 

Clatter»! > alog. 

Oloiise n-Pangkal. 

Clavicle n-Btito ng liift. 

Claw-r-Kiiko ng pflB ng havop 6 iboii. 

Claw t) Umukyabit. 

Olsy-n Piisall. 

Glay-t) Pahiran nj^ pnaali. 

Clayey a-Mny halong pusali; nauiikol 

tia punali. 
Clean a Maiinis: wagas^ walang halii; 

inaselang hawan; tagands maayori. 
•.ana-fv.Wa^as walang balo; walang 


Claim V Hnmingi; ariin. 

Claim n Hingi. 

Claimant nAng humihinSi 


Clamber- 1'. Umaky at, 

Clammyf-Maputik: parang uhog' 

Clamor cGulnhin maggiito; umngong; 

Miimigaw hiimiyaw. 
Climor t! Gulo ingay iigong kalabog: 

liiyaw karnlnhnn kaingAvan. 
ClamoroiiH a-MainJay: magiilo. 
Otamp-w I pi tin. 

CUBman-n-Biilang tawo, ng ieang lahi, 
Clandealinea Lihim: tago. 
Clang ti Tumnnog. 
Ciang n Tunog. 
ClangornGnlo ingay, 
Clank M-Tunug. 
Clank DTumiinog, 
Clap t'Tnniagupak, tat;iipakin, 
Clap « Tngupak. 
Claptrap-n-HiboL riaya. 
Claptrap a Nakailadnva; uakahihibo. 
Clarify uTowirin liunayin; liwanagin; 

dalii^Hvin. Iiimiwanng, 
Clarinel-Clnrionet «Clarinete. 
Clarion nTriimpeta. 
Clash nUniumpoB; bnuiungo. 
C!a"li n flungo: bnnj;n: nmpog: untog, 
elanp II Hnpiawak liawakin, 
ClasKnClaae: hinlog; labi. 
e llaeay na gra<lo. 

Glean t)' Lin is 



iiBBify-ti IJapay 

Cleanliness n Katiniean, kakiniaan; kn. 

Cteanly-'if/'i.Miiliiiis; walang halo; ma- 

Cleanse v Dalleayin: linisin; pakalini- 

ClearaPnrO' tiinay totoo: maliwanag: 
hawan liayag di inalabo. 

Glfar (1 Maiinis; watnk maa1iwala(>. 

Clear-odv -Wagae; walang halo; mali 
nis aliwalae. 

Clear t'>l.iwaiiagin,' dalisayin: linioin, 

Clearn-Lufania walang kahoy sa gu bat, 

Olearence«-Pag lilinia. 

Clearing n I. il^fll' na maiinis. 

ClearneBs-nLiwanag; kaliwanagan: ka- 

Gleat n Tablang makltid. 

Cleavage n Pagbibiak. 

Giaveo-I.Bhangin: biakin, 

OleaA-em Palntaw, 

Cleft n Ritak lahang. 


Clematis n Linay na may bulaklnk. 

Clement n-Maawain, 

Clemency n-Awa; habag kaawaan. 

Clergy n Kapisanan ng inga pari. 

Clergy man n- Pas tor, ■ . 

Cleric M-Taga eolal; pari. 

Cleric- lerii-alcNauukol aa pari; nann- 
ko] sa tsga snlat. 

Clerk n Et^cribienle taga «ulat aiig 
nagtilin-ila, lindera. 

Clever-d Biliaiia. mariinong; ganap^ ma- 

Cleverness nKarunungan; dunong. 

Clewn Rola ng pisi. 

Click T Pumalatsk, 

Clifk ttPalatak, > 

Client-n Ang kinalong ng abogad". 

Cliff-n-ltatong matirik, ' 






Oting V SiiRiabit duniikit. 


tiHiik-n Alala, 

Oliaker-n-Abo ng uljtift. 

Olipv-Bawasan, itwatiaii; iintian: giipi 

tin: liiwaiij. 
OlipnCiipii liiwn. 
Clipper n ng guiiiugupit. 
Clippii^gn Pagguifupil. 
Olippitig'M'Pinag gupitan. 
OliqUe» Kapiannaii. 
Olnuk H Oamit na paii); ilrabaw, 
Olonk-D Isuot d£ pang ibabaw. 
Clock n Reioa: oraean. 
Clock work-it'Mskina iig relos. 
Clod-n Tingkal. 
Oloddy a Matingkal. 
Olod hopper nTawoiii: bastoe; tawong 

parang tanong barnak. 
Cione-t TapUBio; iaara; yariin: utasin; 

tumapu»: uailhaii. 
Olose-o-Tipi mSBiiiHiu; raarairot. mail- 

pid kuripot; nialiiKpil fjipiL- 
Close aL'ri, Malapil; inakipnt. makitiii. 
Olose-n-TnpoB; katapiusaii. 
GlOBed-a Utap. 

Closely -oil'. Malapit na malapit, 
OloseneHB-n-Lapit; kalapilan; kakitlran; 

kaaikipan; ka^ip'ia»; kakipiitan ka- 

1 COI> ^ 

Club foot M-Pilay ang isang patl. 

Cliien-Guiii. taiida 

Clomp nttuntoii na waUii); bitHiira. 

CluuiHV a BaatUB,' mabagal, 

Oiling t'.p..;j.-NakaiJikit ilinikii; eina- 

bit: nakueabit 
CI usler-i- Piling 
Cluster I' ' UDiiling. 
Outcli-n [la«ak. 
Cliitcli V Hawakan: humauak. 
Coai'h nCoi-iie. 
Coucliuian n Coubero. 
Coadjutor-« Aug lalaking tiimiitiiloiiit 

CloeetnSilid na kinalalagyan ng mga 

CiotnPaLak ng dugo. 
Cloth n Kayo. 
Cloth* e-Isuot ng damit. 
Clothcs-n Manga damit 
Clothing n-Darait. 
Cloud nUlap; alapaap. 
Cloud V'Dumiban; labuaii padilimin. 
Cloudless a Walaug uiup nialiwauag. 
Cloudy o-Maulap may ulap; malabo. 
Cloutn-Tutop; pakiin»; munti at wa- 

lang ulo: 
Clout ti-Tutupan. 
Clove v-Bitnga Dg paiiiitita, 
Cloven-v-Piniak nabiak. 
Clover n Da mo. 
Clowniehd-PaTaiig bitbo. 
Oloy v-MabiiBOg. yumamot, 
Club-n-Palo; tutigkoil pumalo. 
Olub t> Paluin; pumalo; paluin naitg 



H Aug babaying ii 



Coalvllagay ng uling: punuin nnng 

Coaleete i/Ihalo. ilakip ilaDgkapii«<ama> 

Buiiiaitia huinalo. 

CiidI pit n Hukaynu ng uliiig, 
Uuaree a Mngaspang; bastos; hnngal, 

wiilaug pinag arnlan. 
CoarseiieBB-« KabaBtiisan^ kapai. 
Coast II Baybay dagat. 
CoaHtT'Lumnyag malapit «a baybay 

Coamer«f-UBakyfl,i na bind! Iiimay.i 

Ba baybay dagat. 
Coat n-Baro. 
Coat w-Ilagay sa bnrii. 
CoBx-i/Palayawin: alindugin; paaiiioiti; 

manuya; magdilniUI;!. 
Coaxing nPaj; lalavaw; pag aalindug: 


Cobbie-Ctibble Btone-w-Batong munti. 
Cobble n Tutupan ng ningaspang, 
Oobblern-Taga tutop. 
Cobra de capello-n Tankaiba. 
Cobweb n-Ba hay gaganiba. 
Cot^hineal nTiuang mapula. 
Cock n Manok: yawi. 
Oockade n Buhol sa sombrero, 
Oockle-w Talaaii. 

Cockney n Taga bayan ng Londrefi. 
Cock pit n Sabungan; gallera. 
Cockroach n Ipie. 
Cocks comb n Tuktok ng manok 
Cock Bwain-n-Ang umuugit i<a SBBakyaii. 
Cocoa n- bcbo, 
Oocoa-n-Punong cacao. 
Cocoa palm» Puhong niog. 
Cocoanut-n Niog. 
Cocoon nBahay ng uod. 
Cod n Bakalaw, 




CodcHe r-Palayawin. 
Code-n-Kapisanan ng manga atos nang 

Codger n Tawong maramot. 
Codieil-nSulat iia kasama 8 a testa 

Oodify-r-Ilagay sa codigo. 
Coequal a Kapantay. 
Coerce v Pilitin; hibuin; dayain. 
Coercion n Pagpilit: hibo daya. 
Coercive a Makapipilit 
Coeval n Kalaban; katalo. 
Cofee n Knpe. 
Coffee pot n Kapetera. 
Coffer n Kaban ataul baul. 
Coffin n-Ataul. 
Cog-r Hibuin. 

Cog t' Hibo; Ngipin ng gulong. 
Cogency-n Kalakasan. 
Cogent a-Malakas: di makalalaban. 
Cogitate v Magwariwari; niagbulaybu- 

layin; magwari magisipisip. 
Cogitation-n Pagwawariwari wari pag- 

bubulaybulayin; pagiisipisip. 
Cognac n Cofiat. 

Cagnate a Kambal; kambal. 

Cognation n-Pagkakaniaganak. 

Cognition n- A lam; pagkakaalam. 

Cognizable a Magkakaalam. 

Cognizance n-Pagkakaalam; alam; pag 

Cognize r-Malaman: makialam. 


Cog wheeln-Gulong na may ngipin. 

Oohe»^e r Dumikit. 

Ci^herence Coherencyt» Pagdidikit. 

Coherent a Makadikit. 

Cobort-w-Pulutong ng sundalo. 

Ci>il r Ikirin 

Coil-nlkit: bilog. 

Coin n 8alapi; kuarta. 

Coin r Guniawa ng salapi. 

Coinage n Salap ; paggag:iwa ng salapi. 

Coincide r Umavon; makiavon. makiisa; 

Coincidence-ii-Ang nangyari sa isang 
panahon; ang pagkayaring sabay. 

Coincident-o-Nauukol t^a isang panahon. 

Coir-M-Bunot ng niog 6 mansana. 

Coke-ii-Uling ng metal. 

Coke t* Gumawa ng uling. 

Colander N-Salaan, 

Ci^ld rt Malamig; maginaw. 

Cold-»-Lamig, ginaw. 

Coldness N Kalamigan; kaginawan 

Cole-H Gulay parang repolio. 

Cole wort wRepiillo na malambot ang 

Cv>lio M Kabag, apad 

Coliky-n-Ki nakabagan . 

Collapse V Lumagpak; masira. 

Collar-n Liig; cu» Ilo. 

Collar visuot ang cuello; hawakan sa^ 

Collation-n Pagtatapat minindal. 
Colleagues I asama; kasabay. 
Collect-t? Iponin samsamin; tipunin; 
n^agsampam. magtipon; ikama; mag- 
tipon; mng^amasama: pumi^an. 
Collect nDasal na maikli. 
Collected a-Naipon: nasamsam; buo ang 

Collector-n Maniningil taga pamngil. 
Collection-n Paniningil pagsamsam: 

Collective a *^inkad magkakasabay. 
Collectively adt\ Sabay8abay;8ama«aira. 
College n-Colegio. 

Collegian n Ang nagtaral sa colegio. 
Collegiate a Nauukol sa colegio. 
Collegiate n Ang nagaaral sa colegio. 

Collide V Ibungo; bumungo; umumpog: 
magumpngan; umuntog. 

Collier-n Ang maguuling maninibag. 

Collier n Sasakyan na may lulangnling. 

Oulliery n-Tibagan ng uling. 

Collision n Umpog; untog: bungo. 

r*olloquia1 a Nauukol sa salita. 

Colloquialism n Karaniwangpananalita 

Colloquy-n Pananalita; salitaan. 

Collusive a Nauukol sa salitaang lihim. 


Colonel n Koronel: puno ng isang regi- 
mientong sundalo 

Colonelcy-Colonelship n Kalagayan ko 

Colinist n Colinista. 

Colony-n Colonia. 

Colonnade n Taludtod ng mga haligi. 

Color n K ulav color. 

Color r-Tinain. 

Coloring-n ( olor pagtitina. 

Colored-aMav kulav makulav. 

• • • 

Colossal a-Totoong malaki. 

Colossus n Larawan na totoong malaki. 


Coltish a Nauukol sa potro: panuif! 

Colter II Sudsod. 
Col umn-n Haligi. 

Columnar a May maraming haligi. 
Coma n Coma. 
Comate a Mabuhok 
Comb II Suklay. 

Comb-(o/ a dW^rtoiVTuktok ng manok. 
Comb-r Suklay in, magsuklay. 
Combat- r-Maga way umaway; himaban 

magbangay; lumusob. bumaka. 





Oombatw Digma; pagbabaka; labanan; 

laban; pag aaway. 
Oombatant-a Nauukol sa digma. 
Combatant n Mandirigma ang lumala- 

ban; ang nagbabaka. 
Combative-aMasungit mabagsik. 
Combination-v Pagkakalapat; pagkaka- 

pisan; pakaknsaina. 
Combine w Isania; ilapat. 
Combustible a Madaling maglilingae. 
Combustible-rt-Ano mang bagay na ma- 
daling magi lingas 
Combustion n Lingas: sunog paglingas. 
Come v-Dumating lumapit: mangaling. 
Come up v-Pumanhik; Umahon. 
Comedy-n-Kasayahan: komedia. 
Comelya Maganda. 
Comeliness wKagandahan. 
Comet n Cometa 

CometeryCometic-a Nauukol sakometa. 
Comfort w-Aliwin; tnwa. 
Comfort V Aliw matuwa. 

Comforter n Kumot. 
Comfortlessa-Walangr kaginhawaban; 

walang aliw; hindi maaliw. 
Comic-Oomical-rt Masaya; mapagpatawa. 
Comicality Comicalness-n-Kasayahan. 
Coming a Darating. 
Coming n-Pagdating; pagdatal. 
Command n-Utos pamumuno. kapang- 

yarihan katungkulan pamamahala. 
Command vMagutos; magbari; mamuno. 
Cojnmnndant M Puno. 
Commandment n-Utop. 
Commemorate-i; Magdiwang, 
Commence-v Mulaan buhatin; magmula; 

pas mulan magsipamula. 
Commencement-w Pasimula; pinagbuha- 

tan; pinagmu1aan.> 
Commend v Puribin: igalang. 
Commendable^ Dapat puribin; dapat 

•mahalin dapat ipagtagubilin. 
Commendation n Pagpupuri. 
Commensurate a Parisukat. 
Commensurate v Hueayin; ayusin, pari- 

Comment v Saysayin sa pintas. 
Comment n-Pintas; kasaysayan. 
Commentary n Kabulugan; kasaysayan; 

Commentater n- Ang nagsasaysay. 
Oommentator-w-Ang nagsasaysay. 
Commerce w Pangangalakal. 
Commercial a Nauukol sa pangangalakal 

Commiserate v Maawain. 
Commiseration n Awa; babag. 
Conimission-nBilin: katungkulan. 
Commission r-Ibigay ng katungkulan; 

Commit vlsangla; sanglain gawin. 
Conimitmentn Sangla pagsasangla. 
Commiteen-Kapisanan ng tawo. 
Commodious rtMaaliwalas: maluang 

malaki; maluag. 
Commodity n Kalakal. 
Commodore n Puno ng mga sasakyan 

na pandirigma. 
Common a araniwan; gawi. 
Common n Solar; plaza. 
Commonern-Karaniwang tawo. 
Commonly adv Gawing: karaniwang. 
Common-place a Karaniwan. 
Common-place n Karaniwang sagot 6 tu- 

gon; karaniwang tutol. 
Common-wealtb n-Fsang nacion; sang 

katawohan; manga tawo nang isang 

Common-weal n-Isang nacion; sang ka- 

tawohan; manga tawo nang isang 

Communicant v- Ang tawong nakikina- 

Communicate-1' Magsabi;magbigayalam; 

sabihin ipahayag. 
Communications Pahayag; balita; sulat; 

Communicative a-May gustong mag sa- 
Community n-Kapisanan ng tawo. 
Commute v Palitan pumalit. 
Commutation-n Kapalit; palit. 
Compact a Malaki masinsin siksik tipi. 
Compact-vHigpitin ipitin. 
Compact-w Salitaan; trato. 
Compactness n-Katibayan; kasinsinan. 
Companion n-Abay kasama kaalakbay: 

kaluguyo: kalihim kasabay; kausap. 
Companionable n-Mainam makisama. 
Companion-sbip n-Pagkakasama. 
Company-w Tropa compania: kaalak- 
bay: kasabay kasama: pagkakatipon; 

katipunan: kapispnan. 
Comparable a- Makakabarap. 
Comparative a Di pa siguro. 
Compare-r-Iharap: sukatin; magparis; 

tarubin; itulot. 
Comparison w-Pag tatapat; pag harap; 

Compart v-Hatiin: hiwalayin. 
Compartment n Kuarto: silid. isang ba- 

Compass ?i Aguhon. 



Oompassv- Pumaligid. 

Compassion nAwa; habag; kahinaliina 

yang; hinagpis. 
Campassionate-a-Maawain; maawa; ha 

bag mahabag. 
Compassionate-v-Maawa; habagin. 
Oompel vPilitin; higpitan. 
Compend n-Kasaysayan; sulat na ma 

Compendious a Maikli. 
Compendium n Tandaan. 
Compensate-v-Bayaran niagbayad; upa- 

hin: umupa tarataman upahan. 
Compensationn Bayad, upa; kagam- 

pan: ganti. 
Compete v Lumaban; labanin. 
Competence n Kalagay an; kaya; kasu- 

Gompetency-nKaya; kasukatan; kaba- 

gay an. 
Competent a Makaya bagay; akma. 
Competition-?» Paglaban; pagtatalo. 
Competitive a NauDkoi sa paglaban. 
Competitor n Kaagaw; kaa>vay, kalaban; 

Compilation n Paggagawananganoman. 
Compile vTipunin; gawin. 
Complacence n Saya; wili; kasayahan 
Complacency n Saya wili kasayahan. 
Complacent a Masaya; masunurin. 
Complain v-Dumaing; niagdaing; niag- 

damdam maghimtitok managhoy. 
CompIainant-n-Ang dumadaing. 
Complaint n Daing sumbong taghoy; 

hinanakit; danidam; karamdaman. 
Complement n-Kahustuhan: kasukatan. 
Complete-a Lubos; husto puno ganap: 
"" lipos; sakdal. pnspos: sinkad; sawa; 

walang kulang 
Complete vTapusin; ganapin; idaos: 

Corapleteness-n-Kayarian lubos; sidlii. 
Completion-n-Kayarian; sidhi. 
Complex a Pasuotsuot; hindi maliwa 

nag; mahirap tarukin; mngulo. 
Complexion n-Knlay at liitsura nang 

Compliance-n-Pagtupad; bandog; suyo; 

paglinkod. kapakumbabaan. 
Compliant a Mapaglinkod; niapagbigay 

loob malambot ang ngali; masunti 

rin; masaya ang loob: niasuyo. 
Complicate v-Guluhin, pilipitin. 
Complicate a Magulo: pasuotsuot 
Complication-n-Kaguiuhan; kapilipitan; 

Compliment n-PakuniU8ta; pabilin; V>i 

yaya: bilin; kumusta. 
Compliment-r-Purihin; jralan^in. 
Compliinental a Mapnri 




Comply vTumupa(4; tuparin; umayon; 

magbigay loob pahinuhod, sumunod. 


Component a Nakatulong. 


Compose-v Isulat; gumawa ng sulat. 

Composed a-Buo ang loob. tahimik. 

Composed ly-o/iv -Tahimik. 

Composer w-Ang gumagawa ng sulat. 

Composite-r» May isang bahagi. 

Oompbsition-w-Halo,- lahok ang sinulat 

ng sarili. 
Oompost-w-Dumi ng hayop. 
Composure nKatahimikan. 
Compound-v-Hulihin; lahokin; ilahok. 
Compound a Nakakahalo nakakalaho , 
Compound n Halo; lahok. 
Comprehend-v Tarukin ng isip umin- 

tindi; dingin; mawatasan; duminig; 

tantuin; abutin ng isip 
Comprehension-n Pang intindi dunong. 
Comprehensive a Maabot ng isip. 
Compress v-li pi in. pai pikin; ipitin. 
Compress n-Tipi; pangpaikpik. 
Compressed a- aikpik tipi. 
Comprise-t; liahok; ilangkap; maglaman. 
Compromise nSalitaan pagkakasundu- 

an pinagkasunduan. 
Compromise-r Magkasundo. 
Compulsion n Pagpllit. 
Compulsory a Mapilitan. 
Compulsive a Mapilitan. 
Compunction n-Hiya. 
Computation n-Bilang kabilugan. 
Cumpute n-Bilangin; bumilang. 
Comrade-w-Kaulayaw kasama kaibigan, 

kalaguyo kasabay. 
Con t7Magwaiiwari; magisipisip. 
Concave-rt Malukong. 
ConCave-n Hubog; hukay. 
ConcealtJ-ltago;tumago magtago;ibaon; 

iligpit; lumigpit; ikalong knmalong; 

ilihini; itaan. 
Concealed v. p. p -Tinago 
Concealment n Pagtatago; pagkalong 

Concede v-Pumayag; umayon; sumunod; 

magbigay magkaloob suniuko. 
Conceit n-Yabang hambog,kayabangan; 

kahambugan; kapalaluan. 
Conceited a Mayabang hanibog. 
Conceive-r-Akalain isipin umisip. 
Conceivable a Maabot ng isip niadaling 





Ooiiceiitrater-Ipagitiia isaiiia. 
Concentration n Pagpapagitna; pagsa- 

Conception n-Aha: Hilidili; banta. 
Concern-v-Maukol marapat; matugkol; 

Concern-nSakit; dalamhati; imbot ha- 

ngad lumbay 
Concerning ji>*v^ -Tungkolsa;nauukol8a. 
ConcertvMagkaisa umayon. husayin. 
Concert n-Pagkakasunduan. 
Concession n Pagpayag pagsuko. 
Concierge-n- oncierge. 
Conciliate v Pagkasunduan; magkasundd 
ConchKle-v-Tapnsin; yariin; utasiniftiau- 

tas tumapos. ' 

Conclusion wTapoR yari dulo: pandulo; 

pagtatapos pang wakas; katapnsao. 
ronclusive-a-Pang wakas. 
Concoct-v-Ihalo; ilahok. 
Concord n-Salitaan; pinagkasundnan. 
Concordance n Salitaan; pag kakasun 

Concordant a-Nagkakapisan. 
Concourse w Pag gaiaw; kilos; bunton 

ng tawo. 
Concretes Pagkrtkapisan ng mgabagay- 

bagay: halo ng bato at cimiento. 
Concrete a Isamsam; pumisan. 
Concuhine-n Kaagulo; kalunya. 
Concur r Umabuloy: magkaisa: umayon. 
Concurrence n Abuloy; pag kakasundb, 

pinagkasundnan; salitaan. 
Concurrent a Nauukol sa salitaan 6 

Concussionn Putok. 
Condemn-v-Bigyan sala; hnmatol; su- 

Condemnable a Dapat pintasin. 
Condemnation w- Pagbibigay sala. 
Condensation n Paarlalapot; sinsin. 
Condense v-Lumapot cinsinan palapu- 

pntin; suminsin. 
Condepcend-v Bigyang loob; magbigay 

Joob umaayon; sumunod; dalitain! 
Condescension-M- Pagbibigay loob 
Condign a- Dapat nararapat, aj^ma. 
Condignness n-Karapatan. 
Condiment ;?-Karanipatan. 
Condition n Lagay: kalagayan; kabaga- 

yan; pagkakalagay: kalidad. 
Condition v Magsalitaan. 
Conditional a Mav condiciones. 
Condole f-Maawain; habagin. 
Condolence ^i-IIabag; awa liinayang. 

Condone v Patawarin. 

Conduce-r Ihatid: ihilig maghatid. 

Conducibl'e-ft Mahilig. 

Conduct v-Maghatid. akayin; dalhin- 

ihatid saklawin. 
Conduct V ilos anyo; gawa. lakad. 
Conductorn Tagahatid taga dala. 
Conduitn-Tubo ng grifo. 

Confection n-Manga matarais. 
ConfectionernTaga gawa nang manga 

Confectioneryn-Manga matamis. 
Confederate rt Nakiki» ama. 
Confederate n Kalihim; kanlayaw. 
Confederatrt r Isama pumisan. 
Confer v Tpagkaloob. 
Conference n Pangungusapan. 
Confess v Magcompisal. 
Confession n Compisal 
Confessional n-Compisionario 
Confessional-a-Nauukol sa pananampa- 

Confidant n-Kalihim; kaunuran. 
Confide v Ipagkatiwala. 
Oonfidencen Katapatan ng loob: liksi! 

tapang; kabuoan ng loob. 
Confident-a Buo ang loob: matapang 

mapalagay ang loob. 
Con*fidential-a-Malihim: palihim: mahi- 

nahon nalilihim. 
r'onfine n Hanga. 
Confine-vKulungin: bawasan: awasan: 

Confinement-n-Pakulong; pagkabihasr. 
Confirm-r-Tibayin, tumangkilik; tumu 

long patotohanin. 
Confirmation w Pagpapatotoo: tibay ng 

anoman; pagpapi tibay. 
Confirmative a Macitibayan. 
Confirmatory a Matitibayan. 
Confiscate-v-Kunin ng gobierno. 
Confiscation n Pagkakuha ng gobierno 
Oonflagi ation-ti-Sunog. 
Conflict nTalo laban: away. 
Conflict v-Lumaban guluhin. 
Confluence-n-Bunton ng tawo. 
Conform-r Umayon: ibagay; imukha. 
Conformable a Kumukha; kaparis. 

Conform ity-nKasukatan: pagkakaisa: 

pagkakapisan pagkakawangis; pag 

kaugnay; tango 
Confound v Guluhin. 
Confounded a Gulo; magulo. 
Confrontr Iharap; luimarap. 

CON \96_ 

Confuse-v-Lumabo; gamulo; gulahin. 
Confused a-MaguIo; walang ayos. 
Ooafusion-n Kaguluhan kahihiyaan; ka 

liluhaa; ligalig; pagkalito. 
Ooafutation n Kaayawang pumayag. 
Confute V Manalo sa pangungusap; pa 

Congeal v-Mamuo. 
Congenial a Magkaparis; kamukha; ka- 

paris makibagay. 
Congeniality-w Pagkakaniukha. 
Congenital-a-Buhat ipinanganak buhat 

sa panganganak. 
Conger n Palos 
Conger eel w Palos. 
Congest V Samsamin; iponin. 
Congestion-n Pagsan sam; pagiipon. 
Conglomerate v Maipon umipon. 
Conglomeration w-Pagiipon. 
Congratulate v Purihin panuyoin. 
Congratulation n Panuyo. 
Congratulatory-a- Panunuyo 
Conregate v Pumisan; tumipun luma 

kip; lumagom. 
Congregation n ' atipunan tipon: ka- 
Congregational a-Nauukol sa pulong 6 

tipon 6 katipunan. 
Congressional a-Naaukol sa congresc. 
Congruence n Kabagayan pagkakarsun 

Congruency-n- Pagkakasunduan. 
Congruent rtMasunurin. 
Congruity-n Pagkakasunduan. 
Congruous a Masunurin. 
Conic a Parang cono. 
Conical a Parang cono. 
Conjectural a Hindi pa siguro. 
Conjecture w-Hinala; sapantaha; hula; 

tumbak; bintang. 
Conjecture v-Maghinala bumula; su- 

Conjoin-v Igawgaw; ihalo: ilakip; isama. 
Conjoint a Nakakapisan; nakakasama. 
Conjugal a Nauukol sa kasal. 
Conjugate-!? Ibahin ng kahulugan ng 

isang verbo. 
Conjugate v-Nakakapisan. 
Conjuncta-Kalapit katabi. 
Conjuction-w Conjunccion; pagkakala- 

pat; pagkakapisan; pagkakalakip; 

Conjunctive a Nauukol sa pagkakapisan; 

nakakalapat; nakakapisan. 
Conjunctor n Pagsasama. 
Oonjure-v-Tumawa; panumpain. 
Connect-rlsama: ilapat; idugtong. 


Connection-n-Kadugtong; pagkakalapat; 

pag:kakaugpong kaukulan. 
Connive-r Huag makita ang mali. 
Connoisseur n Taga pintas. 
Connubial a-Nauukol sa kasal. 
Conquer-t7 Manalo, isakop; magpasuko. 
Conquerable-a Malalaluan. 
Conqnest-n Pananalo. 
Consanguineous a-Kadugo. 
Consanguinity -n Kadugo. 
Conscience-w-Isip; loob. 
Conscientious-a Ayon sa isip. 
Conscious a-Mayisip; may pangdamdam. 
Conscript-w-Nakalista; nakatan da. 
Conscript n Sundalo. 
Conscription n Paglilista. 
Consecrate v Benditahin; ipanagano; 

lalay niagalay; itaan. 
Consecrate a Maalay. 
Consecration-n Pagaalay. panagano. 
Consecutive a Sunodsunod. 
Consent w-Pabintulot. 

onsent v Ipahintulot tulutin; tumango. 
Consequence n Bigat; kahulugan; dulo. 
Consequent a Nakaknsunod 
Consequent n Pandulo 
Consequential a Sumunod. 
Consequently ar^r.-Dahil dito. • 
Conservation w-Pagluluat; luat tagal. 
Conservative a-Matibav; di mabubulok. 
Conservator-M Taga kalong; ang luma- 

laban; para sa iba. 
Conserve w Conservas matamis. 
Consider t;-Akalain;bulaybulayin isipin. 

magisipisip kilalaning mabuti; 

magwari; magwariwari. 
Considerable a-Marami ng kaunti. 
Considerate a Mabait; mapagwari; ma 

hinhin mahinahon. 
Consideration n-Dahilan; katamtanian; 

katampatan; katowiran. 
Consist.r Magkaroon . 
Consistence n-Kalagay an; katibayan. 
Consistency n Kalagayan katibayan. 
Consistent rt Masinsin; matatag. 
Consolation-M-Aliw; kaaliwan; pag aliw. 
Consolatory a Maaliw. 
Consolidate r Isama; ilakip. 
Consolidatiopn-' agsas^ma. 
Consonant-w Consonante. 
Consort-nKasama: asawa. 
Consort v-Magsama. 
Conspicuous a Bunyi; bantog; litaw; ma 

Conspiracy-n-Hibo i-ip na iiiasama. 
Conspiratorn-Ang umisip: gnmawa ng 





Couspire-t'-Isipin iijr masama dayaiu. 
Oonspirer-n-Aiig uiiisip guinawa ng 

masama. ' 

Constable n Policia constable. 
Constancy n Katiyagiian; tibay ng loob; 

katibayan ng loob;l katamanan, pana- 

Constant a Tiaga; matibay; niatitiiis. 

matiyaga firme ang loob patag; 

walang gulo. hindi mababago. 
Consternatiou-n Takot gulat; gulo. 
Constipate v Sumipon. 
Constipation w Si pon. 
Constituency-n-Kapisanan ng manga 

Constitutional-a-Ayon sa utos; rnatowid; 

tama: walang laban sa utos 
Constitutionality nPagkakayon sa cons 

Constrain-v- Pilitin. 
Consti-aint-n Pagpigil. 
Constrict v-Talian; isama 
Constriction n-Pagtatali paghigpit. 
Construct V Gumawa gawin; itoyo; 

Construction-n-Paggagawa; pagtataj o. 
Construe v-Ipatalastas; ituro. 
Consul n Consul. 
Consulate n Of ficina ng consul. 
Consnlship-n-Kalagayang consul. 
Consult-v Sumangunit; magtnnong. 
Consultation n Pagsasanguni. 
Consume-vUbusin; laniunin; lusawin; 

Consummate V Tapusin. 
Consumption n Pag ubos pag gaganiit. 
Consumptive-n-Tawong natutuyo. 
Contact-n Hipo; sagi; salubong. 
Contage r-Makahawa. 
Contagion-w Pagkakahawa. 
Contagious-a Makahahawa. 
Contain v Magkaroon: magkaugat; niag- 

kalaman malulan mav. 
Contaminate v Mansahin; bulukin. 
Contamination n- Pagkakamansa. 
Contemn v Murahin; hamakin. 
Contemplate- r-Bulaybulayin: wari wa 

riin mag isip isipin; nilayin. 
Contemplation -w- Pag wawariwari paj> 

alaala, pagdilidili. 
Contemplative-a Mapagwariwari;mapag 

isip: isipin. 
Contemporaneous a Makasabay. 
Oontemporary-w-Kasabay; kapanahon. 
Contempt-w-Pintas: kawalan nang jra- 

lang kaalimurahan; pag lait: pag- 


Con eniptible a-Haniak. inababa; malail; 

Contend v Lumabun,umaway;bumabag; 

hufnamon: ipagniatowid; pumilit. 
Content n Tuwu. kataliimikan; galak; 

Content-a Masaya natutuwa; malugod. 
Content-v Matuwa. 
Contention-n Pagtatalo talo; laban. 
Contentious a Nakakahilig sa laban; 

mapagpntulo; mapagbasa^nlo. 
Contentment n Katuwaan; kasayahan. 
Contest vUmaway; lumaban. magtalo; 

Contest w-falo; usap; away; buno. 
Contestation n Pakli; tugon fagot 
Contestable a Matatalo. 
Contestant n Ang nakikipagtalo. 
Context n Mga pangkat ng sermon. 
Contiguity n Lapit; lakip; paguugnay; 

Cantiguous a Malapit; katabi. 
Continence n Hinahon; bait, katabimi 

kan kabaitan. 
Continency n Bait, liinahon; kabaitan: 

Contingencen-Palad; kapalaran. 
Continency-M-Palad; kapalaran. 
Contingent a Nag ataon. hindi sinasad- 

ya hindi tinatalaga. 
Oontiiient-7i-Mahinahon tahimik;mabait 
Coivtinent n Continente. 
Continental a Nauukol sa continente. 
Contingent n Puhitong rg mgasundalo. 
Continual-«-\Valang tigil walang likat; 

walang hunipay; walang tahan 
Continuancen Laon. pagtutuloy; pagta* 

tagal: kapanayan. 
Continuation n Pagtutuloy: pagtatagal, 

Continued-rt-TuloytuIoy; sunodsunod. 
Continue v Sumunod ipatuloy mama- 

lagi magtuloy; ituloy. 
Continuous-fl-Walang tigil. walang hum- 
pay; walang tahan; lagi: panay: nag 

kakadugtong dugtong. 
Contraband-n Laban sa utos nang go- 

Contract n Kumuntratro; mag salitaan; 

magkasunod: magtrato. 
Contract 7^-Salitaan; pinagkasunduan: ti- 

tipan trato; kasulatan, 
Contracted-rt May bawas; may hanga. 





Contractor-w Ang may salitaan; anjr 

pumapakyaw ng anc man. 
Contradict v Magkaila; itatiia; labagin 

tumangi; isalang.^ang; sumumbang 

ipagkait; tiimalikod. 
Contradiction-w Pagtatalikod pagkaka- 

ila; paglabas? tatiia pagkait 
Ooutradictory a 80 wail; matigas ang 

Contrariwise-fldt?. Pabaliktad; sb kala 

ban; pabalik pasalungat. 
Oontrarya-Salungat; sowail; matigas 

ang ulo; pabaliktad. 
Contrast v Salangeangin. 
Contrast n Salar.gsang. 
Contravene 2/-Lumaban; sumalangsang; 

Contravention n Salangsang: paglaban; 

pao:kakaila pagsoway. 
Contribut -v \Iagambag;umambag;nma- 

Contribution wAmbag; abuloy. 
Contrite a-Malungkot malnmbay. 
Contriteness n Kalungkutan; liimibay. 
Contrition n Kahingkutan;kal mbayan. 
Contrivance n Kasangkapan. 
Contrive 7/ Akalain ipipin kumatha. 
Control n Kapangyarihan; kapal; pama 

Control V Mamahala supilin. 
Controller n Ang namamahala: ang may 

Controversial a Naunkol sa basa^u^o. 
C ^ntroversy n-6asagnla: patttatalo 
C )ntrovert v Makipagtalo; magtalo. 
Controvertible a Hilig sa basagnlo. 
Contumaceous a Matigas ang nlo. 
Contumacy-nKatigasan ug ulo higpit; 

Contumelious a-Hamak: bastos; tampa 

Contumelv n Kahamakan: kabastusan; 

Contuse r Bugbogin dikdikin; mamubo 

ang dugo. 
Contusions Bugbog pamunmongdugo. 
Conundrum n Rugtong. 
Convalesce v-Mangaling sa sakit: guma- 

ling sa sakit. 
Convalescence wPag galing sa sakit. 
Convalescent n Nagpapalakas. 
Convalescent n Ang tawong bagong ga- 
ling. sa sakit. 
Convene-7/-Magtipon; puniisan 
Convenience w atapatan kabagayan. 
OonvenientaGinbawa bagay; akma; 

agpang; tania: maayos; niabuti; da 

Convent 71 Konvento. 
Conventual a Nanukol sa konvento. 

Convention nTipanan; pulong; katipn- 

nan. < 

Conventionale Makikiayon: bagay. 
Converge-v-Lumapit sa isang dulo. 
Convergence w Pajlalapit sa isang dulo; 

paglalapit ng Cialawang bagay. 
Conversant-a Marunong; magsalita. 
Conversation n-Salita pagusap: wika. 
Conversational a Naunkol sa salitaan. 
Oonverse-v-Magsalitaan; wikain. mag- 

umpok; mangusap. 
Converse-n Salita, wika. 
Conversion n Pagiiba ng pananampa- 



Convert trBaguhin ibahin: binyagin. 
Convert-w-Bagong binyagan. 
Convertible-a Madaling bagahin; ma- 

daling mabago. 
Convex-a Umbok ang sritna kukob; 

mataas ang gitna. / 
Convey-vDalbin; ihatid; 'maghatid; 

isama . sumama; akayin; iakay. 
Conveyance wPaghahatid. kasangka- 

pang pandala. 
Convict V Magbigay sala. 
Oonvict-n Ang may kasalanan; ang na- 

kukulong sabilango: ang nabibilango; 

ang nagkasala. 
Conviction n Pagbiiray sala. 
Convince-v-Liwanagin pilitin. 
Convivial a Masaya; maligaya; malugod^. 
Conviviality n Kasayahan; kalugaran: 

Convoke-»' Tawagin sunduin; tumawag 

sa mara-mi. 
Convocation n Pagtitipon; pulong. 
Convoy V Ihatid; maghatid. 
Convoy n Tulong; kumboy. 
Convulsion n Pulikat. 
Cony n Conejo. 
Coo v-Sumiap. 
Cookw-Tagaluto; cocinero. 
Cook n Lutuin; raagluto; magkosina. 
Cookery-n-Pag luluto ng pagkain. 
Cooky n-Mamon; hupia. 
Cool aMalamig: sariwa. 
Cool-v-Magpalamig lumamig. 
Coolie nTaga pasan. 
Coolness n Kalamigan 
Cooly n Taga pasan; trabajador. 
Coo In Kalamigan 

Coop n-Kulungan ng manok; tangkal. 
Coop t7-Ilagay sa kulungan. . ' 

Co oper-w-Ang gumagawa ng barilec»; 

taga gawa ng bariles. 
Cooperate-r-Tulungin: sumabay sa tra 

bajo; tumulong. 




Co operation n-Pagtutulong. 

Co-operator w-Ang tumutulong. 

Co ordinate a Magkaiea ang taas ng ka- 

Co ordinate v Magkaisa. 
Co ordination n Pagkakaisa. 
Coot-n-Ulol, tawong niangmangr. 
Oopartuer-w-Calaguyo. kaulayaw. 
Cope-M-Habito ng pari. 
Cope-v Lumaban; magtalo subukin. 
Copiern-Taga salin. 
Coping 91 Ibabaw ng pader. 
Copious a Marami maluang; malaki. 
Coppern-Baria; tansong pula. 
Copper r Ibalot ng tanso, ihibog sa 

Copse-n- K augoygoyan . 
Copulative « Coujuncidn. 
Copy n Tu lad salin; howad; pasunod. 
Copy v-Howaran; tularin; tunuilad ga 

garin; gumagad. 
Copyier-Copyist «Taga sulat. 
Coquet n Kalakeroibabayingsalawahang 

Cord-nLubid; pisi, 
Cord-vTalian ng pisi. 
Cordage w-Mga iubid at pisi» 
Cadate-a-Hitsurang puso. 
Cordial a Tapat na loob. 
Cor diality-w-Katapangan ng looK 
Corew-Ubod. puso. 
Core-v-AIisan ng ubod 6 puso. 
Cork n-Tapon; tasok. 
Cork v Ilagay ng tapon; tasakin. 
Cork screw n Pang alis ng tapon; tira* 

Corn n Mais 

Com-v-Aenan; magpaksiw. 
Corn cob-w Busal ng mais. 
Cornern Sulok: paulnukan. 
Corner-z/llagay sa sulok! gipitin. 
Cornered a Nakasulok. 
Cornet n Cornetin. 
Cornicew-Gilid ng pader. 
Corn knife n Itak, pisaw. 
Corn shuck-n Balat ng niais. 
Corn stalk-n-Puno ng niais. 
Corn starch M A) mirol. 
Coral-Corolla-n-Loob ng bulaklak. 
Coronory a Hitsurang corona. 
Coronation-n-Pagpuputong ng corona. 
Coroner-n-Taga siyasat sa patay. 
Coronet n Putong. 
Corporal-n Kabo. 
Corporal-o-Nauukol sa katawan. 
Corporatea Samasania. 
Corporationn Kapisanan ng mga ma- 


Corporeal a May katawan. 

Corps n Hukbo. 

Corpse w-Bangkay; buroi. 

Corpul nt a Mataba; malakas malaki; 

makapai, may katawan. 
Corpulence.» abataan. 
Corpulency w abataan. 
Correct a Tama; totoo. 
Correct v Tuwirin correhin; husayin; 

aralan magmatuwid. 
Correction « Pagaayos; paghusay; pag 

Correspond tJ Umayon matugkol gu . 

manting loob; magsusulataii. 
Correspondence n-Pagkakaayon pagsu 

aulatan kaukulan pagka aaknia. 
Correspondent n Katugon; ang sumu> 

Correspondent-tiMaukol; tungkol ayon. 
Corresponding a Karampatan. 
Corridorn Salas. 
Corroborates ttimankilik. umayon; su- 

maksi magkaisa. 
Corroboration ?t Tankilik; pagti«iibayan. 

saksi; pagkakaisa sa salitaan. 
Corrode v Kumalawang. 
Corrosive a Makakalawangin. 
Corrugate v Katunin kunutin. 
Corrupt V Mabulok bulukin dumlinn; 

dumumi. sasamain; sumama. bunin 

Corrupt rt-Bulok; marumi; madungiis; 

Corruptible rtMarumi: niabulok. 
Corruption-«-Baho; dungis; kabulukan> 

Corruptive n-Nakakabulok. 
Corsairn-Tulisan dagat. 
Coruscate-vKuniintab. kutnisap. 
Coruscation 7» Kin tab kisap. kislap. 
Corvine a Nauukol sa wak. 
Cosmetic ft Biankete; cosmetico. 
Cosmopolitan n Tawong la ad tawonjz 

walang bahay na pirme. 
Cosmos n Sangkalibutan; san^r katawo- 

Cost t*^Mahalaga; magkahalaga. 
Cost n Halaga; gasta. 
Costal a-Ifauukol sa tadyang 
Costly a Mahalaga; mahal. 
Costume n Dam it. 

Costumer n Ang nagtitinda ng damit. 
Cot Cote n Bahay na munti; kubo. • 
Cot-Cott n Hihigan na munti. 
Contemporary n Kapanahon:kaalakbay. 
Coterie n Kapisanan; katipunan. 
Cotillion ?? Rigudon. 
Cottage w Baliay na munti; barong ba 





Cotter-n-Susi. • 
Cotton n Bulak. 
Couch w-Sandalan. hiligan; hihigan na 

Cough v- IT mil bo tumikhini. 
Cough wUbo; tikhim. 
Council « Consejo. 
Councilman 71 Concejal. 
Counsel nHatol pasiya. 
Counsel w Aralan magpasiya. 
Count-n Bilang; kabilangan. 
Count V Bumiiang. 

Countenance n Mukha; pagmumukha. 
Countenance v Pumayag ipahintulot; 

pabayaan; Hayaan. 
Counter w-Panbilang. 
Counter-rt Kalahan laban. 
Oounteract-r Lumaban. 
Counteraction n Timbang; katimbang. 
Counterfeit w Howad tulad; katalad: 

Counterfeit V Howad. konowari; falso; 

hindi tunay 
Counterfeit-r Howaran; parisan gagarin; 

gum a gad. 
Oounter-mand vBaguhin ang utos. 
Counter pane n-Kumot. 
router part n Kabiak 
Counter-poise V Tumimbang. 
Counter-poise n Katimbang. 
Counter sign V Hodyat hodyatan. 
Counter-sign r Pumirma 
Countess n Asawa ng visconde. 
Counting-house /t-Banko 
Countless n Di makabilang. 
Country n Parang: bukid; kabukiran. 
Country rt Nauukol sa parang 6 bukid.. 
Country-man w-Taga bukid; kababayan. 
Countrywoman n Babaying taga bukid. 
County wLalawigan. 
Couple 71 Aug dalawa; paris. 
Couple r-Isama: kumaj»al ikasal. 
Coupling nPanali. 
Courage n Tapang bisa: dahas; lakas 

loob; sigla; pagkabayani. 
Courageous a Matapang malakas ang 

loob buo ang loob marahas; bayani. 
Courier-7i-Taga dala ng telegram a. 
Course 71 Paraan; daan takbo. 
Dourse r Pumaraan; tumakbo dumaan. 
Courser 7i-Mangangaso; kabayong nia- 
. tulin. 

Court 7i-.Tuzgado huknian. 
Oourt-v-Lumigaw. lurainpkod; nianuyo. 
Courteous a Magalang bihasa niaru- 

nong makipag kapwa tawo. 
Courtesy-n Galang; yuko; ynkod. 
Courtesy r Yumuko gumaiang. 

Court house n Bahay ng juzgado. 

Courtly a-Magalang nauukolsa juzgado 

Court martial-wJuzgadong militar. 

Cout plastern-Patko. 

Court ship-Ti Pagligav ; pagliln^kod. 

Cousin 7t Pinsan. 

Cove n Yungib lalaki. 

Covenant n Salitaan. 

Covenant-i> Magsalitaan magtipanan. 

Cover r-Tutupan; takpanin; atlpan ba- 

lutin; itakip. 
Oover-Ti-Tutop; balot; tungtong; tapal: 

karang takip. 
Covering-7i Balot; karang takip. 
Covert a Natakpan. 
Covert n Lngal na tago 
Coverlet n Kumot na mantil. 
Covet V Magnasa; maingit. 
Covetous-a-Maingitan maramot masa- 

Covetousness n Kasakiman; karamutan, 

kahalayan; kaingitan. 
Covey 7i-Akay ng ibong. 
Cow n Baka. 

Cow V Takut'n; tumakot 
Coward a Duag; mahina ang loob; ma 


Cowardice n Karuagan; pagkaduag. 
Cowardly-a-Duag; maduag. matata utin 

mahina ang loob. 

Cow herd n Ang nagpapastol; pastol. 
Cow hide 7i Balat ng baka. 
Cowld n Tukarol ng pari. 
Coy a-Nahihiya mahihiyain. 
Cozen r- Day ain; hibuin 
Cozy-rt-Mainam maganda. 
Crab 7i-Alimango; talangka alimasag. 
Crack v Pumutok. lumahang lahangin; 

baliin; lamatin. 
Crack n Ugong; putok: lahang lamat; 

basag; bali. 
Crack a Sanay; marunong; makinis; mai- 

Cracker n Galleta. 
Crackle T/ Humaging. lumagutok; luma- 

Crackle n Lagitik; lagutok; langitngit^ 
Cradle-n Duyan. 

Cradle-v Ilagay aa duyan; idnyan. 
Craft 71 Talas katalasan; katusuhan; 

lansi katalinuhan. 
Crafty ft-Matalas tuso; suitik. 
Cragn-Batong mataas at matarik. 
Oragged-a-Mabato; hindi patag. 
Craggy a Mabato; hindi patag. 
Cram-v-Siksikin; isiksik. 
Cramp-Ti-Pulikat manhid apad. 




Cramp v-Pumulikat; mamanhid. 

CranenTagak: grua; kamaboy. 

Craniumn Bao ng ulo. 

Grankn- Puloha'n. 

Cranky a Masungit; mabagsik. 

Cranny n Litak sulok. 

Crape n Kayong manipie at maitim; 

kayong panlukea. 
Crash-n-Bungo lagpak; kalog: umpog. 
Crash-v Bumungo; lumagpak; kumalog; 

Crate nKahon. kaing loelang buslo. 
Crater-n-Bibig 6 butas ng volcan. 
Cravat-n Corbata. 
Crave n-Magnasa; maingit; sumamo; 

manalangin; dumaing. 
Craving-M-Ingit; nasa; pita. 
Craven a Duag; maduag; mahina ang 

Craw M-Balnnbalunan. 
Crawl-v Gumapang. . 
Orawl-n Pag-gapang. 
Crawln Kulungan ng isda; baklad. 
Crawfish n-Alimasag. 
Crayon n Yeso 

Crize-r-Maging ulol; maulol. 
Craze wUso: ugali kaugalian modo. 
Crazy a Ulol; baliw; sira ang isip. 
Crazy maw- w Tawong ulol tawong sira 

ang isip ulol. 
Creak t?-Umalitiit: lumangitngit. 
Creak n Alitiit langitngit. 
Cream n Laknip. 
Creamy a Malaknip. 
Craziness n Kaululan; kasiraan ng isip; 

Crease-n Pakas ng tiklop. 
Crease vBakasin sa pagtiklop. 
Create v Lumalang magsangol. 
Creation-M v'apal; lalang; paglalang. 
Creator w Ang may kapal. 
Oeature n Nilalang; sangol: hayop. 
Credence n Pananampalataya; panini 

Credent a Pananampalatayanin. 
Credential n Titulo. 
Credible a Dapat maniwala; tapat ang 

Credit-w-Pautang pananampalataya; 

Oredit-v Pautangin; sumampalataya; 

maniwala magbigay puri. 
Creditor n Ang nagpapautang; pinag- 

Creduloup a-Dapat maniwala. 
Credulity n Sampalataya pananampala- 

ya paniniwala. 
Creed n Pananampalataya sa Dios. 
Creek n Hog; sapa. 
Creed w Buslo. 

Creep- w-Gumapang. 
Creeping n Paggapang. 
Craeper n Ang gumagapang. 
Cremate vSunupin ng bangkay. 
Cremation-n-Pagsunog ng bankay. . 
Creptv'imp. & p. p.-Gumapang. 
Cresent n Paglaki nang buan: bagong 

Crest wTuktok. 
Crest-v Ilagay ng tuktok. 
Crested- v-May; puaot: may tuktok. 
CrestfallenaMalungkot: nahihiya. 
Cretaceous-a-May halong yeso. 
Crevasse n Baris saluysoy;sungoy. 
Crivice n Baris: saluysoy. sungoy. 
Crewn-Ang mga tawong nagtatrabajo 

sa isang sasakyan. 
Crew-7/. imp Tnmalaok. 
Crib t?-Bithay; kakanan ng hayop laba- 

Crib V Bithayin: mpgbithay. 
Cribbing-n Pagkulong; pag-umit. 
Cribbage-n Laro ng baraha. 
Cribble n-Bithay. 
Cribble-v-Magbithay; bithayin. 
Crick n Manhid ng liig. 
Cricket n Paklong. 

Cried-t? imp p. jj.-Umiyak; nakaiyak. 
Criern-Taga tawag. 
Crime nKasalanan; sala. 
Criminal-a-Laban sa utos. 
Crimina n-Ang may kasalanan; ang 

Criminality n Gawang masama; kasa- 
lanan kasamaan; kataksilan. 
CriminatevMagbigay sala paratangin; 

Crimp nKuton; pilegas. 
Crimp i?-Kutonin; pilegasin. 
Crimson-w Pula. 
Crimson a Mapula. 
Crimson v Pulain. 
Cringe v Umurong. 
Cringe n Urong. 
Crinkle v Kutonin. 
Crinkle n Kuton. 
Crrsis n Pandulo; hanga; taning na pa 

Crisp a Kulot. 
Crisp v-Kulotin; kutonin. 
Criterion n Katotohanan. 
Critic n Ang pumipintas; taga pintas. 
Critical-aGanap: mabiga*. 
Criticize-r Pintasin; kutyain: pulaan. 
Crochet-v Magganchillo; gumanchillo. 
Crock n-Tapayan; kamaw. 
Crock a-Uling. 
Crock V Umuling. 
Crockery n Manga tapayan. 





Crocodile n-Buaya. 

Croft nPitak na lupa. Munting bukid. 

Crone-n-Matandang babayi. 

Crony n Kaulayaw; kalaguyo; kaunuran. 

Crook n-Bukot, hubog. 

Crook v-Bukotin; hubugin baluktotin. 

Orooked-a Hubog; baluktot pasuotsuot. 

Crop n Balunbalunan. 

Crop n Ani; inani; pagani. 

Crop V Putlin ang dulo. kumain ng 

Crosier-n-Tungkod ng Arsobispo. 
Cros8-n-Kru8; bigat dalamhati; k^sa. 

Cross a Masungit; mabagsik. 
CrossvKumabila: tumawid. 
Cross bar n Anoman. 
Cross bow n Fana. 
Cross examine t? Tanongin ng saksi. 
Cross eyed-aDuling. 
Cross grained a-Masungit. 
Crossing n Krus. 
Crossnessn Kasangitan. 
Cross question-v Tanongin ng saksi. 
Crossroad-n Stlubungan ng daan; krus 

ng carsada, 
Cross-timber n Anoman; balikilan. 
Cross way-nKrus ng daan 6 lansangan. 
Crosswise adv -Pahalang. 
Crouch v-Yumuko. 
Croup-n Likuran: gawing likod. 
Crown- Wak: awak; talaok. 
Crowd n-Bunton ng tawo; kakapalan 

ng tawo. 
Crowd-n-Kamapal ng tawo tumuJak. 
Crown n-Korona: putong; kaharian. 
Crown vPutungan ng korona; korona- 

hin: tapusin. 
Crucial a Hitsurang .krus. 
Crucible n-Pangpatunaw ng medico. 
Crucifix-n Larawan ni Jesu-Cristo na 

nakapako sa krus. 
Crucifixion-n-Pagpapako sa krus. 
Cruciform-a-Hitsurang krus. 
Crocify t? Ipako sa krus. 
Crude-aMaasim: hilaw. 
CrudenessnAsim: kahilawan. 
Crudity-n Kaasiman; asim; kahilawan. 
Cruel-a-Walang awa; ganid; w^alang 

habag; mabangis mabagsik; main pit. 
Cruelly adv.. Kalupitlupit. 
Cruelty-n Kawalan ng awa; kabangisan; 

kabagsikan; kasamaan kalupitan. 
Cruet n Lalagyan ng suka. ' 

Cruise n Lakad sa dagat. 

Cruise-r-Lumayag sa dagat. 
Cruiser n*Sasakyan pandirigma. 
Cruller n MamonnanakalutosamaDtika 
Crumb-w-Pindot ng tinapay; pirasong 

Crumb r-Pumiraso: pirasohin ng munti. 
Cumple-r-Kusotin: kutonin. 
Crunch-n-Ngaeab; sabsab. 
Cruppern Baticola 
Crusade n-Lakad ng hukbo. 
Cruse-nTasa; bote. 
Cruset n Pangpatunaw ng platero. 
Crush rinisin; uminis. inisin; dikdi- 

kin; durugin; 
Crushn-Dikdik; durog; bunton. 
Crust-n-Upak: balat 
Crusty-a-Mabalat; maupak. 
Cry n-Sigaw; iyak; tangis. 
Cryt? Tumangis ucniyak sumigaw. 
Cry of danger-n Hulhol. 
Crypt-n Libing sa ilalim ng sinibahan. 
Criptogram n Zero; tanda 
Cryptograph-n Zero; tanda 
Crystal a Parang bubog. 
Crystal n Bubog. 
Crystaline a- Parang bubog. 
Crystalize v Maging bubog. 
Cub n-Munting oso; bagong nagaaral ng 

katungkulan batang bastos. 
Cube n Kubo tangkalag. 
Cubic a Nauukol sa kubo. 
Cubed n-Cigarrillo ng bunga ng paminta. 
Cubitn Ang haba ng baraso buhat sa 

siko hangang sa dulo ng malaking 

CudnAng ningnnguya ng baka. 
Cuddle V Sumiping ng niaiapit 
Cudgel-n Pumalo; palo: kahoy. 
Cudgel V Paluin: kahoyin; orangin. 
Cue n Buntot ng insik. 
Cuff-v-Sampal tampal; tampi. 
Cuff v Sampalin; tampalin. 
Cuisine n-Kosina 
Oulinerv-n-Nauukol sa kosina. 
Cull-v Iwaksi, ihiwalay. 
CuUy-n-Tawong mahina ang isip. 
Culm n-Puno ng mais. 
Culminate vAbutan ng kataastasang 

lugar 6 grado. 
Culpa-n-Kasalanan; sala. 
Culpable a May kasalanan; dapat pa 

Culpritn-Ang may kasalanan 
Cultivate V Bagbagin; linangin ng lupa; 

Cultivationn Pagsasaka; paglinan^'. 


Oultivatorn Ang nagsasaka; magsasaka. 

Culture n-Karunungan. 

Culture V magturo. 

Culvert n-imbomal; sangka sa ilalim 

ng lansangan 
Cumber-f-Bumigat tumagal. 
Cumberftome-a-ilabigat matindi. 
Cumbram e-n-Abala. 
Cumbrous a Mabipat; malaki. 
Cumulatev-Mag ipon; bumunton. 
Canning-aTuso; bihasa; matalas; madi- 

wara suitik. 
Cunning w Karunungan; katusnhan; 

Cup-M-Tasa kopa. 
Cup bearern Taga abot ng tasa sa 

isang fnnci6n. 
Cupboard n Lalagyan ng mga pagkain. 
Cupidity n-Nais; ingit; kaingitan; ka- 

sakiman karamutan. 
Cum Asong walang kabuluhan. 
Currish a Bastos; hamak. 
Curable a Magagaling n. 
Curate n ura. 
Curative a Makakagaling. 
CuratornPuno taga pamahala. 
Curb v-Pigilan; pum jgil. 
Curb M-Pigil. 

Curb stone-n-Bato sa tabi ng lansangan. 
Curd v-Lumapoi. 
Curdle r-Lumapot. 

Cnren Gamot; kagamntan paggagamot. 
Cure t? Gam utin gumamot; pagalingin. 
Curfew-n-Tugtog ng compana sa alas 

Curiosityn-Kadiwaraan; nasang maki- 

Curious a Madiwara masinop. 
Curl v-Kulutin; balisurin; pilipitiil. 

Cur mugjieonw-Tawong bastos. 
Currant n- Paste les. 
Current a Lumalakad. 
Currentn-Agos ng tubig; kaagusau. 
Curr)*-v Linisin ng kabayo. 
Currv comb-w-Panlinis ng kabavo. 
Curse t?:8umpain: manumpa; murahin; 

Curse-»» Tungay aw, sunipa, 
Cursed-a Hamak; malupit. 
Cursory a Bigla; madali; pabaya. 
Curtail-v-Untian; abalahin, iklian; pu- 

tlin ng buntot: magtipiran. 
Curtain vllagay ng tabing. 
Curtsy n-Bati: yuko. 



Curtsy-v-Buniati; yumuko. 

Curvate a Baluktot. 

Curvation n Pagkabaluktot; kakubaan. 

Curvature n Kakubar n. 

Curve-n-Yuko. hubog; kabaluktutan. 

Curve a Baluktot. 

Curve V Yumuko: hubugin; baluktutin; 
bumaluktot; humubog. 


Cushion-w Upuan na malamb6t. 

Cuspid n-Pangil. 

Cuspidal a Matulis ang dulQ. 

Cuspidate-v Tulisan. 


Custard n • hiflan. 

Custodian n-Ang nagbabantay; taga 

Custody n-Tanod; bantay; pagkaban- 

Custom n-Kaugalian, ugali; uso,, modo; 
gawi anyo; asal . kaasalan. 

Customary a- Karani wan; magawi; kau- 

Customer-n-Kasuki i 

Custom hoiise-n Aduana. 

Cut-r Hiwain; tigpasin; putulin; gilitin; 

Cut-n-Hiwa; gilit: putol; tigpas; yaii 

Cutaneous-aNauukol sa balat jig tawo. 

Cute a Tuso matalas, maganda. 

Cuticle-w Balok. 

Cutlass n-Bapak. 

Cutler w- Ang nagtitinda ng mga lance- 
ta; gunting at iba pang kasankapang 
panghiwa. ; 

Cutleryn-Manga kasangkapang pang- 

Cutter M Mangigilit; taga hiwa. 

Cut throat-n-Ang natay sa kapwa: ang 

Cutting-w-Pag gilit; paghiwa; pag gupit. 

Cut worm-n-Uod i 

Cycle-n Bicicleta. 

Cycler Cyclist-n-Ang sumasakay sa bi- 

Cyclone «Bagyo. 

Cylinderw-Bilog; kaidkuran. 

Cylindric Cylindrical a Mabilog. 


Cynic n Tawong masungit. 

Cynic Cynical a- Masungit. 

Cynicism-n Kasungitan. 

Czar-n-Hary sa Buso. .. • 

Czarina-n Asawa ng Hari sa 'R-uso. 

Czarowitz n Panganay na anak na la 
laki ng hari sa Ruso. 




Dabw-Tawong sanay; hampas na ma- 

Dab V Hampasin ng magaan. 
Dabblev-Basain . 

Dafta-Ulol. loco; sira ang isip. 
Dagger-n-Pufial; panaksak. 
Daily a Araw araw. 
Daily n Pahayagan na lumitaw sa araw 

Daintya Mainam; malasa. 
Dainty n Bagay na mainam. 
Dairy n.Bahay lalagyan ng gatas 
Dale n Parang. 
Dallyv Magluat; tumagal. 
Dam-n-Salopilan; harangan ng tubig. 
Dam a-Salopilin. 
Dam V Harangin ang tubig. 
Damagen-Kasiraan; sira; pagkasira. 
Damage v-Siraln. 
Damask n Damasko. 
DamenBabaying puno sa isang fami- 

lia 6 escuelahan. 
Damnv-Ihulog ang kapowa sa infierno. 
Damp a Basd halumigmig; lamig. 
Damp-nBasd lamig. 
Dampen-v-Basain: basabasain. 
Damper n Pangbarang ng as6. 
Damsel-n-Binibini babaying ginoo. 
Dance v-Sumayaw; magsayaw. 
Dance-n-Sayawan sayaw. 
Dancer w-Mananayaw 
Dandlev-Palayawin; iwiin. 
Dandruff n-Balakubak. 
Dandy-n-Tawong hambog. 
Danger-n-Panganib kapanganiban. 
Dangle-v-Isabit: sumabit sabitin. 
Dapper-a-Munti at maliksi. 
Dare v Mangahas; ipangah^s. 
Dare n Pangabas; paslang. 
Dark-a-Madilim: malabo maitim. 
Dark-nDilim; itim. 
Darken vUmitim dumilim; dumhan: 

dungisan: labuan; lumabo. 
Darkness n-Kadili man ; kapanglawan . 
Darling a Minamahal; pinalayaw. 
Darlingn-Ang minamahal. 
Darn v Sursihan. 
Darn w Sursi. 

Dart-n-Palaso; suligi; sibat. 
Dart-v-Ihagis ng palaso; itulag. 
Dash-n Takbo. 
Dash v-Ihagis ng malakas. 
Dastard n-Karuagan; duag. 
Dastard a Duag. 
Dastardly a Maduag mahina ang loob. 

Date n Bilang ng panahon; fecha. 

Date-v-Ilagay fecha. 

Daub v-Dumhan; dungtean mansahin. 

Daub n Dungis. dumi. 

Daughter-n Anak na babayi. 

Daughterin-law-n Manugang babayi. 

Daunt-aSupilin takHtin. 

Dauntless- a- Walang takot: matapang; 

hindi marunong matakot. 
Dawdle v Sayangin ang panahon. 
Dawn-n-Madaling araw; li way way. 
Dawn a-Lumiwanag sa umaga. 
Day n Araw; kaarawan. 
Day before-yesterday-Kamakalawa. 
Day break «Madaling araw. 
Day-laborer n-Ang nagpapaupa sa mag- 

hapon: mangangaraw. 
Day lightn-Liwanag ng araw. 
Day spring-n Madaling araw; pinagmu- 

laan; pinangalingan. 
Day time n Panahon ng araw buhat sa 

madaling araw hangang sa dilim. 
Daze-r-Tumulig; masilaw. 
Dazzle v Makasilaw; sumilaw, patakain. 
Dead-a-Pat y; walang buhay: namatay. 
Dead n Ang nangamatay. 
Deaden t7-Patayin. 
Deaf a-Bingi. 

Deafen v Bingihin: mamingi. 
Deaf-mute-w Tawong bingi at pipe. 
Deal-v Mangalakal: magtinda. 
Dealing-ft-Pangangalakal . 
Deann Puno sa katidral. 
Deara Iniibig, mahal; minamahal; inii- 

rog; irog. 
Dear-n Iniirog; palayaw; ang iniibig. 
De&Tddv Mahal. 

Dearth n-Kawalan; kakulangan. • 
Death-n-Kamatayan; pagkamatay. 
Deathless a-Walang kamatayan. 
Deathly a Makakamatay. 
Death-bed-w Huling oras ng buhay; hi 

ngalo; kamatayan. 
Debar v Ibukod: iwaksi. 
Deba«e-v-Hamakin; bawasan. 
Debasement-n-Pagkahamak; pagbawas. 
Debate v-Ipagmatowiran : magmatowid . 
Debate n-Pagmamatowiran. 
Debauch-v Maglasing; maghilo; bumu- 

Debauch w Ang labis. 
Debauchery -w-Paglalasing pagkabulok. 
Debilitate-v-Mangayayat; humina. 




Debility-nKahinaan; latd, pangangaya- 

yat, hina. 

Debonair a-Magalang. mapagbigay loob. 
Debrisn Pinagpilian kasukalan 
Debt-» Utang. 
Debtor n-Ang may utang. ang nagka- 

Debut » Primerong litaw. 
Decade-n Luat ng sampuong taon. 
Decadence n Pagkabawas; pagkabulok. 
Decadency^» Pagkabawas; pagkabnlok. 
Decaliter -n-Takal na may sampuong. 

Decaiogue-n-Ang sampuong utos ng 

Decameter-n-Layo ng sampuong metro. 
Decamp v Tumakas; umalis. 
Decant v Ibuhos. 

Decanter-nLalagyau ng mga alak. 
Decapitates- Pugutin; magpugot. 
Decapi tati on-n- Pa gpugot . 
DecaynBumulok. lumipol; sumira. 
Decay-M-Pagkasira; pagkabulok. 
Decease-n-Pagalis; pagkamatay. 
Deceit-n-Daya hi bo. patiboug kasi- 

nungalingan: paounuba paghibo. 
Deceitful a-Magdaraya-, daya; nakadaya; 

Deceive r-Hibuin; dayain magdaya; 

magsinungaling: magbulaan manekas. 
December n-Diciembre. 
Decency-n Kabaitan; timtim;kamahalan; 

kabinian: kahinhinan; kahusayan. 
Decennary-n Luat ng. sampuong taon. 
Decennial a-Nauukol sa luat ng sam 

puong taon. 

mabait; mab ni. 
Deception-n-Daya; hibo; kasinungali 

Decide v-Magbi gay hatol; hatulan; hu 

matol; magtika. 
Decided-v-Buo ang loob 
Decimal-nBahagi; decimal. 
Decimal-n-Nauukol sa decimal. 
Decimal fractions n Quebrados, decima- 

Decipher v Hanapin ng kahulugan: ihu 

log; say say in. 
Decision-n-Hatol; tigas ng loob; kabu- 

oan ng loob; pasiya. 
Decisive-a-Totoo: huli. 
Deck-n-Sahig ng sasakyan; balasa. 
l)eck-t;-Bihisin: takpanin. 
Declaim-vlllagtalumpati: mag^alita sa 

marami; manalangin. 

Declimation-w-Pageasalita sa marami. 
Declare-v-Sabihin; ipahayag; ipakilala; 

ipatalastas; salaysayiu; say say in. 

Declaration-nKasaysayan; s a 1 a y s a y 

pahayag; pagpapatalastas. 
Declension-nPagbawas paguunti. 
Decline t7-Bu ma was; umunti; uma>aw; 

Decline n-Paghupa: pagbawas paguunti. 
Declination-n-Paghuhupa pagbabawas. 

Declevity n-Dahilig na lupa dalisdiH; 

lupang matarik; tibagan. 
Decoct-t? Haluin; ihalo; ilahok- 
Decolor-w Ali^in ang kulay. pntiin. 
Declorize v Putiin. 
Decompose-v- Bumulok. 
Decomposition-n Pagbulok. 
Decorate t?-Gayakin; pagandahin; pai- 

Decorated n Tai?agayak;anggumagayak. 
Decoration-n Paggayak; paghanda. 
Decorous-a-Mahinhin; mabinahon; ma- 
bait; maginoo. 
Decorum n-Kabai tan; kahinhinan; ka- 

mahalan; kalinisan. 
Decoy v Hibuin dayain. * 

Decoy-nHibo. pangati. 
Decrease-!?- Bumawas; umunti; umikli; 

Decreasen Pagbawas pag uiinti. 
Decree n Utos pasiya. 

Decrepid-a-Ulianin mahina: matanda. 

DecrialnUyam: pintas; alibugha. 
Decry-vMag alibugha; halayin; kut- 

Dedicate rMag alay: ialay ipanagano. 
Dedication-n-Pag alay; alay. 
Dedicator n-Ang nag aalay. 
Deduce v-Hanguin; hugutin; awasan. 
Deduct-wAwasan; bawasan; untian ku- 

Deduction-n- Pagbawas. 
Deed wGawa: titulo. 
Deed-v-Ibigay ng titulo. 
Deem v Mag isip; magwari. 
Deep-adv. Malalin. 
Deep-n Laot. 

Deepen-v Ipalalim; palaliman. 

Deface-r-Sirain; sirain ang mukha. 
Defamatorya-Maninira ng puri. 
Defamation n- Pan ira nang puri; upa- 




Defame v-Murahin; magalimura;umupa- 

sala; kutyain. 
Default nDaya; tekas. 
Default tr-Manekas,- dayain; kaniyahin. 
Defaulter n Manenekas. 
Defeat-t^-Pasnkin: talonin, supilin. 
Defeatn Talo; snko. 
Defect n- akulangan kulang,- pintas; 

kapintasan mail; sala kasalanan. 
Defection w Kamalian kakulangan. • 
Defective a Di yari; hindi ganap; kn- 

Defence n Saklolo; tnlong ampon tan- 

Defend v Tnlungio; tnmulong; kanlon- 

gin kupkupin, ipagtangol; tumanki- 

lik; amponin. 
Defendant-n Ang kinakanlong;ang tina- 

Defense n-Kanlong tangkilik; tulong; 

saklolo pagtatagumpay; tagumpay. 
Defenceless- Defenseless-a-Walang mag- 

Defer v Antalahin;bimbingin;maantala; 

Deference-n Antala abala; galang. 
Deferential a Magalang. 
Defiance wKapangahasan; hamon. 
De6ant ^Mangahas. 
Deficience- Deficiency n Kakulangan; ka- 

Deficient a ulanjr. 
Deficit n Kakulangan; kulang. 
Defile n Landas 

Defile u-Bumulok; sumira; dungisaQ. 
Defilement M-Pagkabulok pagkasira. 
Define v Saysayin. . salaysayin ihulog. 
Definite a Firme; totoo. 
Definition w-Kahulugan; kasaysayan. 
Deflect V Iliko lumiko. 
Deflection-n Pagliko. 
Deflexure-n Pagliko. 
Defoliation n Paglalaglag ng dabon; 
Deform-v-Pumangit ang hitsura. 
Deformity nPagkapangit ng bitsura. 
Def rand V Manekas; manuba; dayain; 

Defray-v-Abuluyan; umabuloy; amponin. 
Deft-a-Bagay; marunong sanay. 
Defunct a Patay; walang buhay. 
Defy-v-Lumaban: bamunin,- bumamon. 
Degeneracy-w Pagkaliamak. 
Degenerate a Hamak, mababa: walang 

Dejreneratei'-Humamak bumaba. 
De«rre(lation n-Pagkabamak pagkababa. 
Degra<le-r Sumira; Hirain buniamak. 
Desrraded a-Hamak: mababa ang pagka 

Degree H Grade. 

Deign-TPumayag; paging dapat. 

Deject V Humamak maglungkot 

Dejected a-Aba bamak; hapis; mabapis; 
kulang palad 

Dejection M Pagkahamak; Inngkot; ka- 
kulangan ng palad. 

Delay w-Abala; antala; pigil; pagluat. 

Delay T-Umabala; anjtalabin. 

Delectable a-Maaliw magiliw; malugod; 


Delectation n Saya lugod; aliw. 
Delegate n Kabalili; katiwala; kapalit. 
Delegate n Ipagkatiwala; bumalili mag- 

Delegation n Kapisanan. 
Deleterious a Makasisira; masama. 
Delfw Manga tapayan. 
Deliberatet; Sadyain; magwari; mag- 

Deliberately-atfv.-Tinalaga-, sinadya. 
Deliberation w Pagwari sadya. 
Delicacy-w Kabutihan; kainaman; kalam- 

butan lambot kakinisdn. 
Delicate-a Banayad; malambot; manipis; 

marupok; maseiang. 

Deligbt wTuwa: aliw. inam lugod; lasap; 

katuwaan ligaya. : 
Deligbt-t'-Manuya maglugod; magsaya. 
Delighteda-Masuya; malugod: maali>v. 
Deligbtful a Kaaliwali'w; kalugodlugod; 

Delineate-v-Tumabas; padparin say 

Delmeation n Pagtabas. 
Deliquency w Pagsoway sa utos; ka- 
kulangan; pagkakasala. 
Delinquent-a May kasalanan. 
Delniquent n Ang may kasalanan. 
Delirious rt Ulol sira ang isip. 
Delirium n Pagkasira ng isip; pag- 

Deliver-tvMagdala; sagipin. 
Deliverance nPagdadala; pagsagip; pag- 

Delivery-n Pagbabatid; pagdadala; pag- 
Dell n Parang. 
Delta n-Labaean ng ilog. 
Delude y-IIpatin; dayain; liibuin. 
Deluge n-Apaw; lubog 
Deluger Umapaw; ilubog. 
Delusion n-Pagupat; daya; bibo; kani- 

Delusive-a Makakadaya magdaraya. 
Delve r Humukay tumarok. 
Demagogue-w Puno ng isang katipunari 
Demand v Humingi luUiubog. 
Demand r-Ang biningi bingi; luhog. 


Demarcation-n-Uanga; hangaiian. 


Demeanor n-Gawa; paguugali ugali; pa- 

iakad asal kilos. 
Demeulate aUlol; walang isip. 
£>em^ntecl>a Ulol: sira ang isip. 
Dementia-raKa^luIan: pagkaulol kasi- 

raau ng isip. 
Demerit-w-Pintas; gawa 6 kilos na ma- 

Demijohn M-Damajuana. 
Demise-v Magpamana. 
Demolish-n-Lipolin; sirain; gibain; gu- 

Demolition-n Paglipol, pagsirajkasiraan. 
Demon-n Demon io. 
Demoniac a-Nauukol sa demonio. 
Demoniacal a Nauukol sa demonio. 
Demonstrate z/Ipakilala; ipakita; pali- 

wana^an; ipataiastas. 
Demonstration-n-Kilos; kasaysayan; pag- 
. papakita. 

Demonstrative a Sinasaysay. 
Demonstrative w Kasaysayan. 
Demloralization n Pagkasirangmabiiting 

Demoralize-r-Sirain ng mabuting kauga- 
Demur vSumalangsang; tumigil. 
Demure a-Mababang loob. 
Defi-n Yungib. 
Dengue n-Lumpo. 

Deniable-a Maipagkakaila; mapagkaila. 
Denial nPagkakaila; pagkaayaw; pa 

hindi; kaayawan. pagkatangi. 
Denizenn-Ang tumitira sa isang liigar. 
Denominate t; Pamagatin; pumagat; 

Denominate a May ngalan. 
Denomination-nTawag. ngalan; pama- 

gat; bansag. 
Denote v-Tandaan. 
Denounce V Magdenuncia; ipaglait; 

Dense a Siksik; masinsin. 
Density- n Kasiksikan , kasinsinan kapal, 

Dent- vUki tin; umukit. 
Derital-n-I^auukol sa ngipin. 
Dentist n Mangagamot ng n g i p i n ; 

Dentistry-w-Karunungan sa paggaga- 

mot ng ngipin. 
Dentoid-a-Hitsurang ngipin. 
Denudation w Paghubad. 
Denude-v-flubaran; humubo; humnbad;* 

maghubo; maghubad; hubdan. 

207 DRR ^ 

Deny-v Magkaila; tumangi. tangihan; 

huag ipagkaloob. ipaug-ayaw. 
Deodorize v-Alisan ng ainoy. 
Depart-r Umalis lumakad; tumakas. 
Departure n Pagalis paglayas/pagtakas. 
Depend-f-Sumabit mabitin: humilig. 
Depict-t-Pintahin;*ipinta «iaysayin liwa- 

Depicture-» Pagliliwanag. 
Depicture-v-Liwanagin: lumiwanag. 

Deplorable a Kahambalhambal; kahapis- 

hapis; kalunoslunos. 
Depopuiate-v-Umalis ang manga tawo 

sa isang lugar. 
Deport t; Ipaalis sa isang iugar 
Deportation li-Pagpapanaw; pagdedes- 

Deportment n Kilos; ugali. 
Deposal » Pagpaalis sa katnngkulan. 
Depose v lalis sa katungkulan. 
Deposit v Ideposito; ilagay.. ipagkati- 

wala. kilaga. 
Deposit li-Deposito; lalagyan. 
Deposition. n Pagdedejiosito. 

Depravation n Kabulukan kahamakan. 
Deprave vHumamak; pasamain. 
Depraved -a- Paslit, masama; hamak. 
Depravity n Kahamakan; ligalig; pag- 

Deprecate v-Manalangin. 
Deprecation n Paiialaiigin. 
Depreciate-r-Haniakiti; bawasan ang 

halaga; halayin; laparan 
Depreciation n Pagalipusta: paghamak. 
Depreciatory a-Mapakahamak. 
Depredate v-Nakawin; manduit. 
Depredation nPandudnit. 
Depress-v-Hamakin; inisin; tunuinial. 
Depression-w Pagiinis. 
Depressi^ e-a-Halumal. 
Deprivation-n Kawalan: pagkawaia. 
Deprivev-Alisan ang kailangan; iwala. 
Depth n-Lalim: kalaliman. 
Deputation-n Kahalili; katiwala. 
Deputy n Katiwala; kahalili. 
Derail V Umalis sa railes. 
Derange-v-Sirain ang ayos. 
Derangement w-Pagkasira ng ayos. 
Dereliction n Pag iiwan. 
Deride 7/-Umupasala. uyamin; libakin. 
Derision n Upasala: uyam; libak. 
Derisivea Mauvam. 
Derive r-Hanguin sa iba. 
Derivation-n Pagkuha sa iba. 
Derivative nSalita na nangalin !sa 

ibang wika. 
Derive r Kunin sa. 




I>erm n B«iaC 

Derogate ff Fawaliin zif kabaiohan. 
Derogate-if Sir»; may bawa». 
Derogaticm n Fagbawas. 
Deacend-v-LiimiwoD^ moviaog bamaba; 

Descendant n Anak labi, hinlog inapo, 
Deacendent-HrMaogalib^ sa. 
Descenmon » Pa^anaog; pa^xmong. 
Descent f»-Pagin!*ong: losong. 
Describe-^- Li wanagan: sarssyin; sabf 

bin ng maliwanag. 
Descri pti on n- Kasajsayan; pagsasaysaj. 
Descry tf-Tan aw in tnmanaw. 
Desecrate v Sirain snmpain; tamanga- 

Desecration n-Pagtotangayaw tnngayaw. 

f^nmpa pagpasira. 
Desert r; Magtanan. 
Desertion n Fagtatanan. 
D^ert n-Logal na ilang; ilang. 
Desert a Ilang; karat. 
Deserter »-»9undalong nagtanan. 
Deserve-t?->Iagkaroon ng karampatan; 

paging dapat. 
r>eservedly a^ft^.-Xararapat. 
Deservi ng a Nararapat. 
Des habille a Walang ayo« ang p)agbi- 

Desiccate «Toynin; matnyo. 
Desiccation w-Pagtotnyo. 
Desirlerate-tT Magkailangan magkaroon 

n^ kailangan 
r>esiderative a May nasa; mapipitain. 
Design V Onhitin; akalain isipin; ga- 

Design-w- Piano; gnbit; t ka; akala ban 

ta; pag gagawa. 
Designedly a/fp -Tinalaga. sinadya: ki 

Designing a Nakabihibo, 
Designate v Itoro; sabihin; 
Designation-^' Pagtotnro; pagsasabi pili; 

Desirable a-Maibigan; nasain 
DesiretT-Magnasa: nasain; magpita; 

nmibig: bnmangad. 
Desire n Nasa; ibig gnsto nais. 
DesiroQs a-Magnanasain maiibigan; 

mapagnasa: mapagpita mapagba^ 

Desist V Huminto: maghinto; tnmigil; 

bnmimpil magtaban. 
De«olate-a-Mapanglaw: ilang. 
DeHolate t7-Lipnlin; gibain: sirain. 
Desolation-n Pagyasak; kasiraan. 
De«pair r-Mawala ng pag asa; hnmina 

ang loob. 
Despair n Kawalan ng pagaasa 

DespaCcb v Ipadoia; tapnnn. 
Deapatch-HrTeiegranui: hatid kswad. 
Desperado n Toiison; magiuHiftksw. 
Deseperate-^Waiaog a«L 
Desperation «rPagk&wala. n^ psgaasa. 
Despicable a Hamak walang pori; nui- 

diri; mahalay; malait; Tnasam». 
Despise-ir-Yamatiii; ynraamot; masa- 

Despite-n Galit tanim aa loob. 
DespitejTrep. Masque. 
Despitefol a Masaxca. bamak 
Despoil fT'Sirain lansagiii; gibam. 
Despoliationit-Pagkamra paglansag: 
Despond-ir-Hamina ang k>ob; nufcwsla 

ang pagaasahan. 
Deapondency-it' > awalan sang pogaaaa; 

pagbina ng loob. 
Despondent a Wal a n g ipfigaasahan; 

Despot I» Pnnong mabaksik; baring; 

Despotism ^Kabagsikan; kabangiaan. 
Dessert a-Himagas. 
Destination n D>estmo; pag ankol; kan- 

knlan; taan. 
Destine-ir-Ipadistino; fdistino. 
Destiny n Distino. 
Destitnte-a Walang banap bobaj; salat; 

walang mag aampon: dnkha. 
Destitation-n-Kaaalatan; kabamakan; ka- 

Destroy-v-Sirain: basagin; gibain; Ian* 

aagin; fgiba. 
Destrnction-a-Kasiraan; pagkalipol; pag 

Destructive a Makasisira. 
Detacb-v-Ibokod; tangalin; tamaogal. 
Detacbmentn-Destactamento; pagtangal; 

Detail n Kasaysayan. 
Detail r Magsayctay. 
Detain-r-Pigilin; magiaat; pibitin. 
Detect r-Tuklasin; tagpoan; makita; nsi- 

sain. siyasatin. 
Detection n Pag ansisa; siyasat. 
Detective-a Naaokol sa secreta. 
Detective n-Policia secreta: policiang 

Detention n Pagloat: pagpigil; abala. 
Deter-r-Umabala; pigilin. 
Deteriorate v Snmama. bomigat ang sa- 
kit 6 karamdaman; samira; lumipas. 
Deterioration-n Pagsasam^; pagkasira. 
Determination*n-Pa8iya kabaoan nang 

Determine v Hatoian magpasiya. bnmao 
ang loob. 

DEX ^209 

Detenmimte v Ua^ay ng niga hanga; say- 
say in. 
Determined a Bno ang loob 
Detest V Suklamin yiimamot. 
Detestable a Kaliipitliipit; kasnklam 

su^Iam kainno.^Iuiios; niasuklam. 
Detestation ?i- Pa gsiifcjuklani; kiilupifan; 

Dethrone V Taluniii ang hari. 
Dethonement n Pai?tatalo sa hari 
Detour n Lumakad ng p siiotsuot. 
Detract v Manumpa tiiinungayaw; sum- 
pain; alisin; bawasan. 
Detraction n Pagalis pagbawas pannm 

pa; pagsunipa tungayaw. 
Detriment n .\bala; bagay na makasa 

Detrimental a Makasisira; makasasama. 
Devastate V Guhatin sirain lipulin. 
Devastation M Kasiraan; paglilipoi 
Develop v Buiniiti butihin; isulong. 
Development n-Pag suiong; pag kaka- 

Devest i; Alisin; hubdan; hubarin. 
Deviate r-liaguhin; ibain; ilipat; luma- 

pat; bumago; humin^od. 
Deviation-n Pagkabago; kaibhan; hin- 

Devil n l*emonio. 
Devilf-Manukso; tuksohin. 
Devilish a Parang demonio; nanukol sa 

Deviltry-w Kasamaan; gawa nang de 

Devious a Pasuot; suot pabaya; tamad. 
Devise-v Akalain isipin; magpamana. 
Devise n-Mana; huling sniat ng nanga- 

Divisionn Pagliahati; pagliihiwalay. 
Devoid-tJ-Alisin. bawas. 
Devoid M Walang laman: salat. 
Devolve-v-Bumalik mauwi sa dati; ma- 

Devolution n Pagbalik pagsasauli. 
Devote-r Alayin: ialay 
Devoted rt Masipag, tapat naibig. 
Devotion n Alay; pagtatapat ng loob. 
Devotional-a-Nauukol sa pag aalay. 
Devour v Lamunin. 
Devoot a-Totoo; tapat; nialinis. 
Dew-n Hamog. 
Dew r Humamog. 
Dew Drop-M-Patak ng hamog. 
Dewy a Mahaniog 
Dexter a Nanukol sa kanan, 
Dexteritv H Kasanavan.katalasanikaru- 

Dexterona-fl Matalas: niarunonjr; sanay; 



Dextrous a-Sanay; marunong; matalas 

Diabetes wSakit na niadalas umihi ang 

may sakit, 
Diableryw Kalikotan. 
Diabolic a Nauukol sa demonio. 
Diabolical a Nauukol sa demonio. 
Diadem n Korona. 
Diagram n Piano; guhit; tabas. 
Dial n Mukha ng orasan. 
Dialect n Salita ng mga tawong hindi 

marunong: dialecto. 
Dialo>!ue*n Saliiaan ng dalawa. 
Diameter n-Kagitnaan. 
Diametric a Nauukol sa kagitnaan. 
Diametrical a Nauukol sa kagitnaan. 
Diamond n Diamante, brillante. 
Diapern Lampen. 
Diaphragm-?i-Balat sa pag itan ng dib- 

dib at ng tiyan. 
Diarrhea 7{-BuIulos pag iilagan. 
Diarrhoea a-Pag iilagan; bululos. 
Diary n-Tandaan ng nangyayari sa araw 

Dia tribe-n Pagtatakapan . 
Dibble n-Panaksak. 
Dice-n Kubo na may bilang ang mga 

Dicker-n Kapalit; pagpalit; pagtuturing. 
Dictate-n Idicta 
Dictate-n Utos. 
Dictation-n Pagdidicta. 
Dictator n-Ang nagdidicta; ang nagu- 

Dictatorial-a Nauukol sa pagdidicta. 
Diction n-Wika salita; pagpili ng sa- 
Dictionary n Diccionario. 
Di<l-r. /w7>.-Nangyari; gumawa: ginawa. 
Dist v. imp. Ginawa; gumawa; nang- 

Die-v Mamatay: tumapos. 
Die n Hulmahan. 
Diet-n Pagkain dieta. 
Diet v-Magdieta. 
Diety n Kadiosan pagkadios. 
Differ v Magkaiba. 
Difference n-Kaibhan; pagkakaiba. 
Different-a-Iba; hindi kaparis 6 katu- 

Difficult n Mahirap; magulo. 
Difficulty-n-Kahirapan: kahigpitan 
Diffident a Ayaw sumampalataya: mata- 

takutin; ayaw maniwala. 
Diffidence n Katakutan. 
Diffuse T/Ibuhos lumaki; isabog; ipa- 

hayag; ipatalastas. 
Diffuse a Maluag malawak. 
Diff usion-n-Pangpaparami; karamihan ; 



Dig-v-HokATin- bnmnkaf. 
Digeat c Toaiiiaaw utg kiaaiii. 
J)if[e*t • Ccfdigo bip>s*t»n »£ manga 


Digentioa n Pa^answ ng ktnain. 
I>i){it n Doiiri »>. 

Ditcnifr v Ipai^pDr^ma^Blinlio: pnriliiii. 
Dimity-»- Dan gat puri katnahalan; 

karan^lan; karapaian. 
Digr«as-r Lamiko Inniaio, bamivalay. 
Disreaaion n Paghihiwalay; pagliko. 
DIkenPilapit, haran^n- n| tubig. 
D:lapi<lali> r.Snmira; «irain. 
Dilapidation ti Pagkanira eira. 
Dilate C Bamuka: itumilat lumaki. 
Dilation ft Paf^baka paglaki. pagdilai. 
Diliatorj a Psbaya, mabagal. tamail^ 

DiMifeacv n Kaaipagan. aipag. 
Diligent n-Maflipa^ maapap: mabiaa 

■naai^ls maaikap, 
Dilnt* e-Labrawin. lomabnaw;tiinawini 

Dilat« e-Luxaw malabnaw. 
Dilotion n PaKiutuna» 
Dim-a Madilim malab'). 
PimenHion n Stikat laki at lapail. 
Diminiih v BuinawaH uinunti. iiiiiimpis: 

lumiit bawasan. 
Dimanitiori « I'.-ii-im» a- |>a(;kulang; patE- 

pannti; paitpaliil 
Diminutire n-Naupapaliit; nababawa». 
Dimity-nKayong siia. 
DiniplenBatas nj^ piHngi. 
Din n-Gulo uiffg- 
Dinetf Kuraain 
IKngle-n Parana """'t' "« " pacitan 

ng dalawanic biinduk. 
Dingy o Maninii maningie^ niapanglaw. 
Dintn-Ukit lakaa; kapan^yarilian. 

Diocenen Kapanayarilian nj obispo. 
Dipvlfawaaw: iBiaid, iluboj^, 
Dlp-n-Lubog BJniil, li(to. 
XHplomaey n Salilaaii nj dalawaiig na- 

ciones karunungaii: katalasan. 
Dipper «Tabo Ui>uh«. 
Dire-Direful a KHtakottaltot; kakilakila- 

bot: maBama. 
DirHct a Matowid «alaii».' likn. 

Director n Aug nnmanialiahi. 
Directory a Sakaliint'"- 

10 PIS 

DirvctresK n Bsbaring niariinoDf n>a- 

Direfali Katakollakot kakilakilabnt, 

nirg«MjialiC »a paglilibinje. 

Dirk « Paaak<ak; pofial. 

Dirk r-rfik^ak. 

Dirt-M Dnmi: dnngia karoDiihan ka- 

ankalan kasalauJain iTij.a. pntik. 
Dirt r Diinilian dnn^sin. 
Dirly -r-Marami marungi^ maeukal. fa- 

lahnla pangit maliba^. may inan^a. 
Dinyr- nniban^ 'iungi»in. 
Di* able n PaUyinkapilay knpilayan. 
Di^abilily « Phk 
PIb advantage n-Lagi; kabirapan: kai>i- 

Di.''ailvaiii.'i^eon.- 'I'Mabirapmakalulugi: 

DifSiiret^i' Ma^ikasira; liuag aioayon. 
Die agreeable a llacamari: agnli: ma^n 

n^it: makakayamot, naiiiababagot na 

DIh akfr^-ementn Pagkn^ira; pa^kagalit. 

IMa allow-r-Huag ipabintnlol. 
IKe aTiiiiil r Pawaian «ng kabulnhan. 
Disappear t Mairalun. 
Dia appearance K awa!aii. 
Disappoint V Magdaya; yuraamot; ku 

mulang; matalo. 

DiB approval n Kalangiban pagkaayaiv. 
DisifiprijicT lluai: ipabintulul pinia 

Dis anil I' A ii^an ang manga f<andata. 
Disarmament n Pagtangol n^ tnan^a 

Ban data. 
Dis arrange c Sirain ang ayoa guliibin. 

Dis ^iraiiB^il 1 Wflleng ayos; insgulo. 
Dia arrmi/i'int-iit ii Kawalan ng ayus 6 

Disaster n Kabirapan sakiiiin 
Di*a8tr(jUBa Slat^nkiiiia niahirap. 
Disavow-r Malimutan liuag nialaiiian. 
Dinband-eTaiigalin ang manga i-nii 

data ng manga sundalo 
Distielief-n Kawalan ng pananampala 

Disvelieve t--Huag nianiwula ti fiimatii. 

DiaburBe t Magbaynd gai>tahin. 
Disljuri-eiiientn Pag baliayail paj; ga 

DiMi-n Bilog, 



Discard n-Baralian^ , 
DiBrern uTanawin: niakita. tiimi 
DiHcerntiigi Matalax- mntalitin: 
J'iH.enuin-nm PnirtaiaiiHW 




Discharge v-Tumupad;bawa8an; bitiwan; 

gumanap; ialis sa katungkulan. 
Discharge n Pagkukumpil. 
Disciple n Alagad dicipulo. 
Disciplinarian a Nauukol sa pagtupad 6 

sa gobierno. 

Diciplinarian-nMaestrong mabagsik; 6 

Discipline n Discipliua; pagtupad sa 

Discipline v-Aralan magturo; turuan. 
Disclaim r-Magkaila; ^alikuran; huag 

kumilala; umayaw. 
Dislaimer-n 4ng nagkakaila; ang tuma- 


Disclose vBuksan; ilitaw; ipalitaw; pa- 

hayag; ihayag. 
Disclosure-n Pahayag; paglitaw. 
Discolor-v- K umu pas. 
Discoloration n Pagkupas. 
Discolored a Knpas; maputla. 
Dascomflt V Manalo; talunin. 

Disoomfort-n Kakulanganngkaguinhawa 

han kahirapan 
Discomfort-t? Yuma mot humina ang 

loob; pagalitin. 
Discommode t7Abalahin: pagalitin. 
Discomposes Sirain angayos; guluhin. 
Discomposure n-Galit; gulo. 
Disconcert V Guluhin. 
Disconnect v-Tancralin; hilawayin. 
Disconnections Pagkatangal tangal. 
Disconsolate a Malungkot; salat; maha- 

pis: mahapis. 
Discontent n Yamot: sibangot: galit. 
Discontent-a-Galit; masama ang ioob. 
Discontent t'Yumamot; magalit. 
Discontented a Sowail; galit. 
Discontinuation n-Pagtigil. 
Discontinue v-Tumigil; pigilin. 
Discord n Gulo galit; pagkasira; kasi- 

Discordance-n Knguluhan kasiraan! 
Discordancy n Pagkasira; kasiraan. 
Discordant-a-Magulo; di maayos. 
Discount-w-Bawasan; kulangin. 
Discountn-Ang por ciento pagbawas. 
Discountenance-vHuag ipahintulot. 
Discourage v Pahinain ang loob. 
Discouragement nrKahinaan ng loob. 
Discourse nDi8<iurso; pagmamatowid; 

Discourse-v-Wikain; magmatowid. 
Discourteous a Walang galang; tanipa- 

Discourteousness-n Kawalan ng galang; 

katainonlasanan: paslang. 
Diaoourtesy.n Kawalan ng galang ka- 


Discover v Tuklasin; tumuklas; buksan; 

makita ang di pa nakita. 
Discoyery-n-Ang bagong tinuklas. 
Discredit n- awalan ng paniniwala; ka- 

kulangan ng paniniwala. 
Discredit vHoag maniwala. 
Discretitable a Hamak; bastos. 
Disereet-a Mabait; tuso; matalas; ma- 

runong matalino. 
Discrepancy n-Kakulangan . kamalian , 

Discrepant-a-Iba; kulang; mali. 
Di«crete-a-Nakabukod: malayo. 
Discretion-n-Kabaitan; karunungan: ka- 

Discriminate n-Tbukod; hiwalayin. 
Discrimination M Pagkabukod paghihi- 

Discuss r Matagpuan magmatowiran; 

Disdainn-Uyam: tampalasan kahara- 

bugan kapalaluan. 
Disdain-w-Maghambog: uyamin. 
Disdainful-a Palalo; hambpg; mauyanp. 
Disease n Da mdam sakit. 
Diseaped «May sakit. 
Dispmbark-v-Umibis umahon. 
Disembarkation n-Pag ibis sa sasakyan. 
Disembarrass v Hanguin sa kahiyahiya. 
Disembody v-Alisin sa katawan. 
Disencumber-v Hanguin sa kagipiten. 
Disengage v Hanguin: iligtas. 
Pisengaged a Walang gawa. 
Disentangle t; Hanguin sa kaguluhan. 
Disfavor-t? Huag ipahintulot. 
Disfavorn Kakulangan ng galang. 
Disfigure t'Manpahin; pangitin, 
Disfiguration n Pagpapangit. 
Disfranchise r-Alisin ang pahintulot. 
Disgorge r-Sumuka: isauli gantihin. 
Disgrace-rPahamakin: ipahamak. 
Disgracer-Kahamnkan; kahiyahiyaan. 
Disgraceful a-Nakahihiya; nakadudusta; 

Disguise v Ibahin ang hitchura; magba- 

Disguise-n T'agkabalatkayo. 
Disgust V Yumamot, yaniutin; mamuhi; 

pasamain sumama ang loob. 
Disgust-w Yamot sama ng loob: kapig 

hatian: hapis kadalamhatian: poot. 
Disgusted a-Hapis; nasusuklam. 
Dish-w Pingan. 
Dish ^J Isandok. 

Dishearten v Humina ang loob; tumakot. 
Disheveled-a Walang ayos magulo; gu- 

Dishonest-rt-Mahalay; taksil; suitik. 


- - ' 

tlishoiiesty-n Kasuitikan; kaliaUiyan;ka- 

Dishonor n-Eahamakan kahalayau kahi- 

hiyaan: kamurahan kasamaan. 
Dishonor-v Mapapahiya; hiyain. 
Dishonorable a-Nakadudu ta; kahivahi- 

ya; mahalay; suitik 
Disincline v-Huag pumayag. 
Disinclination w-s awalan ng gusto; 

kawalan ng kahilingan 
Disinfect-v Suobin sumuob; linisiii. 
Disinfection n Kalinisan puir. 
Disinherit-r Huag pamanahin. 
Disintegrate-v langalin; tnniangal. 
Disintegration w Pagtatangal. 
Disinterested a Walang interes walang 

Disjoin v-Palinsarin; luminsad. 
Disjoint-v-Palinsarin; luminsad. 
Disk-w Bilog. 
Dislike-v-Yumaniot: saniama; masukla- 

Dislike wYamot: kaauklaman; poot; 

suklam; kaayawan. 
Dislocate v-Palinsarin lumiusad;mawala 

sa lugar. 
Dislocation n-Pagpapalinsad. 
Dislodge-v-Alisin sa lugar. 
Dislodginent n-Pagkawaia sa liigar. 
Disloyal-n Malilo masukab; lilo taksil; 

Disloyalty-w Kalilujian; kasukaban; ka 

Di-mal a Mapanglaw; inalungkot; ma 

hambal mabapis. 
Dismantle-v-Hubaran; alisan ng damit 

6 kasangkapan. 
Di'«may vPahinain ang loob: takotin; 

tumakot: humiua ang loob 
Dismay wKahinaan ng loob; takot. 
Dismember f-Haatin; huwalayan: pira 

Dismemberment n-Paghihiwalay ng ka- 

Dismiss v-Itaboyr paalisin; palayasin; 

Dismissal n Pagtaboy. pagpaali»; pag- 

Dismount v-Uinibis, fumusong. 
Disobedience-nPagsowail; katigasan ng 

ulo; alintana. 
Disobedient cr-Sowail; rnatigas ang ulo; 

Disobey V Sumu way; mag alintana. 
Disublige v.l agalitin; buag tumupad. 
Disobliging a-Makagagalit. 
Disorder-n Guloykawalan ngayoso wasto 
Disorder v Guluhin; sirain ang ayos 
Disorderly a Magulo; pagulogulo; hindi 

mabait bastos. 

212 DIS 

■■■—■■ ■■ ■ —"■"■" .tfHBAai 

Disorganize v Guluhin; sirain ang ayos. 
Disown-v-Huag kilalanin; huag kumi- 

lala; talikuran; ma^kaila 
Disparage v Hamakin pintasin. 
Disparagement w Pagpahamak; pintas; 

Diparity-w Kaibban ng kalagayan 6 

Dispassion-n Katahimikan. 
Dispassionate a-Tahimik; walang gulo. 
Dispatch v-Dalidaliin idaos; ipahatid; 

tapus'n: magpadala; magtapos. 
Dispatch-n-Telegrama; hatid kawad. 
Dispel V Isabog; palayasin; paalisin. 
Dispensable a Di kailangnn. 
Dispensary w-Tindahan ng ganiot. 
Dispensation w Paghahati;pagkalat; pag- 

Dispense^t^-Ikaiat/ isabog 
Desperse V Isabog, sabugin; kalatin. 
Dispersion n Pagkalat pagsabog. 
Dispirit-v-Takutin; pahinain ang loob. 
Displacev-llayo sa lugar; baguhin ang 

lugar. ibukod. 
Displacement n-Pagbabago ng lugar. 
Display v Ipakita ipahalata; buksan. 
Display-w Pagpapakita kainanian. 
Displease v Pagalitinipapamainangloob. 
Displeasurew-Yamot; galit; kawalan ng 

gusto, dalanibati. 
Disposal n Paraan; pamaniabala. 
Dispose V Idaos; tapusin; ayusMi; ikalat, 

at ilagay sa lugar: humilig. 
Disposed a Nakahiling natatalaga. 
Disposition n tigali; ayos; kilos; bait; 

kalagayan; paraan. 
Dispossess v-Kaniyahin angkinin. 
Dispossession n- Pag aankin 
Disproof n Pagbigay nang kasinungali- 

Disproporlion-w Kawalan sa sukat. 
Disproportion v Gawin ng hindi tama 

sa sukat. 
Disprove ribigay ng kasinungalinjan 

sa iba. 
Disputable a Makapagpapatalo. 
Diputant-M Ang nag uusap/ ang naki^ 

Disputation-w-Pagmamatowiran paguu- 

sap; basagulo. 
Dispute V Makipagtalo; magniatowiran; 

umaway: salangsangin mag usap. 
Disputen Pagtatalo; usap pag marna 

towiran basagulo alingasngas. 
Disqualification 7i Kakulangan; pinta» 

kakulangan ng kaya. 
Disqualify V Huag abutin ang grade»; 

Disquiten-Kakulangan ng katahimikan 








Di8quietu(ie w Gnlo; kajrululian. 


D is) regard t^-Huag iiiahalin; hiiag kali 

ngayin: hamakin; halayin. 
Disregard n Alintana; tainpala8an 
Disrepiiiable-a-Bastos harnak tunipa 

Disreputen Kahamakan; kahalayan. ka- 

Disrespect-n-Kawalan ng galaiig tampa- 

iasaii kabastusan. 
Disrespect r-Huag kilalaniii; hnag hu- 

Disrespectful a Bastos: tampalasan; wa- 

laiig galang; w^lang hiya; Diasaiiia. 
Disrobe-r Hubaran alisan aiig damit; 

maghubo at niagbnbad. 
Disrupt aSira bulok; bali. 
Disrupt V Sirain baliin; puuitin. 
Disruptionn Kasiraan. 
Dissatisfaction n Kawnlan ng gusto; ka 

samaan ng loob. 

Dissatisfy-!' Pagalitin; liuag tunuipad. 
Dissect V Pirasuhin usisain. 
Dissect ion-nPagpipirapo. 
Dissemble-v Magkonovvari. 
Disseminate-v-Isabog ang binhi. 
Disseminationn Pagsasabog ng binbi. 
Dissension-n-Pagtatalo; basagulo gnlo, 
Dissent t'-Umayaw, buag suniunod; mag- 

Dissent n- Basagulo. 
Dissimilar a Hindi kaparis gansal. bi.n- 

di kamukba 6 katulad. 
Dissimilarity n Paskakaiba: kaibhan. 
Dissimulate v Matrkonowari 
Dissimulationn-Pagkakaiba kaiblian. 
Dissipate v-Maglasing. 
Dissipation-w Paglalasing 
Dissolute a Pabaya talipandas; tamad. 
DissoUition n Kapabayaan kawalan ng 

Dissolve-v Tumunaw tunawin. 
Dissonance n Pagkakasira ng tugtog. 
Dissonant a Masama ang tunog. 
Dissuade-v-Pigilin pasiyabin. 
Dissuasion-w-Pagpipiguil; pagpapasiva. 
Distaff nPanulid 
Distance w Lay o pagitan; pal u git; 

puang kalat 
Distance v-Ilayo; lumayo palnyuin, 
Distant a-Malayo; tangi, 
Distaste w Yamot; pigbati. 
Distasteful a Makayayamot mapigbati. 
Distemper vYamutin 
Distemper-n-Katigasan ng ulo; sipon 

ng kabavo. 

Distend-i' Luniaki humaba. 
Distentions Kababaan pagbaba. 
Distill «? Alakin guniawa ng alak. 
Distillation n Pag gagawa ng alak. 
Distellery n Gawaan ng alak. 
Distinet-rt-Maliwanag. bukod tangi. 
Distinetionn Pamumukod; pan^ingiba: 

kaibhan kamahalan. 
Distinguisbr Kilalanin mamukod; tak- 

daan; saysayin. 
Distinguishable a-Maliwanag; madaliiig 

Distinguished a Balita; bunyi bantog; 

Distortr-Pilihin; pumilipit; pilipitin. 
Distraet-r Guluhin ang isip. 
Distracted a Ulol; gulo ang isip. 
Distraction nKaguluhan ng isip. 
Distres8-« Hirap pighati; aakit; kahi- 

rapan: kasakitan. 
Distress v Pahirapin. 
Distribute r Ipamahagi kalatin ikalat. 
Distribution n Paghati pama m a hagi; 

pamumudmod pagkaUt. 
District n Danay. hanga: lugar pagkat 

ng bayan; nayon distrito. 
District- u-Ilagay ang banjja ng mga 

danay 6 nayon. 
Distrust v-Mag^gamgam ang loob; 
^ kumulang ang katapatan ng loob 
Distrust-n-Kakulangan ng katapatan ng 

Distrustful-a-Mapangambahin kulang; 

Disturb-r-Yamutin; bagabagahin gulu- 
hin: pasuklamin ang loob; saliarin; 

tuksuhin balisahin. 
Disturbancen-Gulo; kaguluhan; yamot; 

Disunion w-Vaghihiwalay; pagkabukod. 
Disunite-v Bumukod; tangalin; ihi walay. 
Disuse n-Kawalan ng pagganiit. 
Disuse r-Huag gamitin. 
Ditch n Sangka. 
Ditch V Gumawa ng sangka. 
Ditto ;; Ang nabangit na. 
Ditto-aril'. -Paris ang dati; gayon <lin; 

naman idem. 
Ditty w Awit; dalit. 
Diurnal a-Arawaraw. 
Dive V Sumisid. 

DivewSisid hititan ng apian 
Diverge v-Humiwalay lumayo. 
Divergence-nPaghihi walay. 
Divergency n Paghihiwalay. 
Divers a-Marami; ilan. 
Diverse a-Iba;hindikamukha;nakabiikn(l 
Diversification w Kaibhan. 




Diversify-v-lbhan baguhin. 
Diversion n Kaihhan; aliwan kasaya- 

ban pagpapahinga kutuwaau. 
Diversity n Kaibhan 
Divert v-Liimiko iliko. aliwin. 
Diverting-a Nakakaaliw. ' 

Divest r Hubaran alisin; magbawal. 
Divide-t? Hatiin hiwalayin; itiwalay; bu- 

iiiahagi hiimiwalay. 
Divider-n-Taira pamahagi. 
Divination n Paghuhula; hula. 
Divine a Naiuikol sa langit. 
Divine n Pari pastor- 
Divine v Hnmnla hulaan. 
Divinity-n-Bathala; Dios. 
Division-H Pamamahagi paghihiwalay; 

Divorce n Pagtaboy. 

Divorce v-Itaboy: ipagtabuyan ihiwalay; 

Divulge V Tpahayag ihayag; tuklasin; 

tumnklas sabihin. 
DizzinesswPagkabila; pagkahilo. 
Dizzy-a Hilo lula. 
Dov-Gawin gumawa. 
Docile a Maamo banayad: masunurin. 
Docility n-Kaamoan; kaanayaran. 
Dock V Putlinangbnntotiiklian-.bawasan 
Dock V Pundnhan ng sasakyan kung li- 

Doctor-» Mangagamot. 
Doctrine n Pananampalataya; doctrina; 

Document n-Docuniento; kasniatan: ka- 

Docnmerttal-a Nauukol sa kasulatan. 
Dodge V Umilag mawala. 
Dodge n Hibo: daya. 
DoenUsang babayi inahing nsa. 
Doern Ang gumagawa. 
Does v-Gumagawa. 
Doff v Maghnbad; alisin. 
Dog n Aso. . I 

Dogfish w-Pating na munti. 
Dog w Sumnnod ng pilit. 
Dogged-a Mati^as . anir nlo: sowail. 
Doggerel w-Mababa at bastos; hamalc. 
Dogma n Panananampalataya; isip. ' 
Dogmatic a Totoo: tunay. 
Dogmatical a Totoo; tunay. 
Doily nServilletang munti. 
Doings n Manga ^inagawa. 
Dole n Daing: panatrhoy. 
Doleful a-Kah^mbalhambal; kaliapin- 

liapis mapanglaw; malun<rkot. 
Doll n-Munika. 
Dollar-M Dollar: pifio. 
Dolorn Sakit l^irap dain; panaghoy. 

Dolorous a-Mahi rap, masakit. 


Domain n Kapangharian; nayon lupain. 

Doraestic-wAlila sa bahay. 

Domestic a Naaukol sa sariling bahay; 

Domesticity n Kaamoan. 
Domicile n Tirahan. tahanan. 
Dominate v Supilin 
Dominationn Pagkasupil 
Domineer vMamahala ng mabags k. 
Dominion.» Lupain; lupa. nayon. 
Domino n- Domino. 
Don-n Maginoo. 

Donate-v-Magbigay i|:f)agkaIoob iambag 
Donation-t»-Bigay caloob ambag. 
Done-v p. p -Ginawa; nangyari na, 
Donkey-nKabayong munti at mahaba 

ang tainga ulol; jumento. 
Donor-n-Ang nagbigay. 
Doom w-Hatol; kapalaran- pasiya. 
Doom V Sumentencia: humatol. 
Dooms day n aarawan ng paghahatol. 

Doorn Pinto pintuin. 

Door keeper» Ang nam'imahalasaisang 

bahay taga bantay ng pinto. 
Door way n Pintuan. 
Dorsal a Nauukol sa likod. 
Dose n Takal ng gamot doses. 
Dose n Magpainom ng gamot. 
Dost V Gumawa. 
Dot» Punto. 

Dot-n Ilagay ang puiuto puntuhan. 
Dotage» Kaululan p^agkaukol. 
Dotal a Naaukol sa piiinhik. 
Dotard » Tawong matai>da 

anjf isip. 
Dote V IJmulol; humiban^^. 
Doth V Gumawa. \ 

Double »-Ynpi: tiklop. | 
Double v-Yupiin; tiklupin;] 

Double a Doble; ulit. 
Doublet n Paris; pareja. 
Doubly adi). Doble. 
Doubt n Agamagamangloob;ibangaml:^a. 
Doubt V Manggamba huag mVaniwala,. 
Doubtful a-Agamagam ng lojpb; hindi 
, pa siguro. \ ^ 

Doubtless a Siguro, walang aAamagam 

ng loob. 
Dough n-Harinang minasa para ?|a tiija- 

pay minasa. 
Dough nut-»Buchibuohi. 
Doughty a-Matapang mangahatv*'. 
Douse V Ihulog sa tubig. 
Dove n Kalapati. 

at mahina 

ulitin; du- 




Dove cot li Bahay iig kataputi. 
Dove cote nbahay iig kalapati. 
Dove like a Maaino; ma^audang loob. 
Dove taii-n Pagngingipingin at pagla 

patan ng kahoy. 
Dove tail v Ilapat ng mabiiti. 
Dowdy a Marungis. salnhula; marumi. 
Dowdyn-Tawong marungis. 
Dowel-n-Pakong kahoy. 
Dowel V Ipako ng pnkong kahoy. 
Dowern Kaloob, bigay;aiitr ininana ng 

asawang babayi ng nangamatay. 
Down n Balahihong malanibot. 
Down-adr. Sa ibaba; sa gawing ibaba. 
Down^cp Sa ibaba. 
Downa Malungkot 
Down casta Malungkot. 
Down cast n Tingin na malungkot. 
Down fall n Pagkasira* 
Down right a Tunay; totoo. 
Down right adv -8a gnwing ibaba. 
Down ward-Down wards-rt^v.-Sa gawing 

Dowry n Bigay: kaloob. Yaman ng aea 

wang babayi 
Dowse V Isisid ilubog. 
Doze a Matulog. 

Dozen n Labing dalawa isang docena. 
Dozen a Labingdalawa; isang docena. 
Drab n Kaynmangi. 
Drab a Kayumanging, 
Drable v Bas^hin tigmakin. 
Draft n Pagpili; cheke. 
Draft V Guhitin ang banhay; paliin ang 

Drafs man n-Tagagawa g piano 6 ka- 

Drag V Hilahin; humila. 
Drag n-Paghihila; paragos. 
Draggle v Basahin at hilahin sa iupa. 
Dragon w-Sundalong nakasakay sa kabayo 
Dragoon v Pahirapin. 
Drain v Tumita; patitiin. 
Drain n Sangka. 
Drainage nPagtita. 
Drake-ra Patong lalaki; bibi. 
Dramatic-aNauukoI sa teatro. 
Dramatical a Nauukol sa teatro. 
Drank-v.imp.-Uminom: nakainoni. 
Drape v-Tak pan in ng kayong itim. 
Draper n Ang nagtitinda ng kayo 
Drapery-w Manga kayo; katungkulan 

ng nagtitinda. 
Draughtn-Lagok higop; pa^guhit ng 

banhay; paghila 
Draught v-Humula: hilaliin; guniawa ng 

Draw^-Humila iguhit. 




Draw n Batak: hila; pagtiiia. 
Drawback w-Pintas; ahala. 
Drawer n-Kaja. 
Orawing-n-Pag-guhit paghila. 
Drawl V Magpaliia ng dahandahan. 
Drawl n Pagsasalita ng marahan. 

Dreadn Kaba pangamba takot, sindak. 
Dreadr-Kumaba tumnkot. 
Drea<i a Katakot takot kasindaksindak. 
Dreadful a Kasindak8in<lak katakot ta- 
kot masama; kagulatgnlat kakila 
Dream-w-Panaginip; pangarap. 
Dream v-Managinip; mangarap. 
Drear a Mapanglaw malungkot. 
Dreary a Mapanglaw malungkot. 
Dredge n-Panhukay ng Iupa sa ilalim 

ng ilog. 

Drench v Tigmakin; basahin. 
Dress n Damit; bihisan. 
Dress V Magbihis; isuot ang damit. 
DresHva-Maingat sa pagbibihis. 
Dribble v Pumatak tnmalas. 
Dribblet-n Pirasong munti 
Dried beef n Tapa pindang. 
Drier n Pangpatuyo; 
Drif n Pagpasnlong: paglutang kasama 
ng agos tungo. 

Drift!' Lumutang. 

Drill-n Pagsasanay; aral; pangbutas. 

Drill V Aralan magturo; butasin. 

Drilling n-Pagpaaral; pagturo. 

Drink v Uminoni; inomin, 

Drink n Inomin. 

Drip v-Tumalas pumatak. 

Drip n Patak. 

Dripping pan-n-Salay 

Driver-Pasulongin: pilitin; magmane 
jar ng kabayo; itulak. 

Drizzle v Umambon. 

Drizzle w- Ambon. 

Droll a Makatatawa palabiro siste. 

Droll-n Tawong palabiro. 

Drollery n Biro; katuwaan. 

Dronp-n Tawong tamad. 

Drone vMagpabaya. 

Droop r Yumuko; lumanta. 

Drop n-Patak. 

Drop-v-Lumagpak; malaglag pumatak. 


DrosH-n-Dumi tae ng bakal; tira. 

Drossy a Marumi. 

Drought-Drought-n Tuyo; panahong sa 
lat sa ulan. 

Droughty o Matuyot matutuyot 

Drove r ?*wp. Pinasulong. 

Drove n Manada: kapisanan ng liayop 




Brovern-Angiiiay aringmarainiiijrbaka^ 

Drown o Luinunod; mahinorl. 

Drowdet/ Magantokantokau. 

Drow8ines"j|-n Antok- 

Drowsy a Xagaantok: in antok. 

Drub V Piimalo paluin. 

Drubbing n Pagpapalo paghaliampas. 

Drudge vPumagal; magtrabajo ng ma 

Drudge 7i Alipin sa trabajo. 

DrudgenGawa na mabigat. 

Drug w Pangpatulog, gamot. 

Drtgv Patulugin; painumin ang pang- 

Druggist w-Ang nagtitinda ng gamot. 

Drum n Tarn bol. 

Drum t; Magtanibol 

Drum 8tick w Palo ng tambol. 

Drunk a Hilo lasing lango. 

Drunkard n Tawongpalagingnaglalasing 

Drunken a Lango lasing 

Drv a Tuvo. 

Dry-vTuyuin ibilad; patuyuin. 

Dryly a'iv.-Patuyo. 

Dab v-Magbansag; bansagin.. 

Dubious a Malabo. 

Duck-n-Pato: itik. 

Duck-v Tsilid ilubog. 

Duckling n Patong mnnti; sisiw ng 
pato; sisiw ng itik. 

Dmrt-w Sangka. 

Ductile a Masunurin malambot. 

Dudgeon n Tangnan ng pufial 6 ng pa 

Dae rt-Bagay akma marapat. 

Due adv. Totoo; tunay. 

Due n rtang. 

Duel n Hanmn. 

Dael-r Humanion. 

Daet n Kanta ng «lalavva. 

Dagv. hup €^ J) p.Hmukay, bumukay. 

Duke n Duke. 

Dakedom n Kalagayang <luke. 

Dulcet-n .Mainam sa dinig. 

Dall a Maputol; Tnapudpo<l; dungo: ma- 
bangal walang kal)uluban: torpe, 

Dall-/;-PuruHn; pumurol pudpurin. 

DallnesH ?i Kapnrnlan; kalabuan. 

Daly a Karampatan. 

Damb a Pipe malang tuto; bamak. 

Damb bell wPeso. 

ummy 71 Tawong pipe; larawan n^' 

tawf); sa teatro. 
Dummv a Tabimik; walang kibo. 

Damp 71 Bual kasnkalan. 

Dampr Ibnal; itapon. ' 

Dnin])y /7 Pandak; at nmtalwi. 

Djin (I Maitim anr kniav. 


Dan r Maningil. siiigilin. 
Dan »-paninini;iI. 

.Duuce-n Ulol bobo; tawong walapp 

Da ne-n Dumi: tae ng hayop. 
Dungeon-?i Hilangong madilim. 
Duodesimal n Ikalabing dalawang ba- 

Daodeciino 71 Ang may labing dalawan;^ 

Dupe V Hayain; bibuin. 
Daple Dui)lex a Dubie; 
Duplicate 7/ Dublihin; ulitin; parisan; 

tularan; dalawahin. 
Duplicate w-8alin parisan; bowad. 
Duplication n Pagkadnble. 
Duplication n Pag aduble kataksilan; 

Durability n Tibay; tagal: pamamarati. 
Durable a Hindi masisira; matagal; 

Durance n Tagal kabirapan. 
Duration n Tagal; laon pamamarati'. 
Duress n Kabirapan. 
During/))v;^ Samantala. 
Durst ?5 imp Pinangangabas. 
Dusk a Madilim. 
Dusk n Orasion. 
Dusky a Maitim madilim. 
Dust w Alikabok,- alabok; gilik. 
Dust-t? Alisin ang alikabok: paspasin; 

budburin ng alikabok; dikdikin. 
Duster 71 Walis. 
Dustpan n Pungke. 
Dusty a Maalikabok. 
Dutch a Naunkol sa Hollandesa. 
Dutch n Hollandesa. 
Duteous a Masunurin. 
Dutiable a-May buis dapat ibuwis. 
Dutiful a Masunurin. 
Duty n Katun gkulan, pamamahala 

utang; buwis ng aduana. 
Dwarf n Unano 
Dwarf v Pandakin. 

Dwel v Tumira; manahan; tumahan. 
Dwelling-w Bahay. 
Dwindle r Bumawas; umunti. 
Dve r-Tinain; magtina 
Dye n Tina. 
Dyeing n Pagtitina. 
Dyer n Ang nagtitina. 
Dying a Namamatay. nagbihingalo. 
Dyke n Pilapil. 
Dynamite w Dinamita. 
Dynasty nKaharian: lain ng hari. 
Dysentery niti; pagdudumi na may 

halong dugo. 
Dyspepsia n-Sakit ng sikmura. 
Dyspeptec-aNauukol sa sakit nang 

Dyspeptic a Ang may sakit ng sikmura. 




Each a-P-alang, tuwi, bawat; bawat isa. 

Eachpro Balang isa. 

Eager a Mai nip mapagnais. 

Eagerness-n- ainipan, nais, pita. 

Eatfle n-Aguila. 

Ii)aglet n Aguilang munli 

Ear-n-Tainga; piiso ng mais. 

Kar-u -Tiimiibo ang puso ng mais. 

Earless a- Wahmg tainga. 

Early a Maaga; uiiang; agap; niaagap. 

Eaily arZir-Maaga. 

Ear rniirkaTanda sa tainga. 

Earn ?? M.akita kumita. 

Earnest a-Totoo; hindi biro; pormal. 

Earnest n Katotohanan; kapormalan. 

Earnings-n Ang kinita ng isa. 

Ear ring n Hikaw. 

Earth n\ upa; sang kalibutan. 

Earth-7''-Iba()n sa lupa. 

Earthen-a Bayay lupa; yari ng lupa; 

main pa. 
Earthliness n Kalupaan. 
Earthly a Bagay lupa; nauukol sa lupa. 
Earth quake n Lindol. 
Earth worm n Bulati; nod. 
Earthy rt Malupa; may halong lupa. 
Ease ?i Kagiuhawahan; kaigilian; igi; 

kadalian kaluV)avan. 
Ease V Umigi luniuag, lumubay; hu- 

East M Silanganan, 
East a-Sa gawing silanganan. 
East r-Pumunta sa silanganan. 
Easter-/i Kuaresma; paskong mahaba. 
Easterly^ Nangaling sa silanganan; 

sa gawing silanganan, 

Easterly rtrZ»? Sa rawing silanganan. 
Eastern a Nasa silanganan; sa gawing 

East wart arZv.-Sa gawing silanganan 
Easv a-Glnhawa; madali. 
Ear. V Kuinain ho()(jiMij lumamon. 
Eatable a Makakain. 
Eatable n Pagkain. 
Eat dinner-r Mananghali. 
Eat supper v Humapon 
Eaves-n-T.ambang balisbisan. 
Eaves trough ii Alulod. 
Eav-es droppern ^Nlanunubok. 
p]avHsdrop-j? Pakinean; ng ])alihini. 
Ebb ?*. Pagknti ng tubig. 
Ebon-a-Parang ebono. 
Ebonize v-Paitiman; uniitim. 

Ebonv n-Ebono. 

Ebony a Yari ng ebono; maitim. 

Eccentric wMangaling sa gitna; hindi 
karan wan katuwa 

Ecclesiastic a Nauukol sa simbahan. 

Ecclesiastic-w Pari; pastor. 

Echo-w Uliyaw; alingawngaw; aladalad. 

Echo V Umuliyaw umalingawrgaw. 

Ellipse n Hagdilim ng buan 6 araw. 

Eclipse-t;-Dumiliiii ang araw 6 buan; 

Ecliptic n-\ aan ng araw. 

Economic-Economical a Tipid; matipid. 

Economist-n Ang tawong marunong 

Economize-n Tipirin tumipid; magtipi- 

Economy nPagtitipid; katipiran. 

Ecdtasy-n Saya na malabis 

Fddy n Tubig na tulog, uliuli. 

Eddy-v Umuliuli. 

Edentate w Hayop na walang ngipin; 
kundi ung bagang. 

Edge?iGilid. laylayan; wakal; wakas; 
baybay; dungot, gasa; hangang; tabi; 

Edge v Lumapit sa gilid; gumawa ng 


Edging n Gilid tain; puntas na makitid. 

Edge ways-Edge wise ariy. Pagilid; saga- 
wing gilid. 

Edible a Makakain. 

Edict-n Utos; kautusan. 

Edification wPagtatayo pagtuturo. 

Edifice 71 Bahav. 

Edify-r-Magtayo gumawa magturo. 

Edit r Maglimbag. 

Edition-M Limbag pinaglimbagan. 

Editor n Ang nagpapalimbag. 

Editorial a Nauukol sa pag lilimbag. 

Editorial w-Ang sinulat nang nagpapa- 

Educate-t^Turuan magturo; palakhin 
ang isip. 

Education ?i-Galang. karunungan: du- 
nong; aral. 

Educational-a-Nauuokol sa karunungan. 

"f'ducator 11 Ang nagtuturo. 

Educe-r Tpalitaw; hanguin. 

Kel n Palos. 

E'en adv. Mas(|ue; hangang sa. 

F/er-r/Ji'.-Kailan man; sa ano mang 

Efface r Burahin lipulin. 



Effect wAng nangyayaii; kayarian; 

gawa . 
Effect v-Maram ay; idamay; yariin. 
Effective-a Kasalukuyan; mabisa ma 

lakas; masidla. 
Effectual a Husto; sukat; totoo. 
Effeminacy n Karuagan. kahinaan ng 

Effeminate-a-Parang babayi; duag ma 

hina ang loob. 
Effervesce-v-Kumulo; bumula. 
Effervescence-n-Pangkakulo. kulo. 
Effete a Li pas. karat walang kabulu- 

han. gasgas. 
Efficacious a Vlalakas, mangyayari. 
Efficiency n Pagyayari kahustuhan. 
Efficient n Husto mangyayari. 
Effigy -nLarawan . 
Effort-nTikhim; subok. 
Effrontry-n-Lampastangan tampalasan. 
Effulgence n-Kalinawan; kaliwanagan. 
Effulgent a Malinaw; maliwanag. 
Effuse i;-Ibuhos. ipalabas. 
Effusion-wPagbuhos. pagpalabas- 
Effusive-a Mapagbuhos; bumukal. 
Eft n Butiki. 
Egg n Itlog. 
Egg V ludyok isulong. 
Egg plant-n-'I'along 
Egotism-n-Kariputan; kasakiman; kara- 

mutan; kapaialuan. 
Egregious a Lam pas; katakataka. 
Egress w Pag labns: pag alis. 
Egyptian a-Nauukol sa taga Egipto. 
Egyptian n Taga Egipto. 
Eh infer. -An o. 
Right a Walo. 
Eight w Walo. 
Eighteen a Labing walo. 
Eighteen n-Labing walo. 
Kighteenth-o Ikalabing walong. 
Eighteenth n-Ikalabing walo. 
Eighth n Ikawalo. 
Eighthly ariy.-Ikawalo. 
Eightieth a Ikawalong puong. 
Eightieth n Ang ikawalong puo. 
Fghthy a Walong puong. 
Eighty n Walong puo. 
Either a Alin. 
Either /)ro -Alinman. 
Either cow/ Alin. 
Kjakulate v Magsalita ng bigla. 
Ejaculation n Salitang bigla. 
Eject v-Itapon ipalabas. 
Ejection n-Pagpalabas; pagtapon sa 

Ejectment ?? Pagtapon «a labas pagpa- 



Eker-Lumaki magdaragdag. 
Eke adv. Naman; gayon din. 
Elaboratea Ayos; mainam maganda. 
Elaborate r- Ay usin; tapusin; ng mahu- 

say, ' 

Elapse v-Lumi pas; magdaan macaraan. 
Elastic-a-Paraiig goma. 
Elastic 71 Ligas 
Elate-rt Mataas: masaya. 
Elate V Sumaya. 

Elation n Saya; tuwa: kaluguran. 
Elbow n Siko. 
Elder n Tawong matanda. 
Elder-a-Lalong matanda. matanda pa. 
Elderlv a Mat>«nda. 
Eldest a-Matanda sa lahat; katandatan 

Elect-a-Pinili; hinalal 
Elect-v-Humalal; pumili; ipalagay. 
Elect w Ang pinili. 
Election n-Pagliahalal: eleccion. 
Electioneer-v Tumulong sa isang candi- 

Elective a May kapangyar ban pumili. 
Elector n Ang may katuwiran magvoto. 
Electoral a Nauukol sa paghahalal. 
Electric a Nauukol sa lintik. 
Electrical a-Nauukol sa lintik. 
Electricity n Lintik; kidlat 
Eleganc*-w Inam; inam ng kilos; kai 

nanian: karikitan kagandahan 
Elegant-a-Mainam; makinis bihasa ma 

ganda; Hakila; marilag; magaling; ha- 

lata; maayos. 
Element nBahagi: parte; pinagniulaan, 
Elemental-a Nauukol sa piraso; nauukol 

sa parte 6 pinagmulan. 
Elementary a Primero; bago. 
Elephant n Elepante. 
Elevate-v-Itaas; ibangon; padakilain. 
Elevation n Pagpapataas; kadakilaan. 
Elevatorn Makinang pangpatnas. 
Eleven a Labing isa. 
Eleven-w- Labing isa. 
Eleventh a Ikalabingisang. 
Eleventh n Ang ikalabingisa. 
Elf n-Duende. 

Elfin a Nauukol sa duende. 
Elfin w-Munting duende. 
Elicit-v Hanguin; ipalitaw. 
Eligible a Mararapat. 
Elixir-n-Gamot na halohalo. 
Elk-w-Malaking usa. 
Ellipse wTalohaba. 
Elocution n Pagsasalita; pagdidiscurso. 
Elocutionary-a Nauukol sa salita 6 sa 





Elocutionist n-Ang nagsasalita 6 nag- 

Elongate 2/-Humaba: unatan. 
Elongationn-Paghaba; pagunat. 
Elope V Magtanan. 
Elopement-n Pa^tatanan. 
Eloquence-n- ainaman ng pagsasalita. 
Eloquent a-Maaya: mainapi magsalita. 
Else a Iba 
Else joro.- Iba. 
Else adu Bukod sa rito. 
Else cow;. Bukod sa ito. 
Else where adv. Sa ibang lugar. 
Elude V Umilag. 
Eludible a Maiilagin 

> lusion n Hag: pagkailag. 
Elusory a Makadadaya 

> Ive n-Duende. 
Elvisha-Nauukol sa duende. 
Emaciatev-Pumayat mangangayayat. 
Emaciation-n- Pangangayayat. 
Emanate-v Sumipot; bumukal; manga- 


Emanation n-Pagsi pot; pagbukal. 
Emancipate v-Pawalan angalipin; mag- 
bigay ng kalayaan. 

Emancipation-w-Pagbibigay nang kala- 
Emasculate v Kaponin. 
Emasculate a Mahina; duag. 
Embalm-v Gamutin ang bangkay upang 

huag mabulok. 
Embank-v Magpilapil. 
Einbankmentn Pilapil. 
Embarca^ion-w-Pagsakay sa sasakyan. 
Embargo n-Fagbawal ng pag alis ng 

isang sasakyan sa isang puerto. 
Embark v liulan; maglulan; isakay, su- 

Embarrass v Hiyain. 
Embarrassment-w H iya. 
Embed-v Ilagay sa hihigan. 
Embelish-v-Gumayak; gayakan; guman- 
da; pagandahin; pamutihan pariki- 
Embellishment-w-Pag gagayak; pagpa- 

pa^anda; gayak; pamuti. 
Ember w Baga. 
Embezzle-v-Manekas; ankinin ang ini- 

lagak sa isa. 
Embezzlement-n Tekas; pag aakin ng 

ari ng iba. 
"Pmblem-w Tanda. 
Emblematic-a-Nauukol sa tanda. 
Emblematical a Nauukol sa tanda. 
Embodyment n-Pag sasama sama; pag- 

Embody t* Isama; iponin. 
Embolden v Tumapang. 
Emboss V Itampok; padilagin. 

Embrace-v-Yumakap; yakapin; humag- 

Embrace n-Yakap; hagkan. 
Embracement n Pagyakap 
Embrocate v Pahiran ng gamot. hilurin; 

Ebrocation n Paghilot; pagpahit nang 

Embroider v Gumawa ng puntas. 
Emend vAyusin. linisin. 
Emendation-n Paglinis ng kasalanan. 
Emerge v Lumitaw. 
Emergency» Ang nangyari na hindi 

Emergy n-Liha. 

Emetic n Gamot na pangpasuca. 
Emetic-a- Nakasusuka. 
£migrant-n-4ng lumipat sa ibang lupa. 
Emigrate v-Lumipat sa ibang lupa. 
Emigration-w-Paglipat sa ibang lupa. 
Eminence-n-Kadakilaan; karilagan; ka- 

Eminency w Karangalan; kadakilaan; 

Eminent-a-Dakila; marangal makapang- 

Emissary n Kalibim. 
Emissary-a Malihim. 
Emission n Pagpalabas ang lumitaw sa 

isang panahon. 
Emit-v-Iutos; ipalitaw. palabasin. 
Emm et-n- Lan gam . 
Emolliate-v-Lumambot; lambutin. 
Emollient a Malalambutin. 
Emolument n-1 akinabang: tubo. 
Eraotion-n-Pakiramdam; damdam: ka 

ramdaman kaba. 
Emotional a-Nauukol sa pakiramdam. 
Emperor n Emperador; bari. 
Emphatic a Malakas. 
Empire n Emperio; kabarian. 
Employ V Gamitin; upahan. 
Employ-w-Hanap buhay; katungkulan. 
Employee-w-Ang nagtatrabajo. 
Employment-n-Hanap buhay; katung- 
Emporium-n Lugar ng pangangalakal; 

piaza: palinke. 
Empower-v-Ibigay nang kapangyarihan 

sa iba. 
Empress n Haring babayi. 
Empty o-Walang laman; bugok; kalog; 

walang kabuluhan. 
Empty-v-Ibuhos; alisin ang laman; isa 

Emulate-v Lumaban; pasukuin ; lampasin 
Emulation-n-Hiling ng loob. 
Emulsion-n Gamot. 
Emulsive a Makalalambot. 
Enable v Magkaroon ng kaya; makaya. 

ENG 2 :' 

Eiiact-t; iutos; gumawa ng leyes. 
Euactmentw Paggagawa ng iiiga ntos. 
Euainor-z/Umibig ng mahigpit 
Encamp-t?-Magpahinga ang hukbo. 
Eiicampment-w Pagpapahingang hukbo. 
Encampment-w Gayuma. 
Eiicircle-v-Paligiiin; ipaligid. 
Enclose-v-Bakurin; magbakod kiilungin; 

Enclosure wLugar sa loob ng bakod; 

Encomuass v Paligirin. 
Encore arii^. -Ulit; niuli. 
Encore inter. \]\'\t. 

Encore w Pagpuri; paghingi ng ulit. 
Encounter-t? Sumalubong; uniuntog; 

bumanga; sabatin. 
Encounter 72 Umpog untog; salubong; 

banga laban. 
Encourage-iJ-Iurlyok; ipabuya. 
Encouragement n-Pagudyok. 
Encroach i; Ankinin. 
Encuraber-v-Abalahin. antalahin; unia- 

End n Dulo; tapos katapusan; wakal; 

wakas; dungot; hanga; hangahan. 
End t; Tapusin tumapos; yariin; utasin; 

mamatay; humanga. 
Endanger v Ihulog 6 ilagay sa may pa- 

Endear v Mahalin. 
Endearment n Pagmamahal. 
Endfeavor v Tumikim; subukin. 
Endeavor nXikim subok. 
Ending w Utae katapusan; dulo; pag- 

Endless a Walang dulo; walang hanga; 

walang katapusan. walang mula at 

Endorse-yPirmahin; pumayag. 
Endow V Mayrpamana. 
Endowment w-Mana. karunungan; du- 

Endure v Magtiis: tiisin; mamalagi; lu- 

magi, alalayan; batahin. 
Endurance n-Pagtitiis; pamamalagi. 
End ways-Ed wise-adv.-Patayo; pahalang. 
Enemy-w Kaalit; kalaban; katalo: ka- 

Energy-n-Lakas loob; liksi; kasipagan. 
Energetic-rt-Malakas ang loob; maliksi; 

Knfeeble v Humina. 
Enforce ?' PiUtin; patapangin. 
Enforcement-w Pagpilit. 
Enf ranch ise-i' Hanguin sa kagipitan 6 

pag kaalipin; magbigay nang kala- 

Engajje-y-Itali; isama; lumaban; laban in. 
Engaged-a May pangako. 


Engagement n Piingako dulog. 

Engine-?i Makina de vapor. 

Enirineem Makinista/tagasukatnglupa. 

Engineer-t' Mamahala. 

Engineering w Karunungan sa makina. 

English a Engles. 

English n Engles taga Englaterra. 

English V Ihulog sa wikang P^ngles. 

Engrave ^jjdukit; lilukan; gumuhit. 

Engraving n-Pagdukit dukit. 

Engross t:-Isalin ang sulat. 

Engulf V Lam nin. 

Enhance-v Tumaas;lumaki;magdaragdag 

Enhacement n Faglaki pagdaragdag. 

Enigma n-IUigtong talinha^'a. 

Enigmatic rt Malabo. 

Enjoin-r-IpagV)ilin; ipagmasakit. buma- 

la; magbilin magbawal. 
Enjoy-v-Magustuhan; ibigin umaliw, 

Enjoyment-M Kasayahan; tuwa. kaali- 

Enlarge-r-Lumaki; magpaiaki dumami 

biklarin; habaan; humaba 
Enlargement n-Paglaki, pagdami. 
Enlighten-t'-Liwanagan; magilaw mag- 

Enlia:htenment ?i Pag liwanag; pagturo. 
Enlist-u-Pumasok sa servirio. 
Enlistment nPagpasok sa servicio. 
Knlivent ?NHnhayin; lumiksi. 
Enmiiyn Galit; sama ng loob. tanini 

sa loob. 
Enormous-rt Malaki ng totoo; dakila; 

lubha: malabis. 
Enormitv-?i Laki; kalakihan. kabigatan. 
Enough a Husto; sukat; sawa. 
Enough a(^/<;. Sukat 
Enough-?*- Kasukatan kahustuhan. 
Enquire t^-Magtanong tanongin; tuma- 

Enrage-v-Pagalitin; magalit. 
Enrich v-Payamanin. 
Enroll V Listahin pumirma. 
Enrollment n Paglilista.. 
Ensamplew Halimbawa. 
Ensconce v Itago; kanlongin; kupkupin. 
Enshrine-r Mahalin. 
Enshroud r-Ralutin ng sapot. 
Ensign n-Bandila. 
Enslave f-Supilin: alipinin. 
Ensue i?-Sumunod; bunt u tan. 
Ensure-7/ Tihayin tumibay 
Entangle r Gnluhin. 
Entanglement ?j-Pagpapagnl(>. 
Entangling a Mapagbasagulo. 
Enter r Pumasok ])asukin. 
Enter the mind r Tarukin ng isip. 




Kilter prise-?i Gawa; trabajo. 

Kiiterprisinga Buliay ang loob. 

K itertaiii r-Aliwin; lituhin. inagpa- 

Kiitertaining a Masaya; niaaliw. 
Eiitertainment-w Pagpaaliw; kasayahan. 
Knthrone r lla^av na trono. 
Kithronement n-Kaglagay sa trono. 
Ktithusiasni n Pagkavvili; interes. 
Knthusiastic a-May i uteres; buhay ang 

Entice v Tnksuliin. 

Enticement n Pukso uraling niasama. 
Entire a-Lahat bno ganap pulos. 
Entirety Entireness n Kalahatan; kabu- 

Entitle v Marapatin. 
Entomb i? Ilibing. 
Entrails // Mga bitnka; isaw. 
Entrance w Pagi)asok pintnan. 
Entrance-t'-l'atulngin; tuhigin. 
Entrap t' Hulihin; bilagin. 
Entreat V Dumaing; nianalangin. bnnii 

ngi ipakiui*ap. 
Entreaty-n-Pakiusap. luhog; daing. 
Entree n Pagpasok. 
Entrust v-Ialok ilagak. 
Entry n Pagpasok pintnan. 
Enuinerate.t7-Biiangin; saysayin nang 

isa't isa. 
Enumeration n Pagbilang kabilangan. 
Enunciate v Magpah^yag; niagsabi. 
Enunciation n Pagpahayag; pabayag; 

Envelop V Ibalot; balutin. 
Envelop P^nvelope n Balot ng sulat. 
Envious-a Maingit. 

Environment wPagpapatigidikahilingan 
Envoy ?i-Taga bilin; taga utos utu- 

san: taga tupad. 
Envy-7i Kaingitan; ingit. paninibugbo. 
Envy v-Maingit; mainip. 
Epicene a Nauukol sa lalaki at babayi. 
Epidemic-rt Hayag; karaniwan. 
Epidemic-n Kasakitan. 
Epidermis wBalat sa labas. 
Epiphany w Pagsipot; litavv; pista ng 

tatlone Hari. 
Episcopate w-Kapisanan ng mga pari. 
Episode n Kasaysayan. 
Epistlew Sulat. 

Epistolar-a-NauukoI sa sulat. 
Epitaph-w Karalula sa ibabaw ng li 

Epitome-w Maikling kasaysayan. 
Epoch nPanabon: fecha. 
Epsom salt-n-Magnesia calsinada. 
Equable-a-Pantay at magkaparis; ka- 

wanki; katulad. 

Equal-almpas; ma^kaisa; magkatulnd; 

Equal n Pagkatulad pagkaisa. 
Equgl-*' Pantayin; tularan. 
E(iiialiry // I'uL'kakapantay pagkakaln 

larl pairkakaisa kasukatan. 
Equalization-?* Pagkaknpnntay. pagtu 

Equalizer- Pantayin pumantay; parisaii; 

K(juaily-r/r/r.-Nani«ii gayon din. 
Equanimity-?* Kapantayan; pagkakaisa. 
Ecjuator n E(|uador. 
Ecjuestrian a Nauukol sa kabayo. 
Equestrian-n-Ang marunong sumakay 

sn kabavo. 
Equiangular «Magkaparis ang mga su 

Equiangular a Mairkaisa ang layo. 
Eijuilateral a Magkaisa iing sukat ng 

mga gilid 6 hanga. 
Equilibrium-w-Timbang tatag. 
Equine n Nauukol sa kabayo. 
Equinox n Panahon na inaykasing haba 

ang a raw at an<r gabi 
Ecjuip V Magbigay ng kailangan 
Equipagf -??PagI)ibigay nang manga kai 

E(juipment-7i-Pagbibigay ng kailangan. 
Equi poise-n-Timbang 
Equitable a-Mato\vid; husto; walangdaya 
Equity-w-Katoiohanan kabanayaran. 
Epuivalence-?i-Katimbang; kasukat ka 

Equivalent a ^lagkasing halaga; mag- 
E(iuivocate-t'-Mamali; lumihis; maligaw. 
Ecjuivocation n Kamalian. mali; pag 

lihis; pagligaw. 
Era-??- Panahon. 
Eradicate-f Eabnutin alisin; magbuhat 

sa ugat; bunutin. 
Eradication ?? Pagbunot. 
Erase v Burahin: pawiin. 
Erasure a-Bura; pagbuburan. 
Ere adv. Nauna. 
Vji'e- prep. Nauna. 

Erect a Matuwid: patayo. maayos. 
Erect-?- -Itayw; magtayo. 
Erpction 71 ^^agtatayo 
Ere hm^adr. Hin<li maluluatan. 
Err-?' Mamali; huag tumama; maligaw. 
Errand-7J Utos bilin; pasabi. 
Errant rt-^\abay a; tamad. 
Erratic a-Paglakadlaka<l walang ayos. 
Erratum-?? Mali sa sulat. 
Erroneous-^ Nakamamali; may mali. 
Error-?? ;Mali: kamalian: kabulaan. 
Erudite a Marunong; may dunong. 

EUP 222 

Erudition n Karunungan. 

Eruption n Pagputok. 

Erysipelas-n Sakit ng balat na nakaka- 

havvig sa bungang araw. 
Escapade n Kaiikutan; biro. 
Escape vMakawala; umilag; niakapulas. 
Escape w Pagkawala; pagkaligtas. 
Fschewv Umilag. 
Escort n Kumboy; bantay. 
Escort V Ihatid maghatid; suniama. 
Escrotoire w-Mesang sulatan. 
Esculent a Makakain. 
Esculent w Anomang bagay na kinain 

ng tawo 
Esophagus n Lalamunan. 
Especial a Especial bukod nagiisa. 
Espousal n Kasal; pagagamit. 
Espouse V Magasawa kumasal; gamitin. 
Espy V- Usisain; manubok. 
Essay w Tikim. 
Essence n Kaukulan ubod amov. 
Essential V Kailangan. 
Essential w Ang kinakailangan. 
Establish t; Magtayo; itayo; itatag; mag- 

Establishment n Pagtatag; bahay. 
Estate n A ri pagaari; lupa. 
Esteem-i/'-Galangin gumalang maha- 

E«»teem n Galang kamahalan; pagma- 

Estimable a Dapat igalang magalang; 

dapat mahalin. 
Estimate v Taruhan; tasahan; magla- 

gay; ng hahiga: kuentahin 
Estimate n Tas; lialaga 
Estimation n-Galang; pag gagalang; ppg- 

Estrange-r Lumayo; umilag 
Estragenment-n-Faglalayo. kailangan. 
Etch V Gumuhit sa metal. 
Etching-w Guliit sa metal. 
Eternala Walang mula -at hanga. 
Ii)ternally-a/'Z7>'.-Sa huong panahon. 
Etherial a Magaan parang hangin; nau 

ukol sa langit. 
Ethiop n-Negro tawong itim. 
Ethiopic Ethiopian-a-Nauukol sa negro. 
Ethiopic-nWika ng negro. 
Etiquette-n Galang; kainaman ng ki 

Eucharist n Pakinabang. cumunion. 
Eulogistic-a-Dapat purihin. 
Eulogium M-Pagpuri. 
Eulogize J/'-Purihin. 
Ealojry )i Kasaysayan ng pagpupuri. 
Euphonic-a-Makikiayon sa tunog ng 



Euphonyn-Ayos ng tunog. 

Europe n Europa. 

European a-Nauukol sa Europa. 

European n Taga Europa. 

Evacuate r-Umalis. 

Evacuation-n Pagalie. 

Evade-v Umilag; lumayo. 

Evanesce v Mawala. 

Evanescence-n- Pagkawala. 

Evangel n Mabuting balita. Santa 

Evangelic a-Nauukol sa Santa Biblia. 
Evangelical-o-Nauukol sa Santa biblia. 
Evangalist n-Pari na walang distino na 

Evaporate-r Sumingaw; Matuyo. 
Evaporation w Pagtutuyo, pagsingavs . 
Evasion n Pagiilagan. 
Evasive rt-Maiilagan; di maliwanag. 
Eve Even-w Orasion. 
Even a Yano; pantay; patag; hangang; 

Evenv Pantayin; pumantay. 
Even adv.Bagaman; gayondin; pati. 
Evening w Hapon; orasion; panay an 
Event n Ang nangyari; Ang nagkaka- 

taon, pangyayari. 
Eventfulo Maraming nangyayari. 
Eventual a Tapus; sa katapusan. 
Ever arfv.-Kailanman; sa anomang pa 

nahon; lagui 
Ever lasting a Walang tapos; lagi; 

walang likat. 
Ever lasting-a-Pagkakalagi. 
Ever more adv. Lagi; palagi; walang 

Every a-Falang; bawat pulos; tuwi. 
Every body-n-Lahat ng tawo. 
Every day a-Araw araw; balang araw. 
Every one-n-Lahat ng tawo. 
Everything M-Lahat ng manga bagay 

Everywhere adv. Sa lahat ng lugar. 
Eve-through n A'ulod. 
Evict u-Alisin sa katungkulan. 
Eviction-n Pagpapaalis sa katungkulan. 
Evidence n Subok katotohanan; pagsa- 

Evidence-v Tpakita; ipahalata. 
Evident-a-Maliwansg; malinaw; totoo; 

tunay; tapat. 
Evil a Masama. 
Evince-r-Ipakita; ipahalata. 
Evitable a-Maiilagan. 
Evokev-Tawagin; tumawag. 
Evolution-n-Paglaki; tubo. 
Evolve r-Ilatag; liwanagan. 




Ewen-Tupang babayi. 


ExactaHusto. tama; sukat; ganap; 

waiang kulang. 
Exact V Humingi. 
Exaction-n K ato wi ran . 
Fxactitude n Katowiran. 
Exaggerate-v-Ululan dagdagan. 
Exatrgeration-n Pagdaragdag pagpalaki. 
Exaltation-w Pagpupuri. 
Examine-v-Umusig usisain; siyasatin; 

ipaghsayin magexamin. 
Examination-n Paguusisa, siyasat pag- 

Example n Halimbawa; tularan; uliraii; 

parisan talinhaga. 
Exasperate v Pagalitin. 
Exasperationn Galit. poot. 
Excavate v.Hukayin humukay. 
Ex eed-» Huniigit; lumampas, iumabis; 

lumagpos; lumalo. 
Exceeding a Lalo; mahigit. 
Excel V Humigit: lumampas lampaHis. 
Excellence n Dangal; dunong puri: ka 

mahalan; kaguinoohan: kalinisan. 
Excellency n Kainaman; kaginoohan; 

Excellent-a Mainam; bibasa marunong; 

marilag marangal. dakila. bunyi 
Excelsior a Mataas pa. 
Except-v-Ibukod; itangi mamukod. 
Except-^rcp. fiagkus; bukot; bukcd sa 

Except con;.- Ragkus; bnkod; nguni; da 

Exception n Katanguihan; pamumukod. 
Exceptional a Nakabukod; nagiisa. 
Excess n Kalabiean; kalagposan labis: 

Excessive v Malabis; lagpos: lampas. 
Exchange v Palitan; ipamalit; halinhan, 

Exchange-n-Pagpalit; kahalili; kapalit. 
Exchangeable a Makapapalit. 
Excise-n Buis. 
Excise-v Bumuis; magbayad an^ 

Exciseman n Maniningil ng buis. 
Excision n Pagputol. paglipol. 
Excite-»-Ibuya; iudyok: udyukan; sul 

Excitability n Kasiglahan. 
Excitable a Masigla; Magulatin. 
Excitement n Gulo; sigla; gulat: gitla. 
Exciting a Masigla: makagugulat. 
Exclaim-r-Humiyaw sumigaw. 
Exclamation n Hiyaw; sigaw. 

Excluder Huag isama; ibukod, ilayo; 

ifuera ilabas. 
Exclusion w-Pagkabukod kalayuan. 
Exclusive-t; Nakabubukod. 


Excoiniiiunicate-v lalfs sa simbahan. 
Excommunication n Pagpaalis «a siiu. 

Fxcrement-n Tae; dumi. 
Excrete-r Ibukod at itapon. 
Excretion nPagtapon. 
Excruciate-r Pahiiaiin; n)ag)nrap. 
Excruciation n Pagpapaliirap. 
Exculpate r Hanguin sa pagkakasala. 
Fxculpation-w Pagpatawad sa kasalanan. 
Excursion n Lakad; viaje. 
Excursive-a Palakadlakad. 
Excuse vPatawarin. . 
Excuse n Dahilan katowiran. 
Execrate-v Manumpa magtungaya w- 

laitan, maglait. 
Execration n Kalaitan; pagtutungayaw. 
Executive-vBitayin; patiyin; >>awin;gii 

manap ganapin; hustuhin tumupjid. 
Executern Anjj tumutupad. 
Execution-w-Pagpugot; pagbitay; paj; 

Executioner n Taga pugot;ang pumatay. 
Executive v Nauukol sa pagtupad. 
Executor n Taga tupad; ang gamagawa. 
Exemplar n Halimbawa, tularan. 
Exemplary a Dapat sumunod. 
Exemplification n Halimbawa; pagliliwa- 

Exemplifyr Magbigay ng halimbawa. 
Exempt-r Ilayo;patawarin;ibukod;iligtns 
Exempt V Malaya laya. 
Exeniptionn Kalayaan; patawad. 
Exercise n Sanay: gawa. 
Exercise r-Magsanay; gumawa. 
Exert-v Pilitin pumilit: tuniapang. 
Exertion n-Filit; kapilitan 
Exhalation n Pagsingaw. 
Exhale v Huminga. 
Exhaust V Ubusin umubus; tapusin. 
Exhaust a Naubos 
Exhaustionw Pagnbus. • 
Exhibit-v Iharap; ipakita itanghal. 
Exhibit-n Tanghalan. 
Exhibition n Pagpapakita. 
Exhilerate v-Sumaya; pasayain buhayin 
Exhileration n-Kasayahan saya. 
Exhort-r-Magpasaya hulaan; aralan. 
Exhortation w-Aral pasiya; hula. 
Exhume T/Hukay in muli. 
Exhumation wPaghukay muli. 
Exigence-Exigency n Kakailangan. 
Exigent a Kailangan. 
Exile t' Tdestiero; itapon ang may sala 

sa ibang Inpa. 




Kxi*f<r;.<r^r n-Vari. ,f<is^in;( anjr pagka- 

fx'it /» P?iUW«»ari; pintnan, 
V.XfAn* n f'aj^ ali« pajr labaJ». 
Kx'/f»*fr;»t*' r Hangnin «a pa$^kaka^ala: 

pata"3jar n. 
Kx'/f*':r?»tion » Pajfpapatawad. 
V\x'fU>\Xf%r.i a MalabiH. rnaha) na malial. 
y.xffUc a .* anjralmg «a ibanjr Inpa. 
Kxf'.'irMl 7/ Liin>aki; iumuaiig. uniabot; 

i*laf?iv nriifinat, 
Kxp?ifi«^' n Pajriaki; laki Inanjr. 
Kxpai»*4iori yi I'ajilaki. 
Kxf'a;i<it«' r Lnrnaki liimaki knnjr Haan 

may j^iihlo. 
Kxpnf.riaT*» /• tapon «a ibanjr Inpa. 
Kxf»atr:,'itJon n I'ajrtapon sa ibanj; 

Kxpf'Cf » Analian; iirnaHa magpita majr- 

Kxp«'<t;iiH'('P!xp*?(tanr'y-n Fagasa. 
Kxpfrctnnt <^< Mny inawalian. 
KxfXM'toratJ' /• Lnrniira rna^'laway; <ln- 

Kxf)*M'torati"n-w PaKl'ira; liira; pa^'la- 

way p'liidaljfik: «Inhak. 
Kx \>((\\c\\cv.ii.\^ arlalian. 
Kxfwvlii-iit v/, M/ulali; inaf)akinaban^an. 
Kxp<'<liiMit n KaHjin^'kapan 
Kx|»<Mlitir /;Tmnnl('nir hawanan ijjadala. 
l'ix|H'<liti()n r/ I'aylaka<l; viaje. 
Kx».<''litionH a Tjilovtiilov rnadali, 
Kxprl r \\;\\)\\H ifiicra. 
JOxpcfid V ChiiMiii yaNtaliin: puinnjrol; 

UMimaMt.'i ^'!iM;;aHiii; ^amitin. ^ninas. 

Kxficnd iblc a Snkat nia^aMta. 
I'lxp'MMlitiirc /A Vi\M\ii\'^'i\^\[.\\ patfiiboH. 
P'.xiM'riHc y? ( JaHtoN halaija; miirol; })a<;- 

Mxpcnsivr (I Maliala;ra mabal. 
l*lxiM«ricin*<' /' Sanay; kasanayaii; dii- 

iioii^; kai'iniiin^aii; tabo. 
Mxpcticncc /"' \bairsaiiay; niatantc); iiia- 

talastaM; diiniaan. 
MxpcficncfM' r/ Sanay; nianmony;, ])ilia- 

sa. matabis. 
Mxpci'iiut'ut 11 V[\)z^\\\)tA\ Hiibok. 
Experiment v 'I'mtiiknian; usiHain. 
Ivxpert a Matalas; maruiinn^', biliana, 

I'Npcrt // 'lawont; niarnnon^' <) niata 

I''xpiat(« r-dantibin; ;:nnianiti. 
I\\piatii»n ;/ I'auL'.'^^^'init •; ;ranti. 
Mspiration // 'Papns, katapnnan. «bilo. 
Mxpire r Mainatay: tnniapos nnilaizot 
wxwz liininjia. 

P^xpIaic-r-SaysayiD; liwanagin: Fnajr 
saysay. salajsayin. ilai 

Expanation w-Kaliwanagan;kasaysayan 

f'xpieiive-a Mapupono 

Expletive-n Saiitang ginagamit sa pag- 

Explicitvz Tnnay; nialiwanag. 
Explode 2' Puimnok. 
Exploit n Gawa. 
Expbjit r Gamitin. 
Explore r .Siyas*atin; tuklasin. 
Expbjratioii n Pagtuklas. 
Expb>sion-/i Patrpntok. 
Explosive a Nauukol sa pagputnk. 
Explosive «Aiiomang bagay na ina<la- 

ling \ upiitok 
Export V Ipadala sa ibang lupa. 
Exp )rt w Ang rnga bagay na ipinadala 

sa ibang lupa. 
Exportation ?i Pagpapadala ng nisngJ^ 

bagaybajray sa ibang hipa. 
P^.xpose I- Ibulid; ibulusok; ipalitaw 

Exposition n Tnnghalan. 
Expostnlate v Duniaing managboy. 
Expostulatkion n-Daing; taghoy. 
Exposure ?2Pagpakita. 
Expound V Liwanagin; saysayin; salay- 

sayin; ilatbala; niagsabi. 
Express ?• Magpahayag ipahayag; niag- 
sabi sabiliin. 
Express a-Maliwanag tnnay. 
Expressions Salita wika. 
Expulsion nPagpaal is pagpalabas. 
Expunge vKurabin lipulin. 
Exquisite a-Mai nam; niaganda;marangal 
l^xsert a Napaliko. 
I\xtantn Napako. 
Extempore a-Walang lianda. 
Extend ii Biklarin. banatin; babaan; 

l-'xlerided a Ranat: maluag mal>aba. 
Exsension-n Haba luang; kaluagan. 
l-'x tensive a Malawak; maluag. 
liXtent n T.uang at lapad. 
Kxt(Miuate r-.Mangayayat pumayat. 
Kxtenuated aPayat mabina. 
Kxtenua'ion ;/Pan gan gay ay at ; kalii 

Mxterior-/rAng labas. 
I'-xterior rf-Labas. 
Exterminate r-bipoHn; patayin. 
Extermination 7i-Paglipol kanuitayan. 
External (i babas. 
External n A- g labas. 
Extinet ^/ I'atav; walang bubav. 
l^xtinction ;/ Kanuitayan; pagpapatay. 
l^'xtinguisbr-bipulin; lumii)ol: patayin. 




Kstirpate z/-6unutiu pitasin. 
Kxtirpation n Pa^bunot; pajirpitas. 
Extul V Ibunyi purihin itampok. 
Kxtort-v Ptlitin; pumilit 
Extortionary-a Mapilitin mabagsik. 
Extra-n Bagay na nakabukod. 
Extract-t; Alisin; bugutin banguin ku- 

nin sa iba. 
Extract n Anomang bagay na kinuba 

sa iba. 
Extraction-n Paghugot; pagbango. 
Extraordinary a Katakataka; kamangba- 

mangha; bukodtangi. 
Extravagancen Pagkaburara. 
Extravagant a Rurara mapagbigay. 
Extreme a Huli; inalabiB malubba dulo. 
Extreme n-Dulo: kaduhibnn katapunan. 
Extremity n Dulo: wakal wakas; du- 

ngot; katapusan. 
Extricate-z/ Hanjuin alinin; kunin. 

Extrication n-Pagbango; pagbugot. 

Exuberancy n Kalagpusan kalabisap. 

Kxuberant a-Malagpos: malabis. 

£xult-v-8umaya: maglugod. 



Eye n Mata. 


Eye balln-Mata. 

Eye brow-n Kilay. 

Eye glass-n Salamin ng mata. 

Eye lasb-n Pilik mata. 

Eye lid n Talukap ng mata. 

Eyeless-a-Walang mata. 

Eye let-n Matang munti. 

Eye piece n Salamin ng mata. 

Eye sigbtfi-Tingin paningin. 

Eye tootb n Pangil. 

Ey«) witness nSaksing nakita ang nang- 

Eurie n Pugad ng lawin 6 ng aguila. 

Fa n Fa. 

Fable n Awit: kuento. 

Fable-t;-Magkuento magsalita ng.kasi- 

Fabric n Paggas««ra sig anoman. 
Fabricate v Gumawa ng anoman. 
Fabrication-n Paggagawang anoman ka- 

Fabuli<li-n Ang taga sulat ng mga ka- 

Fabulosity-n Kabiilaanan: kasinungali- 

Fabulous-a Hindi totoo; dakilansrdakila; 

katakataka konowari: kamangba- 

FacaHe n-Harapan ng babay. 
FacenMukha; kita sa labas; barapan. 
Face-rltihaya. « 

Faced-a Tibaya. 
Facet-n Mukhang munti. 
Facetious a Masaya. maalindog. 
Facile n Ginbawa madali masunnrin. 
Facilitate v-Hawanan; gamitin; ibigay. 
Facilitation-n-Pag gagamit. kaginhawa 

Facility n Kaginbawahan; kadalian. 
Facination-n Gavuma. 
Facing nMukha ap ro. 
Facing adv Nakatapat nakaharap. 
Facsimile n Salin; katulad; parisan. 
Fact-nKatotohanan; kilos; gawa. 
actionn Kapisanan; lahi: gulo; kagu- 



FactitiousaHindi totoo; konowari. 

FactornKatiwala; babagi 

Factory- n-Gawaan . 

Faculty n Kapangyariban: karunungan 

Fad n Ugali. kaugalian; uso. 

Fadef-Kumupas; lumanta. 

Faded*a*Kupas. yumi. 

Fag-vPumagod; pumagal. 

Fag n-Alila. 

Fag end n Tiraban; ang natitira. 

Fagot n Bigkis; kalawas. 

Fagot t; Ibigkis: magtali kalawasin. 

Fail-t;Mamatay; kumulang: bumawas, 

Fail-nKakulangan: kulang. 
Failingn Kakulangan. kabinaan; sakit; 
Failure n- Kakulangan: saia. 
Fain-aMasaya;matuwa;malugod; bagay. 
Fain-odt;. May malaking gusto. 
Faint a Malata: mabina. 
Faint n-Himatay. 
Faira-Marangal; maganda: mainam;ak- 

ma; tama: walang interes 6 daya. 
Fair odv.-Maakma. 
Fair-n Tangbalan: kapalaran. 
Fairness n Dikit: ganda. 
Fairy ft Nauukol sa duende. 
Faitb-n-Pananampalataya: paniaiwala; 

religion: katuparan sa pangako. 
Faitbf ula l^^Mit ang loob; tama. 
Faitbless-a-Sukab; suitik; taksil. 
Falcon-n Lawin. 











.' Fall-v-Mahulog lumagpfllt^|!lialaglag; 
^4^- bumawas. 

FallnLagpak: laglag; hulog; pagbawas. 

Fallacious a Magkasalanatr;^magdaraya; 

maKahihibo. n 

Fallacy n Kasinungalingan; daya; hibo. 
Fallen a-Nalaglag. hamak, patay. 
Fallible a Magkakasala. 
Fallibility n- >abiligan sa pagkakasaia. 
Fallow a Mapulapula. 
Fallow w Ararohin. ^ 
False a Hindi tama; masama; hindi^to- 

too; magdaraya. mapag ^o^aL bana^' 

Ian; sukab siilungaling fal'sO. 
Falsify-v-Davain: mag daraya huwa- 

ran humuwad; palaohin oQagsinu- 

Falsity-n-Kabulaanan. kasinungalingan; 

Falter v Mag utal; kumulang; maghinto. 
Fame-n-Kabantugan; pagkabantog ba- 

lita: bunyi; kabunyian. karangalan; 

Fame v Ma^balita; ipagbantog. 
Farailiar-a Sanay; karaniwan. 
Familiarn-Kasama: kalaguyo. 
Familiarize v Magsanay; mamalagi. 
Family n Familia. 
Famine-n-Gutom; kagutuman. 
Famish-v Magutom: gutumin, mamulu- 

bi: gumutom. 
Famous-a-Balita: bantog; bunyi; ma- 

bantog dakila. 
Fan-w-Paypay; abanico. 
Fan-v Pumaypay. 
Fanatic-a Masigla. 
Fanciful a-Maguniguni. 
Fancy-nUgali; isip; wari; guniguni; hi- 

lig ng loob; aha banta. 
Fancy V Isipin; mag wari; magunigiini; 

akalain; ban tain. 
Fang n-Pangil. 

Fantastic a Maguniguni; konowari. 
Far a Mai ay o. 
Far adv. Malayo. 
Farce n-Konowa; kabiroan; b^g^ na 

hindi tama; kasamaan. 1>. 

Farcial a Konowaring. 'r 

Fare-v-Lumakad; maglakad; erumu- 

long bumuhay. , ?.^1 

Fare-n-Halagang; 6 kuartang < Qagba- 

yad sa pagpapahatid; upa; pagkWn.. 
Fare well mfer.-Paalam. 


Fare well-n Ang paalam. 
Fare well-a-Huling. 
Farm-n Bukid; lupang sinasaka. 
Farm- y-Magsaka. 

Farmer n Magsasaka. 

Farming n Pagsasaka. 

Farrier-n Ang nag babakal sa kabayo; 

mangagamot ng hayop 
Farrow-n-Manga biik na inakay nang 

inahing baboy. 
Farrow n Manganak ang inahing baboy. 
Farther a-Malayo. 

Farther-arf«; -Malayo pa; lalong malayo. 
Farthest a-Kalayo layoan. 
Fascinate v-Manghalina 
Fascination-w Panghalina. 
Fashion n Asal; kaugalian; kayarian ta- 

bas; yari. 
Fashion-v-Gumawa; tabasin 
Fashionable a Mauso; kaugalian. 
Fast a Matibay; matulin; malakas; lagi. 
Fast adv. M&tuWn. 
FastvHuag kuniain; magcolasion. 
Fasten-v-Ikabit isabit. taliaii ikawig. 
Fastening nPagkakabit tali. 
Fastidious a Hambog; mayabang. 
Fastness n-Katapatan ng loob; katiba- 

yan ng loob. 
Fat a Mataba. 
Fat n-Taba. 

Fat-v-Patabain; tumaba. 
Fatal-a Makatnamatay. 
Fatalism n Kamatayan. 
Fatality n Kamatayan. 
Fate-n-Paiad. kapalaran. 
Fated a Talaga. 

Father-n-Ama tata; tatay; tatang. 
Father v Magama. 
Fatherhood-w Kalagayan ama. 
Father-in law n-Bienang lalaki. 
Father land-i'-Bayang tinutubuan. 
Fatherless a Walang ama; ulila sa ama. 
Fatherly a Parang ama. 
Fathom w-Dipa. 
Fathora-t?-Tarukin dipahin. 
Fathomless a Hindi matatarok di ma- 

tarok di malirip. 
Fatigue-n-Pagal; 'kapagalan pagod; hi- 

rap; dalamhati. 
Fatigue v-Pumagai; pumagod: pagurin. 
Fatten v Tumaba: patabain magpataba. 
Fatty-a Mataba. 
Faucet v Grifo. 
Fault n Kasalanan; kakulangan; pintas; 

kapintasan: sala. kamaiian; kasiraan; 

sam^ kasamaan. 
Faiiltlessa Walang pintas makinis; wa- 
lang kapintasan. 
Faulty-a May sala; di yari: may pintas. 
Favorn Tankilik; tulong; ampon; abu- 

loy; pagkakalinga; biyaya. 
Favor-v Tumankilik: umampon: tumu- 

long; abuluyan; amponin; imukha; 


FEL 227 

Favorable-a Mabuti niaganap. 

Favorite-a Minamahal; layaw 

Favoriten Ang minamahal; kaulayaw. 

Fawn n M anting nsa. 

Fawn V Purihin ng Hindi totoo. 

Fawn-n-Pagpuri ng hindi totoo. 

Fay n Duende. 


Fealtyn Katapatan ng loob. 

Fear-wTakot; hinala 

Fear v-Maghinala: tumakot- 

Fearful a Matatakotin; mapag hinala: 

mapangambahin; katakot takot: ma- 

Fearless o-Matapang; walang takot; ma- 

Feasible a Makagagawa;8ukatmangyari. 
Feast-n Piging bito piesta kapistahan; 

pagpipiging aglahi. 
Feast V Magpigiug; magbito; ipagpista; 

magalahi pumista. 
Feat--w Gawa; yari; kagagawan. 
Feather n Balahibo ng ibon. 
Feather-2/-Tumubo ang balahibo. 
Feathery a Mabalahibo. 
Feature-n Yari; kayarian; hitsura; 

Federal o Nauiikol; sa Federal. 
Federal n Federal. 
Federation w-Kapisanang Federal. 
Fee i*-Upa; ganti: bayad; kaupahan 
Fee t; Upahan: magbayad; gantihin. 
Feebleness n-Kahinaan yayat. 
Feed-v-Magpakain; pakanin; kumain. 
Feed-n-Pagkain; kainan. 
Feel-v Hipuin; humipo: magdamdam; 

apuhapin kapain: damdamin; inda- 

hin salatin. 
Feel n Damdam; hipo; salat. 
Feeling n Maramdamin. 
Feeling nPakiramdam; karamdaman. 
Feat n Mga pad. 

Feign v Magkonowary; magbalatkayo. 
Feigneda-Hindi toioo; mapagpaimba- 

baw; sukab. 
Feint n Pagpapakonowari. 
Felicitate-v Sumaya; pasayahin; aliwin. 
Felicitous-vMaligaya masaya; malugod. 
Felicitation-vPagpapaligaya kaaliwan. 
Felicity n-Ligaya; kaligayahan; kasaya- 

han; kaaliwan. 
Fenile a-Naiiukol sa pusa. 
Fell V. imjo.Nahu log; lumagpak. 
Fell a-Masama; bastos; mabagsik; wa- 
lang awa. 
Felln-Balat ng hayop. 
Fell-v Magtaga ng kahoy. 


Felloe-n Kama. 


Fellow feelingn-Pagdamdam sa kapwa. 

Fellow ship-n Pakikisama;kalaguyo ka- 

lagayang kaibigan 

Felon-n-Tawong suitik; Tawong taksil. 
Felon a-Suitik taksil. 
Felonious a Taksil; masuitik. 
Felony-n-Kaliluhan: kasuitikan; katak- 

silau kasamaan. v> 

Felt-v imp. & p. p. 'K'm&pa.; hinipo; di- 

Feltn Fieltro. ., • 

Female w Babayi. 
Female a Nauukol sa babayi, 
Feminine-o-Nauukol sa babayi. j^ 
Femoral a Nauukol sa bayawang. « 
Fen n Lawak. 

Fence w-Bakod; bakuran. > < 
Fence-v-Magbakod bakurdh. 
Fencing a Pagbabal^dd; kabakuran. 
Fend v-Iwaksi; lumaban. 
Fender-nAng lumalaban. j. 

Fennish a Malawak. r y 

Ferine-a Mailag: ramo; mabangis. 
Ferment n Pagkulo ng alak. 
Ferment-vBumula ang alak. 
Fermentation-n Pagbula ng alak. 
Ferocioug-a Mabangis. maaama: masu- 

Ferocity n Kabagsikan; kabangisan. 
Ferret V Hanapin ng pilit. 
Ferriage n Upa sa pagtatawid. 
Ferric-a-Nauukol sa bukal. ^, . 
Ferry nTawiran. 
Ferry man-n ' aga tawid. 
Fertile a Mataba; mabunga; malago. 
Fertilenessn Katabaan ng lupa; kala- 

Fertility-n Katabaan ng lupa. 
Fertilize-v Patabain ang lupa. 
Ferule-n Buklod; ikog. 
Fervent a Maningas; mabisa; pusok na 

Ferbid a Maningas; mainit ang loob. 
Feror w Kaningasan ng loob;. kainitan' 
Festal a Masaya; maligaya. 
Fester-v Magnana. 
Fester-n Sugat na nagnanana. 
festival a Masaya; nauukol sa pista. 
Festival n Piging 
Festive-a-Nauukol sa piging; masaya; 

Festivity n-Kasayahan; kaligayahan. 
Fetch v-Dalhin; magdala. 
Fetch n-Hibo daya; biro 
Fete n Piging kasayahan. 
Fete- t'-Magpi gi n g . 

FIF 2; 

Patid-a-Mababo; bulok. 
Fetlock -n-Balahi bo 6 bubok sa munika 

UK PB& -ng kabayo. 
Fetier-n PangBpoH iig paa. 
Felter-uGapuaiii aiig paa. 
FaudnGalit pagkakaaway. 
Feudal a- Nauu 1(1)1 aa gaWt. 
Few<I-Bihira ilatig. 
Fiance nAng niay compromieo. 
Fiani-ee n Babaying may coinpromlso. 
Fiasco " Kakulangan. 
Fiatn Utoe. 
Fib V MagHiDungaliD. 
Fibrous a Mahibla. 
Fibula» Hebiila. 
Pickle a Alisai^a walang flrme; hindi 

matibay ang loob. 
Fickleness nBaalisagaan; kabulaanan; 

kaaalinahan ng loob. 
Fictitious «Hindi totoo. 
Fiction n Awit; balat kayo; kaainunga- 

llngan; katba. 
Fiddle n Violin. 
Flddle-f TumnKtog sa violin. 
Fiddle tnter .-Hum. 

Fiddler«.\ng tumuuigtog aa violin- 
Fidelity n katapataii ng loob. 
Fidget D-Maglikot. bumaliaa, 
Fidget-n-Kabaliaahan likot. 
Fidgety a Uaj;likot; balisa: mapakali; 

di mabait. 
Fie infer, -Oroy, 
Fief-n Lupaag kinamtan dahil ea pag- 

Fielii-n- Parang: bukid pMtulan. 
Field piece n'Kanyan bs ai«y gulong. 
Fiend n Demunio. 
Fiendisb-a Parang demonlo, nauukol »a 

Fierce a-Mabagaik; mabangis; gabasa. 
Fierya-Malingaa: taimiV^M maliab: 

pusoif na loub. 
Fife nnto. 

Fi(e-«-Tumugtog sa pi to. 
Fifteen Q Lobing lima. 
Fifteen n Labing lima. 
Flftemtitalkalabing lima 
Fift^othtiAng ika labing lima. 
FifthnAng ika lima 
Fi(thly-a(iu.-.Sa ikalima. 
Fiftielb a-Ikalimangpuo. 
Fiftieth nAn^ ikaliraaiigpuo. 
Fifty.a Limang puo. 


Fig n HigQ. 

Kiglit » Anay: banga; babug buugo/ 

laliunan. • 

Figlit V Labanan bumabag; uuiaway) 

awayin; labanin; babagin liuuiamun. 
Figurative a Haliuibawa. 
Figure nNumero yari; kayariau. 
Figure f-Kuentahin magkut-nta. 
Filament n Sumilid, 
Filch V Umumit; umitin; nakawin 
File-e ilil; taludtod; pagkakasunod- 

FileeKikilin,' kumikil. 
Filial al4auukol ea anak. 
Filigree ntaiigkap ng ginto 6 pilak, 
Filigree-a-Mainain; makinie. 
Filiiigs-n-Pinag kikilan; yiiDiauam. 
F>ll-r Punuin pHmuno^ bumuaog; ma- 
ma ulo; masBiidat, 
Fill-K-Kabuaogan knhuatnhun; pagka- 

puna; kaaandalaii 
Fiilet-n Hunting bigkis. pirasung kariii} 

na walong buto 
Filly-n-I nailing kabayo. 
FiJmnBalai na munipie. 
Kilter.» Sulaan pangpatalat. 
Filter f'TumalBH salain. 
Filth n-Karuniibaii duml; kasalaulna'n, 

aukal kasukalun duugia. 
FiltbineM n Kuruniibnn, kasukalan. 
Fjltby a Maninit marungie. malibag. 
Filtrate v Tumalas, 
Fin n Palikpik, 

Final-nlapoR kaiapusan; pandulu. 
Final a Uuling; kaiapustapuaan. 
Finality n Katapusan. 
Finiile n Katapusan, 
Finally-aiii'.'Sa katapuaan. 
Finance nKunrta n^ bayan. 
Financial o Naniiko sa kuartu. 
Financier-n-Ang humawak ng kunrt» 

ng bayan. 
Unil-r Humanap; hanapin; makita, 
Kinding-n Panbanap; pagkain paghatol. 
Fined Mainara, marikil manipie ma 

kinia; magaling: fino; maganda. 

Fine v Multahin; magmulta. 
Finery n l>ilag; kainaman, sangkap. 
Finger ir-Hipuin ng madaiat. 

Finis n TapOB,- katapupan; dulo. 
Finish ti'lapusin; tapuain; utaain^ ya- 

riin; ganapin; bumanga luiaain. 
Finish Ji Tapos; yari, lianga kinis ki- 

nang. kintab. 
Finite a May hanga, 
Finlesea Walang palikpik. 
Finnya-May palikpik. 

FIZ 22i 

Fire-n-Sunog; apuv; e\^i. 

Firen-tiuDugiii: ilattny ng apo;. 

lire arm ttBHril. 

Fire brand n-BiiIti. 


Fire inan-n Kogonoro 

Fir« place-n-Pinaii Aapuyan. 

Fire prouf-a Di niakBeusanog. 

Fireeide-N-Tabi ng pinag aapuyan. i 

Fire wood n Gatuiigan, 

Fire wurk-n-Kaetes. 

Firm a Matibay tapat Aug loob: lo^i; 

malakas; niatigaa; nianiti: niaiiyu^a. 

matapajig. bindl mababago. 
Firm « Kapisanan. 
FirmameDt n Langit, 
lirmneM-n-Katibaynn; katinitiman. 
First o-Unang; kaunahan. 
first bo rn-n Panganay. 
First claenaPrimerong claae; 

firth nBaras" ng dagat. 
Ffecal ii Nanukol ^a knarta n§ i»ang 

Fiscal n-'sincBl. 

Fish n Iflda 

Fish « Han gi ad a. 

Fieh bone-n Tinik. 


Fish corral-n-Baklad. 

Fiaher man n-Manglugisda. 

Vfsbery-n Katungkulang mangieda. 

Fish hawk'ti'Limbas. 

Flab book-n-Kiba tagi; kalawit. 

Fiahing-n Paiigingiada, 

Fish monger n Ang nagtitlnda nj} iada. 

Fiah net n Kitii) aakag; panti lambat. 

Fish spearn-Salapong. 

Fishy a. May maratning isda. 


Fieeuren I^hang. lamat biak. 

PisticuFf H Sanipal 6 suntok nglcfmay. 
FitdBagay: ftyas, dapat; akma, kaaia; 

Fit-c-Ilapal; aukatin ibagay; iakma. 
Fit n Lapat; akma pasma. 
Fitful-a Hindi panay walang ayoa. 
Fitting (i-Eakay akmii. 
Fitting. K-Paglapat pa^'kakaakma. 
Five a Limang. 
Five fold -a- Limang duble 
Fix-v Manatili kuropunibin; ayunin. 
Fixed a-Matibay: manatili. 
Fixedly ndt^.. Matibay. 
Fiic-V'Humaging; suimitaot. 


Fizz n-Hangin: suit 

Fiiiit-nSuJi; haging 

Kiiiele V Bnmuit bitmaging kuniulang. 

Fizzle-n KakiOaiigan. 

Flabby A Mataba. 

l-l^-n'Bandlla bmidera. 

Flag vPigitin; l^iiniina. 

Flagimn Lnlagyan. ng alak. . 

Flugraiit-a Maiiingaa moinit ma^ama. 

Flag Satiaki'sn ng nlmiraute. 

FUg ataff n Palo i>g bandiln. 

Fioiln I'aiiiboyo. 

Flnil r Muj;bayo 

Flake-ri Paixk i\g bnailak; siiaon. 


Flame n Linges katiingaeai'; liab. t 

Flame ti!Mag lingae; wag liali, fi 

F]ange-n Gilid JB 

Flank-n-Gilid lattilirnii. f.'. 

Flank r Tunmy.. pn galit. 



FlaprGalan'in sampalin. ilagpak. 

FInp jnc^k n Bibinifka 

Flari- r l.iimiab niog lin|ae. 

Flare it'Kaningasiiii: iiingas; llnfae tiab, 


^lasb-n-Kidlat kisnp. 

J-'lasli 11 MnkJxap; maklntab. 

Flasby-aMnkinis, kinlab. 

Flask nFrasko 

Flat a Yano patag: paulay. 

Flat H I.upTng patag isnng. gradn ng 

iaatig bahay. 
Flatten B- Pal ngiii; falsalin [mlpulin 
Flatter I'Tuyilti; nianiiya. magdiladila: 

purihin nj hindi totoo. 
Flattery n-PaKpopuri ng hindi totoo, 
Tlaunl risnbiig, ipakita, 
flaiitiiit r» Flaiitifta. 
Flavor ti Laaa Ineap. 
Flavor f Magbijiay laaa. 
Flaw » Lalian-g: buIr pintae. lamat. 
FlayrBayubin magbayo. 
FleaxHnnip; pulga» knlong aso. 
Kltam n Tiilnii. 
Fleck n-MansB. 
Fleck ti-Manaahin. 
Fli-il i: imp £p. p. Magtanan ttftoakbo. 

Fledge v-Tiinnibi. ang balahibo. 
Fledge-i'Tumubo ang balahibo. 
Flee V Magtanan tumakas tnmakbo. 
FleeceN Balahibo ng tupa. 
Fleece-P-Manekas; dayain. 
rieecv rt-Mabnlahibo. 
Fleer rAlipiiBtahin; iiyamin. niorabin, 
FleernUyam alipnsta. 

FLO 2 

FIel^t-a.Malnl^^ maliksi. 
FleM-v lla^madali: tnmalin. 
Fleet-H- apis.iDHit ng inga i>asakvan 
Flesh-»- La nmn ng tawo karae. 
Flesh p Ipakain ng kame. 
Flesby a Malaba: niakaianian malamsD. 
Flew r imp Lamipad DSkalipail. 
Flei c-Hutnubog 
Flexibl» a Jf alambot. 
Flicker v Pumiaik. 
Flicker n Piaik m kanilila. 
Flier-n Ang lutnilipad; ant; nagtanan. 
Flight n Tflkbo; tanan: lakas. 
Flijchtv n Patipn'l tipai\ ang ieip. 
FlimBT a-Di matibar 
Flinch * "Tmnrong. 
FlindenMi-Hanga vinwa 
Fl'oe-i^ I'tpoii ipiiknl ihagip; ibalibag. 
FlingnHaitia piik<i| balibsg. 
FlinttiPatong raatigns. 
Flinty .J Matit'as na maligas 
r. ?!_-, ; ■ ,;■. Dg mga alak. 
in iig galang. 
'■'.--. -a nalang galang. 

Flit V Maebiro; magsaliwahang loob. 
Flirt n-Daliaying salavraban. 
F'lt f Enmitos nf pabigla. 
Flitch n Toeinn. 

Flittern Golanit,- piraso: basahan. 
Float n Ano mani bagay ua lumulutang. 
Float V T.umnlang. 
Flock» npisanan: kairan. 
Flock r I'mipon pamiean. 
Floe n Agoe ng hielo. 
Flog r Hampasin: paluin. 



Flood-r Umapsw. apawln: bDniaha. 


n Sahig 

Floor r Gutnawa ang sabig. 

F!'"irii.i;^, Tai.1.1 nt ealiig- 

Flop I- Pumagnag: kumiioa ng pabigla. 

Floral orfauukol »a bnlaklak. 

Floret n Munting bulaklak. 

Florist r-Ang nnglilimia ng bolaklak. 

Floriil a Makintab;maliu'an3t:anKktilav. 

Floes «Siilia 


Flotalt )n 11 Pagpapalulang. 

Flotilla H Kapi»>anan ng tnga sasakyang 

Flounce c I hagia ang manga haras» at 

» FOL 

Flonrish x-Pagpag. 
Flourv a Parnne barina. 
Flour p-Aiipue^in. gagarin. 
Flow B Utrtsgos bDioaba. 

rloflernelilaklafc. " 

Flower r-Mamiilaklak; mamonga. 

Flowery, I .Miv maraiiiiiig bulaklak. 

Flownc.p. V Nakalipa.i na. 

FluctnatPrBnntima- buniaira, 

FInctuaiioD ft Pa^-i/awag 


Fluent a Malangis ang salita niaiDBSi 

Fluency n Kainaman magsalita. 
FlnidaTiinaw. lusair ,- 

Flni'l-n Aiiomang hagny na Inaaw. 
Flui<lity n Pagkaluaair. 
FInme-n-Daanan ng tnbig 
Flammery n-Bagaynawalan^kabnlnhatt. 
Flung-r. imp. A p p.Hinagis: pinnkol; 

1 Alii 

iuiuhin gnlatin. 
Flush r I'm apaw: nianmla ang mukba. 
Flush n Apaw; pamunula ng mukba. 
Flush a Puno pulos 
Flutter n-IniC gulo. 
Flutter n Ktimiloe na bigia: guluhin: 

Flutter-n-Tibok kailalian. kagnluban. 
Flavial a Kaunkol sa ilog. 
Flux n Dnmi: tae. 

mag) i para n. 

Fly l;lon'n a Mnbulok. 

Fly trapn-Pnughuli ng langaw. 

Foal n Poirong bagong Dinao^aak 

Foal r-Mangnnak ang inahing kabayo. 

Foam nPuia. 



Fodder n Pagkain ng hayop. 

Foe H KalabaQi kaaway. kaialo. 

Fog II .Aniijon. 

Kogr fniamb n: lumabo. 

FogjiaKe I» Kugon 

FoggynBaloi ng ulap; niaambon 

ioyv .1 Tiiiii-iLig mapurol ang isip. 

Fob •,!,■•■ <ir..v 

Foible n ?'\i\ '\^ sala. 

Fni r Ai.;i4i!i r,; pieilin. 

Fold-r Tiklnpiu lupiin pilegasin kutouin. 




Foldn-Lupi; tiklop; pilegap. 
Fol de rol n-Kaululan. 
Foliage-nMga dahon ng kahoy. 
Foliate a May dahon. 
Folio-n Dahon ng libro. 
Folk-n Manga towo. 
Follow» Sumunod, bmnuntot. 
Following n Pag sunod; pagkakasunod- 

Following a Sumusunod; kasunod. 
Folly n-Kaululan; gawang hunghang; 

Fomentv-ltapal ang tubig na mainit. 
Foujentation-r> Pagtatapal ng tubig na 

Fond a Mawiwili; maiibigin. 
Fondle 2/- Alindugin pawllihin. 
Fondling-n-Ang minamalial. 
Fontn Bukalan. 

Food-n Pagkain ikinabubuhay. 
Food -a-Makakain . 

Fool-n-Ulol; tawongtulig; kawalang isip. 
Fool-v Ululin; biruin; tuligin. 
Foolery n Kaululan. kabiruan. 
Fool hardy-a-Maulol; tulig; walang ka- 

Foolish a Tulig; hunghang ma!:gmang; 

walang isip tungak; ungos. 
Foolishness nftaululan; kaungusan ka- 

Fools cap-n-Papel de barba. 
Foot-v Pad; panukat na may isangdang- 

kal at kalahati ang haba. 
Foot V Lumakad. 
Footing-n-Lugar ng pad. 
Foot balln Bolang malaki. 
Foot fall-n-Yabag ng pad. 
Foot man-n Sundalong lakad. 
Foot note n-Huling sabi. 
Foot sore-a Pagod; mapagal. 
Foot stepn-Bakas ng paa. 
Foot way-n Landas. 

Fop-w-Tawong hunghang 6 mangmang. 
Foppery-n-Kaululan; kBmangmangan; 

gawang hunghang. 
Foppish-a-Mangmang: muang. 
For-prep.-Para sa; nang. 
For con;.-Pai:a ,0a: nang. 
Forage v Humanap at kumuha masque 

hindi kaniya. 
For as-much cowj.- Sapagka*t 
For bade V imp. Ipinagbawal. 
For bear-v-Tumigil; humimpil; tumangi; 

For bearance-w-Tigil; paghimpil; katim 

tlzpan; hinahon: kahinhinan. 
For bid-v-Magbawal; ipagbawal. 

For bidding-a-Mapagbawal; malabo. 
Fcrce-nLakas katibayan; kalakasan; 

apilitan; pagpilit. 
Forcev Gahisiii; puersahin. 
Forcible a-Malakas; mapilitin. 
Forceps n-Sipit. 
Ford n Batisan. 
Ford-v Magtawid; bumatis. 
Fore a Naunang na sa harap. 
Fore adv. Na sa harap. 
For and aft Ang harap at likod. 
Fore bode-vr imp Ipinagbawal 
Fare boding ti-Kaba ng dibdih; agam 

agam ng loob. • 

Fore caset v-Humula; hulaan. 
Fore cast n Hula. 
Fore close v Magtuos iwaksi 
Fore closure-n Pag tutuos. 
Fore end-n Dulo sa una. 
Fore father n Kanunuan: magulang. 
Fore fend r Ilagin; umilag. 
Fore finger n-Hintuturo. 
Fore go v-Maiwan; bitiwan. 
Fo^e ground n Lu pa sa harapan^ 
Fore head n Noo. 

Foreingn-a Buhat sa ibang lupa. 
Foreinger-n-Taga ibang lupa. 
Fore know-z/ Maagap malaman. 
Fore man n-Ta«a pamahala; ang nama- 

mahala; tawong natatanoha. 
Fore mast w Palo sa una 
Fore mosta-Kaunaunahan. 
Fore noon n-Umagra 
Fore rankw-Tulu4tod sa kaunahan, ha- 

Fore sail w Layag sa una 
Fore see-r-Unahan umagap; umuna. 
Fore show v Hulaan ipakita. 
Forest-v Gubat; kagubatan. 
Forester-n-Taga gubat. 
Forestry-w Karunungan tungkol sa gu 

Fore stall-v-Unahan; asahan. 
Fore taste n-Tikim. 
Fore taste-v- Asahan. 
Fore tell v Hulaan humula. 
Fore thougl4-n-A8a hula. 
Fore token n Tanda. 
Fore tooth n-Ngipin sa harap. 
Fore topw-Buhok sa noo. 
Fore ever-o^v.-Magpakailan man; walang 

Fore warn v Bumala; sabihin muna. 
Forfeit n-Prenda multa. 
Forfeit V M agprend a . 
Fore gave-r. iwp.-Ipinatawad. 
Forge-n-Pandayan: kalan. 
Forge vHuwaran; tularan; palsohin. 
Forger-nAng pumalso sa sulat. 
For get-v Malimutan; pabayaan. 




For getfal-a-Malilimutin; pabaya wa- 

lang in^at; maligtaan. 
For fiive-v Patawarin magpatawad. 
For givene-8-« Patawad: pagpapatawad. 
For giving a-Makapag papatawad. 
For got-v.tmp.-NaHmutan. 
For gotten v- p. j>.-Nilimutan. 
Fork V Humiwalay. 
For lorn a Maluiigkot; malumbay. • 
Form-n.Hitsura tayo; bikas. 
Fo^In-t^Gawiri ang hitsura. 
Formal-a-Pormal . 
Formalist n Aug nagpopormal. 
Formality w- apormalan* 
Formless a Walang hitisura. 
Former « Ang nnang ang dati. 
Formerly-a^v.-Sa una noonir dati. 
Formidable-a Malakas: katakot takot. 
'ormula n Reirla patnugot. 
Iprmulation nPaggagawa ng reseta. 

»r sake-v-Mai wan;uma]is huwageawin. 
Jbr soothodr.-Totoo; tunay: sa katoto- 

. hanan. 
^^t)T swear-v MaMmpa ng kasinungali- 

>rten-Katowiran: dahilan. 

irthadv,-S& gawifig una. 

Fbrthn-Ang ikaaptit. 
Forth coming a Darating. 
Forth with a^r-Dabil ditQ. 
Fortieth alkaapat na puo. 
Fortieth-n Ang ikaapat na pno. 
Fortify r-Tibayin; gumawa ng knta. 
fortitude-w Tapang tibay: tibay naloob; 

lakas tigas: lakas loob. '^ 
Fort night n-Panahonn^dalawanelingo. 
Forth nightly-a'Zf.-Sa tuwing dalawang 

Fortress n Knta. 
Fortuitousa Hindi sinasadya; nagkaka- 

taon; hindi tinatalaga. 
Fortuity-n Kapalaran. 
Fortune w-Yaman; kayamanan; kapala 

ran; pasr aari. 
Fortunate-a Mapalad mapalaran. 
Forty-n Apat na puo. 
Forty-a Apat na puo. 
Forum n Bahay ng hucuman. 
For ward a Mangahas. 
For wards-rtfiv.Sa gawing harapan. 
jjj'or ward-v Ipadala. 
IPdster-v-Pakanin tumapang. 
'ifdught-r. imp.- & p. j[>. Lumaban; buma- 
. bag, umaway. 
t^6ul-a Mabulok. 
Fpnl V Bumiilok; bulukin. 

Foul-n Gulo umpog. 

Found-v imp. <fe.;).|)..pinulot; nakita; 

Found-v-Itatag; itayo; magtayo; luma- 

Foundation-n Tatayuan ng bahay. 
Founder-n-Ang Di^gtatayo ng bahay. 
Foundling-n Ulila sa ama at ina at 

walang tinutuluyan. 
Foundry n Bubuan. 
Fou ntainn-Bukalan . 
Four a Apat* 
Fourn Apat. 

Four fold a- Apat na doble 
Four footed a May apat na pai. 
Four score a-Walongpuo. 
Foruteen a-Labing apat. 
Fonrteen n Labing apat. 
Fourteenth-a Ika labing apat. 
Fourteenth n- Ang ikalabing apat. 
Fourth a- Ika apat. 
Fourth 91-Ang ika apat. 
Fourthlyodv.-Sa ikaapai. 
Fowl n Ibon. 

Fowlern-Taga hull ng ibon. 
Fox-n Zorra. 
Foxy-aTuso; matalas. v 

Fracas-n Gulo; talo; usvp. 
Fraction n Bahagi; quebrado. 
Fractious a Mapootin; masungit sowail 
Fracturen Bali; basag; lahang. 
Fracture-rBasagin; baliin; labangin. 
Fragile a Marupok. 
Fragility n-Dnpok; karupukan. 
Fragment-n-Piraeo; bahagi kapiraso. 
Fragrance- Fragrancy n Amoy na maba- 

ngo; kabangohan. 
Fraerant a Mabango; mainam ang amoy. 
Frail n Buslo; pangnan. 
Fraila Marupok: babasagin; mahina. 
Frailty-n Dupok: karupokan. 
Frame-n- Banhay . 
Frame» Magbanhay. 
Frame work-n-Banl^y. 
Franchise n-Pahintulot ng gobierno. 
Franchise-w Ipahintulot: pumayag. 
Frangible-a Marupok dapok. 
Frank-a Tapat na loob maliwanag! 
Frank vipadala ang sulat na walang 

Frankn Si Francisco. 
Frankness-n Katapatan; liwanag. 
Frantico Baliw galit na galit; ulol: 

sira anji loob 
Fraternal a Nauukol sa pagkakapatid. 
Fraternity n Pagkakapatid. 
Fraternize t' Sumama parang kapatid. 



Fratricide n Ang natay sa sariling ka- 

Fraud n Daja; hibo; patibon^; paraya. 
Fraudulent-a Magdaraya; suitik. 
Frauhgt a Pano; may lulan. 
J«ray n Pagtatalo. babag laban; bangay; 

Fray -2/ Gasgasin; kuskusin. 
Freakn Sumpong. 
Freckle 91 Mansa ng mukha. 
Free a Timawa malaya; dalisay walang 

Free vTimawain; iligtas; paluagin. ha- 

Free booter-n-Magnanakaw maududuit. 
Free born a-Hindi alipin. 
Freed man-n-lawong malaya. 
Freed om-n-Kal ays an. 
Free mann Tawong malaya. 
Free will-w Sariling gusto; kusa. 
Freeze-v-Maging hielo. 
Freight n-Ang nilulan. 
Freight irllulan: lumulan. 
French a Franceis; nauukol sa Franceis. 
French n- Tawong Frances. 
French man-n-laga Frances. 
Frenzy n Kaguluhan ng isip galit. 
Frequence Frequency-n-Kadalasan; pa 

mamarati; pagkalagi. 
Frequent a Madalas; towi; gamit. 
Frequent v-Madalas dalawin: magmada- 

las: pamaratihin mamalagi. 
Frepuently-odv. Madalas. 
Fresh- a- Sari wa: bago. 
Freshet- n-Baha. 

Freeh mann Ang bagong nag aaral, 
Fresh water n-Tubig na matabang. 
Fretv Magtampo; magbalisa. 
Fret n-Tampo. ^ 

Friar n Frail e. 

Frairy-n Kapisauan ng mga Fraile. 
Friction n Pagkuskos. 
Friday-n Viernes. 
Fried v. imp. & p. p.-Nakaluto; naka- 

Friend-n-Kaulayaw kalaguyo; baibigan; 

Friendless-a- Walang kaibigan. 
Friendly-a Maiibigan; magiliw. 
Friend ship n Pagkakaibigan. 
Fright-n-Takot; sindak: gulat ngimi. 
Fright vTumakot; magulat. 
Frighten-v Takutin gulatin; manakot; 

Frightful a-Katakottakot; kakilakilabot; 

Frigid a Maginaw; malamig. 
Frigidity-n Ginaw; kalaniigan; lamig. 
Frigidness-n Ginaw; kalaniigan: lami^. 

Frill n-Pilegas. 


Fringe-n Uria gilid: dagdag; borlas. 

Friskt'-Mag aliw; mag likot; maglun* 

dag; tumakbo 
Frisk n Aliw. lundag. 
Frisky a-Maaliw; malugod. 
Fritter-n Buchebuche; maruya. 
Fritter rPirasohin. 
Frivolous-a Walang halaga; walang ka- 

Friz-Frizzv Kulutin ang buhok. 
Frizzle v Kulotin. 
Frizzly a Makulot kulot. 
Fro ofiz/.-Malayo; sa gawing likod nang. 
Frock n-Kamisola. 
FrognPalaka; tugak. 
Frolic a Masaya. 

Frolic n-8aya kasayahan lugod. 
Frolic v Maglikot; mag lundag; tumakbo. 
Frolic some-A'Masaya malugod. 
From prep. Buhat nang: buhat sa; taga. 
Front-n-Harap, harapan: mukha. 
Front t7-Tumapat humarap. 
Front a Harap nasa harap, 
Frost-n Busilak 
Frost v Umulan ng busilak. 
Froth n Bula; sub6. 
Froth z/Bumula. 
Frothy a Mabula. 
Frew-»- Wo man. 

Froward-a-Matigas ang ulo; so wail. 
Frown v Makasibangot. 
Frowsy-a-Sabog sabog; gusot ang buhok. 
Frozen a- Hielo. 

Fructification-nPagpapataba ng lupa. 
Fructify v Patabain ang lupa. 
Frugal a-Matipid; maramot. 
Frugality-n-Pagtitipid; katipiran; kasi- 

yahan; kahinhinan. 
Fruitage-n-Manga bunga. 
Fruitful-/i-Mabunga; malago: mataba. 
Fruitfulnessn-Katabaan ng lupa-. 
Fruition-nPaggagamit: kagamitan. 
Fruitless a -Walang bunga; karat. 
Frustrate- vAbalahin: supilin. 
Frustrate-tt Walang kabuluhan. 
Frustration -n-Pagpawala ng kabuluhan, 
Fry-v-Prituhin; lutuin sa mantica. 
Fry-n Ano mang bagay na pinirito. 
Fuddle-v-Palasingin: maglasing; lumabo 

ang isip dahil sa alak. 
Fudge TiKahariibugan. 
Fudges Magsalita ng walang kabuluan. 
Fuel n-Gatungan: uling. . •^ 

Fugitive-a-Natatakbo; nakatago. 



GAI 234 

Fugitive-n-Ang nagtanan; tuinekas. 
Fulcrum n Tungkod; panghuit; suliay. 
Fulfill-v-Tumupad; gumauap. 
Fulfillment-n-Pagtu pad 
Full a Puno; lubos; puspos; sakda); 

Full-n Kabusugan: kasandalaii. 
Fullariv. Lubofl; puspos. 
FuUness-n- Kasaganaan . 
Fulminate v Pumutok; kumulog. 
Fulmination-n Pagputok 
Fulsome a-Labis na labis; makasnsu- 

klamin; masusuklam. 
Fumble V Biglain gawin nang hindi 

Fume-n-Asd usok. 
Fume t;-Uma86; umusok. 
Fumigate-V'Isuob; numuob; snobiiu 
FumyaMaasd mausok. 
Fun-n Saya; tuwa; kasayahau; aliw. 
Function n Katungkulan. 
Functionary-n-Ang mav katungkulan, 
Fund-n Pundo puhunan; tinda. 
Fund V Mamuhunan. 
Fundamentrn Tumbong. 
Fundamental a Unang. 
Funeral a-Nauukol sa paglibin^. 
Funereal a Nauukol sa paglibing. 
Fungou8 a Buhaghag. 
Funkn-Baho alingasaw. ' . 

FunktrBumaho; umalingasaw. 

Furn Balat at balatiibo ng hay op, 
Furbish-v-Kiskisin; bulihin. 


Furcate a May sanga. 
Furfur n Balakubak. 
Furious-u-Baliw galit na galit. 
Furl-r-Ibalot balutin. 
Furlong n Layo ng 250 baras. 
Furlough n Tulot; pahintulut. 
Furnace n Apuyan. 
Furnish-r-TuIungin; ibigay ng kaila- 

Furniture n Manga kasangkapan sa 

bah ay. 
Furrow nTudling; bakns linang. 
Furrow v Itudling: .tuniu<lling ibakais. 
Further-a^y.-Malayo pa; sa gawi rooii 

pa. . . 
Fu r thera Da ko roon . 
Furtherv-Pasukingin; isulung; tuniu- 

long. « 

Further more ady.Bukoii pa saritojam- 

pas pa rito; mahigit pa. 
Further most a Kalavo lavoan. 

« • 

Furtive a Tuso; ninakaw. 

Fury n Galit. 

Fu8e v-Tunawin tumunaw. . 

Fusible a Maaling matunaw. 

Fusion n Pagtunaw. 

Fuss n Gulo talo pagtatalo. 

Fuss V Gumulo; roagulo ma^tala. 

Fussy a Magulo. 

Fust n Anioy na masania. 

Fusty rt-Maamag. 

Futile a Walang kabululiaii. 

Furtility n Kawalang ng kabuiuhan. 

Future-a Nauukol sa panahonjr dara- 

tiug: niagiging. 
Future nPanahon darating. 
Futurity-n-Panahong daraiinyf, 

Gab n Bibig; salita. 
Gab-V'Magsalita ng kaululan, 
Gabble-v-Magsalita ng walang kabulu- 

GabblenSalitang walang kabuiuhan, 
Gadv-Gumala. > 

Gad a-bout-n Ta Wong mapagpasial. 
GaddertiTawong mapagpasial. 
Gad fly-n-Pangaw. 
Gaff-n Kalawit; panungkit. 
Gaff V Sungkitin. 
Gage n Katibayan. 
* Gage V Tibayin sa kasulatan. 
Gage -V Sukatin: manukat. 
Gaietyn-Kasayahan; saya. 

Gaily-a^r.-Maeaya; niaaliwaliw. 
Gain-n-Pakinabang; tubo. 
Gain-vTumubo, niagtubo; manalo ta- 

muhin; makinabang. 
Gainsay -v-Talikuran; itatua magkaila; 

Gait n-Lakadf palakad. 
Gaiter-nTakip ng bukongbukong. 
Gala-n Piging; pista. 
Gale wBagyd. 
Qatln-Dagli; apdo: kapaitan; tanipata^ 

Gallant a-Maganda ng loob; njaiiiani 

maginoo; matapan<j:. 
Gallantry w Tapang, laka»; ka^fandahan 

ng kilo9. 




Galley n-Kosina ng sasakyan. 

Gallon n Galon. 

Gallop rTumakbo. 

Gallop nTakbo. 

Gallows w Bibitayin. 

Galvanic a-Nauukol sa galvanico. 

Galvanize v-Mag galvanizado: 

Galvanized-v Galvanizado. 

Gamble t;-Mag sugal. 

Gambier-n-Majesusugal; tawong mapag- 

Gambol -n-Laro. 
Gambol v Mag laro. 
Gambrel n Paa ng kabayo. 
GnmewLaro biru. 
Game a-Matapang. 
Game-z/-Ma)!sugal magsabong. 
Gamin n-Batang gala. 
Gamster-n Ang naglalaro; magsusugal. 
Gandern Gansang barako. 
Gang-n Kapisanan ng tawo; bunton ng 

Gan grene n Gangrena. 
Gan grene-r-Bnmulok ang siigat. 
Gangrenous a- May nana 6 gangrena. 
Gang way n Paraan; daan. 
Gaol-n-Bilango kalabuso. 
Gapw-Tipo; puang. 
Gap v-Tipunin: bingawin. 
Gape n-Hikab 
Gape v-Maghikab 

Garbv-Damit; hitsara; pananamit. 
Garbage-n Sukal- kasukalan. 
Garble r Dikdikin; piliin. 
Garden-n Halamanan. 
Gar>ien-t; Magbalaman. 
Gardener-n Ang maghahalaman. 
Gadening n Paghahalaman. 
Gargle v Miigmogin. 
Gargle n Mugmog. 
Garisb a Hambog; mayabang. 
Garland n Koronang bulaklak. 
Garlicn Bawang. 
Garment n-Damit; pananamit. 
Garner-v Ilagay ang palay sa bangan. 
Garner-n Bangan. •> » 

Garnish V Gayakin pamutiin. 
Garnish n-Gayak; pamnti. 
Garret nLoob ng bub un gan. 
Garrison n Manga sundalong nakadis- 

tino sa isang lugar. 
Garrulous a Masalita; magulo. 

Garrulousness-n-Kalagayang maHalit-a. 

Garter a Li gas panali; tali. 

Garter vTalian ng ligas. 

Gas n Gas 

Gaseous a May kahalong gas. 

Gash-v Tumaga tagain; hi wain; humiwa. 

Gash 7i-Taga; hiwa. 

Gasp-v Maghingalo. 



GastricaNauukol sa sikmura. 

GatenTrangkahan; trangka. 

Gate way-n-Paraan daan trankahan. 

Gather-v Iponin; umani; anihin iligpit; 

tumipon magpisan; magtipon- 
Gathering-n-Pagkatipon: katipunan; ka- 
Gaud*n-Sangkap na walank kabulnhan. 
Gaudy a-Mayabang; hambog 
Gauge V Takalin. 
Gaunt-a Payat. 
Gauntletn Guanta. 
Gauze a Manipis magaan. 
Gauzy a Manipis; magaan. 
Gave-v. m/>.-Binigay. nagbigay. 
Gavel n-Talumpo. 

Gawk V Kumilos ng paulol. 
Gawky-a Bastos. 
Gay-a-Masaya: malugod; nfitutuwa; ma- 

kinis maaliw. 
Gayety-n-Tuwa kasayahan: iugod; ka- 

luguran; saya. katuwaan; kaligaya- 

Gaze-v-Tumingin; silayin. 
Gaze-n-Tingin; masid; silay. 
Gazette n- Pa hay agan. 
Gearn-Damit: kasangkapan. 
Gear v Magbihis. isuot ang damit. 
Geese-n Manga gansa 
Gelatin n Jelea. 
Gelatinons-a Malagkit. 
Gem-a Sangkap. 
Gender w Kaibhan nang lalaki sa ba- 

Genealogical a- Nauukol sai lahi. 
General-w-General; puno ng hukbo. 
General-a Karaniwan; litaw; alam nahg 

madia: hayag. 
Generally-o^t'.Sa karaniwan: hayag. 
General shipnKalagayang general; ka- 

tungkulang general pagka general. 
GeneratetjParamihin; gnmawa gawa. 
Generation n Lahi. 
Generator-a-Ang gumagawa. 
Generosity n-K a gand a ban ng loob; ka 

butihan ng loob; kamahalan. 
Generous a Magandang loob: mabuting 

loob: magaling mapagaampon. 
Genesis w Genesis. 
Geniel a-Maawain. 
Genital a Naaukol: sa isang panahon 6 

sa isang lahi. 
Genitivea Nauukol sa kalagayang lala- 
ki 6 kalagayang babayi. 
Genitorn-Tawong marunong atmatalas. 
Genteel a Magalang. 
Gentile n-Gentiles; ang hindi binyagan 


Gentile-a-Hindi binyagan. 
Gentility n Galang: kagalangan 
Gentle-a Malambot na loob. mabait 

baDayad; maawain. 
Gentle folk-n Tawong maginoo. 
Gentleman-n Tawong maginoo, ginoo. 
Gentlemanlike a- Parang guinoo. magi- 
noo mahal. 
Gentle manly a Mahal; magalang. magi 

Gentle woman n Binibini. 
Gently a Anas, inot inot dahandahan: 

may atay. 
Gentry-n Manga tawo 
Gennine-a-Wagas; tuuay. totoo; dalisay. 
Geographic a Naimkol ea geografia. 
Geography n Geografia. 
GealogicAl a Nauukol sa bato. 
Geometrical a.Nauukol sa Geometria. 
Geometry-n Geometria. 
Germ -n Pinangalingan. pinagmiilan; pi 

nagbuhntan: binhi. 
German n Taga Aleman. 
Germane-a Nauukol bagay akma- 
Germinate v-Sumupling; magusbong. 
Gesture n Kaway ng camay. 
Gesticulate v-K away in; kumilos. 
Get vMagkaroon; manalo, magaral; 

kamtan; ma^kamit. 
Gewjfaw n Bagay na walang kabuluhan. 
Geyser n Bukalan ng tubig na mainit. 
Ghastly Parang patay; maputla ka 

takot takot.' 
Ghastly oelt; Katakot takot: kakilakila 

bot; maputla-putia. 
Ghost nNuno: guniguni: capre. 
Ghostlyn Para 6 nauulol sa nuno. 
Giant n-Gieanti; tawong; malaki. 
Giant-o-Malaking malaki. 
Giantess n Giganting babayi. 
Gibbet n Bibitayan. 
Gibbet- vBitay in: ibitin sa liig. 
Gibbon-n Ungong malaki at walang 

Gibbous a Hubog. 
Gibe V Murahin; pintasin; alipustain; 

GiDe-nAlipusta; pintas: uyam 
Giblets-n-Puso; atay at buche nang 

Giddya Magaan ang ulo: maliliw. 
Gift n Bigay; s^lubong; alay; kaloob; 

Gig-n-Calesa; salapang. 
Gigv Salapangin ang isda. 
Gigantic a Malaking malaki. 
Giggle v-Tumawa. 



Gild-r-Pahiran ng gin to; duraduhin. 


Gill-n-Takal. gatang. 

Gim crack n-Kasangkapan na walang 

kabuluhan laroan. 
Gimblet Gimlet nBalibol. 
Gimp n-Trencillas. 
Gin-n Ginebra. 
Ginger-fi Luya. 

Gingerly adt7. Mainam; matatakotin. 
Gingham n-Sita kayong sita. 
Gipsy-n Hampas lupa; tawong walang 

Gird V Bigkisin paligirin. 
Gird n Pamigkis sakit pintas. 
Girdle n- Pamigkis. 
Girdle V- Paligirin; bigkisin. 
Girl n Ba^ang babayi. 
Girl hood-n- agkabata ng babayi. 
Girlish a-Nauukol sa batang babayi. 
Girt v imp.-Binigkis. 
Girth-n-Ang bilog. 
Gist-n-Pandulo: kahulugan. 
Give-t? Magbigay; bigyan; ipagkaloob. 

Giver-«-Ang nagbi bigay. 
Gizzard n-Balunbalunan. 
Glacial a Nauukol sa hielo. 
Glaciern Bundok ng hielo. 
Glad a Tuwa; natutuwa; masaya malu- 

god: maligaya; matnwa. 
Glad-r-Aliwin pasayahin. 
Gladdenv Sumaya pasayahin. 
Glair-n-Ang puti ng iilog. 
Glair-r Ipahid; pah i ran. 
Glairy-a Nauukol sa puti ng itlog 
Glance-n-Silip; tingin; masid; silay; su- 

Glance-v Silayin; silipin; suliapin: tu- 

Glanders n-Sakit ng liig ng kabayo. 
Glare-z/Tumingin ng masama. 
Glare n-Masamang tingin. 
Glass-n-Oristal: bubog: baso; kopa. 
Glassy n Parang cristal. 
Gleam n Sinag. 
Gleam vLumiwanag. 
Gleanings « Himalay. 
Glebe n Lupang simbahan. 
Glee-n-Towa; saya; lugod. 
Gleeful a-Masaya; malugod maligaya 
Glib a-Malangis; masalita. 
Glide rt-Dumaplis; madapilas. 
Glim w Haw ng kandila 
Glimmern Haw ng kandila. 
Glimmer-r Kumintab; maningning. 
Glimpse wSuliap silay. 
Glisten.T/Kumisap: kumintab; kumi- 
8ap; magningning. 


(ilitterv-Kumislap; kumisap. magniug- 

Glittern' Kislap. kintab. 
Glittering a Maningning; makislap 
Globe n Mundo; bilog. sangkalibutan. 
Globular a Mabilog. , 
Gloaming-n Orasion. 
Gloom-nDiiim kapa^gLawan; lumbay; 

Gloom v Dumilim. 
Gloomy-a-Mapanglaw. malungkotr ma 

Glorify-v Malualhati. 
Glorious-a Malualhati. 
Glory n Lualhati kaloualtian dangnl: 

karangalan; ganti; kabantugan purl; 

kabunyian kaDiahalan. 
Glory v-Maglualhati; magparangalan. 
Glo88.n Ningning; kintab kislap, kinang. 

Gloss v Kumintab; kumislap. 
Glossy-a-Makintab; makislap; makinis; 

maluningning makinang. 
Glottis n-Lalamunan. 
Glove n-Guantes. 

Glowv Kumislap; kumisap magliwanag 
Glow n Kislap; ningning; liwanag. 
Glow worm n Uod. 
Glue n Pagkit. pandikit. 
Glue v Idikit. 

Glum a Madilim ang mukha. 
GJumenJpa ^ 

Glut v.Lamunin. 

Glut-w Kabusugan; kahustuhan abala. 
Glutinousa Maganit. 
Glutton n Tawong matakaw. 
Gluttonous a Matakaw. 
Gluttony n- Kasi baan ; kataka wan . 
Glycerine n Glicerina. 
Gnarln Kuton 
Gnarl-v Umangil; tumahol. 
Gnash v Sumagpang. 
Gnat n Pulgas. 

Gnaw v-Kagatin: kumain; ngatngatin. 
Gnome n-Nuno; unano. 
Go t? Pumaroon: pumunta; magpunta. 
Goad n-Panudlong; tudlong. 
Goad-v Tudlungin. 
Goal-w-Hanga dulo; hanganan; hanga- 

han; patay. 
Goat-n Kambing. 
Goat herd n Ang nagpapastol 
Globbe-v Lamunin: umiyak ang pavo. 
Globbern-Pavo; pavong barako. 
Goblet-n-Baso: kopa. 
Goblin-n-Tianak: duende. 
Goby-w Kapabayaan; tangi. 

237 GR W 

God child ninaanak. 

God (laughtern Inanak. (habnyi). 

God dess n Balmying maganda. 

God father n Inaama. 

Godless a Walang Dios, 

Gcd like a Malualhati; parang I>ios. 

Godliness nKalinisan ngkalulua; kapu 

rihan; puri dikit: ganda. 
Godly a-Magalant;: mapagdasal. 
God mothern Iniina. 
God sendn Bahay na ipinagkaloob ng 

P. Dios. 
God son n Innanak; (lalaki). 
Oofrgles n Salamin sa mata 
Going n-Pagparoon pagpunta pag alls. 

Gold dust n-Gabok ng gint6. 
Golden a May halong gint6 magint6. 
Gold smith-n Platero. 
Goner. p /) Nakaalis, umalis na. 
Good-n-Mabuti; masunurin. 
Good n-Kabutihan; buti; kaamoan. 
Gooda<iv.-Mabuti bu'i. 
Good-by Good-bye n Paalam. 
Good-byQood-bye-mfer.-I aalam. 
Goodly a Mabutibuti. mainam; malaki. 
Good natured a Masunurin; mabuti ang 

Goodness n- abutihan. > 

Good tempered a Mabuti ang ugali ma 

Goody goodya Mabuti. 
Goose n Gansa. 
Goren-Sesgo: dogong namuo. 
Gore r Mag.-Jesgo suagin. 
Gorge nSaluysoy. 
Gorgev Laniunin. 

Gorgeous-a Mainam: dakila; • maganda. 
Gorilla a Musang 
Gofmand n Pawong matakaw. 
Gory a Madugo. 
Gosling n Inakay ng gansa 
Gospel-w Biblia passion. 
Gossip nSitsit. 
Got-r. im;?.Nagkaroon kinamtan. 
Gouge r-Lukubin. 
Gourmand wTawong matakaw. 
Gout-n Sakit ng Bukongbukong. 
Govern n-Manuno; maghari mamahala. 
Governor w Hari: puno: gobernador. 
Governess-n Maestra. 
Government-n-Pamumuno; paghahari; 

pamamahala; paggogobierno. 
Governatorial a-Nauukol sa gobierno. 
Gown-n Damit. 




Garb V akiitin: agawin. 

Grab n Agaw; dakot. 

Grace n Gracia; ganda ng kilos, kaina- 

man ng ugali. 
Grace n Ihulog . ang gracia. 
Graceful n-Maganda; marikit. makinis; 

niainam ang kilo». 
Graceless a-Bastos hamak. 
Gracious-a Magandang loob mabiuin^ 

loob. ' * 

Gradation n -Pagsnlongng untiunti; pag- 

ayos paghusay. 
Grade v Ayuein; ilagay sa grado. 
Grader» Grado: lagay 
Gradual-a Untiunti. 

Graduate n Aug bagonglabassaescuela. 
Graduate vTumangap ang titulo; tapu- 

sin; ang carrera. 
Gra luation-o Paglabas sa eacuela. 
Grain n t util binhi. 
Grain v Ruinutil. 
Gram n Gramo. 
Grammar n Gramatica. 
Grammarian-?» Aang sumulat grama- 
(irammatical-a-Nauukol sa gramatica; 

ayon sa gramatica. 
Granary n-Bangan; taguan ng trigo, pa- 
lay, at mais. 
Grand a Dakila marangal; niaginoo; 

malaki magalang bantog; mahal; 

kagalang galang. 
Grand child-w Apo: inapo. 
Grand daugtherwApong babayi. 
Grande-n Tawong dakila 6 marangal. 
Grandeur-n Kadakilaan; kalakihan. kai 

Grand fathern-Nunong lalaki; ingko. 
Graiidiloiiuence-n-Salitang marangal: 

kainaman ng pananalita. 
Grandiloquent a Mainam manalita. 
Grand mother-w Nunong babayi; impo. 
Grand sire-n Ingkong. 
Grand son a Apong lalaki. 
Grange-»-Ari ng may lupa. 
Granite n-Batog mainam parang- niar- 

Graniverous a Knmakain ng palay. 
Grant r-Pumayag; ipahintulot; tulotin; 

magkaloob; magbigay. 
Grant «Bigay; kaloob. 
Grantee n Ang tumangap ng kaloob. 
Grantor w-Ang nagbigay 
Granular-rt-Parang butil; mabutil. 
Granule n Butil. 
Granulous a Mabutil. 
Grape w-ll ban. ^ 

Grapery-n Halamanan ng ubas. 
(irape stone wHuto ng uban. •' 
Grape vine u Lipay ng nbas. 

Graphic a Nauukol sa sulat. 
Graphite n Tinga. 
Grapple-a Magbuno bumuno. 
Grapple-n Buno sungaban. 
Grasp-v-Hawakan; humawak; kunin; 

agawin dampotin 
Grasp n Hamak; dampot. 
Grass hopper-n.Balang; lukso. 
Grass ness nKalaguan ng damo. 
Grass-widow-n Bao sa bithav. (haha- 

Grss widower-n-Bao sa buhay (lalaki). 

Grassy a Maram6 

Grate n Alitiit. 

Grate v Umalitiit; ikudkod. knmayod; 

Grater n Kudkuran: panudkod. 
Grateful-a Marunong magutang na loob. 
Gratification -n Ganti biyaya; dulot; ka 

loob; alay; bayad upa. 
Gratify v-Gantihin; gumanti magbigay 

loob; bigyang loob ipabuya. 
Gratisa Walang bayad. 
Gratitude n Utang na loqb 
Gratouitous a Walang bayad. 
Gratuity n Bisrav pagbigay; kawalan ng 

Gratulate v-Patihin bumati. 
Gratulation-n Pagbabati 
Gratulatory-a Masayn. 
Grave-a Pormal; mabigat; totoo; walang 

Grave n Libing kabaong: libingan. 
Gravel-n-Buhangin na magaspang. 
Grave stone n-Tumba ng patay. 
Grave yard-n-Pantion. 
Gravitate-r Humiling: tumuntong. 
Gravitation n Pagkaliiling 
Gravity n Tuntungan. 
Gravy n Sawsaw. 
GrayaUpat; mura kayumangi. 
Gray-n-Kulay na kayumangi. 
Gray beard-n Tawong matanda. 
Gray headed-n-Mauban maputi angulo. 
Grayish a Kayumangi 
Graze-v-Magpastol . 
Grazing w-Pagpapastol. 
Grease-n-Mantika: sebo. 
Grease-v-Pahiran ng sebo: pahirian ng 

Greasy a Mamantika: mataba; masebo; 
malagkit. malibag. " 

Great-grand childn-Apo sa tuhod. 
Great granddaugther.-n Apo sa tuhod 

Great-grand father-w- A ma ng nuno. 
Great-grand mother n-lna ng nuno. 
Great-grand son-n Apo sa tuhod (lalaki). 
Grebe w-Pilepile. 
Grecian n-Nauukol sa griego; Griego. 




Greed n Kaingitan naea, katakawan; ka- 

Greedya Mataka-A ;mapagna8a.nm8akim/ 
Greek-a Nauukol sa taga liriego. 
Greek-M Griego. 

Green-a Verde; hilaw; sariwa miira 
Green -n Kulay verde. 
Greenish a Verde; hilaw. 
Green hornn-Tawong hindi warunong; 

bagong nagaaral. 
Greet v-Batiin; yumuko;. kiunustaliin. 
Greeting.)! Bati; yuko: kumusta. 
Grenadiern Snndalong lakat. 
Grew-v. iwp.- rumubo nakatubo. 
Grey « Kaynmangi. 
GriddleifKa waling p:iababaw. 
Gridiron »Ihawan. 
Grief n Dilita;; lunkot hambal. dawas; 

lamba;^: hapis; dalamhati; taghoy. 
Grieve i;-,)amdamiu magdamdam; hu 
mapisimagUimbay: magdalita; ma- 
Qrievane n Hapis dalamhati; pighati; 

daing; taghoy. 
Grievou- a Mahapis; agraviado mapig- 

hati. nalumbay. 
Grill"Z/-Iiawin; magihaw 
Qrinto-labai^sik madilim ang niiikha. 
Grimace n Ngini: kibit. 
Grimftrv Kumibit; ngumiwi. . 
Grimalki-n Piisang matanda. 
Grime fi>an2i8 uling; dunii. 
Grime v^imiul^is; dumumi. 
Grimy-alarungis; marumi. 

Grind-v-imiling; mulihin: aliliedn. 
GrinderAng gnmiling; bagaiig. 
Grind ttie-fi-Hasahan. 
Grip-v-Brakin; humawak. 
Gripe » awek. 
Gripe v-iwakin ng mahigpit: maghi- 

rep: mekit eng tian. 
Gripe fiipis; hirap; hawak. 
Grippe-fekit nf lalamunan. 
Grieljr aaUkotUkot: kakilaki'labot. 
Griet-i*-iiB na giniling. 
GrieUetotong. malambot. 
Griti^Chgin; ^nmiling. 
Qriiile<ay aman gi . 
Grisaly* ayomangi. 
Groen-fiibik; Halinghing. 
Oroea-fl-lingblDg; hibik. 
G^foeer-ia-^ nagtitinda ng man^a 

Qroeery-n-'ilahan nang manga pag^ 


Grogery-Grogshop-n Tindahan ng alak. 
Groin n Sinapupunan single. 
Groom n-Lalaking bagong kasal. 
Groom-v Mahalagn sa kabayo. 
Grooms man n Abay ng ialaki sa kasal. 
Groove n-Bakam bakas 
Groove r Bakasin. 

GropevApuhapin; damahin; kapain. 
Gross a-Bastus; magaspang: masinsin; 

mapurol makapal waiang hiya 
Gross fc Bilang n^ isangdaan at apat na 

puo at apat: 144 
Orot Grotto-n-Yungib lunga. 
Grotesque a Makatatawa. 
Groundv. imp. Giniling. 
Ground-n Lupa, bukit. 
Groundless v Waiang katowiran.' 
Ground nut n Muni. 
Groiind work-n Tatayuan ng ba,l)ay. 
Group n-Grnpo bunton: katipunan. 
^roup V Ibunton pnmisan tumipon. 
Grout n Mais 6 bigas na durog; binlid. 
Grove n Kahoyan. 

Grovel v Gumapang sa lupa humamak. 
Grow-z/ Tumubo tumaas; dumanii hi- 

mago; sumilang. 
Growl V Umangil dumabog: dumaing. 
Growl-nAngil dabog; daing. 
Grown V. p. p. Tumubo na; nakatubo 
Growth nTubo paglaki. 
Grubv Hukayin; putulin sa ugat» 
Grub nUod. 

Grudge n Dula sa kapua tannn sa kapua. 
Grudge-v Dumula sa kapua. 
Gruel n Sabaw. 
Gruff a-Bastos. 

GrumaTahimik madilim ahg mukba. 
Grumble-v-Bumulongbulong dumabog; 

dumaing; magdalanihati. 
Grunt n-Gukgok. 
Grunt v-Gumukgok. 
Guanon-Dumi ng ibong dagat. 
Guarantee r Tibayan: katibayan: tindi. 
Guarantee v Tibayin tindigan; bigyang; 

ng katibayan. 
Guaranty-n-Katibayan; tindi. 
Guard-v Alagaan bantayin; ingatin; 

Guard n Bantay; ingat; tanod; Ang nag 

Guardedly a^r -Maingat. 
Guardian-n-Poder. taga ingat ang yaman 

ng ulila. 
Guava n-Bayabas. 

Gubernatorial a Nauukol sa gobernador. 
Guess vTumuring; tnmama» 
Guess n-Turing; tama. 
Guest-n-Visita: nanunuloy. 

HAF 240 

Guffawn Halakhal; tawang malakn»; 

(niidancen-Pagturo; pagakay. 

Guide tJ Akayin; ituro. . 

(iiiiide-n-Taga luro; taga akay. 

Guile-nHibo, daya 

Guileful a Nakahihibo; magdaraya. 

Guileless a Waiang daya. 

Guillotine n-Makiuang paimi^t ng<ul6.' 

Guillotine vPugutin ang ulo.; 

(iuilt-n-Kasalanan sala. 

Guiltless a Waiang kasalanaii. 

<iuilty-aMay kasalanan. 

Guise n Hitsura bikas. - 

Guitarn Guitara. : ' ' 

Gulch w Sungoy: saluysoy. 

(lUlfnBaraso ng dagat. loob. 

Guli-v Dayain manekas; tekasin. 

Gull n-Dava tekas. 


Gullible a Makakadaya; madaling da- 

Gully w 8ungoy; saluysoy. 
Gully v Sumaluysoy. 
Gulp v-Lamunin. i 

Gulp n Ang nilamon; anomangba^ay na 

Gum n Dagta: katas: goma. 
Gum V-' umatas lumapot. 
Gumn Gilajrid ng ngipin. 
Gummy-a Madagta; makata». 
Gumption n-Katusuhan; talas. 



Gun vMangaso. 

Gunner n Ang marunong bumaril. 

Gunning-n Pangangaso. 

Gun powder w-Pulvora ng bari). 

Gun shot-n-Putok ng baril. 

Gunsmith n-Ang marunong magkuno 

poni ng baril. 
Gun PtocknTangnan ng boril. 
Gurgle «7-Mugmogin. 
Gurgle-n Mugmog. 
Gush V Bumukal. 
Gusset n-Sukob. 

Gustn-Lasap; lasa; hipo ng hangin; 
Guston-Lasap: gusto. ' 

Gusty a Mahangin. ' 

Gut-n Bituka: isaw. 
Gut-v Alisan ang bituka. . 
Gutta percha-n Goma parang snyangaw. 
Gut^^^er-n Sangka; alulod. I 

Gutter-n Ilagay ang alulod. \ 
Guttural a Nauukol sa lalamtpan. 
Guy-n-Lubid na pangpatibay. ' 
Guzzle-v-Uminom ng madalasj 
Gypsy n-Hampaslupa. 
Gyrate-n-Uminog; umikit. 
Gyration-n-Paikit painog. 
Gyratorya Pagikit, painog. 



Habiliment n Damit. 

Habit-71-Ugali; kaugalian; kagawian; pi- 

Habit-v-lumira; tumahan; dalawin ng 

Habitable a-Gawi; matitirahan. 
Habitat n Dating tirahan. 
Habitation-nTirahan; tahanan han- 

Habitnala Lagi l^gi na. 
Habituate-v- umagi; mamalagi. 
Habituation n-Pamamalagi. 
Hack «Tagain; hi wain tad tar in. 
Hack-w Hiwa tagd; tadtad. 
Hack n-Carruaging inupahan. 
Hack a-Inupahan. 

Hackle-v Suklayin ang sinulid 6 bulak. 
Hackle-n Suklay ng sinulid 6 bulak. 
Hackney a-Kabayo. 
Hackney a Karani wan, inupahan. 
Had V. imp ^. j9.-Nagkaroon, ;,, 

Haftn-Bitbitan; tangnan. 

Hag n-Babaying masama at p£|it. • 

HAggard-a Pagod; mahina. ^ 
Haggle-v-Magturing; tuksuhin. \ 
Haggling n-Turing. ; 

Hail-nBugbog bati. | 

Hail infer.- Aba. ^ f 

Hail-v-Umulan ngbubog. bumatiWiin; 

Hail storm n Ulan ng bubog. ' 
Hair n Buhok; balahibo. '. 

Hair breadth a Lapad ng isangihok. 
Hair breadth n Ang lapad ng isje: bu- 
hok. • 
Hairless-a- Waiang buhok; pano(ipat. 
Hair pin n Tpit. 
Hair springn Kuerdas na mm ng 

Hairy a Mabuhok. / 

Halcyon-n-Limbas • i 

Halcyon-a-Tahimik; niasaya. . : 

Hale a Malakas; waiang sakif 
Hale-a Hilahin. 
Half M Kabiak; ang kalahat 


Irlalfn Kalahati. 

Half breed n Mestizo mestiza. 

Half brother n Kapatid sa ama 6 ina 

Half caste n Mestizo; mestiza. 

Half penny n-Isang kiiarta. 

Half sister n Kapatid ng ama 6 sa ina 

Half witted a Mahina ang isip. 

Hatl n Salas. 
alleluiah-Hallelujah in<«r.- Jesus, Ma 

Hria v Jose. 

Hallo nSigaw na malakas hoy. 

Halloo-r Sumigaw na malakas. 

Hallow» Sambahin. 

Hallucination n Guniguni: daya. 

Halo n Limbo 

HaltnTigil; hinio; kapilayan. 

Halt-v Humantong: tumigil huminto. 

Halter-n Mortigon. 

Halter V Ilagay ang mortigon. 

Halve vHatiin; biakin; dalawahin. ♦ 

Halves n-Kabiak. 

Halyard n-Lubid ng layag. 

Ham n- Hamon. 

Hamlet nNayon. 

Hammern Martillo pukpok; pamukpok. 

Hammer r-Pukpokin; pumukpok. 

Hammock-n Duyan. 

Hamper nBuslo Kaing; abala. 

Hamper-v Abalahin: ilagay sa buslo. 

Ham string n Litid. 

Ham string-v Litirin. 

Hand n Kamay. 

Hand v labot; umabot. 

Hand breadth n-Dangkal. 

Hand cuff-w Pangapos ng kamay. 

Hand cuff t'-Gapusin ang kamay 

Hand full-n-Isang baya dakot. 

Handicap n Abala: palugit. 

Handicap v-Palugitin. 

Handicraft-nKatalasan; talas; lalang. 

Handily-a-Ginhawa; madali. 

Handiwork-n-Ginawa iig kamay. 

Handkerchief-w-Panyo birang. 

Handle r Ulugin: ugitin: laniasin; hi- 
puin; maglamas. 

Handle-w-Tatangnan; bitbitan; tankay; 

Hand made a Yari ng kamay. 

Hand maid Handmaiden w Alilang ba- 

Hand saw n-Lagaring nuinti. 
Handsome-a Maganda. marikit mainam. 

Hand spike-w-Pangsual. 

Hand writing-n Sulat kamay 
Han<ly a-Matalas; sanay; marunong. 
Hang-jJ-Bitayin: ibitin; ilaylay: isam 

pay isabit sampayin; sabitin. 
Hang w Sabit pagsampay. 
Hanger ^i Sabitan* nampayan. 

241 HAR 

Hanging n Pagbitay. 
Hangdog n Tawong hamak at bastos. 
Hang dog a Hamak: bastos mababa 
Hang man v Verdugo; taga bitay sa may 

Hank n Bigkis ng sinulid. 
Hanker v Mognasa; nasain: magpita. 
Hankering n-Nasa; pita. 
Hap-nkapalaran: palad. 
Hap V vtapalaran magkataon. 
Hap hazard a Walang ayos. 
Hap hazard n Kapalaran; ang pagkaka 

taon palad 
Hapless-rt Walang palad: sawing kapala 

ran malungkot. 
B&plyadv. Marahil. 
Happen -wMangyari; magkataon. 
Happiness-w-Kasayahan,- lugod kalu- 

guran kaligayahan ligaya. 
Happy rt Masaya: maaliw: malugod; ma 

ligaya mapagaglahi. 
Harangue nPangungusap. 
Harangue-v-Makipagusap: m ak i u sa p; 

Harass-v Dawabaginin: yamutin; paga- 

Harbinger n-Tanda. 
Harborn Punduhan: ng vapor 6 sasak 

Harbor r-Ituloy; ikalong. 
Hard-a-Matigas; malakas: batibot: ma- 

sip4g mahirap; hindi malambot: ma- 

bagsik; masungit. 
Hard adv -Matigastigas. 
Hardens Tumigas. 
Hard hearted-a-Walang awa ganid. 
Hardihood w-japang: pangahas. 
Hardily adv.-Mangahas. 
Hardnessn Katigasak. 
Hard ship-n Kapagalan;kahirapan.pagai; 

Hard ware n Mga bagay sa bakal. 
Hardy a Malakas matapang. 
Hare n Cone jo. 

Hare brained a XJlol: mahina ang isip. 
Hare lip n Hiwas. 
Harem n Kuarto ng babayi. 
Harlot n Hitad puta; patutot. 
Harm n Sakit hirap kahirapan. 
Harm tJ Pasaki in; sirain. 
Harmful a-Makakasira: masama. 
Harmless a-Di makakasira: maamo. 
Harmonic-n Silendro. 
Harmonium n Silendro. 
Harne«8-n Guarniciones 
Harness-v Magsingkaw; singkawin. 
Harp n Arpa. 
Harper-n Ang murunong tumugtog .s(i 






Harpoou n-Salapang. 

Harpoon V Salapangin. 

Harpooner n Ang marunon giimawa 6 

ihagis ang salapang. 
Harro w w Paragos . 
Harrow z/Sabarin. 
Harrowing n Pagparagos. 
Harry V Nakawin magnakaw, mandnit. 
Harsh a Mabag&ik: maeungit. 
Harshuess n-Kabagsikan kasimgitan. 
HartwUsang lalaki sungayan. 
Harts horn-n Sungay ng usang lalaki. 
Harum scaruma-Paulol. papaano. 
Barvest n Pugaani. paggapas; ani. 
Harvest V Umani anihin; gapasin. 
Harvestern-Ang gumapas. 

Hash n Pagkain na sahogsahog. 
Hash v-Tadtarin. 
Haspn-Seradura; kandaro. 
Hastv Mayroon. 
Htase^nKabiglaan; kadalian. 
Haste Hasten n-Biglain: maxinadali; tii- 

makbo; maghaplit; haplitin. 
Hastines n Kadalian, kabiglaan. 
Hasty a-Bigla; madali. 
Hat-n Sombrero; sambaliio. 
Hatch -V- Hum isa; humalimhini. 
Hatch n Pagpisa; halimhini. 
Hatchet-n Palataw. 
Hate n Galit; taniin sa loob. 
Hate V Magalit. 
Hateful-aKalupitlupit; kasamasama; 

Hatred nianimngloob; galit; kalupitan. 
Haughty-a-Hambog palalo. tampala san ; 

palamara; mayabang: mapagmaya 

bang mapagmarikit. 
Haughtiness n Kahambngan kapalaluan; 

katam palasanan . 
Haul v Bumatak; hilahin; batakin. 
Haul n-Patak; hila. 

Hannt-v-Mamamalagi; lumagi. 
Haunt n Yungib; kagawian. 
Have V Magkaroon; mangyari. 
Haven-n-Punduhan lugar na walang 

Haversack n Dalaan ng pagkain. 
Havoc-n Kasiraan; paglipol. 
Haw-n-Pagkantal . 
Haw v-Umutal. 
Hawk-n Lawin. 
Hawk v-Dumahak. 
Hawk-n Dahak. 

Hawk eyed-a-Matalas ang mata. 
Hawser-w-Malaking lubid. 
Hay w Daraung tuyo. 
Hay cook « Talumpok. 

Hayloft n-Taguan ng dainong tuyo. 

Haymown-'laguan ng daniong tuyo. 

Hay rick n Tinibon. 

Hav stack-n-Mandala. 

Hazard n-K a pal a ran: palad panganib. 

Hazard t7lla^ ay sa panganib. 

Hazardous a May panganib. 


Haze V Tuksuhin raanukso. 

baze a-Kayumangi. 

Hazy rt Maulap, malabo. inapanglow. 

Hej^ro. Siya: (lalaki). 

Head-nUlo; pandulo pangulo; puno; 

ang nanumiuno. 
Head r-Tuniungo. itungo niainuno. 
Headache wSakit ng ulo. 
Headdress-w Damit sa ulo. 
Heading n-Pandulo. 
Headland n-Dungot. 
Headless a Walang ulo. 
Headlong a Papaano. 
Head piece*n Dam it sa ulo. 
Head guarters n Oficina;bahay nang.puno 
Heads man-w Taga pamugot ng ulo ng 

mav kasalanan 
Head spring ?i Pinangalingan bukalan. 
Head stall «Mortigon. 
Head strong a Matigas ang ulo. 
Head way w Lakad tubo 
Heady-a-Sowail; matigas an>: ulo. 
Heal V kumaling pagalingin ganvutin 
Health-w Kawalan ng sakit galing. 
Healthful-rt Mapagaling mabuti sa ka- 

Healthy-a Magaling, walang sakit; ma 

Heap-n Bunton. 
Heap V Ibuuton. 
Hear t' Dingin; niarinig; duminig; ma 

kinig; manainga; pumakingan. 
Hearing w-Dinig pandinig; litis; paglitis. 
Hearken v-Pakingan manainga; batya 

gin; dingin; makimatyag. 
Hearsay w Sitsit alingawngaw balita. 
Hearse nCarro. 
Heart-w-Puso; uV)od. 
Heart felt a-Buhat sa puso; tapat na 

loob: malajim. 
Hearth n Pinagaapuyan; apuyan. 
Heartless a Waiang awa mabagsik wa 

lang habag; hindi marunoiig niaawa. 
Heatlessnessn-Kawalan ng awa 6 ng 

Heart rending rtMabigat; njahuijirkot na 

Heart's-ease-n Katahimikau. 

Hearty-a Masaya; buhat sa puso. 
Heat n Init 

Heat r Painitin: idarang: uminit. 
Heathen-w Tawo na hindi binya^an 

HEM , 243 

Heathen-a-Hin<ii binyagAo. 
Heathenish a Naonkol sa himii binva- 

Heave-rltaas bnhatin: inagbuhat. 
Heave- JiPagbnhat 
Heaven M Langit 
Heavenly a Para na 8a langit: nauiikol 

Ma langit. 
Heaven ward etdc.Sa. gawing langit. 
Heaver r Taga buhat. 
Heavine»«iiKabigatan bigat. 
Heavy-o-Mabigat malaki; matindi. 
HebrewM Jndio: wika ng .Imlio. 
Hebrew a Jndio: nauukol sa Ju<1io. 
Hectic-a- A von 8a nt08. 
Hectic n Lagnat: tisis tuyo. 
Hector /i-Tawong ba^tos at hamlx>g. 
Hedge n Rakod 
He<lge P Magbikod; kniniigin. 
Hedge row n Bakod. 
Heeil-r Tumur>ad; magingnt alagaan 

ingatin; makinig. 
Heed n-Ingat; pagkakalinga 
Heedful-a Maingat luahinhin: mabait. 
Heedless a Pabaya; walang in gat 6 ka- 

Heel V Sakong . 
Heel r Yurakin ng sakong. 
HeftnBisrat; kabigaran. 
Heifern-Bulo ng baka 6 kalabaw; ba- 

kang dumalaga. 
Height-n Tayog mataas. 
Heighten v Itaas; palakihin. 
Heinous a Katakot takot: kalupitlupit; 

bastos: hamak. 
HeirnAiig nagmaniana (lalaki). 
Heirdom n-Pagmamana. 
Heiress n Ang nagmaniana: (bahayi). 
Pleirloom n Mana. 

Held-t? imp&,p.p •Hinawak;tinanganan. 
Hell ninfierno. 
Hellish a Nauukol sa infierno parang 

na sa infierno. 
Helm n Ugit ng sasakyan 
Helms man n Ang umugit sa sasakyan. 
Helmet M-Capecete. 
Help-n Tulong; ampon. katulon^: abu- 

loy; pnggibik kupkop 
Help-t-TumuIong; amponin kupkupin; 

gikban; abuluyan; umampon; gumi- 

Helpful a Makatutulong. 
Helpless a Walang katulong; <lnkha; 

walang hanapbuhay. 
Help mate w-Katuloug kasama. 
Help meet-n-Asawang babayi. 
Helter skelter a Pasabogsabog. 
Helve-n Puluhan ng palakol. 
Hem n Lnpi. 
Hem r Lupiin. 


H3misphereM aiahating bilog 

Hemorrhage m Banguyngoy, 

Hemp M Oopra: abaka. 

Hen ft Inahin. 

Hence acir-Dahil dito 

Hence forth-Hencefrward-o/ir.-Bahatnga 

yon magbnhat ngayon. 
Hen coop» Kulangan rig manok. 
Her/>ro. />. Kaniya niya. 
Herald n Pahayagan. 
Herald v Ipahayag; magbalita. 
Herculean-a^Malakas na lubha. 
Herdv Manada. 
Herds man it Ang nagpapastol. 
Hereout?. Dito dini. 
Here about- Hereabouts-nrfr -Dito; dini; 

sa gawing dito 
Here after o^i? -Buhat ngayon. 
Here after it Ang panahong darating. 
Here at adv. Dahilan dito. 
Here by adv Dahilan «lito. 
Hereditary a Nauukol sa mana. 
Here in odr.-Sa ito. 
Here of adv. Buhat ngayon. 
Here on adv. Dahilan dito. 
Heresy .n Mali sa pananarhpalataya. 
Heretic n Ang namali sa pananampa 

Here to Here unto-a4r.-Hangang ngayon. 
Heretofore-a^r. Hangang ngayon. 
Here unto-a/27'.-Hangang dito 6 ngayon. 
Here upon-a<2t; Dahilan dito. 
Here with-odv. Dahil dito. 
Hermetic a Nauukol sa kemico. 
Hermit-n Tawong ayaw sumama sa ka 

puang tawo. 
Hermitage nBahay ng tawong kulung 

sa kusa 
Hero-n Tawong bayani; tawong mat a 

Heroic a Matapang; bayani: bunyi. 
Heroine n Babaying bayani. 
Heroism n Pagkabayani. 
Heron n Kamubov. 
Hers j)ro Kaniya niya; (babayi). 
Her self i>ro. -Siya rin (babayi). 
Hesitate V Umutal umunouno. 
Hesitation-n Pag uutal kautalan. 
Heteroclite a Walang ayos. 
Hew V Tagain; tumaga; putulin: putlin. 

Hexagon n Piano na may anim na gi- 

Hexangular a May anim sa sulok. 
Hey tnfer.-Oy. 

Hibernal a Nauukol sa taglamig. 
Hibernian n Irlanders. 
Hiccough n Sinok. 




Hiccough vMagsinok. 

Hid Hidden-r. imp. A p. ^.-Tinago;nata. 

Hidden a Lihim; patago; tago. 

Hiddenly oiiv. Patago. palihini. 

Hide-i7.Magtago; itago; ilihiiii. 

Hide n Balat; ^atad. 

Hideous a Paiigit; kalait lait. 

Hie-v Magmadali. 

Hierogliph n Sulat Egipto. 

Higgle t; Magtur in g; mangatowiran. 

High a Mataas. dakila 

High a(2v. Itaas. 

Higher a Mataas pa: lalong dakila. 

Highest a Kataastaasan. 

High flown a Hambog palalo. 

High handeda Tampalasan. 

High land n Lupang mataas. 

High landernTaga bundok. 

Highly adv. Totoong maraini. 

Highness-n-Kataasan; taas. 

High road n-Lansangan. 

High spirited a Maliksi, mangahas. 

Hight n Taas; kataasan. 

High way nCarsada; lansangan. 

Hifrh wayman-nTulisan; magnanakaw. 

Hilarious a Malikot masaya; magulo. 

Hilarity n Kasayahan: kniikntan. 

Hilln-Tibag; tugatog; gulod; pugpog. 

Hillock nPugpog gulod. 

Hilly V Mabundok. 

Hiltn Tangnan ang sable 6 puilal. 

Him-pro Siya (lalaki). 

Him self-^n'O. Siyaring (Inlaki). 

Hind n Likod; likuran. 

Hind- a Likod. 

Hinder a Likod. 

Hinder-v Abalahin: umabala. 

Hinderance w-Abala. 

Hinder most a Huli sa lahat; kahulihu- 

Hind most a Huli sa lahat; kahulihuli- 

Hindoo-Hindu w-Indio. 
Hindustani n Wika ng Indio. 
Hindrance n Abala. 
Hinge-vlsabit ang visagra. 
Hint-r-Isurot sa isip; yulnulan. 
Hint w Sulsol. 
Hip n Pigi, 
Hippodrome-n Circo. 
Hip shot-a-Hingkod; hiwid. 
Hire n Upa; bayad. 
Hirelingn-Ang nagwuMundalo dabil i^a 

Hi87>ro.-Kaniya (lalaki). 
Hissn-Haging; Haginit. 
Hif mfer.-Huag. 

Historian-n Taga sulat ng historia 6 

Historic Historical a Nauukol sa Histo 

History n Historia. 
Hit-v Hampasin. tumama: tamaau. pa- 

Hit-v Ham pas; palo; tama. 
Hitch r-MagsingKaw; isingkaw; talian 
HitchnBuhol; abala. 
Hither-arft;.-Dini. dito. , 

Hither to ofir.-Hangang dito: hangang 

HivewBahay Pukyutan; butlig, 
Hiver-Itago ipunin. 
Hives n-Butling. 
Ho Hoa inter.' W)2i. 
Hoar-a-Mapuii; niauban. 
Hoard n-Anomang bagay na nakatag(r 

Hoard-vlpunin itago 
Hoarfrost n H among na mapnti. 
Hoarse a Mapaos maalat 

Hoarya Mauban; maputi ang buhok. 
Hoax-n Biro uyam. 
Hoax-v Biruin; niagbiro. 
Hoobble V Humingkod. 
Hobble n Lakad na pi lay. 
Hobby Hobbyhors5-n Laroan na kabayo. 
Hob goblin-n Demoniong muiiti. 
Hod-w Panghakot ng ladrillo^. 
Hoe wAsarol. 

Hoe v-Asarolin; magasarol. 
Hog n Baboy. 

Hoggish a Matakaw; ««alahula 
Hog pen n Kulangan ng baboy. 
Hoiden n-Babaying mangahas. 
Hoiden a Tampalasan; bastos. 
Hoist-v Itaas; buhatin taanaii. 
Hold n Hawak: Tangnan. 
Holdv Hawakin. humawak mamalagi; 

tangnan manatili. 
Holen-Hukay. butas 
Holiday nKaarawan ng pis«ta; kapi$( 

Holiday a Masaya nialigaya. 
Holinesn Kabanalan; kasantottan. 
Hollow Walang latnan; kalog; kuyum- 

Hollow n Hukay. 
Hollow rlhukay; hukain. 
Holstern Lalagyan ng rebolber. 
Holv a Banal; lualhati: Santa. 
Holy day-n-Araw ng pista. 
Homage^n-Galang; paggalang. 
Home-w Bahay na tinitirahan 
Homeaffv. Sa bahay. 
Homeless-a Walang tirahan 




Hom€fly a Pangit: hiiidi uiaganda. 
Homemade a-Yari sa bahay. 
Homesick a May gustong iimuwl. 
Homespun a Yari sa bahay. 
Home 8tead-?t-Liipa ng magsasaka. 
Homeward ada.-^& gawi ng bahay. 
Hcmicide n Ang natay sa kapowa, 
Homihst it Pari pastor. 
Hammock n (jrulod; puyrpog. 
HonenHasaan; Talaran. 
Honez/ Ihasa Talari n. 
Hanest a Mahinhin; marilag; tapat ang 

loob; hindi magdaraya. 
Honesty n-Katapatan ng loob; karanga- 

Honeyw-Puiot p«"kyiitan. 
Honey v Maging pulot. mapulot. 
Honey been Poky utan. 
Honey combn-Kalaba. 
Honey moon n-Panahon ng ligaya at sa- 

rap ng bagong kasal. hma de miel. 
Honor n Karangalan dilang galang;puri. 
Honor-v-Igalang. purihin; mahalin. 
Honorable a Marangal; biinyi. bayani; 

marilag; dakila. 
Hoo'd-n Kulambo. 

Hoodlum-n-Tawong hamak at bastos. 
Hood wink n-Dayain 
Hoof-w Kubo ng kabayo. 
Hook-n-Taga kalawit; panungkit; sabitan. 
Hook-r Kibitin; isabit. kalawitin kuma- 

Hooked a-Baluktot. 
Hoop-n-Bilqg; .pamigkis ng bariles. 
Hoop v-Ilagay ang pamigkis. 
Hoot v-Hiyawin; humiyaw. 
Hootn Hiyaw; sigaw. 
Hop-n Kumandirit. 
Hop r Kandirit. 

Hope n Asa, pagasa pananalig. 
Hope-v-Umasa; asahan. 
Hopeful a^Ma aasahan. 
Hopeless-a Walang asa; walang pagasa. 
Hopplen Gapusin ang paa ng liayop. 
Hopple n-Pangapos ng paa ng hayop. 
Horde n Bunton ng tawo 
Horizontal a-Pahiga; nakahiga. 
gorn n Siingay. 
Horn-v-Suagin; manuag. . 
Ijorned a May sungay. 
Ijornet-n Putakti. 

Horny-rt-Masungay parang sun gay. 
gorrible a-Katakottakot: kakilakilabot; 

katakataka; kasindaksindak. 
Horrida-Masama pangit: masuklain. 
Horrific a Katakottakot; kakilakilabot. 

Horrify i-Takutin gulatin. 
Horror n Kilabot; takot. 
Horse-n Kabayo. 

Horse-v Ibigay ang kabayo sumakay 

sa kabavo. 
Horse back w-Likod ng kabayo. 
Horse fly-w Bangaw. 
Horse hair n Buhok ng kabayo» 
Horse laugh n Halak. 
Horseman n Ang marunong sumakay sa 

Horse play n La rong bastos. 
Horse shoe n Bakal ng kabayo. 
Horsewhip n Latigo. 
Horticulture^» aggagawa ng halaman. 
Horticuituristn-Ang naghahalatnan. 

}Iosanna n .tosana. 
Hose n Medias. 

Hosiern Ang naglitinda ng medias. 
Hosiery-w Manga medias 
Hospitable rt Magandang ugali o kauga- 

lian; magalang. 
Hospital-w Ospital. 
Hospitality nKainaman ng ugali. 
Host-n-Ang may bahay. may visita 

ang bunton ng tawo. 
Hostess-w Ang may bahay (babayi). 

Hostility-w Galit laban. away. 
HostlernAng nagaalaga sa kabayo. 
Hot a Mainit maningas. 
Hot bed-n-Punlaan. 
Hotel n Bahay tuluyan. 
Hot head n-Tawong matigas ang ulo. 
Hotly arfi;. Mabagsik; madali. 
Hotness w Kainitan: gulo. 
Hot spurn-Tawong mainit ang ulo. 
Hough n-Bukongbukong 
Hound-n-Asong mataas at manipis ang 

Hound V Buntotin pilitin. 
Hourly a Orasoras. 
Hourly-rtfir.-Sa orasoras. 
House n Pahay; tirahan. 
House vllagay sa bahay. - 

House hold-w Mangatawo sa isangbahay 
House keeper-nTaga ingat ang bahay; 

taga pamahala sa bahay. 
"House keeping n pamamahala sa bahay. 
House maid n-Alila sa bahay. 
House wife n Ina ng isang familia; -^ 
Hove imp. Tinaas: binangon. 
Hovel-n Kubo na walang kabuiuhan: 
Hover vHuag umalis. 
How-rt(£v.-Paano; sa anong paraan. ba- 

How beit con/.- Data puat. 
How ever How so ever-a^i'-Sa anonuuig 

paraan. ' 

However cowy.Datapuat. 

ICE 24 

Howl-v-Tiimalinl: iiii.nngil lininnlltol. 

Howl» T:iliol &n|il hoDiol,- slgnw, 

HowlernAng niimi^aw, 


Hiibub-R(iulon>!: malaki ka^iilnhan. 

Huckster n Maxtalako. 

KtickBter n MhieIBiKo, 

Huddle V Utiiipon, 

Hnddlen-Ipon; bnuton: giilo; kfleiUiihnn 


H-uCf-ri '•Jnlit. poot tnwoiig hamboK- 

Haff-ti-Liimaki; hnmanibo^; mat;inaya' 

Huffy a-Mapooiin: hamboj; 
HuK n Yakap hai;kan. 
Hnx V -Hiimaf;kfln ynmnkap; rnkii]iin: 
Hu||[e 1 Malaki; ilnkila. 
HnlknKatawan ii^ saHakynn. 
Mnllit-Kntawni) nl saxakvan; l>aln(. 
Hiiiiiii Awit. 
Himi-fMaR anit. 
H ^minl^r Orov 

Humana Samibl «i tawo; manwin. 
Humane n Maawain. 
Humanity nSantt kataiTuliiin. 
Humanize n-Matling tawc). 
Hiimhie-a Mababa aiii; l0i>l>- tahimik. 
Humble wHiyaln, 
Humble bee nKumiimo. 
Humbug H Daya: kayabangaii: haliani 
biii^an. tawnnjf hambo^ n ma^ik- 

Humbiigr-Dayain: rii»t*darayo, 


JIumida Rn!<a 

Huraidity nPaickabaea. 

Humiliate 1' Hiyain NUpiliu. 

Huniiliatiiiic.a Nakaliihiya. iinkadiiduMn. 

Humiliation ii Hiya: paitkahiya. 

Biimiliiy n Kababaaii nf loob. pa^viikn. 


Hiimmo(;k n Gulod: piiKpog. 

Humor nKuuKaiian: kilos, 

Hnmor-t Palayawin niimiinod an^ ^ia- 

K) ug kapwa 
Huuiorint a Tawong inapaKi^iHte. 
Hnmurniis-a Mannya; maliicaya^ niaka 

Hnmp-n Kakiibaan; kaknbulati, 


Hunch'» Knk.>; tiilak ng xiko. 

Hunc!h-p Isikt), liilakiiL ng siko. 

Hum;b back n' kuba. 


Hutiilreil 1 Isangdaan. 
Hun Iredth-ii IkaiBatigdaan. 
Hundredth ii-Ang ika isangdaan. 
Hungc. imp. & p. p.-Sinabil; sinampay 

binitbit: naknaabic. 
Hunger p Maaiitoui. inamulubi 
Hungrv-iSoeugutom, maKUtoro 
Hunk n Piras" 
HunkH n Tanoii}.' maBakinn 
Hunt c MangiiMo homanap liaunpiii 
Hunt n Pa^hanap pangangaai). 
Hunter» Mangangaxo 
Huntress n Manganjznto {bah'iyt). 
Hunts maii^ Mangan^aso 
Hurdle f-Bekiid: pangharang. 
Hurl-r-Ihapis i pukot. 
Hurl n Hogis piikoi. 



Hurriediy.d'fi' Bii.''nm;bigla. 
Hurry-fi-Pagmamaiiaii,- kadnlian. 
Hurt'c Babagin; saklan: augatin bug- 

H usband'»-Acau a lalaki. 

Husband r Motreiika. 

Husband Ttian-ri Magaacaka; ang tiagpa- 

paupa ea arau' araw 
HuiiUandry-n-Gawa: traliaJL'. 
Hush-ti-Huag knuiibo. pataliimikin. 
Hush-nKatahimikan; hawalan ngkil>o 

Husk n Balat. 

HiiMk-D-Balatin; alisin aiig balat. 
Husky nMalakoH' paos; mapaos. 
Hussar nSundaiong caballeria. 
Hussyn Babaying tampalaean. 
Hustle V Sumipag maghaplit. magnia 

Huiitlefi Pagmamadali; kadallAn, kasi. 

Hi pagan 
Hut n Kubo. 
HuKza v-lpagdiwang. 
Hydrant «Grifo. 
Hymnn Dalit na pagpupuri. 
Hymnal a Nauukol aa dalit. 
Hyphen» (iiim Kiyon 
Hypothei^ater Iwangla; magsangla, 
Hvpolhecation u Pagsangla. 
Hypothesis n-Sapantaha; palagay. 
HvBleriaiiHipan ng haiijEin 

l-pT'. Aki>, 
Ice n Hie!.. 
Ice-u Uaging bielo 

lee berg- n Bundok ng hi 
ley a Malamig; mabielo 
Tchorouea Malabnaw. 



1(1 con Ako*y nagkaroon. 

Idea n Wari; ang inisip; akala; banta; 

haka; pakana. 
Ideal a Sa jsip lalang. 
Ideai-/i Halimbawa. 
Idem a Yaou. diu. 
ldenti<*al-a-Yaon din 
Identification n Pagkikilaia. 
Identity v-Kilalanin kumilaia. 
Identity' n-Pagkakilala. 
Idiocy n Kalagayan^ ulol: . kanliijan. 
Idiom wWika salita ' 
Idiomatic a-Naunkol sa wika. ► 
Idiot n Tawong manioi uloi. 
Idiotic a Maulol; tulingad tulig. 
IdleaTulala Walang trabajo batugan: 

pagayon gayon pabaya 
Idle-r-Humayon gayon pabayaan. 
Idlene88-7i>Katamarati; kapabayaan. 
Idol-n Anito; larawan. 
Idolater n-Ang sumasamba sa anito. 
Idolatress H-Babaying euniasamba «a 

Idolatrous u Nauukol «a anito. 
Idolatry nPagsasaniba sa anito 
Idoliz«-r Ibigin ng malabis 6 lub)m. 
I con^*. -Kung kailan. 
tgneousa Nauukol sa apoy; nangaling 

*»a apoy, 
Ignite-v Sindihinc maglingas. 
Ignition n-Pagsindi; paglingas. 
Ignoble a Kadusta dusta naniak: nia- 

Ignominious-a-Mamak: kadnsta dusta. 
Ignominy-n Kadustaan; kahainakan. 
Ignoramus n Ulol lawong Hindi maru 

Ignorant-o-Hindi inarnnong; ulol ma 

purol ang isip: tulig tulala tuli 

ngad. ungas. walang tuto. 
Ignore t; Huag kilalanin. 
Ill-a Masakit. 
Ill a-Masama. 
Illapse V Huag ituro 
111 bred a-Hamak walang pinagaralan; 

bastos; magaspang. 
Illegal a-Laban sa ntos; hindi ayon «a 

Illei^ality 9t Pagkalaban sa utos. 
Illegible a Di mabasa 
Illegibility n-Kalabuan. 
Illfavored a-Pangit. 
Illiberal a Maramot; masakini. 
Illicit a Laban sa utos; lihis sa ma 

tow id. 
Illimitable n Walang hanga walang 

Illiterate a Walang tuto; walang pina 

Ill natured v Masamang kaugalian. 


illnessnSakit kasakitan. . 

Illogical a Walang tuto. 

Ill starred a- Walang palad^ 8aw,ing Jva 

Illude-v ludyol^. 
Illume-v Liwauagin magilaw. 
Illuminate r Liwanagin; magilaw. 
Uluminationn-Pagpaliwanag ilaw. 
Illusion n Akalang m;^!! hiraya. 
llusive a Maka<iadaya; konowari. 
Illustrate t/Ipakita; liwanagii^; ipakitfls 
Illustration n Kalinawan;- kaliwanagan: 

Illustrative A Nauukol sa pag ,paliv^a 

Illustrious <i Bantog; bunyi; balita; jma 

rangal; -dakila; marilag. 
Image n-ara wan. 

Imagery-w Pag gagawa ng larawan. 
Imaginable a Magiiniguni; hintii totoo: 

sa isip lamang. 
Imaginary^a Hindi totoo; sa isip la 

Ima^najtion-M-Guniguni: kuro; d^idilt. 
Imaginative «I Nangaling sa guniguni. 
Imagine-v Gnnigunihin; i«ipin; akalain: 

Imbankf Magpilapil, 
Imbankmentn Piiapil. 
Imbecile «( Mahina; tulala mahina ang 

Imbecilew Tawong mahina at tnlala. 
Imbecility-n Kalagiyang tulala at ma- 
Imbed r llubog; ilagay ga. 
ImbiDe 7/-Uminom. 
Imbitter-r Pagalitin , 

Imbosom V Yakapin hagkan. 
Imbricate-a Hubog, baluktot 
Imbrication-»- Pag ahubog; kabaUiktu 

Imbrown r-Tinain. 
Imbrue-r-Ibadbad x> tigniakiti nang 

Imbrute-v Humayop; humamak. 
Imbue vludyok ndyokan. ipabnya. 
Imitable a Dapat tularan. 
Imitate r Tularan; huwarin; humuad; 

gagarin; gumagad. 
Imitation n-Hagad ho wad; pagtntulad: 

paghowad parisan salin. 
Imitative a-Hindi dati. 
Immaculate a Malinis.mapuri maselang. 
Immaterial a Walang kabulnhan. wa 

lang katowiran. 
Immature-n Di pa tapos 6 magulang; 

di pa panahon. 
Immeasurable a Dimasukatin malakiug 

Immediate a-Karakaraka tambing. 

IMP 2- 

InimedmtelyiwiB, PaKilaba; harakaraka. 

tambing: iigayon (Jill agttil agaU: sam- 

po, pagkaraka. 
Immemorial n Maluat na maluat. 
(iMalaki. wnlang hanga. 
y n-Kalaki)>an. 
» Ilabog, 
_ . 'n-n-Paglubotr. 
Immethodieal-a WalnnK nyos. 
Iminitcraiit H Ang tmriing' Iiimipat sa 

ibang tapa at itoon tiimitira. 
InimiprateiT-PiimasLifc na ibanu Inna. 
Iniiiiigration-n PadpriBok sa ibang liipa. 
I'lhminentd Malapit mnpanSanib. 
Imminence n I.apit pangnnib. 
Immiscible o Hi mRhakahaln 
Immobility n-lihay: pagkapirme. 
Imiiioiienite a BnsCos himii mabait tam- 

palapan mapa^ lasing. 
ImmoiIeBttt Kastos; Halanla; malibog; 


IiiiKiiMltnty «K-isalaiilnan- knwalan ng 

]i ya kniibnjiaii. 
Immolate H Patayin at ialnv sa Dioa. 
Immolation n Pag alay na' DioH. 
Immortal a Walaiig hangan walang ka- 

I (nmotal-n-Mfisama; mahalny malibog, 
Inimortality-n Knwalin ng banga; ka- 

^alan ng tapoR, 
ImmovaTjlpd-Di magalaw. 
huraovabi ity« Katlbayan; kaluatan. 
Immunity-nTnwad: palawad. 
Immulable-n Di mabnbago. 
Impit'Demomotig miinCi- 
Impact nUmpog. 
Impair-n-8nmira: hiimina. 
Iiiipnlef-Itiilfl» Unhna «a sihat. 
Impalpable A Di mahipo luanipia na 

manipis walang katawan, 
Impanet-v Iliiit«. 
Iiiparity n Kaibnhan. 
ImpartcSabibiu: magNflbl; magbalita; 

magbigay alam ipihnyag. 
Impartial-a-Walang iiileren; walang ki 

nikilingan' walane tinitingnan. 
Tmpnrtialily II Knwalan nang intpres 

kabayanaran. kabaitaii sa pagtapad, 
ImpaRsibility h Kawalan iig ilaan. 
Iiiipanaible a Di makarnan. 
Tmp:isf>ible n Walang ilaimlam. 
lmpa»sionnte « Malaking liamilam, 
Impasnionei ii^lnningHH «iilo ang isip. 
Impassive « Walang Jlomilam. 
Iiiipatieiit « Balisii: mainip; mnhiin, 
liiiiialipniv II RaliNn: itinhi; kainipan. 
IiiijuMrli I' Bintaiigiu: magijintani;; mng- 

bi»rny Hala iiiii;;t>aratani.'. 

8 IMP 

Impheacment n-Pagbibigay sala, bin- 
lane; paratang. 

liiiptilen-Abalabin; nmabala; pigilin: 

Impedimentn Abala kaatrasn. 

Inipel r Pilltin: tulakln: itulak. 


Impenetrable a [)i matagoa; 6 tnatarok; 
ili niakapasok. 

Impenitence n Kntigaean ng nlo. 

Impenitent n Matigaa ang ulo. 

Imperative a Kaitanfan; mapilitin; ma. 

Imperceptible a- Di malirip. di marain- 

ImperfectO'Di yari; kutang may sala. 
Imperfei'lion n Kakiilangaii kalagayan 

na A pa yari pintas. 
Imperial fi-Sannkol Ha liari. 
Imperialisra-n Kapangyariliam ng hari. 
Imperil tfllagay sa panganib. 
Imperions a Nauuko) sa ntos: kaila- 

Imperishable-d Hindi nabnbulok; malii- 

Impersonal a Hindi nauukol «a xarili. 
Impereonatec-Gagarin ang kapwa gn- 

magad ea ibang tawo. 
ImperHonaliiin n Howad. 
Iiripertin^'nre n-Tampalasan kawalanng 

gal ang 
Tmpertineni a- Walang galang: tampa- 

Imperturbability nKatahimikan. 

Imperturbable n Di niagiigalit 
Impetiionx-a Maningaa- malakas ang 

loob. mabigia; dalosilaluM, 
Impetiiotiit'V'n Katakanan nang toob; 

Impetusn Lakaa. 
Impietv-n-Kasomaan. kakulangan n^ 

Kiilang «a V Dioa. 
Impinge ti MBlml'ig. nmnmpog; umun- 



Ba P. Dios. 
Implacable a Di matatahimik; walang 



Implicit-o-Maniwaiang Inbon. 
Implore-t' Dinnaing; manalangin; bn 

mingi: ipakiuoap. 
Imploration n Daing; panalangin: hinjii: 

Imply-v-Sahiliin magbigay kabuliigan. 
Impolii-yit MaHnmang lialiml)awa. 
Impolite a Walang galang tampalai^nn 




Impolitic a Walang galang tampalasan. 

Iinporous a Walang butas. 

Iiiiport-i; Ipasok. 

Import-n Kalakal na nangaling sa ibang 

Importance wTindi; kabigatan; kabu 

Important a Tc too; mabigat; pormal; 

Importation nPagpasok sa ating lupa. 
Importunate a Kailangan. 
Importune-v-Manalangin: humingi ng 

Importunity nDaing. hingi; panala. 

Impose t? Dayain: ilagay; ilugar. 
Impos ng-a Magdaraya. 
Imposition-7» Daya kasinungalingan. 
impossibility n Kalagayan na hindi ma- 

Impossible-a Di magagawa: di maari; 

hindi mangyayari. 
hnpost-n Buis. 

Imposter nTawong magdara, 
Iniposture-n Kasinungalingan: daya. 
Impotence I m potency w Kawalan ng la-. 

kas; kahinaan. 
Impotent a-Mahina; walang lakas. 
Impotent w-Tawong mahina 
Impoverish v-Maghirap. 
Impracticable-a Di maari; hindi dapat 

gawin; mahirap gawin. 
Imprecate v Manungayaw; manumpa. 
Imprecation n Tungayaw: sumpa. 
Impregnable-a-Di makaraan. di mana- 

Impregnate-vMatigmak tigmakin. 
Imprf'ss V Itatak taktakin. 
Impr ssnTatak; taktak. 
Impressible a Maramdamin. 
Impressive a Mabigat formal. 
Imprint V Kintalin ikintal. 
Imprint n-'intal; limbag. 
Imprisons Ibilango. 
Imprisonment n Pagbibilango. 
Improbability-n Kalabuan. 
Improbable a Marahil hindi. 
{xi\pTomi\iadv. Bigla pagkaraka. 
Improper a-Di bagay: tampalasan. 
Impropriety n-Tampalasan. 
Improve v Ihimuti; umigi; gnmaling. 
Improvementn-Dagdag pagigi; paglago: 

Improvidence-w-Kapabayaan . 
Improvident a Pabaya. 
Imprudence a Gawang hunghang; kakii- 

lan^an ng bait. 
Imprudent a Walang bait; walang ga 
lang; walang hiya. 

Impudence n Tampalasan; paslang; ka 

walan ng hiya kawalan ng galang; 

Impudent a Waiang hiya; tampalasan. 
Impugn v-Magsalangsang; lumabaii. 
Impulse /i-Buya pag uurali. 
Impulsion n Buya; pabuya tulak 
Impulsive a Maningas; buhay ang loob. 
Impunity-n Pag ligtas; pag adya. 
Impure a Mahalay,marumi;walangpuri. 
Impurity n Kahalayan; kawalan ngpuri; 

kalibugan; karumihan. 
Imputation-w-Paratang bintang. 
Impute v-Magbintang; paratangin: mag 

paratang; bintangin. 
\viprep Sa loob; nang sa. 
Xnador^a loob. 
Inability nKakulangan; kawalan nang 

kaya; kamangmangan. 
Inaccessible a Di makararating. 
Inaccuratea Mali; may mali; hindi tama. 
Inaccuracy n-Kamalian. 
Inaction-n Kawalan ng kilos. 
Inactive a Walang kilos: tahimik. 
Inactivity n-Kawalan ng kilos. 
Inadequacy -n.Kakulangan. 
Inadequate a Kulang; kapos; di sapat. 
Inadmissible a-Hindi matatangap; dapat 

Inadvertence Inadvertency « Kapabaya- 


Inadvertent aPabaya. 

Inamorata n Babayi; kalunya; bato. 

Inamorato-n-Lalaking lumiligaw; mani- 

Inane a Walar)g laman; tuyo 

Inanimate w- Walang buhay; walang ka 

Inanition-Inanity wKawalan ng laman. 

Inapplicable a-Hindi magagamit. 

Inapplication n Katamaran. 

Inappreciable a Di dapat galangin. 

Inapta-Di bagay; di akma. 

Inappropriate a Di bagay. 

Inaptitude n^Kalagayan na hindi bagay 
6 akma. 

Inarticulate a-Hindi maliwanag; di ma- 
sab i; utal. 

Inas much o^v. Dahil dito. 

Inattention-n-Kapabayaan; katamaran. 

Inattentive a Pabaya; tamad. 

InaudiV)le a Di makarinig. 

Inaugurate v- Ilagay sa katungkulan. 

Inauguration nPaglagaysakatungkulan. 

Inauspicious a Di bagay; masama at 
hilig; mahalay. 

Inbreathe r-Huminga. 

Incage-vKulungin sa haula. 

Incalculable a Di makabibilang. 
Incandescence-n-Kaliwanagan; liwanag. 





Incandescent a Maputi dahil sa init; 

maliwanag; malinaw. 
lucapabilitv n Kakapusan. kakulangan; 

kawalan ng kaya. 
Incapable-a Kulang walang kaya. wa 

lang kabuluban 
Incapacitate-v Alisin ang kaya. 
Incapacity-n-Kakulangan . 
Incarcerate v Ibilango; knlungin. 
Incarceration-n-Pagkiilong; p a g b i b i - 

Incarnate a May laman. 
Incase v Ibalot balutin. 
Incautious a Walang ingat; pabaya. 
Incendiary wTaga sunog inannnu 

Incendiary a Nauukol sa sunog. 
Incense «Pasubuin ng incenso. 
Incense n Incenso. 
Incentive n Dahilan; u/lyok. 
Inception w-Pinagbuhatan:pinagniulaan. 
Inceptive a Nauukol sa pinagbuhatan. 
Incertitude wAgamagam ng loob. 
Incessant a Walang hibay6tigil walang 

Inch-n-Pulgada; dalawang dali. 
Inchoate a Bago. 
Inchoation nPinagbuhatan; pinagmu 

Incidence n Pagkabalatong. 
Incidentn Mabalatong. 
Incidental-a-Kakaunti ang halaga. 
Incipient a Bago: una 
Incise z/Hiwain; maghiwa hiwasin. 
Incision-r Hiwa. 
Incisive-a-Makahihiwa; matulip; ma- 

Incisor-n-Pangil ng aso. 
Incite V Sulsulan udyokan; ipabuya. 
Incitement n Udyok pabuya 
Incivility n Katanipalasanan; kawalan 

ng galang. 
Inclemency n-Kabagsikan. kiwalan ng 

awa kasungitan. 
Inclement a Walang awa; mabagsik; 

walang habag. 
Incline v-Humilig; humiling; ihapay; 

ihingil: itungo. 
Incline-w Dahilig na lupa daliwdi». 
Inclined-a Dahilig nakahilig. 
Inclination nHilig hiling; ugali; yuko; 

Inclose-v-Magbakod; bakuran iHama. 
Inclosure w-Bakuran. 
Inchule-i' Isama. 
Inckision w Pagsama paglahok. 
Inclusive a-Kasama. 
Incog Incognito a Dinakikilala nakaba 


Incoherent «Hindi inaintindihan ma 

Incombustibility n Kalagayan na hin<li 

Incombustible rt Hindi masusunog. 

Income-n Ang kinita: upa; bayag; saho<l 

Incomings Dumarating. 

Incomensurable a-Walang katulad 6 ka 

Incommode i? Magmolestia abalahin. 

Incommodious-a Kulang. liiasikip. 

Incommunicable a- Hindi makasasabi. 

Incommunicative a Ayaw magsabi; wa 
lang kibo. 

Incompaiable a Walang kaparls 6 katu- 
lad; walang kahulilip. 

Incompatible a Sowail. 

Incompetency n Kakulangan ng kaya. 
ncompetent a Walang kaya. hindi lt)a 

Incomplete a Kulang; kapos; hindi pa 

Incomprehensible a Hindi makaintindi- 

han; hindi: matanto. 
Inconceivable a Hindi matanto. 
Inconclusive rt Hindi pa tapos; kii 

Incongruous a Hindi bagay; kulang 
Inconsequence n Kawalan ng halaga. 
Inconsequent a Walang kabuliihan. 
lnc()nse(iuential a Walang halaga 6 ka 

Inconsiderable rt Kakaunti; walang m"a 

Inconsiderate a Bigla, mali pabaya. 
Inconsistencv w-Gulo. 
Inconsistent a Sowail magulo. 
Inconsolable a Hindi humimpil. 
Inconstancy^ Kasaliwahan ng loob. 

kaalisagaan kataksilan kasuitikan. 
Inconstant a Saliwahan; alisaga: takisi). 
Incontestable rt Di magkakaila. 
Tncontinency w-Kalibugan; kabiglaan. 
Incontinent a Bigla malibog mabaha 

ang isip. 
Incontinently adv. Pabigla: n gay on 

Incontrovertible a Di magkakaila totoo. 

walang kapintasan. 
Inconvenience»! Molestia; ahala. 
Inconvenient « Di karampatan; hindi 

mabagay di bagay. 
Incorporate a Guniguni. 
Incorporate V Pumisan magtipon. 
Incorporation-n-Pagpipisan ng manga 

Incorporeal rt Walang katawan; guni 

Incorrect rt Hindi tama. mali; hiwan. 


IDE 25 1 

Incorrigibility « Kasamaan na hindi 

Incorrigible a Ayaw niagbait masama; 

<H niabait. 
Incorrigible nTawong totoong masama. 
Incorrupt a Hindi nabulok niahusay; 

Incorruptibility-»- 'x'alagay an na hindi 

Incorruptible a Hindi masisira. 
Increase-i; Lumaki tumubo magdagdag; 

idajidag duuianii; kumapal; hu. 

Increase wDagdag. tubo; paglaki; pag- 

Incredible a Di dapat maniwala. 
Incredulous a Hindi naniwala; walang 

Increment» Dagdag; tubo. paglaki. 
Inculcate V Magturo 
Inculcation wPagtuturo. 
Inculpates Idamay; niagparatang, mag- 

bintang; bintangin. 
Inculpation» Biutang; paratang 
Incumbency » Paghiga timbang;katung 

Incumbent a Nakahi^a kailangan. 
Incumbent » Ang nakahiga ang may ka 

Incumber-tJ Abalahin; pigilin. 
Incumbrance» Abala; pagpigil. 
Incur r Marapatan; magkaroon; kamtan; 

Incurable a Hindi magagaling. 
Incur8ion-»-Umpog; untog. 
Incurvate a Hubog; baluktot. 
Incurvation »-Pagbabaluktot; kabaluk- 

Indebt V Pautangia:. 
Indebted a May utang. 
Indecency w-Kabastosan. kahalayanka- 

libugan; kasamaan. 
IndecentaMalibog; bastes; mahalay; 

masama; magaspang. 
Indecision »Agamagam ng loob. 
Indecisive a Hindi buo ang loob. 
Indecorous a-Basto?; tampalasan 
Indecorum-»- Kakulangan ng bait; ka- 

bastosan katainpalasanan. 
Indeed apv. Totoo baga: totoo nga. 
Indefatigablea Walang pagod 6 pagal; 

hindi marunong niapagod. 
Indefensible-^-Hindi makupkopin. 
Indefinable-a-Hindi magsaysay; hindi 

Indefinite-a Malabo walang hanga. 
Indelible a Hindi mabubura. 
Intlelicacy n KabaHtosan: kasamaan ng 

Iinlelicate a Masamang ugali; bastos. 


Idemnitication » Pagsasauli; pagganti; 

idemnify v Isauli. 

Idemnify-v-Isauli bayaran: gantihin. 
Idemniiy » Oanti; Katibayan. tawad. 
Indent-r Bingawin; Ukitin. 
Indent »-Bingaw; ukit. 
Indentation» Pagbingaw; pa^ukit. 
Independence » Kalayaan. lay a. 
Independent-a Malaya, 
indescribable a Hindi masaysay. 
Indestructible-rt Hindi masisira. 
Indeterminable a Hindi masaysay, hindi 

Index-»-Anoman bagay na tumuturo; 

Index V Ilista. 
Indian » Indio. 
Indian-a Nauukol sa indio. 
Indian corn-»-Mai8. 
India rubber-»-Goma. 
Indicate V Ituro; ibig sabihin; ipakita. 
Indication-»-Pagpakita; surot; hula; 

tan da 
Indicative a Tinuturo. 
Indices» Lista. 

Indict V Bintangin: magparatang. 
I ndictment-n Bintang paratang. 
Indifference »Kawalan ng interes; ka- 

Indifferent-a Walang interes; pabaya; 

walang pakiramdam; batugan. 
Indigent a-Wualang hanapbuhay. 
Indigestible a-Di matutunawsasikmura. 
Indigestion-»-Empatso: sakit na kina 

Indignant-a-Galit: nagagalit. 
Indignation» Galit poot. 
Indignity » Kahamakan kabastosan ka 

Indigo »-Tayom: tina. 
Indigo plant»Tayom. 
Indirect-a Hindi matowid hindi tapat; 

Indiscreet a-'Pabaya; bigla walang bait. 
Indiscrete a Masinsin; nakapisan. 
Indiscre ion » Kakulangan ng bait. 
Indiscriminate a Walang ayos magulo. 
Indiscrimination wKawalan ng interes; 

Indespensible a Kailangan ng totoo 6 

ng mahigpit. 
Indispo^e u Sumira; magdaramdam. 
Indisposed a May sakii. 
Inditsposition-n Danulam; tamlay. 
Indisputable a Hindi magkakaila. 
Indissoluble a Di niatutunaw. 
Indistinct a Malabo mahina; utal. 
Indite r Sumulat, diktahin. 

Individual a Najfiiria; iiiikabiikod; Ini^ 

long; tangi. ' 

IndividnaE n Tawo. 
Individnnlity-fi PiijikalcBiaa: [iaj!kak:iHa- 

IndiviuiUe a Hindi inakalinlialinKi. 

Iniiomle a Mapnrol anj! inip. 


indolence n Kapabayaaii, kwamornii; 

Indolent rt-Tama'i palmya. 
IiidomitablettDi siisnka: mainpani;. 
Indoor rdw.- 8a loob ng balmy. 
ItidorMlneiilwPnitpiniia; snlat sa li- 

koil ng iaanj; ka^ulnlau. 
Induce I'-Ipabuya; pi ilin. ndynkan. 
Indnceinent-n Pnbuya »dy«k. 
IndQClt^Ipasok dalhin. aa loob; ilagny 

Ha katunjikiilan. 
Induetile-nMapanit liin'ii malniiibui; 

maligns at laarupuk. 
IndncCion «PagpaHuk |iiiia|[iiiu1ann. 
Indulge V Magbigay li^nb; piimnya»;. 
Jndnlgeiice-M-Pagbijray loob 
iniialgent-rt-Mftpngbigny loob. 
I lid a I teen t-n Mat! gas,- mabaosik; walan^- 

Indui-atef-Tninifras. mnfiing niabagnik 
Induration n Kaligiisan: kabagsikan, 
IiidnaCrial « Saunknl an indnBtria. iiaii 

nkul sa nae alrabajo. 
ndii)itriona a li\au\\'ifig nmaikap. 
Iniiiietry n-Trnbajo; gawa. kanipagnii: 

kaHikapan lalaiie. 
luebriate r Maglaeing; maglango 
Inebriaten Tawong laaing 6 Inn^u. 
tnebriation» Kalai>ingnn. 
loebriety-M Kala«mgan 
Ineffective a- Walang kabuluhan. 
Ineffectual a-Walang kabuluhan. 
InefBcsciouB a-Walang kabuluhan. 
Inefficient a Kulsng; pabaya. 
Inelegance n- apangitan. 
IneleijaiiHi-Pan^il baetoc niagaKpanti. 
Inelligibility-w Kalagavang ili niaihaha 

Inelligiblt- " Di maibahalsl 
[nequal.a Hindi kaparia 6 kntiilfi.l: ib»; 

bindi kawanki. 
Inequality™ Kakaibahaii, 
Inert-rt-Habava: latnad. niaporol atig 

Inertnesa-n Kataniaran. knpabayaan, 

kapurulan ng iaip. 
Inestimable-ftLobbang iniiliulaga. 
Inevitable n Pi niaiilagan, mangynyMi 

Inexcusable n Di dapal patairarin. 

Inexorable a Mnti^as nng nlo bno nng 

loob walong nwa. 
Inexppdierce «Knaauman. 
liiespedient n Hindi bngay. «ula nii 

Inexperience-n-Kakulangan eb pagHa- 

nay: kawalan ng sanay. 
Inexpretsible a Pi makaHaealii. 
Inestricable-a-Hindi makahnbanfo; jiii 

long gulo. 
Infallible-aTania: totoo: liiiidl nianin- 

Infamoua-a-Walang dangal: bunink; ma 

aania walaiijS! puri katakol lakol. 
Infamy-» Kapal bliaiaan kaaamnan kn 

airaan ng puri kahaniakan. 
Infantile a Nauiikol ea pajjkabata. 
Infant rtSangol batang munti, 
Jnfant-o-Nauiikol sa bata. 
Tnfantry-n Sundalong lakad. 
Infatuate wHanJalin; masira ang ifip 

«a paj^ibig, 
Infatnatioa-n Kaululan; kahangahin, 
nfectuSuni rn; inakahawa. 
Infection n Hawa; papkahawa. 

iifectious « Nakakahawa, 
Infeliiitoua a Hindi maaa^a nialuiii.k[.t 

Infelicitv H Kihintkiitan kahnpisan 
Inter I Awasan mngligai kaluihigir 
Inference tj Kahulugan 
Inferior a Mai all niai pistnn knl ii g 
Inferior» Anv niababs aa iba 
Infer run Kababaan aa iba 
Infernal n Naunkol sa infiern» 
Infertile (I Karat di mamnnga 
Infertility n Kakaratan ng liipa 
Infest t lamutin pagalitin 
InfitelaAvav -umampalatna sa Dub 
Infidel a Ang a^a» aumainpalaia^a aii 

Jnfilelit} a kaaukabaii kntikailaii 

Tiiflnite a Waiang lianga. 
InfinitelitS8«-Kanalan ng lianga. 
InlinitPBima n l.nlilinni; iniinli. 
Infinitive-,) Waiang lianun 
Infinitude iiKawalan ng hanga. 
Inliriiwi Hindi matihav; maliina. 




Inllanimable-(i Madalingniaglingasnmi 

nit ant; ^'^'''■ 

balat; galit; kainilan nj nlo. 
Inllauiniatory a Miidslingniasnnog. tak 

ail; mainit ang ulo. 




Insurmountable a Di matatalonin. 
lii8urrecfion-w-Pal aalsa laban sa Go 

Intact a Buo: lubos. 
Intangible-a-Di maramdamin. 

Integral a- VValang kulang buo; lubos. 
Integral-n-Bilang; numero. 
Integrate w-Buoin. bilugin. 
Integrity w-Kabuoan. katibayan; kata 

patan ng loob. 
Intellect-71-Karunungan; bait dunong. 
Intellectual «Maruneng; mabait inuta- 

lino. inatalas. 
Intelligence If -Karunungan bait; du 

nong. kabaitan pangintindi. 
intellingent a Marunong; mabait; mata- 

las; matalino; may dunong. 
Intelligible a Madaling matalasta:^;. 
Intemperance n Kalasingan. 
Intemperatea-Mapag lasing; hilon 

Intend-v-Bantain: akalain isipin. 
Intendant n Superintendente puno. 
Intense a Masinsin; mabagsik: pormal; 

labia; lubha matalas. 
Intent-n-Banta; ang inisip: 6 inaka- 

Intention-n l8ip: akala; banta. 
intentional a-Sinadya tinalaga. 
Intercalation n-Pakli: sabat 
Intercedev-Mamagitan. ipakiusap; nia- 

Intercept i; Harangin; abalahin. 
Interception-nPagharang abala. 
Intercession?! Fanianiagitan. 
IntercessornTaga mamagitan; pinta- 

Interchange n Palitan. 
Interchangeable a Maipapalit. 
Intercourse n-Kaaulatan; salitaau: sa- 

Interclude v Harangin: abalahin. 
Interdict» Ipagbawal; magbawal. ' 
Interest-w-TubO imbot; patubo: paki- 

nabang interes. 
Interest-v Maimbot; majrkaroon ng in 

Interested a May interes. 
Interesting a-Malibang. maaliw: 
Interfere v-Umabala; makialani; inatiir- 

himasok; sabarin. 
Interference n Abala; pakialam. 
Interim-n-Interino pagkasamantala. 
Interior-n Loob. 
Interior a-Na sa loob; loob 
Interject-rlpasok; ipagitna. isalit 

InterjectionnPagpasok pagsalit. 
Interlace v Idugtong ilapat; talian. 
InterIard-7^Iha^^; iliihuk. 
Interliner Sunuilat sa pagitan nang 

Interlineations PagMilat sa pagitan 

ng mga guhit 
Interlocution n Salitaan. 
Interlocutor-w Ang nagsasalita. 
Interlope t?-Mag intla ng walang licen 

cia; makialam. 
Interlopern Ang nakikialam. 
Interlude wPuang. 
Intermarry vMaging kamaganak dahil 

sa kasal. 
Intermediate a Na na pogitan. 
Intermediary (T Na «a pagitan. 
Interment-n Paglibing. 
Interminable n Walang hanga, walang 

Intermingle r Lumahok ihalo. 
IntermisHion n Llkat: puang. pagpapa- 


Intermit r-tu mi kat magpaliinga. 
Intermitent a Tatahan at muling haba^ 

Intermix v Hahok: ihalo. 
Internal a Nasa loob; loob. 
International a-Alam nang lahat nang 

Interpose r Mamanhik; mamagitan; bn 

mala; ipagitna. 
Interposition n Pagpapagitna; pamama- 

Interpret r Ihulog magsaysay; salay- 

Interpretation ?i Kahulugan: kanaysa 

yan; sal ay say. 
Interrogate-r Itanong; magtanong. 
Interrogation nPagtatanong tanong. 
Interrogative «Nauukol; sa tanong. 
Interrogatory n Tanong. 
Interrupt rUmabala; sabarin; maki 

alam; isabat abalahin 
Interruption n Abala sabat; likat. 
Intersect r-Magkrus. 
Intersection n Krus. 
Intersperser-lhalo; ikalat. 
Interstice w Puang likat. 
Interval n Puang: pagitan. 
Intervene rMamngitan; makiusap; ipa 

Intervention n Pamamagitan; paki 

Interview wllsap pagtatanungan; sali 

Interview-?? Magtanong magusap. 
interweave-r-Lumahok; humalo. 
Intestate a Walang testamento. 




Inofiiciiil a Hindi oficial. 

Inoperative a Mabagal. 

Inopportune-a Wala sa sa panahon: di 

Inordiiiate-a Lubha }ampas; uiahibha. 
Inorganic a- Walaiig buliay. 
Inque&t n Pagnusiaa 
Inquietude n Kagulnhan 
Inquire v Umusig inagtano»)g tannngin; 

nsisain siyasatin. 
Inqniiy w- Tanony paguusisa; siyasat 
Inquisition n Siyasnt kadiwaraan; si- 

Inquisitive rt Madiwara inasinop. 
Tnquisitor-wAng n»gtatanong. 
Inquisitorial o Madiwarang totoo. 
Inroad w-Pagpasok ng sundalo. 
Insane a Ulol sira ang uh>. 
Insanity-w-Kasiraan n^ isip. 
Tnsatiable-a-Di mabubusog. 
Insatiety-w Kalagayan na hindi mabu 

Inscribe 2/ Isulat. 
Inscription w-Snlat. 
Inscrutable a-Di malirap, hindi mahala- 

ta: di niatanto. 
Insect n-Hanip. 

Insecure a Vlahina; hindi matibay. 
Insecurity wKahinaan; kakulangan ng 

Insensate a Walanp damdam: tungak; 

mapurol ang isip; walang diwa. 
Insensible a Walang damdam walanv: 

pakiramdam walang diwa. 
Inseparable a Di makahihiwalay. 
Insert tr-Ipasok. 
Insertion-M Pagpasok. 
Inside-arry. Sa loob. 
Inside n Loob. 
Insiduous a Matalas: tuso. 
Insight n-Tingin sa loob tarok ng isip. 
Insignia n Tanda. 
Insignificant fz Walang halaga. 
Insincere a Lilo taksil; suitik hindi 

tapat ang loob. 
Insincerity-n Kaliluhan; kataksilan; ka- 

Insinuate t; Matrbintang magparatang. 
Insinuation wRintang; paratang. 
Insipid a Walang laaa niatabang. 
Insipidity n Kakulangan ng lasa. 
Insist rPilitin pumilit 
Insnare v Hibuin davain. 
Insobriety n Kalasingan. 
Insulate i;-Ibilad bilarin. 
Insolence w Kalapastanganan tanipala- 

san pangahas; kapangahasan; pas- 
Ian g; kawalan ng gal ang. 
Insolent a Walang hiya. tampalasan; 

walang galang; tali pandas; buhong. 

Insoluble a Hindi matutunaw; di ma- 

Insolvency-n Kalagayan na hindi ma 

kakabayad ang utang. 
Insolvent a Walang ikababayad. 
In 80 mucha^y.-Dahilan dito. 
Inspect r Siyasatin; usisain; magmasid; 

niagmasdan lumkalin. 
Inspection n Pagsisiyasat pagmasid;pag 

Inspire-v Umndyok uralian damahin. 
Inspiration « Udyok; sumpontr; ilip. 
Inspirit v Buhayin. 
Instable a Hindi matibay: mahina. 
Install V Paupuan: ilagay sa katung 

Instance n Halimbawa; hiraraan. 
lui^taiice V Maghalimbawa. 
Instant-nDali; kisap mata. 
Instant a 1 ambing. 

Instantaneous a Agad; madali; tambing; 
Instantly adv.-Pagkuraka pagdaka; tam- 
bing; n gay on din. 
Instate v Ilagay sa katungkulan. 
Instead adv. Sa lugar ng. 
Instep n Bubong ng paa. 
Instigate 2/-Sulsulan. udyukan; isulong; 

Instigation-w Sulsol; udyok. 
Instill-r Isalin. 
Instinct n Kilos na bigla. 
Institute-v Magtayo; itatag; lumalang. 
Institute w Instituto. 
Institution-n-Pag tatatag; pag tatayo. 
Instruct i; Magturo: turuan; akayin. 
Instructor n Ang nagtuturo; maestro. 
Instructress n-Ang nag tuturo; maestra. 
Instruction n Pagtuturo. 
Instrument wKasangkapan: instrumen- 

Insubordinate v-Lumaban; sumuay. 
Insuburdination w Pagsuay; pag laban. 
Insufferable a Hindi matitiis 
Insufficiency -n Kakapusan kakulangan. 
Insufficient a Kapos. kulang; di husto; 

di sapat. 
Insniar o Insular. 
Insult 17 Lampastanganin: murahin; la 

itin hiyain lumapit: alimurahin; 

pdslangin; magmura. 
Insult nPaslang lait; kalaitan; alimura; 

siphayo: kaalimurahan. 
Insuperable-a Di madaig. 
Insupportable-a Di makatitiis. 
Insurance M Katibayan; siguro. 
Insurer Tibayin; gawin ang katibayan. 
Insurgent a Nauukol sa insurecto 6 sa 

taga labas. 
Insurgent «Ang lumalaban sa gobier- 





Insurmountable a Di matatalonin. 
lusurrecfion-w-Pal aalsa labaii sa Go 

Intact a Buo: lubos. 
Intangible-a-Di maramdamin. 

Integral a- VValang kulang buo; lubos. 
Integral-n-Bilang; numero. 
Integrate «Buoin bilugin. 
Integrity H-Kabuoan. katibayan; kata 

patan ng loob. 
Intellect-M-Karunungan; bait dunong. 
Intellectual A-Maruneng; mabait muta- 

lino niatalas. 
Intelligence If -Karunungan bait; du 

nong. kabaitan pangintindi. 
Intellingent a Marunong; mabait; mata- 

las; matalino; may dunong. 
Intelligible a Madaling matalastax. 
Intemperance n Kalasingan. 
Intemperate-a-Mapag lading; hilon- 

Intend-v-Bantain; akalain isipin. 
Intendant n Superintendente puiio. 
Intense a Masinsin; mabagsik: pormal; 

labis; lubha matalas. 
Intent n-Banta; ang inisip: 6 inaka- 

Intention-n Isip: akala; banta. 
intentional a-Sinadya tinalaga. 
Intercalation nPakli; sabat 
Intercede-v-Mamagitan. ipakiusap; nia- 

Intercept v-Harangin; abalahin. 
Interception-n-Pagharang abala. 
Intercession?! Fanianiagitan. 
IntercessornTaga mamagitan; pinta- 

Interchange n Pal itan. 
Interchangeable a Maipapalit. 
Intercourse n-Kaaulatan; salitaau; na- 

Interclude r Harangiri; abalahin. 
Interdict» Ipagbawal; niagbawal. ' 
Interest-w-TubO imbot: patubo; paki- 

nabang interes. 
Interest-v Maimbot; majrkaroon ng in 

Interested a May interes. 
Interesting a-Malibang maaliw; 
Interfere v-Umabala; makialani; inauir- 

himasok; sabarin. 
Interference n Abala; pakialam. 
Interim-n-lnterino pagkaaamantala. 
Interior-n Loob. 
Interior a-Na sa loob; loob 
Interject-vlpasok; ipagitna. isalit 

Interjection-nPagpasok pagsalit. 
Interlace v Idugtong ilapat; taliau. 
Interla^d-7^ Ilialc»; ilahok. 
Interline-r Sumulat sa pagitan nang 

Interlineation-n PagMilat sa pagitan 

ng mga guhit 
Interlocution n Salitaan. 
Interlocutorn Ang nagsasalita. 
Interlope t?-Mag inda ng walang liren 

cia: makialam. 
Interlopern Ang nakikialam. 
Interlude wPuang. 
Intermarry v-Maging kaniaganak tlahil 

sa kasal. 
Intermediate a Na sa pajritati. 
Intermediary (T Na sa pagitan. 
Intermentn Paglibing. 
Interminable a Walang hanga, Walang 

Intermingle r Lumahok ihalo. 
Intermission n Llkat: puang. pagpapa- 

Intermit I'-tuuiikat magpahinga. 
Intermitent a Tatahan at muling baba- 

Intermix v Ilahok: ihalo. 
Internal a Nasa loob; loob. 
International a-Alam nang lahat nang 

Interpose r Manianhik; mamagitan; bn 

mala; ipagitna. 
Interposition « Pagpapagitna; pamama- 

Interpret r Ihulog magsaysay; salay- 

Interpretation» Kahulugan: kasaysa 

yan; salaysay. 
Interrogate-t' Itanong; magtanong. 
Interrogation nPagtatanong tanong. 
Interrogative a-Naunkol; sa tanong. 
Interrogatory n Tanong. 
Interrupt r-Umabala; sabarin; maki- 
alam; isabat abalahin 
Interruption w Abala sabat; likat. 
Intersect r-M agkrus . 
Intersection n Krus. 
Intersperse-r-lhalo; ikalat. 
Interstice w Pnang likat. 
Interval n Puang: pagitan. 
Intervene r Mamagitan; makiusap; ipa 

Intervention n Pa mamagitan ; paki 

Interview-w TTsap pagtatanungan; sali 

Interview-v Magtanong. magusap. 
interweave r- Lumahok; humalo. 
Intestate rt Walang testamento. 




Intestine n Bitiika isaw. 
Intestinal a Nauukol sa bituka. 
Intimate a Tapat na loob. taos 6 taim- 

tim ang lo b 
I n t i m ate t? I paha lata m agsabi . 
Intimation n Pagpahalata sabi. 
Intimidate-t; Takutin; gu)atin. 
Intimidation» Takot. 
Into;>rep Sa loob sa. 
Intolerable-a Di matitiis; di dap at 


Intolerance nKabagsikan; kawalan ng 

Intolerant a Di makatitiis. 
Intomb w-llibing. 
Intone-v Magdalit; magawit. 
Intoxicate V- Maglasing maglilo. 
Intoxication-n Paglalasing; kala 

Intractable v-Di masusunurin; masuniit: 

Intransitive a Sarili. 
Intrench v «tumawa ang trinchera. 
Intrenchment n Trinchera 
Intrepid a Matapang. mangaha8;bayani; 

walang takot; walang kaba. 
Intrepidity n Tapang katapatapangan; 

pagkabayani: kawalan ng takot. 
Intricate-a Pasiiotsuot; gulo nialabo; 

mahirap gawin. 
Intritfiie n-Salitaan na masama 
Intrigue-i'-Magsalitaan ng palihim. 
Intrinsic a-8a loob; totoo kailangan. 
Introduce ^^Ipakilala; magpakilala. 
Introduction n-Pagpapakilala. 
Intrude v Makialam; abalahin pumasok. 
Intrusion-n-Pakialam abala. 
Intrusive-a Makikialam. 
Intrust-v lalok; ipagkatiwala. 
Intuition n Katotohanan isip na bigla. 
Intwine i; Pilipitin: pumilipit. 
Inhundate v-Umapaw apawin; bumaha. 
Inundation wBaha; pagbaha: pasrapaw. 
Inure-i; Mabihasa; magawai; mama 

Inutility-H-Kawalan ng kabuluhan 
Invade-t; Lumapit; at lumaban: puma- 

$<ok sa ibang lupa at. maglabanan. 
Invalid-a Walang kabuluhan; hindi uma- 

von sa utos 
Invalid n Tawong may sakit, ang may 

Invalidate-vPawalan ang kabuluhan 
Invaluable a- Lubhang mahalaga. 
Invariable a Hindi mababago. 
Invasionn-Pagpasok na sundalo sa 

ibang lupa. 
Invective a Maalipustain malait. </, 
Invective-n Alipusta; salitang mabigat. 
Inveigle v Tuksuhin; udyukan. 

Invent-v Tuklasin; umisip isifiin.kumat 
ha laiangin. 

Invention n Ang kinatha 6 nilalang 

Inventor w-Ang kumatha 6 lumalang. 

Inventory nListahan ng mga bagay. 

Inverse a Kalaban; iba. 

Inversion w Pagpatuad: pngkaiba. 

Invert v-Ipatuad; ibahk* 

Invertebrate a- Walang gulugod. 

Invertebrate n Hay op na walang gulu- 

Invest-t?-Lumabari: bumangay; hamonin. 

Investment-w-Paglalagay ng kuarta sa 

Investigate-v-Siyasatin usisani. 

Investigation-w Paguusisa siyasat. 

Inveterate a-Matibay matigas ang ulo; 
so wail. 

Invigorate V Buhayin; dahasin. 

I n vigoration-w- Paglalakas. 

Invincible-a Hindi masupil. di susuko. 


Inviolate a Di nasira; buo pa: malinin. 

Invisible-a-Di makakita. 

Invite r-Anyayahin, maganyaya. 

Invitation w Anyaya; hikayat 

Invocate n-Vfanalangin; tumawag. 

Invocation-n-Panalangin; tawag. 

Invoice-vListahin ang mga bagay na 
isang lugar 6 sa isang tindahan. 

Invoice n Listahan ng manga bagay sa 
isang lugar 6 tindahnn. 

Invoke-v-Manalangin; lawagin 

Involuntary a Wala sa loob 

Involution n Pagtiklop: kaguluhan. 

Involve-r-Balutin; itiklop 

Invulnerable a Di mapasaktan. 

Inward a Na sa loob. 

\nw Sir dadv. Sa gawing loob. 

Iraciblea-Magagalitin; ma poo tin. 

Irate-a Galit: masama ang loob 

IrenGalit; tanim saloob. 

Ireful-a Galit; magagalitin. 

Irisn-Rahag hari 

Irish a Nauukol sa Irlandes. 

Irish n Tawong Irlandes. 

Irk v-Pumagod yumahiot. 

Irksome aMayamutin. 

Ircn n Bakal. 

Iron-v Mamirinsa; bakalin. 

Ironies ronioal a Masaklap 

Irony « Kasaklapan tuyo. 

Irradiance-n Ningning; kainaman. 

Irradiate V Lu mi wanag: liwanagan. 

irrational a Di ay on sa katwiran. 

Irreconcilable-a-H indi bubuti. 

Irrecoverable a Di makaV)abawi. 

Irredeemable a Hin/li niakabawi. 

Ii reducible a Di babax'a«an, 

Irrefutable a Di magkakaila. 




Irregular «Hindi karaniwan; iba,t, iba; 

di matowid. 
Irrelativea Walang interes. 
Irrelevant-a Di bagay 6 di akma. 
Irreligion-n-Kakulangan ng religion. 
Irreligious a Banday; walang religion. 
Irremediable a Di magagaling; eira. 
Irreparable-a-Hindi magagaling; di- 

Irrepressible a Di masupil. 
Irreproachable a Di mapipintasin; wa- 

lang pintas. 
Irresistible-a-Di makakalaban. 
Irresolute a Alan gan urong sulong: sa- 

lawahan; hindi firme. 
Irrespective a Walang pinipili. 
Irresponsible-a Walang isasagot; di kai- 

langan managot. 
Irretrievable a Di makakabawi. 
Irreverence-w Kakulangan ng ga- 

I rreverenta Walang galang. 
Irrevocable-a-Di mababago. 
Irrigate v Patubigin. 
Irrigation-n Pagpapatubig. 
Irritability w Yamot; poot. 
Irritable a-Mayamutin; mapootin; uia- 


Irritate-t;-Yamutin; bagbagin; humap- 

Irritation w Yamot; hapdi; poot. 
Irruption n Butlig: pagputok. 
IsvAy; may; mag. 
Island w-Pulo. 

Isolate-v-llayo sa iba; ibukod. 
Isrealiten-Taga Israel. 
IssueV'lkalat. magmula; mangaling sa 

Issue-n Pangyayari; paglabas. 
It^ro. Siya: iyon; iyan; ito; ire. 
Italian nTaga Italia. 
Italic-a-Nauukol sa Italia. 
Itch V Huraapdi; kumirot; kumire. 
Itch w Galis. 
Itemizes sulat ng isaisa. 
Iterates Ulitin: gawing; muli. 
Iteration n Pagulit. 
Itinerant a Paglakadlakad. 
Itinerant-w Tawong mapaglakad. 
Itinerate-v-Lumakad at magdiscurso. 
Itself jjro. I yondin; siyarin. 
Ivory «Marfil. 
Ivy n Li pay. 


Jabber n Salita na walang kabuluhan. 
Jack-n-Bansag ng ngalan ni Juan Mag- 

daragat: bandera sota ng baraha. 
Jackanapes-n lingo; tawong malikot at 

Jackass n Jumento tawong ulol. 
Jacket n-Barong maikli. 
Jack knife n-Laseta. 
Jacobin n Fraile Dominico. 
Jaculate v Itulag. 
Jade ?}-Kabayong masama: babayingma- 

Jader Pumagal; pumagod. 
JagnBingaw; tinik; piraso. 
Jagged a Magaspang. 
Jaguar-n-Tigre Americano. 
Jail-n Bilango; kalabuso. 
Jailer n Ang mamahala sa bilango. 
Jam-n Jelea. 
Jam-t7-Ipitin; bugbogin; kumapal ang 

Jamb n Gilid ng pinto. 
Jangle-v-Kumalasing; makipagtalo. 
Jangle-n-Kalasing; pagtatalo. 
Janitor n Katiwala ng babay; encar- 

gado; ang namamahala saisangbahay. 

Janty-aMagaan: makinis; mainam. 

January n Enero. 

Japann Japon; pintang itim. 

Japan-v Pintahin ng itim. 

Japanese-a-Nauukol sa Japon. 

Japanese nTaga Japon; wika ng Japon. 

Jar w Jaro saro. 

Jargon n Salitang utal 6 di maintindi- 

Jargon-n- Magsalita; ng hindi maliwa- 


Jauntya-Makinis: magaan; mainam. 
Javelin nTulag; sibat. 
Jaw n-Panga. 

Jaw bone-w-Sihang: panga. 
Jay n Tawong bukid. 
Jealous a Siloso; mangambain; maiin- 

Jealousyw Pangimbulo; ingit; hinala; 

pangamba; alapaap ng loob. 
Jean-« Kayong magaspang; gris. 
Jeer v Uyamin; tuksuhin; hiyawin. 
JeernTukso; uyam: hiyaw. 
Jehovah wDios; bathala. 
Jelly nJelea. 





Jeopardize v Ilaga}' sa panganib. 

Jeopardy n Panganib. 

Jerk V Batakin; ibagis na pabigla. 

Jerkn fiatak. 

Jerky a Di panay. 

Jest-w-Biro; laro. 

Jest V Biruin; magbiro. 

Jesuit n Jesuita. 

Jesuitic a Nauukoi sa Jesuita. 

Jet-n Bukal. 

Jet-v Lumabas eg pabigla. 

Jettv w Muella. 

Jetty-a Maitim: itim. 

Jew-n Judio. 

Jewel-n Sangkap; brillante. 

Jeweler-n Platero. 

Jewisb a Nauukoi sa Judio. 

Jib V Umurong. 

Jibe-t^Ibahin ang tuntungan ng sasak- 

yan. magkasundo. 
Jiffy n-Sangdali. 

Jiggle-vGalawin; gumalaw: kalogin. 
Jilt-n-Babaying salawahan ang loob. 
Jilt v-Dayain 6 hibuin sa pag ibig. 
Jinglev Kumalasing. kumalog. 
Jingle n Kalasing; kalog. 
Job-wTrabajo: gawa. 
Jockey-v-Hibuin. dayain. 
Jocose a M^isaya; palabiro. 
Jocoseness Jocosity n Kasayaban; biro 

Jocular a Masaya; palabiro. 
Jocularity n Kasayaban; kaligayaban: 

pag tatawa; kalibangan; katuwaan. 
Jog-n Sumagsag. 
Jog n Sagsag. 

Jogglev-Kumalog: kalugin. 
Joinwidugtong; ikama ilangkap: ila 

pat; isama; ihalo; igawgaw; pumi- 

Joint-n-Hiwas; bias; sanib; bukongbu- 

kong: kasukasukuan. 
Joint a Kasama. 
Jointv-Hiwasin; biasin. 
Jointly-a^iv.-Samasama: sabay nabay. 

Joke-n-Biro; aglabi: badya. 
Joke V Magbiro; biroin; magbadya. 
Jollification n Pagsasaya kasayaban 
Jollity-Jolliness m Kasayaban; kaligaya- 
JoUy-a-Masaya maligaya. 
Jolt-2/-Umumpog tumulak: umuntog. 
Jolt-w-Umpog; untog; tulak. 
Jostle V Magumpog; bumanga; umuntog. 
Jostle-w-Umpog: untog; banga. 
Jot w-Pirasong inunti; punto. 
Jot-v Sumulat sa tandaan; isulat sa 

Jounce V Galawin; umuuipog. 

Jounce-w-Galaw untog; uinpog. 
Journal-wPahayagan; dabon . 
Journey n Lakad; viaje: 
Journey-r-Mag viaje; lumakad mag la- 
Journeyman n Trabajador; ang nag pa- 

paupa sa magbapon. 
Joviala Masaya; malugod; maligaya; 

maamo ang loob. 
Joviality- ovialness n Kasayaban; kali- 

Jowl w Panga: pisngi; sibang. 
Joy -n- Kasayaban: kaligayaban: tuwa; 

kalibangan: katuwaan. 
Joy V Sumaya: maligaya. 
Joyous .loyful a Masaya: natutuwa; ma 

iibang mapagpatawa; mapagsiste. 
Joyless a Walang saya 6 kasayaban; 

walang tuwa 
Joyfulness n-Kasayaban; kalit^ayaban. 
Jubilant a Masaya; maligaya. 
Jubilation n Kasayaban. 
Jubilee rt Kapistaban. 
Judaic a Nauukoi sa mga .Uidio. 
Judaism-w Pananampalataya ng manga 

Judge-n-Hukom; juez. 
Judge-i'-Humatol; batulan. 
Judgment n Hatol: paeiya: tuto: pag 

batol; taroB bait isip akaia. 
Judicative a May kapangyaring buma- 

Judicial a Nauukoi sa bukom. 
Judiciarya Nauukoi sa Inikom. 
Judicious a Mabait: mabi'nbin: matali 

no tabimik 
Jiig n Lalagyan; ng manga bagay na 

Juggle -z/Magsalamangka. 
Juggle w Salamangka. 
Jugglery n-Pagsasalamangka. 
Jugular a-Nauukol «a liig 6 lalaniu 

Juiceless n Walang katas. 
Juicya Makatas. 
July n Julio. 

Jumble-t;Haluin: gulubin. 
Jumble-«-Halo; kaguluban. 
Jump r Lumuudag; lumukso; magtalon: 

tumalon; laktawin. 
Jump-n Lukso; lundag; talon; laktaw. 
Junction n Sanib. 
Juncture w Sanib: dugtong. 
June n Junio. 
Jungle n-Lasaw. 
Junior a Rata pa; binata. 
Juniority n Pagkabata. 
Junk n Manga bagay na walang kabu- 


KIN 259 

Jnuketn-Mamon; matamis; 

Junket v-Magpiging. 

Junta-nJunta; katipunan; lupong. 


Juridic Juridical a Nauukol sa hiicom. 

Jurisdiction n-Kapangyarihan; lupang 

sinukuban; lupang sinakupan. 
Jury a Interino. 
Just-a-lapat matowid; ayon sa kato- 

■ wiran batibot husto, sukat. 
Justadv. Sukat; husto. 


Justice-n-Kato wiran; katampatan; kasu- 

katan; kahustuhan. 
Justifiable a Dapat patawari; may ka 

Justification w-Katowiran. 
Justify-v-Magbigay ng katowiran. 
Jut r-Luminbutod; lumiko. 
Jut-n Liko. 
Juvenile a-Binata 
Juvenile n tagong tawo; binata. 

Kail-n Repolio. 

Kale n-Repolio. 


Kell n Puit ng sasakyan. 

Keen a Matalas; matalino: tuso. 

Keep-v-Alagaan: bantayin; ikalong; 

Keeping n Pagaalaga pagingat. 
Keep sake n Kaloob bigay: biyaya. 
Keep secret v Huag sabihin. 
Kegw-Hariles na munti. 
Ken*n Malaman: kilalanin: kuinilala; 

karunungan tanawan. pagkikilala. 
Kennel» Kubo ng aso, 
Kept-v. imp &p /).-Iningat; binantay. 
Kerchief n Alampay; birang. 
Kerosene-n Gas. 
Ketchup-n Katsup sarsa. 
Kettle n awali: kawa. 
Kettle drum w-Kaja. 
Key n Susi. 
Kev V Susiin isusi. 
Key hole-n-Butas ng susian. 
Key stone » Batong pansara ng arko. 
Kick-n-Sipa sikad. 
Kick V Isikad: sumikad; si pain. 
Kidn-Bata; tupang munti; kambing na 

Kidnap v Bihagin; bumihag. 
Kidney n-Bato ng katawan. 
Kill-rPumatay; patayin. 
Killingn Patawan . 

Kilo Kilogram-n-Kilogramo; kilo. 
Kin n-Kamaganak., 
Kind-w-Clase; lahi. 
Kind*n Mabuti ang loob; mabuti; ma- 

Kinder gartenw Escuela nang niga ba 

Kindle-v Sunns;in; sindihan; magsindi. 
Kindness /7 Kabutihan ng loob; kabu 

tihan; pitagan hinhin. 

Kindred w Hinlog; manga kamaganak 

Kindred a Magkamaganak. 
King n Hari. 
Kingdom n Kaharian. 
King fisher n Lumbas. 
Kingly a- Parang hari. 
Kink n Kunot. 
Kink-v Kumunot. 
Kinky a Kumunot; makulot. 
Kinsfolk n Manga kamaganak. 
Kins man n- amaganak na lalaki. 

ins woman n-Kamaganak na babayi 
KipnKatad ng bulo. 
Kirk n Sambahan. 
Kirmess-n-Piging at pista. 
KiFs n-Halik hagkan. 
Ki8S7/-Humalik: halikin; humagkan. 
Kitn-Pusang munti; kuting. 
Kitchen n Kosina. 
Kite-n Buladol. 
Kitten n-Kuting. 

Knack n-Tuto; karunungan; bait. 
KnapwDulo: dungot. 
Knarl-nMata ng kahoy. 
Knave M-Tawong masama; tawong ha 

mak 6 mahalay. 
Knavery n Gawang masama 6 mahalay. 
Knavish fz-Mahalay; masama. 
Knead vMasahin magmasa. 
K nee cap-n Bay ugo. 
Knelln-Tugtog ng kampana. 
Knelt v.imp <fe|}.^.-Nakaluhod;lumuhod. 
Knew v imp. Nalaman; kinilala. 
Knickerbockers-n Salawal na putot. 
Knickknack-n-Bagay na walang halaga. 
Knife-n Laseta: batavia 
Knifev Hiwain ng laseta; saksakin. 
Knit-v-Isama; gumanchillo. 


Knitting n Paggaganchillo. 
Knivesn-Mga laseta 6 batavia. 
Knob n Buhol; tangan ng pinto. 
Knock M-Tugtog tuktok; bun go; dagok; 

Knock r Tumuktok; bumungo; dagukan; 

Knoll M Tugatog pugpok; gulod. 
Knot n Buhol; tali; mulmol. talibugso. 
Knot-v-Buhulin magbuhol; humulmol. 
Knotted a Mabuhol. 
Knotty-a-Mabuhol . 



Know n-Malaman; kilalanin; matutuhan; 

Knowing a-Bihasa; marunong; matalas; 

tuso matalino. 
Knowledge n Karunungan; dunong; tu- 

to. bait. 
Knuckle-M Buko ng kamay. 
Kraal w-Nay on; kulungan ng elepan- 

Kreosote n Kreosote. 

La-n- La 

Label n-Tanda. 

Label v Ilagay ang tanda. 

Labial a Nauukol su labi. 

Labial n Salita ng labi. 

Laborn-Trabajo: gawa. 

Labor v.Magtrabajo; gumawa; pumagal. 

Laborern Ang nagtatrabajo. ang gu- 

Laborious n Mahirap; magtrabajo. 
Laboratory n Labatorio. 
Labyrinth wLugar ng maraming Ian- 

LacenPuntas panali. 
Lace a Talian; ilagay ang puntas. 
Lacerate-v-Hiwain; pilasin; wahiin. 
Lacerationn-Paghiwa; pagwahi; hiw'a; 

Lachrymal-a-Nauukol sa luha. 
Lachrymose a-Maluha. 
Lack v-Kumulang. 
Lackn-Kakulangan; kulang kakapnsan; 

Lacking-n Pagkulang. 
Lackey -n- Ay udante. 
Laconic-a-Maulol, loco. 
Lacquer-n- Varnis . 
Lacquer w-Pahiran ng varnis; varnis^in; 

mag varnis. 
Lacrymal a Nauukol sa luha. 
Lactation n-Pagpasuso. 
Lacteal a- Nauukol sa gttas. 
Lactean-Laeteous a Magatas 
Lactescent a Magatas. 
Lad n Batang lalaki. 
Ladder n Hagdanan. 
Lade-v Ipasan; ilulan. 
Lading-M Paglulan; pagpasan. 
Ladle n San dak. 
Ladle-vSandnkin; magsandok. 
Lady-w Bininibi, babaying ginoo. 

Ladylike rtBinibini; mabait; mahal; 

na ugali. 
Lady love w- Ang nililigawan; ang pina- 

Lady ship-9i-Binibini. 
Lag a iJuling; katapusan. 
Lag V Magpabaya. 

Laggard -wTawong tamad 6 pabaya. 
Laggard a Tamad, mabagal; marahan; 

Lagoon n-Dagat dagatan. 
Laid-v. imp &. p. ^.-Nilagay; nakalagay. 
Lain- V. ^. jj.Nilagay; nakalagay. 
Lair-n Hihigan ng hayop sa damo. 
Lake n Dagat dagatan. 
Lambn-Tupang munti. 
Lambkin w Tupang munti. 
Lambent a Makintab; makifap. 
Lame a Pilay; mapilay; hiwid; hingkod. 
Lame-v-Pilayin, pumilay; humingkod; 

Lameness-n Kapilayan; pagkapilay. 
Lament-v-Manangis, dumaing. manag- 

hoy; tumangis. 
Lament n-Tangis. daing panaghoy; pa- 

Lamentable-a Mahabag kaawaan. 
Lamentation-n-Daing; bibik; panambi- 

tan; panaghoy. 
Lampw-Ilawan lampara; ilaw. 
Lamp black-w Uling. 
Lamper eel-w-Palos. 
Lampoon n Uyam. 
Lance wTulag; sibat. 
Lance-r-Sibatin; tulagin. 
Lancet-wLasetang panagra. 
Lanch r-Itulag; salapangin. 
Land n Lupa. 

LandvJlagay sa pangpang; itadsad. 
Landed a May maraming lupa. 
Landing w Doongan. 
Land Isrd n-Ang may ari ng hotel 6 

bahay panuluyan (lalaki). 




League V Magti pan; magtipon; ilakip. 

I.eaknTulo; talas. 

Land ladyn-Ang may ari ng hotel 6 

bahay panuluyan (babayi). 
Land mark-n-Muson. 
Lane n-Daan. 
Language n Wika;. salita. 
Languid-a Mabina: malata; payat. 
Languidness n Lata; kahinaan; kapaya> 

Languish i> Lumata; humina; pumayat. 
Larguorn-Latd kapayatan; kahinaan. 
Lank-aPayat; mataas. 
Lantern-n-Parol laterna . 
Lap n-Kandungan; sinapupunan. 

Lap V Dilain. 

Lapel n Tiklop ng damit. 

Lapse t; Puang; likat; paglipas. 

Lapse z/Lumikat; lumipas. 

Lar board wAng gawing kaliwa nang 

Larcency-n-Pagumit; pagnakaw. 
Lard-v Mantika 
Lard t; Mantikahin. 
Larder-n Banguera. 
Largea Malaki: dakila. 
Largeness n Laki . kaln kihan. 
Lariat w-Silo ng lubid. 

Lark-n Batobato; kabiruan. 

Lark r-Magbiro. 

Larva Larvea n Uod. 

Larnvx 7<-Lalamunan. 

Lash-n Latigo; pilikmata. 


Lass n-Batang babayi. 

Lassitude n-Kahinaan;kapaguraii;pagod. 


Lasso-v Siluin. 

Last a Huling; kahulihulihan; katapu- 

Last V Tumigas; tumagal. 

Lasting n Matibay; di masisira; matagal. 


Lastly ac2u. Hulinghuli; sa kahulihiiilian. 

Latch n Kandaro. 


Latchet n Tali ng sapatos. 

Late a Baero; huling. 

Late «rfu. Tanghali; gabi na. 

Lately-adt^-Ngayon lamang. 

Latency -w Kalabuan. 

Latent a Di makakita; malabo; tago: 

Lateia Mayamaya pa; huii pa. 

Latest a Kahulihulihan. 

Lather n Bula ng sabon. 

Lather-f-Magpahid ng sabon. 


Latin a Nauukor sa latin. 

Latitude n-Layo sa hilagaan 6 a^ ti- 
mUgan. ^ ' 

La tter-«- Hindi. 

Laterly-ariT/. Sa kahulihan. 

Laudr-Purihin; magdiwanj;. 

Laud-n Pagpuri; puri; Jualhati. 

Laudablea>Dapat purihin. 

Laudation n Pagpuri, 

Laudatory-rtDapat purihin. 


Laugh-v Turnawa. 

Laughable a-Matatawanin^ makatatawa, 

Laughing w-Tawa, 
Launch-n-Lancha vaporsito. 
Launch v-Dumapi las; niagniula. 
Launder r Maglaba; 
Launderer n Maglalaba; labandert\ 
Laund ress w-Labandera, 
Lavatory a Nauukol sa paglalaba. 
Lave-r-Hugasin; maligo. 
Lavatory n Hilamusan; lavador. 
Lavander H-Kulay purpura. 
Lavish o. Sagana^ labis^ inapagmainasa; 

Lavish v Itapon^ mag sabog; m»g bu- 

Law-wUtos, ley. 
) awful a A yon sa utos <S ley. 
Lawfulness n Pagkakaayon sa katowi- 

ran . 
Lawless a f.aban sa ley 6 utos. 
Lawn n Baku ran. 

Lawsuit nUsap: pagtatalo; pag usap. 
Lawyer n Abogado. 
Lax a Pabaya; taniad. 
Laxity-Laxness n Katamaran kapabaya 

Lay f twp. Hiniga; nahiga. 
Lay-v Ihiga; ilagay. 
Lav w Kanta: awit. 
Laziness n-Kataniaran; kapabayaan; li 

galig kakuparan. 
Lazy-a-Tamad; pabaya; alisaga: batu 

gan; mabagal ayaw niagtrabajo. 
Lean Bukid na pastulan. 
Leach n Linta. 
Lead-r-Akayin; umakay; tamuhin; una 

Lead m Unahan; pamumnno. 
Lead ?i-Tinga 

Leaden a I inga may halong tinga. 
Leader-»* Pangulo; puno. 

Leafr-Iumago ang dahon. 
Leaflet-n-Munting dahon. 
Leafv a Mad ah on. 
League n-Layo ng isang oras ng lakad 

kapisanan; kalipunan; tipan. 




Leak y Tumulo; tiimalas. 

Leakage n Tulo; pagtulo. 

Leaky a Larot. 

Lean-v Ihapay ipahalang ihiling. 

Lean a Payat. 

Leanw Laman. 

Lean tow-Pakpak sibi. 

Leap V Liimundag; lunnikso. 

I.eapwLundag lukso. 

Learn wMagaral: niatuto. 

Learned n Marnnong mata'aa; inatali- 

no,t, bihasa. 
Learner n Ang nagaral. 
Learning n Kariinunga paliam; diinong. 
Lease v Ipabuis; bumnia. 
Lease n Kasulatan tungkol sa pagbui». 
Leash n Panali; anga tatlo. 
Least a Kauntiuntian. 
Leather M-K a tad. 
Leather a-Yari ng katad. 
Lt-athery a Parang katad. 
Leave t? Maiwan; tirahin; magtira; biti 

wan ipahintulot;umalis;pahintnlotin. 
Leave» Pahintulot. kapahintulotan. 
Leaven n Lavadura. 
Leaves n Manga <lahon ng kahoy. 
Leavings-w Ang tinitira Pinagpilian. 
Lecture n Disciirso pangungusap 
Lecture v Magdiscurso. pangusapin. 
Led-v imp. ik p jo -Inakay. 
LeenLatak ng alak. 
Leesh n-Linta. 

Leer -Tumingin ng pajjastoa. 
Leer n Tingin na bastos 
Lee ward-rtSv.-Sa gawi na may hangin. 
Left-v. imp. dt p. p.p. Imw an; t\n\T&. unia 

Lefta Kaliwang. 
Left n Kaliwa. 

Left hand n Kamay na kaliwa. 
Left handedn Sanay ang kamay na 

Leg n-Hita. 
Legal-a Matowid; ayon sa utos ng 

Legalize V Ilagay sa Katowiran. 
Legality» Katowiran. 
Legate » Pin takasi. 

Legatee » Ang tumatangap ng mnna. 
Legator-w-Ang nagpamana 
Legend » Awit; kuento. 
Legendery a Nauukol sa awit. 
Lager de main »-Salanmngka. 
Legible a Makababasa 
Leirion n Hukbo; bunton ng tuwo. 
Legislate rMaglagda gumawa ng utos. 
Legislative a Nan ukol sa paglalagda. 
Legislation» Paglagda. 

Legislature-w-Katipunan ng manga mag^^ 

Legitimacy »Katunayan. 

Legitimate» Tunay; totoo. 

Leisure» Kalibangan; lugar; panahon 

na walang gawa. 
Leisure-a Walang gaWa. 
Leisurely » Dahandahan. 
Lemtn »-Limon dayap. 
Lemonade »-Limonada. 
Lend-vMagpahiram. pahiramin 
Length » Uaba. 
Lengthen 17 Habaan: unatin; banatin; 

Length ways (wiv.-Pahaba. 
Length wise adv. Pahaba. 
Length y-a Mahaba. 
Leniency» Awa; habag. 
Lenient a Mahabag: maawain. 
Lenity » Awa: habag 
Lent v imp. & p. ^.Ipinahiram; nagpa 

Lent » Kuaresma. 
Leonine «Parang leon. 
Leper» Lepra 

Leprosy » Sakit na lepra san lazaro. 
Leprous a May sakit na lepra, nauukol 

sa lepra 
Less flf-Kulang kapos liban. 
Less adv Kapos; bukod pa 
Lessen v Umunti; kumulang; bumawas; 

Lesser »-Ang munti 
Lesson »-Leccion pinagaralan. 
Les8or»-Ang nagpapaupa ng bahay. 
Lest co»^' Baka sakali. 
Let-vTpahintulot; pumayapa; maiwan 

abalah n. 
Let» Abala. 

Lethargic a Nagaantok; palaantok. 
Lethargy » An tok 
Letter »Sulat letia; titik. 
Letterv-Letrahin; titikan; isnlat. 
Lettuce »-Litsuga. 
Levant-a-Nakatayo; nakatindig. 
Levant V Umalis lumayas. 
Levee » Panharang ng tubig. 
Level a Pa tag pantay. 
Level V Patagin pumatag. 
Level »Kapatagan; kapantayan. 
Lever «Panghikuat; panghuit; pangis 

Levity» CI aan 
Levy »-Buis 
Levy V Ipabuis. 

Lewd a-Malibng; haniak niahalay. 
Lewdness-» Kalibugai» kahaniakan; ka- 

halayau . 
Lexical a Nauukol sa salita, o lexion. 


Lexicographern-Ang gumagawa ng 

Lexicography nPaggagawa ng diccio 

Lexicon-n Diccionario. 
Liable a Mahiling; mahangad. 
Liar-nTawon^ inapagsiniiiigaling. 
Libel nPasiwiwika ng katampalasanan. 
Liberal n Magandangloob;mapaganipon 

Liberal n-Liberal. 
Liberality w Kagandahanngloob,kalak 

ban ng pnso 
Liberate t7 Pa walan; patawarin; lima 

wain; palayain 
Liberation n Pagkawala;pagpatawad ta 

Liberty n-'^alayaan; timawa pahintulot. 
Lice-n- Manga kuto. 
License n Licencia; tulot. 
License v-Ipahintuiutin; tulutin; ibigay 

ng licencia. 
Lick v-Dilaan. 
Lick-n-Pagdidilaan . 

Lid w Tungtong; talob; takip; panakip. 
Lief flkiv.-Nakahiling. 
Liegea Nauukol sa buis. 
Liege n-Mayari 6 encarga<lo ng lupang 

Lien n Fianza; katibayan. 
Lieu-n ugal lugar. 
Lieutenancyn-Kalagayan tiniente. 
Life n Bu hay kabuhayan. 
Lifeless-a Walang buhay. patay; payat; 

Life like a Parang may buhay. 
Lift-v-Itaas; buhatin; damputin; • iba 

Lift n-Tulong ampon: paji?buhat 
Ligament n Anat litid. 
Ligature n-Pamigkis. 
Light n Apoy; ilaw; liwanag; araw. 
Light-a-Magaan: maliwanag; maliksi; 

Light-z/ Sindihan magsindi. 
Lighten vBawasan gaaning; gumaan: 

luminaw: lumiwanag: kumidlat. 
Lightening nPagpapagaang;pagpaIinaw: 

Lightning 7i-Kidlat ng liutik lin 

Light-headed-a Hilo; ma^aan ang ulo. 
Light-headeness-n Kagaanan ng ulo; 

Light hearted a Masaya; magaan ang 

Light-minded^a Magulo ang isip. 

263 LIO 

Lightnessn-Gaan; kagaanan kaliksihan 

Light- nBaga. 

Ligneous a Yari ng kahoy; parang 

Lignite w Uling. 

Like a Magkaparis: kawanki; kaparis. 
fiike adv. Paris nga; rin. 
Liket/ Umibig; ibigin; giliwin; gumiliw; 

magustuhan muibigan. 
Liking nNais; pita: gusto; nasa. 
Lik<^lv rtdv.-Marahil 
Liken-v Iparis tumulad; itulad. 
Likeness-n Kaparisan: tingin sa labas. 

lagay pagkakawanki. 
Like wise rdr.-Gayondin naman. 
Tiilac n Lila. 

Limb n Saiiga; hita 6 baraso. 
Limber a Malambot. 
Limber v-Lumambot. 
Limen Apog. 
LimenLimon dayap. 
Lime kiln-wGawaan ng apog. 
Lime stone-w Banton apugan. 
Limit n-Hanga hanganau: wakal.wakas; 

gilid; baybay danay. 
Limit r Ilagay ng hanga niagtaan. 
Limitation-ti Paghanga: paglalagay ng 

Limitless-a Walang hanga. 
Limp n Hingkot; iko. 
Limp t'-Humingkod; uniiko. 
Limp-a Malambot. 
Limpid a Malinaw maaninag makintab; 

Limpidity-' impidness n Kaiiwanagan, 

liwanag: kintab, aninag. 
Linch pin-w- Parugo; susi. 
ine I' Guhitin j^umuhit. 
Line n Lubid rienda guhit taludtod. 
Lineage n Labi; hinlog. kamaganakan 

Lineal a Nauukol sa guhit. 
Lineament w-Hitsura. 
Linear a Nauukol 6 parang guhit. 
Linen n-Hinabing lino, linso; kayu- 

Linger-r-Lumuat; magluat tumagal. 
Lingering nPagluluatan: luat;hinayang. 
Lingering a Mahinayang. 
Lingual a Nauukol sa dila. 
Linguist n Ang tawong marunong sa 

manga wika. 
Linament-w-Gamot na pamahiran. 
Link n Silo. 
Link V Idugtong. 
Lint n-Pamigkis ng sugat. 
Lione38-n-Babaying leon; inaling leon. 




Lip n-Nguso; labi. 


Liquation n Pagtnnaw. 

Liquefraction n Pagtutunaw. 

Liquefiable a-Matutunaw. malnsaw. 

Liquid a Malabnaw. 

Liquid w Anomang bagay nalusaw. 

Liquidity-w-Kalabnawan; pagkaliisaw. 

Liquidate v Huniiwalay: magbayad. 

Liquidation-nHiwalay; pagbayad. 


Lisp vUmutal. 

Lisp n Kautalan. 

List n Listahan; tandaan. 

List v-Majrlista; ilista; listahin. 

Listen vBatyagin; pakingan; duminig; 
marinig; makinig. 

Listener-v Aug nakikimatyag. 

Listless a Pabaya; tamad; maliina. 

Lit-v. tmp.Sinindihan; tumuntong; si- 

Litany-w Dasal litania. 

Liter Litre w Litre. 

Literal a Ayon sa salita. 

Literary a-Nauukol sa sulat 6 sa libro. 

Literature n Manga libro; karunungan; 

Lithe a-Malambot maliksi. 

Lithesome a-Maliksi. 

Lithograph-p-Magdibuho; isulat sa bato. 

Litigant a-Nauukol sa usap. 

Litigant n-Ang nag uusap. 

Litigate v-Magr usap. 

Litigation n-Usap; talo. 

Tiitter-w Arag arag; kalanda 


Littleo-Munii; maliit; kannti. 

Little-w Kakaunti. 

Live-v-Bumuhay: tumira; tahanan. 

Livea-Buhay; buhay ang loob: inapaya. 

Li vlihood» Hanapbuhay ; ikinabubuhay. 

Livelong a Sa habang buhay. 

Livelya-Maliksi; masigla; nialikot; bu- 
hay ang loob. 

Liveliness-n-Kaliksihan: sigia; liksi. 


Liver n Atay 

Lives n Mga buhay. 

Livid a Mapula: knlay talong. 

Living rt Buhay. mabuhay. 

Living M Kabuhayan; pay:kabuhay. 

Lizard-w Tuko; butiki; bayawak. 

Load n-Rigat; lulan. 

Load-f Ilulan: ipasan; kargahin; mag- 

Loaf M Tinapay na malaki. 
^Joai-v Matr alisaga: niagpabaya. 
Loaf er-w-Harn pas lupa; tawong pabaya 

at tamad. 
Loam H Lupan<: itira. 

Loan-n Hiram; anomang bagay na ipi- 

Loan t? Magpahiram. pabiramin. 
Loath a Ayaw: walang; gusto. 
Loathe v Mamuhi. yumamot; masamain. 
Loathf ul-a Makayayamot masuklamin. 
Loathing-n Suklam; kasuklaman. yamot; 

kavamutan dalamhati. 
Loath some o Makayayamot; niasusuRla- 

man: madiri; muhiin. 
Lobate a-May ngipin. 
Lobby a Silid na munti 
Lobe n Tainga. 
Lobed a Parang tainga. 
Lobster-n Hipon dagat. 
Local a Nauukol sa isang lugar. 
Locality w Lugar. 
Locate r-Lumagay; hanapin. 
Locationn- Lugar. 
Loch n Danaw. 
Lock-n Seradura. 
Lockrlsara; isusi. 
Locker n-Baul; kaban. 
Lock 8mith-r»-Ang gumagawa ng sera- 
Locket n Kayrel. 
Lockiip-wBilango; kalabuso. 
Locomotion n Kilos: galaw. 
Locomotive n Makina ng tren. 
Locust n Balang; kuliglig. 
Locution n Salita: pangungusap. 
LodewDaan ng tubig, 
Lodge n Bahay; kubo. 
Lodge v-Magpahinga. 
Lodger n-Ang sumusuno; ang tumitira 

sa buhay ng kapwa. 
Lodging-n Tuluyan; bahay. 
Lofty a Mataas: paialo: dakila; maya- 

LogwTroso; puno ng kahoy. bordon. 
Log-t; Magtaga at maglabas ng mga 

Loggerhead w-Tawongmapurol angisip; 

Logic nDunong: karunungan. 
Log cal a-Marunong. 
Logician n Tawong marunong. 
Logwood-w Kahoy na mapula. 
Loin n-Sinapupunan; singit; balakang. 
Loiter-v Magpabayagumayongayon; mag 


Loiterern-Tawong tamad 6 pabaya. 

Loll v Magpabaya. 

Lone rt-Bugtong nagiisa. 

Lonely-a-Mapanglaw; malungkot; wa- 
lang kasama: nagiisa. 

Loneliness n Kalungkutan; kapangla 

Jyonesome a Malungkott mapanglaw 





l>ong-r Mamip; kaiaipan nai^. 
LoDtfr-viiy A ahat^acsn ue buhay. 
Lon^ i;v*f-i z atisr buhay. 
LiOin{?*hore-'i Naauk-:*! sa bavbav dasrat. 
Ix»n2 j»reh?e«t ^ Ma*Tnaw arjsr linsin 6 

mata luataJa^. macalino; tuso. 
LtjQi£ sniierina-iM Macitiisin 
Lonjf fefafferiui? n Pagiiiiis. 
Long uugu^ a MahabaaDi^dila luasa 

\jong ways adr. Pahaba 
Lon&r wiii«ie(i-a-Mahabaao^hininga; ma 

lakas Kg batsa. 
Loug wise-a Pahaba 
lx>ok r Tumiiigin; tanawin; tumaoa^. 
Look » Tin gin; hiUtura lagay. 
Looking glass n Salamin. 
Lookt<-n Hitssura. 
Lookout» Bantav; tanod. 
Loom-n Habihan. 
Loom r Sumipot; iumitaw. 
Loon n-Tawong niasania 
Loop n Silo: buhol; bilog. 
Loopr Siluin. 

Loop i.ole 71 Butas sa kota. 
Loose a Bugnos; maliiag; Uibag. tah. 

Loose r-Lumiibag himuag 
Loosen v Luagin kalagin; bunuignos 
LootnAng ninakaw 
Loot V Manduit; nakawin 
Lop-w- utlin; putiilin; iklian 
Lop a Nakasabit. 

Lop eared a Mahaba ang tainga. 
loquacious a Masalita; masabi: matabil. 
Loquacnousness-n Kalagayan; masalita. 
Loquacity w-Pagsasalita ng marami. 
Lord w Dios; Bathala; Ang May kapal. 
Lord V Ang namauiahala. 
Lord V Mamahala 
Lordly a Mataas dakila. 
Lore-n-Karunungan; dunong. 
Lorn-a In wan. 
Lose r M nvala; iwala iligaw; matalo; 

maligaw. maliigi. 
Loos ?i Ang nawala; pagtalo; sCng nata 

In kawalnn higi. 
Lost a Nawala; natalo; naligaw. 
Lot w apalaran; pagkataon; solar; ba 

hagi; karamihan; dami. 
Loth a-Ayaw. 

Lotion n Gamot na pamahid. 
Lottery n Loteria; rifa. 
L ud a Miilaki.8. 
Loud adv Malakas. 
Lough-n Danaw 

Lounge-v Magalisaga magpabaya. 
Lounge-n Sandalan; hiligan. 
Lounger-7iTawong tamad; 6 tigagal 
Louse a Hanip; kuto. 

Lousr it .viakiuo: kucuhui. 

Lv^>ut H la«rv» g: uKd o bg^nUvr. 

LoiUish-tJ riv4 liindi luarunoug. 

Lovable «i Maiibig:»n 

Love H ^';lgibitf katbtgan; |vagUn^kiHlc 

suyo ligaw; pagsiiiia 
L»^vo r Sit tfthin. ibijkrin wuubiit; s^uunu 

:a inmin>:kiHi; ligawin: liitnigaw; i^u 

Loving «I Maibi^an. 
LovelejJit a Walang nmibig di inaibi 

Love lorn <i Naiwan ng lumigiixw 
Tx^vely <i Mag^inda mainain. 
Lover m Ang luinilipwv; ang sumisitita 

o Intnilin^kod manininta 
Low (I Mababa hamak mababaw. ^>i^s« 

lit: walang pinagi\n\lan. 
Low w lyak Mg baka un^a. 
l.ow<i*?r Kadustadusta, 
Low r-Uniunga. 
Low breil <i Hamak mababa o hantak 

ang pinangalingan. 
Lower a Mababa pa. 
Lower r Ibaba; ilusung. ibsan uminb 

pis; ynninko. 
Lower most a Kababababaan. 
Lowery a Maulap: inapanglaw; nialung* 

Low h\nd n-Lupang mababa at patag. 
Low-lived a Hainak; bastos. 
Lowlv a Mubaba. 
Lowness n i^ ababaan. 
Low spirited a Mabagal; niahina ang 

loob; malungkot. 
Loyal a Ayon sa katowiran; tapat ang 

Loyally a Tapat 
Loyalty n Katapatan ngloob pagkaayon 

sa katowiran. 
Lubber n Tawong bastos 6 haumk. 
Lubricant a Malanjis. 
Lubricantw Langis. 
Lubricates Langiflin. 
Lubricous rt-Madulas. 
Lucent a Maningning; makislap; maki- 

Lucid a Makintab; maningning, makiH 

lap; makisap. 
Luck-n-Kapalnran; palad. 
Luckless a Walang kapalaran; sawing 

Lucky a Mapalat. 

Lucrative a Pakikinabangan: matubo 
Lucre-n-Pakinabang; kayamanan. 
Ludi(;rou8 a Matatawanin. 
Liig-n Tainga. 
Lug-r-Dalhin: magdala. 
Luggage n Haon: ang dinala sa viage. 
Lugubrious a Malungkot. 





Luke warm-a Malakiiko: malagamgani. 

Lull-v-Tomahimik; tumigil. 


Lullaby wAwit. 

Lumaffo-n Sakit ng gulugod at bala 

Lumbar-a-Nauukol 6 malapit sa bala- 

Lumbern-Manga tabla; kahoy. 
Lumber v-Magkahoy. 
Lumber man -n-Mangangalakalng kahoy; 

Lumbering-n Pangangahoy. 
Luminous-a Maliwanagi maningning; na- 

Lumpw-Bukol: tangkal. 
Lump v-Bumukol: magtangkal. 
Lumpy a Man tangkal; mabukcl. 
Lunacy- Kaululan. 
Lunarn Nauukol sa buan 
Lunatic a Ulol; loco maulol. 
Lunatic-n-Ulol; tawong maulol. 
Lunch n-Minindal. 
Lunch V Magminindal. 
Luncheonn Minindal. 
Lungn 6dg& 
Lunge-n-Tulak; saksak. 
Lunge-vltulak: isaksak. 

Lurchrz-K umilos. 

Lurch-nKilos na bigla. 

Lure-v Hibuin davain. 

Lurew Hibo; daya. 

Lurid a Maputla; niaputi. 

Lurk v-Harangin huinarang. 

Luscious a Masarap: matamis. 

Lush a Puno ng katas. 

Lust n Pita nais; nasa: kalibugan 

Lust 7/ Magnasa. 
Lustful a Malibog; mapagnasa. 
Luster n Ningning; kintab; kisap. 
Lustiness 71 Lakas. Hksi 
Lustrate-v Linisin; dil^gin. 
Lustre n Ningning kintab; dilag. 
Lusty a Malakas 

Luxuriance-n- h alaguan : kasaganaan . 
Luxuriant a Malago; masagana; niaya- 

Luxuriate v-Lurnago; sumagana. 
Luxury n Kasaganaan kala^uan. 
Luxurious a Sagana; malago husto. 
Lymph n Bukalan ng tubig. 
Lynch r Bibitayin. * 

Lynx eyed a Matalas ang niata. 
Lyre n Lira. 
Lyrest-w Ang marunong tumugtojr sa 



Man Ima: inang. 

Ma'am-n Binibini; babaying maginoo. 

Macadamize v-Lagy an, ng batongdurog 

sa lansangan. 
Mace n Tungkod; palo. 
Machine n Makina. 
Machinery -w-Makina . 
Machinist n- Ang marunung inagkuui- 

puni sa makina. 
Mackintosh n Capote. 
Mad-a-Galid; ulol; hunghang. 
Mad V Pagalitin. 

Madam -n-Pabaying ginoo; binibini. 
Madcat-a-Maharot; walang takot; ma- 

Made V. imp & p. ^.-Ginawa niyari. 
Mademoiselle-w-Dalaga; bin ibini . 
Mad house-w Auspicio. 
Madly -adv. Psiulol. 
Mad man w Ulol; tawong ulol. 
Madness wGalit. kagalitan. 
Madonna n-Larawan ng mahal na Vir- 

gen na si Maria. 
Maelstrom-w-Uliuli . 
Maestro n Maestro. 

Magazine w Taguan ng manga bala at 

Magdalen n Putangbumabait. 
Maggot-wUod; tiis. 
Maggoty a Manod; may tiis. 
Magi 71 Ma go. 
Magic-n Salamangka. 
Magician n Mago. 
Magisteriala Nauuktl sa maestro; may 

Magistracy n-Katungkulang Jnez 6 

Magistrate-w-Hukom; jnez. 
Magnanimity w-Kagandahan ng loob; 

magandang kalooban. 
Magnanimousa-Maa wain ; m apagan i pon ; 

magandang loob magaling 
Magnate w Tawong dakila at mayaman. 
Magnesia n Magnesia 
Magnet-w Bato na may batohalani; 

Magnetic Magnetiial a May batohalani; 

Magnetize v Lagyan ng batohalani, pa- 

Magnifiabl^-a-Magpalaki . 



MagnificaMalaki; dakila; marangal; 

Magnificence w-Kadakilaan; karilagan. 
Maj^nify-f-Magpalaki. dagdagan ibunyi; 

itanyag; painamin; purihin. 
Magn itiide-wKalikahan,kadakilaan laki; 

Magpie-w- Martinez 
Mahogany n Narra asana. 
Maid n- Dal aga alilang. babayi. 
iv'aiden n Dalaga. 
Maiden a Nauukol sa dalaga. 
Maidenly-a-Parang dalaga. 
Maid servant-n Alilang babayi. 
Mail n Correos 
Mail-vllagay sa eorreo. 
Maim r Pilayin saktan bugbugin. 
Maini-nSakit kapilayan; bugbog. 
Main n Lakas 
Main a Unang principal. 
Main land-n-Lupa malayo sa dagat. 
Main spring-n-Kuerdas ng orasan. 
Mainstay n-Katulong; kupkop. 
Maintain-Tz-Batahin; tuma^al umalalay; 

ingatin: manatili ipaglaan;ipagtangol. 
Maintenance n-Kupkop;abuloy panana- 

tili alalay. 
Maize n-Mais 

Majestic a-Mataas dakila; marangal. 
Majesty-n Kadakilaan; karangalan; ka 

Major a-Malaki pa. 
Major-w Commandante. 
Make-v-Gumawa: yaring; gawin. 
Make w-Yari gawa;kayarian;pagkagawa. 
Maker-w-Ang gumagawa; mangagawa. 
Make be ieve-r-Magkonwari. 
Make believe a Hindi totoo konowari. 
Maladv-w Sakit 

Mai apropos-a Di bagay; di akma. 
Malaria n Sakit na lagnat at ngiki. 
Malaria Malarious n Mauukol sa lagnat 

at ngiki. 
Malcontent-a Mapagbasagulo; masukal 

ang loob galit. 
Male a-Nauukol sa lalaki. 

Malediction-w TungayaW; alipusta. 
Malefactor-n-Ang nagkasala; tawong 

Malevolent a Masama: hamak. 
Malfeasance-n-Kasamaan; pagkakasala. 
Malice-n Galit kasamaan! gawang bas- 

tos 6 hamak. 
Maliciousa- Masama; bastos: hamak. 
Malicioness 71 Kasamaan; kabastosan. 
Malign 17. Palabintangan: masama. 
Malign v Bintangin; tungayawin; ura 

liin: alipustain. 
Mali gnar.t-d- Masama; hamak. 


M align an t-n Tawong masama. 
Malignity nKasaroaan; kabastosan. 
Mall-v-Magbayo; bayuhin. 
Mallard-n-Patong malaki. 
Malleable a Makunat. 
Mallet n Pan bay o. 

Malpracticen-Masamang pagsanay. 
Malpractice y-Magsanay ng kasamaan. 
MaltnPalay na binabad sa tubig na 

Meal treatment w Tampalasan; lampas- 

Mamma n Ima: inang. 
Mammal-nHayop na malaki. 
Mammonn Yaman; kayamanan. 
Man-w Lalaki; tawo. 
Man-v Vlamahala. 
Manacle nPangapos ng kamay. 
Manacle v Gapiisin ang kamay. 
Manage-v Mamahala; ulogin; ipatnugot; 

galawin; palakarin. 
Managaeble a Madalin nlogin 6 palakarin. 
Management-w-Pamamahala; ulog; pala 

Mandate n Utos. 
Mandatory-a- Nauukol sa utos. 
Mandible-n Sihang: panga. 
Mandrel-» Bara ng bakal. 
Mane n-Kiling. 

Maneuver-w Pagulog; palakad. 
Maneuver-v Ulogin palakarin. 

Manger-w-Kakanan ng hayop. 
Mangle-v Bugbugin. 
Mango-n Manga. 
Mangy -a-Magalis. 
Manhood nKalagayan lalaki. 
Mania n Kaululan. 
Maniac-a Nauukol sa ulol. 
Manifest-a Tunay; totoo; tanyag; mati 

ning na loob; hindi mababago. 
Manifest-v Ilathala: ipakita; itanyag; 

ipahayag. ipatalastas; ipakilala; 

Manifesto Manifestation-w-Pakita; paha- 

yag; tangyag alaala; pagtatalastas. 
Manifold-a- Marami. 
Manakin-n Tawong pandak; unanc. 
Manipulate-v Mamahala; ulogin. 
Manipulation n Pamamahala. 
Man kind-n-Lahat ng manga tawo. 
Man like a Parang lalaki. 
Manner-n Tayo; kiios: kaugalian; ugali; 

anyo; bika8;kagalangan. 
Mannerism 71 Kilo» na hambog. kaham- 




Mannerly a Mapitagan; magalang. 

Mannish a Parang lalaki. 

Man of warn Vapor de guerra. 

Manse nBahay ng pastor. 

Mansion ?i Bahay na malaki at mainam. 

Man slauglitern Pakamutay sa kapowa 

daliil sa pagdedefensa 
Mantel n Mantel; takip. 
Mantilla a Panalon. 
Martyr n Martir. 
Mantle v Itakip itakpan. 
Mantuainaker n Babaying mananahi. 
Manual t Nauukol sa kamay; yari ng 

Manual-w Librong munti. 
Manufacture ?i Paggawa gawa. 
Manufacturer Gnmawa; gawa. 
Mannf actury n Ga waan . 
M-iiminission n Pagbigay ng kalayaan sa 

Manumit v Ibigay ng kalayaan sa alipin. 
Manure nDunii ng hayop 
Manure t^.Patabain ang lupa. 
Manuscript a Sulat kamay. 
Mauuscript n Sulat kamay. 
Many a Maraini 
Manv M-Karamihan 
Map n Mapa 

Map r Gumawa ang mapa. 
Mart7Sirain; labuin. 
Mar n Sira; kalabuan. 
Marasinus-n Tisis. 
Maraud v-Manduit. 
Marble n-Marmol. 
Marhle-a Marmol, 
March n Marzo. 
March n Lakad: paglakad. 
March-v Luraakad. 
Marchioness-w Aaawa ng markis. 
Mare-n Inahing kabayo. 
Martrin n Gilid; gasa; hanga: ladlaran. 
Marginal a-Nauukol sa gilid 6 ladla- 
Marguerite n-Margarita. 
Marine a Nauukol sa dagat. 
Marine-n Sundalong dagat; marina. 
Mariolatry a Pagsamba samahalna Vir 

Marital a-Nauukol sa asawa. 
Maritime o 'Nauukol sa dagat. 
Mark-w Guhit; tanda marka. tala; 

Alemania ay Rahati, 
Mark v-Tandaan; ilagay ng tanda; 

Market n Baraka: palenke; tiangi. 
Market-v-Magbaraka; ipagbili sa Palin- 

Marline n-Munting lubid. 
MarlyMarlaceous a-May halong lupa. 



Maroon n Kayumangi. 

Marquis n Markis. 

Marquise n Asawa ng markis. 

Marriage-w Kasal; pagkakasal balayi. 

Marriageable a Uinubrang magasawa. 

Marrow wUtak ng buto. 

Marryv Ikasal; kuniasal; magasawa. 

Mar.-^h-u-Lawak, hipang ni:ib:ibaat basa. 

Marshy-a Mabalaho nialawak. 

Marshal n Puno; policia. 

Marshal v-Ayusin; nianmno. 

Martw Baraka; palinki; tiangi. 

Marten-w Martinez 

Martial-a Nauukol sa militar. 

Mantle-w-Takip; pangibabaw. 

Martyrdom-w Kamatayan ng martir. 

Marvel-n-Bagay na dakila; bagay na 

Marvel v Maiitaka mamangha. 
Marvelous a Makamamangha; magaling 

na lubha 
Masculine a Ma8culino;nauukolsalalaki. 
Mash n Pitpit 
Mash V Pitpitin. 
Mask w Maska; panakip. 
Mask-n Itakpan ilagay ang niaska. 
Mason n Kantero; ang mag lalabra ng 

Masonry a Manga kuta 6 pader na bato 
Masque n Maskara. 
Masquerade-7i Sayawan panakip. 
Masquerade v Magtago ang mukha. 
Mass ?i Kalahatan kabilugan. 
Mass v Mag ipon uniipon. 
Massacre w Kamatayan patayan. 
Massacre V Patavin kamatayan 
Massive-a Malaki: niasinsin; may kata- 

Mast n Palo n^ sasakvan. 
Master-w Ginoo; puno; panginoon maes 

Master v Supilin. 
Masterly a Nauukol sa panginoon; mai 

nam. • 

Masterpiece-w Gawa na marangal. 
Mastery n Pagpasupil; pananalo. 
Masticate v-Ngumuya nguyain. 
Mastication w Pangunguya. 

Matv Gumawa 6 gawin ang banig. 
Macth-r» Casafuego; katulad; kalaban. 
Match 1.; Tularan; tumulad. 
Matchless a Walang katapat walang ka- 
tulad 6 kaparis. 
Mate w Kasama; kalaguyo. 
Mate r Parisan. 
Matenal-a viay katawan. 
Maternal a Nauukol sa ina. 
Maternity-n-Kalagayang ina. 




MathematTc a Naniikol sa artimetira. 
Mathematical a Naiuikol sa artiinetica 

6 kuenta 
Matiieinetician w A-ng marunong mag- 

MetUeinatic'S-M-Manga kueiitt . 
Matin-a-Nauiikol sa uinaga. 
Matin-n Dasal pa uinaga 
Matinee ?t Koinedia sa hapon 
MatrefS w Hihigan na molambot. 
Matrici<le-?iAiig iiatay sa sariling ina 
Matriculate t'-Pumasok; puniirnui 
Matriculation m ^'agpasok; pagpirnia. 
Matrimonial a Nauukol sa kasal 
Matrimony n Kasal. 
Matrix ?t Hahay bata 
Matron n Asawa; bao ang namamabala 

sa bahav. 
Matronal a-Nauukol sa asa^'a 6 sa bao. 
Matronize v Mamahala 
Matter n Sakit sustancia; kaukulan; 

Matter-t' Maukol 
Malting n Banig. 
Mattoik n Piko. 

Mattress ?t II ihiiran na malambot. 
Maturate i?- ahinugin huniinog. 
Maturation w-Pahinog 
Mature v Huininog gumulang. 
Mature a Magulang; hinog mabait. ma 

lasa taliimik 
MatU'ity-w Kahinugan gulang; kapana- 

Maudlin a Maulol; halos lasing 
Maul w Pambavo. 
Maul-v Hayuhin * paluin 
Mausoleum w-Libingang marilag. 
Mauve rt- • ul ay lila. 
Mauve n Kulay lila. 
MawnSikmura ng bayop. 
Maxilla-w-Sibang; panga. 
Maxillar Maxillary a-Nauukol sa sibang 

6 panga, 
Maxim-M Punong aral; patnugot kasa 

Maximum w Kalakilakiban 
Maximum a Kalakilakiban. 
May n-Mayo. 
May V Maka. 

May be ar^*'. vTarahil; kung sakali. 
Mayor 71- Presi<lente. 
Mayoralty n Pagka presidente 
Maze ?iKaguhi ban: kalabuan; kawalan 

ng ayos 
Meze-r i*aiakabin. 
^^epro. Ako 
Mead n Pnlnt at tubig 
MeadwMeado-n Parang. 
Meagre a Walaiig taba; payat; mabina. 
Meal n Harina; pagkain. 

Mealtime w Panaiion ng kumain 
Mean rSaysayan. mag^aysay ipagin* 

Mean a-HaiKak; dukba; masania ma 

Mean.w Kagitnan. 
Meander ><-Lakad; pasiai. 
Meander-f I akad ng pat^uot suot. 
Meaning w Kaiiulugan; kasaysayan; sa- 

1 ay say 
Means-?f-Yainan; kapangyariban. 
Meant-r. imp i\c p p. Ibig sabibin. 
Mean time Meanwhile ado. Samantala. 
Mean time-Mean wh'Ie-i* Sapanahongito. 
Measles n Tigdas 
Measly a May tigdas tigdasin. 
Measure ?rSukat; pannkat; takal. 
Measures Sukatin sumukat takalin. 
Measureless a Walang takal 6 sukat; 

walang hanga. 

Measurement rtKasukr. tan; sukat. takal 

Meat-w Carne; ulam. 
Mechanic ?i Mecanico. 
Mechanical a Nauukol sa mecanico. 
Me'^'hanician w Mecanico. 
Mechanics-?*-Karunungan sa pagmeme- 

Mechanism w-Kasaiigkapan ng makina. 
Medal a Medal la 
Medalic a Nauuk<d sa medalla. 
Medallion w Medalla. 
Meddle v Gumiit makialam. 
Meddlesome n-Madiwara mapakialaman. 
Medial a Nauukol sa kalagitnaan. 
Mediate a Kasiping katabi. 
Meiiate v-Mamagitan. 
Mediation n-f'amamagitan. 
Med ator ?i-Ang namamagitan: taga pa 

magi tan. 
Medical a Nauukol sa gamot. 
Medicament 7i Gamot. 
Medicate I' Gamutin 
Med cation ?i Pag gagamot. 
Medicinal-a- auukol sa gamot. 
Medicine ?*-Gam(»t 
Mediocre a Karaniwan; yano. 
Meditate V VI ag wariwari: mag gunam 

gunam: magbulaybulayin mag wari; 

mag isip isip; magnilaynilayin; ^u 

Meditation M Pagninilay; wari pag wa 

Meditating a Mapag wari. 
Mediterranean n • editeranio. 
Medium-n ' alagitnaan gitna 
Med ey-n-Kanta; aw it. 
Meed n Ganti. 
Meek-a-Maamo; mabanayad; maamong 





Meekness n Kaamoan. 

Meet «Sum alubong salubuiigin pumu 

long ma^tipon; masapong; utuabot. 
Meet n-Salubung. pagtipon. 
Meetiiig-w-Pulong. tipon katipunan; 

M eating i)ouse ril^ahay na pinagtiti- 

Melancholic a VIalungkot;maninimdini; 
Melancholy a Maluiigkot malumbay. 
Ma'ancholy n Kalungkutan kahimbayan; 

Melliorate r Pagalingin; butihin. 
Melliferous a-Mapulut 
Mellifluent Mellifluos a Mapulot, 
Mellow a Malambot: nialasa. 
Mellow V Lumambot. 
Melodeon w Harmonica 
Melodions-a Mainam dingin. 
Welodv ?i Kanta awit. 
Melon n Melon, pakuan. 
Melt r Tunawin; tumunaw. 
Melting n Pagtntunaw. 
Member n Kasali; kasama. 
Member ship-nPagkakasama. 
Membrane w Balat na manipis. 
Memento n Alaala bigay. 
Memoirn Alaala; gunamgunam. 
Memorable a Maalaala; maranga). 
Memorandum w-Tandaan. 
Memorial a Maalaala. 
Memorialn Dangal;a]:mla gunamgunam. 
Memorize 17 Isaulo cabesaduhin. 
Memorvn Alaala. 
Menn-vianga lalaki. 
Menace vUmabala. 

Mend-v Baguhin; tutupan; iuli: husayin. 
Mendacious-aMali; sinungaling. 
Mendicancy 7iPagkapulubi. 
Mendicantn- v*amulubi. 
Mendicant n-Pulubi. 
Mendicity-n Pagkapulubi. 
Menial a Mababa; hamak nauukol sa 

Menial w Alila. 
Mensal a-Mangyayari ea buanbuan; 

Mensal a Nauukol sa lamesa. 
Menses 7i-Kapanahunan ng babayi. 
Menstrual rt-Mangyayari sa buanbuan; 

nauukol sa panahon ng babayi. 
Menstruate v Mamanahon. 
Monstruation-n Pamamanahon. 
Mensurable rt Masusukatin. 
Me'nsural a Nauukol sa sukat. 
Mi'nsuration M Pagsusukat. pagtatakal. 
Mental a Sa ulo hindi nasulat. 
Mention //Bandit. 

Mention-n Bangitin; alalahanin. 

Mentor-n-Tawong murunong. 

Mercantile a Nauukol sa pangangalaka). 

Mercenary a Inupahan; masakim. 

Mercenary n Sundalong inupahan. 

Merchandise n Kalakal. 

Merchant n Mangangalakal. 

Merchant-a Nauukol sa pangangalakal. 

Merchantable a Mapagtinda. 

Merchantman w Sasakyan. 

Merciful a Maawain mahabagin. 

Merciless-a-VValang awa; mabagsik. 

Mercurial a Maliksi; Nauukol sa azogue. 

Mercury w Azogue. 

Mercy n-Awa: habag. 

Mere a Malinis walang halo. 

Merew:Hanga la'i^a. 

Merge visama ilubog. 

Meridian a Nauukol sa katanghalian. 

Meridian n Katanghalian. 

Merino n-Merino. 

Merino a Merino. 

Merit n Katapatan kabutihan;kaakmaan. 


Meritorious-aMagaling; dakila 

Merriment n Kasayahan; tuwa; galak li- 

Merry riNatutuwa masaya: malugod. 

MeshnMata ng titid 6 dala. 


MessnPagkain sa lamesa. 

Message wBilin. telegrama;hatidkawad. 

Messenger-w Utusan . 

Messiah-n Jesu Cristo; Mesias. 

Mesieurs n Manga ginoo. 

yietv imp & p ^.-Sinalubong; suma 

Metal-n etal. 

Metallic-o-Nauukol sa metal; may ha 
long metal. 

MetamorphoFe vibahin; baguhin. 


Mete V Sukatin: takalin. 

Metew-Sukat; takal. panukat. 

Meter-n Metro. 

MethinksvTila; sa akala ko. 
Method n Palak ad: regla. 

Methodic M ethodical-a N a u u k o 1 s a 

Methodize v Ayusin; husayin. 

Metric-Metrical a Nauukol sanietrico. 
Metropolis M-Bayang tinubuan; capi- 
Metropolitan a Metropolitano. 
Mettlen Buhay 6 liksi ng loob: lakas 

Mettlesome a-Malakas ang loob. 
Mew r-Nffuiniyaw. 
Mew /t Ngiyaw. 




Mewl v-Umiyak parang bata. 


Mice » Manga daga. 

Microbe n-Microbe. 

Mid a Kalahati; gitna. 

Mid day n Tanghali, kntanghalian. 

Middle n-Kagitnaan kaiahati. laot. 

Middle a Ang sa gitna, nasa laot. 

^*iddling 7/-Katatagaan. alanganin; 

Midge M-Langaw na munti. 

Midged-nUnano; tawong muuti. 

Midland a-Malayo sa dagat. 

Midland n Lupang malayo sa dagat. 

Midmost a- 1^ a sa gitna 

Mid night-a Hating gabi. 

Mid night a Hating gabi 


sasakyan . 
Midships aiv.Sa gitna ng sasakyan. 
Midst n Gitna laot. 
Midst-a(£v.Sa pagitan. 
Mid way n Kalahati ng daan. 
Mid way ac^v. Na sa kalahati ng daan. 
Mid wife » Hilot. 
Mien-n-Hitsura; kilos. 
Miff-n-Galit; poot; kapootan. 
Mightv Maka; marahil. 
Might-n-Lakas; kalakasan. 
Mightily a^v.-Malakaslakas. 
Mightya-M alakas. 
Migrate v Pumunta 6 magpunta sa 

ibang lugar. 
Migration n-Fagpunta sa ibang lugar. 
Migratory -a Palipatlipat. 
MilchaMagatas gata«^an. 
Mild a-Maamo mairog. tamhimik. 
Mildew v-Maamag. 
Mildness-n-Kaamoan: katahimikan. 
Millitant a Nakakaiaban. 
Military «Nauukol sa hukbo 6 sa 

Military nMilitar: hukbo. 
Militia n Hukbo. 
Milk-t7 Gatasin: gumatas, 
Milky a-Magatay; may halong gatas. 
Mill n Gilingan. 

Mill-v-Dikdikin; gumiling; gilingin. 
Milldam n Harangan ng tubig. 
Millenial-a-Nauukol sa isang libong 

Millenary-n-Isang libong taon. 
Millern-Ang mayari ng gilingan. 
Milliard-w-Isang libong angawangaw. 
Milling n Paggiling. 
Million-M-Isang angawangaw; angaw. 
Millionare-n-Tawong totoong mpyaman. 

Milt n Atay. 

Mimica Nakahawig gumagad. 
Mimic t7-Gumagad; gagarin. badyahin. 
Mimic-n-Ang gumagaH sa iba. 

Mimicker-w Angbumadya; manbabadya. 

Mimicryw Badya. * * 

Miniatory a Maabala. 


Miocemeatw Carneng tinadtad. 

Mind-n-Isip; bait, wari; kalooban akala; 

namman tapang. 
Mind-v Magingat; ingatiii bautayin; 

Minded-v Nakahiling. 

Mindful aMabait;maingat,masusunurin; 

Mineral•»^W}neral metai. 
Mineral a-Nauukol sa mineral. 
Minglevlhalo: hahiin; ilahok salitin. 
Miniature-n-Larawan na munti. 
Minim-n Anomang bagay na munting- 

Minimize v-Liitin; untian. 
Mininum n Kauntiuntian. 
Minion n Alila. 
Minish-aUmunti; bumawas. 
Minister-n Pastor alila katiwala. 
Minister v Magalila; magbigay ng kai- 

Ministration w Pagbibigay ng manga 

Minnow-n-Isang munti. 
Minor n Tawo na wala pa sa edad na 

Minorityn Kauntian. 
Minster n Simbahan ng monasterio. 
Mint n Gawaan ng salapi. 
MintvGumawa ng salapi. 
Minute n Minuto. 
Miuute-r Tandaan. 
Minxn-Babaying mangahas. 
Miracle-wGawa ng Dios. 
Miraculous o-Marangal; kanianghainang 

ha katakatak^ magaling na lubha. 
Mire-n-Putik; burak; balaho banlik: 

Mire-n Kaburakan. 
Mire v-Mabalaho sa putik. 
Mirk Mirky a-Mapanglaw; madilim. 
Mirk-n-Kadiliman; kapanglawan. 
Mirth-n-Kasayahan; tuwa; lugod; liga 

Mirthful-a-Masaya; natutuwa; malugod. 




Miry-a Mabalaho: maputik 
Mis adventure n Kasalatan: snkuna. 
Misapply '• Mainali sa pnjrgamit. 
Mis applicntian-n-Kainaliau sa paggamit. 
MirtappreliPud ?' Maulinig; mamali sa 

Misapprehension w-Kan>alian nang pai?- 

Mis af»propriate r-Ankinin. 

^lis appropriation n-Pagaankin. 

Mis behave t>-Maglikot. 

Mis behavior n-Kaharotan kalikutan. 

Mis caiculate-p Mamali sa pagbilang. 

Mis caleulation-r Mali ss pagbilang. 

Miscarriage-^i ^'ajrkunan; agasan. 

Miscarry-j; Makunan; maagasan. 

Misellaneons a Sari psri 

Mis chance n Sawing kap\laran. 

Mischance-r Masawing palad. 

Mischief//. Kalikutan; sama. 

Mischievous a Malikot. 

Mischievoiisnt-ss n Kalikutan 

Mi^ conceive r Maulinigan 

Misconception-n Kaulinigan 

Mis cnnHuctw Kilos na masama 

Mis conduct v Mamahala n hindi tama. 

Mis construct ?• 8aysayin ng hindi tania; 

mamali sa pagsasaysay 
Mis construction-w-Kamalian sa pag sa- 

Misconstrue I'-Mamali sa pagsasaysay. 
Mis count r Mamali sa pagbilang. 
Miscount.w Mali sa pagbilang. 

Miscreant wTawong masaniii 

Miscreant <7 Masamii: hamak. hastos 
Misdate v-Mamali sa paglalagay ng fe 

Misdaten Mali sa paglalagay nang fe 

Mis deed-n Kilos na niasanm; kasala 

Mis deamen-v Kumilos na masama; mag 

Mi.« demeanor n Sala; kasalanan. 

Misdirect-r Ituro ng hindi tama. 

Mis direction w-Psgtuturo nang hindi 

Misdo-yGawin ng hindi tama. 

Mis doer n Tavrong may kasalanan. 

Miser 7i Tawung masakim 6 niaramot. 

Miserlv a Moramot; masakim. 

Miserable-rt Malungkot hamak; aba. 

Misery r/K ah irapan hi rap kasala tan; 
kasaliwaan; karukhaan. 

Misfit a Di bagay. 

Mis fortune n Sawing kapalaran. 

Mis fortunatea-Kulang palad; sawing pa 

Mis give ^rMagduda; magagamagam na 

Mis giving wDnda agamagam n a loob. 

Mis gotten a Falso ang pagkamit. 

Mis govern v Mamahala 6 mamuno ng 

Mis goverment n Pamamahala ng falso 

6 masamn 
Mis guidance'n Fagturo ng hindi tama. 
Mis guide v Ituro sa -hindi tama. 
Mishap n Kakulangan ng palad; kasa 

liwaan ng kapalaran. 
Mis inform v Ipatalastas ang hindi tama. 
Mis interpret v Magkamali. 
Mis interpretation n Mali sa pagsasay- 

Mis judge t? Mamali; huag tamaan. 
Mis judgment n Mali; kamalian. 
Mis manage r Mamahala ng masama o 

Mismanagement w-Kapalsohan ng pa- 
Mis name vibahin ang ngalan 
Mis placet? Ilagay sa hindi, karampa- 

tan luqar 
Mis placement n-Paglalagay sa hindi ka 

rampatang lu^rar. 
Mis pronounce v Sabihin ng pautal. 
Mis pronunciation-M Mali &a pagsabi 
M is rule-t? Mamahala 6 maghari ng di 

ayon sa katowiran. 
Misrule wKabagsikan nang pag gogo 

Miss-w Dalaga: binibini. 
Missn 1 aktaw: mali. 
Miss-v Ilakaw; mawala sumala. 
Miss al-n Libro ng misa. 
Mis send V Mamali sa pagpadala 
Misshapen a Masamang hitsura. 
Missile n Kasangkapang panghagis. 
Mission w-Bilin; dahilan. 
Mis sive n Sulat na maikli; bilin. 
Mis spend t' Musawin 6 isabog ang pag 

Misstatement wKamalian sa pagsasay 

Mist7?-Aniii ambon. 
Mist f-Umangi; umambon. 
Mistaken-17 Namali; mali. 
Mistake?/' Mamali. 
Mistake w- Mali,- kamalian. 
Mistatev Mamali sa pagsasaysay. 
Mister wGinoo. 
Mis treat r Lumapastangan 
Mistress w Babayi kalunya. 
Mis trust n Duda. 
Mis trust V Magduda. 
Mis trustful-a-May duda. 
M i sty - a- M aam bon . 
Mis tiness/i Ambon; angi. 
Mis understand v Maulinigan mamali, 
pagdinig. , 


Mis under standing n Kaulinigan; galit. 

ka>;alitan: pagtatalo. 
MisnsevHamakin salbaliiin. 
Mis use n Pagpahamak 
MitenBagay na munti. 
Miter-nGorra ng arsobispo. 
Miter v-Idugtong 
Mititage v Lumambot maawa. 
Mitigation n Awa lambot. 
Mix r Ihalo haluin ilahok ibahojr. 
Mixture n Kahalo pag lahok; halo; la 

huk; pagkakahalo. 
Mizzlev Umambon. umangi. 
Mizzle n Ambon; angi. 
Moan v Humalinghing. 
Moan n Halinghing. 
Moat n-Sangka. 
Mob-n-Bunton ng tawo. 
Mobile-a Magalaw. 
Mobility w Pag galaw; galaw. 
Moccasin n Sapatos 6 sinelaa nf Indio 

Mochan-Bayan sa Arabia. 
Mocha n- afe nangaling sa Arabia. 
Mock v-Gagarin gnmagad. badyahin. 
Mock n.Badya uyam. 
Mock a Mabadva hindi totoo konowari. 
Mockery n Pagbabadya; uyam; libak; 

Mode-» Paraan; asal; hitsura; kaugalian.* 

lagay: palakad. 
Modeln Halimbawa; huwaran: tularan. 
Moderate a-Mabait banayad:inahinahon. 
Moderatev-Husayin baguhin. 
Moderation Kabanayaran bait kaba- 

itan hinahon tininsr na loob. 
Modern a-Bago: mnra. 
Modest a-Mabait; banayad; niabini; ma- 

Modesty « Bait, kabaitan; kabinian; 

timtim; kalinisan. 
Modify-vBaifuhin husayin. 
Modification n Pagkabago; paghusay; 

Mohair-n Balahibo ng kambing. 
Moiety n Ang kalahati kagitna. 
Moist a Basa. 
Moisten-t; Basain. 
Moisture n Haniog. 
Molar a Nauukol sa bagang. 
Molai-M Bagang. 
Molasses w-Pulot; innyat. 
Mold n'Amag. 
Mold V Umamag. 
Molding n Marko. 
Molder t* Magine nlikabok. 
Moldv a Maamag. 
Mole r Hiimukav. 



MolestvAbalahin; umabala; magnioles- 

tia; muhiin payamutin. 
Molestation n Abala; muhi; yamot. 
Mollify V Lambutin; lumambot. 
Molt X) Malugas ang buhok. 
Molten a Vatunaw; lusaw; tunaw. 
Moment ?) Dali kisapmpta;bigathalaga. 
Momentary a Hindi pirme. 
Monientarily a'ifrSa bawat isang dali. 
Momento n Alaala. 
Momentous a-Mabigat mahalaga. 
Momentum nBilis tulin lakas. 
Monarchn-Puno; hari: monarca. 
Monarchal a Nauukol sa hari. 
Monarchy n-Kaharian 
Monastery-Ti Convento. 
Monastic d-Nauukol sa convento. 
Monetary-a Nauukol sa salapi. 
Mongol-Mongolian-w-Insik: hapon. 
Monirolian «Naunkol sa Tnsik. 
Monition-n-Pangaral; babala. 
Monitor-w-Ang nagtuturo. 
Monk-n Monje. 
Monkey nUngo. 
Monogamy-n Kasal; pagkakasal. 
Monopolizei^Kunin ang ]ahat;ariin ang 

Mon soon n-Bagyo. 
Monster 7tBagay na totoong malaki; 

Monstrous-a-Katakot takot; kakilakila 


Monthly-a-Buanbuan; balang buan. 
Monthly n-Pahayagan na lumitaw min- 

san sa bawat buan. 
Monthly a<ir.Sa buanbuan; buanan. 
Monument w Monumento 
Monumental a Nauukol sa monumento. 
Moo n lyak ng baka; unga. 
Mood n-Lagay ng iaip. 
Moody a-apMootin. 
Moon-nBuan sa langit. 
Moon light n Liwanag ng buan. 
Moon shine-n Sinag ng buan. 
Moor-n T^awak yaong taga Africa. 
Moor r Sumayad ang sasakyan. 
Mooring n Punduhan. 
Moorland-n Lupangmalawak6mabalaho 
Moory a Malawak; mabalaho. 
Moot r Mangatowiran; magnalitaan. 
Mootn Pangangatowiran. 
Mop n Pangisia. 
Mop-r Magisia 
Mope-t' M:itfl>aliw. 
Mopish n Baliw; tamad. 





Moral a Nauukol sa kaugaliau. 

Moral n Talinhaga. 

Morality n Kalinisan; puri. 


Morbid a Nakababagot; sira ang isip. 

Mordant a Mapait; masaklap. 

More a-Lam pas; lubha: lalo. 

More adv.. hnbh&ng; lalong. 

More over adv. Bukod pa sa ito, kuk6d; 

lam pas pa rito. 
Morn Morningn Umaga. 
Morn-Morning a Umaga. 
Morocco-n Katad na fino. 
Morose a-Matigas ang ulo; masungit; 

Morphia Morphine n-Extrcto de Apian. 
Morrow n Samakalawa. 
Morsel-n-Pirasong munti. 
Mortal-a-Masupil sa kamatayan: mag- 

Mortal n Tawo. 
Mortar-w Almires; dikdikan. 
Mortgage w-Sangla. 
Mortgage v-Isangla. 
Morigage r Isangla. 
Mortification-n Hiya; kapighatian. 
MortifvvMahiya. bagabagin. 
Mortise nRabo. 
Mortise-v Magrabo. 
Mosaic n Palamote. 
Mosaic a-Nauukol sa kay Msises. 
Mosquito w-Lamok. 
Mosquito-net-n Kulambo. 
Moss-v- Maglumot. 
Mossiness n-Pagkalumot. 
Mossy a Malumot. 
Mosta- Karamiramihan . 
Most a^t;.. Karamiramihan. 
Mostly adv. -HaloB lahat. 
Mote-nPirasong munti. 
Moth-n Tanga. 
Moth eatena May tanga. 
Mother n Ina. 
Mother a Natural; dati. 
Mother hood n-Pagkaina; kalagayan ina. 
Mother in-law-n Bienang babayi. 
Motherlessa-Ulila sa ina. 
Motherly a Nauukol sa ina. 
Motherlya^v. -Parang ina. 
Motion-n-Kilos: galaw. 
Motion V Kawayin. 

Motionless-a-Walang kilos; walang kibo. 
Motive nDahilan; pinagmulaan; pinag- 

Motley-a Sarisaring kulay. 
Motto-n Patnugot. 
Mould wMarka. 
Mount w-Bundok. 

Mound nPugpog; gulod. 
Mount-v-Umakyat; umahon; pumanhik; 

Mounting n Pagakyat. 
Mountain-n Bundok. 
Mountain-n Nauukol sa bundok. 
Mountaineern Tawong taga bundok. 
Mourn-v Magluksa; tumangis; manam 

bitan; manangis. 
Mournful-a-Malungkot; malumbay; ma- 

Mourning-n-Luksa panambitan. 
Mouse-n-Daga. • 
Mouse-w Hulihin ang daga. 
Mouse holen Butas na ginawa ng daga. 
Mouse trap-w-Panghuli ng daga. 
Mouth wBibig. 
Mouth-v-Ilagay sa bibig. 
Move V Kumilos: gumalaw; baguhin; hi 

mipat: galawin. kilusin; ilipat. 
Movement n Kilos; galaw. 
Moving n Paggal aw. kilos. 
Mow-n Taguan 6 sisiglan ng dayami 6 

damung tuyo. 
Mow-v Gapasin; gumapas. 
Mower n Pangapas. 
Mr. n Ginoo. 
Mrs -n-Binibini. 
Much a Marami. 
Much n Karamihan. 
Much a-Maraming 
Mucilage-n andikit; pagkit. 
Mucilaginousa Pagkit; malagkit. 
MucknPusali; putik; balaho. 
Mud-r»-Putik balaho;pu8ali.burak;banlik 
Mud-v Pumutik; bumalaho. 
Muddle-r Guluhin: labuin. 
Muddle w Gulo kapurolan. 
Muddy-a-Mabalaho. maputik; maburak; 

Muddy-r Pumutik; labuin. 
Mug n-Tasa. 
Mujrgy-n Basa. 
Mulatto w Mestizong negro. 
Mulch n-Dayaming bulok. 
Mulct n-Multa. 

Mulct-v Multahin: magmulta. 
MulenMula: kabayong mula. 
Muleteern Cochero ng mula. 
Mulish a Nauukol sa mula. 
Mullet n Bumbuan. 

Multiped-n-Hayop na marami ang paa. 
MultipMcationw Pagdadami; pagmumul- 

tiplicar; pagpaparami. 
Multiply V Magmultiplicar paramihin. 
Multituden-Kakapalan ng tawo; bun- 

ton ng tawo. 


Multitudinous a-Makapal; malaki. 

Mum- a Tahimik; walang kibo. 

Mum inter. Huag. 


Mumble n I mik. 

MummynBaugkay ng tawo na hindi 

Mump V Umangil; dumaing. 
Mumps n-Baiki. 
Munch v-Kumain; nguyain. 
Mundane a Nauuhol sa lupa. 
Municipal a-Nauukol sa municipio. 
Municipality n Municipio. 
Munificence n Kagandang ng loob. 
Munificent a Magandang kalooban. 
Munition nKasangkapang panlaban. 
Murder n Patayan; pag patay; matay. 
Murder t7Pumatay; patayin. 
Murderer-n-Ang nakamatay; ang natay 

sa kapwa. 
Murderess n Babaying nakamatay. 
Murderous-n Makamamatay. 
MurKya-Malabo: mapanlaw. 
Murmurn-Imik bulongbulongan; hina- 

nakit; himutok; dabog. 
Murmur-w Dumabog; umimik; maghi- 

Muscle n-Lakas; litid. 
Muscular a Malakas; malitid. 
Muse v-Magwariwari: magkuro; magdi- 

Hdili; magisipisip. 
Muse-n-Pagkuro; wari; pagdidili- 

Mush n- Lugaw. 
Music n Musica. 
Musical a Nauukol sa musica. 




Musk melonn-Melon. 

Muslin-n Frenela; musilina. 

Musquito w-Lamok. 

Muss n Gulo; kaguluhan. 

Mussv Guluhin. 

Must a Dapat marapat. 

Mustache n-Balbas sa nguso; bigote. 

Mustang-n-Kabayong munti at matigas 

ang ulo. 
Mustardn-Mustasa; kiluwa. 
Muster n Pagtipon ang sundalo. 
Mustern-Magtipon ang sundalo. 
Musty-a-Maaniag amagin; laon. 
Mute a-Tahimik: walang kibo. 
Mute n Tawong pipe. 
Mutilate v Sirain; pilayin. 
Mutilation nPagsira; pagkapilay. 
Mut nous a Ibig lumaban sa puno. 
Mutiny -n Pag alsa ng manga magdara- 

gat laban sa kanilang puno. 
Mutiny v Lumaban sa puno. 
Mutton-n-Karne ng tupa. 
Mutuala Magkaayon: magkaisa. 
Mutuality n Pagkakaayon. 
Muzzle-n Bibig ng baka. 
My ^ro. Akin; ko. 
Myriad a Isang laksa. 
Myridom-w-Tawong bastos. 
My s elf -;?ro. A king sarili; sarili ko. 
Mysterious a-Lihim; malalim. 
Mvth-w-Kuento; awit. 

Nab-v Kunin: dampotin. 

Nabobw-Tawong mayaman. 


"Nag v-Tuksuhin; manukso. 

Nail n-Pako. 

Nail V Pumako: pakuin. 

Nailern Ang mamamako. 

Naked-a Hubat; hubo; walang damit. 

Xiamen Pan gal an ngalan. 

Name v Magngangalang. 

Nameless- Walang pangalang. 

Namely adv. Sunodsunod. 

Name sake n Kangalang. 

Nap-nSiesta tulog sa tanghali. 

Nap-v Magsiesta; matulog. 

Nape-n latong. 


Narcotic n Pangpatulog. 

Narrate-v-Magbalita; magsaysay; salay- 

say in magsabi. 
Narration n-balaysay: balita; kuento. 
Narrative n Balita. kuento; kasaysayan; 

Narrow-a Makitid; makipot. 
Narrow v Kumipot; kumitid. 
Narrown Kakiputisn; kakitiran. 
Nasal a Nauukol sa ilong; humal. 
N astiness n- K asukalan : kasalahulaan ; 

libag; dungis; dumi; karumihan. 
Nasty a-Marumi; marungis; malibag; 

Natal-aNauukol sa kapanganakan. 
Nation n Sang katawohan; nacion. 
National o Nauukol sa sang katawohan; 

6 nacion. 
Nationality nPagkat aw 0. 




Native a Nauukol sa kapanganakan. 

Native w lawo. 

Nativityn Kapanganakan. . 

Natty a Makinis; maganda. , > 

Naturala Katutubong hilig. 

Natural-w-Tawoiig ulol. 

Nature nPanahon; .utsali; gawi. 

Naught-n Wala walang anoman. 

Naught adv.Wsi\&. 

Naujrht a Wala. 

Naughty-a Masama: maharot; malikot. 

Nausea n Alibadbad; nuya kasuklaman. 

Nauseate v Masuya suklamin. 

Nauseous-a Nakaaalibadb^d; nakasusuk 

lam; masuklamin. 
Nautical a Nauukol sa tubig. 
Naval a Nauukol sa tubig. 
Nave n Loob ng simbahan maso. 
Navel n Pusod ng katawan. 
Navigable a-Makararaan ang sasakyan. 
Navigate v Lutnayag. 
Navigation-n Pag layag. 
Navigatorw Ang lumalayag 
Navy-n-Manga sasakyang panlaban. 
Nav arZr. Hindi; wala. 
Nearar^r. Malapit kasama; kasiping. 
Near a Kalapit: kasiping. 
Near v Lumapit. 

Nearly vcZv.-Halos. kumulang sii. 
Keat a Malinis; mainam; dalisay; ma- 

rikit; wagas. 
Neat-n Mga baka. 
Neat-a Nauukol sa baka. 
Neatness-n Kainaman; kalinisan kari- 

Neb n Hong; nguso 
Necessary-n Kailangan. 
Necessitate a Magkaroon ang kailangan. 
Necessitous a Kailangan. 
Necessity n Kailangan. 
Neck nLiig 
Neck lace wKuintan. 
Neck tie n-Corbata. 
Necrology n-Pagtatanda sa manga na- 

Necromancy nPagtatanda «a manga na 

Need-n-Kailangan: kakulangan. 
Needful a- Kailangan. 
Needless a Walang kailangan. liindi kai- 
Needle wKaravom. 
Needle woman n-Babaying mananahi. 
Ne'er adv. KaWanmsiU] kahi*t kailanman. 
Meedy a Kailangan; hfalat mahirap; ma- 

Nefarious rt-Masama; hamak; nakahi- 


Negation n Pagkakaila; tatangihan; pag- 

Negative a-Magkaila. 
Negative n-Katangihan: pagkakaila. 
Negative v Talikuran; magkaila. 
Neglect r-Malimutin: magpabaya; paba- 

yaan; mag lingat. 

Neglect w I apabayaan; katamaran; pag 

Neglectful-a Malilimutin; pabaya; mali- 

Negligence w Kapabayaan; katamaran. 
Negligent a Malingat, pabaya. tamad. 
Negotiate v Magsalitaan; magnegocio. 
Negotiation-w Pagnenegocio. 
Negress n-Babaying negro. 
Negro n Negro. 

Neigh V Humuni ang kabayo. 
Neigh n-Huni ng kabayo. 
Neighbor-n-Kapit bahay; kapwa mong 

Neighbor v Lumapit sa. 
Neighborhood n Lugar na malapit. 
Neighboring a Malapit; kalapit; kara- 

Neither a Alin man ay wala. 
Neither conj. Wala. 
Neuphyte-n-Ang bagong nagaaral; ba 

gong binyagan. 
Nephew-w-Pamanking lalaki. 
Nerve-w Litid; lakas tapang; ugat. 
Nerve V Tumapang. 
Nervine a Malitid. 
Nervine-w-Gamot sa manga litid 6 

Nervous-a-Latiran: uervioso. 
Nest /t Pugad; salay. 
Nest 7/ Magpugad. 
Nestle vMagpugad; tumahan. 
Nestling n Ibon na munti. 
Net n Lambat kitid; panti: bitang; ba 

Net V Mangitid; mamanti. 
Net-a Malinis; fuera ang gastos. 
Nether-a-Na sa ilalim; sa loob. 
Nether most a Kailaliman; kaloob loo- 
Nettle n Lipa. 
Neuralgia n Sakit ng manga ugat at 

Neuter a Neutro. 
Neutral a Alanganin; neutro. 
Neutrality n-Katahimikan. 
Neutralize v-Tumahimik. 
Never ar/rt.-Kailan man; kahi't kailan- 

man; kailan man ay hindi. 
Never the les.s arZr.-Datapua't. 
New a Bago; sariwa» 


New8 n Balita; inga .bnlita. 

^i«w6 monger n-Aiig nagtitinda ng mga 

News papern-Pahayagaii; diario; dahoa. 
Newtn . utiki luk6. 
Next a Kasunod,- kalapit. 
Sextadv. Kabuiiod. sutiiUsuiKKl 
NibnDulo iig pluma. 
Nib V Ituro. 

Nibble-v Kumain iig untiuiiti. 
Nibble n-Munting kagat 
Nice a Maiuain inaganda; niarikit. nia- 

Nicety n aiuauian; karikitaii, ganda. 
Nicben Sulok. 
Nick n Bingaw. 
>ickvBumiugaw. biiigawin. 
Nickel nBagul tansoiig pu i. 
Nick nack n Bagay nakakauntianghala^a 
Nickuamen Baiisag; iit; painagat. 
Nick name t^-Bansagin magbansag. 
Niecew Pamaugking babayi. 
NiggardnTawung maigut. 
Niggard a Maigot. dukba; maramot. 
Niggardly a Maigot; 8alat: <lukha. 
Nigb a Malapit; kalapit. 
Nigb rtrfz/.-Malapit. 
Night 71 Gabi. 
Night fail-n Orasion. 
Nightgown n-Damit na ginagatiiit t«a 

Nightly a Gabigabi. 
Nightly adv. Gabigabi. 
Night mare-7t Banguiigot. 
Nihil n Kawalan. 
Nihility H-Kawalian. 
Nimble a Maliksi. masigia inatulin; ma- 

agap niadali. 
NimbleneH8 /i Kaliksihan; agap. Iik8i: 

Ninew Siyani. 

Nine fold a Siyam na iUil)le. 
Nineteen n Labingsiam. 
Nineteen» labingsiam. 
Nineteenth-a-Ika iabing 8iam. 
Nineteenth n-Ang ikalabing siyam. 
Ninety n Siani na puo. 
Ninety a iSiam na puo. 
Ninetieth a Ika siam na puo 
Ninetieth n- Aug ika siam na puo. 
Ninth n Ang ikasiam. 
Ninthlvadf Sa ikasiam. 
Nip V unmrot kurutin. 

Nipper n Sipit na muuti. 
Nipple n Suso; utong 
Nit nitlog ng hanip. 
No rtdr. Hindi wala. 

2T4 NOR 

Nobility n-Kadakilaan; karangalan; ka 
bunyiau; kabantugan; kadilagan 

Noble a Marilag; marangal;. bunyi; da 
kila bantog: bayani. 

Noble M-Tawong da kila. 

Noble man n Tawong dakila. 

No body-w-Wala sinoman. 

Nocturnal a Nauukol 8a gabi. 

Nod-v Yumuko iyuko^ umuko; batiiu. 

NodwUko yukod; bati. 

Node w Buhol. 

Nodal- Nodularo-Nauukol sa buhol. ma- 
bubo 1. 

Nodule w- Buhol. 
'Noise-n Gulo. ingay; lunog. 

Noise-v-Mag gulo; mag maingay. 

Noiseless-a Tabimik, walang gulo. 

Noiselessness-/* Katahimikan. 

NoisinesH-M-Kaguluhan; ingay. 

Noiny a Maingay; magulo. 

Nomad n Tawo na walang bahay 6 ti- 
nitirahan na pirme. 

Nomad-a Malikot; hampas lupa. 

Nominal a Nauukol sa mga nga'lang. 

Nominate-v-lhalal, pumili. 

Nomination w-Paghahalal. 

Nominative a-Nauukol «a ngalan. 

Nonage M- abataan. 

Noiiagenariuii-?i Tawo na may «iaiu 
no puong tuon ng gulang. 

Non attendance n Kawalan. 

Nondescript a Di pa sinaysay; di ma- 
saysay di masabi. 

None a wala 

^onepro Anoman ay wala^ wala sino 

Nonentity-w-Kawalan; tawong walang 

Non existeiice n Kawalan. 

Non payment-7i Kakulangan ng pagba 

Nonsense w-Kaululan; kakulangan ng 
bait; kamangmangan; kaungasan; sa- 
litang hunghang. 

NonsensicalaMaulol; walang kabulu- 

Noodle w Misiw. 

Nook n Sulok 

Noon>7i Katanghalian. tanghali. 

Neon a langhalian. 

Noon day M Katanghalian. 

Noon day a Tanghali. 

Nooning M Pagpapahinga sa katangha- 

Noon tide-w- Katanghalian; tanghali. 

Noose-/* Silo. 

Ni»ose-f Siluin. 

Jior vottj, Hindi riii.. 

Normal a Dati aVon Ma kuttiSvirail. 

Normal «chool w Escuela nohmal. 

NOV 278 

I^orse n-Taga Norwega. 

Norman n Taga Norwega. 

Norse man f»-laga Norwega. 

North n-Hilaga&n. 

North a Hilaga. 

North V Magpnnta 6 ipadala sa hila- 

Northern Hangin nangalingeahilagaan; 

Northerly a Hilagaan. 
Northerly adv Sa gawing bilaga. 
Northen a Hilaga. 
Northener n Taga hilaga. 
Northern mosta Malayo sa hilagaan. 
Northward North wards-arfv.Sa gawing 

hilaga: patungo sa hilagaan. 
Northeast n Habagat. 
North eastern a Habagat. 
Nose-n Hong; nguso. 
Nose v-Makialam. ' 
Nose bleed n Balanguyngoy. 
Nostril-n Butas ng ilong. 
Not «fiw-Hindi. 
Notablea-Halata: mahalata. 
Notably arfr.. Mahalata. 
Notary n Notario. 
Notch n-Ukit; bingaw. 
Note n Sulat; tanda; nota. 
Note tjTandain; talastasin; halatain. 
Notebook nLibrong tandaan. 
Noted a-Bantog bunyi; mabalita. 
Note worthy-a Dapat purihin. 
Nothing-n Wala walang ano man. 
Nothing afiv -Wala. 
Notiee-n Pahayag paunawa. 
Notice-v Humalata; magmasdan; pansin; 

makita. « 

Noticeable a Mapapansinin; mahalata. 
Notification-n Pahayag; balita; panna- 


Notifiy-f-Ipatalastas: ipahayag: iba- 

Notion ?i- Akala; isip; ang inisip; wari; 

pagwawari; gunamgunam: pakana. 
Notoriety n-Kabalitaan kabantugan. 
Notorious a Mabalita; bunyi. 
Not with standing atft;. Datapua*t; n gn- 

Not withstanding-j^rep. Datapua,t; ngu- 

Nought M Walang apo man. 
Nought adv Wala. 
Noun ?i Nombre. sustantivo. 
Nouristh r-Pakanin: magpalago. 
^'onrishment w Pagkain; ikinabububay. 
Novel-^-Marilag; bago. 
Novel n Novela; awit. 
Novelty n-Pangingiba kaibhan. 
Novembern Noviembre. 
Novice /iAne bajronj: na^aaral. 


No w arfv.- Ngayon, 

Nowadays aft v.-Sa panahon ngayon. 
Now-and-then Maminsan minsan. 
Noway-Koways orfv. Sa anomang pa- 

raan ay hindi. 
No where ad. Kahit saan. 
Noxiousa Makasisira. 
Nozzle-n- Nguso. 
Nucleate o-Mabutil. 
Nocleus n Butil. 

Nudea-Hubo: hubad; walang damit 
Nudge n-Tulak. 

Nudge V Maniko tulakin ng siko. 
Nudity n Kahubuan; kabubaran. 
Nugatory a Walang halaga; 6 kabulu- 

Nugget-n-Butil tingkal; pirasong me 

tal na mahal. 
Null a Walang kabuluhan. 
Nullification-n Kawalan nang kabuln 

Nullify v-Pawalan ng kabuluhan. 
Numb a Namamahid. 
Numb V Mamamahid 
Numbern-Bilang nrtmero 
Number vBumilang bilangin. 
Dumberless a-Di mabilang 
Numeral q Nauukol sa kabilangan. 
Numeral n Bilang: numero 
Numerable a Makabibilang 
Numerally flwZv -Avon sa bilang. 
Numerate-v-Bumilang. bilangin. 
Numeration n Pagbil ng kabilangan. 
Numeratorn Taga bilang 
Numeric Numerical a Nauukol sa bilang 
Numerous a Marami makapal. 
Num skull n Ulol; tawong hindi maru 

nong; tawong mapurol ang isip. 
Nun n Mon ja. 
N uncupati ve-Nuncupatory-a Di nakasu 

lat: sinabi lamang 
Nunnery n Bahay ng niga monja. 
Nuptial a Nauukol sa kasal. 
Nuptials n Kasal balayi. 
Nurse n Magsisiwa; taga iwi ng bata. 
Nurse v-Mag iwi. 
Nurseling n Bata; sangol. 
Nurture u-Magiwi; magtuao. 
Nut v-Magbito. 
Nutant a-Nakayuko. 
Nut meg-n Anis mascada. 
Nutrient a-May sustancia. 
Nutriment-n Sustancia. 
Nutritious-Nutritive a Nauukol sa pag- 
kain; ikinabububay ninbuti. 
Nut shell n-Balat ng bnto. 
Nymph wDuende; tianak. nnno. 





Oakum-n-Yimot; giilot. 

Oar n Gaod: sagwan. 

Oar V Sumagwan: gumaod. 

Oars man-n-Ang sumagwan 6 gumaod. 

Oath n Sumpa, tungayaw; 

Obduracy nKatigasan ng ulo. . 

Obdurate-a Matigas ang ulo; suwail, 

Obdurateness « Katigasan ng ulo. 

Obediencen Katuparan: kagalangan. 

Obedient-a Masusunurin. mapagbigay 

loob; magalang. 
Obeisance-n- Katuparan; pagbibiga y loob. 
Obese-a Mataba na lubha. 
Obesi ty -n- Katabaan . 
Obey-v-Sumunod; pintuhuin: tumalinia; 

tumupad sa utos sumunod. 
Obfuscate-v-Padilimin : 
Obit n-Kamatayan. 
Obituary-nPahayag tungkol sa nanga- 

. matay. 
Obituary-a Nauukol sa nangamatay. 
Object-n-Patungo; dahiltn; pakay; pi- 

nagusapan; salitaan. 
Objectr-Lumaban; umayaw; isalang 

sang; salungatin: huag pumayag. 
Objectionn Salangsangan; pintas; kaa- 

Objectionable-a May pintas. 
Objective n-I)ahilan; pinagtutunguhan. 
Oblation nAlay. 
Obligate v Pilitin; pumilit. 
Obligationn- •' atungkulan. 
Obligatory a Kailangan. 
Oblige-t? Pilitin; pigipitin. 
Oblig>ng-aMasunurin; mahinhin. 
Oblique-a Mahalaog; hiwas. 
Ob ique-v-Ipahalang; ihapay. 
Obliquity n-^ agkahapay; hiwas. 
Obliterate V Lipulin: burahin; gibain. 
Obliteration n Pagbura; kaburahan; ka- 
li pulan. 
Oblivion nKadiliman; pagkalimot. 
Oblivious a Madilim; malilimutin. 
Oblong a Talohaba. 
Obloquy n-Alibugha; alipusta. 
Obovate-a-Hitsurang itlog. 
Obscene a-Malibog; mahalay; marumi. 
Obscenity n Kalibugan; kahalayan. 
Obscuration n-Kadiliman. 
ObsQure a Malabo; madilim; mapang- 


Obscure-v-Padilimin; dumilim; lumabo; 

Obscureness Obscurityn Kalabuan,- di- 

lim kadiliman. 
Observance n Masid katuparan; pag- 

masid; paguusisa; kabaitan; bait. 
Observant-a Mapagmasid: mabait; mau 

Observation n-Masid; pagmamasid; pag- 
Observatorv nObservatorio. 
Observe-v Usisian; masirain; magmasid; 

magmasdan: malasin. 
Observing o-Mapagmasid. 
Obsolete a- Li pas; nakaraan: laori. 
Obstacle n Abala, kaabalahan; kapinsa- 

lan kahirapan hirap. 
Obstinate a Sowail; matigas ang ulo; 

Obstinacy-w-Katigasan ng ulo. 
Obstreperous-a Magulo; malikot. 
Obstruct V Abalahin; harangin; pasdlin; 

pigilin; sadhaii; pumigil. 
Obstruction-fi-Abala; harang; bood; 

Obstructi ve a-Mabood 
Obtaint/'-Kamtan abutin; magkamit; 

magkaroon; tamuhin. 
Obtainable-aMakaabot; sukat; kam- 

Obtrude r Makialam sumabat. 
Obtrusive a Mapakialam. 
Obtuse-a-Mapurol; pulpol; salsal. 
Obviate v Ilagan. 
Obvious a Maliwanag; malinaw. 
Occasion-n Dahilan; panahon. 
Occidentn alunuran, pag lubog. 
Occidental a Gawing kalunuran. 
Occiput-n-Likod ng ulo. 
Occult-a-Tago; lihim; di nakikilala. 
Occupant n Ang nakalugar. 
Occupation-n Gawa hanap buhay. 
Occupy v-Makalugar gamitin. 
Occur v-Mangj^ari; lumitaw; magmula; 

Occurrence-n-Pangyayari ; pagsipot. 

Oceanica-Nauukpl sa dagat. 
Octagon n-Bahay na mavy w^long panu- 





Octagonal a Nauukol sa bagay na may Oldish a Matanda ng kaunti. 

walong panulukan. Old maid-w Dalagang matanda. 

Octangular a May walong pannlukan. 01 eastern- Piino ng olivas 
Octennial o Nauukol sa luat ng walong - Olfactory a-Nauukol sa anioy. 

October n Octubre 
Octuple a Makawalong dnble. 
Ocular a Nauukol sa mata 
Oculist n-Mangagamot ng mata. 
Odd a Gansal; iba; walang kapari». 
Od<lity n Kaibban. 
Odd»-»-Patong differencia. 
Ode n Verso; canta; awit 
Odiousa-Magragalitin; nagaeral't. 
Odium-7i-GaIit; tanim na loob. 
Oder-n-Amoy pabango. 
OdorousOdoriferous-a Mabango. 
O'er prep Sa ibabaw; sa itaas. 
O'er dtfv.Sa ibabaw sa itaas. 
Of-prcp.-Nang; sa; ni; sa cay. nila. 
Off a^w -Malay o. 
Oil prep. Sa di sa. 
Off a Kalayolayoan. 
Off inter. Layas alis. 
Offal n Laman sa loob. 
Offend V Magkasala; pagalitin; yamntin; 

Offense-n Sala; kasalanan alipusta; ka 

paslangan katampalasanan. 
Offensive a Hamak;masama;maal!pu8ta 
Offer wAlay; alok; panata; hayin. 
Offer-v-Ialok; ialay; maghayin. 
Offering nPagalay; pagalok. 
Of f hand-a^z/.-Ngayon din; madali. 
Office n Oficina. 
Officer M Puno; official. 
Officer wMamuno. 
Official oOficial. 
Officious a Masipag masikap. 
Officiousness-w Kasipagan; basikapan. 
Offing-n Laot ng dagat; layo magbubat 

sa pangpang. 
Offish a Maulol loco. 
Off seta Matimbangin; tumapat. 
Offspring w-Lahi: manga anak at ina 

Oft Often-av^. Madalas; towitowi na. 
Often times Of t\m%» adv. Madalas. 
Oglle-y-Magmasdan; magmata. 
Oh inAer. -Aba; naku. 
Oil n Gas; langis. 
Oil ?? Pahiran ng langis; langi«in. 
Oil cloth M-Tapete. 
Oily a Malangis. 

Ointment /ilbuhos ang laugis sa nlo. 
Oldo Matanda; laon; luma; .ma^ulang; 

u ban in; dati. 
Olden ^/Hating; matanda ntr. 

Olive n Oliva. 

Omelet n-Tinortas na itlog. 

Omen a hula; tanda. 

Omenu Hnmula. 

Ominous a Nauukol sa l)ula 6 tand». 

Omittrllaktawt laktawin maiwau; ma 

limutin ligtaan 
Oininisfiion n Laktaw kalimntan. 
Omnipotence n Kapangyarihan; kakapa 

Omnipotent a Makapal; makapangyaya 

ri; maalam ng labat. 
Omniscience n-Karunungan sa labat. 
Omniscient-a-Marunong sa lahat ng 

manga bagay. 
On prep Sa; sa ibabaw. 
Once adv. Minsan. At-owce.-Ngayon din. 
One a-Isang. 
Oneness w Kaisahan. 
One by one-» Isaisa; isa,t,isa. 
Onerous a Sowail; mabigat: matigasang 

Onion w Cebuyas. 
Only a Bugtong. 
Only adv.- amang. 
Onset-n-Pagmula; babag. 
Onslaught n-Babag; laban. 
Onward a Sumulongsulong, 
Onward ariv. Sa gawing harap. 
Ooze V Putik: na malabnaw 
Ooze 7/ Tumalas; tumiin. 
Oozy a Maburak malumot. 
Opacity n Kadiliman kalabuan. 
.Opal n-Batong mahal. 
Opaque a Madilim di maaninag. 
Opaqueness-»- Kalabuan; kadiliman. 
Ope a Bukas. 
Ope V Buksan; bumukas. 
Open a Bukas. maliwanag; maluang. wa 

tak hayag; maaliwalas. 
Open t» Buksan; bumukas luangin. liwa 

nagin; lumuang. 
Opera» Opera. 
Operate v Mamahala; ulinigin ; gawin; 

Operator » Ang namamahala. 
Operation » Gawa; pagulog 
Operative a Nauukol sa gawa. 
0})iate »-Gamot na may halong apian. 
Opine V Sumapantaha; magakala. 
Opinion » Akala; sapantaha. 
Opium » Apian. 

Opponent « Kaaj?aw; kalaban; katalo; 


<>ppoa«it a ECaiaban: nakatapac. 
t]>pportaine-ar^ mabating^ panahon; 

<^p«}rtinieiie9» ff-Kapanaiiaiiait; pa- 

i>pporcaiiit7 A Kaponahanan. panahoQ. 
*>ppQ8e*<T Lmnaban cunaway: makipag^ 
talo na^talo somaaj: it^alanssan^mar 
kipasaway; bamaxnoa 
^>p point» <L Katapac barapc laban. 
*>pposite- nr Katapac kalabazt. 
^>ppositioii m^ Katapacan. away. lab&a. 

po^iaban; pagsoway. 
<>ppre89 tr-Ini^in; alipiniii, magpabirap. 

t>ppre99ioii-»-Paginii»: kabirapaa. 
Oppress! ve-a-Vabangis; napakabirap. 
^>pcative a Xaaakol sa naU 6 sa pita. 
♦>ptic ♦>ptioal aOfaimkol sa tingin 6 sa 

(>ptim»t a-Xanga^amot ng mata. 
«>ption-»-Kapangyariban bumalal pili; 

katowiran ng bamili 6 $a ipagbili. 
<>ptioiial-a Nakapipili. 
4>paleace a-Taman: kayamanan. 
<!>polenl a Mayaman. 
Or eomj. Kang: ni; nila 6. 
<>iacle-a-Tawong mamnoDg. 
Oral-a-Hindi nakasulat. 
Orange a Dalandan dalangbita. 
Orange a Kalay dalandan. 
Orang-outang n-Bakolaw. 
Oration-n Sermon; Inbog: panalangin. 
Orator-a Ang mamnong magsermon. 
Oratory w-Pagsesermon: pangangaral. 
Orbit-a Lakad ng isang planeta. 
Orcbard-n Falamanan. 
Orcbestra-n Orkesta. 
Ordain-t7 layos; ayusin; itatag; ilagay sa 

Ordeal n Snbok na mahirap. 
Order n-Utos kautusan; ayes; husay; 

Order-v Magutos; iutos; ayusin; biisay in; 

Orderly a- ^aayos; mabusay; mabait. 
Orderly n Sundalong utusan ng puno. 
Ordinal a Nauukol sa kabusayan. 
Ordinance-n-Utos ng Municipio. 
Ordinary a Karaniw^n; gawi; birati; 

Ordinary-n-Karaniwang bagay. 
Or<Unationn-Pagpili; pagbalal; kautu- 
san; pagutos. 
Ordna nee n Kasangkapan ng hukbo. 
Ore n- Metal. 
Organ-n Harmonica. 

2>n OUT 

<>rganic Or^:auicai a Xauukol :sa biirm^^- 

^ >rgajii^^ ^%ga tu^iiog: :^ barmouica. 
<>rgani2t}-vltayo. itataij^. mammndar. 


«.>rgani:saciott M-f^^casayo. pa^uudar. 

«>rieot a ^Nian^anaii. 

Ontfut Orieucaia Nauukol ^csilaii^auau. 

Oriental- a- Taga ^^lao^atian. 

v>riencat:(»?' li^uiuaroou 9a $ilaii^ai)an. 

Oridcu a^Bibig 

<>tgtii a Piua^tuulaaoL. pinagbubatan, 

t>ri gtnal ca- Dating: Uttaotg. 
Original a Ang daci. 
Originacion-aPinagbubatau; pm^iuga- 

lio^an. piuagmulaan. 
Ottginally-ocit;. Sa daii. 
Ortginalitv a l>atibaxiL. kauoabaa. 
iVtsott a Orasioti. 
Oruam«>ut n G^ak. s-^angkap; pauiuti. 

biyava biya*. 
iVrnaui^nt (^Oijvyakaa; pamutiiu. guou*- 

Ornamental (i- Maganda: mainam. 
Omauientation a Pagg^j^tjU^; pauiuti 
Orpban a Ulila. 

Orpban a Nauakol ssta |>agkauUU. 
Orphanage a Kalagayaa uUla. 
Orthography a 1^ «>ulat uj mahuc^y. 
Oscillate t'-Mauinguing; man£ata). ku 

mii^lap; kuuiiutab. 
iWiUation-a Luniuguiug. ki»a(K |>agatal 

i>$$itication a Paging bwto. 
i>si8ify V >• aging bwto, 
i>stent a-Hit8ura; bika:^; (^kita. 
Otensible a-Maliwanag. 
0:!ttentatiou a Kahaadmgan , p )ik k p a p a 

l>9tentatiou8 a Hambog, 
i>i!itler a Ang nagalaga tia kabayo. 
Ostraoea a Talaan. 
O^traoi^e r Huag isama na kapwang 

Other a Iba. 

i)thera Ang iba kaHama. 
Other wiHe a<]?r. Kung bindi; na iba«g 

Ottoman (I Nauukol 8a kabarian ng 

Ought arl(^ Dapat. 
Ought I'Dapat. 
Ounce ii Oujda 

Owr pro Amin; atiu; nuutin; uaUu -Nunuu; natin. 
Our Nelf j^ro. Sarili nauiiu; amin Hurili, 

sarili natin; uting narili. 
Oust r PaaliHin: aliHin; palayaeiin. 
Out (/(2r -Sa liiban, lubaH. 


Out balance v Bumigat: lumampas. 
Out bid V Tawirin ng mataas sa iba. 
Out break nPagalsa. alsa. 
Outbuilding-n-iiahay 6 kamalig nana 

Out cast n Tawong di makikisama sa 

Out cast a Nakabukod; panapon 
Out come-n Pandulo; ang lumitaw; ang 

Out cry n Tunang; sigaw ng marauii. 
Out door-a Nauukol sa labas naug ba- 

Out doors vpv.Bei labas ng bahay. 
Outer a Labas. 
Outer most a Kalayolayoan. 
Out fit-n Manga vkasamaan. 
Out go V Pumaroon sa ibabaw; lumayo. 
Out go-w Gastos. 

Out groW-vLumampas ang paglaki. 
Out growth-w-Pandulo 
Out housen-Bahay na nakabukod. 
Out landisha Katakataka. 
Out last? Tuniagal sa iba. 
Out law M-Tnga labas; tulisan. 
Out lawry-n Pagkatulisan. 
Out lay-Gadtos gugol. 
Out let n Labasan. 
Out linen Piano; banhay. 
Out line v-Gawin ang piano. 
Out live-v-Bumuhay na mahaba sa iba. 
Out look-w Pakita. 
Out lying a Malayo. 

Out post n-Bantay na malayo sa hukbo. 
Outrage n-K alapastanganan;tampala8an; 

kapalibhasaan; paglait. 
Outrage v-Gahisin; lapastanganin; ma 

mihasa; laitin. 
Outrageousa Katakot takot; bastos ma* 

Out ridev-Sumakay nang matulin sa 

Outright-a-Tunay; totoong; hayag. 
Out runv-Tumakbo ng matulin sa iba. 
Out sail-vLumayag ng matulin sa iba. 
Out set n-Pinagmulan: pamula. 
Out side n- Ang labas. 
Out side a- Labas. 
Out skirt n Gilid; hanga. 
Out spread v Latagin; banatin. 
Out vie V Humigit; mamukod. 
Out walk v Lumakad nang matulin sa 

OutwardOut wards adv.Sa gawing la- 
Out wear v-Tumagal sa iba. 
Out weigh-v-Bumigat sa iba. 
Out wit-i7 Manalo sa talas ngisip;daigin 

sa dunong. 



Oval a Talohaba. 

Ovate-Ovated a Hitsurang itlog. 

Ovation-n-Kapurihan; pagpuri. 

Oven w Hurno. 

Over adv. Sa itaas. 

Overaitaas. lampas. mahigit. 

Ovarprep Mahigit sa; sa. 

Over abundancen-Kalagpusan. 

Over abundant a Malagpos; labis. 

Over awe v Takutin. 

Over balance-v-Ibual bumual. 

Over balance n Pagbual. 

Over bear r Supilin. 

Over bearing a Palalo: tampalasan. 

Over board adv. Na sa tuhig. 

Over cast v l.abuin; tiklupin. 

Ovtr coat n Daniit na pangibabaw. 

Over come vDaigin. supilin. 

Over due a-Lampas sa panahon. 

Over flow v Umapaw; bumaha. 

Over flow n Apaw; paglubog; pagapaw; 
pagbaba; kalabisan. 

Over haul-v Baguhin; kumpunihin. 

Over head-ari7/.-Ta itaas. 

Over hearv-Marinig duminig. 

Over joy-n-Kasayahan. 

Over ]sLndavd Sa lupa ang daan. 

Over lookvLaktawin; ilaktaw; malimu- 

Over plus n Kalabisan: kalagpusan; la- 
bis; lagpos. 

Over power t; Supilin daigin. 

Overreach-v-Lumampas ang pagabot; 

Over rule v Supilin; daigin. 

Over see v Mamahala; mamuno. 

Over seer n Ang namamahala; kapatas. 

Over set V Itaub; ibual. 

Over shoe-w-Sapatos na pang ibabaw. 

Over shoot V H nag tumama. 

Oversight w Mali kamalian. 

Over spreadf-Ilatag itakpan 

Overt a Maliwanag; palitaw. 

Over take-r-Abutin; umabot; magkamit 

Over throw-v Ibual. talonin. 

Over thrown Kalituhan; pagtatalunin. 

Overture w-Balak. alok. 

Over turn V Bumalikuas balikuasin. 

Over turn-n Balikuas kalituhan. 

Over ween v Maghambog. 

Over weigh V Lumampas ang bigat. 

Over whelm-r Supilin; patakahin. 

Oviform a Hitsurang itlog. 

Owe-v Mangutang. 

Owl n Knago. 

Owlet-n Kuagong munti. 

Owlish-a Parang kuago; nauukol sa 

Own r Ariin; umari; magkaroon. 


<!»irn a fiariling. 

<'>\vnern-Aiig maj ari: paii|iiioon 



Owner ship u Pagk&ari. 

Ok-9i Bakang malaki na nakapon. 

Ovster n Talaba. 

Pabular a Kanukol sa pa|rkain. 

Pabulum II Pagkain. 

Pace ft Hak bang lakad: tnlin 

Pace r Lakarin; hakbangin Inmakad. 

Pacific a Tahimik. 

Pacification II Katabimikan. 

Pacify r-Patabimikan; tumahimik. 

Pack r Balutan; baiot: bigkis; karga 

Pack n Balutin ibalot bigkisin; pasa- 

nin; ikabou isilid magpasan. 
Packiige n Balutan. 
Packer ft- Kargador taga pasan. 
Pad n Balutan ng papel 
Pad V Sapinin. 
Padding ft Sapin 
Paddle rGaod; sagwan. 
Paddle r Gumaod. maglaro sa tabig. 
Paddock n PItak. 
Paddvn Pitak. 
Padlock fi Seradara. 
Padlock r I] a gay ng saradura; snsuhin 

ng seradura. 
Pagann-Ang ayaw sumampalataya sa 

Panginoon . Dios: tawong bindi bin- 

Pagan a Nauukol sa bindi binyagan. 
Paganish a Parang bindi binyagan. 
Paganism ft Kalagayanghindi binyagan. 
Page n Mukba ng dahon; pag ina; alila. 
Page V Bilangin ang dabon. 
Pagoda-n Simbaban sa India, Japon at 

sa China. 
Pail n Timba baldi. 
Pailful n Laman ng baldi. 
Pain n Sakit bugbog; hirap; dalamhati; 

bapdi; hapis kirot. 
Pain-r Sumakit humapis. humapdi. 
Painful a Masakit. mabapis; makirot; 

Painless-a-Walang sakit 6 damdam. 
Pains n Ingat: kaingatan. 
Pains taker n Tawong maingat. 
Pains takipgn Pag ingat. 
Pains taking a Maingat. 
Paint-n Pinta. 
Pain t V- M agpi nta. 

Palace n-Palacio; bahay ng hari. 
Palate n Palasap. 
Palatable n Malasa: masarap. 
Palatini «Nauukol sa bahay ng hari; 

mainam maganda . 

Palaver fi Salita. 

Palaver r Mag^^lita 

Pal*' a Putla: mapntla: knpas. 

Pale 2' Mamutla; kuninpas. 

Pale fi Tulos. hanga; bakod. 

Paleness n tMatla; kaputlaan 

Paleograpby-fi Ang dating paraan nang 

Palestra » Pagbubuno. 

Paletot» Daniit na pang ibabaw. 

Palfrey ft-Kabayong pangsakay 

Paling fiManga tulos: hanga; bakod. 

Fa^lisade n-Tu)os na malaki; bakod n^ 
mga tulos na malaki 

Palisade r Magbakod ng tulos na ma- 

Pal lish a- Mapu tlaputla. 

Pall n Damit na pang ibabaw. 

Pall bearer-fi Taga pasan ng kalanda. 

Palliate 7/-Ikanlong; itago; magbigay ng 

Pallid a Maputla; mamutla. 

Pall dness-Pallidity n- Kaputlaan. 

Pallor fi l^agkaputia; kaputlaan. 

Palm fi-Dangkal; ramos; balalaw. 

Palm V Dangkalin. 

Palm-f^Palad ng kamay. 

Palmate-^ Hitsurang kamay. 

Palm Sunday ft Lingo de ramos. 

Palpable-a Makararamdam ea hipo. 

Palpitate vTuniibok; kumutog: kumaba. 

Palpitation nTibok kutog kaba. 

Palsy fi Sakit na pasma. 

Palpy-v Mapasma. 

Palsied-a- Pasmado. 

Palter vDayain; tumaksil; mamali; mag- 

Paltriness tt Kara mu tan; karakiman. 

Paltry a Maramot; masakim. 

Pamper-r-Pakanin ng husto: bumusog. 

Pamphlet n Pampleta; munting libro. 

Pan fi Lalagyan ng anoman. 

Panacea nOamot sa luhat nang manga 

Pancake n Bibingkang harina. 

Pandemonium fi Kaguluhan. 

Pane n-Cristal ng bintana. 

Panel n Bahngi ng pinto. 

PangnGulat; kaba ng dibdib. 

Panic nTakot ng niarami. 

Panniern Batulang: bakol. 

Pantw Hiiigal. 

Pant t; Humingal; humangoa. 





pantry n Silid nang manga pagkain, 

Pap n Suso: pagkain na malambot para 

sa mga bata. 
Papa n Tatang. tata: tatay; amang. 
Papacy n Katungkulang papa. 
Papal a Nauukol sa papa. 
Papaw n Papaya. 

Paper-z/Ilagay 6 idikit ng papel. 
Papist n Katolico. 
Papistic-Papistical a Nauukol sa Cato- 

lico 6 sa papa. 
Par-n-Kapantayan ng halaba. 
Parable n Talinhaga. 
Parade n Procession. 
Parade V Magprocession. 
Paradise n i^arden ni Adan; kasayahan. 
Paragon n-Halimbawa ng kabutihan. 
Paragraph-n-Pangkat na maikli. 
Paralell a Katabi kasiping; pantay. 
Paralysis n-Pasma. 

Paralytic w Aug may sakit na pasma. 
Paralytic Paralytical a Nauukol sa sakit 

ng pasma. 
Paralyze v Mapasma. 
paramount a Kataastaasan; mataas sa 

Parapet n-Kuta. 
Paraphrase nKasay say an. 
Paraphrase-v-Ihulog sa ibang wika; 

Parasite-n Ang bumubuhay sa gugol ng 

Parasol n Pay on g. 
Parboil-v Kuluin ng kaunti. 
Parcel-n Balutan; balot. 
Parcel-r-Balutin; ibalot. 
Parch V Ibusa. 
Parchment n Katad ng tupa na ginayak 

sa pagsulat. 
Pardon n Patawad; paglitos; pagkalag sa 

sala; pagpatawad. 
Pardont; Kalagin sa sala: patawarin. 
Pardonable a Dapat patawarin. 
Pare V Talupan; balutan: bawasan; ik- 

Parent w Magulang: hinlog. 
Parentage n-Hinlog; pinaganakan. 
Parental-a. Nauukol sa magulang. 
Parish n Hukuman ng isang pari: hi 

pang nasasakop ng kapangyarihan 

ng isang pari. 
Parity-n Kapantayan. 
Park w Plaza; luneta. 
Parley-n-Salitaan . 
Parley r Magaalitaan. 
Parlor-n Silid na tinatawag ang loob. 

Parochial a Nauukol sa paroquia; maki 

tid; maki pot may hauga* 
Parol n Salita ng bibig. 
Parol-a Nakasabi lamang. 
Parole V Patawarin; hanguin iligtas; 

ibigay ng kalayaan. 
Parricide n-Ang natay sa sariling ama- 

6 ina. 
Parrot n Loro. 
Parry i' Ilagan; umilag. 
Parsimonious a-Maramot kuripot. 
Parsimony-n-Kariputan; kf rarautan . 
Parson-w- Pastor. 
Parsonage-n-Bahay ng pastor. 
Part-n Hahagi kapiraso parte. 
Part-r.Bahagiin; biakin; hiwalayin hii- 

miwalay: lumagot. 
Partake t?Sumali; kuraain kumuha 
Paitial a Di buo; mabahagi; mahilig may 

Partiality n-Kahiligan. kabilingan, 
Participate-v Sumali. 
Participation n- Pagkakasali . 
Particle-n-Piraso, kapiraso; kapirangot. 
Particular a- Bugtong;nakabukot; bantog. 
Parti ng-n Paghihiwalay. 
Partisan n-Kasali. 

Partition w Paghihiwalay; dingding. 
Partition-v Ilagay ang dingding. 
Partly-rtdr. Di buo. 
Partner-n Kasama; kaulayaw. 
Partnership n Samahan. 
Parturition w Panganganak. 
Party-n-Samahan; katipunan kapisanan. 
Partv colored-Parti colored a Sarisari 

ang kulay. 
Parvenu nTawong hambog 6 palalo, 
Pas-n-Hakbang; unahan 
Pascha w-Kuresma. 
Pass v-Lumipas; makaraan; dumaan; 

Passn-Passes; pahintulot; hakbang Ian- 
das pai^o. 
Passable n Makararaan. 
Passage n Paraan: lakad. 
Passenger-n-Ang sumasakay; ang luma- 

Passim a^r.-Dito at doon. 
Passing n Padaan. 
Passing a Makaraan 
Passion Galit pagkakagalit; kagalitan; 

tanim na loob. 
Passion n-Pasion. 
Passionate a Mainit ang ulo. 
Passive-n Tahimik: maamo; niatitiis. 
Pass port n Pahintulot. 
Past-rtNakaraan: lipas 
Past-n Ang panahon nakaraan. 
Pastes Pagkit. pandikit. 




Paste-v Idikit. 

Paste board -n-Carton. 

Pastil-Pastille-n Pasteles. 

Pastine n Aliw; kaluguran; aliwan. 

Pastorn Pastor; pari. 

Pastoral-a Nauukol sa pastor. 

Pastorate Pastorship-w Kalagayang pas- 

Pastry n-Manga mamon. 

Pasture v-Pastulan. 

Pasture v Ipastol magpastol. 

Pasturage-w-Pastulan; pagpastol. 

Pastya-Madikit: mapagkit. 

Pat-a Bagay; akma; ayon sa panahon. 

Patadv.-Sa mabuting panahon. 


Patch w-Tutop tagpi; dagdag. 

Pacth vTutupan; itagpi; hayumahin; 
husayin; kurapunihin. 

Patch work-» Pagtutup; paghabayuma. 

Pate-w Bao ng ulo. 

Patella n- Bay ugo ng tuhod. 

Patent a-Maliwanag, hayag; bukas. 

Paternala Nauukol sa ama. 

Paternity-n Hinlog; lahi; familia; kala 
gayang ama 

Path-n-Landas: daan. 

Pathless-a Walang landas. 

Pathetic a-Kaawa. 

Pathologist n-Mangagamot. 

Pathology-n Karunungan sa mga sakit. 

Paht way w Landas; daan; paraan. 

Patient-a Matitiisin. , 

Patient-n Ang may sakit. 

Patience nKatitiisan, katimtiman ng 

Patriarch n-Puno ng isang familia; 
Tawong matanda. 

Patrician a Marangal; dakila. 

Patricide-n-Ang namatay sa ama. 

Patrimonial a Nauukol sa mana. 

Patrimony n Mana. 


Patriotism w-Pagibig sa lupang tinu- 

Patrol-r-Magpatrulia; magbantay. 


Patron-n Kasuki: pintakasi. 

Patronage n Pagkakasuki: pagampon. 

Patroness-w-Kabaying kasuki. 

Patronize-v Sumuki; magkasuki. 

Patten n Bakia. 


Patter-n-Katapakan; pagpapatak. 

Pattern v Huwaran: tularan; kahowad. 

Pattern-v Humuwad; tumulad; tularin. 

Paucity -w-Kadalangan; kautian. 

Paunch-n Tiyan. 

Pauper w-Pulubi. 

Pauperism n-Kalagayang pulubi. 

Pauperize v-Lubug sa hirap. 

Pause n-Hinto; utal; kautalan. 

Pause r-Maghinto; magutal. 

Pavet' Ilatag ang bato sa karsada. 

Pavement w-Latag ng bato sa karsada. 

Paw n Paa ng hayop. 

Pawnz/Galawin; kurutin. 

Pawn wSangla. 

Pawn r Isangla. 

Pawnbroker n Ang mayari ng bahay na 

Payn-Upa; bayad; kaupahan; ikaba 

bay ad. 
Pay-u-Bayaran; magbayad; umupa; 

Payee w Ang tumangap ang bayad o 

Payer nTaga bayad; ang magbabayad. 
Payment w-Pagbayad kabayaran; bayad; 

kaupahan: upa. 
Peace w Katahimikan; kapanatagan; ka- 


Peaceable « Tahimik; walang basagulo; 

Peaceful a Tahimik mabini;mahinahon; 

walang basagulo; payapa. 
Peach n Melocotones. 
Peach V Bintangin: paratangin. 
Peak-n-Tuktok ng bundok. 
Peal n Tunog na malakas. 
Peal V Tugtugin ng malakas. 
Peanut n Muni. 
Pear w-Peras. 
Pearl n Perlas. 
Pearly a-Parang perlas. 
Peasant nTaga buked. tawong mahirap. 
Pebble nBatong munti. 
Pebbly a-Mabato. 
Peckt7Tbmuka tukain. 
Pectoral a Nauukol sa dibdib 6 sa sakit 

ng dibdib. 
Peculate t'Umitim; umumit: nakawin; 

Peculation 7i-Pagumit; pagnakaw. 
Peculators Magnanakaw mangungumit. 
Pecuniary-a Nauukol sa salapi. 
Padagogue n Maestro. 
Pedagogy-M Karunungan sa pagtuturo. 
Pedal a-Nauukol sa paa. 
Peddle-i'-Ialok; maglako. 
Peddler n Maglalako. 
Pedestal n Puno ng haligi. 
Pedestrian a Nakalakad lumalakad. 
Pedestrian-n Tawong lakad. 
Pedigree n Hinlog; lahi. ! 

Peek V Sumilip;: . • : J ' ; ! 




Peek w-Silip. 

Peel V Balatin: taliipan; upakan. 

Peel n Balat upak. 

Peep I'-Sumilip. 

Peepw Silip. 

Peeper n Sisiw. 

Peer n Sumilip. 

Peer n Kasama; kanlayaw. 

Peerless a Walanjr kapantay 6 kahulilip. 

Peevish a-Mapootin magLgalitin. 

Peg n Pakoug kahoy. 

Peg v-Ipako. 

Pelf n Salapi kayamaDan. 

Pell n Balat. 

Pellet nBolang munti. 

Pellicle wBalok. 

Pelhnell-/i Walang ayos.. 


Peltn Balat ng hayop. 

Pelt-v-Batuhin ipukol. 

Pelvic-a Xaankol sa buto ng bayawang. 

Pelvish-w-Buto ng bayawang. 

Pen n Kulungan. 

Pen-v uKulungin kumulong;. 

Pen n- Inma. 

l^enal-a Nauukol sa paruna. 

Penaltyw Parusa. 

P nance n-Katiisan. 

Pence-w Dalawang kuarta; isan g mala- 

Pencil n Lapis 
Pensil-t? Sumulat. 
Pend V Bumitbit. ikabit. 
Pendency n Sabit: kabit. 
Pendent a-Nakasabit; nakabitin. 
Pendulous a Nakasabit; nakabitin. 
Pendulum nPaniktik ng orasan. 
Penetrate V Tumagos; matarok. 
Penetration n Tagos. tarok. 
Penitent a Nakapagsisi. 
Penitent n-Ang nagsisisi. 
Penitential a Nauukol sa pagsisisi. 
Penitentiary m Bilango. 
Pen knife n-Laseta. 
Penman n Aug marunong sumulat. 
Penmanship n-8nlat kamay. 
Pennate Pennated a May pakpak. 
Penniless a Mahirap; salat; walang 

Pennon n Bandila; pakpak. 
Pensile a Nakasabit; nakabitin. 
l^ensive a Palaisipin; mapag wari; ma- 

Pent V. imp & p ^.-Nakakulong. 
Pentateuch n Ang mga utos ni Moises. 
Pent house n Sibe pakpak ng bahay. 
Penult n Ang hull fiiera caming isa. 
Penumbra n Pagdidilim ng buan. 

Penurious a Maramot; madalang. 
Penury -n Kahirapan; kakailangan; kai- 

gutan; karukhaan 
People n Manga tawo 
People I? Magkaroon ng maraming tawo; 

dumami ang mga tawo 
Pepper-n-Pami nta 
Pepper v-Ilagay 6 ibudbuod ang pa- 

Perad venture adv. Marahil. 
Perambulate wLakarin; lumakad. 
Perambulation-n-Tjakad; paglalakad. 
Perambulatorn Ang lumakad. 
Perceive r Kapain humalata; indahin; 

intindihin; snmahod. 
Perceivable a Madaling maintindihan. 
Percentage w For ciento. 
Perceptible a-Nahalata: litaw; maliwa- 

Perceptibility n Fakiramdam. 
Perceptivea Maramdamin 
Perception n Pakiramdam damdam pa- 

Perch n Hapunan. 
Perch v-Humapon. 
Perchance a Marahil. 
Percolate v Salain 
Peri'uss V Ilagpak: itupak. 
Percussion n Lagpak tagupak 
Perdition w-Lugi. kalipulan; kasiraan; 

Peregrinate v Lumakad. 
Peregrination n Lakad. 
Peremtorv a Totoo; tunav. 
Perennial a Matagal; maluat; walang 

tigil 6 likat; pan ay. 
Perfect o-Lubos; puspos; walang kulang 

dalisay, ganap. magf^ling; maganda. 
Perfect v-Tapusin; ganapin; gumanap; 

tumapos; yariin. 
Perfectibility n Kayarian; katapusan. 
Perfectible a Makatatapos 
Perfection-n Kayarian; katapusan; ka- 

Perfidious a-TaksW; sukab; «uitik; lilo. 
Perfidy-n Kataksilan kasuitikan; kalilu- 

ban ka8ukab(\n. 
Perforate V But asin turukin: balibulin. 
Perforation n Pagbutas pagkabutas bu- 

Perforce-odt;. Sa kakailangan; sa lakas. 
Perform t; Gumawa tumupad; tuparin; 

Performnnce-n Kilos teatro; acto 
Perfume-u Pabangohin; ilagay ng paba 

Perfumery nPabanj>o. 
Perhaps-air2i7. Marahil; dili; sakali. 


Peril n-Panganib. 

Perlious-a-Mapanganib; may panganib. 


Period nPanabon luat punto. 

Periodic-Periodical a Nauakol sa panat 

Peri pbery -nPaligi d . 
Perish vMaraatay; lumipol. 
Perishable a Mamamatay. 
Perisome w-Balat ng hayop na walang 

Periwig n-Buhok na postiso. 
Perjure n Manumpangkasinungalingan. 

huag tumupad sa ipinanumpa 
Perjury n Kasinungalingan. 
Permanence- Permanency -w-P a n a n a t ili; 

pamamaraty katibayan; pagkalagi. 
Permanent a- Lagi; matibay. 
Permeable a-Makatatarok matatarukin. 
Permeate-t?-Tarukin . 
Permissible a Maaring ipahintulot. 
Permission-n Tulot; kapahintulutan. 
Permit-n-Tulutan; ipahintulot; paraanin. 
Permit-n-Tulot; pahintulot. 
Permissive a Maaring ipahintulot. 
Permutation n Kapalitan; pagpalit 
Permute v-Ipamalit; palitan; pumalit. 
Pernicious-a Masama; makasasama ma 

kasisira makamamatay. 
Perpendicular a Patayo: tirik;nakatayo. 
Perpendicularn-Tayo tirik. 
Perpendicularity nPagka tayo katiri 

Perpetratev Gumawa; gawin/magkasala. 
Perpetration n Pag gagawa; gawa. 
Perpetrator n Ang gumawa. 
Perpetual a- Walang hanga 6 likat; lagi; 

Perpetuate-v Gawing lagi; ipamalagi. 
Perpetuation-n-Pagkalagi; pamamarati. 
Perpetuity-w-Famamarati: pamamalagi. 
Perplex V Guluhin ang isip. 
Perplexity-n Basagulo; gulo ang isip. 

kaiabuan; duwag. 
Persecute-v-Hahuiin: yamutin. pahira 

pan; sundin ipagdowahagiin. 
Persecution -w-Kahirapan; dowahagi. 
Perseverance-nK atiyagaan. kalakasan 

ng loob; katibayan ng loob. 
Persevere-v-t ilitin: magtagal tumagal. 
Persist V Ipaglaon; lumagi; pilitin; pu 

Persistence-Persistency n-Kapilitan; ka- 

tiyagaan: pagpilit. 
Persistent-a-Nakapipilit; mapipilitin. 
Personage w-Katawohan 
Personal a-Nauukol sa tawo 6 sarili. 
Porsonalty-n Ari ng sarili. 
Personate-v Gumagad sa iba; saysayin. 

287 PHA 

Personify n-Gagarin ang kapwa. 

Perspective a-Nauukol sa piano. 

Perspective n-T-ngin; piano. 

Perspire r-Funiawis. 

Perspiration w pawis. 

Persuade-c ludyok ihiling; pilitin; 

Persuasible-a Makapipilit. 
Persuasion n-Kapilitan udyok. 
Pert-a Mangahas. 
Pertain v Maukol. 
Pertinacious a Matigas ang ulo matibay 

ang loob. 
Pertinacity-n Kalakasan ng loob; kahig 

pitan; katigasan ng ulo. 
Pertinent-a Akma; bagay. nauukol. 
Pertness n-Psngahas. 
Perturb t' Sabarin; yamutin; tuksuhin; 

guluhin ang isip. 
Perturbation-n Kaguluhan nang isip, li- 

Perusal n Pag babdsa. 
Peruse v Bumasa ng patakbo; umusig; 

Perverse a Nakalihis; matigas ang ulo; 

Perverseness n Katigasan ng ulo; pag 

Perversity-n atigasan ng ulo pagkaba- 

Pervert v lakay sa masama pasamain. 
Pervious a Makapapasok; matatarukin. 
Pest n Peste. 

Pester n Yamutin: sabarin. 
Pestiferous a Nauukol sa peste; maka 

Pertilence-n Teste. 
Pestilent a Mahilig sa masama. 
Pestle ?i-Pandurog. 
Pet n Aug minamahal. 
Pet a Minamahal. 
Petal-w-Dahon ng bulaklak. 
Petita Munti walang kabuluhan; ku- 

Petition-n-Panalangin; samo; daing. 
Pitition V Manalangin: sumamo; duma 

Petrification n Pagiging bato. 
Petrify v Maging bato. 
Petroleum-n Gas. 
Petticoat-n-Naguas; enaguas. 
Pettish o Mapootin 
Petty a-Munti; walang kabuluhan. 
Petulance-Petulancy-n-Kapootan; poot. 
Petulant-a Mapootin. 
Pew-n-Upuan sa simbahan. 
Phalanx n-Pulutong ng sundalo. 
Phantasmn 1 anaginip; guniguni. 
Phantom nNuno; guniguni. 


Pharieee » FflHseo. 

Pharmacy n-Pag j,'3ga«a nanK gamot; 

Phaniys n Npalangnla. 
Phase n Miteura. 
Phenom taka; kainangha- 

Phial-ji Boteiiie munti. , 

Pliilantropliic Philantropieal-d Mabnti 6 

iiiagandang loiib 
Philantropy n ICaganflalian ng loob. 
Philter» (iayn mo. 
Plilegntn Kalagra, 
Phonetic a Namikol aa voces. 
Phonetics ti Karunnngan tnngkol sa 

raafiga tunog. 
Phonic nNauakol sa tnnog 

PhooograpliicflNauukol sa fonografo. 
Phonograph-n Fonografo. 
Photograph» EeWato, 
Photograph-r-Kunin anp retrato. 
Photography n Karinii7iigan sa pagkiiha 

ng retrain. 
Pharase-n Maikling kasayaayan. 
Phrenologr-n-KaniDUCgsn tungkoi ea 

titafe ng ulo. 
Phrentiy n Kaululan. 
Phthisic n Tisi». 
f'hthiBical a.Mav tisin. 
Phthisis n Tisie. 
Physic n Purga; gamot. 
Physic V Piirgahin 
Physical-a Nauukol sa cataivan. 
Phyaics n-Karunungan tungkoi aa fi- 

PhyHLngnomy-n-Hiisura; niiiklia. 

Piano Pianofortr «Piano. 

Pianist n PianisU. 

Picayune n Sikolo. 

Pick ti Pumolot; tukain; «avatin. 

Pick wTuka; piku. 

Pick as Pick axe n Piko, 

Picketn Tuugkot na matulif. 

Pickle n AtsBTa. 

Pick pockel-H-Manenekas. 

Picnic n Kaaayalian,- kainan aa gubat. 

Picnic uMagfeainan aa gubat. 

Pictorial. a Nauukoi aa manga pintiira. 

Picture-» Pintura. 

Picture frame-n Sonepa, 

Pie-n Paste 

Pi« batd a May maraniing bnlav. 

Piece-w-Piraao; bahagi; ka^rval; kaiiiraao; 

Piet-ei'Pirneohin, haliagiin. 


Piece meal-fuJti.-Untiuuti; dahandahan: 

Fied-a Mav maraming kulay manaado. 
PietnPiiar; lialiKi ug bato, 
Pieri'e I'Tariikin, l-utaain; tumagos. 
Piety n Pagibig sa Bathala. 
Pigeon nKalapati. 
Pig beactedn Matigas ang ulo. 

Pigmy nTawong pandak. «nano. 
Pike n-Pakong malaki. 
Pile-nBunton; haligi. 
Pile-L'-Ibunton pnnuin. 
Pilfer-vUmitin. umumil 
Pilgrim-H-Tawong mapaglakail. 
Pilgrimage nLnciad, 
Pill H Pildiiras 

Pillage V Maafiloob; gibain; manduit. 
Pillt^e n Panduduit. 
Pillar)! Hnlipi pilar. 
Pillow r Maliiga fia unan. 
Pllitw cnse-nPunda ng nnan 
Pilot n Ang uniugit sa aasakyaii. 
Pilot v-Umagit, umakay; akayin. 
Pimple 71 Bullig. 
Pin-H Aapi 
Piii-ii Aapiiihir. 
Pinafore v Camieola. 
Pincers n Sipit manipit. 
Pinch-V'Kurutin: kumurot. 
Pinchn Kurot. 

Pinch l)ek-(»Hindi totoo: slnunjaling. 
Pinchera n Sipit', panipit. 
Pincuehion-n Lalagian nt aepili. 
Pine-T/Lumuiigkot; maAimdim. 
Pine H-Pina. 
Pinery (iGiibat ng pina. 
Finon n Balahibo; pafcpak: pangapos 

Jig baraso 
Pidion c-Gapusiii 
Pink a Mapulapula. 
Pink n-Sakaak. 
Pinkrti Butaain. 
Piimaclert-Lugar na niataas, 
PtninTakalan nf manga bagay na 

Pintle»! Aapiling munti. 

Pioneerti Tawoiig himipat aa bagong 

Pioneer v Umuna. 
Fioua-'i .Ma[>:igilat<:il; banal. 
PipnSakit ni manok; binlii. 

PipenKnako; tubo; liania. 
Pipe^r TumugtojE sa tiauta. 




Piquant a Masaklap; mapait;maanghang. 
Fiquen (lalit dalamhati yamot; 
Pique V Yamutin; pagalitin. 
Piracy n Pagnanacaw sa dagat. 
Pirate n Magnanakaw sa dagat; tulieang 

Piratical o-Nauukol sa tulisang dagat. 
Piscatorial a Nauukol sa isda. 
Piscivorous a Kumakain ng isda. 
Pistol n Revolber; pistola. 
Pit n Hukay baunan tibag. 
Pit v-Hukayin. 
Pitch n Alketran itsa. 
Pitch-i; Magitsa; pahiran ng alketran. 
Pitch-dark a Madiliin na madilim. 
Pitcher n Pitchel. 

pitch fork n anghakot ng damung tuyo. 
Pitchy a May halong alketran. 
Pitt* ous a Kahapishapis raalunos. 
pithy a Malainbot ang loob. 
Pitiable a Dapat umawa. 
Pitiful a Mahabagin maawain. 
Pitiless vVValang habag walang awa; 

mabagsik: mabangis. 
Pittance-n Limos 
Pityn-Habag; awa; hi nag pis; hina- 

Pityv Maawa; habagin. 
Pivot-n Ittiran 
Pivot vUraikit. 
Placard-n- Pahayag; paunawa. 
Placard-v Ipahayag 
Placc-n-uugar; daan. 
Place-y-Ilagay sa lutrar lagyan luma 

gay; ayosin. maglagay 
Placid-o-Maamong loob tahimik; wa- 
lang gulo 
Plague wPeste. 

Plague-/' Yamutin; payamutin. 
Plaid w Sita. 
Plain-o-Maliwanag; yano; aliwaswas; 

Plain n Lupang patag. 
Plaint a Daing; panalangin panagboy. 
Plaintive a Malungkot malumbay. 
Plait n-Kunot; suri. 
Plaic-v Magsuri; magkunot; kunotin. 
Plan n Anyo katha piano 
Plan V Isipin: kumatha. 
Plane n-Katam; pangkayas. 
Plane a Yano; patag. 
Plane-v Katamin. 
Planet w-Planeta. 

Planetary a Nauukol sa planeta. 
Plank n Tablang makapal. 
Plank-v Ilatag 6 takpanin ng tablang 

Plant w-Punla. 
Plant V Magtanim. 
Plantain n-Saging. 

PlantationnLupang sinasaka. 

Planter-n Manananim. 

Plash n-Labak tilansik. 

Plash V Tumi lansik ang tubig. 

Plashy a Malabak. 

Plaster «-Halo ng apog at buhangin. 

Plaster V Pahiran ng apog. 

Plat n Humabi 

Plat n Habi; kapirasong lupa. 

Plate-n-pingan; pirasong metal. 

Plateau-n Lupang mataas at patag. 

Plat f rm-n Tablado plataforma. 

Platoon n Pulutong ng sundalo. 

Platter n Bandejada. 

Plaudit-v- Pagpnri. 

Plaudit V Purihin. 

Plausible-a Bagay dapat purihin. 

play n Laro; teatro acto 

play V Maglalaro. 

Playern Maglaro. 

play f ellow-n- Kalaro. 

Play mate-n Kalaro. 

Playful a Masaya: mapaglaro. 

Play thing n Laroan. 

Plean Dahilan. 

plead t; Manalangin: mamanhikluhod. 

Please-v Aliwin; magbigay lugod: pala- 

Pleasantry nKasayahan; kaligayaban; 

Pleasing a-Maaliw; masaya; malugod; 

maligaya; kaaliwaliw. kalugodlugod; 

mairogin nakalulugod. 
Pleasant a Maaliw; masaya; maligaya: 

malugod maaya. 
Pleasure n Kasayahan; tawa; galak; han- 

dog: inam; kainaman; lasap; ligaya. 
Pleat vSuriin. 

Plebian a-Hamak; mababa; karaniwan- 
Plebian-n-Tawong hamak: tawong ka 

rani wan. 
Pled V. imp. & p. |?.-Namagitan; naman- 

hikluhod: dumaing. 
Plenary a Puno .lubos 
Plentitude-n Kasaganaan karamihan. 
Plenteous Plentiful a Masagana;marami. 
Plenty n Karamihan; kasaganaan. 
Plenty a Sagana marami. 
Pleura n Loob ng lalamunan. 
Pleurisy-n Sakit ng lalamunan. 
Plexiform a-Kasuotsuot; magulo. 
Pliable a Malambot mahubugin. 
Pliant a Malambot; malubay. 
Pliancy n Kalambutan. 
Pliers n Sipit na munti. 
Plightn Sangla: katibayan; kapangani- 
ban; paogako. 





Plight-v-Isangla: magpangako. 

Plod v-Lumacad. 

Plot n Lupang munti; isip na masama 

Plot V Umisip 

Plough n Araro; kasangkapang pan 

Plough v-Ararohin; magararo; magli 

Plow-n Araro: kasangkapan panlinang 
Plow V Ararohin; magararo; magli nang 
Plowboy.Plowman-n Ang nagaararo. 
Plowshare-n Sudsod. 
Pluck nTapang; batak. 
Plucky a-Matapang; mangahas; walang 

Plugn-Tasak; tapon; taeok. 
Plumagen-Balahibo ng mga ibon. 
Plumb-a Patayo; tama. 

Plnmb vTowirin ang tayo ng haligi. 
Plumb line n Hulog. 

Plump a-Mabilog mataba: may katawan. 
Plump t/Lumaki: tumaba. 
Plumpavd.-Ngayon din; pagdaka. 
Plunder-n-Ang pagumit; ang inumit; 

Plunder-r-Nakawin. manduit. 
Plunge-v-Sumisid; sumulong nang pa 

Plunge n Sisid. 
Pluferfect a Puspos; puno; walang pin- 

tas; lubos. 
Plural a Mahigit sa isa. 
Plurality-n Kahigtan; karamihan. 
Plus aTotoo; dapat idagdag 
Plush nTrespelo. 
Plutocrat-w Ang may kapangyariban 

dahil sa kanyang yaman. 
Pluvial a Nauukol sa ulan. 
Ply-v-Tanungin pilitin; magtrabajo. 
Pneumatic-a Mahangin. 
Pneumonia n Saklt ng baga. 
Pneumonic nGamot sa baga. 
Poach-n-Prituhin sa tubig; umitin; 

Pock n-Bulutong. 
Pock hole-Pock mark w Bulutong. 
Pocket n Bulsa. 

Pocket-v-Ipamulsa; ilagay sa bulsa. 
Pocket book n Lalagyan nang kuarta 6 

Pocket knife-n-Lasftta. 
Pocky-a-Mabulutong: bulutongo. 
Pod n Bahay ng binhi. 
Pod-r Tumaba: lumaki. 
Poem n Tula. 

Poetn Manunula. 

Poetess-»- Babaying manunula. 

Poetic Poetical a Nauukol sa tula. 

Poetry-n- Verso: tula. 

Poh-tn^er. Oroy. 

Poignancy n-Kapaitan; kaanghangan. 

Poignant a-Maanghang mapait. 

Point-n Dulo tudla; tudlok; tulis; 

Point vlturo; itudia; tumudlok tuli- 


Pointblank a Matowid; maliwanag. 


Pointer-w- Panturo. 

Pointless a Walang dulo. 

Poise-n-Timbang. bigat. 

Poise V Timbangin 

Poison n Lason kamandag. 


Poisonous a-May lason malason; may 

Poke-n-Bayong supot; mangas na ma- 

luang; tndlok. 
Poke-vTudlnkin; tumudlok. 
Poker n Panudlok. 
Pole n Palo haligi. 
Polar a Mauukol sa hilagaan. 
Police n Policla. 

Police v-Lunisin; ayusin husayin. 
Police man-w Policia 
Policy-n Billete sa loteria. 
Poliah-v-Bulihin pakinisin pakintabin; 

Polish-n-Kinang kintab buli. 
Polite a Magalang; mahinahon; masuyo, 

bihasa matin ing na loob 
Politeness-n Galang; kagalangan. 
Political a Politico. 
Politician n Ang maruncng mag gobier- 

Politics-n Karnnungan tungkol sa pag- 

Polity n Pag gogobierao. 
Poll n-Padron listahan ng lahat ng tawo 

sa isang lugar. 
Pool-nllista ang lahat ng tawo sa isang 

Pollute v-Dumhan; pangitin: sirain. 
Pollutionn Dumi; kabulukan; pagka 

Poltroon-n-Tawong duag. 
Poltroonery n Karuagan. 
Poly gamy. n Pag aasawa sa marami. 
Polyglot n Ang marunong sa maraming 

Pomade Pomatum n Cosmetico. 
Pommel-n Bukol. 
Pommel V Paluio. 




Pomp n Gayak; handa; kainaman: kari- 

Pompous-a Maganda; mainam; marikit. 
Pond n Labak. 

Ponder-v-Magwari: magisipisip. 
Ponderous w Malaki mabigat. 
Poinard w-Panaksak. 
Pontiff n Ang papa. 
Pantifical a-Nauukol sa papa. 
Pontificate n-Kalagay an ng papa. 
Pony w Kabayong munti. 
Poodle n Asong munti at mahaba ang 

Pooh inter. Oroy. 
Poop V Hampasin sa puit. 
Poor a Mahirap nasalat; dukha; payat. 
Pop-n-Putok soda. 
Pop V Pumutok. 
Pope n-Ang papa. 
Popedom n Katungkulan ng papa. 
Popery n Pananampalataya sa simbahan 

Popgun n Pasiblang. 
Popin jay-w-Loro; tawonp hambog. 
Popish a Nauukol sa 6 tinuro ng papa. 
Populace n-Manga tawo sa isong lu- 

Popular a-NauukoI sa lahat ng tawo 

bagay sa karamihan ng tawo. 
Populate V Dumami ang mga tawo sa 

isang lugar. 
Population n-Manga tawo sa isang lu- 
Po pulous-a-Matawo. 
Porch n Sibi. 

Porcine-a- Nauukol sa baboy. 
Pore w-Kilabot 
Pore w-Magaral: magisip. 
Pork n Came ng baboy. 
Porker-n Babov. 
Porous a Buhaghag; mabutas. 
Porpoise n-1 agong. 
Port-n-Doongan; punduhan ng sasak- 

Portable a-Makadadala. 
Portage nPagdadala; halaga. 

Portemonnaie-n-I alagyan ng salapi. 
Portend v-Humula. 
Portent-n-Hula: tanda. 
Porter-n Utusan. kargador. 
Porterage n Upa sa kargador. 
Portfolio-n Lalagyan ng mga papeles. 
Porthole n-Hutas sa gilid ng sasakyan. 
Portiere n Tabing ng pinto. 
Portion-w-Bahagi kapiraso. 
Portionless a Di mababahagi. 
PortlyaMay katawan; mataba. 

Portmanteau n Saco de noche. 

Portrait-n Retrato; larawan. 

Portrayv Gumawa nang larawan; say- 
say in. 

Portrayal n-Pagsasaysay. 

Portress-n Babaying utusan. 

Pose v-Ayusin. ilagay sa lugar. 

Pose-n Kalagayan; tayo. 

Poser n-Bugtong. 

Positionn-Ilagay; lugar. tayo kalagayan. 

Positive a 'iotoo. tama; walaug sala; tu- 

Positive-w-Katotohanan; katunayan. 

Possess t7-Magkaroon; kamtan; roagka- 

Possession-n-Posession . 

Poasessor-n-Ang mayari. 

Possibility n Bisa: kaya. 

Possible n Mangy ay ari. 

Post n Haligi; tukod; correo. 

Post-v Ilagay sa correo. 

Postage n Bay ad sa correo. 

Postage stamp-n-Sello. 

Postal a-Nauukol sa correo. 

Postdiluvial-v Pagkatapos ng panahon 
ni Noah. 

Postern Pahayag. 

Posterior a Huli sa panahon; pagkata- 
pos huli: sa likod. 

Posteriors n-Bayawang ng hayop. 

Posterity n-Inapo: lahi: kanunuan. 

Postern-n-Pintuan sa likuran nang ba 

Post haste-n-Kadalian . 

Post man n-Ang namamahala sa correo. 

Post markn-Tanda na nakalagay sa su. 
lat ng malaman kung saan nanga- 

Post master-n- Ang namamahala sa cor- 

Postmeridian-a Sa hapon. 

Post mortem a-Pagkanamatay. 

Postoffice-n-Oficina ng correo. 

Postpone-v Ilayo: ilipat; lipatin. 

Postponement-n-Paglipat sa panahon. 

Post script-n- Ang dugtong sa isang su- 


Posy-w Bulaklak. 



Potash-n Sosa. 

Potato wPapas. 

Potency n-Kadakilaan: karilagan; ka- 
pangyarihan; kayamanan. 

Potent a Mayaman; dakila; makapang- 
yayari: marilag. 

Potentate n Hari: ang makapangyayari. 

Potential-rt Nauukol sa kapangyarihan. 

Pother-n-Gulo; kaguluhan.. 




Potion n Gamot. lagok. 

Potter-n Magtatapayan 

Potter t?-Gumawa ng tapayan. 

Pottery 71 Paggawa ng mga tapayan. 

Pouch n Supot malaking tian. 

Pouch-v Ipamulsa ipunin. 

Poultice n-Tapal 

Poultice-v Itapa). 

Poultry n Manga manok. 

Pounce n-Hulvo; kuko ng ibon. 

Ponce vHulihin. 

Pound n-Libra. 

Pound V Durugin bugbugin. dikdikin. 

Pour-t? Ibuhos; ibulusok. 

Pout t? Magtampo. ngumuso. 

Pout n Nguso tampo. 

Pouter n Ang nagtatampo. 

Piiverty n Kasalatan; kahirapan dalita; 

Powder-nPulvo. alabok alikabok. 
Powder V Dikdikin; durugin; budburin; 

Powern Kapangyarihan; kapal 
Powerful a M.ilakaS' makapangyayari; 

may kapal 
Powerless a Mahina; walang kapang- 

Practicability nCadalian gumawa. 
Practicable a Madaling gumawa gin- 

Practical a-Mangyari; madaling gumawa. 
Practice n-Kasanayan; paggamit; sa 

Practice-v Magsanay; gamitin. 
Prairie n Lupang malaki at patag. 
Praise-w-Pagpuri. paj?mamabal. 
Praise-v Purihin; Mahalin. 
Praiee worthy-a Dapat purihin. 
Prance n Lundag; lakad. 
Prance-v-Lumakad ng pahambog. 
Prank -n-Biro; tukso. 
Prank v Gumayak. 
Prate v-Magsalita ng walang kabulu 

Prate-n-Salita na walang kabuluhan. 
Prattle-n Salita na walang kabulu 

Prattle -2/ Magsalita parang bata. 
Pray-v Magdasal lumuhog. 
Prayern-Dasal luhog; panalangin; da- 

Prayer n Ang nagdadasal; towong ma 

Prayer book-w Librong dasalan. 
Prayerful a Mapagdasal. 
Preach v-Magsermon mangaral. 
Preacher-n-Ang nag^esermon. 
Preaching n Pagsesermon. 
Prebend wUpa bayad. 
Precarious-a May panganib. 

Precaution n Ingat. kaingatan. 

Precautional-a Maingat. 

Precedes Mauna; umuna. 

Precedence-n-K aunahan. 

Precedent w Ang sinundan; halimbawa; 

Precept n Utos; talunton. 

Preceptress n-Eabaying nag uutow. 

^Preceptor n Ang nag utos. 

Preceptorial a Nauukol sa utos. 

Precinct n Hario; nayon. 


Precipice n Kabnbuliran; saluysoy. 

Precipitate V Biglain; dalidaliin; ibulu- 
sok; isugba. 

Precipitate a Bigia madali dalosdalos; 
mabilis; matulin 

Precipitation-n-Kadalian; kabiglaan. 

Precipitousa Biglangbi^ia 

Precise a May hanga tunay totoo. 

Preclude-v Ifuera; ibukod; iwaksi. 

Preclusion n Pagkabukod; pagkawaksi 

Precocious a Mangahas 

Precocity n Kapangahasan. 

Preconcert * Magsalitaan. 

Precoiicert-n Salitaan. 

Precursive-a Mauna 

Precursor n Mannnula. 

Predecessorn-Ang hinalinhan. 

Pretiial a-Malupa. 

Predicable a Nauukol. 

Predicament nKapuluhan ng isip. 

Predicate v Magsj^bi 

Predication nPagsasabi. 

Predict v Humula; hulaan. 

Prediction n H ula. 

Predilection-w-Pa^'mamahal ng labis 

Preeminence-n Kadakilaan karilagan. 

Preeminent a Dakila mataas niarangal. 

Preface w-Kasaysayan sa harapan ng 
isang libro; tadhana, paunawa. 

Prefer v-Mamili; pumili. 

Preferencen-Kahiligan; kahilingan; ang 

Preferment w-Kapilian; kahilingan. 

Preferable a Dapat magalingin. 

Prefiix n-Dugtong sa una. 

Pregnancy n Kabuntisan. 

Pregnant-a Buntis. 

Prehension n Pagkuha pagdampot. 

Prejudge-v Hatulan nang hindi pa inu 

Prejudgment n Paghatol ng hindi pa 

Prejudicial a Makasisira 
Premature a Hindi pa panahon. 
Prematurity n Kaagapan 
Premeditate t? Mag wari 6 wari wariin 





Premeditation-n Bauta; wari. 
Premier o-Uunang mabuti, niagaling 
Premium-n Ganti; ganting palad; pabu- 

ya; ganting loob. 
Preparet^ Uumayak; gayakan: maghan- 

da; ipaglaan. 
Preparation n Gay ak; handa; pagban 

Preparative n Gayak handa. 
Preparatory a Nakagayak. 
Prepay vMagbayad inuna. 
Prepayment n-Pagbabayad ng hindi pa 

Preponderate r Bumigat sa iba. 
Prepositive a Nakalagay sa una. 
repossessing a Magandang loob: ma- 
Preposteriousa Hindi tama; hambog. 

rerogative w-Katowiran. 
Presage n Hula. 

Prescribe-v Maarsabi; gumamot. 
Prescription n Gamot. 
Presence n-Paharap harap. 
Present-a Nakaharap; sa harap. 
Present-n-Ginaldo bigay; salubong bi- 

yaya: regalo. 
Present-v-Magbigay; i bigay magbigay 

ng ginaldo ipagkilala; iharap. 
Presentiment n Hinala. 
Presently-a<iv. Bago maya may a; pag- 

Preservation-n Laon tagal. 
Preserve v Bantayin gumawa ng con- 

Preserves w-Concervas. 
Preside v Mamuno; mamahala. 
Presidency-n Kalagayang presidente. 
President w- Presidente 
Presidential a Nauukol sa presidente. 
Presidentship W-. atung kulang presi- 
Press-v Hapitin. higpitan ipitin; pili 

Press-n Hapitan 
Pressing-a Kailangan . 
Pressure n Hapit; kadalian; kakailangan. 
Presumption w Sapantaha; hinala. 'bin- 
tang; kabambugan kahanginan. 
Presumptive a Marahil. 
Presumptuous a Hambog palalo. 
Presuppose v Hakain. 
Presupposition n Haka. 
Pretend v-Magkonowari; magbalobalo. 
Pretense Pretence w Dahilan. pagkoko- 

nowari: sapantaha. 
Pretension n-Dahilan. katowiran 
Pretentious a Hambog mayabang. 
Preterit a Nakoraan; nangyari na. 
Pretermit v-Laktawin; maiwan. 

Pretext n Dahilan; katowiran. 
Pretty a Maganda; marikit; main am. 
Prevail v Pilitin; pumilit supilin mag 

kamit; kamtan; magkaroon 
Prevailing-a Malakas karaniwan. 
Prevalence» Kalakasan. 
Prevalent a Karaniwan: malakas. 
prevaricate v Magsinungaling. 
prevarication n Kasinungalingan. 
prevaricator n Tawong sinungaling, • 
prevent V Sowain abalahi; pigilin. 
prevention n Pagpigil; abala. 
preventive n Abala. 
previous a Nauna. 
prey n Ang ninakaw. 
prey v Nakawin. 
Price » Halaga. 
Price i^ Halagahan. 
Priceless-a Mahal na lubha. 
Prick-n Duro. 
Prick vDuruin. 
Prickle-n Hapdi. 
Prickle v Humapdi. 

Prickle a-Mahapdi ' 

Prickly heat-w Bungang araw. 
Pride n-Kapalaluan kahambugan. ka 

tampalasan. kayabangan. 
Pride-v Maghambog. magmayabang. 
Priest n Pari. 

Prig n Tawong mangahas. 
Prig V Umitim umumit. 
Prigish a Hambog; palalo; mayabang. - 
Prim-a Ayos husay. mahusay. 
Primary a-Primero naunang. 
Primate n Arzobispo. 
PrimeaUnang mainam. 
Primer n Cartilla. 
Primevial-a Naunang nauukol saunang 

Primitive a Nauukol sa kaunahan. 
Prince-n Principe anak ng har». 
Princess-M Princessa anak ng hari. 
Princely a Parang principe. dakilang- 

Principal a-Unang: totoong tunay: ma 

Principal n Puno. . 
PrincipalitywKalagayang principe. 
Principle wPamula. pinagbuhatan pa- 

raan pinagmulaan. 
PrintvMaelimbag ikintal kintalin. 
Print n-Bakas limbag; guhit. 
Printing w-Paglimbag. 
Prior a-Nauna. 
Prison n-Bilango, kalabuso. 
Prison r-Kulungin ilagay sa bilango; 

Prisoner-n Preso. 
P ri vate-o-Nagiisa. 




Privacyn-Kaisahan; pagkaisa. 
Private-fi Sundalong ultimo. 
Privateer n ii^asakyan ng tulisan dagat. 
Privatioii-n Kakailangan; kahirapan. 
Privilege-n Pahiotnlot; kapapiotnlntan; 

Privilege-t? Ipahintolot. 
Privy a Nanukol sa iang tawo lamang; 

lihim hiodi hayag. 
Prize n Gantiog palad; pabuha. 
Prike-r- Halagahan 
Probable adv. Marahil. 
Probate-n Katibayan ng testamento. 
Probations Tikhim; kasanayan; snbok. 
Prober Usipain; siyasatin. 
Probity n-K atapatan ng loob. 
Problem n Knenta. 
Problemati<»-a Nauukol sa kuenta. 
Probosis n Hong ng hayop. 
Proceed r-Sumulong; magtuloy; buma 

long: bumukal. 
Proceedings n-Gawa; batol. 
Proceeds-w Tnbo; pinagbilan. 
Proctss-n-Paraan; gawa. 
Procession-n-Procession . 
Proclaim v-Tawagin: tumawag. ipaha- 

yag. ihayag ipatalastas. 
Proclamation w Pabayag; tawag; utos. 
Proclivity-n Kahilingan; kahilingan. 
Procrastinate r Ipagluatin. 
Procrastination-n-Kaluatan; katagalan . 
Procambent a Nakadapa 
Procuration n Pagkamit: pagkakamtan. 
Procure v Magkamit; isamsam; magka 

roon: damahin. 
Procurement-n Pagkamtan; pagkamit; 

Prodigal a Burara 
Prodigaln-Tawong burara. 
Prodigality- w- Pagkaburara. 
Prodigious-a Malaki na totoo; Inbhang; 

Produce v-Gumawa; gawin; kathain; 

magkaroon; mamanga. 
Produce n Ang inani. 
Product nBunga; anomang bagay na 

Production n Pagaggawa; gawa. 
Productive a Mataba. 
Profanation nPagpaslang; kapaslangan. 
Profane a Band ay: manunungayaw. 
Profane vPaslangin; tungayawin. 
Profanity-w-Pagtutungayaw; kapas 

Profess V Magsabi: ipahayag. 
Professional a Sanay na lubha. 
Prof essorn- Professor. 
Proffer-vlabot; ialok; iaiay. 

Proffer n-Alok: balak. 
Proficiencyn-Kasanayan: Inta; kara 

Proficient-a Marunong sanay 
Proficient-fi-Tawong mamnong at sa- 
Profile n Larawan; retrato. 
Profit-n-Pakinabang; tubo. 
Profit t/ Tnmubo pakinabangtn: maki- 

Prof itable-a May pakinabang; matubo; 

bagay akma: pakinabangan: mabuti. 
Profitless a Walang tubo 6 pakina- 
Profligacy n-Kasamaan; kssiraan. 
Profiigate-a Masama. bamak. mahalay; 

walang hiya. 
Profound a Malalim. 
Profoundness-n Lalim. 
Profundity n-Kalaliman: lalim. 
Profuse a Sagana: marami. 
Prof nsen ess Profusion n-Kasaganaan: 

Progenitor n-Nuno; kanunuan. 
Progeny n Angkan: labi; kamaganakan. 
Prognostic n Tanda hula. 
Prognosticate i/Humula; bulaan. 
Program- Programme n Babala sa madia. 
Progress n Pagbuti. pagsulong. kaga- 

Progression n- Pagsulong: galing. 
Progressive-n Magpasulong; mabubuti. 
Prohibit v Magbawal; ipagbawal sowa- 

Prohibiton-n Pagbawal; pagsoway. 
Project n- Bala balak; akala; anyo. 
Project I/ Bumalak; akalain. 
Projectile n- Bala ng kanyon. 
Projection n Liko. 
Prolific a- Mamunga. 
Prolix a Matagal;malaon: maluat; bagal; 

Prolixity Prolixness n Katagalan; kalua- 

tan: kabagalan. 
Prolocutor n Taga pamagitan. 
Prolong-t/ Tumagal; itagal: luatan; hu- 

Prolongation 7»-Kaluatan. katagalan ;pag- 

tatagal: pagluluat. 
Promenade n-Pasialan. 
Promenade v-Magpasial . 
Prominence Prominency -nKadakilaan; 

karilagan; kaginoohan. 
Prominent a Dakila: marangal: mataas: 

baritog; bunyi. 
Promiscuous-rt Walang ayos; lialohalo 

hindi mahusav. 
Promise n pangako tipan: salitaan. 
Promise v-Mangangako; ipangako. 




Promontory-n Lupang mataas at maki- 

Promote v-Ipataas: umabuloy. 
Promotion-n-l agpataas abuloy. 
Prompt a Maliksi; matulin; masipag; 

nakagayak nakahanda. 
Prompt V Ibuho. isurot sa isip. 
Premptitude 1 romptness -n- Kaliksihan; 

katulinan: kasipagan 
Prone-a-Nadapa; nakadapa 
Pronominal a Nauukol sa pronombre. 
Prong-n-Dulong matulis. 
Pronoun-n- Pronombre. 
Pronounce v Wikain; Magsabi; sabihin. 
Pronunciamento n-Pahayag: paunawa. 
Pronunciation nKasaysayan; pagsasa 

Proof n Katotobanan; katunayan. 
Prop» Tukod; tungkod; abuloy. 
Prop V Ttukod tungkod; umabuloy. 
Propagate v Maghasik; niagpunla; para- 

Propagation n-Pagsulong; paghasik. 
Propensity nKagawian 6 kahilingan ng 

Proper.a Akma bagay; dapat; karampa 

tan maakma; nararapat. 
Property -n-Lu pa; ari: kayamanan. 
Prophecy «Hula. 
Prophesy v Humula: hulaan. 
Prophet n Manghuhula: mago. 
Prohetic a Nauukol sa hula. 
Propitious-a Nakahawak. 
Propitiate-z;- Patahimikin ; pahimpilin. 
'Proportion-n Ayos. 
Proportion-v Ayusin; hatiin; hiwala 

Proportional-a-Masiya matamttman. 
Proportional n Kasiyahan katamtaman. 
Propose-v Bumalak; ibalak, magturing; 

Proposal n Balak: turing. 
Proposition-n-Turing baiak. 
Propound-v-Ialok; magsaysay. 
Proprietorn-Ang mayari. 
Proprietress-w Aang may ari babayi. 
Prepriety-nKahusayan; kaayusan; ayos 
Propulsion-n Pagsulong tulak. 
Propulsive a Pasulong. 
Proscribe-t? Bintangin: ihulog sa in- 

fierno; magbigay sala. 
Proscription-n-Bintang; pagbibigay sala. 
Prose-w Karaniwang sulat. 
Prosecute v-Ihabla . 
Prosecution n Paghabla; Bagong bin- 

Prosecutorn-Ang naghahabla. 
Prospect-n-Tanawan; tingin. 
Ptdspecta Usisain: tumingin. , 
Prospection w-Paguusisa. 

Prospect U8-n Plan o . 
Prosper-i'-Gumaling; guminhawa. 
Prosperity-Tt Kaginha^ahan; galing; ka- 

galingan. ka^alan ng damdam. 
Prosperous a Magaling masaya; mabuti 
Prostitutet; Magputa; magpatutot. 
Prostitute n Hitad: puta: patntot. 
Prostitution-n Paghihitad: pagpuputa. 
Prostrate a Tib ay a: nakahiga. 
Prostrate v-Ihiga; itihaya; baliktarin. 
Prostration n Pagtitihaya; kaUingkuian; 

Protasis n-Patnugot pnnong aral. 
Protect V Ika long; kupkopin tulungin; 

tumanhilik; ipaglaban; bantayin; ipag- 

sangalang; mavtangol. 
Protection-n Kupkop. tulong andukha; 

ingat; bantay. 
Protectorn Taga tangol pintakarsi; taga 

Protege-n Tawong na sa kapangyarihan 

ng iba. 
Protest v-Dumaing, lumabau. 
Protest n Daing; paglaban. 
Protestant n-Protestante. 
Protestation n Daing. 
Protomartyr-n Kaunaunahan martir. 
Protract v Humaba; magluat. luatan; 

Protractedn-Maluat: matagal. 
Protraction-n Luat. haba; kahabaan; ka- 

luatan tagal. 
Prctrude v Sumipot; lumitaw; ilabas. 
Protuberance n Liko; bukol. 
Protuberant a Li taw: nakabukol. 
Pro tu berate v-Mamaga; bumukoL 
Protuberation-nPamamaga; bukol. 
Proud a Palalo; hambog mayabang. 
Prove V Da ma hi n; siyasatin; ibigay ang 

Provender n-Pagkain ng hayop. 
Proverb V Talinhaga; halimbawa: kasa- 

hihan kawikaan; kamkaan: patnugot. 
Proverbial a-Nauukol sa talinhaga. 
Provide v-Ibigay ang kailangan; tumu- 

long bigyan ng kailangan. 
Provided conj Kung sakali. 
Providence n Gayak; bandog: handa. 
Provident a Nakagayak; nakahanda. 
Province w-Hukuman: lalawigan. 
Provincial a Nauukol sa hukuman 6 sa 

Pravision n Paghanda; paggayak; manga 

Provision-v-Bumili ang manga pag 

Provisional a,Hangang hindi: interino. 
.Proviso n Condition: salitaan. 
Provocation wDahilan katowiran sul-sol 




Provoke v-Hmnamon; hamnnin yamii- 

tiD; magsalsol; pagalitin. udyok. 
Prow n Dalo ng sasakjan. 
Prowess n Lakas kalakasan. 
Prowl V GamapaDg 

Proximate a Kalapit malapit kasunod. 
Proximity n Kalapitan pagkastindo. 
Proximo-n Ang baang daratin?. 
Prudence n Kabaitan bait: dunong; ka 

ranimgaD toto: binahon; kabanaya 

ran tompak, taros: katalinnhan. 
Prudent a Mabinahon. mabait; mam 

nong matampak maalam; bibasa; 

matalino maingat tabimik hiroan- 

Prudential a Marnnong nangaling sa ka- 

mnnngan; mabait 
Prune r Put I in ang manga sanga nang 

Pry-r Madiwaras nsi^ain magnsisainiag- 

diwara itaas. 
Pry n Fanghuit; kadiwaraan. 
Prying a Madiwara. 
Psalm nSalm*» kantang naunkol sa 

P D 
Psalmist n Ang somulat ng mga kan 

tang nauukol sa P. Dios 
Pseudonym-!» Ngalan na bindi totoo 
Pshaw inter. Oroy ba 
Psyche-n Kaluluwa. isip 
Psycbic Psychical a Naunkol sa kalolo- 

Public a Alam ng madia; hayag; kara- 

Public-n Madia 
Publicity-n Pagkaka alam nang madia; 

alam hayag. 
Publican nManiningil. mayari nang 

Publication I» Pag limbag; tawag sa 

Publish v-Tpahayag: ipala^tas ilathala; 

Pucker n Nguso. 
Pucker r Ngumnso 
Puddle n Labak. 
Puddle tr-Lumabak. 
Pudgy a Pandak at mataba. 
Puerile-a Parang bata. 
Puerility n Kalagaysng bata. 
Puff-n Ihip ng hangin. 
Puff V TTmihip; mamanas. 
Pug-r-Tasakin ng pusali. 
Pugilism n Snntukan. 
Pugnaceous a Mapagbasagulo. 
Pugnose n-Ilong masapad. 
Pole-t; Sumiap. 
Pnke V Snmnka: magsuka. 
Pull 17 Batakin; bumatak; biwasin. bu 

miwas hilahin: bumila. 

Pulln Batak hila; biwas. 

Pullet -n-Manok. 

Pulley n Kaiooey. 

Pnlmonic-F'almonarya-Naunkol sa baga. 

Polmonic 1» Gamot sa baga. 

Pulpit n Fuipito: altar. 

Pulsate r Fumukpok; tumibok: knmaba. 

Pulsation n-E ukpok: tibok; kaba. 



Pulverization n Fagdurog; dikdikan. 

Pulverize r Dnmgin; dikdikin. 

Pump n Bomba 

Pun n Bugtong tukso. 

Punch n Suntok; surot. 

Punch V Suntukiu: sumuntok; bndlo- 

Puncheon n Pangbutas. 
Punctual a Bagay. maagap; maliksi. 
Punctuality nKaganapan; kaliksihan: 

Puncture n Butas. 
Puncture-v Butasin. 
Pnngency n Kasaklapan kapaitan. 
Pungent a Masaklap mapait. 
Punish r Farnsahin: hampasin. 
Punishable a Papat parusahin. 
Punishment n Parusa; dusa 
Punstern Tawon