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DR. SCOTT, Osteopath 

Phones : Office Chi. 150. House 2549 

38-39 Frazier BIdg., Aurora, 11(33 







E. R. IV^ORAS, M, D. 


Graduate of Harvard University Medical School '88; of 

College of Physicians and Surgeons (Chicago) '89; 

Formerly House Physician and Surgeon in Cook 

County Hospital (Chicago), Professor of 

Obstetrics College of Physicians and 

Surgeons (Chicago). Member of 

Chicago Medical Society, etc. 



'To understand your Ailments 
is to know how to Cure them.''' 

Copyright, 1910, 


Highland Park, 111. 

^0 the Moulder of my Character, the 
Mentor and Critic of my Works, the 
Maker of my Home; 

my Friend and Companion and Wife 
— Anna Leonora Stamm-Moras — 
Autology is Dedicated. 


Cell-matter is the only Cure-matter — 

Mind is not cell-matter, 

Therefore, Mind does not cure Matter. 

As Time and Space are mere conveni- 
ences of Cosmic Matter, so Mind and 
Thought are mere incidences of Cell 



Many years ago, on a spring morning, I was driving 
through the country to see a sick baby. Among the 
trees that Hned the roadway I espied beautiful prim- 
roses. As I stood feasting my senses on them I won- 
dered why these flower-babies of Nature had no need 
for doctors or nurses, whereas human babies had ! 

I picked a fev/ of the flowers and hurried to my pa- 
tient. The little fellow was very feverish and delirious. 
He was panting rather than breathing, for he was 
dying of double pneumonia ; had been dying for some 
days, so the mother stated. 

As I stood by the cradle side the mother pleaded, 
"O, doctor, can you save my boy?" I replied, "I think 
so, with your help." My reason for answering encour- 
agingly was owing partly to self-reliance based on ex- 
perience and partly because I had just witnessed and 
understood how sunshine and balmy breezes and re- 
freshing moisture had coaxed primroses from seeming" 
death into healthy, beautiful blossoms. 

Holding up the few primroses I asked the woman if 
flowers would grow and develop without sunshine, and 
she said no. I asked her if sickly blossoms would re- 
vive without air and rain (or water) and she said no, 
and I asked her if roses would thrive in stuffy rooms 


and she said no. Then I asked, "How do you expect 
God or Nature to break all natural laws and perform 
a miracle just for your child when you keep him away 
from vitalizing light and air and water during the in- 
clement months of the year? Your child's body has 
stored away as best it could the chemical impurities 
which you have compelled him to breathe and drink 
and eat during these many past months, and so do you 
wonder why Nature is now burning and ridding itself 
of the poisonous waste or rubbish, as you do at house- 
cleaning time? For reasons that are obvious Nature 
has chosen the infant's lungs to build a bonfire in and 
reduce the body poisons to ashes." 

That anybody should die of acute or infectious dis- 
eases or fevers (excluding none) is indeed a sad refles- 
tion on the intellectual status of the patient or the 
family or the community. And there is absolutely no 
excuse for any one to die of "complications" or to 
recover with "relics" cf disease. 

There is no such thing as an incurable disease, al- 
though certain diseases do reach a stage where treat- 
ment may become powerless, as during certain stages 
of cancer, pyemia and consumption ; but these diseases 
have periods lasting from days to months during which 
they are curable. 

Even at the risk of diminishing the scientific and 
"business" value of this work, I have injected a rather 
"personal" and "smarting" serum in its most "fleshy" 
parts. Should the "injected" material smart for a mo- 
ment or two, kindly bear with it for the sake of the 
results desired and sure to follow. 




The word is derived from the Greek "Autos," mean- 
ing Self, and "Logos," meaning Treatise. Hence 
Autology is the science which treats of Self, as Biol- 
ogy is the science which treats of Life. 

The two terms — Autology and Biology, though re- 
lated — are not synonymous. 

The basis of Autology is the physical Self — the Ego 
or You after it has appeared ready-made in this ready- 
made physical or material world. 

Autology asks and answers only one question — 
namely, How does the Ego (or You) manage to stay 
What and Where it is? Which, incidentally, leads to 
asking and answering: How does the Ego (or You) 
manage to stay Well or to get Sick in staying what 
and where it is? 

Looking sharply at these two questions, it becomes 
evident that, as the second question is "incidental" to 
the first, so the "managing to stay well or to get sick" 
is incidental to the "managing to stay here." 

Therefore, Autology as a Science has an incidental 
offspring as a Practice — a "practice" which enables 


8 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

the "sick" Ego (or You) to "manage" back to its 
*'well" self. 

This practice I have called Autopathy. 

Autopathy is the Art of Curing Thyself, and Autol- 
ogy is the Science of Studying Thyself. But in the 
well defined sense of Curing Thyself physically as you 
know Thyself physically. 

Self-science and Self-sickness, or Autology and 
Autopathy, bear the same relation to one another that 
Health and Disease bear to one another. 

You cannot divorce Health from Sickness, in 
thought or fact, as you cannot cancel either one ex- 
cept through the other. As health gets herself sick so 
she's got to get herself well — doing it through sick- 
ness; and as sickness gets herself well she's got to 
do it through health. 

Therefore, it is the duty of Autology to tell you how 
you get to be sick as well as how you manage to be 
well; and it is the duty of Autopathy to tell you how 
to get well again w^hen you manage to get sick. 

I purpose to prove to you that Sickness is caused 
by the identical-same physical elements and chemical 
compounds that cause Health; and, furthermore, I 
purpose to prove to you that Health always restores 
itself with or through the identical-same physical ele- 
ments and chemical compounds that produce Sick- 

As you contemplate the simpleness but comprehen- 
siveness of my Autologic Theory, do not permit your 
thoughts to alight on the dead branch of a' revived 
ancient notion. It has become quite the fashion to 
propound as new the hypothesis that "there is only 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 9 

one disease," and that this one disease is due to *'a 
blood poison" or to "blood impurities" or to "foreign 
matters" in the system. If you please, what about the 
"humours" of pre-medical days? The minds that ex- 
pressed their conception of disease by ascribing it tc 
the presence and action of "humours" were by far 
saner and nearer the truth than are the new-thoughted 
minds that substitute the words "impurities," "poi- 
son" or "foreign matters" for "humours." 

I am not propounding anything as vague as the 
"humour" hypothesis, nor as irrational as the "blood- 
poison" or "foreign-matter" delusion; although I am 
compelled to use those words occasionally. 

I am not endeavoring to prove that there is only one 
disease, nor admitting that there are many diseases; 
because the word "disease" has no definite meaning 
accepted by all who utter it, and because the concep- 
tion of disease is inseparable from the conception of 
health; and because, to my mind, the conception of 
health and disease is not a dual conception. It (or 
they) and livingness are actually and really but three 
phases or aspects of the same concept — and that is liv- 
ing matter. 

Livingness unifies Health and Disease and union- 
izes the "signs" of the one with the "symptoms" of 
the other — under the same Factor-Head, and thus es- 
tablishes a rational common basis or process for both. 

All living things are made up of one or many cells. 
A cell is a microscopically visible compartment of liv- 
ing substance, having the form of a chamber of a 
sponge or honeycomb. Our blood, tissues and organs 

lo A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

are made up of a multitude of such cells, so tiny that 
they are not visible to the naked eye. The cells which 
compose plants and fruits are put up in the same way 
that ours are, and their physical and chemical constit- 
uents are the same as ours. Moreover, the cells of our 
brains contain the same identical substances or bodies 
that the cells of our kidneys or muscles and other 
organs do, only the arrangement and proportion of the 
molecules or infinitesimal particles vary. 

All cells consist of a fluid called "serum," in which 
float more or less finely ground particles or "gran- 
ules" of living m.atter called "protoplasm." In this 
cell-fluid is also found a smaller cell (or several) called 
"nucleus." The most active or "live" bodies or gran- 
ules exist in the nucleus or nuclei of the cells. The 
cells of different organs or tissues vary in shape, but 
not in structure or function. What is true of the con- 
stitution or make-up and function of the cells of the 
brain is equally true of the make-up and function of 
the kidney or ovary. The products of the changes and 
exchanges taking place betv>/een the constituents of 
the cells and those of the blood alone are different; 
that is, stomach cells produce stomach cells and gas- 
tric juice, whereas brain cells produce brain cells and 
cerebral fluid (or juice). 

The nucleus may be called the heart of the cell and 
the serum and protoplasm its blood and food. When 
we v/ish to refer to a whole cell, or to a nucleus or to 
any microscopically visible bodies that make up blood, 
tissues or organs we speak of "form.-elements." When 
we wish to refer to the purely fluid substances in the 
body, such as blood serum and lymph, whether inside 

Au top a thy — Cure Thyself ii 

or outside of the cells, we speak of "nutritive" or "cir- 
culating media." It is important that you should un- 
derstand that just as air and water and soil contain 
our nourishment so the gases and fluids and solids of 
serum and protoplasm in and around the cells and 
nuclei contain their nutriment or vital constituents in 
health and in disease. 

The active or "live" bodies or granules of the nu- 
cleus are nourished by the constituents of the serum 
of the cell-protoplasm, which in turn derives its nour- 
ishment from the blood serum and the lymph; and 
also by the same cell-protoplasm or serum are the by- 
products and waste materials of the living granules of 
the nucleus assimilated, and then passed over to the 
blood or lymph vessels or currents. 

Whatever the serum and protoplasm get from air, 
water, foods or poisons the nucleus must accept, and 
v/hatever the nucleus throws off or discharges as ob- 
jectionable or waste the protoplasm or serum or lymph 
must accept and remove. Nucleus and protoplasm live 
and behave like married couples, with the same happy 
or unhappy results. 

The substance of the cells as a whole is largely liq- 
uid. The solid bodies that make up our cells, blood 
and flesh are divided into "proteid" (fleshy) and "min- 
eral." The proteid matter is called "organic"; the 
mineral, "inorganic." That distinction is artificial, for 
both not only exist together in solution in the serum 
and form-elements of the blood and cells, but also in 
firm and permanent combination in the real "live" 
granular "proteid" matter of the nucleus or heart of 
the cells. None of the fluids or cells of the body can 

12 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

live when deprived of either one or the other. The so- 
called inorganic (mineral) are fully as essential to liv- 
ingness and growth, as well as to health and recovery, 
as the organic (proteid). 

Therefore we cannot live or grow or get well with- 
out appropriating and assimilating what plants derive 
from beneath and above the ground surface. We thrive 
in identically the same way on the same elements of 
the same air, light, water and foods, and like them we 
remain healthy as long as we get the right quality and 
admixture; but like them we wither or get sick when 
we appropriate too little or too much of either or both 
kinds of foods. 

The things which keep the purely proteid or fleshy 
substance of our blood and tissues healthy, or prevent 
it from souring or decomposing, are the inorganic or 
mineral constituents — 'elements that we neither taste 
nor smell nor chew. For the most part they get into 
our blood and organs unrecognized by our senses with 
air, water and foods. Hence health is greatly a matter 
of haphazard with nearly everybody. That is why 
most children experience the afflictions of diseases of 
childhood, and people of other ages suffer from one or 
another impaired or disordered function, or succumb 
to severer diseases, such as appendicitis, pneumonia, 
consumption, typhoid fever, pleurisy, kidney disease, 
nervous ailments, insanity, and so forth. 

Blood and flesh will sour or rot inside as well as out- 
side of the body unless it is "preserved" in some way. 
You can't "embalm" live kidneys or livers or brains, 
but Nature can. To do so the blood must be supplied 
with the right kind and proportion of the inorganic- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 13 

vital constituents which prevent or check fermentation 
or decomposition of cellular substance and products. 
To remain well or to regain normal health the blood 
and organs must ever be supplied from air, water and 
soil with the right variety and proportion of those in- 
organic constituents, or natural remedies, which com- 
bine with the normal or abnormal products, or poison- 
ous organic acids, which organs and germs and fer- 
ments manufacture in health as well as in disease. 

Therefore: The "living" cell-matter contains the 
only "living" cure-matter. 

All cells — well or sick — are fundamentally "one in 
structure and in function," as all bricks are. So, all 
cell-cure must be fundamentally one in structure and 
in function. 

When your lungs are sick — who or what does the 
repairing or curing — if not the lung-cells themselves? 

And with what — if not with air, water and the 
"detoxicating" food constituents? 

Let us pass to sick kidneys — who or what does their 
repairing or curing — if not the kidney-cells them- 
selves with the same elements of the same air and 
water and foods which lung-cells, or any other cells, 
utilize, or cure themselves with, when they are in the 
same predicament? 

If, then — there is but one fundamental "healthy" 
structure and function of cells (organs and tissues) ; 
and, but one fundamental "sickly" structure and func- 
tion of cells (organs and tissues) — why should there 
be more than one fundamental cure? There isn't. 

And that cure is of nature-made and of nature- 
preordained, and resides in the cell-matter, unknown 

14 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

as life, but recognized as function, in the heart-gran- 
ules of the tissue-cells. 

It is that thing, which we call "function or nutri- 
tion," which enables a kidney-cell to manufacture kid- 
ney-tissue and urine with the same air and water and 
food-stuffs with which brain-cells manufacture brain- 
tissue and thoughts. 

The idea of believing that "contraries cure con- 
traries," or that "likes cure likes," or that "mind cures 
matter" — ! 

Drowning is cured by air- 
Asphyxiation is cured by air — 

Drowning is caused by water — 

Asphj^xiation is caused by gas — liquids — solids — 

Is air "contrary" or "similar" to water or gas — or 

It's air — and that's all it is. 

And, without it, as air, no living thing — mind and 
matter — can cure itself. 

Likewise with water and food. 

On that one, simple, fundamental truth is Autology 

Autology is the offspring of the conception that 
Health is one; that Sickness is one; that Cure is one; 
that Livingness, Health, Sickness, Cure and Death are 
One — as Electricity, Light, Heat, Motion and Potency 
are One. 

It is impossible to conceive of sickness, or of cure, 
without some "health." Therefore, the "some" health 
becomes the cure of the "some" sickness. Or, the 
cell's own health cures the cell's own sickness. 

In other words, the well, or partly well, cells of an 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 15 

organ or tissue cure their own sick, or partly sick, 
cells. But, neither the well nor the sick cells of an 
organ or tissue can cure the sick or partly sick cells of 
another organ or tissue. For instance, lung cells can- 
not cure the sick cells of a liver or kidney or muscle or 
bone, etc., or vice versa. 

Nor can anything help to cure a sick cell (organ or 
tissue) unless that something is itself dis-organized 
and then re-organized in the countless cells of the vari- 
ous functionating tissues and circulating fluids of the 
organism, before being dis-organized and re-organized 
again by the well and the sick cells of the ailing organ 
or tissue. 

But — as air is air, and as such is not a cure ; and, as 
water is water, and as such is not a cure ; and as food 
is food, and as such is not a cure — therefore, "cure" is 
not a thing that exists outside of, or distinct from, the 
particular tissue-cells in whose "bosom" it (the cure) 
originally was (preformed and preordained by Nature) 
and is again re-formed with the elements derived from 
air, water, light and foods. 

Hence — "contraries" do not cure "contraries"; 
"likes" do not cure "likes"; "mind" does not cure 
"matter" — but self cures itself. In other words. Na- 
ture-made "living" matter cures its own self with self- 
made and self-same matter. 

That's the Rational and Scientific Basis of Autology 
and Autopathy. 


(Race Culture.) 

Eugenics is that doctrine of Anthropology, the Study 
of Man, which teaches race-culture, or the raising of 
good human-stock. 

Comparatively little other attention, than to the 
moulding of features and of frames, have scientists 
here or abroad devoted in studying the relation which 
diet and hygiene bear to the development and improve- 
ment of human-stock. 

Science is apt to begin its investigations and experi- 
ments at the wrong end. Thus eugenists, or race- 
culturists, are endeavoring to determine the effects 
of diet and climate and environments on the "forma- 
tive influences" which tend to change or modify the 
featural or physiognomical types of families and indi- 
viduals, or which occasion peculiarities and aberra- 
tions in the mould and physical characteristics of, for 
instance, the nose, the chin, the mouth, the ears, etc. 

Thus, taking the Jew's nose as an illustration, Schu- 
f eldt says : "Nature's provision of a nose for the sense 
of smell, and the life of the Jew in the foul Ghettos, 
and amidst a thousand unnamable Oriental odors, is 
largely responsible for the Hebraic physiognomy. 
Where the air has not to be well filtered before it 
passes into the lungs, or where the sense of smell is 
not outraged, we have the open nostril of the Russian 
peasant, the negro, and the Esquimaux." 


Autopathy — Cure Thyself 17 

Then, Fauconberg reports: "A recent writer has 
noticed the greater chin and jowl of Americans, which 
marks them even in early infancy, and in his opinion 
is due to a too starchy diet," 

It has often been observed that good habits and 
wholesome foods enable a facially degenerated family 
to raise offsprings of strong and beautiful features. 

Now, the chief aim of scientists should not be to de- 
termine or to "record" the mere fact that certain effects 
or changes are produced in the mould of the nose, or 
chin, or mouth of individuals — under wholesome and 
unwholesome environments ; but it should be to group 
all observed effects under two classes, the normal type 
and the abnormal type, and to refer each class to the 
physical factors which determine its typical character- 
istics — not so much its featural or outwardly visible 
peculiarities of beauty or ugliness, but its qualitative 
brainal or cerebral, cellular or protoplasmic, constitu- 
tion. In short, let us trace featural and physiognom- 
ical results or effects of diet and environments to the 
fabric or makeup of brain substance — as determined 
by the formative influences of feeding and breeding. 
Or, better yet, let us concentrate our efforts to the 
feeding and breeding of brains with a view to influ- 
ence the formation and control the development of 
brain convolutions — thereby insuring not alone the 
production of the most superb types of frames and 
features, but also the incubation of the highest grade 
of intelligence. 

Such is the object of Autology. 

As the brain and the intelligence of any race, of any 
family, of any individual is of greater importance tha* 

1 8 Auto logy — Study Thyself 

are their noses and smells, so the doctrine of how to 
raise brains and incubate mind with foodstuffs deserves 
more attention than that of influencing noses or chins. 

As a result of observation we know certain things 
about the "starchy" and the "onion" chin, the "potato" 
lip, the "smoker's" ears, the "sugar" mouth, the "tea- 
drinker's" teeth, the "city-dweller's" long-head, the 
"strenuous-life" type of face, etc. ; but little or no jus- 
tice has been done to the effects or influence of diet 
in moulding the brain and producing a high order of 
mental characteristics. 

It is one thing to focus scientific efforts to the ac- 
quisition of knov/ledge whereby we are able to under- 
stand and regulate the process of the digestion and 
assimilation of various foods in the alimentary canal, 
but it is quite another to penetrate deeper for the pur- 
pose of understanding and regulating the same proc- 
esses as they occur within the inmost recesses or 
hearts of the cells which constitute vital organs. In 
other words, brain "eupeptics," or the study of what 
constitutes good digestion and assimilation within the 
vacuole-stomachs of the brain cells themselves, should 
supersede the study of stomach or bowel digestion. As 
physiologists have transferred their investigations of 
the chemistry of digestion and absorption, from the 
stomach and bowel cavities, to the cellular vacuoles or 
cavities of the solid tissues, so should students of 
eugenics transfer their investigations of physical 
changes effected by diet and climate, on the facial or 
physiognomical characteristics of the individual, to 
the changes effected by diet and environments on the 
brainal or intellectual characteristics of the individuaL 

A ut op a thy — Cure Thyself xg 

It is unquestionably interesting to learn of "the 
beautiful nasal organ of Charles Dickens and the splen- 
did chin of Napoleon," but how much more educating 
and helpful it would be to determine the physical 
"how" and "what" which made it possible for "form- 
ative influences" to mould Dickens' and Napoleon's 
brain convolutions, and evolve intellectual character- 
istics, with such incidental results as Napoleonic chins, 
etc. Nature does nothing haphazardly. Utility is Na- 
ture's guide. She demonstrates this truth in forming 
noses, ears, mouths, fingers, etc., as well as fins and 
webs and wings; and, when forced, through environ- 
ments or nourishment, to utilize unsuitable physical 
elements, she does not refuse to turn out noses, ears, 
chins, etc. — but she gives these some peculiar size or 
shape or characteristic, called "degenerate" types or 

All "degenerate" types of face or features are due to 
the violation of the laws of Nature^-of those laws 
which compel us to have light, air, water and foods; 
but which leave it optional with us as regards utilizing 
"artificial" or "natural" kinds of light, air, water and 

If "artificial" or degenerate ways of living, eating 
and drinking produce such marked variations or aber- 
rations of nose, or chin, or mouth, or ear- — then is it to 
be wondered at that the same artificial conditions also 
produce marked variations or aberrations of brain- 
matter and "mental" and moral products? 

Personally, I prefer to let noses, chins, mouths, ears 
and toes take care of themselves, and to devote my at- 
tention to brains — but to brains in the physical sense — 

20 Autology — Study Thyself 

fully convinced by actual observation that when brain- 
matter is adequately and carefully fed and bred, in the 
sense that horses are fed and bred, all other tissue- 
matters and sense-organs are bound to be "beautiful" 
and "splendid" — the best and finest of their type. 

I know of one specimen whose featural and physiog- 
nomical and brainal and intellectual and physical char- 
acteristics are amply sufficient of themselves to con- 
vince the most skeptical mind that there is something 
in this new autologic doctrine of feeding and breeding 
brains and intelligence in children and others as you 
feed and breed "stock" in horses, etc. And, finally, 
that there is next to nothing in heredity. 

A robin redbreast does not fetch summer along, but 
his presence in your garden is sure proof that others 
are coming from the same direction and in the same 
manner; so, likewise, I infer that the presence in my 
garden of a thoroughbred brain, mind and body is sure 
proof that others should be forthcoming in other fami- 
lies from the same direction and in the same manner. 
Such is the heart and brain and soul wish of the 


It's gotten to be no trick at all to raise thirty-thou- 
sand-dollar "pinks," or fifty-thousand-dollar horses, or 
billion-dollar trusts — but it still is the toughest 
proposition in the world to raise anything better than 
thirty-cent brains. Why? Because: People will 
learn to feed hogs or cabbages or puppies, but they 
don't care a darn how they feed their offspring. 

Anybody can raise gas in dough, which is like rais- 
ing mind in brain ; but just as yeast and fermentation 
do not produce bread, so mind and education do not 
produce brains. 

It takes air, light, water and food-stuffs to manufac- 
ture brains and mind, as it does to manufacture livers 
and bile, kidneys and urine. 

The best part of it is that it is quite as cheap and 
easy to feed a child stuff that goes to the making of 
brains and mind as it is to feed it "truck" that goes to 
the making of liver and bile, or kidney and urine. 

Listen! Suppose some one wants to "raise" a big 
liver or flatulous belly — it's no trick, is it? Why, then, 
should it be to "raise" a big brain and brilliant mind? 

You raise the first two by breathing, drinking and 
eating liver- and bile-producing air, beverages and 
dishes; so, you can raise the last two by breathing, 


22 Autology — Study Thyself 

drinking and eating brain- and mind-producing air> 
beverages and dishes. And, what beats all, is that the 
air and drinks and foods which produce the best 
brands of gray matter and intelligence are the same 
that produce the finest quality of liver and bile, of kid- 
neys and urine, of lungs and blood, of stomachs and 
gastric juice, and so forth. But, on the other hand, 
the air and drinks and foods which produce the bulki- 
est and bile-fullest livers, the biggest and urine-fullest 
kidneys, the pouchiest and slime-fullest stomachs, are 
the air and drinks and foods which produce the meas- 
liest and most brainless minds. 

So long as the air which surrounds people is cooked 
and done up with a view to petting skins or notions, 
and so long as drinks and foods are chosen to tickle 
the palate and prepared to snug up v.7aist-bands, so 
long shall people be able to raise thoroughbred horses, 
dogs and hogs, and prize-winning fruits and flowers 
and " 'taters," but shan't for the life of them be able 
to raise thoroughbred or pedigreed children. 

To make a three-year story short, and in order to 
give you a "model" from which to cast any number 
of like products, permit me to relate an experiment in 
"raising" brains in a boy's head. 

I do not ask any reader to "believe" what I write, 
but I do want every reader to "understand" what I 
state and explain. If I told you that I had been "ex- 
perimenting" with American Beauty roses, and had 
succeeded in raising the finest yet, as was done with 
the Lawson carnation, you would see no reason why 
you should disbelieve me, for I would have "the" rose 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 23 

to show you. Well, Autology and I have been in- 
strumental in raising or growing the finest specimen of 
American Brain in the head of a boy whose health and 
development have been entrusted to me. 

And, as I foresaw, his mind and his bile and his 
urine and his bowels and his juices and his looks and 
his physique, and everything else about him, has 
taken care of itself, as the stems and leaves and petals 
and colors and fragrance of the sturdy American 
Beauty rose do, so long as the intelligent and watchful 
brain of the gardener studies and tends to the wants 
of the plant. 

The boy is just 3 years old. He has never had a sus- 
picion even of an ailment or a cold, though "exposed" 
in every conceivable way to "colds" and contagious dis- 
eases of children; though allowed to play bareheaded 
in the hottest of sunny days, and to play bareheaded 
in the coldest of bleaky days. But an intelligent 
mother's eye is ever focused on him, and an intelligent 
mother's brain is ever attending to his L. A. W. F. — 
which, you know, means light, air, water and food. 

He has never "been taught" or "been thoughted" 

He speaks and understands three languages, and 
thinks in the three languages. Do you realize fully 
what that means? He thinks in the three languages! 
In other words, his brain cells (not his mind) possess 
and exude the "smartness" of the Yankee, "I'esprit" 
of the French, and the "Gemiitlichkeit" of the Ger- 
man. And those he owns as his own, untaught and 
unborrowed and unthoughted — but simply because he 

24 Autology — Study Thyself 

has been fed the physical elements of light, air, water, 
foods and example, which elements reach his brain- 
matter by way of his hair and nose and stomach and 
eyes and ears; and which elements are organized in 
and by his brain-cells into their own physical and men- 
tal products and by-products— not in and by his par- 
ents', but in and by his own. 

Not into liver "goods," but into brain "goods." And 
not by or through or from heredity, either. Of course, 
he wasn't born a cabbage ; nor is he being fed or bred 
like one. He's just a well-moulded and well-balanced 
casting of flesh and blood, of brain and brawn. Not 
cultured ; just nurtured. But his head is more in evi- 
dence than his belly ; and his facial expression conveys 
far more than truth and fiction ever could. 

Were it not that public environments and prevail- 
ing ideas are so unfavorable, and must ever be guarded 
and fought against with tooth and nail, how perfectly 
easy, simple and feasible that achievement could be 
duplicated by any one. The trouble is not because of 
expense or difficulty in supplying any child, of any 
parents, with the material elements and foods neces- 
sary to develop superior brain-cells, but it is because 
of the watchfulness required to prevent those brain- 
cells from "snapping" pictures of dusty, cobwebby, 
streaky, smutty things through sight or sound or feel. 

A child's spongy brain soaks in and photographs 
every gross and minute detail of every look and sound 
and behaving, without the least bit of regard as to 
whether the stuff or picture is good, bad or indiffer- 
ent. And it assorts them into albums, or pastes them 
in scrapbooks, to exhibit or refer to later. And just as 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 25 

it is almost heart-rending to part with old pictures, 
however tintypy they may be, so it is almost brain- 
rending to part with old notions or impressions. 

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. But what 
bends or what straightens the brain? It is quite imma- 
terial by what physical or mental name you call that 
"what," so long as you understand and know that by 
"food" I mean everything and anything which reaches 
the child's brain through his nose and mouth and hair, 
as well also as I mean everything which reaches the 
child's brain through his eyes and ears and fingers 
or skin. 

You "think" you quite comprehend what I mean, 
but I'm not sure that you do. Because it is the pre- 
vailing and accepted notion that it is proper to concen- 
trate and focus all public and individual energies to 
the implanting of knowledge into children's minds, 
overlooking the simple fact that you can't impress or 
implant pictures on barefaced or blurred or smudged 
plates of glass. 

My first contention is to forget that a child has a 
mind — ^which he hasn't got ready-made at birth — but 
that he has a brain — which he has got ready-made at 
birth — and never, never to forget forgetting the first, 
and never forgetting to remember the second. 

My second contention is that any child's brain shall 
manufacture the highest grade of brain-juice (which 
you call mind), as any child's stomach and liver and 
kidneys shall manufacture the highest grade of gastric 
juice and bile and urine, if you but feed the child 
properly, with your eyes and eeirs and mind focused 
on and into his brain-marrow. 

26 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

Understand me well, please. I mean that there is 
no more sense in teaching a child's mind anything 
whatsoever, with the idea that that something is going 
to produce knowledge in that child's mind or brain, 
any more than there would be sense in pouring bile 
into a child's stomach with the idea that that bile was 
going to produce bile or liver in that child's body. I 
mean that the first principle and practice of Autology, 
or of Common Sense, is to feed the child's brain- 
matter through the child's nose and mouth and hair 
first and alvv lys, and only incidentally through his eyes 
and ears. His tongue and fingers and feet will do the 
rest without any coaxing. 

You can't teach a child to walk, although you can 
help to make him bov/-legged. You can't teach a child 
to think, except bow-leggedly. You can feed "walk- 
ing" into a child's legs, and so can you feed "think- 
ing" into a child's brain. You can no more think a 
thought into his head than you can think a walk into 
his legs. You can watch or guide his walking appara- 
tus, as you can watch or guide his thinking apparatus ; 
but the moment you overstep this limit,, in walking, 
that moment you invite bumps and bloody noses ; and 
so, in thinking, you invite chumps and silly notions. 

Withal, I haven't said a word about the boy's in- 
stinctive, intuitive reasoning faculty, which certainly 
is the direct product of natural digestion c~ reaction 
as it occurs in his brain-cells; for at the age of two 
he was already capable of squelching his father with 
the force and sense of his replies and arguments. Did 
he learn or inherit those replies and arguments? Never. 
Did he ever hear them before? Never. To illustrate: 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 27 

He was barely two years old at the time. His father 
was busy reading. The child was talking and bother- 
ing him. Snappingly, his father said: "Ruhig!" 
("Keep quiet.") To which the baby deliberately and 
sternly remarked : "Karlchen ne peut pas parler avec 
ses pieds." ("Karlchen can't talk with his feet.") By 
which he meant that you can't think with your liver or 


There is the making of a "thinking" chicken in the 
yolk of an egg. 

By whom? By the constituents of the "yellow" and 
"white" and shell. 

Through what? Through "incubating" heat. 

How? Let us see. 

A yolk is not "alive" with blood, or flesh, or bones, 
or feathers, or brains; nor is it "mentalized" with 
thoughts — before it is incubated and hatched. And 
what constitutes "incubating" or "hatching"? Merely 
this: Heating — a certain degree and duration of it — 
sets in motion the "functions" of the chemical "or- 
ganic" compounds which compose egg-yolk, as wind- 
ing sets in motion the mechanism of a watch ; and the 
egg, unalive and unmentalized, begins to breathe. 
Yes, begins to "breathe." 

The "incubated" egg actually inhales oxygen and 
exhales carbonic acid gas as plants and animals do; 
and perspires vapor or moisture through its shell-coat 
as we do through our skin. 

28 Autology— Study Thyself 

Day by day, the activity or motion of the yolk-chem- 
icals increases and "attracts" the chemicals of the 
"white" and of the shell — and behold ! a brain, as well 
as feathers, appears into the world of "human" incu- 

What's happened? Nothing much, apparently — but 
a chicken has been "hatched"; because heat-motion 
helped to start motion of a given kind, called breath- 
ing, inside of the egg-shell. If that heat, or the lack 
or excess of some "degrees" of it, had started another 
kind of motion, called "fermentation," inside of that 
same egg-shell — as often happens — the outcome or 
product would have been rot and stench instead of 
brain and mind. Wouldn't it? 

Deprived of oxygen and moisture inside and outside 
of the shell, deprived of albuminoids inside and out- 
side of the yolk; without phosphorus and minerals in 
the substance and shell ; v/ithout fats and cerebrine and 
cholesterine and lecithin in the yellow : would the "par- 
ent" elements, called Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and 
Hydrogen, have organized themselves into blood, 
flesh, bones, feathers and brain? 

What then has occurred? Nothing much apparent- 
ly ; but heat started "function" or breathing in the egg- 
yolk; heat awakened or wound up the "still" mechan- 
ism of organized matter, thereby setting in motion cer- 
tain physical elements which moisture and minerals 
and albuminoids maintained until blood and flesh be- 
came "animated" with instinct — another form of mo- 
tion — which led its owner to fracture the eggshell that 
the chicken might wiggle out into surroundings con* 
taining vaster stores of heat, moisture, minerals, albu- 
minoids — and daylight, besides. 

Autopa thy— -Cure Thyself 29 

No one assumes that "instinct" causes the egg to 
"breathe" or to turn into a "brainy" or mentalized 
chick — unless one means that physical "affinity" or 
chemical "tension" (motion) is synonymous with "in- 

No one claims that "mind" causes the egg-shell to 
inhale oxygen and exhale carbonic acid gas; or makes 
the yolk absorb, digest and assimilate the "white" 
and organize itself into the form of an "embryo" and 
then into that of a live "thinking" chicken — unless one 
means that "affinity" or "tension" between physical 
or chemical elements and compounds is synonymous 
with "mind." 

So there we are — either chicken-instinct or mind is 
simply a mode or form of physical or chemical motion, 
or it's nothing; either instinct or mind exists fully 
formed in the "dormant" raw yolk we eat, or it is actu- 
ally and only the outcome of chemistry pure and sim- 
ple — of physical or chemical action and reaction, as 
heat and light and electricity are. 

It is self-evident that "thinking" does not exist or 
operate in the unbrained or unhatched yolk any more 
than in the "unhatched" fecundated human ovum (or 
imborn fetus). And, though not so obvious, it is none 
the less correct to assume that the chicken's real in- 
stinct (thinking) is not aroused or initiated before or 
until the cramping of its habitat (shell) interferes me- 
chanically with its movements and further develop- 

That which we ascribe to instinct in the chicken is 
nothing else than the outcome or expression of physi- 
cal or chemical motion acting against resistance or 
with affinity. 

30 Autology — Study Thyself 

It is generally taken for granted that the function 
called "respiration" supposes the agency of brain or 
mind in the being or "live" thing that breathes; and 
this is because it was not formerly known that plants 
breathe as we do, and owing to the fact that very few 
scholars are even now aware that an egg breathes and 
actually starts to become a "mentalized" chicken by 
inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbonic acid gas as 
new born babies start to become "mentalized" in- 

That which starts or "incubates" breathing in the 
egg is also that which starts and incubates thinking 
or mind in that same egg — as well as in any other va- 
riety of egg, be it a bird's, or fish's, or man's. 

One doesn't have to stretch imagination to any de- 
gree to perceive that there is considerable resemblance 
between the "human" head with its "gray" and 
"white" matter and the "egg"-head with its "yellow" 
and "white" substances. Furthermore, each brain-cell 
is virtually an egg composed of a shell called cell-wall, 
and a white called protoplasm, inclosing a "yellow" 
called nucleus — ^the core or heart of the brain-egg. 

Investigation of "procreative" cells in the male and 
female reveals the same makeup. Besides, it is well- 
known that the chemical constituents of brain-yolks, 
and of "generative" yolks, and of egg-yolks are alike 
and the same; and, that even the proportions of the 
various compounds forming these various "yolks" are 
quite similar. 

Now, then, if the "yellow" of a hen-egg can start 
or attend to its own breathing and eventually evolve 
its own brain which starts and attends to its own 

Autopathy —Cure Thyself 31 

thinking business: why should we have to resort to 
the assumption that an incubated ("fecundated") hu- 
man egg (ovum) doesn't know enough to originate 
and maintain its own breathing and eventually evolve 
a brain which starts and attends to its own thinking? 

Why resort to the needless, not to say absurd, as- 
sumption that it is "mind" in human skulls that does 
the thinking when we know that it is the "yellov^" in 
a hen-egg that does the breathing, or a pair of lung- 
bellows and not "respiration" inside of human chests 
that does the breathing? 

Does Respiration, a mere rhythmical motion, "incu- 
bate" lungs or "hatch" breathing? Or is it not the 
chemical constituents or contents of lung-cells (or 
lung-eggs) which originate and maintain that form of 
mechanical motion called "respiration"? 

Does Mind, a mere rhythmical motion (memory and 
reason) "incubate" brains or "hatch" thinking? Or is 
it not the chemical constituents or contents of brain- 
cells (or brain-eggs) which originate and maintain that 
form of physical motion called "mental"? 

Breathing is not transformable into "live" or dead 
lung substance; nor is one individual's breathing or 
respiration transformable into another individual's 
chest or lung substance. How is it possible, then, to 
transform thinking into brain matter, or to transfer 
one person's thinking or thoughts into another per- 
son's brain matter or "yolks"? It can't be done. Hence, 
teaching, in the sense commonly understood and the 
manner usually practiced, is a waste of time, money 
and energy; besides the fact that it tends to store up 
in the brain convolutions a heap of "residual" men- 

32 Autology — Study Thyself 

tal air of the useless or harm-tending kind that is locked 
up in most people's lungs who do not live a fairly ac- 
tive life. Even lungs that are active retain a certain 
amount of carbonic-acid-gas laden atmosphere in their 
cells; but this "poor" stock of oxygenated air is less, 
and it is more frequently exchanged for a better grade 
than it is in lungs that are inactive. So, likewise, brains 
that are self-active or self-acting — I mean in the same 
sense that lungs are self-active or self-acting — also re- 
tain a certain amount of carbonic-acid-gas laden 
thoughts in their cells ; but this "poor" stock of "resid- 
ual" non-thinking "air" is less, and it is more frequent- 
ly exchanged for a better grade than it is in brains that 
are not self-active or not self-acting. In other words, 
"taught" or memorized knowledge is no better for 
brains than "residual" or carbonized air is for lungs. 
The one needs pumping or puffing out of the brain as 
much as the other does out of the lungs. But — what's 
better — it is preferable to prevent teachers' or books' 
"residual" thoughts or mentalities from reaching the 
brain cells, or at least to so activate or vitalize brain 
cells that they may repel or expel or exclude such 
thoughts or knowledge. It can be done — by feeding 
the brain through the mouth, nose and hair. 

You can "learn" how to imitate the physical move- 
ments of another person's lung-exercises — though 
when running you imitate or rather originate only 
your own. 

You can "learn" how-to-imitate or how-to-repeat 
the socalled "mental" motions of another's brain-ex- 
ercises — though when drowning or in trouble you imi- 
tate or rather originate only your own. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 33 

But, just as learn ing-to-imitate or repeat the "exer- 
cises" of some one else's breathing produces different 
results or no results at all in different individuals; so, 
likewise, learning-to-imitate or repeat the "exercises" 
of some one else's "thinking" produces different re- 
sults or no results at all in different individuals. 

Knowledge, or thinking, cannot be taught or be- 
thoughted into brains any more than into livers or 

If the reading of this chapter merely produces the 
memory of words and sentences, or even of the ideas, 
I mean to convey to your brain, without those words 
and sentences or ideas causing your own brain cells or 
matter to breathe deep or even to get out of "think- 
ing" breath — then I have failed to accomplish any- 
thing as far as your brain (or mind) is concerned, and 
you are wasting your time reading. You should be 
placed and replaced in "predicaments" which call for 
arm and leg action in order to save your integument 
from harm or destruction. After a few weeks of such 
"predicamental" exercise, you'd be likely to "see the 
point" and derive some "thinking" benefit from the 
perusal of this chapter. 

I mean that any knowledge (or ideas) that doesn't 
set you or infants thinking, as fright sets you or chil- 
dren hopping, is rubbish. 

Knowledge or teaching can and does act as an in- 
cubator, or as heat — not on mind but on brain eggs or 
muclei (yolks) — but knowledge or teaching cannot 
and does not "hatch" thoughts or thinking any more 
than it "hatches" brain matter or chicken substance; 
any more than the old hen's mind or meditating, as 

34 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

she sits day in and night out, hatches egg-matter or 
chicken-brain. But, as egg-yolk hatches its own 
breathing and blood and nerves and bones and 
feathers and brains, so does and must brain-yolks 
hatch their own thinking or mind. And no pow- 
er on earth or in planets can do it for or instead 
of brain "yolks" ; as no power there or elsewhere can 
prevent an egg-yolk from hatching putrefaction under 
unsuitable conditions of heat, air and moisture. So 
also no power on earth or elsewhere can prevent bram 
cells from hatching or incubating rot and stench — in 
act and fact and thought — under unsuitable conditions 
of light, air, water and foods, whatever be the mental 
and moral atmosphere surrounding the infant's or 
adult's skull. 

You no doubt are beginning to "capture" the two 
ideas that I wish to impart to your brain, namely 

"How Brains are Raised" and 

"How Minds are Incubated." 

Let us incubate these "raw" yolks or ideas a bit fur- 

All cells of your body "own" some sort of internal 
motion, called function. For, cell-constituents like air- 
constituents and food-constituents (dead or alive, in 
plants or animals) are never still — they never sleep. 
But all cell-motions are not alike in their products and 
manifestations. Some produce lung substance and 
manifest respiration; some produce liver and bile and 
manifest glycogenation (formation of liver and muscle 
sugar) ; some produce ova and spermatozoa and mani- 
fest procreation; and some produce brain substance 
and manifest ratiocination or thinking — the rarest pro- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 35 

duct or function discoverable in up-to-date brain sub- 
stance outside of pure business or commerce. 

Giving this proposition a twist, it may be stated in 
this way: As the business of the lung's cell-constitu- 
ents is to reproduce themselves first, last and all the 
time and, incidentally, to resort to or rather to evolve 
breathing in order to accomplish their object — the pro- 
duction of lung matter; and as it is the business of the 
liver's cell-constituents to reproduce themselves first, 
last and all the time and, incidentally, to "elect" or to 
evolve bile and glycogen in order to accomplish their 

So it is the business of the brain cell-constituents to 
reproduce themselves first, last and all the time, and, 
incidentally, to resort to or evolve thinking or mind- 
making in order to accomplish that purpose. Hence 
mind is but a form of bile^-only that it is invisible; 
but so very expressible that at times one can "see" 
that an individual's brain has jaundice by the hue of 
his teachings or ideas. You know what a "bilious 
head" means — in a way ; but not in the right, physical 
way. It means simply that as a liver can't quit mak- 
ing bile, good, bad or indifferent, so a head or brain 
can't quit making mind, good, bad or indifferent. So 
that when the liver makes "bad" bile it goes to the 
brain, and, to get even, when the brain makes "bad" 
mind it goes to the liver. Is that your version of 
psychology? It's mine. It works to a Tee in practice, 
in health and sickness; never gets lame, or lost in the 
clouds. It's not a bit soap-bubbley. 

The same holds good about what your kidneys and 
urine do to your brain and mind; and, in revenge. 

36 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

what your brain and mind do to your kidneys and 

If you don't feel like admitting that your urine has 
any effect on or anything to do with your thinking or 
mind, then please don't admit that your thinking or 
mind has any effect on, or anything to do with, your 

Most assuredly there is a difference between urine 
and mind; but none other than there is between a 
visible electric light and an invisible electric current. 
The one, the urine, is the visible product of kidney 
"yolks" ; and the other, the mind, is the invisible pro- 
duct of the brain "yolks." 

Thinking is just as much a function of kidney 
"yolks" as urinating is, and urinating is just as much 
a function of brain "yolks" as thinking is. If kidney 
cells didn't do some deep thinking day and night, es- 
pecially at night, I wonder what v/ould become of 
people's brain cells and mind thinking! Considering 
how human beings live, drink, eat and behave. 

Passing now to seeds, such as grow into plants and 
flowers, let me state this: That just as the growing 
and grown product of a seed bears the "living" stamp 

(i) the "make" or kind of seed planted, and 

(2) the physical or material conditions that sur- 
round the seed from the instant it comes in contact 
with soil, and throughout its growth and existence; 
BO also, must and shall the growing and grown pro- 
duct of human seed bear the "living" stamp of 

(i) the "m.ake" or kind of seed planted (race), and 

(2) the physical or material conditions that sur- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 37 

round the human seed from the instant it cornea in 
contact with the soil, and its light, air, water and foods, 
and throughout its growth and existence in and 
through that soil, light, air, water and foods. 

Again — just as the growing and grown product of 
a cell (plant or animal) bears the "living" stamp of 

(i) the "make" or kind of cell produced, and 

(2) the physical, material conditions that evolve 
it from the instant it comes in contact with soil, light, 
air, water and foods ; 

So also, m.ust and shall the growing and grown pro- 
duct of brain cells bear 

(i) the "thinking" stamp of the kind of brain cells 
produced, and 

(2) the physical and material conditions that sur- 
round them (the brain) from the instant the brain 
comes in contact with the soil, light, air, water and 

Finally — just as the growing or grown product of 
kidney cells bear 

(i) the urinary grade of the make or kind of kid- 
ney cell-constituents ingested, digested and assimilated 
by the individual, and 

(2) the physical, material conditions that surround 
or reach the kidneys from the instant they (or their 
owner) come in contact with light, air, liquids and 
foods ; 

So, also, must and shall the growing or grown pro- 
duct of brain cells bear 

(i) the thinking or mind-grade of the make or kind 
of brain cell-constituents ingested, digested and assim- 
ilated by the individual, and 

3S A u t o I o g y — Study Thyself 

(2) the physical, material conditions that surround 
or reach the brain from the instant they (or their own- 
er) come in contact with light, air, liquids and foods. 

Therefore, what's the sense in "teaching" the brain 
any more than in teaching the kidneys? As you can't 
teach kidney cells to urinate except by giving them the 
elements of light, air, water and foods, so you can't 
teach brain cells to think except by giving them the 
elements of light, air, water and foods. 

And just as urine varies in quality and quantity, and 
other things, with the kind of light, air, water and 
foods taken in or absorbed by your body, so mind (or 
thinking) varies in quantity and quality, and other 
things, with the kind of light, air, water and foods 
taken in or absorbed by your body. 

Somehow, v/hen I hear or read some one talking or 
writing about the "objective" and "subjective" minds, 
or psycholog}'', I always seem to see bile or urine 
coursing through or "watering" the talker's or writ- 
er's brain cells; for tliere can be no denying that all 
up-to-date brands of psychological or new-thoughted- 
ness bear a decided biliary or urinary stamp. 

Won't some one please tell us how many more in- 
finitesimal fractions of an instant would a blood-and- 
flesh brain, or an "objective" or "subjective" mind 
keep on thinking or thought-making — than would a 
liver or stomach keep on bile- or juice-making, if the 
individual were denied air? Or how m.uch longer 
"mind" would keep on cogitating than kidney cells 
urinating if "mind" were denied water? Or how much 
longer "mind" (or brain) would keep on working than 
blood corpuscles navigating if either were denied com- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 39 

mon, ordinary soil minerals, like sodium and potassi- 

But what's the use — for who can deny the fact that 
with each thought produced (mind you I say "pro- 
duced"; and not borrowed) brain cells or nuclei per- 
spire a little urinary and biliary moisture as well as 
they exhale some carbonic acid gas for the "benefit" 
of the liver and kidneys and lungs? And who can 
deny that, per contra, with each action or reaction 
produced in the kidney or liver cells or nuclei each 
liver or kidney cell or nucleus breathes forth a little 
mental or thinking moisture or something for the 
"benefit" of the brain (or what some people call 
mind) ? 

It is the claim of Autology that the "type," as well 
as the sum total, of that socalled "mental" or thinking 
moisture has as much to do with the kind or brand of 
"mind" found or produced in brains as the type and 
sum total of the biliary and urinary moistures found 
or produced in brains (or minds) have to do with the 
kind or brand of biliary and urinary moistures found 
or produced in livers and kidneys. 

Who can gainsay that every kidney cell, or liver 
cell, or stomach cell, or fat cell, or bone cell, or blood 
corpuscle, is endowed with thought or mind-incubat- 
ing brains of their ov.'n? Or that every brain cell is 
endowed with bile- and urine-incubating livers and 
kidneys of their own — just as planets are provided 
with suns and stars and constellations of their own? 
No one. 

Who can say that the same laws (or mechanism) 
that govern the production and operation of physical 

40 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

bile and urine in "living" tissues do not also govern 
the production and operation of "mental" mind and 
thoughts in "living" brains and other tissues — ^just as 
the same laws (or mechanism) that govern the pro- 
duction and operation of physical electricity and light 
in the heavens also govern the production and opera- 
tion of physical electricity and light in the factories, 
or the "mental" (so-called) electricity and light in 
blood corpuscles and brain cells? 

And now comes the practical application of the fore- 
going cogitations, or "hatching" of mind in brain 
through light, air, water and foods. 

Again livers and kidneys turn up — ^because people 
"think" they know more about bile and urine than 
they do about mind. But they don't. And they think 
they do simply because they can control better the 
quantity and quality of the bile and urine their livers 
and kidneys produce than the quantity and quality of 
the mind and thoughts their brains excrete. 

I say excrete, instead of secrete or produce ; because 
very few brains actually secrete a perceptible moisture 
of mind or thoughts, although their fingers and feet 
and eyes and skins and vulgar internal organs do pro- 
duce a wonderful stock of it or them (mind or 
thoughts). Watch dancers' legs and hands and eyes 
and see the amount and type of mind or thoughts those 
legs and bands and eyes "secrete" ! 

As the quality and quantity of the bile and urine 
your organs produce vary with and depend on the 
character, quantity and proportion of the natural ele- 
ments found in light, air, liquids and solids ; so also do 
the quality and quantity of the mind and thoughts 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 41 

your brains or cells produce vary with and depend on 
the character, quantity and proportion of the natural 
elements found in light, air, liquids and solids — and on 
nothing else, much. 

As mind can't produce "live" air, so mind can't pro- 
duce "live" thoughts, or living health or sickness. 

Time does not make watches. Mind does not make 
"brains." But as watches keep time when physically 
wound up, so brains keep mind when physically 
wound up. How can brain cells be physically wound 
up so as to keep and "tick" forth good, reliable "ment- 
al" seconds or thoughts? Just exactly in the same 
way that liver cells can be physically wound up to 
ooze out good, reliable bile drops, or kidney cells to 
"drip" good, reliable urine drops. That's simple 
enough, isn't it? Yet, much simpler than you think. 
Let's see. 

A wool-thread is made of wool-fibres ; a silk-thread, 
of silk-fibres. A nerve-thread is made of nerve-fibres ; 
a muscle-thread, of muscle-fibres. A honey-comb is 
made of bees-wax filled with bees-honey. A muscle- 
comb (a bundle of muscle cells) is made of muscle- 
wax (membrane) filled with muscle-honey (proto- 
plasm) ; a liver-comb is made of liver-wax (cell-mem- 
brane) filled with liver-honey (protoplasm and bile) ; 
a kidney-comb is made of kidney-wax filled with kid- 
ney-honey, or urine-protoplasm; a bone-comb is made 
of bone-wax filled with bone-honey or marrow; an 
ovum- or spermatozoon-comb is made of ovum- or 
sperm-wax filled with ovarian or seminal honey; and, 
finally, a nerve- or brain-com.b is made of nerve- or 
brain-wax filled with nerve or brain honey. But of 
what "make"? 

42 A u t o i o g y — Study Thyself 

That depends. That's why there is more apparent 
and real difference between individuals' and nations' 
minds, ideas and morals than there is between their 
biles, urines and corruptions; for, pray tell me, what 
can nerves and brain do when forced to transform into 
mind a type of jelly that's better apt to fill up livers or 
kidneys with? 

Hence, the average individual "thinks" more about 
and better with his stomach, or liver, or bowels, or kid- 
neys, etc., than about or with his brain. It stands to 
common sense that a "misfit" in the way of liver pro- 
toplasm may "just fit" the brain-comb of a certain in- 
dividual ; but it is bound to remind its new owner (the 
brain) or you of its original owner (the liver), for 
which it was meant. That is the only reason why 
most people keep everlastingly thinking of their livers, 
stomachs, kidneys, etc., etc. What else could or can 
they do — seeing that their brains which demand mind- 
producing physical elements and compounds are served 
naught else but liver or bile and kidney or urine pro- 
ducing material, possibly seasoned a little vnth "men- 
tal" catsup? 

Organized material which is naturally adapted to 
the production of that form of serum, protoplasm and 
slime which suits the purposes of livers, kidneys, bow- 
els, sexual organs, etc., cannot but tend to evolve 
"thinks" and acts in accord with the ways that livers, 
kidneys, bowels, etc., would think and behave if they 
occupied the cranial cavity of the individual. The 
fact that an individual's brain can't crawl out of its 
bone-prison, any more than a yolk can out of its shell, 
does not mean that it can't incubate or hatch mind or 

Au top a thy — Cure Thyself 43 

thoughts of an order that other tissues or organs emit 
or produce — just as an egg-yolk is capable of incubat- 
ing and hatching stench quite as well as a chick. 

In a word, when brain cells are forced to feed, year 
in and year out from infancy to maturity, on the kind 
of light and air and liquids and solids which are best 
adapted to forming liver and bile, kidneys and urine, 
slime and "discharges" ; it follows that such brain cell- 
substance must necessarily incubate and hatch some 
sort of bile-tainted, or urine-tainted, or slime-tainted, 
or something else-tainted minds or thoughts — some 
sort of dyspeptic, or epileptic, or jaundiced, or catarrh- 
al, or rheumatic, or immoral, or criminal notions and 
actions. That, to me, is as clear as day — so self-evi- 
dent that it looks like repeating a platitude. Why then 
has not the human brain seen this subject-matter or 
problem in that physically "mental" and "moral" way? 
Presumably because the up-to-date brain hates to go 
back as much as it is not fed to move ahead; it is 
"tickled" to read of hov/ Columbus smashed one "pole" 
of that historical egg and thus made it "stand" upright 
on the royal table, but it is quite as much at a loss to 
initiate action in its cells as Columbus's contempo- 
raries were to "incubate" a chicken without a hen. Any 
farmer's son or daughter knows how now-a-days — giv- 
en the eggs; and when the "chicks" are hatched, giv- 
en the light and air and water and foods. And so, 
likewise, shall parents and youths know how to incu- 
bate mind and hatch brains and genius, given the 
brain-substance producing "yolks"; and when the in- 
fants are bom, given the light and air and water and 
foods. That's all. That's livingness. That's brain 

44 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

and mind. That's health and licknesi. That's mor- 
ality and immorality. 

Therefore, our brains and minds, like the chicken's, 
are the product or outcome of the awakening of phy- 
sical and chemical compounds existing in the "incubat- 
ed" or impregnated ovum-cell (or egg) by means of 
heat, air, moisture and food — which condition and ele- 
ments enable those blood and flesh compounds to move 
in that type of motion (call it by any name you like) 
which organizes the "yellow" and "white" into "liv- 
ing" brain or tissue, as a rule ; but sometimes disorga- 
nizes the "yellow" and "white" into putrefactive gases 
and ashes. 

That there is some sort of physico-mental matter in 
the egg-yolk, as in seed-yolks, is certain ; but that the 
hen's mind or socalled "hereditary" influence has less 
to do with incubating a chicken's brain or hatching a 
chicken's mind in the egg she sits on than has the heat 
of her body is absolutely certain. For anybody can 
turn the same "hen" trick in an incubator. 

Also, that there is some sort of physico-mental mat- 
ter in human brain-yolk is certain; but that parents' 
or heredity's minds have less to do with incubating 
children's brains or hatching children's minds in hu- 
man skulls than have heat and light and air and water 
and foods, or than have children's own hair, noses and 
stomachs, is likewise most positively certain — even 
though no one can turn the same trick in an ordinary 

Correct must begin to appear to you this' "physical" 
or autologic doctrine of raising brains and hatching 
minds therein, as glycogen and digestive juices are 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 45 

hatched in their respective organs, instead of raisiiig 
and hatching foreign or unsuitable substances and 
products in the brain as is so universally done in homes 
and schools and shops and offices under the prevailing 
systems of diet, schooling and belief. And, logical 
and scientific must appear to any reader the contention 
that heredity, or birth, or atavism, or genius, etc., has 
nothing at all to do with the gifting, or the raising, 
or the hatching, of brains, or of minds, or of ability, 
talent or genius in a child's skull. 

Do I mean to say that geniuses are not bom? I do 
— flatly. Do I mean to insinuate that the child of a 
University Professor does not inherit a more brilliant 
brain or mind than does the child of ignorant parents? 
I do — most assuredly do. 

Geniuses are not born. Chumps are not born. 

But brain-matter is born just like kidney-matter, 
not knowing exactly what it's going to do or become 
until it finds out what kind of light and air and food it 
is about to get through the medium of the blood, 
which, in turn gets them from the bedroom and moth- 
er's breast — perhaps; and perhaps from the dickens 
knows where. At any rate I know from where in at 
least 999 in 1000 "cases"; and the thousandth, or more 
correctly speaking, the millionth, gets the outdoor light 
and air and "wholesome" mother's milk. That's how 
geniuses are "born" — which means "raised." That's 
how "chumps" are not "born," but are actually un- 
born after they come into this ready-made world of 
genius-filled light, air, water and foods. 

Like kidney or liver substance, brain-matter is cast 
after a mould and cast out into a world of natural and 

46 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

"artifical'* light, air, water and foods whose respec- 
tive properties are to hatcii and raise various but vary- 
ing grades of physico-mental products in brain tissue, 
as well as various and sundry grades of bile, urine, di- 
gestive juices, slime, etc., in other tissues — in confor- 
mity with the different grades of either the natural or 
the artificial lights, airs, waters and foods which par- 
ents feed on before conception and which mothers feed 
to their fecundated ova and developing embryos dur- 
ing the months of pregnancy ; and in conformity with 
the grade of the said physical substances which fath- 
ers and mothers, guardians or teachers, nurses or rela- 
tives and others "feed to" the growing children. 

I grant that the geniuses of the past as well as the 
geniuses of the present day and of some days to come 
were or are "born" ; but not at all in the accepted 
meaning that obtains. They were "nurture-born" of 
and in conditions and environments which accident- 
ally happened to "match" the natural conditions, in 
the way of physical light, air, water and foods, which 
normally and "selectively" could not fail to hatch and 
raise that species of brain-matter and mind-juice which 
tradition is wont to call genius. 

Of course a Farmer's boy is the son of a farmer, as 
a Professor's boy is the son of a professor; although 
the "son" of a country cabbage may produce a city 
cabbage, and vice versa. But, really, is the farmer's 
son born with m.ore of a "farmery" brain and the pro- 
fessor's son born with more of a university brain? 
Has his mind more of the barn or soil taint or tint and 
the other more of the classical or mosaic? If so, then 
the country lad must also have more of a farmer's 
liver and bile than the professor's offspring. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 47 

And pray tell me, what can have happened in that 
farmer's son's brain-matter and liver that he seeks and 
wins the Presidency of the University or Country? 
And, what can have transpired in that professor's son's 
brain-matter and liver that he drifts into and becomes 
— well, you know the old story? He, too, was born 
with a brain and a liver; but either these organs 
swapped places as time flew on or both had to live on 
the same bilious kind of light, air, liquids and solids. 
It becoming a question of "survival of the fittest" 
the liver "survived." Things progressed fairly well 
for a time; the brain did vicarious duty for the liver 
and the liver for the brain ; some book-knowledge was 
absorbed by both; but — sad to relate, even a brain 
surrounded by all that so-called heredity, talent and 
genius can offer cannot long absorb and hatch "men- 
tal" and "moral" goods when its physical light and air 
and drinks and eatables are of the rottenest and rank- 
est make. That's all, but that's it. 

Boys and girls, sons and daughters of the*country 
and of the city, let me whisper this admonition to you: 
Don't live and don't sleep and don't study in rooms 
(at home or at school) where the light and air are such 
that you can't or couldn't raise beautiful roses in pots 
set in the "living" room, in your bed room, in your 
school room. Don't. And don't drink what you 
wouldn't give your pet canary to drink. Don't. And 
don't eat mixtures at any meal that would make you 
"sick to your stomach" if you were asked to eat the 
same after it is all mixed together in your or any- 
body's stomach. Don't. By so doing, by so avoiding, 
you shall soon "raise" a brain and "hatch" a mind that 

48 Autology— Study Thyself 

shall surpass your elders', your teachers', your supe- 
riors' — unless they take the hint from you and do like- 

Lest my meaning may not be fully grasped, let me 
add, that as the quality and taste, or grade, of honey 
produced by bees vary, or varies, according to the 
light, air, moisture and foods (and never the thoughts) 
on which bees feed their stomachs (and never their 
minds), so also must the quality and ability and mor- 
ality, or grade, of "brains" produced by children vary 
according to the light, air, water and foods (and never 
the thoughts) on which they feed their stomachs and 
lungs and bodies. 

The only positive as well as rational method of pro- 
ducing a high order of mind and morality in children, 
as well as in maintaining the like throughout man's 
and woman's career, is to feed the infants', the chil- 
dren's and the youths' noses and stomachs with physi- 
cally material, or mentally and morally physical light, 
air, water and foods. 

Toward this achievement shall the next generation 
devote much of its money and energy. 

As matters stand today, most infants are forced to 
evolute into morally or mentally deficient brains or 
minds; because Education's chief aim is to implant 
'Cental" and "moral" knowledge (so-called) in chil- 
dren's minds while, conjointly. Civilization is stupidly 
compelling children's brains and functions to live and 
operate on mindless and immoral light, air, water and 

If only children were "tended" until of age as rose 
bushes are, how safe it would be to give their brains 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 49 

and functions free play, then ! And what superb phy- 
sko-mental and moral blossoms and flowers child- 
plants would produce ! Just as rose bushes that have 
been watchfully and intelligently lighted, aired, wa- 
tered and fertilized until the age of blooming produce 
beautiful color-and-perfume-laden buds and roses — 
without being taught or thoughted or mentalized or 
moralized. In a word, as plants manufacture their 
own physical, mental and moral colors and perfumes 
by organizing in their buds the elements of light, air, 
water and foods, so, likewise, children manufacture 
their own physical, mental and moral functions, vir- 
tues and vices by organizing in their budding tissues 
and juices (organs and blood) the elements of light, 
air, water and foods. So also do adults. 

Sure enough the rose bud may prove to be a La 
France rose instead of an American Beauty or some 
other variety of the rose, but rest assured that a gar- 
dener who understands his business and "tends" to the 
light and air and water and foods of that rose bush up 
to the budding period does not worry about what sort 
of flowers the La France or the American Beauty will 
produce, even though the stems are cut from the par- 
ent stock. He knows that the blossom will be the 
most superb specimen of its type. The gardener will 
never expect or attempt to convert a carnation into a 
chrysanthemum or a chrysanthemum into a peony; 
but he knows that he can cultivate and fertilize a car- 
nation plant into producing a "pink" that will rival 
a chrysanthemum in many respects and surpass it in 
many others; or a chrysanthemum that will rival or 
surpass a peony. In other words, he aims to raise and 

.50 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

hatch the finest specimen of flower-brain and color- 
mind in a given type of plant and he succeeds. And 
so would parents if they used the same quality of cul- 
tivating and fertilizing sense and physical light and 
air and water and nourishment that the gardener uses. 

The gardener calls his method "cultivating and fer- 
tilizing" — and he succeeds in producing geniuses in 
flower-brains or buds. 

You call your method "culturing and mentalizing" 
— and you fail to produce geniuses in child-brains or 
minds. You should fail. For a child or brain won't 
stand "culturing" or "mentalizing" any more or with 
anything else than a plant or bud will. But, as 
plants and buds, children or brains will stand all of 
and the same kind of cultivating and fertilizing; and 
under such cultivating and fertilizing they too will 
produce the most superb, gorgeous specimens of their 
types. In no other way and by no other means. 

Did you ever see a gardener standing over a rose 
bush, lecturing or mentalizing it by reading or talking 
to it book lore, while keeping that potted or plotted 
bush in artificial light, or carbonized air, or "watering" 
it with beverages or fertilizing it with inappropriate 
material, etc? Well, how can you expect that you or 
teachers or books can cultivate and fertilize children's 
brains or minds by talking or readijig or otherwise 
while keeping them potted or unpotted in artificial 
light, carbonized air, or "watering" or "feeding" them 
with brainless and mindless liquids and foods? You 
can't— that's all there is to that. And that's why 
when I "show" a fine specimen which Autology has 
raised or hatched, cultivated or fertilized, some say: 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 51 

"O, well, he inherits his brain and mind and looks and 
physique from his father and mother." Quite compli- 
mentary that — but nevertheless no more correct than 
saying that the Lawson carnation inherited its brains 
and mind from the gardener who "raised" it. 

If the physical elements of light, air, water and 
foods (L-A-W-F) which children's hair, noses and 
mouths transmit to their brains are inappropriate or 
deficient in certain respects, it is evident that their 
brain function or mind, juices or products, thoughts 
and behavior, is or are bound to be or become mentally 
and morally impaired or perverted, deficient or vicious ; 
for the products and by-products of their nervous sys- 
tem as well as of all the functionating organs or tissues 
of their organism are or become deficient or deleteri- 
ous, — physically, mentally and morally. 

Therefore, I say, mentalize or think nothing into 
children's heads any more than into their kidneys or 
livers, but let their hair and noses and mouths have 
the light and air and water and foods that their toe- 
nails as well and as m.uch as their mind-juice demand. 
If you do, you'll be giving your child, and incidentally 
yourself, the sort of light and air and water and foods 
that Mentality and Morality demand and thrive best 

By a providential disposition of nature, mentality 
and morality demand and thrive best on that "make" 
of light, air, water and foods which functionality of 
our organs and tissues demands and thrives best on. 
And, fortunately, the mentality and morality and func- 
tionality of all children and all adults, of all organs 
and all tissues, demand and thrive best on the same 

52 Autology — Study Thyself 

make of light, air and water — thus leaving us only the 
problem of the quality and mixture and proportion of 
the various foods proper to solve ; the solution of which 
problem is quite a simple one. 

During what is called intra-uterine life (before 
"birth"), or during the incubating process of the fetus 
(human embryo), the most appropriate "physical" and 
"mental" and "moral" foods for the children are also 
the best foods for the mother. And the most appro- 
priate foods for the mother during the months of 
pregnancy are also the most wholesome and brain- 
some foods for her during the periods preceding and 
following pregnancy. Only this — that the bulk of the 
proper mixture of foods fluctuates somewhat with heat 
or force and tissue requirements which work and 
changed conditions impose on the mother. Natural 
hunger easily settles this question when a mother 
looks upon the period of pregnancy in a sensible, re- 
spectable way ; and when the mother understands why 
and what she eats — I mean when she eats and lives 
for the purpose of supplying her own blood with those 
natural elements of light, air, water and foods which 
invariably go to making brains and mind in her own 
head as well as "wholesome" bile and excretions in her 
own body. If writers would only quit scribbling about 
"prenatal influences"; about the alleged influence of 
the mother's mind on the fetus's mind (v^^hich it hasn't 
got) — and if, instead, they would Rip- Van- Winkle it 
off until they are prepared to understand that mothers 
can't "influence" or think anything that pertains to 
mentality or morality into their skulled or unskulled 
fetuses when these same mothers are stuffing their 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 53 

own placentas, or their infants* umbilical cords, with 
a variety of air, liquids and eatables that are suitable 
for producing rank bile or slime, not to call it worse 

An advantage that mothers and infants have over 
their fellow-beings, called plants and flowers, is that 
human-plants are capable of seeking and getting the 
most suitable forms of light, air, water and fertilizers 
or foods which they and their children need. That's 
something flower-plants can't do— ^at any rate when 
most human-plants get hold of them. 

But — and this is where the trouble arises and why 
the child-product is so frequently a failure, as it is 
often with the flower-product in the average hands — 
the mother accepts or seeks some spurious brand of 
light, air, water and foods which ignorant or foolishly 
"cultured" minds and morals and habits impose on 
her and around her. Hence more sheep brains and 
minds are "influenced" into the world than sheep liv- 
ers and biles — though, to be logically and scientifically 
correct, brains and minds are made to acquire the 
properties and functions of sheepishness only after 
they have been subjected to the conventional feeding 
and lighting and airing and watering of civilized man- 
ners, customs and schoolings which obtain in all kin- 
dergartens, schools and universities. I mean it and I 
can prove it. I've seen it and I've been there — and so 
have most readers. It'll be a cold day v^en any 
power on earth or elsewhere attempts to light and air 
and water and feed any child of mine with sheepifying 
light and air and water and foods of the "'moBtar as 
well as of the physical brand. I've got no kick com- 

54 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

ing, except that it has taken me nearly as many years 
to disacquire the physical and mental structure and 
texture which conventional environments and dietetic 
ignorance imposed on me during the years I spent in 
schools and universities. 

I grant that parents and the public don't know any 
better, and thus are wont to rely on the advice of 
some who are supposed to know; who "think" they 
know — but who neither Know nor Think. They mere- 
ly repeat or reuse borrowed, bethoughted physical and 
mental and notional light, air, water and foods — as 
they rebreathe their own exhalations and compel 
others to do likewise. 

Without presently going into tedious details and 
explanations as to what foods are best adapted for 
raising brains and incubating or hatching minds in 
men, women and children, for breakfast, dinner and 
lunch, I desire to state some reasons why certain 
articles of foods proper are best suited to produce 
high-grade brains and minds as well as superior 
brands of other tissues and products. 

It being obvious that all other organs and functions, 
than brain and mind, are never at a loss to develop and 
improve themselves and to produce a good, serviceable 
grade of their respective secretions and excretions 
when the brain has sense enough to help itself to the 
kind and to the amount and to the proper mixture of 
the foods that are best suited to its own physical, men- 
tal and moral purposes or operations — I may be per- 
mitted to ignore the ordinary physical organs and 

Silk goods are made of silk, stitched with silk, 
trimmed with silk (or better) and repaired or mended 

Autopathy— Cure Thyself 55 

01 replaced with silk. Calico is not — nor is there 
ingenuity enough to invent a process whereby cotton 
is made into silk. So, likewise, there isn't a tissue or 
process or ferment in the body that ca.n transform 
liver "cotton" into brain "silk," or produce mind from 

You can "contrast" different or antagonistic colors, 
but you cannot "match" colors unless the pigments 
which "own" the colors are alike. 

On the other hand, you should know that brain 
substance produces brain protoplasm like itself, and 
that brain protoplasm produces physical and mental 
products; and that brain substance calls for like ma- 
terial in repairing or mending its substance, and 
"matching" its products. And you should know that 
you can "contrast" different ideas, but you cannot 
"match" ideas unless the constituents which "own" 
the ideas or thoughts are alike. 

Again, you know that the nearer to mother's milk 
is bottle-fed milk, the better and more adapted it is 
for the child's nutrition and growth. And the more 
wholesome the mother's milk the more "wholesome" 
the brain and mind and behavior of the infant. 

Therefore, the nearer to "wholesome" brain mat- 
ter and mind-juice is the mouth-fed food ingested the 
better and more appropriate it is for the brain's phys- 
ical, mental and moral nutrition, development and be- 

Let us, then, see of what brain substance is made, 
and for purposes of comparison and elucidation, let 
us see of what procreative and egg-yolk substances 
are made. 

56 Autology — Study Thyself 

Brain-matter consists of — 
Now, chemical analysis of egg-yolk and of seminal 
fluid reveals a composition of like constituents, bear- 
ing the same names. 

Egg-yellow contains an albuminoid called "vitellin" 
which is closely related to the albuminoid of blood 
(globulin) ; and contains also a ferruginous nuclein 
called "hematogen" (blood producing) and discovered 
by Bunge, of Germany. Its other constituents are 
protagon, lecithin, fats, cholesterin, cerebrin and phos- 
phates, in which it is rich; also sulphates and traces 
of iron. 

The chemical constitution of generative substance 
is also represented by albuminoids, lecithin, cerebrin, 
cholesterin, fats, phosphates and sulphates. 

And, besides, the relative proportions of the con- 
stituents of the foregoing substances are respectively 
very similar— only that the brain and egg yolk are 
richer in fats and the other in phosphorized proteids. 
My reasons for calling attention to the chemical 
constitution of generative matter (ovum and sperma- 
to2:oon) is because embryology cannot afford to over- 
look the fact that, as the egg-yolk is rich in those 
highly organic substances which "incubation" helps 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 57 

to evolve into the highest type of chick of its kind, 
so the richer the fecundated human egg-yolk is in 
those highly organic bodies which "pregnancy" helps 
to evolve, the higher the type of child born of parents. 
Which, mind well, does not mean that a poor type 
cannot after birth be evolved through light, air, water 
and foods into the equal or rival of the highest type 
born of other parents. But it is in the nature of things 
and sense that it is better to begin a thing well than 
it is to begin it ill, and then to make it well. 

Therefore, eggs constitute the best and brainiest 
food for father and mother and child before and after 
conception and birth. 

It is stated in books on dietetics that eggs are a 
"complete" food in themselves, although they lack 
starch; but no definite study has been made that I 
know of with a view to determining and demonstrating 
that a diet consisting largely of eggs, properly pre- 
pared and carefully associated with other foods whose 
constituents act as synergists (friends) and not as 
incompatibles (enemies), and particularly with certain 
"vegetables" which supply the organism with depur- 
ating earthy compounds, is the kind of a diet which 
shall produce the highest types of "fecundated ova" 
in mothers and of brains and minds in newborns, as 
well as in growing children and youths. After that, 
say after the age of fifteen or sixteen, parents or com- 
munities would have no reason to worry as to what 
became of children's brains or minds, for their habits 
of breathing, drinking, eating, thinking and behaving 
would be firmly rooted and "fixed" for life — at least 
in the majority. They would continue to seek the 

58 A u t o 1 o g y—Study Thyself 

light and air and water and foods and thoughts and 
behavior which their hair and noses and mouths and 
brains had grown up on and been accustomed to. 

Eggs should be eaten by parents and children every 
day in the year; but particularly by the "expectant" 
and by the "nursing" mother. But they should never 
be prepared or cooked in a way, or mixed with cer- 
tain other articles of diet either on the stove or in the 
stomach, which nullify or destroy the blood and brain 
producing bodies which they contain. In order to em- 
phasize this point, let me remind you that submitting 
an egg to a certain "cooking" degree of heat before 
placing it in an "incubator" modifies or destroys some- 
thing in its highly organized "proteid" yolk-constitu- 
ents which creates the "embryo" or evolves into blood 
and brain "plasm;" whereas submitting it to the body 
temperature does not. Let me also remark that cer- 
tain articles of food, either before they are swallowed 
or after they are digested, contain or give rise to fer- 
mentation or decomposition products which either 
modify the fats and proteids of the yellow or combine 
with them to form chemical compounds which are 
neither hematogenic (blood-producing) or brain-pro- 
ducing; but which are transformed into objectionable 
gaseous and slimy products in the alimentary tract. 
Hence it is that so many people claim that eggs do not 
"agree" with them or that eggs sicken their stomachs 
— which is not and never so. 

Milk is not an appropriate food to mix with eggs 
for reasons that would require too much analytical 
explanation to take up now. I may say, however, 
that eggs are an "animal" food, nitrogenous and fatty, 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 59 

and that milk is also an "animal" food, nitrogenous 
and fatty; and, I may add, that it is chemically and 
physiologically unwise to mix or combine two differ- 
ent kinds of "animal" nitrogenous and fatty foods in 
the stomach at the one meal. At best, the one or the 
other becomes a "surplus" or remains behind as an 
"excess" or waste to ferment or decompose as it would 
and does when exposed to air and moisture. In a 
word, the excess rots in the alimentary canal as it 
does in the eggshell or milk bottle. No more, nor 
less. Some of the rotting products may be disposed 
of by the organism in the form of fat or bile, but cer- 
tainly not in the form of brain and mind. 

I should like to enter into proofs, chemical and 
clinical, to convince readers why eggs and meat don't 
go well together, for blood and brain; why bread in 
addition to meat and potatoes is a mistake; why salt, 
sour and sweet, in certain mixtures and proportions, 
are inimical to blood and brain structure and func- 
tions; why eggs and toasted bread with "sweet" but- 
ter and, off and on, a little fine bacon is an excellent 
breakfast combination for young and old, for blood 
and brain, for tissue-building or renewing and for 
heat and force-producing in the body; why rice and 
cream, or eggs and rice, is the best lunch-combination 
for the body tissues and functions and purposes; and 
why a little fresh meat or fish or fowl with potatoes 
(baked or boiled with the peel) and green peas or 
string beans, or carrots, or onions, or parsnips, or 
tomatoes, is the brain's choice for dinner, for nerves 
and blood, for muscles and bones, for stomachs and 
bowels, for liver and kidneys, for strength and endur- 
ance, for nutrition and health. 

6o Auto logy — Study Thyself 

As bread, potatoes and rice are the three "staple" 
starchy foods, let bread be eaten with breakfast, rice 
with lunch or supper and potato with dinner. Do 
not indulge in any two or the three at the same meal ; 
for second choice goes to waste or fermentation, as a 

As peas are rich in nitrogen and fats and in the ox- 
ides of potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, 
and also in phosphoric acid, favor them. Not only 
because of their nutritious value, but because the 
earthy or soil minerals which their substance is com- 
posed of furnish to your blood what no doubt con- 
stitutes the heart and core of those body-compounds 
which "preserve" serum and lymph or which prevent 
the organism from constantly sickening or souring 

In the way of "seasoning" brains and minds, as well 
as other organs and products, use more "ordinary" 
light and air and water and less "culinary" salt and 
vinegar and sugar; but be sure and pepper your ap- 
petites and passions with "cayenne" moderation and 

(See end of volume for Baby's Foods and Every- 
body's Foods.) 


It isn't fair to say that our body is three-fourths 
"water." We're not as "thin" or clean as that insinu- 
ates. The truth is that our body is four-fifths slime 
and jelly — a little more at "sweet sixteen" and a little 
less at venerable sixty. The jelly of which we are 
made is moulded into variously shaped masses (or- 
gans), or strips (membranes), or tubes (blood vessels 
and canals), or shredded bundles (muscles and nerves), 
etc. Some of the jelly masses are gray and white 
(brain and nerves) ; some are quite red (blood, liver, 
spleen, muscles), etc.; but all of the masses and strips 
and tubes and fibres are bathed in and out in common, 
ordinary, vulgar slime — ^politely called "juices," or 
"mucus," or "serum," or "plasm," or "protoplasm." 
The name "mucus" is given to the stuff which is popu- 
larly known as slime — it oozes from mucous mem- 
branes. The name "serum" is given to the stuff which 
exudes from blood, or brain, or joints, or pleura, etc.,^ 
it is popularly known as "dropsy" or "water" when it 
accumulates to excess. The name "plasm" is given 
to the clotting liquid which forms the blood stream 
and in which float the red and white blood corpuscles. 
The name "protoplasm" is given to the jelly which 
constitutes the mother-substance of the cells of organs 


62 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

and tissues — known as flesh proper. And the ma- 
terial called "juice" is that which comes from digestive 
organs, or glands — the stomach juice being the one 
generally supposed to be the most important. 

If you were to collect a cup full of each one of these 
various juices, or to squeeze pieces of any one of the 
organs or tissues of the body (including the skin) and 
thus extract their juices, as you do when "pressing" 
fruits — you would find that the various juices and 
mucus and serum and plasm and protoplasm which 
you have extracted or collected are one and all alike 
and "slimy." In other words, healthy as well as un- 
healthy organs and tissues and fluids are of "slime" 

That need not make you love thy brother or thy- 
self less, but it should make you marvel more at the 
omnipotent Wisdom that devised a means or a ma- 
terial which answers all the gaseous and "fluid" and 
"solid" needs and conditions of the body — a fluid or 
jelly or slime which in the same place and in different 
places acts as a lubricant and a nutriment and a 
digestive and a reconstructive and a detoxicant and an 
eliminant — at one and the same instant. And, still 
more wonderful is the fact that these "slimy" sub- 
stances and liquids should contain the mysterious 
"live" things or agents that attend to all the functions 
of the organism; and that these "live" agents, called 
"ferments," should live and act and travel in such a 
vehicle as ordinary slime. 

Ferments are nothing more nor less than ordinary 
"yeast" things. The "yeast" of bread, of beer, of 
"mold," of vinegar, of sour milk, of saliva, of stomach 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 63 

juice, of pancreatic juice, of bowel juice, of brain and 
nerve juice, of muscle juice, of urine, of bile, of mar- 
row, of generative organs, of bacteria, etc., etc., are 
fundamentally alike in their structure and function 
and products. Their unlikeness is merely one of na- 
tionality. Those which exist and operate in the human 
body, or in any particular organ or tissue or fluid of 
the body, are native born and bred; others are aliens 
which may become naturalized. 

To my mind, the source of unhealthy or foul dis- 
charges or oozings, which necessarily must come from 
or become part of the blood tar, is clearly traceable to 
an excess of one or more, or to a poor grade or bad 
mixture, of the tissue-yeasts (ferments) and their 
products — becoming overcrowded at home or invading 
neighboring or foreign territory. 

To make my meaning clear, let us assume that some 
organ, say your liver, manufactures an excess of "bile" 
or "liver-sugar" yeast or ferment. Not necessarily a 
sick variety of it, but an excess of the healthy kind. 

Now, that excess must find work to do, or obey the 
mandates of the conditions which lead us to say that 
"idleness is the devil's work shop ;" or that overcrowd- 
ing leads to "slumming." Finding no natural exit 
through the bowels, or work to do in the small intes- 
tine, it must roam around through the streets and 
lofts and alleys of the body — till it is either "turned 
out or locked up" as catarrh, or cold, or rheumatism, 
or biliousness, or pleurisy, etc.— or until it stirs up a 
free-for-all fight in the way of "fevers." You may ap- 
ply the very same truth and reasoning to the digestive 
ferments, and to the muscle ferments, and nerve fer* 

64 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

merits, and brain ferments, and lung ferments, etc. 
Plus their slimes of course. But bear well in mind that 
it is not at all necessary to assume that any given fer- 
ment-endowed juice or slime must be "sickly" or 
"microbe-infected" in order to occasion any or all of 
the disturbances to which your flesh and skins or hol- 
lows and tubings are heir to. In the department store 
of the body, the Head Slime of each organ or tissue is 
"Boss" — and will brook no outside or inside interfer- 
ence or imposition without protesting or "flaring up." 
Therefore — and this is what I desire to engrave deep 
in your brain — do not deceive yourself with the idea 
that your sickness necessarily means that something's 
got into you that doesn't belong there. For, the "aver- 
age" case of sickness is mostly due to too much some- 
thing "good" going from your blood or stomach or 
liver or bowels to your head, or lungs, or skin, or 
bladder, or kidneys, or womb, or muscles, or nerves, or 
fat, etc., etc. That "excess" or "overstock" contains 
certain chemicals which invariably pick a quarrel with 
the resident-chemicals of other organs and tissues. 
The result of which quarrel may be anything in the 
way of disease, or fever, or feeling out of sorts. 

Let us figure this out in this way. You probably do 
a fair amount of work every day — and, assuming that 
you are not engaged in doing hard manual labor out 
of doors, you have a notion that you bum up or use up 
all the fuel or force producing foods that you eat. Let 
us say that you eat some bread and some other va- 
riety of "starchy" or "cereal" or "breakfast" food for 
breakfast. Then again some bread and butter at noon, 
besides potatoes or rice, etc., and once more some 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 65 

bread or "cookies" for or with your supper. That of 
course is over and above other dishes that you eat— 
and I say nothing about slops, drinks, gravies, 
"sweets" and "pastries." Well, then — all the bread 
and other starchy and sugary or doughy or sloppy 
things that you eat are converted in your system into 
liver-sugar or muscle-sugar, called glycogen. There is 
practically no tissue-value in glycogen. It's most all 
fuel to be burned up — to produce heat and force, no- 
tions and corruptions. Anything in the line of bread or 
dough, of flour or pastry, of starch or cereal, of sugar 
or sweet, of cake, pie, pudding, preserves, etc. — is not 
properly speaking assimilable food. It is combustible, 
or inflammable, or inflammatory fuel— regular soft and 
hard coal. It gives you steam and heat and motion, but 
it gives you gas and slush and fever and inflammation 
too. In the first place, it gives off heat by splitting into 
carbonic acid gas and water. In the second place it 
produces a wasteful mess of slimy fermenting juices 
and refuse, which soon or late raise the supply beyond 
the requirements of your system, and, consequently, 
encroach upon every organ and tissue of your body 
from cellar to attic — a mess that cannot fail to sour, or 
to "fever" up ; or failing in that, to raise your internal 
body pressure to a dangerous or explosive point, as 
happens in volcanoes. 

If you can make yourself understand the fact that 
your body is ever mouldering and trying to raise its 
heat beyond 983^ degrees F. — ^toward the boiling 
point — and that it is only prevented from so doing be- 
cause it is surrounded by a cooler, moist atmosphere; 
and, particularly, because you are constantly pouring 

66 Auto logy— Study Thyself 

water into your tanks and tubings and tissues; and 
still more particularly, because you are (unawares) 
introducing therein certain reconstructive and re- 
frigerating ingredients in the way of mineral salts and 
vegetable acids, derived chiefly from fresh fruits and 
green vegetables ; in a word, if you can make yourself 
understand that if it weren't for the fact that instinct 
and environment compel you to check the progress of 
your internal mouldering and heat-producing, and that 
your body is provided with outlets and valves — you'd 
soon crumble to ashes, or explode, or belch forth like a 
miniature volcano. Indeed, most people have had spells 
of "erupting" like volcanoes (fever, headache, delirium, 
etc.), or belching forth lava (slime, catarrh, corrup- 
tion, etc.). And why? Simply because of their stocking 
up too much with glycogen and sugar and slime-pro- 
ducing foods. Not actually because they ate too 
much all told — but because they used no knowledge, 
no judgment, no sense in the proportion of the three 
common classes of foods — namely (i) in the material 
which repairs or renews the tissues; (2) in the mate- 
rial which keeps up the normal "simmering" heat or 
force of the body; (3) in the material which absorbs, 
regulates, checks and disposes of the steam or heat or 
ashes or clinkers or waste produced in their body fur- 
naces and boilers. 

Material No. I is mainly found in eggs, meats, fish 
and milk. 

Material No. II is mainly found in air, bread, pota- 
toes, rice, corn, cereal foods of all kinds, sweets and 

Material No. Ill is mainly found in water, green 
vegetables and fruits. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 67 

But — and here is where cooks and commerce and 
civilization are off — refrigerating material No. Ill, the 
preventive, antidote, regulator, cooler and electric ma- 
terial of the human body — is usually rendered inert or 
detrimental by being mixed or modified in unnatural 
ways and shapes and dishes. Thus the essential proper- 
ties or ingredients of green vegetables and fruits are 
transformed into used-up waste, possessing either 
negative or detrimental properties when taken into the 
stomach with other foods. 

I mean sim.ply this — that the process of canning and 
preserving or of gravying and saucing frequently re- 
moves the most vitally essential acids and salts con- 
tained in the vegetables and fruits, and usually changes 
them into inert, and often into injurious compounds — 
which only serve to clog or brittle up your tissues and 
blood vessels, thus impairing the functions of your 
digestion, assimilation and elimination. Shouldn't 
fruits ever be cooked or preserved or canned, etc.? 
They shouldn't. If you or some one else can extract 
and preserve their juices in a pure, natural state — all 
right. Make use of these juices instead of your "tooth- 
somes" which invariably prove to be "unwholesomes." 
Shouldn't vegetables ever be cooked or preserved or 
canned, etc.? Sometimes, and some of them — as you 
will learn in this book. 

If you grasp the idea that stomach juice or 
stomach slime is the all-essential healthy stuff 
for your stomach and entire body, but that it has 
absolutely no business to trespass or to contaminate; 
and if you grasp the idea that this is true of the juices 
or slimes of any or of all the other organs and tissues — 

68 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

you can dig deeper into this subject yourself. Which 
is really a simple one of food-mixing under given con- 
ditions of air and water and work and fun and sleep. 
That's all. If you are at all versed in photography, or 
in cooking, I can give you a good hold on the thread — 
and all you've got to do is to pull to get at the spool of 
my idea. Your "developers" are the digestive juices or 
"ferment" containing slimes of your organs ; the coat- 
ing on your "plate" is the fleshy jelly of your tissues, 
containing chemicals that possess the property of act- 
ing and reacting with the chemicals found in your 
juices or slimes. You know how accurate you must be 
in mixing the ingredients of your "developers" 
together. And you know that accuracy, though so very 
important, is nothing compared to the care which must 
be exercised in not mixing or tainting the "develop- 
ing" or "toning" or "fixing" solutions v/ith even a trace 
of another. Each and all are all right where they be- 
long and when they are wanted, but not otherwise. Ex- 
cept this — that there is a way of combining some of 
them together to advantage. But the greatest of care 
must be exercised in compounding and associating the 
ingredients in given proportions ; for even the slightest 
excess of "bromide," for instance, will "sicken" the 
plate or picture. So, likewise, in baking, if you add too 
much yeast or soda or butter, etc., etc. Well, the very 
same holds good in the human body. 

The juices or slimes of joints and brain as well as of 
mouth and stomach, are "developing" and "toning" and 
"fixing" solutions. The living substance proper called 
protoplasm, is the coating pasted on the inside and out- 
side walls of your cells and their granulated sand. I£ 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 69 

you mix too much starchy foods (bread, cereals, pota- 
toes, etc.) with albumen foods (milk, eggs, meats, fish, 
etc.), and do not increase proportionately the amount 
of air, water and vegetable acids and mineral salts to 
your mixture or solution; you're bound to spoil your 
inside and outside "plates" or "negatives" and the 
"picture" of your health, here or there, is bound to 
turn out bad. You can have it "retouched," of course — 

Though it's not my intention to make of Autology 
a Science or Practice that shall make you ashamed of 
yourself, it is my fixed determination to make of it a 
Doctrine whose motto is: Look your mistakes square 
in the face, rip them to pieces your own self; then 
reuse and reset the pieces to match and fit your own 
organs and tissues, your own health and work and age 
and fun and surroundings. If you do that you will find 
that the texture and feeling and looks and utility of 
your organs and functions are as "fine," after they have 
gone through the process of Autopathic treatment as 
your sick or soiled silks or laces or "fineries" are after 
they have gone through the process of "dry" or 
"moist" cleaning treatment. 

"How am I to know hov/ to mix my air and water 
and foods so as to remain perfectly well after going 
through the process of Autopathic treatment?" you are 
anxious to ask me. That is a question which you will 
find answered clearly in the rest of this book. So 
clearly that the dullest mind can find no excuse for not 
understanding and utilizing it under any and all condi- 
tions. But don't skip a single line of the preceding 
and intervening pages in your longing for the priceless 
information. Get to it as you got to your age — ^word by 

70 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

word. If you don't, therell be "lapses" or "forgeti" in 
your understanding of Autopathy (to cure thyself) 
which may lead to disappointment or failure, or that 
may postpone your long sought for recovery or enjoy- 
ment of well-being, well-feeling and well-thinking. 

To understand your ailments is to know how to cure 

That's to know how to avoid them also. 

Another reason why I dv/ell somewhat on this sub- 
ject of "living slimes" is because the civilized custom 
of making and partaking of soups and broths is un- 
healthy. Soups are mostly "teas" made of "dead" ani- 
mal slimes, seasoned with some of the urinary and ex- 
crementitious materials which are "held up" at the 
time of killing the animal — thus preventing the said 
refuse from reaching its destination, the bladder and 
intestines. Hence it is that, in spite of esthetic scruples, 
I have made you acquainted with the sundry but alike 
slimy juices and products which attend to all the 
wants of and soak and make up animal tissues. After 
this, you should not wonder so much at the nastiness 
of certain discharges which sickness produces, as you 
should that "healthy" slime can possibly contain the 
material and wherewith that enters into the manufac- 
ture and make-up of so much lovable sweetness and 
brilliant intelligence as this world exhibits. 

There isn't an "open door" or inch of tubing or web 
of tissue in the body which does not manufacture and 
depend on slime for its sustenance and function. You 
are perhaps familiar only v/ith that which calls for a 
handkerchief or cuspidor. However, the lungs and the 
eyelids are oiled and dependent on the same kind of 

Autopathy— Cure Thyself 71 

slime and so are the stomach, bowels, rectum, bladder, 
womb, etc., etc., and brain and mind and procreation 
and growth and development-and genius as much as 


Think it over. , 

Love thy neighbor as thyself, more or less. And 

Autopathy shall make you realize that your own world 

and shoes are the most scrumptious places to hve m. 

after all. 


That's a broad statement— more comprehensive than 
has ever been conceived by any student of Livingness. 
Nevertheless, we can together prove that it is based 
on Truth and Sense. 

Many writers have before made the assertion that 
"there is only one disease"— or "only one poison" — 
and that "the only one" disease or poison is "impure 
blood" — and that the cause or causes of this "impure 
blood" is one thing or another. What "thing" or what 
"other"? Some ascribe the cause of "the one disease" 
or blood poison to improper "thinking" ; some, to im- 
perfect "breathing"; some, to lack of "water drink- 
ing" ; some, to the lack of "physical exercise" ; some, 
to excesses in "eating," etc., etc. 

In a word, one and all see a speck on your face and, 
not understanding its origin and character, claim that 
your features are one mass of smut. Such brain- 
vision is afflicted with a form of myopia or short- 
sightedness — ^which, when it attempts to focus itself 
on the subject of "health" and "sickness," becomes 
cross-eyed. Accordingly, instead of giving you a 
name or a definite idea of what that one blood-smut 
consists, or of what's at the bottom of the "impure 


Autopath y — Cure Thyself 73 

blood," and how to wipe it off from your system, as 
you would from your nose — they tell you to "think" 
it away; to "breathe" it away; to "water" it away; 
to "starve" it away; to "colon-flush" it away, etc. 

That kind of information or advice is on a par with 
that Vv/hich one youngster gives another when he whis- 
pers: "Say, kid, run home and tell your ma she 
wants you." I wonder me how 'tis that their advice 
does not create a vacuum first, and then a cussedness, 
in people's brains as does the youngster's in the kid's! 

When some one advises you to breathe deep and 
tells you that shallow breathing is the cause of your 
impure blood, ask him to sit down with you and show 
you his brain-full of pennies and let you count them in 
your own hands and ways. Ask him to name that one 
sole blood-poison — ask him to name its father and 
mother and brothers and sisters and relatives, in a 
v/ord, to give you its pedigree and history — -ask him 
how and whom and where it mated and unmated— ask 
him the explanation, the arithmetic-like explanation, 
of the effect that deep breathing is going to have on 
that "one sole poison" that he accuses your blood of 
befriending; or how shallow breathing manufactured 
that one sole blood-counterfeit. Do they, one or all, 
even hint that the "raw" material of which the blood 
poison is composed happens to be made from some- 
thing that you know or can be made to understand as 
well as anybody? They don't. 

Oh, yes; I know that they pipe off soap-bubbles 
about the oxygen of the air oxidizing or burning up 
the poison, etc., which, like baby's soap-bubbles, seems 
beautiful, indeed, but— Evanescence I Can two soap- 
bubbles occupy the one and same spot or volume or 

74 A u t o 1 o g y— -Study Thyself 

space, in air, at the one and same time? Can they? 
Well, then, can one oxygen-bubble occupy the same 
spot or volume in the tubes of your blood vessels, 
closed at both ends and on all sides, at the one and 
same time that the said spot or volume is filled with 
a carbonic gas-bubble? You, or some one, will up and 
say: "The oxygen drives it out or burns it up." In 
the first place, carbonic acid gas is not burnable or 
oxidizable. It's already burned or oxidized. It's 
ashes or clinkers in your blood-tubes or lung-furnace. 
In the second place, it's not drivable. It comes out of 
and through the same tube-opening or bellows (throat 
or lungs) that oxygen goes in. You, or some one, will 
nov/ say: "It's an exchange of the two gases within 
the air spaces or alveolar cells of the lungs — ^the oxygen 
displacing the carbonic acid gas ; and, having replaced 
it, is taken up or absorbed by the blood in larger 
amount." Let us see if this is correct. Yes, it's an 
exchange of the two gases in the lung cells ; but lung 
cells or chambers are cut off on all sides from the 
blood vessels and they cannot swap more carbonic acid 
gas for oxygen than they (the lung cells) happen to 
contain at the time, and they can't be the possessors 
of more carbonic acid gas than the blood vessels have 
"breathed out" into them. And the blood vessels are 
not provided with a billion of bellows puffing away at 
your beck and call from within the billions of the cells 
and nuclei of your brain and liver and kidneys and toes, 
and the dickens knows what not. We're piped and 
jointed all right enough, but every pipe ends where 
it begins and every joint is "wiped," as plumbers say. 
The only "leaks" ever sprung by the human organism 
are sprung by the mind, or "corruption." 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 75 

Going deeper into our subject, let me refer you to 
what I say on "The Twin-ness of Blood" — where I 
show you that, in health as well as in sickness, the 
fundamental or "poisoning" difference between good 
or "pure," and bad or impure blood is virtually and 
actually to be found in the fact that venous or impure 
blood contains more carbonic acid gas dissolved in its 
serum and combined with its red corpuscle than arte- 
rial or pure blood contains. Now, carrying this a lit- 
tle further, you can readily understand how easy it is 
for the arterial or pure blood to become infected or 
made impure by an excess of carbonic acid gas — com- 
ing either directly through the capillaries from the 
"carbonized" venous blood or from the free carbonic 
acid gas in the air of rooms, or from excesses in what 
are called "carbohydrate" foods, which are "starchy" 
foods that happen to be rich in carbon, and which, 
therefore, liberate a large amount of carbonic acid gas 
when they are burned up in the system. All "cereal," 
or "starchy," or "sweet" foods are converted in the 
liver into glycogen (liver sugar), which then is stored 
away in the muscles, where it is converted into glu- 
cose, which then breaks up into water and carbonic 
acid gas, which gas must at once be picked up or dis- 
solved by the venous blood and passed over to the 
lungs, and to the kidneys, and to all the manufactur- 
ing membranes of the entire body from head to foot. 
Mark well what I say, "To all the manufacturing mem- 
branes of the entire body." Mark this well, please — 
not because no one else ever recognized or discovered 
that one fact in studying the mechanism of the living 
body but because that one fact shows the wonderful 
wisdom and economy practiced by the Maker in so 

76 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

constructing your Living Plant that the waste or refuM 
products (so-called "poisons") of one tissue or tissue- 
compound, say of glycogen or muscle-sugar, namely, 
carbonic acid gas (itself a poison) becomes actually 
a most essential and indispensable constituent of the 
special by-products turned out by various organs or 
tissues of your organism. What do I mean? I mean 
just this: That that which is burned or used up or 
oxidized in the organs or tissues of your body, and 
which all past and present writers and teachers claim 
is "waste" or "poison," is not poison, but is actually 
an essential foodstuff which other organs or tissues 
now must have in manufacturing their specialized 
products or juices. How can I prove that? I can 
prove that by analyzing the chemical composition of 
the various juices of the body— those produced or oozed 
out by the brain and cord, as well as those that ooze 
out of the mouth, and lungs, and stomach, and liver, 
and pancreas, and intestines, and genito-urinary or- 
gans, and joints, and other spaces, or canals, or 
sheaths existing in or between or around your organs 
and tissues. 

"Without troubling you with a complicated compara- 
tive table of the amounts of carbonic acid gas which 
enters in the makeup and function of all the various 
essential juices and fluids of the body, let me reproduce 
here a table of proportions of the various constituents 
of the saliva (spit). In one thousand parts (grammes) 
of saliva there is found of : 

Phosphoric acid 0.51 (about 8 grains) 

Sodium 0.43 (nearly same) 

Calcium (lime) 0.03 (just a bit) 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 77 

Magnesium 0.0 1 (almost none) 

Chlorides 0.84 (about 14 grains) 

Oxygen almost none 

Nitrogen almost none 

Carbonic acid gas 200 (over 6 ounces) 

If to that datum you add this other that the salivary 
glands manufacture from 18 to 36 ounces (from over 
one pint to over one quart) of saliva in every twenty- 
four hours, you will begin to get an idea regarding 
what the human organism does with its so-called 
"poison" or waste. As you see, it uses that waste not 
as a "poison" but as a very useful product and derives 
as much good from it as "packers" nowadays derive 
from what was formerly considered offensive refuse. 
But, even as "packers" have learned that the refuse or 
waste must be "refined" and re-refined, and not be 
improperly assorted or combined, and as they have 
recognized that the refuse of some animals or organs 
is not productive of as high a grade of by-products, or 
fertilizers, so the human economy cannot turn out 
high-grade by-products (digestive, biliary, urinary and 
brainy) from a low-grade or bad mixture of the body's 
so-called "refuse," or "waste," or "poison." Do you 
now see why every learned, as well as every unlearned 
individual or writer, in matters of living, well or sick, 
is talking through his hat or groping in darkness? If 
now you will further absorb the fact that the amount of 
free and combined carbonic acid gas that enters into 
the formation and composition of gastric and pan- 
creatic and intestinal juices, as well as in the forma- 
tion and composition of bile and urine and brain and 
spinal cord — as well, also, as in the formation and com- 

78 Autology— Study Thyself 

position of the serum (and red corpuscles) of the blood 
and of the lymph — is proportionately about as large as 
just stated regarding the saliva, you will readily admit 
that "the one poison" which makes "impure blood" is 
a mighty useful and essential and beneficial poison. 
What ails it, then, that it causes so much mischief? 
Nothing ails it — it all ails you — simply because you 
breathe and drink and eat and do — and don't breathe 
and drink and eat and do — things (chemical things) 
which either prevent your organs or tissues from ac- 
cepting or utilizing the "grade" of the carbonic acid 
mixture v/hich the blood and lymph unload in your 
"retorts," or which render them (retorts or tissues) 
unable to "refine" and "re-refine" the mixture or mess 
into a sufficiently high grade of spit, or stomach or 
pancreatic or bile or brain or urine by-product. That's 
all. Nothing goes to waste or to poison, but all goes to 
money, in the "stock yards" of Chicago; but a large 
bulk of everything- — mental and physical — goes to 
waste or poison— or penury — in the "stock yards" of 
the "thinking," "breathing," "watering," "feeding," 
"flushing" "packers" (I mean everybody). 

Did you know that your body manufactures every 
twenty-four hours about one-tenth your weight of gas- 
tric juice? Fancy now what a muddle your body must 
be in when that gastric juice is of a low grade and 
can't be pawned off for standard! And that your 
pancreas produces from one-fourth to one-half of one 
pint of pancreatic juice, and your liver from one pint 
to one quart of bile, and your intestines from one- 
eighth to one-fourth pint of their juice, and the kid- 
neys about three pints of urine ? And that is far from 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 79 

comprising all the juices which remain in and around 
all your tissues and organs and glands. 

The foregoing data are sufficient, I believe, to con- 
vince you that your usual sources of information re- 
garding health and disease are rather primitive, not to 
say murky, and that he who writes and asserts that 
there is only one disease and only one poison, and 
who quits you there to ramble away or evaporate into 
words and "spread-eagles," is befuddling himself or 
parrotting some one else. And, I believe, they are suf- 
ficient to convince you that I am right in claiming that 
"what's burned or used up or oxidized in the organs or 
tissues of the body, and which all past and present 
writers and teachers claim is waste or poison, is not 
poison, but is actually an essential nutriment which 
other organs and tissues utilize to manufacture their 
special by-products or juices." 

Yet, I haven't mentioned the lubricating sub- 
stances of the body — namely, the "mucus" or 
slime — which is produced by all your mucous 
membrane-lined organs and tissues, and the 
"serum" or "lymph" which is produced by all your 
serous membrane-lined organs and tissues. In fact, 
all the organs and tissues of your body are lined either 
inside or outside with the one or the other of those 
membranes. Indeed, we have no way of knowing 
what is transpiring beneath or behind or under either 
one of those two membranes except by examining what 
it pleases them to squeeze or let ooze out through 
their meshes and filtering cell-walls. But we know 
this much, that what is artificially compressed through 
the mucous membrane of a tonsil, or stomach, or blad- 

8o Auto logy— Study Thyself 

der, or womb, etc., or through the serous membrane of 
a brain, or lung (pleura), or joint — or the skin itself — 
is not a particle the same "stuff" or juice which Na- 
ture, in her mysterious way, turns out or oozes out as 
her by-products. That's why we are safe in assuming 
that the "refining" processes take place within the cells 
of the mucous and serous membranes of the body, 
and that's why I am safe in concluding that the source 
of the so-called "poison" which causes all symptoms 
or diseases is to be found in the fact that the refining 
cells of these membranes are the seat or plant where 
the whole secret of the production of high-grade or 
low-grade by-products is kept and operated. These 
two membranes assort and refine the material offered 
them by the organ-cells proper and then turn out the 
various grades of their respective by-products through 
their meshes and walls and reject the unusable, which 
then must accumulate in the tissues to be burned up 
in "fevers" or be disposed of as "discharges," or "ef- 
fusions," or "exudates," or "dropsy," or "catarrh," etc. 
You may not have a very clear conception of what is 
a mucous membrane and a serous membrane. A 
mucous membrane is the kind of skin which lines the 
inside of your eyelids, nose, mouth, throat, air tubes, 
stomach, bowels, appendix, genito-urinary organs, etc., 
and which produces or manufactures, in health, what 
is called mucus (besides the special by-products be- 
fore mentioned), and in disease what is called "slime," 
or "catarrhal" discharge, and sometimes a mixture of 
slime and pus (matter or corruption). A serous mem- 
brane is the kind of skin which lines the outside of the 
lungs and the inside of the chest walls (called 
pleura), and the brain (called dura and pia 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 8i 

mater, meaning hard or tough and soft or 
delicate mother-skin), and the nerves (called 
neurilemma), and the ends of bones where joints 
are formed, and the spaces between the abdom- 
inal and pelvic fleshy walls, and the numerous vital 
and pelvic organs therein placed, etc. This serous- 
make of membrane manufactures or exudes, in health, 
a thinnish, straw-colored lubricant, which enables any 
two organs or tissues to come in contact and rub to- 
gether without your feeling it ; whereas, in sickness, it 
becomes "effusion," or "exudate," or "water," and ac- 
cumulates, as you know, in articular rheumatism and 
pleurisy, for instance. So, also, in brain fever or men- 
ingitis. And it also may become purulent (corrup- 
tion), as in empyem.a (matter or pus in the chest). 

I believe that you are now prepared to follow me 
understandingly in the further observations and de- 
ductions I wish to make. 


You understand that all "symptoms" — such as 
fever, pain, redness, swelling, etc. — are phenomena 
manifested by each and every organ or tissue in condi- 
tions of impairment and disease; and that there is no 
real difference between the "sickly" symptoms and 
the "healthy" signs manifested by organs or tissues in 
sickness and in health, aside from a mere difference in 
the degree of the heat (fever), or sensation (pain), or 
color (redness), or size (swelling). 

82 Auto logy— Study Thyself 

If now you wttl investigate the produda Of fey- 
products of the organs and tissues of your body, in 
health and in sickness, you will readily recognize that 
there is no real, distinctive difference between any 
given "healthy" product and its corresponding "sickly" 
product, aside from the difference in the quality (or 
adulteration) of the two^ — I mean the "healthy" and the 
"sickly." For instance, the so-called pale, watery 
blood of anemia is just as much blood as the red, 
plastic blood of plethora, except in the proportion of 
the white and red corpuscles and the richness of the 
serum. So with the saliva, gastric and intestinal 
juices, cerebro-spinal fluids, genito-urinary secretions 
or excretions of these two individuals. It's only a dif- 
ference in the "grade" — not in the "stuff" itself. The 
"mucous" secretion of the mucous membranes any- 
where in the bodies of these two individuals—one 
"healthy" and the other "sickly" — is exactly the same 
slime and lubricant ; only this : that the sickly kind is 
more diluted or less oily, or more "ropy" and less 
watery than the healthy kind. That's all. 

Were it not of such importance to your future states 
of health I would not ask you to follow me in the fur- 
ther investigation of the origin and character of your 
juices and their derivatives or by-products in health 
and in sickness. But as it is absolutely necessary for 
you to become thoroughly conversant with the under- 
lying principles of Autology and with the most im- 
portant facts on which it rests, in order that you may 
utilize this common sense system of cure to advantage 
for yourself and others, as well as to be able to combat 
the delusive arguments of others, or to impart th» 

Autopath y»-— Cure Thygelf S3 

knowledge which you ehall own as yours if you rea(i 
re-read and study this booli;, I desire to set before your 
mind two masses of "stuff." One is a mass of coal tar. 
The other is a mass of blood clot. The two are not 
very much unlike — I mean in the analogy of the pur- 
poses which they serve respectively and in the by- 
products or derivatives which are obtained by "treat- 
ing" them. 

Coal tar is a product, as you know, obtained by man 
in the manufacture of illuminating gas from bitumi- 
nous coal ; whereas blood is a product obtained by Na- 
ture in the manufacture of carbonic acid gas from nu- 
tritious food. The processes or steps through which 
coal tar is put in the retorts and tubes or "condensers" 
and distillers of the commercial plant, in order to ob- 
tain therefrom the wonderful stores of endless gaseous, 
liquid and solid compounds and products, are no less 
numerous or wonderful than are the processes or steps 
through which blood is put in the retorts and tubes or 
"condensers" and distillers of your vital plant, in order 
to obtain therefrom the wonderful stores of endless 
gaseous, liquid and solid tissue compounds and prod- 

The blood is an extremely complex mixture, but no 
more complex than coal tar ; and the human laboratory 
does not extract or compound or refine more deriva- 
tives or by-products from blood than man-made ap- 
paratus or laboratories do from coal tar. Indeed, the 
number of substances or derivatives obtained from the 
coal tar business is far in excess of those manufactured 
by the human apparatus. Nevertheless, do you know 
that the thousands of products and by-products which 
are directly derived from or related to coal tar are made 

84 Autology— Study Thyself 

or found to fit into practically one class of substances, 
namely, the Benzene Series? 

Do you realize that carbolic acid and aniline are 
products of coal tar as well as benzene and naphtha- 
lene? Is it more surprising to hear or find that 
"mucus" and "urine" and "bile" and digestive juices 
and brain fluids belong to the one and same class of 
blood derivatives than it is that coal produces illumi- 
nating gas, coal tar, benzene, carbolic acid and aniline, 
and a thousand and one seemingly most dissimilar sub- 

Let us now turn to all your organs and tissues. They 
are all classifiable under two headings, namely : 

Class I. Those organs and tissues that serve the 
double purpose of inlets and outlets and that are in di- 
rect or indirect communication with the outer world. 
Among these are the eyes and ears; the mouth and 
throat; the nose and air tubes, including the lungs; 
the entire alimentary canal, from the stomach (or 
esophagus, gullet) to the anus (end of rectum) ; the 
genital organs proper of both sexes, including the 
Fallopian tubes and uterus and external genitals of 
the female and the prostate and external genitals of 
the male; the urinary organs or tissues of both sexes, 
including the pelvis or reservoir of the kidneys, and 
the bladder, and the appendix; the liver, the pancreas, 
the kidney tissue proper, the ovaries, the testes, and 
the skin. 

Class 2. Those organs and tissues that have neither 
inlet nor outlet in direct or indirect communication 
with the outer world. Among these are brain and 
spinal cord, bones and marrow, heart, spleen, lym- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 85 

phatlc glands, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, fat, blood 
corpuscles, and the cavities or spaces of the joints, 
skull, spine, pleura (chest), peritoneum (abdomen), 
periosteum (bone membrane), pericardium (heart), 
and the enveloping sheaths of nerves, muscles and 

The above two classes comprise all the organs and 
tissues of your body. And, when further considered 
from the viewpoint of their by-products or derivatives 
in health and in sickness, or from that of the origin and 
location of their diseases, they may be classified into 
mucous membrane-lined and serous membrane-lined 
organs and tissues, or cavities and spaces. This simple 
"dual" classification is perfectly logical and scientific, 
because diseases or ailments invariably start in or 
first affect their inner or outer linings or sacs — sheets 
or pillow cases. The substance proper of organs or 
tissues becomes involved or affected only by extension, 
as fire extends or liquids soak — by which I m.ean that 
"colds," "catarrhs," "rheumatisms," "fevers," "infec- 
tions," "biliousness," etc., begin or reside either in the 
mucous lining of the organ-cavities, as nose, throat, 
lungs, stomach, bowels, bladder, pelvic organs, etc., or 
in their serous lining, as in the membranes of the brain 
(meningitis, or brain fever), or of the abdomen (peri- 
tonitis, or inflammation of the bowels), or of the joints 
(arthritis, or articular rheumatism), or of the bones 
(periostitis), or of the pelvic organs (cellulitis, 
ovaritis, cystitis, prostatitis, etc.), etc. 

Looking at things more closely you will find that 
Class I belongs properly to the mucous mem- 
brane set of organs and tissues. Hence, they are 
directly or indirectly subjected to or affected by 

86 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thya^f 

aatarrhal inflammations or discharges — infiammatlona 
or discharges that may be only mucous or slimy, or 
also purulent (namely, muco-purulent) . Chemical 
analysis shows conclusively that the mucous discharge 
or effusion from the "healthy" and the muco-puru- 
lent discharge from the "sickly" mucous membrane 
of the eyes and ears, the respiratory and aliment- 
ary tracts, the urinary and genital tracts — ^in both 
sexes — are not only alike, respectively, whether well 
or sick, but also alike no matter by what organ or tissue 
the discharge is produced or oozes from — ^however 
apart or different the organs may be. For example, 
the catarrhal or muco-purulent discharges from the 
eyelids, the lungs, the womb, the bladder, the stomach, 
the bowels, the pelvis of the kidney, the appendix of 
the cecum, the urethra, etc., are essentially alike — not 
alone in their appearance, etc., but also in their phy- 
sical or chemical makeup. Hence, they must be the 
one and same product, and they must have been manu- 
factured by the various tissue-cells out of the same, 
identical, fundamental blood or tissue compound or 
"live" coal tar. What is the difference whether the 
"discharge" comes from the lungs, or the womb, or 
the prostate, or the stomach, etc., so long as the com- 
position of the discharge is one and the same, and so 
long as directly or indirectly the source of that dis- 
charge is the blood "tar"? None whatever. Which 
proves that my contention—namely, that as the con- 
stituent-origin (the chemical bodies circulating in the 
blood and permeating that class of organs or tissues) 
is one and the same, and as the constituent-products 
(the catarrhal or muco-purulent discharges) are one 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 87 

and alike, throughout all the organs and tissues which 
belong to Class i (namely, the organs and tis- 
sues which communicate directly or indirectly with 
the outer world through channels or hollow organs 
that are lined with mucous membranes) — is not only 
well founded but also the only logically tenable one. 
Which furthermore proves that any and all diseases 
of those organs and tissues, or channels, or passages, 
must be treated or cured in exactly the one and same 
way. Hence, you must grant that, thus far at least, 
I am on sane terra firma in claiming and insisting 
that Autopathy is the one treatment for the hundreds 
of this class of so-called different ailments or diseases 
— whether acute or chronic, infectious or contagious — 
that affect the various mucous membrane-lined organs 
or tissues or conduits. To be reasonable or logical you 
cannot concede to me an iota less than all and every- 
thing I claim — if you concede one single item of my 
broad claim. 

Let us nov/ pass to Class 2, which consists of organs 
or tissues that are either inclosed with serous mem- 
branes or that (themselves) inclose spaces or cavities 
filled more or less with serum or lymph. Among these 
are the brain and spinal cord and nerves, the joints, 
the pleural cavity, the lymphatic spaces and vessels, 
the peritoneal, including the abdominal and pelvic or- 
gans of male and female (lined outside by peritoneum), 
the bones, lined outside by periosteum, etc. 

I do not think it necessary to devote many words 
to prove that the "healthy" and the "sickly" products 
of the enveloping membranes of the brain, of the spinal 
cord, of the nerves, of the bones, of the ovaries, of the 

88 Auto logy— Study Thyself 

testes, of the peritoneum, of the pleural cavity, of the 
lymphatic spaces, and of the joints are alike and the 
same; namely, serous or sero-purulent ; or that the 
serous or the sero-purulent discharge oozing from the 
brain membranes is chemically the same as that oozing 
from the joints, or pleural cavity, or ovary, or testes; 
or that a serous effusion in the brain or spinal cord, or 
in joints, or in dropsy, or in the scrotum, or in the 
chest, or in edema (anywhere) is physically and chem- 
ically alike, and that it and all originates directly or 
indirectly from the same constituents of blood tar. 
Therefore, I must again ask you, "What is the differ- 
ence whether the effusion (called effusion because the 
discharge remains closed in a sac) comes from the 
brain or nerves, from the ovaries or testes, from the 
bones or chest, from the joints or lymphatics, so long 
as the composition of the discharge (effusion) is one 
and the same, and so long as the source is directly or 
indirectly the blood tar? None whatever. Which 
proves that my contention- — namely, that as the con- 
stituent-origin (the chemical bodies circulating in the 
blood and permeating that class of organs) is one and 
the same, and as the constituent-products (the serous 
or sero-purulent effusions) are one and alike, through- 
out all the organs and tissues which belong to Class 
2 (namely, the organs and tissues which do not com- 
municate directly or indirectly with the outer world 
through channels or hollow organs, but which are lined 
outside or inside by serous membranes) — is not only 
well founded but also the only logically tenable one. 
Which furthermore proves that any and all diseases of 
those organs and tissues, or channels, must be treated 
or cured in exactly the one and same way. Hence, you 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 89 

must grant that, thus far at least, I am on ssne terra 
firma in claiming and insisting that Autopathy is the 
one treatment for the hundreds of this class of so-called 
different ailments or diseases — whether acute or 
chronic, infectious or contagious — that affect the 
various serous membrane-lined organs or tissues or 
conduits. To be reasonable or logical you cannot con- 
cede to me an iota less than all and everything I claim 
— if you concede one single item of my broad (ening) 
claim." Broadening, indeed, as you are about to wit- 

You have noticed that I have so far avoided refer- 
ences — that is, I have not quoted world-known author- 
ities for the data which I state. There are two rea- 
sons for this. In the first place, because the facts 
which I state and upon which I base my deductions 
and conclusions are known to every learned student of 
medicine, or biology, or physiology. In the second 
place, because the deductions and conclusions, as well 
as the bedside or practical observations and experi- 
ences which confirm my deductions and conclusions, 
are as nev^ to "authorities" the world over as they are 
to you, whoever you may be. Therefore, I can quote 
no one in that regard but my own knowledge obtained 
from my own study and experience and experiments. 
But I am now coming to a phase of the subject of 
Autology where I appreciate the opportunity of be- 
ing able to quote eminent chemists or biologists, be- 
cause most physicians or students are not versed in 
the observations which form the basis of and absolute- 
ly confirm the truth which I am about to put forth— 
namely, that there is virtually and actually no intrinsic 

go Autolog y — Study Thyself 

physical or chemical difference between the "healthy" 
or "sickly" mucous-membrane products of diseases 
and the "healthy" or "sickly" serous-membrane prod- 
ucts of diseases of any class or classes of organs or 
tissues or channels in the entire organism; and that, 
therefore, there is no real difference between the con- 
stituent-origin and the constituent-products of any and 
all ailments or diseases— be these acute or chronic, in- 
fectious or contagious. 

Before proceeding I wish you to bear in mind that, 
though there are any number of makes or brands of 
syrups, or of whiskies, on the market, the syrups are 
all composed of water and sugar, and the whiskies of 
water and alcohol. In other words, all syrups are es- 
sentially alike in their constituents or composition, and 
differ merely in the quality and proportion of the water 
and sugar; and are, therefore, all called and known as 
syrups; and they are all used and treated as syrups; 
and they are all subject to the one and same disease; 
and the one and same treatment will cure their ail- 
ment or ailments. So also with whiskies or liquors. 
The actual differences between the various brands are 
merely incidental differences of color, or density, or 
taste, or "age," and not of essential constituents. Please 
bear this in mind as you read what follows regarding 
serous effusions or sero-purulent effusions, and mucous 
secretions or muco-purulent discharges anywhere in 
or from any organ, or tissue, or cavity, or channel that 
communicates, or that does not communicate, directly 
or indirectly, with the outer world. 

My references are Herter (in the United States), 
Hoppe-Seyler, Bunge, Hammersten (in German lan- 
guage), A. Gautier, Bouchard, Charrin (in French Ian- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 91 

guage). I can add hundreds of names to this list in 
each country and other lands, 

"Backed" in my statements by the "findings" of 
world-renown authorities in the field of biology (Liv- 
ingness), I am able to assert that tlie healthy and the 
sickly serous effusions — such as are found, for instance, 
in the pleural cavity (or in pleurisy), in the peritoneal 
cavity (or dropsy or ascites), in the skin (or edema), 
in the pericardium (or pericarditis), in the tunica 
vaginalis (or hydrocele), in the ventricles of the brain 
or between the membranes of the brain or the spinal 
cord (or meningitis, or cerebro-spinal meningitis), or 
in ovarian cysts, or in blisters, or in synovial mem- 
branes (or synovitis or rheumatic effusion), etc., etc. — 
possess the same physical and chemical properties and 
composition. Indeed, much more so than do the vari- 
ous and sundry brands of syrups or liquors or beers. 
Here is what these serous products are found to con- 
sist of in diseases as well as in health, namely: Urea, 
creatine, uric acid, tyrosine, leucine, some fatty mat- 
ters and cholesterine, and exactly the same kind of 
mineral salts as are contained in the blood-serum, be- 
ing chiefly those of sodium and potassium — ^with a 
large quantity of carbonic acid gas. 

On the other hand, I also contend that the mucous 
secretions or discharges of any and all organs or tis- 
sues, in diseases as well as in health, are found to be 
composed of the same constituents that make up the 
serous, with the mere incidental difference that the 
gelatinous and transparent substance called mucine 
(of mucus or slime) is denser than the gelatinous and 
transparent substance called serine, or synovin« (of 
serum or lymph or joints). That's all. 

ga A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

And as for pure pus, or sero pus, or muco pus — it*s 
all pus, no matter where found or how mixed or pro- 
duced, and it contains a little of everything that's good 
and bad in the v/hole body, blood, brain and all. Ac- 
cording to Hoppe-Seyler, Gautier and Ranvier, pus 






Cerebrin (brain essence). 


Now, really, if the so-called progressive or "learned" 
men who are inventing new "animal" or organic cures 
were at all consistent they would not waste millions of 
money, or horse-power energy, or brain in extracting 
their alleged v»7onderful elixirs of life, which they inject 
into human beings — ^but they would proceed to devise 
some quick natural means of forcing the system to 
manufacture pus. Why not? Pus is proven to con- 
sist of the very substances which they are extracting 
from the genitals or other organs of the lower ani- 
mals, which they inject into people. All they can ever 
expect to get from those indecent juices are nuclein, 
lecithin and cerebrin — call it what they like. If you 
shall ask, "Why, then, do not their preparations pro- 
duce the same symptoms or ailments in the human 
body that pus does?" then I shall answer they do. 
They produce the identical same poisonous results — 
to-wit: the symptoms of fever, malaise, or infection 
which invariably follow the serum-injection. But, as 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 93 

in the case of an abscess or pus discharge, the pouring 
of the chemical pus-poisons into the blood is constant 
and continued for days or months ; whereas in the case 
of the "injected" antitoxins or "serum" the dose is 
small and given only at distant intervals — the mani- 
festations of fever and infection are milder and of 
shorter duration than in the case of pus or abscess in- 
fection. Hence the practice of injecting "sera" or 
antitoxic cures into children or people is fraught with 
the same danger and is based on the same stupid de- 
lusion as was the formerly existing practice of trying 
to cure lupus or tuberculosis of the skin by infecting 
the affected area with erysipelas. Like a thousand and 
one ridiculous and pernicious practices that have had 
their day, so the present ridiculous and pernicious 
craze for antitoxic sera is having its days — and vic- 
tims. Not, however, without achieving some cures on 
the hit-or-m.iss luck of which the whole "castle-in- 
Spain" system is based, without a single scientific or 
common sense reason or explanation for the "hit" as 
well as for the "miss" results — cures or deaths. Sup- 
erstition, or Suggestion, or Eddyism, or Dowieism, or, 
to go back, Perkinism (with his little rods), or Faith- 
ism (the man with a horse-chestnut in his breeches 
pocket) can cite and show more such cures to the yard 
or yarn. 

Coming back to our subject, I may then ask you this 
last question: What, then, is the difference whether 
the mucous or muco-purulent secretion or discharge, or 
the serous or sero-purulent secretion or effusion, or 
both, constitutes the source or cause, or the product or 
effect, of the ailment or disease ; or what is the differ- 
ence whether the disease or ailment which is caused by, 

94 Autolog y— Study Thyself 

or is producing, th€ one or th« ether "discharge" or 
"effusion" resides or originates in any one particular 
organ or tissue, or hollow, or space, seeing that the 
composition of the juicy substance (whether called 
discharge or effusion) is one and alike in the very tis- 
sue-cells and the cavities or channels of any and all 
organs or tissues of the body, and seeing that their 
transient or permanent habitat is the blood? None 
whatever. Which proves that my final contention (the 
contention of the Science and Practice of Autology) 
— namely, that as the constituent-origin and the con- 
stituent-products and the constituent-habitat (or seat) 
of any and all diseases or ailments, acute and chronic, 
infectious and contagious, in child, man and woman, 
are virtually and essentially and chemically and func- 
tionally one and alike in any and every organ and tis- 
sue — is not only well founded but also the only one 
which a sane mind can hold. Which furthermore 
proves that any and ail diseases of any and all organs 
or tissues or fluids of the body must be treated and 
cured alike and with the same remedy. 

Hence, you must grant this : Either I am on abso- 
lute terra firma or I'm way off ; either Autopathy is the 
remedy or cure for any and ail ailments or diseases or 
it isn't for a blessed one. If you concede one pinch of 
truth to Autology, you must concede that Autology 
is truth and sense all through. If you concede one 
genuine cure to Autopathy (and that you and nobody 
else can help doing) then you must concede that it is a 
cure for all ailments. 

Try it once^ — or try it again — after you have read 
every word of this book and see. 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 95 

However, although the organs and tissuee and fluids 
of your body shall respond equally well to Autopathy 
or autopathic instructions, you must not overlook the 
fact that the response or results may appear sooner and 
greater in some "cases" than in others, depending 
somewhat upon the character and location of the "sick" 
organ or tissue, and upon age, circumstances and en- 
vironments, but never upon the nature or cause or 
name of the disease, or fever, or ailment. Never. In 
a general way all those organs and tissues which be- 
long to Class I (communicating directly both ways 
with the outer world) will respond to and be cured 
quicker by Autology than the others. The reason for 
that is a simple, physical one. It's easier and quicker 
work to chase a dog out when you've got a clean sweep 
back and front, and it's easier and quicker work to do 
likewise when you've got one opening to outdoors, 
than when you haven't any and must wait till you or 
the animal find or make one. Common sense tells 
you that. 

For instance, you can as a rule get rid of a spell of 
vomiting or sick stomach quicker than you can of a 
vomity or sick brain. The stomach is opened both 
ways, and the brain isn't. You can get rid of a cold 
or pneumonia quicker than you can of nephritis 
(Bright's disease), or pleurisy, or inflammatory rheu- 
matism. The nose, or throat, or lungs are nearer and 
in more direct communication with the outside world 
than are the kidneys, or the joints, or the chest cavity 
(pleura). And so forth. But I can hear what some 
are thmking. They have, for instance, some bladder, 
or some womb, or some prostatic, or some nasal, or 
some throaty or some bronchial, or some rectal trouble, 

96 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

and they want to ask me how it is that these tissues, 
or organs, or hollows, being so very near and in direct 
communication with the all outdoors, they don't get 
well quick, real quick — don't you know? And I am 
led to ansv/er in this wise: A neighbor once had a 
kitten — wiser than the "maid" — v/ho was trying to 
chase the kitten out of the house, but who (the maid) 
did not want to close both the front and the back door, 
because the weather v/as so hot. So when the kitten 
was chased out one door, and that shut, it skitted in 
the other door. This picnic kept on until the girl 
made up her mind to put up with the kitten. Well, 
most people who are sick and who happen to get hold 
of the right means that is sure to chase out the sick- 
kitten, or cause of their sickness, never think or take 
the trouble to prevent the same or similar sickness- 
producing kittens from getting in through the opened 
doors of their bodies. Hence, the ailm.ent and the 
discharge comes and goes, perhaps, but it's sure to 
turn up, as did the kitten, always. Therefore, do not 
start to chase your ailment with Autopathy until you 
have found out the trick or wrinkle of keeping doors 
and v/indows opened all you want and still shut the 
kitten out for keeps. The rest of this book tells you 
all the particulars and solves the riddle for you and 
everybody for now and all times. 

Lest you might assume that I have intentionally 
omitted diseases of the skin, such as are known as 
eczema, or "salt rheum," or pimples, or acne, or black- 
heads and coarse skin, or psoriasis, or "shingles," or 
herpes, and another hundred more or less ; or lest you 
might assume that my system, or Autopathy, does not 
include those diseases, as well as measles, scarlet fever 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 97 

and other ailments or derangements which are evi- 
denced by a rash or an eruption on or in the skin — I 
shall devote a few remarks to this class of ailments to 
convince you that they are amenable to the same im- 
mutable principles, or law, or cure of Autology. 

The same chemists or biologists before quoted will 
tell you that the fibrous, or interstitial, or tegumentary 
(skin) tissues of the body ooze out under compression 
a fluid, effusion or "discharge," which resembles in 
appearance and composition the "healthy" or "sickly" 
juice, or effusion, or discharge of serous or of mucous 
membranes and organs and tissues. Hence, when 
these last mentioned organs, or tissues, or membranes 
cannot dispose of the "discharge" or "poison" — either 
because the total accumulation or production of the 
"discharge" is too great, or because all the other tis- 
sues, or hollow organs, or outlets resist or object — then 
the comparatively dense and tough tissue of the skin 
is called upon to assist in the elimination or disposing 
of the acrid or poisoning discharge. That's why 
babies' and children's and youths' skins are more com- 
monly affected and afflicted by fever-diseases, as well 
as by deranged conditions of the stomach, or bowel, or 
blood; and also and likewise by changes in the char- 
acter of the liquids and solids taken as nourishment, 
to-wit: by fruits and vegetables at certain times of 
the year. 

Thus it becomes impossible to puncture the armor of 
Autology even in diseases or affections of the skin, 
or in conditions which mar the looks or complexions 
of women as well as of men. 

Autopathy is as effective and speedy and certain in 

g8 Autology — Study Thyself 

its effects and results in this class of ailments or afflic- 
tions as in any and all the others mentioned. 

Again, it may appear that derangements of the blood, 
or of the nerves, or of the muscles are not comprised 
in the two mentioned classes of organs or tissues; 
and, therefore, not to be treated or cured by Au- 
topathy. Nevertheless, a moment's thought will sug- 
gest to your mind that the blood itself must suffer 
when it is overstocked or understocked with the sub- 
stances which it turns over to your organs, or to your 
serous and mucous membranes, or to your skin, to be 
utilized or disposed of. And, likewise, that your 
nerves, or your muscles, or both and aL, must suffer 
and complain when they are compelled to work or 
operate under such unnatural conditions. Accordingly 
your mind will perceive and understand how and why 
the same Autopathic instructions will cure neuralgia, 
or myalgia (muscular rheumatism), or neurasthenia, 
or general and local debility, or fagged-outness, or 
headache and backaches, or heart pains and side 
pains, or ovarian pains and stomach pains, or 
soreness and weakness anywhere and everywhere in- 
side and outside of the body — as well as they will 
cure infectious or fever diseases, or catarrhal, or bil- 
ious, or rheumatic, or other ailments — of which the 
number is almost unlimited and to which endless list 
the healing professions still keep and intend to keep 
on adding as accident, or convenience, or necessity, or 
hunger suggests or demands. That's easier than to 
study and think — and it's easier and more fascinating 
to shoot up in a balloon than it is to dig down and 
build a foundation on bedrock, and then v/ith stone 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 99 

and cement to raise a tower of Truth and Sense that 
any one who wills may and can climb step by step and 
see beyond with that feeling and realization of cer- 
tainty and security and safety which never falls to the 
lot of balloon-notoriety or soap-bubble popularity. 

Therefore, as a gas-plant is a factory of illuminating 
gas and coal tar, so the human-pknt is a factory of car- 
bonic acid gas and blood tar. Both plants and their 
respective products are equally useful, beneficial and 
negotiable in their proper places and for their respec- 
tive purposes ; but both "plants" and products are abso- 
lute nuisances and poisons otherwise. 




To be conceived in the beatitude of Love; 

To be born of judicious parents ; 

To be nursed at a wholesome breast ; 

To be bred on physical environments. 

To learn but not be taught ; 

To think but not be thoughted. 


Were you? You don't know. Yet you do know, if 
you're a "parent," which means that you were. And 
so was and is every living creature. God or Nature 
was not that thoughtless or unjust as to permit any 
of His or Her offspring to be conceived in any other 
state than that of Natural Beatitude, between the 


Autopathy — Cure Thyself loi 

wedded "ferments" — whatever may have been the con- 
ventional, or social, or arbitrary, or legal, or artificial 
"states" between the wedded or unwedded parents. 
Hence no one starts handicapped in this human 
"race" as far as Natural Beatitude is concerned. 


That's different. If you were; good. If you were 
not, you were truly handicapped. But you could or 
should have won your "race" just the same, with 
brain or with brawn, and thus have made up for that 
disadvantage, as many have done and are doing. How? 

As far as I know the world is in the darkness re- 
garding this problem — which is ignorantly accounted 
for by what is variously called "Heredity," "Luck," 
"Pluck," "Genius," "Prenatal Influence," etc. — all of 
which belong to the same category of foolish know- 
nots to which belong Witchcraft and Superstition. 
Nevertheless the light shed by history, through its hu- 
man torches in the form of brilliant or illuminating 
brains produced by extinct, and by ancient, and by 
modern, and by contemporary races, lifts the haze or 
gloom of midnightness from this living puzzle. 

Most great Brains were born in what are commonly 
but wrongly supposed to be injudicious environments, 
if not of injudicious parents. The proof of that is 
around you, before your eyes, in every town or com- 
munity. Because a farmer's boy aims and lands up 
high in New York or Chicago, and it is found that he 

102 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

was neither "bom of judicious parents" nor born in 
"judicious" surroundings — from which you forget that 
he broke loose as soon as he could dispose of his axe or 
buy a pair of shoes — would-be learned men exclaim: 
"Ah ! but there was blood in his mother's veins." And 
if there wasn't, "wise" men are ready with the as- 
sumption that "there was blue blood in some grand or 
great grandparents." 

"Blue blood" indeed! There's as fine blue blood in 
your veins now as in anybody's. The dubious or dif- 
ferential point is this, however : Does your blue blood 
contain too much carbonic acid gas to the pint or to 
the amount of oxygen? 

Well, when "heredity" hides her face, or skips a 
generation or two, then she's called Atavism. "Ata- 
vism" is heredity gone Rip Van Winkling. She gets 
drunk. Is turned out. Sleeps a generation or so. 
Wakes up. Meanders back to town. To find as many 
skulls filled with the same kind of stuff that the "dog- 
gone" old skulls were. 

Sometimes Heredity's name is swapped for that of 
Genius. And that's when off-brains write about 
Caesars and Napoleons being degenerates or crimi- 
nals, and lay their "fits" or "degeneracy" or crimes at 
Genius's door; when the truth of the matter is that 
they (the fits, degeneracy, etc.), should be laid at their 
(the Caesars', Napoleons', Byrons', Wilds', etc.'s) bed- 
room and dining-room doors, or somebody else's. You 
know what I mean. 

Young growing Brains that till and fertilize and cul- 
tivate their own matter to the pinnacle of mental re- 
nown and that then allow their stomachs and livers 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 103 

and other organs to beweed and befoul them (brains) 
never live to a ripe, healthy, sane old age. They can't. 
The rest of their organs or functions is too many. 
Heredity, atavism, luck, pluck, talent, character, 
genius, success, progress — one and all exist only in 
light, air, water and foods, whose constituents 
alone create the afore-mentioned endowments, when 
judiciously combined and reorganized by the indi- 
vidual's blood and organs. 

Atavism, Heredity and Genius are words on which 
Ignorance falls back when she is cornered. It means 
that if you are a toper or a star and your father wasn't, 
then somebody between you and Adam (inclusive) 
was. It means that a chump would rather "chappy" 
his vanity by blaming ancient history for his deficiency 
than his own stupid habits or crass ignorance. 

What of it if you haven't been bom of judicious pa- 
rents or grandparents? A nice heap of judiciousness 
you'd find at the bottom of everybody's ancestral cis- 
tern if you went far or deep enough. 

If you be young at this reading, and you have "judi- 
cious" parents — ^you are fortunate indeed! Because 
yours is the opportunity, without excuse for missing 
it, of possessing early in life the "mens sana in corpore 
sano" (a sound mind in a sound body) which five, aye 
a hundred generations or "breedings," could not pos- 
sibly endow you with. 

And, here, kind readers, let me think aloud for the 
immediate and future benefit of growing boys and 
girls, as well as for the happiness of your aging or de- 
parting days. 

104 Autology — Study Thyself 

The "learned" are instructing the mind — but not 
educating the brain of your children. They are stuffing 
their minds, but starving their brains. Hygienists, Die- 
tarians, chefs and cooks are "slopping" livers but 
"milking" brains. What can be expected from all that? 
If not odoriferous and malubrious notions and prod- 
ucts? Pick up your papers, read from some of your 
books, sit with your children in school or out of school, 
and listen. Then let me see you blush from shame or 
anger. And, after taking a walk around the block or 
garden, step into your house or their school rooms or 
sleeping rooms. Does it smell and feel just as heavenly 
sweet and "judicious" as you found it outdoors? Well, 
is your son or daughter breathing and thinking in 
those places what's "judicious" or injudicious for their 
mind and character, as well as for their lungs and 

Madam, what's that you're cooking or putting on 
the table? What kind of a mess is it going to fill up 
their stomachs with? What kind of mind or brain 
producing stuff is that, if you please? Shocks! they 
get enough learning at school or at work. Does he? 
Does she? Can you imprint "learning" on mush or 
slime or slush? Can a brain "hold up" the liver for 
food? Can you make silk with cotton? Shoddy looks 
a bit like wool — ^but you know what shoddy is. Well, 
"shoddy" brains or minds can repeat shoddy knowl- 
edge printed in books, or oozing from "watered" 
brains; but what counts in this world and every other 
world is the brain matter that "thinks." And no brain 
matter can think or improve its thinking on messed-up 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 105 

air and drinkables and eatables. I don't care what you 
or anybody believe, I know this much, and Nature 
and History back me up, if you will give your infant 
or child from now on the kind of air and water and 
foods that God and Nature made for him or her, that 
brain will take care of its future education and prog- 
ress and promotion. Neither you nor anybody can 
down or squelch it. 

So, by "judicious parents" I simply mean this: Give 
your unborns and newborns and oldborns natural air, 
light, water and foods and mark well that if you can't 
afford anything else, that will be giving them and your- 
self and humanity a glorious inheritance and blessing. 

Degenerates and criminals and good-for-nothings 
are not born. Hence degeneracy or criminality or 
good-for-nothingness is always acquired and never in- 
herited or transmitted. It is always taught, or pounded 
or hounded or jawed into children; or it is nursed (I 
mean breast or bottle nursed), or it is fed (I mean 
mouth and nose and stomach fed), or it is bred (I 
mean home or school or street bred) into childhood or 
youth. It is never transmitted from humanity's rear, 
called heredity. 

You may say : "He looks and talks and acts like his 
parent or relative." Well, did you expect him to look 
and talk and act like a monkey? Whose talking and 
walking and acting did he have to ape or pattern his 
own after? 

"But he complains of his stomach, or head, or kid- 
neys ; or is subject to headaches, or fits, or catarrh or 
rheumatism ; or has weak eyes, etc., etc., like his father 

io6 Autology — Study Thyself 

or mother." Well, at whose table did he leam to feed 
and drink, and in whose bed or room did he learn to 
sleep and breathe ; and by whose light did he learn to 
read and study, etc.? Can't you see that 2+2 make 4 
and that 2-I-3 make 5, or that a nature-made brain, or 
stomach, or kidney, or eye, etc., plus sickly nur- 
ture-made milk, or air, or food, or light, or education, 
or example, make dunces and fools, degenerates and 

A child's brain is like a fresh onion, ready to give off 
and to absorb bad and good smells alike. 

The brain of infants and children, young and old, 
acquires its characteristics and knowledge by aping 
and repeating what parents and nurses and teachers 
do and say- — in their talk and thoughts, in their drinks 
and foods, in their manners and behaviors. For that 
matter people's brains and tongues and bodies keep 
that mimicking up or down to the grave. Hence the 
public's admiration and worship for "self-made" men 
and women — which means simply that the "self- 
made" men and women broke loose from their former 
nests and broods and environments. 

Heredity is cheap or second-hand imitation. Genius 
is genuine nutrition. 

Sickness is cheap or second-hand imitation. Health 
is genuine nutrition. 

Heredity's alleged sicknesses are acquired or repro- 
duced purely by imitating the sick air and light and 
drinks and foods and manners and behaviors of parents 
or associates. In no other way. 

Genius, or perfect brain matter, is acquired or repro- 
duced purely by imitating the healthy air and light 

Autopathy— Cure Thyself 107 

and drinks and foods and manners and behaviors of — 
not parents' or associates' — of Self. In other words of 
Nature. And genius endures until the brain's associa- 
tions or vices modify its air, light, drinks, foods and 
habits. After which the owner of the genius-brain 
acquires (not inherits) his or her just deserts. 


What's a '^wholesome breast?" It's a breast whose 
glands are supplied with blood containing a proper 
mixture of the three "materials" before mentioned. No 
more. Those three things always manufacture a plen- 
tiful supply of mother's milk — of the "brand" that 
enables any brain, organ, or tissue to develop into the 
equal of any contained in skulls or covered with skins 
or membranes. Try it on your babies — follow it up in 
the mixtures they get when old enough to eat at your 
table ; old enough to go to school ; old enough to learn 
a trade or profession — and see. If you do, and have 
judgment enough not to display your bad "temper" or 
"manners" before them, and not to answer their ques- 
tions with meaningless explanations ; and, particularly, 
if you've got sense and grit enough to say "I don't 
know" when you cannot convey to their brains the 
kind of information that their minds can see and taste 
the meaning of as their eyes can see the color and 
their tongues taste the juice of oranges or apples; if 
you do that, I say, your child or children shall surpass 
you, in brain and physique, in mind and development, 

io8 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

in success and progress, long before they reach ma- 

But don't forget to do it with and to your own brains 
and minds, too. For children's brains are ever watch- 
ing and imbibing yours, its refuse as well as its 


Nature takes millions of years preparing for the birth 
of a baby — and parents attend the event with little or 
no preparation. Hence the commonest thing in this 
world is a "cute" baby, and the rarest object is a ra- 
tional man or woman. The reverse is true among the 
plants and beasts. 

The baby ! The child — the youth ? And then the nine- 
ty-nine sheep and the one shepherd! And why? Be- 
cause parents start in with the idea that they are going 
to teach "it" (!) a thing or two — when Nature spent 
millions of years envolving the "it" for the sole pur- 
pose of imparting to overgrown "its" some things and 
many. Who wins? Nature. For she tries again — ^here 
or elsewhere. But the neuters outnumber the other 
genders by millions to one. 

Who is to blame? Not nature. She brings "baby" 
into this world ready-made— brain and all ; into a ready- 
made world ot natural environments — air, light, water 
and other foodstuffs. But men and women have sub- 
stituted other provisions for these natural conditions— 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 109 

so the air is vitiated, the light is artificial, the water is 
deficient and the foodstuffs are "predigested" or un- 
natural. Hence — what a "cute" baby ! What a "bright" 
child (?). What an unknown quantity in the world's 
progress ! 

Everything but courting and honeymoon is left to 
others. No brains are fed (I mean fed) into the unborn 
and the born baby. How do you expect to bring up or 
supply men and women except by accident? 

Nature does not make apples out of peaches, which 
means that brain cells cannot make brains with what 
liver cells manufacture bile. There is the whole secret 
of ability, talent and genius. 

Manufacture your babies as you like. If they are 
bom at all they will be born human — and then it rests 
with you to make intellectual peers or mental waste 
baskets out of their brains. If you feed their brains 
with the elements found in air, light, water and grow- 
ing things they will develop into eminent intellects in 
spite of you; but if you overlook the physical elements 
that sustain and evolve organic and inorganic blood- 
and-flesh functions, and lay stress on feeding their 
brains and stomachs with "mental" air and light and 
water and foods, your children are bound to become, 
nonentities or degenerates. 

The baby! If people understood the things which 
surround and control their own existence and living- 
ness the best "schooling" would be at home. But as 
long as it may take quite a few centuries before the 
home becomes the only recognized schoolroom and the 
parents the best and proper "teachers" of their own 
children — let parents so regulate the air and light and 

no A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

heat and liquids and solids which surround and enter 
their children's bodies that their brains may possess a 
positive affinity for the facts and truths which teachers 
and others try to impart to them, and possess as nega- 
tive or repelling a tension against all false notions or 
hypotheses or "mentalities." In other words, I claim 
that a brain whose blood is fed right cannot make a 
mistake between a false and a correct idea or thought 
any more than fingers or toes can between hot and cold 


By which I mean to earn but not to borrow your 
knowledge. You earn to own other people's money. 
So, you must learn to know other people's knowledge 
— not merely learn to borrow it. You either lose or 
return borrowed money. So, likewise, you either lose 
or return borrowed knowledge, or knowledge that has 
been taught to you and not learned by you. "To be 
taught" anything is to be trained to repeat it as parrots 
or trained animals are taught. You cannot impart it 
any more than they can — although you may for a time 
convert it into cash or notoriety, as "freaks" do; but 
soon or late your apish or "streaky" knowledge will 
bring you grief. 

Rather practice ignorance as you practice economy 
than to practice or believe knowledge that you do not 
thoroughly understand in and out and clear through. 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself izz 

You would not dare to fool with a steam engine or an 
electric power-plant unless your own brain and fingers 
owned the "know-how" of running it. Yet you pitch 
right in blind-folded fooling with the mechanism or 
functions of your own brains and organs, as well as 
with that or those of your children. And what's more 
you usually or frequently pass their brains over to 
others, in the way of books or teachers or associates 
or servants, to finger and fidget and run as best or 
worst suits the convenience or habits or passions of 
those strangers. 

Must you never let your children out of your sight? 
Surely you must and can. But be sure that you keep 
and have an eye too on and for those to whose care 
you entrust your children, as you are wont to keep and 
have on and for people who are investing or earning 
your money. 

And that's the easiest thing in the world to do. If 
you've got a ranch or kennel, or stock farm, or mine, 
or boat, or house, somewhere — you make a point and 
practice of keeping an eye on things, don't you? Well, 
isn't it worth your while to keep an eye on your child's 
inside things too? 

Yes, take an occasional run to the little or big school 
house; and raise a rumpus, if necessary. Your son's 
or daughter's brain, or lungs, or eyes, are worth it. If 
you are not endowed with that faculty which enables 
some people to gain their point without making a fail- 
ure or fiasco of it — then "think it over" after the fol- 
lowing plan* 

1X2 A u t o I o g y — Study Thyself 


"To think but not be thoughted" means to work your 
own brain but not to let others work it. It also means 
to work other brains when other brains don't suit the 
workings of your brain. This of course can be done 
for bad as well as for good ends. I am only interest- 
ed in the latter; for if everybody worked their own 
brains for good ends it would become impossible for 
any brain to work any other brain for evil ends. 
Therefore, if your child is in somebody's keeping or 
care or schooling, and you discover that their brains or 
eyes or ears or stomachs or lungs are "being thought- 
ed" wrongly — either in the way of air, light, drinks 
and foods, or in the way of learning— then take your 
choice : Either put up with it ignorantly as most par- 
ents do and have done, but be prepared to suffer or 
submit to the consequences which generally follow in 
the future health or career of som.e one or other of the 
sons and daughters of most families; or insist on 
changes being made to suit reason and sense and health 
of brain and eye and lung and blood; or let "school- 
ing" or "training" or "graduating" "go hang" rather 
than your children. 

How glorious it is to think! To think oneself and 
for one's self and with one's own brain, I mean. 

To think is work, of course. And it's a habit too. 
Just like smoking, or talking, or dancing. But read- 
ing, or repeating, or talking is not thinking or to think ; 
any more than puffing away at an empty pipe is smok- 
ing. You know what work it is at first to learn to 
dance, for most people ; and how you have to put your 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 113 

mind and soul into your feet and companion and 
music. Well, it requires the same putting of mind and 
soul into your brains and books and thoughts, or 
others', in order to acquire and enjoy the habit of 
learning to think. 

To be thoughted is exactly like being "wall flow- 
ered" at dances. 

A sure, swift and easy v/ay to acquire the habit of 
"To Think" for yourself and your own good is to open 
this book at any page after you have read it through. 
Read that page, look it square in the eye, and ask your- 
self this question: "Is he right?" If you think so, 
or do not think so, ask yourself the question: "Why?" 
But be sure and be careful that you do not answer 
your question with ideas or notions that you have bor- 
rowed from others. If that page contains statements 
or information which absolutely "fit" or mate with 
your own knowledge or experience or judgment, never 
you mind what you may have read or heard or been 
taught or thoughted before or elsewhere. If that page 
contains statements or information which does not co- 
incide with your own knowledge or experience, then 
comes your opportunity to do some thinking on your 
own account. But beware that you do not pick out 
from your experience or surroundings some "excep- 
tional" event or happening, or some mere hearsay, 
(which tradition, and not truth, has handed down to 
you through a thousand and one mouths), and then use 
that exception to deny the rule, or that hearsay to 
pervert the truth. 

Exceptions and hearsays never enter in arithmetic 
and money; that's because figures and dollars can't 

114 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

"be thoughted." But the moment arithmetic is manip- 
ulated for purposes of statistics, or money for purposes 
of cheating, then exceptions and hearsays and lies 
creep in right and left. And that's because you do not 
compel your own brain to think out the exception back 
to its rule, and the hearsay or information back to its 
delusion. If you did you would always find that ex- 
ceptions must never be used to prove or disprove the 
rule, and that hearsays must never be used to prove or 
disprove the truth. Don't believe or accept anything 
that is akin to Exception or Superstition — or that sa- 
vors of Hearsay. That stuff is all contaminated. It's 
bound to sicken your mind. It's sure to lead your 
brain astray — or to mortgage it in such a way that it 
becomes impossible for it to absorb or assimilate any 
real, useful knowledge with that section or convolu- 

As you work by rule and acts, so think by rule and 
facts. Not by guesses, hearsays, or exceptions. 

Thus only, and by such only, are big brains made 
and brilliant minds produced and strong characters 
formed, and enduring success, health and happiness 
gained and retained. In no other way and by no other 

Therefore, do think — but do not be thoughted. Do 
learn — but do not be taught. 

As you observe, Autology aims its shafts as well 
as its truths and sense at the brain; for 'tis the brain 
that's responsible for all the good and bad, all the in- 
telligence and ignorance, all the health and sickness, 
all the glory and misery of the individual, of the fami- 
ly, of the community, of the nation, of the world. 

A ut op a thy — Cure Thyself 115 

The brain creates a child's future. If you bring up 
your child's brain with the idea that you are its 
"teacher" you will develop a mentality that will abort 
before your boy or girl is twenty-one. 

The only rational method of developing children's 
intellect is by feeding their brains through their lungs 
and stomachs. 

Judicious fertilizing with environments and air and 
light and water and nourishment is alone productive 
of genius. I am convinced that talent or ability or 
genius is fed into a brain as it is fed into a muscle. 
Feed your child's lungs and stomachs with an abund- 
ance of pure and substantial physical brain foods, and 
omit the artificial and mental, and your child's brain 
will actually know more at the age of seven than you 
did at twenty. 

But— do likewise with your own brain. 

The liver is a big organ — ^because it is the store- 
house of fuel and the power-plant of brute force and 
animal passions. 

The brain is a big organ too — because it is the store- 
house of knowledge and the power-plant of intellectual 
force and mental conceptions. 

You need both. You've got both. Which do you 
like "best?" Autology's choice is the Brain. 


If you can answer that in a "business" way, you 
can repair and renew what's in you at will. If you 
can't, then health is a mere matter of luck with you and 
you are more likely to stay sick than to stay or get 

You are not made of very many things — ^just about 
as many as pennies go in a dime plus two or three. 
Your blood and flesh is made up chiefly of oxygen, 
hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen, and those Nature has 
"seasoned" with a little sodium, potassium, calcium, 
iron, sulphur and phosphorus. Undoubtedly for the 
purpose of giving your flesh and tissues a little "body," 
and to "preserve" them and make them conductors 
and generators of electricity. 

Now, let me ask you, "What do you breathe and 
drink and eat for?" Of course, you will answer, In 
order to supply my body with the elements or sub- 
stances just mentioned. But I will ask again, "Does 
it make any difference in what form you get the foods 
which contain those elements?" You suppose so. But 
you ought to know. The real object of foods is to pro- 
duce force and heat in the body and to repair or renew 
or build up tissue. Hence, foods are divided into 
"flesh formers" (or tissue builders) and "force pro- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 117 

ducers." The force producers furnish fuel, or main- 
tain animal heat and supply energy, or muscular ac- 

The "tissue builders" (or flesh formers) consist of 
meats, fowl, fish, eggs, milk and animal fats, and are 
called "animal foods," or "nitrogenous." The "force 
producers" are cereals, or starches, vegetables proper, 
fruits, sugars, gums, vegetable fats and oils, and are 
called "vegetable foods," or "non-nitrogenous." Now, 
see if you can remember these things: 

First. — That to live you have to take in fuel for heat 
and motion, and for that reason you need "vegetable" 
or "non-nitrogenous" foods, such as bread, potatoes, 
rice, fruits, sugar, "green" and other vegetables, etc. 

Second. — That to live you have to keep adding ma- 
terial or repairing and renewing or rebuilding your 
flesh, and for that reason you need "animal" or "nitro- 
genous" foods, such as meats, fowl, fish, eggs, milk, 

Third. — That there is also heat, or fuel, or force value 
in the tissue-building foods, and that there is also 
tissue or flesh value in the "force or heat" producing 
foods; but that there is miore "tissue" value in the 
"animal" foods and more "force" value in the "vege- 
table" foods. 

Please don't fancy that "vegetable" foods refer 
merely to green vegetables, as commonly understood, 
for "vegetable foods" refers as much to bread, rice, 
com, potatoes, etc., as to apples, oranges, pears, 
peaches, and to lettuce, celery, tomatoes, peas, beans, 

Now, then, knowing what you are made of, and what 

ii8 Autology — Study Thyself 

you are eating for, and surely knowing what kind of 
work you are doing — you certainly ought to knov/ 
whether your body is in need of more tissue-forming 
foods than of force-producing foods. And you ought 
to know whether or not you have, in the past, attended 
to the general and special demands of your body or 
organs in that direction. The fact that you are ailing 
shows that you haven't. 

Suppose your work is mostly muscular exertion, 
then you need a greater proportional supply of "force- 
producing" foods, although you also need a liberal 
supply of tissue-forming or repairing foods. 

But if your work is mostly of the brain-type, then 
you need a larger proportional supply of the tissue- 
builders than of the other, in a sense to be explained. 

If your work is chiefly "brainy" and you assimilate 
an excess of the "fuel" foods, then the surplus is bound 
to accumulate as waste and decompose as poisons, and 
eventually cause sickness. 

But how are you going to determine how much of 
each and what proportion one to the other? In the 
first place you know what kind of work you do — as 
owners do about horses. 

No horse is let loose in the oat bin or hay loft. Its 
meal is measured out to him according to his pedigree, 
size, work, age, etc. 

But don't imagine that the brain-worker needs more 
meat and eggs (tissue-builders) than the brawn- 
worker, for the brawn-worker is using up . far more 
tissue than the brain-worker and really needs a larger 
proportional amount of tissue foods; and don't imag- 
ine that the brain-worker can get along with no cereals 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 119 

and fruits and vegetables (heat and force producers), 
although he requires a smaller proportional amount; 
and don't imagine that the respective amounts and 
proportions are not affected by age, and sex, and 
environments, and seasons, and climate, and holidays. 

During the period of growth more tissue-forming 
foods are required than after, because the body needs 
them to add to the sum total of each organ and tissue, 
besides repairing and renewing the worn and torn. 
After the period of growth the amount of tissue-form- 
ing foods must be diminished, as thereafter only 
enough is called for to keep up repair or renewal. Any 
excess goes to waste and sickness. 

And as the activities of life, or of business, or of 
occupation change, so must the total amount and pro- 
portions also be changed. A woman during the years 
of bringing up a family and caring for home, husband 
and children must eat more tissue and force-producing 
foods than after. And the man who steps from be- 
hind a counter to become manager or owner will need 
to change his diet. And the youth who leaves the 
farm for college, or manual labor for brain labor, must 
also change his foods. And so with youths who be- 
come parents. 

As you know there are a thousand and one consider- 
ations to take into account. It does look as if the mat- 
ter was indeed very complicated, and that, as dema- 
gogues would have you believe, it requires the expen- 
sive services of an expert to disentangle such things 
for you. But that is not at all necessary; for you 
know, or can find out, what you should weigh accord- 
ing to your height and age, and you have a good idea 

120 Autology — Study Thyself 

of whether you earn your living and pleasures chiefly 
by means of your brain and nerves or by means of your 
liver and muscles. You may look upon your liver as 
the fount of physical and muscular power, and on your 
brain as the fount of mental and nervous power. 

If your demands on both brain and liver, or nerve 
and muscle, are about equally divided between them, 
then eat about an equal proportion of the two classes 
of food. But, as the tissue-forming foods (as meat 
and eggs) come in a more condensed form than the 
force-producing (as bread, potatoes, fruit and vegeta- 
bles), then, bulk for bulk, you will need, in the twenty- 
four hours, more of the latter than of the former. As 
the second class of foods are more numerous and vary 
more in the amount and density of their constituents, 
you must eat a greater daily variety and bulk of them, 
a matter which is not so important regarding the flesh- 
forming foods. 

For instance, you might be eating just the right 
amount of meat every day, but the wrong amount of 
bread and potatoes ; or you might be eating the wrong 
am.ount of meat or eggs, and the right amount and 
variety of cereals, vegetables and fruits, but at im- 
proper times, or improperly cooked, or improperly 
combined in one meal, or in one day. 

I find from experience that the improper cooking 
and the eating of foods at improper times of day, and 
the improper mixing of them at the same meal, is re- 
sponsible for more troubles and ailments, functional 
and organic, than the eating of too much of one kind 
of food or of all kinds. 

For those reasons I find it necessary to specify a 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 121 

diet for breakfast, dinner and supper, chiefly because 
of the mistakes people make in eating in the morn- 
ing what should only be eaten at noon or evening, and, 
in eating, at the same meal, foods which are "incom- 
patibles." Let me tell you something regarding "in- 
compatible" foods, a subject which neither physicians 
or hygienists pay the slightest attention to. 

All up-to-date medical books, treating of drugs, 
state what drugs are incompatible with other drugs, 
under each and every medicine treated of. For in- 
stance, take iodide of potassium, which is a specific for 
a certain constitutional disease, and the iodide (yel- 
low) of mercury, which is also a "specific" for the 
same disease. Well, if these two drugs are given to 
the same patient, they form a very poisonous com- 
pound in the system and aggravate all the symptoms. 
This is only one instance, of which there are thou- 
sands. I may call up the remark elsewhere made — 
that this is the reason why ignorance has given birth 
to the delusion, which ignorance still clings to, that 
"one man's food is another man's poison." Ignorance 
puts the blame either on the food, or on the individ- 
ual's "idiosyncrasy," instead of on its own idio(t) -sin- 

Well, then, as we are all made up of the same few 
elementary food constituents, and cannot operate our 
functions on any other, and, as markets and fields offer 
us a plentiful and varied supply of "eatables," con- 
taining both the force-producers and tissue-formers, 
there is no reason why anybody should suffer or sicken 
for the lack of some or the excess of others. And 
there is no reason why practically the same diet can 

123 Autology — Study Thyself 

not answer the purposes of growth, development and 
repair, making allowances, in the quantity and pro- 
portion of the two chief classes of foods, for race and 
climate, sex and occupation, age and seasons. The 
same light ansv/ers. The same air answers. The same 
water answers. And the same or similar foods would 
answer, were it not for "cookers" and adulterators. 
They are the people who are mostly responsible for 
people's functional demoralization. 

Real sick people need absolutely nothing but light, 
air and water to live on. 

Half-sick people need just about half enough food 
to keep up heat and force and flesh, and no more, until 
normal health is again restored. Let them compel 
their organism to utilize the accumulated waste to 
make up the other half. 

To hear some (perhaps most) people talk, one would 
never suspect that nature compels them to eat for the 
purpose of supplying material to maintain "heat" and 
"force" and tissues, but, indeed, only for the gratifica- 
tion of a "good passage" once or twice a day. That 
may be a pleasure v/ith some people, but let me tell you 
that people who look upon that end-issue of their 
eating and living as a necessary nuisance have little 
or no trouble with their bowels. They never waste 
hours and dollars of earnings and pleasures in think- 
ing and fooling with their bowels; and they never 
join the class who fatten the stomachs and line the 
pockets of "flush-your-colon" shrews or ignoramuses. 
If people would devote their brains to the eating and 
drinking and doing that for which God or nature made 
man upright instead of horizontal, the rectal "Punch 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 123 

and Judy show" which a good portion of our public 
have to go through every day or so would certainly 
be missed by the alleged gutless spirits that hover 
around these days. 

Poor fishes and birds and worms, that know not 
what "colonic" flushings or rubberings mean! 

It seems to me that really sensible people v/ho eat 
because they want their bowels to move should eat 
the days their bowels do move and fast the days their 
bowels don't move. 

This may sound childish, but it contains more com- 
mon sense, and dead sure constipation cure, than any 
and all the pills and appliances and treatments in 
vogue. Try it, and you'll see how mighty soon your 
bowels will get a move on them; for starvation will 
appeal to your brain, and your brain will suggest 
hushing the qualms of hunger with water, and animal 
instinct will drive you to eating an apple, or a peach, 
or an orange, or a bunch of grapes; and there you 
are — a passage — and you're ready for a good square 
meal. But do make it "square up" with your stomach 
and system, as hereafter outlined. 

If you knew or felt what is going on in your cells 
or tissues, as you know or feel in your stomach or 
bowels or head, you would never blamiC "indigestion" 
or "constipation" or "biliousness" etc., for any or all 
of your symptoms. You are "dyspeptic" or "consti- 
pated" or "bilious," or anything else, not because your 
stomach or bowels or liver is behaving improperly, 
but because you have been or are compelling each and 
every one of the billions of cells of your blood and 
body to become "dyspeptic" or "constipated" or "bil- 

124 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

ious" or "catarrhal" or "rheumatic" or "impotent" or 
"fagged out" or "irritable." 

Don't treat your bowels for constipation, or your 
stomach for dyspepsia, or liver for biliousness, or sex 
organs for their peculiar ailments or behavior; but 
do treat the billions of cells of your blood and tissues 
for any and all these ailm.ents. 

That's all ; and stick to that if it takes six months. 
It's worth it, every bit. More of this further on. 


Livingness is not possible without some sort of nu- 
triment. Nevertheless, air, water and foods do not 
originate living organisms, being only factors in the 
permanence and reproduction of living objects. 

However varied and many be the functions and 
their products in the organism, they are qualitatively 
one and may be unified as normal or physiologic 
health. Hence the character of the active process — 
whether in the lungs, muscles, kidneys, nerves, brain, 
etc. — is chemically one and the same, and the result is 
health — but sometimes disease. 

Assuming that some organ is diseased, a study of 
its function means the study of the action of the proc- 
esses and products involved in that particular function. 
Therefore the physical or chemical constituents of the 
cells composing the designated organ become the fac- 
tors of the impaired function, or disease. In other 
words, if we know what kidney-health means we can 
find no difBculty in determining what kidney-disease 
means. Likewise it must be with lung-health and 
lung-disease, and so with every conceivable symptom 
or disease. 

As disease presupposes the existence of a function- 
ating organ, and as function implies the action of cell- 
constituents in that organ, the basic or fundamental 


126 Autology — Study Thyself 

physical and chemical cell-constituents of cell-health 
and cell-disease are one and the same. Therefore all 
symptoms are caused by the same factors and proc- 
esses which produce normal cell-activities. Accord- 
ingly we find that "fever" is only a few degrees more 
of the same molecular or cellular heat which keeps the 
body at a normal temperature or heat of 98.6 degrees 
Fahrenheit. Similarly we observe that "pain" is only 
an exaggerated degree of the same property of nerves 
which we call "feeling" or "sensation." 

When the lungs begin to cough it is inferred that 
"cough" is a symptom of lung disease, v/hereas scream- 
ing and weeping and sneezing are looked upon as 
signs of health. Barking in dogs and blushing in peo- 
ple are intensely healthy symptoms. Why, then, 
should coughing be considered in a different light? 
Physiologically and physically, they originate in the 
same way, and they are produced by the same healthy 
factors. Coughing is an exaggerated form of breath- 
ing, as crying is. 

Itching may be a normal or abnormal sensation or 
symptom. And so with tickling. Acute or temporary 
blushing is considered "normal," whereas "erythema" 
or reddened skin is spoken of as an inflammation. 

It is evident, therefore, that the physical or chemical 
basis of normal signs and abnormal "symptoms" is 
one, or that the same cell-constituents which produce 
the one also occasion the other. 

Therefore, fever, pain, redness or inflammation and 
so forth, as used in naming diseases, turn oiit to be 
phenomena which are indicative of the fact that dis- 
eases have no own or individual factor-entities apart 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 127 

from those which sustain cell-function or livingness in 
general and in particular. Therefore functions and 
symptoms and diseases are dependent on the same cell- 
constituents, have the same unit physical or chemical 

It is then evident that symptoms or diseases are but 
conditions evolved by normal factors of health behav- 
ing with unusual activity or accumulating in the sys- 
tem beyond their normal quotient. 

Accordingly, the more physicians treat symptoms or 
diseases as such, the more they diverge from the true 
Treatment of Disease. 

There must ever be a change and an exchange in 
every process, as there is an action and a reaction in 
every motion. As there is always a fixed ratio between 
the one and the other, so in every function there is a 
definite correspondence between the elements which 
effect the change, or action, and those which constitute 
the exchange, or the reaction. Therefore what mate- 
rial enters into the composition of the organism mus^., 
besides furnishing energy and heat, be evolved into 
some corresponding exchange or reagent. 

In one breath, living is a simple problem of addition 
and subtraction — addition and subtraction being 
really the only two functions of livingness, as well as 
of mathematics. 

All organized matter consists of carbon, hydrogen, 
nitrogen and oxygen. For these simple elements to 
take part in the forming of the various "living" liquids 
and cells of our organism they must be made to ac- 
quire the particular state and form of serum and blood 

128 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

Among these four elements oxygen is the most ac- 
tive, and appears as the chief constituent of the blood, 
existing as absorbed oxygen or as carbon dioxide, or 
as compounds of these with mineral and proteid 
(flesh) bodies. A marked characteristic of oxygen is 
to combine more particularly with carbon. This re- 
veals the reason of the character of our foods, so rich 
in carbon, and of keeping up breathing asleep as well 
as awake, in disease even more than in health. 

Oxygen is the most universal and abundant of the 
elements we appropriate and assimilate through 
breathing, drinking and eating, as well as that carbon 
dioxide constitutes by far the greatest bulk of the 
waste products we eliminate. 

As the chief object of inspiration is to supply oxygen 
to the blood and tissues, it must be conceded that oxy- 
gen is the basic factor-element of livingness. Hence 
oxidation is the underlying process of all living func- 
tions, in disease as in health. 

But we cannot conceive of oxidation without dis- 
oxidation, as we cannot think of inspiration without 
expiration. Nevertheless, physiologists have over- 
looked this essential phase of the double process of 
internal or cellular respiration. Therefore I have 
coined the word dioxidation to express the reverse half 
of the function. Thus we have inspiration and expira- 
tion to express external or bronchial respiration, and 
oxidation and dioxidation to express internal or cellu- 
lar respiration. So that during inspiration the lungs 
take up oxygen from the air, and during oxidation the 
cells take up oxygen from the blood, whereas during 
expiration the air takes up carbon dioxide from the 

X-Eay photograph of a living ' ' rheumatic hand ' ' taken by Dr. E. E. Moras 
and exhibited before the Chicago Medical Society, March 4, 1903. 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 129 

biood and during dioxidation the blood takes up car- 
bon dioxide from the cells. 

What we get from the air, earth and growing things 
we return in kind to the air, earth and growing things. 
The appropriating and distributing of these essentials 
to the various tissues of the body is accomplished by 
means of certain functions, and the eliminating and 
returning of these same elements to the different 
things and beings is also accomplished by means of 
certain functions. As the respiratory, digestive and 
excretory organs and tracts are as strictly in communi- 
cation with the outer world as with the inner proto- 
plasm, and as all form-elements entering into the 
structure or composition of the complex organism are 
blood-related and blood-connected, and therefore com- 
prise the entire functional activities involved in living, 
growing and dying, then it follows that all secretions 
and excretions, as well as all assimilations and elimina- 
tions, are not only synchronous but also identical, or 
qualitatively the same in the unit of structure, the cell. 
If absorption is going on somewhere, it is going on 
everywhere; if secretion occurs somewhere, it occurs 
everywhere; if excretion takes place at any point, it 
happens at all points. So with assimilation and elim- 
ination. Therefore absorption, diffusion, secretion, ex- 
cretion, assimilation, and elimination are particular to 
no tissue, but are properties of all fluids and form-ele- 
ments, all being qualities proper of protoplasm. Being 
co-existent and co-active in manner and place, we may 
properly group all functional or physiologic activities 
and products in the one general class called the assimi- 
lative, thus unifying in the cell the absorptive, the se- 
cretive and the excretive functions, or processes. 

130 Autolog y— Study Thyself 


During inspiration the alveolar cells of the lungs 
rob the atmosphere of nearly 5 per cent oxygen. On 
examining the return gush of air from which we miss 
that amount of oxygen we find it containing an excess 
over 4 per cent of carbon-dioxide. Therefore the way 
tissues and blood are disoxidated is essentially the 
way they are oxidated. Hence the process of taking 
in oxygen and that of taking out carbon-dioxide, the 
one, oxygen, being the functional factor of oxidation; 
the other, carbon-dioxide, being the functional factor 
of disoxidation, are essentially one and the same in th<? 
unit of structure, and may be symbolized as cell-assim- 
ilability by virtue of which the structural or form-ele- 
ments of the tissues are enabled to integrate the elim- 
inated product, carbon-dioxide, as they did the oxidat- 
ing factor of physiologic activity, oxygen. Therefore 
the process by which the cellular elements are pro- 
vided with oxygen and deprived of the same is one of 
assimilation, in both instances. Nevertheless, knowing 
that oxygen does not return to the air-cells as such, 
but as carton-dioxide, our terminology of the process 
by which this most important of functions is carried 
on conveys no intimation whatever of what has oc- 
curred, or is taking place, in the tissues and blood. 
Besides, it is a known and important fact that about 
one-seventh of the carbon-dioxide expired comes di- 
rectly from the food digested. 

Seeing that the role played by expiration is as essen- 
tial to healthy function as that played by inspiration, 
it is necessary to adopt a scientific term to express in 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 131 

a well defined manner the very special process which 
disposes of the used-up oxygen, reabsorbed and reas- 
similated as carbon-dioxide by the blood plasm, lymph 
and form-elements, and conveyed to the lungs and 
other excretory organs for elimination. Having 
adopted the word oxidation as expressing the process 
by which oxygen is supplied to the tissues, we should 
designate that by which the tissues are relieved of, 
though to be exact one should say supplied with, car- 
bon-dioxide, as Dioxidation. For the absorption and 
assimilation of carbon-dioxide in the formation of es- 
sential secretions, as digestive juices, bile, saliva and 
lymph, aside from the eliminations proper, is as inher- 
ent and important or vital to normal cell-function as is 
the absorption and assimilation of oxygen, nitrogen 
and hydrogen compounds, water, etc. Our knowledge 
of internal respiration therefore demands the coining 
of a term that expresses the heretofore unrecognized 
associative phase of that complete function. Hence we 

Oxidation as the absorption and assimilation of oxy- 
gen and its proteid and mineral compounds by the pro- 
toplasmic molecule; and, 

Dioxidation as the absorption and assimilation of 
carbon-dioxide and its proteid and mineral compounds 
by the same protoplasmic molecule. 

Therefore, just as oxygen and its combinations form 
the basis of molecular or vital (health) activity in the 
function called oxidation, or internal inspiration or as- 
similation, so likewise carbon-dioxide and its combina- 
tions form the basis of molecular or vital (health) ac- 
tivity in the function which I call dioxidation, or inter- 
nal expiration or disassimilation. 

132 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

It is a positive fact that the property of all living 
cells and form-elements to treat oxygen and carbon- 
dioxide with perfect impartiality underlies all proc- 
esses in health and in disease. If the cells, lymph and 
blood and secretions did not inspire carbon-dioxide 
they would not inspire oxygen. If the other constitu- 
ents of all these did not combine loosely and firmly 
with carbon-dioxide they would not combine loosely 
and firmly with oxygen. It is this very exchange of 
loosely and firmly combined gases in the cells, lymph, 
blood and secretions which is properly called internal 
respiration. But this property of the same tissue- 
elements and fluids is the more astonishing in that the 
two substances, oxygen and carbon-dioxide, are appar- 
ently total opposites in their especial behavior toward 
the very molecular or physiologic activity which they 
compel and sustain. 

We may therefore particularize our conclusions by 
stating that health, on the one hand, is chiefly depend- 
ent on and controlled by the physiologic or functional 
process called the oxidating; and that disease, on the 
other hand, is chiefly dependent on and controlled by 
that equally essential physiologic process which may 
be called the dioxidating. The process, or function, is 
therefore reversible, and becomes positive or negative, 
active or passive, only in so much as we choose to 
designate internal inspiration, or the oxidating proc- 
ess, the positive or active, and so-called internal ex- 
piration, or the dioxidating, the negative or passive. 
As both are synchronous and interchangeable in the 
tissues, we may speak of both as one, correlative, 
ryhthmical process of living cells, namely, the oxy- 
dioxidating (O/COj) process. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 133 

Conclusions : Oxygen is the essential factor-element 
and carbon-dioxide is the essential factor-product of 
cell activity. So long as the normal ratio between oxi- 
dation and dioxidation is maintained, the normal ratio 
between health and disease, life and death, must 
be maintained. But the instant the limit of nor- 
mal variation is reached between these two func- 
tional principles, there is established a state of 
malactivity, or of hyper-dioxidation, as will later be 
explained. In other words, a variation in the relative 
condition, quantity and association of either element 
must be offset by a corresponding variation in the 
relative condition, quantity and association of the 
other, in order that health of the tissues may be main- 
tained or restored. For instance, let us suppose an 
internal excess of carbon-dioxide and, of course, of its 
specific mineral and proteid combinations, no matter 
whether the source be internal or external, then surely 
physiologic malactivity and its products, disease-fac- 
tors, must follow. Knowing that one-seventh of the 
carbon-dioxide expired comes from the food, and not 
from the oxygen of the air, is it strange that an abnor- 
mal limit of variation between the parts and products 
of the oxidating and dioxidating process is periodically 
extablished in school children, shop men and girls, 
clerks, office men, professional students, etc., which in 
the present state of public knowledge cannot possibly 
be undone by other than natural ways — namely, 
through diseases, as typhoid fever, scarlet fever, pneu- 
monia, measles, consumption, rheumatism, appendici- 
tis, epilepsy, insanity, etc., which, therefore, from na- 
ture's viewpoint of Autology, should be looked upon 
as "health in disguise" ? 

134 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

If we consider health as the positive effect of func- 
tion, then oxygen is the positive, active and essential 
factor-element of functional activity; and carbon- 
dioxide, the negative, passive or conditional factor- 
element of the same. But the conditional presence of 
carbon-dioxide being essential to the operations of 
cellular health, therefore carbon-dioxide becomes the 
positive, active and essential factor-element of func- 
tional malactivity. In other words, carbon-dioxide is 
just as healthy as oxygen, but too much of it is just as 
unhealth}^ as too little of oxygen; and the very core 
of every chem.ic molecule of any disease-producing 
poison (bacterial or not) consists of carbon-dioxide or 
of some of its compounds. 

Even in such infectious fevers as medical authors 
believe or assert are caused by bacteria or micro- 
organisms, they all agree that suitable conditions must 
pre-exist in the protoplasm to permit or favor their 
activity. And these "suitable conditions" for the pro- 
duction of infectious as well as all other diseases, I 
claim, are occasioned by the accumulation, in the pa- 
tient's blood and tissues, of the products of dioxida- 
tion — -which "suitable conditions" or self-infected 
blood and tissues I call Dioxidosis. 

Dioxidosis is therefore the unit or fundamental cause 
of all diseases as they form and exist and operate in 
the protoplasm and nucleus of the cells of any and 
every fluid and tissue and organ of the body — and, 
according as the cells or living matters of one organ 
or tissue are functionally different from those of others, 
are the various symptoms or disease-manifestations 
different. For that reason, dioxidosis of the brain 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 135 

fluids, or cells, occasions meningitis, or brain fever, or 
epilepsy, or mental derangements ; whereas dioxidosis 
of the lung tissue or tubes or membranes produces 
bronchitis, or pneumonia, or consumption, or pleurisy. 


All health-conditions are conditions of nutrition. 

All disease-conditions are conditions of malnutri- 

Health and disease are, therefore, conditions of nu- 

Nutrition is a complex function, easy to understand 
but hard to simplify. It may be divided into Respira- 
tion and Assimilation. 

Respiration is divisible into External Inspiration and 
Expiration; and Internal Inspiration and Expiration. 

External inspiration takes air (oxygen) into the 
lungs ; and external expiration takes air (carbon diox- 
ide) out of the lungs. 

Internal inspiration combines oxygen v/ith the cell- 
constituents of blood, organs and tissues; and inter- 
nal expiration combines carbon dioxide with the cell- 
products of blood, organs and tissues. 

Assimilation is divisible into external and internal 

External digestion (mouth, stomach and intestinal) 
consists in disorganizing complex foodstuffs into sim- 
pler (original) elements or compounds; v/hereas in- 
ternal digestion (protoplasmic and nuclear) consists 

136 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

in reorganizing those simpler elements or compounds 
of foodstuffs into complex tissue-products and by- 

Owing to its comprehensiveness, this simple aspect 
of the entire process of livingness may be somewhat 
difficult to grasp. 

Let me try to simplify the subject in a few words. 
All dead and living fluids and solids are either acid 
or alkaline ; — so, also, 

All functions of the human body are either "acid" 
or "alkaline." 

The saliva is alkaline, and, consequently, mouth di- 
gestion is an alkaline function. 

Gastric juice is acid, and, consequently, stomach di- 
gestion is an acid function. 

Intestinal juice is alkaline, and, consequently, bowel 
digestion is an alkaline function. 

Blood-serum and lymph and protoplasm are alkaline 
substances ; but the fluid or content of the "vacuoles" 
(microscopic stomachs) found in the hearts of gran- 
ular or nuclear protoplasm is acid. 

Naturally, there is a constant change and exchange 
— a chemical wear and tear — going on between the 
alkaline constituents or species of the confining pro- 
toplasm and the acid constituents or species of its con- 
fined fluid or juice. 

Acid and alkaline substances disintegrate one an- 
other to form new or different substances. 

The acid content of the protoplasmic vacuoles or 
stomachs maintains its permanence and individuality 
by constantly "digesting" the surrounding alkaline 
protoplasm ; and the alkaline protoplasm is constantly 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 137 

endeavoring to preserve its integrity by "borrowing" 
from its blood-serum and lymph. 

Not being able to secure from the blood the required 
amount of alkaline proteid or even inorganic con- 
stituents, in acute fevers or diseases, the organism 
sacrifices its own "flesh" — and thus usually succeeds 
in getting out of melted fat and muscle enough alka- 
line constituents to enable it to again re-establish nor- 
mal equilibrium between the acid and alkaline func- 
tions of the body. 

Out of the alkaline serum and lymph on the outside 
of the tissue-cells, and out of the acid serum or lymph 
in the inside of the tissue-cells — does "living" proteid- 
substance regenerate and develop itself and manufac- 
ture the various digestive, secretive and excretive by- 
products and waste-products of our organism. 

138 Auto logy — Study Thyself 


"Back to nature!" is the cry. 

Yes, indeed, if you can back yourself to the state of 
physical and mental civilization which Columbus 
found on landing here. Otherwise, don't "back" — ^just 
"get up" to nature. 

Nature never told you to eat what "backers to na- 
ture" want you to eat, or want to sell you. Nature 
never told you to eat dried or preserved or canned or 
jarred fruit and stuff. Nature never told you to eat 
nuts for bread or with flour; or on top of a meal, or 
with cereals, or fruits, or milk, or eggs. 

Yes, indeed — don't do any "backing," but do get 
up to your natural sense and taste in preparing and 
mixing and eating foods, and you'll not be helping to 
exploit foolish "fads and fancies" which necessitate 
the everlasting nursing of your dyspepsia, or consti- 
pation, or something else. 

In Rome, do as the Romans do; but they don't eat 
there as they do in London. Therefore don't eat in 
Florida as they do in the Klondyke; and don't eat 
behind a desk as you would behind a plough. 



I have coined the English word "Autopathy" from 
the Greek "Autos" — meaning Self, and "Pathos" — 
meaning Ailment. Hence the keynote and the key- 
stone of Autopathy is: 

"To understand your ailments is to know hov/ to 
cure them" (yourself) ; just as the keynote and the 
keystone of Autology is: To understand your func- 
tions is to know how to keep well (yourself). 

In substance and scope and practice, Autopathy dif- 
fers essentially from all other methods or systems or 
creeds of Treatment and Cure, in that it is not based 
on any artificial or theoretical means of cure. For 
Autopathy is based on a definite scientific knowledge 
of the actual, physical processes (called function or 
nutrition) as they are m^de manifest to our senses 
and brain in each and every specimen of "living" 
matter, as observed in the microscopic one-celled 
speck of jelly, called amoeba, as well as in the macro- 
scopic billion-celled mass of jelly, called man. In 
other words, Autopathy is based on everlasting living 
truth. Hence, Autopathy applies to you and to me 


140 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

and to everybody — now, to-morrow and forever. The 
name may change, but the Conception and the Truth 


You own some prejudices about yourself and your 
ailments. They are a menace or a hindrance to your 
health. Let us get rid of them. 

All your prejudices amount to one. They arise from 
the mistaken idea that your ailment calls for a differ- 
ent remedy, or treatment, or diet, than somebody else's 
ailment calls for; 

Or, from the equally mistaken idea that you need a 
different remedy, or treatment, or diet, for your liver 
than you do for your kidneys — or for "catarrh" than 
you do for "rheumatism" — or for "constipation" than 
you do for "diarrhea"; 

But you don't. 

Or, that any "sick" organ or function anywhere in 
man's or woman's body should be treated differently 
than any other "sick" organ or function anywhere else 
in man's or woman's body. But it shouldn't. 

At first it may seem somewhat difficult to see 
through this foundation-truth of Natural Self Treat- 
ment. Yet — think over it a minute. You — that's 
every bit of your blood and organs and tissues — ^were 
created with, and you subsist on, the same elem.ents of 
light, air, water and foods that enter in the creation 
and composition of other people's blood and flesh. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 141 

And, when you were well, Nature kept you "well" 
with the same blood-and-flesh remedies that she keeps 
other people "well" with. So, likewise, when Nature 
makes or keeps you sick, she does it with the same 
blood-and-flesh things that she makes or keeps other 
people "sick" with. 

If Nature spares you in her distribution of ailments 
it is not due to "heredity" or because you are lucky or 
she is "partial" to you. It is because your blood re- 
ceives and assimilates daily a certain quantity and 
quality of physical and chemical elements from your 
surroundings and foods which other people's blood 
does not partake of. That which keeps your physical 
and mental functions in good and enjoyable working 
order is real and daily, and so is that which reverses 
the condition and makes you sick. 

People do not realize that Nature utilizes the same 
identical elements of air, water, light and soil to manu- 
facture human blood and flesh and to operate mental 
and generative functions as she does to make sap and 
pulp. In either case Nature's raw material consists of 
oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and certain soil 
minerals. Out of those elements Nature organizes or 
produces sugars, starches and albumens of plants and 
of animals, just as she constructs graphite, coal and 
diamonds out of carbon alone. How she does all that 
we don't know. When we come to life we come ready- 
made. All we realize is that she makes every living 
thing with the few and simple ingredients named, and 
that the gives us no peace, from the instant we are 
born until we die, unless we help ourselves to the right 
proportion and quality of those elements. If we do 

142 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

our organs are sure to work in harmony with one an- 
other and our "Ego" — that's health. If we don't then 
our organs or functions go on a strike — and that's 

If in the air or foods that we partake of there is a 
deficiency of any of the above mentioned elements, or 
a disproportionate supply of the two classes, namely, 
the organic and inorganic, then the functions of some 
or of all of the body organs become impaired or per- 
verted, constituting sickness. 


The blood that goes to any and all of your organs 
and tissues is one^ — and is called arterial. The blood 
that comes from any and all of your organs and tis- 
sues is also onc"^ — and is called venous. 

Now — the two are alike, except in color — the ven- 
ous blood being bluer and the arterial being redder. 
The "venous" owes its bluish color to the fact that it 
contains more carbonic acid gas, dissolved in its serum 
and combined with the "living" substance of its red 
corpuscles, than the arterial does. 

Remember, therefore, that the only real difference 
between your venous or "bad" blood and your arterial 
or "good" blood is that the venous or "bad" contains 
more carbonic acid gas, while the arterial or "good" 
contains more oxygen gas. In a word, arterial blood 
is oxygenated — whereas venous blood is carbonized. 

"Oxygenated" means that the blood has absorbed 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 143 

and combined with oxygen; and "carbonized" means 
that it has absorbed and combined with carbonic acid 

And, remember, that the only real difference be- 
tween "healthy" and "sickly" organs or tissues is that 
healthy flesh is "raised on" oxygenated red corpuscles, 
whereas sickly flesh is "raised on" carbonized red cor- 
puscles — or venous blood. All new born "full-term"' 
babies are made up of identically the same "brand" of 
oxygenated flesh and brain matter — and "carboniza- 
tion," or deterioration, or degeneration only begins 
when or after the baby takes its first breath. Question 
this all you want; theorize as you please — I have 
watched and watched Nature in this regard in baby 
after baby, in the same families and in different fami- 
lies, under every conceivable condition of human ex- 
istence — and I must say that baby is never affected 
prenatally or postnatally by anything else whatsoever 
than the purely physical elements derived by the 
mother from air, water and foods — before her child's 
birth — and by the child itself from air, water and 
foods — after its birth. 


The most pernicious teaching going the rounds of 
magazine and newspaper scribblers, and the one, above 
all others, which tends most to convert the unborn and 
born child's brains into cream-puffs — is the revival of 
the old-time "prenatal" diddle. My cure for that is 

144 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

to ask the "expectant" mother to recitt the Lord's 
Prayer — and to repeat and repeat the words, "Give us 
our daily bread" until the word "bread" is engraved 
in her brain and lungs and stomach and blood and 
womb as meaning God's air, water and foods. Then, 
and then only, shall "God's will be done." 

Beginning with conception and running through 
kindergarten up into higher education there exists in 
the minds of teachers and writers the misconception 
that brains need "mental" foods. The fact is that the 
brain manufactures mental foods, but it cannot live or 
produce on that variety of drinks or eatables. And 
just as we cannot subsist or grow on what others elim- 
inate, so you must not expect children's brains to de- 
velop into anything but sapid mental cauliflowers if 
you feed them on the by-products or waste-thoughts of 

What a stupendous joke it is to imagine that a 
mother can think a future inheritance into and through 
a child's skull — when she, and no pov/er on earth or in 
heaven, can think a mere breath of air, or swallow of 
water or bite to eat into her own lungs or mouth or 
stomach — or her unborn child's. Crazy! that's the 
only epithet that fits such nonsense, as is believed and 
preached nowadays. 

Forget it — and learn your A. W. F. of living, grow- 
ing and developing your own and your children's only 
inheritance, namely Air, Water, Food. And return to 
the question of our "healthy" and "sickly" tissues. 

How can you expect an organ or tissue to behave 
"right," or to produce normal products when you com- 
pel its cells to live on adulterated air and liquids and 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 145 

eatables? A' man with a "chew" in his mouth or 
"tope" in his head doesn't spit out pure, unadulterated 
saliva — does he? Well — how can stomachs, or livers, 
or lungs, or wombs, or nerves, or muscles — or other 
organs and tissues — behave "decent" or produce 
"healthy" flesh and juices when fed or stuffed with in- 
decent or unwholesome air, liquids and foods? They 
can't — and won't. Not until the impurities and adul- 
terations are removed from your blood and body and 
from what gets inside of your lungs and stomach. Not 
before, and never otherwise. You may try and experi- 
ment with all the "pills or physics," "tonics or stimu- 
lants," "flushings" or other nasty make-shifts — but 
you will have to come back to Nature's "A. W. F." of 
Livingness and Autopathy — or else pay your fine for 
fiddling with your solid or hollow tissues. 

What you want to do is to remove the useless and 
harmful material from your system and from your sur- 
roundings and from your diet. Then you will find that 
your organs and tissues possess all the tone and vital- 
ity and "know-how" to repair and renew youthfulness, 
usefulness and happiness of body and mind. Such is 
the object and such is the achievement of Autopathy. 

The reason why carbonized material settles in, or 
picks out, a different organ or tissue in different per- 
sons is because different individuals have different 
habits, occupations, ages, pleasures and environments. 

If from the cradle to the grave we all lived in iden- 
tically the same environments and drank and ate and 
behaved exactly alike in every detail and respect we 
should all develop the same ailments in the same organ 
or tissue, or none at all. 

Now, then, why not offset that difference or ward off 

146 Autology— Study Thyself 

those dangers to which some of us are exposed by 
adapting ourselves to our environments, or by adapt- 
ing our environments to ourselves when and where 
convenient or practicable? That's what I call the Doc- 
trine of Common Sense in health and in sickness. 
That's Autopathy again. 

By so doing you can escape sickness, or, having ac- 
quired it, you can regain and retain health once more. 
I mean that. But I can't do it all for you ; you have 
to do some of it for yourself. I tell you how and of- 
fer you the knowledge and the wherewith. More I 
cannot do. But you can. So — ^bear this in mind — 
"If you do not get well it is your own fault, and 
whether that fault is a 'lapse' of judgment or a lack of 
'backbone' willingness on your part is 'material' to no 
one so much as to your own self." 

Having made the first right step toward getting well, 
it behooves you to make the second and the third, and 
the hundredth, if necessary. Otherwise take my ad- 
vice: Save your money and "grin and bear it." At 
any rate, you can't buy sickness or unhappiness here. 
For nowhere and nohow do I atune my teachings to 
the foibles or prejudices of folk to part them from their 


For instance, you wear less and lighter and different 
clothes in summer than in winter. Why not eat less 
and lighter and different foods in summer than in win- 
ter? In summer when the thermometer is 80 degrees 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 147 

in the "shade" of your rooms, or office, or store you 
"peel off" heavy underwear and overwear. Why don't 
you do it in the winter-tinae when you keep the ther- 
mometer at 80 degrees in the "shade" of your rooms, 
or office, or shop — and a thousand degrees fouler to 

That's different, you say. Indeed, it is. But the 
difference is not where you think it is. It's simply be- 
cause you think no deeper than you feel, and you feel 
only skin-deep. You'll see the point in a moment. I 
don't like to "hurt" feelings, but I must drive "truths 
and sense" home to you or else miss my aim, and that's 
your cure or recovery. 

You get more air and purer air in summer than you 
do in winter, and yet you need lots more air and purer 
air in winter than you do in summer. Why not get 
it, night and day? It's cheaper than heated, foul air, 
isn't it? 

In the cold seasons your blood and tissues and kid- 
neys need more water for purposes of dissolving and 
purifying and rinsing out useless material and waste- 
poisons than they do in the warm weather, and yet are 
you not often stingy about the amount you give your 
body in the cold weather? 

You probably bathe more and oftener in summer 
than you do in winter, and yet your body and skin need 
bathing more and oftener in winter. 

You probably bestir yourself more around and away 
from the house in summer, and yet your lungs and 
blood and nerves and muscles want more bestirring 
in winter than in summer. 

For the above reasons and scores of others like them 

148 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

your system accumulates a large excess of carbonized 
instead of oxygenated material, which upsets or im- 
pairs some particular function, or affects some par- 
ticular organ or tissue more than some other, which 
"introduces" itself to you as "biliousness," or "ca- 
tarrh," or "rheumatism," or "neuralgia," or "dyspep- 
sia." or "constipation," or "asthma," or "headaches," 
or this, that and the other. 

It's all one and the same cause or "bunch" of causes, 
and it's all one and the same result or "bunch" of re- 

The reason for calling one ailment "dyspepsia," an- 
other "constipation," another "kidney disease," an- 
other "biliousness," another "female troubles," another 
"loss of vital power," another "catarrh," or "rheuma- 
tism," or "pleurisy," or "asthma," others "measles," 
"scarlet fever," "sore throat," "pneumonia," "typhoid 
fever," "brain fever," "appendicitis," and so on and so 
forth, is not because of any real difference in the na- 
ture of the poison which disturbs or affects any par- 
ticular organ or tissue but it is because each and every 
organ and tissue of the body has a way of its own of 
feeling and behaving and talking when it's sick or 
"out of sorts." 

A kidney can't cough and a lung can't urinate; a 
brain can't vomit and a stomach can't think, and so on 
and so forth. 

Again, I repeat, it's all one and the same cause — car- 
bonized blood and carbonized organs and tissues. And 
it's all one and the same result — impaired or perverted 
function of your brain or nerves, lungs or tubes, stom- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 149 

ach or bowels, liver or kidneys, joints or muscles, etc., 

Consequently, if it's all the one and same blood and 
tissue condition and the one and same blood and tissue 
result, then it all calls for the one and same natural 
remedies. Doesn't it? 

So, then, no matter what occupation you follow, or 
how different seem your symptoms or ailments from 
those of others — man, woman or child — remember al- 
ways that the real difference is not in the cause of 
your symptoms or disease, but that it is in the struc- 
ture (texture) and function (workings) of the organ 
or tissue most affected or impaired by the compounds 
circulating in your body. 

That's why a "dyspeptic" may have either constipa- 
tion or diarrhea. 

That's why a person with the best of digestion may 
be bilious or rheumatic, or have catarrh of the nose, 
or throat, or bladder, or womb, etc. 

I cannot too strongly impress on your mind this one 
foundation-principle of Natural Self Treatment™ 
namely, that the essential cause or blood and flesh con- 
dition which sickens one organ or tissue, in one per- 
son, is exactly the same which sickens another organ 
or tissue in another person. The actual or real differ- 
ence is not in the ailments or sickness, but it is in the 
difference of the organs or tissues involved or affected 
and in the environm.ents in which you live and toil and 
play and think. 

When once you get that "truth and sense" fixed in 
your brain you will quit trying to treat your head or 
nose, or stomach or bowels, or liver or kidneys, or 

I50 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

fevers or colds, etc., etc., but you will begin to treat 
the "sound" or healthy tissues of your body in order to 
enable your system to throw off the "objectionables" 
and to repair the "damages," thus re-establishing 
equilibrium. But to achieve that result it is essential 
to eradicate from your mind the notion that your real 
ailment, or its real cause, is constipation, or indiges- 
tion, or catarrh, or rheumatism, or sick head, or bilious- 
ness, or nervous breakdown, or impaired vitality, or 
"special" troubles, or anything which bears a "sick" 

And the very first truth that you must plant and 
cultivate in its stead is that the symptoms you feel or 
complain of are only signs, or words, or dialects, used 
by the particular organs or tissues which bear the 
brunt of the internal derangement or take up the job 
of disposing of the deleterious products that circulate 
in your blood and permeate your tissues. 

Therefore, no matter what or where it ails you, the 
internal sick-cause is one and the same in your blood. 
What started it and where it started or what comes 
from it and where it gets out of makes no difference 
now to your blood and flesh. But it does to you, for 
it's there — in you; and it's got to get out of there — 
out of you, or take you along face up. 

Stop feeding your body as if it were a "poison fac- 
tory" and begin to feed it the natural remedies it needs 
and craves, namely, light, air, water, fruits, vegetables 
and other appropriate foods, work, exercise, cleanli- 
ness, pleasures and sleep. The beneficial effects and 
noticeable results will then soon astonish you and 
your friends. However, do not look for miracles in 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 151 

one day or one week. It took you longer than that 
to harness your ailment. It won't take nearly so 
long to unharness it, but it'll take a while, and you 
know why. Not only has the "poison" soaked your 
tissues, but it has filled and dyed their very meshes 
and fibers as filth or coloring matter does a sponge. 
You know what kind of a job it is to make a soiled 
sponge clean and sweet again, and yet you can get at 
it in any number of ways and with any number of 
things, in and with which you cannot the thousands 
of billions of microscopic cell-sponges of your organs 
and tissues. Remember that, please, before passing 
judgment on Autopathy, or "throwing up the sponge." 


The old saying, "One man's food is another man's 
poison," is misleading. Is air one man's food and an- 
other man's poison? Is light? Is water? Is bread? 
Is egg? Is meat? Is fruit? 

I know just what you want to say — that some food 
"disagrees" with you and "agrees" with somebody 
else. Even that I deny, in the sense that you mean by 
"you." If by "you" you mean the "sickly" or 
"poisoned" or "ailing" organs or tissues of your body, 
then I quite agree with that "man" — kind of you. 
But if by "you" you mean the "you" that still remains 
sane and sound of mind and body, then I quite dis- 
agree with that "man" — kind of you. And here are my 
reasons why; 

152 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

One man's food is never another man's poison. 
Never! Never! But it can be made so in the mixing 
on the stove, or in your stomach, or in the "canning" 
and "preserving" and "adulterating." 

"Morbid" or sickly constituents of one man's blood 
and organs and juices will not combine with the nor- 
mal or "healthy" constituents of a given food to pro- 
duce the same brand of products that the normal or 
healthy constituents of another man's blood and or- 
gans and juices will. 

For no other reason than that oxygen will combine 
with carbon to produce a most poisonous blood and 
flesh compound, namely, carbonic acid gas; whereas 
the very same oxygen will combine with hydrogen to 
produce the most healthful blood and flesh compound, 
namely, water. Would you, therefore, say that oxygen 
is one man's food and another man's poison? Or that 
carbon is? No; for not only is health impossible but 
life itself is unmaintainable without oxygen and car- 
bon in both the form of "food" and of "poison." 

Therefore, the element of "poison" is not found in 
natural foods, but in the manner of mixing foods; or 
in the individual's stomach or blood. And the sooner 
you settle that question between yourself and all nat- 
ural foods, as pure air and water and fruits and vege- 
tables, etc., the better for your health and happiness 
and longevity. 

You do not "mind" mixing sugar and salt and vine- 
gar with your gastric juice in your stomach, but you 
won't let any one mix those three with coffee or tea in 
your cup. You see, the stomach doesn't taste, but it 
knows, the difference; and it kicks, to your past or 
present or future sorrow. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 153 

Improper mixtures of good and bad air and drinks 
and "seasonings" produce poisonous compounds in the 
system, of which the system must rid itself either sud- 
denly and rapidly (as in fevers) or gradually and slow- 
ly (as in "catarrh," or "rheumatism," or "Bright's dis- 
ease," or other "chronic ailments."). 

If you saturate your blood and tissues with a 
"brand" of overheated and foul air and pass out into 
one of cool and pure air, of course the cool and pure 
air will dislodge the hot and foul air and you will com- 
plain of a "cold," or "rheumatism," or "catarrh," or 
"neuralgia," etc., but not because cold or pure air dis- 
agrees with or "sickens" you. Just the reverse. It 
agrees with you, but disagrees with your "internal" at- 
mosphere. If you live for months or years on highly 
seasoned meats, sausages, cheese and canned goods, 
or on vinegar and pickles, preserves and pastries, etc., 
and then eat fresh or raw fruits and vegetables, your 
digestive or eliminative apparatus will let you know 
that it is "moving" or house-cleaning season in your 
system. But not because fresh fruits and vegetables 
don't "agree" with you. Just the reverse. They agree 
with you, but disagree with your stale or adulterated 
juices and blood. 

You will probably understand this better when Au- 
topathy and your changed diet get in their work — not 
that you will be made sicker than you are, but there's 
going to be some "arguing" somewhere between the 
new and good and the old and bad, so that your breath, 
or bowels, or kidne3'S, or liver, or head, or all, will as- 
sist in the "renovating" process. 

The one universal poison which has accumulated 

154 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

most in your stomach, or bowels, or liver, or head, or 
chest, or nerves, or muscles, or pelvic organs, or any- 
where, will have to "move out" — that's all. And some 
part or parts will miss it. Because all body poisons 
act as irritants, and irritants act as stimulants — just 
as alcohol or drugs do. Hence, you may feel gener- 
ally upset for a day or so, or fancy that you feel weaker 
and listless, or the "discharge" may increase, or you 
may feel "tiptop" for the first few days and then have 
an "off day." And that may repeat itself before you 
strike health's equilibrium. It all depends on the age 
and location of your trouble and on how accurately you 
follow the treatment. Eventually it makes no differ- 
ence, for the same good results finally predominate in 
every case. It stands to reason, of course, that the 
closer you observe instructions, the less likely you are 
to experience any "upset" or "unpleasantness" any- 
where, and the sooner and surer you obtain the desired 
benefit. Even ordinary "dusting" disturbs physical 
and mental fixtures or ornaments in a room. So don't 
fret for "nothings." Your reward will come in soon 
feeling and looking as you have been longing for. 

Again, I say, don't cater to your symptoms or ail- 
ments, but do cater to your lungs and blood and tis- 

If you give Autopathy even but a fraction of the 
"show" that you have given to your ailments or trou- 
bles, you'll soon be a happy mortal again. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 155 


The chief function of your Stomach is to live and 
enjoy living. Maybe that's you, but really no more 
"you" than any of your other organs. For the stom- 
ach has to live for and in harmony with the other or- 
gans of your body. In return for your stomach's self- 
ishness or thoughtlessness all the other organs of your 
body do likewise or have a way of "getting even." 
Above the "community of interest" that exists between 
all your functions there is in every drop of your blood 
and molecule of your flesh the unsquelchable impulses 
of the laws of physical or chemical affinity or tension. 

Every cell has got to live and let live or you stand 
the consequences. 

The main function of the stomach is supposed to be 
"digestion." Really a very unimportant phase of that 
function, the digestive, takes place in your stomach. 
Digestion proper takes place inside of tiny microscopic 
cavities called "vacuoles" that exist in the hearts of 
nuclei of the billion of cells that compose every organ 
and tissue — brain and all. These millions and millions 
of little spaces (vacuoles) are your real stomachs. 
They are always filled with digestive juice, and are the 
stomachs and mouths that cry out with hunger, as 
they are the ones which empty out into your blood 
and back to your big stomach the improper or injurious 
things which you drink or swallow. 

When your stomach rebels or reminds you that 
something is wrong with your digestion don't think of 
the pouch inside of your abdomen, but think of the 
multitude of little vacuoles or stomachs contained in 

156 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

all your organs and tissues as well as of those which 
exist inside of the pepsin manufacturing cells of the 
lining mucous membrane of your visible stomach. 

To avoid any mistake in gaining accurate knowledge 
of what's wrong with your stomach always think of it 
inside out, bearing in mind that the blood and lymph 
which feeds and dumps material into your stomach 
comes from what you are in the habit of thinking is 
the outside when really it is the fleshy inside. 

Another mistaken idea is the belief that the stomach 
or gastric juice is "the" digestive juice. The fact is 
that there exist in the body as many essential digestive 
juices as there are vital organs or tissues. Even bone- 
ceils possess their special digestive juice. Otherwise 
no organ or tissue could grow or reproduce. 

The stomach is not a bit particular as to what kind 
of juice it manufactures. It had just as soon turn out 
slime or catarrhal or bilious discharge as pepsin or gas- 
tric juice. So also with the billions of microscopic 
vacuole-stomachs all over your body. 

Gastric juice is only one of the by-products of the 
glandular cell-stomachs which constitute the walls of 
your abdominal stomach, just as brain fluid or juice is 
one of the by-products of the cell-stomachs of your 
brain. If you get that clearly pictured in your mind 
you will readily understand the origin or causes of 
headaches and countless other symptoms. 

From the serum and lymph which blood vessels and 
lymphatics bring their way, the stomach cells pick out 
what they need to replace the loss or waste incident 
to living and working. During this process, which is 
one of internal digestion and assimilation, there hap- 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 157 

pens to be formed a number of by-products, the three 
most important of which are pepsin, hydrochloric acid 
and mucus. 

The stomach keeps alive and in working condition 
only by constantly replenishing its own cellular mate- 
rial or protoplasm, by constantly manufacturing stom- 
ach cells. In other words, by each stomach cell digest- 
ing what the blood brings it into something that its 
protoplasm and nucleus can transform into protoplasm 
and nucleus exactly like itself. If the blood contains 
the proper constituents the stomach cells can never 
make a mistake, and no such thing as stomach trouble 
is possible. But if the blood doesn't, all the gastric 
juices and pepsins and digestive tablets and moonshine 
won't help or mend matters. 

If you have any sort of stomach indigestion or ail- 
ment do not let your mind ruminate in your big gastric 
cavity, but lead it into the invisible digestive spaces 
of the glandular cells of your stomach-wall, into the 
stomach's feelable flesh not its emptiness. 

You may think that your stomach gets plenty to eat 
and work with when it really doesn't get one-tenth 
enough, simply because the stomach never helps itself 
with the drinks and foods that you swallow. The 
stomach does not even absorb water, water being 
taken up from the intestines. The nourishment that 
is intended for the stomach reaches it only through the 
roundabout way of the general circulation, having to 
pass through the heart into the lungs and back through 
the heart into the arteries and finally reach the invis- 
ible capillaries in the substance of the walls of the 
stomach. Therefore it is a long wait and way from 

158 Autology — Study Thyself 

the time and place that food is swallowed to the time 
and place when and where the vital cells of your stom- 
ach get a chance to help themselves. 

Appetite or the sensation of hunger is looked upon 
as a sign of a healthy stomach. Nevertheless many 
people with chronic indigestion or catarrh of the stom- 
ach have excellent appetites. Their appetite is there- 
fore as m.uch a symptom of disease as a sign of health. 
This would be the case if the longing or craving for 
food was really a feeling limited to the stomach. Appe- 
tite or hunger as well as thirst is a sensation or de- 
mand announced by every atom of your blood and 
body. The craving or demand may be natural or arti- 
ficial, depending upon what you have accustomed the 
billions of vacuole-stomachs to. Your skin and mus- 
cles and fat and bones and organs do not care whether 
or not your stomach is in working order — they all dis- 
patch their "orders" to your brain, which translates 
the messages into one word, — hunger or appetite. And 
you eat. If your stomach bothers you afterward it is 
not to blame. The trouble is started by some of the 
recently eaten foods crowding some of the fermenting 
chyle (partly digested foods) into the blood and the 
blood into the tissue-cells, by which it is refused in 
part or whole as not being appropriate for their pur- 
poses. The stomach glands also have no use for it and 
either reject it or transform it into mucus or slime. 
There is then a damming back of the blood in the gen- 
eral circulation against the inflow of the new partly 
digested food from the lymphatics and lacteals of the 
small intestines. As a result of this there occurs stag- 
nation of partly digested and non-digested foods in the 

A u top a thy — Cure Thyself 159 

stomach and bowels, followed by decomposition and 
fermentation — ^which are the immediate and exciting 
causes of the numerous symptoms usually laid at the 
stomach's door; when actually the stomach isn't a 
particle to blame. 

Do not fancy that you or anybody else can teach your 
stomach anything. It was made long before you or 
others began to "think" or mentalize into it. It still 
knows what it is made for and will keep telling you, 
with pain and sorrow or ease and pleasure, as long as 
you feed to please your taste or to make up for your 

When your stomach rebels or goes on a strike, just 
politely ask her "What's the matter?" Don't tease her 
with more food — quit nagging her. Don't ask a gas- 
tronomaniac specialist or politician, for he's apt to look 
upon your stomach pouch as upon your wallet as be- 
ing the whole of YOU — and all the rest of your per- 
son (brain and mind particularly) as an appendix to 
your belly — just as gynecologists see in womenkind 
a motley potpourri of ovarian and uterine humpty- 
dumpties. If you'd respectfully ask your stomach 
"What's wrong?" — it would refer you to your own 
Brain : Who would say, speaking for the crowd of all 
your organs, "We're overcrowded or rather drowning 
in a mess of foul and souring waste stuffs and you're 
'mixing' your air and drinks too foolishly and are not 
giving your blood enough natural detoxicating con- 
stituents to enable us to neutralize and convert these 
poisons into harmless compounds. Do, please, give us 
less of some of the things and more of other things that 
you and your advisers won't let us have by way of 

i6o Auto logy — Study Thyself 

your lungs and stomach. If you'll do that for us, we'll 
gladly do the rest— and neither your stomach nor any 
bit of you will ever again cause you pain or sorrow — 
and when we get all tired and worn out from working 
and enjoying livingness we'll quit quite suddenly, but 
only when you've seen and felt and tasted all there is 
to see and feel and taste in this world." 

As you now realize, there is, in all forms of stomach 
ailments, a deficiency of certain natural constituents in 
the entire body. This deficiency is sometimes if not 
usually associated with an excess of certain other con- 
stituents. Therefore, in order to accomplish a cure 
whose results will be permanent it is necessary to sat- 
urate the blood itself with the appropriate natural rem- 
edy-constituents that are lacking and for which all 
the organs of the body are making such imperative de- 
mand by upsetting the stomach or the brain. And you 
shall soon learn what those "appropriate natural rem- 
edy-constituents" are. 

The Small Intestine is not a part of the sewer of 
the body and its function must not be confounded with 
that of the large or colonic bowel. 

In the process of digestion the "duodenum" and 
small bowel play a more important part even than the 
stomach — for the entrance of chyle or partly digested 
foods takes place along the course of the small intes- 
tines. The lacteal and lymphatic vessels which con- 
vey the partly digested constituents of the chyle and 
lymph into the thoracic duct, spring from the mucous 
coats of the little bowel. The thoracic duct then emp- 
ties the load into the left subclavian vein at the root 
of the neck. As you now understand (if you have read 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself i6i 

what precedes) the digested material which is thus 
emptied into the blood current is not really digested, 
but is simply broken up into more or less fine drops 
and particles — that is, the chyle is made up of "emul- 
sions" and "saponifications" of the various sugars and 
starches and meats or albumins that you swallow. 
The real digestion of the constituents of those emul- 
sions and saponifications takes place only in the organs 
or tissues that receive them. Hence it is that the hearts 
or nuclei of the cells are supplied with microscopic or 
invisible vacuoles or stomachs or intestines, which, 
like your ordinary stomach and intestines, contain di- 
gestive juices — the digestive juice of each specialized 
cell being as different in its way as the digestive juice 
of your stomach (pepsin) is different from that of your 
pancreas (pancreatin). 

To properly understand "pancreatic" or intestinal 
digestion and indigestion your mind must penetrate 
into the mysterious recesses of the innermost cells of 
all your organs— and not navigate along the lumen or 
channel of your bowels. 

Whatever be your symptoms your bowels are not to 
blame. If the so-called sewerage, evacuated by the 
billions of vacuole-stomachs or intestines of your cells, 
is of the proper make and consistency your large or 
small bowel will neither trouble nor worry you in any 
way. But if you mix certain improper drinks and 
foods in the emulsions and saponifications which the 
little mouths or suckers, that exist in the mucous mem- 
brane of your small bowel, drink and swallow and then 
convey to the blood which supplies the protoplasm 
and nuclei of your cells — then you may figure on being 

i62 Autology — Study Thyself 

troubled both with your bowels and brains, and in time 
with some fatal disease — either typhoid fever or appen- 
dicitis or Blight's disease or rheumatism, in some form 
or other. And if you're a woman or girl no one else 
but you can appreciate or realize the innumerable and 
misery-producing ailments and symptoms that you 
will have to endure. 

You see, the little glandular mouths or suckers that 
draw or imbibe the chyle and lymph from the small 
intestine into the lacteals and lymphatics don't mind 
whether they have to drink or swallow the perfectly 
sweet and health-giving foods or souring and decom- 
posing material. Another obvious fact is that when 
these lacteal and lymphatic vessels are full of some- 
thing — whether previously absorbed food or by-prod- 
ucts of germs — they will not accommodate or make 
room for the new supply of chyle coming from your 
recent meal, unless they can vomit what they've got 
either into the blood or the intestines. They can't do 
that in a hurry without giving you sick-headache or 
vomiting spells, or slowly without your blood going 
into the fatty or adipose tissue business. 

Thus, the only source of intestinal diseases and dis- 
orders is improper combination of foods which induce 
fermentation and decomposition — not alone in the 
small bowels but also in the very hollows or micro- 
scopic intestines of the tissue cells. That, and that 
alone, is the cause of Typhoid Fever and Appendicitis, 
as it is of Cholera Infantum and Cholera Morbus — and 
Dysentery, Intestinal Catarrh or Indigestion or Flatu- 
lence, and so forth. I concede that bacteria or germs 
or ferments contribute their mite toward focusing the 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 163 

rubbish and fanning the flame that starts the disease, 
but their play in the inflammation or conflagration that 
is set up is very inconsiderable compared to that of the 
long continued previous accumulations in the system 
of the waste-products or poisons of ordinary food- 
decompositions taking place primarily in the small 
bowels and secondarily in the vacuole-intestines of the 
nuclei of the cells themselves. 

In other words, typhoid fever and appendicitis and 
all forms of enteritis and gastro-duodenitis are pro- 
duced by repeated rottings of partly digested foods in 
the intestines plus the rottings taking place in the very 
hearts of the cells everywhere, owing both to the in- 
haling of the carbon dioxide (carbonic acid gas) and 
i^s gaseous products from the air of rooms and breath 
A people and to the appropriating with foods of less 
detoxicating or ferment-preventing inorganic or min- 
eral constituents than the system needs to prevent the 
occurrence of fever and so forth. That this statement 
is absolutely correct is shown by the fact that for some 
days before the onset of the fever and other warnings 
or symptoms the patient feels sick all over — showing 
that the entire system is waterlogged with its own 

What is true of the origin or manner of bringing 
about the body conditions which produce typhoid fe- 
ver, is also true of appendicitis. If the appendix were 
a shallow thimble instead of a goose-quill, there would 
be no such thing as appendicitis — and if the bowels 
contained quite a number of shallow thimble-like ap- 
pendices and inflammation was set up in them, as it is 
in what are called Peyer's patches (in typhoid), it 

i64 Auto logy — Study Thyself 

would be absolutely impossible to tell the difference 
between appendicitis and typhoid fever. For the cause 
or causes are the same in the two diseases — the differ- 
ence being accounted for by the fact that the appendix 
is a different thing from a Peyer's patch. This truth 
I have repeatedly confirmed by putting a stop to both 
diseases with identically the same treatment and in 
less than twenty-four hours. And WHY NOT? 

If the system, waterlogged with foulness to the brim, 
can under the most adverse conditions, such as are 
imposed on and around and into typhoid patients under 
the heretofore recognized methods of treatment — I say 
that, if the system in spite of the most conceivably ir- 
rational treatments can and does rid itself of or over- 
come the poisonous or toxic products that bring on and 
feed the fever — then WHY can't a little rational or 
natural treatment enable the system to do in a few 
hours what it does in a couple of weeks under those 
most adverse conditions? There are no reasons why 
we can't furnish in one day as much depoisoning con- 
stituents to the blood of a fever patient as the blood 
takes some weeks to dig out of that patient's fat and 
muscles and organs — because it can't rob those tissues 
without first melting them. 

Owing to the fact that Surgery's most prolific Assets 
are "cases" of Appendicitis it is not an easy matter to 
substitute rational ideas concerning the nature and 
treatment of that disease — or to impress the general 
public with the truth that, however successful it may 
be, an operation for appendicitis NEVER removes the 
causative factor or factors of the disease from the indi- 
vidual's body; and, with this other truth that soon or 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 165 

late the "operation-cured" case of appendicitis expe- 
riences in the same body-locality or in some more vital 
organ the evidences that the operation was a very un- 
profitable if not a fatal investment, or rather a foolish 
speculation on the part of the patient. 

If I had to rid myself of the constant danger which 
the company of a vicious beast would expose me to, I 
would prefer to destroy the animal as a whole than to 
fool myself into believing that the beast was made 
harmless by amputating its vocal cords. A dog whose 
barking appendix is "alert" is not as dangerous as the 
dog without a "bark" — and, likewise, a bowel whose 
appendix "talks" is a more useful and intelligent gut 
than a speechless one. The appendix is the "cry-baby" 
or tattler of the bowels — but it never cries or tattles 
without good cause, and the cause which excites it is 
and has been at work elsewhere and everywhere else 
in the body — and will keep on working until it is re- 
moved from "elsewhere and everywhere else," or until 
it appears as acute rheumatism or kidney disease or 
cancer, and so forth. 

Appendicitis occurs simply because the intestinal 
and general blood poisons, ptomaines or organic acids, 
concentrate their attack on, or are shunted into the 
blind finger-glove of the appendix — ^where inflamma- 
tion is set up and ulceration may follow. It is a well 
recognized fact that a large percentage of cases of ap- 
pendicitis are caused by rheumatic poisons. I am con- 
vinced that every case of appendicitis and typhoid fever 
as well as all other intestinal diseases are occasioned 
by the same cellular by-products or waste-poisons — re- 
sulting from fermentation and decomposition — that 
produce articular rheumatism. 

i66 Autology — Study Thyself 

Chronic Cbnstipation and Chronic Diarrhea require 
some special attention. 

Chronic constipation is perhaps the most common of 
troubles. Almost all treatments generally advocated 
for it do infinitely more harm in time than the consti- 
pation itself would ever do. 

Bowels have no more to do with causing constipa- 
tion than mouths have with silence. Habit has some- 
thing to do with costiveness, but its real cause is nutri- 
tional. It isn't so much that the intestinal contents 
become too "dry" as that the protoplasm and tissues 
of your body need the small percentage of pure water 
that you imbibe; and that the inorganic or mineral 
constituents that reach the muscular coats of your bow- 
els through the blood and lymph are insufficient to 
maintain "peristalsis." Or they may be improperly 

All drugs and medicines that "act" by irritating or 
"loosening" the bowels or producing griping are objec- 
tionable and eventually absolute nuisances. Colonic 
flushings, or the injecting of water per rectum, is a 
method which appeals at first, but tells its ov^n sad tale 
of woe later. 

One's occupation is not responsible for constipation 
— for people of sedentary habits are often troubled 
with diarrhea. Whenever the blood supplies the large 
intestines with the proper quantity and admixture of 
the various compounds which their muscular coats 
and mucous glands require, they remain properly ac- 
tive. The type of muscle tissue which forms the bowel 
walls is such that it lacks the vitality of other muscle 
Bb€rs; and, besides, the large intestine is one of the 

Au top a thy'— Cure Thyself 167 

last or least important tissue that the blood care* %o 
serve its nourishment to. This is well shown in chil- 
dren at the breast. If the mother's blood contains 
what her own intestines require for proper action the 
infant's bowels act normally — unless the child be fed 
artificial foods in addition to mother's milk. 

Acute Diarrhea is an occasional blessing which most 
people experience in the form of punishment for im- 
proper indulgence. But when acute diarrhea persists 
beyond a day or two, or recurs at frequent intervals, 
then the intestinal condition which accompanies it is 
called Intestinal Catarrh or Indigestion. As is cus- 
tomary with all diseases, physicians never go deeper 
than "skin deep" in search of the cause of the catarrhal 
or indigestive trouble. It is obvious that impaired 
must be the function of a mucous membrane that is 
swollen or congested emd that such a membrane will 
pour out mucous and acrid discharges into the canal of 
the bowels, as it does in the nose and throat, instead of 
absorbing the chyle or partly digested food. Such 
things are clear to everybody who has had "a cold in 
the head" — but the problem to solve in "catarrh of the 
bowels" is to determine the constituents themselves 
that exist in the individual's blood and which produce 
the catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane. 
Do not for a moment imagine that the poisons act di- 
rectly on the inside lining membrane of the intestine 
without first circulating through the blood and finally 
returning to the intestinal walls to cause mischief. And 
remember always that this is the course followed by 
the chemical poisons whether they are products of 
food decomposition or of bacteria. By the time tb it 

1 68 Autology— Study Thyself 

the poisons, arising from food-fermentations and from 
micro-organisms and from the tissue-cells of the or- 
gans, reach the mucous membrane of the intestines 
their chemical composition has been so often modified 
that they all form the same poisonous compounds. 

In most cases of chronic diarrhea or dysentery or 
indigestion (bowel) the source of the trouble is found 
in the toxic or acrid products of food-decomposition, 
and the saturation of the blood with these deleterious 
products has existed for a considerable length of time. 
Bacteria alone do not cause diarrhea. The healthy di- 
gestive fluids of the stomach and bowels destroy them. 
Tainted milk alone does not produce "summer com- 
plaint" of infants, but the improper feeding of infants 
with artificially prepared milks and foods always does. 
A child whose blood or system is not already polluted 
to saturation is never harmed by an occasional dose of 
impure or souring milk or "suspected" water. 

Children or adults whose blood or flesh is otherwise 
clean never "contract" typhoid fever from drinking 
water. Between the most "delicious" beef-teas and 
bouillons and other sloppy animal refuse and the least 
"usable" water — the water is by far the healthiest for 
man and beast alike, and in disease as in heeilth. 


There is considerable misunderstanding in every- 
body's brains regarding the function of the kidney as 
well as the causes of its impairment. Very few indeed 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 169 

of the numerous things blamed as factors of Bright's 
Disease have any bearing on kidney troubles. Age, 
sex, predisposition, occupation, climate, heredity and 
the like are such incidental considerations in the study 
of functional and organic diseases of the kidney that 
it is safer to forget them and think of some real things. 
Another common mistake is to look upon most cases 
of Bright's disease as being organic — ^which practically 
means that they are incurable. This is wrong ; for the 
incurable cases are very, very rare, if treated naturally 
or rationally. This is equally true of kidney disease 
which accompanies or follows scarlet fever, pregnancy 
and other diseases. In an experience of nearly eighteen 
years I have not seen more than one fatal case of acute 
or chronic Nephritis or Bright's disease out of every 
hundred cases that came under my treatment — and I 
may add that the proportion of "hopeless" and very 
chronic cases was large. 

When a disease is assumed, by physicians and books, 
to be fatal there is very little chance for the patient's 
recovery — for the physician undertakes the treatment 
with the same spirit that some people start to do cer- 
tain things, namely, "I'm going to try, but I know I 
can't do it." The whole trouble with the remedies in 
vogue is that they are used by physicians and others 
who haven't the slightest conception of the physical 
character of the function or mechanism of the kidney. 
This of course leads to the application of treatments 
which tend rather to aggravate or insure permanency 
of the disease than to remove it. 

In the kidney are a number of little tubules or tubes 
which drain innumerable little spaces, and empty the 

lyo A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

urine thus drained into a main cup — which, in turn, is 
connected by a long tube (ureter) to the bladder. 
These tubules and spaces are in direct communication 
with the outside world and are no more a part proper 
of the kidney flesh proper than arteries and veins and 
nerves are tissues proper of fat or muscle proper. 
Their business is simply to act as rubber tubes to the 
urine that drains through or is strained by the cellular 
substance (protoplasm and nucleus) of the kidney. 

Again, bear in mind that the urine is, like the bile 
and saliva and sweat, a by-product of cellular activity 
as that cellular activity occurs between the chemical 
elements or compounds vi^hich the blood and lymph 
bring to the kidney cells and the chemical elements or 
compounds which constitute the serum and granular 
protoplasm and nuclei of the kidney cells themselves. 
Therefore urine is strictly and chemically and func- 
tionally not a drained or strained liquid, but is a manu- 
factured product of the kidney cells exactly as diges- 
tive juice is a manufactured product of glandular stom- 
ach and pancreatic cells. It is obvious, therefore, that 
an individual's urine will vary as that same individ- 
ual's saliva or pepsin or brain fluid. 

If the urine which passes into the minute spaces 
and tubules of the kidney is composed of properly com- 
bined chemical compounds dissolved in the right quan- 
tity of water — there can occur no impairment of the 
kidney function. But if the urinary compounds be too 
concentrated or the water insufficient to thoroughly 
dissolve and dilute them — the urine becoming dense 
and turbid — the secretion will linger within the hegirta 
or vacuoles of the tissue cells instead of readily and 

A u top a thy — Cure Thyself 171 

rapidly flowing into the reservoir ("pelvis") of the 
kidney. And not alone will there occur a "urine con- 
gestion" within the tubules and spaces and "stomachs" 
of the kidney cells — with the irritation and damage 
incident thereto — but there vvill ensue a retention and 
saturation of the entire system with the body con- 
stituents which the kidney is intended to decompose 
and recombine, after its own manner, in the manufac- 
ture of urine. 

The kidney tissue being unable to drain or strain 
out of its spaces and tubes a sufficient amount of urine 
during each twenty-four hours to equalize the sys- 
temic demands — there follows a reversal of the pres- 
sure or tension, so that the urinary constituents that 
should find an outlet into the bladder are compelled to 
"backwater" into the capillaries and lymphatics— 
where they soon occasion disturbances in the nerves, 
or brain, or muscles, or joints, or anywhere. In time 
some form of kidney disease, as well as countless com- 
plaints, is bound to arise. People seldom suspect their 
kidneys during the formation period of kidney disease 
because the symptoms produced are always felt else- 
where. Backache never means kidney trouble. It 
means muscular pain, that's all. Of course you may 
have backache at the same time that you happen to 
have kidney trouble, just as you may have a cold sore 
when you want to look your best. 

The presence of albumin in the urine is always 
looked upon as a grave symptom, and will make in- 
surance companies reject applicants who seem other- 
wise most healthy. However, "albumin in the urine" 
does not always come from kidney disease, nor does 

172 Autology — Study Thyself 

it always mean serious trouble when coming from im- 
paired kidney function. My experience has been that 
Chronic Albuminuria (Bright's disease) is usually a 
very mild derangement of the chemical functions tak- 
ing place between the chemic species (or chemical 
com-pounds) contained in the serum and lymph out- 
side of the cells and the serum and lymph inside of 
the cells — of the entire body, and not particularly of 
the kidneys. The habit of blaming the kidneys for 
what you and all your other organs are to blame, and 
the habit of treating your kidneys for what you and all 
your other organs should be treated — are rather re- 
sponsible for the prevalence and chronicity of Bright's 
disease or Albuminuria. When, to the poisons which 
stagnate within as well as on all sides of the kidney 
cells, a physician or the patient adds all kinds of un- 
natural or irritating and stimulating medicines, it is 
not strange that eventually the kidney tissue proper 
becomes organically impaired and death ensues 
through blood vessel degeneration, or heart disease, or 
uremia, or dropsy. 

Albuminuria and Bright's disease and other kidney 
troubles are readily curable — curable right at home 
or at work without sacrificing any of life's duties or 
pleasures. It is far wiser to be cured under the con- 
ditions and environments in which you have to work 
and live — and then if you like and can afford it to enjoy 
a pleasure trip — 'than it is to undertake a sickly-seek- 
ing-after-health, speculative and expensive journey 
away from home. 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 173 


The liver is a physical and medical junk shop. It is 
made to carry the burden of ignorance and blunders in 
matters of health and sickness. If one is bilious or 
out-of-sorts the liver is blamed — but it's quite imma- 
terial to the liver; for, being a part of your anatomy, 
what's the difference? 

Unlike many or most other organs, the liver is in 
business for itself and engaged in the manufacture of 
food or fuel for the rest of the economy. Incidentally 
she produces a by-product called bile, which is not de- 
sirable as regards her own needs, but is essential to 
the requirements of the blood on the one side and the 
bowels on the other. As long as bile is of the right 
consistency and nothing obstructs its passage into the 
duodenum, it occasions no trouble. Otherwise visible 
jaundice, or som.e form of bilious attacks or sick head- 
ache, follow. Hepatic colic or gall stones may and 
often do result. 

But the commonest source of liver complaints is in 
the fact that glycogen is formed and stored away in 
the liver. Glycogen is a form of sugar, and constitutes 
the important fuel of the body. Work or exercise 
burns it up. It accumulates with eating and inactivity 
or laziness. 

The liver cells cannot accommodate an excess of 
glycogen without discommoding themselves; without 
impairing their function in other directions. As noth- 
ing can remain at a standstill in the body without un- 
dergoing decomposition, any excess of glycogen over 
and above the actual needs of the system is decom- 

174 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

posed into various organic acids or transformed into 
useless fat^-either of which requires a certain propor- 
tion of the blood's mineral or electrolytic elements or 
compounds to neutralize or satisfy. Anything which 
robs the blood or tissues of these bodies tends to in- 
crease the acidity of protoplasm — and protoplasm can- 
not become acid and survive. For, the natural resis- 
tance of protoplasm and nucleus to poisons or disease 
rests in its alkalescence (opposed to becoming "acid"). 
In order to make room for any excess of glycogen 
the liver cells must displace an equivalent amount of 
bile either into the small intestine or back into the 
blood or lymphatic vessels. Besides, this condition 
hampers the secreting and excreting functions of the 
liver. Hence the occurrence of nervous troubles, head- 
aches, bilious attacks, sciatica or other forms of neu- 
ralgia, or stomach pains with or without spells of vom- 
iting — not to mention a great variety of obscure con- 
ditions produced in the ovaries or womb. The fact 
that one's liver may manufacture more bile than one 
may think it should does not account for any of the 
ills which are ascribed to the liver. The liver as such 
cannot possibly manufacture too much bile unless it is 
supplied by the blood with too great an abundance of 
the chemical constituents which go to make up bile. 
The liver does not create bile or glycogen; but if it is 
crowded with raw material from the blood and the 
stomach it keeps open shop night and day and turns 
out "goods" after any old fashion and dumps part of 
them back into the blood, for the nerves' and brain's 
and complexion's benefit, and part into the bowels or 
stomach, for the doctor's benefit. 

A ut op a thy— Cure Thyself 175 

Bile-acids are great mischief makers, but have not 
been as yet sufficiently recognized as such by physi- 
cians in the treatment of diseases. Professional and 
public minds have been too saturated with uric acid 
notions to permit of any special attention being given 
to hundreds of other organic acids which are formed 
in the body and which are considerably more injurious 
than uric acid. To enumerate these and go into de- 
tails regarding their origin and action in different dis- 
eases would take unnecessary time and space ; for, ir- 
respective of their names and chemical constitutions, 
they one and all arise from the same "radical" or 
nucleus, and they one and all combine in the blood and 
tissues with inorganic elements and are eliminated as 
water, carbon dioxide and ammonia compounds. So 
that, whatever mischief they produce in their journey 
through the blood and tissues they produce it in the 
same way and as one individual poison or compound 
or acid — as you have read elsewhere in this book. 

If you wish to obtain a fair idea of the state of your 
blood in regard to its containing a surplus of biliary 
poisons — look at the white of your eyes in good day- 
light. If your system is fairly free the white around 
the pupil muscle will appear glossy with a tendency 
to bluish; and glossy white with tendency to pink in 
the corners. If the white of your eye appears tinted 
yellowish or lemon shade, you'll hear of it some day 
if you are not already troubled somehow. 

176 Autology — Study Thyself 


By "lithemia" is meant the excessive formation or 
accumulation of uric acid in the blood or system. This 
conception of Rheumatism (lithemia) is hypothetical 
entirely ; for the reason that it shifts the responsibil- 
ity on to a chemical individual, as it is extracted from 
the urine, or from its blood and tissue compounds in 
health as well as in disease — when actually the chem- 
ical basis of the formation of urates and ureids (not 
uric acid as such) is far removed from the substance 
called uric acid. To blame uric acid for any blood or 
tissue condition or disease is exactly the same as blam- 
ing the innocent messenger boy for the bad news 
which the dispatch conveys. 

The latest offspring of the imagination is the inven- 
tion of ferments that are supposed to be engaged in the 
manufacture of uric acid. 'Tis better to blame some 
bugaboo than one's own stupidity or overindulgence. 
In return for this "wise" move of the imagination of 
some "eminent" head, the imagination of some other 
"eminent" head invents the birth of ferments whose 
business it is to destroy uric acid. Why not show 
some little sense and invent a ferment that would 
"lick" the other ferment instead? 

Lithemia is a name. Uric acid is a name. Rheuma- 
tism is a name. But being sick and suffering is NO 
name. Dying is no name. A funeral is no name. Pay- 
ing a bill for sickness is no nam,e. 

Breathing is not a mere name — nor is drinking and 
eating. Nor is overindulgence in drinks or foods. 

What your lungs breathe in and breathe out are NO 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 177 

names. What your throat swallows is not a mere 

But what your brains breathe in and breathe out 
and swallow in and out in medical matters is both 
nominal and names. 

If I ask an intelligent stranger or friend "What 
causes rheumatism or uric acid poisoning?" he 
answers, "Eating too much." And when I ask 
"Why?" he replies, "Because too much food produces 
uric acid or rheumatism." And when I add, "How?" he 
doesn't know. And then when I remind him that a 
great many people who overeat and indulge in too 
much beer and wine never have rheumatism, he begins 
to suspect that a theory that doesn't work both ways 
is defective somewhere. The fact is that nearly one 
hundred per cent of the people would be "rheumatics," 
or have uric acid blood poisoning if "eating too m.uch" 
was the cause of rheumatism — and also, if the real 
cause of rheumatism was "eating too much" our ani- 
mal or instinctive selves would soon put a check to 
that form of appetite which craves for "too much" 
food. The secret of the whole problem in rheumatism 
is not a question of bulk, but is a question of impera- 
tive demand by the fluids and tissues of the body for 
certain food-constituents which the body lacks to off- 
set or neutralize certain other food-constituents. In 
craving for bulk the system expects to derive a suffi- 
cient quantity or proportion of the certain constituents 
which it has previously discarded in its elaborating of 
the protoplasm and nuclei of its various cells. But the 
individual's brain conveys only the general impression 
of the system's needs and fails to go into details — 

178 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

hence the abnormal appetite continues until the econ- 
omy is saturated and refuses to work any longer under 
the unjust conditions of supply and demand imposed 
on it. 

Lithemia or rheumatism and '*colds" or catarrh, as 
well as various forms of nervous and brain ailments, 
are due to the same factors which produce biliousness 
in some people. They can all be traced to an excess 
of carbon dioxide in the air people breathe or to an 
oversupply of starchy and saccharine foods in propor- 
tion to the foodstuffs which contain inorganic or min- 
eral elements or compounds — and not to the sum total 
of the things that are eaten. Starches and sugars un- 
dergo decomposition into organic acids in the normal 
individual exactly as they do in the unhealthy. And 
hundreds of these organic acids are even better known 
than is uric acid. 

Brains and livers and muscles and joints and mucous 
membranes manufacture their own substance out of 
the same foods, and in so doing they produce decom- 
position-products. These decomposition or dead-mat- 
ter products emanate both from their own substance 
and the substance of the nutriment they receive. But 
they never decompose inorganic or mineral elements — 
nor can they manufacture or change them in any way. 
Cells or tissues can only assort or combine those ac- 
cording to the laws of chemical affinity or tension — 
and cells cannot complete the process of assimilation, 
that is of replenishing their ovm substance, witliout 
being provided with those mineral bodies. Therefore, 
when the supply is too small to go around some organ 
or tissue has to suffer, and a certain quantity of the 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 179 

fluid nutriment that cannot be utilized must be elim- 
inated as catarrhal discharge or rheumatic effusion. 

If the man who lives by hard manual labor partakes 
of the same air, liquids and foods that suits the man 
who sits at his desk all day or works chiefly with his 
brain — he is sure to develop pneumonia or typhoid 
fever or consumption. On the other hand, if the con- 
ditions are reversed, the brain worker will have kid- 
ney trouble or rheumatism or brain fag and other ner- 
vous derangements. 

It stands to reason that if four-fifths of your work 
is of the brain and nerve kind, your system requires 
that you supply it with a proportionate amount of 
nerve and brain food — the same that a piece of cloth 
which contains four-fifths wool and one-fifth cotton 
needs four-fifths wool in the weaving. The body has 
a way of converting "cotton" foods into "woolen" 
foods, but only at a considerable sacrifice of energy and 
to the detriment of some organ or tissue. 

Physicians of former days recognized the fact that 
rheumatism attacks every kind of tissues. To them 
colds, catarrh, rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica, neural- 
gia, pleurisy and gout and "odds and ends" of head or 
functional troubles, were about one and the same sick- 
ness — expressing itself in a different language in ac- 
cord with the organ or tissue affected. There was real 
scientific or rational sense in that — as is already be- 
coming evident by the fact that the medical mind is 
surreptitiously divorcing itself from the bacterial De- 
lusion and returning to its first love — namely, physical 
and chemical Science, now called Biology — concerning 
which professional as well as non-professional brains 
know less than they do about what grows money. 

i8o Autology— Study Thyself 

As the h'ning sac of joints is "serous" instead of "mu- 
cous," it is natural that the inflammatory or excessive 
exudate which leaks into the joints instead of the 
bronchial tubes or throat or uterine cavity should be 
"serous" instead of "mucous" or slimy. When nature 
picks out the joints to rid the blood of an over-stock 
of body poisons — instead of the lungs or pleural cav- 
ity, or bowels, or brain, or bladder or womb, and so 
forth — it is because the joint surfaces of the patient 
are weaker or offer less resistance to their exit than do 
other organs or membranes; but not because the 
rheumatism poison has any particular preference for 
any abode or outlet. 

That uric acid and urates bear some casual (not 
causative) relation to the production of rheumatism 
and catarrhal troubles is unquestionable. But uric 
acid and urates are perfectly normal or natural prod- 
ucts formed in the tissues of the body during normal 
processes of cell-decomposition or disassimilation. 

The mother-substance of uric acid and of urea and 
urates, as v»7ell as of all the hundreds of organic acids 
and ptomaines and leucomains (blood poisons), is car- 
boxyl (COOH), the "radical" or nucleus of carbonic 
acid proper (HoCOg). And carbonic acid proper 
comes from carbonic acid gas (COo) or carbon dioxide. 

Therefore, I claim that carbon dioxide is the real, 
fundamental and chemical cause of rheumatism in all 
the tissues and of all its forms — I have therefore coined 
the name DIOXIDOSIS to convey my conception of 
the blood and tissue condition which exists in all forms 
of acute and chronic rheumatism and which gives rise 
to the symptoms and morbid changes in the system of 
the patient. 

Au top a thy — Cure Thyself i8r 

The nature of the actual tissue changes in chronic 
rheumatism is not understood by any other writer or 
teacher. It has been and is still claimed that chronic 
rheumatism consists in a deposit of uric acid or its 
compounds in the affected joints. For years I have 
been insisting that the process was just the reverse of 
that. Namely, that it was a process of absorbing or 
melting away of the softer constituent-parts (such as 
membranes and cartilages) of the joints for the pur- 
pose of supplying the patient's blood with certain 
neutralizing elements that nature absolutely needed to 
protect more vital or useful organs or tissues. It was 
not an easy matter to confirm my convictions until I 
devised a method of photographing the living hand 
that you see in the X-Ray picture found in this book. 

You will observe that the joint membranes and car- 
tilages of the finger-joints have been eaten away, and 
that the eating-away process has made considerable 
headway in the heads of the bones that form the sec- 
ond joint of the index finger. Also of great interest is 
the fact that the finger nails show so distinctly in this 
rheumatic hand, whereas they cannot be made to pho- 
tograph vnth any degree of clearness in a normal hand. 
The reason for their showing so well is that nature has 
been robbing them also of their soft tissues and, there- 
fore, the nail-substance proper has become more con- 
densed. There are also a number of most interesting 
and scientific features revealed in that picture, but 
they interest chemists more than medical men or pa- 
tients. Take a magnifying or reading glass and see 
the wonderful details within the bones and in the flesh 
of those fingers — and remember that the original pho- 

i82 Autology — Study Thyself 

tograph from which this half-tone is taken is still finer 
in every detail. 


The mind, as a brain-function, is of no more impor- 
tance than the liver's, or heart's, or lungs', or kid- 

People's habit of looking upon the mind as "the 
whole thing" is directly and almost altogether to blame 
for nervous and mental diseases, such as neurasthenia, 
melancholia, epilepsy and various forms of insanity. 

Mental diseases are caused by the same blood con- 
stituents that produce soft and hard corns and bun- 
ions; and insanity, as well as all other nervous and 
mental disease, is no more "hereditary" than are colds 
and swearing. There may have been sick headaches, 
or drunkenness, or epilepsy, or hysteria, or insanity in 
some cousin or aunt, but there positively have been 
numerous "colds" and "snuffles" and "stomach-aches" 
and "cussing" and "unmentionables" in everybody and 
everybody's family tree. Why not call these "heredi- 
tary"? If there be such a disease as is truly hereditary, 
then it is the mental habit of physicians to blame some 
dead or absent member of somebody else's family for 
symptoms or diseases that their own brains don't un- 
derstand. That is the only hereditary disease that I've 
ever come across. All cases of nervous or mental dis- 
eases which I have seen or studied or treated in my 
practice or at the sanitarium were caused by actual, 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 183 

physical, tangible, analyzable blood and flesh constitu- 

If any blood constituents irritate or disturb the lung 
tissue the lungs inform you of the fact by coughing. 
When your system becomes bilious your sick head or 
vomity stomach tells you. When you want to com- 
municate you write or talk. When dogs want to com- 
municate they bark or bite, and so forth. Now, what 
do you expect the brain to do v/hen blood poisons keep 
lurking around and polluting its soft mushy tissue and 
its little or big lakes of cerebral fluid or serum? The 
brain can't vomit, nor talk, nor cry, nor cough, but it 
can get "off its base." And it does that oftener when 
it is "well" or "sane" than when it is "sick" or "in- 

If you have ever observed so-called insane people 
you have noticed that they are more consistent in their 
insanity than most people are in their sanity. On the 
other hand, I can tell you that a sick lung or liver or 
kidney is always consistent in its "deranged" or "in- 
sane" function. By this I mean that, in health and in 
sickness, all our organs and tissues are always abso- 
lutely sane, far saner than our artificial mentalities, 
and that we have no more reason to call a melancholic 
or hysteric or maniacal person "insane" than we would 
have to call a dyspeptic or bilious or pneumonia or 
typhoid or consumptive person "insane." The last 
show much more insanity than the first. 

Give stomachs and livers and kidneys what they 
need and they remain sane and sound. Give brains 
and nerves what they need and they remain sane and 
sound. Give sick stomachs and livers and kidneys 

i84 Auto logy — Study Thyself 

what they need and they become sane and sound. 
Give sick nerves and brains what they need and they 
likewise become sane and sound. 

Epilepsy is a fit of cussing or anger or temper in- 
sidei of the nuclei or "live" sand of the brain cells. 
Epileptics are or were brainier than their relatives. 

Neurasthenia or nervous exhaustion is a tired, 
nagged or teased feeling inside of nerve and brain cells, 
and that feeling is due to the fact that the constituents 
of the protoplasm and nuclei are not properly "mated" 
or don't relish the company they're in. 

Insanity is a condition of pending divorce between 
protoplasm and nuclei of the brain cells. Just as the 
physical and mental and moral products of divorcees 
are not duplicates of or harmoniously constituted with 
former products or offsprings so the protoplasm and 
nuclei of divorced or divorce-seeking brain cells are 
not duplicates of, or harm.oniously connected with, nor- 
mal or natural brain substance. Hence the various and 
varying forms and degrees of psychosis or mental de- 


To teach young people sex-physiology is to pollute 
their brains instead of their specialized organs. The 
mental form of immorality invariably invites the ana- 
tom.ical. Protect your children, but do not try to anti- 
septicize them by imparting knowledge for which they 
have absolutely no use until such time as the laws of 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 185 

physics and chemistry reveal to their minds the natural 
purposes of certain functions and organs. 

The most prolific cause of "sexual" troubles is faulty 
education. To stimulate those special organs through 
the mind or the imagination before or during puberty 
is to create certain unnatural desires or habits, mental 
or physical, which accentuate abnormal sex affinities 
and weaken normal inhibiting and selective nerve areas 
in the spinal cord and brain. 

I wish to state without qualification that it is physic- 
ally and mentally and morally criminal to inform a girl 
that she has ovaries and a womb, and so forth, until 
such time as events or environiricnts make it impera- 
tive for her brain to ask or for parents to explain, and 
then never answer or explain beyond the unavoidable. 

Don't deceive yourself with the sophism that girls 
must "know" so as to be "protected" against future 
dangers. Aside from the fact that the little knowledge 
which parents and educators are able to impart to 
young girls is far more dangerous than no knowledge 
at all, there is this to remember: That v/hen you turn 
the brain's current of mental thoughts into sex physi- 
ology it will keep flowing and trickling in that direc- 
tion at inopportune as well as opportune moments, and 
that the mental fluids will not always be limpid or calm 
or unpolluted. The natural or inborn craving of the 
senses to witness or experience or confirm the con- 
cepts of the imagination are so irresistible in the de- 
veloping brain that the brain will project forth to the 
girl's special organs the sensations that those organs 
fail to experience. These projected sensations for- 
bode more real future dangers or damage than abso- 
lute ignorance can possibly invite. 

i86 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

Granting that the will power is increased — although 
I know that it is diminished — ^by teaching sex physi- 
ology to young brains, it must be admitted that every 
reference to "sexual" matters directs the mind to those 
organs. We know that the mind cannot think of those 
organs without setting into motion the fluids and 
chemical constituents of the nerves which lead from 
the brain and spinal cord to those organs. And we 
know further that an increased flow of blood accom- 
panies nerve currents or stimuli. Therefore a condi- 
tion of "blushing" is produced in those organs each 
and every time a parent or teacher refers to those sub- 
jects — just as face blushing is occasioned under similar 
circumstances. Repeat this blushing of those organs 
during the months or years of puberty and you may 
be sure that the nutrition which the increased flow or 
congestion of blood brings to them will develop un- 
natural and premature sensitiveness or excessive de- 
sires in certain directions. 

Stop infecting girls' minds or brains with such 
things and you will diminish by four-fifths the pro- 
portion of young women's ailments, not to say any- 
thing about the moral dangers which a smattering of 
false notions invites and excites. 

You cannot teach purity to any living brain vdthout 
contrasting it with impurity, and to create certain in- 
distinct, gauzy, undefined pictures of contours or un- 
mentionables in a young person's brain is far worse 
and seductive than is the placing of the originals — in 
all their abhorrent, disgusting, clammy physical de- 
tails — before their blood and flesh eyes and reach. 

As regards sex and specialized organs and functions, 

A ut op a thy — Cure Thyself 187 

the coming generation must necessarily return to the 
good sense and judgment of our great-grandparents. 
With them the brain did not hot-house or nurse or 
pet these organs, or seduce them as is almost univers- 
ally done these days. Immorality is a brain-brew. 

The only rational and practical method of prevent- 
ing and checking the prevalent epidemic of mental and 
physical "male" and "female" troubles is by cultivat- 
ing the brains of university men, students and pro- 
fessors, with the fundamental principles of the phy- 
sical and chemical laws of actions and reactions in 
social and sex intercourse. This and that alone 
will relegate "sex" specialism to the wastebasket of 
Public Immorality, and "immunize" the coming gen- 
erations of young men and women against sexual 
brain-infection or mental self-abuse. 

Leave each and every organ of the body where it 
belongs. Don't accustom any brain to attend to the 
function or behavior of any sex organ, and by all 
means don't transfer their sensations to the brain any 
more than you would their odor. 

It stands to reason that sex organs which have been 
mentally or physically tampered with by self or by 
specialists, and which nature has been using as chan- 
nels or reservoirs for the body's waste products for 
months or years, have accumulated within their tis- 
sues and cells certain chemical constituents or com- 
pounds which have become so acclimated therein 
that they have actually changed the normal texture as 
well as functions of those organs and nerves. There- 
fore no local treatment or "douching" can possibly be 
of real or permanent benefit. 

i88 A u t o 1 o g y— Study Thyself 

That which nature wisely compels men and women 
to indulge pleasurably in the sacredness of mutual ex- 
istence, but which human instinct and law forbid in 
public should not be made mentally feelable or visible 
outside of that sacred realm. 

The mental sight whose physical duplicate is not fit 
for the public gaze is not fit for the young people's 
brains, and the knowledge of acts or functions that 
are not fit for public exhibition is not fit for young 
people's intellectual development. And when edu- 
cators attempt to obliterate or neutralize the natural 
conditions which surround certain parts and functions 
of the body so that the objectionable or repellent 
"sentiments" created in the mind or brain by the 
sight of certain parts and functions — in private or pub- 
lic — are converted into indifferent or inviting "senti- 
ments," then, I say, the individuals and the race are 
degenerating. I would a thousand times prefer to at- 
tend my own daughter's funeral than to know that 
the school teacher or anybody was teaching her the 
how and wherefore of her playmates' organic differen- 

Would I never teach physiology to children and 
young people? Indeed, I would teach it so much that 
boys and girls of seven would know more of physi- 
ology and biology than their parents know today. But 
I would not teach their brains to functionate for any 
organ that had not already learned to functionate for 
itself, and I would not teach their brains how func- 
tionating organs should not functionate, and I cer- 
tainly would not induce them to experiment with cer- 
tain undeveloped or dormant functions by telling 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 189 

them why and wherefore those certain functions were 
not made to be utilized for themselves. 


A germ, or a bacteria, or a microbe, or a fungus, or 
a ferment, is a cellular organism. It has the same 
general form and chemical or physical makeup and 
function that the individual cells of plants or ani- 
mals have. The cell of a so-called disease-microbe or 
germ has the same constitution, and acts and produces 
the same healthy and unhealthy products and com- 
pounds that do the cells of our blood or brain or tis- 
sues. Most doctors do not know that, but all chemists 
and biologists do. 

Germs cannot live on nothing, nor can they live on 
material that is not suitable any more than our organs 
or cells can. 

It has long been demonstrated that healthy blood 
serum, digestive juice and cell-contents are not suit- 
able for the life and growth of microbes, germs, bac- 
teria, etc. 

Healthy blood kills every species of germs or mi- 
crobes. Where, then, is the logic or sense in claiming 
that germs are the cause of fevers or diseases? Of 
course, the air is full of germs or of the spores of 
germs as it is of the spores of maggots, but germs 
won't grow or exist in healthy blood or bodies any 
more than maggots will in "live" meat. And why? 
Because Nature has incorporated certain "preserva- 

1 90 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

tives" in the blood and the serum or juices of living 
tissues as people incorporate certain "preservatives" 
to keep cider from fermenting or canned meat from 

Therefore germs or microbes or bacteria are not the 
real or direct causes of fevers or diseases, but they are 
only the outcome of factors or conditions which exist 
or have existed in the blood or tissues themselves. I 
am convinced that nearly all, if not all, the germs 
which the microscope discovers in the blood or ex- 
cretions of the body in infectious diseases are the 
product and not the cause of the diseases themselves, 
and that they emanate from the "live" granular mat- 
ter of the sick nuclei of the cells of the body, or leuco- 
cytes (white corpuscles), or develop from the benign 
or harmless spores or germs which inhabit the mouth 
or lungs or digestive organs in health as well as in 



I. AVOID BREATHED AIR. Avoid breathing 
air that has been breathed — at home and at work — 
asleep as well as awake. Breathed air is a virulent 
poison; your own as well as others'. And equally 
to be shunned is the air which comes from a burning^ 
lamp, or gas jet, or any kind of a "burning" stove or 
furnace or heater. Any "air" which is confined "in- 
doors" begins to be "breathed air" the moment one or 
more persons or animals, or flames or fires are present. 

Always and everywhere avoid that contaminated 
air, if you have to quarrel to do it. If you don't, you'll 
have to suffer and the devil to pay to get your blood 
and flesh rid of it. Besides, you'll lose your job or 
business or happiness soon or late. As for children, 
please don't "hot-house" them if you don't want to 
"flower-pot" them. 


According to "Natural Self Treatment," the object 
of "ventilating" is not to "air" rooms and buildings, 
but it is to "air" yourself. If you do that just exactly 


199 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes and sixty 
seconds in every twenty-four hours you need never 
worry about the "ventilation" of your rooms or build- 
ings — ^they'll take care of themselves. 

What do you ventilate on hot days and nights? 
Yourself, isn't it? Well, why turn a mental hand- 
spring on cold days and nights? In warm w^eather 
your rooms can "go hang" so long as your skin feels 
cool or a breeze ; whereas in cold weather your lungs 
can "go hang" so long as your rooms feel cool-less and 
breeze-less. Thus it comes to pass that in warm 
weather every room, and home, and factory, and school, 
and public building — and man and woman and child — 
gets "ventilated" twenty-four hours every day ; where- 
as each, and all such, gets "ventilated" but a fraction 
of an hour or two during cold weather. 

In the summer-time you don't let the air blow 
through when there's no one around— as you do in the 
winter-time. For instance, in cold weather you "venti- 
late" bedrooms during the day when you are not oc- 
cupying them, and actually do not have any use for 
the vitalizing air; and you proceed to shut everything 
airtight when you go to bed, and must know that your 
breath is going to vitiate or pollute the air of that room 
long before you wake up in the morning, and must 
know that the "registers" or heaters or stoves are go- 
ing to assist effectually in accomplishing that result. 

But in the summer-time you "air" your bedroom 
during the night when you are in there, and shut it up 
during the day when you are not in there. How "wise" 
all people are in warm weather! But how silly some 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 1^3 

behave in cold weather! Hence, summer "airing" is 
lung-wise; whereas winter airing is lung-foolish. In 
both instances due to the fact that people care more 
about their civilization-petted skins than they do about 
their nature-bred lungs. 

It has always been a puzzle to me how people ex- 
pected to raise "healthy" children and maintain their 
own health in sleeping rooms in which they could not 
raise palms and flowers the whole year aroimd. 

Don't imagine that the getting of an hour's pure air 
going to and from the foulness of a school room, or 
shop, or office is going to make up for the other twenty- 
three hours' poisonous supply of second-hand or 
breathed air. No more than one hour's soberness 
makes up for twenty-three hours' drunkenness. In- 
deed, twenty-three hours' freshness of air won't make 
up for one hour's foulness of air. You, or children, 
may not mind it at first, or at all, seemingly, and you 
may fool your mind by saying, "I'm so used to it that 
I can't stand the least bit of draft or cold air." Very 
well. The clouds are forming just the same. But, 
instead of threatening you visibly from overhead, they 
threaten you invisibly from withinhead; so, therefore, 
watch out ! for here comes your spell of so-called "cold" 
or "rheumatiz" or "catarrh," etc., etc. 

And in bed you go,or laid up you are, and suffer you 
do, and money you waste; but blind you remain, and 
back again you go to your old foolish habits, until 
Nature decides to dispense with your services and dis- 
pose of your remains. Good enough! But the poor 
babies and children that sicken and suffer and perish 
for want of God's pure and free air, or that are liter* 

194 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

ally poisoned to death, or crippled for life, through 
measles, and scarlet fever, and typhoid, and pneumonia, 
and meningitis, and tuberculosis, and diphtheria by the 
foul breathed air of school rooms, and living rooms, 
and play rooms, and bed rooms! What shall I say 
to that? Murder! Crime, sure enough! 

If grown-up people are determined to carbonize 
themselves into misery, or bed, or the grave — all right ; 
but for the love of Right and Justice don't carbonize 
the children. 

Read this letter, as it may be your child's or grand- 
child's, or niece's, or nephew's turn next, if you don't 
heed my warning: 

"Some years ago my daughter had typhoid fever and 
meningitis, which left her weak-minded. She is now 
in the asylum for feeble-minded children. The doc- 
tors say it is in the speech center where the trouble is. 
Before her sickness she was a very bright girl, and if 
she had kept well three months more would have grad- 
uated from grammar school at thirteen." 

Poor unfortunate mother! How justly proud she 
was of her daughter — "if she had kept well three 
months more would have graduated from grammar 
school at thirteen!" But, instead, her daughter is a 
graduate of the asylum. 

Poor unfortunate mother! She believes, with the 
doctors, that the trouble is "in the speech center." 

How stupid! that year after year the entire public 
do not seem to suspect that the trouble is in the com- 
mon sense centers of school boards and teachers and 

Poor unfortunate mother! As for the others — well, 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 195 

what a wise little chap "Puck" is when he exclaims, 
"What fools ye mortals be!" 

Ventilate your inside and your children's — not here 
and there, not now and then, but everywhere and al- 
ways and "evermore." 

The artificial temperature of a sleeping room should 
never exceed 50 degrees F., and the nearer it is to the 
freezing point the "healthier" for man and beast. Cover 
up all you want. Noses won't freeze and blood won't 
congeal. You're afraid of "colds," are you? You 
mean "heats." Well, suppose the cold air from out- 
side does chase out the "hot" air from inside — you're 
that much ahead and better off, and you'll never 
"catch" another "cold" in your life if you don't begin 
all over again to stuff your system with the "heats" 
which call for "colds" to save you from "fevers." 

As for the temperature of living, working and school 
rooms — that is a point which cannot be fixed by rule 
or degrees. Personally, I prefer to sit or read or write 
in a room whose temperature does not exceed 60 de- 
grees F. in cold weather. And I may tell you that 
I derive more heat from such an atmosphere than can 
possibly be had from one of 80 degrees F., although 
the air I breathe into my lungs contains 20 degrees 
less heat; yet the surplus amount of heat and energy 
producing oxygen that I inhale more than makes up 
for the difference, let alone the fact that I am giving 
brain and nerves and other organs the essential where- 
with to continue working and repairing and eliminat- 
ing instead of saturating blood and tissues with car- 
bonic acid gas. 

However, if you insist on having the temperature 

196 Autology — Study Thyself 

up to 70 degrees F., please do not get into the habit 
of being content with an occasional "breath" or "whiff" 
of fresh or pure air, but arrange windows or transoms 
in such a way that there is a steady, continuous incom- 
ing supply of outdoor air to displace the heated and 
breathed indoor variety. Open up in such a way that 
the air-stream pours in very gently but uniformly all 
day or all night long. Keyholes and rattling windows 
and slits in storm window sashes won't do. 

Unless the wind blows in that direction it is not suf- 
ficient to open only one window; and as what you 
want is not a "blowing" wind but a gentle, steady 
stream, arrange your windows so that the "inlet" win- 
dow (side from which the wind is blowing) is opened 
much less than the "outlet" window. For instance, 
suppose your windows face East and South (or East 
and West) and the wind is from the East, then open 
the lower sash of your East window just an inch or so 
and the lower or upper sash of the South or West win- 
dow a few inches. Then feel with your hand opposite 
the open one inch space. If your hand can feel the 
air-stream coming in when placed five or six inches 
from the opening and does not beyond eight or ten 
inches, then well and good. Otherwise, lower or raise 
the sash until satisfactory results are felt. If the room 
has but one window, then open also some door or tran- 

As for the childish objection that some make, "I 
can't stand to have the wind blow on me." Of course, 
not. Neither can I. But what do you do when you 
don't want the sunlight to "blow" on you? You don't 
shut yourself up in pitch darkness, do you? You sim- 

Autopa thy—Cure Thyself 197 

ply shade the direct blow of the sun-rays. Well, why 
not simply shade the direct blow of the wind- waves? 
That's simple. 

It's funny how people who barely escape death from 
drowning will keep on drinking water ever after — 
as though it wasn't the same kind of water that pretty 
near killed them. And yet, because they come pretty 
near drowning in pure air (and "catch a cold"), they 
will keep shunning air ever after. 

Wise little Puck — that's why he never grows old 
and has been an "Autologist" since prehistoric days. 

rule. Exceptions to this there are, of course ; but there 
is no question at all that the habit of drinking when 
eating is upsetting to the digestive, assimilative and 
eliminative functions. Not alone do liquids dilute 
(weaken) the digestive juices, but they induce glut- 
tony and the swallowing of unmasticated and unsali- 
vated morsels of food, which then decompose or fer- 
ment in the stomach or bowels. 

Drink between meals. That's the time your blood 
and tissues need water for purposes of dissolving and 
purifying and eliminating useless tissue-products. 
Drink between meals. 

Animals are not coaxed or accustomed to drink with 
their meals, nor should children be. If they were not, 
grown people would never have the injurious habit. 
Nature has provided the mouth with a liquefying and 
swallowing juice — the saliva. Utilize it for eating, 
not for spitting, purposes. More of this elsewhere in 
this book. 

igS Autolog y — Study Thyself 

Never coax your appetite. If it really needs coaxing, 
then you really need scolding. Coaxing your appetite 
is starving your health and stuffing your ailment. It is 
not nourishing your .tissues or increasing your 
strength. If you are really "weak" but hungerless it 
is not from the lack of material in your stomach or 
system, but from the presence of too much useless or 
waste-material, or from the lack of unadulterated air 
and water. Either too much of the carbonized tissue- 
products from foods and drinks or too little of the 
oxygenated elements from air and water. 

Strange as that may seem, hungerless people who 
have work to do and who fancy that they must have 
some food to do it with, will find, by actual test, that 
they can draw more energy from their brains and 
muscles by living on absolutely nothing but pure air, 
distilled water, and fresh fruit juices until hunger reap- 
pears than by taking stimulants or tonics or so-called 
nourishing, predigested foods. 

By so doing you shall accomplish in a day or two 
what might otherwise take a week or more, namely, 
give your stomach and tissues a "lay-off" for a day or 
two and give your system a chance to do some oxidiz- 
ing, renovating and eliminating. 

Call this my "no salt theory," if you like. But with 
me it is a fact or conviction, born of experience and 
confirmed by practice and results. . * 

Salt ages people. Salt favors deposits in blood ves- 
sels and joints. Salt robs the hearts or marrow of the 
tissue-cells. Salt is an enemy to good digestion and 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself igg 

assimilation. Salt is the most prolific cause of stom- 
ach, bowel, kidney, nerve, vital and sexual impair- 
ments. It tends to aggravate catarrh and rheuma- 
tism. In any but the "normal" amount found in foods, 
table salt is slightly or decidedly injurious in propor- 
tion to the excess taken, though the system becomes 
accustomed to it as it does to tea, coffee, tobacco, vine- 
gar and sweets. 

The average eater consumes at least ten to twenty 
times more than the system requires in each twenty- 
four hours. This necessarily keeps the tissues and 
fluids oversalted — as butter is. Salt "draws" water 
and creates thirst; but the "water" that it draws from 
your blood and flesh takes some essential living pro- 
teid (albuminoid) constituents along; whereas the 
water which you drink, to substitute that which salt 
abstracts, is "dead" water. 

Another reason still why salt is bad is that its habit 
so perverts your taste that you swallow soups and 
meats and vegetables only because they are "salty"; 
and, therefore, you hurriedly swallow the mouthful or 
morsel in your rush for the next, with never a care 
about getting at the taste of the food itself. Salt is 
the main cause of your "bolting" foods and "gulping" 
soups. Use practically no table salt, except a very 
little in the cooking, and see how instinctively your 
tongue will "search" each "bite" for its own distinctive 
taste, which it will re-discover and re-relish after a 
week's attention to proper eating, as later explained. 

Salted butter is vile stuff and should never be used 
for eating or cooking. How very few people eat but- 
ter and bread, soups and meats, vegetables and pota- 

200 Autology — Study Thyself 

toes, etc., for the food's own taste or their brains' and 
body's ovTi sake! And who, consequently, can brag 
of having escaped ailments from the cradle till the 
grave doth unsalt and unsugar and unpickle them. 
More of this later. 


Explanatory: The following dietary, if mixed with 
Kelf-ventilation and self-dilution (at proper times) and 
self-judgment, will answer the requirements of any 
and all organs and functions anywhere in the body. 

As regards tea and coffee, beer and wine, some may 
drink tea or coffee once a day without detriment (ex- 
cepting children), but never twice or thrice a day with- 
out punishment; and some may drink beer or wine 
once a day without detriment (excepting children), but 
never twice or thrice without punishment. 


This breakfast is the proper one the year around; 
but remember that you are not to eat when not hun- 
gry. If you are used to the "no-breakfast" plan, or 
wish to adopt it, there is no particular objection. 

I eat twice a day and lunch on air and 
light all day long; and when a bit hungry at 
noon I lunch on rice and cream. The cream- 
fat furnishes "steam" and marrow for the brain, 
and the nitrogen and phosphates of the rice supply re- 
constructive material for repairing and renewing the 
"live" sand of the gray matter. 


202 Autology — Study Thyself 

From personal experience in hundreds of patients 
as well as in my own family and self I know of nothing 
better in the way of a lunch, toothsome and brainsome, 
than a dish of rice with pure cream. 

My reason for speaking of what to eat for lunch 
under the heading of breakfast is because: 

First, it is better to eat the rice and cream at 
noon than in the morning; and second, I do not 
approve of "breakfast foods" in the morning. Men 
and women need something more substantial for 
their forenoon's digestive and assimilative functions 
when the body juices are fresh and alert ; whereas they 
require something exceedingly light and readily dif- 
fusible in the middle of the day— something which does 
not impoverish the blood of its most essential ferment- 
making material; but which, instead, enriches the 
blood with pure, readily assimilable animal fat 
(cream) and highly nitrogenized and phosphorized 
cereal — such as rice. 

On days when I do not feel the need of even tax- 
ing my digestive apparatus to the extent of dispos- 
ing of rice and cream, I find that I can get all the 
brain-steam and brain-reconstructive by sipping the 
juice of two or more oranges between the hours of 
11 a. m. and 1 p. m. You have no idea what 
a lift that is to a fellow's brain and nerves. However, 
if you prefer to eat a light breakfast — in which case I 
assume that your occupation makes very little demand 
on your system for heat or power and for tissue-repair 
— then my advice to you is to drink some "cereal," to 
which you should add a dish of rice. But don't eat 
bread and butter or toast if you eat the rice. That 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 203 

would be not only too much "starchy" food for you, 
but it would be mixing two kinds of "starchy" foods 
together — which is always bad. In that way I find 
that I keep in excellent health and flesh and age, 
though averaging a minimum of 105 hours of 
steady brain work every week in the year. It was 
impossible for me to do that when I ate three ordi- 
nary meals a day. I am of the opinion that, as a rule, 
it is better for most people to eat a good breakfast in 
the morning. 

1. EGGS. Always soft boiled or fried, so that the 
"white" melts in the mouth. Use absolutely no salt or 
pepper, and do not even use salted butter in "frying" 
eggs. Fry them in unsalted butter. You may occa- 
sionally change to "scrambled" eggs, in which case 
they should be "scrambled" mellow, which is done by 
adding one tablespoonful of cream to an egg, and 
never letting the butter turn brown in the pan before 
putting in the eggs; and be sure to keep up a very 
slow heat from start to finish. This insures a soft 
"scrambled" egg, which is quite as digestible as a soft 
boiled egg, and very "delicious." If you imagine that 
you cannot eat eggs without salt, then at first use a 
little "celery salt" until nature restores to you your 
original taste for what is in the articles of food, in- 
stead of for what you have been artificially adding to 

2. TOASTED BREAD. Never eat fresh or un- 
toasted bread, and do not butter same with anything 
but unsalted butter if you can possibly help it. 

Change off from "white" to "whole-wheat" bread 
three or four times a week, especially if given to cos- 

204 Auto logy — Study Thyself 

Toasted bread does not constipate, as so many per- 
sons make themselves believe ; but whole-wheat bread 
is a more natural and therefore a more appropriate 
food for those who are troubled with "constipation." 
By "whole-wheat" bread is not meant "Graham" 
bread. A good make of the latter is all right, too. 

Avoid "biscuits" and "buns" and "gems" and "crack- 
ers" and all such pasty substitutes for bread. 

Zwieback is an excellent form of bread. 

BACON. If you like it, eat a little, sliced very thin 
and fried crisp, but not fried with the eggs. Always 
fry bacon alone. The less salty, the more digestible 
it is. 

DRINKS. Drink nothing if you wish. If tea or cof- 
fee does not "rile" your nerves or stomach, you may 
drink a small cup; but never drink coffee that has 
boiled or "stood." 

A cup of good "cereal" coffee is preferable in every 
way; or drink merely a few swallows of hot water. 
But never drink milk (or milk and water) or cocoa or 
chocolate and the like. 

Raw eggs and milk, or "cooked" eggs and milk, is 
not a good "digestible" mixture for any stomach, 
though it may seem to "agree." 

Breakfast on raw milk alone, or on raw eggs alone, 
if you wish; but do not mix these two animals foods 
in your stomach at the same meal. Both are nitroge- 
nous or "albuminoid" foods, and the stomach cells of 
each person have their own "preference" for the "al- 
bumin" of either the milk or the egg. Hence, the 
stomach digests the "preferred" one before it attacks 
the other. So that, if the amount of the "first choice" 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 205 

is sufficient to satisfy or satiate the "appetite" of the 
stomach, the "second choice" is left untouched, there- 
fore undigested, to pass into the intestines, where it 
undergoes fermentative changes. This point is beau- 
tifully illustrated by studying the "habits" of the beer- 
yeast cell, when fed dextrose and levulose, which are 
two forms of the same sugar (called saccharose). The 
beer-yeast cell always attacks and digests the dex- 
trose first, and never goes for the levulose until every 
particle of the dextrose is disposed of. 

Again, place apples and oranges before a child. The 
child will fill up on one or the other first, fully intend- 
ing to eat the "second choice" next; but it doesn't — 
simply because it is "full" or satiated with "first 
choice." Stomachs are children, always — ^morning, 
noon and night — from the cradle to the grave. 

FRUITS. Never with other foods for breakfast, or 
within less than about one hour before breakfast ; but, 
if one choose, one may breakfast entirely on some one 
variety of fresh fruit — say, oranges, or grapes, or ap- 
ples, or pears, or peaches, or melons; but never mix 
two varieties in your stomach at the same time, and 
never with any other article of diet whatsoever. By 
"fresh fruit" I do not mean cooked, or dried, or 
canned, or preserved fruit — I mean just and only fruit 
as fruits grow on trees or bushes or stems. 

Breakfast, consisting of any of the above foods, and 
eaten as above suggested, will never be responsible 
for any indigestion, or mal-nutrition, or mal-assimila- 
tion, or autointoxication. And, as it happens, it is a 
breakfast which can be "fed" to a child from the time 

3o6 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

that the child has a few teeth to chew with, even 
though the child be but six months old. 

And that breakfast contains more brain and brawn 
constituents to the grain and the thimble than any 
other, with the least or minimum waste or residue for 
the digestive apparatus to dispose of or be clogged 

Eat it, and children will follow suit, and grow up 
to beat you in the quality of their brain and marrow. 
And you shall have accomplished the chief object of 
Autology — namely, breeding brain and marrow into 
the coming generation. 

I have heard, and still hear, people brag of eating 
"any old thing," as mush, oatmeal, porridge, ham, 
cakes, etc., for breakfast, and say, "Look at me! Do 
I look sickly?" No, indeed, you don't look sickly; 
but I can't see into your blood vessels and kidneys, 
etc., although I do know that they are getting aged 
and sickly — although I do know that if you survived 
many years to recall the joke, it would be "mean" of 
me to remind you then of what you are now bragging. 
You forget that the idea of "raising" or "feeding" 
vegetables and fruits and animals is not alone to make 
them feel and look "healthy" now, but it is also to 
make them "marketable" or "valuable" by and by. 
So it should be with you and children; otherwise it 
had been better for you and them had you and they 
never been. 

But never give tea or coffee to children — never. 

"Cereal" with cream is good for them. Milk is not 
a bit better for children than it is for you. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 207 


At Noon or Evening. 

FRESH MEATS. By "fresh" meats I do not mean 
ham, or sausages, or corn beef, or canned meats, ^r 
dried meats, or deviled meats, and the like. I mean 
beef, or fowl, or fish, or lamb, or veal, etc., as it is mar- 
keted "fresh" after killing. Do not fry or cook meats 
(or fish) in lard or "grease" or "oil." And the sooner 
you acquire the habit of using only unsalted butter, 
instead of the salted, in cooking, the better for your 
digestion and nutrition. And the sooner you dis- 
acquire the habit of salting and peppering the meats 
(or fish) at table, the better for your digestion and 
nutrition. And the sooner you acquire the habit of 
using a very, very little salt in cooking or preparing 
any food or "dish," the better for your digestion and 

The craving, or liking, for salt is an acquired taste, 
which some can disacquire very easily; not so with 
others. So it is with tobacco and liquor. Quitting the 
use of tobacco is never injurious, but is always bene- 
ficial. So it is with table salt. 

The less "seasoned" foods are, the less likely one 
is to overeat, and the more digestible and assimilable 
they are. 

POTATOES. Potatoes should be baked or boiled 
so as to be cooked "mealy," and never fried. 

Potatoes and meat (or fish) go together much bet- 
ter than bread and meat (or fish). Never eat bread 
and potatoes at the same meal, because bread and 

2o8 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

potatoes are two forms of "starchy" foods, and your 
digestive apparatus has its preference; therefore it 
will digest the one first and let the other ferment or 
decompose and accumulate as waste or poisonous ma- 
terial. At best, it will be stored away in your liver 
and tissues as an over-stock of glycogen, which is sure 
to make you "bilious," or "rheumatic," or "catarrhal," 
or over-fat. For the same reason, do not eat rice and 
bread, or rice and potatoes, or corn or rye or barley or 
buckwheat or any other so-called "starchy food" when 
eating potatoes or bread. 

Always cook potatoes with the peel on. The most 
valuable "medicinal" constituents of the potato, as well 
as its most delicious "taste," are found next to the skin. 

Of all "starchy foods," the best to eat with meats 
or fish is potato, cooked "mealy." The next choice is 

Do not eat "cold" potato. 

VEGETABLES. Always eat some "vegetable" 
when eating meat and potato. 

Some "vegetables" are best eaten cooked, and some 

Never eat "canned" vegetables when the "fresh" 
are available. 

With few exceptions, do not eat more than one kind 
of vegetables at the same meal, but eat plenty of that 
one kind. For instance, if you eat raw tomatoes, eat 
raw tomatoes and no other vegetable. So, also, if you 
eat celery, or lettuce, or cress, or cabbage, or carrots, 
or parsnips, or spinach, or asparagus, or peas, or string 
beans, etc. Preparing vegetables with cream or milk 
gravies, or vinegar juices, is usually objectionable. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 209 

The only exception that I know of is in using 
a little sweet cider vinegar on fresh or crisp let- 
tuce leaves (but not allowing them to soak in the 
vinegar). Cabbage should not be vinegared, nor 
spinach, either. The very best way to prepare let- 
tuce is to squeeze a little lemon juice and sprin- 
kle a little sugar on each leaf as one eats it. In hot 
weather, this alone makes a delicious and ideal "re- 
freshing" lunch for most people. 

Among the "canned" vegetables the least objec- 
tionable are peas and tomatoes. Be sure and use 
none but the best "brands." Do not drain away the 
fluid or juice in which the peas are "canned," but cook 
the peas in it. Cooking tomatoes with bread crumbs 
or crackers or milk makes a very "indigestible" mix- 

Young, tender string beans and young, tender beets 
are very nourishing; but do not prepare with vinegar 
or gravies. Young carrots are excellent. 

As before stated, limit yourself to one variety or 
kind of any of the foregoing or other vegetables at one 
meal, and eat them (whether raw or cooked) without 
adding to them, or changing them, if at all possible. 
A little celery salt in the water or fluid in which cab- 
bage, or carrots, or beets, or peas, or string beans, are 
boiled improves their taste, of course, and does not 
affect their digestibility, although much salt does. 

DESSERT. Nothing. Certainly not puddings or 
pies or pastry of any kind; nor fruits, nor nuts, nor 
"ices," nor cheese. What then? Let us see. 

You've had enough to eat, haven't you? The "inner 
man" is full, isn't he? You want to "top off" with 
something "sweet" or that tastes "good," do you? 

210 Autolog y — Study Thyself 

Well, then, if you'll wait about two or three hours 
you'll find that any one of those "tastes-good" things'U 
taste lots better. And, what's more, they won't quar- 
rel with what's in your stomach. Suppose you are 
"boarding out," or living at a hotel, and you want 
your money's worth — is that a reason for wanting to 
cater to indigestion, or the doctor, or the undertaker? 
Take your fruits along, like a good child, and relish 
same in the middle of the afternoon or before going 
to bed, if you don't forget it. You can't do that with 
puddings, and pies, and "ices," and "preserves," can 
you? Well, then— don't. They'll never miss you, but 
you'll miss many an ache and a pain and a spell of 

What about drinks vrith dinner? The best and ab- 
solutely essential "drink" is your saliva, and the worst 
and absolutely non-essential "drinks" with dinner are 
each and all of the others. By that I do not mean to 
say that som.e of the "drinks" often taken v/ith din- 
ner are necessarily harmful; but they certainly are 
not necessary or beneficial, neither in health, nor in 
sickness, nor in convalescence. Sure enough, beer or 
wine, tea or coffee, water or milk, and so forth, will 
make you swallow oftener, and bigger and more mor- 
sels of food, but there isn't another drink than saliva 
that will help you — your organs and tissues — to digest 
and assimilate what you eat. But any and all drinks 
will and do dilute all your digestive juices, and will 
and do impair their quality and activity. 

An occasional departure from this regime won't 
hurt; but it certainly ought to be adopted and lived 
up to as the rule, permitting special occasions only to 
coax one to break that rule. 

Autopath y— Cure Thyself 211 


I haven't said a word yet about soups, and that is 
because I don't like to talk about "indelicate" subjects 
at the table. You see, soups and broths and beef teas, 
as almost universally made, are infusions of the refuse 
which the animal's blood and tissues happened to re- 
tain at the time of its death — only this, that people 
deceive themselves (by "flavoring" or "seasoning" the 
water or fluid in which said refuse is dissolved) into 
believing that they are imbibing the substance and 
essence of the "nutritious" instead of the substance 
and essence of the "excrementitious." Pure (exclu- 
sively) vegetable soups, eaten with the vegetables — 
yes; other soups — no — not for an autologist. Beef 
teas or extracts or bouillons for bacterial cultures 
(feeding and raising microbes) — ^yes. Never for the 
human sick or well kind. 

As for pickles, catsups and the like, they are neces- 
sarily tabooed, as they contain absolutely no nourish- 
ment, and are not digestible. They are not even stim- 
ulants. They make you eat more? Maybe — but they 
surely make you "sicken" sooner, swifter and surer. 


All men and women whose occupation or station in 
life does not impose "hard manual labor" are better 
off with only two meals a day — namely, a good break- 

212 Autology — Study Thyself 

fast in the morning and a good dinner in the evening j 
or a good breakfast at noon and a good dinner in the 
evening; or a good dinner at noon and a moderate 
supper in the evening. All who strain their muscles 
from morning till evening can, as a rule, utilize and 
dispose of three good meals a day. Otherwise, no sys- 
tem can, and some of the extra food is stored away 
as useless waste, to be disposed of as "biliousness," or 
"rheumatism," or "catarrh," or "discharge," or to be 
burned up as "fever." I cannot take up each occupa- 
tion and prescribe for each individual, whether he or 
she should or should not eat a lunch or a third meal. 
However, I can help to guide you fairly well in deter- 
mining this problem for yourself. 

If you have been in the habit of eating three meals a 
day, adopt either one of the following "lunch" or "sup- 
per" for your third meal: 

Either, one variety of some fresh raw fruit, and 
nothing else; 

Or, one variety of some fresh raw or cooked so- 
called "green vegetable," and nothing else; 

Or, repeat your breakfast, and nothing else; 

Or, a dish of rice with cream, and nothing else. 
But the rice must have been cooked some three hours 
in a double boiler. Sweeten to taste. 

Or, a cup of well made and well baked "custard" 
(such as New England housewives know how to 
make), and nothing else; 

Or (but not later than noon), some one variety of 
nuts, and nothing else. 

If men and women who are engaged in business or 
clerical or professional work would sit down at noon 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 213 

to a lunch consisting of nothing but rice and cream, or 
just sip two or three cups of warm (in winter) or cold 
(in summer) "cereal coffee;" and then spend one-half 
hour in a "pleasure" walk or talk or recreation — there 
would be no doctor's bills to pay and business would 
not suffer from headaches or other aches. 


"Condensed" milk is worse than none. Evaporated 
cream is permissible, if you cannot possibly get the 
natural. Eat no dried or stewed fruits, except as a 
medicine, and then only when you are "fasting" dur- 
ing that half day or whole day. 

Do not eat "canned" fruits or berries (even the 
home-made kind) with your meals. They'll do as a 
"relish" between meals, occasionally. 

Avoid sardines and all smoked fish and meat and 
the like, except when out camping, hunting or fishing. 

Boiled barley with cream is good; so is hominy. 

Well baked sweet potatoes are all right instead of 
the ordinary potatoes, but not in addition to, or with 
bread or other "starchy" food. 

If "starved" or "empty" in the middle of the after- 
noon eat some fresh fruit. 

214 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 


I've had to "quarantine" onions — not for the reason 
you're thinking of, but because they are nature's most 
valuable medicinal vegetable. They contain some 
nourishment, but their value is chiefly in that there is 
in onion-juice some as yet unknown constituents 
which are absorbed by the blood, carried to the tis- 
sues and finally to the lungs, where they are liberated 
in the volatile or "smelling" form. In bronchial af- 
fections, as well also as in all forms of catarrhal 
troubles, the eating of raw onions once or twice a day 
is positively beneficial. The great trouble with peo- 
ple who eat onions is that they usually eat too much 
other foods with them, or they mix certain other ar- 
ticles of diet which nullify or kill the remedial virtues 
of the volatile substances contained in the onion. 

Onion is a vegetable which may safely be eaten, raw 
or cooked, with any other vegetable, and practically 
with all manner of "dishes;" but bear in mind that 
pickled onions are no longer onions. They may taste 
good, pickled, but they do no good, pickled. 

"Fried onions," with steak or fried potatoes, is an 
abominable dish. There is more medicinal value in 
raw than in cooked onions. 


I. BEFORE BIRTH. The unborn child's breakfast, 
dinner, supper and "lunches" are obtained through the 
mother, of course. They reach him "ready-made," but 
not "digested" nor "assimilated." The child's own 
tissue-cells have to re-digest and re-assimilate the 
mother's blood; they have to accept and do the best 
possible with the gaseous and liquid and solid com- 
pounds, suitable and unsuitable as well, which the 
mother's blood prepares or manufactures with the ele- 
ments of the light and air and liquids and foods which 
she gets. The child, fortunately, is not forced to utilize 
the "unsuitable," because by a wise provision of na- 
ture there exists between the blood supply of the 
mother and the blood supply of the infant a "refining" 
plant, called "placenta," or "after-birth." I am not 
able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that no poi- 
son ever reaches the infant directly through the 
mother's blood or through its own umbilical cord. 
However, experience tends very strongly to confirm 
the opinion that whatever diseases the "fetus" (un- 
born) contracts are contracted through the poison 
which escapes in or with the "amniotic fluid," which 
is known as the "waters" in which the fetus floats. 
Therefore, with the bare possibility of a rare excep- 
tion, it is safe to assert that, no matter what th« 


2i6 Autology — Study Thyself 

mother drinks or eats or does, the infant, if bom alive, 
is bom as healthy and sound and sane as any infant 
ever is, as far as the make-up and function of its or- 
gans and tissues are concerned. Accordingly, the one 
to suffer from improper living and behaving is almost 
always the mother herself, before and during the time 
of "confinement." This is further supported by the 
fact that nature frequently decides on producing "pre- 
mature" and "still" births, rather than running the risk 
of producing a sick or sickly infant. 

But, aside from this doubt, and for the mother's own 
sake, it is proper to breathe and drink and eat and be- 
have the best she is capable of knowing how. And 
that is to get for herself the best of light and air and 
foods, and to go along about her business as if there 
was nothing out of the ordinary, as long as she feels 
capable of doing up to the last day, which becomes 
her infant's first day. So doing would make it almost 
impossible for outsiders or insiders to sicken any child, 
for the mother would "have an eye" to the light and 
air and "nurse" that the infant should have. 

2. THE FIRST YEAR. During the first eight 
months of life there is no question at all that "mother's 
milk" is the only "fit" and natural food and drink for 
the baby. The lack of milk in a mother's breast, or the 
presence of bad milk in it, is never accidental, but is 
always due to downright ignorance. The fault, natu- 
rally, is not always the mother's; but when it isn't, it 
is always somebody's who ought to know, or is being 
paid on that supposition. Decent light and air and 
water and foods always manufacture plenty of good, 
substeuitial, nourishing mother's milk. But stifling 

Au top a thy — Cure Thyself 217 

and carbonized air and sloppy drinks or foods cannot 
but compel a breast to turn out a poor quality or a 
scarcity of milk. Besides, don't you know that the 
infant has "arrived"? That he is entitled to the light 
and air as well as his papa or midwife or doctor? If 
you don't know that, then thank God for letting him 
get sick and die now, rather than when he becomes 
the pride and joy of your later days. If you don't 
know that, you're not deserving of being blessed with 
the child, any more than the child is deserving of hav- 
ing to suffer at the hands of Ignorance. 

When the child is seven or eight months old, and 
you begin to think of "weaning" him, then feed him 
as follows : Fry an egg in sweet (unsalted) butter on 
a very slow fire, spooning the hot butter over the yel- 
low just enough to warm it through without cooking 
it. Then scoop the yellow (not with the "white") 
into a warmed saucer, and let baby try to help himself 
to it with a little spoon as he has seen you do. If you 
feed it to him, go very slow. That's for his breakfast. 
In the process of cooking the butter must not become 
brown and part of the "white" of the egg must remain 

About noontime prepare a "saucer" of rice one day, 
or one of oatmeal another day; but only as follows; 
Cook it in a double boiler, on a slow fire, for at least 
three hours. Use distilled water. Then strain the 
boiled mass through a fine "hair-sieve" and little by 
little stir up some pure cream with it, until it becomes 
quite "thin." Feed this very slowly, with a small 
spoon. Also prepare a "saucer" of v/ell-cooked, real 
"mealy" potatoes; put through a sieve and beat with 

2i8 Autology — Study Thyself 

pure cream until it has the consistency of thin jelly. 
But be sure that it is served warm. 

Serve the egg-yellow in the morning, the potato- 
cream about II a. m., and the rice-cream or oatmeal- 
cream about 4 or 5 p. m. 

As regards milk, always use milk that is almost all 
cream, and mix same with distilled water in the pro- 
portion of about one-third to one-half of cream. This, 
remember, is not a drink, but it is a food, and, there- 
fore, should be swallowed only a little at a time and as 
slowly as the rice or potato mixture. 

3. AFTER THE FIRST YEAR. When "baby" be- 
gins to have teeth to chew with, either before or after 
he is a year old, keep up the dishes described above, 
and begin to test him with the whole of the egg and a 
bit of well-toasted bread. At first mix only a little of 
the "white" with the yellow, making sure that the 
white is very soft and mellow. I take it for granted, of 
course, that he has seen you chewing things thor- 
oughly and taking unchewed bits or morsels out of 
your mouth at table. Hence, you may depend on his 
instinct to do likewise, if he gets a particle of anything 
that doesn't readily dissolve in his mouth. But, for 
goodness' sake, don't scold him or force him to jswal- 
low what seems swallowable to you, but which his 
tongue picks out of his mouth. Remember that your 
child's tongue knows its business at birth and during 
the first year or two of existence better than it is per- 
mitted to know later. Never force any rejected bit or 
spoonful of food on your child or anybody's. 

As soon as a child has some "chewing" or molar 
teeth, let him eat as you do if your diet is patterned 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 219 

after what is recommended in this book. But don't 
ever give him any tea or coffee. Naturally, he wants 
something to drink when he sees you drinking tea or 
coffee. Well, give him a small cup of "cereal" with 
cream and let him spoon it out or spill it into or onto 
himself the best he can. Twice or oftener a day will 
not hurt him. 

Don't feed him "breakfast" foods. After he is two 
and a half or three years old, give him a dish of 
rice with cream and a little sugar for lunch or 
when he teases for "something" to eat. Never give 
him fresh or untoasted bread. Never use any but 
sweet unsalted butter. You may sometimes spread a 
little taste of home-made jam or some honey on the 
buttered (unsalted) toast. In the way of meat, he 
may have some when you do, as soon as he can chew 
— say, when he is about 12 or 18 months old. But al- 
ways pick out the tenderest piece of the steak or chop 
or chicken and cut it up very fine. Let him feed him- 
self with a tiny spoon, always telling him to chew and 
chew it well and then to spit it out. The same advice 
applies to vegetables. The most appropriate vegeta- 
bles are tender carrots, small green peas, green string- 
beans, parsnips and onions. These should be well 
cooked. Tomatoes may be given cooked or raw. Don't 
ever feed baby two kinds of vegetables at one meal, 
and do not prepare with vinegar or gravies. 

Pure, strained orange juice with or without distilled 
water is not only an excellent drink for babies, but it is 
the very best corrective for constipation, even when 
baby is only a few weeks old, and it beats soothing 
syrups and pain-killers and peppermint drops all to 

220 Autology — Study Thyself 

I wish to make a few pointed remarks about Bab/s 
light and air. 

Listen ! 

Do leaves grow on trees just for fun or looks? 

Or, do not leaves grow on trees to serve the nutri- 
tive and vitalizing and electric purpose of the roots, 
hidden in the darkness of the soggy earth? Are not 
leaves the ears and eyes and tongues and stomachs and 
electric "cells" of the roots? 

Does hair grow on heads just for fun or looks? 

Or, does not hair grov/ on heads to serve the nutri- 
tive and vitalizing and electric purpose of the gray 
matter, hidden in the darkness of the soggy cranium? 
Is not the head-hair one of the sense-organs of the 
brain, that absorbs and transmits the vitalizing ele- 
ments of the light and of the atmosphere? 

Listen again! 

Why does hair grow in the arm-pits? To prevent 
chafing or soreness. "Why does it grow on the head? 
Not to prevent chafing, surely. Then, why? My an- 
swer is : For the same reason that leaves grow on the 
top of trees, on branches and twigs. 

Therefore, do you not understand how foolish it is 
to bonnet or cap infants' or children's heads? Just 
exactly as foolish as it would be to bonnet or cap flow- 
ers' or trees' leaves. 

Light and air are not so much a leaf-food or tonic, 
as the leaf is an organ which absorbs and transmits 
food or tonic from light and air to the roots. So, light 
and air are not so much a hair-food or tonic, as the hair 
is an organ which absorbs and transmits food or tonic 
from the light and air to the brain. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 221 

Hence, by bonnetting or hatting babies and children, 
you rob them of a most essential brain-food and tonic. 

Notwithstanding that this subject of "How to Raise 
Brains'* demands devoting a dozen volumes to it, still 
I am confident that the foregoing instructions and the 
hints dispersed throughout this book are sufficient to 
enable parents who have endowed themselves wath 
some judgment to "raise" brainy and healthy and 
sturdy children. 


Natural remedies consist of: 




Fruit juices, 

Vegetable juices. 





Sleep, and, I presume, 

Money. Still, if you take into you the right qual- 
ity or "brand" of all the others, you'll have no trouble 
making money — in time and sickness saved. 


There's the natural and the artificial "make" of 
light. The artificial may come from a candle, or lamp, 
or gas, or electricity. The least objectionable of the 
artificial lights is the electric, because it does not con- 
taminate the air. The other varieties do ; therefore it 
is essential that you bear in mind this fact — that 


Autopathy— Cure Thyself 223 

when you light a lamp, or a gas jet, you are virtually 
and actually introducing an oxygen-consumer and a 
carbonic gas-producer, in the way of a light-flame, 
which, according to its size, consumes as much oxy- 
gen and exhales as much carbonic acid gas as if eight 
to sixteen people were in the room with you. 

Natural (or day) light is as essential to "hale and 
hearty" existence as air, water and foods. Hence, we 
add the letter L to Autopathy's alphabet, being — 

L(igfht)— A(ir)— W(ater)— F(ood). 

Incidentally, these letters pronounce "laugh," which 
I forgot to mention in my list of natural remedies. 

The more you live and work in natural light, and 
the larger the area of your body exposed to it, the 
healthier you remain, or the sooner you get well. Keep 
your head and hands and feet and body bare when- 
ever and wherever you can. There is some energizing 
(kinetic) force or element in natural light which the 
system utilizes in some way, as plants do. Babies and 
children should be raised "bareheaded," and it would 
be a blessing to many a grown-up's scalp and brain to 
live likewise. From observation, I am led to the opin- 
ion that not alone is there growth and health for the 
hair in daylight, but that there is also nutrition and 
rejuvenation for the brain. 

Another "light" point: Even during the night's 
darkness a south or west room contains a better qual- 
ity of air than does a north room, because the air of a 
north room lacks certain vitalizing light-rays which 
are absorbed during the day by a sunlight -flooded 
room. Of course, the southmost room that is shut up 
in darkness all day is no more "fit" to sleep in than 

224 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

to raise flowers in. No child or person should sleep 
regularly in a room that is unfit to raise at least 
ferns in. 

Baby bonnets are "chic" on dolls, but "sick" on 
babies. Give their heads daylight, that their brains 
may see clearly as they grow up. 


Two kinds — the natural and the artificial. Night 
air is as good as day air, but it should not be made to 
replace the necessity of day air. If you compel your- 
self to live all day in artificial or contaminated indoor 
air, then the pure all-outdoor night air is your only 

Always seek natural air, asleep and awake, in win- 
ter and summer, sick and well — especially when asleep, 
especially in bad or cold weather, especially when 
sick. In regard to your choice of air, it is always the 
safest plan to get that kind which the majority shun 
or proscribe, for it is always that kind which God or 
nature prescribed for man and beast and plant. 

You may dress and undress, or live and work, or 
think and read, in a moderately "warmed" room or 
place in cold weather; but you (and children) should 
never sleep in a "heated" room. Cover up the body 
to the neck as much as you please, but let. the lungs 
inspire the cold air. Faces and lungs do not freeze in 
bed. Bloc>d and tissues need it for their night work, 
«nd your next day's use. Besides, artificially heated air 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 225 

is commonly second-hand or breathed air. Your own 
breathed or exhaled air is as bad as any other. By 
"breathed air" I also mean that which comes from a 
burning lamp, or gas jet, or stove, or furnace. Of 
course, people must "cook" and "heat" and "light up ;" 
but people can easily borrow from outdoors a plenti- 
ful supply of air to constantly displace and replace 
the carbonic acid gas-contaminated air which breath- 
ing and cooking and heating and lighting produce. 
That can easily be done during the day and night with- 
out expense or inconvenience. It requires just a little 
autologic sense. 

As before said, nothing short of twenty-four hours 
of natural air v/ill do for every day's supply, as far 
as your lungs and tissues are concerned. And large 
concerns, such as stores, and factories, and churches, 
and schools, and banks, and buildings, v/ould find that 
employers and employes, flocks and shepherds, pupils 
and teachers, clerks and professionals, as v/ell as cus- 
tomers and clients, would ov-n and exchange more 
good nature and courtesy and brotherly love, if people 
were trained to ventilate their organs or functions as 
they are their opinions or notions. This is saying 
nothing about the earnings and savings in dollars and 
cents which would thereby accrue to individuals and 
firms and communities. 

A thoroughly ventilated room or public building is 
soon saturated with an excess of carbonic acid gas 
from the exhalations of lungs and lights and heaters. 
To avoid such conditions or places for twenty-three 
hours and then to put up with them for an hou'^ — is 
about as bad as to escape drowning for twenty-three 
hours and then to practically drown during the next. 

226 Auto logy — Study Thyself 

If you oxygenate (ventilate) your lungs for a couple 
of hours and carbonize (contaminate) them for 
twenty-two hours — what's the good and sense ? You'd 
be better off to die at once of asphyxiation — than by 
inches, or fits and starts, as most people do. Use, 
and use, and use natural air. It's about the only 
thing under the sun that you don't have to buy or be 
taxed for — ^yet. 

An ordinary lamp, or a gas jet poisons the air of a 
room as much as does the breath of a dozen or more 
people. Still, people will live and sleep shut up in 
just such an atmosphere — and then wonder that 
some babies and children don't thrive like some 
others, or that some people are bilious, or rheumatic, 
or phthisic, or catarrhal, or headachy, or debilitated, 
or sick thus and so — when others are not. 

Be sure, then — a plentiful supply of nature's air, 
and let that be cool or cold in season and place and 

Opening just one window from the top is seldom 
of any benefit, because the shade shuts or seals the 
opening, thus preventing the air from coming in. 

Opening a window from the bottom is better, but 
some outlet must be provided somewhere else for the 
slow but steady escape of the used-up or contaminated 
air. Under ordinary conditions, air cannot enter and 
leave a room through the same opening at the same 
time, any more than water can. 

Do not merely "flush" or "douche" your rooms with 
a volume or two of fresh air and then shut yourself 
up clam-tight. In a word, keep up an "even," steady 
circulation of outdoor air through your rooms or 
buildings. Don't let it "blow"— just let it "flow^'— 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 227 

in and through. If you should "catch a cold," by so 
doing, it will be the healthiest cold you ever had. 


Originally, water was always pure enough to drink. 
Water which dropped from the clouds was not 
"loaded" — ^and "spring" or "brook" or "river" or 
"lake" water was not "alive" with organic matter, or 
"dead" with insoluble earthy salts — as is most "well" 
and "piped" water. Therefore, in sickness at least, 
it becomes necessary to use pure or distilled water. 
Merely "boiling" or "filtering" water is not sufficient 
to make it pure in the sense I mean; for, though the 
one or the other process may "kill" or remove the or- 
ganic matter, it does not "extract" the earth salts 
which it contains. 

Sick or ailing people may ward off or palliate an oc- 
casional twinge of pain, or indisposition, or acid stom- 
ach, etc., by drinking socalled "mineral" or "alkaline" 
or "aperient" or "laxative" waters — but this habit is 
a pernicious one in that it plays blind man's buff with 
some vital organ or function, as time and future 
events will show to your eternal sorrow. 

In perfect health, drink as good plain, ordinary 
water as you can get ; and, in sickness, drink distilled 

I recommend distilled water to all my patients in 
health and sickness, and use it altogether at home. 
Babies and small children should not drink ordinary 

228 Autology — Study Thyself 

water, not for fear of sickness from it, but because 
ordinary water is often saturated with "earthy ma- 
terial," which is deposited in the tissues of the body; 
whereas, distilled water is so absolutely free of cal- 
careous matter that it helps materially to dissolve and 
rinse out the deposits that already exist or that tend 
to form in the organs and tissues — particularly in the 
blood vessels, nerves, joints and skin. 

But, water is not to be drank at any time that you 
have accustomed your artificial "thirst" to call for it. 
Water is by nature meant to be a blood and tissue 
solvent, and for rinsing purposes — and not to assist 
actual digestion in the stomach and bowels. There- 
fore, do not drink water (or liquids) closer than one 
hour or so before m-eals, and not closer than one and 
one-half or two hours after meals — if you really v/ant 
the good, without the bad, effects of drinking water. 
If you indulge between those hours, you will not feel 
"thirsty" at meal time. For instance, let us assume 
that you eat at 7 a. m., and at 12 noon, and at 6 p. m. 
In that case, you may drink all the water you want 
between 9 and 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and be- 
tween 2 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. If you eat 
so much salt that you feel desperately "thirsty" at 
meals or right after eating, then you ought to be will- 
ing to pay the penalty of staying thirsty for an hour 
or so. 

As regards drinking water before going to bed, 
there is no objection at all so long as that does not 
compel you to get up during the night. 

A glass of water, warm or cold, is always beneficial 
on arising from bed; but the best part of an hour 
should elapse between the drink and breakfast. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 229 

How much water should a "body" drink? That 
question is really a joke. If you were to ask a horse- 
man, or even a "chore" boy the question "How much 
water should my horse drink?" — and, assuming he 
"took you serious," he v^ould, as he leaned against 
a hitching post and settled a pitiful look on you, say 
"that depends" — and forthwith put a volley of ques- 
tions about that horse of yours — its breed, sex, color, 
size, age, work, feeding, etc.— cr simply say "as much 
as he wants — but not always when he wants." Well, 
we're animals, too. Only that horses don't get water 
in the form of tea or coffee, beer or wine, cocoa or 
chocolate, etc., etc. Hence, they always know ex- 
actly how much they need, but they don't always 
know when — simply because they don't always have 
their own way about eating and what to eat. We do. 
Therefore, we neither know how much nor when to 
drink of water. Consequently, your safest course is 
to study anim.als' ways and to imitate them until your 
habits of eating properly prepared and mixed foods 
restores to your cells and tissues that nature-gift, 
called instinct, which wild tribes still possess in com- 
mon with wild animals. 

The trouble is not so much that we lack, or have 
lost our "horse sense" as that we are not owned and 
bossed by horsemen or animal keepers. If we were 
the whole science and practice of Prevention and 
Cure would revert to trainers and jockeys and bron- 
cho-busters. However, as matters stand in civilized 
communities, the future Health and Treatment of the 
nation shall pass, in a hundred years or so, into the 
hands of architects and chefs. 

But — in the meantime — how much water should a 

a30 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

body drink? If you do not drink a drop of any other 
beverage, "animal instinct" will soon tell you how 
much water your system needs "to drink." Or, if 
between meals, you drink, say three tumblerfuls of 
pure v/ater during the period of some three or four 
weeks — and drink absolutely nothing with your meals, 
with the exceptions mentioned elsewhere — your system 
will then tell you if that amount (six tumblerfuls a 
day) is sufficient or insufficient for you. 

The problem of water-drinking is not one of quan- 
tity — but it is one of common sense plus quality. By 
common sense I mean that you must do away with 
the habit of drinking water, particularly cold or ice 
water, at or near your meals; and especially avoid 
eating foods or dishes that are prepared with so much 
salt that they create a false thirst, which sometimes 
lasts for an hour or two after eating. If you will 
overcome those two pernicious habits your blood and 
tissues will tell you, through your mouth, just when 
and just how much water you need to drink between 
meals. This, of course, supposes that you are enjoy- 
ing good health and, therefore, require no extra 
amount of water to dissolve and rinse out a lot of 
useless and waste material which has been settling 
in your organs and tissues for years back. Naturally 
enough, a system, which is ailing and is undergoing 
treatment, needs an excess of water just as a soiled 
piece of linen does in washing and rinsing. 

With few exceptions, it is not advisable to drink 
anything, or more than a swallow or two just before 
going to bed. But it is a good practice to drink a 
full tumbler of warm or cool water on arising — pro- 
vided that no food is taken until at least three-quar- 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 231 

ters to one hour afterward. It takes, on an average, 
about that long for water to pass out of the stomach 
into the small intestine. 

There is, of course, no objection to your drinking a 
tumblerful of water about one hour or more before 
retiring. I have known of "cases" where a tumblerful 
of cold water taken just before bed time was the cause 
of insomnia, and it must appeal to you that, fre- 
quently, the cause of "having to get up during the 
night" is drinking two or three glasses of water (or 
something else) before going to bed, or between sup- 
per and bed time. Some may claim that this extra 
flushing of the kidneys during the night is good. 
They forget that "flushing the kidneys" means "work- 
ing" the kidneys overtime — when they also, as the 
brain, should have at least a partial rest. "Flush" 
your kidneys by drinking between meals, in day time, 
as you flush your brains by thinking between meals, 
in day time. 

By the time that you have recovered your well- 
being and health your own instinct will tell you how 
much water you should drink thereafter. Some days 
it may be two and some days it may be ten 
glasses. Some days you won't feel hungry, but will 
feel empty. That always calls for "watering" the sys- 
tem and never for "feeding" it. On such days — drink 
and drink and drink until you drink yourself hungry; 
but drink only pure or distilled water in which you 
occasionally put a tablespoonful or so of pure fruit 
juice — such as juice of the orange, apple, lemon, lime, 
or grape. By evening or next day your head or stom- 
ach or liver will be "in clover." 

332 Autolo gy — Study Thyself 


Nature made fruits "full of taste" so as to seduce 
our palates. Otherwise, man would not eat them, be- 
cause most of them contain very little nourishment. 
The value of fruits resides chiefly in their juices — 
some of which possess digestive properties, as that of 
the pineapple; while all of them act as depurating 
agents or remedies. 

Mostly all "dried," or "stewed," or "cooked," or 
"canned," or "preserved" fruits are not fruits. Their 
substances and juices have, for the most part, been ar- 
tificially changed into "sweets" or "confection." The 
natural "detoxyl" or curative fruit-acids and fruit-salts 
have been removed or replaced or modified by the 
drying or cooking or preserving process. Most of them 
have become "unfit" as natural remedies — and are 
really used only as adjuncts to sharpen an appetite 
that is already artificial or gluttonous. 

There are, however, a few fruit-juices which are ar- 
tificially extracted and preserved in nearly their nat- 
ural state — so that they retain much of their remedial 
or beneficial properties. Such are the juices of the 
lime and grape. But, even here, it is not often the 
case that one cannot find many good fresh substitutes 
for these two fruit-juices. I refer to the juice of ap- 
ples, oranges and lemons. 

All people, young or old, fat or thin, bilious or gouty, 
anemic or plethoric (full blooded), can take the juices 
of apples and oranges with benefit. But "thin" or 
"anemic" individuals should, as a rule, avoid lemon 
juice; whereas gouty and full-blooded persons should 
favor it. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 233 

The most generally useful and "wholesome" fruit- 
juice is that of the orange — but when taken as a reme- 
dy it should be strained (clear) through a coarse cloth. 
Diluted half or more with distilled water it is the most 
valuable and reliable remedy for tiny babies and in- 
fants, whenever and wherever they are ailing or con- 
stipated. But they should not be "nursed" or "fed" 
anything whatever nearer than one hour from, before 
or after, taking the orange juice-water. 

When it comes to "weaning" babies at night from 
the breast or the bottle, there is absolutely nothing 
to compare with the foUov/ing little scheme. Fill up 
your nursing bottle with the same quantity of orange- 
juice water that you are in the habit of using of the 
milk or baby-food m.ixture. Be sure that you use dis- 
tilled or pure water, and that you strain the orange 
juice — also that the orange is of the "sweet" kind. As 
a rule mix one teaspoonful of orange juice to one 
tablespoonful of water and sweeten just a little, if the 
child seems to want it. This you can easily determine 
by offering the child that mixture during the day. It 
is not wise to try and pawn this off on the child for 
the first "try" at night. Let him taste of it and get a 
liking for it during the day. You will then have no 
trouble at all to "wean" the child from nursing or 
drinking milk during the night. 

Thin people should "favor" grape and apple juices. 

Fat people should favor lemon and lime juices. 

Orange juice is fine for both. 

Fruit-syrups are not fruit-juices. 

Fruits should not be eaten with meals or other foods. 
The habit of "coaxing an appetite," or "topping off" 

334 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

a meal with any kind of fruit or nut is absurd and un- 

In orange season, a very excellent habit is to drink a 
full tumbler of the strained juice on arising. I have 
never known a case of constipation to be obstinate 
enough to withstand that when persevered in every 
morning, about one hour before breakfast — especially 
if one takes a walk in the interval. 

In "good-eating" apple season, squeeze out the 
apple juice yourself and take that instead of the 
orange juice. 

Why not eat the fruit instead? Well, in the first 
place you'd have to fill up pretty tight to get that 
much juice by eating the oranges or apples or grapes, 
at one lick. In the second place, you would ingest a 
mass of "woody" fibres, which your alimentary canal 
would have to dispose of. When your bowels and 
other tissues and functions are again at par — then eat 
the fruit itself. 

I- In season, and out of season, an excellent "lunch" 
consists of a tumblerful of the juice of oranges, or 
apples, or grapes — sipped as one would champagne. 

As for pineapples, they contain a wonderful diges- 
tive juice. Chew the fruit itself and suck the juice, 
but do not swallow the fibre. Irrational as it may 
seem, eat them only between meals — because every 
"lift" that you give your stomach juice in the way 
of "extra" digestive ferments, the more it learns to 
expect and to depend on that "lift" — as your bowels 
do from taking laxatives or cathartics or injections. 
Eat pineapples between meals, or make a whole lunch 
on them. 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 235 

Bananas are more nourishing than "fruity." Hence 
they should be used rather as "bread" or "starchy" 
food than as fruit. In fact, the imperfectly ripened 
banana is composed chiefly of starch. 

Melons are good to lunch on, or to eat betvreen 
meals, like any and every other fruit. 

It is the sickening habit of mixing all manner of 
"incompatibles," together in one's stomach, which cre- 
ates prejudices in people's minds against the very ar- 
ticles of food which are often most beneficial and cura- 
tive. To illustrate, let me cite a "case"— of which I 
can cite hundreds like. 

A young woman had had four severe attacks of ap- 
pendicitis in six months' time, and finally had con- 
sented to be operated on. But, the last moment, some 
of her relatives induced her to consult me. I learned 
that every time she ate cabbage or apples, there was 
sure to follow a severe attack of indigestion, or diar- 
rhoea, Of appendicitis — and, of course, she "had it in" 
for cabbage and apples — although she "loved them 
so." I explained that her experience proved to me 
that cabbage and apples were her best friends; and 
that, were she to use but not abuse them, they would 
never turn against her. I predicted that she would be 
able to eat apples and cabbage to her heart's content 
in six weeks' time — and would require no operation, 
and never again would be reminded that she had an 

Well, this "patient" was able, in a month's time, and 
has been able since (and that's four years ago) to eat 
what and as she pleases. But she has learned not to 
"mix dogs and cats" in her stomach. Cabbage and 
vinegar are antagonistic. Fruit acid and vinegar acid 

236 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

are unfriendly. But well boiled cabbage and fresh 
ribs of beef with plain boiled potatoes and tender car- 
rots — without vinegar, or pickles, or sour beats, or 
pork and the like — will not injure the weakest and 
most fastidious of dyspeptic stomachs. But, do not 
"top" that meal off with pie or cake or puddings or 
raisins or cheese, or nuts, or fruits — or tea or coffee, 
or water, or beer — and never eat bread and butter 
with it. When you want a "boiled dinner" eat a 
boiled dinner — not a boiled-vinegared-sugared-pas- 
tried-corn-beefed pork of a dinner. 

Here is a sure test, that you can alv/ays depend on, 
as to whether you are eating properly or not for your 
stomach and the rest of you. As you know, that 
which you eat and drink gets mixed up and churned 
in your stom.ach. Here is the test: 

Take a big bowl, big enough to contain your din- 
ner. Pour in the soup, salted and peppered and cat- 
supped and crackered or breaded — as you may be in 
the habit of doing. Then chop up the meat and pota- 
toes in it, with the salt and pepper and catsup, or 
sauces and gravies and bread and butter and pickles 
— and then add the vegetables and gravies and water 
or milk or tea or coffee or wine or beer, etc., and then 
the pie and cheese, and ices, etc., etc. Then — but 
don't let it disgust you yet — stir up the mess — and 
don't let your mind suspect that it isn't for the occu- 
pant of your chair, though "fit" for the occupant of a 
back-yard pen — and salt and pepper it some more. 
Now, eat it. Scrumptious, ain't it? Well — don't you 
know that you serve just such a sickening mess to 
your stomach and blood and brain and other tissues 
nearly every day? 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 237 

Therefore, when you sit down at your or any table 
"size up" the situation — and mentally mix what you 
are about to physically churn. 


Vegetable juices are of no less importance and 
possess no less "health" value than fruit juices. Both 
serve the same purpose in preventing and curing sick- 
ness. The fruit juices— chiefly through the fruit acids 
which they contain; and the vegetable juices — chiefly 
through the vegetable or earthy salts (not table-salt) 
which they contain. 

It has become quite customary to utilize the juices 
of certain fruits for purposes of "cure." For instance, 
the well-knov/n "grape-juice" cure. V/hich, however, 
is not much of a cure in most "cases" and as usually 
followed or recommended. Because the process itself, 
as it takes place between the sickly constituents of the 
"patient's" blood or tissues and the "healthy" constit- 
uents of the grape juice, is not sufficiently well or at 
all understood by the advocates and followers of the 
cure. Hence, the failures. 

When Chemists wish to determine the pres- 
ence of certain objectionable or "poisonous" com- 
pounds in a given substance or solution — let us 
say in the contents of the stomach of an individ- 
ual who is supposed to have been poisoned — they 
invariably begin by using some certain reagent; and 
no matter how many reagents they may thereafter 

238 Auto logy— Study Thyself 

employ in "treating" the suspicious material, they 
never use the next reagent until the "precipitate" pro- 
duced by the first is removed by filtering or washing 
or otherwise. In other words, they work on the old 
common sense principle of one thing at a time, or one 
step before or after the other. 

Well — you may properly look upon the whole out- 
fit of a sick body as being a great big stomach from 
head to foot, and filled with a mess of vomit containing 
some suspicious substances which you, or your attend- 
ants, want to get rid of. Accordingly, you decide on 
grape juice as the dead sure reagent or cure. Very 
well. You are given a tumblerful three times a day, 
let us assume. Your stomach passes it over to your 
intestines which part with it to your blood — by which 
it is conveyed to the billions of tiny cell-tubes or 
honeycombs of your tissues ; where the health-produc- 
ing reagents of the grape juice settle down to busi- 
ness — renovating and house-cleaning. In the mean- 
time, you sit down and fill up on slops or other 
"dishes." So, v/hen night comes, and sleep along with 
it, what happens? This. Just about the time when 
the grape juice cell-renovators are busiest who comes 
along but "sloppy" or "dishy" chaps looking for 
trouble, or to serve injunctions, and you wake up — to 
repeat the same foolishness again. 

When you start to do a thing, do it — and do it 
brown. If you want a grape cure — well then get 
board and lodging for your stomach, liver, blood, brain, 
muscles and marrow out of grape juice. In that way 
you'll get value received from the treatment. 

Autopathy— Cure Thyself 239 

But as most "patients" prefer or are compelled to 
earn their "cure" at the same time that they are earn- 
ing their living — the above method is out of the ques- 
tion. And, fortunately, it can be modified to suit their 
convenience or means. In this way. Don't eat nor 
drink anything that is incompatible with the fruit juice 
or juices; or that is likely to be transformed in the 
system into by-products that are incompatible with 
the fruit acids or constituents. That's a puzzle, isn't 
it? Well, Standard Oil People have solved many and 
many a more intricate puzzle than that. And so have 
Chicago Packers. 

Here is how I have solved this problem. 

There's no incompatibility between the pure, fresh 
juices of ordinary fruits and the pure, fresh juices of 
ordinary "vegetables;" and there's no incompatibility 
between the constituents of those juices and the nutri- 
tive constituents of certain foods — among which are 
€g&s, wheat flour, rice and cream fat. Nevertheless 
the fruit and vegetable juices must not be poured to- 
gether or mixed together in the stomach; nor must 
they be swallowed with the foods proper; or so near 
the time of eating that there is likelihood of their 
meeting and combining in your stomach or small in- 
testine. The reason for this is that the "organic" con- 
stituents of eggs or starch or fat are split up in the 
stomach and bowels in a way which transforms them 
into compounds that possess decided affinities for the 
depurating or curing compounds of fruit and vegetable 
juices. Therefore, foods proper when mixed in the 
stomach or bowels with fruit or vegetable juices utilize 

240 Autology— Study Thyself 

the best and bulk of the latter's curative constituents, 
which are intended to nullify or modify the objection- 
able or poisonous by-products that have formed and 
accumulated in your tissues. Hence the proper and 
only rational course to follow regarding treatment 
with the juices of fruits and of vegetables is to take 
them on an empty stomach with a liberal amount of 
pure distilled water ; then to take a walk in the "open," 
not alone because of the benefit derived from taking in 
oxygen but also because of the increased circulation 
of all body fluids and of the stirring up of old deposits 
that have settled in all the muscles and cavities and 
tissues of your body. By so doing the fruit or the veg- 
etable juices are more surely and universally mixed 
with the waste by-products which are the source of 
your ailment. Let them fight it out — but be sure that 
you supply your "favorite" with ammunition in the 
way of a little more juice and an abundance of distilled 
water every hour or so. Simply because there's no 
sense in soaping and resoaping your soiled linen when 
the water in which you are boiling or washing them is 
gray or black with dirt. They'll never turn out nice, 
white and clean. Clean, thorough housewives "change" 
and "rechange" their wash-water. So must you pour 
in clean water as your bladder pours out the dirt-laden 
water. Otherwise the little busy bodies of your cells 
and tissues cannot "wash clean." 

And when your bladder tells you that the rinsing 
process is "well on," then quit the juice and the water 
for a couple of hours, and get ready for another speU 
in the afternoon. But eat as elsewhere advised in this 

A ut op a thy — Cure Thyself 241 

Keep this up for one week, or two weeks, or one 
month, or more, as your "case" may demand. 

Although I have been speaking of "vegetable" juices 
I have not explained to you the manner of preparing 
or extracting them. 

The most convenient way is to "hash up" the raw 
vegetables and then to press out the juice as you do 
with fruits. Or you may "grate" them and then 
squeeze out their juice. The "succulent" vegetables 
are best for this purpose. The most desirable vege- 
tables to use are onions, celery, carrots, parsnips, toma- 
toes, cresses, lettuce, cuciunbers and the like. It's ad- 
visable to mix them all up together. As to proportions 
of each and all, favor the onions and carrots most, es- 
pecially if yours is a liver or bilious or catarrhal or 
bronchial or lung trouble. The amount of the pure 
juice that should be taken varies from two to three 
tablespoonfuls three times a day. Each dose should 
be taken with one-half to one tumblerful of distilled 
water; and should be followed within one-half hour 
with another tumblerful of distilled water. 


Work, as a remedy (preventive, curative, or pallia- 
tive) is as essential as light, air, water and foods com- 

It is almost impossible to carry work too far. I 
mean to the point of producing permanent injury or 
disease— provided the work is done under natural con- 

242 Autology — Study Thyself 

ditions of light, air, water, foods, and muscular ca- 
pacity, and provided that pleasures do not encroach 
too much on the individual's sleep, or conscience. A 
man who, for political or other reasons, is "on the go" 
for weeks or months, does not need rest or the springs 
or the woods because he has overworked ; but because 
he has overdissipated, or worked and talked and lived 
and slept in unnatural conditions of air, water and 
foods. A girl or woman who works all day, or not at 
all, and devotes overtime to dances and functions, etc., 
does not break down from physical labor, but from the 
same causes just mentioned. 

Work, work, v/ork! or think! think! think! and 
when your day's work or thinking is done, play, play, 
play— or let others furnish you fun, fun, fun — ^but al- 
ways and everywhere remember your L, A, W, F — 
light, air, water, foods. 


Most people (not children) make blundering mis- 
takes about exercise. 

During exercise, the mind as well as the body must 
be divorced from work, and must be wedded to 

Work is not exercise. "Shopping" is not exercise — 
it's work. Housework is not exercise — ifs work. 
"Clerking" is not exercise — it's work. Chasing around 
on business is not exercice — it's work. "Running" 
stairs, or machines, is not exercise — it's work. Train- 

Autopathy— Cure Thyself 243 

ing is not exercise — it's work. All forms of indoor 
"culture" exercises are not exercise — that's work. Pro- 
fessional sport is not exercise — it's work. And so on. 

What then is exercise? 

Exercise is Pleasure. Children "exercise" because 
they enjoy playing. Young people exercise when they 
play. Grown people exercise when they walk for 
pleasure. But walking for reasons of business or fame 
is not exercise. 

When muscular action is indulged in for its own 
sake, that is for the pleasure it brings or invites, then 
it is exercise. Exercise, to be beneficial or natural, 
must never have duty or money as its mainspring. 
Exercise must be pleasure. 

Amateur sports are pleasures; therefore exercise. 
But all physical culture exercises which are under- 
taken for the purpose of curing some ailment or con- 
dition of the body and which do not create in you the 
feeling and longing for them that you feel and long for 
hunting, or fishing, or baseball, or football, or courting 
— is work and not exercise. And you're bound to quit 
them before and without having derived the desired 
or permanent cure or benefit — unless the exercises are 
maintained through life, or adopted as a livelihood. 
In which case the alleged "exercises" become your 
work, and then rest, or reading or recreation becomes 
your exercise. 

Generally speaking, the best and cheapest youthful 
and useful and healthful exercise for middle-aged and 
older people — as well as for young people who are con- 
fined indoors by occupation or education — is walking, 
plain everyday walking with one's own legs. 

244 A u 1 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

Men and women who keep up, or acquire, the habit 
of walking for walk's sake, winter and summer, rain 
or shine — are or remain younger and sounder and 
saner of mind and body at and after the age of sixty 
than others are or remain at or after forty. 

Don't run — that's work. Walk. 

Don't "practice"~that's work. Walk. 

Don't worry your diaphragm— that's work. Walk. 

Use your feet as dumb-bells and legs as indian clubs. 

But walk outdoors — if not "confined" for good or 
other reasons. 

Walking pumps air into your lungs, without work or 
effort ; drives blood to and from your tissues, without 
strain; and keeps people out of mischief. Besides, did 
you ever notice how much better and clearer you can 
think out many a subject or project or trouble while 
walking for exercise or pleasure? 

I am in receipt of a letter from a man who is just 
past 77 years of age; who looks and feels younger 
than he did at 50 — simply because he never misses his 
morning walk of a few or many miles. Last winter 
I received the visit of a man who is over 60, and 
w^hose health, between the ages of 25 and 45 was piti- 
ful in the extreme. Fully twenty years ago I had occa- 
sion to witness and appreciate that appearances were 
against this man's living out another year. About 
that time, business reverses compelled this "patient" 
to change his occupation. The change of workbrought 
on the need of walking, which soon became a pleasure. 
The results were simply marvelous — so that now, at 
the age of 65, this man's constitution and appearance 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 345 

are those of a healthy man of 40, with the same ambi- 
tion, ideas and capacity for work. 

Again, I may cite the case of a lady passed 68 — ^who 
had been "house-ridden" for 12 years, with all the 
ailments that a woman with deranged stomach, bow^- 
els, liver and pelvic organs could possibly have; and 
weighing 224 pounds, of fat mostly. This lady began 
autopathic treatment in October, 1903. At first, she 
v»^alked "half a block" morning and afternoon— each 
day increasing the distance by a few yards. Three 
months later, her weight v/as down to 179 and she 
actually enjoyed walking 5 miles to my office. To- 
day (and for over a year) her weight is 140 pounds, 
and she is a comparatively young, active woman — 
able to accomplish more and better work than, and 
to outdistance, her daughters ; as well as to get more 
enjoyment out of life. This is only one instance, 
which is like scores of others, where common sense — 
such as is distributed through this book — ^has accom- 
plished with little expense, effort, and inconvenience 
what seemed to demand "being bom over again." 


Everybody knows which are good and which are 
bad pleasures. 

I can't dictate them to you. But I will tell you this 
—that if you make your pleasures useful, your bad or 
questionable pleasures v/ill soon give way to, or be re- 
placed by, good or healthful pleasures. 

246 Autology — Study Thyself 

Pleasures are such arbitrary things, in their good- 
ness or badness; and they leave such essentially dif- 
ferent after-effects on different individual's mind or 
hearts — that there is no use in preaching or teaching. 


Some call that "bathing" — I call it washing. People 
usually "wash" their faces — ^whatever they may or 
may not do with their bodies. This much I knovz, 
however, that they don't wash their faces for "health's 
sake" — ^but for cleanliness sake. If one could root out 
of people's brains that bathing is healthy, and replace 
it with the conviction that the body needs washing just 
the same and in exactly the same way as hands and 
face — there would be no trouble at all to make cleanli- 
ness popular, bath or no bath. 

If you bathe, or get bathed, for health's sake, you're 
likely to neglect it often, or by spells. 

Bathe, or rather wash, for sweet cleanliness and self- 
respect. A gallon or so of water will do fully as well 
as a tubfull. 

You don't wash your hands and face, the visible 
parts of you, because it's healthy — do you? Why, 
then, "bathe" the unseen parts for a different reason? 
If you are eating, or drinking, or behaving so bad 
that you need Turkish or steam baths, or anything else 
than the old-fashioned soap and water — why not re- 
sort to blood-letting or starved leeches? You'd get 
a heap more good out of one such treatment than you 
can ever derive from a legion of "sweat baths." 

Autopath y — Cure Thyself 247 

If you really want a good "sweating out," one that 
won't merely sweat the water out of skin or fat, but 
that will stir up and bum and remove impurities from 
your very flesh and marrow — take a brisk five-mile 
walk. Then lay down and sleep it off, if you want to. 
Artificial or "passive" sweating is a delusion. 

Wash often, in cool or warm water, in tubs or with 
sponges, as and with what you like — but wash your 
bodies as you do your hands and face, and for no other 

Dirty hands and faces and outer clothes won't hurt 
you near as much as dirty feet and bodies and under- 

Wash yourself — don't "bathe" yourself, except in 
summer for fun, or in swimming. Do it for yourself — 
and let others do it for themselves. For, when you do 
it yourself for yourself, you get the "wash" plus the 
"exercise." In other words, you derive the benefit of 
two natural remedies. 

The "forcible" editorial writer of the Hearst's "Even- 
ing" papers writes: "You need plenty of bathing — 
because all the work that your skin does in ridding the 
body of impurities is so much work saved for your in- 
ternal organs." 

This expresses the common belief. Hence I quote 
it. It's bogus knowledge and logic, however. 

In the first place, if this writer knew something 
about the chemistry of sweat, and about the chemistry 
of "impurities" — he would know that in four gallons of 
sweat there isn't two ounces of solid matter — and that 
these two ounces are nearly three-fourths table-salt 
with a little fatty matter. Think of having to sweat 

248 A u t o 1 o g y — Study Thyself 

four gallons to get rid of about one-fourth of an ounce 
of urea — when the mere eating of a few bites less 
would accomplish the same result, without imposing 
any work on skin or internal organs. Don't imagine 
for an instant, that sweating a gallon doesn't perturb 
internal organs — which must hustle to head off the 
vacuum produced. 

In the second place — there is no logical connection 
between "you need plenty of bathing" — and the "be- 
cause, etc " Bathing, or v/ashing, cleans the skin, but 
I never knew that it scoured the internal organs, al- 
though it does "hold them up" on the water supply. 

In the third place, is the skin nature made to urinate 
with or through? And is the robbing of quarts of 
water, from the tissues and kidneys as well, for the 
sake of sweating out a few grains of so-called "im- 
purities," not a hundred, aye a thousand, times more 
injurious than letting those quarts of water find their 
natural vent? Don't you know, sir, that forcing out 
quarts of "impure" liquid from within one's hide lets 
out the pure water and leaves behind the impurities; 
as filtering through sheep-skin does? It stirs up a 
mess all right, but it leaves it in and behind for the 
internal organs to straighten up. 

The sam.e blunders are made in regard to artificial 
exercise and deep breathing — not that some of the re- 
sults of such teaching are not beneficial, but the teach- 
ing itself is based mostly on spurious and superficial 
knowledge of physiologic chemistry. 

Here is another quotation from the same editorial 
— ^which is sad to contemplate : "The iron in the blood 
— ^lots of it in the red corpuscles — takes up the electric 

Autopathy — Cure Thyself 249 

force, etc." Well, let us see about this — "lots of it 
(iron) in the red corpuscles." In an average sized 
man the blood all told contains between 30 and 40 
grains of iron — a mere pinch, so to say. 

It's too bad that the "opposite" column of all like 
"scribbles" is not dedicated to the story of the shoe- 
maker and some famous painter of ancient Greece. 
History tells us that the great painter was in the 
habit of exhibiting his paintings in public, much as 
"sign boards" are these days. He would hide behind 
the canvas, and listen to the remarks and criticism of 
passers-by. One day, hidden behind a portrait of a 
beautiful woman, there came to pass a shoemaker who, 
after commenting on the lady's shoe, allowed his gaze 
to maze his brain, and began to criticize the lady's 
ankles and — but, that the painter couldn't stand. So, 
coming from under cover he chastised the shoemaker 
for his impudence by shouting to him: "Hold on, 
man, stick to thy 'last* !" 


Sleep is nature's remedy par excellence ; but its ben- 
efits are too often offset by unnatural habits and en- 
vironments. For instance: 

Sleeping in a "heated" room. 

Sleeping many in a room. 

Sleeping in one's underwear. 

Sleeping in a room through which there isn't a con- 
stant flow of outside air. 

250 Autology — Study Thyself 

Sleeping in a room that isn't flooded with sun or day 

Such conditions are far more objectionable or "un- 
healthy" than shortness of hours. 

A brain that becomes intensely interested in its 
work will have spells, lasting weeks or months, where 
9. few hours' sleep proves amply sufficient. 

If you attend to all other "health-matters," as ad- 
vised in this book, it matters little about how many 
hours you sleep, or in what position. You'll sleep as 
long as your body or business will let you — no more, 
no less. 


After standing alone for some fif- 
teen years, it is gratifying to me to 
note that a few of the most advanced 
''''medical^'' and other Editors and 
Teachers— always last to "step aside 
from the sheep-path"— «r^ now begin- 
ning to recognize and teach and utilize 
the fundamental principles and prac- 
tices^ in matters of health and sickness^ 
of Eugenics and Heredity ^ which were 
first set forth in Autology. Incident- 
ally, they often forget to give Au- 
tology due credit; but then, that's 
immaterial — the People get the 
Good, anyway. 



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