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Full text of "The Averell-Averill-Avery family : a record of the descendants of William and Abigail Averell of Ipswich, Mass."

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3 1833 01178 9655 



A verell - A vertll - Avery 

A Record of the Descendants of 

William and Abigail Averell 

of Ipswich, Mass. 

In Two Volumes 
Vol. I. 

Compiled by 

Clara A. Avery 

"We who are here are men and women of the frontier, almost of the wilderness. 
We are almost every man of us .within four generations of a log cabin." 

From an address by Edward Everett Hale, D. D., Chaplain of the Congress of the United States, 
^^ at Plymouth, Mass., August 1, 1906. 



C yr^^^^^^- 



Ha l^nnnrrb iFatl|rr 

Table of Contents 



Title Page and Quotation i 

Inscription iii 

Table of Contents v 

Illustrations vii 

Preface 1 

Traditions 3 

The Surname G 

English Genealogical Data : 13 

Averells of Kent and other localities in England not specified below 

(by C. A. Hoppin, Jr.) 13 

Averills of Broadway, Worcestershire 31 

Averells of London 35 

Averells of Scotland and Ireland 38 

French Genealogical Data : 41 

Auvril (d') : Bretagne 42 

Avril de Burey (d') 42 

Avril (d') : Nivernaise 42 

Avril (d') : Toulouse 42 

Averell — Averill Coats of Arms and Descriptions 42 

Acknowledgments 44 

Table of "Abbreviations 46 

Poem to William Averell 47 

Genealogy: William and Abigail Averell, Ipswich, Mass., and Their 

Descendants 51 

1st Generation 51 

2nd Generation 79 

3rd Generation 117 

4th Generation 154 

5th Generation 278 

6th Generation 396 

7th Generation 570 

8th Generation 794 

9th Generation 932 

10th Generation 971 

Colonial War Records 975 

Revolutionary War Records 986 

War of 1812 Records 1003 

Index 1007 

Illustrations vii 



Hon. Newell Avery Frontispiece 

Church of S.S. Peter and Paul, Ash, Kent 11 

Chart: Averells of Kent (as understood by C. A. Hoppin, Jr.) . .between 14-15 

Chart: John Averell — ^ Alice Hawkes 34 

Plan of Ipswich; House Lot of William^ Averell 48 

Plan of Ipswich 49 

Site of William Averell's House, Ipswich, Mass 55 

Meeting House Hill, Ipswich, Mass 61 

Will of William Averell between 70-71 

Howlett's Grist Mill, Topsfield, 1738-9— Site of William (No. 2) 
Averell's Home, Topsfield — From "The Paul Averill Bridge," 

Middleton — The Francis Peabody House, Middleton 77 

The Capen House, Topsfield, 1686 93 

Job Averell's "Mountain," Alna, Me., and The Old School House. . . . 197 

The Old Meeting House at Alna, Me 317 

The Averill Homestead, Branford, Conn 367 

Hon. Frederick Averell 403 

The Averell Homestead, Cooperstown, N. Y 409 

Grace Raymond Hebard 429 

Hannah Averell Colburn (No. 455) 455 

Molly Averill Riggs (No. 533) 483 

Maria Louisa Averill (No. 1401) 511 

Elizabeth Ellen Averill (No. 1403) 511 

Horace Averill (No. 609) 527 

Portraits of Nathaniel Perry and Mary Beale (Whittlesey) Averill. . 531 

General John T. Averill 639 

Mrs. John T. Averill 639 

Captain Albert J. Averell 643 

Mrs. Newell Avery 659 

Sewell Avery's Family 667 

John Avery (No. 1177) , of N. Whitefield, Me 681 

The Avery Homestead, North Whitefield, Me 685 

The Averill Family, Kentucky 731 

Samuel Johnson Averill (No. 1424) 739 

Hon. Roger Averill between 747-748 

The Averill Homestead, Danbury, Conn 749 

Arthur Tappan Averill 821 

Anna Boynton Averill (No. 1993) 833 

Waldo Allard Avery 869 

Judge Oscar Avery Marden 877 

Henry Ketchum Averill, Jr. (No. 2702) 909 

Hon. Henry Ward Averill 919 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Newell Avery and Kenneth Gilcrest Avery 949 


This genealogy is the outcome of an endeavour made some 
years ago to establish the paternal lineage of the compiler be- 
yond the third ascendant, Enoch'' (No. 190) Avery. Owing to 
the early death of Enoch" (No. 480), uncertainty arose about 
the correct form of the family surname, as several lines of de- 
scendants of their common ancestor, Israel Averell, were calling 
themselves by the different names of Avery, Averell and Averill 
— each line thinking its own form the correct one. This caused 
great perplexity. But the aged Joseph (No. 477) Avery of 
Jefferson, Me., and John (No. 498) Avery of Whitefield, Me., 
who was nearly as old, felt sure that their grandparents called 
themselves Averell, and that they were closely related to the 
Alna, Me., Averells ("Averills") . They also felt sure that the 
change to Avery was made through the influence of John Avery 
(Secretary of State under Gov. John Hancock of Mass.), who 
was an intimate friend of their cousin Simeon (No. 484) Averell 
[see p. . .]. 

It was only by the chance discovery in 1895 of an Essex 
Co., Mass., document, showing that on "April 6, 1742^ Job Averell 
of Sheepscutt, Co. York gentleman" had given the power of at- 
torney to William Shillabar of Salem, to dispose of some land in 
Middleton, Mass., that the first clue was found which led to the 
solution of the mystery and united the Jefferson, Whitefield 
and Alna, Me., families to those of Middleton, Mass. Examina- 
tion of Essex Co., Mass., deeds, wills and vital statistics, and 
of the town and church records of Middleton, in that county, 
proved (with the aid of data already in hand) that the baptismal 
name and surname of our fourth lineal ascendant was Israel 
Averell, and that he was the next younger brother of the above 
mentioned Job Averell; and, furthermore, that they were de- 
scendants through Job-' and William-, of William^ Averell of 
Ipswich, Mass., 1637-53, who also was called Avery and Averill. 

After this discovery came the decision to prepare a brief 
genealogy of this stock, which was supposed to be very limited. 
It was also thought at that time that Avery was the form of 

2 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

surname most in use. But extensive correspondence proved that 
the family was a very large one, and widely scattered ; and also 
that the majority bore the surname of Averill, a smaller number 
the name of Avery, and a still smaller portion that of Averell, 
the original surname. 

The publication of the Dedham and Groton Avery genealo- 
gies had solved some problems ; but many still existed ; and as 
early mentions of this stock (including Colonial and Revolution- 
ary ones) appeared very frequently under the surname of Avery 
in registries of deeds and probate, in court, civil and military 
records, extensive personal research was necessary to separate 
our family from the other Avery stocks in the North, especially 
those of Dedham, Groton and Portsmouth. Also many unfore- 
seen interruptions of this work occurred for long periods of 
time, to the great regret of the compiler ; so that only now has it 
been possible to bring this genealogy to a state that warrants 

In its present form it contains many deeds and wills for 
preservation, many details, references, copies of records, etc., 
with a number of doubtful ascriptions, in order to aid any en- 
thusiast of the family, who, at some later day, may wish to bring 
this record nearer to perfection. And it is now offered to the 
family in the hope that its mistakes and imperfections may be 
pardoned, and that it may prove an inspiration to many of the 
younger and succeeding descendants of William Averell. 


As in most New England families whose ancestors came over 
in the seventeenth century, the two traditions of descent from 
"two brothers," and descent from "three brothers," have been 
found in our family. The theory that the family was of Scotch 
descent from one of two brothers who came from Scotland and 
settled in America was the only one known by the compiler's 
father, Newell (No. 1128) Avery. No evidence of the Scotch 
ancestry of the Averells has been found in America; but the 
records of Scotland have not been searched, and the name is 
found there today. 

Among descendants of Job (No. 54) Averell of Alna, Me., 
was the tradition of descent from three Averys who settled at 
Cape Cod, Mass. ; but the Cape Cod Averys were of the Dedham 
stock which traces its lineage clearly through English ancestors 
(see The Record of the Dedham Avery Family, 1893, by Mrs. 
Carter and Mrs. Holmes) ; and we are not of that stock. But the 
influence of one member of the Dedham Avery family was very 
marked in the Jefi'erson, Me., Averell families ; for it is said by 
Hon. Joseph Avery that the change of their surname to Avery 
was due to Hon. John Avery, long Secretary of State under 
John Hancock, and a warm friend of Simeon (No. 484) Averell 
of Jefferson and Montville, Me., with whom he claimed the re- 
lationship of cousin. 

A Vermont line of Averills, which separated from the main 
stock in 1740-50, and also a New Hampshire line, which sepa- 
rated in 1760, claimed that two brothers landed in Salem, one 
of whom called himself Avery to distinguish himself and his 
descendants from his brother, called Averill, and his descendants. 
The only one in Salem bearing either of these names was Thomas 
Avery, whose name appears a number of times in early records 
of Salem, with items relating to himself and to his wife's rela- 
tions, Mrs. Rebecca Bacon, Ann Potter, and the Woodmansee 
family of Ipswich, Mass., with whom he was closely associated. 
This Thomas removed to Portsmouth, N. H., and was the progen- 

4 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

itor of the Portsmouth Avery stock ; but we find no evidence of 
relationship to this Thomas [see p. . . ] . 

It is interesting to know that the Groton Avery family have 
also their traditions of "three brothers" and "two brothers" who 
settled in Massachusetts, and that in the latter case one of the 
brother's names is given as "William," and he is said to have left 
"a numerous family" (see The Groton Avery Clan by Hon. and 
Mrs. Elroy M. Avery) . The progenitors of this stock, Christo- 
pher^ Avery and his son James-, settled first at Cape Ann, and 
later at Gloucester, Mass. While at the latter place "Christopher 
Averie" had a grant of "3 akers of marsh at Chebacco" and "3 
akers at the higher end of Annesquam River 5 mo. 164-." As 
our William Averill had a grant at Chebacco of twenty-six acres 
in 1637, it is likely that they knew about each other, even if they 
were not acquainted. 

But the marriage record of Christopher Averye of Ipplepen 
(Devonshire, Eng.), and Margery Stephens has been found at 
Ipplepen; and although search has been made, no record of a 
brother William has been found (see Groton Avery Clan). 

It is known, however, that Gloucester was settled principally 
by Devonshire people; and we have also a Devonshire legend 
from a branch that has been longer in Ipswich than any other — 
that of Benjamm (No. 491) Averill, who was b. in 1770 and d. 
in 1841. Of him his son William T. (No. 1168) Averill, who 
was b. in 1811 and d. in 1882, said: "He used to say on every 
possible occasion : 'We didn't do that way in Devonshire.' " 

Nevertheless, although many Devonshire records of Averys 
have been examined (Averells and Averills are very few in that 
county) , no record has been found of our William^ Averell. 

A legend of Irish ancestry comes from the Kennebunkport, 
Me., branch of Averills, through Rev. Alexander McCormack 
Averill (No. 1768), b. in 1820, at Cornish, Me., son of Joseph 
and Betsey (Jeffrey) Averill of the former town. That line 
separated from the main stock in 17--. Mr. Averill writes : "The 
Averill of whom I am a descendant emigrated from the North of 
Ireland in the middle of the 17th century, and had a large grant 
of land at Kennebunkport, and settled there." Records disprove 
the tradition, and marriages show the source of it. 

Traditions As To Our Origin 

Isaac (No. 21) AveriU's descendants in Connecticut have the 
tradition of "three brothers" who came from Milford Haven, 
Wales, to America. As no Averells or Averills have been found in 
pubhshed Welsh records, it is probable that this tradition came 
through the Cogswells who married sons of Isaac, and whose 
ancestors sailed from that place. It is also possible that our 
William^ was associated with the Cogswells in England, and 
came over with them, as one was said to have been a merchant 
in London, and Ash was close by. 

A letter received by Augustin (No. 607) Averill of New 
York, a copy of which made by his brother Horace, was sent to 
their nephew Samuel Johnson Averill of Washington, Conn., 
offers a suggestion for further research to those who may not 
be satisfied with the conclusions of Mr. Hoppin [see pp. 14-15]. It 
was dated: "Broadway (Eng.), Jan'y 5, 1858. . . . Should 
none of the accompanying information (data about Broadway 
Averills) be satisfactory, some other information may be ob- 
tained by your friend's informing me if his ancestors (Averills) 
were not of the Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers; 
in that case more may be obtained which will not appear in the 
parish records. . . . William Davis." 

It should be added that we have some reason for thinking 
that our William^ Averell and his family may have belonged to 
the Quakers, and, that though even more extended research may 
not give more knowledge about his ancestry and place of resi- 
dence in Great Britain, it might give us some new facts about 
his wife and their rehgious belief. 



Guppy's Homes of Family Names gives the following: "The 
Averills" of Stoke-on-Trent possess a name-sake in Hugh de 
Averle, who lived in Hunts in the 13th century (see "Hundred 
Rolls"). Guppy also gives in the chapter on "Homes of English 
and Welsh Names," the proportion of those in 10,000, who bear 
the names mentioned by him; and under Staffordshire "Averill" 
is given as 22 to every 10,000. 

Avery is a name also represented in Bucks, Devon and 
Somerset. It occurred as Averey in Oxfordshire in the reign of 
Edward I. (H. R.). 

Lower's Patronymica Britannica 1860, and his Family 
Nomenclature do not give any form of Averell or Averill, or the 
derivation of the name; but they give Avery, and state that this 
name "may claim its origin with nearly equal probability from 
several distinct sources: i. Aviarius, a keeper of birds: The 
Forest charter (s. 14,) enacts that freemen may have in their 
woods Avyries of sparhawkes, falcons, eagles, and herons, ii. 
Avery, the place where forage for the King's horses was kept; 
either from the Lat. Avena, Anglo-Norman haver, oats, or from 
Aver, a Northern provincialism for a working horse, iii. Alberic, 
a German personal name, latinized Albericus, and softened in 
Norman times to Aubrey." 

It is interesting to compare with the above from Patrony- 
mica Britannica on Avery, the following extracts on "Averill": 

William Arthur's Dictionary of Family and Christian Names 
(1857) : "Averill: Local. A corruption of Haverill, the aspirate 
being dropped. Haverill — a town in Suffolk, Eng., named from 
the Dutch Hyver, Teutonic, Haber, oats, and hill — the hill sown 
with oats." 

Barber's British Family Names (1894) : "Averell. From 
Haverill: a loc. n., Suffolk." 

The Surname 

From Evreux (?) "Avenj: a loc. n., Normandy. (Ceil de 
Evereus in Rot. Obi. et. Fin.) K. John." 

Ferguson's Teutonic Name-System (1864) gives the fol- 
lowing: "Respecting the root aus, aur, I quote the following re- 
marks of Forstemann: 'We must assume such a German root 
with the meaning of light, brightness ; and see it in the German 
form of the Sanscrit root iisch, as we also find it in the Latin 
aurum, aurora, uro; in the Greek, n'w's, and in the Ang. Sax.; 
earendel, a star. We have an extension in aust, auster (oriens),' 


-Simple forms: Eng. ore, ousey. French, Aureau, Aiiray, 

Aury, Oiiry, Ory, Aiissy, Usse. Diminutives: Old German, Ausi- 
las, 6th cent. Eng., Auriol, Oriel. French, Auzolle, Aiireille, 

Aw. Av. „. , -^ 
. . ^Simple Forms : 


Diminutives : 

Compounds : (Hard) 

Old German, Avo, Ovo, Ouo, 
8th cen. 

Eng., Ovey. 

French, Avi. 

Old Ger., Avila, 6th cen. 

Eng., Avila, Avill. 

Old Ger., Avelina, 11th cen. 

Eng., Avehne, Aveling, Evelyn. 

French, Aveline. 

Eng., Havard. 

French, Avart. (Hari, war- 

Eng., Avery, Aver, Ower. 

French, Avare, Auer. 

Old Ger., Auiland, 9th cen. 

Eng., Haviland (Man). 

Old Ger.,Ouwaman (11th cen.) . 

Eng., Howman (?). 

Mod. Ger., Avemann." 

Matheson's Surnames in Ireland does not give Avery, Aver- 
ell, or Averill, although the name is found in Ireland today in 
settlements made as early as 1620. 

8 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

J. B. Rietstap's Armorial General gives without other infor- 
mation the following: "Aurel, Auv: De gu, au croiss d'or, ace. de 
trois molettes d' arg, 
Aurel, ou Daurell, France. D'azur a la croix pattee d'or, auglee 

de quatre rayons de soleil du meme. 
Aurelle. Forez, D'azur a deux etoiles d'arg, en chef et une co- 

quille d'or en p. 
Aurelle du Crozet, Auv. Forez. 
" de la Frediere, Auv. 
" de Paladines, Auv. Rouergue. 
" de Villeneuve, Auv. 
Dues d'Avaray (Ref. Beziade, dues d'Avary) . 
Auvray. P. d'Auvers (An., 29 Mai. 1756) : D'azur au chev. 
d'or, ace. en chef de deux etoiles (5) d'arg. et 
en p. d'une cannette du meme. 
" Norm. Losange d'or et d'azur. 

" de Coursanne : Norm. Arms. 
" de la Goudonniere Sann, 
" de Lescarde. Norm, (an., Oct., 1599). 
" de Meurville. " 

des Monts. " 1597. 

" de Rocq. " 

[For Auvril and Avril by same authority see Avrils in France.] 

Aurelle (d'). Ancienne famille, appartenant a la noblesse d'epee 
de la province d'Auvergne. Elle est connue des 1250 et 
produisit sa fihation depuis 1360, pour monter dans les car- 
rosses du roi. (1360 inc. 18'^"'' siecle). Armes. 
Branche des Aurelle de Paladine. 

Branche des Aurelle du Cornais. (Armes): Devise: Vir- 
tus honor. 
Branche des Aurelle Montmorin Saint Heran. Maison 
des plus illustres et des plus anciennes d'Auvergne. 
Connue des I'an 900. Armes : Devoir Virtus honor. 
Avenel (d') . La maison d'Avenel a ete alliee aux rois de France, 
aux rois de Castille, aux empereurs de Constantinople, deux 
fois aux rois d'Angleterre et aux families d'Anjou (Diction- 
narie historique et heraldique de la Noblesse francaise par D. 
de Mailhol). 
[For Avril by same authority see Avrils in France.} 

The Surname 

From De Courcelles's La Noblesse de France (1820) we 
have : d'Aurelle, d'Aureille, d'Aurelh, I'lme des plus anciennes et 
des plus illustres maisons des provinces de Rouergue et d'Au- 
vergne qui a fait ses preuves de cour le 14 septembre 1789 (?). 
Cette famille est representee de nos jours par: 
1° Jean-Simon Narcisse, vicomte d'Aurelle, ne le 30 aoiit 1775. 
2° Eugene d'Aurelle, fils de Gabriel-Antoine d'Aurelle. 

Armes : d'azur, au lion d'or, arme et lampasse de gueules, 
accompagne de deux etoiles, et d'un croissant, le tout d'or, 
d'Avaray (due d'), Voyez Besiade. 
de Besiade, dues d'Avaray, par erection de 1799, 

Tennyson under the date "1793" makes mention of Averills : 

"1793" AYLMER's FIELD. Tennyson, 

"When Aylmer follow'd Aylmer at the Hall 
And Averill Averill at the Rectory 
Thrice over ; so that Rectory and Hall, 
Bound in an immemorial intimacy 
Were open to each other!" 
[For d'Avril, and d'Auvril, see Averils of France.} 


Reference to the early American town and county records 
quoted in this family history will show that, as in the case of 
the Broadway, Worcestershire Averill Family, the family sur- 
name of Averell suffered many changes in the entries made by 
clerks and other officers from 1637 to the present time, even 
though the correct surname Averell or Averill was affixed to the 
document containing the errors. 

Furthermore, William^ Averell signed his will "Averell," 
as did his son William- many years after, and some of liis sons 
at a still later period. 

But as Clerks of Courts do not always read the old style of 
writing easily or correctly, and as the signature of William^ 
Averell was in dispute, photographs of his will were taken, and 
sent to England to be read by those familiar with the writing of 
that period. The photographs varied. A dark one, which we 
hope may be well reproduced here, shows the "ell" better than 
the light one. This also was sent to England and returned, and 

10 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

the signature was declared to be unquestionably Averell. We 
see from previous records that this form was not only the chief, 
and, perhaps, the only one used in Kent, but that it was also 
used in Ireland, and for some entries, at least, by Clerks at 
Broadway, England. At the present time in England both 
Avery and Averell or Averill are pronounced as if spelled Ar-vry, 
Ar-vrell,Ar-vrill (with the r scarcely defined). Consequently, 
one can understand how easily they could be confounded in com- 
mon speech, as they are today, in this country even with our 
more precise pronunciation. 

It is possible that the tragic death of Rev. Joseph Avery, 
of Wiltshire, England, and his family of eleven, who were 
wrecked off Avery's Woe, near Cape Ann, Mass., Aug. 15, 1635, 
on their way from Ipswich to Marblehead, Mass., may have 
caused the confusion of their well remembered surname with the 
similar one of Averell, for it is probable that William^ Averell 
came to Ipswich after that event, or just about that time. Rev. 
Joseph Avery was on his way from Newburyport, and not a 
resident of Ipswich. See narrative of Joseph Avery's cousin and 
fellow passenger, Thomas Thatcher. 

No English records have been found relative to this Rev. 
Joseph Avery. 

But that the two names of Avery and Averill still cling to 
a Hill and some Birches in Ipswich, is rather remarkable [see 
p. 57]. 

Such changes in their surname have not occurred, except in 
very rare cases, in the Avery stocks in America. 

Church op S.S. Peter and Paul, Ash, Kent, 

.m' Averel 
iime. Rev 
and not n 

.TVi'djl ,H«A ..lUA'I UHA HSTaT .8.8 -^o hohihO 




II. Other English Data of Averells and Averills, 
Examined and Copied by Mr. Hoppin. 


the names of Avery and Averell are those of two separate and 
unrelated families. 

The name signed to the will of the emigrant ancestor in 
America was clearly Averell, and not Avery or Averie. . . . 

The searcher takes the emigrant's name as written by him 
to his will, as official — Wm. Averell — and rejects the clerk's 
entries which denominate the same man as "Avery." .... 

C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

Counties of which the Probate Records have been examined 
for Averell evidence, in 1904. 

Devonshire Dorset Shropshire 

Cornwall Somerset Oxfordshire 

The calendars of wills and administrations for these coun- 
ties were examined by me, 1904. 

(Signed) C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

Gloucester Worcestershire Essex 

Stafford Sussex Hertford 

Warwick Surrey Buckingham 

Northampton Kent Leicester 

Berkshire Middlesex London 

Counties in which the name Averell (Evrell, Avrill, 
EVRALL, or Overill) occurs, as found by me in 1904. 

C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

Shropshire Northampton Hertford 

Stafford Kent London 

Warwick Essex Oxfordshire 


14 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The wills and administrations of Averells (however spelt) 
found in the courts having jurisdiction over these counties, were 
examined by, or for, me in 1904. C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 


The evidence in hand and the evidence noted, but not copied, 
indicates that the persons who wrote their names Overill and 
Overall. Everell and Everall, were not of the family of Averell 
or Averill after 1570 : whether there was any relationship earlier 
the searcher does not venture any opinion, having observed 
nothing prior to 1570 upon which to base even a conjecture. 

No evidence appears to connect Ave^'ells with Avewells. 

The old English pronunciation of Averell was as if written 
Arv-rill and not as A-ver-ell. 


St. John 1631 - 112 

Nicholas Averell of Ashe (by Farmingham) Kent yeoman. 

8 Sept. 1631 

To be buried by my father in the churchyard. 

My house in Ashe, with the forge, barne, orchard, etc to my 

eldest son 
William Averell and his heirs (aged about 18 to 20 in 1631) 
To Michael Averill, my son, house and tenement in Little 

Peckham, alias West Peckha 
Wife Dorcas Averill, executrix, to have rents of said houses 

until my sons come to age of 21. 
To both my sons £20 apiece when 21 

Residue to wife Dorcas 
Robbert Averill (testator's brother) 
Will Baker 
Thos. Helye. Probated Oct 1631 

17 Feb. 1661 

Michael Averell, of Dartford, Kent. 
To my wife Elizabeth, houses and lands in Ash, Kent. 

: after her death the same to my fower children Nicholas, 
Willyam, Michael and John equally. 

or «erphan. Kent. 


ley, Kent ""1 P'-°'"'* « ^P*"* 




14 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The wills and administrations of Averells (however spelt) 
found in the courts having jurisdiction over these counties, were 
examined by, or for, me in 1904. C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 


The evidence in hand and the evidence noted, but not copied, 
indicates that the persons who wrote their names Overill and 
Overall Everell and Everall, were not of the family of Averell 
or Averill after 1570 : whether there was any relationship earlier 
the searcher does not venture any opinion, having observed 
nothing prior to 1570 upon which to base even a conjecture. 

No evidence appears to connect Ave/ells with Averiells. 

The old English pronunciation of Averell was as if written 
Arv-rill and not as A-ver-ell. 


St. John 1631 - 112 

Nicholas Averell of Ashe (by Farmingham) Kent yeoman. 

8 Sept. 1631 

To be buried by my father in the churchyard. 

My house in Ashe, with the forge, barne, orchard, etc to my 

eldest son 
William Averell and his heirs (aged about 18 to 20 in 1631) 
To Michael Averill, my son, house and tenement in Little 

Peckham, alias West Peckha 
Wife Dorcas Averill, executrix, to have rents of said houses 

until my sons come to age of 21. 
To both my sons £20 apiece when 21 

Residue to wife Dorcas 
Robbert Averill (testator's brother) 
Will Baker 
Thos. Helye. Probated Oct 1631 

17 Feb. 1661 

Michael Averell, of Dartford, Kent. 
To my wife Elizabeth, houses and lands i7i Ash, Kent. 

: after her death the same to my fower children Nicholas, 
Willyam, Michael and John equally. 


1 r 

brother Ulcto.l 

. Robert 


" "■ "='• " 


"^ — r 

English Genealogical Data 15 

My wife executrix 

Mentions a tenement at East Peckham, Kent in the occu- 
pation of Brooker. 

John Barnard 
ffrancis Coomes 
Henry Laurence 
John Ames 

Probated April 1662 

Audley 25 

Geoffrey Averell of Stansted, Kent yeoman. 
10 Jan 1631 

To poore of Stansted — 10^ 

To wife Ellen, all goods, chattels, houses, lands etc. executrix. 

To Nephew W™ Garland, whom I bore brot up 20" per annum. 

Lands to my brother Robert Averell and his heirs. If he leave 
no issue then to W"' Averell, son of Nicholas Averell, de- 
ceased. If William Averell leave no heirs, then to his brother 

W" Hodsall 

W™ Studder Probated Feb. 1632 

Ra. Vere (This testator knew that his brother Robt. was with- 
out issue, hence the naming of W'" Averell ; and as 
Robert died soon after — W'" may have inherited 
Geoffrey's property) 


(W"' Averell had left for America at date of this will: the fact 
may, or may not, have been known to the testator. No matter 
in either case ; and if Robt. held his brother Geoffrey's estate, 
he was obliged to pass it on to W™.) 

Book 19— part 2— fo. 81'^ 

Nov 15 1637 

In the name of God, Amen, I Robert Averell of Hartley, Kent, 
laborer, ec I will to my coosens (nephews) Michael and 

16 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

William Averell, sonnes of Nicholas Averell (deceased) my 
two houses and lands at Stansted. I bequeath eight pounds 
that my brother Robert Shieffill has of mine to my sister 
Margarett Burling. And my will is that Dorcas Averell the 
mother of Michael & William Averell shall beare halfe the 
charges for my buriall. 

My brother Richard Burling, executor 
The marke of 

Robert Averell 

(This will is proof that both 
Thomas Jones ^m Averell the elder & Mi- 

Elizabeth Hayes, her marke chael his brother were of age 

Proved 30 Nov. 1637. '^ ^^^T; also that W™ was 

of age in 163J^ if not before.) 


Charles i. 

a. a. 38-24 { To the Lorde Keeper of the Create Seale of 

24 Oct, 1638^ England. 

Bill of complaint of James Averell of Ash, Kent, complain- 
ant against Stephen Godden defendant. 

The complainant, in his bill of complaint, (a large parch- 
ment document) sets forth that his grandfather Thomas Averell 
of Ridley, Kent, had a messuage and land called Bostall, in 
Merpham, Kent, in Southstreete, and he died 11 Sept. 1556, 
leaving a will, bequeathing unto Robert Averell, his son and his 
(Robert's) heirs' male, the same property. 

This Robert Averell had five sons* : viz. Thomas, who died 
before his father, James, Nicholas, Robert and Henry; not long 
after the death of Thomas, his son Robert Sen died and his sons 

*The statement as to five sons is disproved by wills; there were surely 7 
sons; but some of them had died quite a number of years before this case 
was brought; one son had been dead 18 years, another longer than that; 
another 10 years; hence the easy omission of 2 sons. It did not matter any 
way, because the number of sons was of no importance to the plaintiff's bill 
of complaint. 

English Genealogical Data 17 

inherited, his son James Averell of Ash, inherited 12 acres, 
which are now claimed by him the complainant, son and heir 
of Robert Averell Sen. 

Stephen Godden in a re joiner, in answer to the bill of com- 
plaint of James Averell of Ash, admits that he has entered into 
the possession of the said twelve acres, and sets forth that he 
bought the land of Robert Averell Sen. 

The complainant James Averell of Ash, sues to recover pos- 
session of the said twelve acres. 

(This case contains several large parchments about 2 feet 
X 3 feet in size each wholly covered over with writing in a fine 
hand, the documents being the written pleas of the plaintiff's 
attorney, with the defendant's reply in full, together with some 
Latin documents by the court officials. The whole probably con- 
tains between 3000 and 4000 words.) 

(A complete verbatim copy of this case should be made.) 

Dale 37 

19 March 1620 
Abraham Averell of the parish of Ashe, neere Kinsdoune, Kent. 

My body to be buried in the churchyard of Stansteed, neare to 
my predecessors. 

To my son George lands and houses in Ashe, Stansteed and 
Merpham, when 21 

My wife to dwell during widowhood in my house called Goodes 
tenement, with my son. 

To my three daughters Ellen, Margery and Anne £30 apeece 
when 20 

Residue to wife Dorithie and £40 in money 

My brother Jeffery Averell, and my cosen Robt. Averell, over- 

Guil Baker, rector 

Thos. Whitehead Probated May 1621 

18 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Will of 

Henry Averell, Merpham, Kent, 8 Apr. 1628 

(no other Averell wills in this court. This will was 
seen but not copied as it adds no further light on 
W" Averell. ) 


temp. Charles i. 
A. 38-14 
8 May 1643 

Edward Averill of Cliffe, Kent and his cosen James Averill, hold- 
ing messuags and land in Merpham, Kent, save with a life in- 
terest held therein by one Katherine Averill (a Thomas Averill 
is mentioned in this bill of complaint as a cosen) 
Katherine Averill died, whereupon James Averill entered into 
the premises, and this suit is brought by the complainant Edward 
Averill to recover his share therein. 

A - 13 - 10 

28 Nov. 1638 

Thomas Averill of Kent, son of Robert Averill, versus William 

Taylor, who married the daughter of said Robert Averill, and 

had, by her, land in Merpham, Kent, called Durrans and Crocke, 

and who sold the same to said Robert Averill for £30 in the 

twentieth year of James i. (1624). 

Joane Averill, the said daughter of Robert Averill, and wife 
of William Taylor died before signing the deed of this sale: 
therefore Thomas Averill, her brother, the complainant, sues 
W™ Taylor to recover the £30 paid by his father Robert Averill, 
claiming that in default of his sister Joane not signing the deed 
of sale, that her right in the property descended to her issue, at 
her death, and that her husband W"' Taylor could not then, after 
her death, perfect the sale to Robert Averill, the orator's father, 
but nevertheless, William Taylor had & kept the £30, as payment 
was made to him by Robert Averill before the intended execution 
of the deed. 

English Genealogical Data 19 


Lawe 106 
20 July 1613 

William Averell of the parish of Ashe, by Kingsdoime, Kent, 
To be buried in the church of Ashe 
To Alice my wyff, all household stuffe where I now dwell and all 

To Walter Miller, my wives sonne, ii weaned calves & ewes and 

To William ffenne my wyves daughters sonne ix li (£) when 21 
To the poor of Ashe 20^ whereof x" to ould father Boothe 
To each of my servants 5' 
Residue to my two sonnes Thomas Averell and Robert Averell, 

Mr W" Hodsoll, gent. & Thos. Comfort, yeoman, overseers. 

Guil Baker The Marke of William Averell 

Will'" Hodsoll 

Thomas Comfort W'" Skudder Proved Nov 1614 


xxi - fo. 216 

Alice Averill, widow (of W'" Averell will 1613) of Ash, Kent. 

30 May 1626 

To son-in-law W™ ffenn 

To my sonns Robert and Walter Averill 

My sonn W" Studder 

My daughter Mary Hawkes 

My daughter Gyles, her children 

To Richard Newington 

To Richard Miller 

To WilHam Miller 

To my brother Thomas Averill 


Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


These parishes have all been searched for baptism & mar- 
riage of W"' Averell. 




St. John Baptist 



All Saints 



All Saints 



St. Helens 



St. John Baptist 



St. Peter & Paul 

Ash (near Wrotham 
& not to be con- 
founded with Ash 
near Sandwich, 

St. Mary 



St. Peter & Paul 


Essex ■ 

All Saints 

Little Munden 


St. Alphege 

■ Solihull 


St. Peter 



All Saints 



St. Laurence 



U li 

Overthropp (Wark- 
worth) (records 
at Marston) 


All Saints 

Gt. & Little Bourton 


Great St. Mary 



St. Mary 



C. A. HoppiN, Jr. 

(W"' Averell (son of Nicholas Averell who died at Ash Kent 
1631) does not appear to have been baptised at Ash; therefore 
research remains to be made in neighboring parishes for 
record of baptism. If his parents were not of the Church of 
England, he may not have been baptised in any such church.) 

The vital records of Ash go back to 1553. 

English Genealogical Data 21 

The parish books at Ash were examined foi' me by the rector 
there. I think it now to be well for another examination to be 
made by an expert. Clergymen often misread the old records, 
unless they have made a study of deciphering them. I do not 
know whether the Ash rector is expert or not. 

In my search for Aliens in Kent I examined, in part, the 
records of baptism, marriage & burial of some fourteen Kent 

A look-out for Averells was maintained : none were met 
with in the parishes. There remain quite a number of Kent 
parishes not yet seen where records of the Averells already 
noted may be found. 

There is a fair chance that W"' Averell's marriage to Abigail 
occurred in the parish of her home — not necessarily Ash — and 
that the marriage may have been not by "Hcense," but by 
"banns" ; and in this case the record may be hoped for. I shall 
always bear it in mind in future searches that take me into 
Kent, as one may come across it accidentally. 

THE FEET OF FINES (sales of land etc.) 

for Kent were not reached by me. These records are in Latin, in 
London, and poorly arranged. They should furnish some highly 
interesting evidence; and possibly some deed of W™ Averell of 
the land inherited from his father, and found later in possession 
of Michael Averell, W™'" brother. 

have \ Feet of fines, (deeds) 

not f lay subsidies (taxation) 

been I inquisitions (post mortem) 

examined.) manor court rolls (civil & criminal cases of minor 

importance, and not large 
enough for the Court of Chan- 
cery in London) 

The Prerogative Court of Canterbury, in addition to the 
county courts, has jurisdiction over all England. The records 
of this court have been fully examined by me. 

C. A. HoppiN, Jr. 

22 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, London. 

Nabbs 1660: 

John Evrell, Aug. 211 (of Northamptonshire) 
Pell 1659: 

John Ovrill, Jan. 26 (of Essex, Tihingham — wife Alice, son) 
Lee 1638: 

Margery Evrell, 147 (of Warrington, Northamptonshire) 
Harvey 1639: 

Thos. Avrell, 40 (of Worcestershire) 
King 1679: 

Richard Avrall, Administration (of parts beyond the seas) 
Rath 1680: 

Sara Avrell, 1 (of Warwickshire) 
Hare 1684: 

John Avenell, 23 (of Berkshire) 
St. John 1631: 

Nicholas Avrell, 112 (of Kent) 
Ridley 1629: 

Philip Avrell, Feb. 10 
Loame 1620: 

Thomas Evrall, Feb. 20 (not important) 
Dale 1621: 

Abraham Avrell, May 37 ( " " ) 

Elizabeth " Oct. 84 ( " " ) 

Lawe 1614: 

Wm. Averell, 106 
Fenner 1612: 

Henry Averill, 98 
Brudenell 15: 

1585. Henry Avrill of Asshelden, Essex. 
Cobham 100: 
1597. John Avrall, yeoman of Yardley Worcestershire. 

English Genealogical Data 23 

Drake 66: 

1596. Thos. Avrill of Ourthropp, Northamptonshire and of 
Great & Little Burton, Oxfordshire. 

Sainberbe 33: 

1591. Walter Averill, Gentleman, of Marham, Norfolk Co. 

The foregoing wills were all examined and abstracts of some 
of them made by me. (No more Averells in P. C. C., between the 
requisite dates.) 

C. A. HoppiN, Jr. 

Wills at Lichfield for Warwickshire, Worcestershire, & 
Staffordshire : 

Series iii. 

1541. John Averell 

1544. " Avery of Filloughley 15 

1551. Hugh Averell 35 

1552. Henry " of Solihull 47 
1554. Baldwin " 62 

1557. Richard Avrell 113 
1546. Wm. Averell 50 

Series iv. 

1596. Geo. Averill 168 
1570. John " 135 
1613. Robt. " 62 (administration) 

, 1616. Richard Averell 212 
1608. Thos. " ahas Tayler 69 

Series v. 

1641. Richard Tayler, alias Averell of Solihull 

Series iv. 

1589. Edward Averill (Adm".) 135 

Series v. 

1637. Geo. Averill (inventory) 

Series iv. 

1606. John Averill 198 

24 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

1649. Nicholas Averill of Alrewas 
Series v. 

1681. Richard Averill 
1646. Wm. Averill of Yoxall 
1626. Wm. Averie 38 
1641. Thos. Avery of Allesley 

(No more Averells in these counties.) 
Nothing sufficiently significant was found among the fore- 
going wills at Lichfield to warrant the expenditure of time for 
copying. C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

Probate and Adm" Acts. 

The only Averell document is of 
1627-28 : 

Richard Averell 31 (not important) 

Seen by me C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 1904 


Stoughton 1614 to 1620: 

will of— 

George Averell 273 
Yeast 1622 to 1630: 

will of Thomas Avewell 1624 - 120 
Farner 1631-38 

Joannis Avenell 1638 - 446 

Above wills of Averell and Avenell were not of sufficient 
importance to warrant the expenditure of time for copying. 

C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 


Raymond 1572 - 181 

Bennet Averell (of Sabridgemouth, Herts.) 

Wm. Overill, Senior of Wimbish. Adm" 1655. 

(Book missing) 
(No others in this court.) 

English Genealogical Data 25 

Above wills seen; but not important (save the latter, which 
is lost). C. A. HoppiN, Jr. 


1651 - 41 

Richard Overill of Stissted. 

(Only Averell will in this court.) 
Seen, but not of importance. C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 


Thos. Averell, of Much Dunmowe, Essex, will dated 15 Feb 1563. 

(Only Averell will in this court.) 
Seen ; but not of value. C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 


1637. Robt. Averell, of Hartley, 19-2. fo. 81 
1662. Michael " " Dartford, 219 - xxiii 

Calendar No. 4. 
1626. Alice Averill, of Ash, Kent, 216 - xxi 

Abstracts of these wills follow. 

Shropshire — the only Everall will of this county on file in Pre- 
rogative Court of Canterbury: 

Soame 20 
25 Feb 1618 

Thomas Everall of Parish of St. Alkmund, in town and 
county of Salop (Shropshire) 

to my son Richard £3. 

" " " William 20^ (not the Wilham Averell of Massa- 
" " " John " chusetts) C. A. H. 

to Abraham Everall, sonne, £4. 
to daughter Winnifred Everall, a bed etc. 

Elizabeth 20^ 
" Joane Everall £20. etc. 

to my youngest daughters, Joane, and Mary one half of my 
household stuff, etc. 

26 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Residue to Winnifred Everall, executrix 

to my son Richard's four children 40^ 

Hand & scale of 
Thos. Lloyd, elk Thomas Everall 

John Prichard 
John Everall Probated Feb 1620 


Wooton 590 
March 7. 1651 

In the name of God, Amen. I Sabrina Averill, of Royston, 

Hertfordshire, widdowe etc. 
to my daughter Joane Smith 28 paire of sheets 
to my Sonne three paire of sheets etc. 
to my Sonne John Singleton one shilling and to his daughter 

Elizabeth Singleton £5. etc. at 16 
to Joane Smith, my daughter, all my goods unbequeathed, sole 

executrix Sabrina Averell 

her worke 
John Royce, his worke 
Constance Partridge, her worke 
Robert Gatward 

Proved 27 Nov 1658 by executrix named 

(The above is not of value.) C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

Harvey 40 

13 July 1638 

Thomas Averell of King's Norton, Worcestershire yeoman 

My houses and lands to Humfry Kendall, my sister Alice, her 
son, ; in default of his having no issue, then to the right 
heirs of me Thomas Averell. Humfry to discharge the sev- 
eral legacies, if he doe not pay them then all to William 
Choice of Coventree, shoe-maker. 

To the poor of King's Norton £10. 

To Elizabeth Kisse and Hellen Kisse, daughters of my brother- 
in-law John Kisse £5 apiece. 

To John, William, Robert & Ann Tompson, children of my 
brother-in-law W™ Tompson, £5 apiece 
(This will is not of value.) C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

English Genealogical Data 27 

Lee 147 

Nov 9 1636 

Margery Everell of Warmington Northamptonshire, 
To poor of Tausor 12^ 
To my daughter the wife of W'" Smyth, the iron barres in 

the Kitchin chimney etc. 
My said daughter Mary 
To my Sonne Robert Everell 30, and to his children 10=^ 

To my son John Everell 50, to his children 10' apiece 
To my daughter Ellen wife of Hugh Hicks 40 and to Hugh 
Hicks, her sonne, 10, and to her other children 10" 
To my grandchild John Curtis 10' 
" " " W- Curtys 10 at 21 

" " " Katherine Curtys 20 marks at 21 or at 

To my brother Edward Hicks lO*" 
To my godsonne Adam Hicks 10' 
" " sister Kellam 10' 
" " " Bellamy 10' 
" Mr. Taylor, vicar of Warmington 10' 

Whereas my late husband Robert Vaux did in his last 
will give my daughter Mary 10 I give her and William Smyth 
her now husband 50 

To my daughter Curtys her said father's will 

Residue to my two sons Robert Everell and John Everell 

Robert Hicks and Edward Hicks, overseers 

Margery Everell 
Thomas Manott, his worke her worke 

Ralfe Cuthbert " 
Anthony Tod " " 

Proved 30 Nov 1638 

(This document is not of value.) C. A. HOPPIN, Jr. 

(Evidence was noted indicating the presence in England 
of this W- Averell after 1635.) C. A. H. 

28 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Ridley 10 


Phillipp Averell of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire (noncupative) 

The deceased said, while ill, that his minde and will was that his 
cosen William Averell should have and receive all his goods and 
estate: said alsoe that he had given him, the said W"" Averell, 
a special charge to paie the debts of him the said Phillipp Averell 
therewithall and to dispose of the rest of his estate and goods, 
after his debts were paied, to and amongst the kinsfolke of the 
said W"' Averell accordinge to his owne discretion and as he 
should answeare the same at the dreadful daie of judgment in 
the presence and hearing of divers credible witnesses. 

Probated - Feb 1629/30 
John Norgrove - Samuel Averell, Isebell Newman - 
Laurens Ellines 


No 41. 

Richard Overill of Stisted, Essex, 
To Henry Overill, my brother, 20" 
To Thomas Oviril, my youngest brother, 20' 
To my sister Rosbrok 20" 

To my brother Simon Overill's children 10" apece. 
To my sister Sara Overill's daughter 10" 
My wife Susan, executrix 

The worke of 
Thomas Sparrow Richard Ovirill. 

Henry Sparrow 

Probated 5 Dec. 1650 
(This will not of value.) C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 


temp. Charles i. 
(Not of value.) C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

0- 9- 68 

17 April 1635 

Sarah Overill of Widford, Herts, widdow of Thomas Overill 
late of Sabridgeworth, Herts, husbandman. 

English Genealogical Data 29 

Whereas John Overill, late of Walham Tower Essex, de- 
ceased, being indebted to Thomas Overill aforesaid £32 or there- 
abouts, became bound to the latter in one obligation dated 24 Feb. 
22 of James (1625) of the penal sum of three score pounds. 

When this obligation became due the said John Overill de- 
sired Thomas Overill to allow him more time, which was ac- 

Now Thomas Overill died 2 years since (1633) leaving a 
will. Before his widow, the complainant could collect on the 
bond, John Overill, the debtor, also died, leaving a will, non- 
cupative, with Ann Overill, his wife, executrix, who proved the 
will in the Bishop's Court of London. 

Sarah Overill, in her bill of complaint, charges the defendant 
Ann Overill with having concealed some of the property of John 
Overill: and also, that Ann Overill is not too poore to pay the 
debt ; that John Overill died worth £300. 

In a re joiner, filed by the attorney for Ann Overill, on 24 
April 1635, she, the defendant, alleges, that she has no knowledge 
of any debt owed by her late husband John Overill to Thomas 
Overill, nor does she believe that he did owe him. Her answer 
is a general and specified denial of any such obligation. Further- 
more she claims that John Overill's estate was not sufficient to 
pay his debts. She mentions John Overill Jr., John Jones, John 
Butterfield in her rejoiner. 


temp Charles i. 

A 21-61 

Isabel Averell, widow of Henry Averell of Corley, Warwick- 
shire, yeoman, Henry Averell was in his life-time sessed of a 
cottage or tenement in Corley, Warwickshire, with land, and 
with a pasture called Linley, of the yearly value of £5. 

Said Henry Averill conveyed the same to Thomas Chaply 
(brother of Isabel Averell) of Merriden, Warwickshire, on 14 
Oct. 16th of James i (1620) for £14. 

The complainant enters a bill of complaint against Francis 

30 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Blyth and Henry Averell, who he claims, bore, improperly ac- 
quired influence over the property. 

(Above not of value.) C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

temp. Elizabeth 
Bundle 3. No i. 

A Suit of Benedict Averell versus Newce Clement over the 
manor of Tedenhowbury, County Herts. 
Bundle 4. No 92 

Suit of Bennet Averell versus John Tredgoll over money 

(Above cases not of value.) C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 



William Averell of the town of Lyttle Mundeyn, pays iiid. 
(3 pence) (Little Munden) 

(Not the William Averell of Massachusetts, nor an ances- 
tor.) C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

FEET of FINES, (land transfers) 

County of Hertford. 

1543 William Averell bought land of Thomas Howe and wife 

Etheldreda, in Stondon, Herts. 
1562 Henry Averell and Benedict Averell bought two houses 
and lands in Stondon, Herts., of William Averell. 
(Not the William Averell of Massachusetts, or an ancestor.) 

C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 


No 187. 29 June 1592 

In the descriptions of boundaries of one of the above estates 
in this township occurs: — "The Queene's land in the tenure of 
William Averell one (on) the East side." 

(Not the William Averell of Massachusetts, or an ancestor.) 

C. A. Hoppin, Jr. 

English Genealogical Data 31 


Extracts from letter of May 6th, 1899, by Isaac Averill, 
Esq., of Broadway, to the compiler of this genealogy : 

"Dear Madam : — I have the correspondence you mention 
between Mr, Augustin Averill, Mr. Davis and Mr. S. (Stephen) 
Averill, my Uncle in 1855-56. All the pedigrees and papers re- 
lating to our family are in my keeping, and, when looking over 
them, I have often wondered if I should ever hear more from 
my American relatives. Our pedigree was worked out by my 
Uncle, assisted by that eminent antiquarian Sir Thomas Phil- 
lipps Bar' (who lived in this parish, and was a school fellow 
and friend of my Father and Uncle), many of whose letters on 
the subject I now have. In one he says: 'I take the opportunity 
of sending you the names I promised, William Averill 1505, 
Henry do 1545, William do 1545, William do 1566, Henry do 
1584. Walter do 1590, Thomas do 1595, Henry do 1611, William 
do 1613.' He also says they may be incorrect. Does not mention 
whether they are baptisms or deaths, I suppose the latter. 

As you have the pedigree sent by my Uncle you will see the 
first entry in it is the marriage of John Averell with Alice 
Hawkes Nov' 2"'' 1602, which I have seen in our Parish Register. 
From this date it is clear all down till now. 

My family is descended from Isaac, his (John's) grand- 
son, — baptized 28"' March 1649 — who married Joyce Moore of 
Elmley Castle. In a note my Uncle says There are no entries in 
the Register of Broadway parish relating to the Descendants of 
William Averill and Joyce subsequent to 1691. They must have 
left Broadway about that time, but where they went is unknown 
to me.' Our register is now in the Parish Church in the care of 
the Rev'' F. A. Morgan, M.A., Vicar of Broadway ; it is in many 
places difficult to make out. My Father, Isaac Blakeman Averill 
d. 1858 ; my Uncle Stephen 1860. We were a family of 13—7 still 
living. My youngest brother Octavius emigrated to Canada in 


Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

1880 and is there now with a family of four. I have also three 
nephews and one niece there, children of my brother Stephen. 
Their address is Clan William, Manitoba. I live in the old house 
here .... This is an old fashioned village healthy and 
attractive Isaac Averill." 

(In the following it is to be noticed that the Parish Register 
of Broadway has in it the same variations in connection with 
early records of the Averills as we have in early records of 
Ipswich and Essex Co., Mass. Our copy was received Sept. 24, 
1899, from Mr. Charles S. Averill of Yokohama, who received 
the record from his Father, Augustin Averill.) 




William the son of John Averie 



daughter of John Averell 
" " John Averell 



John Averyes 
John Avery 
John Averell 
William Averell 

IG'^^Aug 1603 

Oct 1605 

20'^Mch 1607 

26'^ Feby. 1609 

30"^ July 1611 

14'i^Feby 1618 

19"^ Feby 1631 

William & Joyce Averell 28'^^ Jan'y 1637 



William Averill 
William Averill 
John Averill 
John Averys 
John Averys 
John Averill 
WiUiam Averill 

30''^July 1646 

28"^Mch 1649 

22"<J Oct 1671 

18"^Apl. 1687 

14t'^Dec. 1688 

12'Mune 1691 

27^^ June 1692 


John Averell & Alice Hawkes 2"-^ Nov. 1602 

John Averell & Anne Collier 28*^^ Sept 1653 

John Averill & Mary Rickets (widow) 8'^^ Jan'y 1670 

English Genealogical Data 33 



daughter of 

John Averie 




son " 

William Averill 

7'" Dec 



daughter " 

John Averill 

24^'^ Aug 



wife " 

John Averill 

28"^ Sept 


William Averill 

6'*^ Jany 



daughter " 

John Averis 

S^"^ Sept 


Joyce Averill widow 




■H tf t> . ( 

5 ' W rH 

o ar 


o o > 

1.0 o 
I c to 

H <!o . 

•H . rt d . 

c • s 

0) a) to 

a ' °* 
'— o >. 

m B' 

d II c « 

o s « 

II > to 


.as -a, 

B -lO" 
Lo Cr-1 


E (B-B 

■H • O »H 


to o — 


English Genealogical Data 



Among the publications of the Harleian Society, of Eng- 
land, we find : 

"A Register of all the Christninges Burialles & Weddinges, 
within the Parish of Saint Peeters upon Cornhill, Beginning at 
the Raigne of our most Soueraigne Ladie Queen Elizabeth." 

Edited by Granville W. G. Gower, F. S. A., London, 1877. 

This register contains records of the Parish Clerk William 
Averell and his family which we give in full excepting -Latin 
entries by himself. (We assume, but do not know, that the first 
record relates to this clerk.) 

Yeare mo. 1131248 

1555 Februa 12 Christning of William Averell sonne of 


1578 Februa 

1579 Dec. 

1580 Dec. 

1581 Nouem 

1582 Februa 

2 Monday Christning of Annes Averell 
daughter of William Averell Merchaunt 
Taylor the childe born the 26"' of Jan- 

27 Sonday Christning of Susan Averell 
daughter of William Averell Merchaunt 
Taylor, born the 24"' of December 

21 Wedensday Christning of Elizabeth 
Averell daughter of William Averell 
Merchaunt Taylor, born friday the 16"' 

26 Sondaj^ Christning of John Averell 
Sonne of William Averell Merchaunt 
Tayler, the childe born the 21"^ day be- 
ing Tuesday 

24 Sonday Christning of Mathias Averell 
Merchant Tailor, born the 18'" day be- 
ing monday 


Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

1584 March 2 Tuesday Christining of William Averell 

Sonne of William Averell Merchaunt 
Tailor the child born y^ 25'*^ of Febru: 

1586 Aprill 17 Sonday Christining of Parnell Averell 

daughter of William Averell Merchaunt 
Tailor, born the 9^^ day being Satterday 

1587 Septem 24 Sonday Christining of Mathew Averell 

Sonne of William Averell Merchaunt 
Tailor, the childe born y^ 5''* day Friday 

1589 Septem 7 Sonday Christining of William Averell 

Sonne of William Averell Merchaunt 
Tailor, the childe born the 30^'^ day of 
August Satterday 

1590 August 23 Sonday Christining of Bartholmew 

Averell sonne of W"" Averell Merchaunt 
Tailor, the childe born the 17''' day 

1591 Septem 5 Sonday Christining of Martha Averell 

daughter of William Averell Merchaunt 
Tailor, born the 31''' of August being 

1592 Januar 7 Sonday Christned Thomas Averell sonne 

of William Averell Merchaunt Tailor 
the childe born the 3 day of January 
being Wedensday 

1593 Decern 23 Sonday Christning of Richard Averell 

Sonne of William Averell Merchant 
Tailor, born the 14'" of December Fri- 

1594 Decem 29 Sonday Christining of Rebecca Averell 

daughter of William Averell Merchaunt 
Tailor his 16"^ child, born the 22*" De- 
cemb: Sonday 
J 595 Janua 25 Sonday Christning of Margery Averell 

daughter of William Averell Merchaunt 
Tailor my 17'" childe, born the 14*" 
day, being Wedens. 

English Genealogical Data 


1597 Decemb 

1582 Septem 

1583 March 
1592 Septem 

1593 Februa 

1594 Februa 

1599 Maye 



Sonday Christining of Elizabeth Averell 
daughter of William Averell his 18*^ 
childe, Merchant Tailor & Clarke heare, 
born y^ 28"^ Nouem: Mon. 

(English verses on Queen Elizabeth 
by William Averell, and beneath them 
the following in Latin by him) : 

''Spes mea Christus erit sine quo spes 
nulla salutis." W. A. 

Satterday Elizabeth Averell daughter of 
William Averell Merchant tailo"" 2 

Wedensday a still born childe of Will- 
iam Averell Merchaunt Tailor 

26 Tuesday Mathew Averell sonne of W™ 
Averell Merchant Tailor : and Clarke of 
this Church; his pit in the West yard 
toward the church wall, yers 5. (Be- 
neath is an epitaph to Mathew Auerell 
written in Latin by his father.) 

21 Richard Averell an infant of William 
Averell Merchant Tailor in west yard 

20 Friday Gillian Averell wif of William 
Averell Merchant Tailor and Clarke of 
this Church. An inscription to his wife 
in Latin follows the above, and "shee 
died of her 17"' child; pit in y^ west 
yard by her children, at the right hand 
toward the church wall, where y^ bay 
tree stood." 

13 Tuesday: Buryed Elizabeth Averell 
daughter of William Averell clarke of 
this church, her pit in the West yard 
by the spoute. 1 & a half (years) 

38 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

1603 August 7 Sundaie Margaret Averell daugh: of 

W™ Averell Clarke of this church, her 
pit in the West yard by her mother shee 
was 16 yeares old: Laudetur dominus 
1605 (September) 23 William Averell Clarke of this p'ishe 
William Auerell dwellinge in Corbetes Courte in Gra- 

parish clarke tious streete 

1578 Nouem 2 Sonday: Wedding of William Averell 

Foelix atq : Merchant Tailor, of this parish : And 

faustum coniugium Gyllian Goodale daugh: of Robert 
doxa theo Goodale Brown baker of this p'ish 

(Id: Gyllian Goodale daughter of 
Robert Goodale, with twin sister Mar- 
garet was christened in the same 
church, 1556 Nouem 10) 

C. Avenel. Anglo Norman — Scotland, David the First — Rob- 
ert Avenel owned as military reward Upper and Lower Esk- 
dale Judiciary of Lothian (William the Lion) 1165. Died 
Abbey of Melrose 1185: sons Gervase & Roger (Monastery & 
Abbott by Scott) Name passed out, Hanna's The Scotch 
Irish, [Vol. ii, pp. 386-7,] and The Scottish Nation, [Vol. i]. 
(It is believed by Mr. Hoppin [see p. 14] that the Avenels are 
not of the same stock as the Averells or Averills.) 

D. Averell. The Scotch Irish by Hanna. 

Abstract of Nicholas Pynnar's Survey in 1619 [Vol. i, p. 532]. 
1. Scotch Undertakes 

County Tyrone (Ireland), precinct of Mount joy. 
3. 1800 acres, Robert Heyborne (Hepbourne) : 

Stone house and barns : 6 freeholders. 

3 lessees, 10 houses; able to produce 

26 men with arms {In 1620, portions 

of this land were sold to Thomas Averell 

John Lyford, Michael Lawrence, 

Robert Edmonston, John Coulson, 

Henry Clarke and William Ploughman ; 

and later, before 1629, the remainder 

was conveyed to Henry Stewart). 

English Genealogical Data 39 

We are indebted to Mr. Wm. D. Averell, of Mount Airy, 
Philadelphia, Pa., for another mention of the Averells of Co. 
Tyrone in a letter of Jan. 22, 1902. "Data from Memoir of the 
Life and Labours of the Reverend Adam Averell for nearly 
thirty years President of the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Con- 
ference. (Book owned by Jane J. Maccabe, Bandon, 1862; 
loaned to W. D. Averell by Mr. Horatio F. Averill of New York 

'The ancestors of the Rev. Adam Averell, the subject of the 
following- Memoir, came from England to this country (Ireland), 
about the middle of the sixteenth century (17th.?) and became 
possessed of Tamnamore, a small estate in the parish of Killy- 
man, County of Tyrone. This property is beautifully situated 
on the northern side of the river Blackwater, nearly midway 
from where it passes between the towns of May and Charlemont, 
and its termination in Lough Neagh. It was inherited by the 
family of Averell in its successive generations for about two 
hundred years, and afterward passed into the possession of the 
Lloyd family, relatives of its former owners ; — Richard Lloyd, 
Esq., being its present proprietor. 

The branch of the family from which Adam was descended 
became -located at Mullan, a part of the family property in the 
same county, at which place he was born on the 7th. of May, 
1754. His parents were members of the Established Church, 
his father attended to the secular business of the Rev. Doctor 
John Averell who died 1771, aged 58, before Adam entered Col- 
lege and was his friend and patron. 

Doctor Averell became Bishop of Limerick. He had a sis- 
ter whose son the Right Honorable Francis Andrews was at 
that time Provost of Trinity College; and by the kindness of 
these relatives he was enabled to com.mence his collegiate course 
(Trinity College 1773-77). His father was b. in 1715, and liv- 
ing in 1804, in his 90th. year, at Mullan, and his mother in her 
84th. year. 

In 1823 Bishop Adam Averell moved from Mt. Salem with 
his dau. Mrs. John Cochrane and four children into Clones. He 
d. 1847 Jan. 16.' (Note by Mr. Wm. D. Averell: 'Bishop Adam 

40 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Averell was not private tutor to Bishop John Averell's children, 
but to the children of Sir Richard St. George, Bart, of Tully, Co. 
Roscommon. This was in 1774.' The Coat of Arms sent me 
and dating from Charles II's reign is entirely different from 
that of our branch and indicates a different series of exploits 
and rewards. What is the crest and motto?)" 

French Genealogical Data 



Avril de Burey (d') . Cette famille, originaire d'Anjou et de 
Bretagne, etait connue comme noble avant le 
xvi'' siecle. Elle a produit des conseillers au 
parlement de Bretagne; un premier president 
de la cour des comptes de la meme province; 
des magistrats, echevins, gouverneurs de places, 
etc. En Angoumois, elle a produit un conseiller 
roi, maitre particulier des eaux et forets, des 
vicomtes d'Ezy, Pazy et Nonancourt, en Nor- 
mandie (1706). Elle a ete maintenue dans sa 
noblesse a plusieurs reprises, tant a I'intendance 
de Rennes que dans les generalites et bailliages d'Angouleme et de 
Ruffec, ainsi qu'en Normandie. 

Elle s'est alliee directement aux families: Raspide de La 
Bussiere, de Sacrato, de Pimord, Le Rouyer de Menuchon, de 
Gouhyer, de Malvoiie, Le Velain du Castel, Le Boullenger, de 
Richomme, de Bernay, de Mauroy, Fouque des Loges, de Chabot, 
de Marencher de Tulle, de Villefranche, etc. 

Armes: D'argent, a I'arbre (pin) arrache de sinople; au 
chef d'azur charge de trois etoiles d'or. 

Couronne de comte. 

Supports: Deux lions au naturel, armes et lampasses de 
gueules, ayant leurs tetes contournees. 

Devise : Semper virens. 

Representant Actuel: 
Avril de Burey ( Robert- Auguste Louis, C^^ d'), ne en 1846, 
chevalier de I'ordre de Saint-Sylvestre, comte du Saint-Empire, 

Residence : chateau de Nenon, par Rochefort-sur-Nenon 
(Jura) ; marie en 1875 a Marie-Constance-Claudine-Genevieve 
DE Marenches, dont Jeanne-Marie-Louise-Genevieve, nee en 


Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Le titre de comte est une concession de Leon xiii (Diction- 
naire de La Noblesse francaise par D. de Mailhol). 

Auvril. Bretagne 

Avril — Nivernais. 

Avril — Toulouse. 

D'arg. au chene de sin., terrasse du meme; 
au chef d'or, ch. de trois rose de gu. 
D'or au lion d'azur, arm., Lamp, et cour. 
d'arg., ayant un croiss, du sec. au dessous 
de sa patte sen. 

D'arg. au chev. de gu., ace. en chef de deux 
etoiles d'azur et en p. d'un rencontre de 
taureau de sin. [From Armorial General.'] 



The above Coat of Arms blazoned 

"Gules a plain cross Ermine flowered in Chef 
a Stag's head Gules," is taken from a manu- 
script catalogue of arms, of about the year 
1590. The manuscript is now in the Library 
of Sir Thomas Phillips Bar', at Middle Hill, 
Broadway, Worcestershire (England). 

This coat of arms was obtained by Augus- 
tin Averill from England, 

From Fairbairns' Book of Crests 

Averill of Broadway, Worcester 

A buck's head cabossed gu. 

(Same as on Arms) 

Plate 122, Crest 5. 

French Genealogical Data 



The above coat of arms blazoned 

"Argent 4 Lozenges in fess between two bars 

jumelles gules" is from the Heralds College 

in London in a catalogue there published in 

the time of Charles the 2d. 

This coat of arms was obtained by Augus- 
tin Averill from England. 


1. Averill (Broadway, co. Worcester, Eng- 
land), settled there since 1602. 

Gu. a cross fleury erm. charged in chief with 
a buck's head of the field. Crest— A buck's 
head cabossed as in the Arms. 

2. Averell (co. Gloucester, Smith's Ordi- 
nary) . 

Az. a cross erm. fluery or, in dexter point a 
buck's head cabossed ar. attired of the third. 

44 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


The compiler of this genealogy acknowledges with apprecia- 
tion the use of data gathered by the late James (No. 2319) W. 
Averill of Salem, Mass., of his own line; notes and copies of 
records made during many years by the late (Mrs.) Martha J. 
Averill, wife of Augustus (No. 1363) Averill of Middleton, 
Mass. ; data collected with great perseverance by the late William 
H. (No. 1406) Averill of Frankfort, Ky. ; very extensive informa- 
tion gathered with unusual care and judgment by Henry 
Ketchum (No. 2702) Averill, formerly of Plattsburg, N. Y., and 
now of Washington, D. C. ; and data gathered by Samuel Johnson 
(No. 1424) Averill of New Preston, Conn., which is now in the 
possession of his son, the Hon. Heman Otis (No. 2669) Averill 
of Washington, Conn. Access was given the compiler to this 
last and most extensive collection in Dec, 1899, and later it was" 
sent to her for more leisurely examination. It includes (1) a 
Record of Ancestors, limited to the New Preston Averills and 
some of their descendants, and not complete, which was com- 
piled in 1820 by the late Horace Averill (No. 609), then of 
Albany, but later of Brooklyn, N. Y. (2) A Record of Averills, 
which contains the tradition of three brothers who came to 
America from Milford Haven, Wales, including among the three 
their ancestor Isaac (No. 21) Averill, who was really not one of 
the first, but one of the third generation in this country. This 
MS. was compiled between 1845 and 1853 by Samuel Johnson 
Averill, and is more extensive than the former, though still lim- 
ited practically to Connecticut Averills. (3) A Record of Aver- 
ills, also by Samuel Johnson Averill, which was prepared after 
Aug. 26, 1856, and which is still more extensive than the others, 
containing as it does Ipswich and Topsfield, Mass., data, and some 
facts in connection with other Averills in Connecticut, whose 
relationship to the New Preston line does not appear in the 
earlier records. This Record was given by Samuel Johnson 
Averill to Cothren for his History of Ancient Woodbury, pub. 
1879. (4) The Record prepared by Rev. E. 0. Jameson, an emi- 
nent genealogist, called Averills in America, compiled for Samuel 
Johnson Averill, at his expense, and sent to him from Massachu- 

Acknowledgment of Information 45 

setts in 1885. This contains information gathered by the latter, 
with more extensive data from Ipswich and Topsfield prepared 
by Mr. Jameson. (5) Another contribution by Samuel J. Averill 
was a "Record" compiled after 1885 from all the sources then 
in his possession. This corrects many errors in the statement 
furnished for Cothren's History of Ancient Woodbury, and offers 
facts and suggestions as to the relationship of the Windham, 
Conn., line; claiming the line of Jabez (No. 39) of Preston, 
Conn., but not that of Thomas (No. 16), nor the Branford, 
Conn., Averills. This was by far the most complete record held 
by any one up to that time. 

The compilation of the present publication was made far 
easier by the generous courtesy of the above named members of 
the family who offered the use of all their MSS. most freely. 
Special indebtedness is also acknowledged to the Hon. and Mrs. 
Elroy M. Avery of Cleveland, Ohio, the former an Avery of the 
Groton stock, the latter a descendant of Wm.^ Avery of Dedham. 
They have compiled and edited a new edition of the History of 
the Avery s of Groton, now called "The Groton Avery Clan" (in 
press), and have for many years given the compiler of this 
genealogy the benefit of their valuable experience and have co- 
operated with her in every effort made to elucidate the problems 
in connection with the two stocks, and in the collection of data 
both in our own country and in England. Very valuable assist- 
ance has also been rendered, both directly and indirectly, by Mr. 
George Francis Dow of Topsfield, Mass., the able antiquarian, 
who is now Secretary of The Essex Institute, Editor of the Tops- 
field Historical Collection, and was the compiler of the Averill 
Genealogy, which appeared in Vol. iv. No. 9, of The Essex Anti- 
quarian, Sept., 1900. In this genealogy the names of 152 Averills 
appeared from 1637 to 1816, with careful copies from Ipswich, 
Topsfield. Middleton and Essex Co. records relating to the family. 
Acknowledgment is also made of the courteous aid given by Mr. 
Charles B. Whittelsey, compiler and publisher of the excellent 
Whittlesey genealogy, and to Hon. Thomas Franklin Waters, of 
Ipswich, Mass. 



Averell, Averill, Avery Family 




H. C. 

Historical Collec- 
















Am. Rev. 

American Revolu- 

I. H. S. 

Ipswich Historical 





I. T. P. 

Ipswich Town 






I. T. R. 

Ipswich Town 




Ch. (ch.) 




Cert. Rec. 

Certified Record 








Colonel ; Colonial 


New England His- 



toric Genealogi- 



cal Society 

















d. y. 

died young 





T. H. C. 

Topsfield Histori- 

Essex Ant. 

Essex Antiquarian 

cal Collection 

F. B. R. 

Family Bible Rec- 




T. R. 

Town Records 

F. R. 

Family Records 

T. T. R. 

Topsfield Town 










V. H. G. 

Vermont Histori- 


History; Histori- 

cal Gazeteer 


V. R. 

Vital Records 

P. R. 

Probate Records 


Warranty (deed) 


Preceding Thursday, Sept. 

14, 1752, dates in records were 

in Old Styl 

c, in which the year 

began in March. 

English Genealogical Data 47 


"William of Ipswich ! Art is long, 
And swift as a shuttle the full years flee, 
And we fain would question the shadowy throng 
That peoples the distance from us to thee. 
In the halls of silence we stand and wait 
For far, faint echoes. We vainly peer 
Through fading record and ancient date 
To learn of the kindred whose names are here. 
O, vanished Immortal ! How soon shall we 
Emerge from the shadows to meet with thee 
William of Ipswich?" 

Anna Boynton Averill. 

Foxcroft, Me., 
Oct. 8, 1906. 

^lA GRAM No. I 


Loaned by Thomas Franklin V/aters, Esq. 

V, ♦ 

JJ I a a }• a. Vvi 


Loaned by Thomas Franklin Waters, Esq. 


(Called also Averill and Avery) 



1. William^ Averell, the first of our family in America, 
settled at Ipswich, Mass., before March, 1637, the date on which 
he received his first grant of land from that town, and on which 
his name is first recorded in the ToiV7i Proceedings. He appears 
there as William Avery. It is evident from this and other 
records that he was born about 1611 or earlier, and that, like 
many others who came to the shores of New England at that 
time, he was a simple husbandman, young, and with small means. 

Many efforts have been made to discover proof of his ances- 
try, and an experienced and successful genealogist who has dis- 
covered other lost links feels sure he has solved our problem. 
But as we have not yet recovered the record of the marriage of 
William Averell (or Averill or Avery) to Abigail — , a very essen- 
tial evidence in this case, — it seems best to place the carefully 
collected data by themselves under "English Genealogical Data." 
Most of this was gathered by Mr. C. A. Hoppin, Jr., and it con- 
tains his reasons for believing that we belong to the Averells of 
Kent, England. 

We give here a brief synopsis of his records relating to that 
family. Mr. Hoppin has concluded after his long experience in 
England and America in this sort of research, that our William^ 
Averell was the eldest son of Nicholas and Dorcas Averell of 
Ash, Kent (very near London) ; grandson of Robert Averell, 
buried at Ash, and mentioned in a Chancery case, 1638; and 
greatgrandson of Thomas Averell of Ridley, Kent, who died 
September 1556, and was mentioned in a Chancery case 1638 
(see p. 16 for English Genealogy Data: Averells of Kent, pre- 
pared by C. A. Hoppin, Jr.). 

52 Aver ell, Averill, Avery Family 

The following items are from his statement: 

"Nicholas Averell, the father of William^ made a will, 8 
September 1631, in which he called himself of Ashe (by Farm- 
ingham), Kent, yeoman. He wished to be buried by his father 
in the churchyard ; and he left to his eldest son, William Averell 
and his heirs, his home in Ashe with the forge, barne, orchard, 
etc. ; and to his son Michael a house and tenement in Little 
Peckham, alias West Peckham; to his wife, Dorcas Averell, 
executrix, the rents of said houses until his sons came to the age 
of 21. He gave also to both his sons £20 apiece when 21; the 
residue to his wife Dorcas. Wilham's uncle, Geoffrey Averell 
of Stansted, Kent, yeoman, made a will, Jan. 10, 1631, leaving 
lands to his brother, Robert Averell, and his heirs ; and if Robert 
had no issue (he d. soon after) they were to go to Wm. Averell, 
son of Nicholas Averell, deceased. If William Averell left no 
heirs the lands were to go to his brother Michael. William 
Averell had left for America at date of this will ; the fact may, 
or may not, have been known to the testator. No. matter in 
either case : for, if Robert held his brother Geoffrey's estate, 
he was obliged to pass it on to William. 

"Another of William's uncles, Robert Averell of Hartley- 
Kent, also mentions his nephews Michael and William in his 
will dated Nov. 15, 1637; proved 30 Nov. 1637, giving them his 
two houses and lands at Stansted, Kent. This will is proof that 
both William and his brother Michael were of age in 1637; also 
that William was of age in 1634 if not before." 

After finding the above and other records, Mr. C. A. Hop- 
pin, Jr., wrote: 

"It is clear how William Averell got means for so adventur- 
ous and ambitious a voyage as to America, while he was a 
young man, and also for an early marriage ; and he was close to 
the stream of emigration which swept down the river past Kent 
from London." [Letter of May 25, 1905.] 

It is probable that William^ Averell was born at "Ash, near 
Farmingham, Kent" (there is another Ash in Kent), between 
1611 and 1613, as he was not of age, September 8, 1631, and' 
had reached his majority November 15, 1637. He must have 
left home by January, 1631, when eighteen or twenty years of 

The First Generation 53 

age. His name does not appear in Kent records so far as known 
after 1637; and our first record of him in America is found in 
the Proceedings of the Toivn of Ipswich, Essex County, Massa- 
chusetts, volume 1, page 32 ; 'Mn the year of 1637, the 2d day of 
March," when under the name of "William Avery," he received 
a grant of land in that town. 

His wife's name was Abigail (surname unknown), and she 
appears to have been the mother of all his children. It seems 
probable that their two eldest sons were born before 1637, 
because they were "presented" before the Court "for defect in 
watching," 31, 3, 1649. As it is certain that watching could 
not have been done very intelligently by lads less than fifteen 
years of age, they must have been born about 1632 and 1634. 
So it is likely that the marriage of William Averell to Abigail 
took place in 1631 or 1632, while they were still very young, and 
if not in Ash or Ipswich, possibly in some other place in Eng- 
land or America. 

The precise date of their settlement in Ipswich is not 
known, and it is not impossible that they came there earlier 
than the date of record. A tradition in one branch of the 
family is that he came with the Cogswells to Ipswich in 1635. 
The name William Averell, Averill or Avery has not yet been 
found in any passenger lists of emigrants to America ; but lists 
not yet found may come to light and reveal the knowledge we 

Ipswich received its present name August 5, 1634. It was 
taken from common land which had been known as Aggawam 
before Captain John Smith visited it in 1614. It was occupied 
by settlers in 1628, but ordered abandoned in 1630 ; so that the 
first permanent settlement was that made by John Winthrop, 
Jr., and his companions in 1632-3, when it was called the Plan- 
tation of Aggawam. The following year, 1634, about one hun- 
dred settlers came, and in 1635 a much larger number, including 
the Bradstreets, Dudleys, Cogswells, Saltonstall, Jackson, Kins- 
man, Perley, Woodmansee, Andrews and others with whom 
William. Averell was associated more or less. 

All the records we have of our progenitor William Averell 
from 1637 to 1653 show that he was a resident of Ipswich, and 
these are found in the Town Proceedings of Ipswich (1634- 

54 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

1885), and Essex County Records at Salem (which include land 
transfers, probate records, court records, and two volumes of 
Essex County Marriages) . 

An act was passed September 9, 1639, ordering vital statis- 
tics to be kept "of every person in this jurisdiction"; and June 
14, 1642 an act was passed supplementary to that of 1639, 
ordering an annual return by Clerks of the Writs of all such 
vital statistics in the several towns, "to the recorder of the 
Court nearest their habitation." As a result of these two acts 
we find today in Salem in the Essex County Court Records, the 
two volumes mentioned above ; one volume (Ipswich Ct. Series) 
covering the years from — 1654 to — 1691, which gives not 
only county marriages, but Ipswich births and deaths for this 
period; the other volume containing county marriages from 
April — , 1681, to March — , 1786, including those of Ipswich. 

As "to become a freeman each person was legally required 
to be a member of some congregational church," a majority of 
the people in Ipswich at this period were undoubtedly identified 
with the only church there, the First Congregational Church, 
which was organized in 1634. Reverend Thomas Parker was its 
first minister. Reverend Nathaniel Ward was ordained its pas- 
tor in 1635, and he was succeeded by Reverend John Rogers, 
who was ordained in 1638, and who held the position until 1655. 
Reverend John Norton was associated with him during that 
period. The records of this earliest church are preserved from 
1720 to 1885 ; but unfortunately for us all those preceding 1720 
are lost. 

None of the above mentioned records give us any clue to 
the nationality, place of birth, place or date of marriage, or 
any former place of residence of our William^ or of his wife, 
Abigail Averell; nor do they give us the surname of Abigail or 
the dates and places of birth of their children, of whom seven 
were living when William^ made his will in 1652, fifteen years 
after the first mention of him in the town records. 

The following items were copied from records mentioned 
above, and are here united and preserved for the benefit of his 

Although for nine years William^ Averell's name appears 
on Ipswich town records always under the surname of Avery, 

Site of William Averell's Home, Ipswich, Mass. 



him during that 

.agAM .Hawaii ,3NfoH si' liaiiiVA'MAUJiW '^' ati8 

The First Generation 57 

and always under that name in the Index to the Proceedings 
of the Town, nevertheless all the references are to the same 
pei*son, who in tl^ records is called Averye, Avery, Averell and 
Averill (The name is rarely written in Ipswich with u in the 
place of V ; but in Topsfield the old form of ii for v appears fre- 
quently and also in Essex County deeds) . 

Laws for the Proprietors Records, May 14, 1634, states that none but 
the General Court hath power to ... . dispose of lands, viz. to give 
and confirm proprieties. After September 6, 1638, though the first planters 
were allowed 50 acres for each person this benefit was not to be allowed to 
all others. 

The first mention of William Averell is in a grant found in 
Ipswich Town Records, called The Toivn Proceedings, page 32 ; 
2d day of March, 1637: Granted to William Avery, six acres 
of planting ground on the further side of Muddy River. Also 
twenty acres of upland and six acres of meadow at Chebacco 
neare Allin Pearleyes. 

(Muddy River is directly north of the Town House, and 
about one mile from what have always been called both 
"Avery's" and "Averill's Birches," which are on the way to 
Rowley. The above mentioned "six acres — on the further side 
of Muddy River," appears to be the land sold by William 
Averell, Jr., 1658, to John Woodam, see item p. 65, under "vol. 
i, p. 598.") 

Many people whose names are well known had grants at 
Chebacco. Among those was a grant of land to Samuel Dudley 
at Chebacco, which preceded January 13th, 1637 ; for in a grant 
to Jonathan Wade at that date at Chebacco, the land is described 
as "lying on the South-west of Mr. Samuel Dudley's land, and on 
the South-east of Mr. John Winthrop's, and on the North-west 
of Chebacco Creek." 

The above mentioned "Chebacco" was later called Argilla, although the 
name has been given since then to a town in Essex County about five miles 
from Ipswich Town House. 

Of the ancient Chebacco referred to in the grant to William Averell 
of twenty acres of upland and six acres of meadow, we have an interesting 
account in The Old Argilla Road by T. Frank Waters, 1634: 

"The high-way to Cheboky or Juboque is easily identified as the later 
road to Argilla or Argilla Farm. The majestic hill whose base is skirted 
by the ancient road is commonly known as Heartbreak Hill. The tidal 

58 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

creek that intersects it is known as Labour in vayne, and the other small 
river or creek that flows up from Essex River is mentioned as Chebaeco 
Creek and commonly known by that name. 

"Chebaeco, Cheboko or Jeboke was the best the English tongue could 
do toward preserving the name by which the Indians had called a pleasant 
region stretching from the creek to the beach: Heartbreak Hill was divided 
into tillage lots and granted to settlers. 

"Of land grants on the sunny southern side of the hill: East of Wm. 
Fuller's, Denison had four acres; proceeding down the road (Old Argilla) 
were Allen Perlie's four acre lot, Robert Kinsman's six acres, Richard 
Haffield's four acres. Humphry Wyeth's six acres and Alexander Knight's 
four-acre lot, each fronting on the road and running back up and on the 

"Mr. Dudley sold his lot on the hill to Wm. White; he to Thos. 
Treadwell in 1638: Mr. John Tuttle to Reginald Foster in 1638 (Eight 
acres)." [See also p. 59.] 

The following year William "Avery" had a house lot lying 
near the great cove, as shown by the following: [P. T. I.] 27th 
day of July 1638. "Memorand, that Richard Lumpkin hath 
sould unto John Tuttell the day and year above written, one 
house and a house lott, with certaine other Landes as hereafter 
followeth, that is to say, one house lott lying near the great 
cove of the Town River, having a house lott now in the possession 
of William Avery, on the South West, Robert Kinsman's house 
lott on the North West, the Towne River on the South East, 
and a house lott now in the possession of Samuel Hall on the 
East, also upon the sayde lott one dwelling house formerly built 
by Richard Browne now of Newbury, and by him sould unto 
Mr. Richard Saltonstall, by whom it was sould unto the sayd 
Richard Lumpkin." 

No mention of the assignment or deed to William Averell 
of the above mentioned house lot "near the great cove of the 
town river" has yet been found. 

26 day of September, 1638 : "Memorand, that whereas John 
Tuttell, hath lately bought of Richard Lumkin one house lott, 
lying neare the great cove beneath the falles of the Town River, 
having a house lott now in possession of William Avtery on the 
South West, and a house lott of Robert Kinsman on the North 
West, as in this book folio 13, more at large appeareth. Also 
upon the sayd lott one dwelling house, formerly built by Richard 
Browne, now of Newbury, as in the foresayd folio doeth appear. 

The First Generation 59 

Now the sayd John Tuttell, hath for divers good considerations 
him thereunto moveing sould and alienated unto Reynold Foster 
all the sayd lott together with the sayd dwelling house together 
with all out housing gardens fenceing together with all other 
the apurtenances unto the sayd house and lott." 

Under the date of January 13, 1639, the seven men de- 
cided to allow owners of cattle individually or combined to have 
commonage under specified conditions for one bull and eight 
cows free of pay. Forty-three persons are named as owners. 
'Avery,' who was one of them, appears sixth on this list, and in 
a group associated with Jo. Jackson and Hodges : 

"13 January 1639: Agreed that each three yeare old Bulls 
unwrought, shall have allowed 8 cows free of pay, from Keeping 
and Bulls, and 2 year old Bulls 4 cows apiece free in considera- 
tion that the Bulls shall go with the herd till the first day of 

Mr. Brasye 4 Tho: Clark 1 Jo: Perkins 1 Jo: Webster 1 
Mr. Gardner 1 Avery 1 Wm. White 1 Mr. Norton 1 Varn- 
ham 1 Mr. Vincent 1 Mr. Wittingham 1 Bacheler 1 Robert 
Mussy 1 Allen Perley 1 Theop: Sachwell 1 Mr. Boreman 1 
Edw. Ketcham 1 Newman 1 Reginald Foster 1 Hodges 1 
Ma Whipple 1 Mr. Firman 1 Mr. Wilson 1 Goodman Smith 1 
Mr. Wm. Payne 2 Mark Symons 1 John Sachwell 1 Daniel 
Warner 1 Jo: Wyat 1 Jo: Perkins 1 Jo: Warner 1 Mathew 
Curwin 1 Mr. Bartholmew 1 Jo Jackson 1 Wm. Fuller Mr. 
Wade 1 Ro Payne 1 Mr. Baker 1 Mr. Tredwell 1 Rich: 
Kimble 2 Alex : Knight 1 Mr. Jo. Tuttell 1 Stayce 1 

[In the original entry these people were in groups. This 
copy of names was taken from Schofield's printed copy.] 

17th of the 12th mo. 1641, appears: "The names of such 
as are Comoners in Ipswich viz : that have right to Comonage 
there : the last day of the last month 1641." 

There are one hundred and eleven in this list, "Wil'm 
Averye" being the one hundred and second ; among names fol- 
lowing his were those of John Jackson and Matthew Whipple, 
who were associated with him in other ways. 

"Att a meeting of the seven men the first month 1646. 
Agreed with William Averill, to keep the herd of Goats on the 

60 Aver ell, Averill, Avery Family 

North side of the River, to begin the 10th of this month : and to 
have for his pains 5s 6d the week, to have 6d a head at their 
first going out, and the rest at the end of his time, of this pay 
3d for every head to be paid in butter or wheat only the last 
mo. he is to have but 3s 6d a week." 

(Signed) William Averill (or Averell?) 

[The above item, found on p. 129 of the copy from the original record, 
was copied by the compiler of this genealogy from the original volume, 
before the volume was sent to Taunton, Mass., for repairs and for preser- 
vation by the T. W. R. Emery process. At that time the important question 
was whether our William's real name was Avery or not. The difference 
between Averell and Averill was not especially considered then. The entire 
item she then thought written and signed by William Averell, as it 
differed in penmanship and in construction from the entry given below 
which appeared to have been made by the Town Clerk, and had no 
signature. Returning to Ipswich another year (June 11, 1907), to verify 
the spelling of the surname and obtain reassurance about the autograph, 
and to secure a tracing, and if possible a photograph of the entry, she was 
unable to find it in the preserved records of the original volume. She 
therefore believes that that page was not strong enough to bear the process 
of restoration. See the attested copy of the original records, p. 129, and 
Schofield's printed copy of Ipswich Proceedings, First Volume, Old Town 
Records, 1634-74.] 

[I. T. P.] 22d 1 mo 46 (From the attested copy of the 
origiral records) : "Agreed with William Avery to Keepe the 
heard of goates on the North syde of the River, to begin the 
24th of this present month until the first day of the ix mo. and 
to have for his pay after six shillings (for the Goates on this 
syde: ( ) Goats on the South syde to be brought to ( ) 
herd on this syde then he is to have after 8s the week, the tyme 
is to ( ) untill the first of November ( ) of his pay he is to 
have 6d the ( ) first going out, the rest at time, 3d the end 
in ( )." 

(There was no signature to the above which was evidently an entry 
by the Town Clerk.) 

"The Generall Town meeting held the 19th of December 1648: 
"Whereas the Inhabitants of this Town have engaged themselves to 
pay yearly on the 10th day of December, unto Major Denison soe long as 
he shall be there leader, the sum of twenty four pounds seaven shillinge, 
in way of Gratuity to encourage him in his military helpfulness unto them, 
as by their severall subscriptions under their hande may appeare. And 
because it is most manifest the sayd summ will not be raysed, unless some 


Meeting House Hill, Ipswich, Mass 

5s 6d the w«:'< 

F.J 22a 1 iTio -iO (P^'oni th<- 

"ord=;) : "Agreed with William 

the North syde of the Kiver. to be- 

mr.tit'-f ,11)1 il ^.hf first day of the ix n. 

(for the Goates • 

p.haU .HOiwa^I .J.BH JiatioHi alMiraaM 

The First Generation 63 

better order be taken for the same, especially in respect of the alteration & 
change of the Inhabitants. 

"It is therefore ordered, that henceforth the seaven men, shall yearly 
in November put the said sum of 24£ 7s Od into a rate, yyortioning (por- 
tioning) it upon the inhabitants, having also respect unto the bill of 
subscription of the Towne from yeare to yeare, to be levyed and colected 
by the Constables, and payd unto the sayd Major Denison, on the 10th of 
December yearly, soo long as he shall continue to be leader of this companye. 
Voted by the Towne at the generall meeting above mentioned." 

"A list of the names of those that did subscribe their names to allow 
unto Major Denison there (or these?) severall somes yearly, while he 
continued to be our Leader." [This list contains 161 names of which 
"Willm Averill's" name is the fortieth. Of these one gives £0. 10s. Od., 
Mr. Robert Payne; four give £0. 8s. Od., John Apleton, Samuel Apleton, 
Mr. Tuttle, Rich : Shatowell ; three give £0. 6s. Od., Mr. Willm Payne, Willm 
Bartholomew, EdwardWaldern; three give£0. 5s. Od., Job Bishop, John Chote, 
John Andrews, Jun.; thirty five give £0. 4s. Od., including Mr. Saltonstall, 
Mr. Hubard, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Norton, Jeames Chute, John Whipple Jun., 
Thos Perkins, John Burnam, Joseph Emerson, Daniell Ringe, Willm 
Cogswell; thirty seven give £0. 3s. Od., among these are Mr. Symond, 
Frances Dane, Jeames Howe, Will Clarke, Thos Knolton, Willm Averill, 
Renald Foster, Moses Pengrye, Aron Pengrye, John Fuller, John Andrews 
Ser., Robert Pearpoynte, Thos: Burnhame; Sixty eight give £0. 2s. Od., 
among these are John Whipple, Theophilus Wilson, Robt Lord, Humph: 
Broadstreet, John Woodham, John Jackson, Andrew Hodges, Stephen Jor- 
dan, John Denison, Willm Adams Jun., Willm Adams Ser., Thos: Clarke 
Jun., Joseph Medcalf e, Thos : Lee, John Lee, Edward Browne, John Hassell, 
John Browne, Dan Hovey, Robert Kinsman Jun., Willm Storye, Thos: 
Bishop, John Emerson. 

As Robert Lord and "Jeames" Howe were among the "seaven men 
chosen for this year (27 Feb. 1648)," and Theophilus Willson, and Thos: 
Knolten were chosen Constables at the same time, Willm Averell's generos- 
ity toward their military leader must be undoubted. [It speaks well for the 
community that there were only ten who gave less than the above mentioned 

Extracts from Essex County Deeds, which mention William 
Avery, Averell, Averill: 

[Until 1641 there was no method in recording deeds, which 
may account for the loss of some records. Essex County deeds 
are recorded from 1640.] 

Vol. i. p. 192. "Feb. 8, 1648;" William Averell was witness 
to a deed of John Davis. 

Vol. i. p. 137. "26th of 4 mo 1648 : From Sale of an Estate 
by Wm. White to Ralph Dix (Description of land of Wm. 

64 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

White), which is "on the north side of the river by the river 
toward the South, having the land of William Avery, John 
Woodham and the widow Jackson toward the north east, and the 
land of Mr. Samuel Symonds toward the south west coming 
to the meeting house greene toward the nor west, and also 
another portion on Muddy River bounded by that river in part 
(and lands of others, among whom is Reginald Foster) ; 

Volume 1. p. 267. "4th day of the 8th mo. 1651: George 
Palmer of Ipswich sells to Ralph Dix six acres of land on the 
North side of the river of Ipswich, joining on the N. W. the 
land of Wm. Chute and South East the land of Wm. Avery ; 

Volume i. pp. 377 & 433. "Indenture May 20, 1653, be- 
tween the Appletons and John Woodam; John Woodam and 
Mary his wife grant to John Appleton and Samuell Appleton 
all their dwelling house fences and house lot by estimate three 
acres be it more or less with the comonage belonging to the 
dwelling house as it now lyeth bounded and fenced to the ledge 
of rocks next the meeting house green, from the corner of the 
lane from the meeting house greene, leading to the river, to ye 
rock wall, turning down to the house where John Wooddam now 
dwelleth and so from the corner of the lane aforesaid to the 
house lott of Reonald Foster, and so over to the house lott of 
the Widdow Averell and thence to the corner of the rock wall 
aforesaid next the meeting house green in the towne of Ipswich 

this land above mentioned given in exchange for 

another house and house lot adjoining to the house lott first 
above mentioned in this present writing toward the north, and 

upon the river toward the south, house lot of 

Symonds to the West, and the Widoiv Avarell toward the East. 

Vol. i. p. 492. "4th day of 11th mo. 1655. John West deeds 
three and a half acres to William Story. It has the common 
ground of Ipswich toward the North, the land of Thomas Low 
toward the East, Robert Kinsmans that was lately, now of s*^ 
William Story toward the South, and of William Averill toward 
the West. [This and the two items following refer to land 
occupied by William Averell, Sr., which was Wm. jr.'s only by 

The First Generation 65 

Volume i. p. 549. "Feb. 17, 1656. John Kimball Att. for 
Thomas Scott, deeds 15 acres of land in Ipswich to Geo. Farrow. 
3 acres of it are bounded by the land of William Prichett toward 
the East, of William Avery toward the South of John Warner 
toward the West — the fence north. 

Volume i. p. 598. "Oct. 4. 1658. William Avarell, 'carpen- 
ter,' for £6 deeds 'one six acre lott' 'lying within Ipswich comon 
fence near Muddy river toward Rowley' to John Woodam. It 
is bounded by the land of Thomas Hart toward the East; of 
Richard Satchwell toward the South, Samuel Younglove toward 
the West and of .... toward the North." 

There is no evidence that William, Jr., purchased any land 
in Ipswich, or was granted any, either before or after his 
father's death; and as his Mother died shortly after, he must 
have come into possession of this property through some un- 
published or unrecorded agreement with his brothers and sisters. 
It does not appear that William^ Averell was a freeman. 
In 1631 it was decided that "no man shall be admitted to the 
freedom of this body politic but such as are members of some 
of the churches within the limits of the same" (Fiske's Begin- 
nings of Netv E7igland, p. 109). 

hi Plymouth "freemen" were at first the signers of the 
compact, and such persons as might be added by a majority 

1656: It was ordered that "such as are admitted to be freemen of the 
corporation shall be propounded by the Court being such as have been 
app'd by the freemen of the town where they live." 

1658: They were to be propounded by one June Court, and admitted 
at the next June Court if thought right. (Not until 1674 was it ordered 
that the names of freemen be kept upon the Town Records.) 

1658: "No 'Quaker Ranter' or any such corrupt pson Shal bee admited 
to bee a freeman of this Corporation." 

From Felt's Ipswich: "To become a freeman each person was legally 
required to be a respectable member of some Congregational Church. Per- 
sons were also made freemen by the General Court of the Colony and also 
by Quarterly Courts of the Counties. None but freemen could hold office or 
vote for rulers." 

There is absolutely no evidence that William' or his family had any 
church associations during his life time. It has been supposed by some 
that the family were Quakers, and the facts that the wife of William" 
Avereli was not received into the Topsfield Church until after her husband's 

66 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

death, and that all his large family of children (except his oldest son, 
William, who had lived in Ipswich) were baptized after his death indicate 
at least an unusual state of mind toward the Congregational Church. A 
search of Massachusetts Quaker records has been made, but it did not 
reveal any Averys or Averells of Ipswich or Topsfield in 1637-91 as belong- 
ing to the Society of Friends. Such a record may be found in Ash, Kent, 
but no proof has yet been found here. Quaker records for Kent do not 
precede 1646. 

The following items relating to ancient Ipswich and to the 
contemporaries of William^ may be of interest. They are from 
Ancient Records of the Town of Ipswich 1634-1654, and Will- 
comb's Hand book of Ipsivich History. 

1629: "Settlers were to be given 50 acres of land." "At a Court 
holden at New Towne August 5th 1634; It is ordered that Aggawam shalbe 
called Ipswich." 

"Att a gen ""all Court, holden att Newe Towne March 4th 1634: It is 
ordered, that John Winthrop, John Humfry & John Endicott Esq. or any 
two of them shall have power to devide ye Lands att Ipswich, within 4 myles 
of the Town, to y'"ticular ysons as in equity they shall thinke meete" {y 
stands for p in many cases) . 

1634: "Itt is concluded amongst us that any man havinge a house lott 
granted unto him, shall have any trees felled upon the same, paying a 
valuable consideration for the fallinge of them." (This was enacted at a 
period which we think of as being rich in a primeval forest that covered all 
the land to the very sea-shore.) 

The same year November, 1634: "A mill and a Ware were allowed 
uppon the Towne River about the falles of it to Mr. John Spencer and Mr. 
Nicholas Easton, uppon this condician, that they shall pte with an equal 
share of theire Fish to all the Inhabitants of this Town if they bee demanded 
att five shill a thousand more or less according to the comon price of the 
Countrye" (see below). Then follows the first recorded list of grants of 
which we have knowledge: — "grants of 1634, in the mo. of November to 
Mr. John Spencer, 20 acres; Mr. Nicholas Easton 20 acres; John Wintrop 
Esq. 6 acres; and again 300 acres; Mr. William Clerke 60 acres; Mr. 
Robert Coles 200 acres; John Perkins the Elder, 'fouretye' acres; Mr. John 
Dillingham, 6 acres. Later to John Newman, William Sergiant and William 
Franklin 12 acres more or less to be equally divided between them, land 
which Mr. John Spencer had resigned unto the Towne again. 

"To John Perkins Jun"^ with Thomas Hardy and Francis Jordan 6 
acres in equal share, Thomas Howlett ■i-V2 acres. Thomas Hewlett again 
6 acres shared with John Maninge. John Gadge 4 acres John Gage with 
Thomas Clerke six acres shared. Also six acres to John Gadge, in equal 
shares with Thomas Clerke and others. To Mathias Currin 2 acres. To 

The First Generation 67 

John Maning 6 acres, with Thomas Hewlett, John Gage & others." "Mr. 
William Gierke was Gierke of the Towne." 

Dec. 29th, 1634. "Mr. John Spencer & Mr. Nicholas Easton freelye 
resygne all that interest they have in a former Towne grant to build a 
Mill and a Ware upon the Town River" (under specified conditions). 

1634. Tobacco is forbidden to be used publicly. 

1635. Dwelling houses to be built within one half mile of the meeting 

1636. Newbury was settled by persons from Ipswich. 

1637. Only 37 plows owned by the people of all Mass. 

1638. Seven selectmen were appointed. 

1641. Deeds ordered to be recorded in one book. 

1642. The town voted to establish a free school. 

1643. Indian beans are used in voting. 
1645. Topsfield was set off from Ipswich. 

1647. The second meeting house was built. The Reverend Nathaniel 
Ward publishes "The simple Cobbler of Agawam." 
1649. Smoking forbidden when on the streets. 

1651. The town established a Latin School. 

1652. The second prison in the colony is built at Ipswich. 
1659. Town bell rung at 9 p. m. each day. 

The first mention of Ghebacco is the grant Dec. 29, 1634, to Richard 
Kent, "of fouer acres of Land near the River Ghebacco and ytt is consented 
unto, he may build another ware uppon the same River and enjoy the profits 
of the same." 

The second mention is of the same date: "given and granted unto Mr. 
Nicholas" Easton, a great hill of Land, lyeinge towards a Gricke coming out 

of the River Ghebacco If 300 aci'es of Land bee not found 

on that side of the River, ytt is to bee layed out uppon the other side of the 
River, to makesapp 300 acres." 

The third mention is of the same date: "Given and granted unto Mr. 
John Spencer, three hundred acres of Land, lyeinge next unto the Land of 
Mr. Easton, towards the River Ghebacco." On June 28, 1638, more than a 
year after the grant to William "Avery," Musconominot, Sagamore of 
Agawam, sells to Mr. John Winthrop for "Twenty Younds, all the Rights, 
yroperty, and Gleame I have or ought to have unto all the Lands lying 
and being in the Bay of Agawan, als (alias) Ipswich being soe Galled now 
by the English, as well as all such Lands w'h I formerly reserved unto my 
own use at Ghebacco, as alsoe all other Lands belonging unto me in those 
parts Mr. Dummers farme excepted only." He also relinquishes at the 
same time "all of the Right and interest" which he has "in the Havens, 
Rivers, Greeks and Hands, huntings and fishings, with all the Woods, 
Swamps, Timber," etc., and secures him "against the title and cleame of all 
other Indians and Nations whatsoever." The Witnesses to this deed were 
Jno. Jollife, Thomas Goytomore, James Downinge, Robert Hardinge. 

68 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

We quote by permission from Sketch of John Winthrop the 
Younger by Thomas Franklin Waters. 

"(2) Winthrop undoubtedly owned two considerable outlying estates, 
each of about three hundred acres, — respectively known as Argilla and 
Castle Hill farms, — the former about two miles from the town, near Labour 
in Vain Creek, the latter, much more distant, near Ipswich Beach. Both 
were ultimately sold by him to his brother-in-law, Samuel Symonds, and 
there is not a particle of evidence that he had previously lived on either. 
On the contrary, his deeds to Symonds mention no dwelling-houses, and 
at the time of the Argilla purchase Symonds wrote Winthrop at length 
about a house he intended to build. 

"(3.) A third estate of Winthrop's, — smaller, but nearer the original 
settlement, — consisted of six acres of land lyinge near the River on the 
South side thereof. This is one of the earliest grants for tillage or house- 
lots mentioned in existing Town Records, but it was not made until 1634. 
In 1686 the widow of Rev. John Rogers, President of Harvard College, 
owned and occupied an estate on the West side of the open Green now 
known as the South Green, or School-house Green, and in the same year 
she claimed part of the land 'outside a line drawn from Mr. Saltonstall's 
fence' and some land 'at the end of the new orchard before the land of 
William Avory, all this upon the satisfaction of a grant to Mr. Winthrop 
of six acres of land in 1634.' The town voted her £10 and provided 'that 
the said land laid down shall be common and be not impropriated by any 
particular future grant to any person or persons.' It is evident that 
Winthrop's grant bordered on, if it did not comprise, the South Green, and 
it apparently included not merely the fine open meadow long part of the 
Heard estate, but the property at present bounded by Poplar, County, and 
School Streets. This would have made a very sightly location for his 
dwelling, but there is not a line of record, not even a floating tradition, that 
he ever built there." (See Mr. Waters very complete and interesting 
History of Ipswich with excellent diagrams of the property of the earlier 
settlers, including the town lot of William' Averell. Mr. Waters very 
kindly granted the use of the plates for those diagrams to the compiler of 
this genealogy. [See pp. 48 and 49]). 

In 1694 the heirs of William- Averell sold the old homestead 
in Ipswich, three acres of land, to Francis Crompton; and it 
was described as "bounded South East and South West mostly 
upon ye land ye homestead of Mr. John Rogers minister," the 
one referred to in the above article [see p. 88] . 

These records are of value because they give us the names 
of William Averell's neighbors ; Allin Pearley, Robert Kinsman, 
Richard Hatfield, Samuel Dudley, John Tuttle, Reginald Foster, 
Richard Lumpkin, Samuel Hall, Richard Browne (?), Mr. Rich- 

The First Generation 69 

ard Saltonstall, Wm. White, John Woodham, John Jackson, and 
Widow Jackson, Samuel Symonds, Ralph Dix, Wm. Chute, John 
and Samuel Appleton, Wm Prichett and Richard Satchwell. If 
their residences were not on the properties mentioned, their 
lands at least adjoined. 

If our inferences about the birth of William^ Averell are 
correct, he must have died when about forty years of age. His 
wife survived him and attested to the truth of the inventory 
of his estate, March 29, 1653. 

The will of William Averell of Ipswich was drawn the "3rd 
of the 4th mo. 1652" (June 3.) ; and as it was proved March 29, 
1653, he must have died between those two dates. His wife and 
widow Abigail Averell died before 27 ; 1 :55, at which date an 
inventory of her estate was presented by her son William Aver- 
ell, to the Court held at Ipswich. 

We give on the opposite page a copy of the photograph of 
William^ Averell's will, and copies of the will and inventories 
mentioned above follow. 

The will appears in Essex County Probate Records among 
Old Ipswich Records, Volume xv. p. 122 ; also in the Court copies 
of early records in volume ii. p. 54. 


This is a true invetarie of o'' goods. 

1 hous : Lott & house 10 - 00 - 00 

It" 10 acres of upland gro"n & 6 As o' meddo : 10-00-00 

I' 2 Kine & 2^wo-yer : old 16 - 00 - 00 

I' 2 shoats 01 - 00 - 00 
I' 1 Iron pott, 1 brass pott 1 frying pa" 
P 4 pewf platt" 1 flag" 1 Ir° ketle 1 brass ketl 1 Copp 1 brass 

pan & some oth'' smal things 02 - 17 - 00 

I' 2 chests 1 feth'' bed: 1 oth"' bed: 2 payre o' sheets 2 bolst" 

3 pillow' 2 blanketts 1 Co^lid 1 bedstead & oth"' smal linnen 05 - 10 - 00 

I' 2 Coats, & wearing appel 03-00-00 

I' 1 warming pa' 00 - 03 - 00 

I' A tub 2 pails a few books 00 - 10 - GO 

A Corslett 01 - 00 - 00 

what shee oweth 12 - 00 - 00 

Reginold fosf 

Andrew Hodg' 
The court held at Ipswich the 29th of march 1653 reed this Inventory p me 

Robert Lord Cleric 

70 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


I William Averill of Ipswich being weake in bodye but of 
pfect memorye doe make this my last will and testament first 
I doe bequeath my body to the earth to be deasently buryed in 
the Burying place of Ipswich my sperit into the hands of my 
Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ And for my outward estate 
being but small I doe give vnto my children each of them being 
seven* in numbar the some of five shillings a peece & the rest 
of my estate my debts being discharged I give vnto Abygal my 
wife whom I make sole Execotrix of this my last will in wittnes 
heerof I have heervnto sett my hand and seale the 3th of the 
4th mo : 1652 

Andrew Will 


Renold Averell 

* The word seven (which is not perfectly plain) was writ- 
ten in place of the word six which is crossed out. 

prvd in court held at Ipswich the 29th of march 1653 by 
the oath of Andrew Hodges & Renold ffoster 

p me Robert Lord cleric 

Court copies of the above Inventory and Will were certified 
to in the Office of the Clerk of the Courts for Essex County, 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, September 24, 1897, by James 
P. Hale, Assistant Clerk. 

The signature of William Averell to his will was very care- 
fully examined by this Clerk and others, and they decided with- 
out question that it was spelled as here printed: Averell. (See 
The Essex Ant., February, 1901, Volume v. No. 2.) 

A photograph of this will was sent to England to Mr. C. A. 
Hoppin, Jr., and submitted to experts in the reading of writing 
of that period, there being some disagreement in America over 
the spelling of the surname. The English experts pronounced 
the signature to be without doubt, Averell. 

Mr. Hoppin wrote that the will proved invaluable and that 
the signature was certainly Averell (1904) . 

Nevertheless, the compiler of this genealogy believes that 
the first generations were not very particular about the spelling, 
for we find that an even greater number of variations were in 
use by many families in America that bore other surnames. 










i -i^^^vj 



The First Generation 



(Essex County — Probate Records.) 

(Case No. 1025) 

this is a true Inventory of the goods of Abigail Auerell widdow and 
Executoresk of William Auerell: now deceased: 


the house lott and 


a spitt 









a brase kettle 





the six acre lot att 


a pair of nippers 

Muddy River 




and a Ripping 


the pequett lot 7 










a pair of scales and a 


six acres of meddow 




pound waight 





a steer 4 yeer ould 





a wastcote 





a cow and a haifer 





sum other ould cloths 




a yeer ould steer an 


a say (?) apron 









a clocke 





a yeer ould haifer an 


a whood 









a dublit 





a calfe at 





a caster hatt 





a swine att 





an ould hatt 





eleuen fowles 





a white apron 





an Iron pott 





two holand handcar- 


an Iron kettle att 









a frying pan att 





an ould holand han- 


a bfass skillitt att 









a brase furnes 





two calico handcar- 


a brass kettle 









a warming pan 





5 croscloths and a 


a smoothing Iron 









a brase pan 





4 coines 





a meall trofe 





four pewter platters 





two ould paills 





two sines 





a ould halfe bushell 





a flaigon 





a bar of iron 





sum ould pewter 





a pair of tonges 





four earthen uessels 





a drawing shone 





a bible 





a fier slice 





an ould bible and 


a gridiron 




two other books 





a pair of pott hooks 





a linin wheel 





a lampe 2s and two 


a mortising axe 




tramilles 2s 





a pair of tow cards 





a hour glase 





a hatt bruish 





a cosslett 





a few ould tubbes 





a bar of Iron 





a pine cheast 





Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


an oke cheast 





a baig 





a box 





a cote 





a bouster fill" w' 


a hatt 








a pewter pott 





another bouster 





a cheafeing dish 





3 pillowes 





an ould tunill with a 


a fether bouster 






the fethers of anoth- 


and a peece of ould 









one pair of sheets 





eighteen bushells and 


one sheet 




half e an halfe a 


a fether bed 




pecke of wheat at 


two blankets 




4^6" the bushell 





a cotton blanket 





80 foote of boerd 





a couer lid 





a hammer 





two ould pillows 





90 foot of ould 


3 curtens and uau- 










22 bush, an halfe of 


2 cuishens 




Indian corn att 


a pair of shooes 




2^8" the bushell 





a pair of stockings 





a hogshead a wedg 


a table cloth 




an a beetk Ring 





a Red cote 

an ould stufe cote 

another cloth cote 





9 pound of butter 





the whole summ 





a gound 




what shee ougheth 





a hough 




the perticulers aboue written ware Aprized by us whose names are under 

Andrew hodges 
Reienold ffoster 

a frame raysed & something done to it to be cousd (?) 
whether it be the estate of the widdows or otherwise 
William Auerill took his oath in court held at Ipswich the 27 (1) 55 

to this Inuentorye to be a true Inuentory to his best knowledge. 
Essex SS. Probate Office. June 14, 1907. 
A true copy. 

Attest: J. T. Mahoney. Register. 

If Abigail Averell left a will, no record of it has been found ; 
nor have we found any record or reference to the distribution 
of her property. The inventory of her estate gives the house 
lot and house at in increased valuation, as is probably the case 
in the six acres of "meddow." It also includes the six acre lot 
at Muddy River, probably the original grant which for some 

The First Generation 73 

reason was not specified under that name in the inventory of 
her husband's estate. It is possible that during the two years 
between William Averell's death and her own, she effected an ex- 
change of some or all of the twenty acres of upland at Chebacco, 
for the "pequett" lott of seven acres, which may have been part 
of the lot of William "Prichett" (who lived near them), if 
"Pequett" and "Prichett" refer to the same person. 

That Abigail Averell was held in loving remembrance, as 
well as her husband, is indicated by the fact that one of her sons 
and five of her grandsons named one of their daughters Abigail. 

The children of William and Abigail Averell whose names 
are known to us and appear in Ipswich town or court records, 
are the four given in the list below. The three whose names are 
unknown, of the "seven" mentioned in their father's will, may 
have been daughters, or some may have been younger sons. In 
any case, as Everill, Everell and Everall were variants of the 
name Averell or Averill as found in documents relating to this 
family, it seems wise to give elsewhere all that we know of 
James Everill or Everell of Boston, and Abiell Everill or Everell 
of Boston (they were not Everetts) ; and also, because of asso- 
ciation with Ipswich, some items about Thomas Avery of Salem, 
for which see under A. B. C. in "Memoranda" below. 

The children of William and Abigail Averell were "seven" 
(order not ascertained) : 

-; m. — 1661, Hannah Jackson. 
; m. — 1657, Frances Collins. 
m. — 1663, John Wildes, 
his name appears in old Ipswich Records 
(among Essex Co. Ct. R.) , vols. 1-4, p. 159, as John 
Avery, dep. 1654; and in the same volume, p. 212, as 
John Averell, 1656, charged with striking Thomas Twigs 
in the meeting house in the time of public ordinances on the 
Sabbath. This was after his father's death, and he was not 
the only youth in Ipswich guilty of such insubordination. 
See the similar entry about Edward Cogswell and Thomas 

V. ' ", (name unknown). 

vi. ', (name unknown). 

vii. ', (name unknown). 


William', b. — , 16- 


i. Thomas', b. — , 16- 


ii. Sarah", b. — , 16 — 


V. John', b. — , 16 — ; 


Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


(A) James Everell (Everill) was a pioneer in the shoe business of 
Massachusetts, being a leather and shoe merchant in Boston, Mass., 
in 1650, 1651, 1653, 1654, 1665, 1686; he was Freeman, 3 Sept. 1634; and 
several times selectman. He was admitted with his wife Elizabeth into 

the Old Church, July 20, 1634. He m. (1) Elizabeth ; m. (2) 

Mary (see name of executrix of his estate 1682, "Mary Everell")- 

In Suffolk Registry, Boston, Mass., James appears as Grantee: 1650 
(2 mo) 17; James Everell, from Town of Boston; Bendall's dock, with 
flats belonging thereto [Vol. 1, p. 115.]. 

1651— March 20: James Everell from Tinge [Vol. 1, p. 189]; a Boston 


July 21: 
Nov. 1; 
Nov. 9 ; 

James Everell from Thomas Dudley 
" " " Simon Lynde 

" " " John Shaw 

" " " Richard Bellingham 

et ux. 

1665 : James " " Simon Bradstreet 

1686, July 10 : " " " et al Indenture 

1701, June30:(?)" " " Joseph How 

County Suffolk— P. R., Boston, Mass.: For 1683- 
Will; Dec. 11, 1682 (Case No. 1268, Vol. 6, p. 400, 
p. 400, Provd; Vol. 9, p. 113 Inv.). He gives the sum of £5 to 
of Old Church in Boston. 

Bequest to grandson James Manning .... to my wives grand- 
daughter Elizabeth Adkins 40/s; and unto all my own grandchildren one 
with another 40/s apiece & to John Ham £3. (James's two daughters Han- 
nah Manning and Elizabeth Grant to share what remains of the estate after 
the decease of his wife). 

(Signed) James Everell. 

[Vol. 1, 
[ " 1. 
[ " 2. 
[ " 2. 

p. 104.] 
" 143.] 
" 92.] 
" 104.] 

[ " 2. 
[ " 1. 
[ " 14. 

" 238.] 
" 221.] 
" 3.] 

[ " 20. 

" 291.] 


Everell : 

, Will; 

Vol. 6, 

f £5 to ' 


Witnesses : 
Richard Collocot 
John Wisnall. Sen 

Feb. 6. 1682, Mary Everell, Execut== 
testified that the inventory rendered 
was true. 

[Thomas Dudley and Simon Bradstreet were known to, 
if not by, William Averell.] 
James Everell died 1682/3 at Boston. 
Children : 

(By first wife) 

i. Ann (Hannah)=, b. prob. in Eng.; m. (1) William Blanchard; 
m. (2) George Manning. 

The First Generation 75 

ii. Ezekiel', bap. May 15, 1636; not mentioned by name in father's 

will; prob. dec'd. 
iii. CORENIAH (Cornelia?)', bap. Nov. 4, 1638; not mentioned in 

father's will ; prob. dec'd. 
iv. Elizabeth;, bap. Oct. 3, 1641 ; m. James Grant of Kittery, Me., 

mentioned in will, Dec, 1682. (This place — Kittery — was 

near York where Thomas' (No. 3), the son of Wm.^ Averell 


(B) Abiel Everell (or Averell), b. , 16 — , lived at Boston, 

Mass., where he m. July 6, 1655, Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of Lieut. 
William Phillips of Watertown, Mass., and Saco, Me. His parentage and 
his relationships are not known. He may belong to this family, or to that 
of James Everell. As the Averells and Averills were also called Everell, 
it appears well to enter Abiel here as possibly one of the sons of William^. 
He died soon after his marriage. His widow married (2) April 1, 1660, 
John Alden, Jr. (son of John Alden the pilgrim and Priscilla Mullins, his 
wife), born 1623. 

Suffolk Probate Records, Volume iv, page 9, give the "Inventory of 
ye goods of Abiel Everell dec, .... appraised by John Sunderland 
and John Sandford, being chosen thereunto and called to appraise them by 
Mr. John Aldin and Elizabeth his wife, she being formerly ye wife and 
after ye widow of Abiell Everell aforesaid. This 15th 12mo. 1660." 

The inventory mentions his dwelling house and many good articles, a 
cradle, etc., etc. 

John Alden swore to the truth of the inventory Feb. 22, 1660. The 
only child of Abiell and Elizabeth (Phillips) Everell was: 
Child (born at Boston) : 

i. James-, born April 4, 1656. 

(The fact that he bears this name suggests relationship 
with James Everell (see above). It is hoped that further 
search of foreign records may solve the problem of the 
parentage of James and Abiel Everell who were the first 
of that name in Boston, as well as that of William' 

(C) Thomas Avery of Salem, Mass., progenitor of the Portsmouth 
Avery stock, was a blacksmith. He appeared in Salem records the year 
that our ancestor William' Averell appeared in those of Ipswich — 1637. 

Reverend John Fisk of Salem in his Annals of that year, records a 
pledge of membership in his society by "Tho. Avery" 1637. 

In Essex Court Records, Vols. 1-4, p. 196, Tomes Aueri of Salem is 
mentioned as wit. in a case; and in Vol. .., p. 205, is found the will of 
(Mrs.) Rebecca Bacon, widow of William Bacon of Salem, made the 9th 
mo. 1655, in which she appoints Brothers Joseph Boys (Boyse, Boice, etc.), 
Thomas Avery & Nath' Felton, as Overseers; her son Isaac is made sole 
executor, assisted by Robert BuflFum (as Isaac is under age) ; and Cousins 

76 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

(nieces and nephews?) Ann Potter and Rich(ar)d Cheelcraft; Sister 
Buffum, Sister Coys, Sister Sugthwike (Southwick, wife of Lawrence) 
Sisters Avery and Horniss (Harnets), and Brother Robert Buffum are 
mentioned; also Sister Judith in Old England and cousin John and George 
Bedell. (The wife of Thomas Avery was Susanna.) 

In her husband's will, 9th mo. 1653, which was declared in the presence 
of George Emery and Elizabeth Boyce, their son Isaac was called a minor, 
and in case of his death Rebecca, the mother, was to have his share. 
Mention is made in this will of Ann Potter. Overseers are Joseph Boyse 
and Lawrence Southwick. 

Litigation in connection with the inheritance of the above mentioned 
Ann Potter shows that Ann's father was at one time Mayor of Coventry, 
England, and that the family or some of them were in Ireland during 
disturbances there. And Thomas Avery of Salem is mentioned as if related 
to Ann's family (see Essex Co. Ct. R.) . 

Also in Old Ipswich Records found among Essex County Records; 
Vol. 16, p. 44, the Widow Woodmansee's Thirds are mentioned in an 
extensive legal controversy, and the name of Thomas Avery of Salem 
appears in the case. It is to be observed that "Mr. Woodmansee," 
husband of the "Widow" mentioned above, settled at Ipswich in 1635, the 
year of the Cogswells' arrival, and that there is a tradition that our 
William^ Averell came the same year. 

Mr. Water's article on Meeting House Green mentions the following 
Salem Quakers imprisoned at Ipswich under the edict of October 19, 1658: 
Samuel Shattocke, Lawrence Southwick, Cassandra Southwicke his wife, 
Nicho Phelps, Joshua Buffum and Josiah Southwicke. The Southwickes 
and Joshua Buffum were associated with Thomas Avery in Salem; and it 
is possible that William Averell and his family were also Quakers. 

1. The Thomas Howlett Grist Mill, Topsfield, Built for Him, 1738-9. 

2. WiLLiAM= Averell's Land, the Hedge between the Site of His House 

AND the Site of His Barn ; Topsfield. 

3. From "Paul Averill's Bridge," Middleton. 

4. The Francis Peabody House (See Errata). 



1?, !fi5P- 

kc, Law t ' ; 

.e-8avl ,MiH Ho'i Taiua .aiana^ioT .uiM xainO xraJWoH bamohT anT .1 
aauoH am -^o dT Qjai^^^oT ;viaAa aiH '^o axiB aHT aviA . 

.noTajaaiM ".aoaiaS a'jJiHaYA JUAq" Moa'i .8 

.(BiB-na 998) aauoH vaoaAa*! aioviAfl'5 3hT .i- 


2. William" Averell, called also Averill and Avery {Will- 
iam'^), b. probably in England, about 1632, at a place and date 
still unknown, lived with his parents at Ipswich, Mass. His name 
appears first in Ipswich Court Records and Files; 31:3:1649, as 
"Will Avery, jr." He and his brother "Thomas Avery" on this 
occasion were brought before the court for defect in watching 
[see p. 53 ; also Essex Ant., July, 1904 ; vol. viii] . We conclude 
from this item, and others, that William- was about seventeen 
years of age at this time. As "William Avery jr.," he was also 
a witness, 10:8 mo:1650, in the case of Theophilus Salter of 
Ipswich, who was presented before the court for lying [Ipsiuich 
Ct. R. and Files']. Thomas Bishop was the other witness. 
Said Salter had also encouraged other youths "to steal ap- 
ples" (!). As William Averell he witnesses a deed by John 
Wooddam to Daniel Roffe Feb. 21, 1653; this was after the 
death of his father and before the death of his mother [Ipswich 
Ct. R. : vol. 1 ; p. 134 ; latest copy of Records, vol. 1 ; p. 383] ; 
also, again, as William Averell, he witnesses a deed by Daniel 
Roffe to "Joseph Jowett, Feb. 21, 1653 [id: vol. 1, p. 135]. There 
is no question about the spelling of his surname, both of the 
signatures as given above having been certified to July 15, 1912, 
by Willard J. Hale, Register for the Southern District of Essex 
County, Mass. 

After the death of his father William Averell (before June 
3, 1653), William- appears to be the head of his family; for at 
a Court held at Ipswich the 27 [1] 55,— i. e., March 27th, 1655, 
William Auerill took his oath in Court that the inventory of the 
estate of Abigail Averell, that is, of his mother's estate, which 
was presented at that time, was a true inventory to his best 
knowledge [See Inv., pp. 70-72]. 

Essex Co. Ct. R., voP i-iv, p. 336, mention William Averell, Ipswich, 
as dep. 1658; and again, p. 369', William Averill, Ipswich, as Wit., 1658. 
"He sold Oct. 4, 1658, to John Woodam a six acre lot of land; he possessed 
a lot of land Aug. 30, 1655, 'the corner of which came near the Mill dam' " 

80 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

[Hammatt Papers, 1854]. That the two lots of land mentioned above may 
have been the same, was suggested in E. 0. Jameson's MS, Averills in 

From the Town Proceedings of Ipswich, vol. i, we learn that he was 
appointed to a public office of that town: At the General Town Meeting 
held the 18. February 1661 : The Selectmen chosen for the year ensuing 
and other officers; Mr. Samuell Symonds, Mr John Appleton, Georg Gid- 
ding. Deacon Pengry, Mr Chute, Thomas Bishop, Robert Lord [these were 
the so called 'seven men'] ; Surveighors of Highways Thomas Harte, Reneld 
Foster, John Andrews, William Averill. 

On July 31, 1661, William Averill and Hannah Jackson were 
married at Ipswich, Mass. This record is found in Essex Co. 
Records, Ipswich Marriages, and in the Ipsivich Totvn Records: 
and it also appears at a later date (copied?) in those of Topsfield. 

The parentage of Hannah Jackson has not yet been proved ; 
but it is probable that she was the daughter of John Jackson 
who was a neighbor of William- Averell and his father. For 
we find that Katheryne Jackson who was appointed admrx of 
the estate of her late husband, John Jackson, 26:7:1648 [Ips- 
ivich Ct. Rs. and Files'], was to pay to her son John Jackson 
£14, at the age of twenty-one, and to the five daughters £6 apiece 
at the age of twenty years, or at marriage. The names and 
ages of these daughters have not been learned, but the close 
association of the two families make it probable that our Han- 
nah was one of them. That she was a woman of good mental 
powers and nobility of spirit, and a strong influence for good 
in her family is proved by the noted mutual agreement between 
herself and her children, which held the family closely together 
for more than thirty-five years after their father's death [See 
p. 89]. 

Their first child, the third William Averell in direct line, 
was b. at Ipswich, May 1, 1662. Not many months after, Will- 
iam- and his wife must have begun to think of improving their 
worldly condition by a change of residence; for we find that in 
1663 he purchased "a messuage" (i. e., a dwelling house with 
adjacent buildings, and lands for the use of the household), at 
Topsfield, an adjoining town in Massachusetts, to which they 
removed later. 

But the Averells had left their mark in old Ipswich in their 
name, which, until this day, clings to certain localities called 

The Second Generation 81 

both "Averill's Hill" and "Avery's Hill"; and "Averill's Birches" 
and "Avery's Birches" ; — places so v^ell known that they are 
mentioned daily by citizens of that old town, and by descendants 
of William^ Averell who still live there, one of whom, Lydia 
Manning^ Averill (No. 2332) is the wife of Mr. Charles W. 
Bamford, who has been Town Clerk of Ipswich for very many 
years — 1887 to 1910 or longer. 

Averill's Hill is first mentioned in the Town Records, April 
10, 1665, as given to Corp. Andrews, and Nov. 19, 1666, An- 
drews' House on Averill's Hill is mentioned, and upon the plea 
of John Andrews he was given right of co"'onage for the future ; 
also "Jan. 30. 1673 : There being no lot to Corp" John Andrews 
for his devission for his house at Averill's Hill, The Selectmen 
allowed him to have three acres next to Sargent Burnam, at the 
head of the Great Pasture." 

This association of localities with the Averells of Ipswich 
has continued for nearly 250 years, but whether it dates from 
the first William, or only from his son William-, is not known. 

We find by the Toion Records that on "Oct. 18, 1648 part 
of Ipswich, called the Village at the New Meadows, was named 
Toppesfield"; and by a comparison of Ipswich and Topsfield 
records, that a number of the early Ipswich families were the 
original settlers of Topsfield. There were some circumstances 
which may have strongly influenced William and Hannah Averell 
to settle in Topsfield. First, John Wildes, one of the earliest 
settlers of that town, had married in 1663 for his second wife, 
Sarah Averell, a sister of William- ; secondly, Francis Peabody 
[b. 1614] who was originally from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, 
Eng., and who appears as a settler at Ipswich in 1636, had mar- 
ried Mary Foster, dau. of Reginald Foster, an old friend, neigh- 
bor, and associate of William^ Averell, as well as of William^ 
[It is said that Reginald Foster or Forster's family is honorably 
mentioned in Scott's "Lay of the Last Minstrel" and "Marmion." 
See the Peabody Genealogy.] 

As Topsfield had been a part of Ipswich in William-'s day, 
and as he had had influence as surveyor of the highways leading 
to it, and as several of his old neighbors were already established 
there, it does not surprise us to find that in Feb., 1663, he 

82 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

bought of Daniel and Mary Clarke of Topsfield one hundred 
acres of land in that town. The record is found among the 
deeds in Essex Co. Registry; vol. 9, 

Clarke to Averell entered June 8th 1694. 
February the Annoq- Domini 1663 
Know all men by these p-sents that I Daniel Clarke of Topsfield in New 
England in ye County of Essex planter for good & valuable Considerations 
me thereunto Especialy moveing Haue & by these presents doe Bargaine 
Sell Alienate En feoffe & Confirme unto William Averell of Ipswich in ye 
County afores'' Carp'' his heirs & assignes All that Messuage & Tenement 
alias my houselott together with my dwelling house & all all other Out 
houses & Edifices thereunto belonging or appertaining Also the Orchard 
thereunto adjoining & all ye other lands to the aforesaid Tenement belong- 
ing to it both Arable Meadow and pasture ground with all ye fences Woods 
& underwoods Standing or Growing in & uppon ye said land or any part 
or par cell thereof All which Messuage Tenement & lands as aforesd w'" 
ye Appurtenances Conteyning by Estimation one hundred acres more or 
less. Together w*" ye Comonage thereunto belonging on the No Side of ye 
River, And ye Comonage of five hundred acres on ye South side of ye River 
an Scituate lying & being in Topsfield aforesd. The lands aforesd and 
every part thereof are bounded in manner and form following that is to 
Say on ye North East Side by a Brooke comonly called Mile brooke which 
brooke parts Goodman Euans land & this land now mentioned & soe with a 
line from ye Brooke to Mr Perkins his land And from thence bounded by 
ye Comon up to William Smithes Corner line on ye north west, and south 
west and On ye South Side bounded by ye land of William Smith & Robert 
Andrews and Like wise again by William Smithes land with Mark + trees 
on ye East Side To Haue & To Hold ye before Said Messuage and Tene- 
ment with all and Singular ye premises priueledges and Appurtenances 
thereunto belonging unto ye Said William Averell his hiers and assignes 
for euer. To ye only proper use and behoofe of him ye said William his 
hiers Executors Administrators & Assignes for Evermore Moreouer the 
aforesd Daniel for himselfe his hiers & assignes by these p-sents doth 
Couenant promise & grant to & with ye said William Averell his hiers & 
assignes to warrant & defend for Euer hereafter ye right title & Intrest that 
ye Said William shall or may have in ye aforesd lands & premises with ye 
Appurtenances & all ye freedomes & privi ledges there unto belonging or 
appertayning against all persons whatsoeuer Clayming or Challenging any 
right title or interest therein or in any part or parcel] thereof And further- 
more ye said Daniel by these pr-sts doth Couenant promise & grant to and 
with ye Sd William his hiers & assigns that from henceforth for Euer 
hereafter the Said William his hiers & assignes shall & may freely & abso- 
lutely quietly and peaceably occupy possess & enjoy all & singular ye prem- 
ises with ye appurtenances without any interrupcon let Molestation Ejec- 
tion Evicon or Contradicon of him ye said Daniel his hiers or assignes or 

The Second Generation 83 

of any other person or persons in his name doe by or under him Clayming 
any right title or Intrest in or to ye premises with ye appurtenances or 
any part thereof In Witness where of ye Said Daniel hath to these p-sents 
interchangeably Sett his hand & Seale The Day & yeare aboue sd 1663. 

Seale'' & Deliuered in ye Daniel Clarke & a Seale 

^^^ Mary Clarke & a Seale 

p-sence of William W Evans 
Sus(?) ---. Wiles 
Daniel Clarke acknowledged this writing to be his act & deed before me 
Daniel Denison March ll"" 1663 

Examined p. Steph: Sewall Reg^ 

The precise date of the removal of William- and his family 
to Topsfield has not been ascertained. Topsfield records were 
kept for many years by "ffrancies pabody," the Town Clerk, 
and are very illegible. But to one familiar with early writing, 
and interested in the early history of Topsfield, those records 
would prove very entertaining. Fortunately the honored his- 
torian of Topsfield, Mr. George Francis Dow, has deciphered 
the writing and has published an interesting copy of the early 
records in the Historical Collections of Topsfield, a magazine 
which he edits. 

Among the following items relative to William- Averell are 
many copied by permission from those published records. 

[T. H. C, Vol. 2.] At a lawfull Towne meeting the 7 March 1664: 
It was decided that the common land was to be divided by John Wiles and 
Willi Auerell (and others) into three equall proportions; Among the names 
of those rated that year appear those of thomas aueril and thomas Hobbes 
on mr bro dstreets land, 01, 14, 02; and John Wiles on mr brodstreets land 
01, 12, 10; 19 mch 1666-7 a 'hie way' ordered 'between William Aueriell 
house and the Mill threw his ground as they shall see most Convenyant.' 
(This, the Peabody mill, was built on what was then called Pye Brook, 
running from Lowe's Pond in Boxford and also from Baker's (afterwards 
Pritchard's) , but what is now called Hood's Pond in Topsfield. T. H. C. 
Vol. 1.) 

Topsfield, Mass., Soldiers [Putnam's Monthly His. Mag., vol. 4] : 
The Inhabitants & soldiery of Topsfield and the villiges adjoining 
thereto according to an order from Major Denninson met together the 21 
of the 4 mo. 1666 and chose officers as follows 

84 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

John Redington of Topsfield, head officer in commanding or leading 
the company, Joseph Bigsbey, Senior, Sergeant, Abraham Redington, senior 
(Redington Sr) of the village. Clerk of the bands, Edmond Town, John 
Comins, W"' Smith, corporals. 

Request to Court for confirmation signed by Dan. Hovey and W™ Avril . 
in the name of the rest. 

Request allowed. [Essex Co. Ct. Files. Vol. ii.] 

[T. H. C, vol II]. 8 Apriel 1667 William Aueriell and Daniell Borman 
(allowed) to make a dame at the mile brooke to float their medow; 1668 we 
find John Wills & ffraincies peabody are still laying out land for the town; 
and the hie way and house of Wm Aueriell is mentioned; March 11, 1669, 
lots were cast for land — among others ye 9 to John Wilds; — John Wilds 
again received 30 lots. In those shares no Averell is mentioned; Jan. 3d 
1670 a Highway was laid out from the Vpper End of William Aueriell 
orchard one rod an a halfe wide. 

Essex Co. Ct. R., vol. 15, contains the following: William Averell of 
Topsfield late Constable; dep. his annual address to the Court about the 
14th of the 9th mo. last, 1670. [The office of constable was very important 
at that period, and a much higher honor than now.] 

[T. H. C, Vol. 2] 20:7:1675. Wm Auiril is Chosen to sarue on the 
Jurie of trials at Ipswich Corte next Insuing. It is evident that on many 
occasions William' fearlessly expressed his contrari desent. March 14 
1678-9 William averis land again mentioned; Mar. 2, 1679-80 William 
auerel Enteres his Contrari desent to action of the other selectmen; 7th 
of march 1681-2 William Auerey enters his desent to ye Voat aboue 
wrighteen about ye pulpit; In 1681 in rates for the minister william 
auerell stands No. 18 in the list for 01 00 06. 21 Noumber 1682 The 
Towne has Lefte it to ye selectmen adding Will: Auerey & Isacke Estey 
& John Wilds to ye selectmen for ye seateing of pepall in our meeting 
house. Voated. A little later William Auerey is chosen a tieingman, and 
March 13, 1683 William Auerey's ffaimele is mentioned and on September 
1677, the family of willyem Averell (This is out of order.) In March 
1683-84 William Auerey Sener again enters his Contrey desent and the 
same month William Auery Senr is Chosen to sarue one the Jeuerey of 
trialls the next County Court to beholden at Ipswich. 

[Id. Vol. 3.] William Aueriell senr is chosen Commisenor for the 
Towne of Topsfield: later, William Averell Senr. is Choen a Commitie to 
treat with Rowley Villeagers: Again he Enters his Contrey desents to ye 
Voate; and is Chosen a Commitey to treat with Rowley Viligers. On May 
21, 1688, he is chosen a Selectman. 

Mr. Dow in his revised edition of the Averill Genealogy 
(see p. 143 under Isaac, No. 21) gives us the following descrip- 
tion of the site of William Averill's house : 

The Second Generation 85 

A depression marking the former location of the cellar of 
his house may yet be seen on the left hand side of the road lead- 
ing from "Springvale" towards "Mile Brook bridge," just be- 
yond the Wildes-Perley house. This road was laid out from 
William Averill's home to what is now "Springvale," on May 
19, 1666. Many of his descendants settled near him; and in 
after years an Averill neighborhood known as "The Colleges" 
from the fact, as the story goes, that the Averills at that time 
were some of the most intelligent people in the town, being 
prominent in town affairs and holding public offices. They were 
cabinet makers. 

The view we give of William Averill's homestead site is 
looking on the ridge which lay between his house and the barn, 
the latter being on the north side of the ridge. 

On April 23, 1691, is recorded the death of William^ Averell 
at Topsfield. This occurred fortunately for him, a year before 
his sister, Mrs. Sarah (Averell) Wildes, was accused of witch- 
craft and executed with Rebecca Nourse and others [see under 
Sarah, No. 4]. Unfortunately for the compiler of this geneal- 
ogy, the record of William's death does not mention his age, so 
that we are left without a record of the year of his birth. His 
will, witnessed by his sister, Sarah Wildes, and her husband, 
reveals a fine spirit of consideration of which his descendants 
may be proud. The Inventory of his estate is found in Essex 
Co. Probate Records, Vol. 303, p. 54: 

The Inuontary // of ye estate off 
Item William Auerell sen^^ of Topsfeild 
w^ho deceased y^ 23'' day of Aprill 







Wearing cloaths 





ai-mes & amonition 





pewter coper brass Iron & tinn 





beds & beding Linning & wooling cloath 





tables chests boxes & other Lumber 





Carpenders tooles Joiners tooles & other | tools 





Impliments of Husbandrie 





y" bul dings 




86 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Item y*' whomsteed Land & medow 

Item Land at Ipswich 

Item stock as neat Catle sheep & Swine 










lb s d 
dat y" 16, Aprill 1691 589 - 04 - 03 

prizers Samuel Hewlett 

Daniel Redington 

Ha"ah widdow Relict & Executrix of her dec" Husband w'" Averell 
p'^sented y'' above as a trve inventory to y" best of her Knowledg promising 
to add w" farther should Come to her Knowledge 

In Court att Salem 30'" June 91 
attest: Benj" Gerrish Cler 

The will of William- Averell is found in Essex Co. Probate 
Court Records: Clerk of Court's Office; Vol. 50, p. 134- (Vol. 
303, p. 52). 


The last will and testament of william Averell of topsfield sen"' in the 
county of essex in new england: I being weak in body but thorow gods 
goodness yett of compitent vnderstanding and memory I comitt my body 
to the dust when god shall take me hence: and my speritt into the hands 
of allmyghty god and my most mercifull Redeemer and my outward estate 
as foloweth: I doe will vnto my eleuen children the sum of six pounds a 
peece for the present: to be payd as they are or shall com to age: in such 
specia of m.ouables as the estate consists in not to be prized as mony but 
as vpon pay acount: and this rule to be attanded in all other payments 
hare after to be mentioned the remainder of my estate viz my lands and 
housing stocke and household goods moueables and vnmouables: my will 
is to leave it with my dear and louing wife to be Improued for the mutual 
Relieefe and comfort both of her selfe and family I shall leave with her: 
or soe many of them whose harts god shall incline to Hue together with 
their dear mother as brethren in peace loue and unity: and to be mutually 
helpfuU in improueing the land and stocke for their oune and each others 
liuelyhood: that they may by keeping near together be helpful vnto each 
other in an hour of danger: my will is that if my present dwelling house 
shall continue in being vntell after my wiues deseace and allso that my son 
John and my son nathanaell shall be then liuing that they shall haue each 
of them ten pounds out of the value of the house before any diuition be 
made or if either of them shall siruiue and not the other: then his ten 
pound shall be his due if they shall boeth dye befare their mother: then 
this to be voyd and of none efect; my will is that after my wiues decease 
my lands ||and|| housing shall with the Rest of my estate that shall then 
be in being be equally deuided amongst my children that shall be then liuing 
the lands and housing to belong equally vnto my sons: yet soe as they shall 

The Second Generation 87 

not make sale or convayance vnto any strainger of their proportian before 
they have prefered the same to such of their brethren as may be willing 
to buy the same: who shall haue one full years liberty to purches or 
Refuse: if any shall doe contrery harevnto he shall forfitt his interest in 
his share of land and housing nor shall he hold his proportion at a higher 
price to his brethren then the same will yeeld to a strainger my will is if 
the land shall fall short in value that my sons have not their due in value: 
whatt shall be wanting shall be made vp out of the stocke and mouables: 
and the like to be done if stocke and mouables fall short: the heirs of the 
lands and bowsing to pay euery on his part: my will is that my son 
nathanaell may use the shop toles not to make any strip and wast or to 
depriue the family of the benifit of such as they shall haue ocation for: 
while they shall continue together: I doe hareby giue vnto my wife full 
power to determine whot kind of houshould goods shall belong vnto each 
of our davghters: and allso to impart as there may be need: either to sons 
or daughters what may be conueniently spared: keeping a true acount 
therof: not exceeding what will be their proportion at the last diuition: 
and what they shall soe Receiue: shall be acounted vnto them as part of 
their last proportion out of my estate [ : I doe not intend hare the first six 
pounds and vpwards in the former part of these lines] I doe (torri out — 
about one word gone) giue liberty to my wife to alow Reasonable Recom- 
pen(ce to s*)uch of our children tho not yet com to age as shall (torn 
out — about one word gone) oue themselves diligent faithfull and constant 
in improuing (torn out — about one word gone) nd stocke for the good of 
the family after thay com to full age which shall be taken out of the 
estate or income therof as a due debt before diuision be made: I doe 
further hareby make my Dear and louing wife my full and sole executrix 
vnto this my last will and testament during the term of hir widowhood: 
if she shall see cause to chang hir condition; then my will is that she take 
two of her sons whom she shall Jvdg to be best able and most faithfull to 
Joyn with her in executorship : to the end that noe strainger nor son of a 
strainger may be admitted into soe small a liuing to the wrong of the 
proper heirs or any of them: lastly my will is that any of my sons as they 
may be able may and will be helpfull vnto their dear mother in what 
dificultyes she may meet withall and that they Hue at peace amongst 
themselues: and you will haue the promis that the god of peace will be 
with you for confirmation hereof I haue hareto set my hand 

dated the 15 day of aprill 1690 

as wittneses 

JJohn Wills William Auerell 

the mark 

Sarah wilds 

The witnesses above mentioned made oath in Court att Salem June 
30'" 1691 y' they were p''sent and saw w'" Auert^ll signe seale & deliver 

* Torn out. 

88 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

& heard him publish the aboue-written as his last -v^iH & testam' & y' he 
was then |ito|| y"' understanding of a disposing mind 
attest Benj^ Gerrish Cler. 


Essex, ss. Office of the Clerk of the Courts. September 24, 1897. 
The foregoing are true copies, as on file in this office. 

Attest, Jas. p. Hale, Ass' Clerk. 

Some time after the death of her husband, Mrs. William Averell and 
her sons John and Nathaniel decided to sell some of the land in Ipswich 
which had remained for many years in the Averell family. 

The record of this transaction is found in the Essex Registry of 
Deeds, Vol. 10, P. 25. 

AUERELL Hanah John & Nathaniel: To Francis Crompton Aug' 21. 1694. 

To all Christian people before whome this present Writing shall come 
Greeting Know yee that Hanah Averill Widow & John Averell and Nathaniel 
Averill all of Topsfield In ye County of Essex In ye province of ye 
Massachusets Bay In New Eng" Executors to ye last Will & Testament 
of William Auerell of Topsfield aforesd Dece'' for & in Consideration of ye 
full and Just sume of Eighty «& Two pounds of Good and Currant money 
of New England To them in hand paid by Mr Francis Crompton of 
Ipswich in ye County aforesd & To thier full Satisfa ton & Content of any 
further payment doe fully & Absolutely Exonerate Acquit & discharge ye 
S'' Crompton his hiers Executors Administrators & Assignes for Euer by 
these p-sents Have Given Granted Bargained and Sold alienated Enfeoffed 
& Confirmed & by These P-sents doe fully freely & absolutely Give Grant 
Bargaine & Sell alienate Enfeoffe and Confirme unto ye Said Francis 
Crompton his hiers Executors Adm'^'"^ and assigns for Euer A Certain 
parcell of land Scituate lying & being In Ipswich afores"" Containing by 
Estimaton three acres & is ye homestead formerly William Averells De- 
ceased bounded South East & SouthWest mostly upon ye land ye homestead 
of Mr John Rogers Minister In Ipswich and North West by ye Mill River 
and North East by ye high Way ye Country Rode that leads Downe to ye 
Mill Riuer aforesd & as it is bounded & fencd In with all the Rights 
priuiledges and Appurtenances there unto belonging or any ways apper- 
taining as fences fruit Trees Comon Rights or what Ever belongeth there- 
unto To Have & To Hold & peaceably to Occupy possess & enjoy all ye 
aboue Demised premises with Euery of its Appurtenances be ye same more 
or less. To him ye Said ffrancis Crompton his hiers Executors Adminis- 
trators & assignes for Euer ffree Clear & Quitt & ffreely and Clearly Ac 
quitted & Discharged of & from all former & other Gifts Grants Debts 
Suites Troubles arrests Judgments Executions Extentions bequests Joint- 
ures thirds Dowries Or Any Other Intanglements or Incumbrances what- 
soeuer So that ye Said Francis Crompton his hiers Executors Adminis- 

The Second Generation 89 

trators and assigns Shall ffrom Time to Time & att all Times for Euer 
hereafter Have Hold use Occupy possess and Enjoy all ye Demised prem- 
ises with Euery of its appurtenances To his & Thier only proper use 
behoofe and benefit without any Condition Reservation or Limitation what- 
soever So as to alter Change Defeat or Make Void ye Same furthermore 
ye Said Hanah Auerell and John Auerell & Nathaniel Averell for them- 
selves thier heires Executors & Administrators doe Covenant promise & 
engage To & with ye Said Francis Crompton his hiers Executors & Ad- 
ministrators and assignes that at the Time of ye Ensealing and Deleuery 
here of they have Good right full power & Lawfull Authority in thier Owne 
name to alienate Sell and Dispose thereof as aboue Said and that it is an 
absolute Estate of Inheritance in ffee Simple & so to be Secured for Euer 
from ye lett Suit or deniall of ye Said Hanah & John & Nathaniel Averell 
their hiers & assignes or any other person or persons laying Any Lawfull 
Claim thereto or any part thereof In Witness whereof ye said Hanah 
Averell & John Averell & Nathaniel Averell have here unto Sett their 
hands and Seales This Tenth Day of July Anno Dom One thousand Six 
hundred & Ninety Three & In ye fifth yeare of thier Maj"-'' Reigne 

her marke 
Hanah + Auerell & a Seal 

Signed Sealed & Deliuered John Auerell & a Seal 

In ye p-sence of vs Nathaniel Auerell & a Seal 

John Willson 
William ffelows 
Exam'' p Steph: Sewall Reg'' 

Hanah Auerell John Auerell and Nathaniel Auerell all appeared & 
did Acknowledg this Instrument aboue written to be thier Act & Deed 
July ye 13"' 1693 before me Samuel Appleton Just, of ye peace 

On Feb. 4, 1701-2, Mrs. Hannah (Jackson) Averell, widow 
of William-, joins with her children in publishing an instrument 
which is famous among such New England documents, and for 
that reason it is given here in full : 

Essex Reg. of Deeds (So. District) B. 42, p. 243: 
William Averill, John Averill, Nathaniel Averill &c their Settlement or 
Division of Lands. Rec'^ on Record, July 3'' 1724. 

To all Christian People to whom these presents shall come, Hannah Averill 
of Topsfield, in the County of Essex, within the Province of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay in New England, widow, executrix to the last will & testament 
of her late husband William Averill of the above s'd Town & County, 
deceased, & William Averill, John Averill, Nathaniel, Job, Ebenezer, 
Thomas, Paul, Isaac & Hannah Averill, Abigail Bishop, & Mary Averill, 

90 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

all children of said William & Hannah, send greeting: Know yee, that 
whereas said William the parent, died seized of a considerable estate, both 
real & personall, as by ye inventory given in, of ye same, more fully 
appears, in order to ye Settlement of the same to the mutuall satisfaction 
of said parties (together with other estate purchast since) it is agreed 
that whereas the said Hannah, executrix, hath with the consent & assist- 
ance of the said Brethren & Sisters alienated part of the lands that said 
William, the Parent dyed seized of, and with the assistance of several! of 
the persons named purchased severall lands, that the s'' widow may still 
have a comfortable maintainance out of the said estate real & personall 
which her said husband left her during her widowhood and that hath been 
purchased since the said William the Parents decease. It is agreed that 
the said Hannah shall receive the same out of the lands & from the hands 
of those brethren hereafter named that oblige themselves, and heirs thereto, 
and that she the said Hannah shall have the use of such moveable estate 
and household goods which she hath reserved dureing her naturall life. 
Also it is mutually agreed that each Brother and Sisters part & portion 
may be well & duely paid according to the tenour & purport of their said 
parents will, and what is purchased it is also hereafter Agreed and con- 
cluded, which of said persons shall make payment of ye respective parts, 
viz* : such as have accepted of the lands, houses & tenements built before 
the decease of s'' parent or purchased since shall performe the duty & 
make payment of ye respective sums, they are respectively obliged unto 
upon the respective obligations given by the said persons unto the others 
interested in the said real estate, the said persons that before signing 
hereof had interest in said real estate hath consented to take personall 
estate of said persons following and have hereafter quited claime unto 
said real and personall estate, except what is set out as their part of what 
they are to receive and what may fall & happen to any of them by the 
death of any under age, which if any depart this life before, it is mutually 
agreed that such part share or shares shall be equally divided for quantity 
amongst the survivours that live to age. Imp* It is mutually agreed & said 
Hannah the Parent consenteth & agreeth to live and abide with her son 
John Averill who willingly accepts of s'^ betrustment and promiseth to 
afford said parent all suitable sustinance and maintainance dureing her 
naturall life, said parent remaining a widow and abillity in body and 
assisting as at present towards her Livelyhood, but if disenabled by sickness 
and infirmities and cannot assist as at present, it is mutually agreed by his 
three brethren, Nathaniel, Ebenezer & Job Averill that they shall and each 
obligeth himselfe and his respective heirs, executors and admin""" to yeild 
and pay each part of what sum and sums of payments shall be needfull 
towards her sustainance and maintainance with their said Brother, who 
each stands obliged unto said parent for their respective quarter part, 
which if any of said parties or their heirs, executors and admin''^ fail in 
the supply and payment thereof, unto their said parent or the respective 
party or his heirs, executors or admin"^* with whom the said parent shall 

The Second Generation 91 

see it best for her to live & shall reside; it shall be & is in the liberty and 
power of said parent, notwithstanding the settlement hereafter made to 
lease & rent out or sell so much of the defective parties lands as shall be 
needfull to procure such supplies as such defective party ought to have 
made and is hereby obliged unto and for said parents support. Item, It 
is agreed mutually and John Averill accepts of as his full share, in his 
said fathers lands, and also of the purchast lands since his s** parents death, 
viz' : the house, barne & outhouseing orchard, garden, yards & lands, 
scituate about the same, containing by estimation sixty acres, be it more 
or less, as bounded westerly & Southwest side by the land of Mr. Timothy 
Perkins, in part and the Common in part So.^ & So.=East by the land of 
Mr. Thomas Bakers in part and Mr. Perkins in part. So.=westerly by 
said Perkins land till it comes to the highway that leads to the brook called 
Mile Brook, and then by the Brook up stream by the meadow of John 
French and Daniel Boarman, being on the No. East side: Also the said 
John is to have of Nathaniel's part of meadow dureing his mothers naturall 
life the use of one acre and halfe of River Meadow upon the receipt of 
which said John obligeth himselfe to pay of ye money owing from the 
estate, thirty pounds, together with the interest that is due already, for 
said thirty pounds and that shall accrue hereafter, till it's paid, also the 
sum of One Hundred and thirty pounds which said John hath given severall 
bills for to the Legatees upon their quitting claime to the real estate that 
he is now possest of. Item. It is mutually agreed and Nathaniel Averill 
accepts of as his full share of his fathers lands, and also of the purchast 
lands since his fathers decease, viz' : about one hundred acres of upland & 
meadow by estimation be it more or less, being part of that was purchast 
of Governour Bradstreet as it is set out & bounded by boundaries agreed 
on betw^ixt himselfe and his brother Ebenezer, all the said buildings upon 
said Land, and halfe ye common rights that belongs to that land & Ebene- 
zers: upon the receipt of which he, the said Nathaniel obligeth himselfe to 
pay of currant silver money owing from the estate. Twenty & Five Pounds 
together with all interest that is & shall become due for it untill paid, also 
the sum of Seventy-Five Pounds which said Nathaniel hath given bills 
for to the legatees, upon their quitting claime to the real estate that he is 
hereby possesstt of and that his father dyed seized of. Item. It is 
mutually agreed & Ebenezer Averill accepts of as his full share of his 
Father's land as the lands purchast since his father's decease, viz' : abount 
one hundred acres of upland and meadow ground, by estimation be it more 
or less, being part of that was purchast of Governour Bradstreet as it is 
set out and bounded by boundaries agreed on betwixt himselfe and his 
Brother Nathaniel: all the said biuldings & outhouses and halfe the com- 
mon right that belongs to said land and Ebenezer's, upon the receipt of 
which he, the said Ebenezer obligeth himselfe to pay of currant silver 
money owing from the estate the sum of thirty pounds together with all 
interest that is & shall become due for it untill paid: Also the sum of 
Seventy-five pounds, which said Ebenezer hath given bills for to the Lega- 

92 Aver ell, Averill, Avery Family 

tees upon their quitting claime to the real estate that his father died seized 
of and that he is hereby possesst of. Item: It is mutually agreed & Job 
Averill accepts of as his full share of his father's land and the lands 
purchast since his fathers decease, viz' : about one hundred & fifty acres 
of upland and meadow ground, by estimation be it more or less forty 
acres of it, being part of the land purchast of Governour Bradstreet, about 
three or four score acres of it purchast of Mr. Zerubbabel Endicott with 
other lands purchast of other persons, together with the grist mill that is 
the right which belongs to us and the house and barne which said lands 
are scituate upon the north & South sides of the River called Ipswich River, 
upon the receipt of which the said Job obligeth himselfe to pay in currant 
silver money owing from the Estate, the sum of Fifty Pounds, together 
with all the interest that is or shall become due, untill it is paid. Also 
the sum of Seventy & Five Pounds which said Job hath given bills for to 
the Legatees upon their quitting claime to the real estate that his father 
died seized of and the lands purchast since, that he is hereby possesst of. 
Whereas there are severall sums due by obligations to s'^ estate, thirty & 
six pounds of which are made to Nathaniel Averill and fifteen pounds unto 
John Averill, it is mutually agreed that s'' sums shall respond the payments 
which are due from the estate in money, besides ye perticular payments 
each are hereby obliged to make. We, John Averill, Nathaniel Averill, 
Job Averill, and Ebenezer, haveing settled said parts before mentioned 
and accepted as expreast in the perticular Division to each as our respective 
shares in the real & personall estate that our said father dyed seized of as 
well as of that which hath been purchased since: by these presents have 
remised, released and forever quitclaimed & doe by these presents remise, 
release & forever quitclaime unto each other their heirs. Exec", Adminis" 
and assignes, of all actions, cause of actions, suit & suits, Controversies, 
claimes and demands of or concerning any further part of any of the real 
or personall estate given by our late father William Averill, Dec*, or any 
of the lands purchased since his decease, that we, or any of us, our heirs 
&c. might make claime or demand of and unto, except what is particularly 
mentioned in our respective Divisions hereby covenanting & promiseing to 
and with each other that each party & their respective heirs, executors, 
administrators and assignes shall forever have, hold and enjoy the re- 
spective parts accepted by, each party without any Lett, molestation in- 
terruption, suit or deniall of us or our heirs, executors, admin" or assignes, 
we, William, Thomas, Paul & Isaac Averill and Hannah Averill & Jonathan 
& Abigail Bishop of Beverly, & Mary Averill, Children of William Averill, 
late of Topsfield, deceased, haveing received of our mother Hannah Averill, 
executrix to the estate & will of her said husband William Averill & such 
as she hath appointed to make payments to our full satisfaction of what 
we might respectively claime and demand in the estate of our said father 
by will or otherwise, therefore by these presents, we, William, Thomas, 
Paul, Isaac, Hannah & Mary Averill & Jonathan and Abigail Bishop have 
remised, released and forever quitclaimed and doe by these presents remise, 

The Capen House, Topsfield, 1686. 

:d & Job 

he lands 

& fifty acres 

•>r less forty 

'•■•t, about 

ott with 

t mill that is 

inh said lands 

rh River, 


'!u: , together 

js paid. Also 

.1 hill., fnv to 


: of. 

-I ate, thirty & 

. f i pounds unto 

; the payments 

liar payments 

-N.iihaniel Averill, 

•. before mentioned 

in f ich as our respective 

father dyed seized of as 

li\- tV.i.-:... T! ■•! v,:.r')t, hfiVe 

, Mf any 
.'Ur heirs 

■ '^arly 

; to 

:|-s. ('xet-i.ilOV.S, 

enjoy the r-,^ 

.8891 .aianaioT .aauoH '/i:^'?//;* anT 

J lather 
iiop have 
s remise, 

The Second Generation 95 

release and forever quitclaime unto said Hannah as executrix to said 
William deceased, of all actions, cause of actions, suit, suits controversy 
& controversies & for concerning any further part of said Williams Estate 
that he died seized of whether reall or personall then what is paid and 
secured to be paid by bills bearing date with these presents covenanting 
and promising that the respective shares mentioned to each particularly 
in ye former part of this agreement shall be and remiane to them respect- 
ively as mentioned and their respective heirs, executors, admin"''' & assignes 
forever without any lett, suit or deniall of us or any of our respective 
heirs, executors, admin""^ or assignes forever. In testimony that this is 
the mutuall agreement of us the children of William Averill, deceased and 
that which we doe promise & engage to each other to fulfill and performs 
we have hereunto sett our hands and seals this fourth day of February 
in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred one or two. 

Signed, sealed & deliv- \ John Averill & a seal, Isaac Averill & a seal, 
ered, to each other as I Nathaniel Averill & a seal. Jonathan & Abigail 
their act & deed in ( Bishop & a Seal. Job Averill & a seal. Ebenezer 
presence of, Witnesses. ( Averill & a Seal. Silus & Mary Fitts (Titus) 
William Howlett. | & a Seal. Thomas Averill & a Seal. 

Daniel Redington. / Preston, May the 30"' day 1724: 

Then the above named Thomas Averill and Isaac Averill both personally 
appeared and freely acknowledged the above written instrument to be their 
own free act and deed. 
Before me, John Browne. J'* of ye Peace. 

Bristoll sc. Norton, June 2'' 1724. Jonathan Bishop and Abigail, his wife, 
and Silus Titues & Mary Titus, his wife personally appeared and each of 
them acknowledged the above written instrument to be their voluntary act 
& deed. 
Before me, George Leonard. Justice of Peace. 

Essex sc. Att an Inferiour Court holden at Salem, June 30"' 1724. Daniel 
Reddington one of the witnesses to this instrument made oath that to the 
best of his remembrance he saw the parties to this instrument sign the 
same, but he cannot perfectly remember it and that he believes he signed 
as a Witness with William Howlett, but cannot possitively remember it 
but that the above is his handwriting as he verily believes. 
Examined, Sworne in Court, Attest, Stephen Sewall. Clerk. 

Essex Registry Deeds, So. Dist. 
Salem, Sept. 30'", 1897. 
The foregoing is a true copy of record in this office. 
Attest. WiLLARD J. Hale, Reg. 

Rev. Joseph Capen came to Topsfield in 1684 ; and he built 
the interesting house, of which we give a picture, about 1686. 

96 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The names of William^ and Hannah Averell do not appear 
in Rev. Joseph Caven's "list of ye members in full communion 
at Topsfield when I ivas first ordan'ed or yt were admitted after- 
ward" [1684 to 1709], although we do find in this list the name 
of "John Wilds his wife." And, strangely enough, it was not 
until May 16, 1697, six years after the death of the father, and 
when the eldest son was thirty-five years of age, that their 
children, with the exception of William, were baptized by the 
above mentioned minister. Those children were "Johnn" Averell, 
Nathaniel, Job, Ebenezer, Thomas, Paul, Isaac, Hannah, Abigail 
and Mary. Their brother William was married and a member 
of one of the Ipswich churches at this time, and probably was 
baptized there. [As William- Averell in Apr., 1690, mentions 
his "eleven children," and their names appear in the "mutual 
agreement," Feb. 4. 1701-2, it is probable that Ezekiel and Silas 
died before Apr., 1690. The date of the death of the first Isaac 
is on record.] It is equally remarkable that "Widow Averill" 
was not "admitted to the Congregational Church at Topsfield" 
until "June 30. 1706." As there was at this date no other widow 
Averell, our Hannah (Jackson) Averell must be the one men- 

Queries: What was the religious belief of William- and his 
wife Hannah? What was the nature of their association with 
the Ipswich and Topsfield Churches? Why did she and her 
children come so late into the church? And why in spite of 
their unusual attitude toward it was he so trusted and honored 
by Topsfield citizens? 

Mrs. Hannah Averell lived after her husband's death with 
her son John, and we have no record of the date of her death. 

The births of their children are recorded in Vital Statistics 
of Essex Co., 1646-1786, Vol. iii. 

The children of William- and Hannah (Jackson) Averell 
(all but one b. at Topsfield; see T. H. C.) were: 

9. i. William', b. May 1, 1662, at Ipswich (Ct. R.) ; m. Mary 

10. ii. Nathaniel', b. Oct. 13, 1664; m. (1) Sarah Hewlett; m. (2) 

Lydia French. 

11. iii. John'', b. Jan. 1, 1666; m. Ann or Anna Greensleet. 

12. iv. Job', b. Jan. 1, 1666 (or 7?) ; m. Susanna Brown. 





















The Second Generation 97 

Hannahs b. Dec. 18, 1667. 

Ebenezer', b. Oct. 14, 1669; m. (1) Susannah Hovey; m. 

(2) Mehitable Foster. 
Isaac (a)' ("son"), b. Jan. 26, 1671; d. June 11, 1680. 
Thomas'', b. Dec. 9, 1672; m. Mary Baker. 
Abigail', b. Mar. 8, 1673-4; m. Jonathan Bishop. 
Ezekiel', b. July 24, 1675. 
Paul', b. June 21, 1677; m. (1) Sarah Andrews; m. (2) 

Mary Symonds. 
SiLAS^ b. May 1, 1679. 

Isaac (b)', b. Nov. 10, 1680; m. Esther Walker, 
xiv. Mary', b. , 168- ; m. Silas Titus. 

3. Thomas- Averell, or Averall, Averill, Everell, Everill, 
Avery (William^), b. probably in England, is first mentioned 
by name in Ipsivich Court Records and Files: "Court, 31 :3 :1649 : 
"Will Avery, jr., Thomas Avery, John Aniball and Thos. Robin- 
son, sr., for defect in watching." (See the Essex Ant., 
Vol. viii, July, 1904.) As "Will Avery, jr.," is unquestionably 
the son of William' Averell, and as all this family were called 
"Avery," and no other Avery family is identified as residing in 
Ipswich, there seems no doubt that the above mentioned Thomas 
Avery was a brother of this William, and son of William- 

Essex County Court papers, Vols, i-iv, pp. 339 and 360, 
refer -to Thomas Averill of Ipswich, debt., 1658; and "dep." 
1659; Court at Ipswich; pp. 237-238, to Thomas Averill dep. 
1657 (two entries), Court held at Salem, 1657. 

In 1692, more than a year after the death of William- 
Averell of Topsfield [in 1691], John Wildes of Topsfield states: 
"My brother Averill tried to have the accuser state his testi- 
mony against his sister" (Sarah Averill Wilde, who was accused 
of witchcraft) . See p. 109. 

As Thomas Avery of Salem, Mass., and Portsmouth, N. H., 
had died in 1681, and as no other Thomas Avery or Averill 
except the son of William was associated with Essex County 
people between 1637 and '92, and as this Thomas was the only 
brother of Sarah (Averill) Wilde living at this date whose 
name is known to us, it seems unquestionable that Thomas 
Averell, then of County York, Me., was the "Brother Averell" 
alluded to by John Wilde. 

98 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Thomas Averell was married Dec. 8, 1657, at Ipswich, 
Mass., to Frances Collins {Ct. R.) . She was probably the 
daughter of John Collins of Salem, 1643, and of Gloucester, 
1646, who had two sons and two daughters (Hist, of Gloucester) . 

The Collins and Averell families were associated with each 
other later. March, 1640, "thomas Aueril" associated with 
Mr. Hobbs "on Mr. brodstreets land," was rated, £01.14.02 ; and 
this Thomas Averell, of Topsfield, had a dau. Sarah, b. March 
23, 1666 (Ct. R. Topsfield, Vital Statistics). He was rated in 
Topsfield in 1668: Thos. Avery at £00.04.03 (will Avery at 
£00.06.00; John Wilds at £00.13.00). This is the last Essex 
Co. Record. 

Oct. 20, 1671, he was at Wells, County York, Province 
of Maine. (Wells is very near Kittery. See mem., pp. 74 and 75, 
James Everill.) 

Abstracts from deeds recorded for that county (and now- 
found at Alfred, Me.) show that he had land at Wells 1671, '6, 
'80; and at Cape Neddick, 1680-9; and later. Other records 
show that before his death, which was before Apr. 7, 1714, he 
had been at Jebano (Scarborough), and had removed from there 
to York and back to Cape Neddick, and had at last returned 
to York, which was his place of residence at the time of his 

His wife, whose name does not appear after their marriage 
on any records found up to this date, appears to have died soon 
after her husband, certainly before Apr. 9, 1726, when her son 
Job Averil renders his account as admr. of his father's estate. 

It is not thirty miles in direct line from Cape Neddick to 
Kennebunkport (Arundel and Cape Porpoise), where Thomas 
(No. 3) Averill had some nephews; and Wells is between these 
two towns, but closer to Cape Neddick. At the extremity of Cape 
Neddick is the Nubble — a noted barren rock which is an island 
at high water. This and the Old Man of the Sea, on the North- 
ern coast of Cape Neddick, are attractions for visitors at York, 
which is close to the Cape. 

We give the following abstracts from deeds recorded for 
County York, which relate to the above Thomas Averell: 
(Deeds of Co. York at Alfred, Me. Book iii, Fol. 11, 1673-4). 

The Second Generation 99 

I Thomas Everell of the Town of Wells, in the county of York in 
New England for myself my heyres executors .... for a valewable 
some of twenty pounds with other pay already received in hand, have 
covenanted barganed sould .... unto Francis Littlefield Senjo r of 
Wells two hundred acers of upland and tenn acers of fresh meddow lijing 
and being in the Townshipe of Wells ... at a place commonly called 
Mary Land .... (Signed) Thomas Averall. 

Wit's — Joseph Bolls — John Cloyse. 

Ack'd by Thomas Averall Apl. 1, 1674 before Bryan Pendleton 

Rec. Feb. 26, 1676. 
(This land was purchased from Jonathan Ha™ons, Oct. 20, 
1671. Co. York Deeds, Book iii, Fol. 11). 

Quit claim of the above land sold by Thomas Averell was endorsed 
on deed by "Thomas Everell," when he made over the land to Fran. Little- 
field, "with the consent of his wife" (whose name is not given), Feb. 26, 

N. B. Feb. 23, 1673. John Cloyce and Elizabeth his wife sell land to 
John Manning "at a place called Totnucke in the Townshipp of Wells lying 
in the .... Prcells — about a quarter of a mile from Thos. Everell's 

York P. R. Alfred, Me. Vol. ii. p. 91. 1707-1718: 
Adm'n of Estate of Thomas Averill. 
To Job Averill of York in the County of York, greeting. 

Whereas yo'r Father Thomas Averill late of York aforesaid deceased 

having while he Lived and at ye time of his decase goods chattels rights 

or credits in ye County afores'd lately Dyed Intestate whereby ye power 

of committing administration full Disposition of all and Singular . . . 

. doth appertain unto me . . . . I do by these presents commit 

unto you full power to administer all and Singular the goods 

of sd deceased .... you to render an inventory .... the 
7th of October in this year 1714. 

Yorke, April 7, 1714. Ichabod Plaisted. 
P. R. Vol. ii. p. 94. 1707-1718. 
Inventory of Estate of Thomas Averill late of Yorke; dec. 
Yorke, April 4, 1714. 
To his wearing clothes 
1 horse 
1 cou 
old Iron 

1 grindstone & gridiron 
1 adds 

126 acres of land and Marsh 
1 old house and an old counue (?) 

£ 3. 




— . 













— . 





100 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Appraisers Lewis Bane, Rich'd Milberry, Sam" Came 

Job Avarall administrator made oath that the above was correct 
April 7, 1714 before Ichabod Plaisted 

N. B, As Thomas Averill and his wife had lived about 
seven years with their son Job, this inventory probably covers 
only a certain part of the possessions not in use in Job's family. 

Co. York, P. R. Vol. iii. p. 222. 1719-1728. 
Jan. 26, 1725/6 

To the Hon. John Wheeltight Esq., Judge of the Probate of Wills . . 
... Co. York . . . 

The Humble motion and Aplication of Benjamin Averill of Glocester 
in the County of Essex mariner, of Ebenezer Lufkin of sd Glocester, in sd 
County Planter and Sarah Lufkin his wife sheweth that the sd Benjamin 
Averell and Sarah Lufkin with our Elder Brother Job Averil of York in 
the County of York Fisherman are the only Surviving children of our 
Father Thomas Averill late of said York fisherman who dyed intestate and 
that our Sd Brother Job Averill eleven years agoe did take administration 
on our sd Father's Estate as pr Records appears Yett nevertheless doth 
unjustly delay and neglect to bring his account of administration in to 
your Honour that so a Settlement might be made thereof and our Part 
Might be sett off to us by an equall Distribution as the Law Derects by 
which delay we are extremely Damnified. We therefore Humbly Pray that 
your Honour would be Pleased to send forth your citation to the said ad- 
ministrator to oblige him to come and finish his accounts with your Honour 
that so the said Estate may be Settled and Distributed according to Law. 

And in as much as we the aforesaid Benjamin Averell Ebenezer Lufkin 
and Sarah Lufkin do dwell at a considerable Distance from ye sd County 
of York when your Honour holds the Court of Probate we do hereby 
nominate . . . . our friend Mr Jacob Curtice of York aforesd car- 
penter, to be our Lawful Attorney. 

Jan. 26, 1725/6. 

Signed Benj'' Averill 

Ebenezer Lufkin 
Wit's — Sarah Lufkin 

Thomas Bray 
Esther Seargeant 

Jan. 27, 1725. Benjamin Averill ack. the above and also 
Ebenezer Lufkin before 

Ephes Seargent, Justice of Peace. 
Charles Frost Regist'r. 

Co. York, P. R. Vol. iii. p. 223. 1719-1728. 
Ad'n of The Estate of Thomas Averill dec'd: 

The Second Generation 101 

To Jacob Curtice attorney to Benjamin Averill and Ebenezer ^and 
Sarah Lufkin children of sd Thomas Averill, £7.18.8, 

allowed Oct. 4. 1726. 

Vol. iii. p. 223. 1726. 

John Wheelright, esq. Judg-e of Probate, To Messrs Sam" Sewall, Daniel 
Simpson, Ebenezer Coburne, John Wells and Eliakim Wardwell all of 
York . , . . Whereas Mr Job Averill administrator on ye estate of 
Mr Thomas Everill Late of York dec'd, having issued and made up his 
account of administration on sd Estate, and application being made by ye 
Heirs of ye Said Thomas Averill that there be a division made of ye 
estate of the sd Thomas Averill according to the Law. These are therefore 
to app't you to make a just Distribution of ye Surplusages or Remaining 
goods and Estate as well real as Personall in manner following (Considera- 
tion to be had of any who had any estate by settlement of the Intestate 
in his life time) and equal division and distribution to be made except the 
surviving issue of ye eldest son dec'd, who you shall order two shares or 
a double portion of ye whole. To Return acc't by Oct. 3. next ensuing. 

Kittery ye 27'" day of August 1726. 
(Signed) John Wheelright 

Co. York Probate. Vol. iii. p. 224. 1726. 
Account of Commissioners appointed Aug. 27, 1726, on distribution of 
Estate of Mr. Thomas Everill late of York, dec'd. 

"We have divided the real estate of sd Thomas Everill (there 
being no personal small estate to be found) as Followeth: 

1*^1 -We have laid out to the Heirs of Job Averill Dec'd the oldest son 
of ye said Thomas Everill a tract of land on the Neck below the way that 
leads from Cape Neddock to Wells, comonly called "Averills Neck" and 
bounded as followeth; Northwestwardly by ye old way southwestwardly 
by Land now in ye Possession of Eliakim Wardwell, SouthEast and 
NorthEast by ye Sea -round to the southwest end of ye Beach next to ye 
Eastward of ye house where ye sd Job Averill lately lived, and also part of 

the land on the Northwest side of ye sd way part on the 


Secondly, we have laid out to Benjamin Averill the other son of the sd 

Thomas Averill Dec'd ... a lott of land (bounds) for 

his single share. 

Lastly we have laid out to Sarah Lufkin the Daughter of ye sd Dec'd 
for her single share the residue of the said tract of land divided as fol- 

Oct. 3. 1726. (Signed) Daniel Simpson, John Wells 

Eben"" Cobourne, Eliakim Wardwell 
Sam" Sewall 
Ack. same date before Judge Wheelright 

102 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Co. York P. R. Vol. iii. 1719-1728. 
(Thomas Averill: adm°.) 

The Account of Job Averil of York adm'' on the estate of his Father 

Thomas Averil late of York dec'd 

To Removing his father and Mother from Jebano to Cape Neddick in a 

sloop with his household goods and stock £ 6.00.00 

To Removing my father and family from Cape Neddick to York, 

and sometime after removing him and his family from York to 

Cape Neddick £ 3.00.00 

To Taking Care and supplying my father and Mother in their old 

age about seven years in ye time of ye War* £21.00.00 

To Expense on my father in his last Sickness and his funeral 3.00.00 

To taking care of my Mother and Providing necessaryes in the 

Time of her old Age until her Death, near one year and her 

funeral Expenses £13.00.00 

To taking Administration charges in taking the Inventory with 

my Extraordinary Trouble in Administration 6.00.00 


Job Averil was allowed £52.00.00 by the Court, April 9, 

The great Massacre at York was Feb. 5, 1692, when one 
hundred and sixty known persons and many others were taken 
into captivity. The old jail of 1653 and the old M^Intire garri- 
son house of the same period are both still standing in York. 

The names of all of the children of Thomas (No. 3) Averell 
and Frances Collins, his wife, are not known to us. Of those 
who were living at the time of the settlement of the father's 
estate in 1714 to 1728, York County Court Records have given 
us some knowledge. They were: 


23. i. Sarah', b. Mar. 23, 1666, at Topsfield, Mass.; m. Ebenezerf 
(see mema., p. 103) Lufkin or "Lovekin," of Gloucester, son 
of Thomas Lufkin of Gloucester, who owned considerable 
land in various places and had many descendants : Tho^ was 
son of W"' Lufkin. Thomas and Ebenezer Lufkin were on 
the list of grantees of Gloucester, 1723. All who were in 
town in 1704 were in this list. 

* The Indian Wars were (1) 1688 to 1697. There was an Indian 
War in 1702. 

The Second Generation 103 

24. ii. Samuel=* 

25. iii. Joseph'* 

26. iv. JOB^ b. 1671 ( 

;?) ; m. Mary Prebles. 

27. V, Benjamin', b. 

167-; m. Mary Chambet. 

28. vi. John-'**. 


i Essex Reg. Book vii 

. p. 18. 1703: Abstract; 

I Thomas LufkinSer., To my son Ebenezer Lufkin carpenter with consent 
of my wife Mary, give him after our death my home that we now dwell in 
with homestead and land belonging thereto (18 acres in Township of Glou- 
cester bounded N. E. by the Ipswich line — all other sides bounded by Glou- 
cester Commons) ; also all my part of that pond of Meadow formerly called 
Haskall's Mill Pond (5 or 6 acres), granted by the town of Gloucester to 

Jan. 8. 1699. Ack. in Ipswich. Thomas Lufkin. 

Wit's Thomas Lufkin Jr. 

* The Samuel, Joseph and John mentioned in the following records 
were probably the children of Thomas (No. 3), as they were all of York. 

Suffolk Co. Mass. P. R. for 1691, No. 1785, Vol. 8. pp. 154, 181. 
Adm" Samuel Averell 

By Samuel Sewall Esq', Isaac Addington Assist. 

January 16, 1690-1. Power of Admcon to all and 

singular of the Goods Chattels rights and Creditts of the Estate of Samuel 
Averil late of Yorke who died in Boston is granted unto Joseph Averill his 
Brother he bringing over an Inventory of the decet's Estate and giving 
bond to administer the same according to Law. 

Attes'' (being present) 

Joseph Webb (Clerk) 

(No record of the inventory is found in Suffolk Adm'ns. It is possible 
that it may be found at Alfred, Me., in York Co. Adm'ns) [This Samuel and 
Joseph were too old to have been the sons of William (No. 9)]. 

** Yo7'k Deeds. Jan. 16. 1698, John Every witnesses a record of Will- 
iam Hilton Ser., and Arthur Beal of York, Me. And Job "Avory" or 
"Averall" and Edward Beal testify 1712 to an act of W"' Hilton Ser. & Co. 

York Co. Deeds, Alfred, Me. Book iii. Fol. 87. June 5, 1680. 

I Andrew Everest of the Town of Yorke in the Province of Mayne in New 

England sould unto Thomas Everell of Wells a certain tract 

of upland and marsh comanly called at Pond Marsh in the way which goeth 
from Cape Nuttacke to Wells . . . with the consent of (my wife) 
Barbary Everest 

104 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

June 5, 1680. 

Book iii. Fol. 132. July 10, 1683. 
Deed from Peter Weare Sr. of Neck containing 27 acres on East side of 

Cape Neddick river in York to Thomas Everell some tyms 

of Wells (consideration £14). the tract of land lying and being about one 
mile on the Eastward side of Cape Nuddacke River, beginning on the South 
side of a small pond of water 

July 10, 1683.; Also B. v. Folio 109, in deed of Peter Ware of Cape Nedick, 
28 day , 1687, the land of Thomas Avery of Cape Nedick is men- 

Book viii. p. 176. Oct. 10, 1689. 
I Thomas Averell of Cape Nuduck in ye Co. of York in the Province of 
Maine Planter do sell to Francis Littlefield Sen'r of the Town of Wells 

a certain land commonly known by the name of Tatnack about 

6 miles from the Town of Wells two hundred acres 

Oct. 10, 1689. (Signed) Thomas Averell. 

(Frances Littlefield was from Ipswich, Essex Co., Mass- 
as is shown by the next deed to the above in York Co. Deeds, 
Book viii.) 

4. Sarah^ Averell, called Averill, Averie, Avery (William^), 
was b. probably between 1630 and 1635, and was one of the 
seven children mentioned in her father's will. 

She passed her youth at Ipswich, Mass. Nov. 23, 1663 (Ct 
R.), she became the second wife of John Wildes (Wild, Wilde, 
Wiles, Wyles) of Topsfield, Mass., whose first wife, Priscilla 
Gould (dau. of Zacheus) had d. April 16, 1663 (Topsfield 
V. R.), leaving a large family. John^ Wildes was b. abt. 1615 
(by dep, made 30.11.1677, when he was 62 years of age). He 
sailed from London, England, by the ship "Elizabeth," in 
July, 1635. The ship's passenger list included three Wilds; 
"Wilh'am Wild, aged thirty (30) : Alice Wild, aged forty (40) : 
John Wild, aged seventeen (17) :" who came together. Ages 
were often incorrect in those passenger lists, so that the differ- 
ence between 17 and 20 years is not of importance. 

In 1639 Mr. Wildes took up land with Endicott, Simon 
Bradstreet and others at what was then called New Meadows, 
and about ten years later (1648), Topsfield. He became a 
prominent citizen of that town, holding many important offices 
such as juryman of trials in the County Court, etc., as shown 

The Second Generation 105 

by the published records cf the town in The Historical Collections 
of the Tops field Historical Society. 

In these pubhshed records his name first appears Dec. 4, 
1643: Jo. Wilds (paid) 3s. for serving against the Indians the 
previous year; and March 25, 1659, as John "Wildes," and not 
long after we find this entry: 

"At a lawful Towne Meeting the 7 March 1664: It is ordered that the 
timber of the five hundred acres of common lands on the other side of the 
riuer which is to remaine common to perpetuity is to be deuided by John 
Wiles Willi Auerell Thomas Baker & Edmond Towne or either three of 
them into three equall proportions as two foure and six according to that 
rule to be deuided. Voted." 

Apart from the marriage of his sister Sarah, this is the 
first association of William Averell and John Wildes which we 
find recorded ; but many others appear later in their common 
committee work for the public good, as those published records 

William Wild or Wildes, John's uncle, settled at Ipswich in 
1635. He died in 1668, and as the quit claim deed of Edward 
Bishop and others, heirs of William Wild or Wildes, recites, 
William gave his lands to his nephew John, son of his brother 
John, and said John, deceased, made conveyance to John Harris, 

The children of John (Wild) in this deed, quit claimed to 
Harris their interest in the house and an acre of land sold to 
Harris Dec. 14, 1685. Apr; 15, 1690, John "Wills" and Sarah 
Wilds witnessed the will of Sarah's brother William Averell; 
and June 30, 1690, they both made oath in Court at Salem that 
they were the said witnesses (See Will, pp. 86 and 87), and saw 
him sign the will. The following year, in the month of March, 
1692, in the Village of Salem (now Danvers), came the climax 
in New England of those incredible delusions which Cotton 
Mather called "a prodigious possession of devils, which it was 
then generally thought had been by witchcraft introduced;" 
and Sarah Averell Wildes became one of the first victims of the 
accusations made at that time. 

The belief in witchcraft was prevalent everywhere in 
Europe as well as in America at this time; and sporadic cases 
were recorded in New England from 1648 down to this "Salem 

106 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Witchcraft" period, and later in the Southern portion of our 

With few exceptions the most eminent men, in both coun- 
tries, believed in the reality of these evidences of supernatural 
power, and credited much of the testimony rendered in witch- 
craft cases. Therefore when the flame kindled in Salem Village 
the majority of people of all classes accepted the phenomena 
as evidences of Satanic influence, even if they believed many 
of the accusations unjust or without grounds. 

It is believed that the chief instigator of these tragic ex- 
periences was a West Indian slave woman by the name of Tituba 
(or Titcuba) who belonged to the Minister of Salem Village, 
Mr. Samuel Parris ; and that she initiated some of the Minister's 
household — the young people and their friends and neighbors — 
into her vodoo necromancy. The results of their intimate asso- 
ciation amazed and terrified not only the Minister, but the whole 
neighbourhood ; and the young people, affected by her instruc- 
tions, accused of witchcraft not only their Indian leader in 
mischief, Tituba, but also Sarah Good and Sarah Osburn, all of 
Salem Village. 

Warrants were at once issued for their arrest on Feb. 29, 
1692; and they were all examined before the Magistrates of 
Salem Village Mar. 1, 1692, and sent to the jails in the County 
of Essex. The "afflicted children" who claimed to be bewitched 
by the accused were Elizabeth Parris Jr. (nine years of age) 
dau. of the minister; Abigail Williams, a niece of Mr. Parris 
and a member of his household (eleven years of age) ; Ann 
Putnam Jr. (twelve years of age) ; Elizabeth Hubbard (seven- 
teen years of age). All of these it is believed had become the 
only too apt pupils of Tituba during the winter of 1691-2, be- 
tween the first of December and last of February. 

On March 12, 1692, Mrs. Martha Corey, a woman of un- 
usual mental equipoise and excellence of character, was accused, 
and a warrant for her arrest issued March 19. On March 23, a 
warrant was issued for the arrest of Mrs. Rebecca Nurse, a 
noble and highly esteemed woman; immediately after a tiny 
child of four or five years, Dorcas or Dorothy, dau. of Sarah 
Good, was accused, and a warrant issued for her apprehension; 
and she like all the others was committed to jail. 

The Second Generation 107 

April 4, Mrs. Sarah Cloyse and Mrs. Elizabeth Proctor 
were accused and tried April 11, before a Council held at Salem 
with deputy-governor Thomas Danforth Esq. present, instead 
of two Magistrates. Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam, Mercy 
Lewis and Mrs. Bubber witnessed against one or both of them ; 
Benjamin Gould testified against "Goodman Corey and his wife, 
Procter and his wife, Goody Cloyse, Goody Nurse and Goody 

"The transaction now became a Massachusetts affair," says 
Upham in his History of Salem Witchcraft. 

"The 18 of April warrants were out against Giles Corey 
and Mary Warren both of Salem Farms, Abigail Hobb (dau. of 
William Hobbs, of Topsfield) , and Bridget Bishop, wife of Ed- 
ward Bishop of Salem ;" they were committed to prison, and 
two days after, April 21, warrants were issued against William 
Hobbs and Deliverance his wife ; Nehemiah Abbott, Jr., Mrs. 
Mary Easty, wife of Isaac Easty, and Mrs. Sarah Wilds, the 
wife of John Wilds, all of the town of Topsfield or Ipswich; 
and Edward Bishop and Mrs. Sarah Bishop his wife (dau. of 
John Wilds of Topsfield), of Salem Village, and Mary Black a 
negress of the Village, and Mrs. Mary English, wife of Philip 
Enghsh of Salem. 

Our Sarah Averell Wildes found herself in an elect company 
and proved herself by her patience, fortitude, and Christian 
virtues quite worthy her companions, she at no time weakening 
or retracting her first denial of guilt and aflfirmation of inno- 
cence, and meeting her dreadful end in a way that elicited no 
hostile public comments from those who were only too willing 
to see evil in all the accused. 

It is now known that many of the accused belonged to the 
better classes instead of the lowest as first thought. Six of 
those accused April 21, belonged to good families of Topsfield. 
Mrs. Easty's husband and Mrs. Wildes' husband were asso- 
ciated in the affairs of that town and in connection with the 
division line between it and Salem in 1686. Mr. Hobbs and Mr. 
Abbot were old residents of the place. Mrs. Wildes' son, 
Ephraim, was filling the then very important office of 
Constable of Topsfield. Sarah Wildes Bishop was his step-sister 

108 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

and therefore the step-daughter of Mrs. Wildes (Jonathan 
Bishop, son of the above Sarah Bishop, m. about 1699 Abigail 
Averell, the niece of Sarah Averell Wildes and dau. of William 
Averell of Topsfield). As Mrs. Nurse and Mrs. Cloyce were 
sisters of Mrs. Easty, in so limited a town as Topsfield they 
must have been well known to Mrs. Wildes, apart from her 
knowledge of Salem Village people through her daughter-in- 
law's residence there. Upham also implies a relationship be- 
tween either Sarah Averell Wildes or Sarah Wildes Bishop and 
Rebecca Nurse which we have not yet been able to verify or 
disprove. Mrs. Bridget Bishop was of course well known to 
Mrs. Wildes as being the step-mother of Edward Bishop. Eliza- 
beth How, wife of James How, Jr., of Ipswich, was the daughter 
of William and Joan Jackson of Rowley and prob. related to 
Sarah Averell Wild's sister-in-law, Hannah Jackson, wife of 
William- Averell. 

Upham (from whose Salem Witchcraft most of the above 
data has been taken) believed that back of this terrible "posses- 
sion" of evil spirits lay the years of feud between Ipswich, 
Topsfield and Salem, relative to Salem Village boundaries: and 
a disagreement relative to the two Salem Village ministers, Mr. 
George Burrows and Mr. Samuel Parris. In the light of our 
time, 1907, it might be attributed, — according to one's belief, — 
to suggestion, hypnotism, or "malicious animal magnetism." 
The results were a blot upon that period of our Colonial His- 
tory, however we may account for it. This epidemic lasted 
about six months before the reaction came. During that period 
twenty persons suffered death, fifty-four were tortured or 
frightened into a confession of witchcraft; and when a special 
Court convened Oct., 1699, one hundred and fifty accused per- 
sons were still in prison. Sarah Wildes, wife of John Wildes, 
was arrested Apr. 22, 1692, on a warrant issued the day before. 

John Buxton and Thomas Putnam went down to Salem 
from the Village on the 21"' and complained of Mrs. Wildes to 
the justices. The justices issued their warrant to Marshal 
Herrick to arrest her and bring her to Lieut. Nathaniel Inger- 

It has been said that her own son had to arrest her, but 
Nevins states that the Marshall of Salem served the warrant 

The Second Generation 109 

on Sarah Wildes and that young Wildes arrested Mr. Hobbs and 
his wife. The testimony of her son shows, that according to 
his belief, Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs, after being seized by Constable 
Wildes, accused his Mother in revenge for his legal action. She 
and the others, arrested on the 22"'^, were brought in to Lieut. 
Ingersoll's before the magistrates, examined, committed for 
trial, and condemned. 

We give only abstracts from the records as published by Ira 
Hutch which are almost literally as they appear in the Record 
of Salem Witchcraft copied from the Original Records, by W. 
Elliot Woodward, 1864, although Hutch's copy was made in 

In these records it will be seen that Sarah Wildes' husband 
and child said only good of the beloved wife and mother, and 
that they tried their best to save her. 

(For other records of the trial, see The Wildes Family of 
Essex Co., Mass., by Walter Davis, Jr., in The Essex Institute 
Hist. Colls. Vol. xlii, pp. 137-143 inc., April, 1906.) 

It may be well to insert here the following testimony of 
John Wilds as it refers to Sarah Averill Wildes' brother, and 
also the testimony of her son Ephraim (Ira Hutch's Salem 
Witchcraft, p. 204). 

"John Wiells testifieth that he did hear yt Mary the wife of Jno Red- 
dington did raise a report yt my wife had bewitched her and I went to ye 
saide Jno Reddinton & told him I would arest him for his wife defaming 
of my wife but ye said Reddinton desired me not to do it for it would but 
waste his estate and yt his wife would a done it in tyme and yt he knew 
nothing she had against mye wife .... after this I got my brother 
Averill to goe to ye said Sarah Reddinton & my sd Bro'' told me yt he told 
ye said Sarah Reddinton yt if she had anything ag"' my wife yt he would 
be a means and would help her to bring my wife out; but yt ye said Sarah 
Reddington replyed yt she knew no harm mye wife had done her." (The 
year and month that John Wildes' "brother Averill" spoke to Sarah Red- 
dington does not appear in said document. But William Averell died April 
23, 1691, and as the accusation of Sarah was after that date, the brother 
Averell was undoubtedly her brother Thomas Averell of Wells or York, Me.) 

Salem Witchcraft, continued 

The Testimony of Ephraim Willdes aged about 27 or thereabouts testi- 
fieth and saith that about fouer yeers a goe there was some likly hode of 
my having one of Goody Simonds dafter and as the maid towld me hur 

110 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

mother and father were verily willing I should have haur but after some 
time I had a hint that Goodeey Simonds had formerly said she believed my 
Mother had done her wrong and I went to hare and tock Marke how that 
is now dead who dyed at the Eastward along with me, and before both of 
us She denied that euer she had eneey grounds to think eniey halme of 
my Mother only from what Goodiey Redington had saide and afterwarde 
I left the house and went no more and euer since she bene veriey angriey 
with me and now she will reward me. 

Ephraim Willdes 

(Office Clerk of Courts Essex Co., Salem, Mass. The foregoing is a 
true copy of Original on file in this office. Attest Clerk.) 

p. 205. 

This may inform this Honored Court that I Ephi-aim Willdes being 
Constabell for Topsfield this yere and the Marshall of Sallem coming to 
fetch away my Mother he then shurd me a warrant from Authority directed 
to the Constablell of topsfelld wherein was William Hobbs and Deliuerence 
his wife with many others and the Marshall did then require me forthwith 
to gow and aprehend the bodyes of William hobs and his wife which ac- 
cordingly I did and I have had sereous thoughts many times sence whether 
my sezing of them might not be some case of here thus acusing my Mother 
thereby in some mesure to be revenged of me the woman did show a veriey 
bad spirit when sezed. we might all most se revenge in her face she looked 
so malishosly on mee As fore my Mother I never saw aney harm by har 
upon ainey such a cont neither in word nor action as she is now acused for. 

She hath awlwais instructed me well in the Christian religion and the 
wais of God euer sence I was abell to take instruction And so I leve it all 
to this honord cort to consider of it. Ephraim Willdes 

(Office Clerk of Courts Essex Co., Salem, Mass. The foregoing is a 
true copy of original on file in this office. Attest Clerk.) 

(Death Warrant.) p. 498. 

Warrant of Execution of Sarah Good, Rebecka Nurse, Elis. How, Su- 
sanna Martin & Sarah Wildes, On Tuesday 19 July 1692. 

(Office Clerk of Courts Essex County, Mass. The foregoing is a true 
copy of original on file in this office. Attest Clerk.) 

Salem May 12'" 
Went May 13'" to Boston 

1 George Jacobs Sen"" 6 Bridget Bushop alias Oliver 

2 Giles Cory 7 Sarah Wild 

(3 W'" Hobs) 8 Mary L Nath putnam's negro 

4 Edw'' Bushop 9 Mary English 

5 Sarah Bushop his wife 10 Allice parker 

11 Ann pudeater. 

Woodward's Salem Witchcraft: p. 215 (?). 

The Second Generation 111 

Reversal of Attainder October 17, 1711. 
Province of the Massachusets Bay. 
Anno Regni Anna Reginae Decimo. 

An Act to reverse the attainders of George Burrough and others for Witch- 
craft. (Includes the names of "Mary Eastey Sarah Wild, and Abigail 
Hobbs all of Topsfield") Essex Dec. 1711. 

Upham's Salem Witchcraft. 

Vol. ii. p. 268. "The Court met again on Wednesday, the 29'" of June 
(1692), and after trial, sentenced to death Sarah Good, Sarah Wildes, 
Elizabeth How, Susanna Martin, and Rebecca Nurse, who were all executed 
on the 19"' of July" (1692). 

Vol. ii. p. 480. "On the 17'" of December, 1711, Governor Dudley 

issued his warrant for the purpose of carrying out a vote of the "General 
Assembly"; by and with the advice and consent of Her Majecty's Council, 
to pay the sum of £578, 12s. to such persons as are living, and to those that 
legally represent them that are dead; which sum was divided as follows: 

(A list of 21 names, with the addition of wives of three men.) Among 
those mentioned were: & 

Rebecca Nurse 25.0.0. 

Mary Easty 20.0.0. 

Sarah Wildes 14.0.0. 

Elizabeth How 12.0.0. 

"The distribution .... is as unjust and absurd as the small- 
ness of the amount, and the long delay before it was ordered are discredit- 
able to the province .... The public mind evidently was not satis- 
fied and the Legislature was pressed for a half century to make more ade- 
quate compensation and thereby vindicate the sentiment of justice and 
redeem the honor of the province." 

Drakes' Annals of Witchcraft in New England (1869), p. 
199, gives the following: 

Sarah, wife of John Wildes of Topsfield was executed on the 19"' of 
July having with four others been condemned on the 30'" of June preceed- 
ing. She was arrested about the 22*^ of April and imprisoned till her 

The Gruff Denunciations and Demands to confess of the Court did not 
move her, and she died firmly denying all knowledge of the crime for which 
she suffered. 

She was hanged with Rebecca Nurse and others on Gallows Hill in 

Woodward's Records state that, Ephraim Wild son of 
"Sara" Wild, was paid the sum allowed by the Court to his 

112 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Mother's heirs £28.9.1711, at Ipswich (Court?), the sum being 
that previously stated, £lli..0.0. 

Upton says that the examination of Sarah Wilde had no 
peculiar features — "She maintained her innocence with dignity 
and firmness; and the Magistrate prejudging the case against 
her rebuked her obstinacy in not confessing, in his accustomed 

(The "widdow pudeater," was Mrs. Ann Pudeator of 
Salem, widow of Mr. Jacob Pudeator, who was her second hus- 

Her first husband, Mr. Greenslitt, or Greensleet, had died, 
leaving her with five children, among whom was a son, Thomas 
Greenslitt, and probably John, who are said to have been living 
in Casco Bay (Portland), Me., in 1692. 

Thomas testified relative to Mr. Geo. Burrows, who had 
been executed; and he also was with his Mother during her 
trial and when she suft'ered the death penalty. (See Upham 
pp. 298, 329.) 

She was probably about 70 years of age at the time of her 
death, and a woman of position and property, owning two es- 
tates in Salem on the North line of the Common. Her second 
husband, Mr. Jacob Pudeator ("Pud-e-tor") , or Poindexter, d. 
1682 and by will gave her his whole estate after the payment 
of legacies of £5 to each of her Greenslit Children. 

She was regarded with affection and esteem. It is probable 
that John Averell married her granddaughter, as he was m. 
June 8, 1710, to an Ann Greensleet, who has not yet been con- 
nected by any positive proof with any one of the name; these 
being the only Greenslitts known to us at this period, unless 
the wife of James Avery of Groton, Conn., and formerly of 
Gloucester, Mass., was also of this family. — Ed.) 


Vol. xi. p. 133. The next victim of those arrested on the 21 (Apr. 
1692), was Sarah Wildes. She too was of Topsfield and like Mrs. Easty 
behaved with all the firmness and dignity of innocence at her examination. 
(See Acc't.) 

Sarah Wildes, like Mrs. Easty, was condemned and exe- 
cuted. She was one of the eleven sent to Boston jail on the 
13. May ( ) , and in company with Mrs. English. 

The Second Generation 113 

On the 19. of July (1692), Mrs. Wilds was executed in 
company with Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse of Salem, Elizabeth 
How of Ipswich and Susanna Martin of Amesbury. 

Ipswich in the Mass. Bay Colony, by Thomas Franklin 
Waters, p. 296, gives the bill of Robert Lord, the blacksmith of 
Ipswich, "for making fouer payer of Iron ffetters and tow payer 
of hand Cuffs and putting them on to ye legs and hands of 
Goodwife Cloys, Estes, Bromidg and Green all att one pound 

£ s d 
aleven Shillings Money. 1-11-0. Rob^ Lord, Smith (July, 

The same page gives the account of John Harris, the 
Deputy-Sheriff, "of Sondry Charges at ye Corts of Irau terminar 
held at Sallem in ye yere 1692." 

Among the items is the following : lb. s. d. 

"for pressing of hores & man to gard me with, 
ye wife of John Willes & ye widdow pudeater from 
Ipswich to Salem myself & gard. 9 - 6." 

No other facts have come to our knowledge about the late 
life of Sarah Wildes, She lived over thirty years in Topsfield 
as the wife of John Wildes, who survived her several years, he 
dying in 1705. For several years he was called affectionately 
"old father Wildes," even while strong enough to continue his 
services to the town with whose history he was so closely identi- 
fied. His eldest son John had died many years before, and his 
son Ephraim had attained to a position of influence and import- 
ance, so that the father had gradually stepped out of an active 

The family seem to have been in no way less esteemed be- 
cause of their affliction, and continued to live in Topsfield : and 
Sarah Averell and John Wildes have today many descendants 
of whom they could be justly proud. Among many of distinc- 
tion are 

Capt. Wildes of the Boston in the late Cuban War; Hon. 
Asa W. Wildes of Newburyport, Mass., father of Col. 
A. W. Wildes of the Maine ; Col. Henry Wildes of Cali- 
fornia, and Rev. George Dudley Wildes of New York. 
(W. E. D., Portland, Me., 1899). 

114 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

John Wildes by his wife Sarah- (Averell) Wildes had but 
one child: 

i. Ephraim" Wildes, b. 1665, at Topsfield; m. March 

18, 1688-9, to Mary Hewlett. 


The children of John Wilde by his first wife, Priscilla 
Gould were: 

i. John', b. 16 — ; lived at Topsfield; was a soldier; made his 
will Oct. 22, 1676, when going into the army, and in that 
document mentioned his five sisters and one brother, name- 
ly: Sarah (w. of Edward Bishop) ; Elizabeth (w. of Ben- 
jamin Jones) ; Phebe (w. of Timothy Day) ; Priscrlla (w. 
of Henry Lake) ; Martha 
He d. before 1677. (Will Essex Co. Probate.) 

ii. Sarah', b. between 1648-56; m. before 1685. Edward Bishop 
of Salem. 

iii. Elizabeth", b. betw. 1648-56; m. Benj. Jones of Gloucester. 

iv. Phebe, b. betw. 1648-56; m. Timothy Day of Gloucester. 

V. Priscilla', b. Apr. 6, 1658, at Topsfield; m. May 9, 1681, 
Henry Lake of Topsfield. 

vi. Martha', b. May 13, 1660, at Topsfield. 

vii. Nathan^ b. Dec. 14, 1662, at Topsfield; d. Mar. 17, 1662-3, 
at Topsfield. 

(See T. H. C.) 

Ephraim'^ Wildes {Sarah Averell-, William^), b. 1665, at 
Topsfield, Mass., m. Mar. 18, 1689 (Ch. R.), Mary Hewlett* 
(dau. of Samuel Howlettf of Topsfield, and Sarah Clarkef his 
wife), prob. the Mary b. Feb. 17, 1671 (-2), Ct R. at Topsfield 
(7. R.). "He served his father seven years, probably as an 
apprentice, after which he received all the Wildes Estate in 
Topsfield,"* both of his brothers having died many years before. 
He was Constable of Topsfield in 1692, when his Mother was 
accused of Witchcraft (see p. 110), and testified twice on her 
behalf, stating that she had always instructed him well in the 
Christian religion and the ways of God ever since he was able 
to take instruction. (When the passion and blindness of that 

* Data given by W. G. Davis of Portland, Me., 1899. 

t See T. H. C. (pub.) ; The Hoivletts and Clarks, Vol. xi. p. 53. 

The Second Generation 115 

time had passed he named a dau. after her [1699] ) . He was 
again Constable in 1693-4, and Treasurer of Topsfield, and filled 
other positions of trust in the service of his native town (see 
T. H. C.) . He was Selectman 1689, and also Quartermaster, as 
the record of his death in Topsfield V. R. shows : "Quartermas- 
ter Ephraim Wildes Departed this Life April 2, 1725." His 
will made the day of his death provides plentifully for his wife 
and children.* 

Children (all ta. at Topsfield, see T. H. C.) : 

i. John', b. June 25, 1690; m. Phebe . 

ii. MARY\t bp. Mar. 13, 1691-2; m. Nov. 26, 1719, Thomas 

Perkins of Cape Porpoise, called Arundel, and now Kenne- 

bunkport. Me. 
iii. EphraimM bp. Sept. 3, 1693; m. Jan. 31, 1730-1, Hepzibah 


iv. JonathanM b. Oct. 21, 1695; m. Elizabeth . 

V. Susannah', b. Oct. 20, 1697; m. Apr. 12, 1722, Benjamin 

vi. Sarah', b. Mar. 27, 1699; m. Jan. 21, 1718-19, Jonathan 

Perkins. She prob. d. "Jan. 21, 1719-20, a. 20y. 9m. 24d."; 

and he m. (2) at Salem, Elizabeth Potter (or Porter?) of 

Salem, Dec. 11, 1722. 
vii. Dorothy', b. Dec. 15, 1700. 

viii. Jacob',! b. Aug. 31, 1702; "m. Ruth Foster abt. 1720." 
- ix. PriscillaCO', b. Aug. 12, 1704; d. Aug. 3, 1705. 

X. PriscillaC')', b. Mar. 3, 1706; m. Jacob Averell (Nathan- 
xi. Samuel',! b. Mar. 2, 1708. 

xii. Hannah', b. Oct. 8, 1709; m. Capt. Nathaniel Averell. 
xiii. Amos', b. June 28, 1711; d. July 25, 1726. 
xiv. Nathan', b. Aug. 5, 1713. 

XV. "Juleenea'," b. Feb. 21, 1716; d. Mar. 22, 1716-17. 
xvi. Elijah', b. Jan. 4, 1717-18; m. Anne Hovey. 

* Data given by W. G. Davis of Portland, Me., 1899. 

t In Bradbury's Kennebunkport it is stated that four of the brothers 
of Mary (Wildes) Perkins, wife of Thomas Perkins, were at the taking 
of Norrich-wock; namely: — Ephraim, Jacob, Samuel and Jonathan Wildes. 
(•These were g"nephews of William- and Thomas" Averell.) On this expedi- 
tion they visited their sister and all of them removed to Arundel (Kenne- 
bunkport), Me. In 1728 .... Jacob Wildes .... and Sam- 
uel Wildes .... were made proprietors of Arundel Co., York. (See 
Early Records, now at Kennebunkport.) 

116 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

(For descendants of the above see Gen. of The Wilde Family 
of Essex Co., Mass.) 

The registers of Co. York, now at Alfred, Me., must con- 
tain many Wildes Records. The compilers found the following 
there by chance in Vol. xii, p. 246, 1725-29 : "Joseph Averell and 
Jacob Wildes (with others) were grantees from James Mussey, 
all of Arundel;" also Vol. xv, page 185, 1731-33, "Joseph Averill, 
Jacob Wildes and others grantors to George March." 


9. William^ Averill (William^ William^), b. May 1, 1662, 

at Ipswich, Mass. (See Ipswich V. S.; Essex Co. Ct. R.), just 
before his father settled at Topsfield; and must have lived 
there during his minority. Our records of him are very few. 
He m. probably as early as 1685, when about 23 years of age, 
Mary . He was admitted to membership in the Con- 
gregational Church of Topsfield as Wilham Averill Jr., May 
24, 1685. In March, 1688, he was living at Ipswich, as is proved 
by the following record: 

[From Ipswich Cong. Ch. Records, Copied by E. O. Jameson, in MS. 
on Averills, for Samuel Johnson Averill] : Mentioned in Church ; W" 
Averill, jr, 24 May, 1688; and March 11. 1688 W" Averill jr. ye had fallen 
under scandall by irreverant carriage in Ipswich meeting house on a Lec- 
ture day in ye time of worship as also for reproaching Mr 

Wise ye said Mr. Averill did then own this 

ye church did generally manifest their satisfaction he was 

again restored to the church from which he had been sus- 
pended about half a year" (As he is here called "Mr Averill" he was 
probably a married man, and he must have been well known as the son of 
his father, William Averill, the family having been identified with Ipswich 
from 1637. 

They evidently returned to Topsfield; for "Oct. 25, 1702, 
Mary the wife of William Averill, Jr.," was admitted to the 
Church to which he had been admitted in 1685. He was a car- 
penter ; and in 1706-7, sexton and grave digger. 

From the Toivn Records of Topsfield we gathered the fol- 
lowing items (Aug. 31, 1898) : 

March 5, 1706-7; Action numbered "10"; The town granted unto Will- 
iam Averell half an acre of Land somewhere where a committee shall be 
ordered by ye Town to lay it out for him, ye sd Averill, Duering his and his 
wife's life time, and ye sd William Averell is hereby obliged to sweep ye 
Meeting House and dige graves & to be payd for his work (Voted the meet- 
ing is adjourned to ye day following next). Action numbered "13"; At a 
lawful Gen. Town Meeting (etc.), March 5; agreed that William Averell 
shall have half an acre of land layd out to him upon ye common somewhere 
near among the Hills to ye Norwest of ye Meeting House where a commit- 
tee chosen to lay it out shall think Convenient for him the said Averell & 
his wife duering their Lifetime; Voted. Action "14." The town agreed 

118 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

that Capt. John Gould & Sargt John Hovey shall be ye Committee to lay out 
the above mentioned land for William Averill. Action "15." The Town 
doth agree that William Averell shall have the use of the frute of ye par- 
sonage orchard till the Town have use for it, and ye said Averell is not 
to ffence the said orchard. As William Averill was at this date about 45 ' 
years of age it is possible that his children were too young to be of very 
great help to him. It may be that through illness he had become incapaci- 
tated, as this change of em.ployment during the last years of his life would 
indicate lack of material prosperity, as also the migration of most of his 
family to other states, where they became valued and influential men and 
founders of families of influence and traditions. Although mentioned in 
it, he did not sign the Mutual Agreement between his Mother — the widow 
Hannah Averill — and her Children in connection with the division of his 
father's estate. He died, probably, just before it was fully executed, as 
some signed P^eb. 4, 1701-2; and others not before 1724. It was not re- 
corded until July 3, 1724. In this agreement several children are mentioned 
as having received their share in the estate, among them William; ("We, 
William, Thomas, Paul and Isaac Averill, and Hannah Averill and Jona- 
than and Abigail Bishop of Beverly, and Mary Averill .... having 
received of our Mother Hannah Averill, Executrix, payment to our full 

satisfaction of what we might respectfully claim quit claim 

all " See pp. 89-95) ; but William Averill, Jr., did not sign this. 

The following item in Tops field Records undoubtedly refers 
to Mary, the wife, and afterwards widow, of William Averill: 
"Widow Mary Averill died March 14, 1728-9." 

At this date there were living, two sons in Connecticut, Will- 
iam and Jabez ; and three sons in Arundel, Me., Samuel, Joseph 
and Stephen ; and at least one daughter, Mary, who was m. July 
9, 1719, to Caleb Jackson of Ashford (Conn.), by Mr. Daniel 
Rogers, Justice of the Peace. It is to be noticed that Mrs. 
Mary Averill's sons, William, Samuel, and Joseph had each a 
dau. Mary. 

Topsfidd Records, March 2, 1730-1, give the following: 

Whereas there is some of ye Estate of the Widow Mary Averill (Late 
of Topsfield Deceased) In the hands of the Selectmen: The Town do now 
order that the sd Estate shall be delivered unto Mary Jackson or her order 
if there be opportunity for it. She being a Daughter of Said Deceased & a 
poor Widow. — Voted. 

Topsfield Records, Kennebunkport Records, and family 
statements, together with Bradbury's History of Kennebunk 
Port from its First Discovery, which was published in 1837, 
give us the children of William and Mary ( ) Averill : 








The Third Generation 119 

Children (several bap. at Topsfield by Rev. Mr. Capen) : 

William', b. between 1685 and '90 (?) ; m. Ruth Bemis. 

Samuel', b. between 1685 and '91 (?); m. Ruth Watson. 

Child' (?), b. '93 (?). 

Elizabeth*, bap. Apr. 7, 1695, by Rev. Mr. Capen; she is 
probably the Elizabeth Averill who joined the First Ch. in 
Preston, Conn., 1721; her two uncles, Thomas and Isaac, 
being members. 

34. V. Joseph', bap. Mar. 21, 1697, by Rev. Mr. Capen; m. Jane or 

Janet M'Lellen. 

35. vi. Mary'*, b. 1699 (?) ; m. Caleb Jackson. 

36. vii. Stephen', bap. June 6, 1701, by Rev. Mr. Capen. 

37. viii. James', bap. Apr. 11, 1702, by Rev. Mr. Capen. 

38. ix. Rebecca', bap. July 15, 1705, by Rev. Mr. Capen. 

39. X. Jabez', bap. June 15, 1707, by Rev. Mr. Capen; m. Rachel 


40. xi. Moses', bap. Feb. 26, 1709. 

10. Nathaniel^ Averell (William', William'), b. Oct. 13, 
1664, at Topsfield, Mass., "was a mill wright and carpenter, 
and lived at Topsfiehl, where he owned a sawmill" [see Averell 
Gen., Essex Ant., Vol. 10, No. 9]. He is mentioned in his 
father's will [see p. 86], and signs the mutual division of the 
estate by his mother and her family. Feb. 4, 1701-2. He appears 
in the Totv7i Records as a Constable, Road surveyor, Tythingman 
and Juror [see Topsfield H. C]. 1701-2, he accepts as his full 
share of his father's land, and of the land purchased since his 
father's decease, about 100 acres of upland and meadow [for 
description see the mutual division, pp. 89-95] . 

Nathaniel Averell was m. (1) Dec. 13, 1698, to Sarah 
Hewlett, dau. of Deacon Samuel and Sarah (Clark) Howlett 
(T. R.), who was the mother of all his children. Their children 
were bap. in the Congregational Church of Topsfield [Ch. R.]. 

In 1694, as one of the exrs. of his father's estate, he, his 
mother and his brother John sell land in Ipswich to Francis 
Crompton [see pp.88 and 89] ; and Jan. 7, 1722, is recorded a sale 
made by him to Edmund Town et al [Essex Reg. B. 41, p. 58] . He 
purchases with his brother John 200 acres of land in Topsfield 
from Gov. Simon Bradstreet, said purchase being recorded June 
21, 1697 [Id., B. 11, p. 255] ; also Apr. 24, 1718, is recorded a 
purchase of land by Nathaniel Averell et al from Thomas Put- 

120 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

nam et ux [Id., B. 33, p. 174] ; Apr. 10, 1730, is recorded a pur- 
chase by him from Job Averell et al [Id., B. 54, p. 205] ; and 
from Joseph Cummings, Nathaniel et al purchase land, sale of 
which was recorded Sept. 18, 1736 [Id., B. 72, p. 77] ; Nathaniel 
Averell millwright — his wife Sarah Averell releasing her right 
of dower— sells land Sept. 30, 1724, to Thomas Gould [Id., B. 
44, p. 240]. 

They lived on the land which he had purchased from Gov. 
Bradstreet, and which is occupied today by his descendants, 
who hold the deed. 

His wife Sarah (Howlett) Averell d. at Topsfield, July 11, 
1729 (T. R.) ; and June 17, 1730, he m. (2) Lydia French, 
who had no children, and who d. May 31, 1746. He d. at Tops- 
field, Apr. 3, 1751, leaving a will [see Essex P. R., B. 330, pp. 
13-15], of which we give an abstract: — 

Will of Nathaniel Averell of Topsfield, Mass., Drawn April 24, 1741. 

I Nathaniel Averell of Topsfield carpenter 

give to my beloved wife Lydia her lawful right in my estate 

all of the goods and estate that she brought with her 

I give to my three sons Nathaniel, Jacob and Jeremiah all of my lands to 
be equally divided amongst them except the piece at or on the Island of 
Hassak meadow . . . which piece I gave to my son Jeremiah .... 

To Jacob and Jeremiah the upland from the meadow across 

the Farm (Homestead) to Luke Averell's land .... equally . . . 
The great swamp ... to be divided among my three sons .... 
The dwelling house to Jeremiah, reserving the west chamber for my daugh- 
ter Sarah as long as she shall remain unmarried. I give my half of ye saw 
mill to my said three sons — to be improved by them. To Jacob and Jere- 
miah all my .shop and carpenter tools I give to my son 

Jacob and my son Jeremiah my two guns and my sword .... and 
my will is that neither of my said sons shall sell their Land or any Part 
Thereof to a Stranger till he or they have First given his or their Brother 
or Brothers ye Refusal thereof, and not to hold it dearer to a brother than 
shall be Reasonable for another. 

I give to my daughter Abigail Hovey together with what she hath 
already had, £70 ... To my daughter Meriam Neland together with 
what she hath already had £70 . . . and my -will is that what I hereby 
give to my three daughters shall be equal to Province Bills of the Old 
Tenor, and that my said sons shall pay unto each of my said daughters 
Ten pounds a year and every year after my decease . . . until each of 
my daughters shall have their portion .... 

The Third Generation 121 

My two youngest (eldest?) sons Jacob and Nathaniel 

to be the executors of this my last will and testament. 

Witnesses Nathaniel Averell 

Luke Averell; Daniel Davis, Jacob Peabody 

Allowed and Approved at Court 
at Ipswich, April 29, 1751. 

Nathaniel and Sarah (Hewlett) Averell had seven children 
(all b. at Topsfield, T. R.): 

41. i. Nathaniel', b. Sept. 6, 1700; m. Nov. 24, 1743, Hannah 


42. ii. Jacob^ b. Aug. 17, 1702; m. Priscilla Wilde. 

43. iii. Abigail', bap. Aug. 9, 1704, at Topsfield, by Mr. Capen. She 

m. Dec. 19, 1734, Joseph Hovey (T. R.) . 

44. iv. Sarah', b. Feb. 9, 1706; bap. Feb., 1707; unm.; d. Dec. 26, 


45. V. Miriam' (in will), "Myraim," b. July 9, 1709; m. Sept. 17, 

1734, at Salem, Mass., Joseph Neland* ("Kneeland") . 

46. vi. Daniel', bap. Sept. 16, 1711; d. Mar. 6, 1716/17, at Tops- 

field {T. R.). 

47. vii. Jeremiah', b. July 21, 1714; bap. July 25, 1714; unm.; d. 

Sept. 7, 1785. "He was a shop joiner and yeoman; and 
lived at Topsfield" {T. H. C). 

11. Sargt. John'^ Avery {William-, William^), b. Jan. 1, 
1666, -at Topsfield, Mass. {T. R.), was a planter and yeoman. 
His life was passed in his native town. Feb. 1, 1692, he and his 
brother Nathaniel Averell bought 200 acres of land in Topsfield 
from Gov. Simon Bradstreet [Essex Reg., B. 11, p. 255; rec. June 
21, 3 697]. 

We find recorded Dec. 21, 1700, a sale of land in Topsfield 
by him to his brother Ebenezer [Id., B. 14, p. 98] ; and March 
20, 1715, a sale of land to John Wildes [Id., B. 30, p. 72] ; and, 
as purchases by him, Mar. 5, 1715, land from Thomas Baker 
[Id., B. 30, p. 9] ; and Ap. 24, 1718, John Averell et al from 
Tho« Putnam et ux [B. 33, p. 174]. 

In 1694 he unites with his mother and brother Nathaniel 
as exrs. of his father's estate in the sale of some land in Ipswich 
(see pp. 88 and 89). 

* Samuel Johnson Averill's MS. gives Joseph "Kneeland" as husband 
of Miraim Averill. 

122 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Tops field Historical Collections [Vol. 3] records that "John 
Auerill is appointed fence viewer" ; and 1691-2 "John Awerele is 
appointed Serveyer". He is also mentioned later in the records. 

He appears in the Town Records Mar. 2, 1696-7 as John 
Averell Sargt, and probably held this office in the train band. He 
was not baptized until thirty-one years of age, when, on May 
16, 1697, Rev. Joseph Capen baptized him and his brothers and 
sisters [see p. 96] . 

It is probable that he lived with his mother, Mrs. Hannah 
(Jackson) Averell, in the old homestead all his life, as she was 
sole exr. of her husband's estate, and as he remained unmarried 
so far as we know until 44 years of age. 

In the agreement as to the mutual division of his father's 
estate, which he signed Feb. 4, 1701-2 [see p. 95], his mother 
agrees to make her home with him during the balance of her 
life. For his share in this mutual division see pp. 90 and 91. 

John Averell was m. by Rev. Mr. Capen, June 8, 1710, at 
Topsfield, to Anne Greensleet, "both of Topsfield" (T. R.). Her 
Christian name appears in records as Ann, Anne, Anna, and. 
Hannah ; her surname — if she was of the Salem stock of Green- 
sleets,* appears in records as Greensled, Greenshd and Green- 
leaf. She may have been a granddaughter of Thomas Green- 
sleet of Salem by one of his several sons whose names appear 
below. The Averells and Greensleets had a common interest 
in the Salem witchcraft accusations and executions, as Ann 
Greensleet, wife and widow of the above Thomas Greensleet 
.(and later the wife and widow of Jacob Pudeator (Pointdexter) 
of Salem), was accused of witchcraft, and, as Ann Pudeator, 
was executed at Salem in 1692, as was also John Averell's aunt, 
Sarah (Averell) Wildes [see Upham's Salem Witchcraft; for 
Greensleets see Memoranda, p. 123]. 

John Averell died during the winter of 1719-20 [see Averill 
Gen., Essex Ant, Vol. 14, No. 9] ; and Apr. 13, 1724 (?), his 
widow Anna Averell was granted adm'n. 

In Essex P. R., B. 316, p. 494, we find that Judge Appleton 
app'd Capt. John Hewlett; Deacon Jacob Peabody; Nath' Averell; Benj 
Town & John Perkins all free holders in the Co. of Essex to divide the one 
full third of the real estate of John Averell late of Topsfield dec, unto his 
Widow Ann Averell as her right of dower, and to make a true & just 

The Third Generation 123 

apprisement of the other two thirds among the children of the dec'd in 
parts not exceeding seven and to report as to the division. [Id., B. 317, p. 
127.] The same date Apr. 7, 1735 Judge Appleton appointed John Wilds 
of Topsfield guardian of the children of s'' John Averell dec; Emma; 
Katherine; Ebenezer, Abial. 

[Id., B. 316, pp. 495-6.] The report was rendered and the com. above 
named made the distribution as follows: 

John Avery 2 shares 132.17.6 

Tho' Avery 1 share 66. 8.9 

Emmi 1 do 66. 8.9 

Kattern 1 Do. 66. 8.9 

Eben'' 1 Do. 66. 8.9 

Abigail 1 Do. 66. 8.9 

In the division of land the part called No. 1, is settled on John 
Avery and his heirs and valued at £245. 0.0 

Part No. 2. is settled on Thomas Avery and his heirs 
and valued at 225. 0.0 

This apportioning was approved by Judge Appleton of the Probate Ct., 
July 7, 1735. 

We find that it was not untH April 30, 1738, that "Widow 
Ann Averill was ad to the Cong. Ch. at Topsfield." Query: 
What had been her previous church associations? Her children 
were bap. in the Congregational Church at birth. Was she a 
Quaker ? 

The children of John and Anna (Greensleet) Averell, all b. 
at Topsfield, were : 

John', b. Apr. 24, 1711; m. Mary Phippen. 
Thomas\ b. Dec. 17, 1713; m. Sarah Kneeland. 
Emma', b. abt. 1715 {Ch. R.) ; m. Samuel Phippen. 
Katherine', b. abt. 1716-7; m. Nathaniel Moulton. 
Ebenezer', b. abt. 1717; m. Mary Towne. 
Abiel' (a dau.), b. Apr. (?), 1720; d. Aug. 1, 1736, at Tops- 
field. She was called in records Abial, "Abiel (dau.) of 
Widow Ann Averell" at her baptism Apr. (?) 1720; and 
Abigail in the distribution of her father's estate. 


Greensleet, Greensled, Greenslit. 
* An Inv. of the Est. of Thomas Greenslet late (of Salem) dec'd pre- 
sented 1677, Mar. 27th.; on file [Case 11851], Essex Co. P. R. 

The Inv. of Thomas Greenslet deaseased Salem 21 Mar. 1676 
An Greenslet adm"" testified to the truth of the inventory of her late 
husband Thomas Greenslet before the Court held at Ipswich the 27 oi 
March 1677. Robert Lord Cleric 










124 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Between this date in 1676, and Nov. 28, 1682, Widow Ann 

( ) Greensleet m. Jacob Pudeator (this name being a 

corruption of the surname Pointdexter) of Salem, Mass., whose 
will was proved at the last date, before the Court at Salem. 
Mention is made in the will of Ann's children by her previous 
marriage, and a debt of £5 is forgiven her son John "Green- 
field," and bequests to the same am' made to "the other fouer of 
my wives children : that is to say Tho Greenslid, and Ruth, & 
Samuel & James Greensled" 

His "loving wife Ann" was named as exx and was to have 
the use of his property during her life ; and at her decease it was 
to go to his cozen (nephew?) Isaac Pudeater. At the end of the 
instrument he adds : "I have desired my loving f reind s cozen 
Mr John Browne Sen', Mr Francis Scevey (Seavey?), and John 
Massey to be the overseers of this my will." Among names of 
debtors to the estate, and for very small amounts, appear those 
of Sam" Verey, Senr £2. 10s, Ensign Bancroft ; Jacob Baun Esq., 
Price Edwards [Essex P. R., Vol. 302, p. 25; Inv. same vol. and 
page] . 

Widow Ann (Greensleet) Pudeator was executed for witch- 
craft 1692 at Salem; and Dec. 10, 1694, an inventory of the est. 
was presented and admn granted Mr Philip English, attorney 
for Grace Pudeater, Legatee [Essex P. R., Vol. 303, p. 198; 
Case 22909]. 

James Greensleet starts action against the estate but lets 
it fall, and Ruth Greenslate alias Bridges receives her legacy 
of £5 from the estate of her step-father, Jacob Pudeator. 

Some of Ann's children M^ere at Casco Bay, near Portland, 
Me., in 1692. The Inv. of the estate of "John Greensit, late of 
Salem (prob, son of Ann, above mentioned), who dec'd Oct ye 
24, 1693," was presented Oct. 30, 1693, and admn was granted 
his widow, Abigail Grenslitt [Essex Probate, Vol. 303, pp. 165, 

It is possible that "Joan Greensleet a single woman" who 
was m. at Boston, Nov. 10, 1643, to James- Avery, son of Chris- 
topher^ Avery of Cape Ann and Gloucester, Mass. (progenitors 
of the Groton Avery Clan), was of this Greensleet stock, and 
a relative of Ann the wife of John Averell. Joan Greenslade 

The Third Generation 125 

was admitted to the First Church of Boston in 1643, and dis- 
missed after her marriage to unite with the church at Glouces- 
ter in 1644 [see The Groton Avery Clan, pp. 43-4-5, for Green- 
slade, etc] . 

12. Job=^ Averell {William', William'), b. Jan. 1, 1666 or 
1667 (?), at Topsfield, Mass., has his birth recorded in Essex 
Co. Court Records, Vol. 12, under Ipswich births. The en- 
tries for himself and his brother appear in exactly the same 

"John Averell son of Wm. and Hana Jan. 1. 1666" 

"Jobe Averell son of Wm. and Hana Jan. 1. 1666" 

Mr. George Francis Dow gives Jan. 1, 1666-7, and thinks the 
compiler of this genealogy made a mistake in copying the 

Job received a good inheritance of land by the mutual 
agreement (see pp. 89-95) of 1701-2, and added to it in following 
years. He signed the agreement when about 31 years of age; 
he was bap. (May 16, 1697) with his brothers and sisters by 
Rev. Joseph Capen. He was m. Feb. 1, 1702-3, to Susanna 
Brown* (see mema., p. 128) ; and June 30, 1706, was received 
with his mother ("widow Averill") and his wife Susanna into the 
Topsfield Church. 

The land on which he lived was in "that part of Topsfield 
inc. as Middleton in 1728" {T. H. C), and his name appears in 
records of both towns. He inherited his father's grist mill 
("the right which belongs to us"), and the house and barn; 
the lands were upon the north and south sides of the Ipswich 

The Records of baptisms in the Topsfield Church contain the 
baptisms of the children: 

Job Averel— his Job. Aug 1, 1707; 

Job Averell— his Judith June 18, 1710 

Job Averill— his Israeli Jun 21, 1713 

Job Averil — his Kezia 1715 (between May 15 & Aug. 14). 

Job Averil — " Samuel Aug. 14, 1720 
" Susanna Sept. 1722. 

From Essex Co. Registry of Deeds we have the following : 
March 18, 1700 Job and his brother Paul purchase land from Zerobabel 
Endicott. {Essex Reg., B. 15, p. 135.] 

126 Aver ell, Averill, Avery Family 

Job^ Averill sells 8 acres of land in Topsfield which he owns with 

Samuel Simons Sr. of Boxford 17-- (?) This was recorded 

Aug. 4, 1709. (B. 21, p. 106.) 

"I Job Averill in Topsfield, husbandman, for £18, paid to me by my 
brother Paul Averill living in Topsfield" sell to said Paul ... a cer- 
tain parcel of land in Topsfield on both sides of Ipswich River part of Mr. 
Endecott's farme — containing about 20 acres which is halfe a parcell of 
land as I, said Job, and my Brother Averell above said bought of Mr 
Endicott, the whole containing about 40 acres .... My beloved wife 
Susannah Averell doth freely surrender up all her right and interest in all, 
etc etc. Sept. 13, 1709 (B. 20, p. 207), recorded same date. 

"Mr Job and Paul Averill," their division recorded May 14, 1718. 
Articles of agreement made and concluded April 7, 1718 by and between 
Job Averill of Topsfield and Paul Averill of Topsfield, husbandmen, who hold 
in common Three pieces of land, Upland Lowland, Swampy land and 
Meadow partly in Topsfield, partly in Boxford, containing about 50 acres in 
the Co. of Essex. 

Know that the parties named came to an amiable and Brotherly agree- 
ment with respect to the partition of ye s'd lands equally betwixt them. 

l*"' part 20 acres in Boxford, chiefly meadow and swampy land to be 
divided; South Westward, and north Eastward from a swamp white oak 

2'' part, at S. Western side or end on a straight line to another swamp 
white oak, at N. Eastern side or end — 

The said Job Averill to have the North Western part, and Paul the 
South Eastern. 

Another piece 20 acres in Topsfield bounded Northerly on Ipswich 
River, Southerly on Robinson's (land) which is bounded by a Highway 
that leads from Tho. Robinsons lott to a brook that runs into Ipswich river, 
and the upper end of Wallcotts Meadow, to be a circular line as the high 
way runs. Job Averell and heirs etc to have liberty of a passage of about 
3 rods over end of ye Pine hills for to pass and repass to a watering place 
for his stock forever, downe to ye River. Job Averell to have the Southerly 
end or side next to Robinson's, Paul the Northern part next the river. 

3'' piece adjoining the last piec parted by the brook above said from 
that piece Job the South Eastern part. (B. 37, p. 1.) 

I Job Averell of Topsfield for £67, to me in hand paid .... by 
Richard Town of the same place have sold etc. to him a tract of land . . 
. . in Topsfield, on the South side of the river and on the Westerly side 

of the county Road bounded Easterly with the Remainder 

lott laut out to Aron Esty — South Easterly with sd Esty's former division. 
Westerly with the lott laid out to the heirs of John Town dec'd, and 
Northerly with the County Road 24 poles 14% feet from stake to stake (on 
Road side) 18 poles and 1/2 in breadth at South Easterly end, and contains 

6 acres and 116 poles which land I own as 

a good and perfect estate of Inheritance. 

The Third Generation 127 

Susannah Averell the wife of me the said Job Averill doth by these 
presents freely yield up and surrender her right of Dowry and Power of 
Thirds in this land — 

March 20, 1726. 

Sig-ned Job Averell 

Susannah Averell 
This was ackd Apl 21, 1726 (B. 48, p. 27.) 

Also to Nathaniel Averill 
Deed of April 24, 1729 by Job and Paul Averill both of Middleton. They 
quit claim all rights in a cottage Right, (so called) containing two acres 
and being ye 21 lot in s'd Cottage Rights in Topsfield as by the Pro- 
prietors Book and Records may appear 

To Nathaniel Averill of Topsfield, Carpenter. 

W*^ Job Averill Jun" Job Averill 

Benj. Towne. Paul Averill 

Essex Co. Middleton, April ye 8, 1730 then Job Averell and Paul Averell 

acknowledged this to be their free act and deed. 
Recorded Apr. 10, 1730 (B. 54, p. 205.) " 

I Job Averell of Middleton .... for £23, .... sell to 
Paul Burton a tract of meadow land part in Topsfield and part in Middle- 
ton containing 2 acres and 30 rods between land of the above said Job 
Averell and Thomas Robinson — Susannah Averell my wife, surrendering 
her dowry right etc. Oct. 1. 1729, 

(Signed) Job Averill 

Susannah Averill 
Wit\ William Hobs; John Averill Junr 

Ack^ April 8, 1730 by Job and Susannah Averill (B. 61, p. 79.) 

Job Averell appears many times as grantor and grantee in 
the Essex Registry, and, as the owner of a grist mill, was a man 
of importance in those days. As Middleton was not incorpor- 
ated until a short time — about two years — before his death, his 
name is to be found more frequently in Topsfield records. But 
his children were identified for some years with Middleton. 
We find his death recorded 1730, and his will proved June 1, 

The children of Job"' Averell and Susannah Brown his wife, 
were all born at Topsfield. 

Children : 

54. i. Job*, b. Aug. 11, 1707; m. (1) Sarah ; m. (2) Mary 

(Tuckerman) Hutchinson. 









. 60. 


128 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

55. ii. Judith', b. May 4, 1710; m. Ap. 20, 1732, Samuel Solter 
(Middleton T. R.) . 
Israel', b. Ap. 21, 1713; m. Mary Kenney. 
iv. Keziah', b. May 6, 1715; m. Jonathan Whipple of Danvers. 
Samuel', b. June 7, 1720; m. Martha Clemens. 
Susanna', bap. Sept., 1722. * 
vii. EzEKiEL', b. before Feb. 17, 1729-30; m. Jane (Mayors) 


* The parentage of Susanna Brown has not been discovered. Job 
Averill's brothers, Thomas and Isaac, were associated with John Brown 
of Preston, Conn., who had removed from Mass. to that place about the 
time of their removal. This John Brown witnessed a deed of Thomas and 
Isaac, Nov. 14, 1705; and his son, John Brown, Jr., and Jacob Brown wit- 
nessed a deed of Isaac Averell to his son Samuel, Aug. 18, 1738, at Preston. 
Susanna Brown, wife of Job, may have belonged to the family of John 
Brown. Also, we. find Hannah Brown, b. 1691, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Judith^ (Perkins) Brown of Ipswich, m. in 1708 Edward Cogswell. Nathan- 
iel Brown was the son of a John Brown. 


In The Name of God Amen The Last Will and Testament of Job 
Auireal of Middleton in the County of Essex in his Majestey 

Imp"" Prouince of the Masetusets Bay in New England and first of all 
I Comit my Immortall soule to God that gave it hooping thrugh 
y'' merrites of Jesus Christ my Redemer for a blesed Resvrrec- 
tion and my body I Commit to y*" Earth to a desent buriel at the 
descretion of my Christian frinds and after my Just depts and 
funirael charges is paid and as for my outward Estate that God 
has blest me with all I despose of as followeth 

Eit™ I give to my beloved Wife Susanah the one third part of the yearly 
InCome of all my houseing and Land that I am now possesed of and 
one third part of all my Liue stock dureing her naterall Life 

Eit"" I give to my two Eldest sones Job Auriel and Israel Auiriel all my 
houseing and Lands that I am now possesed of in middleton and 
Topsfield and boxford to them and thire hieres and asings & and 
all my mouables both within dores and without dores Excepting 
what I haue disposed of allreddy to my wife 

Eit" I give to my other two sons namely Samuel Auirell and Ezeckel 
auriel fiuety pounds apease to be paid to them when theay Come 
to the age of Twenty one yeares to be paid by my executors heare 
after nameed and my will is that my two sons Samuel and Ezeckel 
shall be bound out Each of them to a trade Such as theay shall 

The Third Generation 129 

Eit'" I giue to my three Daughters namely Judith Auriel Kezia Auirel 
Susannah Auirl fiuety pounds Each of them to be paid them when 
they come to y" age of Twenty one yeares and if thay are mar- 
reyed before thay come to the age of twenty one yeares then thire 
portions to be paid them upon there marrage by my Excu"' here 
after named and my will is that my Daughter Judeth shall haue 
a rome in my dweling house with my wife so long as thay remain 
unmarried and for my Chilldren that are under age I Leaue them 
to the descrition of my wife to desspose of 

and my will is that if Either of my Excu"' heare after named 
should decese before he comes to y'' age of Twenty one yeares 
then the suruiuer is to InJoye the whole of y'' Land: and if 
any of my other flue Chilldren should dy disposesd of there 
portision then there portion to be deuided amongst my Suruiing 
chilldren and I do constitude and ordain my Loueing wife Susanah 
together with my Sons Job Auirel and Isreal Auriel the Excutrick 
and Excutors to this my Last will and testament my wife to stand 
and remain in full pouer with my son Job untill my son Israel 
Comes to y'' age of twenty one yeares of age 

Dated this seuenth day of february 1729/10 singd sealed and 

Declared to be my Last will and Testament 

in the presents of Job Ae'''ll Seal. 

Samuel Symonds 

Daniel Towne 

Nath" Porter 

Essex ss. Ipswich June 1' 1730 Before the Hon''"'' John Appleton 
Esq'' Judge of the Probate of Wills fec"^^ in sd County of Essex 
Sam' Symons, Dan" Town Nath' Porter all Personally app'^ & 
made Oath that they ware present and Saw Job averell Late of 
Midletown Dec'd Signe Seale & heard him publis & Declare y" 
within written Intmt to be his Last Will & Testamt & when he 
So Did he was of good understanding & of a Disposing mind to 
the best of thir Discing and they all att the Same time Sett to 
thier hands in his presence as Wittness 
Sworn Att Dan' Appleton Reg*" 

Upon which this will is prov'^ approv'' & allow'' being presented 
by y*' Exc"'*' who accep'* y*" trust Saving (Israeli who is not of age) 
& to give in an Invty by y'' first Mndy July 1730 

Essex, ss Probate Office, Aug. 21, 1912. A True Copy, Attest: Ezra 
D. Hines, Asst. Register. 

(A tracing of the above signature by Job Averell shows 
that he was too feeble to sign in his usual manner, for the v 
was left out, and the ri, in very different writing, was inserted 

130 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

above, as if by another hand, so that the previous signatures in 
his case are the ones to be relied upon. The Compiler.) 

Nearly three years after the death of her husband, Mrs. 
Susanna Averell died; the exact record of the date of her death 
has not been found. 

A letter of administration was granted to Job Averill of Topesfield 
in the County of Essex on the Estate of his mother Susannah Averill late 
of Topsfield widow Dated Ipswich 16 Day of Decb'' A. D. 1732; John Apple- 
ton Judge of Probate. Said Job Averill gave bond, with Francis Peabody 
of Midletown & Benj ' Towne of Topsfield, Dated 16th day Decb^ A. D. 1732. 
In said bond Susannah Averill is said to be of Midletown. 

Essex, ss Probate Office, Aug. 21, 1912. A True Copy, Attest: Ezra 
D. Hines, Asst. Register. 

14. Ebenezer^ Averell, called Averill, Averhill {William-, 

WilUam'), b. Oct. 14, 1669, at Topsfield, Mass., and bap. there. 
May 16, 1697, by Rev. Joseph Capen, was a husbandman and 
lived in his native town. His birth is recorded in Essex Co. Court 
Records, Vol. 12, among those of Topsfield. Nov. 30, 1697, he m. 
(1) at Topsfield, Susanna Hovey (T. R.). She was "his first wife, 
that came from England" (Averill Gen., The Essex A7it.). She 
d. Nov. 11, 1699, at Topsfield. He m. (2) Dec. 31, 1700, Mehita- 
ble Foster of Ipswich (Tojjs field T. R.), who was b. Oct. 12, 
1675, and was the dau. of Abraham Foster (b. at Exeter, Devon- 
shire, Eng., and son of Reginald Foster of Ipswich and Tops- 
field) . Mar. 5, 1706-7 he was a selectman of the town. He was 
mentioned in the mutual agreement as to the division of his 
father's estate, and received his share (see p. 91), and his name 
appears in Essex Co. Registry a number of times as grantor and 

Mr. Averell d. Dec. 22, 1716, at Topsfield; and to "his 
widow, Mehitable Averhill," was granted "Administration on 
all goods of Ebenezer Averhill, Esq., of Topsfield, Dec'd" (Essex 
Co. p. R., B. 312, pp. 193-4) . 

Mrs. Averell made her own will Oct. 21, 1740, at which 
time all the daughters appear to have died excepting Susanna 
and Phebe, both of whom receive bequests and were evidently 
unmarried as no other surname appeared. Luke is to be the 
executor, and is called "my son in ye Law," and is to have his 
own mother's moveable estate, while the remainder of the estate 

The Third Generation 131 

after all obligations are met, is to be divided equally among 
"my own children and grandchildren"; that is, the grandchil- 
dren were to have "the shares their Mothers would have had if 
living." This will was proved Nov. 15, 1740. Essex Co. P. R., 
Vol. 324; pp. 242-3. 

Children (all b. at Topsfield) : 
by 1^' wife: 

61. i. SuSANNA(^')^ b. 1698; d. Nov. 11, 1699, Topsfield {T. R.) . 

62. ii. LuKE^ b. Aug. 2, 1699; m. Sarah Peabody. 
by 2"^^ wife: 

63. iii. Mehetabel',* b. Apr. 26, 1703; m. Apr. 12, 1726 (Ijjswich 

T. R.), Matthew Peabody. She d. before 1741. 

64. iv. Susanna (")',* b. July 22, 1704; bap. by Rev. Mr. Capen the 

same date; was living in 1749. 

65. V. RUTH^* b. June 9, 1706; bap. Jan. 18, 1706 (0. S.), by Rev. 

Mr. Capen; d. before Sept. 22, 1731. 

66. vi. Hannah\* b. Feb. 13, 1707-8; m. July 18, 1728, John How- 

lett, Jr., of Ipswich; she was his widow in 1749 (See 
Averill Gen., Essex Ant.). 

67. vii. Mary',* b. Aug. 15, 1710; m. Nathaniel Porter. 

68. viii. LYDIA^ b. Dec. 11, 1712; m. July 28, 1731, David Gould 

(Topsfield T. R.). She had three children who d. Nov., 
1747; she d. Dec. 22, 1739. (See Gozild Gen., Desc. of 
Zaccheus Gould, p. 51.) 

69. ix. Jemima\.* b. Apr. 25, 1715; m. (1) Feb. 14, 1737-8, John 

Perkins, Jr. (3'"'' wife). She m. (2) Mr. Brown (Tops- 
field T. R.) ; d. Mar. 2, 1749. 

70. X. Phebe',* b. Nov. 23, 1717; bap. nearly nine months after her 

father's death; was m. Nov. 13, 1753 (Int. Pub. Oct. 13, 
1753), by Rev. Mr. Emerson, to Isaac Dodge of Wenham; 

she m. (2) Brown. [Query: What became of 

Phebe and of her family?] 


* Between 1735 and 1738 Mehitable Averell, Hannah Howlett and 
John Howlett Jr., Mary Porter and Nathaniel Porter Jr., Lydia Gould and 
Daniel Gould and Jemima Averell sell to their brother Luke Averell their 
shares in their father's and their sister Ruth's estate (see Essex Ct. R., 
Vol. 84, p. 243) ; and Susanna and Phebe ack. receipt of £71, 14s. 4d. from 
their brother Luke as given "by our mother's last will and testament" 

(iv) Will of "Susannah Averell, singlewoman," July 4, 1749: 
To my brother Luke Averell whom I make Executor — all my right title 
etc to the Real estate left me by my "Honored father Ebenezer Averell of 

132 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

said Topsfield Dec'd." .... To my sister Hannah Howlet the widow 
of John Howlet of Ipswich late dec'd £1, 10s. 

To my cousin Susannah the daughter of my said brother Luke Av- 

To my sister Phebe Averell £1, 5s. and also one third part of my real 
estate (or of all my Estate?) not willed away already Except my new Bible 
which Bible I give unto my cousin Sarah Peabody. 

I give unto the heirs of my sister Mehitable Peabody dec'd one third 
part of all my Estate which is not willed away already, and also £1, 5s. I 
give unto the heirs of my sister Jemima Perkins late deceased one third 

and also £1, 5s. 
Wit's Susannah ( X ) Averell 

Jacob Averell 
Jacob Averell Jr. 
Nathaniel Averell Jur. 

Allowed Sept 25, 1749. 

{Essex Co., P. Rs., B. 329, pp. 7-8.) 

(x) The two marriages of Phebe are found in the genealogical MS. 
of Samuel Johnson Averill, but no Christian names were given and no 
dates of marriages. Ed. 

16. Thomas^ Averell {William-, William') was b. Dec. 9, 
1672, at Topsfield, Mass.; was bap. there by Rev. Mr. Capen, 
May 16. 1697; signed the mutual agreement of his father's 
heirs (having date "this fourth day of February in the year of 
our Lord one thousand seven hundred one or two") while living 

at Preston, Conn.; his brother Isaac Averell making 

acknowledgment with him before "John Brown, Js. of ye peace," 
May 30, 1724. He m. "Jenewery" 27, 1701-2, Mary Baker; 
(Preston, Conn.; T. R.) . The wife of Thomas Averill joined 
the First Church of Preston in 1703; and the Second Church 
(now in Griswold) in 1720, and her husband in 1721. 

His first purchase of land is recorded at Preston, Conn. ; 
the deed is as follows: Book ii, p. 43: 

"To all Christin people to whome these presents shall com Greeting 
Know ye that j John Brown of preston in New London county in the 
Coloney of conecticot in New england for and in consideration of forty 
pounds of mony in hand Payed by thomas Auerill of the same town and 
county & coloney above mentioned y*" resait is here of acknowledged and 
myself there with satisfied content & payed & of every part there of doth 
exonerat aquit & discharge him y" sd thomas Auerill his heires executors 
administrators and assigns for euer doath by these presents fully freely 
clerely & absolutely give grant bargain sell alien enfeofe make ouer & 

The Third Generation 133 

confirm unto him y'' sd thomas Auerill his heirs executors administrators & 
assigns foreuer a sartain percll of up Land medow Land and Swomp Land 
setuat Lying and being within y'' township of preston on y" East of poachoag 
River in y'" county and coloney a boue sd beginning at y"" North westwardly 
corner of y'' sd Land by y'' river at a stake & heap of stons then running 
on an East & be South Corse unto a white oak tree with a cwatch in it, & 
stons about it from thence on y'' same corse seuenty chains to a great whit 
oak tree marked with stons about it & from y' tree on y*" same corse thirty 
five chains unto a chestnut tree marked lA then turning upon a south corce 
a hundred & twenty one roods by y'' comon unto a black oak tree marked 
on four sids then turning westwardly & running on a strait line about fower 
hundred fifty five roods unto a stake & heape of stones which stands by 
pachoag riuer then taking y" riuer y'" same way it runneth for ye West- 
wardly bounds untill it cometh to y*" first bound mentioned. 

To have and to hold y'' above sd Lands according to y'' buts & bounderis 
& number of roods from bound to bound as thay are mentioned to y*" only 
proper use benifite & behofe of him y" sd Thomas Auerill his heirs execu- 
tors administrators & assigns forever with all ye profits priveledges & 
appurtenances there unto belonging or in aney wise appertaining as woods 
trees springs of water watercorses & all other whatsoever & j y*" above sd 
John Brown hath in myself good right full power Lawfull authority to give 
grant bargain sell alien enfeofe make ouer & confirm all y*" above sd Land 
in manner & form as aboue sd to him y*" sd thomas Auerill his heires execu- 
tors administrators & assigns forever so as he & thay may euer here 
after peacably & quiatly ocupey posses & injoy y" same free & clere & clere 
& clere & freely & clerely acquited & discharged of and from all & all 
manar of other gifts grants bargains Sales alienations or act or acts or 
incombrances what soever had made or done or sufored to be made or done 
by me ye sd John Brown & j y'' aboue sd John Brown doth couenant promise 
& ingage for myself my heirs executors administrators and assigns forever 
y' j nor thay will nor shall Never here after molest nor hinder y'' sd thomas 
Auerill his executors administrators or assigns in ye peacabell & quiat 
ocupying possessing & improueing y" sd Land as in witness of my full 
consent; have herewith sett my hand and Seale for y" confirmation of thes 
presents preston Dated September y*" 15 in y*" yere of our Lord god one 
thousand seuen hundred & three in y" second year of y*" Raign of our 
souerain Lady Quen Ann Anno quede signed sealed & deliuered in ye 
presenc of us witneses John Brown (a seal) 

Jonathan Tracy September 15, 1703 Mr. John Brown 

Timothy herrick appered and acknowledged y'' 

peter Damson March 14 1705 aboue written instrument to be 

kis free act and Deed before me 
Jonathan Tracy 
justis of peace 
This Deed entred March 18, 1706 

Per me Jonathan Tracy Recorder 

134 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

[Abstracts from deeds relating to Thomas, which are re- 
corded at Preston, Conn., we give as follows] : 

Thomas "Auerill" of Preston, deeds land "on the pachoag river" in 
Preston, to his brother Isaac "Aueriel," "March ye 28 in ye yere of oui 
Lord god one thousand seuen hundred and three four" (1703-4). See under 
Isaac. 21. 

Thomas Auerell of preston husban man, sells to 

Hopestell Tyler of preston, 120 acres of land be it more or less lying in 
preston, 110 acres by the pachoage River, and ten acres not far from it, 

. . . . Aprell the fift one thousand seuen hundred and foure. 

(Signed) Thomas Auerell Book i, p. 377. 

Witnesses: Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy, Ack. June 20, 1704. 

Thomas "Auerell" witnesses a deed of William Billings Dec. 7, 1704. 

Book i. p. 376 
He sells John Hill 33 acres in Preston, Feb. 28, 1712. 

(Sig.) Thomas Averil. Book iii. p. 32 

He sells land to Gates & Clark, Oct. 27, 1718. 

(Sig.) Thomas Averill Book iii. p. 161 

Also others— Book ii, p. 171; Book iii, pp. 110; 146; Book iv, p. 343. 
And Book iv, p. 811; — John Cook of Preston gives to Thomas and John 
Averill, for £63. 12s., quit claim deed to about 100 acres of land in the 
North Society of Preston on south side of Paucchoag River bounded by 
Edward Cogswell's land; April 30, 1733. 

Book iv, p. 811. Thomas and John Averill of Preston sell to Ephraim 
Harrick, Jr., land by the River Pachoag, for £240, which land was bounded 
by the Benjamin, Tyler Cogswell, Averell lands. May 1, 1733. 

Thomas Averell d. before Nov. 11, 1734. His will was 
proved at a court held at New London, Conn., Nov. 26, 1734, and 
ordered recorded ; and an inventory was also exhibited, approved 
and ordered recorded. The following is an abstract of the will : 

In the name of God Amen. May ye 9'" 1734. 

I Thomas Averill of Preston, in ye county of New London and Collony 
of Connecticut in New England being very weak and under uncomfortable 

circumstances of Body but in perfect mind and memory 

do . . . (etc.) 

To my loving wife Mary Averill my two best beds with all there furni- 
ture and ye bedsteads and one third part of all ye rest of my movables after 
she has taken out all my puter all to be at her disppose forever. And I 
give unto her my dwelling house and ye improvement of all ye one third 
of my Real Estate so long as she continues my widow. Unto my son John 
Averill I give five shillings money to be paid him by my executors and that 

The Third Generation 135 

with that money he did receive for ye land that I sold unto Mr. Ephraim 
Herrick Jun'' which sum was between two and three hundred pounds money, 
with what other things he has had of me (after he has paid forty pounds 
money unto my son Solomon) is ye whole of his portion out of my estate. 

I give unto Ichabud Averill all ye rest of my estate both Real and per- 
sonal or moveable where ever it may be found forever, he doing what I 
shall here after direct. Ichabod shall give ... to my third son Abijah 
£15, within two years after he reaches the age of 21; 

To my fourth son Solomon, 10 Shillings (and the £40, 

mentioned above) ; to my eldest daughter Mary Averill £30, 2 years after 
my death; to my dau. Hannah Averill, £30 5 years after my death; to my 
daughter Abigail Averill £25, 7 years after my death. Solomon is to live 
with Ichabud till he reaches the age of 21. Mary my said wife and Ichabud 
my son to be my executors to this my last will and testament. 

Signed Thomas Averill. (Seal.) 

Witnesses John Cooke 

Samuel Lenerd 
Jacob Brown 

These witnesses proved the will at Preston, Nov. 11, 1734. 

It was recorded May 22, 1735. Vol. ii. p. 94. Probate 
Records, Netv London Co., New London, Conn. Page 95, same 
vol., gives the inventory, certified to by the executors Nov, 26, 
1734, as correct. This showed that Thomas Averill had left his 
family in comfort, and that he was probably a religious man, as 
be had five Bibles and three Testaments; he also left twelve 
sm^all books. 

It is evident that Thomas Averill did not marry Abigail 
Cogswell in Ipswich, Nov. 29, 1712, as all records show his only 
wife was Mary. 

His wife and widow survived him some years ; the date of 
her death is not known ; but she petitioned the Court Sept. 25, 
1753, to appt a com. of freeholders to set off for her the freehold 
estate left to her by her husband's will. The Court appd Maj. 
Samuel Coit, Capt. Moses Tyler, and Elijah Beleherall of Pres- 
ton to divide and "sett off to sd widow her proper meets and 
bounds in sd Estate." Journal B. v. p. 130. Probate Court, 
New London Co. 

There must have been some delay, for the Journal Probate 
Court, B. vi, p. 162, 1754, states that she, Mary Averell, widow 
and Relict of Thomas Averell late of Preston dec'd, again asks 

136 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

the same favor. And this time the com. appd is Mr. Wm Witter, 
Esq., Messers Stephen Tucker and Ebenezer Leonard, freehold- 
ers, all of Preston. If the copy is correct it appears not to have 
been accomplished until the Nov. 22, 1762, Court. 

Undoubtedly a more thorough search of records would ex- 
plain the occasion of a second application, and the date of "Nov. 
22, 1762," affixed to the action of the Court, — which is very 
likely a mistake of the copyist (Ed.). Such a search might 
also reveal the dates of the death of Thomas Averell and his 

Children (all b. at Preston; the first six named were re- 
corded ; Vol. 1, p. 44, T. R., under Aueriell, or Aurill) : 

71. i. Ebenezer^ b. Dec. 1, 1702; not mentioned in his father's 


72. ii. JOHN% b. June 26, 1705; Associated with his father in deeds 

of April and May, 1733; mentioned in his father's will, 
1734 (see p. 134) ; He had a deed from Jacob Ward of 50 
acres of land with "a mention (mansion) house thereon 
situate," at "Rock Meddo" in Union, Windham Co., Conn., 
for which he paid £90. Sept. 10, 1736: Union Land Rec^ 
ords; he being of Union. He deeds land to William Ward, 
Jan. 21, 1737, and acknowledges the same Mar. 3, 1737, 
before Richard Abbe, Justice of the Peace. Consideration 
£150. Union; Land Records, Mar. 4, 1736-7, Richard Abbe 
of Windham, Conn., sells John Averill of Union "in the 
same Co.," Conn., for £106, "all that my hundred acre lot 
that I bought of Joshua Fitch, in the township of Stafford 
Co. Hartford, Conn. — bounded in part by land of Joseph 

Stafford Deeds. Vol. i, p. 578 

Rec'd Mch. 9, 1736-7. 
No Stafford record shows that John disposed of this 
land. A list of ratable estates and of part of the inhabit- 
ants of Stafford, in 1745, has no Avery or Averill record. 
Ichabod Averell had lands in Stafford, but they are not 
found recorded The Tovm Records show no Avery or 
Averell, and Church Records up to 1800 were destroyed by 
fire. There are no records indicating marriage. 

73. iii. Mary", b. Mar. 9, 1707; unm. May 9, 1734. 

74. iv. Paul', b. Mar. 20, 1708-9; not mentioned May 9, 1734. 

75. V. Ichabod\ b. May 25, 1710; m. Bathsheba Pain. 

76. vi. Hannah', b. Aug. 20, 1713; m. Oct. 26, 1759, Thomas Page 

(Record, 2^ Cong. Ch. at Preston (near Griswold). 

The Third Generation 137 

77. vii. Abijah', b. before 1718 (?) ; m. Mrs. Sarah Martin. 

78. viii. SOLOMON\ b. Oct. 22, 1719; m. Hannah Pettingell. 

79. ix. Abigail', b. Feb. 11, 1722; living unm. May 9, 1734. 
Several of these children joined the Second Church of Preston, now Gris- 

wold: Mary, 1720; Hannah, 1734; Ichabod, 1735 [Ch. R.I. 


Averell marriages previous to May, 1769, are not in Pres- 
ton Toiun Records, except as associated with entries of families ; 
i. e., names of parents with births of their children, Ed. 

17. Abigail^ Averell {William-, William^), b. Mar. 8, 1674, 

at Topsfield, Mass. ; lived at Topsfield, and is mentioned in the 
mutual division of her father's estate, Feb. 4, 1701-2, and June 
2, 1724. She was bap. at Topsfield by Mr. Joseph Capen, May 
16, 1697. 

She m. about 1699 (pub. July 6, 1699), prob. at Topsfield, 
Jonathan Bishop, of Salem, Salem Village, and Beverly. 

He M^as b. in Salem and was the son of Edward Bishop and 
Sarah Wild, his wife, who were accused of witchcraft in 1692, 
but escaped from the hands of their persecutors. This Sarah 
Wild was the step-daughter of Sarah (Averell) Wildes (see pp. 
107 and 108). 

They lived in Salem village until 1703, when they removed 
to Rehoboth, Mass. Edward was the son of Edward Bishop 
who lived in that part of Salem Village, which was later a por- 
tion of Beverly, as early as 1639. Edward sr. had m. (1) 

Hannah , before 1646; (2), Bridget, widow of Thomas 

Oliver of Salem before 1680 ; and she was the first of the Salem 
Village witchcraft victims and was executed as a witch in 1692 ; 
and (3), Elizabeth Cash, Mar. 9, 1692-3, in Salem. (See The 
Essex Ant., Vol. viii, for Bishop Genealogy, from which most 
of the data is copied.) 

Jonathan Bishop was a sadler and lived in Beverly for some 
years. June 2, 1724, he, and his wife, with their sister Mary 
(Averell) Titus and her husband, Silas Titus, signed and ac- 
knowledged the deed of mutual division of the Wilham- Averell 
estate, at Norton, Mass. [see p. 95] . It is said they settled 
at Rehoboth, Mass., and were there after 1706, although the 
above instrument proves they were in Norton in 1724. 

138 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (b. at Beverly) : 

i. Gould Bishop', b. Nov. 13, 1703. 
ii. Elizabeth\ bap. May 26, 1706. 

19. PauF Averill, sometimes called Avery (William-, Will- 
iam^), was the tenth child of his parents, and b. at Topsfield, 
Mass., June 21, 1677 (T. R.) , or June 27, 1676, as per Essex 
Co. Ct. R. 

He was bap. with his sisters and brothers at Topsfield, 
May 16, 1697, by Rev. Mr. Capen (C/i. R.), when he was about 
twenty or twenty-one years of age. He resided many years in 
that part of Topsfield which was later included in Middleton, 
Mass., as shown by extracts of deeds here given. His name 
appears twice in the deed of mutual division of his father's 
estate (see pp. 89 and 92), but he does not appear to have signed 
that instrument. 

He m. (1), Mar. 27, 1706, Sarah Andrews, then of Box- 
ford, the dau. of Joseph Andrews of Salem, Mass, {Topsfield 
T. R.). She was b. about 1684, and d. at Middleton, Oct. 16, 
1732, aged 47 y. 10 mo. {T.R.). The Maine Historical & Genea- 
logical Record, Vol. xiv, p. 209, gives the will of Joseph Andrews 
(1731), which mentions, "My dau. Sarah, wife of Paul Avery." 
Feb. 29, 1707-8, they united with the Church at Topsfield. 

He was m. (2), Feb. 3, 1736, at Wenham, Mass., to Mary 
Symonds of Wenham {Middleton T. R.) by Rev. John Warren. 

[From Middleton Records: A true copy of the Records of 
Wenham. Attest. B. C. Putnam, Clerk.] 

[A true copy. Attest. E. S. Phelps, Town clerk of Middle- 

Essex Reg., Vol. 42, p. 172. (Abstract) I Paul Averill of the 
town of Topsfield for £13.10. paid me by John Burton of the Town & Co & 
Province aforesd Carpenter have sold him a Piece of Meadow & Meadow 
ground about one acre and a quarter in Topsfield on the Southerly side of 
the River called Ipswich River not far from the River between a certain 
Brook that runneth into the River & the West End of the Island called 
Walcott Island & is bounded as followeth to begin at the North East corner 
of the S' Isle land at John Putnams bounds & from thence to run westerly 
by the meadow of John Putnam to the Brook & from thence Southerly up 

by the brook to Robinson s meadow & from thence to from thence 

to run North Easterly by the meadow of s" Robinson to the Island called 
Wolcotts Island — twenty ninth Day of June Anno Dom 1722 & in the 

The Third Generation 139 

Eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George King of England 

Wit^ Paul Averill & a seal 

Edward Putnam Jun"' her mark 

Elisha Putnam — Sarah O Averill & a seal 

Ack— Salem Jan 9. 1723 

before Steph" Sewall Just Peace 

Vol. 72, p. 69. (Abstract) Paul Averill of Middleton— Husbandman 
for Divers good causes thereunto moveing But more Especially for the 
Love Good Will & Naturall Affection that I have & Do beare towards my 
Son Paul Averill Jun"' have given granted etc — unto my Son Paul Averill 
the One half of a Certain Tract of Land lying & being in Middleton for 
Quantity and Quality and the Westerly End of my Dwelling house which 
is now Erecting and One half of my barn s'' Piece of Land Lyes on the 
North Easterly part of Middleton Towns Line on the South & North Side of 
Ipswich River & it is Bounded as follows Begining at a White Oak tree 
Marked at the Corner of the Land that was formerly Endicotts Farm & 
thence Running Easterly about Sixty Rods to a Stake & Stones by a fence 
at the Corner of Robert Bradfords Land Joyning to sd Bradfords Land & 
from thence Southerly by Nine Rods to a heap of Stones Joyning to sd 
Bradfords Land & from thence Easterly about Twenty Rods to a Stake and 
Stones Joyning to sd Bradfords thence Southerly about four Rods to A 
Stake & Stones at A Corner of s" Bradfords land and my owne land & 
thence Easterly about Forty Rods to A Stake & Stones by Salem Road 
thence. Northerly to the Southeasterly Corner of my Orchard Joyning to sd 
Road thence Easterly about fifty Rod to A Stake & Stones by A Cartway 
And thence Northerly about Thirty Rods to Ipswich River as the fence 
now Stands and thence Westerly about fifty Rods to a Cartway over the 
River Joyning to sd River & thence Northerly A Cross the River about 
Twenty five Rods to the Northwesterly Corner of Nath" Symonds Meadow 
Joyning to sd Symonds Land, and thence Easterly about twenty Three 
Rods to A heap of Stones Joyning to Job Averill's Land & thence Northerly 
about Eighty Rods to A Swamp Comonly Called Inland Meadow Swamp 
Joyning to s'' Bradford & Job Averill's Land & thence North Easterly 
Joyning to ye Upland Round as the Swamp Goes to the Petitione Lines 
Between my Land and the Land of Job Averill and Israel Averill & thence 
Westerly about forty Rods to the Land of Deacon Sam" Symonds & thence 
to A Popple tree at the Northerly Corner of Deacon Symonds Meadow 
Joyning to Deacon Symonds Land and thence Southerly about Forty Rods 
to A White Oak tree marked Joyning to Deacon Symonds Land & Thence 
Westerly about Twenty four Rod to A Stake & Stones Standing in the 
Line of Endicott's Farm Joyning to the Land of Deacon Symonds, And 
thence Southerly about fifty Rods A Cross the River to the first Bound 
Mark mentioned (Paul Jr to have all the above etc) Excepting two 

140 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Thirds of ye fruit of the Orchard which I Reserve to my own Use so Long 
as I Live. 

Fourth Day of August, Anno Domini One Thousand Seven hundred and 
Thirty six & in ye Tenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereigne Lord George 

the Second 

Wit" Paul Averill & a Seal 

William Campbell Ack. Salem Aug. 5, 1736 

John Higginson. before John Higginson J. Peace 

Vol. Ixxxi, p. 218. (Abstract) Paul Averil Sen"' & Jun'' Division Rec'd 
and Recorded April 25, 1741 

This Indenture of Partition made the Thirtyeth Day of March in the 
Fourteenth year of His Majesties Reign Annoque Domini One Thousand 
Seven Hundred & Forty one Between Paul Averil of Middleton in the 
County of Essex Yeoman of the One part & Paul Averil Jun"" of Middleton 
af ores'' Yeoman of the other part. Whereas ye parties before named stand 
Seized in Fee of and in a Certain Tract of land in Middleton afores" lying 
partly on the North side & partly on the South side of Ipswich River. 

(Then follows a long description of the land, part of which corresponds 
to that given to Paul Jr. by his father Aug. 4, 1736. Paul Sr. retains cer- 
tain specified privileges as to house, orchard, passage, etc.) 

Wif* Signed Paul Averill & a Seal 

John Higginson Jr Paul Averill Jun"" and a Seal 

Andrew Higginson 

The Middleton Church was established in 1729; and the 
names of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Averill appear on its rolls as dis- 
missed from the Topsfield Church and added to this one in 

Mr. Averill was chosen Constable of Middleton, Feb. 19, 
1733-4; and Apr. 8, 1735, he and several others were allowed 
"to build a back seat under ye windows in ye West Gallery in 
our Meeting House" (T. R.). 

Paul Averill and his brother Job bought land of Mr. Endi- 
cott, 40 acres of which they divided Sept. 13, 1709, Paul receiv- 
ing about 20 acres, which lay on both sides of the Ipswich River, 
in Topsfield [Essex Deeds, Vol. xx] . 

April 7, 1718, they agreed on another division of land which 
they held in common, — three pieces, — "Upland, Lowland, 
Swampy Land and Meadow," lying partly in Topsfield, partly 
in Boxford, and containing about 50 acres in the County of 
Essex. The parties named 

The Third Generation 141 

came to an amiable and Brotherly Agreement with respect to the partition 
of ye sd lands equally betwixt them. 

1^' piece: The first part, of the 20 acres in Boxford, chiefly meadow 
and swampy land, ran S. W. & N. E. from a Swamp White oak; 

the second part, at the S. W. side or end of this, ran on a straight 
line to another Swamp white oak at N. E. side or End; Job Averell 

to have the North Western part, and Paul Averell the South Eastern part. 

The 2'' piece: Of 20 acres in Topsfield, bounded Northerly on Ipswich 
River, southerly on Robinson's land, which is bounded by a High Way that 
leads from Tho. Robinson's lott to a brook that runs into Ipswich river, 
and the upper end of Wallcotts meadow, to be a circular line as the high 
way runs; Job Averell and his heirs, etc., to have liberty of a passage of 
about 3 rods over end of ye Pine Hills for to pass and repass to a watering 
place, for his stock forever, downe to ye River. 

Job Averell to have the Southerly end or side next to Robinson's, and 
Paul Averell the Northern part next the river. 

The 3d piece, adjoined the last piece, and was parted by the brook afore- 
said from that piece. Job Averell as the South Eastern part; Paul Averell 
has the other part [Essex Deeds, Vol. xxxvii, p. 1]. (These divisions are 
also mentioned in deed by Job Averell of Sheepscot.) 

April 24, 1729, Job and Paul Averell both of Middleton quit claim all 
rights in a Cottage Right (so called) containing two acres, and being ye 
21st lot in sd Cottage Rights in Topsfield as by the Proprietors Book and 
Records may appear, to Nathaniel Averill of Topsfield, Carpenter. 
Witnesses Signed Job Averill 

Job Averill, Jun"" Paul Averill 

Benj. Town. Ack. Apl. 8, 1730 by both grantors. 

Rec'd, apr. 10, 1730. 

Mr. & Mrs. Averill were dismissed Aug. 5, 1753, from the 
Church in Middleton, and admitted to the Church in Killingly, 

From deeds at Killingly, Conn., we have the following : — 

"Know ye that I Nathaniel Peabody of Middleton, in the County of 
Essex, In the Province of Mass. Bay — for the sum of £900, . . . well 
and truly paid by Paul Averil of Middleton in the County aforesaid the 
receipt whereof I acknowledge, have given, granted him two certain tracts 
of land Lying in Killingly, Co. of Windham (Conn.), containing by estima- 
tion 104 acres of land. 

Dated, April 20, 1747. 

Feb. 28, 1756, I Paul Averil of Killingly, Conn., in consideration of 
love, goodwill, and fatherly affection which I have to my well beloved son 
Joseph (Averell) and for other valuable considerations which I have re- 
ceived of him, said Joseph Averill, & for service he hath done me, since he 

142 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

arrived at ye age of twenty years & for his advancement in ye world . , 
. . do grant him etc., One certain tract or parcel of land containing 100 

Signed by Mary Averil and Paul Averil. [The name is spelled Averil, 
Averill and Avrill in this deed.] 

We have no later record of either Mr, or Mrs. Paul Averill, 
although interest in the search, together with the preservation 
and indexing of old Conn, records may bring some other facts to 
light. They died probably at Killingly after Feb., 1756, 

"The records of Killingly are not very complete in the early 
years of this town," wTote the Town Clerk, Mr, F. T, Preston, 
in 1898, 

Children (all b. and bap, at Topsfield) : 

80. i. Ezekiel', b. Mar. 13, 1707-8 (T. R.) ; bap. by Rev. Mr. Capen, 

May 9, 1707-8, as "Ezekiel" (Ch. R.) . 

(Ct. R. for Essex Co. at Salem, Mass., give "Eben- 
ezer, 2nd son* of Paul Averill, b. March 13, 1707.") 
Judging from town and church records, this must have 
been a mistake. (Ed.) 

81. ii. HEPZiBAH\t b. Nov. 8, 1709 (T. R.) : bap. Nov. 13, 1709 

{Ch. R.) ; m. Dec. 13, 1733, Robert Bradford {Middleton 
T. R.) ; d. Nov. 20, 1790, at Middleton. 

82. iii. Paul\ b. Dec. 16, 1711, at Middleton; bap. June 1, 1712 

(Ch. R.); m. Zeruah Howe. 

83. iv. Sarah', b. Apr. 2, 1713, at Middleton; bap. July 5, 1713 

{Ch. R.). 

84. V. Joseph*, b. Jan. 17, 1719, at Middleton; bap. May 23, 1725; 

m. (1) Mary Symonds; (2) Sarah Mansfield. 


* There are traditions which suggest that Paul (No. 9) Averell really 
had a son Ebenezer, who was the ancestor of Nos, 211 to 218 inclusive, 
ascribed to Ichabod (No. 75), and of all the Coopersville, Mich., Averills, 
and possibly of Josiah (No. 243), ascribed to Joseph (No. 84). 

t The death of Robert Bradford does not appear on the Middleton 
records, nor that of his wife; but, from an old account book kept by Col. 
Benj. Peabody of Middleton, I obtained the following item: "Nov. 20, 1790; 
To making a coffin for Mr. Robert Bradford; and that day he died." Mrs. 
A. A. Averill. 

There is no mention of the children of Hepzibah and Robert Bradford 
in the Middleton town or church baptismal records; but one who claimed to 
be "a descendant of this Robert Bradford" visited Mrs. A. A. Averill, at 

The Third Generation 143 

Middleton some years ago, to learn about her Gould, Bradford, and Averill 
ancestors. She was Miss L. A. Gould of Boston, Superintendent of an 

Industrial School there, and dau. of Daniel Gould and Holmes, his 

wife. Her father was b. at Bedford, N. H., and was the son of Daniel 
Gould who was b. in Maine, and said to have been a Baptist Minister. She 
was not able at that time to verify her descent from Robert and Hepzibah 
(Averill) Bradford; and we have found no evidence to establish her claim. 


21. Isaac^ Averill (William-, William'), b. Nov. 10, 1680, 
at Topsfield, Mass., was m. May 16, 1709, at Rehoboth, Mass. 
(T. R.), to Esther^ Walker, dau. of Philip'' Walker, Jr. (of 

Philip-, son of ' Walker, and Molly Walker), and Sarah 

, the 2nd wife of Philips who d. Feb. 6, 1739, in her 

68"^ year, see Old Colony Walkers, pp. 122, 125. Esther^ 
(Walker) Averill was bap. July 4, 1697 (Rehoboth T. R.) ; and 
died at her husband's home, New Preston, Conn., in 1749 or 
later. Isaac joined the First Church at Preston in 1720, and the 
Second Church of Preston (now Griswold) Nov. 30, 1720; and 
Esther, his wife, in 1721 (Ch. R.) . Mr. Averill was a carpenter 
and housewright. 

(As this MS. goes to the printers, the compiler discovers 
that Mr. George Francis Dow of the Essex Institute, Salem, 
Mass., issued in April and July, 1912, in the Essex Hist. Colls, a 
revision of his Averill Genealogy. This is called William Averill 
of Ipsiuich and some of his Descendants. 

He gives among other items new to us the fact that this 
Isaac Averill of our sketch was "an ingenious carpenter and 
framed in Providence, R. I., the largest meeting house of his 
time." See above mentioned publication for fuller accounts of 
many Averills of Topsfield and vicinity. Ed.) 

Although Isaac lived at Topsfield in his youth, he joined 
his brother Thomas at Preston, Conn., probably about 1703 or 
1704. He, his son Samuel and his nephew Jabez are said to 
have lived for a time at Rehoboth, Mass., where he married, 
but up to this time no evidence of such residence has been found 
either in deeds or other records except in the publications of 
Samuel Averill's Int. of mar., although Isaac's sister Mary, m. 
1709-10, Silas Titus of Rehoboth. Isaac is mentioned in the deed 
of mutual division of his father's estate, which instrument he 
signed as appears by the following: 

144 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Preston, May the 30th day, 1724: Then the above named Thomas 
Averill and Isaac Averill both personally appeared and freely acknowledged 
the above written instrument (The Mutual Agreement) to be their free 
act and deed. 
Before me, John Brown, Js. of ye peace. 

The above was affixed to the said instrument, which was 
drawn up Feb. 4, 1701-2. Preston Deeds, B. 1, p. 369 : 

Isaac Auerell and Jonathan Tracy witness a deed of Joseph Ben- 
jamin, June 24, 1704. B. ii, p. 41, Thomas Auerill of Preston deeds land 
on the Pachoag river in Preston, to Isaac Aueriel, March ye 28 in ye yere 
of our Lord God one thousand seuen hundred and three four and in ye third 
year of ye Raigne of our souer Lady Quen Ann : 

(Signed) Thomas Auerill 

John Brown 
James + Tyler (John Brown adds further that he agrees 

mark to this disposition of the said land) 

Ack'd by Thomas Auerill, Nov. 14, 1705, at Preston. 
[Presto7i Deeds, see p. 134.] 

The following abstracts will be of interest as indications of 
his holdings at Preston: 

Preston, Conn., Deeds, Bk. ii, p. 73. Thomas Stanton to Isaac "Auerell," 
50 acres for £8. in 1706. 

Book ii, p. 140. Nathaniel Tracy to Isaac Iverill for £10. land in 
Preston Also on the Pachoag (This river is in the town of Griswold, and 
empties into the Thames. Ed.) ; July 7, 1707. 

Book ii, p. 415. Isaac Averell of Preston, Cons. £16. 10s. sells to John 
Benjamin land on the Pachoag river. 

Nov. 10, 1710. Isaac Auerell 

Book iii, p. 34. Isaac Averill and Jno Cook chosen with Lieut. John 
Brown and sworn by Mr. Daniel Palmer Esq'' one of his Majesties Justices 
of ye peace for ye county of New London for to renew and fix up bounds 
of a tract of land scituate in Preston Northward from Capt. W"" Billings 
his dwelling formerly given by Mr. W" Billings of Stoughton late dec" to 
his dau. Lydia wife of Sam'l Coye .... rendered a report 24 Jan. 

Book iii, p. 36. Isaac Averill of Preston Conn, for £15, sells to Jacob 
Burton (land in the same town and county?) Dec. 21, 1714. 

Isaac Auerill. 

Book iii, p. 37. Isaac Averill to Edward Cogswell for £80, (land in 
Preston.?) April 8, 1713. 

The Third Generation 145 

Bk. iii, p. 12. Josiah Harris of Groton Conn, sells land in Preston to 
Isaac Avirell of Preston for £58. 1712/13 

Book iii, p. 163. A piece of land laid out to Isaac Auerell by the Sur- 
veyors of Preston— 140 rods E. 36 rods N. 140 West and 20 r. South. 
Dec. 16, 1719 

Book iv, p. 583. Isaac Averill to Jabez Averill 

one of ye sons of my Brother William Auerill of Topsfield in ye county of 

Essex, in the provance of Mass. Bay aforesaid 1717 

Bound to me for more than ten years . . . about 50 acres (see Copy in 
full, 1899). Feb. 11, 1729/30. 

Book iii, p. 34. Isaac Averill sells land to Samuel Coys 1723. 

Book V, p. 378. Isaac Averill (of Preston?) to W"' Denison of N. 
Stonington for £980, sells him 108 acres more or less with all housings, 

orchards, Buildings priviledges etc 

Wit's Aug. 23, 1744. Isaac Averil 

Ephraim Smith, William Witter. 

Ack. by Isaac Averill in Preston, Aug. 27, 1744;, 

Book v, p. 94. Isaac Averill, House wright, of Preston, deeds land in 
Preston to his son Samuel Aug. 18, 1738. 

The Town Records of Preston show that "Isaac Averill was 
chosen Lister, Dec. 1714;" "Granery man, 1718;" "Constable, 
1722;" "Justice of the Peace, 1722;" "Tythingman, 1724." The 
position of Constable was one of great importance in those days 
both in Old and in New England. 

(Many Averys of the Groton stock were at Preston about 
this time, but their surname was seldom confounded with that 
of the Averill family.) 

With the purchase of land in Waraumaug Reserve in an- 
cient Woodbury, Conn., 1744, by his son Daniel, and Edward 
Cogswell, the attention of the family was turned westward, and 
Isaac Averill removed in 1746 with his sons, Daniel, Samuel and 
Moses, to that locality, called by the settlers New Preston, which 
is now in the township of Washington, Litchfield Co., Conn. 
That he lived at New Preston with his son Samuel, and that he 
died there, is stated by his family; and the date of his death 
must have been after Aug. 27, 1744, when he acknowledged a 
deed at Preston. 

As his sons Samuel and Moses and their wives were buried 
in the Averill Hill cemetery on the ancient farm of Samuel, and 
Daniel and his wife in the New Preston cemetery near the 















146 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Edward Cogswells, it is probable that Isaac and his wife Esther 
were interred in one of these two places. 

The Toum Records of Preston give us the names and dates 
of birth of the family of Isaac and Esther (Walker) Averill as 
follows (Certified copy, by S. Cleveland, Town Clerk of Preston, 
May 28, 1898; verified by the Compiler from the original rec- 
ords) : 

Children (all b. at Preston) : 
85. i. HANNAH^ b. Oct. 30, 1710; d. Apr. 16, 1725, at Preston. 
Esther', b. Mar. 11, 1712; m. Daniel Parke. 
ISAAC% b. Dec. 24, 1713; d. Apr. 6, 1714, at Preston. 
Samuel', b. Mar. 1, 1714-15; m. Patience Perry. 
Daniel', b. May 7, 1717; m. Lucy Cogswell. 
Abigail', b. Apr. 10, 1719; m. Stephen Kinne. 
Sarah', b. May 12, 1721; was m. to Zephaniah Branch, Nov. 
11, 1742, at Preston (by Rev. Hezekiah Lord). Records 
of 2d. Cong. Ch. Preston, that part now Griswold. 
Moses', b. Mar. 6, 1722-3; m. Martha Cogswell. 
Ruth', b. Feb. 3, 1724-5. 
Two of these children joined the Second Church of Preston, now Gris- 
wold: Esther in 1725; Sarah in 1736 (Ch. R.). 

22. Mary^ Averill (William-, William'), bap. May 16, 1697, 
at Topsfield, Mass. She was m. Feb. 16, 1709 (Ch. R.), Tops- 
field, Mass. (by Rev. Mr. Capen), to Silas Titus (son of Silas 
Titus), b. Aug. 12, 1683, Rehoboth, Mass. (Topsfield T. R.) . 
He lived later in Norton, Mass. She d. Feb. 9, 1729-30 (accord- 
ing to Mr. Anson Titus of Tufts Coll., Mass.). 
Children ; 

i. Mary' Titus, b. July 8, 1711. 

ii. Silas' Titus, b. May 28, 1714; m. Mercy Hodges. 

iii. Ezekiel' Titus, b. Dec. 29, 1716; m. Patience Smith. 

iv. Ebenezer' Titus, b. Jan. 8, 1718. 


Silas Titus (husband of Mary Averill) m. (2) (pub. Aug. 
8, 1730) Bethiah Ober of Dighton, Mass. 

26. Job^ Averell, called Avarall, Averill, and Avery 

(Thomas-, William'), b. 1671 (?), lived at York, Me., where he 
m. about 1701 (?), Mary Preble, dau. of Joseph Preble of Co. 
Kent, Eng., Scituate, Mass., and York, Me. She d. at York be- 

The Third Generation 147 

fore Oct. 16, 1745; Mr. Job Averell d. at York, July 5, 1726, aged 
about 55 yrs (York T. R.). 

From 1714 to his death he was adm'r of his father's estate 
(see p. 99). He is called in deeds, yeoman, fisherman, and hus- 

Edward "Ball" and Job "Avory" inhabitants of the 

town of Yorke testify relative to a sloop taken at York Harbor, Nov. 8, 
1711, by a Frenchman and three Indians, and their pursuit by Ensign Will- 
iam Hilton & Co. [See N. E. Hist. & Gen. Reg., 1896, pp. 207-8.] 

Signed Edward Beale 
April 2, 1712. Job Averall 

The following abstracts from York Co. Deeds may be of 
interest (Old Vol. ix, p. 161, 1718-1720) : 

I Job Avery of York in ye County of York, in ye Late Province of 
Main Yeoman for £8 paid by Joseph Preble of sd York House (Carpenter), 
hereby acquit, release .... the sd Joseph Preble .... of all 
and every part of ye hereafter expressed Pwamises ye wh ye s'd Job Avery 
hath given granted . . . sold . . . and does make over and conferm 
unto Joseph Preble his heirs and assigns forever, for myself and Mary my 
now wife all and every part of the Estate of Joseph Preble late of said 

York, Deceased as ye s'd Avery Standeth related unto sd 

Preble Dec. his Estate by sd Mary his wife 

ye Daughter of ye Deceased unto ye sd Joseph Preble 

(signed) Job Avery 

Mary + Avery 
Ack. Oct. 3, 1718 before Abraham Preble Esq., J. of P. 

Vol. xi, p. 157. 1722-1726. (Mortgage) 

"Job Avarall" of York, Fisherman to Sam'll Penhallow Esq. of Ports- 
mouth sells a sloop May 4, 1724 for £134, which sloop s'd Averell formerly 
bought of the sd Penhallow, and also a parcel of land in York containing 
about 126 acres lying one mile Eastward of Cape Neddick River where on 
the sd Job Averell has a House in which he lived before the War .... 
. . . . running from the Sea N. W. which descended to him by his 
Father part of which he purchased of Mr. Peter Weare, another part of 
one Everett, and the remainder was a Town Grant as appears on Record. 
Unless on or before the 15 July 1725 sd Job pays said Penhallow the £134, 
in which case this deed will be null and void. 

Ack. in Portsmouth N. H. May 5, 1724. Recorded in York Records 
of Deeds. 

148 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

v^ol. xi, p. 123. 1722-1726. (Mortgage) 

Job Avarall of York Husbandman to the York Commissioners Sells 

April 23, 1718 for £30 "to sd Trust" all his right title to a 

certain messuage or Tenement lying and being in the Town of York. Fivety 
Acres of land bounded and butted as followeth on the Sea south East, and 
by the land of Joseph Bragdon and Eliakim Wardwell on the S. W. in 
breadth by the sea fivety poles and upon the N. E. side by s'd Averys own 
land and running back from the Sea 160 poles with houses, out houses 
buildings barns stables gardens yards edifices, Fences, Ways, Waters, Ease- 
ments Commons, Commonages, common of pasture, privileges and appur- 
tenances whatsoever Provided always Nevertheless that if sd Job Averill 
his Heirs, Executors Administrators do and shall well and truly pay unto 
the s'd Preble Plaisted Dane Leighton Carne (?) or their successors in the 
s'' Trust the sum of £30 with the interest for the same after the rate of £5 

per cent per annum by the 33d day of April 1728 in Yearly 

amounts, that then this present deed of Mortgage be of none effect. 

Signed Job Avarall 

Ack. April 8, 1725. York. 

Co. York, p. R. Vol. vi. p. 143. 1742-1746. 
The approximate time of the death of Mrs. Mary (Preble) 
Averill is determined from Probate Records: 

Adm'n of Estate of (Widow) Mary Averill. 
Judge John Wheelright, To Samuel Averill of York 

Your Mother Mary Averill of York .... widow, dec'd, having 
left I do . . . commit unto you full power to ad- 
minister all and singular . . . the goods ... of said dec'd . . . 

you to exhibit an inventory on or before July 16, 1745 and 

render a true account at or before Oct. 16, 1745. 

Vol. vi, p. 151. 

Samuel Averill rendered an account of his administration of his Moth- 
er's Estate at Wells, July 16, 1745. 28. 

The children of Job and Mary (Preble) Averell were as fol- 
lows : 

Children (all b. at York. T. R.): 

94. i. MARY^ b. Dec. 11, 1701. 

95. ii. Joseph', b. Oct. 24, 1704; unm.; d. Nov. 16, 1723-4, at York, 

aged 19 yrs. 

96. iii. LydiaS b. Jan. 26, 1706-7; d. Oct. 14, 1723, aged 16 yrs. 

97. iv. Samuel', b. Apr. 18, 1709; m. Edith Hutchins. 

98. V. Job', jr.,* (see mema., p. 149), b. Mar. 2, 1710-1; unm.; d. 

Sept. 21, 1732, at York. His Estate was administered by 
his brother Samuel* (see mema., p. 149). 

The Third Generation 149 

99. vi. Abigail', b. Feb. 10, 1713-4; m. John Matthews. Both were 
living- at N. Yarmouth, Me., Oct. 6, 1747 (see York Deeds, 
Alfred, Me.). 
100. vii. Elizabeth', b. Feb. 8, 1715-6. 


* P. R. for Co. York (Vol. iv, p. 225, 1728-35). 

Job Averell (Jr) Adm'n of his Estate. 
Judge John Wheelright, To Samuel Averel Brother to Job Averil late of 
York in the county of York Coaster, deceased. 

Whereas Jobe Averill afores'd Coaster dec'd, having 
he lived lately dyed 

Intestate I do commit unto you full power to administer 

all and singular the goods of the late dec'd .... and 

render an Inventory of the same on or before the 25th 

day of January next ensuing, and render an account of same on or before 
April 25, 1736. 

Nov. 5, 1735. John Wheelright. 

P. R. for Co. York, Vol. v, p. 49. 1735- ; 742. 

Inv. Job Averill's Estate, presented by Appr's Nov. 25, 1735 attested 
by Samuel Averell adm'r Jan. 20, 1735/6. 

To one Jack* Bridier of Calimineo part worn £ 2.10. 
To one So-ng (?) reboded. Bread Cloth Coat part worn £ 4.10. 

To Silver buttons for sleeves 8. 

To £30 bills of credit £30.00.00. 

' To £42.10. bills of credit £42.10.00. 

To one pare of silver shoe buckles 18.00. 

Total Equally £81.18.00. 

Vol. v, p. 92. From Ace* of Adm'n of Job Averill's Estate by his 
brother Samuel Averell. 
Item. To my own time and expense and Victuals and Drink 

for ye Appraisres £ 1.13. — 

Item. The funeral Charges £10.00.00. 

And other items — making a total of £93.14. 2^^ 

See also Samuel Averell {York Deeds, Vol. xx, p. 280). 

York Deeds. Vol. xxvii, p. 3. 1749-50. 

The following abstract relates to Abigail Averell, b. 1713-4. 

Mr. John Matthews of North Yarmouth in the Co. of York .... 
Husbandman and Abigail his wife, daughter of Job Averell late of York 
dec'd, for £15 paid us by Eadeth Averell of York widow and admin^ to the 
Estate of her late husband Samuel Averell dec'd, .... do ... . 
sell her all our rights and titles to the Estate of our Hon" Father the 

150 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

aforesaid Job Averell dec'd, or our Hon'' Grandfather afores'' dec"*, or our 
Brother Job Averell also dec'd, who was brother to the s'' Samuel Averell 
Situate in York aforesaid . . . now in the posses- 
sion of said Eadeth Averell Adm''. 

Oct. 6, 1746. Signed John Matthews 

Abigail + Matthews, 

27. Benjamin^ Averell, Avery or Averill {Thomas-, Will- 
iam^), b. about 1673 (?), was a "Yeoman, and Mariner" {York 
Records) at Alfred, Me., when he expresses to the court his wish 
to have the estate of his father, Thomas Averell (dec'd), equally 

The History of Gloucester by Babson, states as follows : "Ben- 
jamin Averill (Sr.) came to Gloucester in 1703, and by his wife 
Mary had ten children born here. Three of his sons appear to 
have married in town. He had a grant of land in 1707 on East- 
ern Point, adjacent to Samuel Ingersoll's." 

He undoubtedly had removed from Co. York, Me., to Glou- 
cester, Mass., by 1704, and Jan. 26, 1725 6, he was living at Glou- 
cester. He was m. July 24, 1702, at Boston, Mass., by Rev. 
Cotton Mather, to Mary Chambet {T. R.) , who was living July 
12, 1746. 

Benjamin Averill in 1723 appears in a list of grantees in 
Gloucester who received woodland, all who were in town in 1704 
being on this list. He d. before Apr. 23, 1759, at Gloucester, 

The following Abstracts from the York Registry of Deeds 
give us some facts. Vol. xi, p. 247 (1722-1726) . 

I Benjamin Averell of Glocester (County of Essex Prov. Mass. Bay.) 

Mariner send greeting For and in consideration of the sum 

of £30, in hand paid me by Jacob Curtise of York Carpenter, I Benjamin 

Averell do grant sell to s'd Jacob Curtis all that my Quarter 

part of a certain tract of Land in York near Cape Nuteck bounded . 

. . . . as my father Thomas Averell formerly purchased in sd place 

containing one hundred and ten acres .... 

Nov. 2, 1725 (Signed.) "Benj^' Averell" 

"Mary Averell" 

Ack'^, Gloucester, Essex Co. Prov. Mass. Bay 

Nov. 3, 1725, Epes Sargent Just. Peace. 

Recorded in York Deed according to the Original Nov. 10, 1725. 

The Third Generation 151 

Co. York Deeds, Vol. xi, p. 265. 1722-1726. 

I Benjamin Averell of Gloucester in the Co. of Essex, Prov. Mass. Bay, 
for £40, to me in hand paid by Jacob Curtis of York have .... sold 

to the s'd Curtis the one quarter part of a certain Piece of 

land to the Eastward of Cape Nettick which land was formerly my honored 
Fathers, Thomas Averell aforesaid. Fisherman of sd York dec'd .... 
containing 126 acres Eastwardly upon the sea, Westwardly partly by the 

Town's Comone I the sd Benj Averell, and Mary Averill the 

Wife of me the sd Benjamin Averell does willingly give up ... . her 
Right of Dowry and Power of Third in and unto the above demised . . . 
Jan. 18, 1725/6 

Wit's wei-e 

Philamon Warner Benj' Averell 

Philamon Warner Jr. Mary Averell 


It was agreed by both parties that there was a deed given 
dated .... which is already on record wherein the con- 
sideiation was £30, and this deed is for the same quarter part as 
if it were one Deed only. Jan. 18, 1725/6. 

Rec'd of the v.'ithin Jacob Curtis with what I had rec'd before the full 
sum of fourty pounds being the whole consideration and to my Satisfaction 
. . . .^ I say rec'd in full by me. Benj" Averell 

Essex Gloucester, Jan. 27, 1725 

Ack. before Epes Sargent Just Peace Feb. 23, 1725/6 

Recorded in York Deeds according to the Original. 

York Deeds, Vol. 21, p. 126. The following abstract shows 
that Benjamin (Thomas'-, William') was interested in land near 
Sheepscot about the time that Job (William'-, William') settled 
there : 

Benjamin Averill of Glocester Co. Essex Mariner and 

Mary his wife for £5, paid to them by John Ludgate of Boston, sold him 
one quarter part of all the interest that we now may might or of right 
ought to have of all the Plantation formerly (belonging?) to Henry 
Champnoise late of Wennegance in the Eastward Part dec'd, which lies be- 
tween Damariscotty River and Sheepscot River to the East, also one quarter 
part of all my interest of all that Marsh called The Two Beken Marsh, also 
one quarter part of all my interest of the Lobster Cove Meadow and the 
Planting Field adjoyning it, and also one quarter part of all my interest 

152 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

of the Planting Field that lies next the Mill pond, Together with all and 

singular one quarter part of the Rights and Priveleges 

Dec. 12, 1735. (Signed) Benj'" Averill 

Wit's. Caweis (?) Champnes Mary Averell 

John Tudor Ack. Boston Dec. 13, 1735. 

Essex Co. p. R., Vol. 336, p. 296. 

I Benjamin Averell of Gloucester, in the County of Essex 

on this 12 July 1746 .... do give and bequeath unto my grandsons 
James Averell, Hammond Averell and Benjamin Averell Children of my 

son James Averell dec, each 20s I give to my son Samuel 

Averell, 20s to my daughter Mary Bailey 20s 

to my daughter Abigail Averell 20s to my daughter Rachael 

Averell 20s.- I give and be queath to my loving Wife Mary 

Averell all my Estate real and personal 

Witnesses, Daniel Witham, Lydia Witham Hannah M'Fredderic. 
Allowed, Signed 

April 23, 1759. Benjamin Averell 

Essex Co. p. R., Vol. 336, p. 297. 

Will of Benjamin Averell of Glocester. July 12, 1746. [See copy of 
Will.] An addition after the drafting of the first part, but of the same 
year and day of month gives an additional twenty shillings each to his 
grand Children Hammond Averell James Averell & Benjamin Averell, 
under special conditions. 
Wit' were 

Daniel Witham (Esq.) 

Lydia Witham P". April 23, 1759. 

Hannah M' Frederick 

Children (all b. at Gloucester, T. R.) : 

101. i. James', b. Sept. 3, 1703; m. Hannah Hammond, or 


102. ii. Benjamin*,* b. Mar. 17, 1706; bap. July 14, 1706, First 

Church, Gloucester, Mass.; d. there Nov. 28, 1723. 

103. iii. Josephs* b. Sept. 22, 1708; bap. Oct. 24, 1708, First Church, 

Gloucester, Mass.; d. before 1746 (?). 

104. iv. Johns* b. July 2, 1711; d. before 1746 (?). 

105. V. Jonathan',* b. Feb. 26, 1714; d. before 1746 (?). [The 

following record appears to refer to this Jonathan Aver- 
ell, no other appearing in our family records at this date. 
Suffolk Probate, Boston, Mass., Whereas Jonathan Aver- 
ell late of Boston, Mariner died having goods (etc.) . . 
. . . . I do appoint you Josiah Flagg of Boston, 
Adm'. Nov. 25, 1737. J. Willard.] 

* (Not mentioned in father's will.) 

The Third Generation 153 

Suffolk Probate, also same. May 5, 1738, Sept. 11, 
1740. Vol. 33, p. 495. Vol. 35, p. 122. 

106. vi. MaryS b. Dec. 8, 1717; m. (1), Joel Ingersol, (2), Mr. 


107. vii. Davids* b. Feb. 2, 1720; bap. Mar. 27, 1719/20, in First 

Church, Gloucester. Did he m. Oct. 23, 1742 (York 
Rec), at York, Me., Eliz. Allen, or did he die before 
1746? We assume the former. 

108. viii. Samuel', b. June 23, 1722; m. Lucretia Giddings. 

109. ix. Abigail', b. Dec. 31, 1724; m. Isaac Bray. 

110. X. Rachel', b. Aug. 26, 1728; d. before 1746 (?). 

* (Not mentioned in father's will.) 


30. William* Averell, name spelled in records Averel, Avrel, 
Averil, Averill, Avril, Avyrl, Everel {William^ William'-, Will- 
iam^), b. prob. at Ipswich, Mass., or in that vicinity. As his 
parents were not in Topsfield all of their married life (see Will- 
iam, No. 9), he, their eldest son, was undoubtedly b. while they 
were living elsewhere, for his name is not among Topsfield 
births. His father having a large family and limited means, 
his sons left early in their lives for other states, some going to 
Maine, and two, William and his brother Jabez, and prob. their 
sister Elizabeth, to Connecticut, where their uncles Thomas and 
Isaac Averell had settled about 1703. Wilham is said to have 
been first in Pomfret, but of that we have no record. The 
indexes to early records of land transfers for Windham were 
at Willimantic, Conn., and the Town Clerk wrote that they 
were "practically useless." After searches elsewhere for a 
deed to William, mentioned by William Weaver in his Ancient 
Windham, Conn., it was found by the compiler of this Genealogy 
Dec. 6, 1899, after a trying search "laef by leaf" among records 
in very bad condition, under the name of "Euerel," In this 
deed, dated Jun. 17, 1714, "William Euerel of Topsfield" is the 
grantee from Samuel Webb, of 100 acres of land in Windham 
at Appaquag. Mr. C. H. Dimmick, the Town Clerk, wrote Dec. 
20, 1898 : "Appaquage, as appears by an ancient map of Wind- 
ham in my possession, is or was situated at the North East cor- 
ner of the line dividing the towns of Hampton and Pomfret." 

The land described in this deed (given below) was inherited 
by his lineal descendants to the Eighth Generation, one of whom 
verified the records as describing land still held by the family. 

Windham Deeds (at Willimantic) Deed to "William Euerel": 
Liber D, p. 409. Jun. 17, 1714. To all Christian People to whom these 
presents shall come Sam" Webb of Windham in the County of Hartford 
and Colony of Conecticut in New England sends greeting. Know ye that 
the s*" Sam" Webbe for & in consideration of the sum. of twenty pounds 
currant Money of New England to him in hand payed before the ensealing 
and delivery of these presents by William Euerel of Topsfield in the county 

The Fourth Generation 155 

of Essex in the province of the Massachuset bay in New England the 
Recipt wherof to full content & satisfaction he the s'' Sam" Webb doth 
by these presents acknowledg & therof & every part therof for himselfe 
his heirs executors & administrators doth acquit exonerat & discharg the 
s' William Everel his heirs executors and administrators & every of them 
for ever by these presents & for divers other good causes & considerations 
him hereunto moveing he the s'' Sam" Webb hath given granted bargained 
sold aliened enfeeofed conveyed & confirmed & by these presents doth fully 
& absolutely give grant bargain sel alien enffeeof convey & confirme unto 
the said William Everel his heirs & assigns forever a certain tract of 
Land Containing one hundred acres be it more or less scittuate lying & 
being in Windham afforesd and in that part of the town comonly called 
appaquaug butted and bounded as followeth the first bounds begining att a 
whit oak att the South East corner & from that westerly one hundred rod 
by a high way to a red oak tree & from that one hundred and sixty rod 
northerly to a small burch by a swomp from that Easterly to a sasifax tree 
one hundred and sixty rod southerly to the first whit oak bounds or how- 
ever otherwise bounded or Reputed to be bounded together with all such 
Rights Liberties Immunities profits priviledges comodities emoluments & 
appurtinances as in any kind appurtain ther unto with the reversions & 
Remainders therof: and all the estate Right title Interest Inheritance 

possession property claim & Demand whatsoever of him the s"" Sam" Webb 
of .... to the same & every part thereof to have & to hold all the 
above granted premisses with all and singular the appurtinances thereunto 
the s"" William Everel his heirs & assigns to him & there own sole proper 
use benifit & behoof from hence forth forever & the s'^ Sam" Webb for him- 
selfe his heirs executors & administrators doth hereby Covenant promis grant 
& agree to and with the s'' William Everel his heirs & assigns in maner & 
forme following that is to say that att the time of the ensealing & delivery 
of these presents he the s'' Sam" Webb Is the true sole & lawfull owner of 
all the affore bargained premisses and stands lawfully seized thereof In 
his own proper Right of a good perfit & Indefeazeable Estate of Inheritance 
in ffee simple having in himselfe full power good Right & Lawfull authority 
to sel & Dispose of the same in manner as affore s"^ and that the s" William 
Everel his heirs & assigns shall & may hence forth forever Lawfully 
peaceably & quietly have hold use occupie possess & enjoy the above granted 
premisses with the appurtinances ther of free & clear & clearly acquitted 
& Discharged of & from all and all maner of former and other gifts grants 
bargains sales leases Morgages Joynturs Doures Judgments Executions 
Entails forfitures & of and from all other titles troubls charges & Incum- 
brances whatsoever had made comitted Don or suffered to be Don by the 
s'^ Sam" Webb his heirs or assigns att any time or times before the enseal- 
ing & Delivery hereof & further the s'' Samuell Webbe doth hereby covenant 
promis bind & oblige himself & his heirs executors & administrators from 
hence forth for ever here affter hereaffter to warrant & defend all the 
above granted premisses and the appurtinances therof unto the s'' William 

156 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Everel his heirs & assigns against the Lawfull claims and Demands of all 
& every person or persons whom soever and att any time or times here 
affter on demand to give and pass such further & ample assurance & con- 
firmation of the premisses unto the S"^ William Everel his heirs & assigns 
for ever as in Law or Equity Can be Reasonably devised advised or Re- 
quired In Witness whereof the S" Sam" Webb hath hereunto sett his hand 
& seal Jun. 17, 1714 & In the thirtenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign 
lady Anne Queen of England. 

Signed sealed & delivered Samuell Webb (Seal) 

In the presents of Windham Jun 17: 1714 M"' Sam" Webb 

his personally appeared & freely acknowledged this 

Benjamin X Scot Instrument to be his act & deed before me 

mark Jushua Ripley Justice 

Joshua Riply 

& this Deed was Receved: Jun: 17: 1714 & recorded pr Jhon fitch Clerk 

State of Connecticut Windham 

County of Windham 

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and attested copy from the 
records of the Town of Windham. Attest: Frank P. Fenton, Town Clerk. 

The Town Records of Windham give his marriage: "The 
marriage of William Avrel with Ruth Bemis his wife was 
October 13 A. D. 1721." (Cert. T. R.) Her parentage is not 
known ; but Ephraim Bemis of Windham gives his own son 
James of Westerly, and his son (James's) Ephraim, after him, 
"land I now live on near Appaquag," etc., etc., June 27, 1723; 
and Ephraim Bemis is a member of the Hamilton Ch. 1736 (?) ; 
Daniel Bemis and his wife Ruth have a dau. Abigail b. to them 
June 26, 1724, at Windham (Cert. T. R.) . These items may be 
a clue to her parentage. "Edward Griswold, b. Eng. 1607 m. 
(2) 1672-3, Sarah, widow of James Bemis of New London, 
Conn." (Larned's Windham.) A deed appears in the registry 
of Ashford, Conn., from Joseph Reynolds of Bristol to William 
Averrell of Wyndham, Dec. 26, 1739, for land in Ashford, con- 
sideration £127 ; this is the first deed in that town to an Averell, 
and it is now in the possession of the descendants of his son 
James to whom he willed the Ashford land. William and his 
wife were admitted as members of the Hampton Church, Aug. 
25, 1723. This Congregational Church was organized June 5, 
1723, being the Church in Windham Village, or Canada Society 

The Fourth Generation 157 

Church, Very little is known of William and Ruth (Bemis) 

The Toiun Records state "William Averill Dyed November 
14th 1748", and that his wife Ruth Averill died October 20th 
1749. In the Probate Records, for the Town of Windham, now 
Willimantic, Conn., will be found the will of William Averell 
dated July 20, 1748, probated Dec. 6, 1748, in which he mentions 
his wife Ruth, and his children in the following order : Stephen, 
James, "my beloved daughter Mary Preston," "my beloved 
Daughter Elizabeth Burnet," and his daughter Ruth Averell. 

P. R., District of Windham. Probated Dec. 16, 1748. Rec. in Vol. ii, 
pp. 516-517-518. Inv. Vol. ii, pp. 518-519-520. 

In the name of God, Amen, the 20'" day of July 1748, I William Averell 
of Windham in the County of Windham in New England, husbandman being 
very weak & low in body but of perfect mind & memory thanks be given to 
God therefor calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing y' 
it is appointed for all men one to die do make and ordain this my last will 
and Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I give and recomend 
my soul into ye hands of God that gave it & my body I recomend to ye 
earth to be buried in Decent Christian buriel at ye discretion of my Execu- 
tors nothing doubting but at ye general ressurection I shall receive the 
same again by ye mighty power of God and as touching such worldly Estate 
wherewith it hath pleased God To bless me in this life I give Demise and 
Dispose of the same in ye following manner and form 

Imprimis- I will that my just debts to any person or persons and funeral 
charges for me and my wife be paid by my Executors in Convenant time 


Item: I give and bequeath to Ruth my beloved wife ye following Perticlors 
The best room in ye house & convinances in the Cellar also to have Eight 
Bushels Indian Corn three busshells Rye one bussel wheat one bussel malt 
all to be ground and delivered to my wife yearly during life & priviledge 
to ye well and appel in ye on hand what is convenant and to have one hun- 
dred & eighty weight of good Pork and sixty weight of Beef all to be salted 
down and same convenant & Two barrels Cyder & eight pounds of good 
sheeps wool & ten pounds of good Flax & to keep a good Cow winter and 
summer and a horse to ride at all times when wanted and fire wood cut fit 
for the fire what she shall want & to find her her shoe & brought into ye 
house & Ten pounds of good Tobacco & Two quarts of rum & Two quarts 
of molasses & six pounds of sugar and to wash all her Clothes for her and 
to milk her Cow when she cant do it herself and to bring her wood into the 
house all ye particulars are above mentioned are to be fulfilled by my son 
Stephen Averell or his Executors yearly to my sd wife during life & it is 
my will that my wife shall have ye improvement of all the household goods 

158 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

during her life & after her decease these to be delivered by my executors 
to my Three Daughters equally to be divided To Mary Preston, Elizabeth 
Burnet & Ruth Averell except my handirons which I give to my Son Stephen 
& my vi^orsted combs Loom & Jacklin to my wife to dispose after her decease 
& if my wife shall see cause to marry then the above Injoyments to be of 
none Effect also it is my will that my wife is to be maintained by my son 

Stephen in sickness 

Item: I give to my dearly beloved son Stephen Averell my whole living 
that I now live on to him & his heirs forever with ye stock and farming 
Tools only I reserve eight sheep & ye first Colt that shall be raised on my 
farm to be kept winter & Summer for my son James Averell whilst he shall 
arrive to ye age of Twenty one it is to be understood y' my son James is to 
have the increase yearly to his disposal it is my will y' my son James shall 
have my best hatt & my gun and if my son Stephen shall die without heirs 
then my son James is to have all ye land which was my son Stephen's to 
him and his heirs forever only paying Fifty pounds old Tenor to each of 
my three daughters also I give to my two sons my wearing clothes equally 
to be divided between them both it is to be understood that my son Stephen 
is to find my Daughter Ruth her provision while she arrives to ye age 
twenty years if she shall stay with him 

Item: I give to my dearly beloved son James Averell my farm that I now 
own in asford as may appear by record to him & to his heirs forever Also 
I give to my son James Fifty pounds pr year to be paid by my executors 
for four years going after he shall arrive to ye age of Twenty one old 
Tenor it is my will that my son James shall have my best Hatt & my gun & 
if my son James shall die without heirs then my son Stephen is to have all 
the land was my son James to him and his heirs forever only paying Fifty 
pounds old Tenor to each of my Three Daughters, it is my will that my son shall live with my son Stephen while he shall arrive to ye age of 
Twenty one and if he shall live ye term of time then he is to have one 
quarter of an acre of land to plant yearly and a good Tobacco yard yearly 
and if my son dont live w' my son Stephen y" these fore articles to be of 
none effect keeping ye Colt sheep Land & Tobacco yard but if my shall live 
with him then to find him two good sutes of apparel and to read write and 

Item : I give to my dearly beloved Daughter 1-Aa.ry Preston Ten sheep four 
years after my decease to be paid by my Executors 

Item : I give to my dearly beloved Daughter Elizabeth Burnet ten sheep 
five years after my decease to be paid by my Executors and flax enough 
to make a sute of curtains & to pay for ye weaving and a quart pott 

Item : I give to my dearly beloved Daughter Ruth Averell one good feather 
bed Ticken underbed bolster & two pare of Pillow bores & two Pillows five 
sheep Two good all wool coverleds and one pare of blankets one bedstead 
one bed cord twenty nine pounds Piggen Feathers one Iron Pott with a bale 
holds Two pails full one Iron pot holdes one pail full with a bale & two 

The Fourth Generation 159 

pails & a cedar washing tub six chairs one stand six wooden plates Three 
pewter Platters six pewter plates one great bason Two large porringers 
one bible one fire slice one pare of Tongs one salt mortar one sieve one 
warming pan one frying pan one Candlestick four knives & forks one good 
Cow and Calf Two Table Clothes Two Towells one pare shears and Ten 
sheep six years after my decease and flax enough to make a sute of Curtains 
& to pay for the weaving and a quart Pott and Tramel all to be paid by my 
Executors at her marriage day or at the age of Twenty years 

I make & ordain my sole executors of this my last will and Testament 
my Friend John Fuller and my beloved son Stephen Averell both of the 
Town and County aforesd all and singular my Land & messurages & 
Tenements by us freely to be possessed and enjoyed and I do hereby utterly 
Disallow revoke and Disannul all and every other former will Testament 
Leagcie & bequests and executors by me in any ways before named willed 
and bequeathed Ratifying & Confirming y'' and no other to be my last will 
& Testament 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day and 
year above written. Sign'' seal'' publish'' pronounced and declared by ye 
sd William Averell as his last will & Testament in the presence of us the 

Thos Hovey Jun William Averell (seal) 

John Loomis 
Benj Bidlack 

Windham District ss* Windham Dea"' 16"' 1748 Then came & personally 
appeared Mess"'" Nath Hovey Jun' John Loomis & Benj Bidlack the sub- 
scribers as witnesses to the foregoing last will and Testament of Mr. 
William Averell deceased & made solemn oath that they saw ye sd Averell 
signe seal and publish & declare the foregoing instrument to be his last will 
& Testament and they each of them sett to their hands as witnesses in the 
presence of ye said Testator Jurant Coram 

Jon" Trumble Assist 
at a Court of Probate held at Windham in ye District of Windham Deac 16"' 

Present Jon" Trumble Esq Judge 

The foregoing will was exhibited into this Court & is proved approved 
and ordered to be recorded & kept on file and Mr John Fuller one of the 
Executors named therein came and accepted that trust and took ye qualifica 
tion thereon accordingly 

Test Shubael Conant 

Clerk Probate Pro tempore 
Recorded Feby 10 1748/9 

Ichabod Robinson 

Clerk Probate 

160 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

State of Connecticut, I 
County of Windham,] ^- ^• 

I, Charles N. Daniels, Judge of the Probate Court for the District 
of Windham, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy 
of Record. 

Given under my hand and the seal of this Court, this 30'" day 
of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred 
and ninety-eight. 

Charles N. Daniels Judge. 
Inv. Personal Estate £ 941. 18s. 06d. 

Whomesteed £1800 
Farm at Ashford £550 2350. 00 . 00. 

£3291. 18 . 6. 
Children of William and Ruth (Bemis) Averell (all b. at 
Windham, Conn. Cer. T. R.) : 

James (')', b. Oct. 2, 1722; d. Dec. 3, 1722-3. 

Ephraim', b. July 3, 1722-3; bap. Aug. 31, 1723, in Hampton 

Ch.; d. Aug. 8, 1743. 
Mary", b. May 24, 1724; m. William Preston. 
Elizabeth', b. Feb. 17, 1725-6; m. Jonathan Burnap or 

Stephen ('')% b. Aug. 24, 1729; d. Nov. 6, 1729. 
Stephen (")', b. Oct. 18, 1730; m. Sarah Hendee. 
Ruth", b. July 2, 1733; m. John Loomis. 
viii. James ('')', b. Feb. 23, 1734-5; m. Mary Walker. 

The Arundel, or Kennebunkport, Me., Branch of the 

Winthrop's Hist, of New England makes mention of "Cape 
Porpus," in Vol. i, p. 89. "One Jenkins, late an inhabitant of 
Dorchester and now removed to Cape Porpus, went with an 
Indian up into (the) country with store of goods to truck, and 
being asleep in a wigwam of one of Passaconamy's men was 
killed in the night by an indian." 

Baxter Library, Portland, Me. The History of Kennebunk 
Port from its First Discovery by Charles Bradbury, published 
1837, sums up what was to be found about the place at the date 
of its publication. The following extracts may be of interest: 

Kennebunkport, under the names of Cape Porpoise and Arundel w^as of 
little importance, and little is known of its first settlement. 

There is a total loss of town records for nearly a century after its 
first settlement .... but it was early settled and one of the first 

















The Fourth Generation 161 

incorporated places in Maine Mr. Bradford, the author, 

thinks from the description by Gabriel Archer in "Purchas his Pilgrims" 
(Archer being- a gentleman in said voyage of Capt. Bartholemew Goswold 
the Eng. navigator who sailed to the N. E. coast from Falmouth (Eng.) 
March 26, 1602) that the point touched May 14, 1602 called North land and 
another Rock 12 leagues West called Savage Rock was either Cape Porpoise 
or some other point of land in the neighbourhood of Wells Bay. Savage 
Rock he thinks was the Nubble near Cape Neddock. 

Martin Pring with the Speedwell and Discoverer sailed from Milford 
Haven April 10, 1603 and landed June 7, near Penobscot and afterwards 
sailed as far as the Piscataqua. He went a short distance up the Kenne- 
bunk river. 

John Smith gave its present name to Cape Porpoise on his voyage to 
Maine 1614. The first settlers in Maine were fishermen and traders. Brad- 
ford also says that Winthrop speaks of Cape Porpoise as a well known 
land mark in 1630. 

The first General Court under the Charter to Sir Ferdinando Gorges 
was opened June 25, 1640 and the records of the County of York have been 
kept regularly ever since. In Nov. 1652 York and Kittery submitted to the 
Claims of Mass. to the Western part of Maine, including Wells and Saco; 
and Cape Porpoise submitted July 5, 1653; courts were held at York and 

Inhabitants of Yorkshire enjoyed the privilege of voting without being 
members of the Church, and Maine was thus frequently an asylum for the 
excommunicate as the inhabitants had come there for gain and not for non- 
conformity. It was said: "when a man can find no religion to his taste let 
him remove to Maine." 

The town suff'ered from Indian depredations from its first settlement 
to 1714. In 1703 (time of Third Indian War), it was deserted; but in spite 
of an order of the Court many returned in 1714, and in 1716 prayed for a 
restoration of the town privileges. 

Among the Proprietors, 1726 — was Samuel Averell. In 1728, Stephen 
Averill was made a proprietor and given one hundred acres of land; also 
same year Jacob Wildes, Joseph Averill, Samuel Wildes, Shadrach Watson, 
Joseph Averill. 

The compiler of this Genealogy is much indebted to Brad- 
bury's Biographical Sketches in the History of Kennehunkport 
for data relative to the Averell Family in Arundel. That there 
were some mistakes in that early sketch is not surprising. There 
seems to be no evidence that any of the Averills were ever 
settled at "Kittery" ; and Job Averill mentioned with other first 
settlers as "brother," was a cousin and not a brother. 

The fact that several Topsfield people had settled in Arun- 
del at the time of its resettlement (about 1714) is of value in 

1G2 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

connection with their association with and relationship to the 
Averells of Topsfield. ''Ensign Thomas Perkins came from 
Topsfield 1719 and was made Proprietor in Barret's right." 

31. Samuel"* Averell (William^ William'-, William^), was 
b. prob. between 1685 and 1691, possibly at Ipswich or Topsfield, 
Mass., though no record of his birth has been found. He hved 
with his parents in Topsfield for a time, and the family may 
have been for a while in some other state, but they had returned 
to Topsfield by 1702. He removed to Arundel, "Alias Cape 
Porpoise," on the Maine coast, probably tempted there by the 
settlement of other Topsfield inhabitants, for example, Thomas 
Perkins and his wife, or by the stories of his great-uncle, Thomas 
Averill, who with his family lived in or near York and Wells, 
Me. Bradbury says that he and his brothers were at Kittery, 
but no record of them has been found there. 

{Co. York Deeds. Vol. xvi, p. 211.) At a legal meeting of the Proprie- 
tors, freeholders and other inhabitants at Arundel, May 30, 

1720. There was given & granted Fifty Acres of land apeace to the Persons 
here named, viz, Jonathan Sherman, Joseph Averel, Samuel Averel (to them 

& their Heirs) Provided, they do build & settle in said 

town within one {?), next after this date, and so continue in 

said town for the space of five years next coming by themselves or some 

Person in their Room that is now an Inhabitant in said Town 

This grant on the Commons not to Infringe on any for- 
mer Grant. 

(Signed) Tho' Perkins, Town Clerk. 

Ensign Thomas Perkins came from Topsfield to Arundel 
in 1719 where he was made a Proprietor in Barret's right. His 
wife was Mary Wildes (No. 48) of Topsfield. (See Wildes 
Families of Essex County, from which we quote the following) : 

She was bap. there Mar. 3, 1691-2; m. Nov. 26, 1719, and removed to 
Arundel with her husband. Their house in Arundel was a garrison. She 
was the dau. of Ephraim Wild (No. 11) and granddaughter of Sarah 
(Averill) Wildes who was executed for witchci-aft. She was therefore a 
cousin three degrees removed from Samuel. She died at Arundel Apr. 1, 
1742. Mr. Perkins was the son of Elisha and Katherine (Towne) Perkins 
of Topsfield. Their children were Mary, Sarah, John, & Ephraim Wildes. 
Four of her brothers were at the taking of Norrichwock in 172^, Ephraim, 
Jacob, Samuel, and Jonathan Wildes. On this expedition they visited their 
sister, and all of them removed to Arundel. The influence of this family 

The Fourth Generation 163 

and its wide relationships were sufficient to tempt others in Topsfield to 
take up land in Arundel. 

Among the Proprietors in 1726 were Samuel Averell; in 1728, Stephen 
Averill; and in the same year Joseph Averill, Jacob Wildes, Samuel Wildes, 
Shadrach Watson. Jacob Wildes and Samuel were brothers of Mary 
(Wildes) Perkins. Samuel Averell m. before Mar. 4, 1732, Ruth Watson 
dau. of John Watson* of Arundel, who was there in 1713: (York Deeds, 

Vol. xviii, p. 1. 1735-'37) I Samuel Averell of Arrundell 

in consideration of a certain Tract of Land which I have of my Father-in- 

Law Mr John Watson of Arundel (have) sold unto him the 

s'd John Watson one Measuage of land in Arundel containing 41 acres 
which was a vote of the Proprietors of Arundel to Diyde (divide?) all the 
land on the Upper Road, and which was laid out to myself bearing date 
March 11, 1730. 

May 4, 1732. (Signed) Samuel Averel 

Ack. March 18, 1735-6 York Ss Wells. 
{York Deeds, Vol. xxxii, p. 272.) I Samuel Averel of Arundel for 50 
acres of land that I have of my father-in-law Mr John Watson of Arundel 
have confirmed unto him John Watson one tract of land in Arundel contain- 
ing 50 acres which was a grant from the town of Arundel to myself having 

date May 30, 1720 

May 18, 1730 (Signed) Samuel Averel 

Ruth Averel 


Edward Melcher 
Elizabeth Melcher- 
Shadrack Watson 
Hannah Watson 

Vol. 20, p. 117. Samuel Averell of Arundel for 47 acres of land given 
him by deed of exchange by John Watson Sen"' of Arundell, gives him 2 
tracts of land in Arundel March 18, 1735-6 

(Signed) Samuel Averel. 

Vol. 20, p. 27. John Watson Sen'' of Arundel sells to Samuel Averell 
of Arundel for £20, two acres of Marsh together with all the common rights 
June 1, 1737. 

Vol. 29, p. 172. Samuel Averell of Arundell for £26 pd him by Henry 
Maddock of Arundel sells him one messuage containing 50 acres of land 
Feb. 1743. (signed) Samuel Averell 

At a general town Meeting at Arundel March ye 25 1732 Mr Joseph 
Wilde was chosen Moderator; Capt. Thomas Perkins, Town Clerk; Sam" 
A.verel & Philip Durrol Jun"' Tythingmen for the year ensuing; Joseph 
Averel was chosen Fence viewer (Arundel T. R. Jan. 18, 1731 to 1733 — 

164 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

(or 1732-3 [?]) Mr Joseph Averel was chosen moderator; Mar 20. 1733. 
Samuel Averell Surveyor Joseph Averel Tytheingman; 1734, Mar. 5. 
Samuel Averel and Joseph Averell paid for work. 1735-6 Samuel Averel 
Fence viewer and March ye 30 1735-6 Sam" Averel chosen grand jury 

Also at this period the townsmen appear to take turns in 
"sweeping the meeting House" ; Mar. 5, 1736/7 "Mr Samuel 
Averel and Mr John Murphy were chosen with Mr Joseph 
Averel Surveyors of High ways : in office again 1737-8. Sept. 
14. 1738 ; Mr Samuel Averel chosen one of committee to "Declare 
ye mind of the Town to the Councill in regard to Rev. Mr. Pren- 
tice, his being dismissed from this Church and People." "1739, 
Mar. ye 13," Samuel Averel again fills an office. He was paid 
several times for looking after the Meeting House ; and Mar 
22, 1741-2, he was chosen Constable. Mentioned also 1743-4. 
The last mention of Mr Samuel Averel in Arundel Town Records 
was in 1745-6. 

Oct. 7, 1755, Elizabeth Whitney, formerly Elizabeth Melchers, Wit. of 
above deed — Vol. 32, p. 272 (Samuel Averel to Mr John Watson) makes 
oath that she saw Samuel Averell sign this deed, and that the said Samuel 
Averell is since deceased. 

Bradbury says : "Samuel Averell was cast away at M' Des- 
ert in 1747, and drowned." 

Our last record of his wife is when she signs the deed, Vol. 
32, p. 272, releasing right of dower. 

The Louisberg expedition was in 1745, and Stephen Averell 
and possibly some of the other Arundel Averells were in this 
expedition with Capt. Thos Perkins. 

At least four children of Samuel and Ruth (Watson) Av- 
erell died young, and their names are unknown ; the others sur- 
vived their parents. 

Children (prob. all were b. at Arundel) : 

119. i. Ruth'* (see mema., p. 165), b. , 17—; m. James Huff. 

120. ii. Eunice', b. , 17 — ; m. Lieut. Jesse Dorman, who was 

in the Louisberg Expedition 1745, and in Colonial service 
at Lake George 1758. He was the son of Jabez Dorman, 
who was first Moderator of the Town of Arundel and 
came from Boxford, Mass., in 1715, and was Rep. to the 
Gen. Court. 

121. iii. Mary", b. , 17 — ; m. Joseph Bickford. 









The Fourth Generation 165 

(Child)', d. y. 
(Child)', d. y. 
(Child)-', d. y. 

James' (?) [Is it possible that James Averell of Arundel 
who appears in Mass. Rs. of Colonial Wars was a son of 
the above named Samuel? See Col. Rs. Gen. No. 125. 
Emmanuel Averell also in same records may belong to 
the Arundel stock. — Ed.] 
* Mr. John Watson, father of Mrs. Ruth (Watson) Averill, was a 
Welshman, and an Ensign in the Arundel Militia, and had been a trumpeter 
in the King's service. He died 1753. Bradbury. 

t in Published Maine Wills, 1640-1750, is found the will of John 
Altimes of Arundel in the Co. of York, the 12th day of Oct. 1750, the Wits 

of which were .Jacob Wildes, Moses Foster, Mary X Averell (Was 

this Mary the dau. of Samuel Averill?) 

Will of Benjamin Cole of Arundel the 21'^' day of April 1740 was witnessed 
by Samuel Averell among others. 

34. Joseph-* Averell (William-', William'-, William^), bap. 
Mar. 21, 1697, by Rev. Mr. Capen of Topsfield, Mass. (see Tops- 
field V. S.), prob. passed his youth in that town. He is said by 
Bradbury to have settled at Kittery, Me., in 1714, with his 
brothers, but of this we find no evidence in town records or 
deeds. He was at Arundel, Me., May 30, 1720, when he received 
from the Proprietors of that town, together with his brother 
Samuel Averel, and others, a grant of fifty acres of land (see 
p. 162, under Samuel, No. 31). He also appears in a deed dated 
Jan. 15, 1727-8, as of Arundel (see below. Abstracts from deeds 
recorded in York Co. Deeds, now at Alfred, Me., several of 
which are witnessed by his brothers and cousins) . 

In the To2im Meeting records of Arundel his name appears 
as follows : — 

March ye 25, 1732, Joseph Averel as Fence viewer; Jan. 18, 1732-3, Mr. 
Joseph Averel, Moderator; Mar. 20, 1733, Tytheingman; Mar. 5, 1734, pd 
for work that year; Mar. 5, 1736-7, one of the Surveyors of Highways; 
he fills an office 1739-40; and Mar. 3, 1740, Joseph Averel is chosen Jury- 
man to Falmouth Court for Aug. 13, 1741. 

He married, prob. about 1720, "Jane" or "Jennet" or 
"Jean" McLellan, a relative of Hugh M'^Lellan, and Elizabeth 

166 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

his wife, who were from Co. Antrim, Ireland, and descendants 
of Sir Hugh M'^Lellan, of Argyle, Scotland (see Hist, of Gor- 
ham, Me.). 

This Hugh is said to have come with his family (wife Eliz. 
and infant) in 1733 from Londonderry, Ireland, arriving in 
Boston and going at once to York, Me. They then removed, 
first to Saco, secondly to Falmouth and Black Cove, then to 
Portland, Me., and finally settled at Gorham, Me. Elizabeth, 
wife of Hugh, was by birth a M^Lellan, dau. of Cary M^Lellan, 
and b. 1709. Cousins of Hugh settled in Portland. (Our records 
would indicate, if correct, that Janet was the dau. of another 
M'^Lellan, not of Hugh, although that has been claimed. Probably 
deeds and probate records at Alfred, Me., for York Co., would 
reveal her parentage and the relationship to other M'^Lellans. 

Vol. xii, p. 246. I James Musey of Mendon Co Suffolk, yeoman for a 
valuable sum, which I have already rec'd of Joseph Averel and Jacob 

Wildes both of Arundel in the Co. of York Husbandmen do 

sell unto them 20 acres in Arundel, beginning at the N. W. 

corner with a little Birch tree .... standing on the E. side of a 
Brook that comes from the Northward running into the old Bever Pond 

.... thence S , West , N. 57 rods to a 

maple standing near the aforesaid Brookside below the Bever dam, and so 


Jan. 15, 1727/8. (Signed) James Musey 

Wit's. Samuel Averell 
Thomas Perkins 

Ack. Jan. 29, 1727/8. 

Vol. xii, p. 252. I James Mussey of Mendon, Co. Suffolk, (Pro. Mass. 
Bay) for the sum of £550, to me in hand paid by Joseph Averell and Jacob 
Wildes both of Arundell in the Co. of York Husbandman do give .... 

sell ... to them . . . several tracts of land 

lying in Arundel containing in the 

whole 450 acres together with three quarters of a double saw mill now 

standing on Part thereof bounded . . . . N. W. 

by a red oak tree standing a little to the Westward on the West side of the 
River that runneth in between the two Salt Water Falls of Kennebunk 
River called by the name of the Middle River above the 3d Falls, North- 
westerly from the Falls and so running from sd tree on a South course down 

the River on the West side thereof 160 r. or poles 

And so across the River on an East course 130 rods, thence N. 160 poles 
thence West 130 poles 130 acres, and also the V2 part of 50 

The Fourth Generation 167 

acres granted by the Town of Arundel to Walter Penewell and by him to 
James Mussey, and 10 acres of fifty that was granted by the Town of 
Arundel to John Barton (this running 40 rods up said river), and 100 acres 
more which was a grant from the Town of Cape Porpoise to my Father 
Thomas Mussey in 1681 (also by the River) ; with 50 acres more granted 
by the town of Arundel to Ens. Thomas Perkins, and by him to sd Mussey, 
and also 86 acres of upland part of 130 acres sold by Maryere (Maria?) 
Kendall to my Father Thomas Mussey in the year 1662, and 6 acres . . . 
Jan. 16, 1727. (Signed) James Mussey 


Samuel Averel 

Thomas Perkins 

Ack. York Ss. Wells, Jan^' 19, 1727/8 

Vol. xiii, p. 234. At a Lawful Meeting of the Proprietors of Arundel 
Jan. 14, 1728/9, and by Adjournment held Tuesday the 28'" day of January 
1728/9 (there was) Then given and granted unto Joseph Averel, and 
Benjamin Major Fifty acres of Land apiece to be laid out on the comon 
Land in Arundel not infringing on any former Grants (and each fifty to be 
laid out altogether) to them and their Heirs forever. Voted, attest Thomas 
Perkins Clerk of ye Proprietors. A true copy as it is recorded in the 
Proprietors Book of Records of Arundel. 
Recorded June 3, 1730. 

Vol. xiii, p. 238. We Joseph Averill and Jacob Wildes yeomen . . . 
both of Arundel, Co. York (Pro. Mass. Bay), for £50 to us in hand paid 
by John Merril of ye same town and county do . . . sell him . 
a parcei of land in Arundel . . . containing 50 acres lately granted 
and laid out to Thomas Perkins and since conveyed to James Mussey and 

lately purchased by us bounded southwesterly on Kenne- 

bunk River, N. W. on Capt. Downing's land, N. E. on the Middle River & 

S. W. on land of Capt Hill. 

Jan. 16, 1729/30. (Signed) Joseph Averill 

Jacob Wilds. 
Wit's. John Baxter Ruth Wilds 

Stephen Averell 

Ack. June 23, 1730. 

(N. B, Would not the above deed indicate that Joseph 
Averill was unmarried at this date, as his wife does not sign 
this deed? Ruth Wilds was from Ipswich and the dau. of Eben- 
ezer and Mary (Borman) Foster. (See the Wildes Fam.) 

Vol. xiv, p. 225. I Joseph Averell Millman of Ariandel 

. . . for £45, pd by Samuel Emery of Wells . . . sell him . . . 

one messuage in the Town of Arundel it being one sixt 

part of one hundred acres of land lying on Cenebunk River, adjoining 

168 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

the land y' was granted by the Town of Arundel to Edmund Littlefield and 
Joseph Littlefield, with the six part of a mill priviledge with what I have 
done toward said mill, it is to be understood the (part of that) Hundred 
Acres of Land y* Jacob Wiles and I bought of James Musey the part con- 
taining by Estimation 16 acres more or less with the six Parte of ye privi- 
ledge of ye stream for Mill or Mills with what I have done towards said 

Mill of which I am lawfully siezed and possessed of the 

same in mine own proper right as a good perfect and absolute estate of 
Inhei'itance in fee simple 
Nov. 3" 1730. 

Signed Joseph Avei'ell 
Wit's. Willam Patton 
Stephen Averell. 

Ack. by Joseph Averell at Wells. York Co SS. Oct 5, 1731. 

Vol. XV, p. 144. I Joseph Averill of Arundel Millman .... for 
£50 to me in hand p'' by Joseph Littlefield of Wells, Miller, have sold to him 
sd. Miller, 50 acres of land in the Township of Arundel — which was granted 
by the town to Thomas Watson Nov 18, 1719. 

Jan. 11, 1731/2 (Signed) Joseph Averill 

Abigail Wheelwright 
Nath'l Harrington 

Ack. by Joseph Averill Dec. 8, 1732 

Vol. XV, p. 181. I George March of Arundel for £30, p'd me by Joseph 
Averill of sd Town of Arundel have .... sold him 50 acres of land 
in the Township of Arundel . . which land was granted by the Town of 
Arundel to Th" Watson Nov. 18, 1719. 

Jan. 10, 1731/2. (signed) Geo. March 

Wit". Tho" Prentice 
Sam 1 Wildes 

Ack. my Geo. March York SS. Arundale 
Jan. ye 31, 1732/3 

(Geo. Marsh had m. Abigail, dau. of John Watson, Sr., and 
sister of Samuel Averell's wife, Ruth Watson.) 

Vol. xvii, p. . . . We Joseph Averl and Jacob Wildes of Arundel for 
£66. 13s 4d. to us in hand paid by William Eliot and John Fairfield now 

of Arundel, Costers, do sell to them Two third Parts of 

an hundred acres of land in Arundel ajoyning to (?) Kenebunk River . . 
by . . a gulley which cometh down between the Oak Plain and ye Saw 

The Fourth Generation 169 

Mill known by the name of Littlefield's Mill, thence South East .... 

then South West to the River 

Sept. 25, 1728. Signed. Joseph Averell 

Wit s Jacob Wildes 

Jonathan Philbrook 
John Baxter 
Stephen Averell 

Ack. July 11, 1730. 

Vol. XV, p. 211. Jacob Wildes and Joseph Averell millmen of Arundel 
also make a purchase from Jeremiah Springer of Arundel for £100, of 50 

acres of land in Arundel and another 50 acres in Arundel 

which was a grant from the Proprietors of Arundel Jan 14, 1728/9 to s'd 


March 1, 1732/3. 

Vol. xvi, p. 205. I Joseph Averell of Arundel . . . Husbandman 
. . . . for £40, paid by Joseph Sayer Esq'r of Wells .... have 

sold to him 50 acres of land which was granted to me by the 

Town of Arundel May 30, 1720 viz. I do hereby grant, bargain and sell 
to the said Joseph Sayer fifty acres of land anywhere he the said Joseph 
Sayer shall see cause to lay it out in the Township of Arundel not infring- 
ing on my grant given by sd Town, and laid out before May 30, 1720. In 
witness whereof I have here with Jane my wife in Token of her free con- 
sent to this bargain in full and relinquishment of all her Right of Dowry 
and Thirds in Premises set our Hands and Seal the six day of Feb'ry in the 
year of ,our Lord 1732/3 

Signed Joseph Averel 

Wit^ Eleazer Clark 
Elizabeth Clark 

Ack. by Joseph Averel York SS. Wells, Aug. 2, 1734 

N. B. This is the first time the wife of Joseph Averel is 
mentioned ; but she does not sign this instrument. 

Vol. xix, p. 47. I Joseph Averell of Arrundell for £80 p'' me by 

Robert Smith of s'' Town, Millman, do sell him one messuage 

of land in Arundell, being the third part of 130 acres (Des. is of that part 
previously purchased from James Mussey See York Deeds Vol. xii, p. 
252) on the west side of the River that runneth between the two salt water 
Falls of Kenebunk River called by the name of Middle River, and the third 
part of 10 acres of land (which also belonged to Averell and Wildes) . . 
July 9, 1735. (Signed) Joseph Averell 

Wit' Jacob Wildes 
Phillip Durrell 

Ack. April 13, 1737 

170 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Vol. xix, p. 48. I Joseph Averell of Areundell yeoman for £12. 10. 0. 
sell to Robert Smith of Arrundell ten acres of land to be laid out any where 
on the Common Lands of Arundel, not infringing on former grants, . . . 
(which is) That part of 200 acres given to Rev. Thomas Prentice which I 
purchased of Job Averell as by Deed may appear. 

April 5, 1737. (Signed) Joseph Averell 

Ack. Same date. 

(Record of this Sale by Job Averell to Joseph Averell has 
not yet been found. It is, I believe, not recorded in York Deeds. 
Job* (Job% William-, William^ was for a time at Arundel. Ed.) 

Deeds. Vol. xxxii, p. 44. Joseph Averell of Arundel for £266, pd by 
Timothy Davis sells him 91 acres of land in Arundel 
Dec. 10, 1752. Signed Joseph Averell 

Vol. xix, p. 307. I Joseph Averell of Arundel .... for £50 
paid me by Abel Merrill and John Merrill both of Arundel .... sell 
to them all my right title and interest in a certain piece of Upland and 
Meadow in the Township of Arundel, containing in the whole 50 acres, 
being the one half thereof, my proper share yet undivided which I the s** 
Joseph Averell and Jacob Wildes purchased of Jeremiah Springer March 
1732/3, and Jean Auerel the wife of me the s'^ Joseph Auerel doth . . . 
surrender her right of Dowry and Power of Thirds of in and unto the afore 
demised .... 

Feb. 14, 1739. (Signed) Joseph Auerell 

Ack. Feb. 29, 1739/40 

Vol. xxii, p. 195. I Joseph Averell of Arundel for £280 to me in hand 
paid by Jeremiah Lassell do ... . sell him . . . several parcels 
and tracts of land in Arundel and the Fourth part of a Double Saw Mill 
with a quarter part of the stream for to build a mill or Mills on be it more 
or less, the lands being one third part of one half 50 acres that was granted 
Walter Penewell and laid out unto James Mussey Mch 25, 1720, and 50 
acres laid out to the s** Averel . . . and 20 acres which is the half part 
of 40 acres laid out to Jacob Wildes and to me Jan. 14, 1728. 

(Dated) May 1741. Signed Joseph Averell 

Wit's her 

John Fairfield Jennet Averell 

Simon Luett mark 

Tho. Perkins Jun" 

The children of Joseph Averell and of Jane M^Lellan his 
wife were : 

126. i. A Child", b. 17 — ; d. of throat distemper in Arundel, Me., 

The Fourth Generation 171 

d. of throat distemper in Arundel, Me., 

d. of throat distemper in Arundel, Me., 

d. of throat distemper in Arundel, Me., 

d. of throat distemper in Arundel, Me., 

d. of throat distemper in Arundel, Me., 

d. of throat distemper in Arundel, Me., 

127. ii. A Child\ b. 17- 


128. iii. A Child-', b. 17 


129. iv. A Child', b. 17- 


130. V. A Child'', b. 17- 


131. vi. A Child', b. 17 


132. vii. A Child', b. 17 


133. viii. Joseph, JR.^ b. about 1722; m. Hannah Watson. 

134. ix. Jane', b. 17 — ; m. Hugh M'Lellen. 

135. X. Margaret", b. 17 — ; m. Mr. Hodge. 

136. xi. Mary (Molly)', b. 17—; m. Mr. Clark. 


(We are indebted to Capt. George W. Averill of Kenne- 
bunkport for many facts relative to descendants of his ancestor 
Joseph (No. 34) Averell. Ed.) 

35. Mary-^ Averill (William', William-, William'^), was b. 
prob, at Ipswich or in that vicinity. The birth records of her 
brothers and sisters are also doubtful, although Rev. Mr. Capen 
baptized some of them at Topsfield. Mary was m. July 9, 1719, 
at Ipswich, Mass. (T. R.), she being then of Topsfield, to Caleb 
Jackson, who was of Ashford, Conn., at date of marriage. His 
parents were Caleb* (see mema., p. 172) and Ehzabeth* (see 
mema., p. 172) (How) Jackson of Rowley, Mass., where he was 
b. June 20, 1687. (Letter from a descendant, Mrs. Nathan G. 
Pond, Milford, Conn.) Mary's brothers William and Jabez, and 
her uncles Thomas and Isaac Averill settled in Connecticut, and 
some of them preceded her there. Her children were b. between 
1721-29 in Enfield, Conn., but Topsfield Town Records, Mar. 2, 
1730-1, have the following entry: "Whereas there is some of ye 
Estate of the Widow Mary Averill (Late of Topsfield Deceased) 
In the hands of the Selectmen : The Town do now order that the 
sd Estate shall be delivered unto Mary Jackson or her order if 
there be opportunity for it She being a Daughter of said De- 
ceased, & a poor Widow. — Voted." 

172 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (b. at Enfield, Conn.) : 
i. James% b. Nov. 17, 1721. 
ii. Mary\ b. July 25, 1723. 
iii. Anna', b. Dec. 16, 1726. 
iv. Abigail", b. Aug. 31, 1729. 


* Elizabeth How, wife of Caleb Jackson, son of Nicholas and Sarah 
(Riley) Jackson, was the dau. of James How, Jr., of Ipswich, Mass., and 
of Elizabeth Jackson, who, as Elizabeth How, was executed as a witch 
July 19, 1692, with Sarah Averell Wildes; she [Elizabeth How, the elder] 
was the dau. of William Jackson of Rowley, Mass. 

36. Stephen^ Averell (William^', William'-, William'^), bap. 
June 6, 1701, by Rev. Mr. Capen, at Topsfield, Mass., prob. 
passed his youth there with his parents. He removed to Arun- 
del, formerly Cape Porpoise, now Kennebunkport, Me., prob. 
with his brothers Samuel and Joseph, where he became, accord- 
ing to Bradbury, one of the "Proprietors," with a grant of "one 
hundred acres of land." The old town records are difficult read- 
ing, and his name may appear among them, although not found 
in a rapid search. But he witnessed deeds for his brother 
Joseph Averell and his cousin Jacob Wildest (see mema., p. 173) , 
as appears by York Co. Deeds, Sept. 25, 1728 ; Jan. 16, 1729-30, 
and 1730 (see said deeds under Joseph, No. 34). He m. Phebe 

, as shown by following deed : 

shown by following deed: 

York Deeds. Vol xxx, p. 57. I Stephen Averell of Arundel .... 
for £80 p'' me by James Sampson and Ebenezer Sampson have sold them 
land in Arundel .... (bounds) until one hundred acres be accom- 
plished Phebe the wife of me the s'^ Stephen Averell doeth freely surrender 
her right of dowry 

May 11, 1744. (Signed) Stephen Averell 


Samuel Averell 

Robert Smith 

The children of Stephen Averell and of Phebe ( ) 

his wife, were : 

137. i. Phebe', b. 17—; m. after 1757, Nicholas Weeks. 

138. ii. Rebecca", b. 17 — ; m. and moved away into the country "of 

Schoodic, Me." 

139. iii. Sarah''! (see mema., p. 173), b. 17 — ; m Mr, 

Maddcx or Maddock. 

140. iv. Samuel"', b. 17 — . 

141. V. (?) "A Boy Died Young'". 

The Fourth Generation 173 


t Bradbury says in his Hist, of Kennebunkport, that Mr. Hovey 
speaks of a Jacob Averill, a joiner who lived in Arundel in 1747. This 
undoubtedly was a brother of "Mr. Nathaniel Averel Jun"', Survair" who 
received a piece of land in Arundel Sept. 16, 1736. [See Jacob (No. 42), 
son of Nathaniel (No. 10), of Topsfield, Mass., who m. his cousin Priscilla 
Wildes and was therefore closely related to the Wildes and Averells of 

He returned to Topsfield (see The Wildes Family of Essex Co.). This 
is given merely to record Bradbury's item, which was of interest. 

± The given name of Mr. Maddox or Maddock is not known, but a 
Henry Maddock of Arundel buys land of Samuel Averell of Arundel Feb. 
1743. {York Deeds, Vol. xxix, p. 172.) 

39. Jabez"' Averill (William^ William'-, William^), bap, 
June 15, 1707, at Topsfield, Mass., was among the youngest of 
his father's family. He was apprenticed, 1717, to his Uncle 
Isaac Averill, and therefore was with him in Preston, Conn. 
His eldest brother William had already purchased (June, 1714) 
a farm at Hampton, Conn. ; but he (William) was still a very 
young man. 

He removed early to Rehoboth, Mass., possibly with his 
Uncle Isaac. His grandson, James Averill, wrote Feb. 9, 1853, 
from Griswold, Conn, to Charles K. Averill (No. 1480) : "My 
grandparents died some years before I was born ; my statements 
in regard to them were received from my parents. My grand- 
father, Jabez Averill, emigrated to Preston (now Griswold) 
some 120* years ago (1733?), from Rehoboth in Mass. My 
grandmother, Dolly Buxton, was from Sutton, Mass. They 
bought a farm on what was then called Chestnut Hill." This 
statement is also given by others. Mr. James Averill further 
states: "Col. Perry Averill of Washington (Conn.), often visited 
us, when I was a boy, in going from Washington to Rehoboth, 
. . . . I once visited at Col. Averill's before I was married ; 
and Samuel and his sister, Matilda, visited us. I also spent 
two nights at Ehzabeth's, at Hartford." 


* The time given for Jabez Averill's emigration to Preston is incor- 
rect, because he had lived in Preston some years before that date. The 
probability is that he was there in 1717, after a brief stay in Rehoboth. 
(See Isaac, No. 21, p. 145.) 

174 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

In the MS. of Samuel Johnson Averill (though filled in by 
another hand) we find: "Wilham (Averell) of Pomfret, Jabez 
(Averill) of Preston, and Isaac of New Preston thought to be 
brothers;" though there was some doubt. 

[The person who wrote in these names could not have been 
Samuel J. Averill, because he knew that Jabez was not the 
brother of his ancestor Isaac; but he did not know that William 
was the eldest brother of Jabez, a fact assured by other records. 

From his Uncle, Isaac Averill, he received by deed a gift 
of land in recognition of his services : 

Preston Deeds, Bk. i, p. 543; Abstract: 

Know ye ... . that I Isaac Averill .... for and in consider- 
ation that Jabez Auerill one of ye sons of my Brother William Auerill of 
Topsfield in ye county of Essex, in the provance of Massachusetts Bay in 
New England aforesaid (in) 1717 (was) Bound to me ye sd Isaac Auerill 
for more than ten years, and I was obliged by sd indention to board perform 
Sundry matters and things for ye sd Jabez Averill at ye end of his appren- 
tiship which I did not do and perform to and for sd Jabez Auerill, as also 
for that ye sd Jabez Averill has lived with and worked for me eighteen 
months sence he was free from sd apprentiship, and for satisfaction for 
sd eighteen months work, and for what I was to do for him as exprest in 
sd indenture, so (I) therefore give and grant convey and confirm unto ye 
sd Jabez Auerill now of Preston in ye Co. of New London & Colony of Con- 
necticut, and His Heirs ... A certain piece or parcel 

of land situate lying & being within ye township of Preston afores" . . . 
Bounded as followeth ... 50 R. 61 Rds Easterly by my own Line 
about 50 acres. 

Feb. 11, 1729-30. 

Isaac Averill 

Ak^ Feb 16. 1729-30 by the above Isaac Averill. 

Jabez Averill was m. Jan. 5, 1738, at Preston (T. R.), to 
"Dolly" Buxton of Sutton, Mass. The Congregational Church in 
Griswold (inc. from Preston, Oct., 1815), was organized Nov. 20, 
1720, as the Second Church in Preston. In its records this mar- 
riage appears : "Jabez Averill & Rachel Buxton, Jan. 5, 1737-8." 
Rev. Hezekiah Lord was pastor 1720-1761. In her husband's will, 
in the administration of his estate and in other records, her name 
appears as Rachel. In Samuel Johnson Averill's MS. it appears 

The Fourth Generation 175 

as "Dolly" and "Mary." Her parentage has not yet been dis- 
covered though deeds of that period give the name of Burton 
in association with her husband. Mkldleton and Sutton, Mass., 
Vital Statistics, give the surnames of Buxton and Burton. 
From Preston Deeds we give the following abstracts : 

Bk. V, p. 94: Isaac Burton Jun"^ of Preston, yeoman for £63, sells land 
in Preston to Jabez Averel of same town, Feb. 3, 1737-8. Wit* John Cook. 
Henry Burton. Ack. Apr. 26. 1738. 

Bk. V, p. 265: Stephen Gates, for £15, conveys to Jabez Averil land 
in Preston, "bounded by sd Averill's farm that he now lives on," .... 
"and Isaac Burton's land": Sept 30, 1741. 

Bk. vii, p. 553: Dorothy Tracy to Jabez Averill, land in Preston, Jan. 
29, 1765. 

Bk. vii, p. 550: Daniel, John and Miner Tracy to Jabez Averill for 
£350, 167 acres of land in Preston. Jan. 30, 1765. 

Bk. viii, p. 77: Jabez Averill of Preston, "from Parental Love and 
affection to my loving son James Averill" deeds him about 40 acres of land 
in Preston with dwelling house and barn thereon . . . May 2, 1765. 
Wif^ Samuel Coit; Olive Coit. 

It is probable that Jabez Averill was not in the Revolution- 
ary War, but his sons, Capt. James Averill of Preston, and 
William, gave their services. A Jabez Avery of the Groton, 
Conn., Avery Family did serve, and he was from the same part 
of Connecticut, his will appearing in the same volume of Probate 
Records as that of Jabez Averill. As there was constant use of 
the name Avery for Averill in Revolutionary War records, it may 
be found that some relate to our Jabez ; but this does not seem at 
all likely. 

"Mr. Jabez Averill died the 27th April 1776" {T. R.) : and 
"Mrs. Rachel Averill died the 5th day of May 1776" (T. R.) , 
only eight days after her husband. 

The will of Jabez Averill is found among Probate Records 
at Norwich, Conn,, the inventory given at Preston 20th June 
1776 amounts to £1297, 15s. 7i/2d. This fills three full pages; 
and includes among other articles of interest a Bible and other 
books, silver shoebuckles, plenty of beds, linen, pewter etc, show- 
ing that he was a prosperous man. 

Norwich P. R., Vol. iii, p. 85 : Gideon Averel exhibits to this court the 
last will and testament of Jabez Averel late of Preston, deceased, which is 
approved and ordered to be recorded. 

176 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Gideon Averel one of the Executors named in sd will accepted sd trust 
and made oath accordingly. An inventory of the estate of Jabez Averel 

is exhibited to this Court by Gideon Averel 

which is approved and ordered to be recorded. 

Court of Probate held in Norwich for the District of Norwich in New 
London Co., July 6, 1776. 

Norivich, Conn., P. R. Vol. iii, p. 85: same Court; same 

Will of Jabez Averill. 
In the name of God Amen. — I Jabez Averill of Preston in the County of 
New London Being weak in Body but of sound disposing mind and memory 
(Blessed be God) do this 27"' day of April 1776 make and publish this 
my last will and testament in manner following. Imprimis — I give to my 
Eldest son James Averill a lot of land Bounded as follows. Beginning 
at the North East corner running Westerly bounding on land formerly be- 
longing to Binayah Tracy untill it comes to the road, thence Southerly 
bounded by the road till it comes to Peter Branches land, thence bounded 
by s'' Branch'' land on the West until it comes to James' own land, thence 
Southerly bounded on s'' James** land till it comes to my home Farm, thence 
Easterly bounding on my old Farm till it comes to Volentown line, thence 
Northerly, bounding on Volentown Line to the bounds first mentioned, & 
also I give to my s"* son James the improvements of a piece of land which 
I have a lease of from Isaac Widge adjoining to the premises, during the 
term of said lease, these are given to my son James Averill his heirs and 
assigns, forever. 

Item. I give to my loving son William Averill his heirs and assigns for- 
ever all the land I bought of Benayah Tracy lying in Preston and Volen- 
town, the profit of the s'^ Benayah Farm to be improved between my son 
William and my son Gideon, until the s'^ Benayah Farm is paid for 
Item. I give my loving son Gideon Averill all my Houses & land that I 
have in Preston & Volentown that I have not yet disposed of above, to 
him his heirs & assigns forever, the profit thereof to be improved between 
my s'' sons Gideon and William untill the S'^ Benaijah Farm is paid for. 
Item I give my loving wife Rachal Averill — one third part of all my 
moveable Estate after My just debts are paid also I give unto my s" wife 
the Little Bay Mare side saddle & Bridle to be at her dispose forever. 
Also I give her her right of Dower in all my Lands so long as she remains 
my widow . . . . . . 

Item. I give to my loving daughter Elizabeth fifty pounds L: (L.^awful) 
money with what she has already received to be paid to her by my Execu- 
tors hereafter named within one year after my decease which is the full 

of her portion 

Item. I give to my loving daughter Sarah fifty p'' lawful money to be paid 
her by my Executors in goods and chattels at inventory price within one 
year after my decease which is the full of her portion. 
Item. I give to my loving daughter Rachel fifty p'^ lawful money with 

The Fourth Generation 177 

what she has already received to be paid her by my said Executors within 
one year after my decease which is her full portion. 

Item. I give to my s"* sons Gideon and William all my moveable Estate 
which I have not before disposed of, further my will is that my s'^ sons 
Gideon and William pay all my just debts, legacies & funeral charges 
And I make constitute & ordain my said sons Gideon & William to be my 
Executors to this my last Will and Testament to take care & see the same 
performed according to my true interest & meaning in every part thereof 
& I hereby revoke all other Will or Wills or Testament by me made hereto- 
fore in Witness whereof I have here unto set my hand & seal this ^7'" day 
of Ap' 1776. 

Signed, sealed publish'^ & deliver'' by the sd Testator as his last Will & 
Testament in the presence of us who at his request in his presence & in 
the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto 
Samuel Coit his 

Benj™ Coit Jabez Averill 

Peter Branch mark 

Children (all b. at Preston) : 

142. i. James', b. Dec. 25, 1738; m. Lucy Read,* of Lisbon, New 

London Co., Conn. 

143. ii. Elizabeth'', b. May 18, 1740; m. Daniel Bottom of Lisbon. 

144. iii. Sarah', b. July 25, 1742; m. James Button, of Lisbon. 

145. iv. Gideon', b. Aug. 5, 1744; m. (1) Zuruiah Cogswell; m. (2) 

Elizabeth (Morgan) Johnson. 

146. V. Rachel', b. July 5, 1746; m. John Read*, of Norwich, Conn. 
147.- vi. William', b. — , 1748; m. Bethia Whipple. 

41. Captain Nathaniel"' Averell {Nathaniel^, William'-, Will- 
iam^), b. Sept. 6, 1700, at Topsfield, Mass. {T. R.) ; passed his 
life in that town, where he was a housewright. He m. Nov. 24, 
1743 (T. R.), Hannah Wilde (dau. of Ephraim Wilde and Mary 
Howlett, his wife), b. Oct. 8, 1709, at Topsfield. She was the 
granddaughter of Sarah (Averell) Wilde. She d. June 4, 1785 
(T. R.),at Topsfield (The Averill Gen., Essex Ant., gives: "May 
22, 1790, aged eighty-four," which is probably the correct date. 

In the Essex Registry Deeds the names of this Nathaniel 
Averell and his father appear frequently as grantor and grantee ; 
Nathaniel, Jr., appearing first as grantor Aug. 6, 1751. 

Capt. Averell d. Aug. 17, 1781, "in the 81 year of his age." 
There are excellent slates for both Mr. and Mrs. Averell in the 

* The name Read sometimes appears in records relating to this fam- 
ily as Reed. 

178 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

old cemetery at Topsfield. In his will found among Probate Court 
Records at Salem, B. 355, pp. 4, 470, of date June 28, 1777, he calls 
himself "Nathaniel Averell of Topsfield Gentleman," and men- 
tions his "well beloved Wife Hannah"; and his son Nathaniel 
Averell to whom he gives all of his real estate and all of his 
out door moveables; his dau, Hannah "Loverin," who is to re- 
ceive the sum of £27. His son Nathaniel is made sole executor: 
"withal obliging him to accomodate his mother with a suffi- 
ciency of fire wood cut and brought to the door for her use con- 

"Further more my will is that after my Decease and my Wifes Decease 
my Books shall be equally divided between my children." 

Witnesses (Signed) Nathaniel Averell 

Jeremiah Averell 
Daniel Averell 
Sarah Averell 

"Will of Nathaniel Averell, late of Topsfield, Gentleman, dec. allowed 
Sept. 3, 1781." 

May 6, 1782, there was presented by Mr. Nathaniel Averell, 
exr. "A true inventory of the estate of Capt. Nathaniel Averell 
late of Topsfield Gentleman deceased" (Essex P. Ct, R., B. 355, 
p. 470). 

Among the possessions enumerated appear the following: 
To Books 80/ — ; One silver Watch 54/ — ; One blue Kersey great 
Coat £3; One strait body's coat 42/ — ; A quantity of pewter; 
Knives and forks. Chafing dish, warming pan; Instruments for 
surveying ; One gun ; One sword ; 60 acres of Upland and Meadow 
with 1/2 the Buildings thereon. 

A very pretty bit of country in Topsfield, just a little way 
from the center of the town, and once occupied by several Av- 
erells, has long been called "The Colleges," to which reference 
has already been made (see T. H. C.) . It is possible this Nathan- 
iel was one of that group. 

Children (b. at Topsfield) : 

148. i. Nathaniel', b. Apr. 27, 1747; bap. May 10, 1747; m. (1) 

Dorothy Perkins; m. (2) Hannah Wilde. 

149. ii. Hannah'', b. Aug. 17, 1750; m. Jan. 23, 1773, John Lover- 

ing, of Ipswich, Mass., husbandman (pub. Jan. 23, 1773). 
Living at Ipswich in 1787 {Averill Gen., Essex Ant.). 

The Fourth Generation 179 

42. Jacob-* Averill (Nathaniel^, William-, William^), b. Aug. 
17, 1702 (Tojys field, T. R.) ; bap. Aug. 23, 1702; m. Feb., 1728 
(?), Priscilla Wilde, dau. of Ephraim^ Wilde (John-), who was 
therefore a descendant of Sarah (Averell) Wilde. She was born 
May 3, 1706, at Topsfield, and d. there either May 17, or 22, 
1799, aged 94 years. Mr. Averill passed his Hfe in Topsfield 
and d. there the 14th or 15th of June, 1791, in the 89'^ year of 
his age. The Salem Gazette of July 5, 1791, states that he died 
leaving a number of children and grandchildren, and that his 
wife was then in her 86*'' year, with whom he had lived 63 years 
and 4 months. 

Children (all b. and bap. at Topsfield; T. R.) : 

150. i. Jacob", b. Mar. 18, 1728-9; m. Nov. 23, 1752, at Topsfield, 

Hannah or Johanna Bryant. He was prob. in Arundel, 
Me., 1747. [See under Stephen, No. 36.] He was a cabi- 
net maker and joiner. 

151. ii. Daniel", b. Dec. 3, 1730; m. Joanna Hood. 

152. iii. Dorothy", b. Feb. 24, 1731; m. Nov. 8, 1752, at Topsfield, 

David Prichard. They were prob. the parents of Dolly, 
bap. Nov. 25, 1753 (Ch. R.) , and Eli, bap. Dec. 7, 1755 
(Ch. R.). See Topsfield, V. R. 

153. iv. Lydia", b. July 2, 1735; m. by Rev. Mr. Emerson, Jan. 15, 

1767, to Richard Potter, Jr., of Ipswich. 
154., V. Mary", b. Aug. 1, 1739; m. Feb. 14, 1771, by Rev. Mr. 
Emerson, to Stephen Town, Jr. {Topsfield T. R.) . 

155. vi. Priscilla", b. July 1, 1742; d. Mar. 29, 1781. 

156. vii. Amos', b. Mar. 25, 1747; d. 1805 {Topsfield H. S. R.) . 

He m. Nov. 6, 1774, Lydia Batchelder of Wenham, Mass. 
He was a minute man at Lexington, in North Ward Co., 
under Capt. Stephen Perkins, on the 19th April, 1775; 
and in service at Charleston and Cambridge (Mass.) ; 
under Capt. John Dodge, Col. Jacob Gerrish's Regt. of 
Guards, Dec. 1, 1777-8 {Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the 


To citizens of Taunton, Mass., is given the credit for estab- 
lishing the settlement at Westminster, Vt. It was called first 
Township No. 1, then New Taunton ; and finally changed in 1752 
to Westminster. In the Proprietors and Toivn Records, West- 
minster, Vt. (First and original Vol.), we find the following 
entry : 

180 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The names of Those Persons that Ware admited Grantees or proprie- 
tors of The Township No. 1 on the West side of Conneticutt River whome 
the House & committee of The (Mass. Bay Colony) General Court admited 
the Ninteenth Day of November 1736: which sd Persons gave Bonds Re- 
spectively for performance of the Conditions of said Grant, viz. 

Among those named are: Thomas Clap in the Right of Nicholas 
Stephens; Thomas Clap in the Right of Samuel Pratt: Morgan Cobb 2d; 
Josiah Linkon; Thomas Linkon 3d; Joseph Eddy in the right of Thomas 
Gilbert; Joseph Eddy in the right of Nathaniel Caswell; James Leonard 
in the right of David Cobb, James Leonard in the right of Morgan Cobb; 
Morgan Cobb 2d in the right of Simeon Cobb; William Ware in the right 
of William Thayer; Ebenezer Cobb. 
Rec. April 13, 1737. 

Wm. Dudley. 

Then follows the acc't of Capt. James Leonard for expenses To Mr. 
Clapp going to Boston, Mr. Joseph Eddy as to the acc't of Proprietors of 
Taunton (Mass.) 

£ s p. 
Mr. Thomas Clap, on the right of Nicholas Stephens .15 

" " " " Samuell Pratt .15 (?) 

Capt. James Leonard " 


Morgan Cobb 
David Cobb 



Jonathan Padelford 

" " paid 

on the 

right of Thomas Linkon 
" " Josiah Linkon 





Joseph Eddy 

" " paid on the 

right of Nathaniel Caswell 
" " Wm. Leonard 


u u u 


" Edmond Andrews 


Joseph Tisdale jr. paid 
Morgan Cobb 2'^ 
Morgan Cobb 2" 


" Robert Woodward 
" Simeon Cobb 

(15 s. due 

(12/6 due 

£2 . 


William Ware pd 


" Wm. Thayer 
due 12/6 


Ebenezer Cobb pd 

due 14.S 


Mav 3. 1737. 

James Leonard. 

Joseph Tisdale of Taunton be & hereby is Impowered to Assemble the 
Grantees of the Township Number One on the West side of Connecticut 
River adjoining to the Equ'valent land so called 

The Fourth Generation 181 


House lot 


Mr. Thomas Clapp had Right 




Mr. Morgan Cobb 2'^ 




Josiah Linkon 




Mr. Joseph Eddy 




•' " " 




u u a 




Mr. Morgan Cobb 




Wm. Ware 




Ebenezer Cobb 




Mr. Thomas Clap on a com. 
Mr. Joseph Eddy on a com. 
Morgan Cobb, Surveyor. 

Deed from Ashfort [Ashford?] Wenham Co., Ct., by Joseph Barney 
of land in Township No. 1. (Westminister) to Joseph Eddy of Taunton, 
Oct. 15, 1742. 

Deed by Dr. Wm. Ware of land in Westminister to Morgan Cobb the 
2d of Taunton. 

I William Ware of Norton in the Co. of Bristol Prov. of Mass. Bay 
New Eng. Physian for and in consideration of the sum of seven pounds 
to me in hand paid before the ensealing here of by Morgan Cobb the Second 
of taunton, in the County and province aforesaid, Gent., sell him the 28" 
Lett (13 acres) in Township No. 1. on the west side of the Connecticut 
River (that is to say in Westminster. Ed.). Aug. 9, 1738 
Wit' William Ware 

William Slowe (or Stowe?) 

Thomas Walcutt: 

Joseph Eddy of Taunton sells "to Capt. Josiah Willard Esq. Comman- 
der at Fort Dummer in the Prov. of New Hampshire in N. E. for £120. — 
and for various other good causes and considerations me moving & quit 
claims to him all my rights in the new Township No. one on the West side 
of the Conn, river, above fort Dummer, viz. four original rights. 

Oct. 7, 1742. 
Wit' Joseph Eddy 

Ebenezer Hinsdell 

John Hastings 

Then again Dec. 8, 1742 the same Joseph Eddy sold five other rights 
Among names of those who paid to the Treasurer & Clerk amt's to allow 

them to go on with the alotment of upland and intervale 

1787 May 2. Lieut. Morgan Cobb 2" £3.00.00. 

Proprietors and Town Records, Westminster, Vt. 

Whereas application has this day been made to me the subscriber by 
six of the proprietors of the Township of Westminister in the Province 

182 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

of New Hampshire under their hands in writing, for a notification of a 
meeting of said Proprietors on Wednesday the fourth day of February 
next at ten of the clock in forenoon at the House of Mr. John Averel, Inn 
holder in said Westminster then and there to consider of, act and determine 
on the following particulars or articles. 

1st. To choose a Modarator to govern said Meeting 

2''ly. To see if they will except the plan and receive the report of the 
committee that was chosen and Impower'd to lay out the several Divisions 
of Land and Highways in said Township of Westminister. 

71y to choose Assessor, Collector and Treasurer 
(Dec. 3. A. D. 1760.) Josiah Willard 

Att a Legal meeting of the proprietors of the Township of Westminis- 
ter in the Province of New Hampshire held at the House of Mr. John 
Averil in sd Westminister on the fourth day of February Anni Domini 

1"' Voted and Chose Benjamin Bellows Esquire Moderator. 
2''ly voted on the second article they except the plan of the second division 
of the upland and meadow Land, as the plan is now returned. 
3''ly Voted that there be fourteen full shares set off on the North End of 
the Township together as by the plan doth or may appear 
(Viz.) His Excelency Benning Wentworth five hundred acres in the North 
East corner (This was his customary share in each grant. Ed.) and John 
Wentworths adjoyning on the West of his adjoyning, and the right of the 
Church of England, and the right for the Glebe for the propagation of the 
Gospel also the rights of John Chamberlain, Jonathan Cummings, John 
Usher, Jonathan Cummings Jun"', Theodore Atkinson, David Stearns, By- 
field Lloyd, Richard Wybert be the fourteen rights 

Agreed and Voted that House Lott Number six by the old plan is voted 
to John Averiel Jun. in lieu or instead of his meadow lott in the Second 
division of Meadow. Also House lott No. forty two and ten acres of upland 
at the corner (?) of the Governor's Meadow so call'd — be and is allowed to 
Coll. Josiah Willard in lieu or instead of his two meadow lotts in sd second 
Division; also a slip of Land as by the plan appears between the mill Brood 
and the End of the Meadow Lot be allow'd to William Willard for one of 
his Meadow Lotts in sd Division. 

Also voted to draw the division of upland and the division of Meadow 
be laid out and that John Bellow draw all the lotts and the Lotts were 
drawn. Accordingly, then Voted to adjourn this Meeting to the first 
Wednesday of May next at nine of the clock in the foornoon to meet at this 

Province of New Hampshire. Februa'"y the fourth 
A. D. 1761. These may certify 

that the within notifycation has been Posted up at Westminister in said 
Province as (?) at fort Dumer and at Winchester full fourteen days before 

The Fourth Generation 183 

the said time of meeting agreeable to the Vote of the Proprietors of sd 
Town of Westminister. 

Attest Josiah Willard. Prop'\ 

At a Freemen's Meeting in Westminster on Tuesday ye 27th March 
1781 Qualifyed as the Law directs Sam" Avery Esq", Atherton Chaffe, 
Samuel Phippan, Nathan Robinson, Reuben Robinson, John Averell, Azariah 
Wright, Asa Averill, Jon'' Atwater Phippan, John Averell Ju., Joseph 
Phippan, John Abby, Peter Lovejoy, and many others, seventy in all, 
proceeded to act on the following articles, Judges, Ass' Judges, Sheriff. 

48. Capt. John^ Averell, {John\ William-, William^), who 
is mentioned in the preceding account of Westminster, Vt., was 
b. Apr. 24, 1711, at Topsfield, Mass., and being the eldest son of 
Sargt. John Averell he inherited a double share of his father's 

Although very young at the time, he was probably the one 
referred to in Essex Co. Registry of Deeds, July 3, 1724, and 
again in 1725. 

"He was a husbandman and lived in Topsfield until about 
1740 (Essex Ant. Averill Gen.), when he is found in Groton, 
Mass. He was also for a short time in New Hampshire. 

He was m. May 7, 1735, to Mary Phippen ; and his sister 
Emma was m. in 1738 to Samuel Phippen. He was evidently 
a rower for a few years before his final settlement at Westmin- 
ster, Vt. Many facts about him as a resident in Vermont are 
found in Hemingway's Vermont Historical Gazette. She says : 

In the opening of 1751 John Averill and his wife and son Asa removed 
from Northfield, Mass., in canoes to Township No. 1. 

A court record in connection with an Essex Co., Mass., law 
suit contains at a much later date the testimony of this John 
Averell of Westminster, Vt., in which he states that he was 
formerly of Topsfield, Mass., and gives his age (this record has 
unfortunately been mislaid by the compiler; but other facts 
verify the assertion). 

The History of Westminster, Vt., by Rev. F. J. Fairbanks 
and Rev. Alfred Stevins, repeats the previous statement about 
John's settlement at Westminster, and adds : 

At which time (1751) there were but two houses in the place, one at 
the foot the other at the top of Willard's or Clapp's Hill. Mr. Averill 
moved into the one on the top of the hill, which had been occupied by four 

184 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

men, one woman, and two children. Mr. Fairbanks also gives the following 

The first child born in Westminster was Anna Averill in the Autumn 
of 1751. 

John Averill, the Willards, Pierces, Cummingses, Fletchers were among 
the first proprietors under the (later) New Hampshire Charter 9 Nov. 

In 1753 (spring) Mr. Averill and family removed to Putney (Another 
account says 1755. Ed.) because of the Indians, and the (No. 1) settlement 
was for a time abandoned. 1760 Col. Josiah Willard Jun. obtained a re- 
newal of the charter and called a meeting of the proprietors at the house 
of John Averill in Westminster, Feb. 4, 1761. 

A fort was built at the Great Meadow in 1755, and the inhabitants of 
it at that time were John Averill, Capt. Michael Gilson, Philip Alexander, 
John Perry and their households. 

John Averill had at the time he came to Westminster (1751) three 
sons, Asa, John, and Oliver. 

See preceding records for his association with the early history of the 

Mr. Averill was a proprietor of Westminster under the New Hampshire 
grant 1752; he was on the "French" Jury 1755; and Captain of Militia 
1776. He removed to Putney 1755 (?), and returned again after the war 
(Indian). The Averill family have been prominent in the history of the 
town, and many of the descendants are still living here, but the name is 
gone. The ancestors were a godly family, and such to a great extent have 
been their posterity. Mrs. Ephraim Smith, a great-granddau. of John 
Averill, who is now living here at the age of 77 (1885?) well remembers 
going to see her great-grandfather and great-grandmother when she was a 
little child. 

John Avorll (Averell) was one of those who testified at the 
inquest over the body of William French, March 15, 1775. 

On the 6th of Feb., 1776, Benjamin Carpenter, chairman 
of the Committee of Safety for Cumberland Co., communicated 
to the New York Provincial Congress a list of militia, with offi- 
cers chosen in different towns; comprised within the lower 
Regiment. The nominations were confirmed on the first of 
March, 1776. From Westminster were: — Captain, John Aver- 
ill ; 1st Lieut., Jabez Perry ; 2d Lieut., Azariah Wright ; Ensign, 

Crook [Vermont Gov. & Council]. June 11, 1776, 

Capt. John Averill with others was chosen on the Cumberland 
Co. Com. of Safety to Sept. 3, 1777. 

The Fourth Generation 185 

Book B, p. 40, Westminster Reg. Deeds. 

I John Averil of Westminster Co. Windham, Vt. 
Gentleman for £184 paid me by Silas Briggs of Putney sell to him 80 acres 
of land in Westminster as the land was laid out under the Governor and 
Council of New Hampshire and is No. one in the fourth range of eighty 
acre lotts and Drawn to me the Original Proj)rietor of the same and re- 
corded to me in the Proprietors Book of Records of Westminster. 
April 12, 1783. John Averill 

Signed Sealed & her 

Delivered in the Mary X Averill 

Presents of Mark 

Benjamin Burt 
Samuel Averill 

1795, Nov. 30, John Averall deeds land to his son John, Jr. 
(see No. 162). 

Mr. Henry Clark Lane, one of the most honored and aged 
citizens of Westminster, Vt., guided the compiler through the 
town, Sept. 12, 1900. When in his home in the old parsonage 
of Rev. Mr. Sage, for fifty years the pastor of their old church, 
he said that he well remembered seeing that old minister pass 
down the aisle each Sunday, with his wife on his arm, and bow 
right and left to his congregation, which always stood as the 
venerable couple passed up, and also when they passed down, 
and until they were out of the aisle. Mr. Lane had lived in the 
Sage Parsonage since 1850, and had many tales to tell of its 
occupants. He added that Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Sage habitually 
opened their own home doors on Sundays to out-of-town people 
who staid for the second service, and they served them toddy 
which Mr. Sage prepared with his own hands and put into a 
veritable loving cup from which each one had a sip, Mrs. Sage 
always taking next to the last one and the minister the last one. 

Another item was that Mr. Abraham Nutting brought his 
wife, Experience Averell (No. 363), and a granddau. of John, 
to the old Sage parsonage when she was practically a bride. 
That was about a hundred years ago. They had effected in 
some way an exchange of property with Mr, Sage. 

One of the finest homes in the town was built and owned by 
Mr. Samuel Avery of the Groton Clan who was there in 1774 ( ?) . 
This house was bought by Mr. Mark Richards and the Legis- 
lature sat there once. 

186 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Mr. Lane pointed out the site of John Averell's Inn at the 
foot of the hill, and also that of a later residence up the hill. 

We walked through Main Street, the lower street of East 
Parish, which runs N. E. by S. W. along the middle of a long 
high and narrow ridge of land above the valley. The town is 
built mostly on this ridge ; but extends beyond it. The houses are 
very good types of New England domestic architecture of the 
last part of the eighteenth and first of the nineteenth centuries. 
Its avenue of elms and maples, and its superb outlook over hills, 
valley, and river, make it a most attractive old time New Eng- 
land town. The main street is part of the old King's Highway 
from Brattleboro to Rockingham. The present road from the 
lower village to the upper one was sluiced out in this (20th) 
century in a very original way from the N. E. slope of the 
plateau in front of the old Court House site. A well kept old 
burying ground is at the N. E. of Main Street, and in it are 
many well preserved headstones of the old settlers and their 
descendants, — Averills, Harlows, Frenches, etc. 

The death of John Averill occurred Sept. 2, 1797 {T. R.), 
and his will was probated the same month. 

The death of "Mary Averill Relict of John Averill" oc- 
curred Sept. 18, 1809. [Also T. R.] 

Will of John Averall. 

From P. Ct. R.; Bellows Falls Co., Vt., Vol. 1, p. 224. 
At a Court held at Putney, County Windham, Vt., Sept. 19, 1797, Noah 
Sabin, Esq., Judge; A letter of administration was granted to John 
Averill on the estate of (his father) John Averill, late of Westminster 
(Vt.) deceased. Will annexed. At the same time John Averill and 
Nathaniel Robinson, Esq. gave bond to the Judge of Probate or his successor 
or successors in Law Office in the sum of one thousand dollars for the 
faithful discharge of his trust as administrator; and it was ordered by 
the Court that the Administrator return an inventory in to the sd Court of 
Probate on or before the 20th of November next ensuing; and a warrant 
(was) issued to John Session, William Willard Esq. and Samuel Chapman 
to take an Inventory of sd estate, and the administrator was ordered by the 
Judge that he settle his account by the first of April next ensueing. 
November ye 16th 1797, Inventory returned. 
(Will) : 

In the Name of God, Amen. I John Averel of the Town of West- 
minster in the county of Windham and State of Vermont Gentleman, being 
not of Perfect health of body but of Perfect mind and memory Thanks be 

The Fourth Generation 187 

given to God therefor, calling to mind the mortality of my body and Know- 
ing that it is appointed for all men once to die — Do make and ordain this 
my Last Will and Testament that is to say — Principally and first of all I 
give and recommend my Soul unto the hand of God who gave it and my 
body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian bui'ial at 
the discretion of my executors nothing doubting but at the general Resur- 
ection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God And as 
touching such worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me with in this 
Life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and 
form my just debts being first paid — 

First I give and bequeath to Mary my dearly beloved wife all my 
Household furniture during her natural life and after her decease to be 
Equally divided between my four Daughters now living and the children of 
my Daughter Mary Rockwood that is now deceased. My Daughters that 
are now living are Abiel the Wife of John Abby, Anna the Widow of Peter 
Lovejoy, Amy the Wife of Robert Rand and Olive the wife of William 

Also I give to the children of my well beloved Daughter Mary as fol- 
lows. To Aaron Forty shillings; Mary, Olive Issable and one other daugh- 
ter whose name I do not know and to Nathaniel and William Twenty 
Shillings each To be paid them by my executors one year after my 

Also I give to my beloved Son Asa Averall Twenty shillings to be paid 
him by my Executor in one year after my decease with what he has had 
heretofore and more lately by two Yoak of Oxen for which he paid me but 
part and for money he Rec'd or property he had from Mr. Field that be- 
longed to me which shall be the whole of his part of my Estate. 

Also I give to my beloved son Thomas Averall Twenty shillings with 
the Lot of Land on which he now lives heretofore given him shall be his 
full part 

Also I give to my beloved son Samuel Averall Twenty shillings with the 
Lot of Land I heretofore gave him shall be his full part of my Estate to be 
paid him by my executor in one year after my decease 

Also I give to my beloved Daughters Abiel Anna Amy and Olive before 
mentioned five pounds each to be paid five pounds to Abiel in one year after 
my decease and to Anna five pounds in two years after my Decease and to 
Amy five pounds in three years after my decease and to Olive five pounds 
in four years after my Decease by my executors 

Also I give and bequeath to my beloved son John Averall all my farm- 
ing utensals as (or ox?) Cart and plows with their attire chains axis and 
haus Also my Riding Mare and all the Rest of my Stock of every kind 
that I die possessed of at my Decease. 

Also I hereby Constitute make and ordain Nathaniel Robinson Esq"" 
of said Westminster and my beloved Son John Averall Jun"" the executors 
of this my Last Will and Testament And I do hereby utterly disallow re- 
voke and disanull all and every other Wills Legasys Bequeaths and Execu- 

188 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

tion by me in any way before named willed and bequeathed Ratefying this 
and no other to be my Last Will and Testament - — In Witness whereof I 
have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this 30th day of November In the year 
of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and ninety five 

John Averall (seal) 

Bellows Falls-Probate Windham Co. Vermont. 

Court at Putney. Adm of estate of John Averill Late of Westminster 
Vt. deceased. (Continued) 

Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said John 
Averall as his last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who in his 
presence and in the Presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our 

names the word Paid and the words The wife of Robert on the first 

page and the words To be paid him by my executors in one year after my 
decease, also the words Nathaniel Robinson Esq" of said Westminster, and 
Executors on the second page being first Interlined — the figure 30th being 
the date wrote on Erasure. 
(Signed) Samuel Avery, 

Benjamin Ranney 
Elisha Wright. 

Be it known unto all men by these Presents that I John Averill of the 
Town of Westminster in the county of Windham and State of Vermont, 
Gentleman, Have made and Declared my last Will and Testament in Writ- 
ing hairing date the 30th day of November one Thousand seven hundred and 
ninety five. I the said John Averill by this present Codicil Do ratify and 
confirm my said Last Will and Testament And do farther give and be- 
queath untc my well beloved Wife Mary All the Money I dye possessed of 
to be for her own use and at her own disposal after paying to each of my 
beloved daughters (viz. Abiel, Anna, Amy and Olive Twenty dollars each 
at my decease. And all the obligations for money I dye possessed of after 
it is collected by my Executors I give & bequeath to my eight children that 
are living (viz.) My sons Asa, Thomas, Samuel and John, and Daughters 
Abiel, Anna, Amy and Olive, and to the heirs of my Daughter Mary now 
deceased to be divided into nine eaquel parts. 

And my will and meaning is that this Codicil be adjudged to be a part 
and parcel of my Last Will and Testament and that all things therein men- 
tioned and containing be faithfully and truly performed, and as fully and 
as am.ply in every Respect as if the Same was so declared and set down in 
my Last Will and Testament. 

Witness my hand this 13th day of February one thousand seven hun- 
dred and ninety seven. John Averall 
The words at my decease in the 
ninth line, and the word it in the tenth line 
being first Interlined. 

Samuel Avery ] 

Humphrey Avery { Witnesses 

The Fourth Generation 189 

Windham ss. District of Westminster, Sept. ye 19th A. D. 1797. 

By Noah Sabin Esqr Judge of Probate of Wills, etc., for said District, 
the will herewith annexed being presented for probate by Nathaniel Rober- 
son Esq"' & John Averill Executors therein named, (by) Benjamin Ranny 
& Elisha Wright two of the witness therein mentioned personally appeared 
and made solemn oath that they saw John Averill the Testator sign and 
seal and heard him publish pronounce and Declare the will herein annexed 
to be his Last will and Testament, and that when he so did he was of a 
sound disposing mind & memory according to their best desernment and 
that they with Samuel Avery set their names as witnesses at the same time 
in the presence of each other and of the Testator. 

Sworn before me Noah Sabin Judge of Probate. 

I therefore approve of the said will and allow the same to be 
proved. Attest: Noah Sabin, Judge 

At a Court of Probate holden at Putney in the District of Westminster 
in ye 8th day of February AD 1798 Present Noah Sabin Esq. Judge. 

John Averall Administrator of the estate of John Averall Late of 
Westminster Deceased Represented that the time for settling said estate is 
Insufficient it is therefore ordered by the Judge that the time for settling 
said estate be farther lengthened to the first Day of September next ensuing 
by order of the Judge. Noah Sabin, Ju'' Clerk. 

At a court of Probate Holden at Putney in the District of Westminster 
on the 23d Day of February AD 1799 

Present Noah Sabin Esq. Judge 
of said Court 

JoHn Averil Administrator on the estate on Capt. John Averil Late of 
Westminster Dec'd in account with sd Judge. 

Am't of the Inventory being $396.30 

and prays to be allowed the following items 

To Legasis & Debs as appear by Receipt the sum of 90.00 

Likewise prays to be allowed for Debts 

Due to the Estate not likely to be 

Recovered the sum of 256.00 

To cost in the Probate Court 6.00 

Allowed the administrator for his trouble 10.00 

Remaining in the hands of the administrator the 34.30 

sum of thirty four Dollars and thirty cents and 396.30 

also the sum of 256 Dollars as above mentioned 
in Bad Debts if any part should be Recovered to be Divided 
iccordingto the will of the Deceased 396.30 

The above account Allowed 362.00 

By order of the Judge 34.30 

Noah Sabin Ju' — , Clerk. 













190 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The children of John and Mary (Phippen) Averill were: 

157. i. Mary"', bap. Mar. 14, 1736, at Topsfield, by Rev. John 

Emerson; m. Rockwood. 

158. ii. Abial ("Abiel")% bap. Nov. 26, 1738, at Topsfield, by Rev. 

John Emerson; m. John Abbe, or Abby. 

159. iii. AsA°, b. abt. 1739, prob. at Groton or Northfield, Mass.; m. 

(1) Anna Chaffee; m. (2) Mercy Lovejoy. 
Thomas', b. abt. 1745; m. Elizabeth Robinson. 
Samueu', b. 17 — ; m. Mollie Barnes. 
John'', b. abt. 1748; m. Olive Estabrook. 
Anna", b. Autumn of 1751 ("the first child b. at Westmin- 
ster, Vt.") ; m. Peter Lovejoy. 
viii. Amy", b. abt. 1778; m. Robert Rand. 
Olive", b. 17 — ; m. William Martain. 

49. Thomas^ Averill, also called "Avery" (John^, William-, 
William'), b. Dec. 17, 1713, at Topsfield, Mass. {T. R.) ;m. May 
20, 1739, at Ipswich, Mass. {T. i?.), Sarah Kneeland (called also 
Nealand, Neeland, Neland), who was then of Ipswich (T. R.) . 
She was bap. June 17, 1716, at Topsfield (Ch. R.) , and was the 
dau. of Phihp Kneeland (or Nealand), who was of Topsfield and 
Ipswich, and of Martha Graves, his wife (see The Kneeland 
Family). Thomas was in Topsfield, Dec, 1738, and in Andover, 
Essex Co., Mass., Dec. 8, 1741, and in Amherst, N. H., in 1760, 
or earlier. 

The following items from the Essex Co. Mass. Registry of 
Deeds may be of interest: 

I Thomas Averill of Topsfield in consideration of the sum of £115; to 

me in hand paid by John Averill of the same town and 

county aforesaid Husbandman have . . . sold . . . unto him the 
s'd John Averill a certain parcel of upland and meadow situated in Topsfield 
Bounded South Easterly with land of Jacob Perkins, Southwesterly with 
land of W"' Perkins, NorthWesterly 27 Pole and 8 links with land of Thomas 

Averill aforesaid, etc. etc ten acres more or less 

part of an Estate of Inheritance 

March 19, 1736/7 (Signed) Thomas Averill 

Wit^ Eunice Averil 

Nathaniel Averill Jun'' 

Ack. by Thomas Averill May 18, 1738 (Essex Reg., Vol. 74, p. 

I Thomas Averill of Topsfield Husbandman, for the sum of £104 to me 

in hand paid by Nathan Wilds of Topsfield do sell him a 

certain tract of upland and meadow situate in Topsfield bounded as follows: 

The Fourth Generation 191 

beginning at an ash tree standing by Mile Brook thence South Westerly 
with lands of John Averill to a heap of stones by land of W" Perkins, 
thence North Westerly by lands of s'd Perkins to a great white oak tree; 
South Westerly by lands of W'" Perkins, then North West by land of John 
Wildes, then North West by land of John Averills. Thence Easterly 
with land of said Averill, to land which is ye Widow Ann Averills Thirds, 
thence North Easterly with ye s'd Widows thirds to ye Brook aforesaid 
. . . . thence down the brook to the first mentioned bounds .... 
in all 8 acres 110 poles. 

Dec. 11, 1738. (Signed) Thomas Averill 


Jacob Averill 

Nathaniel Averill. 

Ack. by Thomas Averill Feb. 21, 1738 {Essex Reg., Vol. 77, p. 

I Thomas Averill of for the consideration of £81, 

sell 7 acres 15 poles of land to John 

Wildes Butted and Bounded .... Being at a Cor- 
ner bound Between John Averill's land and ye aforesaid Thomas Averill's 
land and ye above said Wild's lands Easterly to Perkins lands, so to 
Highway and thence as the fence stands by said way to the above said John 

Averill lands which land is owned in right of a 

good perfect and absolute estate of inheritance by the said Thomas Averill. 

July 3, 1738. (Signed) Thomas Averill 

Wit^- John Wildes Jun"" 
Elisha Wildes 

Ack. Feb. 21, 1738. (Same date as previous instrument, 
Essex Reg., Vol. 77, p. 231.) 

I Thomas Averill of Andover in ye County of Essex Prov. Mass. Bay 
yeoman for and in consideration of the sum of £15 to me in hand paid by 

Nathan Wildes of Topsfield sell him ye 

one half of a Barn Standing in Topsfield the Easterly end of which Barn 
John Wildes own, ye other half of which said Barn together with all my 

right of land in ye foreside and Easterly end of said Barn 

I own in my own right as a good perfect and absolute Estate of inheritance 
Dec. 8, 1741 

Thomas X Averill 
Wit'' John Wildes 

John Wildes jun"' 

Ack. by Thomas Averill March 17, 1744 before 

Daniel Appleton {Essex Reg., Vol. 87, p. 24.) 

192 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The following abstracts also refer to said Thomas : Deed 
from John Whitney of Tewkesbury, gent, for £680 to Thomas 
Averill and John Chapman Jr. both of Topsfield, yeomen, who 
bought 117 acres of upland meadow and swamp, situate in 
Tewkesbury (Mass.) (1) 90 acres lying on W. side of Road that 
goes to Borland farm from Billerica, with houses and buildings 
and b'd w. by Concord River; (2) Parcel of land E. side of Road 
27 acres on Road to Tewkesbury Meeting house. 

July 1, 1738, & July 5, 1738 {Reg. of Deeds, Middlesex Co., 
Mass., Vol. 42, p. 438). 

Dec. 24, 1741, Thomas Averill sold the above to Davis 

In Mass. Archives; Colonial Records, A — 1710 — (unpub- 
lished) ; we find: 

Thomas Averall appears on a Muster Roll dated Boston, Feb. 27, 1756, 
of a Company of his Majesty's service under the command of Capt. Henry 
Ingalls: Quality, Sentinal; Residence, Andover; Entered services, Oct. 3; 
Served until Dec. 27. Length of service 12 weeks 2 days. Remarks: en- 
dorsed: Co. on Crown Point Expedition: Year: — Not given; probably 
1755. Reported: Allowed subsistence from Albany home [Muster Rolls, 
Vol. 94, p. 108]. 

The first record of Thomas Averill Sr. in the town of Am- 
herst, N. H., was in 1760, when appears as a tax payer. In 
1763 he signed a protest from Amherst against the annexation 
of part of Monson to Hollis. He and his son Thomas ''Avarel" 
Junr., signed a petition from Amherst against the division of 
the town, which was filed Feb. 4, 1771. On March 14, 1776, his 
son Thomas offered with others to do his utmost to aid the 
Colonies ; but the father's name does not appear on the record. 
He was then 63 years of age. 

July 4, 1758, he purchased land in Amherst, N. H., from 
Andrew Bixby of New Plantation, called Sowhegan West, No, 3 
(now Amherst) Province of New Hampshire in New England, 
paying £60 for lot No. 47, in the first Division. (Hillsborough 
Co., N. H., Reg. Deeds, Vol. 17, p. 304.) In this instrument he 
is called Thomas Avery of Andover, Co. Essex, Prov. of Mass. 
Bay, husbandman. This land was sold by Thomas "Avery" Sr. 
to his son Thomas ''Avery" Jr., Mar. 4, 1793, for £60, with the 
reservation that he (the father) was to have one half the annual 

The Fourth Generation 193 

income during his life {Hillsborough Co. Reg. Deeds, Vol. 30, 
p. 453). 

He therefore d. after Mar. 4, 1793, at which time he was 
about eighty years of age. The following named children of 
Thomas and Sarah (Kneeland) Averill are the only ones of 
whom we have any record, but there may have been others.* 

Children : 

166. i. JoHN°t "Avery" or Averill, b. Oct. 13, 1741. 

167. ii. THOMAS°t "Avery" or Averill, b. Sept. 26, 1747, at Andover, 

Mass.; m. Mary ■ . 

168. iii. SARAH^t "Avery" or Averill, b. Nov. 3, 1751; m. (1) James 

Hutchinson; (2) (as 2d. w.) Ebenezer Chandler. 


* It is possible that William Averill, mentioned once in Bedford, 
Hillsborough Co., N. H., April 12, 1769, was another son. Ed. 

t A family Bible with records of Thomas Avery (No. 167) and his 
children, contains the only data we have as to the birth of John (No. 166) 
and Sarah (No. 168) brother and sister of Thomas. We are much indebted 
to Mrs. Ella M. (Averill) Ellison, wife of Harry Hildreth Ellison, of Battle 
Creek, Mich., for records of this family, which are in her grandmother 
Averill's Bible. 

50. Emma^ Averill, called "Emme," "Ami," "Ammie" 
(Joh7r, William'-, William'), b. and bap. May-Aug., in the same 
year, 1715, at Topsfield, Mass. She was m. Sept. 7, 1738, to 
Samuel Phippen, then a resident of Topsfield. He was probably 
a brother of John Averill's wife. She was a minor at the time of 
her father's death, and Apr. 7, 1735, Judge Appleton appointed 
John Wilds of Topsfield guardian of herself and the three 
younger children. In the division of the estate she received the 
same portion given to all the children except the oldest brother, 
i. e., £66. 8. 9, July 7, 1735. [See Topsfield T. and Ch. Rs.; Essex 
Co. P. R.] 

They removed to Westminster, Vt., where their uncle John 
Averell had settled, and where most of their family followed 

Children (all b. at Topsfield) were: 

i. Mercy' Phippen, b. Jan. 31, 1738-9. 

ii. Mary' Phippen, b. July 3, 1740. 

iii. Samuel'' Phippen, b. Jan. 20, 1742-3. 

iv. Joseph' Phippen, b. Apr. 21, 1745. 

194 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

V. Hannah" Phippen, b. Dec. 4, 1747. 
vi. Mehetabel' Phippen, b. Apr. 19, 1750. 
vii. Sarah"' Phippen, b. Sept. 10, 1753. 
viii. Ruth' Phippen, bap. Nov. 9, 1755; d. June 15, 1757. 
ix. Jonathan Atwater^ Phippen, b. May 15, 1758; lived at 
Westminster, Vt. 


The above named children were all bap. in Christ Ch., Topsfield, the 
first four Oct. 12, 1746; Hannah, Dec. 13, 1747; Mehetabel, Apr. 22, 1750; 
Sarah, Sept. 16, 1753; Ruth, Nov. 9, 1755; Jonathan Atwater, May 21, 
1758 (see Ch. R.) . 

51. Katherine'* Averill {John% William-, William^), bap. 
Apr. (14?), 1717 iCh. R.), at Topsfield, Mass., was a minor 
at the death of her father; and Apr. 7, 1735, she and other 
members of the family were placed under the guardianship of 
John Wilds of Topsfield (see p. 123). She was m. Dec. 22, 
1736, to Nathaniel Moulton of Ipswich, Mass., the intention of 
marriage being pubhshed Nov. 13, 1736 (see Ipswich T. R. for 
both items). They lived at Ipswich and Topsfield. 

The children of Nathaniel and Katherine (Averell) Moulton 

i. Nathaniel Moulton, b. Feb. 24, 1737-8, at Topsfield. 
ii. John' Moulton, bap. Oct. 14, 1739 {Ch. R.) , at Topsfield. 

52. Ebenezer'* Averill {John''', William-, William^) was 
bap. Oct. 1, 1718, at Topsfield, Mass. {Ch. R.), and lived at 
Topsfield. He was taxed there in 1744-'47-'58. He was m. 
there Apr. 5, 1748 or '49 (int. pub. Feb. 28, 1747-8), to Mary 

He removed to Amherst, N. H., about 1760, according to the 
Averill Genealogy {Essex Ant.), but the History of Milford, 
N. H., states that he came in 1752 as one of the pioneers of the 
town, and to that part of the town then called the South Parish of 
Amherst, but now part of Milford. He purchased a farm joining 
the Mont Vernon line. He was an active man, well equipped to 
succeed in the troublesome and difficult life of the early settlers. 

Children (the first three b. at Topsfield and bap. there) : 

169. i. Ruth", bap. Jan. 1, 1749. 

170. ii. Ebenezer'', bap. Dec. 22, 1751; lived at Amherst, N. H. 

His int. to marry Anna Johnson of Danvers was pub. 
Oct. 3, 1775 {Averill Gen., Essex Ant.). 

The Fourth Generation 195 

171. iii. David", b. Apr. 1, 17-55; bap. Aug. 13, 1755; m. Mary 


172. iv. Elijah', bap. May 29, 1759; m. Mehitabel Bradford. 

173. V. Moses", b. in 1761; m. (1) Nancy Parker; m. (2) Mary 

Bridges; m. (3) Emmie . 


Pownalborough was part of the early well known "Sheepscot 
farms," called the Garden of the East. It (Sheepscot) was gov- 
erned from Pemaquid, and lots and tracts of land were then 
granted at old Sheepscot and Wish-casset. The Plymouth ac- 
quisition of land title on both shores of the Kennebec "fifteen 
miles wide, (was made) by purchase of the Indians Jan. 13, 
1629;" (and) the proprietor of this purchase (or their heirs?) 
with untiring zeal and great sagacity stimulated settlement of 
their lands with so much success as to colonize a new town, by 
the name of Pownalboro and secure its incorporation Feb. 13, 
1760. It contained some one hundred and fifteen families, broken 
into three precincts for religious uses, viz.: west, north, and 
east. East was Wiscasset Point. The north precinct had indus- 
trial water privileges, where were fording places and mill-sites 
on the Sheepscot, near Head of the Tide and the Falls., The 
influence and activities of the industries in the north precinct 
created an export trade at Wiscasset Point below, which became 
the centre of a lucrative and extensive West India commerce. 

In 1794, Pownalboro was divided into the municipalities of 
Dresden to the west, and New Milford to the east; and in 1811, 
the name of New Milford was changed to Alna from the lux- 
uriant alder groves on the banks of the Sheepscot River fords. 
(The above is quoted freely from articles by Rufus King Sewall, 
Esq., of Wiscasset.) 

Early deeds to the Averells who settled there 1738-39 to 
1761 — Job (No. 54) Averell, his brother Israel, and later for a 
short time their brother Ezekiel, and at Balltown Plantation 
Samuel Avery their cousin — , give the name of the place as 

Another account of Sheepscot is found in the following 
items: — 1682 Aug, 30. A meeting was held at the house of Mr 
Robert Gibbers, at Fort Hill, Boston — (Colony Mass. Bay) — for 

196 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

the purpose of forming an association for the re-settlement of 
New Dartmouth (Sheepscot) There were present, John Alleyn, 
Thomas Gent, Christopher Dyer, Thomas Messer, Robert Scott, 
WilHam Lowering, John White, Daniel Gent, William Willcutt, 
John Browne (Jr?) John Dyer, Caleb Ray, Elizabeth Phips, 
and David Ransford, 

[The names of a majority of those mentioned above are 
found in the early deed of this locality.] 

Cushman says that Col. David Dunbar, an Irish man and 
British officer was given the superintendence and government 
of Sagadahock (which included Sheepscot, Wiscasset — Damaris- 
cotto, etc.) in 1729; and that he introduced a large number of 
persons into this section of the country: the M'^Cobbs, Reeds, 
Aulds, M^'Clintocks, M'^Farlands, Briers, Knights, Forsets, Mont- 
gomerys, Kennedys, Campbells and others whose names have 
been familiar for 130 years. They came originally from Scot- 
land, and settled in the North of Ireland, These were among 
the choicest of European emigrants, and their blood was as pre- 
cious as any that coursed in the veins of the people of these 
United States — a fearless indomitable people. Some of these 
people and others, including the Averells, served in Colonial 

From unpublished records we obtained the following: 

Mass. Archives; Vol. 95, pp. 336, 337. 
A true list of the Company of Militia within the Destrict of Whiscasit & 
Under the Command of Jonathan Williamson 

Cap' Jonathan Williamson 

Lf. Michal Leve. 

Ens" Thomas Williamson 
Clark William Cliford 

Robert Lambert 

Serj*^ William Boyinton 
Frances Gray 
Sa7nuel Trask 
Simon Crosby 
Richard Greenlief 

Corp' Jonathan Williamson Jun'' 

Job Avery Jun'' 

Job Averell's "Mountain" and the Old Schoolhouse. 

196 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

the purpose of forming an association for the re-settlement of 
New Dartmouth (Sheepscot) There were present, John AUeyn, 
Thomas Gent, Christopher Dyer, Thomas Messer, Robert Scott, 
William Lowering, John White, Daniel Gent, William Willcutt. 
John Browne (Jr?) John Dyer, Caleb Ray, Elizabeth Phips, 
and David Ransford. 

[The names of a majoi .entioned above are 

found in the early deed of "this ioc^iily.] 

Cushman says that Col. David Dunbar, an Irish man and 
British officer was given the superintendence and government 
of Sagadahock (which included Sheepscot, Wiscasset — Damaris- 
cotto, etc.) in 1729; -and that he introduced a large number of 
ntTSons into this section of the country: the M''Cobbs, Reeds, 
Aulds, M^Clintocks, M^^Farlands, Briers, Knights, Forsets, Mont- 
)j-omerys, Kennedys, Campbells and others whose names have 
l>een familiar for 130 years. They came originally f^rom Scot- 
land ; ' ' d in the North of Ireland. These were among 
!ii( t : liiuropean emigrants, and their blood was as pre- 

cious as any that coursed in the veins of the people of these 
I'nited States — a fearless indomitpble people. Some of these 
pf-opJM Hilt! othe>A, including n Colonial- 

unpublished records we obtained the foilowing; 

Wbiscasit & 


Jonathan Williams : 
Michal heye. 
Ens" Thomas Williamson 
-'^ William Cliford 
• >ftrt Lambert 
i ~ William Bo.vH.t ■! 
i'l-ances Gra- 
vis wci! Tru.s! 
8imon Crosby 

'"^auoHaoiH^^B asO 3Ht uma "v^iat^uoM" «'aaaH.vA aol 

The Fourth Generation 199 

Comition Officers & men upwards of sixty 

Job Avery 

The Above is a True List of Every man Within the Destrict of Whiscasit 
Mounsweg Jeremy squam Island & Sheepscott without Newcastle line 

Taken Aprill y'= 30: 1757— 

Mass. Archives; Vol. 95, p. 46. 
A Muster Roll of the Company in His Majesty's Service. 

Under the Command of Alexander Nickel's Jun'' Captain, Viz: — 
Job Averell — Quality, Cetdl Time of Entrance in the Service — April 1, 
1756 — Until what Time in the service, Nov'' 10, 1756 — Whole Time of 
Service, 32 weeks. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of the Secretary, Boston, Oct. 
7, 1897. I certify the foregoing to be true abstracts from the Mass. 
Archives deposited in this office. 

Witness the Seal of the Commonwealth — 

Wm. M. Olin, Secretary. 

54. Job^ Averell {Joh\ William-, William'), b. Aug. 11, 
1707, at Topsfield, Mass. was a very enterprising and ambitious 
man, of more than ordinary ability, and equal to the demands 
of the pioneer life which he chose very early for himself. He 
was identified with the early history of Arundel and Pownalboro, 

He was bap. at Topsfield, Aug., 1707 {Ch. R.), and possi- 
bly he was the JobAverill admitted into the Middleton Church the 
year it was established, 1729, as Mrs. Job Averell, his mother, 
who was a member of the Topsfield Church, is not mentioned, and 
his father, who d. about that time, may not have been trans- 
ferred. It is probable that he married his first wife, Sarah 

, about 1730, at Arundel (Cape Porpoise), now Kenne- 

bunkport, Me., where he lived for a time. But one or two clues 
have been found to her surname ; and those not sufficient for us 
to recover it (see p. 207). The Arundel Toum Records were 
searched for vital statistics of himself and children, but none 
were found. His associations with Samuel Whittemore were very 
intimate, and Sarah may have been his daughter. He had a 
large family and was undoubtedly married when quite young, 
as indicated by records relating to the older children. 

200 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Middleton Church Records give the baptism of his dau., 
"Sarah Averill of Job and Sarah, bap. Aug. 14, 1748" ; and "Will- 
iam Averill of Job and Sarah, bap. Aug. 14, 1748," at that place, 
though Sarah may have been born much earlier; but the lists 
given of his children appear to be confused with that of the 
family of his brother Israel. 

He and his brother Israel were named with their mother 
Susanna (Brown) Averell as exrs. of their father's estate, 1729- 
30; and Job was appd. admr. of his mother's estate in 1732 
[seep. 130]. 

At what date he settled in Arundel Co., York, Me., we do 
not know; but deeds of which we give abstracts, show he was 
there in 1734: 

I Thomas Prentice of Arundel for £50 to me in hand 

paid by Job Averill of Middleton in the County of Essex Yeoman .... 

have given granted and sold to said Job Averil 50 acres of 

Land to be laid out any where in the Common Land of Arundel not In- 
fringing upon former and other grants, which 50 acres is Part of the 200 
acres which the Proprietors of s'd Town of Arundel at a meeting Sept. 21, 
1730 gave and granted to me the s'd Thomas Prentice 


Signed Thomas Prentice 

Wit^ Irene Prentice 

Benjamin janenma (?) 

Joseph Averelle 

Ack. York ss. Arundale Ap. 19, 1734 
by The Rev Mr Thomas Prentice and Irene his wife. 

{York Deeds: Vol. 16, p. 192.) 

I Zacheus Perkins of Topsfield in the Co. of Essex 

Taylor . . . for the sum of £150 to me in hand paid by Job Averell of 
Arundel, Husbandman have sold him the sd Job Averell 50 acres of Land 

in the Town of Arundel which was granted to Jonathan 

Shearman at a town meeting of Arundel May 30, 1720 — 1 one and forty 
acres of which land hath been laid out to the sd Zacheus Perkins as by town 

records may appear, the other nine acres yet to be laid out 

and also one eighth part of a saw mill standing on a River known by ye 
name of Kenebunk Which Mill is near adjoyning Mr John Fairfields House 
and Land which he bought of Sam'l Littlefield, the said river being the 
Bounds between Wells and Arundel. 

Nov 14 (?) 1734 (Signed) Zacheus Perkins 

Wits's James Phillips 

Samuel Tarbox Jun r 

Ack. Essex ss. Nov. 14, 1734 by Zacheus Perkins 

The Fourth Generation 201 

Rec. York. Jan 13, 1735/6 (York Deeds; Vol. 17, p. 264.) 

I Job Averill of Arundell Co. York, Husbandman, for and in consider- 
ation of their lands in Middleton Released to me 

by my brother Israel Averill of Middleton have released and 

quitclaimed unto said Israel . . . several tracts of land in Middleton 

butted and bounded and described as followeth — the first 

parcel beginning by a stake and heap of stones by the river two poles from 
Paul Averill's land running southeast with a straight line through ye mid- 
dle of ye Barne and Dwelling house to a stake and heap of stones 21 rods 
from Nichol's line, then running Eastward to a stake and heap of stones, 
by Sewal Towns land, then running south east by Town's land about 13 
rods, then Eastward by Towns land to Nichols brook, then Southward (by) 
ye brook to Cases land, then Westerly by land of Case to ye highway, so 
across the way by land of Eben"' Nichols by ye river, then running down 
the river to the Stake first mentioned. 

2" Portion — begins at norwest corner of Jacob Towns land, Eastward 
by Towns land to a stake 20 rods Westward from Nichol's brook, then 
northwest ten rods to a stake, then westward to a stake 9% rods from ye 
afore s'd Jacob Towne's land, then South to the corner bound first men- 

3"^ piece lying on the north side of Ipswich River, beginning at a Black 
oak tree marked, so running by land of Nath'l Symonds to a stake and heap 
of stones by Zerobabell Endicotts, then northward by s'd Endicotts land to 
a corner bound by Benj" Endicotts land, then southwestward by s'd Benja- 
min's line until a straight line from thence to ye first bound will complete 
the measure of eleven acres and one half together with all and singular 
of buildings, fences wood, etc etc 

Nov. 15, 1734. Signed Job Averill 

Wit** John Leach 

Francis Peabody 

Ack. by Job Averill to be his free act and deed Nov. 18, 1734 and 
Recorded same date. (Essex Reg.; B. 67, p. 146.) 

We Job Averill of Arundell in ye county of York husbandman and 
Israel Averill of Middleton County of Essex, Husbandman, for £100, paid 
us by Joseph and Benjamin Knight both of Middleton . . . sell to them 
. . . . eight acres of land or thereabouts in Mid- 
dleton, butted and bounded as follows. Southerly on Land of Thomas Robin- 
son, Easterly on Nichol's brook, Northerly and Westerly by ye Middle of 
ye Cart path as it runs from Nichols brook so called to Robinsons land . 
this being an estate of Inheritance .... 

Nov. 18, 1734. (Signed) Job Averill 

Israel Averill 
Wt\ Robert Bradford 
Frances Peabody. 

202 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Acknowledged same date by Job Averill and Israel Averill. 

(Essex Reg., B. 62, p. 254.) 
I Jacob Curtis of Arundel for £400 to me in Hand paid by Job Averell 
of Arundel yeoman (agree) to sell unto him Job Averell one messuage or 
Tract of Land in Arundel Butted & Bounded as followeth : begin^ at a 
stake & stones by the Salter Water, so running North on a strait line with 
a ditch by Isaac Curtises Marsh, then by s'* marsh to stakes and stones, then 
west with a ditch by s'^ Curtises march and by the marsh of Rob' Smith to 
stakes and stones, then north east by marsh of Rob' Smith to stakes and 
stones, then west by marsh of Humphrey Bearing to stakes and stones, by 
land of Capt. Thomas Perkins, then south by said Perkin's land to the 

Cove so by the cove to the first mentioned stake and stones 

about 34 acres with dwelling house & barn . . etc etc 

March 7, 1735. signed Jacob Curtis 

Abigail Curtis 
Wit^. Isaac Curtis 

Hannah x Curtis 

Ack. Wells. July 28, 1735. {York Deeds; Vol. 17, p. 176.) 

I Job Averell of Arundell yeoman for £400 do make over all my lands 
that I am now possessed of in the Township of Arrundel which I bought 
of Jacob Curtis & Mr Thomas Prentice & Zacheus Perkins, as it is now 
butted and Bounded .... to Jacob Curtis of Arrundell, also one 
eighth part of the saw mill which I bought of Zacheus Perkins afores'd, 
The conditions of this Present Deed or Mortgage is such that if the above 
s'd Job Averell his heirs .... shall well & truly pay, satisfie and 
take up a Bond Conditioned for the Payment of Four Hundred Pounds 
with lawful Interest for the same bearing even Date with these Presents 
at or before the 10'" day of March 1739 as by the Bond more fully may 
appear then this deed of Mortgage to be wholly void and of none Effect, 
or else remain in full force and virtue for performance of the above s'd 

" obligation I bind myself my Heirs executors & adm""* 

form'ly by these presents. Sealed with my seal* dated this 10 day of 

March 1735. 

(Signed) Job Averell 


Isaac Curtis 

Hannah X Curtis 

Ack'd York ss. July 28, 1735. (York Deeds; Vol. 17, p. 188.) 

[This mortgage probably was discharged, and the entry 

* Queries: What became of Job Averell's seal? Has any one ever 
heard of that seal? What device was on it? 

The Fourth Generation 203 

Previous to April 5, 1737 Joseph Averell (No. 34), bought of Job 
Averell — at least some of the land which Job Averell purchased of Rev. 
Thomas Prentice. (York Deeds; Vol. 19, p. 48.) 

I Job Averell of Avundell, yeoman, for £225 paid by John Fairfield of 
Arrundel Gentleman and Nath 11 Kimball of Wells millman . . Have 
given . . . and sold . . unto them .... one eighth part of 
a saw mill going with two saws standing on Kennebunk River between the 
Township of Wells and Arundel adjoining the home of Mr John Fairfield 
with the eighth part of the privilege of the Stream, .... also 89 
acres of land, 49 of which was granted to Jon" Sherman by the Pr's 
(Proprietors) of Arundel the other 40 given and granted to Mr Thomas 
Printese by the Pr's of Arundel Sept 21, 1730. 

Mch 16, 1738 Signed Job Averell 

Ack. March 21, 1737/8. 

{York Deeds; Vol. 19, p. 231.) 

Dec. 5, 1737: Warranty deed from John Burt, goldsmith of Boston, 
Mass., to Job Averell of Arundel, York Co., Massachusetts Bay, and Israel 
Averill of Middleton, Essex Co., same province, for £384. The land con- 
veyed was One Messuage or Tract of Upland & Marsh situate lying and 
being on the Westerly side of Sheepscut River in the County of York in the 
lower Township or lower half Part of Nathaniel Drapers Right near to the 
Batt Falls Containing One Thousand Two Hundred & Eighty Acres, lying 
Two Miles in length on a North West Course from the River & One Mile 
in Weadth on a North East Course Bounded on the River Also One Tenth 
Part of all the Salt Marsh belonging to Nathaniel Draper Sen"' Dec' 

(York Deeds; B. 19, F. 232.) 
Received Nov. 16, 1738. 

The above is probably only an equitable mortgage as the 
following abstract would indicate. But between March 16, 
1738, and July 9, 1739, Job Averell had removed from Arundel 
to Sheepscot. 

July 9, 1739: Warranty Deed: Job Averell of Sheepscutt, Yeoman, 
and Israel Averell of Middleton, Husbandman, conveyed to John Burt of 
Boston, Goldsmith, for £384 One Messuage or Tract of Up Land & Meadow 
Land & Marsh Situate lying & being on the Westerly Side of Sheepscot 
River in the County of York in the lower Township or lower half part of 
Nath' Drapers Right near to the Batt Falls Containing One Thousand 
Two Hundred & Eighty Acres lying two Miles in length on a North West 
Course from the River & One Mile in Weadth on a North East Course 
Bounded on the River Also One Tenth part of all the Salt Marsh on the 
Easterly Side of Dyers River that formerly belonged to Nath Draper Sen"" 
Dec'^ Consideration 384 Pounds. Recorded March 3' 1739. [York Deeds; 
B. 19, F. 312.] 

204 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

July 10, 1739: Warranty Deed from John Burt of Boston, Suffolk Co., 
Massachusetts Bay, goldsmith, for £142 to Job Averell of Sheepscutt, York 
Co., Massachusetts Bay, yeoman, and Israel Averell of Middleton, Essex 
Co., same prov., husb'-ndman. 

One Piece or Parcel of Land lying on the Westerly Side of Sheepscot 
River above the Batt Falls being part of the Fourth Lot in the Upper 
Township Bounded on the South West Side by M"' John Cooksens Land Two 
Miles & an half in Length & On the North East Side by Land of M'^ Samuel 
Whittemore Two Miles and and half in Length & on the South East side 
by the River Ninty four Rods and and half the whole containing four 
Hundred Seventy Two Acres & an half . . . [York Deeds, B. 23, F. 

I Job Averell of Sheepscott, Co. York for £250 to me 

in hand paid by John Webb of Arrundell or other good and lawful con- 
siderations me thereunto moving . . have given granted sold .... 
to the s" John Webb a certain Parcell of land and marsh lying in the town- 
ship of Arrundell . . . bounded By the Cove By Capt. Thomas Per- 
kin's land, so North by s'' Perkin's land to a stake by Humphrey Bearings 

Marsh to a stake by Robert Smith's Marsh, south by s"" 

Smith's and so running as the Creek runs from the Pond 

to the Cove, then Westerly by the Cove to the V^ bounds mentioned, the 
whole containing about 35 acres. 

Aug. 27, 1740. (Signed) Job Averell 

(York Deeds; Vol. 22, p. 121.) 

I Job Averell of Sheepscot for £30; paid by Isaac Curtis of .... 
. . . sell him one certain piece of Upland and Marsh and Thatch Beds 
lying & being in Arrundel — 

Aug. 21, 1740 [York Deeds; Vol. 23, p. 25.) 

Job Averill of Sheepscutt, Co. York, gentleman, gives, April 6, 1742, 
power of attorney to W" Shillabar, his lawful attorney, to sell and dispose 
of all that tract of land in Middleton, Essex Co., Province of Mass. Bay 
(nine acres) South on Simonds land. Westerly on Paul Averill's land, 
Northerly on land of Robert Bradford, westerly on land of Robert Bradford 
northwest on Paul Averill's land, northerly on Endicott's land. Easterly on 
land of Israel Averill. (Essex Reg.; B. 83, p. 240.) 

Job Averell also gives power of attorney to Wm Shillaber of Salem a 
second time. (Essex Reg.; B. 84, p. 175.) 

Dec. 23, 1762: Deed of Mortgage: "Job Averell" owed the Proprietors 
of the Kennebec purchase from the late Colony of New Plymouth the sum 
of £316-16s., for which he gave his bond to Sylvester Gardiner to pay him 
£316-16s., on or before Dec. 23, 1765, with lawful interest for the same. As 
further surety for the payment of said bond and for 20s. paid him by 
Silvester Gardiner, "Job Averell" conveys to him a certain Parcel of Land 
in said Pownalborough, containing Seven hundred & Ninety two Acres, 

The Fourth Generation 205 

including four Lots of Land, Viz: — No. 53, 54, 55, & 56, and Butted & 
Bounded as follows — Viz: Beginning at Sheepscutt River, And on the 
Northerly line of a Road, Eight poles wide lying between Said Lot number 
53, and number 52 and from thence running a north west Course on said 
Northerly Line and so far as to Compleat Two Miles & One Quarter of a 
Mile, From Thence to Run a North East Course one hundred & twenty six 
poles. From thence to run a South East course, so as to meet the End or 
Termination of the Southerly line of Lot No. 57, and So along a South East 
course upon Said Southerly line, about Two Miles & One Quarter of a Mile 
to said Sheepscutt River, and from thence Down said River to the first 
Mentioned Bounds, and is a Parcel of Land Two Miles & one Quarter of a 
Mile long, and one Hundred & Twenty Six poles wide, and Contains Seven 
hundred & Ninety Two Acres — Together with all the Priviledges and Ap- 
purtenances to the same belonging. 

Received Feb. 3, 1763. {Lincoln Reg., Lib. 3, F. 47.) 

Discharge of above mortgage recorded in margin of record — Viz: — 
Know all Men by these Presents, That I Henry Alline Clerk to the said 
Proprietors of the Kennebeck Purchase from the late Colony of New 
Plymouth, for and in Consideration of the Sum of Five Hundred Pounds 
lawful Money paid by Enoch Averell to John Pitts Esquire Treasurer of the 
said Proprietors, Have and do by These Presents, as Clerk aforesaid, and 
by order of David Jeffries Esq, the said John Pitts and Mr James Thiving, 
three of the Committee of the said Proprietors, discharge the within Deed 
of Mortgage In Witness Whereof I have hereto set my Hand & Seal this 
12"' Day of April in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred 
and Seventy nine — Henry Alline & a Seal. Witness John Pitts. 

Pownalborough October 20, 1779, I do hereby acknowledge to have 
received of Samuel Averell, Benjamin Averell John Averell, William Averell 
the within mentioned sum of five Hundred Pouns lawful money, which I 
paid John Pitts Esq, Treasurer of the Kennebeck Company — Enoch Averell. 

Lincoln ss. Received October 20, 1779, and accordingly entered and 
examined by Jon° Bowman Reg'r 

[The above mentioned Enoch Averell was son of Israel, and 
nephew of Job Averell.] 

Job Averell Gentleman of Pownalborough sells to Israel Averell, House- 
wright, for £126, 316 acres Butted & bounded as follows — Beginning on 
Sheepscut River at a stake standing on the North line of Lot No. 53 & 
running from said stake a North West course 750 poles then to run a 
N. E. course 48 p. then a S. E. course 320 poles — thence N. E. 40 poles & 
South East course to Sheepscut River from thence to run southerly down 
said River to first mentioned Bounds — together with all the privileges and 
appurtenances thereof Sarah the wife of me the said Job- 
doth hereby give & grant her dower & right of dower — unto the said Israel — 
Jan 25—1763— Ack. Jan 25, 1763. Rec. Feb. 26, 1767. 

{Lincoln Co. Reg.; B. 5, p. 146.) 

206 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The above is the only mention of Job Averell's first wife, 
by name, which we have found, except in the Middleton Church 
records, where her given name appears in two entries (see p. 
200) . There were about fifteen years between these records, and 
Job's "brother-in-law" was mentioned in a manner which indi- 
cates that he must have been Sarah's brother, but no surname 
was given, or has been learned (see p. 208). 

Aug. 23, 1773: Warranty Deed from Job Averell of Pownalborough, 
Lincoln Co. for £40 to Ebenezer Whittier of Pownalborough. 

This was the half part of the Said Mill now standing on Mill Brook 
in said Town with the one half of the Stream Dam, Going Geer, Irons & 
all Appurtenances belonging to said Mill together with the one half of an 
Acre of Land on the Northerly side of said Mill for the use of a Mill Yard 
adjoining to said Mill with its appurtenances. 

Received Oct. 26, 1773. (Lincoln Co. Reg., B. F.— ) 

From the Town Proceedmgs, Pownalboro: 
Nov. 12, 1766, Job Averell, Constable, warned Daniel Tuckerman and wife 
with five children and servant, and (others) .... to depart out of 
the town. Lincoln ss. Novm"' 11"' 1765. 

[The above was a formal notice to enable the town to avoid the expense 
of caring for dependants. On this occasion it included the woman who was 
to become Job's second wife.] 

Aug ye 4'" 1766, warning ordered given to Ezekiel Averell, and .... 
that they all depart immediately and leave this town. 

Said order given Pursuant to the above order to all except Ezekiel 
Avrell. Sept. 15, 1766 

John Moore Constable. 

[Ezekiel was Job's brother.] 

At a Town meeting held on June ye 25, 1760 Job Averill was chosen 
among others as Surveyor of Highways — and Fence Vewer. 

"This was the first meeting in the Town of Pownalborough" 
All were sworn into their severall ofiices 

John Fairfield. 
Mch 23, 1763. Job Averill surveyor of Highways and Fence Vewer — and 

1764 Job Averell among the Field Drivers and Hog Reves 

1765 Job Averell, constable, and Collector 

" Job Avrill is appointed to prevent the destruction of Alewifes 
1771 Job Avrill and Tho" Rice Esq. are appointed a com. to Procure 

1774 March 1. Job Averill, Surveyor of ways. 
1777 Mch 13, " " warden (of the South Parish?) 

The Fourth Generation 207 

1787 April Job Averill, Surveyor & Tything man 

1771. At the sale of Pews in the East Parish of Pownalbo rough, Oct. 
23, 1771, no Averills are mentioned. 

1772. May 12. Voted to divide the town into two Parishes: voted 
that the North Part of the Town shall have their part of Preaching agree- 
able to the 4th Article: Voted not to divide the East side into a parish. 

1773. Wed. March 31. There was spread on the records an interesting 
protest (from a com. appointed for the purpose) against the unjust de- 
mands on the colonists. This was ordered forwarded to the General Court 
in Boston. 

177 Jt. March 1. Voted that the East side of this town be divided into 
two Parishes. Asa Smith on the com. 

1775 Tues. Jan. 4. A meeting called to see if the town will abide by 
the action of the American Congress and enter into any measures to have 
the same obeyed and executed. 

Also to see if the town will raise money to supply arms and ammuni- 

1775 Tues. Jan 24. The freeholders and inhabitants of the Town of 
Pownalborough, at a town meeting Voted to abide by the result of the 
American Congress. 

1776. Nov. 10. Full copy of the Declaration of Independence spread 
with care on the town records. 

1777 March 13. The South Precinct established (?) 

1779 March 9. A return of a roade from the town roade on land 
alowed for a roade between Messer" Job and Sam" Averels land on the line 
of said Ipts. etc etc. Voted to be accepted 

The Lincoln Co, Registry also contains the following entries 
which suggest that Sarah, wife of Job Averell, may have been 
the daughter of the grantor (we give abstracts of the deeds) : — 

Oct. 7, 1749, Samuel Whittemore of Cambridge, Mass., conveyed by a 
quit-claim deed to Job Averell of Sheepscutt in the Co. of York, Gent., all 
said Samuel Whittemore's right to one fourth part of two lots of land. No. 
5 and No. 6, in the upper part of Nathaniel Draper's right; — with the 
fourth part of the Mills and Mill priviliges on the whole lots, reserving to 
himself the one fourth part of the Mills and Mill streams in that part I 
have given away, provided said Job Averell shall enclose the front of said 
lots within fence. 

This was not recorded until July 7, 1795, long after Job 
Averell's death. 

Also, the same date, Oct. 7, 1749, Samuel "Whittemore conveyed to Job 
Averell by a quit-claim deed, — consideration 5 shillings, — one messuage of 

land on the Westerly side of Sheepscott River from the 

middle of the foreside of said Job Averell's dwelling house — 60 acres. 

208 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

This also was rec'd July 7, 1795. 

The United States Census for 1790 gives us as a resident 
of 'Townalborough Town," Job Averell as head of a family, with 
three "white females including head of family." As there is no 
record of the marriage of Job, Jr., this must refer to Job No. 54, 
his second wife and their two daughters. 

It is evident from the above that our subject was a man of 
importance in Arundel and Sheepscot, an owner of land, mills, 
timber and lumber, and a manufacturer; and that he kept up 
close association with his brother Israel and his family. It is 
family history that Job's house had a stockade around it, and in 
times of trouble it was used as a fort. During one of the In- 
dian raids when Job and his brother-in-laiv (name unknown) 
were out after the cattle they were surprised by Indians. The 
brother-in-law was shot and killed; Job was wounded in the 
foot and captured before he reached the stockade. He was 
taken up on the mountain, called ever since "Job's Mountain," 
in full view of those inside the fort, and tortured; but would 
not confess how many were in the fort. For three days he was 
held there and suffered at the hands of the Indians, but always 
persisted in saying that there were a great many in the fort, 
when in truth there were only the members of his family. The 
Indians then took him to Canada (1755?), but he was ransomed 
after six months. His hair which was dark when he went away, 
was snow white when he returned, and he had lost the great toe 
of his wounded foot. The date of Job's capture has not been 
ascertained though lists of the ransomed have been searched. 

Job Averell or Averill figures largely in the Town and 
Church affairs of Pownalborough from its incorporation in 1763. 
He filled many offices — was Constable for years and was appd. 
Deputy Sheriff of Pownalboro' under Charles Cushing. The 
bond was made Mar. 1, 1763, and signed to take effect Sept. 3, 
1763. Benjamin Averill, his son, and James Hodge were his 
bondsmen. He secured Cushing for this by bonding two hun- 
dred acres of land on which his house stood. As he received 
his bond back again it is probable that he discharged the duties 
of his office faithfully. He kept a ferry on the Sheepscot River, 
where the bridge now stands (see deed to his son Samuel under 

The Fourth Generation 209 

No. 177). Later, he sold his early home in the stockade which 
stood on what has always been called "Job's Mountain," and 
which was nearly at the foot of it toward the East, and facing 
the cove of the river. "Eben Averill built his barn exactly on 
the site of the stockade," it is said (1912), Job built his second 
house down the hill nearer the river, and very near the Ferry, 
just below what is now (1912) Geo. Mahoney's house. He also 
built the old "John Averill's workshop," which is still standing 
(on the Sargeant place), and gave it to his son John. 

Among his last acts he conveyed land May 8, 1781, to his 
son Ezekiel; and June 20, 1794, to "my son Samuel Averel." 
This was signed Job Averel, Sr. ; it is thought this was just 
before his death, of which we find no record of any sort. 

His family burial lot was back of Geo. Mahoney's stable 
(1912) ; but when that land was sold, the family remains were 
transferred to the Alna Cemetery by the ancient Church. 

Although it is probable that slate markers were on the old 
lot, none have been found for Job or his two wives, and so we 
lack the dates they might have furnished. 

Job's int. of mar. to "Marey tuckerman both of Pownal- 
boro" was pub. ; and Apr. 14, 1774, they were married. She was 
the widow of the Daniel Gent Tuckerman who was "warned to 
depart out of the town" 1765 ; but who was afterwards permit- 
ted to remain. 

We have one statement about Job and his family from Rev. 
Elihu Baxter Averill (No. 973) who gathered the following 
items from descendants of Job Averill ; and through the courtesy 
of his family we are able to enter them in this family history of 
Job*. As the names and dates of birth of his children have not 
yet been fully ascertained, it may be that statements made by 
those of earlier generations will help solve some of the prob- 

"Job Averill with two brothers came from England and 
(settled) in or near Barnstable Cape Cod [see p. 3] ; this Job 
Averill came to Maine and settled in Alna and bought 6 lots of 
Sylvester Gardiner of Boston, the deed bearing date 1762, and 
recorded in Vol. 1 of Lincoln Registry (see p. 204) ; he m. a 

210 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

second wife, a widow Tuckerman of Boston, very much younger 

than he 

Job had by his first wife (name not given), seven sons and 

four daughters, viz.: Job Jr., Joseph (both d. y.), Benjamin, 

Susan, William, Samuel, Sally, John, Mary, Ezekiel, Lydia. 

(Then follow the data of the families of Benjamin^ and John''.) 

Others add the name of a son James. 

From data in the possession of the compiler, the above 
statement by Rev. E. B. Averill, and another by Miss Ella Leigh- 
ton, dau. of Sarah (Averell) Leighton-Roffe (No. 2035), a de- 
scendant of Job, and a resident of Sheepscot, the following 
somewhat doubtful list of Job's children has been obtained. 
There may have been others. 

Children of Job and Sarah Averell : 
174. i. Job, Jr.", b. prob. between 1730-40, was a soldier at Wiscasset 
or vicinity, 1757 {Mass. Arch., Vol. 95, muster roll 336), 
under Capt. Jonathan Williamson (Mass. Arch. Boston, 
and Bangor Hist. Mag.). 
Benjamin', b. between 1730-40; m. Mary Hunter. 
James'' (?), b. between 1730-40 (name merely tradi- 
Samuel"', b. 1742 (?); m. Mary McClelland. 
Joseph' (?), b. 17 — ; d. y. (name merely traditional). 
Sarah-', bap. Aug. 14, 1748, at Middleton, Mass.; m. Sept. 
21, 1769, at Pownalboro (now Alna), Me., Thomas Stew- 
art of Pownalboro. They had two daus., one m. 

Rundlett, of Alna, the other m. Johnson, of Wis- 
180. vii. William', bap. Aug. 14, 1748, at Middleton; m. (1) Abigail 
Gray; m. (2) Eunice Mayhew. 
John", b. Jan. 12, 1753; m. Mary Stewart. 
Susanna" (?)*, name merely traditional. 
Mary"' (?)* (Israel had a dau. Mary, but we have no rec- 
ords of this dau. of Job) . 

184. xi. Ezekiel"', b. June 6, 1854; m. Priscilla Tuckerman. 
Children of Job and Mary (Hutchinson) Tuckerman 

Averell : 

185. xii. Hannah", b. after 1774; m. Joseph Grant. 

186. xiii. Ruth", b. Aug. 2, 1779; m. Moses Weymouth. 


* Dea. Enos Averill knew that his mother, Mary Hodge, dau. of Capt. 
James Hodge and Susanna (189) Averell, was a granndaughter of Israel 

















The Fourth Generation 211 

(No. 56) ; but this fact was not generally known by other Alna Averills. It 
is also conceded that Mary was the dau. of Israel. But as these misunder- 
standings have existed for many years we let the list stand with the inter- 
rogations and with these corrections added. 

56. Israel^ Averell (Job-\ William-, William'^), b. Apr. 21, 
1713, at Topsfield, Mass., was bap. there, June 21, the same 
year (Ch. R.) . He was a minor at the time of his father's death, 
but was named in his will as an executor of his estate with his 
elder brother Job, and his mother, Susanna (Brown) Averell 
as exrx. (see p. 129). 

As his father, by the incorporation of part of Topsfield as 
Middleton, became a resident of the latter place, we find in the 
Town Records of Middleton the marriage of "Israel Averill and 
Mary'Kinney June ye 11 1735," both of Middleton. (She was the 
dau. of Daniel Kenney, a famous ironmonger of Mass.) The 
following year both were received into the Middleton Church ; 
and there some of their children were bap. : Huldah, 1736 ; 
Mary, 1739; Susanna, 1742; Enoch, 1744; David, 1747; Ruth, 
1749 (see Ch. R.) . 

We find them in Topsfield a little later, 1751; and there 
their dau. Eunice was bap. 1753, and their son Israel 1756 
(Ch. R^). If not permanently in residence in Topsfield all the 
time, Israel Averell was taxed there from 1752 to 1759; but 
Dec. 5, 1737, he and his brother Job purchased (?) from John 
Burt of Boston 1280 acres of land on Sheepscut River (see War- 
ranty Deed; p. 203), holding it at least for a time. (See also 
Warranty Deed by Job and Israel to said Burt July 9, 1739 [p. 
203] . Also see deeds under Job No. 54.) In a letter to him from 
his brother, 1741, Job urges him to come to the Sheepscut River 
and build a mill there at once, either with him or with the 
Quinceys of Cambridge, Mass. [We give it in full. The origi- 
nal is in the possession of the compiler of this genealogy.] 

Sheepscut June ye 4th 1741 

Brother Israel these Lines are to inform you that old morrison has 
Cut a Sloop load of wood on your Side of the lot and whittemores two lots 
has had two hundred tuns of oak timber Cut of by Bradbury & John 

I desire you to Write from this letter and Send to whittemore or 
Carry it yourSelf and give for euidences the names of Daniel Collins 

212 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

and Dauid Gary that help* Cut the timber and william Carr and Samuel 
trask and william morreson and George Scot that were hired to bailout 
the timber: I hear you are going to build a mill if you ant able well 
to do it I will build a third or a quarter of it with you and you shall build 
with mee afterwards Never-the less for all anything else I desire you to 
take Isaac Keney and as soon as you see this letter go both of you to 
Gamebrige and see if mr flint the mate of the collige and his cousins the 
Quinzees that owns dyers neck will joyn you in building the riuer mill and 
see what part of their privelige they will give away or if not what 
they will Sell it for and if they will do nothing go to Gapt" flint which I 
misst mentioning before and dont fail of agreeing to come down the first 
of August to finish the riuer mill as for Vaughan he has enough to do to 
Keep garison for fear of executions; and Golonel huchinson has promised 
to defend any man that gets possession of the land and giue a hundred 
Acres to each man that build a house any where 

there neuer was a better time than (now) and will assure you if it be 
neglected this year Nickhals and some others will certainly take it up 
next if they dont this year, and if you think wee want more strength 
Nickhals will willingly joyn and build a quarter and burbank of Cape 
porpas would build half the mill if wee would let him therefore I desire 
think of that mill only: I have more (than) two thousand plank at the 
mill and I have stick sawed on purpose for two water and rag wheeles 
and three saw gates I desire you to leave a letter at felt or Sleemans at 
Salem within three days to be sent to mee what you agree to do that so I 
may know whether I must Keep the plank or no: I wod inform you that I 
will send up eight thousand of boards to Captain barnard by the uery first 
Sloop that I can I intend to send two thousand to you and two or three 
cord of bolts: I intend in three or four days to (go to) the Cape (Gape 
Porpoise prob.) to Mr f airfield and get some boards or money on webbs 
account and send up if possible — for I have not had any thing of webb yet 
All the rest and our curcumstances and condition I leave to the bearer to 
tell you; no more at present from yours to serve 

You must bring good stores for raising 
for an hundred men: all the irish are very Job Auerell 

forward to haue the mill go up. 

In 1754 common land is laid out to Israel Averell in Fal- 
mouth, Co. York (then Mass., now Me.). 

At this period we find him responding to the call of his 
country : — 

The Fourth Generation 


From unpublished Colonial Records we have the following: 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts 
Office of the Secretary. 

French and Indian War Service 
Israel Averell. 
Israel Averell: Appears on a Muster Roll sworn to in Boston^ March 14, 
1759, of Capt. Thomas Dennis's co.. Col. Daniel Apple- 
ton's regt., which marched on the alarm for the relief 
of Fort William Henry in August, 1757. Quality, Se7'- 
geant, Marched from Topsfield August 16, to Sudbury. 
Distance travelled out & home, 75 miles. Time in service, 
6 days. Reported belonged to Capt. Bordman's co. (Vol. 
95: p. 511.) 
Israel Averil : Appears on a Billeting Roll of men enlisted by Capt. 
Alexander M'^Nutt for the total reduction of Canada. 
Mustered May 5 — Roll made up to June 28. Number of 
days 54. Amount 9s. ( year not given). (Vol. 98: p. 
Israel Averill: Appears on a Muster Roll dated Boston, April 29, 1761, 
of a company in His Majesty's service under the command 
of Capt. Francis Peabody. Quality, Corporal. Residence, 
Topsfield. Entered service, May 5, 1760. Served until, 
Apr. 28, 1761. Length of service, 51 weeks, 2 days. 
Reported 30 miles travel home allowed. (Vol. 98: p. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
Office of the Secretary. 

Boston, June 20, 1901. 
I certify the foregoing to be true abstracts from the Record Index to 
the French and Indian War Archives deposited in this office. 

Witness the Seal of the Commonwealth. 
Isaac H. Edgett, 
Deputy Secretary. 
He removed with his family to Pownalboro, Me., about 
1761, when 48 years of age, and soon became identified with the 
life of that place as a land owner, mill owner and manufacturer 
of lumber; and also as an associate of his elder brother. Job, 
who had long been a prominent resident of Pownalboro. 

Abstracts of deeds give us a general idea of his possessions, 
business interests and places of residence, and town and church 
records show other interests. 

214 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

I Israel Averill of Middleton husbandman, for and in consideration of 
other lands in Middleton aforesaid Released to me by my brother Job 

Averill of Arundell in the County of York Husbandman, 

release and quit claim unto Job Averill several tracts of 

land lying in Middleton butted and bounded and described 

as follows 

(I'*' piece) Ye first piece beginning at a stake and heep of stones 
(being ye first bound mentioned in his deed to me) running to a stake and 
heep of stones which is the second bound therein mentioned; then thro the 
Barne and Dwelling house bounding by my land to Jacob Towns and by 

Jacobs land to my own land 12 or 13 rods then East by land 

to a stake being the North East corner bound of my land 

then Southerly to Town's land, then by Town's land over ye brook to a 
stake being the south East corner bound, then by Town's land to an ash 
tree — being Knight bound So by Knights land and John Burton's land till 
it comes to Thomas Robinson's land, then westward with Robinson's land 
to ye highway. Then over ye way and then by the way to Paul Averill's 
land, then by his land to the river, then by the river two rods to the stake 
first mentioned. 

2'' piece — on the north side of Ipswich River, containing 14 acres and 
an half — bounded Southwardly on Nath'l Symonds; westerly and nor west- 
erly on land of Paul Averills northwardly on land of Benj Endicotts, and 
Eastwardly on my own land. 

Ye third piece — containing about two acres on Walcutts Island bounded 
Eastwardly on Knights, norwesterly on Paul Averills, and south westerly 
on Robinsons land. 

Ye fourth piece — bounded easterly and northerly on Towns land- 
Westerly on ye brook and Southerly on Humphrey Cases land — Together 
with all and singular ye buildings, fences, wood timber — ways, waters. 

Nov. 15, 1734. Signed Isarael Averill 

Wit'' John Leach. 

Francis Peabody. 

Acknowledged by Israel Averill to be his free act and deed 
Nov. 18, 1734, and Recorded same date. 

(Essex Co. B. 67; p. 147.) 

March 2, 1750 — Deed by Israel Averell of Middleton, Essex Co. P. 
Mass. Bay, to Nathaniel Peabody — 3 tracts of land, two of them in Middle- 

1"' piece; 13 acres and 80 poles, from stake and stone on Robert Brad- 
fords corner bounds by his watering place thence southerly by the river to 
Timothy Fuller's land thence Easterly by Fuller's land to a field fence to 
a Stake and Stones thence northerly as the fence now stands to a gate 

Poast by the way, and then in strait line to Bradfords wall 

thence norwesterly and westerly by said Bradford's to the bounds first 

The Fourth Generation 215 

2'^ piece; on Wallcots Island by meadow side and Robinsons land . . 
. . . norwesterly to land of Nath'l Peabodys .... noreasterly by 
said Peabody's land to the meadow Southerly by meadow to bounds first 

3'' piece; lying partly (in) Middleton and partly in Topsfeil on Robert 
Bradfords corner, and running southerly by Bradfords to Townses land, 
then easterly to 2d Townses land to the Upland to a stake and stone; then 
west northerly by Burtons land to Daniel Robinsons land then westerly by 
Robinson's to the bounds first mentioned. 

Signed Israel Auerell 

and Mary X Auerell 
Wit' Zorobald Peabody 
Robert Bradford 
Israel and Mary Averell acknowledged this to be their free act and deed. 
Salem March 2, 1750 

Recorded June 24, 1757. {Essex Co. Reg., B. 106; p. 67.) 

[The original deed is in the possession of the Compiler through the 
kindness of Mrs. Caroline A. Fletcher of Middleton, Mass., who is the wife 
of Mr. Samuel A. Fletcher, T. C. of Middleton; the year the gift was made 
was 1898.] 

Israel Averell of Middleton and Mary his wife sign deed M'ch 1, 1750 
and ack, same March 2, 1750, making sale of land to Humphry Hobbs of 
Middleton for £192, 19, 2, paid by s^' Humphry to them. This land con- 
sisted of upland and meadow 33 acres more or less bounded as follows: 
Beginning at stakes and stones by road at the north west corner of said 
Hobbs land; thence North by said road as it goes to Paul Averells Land, 
thence Eastwardly by said Paul Averell's land to the Lane that goes to a 
Watering place, with the privilege of s'd Watering Place belonging to said 
land, thence to Daniel Robinsons land, to a stake and stones, thence south- 
wardly by Robinsons land to a stake and stones, thence Eastwardly by said 
Robinson's land to Nichols Brook, thence south as runs the brook to Stephen 
Towns Land, thence westerly by said Hobbes land to a stake and stones; 
thence southerly and Easterly by ye s'd Hobbs land to Nichols brook, and 
southerly as brook goes to Land of Sam'l Nichols and so west by Nichols 

and Hobbs land to bound first mentioned this is an absolute 

Estate of Inheritance in fee Simple 

Wit\ were Samuel Bradford, Zerobabel Peabody, Robert Bradford. 

(This Humphry Hobbs moved to Amherst, N. H.) {Essex Co., Reg., 
B. 96, p. 104.) 

I Israel Averell sell to Robert 

Bradford 11 acres, 126 poles for £ Bounded by — from Stakes 

216 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

and stones by land of s'd Bradfords which is also the North East Corner 
bound of Nathaniel Peabodys land, thence south east and east by Robert 
Bradfords land to the old way, thence south by way of Timothy Fullers 
corner bound thence West by said Fuller's land to Nathaniel Peabody's 
corner, thence northerly by sd Peabodys land to bound first mentioned; 
with the dwelling house and barn thereon standing, the fences rights 
members etc. This being an estate of Inheritance in Fee simple 

March 2, 1750 

Signed Israel Averell 
Mary Averell 
Wit^ Nathaniel Peabody 
Zorababel Peabody 

Ack'd same date. {Essex Co. Reg., B. 148; p. 224.) 

I Israel Averell of Topsfield yeoman with and by consent of my wife 
Mary for the sum of £106, 13, 4 — to me ine hand paid by David Balch Jun"' 

in the same town and Co do sell to said David Balch 

. . . . one messuage or tract of land in Topsfield 16 acres more or less 

Beginning at stakes and stones at south east corner of 

Cornelius Balch's land late dec'd, also by land of Joshua Town, thence 
Northerly by said Balch to stakes and stones, then westerly by s'd Balche's 
land to an oak and Burch tree grown together at ye root which was a corner 
bounds of Jacob Robinson's land dec'd, thence Northeast by Robinsons jr, 
and his brother Elisha deceased, thence Southerly by s'^ Perkins land to 
stakes and stones by Jacob Perkin's land, thence Westerly by said Jacob's 
land to a heap of stones, thence south by s'd Jacobs land to land of Joshua 
Towne and so on a straight line to stakes and stones in cor of s'* Joshua's 
field, thence westerly by Joshua's land to bounds first mentioned .... 
This land is held as absolute estate of Inheritance by me the said Israel 

Feb. 13. 17.53 

Signed Israel Averell 

Ack. Aug. 21, 1753. Mary Averell 

{Essex Co. Reg., B. 148; p. 159.) 

I, Israel Averell of Topsfield, Essex Co. P. M. B— for 

£287% paid by Joseph Perkins of Danvers do sell to 

said Joseph .... two messuages or tracts of land in 

Topsfield aforesaid — one — 19 acres and 40 poles bounded by a grate rock in 
the edge of the North side of Ipswich river which is a south easterly corner 
bounds of David Balch Jun""% thence north easterly and north-westerly to 
a black oak tree and stones which is also a corner bounds, thence north 
easterly by said Balch to Joshua Townes corner bounds, thence by said 
Joshua's land to the County road, thence by county road to Mr David 
Balch's house lot, thence westerly, south east and easterly by said lott to 

The Fourth Generation 217 

the above said road, thence southeasterly and southerly by said road to 
above said River, thence North Westerly by said river to the rock first 

2'' tract on south side of said River, containing 16 acres and 110 poles — be- 
ginning at a grate rock in Ipswich river at the edge of the south side which 
is David Balches north east corner bounds, thence southerly by said Balches 
to a stake and stones, thence easterly by said Balche's and Matthew Pea- 
body's to Capt'n Thomas Tarbox corner bounds thence northerly by Tar- 
box's to the river — westerly by said river to brook — with the house barn 
and all privileges appurtenances there unto belonging the same sold in my 
own right as a good perfect and absolute estate of Inheritance in Fee simple 

April 1, 1758. Signed — Israel Averell 

Wit's Sam'l Smith Mary Averell 

Thomas Symonds Ack. April 25, 1758 

{Essex Co. Reg., B. 105; p. 68.) 

William Rogers of Topsfield Essex Co sells to Israel 

Averel of Topsfield, a tract of land of 34 acres to be laid out in the common 
lands in the Town of Falmouth. Feb. 20, 1754. 

(Co. York Deeds, Vol. 33; p. 147.) 

I Moses Pearson Esq do give up and quit claim unto 

Israel Averil of Pownalborough in the Co. of Lincoln, Yeoman, all the lands 
within mentioned in the town of Falmouth (?) 

25 day of June A. D. 1762. Moses Pearson. 

Ack, same date, Cumberland SS — Falmouth 

{Cumberland Co. Deeds, Portland, Me., Vol. 2, p. 128.) 

I Israel Averil of Pownalborough Co. of Lincoln, yeoman for £11, 
4/ — p'' me by Daniel Hall of Falmouth Co. of Cumberland do sell him 14 
acres of land to be laid out in Falmouth being the remaining part of 44 
acres of land granted by the Proprietors of s"* Falmouth to W"' Rogers of 
Topsfield the 14 day of Feb. 1754, of which s" Rogers sold 30 acres to Moses 
Pearson Esq'', and s'' Pearson sold me the same 30 acres, which same 30 
acres I afterward sold to James Tory as , So the re- 
maining 14 acres I now sell to the said Daniel Hall 

Feb. 27, 1766. Israel Averil 

Wit' Enoch Freeman 
James Freeman. 

(Cnmberland Co. Deeds, Vol. 3, p. 290.) 

I Josiah Noyes of 'Falmouth, gentleman, by virtue of a Power of Attor- 
ney made to me by Israel Avei'rell of Pownalboro' Yeoman, bearing date, 

June 30, 1763, sell to James Torey of Falmouth for £24, 

. . . . paid to me 30 acres of the common and undi- 

218 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

vided lands in sd Falmouth by virtue of a Proprietor's vote made to W" 
Rogers of Topsfield, Jan. 2, 1765; 

Signed by Josiah Noyes att. for Israel Averell 
Wit' Enoch Freeman 
W™ Freeman. 

Ack. by Noyes to be his act and deed as Attorney for Israel 
Averell Jan 22, 1765 before Enoch Freeman 
Just. Pax 

(Cumberland Co. Deeds, Vol. 4, p. 59.) 
Jan. 25, 1763 : Mortgage Deed between Israel Averell of Pownal- 
borough, Lincoln Co., Massachusetts Bay, and Silvester Gardiner of Suffolk 
Co., same Co. and Prov acting for the proprietors of the Kennebeck pur- 
chase. Israel Averell promised to pay the said Silvester Gardiner for the 
use of £126 — 8s. on or before Dec. 23, 1765, with lawful interest on the 
same annually from Dec. 23, 1763, giving his bond for the same. 

As further security for the payment of said bond and for twenty shill- 
ings paid him by the said Silvester Gardiner, Israel Averill conveyed to 
him a certain Tract or parcel of Land lying in said Pownalborough con- 
taining about three hundred and Sixteen Acres, Butted and Bounded as 
follows. Viz., Beginning on Sheepscutt River at a Stake standing on the 
North Line of Lott Number 53 and running from Said Stake a North West 
Course Seven hundred and Twenty Poles, then to run a North East Course 
forty Eight Poles, Thence a South East Course three hundred and Twenty 
poles, then to run North East forty poles, from thence to run a South East 
Course to Sheepscutt River, then to run Southerly down said River to the 
first Mentioned Bounds. 

Rec'd Feb. 3, 1763. 

[It is probable that this sum was borrowed in order to purchase land 
in Pownalboro from his brother Job, as the deed from Job (which follows 
the discharge of said mortgage) is dated about fourteen days later.] 

The Discharge of Israel Averill's Mortgage, by Enoch Averell, Admin- 
istrator, appears on the face of the instrument: 

Know all Men by these Presents, That I Henry Alline, Clerk of the 
Proprietors of the Kennebec Purchase from the late Colony of New Ply- 
mouth, for & in consideration of the Sum of three Hundred & nineteen 
Pounds, three Shillings Lawful Money paid (by Enoch Averell Administra- 
tor &c on the Estate of the within named Israel Averell) to John Pitts Esq. 
Treasurer to the said Proprietors, do as Clerk as aforesaid, and by Order 
of James Bowdoin, David Jeffries & the said John Pitts, Esquires, three of 
the standing Committee of the said Proprietors, discharge the within writ- 
ten Deed of Mortgage. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my Hand 
& Seal the twenty ninth Day of February 1779. 

Henry Alline, Clerk & a Seal 

Witness, John Leach, Dan'l McNeill. 

The Fourth Generation 219 

Lincoln ss. Received June 3, 1779, and accordingly entered and 
examined, by Jon" Bowman Reg. 

Jan. 5, 1763: Warranty Deed from Job Averell of Pownalborough, 
Lincoln Co., Massachusetts Bay, "Gentleman," for £126 — 8s. to Israel Av- 
erell of Pownalborough, same Co. and Prov. This was for a certain Tract 
or Pai-eel of land lying in said Pownalborough containing about three hun- 
dred and sixteen acres Butted and bounded as follows: Beginning on 
Sheepscut River at a stake standing on the North Line of Lot No 53 and 
running from said stake a north west course seven hundred and twenty 
poles; then to run a Northeast course forty eight poles, then a Southeast 
Course, three hundred & twenty Poles thence to run Northeast forty Poles 
from thence to run a Southeast Course to Sheepscut River from thence to 
run Southerly down said River to the first mentioned Bounds, together 

with all the priviledges & Appurtenances thereof 

& Sarah the Wife of me the said Job doth hereby give and grant her 
Dower and Right of Dower unto the said Israel. 

Rec'd Feby 26, 1767. 

Description and Plan of a Portion of Israel Averell's Land in 
Pownalborough (Alna), Me., 1750-1778. 

Lincoln Co. Pownalborough Die Augustii viginta quarto Annoque 
Domini 1764 

Anno Regni Regis Georgii Tertii Quarto Magna Britannioe etc. 
Then surveyed for Israel Averell of Pownalborough a certain tract or 
Messuage of Land situated & lying in Pownalborough on the Western side 
of the .Western Branch of Sheepscut River surveyed according to Job 
Averell to said Israel Averell, Baring date the Twenty fifth day of January 
Annoque Domini one thousand seven hundred & sixty three, butted and 
bounded as followeth: (viz) Beginning at a Stake Standing in the Salt 
Marsh on the bank of the River, being the North East Corner bounds of 
lot No 53. Thence running North West Seven hundred and twenty poles 
to a stake & stones, thence running North East forty eight poles — to small 
yellow Birch tree, marked on four sides, thence running South East three 
hundred & twenty poles to a stake & stones; thence running North East 
forty poles; to a stake and stones about it, thence running South East four 
hundred poles to the Western Branch of Sheepscut River to a stake stand- 
ing in the salt marsh, thence running south westerly on the Branch of said 
River until it cometh unto the first mentioned Bounds containing of the 
hundred and sixteen acres as appears by this actual Survey taken per me 
Elijah Packard sworn Surveyor of Lands 

Israel Averell had a saw mill at Sheepscot, the remains of 
which were clearly visible on the west bank of the river in 1897 
and pointed out to the compiler by Mr. Benjamin Donnell, who 
said they had always been called by Israel's name. 

220 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

That Israel Averell was a man interested in his religious 
and civic duties, is shown by the following items taken from 
church and town records : — 

Alna, Me., "Head Tide," North Parish Church records of Pownal- 
boro. State of Mass. (later Maine), in custody of the Town Clerk Mr. 
Glenn Jewett, 1897. 

(p. 10.) At a Legal meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants 
of the North Precinct in Pownalboro; assembled and meet together at the 
Dwelling house of Israel Averell on Wednesday the fifth Day of March 
A. D. 1777. 

1^' Voted and chuse Mr Israel Averell Moderator 

2^ voted and choose Asa Smith: Clerk. — Sworn 

3" vote and choose that Missors Solomon Hearsey Stuart Hunt and 

George Erskin be committee and assessors 
4'" choose Mr William Clark to be Treasurer 
5'" choose Mr Moses Carlton Collector 

Asa Smith, Clerk. 

(p. 11.) Lincoln ss: To the Freeholders and other inhabitants of the 

North Parrish in Pownalboro Qualified to vote in parrish 

meetings in the Name of the Government and People of the State of the 
Massachusetts Bay, you are hereby required to assemble and meet at the 
house of Mr Israel Averells on Munday the twenty eight day of April in- 
stant at three of the clock in the afternoon then and there to act on the 
following articles. Among other articles was (3'') to see if the parrish 
will vote to divide. 

Monday the 28"' April A. D. 1777, the meeting was held at the house 
of M' Israel Averells, Mr Israel Averell chosen moderator. 

(p. 12.) same meeting. They voted (2''), to raise fifteen pounds for 
preaching and sixteen pounds for schooling, the present year. 

(pp. 14, 15, 17.) Another meeting (among others held at the dwelling 
house of Mr Israel Averells) was held Monday the twenty third day of 
March A. D. 1778 in the 2'' parrish This was an Annual Meeting of the 
Freeholders and other inhabitants of the North parish of Pownalborough. 
It was voted at this meeting that Capt. Daniel Scott, Missiors Samuel 
Averell and James Hodge be parrish Committee and assessors. 

Voted (3*^) To raise £40, for schooling and the same for preaching. 
[Schooling appears to be first in the minds of the people.] 

Voted (4"^) To see what sum the parish will vote for the preaching 
of the reverend Tho** More for the past and present years preaching. 

(p. 18.) The freeholders and other inhabitants of the North Parrish 
in Pownalboro are called in the name of the Government and people of the 

The Fourth Generation 221 

State of Mass Bay to meet at the dwelling house of the Widdow Mary 
Averells in said Parish on Thirsday the twenty fifth day of March 

Pownalboro the Seventeenth day of 
March A. D. 1779. 

James Hodge |Parrish 
Sam" Averell | committee 

(p. 19.) At the annual Meeting of the North Parish in Pownalboro at 
the dwelling house of the Widdow Mary Averells in said Parish on thirsday 
25 of March A. D. 1779 

1^' voted and choose Mr Job Averell moderator 

2" choose Mr Asa Smith Clerk — - 

(p. 23.) A Meeting of the North Parish was called at the residence 
of widow Mary Averell Monday 22. Feb. A. D. 1779. 

Mary (Kenney) Averell, the first wife of Israel Averell, 
died May 7, 1763, at Pownalboro (T. R.) , in that part now 
called Alna, and we find in the town records, Oct. 20, 1763, the 
pub. int. of the second marriage of Israel Averell to Mary 
(Lee) Hilton (wife and widow of William* Hilton), of Broad 
Cove (Poumalboro T. R.). They were m. Dec. 8, 1763, by John 
Kingsbury, Justice of the Peace (Poivnalboro T. R.) . She was 
prob. the dau. of John Lee, Sr., of Manchester, Mass., from 
whom she inherited real estate in Manchester, as shown by the 
abstract following: 

I Israel Averil of Pownalborough in the Co. of Lincoln in the Province 
of Mass Bay yeoman and Mary my wife — for £4, 13, 4, to me in hand paid 

by Samuel Alian do sell said Allan .... 

three common rights and an half lying in the westerly part of the 2'^ 

division in the Commons in Manchester 

Said lot being drawn by John Lee Sen'^ of said Manchester late dec'd 

Aug. 29, 1767. Signed Israel Averell 

Mary Averell 

Co Lincoln Sept 1, 1767 Israel and Mary Averell acknowledged this to be 
their free act and deed. {Essex Co. Reg., B. 125; p. 70.) 

After Israel's second marriage, Mrs. Mary (Lee) Hilton 
Averell's two daughters married the sons of her husband Israel 
Averell ; and it seems probable that it was her son Joseph Hil- 
ton who was appd. admr. of the estate of Israel Averell's son 
David "Avery," his brother Enoch Averell being at that time 
in Balltown, some miles north of Alna. Mary (Lee) Averell 

222 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

survived her husband and is called "Widow Mary Averell," Feb. 
22, 1779. 

Lincoln Co. P. R., Vol. 2, pp. 90, 91. Enoch Averell of Balltown, 
appointed administrator of the Estate of Israel Averell of Pownalborough 
late dec'd. Aug. 7, 1778. 

Appraisers were Daniel Scott, gentleman, 
James Ayer, blacksmith 
Henry Hodge, Mariner. 

By the inventory Israel Averell had 276 acres of land with 
% of a saw mill on said land— value £690,00. 1000 pine boards ; 4 
oxen; 2 steers, 1 year old, 1 bull, 5 cows — 2 pairs of sheep 4 
Hogs — 5 Tons Eng. hay. 7 bushels of grain, 6 bushels of corn, 
2 ploughs — various implements, saws, Broadax — axes — 1 old law 
book — music book, Bible, Psalm books 

Total value of effects given as £1006, 12. 
Sept. 25, 1778. 

The exact date of Israel Averell's death has not been 
learned. His family burial lot was on his own land, that part 
now the property by inheritance of Hartley Averill (2043) ; and 
it is said that lot has never been desecrated. 

The children of Israel and Mary (Kenney) Averell were: 

— , 1736, at Middleton, Mass. 
1739; m. Archelaus Kenney. 

1742; m. Capt. James Hodge. 

- 1744; m. Ruth Hilton. 
1747; m. Elizabeth Hilton. 
19, 1749, at Middleton, Mass.; m. Apr. 3, 

Rice, at Pownalboro, to Asa Smith* of 
Pownalboro. She lived at Middleton and Topsfield, Mass., 
and Pownalboro, Me. 

193. vii. Eunice', bap. 1735, at Topsfield; m. Apr. 10, 1771, at 

Pownalboro {T. R.) , Benjamin Glidden. 

194. viii. Israel/, bap. 1756; m. Jane Clark. 

57. Keziah^ Averill (/o&% William-, William^), b. May 6, 
1715, at Topsfield, Mass. (T. R.) ; m. (2d w.), June 27, 1754, 
at Middleton, Mass., Jonathan^ Whipplet of Danvers (son of 


HULDAH', bap. — 



Mary'', bap. 



Susannah"', bap. 



Enoch', bap. 



David", bap. 



Ruth', bap. Nov. 
1766, by Thos. 

* Pownalboro Records give the Intention of Marriage of a Mr. Asa 
Smith and Mrs. Easter Fisher of Georgetown, Feb. 27, 1790. This may be 
another marriage of Ruth's husband. 

t Jonathan Whipple was m. (1) to Anna ; m. (2) to Keziah 

Averill; and m. (3), Oct. 25, 1757, to Mrs. Abigail Buzell of Boxford, Mass. 

The Fourth Generation 223 

Joseph* Whipple, Josephs Matthew^, Matthew^), bap. May 6, 
1716, at Salem Village. She d. after June 22, 1755, and before 
Oct. 25, 1757. 

Child (probably) : 

i. Enoch Whipple", b. June 22, 1755; grad. at Harvard Coll., 
1779. He was a minister. 

(See note under No. 131 of Nov., 1878, Putnam's 
Monthly Hist. Mag., Vol. 2, p. 62. 

58. Samuel^ Averill {Job'% William'-, William^), b. June, 
1720, at Topsfield, Mass. ; was a blacksmith, and lived at Middle- 
ton, Mass. He was bound out, Dec. 30, 1734 (according to his 
father's desire as expressed in his will of Feb. 27, 1729-'30), 
to Daniel Kenney, the famous ironmonger, who became his 
guardian. He was m. Sept. 3, 1742, by Rev. Peter Clark, to 
Martha Clemeng,* dau. of Benjamin Clemens, of Salem, Mass. 
{Salem T. R. Copy, Middleton T. R.) He d. about 1756-'57, at 

Children (all b. at Middleton, Mass., T. R.) : 

195. i. Susanna', b. Aug. 8, 1743. 

196. ii. Elizabeth% b. Apr. —, 1745; m. Feb. 20, 1766, John Nichols 

of Middleton (see Averill Gen., Essex A7it.). 

197. iii. Benjamin', b. Jan. 17, 1747; m. (1) Sarah Blye; m. (2) 

Mary Pitman; m. (3) Mary Holmes. 

198. iv. Ezekiel', b. Feb. 14, 1748; bap. Mar. 12, 1749. 

199. V. Samuel', b. Mar. 18, 1749; m. Lucy Jane Foye. 

200. vi. Lucy', b. Dec. 18, 1752; m. Abijah Wilkins. 

201. vii. Abigail', b. Dec. 10, 1754; was m. (1) May 30, 1791, at 

Wenham, Mass. (int. pub. Jan. 31, 1790), by Rev. Jos. 
Levain) to Samuel Carter of Wenham and Manchester. 
She m. (2) Wm. Tarbell; and d. Sept., 1851, aged 96 
years and 9 mos. 


* She was published to marry Michael Dwinell of Topsfield as "Widow 
Martha Averill," Nov. 27, 1764. This probably did not result in marriage, 
as Oct. 20, 1774, Martha Averill was published to marry Samuel Carter of 

Manchester, Mass. The will of Samuel Carter of Manchester 

gives beloved wife, "Marthew" (Martha?) as long as she remains his widow 
one half his dwelling and part of his garden. Prob. 1788, May 6. 

224 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Daniel Kenney of Middleton, Mass., was appointed guardian of Samuel 
Averill, a minor upwards of fourteen years of age, son of Job Averill, late 
of Middleton, 30 day of Dec. 1734 (recorded Probate Court, Essex Co., 
Mass.). Mary, the dau. of the above-mentioned Daniel Kenney, m. Israel 
Averill, brother of Samuel*. 

60. Ezekiel^ Averill {Joh^, William-, William^), b. before 
Feb. 7, 1729-30 ; lived at Topsfield and Middleton, Mass., Sheeps- 
cot, Me., Halifax, N. S., and Pownalboro, Me. Aug. 4, 1766, 
"Warning" ordered to be given to Ezekiel Averell and others 
"that they leave this town (Pownalboro)," "Sept. 15, 1766, 
said order given Pursuant to the above order, to all excej^t 
Ezekiel Averell." March 9, 1767, Ezekiel Averell, John Moore 
(Constable), and David Tuckerman hold offices in Pownalboro 
{Poivnalhoro T. R.) . This "Warning" above mentioned was 
only a custom to avoid the possible expense to the town of car- 
ing for the incompetent, and was issued to all comers. 

Ezekiel Averell was a young child, if not the youngest of 
his family, when his father made his will, Feb. 7, 1729/30, 
wherein he expressed a desire to have "Samuel and Ezekiel to 
be bound out to a trade such as they shall chuse." His brother 
Samuel was bound out to Daniel Kenney, the noted iron worker 
of ... . Mass., but no mention has been found of Eze- 
kiel's being so "bound out." We find him, however, as early as 
1744 at Sheepscot with his brother Job, who was the head of 
the family, but in the employment of Israel Kenney. He must 
have gone away, and been long absent to have been "warned" 
in 1766, He was for a time in Halifax (see below) . 

Mrs. Martha J. Averill, of Middleton, who has generously 
aided all searchers who have turned to her for Averill data, 
very kindly sent the Compiler the following record, "copied from 
an old paper in the possession of the Kenney family" : 

"Middleton, Septembre the 5th, 1744, Received of Israel Keney one 
pound ten shillings old tener, to pay toEzekiel Atirill for his work for him 
at Shepcut as witness my hand. Robert Clark." 

Ezekiel Averil was m. July 6, 1749, at Boston, Mass., by 
Rev. John Webb, to Jane Clark, a widow (T. R.). Evidence of 
this marriage is also given by the following item : 

Sept. 16, 1761 (Suffolk Reg.) : I John Clark of Boston, Mariner, 
son of Jean Averhill wife of Ezekiel Averhill of Halifax, in the Province 

The Fourth Generation 225 

of Nova Scotia, House wright; grandson of John Mayors, Tallow Chandler, 
dec'd, do quit claim my right in the Estate of John Mayors, dec'd, for £60, 
to my Mother Jean Averhill. Recorded Mar. 11, 1780. 

Mrs. Jean (Mayors) Clark- Averill had by her husband, 
Thomas Clark, a son John, a dau. Martha (who m. Andrew 
Lange), a dau, Ann, and a dau. Jane. 

The Registry of Deeds, Suffolk Co. (at Boston), Mass., has 
the following: 

Dec. 28, 1763, recorded 1764, Abstract: Jane (or '*Jean") Averell, the 
wife of Ezekiel Averell, and dau. of John Mayors, late of Boston, dec'd, 

and formerly married to Thomas Clark, late of Boston, dec'd, 

"now acting by power of attorney from my said husband Ezekiel Averil" 

. etc. etc and from my dau. Martha Lang, dau. to 

said Thomas Clark and Jane Averil; and for the daughters of same 
(Thomas Clark & wife Jane) Ann and Jane . . . transfer . . . . 
house .... and land in Boston to my brother Alexander Mayors. 

(N. B. John Mayors and Alexander Mayors were at 
Sheepscot, May 25, 1750, as appears in Petition for the Incor- 
poration of Sheepscot, and a "Mayor" was associated there with 
Job Averill. Also a William Clark, and James Clark, Jr., were 
in Sheepscot about this time.) 

If Mrs. Ezekiel Averill returned to Pownalboro with her 
husband at the time he was warned, there was no mention of 
that fact, though it is possible that she and her children were 
at Sheepscot (Pownalboro). 

We have no other facts about Ezekiel, but he and Jane 
(Mayors) Averill may have been the ancestors of Averills said 
to be living now in Nova Scotia. 

Child : 
202. i. = (?). 

62. Lieut. Luke"^ Averill {Ebenezer\ William-, William^), 
b. and bap. Aug. 2, 1699. at Topsfield, Mass., was a "Sergent," 
1748 ; a "Lieut.," 1771 ; and lived at Topsfield and for a time at 
Boxford. He and his wife were received from the church at 
Boxford into the Church at Topsfield, Jan. 4, 1730. He m. Mar. 
10, 1726, at Topsfield, Sarah Peabody (dau. of Isaac Peabody 

and Sarah , his wife), who was b. Mar. 10, 1706, at 

Topsfield, and d. there May 22, 1790. He d. there Apr. 16, 1776. 
His will of February 10, 1772, was made when he was "advanced 

226 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

in years," and his wife was still living. We give an abstract of 
the instrument: — 

I Luke Averell of Topsfield, gentleman, being advanced in years . 

Do give to my beloved wife Sarah the use and improvement of 

all my half part of the dwelling House from Top to Bottom and of the 
Cellar under it, and 8 cord of fire wood hauled to the door ready out fit for 
the Fire. Also one hundred and twenty Weight of Pork, and also fifty 
Weight of Beef, and also 3 Pecks of Salt, and one Bushel of Turnips, and 
one Bushel of Potatoes, and half one Bushel of Beans, and also eight 
bushels of Indian Corn, and two Bushels of Rie, and one Bushel of Winter 
apples, and eight pounds of Sheepswool, and fifteen pounds of Flax from 
the Swingle, and one Barrel of Cyder, and one Bushel and half of Malt, 
and also Liberty of Improving a small garden, and Liberty to gather green 
Beans and other green sauces as she may have occasion for her own eating, 
and also theme and Profit of two good cows to be well kept summer and 
winter, and suitable and sufficient Barrels and Tubs to put both her meat 
and Drink in, and the use of a horse to ride to Meeting and elsewhere as 
she may have occasion, and also two gallows of Molasses and two gallons 
of Rum, and also the cost and charge of a Doctor and Nurse and good 

tendance in case of sickness All this yearly and every year 

so long as she remains my widow. — Also one half my 

household goods. But in case she shall not dispose of them — they shall be 
equally divided between my two children, viz. Isaac and Susanna. 

To my daughter Susanna Averell the other half of my household goods 
and £100. lawful money to be paid to her or her heirs. 

To my son Isaac Averell a confirmation of all the lands and Buildings 
that I have heretofore given him deeds of; All my lands meadows and 
Buildings that I have lying in Topsfield, And my salt Marsh lying in 
Ipswich also my Pew in Topsfield Meeting House; all my live stock of 
Cattle, Horse, Sheep and Swine (In fact all the rest and residue of the 
estate). If after my decease it shall appear that anything has been given 
my daughter Susanna after the drawing of the will "it is to be reckoned 
as part of what I had heretofore given her." 

I give to my grand child Elijah Averell my smallest gun, and my 
Sword that was my Fathers 
Feb. 10, 1772. Luke Averell. 

Isaac Averell the son and executor of the estate of Luke Averell, gentleman, 
appeared before Judge Benj. Greenleaf June 3, 1776 to probate his Father's 
will, and was appointed executor, according to said will, which was allowed. 

In Essex Co. Land Records (Reg. Deeds) , the name of Luke 
Averell appears many times from 1735. 

Children (all b. at Topsfield, Mass. {T. R.) , and all except 
the last bap. by Rev. John Emerson, Jr.) : 

The Fourth Generation 227 

203. i. RUTH% b. Feb. 18, 1727; bap. Dec. 22, 1728; d. Jan. 16, 1748. 

204. ii. Mary', b. July 14, 1730; bap. Aug. 9, 1730; d. May 1, 1737. 

205. iii. MosEs(^')\ b. Jan. 25, 1732/3; bap. Feb. 4, 1733; d. May 3, 

208. iv. Ebenezer-', b. Jan. 18, 1735/6; bap. Feb. 1, 1736; d. June 8, 

207. V. Moses (")', b. Aug. 12, 1738; bap. Aug. 13, 1738; d. July 7, 


208. vi. Isaac', b. June 2, 1740; bap. June 8, 1740; m. Priscilla 


209. vii. Elijah', b. Mar. 14, 1743; bap. Mar. 20, 1743; d. Feb. 4, 


210. viii. Susanna", b. Aug. 14, 1746; m. David Towne, Jr. 

67, Mary' Averill iEbe7iezer\ William-, William^), b. Aug. 
15, 1710, at Topsfield, Mass., m. Feb. 24, 1729-30 (T. T. R.) , 
Nathaniel Porter* (son of Nathaniel Porter and Eleanor Dor- 
man, his wife), who was b. Dec. 22, 1703, at Topsfield. He 
d. Jan. 22, 1758; she d. Dec. 23, 1736 (T. T. R.), at birth of her 
last child, the mother and all her children dying within one 

Children : 

i. Daniel' Porter, b. June 6, 1731; d. Dec. 19, 1736. 
- ii. Nathaniel' Porter, b. Dec. 15, 1733; d. Dec. 24, 1736. 
iii. Mary' Porter, b. Dec. 23, 1736; d. Dec. 31, 1736. 


* Nathaniel Porter m. (2) May 25, 1738, Abigail Jacobs, dau. of John 
Jacobs and Abigail Waters, his wife, and granddaughter of George Jacobs, 
who was hung for witchcraft in 1692. Mrs. Abigail Jacobs Porter was 
living in 1767. 

69. Jemima^ Averilll {Ebenezer', William-, William^), bap. 
May 1, 1715, at Topsfield, Mass. (Ch. R.) ; became Feb. 14, 
1737-8, the third wife of John Perkins (No. 37) (see Perkins 
Gen. by Geo. A. Perkins) . He was b. June 2, 1700, at Topsfield ; 
and his first wife was Dorothy Wildes. 

The children of John and Jemima (Averill) Perkins were: 

i. Timothy' Perkins, b. June 10, 1739. 

ii. Daniel' Perkins, b. Nov. 13, 1740. 

iii. Dorothy' Perkins, b. Oct. 18, 1742. 

iv. Jethro' Perkins, b. Nov. 20, 1745. 

228 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

75. Ichabod'* Averell {Thomas'-, William-, William'), b. 
May 25, 1710, at Preston, Conn. {T. R.) , was mentioned May 
9, 1734, in his father's will as an heir and executor of his estate 
(see Will, p. 135) . March 3, 1746-7 ; Ichabod Averill of Stafford, 
Co. Hartford, Conn., for £700, sold Nathaniel Butler of Stafford, 
two tracts or parcels of land in the township of Stafford, one 
containing about one hundred acres, the other containing fifty 
acres, warranting the same against the lawful claims of any 
person or persons. 

{Stafford Deeds, Vol. 2. April 4, 1746.) He had paid £435, 10s for 
the above land (which had recently belonged to Joseph Payn), to Ebenezer 
Gray and John Johnson both of Co. Windham, Colony of Conn., he being 
then of Preston, in the Co. of New London, Conn. (Quit Claim deed Staf- 
ford Reg., Vol. 2, p. 172). 

March 9, 1747;— Ichabod "Averil" of Stafford, in Co. Hartford, Col. 
of Conn., for £1000, in bills of public credit according to the old tenor, rec'd 

from Abijah Averil of Preston, Conn., sells him 

a house and land in Preston, Conn., . . . about 100 acres 

bounded by land which Capt. Taylor bought of Thomas Averil, and by 

land of Edward Cogswell and Obed Benjamin. Wit's, John Crery, 

Crery. In Plainfield, Windham Co. Conn. March 9, 1747, Ichabod Averil 
ack. same before John Crery Justice of ye peace. Rec. same date {Preston 
Deeds, Vol. 6, p. 28). Dec. 26, 1753 :— Ichabod Averill formerly of Preston, 
Conn., now of Shiffield, in ye Mass bay in New Eng., for four thousand 
pounds (£4000) in bills of credit of ye old tenor to me in hand paid by 
Solomon Averill of Preston, husbandman sell him about 100 acres of land 
in Preston. Wit's, Samuel Morgan; Jedediah Frink. 

Ack. and recorded same duly by Ichabod Averill at Preston, before 
Sam'll Morgan, Justice of the peace {Preston Deeds, Vol. 6, p. 498. See 
also deed of Abijah Averell). 

According to Taylor's History of Great Barrington, p. 94, 
Ichabod Averill was admitted to the Congregational Church at 
Great Barrington, 5 Feb'y, 1744. A cross against his name 
shows he was admitted from another church. The original rec- 
ords were destroyed years ago, and this record was from a copy. 

Great Barrington in 1774 was a part of Sheffield. His 
brother John was associated with Stafford, Conn., having pur- 
chased land there. 

A deed from the Stockbridge Indians, to John Dibble, Jo- 
s^lah Loomis and others, dated 29 Mar. 1757 {Springfield Reg., 
Mass., B. 1, p. 11), names as one of the grantees to Taconic 

The Fourth Generation 229 

Mountain, Mass., Ichabod Averell, he having one Right or forty- 
eighth part of a township of land west of Sheffield. This was 
apparently in the present town of Mount Washington. 

And in B. 1, p. 128, same registry, we find that Ichabod 
Averill "living on the Province land lying west of Sheffield" 
and "one of the early proprietors of said land," conveys the 
above Right of land in Taconnuck Mountain to John King of 
Grump, Elbo Precinct, Dutchess Co., N. Y., by deed dated 23 
Dec. 1757, and recorded the same date (?). This "Province 
land" was probably what is now the towns of Mount Washing- 
ton, Egremont and Alford. 

Sept., 1767, John King, then of Armenia Precinct, Dutchess 
Co., N. Y., brings suit against Ichabod Averill "living on Tacon- 
nack Mountain so called in Sheffield," to eject the said Ichabod 
from land above mentioned. This suit Ichabod successfully de- 

The suit was renewed at the Sept. Term, 1768, and by agree- 
ment was referred to three men. At the Feb. Term, 1769, the 
referees reported in favor of King. 

From records of the Court of Common Pleas, for 1761- 
1772, at Pittsfield, Mass., we find that at the Sept. Term, 1767, 
a suit -was brought against Ebenezer Averill "of Taconnock 
Mountain so called in Sheffield," on a note given 7 July 1766. It 
is to be noticed that the date and locality are the same as speci- 
fied in the suit against Ichabod. 

At the Feb. Term, 1768, Ebenezer Averill "living on Tacon- 
nack Mountain so called in said (Berkshire) county," appears 
with George Hall of Sheffield, "together with one Ichabod Av- 
erill," as defendant in suit on note given 19 Nov. 1767. Execu- 
tion is issued 20 Sept. 1768 against Ebenezer Averill and Hall. 
Ichabod may have endorsed the note. From this may be in- 
ferred some relationship between Ichabod and Ebenezer. 

Probate Records at Pittsfield, Mass., have no Averill records 
prior to 1800. 

Land Records show only two Averill deeds prior to 1790 : — 
One from David Calkins to Paul Averill of Tockonuck Mountain, 
dated 17 Sept. 1772, and conveying a half Right of land on 
Tackonuck Mountain ; the other from Paul Averill "of a Place 

230 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

called Tackonock Mountain, yeoman," to Thomas Caide, dated 
18 March 1773, conveyed the same half Right above, "together 
with all Improvements." 

"Tackonock (modern Taconic) Mountain" is generally as- 
sumed to be the present town of Mount Washington in the 
south-westerly part of Berkshire county, bordering on Connecticut 
and New York, though the bounds in 1773 were rather indefi- 
nite. But other Averills were close by at Salisbury and Kent, 
and their influence may have led their relatives to this locality, 
which was near them. Our next Averill record is of Thomas 
Averill of Tyringham "housewrite," who conveys lands in that 
town lS01,Vital Record of Tyringham to 1850 {N. E. H. G. S.) do 
not give any records of Averills ; but as Tyringham was near 
Sheffield, Mass., w^here Thomas Averill was born in 1763, he 
too becomes identified with the above Averills of Taconic Moun- 

Until 1847 Monterey was part of Tyringham. 

The above records are supplemented by records of soldiers 
in the American Revolution, some of which, when compared, 
show^ the association of some of the Averills named above, and in 
the list of children, with the same officers and in the same com- 

Dec. 8, 1742, Ichabod m. Bathsheba Pain (Records of 2d 
Cong. Ch.), of Preston (that part now Griswold), Conn. 

From the foregoing records and statements by descend- 
ants of persons named below, we believe the following to be 
some of the children of Ichabod and Bathsheba (Pain) Averell. 

Children : 

211. i. Paul^* (see mema., p. 232), b. , 17 — , we assume, was 

one of the children of the above Ichabod. From Pittsfield, 
Mass., Reg. Deeds, we obtain the following: — David 
Calkins Sr. & Paul Averill of Tackonnuck Mountains, 
convey a half right of land in Tackonnuck Mountain. 
Paul Averill conveys this to Thomas Caide March 18, 
1775, being still of Taconnuck Mt.t Paul was also in 
service in the War of the Am. Rev. [See p. . . .] 

212. ii. Thomas'* (see mema., p. 232), b. July, 1763, at Sheffield, 

Mass., we assume with good reason was one of the chil- 

t Taconnuck Mountain was a plantation, now called Mount Wash- 
ington, which is in the extreme S. W. corner of Mass. 

The Fourth Generation 231 

dren of Ichabod, for Revolutionary records at Wash., D. C, 
give the above place and date of birth. He enlisted at 
White Creek (now Salem), Washington Co., N. Y., April 
1, 1779. Served 10 mos. under Capt. Levi Stockwell. He 
was then ranked as Acting Adjutant, service for New 
York. Enlisted, at Pawlett, Vt., Spring, 1781; service 9 
mos.; rank not given. Was under Capt. John Starks. 
Col. Samuel Fletcher for Vermont. Application for pen- 
sion Oct. 4, 1832. Claim allowed. He was living at 
Rochester, N. Y., at date of application.! 

U. S. Pension Records. Copy of Certificate. At Paw- 
lett, Vt., there were other Averills. 

213. iii. JosiAH^* (see mema., p. 232) (?), Serg't, b. Oct. 12, 1755. 

See No. 236, under which his record was given before it 
v.'as decided that legends and associations pointed to his 
belonging in this family. As there is still doubt about it, 
we allow it to stand under Joseph (No. 84), as first writ- 

214. iv. "That"'='= (see mema., p. 232) (?) (or Thaddeus?), b. 

— , 17 — . This name may be intended for Thad, an abbre- 
viation of Thaddeus; but it appears in Revolutionary rec- 
ords as That (?) Averill, 3 days. Private. .In Capt. 
Elijah Galusha's Co. (Rev. War) Alarm of May, 1782. 
(Josiah was in this expedition as Sergt. for three days 
under the same officer.) Rev. War, Vt. Pension Certif. ; 
signed by W. H. Gilmore, Adj. Gen. State of Vermont. 

215. V. Isaiah'* (see mema., p. 232) (?), b. , . 6 days. 

Corporal. In Capt. Elijah Galusha's Co. (Rev. War), in 
Arlington. Oct., 1781: 3 days. Corporal. Capt. Elijah 
Galusha, Expedition to Northward, Dec, 1781. Residence, 
unknown. Rev. War, Vt. Pension Certif.; signed by W. H. 
Gilmore, Adj. Gen. 

216. vi. Ebenezer'* (see mema., p. 232) (?), b. , . A 

private in Capt. Robert Cochran's Co., enlisted about Nov. 
26, 1775, Maj. Brown's detachment; now in service of the 
United Colonies, dated Camp, near Quebec. Feb. 16, 1776. 
Rev. War, Vt. Pension Certif.; signed by W. H. Gilmore, 
Adj. Gen. State of Vermont. 

217. vii. Cyrus'* (see mema., p. 232) (?),b. , . 

218. viii. Silas'* (see mema., p. 232) (?), b. , . 

t A Thomas Averill is a "House write" at Tyringham, Berkshire Co., 
Mass., 1801, & conveys land in that town. Monterey has the early records 
of Tyringham. Ed. 

232 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


* Although it does not seem likely that Ichabod (No. 75) was the 
father of eight sons, the compiler has placed these names of Averills here 
after considerable thought about the facts in hand; believing that if new 
data comes to light, correction can be made more easily for having all known 
facts and traditions placed together. 

First, Josiah No. 213^ (or No. 236) and Paul were associated 
with Sunderland, Vt., by records; Josiah's name appears among 
the creditors of Capt. Joseph Averill (No. 84) in the adm'n of 
his estate. Josiah and Thomas served under Capt. Eben"" Wallis, 
April 1782; "That" (?), Isaiah (Corporal), and Josiah (Sergt.), 
all served at the same time under Capt. Elijah Galusha 1781-2. 
As Capt. Joseph Averill (No. 84) lived for some years at Kill- 
ingly near Ichabod's home in Preston, Conn., and as they were 
cousins, and as their other cousins Samuel (No. 88), Daniel 
(No. 89), and Moses (No. 92) Averill of New Preston, Conn., 
were original grantees of much land in Vermont preceding the 
Revolution, it seems certain that they were all closely related. 
Also the Coopersville, Mich., Averills, in ignorance of all the above 
facts, have legends that hold these doubtful members of Icha- 
bod's family as sons of one man, whose name they do not know. 
For this reason the last two names, not mentioned, save by 
them, were also added to the list ; namely, Cyrus and Silas. See 
statements made under Paul (No. 211), and Thomas (No. 212), 
which were given by descendants of some of this family. 

77. Abijah"' Averell {Thomas--, William'-, William^), b. be- 
tween 1714 and 1718, at Preston, Conn., is mentioned in his 
father's will, May 9, 1734, as a minor, and as "my third son." 
His brother Ichabod is to give him £15 within two years after 
he reaches the age of 21, and he is to be put out to learn a trade 
until he is of that age. 

Feb. 13, 1739-40, Thomas Johnson of Plainfield sells Abijah Averel 
land in Preston for £90. (Preston Deeds, Vol. 5, p. 205.) 

Aug. 7, 1739, Jonathan Phillips sells him land in Preston adj. Edward 
Coggswell's land for £300. (Id., Vol. 5, p. 374.) 

May 22, 1744, John Brown, Esq., of Preston sells him for 14 shillings 
10 acres of land in Preston. (Id., Vol. 5, p. 375.) 

Aug. 28, 1745, Abijah "Averil" of Preston sells 90 acres of land in 
Preston adj. Edward Cogswell's land, to Richard Cook, for £650. 

Witnesses are Asher Rosuter (Rossiter) and Sam'll Morgan. (Id., 
Vol. 5, p. 424.) 

The Fourth Generation 233 

In TriniUj Church Records, Newport, R. L, is found the 
record of his marriage, Jan. 8, 1749-50, to Sarah Martin. That 
she was a widow is proven by baptismal records in the 1st Con- 
gregational Church at Newport, which state that their son Eben- 
ezer Averill was bap. Apr. 8, 1753, and at the same time, Martha 
Martin,* ten years of age, dau. of Abijah Averill's wife. 

Jan. 11, 1753 Abijah Averill of Newport in the Colony of Rhode 
Island and Providence Plantations for the Consideration of two thousand 
pounds (£2000), in bills of Credit of ye old tenor rec'd to his full satisfac- 
tion of Capt. Roger Billings of Preston did give grant to 

him .... a (certain) tract of land in Preston .... with a 
dwelling house and barn standing thereon containing by estimation about 

100 acres 

Wit's Signed Abijah Averill 

John Tyler 

Amos Kinne. Ack'd same date by Mr. Abijah Averill (at 

Preston) before Sam'll Coit, Justice of the 

Peace. Preston Deeds, Vol. 6, p. 461. 

Rec. June 16, 1753. 

Feb. 26, 1754, Abijah Averill formerly of Preston Conn., . . . but 

now of Newport in the Co. of Newport in Rhod Island Goverment. . . . 

Whereas I ye sd Abijah Averill did on ye ninth day of March A. D. 1747 

receive of my Brother Ichabod Averill of Stafford in Hartford, Conn., a 

deed of about one hundred acres of land in Preston in ye County of New 

London, and as to ye boundaries of sd deed reference to Preston Records 

may be^had the sd land was made over to me 

only to secure the same from two executors of about three hundred pounds 
in favor of Mr. Jonson of Lebanon, of Windham County, and against sd 
Ichabod Averill, .... and I the subscriber did at the same time owe 
my brother Ichabod Averill, and since have paid sd Jonson his demands 
. and now I do by these presents and by ye ernest request of my 
sd brother Ichabod Averill and for Love and good will I have to my sd 
brother and that justice might be done, do give, grant, make over and re- 
lease unto my brother Solomon Averill of Preston all the right, title, and 
interest that I now have or ever had to or by virtue of said deed, and I 
the sd Abijah Averill do for myself my heirs .... acquit, .... 

and discharge the above Solomon Averill, his heirs from all 

obligations etc. etc. 

(Signed) Abijah Averill. 

Wit s. 2. Mar. 1754, 

Benjamin Tucker Newport Ss. Ack. by Abijah Averill 

James Rogers before Martin Howard 

Justice of the Peace 
Recorded Preston Deeds, April 19, 1754. Vol. 6, p. 499. 
* Martha Martin, b. 1743; bap. 1753, was Sarah (Martin) Averill's 
daughter by a previous marriage. 

234 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Old Neivport Land Evidence, Vol. iii, p. 298. William Blackstock of 
Newport, Mariner, sells for £1000, to Abijah Averill of Newport, Merchant, 
% part of a lot, bounded N. & E. on streets; S. on other % part of sd lot, 
owned by grantor and occupied by grantee; W. on another street. Dated 
Aug. 20, 1750. Rec. Aug. 29, 1750. 
Wit's, Job Littel and Jos Fox. 

Also, Vol. iii, p. 301-2. Abijah Averill of Newport, Merchant, for 
£1000, sells to Patrick Grant 1/2 part of lot bounded S. by W" Blackstock's 
% part of same lot, and occupied by Nassau Hastie and Patrick Chambers. 
Sarah wife of Abijah releases down right. Dated Dec. 4, 1750. Rec'd Dec 
17, 1750. 

Wit's And" Heatley, Nathan Miller. 

March 7, 1768, Town Council Meeting, Newport, R. I. Sarah Averill 
is allowed 40,s a week for support of her sick daughter named Martha 

April 4, 1768, Council Meeting, Newport. Sarah Averill allowed 60s 
a week for her daughter Martin "who is much disordered in her senses." 

March 5, 1770 Town Council Meeting, Newport. Sarah Averill, "for 
her daughter till she died, — 3 weeks £12." 

The above are from Council records; Early records of the 
Town of Neivport, R. I. The amounts seem large for charity. 
There may be some other explanation. Some calamity certainly 
had befallen Abijah Averill before this time. 

The Census of 1774, State of Rhode Island, under heads of 
families and number in each, gives : "Sarah Averill, one male 
over sixteen, and two females over sixteen." 

Sarah Averill's family evidently consisted of herself, her 
son Ebenezer and a daughter. As no other Sarah Averill ap- 
pears in Newport records it seems that she must have been the 
widow of Abijah, and that her husband had died before this 
date, and probably before April 4, 1768, when the Town Council 
allowed her the amount mentioned above for her daughter. 
Special Town Council Oct. 11, 1793, voted: "that Sarah Averill 
now sick with Small Pox in the natural way, be removed to 
Coasters Harbor," and Patty Averill is peimitted to go with 
her grandmother, and be inoculated at her own expense. 

Children : 
219. i. Ebenezer-', bap. April 8, 1753; m. Sarah Crossing. 

The Fourth Generation 235 

220. ii. (A Dau.)'' (?), b. , 17 — ; mentioned in Census 1774 

as over sixteen. 

78. Solomon"* Averill {Thomas'', William'-, William^), b. 
Oct. 22, 1719, at Preston, Conn. {T. R.) ; lived at Preston, and 
m. Dec. 18, 1746 (Preston, 2d Cong. Ch. R.), Hannah Pettengill 
of Bridgewater, Conn. 

He was mentioned in his father's will as an heir and the 
"fourth son" (living). He was to live with his brother Ichabod 
till he reached the age of 21. He is mentioned in deeds from 
Ichabod and Abijah, his brothers, Dec. 26, 1753, Feb. 26, 1754. 

March 15, 1756, he purchases land from Nathan Herrick 
(Preston Deeds, Vol. 7, p. 92) ; and Dec. 14, 1761, sells land in 
Preston with dwelling house thereon to Jonathan Pitcher (Pres- 
ton Deeds, Vol. 7, p. 463). He d. at Preston, 1791. Col. Samuel 
Tyler was app'd adm'r to the Estate of Solomon Averill, late of 
Preston, dec'd, Feb. 11, 1791. (See Norunch, Co7in., Ct. R., Vol. 
iv, pp. 184, 194, 217.) 

All of his sons were soldiers in the war of the American 

Children (all b. at Preston, T. R.) : 

221. i. Joanna-', b. June 27, 1747; m. at Preston, May 25, 1769, 

Silas Glass of Canterbury. 

222. ii. Mehitable', b. June 20, 1749. 

223. iii. Thomas', b. Nov. 3, 1751; m. Abigail Case. 

224. iv. Jonathan", b. Apr. 8, 1756; m. Anna Watkins. 

225. V. Jacob'', b. Sept. 9, 1758; was a Rev. soldier; a Fifer in the 

7th Co. Capt. Edward Mott, of Preston, Conn., Lieut. 
Benj. Throop, of Norwich. Enlisted May 5 to Oct. 11, 
1775-6 (?). Jan. 26, 1776, he and his brother Thomas 
appear in a bill for services to soldiers; "the sick of the 
Conn. Forces at Still Water, going to and returning from 
the Northern Army." He was at this time in the same 
Co. as his brother Thomas, under Capt. Mott, and Gen. 
Schuyler, service at Ticonderoga. In list of Preston and 
Norwich officers he appears as Capt. Mott. Enlisted May 
6; disc. Oct. 11, 1775. He was in the Fourth Reg. Conn. 
Line, 1777-81; in Bacon's Co., April 28, 1777, 8 mos. app'd 
musician Sept. 1, 1777; discharged Dec. 31, 1777. See 
Conn. Rev. Records. 

226. vi. Ebenezer', b. Mar. 13, 1762; m. Elizabeth Turner. 

227. vii. Polly', b. Mar. 31, 1763. 

236 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

82. Paul-* Averill {Paul\ William', William'), b. Dec. 16, 
1711, at Topsfield, Mass., was bap. there June 1, 1712. He lived 
at Topsfield and Middleton, Mass. His house was that one after- 
wards called "the Mark Averill House" ; and it was very near 
the river bridge in Middleton, which is still called the Paul 
Averill, or ''Avery" bridge, on the road from Middleton to 

Mrs. A. A. Averell informed the Compiler that Mr. William 
Daniels told her that he was with Mr. Paul Averill when he d. 
"in his 95th year" at Middleton, and that the snow was four feet 
deep at that time 1805-6 ( ?) . 

He m. April 21, 1737, at Middleton (T. R.), Zeruah Howe, 
who was b. in that part of Andover, which is now Middleton. 
She was bap. May 15, 1715, at Topsfield, and was the dau. of 
John Howe of Andover and Middleton, and Sarah Cave, his 
wife. It is probable that she d. at Middleton. They were re- 
corded as members of the Middleton Church in 1754. 

Children (all b. at Middleton) : 

228. i. Sarah', b. July 26, 1738 {T. R.) ; d. Jan. 20, 1739 (T. R.) . 

229. ii. John', b. Jan. 2, 1740 {T. R.) ; m. Mary Bradford. 

230. iii. Paul'', b. Sept. 27, 1742 (T. R.) ; m. Deborah Foster. 

231. iv. Elijah', b. Apr. 28, 1745 (T. R.) ; m. Hannah Perkins. 
Mark"', b. May 12, 1747 (T. R.) ; m. Dorcas Foster. 
Sarah', b. July 26, 1750 {T. R.) ; m. Daniel Stiles. 
Mary"', b. May 11, 1752 (T. R.). 
Joseph', b. Oct. 6, 1757 (T. R.) ; m. (1) Susannah Pettin- 

gell; m. (2) Mrs. Rachel (Leefavor) Petingell. 

84. Capt. Joseph-' Avery (Paul'\ William-, William^), b. 
Jan. 17, 1719, at Topsfield, Mass. (T. R.) ; lived at Middleton, 
Mass., Killingly, Conn., and Danby and Sunderland^ Vt. He 
m. (1) Feb. 14, 1743-4, at Topsfield (T. R. wit. also in same), 
Mary Symonds, , — he being then of Killingly. (His father had 
m. at Wenham, Mass., Feb., 1736, another "Mary Symonds" 
for his second wife, and it is probable these two were related.) 
It is possible that Capt. Averill was named Joseph Page, as this 
second name appears clearly on one record relative to him in 
Sunderland, Vt., but the probability is that it indicates the sheet 
on which the record is written, though placed so as to be open 
to question. (Ed.) 









The Fourth Generation 237 

Capt. Joseph Averill's first wife, Mary (Symonds) Averill, 
d. probably at Killingly in 1745, as her death does not appear 
in Topsfield or Middleton Records, and as he m, (2) Dec. 24, 
1745, at Middleton {T. i?.), Sarah Mansfield, (dau. of Thomas' 
Mansfield of Ipswich, Mass., whose father, Thomas, and grand- 
father, Thomas, were b. at York, Eng. She was b. 1725 (?) ; 
and d. 1806, aged eighty-one years (T. R.) , having survived her 
husband many years. He d. at Sunderland, Vt., before Aug. 21, 
1781, at which time her son Robert was app'd adm'r of his 
estate. Killingly records give the birth dates of their children 
from Dec, 1746, to Dec, 1752, inclusive, but other children were 
b. to them, whose names do not appear on the town records. 
Deeds recorded at Killingly contain one to Joseph from his 
father as follows (Abstract) : 

I Paul Averil of Killingly, in consideration of love, good will and 
fatherly affection which I have to my well beloved son Joseph, and for other 
valuable considerations which I have received of him the said Joseph 
Averill, and for service he hath done me since he arrived to ye age of 
twenty years, and for his advancement in ye world, sell to him one hundred 
acres of land. 

This is dated Feb. 28, 1856, and signed by Mary Averil and Paul Averil. 

The name is spelled Averil, Averill, Avrill in the registry 
of this deed. 

Among the Colonial Records of Conn., Vol. xi, p. 576, Oct., 
1761, is the following: 

This Assembly (at New Haven) do establish Mr. Joseph Averil to be 
Captain of the 13th Company or train band in the 11th Regt. in this 
Colony. And Feb. 7, 1763, David Holmes of Woodstock conveys to Capt. 
Joseph Averill of Killingly, for £150, one hundred and forty acres of land 
in the N. E. Corner of the town. 

In a deed recorded at Shelburne, Vt., Joseph Averill of Danby in the 
County of Rutland and State of Vermont, and Robert Averill of Sunderland 
in the County of Bennington and State aforesaid, for and in consideration 
of the sum of one hundred Pounds lawful money to us in hand paid by 

Daniel Comstock of Sunderland aforesaid quit claim unto 

the said Daniel Comstock all our Right Title Interest 

. . . . and Doweries of in and unto one lot of Land in the Township 
of Shelburne, in the County of Addison in the state aforesaid, and is Lot 
Number four in said town as may appear by the Survey Bill of said lot 
on the proprietors Record reference being had thereto for particular bounds 

238 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

of said Lot reserving three acres of said lot for public Highways .... 
said township of Shelburne granted under the great seal of the Province 

of New Hampshire We hereby .... warrant and 

forever defend the said .... premises from all claims 

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seales this 30th day 
of August 1766. 

Signed sealed and Delivered in Presence of Dudley Averill 

T"'(?) Knickerbockr Joseph Averill L. S. 

State of Vermont Robert Averill L. S. 

Bennington County SS Sunderland August 30th 17 — , Personally ap- 
peared Joseph Averill and Robert Averill signers and sealers of the above 
written Instrument and acknowledged the same to be their free act and 

Before me Sim" Brownson Justice. 
Recorded at Shelburne July 26, 17-7. Attest 

Caleb Smith Town Clerk Shelburne. 

A certified record of service in the Revolutionary War, a 
transcript from the records in file in the office of the Adjutant 
General of the State of. Vermont, March 22, 1901 (Montpelier), 
is as follows: 

Joseph Averill served as a Private 27 days in Capt. Gideon Brownson's 
Co., for the defence of the Frontiers of the N. H. Grants, June 29, 1776, 
and received £2. 12. 0. 

Served as a Private, 5 days in Capt. Daniel Comstock's Co., that turned 
out on the Emergency of March 22, 1780 and received £1. 15. 0. 
Served as a Private, 20 days, in the Fifth Co. in Sixth Regt. state of Vt. 
in Alarms in the month of October, 1780, and received £3. 11. 8. 

As Joseph Averill, Sr., was living at these dates, and "Jr." 
is not affixed to these records, we assume they relate to the 
father. (Ed.) His four sons, Robert, Joseph, Jesse and Wy- 
man, were also soldiers in the American Revolution. 

From the toivn records we find that at Sunderland (Vt.), 

Mar. 12, 1771, By legal warning the inhabitants of the foresaid town met 
at the time and place appointed & chose Zaac Hill moderator of meeting, 
Gideon Brownson, town clerk, Jabish Bingham Capt. Joseph Averill and 
Zaac Hill selectmen for ensuing year. Gideon Brownson, Constable. Gideon 
Brownson to keep the Charter of this town from New Hampshire. 
Before me, Gideon Brownson, 

Town Clerk. 

The Fourth Generation 239 

Also, in the Reg. of Deeds of Smiderland, we find that 

March 9, 1779 Joseph Averill and Robert Averill of Sunderland, Co. of 
Bennington, Vt., yeoman, for £320, continental currency paid them by 
Samuel Barrett of Sunderland, yeoman, conveyed to him land in the town- 
ship of Sunderland adjoining on the north side of lot No. 61, running 
northward — "bounding" on the road thirty rods, thence running westwardly 
bounding on land belonging to Samuel Hoyt and Robert Averill until it 
comes to the west line of the fifty acre lot of which this is a part, then 
running southward thirty rods to the north-west corner bound of iot No. 
61. Witnesses were Joseph Averill and Wiman (Wyman) Averill. 
Deed ack'd at Sunderland June 15, 1780 by Joseph and Robert Averill 
before Timothy Brownson, and rec. Feb. 2, 1781. 

At a Court of Probate holden at Manchester in and for the District of 

Manchester this 21st day of August, 1781, Martin Powell, 

Esq., Judge, holding the same Court grants administration on the Estate of 
Joseph Averill Late of Sunderland, deceased, unto Robert Averill of said 
Sunderland who gave bonds, with Surety, of one hundred pounds lawful 
money for his administration on said Estate, according to law, and took out 
Letters of administration this day. 

Test. Enoch Woodbridge 

At the same Court the administrator made oath (?) that said Estate was 
insolvent whereupon this Court appoints Maj. Sam 11 Bartlett and Sam 1 
Hoit commissioners to Examine the claims and demands of the Creditors 
of said Estate and make their report by the 21st day of February next. 

An Inventory of the estate of Capt. Joseph Averill late of 
Sunderland, deceased, is given under same date (?), and a 
number of the articles mentioned were "ordered to be delivered 
to the widow" by the Judge of the Court. 

At a court held at Manchester Aug. 21, 1783, the adm'r to the Estate of 

Joseph Averill Deceased exhibited an inventory of the following articles, 


Joseph Averill, Jr., Dr by note. 

Robert Averill " " Book 

Amos Chapman 

Jeremiah Sinter (?) " " Book 

Left. Bradley 

Josiah Averill 


Stephan Hard 


The articles allowed to the widow sold with the Incum- 
brance (some articles?) 

£ 4. 
















£ 1. 












240 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

At a Court of Probate holden in Manchester in and for the district of 
Manchester (Vt), on the fifth day of April 1784, Martin Powell Esq., 
Judge holding the same, the Adm'r to the estate of Joseph Averill De- 
ceased exhibited an acct of Money and time expended. 
To the appraisers for Inventoring the estate of said 

paid for funeral charges and last sickness 
To money and time expended in settling Estate 
paid to commissioners for examining Claims etc. 
Court Charges 

11. 7. 
At the same Court the order was made out and exhibited to said adminis- 
trator to pay out to the several creditors the Estate remaining in his 
hands— being £23. 0. 
Creditors were: 

Eleakim Stoddard Esq. ; 

Capt. Daniel Comstock. 
James Lenard 
Georg Oatman 
Temperance Welman 
Robert Averill 
Samuel Thompson. 

An additional inventory of Capt. Joseph Averill's estate found since the 
above amounted to £7. 2. 9. 

The family of Joseph Averill was as follows, with possibly 
one exception : 

Children (It is thought that there were others whose names 
do not appear here) : 

(by first wife?) 

236. i. Robert'* (see mema., p. 241), b. , 1745 (?) (see Pen- 

sion Rolls Rev. War) ; m. Anne ■ . 

(by second wife) 

237. ii. Dudley't (see mema., p. 241), b. Dec. 5, 1746, Killingly, 

Conn. (T. R.) ; bap. 1746, at Middleton, Conn. {Ch. R.) , 
Robert Averill of Sunderland, Feb. 19, 1785, conveys land, 
part of lot No. 39, 2d div. of fifty acre lots, right of Tho^ 
Hubbard, to Dudley Averill of Sunderland; also part of 
lot No. 9, in the second div. of fifty acre lots, right of Elias 
Lymen, which J. B. Venden sold in Sunderland, July 14, 
1783, under the direction of Gilbert Bradley to pay the 
land taxes; Feb. 19, 1785: witnesses were Jesse Averill 
and Benj. Wing. Ack. Feb. 27, 1790. 























The Fourth Generation 241 

Jan. 13, 1787, Dudley Averill sells to Jesse Averill, 
both of Sunderland, fifty acres of land in Sunderland, 
being the 2d div. of lot No. 50; witnesses Elijah and 
John Stoddard. Ack. Feb. 4, 1788; rec. Mar. 5, 1790. 

He is said to have married and to have had children, 
one a son, Dudley, Jr. 

Nathaniei/, b. Feb. 5, 1748, at Killingly, Conn. 

Mary"', b. Apr. 4, 1749, Killingly (T. R.) . 

Hepzibah', b. July 19, 1750, Killingly (T. R.). 

Joseph", b. Dec. 28, 1752, Killingly {T. R.) . Served as Cor- 
poral 11 days in Capt. Eli Brownson's Co., Col. Ira 
Allen's Reg't of Militia that marched to Castleton, Oct. 
20, 1781. Certif. of service. 

Ephraim"', b. , . 

Josiah' (?),t b. Oct. 13, 1755; m. Catherine Canfield. 

Parley', b. , . 

Jesse', b. Apr. 13, 1759, at Killingly, Conn. (F. R.) ; m. 
Elizabeth Stoddard. 

Sarah', b. , . 

Hannah", b. , . 

Wyman", b. , . 


* Robert does not appear in Church or Town Records of this family. 

t Dudley appears as "Duty" in Killingly Town Records, and in pub- 
lished Vital Records of Middleton, Mass., under Church Records is recorded 
as Dudley Averil s. of Joseph and Sarah, bap., — 1746. 

t All the above named children except Josiah appear in family rec- 
ords. Josiah, as will be seen under his number, is closely associated with 
this family, and his date of birth accords with records of others here given. 

86. Esther^ Averill (Isaac (b)% William'-, William^), b. 
Mar. 11, 1712, at Preston (T. R.) , Conn.; was m. April 13, 1732, 
by Rev. Hezekiah Lord, at Preston, to Daniel Parke [T. R., B. No. 
1, p. 127.] 

Children : 

i. Joseph' Parke their son born Feb. 25, 1732-3. 

ii. Ephraim'' Parke their son born Oct. ye 31, 1734; d. 1737. 

iii. Hannah' Parke their dau. born Sept. 13, 1736. 

iv. Ebenezer' Parke their son born Sepf 10, 173- (torn) 

V. Mary'' Parke their dau. born Dec. 25, 1739; d. 1748. Sept. 9. 

vi. Allise' Parke their dau. born Nov. 23, 1741. 

vii. Sarah'' Parke their dau. born June 3, 1743. 

viii. Daniel' Parke Jr. their son born Mch. 4, 1747-8. 

242 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


The Town of Washington was incorporated in January, 
1779, and was taken from the towns of Woodbury, Litchfield, 
Kent and New Milford. The Waramaug Reserve embraced 
part of some of these towns. 

Our earhest records of the Averills who settled in this part 
of Connecticut date from 1744 ; and the removal of Isaac Averill 
(No. 21) and his family from Preston to the Waramaug Re- 
serve must have taken place between 1744 and 1749. The sons 
of Isaac Averill — Samuel, Daniel and Moses — became identified 
with the development of this part of the state. 

88. Samuel^ Averill {Isaac, William'-, William^), b. Mar. 
1, 1714-15, at Preston, Conn. {T. R.) , lived at Preston, and 
Kent (that part now called Washington), Conn. 

Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636-1850, Vol. 9, 
gives the mar. of Samuel Aurell of Preston and Patience Perry 
of Rehoboth, Mass., June 7, 1739, from Newman Congregational 
Church Records (Newman was formerly part of old Rehoboth, 
Mass.). Patience\ b. Feb. 22, 1716 (Rehoboth V. R.) , was the 
dau. of Nathaniel' Perry (Nathaniel-, AnthonyO and Patience 
Butterworth, of Rehoboth, his wife. Samuel's Int. of mar. was 
pub. Aug. 20, 1738. 

Mr. Averill was an ambitious man, a good and trusted citi- 
zen, and a forerunner of the business men of the last half of the 
nineteenth century, who placed themselves and business at a 
high level among the various interests of our nation. 

One of the earliest records we find of Samuel is in a deed 
of land to him from his father, Aug., 1738 (Preston, Conn., 
Deeds, Bk. 5, p. 94) :— 

Samuel Averel's Deed from His Father, Isaac Averill. 

To all Christian People before whom this Deed of Gift shall come Isaac 
Averel of Preston in y' county of New London in y- Colony of Connecticut 
in New England House Right Sendeth Greeting — 

Know ye that I y*" said Isaac Averil for and in consideration of y'' Love 
good will & affection that I have & Do bare towards my Loveing Son 
Samuel Averil of Preston above sd Labour Have Given Granted aliened 
Conveyed & Confirmed and by these presents do fully freely & Absolutely 

The Fourth Generation 243 

Give Grant alien Convey & Confirm to him my Said Son Sam" Averil his 
Heirs and asigns forever acartain piece or percel of Land Scituate Lying 
& being within y" Township of Preston aforesaid and is bounded as follow- 
eth — Beginning at a maple tree markt on one side with IB and on y*" 
other side with iA which is the Northwest corner of y'' Land of Jacob 
Burton which tree stands about four rods East of a small brook and from 
thence four rods to sd brook and then Northwardly bounded by y'' middle 
of sd brook until it comes west of y" Southwest corner bound of y" Land 
of Jabez Averil that being y'' stump of awhite ash tree then two Rods & 
a half to said bound which was marked when first made with iA on two 
sides then Easterly to a white oak tree markt on y'' North and South sides 
with EE A and then bounded on sd Jabez his Land to another white oak tree 
markt i A on y" north and South Side of it and still easterly by y*" sd 
Jabez Averil his Land to y" East Line of the Land y' I bought of Josiah 
Hayns of Groton in y" sd County and thence South to said Burton's Land 
find from thence bounded by sd Burtons Land to awalnut tree a Side Line 
bound of said Burtons Land & then Still by said Burtons Land to y'' bound 
first mentioned To Have & to Hold y*" sd given and granted Premises as 
y" whole of his portion out of my Estate with all y" Priviledges and appur- 
tenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining to him y"" said 
Samuel Averil his heirs and asigns forever to his and there only proper 
use benefit and behoof forever and I the said Isaac Averill for myself 
my Heirs Exc" Admini'" Do Covenant promise and Grant to and with him 
y*" sd Sam" Averil his Heirs and asigns that before the Ensealing hereof 
I am y'" true Sole & Lawfull owner of y'' above given & Granted premises 
and am Lawfully Seized and posessed of y*" same in my own proper Right 
as good perfect and absolute Estate of Inheritance in Fee-Simple and have 
in myself good Right full power and Lawfull authority to give Grant 
Convey and Confirm y*" said Given & Granted premises in manner as above 
sd and that y'' said Sam" Averiel his Heirs and asigns Shall & May from 
time to time and at all times forever hereafter by force & Vertue of these 
presents Lawfully peacably & Quietly Have hold use ocupy possess and 
enjoy y'' sd given & Granted premises with y*" Appurtenances free & clear 
& freely & clearly acquitted Exonerated & Discharged of and from all and 
all manner of forme or other Gifts Grants Bargaines Sales Mortgages 
Leases Wills Entails Joyntors Dowries Judgements Executions and Incum- 
brances whatsoever for y'' whole of his portion out of my Estate as afore 
sd — In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & seal this Eight- 
eenth Day of August and in y" twelfth year of his Majesties Reign George 
the Second A D 1738. 
Signed, Sealed and Delivered before us 

John Brown Ju' Isaac Averill Seal 

Jacob Brown 

244 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Preston August y'' IS^"" 1738. Then y'^ above Subscriber 
Isaac Averill personally appeared & acknowledged y*" above written Instru- 
ment to be his own Voluntary act and Deed — before me 

John Cook Justice of Peace 
This Deed Entred y'^ Record august y' 28'" 1738. P' John Brewster Rec' 
The land thus received from his father by deed of gift he 
disposes of in 1744 {Preston Deeds, Conn., Bk. v, p. 394) : 

Samuel Averil and Patiance Averil of Preston for £850, pd to above 
sd Samuel by John Hatch of Preston sell him 86 acres more or less in 
Preston, bounded by land of Jacob Burton and Jabez Averill, and to the 
East line of ye land my Hon'' Father Isaac Averil bought of Josiah Hayns 
of Groton (Conn.). In witness whereof I ye sd Sam'll Averil and Patience 
my wife — in this her full and free consent to this my act and deed have 
here unto set my hand and seal 1744 

Wit's Sam'll Averil 

Roger Billings Patiance Averil 

Joseph Bordman 

About this time Samuel Averill removed to Kent, in the 
western part of the State of Connecticut, where he had purchased 
land previous to Oct. 31, 1744, adjoining the "Woodbury North 
Purchase," and adjoining land owned by Samuel Chappel (see 
deed of above date to Daniel Averill). This was probably in 
Wauramaug's Reserve. April 21, 1746, Samuel Averill pur- 
chased of Samuel Chappell for £500, a tract of land which 
included what is now the old "Averill Homestead" in the town 
of Washington, and occupied at present by Hon. H. O. Averill 
(No. 2669), fifth in lineal descent to own and occupy this land. 
He holds the original quit claim deed. It is to Samuel Averill 
from Samuel Chappell (who was possibly a land agent), and 
was recorded Oct. 18, 1746. The following is taken from an 
early copy made by Samuel Johnson Averill and in the posses- 
sion of Hon. Heman Otis Averill: — 

To all people to whom these presents shall come Greeting. Know ye 
that I Samuel Chappell of Wraumauge's Reserve In the County of Hartford 
& Colony of Connecticut in New England, for, and in consideration of Five 
Hundred Pounds Money old tenor to me in hand paid by Samuel Averill of 
said Wraumaug's Reserve in ye County of Hartford in the Colony aforesd, 
which is to my full satisfaction, have Remised, Released and forever Quit 
Claimed unto him ye said Samuel Averil & to his heirs and assigns forever all 
my right, title, or Claim that I have or ought to have in or to a certain tract 

The Fourth Generation 245 

of land lying and being in the place commonly known by the name of 
Wraumaug's Reserve in the County of Hartford, Conn, being part of the 
second right or lot yt was laid out in sd Wraumaug's Reserve. And it is 
butting and bounded as follows (viz) beginning at a heap of stones at the 
Southeast corner of said lot then running West 5 degrees north by Wood- 
bury highway Two hundred & twenty six rods to a heap of stones by a 
white oak tree; then running north about 37 degrees 30 minutes East by ye 
first lot yt was laid out in sd Wraumaug's reserve about one hundred & 
fifty three rods to a stake with stones about it, then running East 43 de- 
grees South Sixteen rods to a stake with stones about it in the edge of a 
little swamp, then running south 34 degrees East forty rods to a red ash 
tree by the side of a little brook with stones about it, then running East 39 
degrees South fifty six rods to a stake with stones about it by sd brook, 
then running East Eleven degrees south twenty two rods to a heap of stones 
by sd brook, then running south 40 degrees East Seven rods to a heap of 
stones by sd brook; then running East 13 degrees south twenty rods to a 
heap of stones in sd brook, then running East 1 degree south twenty four 
rods to a heap of stones, then running East twenty eight degrees North 
eighteen rods to a maple tree with stones about yt by sd brook, then running 
East 3 degrees north twenty three rods to a heap of stones, then running 
Southeast Eighty four rods to ye first mention bounds; To have & to hold 

ye above Demised & premises Unto him ye sd 

Samuel Aviril, and to his heirs & assigns forever. In & for the consideration 
aforesd So that neither I the sd Chappell nor my heirs, or any under me 
shall have any right, title, interest or claim to or in sd Remised Released 
premises but I and them and every one of us shall be utterly excluded and 
barred forever by these presents. In witness whereof I the sd Samuel 
Chappell have hereunto set my hand and Seal In Woodbury this twenty 
first day of April A:Do: 1746 

Signed sealed and delivered Samuel Chappell Seal 

in presence of May the 24 — 1746 In Hartford then 

Ezekiel Rogers personally appeared Samuel Chappell 

Increase Moseley the signer and sealer of this instru- 

ment and acknowledged the same to 
be his free act and deed before me 
Tim Hatch 

Justice of Peace. 
Received October 18'" 1746 and is entered upon the 
Publick Records of the Colony for Pattents 
Deeds &c Book No. 4. fol. 583 

Test. George Wyllys Savel 

In 1749 Samuel secured a warranty deed of this same prop- 
erty from Cheerie Waraumaug, Chief of the Indian tribe that 
claimed possession of this land, which was in the south-east 

246 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

part of the town of Kent. Samuel's two brothers Daniel and 
Moses had land in the same Waraumaug Reserve. Kent was 
incorporated Oct., 1739, being then in New Haven County, which 
embraced the Waraumaug Reserve (Werawmagnes. Werow- 
mangs, Werawmangs, Rawmoags, Waraumaug) , to which the 
above mentioned Chappell tract belonged. This land is in what 
is now the north-western part of the town of Washington, near 
the Kent line. Although Litchfield County was incorporated 
1751, it is difficult sometimes to trace estates in the territory 
comprising the present town of Washington. All estates settled 
in "the Judeah Society," so called, were established in Woodbury 
from 1719 to 1832. The other part of the town, called the New 
Preston Parish, — an ecclesiastical society, — was originally taken 
from, the town of Kent, and was for a long time a part of the 
town of Litchfield. The estates in that parish up to 1832 are 
liable to be found in either New Milford (which was set off as 
a Probate District in 1787), or in the Probate District of Litch- 
field, which was created in 1749. (A report by the Sec. of State 
and State Librarian 1889, gives the date as Oct., 1742. Letter 
from Probate Court, Woodbury, Conn., 1902.) 

The society of New Preston embraced parts of the towns or 
townships of Kent, New Milford and Woodbury. Cothren's 
Ancient Woodbury was compiled from the Town Records of 
WoodbMry, with additions given by various families. Data re- 
lating to the Averills was furnished by Samuel Johnson Averill 
of Washington, Conn., whose original MS. was temporarily in 
the possession of the Compiler of this history. The Real Estate 
Index of North Woodbury records seven deeds to Samuel Averill 
from 1753 to '74 inch; — land in North Purchase (2); Judea 
(4) ; Werawmangs Reserve (1) ; Samuel Averill, Jr., gift. North 
Purchase (1), and one to Daniel Averill in the North Purchase, 
1749. Also one from Daniel Averill, land in North Purchase, 
1751; and three from Samuel Averill, 1755-'78, Judea (2); 
North Purchase (1), gift to his son. The old wills are among 
the Probate Court Records, Woodbury, Conn., where the only 
Averill estate mentioned previous to 1825 is that of Samuel, 
1793, intestate in the town of Washington. (The "Avered" 
estates mentioned in Woodbury Probate Records refer to Ev- 

The Fourth Generation 247 

eretts. See Descendants of Richard Everett. The Avereds were 
Everetts, not Averills.) New Milford was incorporated 1712, but 
its records are not of interest at this point. North Purchase was 
what is now the Town of Washington, which was set off from 
Woodbury in 1779. The Parish of Judea also refers to what is 
now land in the town of Washington. In Oct., 1781, a deed 
from Samuel Averill states he is "of Kent, now called Washing- 
ton, in Conn." (See Rehoboth, Mass., Deeds.) 

Col. Records of Conn., Vol. x, p. 397: — Oct. 1748 upon the Memorial 
of Samuel Averill and others living in the South East of Kent, and Edward 
Cogswell and others living in the North East part of the town of New 
Milford, petition [was made to the Assembly] for the privilege of having 
an orthodox minister preach to them for six months in the year for such 
term of years as the Assembly shall think fit. 

Samuel was "rated" in Kent in 1750, for £70.00; and in 
1752 for £80; and 1753 for £78.10 [T. R.]. Colofiial Records 
of Conn., Vol. x, give us the following item of interest : — 

May, 1752; This Assembly do Establish and Confirm Mr. Samuel 
Averill to be ensign of the company or train band in part of the township 
of New Milford, and part of the town of Kent, and order that he be com- 
missioned Accordingly. His brother Moses had also a similar but higher 
commission. Orcutt's Hist, of Neiv Milford, Conn., states that in 1753 a 
petition was sent to the Assembly for the establishment of an Ecclesiastical 
Society to be named New Preston, in honor of the fact that a number of 
the leading men had come from Preston in this State (Conn.) to New 

This was s^!gned by two Samuel Cogswells, David (this 
must have been DanieP) Averill, Moses Averill and Samuel 
Averill. These three Averills were undoubtedly the three sons 
of Isaac Averill, all of whom were living at that date in New 
Preston. Among other deeds of interest we give the following 
abstracts : 

To all Christian people to whom this Present deed shall come Greeting: 
Know ye that I John Camp of New Milford in the County of Litchfield & 
Colony of Connecticut in New England for & in consideration of three hun- 
dred pounds money old tenor in hand rec'd of Samuel Averil of Kent in the 
County & Colony afoi-es'd which is to my satisfaction & content have sold 
& by these presents Do fully freely absolutely for myself & my heirs grant 
bargain sell make over & convey unto him the s'd Samuel Averil & to 
his Heirs & Assigns forever a certain tract or Parcel of Land lying in the 
Township of Woodbury near the Northwest corner of s'd Woodbury Bounds 

248 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

in the sixth teer in the North Purchase so called, (viz:) the equal half 
for quantity & Quallity of the twenty second lot in s'd sixth teer as it 
lyeth in partnership undivided with my Uncle Nathaniel Camp of Milford 
which land as above described Together with all present and furture 
Priveleges & appurtenances thereto belonging or in anywise appertaining 
as free clear & absolute Indefeasable estate of Inheritance in Fee Simple 
for him the s'd Samuel Averil his Heirs & Assigns To have & To Hold for 
his & their own proper use & Benefit forever, avouching myself before the 
ensealing hereof to be the true & lawful owner of the above Bargained 
Premises & that to s'd Samuel Averil His Heirs & Assigns by Virtue of 
these Presents may at all times forever hereafter lawfully & Quietly hold & 
enjoy the same without lett or Molestation & that the same is free of all 
Incumbrances whatsoever & further I the s'd John Camp Do for myself & 
my Heirs Covenant & Engage to Warrant & Defend s'd Bargained Premises 
to him the s'd Samuel Averil his Heirs & Assigns forever against all lawful 
claims & Demands whatsoever 

In Witness Whereof I have hereto set my Hand & Seal this 28th. day of 
May Anno Dom' 1753. 

Signed & Sealed & D. D. John Camp (Seal) 

in presence of us ^^^ Milford May ye 28th. 1753 then per- 

Sam'L Bostwick sonally appeared the signer & sealer & De- 

Nath'L Bostwick 

Rec'd & Recorded 

July 18th. 1753 

by Jos. Minor Recorder Nath'l Bostwick, Justice of Peace. 

liverer written Deed & acknowledged the same 
to be his free act & Deed, Before me 

State of Connecticut 

County of Litchfield) ss. Woodbury April 15th. 1902. 

A certified copy of Page 160 Vol. 9 of Woodbury Land Records. 

Certified to by Asahel W. Mitchell Town Clerk. 

A quit claim deed to the above was given by Nathaniel Camp to Samuel 
Averil Dec. 7, 1753. 

Abstracts of Deeds. 

Vol. 10, Page 54:— I Samuel Averill of Kent in the County of Litchfield 
Colony of Connecticut in New England for the consideration of the sum of 
eleven hindred & forty three pounds money old tenor received to my full 
satisfaction of Henry Skilton of Farmington in the County of Hartford in 
the Colony afores'* sell him a certain tract or parcel of land in the tract 
of land in the Parish of Judea in the town of Woodbury containing eighty 
acres being the Westerly part of lot Number 22 in the sixth teer. 

Samuel Averill (Seal) 

Date: — The 26th day of June in the 29th year of the reign of Our Foreign 
Lord George the 2nd of Great Britain &c King Anno Domini 1755. 

The Fourth Generation 249 

Vol. 15, Page 98: — Know ye that I Henry Skilton of Woodbury in 
Litchfield County and Colony of Connecticut in New England for the con- 
sideration of four hundred pounds lawful money received of Samuel Averill 
of Kent in the County & Colony aforesaid. .... Do sell & Confirm 
unto him two pieces of land; one piece being in the Township of s-d 
Woodbury in the Parish of Judea containing eighty acres being a part of 

the twenty second lot int the sixth tere the other piece 

lying in the Township of Kent and being a part of the second lot in that 
tract of land known as Werawmague's Reserve containing thirty nine acres 
and a quarter bounded South by Woodbury North Purchase 

Date : the eighth day of Sept. 1763. and 

Henry Stilton (seal) 

Vol. 15, Page 249:— I Ephraim Tyler of the County of Dutches in the 
Province of New Yoi'k do Quit Claim to Samuel Averil of Kent in the 
County of Litchfield Two certain tracts or parcels of land: . . . One 
tract situated in the Southeast part of Kent being a part of the second lot 
of the tract called Warawmagues Reserve containing seventy acres with a 
dwelling house & barn erected thereon bounded South by Woodbury North 
Purchase and West by Moses Averil's land 

Date: 25th. of October 1759. Ephraim Tyler (seal) 

New Milford, Conn., Deeds, Vol. 9, Page 367: — William Bozivorth of 
New Milford for £20 rec'd of Samuel Averill of Kent sells him land in New 
Milford part of the third Lot in the North Purchase 1st Div. about 81/2 

acres partly on the land of Nathaniel Bozworth of Re- 

hoboth as the same is bounded in a deed from Daniel Averil to me reference 
thereunto being had 

April 13, 1758. 
Rec. Jan. 31, 1759. 

Vol. 11, P. 478: — Samuel Averil of Kent for £20 rec'd of James Wood 
Bozworth of New Milford sells him land in New Milford part of the 33d 
Lot of Land called the North Purchase in the First Div. Easterly on W"" 
Cogswells land. Sept 29, 1769. 

Wit's Samuel Averil 

Joel Crery (or Gary?) 
Sam 11 Averil Jr. 

Rec. April 23, 1770 

Vol. 12, p. 236. Daniel Owen of New Milford for £47. 10 rec'd of 
Samuel Averil and Morgan Noble both of Kent sells them land in New 
Milford North Purchase about 38 acres May 14, 1772. 

Vol. 19, p. 294. I Samuel Averil of Knent (Kent), Co. Litchfield, Conn., 
for £10 paid by Isaac Brown of Coventry in the Co. of Windham sell him 
. . . . one full right or share of Land in the Township of Woodbury 

250 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

in the Province of New Hampshire w'h share I bought of Gideon Tuttle 
who was one of the original Grantees as by his name written on the back 
of the Charter or Patent for sd Township may appear . . . . it is to 
be understood that said right is subject by charter to a Quit Rent to the. 
Crown and to Duties of Settlement 

March 2. 1771 Sammuel Averil 

(This looks like an autograph signature to the copy. — Ed.) 
Witnesses Howlet Hazzen 
Daniel Hazzen. 

Ack. at Norwich March 2, 1771. 
Rec. March 4, 1771 

Vol. 15, p. 280: — Samuel Averill of Washington & Morgan Noble of 
New Milford for £45 reed of Eli Taylor of New Milford sell him land on the 
north side of the bare hill 38 acres. Aug. 11. 1783 

Tabitha Calhoun Sam 11 Averil! 

John Calhoun Morgan Noble 

Rec. Jan. 14, 1786. 

Vol. 16, p. 345: — Morgan Noble to Samuel Averill of Washington for 
£200, sells him land in New Milford North Purchase the equal half of the 
39'" lot in the South tier the West part of sd 39'" lot together with the 
buildings thereon, and also about 30 acres more adjoining thereto — also a 
strip of land off the East Side of the fortieth lot together with the fruit 
trees thereon the whole about 80 acres 

Wit's Perry Averill Morgan Noble 

Nathaniel Averill 

Ack. same date 
Rec. April 18. 1786. 

Samuel Averill's deed to Isaac Brown shows that in 1771 
he had grants of land in other states. The New York Historical 
Society publications: Calendar of New York Colonial MSS. In- 
dorsed Land Papers in the Office of the Sec'y of State of New 
York, show where some of those grants were : — 

Averill, (Vt.), p. 567: — May 8, 1772. Petition of the proprietors and 
inhabitants of the township of Maidstone, Minhead Lemington, and Averill 
in the county of Gloucester for a confirmation of the grants of said town- 
ships and that such proceeding be had on their petition as to secure to them 
a preference to all other applications for said lands (Vol. xxxi. Land 
Papers, p. 121. This refers to land in Vermont). 

In the Vermont Historical Gazetteer, by Abby M. Heming- 
way, is an article on Essex Co., Vt., from which we obtained the 
following items : — 

The Fourth Generation 251 

In 1777 the Gen. Convention of Vermont declared themselves independ- 
ent, and in 1779 divided the State into two counties and each county into 
shires. Essex was then in Cumberland Co., and in the Shire of Newbury. 
New Hampshire first claimed it, and in 1770 because Essex was in Co. 
Gloucester, New York claimed it. In 1781 this county was divided into 
Windham, Windsor and Orange, Essex being in Orange, with Newbury as 
its shire. The county of Caledonia was incor. Nov. 8, 1796, and included 
all the N. E. part of the State within its limits. Essex Co. was however 
soon incorporated from it and county officers were appointed in the Oct. 
Session of the Legislature 1800. Guildhall was its shire. As a considerable 
portion of it is still a wilderness, we have four unorganized towns, Averill, 
Ferdinand, Lewis, Norton, and the three Gores, viz. Avery's, Warner's and 

From the V. H. G. we have also many other items. 

Samuel Averill is mentioned as one of the Original Proprietors of the 
town of Bolton, Vt., which was chartered June 1, 1763, by George the 
Third through Gov. Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire to Thomas 
Darling and 71 others. His neighbours and connections Nathaniel and 
Daniel Cogswell of Conn., also appear in this list. The first meeting was 
held in Newark, N. J., May 10, 1770. 

Samuel Averill appears also in the list of the sixty-six original gran- 
tees of the Charter granted by the Province of New Hampshire on the 7th 
of June 1763, for the town of Burlington, Vt. The first Proprietor's meeting 
was held in Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Conn., March 23, 1774, "at the dwell- 
ing house of Samuel Morris, Innholder." Col. Thomas Chiltenden was voted 
Moderator and Ira Allen Proprietor's Clerk for said Township. 

At an adjourned meeting held next day Ethan Allen, Remember Baker, 
Herman Allen, Zimri Allen and Ira Allen are mentioned as forming the 
"Onion River Company" and as "Proprietors in this Township of Burling- 
ton on said River (a Township lately granted by the Governor and Counsel 
of New hampshier and is now in the Province of New York) ." It is stated 
that they had already laid out fifteen hundred acre lots in said Township 
bounding on said river; and these lots are confirmed to them. 

The first settler in Burlington was Felix Powell in the year 1773. On 
the 22. day of Oct. 1774 Mr Powell bought of Samuel Averill of Litchfield, 
Conn., in consideration of £30 a tract of land in Burlington. The deed de- 
scribes Powell as of Burlington county of Charlotte, and Province of New 
York, and the land as: all that one full right or share of land in the town- 
ship of Burlington on Onion River, in the province of New York, granted 
under the great seal of the province of New Hampshire, which share I 
(Samuel Averill) have as an original grantee [Toivti Rec, Vol. ii, p. 201]. 

This land in addition to the village lots consisted of 103 acre lots occu- 
pying the whole of Appletree point, and running nearly to Onion river. 
Mr. Powell subsequently cleared a portion of the land on the point, and 
erected a log house, but afterward moved to Manchester (Vt.). He sold 
this right Aug. 19, 1778, for £190, to James Murdock of Saybrook, Conn.; 

252 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

the deed, recorded in Vol. ii, p. 4, of Town Rec, describes the land as "1 full 
share or right of land lying in the town of Burlington on Onion river, in the 
State of Vermont which right was granted by Gov. Wentworth to Samuel 

On the 22. of Oct. 1774, Mr. Powell bought of Samuel Averill of Litch- 
field, Conn., for £30, a tract of land in Burlington, Vt. This deed describes 
Powell as of "Burlington, County of Charlotte, and Province of New York," 
and the land as: "All that one full right or share of land in the township 
of Burlington on Onion river in the province of New York granted under 
the great seal of the province of New Hampshire, which share I have as an 
original Grantee." Burlington was recognized by the first meeting of the 
proprietors as being in the Province of New York (1774), and also as such 
in the deed from Averill to Powell, above mentioned. But Powell deeded his 
purchase from Averill to James Murdock of Saybrook, Conn., Aug. 19, 
1778, and describes the land as in the State of Vermont. 

~ Bristol, Vt., now in Addison Co., was chartered by Benning Went- 
worth, Gov. of New Hampshire, under the name of Pocock, June 26, 1762, 
(26,000 acres) to Samuel Averill and 62 others. Its name was changed 
to Bristol Oct. 21, 1789, and 4,400 acres were set off to Lincoln Nov. 18, 

Samuel Averill was one of the original "grantee proprietors" of New 
Huntington, Vt. (later called Huntington) in Chittenden Co., Vt. It was 
an original grant, and was chartered by Gov. Benning Wentworth to 
Edward Burling and others as early as June 1763. It is bounded N. by 
Richmond; E. by Bolton, Duxbury, and on the E. line of Avery's Gore by 
Fayston; S. by Starksborough ; W. by Hinesburg, S. of Buel's and Avery's 
Gore, four miles of which is included in the town precincts, and is bounded 
by the unincorporated residue of sd Gore not included in any town. 

The tov/n of Essex, (Vt.) was among the grants made by His Excel- 
lency Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire. The document 

dated June 7, 1763, is in the name of George the Third "The 

town was divided into 72 shares of 330 acres each." Among the grantees 
was Samuel Averill. Among the early settlers were Capt. Morgan Noble on 
the Case farm, and Col. Stephen Noble on the Herrick farm. Col. Noble 
kept a store in the same house. In the north and west portions of the town, 
Averill Noble is mentioned as an early settler [He was the grandson of 
Samuel. — Ed.]. The town was organized March 22, 1786. The meeting was 
at the house of Dr. Elkanah Billings 

In 1788 Stephen Noble was elected tything man, an office nearly an- 
swering to city police, whose duty it was to take care of the rude and 
ungovernable boys at church and other public meetings. Stephen Noble 
was elected constable 1788 and 1790, '91. [This was a position of import- 
ance in those days. — Ed.] 

Bloomfield, Essex Co., Vt., was chartered by Gov. Benning Wentworth 
June 1762, under the name of Minnehead, to 63 grantees. It was on the 
Connecticut River, bounded W. by the unorganized township of Lewis, N. 

The Fourth Generation 253 

by Lemington, and S. by Brunswick. This was near Averill's & Avery's 
Gore. Among these original grantees we find Daniel Averill, Moses Averill, 
Samuel Averill, William Cogswell, Stephen Noble, Israel Nobles, Morgan 
Nobles, Zachariah Nobles, William Cogswell, Joseph Calhoun, John Cal- 
houn, David Calhoun, and James Calhoun. [Averills settled early in this 
locality; Robert, No. 236, among others. — Ed.] 

The township was 6 miles square, and divided into 70 shares. 500 
acres (?), which was to be accounted two shares, were reserved for the 
Governor's right, one share for the propogation of the Gospel in foreign 
parts, one for a glebe for the benefit of the Church of England, one for the 
first settled minister, and one for the schools. 

Averill, Essex Co., was chartered June 23, 1762. It is 6 miles square, 
and bounded N. E. by Canaan, S. E. by Lemington, S. W. by Lewis, and 
N. W. by Avery's Gore and Norton. It is well watered and well timbered, 
but broken and uneven in surface and contains but few inhabitants. 

Of these three Gores Warren's contains 6,380 acres, Warner's 2,000, 
and Avery's 10,685. They all lie together, being bounded N. by Norton, E. 
by Averill and Lewis, S. by Brighton and W. by Holland and Morgan. 
They contain some ponds and small streams, are in some parts well tim- 
bered, and the Grand Trunk R. R. running through near the center of 
the three, or through the center Gore, renders the timber of some value. 

Averill, though wild and broken in scenery, and a forest, contains 
embedded in its valleys some of the most beautiful ponds in the County 
[Essex Co.]. 

Great Averill Pond, so called, is situated in the extreme north corner 
of the town, and a small part of the pond extends over into Norton. It is 
about 1% miles long, and from three-fourths to one mile in width. Its 
waters are clear and cold. Little Averill Pond is about 1^/^ miles due south 
of the former and is nearly round — perhaps three-fourths of a mile in 
diameter. It is the main head of Averill stream which runs north through 
Great Averill Pond, thence north-west into Canada. Bloomfield is watered 
by East Branch and Nulhegan Rivers. 

In Vermont Records of the Governor and Council we find 

"Samuel Avery of Westminster was Deputy Sheriff in Windham Co., Oct. 
1782, and in that capacity executed the sentence of banishment upon sundry 
violent Yorkers." "A person of the same name (Samuel Avery), probably 
another man, was sent to the Legislature of N. Y. in March of the same 
year, as agent of Brattleborough, Halifax and Guildford." 

The latter was undoubtedly the Samuel Averill of our 
sketch (see p. 183), and the former was one of the Groton Avery 
Clan (see p. 185). 

254 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Mrs. Averill inherited land in Bristol Co., Mass., where her 
parents lived ; and associations were kept up with her Massachu- 
setts relatives. 

From Deeds of Bristol Co. at Taunton, Mass., we have the 
following Rehoboth Abstracts : 

Elizabeth Perry, widow of Anthony Perry of Rehoboth quit claims to 
Samuel Averill and Barnabas Allen for £93, 4, 0., her right in 8% acres set 
off to her as part of her thirds, land east of Fuller's Ferry. Oct. 22, 1781; 
witnesses, Asal Carpenter and Daniel Carpenter (B. 60, p. 446) : Anthony 
Perry of Rehoboth, and Sarah Willmarth, of Rehoboth, widow, in consider- 
ation of a quit claim given them by Samuel Averill and Patience Averill, 
his wife, of Kent, Conn., July 14, 1772, being in full of their share of ther 
Hon'd father Nathaniel Perry's Est., that was since his death sett off to his 
widow for dower, and she being now also dead the above named persons 
came to a division by aquitance to each other. Sd quit claim deed was for 
12 acres 31 rds in Rehoboth, bounded on South by land of sd Anthony 
28 July, 1792. Wit's, Daniel Perry; W" Cole (B. 55, p. 232). 

Samuel Averill and Patience Averill, his wife, of Washington, Litchfield 
Co., Conn., Gent., and Barnaba Allen of Lanesbury, Berkshire Co., Mass., 
and Amy, his wife, for 28 silver dollars sold to Sarah Willmarth of Reho- 
both Mass., 8 acres in Rehoboth at a place called Watchamoket Neck, near 
Fuller's Ferry, being all that lot that was lately divided and set off to ye 
Widow Elizabeth Perry, as part of her thirds in ye division of her Dec'd 
Husband Anthony Perry's Estate, and afterwards by her aquitted unto 
the above sd grantors 25 Oct. 1781. 

Wit's: Jonathan Barney, Silvanus Martin. (B. 60, p. 392.) 

Elizabeth Perry widow and adm'x, of the Est. of Anthony Perry late 
of Rehoboth, dec'd, and Sarah Willmarth of Rehoboth, widow, & Samuel 
Averill & Patience Averill his wife of Washington, Conn., and Barnabas 
Allen and Amey Allen his wife of Lanesborough, Mass., agree upon the 
division of Estate of sd Anthony Perry. 8 June 1781. 


Abiel Carpenter . Elizabeth x Perry 

W"' Winser Sarah X Willmarth 

W" Cogswell Samuel Averill 

Daniel Averill Patience Averill 

Geo. Sherman Barnabas Allen 

Rhofe Mason Amy X Allen. 

The above is recorded in B. 60, p. 445. 

Samuel & Patience Averill of Kent, now called Washington in Con- 
necticut for £77-8-0, sell to Benj. Martin of Providence, R. I., 12 acres and 
31 rods in Rehoboth near a place called Watchamoket neck. 29 Oct. 1781. 

The Fourth Generation 255 

Wits's. Sam'l Chase, Barnabas Allen (B. 62, p. 2) : Samuel & Patience 
Averill of Washington, Ct. Barnabas Allen & Amy his wife — to Levi Dag- 
gett of Rehoboth 8 acres in Rehob., 22 Sept. 1785. 

Patience Averill of Washington, Ct., app't her beloved son Perry 
Averill of same town as her Att'y, 8 Oct. 1787. Wit's, Samuel Averill; 

John Whittlesey; Patience Averill, widow, of Washington, Ct., 

by Perry Averill, Att'y, Barnabas Allen & wife Amy, for £103, sell to 
Geo. Cortis of Rehoboth abt 31 acres in Rehoboth: 8 Oct. 1787. 
Wit's Rob't Sutton, Jos. Cole. (B. 66, p. 395.) 

A few personal characteristics of Mr. Averill are gathered 
from the various records. They show his affection for his sis- 
ter and his family, his interest in his town and in his county. 

After many arduous years in brave, pioneer, business ven- 
tures this life came to its earthly close in 1786. 

Mrs. Patience Averill died in 1790, aged 74 years. She had 
inherited a good estate from her father, as many deeds indi- 
cate, and appears to have been a most excellent helpmeet and 
mother, although but few facts relative to her are known to her 

At a Court of Probate held at Litchfield in and for the District of 
Litchfield July 4th 1786: Present, Oliver Wolcott Esq. Judge. 
The last Will and Testament of Samuel Averil late of Washington in said 
District deceased was exhibited to this Court by Samuel Averil one of the 
Executors 'therein named which Will being proved the same was approved 
by this Court and ordered to be recorded and kept on file. 

Will of Samuel Averill. 

In the Name of God Amen. 

I Samuel Averill of Washington in Litchfield County, being Pained and 
Weak in Body but of Perfect mind and Memory Blessed be God therefor 
and considering my own mortality and liableness to Death Do make Pub- 
lish and Ordain this my last Will and Testament That is to say First of 
all I Give my Soul unto God from whome I Receivd. Trusting in the 
Merits of my Redeemer for Acceptance. 

Secondly I give my Body to the Earth from whence it came to be buried 
in A Decent and Christian manner in sure hopeof A glorious Resurection 
and Eternal Life and with what woi'ldly goods it hath Pleased God to 
Bless me I give and Dispose of in Manner following that is to say. 
Imprimis. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Patience Averill 
one third Part of the Personal Estate I Die Possessed of (Debts and 

256 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Funeral Charges being first Paid) to be at her absolute Dispose forever 
Item. I give to my sd Wife her Riding Sorrel Mare together with her 
saddle and bridle (the above Mare and Saddle etc to be considered as 
part of her thirds) and also one third part of the Real Estate I Die 
Possessed of During her Natural Life together with the use of one third 
Part of my Dwelling House and one third Part of the Barn Nearest sd 
House and garden for and during the Term of Her Life. 
Item. I give to my sister Abigail Kinne wife of Mr Stephen Kinne of 
the Nine partners State of New York one Hundred acres of Land in the 
State of Vermont in the Township of Philadelphia which I Bought of 
Levi Allen. 

Item. I give to my Grandson Nathaniel Averill A Certain Bay Mare Colt 
of three years old — and also one Pair of Plain Silver Shoe Buckles with 
Brass Chapes and Tongues. 

Item. I give unto my Daughter Patience wife of Morgan Noble My right 
in the Corn mill built by Danl. Averill Being in Washington Containing 
one quarter part thereof together with my Part of the Land adjoining 
and Benefit of the Stream. 

Likewise a Lott of Land lying in New Town Near the South East Corner 
Containing about Twenty Six acres & three quarters which I Bought of 
Capt. Jos Moss and also one Full right or Share of Land in the Township 
of Berlin on Onion River in the State of Vermont which with what she 
hath heretofore Received to Be Considered as the whole of her Portion 
Item. I give and Bequeath unto my Sons Samuel Averill Jr. and Perry 
Averill the whole of my Real and Personal Estate that I shall Die Pos- 
sessed of my Debts Legacys and Funeral Charges Being first Paid to be 
Divided Between them in Equal Division to Belong to them and their Heirs. 
Lastly. I Constitute and Ordain my Beloved Sons Samuel Averill Jr. and 
Perry Averill my Sole Executors of this my Last will and Testament. In 
Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this 26th Day of 
April A. D. 1786 Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and Declared By 
the sd. Samuel Averill as his last will and Testament in the presence of us 
and in the Presence of Each Other have subscribed our Names. 
James Calhoun Saml. Averill Seal 

Robert Dickinson 
John Whittlesey. 
Litchfield County, Washington May ye 4th. 1786. 

Personally Appeared John Whittlesey, James Calhoun and Robert Dickin- 
son and Made Solemn Oath that they were Witnesses to the Foregoing Will 
of EnSn. Samuel Averill, Late of sd. Washington, Deceased and in their 
Opinion sd. Averill was of sound Mind and Memory, 
Sworn before me. John Calhoun Just of Peace. 

New Milford, Conn., Reg., Vol. 16, p. 361. We Samuel Averill & 
Perry Averill of Washington .... Executors and sole Heirs of the 

The Fourth Generation 257 

last will and testament of Samuel Averill late of Washington aforesaid 

for one hundred and thirty four pounds rec'd of David 01m- 

stead sell him land in the North Purchase in New Milford it being the 
equal half of the 39'" lot in the South Tier of sd purchase .... to- 
gether with buildings standing thereon and also about 30 acres adj. (same 
as previous deed — about 80 acres) Jan 18. 1788 

Rec. Jan. 21. 1788. 

Vol. 18, p. 274. Roger Cogswell, Execut'r on the last will and test, 
of W™ Cogswell Dec'd makes sale for the Considera- 
tion of £200, rec'd of Perry Averill of Washington of land, 

in New Milford 90 acres — 2 dwelling houses. 

Aug. 25, 1788. 

Rec. Sept. 20, 1789 

At a Court of Probate holden at Litchfield within and for the District of 

Litchfield Dec. 17th 1793. 

Present The Honble. Oliver Wolcott Esq. Judge 

The last Will and Testament of Patience Averill late of Washington 
in said District descsd. being exhibited by the Executor therin named and 
proved according to law was established and ordered to be recorded and be 
on file — At the same Court Perry Averill, the said Executor, accepted the 
appointment and together with Nathaniel P. Averill became bound to this 
Court in the penal sum of two hundred pounds lawful money for the faith- 
ful & legal performance of the duties thereof. 

(Copy of Will) 

In the Name of God Amen 

I Patience Averill of Washington in Litchfield County Being weak and 
Pained in Body but of sound mind and memory thanks to God therefor and 
calling to mind my Own Mortality and knowing I must Die Do make and 
Ordain this my Last Will and Testament That is to say I Recommend my 
Soul to God Trusting in the merits of his Son for Acceptance and my 
Body to the Earth from whence it came to be Buried in Decent and Chris- 
tian manner in Sure Hopes of Receiving the same again by the mighty 
Power of God to a glorious Resurection and Etei'nal Life and with what 
worldly goods it hath pleased God to Bless me in this life I give and 
Dispose thereof in the manner following (viz) 

I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Patience Noble and to her Heirs 
one Feather Bed with striped Ticking with the Bolster & Two Pillows 
& Furniture thereto belonging one Black Silk Gown and One Black 
Camblet gown one Black quilt Six pair of linen Sheets Six Pair of Pillow 
Cases Six linen Shifts one Black Silk apron one Black Barcelona Hand- 
kerchief one Pair Black Silk Cuffs one black gause Handkerchief Two 
Black Velvet Hoods &one gause Hood one Black Velvet Cloak one white 
Holland apron Four lace caps one Muslin Handkerchief one Cambrick and 

258 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

one Holland Handkerchief one Pair Cambrick Ruffles one Pair Stays three 
Chect Linen aprons three Striped Shortgowns three Linen and One Cotton 
Table Cloths Two Cotton Napkins Five Linen Towels Seven Pair yarn 
Stockings Five yards whitened Tow Cloth One Camblet Riding Hood and 
Head and Six Chect linen Handkerchiefs 

I give and bequeath to my two Sons Samuel Averill and Perry Averill 
and to their Heirs the whole of my Right Title and Interest that I have or 
ought to have in Remainder or Reversion to any Lands lying or being in the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay or in the State of Rhode Island that 
Descended to me from my Honored Father Nathaniel Perry of Rehoboth 
deceased or from my Brother Anthony Perry or from my Sister Sarah 
Wilmarth both Late of Rehoboth in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 
Bay Deceased and also all the Remainder of my Personal Estate that I 
Die Possessed of Debts and Legacies being first Paid To be Divided in 
Equal Shares Between them and Lastly I Do Constitute and appoint my 
Two Sons Samuel Averill and Perry Averill to be Sole Executors of this 
my Last will and Testament and I Do make and Ordain this to be my last 
will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and 
Seal this Third Day of April 1790 at Washington. Signed Sealed Pub- 
lished Pronounced and Declared to be the last will and Testament of the 
above Named Patience Averill who in our Presence and in the Presence of 
each Other have hereunto Set our Names. 

John Whittlesey Patience Averill (SEAL) 

John Moss mark 

David Rynolds 

State of Connecticut, County of Litchfield, District of Litchfield ss 

Oflnice of the Court of Probate in and for said District May 30th 1902 

I Geo. M. Woodruff, Judge of said Court hereby certify that the foregoing 
seven pages are true copies of the last Wills and Testaments of Moses 
Averill, Samuel Averill and Patience Averill as on file and recorded in the 
Records of said Court and of the records of the proceedings of said Court 
establishing and admitting to Probate said several Wills. 

In the Averill burying ground at Washington, Conn., on 
Baldwin's Hill, and on part of the original farm, is to be seen an 
excellent double headstone marking the graves of Samuel Averill 
and his wife Patience. 

The inscriptions are: 

In Memory of In Memory of 

Ens" Samuel Averill Patience Averill 

who died April 30"" 1786 wife of Ens" Samuel Averill 

aged 71 years. who died April 4'" 1790 

aged 74 years. 

The Fourth Generation 259 

The family of Samuel and Patience (Perry) Averill, so 
far as we have knowledge of it, consisted of the following 
children* {T. R., Kent, Conn.) : 

249. i. Patience^ b. May (?), 1741 (bap. May 15, 1741, 2"' Ch. of 

Preston, Ch. R.) ', m. Morgan Noble. 

250. ii. Perry'', b. Sept. 18, 1754, at New Preston, Conn.; m. (1) 

Dorothy Whittlesey; (2) Mrs. Sarah Turrell. 

251. iii. Samuel'', b. May 18, 1752,* at New Preston; m. Sarah 



* The family records give no date for the birth of this Samuel (No. 
251), whose name is placed after Perry's. It is possible that another son 
of the same name was born and died before the Samuel known to the 
family, and that the date given in the T. R. relates to that son. — Ed. 

■Witness my hand and the seal of said Court the day and year last above 
written Geo. M. Woodruff 


89. Daniel^ Averill (also Everil) (Isaac\ William'-, Will- 
iam'), b. May 7, 1717, at Preston, Conn. (T. R.) , lived in that 
town until 1744-5. He m, Nov. 11, 1742 (prob. at Preston, 
as the record appears in those of the Second Congregational 
Church of Griswold, which was formerly part of Preston), Lucy 
Cogswell,-^ (see mema., p. 266), dau. of Edward* (William', Will- 
iam-, JohnO Cogswell, and Hannahf (see mema., p. 266) Brown, 
his wife. She was b. April 14, 1726, at Ipswich, Mass., and d. 
Sept. 28, 1782, aged 55 years, at New Preston, Conn. The Cogs- 
well and Averill families were associated for several generations, 
as both were among the early settlers of Ipswich, Mass., and of 
Preston, and New Preston, Conn. There were also the closer 
associations of marriage, as both Lucy% above mentioned, and her 
sister, Martha'', married brothers, and their niece Anna", dau. of 
their brother Maj. William"' Cogswell, m. Roger'^ Averill; and 
their niece, Zeruiah^ dau. of their brother, Nathaniel^ Cogswell, 
m. Gideon'^ (No. 145) Averill. (It is believed there were earlier 
Cogswell-Averill marriages ; and both Mr. Horace Averill [in 
1820], and Mr. Samuel Johnson Averill claimed that the Averills 
came over to America with the Cogswells in 1635, sailing from 
Milford Haven, Wales, although they gave no proof of their state- 
ment, and none has yet been found. If one of the Cogswells was a 

260 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

merchant in London, as has been stated, and our William' Av- 
erill was from Ashe, Co. Kent, the statement may have had its 
foundation in a fact. Ed.) 

We find no Preston, Conn., record of Daniel Averill. His 
interest in the western part of the State while he was at Pres- 
ton is shown by the following abstract from a deed recorded at 
Hartford, Conn., for what was formerly the County of New 
Haven, which embraced the Rawmoag Reserve. This shows 
the early association of Daniel Averill with the Cogswells both 
in Preston and New Preston : — 

Deeds recorded at Hartford, Conn. (Abstract) Vol. 7, p. 119 (y'r 
1744) : 

"Know all men by these presents that whereas Wee Edward Cogswell & 
Daniel Averill, both of Preston, Co. of New London, Col. of Conn. . . . 

have bought a certain Tract of Land known by the name 

of Rawmoagst (see mema., p. 266) Reserve, but we ... . have pur- 
chased the above said land of Capt. John Baker of Woodbery and Caleb Mal- 
lary of New Milford both in the Co. of New Haven . . . and is bounded 
as followeth .... beginning at the north west corner bound of Wood- 
bury North Purchase and bounded by Woodbury North Line of said Purchase 
Two hundred and Twenty Rods to a White Oak Tree Markt with stones about 
it and from thence Northwardly Three Hundred and Twenty rods to a great 
Rock with stones upon it, which is the bound between the above said Land and 
the Land of Sam 1 Chappel and Samuel Averills Land — and from thence Run- 
ning Westerly By Land of the Colony Two hundred & Twenty Rods to a 
mear stone which is the North west corner of said Tract of Land and from 
thence running Southwardly by the Land of New Milford Three Hundred 
and Twenty Rods to the first bounds mentioned . . . and in the above 
said Edward Cogswell and Daniel Averill have divided (said) Tract of 
Land as Followeth, beginning Thirty and one Rods South of the middle of 
said Tract of Land upon the West side of said Land at a Heap of Stones, 
by a black oak Tree one hundred and twenty nine rods to it more or less 
Northwardly of Woodbury North west corner, and from thence Eastwardly 
a strait Line to a stake and a heap of stones standing thirty one rods South 
of the Middle of said Tract of land which is two hundred and twenty rods 
Easterly of said Heap of Stones and black oak Tree, and one hundred and 
Twenty nine Rods Northward of a White Oak Tree which is the South East 
Corner of said Tract of Land be it more or Less, and we the above said 
Edward Cogswell and Daniel Averil have and do agree that a straight line 
between said Heap of Stones by said Black Oak Tree and the last men- 
tioned stake and heap of stones shall be and Remain the dividing Line 
between us the said Cogswell and Averill, and our Heirs and Assigns for 
ever, and the Land North of the dividing Line belongs to the above said 
Edward Cogswell and the Land south of the Said (Line to) Daniel Averill 

The Fourth Generation 261 

Each relinquishing his right to to the other's half 

Note here that the said Danil Averil for himself and his 

Heirs and Assigns Covenant and agree that the said Edward Cogswell and 
his heirs and asigns Shall have free Liberty to Digg in his said Averils 
land so as to turn a certain spring or Runn of Water that there is near 
to said Cogswell's Land Where he said Cogswell or heirs or assigns shall 
think may be most for his or their advantage to Lead or Carry Said Water 
to his Land for ever. And in Witness and Confirmation of all the above 
articles we the said Parties have hereunto sett our Hands and Seals this 
Thurty-first Day of October AD: 1744 

Edward Cogswell (Seal) 
Wit's Daniel Everil (Seal)* 

John Cogswell 

John Cook Jn' New London Ss. January 

ye 16th 1744:5 Then Edward Cogswell and Daniel Everil the 

subscribers to this Instrument written on the other side did both par- 

sonally appear and acknowledge said Instrument to be their own Voluntary 

Act and Deed. 

Before me 

John Cook Justice of Peace. 
Rec'd for record 
January 18, 1744/5 
The following abstracts show that Daniel Averill settled 
in Litchfield Co. about 1749. Deeds recorded at N. Woodbury; 
— Ephraim Tyler, grantor, 1749, to Daniel Averill, land in North 
Purchase, Vol. 8, p. 165, War. deed; — Daniel Averill, grantor, 
1751, to Hezekiah Doolittle, land in North Purchase, Vol. 9, p. 
10, War. deed. 

To all People to whom these Presents shall come Greeting Know ye 
that I Ephraim Tyler of Woodbury in the County of Fairfield & Colony of 
Connecticut in New England for the consideration of two thousand pounds 
money old tenor to me paid before the ensealing hereof by Daniel Averil 
of Kent in the County of Hartford & Colony afores'd do Give Grant Bar- 
gain Sell Convey & Confirm unto the s'd Daniel Averil to his Heirs and 
Assigns forever, a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Woodbury 
afores'd & is a part of the 8th. lot in the 6th. teer of lots in the North 
Purchase in s'd Woodbury the west side of s'd lot accsrding to the division 
of s'd lot formerly made by the freeholders appointed for the dividing of 
the land in the records of which division the length & breadth may be 

* (Although the spelling of Cogswell is not varied, Daniel signs his 
name "Everil" and his name appears in the instrument four times "Averill," 
three times "Averil": once "Avirel"; once "Averel"; once "Everil." — Ed.) 

262 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

seen, be the same more or less: Bounded North on Highway West on High- 
way South on the 5th teer of lots, East on land of Lt. Steel of Bethlem with 
a right in the common undivided land in s'd North Purchase belonging to 
half a right in proportion with the other proprietors in s'd tract of land ■ 
& also three acres of land lying in s'd North Purchase being a part of the 
9th. lot in the 6th. teer of lots in s'd purchase at the Northeast corner of 
s'd 9th. lot & is twelve rods in width East & West & forty rods in length 
North & South Bounded East on Highway North on Highway West & 
South on land of Samuel Jackson which two pieces of land as above de- 
scribed together with the dwelling house and barn thereon standing & all 
& singular the priveleges & appurtenances that any ways appertain to the 

To have and to hold unto him the S'd Daniel Averil & his heirs & assigns 
to his & their own proper use benefit & behoof & I the s'd Ephraim Tyler 
for myself & heirs do covenant with the s'd Daniel Averil his heirs & 
assigns that until the ensealing hereof I am well seized of the premises 
as a good indefeasible in fee simple free of all incumbrances which I have 
good right to Bargain & Sell as above written & I bind myself & heirs to 
warrant & forever defend s'd granted & Bargained premises unto him the 
s'd Daniel Averil & his heirs & assigns against all claims & demands. 
Witness my hand & seal this 8th. day of February Anno Domini — 1749-50 
& in the 23rd. year of the reign of his Majesty King George the second of 
Great Britain &c. 

Signed sealed & Delivered Ephraim Tyler (Seal) 

in presence of Woodbury February the 9th. A. D. 1749-50 

Deborah Moseley The Personally appeared Ephraim Tyler 

Jrevease Moseley signer & sealer to the above written instru- 

Rec'd & recorded ment & acknowledged the same to be his 

Febr'y 16th 1749-50 free act & deed, before me. 

By Jos. Minor Recorder Jervease Moseley Justice of ye Peace. 

State of Connecticut) * -i in-u 

Litchfield County j ^^- Woodbury, April 11th, 1902. 

A certified copy of page 165, Vol. 8, of Woodbury Land Records. Cer- 
tified to by AsAHEL W. Mitchell, Town Clerk. 

To all People to whom these Presents shall come Greeting &c. 
Know Ye that I Daniel Averil of Kent in the County Litchfield & Colony of 
Connecticut in New England for the Consideration of two thousand & three 
hundred pounds money old tenor to me paid before the ensealing hereof by 
Hezekiah Doolittle of Woodbury in the County & Colony afores'd Do Give 
Grant Bargain Sell & Confirm unto him- the s'd Hezekiah Doolittle & to 
his heirs & assigns forever a certain parcel of land lying in Woodbury 
afores'd & is a part of the 8th. lot in the sixth teer of lots in the North 
Purchase in s'd Woodbury the West side of s'd lot according to the Division 
of s'd lot formerly made by the freeholders appointed for the Dividing of 

The Fourth Generation 263 

the same may be the same more or less bounded North on Highway West 
on Highway South on the fifth teer of lots East on the land of Lt. John 
Steel late of Woodbury dec'd with a right in the common & undivided land 
in the in s'd North Purchase belonging to half a right in proportion with 
the other proprietors in s'd tract of land & also three acres of land lying 
in s'd North Purchase being a part of the Ninth lot in the 6th. teer of lots 
in said Purchase at the North east Corner of s'd lot & is twelve rods in 
width East & West & forty rod in length North & South. Bounded East 
on Highway North on Highway West & South on land of Samuel Jacksons 
which was pieces of land as above described together with the dwelling 
house & barn thereon standing & all singular the priveleges & appurnc'es 
that any ways appertain to the premises. 

To have & to Hold the above granted & bargained premises with the 
Priveleges and appurn'ces thereunto him the s'd Hezekiah Doolittle his 
Heirs & Assigns to his & there own Proper use & behoof forever & I the s'd 
Daniel Averil for myself & heirs do covenant with the said Hezekiah Doo- 
little his heirs & assigns that at & until the ensealing of hereof I am well 
seized of the preises as a good Indefeasable estate in fee simple free of all 
incumbrances so that I have good right to bargain & sell as above written 
& I bind myself & heirs to warrant & Forever defend s'd granted & Bar- 
gained pi'emises unto him the s'd Hezekiah Doolittle & to his heirs & assigns 
against all claims & demands. 

Witness my Hand & Seal this 9th Day of December Anno Domini 1751. 

Signed Sealed & D. D. Daniel Averil (Seal) 

in presence of Woodbury December the 4th. Day Anno Do. 1751 

Deborah Moseley Then Personally appeared s'd Daniel Averil signer 

Jrevease Moseley & sealer to the above written instrument & ac- 

Rec'd and Recorded Inowledged the ?ame to be his free act & Deed, 

Jan. ey 17th. 1751-2 Before Me. 

by Jos. Minor Recorder. Jrevease Moseley Justice of the Peace. 

State of Connecticut] 

Litchfield County p^" Woodbury, April 11th, 1902. 

A certified copy of page 10, vol. 9, of Woodbury Land Records. Certi- 
^^^ ^y AsAHEL W. Mitchell, Town Clerk. 

Deeds recorded at New Milford; Vol. 6, p. 706: 

I Stephen Bosworth, of New Milford in Co. Litchfield for £135, rec'd 
of Daniel Averill of Kent in ye Co. aforesaid do sell to said Daniel Averil 
land in New Milford part of Lott No. 35 in that Tract of Land called ye 

North Purchase in ye first Division containing eight acres 

and a half . . . . 43° west of Werowmangs Reserve West 3 degrees 
North 4 rods by Moses Averell Land. A. D. 1752 April 6. 

Ack. Dec. 25 1752 Stephen Bosworth. 

Rec. Dec. 25 1752 

264 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

("The North Purchase is what is now (1902) the Town 
of Washington, which was set off from Woodbury in 1779. 
Asahel Mitchell, Town Clerk. N, Woodbury.") 

Vol. 9, p. 91. Daniel Averil of New Milford for 250 rec'd of W" 
Bozworth of the same town sells him 8% acres of land of the North Pur- 
chase in New Milford. Jan. 9. 1754. 

Wit's, Daniel Averil 

Sam 11 Averil • Ack. Jan. 10. 1754 

Caleb Rude Rec. June 26. 1754. 

Vol. 14, p. 115. Josiah Caswell of New Milford for 5, rec'd of Daniel 
Averill of the same town .... sells him land in New Milford being 
part of several small lots and lies across the stream that runs out of the 
pond called West Pond and leads from thence to the Iron works called 
Weraumagne Iron Works and lies between sd Pond & sd Iron Works 
bounded Westerly by W" Cogswell Esq's land. Dec. 6, 1776 

Josiah Caswell 
Rec. Oct. 27, 1779. William Cogswell 

Justice of Peace 

Chere Werawmaugh sells land to Daniel Averell July 14, 
1749 ; and other purchases by Daniel are recorded with this one 
in the town of Kent between that date and 1779. He was 
"rated" in Kent, 1750, at £79.06 ; and 1752 at £61.04. 

Daniel Averill was in Kent until Apr., 1752, or later, and in 
New Milford, Jan., 1754, and probably from that time until his 
death, as he is called of New Milford, Dec, 1776. Family records 
state that he lived at New Preston Village, which was probably 
that part which was once in New Milford. Cothren's History of 
Ancient Woodbury, Conn., pub. 1879, has in Vol. i, p. 484, a 
genealogical record given by Samuel Averell of the Averill fam- 
ily of Ancient Woodbury. Vol. iii, p. 318, gives births in Wash- 
ington, stating that the town was composed of Judea Society 
in Woodbury, and New Preston Society, and taken from the 
towns of Kent, Litchfield, and New Milford, and was the first 

town incorporated in the State after the dec of 

said and was inc. Jan. 7, 1777, at a special ses- 
sion of the Gen. Assembly and called Washington. Judea So. 
was inc. Oct., 1741. 

Orcutt's History of New Milford and Bridgewater, Conn., re- 
fers to the early generations of Averills and mentions the pur- 

The Fourth Generation 265 

chase of a tract of land by Mr. Edward Cogswell, of Preston, 
New London Co., Conn., and by John Baker, of Woodbury, and 
Caleb Mallery, of New Milford, on Sept. 10, 1745, in the North 
Purchase; the thirty-third lot in the South tier of lots. (This 
was nearly a year later than the purchase mentioned above, and 
of the same parties. Ed.) 

Also, Samuel Cogswell, of Weston, bought June 9, 1746, 
lots 30 and 31. They probably settled there 1746. Matthew 
Whipple, of Ipswich, Co. Essex, Mass., pur- 
chased of Edward Cogswell one-half of his Iron work in New 
Milford, Conn., in 1747. 

Daniel Averill owned a grist mill at New Preston Village, 
where he lived for many years, if not all his life. The will of 
his brother Samuel refers to a mill he and Daniel owned to- 
gether, although this may be Daniel, Jr., as the date is after 
Daniel, Sr.'s death. It is said that Daniel and Lucy (Cogswell) 
Averill lived for a time in Vermont ; but this has not been proved 
by any records found up to this date, although Daniel and his 
brother Moses were associated with their brother Samuel Av- 
erill in Vermont land grants. They are mentioned as original 
grantees with Samuel and sixty others, including several Cogs- 
wells, Nobles, Calhouns, etc. (from their own county of Litch- 
field?) in the charter of Minnehead, afterward called Bloom- 
field, Essex Co., Vt,, given June, 1762, by Gov. Benning Went- 
worth (see pp. 252-253) . Mr. H. K. Averill, Jr., states that Dan- 
iel Averill, Sr., had land in Plattsburg, and lived there for a time, 
about 1785, and that Daniel, Sr., and his son Daniel helped 
survey the land about Plattsburg. 

Mr. Averill d. at New Preston, Oct. 23, 1785, aged 69 years. 
An old tombstone still standing (1898) in the cemetery of New 
Preston Village marks the burial place of himself and his wife. 
The burial place of the Cogswells is near by in the same ceme- 

Children (order not ascertained) : 

252. i. Nathan'', b. Dec. 15, 1745; m. Rosanna Noble. 

253. ii. Daniel"', b. prob. 1747; m. (1) Eunice Calhoun; m. (2) 

Hannah Tyler. 

266 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

254. iii. Nathaniel', b. 17 — ; lived at Amsterdam, N. Y., and is 

supposed to have been married and to have had a family. 
Amsterdam town records and county, land and probate 
records make no mention of him. 

255. iv. Judith ■§ (or Judah?), b. 1756; d. May 18, 1784, aged 18 











There may have been other children, as the name of Nathaniel did not 
appear in the data first received. 

90. Abigail* Averill (Isaac'% William-, William^), b. April 
10, 1719, at Preston, Conn.; m. Stephen Kinne; and the 26th 
of April, 1786, her brother Samuel Averill wills to her his 
sister Abigail Kinne, of the Nine partners. State of N. Y., One 
hundred acres of land in the State of Vermont in the Township 
of Philadelphia, which he bought of Levi Allen. The Nine 
Partners (or Great Nine Partners?) was in Duchess County, 
N. Y. The design and plan for the settlement af Danby, Rut- 
land Co., Vt., were conceived and adopted in "Nine Partners," 
N. Y., and the Charter granted by Penning Wentworth, Gov. of 
N. H., Aug. 27, 1761. The first meeting was at the Great Nine 
Partners, Cromelboro Precinct, Duchess Co., N. Y., Jonathan 
Willard, Moderator ; the second meeting also, and others, until 
the spring of 1763. The first road w^as laid out 1763-4 from 
Bennington to Danby: 1'' Settlement Feb. 21, 1763, but only the 
five families of Soper, Earl, Ball, Calverd and Vial were there 
up to 1766 (no Averills or Averys). 


* See The Cogswells in America by Rev. E. O. Jameson, 1884. 

t Hannah Brown is said by H. K. Averill, Jr., to have been the dau. of 
Nathaniel Brown of Ipswich, v^ho is supposed to be the son of John Brown 
of Ipswich. She was b. 1691; m. 1708; and d. June 6, 1771. (See p. 234 
Whittlesey Gen. Memoranda.) It is possible that Susanna Brown who m. 
Job Averill of Topsfield and Middleton, was related to this Hannah. 

t This Reserve of the Indian Werowmang, is also spelled Weraw- 
mangs; and, probably by mistake, Rawmoags Reserve. 

§ Judah is the name given by Mr. H. K. Averill, Jr., but Judith is 
given in the Cogswell Genealogy. 

The Fourth Generation 267 

Jonathan Willard had charter granted to him and others 
Aug. 26, 1761, for Pawlet, Vt., Danby, Rutland Co., Vt. 

i. •■ (?) 

92. Capt. Moses^ Averill (Isaac% William-, William^), b. 
Mar. 6, 1722-3, at Preston, Conn. (T. R.) ; removed in his early 
manhood, between 1744 and '48, to New Preston, Conn., a parish 
in the town of New Milford, until 1763 or later, and then in 
Kent, until Jan., 1779, when it was included in the present town 
of Washington. He became an influential citizen in that local- 
ity, where he was a farmer, and also a deacon of the New Pres- 
ton Congregational Church. Moses Averill was probably associ- 
ated with Samuel Averill, his brother, in the petition of Oct., 
1748, to the Assembly, asking for an orthodox minister. He also 
signed the petition to the General Assembly, sent in 1753 from 
New Milford by his brothers, the Cogswells and others, for the 
establishment of an Ecclesiastical Society to be named New 
Preston see p. 247) . Cothren states that he lived on the borders 
of the Judea Society. Mr. Averill was also a grantee with his 
brothers in early grants of land in Vermont from Gov. Benning 

He "was a Representative from Kent (which then included 
New Preston), to the American State Legislature, May, 1776. 
(See Orcutt's Hist, of New Milford, Bridgeiuater, Conn.; Coth- 
ren's Ancient Woodbury, Conn.) 

In the records of the town of Kent, he appears as very 
prominent in town affairs, holding the office of Constable many 
years preceding 1770, when he was elected Selectman. 

Mr. Moses Averill was appointed Ensign in 1760 ; Lieut, 
in 1763; and Captain of the Train Band in 1770. Capt. Moses 
Averill was Deputy for Kent in 1770, '71, '72, '76. 

He was "rated" in Kent for £51.16, in 1750 ; for £52.4, in 
1752; for £58, in 1753. 

Among the Proprietors' Records for Kent, we find under 
date of December 7th, 1748: 

Wee the subscribers Mutely agree and Do freely give to have an open 
high way Laid oute four Rods wide Begining att the 4 Rod highway Be- 
tween Woodbury and Kent south westerly from Moses averills Hows att 

268 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

a Black oack Stakes and stons about it and Runing a North Easterly Corse 
through each of our Lands In the Mostte Convenant place agreed upon by 
us: Edward Cogswell Matthew Beallis Benjamin Darling John Cogswell 
Daniel averill Moses Averill 

He m. (1) prob, about 1748-9, Martha Cogswell (dau. of 
Edward Cogswell and Hannah Brown, his wife), b. Nov. 11, 
1727-8, at Ipswich, Mass.; she d. July 30, 1781, aged 54 yrs. 
Her headstone inscribed: "In Memory of Mrs. Martha, wife of 
Capt. Moses Averill," stands beside her husband's. He m. (2) 

Sarah . He d. Jan. 22, 1784, at New Preston, Conn., 

aged 60 yrs, and was buried beside his brother Samuel in the 
private burial ground on the farm of the Averill Homestead. 
His headstone, clearly inscribed "In Memory of Capt. Moses 
Averill," is still standing. His will, on file at Litchfield, Conn., 
is as follows : 

At a Court of Probate held at Litchfield in and for the District of 
Litchfield, May 4th 1784 

Present, Oliver Wolcott Esq. Judge 

The last Will and Testament of Moses Averil late of Washington in 
the Distiict of Litchfield; was exhibited to this Court by the Executors 
therein named, who accepted the Trust, which will being proved was ap- 
proved of and ordered to be recorded and kept on file. 

(Copy of Will) 

In the Name of God Amen I Moses Averill of Washington, in the County 
of Litchfield and State of Connecticut being sick and weak in body but 
of Perfect Mind & memory, Thanks be to God Calling unto my mind the 
Mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to 
die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that it is to 
say Principally and First of all I give and recommend my soul into the 
hands of Almighty God who gave it and my Body I Recommend to the Earth 
to be Buried in a decent Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Exec- 
utors Nothing Doubting but that I shall at the General Resurection Re- 
ceive the same againby the almighty Power of God — and as Touching my 
Worldly Estate wherewith it hath Pleased God to bless me in this Life 
I give Devise and Dispose of the same in the Following Manner viz 
Imprimis I give and bequeath to my Beloved wife Sarah the sum of Thirty 
Pounds Lawful money together with the House Hold Furniture which she 
brought with her when she was married to me and Two Cows on Condition 
of her giving an acquitance to my Heirs of the use of one Third part 
of my Estate which by Law she may be Intitled to as widow's Dower. 
2d I Give and bequeath unto my beloved son Isaac Averill the sum of 
Twenty Pounds Lawful money which makes his full portion of my Estate 

The Fourth Generation 269 

together with what he has already had of my Estate to be paid by my 

3d. I Give and bequeath unto my beloved Children Elisha Averill Moses 
Averill Jr Philo Averill and Calvin Averillall my Real and Personal 
Estate which shall Remain to be Equally Divided between them after 
the Legacies appointed and ordered to be paid to my beloved Wife and 
my Children as is mentioned in this my Last will and Testament Together 
with my Just Debts & Funeral ChargesPaid which Debts and Legacies I 
Do hereby Order my Executors to Discharge and Pay out of my Estate 
Real and Personalat Their discretion. 

41y. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Lois Clark the sum 
of Three Pounds & Ten shillings Lawful money to be Paid by my Executors 
as afore Described which shall be the whole of her Portion of my Estate. 
51y. I give and bequeath unto my Beloved Daughter Amy Caswell the sum 
of Six Pounds Lawful money to be paid by my Executors as before De- 
scribed which shall be the whole of her Portion of my Estate. 
6thly. I Give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Martha Murray the 
sum of Three Pounds Lawful money out of my Estate which shall be the 
whole of her Portion out of my Estate to be paid by my Executors as 

7. I Give and Bequeath unto my Beloved Daughter Currence Averillthe 
Sum of Thirty Pounds Lawful money to be Paid by my Executors as above 
which shall be the whole of her Portion out of my Estate. 
8th. I Do Constitute and Ordain my beloved Sons Elisha Averill Moses 
Averill Junr. and my Nephew Samuel Averill Jur. to be my Executors to 
this my Last Will and Testament. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this 20th Day 
of January A. D. 1784 

In Presents of 

John Calhoun 

Saml. Averill 

Daniel Averill Moses Averill (Seal) 

N. B. — In the foregoing Instrument the words Paid and Averill were 
interlined before the signing & sealing of this Will 

Litchfield County ss Washington Jany. 28th 1784 

Personally appeared John Calhoun Saml. Averill & Daniel Averill Evi- 
dences to the foregoing Will and made oath that in their opinion the Testa- 
tor was of sound mind and memory and that they see the Testator sign and 
Seal the foregoing instrument in their presents the day and date above 
personally agree the same (not certain as to the last four words G. M. W.) 
and made oath to the foregoing before me Wm Cogswell Just of Peace 















270 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (by 1st wife) : 
259. i. Isaac', b. June 25, 1750; m. (1) Hannah Miles; m. (2) Mrs. 

Lois', b. 1752; m. Lemuel Clark. 

Elisha', bap. Feb. 24, 1754; m. Mary . 

Martha' ("Patty"), b. 1763; m. Solomon Murray. 

Amy'', b. ; m. Caswell, was living Jan. 

20, 1784. 

CurrenceC)', bap. Feb. 12, 1764. 

Moses', b. June 12, 1766; m. Cynthia Russell. 

Philo', b. ; lived at Greenfield, Saratoga Co., 

N. Y., 1808; m. Rebekah . Philo Averill of 

Greenfield Saratoga N. Y., and Rebekah, his wife, convey 
land in Cicero, Onondaga Co., N. Y., to Stephen Com- 
stock, of Stillwater Saratoga Co., Aug. 20, 1808 (Land 
Records, Saratoga Co.). 

267. ix. Calvin', bap. Dec. 14, 1770; m. (1), Salome Clary; m. (2), 

Sarah Gunn. 

268. X. CurrenceC')', bap. Dec. 14, 1770; living Jan. 20, 1784. 

(If there were children by Capt. Moses Averill's last mar- 
riage their names have not been learned. Ed.) 

97. Samuel"' Averill (/o6\ Thomas-, William'), b. Apr. 
18, 1709, at York, Me., m. "Eadeth" (Edith) Hutchins (dau. of 
Jonathan Hutchins of York, Me.). Nov. 5, 1735, he was app'd 
adm'r of his brother's estate, and also of his mother's estate. 
He d. before May 20, 1746, at York, and his wife Edith was 
app'd adm'r of his estate at that date. 

The following abstracts of York Co. deeds show some of 
his interests : 

Vol. 17, p. 7. I, W" Pepperell of Kittery, Esq^ for the sum of 220 to 

me on hand p** by Samuel Averell of York, Mariner, do by 

these presents quit claim to him the said Samuel Averell all the right title 

interest and property which I have by virtue of a quit claim 

under ye hand and seal of Sam 1 Penhallow of Portsmouth in the Prov. of 
New Hampshire, Esq., bearing date of July 2, 1726. Also by virtue of a 
Deed Sale under Hand and Seal of Jacob Curtis of York bearing date 
Oct. 4, 1727 unto a certain tract of land in the Town and Co. of York 
. . . . bounded as followeth On the sea fronting North East and Run- 

The Fourth Generation 271 

ning back between the land of Elizabeth Wardwell on one side and the land 
of Jn° Spencer on ye other side 

Jan. 25, 1734/5. (Signed) W" Pepperell 

Mary Pepperel 
Ack" Jan 25, 1734/5 York Ss. 

We Benj. Marston of Salem . . . Esq., and Elizabeth Marston Spinstr 
for £350 rec'd from Joseph Weare and Jon" Hutchins and Samuel Averell 

and Josiah Webber Coasters all of York do . . . sell 

them a certain neck of land scituate in Casco Bay, Co. of York, called by 
the name of Potts his Neck containing about 800 acres with an Island known 
as New Damaris Cove Island . . . reserving to ourselves the moiety or 
half part of all mines or minerals that may be found thereon, and to the 
Heirs of James Stoy 100 acres of the aforesaid Neck formerly conveyed to 
him by his honored Father Benjamin Marston late of Salem. 
The date of this instrument is probably 1737. 

York Deeds, Vol. 19, p. 49. 1735-41. 

We Joseph Weare, Jon" Hutchins Husbandmen, Samuel Aveinll, and Josiah 

Webber Coasters, all of York for £350 paid us by Benjamin 

Marston of Salem do sell unto him a certain Neck of Land situate in Casco 

Bay in the Co. of York, called Pott's Neck, containing 800 

acres more or less butting Eastwardly and Southerly on the Sea, Westerly 
on a River or Creek together with the Island lying about 50 or 60 rods 
Southward of the s" Neck, which neck and Island we this day purchased of 
the sd Benjamin Marston and Elizabeth Marston, they reserving 100 acres 
on the North East part of the neck and half the mines and minerals as ex- 
pressed in their deed to us. 

June 24. 1737. 

Signed Jon' Hutchens 

Sam 11 Averell 

Josiah Webber 

In Essex SS. June 24 1734 all four ack"* the above to be their free act and 


Rec'd York deeds Aug 20, 1737 

Joseph Wear, Jonathan Hutchins, Samuel Averell and Josiah Webber all of 
York . . . for £350, paid us by Benjamin Marston of Marblehead Co 

Essex convey to him A tract of land at Casco Bay called 

"Potts Neck" containing 800 acres more or less which we formerly pur- 
chased of said Marston. 

Jan 20, 1743. Signed by the above named four persons. 

(As in the case of land bought bj^ Job and Israel Averell 
I have been told transfers like the above were made so that the 

272 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

persons purchasing could cut the timber and return the land 
to the original owners. Ed.) 

I Samuel Averell of York .... for £200 to me in hand paid by Jona- 
than Hutchins formerly of Kittery in the sd County of York, now of York 
aforesaid Husbandman Have given . . . sold unto him the s'd Jona- 
than Hutchins forever, The full Moiety or half Part of all 

the Estate which formerly belonged to my Hon'd Grandfath'' Tho'' Averell 
dec'', the Moiety hereby sold contains sixty three acres be same more or less 
scituate in York .... and is the same half that was laid out by 
Order of the Hon'''" John Wheelwright Esq"" Judge of the Probate of Wills 

for my Uncle Benj' Averell and Sarah Luffkins share 

of my s" grandfather""" Tho' Averells Estate .... Butted & Bounded 
on the South West by the Land Laid out to the Heirs of my Hon* Father 
Job Averell now belonging to me the s^ Samuel, & on the Northeast land 
formerly John Spencers, on the North-West the Commons, on the South 
East by the Sea. Excepting only & reserving out of the sd Moiety or half 
part of s* Estate the one half of the Pond Marsh so called to myself my 
Moth" Thirds of the s'' half of the Estate during her Natural Life . . . 

Feb. 15, .738. (Signed) Sam" Averell 


Thomas Card 

Daniel Moulton 

Ack. Feb. 15, .738 by Sam" Averell 

York Deeds, Vol. 19, p. 241. 

We Jonathan Hutchins of York in the Co. of York Yeoman, and Samuel 
Averell of the same town and County yeoman for £170 to us in hand paid 
by W"" Pepperrell of Kittery do sell to the sd W'" Pepperrell the whole of 
that Tract of Land and Meadow whereon we noiv dwell containing 160 acres 
more or less in York .... Butted and bounded on the South East 
by the Sea, and on the South West by the land of Elik"' Wardwell's and 
North East by land of Aaron Banks, being the whole Tract of land whereon 
We now Dwell and all that we have which adjoyns to the same together 
with all Dwellings Houses Barnes Fences with all our right of Comon and 
undivided Land as the same hath been heretofore stated and divided. 
Judith Hutchins wife of the Said Jon'' Hutchins, and Eade Averell wife 
of the s" Samuel Averell doth surrender up their Right of Dowry and 
Power of Thirds 

Feb. 23, 1738. 

Jonathan Hutchins 

Sam' Averell 
Ack. Same date. 

The Fourth Generation 273 

Vol. 22, p. 260. 

W" Pepperrell of Kittery Co. York for £170 sells to Jonathan Hutchins and 
Samuel Averell . . all the within mentioned land and premises . . . 

(I think the above of Feb. 23, 1738) 
Wife Mary surrenders Dowry W" Pepperrell 

Feb. 7, 1741 Mary Pepperrell 

Vol. 20, p. 279. 

Samuel Averell of York sells to Jonathan Sayward of York one full share 
of the common lands belonging to York and granted to him by the Town 

June 19, 1732 Jan. 16, 1738/9. 

Vol. 20, p. 280. 

Samuel Averell of York sells to Jonathan Sayward land in York which was 
granted to Job Averell late of York dec'd (Brother of the s' Sam') June 
19, 1732 one of which shares descended and came to me by my afores'd 
brother Job Averell Dec. he Dying Intestate Without wife or children and 
so by conveyance according to the law of the Probate I am the lawful owner 
thereof and the other share hereby granted and given descended and be- 
came the right of Sam' Bartoe and Elizabeth his wife She being sister to 
the s' Job Averell dec'd, whose right and interest therein I the s'' Samuell 
have bought and purchased as by deed may appear. Feb. 1, 1738/9. 

(Signed) Sam" Averell 
Wit's Jeremiah Moulton 
Daniel Moulton. 

Vol. 21, p. 8. 

Samuel Averell of York sells one share of a Town Grant made to him 
June 19, 173- to Daniel Moulton May 3, 1738. 

(signed) Samuel Averell 

Vol. 21, p. 10. 

Samuell Averell of York, Coaster, sells to Jeremiah Moulton & David Moul- 
ton 2 shares of land granted to him June 19, 1732 by the Town of York. 
Jan. 15, 1738. Signed Samuel Averell 

Vol. 26, p. 107. 

We Eade Averill, Widow, and Mehetable Hutchins Singlewoman both of 
York in the Co. of York .... Two of the Daughters and Heirs of 
Jonathan Hutchins late of York dec'd, for £10, to us in hand paid by Norton 
Woodbridge do sell him all our and Each of our Right Estate & Title to all 
that 63 acres of land which our Honored Father the afores'd Jonathan 
Hutchins dec'd purchas" of Samuel Averell Dec'd .... late husband 

274 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

of the s'* Eade, and who sold same to W™ Pepperrell . . . who released 

same to our said Father again as by deed may appear 

Feb. 5, 1746. (Signed) her 

Eade Averill 

mark her 
Mehetable Hutchins 


Vol. 26, p. 304. 

Eadeth Averell of York, Widow, admn'^ of the Estate of Samuell Averell 
dec'd, being authorized by the courts to pay her husbands debts — his Estate 
being insolvent — sells land in York to Norton Woodbridge for £72. 5/. — 
June 1. 1748 

Vol. 6, pp. 216, 217. 

Jeremiah Moulton, Judge of Probate appoints Edith Averil of York . . . 
widow, admr x of the Estate of her late husband Samuel Averil of York 
yeoman, dec'd. May 20, 1746. 

Vol. 6, p. 226. 

The Inventory rendered of the Estate of Samuel Averill of York June 7, 
1746, mentions among other possessions, "39 acres of wilderness land 64 
acres of Land, Dwelling House and Barn; Silver buttons; gold rings, one 
Bible Sunday Books Pewter platter, 8 pewter plates; Stock." 

Total valuation £284, 5. 8 

July 1, 1746 Edith Averell swore to the truth of the inventory. In the 
presentation of her own account, her name appears on Index in Clerk's 
hand — as "Eade Averill." 

Vol. 45, p. 108. 

Estate of Samuel Averell to Enoch Hutchins Eade (or Edith) Averell of 
York .... Oct. 12, 1778, as adm'' of the Estate of her late husband 
Samuel Averell, sells to Enoch Hutchins of York . . . three of the Five 
shares originally granted by the Town of York in the late Common and 
undivided Lands in the Township of York to Job Averell in a deed . . . 
Only Brother of the said Samuel . . and the s" Samuel was in his life 
lawfully seized of the Prem.ises in right of the sd Job Averell dec'd. 

(Signed) Eade Averell 

Vol. 31, p. 202. 

The Court ordered Edith Averell admr"" of the Estate of Samuel Averell 

late of York dec'd, to sell real Estate to the value of £18, May 10, 1754 to 

discharge some remaining debts. 

She sells land to this am't to Norton Woodbridge to pay the remaining 


The Fourth Generation 275 

The family of Samuel and Edith (Hutchins) Averill was as 
follows : 

Children (all b. at York [T. R.]) : 

269. i. J0ANNA% b. Dec. 12, 1736. 

270. ii. Samuel', b. Sept. 25, 1740; m. Mary , April 2, 

1779; lived for a time at Majabagaduce and he and his 
wife Mary were living in 1812 at York, Me. 

271. iii. Joseph'', b. Aug. 29, 1742; m. Sarah Stone. 

272. iv. Job", b. Mar. 14, 1743/4; m. Margaret Simpson. 

101. James'* Averell (Benjamin\ Thomas'-, William^), b. 
Sept. 3, 1703, at Gloucester, Mass. {T. R.) ; lived at Gloucester. 
He was m. there Feb. 19, 1727, by Rev. John White, to Hannah 
Hammond, or "Hamones," who d. Nov., 1738, at Gloucester 
(T. R.). He also d. at Gloucester in the same year. 

Children (all b. at Gloucester, T. R.) : 

273. i. Hammond', b. Sept. 11, 1727; bap. Dec. 24, 1727, in 1^' Ch., 

Gloucester, Mass.; living July 12, 1746. 

274. ii. Benjamin'', bap. Dec. 21, 1729; m. Judith Roberts. 

275. iii. James'', Jr., b. Jan., 1732; bap. Aug. 13, 1732, 1st Ch., Glou- 

cester, Mass, ; living July 12, 1746. 

106. Mary"^ Averill {Benjamin^ Thomas'-, William^), b. 
Dec. 8, 1717 (T. i?.), at Gloucester, Mass.; was m. (1), Dec. 19, 
1734, -at Gloucester, by Mr. John White, to Joel Ingersoll; she 
prob. m. (2), before July, 1746, Mr. — Bailey. (See will of 
Benjamin Averill, her father.) 

Children (all b. at Gloucester. T. R.) : 
(by first marriage) 

i. Benjamin' Ingersoll, b. Dec. 11, 1735. 

ii. Joel'' Ingersoll, b. Sept. 27, 1737. 

iii. Samuel' Ingersoll, b. May 22, 1740. 

iv. Jonathan' Ingersoll, b. June 29, 1742. 

107. David"* "Avery" {Benjamin'^, Thomas'-, William') of 
York, Me., b. at Gloucester, Mass., Feb. 2, 1720 (?); m. 
(Int. pub. Oct. 23, 1742, York T. R.) , 1742 at York, Elizabeth 
Allen of York. Some of the Gloucester, Mass., Averells called 
themselves Avery, and although this David "Avery" may be the 
son of Benjamin Averill of Gloucester, Mass., who was b. Feb. 
2, 1720, he is not mentioned in his father's will of July 12, 1746. 

276 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

And as no proof of his relationship to York Averells or "Averys" 
has come to Hght it seems open to question. He may be a de- 
scendant of the Kennebunkport branch of which we have very 
imperfect records. We enter these records here for preserva- 
tion, and for later identification and correction. 

(At a Court at Berwick, Co. York, May 21, 1798, David 
Avery, late of York in the Co. of York, yeoman, dec'd intestate. 
Adm'n was granted to Jeremiah Clarke of sd York, gentleman, 
the widow of sd dec'd having declined adm'n. This may refer 
to the above David, or his son David. Ed.) 

Children of David Avery and Elizabeth Allen his wife : 
(all b. at York, Me. T. R.) : 
276. i. David"', b. Apr. 9, 1743; was m. Sept. 13, 1746, at York, by 
Rev. Isaac Leyman to Eunice Roberts of York {T. R.) , 
Int. of mar. pub. there, Aug. 28, 1762. It is to be noted 
that Benjamin Averill of Gloucester, g''son of Benj. men- 
tioned above, m. 1750 Judith Roberts, and lived at Glou- 
Eliza (BETH)', b. Oct. 10, 1744. 
Mary\ b. Nov. 11, 1746. 
Lucy', b. June 12, 1748. 

Solomon', b. Jan. 15, 1749-50; was m. Dec. 25, 1772, by 
David Sewall, Esq., to Hannah Barns of York, Me. 
{T. R.). 
Hannah', b. Jan. 14, 1752. 
Sarah', b. Jan. 15, 1754; m. (?) Apr. 27, 1775, Petiah 

Benjamin', b. Nov. 28, 1756. 
Eliab', b. Apr. 21, 1759. 

108. Samuel^ Averell, Averil, or Avery {Benjamin^ 

Thomas-, William'), b. June 23, 1722, at Gloucester, Mass. 
{T. R.) ; bap. July 22, 1722, at Gloucester; was m. there (Int. 
pub. Oct. 26, 1745), by Rev. Mr. White to Lucretia Giddings. 
He d. before June 10, 1765. 

Suffolk Probate, Boston, Mass., Vol. 16, p. 254 ; Vol. 76, p. 
8. 1777. May 13, 1777, Lucretia Avery, widow, app. by the 
Judge guardian to Benjamin Avery a minor above fourteen 
years of age, son of Samuel Avery late of Gloucester in the Co. 
of Essex, Gentleman, deceased. 

























The Fourth Generation 277 

Samuel Avery of said Gloucester Gentleman, & Lazarus Goodwin of 
Plymouth in the Co. of Plymouth Gentleman, became bound with the sd 
Lucretia Avery for the faithful discharge of sd trust. 

Att. W" Cooper. Reg. 

Children (all b. at Gloucester {T. R.) and called Avery) : 
285. i. Samuels b. Nov. 21, 1746; bap. Nov. 23, 1746, 1^' Ch., Glou- 
cester, Mass.; living June 10, 1765, when guardian- 
ship of Samuel Averill a minor above 14 years of age, 
son of Samuel Averell, late of Gloucester dec'd, was 
granted to Andrew Giddmgs, Jacob Parsons, Alexander 
Smith as sureties. (See Essex Co. P. R., Book 242, p. 227.) 

Judith", b. Apr. 24, 1750; prob. d. early. 

David', bap. Dec. 17, 1752; prob. d. early. 

William', bap. Jan. 5, 1755; in Rev. War;* prob. d. unm. 

Robert', bap. Apr. 10, 1757; Private Capt. Warner's Co., 
Col. Little's Regt. Enl. May 3, 1775, aged 20; Co. returns 
(prob. Oct., 1775). Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the War 
of the Rev., pp. 362, 363, 364. He prob. d. early. 
290. vi. Benjamin', bap. Nov. 23, 1760; 1"' Ch., Gloucester, 
Mass. His Mother appointed his guardian, 1777. Suf- 
folk Probate. May 13, 1777; Lucretia Avery, widow app'd 
by the Judge guardian to Benjamin Avery a minor above 
fourteen years of age, son of Samuel Avery, late of 
Gloucester, in the Co. of Essex, gentleman, dec'd, Samuel 
Avery of said Gloucester, Gentleman, and Lazarus Good- 
win of Plymouth in the Co. of Plymouth, Gentleman, be- 
came bound unto the s" Lucretia Avery for the faithful 
discharge of sd trust. 

109. Abigail^ Averill {Benjanmi\ Thomas-, William'), b. 
Dec. 31, 1724, at Gloucester, Mass. (T. R.) ; bap. at First Church, 
Gloucester, Mar. 28, 1724 {Ch. R.) ; was m. July 22, 1748, by 
Mr. White, to Isaac Bray. 

Children (Gloucester T. R.) : 

i. Isaac' Bray, b. June 14, 1749. 
ii. Abigail'' Bray, b. Aug. 28, 1751. 
iii. Sarah" Bray, b. Sept. 7, 1753. 

iv. Andrew" Bray, b. , 17 — . 

v. Mary-' Bray, b. Nov. 13, 1758. 
vi. Benjamin"' Bray, b. Oct. 2, 1759. 
vii. Susanna" Bray, b. Nov. 24, 1761. 

* From Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the War of the Rev., pp. 362-4, 
William Averal, Gloucester: Private, Capt. Warner's Co., Col. Little's 
Regt.; Co. Returns (prob. Oct., 1775) : Enl. May 3, 1775, aged 20. 


113. Mary^ Averell {William*, William^ William-, Will- 
iam^), appears first upon the Records of the Town of Windham, 
Conn., as "Mary averel the Daut of William averel by Ruth his 
Wife was born may 24, 1724" (Cer. Rec.) . She was bap. in the 
"Hampton Church" June 7, 1724 (Ch. R.) , and was m. "Oct. ye 
9, 1746, by Rev. Samuel Moseley, pastor of the Church, to Will- 
iam Preston. The record appears: "William Preston & Miss 
Averel, both of Windham" (see HamjHon Ch. R. and Early 
Conn. Marriages). This is from copy of marriages taken 
from records of the Congregational Church of Hampton (for- 
merly Windham Village) prior to 1786. William Preston of 
Windham was, we believe, the son of John Preston (and Mary 
his wife), whose estate was admr'd, July 11. 1738 (Willimantic 
Prob. R.). Mr. Eleaser Crocker was app'd guardian to Ben- 
jamin, Theodore, William, David and Sam'll Preston. There 
were two daughters, "Mary Smith, the eldest dau. of the dec'd," 
and Abigail Preston. Dec. 12, 1742, William Preston ack'd the 
receipt in full of his share in the estate of his "honored father." 
William Preston was a surveyor of Ashford highways 1760, 
and he signed a petition there in 1764. Many Windham people 
settled in Ashford, and James Averell followed his brother-in- 
law there. 

William and Mary (Averell) Preston, it is said, had chil- 
dren. Possibly the following record may relate to one of them. 
Child : 

i. (son)" Preston, b. , 174-; m. Mary ; prob- 
ably the Mary Preston who had son Averell' Preston, b. 
Dec. 3, 1771. 
(This Averell Preston, or another by the same name, ap- 
pears in Vt. records. — Ed.) 

114. Elizabeth^ Avery, Averill or Averell {William*, Will- 
iamK William-, William'), b. Feb. 17, 1725-6 {Cert. R.) , at 
Windham, Conn. ; m. Jonathan Burnap, Burnet or Burnett of 

The Fifth Generation 279 

Children : 

Ruth' Burnap, b. Feb. 3, 1747/8; d. (?). 

Jonathan" Burnap, b. June 8, 1749; d. (?). 

William C')" Burnap, b. Apr, 27, 1751; d. July 15, 1769. 

Benjamin" Burnap, b. Feb. 21, 1753; d. (?). 
V. James" Burnap, b. Apr. 5, 1756; d. (?). 
vi. Martha" Burnap, b. Mar. 6, 1758; d. (?). 
vii. Calvin" Burnap, b. May 18, 1760; d. (?). 
viii. Catherine" Burnap, b. Mar. 31, 1762; d. (?). 
ix. Luther" Burnap, b. Feb. 14, 1764; d. (?). 
X. John" Burnap, b. June 7, 1766; d. Aug-. 14, 1768. 
xi. Esther" Burnap, b. Aug. 13, 1767; d. (?). 
xii. William (")" Burnap, b. Sept. 17, 1769; d. (?). 

James*^ Burnet {Elizabeth^ Averell, William*, William^, 
William-, William'), b. Apr. 5, 1756; m. about 1780, at Hamp- 
ton, Conn., Chloe Martin, dau. of David Martin. Mr. Burnet d. 
Jan. 27, 1840, at Hampton, Mrs. Burnet d. there, Feb. 8, 1847. 
Children (all b. at Hampton) : 

i. Clarissa' Burnet, b. June 20, 1781; m. Elisha Griffin; lived 
at Dekalb, N. Y. 

ii. Jajmes' Burnet, b. Sept. 16, 1782; m. Jan. 16, 1805, Amanda 
Parks, had a son, Averell Burnett, lived 1819-99 in Mich. 

iii. Chloe' Burnet, b. June 26, 1784; m. Martin Flint; lived 
in Hampton. 

iv. Elizabeth' Burnet, b. June 12, 1786; m. John Spencer, of 
Gouverneur, N. Y. 

V. Phoebe' Burnet, b. Feb. 19, 1789; m. Buckley. 

vi. Asenath' Burnet, b. Apr. 13, 1791; m. Capt. James Ab- 
bott, Jan. 26, 1814; had nine children; lived at Hamp- 

vii. John' Burnet, b. July 1, 1793; d. Oct. 1, 1834. 

viii. Lora' Burnet, b. Aug. 9, 1795; d. Jan. 17, 1817. 

ix. David' Burnet, b. Nov. 20, 1797, lived in Mich. 

x. Jonathan' Burnet, b. Nov. 16, 1799; d. Jan. 22, 1881; lived 
in Mich. 

xi. Harriet' Burnet, b. Jan. 23, 1802; d. June 11, 1814. 

xii. Lester' Burnet, b. Oct. 29, 1804; m. Olive Brown, lived 
at Long Bar, Cal.; his son is Dr. Edward W. "Burnette," 
of New York City. 

xiii. Ellsworth' Burnet, b. Feb. 21, 1808; killed by Indians in 
Wis., Nov. 5, 1835. 

280 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

116. Hon. Stephen'^ Averill* (William*, William^ William-, 

William'), was b. Oct. 18, 1730, at Windham, Conn. (Cert 
T. R.), on his father's farm, which was in that part of the 
town later called Hampton. He lived on that farm until May 
5, 1770, when he sold part of it and removed to Pomfret, an 
adjoining town in the same county. He was a member of the 
Connecticut Legislature in 1785. 

"Stephen Averil was Married to Sarah Hendee ye 18th of 
June 1752" at Windham (Cert T. R.) . She was b. in 1731, and 
was the dau. of Josiah^ Hendeef and Bathsheba Larned, his 
wife. In the distribution of the estate of Josiah'' Hendee, Mar. 
7, 1766, there were mentioned, Caleb Hendee, only surviving 
son, Sarah, wife of Stephen Averell, and Elizabeth, wife of 
David Martin (letter by T. B. Davis of Wesleyan University, 
Chicago, 111.). Stephen's wife, Sarah (Hendee) Averell, was 
the mother of seven children. She died in 1775, aged 45 years. 
He m. (2) about 1776, Mrs. Mehitable (Dana) AlHn, dau. of 
Ebenezer and Mehitable Dana, and widow of Ebenezer Ailing 
of Pomfret. She was b. Feb, 28, 1739 (see Windham and Pom- 
fret T. R.), and was the mother of three children, Ruth, Lucy, 
and Stephen 2""^ Averell. In the first census of the United 
States — 1790 — Stephen Averell was living at "Pomfret Town" 
and was the head of a household consisting of three other men 
over 16 years of age, three under 16 years, and five "free white 
females including the head of the household." These included 
some of his own family and probably some laborers and help- 
ers, as his eldest children were married. 

That Stephen Averill was a man of unusual ability is shown 


* The name of Averill in Pomfret, as elsewhere in New England, 
was often called Avery, and still is so called by the friends and neighbors. 

t Josiah'' Hendee was the son of Richard" of Richard' Hendee. His 
first wife, Bathsheba' Larned (Benoni^ Poor, William'), d. Oct. 25, 1757; 
and he m. (2) Keziah Mason, Nov. 5 (Mar.?), 1760. She survived him 
{Ashford T. R.) . 

t The children of Ebenezer and Mehitable (Dana) Allin were: Molle, 
b. Nov. 2, 1761; Phebe, b. Nov. 24, 1762; Nathan, b. Dec. 2, 1764; Elias, 
b. Jan. 14, 1767; Lucy, b. Sept. 20, 1769; d. Sept. 1, 1776; Eben'r, Jr., b. 
May 22, 1773 {T. R.). 

The Fifth Generation 281 

by the inventory of his estate rendered to Hon. Thomas Gros- 
vernor, Esq., Judge of Probate, and dated Pomfret, June 15, 
A. D. 1810, and signed by Eben'r Kingsbury, Lem'l Ingals, and 
Squire Sessions, appraisers. The value of the estate was 
$9,738.72, which was large for a farmer of those days. The 
inventory is too extensive to copy in full. It contains a long list 
of wearing apparel: — including hats, coats, breaches, wescots, 
linen, and knee buckles; household furnishings; — including 
loomes. hnen wheels, chests, iron ware, pewter, china, bellows, 
warming pan, a round table, desk, looking-glass, great chair, 
silver tea spoons, table linen, several beds with flannel and linen 
bedding ; farm products ; — large quantities of pork, beef, Indian 
corn; five barrels of cider. Among out-of-doors movables were 
side saddles for men and women and farming tools; in the list 
of stock, he specifies a sorrel horse. Old Line back cow, speckle 
cow, little Red do, 17 sheep, and a four year old mare, and he 
owned much more in common with his son Stephen. Among 
his books were Salmon's Geography, the Bihle and Self Knoivl- 
edge, and the Sincere Convert. Stephen had at least part of the 
original farm of his father, William Averell, and probably some 
of his household effects, but they are not specified as inheritances 
in the inventory. It is also evident that his wife looked well to 
the ways of her household, as she was a spinner of linen and 
wool for her large family. 

We give an abstract of the will found in the Probate Court 
Records, recorded at Pomfret. This will of Stephen Averill of 
Pomfret was drawn up 5. Nov, 1804 : — 

I give to my well beloved wife Mehitable Averill two cows of midling 
size and my best horse kind and the best woman's saddle, and four good 
sheep together with one half of my indoor movables to be hers forever — 
together with the improvement of the following described land and build- 
ings during her remaining my widow 

To my son William Aveill two elevenths of my estate He having had 
101%, pounds which is to be allowed as so much of his portion: also my 
wearing apparel. 

To my son Frederick Averill two elevenths of my estate he having had 

To my son Josiah Averill two elevenths he having had £113. s. 11. d. 4. 

To my son Stephen Averill two elevenths. 

To my dau. Sarah Crafts one eleventh She having had £39.16.s. 

282 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

To my dau. Lucy Averill one eleventh. 

To my grandson Stephen son of my son Stephen one eleventh of my 

Frederick (my son) to have the following described lands 

Stephen to have all my lands not heretofore willed to Frederick, mean- 
ing to contain the widow's dower after her decease. Sons Frederick and 
Stephen appointed executors. 
Wit's Stephen Averill 

Daniel Clap Junior 

Daniel Clap 

Daniel Goodell Proved June 5, 1810. 

{P. R., Povifret, Conn.) 

The settlement of this estate was mathematically rather 
complicated, but it appears to have been made to the satisfac- 
tion of the family. 

Children (Windham cert. T. R.) : 

Stephen", the elder, b. June 11, 1753; m. Jerusha Dresser. 
William", b. April 19, 1755; m. Abigail Holt. 
Sarah", b. Sept. 26, 1757; m. Griffin Crafts. 
Bathsheba", b. Sept. 22, 1759; d. Oct. 8, 1775. 
Frederick", b. Oct. 24, 1761; m. Lucretia Waldo. 

Josiah", b. Nov. 3, 1763; m. Allin. 

Ruth", b. Dec. 13, 1778; d. Sept. 13, 1779. 

Lucy", b. June 2, 1779. Did she marry Henry? 

Stephen", the Younger, b. Dec. 27, 1780; m. Susannah 

117. Ruth^ Avery, Averell or Averill {William*, William^, 
William-, William'), b. July 2, 1733 (Cer. Rec.) ; m. Sept. 21, 
1758, (2<^ w.) John Loomis, or Lummus, Windham, Conn. 
(T. R.). Both were of Windham. She d. Dec. 3, 1773. 
Children (b. at Windham) : 

i. Jonathan" Loomis, b. July 31, 1759; d. (?). 

ii. Ruth" Loomis, b. Sept. 16, 1760; m. Mr. Hebard; d. (?). 

iii. William" Loomis, b. Aug. 30, 1763; d. (?). 

iv. Elizabeth" Loomis, b. Jan. 17, 1766; m. Mr. Martin; d. (?). 

V. Daniel" Loomis, b. Aug. 18, 1772; d. (?). 

John Loomis m. 2" Jan. 5, 1775, Eunice Sessions, of Windham, Conn. 
The above Loomis records are from Windham Vital Statistics, Court 
House, Willimantic, Conn. 



















The Fifth Generation 283 

118. James ^ Averell {William^, William-', William'-, Will- 
iam^) was b. at Windham, Conn. The Town Clerk announced 
his advent as follows : "James avery the Son of William avery 
by ruth his wife was born febr 23: 1734/5 (Cert. T. R.)" His 
elder brother "James avrel Dyed Deem : 3 : 1722," and his birth 
record the same year was written "averel." 

The James of our sketch was thirteen years of age at the 
time of his father's death, and as his mother died a year later, 
he must have been brought up by his married sister, and later 
by his brother Stephen, who was five years older than he. 

He inherited land at Ashford, Conn., as his share of his 
father's property (see will), and the original deed of this land 
was held by him and is now in possession of a descendant, L. 
Averell Carter, Esq., of Cooperstown, N. Y. (see below). This 
deed was the first deed to an Averell recorded at Ashford, and 
the certified copy gives his name as William Averel, date 1739, 
residence Windham, Conn, (see below). 

James Averell was m. at Ashford, Mar. 3, 1757, to Mary 
Walker (Cert. T. R.) ; and he lived there from that date to 1775, 
as all his children were born there. 

Ashford in 1760 was prominent among Windham Co. town- 
ships (Lamed) ; when pews were distributed in the church there 
in 1770 James Averill and Job Tyler were 14th in the list. 

His wife, Mary (Walker) Averell, died at Ashford, May 
21, 1775 (Cert. T. R.) , probably after they had decided to re- 
move to Palmer, Mass., for the first deed recorded to him as 
grantee in Palmer is dated Apr. 30, 1775, and he then buys a 
homestead in that town. The deed to this property was in his 
possession, and is now in the possession of Mr. L. Carter Averell 
(see below). In that deed he is called "James Avery"; and 
under this name he appears in other records. 

Sept. 15, 1779, he was Constable and Collector of Palmer, 
as appears by a warrant of the Treasurer and Receiver Gen- 
eral of Massachusetts. Record of this service is also held by his 
descendants. It is said that he was in the Colonial and Revolu- 
tionary Wars, but these records may be under the name of Avery, 
and in that case would be difficult of identification. 

He was taxed at Palmer in 1786 as James Averill (Gates' 
Hist of Palmer) ; and Nov. 13, 1786, while still "of Palmer," 

284 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

James "Avaril" bought two pieces of land at Wilmington, Wind- 
ham Co., Vt., of James Hamilton ; one of 240 acres, the other 150 
acres {Wilmington Reg. Deeds). In the first United States 
Census, 1790, James Averil was of Wilmington with one other 
adult male in his household, and two women, one of whom was 
probably his wife. 

It is probable that James Averell's second marriage took 
place at Palmer or Wilmington under the name of Avery ; which 
makes it almost impossible to identify the record. Mrs. Jane R. 
Carter, dau. of William Holt Averell, records on a piece of paper 
in the Family Bible: 

"Father's grandmother, Mrs. Mary Averell, consort of Mr. 
James Averell (Sr) d. March 11, 1812 in the 77th year of her 

There is a headstone to her memory in the churchyard at 
Cooper stown, N. Y., where she died. 

In 1797 Reuben Corse conveys land to James Averell in Wil- 
mington, "and Apr. 12, 1798, we have a last Vt. record of him 
as a citizen of that state." James Averell of Wilmington on 
that date conveys 73 acres on the Road from Halifax to Wil- 
mington to his son Benjamin. It was bounded by Benjamin's 
land, and the name of Reuben Corse appears in the deed (abst. 
not definite ; probably the 20 acres purchased of Corse were 
included in the transaction. — Ed.). He included in this con- 
veyance "one half of the dwelling house in which I now live" 
(Wilmington Reg. Deeds). It is probable that at about this 
time, although only 63 years of age, he returned to Cooperstown 
to live with or near his son James Averell, Jr., who had become 
a prominent man in that town. His presence there was marked 
by a change in deeds to or from his son James, who thereafter 
was called James Averell, Jr. (Otsego Co. Reg. Deeds). The 
Surrogate Records for that County do not contain record of a will 
or the admn. of his estate. The date of his death appears in the 
following records, which include a memorandum of old deeds 
of the Averell family. 

"These deeds were found by L. Averell Carter in his home at Coopers- 
town, N. Y., called the 'Averell Homestead,' which was built in 1793 by 

The Fifth Generation 285 

James Averell, Jr., a gi-eat-grandfather of L. Averell Carter, the present 
owner. The bundle of old deeds, etc., was endorsed as follows: 

'Ancient deeds etc. found 
among the Papers of my grandfather, who 
died 11th Nov 1819. 
at Jf oclock A. M. aged almost 85 years. W. H. A.' 

The initials 'W. H. A.' and above writing are those of William Holt 
Averell, a son of James Averell, Jr., and referred therefore to papers be- 
longing to James Averell, Senior. The papers are now in possession of 
and belong to L. Averell Carter, a grandson of William Holt Averell 
and a great-great-grandson of the James Averell Senior, who was probably 
the grantee named in most of the deeds. The Earliest deed, that to 'Will- 
iam Averreir Dated Dec. 26th, 1739, is probably to the father or grand- 
father of James Averell, Senior. This old deed has been loaned to the 
Historical Society at Cooperstown, N. Y." 

(1). Date 26th Day of December 1739. 

Consideration £127. 

Conveys property in Ashford, County of Wynham. 

Parties, J. Joseph Reynolds of Brystol, Co. of Brystol, Province of 

Mass. Bay 

"William AverreU" "of Wynham County of Wynham Colony of Connecti- 
cut in New England." 

(2). Date April 30th 1777- 

Consideration £425. 

Conveys "one certain tract or parcel of Land in 

Palmer afore'" being the Homested on which on which I the S" James 
Lammon settled in S" Town beginning " 


"We Moses Lammon, James and Mary Lammon of Ashuelet (?) 
Equivalent so called in the County of Berkshire & State of Massa- 
chusetts Bay Husbandmen" 

"James Avery of Palmer in the County of Hampshire and State of 
Massachusetts Bay, husbandman" 

(3). Date "this thirteenth day of November in the year of our Lord one 
thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Six {1786) and in the Tenth 
year of the Independence of America." 

Consideration £150. 

Property 246 acres, "a certain tract or Parsal of Land Lying in 
Wilmington in the County of Windham and State of Vermont." 

286 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Parties. "John Hamilton of Palmer in the County of hampshire and 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Gentlemen" 

"James Averil of Palmer in the County of Hampshire and Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts aforesaid yeoman (?) . . ." 

(4). Date. Nov 13th 1786. 
Consideration £120. 

Property, "a Sertain tract or Persal of Land Lying in Whitingham 
in the County of Windham and State of Vermont Containing Two 
hundred acres . . ." 
Parties. Same as in Deed No. (3). 

(5). Date. Oct. 6, 1792 (This is apparently a tax sale deed, from Jesse 
Groves Constable of Whitingham in Windham County and State of 

Vermont to "James Averill of Wilmington in the County of Winham 


Conveys "the whole of Lot No Six in Whitings grant so called in s** 


Consideration "Nineteen Shillings and four pence." 

This last named deed was after the date of the removal of 
James Averell, Junior, to Otsego County, N. Y, Probably James 
Averell, Jr. went to Otsego Co., N. Y., and to Cooperstown first, 
and was joined there later by his father James Averell, Senior. 
The above cited endorsement on the bundle of papers in hand- 
writing of William H. Averell is interesting as showing that the 
above deeds belonged to James Averell, Senior, and also that this 
James Averell, Seyiior died on Nov. 11th 1819. "aged almost 85 
years," and he must have died in Cooperstown, as the hour of 
his death is stated by William H. Averell, as "about 4 o'clock 
A. M." 

(Note: James Averell, Senior would, therefore, have been 
born about 1734.) 

Papers in bundle other than Deeds: 

(1) Warrent of the Treas. and Receiver Gen. of Mass. to James Averell, 
Constable and Collector of Palmer. Sept. 15th 1779. 

(2) Receipt. 

"Treasurers office 27th April 1780. 
Received from James Averel of Palmer Thirteen hundred ninety 
Eight Pounds 7/10 in full for Taxes committed to him to collect foi 
the year 1779, State Tax, 

H. Gardner Treasurer, £1398, 7/10' 
Also other receipts etc., some Continental money, etc." 

L. Carter Averill. 

The Fifth Generation 287 

Although James Averell, Sr. was the nominal head of the 
Cooperstown Branch of the Averells, it was his son James who 
became especially identified with the early settlement of that 
town and its development, but the descendants of James Averell 
Sr. have become prominent citizens of the State of New York. 

Children (all b. at Ashford. T. R.) : 

300. i. Ephraim", b. Sept. 24, 1757; d. Nov. 23, 1757. 

301. ii. Ephraim", b. Sept. 24, 1758; was a Rev. soldier, a private, 

from Ashford, Conn., Fourth Troop. Enlisted May 19, 
1777. He was a farmer, 5 ft. 6 in., com., eyes, and hair 
dark {Rev. War: Conn Rolls). 

302. iii. Mary", b. Jan. 28, 1760; m. (1) Abner Sykes; m. (2) 

Joseph Crafts. 

303. iv. Abigail", b. May 28, 1762. 

304. V. James'\ b. Dec. 14, 1763; m. Marcy Holt. 

305. vi. Benjamin', b. Aug. 15, 1765; m. (1) Rhoda Hedge; m. (2) 

Lovina Holland. 

306. vii. Aaron", b. Oct. 6, 1768; d. Sept. 28, 1775, at Ashford. 

307. viii. Jabez", b. Aug. 26, 1770. 

308. ix. Stephen", b. Aug. 26, 1773; d. Sept. 10, 1775, at Ashford. 

119. Ruth^ Averell {Samuel*, William^, William-, William^), 
b. prob. between 1720 and 1735, lived at Arundel, Me.; m. 
James Huff (or Hough) of Arundel. He was the son of Thomas^ 
Huff (Fernando^, also spelled Hough, of Arundel (now Kenne- 
bunkport), Me., and Sarah Ferris, his wife, who was the dau. 
of Aaron Ferris of Kittery, Me. 

Children (all b. prob. at Arundel) : 

i. Elizabeth" Huff, b. , ; d. Feb. 11, 1750. 

ii. Samuel'* (see mema., p. 288) Huff, b. , ; m. 

Keziah Wakefield (date from Wakefield Gen.) ; lived at 

iii. James" Huff, b. , ; m. Hannah Seavey. 

iv. Ruth" Huff, b. , ; m. Nathaniel Wakefield. 

V. Lucy" Huff, b. , ; m. Miles Rhodes (see the 

Wildes Family, 103, Ruth, m. Jacob, son of Miles and 
Mary (Huff) Rhodes, 
vi. Ebenezer" Huff, b. , ; m. widow Sarah Burn- 

vii. John" Huff, b. , ; m. Sarah Seavey. 

viii. Israel" Huff, b. , . 

ix. Sarah" Huff, b. , ; m. Jacob Merrill. 

X. Abner" Huff, b. , ; m. Elizabeth Brown. 

288 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


* Mr. Theo. S. Lazell, of Boston, Mass., has kindly given the names 
of the children of the above James and Ruth (Averell) Huff, — a list ascribed 
to Bradbury. His wife is a. descendant of this line and he gives the' 

Samuel Huff m. Keziah Wakefield. 

■ II 

Keziah Huff m. Stephen Seavey, b. June 18, 1777, at Kenne- 
1 1 bunkport, removed abt. 1832 to Boothbay, Me., 
Ij d. there. 
Lyman Seavey m. Elsie Getschell ; they lived at Bangor, 
1 1 M., where she died. 
William Wallace Seavey m. Amanda J. Stewart; 
I lived at Bangor, 1901. 
Jane Wilson Seavey m. Theodore 
Studley Lazell of Boston, Mass. 

133. Joseph^ Avery {Joseph*, William-', William'-, William^), 
b. prob. abt. 1734, at Arundel (now Kennebunkport, Me., 
where he passed his life. He m. there prob. abt. 1760 to '65, 
Hannah Watson (see Bradbury's Hist, of Kennebunkport). 
Children : 

309. i. Shadrach'-, b. abt. 1766; m. Hannah Smith. 

310. ii. Sarah", b. abt. 1768; m. David Boothby. 

311. iii. Joseph", b. abt. 1770; m. (1) Mary Stone, (2) Martha 

Tyler, (3) Polly Haley. 

312. iv. Jane", b. abt. 1772. 

313. V. Samuel", b. abt. 1774; m. Eunice Burnham, Nov. 20, 1794; 

d. at sea. 

314. vi. Stephen", b. abt. 1776; became insane. 

315. vii. William", b. abt. 1778; m. (1) "Susan" (na) Boothby, (2) 

Mary Weeks. 

316. viii. Hannah", b. abt. 1779; m; Ebenezer Huff. 

317. ix. John", b. , 1781; m. Catherine Kimball. 

137. Phebe-^ Averell (Stephen*, William'% William-, Will- 
iam'^), b. , 17 — ; m. after 1757, was the second wife of 

Nicholas Weeks, who came from Kittery, Me. His first wife 
was Susanna Wildes (dau. of ), who d. 1757, in Arun- 
del, Me. (Bradbury) . 

The children of Phebe (Averell) and Nicholas Weeks were: 

i. James" Weeks, b. , ; d. y. 

ii. John" Weeks, b. , ; m. Persis (or "Passis") 

Stevens, a widow. 

The Fifth Generation 289 

iii. Sally" Weeks, b. , ; m. John Bickford. 

iv. Mary" ("Polly") Weeks, b. — , ; m. William 

Averill (No. 315). 

V. Betsey'' Weeks, b. , ; m. Daniel Thompson. 

vi. Lydia'' Weeks, b. , ; m. , and 

removed "East." 
vii. Jane" Weeks, b. , ; m. John Bickford (was she 

the 2d wife of her brother-in-law?) 

142. James"' Averill (Jabez*, William^, William-, William^), 
b. Dec 25, 1738, at Preston, Conn. (T. R.), in that part which 
is now Griswold, He was a captain in the 3d Co. of Militia from 
the town of Preston. He was in the Revolutionary War as Lieu- 
tenant under Capt. Joseph Boardman, enlisted Sept. 8, disc. Nov. 
17, 1776. 

Officers and Soldiers in the 3d Militia Company in the town of 
Preston, and Inhabitants of sd town. 

James Averill, Capt. Bela Tracy. 

Sergt. Robert Gates. James Lord. 

Sergt. Peter Branch. Josiah Kinney. 

Sergt. John Tyler. Nathan Geer. 

Sergt. Thomas Chessbrough Samuel Coit. 

Corpl. Joshua Woodward. Moses Tyler, Jr. 

Corpl. Cyrus Gates. Daniel Harris. 

Corpl. James Tyler Jonathan Phillips. 

James Turber, fifer. Esquier Phillips. 

Henry Coit. William Averill. 
Henry Wetting. 

From Conn. Military Record of the Rev. War, p. 627. 

[The above mentioned William Averill was the brother of 

The Preston Registry of Deeds shows that Isaac and Amos 
Wedge conveyed to Capt. James Averill land in Preston, on the 
Voluntown Line, Sept. 2, 1782; and that Peter Branch con- 
veyed to Capt. James Averill land in Preston at a place called 
Chestnut Hill, 45 acres, bounded by land of the said James 
Averill and William Averill, Nov. 6, 1782. (This was near the 
ancestral home at Chestnut Hill. — Ed.) 

In 1784, Pierce Burton conveys land to James Averill ; Jan. 
30, 1788, Gideon Averill conveys land to Capt. James Averill; 
and the same year, Rufus Hatch conveys land to his brother 

290 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

William Averill (who is often called Avery in the index of these 
deeds) . 

Capt. James Averill d. 1815, and his will was probated May 
2 of that year ; his son James was the executor. 

May 2, 1815, the inventory of the estate both real and per- 
sonal of Capt. James Averill late of Preston was presented. It 
mentions the home farm of 350 acres as valued at $8,050.00; 
land in Voluntown, at $800.00, value of this estate $14,000.00. 
The appraisers were Nathan Geer, William Belcher, and James 

April 5, 1817, Aaron and Rachel Crary acknowledge the 
receipt "from our brother James Averill executor of the last 
will and testament of our honoured father James Averill late 
of Preston, dec," for $504.00, which was in full of all their 
demands against the estate, including an amount paid Rachel 
w^hen she was Rachel Park ; and the same date Samuel and Lucy 
Gallup, Benjamin and Sally Andros, Jabez and Dolly Kingsley, 
acknowledge receipt of the same sum. On the same date, also, 
Aaron Crary acknowledges receipt as guardian for his children 
by his dec. wife Harmony, dau. of James Averill. 

The executor's account was allowed July 1, 1817. 

Children (all b. at Preston, Conn.) : 

318. i. Lucy", b. Mar. 16, 1766; m. Samuel Gallup; d. Feb. 11, 1846. 

319. ii. Dorothy', b. Dec. 25, 1769; m. Jan. 23, 1792, Jabez Kingsley 

of Canterbury, Conn.; both living Apr. 5, 1817. 

320. iii. Harmomy", b. Mar. 8, 1773; m. Aaron Crary. 

321. iv. Rachel", b. Aug. 23, 1776; m. (1) Elisha Parke; m. (2) 

Aaron Crary, who was Capt. of the Twenty-first Reg. of 
Light Inf., 1799. She d. before Apr. 5, 1817. 

322. V. Sarah", b. Sept. 13, 1781; m. Benjamin Andros. 

323. vi. James", b. July 17, 1786; m. Lucy Button. 


Samuel and Lucy Averill Gallup lived in Voluntown, now Sterling, 
Conn. He was a farmer; both were members of the Congregational Church. 
He d. Oct. 13, 1856; she d. Feb. 11, 1846. They had no issue. 

145. Gideon^ Averill {Jabez*, William-^ William-, William^), 

b. Aug. 5, 1744, at Preston, Conn.; m. (1) , 17—; 

Zeruiah'^ Cogswell (Nathaniel'', Edward^ William •■, William-, 
JohnO, b. at Preston, July 14, 1752. Her mother was Huldah 
(Kinney) Averill, dau. of Dea. Thomas Kinney [The Cogswells 

The Fifth Generation 291 

in America]. Zeruiah d. about 1776. He m. (2) Oct. 6, 1776, 
Elizabeth (Morgan) Johnson (dau. of Capt. Daniel Morgan and 
Elizabeth Gates, his wife, and widow of Stephen Johnson of 
Norwich, Conn., by whom she had one child, Stephen Johnson, 
Jr.), b. Jan. 23, 1753. 

We have only legal records relating to this family. The 
death of Gideon Averill occurred before the filing of the follow- 
ing inventory: 

Norivich, Conn., P. R. (Volume 8, p. 446) : Inventory — filling two pages 
— of effects of Gideon Averill, late of Preston, dec'd; Feb. 17, 1792. Wm. 
Belden and Wm. Tucker appraisers. Gideon Averill had twelve fiddle back 
chairs (how we envy him!) ; much furniture, many tables, dishes, etc., value 
of articles inventoried being £821.14.10. 

(Volume 4, p. 222) : At Court, Norwich, M'ch 6, 1792. Mrs. Elisabeth 
Averill appd. admrx. on the estate of Mr Gideon Averill Late of Preston 
Dec'd, accepted said trust and gave bonds agreeable to the law. 

Inventory of estate of Gideon Averill late of Preston dec'd was exhib- 
ited approved and recorded. 

(Volume 4, p. 245) : Court at Norwich Nov. 6, 1792. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Averill admr'' on the estate of Gideon Averill late of Preston dec'd has 
exhibited a list of debts due from said estate amounting to £233.2.4, the 
personal estate of sd dec'd ammounting to £240; and as the widow of sd 
dec'd will want a considerable part of said personal estate for support 
of the family and to carry on the farming business, this court do therefore 
impower and direct sd admr'' to dispose of all the land of sd Dec'd excepting 
what is appraised in the inventory of said estate as the Home farm, (said 
several pieces appraised at £101.0.0), and to dispose of said land either at 
public or private sale as will appear most prudent, first giving legal notice 
of the time and place of said sale 

(Volume 13, p. 81) : I Elizabeth Averill of Preston sole adm'x of the 
estate of Mr. Gideon Averill late of Preston dec'd, for the consideration of 
one dollar rec'd from James Averill of Preston do sell him land in Preston 
— about 12 rods more or less Aug. 3, 1797. 

Wit's. Nath'l Coit Elizabeth Averill 

Jim'ah Morgan Ack. same date. 

Children (by second wife) : 

Jabez", b. Nov. 17, 1777; m. Abby . 

Zeruiah', b. Nov. 1, 1780. 

Elizabeth", b. Dec. 18, 1783. 

Eunice'', b. Aug. 22, 1785. 

Daniel", b. Sept. 23, 1787; m. Sarah Browning. 

Erastus", b. July 23, 1790; m. . 












292 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

147. William'^ Averill (Jabez\ William% William-, Will- 
iam^), b. , 1748, at Preston, Conn., was mentioned in his 

father's will. He m. at Preston in 1779 Bethiah Whipple. He 
removed to New York State, prob, about 1800, and is found in 
Aurelius in 1806; in Caledonia in 1811; and in North East, in 
Erie Co., Penn., in 1815, as shown by the following deeds : 

Preston, Conn., Reg. Deeds, Bk. 14, p. 331: Know ye that I William 
Averill late of Preston in New London Co. State of Conn., now of Aurelius 
County of Tioga, State of New York— for $950.00 reed of Pardon Brown 
of Preston, do sell him the whole of the tract or farm of land in s'd Preston 
that Mr. Rufus Hatch late of s'd Preston, dec. died seized of, with all the 
buildings there on standing, except that part of the farm & buildings that 
was set out to Mrs. Elizabeth Hatch widow and Relict of sd dec'd, as her 
right of thirds oe Dower : That is to say all the land and building I . . . 
bought of Gilbert Hatch, Rufus Hatch, Elijah Hatch, John W. Hatch, 
Joseph & Seth Hatch & Ephraim Hatch, Heirs of the dec'd. And for a 
further consideration of fifty dollars ($50.00) I do sell to him sd Brown all 
that part formerly belonging as thirds to the Widow Elizabeth, and then 
to her sons as heirs bought by a quit claim deed 25 Jan. 1800, rec. 218 page 
13 Book in Preston Town Records, Excepting the Widow's thirds on the last 
mentioned parts. Oct. 21, 1806 

Wit' William Averill 

Daniel Morgan Jr. 

Daniel Morgan 3' Same date, William Averill 

appeared before Daniel Morgan J. of P. 
(in Preston) & ack. the same to be his 
free act & deed. Rec. Oct. 21, 1806. 

Preston, Conn., Deeds. 

Vol. 12, p. 70. W"' Averill grantee, land from Mr. Lord which adjoins 
Mr. Averill's own land Nov. 8, 1792. 

Vol. 12, p. 306. W" Averill, Lease April 10, 1794 

Vol. 12, p. 358. W"' Averill, land from Hatch Nov. 28, 1795. 

Vol. 12, p. 450. W" Averill, land from Hatch, Dec. 19, 1797. 

Vol. 13, p. 178. W" Averill land in Preston from James Harris which 
he inherited from his father, Daniel Harris & from his Sister Lydia Mills. 

Vol. 13, p. 178. W"' Averill, land in Preston from John W. Hatch, 
Seth Hatch, Jan. 25, 1800. 

Vol. 13, p. 376. William Averell of Preston & Daniel Harris of "Kor- 
bright," Co. of Delaware, State of N. Y., Sell land in Preston, to Thankful 
Davis (or Harris) "which is the whole of our rights of all the land which 
fell to us from the estate of Lydia Mills dec'd by purchase or any other 
way." Oct. 14, 1801 

Vol. 13, p. 391. Thankful Davis to William Averils Oct. 13, 1801. 
Consideration $40.00 

The Fifth Generation 293 

Vol. 13, p. 419. Rufus Mulkins and Lemuel Withy (overseer) to W" 
Averill for $49.00 15 acres Jan. 21, 1801. 

B. 14, p. 335. I William Averill formerly of Preston now of Aurelius 
Co. of Cayuga & State of N. Y. for $800.00 rec'd of my brother James 
Averill of Preston — sell him land in Preston — 55 acres, & 22 rods + or — . 
Oct. 23, 1806 

Wts. James Alexander Ackd. Windham Co. Voluntown 

Stephen Nichols Oct. 23, 1806 

Rec. Nov. 1, 1806, at Preston. 

B. 15, p. 439. Another Deed — William Averill of Caledonia in the Co. 
of Chenesee (Genesee) & State of New York for $266.67 rec'd from James 
Averill Jr of Preston, sells him land in Preston (15^/^ acres). 
William Averill. 
Ack. in Preston Conn. April 1, 1811. 

B. 15, p. 445. William Averill of Caledonia Co. of Gennesee N. Y. To 
Wheeler Brown Land in Preston for $270.00 

April 1, 1811. W'" Averill. Ack. in Preston 
April 1, 1811. 

B. 17, p. 165. I William Averill of North East and Co. of Eri and 
State of Penn. for $100. lawful money rec'd of Wheeler Brown of Preston 
do sell to Sd W. Brown a piece of land in Preston, Nov. 28, 1815. 

William Averill. 
Ack. in Griswold Conn. Nov. 28, 1815 
by William Averill. 

This William Averell (or possibly another, William No. 
292) was engaged in privateering, during the American Revolu- 
tion, and D. H. Hurd states that : "The Continental vessels no less 
than the privateers seized upon peaceful merchantmen, and 
therefore as much historical credit should be awarded to the 
brave privateers as to commissioned officers." 

William Averell served in the Connecticut Mihtia in Capt. 
Lyons' Co., at New York City, 1776; and was in the 3d Co. of 
Militia from. Preston, Conn., serving under his brother, Capt. 
James Averill [Conn, in Rev. Service^. 

Children (all b. in Preston, Conn.) : 

330. i. Susannah (")", b. May 24, 1780; d. Mar. 17, 1788. 

331. ii. Rebecca", b. Dec. 14, 1782. 

332. iii. William', b. Jan. 21, 1785; m. Ann Durham. 

333. iv. Lydia", b. Aug. 16, 1786. 

334. V. Jasper^ b. Oct. 27, 1788. 















294 Averell, Ave rill, Avery Family 

Clarissa", b. July 30, 1790. 

Gideon', b. Feb. 6, 1792. 

Loring', b. Nov. 8, 1793; m. Betsey Edv/ards. 

Stephen', b. July 13, 1795. 

Susannah (")", b. April 15, 1799. 

"Fanna"', b. Feb. 23, 1801. 


There were perhaps other children. 

148. Nathaniel' Averill (Nathaniel'^, Nathaniel\ William-, 
William^), b. Apr. 27, 1747, at Topsfield, Mass.; was a yeoman 
and wheelwright (Averill Gen., Essex Ant.), and lived at Tops- 
field. He m. (1) Dec. 16, 1766, Dorothy Perkins (dau. of 
Stephen --^ of John"-', Timothy^-, Thomas % John^ Perkins. See 
Perki7is' Gen.). She was b. May 9, 1749, and d. May 6, 1767, 
after the birth of her only child. (A very pretty monument 
marks her grave in the Topsfield Cem.) Mr. Averill m. (2) 
Hanhah Wildes (int. pub. Sept. 8, 1776). He d. in 1811; and 
Mrs. Hannah (Wildes) Averill d. Oct. 28, 1816, aged sixty-seven 
(Averill Gen., Essex Ant.). 

Children : 

342. i. Nathaniel Perkins", b. ]\Tay 1, 1767; m. Mrs. Hannah 

( ) Wood. 

343. ii. Azariah", b. Feb. 11, 1778; m. Sarah Towne. 

344. iii. Ammi", b. Aug. 17, 1779; d. unm., Apr. 18, 1822, in Tops- 

field, where he had lived. 

345. iv. Lydia", b. Mar. 3, 1782; bap. Mar. 25, 1782; m. Sept. 25, 

1806, in Topsfield, Ebenezer Towne (Topsfield T. R.) . 
Living there in 1816. 

346. V. Dorothy", bap. Apr. 2, 1784; m. in Middleton, Mass., Abra- 

ham Gage. Living in 1816. 

347. vi. Moses", b. June 5, 1786; m. Mehetabel Merrill. 

151. Daniel' Averell (Jacob*, Nathaniel'', William'-, Will- 
iam'), b. Dec. 3, 1730, at Topsfield, Mass., was bap. by Rev. Mr. 
Emerson; m. Feb. 27, 1759, Joanna Hood (dau. of Nathan and 
Elizabeth Hood). Mr. Averell d. Mar., 1801; Mrs. Averell d. 
Dec. 12, 1816. 

Children (all b. in Topsfield) : 

348. i. Sarah", b. June 20, 1760. 

349. ii. Daniel", b. June 12, 1762; m. Betsey Clinton. 

350. iii. Solomon (^')", b. Sept. 1, 1765; d. Apr. 1, 1766. 

The Fifth Generation 295 

351. iv. Joanna", b. Mar. 7, 1767; m. Nov. 23, 1786, by Mr. Cleave- 

land, Jus. of the Peace, to Thomas Willis (T. R.) ; The 
Averill Gen. {Essex Ant., Vol. iv), states that Joanna 
m. Shays. 

352. V. Solomon {')'■, b. Aug. 20, 1769; m. Anna Towne, of Boxford. 

353. vi. Mehetabel", b. Aug. 16, 1774; m. Nov. 15, 1793, by Mr. 

Cleaveland, Jus. of the Peace, to Silas Beckford {T. R.) . 

157. Mary ^Averill {John\ John'', William'-, William^), bap. 
Mar. 14, 1736, by Rev. John Emerson, at Topsfield, Mass.; m. 

Rockwood. They lived for a time at Westminster, Vt. 

Mrs. Rockwood d. before Nov. 30, 1795, at which date the will 
of her father mentions her as deceased and gives the names of 
her children. 

Children : 

i. Aaron" Rockwood. 

ii. Mary" Rockwood. 

iii. Olive" Rockwood. 

iv. Isabel (?)" Rockwood. 

V. Dan " Rockwood. 

vi. Nathaniel" Rockwood. 

vii. William" Rockwood. 

158. Abial' or Abigail (?) Averell iJo]m\ John-', William-, 
William'), bap. Nov. 26, 1738, by Rev. John Emerson, at Tops- 
field, Mass.; m., prob., 1764, John Abby or Abbe (son of Eben- 
ezer?). She (Abial) was living Feb. 13, 1797, at Westminster, 
Vt., where she had lived at least from 1764. 

Children (all b. at Westminister, Vt.) : 

i. Ebenezer" Abbe, b. Apr. 22, 1765; d. May 18, 1791. 

ii. Abigail" Abbe, b. July 3, 1767. 

iii. Infant" Abbe, b. Apr. 26, 1769; d. at birth. 

iv. John Jr." Abbe, b. Mar. 26, 1770; d. Oct. 26, 1775. 

V. Olive (■■-)" Abbe, b. Apr. 26, 1772; d. Nov. 2, 1774. 

vi. Amos" Abbe, b. Apr. 9, 1774. 

vii. Olive (")" Abbe, b. Sept. 26, 1776; d. Jan. 2, 1778. 

viii. Mary" Abbe, b. Nov. 7, 1778. 

ix. Abial" Abbe, b. Apr. 8, 1781. 

X. John" Abbe, b. Sept. 22, 1783. 

xi. Phebe" Abbe, b. Nov. 2, 1785. 

xii. David" Abbe, b. Oct. 28, 1788. 

(From Westmmister T. R.). 

296 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 


From Vol. 1787-1790 of Westminister Deeds. 

John Abbe deeds land to Capt. David Heaton, March 8, 1784. ,^ 

Rec'd, Apr. 11, 1788. 
Witnesses: Nathaniel Robinson; Nathaniel Robinson Jr. 

159. Asa^ Averill {John\ Joliir, William'-, William^), b. 
1739, prob. at Groton or Northfield, Mass.; removed from the 
latter place with his father to Westminster, Vt., in 1751. He 
was m. there abt. 1761-'62 to Anna Chaflfee (dau. of Atherton 
Chaffee), by whom he had six children. He was m. (2) to 
Mrs. Mercy ( ) Lovejoy, widow of Major Peter Love- 
joy. Their marriage was interesting (see account in Fairbank's 
Hist, of Westminster) . The bride concealed herself in some 
place where there was absolute privacy, stripped herself of 
everything given her by her late husband, and the marriage 
ceremony was performed with their hands meeting outside the 
place of concealment. She then clothed herself in attire provided 
by her new husband, and thus he evaded responsibility for the 
debts of his predecessor. 

After the death of Mrs. Mercy Averill, Asa m. (3) Betsey, 
widow of Patrick Wall. [Samuel Avery, of the Groton Clan of 
Averys, sells land in Westminster to Patrick Wall, Dec. 3, 1799. 
As both names were unusual in New England we presume that 
Patrick Wall was the husband of Betsey, and that her marriage 
to Asa Averill occurred after 1799. — Ed.] 
Deeds, Westminster, Vt. Asa Averill, Grantee. 

Indenture Sept 25, 1772 between Josiah Willard and Asa Averill, 
both of Westminster, — consideration five shillings received by sd Josiah 
Willard for Lot No 7 first Range of One hundred acre lots containing one 
hundred acres. Lot 72, Lot 29 in Second Range of fifty acre lots. 

Know all men by these presents that whereas Asa Averil, Elkesiah 
Day, Jesse Burke, Nathan Fisk Jun'', Amos Jones, Samuel Avery, Samuel 

Pratt and myself being all of Westminster have formed 

themselves into a Company or society and have covenanted and agreed to 
and with each other to bring the water of a certain spring that flows out 
of the Earth on my Land about thirty Rods north westerly of the place 
where my Potash House now stands in said Westminister to their several 
Dwelling Houses in said Westminister, to accommodate them with water for 
their various uses of which water I am to have two equal shares or Pro- 
portions being two ninth parts for the Preveledge of one ninth Part I am 

The Fifth Generation 297 

to be (or?) my equal or eight part of the expense of bringing it with the 
other members of the Society, and the Privilege of the other ninth Part I 
am to have for giving, leasing and conveying to the said Society the 
Prevelege of all the use of sd spring of Water for ever free of any expense 

of Repair or Renewing and care dig up as may be necessary 

and most convenient from the Head of Sd spring to the corner of the Street 

near the new dwelling House of the above named Asa Averil 

(Also, the right to a brook near by was added to the privilege accorded by 
Mr. Averil.— Ed.) March 7, 1787. 

Joseph Bullen 
"This Society to be called the Hydro statick Society" (Town Clerk?) 
March 27, 1787. Signed by the eight. 

{Proprietors' Records.) 

Bellows Falls P. Ct. R., Vt. Asa Averill's will was presented 
Aug. 31, 1825, by Eleazer May Esq. Ex'r at the Probate Court: 

I Asa Averill of Westminster .... give and bequeath to my 
beloved wife Elisabeth Averill all the property of every kind that she hath 
brought with her into the family and also what she hath procured since to 
be disposed of by her according to her pleasure. Also the use and improve- 
ment of the North half of the (front) part of my dwelling House with a 
privilege in the Kitchen, celler, garret and water so long as she shall remain 

my widow I give and bequeath unto my daughter Marcy 

Averill and to her heirs and assigns forever the South half of the front 
part of my dwelling House with a privilege in the kitchen, cellar, garret 
and water; my small Brass Kettle Iron Pot, Dish Kettle and Loom, also 
my great Bible and the fifth volume of Scott's Family Bible. 

. . . . I give and bequeath unto the children of my son Obed Averill 
Deceased to Whom I have heretofore given his portion — viz. to Phebe Martin 
four dollars; to Susan Johnson, four dollars; to Persis Averill four dollars, 
to Obed Averill four dollars and to David Averill four dollars to be paid by 
my ex'rs within six months after my decease. 

I give and bequeath unto Mary Rockwood the Fourth vol. 
of Scott's Family Bible; a good piece of Black silk for a gown, and it is my 
express wish and order that she shall have the privilege of a home in my 
house during her pleasure. 

. . . . I give and bequeath unto Jonathan A. Phippan the first vol. 

of Scott's Family Bible; unto Abraham Nutting the second vol. of Scott's 

Family Bible, and unto John Averill the third vol. of Scott's Family Bible. 

. I give and bequeath unto Charles Wyman now living with 

me my Gun and military Equipments. 

. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Averill 
and my daughter Marcy Averill and Charles Wyman the use and improve- 
ment of all my estate both real and personal for the support of my family 
so long as the said Elizabeth shall remain my widow and my family con- 

298 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

tinue to keep house, or in other words until the expiration of my lease to 
said Charles (Wyman). 

Be it also remembered that it is my will and order that all my debts 
and the legacies heretofore mentioned shall be paid by my executors out of 
my mony on hand or notes which I hold against individuals and the grave 
stones shall be procured for my former wife Marcy Averill and for myself 
by my executor the expense to be paid for out of mony on hand or notes 
as above mentioned; and that what money or notes shall remain after pay- 
ing as above mentioned and paying my annual subscription for the support 
of the Gospel one year after that which becomes due the year of my decease 
— then what remains shall be equally divided between my five heirs, that 
is to say: one fifth part unto the children of my daughter (1) Mary Phippin 
deceased; one fifth part unto (2) Experience Nutting; one fifth part unto 
the Children of my Daughter (3) Anna Averill, dec'd; one fifth part unto 
my daughter (4) Marcy Averill and one fifth part unto (5) Sally Davis. 

Let it also be distinctly understood that at the expiration of the term 
of time for which my farm is now leased to Charles Wyman it is my will 
and order that it it be equally divided between my legal heirs, and also that 
there be an equal distribution between them of all my personal estate. 

Be it also remembered that it is my express will and order that all my 
waring apparel of every description shall be equally divided as to its value 
between Samuel Lovejoy, Abraham Nutting, Josiah Davis, and Jonathan R. 
Phippin as soon as convenient after my decease. 

Eleazer May sole Executor. 

18th day of April A D. 1822 
Asa Averill 
Richard Fairbrother ] 
James May J. Wit'' 

Sylvester Sage J 

Proved Sept 28, 1825. 

Asa Averill qualified as freeman at the Freemen's Meeting 
Mar, 21, 1781, with his father and his brother John and John 
Atwater Phippen. He was Petit Juror in 1784, and Mar. 21, 

Asa Averill was on the Grand List (Tax) of the East Parish 
in 1819, with his brother John, Jonathan, and Widow Averill; 
he was on the list from 1820 to 1824 inclusive. 

He d. at Westminster, Aug. 25, 1825, aged 86. 

Children (all b. prob. at Westminster) ; (by first wife) : 

359. i. Obediah or Obed", b. in 1763 (?); m. Susannah or Susan 


360. ii. Asa', Jr., b. in 1767; d. May 17, 1807, aged 40. 







The Fifth Generation 299 

361. iii. Mary or Molly'', b. in 1768 (?) ; m. Jonathan Atwater 
DAVID^ b. in 1769; d. Nov. 7, 1799, aged 30. 
Experience'', b. in 1770; m. Abraham Nutting. 
Anna", b. in 1774; m. John Averill. 
(by second wife) : 

365. vii. MERCY^ b. in 177-; d. Nov. 17, 1830, at Westminster {Ch. R.) ; 

she was unm. Apr. 18, 1822, and mentioned in the will of 
her father on that date; she m. James Swinton, and 
d. at Westminster Nov. 17, 1830, aged 51, and is buried 
beside her mother. 

366. viii. Sarah or Sally", b. in 1782; m. Josiah Davis. 

367. ix. Susanna", b. in 17—; d. Mar. 9, 1872 {T. R.). 

160. Thomas^ Averill {JoJm*, John% William'-, William^), 
was b. in Westminster, Vt., in 1745.* He married Elizabeth 
Robinson, a sister of Amos Robinson, who was b. in Providence, 
R, I., in 1751. He removed to Northfield from Westminster, 
with his two sons Jesse and John, in 1805. Oliver, another son, 
came two years later. They settled on East Hill, near the real 
settlement, and were all industrious, enterprising farmers. Mr. 
Averill was a strong-minded man and interested in his town and 
county. Town meetings were occasionally held at his house 
(Gregory's Hist, of Northfield, Vt.) . 

From Westminster, Vt., Bk. 18, p. 28: Thomas Avery of Westminster 
conveys to Ephraim Ranney land in Westminister. (The name appears 
twice in this instrument as "Thomas Avery," but the deed is signed (Aug. 
2, 1798) by "Thomas Averill."— Ed.) 

Wit\ Robert Rand 
Benj. Parsons. 

Northfield, Vt., Reg. of Deeds Grantees, Book 1, p. 302 (Abstract) : 

I Joseph Nichols of Northfield, Orange Co., Vt., for fourteen hundred 
dollars ($1,400.00) paid to my full satisfaction by Thomas Averill of West- 
minster in Windham Co., Vt., have and hereby do freely give grand, etc. to 
the sd Thomas Averill a certain piece of land in Northfield aforesaid de- 
scribed as follows: viz. Lot Number two in the fourth Range of the first 
Division of Lots in said Northfield Drawn to the right of Sylvester Smith 

said to contain two hundred acres to the same more or less 

(Warrantee deed) . 

Eighth day of October 1804. 

Oliver Cobleigh) , tvt- i, i 

A T3 u- Witnesses. Joseph Nichols 

Amos Robmson \ ^ 

Ack. before Amos Robinson, J. P. 

Rec. Oct. 12, 1804. 

300 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Deeds, Northfield, Vt. Grantees. Book 2, p. 101. (Abstract) : 
Thomas Averill of Northfield, Orange Co., Vt., for $200.00 rec'd from 

Jesse Averill of same place sells him land in Northfield described as follows:. 

fifty acres on the West side of lot No. two in the fourth range of the first 

Division of allotments in said Northfield, Sylvester Smith, being the original 


Sixth day of April 1808 

Almon Robinson ^ 
Amos Robinson \ 

Ack. same date 

Rec. July 4, 1808. 

Northfield, Vt. Deeds, Grantees. Book 2, p. 125. (Abstract) : 
I Thomas Averill of Northfield, Orange Co. Vt., for the consideration 
of ten dollars ($10.00) paid to me by Oliver Averill of Northfield aforesaid, 
sell him land in Northfield part of my (Thomas Averill's) first purchase 

April sixth 1808. 
Almon Robinson/ 

Wit^ Thomas Averill. 

A.mos Robinson \ 

Witnesses Thomas Averill 

Ack. same date. 
Rec. Feb. 28, 1809. 

Reg. of Deeds, Westminster, Vt. Book B, p. 54. Indenture 26 Sept 
1772 between Josiah Willard of Winchester, N. H., and Thomas Averill of 
Westminster in the Province of New York (Vermont being at that time 
contested for by other states) of the second part, . . for £1.10.s Lot 

No. 2. Fourth Range of eighty acre lots in Westminster 

The Quit rent now and hereafter to become Due Excepted. 

The "Ear Mark" of Thomas Averil for his animals is entered among 
other "ear marks" in the Westminster Records, May 6, 1786. 

Children (all b. at Westminster. The six first named were 
recorded Lib. B., p. 66, of Proprietors Records and Toivn Rec- 
ords of Westminster, Vt. The four last named were recorded 
on page 64 of the same records) : 

368. i. JOHN(')', b. Aug. 21, 1775; d. Apr. 29, 1776. 

Betsey (Elizabeth?)", b. Sept. 25, 1777; m. Silas Loomis. 
Amos"', b. Nov. 2, 1779; m. Reliefa Robinson. 
Oliver", b. Mar. 18, 1782; m. Folly Hopkins. 

Nabbie (Abigail?)", b. Apr. 16, 1784; m. Marsh. 

Jesse", b. Apr. 11, 1786; m. Polly Loomis. 
Lucy", b. July 16, 1788; m. Dyer Loomis, who lived most of 
his life at Middlesex, and the last part at Montpelier, Vt. 
Lavina", b. Dec. 10, 1790; m. Andrew Tracy. 
John (")"', b. Apr. 28, 1794; m. Loretta Robinson. 

















The Fifth Generation 301 

377. X. Keziah", b. May 11, 1798; m. Sept. 7, 1820, at Northfield, 
Vt., Samuel Fisk. Dates of death unknown. They had 
several children. 

161. SamueF Averell {John*, John'', William'-, William^), 
b. prob. between 1745 and 1754 ; was a soldier in the Revolution- 
ary War. See Copy Vermont Pension Certificate. "Samuel 
Averill ; time of service unknown ; private, Capt. Elkanah Day's 
Co., Maj. Joel Hoesington. Aug. 1776 Residence unknown." 

N. B. — Westminster men were under Capt. and Maj. Elka- 
nah Day during the War; and as ''Samuel Avery," who also 
lived at Westminster {Groton Averys, No. 41, p. 565), is ac- 
counted for, and was never called Averill, and as our records 
are quite complete as to Samuels of our stock, we conclude there 
can be no doubt that this record is of the above Samuel Averill. 

He lived at Westminster, Plymouth, Randolph* and Brook- 
field, Vt. He m. (1) prob. about 1776, Mollie Barnes "of Con- 
cord"!- (Mass.?). Hem. (2) Mrs. Washburn, "widow 

of a Rev. Soldier." He is said to have died at Brookfield about 
1825, when about 70 years of age. 

The first United States Census — 1790 — gives "Samuel Av- 
eral" of "Westminster Town" as head of a family, with one boy 
under sixteen years and six females, prob. his wife and their 
five daughters. 

Children (by first wife) : 

Samuel", b. Feb. 24, 1777; m. Christabel Kibbee. 

Sarah" (Sally), b. , 17—; m. Diah Hebard. 

Abigail" (Nabby), b. Feb. 6, 1787; m. William Mudge. 

Rebecca", b. , 17 — ; m. Elijah Amidon. 

Hannah", b. , 17 — ; m. Jonas Colburn, West Brook- 
field, Vt. 

Betsey", b. , 17 — ; m. John Downs. 

Anna", b. , 17 — ; m. Nov. 17, 1801, at Plymouth, 

Windsor Co., Vt., by Ephraim Moor, Justice of the Peace, 
to Caleb Cross. {Records of Plymouth Union Vt.; Vol. 
4, p. 309.) 

385. viii. Mary" (Molly, Polly), b. — , , at Barnes; m. 

Eleazer Pinney. 

* At Randolph, Orange Co., Vt., the only transfers recorded in the 
name of Samuel Averill are found in Vol. 4, p. 368; & Vol. 5, p. 273. 















802 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Vol. 4. Samuel Averill, grantee, and Dudley Chace as trustee of 
Orange Co, Grammar School property, grantor of said school lands (both 
parties of Randolph), which Samuel as lessee, is to have "as long as wood 
grows and water runs," provided he keeps up the rent of twelve dollars 
annually on the twenty five acres leased. 

Instrument dated April 26, 1809, signed by Dudley Chace, 

Samuel Averill. 

Vol. 5. An Indenture between Samuel Averill and William Nutting, 
both of Randolph, in which Samuel sublets to sd Nutting the above twenty- 
five acres, of school lands, under the same conditions as those exacted for 
his own lease. Date of Instrument May 1, 1812, and signed by both 

Dudley Chace | . , William Nutting 

Tim" Baylies \ ^^^'^ Samuel Averill 

t Mr. Martin, of The Congregationalist, Boston, having rec'd from 
the Compiler's amanuensis. Miss A. E. B., a note relative to the following 
verse in Molly Barnes' Bible (printed 1732) : 

"Mollie Barnes is my name, 
English is my nation, 
Concord is my dwelling place, 
Christ is my Salvation." 

put the query in the "Corner" of The Congregationalist, Dec. 15, 1900, about 
the origin of this verse and about the name. This led to a long and very 
interesting sampler story! After it was published, the Concord Mass. Anti- 
quary, Mr. Geo. Tolman, wrote him that he thought Molly was a Barron, 
as the names (Barnes and Barron) were interchangeable, and there was 
some connection between the Barrons and Averills. To this the Ed. replied 
that Mollie's son Samuel Averill had a daughter called "Mollie Barnes" 
Averill, who d. 1851, and who thought that Barnes was her Mother's sur- 
name, though that does not prove that it was not originally Barron. 

162. John^ Averill, called also Avery {John\ Jolin\ Will- 
iam'-, William^), b. 1748, at Northfield, Mass., was a carpenter 
and built the first frame house in Westminister, Vt. He took 
the home place at Westminster and lived there until his death. 
He was a Revolutionary Soldier, He m. before 1777, Olive Esta- 
brook. She was b. 1745 ; d. Sept. 27, 1833. In the first United 
States Census — 1790 — John Averal, Jr., is head of a family at 
"Westminster Town" and has three boys under sixteen years, his 
wife and two daughters probably, who form the household. 

West7ninster Reg. Deeds, Book 9, p. 398 (Abstract) : — 

Know ye that I John Averall of Westminister .... 

Gentleman, in consideration of the Love and Good will I have and do bear 

The Fifth Generation 303 

toward my well beloved son John Averall Jun"" of said Westminister as also 
for the consideration of his having lived with me managed my farming 
business for me and contributed much toward the support of myself and 
wife to the present time for a number of years past, as also for his further 
Ingagement to furnish us a decent support during the remainder of our 
lives have therefore given and granted and do sell ... to him the 
several lots tracts and parcels of land hereafter mentioned and described 
. . . . in the town of Westminister .... House lots number 50 
& 51 on the east side of the Main Street nearly opposite my dwelling house 
(about 10 acres each) ; lots No. 33.34.35, 36, 37, 39 on the Westerly side of 
the Main street one of the lots being the lot on which my dwelling house 
now stands .... westerly part of houselot No. 49 Not 2% acres — 
also lot No. 15. 2'" Range of Fifty Acre lots (about 50 acres). 

Nov. 30. 1795. 
Wit' John Averall 

(Samuel Avery 
Benjamin Ranney 
Elihu Wright 

John Averill d. July 22, 1835, aged 87 years, "in the 88th 
year of his age," at Westminister. Good memorial stones mark 
the graves of his wife and himself in the old Westminister Cem- 

Children (all b. at Westminister, Vt.) : 

386. i. JoHN^ b. Nov. 17, 1778; m. (1) Anna Averill; m. (2) Rhoda 

Spooner Wales. 

387. ii. Daniel", b. Mar. 16, 1781; m. (1) Betsey Vent; m. (2) 

Zilpah Harlow. 

388. iii. Jotham", b. May 21, 1783; d. Mar. 10, 1837, at Westmin- 


389. iv. Hannah'; b. Dec. 27, 1785; d. Nov. 1, 1861, at Westminis- ' 

ter, ae. 76 years. 

390. V. Olive", b. June 27, 1789; m. John Eliot Heald. 


Copy of Certificate from Office of Adjutant General, State of Vermont 
Rev. War records: John Averill Jr. private, 3 days service, Capt. Benj. 
Whitney's Co., Col. Bradley's Regt. from Sept. 20, 1782. To assist the 
High Sheriff. 

163. Anna'^ Averell {John\ John'', William-, William^), b. 
Autumn, 1751, at Westminister, Vt., was the first white child 
b. in that town. She m. prob. 1777 or 1778 Peter Lovejoy. They 
witness a deed Oct. 6, 1779, from Bildad Gaston to Robert Rand. 
She d. Nov. 30, 1795. 


Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (all b. at Wesminister, Vt.) {T. R.) : 

Anna'' Lovejoy, bap. by Rev. Mr. Sage, Sept. 4, 1791. 
Miriam" Lovejoy, bap. by Rev. Mr. Sage, Sept. 4, 1791. 
Peter Corneil" Lovejoy, bap. by Rev. Mr. Sage, Sept. 4, 
iv. Isaac Averill" Lovejoy, bap. by Rev. Mr. Sage, Sept. 4, 

v. Thankful" Lovejoy, bap. by Rev. Mr. Sage, Sept. 4, 1791. 

One of the above named daughters of Anna (Averell) Lovejoy, m. 
Amos (No. 370) Averell. 

164. Amy (Emma?)'^ Averell {John\ John\ William-, Will- 
iam'), b. about 1753; prob, 1778, m. at Westminister, Vt. ; m. 
Robert Rand. 

Children (all b. at Westminister, Vt.) {T. R.) : 
Benjamin" Rand, b. July 10, 1779. 
i. Luce" Rand, b. July 19, 1781. 
ii. Robert" Rand, Jr., b. July 6, 1783. 

V. Amy" Rand (Emme in deed & this T. R.) , b. Sept. 25, 1785. 
V, Catherine" Rand, b. Aug. 13, 1787. 
vi. Nehemiah" Rand, b. Feb. 14, 1790. 
vii. Betsey" Rand, b. Feb. 14, 1790. 
viii. Orpha" Rand, b. May 12, 1792. 
ix. John" Rand, b. Nov. 7, 1794. 
X. Olive" Rand, b. May 15, 1797. 

xi. Hiram" Rand, b. Nov. 10, 1799; lived to an advanced age. 
His descendants are said to live at Barnard and Morris- 
ville, Vt. 

165. Olive^ Averell (John*, Johw, William-, William^), b. 
about 1755 ; m. William Martain. 

Children (all b. at Wesminister, Vt.) (T. R.) : 

William" Martain, Jr., b. Oct. 6, 1777. 

Asa" Martain, b. Apr. 1, 1779. 

Olive" Martain, b. Aug. 30, 1781. 

Azubal" Martain, b. Aug. 31, 1783. 
V. Isaiah" Martain, b. Feb. 23, 1785. 
vi. Polly" (Mary?) Martain, b. Jan. 18, 1787. 
vii. Patty" (Martha?) Martain, b. Mar. 21, 1789. 

167. Thomas^ Averill {Thomas^, John^, William'-, William'), 
b. Sept. 26, 1747, at Andover, Mass. He lived for a time at 
Amherst, N. H., and removed March 27, 1800, to Windsor, N. H., 

The Fifth Generation 305 

where he lived the balance of his life. He m. Jan. 18, 1775, in 
Amherst, N. H., Mary or "Molly" Dresser (dau. of Jacob 
Dresser), who was b. July 22, 1748, and bap. July 31, same 
year, at Topsfield, Mass. (T. R., F. B. R.) ; and d. June 5, 1823, 
at Windsor, N. H. He d. Jan. 25, 1825, at Windsor, N. H. The 
First United States Census — 1790 — mentions Thomas Averill 
Jr. of "Amherst Town," N. H., where he was the head of a fam- 
ily consisting of five boys under sixteen years, and three women, 
one, prob. his wife, the other two his daughters. 
Children (all b. at Amherst, N. H.) : 

391. i. Sarah" (Sally), b. Oct. 30, 1775. 

392. ii. Mary" (Polly, Molly), b. Aug. 25, 1777; m. Joseph Towne. 
392a. — "We lost a man child." 

393. iii. Rachel (•■■)", b. Feb. 2, 1780; d. Sept. 5, 1784. 

394. iv. Thomas" 3"', b. Dec. 27, 1782. 

395. V. Jacob", b. Dec. 27, 1784 {F. B. gives Dec. 22, 1783) ; m. 

Matilda Nott. 

396. vi. Ezra", b. Feb. 27, 1788; he d. in infancy. 

397. vii. John", b. Nov. 6, 1786; m. Lucretia Taggard. 

398. viii. Asa", b. Nov. 6, 1786. 

399. ix. Philip" (first named Ezra, name changed Nov. 18, 1790, 

b. Feb. 27, 1788; m. (1) Hannah Boutwell; m. (2) Mary 
Vose; m. (3) Hannah G. Barber. 
400". X. Rachel (")", b. Aug. 20, 1790; m. Denison Gould. 


* "Mother was b. July 22, 1748, in Topsfield," wrote John Averill. 
[N. B. — Jacob Dresser's Molly was bap. in Topsfield Ch., July 31, 
1748, and only one other child is mentioned in July of that year, and she 
was b. the 17th. Prudence, dau. of Saml. Potter. Therefore Molly may 
have been this Molly Dresser. The next Mary is in Oct., 1748.— Ed.] 

A. J. Gray writes: "The records that I have were written by John 
Averill. He records this: 

My Father was B — in Andover, Mass. Sept. 26'" 1747; 
D— Jan. 25'" 1825 in Windsor N. H. 
My Mother was B— July 22d. 1748 Topsfield, Mass: 
My Mother D— June 5th 1823 in Windsor N. H. 
My Father and Mother were married, Jan. 18'", 1775 at Amherst, 
N. H." 
Mr. Gray is the husband of Jennie M. Jones (dau. of Nancy^ Averill, 
No. 893), for whom he wrote. Mrs Gray gave the other names from records 
in her possession. 

306 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

168. Sarah '^ Averill or Avery (Thomas', John"^, William-, 

William'), b, , 17 — ; m. (1) James Hutchinson, who d. 

about 1778; she m. (2) prob. 1779, Ebenezer'^ Chandler 
(Thomas*, Joseph % William-, William^), and was his second 
wife (see The ■Chandler Family, 1883, by Geo. Chandler, in which 
she is called the "daughter of Mr. Averill, by his wife Sarah 
Kneeland") . 

Mr. Chandler died Sept. 15, 1823, in his 75th year, at Wil- 
ton, N. H. She died after June 19, 1794, "having had five sons 
and four daughters," by Mr. Chandler. 

The children of Sarah Averill and Ebenezer Chandler were : 
i. Ebenezer C")" Chandler, b. Mar. 12, 1780, Wilton, N. H.; 

d. May, 1781. 
ii. Ebenezer ('')'■ Chandler, b. May 14, 1781, Wilton, N. H.; 

m. Damaris Howe, of Peterborough, N. H. 
iii. Thomas' Chandler, b. Jan. 8, 1783; m. (1) Dolly Holt, 
Nov. 17, 1805; m. (2) Sally Averill (dau. of David'', 
Ebenezer^ John\ WilliamS William'), Oct. 14, 1828, at 
Temple, Me. Lived at Temple, Me. 
iv. Sarah'' Chandler, b. Feb. 28, 1785; m. (1) Nov. 28, 1820, 

Jacob Clark; m. (2) Feb. 19, 1835, Ezra Clark. 
V. Amy" Chandler, b. Nov. 18, 1787; m. Chapin Bolster, 
vi. Joseph' Chandler, b. Jan. 28, 1789; m. (1) Asenath Pratt; 

m. (2) Dorcas Pratt, 
vii. Edna (•■')''■ Chandler, b. June 16, 1790; d. June 21, 1790. 
viii. EdnaC')" Chandler, b. Sept. 6, 1791; m. Oct. 15, 1815, at 

Wilton, N. H., Nehemiah Bennett, 
ix. Joel" Chandler, b. June 19, 1794; m. Feb. 19, 1818, Lucy 
Burnham Gray. 

The above items are from The Chandler Family. Mr. Chan- 
dler's first wife was Mary Burnap, who left five daughters. He 
lived at Wilton, N. H., before his second marriage. He m. (3) 
Remembrance Fletcher, widow of Moses Pierce. 

170. Ebenezer' Averill (Ebenezer', John'-, William-, Will- 
iam'), bap. Dec. 22, 1751, at Topsfield, Mass.; was a farmer, 
and lived in the old homestead at Milford, N, H., nearly all his 
life. He m. (Pub. Oct. 3, 1775) Anna Johnson (dau. of James 
Johnson of Topsfield and Danvers, Mass., and Milford, N, H.). 
She was b. Apr., 1775 ( ?) ; d. Sept. 15, 1839, at Milford, N. H. 
She came to Milford on horseback and brought her spinning- 
wheel with her. He was a private in Capt. Taylor's Co. of Mili- 

The Fifth Generation 307 

tia which marched from Amherst Dec. 8, 1775, to join the Cont. 
Army on Winter Hill (N. H. State Papers Rev. Roll) ; also Cor- 
poral in Capt. W™ Satterlee's Co., Col. Hazen's Regt., Sept. 13, 
1778. He d. Nov. 2, 1837, at Milford, N. H., aged 85. 

The first United States Census — 1790 — gives us Ebenezer 
Averill of "Amherst Town," as head of a family, prob. with five 
sons and his wife and another female. As no daughter's name 
is given before 1790, the other female mentioned was probably 
a helper, or relative. 
Children : 
401. i. James Johnson'', b. Aug. 6, 1778, at Milford, N. H.; m. 

Lucy Wallace Burnham. 
402- ii. Elijah'', b. 1781; a lumber dealer, lived in Milford, N. H.; 
m. June 5, 1809, Lois Mace (dau. of Eliphalet and Lois 
Mace, of Milford), who d. 1854. He d. Feb. 13, 1854, at 
Milford, N. H. 

403. iii. Eben° Jr. (Ebenezer, called Eben), b. Aug. 1, 1783, at Mil- 

ford, N. H.; m. Fanny Bradford. 

404. iv. Luther'"', b. Mar. 14, 1786, at Milford; m. Hannah Wallace. 

405. V. Calvin", b. Sept. 18, 1788, at Milford, N. H.; m. Eunice 


406. vi. Aladdin", b. 1791, prob. at Milford; m. Mehitable (called 

Kitty) Wilmarth (dau. of Rev. Ezra Wilmarth). He 
was a miller, and lived in Milford; d. June 20, 1865. 

407; vii. Nancy'', b. Mar. 24, 1793; m. John Leavitt. 

408. viii. Alma'', b. Oct. 17, 1796; m. (1) Daniel Johnson, Jr.; m. (2) 
Benjamin Barker. 

171. David'' Averill Sr. {Ebe7iezer\ JoJur, William", Will- 
iam') , b. Apr. 1, 1755, at Amherst, N. H.; bap. Apr. 13, 1755 
(Totvn Papers, N. H., Vol. 12, pp. 515, 518, 524) ; was living in 
the westerly part of Lyndeborough, May, 1784, to Aug., 1786, 
and in Greenfield, N. H., in 1800. He was a Rev. soldier 1777-80 ; 
"Marched from Rindge, N. H., July, 1777, to join Cont. Army at 
Bennington: Pay roll Capt. Salmon Stone's Co., Col. Nichol's 
Regt., Gen. Stark's brigade, out of 15 Regt. N. H. Militia, Col. 
Enoch Hale's Co." (A^ H. State Papers, Rev. Roll) ; also in 
"Capt. Ephraim Stone's Co., N. H., 1780; Maj. Whitcomb; Capt. 
Lowell's return, Amherst, 24 Sept. (see also Lieut. Jonathaii 
Burton's Diary, N. H. Army Records). He m. Mary Charlton, 
who was b. Nov., 1759; d. Mar. 21, 1838. David Averill pur- 
chased with Mr. Porter (?) % of 200 acres of land in Lynde- 

308 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

borough, N. H., May 20, 1780. In the First United States Census 
— 1790 — he was of Lyndeborough, and prob. had in his family his 
two sons, wife, three daughters and a helper. After that date, 
probably after 1793, he removed to Sandy River, now Farming- 
ton, Franklin Co., Maine, when his son Ethan was a very small 
hoy, and they travelled by ox teams, as there were no stages on 
the route. Daniel Averill lived for some time at Temple. Me., 
where he d. Feb. 13, 1812. His wife, Mary Averill, appd. admrx. 
of his estate, Apr. 11, 1812, petitioned the Judge of Probate for 
the Co. of Kennebec, Me. (Hon. Daniel Cony), to have Benjamin 
Abbott or some other person appd. to that trust. The Court 
appd. the s'd Benj, Abbott of Temple, gentleman, and Jacob 
Abbott Jr. of Hallowell adm>^, Apr. 14, 1812. 

Children (from T. R. in possession of David Averill, Jr., 
and his dau., Mrs. Tobin) : 

409. i. Asa', b. Sat., Aug. 30, 1783; m. (1) Mary Catlin; m. (2) 

(Mrs.) Abigail Meserve. 

410. ii. Allen", b. Fri., Apr. 1, 1785, prob. at Lyndeboro'. 

411. iii. Sally", b. Sun., Dec. 31, 1786, prob. at Lyndeboro'; m. (2d 

w.) Thomas Chandler, of Temple, Me., Oct. 14, 1828. 

412. iv. Jane", b. Sun., Sept. 7, 1788. (Did she m. a Moses Butter- 


413. V. Ruth", b. Thurs., July 2, 1790; m. (1?) Baker. 

(Did she m. (2) a Mr. Crane?) 

414. vi. Ethan", b. Thurs., Apr. 12, 1792; m. Mary Cook. 

415. vii. Ira", b. Pvlon., Sept. 30, 1793; m. and had sixteen children. 

Four of his sons were in the Civil War. He removed 
to N. Y. State, and his relatives soon lost trace of him. 

416. viii. Alva", b. Thurs., Sept. 1, 1795. 

417. ix. Fanny", b. Sun., Feb. 20, 1797; m. Mr. Pratt. 

418. X. David", b. Sun., Feb. 16, 1800; m. Mary M. Lee. 

172. Elijah^ Averill (Ebenezer^, John^, William'^, William^), 
bap. May 29, 1759, at Amherst, N. H. (that part which is now 
Milford) , was m. May 28, 1782, prob. at Amherst, to Mehetabel 
Bradford (dau. of Capt. Andrew* Bradford) (son of W'"^ Brad- 
ford, W™', Roberto, of Beverley, Mass., and Milford, N. H., and 
of Hannah Goffe (dau. of Col. John and Hannah (Griggs) Goffe 
of Bedford and widow of Thomas Chandler). She was b. July 
27, 1766, at Amherst, in the part now Milford, Mr. Averill was 
a Rev. Soldier (see N. H. State Papers, Rev. Rolls, pp. 101, 207, 
416, 572, 597). He was on the pay roll of Capt. Benj. Mann's 

The Fifth Generation 309 

Co., Aug. 1, 1775, Col. Reed's Regt. as "Elijah Averill Private"; 
also a private in Col. Nalum Baldwin's Regt. Sept. 17, 1776; 
entered as from Amherst, N. H., under Col. Nichol's Reg. Mih- 
tia, Capt. Wait's Co., 1777 ; enlistment for 3 years. He appears 
as Elijah "Averhill" in Capt. Wait's Co., on a pay roll made out 
at Walpole, Mass., 1778 (within the period of his enlistment). 
He was a corporal in Col. Moses Nichol's Regt., and entered as 
from Amherst (see pp. 611, 713, N. H. State Papers, Rev. Roll). 
He also appears as Corporal Elijah Averill, from Amherst, Col. 
Joseph Cilley in Capt. Lovewell's returns. The First Census 
of the United States — 1790 — gives us Elijah Averill of Amherst 
as head of a family, with one son under sixteen years, and three 
"free females, one the head of the family," probably his wife 
and two daughters. Administration of his estate was granted 
his widow Mehitabel Averill, at a Probate Court held at Am- 
herst, Feb. 8, 1806. The dec'd had no real estate, and the per- 
sonal porperty was of small value, and allowed the widow by the 
Court (see P. R. of Hillsboro' Co., N. H., at Nashua, Vol. 
11, p. 597; Vol. 12, p. 86; Vol. 15, p. 112). Mr. Averill d. 
before Feb. 8, 1806, at Mont Vernon, N. H., of which town he 
was a resident for some years. His widow, Mehitabel (Brad- 
ford) Averill, m. (2) July 4, 1826, Dr. Henry Colman, and m. 
(3) Jan. 4, 18—, Ezekiel Upton of Mont Vernon. 
Children : 

419. i. Elijah', b. , 178-; m. ■, who lived 

in Lyndeboro', N. H. 

419a. ii. (dau.)^ b. , 178-. 

419b. iii. (dau.)", b. , 178-. 


It is stated that this Elijah Averill, b. May 29, 1759, m. (1) "May 28, 
1782, Mary, dau. of Major Joseph Gould. She was b. in 1761, and d. Sept. 
8, 1797, aged 36 years, leaving- an afflicted husband, a young family, and 
aged parents" (see item from Salem Gazette, Topsfield Hist. Coll.). It has 
been difficult to obtain records of these children, and it is believed there 
were several whose names are not known. These uncertainties, together 
with the date given for Elijah's marriage to Mehitabel Bradford and her 
age at that time, make the previous marriage seem possible. — Ed. 

173. Moses ^ Averill (Ebenezei"^, John^, William-, William''), 

b. , 1761, at Milford, N. H., has been quite a problem 

to the Editor of this Genealogy ; but it is believed that the records 

310 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

here given as the result of much correspondence, personal inter- 
views with descendants, and search of various records (deeds 
and probate records) will prove to be correct. 

The chief reason for questions appears to have arisen from 
the separation of the father and his son of the same name : the 
son being brought up by a cousin. 

The First United States Census — 1790 — gives us Moses 
Averill as head of a family at "Wilton Town," N. H., with one 
son under sixteen years of age and three white females including 
the head of the family, probably his wife, his dau. Sally and a 

From the Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Wash- 
ington, D. C, April 5, 1901, we have the following : — 

Moses Averill, Enlisted Jan'y 1776, for 1 year, as private, under Capt. 
David Keith, Col. Paul Dudley Sargent, Mass.; and he enlisted 1780 for 6 
mos. as private, officers not named — but in Mass. He was engaged in the 
battle of White Plains, and his residence at Enlistment was Amherst, N. H. 

He applied for a pension April 22, 1818, and at that date was a resi- 
dent of Wilto7t, Maine. His age at date of application was 57 years . . 

His claim was allowed. His widow did not 

apply for a pension. In an affidavit made in 1820 he said his family con- 
sisted of his wife Eunice, aged 53; son Luther, 16; daughters Alice, 14; 
Lucinda, 11; Virtue, 8. It is not shown whether his wife survived him. 
(Signed) H. Clay Evans, Commissioner. 

A^ H. State Papers, Rev. Rolls, Lieut. Jonathan Burton's Diary, give: 
Moses Averill, enlisted at Amherst, N. H., 12 July, 1779. N. H. Regt. Col. 
Mooney; Pay roll, Capt. Nathan Bullard's Co., raised out of Col. Nichol's 
Regt. of Militia, which Co. marched from Amherst and Wilton for Ticon- 
deroga on the Alarm, June 29, 1777; Pay roll, Capt. John Goss's Co. of 
Militia in Capt. Nichol's Regt., Gen. Starks; Pay roll, Capt. Dan. Emerson's 
Co., Col. Mooney's Regt.; Moses "Averhill", drummer; (pp. 74, 210, 664, 
670, 682, N. H. State Papers, Rev. Roll). 1779 July 26, Pd. to Moses 
Averill (Avrill) a sum ordered paid by Selectmen of Duxbury School Farm 
and Mill Slip (N. H.) with receipt for same. 

Moses Averell, of Amherst, N. H., Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C, 
5th. Regt. Moses Nichols, 1779, Abiel Livermore's Hist, of Wilton, N. H. 
states that Moses Averill lived at Amherst until the close of the Rev. War; 
he was in Capt. Nathan Ballard's Co., at Alarm, June 29, 1777 (14 days) ; 
Capt. John Goss's Co. at battle of Bennington, 2 mos. 9 days: Enl. 12 July 
1779 to serve 6 mos. in N. H. Regt. for defence of R. I. Disc. Jan. 8, 1780. 
In Wilton about the close of the War, and taxed here (at Wilton) 1802. His 
wife Mary, d. April 30, 1794. 

The Fifth Generation 311 

(This Hist, records the names of three children which will 
be given later.) 

Mr. Clinton Spalding Averill, who collected with great care 
as much data as he could of the Amherst Averills, and gave a 
copy of his records to one who has given them to the Editor, 
states in his notes that Moses Averill, m. (1) Nancy Parker; and 
m. (2) July 27, 1786, Mary Bridges of Wilton, N. H., dau. of John 
and Mary ( ) Bridges. She d. April 30, 1794, at Wil- 
ton (as given above). Moses, his son, b. Jan. 26, 1785, has been 
called a nephew, and son of a brother of Moses^ (Ebenezer^). 
The descendants of his brother David speak of their uncle Moses^ 
who lived at Wilton, Me.; and as no other Moses of Amherst 
has been found to make us question the various statements about 
the identity of Moses of Wilton, Me., with Moses^ (Ebenezer') 
Averill of Amherst, we conclude they are one. Also, that he m. 
(3) Eunice , at or near Wilton, where he resided, can- 
not be disputed. Records show that he had a son Moses, the 
younger, who lived in Wilton, Me. 

The children of Moses"' Averill were (by first wife, Nancy 
Parker) : 

420. i. Moses", b. Jan. 26, 1785; m. Sally Odell. 

(by second wife, Mary Bridges (see Hist, of Wilton) : 

421. ii. Mary Sutterson", b. May 28, 1789, at Wilton, N. H. 

422. iii. Jonathan Bridges', b. Apr. 17, 1789, at Wilton, N. H.; m. 

Feb. 23, 1813, Olive Foster. 

423. iv. SARAH^ b. Mar. 11, 1792, at Wilton, N. H. 

(by third wife, Eunice ) : 

424. V. Luther", b. , 1804; m. (1) Cery. 

425. vi. Alice", b. (?), 1806. 

426. vii. Lucinda", b. (?), 1809. 

427. viii. Virtue", b. (?), 1812. 

427a. ix. Moses, the Younger", b. — , 18 — ; m. (1) Betsey 

Dorr; m. (2) Mrs. Doyn. 

175. Benjamin-^ Averill {Joh\ Joh-\ William-, William'), 
b. prob. between 1730 and 1740 ; m. Mary Hunter of Philadel- 
phia, Penn. ; the Int. of marriage was pub. at Pownalboro, that 
part now Alna, Me., and he was a resident of that town. His 
name does not appear in the United States Census for 1790 as 

312 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

head of a family, so he may have been for a time in some other 

He was in Colonial service (see Mass. Col. R. Gen., No. 175). 

Children : 

428. i. Samuel', b. , 1765; m. Elizabeth Hill. 

429. ii. S.arah". 

430. iii. Mary (Polly)', b. , 17 — ; m. William Hodge. 

431. iv. John', b. Sept. 20, 1776, at Alna; m. Anna Boynton. 

432. V. Isaac', b. , 1781, at Wiscasset, Me.; m. Susan Oak- 


433. vi. William 2d', b. July 25, 1783, at Alna; m. Sarah Cunning- 


434. vii. Benjamin Jr.', b. , 1784, at Alna; was unm.; d. 

Dec. 3, 1862, at Alna. 

435. viii. Thomas', b. , 1785; m. Rachel Sewall. 

436. ix. Susan', b. , 178-; m. Benjamin Kidder. 

177. Capt. Samuel^ Averill (Job\ Joh\ William', William^), 
b. about 1742; lived at Sheepscot, Me., and was in the Militia, 
and a minute man during the Revolutionary War. He was com- 
missioned Lieutenant, in Capt. Daniel Scot's 3d Co., 2d Lincoln 
Regt., July 23, 1776 ; and he assisted in defending and retaking 
a mast ship loading in the Sheepscot. He was a farmer and 
an extensive land-owner ; a man of influence in his locality ; 
active in Church and town affairs, and held various local public 
offices for many years. 

The following deed of gift was from his father. 

Lincoln Reg., Bk. 32, p. 134 (Abstract of Deed) :— 

I Job Averell of Pownalborough for 30<" paid or secured to be paid as 
by agreement by my son Samuel Averell of s' Pownalborough gentleman 
do sell him — land on Flatts lying in s'* Pownalborough near but below the 
Falls called Averells Falls from a pine tree on Westerly side of Sheepscot 
River at S. W. side of the cove below said Falls — from Said tree running 
east on said Flatts until a northeast course will strike the path leading from 
the road tvhich leads from Jobs dwelling house to Averell Ferry so called and 
at right angles with said path, from thence Northeasterly up on the line 
aforesaid to the shore of said cove thence W. & S. around the shore of said 
cove at high water mark to the 1st mentioned bounds — reserving however 
to myself for & during the whole of my natural Life — the Use and 
improvement of said granted premises with all the privileges and appur- 
tenances thereof — I paying a rent yearly and every year of one stran of 
hay whenever specially demanded. 
June 20, 1784. Job Averell 

Wit': Silas Lee: W. Hodge. Ack. June 21, 1794. 

The Fifth Generation 313 

He was m. prob. 1770 (pub. in Pownalboro', Me., Sept. 29, 
1770) to Mary McLelland (McClelland), dau. of Dea. William 
M'Lelland of Sheepscot, Me., and Mary Ballentine, dau. of John 

and Sarah Ballentine of Sheepscot. She was b. 1748 

or '49 at Sheepscot, and d. at Alna, Me., Nov. 11, 1801, ae. 53 
years. Capt. Averill d. there, Sept. 27, 1824, ae. 84 years. Both 
were interred in the old Alna Cemetery. In the First United 
States Census — 1790 — Samuel "Averel" appears as the head of 
a family, having six boys under sixteen years of age in his 
household, and four women, prob. his wife and three daughters. 

Children (all b. at Pownalboro', that part later called New 
Milford and Alna) : 

437. i. Sarah'= (Sally), b. June 22, 1771; m. Jacob Hilton. 

438. ii. P-lARY' (Polly), b. Sept. 15, 1772; m. Dea. Ezekiel Averill. 

439. iii. William''' 2nd, b. , 1774; m. Mary Hodge. 

440. iv. Samuel" Jr., b. Dec. 29, 1775; m. Nancy Hodge. 

441. V. Margaret' (Peggy), b. — , 1777; m. (1) Richard 

Mitchell; m. (2) Ezekiel Cutter. 

442. vi. Job" 2nd, b. , 17 — ; was a master ship builder and 

said to have been the most capable of Capt. Averill's 
sons. He was seriously injured in the Provinces where 
he was at work on a ship, and fell a great distance, 
striking a spike which penetrated the spine. His consti- 
tution was so vigorous that he lived a few years after 
this accident, although a great cripple. He d. unm. 

443. vii. Francis", b. June 5, 1785 or '87; m. Ann Frances Young. 

444. viii. George'', b. , 1796; ran away from home when sixteen 

years of age; enlisted for the War of 1812, and d. at 
Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

180. William^ Averell {Joh\ Joh\ William-, William^), is 
one of the three children of Job, of whose birth or baptism we 
have record. His birth is given by his grandson, Frank B. Av- 
erell (son of Elijah Averell), of Rockland, Me., as June 13, 1748, 
at Alna. Before this birth record came to our knowledge, and 
while the descendants were still ignorant of William's parentage, 
the Editor verified the relationship through the discovery of a 
coffin plate preserved in the family of his son Moses by his 
granddaughter, Miss Susan M. Averell, now Mrs. Farnham, of 
Stillwater, Me., who fortunately had held it in safe keeping. 
This was marked: "William Averell, died Feb. 27, 1839 ae 91." 
This gave also, by deduction, the year of his birth, which was 

314 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

the year of his baptism in Middleton, Mass., Aug. 14, 1748 
{T. R.). He m. (1) Jan. 1, 1772, at Pownalborough (Alna), 
Me., Abigail Gray, of Pownalborough. The date of their re- 
moval to Oldtown is not known, but it must have been after 
March, 1790, when the First United States Census was taken, in 
which he was then of Pownalborough, with one other man in the 
household, and five boys under sixteen years of age, his wife and 
one other woman. He lived for some years in Oldtown, where he 
died. Mrs, Averell d. after the death of her son Carr, about 
1784. He was m. (2) June 4, 1801, by John Murray, to Eunice 
Mayhew (see Boston Vital Statistics, Boston, Mass., Marriages). 

She was b. April 22, 1770, in , Mass., and d. 1839-40, 

at Rockland, Me., at the residence of her son, Elijah Mayhew 
Averell. She was buried in the Jameson's Point Cemetery. 
William. Averell and his brother John were appointed guardians 
of the minor children of David 'Avery" (Israel Averell) Aug. 
18, 1788, as his brother Enoch "Avery" or Averell was living 
at Jefferson, Me., at that date. The names of all of William's 
children may not be known, nor are we sure of his place of 
burial. It w^as prob. at Oldtown or Stillwater, where most of his 
family lived, and where he appears to have been settled or to 
have visited. William' Carr Averell (of Carr^ William% Job^) 
says he remembers that his grandfather, William" Averell lived 
for a while, when a very old man, with his (William Carr's) 
father, Carr Averell. He thinks he died in Alna. He does not 
remember his grandmother. People always said that he (Wm. 
C.) and his father, Carr, bore a striking resemblance to his 
grandfather, William" Averell. All were very tall, splendidly 
built, unusually erect, with blue eyes and fair complexion. Will- 
iam Carr resembled very strikingly the Jefferson, Me., Averys, 
descendants of Israel^ Averell. 

Children (all b. at Alna, Me.) : 

445. i. James", b. , 1772; m. Sarah Hilton. 

446. ii. William'', b. , 1774; m. Sally Smith. 

447. iii. Moses", b. Oct. 31, 1776; m. (1) Margaret Lunt; m. (2) 

Mrs. Hannah (Rundlet) Averell; m. (3) Mary Trask. 

448. iv. Joseph", b. , 1778; m. . 

449. V. "Eben"ezer", b. , 1779; m. Mary Lord. 

450. vi. A Dau." (?), b. , . 

The Fifth Generation 315 

451. vii. Carr", b. , 1784; m. (1) Eleanor Jameson; m. (2) 

Lucy Grant. 

452. viii. Elijah Mayhew", b. June 26, 1803; m. (1) Jane Brown; 

m. (2) Lucy Simonton Partridge; m. (3) Nancy C. Hel- 


The early death of William Averell, and the dispersion of some of the 
children from Alna and vicinity, caused perplexity among other Averills 
about the ancestry of his sons, James, William, Joseph, and Eben, who 
remained there. They were supposed by some to be descendants of Israel* 
instead of .Job\ Augustus' B. (Francis'', SamueP, Job*) was able to solve 
some of these problems. 

181. John^ Averell {Job\ Job', William'-, William^), b. Jan. 
12, 1753, at Pownalboro (Alna) , Me., was a farmer and 
shipbuilder. He lived at Alna (Sheepscot?) until 1783 or '84, 
and afterward for a time at Montville, Me., and last at Alna. 
He m. Apr. 20, 1774, at Pownalborough, Mary Stewart, dau. of 
James Stewart of Pownalborough, who was an old Scotch Cov- 
enanter. It is stated that royal ancestry may be claimed through 
this line, as James "Stewart" was a lineal descendant of the 
Royal Family of Stuarts. Mary was b. June 14, 1756, although 
the family Bible of John Averell in the possession of Nathaniel 
Averell contains a date that is somewhat different. She was 
only eighteen years of age when married, but was a bright, capa- 
ble woman, and well known in her father-in-law's household, 
where she had lived for a time before his second marriage to the 
widow Tuckerman. This marriage was the same month as her 
own. She d. Oct. 26, 1834. The First United States Census— 
1790 — mentions John "Averal" of Pownalborough Town as the 
head of a family consisting of three boys under sixteen years, 
and five females, probably his wife, and four daughters. 

New Milford Town Records mention a John Averell as 
among the surveyors of Highways, June 25, 1794; and surveyors 
of lumber and cutters of staves, Apr. 6, 1795. 

Nov. 30, 1814, John Averell deeds land to his son Ezekiel, 
2nd, which land is now (1897) occupied by his great-grandson, 
Emery Averell, It was bounded in part by the land of William 
Averell, 2nd., and Nathan Newell's Lane. This transfer was 
witnessed by John's sons James 2nd., and Guy. 

316 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The old homestead of John Averell — his second house — is 
still standing (1897) in Alna, near that of Deacon Enos Averell, 
and his old work shop is a land mark which stands in Sheepscot 
(1897) back of the residence of a venerable and interesting old 
lady, Mrs. Sargent, who was a pupil in the old school-house, of 
Elizabeth Averell, dau. of John. To this lady we are indebted 
for many interesting statements. 

A witch story comes down through John's descendants 

which Mrs. Flitner has kindly given us. It relates to 

John's first home. 

"In those days there was a grand time at 'raisings,' and 
much New Eng. 'rum and molasses' was imbibed, and an abun- 
dance of good things eaten. To the raising of John Averell's 
first house, a witch in the town was not invited, and she became 
very indignant over this slight. The day came ; every thing was 
ready, the feast was prepared, and when the frame of the large 
two storey house was up, the old witch put in an appearance. 
She cast her evil eye on the timbers raised so high, and at once 
something happened ! A gust of wind came down suddenly and 
violently on the whole structure and swept it over! Not a cloud 
or sign in the heavens indicated a storm, so it had to be credited 
to the witch's power." 

Mr. Averell then put up a smaller house which became the 
family homestead mentioned above. 

This John Averill and his family were very musical, fur- 
nishing the choir and playing instruments in the old meeting 
house of Alna years before most churches allowed it. 

Aug. 18, 1788. This John was appd. guardian of David 
Averell's son Simeon Averell or Avery, who also settled in Mont- 
ville for a time. 

John Averell d. July 5, 1838, at Montville, Me. 

Children : 

453. i. EzEKlEL, 2nd", b. Jan. 25, 1775, at Alna; m. (1) Elizabeth 

Erskine; m. (2) Mary Averell. 

454. ii. John", Jr., b. Apr. 21, 1779, at Alna; m. Harriet Dodge. 

455. iii. Hannah", b. Mar. 7, 1781, at Alna; m. David Colburn. 

456. iv. Susannah", b. Apr. 6, 1783, at Alna; m. David Hunt. 

457. V. Mary Stewart", b. Jan. 9, 1785, at ; d. before 1798. 

458. vi. Elizabeth" (Betsey), b. Jan. 16, 1787, at ; m. 

Joseph Newell. 


The Old Meeting House, Alna, Me. 

ol*" erell, Aver ill, Avery Fam. 

homestea id house — is 

(1897) in Minn. iiL-;ii L-ia. ui xj^-hk .n Enos Aveveli, 

)rk shop is a land mark which stands in Sheepscot 

', • :^' residence of a venerable a' ^Id 

tfl'! who wf)« a piipil in the oi of 

\nd molasses* was imbii 

. . ,. n\. .1-,^ raising v. .-im,-) .-vwnvn - 

ot invited, and she became 

• ru- -:i.<:;:i. in, • " v,-as 

X prt.^pared, and \ kC*' 


and nt once 

^ nd 

, David 
a Mont- 

:i. David Hunt. 

Ml '.■ -. ; d. 179S. 






The Fifth Generation 319 

459. vii. Nathaniel C. (")''', b. Feb. 12, 1790, at ; d. before 

Feb. 12, 1796. 

460. viii. James 2nd'', b. Mar. 22, 1792, at Alna; m. Eunice Hitch- 


461. ix. Guy", b. Dec. 27, 1793, at ; m. Hannah Rundlet. 

462. X. Nathaniel C. (")", b. Feb. 12, 1796, at Alna; m. Anna 


463. xi. Mary", b. Nov. 19, 1788, at ; m. John Melius. 

464. xii. Sophronia", b. Aug. 2, 1803, at ; m. Lemuel Nor- 

ton, a Free-Will Baptist Minister, and removed to Fal- 
mouth, Me. 

184. EzekieF Averell (Job\ dob\ William'-, William'), b. 
June 6, 1854, at Pownalboro (Alna), Me., lived at Pownalboro, 
Whitefield and Wiscasset, Me. He m. Aug. 14, 1783, prob. at 
Alna, Priscilla Tuckerman (dau. of Daniel Gent Tuckerman and 
Mary (Hutchinson) his wife, who was the second wife of 
Ezekiel's father, Job Averell). She was b. 1764, at Boston, 
Mass. (?); and d. Jan. 29, 1843, at Whitefield (?). Ezekiel 
■'Averal" was of "New Castle Town" in 1790, at which date 
he appears in the First United States Census as having one man 
beside himself in the household, two boys under sixteen years, 
and three women, of whom one was his wife, 

Mr. Averell lived for some years in the "old Woodman 
house,"' a large two storey double house with an ell, which is 
still standing at Whitefield at the forking of the roads from 
Alna to King's Mills, and Pittston. His step-mother, who was 
also his mother-in-law, died at this house. He was a Revolution- 
ary soldier, and his memorial stone at Wiscasset, Me., is one of 
the interesting features of the old cemetery. Ezekiel Averell d. 
Feb. 20, 1850, at Wiscasset. 

The following copies of records are from certificates signed 
by Wm. M. Olive, Sec. of State for Mass., Oct. 4, 1897.— Ed. 

He appears in Rev. War Records with rank of Private, Muster and 
pay roll, Capt. Daniel Scott's Co., Col. Joseph North's Regt., Sept. 10, 1777, 
to Sept. 12, 1777 (2 days service), on Sheepscot River. 

Mass. Archives; Vol. 36, p. 223, He appears v^rith rank of Private, 
on muster and pay roll, of Capt. Hunt's Co., Col. Jackson's Regt. Time of 
enlistment, Oct. 11, 1777. Place of res., Sheepscot. Town engaged for, 
Broad Bay. Enlisted for 3 years. Mass. Arc, Vol. 26, p. 404. 

He appears in a return of men enlisted into the Continental Army, 
Ebenezer Thayer, Jr's 5th Suffolk County Regt., dated at Braintree 

320 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

(Mass.), Jan. 20, 1778. He then belonged to Pownalborough. Enlisted 
for town of Braintree. Term of enlistment, 3 years. Joined Capt. Lang- 
don's Co., Col. H. Jackson's Regt. Mass. Arc, Vol. 40, p. 191. 

He appears with rank of Private, on Continental Army pay Accounts 
of Capt. Hunt's Co., Col. H. Jackson's Regt., for services from Oct. 11, 
1777, to Dec. 31, 1779; credited to the town of Braintree. Mass. Arc, Vol. 
16, part 1, p. 56. 

He appears with rank of Private on Continental Pay Accounts of Capt. 
Hunt's 4th Co., Col. H. Jackson's 16th Regt., for service from Jan. 1, 1780, 
to Oct. 11, 1780; residence, Sheepscutt. Mass. Arc, Vol. 16, part 2, p. 117. 

Children (all b. at Alna; dates of birth not perfectly ascer- 
tained,- but order prob. correct. — Ed.) : 

465. i. Arthur', b. Sept. 6, 1787; m. (1) Rachel Harley; m. (2) 

Margaret Gray; m. (3) Abigail Hay ward; m. (4) Julia 

466. ii. Daniel Gent'', b. , 1789; m. Maria Reed. 

467. iii. Nathaniel' (called Nathan), b. May 3, 1801; m. Sarah 


Zachariah", b. , 1793 (?); d. at Whitefield; unm. 

Nancy'',* b. , 1795 (?) ; lived at Bath, Me. She m. 

between Oct. 26, 1806, and Apr. 1, 1807 (New Milford 

Records), Samuel Light. She had several children and 

d. at a great age in Boston, Mass. 

Sarah", b. — , 1797 (?); m. James Cunningham. 

Charlotte", b. , 1799 (?); lived at Wiscasset, Me. 

She m. (1) W. H. Holmes; m. (2) Mr. Poole, a grocer 

at Wiscasset. 
Susan A.", b. Feb. 2, 1801; m. James C. Marr. 
Thankful", b. , 1803 (?); d. unm. and quite aged 

at Alna, Me. 
474. X. Stinson", b. , ; d. y., at Alna, Me. 

185. Hannah'' Averell (Job\ Joh^, William-, William^), b. 
after 1774, prob. at Pownalboro (Alna) ; m. Apr. 27, 1803, at 
Pownalboro, Me., Joseph Grant. She d. 1879 ( ?) . 
Children : 

i. Jotham" Grant, b. 18 — ; m. 

ii. Susan" Grant, b. 18 — ; m. Mr. Rollins. 

iii. Mercy" Grant, b. 18 — ; m. Mr. Henry Pratt. 

iv. Dolly" Grant, b. 18 — ; m. (?). 

V. Betsey" Grant, b. 18 — ; m. Mr. Gore of Edgecomb. 

* This may be the Nancy "Avery" whose int. of m. with Geo. Paine 
appears 1821. 













The Fifth Generation 321 

186. Ruth^ Averell {Job*, Joh\ William-, William'), b. Aug. 
2, 1779, at Alna, Me., lived at Alna. She m. between Feb. 1, and 
Apr. 1, 1797, Moses Weymouth, who was b. June 8, 1771, and d. 
Apr. 2, 1833, at Alna, Me. She d. there Dec. 28, 1860. The old 
homestead of the Weymouths is the second house above the 
Emery Averells, at Alna. 

Children (order of births not ascertained) : 

i. Dennett" Weymouth, m. (1) Mary Hodgdon; m. (2) Jane 

ii. Wildes"' Weymouth, unm. 

iii. John Aurelius" Weymouth, m. three times. He was a 
physician, and had a son who was a grad. of Harvard 
and a physician, 
iv. George" Weymouth, m. 
V. Sewall" Weymouth, unm. 
vi. Arabella'' Weymouth, unm. 
vii. Julia*"' Weymouth, m. Thurston Hilton, lived at Bremen 

and at Sherman, Me. 
viii. Elmira' Weymouth, m. Wm. Jones, lived at Chelsea, Mass. 
ix. Mary'' Weymouth, m. Henry Chamberlain, lived at Bristol, 

"General" Dennett" Weymouth {Rutli' Averell, Job\ Job\ 

Williayn-, William'), b. , ; m. (1) Mary Hodgdon; 

m. (2) Jane Glidden. Dennett Weymouth was General of Mili- 
tia. He d. at Alna. 
Children : 

i. William' Weymouth. 
ii. Lucius' Weymouth. 
iii. Richard' Weymouth. 
iv. Lizzie' Weymouth. 

v. Helen' Weymouth, b. 18 — ; m. Mr. Freeman, 

lived at N. Newcastle, Me. 

George** Weymouth (Ruth° Averell, Job*, Job% William-, 

William'), b. , ; m. . 

Children : 

i. George' Weymouth, b. , ; m. ; lived in 

Maiden, Mass. 

ii. ' Weymouth. 

iii. ' Weymouth. 

iv. ' Weymouth. 

322 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

188. Mary^ Averell (Israel*, Job', William-, William^), bap. 
1739 at Middleton, Mass.; m. Apr. 18, 1759, at Topsfield or 
Middleton, Mass., Archelaus Kenney. She d. Mar. 5, 1760. 
(Topsfield Deaths. The T. R. give under that date "Archelaus 
Kenney's wife died.") 

Child : 
I i. An Infant" (name not given). 


Archelaus Kenney m. (2) "Rebecker" — . 

Children : 

i. Jesse" Kenney, b. July 18, 1763. 
ii. Molly" Kenney, b. Aug. 17, 1765. 

189. Susanna' Averell (Israel\ Job\ William-, William^), 
bap. 1742 at Middleton, Mass., lived at Middleton and Topsfield, 
Mass., and at Pownalboro, Me. She m. Oct. 31, 1761, at Pownal- 
boro, Me., Capt. James Hodge, of Freetown, Me. He was a man 

of importance in Pownalboro. In 1775, he was Surveyor of 
Highways; 1778-9 on Parish Com., and an Assessor of N. Par- 
ish, Pownalboro. His tombstone is still standing in the Ceme- 
tery at Sheepscot, Me. Mrs. Susanna (Averell) Hodge d. at the 
home of her daughter Anna (Hodge) Woodbridge, at New- 
castle, Me. 
Children : 

i. (Daughter)" Hodge, b. , ; m. Kennedy. 

ii. (Daughter)" Hodge, b. , ; m. Deacon Trask. 

iii. (Daughter)" Hodge, b. — , ; m. Esq. Trask. 

iv. Anna" Hodge, b. , ; m. Benjamin Woodbridge. 

V. Mary" Hodge, b. — , ; m. Jan., 1799, William 

Averill (No. 439). 

Anna'' Hodge (Susanna'' Averell, Israel^ Job-', William-, 
William'), b. at Edgecomb, Me., lived at Newcastle, Me. She m. 
Benjamin Woodbridge, of Newburyport, Mass., and d. Nov. 6. 
1796, at Newcastle, Me. 

Children (all b. at Newcastle, Me.) : 

i. Susan' Woodbridge, b. May 28, 1774; d. at Newcastle. 

ii. Mary' Woodbridge, b. Dec. 16, 1775; d. at Alna. 

iii. Sally' Woodbridge, b. Sept. 27, 1777; d. at Newcastle. 

iv. Anna' Woodbridge, b. Sept. 18, 1779; d. at Newcastle. 

V. Elisabeth' Woodbridge, b. Apr. 27, 1782; d. at Newcastle. 

The Fifth Generation 323 

vi. Benjamin' Woodbridge, b. Sept. 7, 1784; d. at Newcastle, 
vii. Jane' Woodbridge, b. Oct. 17, 1787; m. Jotham Donnell. 
viii. Hodge' Woodbridge, b. Jan. 16, 1790; d. at Newcastle, 
ix. Ruth' Woodbridge, b. Apr. 17, 1792; d. at Edgecombe. 
X. Henry' Woodbridge, b. Mar. 18, 1795; d. at Newcastle. 

Jane^ Woodbridg-e (Amia'^ Hodge, Susanna^ Averell, Israel*, 
Job', William-, Williavi'), b. Oct. 17, 1787, at Newcastle, Me.; 
m. Nov. 12, 1812, Jotham Donnell, of Bath, Me., and settled at 

Children (all b. at Alna, Me.) : 

i. Jotham" Donnell, b. Nov. 18, 1814; d. Nov. 10, 1889, at 

Houlton, Me. 
ii. Nathaniel'* Donnell, b. Dec. 5, 1818. 
iii. Jane" Donnell, b. July 8, 1821; d. Feb. 26, 1842, at Alna. 
iv. Susan' Donnell, b. Dec. 1, 1823. 
V. Benjamin' Donnell, b. Jan. 15, 1826. 

vi. Almira' Donnell, b. Apr. 27, 1831; d. May 25, 1868, at 
All were m. except Susan and Jane. 


This is a very interesting family, typifying the best of Alna and 
Maine life. The old house is attractive, and its members are cultivated. 
Miss Susan Donnell, and her brother, Mr. Benjamin Donnell, were most 
helpful in securing and giving data of their large branch of the Averell 
family; and their knowledge of the history of their town and its citizens 
added greatly to the Editor's enjoyment of the place as well as to the 
family history. Seeing Alna with Mr. Donnell was a great privilege. 

190. Enoch' Averell, or Avery (Israel', Joh\ William-, Will- 
iam^), was bap. in 1744, at Middleton, Mass. {Ch. R.) , but it is 
prob. that he was b. between 1742 and '44, He was the fourth 
child and eldest son of his parents. He had his first experience 
of military life when very young, serving nearly one year from 
May 5; 1760:— 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 


French and Indian War Service 


Enoch Averill: — 

Enoch Averill: Appears on a Muster Roll dated Boston, April 29, 1761, 
of a company in His Majesty's service under the com- 
mand of Capt. Francis Peabody. Quality, Private. Res- 

324 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

idence, Topsfield. Entered service, May 5, 1760. Served 
until, April 16, 1761. Length of service, 49 weeks, 4 
days. Father or Master, Israel Averill. Reported 30 
miles travel home allowed. Vol. 98: 396. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
office of the secretary. 

Boston, June 20, 1901. 
I certify the foregoing to be true abstracts from the Record Index to 
the French and Indian War Archives deposited in this office. 

Witness the Seal of the Commonwealth. 
Isaac H. Edgett, 
(Seal) Deputy Secretary. 

Enoch Averell removed with his father, in 1761, from 
Topsfield, Mass., to the town of Pownalboro, Me. (then Mass.) ; 
this was the year following its incorporation. They settled in 
the business center of the town called the North Precinct, where 
his father long before had business interests, and where he be- 
came the owner of a mill. The family held a position of import- 
ance in that busy little mill town, which was later called New 
Millford, and then Alna. Between 1767 and '69 Enoch pur- 
chased 100 acres of land in the town from Samuel Hilton. 

Enoch became identified with his father's interests in that 
town, and was m. there {T. R.) by Thomas Rice, Justice of the 
Peace, Jan. 29, 1767, to Ruth Hilton (dau. of William^ Hilton, 
of Broad Cove, Broad Bay, Me., and Manchester, Mass., and 
of Mary Lee, his wife) , b. , . She was then of Pow- 
nalboro. Ruth Hilton was a descendant of William^ Hilton, who 
came to Plymouth by the Fortune, on her first trip; and a de- 
scendant of John Brown, of Pemaquid, who had the first recorded 
deed and made the first genuine purchase of land in New England 
(see York Deeds, and The Hilton Gen.). 

The Town Book of Pownalboro shows that Enoch "Avrill" 
was made Warden, Mar. 12, 1771, and Tythingman, Mar. 15, 
1775, offices which his father filled about the same period. He 
was a man to rely on, for his Uncle Job and his family trusted 
him with important business, and Aug. 7, 1778, he was appd. 
admr. of his father's estate. At that date he was already settled 
at Balltown. It is possible that Lincoln County deeds would 
give us the date when Enoch, acting for the family, disposed of 

The Fifth Generation 325 

the mill at Sheepscot, and also the date of his first purchase of 
land at Balltown Plantation. It must have been before his 
father's death, Aug., 1778. It is stated in the family that the 
roads were so rough he took his first trip through the woods on 
horseback. Balltown Plantation was settled in 1770 ; and he was 
still of that town when he sold land to China Smith. We give an 
abstract of the deed. It is possible that the abstract, which was 
sent, left out mention of the mill, if that was "on the Western 
Branch of the Sheepscutt River." 

Abstracts of Deeds. 
Api-il 7, 1779: Enoch Averell of Ball Town in the State of Massachusetts 
Bay & County of Lincoln, sells land in Pownalboro to China Smith for 
£4,000; and his wife Ruth Averell July 13, 1779 surrenders her right of 
dower in same. The land was "on the Western Branch of Sheepscutt 
River", and bounded as follows, Viz: "Beginning at a Stake or Stones 
on Bank of Sheepscutt River, so called, thence running N. West. 720 Poles 
to Stake or Stones, thence running N. East 48 Poles to a Small Yellow 
Birch Tree marked on 4 Sides, thence S. East til it strikes Pond Brook, 
thence down s" Brook N. East til it strikes Land of William Averills and 
from this last mentioned to the first described line, to be 88 Poles, thence 
S. East til it strikes Sheepscutt River, thence S. Westerly by s'' River to 
the first mentioned Bounds." "S'' Tract of Land contains two hundred & 
Seventy six acres." 

Warranty deed. Recorded Aug. 23, 1779; Lincoln Reg., Me. 

Apr., 1782, China Smith conveys to William and John 
Averell a mill privilege and land for a mill yard on Millbrook, 
ivhere a mill now stands. Query: Was this the property con- 
veyed to him by Enoch Averell? In 1778-9 Enoch sold land in 
Pownalboro to Benj. Glidden. 

The original deed to his first purchase at Balltown, which 
was land on Dyer's Pond, is in the possession of Mrs. Elmira 
Jeanette (Avery) Hamlen (No. 2201), his great-granddaughter. 
His children inherited this land from him, and a part of it was 
sold by his sons Enoch, William, and Nathan, Dec. 12, 1812, to 
their brother, Joseph ''Avery," Jefferson (which was the name 
given to that part of Balltown in 1807) . 

Know all men by these presents that We Enoch Avery & William 
Avery of Jefferson in the County of Lincoln and Commonwealth of Massa- 
chusetts and Nathan Avery of Jefferson adjacent in said County Yeomen 

For and in consideration of two hundred and fifty Dollars to us paid 
by Joseph Avery of said Jefferson in the County and Commonwealth afore- 

326 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

said yeoman, the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge, have remissed, 
released, sold and forever quit claimed, "and do by these presents for our- 
selves and our heirs, remiss, release, sell, and forever quit claim unto him 
the said Joseph Avery his heirs and assigns forever a certin lott or tract 
of land situated in said Jefferson and bounded as follows to wit Beginning 
at a stake & stone by the western bank of Dyer's pond & on Enoch Week's 
line from thence running North North West one hundred and sixty rods 
to a stake & stone thenc North East ninety five poles to a Spruce markd 
for William Avery's corner then East South East one hundred poles to 
Dyers medow Brook thenc down said brook southerly as it runs into the 
aforesaid Pond then as the shore runs to the first mentioned bounds con- 
taining one hundred acres more or less, to be considered that a certin living 
Spring near the Northern line of said land is to be excluded although it is 
to the south of said line 

To have and to hold the aforesaid premises, with all the privileges & 
appurtenances, thereunto belonging to him the said Joseph Avery his heirs 
and assigns forever so that neither we the said Enoch Avery, William 
Avery or Nathan Avery nor our heirs or assigns nor any other person or 
persons, holding or claiming, from or under us or them shall or will by any 
way or means whatever have claim or demand any right or title to the 
aforesaid premises or to any part or parcel thereof forever 

In witness whereof We do hereunto set our hands and seals this twelfth 
day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 

Signed seald & deliverd in 
presence of us Enoch Avery 

Samuel Jackson Junr William Avery 

Francis Shepherd Nathan Avery 

Lincoln ss December 12"' 1812 

Then the within named Enoch Avery William. Avery and Nathan 
Avery acknowledged the within writen Instrument by them 
Subscribed to be their free act and Deed Before me 

Samuel Jackson Junr' Justice of the Peace 

Enoch Averell is said to have been a man of fine physique, 
tall, erect, and very strong. One story of his strength, which 
was repeated to the Compiler in 1912 by a descendant of John 
(No, 498), of Whitefield, Me., is that one winter he killed a bear 
with a pitchfork on Dyer's Pond. His wife, Ruth (Hilton) 
Averell must have been a woman of generous and loving nature, 
for her descendants who never saw her speak of her with affec- 
tion, and it is said the family were all natural musicians. Enoch 
and his cousin John were sureties for the admn. of the estate of 

The Fifth Generation 327 

James Clark in 1778 at New Castle, although he was living 
some miles away ; so we may conclude he was a man of honor. 

Enoch Averell was certainly one of the early settlers of 
Balltown in that part incorporated as Jefferson (the 166th 
town) Feb. 24, 1807. His farm and home were close to Dyer's 
Pond and near the place occupied later by Samuel Waters. 

He d. at Balltown the latter part of 1785, or before Feb. 1, 
1786, when his widow, Ruth (Hilton) Averell, was appd. admrx. 
of his estate (Lificoln Co. P. R., Wiscasset). Samuel Waters 
and Benj. Glidden, both of New Castle, were sureties. An Inv. 
was rendered by David Hopkins and Jacob Rowell, both of Ball- 
town, and Samuel Waters of New Castle, 12 Apr., 1786. Enoch's 
name does not appear in the "Balltown Town" list of names in the 
First United States Census — 1790 — as he had d. before that 
date; and his sons are not mentioned in that census because the 
eldest was only eighteen years of age, and not head of a house- 
hold, while the others were about ten or more years younger. 

His widow, Mrs. Ruth (Hilton) Averell m. (2) Samuel 
Waters, Esq., one of the most honored and influential citizens 
of Jefferson. Both had large families by previous marriages, 
and they had one child by this marriage. Three of her children, 
Joseph,- Ruth, and William Averell, married children of Samuel 

Balltown was divided into Jefferson, which was incorpor- 
ated Feb. 24, 1807, and Whitefield, named after Rev. Geo. White- 
field, which was incorporated June 19, 1809. The ancient rec- 
ords of Balltown are held by the town of Whitefield, from which 
the compiler obtained certified records of births and marriages. 
Jefferson is about 20 miles N. E. of Wiscasset, and Whitefield 
is about 18 miles N. N. E. from the same place; both are east of 

Four of the children of Enoch and Ruth (Hilton) Averell 
were b. at Pownalboro ; the others were b. at Balltown before 
it was divided. 

Children : 
475. i. Mary" ("Polly"), b. after Jan. 29, 1767; m. Barn- 
ford, and removed to the Schoodic Lake region in Maine. 
They had a family. 











328 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

476. ii. Rachael", b. abt. 1769; m. (1) John Weeks; m. (2) Joseph 

Joseph", b. Apr. 8, 1772; m. Sarah Waters. 

Susanna" ("Susan"), b. June 15, 1774; m. her cousin,- 
Simeon (No. 484) Averell, called Avery. 

Ruth", b. Mar. 18, 1779; m. John Waters. 

Enoch", b. Dec. 1, 1781; m. Margaret Shepard. 

William", b. July 25, 1783; m. before Jan., 1812, Mrs. Mar- 
garet (Waters) Bryson, widow of Capt. Bryson, and dau. 
of Samuel Waters, Esq., by his second wife, Margaret 

482. viii. Nathan", b. Apr. 18, 1785; m. Betsey Folsom. 

191. David^ Averell, called Avery (Israel* Averell, Job'\ Will- 
iam-, William'), bap. 1747, at Middleton, Mass., lived at Topsfield, 
Mass., and Pownalboro, Me., that part now Alna; and m. there 
Sept. 12, 1768 (T. R.), Elizabeth Hilton, of Broad Cove, Broad 
Bay, Me. (dau. of William^ Hilton, of Broad Cove, and of 
Manchester, Mass., and Mary Lee his wife). She was bap. Aug. 
12, 1750, at Manchester, Mass. Mr. Avery died before Jan. 24, 
1788, at Pownalboro (Alna), and Joseph Hilton (prob. Eliza- 
beth's brother) was appd. admr. of his estate. Mrs. Avery m. 
(2) Ephraim Brown. [See The Hilton Family by John T. Has- 
sam, A. M. (privately printed) ] . Nothing more is known of her. 
Children : 

483. i. Daniel" (or David?), b. , ; d. 

484. ii. Simeon", b. Nov. 21, 1772; m. Susanna Averell 

(No. 478). 
There may have been other children. 

Mr. David Avery's father, Israel Averell, m. for his 2d wife, Mary 
(Lee) Hilton, widow of William' Hilton, and who was mother of Ruth 
Hilton, who m. Enoch Averell (or Avery), and of Elizabeth, who m. the 
above David Avery. 

194. Israel' Averell, called Avery (Israel*, Job% William-, 
William'), bap. 1756, at Topsfield, Mass. "He was a private in 
Capt. Daniel Scott's Co. in Col. Joseph North's Regt. Sept. 10-12, 
1777, at defending and retaking a mast ship loading in the 
Sheepscot River (York, Me.) ; also in Capt. Timothy Heald's 
Co. in Col. Samuel M'^Cobb's Regt. 25 July, discharged 25 Sept. 
1779, serving 2 months and one day on Expedition to Penob- 

The Fifth Generation 329 

scot." He was surveyor of highways 1787, lived at Topsfield, 
Mass., and Pownalboro (that part later called Alna) and Sheeps- 
cot. Me., where he m. Dec. 25, 1776 (Int. pub. Nov. 27, at Pow- 
nalboro) Jane Clark, of Pownalboro. He d. between 1836 and 
'40 (says Mark Avery) , or about 1835-6 (according to his grand- 
son Israel) at Clinton, Kennebec Co., Me. Clinton was first 
called Hancock Plantation ; it is about 30 miles N. E. of Augusta. 
This family has some association with Merry Meeting Bay near 
Bath, Me., and visited there when Israel'^ was a little boy. 
Several deeds in the Registry of Portland, Me., related to "Israel 
Avery," who was prob. this Israel (No. 194). The First Census 
of the United States — 1790 — mentions this "Israel Averal" as 
head of a family at Pownalborough (Me.) , with three sons under 
sixteen years of age and, probably his wife, his two daughters 
and a helper as "four females" are mentioned. 

Children ("all b. either at Woolwich or Sheepscot, Me.") : 

485. i. James'', b. , ; d. before 1834, at Clinton (prob.). 

486. ii. Enoch', b. , ; d. before 1834, at Clinton (prob.). 

487. iii. Eunice'' b. , ; d. before 1834, at Clinton (prob.). 

488. iv. Hannah'', b. — , ; d. before 1834, at Clinton 


489. V. Israel", b. Jan. 6, 1790, at Sheepscot; m. Sarah Grover. 

490- vi. AARON^ b. — , ; m. Sally Ayers, of New Bruns- 
wick. Aaron Avery moved with Robert Cooper of Clinton 
to Cooper (near Calais), later to New Brunswick. They 
had a son — possibly his name was Sewall, and two 
daughters (writes Israel'). Their descendants have lived 
there within 6 or 7 years. 

197. Benjamin'^ Averill {Samuel^, Job'\ William'-, William^), 
b. Jan. 17, 1747, at Middleton, Mass., was a leather-breeches 
maker and lived at Middleton and Ipswich, Mass. He was a 
Rev. Soldier, service 5 mos. 28 days, disc. Dec. 8, 1780 (Mass. 
Soldiers and Sailors in the Rev.). He was also on a list of men 
to reinforce the Continental Army for 6 mos. (resolve of June 
5, 1780) , age 32 yrs. ; stature 5 ft. 7 in. He m. (1) Nov. 9, 1769, 
at Ipswich, Mass., Sarah Blye of that town (Ch. R.) ; Int. Pub. 
Sept. 23, 1769 (Ipswich T. R.). He m. (2) Dec. 21, 1772, at 
Ipswich, Mass., Mary Pitman (Ipswich T. R.) . He m. (3) Mary 
Holmes. "He was dead in 1782" (Essex Aiit.) . 

330 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (by 1st wife) : 

491. i. Benjamin", b. Oct. 9, 1770, at Middleton; m. Elizabeth 


(by 2nd wife) : 

492. ii. Sarah" (Sally), b. Dec. 20, 1773, at Ipswich; m. Daniel 

Coffin Johnson. 

493. iii. Elizabeth", b. Dec. 20, 1773, at Ipswich, Mass.; bap. Dec. 

26, mS (Ipswich Ch. R.). She m. at Newburyport, Mass., 
Feb. 18, 1795, Samuel Nason Morse. 
Their descendants live in Newburyport. 

494. iv. Martha' (Peggy), bap. Nov. 18, 1781, at Ipswich {T. R.) . 

(by 3rd wife) : 

495. V. Francis", b. Nov. 13, 1775; m. (his sur- 

name changed by law to Holmes, his mother's surname). 

199. SamueP Averell, called Avery* {Samuel\ Job'\ Will- 
iam-, William'), b. Mar. 18, 1749,t at Middleton, Mass. {T. R.) , 
was a blacksmith and farmer. He was not ten years of age 
when his father died, and was probably placed with his prosper- 
ous uncles Job and Israel Averell at Sheepscot, Me., where he 
lived for some years. It is probable that he was there when he 
enlisted for Revolutionary service at Wiscasset, Me., a town ad- 
joining Sheepscot. The records of this service are as follows: 
"Samuel Avery .... made an application for pension on 
July 1819, at which time he was 62t years of age, and residing 
at Jefferson, Maine; his pension was allowed for one year's 
actual service as private in the New Hampshire troops, Revolu- 
tionary War. A part of that time he served under Capt. Tit- 
comb, and Col. Poor. He enlisted at Wiscasset, Maine." W. J. 
S. Lamb. Act. Com. Record and Pension Office, War Dept., 
Washington, D. C. 


* The Groton Avery Genealogy, by Mr. Sweet, incorrectly claimed this 
SamueP Avery as a descendant of Christopher and Eunice (Prentice) 
Avery, and gave his birth as Nov. 15, 1752. 

t The Rev. Records as above given relating to the age of Samuel 
(199) do not correspond with Town Records of birth, as often happens in 
the case of Rev. War age records; while the Family and burial record are 
approximate. In this case, however, the latter are close enough to the 
T. /?.— Ed. 

The Fifth Generation 331 

Maine Pensiofi Rolls, Lincobi Co., Me., give : 

Samuel Avery, Private, Lincoln Co., Me. 
annual al. $95.00. Sum rec'd $1518.50 
Description of service; New Hampshire line. 
Placed on roll Sept. 18, 1819; Com. of Pension, May 9, 1818, age 78. 

His enlistment in the New Hampshire line may have been 
through the influence of his sister Lucy, who married Abijah 
Wilkins and lived at Amherst, N. H. Mr. John Avery of White- 
field, grandson of this Samuel Avery, told the Editor, that his 
grandfather, Samuel Averell, or "Avery," as he was called, lived 
very near his cousin, Enoch Averell (or Avery), beside Dyar's 
Pond in Jefferson, and near Samuel Water's house, Samuel 
Avery to the East of it. These three men and their families 
were very intimate friends. 

Part of Balltown Plantation was incorporated as Jefferson, 
Feb. 24, 1807, and the other part known as Whitefield, June 19, 
1809. The plantation records are at Whitefield. The First Cen- 
sus of the United States — 1790 — mentions Samuel Averill, of 
"Balltown Town" as the head of a family, consisting then of seven 
women. Prob. one was his wife and the others his daughters, 
and possibly relatives who were with them at that time. 

Samuel Avery m. Aug. 4, 1774, at Pownalboro, prob. in that 
part now called Sheepscot (Inc. June 25, 1774) , Lucy Jane Foye. 
They lived at Whitefield, Me., adjoining Jefferson, for some 
years. The date of her death is not given. He d. at Whitefield, 
Me., "Aug. 12, 1836 aged 86 years" (F. R., and Cem. Rec). 

Children (all b. at Balltown Plantation) : 

496. i. Samuel Jr.'', b. 1775; followed the sea and was last heard 

from at New Orleans about 1824. Taxed in Jefferson, 
Me., 1812. He was prob. lost at sea about 1825. 

497. ii. Jane" (Jenny), b. 1777; m. June 24, 1804, Henry Folsom 

of Balltown, Me. {Whitefield Records, Attest. Saml. Wa- 
ters Justice of the Peace.) 

498. iii. John", b. July 17, 1782; m. Hannah Potter. 

499. iv. Betsey", b. Jan. 27, 1787; m. May 1, 1808, Jonathan Peasley; 

lived at Jefferson, Me. 

500. v. Lucy", b. 1788; m. 1803, Mr. Nutt; lived at Harmony, Me. 

501. vi. Mary" (Polly), b. 1790; m. Gardner Murphy; lived at Jef- 

ferson, Me.; d. there, Feb. 20, 1874. 

502. vii. Robert" Foye, b. Jan. 27, 1799; m. Maria Dunton. 

503. viii. Maria", b. about June 1, 1802; m. James Davis. She d. Jan. 

30, 1869, at Whitefield, Me. 

332 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

200. Lucy' Averill (Samiiet, Job''„ William'-, William^), b. 
Dec. 18, 1752, at Middleton, Mass. She m. May 7, 1772, at 
Amherst, N. H., Abijah Wilkins (son of Joshua Wilkins, of 

Middleton, Mass., and Ruth , his wife), b. Oct. 7, 1751, 

at Middleton. They lived at Amherst, N. H. (see Hist. Amherst, 
N. H., p. 836). She d. before Sept., 1788. He m. (2) Sarah 
Farmer. He d, July, 1833, prob. at Amherst. 
Children : 

i. Abijah" Wilkins, b. Sept. 18, 1774. 

ii. Lucy'' Wilkins, b. Mar. 27, 1777. 

iii. Jason" Wilkins, b. Dec. 7, 1780. 

208. "Lieut." Isaac"' Averell, "gentleman" {Luke\ Eben- 
ezer'\ William-, William^), b. June 2, 1740, bap. June 8, 1740, 
at Topsfield, Mass., was the only son of his father who lived to 
maturity. He was a "yeoman" and lived at Topsfield. He was 
also a minute man at Lexington; private in Capt. Stephen Per- 
kin's North Ward Co., which marched on alarm of Apr. 19, 1775 ; 
service 21/2 days. He was m. Dec. 22, 1761, at Topsfield (T. R.) , 
by Rev. Mr. Emerson, to Priscilla* Peabody,"^ dau. of Joseph^ 
Peabody (Isaac-, Francis') and Elizabeth Bradstreet,* his wife. 
She was b. 1743, at Topsfield (see Peabody Fam., N. E. Hist. <& 
Ge7i. Reg., Vols. 2 & 3). She d. at Topsfield, Feb. 4, 1815, aged 
71 years; and he d. there Jan. 26, 1816. His will of May 11, 
1814, mentions his wife, Priscilla, still living; his son Luke was 
appd. sole exr. Joseph shares estate equally with Luke, after 
certain bequests to the wife and daughters are fulfilled. Phebe 
is to receive $100.00; and the children of his son Elijah, 
dec, namely, May, Priscilla, and Betsey, are to receive $15.00 
each. His granddaughter Sally, child of his son Moses, dec, to 
receive $30.00 when she is 18 years of age, or when she marries. 

Children (all b. and bap. at Topsfield) : 

504. i. Elijah", b. Dec. 21, 1762; bap. Dec. 26, 1762; m. Mary 


505. ii. Joseph", b. Oct. 28, 1764; bap. Nov. 4, 1764; m. Eunice 


* Priscilla Peabody Averell was a descendant of Gov. Bradford, her 
mother Elizabeth Bradstreet being his great-great-granddaughter. 

The Fifth Generation 333 

506. iii. ("Rev.") Isaac", b. Aug. 2, 1767; studied for the ministry, 

received the degree of A. M., and was ready to be installed 
over his first charge at the time of his death. He is said 
to have been one of the first men in Topsfield to receive 
a liberal education. We have been unable to find from 
which Seminary or College he received his degree. He 
d. at Topsfield, Sept. 20, 1800. 

507. iv. Moses (2nd)", bap. Oct. 1, 1769; m. Sarah Clark. 

508. V. Phebe", bap. Mar. 3, 1771; m. John Batchelder. 

509. vi. Luke'', bap. Nov. 21, 1779; m. Sally Foster. 

210. Susanna'^ Averell {Luke\ Ebenezer\ William'-, Will- 
iam'), b. Aug. 14, 1746, at Topsfield, Mass.; m. David Towne, Jr. 
(prob. son of David Towne, of Topsfield) ; b. Mar. 17, 1744, at 
Topsfield, bap. Mar. 25, 1744, and who was living- in 1821. The 
date of his death was given as Feb. 16, 1815, but this seems a 
mistake. She d. Oct. 24, 1836. 

Children (b. and bap. at Topsfield. Records given by E. E. 
T., of Newtonville, Mass.) : 

i. Ebenezer" Towne, b. June 26, 1772; bap. June 27, 1772; 

m. Mary Pettingill. 
ii. Sarah" Towne, b. Nov. 3, 1775; bap. Mar. 3, 1776; d. July 

23, 1778. 
iii. Mary" Towne, b. Dec. 29, 1777; bap. Apr. 12, 1778. 
- iv. David" Towne, b. Mar. 6, 1780; bap. Apr. 30, 1780; d. unm. 
V. Sarah" Towne, b. Sept. 10, 1782; bap. Oct. 24, 1782; m. 

Ansel Pettingill. 
vi. Joseph" Towne, b. Oct. 24, 1784; bap. Nov. 7, 1784. 
vii. Luke" Towne, b. June 12, 1787; bap. June 24, 1787; m. at 
Topsfield, Sarah Moore. 

Ebenezer''' Towne (Susanna'^ Averell, Luke*, Ebenezer\ Will- 
iam-, William'), b. June 26, 1772; bap. June 27, 1772, at Tops- 
field, Mass., lived at Hodgden, Me. He m. Mary Pettingill, who 

was b. at Topsfield. 
Children : 

i. Howard' Pettingill Towne, b. Apr. 8, 1801; went west, 
ii. Susanna' Towne, b. Apr. 8, 1805. 
iii. Mary' Towne, b. Apr. 8, 1805. 

211. Paul' Averill {1Ichahod\ Thomas', William-, Will- 
iam'), b. prob. at Sheflfteld, Mass., , 17 — ; m. ; 

was of Massachusetts, Vermont and New York, and had at least 
two sons, Paul and Samuel, and prob. other children. "He was a 

334 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Soldier in the American Revolution." The record of Paul Av- 
erill appears in the Archives of the State of New York, in the 
only volume for that State on the American Revolution (pp. 
276, 133), as follows: 

"The Charlotte Co. Militia, Dorset Regt., Paul Avaril, Ensign; Vice 
Fuller, Mch. 4, 1780; Alex Webster, Colonel, vice Williams, Daniel Brom- 
dage 1st Lieut., Ephraim Fuller 2d Lieut.; in Tozer's Co.; also Sergeant 
under Tozer and Armstrong. Col. John William's Regt. of Charlotte Co. 
Militia (which county was in that part of Vt. claimed by N. Y. State), 
was called out from April 22, to 25, 1778. It was in pay under Major 
Armstrong's — during 1781" (probably several Averills were in this Dorset 

(In the Roster of State Troops.) Charlotte Co. Militia; Col. (Doctor) 
John Williams, Maj. Thomas Armstrong Maj. Alex. Webster: Capt" John 
Armstrong, Alex M'Nitt, Elishama Tozer, Lieut Shaw, Capt. Silas Childs, 
Lieut. Paul Averill. Also Vt., Certified record. Am. Rev., Adjutant Gen- 
eral's Office, State of Vt. ; — Paul Averill served as a Private 6 days in 
Capt. Jacob Hind's Co., in an alarm to the Northward up to Castleton, in 
Oct. 1781, and rec'd £1. 4. 8. Residence not given. 

Vt. Rev. Roll (490), p. 736. "Paul Avery's" Wages. These certify 
that Paid Averill, a soldier in Capt. Jacob Hind's Co., did go up in the 
Alarm to the Northward up to Castleton; in Oct. 1781. Sd Avery was not 
made up in the Pay roll. These are to desire the Honorable Board of Pay 
Table, to pay said Avery for six days, and this shall be your Security — 
Arlington, March 27, 1782. Jacob Hind, Capt. 

Sunderland (Vt.), March 29, 1782, Pay Table Office. The Treasurer 
is directed to pay Paul Avery the sum of one pound four shillings and eight 
pence being the sum which is due to him for his services as appears by the 
within certificate. 

Timo Brownson j 
Isaac Tichenor ( 


Sept. 23d 1783. Reed of the Treasurer the contents of the above order in 
behalf of Paul Averill. Jno. Knickbackr 

[N. B. — Joseph Averill (No. 84), and his family were resi- 
dents of Sunderland, Vt.] 

Mr. Mortimer G. Averill wrote Dec, 1900, that the name 
of his great-grandfather was Paul Averill, Sr., and he was the 
father of Samuel Averill (the grandfather of M. G. Averill, the 
writer), and of Paul Averill, Jr., the progenitor of all the 
Coopersville, Mich., Averills ; and the first settler of that name 
in Coopersville, or near there ; who died and was buried there. 
"Neither Paul, Jr., nor my grandfather, his brother, were ever 

The Fifth Generation 335 

in England. The story that has come down to us, is that, origi- 
nally two brothers came to this country from England. One was 
named Paul, and the name of the other has escaped my memory. 
For some reason they quarrelled and separated. One went to 
New England or Nova Scotia and the other one remained in 
Canada where they first settled ; but where that was I do not 
know. After the settlement in Canada, Paul, Sr., went to New 
York State and worked, and did business in different locations 
there. He helped to build a mill near Niagara Falls ; and while 
engaged in that enterprise discovered the "burning spring," 
which is still there, and has been seen often by visitors. He re- 
turned to Canada, and settled at a place called Otterville, in 
Oxford Co., Ontario. A family record stated that he built the 
first grist mill ever operated there; and it is said that up to a 
few years ago a set of mill stones that he made with his own 
hands were still in existence. He at one time lived in Oakland 
Co. in this State (of Mich.), but only for a brief period; I am 
quite positive he returned to Canada and died there. My father 
remembered seeing his grandfather Paul, Sr., often; and knew 
about when and where he died. I refer in the above to the Paul, 
Sr., who was the father of Paul who settled at Coopersville, 
Mich." - 

Mr. Mortimer G. Averill is of Muskegon, Mich., and is a 
man of education and ability. He writes later: "My grandfather 
Samuel Averill (son of Paul, Sr., lived in our own family for 
many years; and I never heard anything about his father (Paul) 
having more than one brother. I have heard my grandfather 
and Levi's father (Paul, Jr.), who were brothers, talk many 
times about their father Paul, and never heard them mention 
anything about his having more than one brother. My father, 
Daniel, had no recollection of any such individuals, although he 
had every opportunity to know something about them had they 
existed. I wrote to Canada for information; but two genera- 
tions have come and gone since my great-grandfather's day, and 
it is difficult to find any one living who knows and could supply 
the knowledge sought" (Letters of Mar. & Apr., 1901). 

Levi Averill, b. 1828, wrote Dec, 1900 : "My father's name 
was Paul Averill; my grandfather's name was (also) Paul Av- 

336 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

erill. My uncle's name was Samuel Averill; my aunts' names 
by marriage were Mrs. John Earle, and Mrs. Howell. My great- 
uncles' names were Thomas, Cyrus and Silas Averill. 

Grandfather Averill (Paul, Sr.), with his brother Silas came 
to America from England (where they were born), just before 
the revolution, and both fought in that war. Silas Averill was 
found dead on the battlefield." 

(These records are undoubtedly incorrect in many items. 
The members of this family appear to associate themselves with 
Robert, son of Joseph, and give as the other brothers of Paul and 
Thomas, the names of Josiah and Elijah and Ebenezer, and 
mention the States of Conn., Vt., N. H., Mass., and N. Y., in 
association with several. In one case Ebenezer is thought to 
have been the name of their ancestor. Identification is very 
difficult. We give the records as they were received, hoping 
that in a revision the data here appearing may be of aid to the 
revisers, and help in the solution of these problems. It is evi- 
dent that the descendants of Paul and Thomas are unable to give 
many facts relative to them, and not all are agreed on the data 
given. — Ed.) 

Mr. Harrison S. Averill wrote May 14, 1900 : "The story of 
our family as we understand it, is : First — that there were three 
brothers in England, Josiah, a British Admiral, Paul, our ances- 
tor (whose record is here given), and Thomas, who is reported 
to have been in Washington's body guard. Josiah died a bach- 
elor in 1812 or thereabout, leaving a large fortune in the Bank 
of England. Paul came to this country somewhere in New York 
State. He started a mill; afterwards his sons, or perhaps he, 
too, with them, went to Canada, settling where London now 
stands, on land for which they have the original deed or grant 
from the Government; and Paul Averill (Jr.), an immediate 
ancestor, settled there, and built a mill where they ground corn 
and sawed lumber. This was about the time when Harrison 
invaded Canada and drove back the Indians (1813). My father, 
Harrison Averill, was the first white child born in London, Can- 
ada; that was in the year 1813, and he was named after Gen. 
Harrison. When this Harrison Averill (my father) , was about 
21 years of age an old lawyer, who was Queen's Council in 

The Fifth Generation 337 

Woodstock, Canada, offered to pay all expenses and take him to 
England to get the money left by Josiah Averill to his brothers, 
or his heirs, as he (the lawyer) had helped to deposit or settle 
up his Estate and knew all about it. Harrison was the oldest 
son and direct heir of Paul, Jr., but as Paul himself had, at that 
time, removed to Mich., while Harrison was still in Canada, 
they were so far apart that no effort was made to secure the 

Eugene F. Averill, of Tampa, Florida, thinks, if he remem- 
bers correctly, that some of his branch of the family lived in 
New Hampshire and M' Vernon in that state. He says that three 
brothers came from England many years ago, of whom Thomas 
was one, or his father; and that Thomas, Paul and Elijah were 
brothers. They separated after coming to the United States, and 
now several millions of dollars are in England awaiting the heirs 
of one of them who died there. One heir was Thomas Averill, 
who was last heard of at New Boston, N. H. He was for a time 
in Burlington, Middlesex, Mass., 1765 (1865?) and was then 
insane. We were near to kin. (This was Thomas Averill, No. 
1344; but in this heirship he is evidently mistaken (see p. . .). 

From the above we give the following list of Paul Averill's 
family : , 

Children : 

510. i. (Dau.)°, b. , ; m. John Earle. 

511. ii. (Dau.)', b. , ; m. ■ Howell. 

512. iii. Paul^ b. Aug. 14, 1787, in Vermont, or N. Y. State; m. 

(1) Elizabeth Peters; m. (2) Myra , dau. or 

g'ddau. of Lord Beverly of Ireland; marriage in Can- 
ada (?); m. (3) Eltha (or Elsie?) Fox. 

513. iv. Samuel", b. Feb. 29, 1790 (F. B.) ; m. Elizabeth Fowler. 

212. Thomas' Averill (lIchabod\ Thomas^ William', Will- 
iam'), b. July, 1763, at Sheffield, Mass. (Rev. Records), was a 
pensioner of the Government for Revolutionary services. The 
battles in which he was engaged do not appear on his record. 
"At the time of enlistment he was living at White Creek (now 
Salem), Washington Co., N. Y." (about 30 miles from Pawlet, 
where a number of Averills settled after the Rev. War, and 
possibly some of the family before that period). "He applied 
for a pension Oct. 4, 1832, at which time he was living at Roch- 

338 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

ester, N. Y. His claim was allowed." The above items in quo- 
tation marks and the following record are from the Bureau of 
Pensions, Washington, D. C. : "Thomas Averill a soldier of the 
Revolutionary War enlisted at White Creek, N. Y., April 1, 
1779; served 10 mos as acting adjutant, under Capt. Levi Stock- 
well — (for the) State of New York. He (also) enlisted at Paw- 
let, Vt., (the) spring (of) 1781; served 9 mos — under Capt. 
John Starks, and Col. Samuel Fletcher (for the State of Ver- 
mont)." (Signed) V. Warner, Commissioner; Washington, 
D. C. June 21, 1906. 

"Records of Vital Statistics of Salem, N. Y., date back only 
to 1882 ;" wrote the Town Clerk, June 28, 1906. 

[Gen. Elisha Averill (No. 261) was a resident of Pawlet, 

A certified record from the office of the Adjutant General 
of the State of Vermont, March 21, 1901,— W. H. Gilmore, Esq., 
is as follows: "Extract (from records on file in this office, re- 
garding soldiers who served in the Revolutionary War) : 

Thomas Averill served, as a Private, 2 days in Capt. Michael Gilson's 
Co., Maj. Elkanah Day's command in an alarm Oct. 17, 1780 in West- 
minister and received £0. 12. 8.* Thomas Averill served as a Private from 
the beginning of the campaign, 1781 to the 30"' of June, Capt. John Stark's 
Co., Col. Sam'l Fletcher's Battalion, and rec'd £6. 1. 4. And served as a 
Private from July 1, to Nov. 22, 1781, 142 days under some command and 
rec'd £9.12.8. 

Served one day "on a scout", in Capt. Eben'r Wallis' Co., in April 1782, 
Residence unknown. 

As only the service under Capt. John Stark appears in the 
United States Revolutionary pension records, it is probable two 
men of the same name appear in the above records. Thomas (No. 
160) Averill lived at Westminister, and is undoubtedly the one 
first mentioned : 

Thomas (No. 212) Averill was of Sheffield, Mass., White 
Creek, N. Y., and of Pawlet, and Vergennes, Vt. 

A number of Averills lived in Addison Co., Vt. ; 
and "Thomas Averill was living at Vergennes, Addison Co., 
Vermont, in 1790, and the head of a family there ;" probably 
at that date having only his wife and dau. at home (see U. S. 
Census for Vt. — 1790) . The land records of the town show that 

The Fifth Generation 339 

Stevenson Palmer conveyed to him under date of July 24, 1795, 
lot No. 44 (or 4?), in the 2d division of the town plat of the 
town of Ferrisburg, now Vergennes, for £6, Thomas Averill 
conveyed the same land to Amos Marsh, Nov. 7. 1795, for £71. 
On the Grand List of 1794, the first of which we have record, 
Thomas Averill was assessed £10 ; in the list of 1795, at £8. ''His 
name does not appear on any list thereafter" (Town Clerk, Ver- 
gennes) . 

From Edward Averill (No. 1231), b. 1823, we received the 
following notes: "In regard to what I can remember about my 
grandfather, I give you the following: Thomas Averill, my 
grandfather, had three brothers, Robert, Paul and Ruben. 
Their father's name as I remember was Ebenezer Averill, of 
Massachusetts, (who) moved to Vermont, (and) had three sons 
that became soldiers of the Revolution. Ruben was killed in the 
war, as I remember my grandfather saying in those days. 
Thomas, my grandfather, married, in Herkimer Co., State of 
New York; his wife's name was Louis (Lois?) Ransom, when a 
maid. Born to them were five sons and four daughters, David 
Ransom, Theran, Fordis, Thomas, Ruben, Electa, Mira, Louis 
(Lois?), and Hannah. They (He?) moved to Hamilton, Canada, 
to worJ^ as a carpenter in ship building. My grandfather, 
Thomas Averill, died in Canada, at Mount Pleasant, near Brant- 
ford, Canada West, about the year 1840. His wife Louis (Lois), 
died near the same time ; two sons died in Canada, one in Illinois, 
two in Mich. ; three daughters died in Canada, one in New York 

My father, David Ransom Averill, was born in Herkimer 
County, N. Y., 1793 ; and was married in Canada in 1820 . . 
Father died in Mich., 1867. 

"In regard to Robert Averill, that lived in Kalamazoo 
County, Mich., I will say that I have visited him; (and) as near 
as we could trace, our ancestry was from Vermont and Massa- 
chusetts. Paul Averill, of Coopersville, Kent Co., Mich.; and 
David Ransom Averill, of Allegan County, Mich., were cousins, 
or first cousins, and their children were second cousins." 
(Signed) Edward Averill, Dorr, Allegan Co., Mich. 

N. B. — Edward Averill, grandson of Thomas Averill, 

340 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

(For Ebenezer (No. 216) refer to article on Ichabod Averill, 
No. 75.— Ed.) 

(The fact that Thomas Averill was b. at Sheffield, Mass., 
and that he and Paul were both in Vermont, and New York 
State, would seem to prove that Ichabod, not Ebenezer, was the 
father of both.— Ed.) 

Edward Averill, grandson of Thomas Averill, thought he 
was b. about 1753 or '55; some records state or indicate 1761, 
or '64. He was m. "1786, according to the record we used to 
have," wrote a descendant; and he added: "I think the old 
Family Bible was left in Canada when we removed to Mich." 
"His wife was Lois Ransom," born "1758" ; and another grand- 
child adds, "five years younger than her husband." This accords 
with the age given Thomas Averill in the U. S. Pension Record. 
Dr. "Walter S. Averill said that he d. in the summer of 1847, or '46, 
having just returned with his pension record from Washington. 
Another grandson, Geo. A. Averill, writes that he walked three 
hundred miles to Washington, D. C, to draw this pension, and 
d. soon after. Still another, Edward, states that he d. 1840, at 
Mt. Pleasant, near Brantford, Brant Co., Ontario, Canada, to 
which place he had removed from New York State; and his 
death occurred in the home of his dau. Hannah. 

The family give his places of residence as Vermont, Herki- 
mer, and Monroe Counties, N. Y., and Canada. 

Lois Ransom is said by one descendant to have had a 
brother, John Ransom, who d. in Eng., leaving a large fortune. 

Neiu York Pension Rolls, p. 342, state: — app. for pension 
Oct 4, 1832 Thomas Averill, Monroe Co., N. Y., Private; An 
allowance $63.39. Rec'd $189.99, N. Y. Militia. Placed on 
Pension roll Jan. 21. 1834. Pen. commenced, March 4, 1831; 
age 70. It will be noticed that his United States pension was 
allowed after this date, and that he was a resident of Rochester, 
Monroe Co., N. Y., when he appHed for it in 1832. His grandson, 
Edward Averill, of Dorr, Mich., thinks most of Thomas Averill's 
children were born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., and gives the fol- 
lowing : 

The Fifth Generation 341 

Children : 

514. i. David Ransom", b. , 1792-3 (or earlier?), in Ver- 

mont, or b. Mar., 1796, in Herkimer Co., N. Y.; m. Almira 

515. ii. Theron", b. ■ , 1794, in Herkimer Co., N. Y.; m. Bet- 

sey . 

516. iii. FoRDAs" (or Fordis), b. — , 1797, in Herkimer Co., 

N. Y. ; m. ; lived for a time at Gd. 

Rapids, Mich. 

517. iv. Thomas', b. , 1798, in Herkimer Co., N. Y.; m. 

Frances Flewelling. 

518. V. Electa", b. , 1799, in Herkimer Co., N. Y.; m. and 

had 5 childr. 

519. vi. Myra" (or Maria?), b. , 1801, in Herkimer Co. 

520. vii. Lois", b. , 1803, in Herkimer Co. Did she m. Jacob 

Tuttle of Ontario, Canada? 

521. viii. Hannah", b. — , 1805, in Herkimer Co.; m. (1) 

; m. (2) Barney Patterson. Her father 

d. at her home at Mt. Pleasant, near Brantford, Canada. 

522. ix. Reuben", b. — ■ , 1808, in Herkimer Co., N. Y.; had one 

child, name not known, and d. at Detroit, Mich. 

523. X. Sarah", b. , 18—. 

219. Ebenezer'^ Averill or Averell ? (Abijah\ Thomas^ Will- 
iam-, William-), was bap. April 8, 1753 (Records, 1st Cong. Ch., 
Neiuport, R. I.). His name appears in Arnold's Vital Records of 
R. I., Vol. VIII, p. 400, as "Eleanor of Abigail," under above date, 
and assigned to Bristol, R. I. 

"The original records are deposited with the Historical 
Society here, and the last line on that page should read Averell 
Ebenezer, of Abijah, (bapt.) April 8, 1753. The Eleanor of 
Abigail are both errors," writes a correspondent from the office 
of the Historical Society, Newport. 

Ebenezer appears not to have been of age at the time the 
census of 1774 was taken, as he is called "a male over sixteen" ; 
so we assume he was b. the year of his baptism. It is possible 
that he was named Ebenezer Nathaniel. 

A deed from Anthony Shaw's adult heirs, of land in New- 
port, to Ebenezer Averill, chaise maker, Feb. 3, 1794, consisting 
of "one moiety or equal half undivided part of a lot of land and 
dwelling house in Newport on a street or highway leading up to 
a hill," was recorded at Newport, Nov. 9, 1796. 

342 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

May 17, 1794, the minor heirs of said Anthony Shaw, by 
their guardian, Matthew Clark, deed to Ebenezer Averill, "one 
moiety of a lot of land and dwelling house in Newport on a street 
or highway leading up to a hill," thus completing the deed for 
the whole property. 

The Gardner Thurston's Marriages state, Ebenezer Averett 
and Sarah Grossman were married, May 18, 1775 [V. R. of R. L, 
Vol. 7, Friends, p. 331] . A note from the correspondent of the 
Historical Society, Newport, states, "These marriages were copied 
from the original in a very limited time, and there is a possibility 
that this marriage was not copied correctly." It evidently refers 
to Neivport Marriages; but it is not known at this time who 
holds the originals. However, as the name of Averell, or Averill, 
is often spelled Averett and Averitt in various records, there 
seems no question about this referring to our Ebenezer. In 
addition to this record we have a deed from Ebenezer Averill 
of Newport, Chaise maker, in which his wife Sarah releases 
dower right, to "one lot of land and dwelling house in Newport 
on highway leading up to the hill," Nov. 10, 1796. This is six 
months after the above marriage. 

The grantee is Ebenezer Woodward, of Newport, Merchant. 

The land was mortgaged to Ebenezer Averill, Oct. 23, 1797, 

by Ebenezer Woodward, and in the 

corresponding deed from him, Oct. 21, 1797, Sarah the wife of 
Ebenezer Averill of Newport Chaise maker is also mentioned. 
That this Sarah "Crossman" was really Sarah Crossing, daugh- 
ter of William Crossing, of Newport, shop keeper, and Sarah, 
his wife, is shown by Newport deeds of "School Lands." Be- 
tween April 29, and Nov. 30, 1763, William Crossing of Newport 

bought lots No. 5, 6, 21, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 

& 76, of School Lands. July 18, 1771, William Crossing of 
Newport and wife Sarah give to their son Thomas, lot No. 26. 
School lands, which he, William, had bought of Charles Willet 

Nov. 9, 1774, William Crossing of Newport, "Gentleman," 
Sells to Sarah Crossing of Newport, ividow, dwelling house and 
lot of land 36 (School Lands) ; right of dower released by wife 

The Fifth Generation 343 

The Netvport Mercury states that William Crossing died at 
Newport, Jan. 3, 1774; that was undoubtedly before this last 
deed was made by his son William, who deeds this lot to his 
Mother, the widow of William Crossing Sr. 

Oct. 1, 1808, Sarah Crossing, of Newport, widow, deeds to 
Henry Averill, of Newport, cordwainer, the 36th lot of School 
Lands, at Newport, with dwelling house. A lease dated Oct. 21, 
1808, is given by Henry Averill, of Newport, to Sarah Crossing, 
widow, of the 36**^ lot of School lands, Newport, with dwelling 
house. This is a life lease; rent one cent annually. There there- 
fore seems no doubt that this Sarah Crossing, widow, was the 
grandmother of Henry Averill, a son of Ebenezer Averill and 
Sarah Crossing, as Widow Sarah Averill survived her husband 
Ebenezer many years. Power of attorney, recorded May 10, 
1813, is given by Henry Averill of Charleston, South Carolina, 
Merchant to Thomas Simpson, of Newport; and in deed dated 
May 17, 1813, recorded May 20, Henry Averill by his attorney 
Thomas Simpson, sells to William Stewart of Newport, 136th 
(Sic) lot school lands, Newport; description as above, which 
indicates that it is the same lot 36, appearing in deeds of grand- 
father, grandmother and grandson, as above mentioned. Mrs. 
Sarah Averill d. at the residence of her son Isaac Averill, with 
whom she lived the last years of her life. 

The First Census of the United States— 1790— gives "Eben- 
ezar Averil" of Newport Town, R. I., as the head of a family, 
consisting of three boys under sixteen years of age, and five 
white females including the head of the family. As given by 
niece of Henry Averill of Charleston, their grandmother, the 
wife of Ebenezer (Nathaniel?) Averill was Sarah Crossly; but 
their Uncle Henry was of Newport, R. L, and Charleston, S. C, 
and all other names, so far as known, correspond. I therefore 
hold that these were all children of Ebenezer and Sarah (Cross- 
ing) Averill. — Ed. 

The Revolutionary record of Ebenezer Averill will be found 
under his number on p. . . . It is the only Rhode Island Averill 
record for the Revolutionary War. 

The children of Ebenezer and Sarah (Crossing) Averill 















344 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (called Averell, all prob. b. at Newport, R. I.) : 

524. i. John D.", b. prob. abt. 1776; m. (1) Susanna Munro; 

m. (2) Mrs. Laura Catherine (Griffith) Averell. 

525. ii. Patty" (Martha?), b. prob. between 1777 and '81; m. 

Aug. 6 or 9, 1799, at Newport, R. I., Thomas Simpson of 
Newport, Merchant. He was living 1813, and acted as 
Attorney that year for Henry Averell of Charleston, S. C. 
It was stated by a niece that she lived and died at Provi- 
dence; but it was a memory of another aunt (see below), 
and therefore may be a mistake. 

William", b. , 17 — ; unm. 

Edward", b. , 17 — ; unm. 

Henry", b. , 17 — ; m. Louisa Catherine Griffith. 

Thomas", b. — , 17 — ; m. Eliza Thompson. 

Isaac C", b. Feb., 1791; m. Rebecca Tennent. 

Sarah", b. , 17 — . 

Elizabeth", b. , 17 — ; m. F. Anderson. 


Is it possible that Ebenezer Averill m. twice, and that John Averill, 
whose name appears in Bristol, R. I., 1796, was his son? The only Averills 
found in R. I. at this period were Abijah and his family, excepting this 
John, who appears in the records of St. Michael's Church : John Avril and 
Susannah Munro married July 13, 1796. 

Baptisms in same Ch.; Avriel, James, of John and Susannah June 15, 
Avriel, Francis of John and Susannah by Rev Mr Usher Apr 18, 
Burials same Ch. ; Avril Francis of John and Susannah Sept 22, 1803 
Also Vital Records of R. I. 1636-1850. Marriages & records from Newport 
Mercury. Avery, Sally of John Avery, m. John Avery Collins at Boston 
July 21, 1795. 

Avery, Mrs , wife of John Sr. died at Boston, Mch 13, 

It does not follow that these Avery items relate to John and Susannah 
(Munro) Averill, but it is possible. — Ed. 

223. "Dr. Thomas Averill" (Solomon*, Thomas'^, William-, 
William^), b. Nov. 3, 1751, at Preston, Conn. (T. R.), v^as a 
Revolutionary soldier. A bill was presented to Connecticut, for 
services for sick soldiers, in which he appears first as Thomas 
Averill at Stillwater at the house of Geo. Palmer, Esq., going to 
and returning from the Northern Army, Jan. 26, 1776, and "Mr. 
Thomas Averill of Preston, in New London Co. (Conn.), June 
15, 1776. He had enlisted May 6, 1776 ( ?) for service in the 

The Fifth Generation 345 

Northern Dept., under Gen. Schuyler, 7th Co., Capt. Edward 
Mott of Preston, Conn., Lieut. Benj. Thorp of Norwich, Conn. 
Disc. Sept. 21, same year. His brothers Jacob and Jonathan 
were in the same Company ; they were on their way home from 

He enlisted, Jan. 8, 1778, in Capt. Grant's Co., of Militia, 
service in R. I., and is then called Thomas Averill of Tolland 
(Conn.), and appears in the roll of Capt. Grant's Co. 7th Mar. 
1778 in service in R. I. (See under his number Conn. Rev. R., 
p. ..) 

Dr. Averill m. May 27, 1779, at Tolland, Conn. {T. R.), 
Abigail Case (dau. of Jonathan Case and "Alise" (Alice?) 
Hatch, his wife), b. Mar. 6, 1756, at Tolland. The first Census 
of the United States mentions him as head of a family of three 
at that time, 1790, with two boys under sixteen years, and prob. 
his wife and daughter. They lived in 1790 at Harpersfield, 
N. Y., and by 1805 or earlier he was practising medicine at 
Elmira, N. Y., where his brother Ebenezer visited him that year. 
His granddaughters say he had eight children and only one 
daughter, "Polly" (or "Molly"). 

Children (the only names known are the following) : 
533." i. Molly", b. Nov. 8, 1780, at Mansfield, Conn. {T. R.) ; m. 

Matthew Riggs. 
534. ii. Rossiter", b. July 13, 1782 (or '83?), at Mansfield, Conn. 
{T. R.); m. Naomi Mallett. 

534a. iii. Edward", b. , 17 — (?) ; lived at or near Dayton, 

534b. iv. Benjamin", b. , 17— (?). 

224. "Surgeon" Jonathan' Averill (Solomon^, Thomas^, 
William-, William^), b. Apr. 8, 1756, at Preston, Conn., was a 
Revolutionary soldier and appears in Connecticut and New York 
Revolutionary records. In Connecticut he is recorded as Jona- 
than Averel, Fifer ; Capt. Edward Mott's Co., of Preston, Conn., 
Col. Beebe's Regt., raised for the protection of New London, 1776. 
(His brother, Thomas, was also a fifer, in the same company. — 
Ed.) N. Y. Pension Rolls give: Jonathan Averill, Surgeon; 
Herkimer Co., N. Y. ; an. allowance $240.00 ; sum rec'd $2,956.20. 
Disc, of service. Frigate Providence. 

346 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Placed on pen. roll, Jan. 22, 1819; pension com. May 11, 
1818, age 74 (or 64?) . (B. 1744? (See Rev. Records N. Y. and 
Conn, under his number.) 

Jonathan Averell lived at Preston and Ashford, Conn. His 
children were b. at the latter place ; he owned land in Bridge- 
port, Oneida Co., N. Y., and at Warren, Herkimer Co., N. Y. He 
m. Dec. 4, 1783, at Ashford, Conn. (T. R.), Anna Wilkins, who 
prob. d. before he made his will, as she was not mentioned in it. 
This instrument is on file in the Surrogate Court of Herkimer 
Co., and was drawn May 28, 1835. His heirs were his daugh- 
ters, or their children, as herein given. The date when the will 
was probated does not appear in the copy. 

Children (all b. at Ashford (T. R.) , except, possibly, the 
last) : 

535. i. Rex", b. Apr. 29, 1784; not mentioned in father's will. 

536. ii. George', b. May 25, 1786; not mentioned in father's will. 

537. iii. William Pitt", b. Nov. 7, 1787; not mentioned in father's 

will; d. there Jan. 10, 1789. 

588. iv. Statina" ("Stata"), b. Aug. 24, 1791; m. Mr. 


539. V. Hearta Maria", b. Dec. 11, 1793; unm. May 28, 1835. 

540. vi. Frances L.", b. , 17 — ; m, Mr. Paine. 

226. Ebenezer'' Averell (Solomon^, Thomas--, William-, Will- 
iam^), b. Mar. 13, 1762, at Preston, Conn. (T. R.) , appears in 
family records as having been b. Mar. 29, 1761. This last date 
may be a deduction from some statements, as his descendants 
for a time lost trace of the lineage of their ancestor, Ebenezer, 
and had no knowledge of his association with other Averells, or 
of his relation to them. After the Revolution he appears to 
have settled at Mansfield, Conn., where he was married (Cert. 
T. R.), Oct. 24, 1782, to Elizabeth Turner (dau. of Philip Tur- 
ner, Jr., of Mansfield, and Dorothy Royse, his wife), b. Oct. 20, 
1760. They sold land in Mansfield, July 13, 1786 ; one piece to 
Zephaniah Swift, of Windham, in said County, and the other to 
John Conant, of Mansfield. Both of these pieces of land came to 
Elizabeth by inheritance from her father. Another piece was 
sold by them. May 22, 1783, to Ebenezer Snow. This also was 
part of her inheritance from her father. Ebenezer and his 

The Fifth Generation 347 

brothers do not appear in the United States Census for 1790. 
They resided at Mansfield until about the year 1791, when they 
removed to a farm at Harpersfield, Delaware Co. (then Mont- 
gomery Co.), N. Y., where he resided until the death of his 
wife, which occurred Christmas, Dec. 25, 1804. He went in 
1805 to Elmira, where his brother. Dr. Thomas Averel, was liv- 
ing; and in 1806 to Lindleytown, Steuben Co., N. Y., where he 
had a farm. Soon after he removed to Buffalo, N. Y., and re- 
sided there until 1829, when he removed to Cameron, N. Y., 
where he d. Dec. 10, 1839, at the residence of his son, Mr. Hiram 
Averill. with whom he lived the last eleven years of his life. 

In Revolutionary Rolls, Conn., he appears as "Ebenezer 
Averil, Capt. Satterlee's Co. In garrison, Johnstown; enhsted 
April 16, 1776. Re-engaged Nov. Capt. Austen. In New York 
Pension Rolls: Steuben Co.; Ebenezer Averill, Private. An 
allowance $26.66 ; sum rec'd $66.65. (Service) Conn. Cont'l Line. 
Placed on pen. roll Feb. 16, 1833; pen. com. 1831, March 4; 
Age 72. His brothers Jacob and Thomas Averill were also in 
Revolutionary service in Connecticut. (See Conn. Rev. R. under 
their numbers for their records, also New York.) He names one 
son, Jacob, and a dau. is called Hannah, prob. after his mother, 
Hannah Pettingell. Mr. Averill was a man of superior talents, a 
very energetic character ; well educated and influential. He was 
a merchant until about 1813, when the City of Buffalo was burned 
by the English, and he met with reverses that resulted in the loss 
of most of his property. 

The children of Ebenezer Averell and Elizabeth Turner his 
wife were : 

Children : 

541. i. Lucy", b. Mar. 7, 1783, at Mansfield, Conn. {Cert. T. R.) 

m. Daniel Wilber. 

542. ii. Betsey", b. Feb. 3, 1785, at Mansfield, Conn. {Cert. T. R.) 

m. John Saunders. 

543. iii. Jacob", b. Feb. 10, 1787, at Mansfield, Conn. {Cert. T. R.) 

m. Mrs. Dunbar. 

544. iv. Hannah", b. Sept. 11, 1793, at Harpersfield, N. Y.; m, 

William Bentley. 

545. V. Hiram", b. Nov. 21, 1795, at Harpersfield, N. Y.; m. (1) 

Betsey Young; m. (2) Huldah Hemenway. 

348 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

546. vi. H0RATI0^ b. Dec. 4, 1797, at Harpersfield, N. Y.; is supposed 

to have died many years ago at Washington, D. C, or at 
Savannah, Ga., as he owned a line of stages running 
between these two towns. He went South about 1826, 
and the last word from him was received about 1832. 

547. vii. WILLIAM^ b. Jan. 8, 1800, at Harpersfield, was unm. and 

d. at Evansville, Ind., June, 1835. 

229. John-' Averill (Paid\ Paul% William-, William^), b. 
Jan. 2, 1740, at Middleton, Mass.; was a farmer. He was m. 
about 1760, prob. at Amherst, N. H., to Mary Bradford, of that 
town, who was bap. at Middleton, 1742 (Ch. R.), and said by Mr. 
Charles J. Smith, of Mt. Vernon, to have been born 1741. She 
was the dau. of William Bradford, of Amherst, N. H., and 
Mary Lambert, his wife. She d. at Amherst, where they had 
lived many years, Aug. 21, 1814; and he d. at Mont Vernon, 
N. H., May 21, 1815, aged 74 years. (See Seacomb's Hist, of 
Amherst and Mo7it Vernon, N. H.) 

In the First United States Census — 1790 — he is of Amherst 
Town, has two boys at home under sixteen years of age, and 
prob. his wife and three daughters. 

His will is found among Hillsborough Co. Probate Records, 
at Nashua, N. H., in Vol. 18, p. 135. There was a testamentary 
letter presenting for probate the will of John Averell dec, late 
of Mont Vernon, N. H., June 21, 1815. 

Vol. 22, p. 587. Will of "John Averill of Mont Vernon Co. Hills- 
borough, N. H., yeoman;" "being sick and weak in body but through the 
mercy of God sound in mind and memory, and considering the special un- 
certainty of my life I deem it my duty to make this my last will and 

testament To be decently buried at the discretion 

of my children and friends. Item 1'' To my son Levi Averill $500.00. 
Item 2'' To my daughter Naomy Averill $300.00 worth of property in my 
dwelling house and land, and in case she should not live to spend the whole 
of said three hundred dollars, it is my will that the remainder descend to 
my grand-daughter Lucinda Averill, and also my bed and beding, and also 
a case of drawers which was my sister Pettingills. Item 3d. I give and 
bequeath to my son David Averill one dollar: Item 4"* I give and bequeath 
to my daughter Mary Symonds one dollar: Item 5"^ I give and bequeath 
to my daughter Anna M^Collister one dollar, Item 6. I give and bequeath 
to my son John Averill one dollar. Item 7. I give and bequeath to my son 
Jesse Averill one dollar. Item 8. I nominate and appoint my son John 
Averill Jun'' to be my executor of this my last will and testament; in con- 

The Fifth Generation 349 

firmation of all which I do now in the presence of these witnesses set my 

hand and seal this seventeenth day of May 1815 

Wit's John Carleton John Averill 

James Smith 

Thomas Goodhue 

From Seacomb's interesting History of Amherst we quote 
the following items relative to John Averill : 

He signs a protest against the annexation of part of Monson to Hollis, Mar. 
1763. A petition of Mar. 14, 1781, from inhabitants of Amherst, Co. of 
Hillsborough, to the Court in Exeter, against Rev. Jeremiah Barnard, and 
requesting the establishment of another parish was "signed by John Averill 
and fifty others", whose names did not appear. (They were residents of 
the South Westerly part of Amherst.) 

June 30, 1781, several families were set off and constituted a second or 
N. W. parish; among them were John Averill, William Bradford Jr., with 
Goulds, Peabody, Perkins, Towne, etc., all names of old families at Tops- 
field and Middleton, Mass. He appears as a resident tax payer at Mt Ver- 
non (Amherst), N. H., April 1, 1804, with his sons, Jesse, and John, Jr. 
After the Resolution in Congress Mar. 14, 1776, John Averil, Ebenezer 
Averil and Thomas Averil Jr., offered their utmost to aid the Colonies. 
(In July 1776 a John Averill is among the Amherst (?), N. H. men in 
Capt. Samuel Wetherbee's Co., under Col. Isaac Wyman, according to Sea- 
comb. But John (No. 162), son of John (No. 48), was at Westmoreland, Vt., 
and we therefore think this refers to him. See Hist, of Atnherst, p. 375; 
also John, No. 162.) For his Rev. record see p. . ., under his own number. 
Provincial Papers of N. H. have several references to John Averill of 
Amherst. Vol. ix, p. 19. Jno. Averil & others of Amherst petition against 
the division of the town — (Filed Feb. 4, 1771) : Vol. xi, p. 93; Memorial 
against Thornton's exclusive Right to ferry on the Merrimack. Mar. 4, 
1784; signed by John Averill and others: Vol. xi, p. 67. Relative to raising 
men for the Army (prob. 1779), signed John Averell. North West Parish 
protest, 1780, signed John Averell Isaac Berry of Middleton Mass, sells 
land in Amherst, N. H., to John Averil, Nov. 10. 1785 {Hillsborough Reg. 
of Deeds, V. 16, p. 105). 

Children* (b. prob. at Amherst, N. H.) : 

548. i. Daniel", b. , 1762; m. (1) Mary Weston; m, (2) 

Mrs. ( ) Manning. 

549. ii. NAOMf, b. , 17—; m. Sidney Dunlap of Antrim, 

N. H. 

550. iii. John', b. Oct. 13, 1767 (F. R.) ; m. Anna Woodbury. 


* In the Will of John Averill the order in which his children are 
named does not correspond with the order given through family records. 
It is stated that "all were married and all had families." 

350 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

551. iv. Mary", b. , 17 — ; m. Benjamin Symonds of Antrim, 

N. H., to which town he removed in 1793, where he d. 1826, 
aged 85 yrs. They had 8 children. 

552. V. Jesse", b. Apr. 15, 1775; m. Sarah Leavitt. 

553. vi. Anna", b. May 29, 1777; m. Francis M-^Allaster. 

554. vii. Levi", b. Apr. 19, 1783, at Amherst, N. H.; m. 1803 (?) 

Mary Jones. He died Aug. 31, 1868. 

230. PauF Averill (Paul\ Paul% William', William'), b. 

Sept. 27, 1742, at Middleton, Mass. {T. R.) ; lived at Middleton 
and Andover, Mass. He settled at the latter place 1769, in what 
is now the old Averill homestead, occupied at present by his 
descendant, Mrs. Mary (Averill) Paul. He was a man of enor- 
mous stature and great strength. It is said he was double- 
jointed, and that his physical powers so aroused the curiosity 
of the town physician, that his body was not allowed to rest 
quietly in its grave. He m. Mar. 10, 1772, at Andover, Mass. 
(T. R.) , Deborah Foster (dau. of John Foster, of Andover, and 
Deborah Barker, his wife). In the First United States Census, 
1790, Paul Averill of "Middleton Town", and his wife appear to 
be in the home without their children. He d. at Andover after 

Children : 

555. i. Deborah", b. , 177- ; m. Feb. 19, 1793, at Andover, 

Mass., Moses Wilkins. 

556. ii. Betsey", b. , 177- ; m. James Pettingill, and lived at 


557. iii. John", b. 1778; m. Elizabeth Austin. 

231. Elijah^ Averill {Paul\ PauV\ William', William'), b. 
Apr. 28, 1745, at Middleton, Mass., was a cordwainer, and lived 
at Milford, N. H. He m. Jan. 4, 1776 {Middleton T. R.), 
Hannah Perkins. He d. 1782, or earlier. His widow, Mrs. 
Hannah (Perkins) Averill, m. (2) May 25, 1790, Joseph Pea- 
body 2nd (Middleton T. R.) , and she died in 1825. 

Child : 

558. i. Hannah", b. Mar. 16, 1777; d. Nov. 20, 1801, aged 24 yrs., 

8 mos., 4 days. 

232. Mark'^ Averill, called Avery {Paul*, Paid'', William-, 
William'), b. May 12, 1777, at Middleton, Mass., was a farmer. 
He moved in 1809 to Londonderry, N. H., where he bought a 
farm from Zaccheus Greeley, the grandfather of Horace Greeley. 

The Fifth Generation 351 

His descendant, Jeremiah Mason Avery, lives on this old place 
at Londonderry. He m, June 8, 1775, at Middleton, Dorcas 
Foster, dau. of John Foster, of Andover, Mass., and Deborah 
Barker, his wife. She was a sister of his brother Paul's wife. 
He is mentioned in the First United States Census — 1790 — as 
kead of a household in "Middleton Town", with three boys under 
sixteen years, and prob. his wife and a helper. She d. at Lon- 
donderry, N. H. ; and he d. there 1798. 
Children (all b. at Middleton) : 

559. i. John", b. Feb. 27, 1776; lived at Andover, Mass. He was 

m. Dec. 29, 1825, at Andover, by Rev. Bailey Loring, to 
Sarah A. Porter (who was prob. a relative of Mr. John 
and Mrs. Eliz. Austin Averill, for "she lived with them 
and had their S. E. Chamber"). He d. about 1836, at 

560. ii. Ephraim', b. Apr. 12, 1780; lived at Londonderry, N. H. He 

m. at Marblehead, Mass.. Sarah Topley, who d. Feb. 27, 
1860. He d. Sept. 7, 1860, at Londonderry. 

561. iii. Elijah", b. Dec. 10, 1789; m. (1) Nancy Towne; m. (2) 

Lucinda Wells. 

562. iv. Foster' (who called himself Avery, not Averill), b. Sept. 

20, 1792; m. Rebecca Robinson. 

233, Sarah^ Averill {Paul\ Paid\ William', William'), b. 
July 28, 1750, at Middleton, Mass.; m. there Sept. 25, 1771 
(T. R.), Daniel Stiles, Jr. (DanieP, Ebenezer-, Roberta See 
Stiles Gen.), b. at Middelton, July 22, 1744. She d. Sept. 20, 
1805, at Middleton ; and he d. there May 29, 1812, aged 68 years 
(T. R.). 

Children (b. at Middleton. T. R.) : 

i. Zeruah' (Zeruier) Stiles, b. May 9, 1772; m. Dec. 9, 1800, 

at Middleton, Richard Crispen {T. R.) . 
ii. Elijah" Stiles, b. Mar. 4, 1774 (F. R.), 1784 (T. R.) ; m. 

Tabby Gray of Andover; int. Sept. 20, 1806 (T. R., 

iii. Daniel" Stiles, b. June 5, 1775; was an "Ensign." He m. 

Betty Peabody. Oct. 2, 1800 {T. R., Middleton). 

235. Joseph^ Averill {Paul\ Paul/', William-, William'), b. 
Oct. 6, 1757 {T. R.), at Middleton, Mass. ("Oct. 2." Topsfield 
pub. V. S.); lived at Middleton. He was m. (1) Dec. 12, 1780, 
by Rev. Wm Symmes, at Andover, Mass. {Middleton, Mass., 

352 Averell, A-verill, Avery Family 

T. R.), to Susanna Pettingell (dau, of Nathaniel Pettingell, of 
Methuen, Mass., and Elizabeth Swan, his wife), b. Aug. 10, 
1755, at Methuen. She d. Sept. 20, 1813, aged 57, at Middleton. 
He m. (2), Int. Apr. 16, 1814 {Middleton T. R.) , Rachel (Le- 
favor ) Pettingell (widow of Moses Pettingell) . He is mentioned 
in the First United States Census— 1790— as of "Middleton 
Town," with one boy under sixteen years of age in the house- 
hold, and "six females," one being his wife, undoubtedly, and 
the others his daughters and helpers. She d. Dec. 24, 1846. He 
d. Dec. 9, 1816, at Middleton. 

Children (all b. at Middleton) : 

(by 1st wife) 

563. i. Benjamin", b. Feb. 22, 1781; m. Hannah Peabody. 

564. ii. Molly", b. Jan. 3, 1783; m. Nov. 15, 1805, Moses Stiles. 

They had a son, Moses, who d. Aug. 13, 1810, aged 2^^ 

565. iii. Betsey', b. Oct. 13, 1786; d. Nov. 13, 1814, at Middleton. 

566. iv. Susanna (")°, b. Oct. 20, 1789; d. Jan. 16, 1792, at Middle- 

ton {T. R.). 

567. V. Joseph' Jr., b. Dec. 15, 1792; m. Elizabeth Averill. 

568. vi. Susanna (")', b. Mar. 6, 1795; m. Jan. 1, 1816, Ebenezer 

Nichols. She d. at Danvers (now Peabody), Mass. 

236. Robert^ Averill, called also Avery (Joseph\ Paul^, 
William-, William^), was b. 1745 (see Pension Rolls), prob. at 
Killingly, Conn., and was the first child of Joseph, though his 
name does not appear in Killingly, Conn., birth records. He 
was a farmer, and trader in lands, and lived at Killingly, Conn., 

and at Sunderland and Shelburne, Vt. He m. Anne , 

17—, , and d. Sept. 10, 1828, at Shelburne (T. R.) , 

having removed there from Sunderland after May, 1799 (as is 
proved by deed to Jonathan and Francis Bradley, of Sunder- 
land), and before March 18, 1818 (as is proved by Rev, Rec- 
ords ) . 

He is known by his descendants and relations as "Capt. 
Bob," and they still dwell with pride on his seven years' service 
in the War of the American Revolution. 

Our first published records of Robert Averill appear in land 
records and records of Revolutionary War service in Vermont, 

The Fifth Generation 353 

Certified records of his services in the Revolutionary War, as 
on file in the office of the Adjutant General of Vermont, are as 
follows : 

"Robert Averill served as a Private in Capt. Gideon Brownson's Co., 
Col. Seth Warner's Reg:t. in the Service of the United Colonies of North 
America, and was in Camp before Quebec, May 9, 1776; enlisted in Jan. 
'76. Served as a Serg't, 5 days, in Capt. Dan'l Comstock's Co., March 22, 
1780; "on an emergency", and rec'd £1. 16. 3. Served as a Serg't, 15 days, 
in the First Co., in Sixth Regt., State of Vt., "in alarms" in month of 
October 1780, and rec'd £1. 2. 11. Served as a Serg't, 11 days, in Capt. 
Eli Ba-ownson's Co., Col. Ira Allen's Reg't of Militia, that mai-ched to 
Castleton, Oct. 20, 1781; and rec'd £1. 12. 5. Served as a Serg't, 2 days 
under same command in May 1782, and rec'd £0. 13. 2. Served 8 days 
assisting a Sheriff; no other details given." 

Montpelier, March 21, 1901. 
W. H. Gilmore, 

Adjutant General. 

P. 38, No, 514, Pub. Vermont Pension Rolls: For persons 
residing in Chittenden Co., Vt., inscribed on pension rolls under 
act of Congress, passed March 18, 1818, we have the following 
record : 

Robert Averill (called also Avery), private. 

Annual allowance, $96.80; Sum. received $1,357.06. 
Description of service: N. H. Continental Line. 
Placed on Pension roll, Dec. 7, 1818. 
Pension commenced April 16, 1818 
Age 72 

Also, see Rev. Records, p. . . 

Robert Averill and his father owned land in Shelburne, Vt., 
which they sold Aug. 30, 1766, he being then of Sunderland, Vt., 
and his father of Danby, Vt. 

Before the death of his father, Joseph Averill, the father 
and Robert Averill conveyed part of a 50-acre lot adjoining lot 
No. 61, and land of Samuel Hoyt and Robert Averill, to Samuel 
Barret, March 9, 1779, for £320 (Sunderland Deeds). 

His name appears in the First Census of the United States 
— 1790 — as Robert Avery of "Sunderland Town." He has 2 
boys under 16 in his family, and 4 females. 

Robert Averill was a trader in lands. At a Constable's Sale, 
Sunderland, Vt., April 26, 1782, Robert "Avery" purchased 50 

354 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

acres ; 2d division ; Right of Daniel Jones. Constable's Sale, July 
14, 1783, Robert "Averill" purchased the fifth 50 acre lot; 
Right of Henry Apthorp, the fifth 50 acre lot ; Right of Timothy 
Woodridge, 21 acres, part of 2d division of 50 acres; Right of 
Thomas Hubbard. 

There were several conveyances of land to him while in 
Sunderland from 1793 to 1799 inclusive. 

Robert Averill conveys to Benj. Willman Sept 16, 1780, the 
whole of right No. 9 drawn on the Right of Joseph Lyman, 
except the division 50 acre lot No. 9, consideration £11. There 
are many other conveyances from Robert Averill; one, of Oct. 
22, 1791, to Lydia King of Sunderland in which the witnesses 
were Anna Averill, and Martin Lewis; one to Dudley Averill, 
Jan. 31, 1789; to Eleaser Stearns, Nov. 5, 1781; Benj. Griffin, 
Nov. 30, 1789 ; Timothy Lewis, June 4, 1786 ; Ira Hawley, 1794 ; 
Robert Ray, 1792, to Sam'l Bartlett, 1795; to Simeon Hicks, 
1796; EHhu Bartlett, 1797; Jonathan Bradley, 1799. (These 
names are given with the hope that they may furnish clues to 
daughters of Joseph Averill, Sr., and his son Robert. — Ed.) 

Although the name of Robert Averill's wife does not appear 
in the abstracts given of deeds, as releasing dower rights, it is 
found in the original baptismal records of their children at Sun- 

Sunderland was settled by Connecticut people in 1766 ; "and 
soon after received large accessions from Conn, and Mass., viz. 
Averills, Brownson, Bradley, Davis, Cobin, Everts, Jlolt, Hoit 
(Hoyt), Hicks. Cumstock, Stoddards and others" (Hemenway's 
Vt Hist, Gaz., Vol. 1, p. 859). Shelburre was first settled in 
1768; but not permanently until 1783, after the Revolutionary 
War (see Vt. Hist Gaz.). 

Robert Averill's four sons were in the war of 1812. Gideon, 
Joseph and Robert were at the battle of Plattsburg (1814). 

It is said that Joseph confessed he was afraid, when fight- 
ing began, and his brother Robert said: "I'll shoot you if you 
run." So he remained. 

Children of Robert^ and Anne Averill (all bap. at Sunder- 
land, Vt., except Robert, Jr.) : 

569. i. Joseph C*)', b. , ; bap. Oct. 30, 1784; prob. d. 


The Fifth Generation 355 

570. ii. Truman", b. , ; bap. Nov. 7, 1790; m. Freelove 


571. iii. Anne", b. , ; bap. Nov. 7, 1790; m. Mr. Wyman; 

lived at Richmond or Sunderland, Vt. She d. before 1833 
in Vt. 
571a. iv. Zulima". called "Lima," b. , ; bap. Nov. 7, 1790. 

572. V. Ruby", b. , ; bap. Nov. 7, 1790; m. Mr. Thornton, 

lived in Vt. and near Manchester, Ind. 

573. vi. Gideon Barber", b. , ; bap. Nov. 7, 1790; m. (1) 

Spear; m. (2) Diantha Samantha . 

574. vii. Joseph", b. — , ; bap. July 22, 1792; lived at 

Essex, N. Y., was in the battle of Plattsburg, 1814. He 
enlisted May 11, 1813, to May 10, 1814, as private in 
Capt. Gideon Spencer's Co., in the 30th Reg. U. S. Inf. 
Lt. Col. Martin Norton, 1814. He m. Sept. 1, 1822, at 
Shelburne, Vt. (T. R.) , Rebecca Chamberlain, and had 

575. viii. Robert" Jr., b. between 1797 and 1800; m. (1) Abigail 

Cooper; m. (2) Achsah Willey. 


A William Averill who d. at Shelburne, Vt., Sept. 12, 1836, probably 
belongs to this branch of the Averills. He was a trader in land. The 
Compiler is unable to identify him. 

237. Dudley' Averill (Joseph'', Paur% William'-, William'^) , 
b. Dec." 5, 1746, at Killingly, Conn,, the Town Records give his 
name as "Duty" ; but he was bap. at Middleton, Mass., 1746, 
"Dudley, s. of Joseph and Sarah Averill" (Ch. R.; see also Births, 
Middleton V. S.). Family records also give the name as Dudley. 
He removed with his parents to Danby, Vt., 1766 ; and later to 
Sunderland, Vt. ; he appears Aug. 30, 1766, at Danby as witness 
to a deed from his father and his brother Robert (see p. . . ) ; 
and Feb. 19, 1785, his brother Robert conveys to him land in 
Sunderland (see No. 229) ; this was after their father's death 
in 1783. Jan. 13, 1787, he sells to his brother Jesse, land in 
Sunderland (see p. ..). 

Dudley was not mentioned in the settlement of his father's 
estate, names of his children not appearing unless creditors or 
debtors to the estate, his father having died insolvent (see 
Joseph, No. 84). 

He removed about 1788 — possibly earlier — to Granville, 
N. Y., where his brother Jesse also settled about that time. 

356 _Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Dudley Averill is said to have married and left children, 
among them one son whose name is given by people who knew 

The First Census of the United States — 1790 — mentions 
Dudley "Averile" of ''Granville Town," New York, but no other 
members of a household. 

Children : 

575a. i. DuDLEY^ b. , 17 — ; m. Lydia Evarts of Sunderland, 

Vt., lived at Sunderland. 

575b. ii. ? ". 

575c. iii. ? ". 

243. Josiah'^ Averill, also called Avery, {proh. son of Jo- 
sej)li\ Paul', William-, William'), b, Oct. 12, 1755 (F. R., prob. 
in Conn.), lived at Burlington, Sunderland, and Bridport, Vt., 
Essex, Essex Co., N. Y. (tax lists, 1808-10), and Mexico, N. Y. 
He m. June 14, 1721 (?), Catherine Canfield, dau, of Israel* 
Canfield,* of New Milford, Conn., and of Arlington, Vt., in 
1775, where he died, and of Mary Sackett his wife. She [Cath- 
erine] was b. Mar. 20, 1763, or May 29, 1764, and d. Oct. 17, 
1844, at Pierrepont, N. Y., at the residence of her dau., Catherine, 
and was buried in the family cemetery at Pierrepont. Joseph 
Averill [No. 84] and his sons were at Sunderland and Burling- 
ton, Vt., and Josiah was associated with them. 

"The Averills were all churchly people," states a grand- 
daughter, and services were often held in the home at Mexico. 
Josiah d. Oct, 12, 1820, at Mexico, N, Y, It must be confessed 
that there is still a problem about Josiah Averill's parentage. 
But he was an Averill, and removed from Burlington to some 
other places in Vermont, and afterward removed to New York 
State, He was associated with Burlington prob, while Samuel 
Averill (No, 88) was interested there. We have no Josiah 
Averill mentioned in connection with the Vermont lines except 
Josiah Averill, a debtor to the estate of Joseph Averill, Sr,, of 
Sunderland, Vt,, 1781-83. ivith Joseph's sons, which is our reason 
for counting him among them, although in no case is the relation- 
ship stated. It is believed that Joseph had children whose names 
are not given. And for these reasons the compiler assumes that 
these Sunderland and Burlington items refer to the same person, 

The Fifth Generation 357 

Josiah being first in Sunderland, then in 1787 in Burlington 
{Vt. Hist. Gaz., Vol. 1, Burlington. The first general list of 
taxes on file for the town of Burlington, is the Burlingtofi Grand 
List for the year 1787. This list includes Gen. Ethan Allen, 
£16; Col. Ira Allen, £5; Josiah Averil £12. Fourteen are taxed 
higher than Mr. Averill ; twenty-two are taxed lower than he. — 

His services in the Revolutionary War are as follows : Josiah 
Averill called "Avery" served 91 days, private, Capt. John War- 
ner's Co., Rangers; Lieut. Col. Herrick's Regt., Sept. 4,-Dec. 3, 
1777, as private 6 days in Capt. Matthew Lyon's Co., in an Alarm 
in 1780, & rec'd £4. 15. 4. He served as Private 3 days, in Capt. 
Lemuel Bradley's Co., Aug. 6, 1781, and rec'd £1. 0. 8. He 
served as a private one day on p, Scout, Apr. 1782, under Capt. 
Eben'' Wallis. He served as a Serg't, 3 days in Capt. Elijah 
Galusha's Co., in an alarm, in May, 1782, Arlington, and rec'd 
£0. 12.9. Residence unknown. W. H. Gilmore, Adjutant Gen- 
eral. State of Vermont, Mar., 1901. (Copy of Certificate.) 

Vermont Revolutionary Records show that : 

Isaiah Averill, was Corp. under Capt. Elijah Galusha, 1781, and 
Josiah Averill, " Sergt. " " " " 1782, and 

"That"(?) Averill, was Private under Capt. Elijah Galusha, 1782. 

As we have not been able at this date (1906) to identify 
Isaiah and "That" (is not "That" intended for Thad, from 
Thaddeus?), it is not impossible that they and Josiah belong to 
another branch of the family. Josiah is not of the Everetts, 
according to the Genealogy of that family. (See children of 
Ichabod, No. 75; nor is he claimed by Groton or Portsmouth 
Avery genealogists under the surname of Avery.) 

The city clerk of Burlington, Vt., gives the following ab- 
stract : 

Ira Allen conveys 103 acre lot on Westside of Dorset St. near the Southern 
boundary of the Town (Burlington), to Josiah Averill by quit claim deed 
dated Nov. 9, 1789; ack. Apr. 18. 1791., rec; Vol. 2. p. 20. Consideration 
£50. (Lot No. 101) Warantee Deed, Nov. 9. 1789; ack. Apr. 18, 1791; 
rec. Vol. 2. p. 61., Josiah Averill quit claims to Ira Allen by deed of 
Mar. 11. 1792, the same land above mentioned for £98. Ack. May 1, 1792; 
rec. Vol. 2. p. 61. 

358 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

No other record of Josiah in Burlington land transfers. 
Bridport, Vt. land transfers contain Warranty deed from John 
Warring to Catherine Averill, A. D. 1817, to Jed Frost. 

The First United States Census — 1790 — gives "Josiah Av- 
erill" as head of a family in "Burlington Town," Vt., at which 
time there were "four white females" in his household. Probably 
one was his wife, two were his daughters and the other a rela- 
tive or helper. From a copy taken before that census was printed 
he has in addition two boys under sixteen in his family. 

Children (F. R.) : 

576. i. Samuel', b. Sept. 11, 1782; lived at Bridport, Vt. Benj. 

Moore leases a saw mill A. D. 1812, to Samuel Averill 
and Josiah Averill Jr. 1822 Samue' Averill leases prop- 
erty to W" Rockwood, Bridport, Vt. Deeds. 

577. ii. Sarah", b. Sept. 6, 1784. 

578. iii. Mary", b. Sept. 22 or 23, 1786, at Bridport, Vt.; m. John 


579. iv. Josiah", b. Aug. 7, 1788; m. (?) ; lived 

at Bridport, Vt., 1812, at which date he leased a mill with 

his brother Samuel. 

Canfield", b. Sept. 29, 1790; m. Lydia . 

Catherine", b. Oct. 22, 1792; m. . 

Elizabeth" (Betsey), b. Feb. 28, 1795. 

John", b. Sept. 6, 1797; m. Martha Davis. 

Loisa", b. Apr. 22, 1799; m. Mr. Hutchinson. 

Urania", b. July 9, 1801; m. (1) Mr. Stoddard; m. (2) 

Needham. She d. in Oswego Co., N. Y., leaving 

two children who lived at Pulaski, N. Y. 
Orissa" (or Clarissa), b. Oct. 5, 1803. 
Lucy', b. Aug. 6, 1807; m. Mr. Bowright. 


* Israel' Canfield was the son of Azariah^ son of Jeremiah', son of 
Thomas\ the Emigrant from England. His son Israel settled at Arling- 
ton, Vt., near Sunderland; and descendants are still living there. 

245. Jesse'^ Averill {Joseph^, PauP, William-, William^), 
b. Apr. 13, 1759, at Killingly, Conn., was a farmer, and lived at 
Killingly, Conn., and at Sunderland (and Pendleton?), Vt., and 
at West Granville Corners, Washington Co., N. Y. He m. Feb. 
3, 1785, Elizabeth Stoddard (dau. of Elijah Stoddard* (see 
mema., p. 359), of Wethersfield, Conn., and of Sunderland (?), 
Bennington Co., Vt., and Mabel Gillett, his wife), b. June 22, 

















The Fifth Generation 359 

1763, at Wethersfield ; d. May 10, 1830. He d. Aug. 17, 1843, at 
W. Granville, N, Y. (see Rev. record below). 

Sunderland land records show that Jesse Averill conveyed 
to Michael Judson one acre of land in the River Meadow, fifth 
div. of one acre lots. No. 26 in that town. Mar. 8, 1784 ; consid- 
eration one pound ; and that his brother Dudley Averill of same 
town, conveyed to him, Jan. 13, 1787, land in Sunderland con- 
taining fifty acres, "being the second division lot No. 50" {War. 
deed). Witnesses: Elijah Stoddard* (prob. Jesse's wife's fa- 
ther or brother) , and John Stoddard. Ack. Bennington, Vt., 
Feb. 4, 1788. Possibly this may be the land which Robert sold 
to Dudley Feb. 19, 1785, as abstracts give no other records of 
Dudley's conveyance of that property. Jesse was still in Sunder- 
land, April 1, 1789, at which date he ack. the deed to Judson. 
By the First Census of the United States he was in "Granville 
Town," N. Y., in 1790, prob. with his wife, two daughters and 
a son under sixteen years of age. 

We find that May 13, 1802, Jesse Averill, of Granville, N. Y., 
purchased a parcel of land in that town for $578.46, from Timo- 
thy Johnson and Nabby his wife, Thomas Roblee & Cloe his 
wife, Jeremiah Main Junr. and Content, his wife, of Bridge- 
water, Oneida Co., N. Y. Rec. May 1. 1818. 

(Liber N., p. 117) : Washington Co., N. Y., Clerk's Office. 
In 1818 there were five transfers of land in Granville to Jesse 
Averill, and one to his son Jesse Jr. 

Jesse Averill's Revolutionary War record is as follows : 

Rev. Pension Rolls, N. Y.; p. 254, Doc. 514; Washington Co. (N. Y.) : 

Jesse Averill, Private; An. Allowance, $96.00; Sum rec'd $433.80; 

Col. Warner's Reg. Capt. Brownson's (or Brunson?) Co. He enlisted at 

Pendleton, Vt. Rec'd pension, March 12, 1829 for tv^^o years of active 

service Placed on Pension roll Aug. 7, 1829. Pen. com. July 29, 1829. 


* Elijah Stoddard (son of Nathaniel Stoddard of Wethersfield, Conn. 
& Sarah Buck his wife) m. 1753, Mabel Gillet and had Mary who m. Judah 
Everts, Mabel who m. Moses Bradley, Elizabeth who m. the above Jesse 
Averell (No. 238), Elijah Jr., John, Sylvester. All these undoubtedly lived 
in Sunderland, Vt. It is probable that Judah Everts was related to 
Everts, wife of Daniel Averill. 

360 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

He was 69 years of age, March 18, 1829. 

A Vermont certificate of his services in the Revolutionary 
War from records on file in the Office of the Adjutant General is 
as follows : 

Jesse Averill served as a Private 3 years, from October 15, 1776, in 
Col. Seth Warner's Continental Reg't, from Sunderland, and discharged 
at expiration of term of service. 

Served as a Private 9 mo's 4 days in Capt. W"' Hutchins' Co., Maj. 
Eben'r Allen's Detachment, from Feb. 26, to Nov. 30, 1780., and rec'd 
£18. 5. 4. 

Served as a Private from the beginning of the Campaign 1781, to the 
80th of June, Capt. Dan'l Comstock's Co. (believed to be about 3 mo's), 
and rec'd £2. 4. 0. 

Served as a Corporal, 147 days, from July 1, to Nov. 24, 1781, under 
same command, & rec'd £11. 3. 6. 

Served as a Private, 2 days, in Capt. Eli Brownson's Co., Col. Ira 
Allen's Regt., of Militia, May, 1782, and rec'd £0. 12. 8. 

(Signed) W. H. Gilmore 

Adjutant General. 

See also Rev. records, p. . . 

The family of Jesse and Elizabeth (Stoddard) Averill was 
as follows : 

Children (all said to have been b. at W. Granville, N. Y., but 
prob. some were b. at Sunderland, Vt.) : 

588. i. Lyman", b. Oct. 29, 1785, prob. at Sunderland, Vt.; m. 

1812, Hannah Baldwin. 

589. ii. Clarinda (•■')'', b. June 19, 1787, prob. at Sunderland; d. 

Dec. 19, 1793. 

590. iii. Sarah', b. Aug. 11, 1789, prob. at Sunderland; d. June 23, 


591. iv. Marvin Dennison', b. Sept. 1, 1791, in Washington Co., 

N. Y.; m. Rebecca G. Paxton. 
Elizabeth Malissa", b. Aug. 25, 1793; m. Samuel Dailey. 
Jesse" Jr., b. Nov. 11, 1795; m. (1) Emeline Hali; m. (2) 

Lois Gilbert. 
ClarindaCO'' Bragg, b. Jan. 4, 1798; m. Charles Chandler. 
Elijah Stoddard", b. Jan. 2, 1800; educated at College, and 

was a teacher; he d. May 25, 1839, at Louisville. Ky. 

596. ix. Eliza Jane", b. Jan. 10, 1802; m. Norton. She 

d. Nov. 21, 1872. 

597. X. Parley", b. Nov. 12, 1804; d. June 24, 1832. 









The Fifth Generation 361 

249. Patience'' Averill {Samuel*, Isaac^, William'-, Will- 
iam^), b, "about 1744," prob. at Preston, Conn., lived at New 
Milford, New Preston and Kent, Conn., and at Essex, Vt. She 
m. Jan. 3, 1760, prob. at New Preston, Morgan Noble* (son of 
Capt. Stephen Noble, and Sarah Ferris, his wife), b. Jan. 10, 
1739, at New Milford, Conn. He was in the French and Indian 
War, marched in 1757 as a private in the Company of John Hitch- 
cock of New Milford, in Ebenezer Marsh's Regt. for the relief of 
Fort William Henry, and was in service from Aug. 7, to 22. He 
was also a Captain in the Revolutionary War. He removed before 
1790 from Kent, Conn., to Essex, Vt., having been one of the first 
settlers of the latter town. He d. Sept. 18, 1827, at Essex, aged 88 
yrs. She d. there Feb. 18, 1814, aged 70 yrs. Morgan Noble was 
the brother of Rosanna Noble, who m. Nathan Averill and lived at 
Plattsburg, N. Y., and of Abigail Noble, who m. Rev. Jeremiah 
Day, and was the mother of Rev. Jeremiah Day, Jr., President of 
Yale College, 1817-46. 
Children : 

i. Stephen" Noble, b. Oct. 24, 1760; m. Abigail Crosher. 

ii. Mehitable' Noble, b. Feb. 2, 1764. 

iii. Averill" Noble, b. Apr. 2, 1766; m. Rachel Buck. 

iv. Isaac" Noble, b. Apr. 26, 1769; d. May 2, 1790, at Essex, 
Vt., aged 21 yrs. His was the first death in Essex. 

V. Lodema" Noble, b. Nov. 3, 1771; d. Jan. 12, 1793, aged 19 

vi. Matilda" Noble, b. Dec. 5, 1774; m, Levi Case. 

vii. Calvin" Noble, b. Jan. 9, 1778; m. Sophia L. Thompson. 

viii. Lyman" Noble, b. abt. 1781 ; d. May 11, 1807, aged 26 yrs. 

Stephen'^ Noble (Patience^ Averill, Samuel*, Isaac^, Will- 
iam-, William''), b. Oct. 24, 1760, prob. at New Preston or Kent, 
Conn. ; m. prob. in Vermont, Abigail Crosher,t who d. 1848. He 
d. Sept. 24, 1808, aged 48 yrs. 
Children : 

i. Philema' Noble, m. Curtis Holgate; d. June 1, 1807, aged 

24 yrs. 
ii. LEVi't Noble, m. Betsey Yeomans. 

* See the Noble Gen., Descendants of Thomas Noble, Branch of John, 
to which we are indebted for most of the Noble data. — Ed. 

t After the death of Stephen Noble, his widow m. again at Whitehall, 
N. Y. 

i: See Noble Gen. 

362 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

AverilF Noble {Patience^ Averill, Samuel*, Isaac^, William-, 
William'^), b. Apr. 2, 1766, prob. at New Preston or Kent, Conn.; 
was a farmer in Essex, Vt. He m. Feb. 17, 1794, Rachel Buck, 
who d. Jan. 25, 1829. He d. Apr. 24, 1830, aged 64 yrs., in 
Westford, Vt., while on a journey; he was interred at Essex, Vt. 
Children (all b. at Essex, Vt.) : 

i. Ephraim' Noble, b. abt. 1797; d. Apr. 2, 1801. 
ii. Revilo'* Noble, b. Apr. 20, 1798; m. Sophia Day. 

iii. Samantha'* Noble, b. , ; m. Amasa Bellows. 

iv. Alonson'* Noble, b. , ; m. (1) ; 

m. (2) Nancy Coffin. 

Matilda" Noble (Patience^ Averill, Samuel*, Isaac^, Will- 
iam-, William^), b. Dec. 5, 1774; m. Levi Case. She d. June 22, 
1812, at Essex, Vt., aged 38 yrs. (See Noble Gen.) 
Children : 

i. Noble' Case, settled in Essex. 

ii. Lucy' Case, m. Slater. She d. 

iii. Calvin' Case, removed to Chatfield, Minn, 
iv. Lyman' Case, removed to Chatfield, Minn. 

(Rev.) Calvin'^ Noble (Patience^ Averill, Samuel*, Isaac^, 
William-, William^), b. June 9, 1798,* at New Milford, Conn.; 
was graduated 1805, from Middlebury College, Vt., and began 
preaching at the Congregational Church of Chelsea, Vt., Mar., 
1807; and as the ordained pastor remained at the head of that 
church until his death twenty-seven years later. He m. Sophia 
L. Thompson* (only child of Rev. Lathrop Thompson,* of Sharon, 
Vt.), who d. 1858. He d. at Chelsea, Apr. 20, 1834. 


* See Noble Gen. 

* Mrs. Laura Davis-Stow of Chelsea, Vt., wrote Jan. 25, 1900, to her 
son, Rev. Wm. H. Davis, D. D., of Newton, Mass., formerly of Chelsea, 
that she remembered Mrs. Noble and some of her family very well, and 
that Rev. and Mrs. Calvin Noble lived in the house owned at the time of 
writing by Orcutt Bixby. This house was built by Mrs. Noble's father, 
Rev. Lathrop Thompson, the first pastor of the Cong. Church of Chelsea. 

Most of the above items were furnished by Mrs. Stow, who copied them 
from the Church Mamial and obituaries in the Chelsea Herald. 

Chelsea Ch. Records give the birth of Rev. Calvin Noble as Jan. 9, 
1777, at New Milford, Conn. 

Children (all appear in records at Chelsea as b. on dates 
as here given) : 

i. Averill Thompson' Noble, b. Dec. 24, 1808; d. Nov. 12, 

The Fifth Generation 363 

ii. Calvin Day' Noble, b. Sept. 12, 1811; grad. of Middle- 
bury Coll., 1834; pastor of Rochester and Springfield 
• (both in Vt.). He m. and had a son who was grad. 

at Middlebury, 1864, a Swedenborgian minister. He 
(Calvin Day) d. 1844. 

iii. Amelia Lucretia' Noble, b. June 14, 1814. 

iv. Thompson Lathrop' Noble, b. July 13, 1817; d. 1849. 

V. Charlotte Sophia (")' Noble, b. Nov. 12, 1820; d. , 

vi. Caroline' Noble, b. Nov. 28, 1822. 

vii. Charlotte Sophia (")' Noble, b. July 3, 1827. 

viii. William Henry' Noble, b. Sept. 13, 1831; m. (1) 1859, 
Eleanor Reynolds, dau. of Hooper Reynolds of Tun- 
bridge. She became blind and d. 18 — . He m. (2) Julia 
Thew. He d. Oct. 27, 1899, at Tunbridge, where his 
widow was living in 1900, by whom he had a son William 
who lives at Tunbridge. 

ix. Elizabeth' Noble, b. Sept. 13, 1831; d. when a young lady. 

250. Col. Perry^ Averill (Samuel\ Isaac'-, William-, Will- 
iam^), b. Sept. 18, 1754, at New Preston, Conn., was a farmer 
and lived in the Averill homestead at New Preston. He was 
Colonel of Connecticut Militia, sergeant in the Revolutionary 
War, — Connecticut Line ; returning from New York on account 
of illness just before the British entered that city. He m. (1) 
Sept. 22, 1774, at New Preston, Dorothy Whittlesey* (dau. of 
Eliphalet Whittlesey, of New Preston, Conn., and Dorothy Kel- 
logg, his wife), b. Sept. 8, 1755, at New Preston; she d. there 
July 12, 1824, aged 69 yrs. In the First United States Census — 
1790 — he is called 'Tercy Averell," of "Washington Town." He 
has one man over sixteen and four boys under sixteen as his 
family, and five females, probably his wife, daughters and a 
helper. He m. (2) Dec. 8, 1824, Mrs. Sarah Turrell, of New 
Milford, Conn., who d. Mar. 19, 1830, aged 83 yrs. He d. July 10, 
1842, at New Preston, aged 82 yrs. Col. Averill's family and 
later descendants have been and are among the most prominent 
and influential members of the Averill family in America. 

* See the Genealogy of the Whittelsey-Whittlesey Family, compiled 
and published 1898, by Charles Barney Whittelsey, who allowed the use of 
his plates for portraits of Col. Perry and Dorothy (Whittlesey) Averill, 
and by whose permission the compiler has freely used all of his Whittlesey- 
Averill data which appears in this record. 













364 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (ail b. at New Preston, that part now Washing- 
ton) : 

(by first wife) 

598. i. Perry (•■')', b. Mar. 28, 1775; d. Sept., 1780, at New Preston. 

599. ii. Eliphalet', b. Mar. 30, 1777; m. (1) Mary Root; m. (2) 

Eunice White. 

600. iii. Heman", b. Mar. 23, 1779; he was unmarried and a pro- 

gressive and interesting man, identified with public edu- 
cation in New York City, having been for some time a 
member of the Board of Trustees of the Public School 
Soc. He was a merchant and in active business in that 

ChloE'', b. Jan. 21, 1781; m. Stephen Crane. 

Dolly", b. Dec. 28, 1782; m. Wilmot Sperry. 

Perry ('■)'', b. Mar. 5, 1785; m. Eunice Ann Barnes. 

Samuel", b. Feb. 17, 1787; m. Betsey Johnson. 

Matilda Patience', b. Jan. 5, 1790; m. David Whittlesey. 

Elisha", b. Apr. 30, 1792; was a graduate from Yale Col- 
lege, 1814, receiving the second honors of his class. 
(Rev.) President Wheaton of Trinity College, Hartford, 
was one of his classmates and his special friend. Mr. 
Averill became a lawyer in New York City. He d. June 
7, 1824, at New Preston, Conn. 

607. X. Augustine", b. Aug. 30, 1795; m. (1) Caroline Beach; m. 

(2) Margaret Frazer. 

608. xi. Frederick William", b. Feb. 14, 1798; m. (1) Anna Keith; 

m. (2) Mrs. Louisa Wilton. 

609. xii. Horace", b. Nov. 14, 1801; m. Jennette Hungerford. 

251. SamueF Averill {Samuel\ Isaac% William-, William^), 
b. May 18, 1752, at New Preston, Conn. (?), lived "down the 
hill" at ancient Woodbury, now Washington, Conn., and at New 
Preston, Conn. He m. Sarah Payne, of Warren, Conn. (dau. 
of Stephen Payne, of Canterbury, Conn.). He is probably the 
Samuel mentioned in the First United States Census — 1790 — 
as of "Washington Town." 

No items relative to this member of the family have been 
given us by his descendants ; but we have evidence of his father's 
devotion to him in the following deed of gift : — 

Samuel Averill Jr's Deed from His Father: — 

Know all Men by these Presents That I Samuel Averill of Kent in the 
County of Litchfield & state of Connecticut in New England Yoeman 

The Fifth Generation 365 

For & in consideration of the Love Goodwill & Affection that I have & do 
bear towards my Loving son Samuel Averill of Woodbury in the County & 
State aforesaid Have given Granted Aleined Conveyed & Confirmed and 
by these Presents do freely fully & Absolutely Give Grant Convey Alein & 
Confirm to him my said Son Samuel Averill His Heirs & Assigns forever a 
certain Piece or Parcel of Land Situate Lying & Being in the Township of 
Woodbury (Viz.) in that Part called the North Purchase being a part of 
the 22nd. Lot in the sixth tear of said Purchase and is Butted & Bounded 
as followeth Viz. beginning at an Elm' Tree standing in a corner where 
three fences meet at the reputed North west corner of the said 21st. lot and 
the reputed NorthEast Corner of the 22nd. lot in said tear thence running 
Southerly Bounding on said 22nd. lot one hundred & eighty rods to Dr. John 
Calhoun's land thence running Eastwardly bounding on said Calhouns land 
to the east line of said 21st. lot Eighty nine rods thence running Northerly 
bounding on the 20th. lot in s-d tear one hundred and eight rods to a 
stake and heap of stones standing in a corner where the fences meet by 
the reputed highway thence running Westerly eighty nine rods to the first 
mentioned bounds being land which I bought of Job Ingraham containing 
about sixty acres be the same more or less together with the buildings 
Priveleges and appurtenances thereof. 

To Have & To Hold the s-d given and granted premises as a part of his 
Portion out of my estate with all the priveleges and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging to him the s-d Sam-1 Averill & to his Heirs & assigns to 
his & their Proper use & benefit forever & Behoof forever & I the s-d 
Samuel Averill for myself Heirs Exec-tors & Administrators Do covenant 
Promises, Grant to & with him the s-d Samuel Averill his heirs & assigns 
that at & untill the ensealing hereof that I am the true sole & lawful 
owner of the above given & granted Premises and am lawfully seized & 
possessed of the same as a good Indefeasable estate in fee simple & have 
good right full power & lawful authority to Give Grant convey & Confirm 
in the said given & granted premises in manner & form as above said 
and that the said Sam-1 Averill his heirs & assigns may & forever have 
after by virtue of these presents Peacebly & Quietly Possess & enjoy the 
said Given & Granted premises without let or Molestation. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 28th. dayof 
May AD. 1778 signed sealed & Delivered 

In presence of 

Benjamin Downs Samuel Averill 

Matthew Beach. 

Litchfield County ss. Kent June 3rd. 1778. 

Personally appeared Sam-1 Averill signer & sealer to the foregoing instru- 
ment & acknowledged the same to be his free act & deed Before Me, 

Rec'd & Recorded William Cogswell Justice of Peace. 

Jan'y 12th. 1782 Peter Gilchrist Reg'r. 

366 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Williston, Vt., has among its Land Records a deed dated 
April 26, 1786, from Samuel Averill, of Washington, Litchfield 
Co., Conn., to Perry Averill, of said Washington; and Sept. 1, 
1801, a deed from the Chittendens to Perry Averill, of Wash- 
ington, Conn. ; and another deed of same date back to the Chit- 
tendens, giving same residence for the grantor (Perry Averill), 
—that is, Washington (Town Clerk of Wilhston, Oct. 7, 1902). 

Mr. Averill d. before Feb. 28, 1793, in the Town of Wash- 
ington, at which date his widow Sarah Averill appeared at a 
Court of Probate held at Woodbury, and informed the 
Court that sd dec'd lied intestate; and moved that said letters of administra- 
tion might be granted unto her together with her son Nathan Perry Averill ; 
whereupon letters of administration were granted unto her. At a Court of 
Probate held at Woodbury Apr. 23, 1793 the above Administrators appeared 
in Court & exhibited an Inventory of the Estate & made oath to the truth 
thereof; whereupon it is accepted to be recorded, and is as follows, viz: This 
Inventory amounted to £1124, 13s. Id. The Estate was distributed in 1796 
to Sarah Averill the Widow, Nathan Perry Averill, a son; and to Roger 
Averill, a son. {Woodbury P. R.) 

Children : 

610. i. Nathaniel Perry", b. July 25, 1770, at Washington, Conn.; 

m. Mary Beale Whittlesey. 

611. ii. Roger", b. , 1775, at New Preston, Conn.; m. Anna 


252. Nathan^ Averill {Daniel'', Isaac^, William-, William^), 
b. Dec. 15, 1745, at New Preston, Conn., was a farmer. He 
removed about 1781-2 (if we may judge from the dates and 
places of birth of his children, Clarina and Stephen Noble) to 
Plattsburg (Plattsburgh) ,N.Y., although a descendant wrote that 
he, and his son Nathan Jr., his brother Daniel, and nephew Daniel 
Jr., came there in 1785. The same correspondent wrote that land 
was surveyed for them the 8^'', 9"^, and 10'^ of June, 1785, and 
that they received deeds for the same. 

The First Census of the United States — 1790 — mentions 
him at "Plattsburgh Town," with two men in his household, two 
boys under sixteen years of age, his wife and three other women. 

Mr. Nathan Averill was m. at New Milford, Conn., Mar. 3, 

The Averill Homestead, Brantford, Conn., 1805-1908. 
(Built 1665.) 

36'j Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Land Records a deed dated 

April zi\ KM', ii'Mn >ianrat^i avenll, of Washington, Litchfield 

Co., "Conn., to Perry Averill, of said Washington ; and Sept. 1, 

1801, a deed fr^ ttendens to Perry Averill, of Wash- 

in^rn, Cr»rr.: r : deed of same date back to the Chit- 

ebidence for the grantor (Perry Averill). 

(Town Clerk of Williston, Oct. 7, 1902). 

rill d. before Feb. 28, 1793, in the Town of Wash- 

hich date his widow Sarah Averill o^* •• '-^ •>+ -^ 

-bate held at Woodbury, and informe 

' moved th; 

i.'i- with hti 

iU6vi«'L.oa were granteu ur. i k^uurt of 

\r)f-. 23, 1793 the above Au . appeared 

iry of the Estate & maclt' oath to the truth 

1 to be recorded, and is a.s follows, viz: This 

diuouijie 'Ms. Id. The Estate was distributed in 1796 

Avori" t .'athan Perry Averill, a son; and to Rojjrer 

•I , William'), 

farmer. He 

Mm the dates and 

.Stephen Noble) to 

'. descendant wrote that 

''. and nephew Daniel 

• .nt wrote that land 

'.r', and ' ' ' 

a». same. 

IS oi rne United States — ITijO — mentionci 

.^0.>l-6^i ..wvidl9^.WOT*%y*^^:tiii^l^ki^ two 

y^ivn vears of ., ^ ; ^nd ihree other women. 

(•S9c)r iliuH) 

The Fifth Generation 369 

1768, to Roxanna Noble (dau. of Stephen Noble and Sarah 
Ferris, his wife), b. July 12, 1752, either at New Milford or 
Kent, Conn. She was a sister of Morgan Noble, who m. Patience 
Averill. Mrs. Nathan Averill d. Dec. 5, 1812, at Plattsburg; 
and Mr. Averill d. there Apr. 11, 1820, aged 74 (see the Noble 
Gen., by Boltwood, 1878). These Averills were among the early 
settlers of Plattsburg and assisted Zephaniah Piatt, one of the 
founders of that town, in transporting his goods from Pough- 
keepsie to Plattsburg, Daniel Averill, Sr., assisting them. The 
names of Nathan Averill and his descendants appear on Platts- 
burg or Clinton Co. Records during a period of over a hundred 
years, and some members of this branch of the family still live 
there, honorably identified, as were their ancestors, with the 
development of their town. 

The first deeds recorded in the Clinton Co. Registry Office 
of the Clerk of the County are the two following : 
From Reg. of Deeds, Plattsburgh. 

An Indenture the 13. Oct. 1790, between Simon R. Reeves of Hunterden 
County & State of New Jersey of the one part and Nathan Avrill of Platts- 
burgh in Clinton County and State of New York of the other part. (Quit 
Claim Deed) 

Consideration: £120. pd by said Nathan Averil; 

One hundred Acres, being 

"Part of Lot No. 12 in the Genreal Division of Cumberland 

Head and on the lake." 

Witnesses were Chas. Piatt, Geo. W. Piatt. 

Also an Indenture the 10, April 1794, between Joseph Thurber of 
Plattsburgh in Clinton County and State of New York, of the first part, 
and Nathan Averill of the same town and county, of the second part. 

Consideration £73, pd by said Nathan Averill: 

One equal half of a piece of land in Beekman's Patent in the Township 
of Plattsburgh, Lot No. 33, one hundred and fourteen acres and a quarter 
of land. 
Witnesses: Betsey Thurber, Teiley Thurber. 

The family of Nathan and Roxanna (Noble) Averill con- 
sisted of the following named children: 

612. i. Lavinia" (or Sylvine?*), b. Oct. 25, 1769, at New Preston; 

m. Benjamin Vaughn. 

613. ii. Noble", b. Feb. 20, 1772, at New Preston; m. Mary Mc- 


370 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

614. iii. Nathan'', b. Apr. 10, 1774, at New Preston; m. Polly 


615. iv. Urania',! b. Mar. 22, 1776, prob. at New Preston; d. there, 

Apr. 16, 1776. 

616. V. Calvin", b. abt. 1778, at New Preston; m. Cynthia Reynolds. 

617. vi. SARAH^*t b. , 17—; d. 1780 at New Preston. 

618. vii. Clarina'*! b. Apr. 15, 1781, at Greenwich, Conn.; m. 

Nathan Ferris. 

619. viii. Stephen Noble", b. Sept. 2, 1782, at Plattsburg; m. Susan 


620. ix. Prudence"*, b. Apr. 25, 1787, at Plattsburg; m. William 

Young; lived at Philadelphia, Pa., where she died. 

621. X. Lovisa" (or Louisa?), b. abt. 1790, at Plattsburg; m. Elisha 

Button, and removed to Peru, N. Y., where she died Feb. 
3, 1839. 

622. xi. Lucy Noble", b. abt. 1793, at Plattsburg; m. Charles D. 

Backus, of Belmont, N. Y. She d. Jan. 19, 1862, at Bel- 
mont, leaving children and grandchildren. 

623. xii. HANNAH",*t b. , 17 — (?); d. young, at New Pres- 

ton, Conn. (It is possible she was b. before some of those 
whose names precede her own.) 

253. DanieF Averill (Daniel*, Isaac^, William-, William^), 
was b. at New Preston, Conn,, at a date not absolutely known, 
as only two dates of birth have been given for his father's chil- 
dren. Family records state he was b. "about 1763," but Revolu- 
tiono.ry pension records state he was 71 years old in 1818. How- 
ever those records are not always correct as to age. He w^as m. 
(1) May 17,1784, prob. at New Preston, Conn., to Eunice Calhoun 
(supposed to have been of Washington or New Preston, Conn.), 


* The Noble Gen. gives the name of Sylvine in the place of Lavinia; 
Clarissa, for Clarina; Hannah, before Prudence; and does not mention 
Sarah. The order evidently was not then ascertained. 

t Mr. H. K. Averill Jr. wrote that in a visit to New Preston, or 
Washington, many years ago, Hon. Herman O. Averill piloted him to an 
old abandoned cemetery on the north side of Waraumang Lake, and there 
he found three little graves, and the grave stones disclosed the fact that 
they were the graves of children of his great-grandfather Nathan Averill 
Sr., namely, Urania, Sarah, and Hannah, who were buried there about the 
time of the Rev. or before. 

t- Mrs. Clarina (Averill) Ferris has a gddau., Mrs. Belden Noble. 
who lives in Chicago, 111., and grandson, Rt. Rev. Daniel Goodsell, Bishoi 
of the Meth. Episcopal Ch., who lives at Chattanooga, Tenn. 

The Fifth Generation 371 

probably of the Calhoun* family associated with Samuel Averill 

1762-'83 (see pp ). They were for a time at Plattsburg, 

N. Y., about 1785. The First Census of the United States gives 
the name of Daniel Averill, of Pawlet, Vt. — 1790 — as head of a 
family consisting of two boys under sixteen years of age, and 
three white females, one the head of the family, probably his 
wife and two daughters. He removed to Branford, Conn., about 
1799, although he was m. (2), Nov. 1 (or 3), 1796, at Branford, 
Conn., by Rev. Lynde Huntington, to Miss Hannah Tyler. (The 
family records give Nov. 3 ; Early Conn. Marriages gives Nov. 
1). Daniel Averill, the Rev. pensioner, 1818-32, d. at Branford, 
Conn., Aug. 5, 1842 (T. R.). See Rev. records, p. . . 

Mr. H. K. Averill, Jr., wrote (before 1900) : "I have records 
to show that Daniel Averill, Daniel Jr., Nathan Averill, and 
Nathan Jr. came to Plattsburgh in 1785 ; that land was surveyed 
for them on the 8, 9, and 10 of June of that year; that they 
received deeds for the same; and that Daniel Averill, Sr., was 
employed by my g'tgrandfather Zephaniah Piatt to bring a load 
of goods from Poughkeepsie overland to the south end of Lake 
Champlain, and from there to Plattsburgh by boat. I believe, 
also, that Daniel Averill and Daniel Jr. assisted in surveying 
the wild country that this territory was at that time. Daniel 
Sr. and Nathan Sr. came together and they bought farms ad- 
joining. Daniel Sr. and Daniel Jr. both received deeds for their 
land, 100 acres each, within a mile of where I am writing" 
(Plattsburg). He adds, elsewhere: ''From the fact that the sec- 
ond Daniel m. Eunice Calhoun, May 17, 1784, I think it probable 
that his father was the Daniel (Averill) known to Plattsburg 
records." Is it possible that Mr. H. K. Averill made a mistake 
and that Daniel Jr., unmarried until 37 years of age, was the 
Daniel Sr. of Plattsburg? 

Daniel Averill Jr. was a Revolutionary Soldier (see Rev. 
War; Conn. Rolls, pp. 220, 326, 632, 654). He enlisted prob. at 


* John Caldwell Calhoun, b. in Abbeville Dist., S. C, Mar. 18, 1782; 
was Vice-Pres. of the U. S. A. 1825-32. He graduated at Yale College, 
1804, and studied law at the Litchfield, Conn., Law School, and is said to 
have been related to Eunice (Calhoun) Averill, and those of the name in 
the vicinity of New Preston, etc. 

372 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

or near New Preston or New Milford, Conn., Apr. 25, 1778, for 
3 years, in Continental Service, Conn. Line: appointed Fifer, 
Aug. 16, 1778; discharged Apr. 21, 1781, of the 7th Regt., Col. 
Josiah Starr of New Milford, Conn., Capt. Ebenezer Hill's Co. 
(he of Greenfield) . He was a private, and reed $1181.60. He 
was placed on the pension roll May 17, 1818, and his pension 
commenced Nov. 13, 1818, under law March 18, 1818. At that 
date he was 71 years of age. (See Conn. Rev. Records, Pen- 
sions. Also pub. Documents P^ Session, 16th Congress.) He 
appears also as a pensioner 1832, and at that time was residing 
in New Haven Co., prob, at Branford, Conn., the only Averill 
a pensioner for Revolutionary service in that county. 

Seventh Regt. Conn. Line Formation of 1777- 1781: 
Regt.raised from Jan.l- 1777 for the new "Continental Line" to continue 
through the war. Recruited in Fairfield and other Counties. Went into 
the field spring of '77 at Camp Peekskill, N. Y. and in Sept.was ordered, 
under Gen.McDougall, to join Washington's army in Penn. Fought at 
Germantown, Oct. 4, '77, and suffered some loss. Wintered at Valley 
Forge '77-78, and on June 28th following, present at battle of Monmouth. 
Encamped during the summer at White Plains, and assigned to Hunting- 
ton's Brigade. Wintered '78-79 at Redding. In summer of '79 served on 
east side of the Hudson in Gen. Heath's wing. Its Light Co. under Capt. 
Chamberlain detached to Meig's Light Regt. and engaged in storming of 
Stony Point, July 15, '79. Wintered at Morristown Huts, '79-80 and in 
following summer served with the main army on the Hudson. Wintered 
'80-81 at Camp "Connecticut Village", near the Robinson House, upper 
Hudson, and there consolidated for formation of '81-83. Jan. 1, '77 Col. 
Herman Swift* detached to La Fayette's Division, and Lieut. Col. Josiah 
Starr of New Milford, Conn., assumed command. 2"'^ Regt. composed of 
portions of 5"" & 7'" Regiments, * Col. Herman Swift forming part of La 
Fayette's Division. 

Daniel Averill Jr. was paid from Jan. 1, 1781, to Apr. 25, 1781, in 
Capt. Stephen Billings Co., of Groton, Conn., 2nd Regt., Col. Herman 
Swift, with La Fayette's Division. 

It is a family legend that Gen. La Fayette, who entered the 
American Army 1777 with the rank of Major General, told Daniel 
Averill that he was large enough to carry a musket tho' only 16 
years of age, and gave him one. He was one of the guards when 
Maj. Andre, the British spy, was executed. When Gen. La Fayette 
visited America in 1824, he came to Branford, and visited Daniel 
Averill and told him how glad he was to meet one of his old 

The Fifth Generation 373 

soldiers, and took dinner with him. This may have been in 
Daniel's old house, long a landmark in Branford, but taken down 
in 1912, to make room for an armory. It was purchased by 
Daniel Averill in 1793, and occupied by him and his descendants 
until 1908. 

A few years before Daniel Averill died a Gen. Averill 
came here to see him, and was entertained by the son of Daniel 

Jr., , the grandfather of Henry Ward Averill of 

Branford, who furnished most of the records of this Branford 
branch of the family. This "Gen." Averill was undoubtedly 
Gen. Elisha Averill, who d. in 1821, and the "few" years were 
probably many, in reality. Daniel Averill, Jr., was the first 
Averill at Branford. "He came here with his vessel from Platts- 
burgh, N. Y., about 1798, and bought a load of grain. He re- 
turned and located permanently at Branford about 1799 to 1800, 
bringing his six children, Chester, Lucy, Nancy, David, Daniel, 
and Nathan." Another account states: "He came to Branford 
for a cargo of corn to ship to New Preston (or Plattsburgh?) 
where they had a grist mill." (Daniel Averill, Sr., had a grist 
mill at New Preston.) 

He there met Hannah Tyler, who became his second wife, 
his first- wife having died before this visit. 

We are indebted to Mr. Henry W. Avery for the following 
abstracts from Branford Land Records. 

Vol. i, p. 237. Alottment of Land by Township of Branford; To John 
Robbins, Mar. 15, 1664, the land where the Averill Homestead stood. 

Vol. i, p. 262. Dec. 1, 1670 Same land, deeded by John Robbins to 
Robert Foote with House and Barn thereon (The Averill Homestead was 
this house built in 1665). 

Vol. i, p. 164. Same, deeded by Robert Foote to Leonard Austin Jan. 5, 
1674 and transferred to Edward Barker. 

Vol. i, p. 412. Same, by Edward Barker to Robert Foote Mar. 16, 1677. 

Vol. xiv, p. 281. same property, conveyed Apr. 22, 1805 by Enoch 
Staples to Daniel Averill Jr., who lived there from 1805 until his death in 
1842. Once only on the index to Branford Land Records does the surname 
of this Daniel appear as "Avery". 

Vol. xiv, p. 78. Feb. 6. 1800. Ephraim Parish conveyed to Daniel 
Averill Jr., the house and lot (on what is now, 1900, Main St.), where he 
lived until 1805, when he entered what has since been called "The Averill 
Homestead." This Main St. lot was conveyed by him Dec. 16, 1811, to his 
son Chester Averill (Vol. xvi, p. 230). This was the original home of Mrs. 

374 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Betsey A. Williams. Aug. 13. 1823, John Harrison conveys to Daniel 
Averill 2nd (although the purchase was made by Daniel Jr., his father) 
land on what is now Mont St., where Daniel 2nd built a double house iri 
1825, which descended to his sons Samuel and William H., and which is now 
owned by Henry W. Averill, his grandson, and, the children of Wm. H. 

Several land records in New Haven from Jan., 1812, to 
Jan., 1824, inclusive, may refer to Daniel, Jr., or to his son 

The family of Daniel Averill consisted of the following 
named children (all but Samuel and Eunice appear in Branford 
T. R.) : 

(by first wife) 

624. i. Chester', b. Feb. 8, 1785, prob. at Plattsburg, N. Y.; m. 

Sally Russell. 

625. ii. Lucy", b. Dec. 15, 1786, at Greenfield, N. Y.; m. (1) Orrin 

Carter; m. (2) Edmund Palmer. 

Nancy", b. Aug. 7, 1788, at ; m. Reuel Hoadley. 

David", b. May 11, 1791, at ; m. (1) Polly Morris; 

m. (2) Thankful Linsley. 

Daniel" (called the "2nd"), b. Mar. 11, 1793, at ; 

bap. Aug. 27, 1809, Cong. Ch. Branford, Conn.; m. Abi- 
gail Foote. 

629. vi. Nathan", b. , 17 — ; "Settled on a farm in Penn." 

He was prob. the Nathan Averill, private in Conn. Mili- 
tia, War of 1812, Place not shown; Commander Amos 
Fowler, Sept. 7, to Sept. 14, 1814. 

(by 2nd wife) 

630. vii. Samuel", b. Aug. 22, 1797, at ; m. (1) Betsey 

Blackstone; m. (2) Marietta Tyler. 

631. viii. Eunice", b. Feb. 6, 1799, at ; m. John Tyler Jr. 

632. ix. Betsey", b. Sept. 30, 1802, at Branford; d. there, Sept. 10, 


633. X. William", b. Feb. 16, 1805, at Branford; m. Eliza Black- 


634. xi. James", b. June 30, 1807, at Branford; m. Amanda Bassett. 

254, Nathaniel' Averill (Daniel*, Isaac^, William-, Will- 
iam^), b. about 1755, probably at Kent, Conn.; lived at Amster- 
dam, N. Y. He was a physician ; and d. Dec. 23, 1834, at or near 
St. Johnsville or Johnstown (Fulton Co.?), N. Y. (F. R.) . His 
wife's given name was surely Mary, and her surname is said 
to have been Winegar. The signature of "Mary Averill" is 







The Fifth Generation 375 

affixed to deeds given by the above Nathaniel and his v^ife. He 
was hving at the time of his death with his son Nathaniel, who 
wrote to his brother Henry at Pulaski about this event, i. e,, 
the death of their father; and he says in the same letter that 
Polly is married and has done well, but he fails to tell whom she 
married or her relationship to the family. (For his Rev. War 
record see N. Y. Pension Roll: Gen, No. 254.) 

Connecticut Sick Bills for the Revolution contain Feb. 16, 
1776: "To Dr John Calhoun's Bill, For doctoring Nathaniel 
Averill, a sick soldier in Capt. Eleazor Curtiss' Co." (Dr. Cal- 
houn was a resident of Woodbury, Conn., near Nathaniel'h home.) 
Children : 
635. i. Nathaniel". 
635a. ii. James". 

635b. iii. Henry", b. , ; m. (1) Rachael Noonan; m. (2) 

Mrs. Polly (Harmon) Meacham. 

635c. iv. Gilbert", b. , ; living at Pulaski at the time his 

father died at Johnstown; he never married. 
"There may have been other children; my father Ephraim 
(No. 1517) remembers only these three uncles." — A. A. 


Nathan Averill of Kent, County of Litchfield, Conn., for £50 rec'd from 
Nathaniel- Averill of said Kent sold him land at a date not appearing, but 
ack'd before Wm Cogswell, Justice of the peace, July 3, 1781, and recorded 
March 12, 1782. From Cer. R. made by the T. C, Kent, Conn. 

J. F. Gibbs. 

259. "Dr." Isaac'^ Averill (Moses*, Isaacs William-, Will- 
iam^), b. June 25, 1750, at New Milford, Conn., was a graduated 
physician with the degree of M. D., and lived at New Milford, 
Conn., New Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y. (1789-9) ; Kinder- 
hook, Columbia Co., N. Y. (1797) ; Flatbush, King's Co., Long 
Island, N. Y. (1804). 

He m. (1) Jan. 25, 1775, at New Milford, Conn., Hannah 
Miles, b. Dec. 13, 1758, at New Milford, Conn. ; d. Feb. 6, 1813, 
at Flatbush, L. I. 

He m. (2) Mrs. Beach. He d. July 30, 1815, at Whitestown, 
N. Y., probably the town near Whitesboro, Oneida Co., and 
Utica, as there is no other town of this name in the State of 
New York. If there were children by his second marriage, we 
have not learned their names. 

376 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

The following Abstracts are from Land Records at New 
Milford, Conn.: 

"Dr Isaac Averell" 

Vol. xvi, p. 155. 

1789 "I James Camp of New Milford .... for the real good will & 

esteem that I bare to my well beloved friend Isaac Averill of New Canaan, 

Co., of Columbia and State of New York, do give, bequeath 

make over .... to him the s" Isaac Averell his heirs etc 

a certain tract .... of land in New Milford .... containing 
about 15 acres. To have and to hold the above encompassed land after my 
decease as a good indefeasible Title in fee simple and fur- 
ther more I the s" James Camp do bind myself my heirs etc 

forever to warrant defend . . . the same. 

Feb. 3, 1789 — This tenth year of American Independence . . . 
Rec" July 3, 1789 James Camp. 

The First Census of the United States — 1790 — mentions 
Isaac Averill of "Canaan Town," N. Y., at which time his house- 
hold consists of one other man over sixteen years and two boys 
under sixteen years of age, and one woman, prob. his wife. 
Vol. xviii. p. 370. 

1791. I Isaac Averill of the Town of Canaan, Co. of Columbia, State of 
New York for the cons" of 69£ rec'd of Capt. Abner Gunn, & Epenetus 
Gunn both of New Milford, sell them the land in New Milford being the 
piece which I had of James Camp late of New Milford, deceased. 
Sept. 22. 1791. 

Isaac Averill 
"Docf" Isaac Averill personally appeared and acknowledged the same" 
(etc. etc.). 
1791 New Milford Sept 22. 1791. 

From Land Records, New Milford, Conn., Dec. 14, 1899. 
Vol. xxii. p. 

1797. We Isaac Averill & Hannah Averill both of Kenderhook in the 
State of New York, for 125£ rec'd of Stephen Miles of New Milford do 

quit claim all such right as we do . . . 

ought to have to the Estate of Hannah Miles late of New 

Milford dec — and to the interest in all such right and title etc — 
April 29, 1797 

Isaac Averill 
Hannah Averill 

Samuel Miles 

D. Gardenier 

The Fifth Generation 377 

Rec. May 4, 1797. Columbia County Ss (N. Y.) 

Then personally appeared 
Isaac Averill and Hannah 
Averill and ack"* (etc etc) 

D. Gardenier 

Justice of Peace 
Same date as wist. 
The following record in New York State Revolutionary 
Records prob. relates to Dr. Isaac Averill : 

Seventeenth Regt., Kings District; Col. W" Bradford Whiting's 1st 
Co., Capt. Asa Douglas; 1st Lieut. Elijah Bostwick 2d Lieut. W" Hallen- 
beck; Ens'n, Isaac Averill. 

Children (by 1^* wife) : 
636a. i. Deidamia", b. May 31, 1776; m. (1) Ephraim Williams; m. 
(2) James Shaw. 
Samuel", b. Jan. 3, 1778; d. Nov., 1808. 
William Franklin", b. Mar. 3, 1780; m. Anna B. Chadwick. 
Elizabeth", b. Dec. 22, 1781; d. Sept. 20, 1800. 
Fanny", b. Dec. 25, 1783; m. Thomas Hutchings. 
Laura", b. ■ — , 18 — ; m. Mr. Miller of Phila- 
delphia, Penn. She d. 1810, 

vii. Miles", b. , 18 — . 

viii. Mary", b. — , 1789; m. (1) Mr. Bruno, who 

was b. in Paris; m. (2) Edward Holmes of Ghent, N. Y. 
She d. Feb. 20, 1816, at Kinderhook, N. Y. 
Isaac", b. Dec. 1, 1791; m. Freelove Moshier. 

Nancy", b. , 1793; d. July 5, 1811. 

Rensselaer Schuyler", b. May 28, 1796; m. Rebecca Dixon. 
Walter", b. July, 1798; d. Jan. 2, 1799. 
Henry Miles", b. Jan. 1, 1800; m. Jane Hardick. 
648. xiv. James Gill", b. May 28, 1804, at Flatbush, N. Y.; m. Cla- 
rissa Sliter. 

260. Lois' Averill {Moses"", Isaac"-, William-, William^), b. 
1752 at New Milford, Conn.; m. prob. prior to 1776, Lemuel 
Clark of Pawlet, Vt., who d. Dec. 3, 1825, at Orwell, Addison 
Co., Vt., aged 82 yrs. (Record on headstone at Orwell.) She d. 
there, Oct. 3, 1880, aged 78 years. (Record on headstone at 
Orwell.) Her brother. Gen. Elisha Averill, lived for some years 
at Pawlet. 

























378 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children* (all b. at Pawlet. T. R.) : 

i. Lois Clark'', b. Dec. 5, 1776. 

ii. Lemuel Clark", b. Jan. 10, 1779. 

iii. Moses Averill Clark", b. Jan. 9, 1781; m. (1) Lydia 

Whitef; m. (2) Rebecca Wyman. 
iv. Leman" Clark, b. Nov. 12, 1782. 
V. Irena" Clark, b. Nov. 12, 1782. 
vi. Julian" Clark, b. Mar. 24, 1785. 

vii. Amy" (?) Clark, b. , . 

viii. Currence" (?) Clark, b. , . 

Moses AverilF Clark (Lois'' Averill, Moses\ Isaac^, Will- 
iam-, William'^), b. Jan. 9, 1781, lived at Orwell, Vt, He was 
commonly called Moses Avery Clark. He m, (1) Lydia White, 
who d. Aug. 30, 1813; he m. (2) Mar. 29, 1814, Rebecca Wyman, 
who d. July 4, 1862. He d. Mar. 2, 1859, at Orwell. 

Children (by first wife) if 

i. ' There was issue, names not given. 

(by second wife) :. 

iii. Moses Jackson Clark', b. Mar. 31, 1815; m., had children. 
iv. Elizabeth' Clark, b. Nov. 25, 1816; m. (1) Dorus Bascom; 

m. (2) Sam'l H. Bascom. 
V. Cawline' Clark, b. July 4, 1819; m., had children, 
vi. Daniel Wyman' Clark, b. Mar. 19, 1822. 
vii. James L.' Clark, b. Feb. 13, 1824. 

261. General Elisha^ Averill, or Avery (Moses*, Isaac^, 
William-, William^) , b. prob, 1754 at New Milford, Conn., was 
bap. there Feb. 24, 1754. He was "Deputy Commissary-General 
of Issues during the American Revolution from June 18, 1777, 
to August 6, 1777, when he resigned". In Heitman's Hist. Reg. 
of Officers of the Continental Army, the above record appears 
under the name of Elisha "Avery" (Conn.). The family records 
and stories about him, as well as various other records, show 
conclusively that "General Elisha Averill" and "General Elisha 


* "There may have been, and I think there were, other children", wrote 
Robert 0. Bascom Esq., a descendant of Lois (Averill) Clark. "I think 
surely an Amy and Currence". 

t "Moses Averill Clark had children by his first wife, Lydia White", 
wrote Robert O. Bascome Esq. 

The Fifth Generation 379 

Avery", were one and the same man, and a General in the 
Continental Army. He was not a pensioner of the U. S. Gov- 

In the CoUections of the New York Historical Society, Vol. 
i, p. 34 (1800), is a record of the Trial of Major General Arthur 
St. Clair, in which "Mr. Avery, Deputy-Commissary-General in 
the Northern Department", being sworn, testified to the quantity 
of provisions at Ticonderoga and Mount Independence and its 
dependencies, at a council of general officers held at Ticonderoga, 
July 5th 1777. 

Present: Maj. Gen. S' Clair; Brig. Gen Fermoy; Brig. 
Gen. Poor; Brig. Gen. Patterson; Col. Commandant Long; 
Elisha Avery, "Deputy Commissary General". Page 121 of 
same CoUections: "June 10, 1777. Gen. Arthur St Clair com- 
plains because Mr. "Avery" does not appear to properly attend 
to Army supplies. P. 125-160, mentions Deputy-Com-Gen. 
Avery's return of provisions at Ticonderoga, May 25, 1777. 

In Hammond's State Papers, N. H. Rev. Rolls; Appendix, 
Vol. i, p. 671, we find mention of an order to the Quartermasters 
of all the Regiments, dated "Headquarters Dec'r 15, 1777", for 
certain articles to be delivered to "the Deputy-Commissary 
Gen'rl " Mr. Elisha Avery". (This was not very important. 
There are undoubtedly many records of real importance which 
have not been obtained.) 

From the Office of the Adj't General of Vermont, Mrs. 
Peck, Ass't to the Adj. Gen., wrote March, 1901: "General 
Elisha Averill, lived at Pawlet (Rutland Co.), Vt., and died 
1821, aged 67. He was a Rev. Soldier from New Milford, Conn. 
Went to Pawlet in 1787; removed 'West' in 1803, and died in 
Manchester, N. Y." (This is evidently only the record from the 
Hist, of Pawlet, Vt.) 

From Records of the Governor and Council, Vt., Vol. iv, 
p. 293, we obtain the following item : 

"Monday Oct. 12, 1801, 10 o'ck Am., Council met 

2 o'ck p. m. adj. the meeting: The Governor and Council met the house 
of Representatives in joint com., pursuant to the concurrent resolutions of 
both houses and the ballots being taken and examined Colonel Elisha 
Averill was elected Brigadier General of the 2d Brigade in the 2d Division 
of the Militia of this State". 

380 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

It is interesting to find that Aug. 26, 1761, Jonathan Wil- 
lard and others of the Great Nine Partners, Duchess County, 
N. Y., had the Charter granted to them for Pawlet, Vt., by Gov. 
Benning Wentworth, of N. H. ; and that the plan was conceived 
and adopted at the Great Nine Partners; and Aug. 27, 1761, at 
same place, to Jonathan Willard and others was granted the 
Charter for Danby, Rutland Co., Vt. (near Pawlet), also by 
Gov. Benning Wentworth. As Samuel Averill (the uncle 
of General Elisha) and his brother Moses were among the gran- 
tees or owners of the Nine Partners, he may have been inter- 
ested in the grants of Pawlet and Danby. [See p. . . . , Will of 
Samuel Averill.] 

Family tradition says "Gen Averill" used to give black bread 
liberally to poor people in time of need during the American 
Revolution ; and that when they remonstrated with him because 
it was not white he told them he was using the same himself just 
then. The descendants of General Elisha Averill, and of his 
brothers and sisters have always heard of him as a General in 
the Revolutionary War. 

Elisha Averill m. prob. before 1785, Mary , who 

d. at Manchester, N. Y. (or Farmington?) , "1823, aged 63". 
She was therefore b. about 1760; and it is probable that they 
were m.arried in Connecticut, before their removal to Pawlet, Vt., 
in 1785. She may have been a second wife. The children of 
Elisha's brother Moses, were b. at Pawlet, the first child in 1787. 

The Natural and Civil History of Vermont, by Samuel 
Williams. L. L. D., Pub. 179 J^, Walpole N. H., has in its names 
of subscribers, under Vermont, Moses Robinson, "Capt." Elisha 
Averil, Elijah Avery [?], Thomas L. Chandler, Capt. Isaac 
Meacham, etc. ..... At this date General Averill was 

residing at Pawlet, Vt., to which place he had removed as early 
as 1785, for land was conveyed to him there that year by Will- 
iam Fitch in the month of March. In that instrument recorded 
at Pawlet he is called "Elijah Avery". But later in the Town 
Records he appears as Gen Elisha Averill. 

Hollister's History of Pawlet, Vt., contains the following: 
"Gen. Elisha Averill, from New Milford Conn., 1787, was among 
the most prominent of the early settlers. He was the first Cap- 
tain of the light infantry; prob. before 1802. He was the first 

The Fifth Generation 381 

Constable of the town, for 4 years from 1795 to 1798" (pp. 161 
& 89). "Among the field and general officers (of the Rev.) 
belonging to this town General Elisha Averill". 

The Methodist Church records of Pawlet were unfortu- 
nately destroyed, and the Congregational Church and Town Rec- 
ords do not give the children of Gen. Averill. 

The First Census of the United States — 1790 — gives the 
name of "Elisha Averill" of Pawlet, Vt., as head of a family, 
consisting of two men over sixteen years of age, one under six- 
teen, and five white females, including the head of the family. 
Probably his wife was one and the others his daughters or rela- 
tives. It is also possible that the other three men mentioned 
were not all of them his sons. 

He moved West in 1803 ; died at Manchester, N. Y., 1821, 
aged 67; his widow in 1823, aged 63 (p. 161). 

He may have lived for a time at St. Johnsville, Montgomery 
Co., N. Y., as a "Gen Averill" was known to have been there, 
and also other Averills. But May 22, 1815, and also Feb. 7, 
1816, he is mentioned in Toivn Records of Farmington, Ontario 
Co., N. Y. The Surrogate's Office for Ontario Co., N. Y., is at 
Canandaigua, and the Clerk of the Court sending a copy of the 
will of -Elisha Averill, stated that Farmington at the date the 
will was drawn included the Town of Manchester. 

In the Court Copy of the record of Elisha Averill's will, we 
find it distinctly marked: "Copy. Will of General Elisha Av- 

— Record of Elisha Averill's Will. — 

In the Name of God, Amen. 

/, Elisha Averill, of the Town of Farmington, in the County of Ontario 
and State of New York, do make, ordain and declare this instrument and 
every part thereof subscribed with my name, to be the last Will and 

All my debts are to be punctually paid, and the legacies hereinafter 
bequeathed are to be discharged as soon as circumstances will permit. 

ITEM: — To my dearly beloved wife, Mary Averill, I give and be- 
queath my whole estate, real and personal, to be used and disposed of as 
she may think proper. 

ITEM: — To my sons, Leman Averill, John R. Averill, Fitch C. 
Averill, and Elisha Averill, and to my daughters, Eunis Sawyer, Lorania 

382 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Gaffield, Polly Edgerton, Betsey Downer, Amelia Stewart, Gitty Averill 
and Loiza Lines, each, the sum of Ten Shillings. 

LASTLY, I constitute and appoint my dearly beloved wife, Mary 
Averill and Stimpson Harvey, Executrix and Executor of this my last Will 
and Testament. 

In Witness of all and each of the things herein contained, I have set 
my hand and seal this twentieth day of August one thousand eight hundred 
and twenty-one. Elisha Averill. (seal). 

Signed and sealed 
in presence of — 
Peter Mitchell. 
John D. Nottingham. 
James Fenton. 

Ontario County. I ss : 

Be it remembered, that on the twenty-fourth day of 
August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty- 
one, personally appeared before me Ira Sibley, Esquire, Surrogate of the 
County of Ontario, John D. Nottingham, who being duly sworn, did depose 
and say, that he, the deponent saw Elisha Averill, late of the County of 
Ontario, deceased, sign and seal the written instrument, then shown unto 
him, of which the foregoing is a true copy, purporting to be the last will 
and testament of the said Elisha Averill, deceased, bearing date the twen- 
tieth day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred 
and twenty-one. That at the time thereof, the said Elisha Averill was of a 
sound and disposing mind and memory, to the best of the knowledge and 
belief of him the deponent and that he, the deponent and Peter Mitchell and 
James Fenton subscribed their names as witnesses to the said will, in the 
presence of each other, and in the presence of the testator. 

Ira Sibley, 

Children (some of them were prob. b. in Connecticut, and 
the others at Pawlet, Vt. Order not ascertained) : 

649. i. Leman", b. prob. abt. 1785 (?), or possibly earlier and in 

Conn.; lived Oct. 21, 1806, in Onandaga Co., N. Y., at 
which time 600 acres of land in Cicero (Onandaga Co.), 
on the Military tract known as No. 65, were conveyed 
to him by Stephen Eno of Duchess Co., N. Y., per Joseph 
Brush, atty. This deed was witnessed by Elisha Averill. 
Jan. 8, 1807, Elisha Averill proved that he knew sd 
Brush and saw him execute the sd indenture as attorney 
for sd Eno. Leman was living Aug. 20, 1821. 

650. ii. John R.", b. , 17—; was living Aug. 20, 1821. 

651. iii. Fitch C.\ h. -, 17—; was living Aug. 20, 1821. 

The Fifth Generation 383 

652. iv. Elisha P." (?), b. prob. abt. 1787 (?) ; Mahlen Bruce Aver- 
ill (No. 1547) states that this is the Elisha P. Averill who 
visited him in Mich. abt. 1867. This Elisha "was then 
abt. 58 (?), well dressed, with the pleasant look and 
regular features of the Averills. He could make a good 
boat, and he played the violin and clarionette. He lived 
somewhere in the South Eastern part of Michigan. He 
was married and had two daughters who were married 
at that time, and he made his home first with one and 
then with the other." 

633. V. EuNis" (Eunice), m. before Aug., 1821, Sawyer, 

living Aug. 20, 1821. 

654. vi. Lorania', m. before Aug., 1821, — Gaffield; living 

Aug. 20, 1821. 

655. vii. Polly", m. John Edgerton. 

656. viii. Betsey'', m. before Aug., 1821, Downer; living 

Aug. 20, 1821. 

657. ix. Amelia'', m. before Aug., 1821, Stewart; living 

Aug. 20, 1821. 

658. X. GiTTY*, unm. Aug. 20, 1821. 

659. xi. Loisa", m. Lines or Lyndes; living Aug. 20, 1821. 

262. Martha^ (Patty) Averill (Moses*, Isaac', William^ 
Williayn''), b. 1763 at Ancient Woodbury, Conn. (prob. New Mil- 
ford) ; m. 1782 at Woodbury, Solomon Murray* (son of Jehiel 
Murray of E. Guilford, Conn., and Mary Way, his wife), b. 1758 
at Woodbury, Conn. "He was 60 years old when he applied for 
a pension in 1818." He d. 1822 at Copake, N. Y. Martha 
Averill is said to have been married in a sky blue silk dress with 
white fleecy clouds on it. It was made with short sleeves, and 
she wore long gloves, with link buttons in the sleeves. The 
buttons are in the possession of relatives. She d. 1805 at Clav- 
erack, N. Y., "at the age of 42 years," wrote her granddaughter, 
Mrs. Laura M. (Elton) Stevens. 


* Solomon Murray was a Rev. Soldier (Wash. Pen. Office R.), and 
had four brothers in the Rev. War. His brother Reuben was great-grand- 
father of Lady Randolph Churchill, now Mrs. George Cornwallis, who was 
the dau. of the late Leonard Jerome of New York. 

Children : 

i. William Cogswell" Murray, b. Feb. 28, 1783; m. Sarah 

ii. Mary Way' Murray, b. June 8, 1785; m. Rhesa Elton. 

384 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

iii. Emma" Murray, b. June 2, 1787; lived at Claverack, N. Y.; 

d. May 31, 1873, at Greenbush, N. Y. 
iv. Elizabeth" Murray, b. 1789 or '90; m. Samuel Chase. 

V. Reuben" Murray, b. , ; d. in infancy. 

vi. Nancy" Murray, b. 1798 at Canaan, Conn., lived at Schodack, 

N. Y.; m. Nicholas Lester. She d. 1827 at Ancram or 

Copake, N. Y. 
vii. Laura" Murray, b. 1799; d. June, 1817. 

viii. Martha" Murray, b. , . 

ix. Amy Caswell" Murray, b. June 2, 1789. 

Mary Way*' Murray {Martha^ Averill, Moses^, Isaac^, Will- 
iam-, William''), b. June 8, 1785, at Canaan, Conn., was 20 years of 
age when her mother d. in 1805. She lived at Canaan, Conn., 
and Housatonic, Mass. She m. Aug., 1807, at Red Hook, N. Y., 
Rhesa Elton (son of Ebenezer Elton, and Rhoda Hurlburt, his 
wife), b. Oct. 13, 1775. He d. Oct. 8, 1840, at Housatonic. She 
d. there Apr. 18, 1852. 
Children : 

i. Emma Amanda' Elton, b. Jan. 6, 1808, at Red Hook, N. Y., 
lived at Housatonic. She m. at Canaan, Elisha Andrews, 
and d. June 1, 1869, at Housatonic. 
ii. Laura Maria" Elton, b. Nov. 9, 1809, at Claverack, N. Y.; 
m. at Housatonic, William Stevens. They had one child. 
Mrs. Stevens was living in 1901 at the advanced age of 
92 years with her dau., Mrs. Alonzo Phillips, in S. Pasa- 
dena, Cal. She was at that time mentally very bright, 
and interested in her ancestry, giving some of the data 
here presented, in very good form, 
iii. Martha Averill' Elton, b. Aug. 20, 1811, at Claverack, 
N. Y., lives at Cazenovia, N. Y. She m. Philo Norton. 
They have three children, 
iv. Nancy Murray' Elton, b. Aug. 24, 1813, at Canaan, lived 
at E. Albany, N. Y. She m. 1841, at Housatonic, Edwin 
Norton. They had one child. She d. Dec. 19, 1893, at 
E. Albany. 
V. William Murray' Elton, b. June 30, 1815, at Canaan, lived 
at Copake, N. Y. He m. at Copake, Nancy Langdon. 
They had four children. He d. July, 1872, at Hudson, 
N. Y. 
vi. Jane D. W. Elton', b. July 31, 1817, at Canaan, lived at 
Albany. She m. 1845, at Hillsdale, N. Y., William 
Lapens. She d. Mar. 17, 1900, at Albany. 

The Fifth Generation 385 

vii. Robert Burns' Elton, b. Dec. 6, 1822, at Canaan, lived at 
Housatonic, unm. He d. Feb., 1872, at Housatonic. 

viii. Helen Mar' Elton, b. June 20, 1826; m. (1) CM. Van 
Densen; m. (2) Abram S. Peet. 

William CogswelF Murray {Martha^ Averill, Moses*, Isaac^, 
William-, William''), b. Feb. 28, 1783, at Canaan, Conn,, was a 
merchant and lived at Hillsdale, N. Y. He m. 1816, at Living- 
stone, N. Y., Sarah Best, b. Apr. 21, 1792 ; she d. Oct. 1, 1874, 
at Hillsdale, and he d. there Feb. 28, 1860. 
Children : 

i. John Best' Murray, b. May 5, 1817; d. Aug. 2, 1827. 
ii. Martha' Murray, b. Nov. 18, 1818; d. Dec. 29, 1818. 

iii. William (')' Murray, b. Feb. 13, 1820; d. 23, 1824. 

iv. Henry Walter' Murray, b. Nov. 29, 1821, at Copake, N. Y., 
m. Nov. 11, 1851, at Guilford, N. Y., Julia Wade. They 
had six children. He d. Sept. 20, 1873, at Newark, N. Y. 
V. Margaret Merick', b. Nov. 23, 1823, at Copake, lives at 
Clinton, la. She m. May 7, 1846, at Hillsdale, George 
Haywood. They have three children, 
vi. Martha Maria', b. Nov. 28, 1825, at Copake, lived at Chat- 
ham, N. Y. She m. Isaac Rogers; they had four chil- 
dren. She d. Jan. 4, 1865, at Chatham, 
vii. Jacob Best' Murray, b. Dec. 17, 1827, at Copake, lived at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. He m. June 20, 1855, at Stonington, 
Conn., Martha Hull Wheeler; they had six children. He 
d. Aug. 22, 1880, at Brooklyn, 
viii. Sarah Ellen' Murray, b. Oct. 25, 1829, at Copake, lives 

at Hillsdale, N. Y. 
ix. William (")' Murray, b. Sept. 22, 1831, at Copake; m. 
Julia A. Dow. 

265. Moses -^ Averill (Moses\ Isaac"% William-, William'), 
b. June 12, 1766, prob. at New Milford or New Preston, Conn. ; 
was a farmer, and lived at New Milford, Conn., Pawlet, Vt., 
Onandaga, and Salina, N. Y. He m., prob. 1786, Cynthia Russell 

(dau. of Russell and Hollenbeck* (?) or 

Hallenbeck,* his wife), b. Sept. 2, 1770. The First Census of 

the United States — 1790 — mentions Moses Averill of Pawlet, 


* The name of Hollenbeck or Hallenbeck occurs as Lieut. William 
Hallenbeck in the Rev. Record of Ens'n Isaac Averill, and may show a 
relationship. See d. 

386 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Vt., with two boys under sixteen and one woman, probably his 
wife, ''Moses Averill and Cynthia, his wife, united with the 
Cong. Ch. of Pawlet, Vt., Dec. 5, 1805," and "Feb. 20, 1814, at a 
church meeting; it was voted to grant the request of Mrs. 
Cynthia Averill in giving her a letter of recommendation and 
dismissal". {Records, Paivlet Cong. Ch.) They probably re- 
moved about 1810-'ll, to Salina, Onandaga Co., N. Y., where 
they purchased 640 acres in the north part of that town. Of 
their children. Dr. Isaac W., Harriet W. Harvey, Horace's son 
Oscar, and Samuel Halenbeck and his family settled in Michigan ; 
some only for a time at Plymouth, Wayne Co., others in the 
Township of Chester, and at Harrisburg, Ottawa Co., on the 
west side of the State, and at Ravenna, adjoining Chester, and 
in Muskegon Co., Mich. A large family of Averills settled at 
Coopersville, Ottawa Co., very near Chester. 

Relationship between these families and others who settled 
in Kalamazoo County has been affirmed within recent years by the 
oldest members of some of the families living in these different 

Mr. Moses Averill d. Oct. 4, 1811, at Salina, N. Y. He was 
killed while felling a tree. His early death left the widow the 
care of a large farm still unpaid for, and a large family of young 
children. She d. there (?) Aug. 7, 1823. The characteristics 
of Mr. Averill and his sons were that they were "all tall, straight, 
well built, muscular men, of commanding appearance, intelli- 
gence above the average, and nearly all musical — singing or 
playing one or more instruments. With few exceptions they 
were of light complexions, with blue eyes and light brown or 
light hair." 

Children (prob. all b. at Pawlet) : 

660. i. "Dr." Isaac W.'', b. Mar. 3, 1787, at Pawlet, Vt. 

660a. ii. Harriet W.", b. Nov. 7, 1780; m. John Needham Harvey. 

661. iii. Horace (")', b. Oct. 7, 1790, at Pawlet; d. there (?) July 14, 


662. iv. Letetia A.", b. Sept. 12, 1792; m. (1) Zalmon Lawrence; 

m. (2) Richard Noxon. 

663. V. Orpha L.', b. May 31, 1794; m. Eusebius Lawrence. 

664. vi. Horace (")" Smith, b. Dec. 24, 1795; m. Abigail Skillings. 

665. vii. Samuel Holenbeck", b. Nov. 22, 1797; m. Betsey McFeren 

(spelled also McPheron). 

The Fifth Generation 387 

666. viii. Mary (Polly)" Edgerton, b. Oct. 4, 1799; m. Godfrey 


667. ix. Lyman Reed", b. Apr. 27, 1801; m. Hannah Smith. 

668. X. ICHABOD Kneeland", b. Nov. 17, 1803; m. Sylvia . 

669. xi. Julius C", b. Sept. 6, 1805; his occupation was pulling 

stumps. A family tradition says that after an attack 
of typhoid fever when over forty years old, he grew five 
inches. He d. Feb. 15, 1873, at Belmont, N. Y. 

670. xii. Eliza B.", b. July 6, 1807; m. Walter Peck. 

671. xiii. Frances E.", b. Oct. 2, 1809; m. abt. 1850 Enoch Brooks, a 

widower of Phoenix. She d. Mar. 10, 1888. 

266. Philo^ Averill (Moses*, Isaac% William-, William^), 
b. Mar. 20, 1768 (F. B.), at New Preston, Conn.; m. (1) Betsey 
Bordman; m. (2) Charlotte Baker; m. (3) Apr. 16, 1808 
(F. B.), Rebecca Rice (widow of James Cropsy and dau. of 
Capt. George Rice), b. Apr. 27, 1775 (F. B. R.). She d. Sept. 
9, 1844 {F. B.R.), in Illinois. Mr. Averill lived at New Preston, 
Conn. ; removed to Saratoga Springs, N. Y. ; then to Veve, Ind., 
1814-15; afterwards abt. 1827 to Sangamon and McDonough 
Counties, 111. There is a deed Aug. 20, 1808, from Philo Averill 
of Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y., and wife Rebekah, to Stephen 
Comstock of Stillwater, Saratoga Co. He also owned land in 
Cicero,. Onondaga Co., N. Y. He is said to have been under 
Gen. Harrison at Tippecanoe, 1811; and in the War of 1812. 
He d. Oct. 22, 1844 (F. B.), in McDonough County, 111. 

Children (by first wife) : 

672. i. Malissa', b. 1795-1800 (?); m. Timothy Haskell. 

673. ii. Orilla", b. 1801 (?) ; joined the Shakers, prob. in N. Y. 
(by second wife) : 

674. iii. Rovi^LEN Green", b. 1803 (?) ; m. , in New 


675. iv. Betsey'', b. 1805 (?); joined the Shakers, probably in New 


676. v. ELECTA^ b. 1807 (?); m. Nehemiah Herd, 
(by third wife) : 

677. vi. Henry James Cropsy", b. July 20, 1809, at Saratoga 

Springs, N. Y.; m. (1) Hilda Ann Warren; m. (2) Mrs. 
Sarah Jack. He d. Nov. 19, 1894, at Brownsville, Linn 
Co., Ore. 

678. vii. Charlotte Baker", b. Feb., 1811, at Saratoga Springs (?); 

m. Mar. 17, 1831, Nicholas Royal Tays. 

388 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

679. viii. Eliza", b. 1813 (?); m. Levi Warren, who may have been 

a brother of Huldah Ann Warren, w. of Henry James 
Cropsy Averill. 

680. ix. Norman Chancellor", b. Jan. 11, 1815, at Veve, Ind.; m.' 

Martha E. Clayton. 

681. X. Allen Wiley", b. July 9, 1817; m. (1) Sarah Clayton; m. 

(2) Mary Ann Delbridge. 

267. Calvin^ Averill (Hoses'^, Isaac^, William-, William^), 
bap. at New Preston, Conn., lived there for a time ; removed 
to Rutland, Vt. (?), and later to Loraine, Jefferson Co., Hadley, 
Saratoga Co., and Rome, N. Y. He m. (1) Salome Clary; 
he m. (2) Sarah Gunn. Mr. Averill was tall, straight as an arrow, 
and could run and jump over a fence at 70 without minding it. 
At 70 he also played the flute well and even then sang to give 
pleasure to others. Mahlon Bruce Averill recalls visits from 
his father's "Uncle Calvin", and conversations about "Lois, 
Josiah, and James," when his father asked about relations. 
"He remained two or three years about there (Salina), staying 
part of the time with us and part with Uncle Lyman, who lived 
in the village of Geddes — which is South from Salina a mile and 
a half. He visited us first at Van Buren. Elisha was also 
mentioned." He d. at Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Children (by first wife) : 

682. i. (dau.)", b. , ; m. at Lorraine, Lemuel 


683. ii. Benjamin Franklin", b. , ; d. at Louisville, Ky. 

684. iii. Amy", b. Jan. 10, 1800, at Hadley, N. Y.; m. Jared Gleason. 

685. iv. Martha (Patty)", b. , 18—; m. (1) Horace Joice; 

m. (2) Samuel Skeel. She d. at Lenox, Madison Co., 
N. Y. 

686. v. Phebe", b. — , 18 — ; m. George Lawrence at Water- 

town, N. Y., where she died. 

687. vi. Melinda", b. , 18 — ; m. (1) at Watertown, N. Y., 

Levi Palmer; m. (2) Mr. Baldwin. She d. at Stone 
Mills, N. Y. 

688. vii. Nancy Ann", b. , 18 — ; m. Alexander Allen. 

689. viii. Lovine", b. , 18 — ; m. Calvin Winslow. She d. at 

Smithville, N. Y. 

690. ix. Esther", b. , 18 — ; m. Adam J. Cratzenberg. She d. 

at Thibbits Point Lighthouse, N. Y. 

691. X. Susan Jeannette", b. — , 18 — ; m. at Philadelphia, 

Penn., James Harris. She d. at Philadelphia. 

The Fifth Generation 389 

692. xi. (child)'', b. , 18—. 

■ 693. xii. Amorette", b. — , 18 — . 

694. xiii. Charles Henry", b. , 18 — ; m. at Adams Centre, 

N. Y., Ann Oatman. 

270. SamueF Averell, Averill, Avery {Samuel\ Job'-, 
TJiomas', William'), b. Sept. 25, 1740, at York, Me. (T. R.) ; m. 

Mary , before Dec. 16, 1784, at which date she signs 

a deed (see below). She was Hving Dec. 12, 1812 (see below). 

Samuel and Mary Averill had a family, although York 
Town Records do not give us their names. There are many 
marriages of Averys and Averills from 1792 which appear on 
York records, but the persons named have not yet been identified 
as belonging to this branch, although undoubtedly many of them 
do. [The int. of mar. of Samuel Avery Jr. and Sarah Kearswell 
both of York, Me., is given July 28, 1796; Joseph Averill and 
Mehitable Bragdon both of York intend mar. Pub. Nov. 24, 
1803; James Averill and Sarah Wilson both of York intend 
mar. Pub. May 25, 1805, "and others later on", as intentions of 
Richard Avery of York and Mary Sayer of Wells, Dec. 8, 1792 ; 
Robert Avery and Sarah Webber both of York; Pub. Oct. 22, 

The following Abstracts from York Registry of Deeds show 
Samuel Averell's relationship and interests : 

York Deeds. Vol. xlv, p. 196. A Samuel Averell of a place called 
Majabae:aduce in the Co of Lincoln .... Yeoman do app't Charles 
Hutchins of sd Majabagaduce cordwainer to be my true and lawful At- 
torney and in my place and stead to sell and convey a certain Tract or 

parcel of land lying in Old York and I do by these Presents 

Impower him my Attorney to give a Warrantee Deed 

March 22, 1779. (Signed) Samuel Averell 

Wit'' John Douglas 

W'" Stinson Ack. same date 

Yo7^k Deeds. Vol. xlv, p. 157. Warranty Deed. 

Charles Hutchins of a place called Majabagaduce in the Co. of Lincoln 
State of Mass Bay — yeoman and Attorney to Sam' Averell of the same 
place yeoman for £40 M^ell and truly paid for the use of the said Sam' by 
Job Averell of York in the Co. of York, do sell unto him the said Job 
Averell his Heirs . . . . all the said Samuel's Right Share .... 
of all the Lands and buildings. Marsh and Meadows in York aforesaid 
late the Estate of Samuel Averell Dec'd Father of the aforesaid Samuel and 

390 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Job, or that was formerly their grandfather Job Averell's dec'd, or their 
great grandfather Thomas Averell's dec'd, or their Uncle Job Averell's 

dec'd, to the same more or less the first named Samuel's 

part in said Estates being two fifths 

April 2, 1779 (Signed) Samuel Averell 

Wit^ The wife of s'd Samuel Averell (no name given) 

Dan' Moulton gives up her Right of Dowery 

Josiah Parsons 

Ack. York. Same date 
(Majorbigwaduce is now Penobscot, Hancock Co., Me.) 

Vol. xlvii, p. 187. I Samuel Averell of York . . cordwainer . . 
s d 
for £133. 6/'8 to me in hand paid by Solomon Littlefield of Wells in s" 

county, do quit claim unto the said Solomon Littlefield all 

such Right Estate title .... to a certain Lot of Land in the Eastern 

parts at a place call'd Majorbagaduce in the Northern Bay 

Bounded South East on the River Westerly by Charles 

Hutchins Northerly by Isaac Perkins land 

Dec. 8, 1783. (Signed) Samuel Averell 

Wit s. 

Daniel Moulton 
Jo Averell 

Vol. xlviii, p. 133. I Samuel Averill of York .... for £4. 16/— 
paid to me by Jeremiah Littlefield Jun"", of Wells, sell him my right title 
etc. in a certain piece of land in York three acres be it more or less . . . 
which I lately purchased of Solomon Littlefield son of the s" Jeremiah 
Littlefield Jun"" 
Feb. 18, 1785. (Signed) Samuel Averell 

Vol. Li, p. 46. I Samuel Averell of York Exchange with Jeremiah 
Weare Jun"' of York a certain piece of 2 acres be it more or less, which 
s" Weare is to deliver, of land in the Western part of the nine acres of 
land that was granted unto Job* Averell at a Town Meeting in York Nov 
18, 1674;* and laid out unto Samuel Averell of York Nov. 27, 1742. bounded 
as follows: from a small Beach Tree on the South East side of the path 
that leads from Cape Neddock to Wells, thence North East by s" path and 
by s" Wares land purchased by Job Averell 

Dec. 16. 1784 (Signed) Samuel Averell 

Mary Averell. 

Vol. Lxxxix, p. 272. I Samuel Averill of York Yeoman for $500 paid 
me by Benjamin Moulton of s" York have sold unto him certain tracts of 
land lying in York, being the whole that was conveyed to me by deed 
bearing date Dec, 8, 1783 from Solomon Littlefield, containing 27 acres 

The Fifth Generation 391 

be it more or less also another tract of land deed'' by Jeremiah Littlefield 

4 acres also another .... 2 acres be it 

more or less the same conveyed by Deed of Exchange Dec. 16, 1784 from 
Jeremiah Weare jun'' and I Mary Averill wife of s" Samuel Averill have 
released all right of Dower 

Dec. 12, 1812 (Signed) Samuel Averill 

Mary Averill 

The First Census of the United States — 1790 — mentions 
Sam'] Avery of York, probably the subject of our sketch; and at 
that time his household consisted of one other man above sixteen 
years of age, three boys under sixteen years of age and five 
white females — prob. his wife and daughters. 

Children (b. probably at York. Names of all these children 
may not be known) : 

695. i. Samuel Jr.", b. , ; m. Sarah Kearswell (Int. 

published July 28, 1796). 

696. ii. Theodore", b. Mar. 6, 1788. (In the Diary of Jeremiah 

Weare Jr. of York, Me., published 1910 in the A^. E. Hist. 
& Gen. Reg., we find among other Averill items the fol- 
lowing: "May 29. 1811, Theodore Avarell son to Samuel 
Avarell Departed this life with the consumption was 23 
years the 6 Day March last mr misinger tended funeral".) 

271. • Joseph^ Averill (Samuel*, Job''', Thomas'-, William^), 
b. Aug. 29, 1742, at York, Me., was a tanner and carpenter, and 
lived at York and at Marshfield, adjoining Machias, and at 
(1774) Machias, Me., where he helped build the first meeting 
house; subscribed to the building fund 1778; and subscribed 
to the Ministerial fund of Machias, Me. He was on the Muster 
roll from Machias, 1777, Col. M^Cobb's Reg., Brig. Gen. Warner. 
He was m. Apr. 11, 1776, by Rev. James Lyon, at Machias, Me. 
{Earliest Marriages in Machias), to Sarah Stone (prob. dau. of 
Daniel or John Stone of Scarborough or Kittery, Me.) . She was 
b. at Kittery, Me.; and d. 1848 (?) at Marshfield, Me. Both 
were of Machias at the date of their marriage. He d. 1822 (?) 
at Marshfield. Machias was a trading post as early as 1633; 
Marshfield was incorporated June 30, 1846, and was frequently 
called Middle River. It was taken from Machias. 

He appears in the First United States Census as living in 
Machias, with four boys under sixteen years of age in his house- 
hold, and prob. his wife and two daughters. 

892 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Mr. Joseph Averill lived at Marshfield in an old house 
afterwards occupied by his widow and their son James. An 
aged neighbor and friend (Mrs. Holmes) stated that she remem- 
bered both mother and son, and that Mrs. Averill was a very 
small, dainty, and pious old lady, and that her son James was 
not at all pious. But he was so devoted to his mother that the 
neighbors used to say: "Jim will become pious from habit," 

The old Averill homestead was occupied later by descend- 
ants of the Daniel Stone family mentioned in the following. 

Abstracts. Washington Co., deed recorded at Machias, Me. Vol. 1, 
p. 24.5. 

Daniel Stone* of Machias, Co Lincoln Commonwealth of Mass, gen- 
tleman for £14, sells land lying on the Easterly side of the Middle River 

in said Machias to Joseph Averel January 26, 1781. 

Stephen Jones and Sarah Jones, Witnesses. Ack. Feb. 2, 1781. 

Also from same records we have the following abstract: 

Vol. i, p. 246. Jacob Foster of a place called Jurdens River in Co. of 
Lincoln, Commonwealth of Mass., yeoman, for £15 sells to Joseph Averil 
of Machias a certain lot of Salt Marsh — about four acres — in the Town- 
ship of Machias — and situate on Middle River, known as Number five in 
the plain of the Salt Marsh lots — Proprietors Records — January 4, 178-5. 
Melatiah Jordan and Theodore Jones, witnesses. 

Ack. Jan. 4, 1785. 

(It is said that this salt marsh is still in the possession of 
a Joseph Averill. 1900.) 

Machias, Me., Deeds. Abstracts. 

Vol. 8, p. 429. Josiah Harris, agent, authorized in behalf of the Pro- 
prietors of the East Meeting House in Machias for $20.00 sell to Joseph 
Averil of Machias, Gentleman, and to his heirs and assigns forever Pew 
Numbered sixty six in sd Meeting house. 3d day of Dec. A. D. 1811. 

Ack. Dec. 5, 1811 
Rec. Feb. 28, 1812. 

Vol. xii, p. 116. Joseph Averil for $160.00 purchases land Apr. 24. 
1817 of Prop' of No. 15, North East of Machias, Co. Washington. 

Vol. ix, p. 326. Joseph Averil of Township No. 15. North East of 
Machias, Co. Washington, Yeoman for $126.61 mortgaged s** land in said 
Township No. 15 to John Cooper of Machias — April 24, 1817. Mort. dis- 
charged. June 1828. 

Vol. ix, p. 423. Joseph Averil Jr. of Machias for $155.00 sells to 
Thomas Hanscom part of the land purchased of Sylvanus Hanscom. March 
18. 1817. 

The Fifth Generation 393 

The Maine Historical Magazine, Vol. vii, p. 107, has the 
following : 

Records of Jonathan Longfellow, Justice of the Peace at Machias: Lincoln 
Ss. Machias, June 28, 1774. Then Joseph Averell was convicted before me 
by his own confession of swearing one profane oath, and paid a fine of four 
shillings for the same. 

Children (all b. at Machias, prob. that part now Marsh- 
field) {T. R.) : 

705. i. Daniel", b. Oct. 10, 1777; m. (1) Abigail Hanscome; m. (2) 

Sally Hanscome; m. (3) Mary Moulton. 

706. ii. Edith (called "Edy")", b. May 18, 1780; lived at Machias 

and Whitneyville (?), Me. She was received into the 
E. Machias Ch., Mar., 1826. She m. Apr. 3, 1803, at 
Machias, Me. (T*. R.), Sylvanus Hanscome. They were 
married by Rev. Marshfield Steele {T. R.) . They had 
seven children. 

Joseph", b. Oct. 1, 1782; m. Dolly Fogg. 

Jeremiah", b. May 10, 1784; d. unm. Nov. 25, 1804, at 

Sarah", b. Apr. 18, 1787; m. Edward Seavy. 

Samuel", b. Apr. 26, 1790; m. (1) Jane Carey; m. (2) 
Eleanor (Stuart) Burpee. 
vii. Johanna ("Hannah")", b. July 1, 1792; m. Moses Hanscom. 

John", b. Apr. 20, 1795; m. Deborah Seavy. 

Lydia", b. Mar. 24, 1797; m. William Cilley. 

James", b. Feb. 11, 1800; d. unm. before June 16, 1885, and 
was buried at Marshfield, Me., up on the hill. He gave 
all his property to James A. Whitney, naming him his 
sole executor, Apr. 12, 1867. His will was proved June, 
1885, and allowed Aug., 1885. 
715. xi. Abigail", b. Aug. 20, 1805; m. John Elsemore. 

272. Job' Averill (Samuel*, Joh-\ Thomas-, William^), b. 
Mar. 14, 174:3/4:, at York, Me., was m. June 3, 1776, at York, by 
Rev. Isaac Lyman, to Margaret Simpson (dau. of William 
Simpson of Greenland (N. H.?). He d, prob. before 1811, and 
may have had children whose names do not appear here. "Mar- 
garet Avarell wife of Job Avarell Departed this life aged [ ] ." 
"AD. 1814" "Mr Meisinger tended the funeral" [Diary of Jere- 
miah Weave Jr. of York, Me., N. E. Hist. & Gen. Reg., 1910]. 

By the First Census of the United States this Job is of 
Yorktown — 1790 — with three sons under sixteen years of age, 
and prob. his wife and four daughters. 

















394 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (all b. at York) {T. R.) : 

716. i. Lydia", b. Jan. 7, 1777. 

717. ii. Joanna", b. Oct. 30, 1778. 

718. iii. William", b. Sept. 28, 1780; was a mariner and d. unm. be- 

fore Feb. 11, 1811, when an admr. was app. on his estate. 

See York Deeds, Alford, Me., Vol. xxii, p. 47. Samuel 

• Averill of York, Caulker (Uncle of William), appd. admr. 

of the Estate of William Averill, late of York, Mariner, 

dec; Feb. 11, 1811. Bond $1,000.00. Jos. (or Jas.?) 

Averill, Theo Parsons, Sureties. Policy for % part of 

the Schooner Clarissa 500.00 

Cash in hand 204.46 

Note 45.75 

With other articles $810.74. 

"William Avarell Departed this hfe 1810 on a wes India 
voige was a Respectable promesing young man he was a son to 
Job Avarell" [Diary of Jeremiah Weare Jr., of York, Me., in 
N. E. Hist. & Gen. Reg., Vol. 64, 1910] . 

274. Benjamin^ Averil {James^., Benjamin\ Thomas''', Will- 
iam^), bap. Dec. 21, 1729, at Gloucester, Mass. {Ch. R.) , was 
m. Nov. 30, 1750 or '52 (?), by Rev. Richard Jacques of Glou- 
cester (T. R.), to Judith Roberts, who was living 1779, and 
1794 at Gloucester. 

Essex Co. P. R. Vol. 328, p. 476. Guardianship of Benj^' Averil a 
minor upw'd of fourteen years of age son of James Averil late of 
Gloucester Dec'd intestate, was granted unto Josiah Haskoll of sd Gloces- 
ter. He having given word for ye faithfull Discharge of that Trust. This 
3'* day of April A. D. 1749. Dan'l Appleton, Reg. 

Essex Co. P. R. Josiah Haskall Shipwright, Nath'll Sargent 
Shoreman, and John Collins Marriners all of Gloucester Co. Essex 
(Mass.) gives bond for 1000 pounds April 3, 1749 — for Josiah Haskall 
appd. guardian to Benj. Averill a minor upwards of fourteen years of age 
son of James Averill. 

Children (all b. at Gloucester) (Ch. R.) : 

719. i. Ruth", bap. Dec. 2, 1754; m. Daniel Herrick. 

720. ii. Samuel''* (see mema., p. 395), bap. May 18, 1755; m. Lucy 


721. iii. Joshua" (called "Avary"), bap. Sept. 18, 1757; d. Dec, 

1778, by fall, while privateering. 

722. iv. Benjamin", bap. July 21, 1760; m. Betsey Roberts. 

The Fifth Generation 395 

723. V. John"* (called "Avery"), bap. Oct. 10, 1762; drowned Oct. 
1, 1784, near bar of Chebacco River. 


* "In the year 1784 eight men lost their lives at the mouth of our 
river. They tried to come into the river from a fishing trip in the night, 
and they got into breakers and were drowned. Two of the men were John 
and Samuel Avery. They belonged in Gloucester, just over the Essex line. 
It is my impression that the family lived in Gloucester." 

Rufus Choate. Clerk of the Cong. Church, 
Essex. Mass 


291. Stephen*^ Averell the elder (Stephen^, William-^, Will- 
iam'^, William-, William^), was b. June 11, 1753 {Windham 
T. R.) . He was a Revolutionary soldier and was at the Battle 
of Bunker Hill, In Revolutionary Soldiers of Connecticut, pub- 
lished by the Adjutant General of Connecticut, the names of 
Avery and Averell or Averill were used interchangeably for this 
family, and we find "Stephen Avery, Jun., of Pomfret, served 
twenty one days." He was m. May 30, 1766 {Pomfret Centre 
T. R.) , to Jerusha Dresser ~ (dau. of Thomas Dresser of Pomfret 
and Mary Chandler his wife), b. Mar. 12, 1751. He died of 
small-pox Feb. 11, 1777, and was buried at the old farm in Pom- 
fret, a headstone giving his Revolutionary record. 
Child : 

724. i. Stephen', b. Apr. 15, 1777 (Pomfret Centre T. R.) , called 
Stephen. 2nd in will of his grandfather; evidently was 
unmarried. He was under Capt. Delano; U. S. A.; Serv- 
ice Dec. 12, 1812 : — Stephen Averill, Priv. New London, 
Conn. David Bragton Commander. June 21, 1813 to 
June 28 - 1813. Conn. Militia War 1812. He lived at 
Salina, N. Y., 1812, Northampton, Genesee Co., N. Y.; 
Onandaga Co. 1819. Died 1820. Will drawn Dec, 1812, 
proved Aug. 12, 1820, Onandaga Co., N. Y. 

Abstract of will of Stephen Averill, at Syracuse, N. Y., Onandaga 
Co., Surrogate Office; Vol. C. p. 122:— 

I, Stephen Averill, late of the town of Salina, County of Onandaga 
and State of New York, but now residing in the town of Northampton, 
County of Genesee, and state aforesaid, make and order this my last Will 
and Testament. First that the expenses of this my last sickness and in- 
terment be honorably paid out of my estate as soon as may be excepting 
what may be paid to Capt. Delano of the United States service, in whose 
company I now belong. Secondly the Legacy left me by my grandfather 
Stephen Averill late of the town of Pomfret deceased, county of Windham 
and State of Connecticut mentioned and described in the said Stephen 

* Mrs. Jerusha (Dresser) Averell survived her husband and m. (2) 
Mr. Abiel Lyon, and was called "aged" in the will of her son Stephen 
Averell, which was drawn Dec, 1812. John C. Bran and Polly his wife 
were named as residuary legatees after the death of Stephen's mother, for 
whom said Bran held the money in trust, and as exr. 

The Sixth Generation 397 

Averill's last will and testament, I leave in trust with John C. Bran of the 
town of Hannibal, County of Onandaga (now Oswego) for the support of 
my aged Mother, Jerusha Lyon,* and leave it in charge with the said man 
that my said Mother be honorably supported and at her decease what may 
remain of the said legacy after the decease of my said Mother I will and 
bequeath to the said John C. Bran and Polly his wife to them their heirs 
and assigns forever. And I do hereby also constitute and appoint the 
above named John C. Bran my executor and administrat(or) of all my 
estate both real and personal as witness my hand and seal this day of 
December in the year one thousand eight hundred and twelve 
Witnesses Stephen Averill 

Eleazer Bingham 
John Sears 

Proved, at Surrogate of Onandaga, Aug. 12, 1820, by John Sears of 
Gates, Genesee Co., and John C. Bran. 
Onandaga Co. Deeds: 

Vol. 9, p. 32. Feb. 25, 1815; between Stephen "Avery" of the Town 
& Co. of Onandaga and Enoch Chambers and John Farrar. Cons. $150.00. 
Signed Stephen Avery. (This land was one half of lot No. 19, and prob. 
belonged to Stephen Averill, called "Avery.") 

292. William'' Averill iStephe7i% William\ William\ Will- 
iam-, William'), b. April 19, 1755, at Windham, Conn. (T. R.) , 
in that part later called Hampton ; lived afterwards at Pomf ret, 
and was m. there to Abigail Holt of the Abington Society, It is 
possible that he was privateering in the Revolutionary War, but 
his age makes it doubtful (see William No. 147). He removed 
with his brother Josiah to Montgomery Co., N.Y., about 1790 ; for 
in the first census of the United States, taken that year, each 
appears as a householder in that county in the town of Canajo- 
harie. His household consisted of one man over 16 years of age, 
three boys under 16 years, and two "free white females, "probably 

* See deed of land in village of Salina; East half of lot No. thirteen; 
between Stephen "Avery" and Roswell Lyon of Salina, of the first part, 
and Caleb Lyon of Ontario County of Ontario of the second part. June 
7, 1809; Consideration $3000.00 Onandaga Co. Deeds. Vol. I, p. 631. 

Jan. 8, 1805, Simeon Dewitt Sur. Gen. of the State of N. Y. to Stephen 
Avery of the town and Co. of Onondaga for $10.00, paid to the Supt. of 
the Salt Works and $95,00, with interest p*" to the Treas. of this State, sells 
him (Avery) all that lot of land known as lot number nineteen in the 
Village of Salina. Cayuga Co. Records. Vol. xx. County Clerk's Office, 
Onondaga Co. N. Y. 

398 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

his wife and a daughter. June 26, 1792, he was living in Spring- 
field, N. Y,, and Dec. 25, 1809, at Otsego, when he conveyed over 53 
acres of land in that town to Lemuel F. Vibler. May 5, 1828, he 
was at Warren, Herkimer Co., N. Y., when his will was drawn. 
This was probably Sept. 24, 1829. 
The will is as follows : — 

I, William Averill of the Town of Warren and County of Herkimer do 
make, and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following. — 

1. I give and bequeath to my wife Abigal one third part of all my real 
estate also all the monies I may possess at the time of my decease and one 
third part of all my personal property. Whereas my deceased father 
Stephen Averill has left me a legacy that is uncertain in the amount and 
the time of payment depends on a contingency not yet determined if I do 
not receive said legacy during my life I give and bequeath said legacy to 
my said wife. But it is to be expressly understood that if my wife Abigail 
excepts of the provisions above mentioned it is to be considered in full of 
(fower and all right of dower. 

2. I give and bequeath to my son Charles Averill Two Hundred Dollars in 
addition to what I have heretofore given him which I estimate at four 
hundred dollars. 

3. I give and bequeath to my son Elizah Averill Two Hundred Dollars in 
addition to what I have heretofore given him which I estimate at Four 
Hundred Dollars. 

4. I give and bequeath to my daughter Arminda the wife of Michael Mann 
Two Hundred Dollars. 

5. I give and bequeath to my daughter Sophia the wife of Robert Henry 
Two Hundred Dollars. 

6. I give and bequeath to my daughter Betsey the wife of John Shepherd 
Two Hundred Dollars. 

7. It is my will and I order and direct that each and every of the above 
m_entioned legacies be paid in six annual installments the first installment 
to be paid at the expiration of one year after my decease together with 
interest from and after the second installment falls due no interest prior 
to that period. The above mentioned legacies to be and remain a lien on 
my estate till paid. All the above mentioned legacies shall be demanded 
and paid at my dwelling house in the Town of Warren County of Herkimer. 

8. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mira the wife of Timothy Green 
and to her heirs and assigns all the remainder of my estate both real and 
personal and all the remainder of my real estate after the decease of my 
wife Abigal charging my said daughter her heirs and assigns with the 
payment of my just debts and the legacies to my other children as above 

The Sixth Generation 399 

9. I hereby appoint and constitute my wife Abigal Executrix and Timothy 
Green and Menzo White executors of this my last Will and Testament 
hereby revoking all other or former wills. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name 
and affixed my seal this fifth day of May in the year one thousand eight 
hundred and twenty eight. 

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the testator as and for his 
last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in the presence of each 
other and the testator have hereunto subscribed our names. 

[Wif^] Wm. Averill. 

J. White, Jared Ransom, 
Jared C. Ransom. 

I, William Averill of the Town of Warren the testator and signer of 
the last Will and Testament to which this paper is annexed as a codicil do 
order and direct that the following shall be considered and observed as a 
part of my Said last Will and testament. 


Whereas my daughter Arminda the wife of Michael D. Mann did loan 
from William Tunnicliff Sixty Dollars and give him her note bearing date 
the 15th. day of October 1828 payable six months after date with interest 
to which note my soninlaw Timothy Green did sign his name as security 
which said note the said Timothy has been called upon to pay and has paid 
and whereas my said daughter Armenda did at the date of the note above 
mentioned receive from me ten dollars in cash making in the whole seventy 
dollars. I hereby order and direct that the said sum of seventy dollars 
together with interest from the 15th. day of October 1828, shall be considered 
and in part of the legacy I have given her in my will to which this is 
attached as a codicil. 

Whereas John Shepherd the husband of my daughter Betsey at the time 
he lived with me obtained a deed from Elisha Sturdiphant for a lot of land 
containing between seventeen and eighteen acres the consideration money 
and all the expenses amounting only to about thirteen dollars and whereas 
it was and still is intended that the said lot or piece of land shall enure to 
the benefit of the children of my son Elijah and the money paid belonged 
equally to me and the said John, and whereas the said John has not conveyed 
the said lot in trust although I have often requested him so to do. 

It is my will and I hereby desire and request the said John Shepherd 
to convey the above mentioned lot of land & premises to Washington Clayton 
in trust for the use & benefit of the children of my said son Elijah allowing 
the said Washington to manage the use and improvement of said lot in such 
manner as he may consider best calculated for the benefit of the family of 
my said son Elijah. 

400 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

It is my will & I oder & direct that if the said John Shepard shall 
refuse or neglect for the space of one year after my decease to comply with 
the request above mentioned by conveying the said lot in trust to Washington 
Slayton &c. then & in that case I order & direct that the legacy I have 
given to my daughter Betsey, the wife of the said John Shephard shall 
not be be paid to her but shall be & remain a part of my Estate. 

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 25th day 
of April, 1828. Wm. Averll L. S. 

Signed sealed and declared by William Averill as & for a Codicil to his 
Last Will & Testament in presence of us who, have hereunto set our names 
in presence of each other. 

J. White, Jared Ransom, Jared C. Ransom. 

The names of William Averill's children are taken from his 

Children : 

725. i. Charles Holt', b. , 1784; m. Agnes B. . 

726. ii. Elijah' (or Elisha?), b. , 1786 (?); m. and had 

children; d. 1828 or '29. 

727. iii. Arminda', b. , 1789 (?) ; m. Michael D. Mann. 

728. iv. Sophia', b. , 1791 (?) ; m. Robert Henry. 

729. V. Betsey', b. , 1794 (?); m. John Shepherd. 

730. vi. "Mira"' (Almira), b. — , 1796 (?) ; m. Timothy Green, 

of Warren, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

293. Sarah'' Averill {Steplieir, William\ William', Will- 
iam-, William'), b. Sept. 26, 1757, at Windham, Conn. (T. R.) ; 
m. after Mar. 29, 1785, Griffin'^ Crafts (Saul', Josephs Saul-% 
Samuel"' Griffin). He was b. July 18, 1748, at Pomfret, Conn. 
They moved to Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., N. Y., before June 2, 
1794 ; the date of the first deed to him in that County, where her 
brothers — Stephen the elder, and William — had settled. She d. 
there Nov. 20, 1824. Griffin Crafts had formerly m. as his 1st 
wife Hannah, dau. of Deacon Caleb May of Woodstock, Conn. 
She d. Mar. 29, 1785. (See Crafts' Gen.) 

Children of Sarah Averill and Griffin Crafts : 

i. (Infant Son)' Crafts, b. Feb. 20, 1790, at Cherry Valley, 

N. Y.; d. y. 
ii. Sarah' Crafts, b. Feb. 27, 1791, at Craftstown, N. Y.; m. 

Dr. Chester Tyler, 
iii. Emily' Crafts, b. May 2, 1793, at Craftstown; m. Nov. 20, 
1814, Chauncey Strong, and had several children. She 
d. Apr. 21, 1864, at Laurens, N. Y. 

The Sixth Generation 401 

iv. Stephen' Crafts, b. Feb. 20, 1795, at Craftstown; d. Feb. 

25, 1795. 
V. Samuel' Crafts, b. Nov. 26, 1797, at Craftstown; d. Apr. 18, 

1845. He was a cripple and lived with his brother-in-law. 

Sarah'^ Crafts (Sarah^ Averill, Stephen^ William*, Will- 
iam-', William'-, William^), b. Feb. 27, 1791, at Craftstown, 
N. Y. ; m. Dr, Chester Tyler; she d. 1820. 

Child : 

i. Sarah C: Tyler, b. 1820; d. y. 

295. Hon. Frederick'' Averell {Stephen'', William\ Will- 
iam-, William-, William^), b. Oct. 24, 1761, at Pomfret, Conn,; 
m. (1) Jan. 24, 1796, Lucretia Waldo, dau. of Jonathan Waldo 
of Pomfret, Conn. She died Dec. 22, 1810. They lived at Pom- 
fret. He m. (2) Nov. 15, 1822, Mrs. Phebe Ann (Jewett) 
Phillips, who was b. at Thompson, Conn., Apr. 13, 1776. She d. 
Mar. 8, 1866. He was a man of small stature, strong features, 
and good mind; a successful farmer, owning two good farms in 
Pomfret, one near the famous Israel Putnam's Wolf Den. In 
fact, it is said that he lived for a time in the house on the Wolf 
Den farm, and that his eldest daughter was born there. When 
about forty years of age he became a semi-invalid and turned 
to good books for solace. As about half his life was spent in 
this way, he became an unusually well informed man. He was 
a member of the Connecticut Legislature in 1834. 

His son Warren Waldo lived with him, and all but one of 
the other children lived very near, so that there were many to 
lighten the burden of those long years. He d. when over ninety- 
one years of age, July 18, 1853. The accompanying picture is 
from an old family portrait by Geo. B. Mathewson, now in the 
possession of his great-grandson, Mr, Andrew B. Hyde of Put- 
nam, Conn. 

Children (b. at Pomfret) : 

731. i. Lucretia', b. Oct. 9, 1796; m. Godfrey Brown. 

732. ii. Lewis', b. July 26, 1798; m. Hannah Burton. 

733. iii. Frederick', b. July 9, 1800; m. Elizabeth S. Chandler. 

734. iv. Eliza', b. Aug. 12, 1802; m. Samuel B. Merrill. 

402 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

735. V. Warren Waldo', b. Sept. 12, 1804; was a prosperous farmer 

and business man. He m. May 25, 1847, Mrs. Mary 
(Davis) Paull. They lived at Providence, R. I., w^here 
he d. Apr. 22, 1880; and she d. there June 4, 1894. His- 
estate was divided among numerous heirs. 

736. vi. William Pitt', b. Aug. 28, 1806; d. May 21, 1826. 

737. vii. Bathsheba', b. June 8, 1808; d. May 13, 1812. 

296. Josiah" Averell (Stephen^, William'^, William^, Will- 
iam'-, William^), was b. Nov. 3, 1763, at Windham, Conn. 
(T. R.). It is said that he m. (1) Miss Allin, dau. of his 
step-mother, Mrs. Mehitabel (Dana) Allin- Averell, and removed 
to Otsego Co., N. Y. In the first census of the United States, 
taken in 1790, the name of Josiah Averell appears in the Mont- 
gomery Co., N. Y., list of names in the town of "Canajoxharrie" 
(Canajoharie), Montgomery Co.; and at the same place and 
time we find the name of William Averell, his eldest brother. 
The former was the Josiah of our sketch, and he had at that date 
two other adult men over sixteen years of age in his family, two 
boys under sixteen, and three "females," — probably one his wife 
and the other two his daughters. 

He removed to Springfield about 1805. 

By deed of Aug. 22, 1805, Otsego Co. Registry Deeds, Noah 
Strickland, of Otsego Co., conveyed 25 acres of land in Spring- 
field, same Co., to Josiah "Avery"; and Josiah Averill of the 
town of Springfield, Otsego Co., conveyed 140 acres in the town 
of Springfield to James Hood, Apr. 1, 1829. 

Josiah Averell d. at Springfield (?), Otsego Co., N. Y., Jan. 
7, 1833, and his will was probated April 2, 1833, in the Surro- 
gate Court of that County. 

Children ("three by first wife") : 

738. i. Eliza', b. , ; lived, 1833, in Otsego Co., N. Y. 

739. ii. Stephen', b. , ; in 1833 m. Jane . 

740. iii. EVANDER', b. , ; m. Isabella Clendening M'Ches- 


("eight by second wife") : 

741. iv. Lucia', b. — , ; m. Cook Soddy; lived, 1833, in 

Onandaga Co., N. Y. 

742. v. Ruth' (?), b. — , ; name given, but not verified 

from other sources; prob. d. early. 

743. vi. Lucretia', b. — , ; m. Benj. Curtis; lived, 1833, 

Onandaga Co., N. Y. 

Hon. Frederick Averell. 

4U:i . Averell, Averili, Avery Family 

Wakren Walix)', b. Sept. 12, 1804; was a prosperous farmer 
and business man.. He m. May 25, 1847, Mrs. Mary 
(Davis) Paull. They ]ived at Providence, R. I., where 
he d. Apr. 22, 1880; and she d. there June 4, 1894. His 
estate was divided among numerous heirs. 

l:iG. vi. William Pitt', b. Aug. 28, 1806; d. May 21, 1826. 

737. vii. Bathsheba', b. June 8, 1808; d. May 13, 1812. 

2%. Josiah'' Averell {Stephen", William*, Willia. 

iam-, William^), was b. Nov. 3, 1763, at Windham, Conn. 

{T. R.). It is said that he m. (1) Miss Allin, dau. of his 

step-mother, Mrs. Mehitabel (Dana) Allin-Averell, and removed 

r,4 O -:'-(ro Co.. N. Y. In the first census of the United States, 

1790, the name of Josiah Averell appears in the Mont- 

' . N. Y., list of names in the town of '*Canajoxharrie" 

■ '), Montgom.ery . Co. ; and at the same place and 

' name of \^'il!iam Averell, his eldest brother. 

le Josiah of our sketch, and he had at that date 

en over sixteen years of age in his family, two 

1. and three "females," — probably one his wife 

about 1S05. 

Deeds, Noah 
;ind in Spring- 
cry**; and Josiah Averili of the 

2, 1833, in the Surro- 

• \, l^y>y>, in Otsego Cu 
in 1833 m. Jane — - 

ot verified 

- . ni. H'-nj. Curtis; !i\fcd. 1S33, 

The Sixth Generation 405 



Salinda' ("Celinda"), b. , ; m. James Patchin. 



, James Deloss', b. , ; lived, 1833, in Mich. Terri- 



Nelson Josiah', b. , ; lived in Mich. Territory. 



Beersheba', b. , ; m. John Ward; lived, 1833, in 




Nancy', b. , ; "a minor," in 1833, living with 

Mr. and Mrs. Cook Soddy. 

299. Stephen" Averell, the younger, called the 2nd (Ste- 
phen^, William*, William.^, William-, William^), b. Dec. 27, 1780, 
at Pomfret, Conn., was the son of his father's second wife, 
Mehitable Dana, and was b. after the death of his elder brother 
Stephen. He was m, about 1817 to Susannah Griffin of Man- 
chester, N. H. He lived for a time in Massachusetts, and later 
at Pomfret, Conn., where he d. Aug. 31, 1850. She d. there July 
22, 1872. 

Children : 

749. i. Sarah S.', b. Dec. 30, 1820; m. Charles Lovejoy. 

750. ii. George E.', b. Apr. 12, 1825; drowned near Fitchburg, 

Mass., 1851. 

751. iii. Mary Jane^ b. Sept. 16, 1832; unm.; living, 1899, at Lynn, 


302. Mary" Averell (James^, William*, William'\ William-, 
William'), b. Jan. 28, 1760, at Ashford, Conn. She m. (1)^ 
Ahner (or Alba?) Sykes; m. (2) Sept. 4, 1793, at Cooperstown, 
N. Y., Joseph Crafts-^ (Joseph\ Saul', SauP, Lieut. GriffinO 
(Crafts), who was b. at Monson, Mass., May 15, 1763 (see 
Crafts Family, by James W. Crafts), He was a farmer and 
man of influence in his own locality ; he enlisted in the Rev. War 
from Pomfret, Col. Shelton's Reg't, Feb., 1781, and served to the 
close of the War, and was at one time on guard at Washington's 
Headquarters. He d. Oct. 12, 1844, at Hartwick, Otsego Co., 
N. Y., where he and his wife had lived. She d. Apr. 24, 1839, 
aged "79", at Hartwick, N. Y. 
Children : 

i. Mary Walker' Crafts, b. Apr. 6, 1795, at Hartwick, N. Y.; 
d. Jan. 6, 1872, unm. 

ii. Alba Sykes' Crafts, b. Mar. 4, 1797; m. Catherine Low. 

iii. James Averill' Crafts, b. Sept. 16, 1801. 

406 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

304. James*^ Averell (James'^, William'^, William", Will- 
iam'-, William'), b. Dec. 14, 1763, at Ashford, Conn.; lived at 
Ashford in his youth, and later at Palmer, Mass., and Wilming- 
ton, Vt., before he settled finally on the Cooper patent, — Coopers- 
town, N. Y. 

He was in Revolutionary service while at Palmer. June 22, 
1780, a draft was made on the town of Palmer for 12 men for the 
militia for 3 months service to re-inforce the Continental Army. 
The town directed the commissioned officers of militia to hire the 
12 men, and among those hired was James Averill, Jr. (Gates' 
Hist, of Palmer) . 

We give an extract from a letter received in 1901 from Hon. 
Wm. M. Olin, Secretary of State, of the Commonwealth of Mas- 
sachusetts. It accompanied the certified records of Revolutionary 
service : 

"I would call your attention to the fact that the first entry embodied 
in the certificate is given under the form 'James Avery.' This entry upon 
the original roll is blotted, and almost illegible, but the beginning and 
termination of the surname can be made out. There is little doubt, since 
the order for wages for service in Captain Browning's company is signed 
by James Averel, Jr., that the name borne on the pay roll as 'James Avery' 
is meant for 'James Averel, Jr.', although owing to its illegibility, it was 
first inserted in the record index as 'James Amory.' " 

Office of the Secretary. 




James Avery: Appears with rank of Private on Muster and Pay 

Roll of Capt. Joseph Browning's co.. Col. Seth Mur- 
ray's (Hampshire Co.) regt. Enlisted July 15, 1780. 
Discharged Oct. 10, 1780. Service, 3 mos. 3 days 
(travel included). Regiment raised to reinforce Con- 
tinental Army. Vol. 19:59. 

James Averel, Jr.: Appears on an Order, dated Palmer, May 25, 1782, 
for wages for 3 mos. service in 1780, signed by said 
Averel and others belonging to Capt. Joseph Brown- 
ing's CO., Col. Murray's regt., payable to Capt. David 
Spear. Vol. 9: 201. 

The Sixth Generation 407 

I certify the foregoing- to be trvie abstracts from the Record Index to 
the Revolutionary War Archives deposited in this office. 

Witness the Seal of the Commonwealth. 
Wm. M. Olin, 
February 12, 1901. Secretary. 

It is probable that this James removed from his father's 
home at Wilmington to Cooperstown, N. Y., where he settled 
about 1785 ; for he was then only 22 years of age. 

He became identified with the business interests of that 
town at an early date. The records of the first purchases of 
property should be looked for in the Montgomery Co. Registry of 
Deeds as Otsega County, including Cooperstown, was taken from 
that County in 1791. 

We give a copy of a deed in possession of Lawson Averell 
Carter, a great-grandson of the "James Averell", the grantee: 

The property conveyed by this deed is now owned by, and 
is the summer residence of the said Mr. Lawson Averell Car- 
ter. It has remained in the family of James Averell and his 
descendants, continuously since it was acfjuired in 1793. The 
house is said to be the oldest one now standing in Cooperstown. 

The consideration expressed in the deed was evidently only 

This Indenture, made the Eighteenth day of January in the year of 
our Lord, one thousand Seven hundred and Ninety three, between William 
Cooper and Andrew Craig Esquires of the first part, and James Averell of 
the County of Otsego and State of New York of the Second part, 

Witnesseth, That the said parties of the first part, for and in consideration 
of the Sum of Five pounds lawful money of New York, to them in hand 
paid, by the Said party of the Second part, the receipt whereof is hereby 
confessed and acknowledged; Hath granted, bargained, sold, remised, 
released, aliened and confirmed: A7id by these presents Doth grant, bargain 
sell, remise, release, alien and confirm unto the Said party of the Second 
part, in his actual possession now being, by virtue of a bargain, and by 
force of the laws transferring uses into posSession, and to his heirs and 
assigns forever, All that tract or lot of land, Situate, lying and being within 
the bounds of a Patent, granted to George Croghan and others and com- 
monly called Coopers Patent and is bounded as follows (to wit). Beginning 
at the Southeast Corner of Jabes Hubbell's lot on the north side of the 
street commonly called front Street, and runs from thence North Thirty 
Seven Degrees Twenty Minutes East by Said Hubbells lot. Two chain and 
forty five links, then North forty degrees East Five chain into the Lake, 
then South Sixty Seven degrees East Two Chain and Forty five links, the 

408 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

South Twenty degrees West, three chains and Twelve links, then South Fifty 
Nine degrees West Five chains and Sixty Nine links to the Street, then North 
thirty Eight degrees west one chain and Sixty one links to the place of 
beginning. Containing two acres, and two perches of land and Water, being 
the lot whereon the house and Tannery Works of the said James Averell 
now are erected. 

Together with all and Singular the hereditaments and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging, or in any wise appertaining, and the reversion and rever- 
sions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof; and all 
the Estate, right, title, interest, claim or demand whatsoever, of the said 
parties of the first part, either in law or Equity, of, in and to the above 
bargained premises, with the Said hereditaments and appurtenances. 
To have and to hold, the Said lot or piece of ground and the appurtenances 
hereby granted to the Said party of the Second part, his heirs and assigns, 
to the Sole and only proper use, benefit and behoof of the Said party of the 
Second part, his heirs and assigns forever, subject to the reservations in the 
said patent contained. And the Said party of the first part, for themSelves, 
their heirs, executors and administrators, Do covenant, grant, bargain, 
promise and agree, to and with the Said party of the Second part, his heirs 
and assigns, That the above bargained premises, in the quiet and peaceable 
possession of the Said party of the Second part, his heirs and assigns, 
against All and Every person or persons, lawfully Claiming or to claim, 
the whole or any part of the Said above mentioned and described premises, 
by, from or under him, her or them, or Either of them, will forever Warrant 
and Defend. 

In Witness whereof, the parties to these presents, have hereunto inter- 
changably Set their hands and Seals, the day and year first above written. 

William Cooper 
Andrew Craig by His 
Sealed and Delivered \ Attorney William Cooper, 

in the presence of f 
Chas Francis ( 

John Howard / 

Indices in the oflEice of the Otsego County Clerk at Coopers- 
town, N. Y., show that the trustees of Otsego Academy con- 
veyed land Oct, 22, 1796, to James Averell of Cooperstown. This 
was probably James, Jr. ; and as "James Averill, Jr., Tanner", 
of Cooperstown, land is conveyed to him Dec. 19, 1805, by Joshua 
Starr. There are undoubtedly many other deeds to him, these 
being the early ones. Mar. 28, 1816, James Averell, Jr., of the 
town of Otsego conveys land to Roger Metcalf, of same place, 
land in village of Cooperstown. (Query: Is this our James, Jr., 
or his son James?) 

■..f .,ji; Si ;iij»jeii;-»5i«K|K|^^^ ■ 

The Averell Homestead. 
James Averell, Jr., Cooperstown, N. Y. 

1:, three chains and Twelve links, then South Fifty 

ive chains and Sixty Nine links to the Street, then North 

. west one chain and Sixty one links to the place of 

>,.wHg two acre'^ ■<"' f ^^ • perches of land and Water, being 

the house an;' W'qrks of the said James Averell 

mi Singular the hereditaments and appurtenances there- 
1. any wise appertaining, and the reversion and rever- 
d remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof; and all 
vie, interest, claim or demand whatsoever, of the said 
part, either in law or Equity, of, in and to the nb h.- 
with the Said hereditaments and appurtenances. 

Said lot or piece of ground and ■ .nces 

,1 T>qrty of the Sewnd part, his 1 Riis, 

• .of of the :• '■ the 

-t to the I. !; the 

oi the first part, lui 

. s. Do covenant, gra;i 

. t-,, ,.f (». . Second pai. ...- • .. 
i^e quiet and peaceable 

Clerk at Coopers- 
ego Academy con- 
"ooperstown. This 
rvverill, Jr., Tanner", 
.)ec. 19, 1805, by Joshua 
!]'.:r dcrds to him, these 
• MaTeaMoH jjanavA ^hTh .^ Averell, Jr., of the 

■ Y M .iTwoJ«foqooO ,.Tt-,n*49vA klv^^- ^^ ^^^ P^^^^^' 

!«.;- ;^ • 1- this our Ja^nes, Jr., 

The Sixth Generation 411 

James Averell and his son William Holt Averell invested 
largely in lands in Cleveland, Ohio, and James, at the time of his 
death, was one of the largest land owners there. 

[Associated in some way with this family, and buried be- 
side them, was an Avery Averell (or "Avery Avery"?), who 
died about 1820, and papers in the family of James Averell Jr. 
relate to the administration of this estate. — Ed.] 

This branch of the family has always retained what some 
of us believe is the original spelling of our surname — Averell. 

James Averell was m. prob. abt. 1788, to Marcy Holt of 
Pomfret, Conn., who was the dau. of William" Holt (of Will- 
iam^ Thomas\ Nicholas-, Nicholas^ of Hampton, Conn., and 
Mercy or Mary, nee Holt, his wife ( Windham V. S. gives Mercy, 
His wife). She was b. Dec. 7, 1766, at Windham, and d. Sept. 
14, 1834, aged 67, at Cooperstown, N. Y., where she was buried. 

From a History of Cooperstotvn, we have the following 
items relative to James Averell, Jr. : 

Mr. James Averell was an early settler on the patent, having occupied 
the farm since known as the Howard farm in 1787, but he exchanged with 
Mr. Howard this farm, against the Tannery, and removed into the village, 
or rather what is now the village, in the year 1792. Here by his enterprise 
and industry he raised the works in question into some of the most import- 
ant of the sort that then existed in the newer part of the state. Mr. Averell 
soon became conspicuous for his habits of business and subsequently was 
much connected with the increase of Cooperstown and its vicinity, in wealth 
and industry 

He subscribed $50. towards building an academy Apr. 5th, 1795. 

The Tannery was burned on the night of July 12, 1823. 

Jas. Averell Esq., whose activity in business has already been men- 
tioned, died as lately as Dec. 1836, his wife having preceded him to the 
grave about two years. 

The families longest resident in Cooperstown are the following, the 
date of the connection with the place being put opposite to the name of 
each, viz. 

Cooper, 1785-1790; Miller, 1786; Averell, 1786 - 1788; 

First Coroners: These were James Averell, Esq., of Cooperstown and 
Luke May, Esq., of Cherry Valley. They were appointed in 1798. 

First Bank: Otsego Co. Bank; Among first board of directors, W. H. 
Averell, 1830; Elected Prest. Feby. 1855. 

The Otsego Academy: Organized June 12, 1795. Jas. Averell was its 
first collector. 

412 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Otsego Co. Bible Society was organized Mch. 7, 1813, by Jas. Averell, 
Jr., and others. 

Among the Old Residents who had been for fifty years and over in 
Cooperstown and were still living in 1861 was W. H. Averell (his son). 

James Averell, Jr., d. away from his home, at St. Johns- 
ville, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1835, aged 72 years and 3 days. That his 
burial was from the house of his son William Holt Averell at 
Cooperstown, and that "he was buried by the side of my mother 
and of his father in the Presbyterian burying ground" this son 
recorded in the Family Bible. 

His will was probated Jan. 30, 1836. It mentioned James 
Averell, 3rd, Horatio Averell, William H. Averill, Lewis Averell, 
his sons, and Marcia Stark (probably a daughter). The will 
mentions his wife Marcia. 

The Bible containing the birth records of the family of 
James and Mercy (Holt) Averell is in the possession of Mr. L. 
Averell Carter. 

Children {F. B. R., all b. at Cooperstown) : 

James W.', b. Dec. 18, 1789; m. Lydia Ambler. 

Marcia (')', b. Feb. 11, 1792; d. Aug. 19, 1794. 

William Holt', b. July 8, 1794; m. Jane Russell. 

Marcia (")', b. July 23, 1796; m. Samuel S. Starkweather. 

Horatio (")', b. Nov. 18, 1798; d. Sept. 9, 1799. 

Horatio (')', b. Mar. 15, 1801; m. Jane Hogeboom Webb. 

vii. Lev^^is', b. Mar. 11, 1803; m. Celia ; lived in Little 

Falls, N. Y., and in 1838 at St. Johnsville, Montgomery 
Co., N. Y.; d. Jan. 13, 1854, at St. Johnsville; will pro- 
bated Feb. 21, 1854. He had an adopted son, Charles 
Lewis Averell, who survived him. 
759. viii. George', b. May 10, 1805; d. Oct. 19, 1805. 

305. Benjamin" Averell {James'', William*, William'', Will- 
iam-, William^), b. Aug. 15, 1765, at Ashford, Conn. (Ashford R. 
and F. B. R.) , was a farmer and inn-keeper and lived at Ash- 
ford, Conn., and Wilmington, Vt. He and his father were prob- 
ably influenced by settlers from Windham Co., Conn., to move 
through Massachusetts to Wilmington, Windham Co., Vt., a 
County named after the one in which James Averell Sr. had 
lived. His father lived for a time in Palmer, Mass., and in 
Wilmington, Vt., before he settled at Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Benjamin Averell m, (1) Apr. 14, 1799 {F. B. R.) , Rhoda 















The Sixth Generation 413 

Hedge, who d. Jan. 26, 1800, at Wilmington {T. R.). He m. 
(2) Nov. 26, 1801 (F. B. R.), Lovina Holland, b. Oct. 2, 1766. 
About 1820 he helped build the noted "Averell's Stand" — a well- 
known tavern on the old highway, on the so-called old Turnpike 
from Brattleboro to Bennington, which passed through Wil- 
mington. He v/as at one period a wealthy man for his time. A 
picture of the old homestead of the Averills is iii a History of 

April 12, 1798, he purchased land in Wilmington from his 
father (see James Averell, No. 118). His will is recorded in 

Brattleboro, Vt., P. R.: — Will of Benjamin Averill late of Wilmington, 
Vt., presented by Stephen Averill (the executor) Aug. 26, 1841. 

Abstract: To wife Lovina all my real estate consisting of one undi- 
vided half of the Farm on which I now live, .... and in event of her 
death this portion to revert to the legal heirs of Stephen Averil. 

To my son John Averill Twenty Dollars 

To my son Stephen Averill all the rest and residue of my present 
estate .... all debts and obligations. 
Son Stephen executor of my will. 

1st day of April 1841. 

Benjamin X Averill 
Vermont Probate Dist. Marlborough. 

Allowed Sept. 30, 1841. 
Inventory of estate of Benjamin Averill late of Wilmington Vt. 

Farm $1,200.00 
Other things 586.50 


Children (F. B. R.) (by first wife) : 

760. i. John Hedge', b. Jan. 26, 1800; m. Rhoda Morey. 
(by second wife) : 

761. ii. Stephen^ b. Nov. 27, 1802; m. (1) Sarah Pulsifer; m. (2) 

Lavinia B. Field. 

762. iii. Benjamin Jr.', b. June 2, 1805, at Wilmington, Vt. 

763. iv. James', b. Aug. 17, 1807, at Wilmington, Vt. ; d. at Coopers- 

town, Little Falls, or Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

764. V. William', b. Mar. 22, 1809. 

















414 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

309. Shadrach'^ Averell or "Avery" (Joseph'% Joseph*, Will- 
iam-\ William-, William^), b. prob. abt. 1766, at Arundel, now 
Kennebimk Port, Me., where he passed his life. He m. at a date 
not known, but prob. abt. 1787, Hannah Smith (see Bradbury's 
Hist, of Kennehunkport) . 
Children : 

Samuel', b. abt. 1788; m. Lydia Noble. 
Shadrach', Jr., b. abt. 179- ; unm. 
Joseph', b. abt. 179- ; m. Betsey Jeffry. 
Eben', b. abt. 179- ; d. at Dartmouth. 
Hannah', b. abt. 179- ; m. George Wilson. 
Sally', b. abt. 1798; m. Stephen Boothby at Belfast, Me. 
Ruth', b. abt. 179- ; m. Jacob Curtis, 
viii. Betsey', b. abt. 179- ; m. Brown of Boothbay, Me. 

311. Joseph'' Averell or Avery (Joseph-', Joseph*, William'', 
William-^ William^), b. abt. 1770, at or in the vicinity of Kenne- 
bunk Port, Me.; m. (1) Mary Stone; m. (2) Martha Tyler; 
m. (3), July 13, 1808, Polly (or "Nancy") Haley. He is said to 
have had several children ; the only one whose name is known 

Child : 

773. i. John', b. , ; m. Katherine Kimball. 

315. William'^ Averill or Avery (Joseph'', Joseph*, Will- 
iam''', William'-, William'), was b. abt. 1778 at Kennebunk Port, 
Me, He was m. (1) to Susan (na) Boothbay. After her death, 
he m. (2) Mary Weeks. 

Children (by first wife) : 

774. i. Thomas Boothbay', b. Sept. 6, 1795, at Scarborough. Me.; 

m. Sally Huff. 

775. ii. James' Boothbay, b. 179- ; m. (1) Lydia Fletcher; m. (2) 

Miranda Perkins. 

(by second wife) : 

776. iii. Phoebe' Boothbay, b. , ; unm. 

777. iv. William' Boothbay, b. , . 

316. Hannah'' Averell or Avery (Joseph"^, Joseph*, William^, 
William'-, William^), b. abt. 1779; m. Ebenezer Huff; they had 

The Sixth Generation 415 

317. John*^ Averell ("Avery") (Joseph^ Joseph\ William''. 
William-, William'), b. abt. 1781, at Kennebunk Port, Me.; m. 

Sophia (surname of wife unknown) ; and had son, 

Charles, and other children.* He was a blacksmith in Port- 
land, Me. Dec. 27, 1819, Geo. Tukey conveys to him — John 
"Avrell" land in Portland, on Federal St.: — Consideration, 
$225.00 : — June 8, 1820, John Avrill conveys the same land to 
A. Marvinck and Sophia his wife releases her dower rights 
(CumberkiMcl Co. Deeds). 

Child : 

778. i. Charles', b= abt. 1805 (?). 


* Query: — Did John Averell have a son David who lived in Portland 
and had a wife Martha Ann? 

See abstracts of Cumberland Co. Deeds, given below. David Averell 
of Portland: 1742-'49. 

From Cumberland Co. Deeds: Vol. 178, p. 532. 

I David Averell of Portland, yeoman, for $500.00 pd by Gerry Cook, 
Esq'' of Westbrook Co., Gentleman, do sell him . . . land with buildings 
thereon in Portland on the old road from Portland to Stroutwater Village 
called "Morse Tavern" and conveyed to me by Gerry Cook Esq'', of West- 

brooke by deed bearing even date of this date Sept. 1, 1842 

This mortg-age deed was discharged March 31, 1849. 

From Cumberland Co. Deeds: Vol. 216, p. 12: 

David Averill of Portland for $800.00 p" by Levi Weymouth of s" 

Portland sells him land in Portland on the old road leading 

to Stroudwater Village, at a place called "Horse Tavern" with buildings 
thereon. Martha Ann Averill wife of said David Averill releases her right 
of Dower. 
March 31, 1849. 

320. Harmony'' Averill {James"^, Jabez*, William", Will- 
iam-, William' ) , b. Mar. 8, 1773, at Preston, Conn. ; m. Apr. 17, 
1794, Aaron Crary of Plainfield, Conn. Mrs. Crary d. before 
Apr. 5, 1817. 

The children of Aaron and Harmony (Averill) Crary (all 
b. in Plainfield, Conn.) were: 

i. Lucy' Crary, b. Sept. 16, 1795. 

ii. Benjamin' Crary, b. Aug. 5, 1797. 

iii. James' Crary, b. July 8, 1799. 

iv. Samuel' Crary, b. June 3, 1801. 

416 Aver ell, Averill, Avery Family 

V. Aaron' Crary, b. July 27, 1803. 

vi. William Pierce" Crary, b. Apr. 29, 1803. 

vii. Stephen' Crary, b. June 6, 1808. 

322. Sarah" Averill (James% Jabez\ William''-, William-, 
William'^), b. Sept. 13, 1781, at Preston, Conn.; m. Benjamin 

Children (all b. at Plainfield, Conn.) : 

i. William Noice or Noyes' Andros, b. May 26, 1806. 
ii. James Sanford' Andros, b. Oct. 18, 1808. 
iii. Abel Averill' Andros, b. Jan. 27, 1816. 

323. James*^ Averill {James'', Jabez*, William^, William-, 
William^), b. July 17, 1786, at Preston, Conn.; m. Lucy Button. 
He was exr. of his father's estate in 1815. At this date, Gris- 
wold, Conn., was incorporated from Preston and included that 
part of the former town in which the father and grandfather 
of this James had lived. 

Children (all b. at Griswold, Conn. See T. and Ch. R.) : 

779. i. James', b.. May 29, 1815. 

780. ii. George C, b. Oct. 18, 1816. 

781. iii. Lucy R.', b. Nov. 3, 1818; m. May 11, 1839, Charles Hinck- 

ley of Plainfield, Conn. 

782. iv. Olive', b. Apr. 19, 1822; m. (1) Dr. Josiah Byles of Ash- 

ford, Conn.; m. (2) Elisha L. Fuller. 

783. v. Charles', b. Apr. 23, 1825; d. Mar. 28, 1837 or '39. 

324. Jabez'' Averill (Gideon^, Jabez\ William'', V/illiam-, 
William.^), b. Nov. 17, 1777, at Preston, Conn,; lived at Preston 
and at Gale's Ferry in Groton, Conn. He m. Abby . 

Children : 

784. i. Francis', b. abt. 1800 (?). 

785. ii. Eliza Ann', b. abt. 1805; m. William Browning. 

328, Daniel" Averill (Gideon''', Jabez\ William''', William-, 
William^), b. Sept. 28, 1787, at Preston, Conn., lived in Preston 
and Gale Ferry, Conn., Portage and Hornellsville, N. Y. He was 
a merchant. He m. Nov. 21, 1818, Sarah Browning (dau. of 
Wilham T. Browning of So. Kingston, R. I., and No. Stonington, 
Conn., and Catherine Morey his wife). She was b. at Portage, 
Aug. 9, 1794, and d. Dec. 21, 1867. He d. Apr. 28, 1878, at 
Montreal, Canada. 

The Sixth Generation 417 

Children : 

786. i. Catherine Browning', b. Jan. 23, 1815; m. Feb. 13, 1844, 

Solomon Williams of Portage, N. Y. 

787. ii. William Browning', b. Aug. 25, 1818; m. Julia M. Wheeler. 

788. iii. Elizabeth Morgan', b. Apr. 21, 1823; d. Aug. 26, 1834. 

789. iv. Latham Hull', b. Feb. 2, 1829; m. Katherine Van Allen. 

790. V. Sarah Elizabeth', b. Aug. 29, 1835; m. William Anson 


329. Erastus*^ Averill {Gideotr, Jabez\ William'\ William-, 
William^), b. July 23, 1790, at Preston, Conn., lived in New York 
State, and kept a public house on the Erie Canal between Lock- 
port and Rochester, He m. . 

Children : 

791. i. Zeruiah', b. , ; m. ; living at 

Homer, N. Y. 

792. ii. Betsey', b. , ; m. ; lived at 

Homer, N. Y. 

793. iii. Eunice', b. , ; m. Stephen Meech. Esq., lived at 

Preston, Conn. 

332. Capt. William' Avery or Averill {William'', Jabez*, 
William'', William-, William'), b. Jan. 21, 1785, at Preston, 
Conn. ; lived in Preston and New London, Conn., in Aurelius, 
Tioga Co., N. Y., and removed later to Belfast, Me., between 
1812 and 1820. He was a sea captain, merchant, and land- 
owner. He m. 1820, in Belfast, Me,, Ann Durham, dau. of John 
Durham, one of the first settlers of Belfast, from Londonderry, 
N. H,, in 1772, She was b, Dec, 17, 1795, in Belfast, Me. ; d, in 
1882 or '83 in Dorchester, Mass, 

Owing to the change of surname from Averell to Avery 
there were some problems in connection with Capt. Avery's 

This copy of a letter by Daniel Lane, Esq., of Balfast, Me., 
to his nephew, Frank M. Avery, of Denver, Col,, explains the 
problems : 

"Your grandfather, William Avery, came from New London, Conn., 
sometime between 1812 and 1820. While in Connecticut he was master and 
owner of a large sloop running between Connecticut and southern ports as 
a trader carrying produce and merchandise. He had a brother, Loring 
Averill, where your father got his name. During the war a friend of mine, 
Gorham Blake, U. S. Engineer, was strolling around Savanah; he picked 

418 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

up a newspaper dated 1811, and the first thing that attracted his notice 
was the arrival of the sloop Juno from New London; Capt Wm. Avery 
with produce and saddlery goods. Mr. Blake sent me the paper, and if I 
can find it will send it to you. 

"Capt. Avery married Ann Durham in 1820. My wife, Elizabeth 
Frances, was the oldest child, your father was the next, and Henry was the 
next. Albert was the youngest. All dead. Albert was ship-keeper in the 
ship Bothnia in Boston. He was missing one morning, and we supposed 
that he fell overboard in the night, as his clothes were found in the cabin 
where he took them off. His body was not found. Capt. Avery was a very 
pleasant and agreeable man, always had a kindly greeting for everyone. 

"A countryman came in town one day with an order on Capt. Avery; 
not knowing the Capt., he had instructions to present the order to the 
pleasantest man he met; he met the Capt. and presented him the order, and 
he hit the right man the first time. 

"His brother, Loring Averill, was the perfect image of the Captain. 
He visited the Captain once, and some of the people spoke to him mistaking 
him for the Captain. 

"Your great grandfather, John Durham, was one of the first settlers 
from Londonderry, N. H. He located on the east side of the River when 
the first settlement was made in 1772." 

Capt. William Avery d. at Belfast, Me., May 13, 1836, 
and some of the aged people living a few years ago remembered 
him as an interesting old man known in their youth. 
Children : 

794. i. Elizabeth Frances' Avery, b. — , 182- ; m. Daniel 

Lane; lived at Belfast, Me. 
William Loring", b. 182- at Belfast; m. Susan Reed. 
Henry', b. 1827; m. Angeline Haskel. 

Albert', b. , 183- (?); drowned from ship Bothnia 

of Boston, Mass. 

798. V. Franklin', d. very y. 

337. horing^ A\eri\\(William°, Jabez*, William^, William-, Will- 
iam'^), b. Nov. 8, 1793, at Preston, Conn.; was "Master Mariner" 
1840, at Nantucket, Mass., where he owned a place from 1834, 
date of deed. He was m. Nov. 8, 1812, at Nantucket (T. R.), by 
Elijah Hedding, pastor of the Methodist Church, to Betsey 
Edwards, b. Apr. 2, 1785 ; d. Sept. 22, 1866. He d. prob. 1840, 
at Nantucket. 
Children : 

799. i. Sophia', b. 1817, at Nantucket; m. Mar. 20, 1842, at Nan- 

tucket, by Daniel Round, Jr., pastor of Baptist Church, 
to Benjamin Jewett of Whitefield, Me. 







The Sixth Generation 419 

800. ii. SARAH^ b. 1819, at Nantucket; m. Apr. 28, 1841, at Nan- 

tucket, by E. W. Stickney, preacher in M. E. Church, to 
Alvin N. Fisher of Falmouth, Mass. 

342. Nathaniel Perkins'' Averell {Nathaniel^, Nathaniel*, 

Nathaniel^ William-, William'), b. May 1, 1767, at Topsfield, 
Mass. ; m. Apr, 12, 1791, Hannah Wood, who is called "a widow" 
in the Averill Genealogy, Essex Antiquarian. They lived in 
Topsfield. She d. Sept. 13, 1816. 
Children (all b. in Topsfield) : 

801. i. Stephen Perkins", b. Jan. 16, 1792; m. Anna Moore. 

802. ii. Dolly', b. Nov. 18, 1794; d. , . 

803. iii. Thomas', b. Mar. 21, 1798; m. Sophronia Moore. 

804. iv. Nathaniel Perkins Jr.', b. Oct. 25, 1803; m. Susan Silver. 

805. V. Aaron Perley', b. 1810 (?); m. Julia Ann Eastman. 

343. Azariah** Averell (Nathaniel'', Nathaniel*, Nathaniel^, 
William-, William^), b. Feb. 11, 1778, at Topsfield, Mass.; m. 
there Sept. 10, 1799, Sarah Towne of Topsfield. She was b. 

, 17—; d. Sept. 6, 1842, at Salem, Mass. They lived in 

Topsfield, Beverley and Salem. 

Children : 

806. i. Sarah', b. Aug. 3, 1800. 

807. ii. Hiram', b. Aug. 3, 1802. 

808. iii. Irene', b. Aug. 23, 1804; m. (2d w.) Feb. 10, 1833, by Rev. 

James F. McEwen, to Humphrey G. Hubbard, her brother- 

809. iv. Mary', b. Feb. 25, 1807; m. , 18—, William R. 


810. V. Eliza', twin sister of Mary, b. Feb. 25, 1807, at Beverley, 

Mass.; m. (1st w.) July 1, 1830, at Topsfield, by Rev. 
James F. McEwen, to Humphrey G. Hubbard. 

811. vi. Moses', b. Oct. 9, 1809, at Beverley; m. (1) Mary Towne; 

m. (2) Mary F. Towne; he d. June 3, 1848. 

812. vii. Ephraim', b. Feb. 28, 1813, at Beverley; m. Lydia S. Potter. 

813. viii. Rachel', b. Apr. 16, 1816, at Salem; m. Nov. 28, 1832, at 

Topsfield, by Rev. James McEwen, to Samuel Clifford, 
"both of Topsfield". 

347. Moses "^ Averell (Nathaniel^, Nathaniel*, Nathaniel^, 
William-, William'), b. June 5, 1786, at Topsfield, Mass.; was 
m. to Mehitable Merrill of New Rowley ; and hved at Topsfield 
and Middleboro, Mass. 

420 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children (the first five b. at Topsfield; the others at Mid- 
dleboro) : 

814. i. Moses', b. Oct. 8, 1808; d. Nov. 4, 1808, at Topsfield. 

815. ii. Salinda', b. Aug. 18, 1809; d. Mar. 15, 1885, in Boxford. 

816. iii. Albert Augustus" (name legally changed from Royal), b. 

May 10, 1811; m. (1) Hannah Merrill Walton. 

817. iv. Hannah', b. June 3, 1813; m. Simon F. Estey. 

818. V. Betsey Bordman', b. May 14, 1816; m. Joseph Newell Pope, 

who was b. Feb. 22, 1800, at Salem, Mass. She d. Mar. 
19, 1879, at Boxford. 

819. vi. John Merrill', b. Mar. 22, 1826; d. May 9, 1846, at Middle- 


820. vii. Moses Abbey', b. Dec. 20, 1827; m. Mary J. Ellis Campbell. 

821. viii. Enoch Faulker' (Faulkner?), b. Apr. 13, 1830; m. Anna 

S. Hatch. 

822. ix. Mehitable', b. Aug. 1, 1833; d. Nov. 3, 1897, at Lynn, Mass. 

She was a graduate physician, a woman of ability, bright, 
gifted, and broad in her sympathies. She was for a time 
a m.ember of the School Board of Lynn. 

349. Daniel" Averell (Daniel^, Jacob\ Nathaniel', Will- 
iam-, William'), b. June 12, 1762, at Topsfield, Mass.; m. by N. 
Cleaveland, J. P., July 7, 1795, to Betsy Clinton. He d. Jan. 13, 
1845, and she d. Dec. 10, 1845. He was a farmer and lived at 

Children : 

Daniel', b. Jan. 3, 1796; d. Apr. 8, 1838. 
Jacobs b. Feb. 26, 1799; d. Dec. 31, 1837. 
Eunice', b. June 4, 1805; m. William Mackenzie. 
Nabby' (Abigail?), b. Nov. 18, 1807, at Topsfield, Mass.; 
m. by Rev. James McEwen, Sept. 27, 1830, to Samuel 
Beckford of Topsfield {T. R.). 

352. Solomon" Averell ('') (Daniel'', Jacob*, Nathaniel\ Will- 
iam-, William'), b. Aug. 20, 1769, at Topsfield, Mass.; lived there 
all his life in the place he had inherited in direct line from 
Nathaniel, No. 10. 

He was m. Mar. 11, 1794. at Topsfield. by N. Cleaveland, 
Justice of the Peace, to Anna Towne of Boxford, Mass., dau. of 

Towne, and granddaughter of Joseph Cummings. He 

d. Feb. 13, 1855, at Topsfield (see Averill Gen. Essex Ant.) ; she 
d. Mar. 25, 1851, aged 84, at Topsfield. 









The Sixth Generation 421 

Children (all b. at Topsfield) : 


Annis', b. Mar. 6, 1795; m. Samuel Blaisdell. 

Asa', b. Nov. 16, 1797. 

Cyrus', b. Oct. 30, 1802; m. Lavinia Dickinson. 

359. Obed« Averill (Asa\ John\ Johyir, William-, Will- 
iam^), b. at Westminster, Vt. ; was m. Feb. 25, 1790, at North- 
ampton, Mass., by Rev. to Susannah ("Susan") Ly. 

man (dau. of Capt. Lyman, a Rev. soldier (see Lyman Gen.), 
b. 1768 ( ?) ; d. June 26, 1848, aged 80. He d. June 14, 1808, 
aged 45 ; Toivn Records give his death June 23, 1808 {Cem. Ins.). 
Excellent marble headstones mark their graves in the old West- 
minster burying ground. 

Probate Records for Windham Co., at Bellows Falls, Vt., 
Vol. ii, p. 58, show administration of the estate of Obed Averill 
of Westminster, was granted Nov. 15, 1808, to Mark Richards, 
Esq. of Westminster. The admr. and Asa Averill were sureties. 
The inventory. Mar. 2, 1809, gives value of estate as $2798.00, 
and mentions various items of interest ; among them pewter, a 
silver watch, a large Bible, 250 acres of land with buildings. 
All the children recorded below except the infant who d. before 
1816, are mentioned as heirs of their father's estate. Benjamin 
Ranney was appd. guardian to the minor children, heirs of Obed 
Averill. John Johnson, their brother-in-law, was appd. admr. 
of the estates of Asa Averill, 2d, and Hannah Averill, children 
of Obed(iah) Avery, May 27, 1818. 

Children : 

830. i. Asa 2"'", b. , ; rec'd from his father's estate a 

part of the North part of Lot No. 7 in the first range — 
over 174 acres; d. before May 27, 1818, at which date 
John Johnson was appd. admr. of his estate. 

831. ii. Obed', b. prob. 1801; m. Mar. 11, 1832, by Rev. Sylvester 

Sage, to Harriet Wright; "both of Westminster, Vt." 
He rec'd from his father's estate over 68 acres in Lot 
No. 6 in the first range. He d. Dec. 16, 1839, aged 37. 
Good marble headstones mark their graves in the West- 
minster burying ground. 

832. iii. David', b. Feb., 1802; m. Mary ("Polly") Wright. He 

received over 68 acres from his father's estate in Lot 
No. 6. 

833. iv. Susannah', b. 1795; m. (1) John Johnson; (2) Ephraim 

Smith. She rec'd over 10 acres from her father's estate. 

422 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

834. V. Hannah^ b. , ; d. before May 27, 1818. She 

received over 13 acres from her father's estate. Her 
brother-in-law^, John Johnson, appd. admr. of her estate, 
at that date 

835. vi. Phebe', b. 1790; m. Nathan Marvin. She rec'd over 12 

acres from her father's estate. 

836. vii. Persis', b. , ; m. James Tower. 

837. viii. (Infant Son)', b. , ; d, before 1816. 

361. Mary'' r"Molly") Averill (Asa\ John*, John% William-, 

William'), b. 1768 (?) at Westminster, Vt. ; m. Jonathan At- 
water Phippen (son of Samuel Phippen and Emma Averill, 
No. 50, his wife), who was b. 1757, at Topsfield, Mass., and bap. 
in Christ Church, Topsfield, May 21, 1757. He settled in West- 
minster in 1781; his wife Molly d. there July 14, 1807 (West- 
minster- Cem. Ins.). He m. (2) Hannah ; who d. 

July 24, 1850. He d. at Westminster, July 26, 1827; and his 
descendants are still living there. 

Children (all b. at Westminster, and all bap. Oct. 4, 1804, 
by Rev. Mr. Sage) (Westminster T. R.) : 

i. Anna' Phippen, b. Apr. 15, 1787. 

ii. Clark' Phippen, b. Jan. 24, 1789. 

iii. Priscilla' Phippen, b. before Oct. 4, 1804. 

iv. Hannah' Phippen, b. before Oct. 4, 1804. 

V. Mary' Phippen, b. before Oct. 4, 1804. 

vi. David Averill' Phippen, b. before Oct. 4, 1804. 

vii. Samuel' Phippen, b. before Oct. 4, 1804. 

363. Experience'' Averell (Asa^% John*, John''-, William-, 
William'), b. 1770; m. Abraham Nutting. She d. Aug. 23, 1852. 
(Data from Wills; T. R.; Ch. R.; and descendants.) 
Children : 

i. Frederick' Nutting, b. Sept. 2, 1795; m. Elizabeth Tucker- 
man Penniman. 
ii. Hiram' Nutting, b. Dec. 11, 1797, at Westminster, Vt. 
iii. Mary Ann' Nutting. 
iv. Nathaniel' Nutting. 

Frederick^ Nutting (Experience*^ Averell, Asa^, John*, 
John\ William-, William'), b. Sept. 2, 1795, at Westminster, Vt.; 
m. Jan. 1, 1826, Elizabeth Tuckerman Penniman. 


i. Mary P.^ Nutting, b. Jan. 2, 1831; m. Henry C. Lane. 

The Sixth Generation 423 

364. Anna'' Averell (Asa'', John\ Joh^r, William-, Will- 
iam^), b. 1774; m. July 22, 1804, at Westminster, Vt., John 
Columbus'"' Averill (John', John\ John", William^ William^). 
She d. May 4, 1808 (see No. 386). 

366. Sarah" ("Sally") Averill {Asa% Jolin\ John\ Will- 
iam-, William^), b. 1782 at Westminster, Vt. ; m. Josiah Davis* 
of Westminster. Mr. Henry C. Lane wrote Jan., 1901 : "Sarah 
and her husband Josiah Davis lived and died on their homestead 
given them at their marriage by Sarah Averill's father, Asa 
Averill."t He d. Apr. 22, 1870. The Manual of the Old West. 
Church states that she made profession of faith June 28, 1812; 
and (as "Sally Davis") her death is recorded Oct. 6, 1825 (T. R.) . 
Children (all b. in Westminster, Vt.) :$ 

i. Horace "Oscar"' Davis, b. Dec. 5, 1803; m. . 

i. Louisa Pierce' Davis, b. Nov. 13, 1805; settled in Wis. 

iii. Julia' Davis, b. Feb. 1, 1808; d. Nov. 26, 1810. 

iv. Hannah Lovejoy' Davis, b. July 31, 1810. 

V. Henry' Davis, b. Aug. 9, 1814; settled in Wis. 

vi. Asa Averill' Davis, b. Apr. 16, 1819; settled in Wis. 

vii. Sarah Mary' Davis, b. May 2, 1822; settled in Wis. 

Horace "Oscar"' Davis (Salbf Averill, Asa% John\ John\ 
William-, William^), b. Dec. 5, 1803, at Westminster, Vt. ; m. 

— ; lived in Vermont. 

Child : 

i. Ellen* Davis, m. L. B. Hapgood, lives at College Hill, 
Easton, Pa. 

369. Betsey*' (Elizabeth?) Averill (Thomas% John\ John^ 
William-, William^), b. Sept. 25, 1777, at Westminster, Vt. ; lived 
at Waterbury, Vt. ; m. Silas Loomis. 

Child : 

i. Elon' Loomis, m. and had children. 

* Mr. Davis m. (2) Grace T. . 

•j- An excellent stone in the Westminster Burying Ground gives the 
above date of death of Sally, wife of Josiah Davis; and another beside it, 
gives the above date of death of her husband, Josiah Davis, "aged 90 years 
8 mos. 10 days." Some of the descendants of Josiah Davis and his first 
wife have thought, and written, that the name of their ancestress was 
Mercy Averill. The various records for both Me-cy and Rally prove the 
above to be correct. 

t Births of these children taken from T. R. of Westminster, where 
they were attested as "a true record" by Sylvester Sage, Town Clerk. 

424 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

370. Amos^ Averill (Thomas^% John*, John'-, Williamr, Will- 
iam^), b. Nov. 2, 1779, at Westminster, Vt. ; m. (1), it is said, 

his cousin, Lovejoy, a dau. of Mrs. Anna (Averill) 

Lovejoy (No. 163). She was the mother of his first child, 
Orrin E. He was m. (2) Dec. 8, 1808, at Westminster, by Rev. 
Timothy Field, to Reliefa ("Releifa", "Relefa" Robinson of 

Westminster (dau. of Reuben Robinson, and sister of 

), b. June 21, 1785, at Westminster. They lived at 

Bridgewater, Vt. 

Children (all b. at Bridgewater) : 

838. i. Orrin Emerson', b. Nov. 12, 1807; m. Sept. 3, 1833, at 

Royalton, Vt., Lucinda Woodward. He d. at Springfield, 
Vt., July 12, 1885; and she d. there Jan. 3, 1902. 

839. ii. Preston", b. Sept. 11, 1811; m. Ann Barrett. 

840. iii. Oramel', b. Nov. 17, 1814; m. Phebe Maxham. 

841. iv. VOLNEY', b. May 21, 1818; m. at Woodstock, Vt., Mar. 6, 

1843, Susan Maxham. He d. at Bridgewater, Oct. 11, 

842. V. Alonzo Amos', b. Mar. 20, 1825; m. Oct. 30, 1848, at Wood- 

stock, his sister-in-law, Susan (Maxham) Averill. She 
was the dau. of Jabez Maxham. Mr. A. A. Averill d. 
Nov. 28, 1898, at Woodstock. 

371. "Col." Oliver" Averill (Thomas'', John*, John\ Will- 
iam-, William^), b. Mar. 18, 1772, at Westminster, Vt., was a 
farmer and blacksmith and lived at Westminster and North- 
field, Vt. He held many town offices and was postmaster and 
town treasurer. He was "a corporal in a company commanded 
by Capt. David Robinson that went from Williamstown to repel 
the British in their invasion of Plattsburg in September, 1814." 
(Certificate from records in Adj. Gen. Office, Montpelier, Vt.) 

He was m. Jan. 2, 1804, at Westminster, by Rev. Mr. 
Emerson, to Polly Hopkins, who was b, in Massachusetts, Mar. 
7, 1780 ; d. at Northfield, Vt., Oct. 5, 1847. He d. at Northfield, 
Apr. 11, 1870. 

Children : 

843. i. VOLNEY Hopkins', b. Oct., 1804, at Westminster, Vt.; m. 

Harriet Gearey. 

844. ii. (Infant)', b. Dec. 18, 1805; d. Feb. 17, 1806, at West- 


845. iii. RiLEr, b. , 1807; unm.; d. at Defiance, Ohio, 1863. 

The Sixth Generation 425 

846. iv. Roland ("Rolan")', b. 1813; m. Susan Brown. 

847. V. Mary', b. May 18, 1824; m. (1) Chancey Alexander; m. (2) 

Charles Dudley. 

372. Abigail" ("Nabbie") Averill (Thomas\ John\ John% 
William'-, William^), b. Apr. 16, 1784, at Westminster, Vt. ; went 
West to Lockport or Rockport, 111. She m. Mr. Marsh. 

Child : 

i. Averill' Marsh, 

and perhaps others. 

373. "Capt." Jesse" Averill {Thomas'', John\ John\ Will- 
iam'-, William'^), b. Apr. 11, 1786, at Westminster, Vt., was a 
farmer and lived at Westminster and Northfield, Vt. He m. 
Dec. 27, 1810, at Hinsdale, Mass., Polly Loomis, b. Nov. 28, 
1783, at Hinsdale. "Jesse Averill, resident of Northfield, Vt., 
was a sergeant in Capt. Matthias S. Jones' Company of Waits- 
tield, made up at Burlington, who went as volunteers to repel the 
British in their Invasion of Plattsburg in Sept. 1814. He was 
four days in service." "War of 1812." (Copy of Certificate 
from office of Adj. Gen., State of Vermont, Nov. 14, 1902.) "He 
d. Oct. 17, 1855, at Northfield, aged 72." 

Children (all b. at Northfield, Vt.) : 

848. i. Clark', b. Dec. 30, 1812; d. Oct. 31, 1899, at San Jose, Cal. 

He was buried at Northfield. 
Maria Polly', b. Dec. 19, 1814; m. Rev. John Gregory. 
Russell', b. June 11, 1816; d. Feb. 18, 1900, at Tewkesbury, 

Thomas', b. June 5, 1820; m. Fanny Howes. 
David Townsend', b. Nov. 3, 1823; m. Lucinda Howes. 

375. Lavinia*' Averill (Thomas^ John\ John% William'-, 
William^), b. Dec. 10, 1790, at Westminster, Vt. ; m. Andrew 
Tracy. He lived and d. at Middlesex, Vt. ; she d. at Montpelier, 

Children : 

i. Andrew' Tracy. 
ii. Alonzo' Tracy. 

376. John'' Averill {Thomas'', John*, John% William-, Will- 
iam^), b. Apr. 28, 1794, at Westminster, Vt., was a farmer and 
lived at Westminster and Northfield, Vt. "He was a private in 





















426 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Capt. Matthias S. Jones' Company of Waitsfield, made up at 
Burlington, who went as Volunteers to repel the British in their 
Invasion of Plattsburg in Sept., 1814. Four days in service." 
"War of 1812." (Copy of Certificate from Adj. Gen., State of 
Vermont, Nov. 14, 1902.) 

He m. Sept. 10, 1818, at Northfield, Lauretta Robinson 
(dau. of Amos Robinson of Northfield and Bathany Janes, his 
wife), b. Dec. 7, 1796; d. Jan. 21, 1886, at Northfield. 
Children (b. at Northfield) : 

Albert John', b. June 9, 1819; m. Lydia E. Smith. 
Charles', b. June 8, 1823; m. Jane Jenkins. 
George', b. Jan. 2, 1827; m. Harriet N. Busk. 
Cara Loretta', b. June 6, 1831; m. Sept. 25, 1870, at North- 
field, Jonas Leonard. He d. June, 1901. She lives at 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Edwin', b. , 1835; d. y. 

Henry', b. May 10, 1837; m. Sept. 10, 1861, at Montpelier, 
Vt., Susan Webster (dau. of James and Susan Edwards, 
his wife) , b. Aug. 16, 1842. They live at Northfield. 

378. Corporal Samuel' Averill, Jr. (Samuer, John\ John^ 
William-, William^), b. Feb. 24, 1777, at Plymouth, Vt., M^as a 
shoemaker, sadler, and farmer, and lived at Plymouth, Randolph 
and Burlington, Vt. ; Gowanda (formerly called "Lodi"), N. Y., 
and Indianapolis, Ind. He was compelled early in life, by reason 
of ill-health, to sell his sadlery business at Burlington ; and he 
then purchased a large tract of land in Cattaraugus Co., N, Y. 
He became a very robust man, broad chested, and vigorous to 
the end of his long life. He was a very gentle, but a firm 
disciplinarian in his family; erect, and of commanding presence, 
and a man of great force of character. He was a soldier in the 
War of 1812. "Samuel Averill was a private in a Company of 
Militia under the command of Capt. James Gray, Jr., of the 
Vermont Militia, in the service of the United States, commanded 
by Col. William B. Summer, from the 12th of April to the 20th 
of May, 1814." (Copy of Certificate from office of Adj. Gen., 
State of Vermont, Nov. 14, 1902.) He m. Apr. 5, 1800, at 
Randolph, Christabel Kibbee, b. Oct. 30, 1780, at Randolph ; d. 
Jan. 22, 1855, at Gowanda ("Lodi") . He d. Dec, 1863, at Indian- 
apolis, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Parsons. 



























The Sixth Generation 427 

Children (the eight first named b. at Randolph, Vt.) 
{T. R.) : 

Samuel Voltaire', b. Feb. 28, 1801; m. Jemima Whitcomb. 
SOPHRONIA Dorcas', b. Oct. 24, 1802; m. Apr., 1831, at 

Gowanda, John Reinhart. She d. 1835 at Gowanda. 
Sally Caroline', b. Sept. 29, 1804; m. (Au)gustus Balcom. 
Molly Barnes', b. June 29, 1806; m. Peter Harwood. 
Ruth Butler', b. July 28, 1808; d. Mar. 24, 1810, at Ran- 
Angeline', b. May 7, 1810; d. at Indianapolis, Ind. 
Laureston', b. Apr. 3, 1812; m. Elizabeth Seabrook. 
viii. Carlos', b. Apr. 2, 1814; m. Lydia Benson. 
Edwin', b. June 29, 1816; m. Esther Clark. 
Albert', b. Sept. 20, 1818, at Perrysburg, N. Y.; d. there 

Lorin', b. Sept. 26, 1820; m. Adaline Hartman. 
xii. Sarah Volinda', b. Dec. 14, 1824; m. John Jehial Parsons, 
xiii. Aldula', b. May 6, 1825, at Lodi, N. Y.; d. there Feb. 4, 
872. xiv. Lafayette Kibbee Jerome', b. Apr. 5, 1827; m. Eliza Hart- 

379. Sarah" ("Sally") Averill (Samuel% John\ John\ Will- 
iam-, William^), b. 17 — , at Randolph, Vt. ; m. Mar. 12, 1807, at 
Randolph (T. R.), Diah" Hebard (son of Zebulon' (Zebulon^ 
Nathaniel', Robert-, Robert^, of Windham, Conn., and Lucy 
Hebard, his cousin and his wife) , b. Nov., 1782, at Windham, 

They lived at Brookfield, Vt., where he d. Aug. 26, 1831, 
and she d, June 5, 1852. The Hebards as well as the Averills 
were identified with the early development of Vermont, as shown 
by Randolph Toivn Records and Brookfield Records, and his- 
tories of that State. 

Children (all b. at Brookfield, Vt.) : 

i. DiAH Volney' Hebard, b. Apr. 11, 1808; d. Apr. 16, 1808, 

at Brookfield. 
ii. DiAH Alonzo' Hebard, b. Apr. 24, 1809; d. Oct. 6, 1831. 
iii. Sarah Elvira' Hebard, b. May 18, 1811; m. 1830, Samuel 
Morse; lived at Boston, Mass., had four children; d. 1873 
at Boston, 
iv. Laura Malvina' Hebard, b. July 15, 1814; d. July 21, 1831. 
V. Enoch Byron' Hebard, b. June 23, 1816; m. Dec. 7, 1836, 
in Vt., Melissa Coburn; lived at Adrian, Mich.; had six 

428 Avcroll, Averill, Avery Family 

vi. Adoniram Judson' Hebard, b. Aug. 29, 1818; m. (1) 1842, 
Harriet Hoswood; m. (2) 1850, Loveday Rettenburg; 
lived at Lockport, N. Y.; had six children. 

vii. RoswELL' Hebard, b. and d. Dec. 11, 1821. 

viii. Samuel Averill' Hebard, b. Sept. 11, 1831; m. (1) Apr. 
8, 1855, Harriet L. Waldo; m. (2) Mar. 24, 1870, Helen 
S. Brewer; lived at Adrian, Mich.; had three children. 

ix. George Diah Alonzo' Hebard, b. Sept. 11, 1831; m. Marga- 
ret Eliz. Dominick Marvin. 

Rev. George Diah Alonzo^ Hebard (Sarah'^ Averill, Samuel"^, 
John\ John\ William-, William^), b. Sept. 11, 1831, at Brook- 
field, Vt., was a Congregational minister. He m. May 13, 1856, 
Margaret Elizabeth Dominick Marvin (see The Marvin Family, 
p. 402), b. Feb. 20. 1830, at Woodstock, New Brunswick. She 
was the dau. of Charles" Marvin, and Mary E. Dominick. He 
d. Dec. 14, 1870, at Oskaloosa, la. She d. May 9, 1902, at 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Children : 

i. Frederic Schiller" Hebard. 
ii. Alice Mary" Hebard. 

iii. Grace Raymond' Hebard, a grad. from State Univ. of la., 
1882; B. S. in 1885; M. A. in 1893; Doctor of Phil., 111. 
Univ.; admitted to the Bar, Nov., 1898, the first and only 
woman to be admitted to the Bar in Wyoming. She has 
been for twelve years a member of the Board of Trustees 
and member of the Executive Committee of the Univ. of 
Wyoming, at Laramie, 
iv. George Lockwood' Hebard. 

380. Abigail" (**Nabby") Averill (Samuel% John\ John\ 
William', William'), b. Feb. 6, 1787; was m. Feb. 27, 1805, at 
Plymouth, Vt., by Ephraim Moor, Justice of the Peace, to 
William Mudge (son of John Mudge of Maiden and Fitchburg, 
Mass., the first settler of Saltash, later called Plymouth, Vt., and 
Hannah Hutchinson, his wife), b. July 7, 1781 (first male child 
b. in Plymouth, and therefore given 100 acres of land). He d. 
Oct. 8, 1854. She was living in 1868 at Newfane, N. Y. 
Children (all b. at Plymouth, Vt.) : 

i. Edmund' Mudge, b. Dec. 22, 1805. 

ii. Selman or Stillman Parker' Mudge, b. Jan. 4, 1808. 

iii. Dorcas Marie or Maria' Mudge, b. Apr. 13, 1810. 

Grace Raymond Hebard. 

li, Averiil, Avery Family 

AiM.NinvM Judson" Hebard, b. Aug. 29, 1818; m. (1) 1^42, 
Ifariiet Hosvyrood; m. (2) 1850, Loveday Rettenbtiip, 
■d at Lockport, N. Y.; had six children. 
:li; Hebard. b. and d. Dec. 11, 1821. 
■ . • .averill' Hebard, b. Sept. 11, 1831; m. (1) Apr. 
■ Harriet L. WaJdo; m. (2) Mar. 24, 1870, Helen 
S. )j'-'wer; lived at Adrian, Mich.; had three children. 
GcV)-^i.t. Di'AH ALONZir Hebard, b. Sept. 11, 1831; m. Mar.;^a- 
• Dominick Mavviv 

.=^. ...u.k Alonzo^ Hebai'o ,,...,,..,. ...,-,.,,,,...,.,...', 
. Williayn', William'), b. Sept. 11, 1831, at Brook- 
< a Congrej^ational minister. He m. May 13, 1856, 
Tiabeth Dominick Marvin (see The Marvin Family, 
S30, at Woodstock, New Brunswick. She 
IS" Marvin, and Marv E, Dominick. Hp 

UT of Phil., 111. 

, e first and only 

r, Wyoming. She has 

he Board of Trustees 

Feb. 27, 1805. at 

; .. ii, V ;, of the Peace, to 

William Mi: n and Fitchburg, 

M. ., iater -..::ju Plymouth, Vt., and 

H; b. Jiily 7 1781 (first male child 

h. ; : r of land • 

•>r\. \ ;ane, N. "5 

S&LMw - .^A5BaH nvf6**W*5l' a^A#Os:. b- Jan- 4, 1808. 

^..K^A:^ -.iAiir; ..: '-u:.^^. Mrnch, h. Apr. 13. 1810. 

The Sixth Generation 431 

iv. Mary Ann' Mudge, b. July 12, 1812. 

V. William Herison or Harrison", b. Jan. 14, 1816. 

vi. DiAH Hebard' Mudge, b. Aug. 1, 1818. 

vii. Sarah Abigail' Mudge, b. , 18 — . 

viii. Hannah S.' Mudge, b. , 18 — . 

ix. Enoch M.' Mudge, b. , 18 — . 

385. Mary' ("Molly", "Polly") Barnes Averill {Samuel^ 

John\ John'^, William-, William^) , b. , 17 — ; m. Sept. 23, 

1802, at Plymouth, Vt., by Ephraim Moor, Justice of the Peace, to 
Eleazer Pinney (son of John Pinney) of Plymouth, b. 1782 (?), 
at Guildford (?). She d. 1824. Eleazer Pinney* m. (2) Nancy 

Children of Mary and Eleazer Pinney, all b. in Plymouth: 
i. William' Pinney, b. Aug. 24, 1805; m. Eliza Mclntire. 
ii. Celia' Pinney, b. Mar. 6, 1809; unm.; lived at Plymouth, 
iii. George W.' Pinney, b. Jan. 17, 1812; lived at Chenango, 

N. Y. 
iv. Samuel Averill' Pinney, b. Jan. 23, 1816; lived at Orleans, 

N. Y., and Emporium, Penn. 
V. Jonathan' Pinney, b. Sept. 9, 1818; lived at W. Bridge- 
water, Vt. 
vi. Zeruah Barnes' Pinney, b. May 1, 1821; m. Albert Holt; 
lives at Rutland, Vt. 
, vii. Joel' Pinney, b. Jan. 22, 1824. 

William" Pinney {Marif Averill, Samuel;', John*, John^, 
William--, William^), b. Aug. 24, 1805, at Plymouth, Vt. ; m. 
Eliza Mclntire; lived at Plymouth. 
Children : 

i. Streeter'* Pinney; lives at Chester, Vt. 

ii. Eleazer^ Pinney. 

iii. Andrew'* Pinney; lives at W. Bridgewater, Vt. 

iv. Maria** Pinney. 

Zeruah Barnes^ Pinney (Marif Averill, Samuel^, John*. 
John% William-, William^^) , b. May 1, 1821, at Plymouth, Vt., 
lived at Plymouth and Rutland, Vt. ; m. Albert Holt. She wrote 


* Eleazer Pinney had by his second wife, Nancy Cram, three children 
—Charles A., b. Oct. 17, 1828; Polly, b. Feb. 28, 1831, and who m. (1) 
Albert Spalding, (2) Marshall Dimick, (3) Myron Dimick; and Eleazer, 
b. Aug. 20, 1837. 

432 Averell, Averill, Avory Family 

she was named Barnes after her mother and grandmother, both 
of whom were named MolHe Barnes. 
Children : 

i. Mark' Holt. 

ii. Elvin' Holt. 

iii. Samuel* Holt. 

iv. William' Holt. 

V. Frank H.** Holt, who lives at Rutland, Vt. 

vi. Ada* Holt. 

386. John Columbus" Averill iJoJin% John\ John^, Will- 
iam-, William^), b. Nov. 17, 1779, at Westminster, Vt., was a 
carpenter and became the owner of a large and valuable tract 
of wild land of about one thousand acres at Highgate, Vt., to 
which place he removed after a brief residence at Swanton, Vt. 
Part of this land bordered on Lake Champlain. 

The William Spooner Genealogy gives a very lengthy and 
interesting account of Mr. Averill and his development of this 
forest into "a beautiful area of arable and fertile land". He 
was a quaker, and his spirit and influence are said to have been 
unusually fine, and very beneficial to the community in which he 
lived. He was three times a member of the Vermont Legislature 
and filled other high and responsible positions. He m. (1) July 
22, 1804, at Westminster, Anna Averill (No. 364), who was b. 
1764 (?), and d. at Westminster, May 4, 1808. He m. (2) Oct. 
5, 1808, Rhoda ^ Spooner') Wales, the widow of Nathaniel 
Wales. She was b. 1778, and d. Feb. 4, 1840, probably at High- 
gate. She was the dau. of Philip Spooner (Daniel', Samuel-, 
WilliamO, and Elizabeth (No. 496) Winslow, his wife, who was 
the dau. of Kenelm (No. 34) Winslow,t and Ehzabeth (No. 60) 
Clapp,t his wife. 

Mr. Averill d. Dec. 21, 1865, at Franklin, Vt. 

Children (by 1st wife) : 

873. i. John Columbus', b. Apr. 15, 1805, at Westminster (T. R.) ; 

d. unm. 

874. ii. Anna', b. Mar. 15, 1807, at Westminster (T. R.) ; d. unm. 

(by 2nd wife) : 

875. iii. Hannibal Wales', b. Aug. 24, 1809; m. (1) Lucinda Law- 

ton; m. (2) Mary Ann Seward. 

876. iv. Mark R.', b. Dec. 22, 1811; m. Ada C. Dunn. 
* See The William Spooner Gen. 

t See The Winslow Family. 

t See The Clapp Family in America. 

The Sixth Generation 433 

877. V. Sidney S.', b. Apr. 19, 1814; m. Elmira Lawson. 

878. vi. George', b. May 27, 1816, at Swanton; m. Eliza Stonbrawn; 

d. 1894 at Franklin, Vt. 

879. vii. Laura EJ, h. Oct. 19, 1818, at Highgate Springs, Vt.; m. 

Charles Cutting. They have an adopted son, Charles. 
She d. Aug. 10, 1896, at Austin, 111. 

880. viii. Olive', b. June 11, 1822, at Swanton, Vt.; m. June 27, 1865, 

Edwin Felton (son of William Felton and Caroline Con- 
nable, his wife), b. Aug. 24, 1813. He is a farmer in 
Franklin, Vt. She d. at Franklin. 

387. Daniel'^ Averill (JoJm'', John*, John^, William-, Will- 
iam^), b. Mar. 16, 1781, at Westminster, Vt.; m. (1) at West- 
minster, by Rev. Sylvester Sage, Nov. 5, 1810, to Betsey Vent; 
m. (2) at Westminster, Apr. 18, 1831, by Rev. Sylvester Sage, to 
Zilpah Harlow (dau. of Eleazer Harlow). He d. Aug. 1, 1853, 
at Westminster, and was interred at the old cemetery there, 
where good marble memorials mark the spot. 

Children (by first wife) : 

881. i. Eliza'. 

882. ii. Caroline'. 

390. Olive'' Averill {Joh7f\ John\ John% William-, Will- 
iam'), b. June 27, 1789, at Westminster, Vt. {T. R.) ; m. Sept. 
24, 1809, at Westminster, by Samuel Chipman, Justice of the 
Peace, to John Eliot Heald of Granville, Washington Co., N. Y. ; 
b. at Chester, Vt., d. Nov. 29, 1836, at Dorset, Vt. 

i. John Averill' Heald, b. June 17, 1816, at Granville, N. Y.; 
m. at Chestertown, N. Y., Aurilla Underwood. 

John AverilF Heald (Olive^ Averill, JoJin\ John\ John^, 
William-, William'), b. June 17, 1816, at Granville, N. Y. ; m. 
Dec. 3, 1841, at Chestertown, N. Y., Aurilla Underwood. 
Children (all b. at Chestertown) : 

i. Mary' Heald, b. Sept. 24, 1842; m. Jan. 1, 1861, at Prophets- 
town, ni., William Seaman, 
ii. Lucia* Heald, b. Feb. 4, 1844; m. Jan. 28, 1866, at Hume, 

111., Andrew Harp. 
iii. Laura' Heald, b. Apr. 17, 1845; m. Oct. 19, 1865, at Ster- 
ling, 111., Amos Conruish. She d. Sept. 18, 1888, at 
Alagona, la. 
iv. George Wesley' Heald, b. Mar. 24, 1847; m. Dec. 25, 1869, 
at Rolfe, la., Sarah Clason. 


Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

392. Mary*^ ("Polly") Averill {Thomas% Thomas*, John\ 
William-, William^), b. Aug. 25, 1777, at Amherst, N. H. ; lived 
in Amherst, and later, near Lake Champlain. She m. Joseph 
Towne, who was b. Feb. 22, 1771. 
Children : 

Asa' Towne. 
Silas' Towne. 
Mark' Towne. 
Luke' Towne. 
V. John' Towne. 
vi. Job' Towne. 
vii. Jonas' Towne. 

395. Jacob'' Averill {Thomas'", Thomas*, John\ William-, 
William'), was b. Dec. 22, 1783, according to family records in 
the possession of his descendant, Mrs, H. H. Ellison, although 
records held by his brother John give Dec. 27, 1784. Both give 
the place of birth as Amherst, N. H. He was m. Feb. 6, 1812, 
at Barnard, Vt,, to Matilda Nott (b. Nov. 29, 1788, at Spring- 
field, Vt. A Family Bible gave 1789 ; another record gave 1784 ; 
both without the month.) She was the dau. of Thadeus and 
Eunice (Spencer) Nott. (Eliphalet Nott, first president of 
Union College, was a relative.) They lived in Windsor Co., Vt., 
near Stockbridge. 

Children (probably all b. in Windsor Co.) : 




Frinda', b. Nov. 13, 1812. 

Luther', b. Apr. 27, 1814. 

Jacob Harvey', b. Jan. 22, 1816. 

Jotham', b. Apr. 2, 1818. 
V. Lucretia', b. Jan. 10, 1820. 
vi. Justin Parsons', b. Friday, Oct. 

Matilda Huston, 
vii. Lucina', b. July 31, 1823. 
viii. Plinny Fisk', b. Jan. 30, 1825. 
ix. John Elliot', b. May 4, 1827. 

19, 1821: m. Cornelia 

397. John*^ Averill {Thomas^, Thomas*, John^, William-, 
William'), b. Nov. 6, 1786, at Amherst, N. H. ; m. probably at 
Windsor, N. H., Jan. 19, 1808, Lucretia Tag-gart (dau. of Joseph 

Taggart and Lydia his wife). She was b. May 25, 

1789, at Hillsboro, N. H., and d. June 17, 1868, at Windsor. He 
was a farmer and tavern keeper, his tavern being a very large 













The Sixth Generation 435 

one for those days, and on the old turnpike from Hillsboro Bridge 
to Claremont, in the town of Windsor. 

Mr. Averill kept the record of the births in his family as 
here given. They were all b. at Windsor. He d. Oct. 15, 1833, at 
the old homestead. 
Children : 

893. i. Nancy N.', b. Mar. 5, 1809; m. Nov. 30, 1884, at Windsor, 
Jefferson Jones. 

Chester', b. Nov. 19, 1811; m. . 

John Truman', b. Nov. 13, 1813; m. Melissa Boutwell. 
Jane', b. Oct. 9, 1819; d. Apr. 2, 1824, prob. at Windsor. 
Mary', b. Jan. 25, 1823; m. Hiram Brockway. 
Alura L.', b. July 30, 1825; d. unm., many years ago. 
Hyman a.', b. May 19, 1829; m. (1) Sept. 8, 1852, Angeline 
Taggart (dau. of John, or Joseph, Taggart, and Betsey 

, his wife) ; m. (2) Martha Hunton. He had no 

children. He lived at Newport, N. H., and d. there. Mar. 
3, 1886. 

399. Philip*' Averill (Thomas'\ Thomas\ John% William-, 
Willia7n^) , b. Feb. 27, 1788, at Amherst, N. H. ; lived in Amherst, 
Windsor, and (1858) Peterborough, N. H. He m. (1) Sept. 16, 
1812, Hannah Boutwell; m. (2) Sept. 28, 1834, Mary Vose; 
m. (3) Hannah G. Barber, of Peterborough, who was living 
there Sept. 16, 1858. He lived many years in a house then 
standing near Windsor line, on the road above Daniel Swett's; 
moved thence to Peterborough, in 1836, and d. there, Sept. 27, 
1858. (See will at Nashua. P. 72., Vol. 68; p. 249.) 

Children (by first wife) : 

910. i. Mary Ann', b. Jan. 30, 1815; m. (1) Oct. 23, 1834, James 

Boutelle Jr.; m. (2) Benj. B. Osmet; lives in Peter- 

911. ii. John', b. June 29, 1817; m. Elizabeth Puffer. 


W. R. Cothrane's History of Antrim, N. H., 1744-1877, makes mention 
of this family. 

400. Rachel*' Averell (Thomas'', Thomas\ John'', William-, 
William^), b. Aug. 20, 1790, at Amherst, N. H.; was m. Dec. 27, 
1810, to Denison (No. 932) Gould (descendant of Zaccheus 
Gould,* and son of Jacob (No. 380) and Susannah (No. 388) 

See The Family of Zaccheus Gould. 

436 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Gould of Hillsboro, N. H.), who was b. Dec. 24, 1788. They 
Hved on a farm at Hillsboro. She is said to have been "a dear 
old lady whom every body loved". He d. 1866. 
Children : 

i. Granville' Gould. 

ii. Ellridge' Gould. 

iii. Emily' Gould. 

iv. Adeline' Gould. 

(None of this family living in 1906.) 

401. James Johnson*' Averill (Ebenezer'^, Ebenezer*, John^, 
William-, William^) , b. Aug. 6, 1778, at Milford, N. H. ; a farmer; 
lived in Mont Vernon, N. H. He m. Mar. 3, 1807, Lucy Wallace 
Burnham (dau. of Israel Burnham of Lyndeborough, and Mary 
Wallace, his wife), b. Mar. 20, 1785; d. Jan. 16, 1855, at Mont 
Vernon. He d. July 11, 1867, at Mont Vernon. 

Children : 

912. i. Mary Ann', b. June 1, 1809, at Milford, N. H.; unm.; d. 

May 24, 1883. 

913. ii. Lucy Burnham', b. Oct. 4, 1816; m. Stephen Chapin Lang- 


914. iii. Helen Marr', b. Mar. 15, 1827; m. Fitch Crosby. 

403. Ebenezer 3d, called Eben'^ Averill {Ehenezer% Eben- 
ezer\ John\ William', William'), b. Aug. 1, 1783, at Milford, 
N. H. ; m., probably 1810, Fanny Bradford, dau. of William Jr. 

and Hannah Bradford. They lived at Milford, where 

he d. July 12, 1869 (T. C, Milford). 

Children (all b. at Milford) (T. R.) : 

915. i. Granville Clifford', b. May 6, 1811; m. Caroline Wallace. 

916. ii. Fanny Bradford', b. May 23, 1815; m. Levi Curtis of Mil- 


917. iii. Eunice S.', b. Feb. 21, 1823; d. May 9, 1853. 

918. iv. Nancy', b. Jan. 4, 1827; d. Apr. 10, 1892, of apoplexy. 

404". Luther'' Averill (Ebenezer-', Ebenezer^, John^, Will- 
iamK, William'), b. Mar. 14, 1786, at Milford, N. H.; v^^as a 
farmer ; lived on the farm at Milford, formerly owned by Capt. 
Andrew Bradford and now by Mr. J. Fitch Crosby. He m. Nov. 
5, 1811, Hannah Wallace (dau. of John Wallace and Mary 
Bradford his wife, and own cousm of Lucy W. Burnham), b. 

The Sixth Generation 437 

June 25, 1787; d. Sept. 10, 1863, at Milford. He d. Oct. 10, 
1864, on his farm at Milford. 
Children : 

919. i. Caroline Wallace', b. Oct. 21, 1812; m. Granville Cliflford 

Averill (see No. 915). 

920. ii. Hannahs b. Nov. 18, 1815, at Milford, N. H.; m. May 15, 

1848, James Marvell of Milford; lived in Milford. She 
d. Apr. 28, 1893, at Amherst, N. H. 

921. iii. James', b. Aug-. 23, 1818; m. Dec. 8, 1852, Salome R. Crosby 

(dau. of Otis Crosby and Saloma Whipple, his wife), b. 
1825; d. of consumption, Nov. 21, 1898, at New Boston, 
N. H. He was a farmer at New Boston, and d. there, 
Nov. 17, 1880, of pneumonia. 

922. iv. Calvin', b. Apr. 22, 1826; d. Mar. 24, 1836, at Milford, N. H. 

405. Calvin^ Averill (Ebenezer'% Ebenezer^, John-, Will- 
iam-, William'), b. Sept. 18, 1788, at Milford, N. H.; m. Oct. 
18, 1824, at Milford, Eunice Spalding (dau. of Oliver^ Spalding 
[John*, John', Andrew-, Edward^], who was b. at Chelmsford, 
Mass., and lived at Milford, and of Eunice Brown his wife) . 
Eunice Spalding was b. Sept. 30, 1796, at Milford, and d. there 
Oct. 9, 1868. 

Mr. Averill was a wool and lumber merchant, and lived at 
Milford, where he d. Apr. 27, 1874. 

Child : 

923. i. Clinton Spaulding', b. Sept. 22, 1827; m. Mar. 10, 1852, 

Catharine K. Hutchinson. 


Calvin Averill brought up his cousin, Moses" Averill Jr., who was soi^ 
of Moses^ Averill Sr. (Ebenezer*) ; and Sally Odell, the wife of Moses Jr., 
was cousin of Calvin Averill, on his mother's side (that is, the side of Anna 
(Johnson) Averill). 

407. Nancy'' Averill (Ebenezer'', Ebenezer\- John'-, Will- 
iam-, William'), b. Mar. 24, 1793, at Milford, N. H.; m. Nov. 19, 
1816, at Milford, John Leavitt, son of Andrew Leavitt, of Am- 
herst, and Sarah Hastings, his wife. They lived at Amherst; 
she d. there Nov. 22, 1854. 
Children : 

i. John' Leavitt. 

ii. Alma' Leavitt. 

iii. Henry' Leavitt. 

iv. Nancy' Leavitt. 

438 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

408. Alma" Averill (Ebenezer' Jr., Ebenezer*, John^, Will- 
iam-, William^), b. Oct. 17, 1796, probably at Milford, N. H.; 
m. (1) Daniel Johnson, Jr. (son of Daniel Johnson of Milford 
and Rachel Hutchinson, his wife) ; she m. (2) before Oct. 1, 
1853, Benjamin Barker. They lived at Milford. By her first 
husband, Daniel Johnson Jr., she had one child. 

Child : 

i. Isaac "Newton"" Johnson, b. , 18 — ; living in 1872 

at Milford. 

409. Asa*^ Averill {DavicP, Ebenezer\ John^, William-, Will- 
iam^) , b. Aug. 30, 1783, in New Hampshire; lived in Farming- 
ton, Franklin Co., and in Pittston, Kennebec Co., Me. He was 
the first settler of this branch at Pittston on the Sheepscot 
River. He m. (1) probably about 1808, at Newcastle, Me., Mary 
Catlin* of Newcastle, who d. about 1823; he m. (2) Jan. 1, 1825, 
Mrs. Abigail (Bickford) Meservey or Meserve. He d. at Pitts- 
ton, 3rd day of Oct., 1868. His wife Abigail had Cyrus Rundlett 
appd. admr. 

Dresden, Me., T. R., give Int. of marriage Jan. 1, 1825, 
between Mr. Asa Averill of Pittston, and Mrs. A^Mgail Meservy 
of Dresden. 

Children (by first wife) : 

924. i. Martha', b. , 18 — ; m. Mr. Merrill. 

925. ii. Mary', b. May 13, 1810; m. Gardiner Phillips. 

926. iii. Eben', b. Apr. 15, 1812; m. Maria Osgood. 

927. iv. Ira', b. Oct. 31, 1814; m. Ernestine Judkins. 

928. V. Hiram', b. , 1818; m. Nancy Little. 

929. vi. Asa', b. , ; m. 

930. vii. Sarah', b. , 1822; m. Darius Rockwood. 

(by second wife) : 

931. viii. Abigail ("Abbie")', b. , ; m. Jonathan Oilman, 


932. ix. Orin', b. , ; lived in Lowell, Mass. 


* "Mary Catlin had five sisters and two brothers and was connected 
with or related to the Winslow family," says her son Hiram. Mrs. Abigail 
Bickford Meserve "had by her first husband three children, two boys, and 
one girl who m. a Pulsifer," 

The Sixth Generation 439 

414. Ethan" Averill iDavid\ Ebe7iezer\ John\ William-, 
William^), b. probably at Greenfield, Hillsboro Co., N. H., Apr. 
12, 1792; was a stevedore, and lived at Farmington, Raymon 
(1815), Pittston, and Portland, Me. He resided at the last 
named city from about 1822 to 1878. He m. Oct. 26, 1814, 
Mary Cook (dau. of Hezekiah Cook* of Casco, and. Sarah Whit- 
neyf his wife), b. Apr. 2, 1794; d. June 24, 1851, at Portland, 
Me. He d. Aug. 10, 1878, at Pine Tree Rapids, Columbia River ; 
and was buried on the Washington side of the river. 

Children : 

933. i. Sarah', b. July 26, 1815, at Raymond, that part now Casco, 

Me.; m. (1) 1834, Seymour Leaver; m. (2) Stephen Plum- 
mer, who d. at Searsport, Me., June 26, 1899. She d. at 
Searsport, Sept. 15, 1891, aged 76 years and 2 mos. 

934. ii. Eliza', b. May 23, 1819, at Raymond; m. Capt. Daniel 

Stover of Harpswell, Me., and d. there soon after her 

935. iii. David', b. July 27, 1821, at Raymond; m. Mar. 2, 1845, 

Martha A. Morton. 

936. iv. Gerry C.\ b. Jan. — , 1824 ( ?) , at Portland, Me.; m. Margaret 

Leavit, who was "b. at Raymond; d. at Cambridgeport, 
Mass., June 20, 1899. They have 3 children. 

937. V. Hezekiah', b. Apr. 2, 1826, at Portland; d. Mar. 2, 1828, at 


938. vi. Charlotte', b. Mar. 15, 1829, at Portland; m. Apr. 23, 1852, 

William L. Morse of Portland, who was b. Sept. 26, 1829, 
and d. at Cambridgeport, June 10, 1867. She d. at Oak- 
land, Cal., Nov. 23, 1890. 
939. vii. Henrietta Lever', b. Aug. 10, 1836, at Portland; m. (1) 
Capt. Alexander P. Nichols, Mar. 5, 1854; m. (2) Hiram 
A. Johnson, Aug. 5, 1857; lives at Oakland, Cal. Mrs. 
Johnson has a very accurate and remarkable memory of 


* Hezekiah Cook's father was a Scotchman, who settled at Casco, 
Cumberland Co., Me. He claimed that his family were very proud of their 
descent from the great navigator, Capt. Cook. 

i Sally Whitney's mother was a sister of Hon. Elbridge Gerry, who 
was b. at Marblehead, Mass., July 17, 1774, and d. at Washington, D. C, 
Nov. 23, 1814. He was the eighth to sign the Declaration of Independence, 
1776; was a Mem. of the Continental Congress 1776-80, 1783-85; Del. to 
the Constitutional Convention, 1787; Mem. of Congress from Mass., 1789- 
93; Com'r to France, 1797-98; Gov. of Mass., 1710-12; Vice President of 
the United States, 1813-14. 

440 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

names and dates in connection with her family, and has 
been of great help in the efforts made to secure data of 
this branch of the Averill family. (Ed.) 

418. David*^ Averill {David", Ebenezer*, John--, William-, 
William'), b. Feb. 16, 1800, at Greenfield, Hillsboro Co., N. H., 
was a farmer and lived at Pittston and Lincoln, Me. ; m. Apr. 7, 
1825, at Pittston, Mary M. Lee (dau. of Nathan Lee of Concord, 
Mass., and Rebecca Puffer of Sudbury, Mass., his wife), b. Sept. 
7, 1804, at Dresden, Me.; d. June 20, 1864, at Lincoln. He d. 
Aug. 18, 1866, at Lincoln. 

Children : 

940. i. Martha', b. Dec. 21, 1826, at Pittston, Me.; m. Dec. 1, 1846, 

at Lee, Me., Benjamin Tobin. They live at E. Lincoln. 

941. ii. Susan', b. Nov. 17, 1828; m. John E. Ludden. 

942. iii. Sophronia', b. July 29, 1831; m. Solomon Stone. 

943. iv. David Jr.', b. Nov. 14, 1834; m. Leah S. Lowell. 

944. V. Nathan', b. Apr. 4, 1837; m. Mary E. Thurlow. 

945. vi. Mary', b. Mar. 3, 1840; m. Joseph W. Knight. 

946. vii. Rebecca Lee', b. Nov. 7, 1842, at Lincoln; m. Nov. 28, 1876, 

at Boston, Mass., Charles W. Badger. She d. at Boston, 
May 12, 1904. Mr. and Mrs. Badger were very helpful 
in securing data of their line. 

947. viii. Harriet', b. Mar. 30, 1844, at Lee, Me.; m. May 19, 1866, at 

Lee, Ira P. Bradford. 

948. ix. Horace', b. June 11, 1848; m. Sarah Weatherbee. 

419. Elijah'^ Averill (Elijah', Ehenezer\ John'', William^, 

William^), b. , 1781; m. Jan. 5, 1809, Lois Mace (dau. 

of Eliphalet and Lois Mace), whose family came from Lynde- 
boro, N. H. He lived at Amherst, Milford, and Lyndeboro, 
N. H., and moved to Ohio with his wife and seven children. 

Children : 

abt. 1813; m. Lucy Jane 









Elijah', b 













420. Moses'' Averill Jr. {Moses'', Ebenezer*, John\ Will- 
iam-, William^), b. Jan. 26, 1785, at Mt. Vernon, N. H., was a 
farmer and removed from New Boston, N. H., in 1824, to Mil- 









The Sixth Generation 441 

ford, N. H., and resided there on the place now owned by EH S. 
Barnes {Hist, of Milford, N. H.). He m. June 6, 1811, Sally 
Odell (dau. of Ebenezer Odell, an officer in the American Revo- 
lution, and Sally Johnson, his wife), b. Feb. 21, 1787, at Mt. 
Vernon ; d. Nov. 30, 1873, at Milford. He d. July 14, 1861, on his 
place at Milford. 

Sally Odell was a cousin of Anna Johnson, wife of Eben- 
ezer-^ (Ebenezer^), who was the mother of Calvin, who brought 
up Moses Averill Jr. 
Children : 

956. i. Sophronia', b. Nov. 4, 1811, at Mt. Vernon, N. H.; m. Oct. 
11, 1832, at Lowell, Mass., John B. Wilson of Canaan, 
N. H. They had eight children; she d. Oct. 18, 1897, at 
Sarah Lucetta', b. Sept. 16, 1813; m. Joseph P. Myrick. 
*Clementine', b. Aug. 9, 1815, at Mont Vernon, was a woman 
of great executive ability and originality, and lived at 
Vabico, Fla., where she d. in 1900. 
t Abigail Langdell Od^ll', b. May 5, 1820; m. Joel Stone. 
Calvin Harleigh', b. Dec. 29, 1822; m. Mary B. Gutterson. 
* Mrs. Lilly writes: "The most interesting member of our immediate 
family is my Aunt Clementine, who went to Florida when she was sixty 
years old, took up a quarter section of government land, and has lived there 
alone ever since. Loom and Spindle, by Harriet Robinson, describes her. 
She was one of the 'Lowell Mill Girls' whom Dickens met when he visited 

T Mrs. Lilly also adds that her Aunt Abigail, Mrs. Joel Stone, edu- 
cated herself by means earned in the Lowell Mills, which enabled her to 
take an Academy course. 

424. Luther''' Averill {Moses'', Ebenezer*, Job\ William-, 

William'), b. , 1804; m. (1) Cery. 

Children : 
960a. i. Gesire'. 

960b. ii. Greenleaf', is living at S. Andover, Me. 
960c. iii. George'. 
960d. iv. Elibe'. 
960e. V. Benjamin F.^ 

427b. Moses'' Averill 2nd {Moses^, Ebenezer*, JoJiw, Will- 
iam-, William^), b. , , at Wilton, Me., or in New 

Hampshire; m. (1) at Wilton, Betsey Dorr, before 1821. He 

442 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

lived at Wilton. It has been very difficult to secure full records 
of this family, especially of the grandchildren of Moses (No. 

He m. (2) Mrs. Doyn, a widow, with a dau. 

named Lucinda Doyn, who became the wife of her step-son, 
Moses Averill Jr. 

The only child of Moses and Betsey (Dorr) Averill, so far 
as we are able to learn, was : 

960k. i. Moses", b. , 18 — ; m. Lucinda Doyn. 

428. Samuer' Averell {Benjamin'', Job\ Job\ William-, 
William^), b. 1765, probably at Alna, Me.; m. at Pownalboro 
(Alna?), Me., Feb. 27, 1790, Elizabeth Hill, called "Betsey". 
She d. 1858, at Frankfort, Waldo Co., Me. He was drowned 
there preceding the death of his wife. 
Children : 

961. i. William', b. , ; lived at Sedgewick, Me., and was 

drowned there. 

Hill', b. , ; went to So. America, where he died. 

Charles', b. , ; cast away on Plum Island, off 

Newport, Mass. 

Henry', b. , ; d. at New York. 

Nathaniel', b. Jan. 31, 1804, at Frankfort, Me.; m. Mary 

Sally', b. , . 

Harriet', b. , . 

Betsey', b. , . 

Samuel', b. , ; went to So. America, where he is 

supposed to have died. 

430. MaryM "Polly") Averill (Benjamins Job*, Job', Will- 
iam-, William'), b. , 17 — ; m. at New Milford, William 

Hodge of Somerville, Me. (Int. of mar. pub. Aug. 9, 1794) . ''She 
lived at Somerville to a very great age". 
Children : 

i. Mary' Hodge. 
ii. Sarah' Hodge. 
iii. Philena' Hodge. 
iv. Nancy' Hodge. 
V. William' Hodge. 
vi. James' Hodge; dec. 
vii. Margaret' Hodge. 
Possibly there were others. 

















The Sixth Generation 443 

431. John'' Averill (Benjamin'', Job\ Job--, William-, Will- 
iam^) , b. Sept. 20, 1776, at Pownalborough, N. Precinct, Me., 
lived at New Milford, later called Alna, Solon (1819), Alton, 
Dover (before 1842), and Oldtown, Me. He m. (Int. pub. Nov. 
14, 1803) at New Milford, Anna Boynton (descendant of the 
Boyntons, either Wm. or John, of Massachusetts, and cousin of 
the Boyntons of Bangor, Me.) ; d. May 21, 1846, at Alton. He 
d. June 19, 1861, at Dover. 

Children : 

970. i. Mahala', b. Oct. 10, 1804, at Alna; m. Volicut O. Brown. 

971. ii. Thomas', b. Nov., 1806, at Alna; unm.; d. at Solon, 1833. 

972. iii. John', b. Nov., 1808, at Alna; m. Mary Burlinghame, at 

Stillwater, Me. 

973. iv. Elihu Baxter', b. Jan. 5, 1810, at Jefferson, Me.; m. Amanda 

Malonia Gushing. 

974. v. Luther', b. Aug., 1813, at Alna, lived at Oldtown, Me., and 

at Fremont, Wis. He m. Sarah , from "The 

Provinces", and had children when living at Fremont. 

975. vi. George', b. July 1, 1816, at Searsmont, Me.; m. Nancy 


976. vii. Mary A.', b. Nov., 1818, at Searsmont; m. John P. Haynes. 

432. Isaac*'' Avery {Be7ijamin" Averell, Job\ Job', Willia7n,-, 
William'), b. 1781, at Wiscasset, Me.; m. 1814, at Philadelphia, 
Pa,, Susan Oakford (dau. of Charles Oakford of Philadelphia), 
b. 1795 at Philadelphia; d. there Aug. 9, 1849. He d. at the 
same place, Sept. 25, 1871. Mr. Avery became an ardent spirit- 
ualist in the days when this faith came to many Americans, and 
he remained a believer the balance of his life. 

Children (all b. at Philadelphia) : 

977. i. Gharles', b. July 18, 1815; m. (1) 183-, at St. Louis, Mrs. 

Selina Pratt; m. (2) Sept. 8, 1866, prob. at St. Louis, 
Ann Smith (dau. of Samuel Smith and Garoline Reynalds, 
his wife), b. Sept. 18, 1830, in Westchester Go., N. Y. 
They lived at St. Louis. He d. May 14, 1896, at Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

William^', b. , 1818; d. , 1818, at Phila. 

Henry', b. July 11, 1819; m. Emma C. Thomas. 

Mary Ann', b. , 1822; d. Feb. 10, 1850, at Phila. 

George Washington', b. , 1824; m. Emma Eckstein. 

Adeline', b. Jan. — , 1827; m. Joseph Bullock. 

William^", b. , 1829; d. 1833, at Phila. 













444 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

433. William'^ Averell 2d, also called "Avery" {Benjamin^ 
Aver ell, Job\ Jo¥; William"-, William'), b.* July 25, 1783, at 
New Milford, now Alna, Me., was a farmer and lived at Alna 
and Jefferson, Me. He m.* Oct. 22, 1812, at Jefferson (T. R.) , 
Sarah* Cunningham (dau, of Wm, Cunningham of Jefferson, 
and Mary Murray of Newcastle, Me., his wife), b.* May 18, 
1791, at Jefferson; d. Oct., 1866, at Newcastle. He d. Oct., 1824, 
at Jefferson. All of his family were Baptists, and all of his sons 

Children (all b. at Jefferson, Me.) : 

984. i. Isaac', b.* Sept. 13, 1813; m. Patience Hodgkins. 

985. ii. Elizabeth', b.* June 17, 1815; m. James E. Stephenson. 

986. iii. Willard', b.* Aug. 24 (T. R. give 23), 1817; m. Rebecca 

(Simpson) Chapman. 

987. iv. Mary', b. Dec. 9, 1819; m. John Spinney. 

988. V. Margaret', b. Aug. 11, 1823; m. Jasper Vela. 

989. vi. William 3rd' (posthumous child), b. Aug., 1825 (?) ; was 

unm., and lived at Jefferson, and Jackson, Amador Co., 
Cal., where he d. Mar. 16, 1897. 


* Jefferson, Me., T. R. contain the following: Intention of Wm. Avery 
to marry Sarah Cunningham. Oct. 1811. 

Marriage of Wm. Avery and Sarah Cunningham, 22 Oct, 1812, Jeffer- 
son, Me. 

William Avery b. 25 July 1783. 

Sarah, his wife, b. 18 May. 1791. 

The dates of birth of the first three children appear with the above 

435. Lieut. Thomas*^ Averill (Benjamin^ Job*, Job^, Will- 
iam-, William'), b. 1785, at Alna, Me., was a ship-builder, and 
lived at Alna. He was in the War of 1812, stationed at the Fort 
(near Alna?). He m. (Int. pub. Dec. 12, 1813) at Alna, Rachel 
Sewall* (dau. of Theodore Sewall of Phipsburg, Me., and Rachel 
Phips, his wife), b. 1796, at Phipsburg; d. 1849, at Chelsea, 
Mass. He d. Oct. 15, 1823, and was buried in Alna Cemetery 
near the old Church. 


* Mrs. Rachel (Sewall) Averill m. (2) Samuel McNear of Alna, and 
moved first to Boston, Mass., and later to Chelsea, where she d. 1849, at the 
residence of her daughter, Mrs. Rachel Cummings-Holmes. She had chil- 
dren by Mr. McNear. 

The Sixth Generation 445 

Children (all b. at Alna, Me.) : 

990. i. Thomas William', b. Apr. 26, 1816; m. Lydia Lincoln 


991. ii. Rachel (")', b. , 1819; d. Aug. 12, 1821, aged 2 years. 

992. iii. Charles Sewall', b. , 1820; was a soldier in Civil 

War and a pensioner. He was unm., and d. 1896, at Chel- 
sea, Mass., and was buried there in the soldiers' lot. 

993. iv. Rachel (")', b. Apr. 1, 182.3; m. (1) Rufus Kendall Cum- 

mings; m. (2) George Ropes Holmes. 

436. Susan'' Averell (Benjamin'^, Job\ Job% William'-, Will- 
iam^) , b. , 17 — ; living 1852 at Dresden, Me.; m. Benja- 
min Kidder of Dresden. 

Children : 

i. Thomas Kidder'; a farmer. 

ii. Richard" Kidder; a carpenter; m.; dec; left children at 

Richmond, Me. 
iii. Laura' Kidder; m. John Allen of Boston, Mass., left children 

in Richm.ond, Me. 
iv. Prescott' Kidder; a school teacher. 

437. Sarah" ("Sally") Averill (Samuel', Job\ Job\ Will- 
iam-, William'), b. June 22, 1771, at Alna, Me. ; m. 1792, at Alna, 
Jacob'' Hilton (son of SamueP Hilton* of Alna, and Judith Car- 
ter, his wife), b. Feb. 21, 1767, at Alna; d. there Feb. 8, 1847. 
She d. Dec. 14, 1859, at Alna. 

Children (all b. at Alna, Me.) : 

i. Patty' Hilton, b. Sept. 29, 1793; m. Stephen Perry. 

ii. Mary' Hilton, b. Nov. 6, 1795; m. James Hilton. 

iii. Sarah' Hilton, b. May 5, 1802; m. Warren Averill (No. 

iv. Eliza' Hilton, b. , 1807; m. Eben Hilton. 

V. Stephen' Hilton, b. Aug. 16, 1809; m. June, 1835, at White- 
field, Me., Lydia Jewett. He d. Apr. 7, 1887, at Alna. 

Patty "^ Hilton (Sarah'^ Averill, SamueP, Job*, Job-\ William-, 
William'), b. Sept. 29, 1793, at Alna, Me.; m. at Alna, 1810, 
Stephen Perry of Alna. She d. 1815, at Alna. 
Children : 

i. Stephen' Perry, b. Mar. 15, 1811. 
ii. Mary H.' Perry, b. June 27, 1813; m. Alden Flye. 

* Samuel" Hilton was from the well-known New Hampshire and Maine 
Hilton family, and son of Stilson' Hilton (William', William^, William'). 

446 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Mary^ Hilton (Sarah^ Averill, Samuel% Job\ Job\ Will- 
iam'-, William'^), b. Nov. 6, 1795, at Alna, Me.; m. James Hilton 
of Bremen, Me. 
Children : 

i. Mary' Hilton. 
ii. Caroline' Hilton. 
iii. Sarah' Hilton. 
iv. James' Hilton Jr. 
V. John Emery' Hilton. 

438. Mary" ("Polly") AveriH (Samuel^ Job\ Job\ Will- 
iam-, William^), b. Sept. 15, 1772, at Pownalboro, Me. She was 
m. by Rev. John Ward, July 13, 1806, at New Milford (Alna), 
Me., to Deacon EzekieF Averill (John% Job*, Job% William^ 
WiiliamO, and was his second wife. She d. at Alna. 

Child : 

i. Betsey' Averill, m. Sept. 9, 1838, Joseph Foster of Pitts- 
field, Me. 

439. William" Averill, 2nd {Samuel^ Job\ Job\ William-, 
William^), b. 1774 at Pownalboro (Alna), Me., was a farmer 
and lived at Alna. He m. probably Jan., 1799 (Int. pub. Jan. 4, 
1799), at New Milford (Alna), Mary Hodg-e (aau. of James 
Hodge of Pownalboro, and Susanna (No. 189) Averell, who was 
the dau. of Israel), b. 1773 or '74 at Pownalboro. Mr. and Mrs. 
Averell brought up an excellent family of children with sterling 
qualities of heart and mind. He was a Democrat — like other 
Alna Averells — until the Civil War, when he and all or most of 
his kin at Alna became Republicans. 

The house which he built and in which he brought up his 
family, was deeded to his son Joseph. It was burned one night 
in 1858-9, with nearly all its contents, including valuable papers 
and records of generations, as well as valuable mahogany, china, 
etc., such as captains of merchantmen and their families gath- 
ered at that period. He d. Dec. 23, 1857, ae. 83 yrs. ; his wife d. 
July 12, 1861, ae. 87 yrs., and both were interred in the old Alna 
Cemetery, near the Church. 

Children (all b. at New Milford [Alna] ) : 

994. i. Sophia', b. , 1799; d. at the age of 12 yrs. at New 


995. ii. Joseph', b. May 4, 1802 ; m. Rachel Clifford Trask. 









The Sixth Generation 447 

Mary', b. June, 1804; m. Thomas Rundlett. 
Enos', b. July 11, 1806; m. Sarah Carleton. 
Hiram', b. Nov. 11, 1808; m. Clementine Averell. 

Susan', b. , 1811; d. June 8, 1849, at Alna; interred 

at Sheepscot. 
1000. vii. Samuel', b. Oct. 20, 1814; m. Laura Chapman. 

440. Capt. Samuel" Averell (Samuel", Job\ Job\ William'-, 
William^), b. Dec. 29, 1775, at New Milford (Alna), Me.; m. 
April 14, 1805, at New Milford, Nancy Hodge of Alna, who was 
b. Aug., 1773. In Nov., 1805, Capt. Averell settled in New 
Castle, across the river from Alna, where he was a prosperous 
ship-builder. He built a very good residence for his family, 
which is now occupied by his granddaughter, Mrs. Hall, Rev. 
David Quinby Cushman's History of Ancient Sheepscot and 
Neivcastle mentions Capt. Samuel Averell, Jr., and gives a brief 
genealogical record of hi? family. We have been able to find the 
names of a few of the vessels built by Capt. Averell. The first 
one was the Comfort, which was sold by the captain of the ship 
in a foreign port, and he ran off with the money; another was 
the Thomas Nelson; and the last one he built, the Orleans, was 
lost in the Gulf of Mexico in 1833. 

Rufus King Sewall Esq., in a published address on the Old 
Alna Meeting-House, states "that in 1797 Pownalboro had so 
contracted that Wiscasset Point was all that was left of the old 
town which had been created a port of entry ; was very flourish- 
ing, and had one hundred and twenty houses. Its navigation 
(at that time) was greater in proportion to its size and popula- 
tion, than any port in Massachusetts." He quotes from Morse : 
that ''its exports for a single year before 1796 amounted to 

And he adds : "Soon, however, sea reprisals in French cap- 
tures on the sea, of West Indiamen (such as the Averills, Carle- 
tons, Doles, Pearsons, Jewetts, Cooks, Donnells, and others 
built) , struck both Wiscasset Point and New Milford. The lead- 
ing men of business were crushed by the robberies and ruin of 
that lawless epoch. Whole families were bankrupted. But the 
plant of their religious and Puritan Faith survived and flour- 

448 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Although more than a century has passed since business 
disaster overtook their town, the homes show the effect of that 
event, and descendants of the men who suffered still speak with 
sadness of that period of their history. 

Capt. Samuel Averell was among those most deeply affected 
by those losses, and especially because he had a kind and sympa- 
thetic nature. He d. July 18, 1858, at Newcastle, and Mrs. 
Averell d. there, Apr. 7, 1865. Both were interred in the family 
lot in the Newcastle Cemetery, where a good monument and 
headstones mark the graves of all of this family. 

Children (all b. at Newcastle) : 

1001. i. Eliza Jane', b. June 24, 1805; m. Joseph Curtis. 

1002. ii. Hartley', b. Aug. 18, 1807; was a sea captain, and was lost 

at sea July 10, 1833. 

1003. iii. Austin', b. Oct. 28, 1809, 

441. Margaret ("Peggy") Averell {Samuel^ Job\ Joh'\ 
William'-, William^), b. 1777, at Pownalboro, Me.; m. (1) by 
Rev. John Ward (Int. pub. Nov. 16, 1800), at Pownalboro, to 
Capt. Richard Mitchell; m. (2) Nov. 4, 1804, Col. Ezekiel Cutler 

of Wiscasset. She d. Nov. 10, 1816. 
Children (by first husband) : 

i. Mary' Mitchell. 
(by second husband) : 

ii. WiLMor Cutler, b. Nov. 24, 1806; m. Oct. 11, 1830, Mar- 
garet Stacy; d. Mar. 11, 1836. 

iii. Thomas McCray' Cutler, b. Aug. 2, 1807; m. (1) Feb. 2, 
1832, Susan Frances Cutler; m. (2) Mary Barron, b. 
July 19, 1810, at Charlestown, Mass. 

iv. Margaret' Cutler, b. Aug. 7, 1809; m. Sept. 4, 1845, Capt. 
B. F. Smith, at Wiscasset, Me. 

V. Catherine' Cutler, b. Jan., 1811; m. Thomas Trevet of 
Bath, Me. 

vi. William' Cutler, b. Feb., 1813; d. Feb., 1815. 

vii. Abigail' Cutler, b. Apr. 22, 1815; m. Cornelius Turner. 

AbigaiF Cutler {Margaret^ Averell, Samuel'', Job*, Job^, 
William-, William'), h. Apr. 22, 1815; m. Oct. 31, 1841, Cornelius 
Turner of Wiscasset. 


i. Henrietta* Turner, b. May 17, 1844, 









The Sixth Generation 449 

443. Francis*^ Averell (Samuel^, Job*, Job\ William'-, Will- 
iam^), b. June 5, 1785, at New Milford, Me., lived at Alna. He 
inherited the homestead from his father ; and was a ship-builder 
like his ancestors. He m. May 18, 1816, at Alna, Ann Frances 
Young of New Brunswick, who d. Feb. 23, 1878, ae. 88 years. 
Capt. Francis Averell was a quiet, home-loving man. He d. 
Nov. 9, 1863, at Alna, Me., and was interred in the Alna Cem- 

Children (probably all b. at Alna) : 

1004. i. Clementine Eleanor", b. Mar. 10, 1817; m. Hiram Averell 

(see No. 958). 

1005. ii. Frances Ann", b. 1820; unm., housekeeper, lives at Boston, 


1006. iii. Le Baron Decourcy", b. Jan. 23, 1822; d. Feb. 3, 1848; 

George Beverley', b. Sept. 5, 1824; d. Oct. 31, 1851; unm. 
Augustus Bertrand', b. Apr. 2, 1827; m. Etta M. West. 
Caroline Young', b. Mar. 28, 1830; d. June 22, 1848; unm. 
Rosa Belle', b. Nov. 19, 1834; d. Oct. 4, 1844. 

445. James^ Averell, 2nd, called also "Avery" (William'% 
Job*, Job% William'-, William^), b. 1772, at Alna, Me., was living 
in Alna, May 6, 1817. He was called "Major Jim", and appears 
to have been a popular man and an interesting character. He 
m. (Int. pub. Dec. 29, 1792) Sarah Hilton. He probably passed 
his life at Alna, where his children were born. 

Children (all b. at Alna [T. R.]) : 

1011. i. Abigail', b. June 22, 1795; m. (Int. pub. Dec. 13, 1818), 

Cornelius Lombard of Mercer. 

1012. ii. Seth', b. May 3, 1799. 

1013. iii. Joseph', b. Mar. 17, 1801; m. Caroline Otis. 

1014. iv. Ann', b. Apr. 4, 1803. 

1015. V. Moses', b. Oct. 4, 1806; m. (Int. pub. July 16, 1831), at 

New Milford, Me., Mary Jane Cowen of Gardiner, Me. 

1016. vi. Sarah', b. Nov. 20, 1808; m. (Int. pub. Apr. 4, 1829), 

Thomas Clark Jr. of Hallowell, Me. 

1017. vii. Jane', b. Dec. 25, 1811; m. (1) Dunlap; m. (2) 

George Bragden. 

1018. viii. James Jr.', called 3rd, b. Apr. 29, 1817. 

446. Deacon William' Averill iWilliam% Job\ Job\ Will- 
iam-, William'^), b. , 1774-5, lived at Alna, Me., and was 

450 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

a much respected citizen. He was m. by Rev. John Ward,* 
between Apr. 1, 1797, and Apr. 1, 1798, to Miss Sally Smith, 
who was b. 1776-7, and d. at Alna (where she was buried), Jan. 
22, 1840, aged 63. Mr. Averill d. Feb. 22, 1835, aged 60 years. 
(These records are from the memorial stones in Alna Cemetery.) 
Children (probably all b. at Alna) : 

1019. i. Caroline', b. , ; m. David Hiscock of Bristol, 

Me. (Int. pub. Nov. 19, 1825). 

1020. ii. William S.', b. , 1812; m. Lucy Lucinda Turner. 

1021. iii. Eliza', b. , 18—; m. Hezekiah Woodbury of Dan- 

vers (Int. pub. Aug., 1828). 

447. Moses'' Averell (William'', Job*, Job\ William-, Will- 
iam'), b. Oct. 31, 1776, at Alna, Me. (F. B.) ; was in Orono* 
(see mema., p. 451) before 1804, and was a Selectman at the first 
meeting after the incorporation of the town of Orono (Mar. 12, 
1806), and Selectman, Town Clerk, or Town Officer, from 1806 
to 1834, often holding several offices. His records as Town Clerk 
were unusually well prepared and kept. They are to be seen at 
the office of the Town Clerk at Oldtown, Me. He lived at Alna, 
and from 1804 at Orono, Me. He m. (1) May 12, 1805, at Orono, 
Margaret Lunt (dau. of William Lunt of York and Oldtown, Me., 

and Abigail his wife) , b. Mar. 19, 1786, at York, Me., d. 

Dec. 28, 1834, at Orono (F. B. R.) . He m. (2) Hannah 
(Rundlet) Averell, widow of Guy Averell of Alna (Int. pub. 
Apr. 25, 1835, in Orono [T. R.}) . She was b. June, 1798; d. 
at Orono, Nov., 1837. He m. (3) Oct. 25, 1840, at Industry, Me., 

Mary Trask (dau. of David Trask and Polly his wife), 

b. Aug. 17, 1801, d. June 28, 1859. He d. June 3, 1862, at Orono 

He was a man very highly respected in that portion of the 
state, and very loyal to all trusts and all his friends. His name 
was mentioned with great respect many years after his death. 

Children (all b. at Orono (F. B. R.) (by first wife) : 

1022. i. Robert^ b. Aug. 7, 1805; m. (1) Catherine P. Allen; m. (2) 

Mary A. (Warden) Avery; m. (3) Eliza (Wild) Jewett. 

(* The marriage returns of Rev. John Ward appear to have been 
given in annually without the special dates, and thus leave one ignorant of 
both month and year. — Ed.) 











The Sixth Generation 451 

1023. ii. HARRiEr, b. Dec. 12, 1806; m. Abraham Colburn; d. 1894-5, 
at Orono. 

1024. iii. Seth', b. Nov. 14, 1808; m. Miss Harrington from 

Buffalo, N. Y.; d. 1840 at Wilmington, 111. 

Abigail', b. Apr. 12, 1811; m. Enoch M. Fowler. 
Hannah', b. Mar. 3, 1813; m. (1) Jesse B. Howard of 

Montville, Me., and had children who d. in youth. She 

m. (2) (name unknown) "out west". 
William', b. Nov. 5, 1814; m. Susan Webster. 
Maria Anne', b. Nov. 19, 1818; m. Stephen Wilson. 
Luther Hill', b. Nov. 1, 1823; m. (1) Elizabeth A. 

; m. (2) Eliza L. Garvin. 

1030. ix. Moses Lucien', b. July 31, 1825; m. Albra E. Gitchell. 
(by second wife) : 

1031. X. Melvin L.', b. 1837; d. at Orono, Apr. 8, 1838. 


* The Records of the Plantatioyi of Stillwater, now in the office of the 
Town Clerk of Oldtown, Me., show that the plantation was incorporated 
March 12, 1806, under the name of Orono, in honor of the famous Indian 
chief, Oronoco. The first Records of Orono, from 1806 to 1826, including 
some entries of events of earlier as well as later date, are also held in the 
office of the Town Clerk of Oldtown. 

"The 8, Sept. 1814. Moses Averill and Wm. Colburn Jr. as Selectmen, 
send notice to Joshua Lunt, Constable of the Town of Orono, to have the 
Freeholders, and other Inhabitants of sd town qualified to vote. Assemble 
Monday, 19, Sept. to see whether the town thinks it expedient to give up 
their arms and equipments to the British and be parolled under the same 
form that the town of Bangor has. 

"They met agreeable to the foregoing warrant, and voted to choose a 
committee to find out the intentions of the British toward the inhabitants 
of this town ; and if it appears that they intend to invest the town, to report 
the same to the inhabitants, and have them called together to determine 
the method to be taken for the preservation of the persons, and property 
of the town". Bangor Hist. Mag., Vol. iii, p. 168. 

448. Joseph" Averell {William/', Job\ Job\ William-, Will- 
iam'), b. 1778, at New Milford, Me., lived at St. George, Me. He 

Children : 

1032. i. Frank', b. 18—; lived at St. George and Port Clyde, Me. 

He is "Capt.", prob. of merchant marine ships. 

1033. ii. Sarah', b. 18—; lived at St. George. 

452 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

449. Ebenezer® called "Eben" Averell (William^, Job*, Job^, 
William', William'), b. 1779 (?), at New Milford (Alna), Me., 
lived at Alna. He m. May 22, 1803, at Alna (T. R.), Mary Lord, 
b. 1782 (?), d. Feb. 5, 1862, aged 80 years, at Alna. He d. 
"June 7, 1860, aet 81", at Alna, and both were interred in the 
Alna Cemetery near the old First Parish Church ; dates are from 
the Memorial stones, which are inscribed: "Eben Averall", the 
other, Mary, wife of Eben Averell. 

Children (all b. at Alna, Me.) : 

1034. i. Abraham', b. 1803; "d. Oct. 6, 1861, aet 58", at Alna; unm. 

1035. ii. Miles', b. Nov. 29, 1805; m. (1) Sarah Hunt; m. (2) Mrs. 

Nancy (Hopkins) Hilton. 

1036. iii. "Eben" Jr.', b. Jan. 10, 1808; m. Mary P. Hagget. 

1037. iv. Mary E.', b. May 31, 1810; d. Sept. 3, 1873, at Alna; unm. 

1038. V. Arzilla H.', b. 1812; m. Robert B. Abbott; d. Nov. 3, 1882, 

at Alna. 

1039. vi. Abigail', b. abt. 1814; m. Paul Wetherell; lived at Hallo- 

well, Me., where she died. 

1040. vii. Ward', b. Dec, 1817; d. May 6, 1818, at Alna. 

1041. viii. William C, b. June, 1821; d. Jan. 7, 1822, at Alna. 


* In the family lot of Eben Averell, by the old First Parish Ch. of 
Alna, are good memorial stones to: "Abram Averell"; "Miles Averill" and 
his wife; "Miss Mary E. Averill"; "Arzilla H., wife of Robert B. Abbott"; 
and a tiny slate with a double inscription — In mem. of "Ward Averel" and 
"William C. Averel". We have the family name spelled four ways in this 
lot.— Ed. 

451. Carr*' Averell {William'% Job'', Joh\ William-, Will- 
iam'), b, 1784, at Alna, Me., was a farmer and lumberman. He 
was Constable of Orono, 1812, and held other minor offices there 
after that date. He lived also at Alna, Me. He m. (1) (Int. 
pub. Aug. 12, 1807) at Orono, Eleanor Jameson, b. 1790; d. Oct. 
29, 1835, at Orono (Riverside Cem. Rec.) . He m. (2) Lucv 
Grant of Mercer, Me., b. 1806; d. July 15, 1871 (Riverside Cem. 
Insc.) . He d. Feb. 11, 1866, at Orono (Riverside Cem. Rec). 
The good monuments in the Orono Cemetery were of great value 
in connection with data of this family. 

Children (Orono T. R.) (by first wife) : 

1042. i. Jane'* (see mema., p. 453), b. Feb. 19, 1808; m. Wm. H. 

Morse. She d. Apr. 8, 1848 (Orono Cem. R.) . 





















The Sixth Generation 453 

1043. ii. Betsey", b. Nov. 14, 1809. 

1044. iii. Eleanor',* b. Mar. 19, 1811-12; m. Elias Appleby, who was 

b. 1810; d. 1887. She d. 1890 {Orono Cem. R.). 

1045. iv. Clarissa',* b. Feb. 15, 1814; m. Mark W. Gammon; d. 

June 22, 1895 (Orono Cem. R.). 
Sally', b. Nov. 29, 1816. 

William' "Carr", b. Aug. 6, 1819; m. Sarah Chase. 
Daniel J.'; m. Abby A. Averill (No. 1070). 

Lucy Maria', b. Nov. 31, 1836; d. Dec. 10, 1842 (O. C. R.). 
James Martin', b. Sept. 15, 1837; d. Aug. 5, 1858, at Orono. 
Elijah N.', b. 1839 (?) ; d. June 18, 1857 (O. C. R.). 
Nancy Jameson', b. June 15, 1840. 
Mary Grace Preston', b. Apr. 23, 1842. 
xiii. John Calhoun', b. Mar. 1, 1844. A member of Co. D, 14th 

Regt. Maine Vol's; d. May, 1862, at Bonnet Carre, La. 

(O. C. R.). 


* It is said by those who knew them that : "Jane, Eleanor, and Clarissa 
Averell were all splendid women, among the best in this world." 

452. Elijah*' Mayhew Averell (William^ Joh\ Job\ Will- 
iam-, William^), b. June 26, 1803, at Alna, Me., lived at Alna, 
Stillwater and Rockland, Me. He m. (1) Jan. 29, 1833, or 
30 (?), at Thomaston, Me., Jane Brown (dau. of Isaac Brown 
and Matilda Otis, his wife), b. Nov. 5, 1808, or '11 (?), at 
Thomaston, Me.; d. Dec. 6, 1841, at Rockland, Me. He m. (2) 
Nov. 26, 1843, Lucy (Simonton) Partridge (dau. of Abraham 

Simonton of Rockland, and Haskell, his wife), b. June 

11, 1818, at Thomaston, Me.; d. there Nov. 25, 1853. He m. (3) 
Apr. 23, 1855, Nancy S. Helmerhausen, who d. Sept., 1897, at 
Rockland. He d. Oct. 1, or Nov. 1, 1888, at Rockland. 

Children (by first wife) : 

1055. i. Cyrus Brown', b. Dec. 8, 1833, at Orono, Me.; m. Hannah 

Sophia (Eldridge) Anderson. 

1056. ii. Greenleaf G.', b. Oct., 1835; d. Jan. 9, 1836. 

(by second wife) : 

1057. iii. Frank Bullock', b. Aug. 24, 1844; m. Margaret H. Martin, 
(by third wife) : 

1058. iv. Eunice Sawyer', b. Apr. 17, 1858; d. Apr. 25, 1858. 

454 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

453. Deacon Ezekiel'' Averell, 2nd {John\ Job\ Joh\ Will- 
iam-, William^), b. Jan. 25, 1775, at New Milford (Alna), Me.; 
m. (1) Apr. 1, 1797, at New Milford, Elizabeth Erskine (Int. 
pub. Feb. 1, 1797, New Milford T. R.) . He was m. (2) July 13, 
1806, by Rev. John Ward, to Mary Averell (SamueP, Jobs Job% 
William-, William^, b. Sept. 15, 1772; d. probably in April, 
1833.* He d. June 10, 1832, at Alna, and was buried there. 

July 5, 1832, Christopher Averell of Richmond, Me., and 
Warren Averell, of Alna, his sons, were appd. admrs. of his 
estate {Lincoln Co., Me., P. R., Vol. 29, p. 302). 

Children (all prob. b. at Alna) (by first wife) : 

1059. i. George', b. Mar. 20, 1799; m. Paulina Hodge. 

1060. ii. Warren', b. May 10, 1801; m. (1) Sarah Hilton; m. (2) 

Eliza B. Hilton. 

1061. iii. Christopher', b. Feb. 19, 1805; m. Abigail Clifford. 

(by second wife) : 

1062. iv. Betsey', b. 18—; m. Sept. 9, 1838, Joseph Foster of Pitts- 

field, Me. 


Some of the dates here given were from the old family Bible now in the 
possession of Emery Averill of W. Alna. 

* May 1, 1833, Elisha J. Ford was appd. admr. of the estate of Mary 
Averell, late of Alna, widow, dec. Her will of Dec. 3, 1832, bequeaths to her 
"aff. dau. Betsey", all of her estate, "including all my rights and title to the 
Estate of ray late father Samuel Averell, as well as my furniture, apparel, 
etc." Signed Mary Averell. 

The witnesses to this instrument were, John Averell Jr., Warren Av- 
erell, Sarah Hilton. Proved May 21, 1833. 

454. Capt. John*' Averell, Jr. {John;', Job*, Job^, William-, 
William'), b. Apr. 21, 1779, at New Milford (Alna), Me., was 
called John 3rd in New Milford Records and Deeds. He lived at 
Alna, and after 1816, at Montville, Me., then in Pennsylvania 
and Minnesota. He was m. Apr. 5, 1808 (Int. pub. Mar. 1, 
1808) at Edgecomb, Me., by Rev. Samuel Sewall to Harriet 
Dodge of Edgecomb {Neiv Milford T. R.) . There were many 
families by the name of Dodge at Edgecomb, but the names of 
Harriet's parents have not been entered in Averell data. Mr. 
Averell was over 85 years of age when he died. 

Hannah Averell Colburn (No. 455), 

verell, Averill, Avery Family 

Deacon EzekieP Averell, 2nd {John% Job*, Joh\ Will- 

' -AW'), b. Jan. 25, 1775, at New Milford (Alna), Me.; 

: . 1, 1797, at New Milford. Elizabeth Erskine (Int. 

1797, Netv Milford T. R.) . He was m. (2) July 13, 

V. John Ward, to Mary Averell (Samuel, Job*, Job% 

, William^, b. Sept. 15, 1772; d. probably in April, 

He d. Time 10, 1832, at Alna, and was buried there, 

hristopher Averell of Richmond, Me., and 
>'lr>.a. his sons, were apoil. admrs. of his 
. Vol. 29, p. 30. 

!uirt;ii \H\i pj.oiK M. ML Alna) (by first w'.iv.] . 

. i. GEt)RGE', b. Mar. 20. 1799; m. Paulina Hodge. 

'. b. May -' ' ■, Sarah Hilton; 

3. Hilton. 

•Old- v.'if'^O 

<a8, Joseph Foster of Pitts- 

. - uiiu lii.iti Lo lue 

urniture, apparel, 
Warren Av- 

,1'), b. A d (Alna), Me., was 

..! 'u John 3rd . hm'i Deeds. He lived at 

Ahia, and aftf ' ., then in Pennsylvania 

(Int. pub. Mar. 1. 

. Sewall to Harriet 

■ I T. iL^, There were many 

Edgecomb, but the names fif 

'"■^ -oVDjWa^q^J^^fl^^.jiiiflMiftHc.reil data 











The Sixth Generation 457 

Children (all b. at Alna, Me.) : 

Emeline', b. Mar. 31, 1811; d. in youth. 

Julia', b. May 8, 1813; m. at Alna, Me., Benjamin Marr. 
She d. at Alna. 

Sarah Smith', b. Mar. 8, 1816; m. at Alna, Sewell Ells- 
worth. She d. 1859, at Trempealeau, Wis. 

Nathaniel', b. , 18—; d. 1863, at Labi City. 

John T.', b. Mar. 1, 1825; m. Hannah E. Atkinson. 

455. Hannah'' Averell {John^, Joh^, Job'\ William-, Will- 
iam'), b. Mar. 7, 1781, at Alna, Me.; m. Aug. 9, 1801, at Alna, 
David Colburn (son of Maj. Reuben Colburn of Pittston, and 
Elizabeth Lewis, his wife), b. Mar. 28, 1773, at Pittston, Me.; 
d. there Nov. 6, 1824. They lived in his father's historic mansion 
at Pittston, on the bank of the Kennebec, and there all but two 
of their children were born, Maj. Colburn had the contract 
from Gen. Washington to build the bateaux for Arnold, who, 
with other illustrious men of that time, was entertained at this 
old homestead. 

Mrs. Flitner writes : "We have a silhouette of grandmother 
(Hannah Averell), when she was a young lady. She was con- 
sidered a great beauty". She d. at Pittston, June 7, 1870. 
Children : 

i. Reuben' Colburn, b. Aug. 1, 1803, at Alna; m. Sept. 22, 
1833, at Pittston, Lydia C. Smith. He d. Feb. 18, 1876, 
at Pittston. 
ii. John Averell' Colburn, b. 1804, at Wiscasset, Me. His 
tombstone in Pittston says he d. Oct. 1, 1835, aged 31 
iii. Mary Ann' Colburn, b. May 14, 1807, at Pittston; m. Dec. 
27, 1837, at Pittston, Moses Jewett. She d. May 11, 
1885, at Pittston. 
iv. Elizabeth' Colburn, b. Feb. 12, 1809; d. Feb. 23, 1813, at 

V. Hannah Averell' Colburn, b. Sept. 26, 1811, at Pittston; 

m. Seth Hathorn. 
vi. Abiah Smyth' Colburn, b. Jan. 28, 1814, at Pittston; m. 

Nov. 29, 1838, at Pittston, Amos Cutts. 
vii. Elizabeth Winslow' Colburn, b. Mar. 8, 1817, at Pittston; 
m. Aug. 9, 1842, David Lawrence, lived (1898) at Pitts- 
ton, in the old Colburn Mansion, where she d. Dec. 17, 
1902, aged 85 yrs. 9 mos. She was a wonderfully bright 
and active old lady and at 85 was like a young woman 
in her interest in everything going on in the world. 

458 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

viii. David" Colburn, b. June 20, 1819; d. Sept. 26, 1839; unm. 

ix. GusTAVUS Adolphus' Colburn, b. Sept. 8, 1822; m. Dec. 6, 
1852, at Gardiner, Me., Alzina Knight. He d. Sept. 30, 
1886. at Pittston, in the old mansion, which his grand- 
father, Major Reuben Colburn, built. 

Hannah AverelF Colburn (Hannah*^ Averell, Johrv\ Joh^, 
Job', William-, William'), b. Sept. 26, 1811, at Pittston, Me.; m. 
Oct. 29, 1838, at Pittston, Seth Hathorn (son of John Hathorn 
of Dresden, Me., and Susannah (Reed) Alexander, his first 
wife) , b. May 9, 1816, at Dresden ; d. Feb. 15, 1844, at Richmond, 
Me. He was a merchant at Richmond. She d. Nov. 22, 1851, 
at Richmond. 
Children : 

i. John Colburn' Hathorn, b. Jan. 3, 1840, at Richmond; 
m. 1873, at Gardiner, Me., Frances E. Berry. They live 
in Cal., and had one child who d. in infancy, 
ii. Susan Ellen' Hathorn, b. Oct. 2, 1841, at Richmond; m. 
Jan. 13, 1869, at Pittston, Francis W. Flitner, and lives 
at Boston, Mass. 
iii. Seth' Hathorn, b. 1844, at Dresden, Me.; d. in infancy. 

456. Susannah*' called "Susan" Averell {John'', Job\ Job"", 
William-, William'), b. Apr. 6, 1783, at Alna, Me.; m. David 


James' Hunt. 
i. Mary' Hunt. 
ii. Susan' Hunt. 
V. Betsey' Hunt. 
V. Sophronia' Hunt, m. Frederick L. Ramsey. 

Sophronia'^ Hunt {"Susan"nah^ Averell, Johrv', Job*, Job^, 
William-, William' ) , m. at Alna, Me., Frederick L. Ramsey. 

Child : 

i. James' Ramsey, lives at Centre Montville, Me. 

458. Elizabeth'^ "Betsey" Averell {John% Job', Job', Will- 
iam', William'), b. Jan. 16, 1787, at Alna, Me.; m. Apr. 29, 1810, 
Nathan Newell of New Milford. They lived at China, Me., 
where she d. Jan. or June 6, 1821. 

The Sixth Generation 459 







' Newell. 


May' Newell. 


Eliza' Newell. 




460. James'' Averell, 2nd (John', Joh\ Job\ William', Will- 
iam.'), b. Mar. 22, 1792, at Alna, Me., was a farmer and ship- 
builder, and lived at Alna, Newcastle, and Wiscasset (1835), 
Me., and at Chicago, 111., 1842-63. He m. Oct., 1818 (Int. pub. 
Oct. 2, 1817), at Nobleboro, Me., Eunice Hitchcock of Nobleboro, 
b. Oct. 10, 1795, at Nobleboro; d. June 9, 1853, at Hadley, 111. 
He d. June 16, 1863, at Chicago, 111. 

Children (all b. at Alna, Me.) : 

1068. i. Elizabeth', b. Sept. 2, 1819; d. unm. May 29, 1887, at 

Chicago, 111. 

1069. ii. Mary Stewart', b. Sept. 22, 1822; m. Capt. Franklin Lau- 


1070. iii. Albert James', b. Mar. 20, 1824; m. Anna Butler Foote. 

1071. iv. Anson', b. Dec. 18, 1825; m. Sarah Brooks Haskell. 

1072. V. Anna Maria', b. Sept. 18, 1827; m. Ira W. Buell. 

1073. vi. Bradford Young', b. Feb. 17, 1833; graduated at Williams 

Coll., 1855; was at Andover Theol. Sem. a part of two 
years; Prof, of Rhetoric at Knox Coll.; Pastor of Pres- 
byterian Ch., Hyde Park, 111., 1866. He d. July 12, 1867, 
at Chicago, 111., unm. 

461. Guy^ Averell iJoJm\ Job*, Job'% William'-, William'), 
b. Dec. 27, 1793; m. (Int. pub. Nov. 14, 1819) at Alna, Me., 
Hannah Rundlet of the same town. He d. Oct. 26, 1824, four 
weeks after serious injury in an accident on a vessel his father 
was building. Mrs. Averell m. (2) Moses Averell of Orono, Me. 

The children of Cuy and Hannah (Rundlet) Averell were: 

1074. i. John Rundlet', b. , 182- ; m. twice; had by first 

wife, Mary , one son, who d. early; had by sec- 
ond wife. , two children. They lived 

at La Grande, Me., and Lowell, Mass. (?). 

1075. ii. Edwin Smith', b. , 182- ; m. Melinda Butler. 

1076. iii. Guy Jr', b. Dec. 26, 1824; m. Mahala Jane Carsley. 

460 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

462. Nathaniel C/ Averell {John\ Joh\ Job\ William^ 
William^), b. Feb. 12, 1796, at Alna, Me., was a ship-builder, and 
lived at Alna and (1838) Montville, Me. He m. Oct. 3, 1823, at 

Alna (Int. pub. July 4), Ann Woodman (dau. of 

Woodman and Susan Robbins, his wife) , b. Feb. 6, 1799. She d. 
Jan. 17, 1868, at Roxbury, Mass. ; and he d. there Aug. 28, 1874. 
This family appears to have lived at Roxbury the last years of 
Mr. Averell's life. 

Children (all but last two b. at Alna, Me.) : 

1077. i. Emily A.', b. July 3, 1824; m. William Melius. 

1078. ii. Cordelia', b. Mar. 3, 1826; m. Amos W. Sprowl. 

1079. iii. Susan J.', b. Jan. 17, 1828; m. George W. Robinson. 

1080. iv. Addison", b. Feb. 19, 1830; d. Apr. 12, 1838, at Montville. 

1081. V. Reuben Coburn', b. Jan. 14, 1832 ; lives at Roxbury. Hem. 

(1) Oct. 1, 1856, Hannah Vose (dau. of Marcus Vose of 
Montville, Me., and Hannah Rowell, his wife), b. 1830, 
at Montville; d. there, Nov., 1856. He m. (2) July 8, 
1862, Mary E. Barlow (dau. of Anson Barlow of Free- 
dom, Me., and Charity Marden his wife), b. 1836, at 

1082. vi. Nathaniel C. Jr.', b. Jan. 1, 1834; m. Emma Cookson. 

1083. vii. Mary Frances', b. Nov. 23, 1840, at Montville; m. Adoni- 

ram J. Barteaux. 

1084. viii. Eveline M.', b. May 24, 1842, at Montville; m. July 10, 

1865, at Roxbury, Mass., Marcus Vose. She d. Jan. 2, 
1872, at Roxbury. 

463. Mary'' Averell (John"^, Job*, Job\ William-, William^) , 
b. Nov. 19, 1788 ; lived at Alna and Damariscotta, Me. She m. 
John Melius, and d. Oct. 26, 1833. 
Children : 

i. James' Mellus. 

ii. William' Mellus. 

iii. John' Mellus. 

iv. Elizabeth' Mellus. 

V. Sophronia' Mellus. 

vi. Mary' Mellus. 

vii. Daniel' Mellus. 

viii. Hannah' Mellus. 

ix. Nancy' Mellus. 

X. Anna' Mellus. 

xi. Nathaniel' Mellus. 

xii. Richard' Mellus. 

The Sixth Generation 461 

465. Arthur'' Averell {Ezekiel\ Joh\ Joh\ William', Will- 
iam'), b„ Sept. 6, 1787, at Sheepscot, Me., was a teacher and 
merchant. He lived at Alna, Newcastle, and Damariscotta, Me., 
and m. (1) Sept. 20, 1815, at Newcastle, Rachel Harley (dau. of 
John Harley Jr. of Newcastle and Rachel Williamson of Wiscas- 
set, his wife), b. Oct., 1788; d. Feb. 6, 1831. He m. (2) Sept. 

16, 1832, Mrs. Maragret (?) Gray, b. June 3, 18—; 

d. Apr. 13, 1857. He m. (3) Sept. 2, 1857, Mrs. Abigail Hay- 
ward, b. Sept. 5, 1799 ; d. before 1870. He m. (4) Mar. 15, 1870, 
Mrs. Julia Blagdon, b. May 3, 1816, now living at Wiscasset, Me. 
Mr. Averell d. Oct. 14, 1878, at Alna, and was buried at New- 

Children (by first wife) : 

1085. i. Rachel W.', b. Sept. 16, 1816, at Sheepscot; d. Oct. 14, 

1878, at Gardiner, Me. 

1086. ii. Jane', b. Sun., Feb. 15, 1818, at Sheepscot; m. Alden Chap- 

man of Damariscotta; she d. there about 1854. 

1087. iii. Charles Gardiner', b. Sat., June 3, 1820, at Newcastle; 

m. (1) Caroline M. Chapman; m. (2) Calista Chapman; 
m. (3) Julia Ann Turner Chapman. 

1088. iv. William', b. Wed., Dec. 18, 1822, at Newcastle; lives at 

Arcada, Humboldt Co., Cal.; unm. 

1089. V. Duncan Dunbar', b, Tues., Dec. 7, 1824, at Newcastle; 

lives in California. He m. Lucinda Dodge, and has four 
children, one m. 

1090. vi. Wilson', b. Tues., Nov. 14, 1826, at Newcastle; lives at 

San Francisco, Cal.; unm. 

1091. vii. Samuel Ford', b. Mon., Oct. 25, 1830, at Nobleboro, Me.; 

lives at Arcada, Cal. 

(by second wife) : 

1092. viii. Arthur Henry', b. Thurs., May 30, 1833, at Newcastle, 

Me.; d. in childhood. 

1093. ix. Arthur Stinson', b. Aug. 17, 1837, at Newcastle, served in 

Civil War, was a Private, Fourth Maine, Army of the 
Potomac; d. on steamer Daniel Webster, at Harrison's 
Landing, July 15, 1862 (Battle of the Wilderness). 

1094. X. Julietta', b. Mon., Sept. 6, 1841, at Newcastle; d. there in 


466. Daniel Gent" Averell (Ezekiel\ Joh\ Job\ William-, 
William^), b. 1789 (?), at Alna, Me.; m. Maria Reed of Booth- 
bay Harbor, Me. 

462 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

Children : 

1095. i. Harriet Bond', b. 18 — ; d. at 3 years of age. 

1096. ii. Ann Maria', b. 18 — ; m. Capt. Robert Pettegrove, a ship- 

master; d. at 30 years of age. 

1097. iii. Zena Hyde', b. 18 — ; was a seaman and has not been heard 

from for years. 

1098. iv. Paul Maxwill', b. 18 — ; was first mate of barge "Eight 

Sons", and was drowned off Calais, Me., at 21 yrs. of age. 

1099. V. John McFarland', b. 18 — ; d. at 43 years of age, at New 

Orleans, La. 

1100. vi. Daniel Gent', b. 18 — ; d. very young. 

1101. vii. Elizabeth Kennedy', b. 18 — ; m. 1836, Francis Houdlette. 

1102. viii. Joseph (named Job)', b. 18 — ; m. Lulu Vance. 

1103. ix. RoxiE Shepherd', b. 18 — ; m. William H. Ryfles of Rob- 

binston. Me.; lives at Saco, Me. 

1104. X. Albert', b. 18 — ; m. (1) Rosa Todswier; m. (2) Grace 


467. Nathaniel (called "Nathan") Averell {Ezekiel\ Job\ 
Job', William', William'), b. May 3, 1801, at Alna, Me. (F. B.), 
was a blacksmith and lived at Alna and Whitefield (1820), Bath 
(1829), and Oldtown (1830?), Me. He m. Feb. 13, 1820, at 
Wiscasset, Me., Sarah Thompson (dau. of Alexander Thompson 

of Wiscasset and Topsham, Me., and Hannah , his 

v^ife), b. 1800 at Wiscasset; d. May 24, 1858, aged 59 years and 
7 mos., at Oldtov^n, Me. He d. there "Nov. 20, 1845, aged 46 
years" {T. R. give Nov. 19, 1845). His gravestone is distinctly 
marked Nathaniel. His family Bible gives his birth date, and 
dates of his children's births. It is in possession of Miss Helen 
Averell of Oldtown, a dau. of his son George. 

Children* : 

1105. i. George Washington', b. "Sat. A. M. at 4 o'clock. Fair and 

Clear" Dec. 9, 1820, at Whitefield; m. CaroHne Dudley. 

1106. ii. Henry William', b. Feb. 23, 1822, at Whitefield; m. Han- 

nah K. Drake. 

1107. iii. Francis Onsville', b. Tuesday. A. M., Oct. 31, 1826, at 

Bath, Me.; m. Martha Bloom. 


* Oldtoivn, Me., T. R. give the births of the above named children; 
some do not correspond with the above F. B. record, and are, therefore, given 
here: George W., b. Dec. 9, 1822; Henry W., b. Feb., 1825; Wealthy, b. 
May, 1827; Francis (date destroyed); Alfred, b. 1829; Abby Ann, b. Jan. 
31, 1830.— Ed. 

The Sixth Generation 463 

1108. iv. Wealthy Bradford', b. Wed. eve., May 11, 1825, at Bath; 

d. Sept. 19, 1826, at Bath. 

1109. V. Alfred Stone", b. May 20, 1829, at Bath; d. Nov. 21, 1847, 

at Oldtovi^n, Me., unm. 

1110. vi. Abby Ann', b. Jan. 31, 1831, at Bath; m. Daniel J. Averell 

(No. 1048). He d. in the Civil War. She d. 1875, at 
Oldtown, Me. 

1111. vii. RUFUS', b. Nov. 26, 1832, at Oldtown, Me., lives there. 

1112. viii. Hannah ("Anna") Maria", b. Sept. 1, 1836, at Oldtown; 

lives at Waltham, Mass.; m. Robert Cummings from Kil- 
marnock, Scotland. Mrs. Cummings has given many 
facts about the family and her ancestors. 

1113. ix. Mary Trask", b. Mar. or Nov. 1, 1839, at Oldtown; d. there, 

May 24, 1866. 

470. Sarah*' Averill {EzekieV', Joh\ Job\ William', Will- 
iam^), b. 1797 (?), at Alna, Me.; m. James Cunningham (Int. 
pub. at Alna, Aug. 12, 1826) . She d. at Alna Head Tide P. O., 
about 1886. 

i. Elizabeth Cunningham', b. , ; m. Daniel C. 

Marr (brother of James and Benjamin). 

472. Susan Anne'' Averill {EzekieV-, Job\ Jolr, William-, 
William^), b. Feb. 2, 1801 (?) ; m. Aug. 12, 1826 (Int. pub. Aug. 
12, 1826, at Alna, Me.), James Chesley Marr or Mar, son of 
James Mar or Marr, of Alna, who was b. at Kittery, Me. (son of 
Surplus, son of John Erskine, son of John Erskine, Earl of Mar) , 
and Susannah Bailey (Richard% Joseph^ Joseph^ . James Ches- 
ley Marr (or Mar) was b. Dec. 25, 1800, at Alna, and d. there in 
1884. They lived in that part of Alna, now called Head Tide 
P. O. She d. at Alna, Nov. 6, 1887. 
Children (all b. at Alna) : 

i. Anna Theresa' Mar, b. Jan. 2, 1830; m. Allen F. Bailey, 
ii. James Frederick' Mar, b. Apr. 13, 1832; m. Naomi C. 

iii. John Ellingwood' Mar, b. Mar. 22, 1834; m. Helen Louise 

iv. William Holmes' Mar, b. May 17, 1841; m. Nancy Zemira 

464 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

476. RacheF Avery (Enochs Israel' Averell, Jo¥, Will- 
iam', William^), b. about 1769; m. (1) John Weeks* m. (2) 
Joseph Chapman of Nobleboio, Me. 

Children (by first husband) : 

i. Enoch" Weeks, who m. his cousin, Eleanor Weeks. 

ii. Joseph' Weeks. 

iii. James' Weeks. 

iv. John' Weeks. 

V. Thomas' Weeks. 

vi. Matilda Shepherd Weeks. 

vii. Mary' Weeks. 

viii. (Rev.) George' Weeks. 

(by second husband) : 

ix. Rachel' Chapman, b. Oct. 12, 1809, at Nobleboro; m. 
Lewman Avery (see No. 1122). 

* John Weeks was the son of John Weeks (John^ Samuel", Leonard'), 
who was b. at Greenland, N. H.; removed to Damariscotta, Me., 1768-70; 
and d. at Jefferson, Me. (see Week's Gen.). 

477. Joseph^ Avery (EnocJi'% Israel* Averell, Job^, Will- 
iam-, William^), h. Apr. 8, 1772, at Alna, Me., lived at Balltown, 
later called Jefferson, Me. He spelled his name Averell till 
1806, when his cousin, Simeon Averell called "Avery" of Alna, 
came to visit his family, and told them that John Avery, Secre- 
tary of State of Maine, who was his and our cousin, made him 
change his name to its right form, Avery. He claims this was the 
occasion of the general change of the surname from Averell to 
Avery in that locality (see under Simeon, No. 484). 

Joseph was m. Apr. 26, 1801, at Balltown, by Rev. Joseph 
Baley, pastor, to Sarah ("Sally") Waters (WJiitefield Records) , 
who was the dau. of Samuel Waters Esq., who m. (2nd w.) 
Widow Ruth (Hilton) Avery, Joseph's wife, Sarah (Waters), 
was b. May 10 or 18, 1782, and d. Apr. 16, 1852. She was a very 
noble, talented and energetic woman. He d. Oct. 3, 1825. 

Children : 

1114. i. Abiel', b. Jan. 30, 1802; m. ^1) Nancy Marston; m. (2) 

Sarah Jane Toothaker. 

1115. ii. Joseph', b. Apr. 7, 1804; m. (1) Elmira Jackson; m. (2) 

Hannah Jackson Richardson Chisam. 

1116. iii. John Waters', b. July 29, 1808; m. Tabitha Hathorne. 

The Sixth Generation 465 

1117. iv. Ira", b. Mar. 14, 1811. 

1118. V. Samuel Waters', b. July 4, 1814, at Jefferson. He was a 

clergyman, graduated at Colby Univ. and the Newton 
or Baptist Theol. Sem. He m. Oct. 17, 1855, Angeline A. 
Johnson. He d. Dec. 17, 1875, at Lisbon Falls, Me. In- 
terment at Jefferson. 

1119. vi. Enoch McClellan', b. July 4, 1814; m. Sarah Thomas 


1120. vii. Elizabeth Jackson', b. , ; m. Nov. 20, 1849, 

Abel Eaton Dinslow. They have children (names not 
ascertained) . 

479. Ruth'' Avery {Enoch'', Israel* Averell, Job\ William-, 
William'), b. Mar. 18, 1779, at Alna, Me.; m. July 27, 1807, at 
Jefferson, Me., her step-brother, John Waters (son of Samuel 
Waters Esq. of Jefferson), b. May 18, 1784; d. Sept. 11, 1824 
{Jefferson T. R.) . Mrs. Waters is described by her niece, Mrs. 
Sarah J. Avery of Vallejo, Cal., as a woman of medium height, 
small frame, well proportioned, with oval features; she had a 
gentle and pleasant disposition, and drew people to her in an 
unusual way ; her influence was strongly felt by those who knew 
her. She was domestic in her tastes, spoke with loving reverence 
of her husband and her married life, and with motherly pride 
of her- children. She Hved with her dau. Nancy, at the old 
homestead. She saw the bright side of life and the best qualities 
of her friends even in her old age. It was a great pleasure to 
be with her at any time. Her nephews said "it was like a 
benediction to even see Aunt Ruth". 

Children (all b. at Jefferson, Me.) : 

i. Nancy' Waters, b. Jan. 28, 1809. Married, 
ii. Samuel' Waters, b. Apr. 8, 1811. Married, 
iii. Horace' Waters, b. Nov. 1, 1812. Married in N. Y., has 

iv. Margaret Jane' Waters C'), b. June 12, 1815; d. June 2, 

v. Ruth Ann' Waters, b. June 12, 1815; m. Daggett, 

lives at Worcester, Mass. 
vi. Margaret Jane' Waters("), b. June 5, 1817; married. 

480. Enoch" Avery {Enoch^ Averell, Israel', Job^\ William-, 
William'), was b. Dec. 1, 1781, at Balltown Plantation, in that 
part incorporated in 1807 as Jefferson. He was a farmer and 

466 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

lumberman, and identified with all the interests of his town. 
His marriage entry in the town books of Whitefield, Me., is 
"Mr. Enoch Avery and Margaret Shepard both of Balltown 
were married Deem. 29, 1803 and entered with me as the law 
directs. Attest Saml Watters, Just. Peace." She was the dau. 
of Shepard and his wife, b. 1784 (?). 

The ancestor of this Shepard or Shepherd family was James 
Shephard of Dorchester, Mass., who has not been identified as 
belonging to Dorchester families of that name. It is said by 
h^ome descendants that he was an Englishman ; by others, a 

From 1807 to 1826, Enoch Avery held town offices of various 
degrees of importance. In 1807, the year Jefferson was incor- 
porated as a town, he was Highway Surveyor. As he was also 
born in the town and appointed at its first meeting to serve it, 
there can be no doubt about his being a first settler. His step- 
father, Samuel Waters, was also appointed the same year on a 
committee to settle accounts with the Plantation of Balltown, 
so he too was a first settler. Enoch was a fence viewer many 
years, a surveyor of highways and lumber about every year of 
the nineteen covered by the records that were examined ; he was 
one of a committee of three to settle town accounts in 1811, '14, 
'19, and '23. He was a moderator of the town meeting, highway 
surveyor, collector, and on a committee to lay out a road, in 1815; 
Traverse ( ?) Juror in 1818 ; on School Committee in 1820 ; and 
filled many offices between that date and 1827. 

He had the splendid physique, erect carriage, and sanguine 
temperament so general in this branch of the family, and he also 
inherited the musical tastes of his ancestors, all of his children 
singing and some playing instruments. They were a devout 
family and very united. 

He and his brother Joseph built very pretty farm houses 
close together, near Dyer's Pond. Samuel Waters' home was 
close by ; as was also that of John Avery (No. 498) . These farms 
had rather unusual features for that locality, for the wainscot- 
ting was high and painted white ; a pretty moulding ran around 
the edge of the ceilings ; the cabinet for the Bible and the minis- 
ter's favorite beverage was built in the wall, too high for the 
children to reach; a small secretary was also built in; and a 

The Sixth Generation 467 

stairway circled from the small vestibule around one side of the 
high central chimney (which in similar houses standing today 
is divided into furnace flues and closets) . His home was de- 
stroyed by fire; but the house of Joseph Avery, much like it, 
stood until a few years ago. Enoch's second house was on an- 
other site, farther from the lake ; it was more hurriedly built and 
not nearly so fine as the first one. But it contained the cabinet 
and secretary and had the pretty mouldings and wainscotting, 
though some of these features have been eliminated within a 
very few years. This house has been occupied by five genera- 
tions of Averys. 

Enoch Avery was drowned in Dyer's Pond. It was said by 
his children that his spirit appeared at the time of the accident, 
to his old neighbor and valued friend. Squire Day, who at once 
instituted a search for the recovery of his body. 

He d. July 25, 1828 ( ?) . He left his widow with a large 
family and limited means, but she had a brave, loving, and 
devout spirit and loyal children, and she lived to see some of her 
hopes realized in them. Years after her death, they all spoke 
of her with love and reverence. She d, Oct. 9, 1842, aged 58 

Margaret "Avery" was appointed admrx. of the estate of 
Enoch Avery, and the inventory appears as of the estate of 
Enoch Averell. Liyicoln Co. P. R., Vol. 28, p. 349. 

William Glidden was appd. guardian unto Newell Avery, 
Jiidson Avery, Seivall Avery, and Ruth Avery, minors under 
fourteen years of age, children of Enoch Averell late of Jeffer- 
son, dec. 

May 7, 1829, Nobleboro, Me. John H. Sheppard, Regr. 
Children of Enoch and Margaret (Shepard) Avery (all born 
at Jefferson, Me.) : 

Enoch', b. Aug. 5, 1804; m. Lucinda Colson. 
Lewman G.\ b. June 13, 1806; m. Rachel Chapman. 
Harriet', b. Apr. 5, 1808; m. Joseph Glidden. 
Prentiss Mellen', b. Apr. 21, 1810; m. Mercy Ann Little- 
Edward', b. June 1, 1812; m. Hannah Files Harding. 
Mary', b. Oct. 3, 1814; d. Oct. 8, 1834, at Jefferson. 
Orne' (son), b. Oct. 9, 1816; d. Oct. 17, 1816, at Jefferson. 
Newell', b. Oct. 12, 1817; m. Nancy Clapp Eddy. 



























468 Averell, Averill, Avery Family 

JUDSON', b. Aug. 20, 1819; m. Olive McCobb. 

Ruben Fairfield', b. Nov. 25, 1821. He was named proba- 
bly after Ruben Fairfield, a prominent man at Vassal- 
borough, Me. He d. Oct. 10, 1822, at Jefferson. 

Sewell', b. Feb. 2, 1824; m. Eliza Holland Eddy. 

Miles', b. Mar. 9, 1825 ; d. Mar. 26, 1826, at Jefferson. 

Ruth', b. Apr. 1, 1827; m. John Welch. 

481. William'^ Avery {Enoclv, Israel^ Averell, Job^, Will- 
iam-, William'), b. July 25, 1783 (?), at Jefferson, Me.; m. 
before Jan., 1812, Margaret ("Peggy") Waters, widow of Capt. 
Bryson (and dau. of Samuel Waters and Margaret McLelland, 
his second wife), b. Oct. 24, 1779. 

Children : 

1134. i. William "Alden"', b. Jan. 5, 1812; m. (1) Angeline Briard; 

m. (2) Lucinda M. Brown. 

1135. ii. Warren'. 

1136. iii. George'. • . 

1137. iv. Margaret'. 

1138. V. Clarissa', lived in Illinois. 

482. Nathan" Avery TEnoch% Israel* Averell, Job\ Will- 
iam'-, William'), b. Apr. 18, 1785, at Jefferson, Me.; was m. at 
Jefferson, to Betsey Folsom, who was b. Apr. 4, 1784, at Jeffer- 
son (Jeiferson Records). 

Children (all b. at Jefferson) : 

1139. i. Sophia', b. July 18, 1808; m.; husband's name not given; 

lived at Gardiner, Me.; d. without issue. 

1140. ii. Lovina', b. Sept. 13, 1811; lived at Buffalo, N. Y.; m. (1) 

Buck; m. (2) ; d. without 


1141. iii. Hiram', b. Apr. 1, 1813; d. unm. (?). 

1142. iv. Otis', b. Mar. 31, 1815; m. a Southern woman, and lived 

"down south". 

1143. V. Myrick', b. Apr. 9, 1819; m. Rebecca Moore. ' 

1144. vi. James', b. Jan. 20, 1821; m. Caroline Kincaid. 

1145. vii. Nathan Merrill', b. Apr. 22, 1826; m. Charlotte C. Russell. 

1146. viii. Eliza Ann', b. May 1, 1828; m. William Day. 

484. Simeon'' Avery {David'% Israel* Averell, Job^, Will- 
iam-, William'), b. Nov. 21, 1772, at Pownalboro (Alna), Me., 
said to have been a clergyman, and was a constable at Davis- 
town Plantation, 1807-'09 ; lived at Davistown Plantation (later 

The Sixth Generation 469 

named Montville), Me.; removed to 'The Scioto Valley", Ohio, 
prob. between 1809-11. He m. Oct. 14, 1793, his cousin, Susanna 
Averell or Avery (No. 478), b. June 15, 1774, at Pownalboro. 
He was called Avery, but in some of the Plantation Records of 
Davistown his name is written "Every". For years he was in 
correspondence with his cousin, Joseph Avery (No. 1115), and 
known to Newell Avery (No. 1128). 

Both Joseph and Newell Avery declared that Simeon held 
all the family records: that John Avery, Sec. of State, under 
Gov. John Hancock of Massachusetts (Alna and all Maine were 
then in Massachusetts) , was their cousin; that