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Full text of "The ayenbite of inwyt written in the dialect of the county of Kent"

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P R E F A C E. 

Although the " Ayenbite of Invvyt " is here presented to the 
reader in a dress which is purely and emphatically English, yet the 
work itself has no claim to an English origin. It is an adapta- 
tion, or perhaps rather a translation, from a Erench moral treatise 
which was composed in the year 1279, for the use of Philip the 
Second, King of Erance, hy his confessor Erere Lorens, or, as he is 
styled in Latin, Laurentius Gallus, of the Order of the Eriars 

This Erench original occurs under a variety of designations. Its 
most correct title is " Le Sonime des vices et de vertues," hut it is 
sometimes styled "Li libres roiaux de vices et de vertus ; " some- 
times " Le Miroir du monde ; " sometimes " Le livre des Com- 
mandemens; " but more commonly " La somme le roi." 

In the British Museum there are at least two copies of the original 
Erench. The former of these, Cleopatra, A. v , is a quarto volume 
elegantly written upon vellum, about the year 1300 ; the second, 
the Ptoyal MS. 19 C. ii. is of a somewhat later date, and may be 
referred to about the year 1330. In both these manuscripts there 
occurs a note at the end, in which it is stated that the work was 
compiled for the use of Philip the Third of Erance, by a Eriar 
Preacher, in the year 1279. 

* See Hist. Litter, de la France, xix. 397. 


In both of these copies the text begins with the word's, " Le pre- 
mier conimanclement que Dieu fist et commanda est cestui," cor- 
responding with p. 2 of the text here printed. And they both end 
thus : " que nous maint en sa compaignie, la ou est perdurable vie. 
Amen ; " as at the bottom of p. 210. 

The French work was exceedingly popular in France during the 
middle ages. The authors of the Histoire Litteraire state that no 
less than twenty-four copies of it are to be found in the Bibliotheque 
du Ptoi ; probably others occur elsewhere. There are also three 
copies of a Proyen9al version ; one in Flemish (of which three 
printed editions appeared in the fifteenth century) ; one in Catalan ; 
two in Spanish (according to Quetif and Echard, but which the 
authors of the Histoire Litteraire could not trace), and one in 

A portion of the French work, that namely Avhich treats of the 
vices and virtues, was printed at Paris by Antoine Verard ; but 
without date. 

It is, however, with the English versions of this treatise that we 
are most concerned. Besides that which is here printed, there are 
at least two others which deserve notice. 

The earlier of the two was executed about the end of the fourteenth 
or the beginning of the fifteenth century, a copy of which is among 
the Additional Manuscripts in the British Museum (No. 17,013), 
where it bears the title of " pe hoc of vices and vcrtues." It is a 
folio volume, written upon Acllum, without any indication of the 
place Avhere Avritten, or the time when, or the person by whom, the 
version was executed. The language is apparently that of one of 


the midland counties. It begins thus : " pe firste comaundement 
pat God comandede was pis pou ne schalt not have divers goddes, 
pat is to seie, pou ne schalt have no God hut me, ne honoure, ne 
serve, ne pou ne schalt putt pyn hope principali in no creatur." 

The Bodleian MS. 283 (formerly NE. E. 7. 7,)* is a manuscript of 
considerable interest in the present inquiry, not so much from the 
text which it affords, as from the exceeding merit of the pen-and- 
ink drawings with which it is illustrated It is not easy to do 
justice, in a description, to the invention which is exhibited in their 
conception, and the taste with which they are executed. ' The 
artistic feelmg which pervades the whole is truly admirable. The 
manuscript (with which they are contemporary) may probably be 
referred to about the year 1440, or perhaps a little later. It is 
entitled "The mirroure of the worlde that some calleth vice and 
vertu." A note at the end tells us that "A frere off the ordre of 
prechoures made and compiled this booke open the Gospelle and 
open Holy Scripture and auctorities of Seintes atte the requeste of 
Kynge Phelip of Eraunce in the 3ere of our Lorde M. ij*=. iiij'''' and 
ix. Deo gratias." It is divided into 187 chapters. 

The next version is that made by Caxtou, Avhicli appeared under the 
title of " The book ryal, or the book for a kyug." Caxton took many 
liberties with his original, and prefixed to it a long introductory pas- 
sage explanatory of the four laws which have been in operation in the 

* No. 2338 in Bernard's general "catalogue. It is in large folio, "written upon strong, 
thick paper, each gathering of Avhich is stitched within a vellum ■wrapper. It is much 
to be regretted that no trace exists which enables us to decide as to the place where, the 
time when, or the person by whom this interesting volume was executed. The drawings 
are ^\orth the notice of all who are interested in the history of art. 



world since its creation, namely, the law of nature, the law of con- 
cupiscence, the law of Moses, and the law of love and of grace. It is 
unnecessary to follow Caxton through these supplemental statements. 
The earliest, and l)y far the most interesting, Englisli version, how- 
ever, is that which is here for the first time printed. It was com- 
pleted, as its author informs us, in the year 1310, and we have his 
own authority for stating that it is written in the common dialect 
of the county of Kent. The oljject which the translator, " dan 
Michel of Xorthgate, ane hrother of the cloystre of Sauynt Austin, 
of Canterberi," had in view in adopting this course, is one which is 
worthy of all remembrance. In writing this book " mid Engliss 
of Kent," he aimed at providing " lewede men " with the means of 
knowing their duty and doing it ; and he here supplied them with 
a manual of instruction, which (making due allowance for some 
exaggerated statements on the one hand, and some defective teach- 
ing on the other) could not l3ut have made its readers better men 
and better Christians, and we do willing honor to Dan Michael for 
being among the first of those good men who taught Englishmen, 
in their own language, their duty to God, their neighbours, and 

* The following version of the Lord's Prayer and of the Ave Maria, written doubtless 
for the purpose of being committed to memory hy the Kentish population of the time of 
Edward the Third, are the production of the same author. 

Vadre oure jjct art in hevenes yhal3ed by )>i name cominde )>i riche yworjie );i wil ase 
ine hevene and ine erjje bread oure eche dayes yef ous to day and vorlet ous oure yeld- 
inges ase and we vorlete|> our yelderes and ne ous led ua^t into vondinge ac vri ous vram 
queade. Zuo by hit. 

Hayl Marie of |)onke vol. Lhord by mid {>e yblissed Jiou ine wymtuen and yblissed j>et 
ovet of })iiie wombe. Zuo by hit. 


Of Dan Michael we know nothing more than what he has told us 
in the following memorandum, and on the first and last pages of 
his treatise : — " l?is boc is Dan Michelis of Norpgate, y write an 
Englis of his 03ene hand pet hatte Ayenhite of Inwyt. And is of 
pe bochouse of Saynt Austines of Canterberi, mid pe lettres C. C." 

It is chiefly in a philological point of view, however, that the 
" Ayenhite of Inwyt " commands our attention. It presents nume- 
rous illustrations of the middle English, which are of great im- 
portance to all who are interested in the history of our language, 
and the value of which will become still further recognised when a 
dictionary of our early and middle English shall be compiled. 

In another respect the following pages are highly valuable. 
They "afford us the means of solving what has hitherto remained a 
problem in the history of the language of our nation ; the origin, 
namely, of the Kentish population, and of their dialect. It will be 
remem]3ered that in his account of the distribution of the various 
tribes which peopled England at the period of the Saxon invasion, 
the venerable Beda states that Kent was occupied by the Jutes, 
whom he distinguishes from the Saxons and the Angles. If these 
Jutes constituted a nation distinct from the Saxons and Angles, it 
might fairly be inferred that traces of this difference of origin would 
exist in the language spoken in the locality in which they were 
planted. " The Ayenhite of Inwyt " disproves the assumption of any 
such separate origin. The language exhibits traces, indeed, of a local 
individuality of character, but nothing to imply a radical difference 
either in its structure or its vocaljulary. It establishes the accuracy 
of the conclusions at which the able historian of the English Lan- 


guage* had already arrived in his examination of this question con- 
nected with the orii^in of the Kentish population, and an analysis of 
its language converts into a certainty the inferences to which his 
historical inquiries had conducted him. 


Leighton Buzzard, 15th April, 1856. 

* See " The English Language," by Dr. R. G. Latham, § 16, pp. 10—13, ed. 1850. 


Almi3ti God yaf ten hestes in ]>e la3e of Jewes J^et Moyses onderving ine 
j>e helle of Synay ine two tables of ston J?et were iwrite mid Godes vingre. 
and him zelf efter his beringe ine his spelle het hise healde and loki to 
ech man pet will by ibor3e. And huo fat agelt ine enie of f e ilke hestes 
him flell ferof vorfench and him ffrive and bidde God merci yef he wyle 
by ybor3e. 

yis boo is ywrite 

Vor Engliffe men ]?et hi wyte 

How hi ITolde ham zelve ffrive 

And maki ham klene ine J^ise live. 

]?is boo hatte huo fet writ 

Ayenbite of Inwyt 

A verst bye]? \>e Hestes Ten 

fet loki ffoUe alle men. 



fe verste heste f et God made and het is }>is J)ou ne selt habbe vele 
godes. ])Qt is to zigge J'ou ne flelt habbe God bote Me ne worfTipie 
ne servi And fou ne flelt do j^ine hope bote ine Me. vor J^e ilke J^et 
dej? his hope he3Hche ine fTepj^e zenegej? dyadhche and dej? aye fise 
' heste. 'Zuiche bye]? fe ilke J^et worfTipe]? ]?e momenes and makej? 
hire god of iTepJ^e huich fet hit by. 

"Aye fise heste zene3e}' Jjo J'et to moche loviej? hire guod. gold ofer 
zelver ol'er oj^re J^inges erj^liche Huo J^et ine ])ise l^inges ageltej? zette]? 
zuo moche hire herte and hire hope fet hi voryetej? hire ITepere an 
lete]? Him ]>et alle )?ise guodes ham lenj? And j^ervore he flblden Him 
servi and j^onki and toppe alle f inges lovie and worflipie alzuo j^e tekj? 
Jjis verste heste. ^ 


J)e OJ'er Heste ys f'ellich J'ou ne ffelt nime Godes name in ydel. f et is 
to zigge Jjou ne ffelt zuerie vor na5t and wyj? oute guode scele ]?et our 
Lhord him zelf ous vorbyet ine his spelle f et me ne zuerie ne by ])e 
hevene ne by J^e erj^e ne by oj^re ffepj^e ]>a3les ine guode skele me may 
zuerie wyfoute senne ase ine dome huer me oksej? of J?e zofe. oj^er out of 
dome in oj^re guode skele and clenliche and skelvolliche. Ine none oj^re 
manyere ne is no ri3t to zuerie and j^ervore huo )?et zuerej? wij^oute skele 
J?ane name of our Lhorde and vor nazt yef he zuere]? vals be his wytinde 
he him vorzuerej? and def to ayans his heste and zuerf dyadliche vor he 
3uerj7 ayens inwyt ]?et is to onderstonde huanne he him vorzuerj? be |?03te 
and be longe j^enchinge Ac ])e ilke ]>et zuere]? be his wytinde and alneway 
vor na3t oj^er vor some skele kueade na3t kueadliche ake li3tliche and 
wy]7oute sklaundre zuerej? Ii3tliche psdes ]?e wone is kueadvol and may wel 
wende to zcnnc dyadliche bote yef him ne loki Ac ]?e ilke J'et zuere]? 
hidousliche be God ()]?cr be his Hal3en and him to bre3f and zayj? him 
sclondrcs J'ct ne bye]? na3t to zigge ]^e ilke zcne3cj' dyadliche. ne he ne 
may habbe skele fet he him mo3e excusi and f e ilke fet mest him woncf 
to zuerie mest zcnege]?. / 


])e ]?riclde lieste is f'ellich Loke )?et J?ou hal3i )?ane day of )?e sabat |?at 
is Zaterday pet is to zigge )?ou ne flelt do ine ]?e day of )?e sabat 
[Zeterday] ]?ine nyedes ne |?ine workes ]?et ]70u rai5t do ine oJ?re dayes 
Ac )?ou flelt Ipe resti vor beterc J?e yerne to bidde and to serve |7ine 
ffepere ]>et him restede )?ane zevende day of workes pet he hedde ymad 
ine J?e zix dayes bevore ine huichen he made the wordle an ordaynede 
[di5te]. ]?is heste volue)? gosthche him pet loke J? be his mi3te pe pays of 
his inwyt God vor to servi more holylaker ]?anne []?is wordle.] ]?is word 
Zeterday ]?et l^e lurie clepej) sabat in as moche wor]? ase rest. 

)?is heste ne may non loki gostliche J?et by ine inwyt of dyadliche 
zenne vor zuich inwyt ne may by yne rest )?cr huyle ]?et he is ine 
zuich stat. And ine pe stede of pe sabat ]7et was straytliche yloked ine 
pe Yalde La5e zet holi cherche ]?ane Sonday to loky ine pe Newe La3e 
vor our Lhord aros vram dya]?e to lyve )?ane Zonday an Jjervore me 
flell him loky and vre]?ie zo holyliche and by ine reste of workes o]?e pe 
woke and more of workes of zenne and yeve him more to gostliche 
workes and to Godes servise and ]?enche ane his fleppere and him 
bidde and Jjonky to his guode and huo ]?et brek]? ]?ane Zonday and 
pe oj^re he5e festes ]?et bye]? yzet to loky ine Holi Cherche zenegep 
dyadliche vor he dep aye pe best of God to vore yzed and of Holi 
Cherche bote yef he by vore zome nyede fet Holi Cherche grante]? 
Ac more zenegep pe ilke j^et dispendej? ]?ane Zonday and pe festes ine 
zenne and ine hordom and in o]?re zennes aye God. |?ise firi hestes 
di3tej? ous to Code specialliche. 

vJ?E ver]?e Godes heste. 
pe ver]?e heste is J^ellich Worfllpe )5ine vader and ]?ine moder vor J^u 
flTelt libbe pe lenger yne yerj^e. ]?is heste ous amoneste]? ]?et we ous loky 
J?et we ne wrej?]?i vader ne moder wytindeliche and huo |?et onwTe]?e|? 
his vader and his moder be his \A7tinde oJ?er ham missay]? o]?er wTcl^J^eJ? 
mid kueade zenegeth dyadliche an brek]? |?ise heste. 

Ine ]?ise ilke heste is onderstonde |?e wor|?iripe J?et we ffoUe bere 
to our vaderes gostliche pet is to J?am J?et habbe]? ]>e lokingge ous to 
teche and ous to chasti ase bye]? ]?e overlinges of Holy Cherche. and 
J?o Ipet hahhep J?e lokinge of oure zaules and of our bodyes and huo 
J?et nele bou3e to ham pet habbe]? J?e lokinge of him huanne hi teche]? 
pet guod f'et me is yhyalde to done zenege]? kueadliche and zuych may 
by pe unbo3samnesse }?et his is dyadlich zenne. ^ 


pe vifte heste is ]?ellich ]?ou ne ffelt sla3e nenne man. ]?is heste vorbyet 
)?et non ne ffell sla5e o]?ren vor awrekinge ne vor his guodes o}?er vor 
o]?re wycked skele vor ]?et is senne dyadlich ]?a3les vor to sla3e pe mis- 
doeres ri3t vor to donne and loki and vor oj^re guode skele hit is guod 
ri3t by pe la^e to him ]3et ffell hit do and yhyealde is ]?erto. 

Ine }?is heste ys vorbode zenne of hate and of wre]?e an of grat ire 
vor alse zay]? pe writinge pe ilke ]?et hate]? his bro}?er he is mansla3]?e 
ase to pe wylle and zenege]? dyadliche and pe ilke ]?et bereth longe 
wre]?}?e ayens o]?ren vor zuich wre]7e long yhealde and byvealde ine herte 
is ine wTe}?e and ine hate ]?et is dyadlich zenne and aye phe heste 
And yet zenegep he more J?et de]? o]?er porchace]? ffame o]?er harm to 
o]?ren wrongliche o]?er is ine rede and ine helpe vor to do harmi opYen 
him to awreke ]?a3les wtcJjc o}?er onwor]?nesse ]?et gep li3tliche wi]?oute 
greate wille an wilninge vor to harmi o]?ren ne is na3t dyadlich zenne. '■^ 


pe zixte heste is ]?ellich ]?ou ne ffelt do hordom ]?et is to zigge ]?ou ne 
ffelt na3t wilni vela3rede vleffliche wy]? o}?re manne wyf. 

Ine ]?ise heste ous is vorbode alle zenne of vleffe ]?et ine clepe]? gene- 
ralliche lechcrie }?et is on of pe zeven dyadliche zennes pa^ ]?er by 
zome bronches }?et ne bye]? na3t dyadlich zenne ase bye]? manic ariz- 
inges of vlelle }?et me ne may na3t all bevly and ]?o we ffell najti and 
wy]?dra3e ase moche ase we may na3t vor to norici hit ne porchaci o]?er 
be to moche mete o]?er drink e oJ?er be evele }?03tes to longe yhyealde 

o]?er be kueade takinges vor ine suiche )?inges me may habbe harm of 
zaule. Ine J?ise heste is vorbode alle zennen aye kende ine huet manere 
hy bye)? ydo oj^er ine his bodie o)?er ine o]?ren. 


pe zevende heste is JjclHch |?ou ne ffelt do none ]?ief}?e. j^is heste ous 
vorbyet to nimene and of-yhealde o]7re manne ];ing huet |?et hit by be 
wyckede skele aye ]>e wyl of him ]?et hit 03]?. 

Ine ]?ise heste is vorbode roberie ]?ief|?e stale and gavel and bargayn 
wi]) o|?ren vor his o3en to habbe. And ]?e ilke }?et dej? aye )?is heste 
is yhyalde to yelde |?et he hep of o]?re manne kueadliche yef he wot to 
huam and yef he not he is yhyalde to yeve hit vor Godes love o]?er to 
done by pe rede of holi Cherche vor he Jjet wy]?halt o]?re manne ]?ing 
mid wrong be kueade skele zenege]? dyadliche bote yef he hit yelde }?er 
ha flel yef he hit wot and more hit do oj^er yef he ne de|? by pe rede 
of holy Cherche. >X 


pe e3tende heste is )?eUich. J?ou ne ffelt zigge none valse wytnesse aye 
J?ine emcristen. 

Ine ]?ise heste ous ys vorbode ]?et we ne lye3e ne ous vorzuerie ne ine 
dome ne wyj^oute dome vor to do harmi ]?ine emcristen and J>et me ne 
lede nenne in wytnesse vor to ampayri his guode los o]?er his grace 
]?et he he}? vor ]?et is dyadlich zenne To ayens )?ise heste do]? J?o )?et 
miszigge]? guode men behinde ham be hire wytinde and by kuead- 
nesse ]?et me clepe]? pe zenne of detraction and ]?o also )?et herie]? |?e 
kueade and hire deades of hire kueadnisse and of hire folies y^yte 
o]?er yro3e oJ?er yherd )?et is zenne of blendigge o]?er of lozengerie 
huanne me hit zay]? tovore ham o|?er valshede o)?er lyesinges huanne he 
]?et me spek]? of ne is na3t present vor alle ]?os bye]? valse wytnesses. / 


pe nezende heste is ]?ellich ]?ou ne ffelt na3t '^ylni ]?ine ne3ybores wyf 

ne his vrylni ine p>ine herte ])et is to zigge ]?ou ne flfelt na3t consenti to 
do zenne mid ]?ine bodye. un.^;^.^^.^ 

]?is heste vorbyet to wyhii mid wyl of herte to habbe vela3rede vlefllich 
mid alle \A'yfmen out of spoushod and ]?e kueade tocnen wiJ?oute ]?et 
bye]? ymad vor to dra3e zenne ase bye)? kueade wordes of zuyche manere 
o|?er yef J^es o]?er kueade takinges And J?e difference of )?ise heste mid 
)?e zLxte above yzed zuo is ]?et zixte heste vorbyet ]>e deade wi]?oute 
ac ]?is vorbyet J?e grantinge wy|?inne vor ]?e grantinge to habbe vela- 
3rede vleffliche mid wyfmen ]?et is na3t his be spouse ys zenne dyadUch 
be ]?e dome of Godes spelle J?et zay}? Huo ]>et zi3)? ane wifman and 
wylne]? hir ine herte he he]? yzene3ed ine hyre ine his herte ]?et is to 
zigge wy]? aperte wylnigge and mid J?03te. 


)?e tende heste is ]?elhch. ]7ou ne ffelt na3t wylni ]7ing pet is ]?ine 
nlxte. ]?is heste vorbyet wyl to habbe o]?re manne ping by wyckede 

Ine ]?is heste is vorbode envie of o]?re manne guode oJ?er of dpre 
manne grace vor pe ilke envie com)? of kueade covaytise vor to habbe 
]?et guod o]?er pe ilke grace ]?et he yzi)? ine o)?ren and pe ilke covaytise 
huanne ]?e consentement and pe ]?03tes ]?er to is dyadlich zenne. and aye 
]?ise heste )?a3les lite covaytise to habbe o]?re manne ]?ing wy [by?] 
guode scele ne is no zenne and yef )?er is any kuead arizinge wy]?oute 
wylle and wy]?oute grantinge to harmi o]?ren hit ne is no zenne and yef 
per is zenne hit is li3t zenne. 

]?is bye]? pe ten hestes huer of pe J?ri verste ous di3t wel to God pe 
dpre zeven ous di3t to oure nixte. J?ise ten hestes hjep to e]?en ]?et 
he]? scele and elde yhyealde to comme and to done vor huo ]?et de]? 
]?erteyens be his wytinde zene3e)? dyadliche. y 


]?yse bye]? pe tuclf Articles of pe Cristene Byleve ]?et ech man Cristen 
flcll ylcvc stcdevestliche vor o]?erlaker he ne may by ybor3e huanne he 

he]? wyt and scele and }?erof byeth tuelf by pe tale of f'e tuelf Apostles 
)?et hise zette to hyealde and to loky to alle J?on J?et wjlep by ybore. 
Jjanne ]?e verste belonge]? to pe Vader J?e zevende to J?e Zone the verj?e 
to ]?e Holi Gost vor J?et is ]?e byginninge of the beleave. Y leve ine pe 
Holy Trinite. pet is ine pe Vader and ine pe Zone and ine pe Holy Gost 
on God in ]?ri persones Alle )?ise articles byeth ycontyened ine pe Credo. 
J?et pe tuelf Apostles made huerof ech zette his. 

pe verste article is |?ellich. Iche beleve ine God pe vader Almi3ti 
fleppere of hevene and of er]?e. ]?is article zette saynte Peter, pe o]?er 
article belonge]? to pe Zone aze to his godhede J?et is to zigge ]?et he is 
God and is J?ellich Ich beleve ine Yesu Crist oure Lhord Codes Zone pe 
Vader ine alle |?inges )?et belonge]? to pe godhede an is onlepi ping 
mid pe Vader bote of pe Persone }?et is o]?er ]?anne pe Persone of pe 
Vader ]?is article zette Sayn Jon pe godspellere. pe ]?ridde article and 
the vifte ]?et vol3e]? efter belonge]? to pe Zone ase to pe manhode J>et 
is to zigge ase ]?et he is man dyadlich }?anne mid pe ]?ridde article is 
ycontened ]?et he wes ykend of pe Holi Gost and ybore of pe mayde 
Marie. ]?et is to onderstonde ]?et he wes ykend ine pe mayde Marie be 
pe dede and by pe virtu of pe Holi God and no}?ing of dede of man 
and the mayde Marie blefte evre mayde an yhol bevore and efter. })is 
article zette zayn Jacob sayn Jonnes bro]?er. pe verte article belonge]? 
to his passion }?et is to zigge ]?et he ]?olede dya]? onder Pouns Pilate 
)?et wes paen and demere ine ]?o time ine Jerusalem by pe Romayns. 
onder }?o demere wes Jesu Crist ydemd wy]? wrong to pe biddinge of ]?ei 
kueade Jeus and ydo a rode and dyad and ydo into beriels. ]?is article 
zette saynt Andreu. pe vifte article zuo is ]?et ha wente into helle 
efter his dya]?e vor to dra3e ]?annes and to delivri the zaules of pe 
holi vaderes and of alle ]?on ]?et vram ]?e ginnigge of pe wordle stors'e 
in zo]? and guode byleave and ine hope ]?et hi ffolden by ybor3e be 
him vor pe zenne of the verste manne hit behovede ]?et alle wenten 
into helle and ]?ere abyde pe guode ine zikere hope ]?et Jesu Crist Codes 
Zone ffolde come his to delivri be J^et he hedde behote be his prophetis 
and vor ]?o scele wolde he efter his dya]?e wende in to helle ]?et is to 


onderstonde ine po half )?et were |?e hal3en na5t ine J>o half pet were 
]?e vorlorene ]?et weren dyade ine hire zenne and in hire misbileve. 
and ]>o ne dra3 he na3t vor hi bye]? vorlore vor evremo. |?is article zette 
saynt Philippe. )?e zixte is of his arizinge ])et is to wytene ]?et J?anne 
J?ridde day efter his dya]?e vor to volvelle J?e writinges aros vram dyaj?e 
to live and fTeawede him to pe deciples and ham provede his arizinge 
ine vele maneres be vourti da3es. )?is article zette Saynt Thomas. J?e 
zevende article is )?et J?ane vourta3te da3e efter his arizinge huanne he 
hedde y-yete mid his deciples tovore ham al aperteliche stea3 into 
hevene J?et is above alle ffep]?e pet ys ine hevene alto Godes ri3t half pe 
Vader huer he him made. )?is article zette seynt Bartholomeu. pe e3tende 
article is ]?et he ffell come ate day of dome to deme J^e dyade and pe 
libbinde pe guode and pe kueade and yelde to echen be ]?et he he]? 
of-guo ine ]?ise wordle. ]?ise byeth pe artikles ]?et belonge}? to pe 
Zone. ]?is article zette Seynt Matheu pe godsspellere. 

pe nezende article and pe }?ri laste belonge]? to pe Holi Gost and 
is J>elhch. Ich beleve ine pe Holi Gost. ]?is article akse]? ]?et me leve 
Jjet pe Holi Gost is pe yef}?e and pe love of pe Vader and of pe Zone 
huerof com]? al pe guod of grace and ]?et he is onlepi God an onlepi 
ping mid pe Vader and pe Zone bote ]?e Persone }?et is o]?er ]?anne 
pe Persone of pe Vader and of pe Zone. }?is article sette saynt Jacob 
zaynte Simones and saynt Jude bro]?er. 

pe tende article is ]?ellich. Ich yleve holy cherche generalliche and 
pe mennesse of hal^en ]?et is to zigge pe vela3rede of alle pe hal3en 
and of alle pe guode men ]?et bye]? and ITolle by al to pe ende of pe 
werdle and weren ze]?]?e pe ginnigge togidere ine pe bileave of Jesu 
Crist. And ine ]?ise article bye]? onderstonde pe zeve sacremens }?et 
byej? ine holy cherche ]?et is to wytene. cristningc conferminge pe 
sacremeiit of pe wyefde ordrc spoushod pe holy ffrifte and pe last 
anoylingc. ]?is article zette sayn Simoun. 

pe cnlcftc is to leve pe lesnes of zenne }?ct God ycf]? be pe vertue 
of his holi sacremens ]?et bye]? ine holi cherche. ]?is article zette sayn 


]>e tuelfte article is to leve ]?e general arizinge of bodye. and ]?et lif 
wy]?oute ende. fet is J>e blisse of paradis ]?et God flell yeve to ham ]?et 
hit habbej? of-guo be guode beleave and be guode workes. ]?is article 
yef]? to onderstonde his contrarie }?et is ]?e pine wy]?oute ende pet God 
he)? agray]?ed to pe vorlorcne. J^is article flell by onderstonde ine 
zuyche man ere ]?et ech by he guod by he kued IFcl by ate day of dome 
arered M;*am dya]?e to lyve ine his 03ene bodye huer he fTel habbe an. 
and ondervonge his mede ine bodye and ine zaule be ]7et he he)? of-guo 
ine )?ise live, and )?ervore ITolle )?e guode at )?o daye ine body and 
ine zaule by ine lif wyj> oute ende and the kueade vorlore everemo ine 
bodye and ine zaule. )?is article zette Saynt Ma)j)?i. 

Of )?e ITeawunge )7Et Setnt Jon )?e godspellere yze)?. 
Mi Ihord sanyn Ion ine )?e boc of his ffeawinges pet is ycleped pe 
Apocalipse zuo zay)? pet he yze5 a best pe com out of the ze wonderliche 
idi3t. and to moche dredvol. vor )?et bodi of )?e beste wes ase lipard. pe 
vet weren of here, pe )?rote of lioun. and hit hedde zeve heveades and 
ten homes and ope the ten homes ten corounes. and yze3 Saint Jon )?et 
pe ilke kueade best hedde mi3te of him zelve to vi3te wy)? pe hal3en an 
his to overcome and to overmaistri )?is ilke best zuo wondervoll and zuo 
ycounterfeted and zuo dredvol betocne)? pane dyevel )?et com out of pe 
ze of helle )?et is vol of alle zor3e and of alle bitemesse. )?et bodi of pe 
beste ase zay)? saint Jon zuo wes ylich to pe lipard vor )?et ase pe lipard 
he)? divers colurs zuo he)? pe dyevel diverse maneres of waytinges and 
of contac vor to gily and vor to vondi pe vole, pe vet weren ilich pe vet 
of here vor ase pe here )?et hep pe streng)?e ine pe vet and ine pe armes 
halt strangliche and vint )?et he he)? onder his vet and )?et he beclep)? 
alsuo de)? pe dyevel ham )?et he he)? beclept and over)?rawe be zenne. pe 
pYote wes of lion vor his greate cruelete )?et al wyle vor3uelze. 

)?E toknen of the heaveden of )?e beste. 
pe zeve heavedes of pe beste of helle bye)? pe zeven havedliche zennes 
be huichen pe dyevel dra3)? to him ase al pe wordle. for onne a)?e yval)? 



]?et me ne val]? into |?e ]?rote of zome of ]?e zeve heauedes. and ]?ervore 
zay)? wel Saynt Jon ]7et hit hedde mi3te aye J?e hal3en. vor in erjje ne 
ys zuo lioli man ]7et mo^e parfitliche bevly alle pe maneres of zenne ]?et 
of J?ise zeve hevedes come]? wy]? oute special privilege of grace alse hit 
wes ine pe mayde Marie oJ?er ine zome o]?ren be special grace ]?et he 
hedde of God. J?e ten homes of pe best betokne)? pe geltes of ]>e ten 
hestes of our Lhorde |?et pe dievel purchace]? al so moche ase may by 
pe zeven bevore yzed zennen. j^e ten corounes above betokne]? pe over- 
cominge J?et hit he]? above alle zenvolle vor J^et he de]? his agelte ine 
pe ten hestes. 


)?et verste heaved of pe beste of helle ys ]?rede. ]?et o]?er is envie. pe 
]?ridde wrej?e. pe ver]?e sleau]?e J?et me clepe]? ine clergie accidye. pe vifte 
icinge in clergie avarice o]?er covaytise. pe zixte glotounye. pe zevende 
lecherie oj^er luxurie. Of ]?ise zeve heavedes com]? ech manere zenne 
and ]?ervore hi bye]? ycleped haved-zennes vor ]?et hi bye]? heaved of 
alle kueade and of alle zennes and ginninge of alle kueade be hy dyad- 
liche be hy venial. ]?anne ech of ]?e ilke zeven him to-del]> ine vele 
halves. And verst we wille]? zigge of pe zenne of prede vor ]?et wes 
pe verste zenne and pe aginninge of alle kueade for prede brek verst 
vela3rede and ordre huanne Li3tbere pe angel for his greate vayrhede 
and his greate wjt wolde by above pe o]?re angeles and him wolde enmi 
to God }?et hine zo va3rr an zuo guod hedde ymad. And ]?ervore he vil 
vram hevene and becom dyevel and he and al his vela3rede. Him an- 
likne}> alle proude ]?et vela3rede and ordre of men onde]? and brek}? 
huanne hy wylle]? by above o]?ren. and more be alozed and ypreyzed 
]?ennc eni o]?er ]?et betere bye]? wor]?. 


]?is zenne of prede ys to dredvol. vor hi ablent men zuo ]?et hi ham 
zelve ne knawe]? ne ne zyc]? ]?et is J^e wel Strang and pe wel special aid 
to pe dyevclc huer of he bcgyle]? pe lie3e men and ]?e vayre and pe riche 


and ]?e wyse and Ipe hardi and wor)?volle and generalliche ech manere 
of volk ac specialliche )?e greate Ihordes zuo pet hi ham zelve ne knawyj? 
ne jzep hire misdedes ne hire folies ne hire wyttes. ]?anne is hit pe meste 
periluse ziknesse ]?et is of o|?ren vor zo]?e he is ine grat peril to huam 
alle triacle went in to venym. Also de]? techinge and chastisement to 
J?e proude vor J?e more |?et me him wynim]? and blamej? and chaste]? J?e 
more he him wre]?e]? and ]>e more him were]?. Prede is ]?e dyevles 05e 
do5ter ]?et hej? grat del ine his kende. Prede werre]? wy]? God of his guode 
and God ]7rau]? doun prede and werrej? wip him. Prede is king of 
wyckede ]?eawes. hy is ]?e lioun pet al vorzuel]?. prede astru)? alle J?e 
guodes an alle pe graces and alle pe guode workes |?et byej? ine manne 
vor prede make)? of elmesse zenne and of virtues vices and of guode 
workes huer of me Abide begge hevene maker wynne helle. J?is zenne is 
pe verste ]?et asayle)? J?ane kni3t oure Lhorde and huan last let vor 
huanne he hef> alle oJ?re kuedes overcome |?anne him asayle]? prede pe 


)?is zenne him todelj? and spret ine zuo vele deles ]?et ounea]?e me may 
hise telle ac zeven principals doles ]?er bye]? ]?et bye]? ase zeve bo3es ]?et 
guo}? out and bye]? ybore of ane wyckede rote ]?anne pe verste bo3 of 
prede is ontreu})e pe o]?er onwor]?hede pe ]?ridde overweninge ]?et we 
clepe]? presumpcion pe ver]?e folebaryie }?et we clepie]? ambicion pe vifte 
ydele blisse pe zixte ypocrisie pe zevende wyckede drede. To ]?ise zeve 
di3tinges belonge]? alle pe zennes ]?et b}^]? ybore of prede ac ech of }?ise 
zeve bo3es he]? vele smale tuyegges. pe verste bo3 of prede ]?et is ontreu]?e 
he him todel]? in ]?ri little bo3es huerof pe verste is kuead pe o}?er worse 
J?e ]?ridde al]?er-worst. pe on is voulhede pe o]?er wodhede pe J?ridde 
renoynge. voulhede generalliche is ine eche zenne vor no zenne ne is 
wi])oute voulhede and zuo biginne]? alle zennes be voulhede. ac pe 
voulhede ]?et we speke]? of hier specialiche ]?et com]? of prede and is a 
manyere of ontreu]?e is a vice ]?et is ycleped ine clergie ingratitude ]?et 
is voryetige of God and of his guodes pet me ne ]?onke]? him na3t ase me 


fTolde do ne him ne yeldej? ]?onkes of his guodes J?et he ous hej? ydo. 
Vor zo]?e he is wel vileyn and ontrewe avoreye his Ihord pet alle guod 
him hep ydo and him ne J?onke]? ac voryet and yelt him kuead vor guod 
and vileynye vor corteysye. pe ilke vileynye de]? man to God huanne he 
ne be]?eng]? him na3t of pe guodes J:'et God him hej? ydo. and him de]? 
alneway and na5t him ]?onke}? ac ra]?re him of tewerre]? ine ]?et he use]? 
kueadhche and aye Godes wiL ]?et is wel grat vileyne as me ]?ing]? |?et 
grat guodnesse ondervag]? and ne dayne]? na3t to zigge gra]? ]?ank and 
yet hit is more grat huanne me him vorza3j? o]?er huanne me him voryet. 
ac pe ilke is to grat huanne eche daye ondervang]? pe guodnesses and 
eche daye yelt kuead vor guod. pe ilke J?et ]?anne wel f'ang]? and ofte 
lokede to pe guodes |?et God him he]? ido and de]? alneway and }?et no 
guod he ne hep ]?et God ne he}? hit him y-yeve ne guodes of kende ase 
vayrhede and hel]?e an streng}?e of bodye an sle3]?e and naturel wyt 
avoreye pe zaule ne guodes of aventure ase richesses wofTipe and he3- 
nesse ne guodes of grace ase by]? virtues and guode workes wel ffolde 
he ]?onki God of alle his guode vor guodnesse o}?er aske]?. 
V pe o]?er ontreu]?e ]?et com]? of prede is wodhede. me halt ane man wod 
]?et is out of his wytte ine huam skele is miswent }?anne wext ari3t pe 
ilke fol and miswent and wel yzed wod ]?et wytendeliche and hardiliche 
pe guodes ]7et ne bye]? na3t his ake byeth his Ihordes guodes huer of 
him behove]? straitliche yelde rekeninge and scele. ]?et is ta wytene pe 
guodes of suo grat pris and pe timlichc guodes }?et he he]? ine lokinge 
pe virtues of pe bodie and pe ]?o3tes pe consenteinens and }?e willes of 
pe zaules waste]? and despende]? ine folyes and ine outrages to vore pe 
e3en of his Ihorde an him ne porvay]? of his rekeninge and wel wot ]?et 
reken him behove}? an ne wot huanne ne ]?ane day ne pe oure. Zuych 
folic is wel ycleped onwithede. Of zuiche vices bye}? voile pe greate 
proudc men ]?ct use]? kueadliche pe greate guodes ]?et God ham he]? 
ylcnd. . 

pe ]?ridde ontreu}?e }?et com}? of prcdc ys renayrie. He is wel renay 
))et ]?et land ]?et he halt of his Ihorde detli into pe bond of his vyende 
and dc}? him manhode zuych zcnnc make]? cch }?et zene3c]? dyadlichc. 


vor J?anne al zo moche ase of him is he de)? manhode to J?e dyevele and 
he becomj? his )?rel and him yelt al J^et he halt of God and bodi and 
zaule and o]?re guodes |?et he de]? to ]>e service of ]?e dyevle. And al 
]7a3 he by be his zigginge Cristen he renay]? be dede and flewej? ]?et he 
ne is na5t and specialliche ine )?ri mancrcs is man ycleped renay and 
vals Cristen o]?er vor pet he ne belef J? |?et he Abide ase de|? J?e Bougre 
and )?e heretike and J?e apostate )?et reney]? hire bileave. o)?er vor he 
agelt )?e Byleave J?et he bylef J? alsuo do]? )?e vorzuorene and ]?e le3ers of 
)?e Byleave o]?er belefj? more ]?anne he ffolde ase do]? ]?e devines and pe 
wichen and pe charmeresses ]?et worke]? be pe dyevles crefte and alle }?o 
]?et ine zuyche ]?inges yleve]? and do]? hire hope zene3e]? dyadliche. Vor 
alle zuiche ]?inges bye]? aye pe Byleave and ]?ervore his vorbyet Hol}^ 
Cherche. ]?ise bye]? pe manieres of ontreu]?e ]?et is pe verste bo5 of 

]?E 0]?ER BO5 OF PREDE. 

pe o]?er bo5 }?et com]? out of pe stocke of prede zuo is onwor}?nesse 
[despit] ]?et is wel grat zenne. and ]?a5 hit by zuo ]?et no zenne dyadliche 
by wi]?oute onwor]?nesse of God alneway be ]?et we speke]? of onwor]?- 
hede hyer specialliche ine ]?ri maneris me may zene3i be ]?ise zenne. 
o]?er vor ]?et me ne prayze]? o]?ren ari3t ine herte ase me Abide o]?er vor 
]?et me ne berj^ na3t worlFipe and reverence ]?er ]?et me Abide. o]?er vor 
]?et ]?et me ne bou3]? na3t ari3t to ham ]?et me Abide ri3tvolliche bou3e. 
Nou ]?ench ri3t wel ine ]?ine herte hou ofte pe hest ydo pe ilke zenne 
]?et ]?ou hest ine ]?ine herte. pe ilke ]?et more bye]? wor]? ]?anne ]?ou 
onwor]?est vor zome graces wy]?oute ]?et God pe he]? y-yeve. o]?er vor 
noblesse o]?er vor prouesse o]?er vor richesse o]?er vor wyt o]?er vor 
vayrhede o])er vor o]?re guodes liuet ]?et hi by. huervore ]?ou ne prayzest 
more ]?anne pe Abldest and o]?ren lesse. Efterward ]?encli hou vele zi]?e 
]?ou hest litel ybore wor]?ffipe and reverence to ham ]?et ]?ou Abldest. 
averst to God and to his moder and to his hal3en and to pe angels 
of hevene vor ]?er ne is non to yans huam ]?et ]?ou ne hest agelt 
ine onwor]?nesse [despit] o]?er be onwor]?nesse ]?et J?ou hest ofte zi]?es 
evele and v^To]?e yloked hire festes. Efter ])ou ]?enc]? hou vele zi]?e ]?ou 


hest misserved oure Lhord Jesu Crist. oJ?er ine Jjet J?et )?ou ne hest na3t 
blej?eliche yhyerd his service ne yzed his benes ne yhyerd sermons and 
huanne pe ffoldcst yhere his messe o]?er his sermon at cherche )?ou 
jangledest and bomxledest tovor God and ine ]?et ]?u here him htcl 
wor|?ffipc. Efterward hou )?ou hest vele zi]?e htel ybore worj^lTipe to J^e 
bodye of Jesu Crist ]?anne J?ou hit yze3e oJ?er ]?arme ]?ou hit ondervinge 
ine Ipet ]?et ]?ou nere na3t dignehche ydi5t be flrifl^e and by vor]?enchinge 
o|?er be aventure pet wors is J?et J?ou hit ondervinge ine dyadhch zenne 
be )?ine wytinde ]>et is grat onworj^nesse [despit.] Efterward to ]?ine 
zuete vela^e and to ]?ine guode lokere J?ine angle J?et alneway pe \6kep 
hou vele flames J^ou hest him ydo ine J?et )?ou dedest ]?ine zennes bevore 
him. Efterward ]?ench hou vele zij^e )?ou hest yby onbo3som to J?ine vader 
and to J?ine moder and to ]?an to huam ]?ou ffoldest bou3e and here 
honoure. Yef ]?ou wylt ine ]?ise manere recordy ]?i lif ]?ou fTelt ysi pet 
)50u hest more zi]?e yzeneged ine zuyche manere of prede |?et is ycleped 
onwor]?nesse [despit] pet ]?ou ne kanst na3t telle. 

f>E iij B03 OF PREDE. 

pe J?ridde bo3 of prede is arogance ]?et me clepej? opw^eninge oJ?er 
opinninge ]?anne pe man wen]? more of him zelve Jeanne he Abide ]?et is 
to zigge ]?et wen]? by more wor]? }?anne he by o}?er more may }?anne he 
mo3e o]3er more conne pan he can. o]?er wen]? by more wor]? o]?er more 
mo3e opcY more conne ]?anne eny o]?er. }?is zenne is pe streng]?e of J?e 
dye vie vor he loke}? and noriffe]? alle pe greate gostliche zennes. }?is 
zenne him fleaweth ine vele maneres o}?er be deade o]?er be speche ac 
nameliche ine six maneres ]?et is to wytene ine onlepihede vor pe proude 
and pe overwenere wene]? more bywor]?e o]?er conne more }?anne enie 
o}7re. and ne dayne}? na3t do ase o]?re }?et more bye]? wor]? ]?anne he by 
ac ra]?rc wile by onlcpi ine his dedes ]?et is pe verste zenne be huam 
overwcninge is ine dede. pe o]?er is fol niminge of greate spcndinge J^et 
me clcpc]? prodigalite huanne he de]? to moche despense o}?er of his o3en 
oJ?er of o]?re mannc vor to by ypraysed and ]?ervore ]?et me him hyalde 
pe more large and ]>c mor cortcys. pe ]?ridde kuead f'ct com}? of overwcn- 


inge is fole opinninge of vals strif. as zay]? Salomon pet is to zigge huo 
pet nim]7 a vals strif an hand and wot wel pet hit is vals and hit vol^e]?. 
pe vor]?e tuigge of pe ilke bo3e huer by pe proude ffeawe)? prede of his 
herte is yelpingge J^et is wel voul zenne and to God and to pe wordle. pe 
yelpere is pe cockou ]?et ne kan na3t zinge bote of him zelve. ]?is zenne 
is yboundene ine ]?an J?et be his 03ene mou]?e him yelpj? o]7er of his T\ytte 
oJ?er of his kenne o]?er of his Avorkes o]?er of his prouesse ac he him doble]? 
ine ham J?et pe yelpere and pe lozenjour zcche]? and rede]? and yef)? 
ham of his vor ham to praysi and vor to zigge of ham ]?et hi ne doiTe 
na3t zigge and vor to lye3e of ham and te grede hare noblesse. 

pe vifte outkestinge of J?ilke stocke is scorn vor |?et is pe wone of pe 
proude over-wene ]7et him ne is na3t yno3 to onwor]?i ine his herte pe 
o]?re ]?et ne habbe)? na3t pe graces ]?et he wenj? liabbe ac make]? his 
bisemers and his scornes and ]?et wors is bisemere]? and scorne]? pe 
guode men and of ham }?et he jzi^p wende to guode. ]?et is wel grat 
zenne and wel dredvol. ac for hire evele tongen hi miswende]? moche 
volk to done wel. pe zixte kestinge out of the ilke bo3e is wy]?stondinge 
}?et is huanne pe man wy]?stant to alle ham ]?et guod him wolde. vor pe 
proude overwenere yef me him wi]?nim]? he him defende]? yef me him 
chaste]? he is wro]? yef me him wel ret he ne lef]? nenne bote his 03ene 
wyt. Hit is a perilous ziknesse ]?et ne may na3t J?olye }?et me him take 
and to ]?an ]?et alle medicines went in to venim. • 

]?E iiij. BO3 OF PREDE. 

pe ver]?e bo3 of prede is fole wylninge ]?et we clepe]? ine clergie am- 
bicion. })et is kuead mlninge he3e to clive. ]?is zenne is pe dyeveles 
panne of helle huerinne he make}? his sriinges. ]?es bo3 him spret 
ine vele manyeres ari3t half and a left half vor pe ilke )?et wylne]? 
he3e to clive to zome ha wyle queme and ]?erof wexe]> vele zennes ase 
ari3t half ]?et is to \Nytene lozengerie simulacion foUiche yeve vor ]?et me 
ITel him hyealde corteys and large, to o}?ren ha wyle harmy and ]?erof 
com]? pe zenne a left half ase to miszigge to ham ]?et he wyle harmi. 
him vor to anhe3i and him arere}? blame and wylne}? ]?ane dya}? of }?an 


pet halt ]?et he wen]? come to. and bezuykynges and evel red conspira- 
cions strif and vele o]?re zennes ]7et waxe]? of ]?ise queade bo3e. 


pe vifte bo3 of prede is ydele bhsse |?et is fole hkinge of fole heryinge 
l^anne he vel]? ine his herte wytindehche of pet he is oj^er wen)? by 
yhered of zome )?inge Jjet he hej? ine him o]?er wen]? habbe and evyle by 
yhered ]?erof hiierof he flblde herie God and ]?ervore ydele blisse benim]? 
God and stel]? ]?et his is vor of alle oure guodes he ffel habbe pe wor]?fripe 
and the heryinge and we pe wynnigge. Ydele blisse is pe grete wyiid 
)?et ]?rau]? doun pe grete tours and pe he^e temples and pe greate beches 
ine wodes J?rau]? to grounde and pe greate helles make]? to resye ]?et 
bye]? pe he^e men and ]?et bye]? mest wor]? J?et is pe dyevles peni huer- 
mide he bay]? alle pe vayre pane-wor]?es ine the markatte of ]?ise wordle 
)?et bye)? pe guode workes and for )?et )>er bye)> )>ri manere of guodes ]?et 
man he]? of God and ]?et ]?e dyevel wyle begge mid his pans ]?ervore him 
todcl]? )?is bo3 ine ]?ri manere smale bo3es huer of wexe)* ech manere 
zenne )?et no clerek ne kan telle, pe ilke )'ri manere guodes )?et men 
he)> of God hjep pe guodes of kende. pe guodes of hap. ]?e guodes of 
grace, pe kendeliche guodes bye)> )?o ]?et me clepe)> by kende o)?er aye 
]?et body o)?er aye pe zaule. avorye )?et bodi ase hel]?e vayrhede streng)?e 
prouesse noblesse guode tonge guode rearde. avorye pe zaule ase clier 
wyt wel vor to understonde and sotil wyt wel vor to vynde guode onder- 
stondinge wel to of healde. And pe vertues of kende huerby som ys 
kendeliche more ]?anne oper o)?er larger o]?er milder o]?er graciouser o)>er 
atempres and wel yordayned. Of alle )?ise yef)?es we ffel )>onki God and 
servi vor )?et hi come)? alle of him. )?a3les pe proude hise zel)> to pe dyevle 
vor ]?ane valsne peny of ydelele blisse and werre)> ofte God of alle his 
guodes hucrof he Ifolde )?onki God. And huo )?et nim)? wel yeme ine alle 
]?ise guodes of kende )?et ich habbe ffortliche ytald by hit zenne by ydell 
blisse ine to vele maneres )>et ech may betire yzy yne him zelfe yef he 
wyle wel studie )?et o)>re nc conne him zigge. pe guodes bye)> he3nesses 
richcsses deliccs and prosperites huerof me )?cng)> in vele maneres vor 


huanne ]?e Ihevedi of hap he]? hire hue3el ywent to )?e man and arered 
and yzet to )?e he5]?e of hare hue3el ase melle to J?e wynde and ])ere he^e 
ychve J^ere blawe)? alle ]?e tuelf wyndes of ydele bhsse vor huanne ])e 
ilke )?et is zuo he3e arise ine prosperitie J'engJ? in his herte verst to ]?e 
dignitie efterward to his prosperite efter J?an to his richesses efterward 
to his lostes pet his body he]? efter ]?an to ]?e greate vela3rede pet him 
vol3e}? efterward to pe vayre mayne }?et him serve}? efter ]?an to his 
vayre maneres efterward to his vayre ridinges efterward to pe plente 
of Yajve robes efter ]?an to pe di3tinge of his house wyl eyse of loste and 
o]?re manere barneys ]?et zuo moche is vayr and noble efterward to pe 
greate presens and to pe greate festes ]?et me him make]? over al efter 
}?an to his guode los and to his prayzinges }?et over al vie]?. }?us him 
joifTe]? and him glorifie]? pe wreche ine his herte zuo ]?et he not huer he 
ys. }?ise bye]? pe yef]?es ]?et come}? of ydele blisse ]?et is to wytene xij. 
maneres of vondinge of ydele bUsse }?et habbe}? ]?o. ine he3 stat o}?er ine 
pe v^ordle. o]?er ine religion o]?er clerk o]?er lewed. 

pe guodes of grace bye]? virtues and guode workes and aye }?ise 
guodes ofte blau]? pe stranglaker ydele bhsse and ofte vel]? pe greatte 
traues and pe he3este ]?et bye]? pe meste guode men and ITelt ywyte }?et 
yne virtues and ine guode workes vonde]? pe dyevel be ydele blisse ine 
]?ri maneres pe on zuo is ine herte wyj?inne huanne me yher]? of pe 
guodes }?et me de]? privehche ase of benes o]?er of prive workes and 
wen}? pe man by betere mid God ]?anne he by. pe o}?er zuo ys huanne 
he he]? ane fole bhsse ine him of ]?et he yher]? o]?er yzi3]? of his guode 
nameco}?hede and }?et he is ypraysed and yhealdene vor guode man pe 
]?ridde zuo is huanne he wihie}? and zek]? and porchace}? los and name- 
cou]?hede and in zuiche onderstondinge de]? his guodes na3t vor God 
properliche ac vor pe wordle. 


pe zixte bo3 of prede is ypocrisye ]?et is a zenne |?et make]? to flewy 
pe guod wy]?oute ]?et ne is na3t wy}?inne ]?anne bye]? ]?o ypocrites ]?et 
make}? ham guode men and ne bye}? na3t }?et make}? more streng}?e to 



habbe ]?ane name of guod man ]?anne ]?e zo]?nesse and J?e holinesse and 
pis hire to del]? ine f>ry. vor ]?er is an ypocrisye voul and ano]7re fole and 
pe ]?ridde sotil. ])o bye]? voule ypocrites J^et do]? hyre voulhedes ine 
halkes and ffeawe}? ham guode tovore ]?e volke. zuiche clepe}? oure 
Lhord berieles ypeynt and ygelt. po bye]? fole ypocrites ]?et yno) ham 
loke]? klenliche to pe bodye and do}? manie penonces an guode princi- 
palliche vor pe los of pe wordle vor ]?et me halt ham guode men. J?o 
]3ye]? wel foles vor of guod metal hy make]? vals moneye. }?o bye]? 
}q30crites sotyls ]?et sotihiche wylle]> he3e olive and stele]? pe dingnetes 
and pe baylyes. Hy do]? al ]?et guod man ffell do zuo ]?et no man ne 
may his knawe al huet }?anne }?et hi by]? vol wexe and he^e yclive ine 
dyngnetes and }?anne ffewe]? by pe kueades ]?et were yhole and yroted 
ine pe herte ]?et is to wytene prede avarice malice and o]?re kueade dedes 
huer by me knau]? aperteliche ]?et ]?et trau nes nevre guod and ]?et hit 
wes al fayntise and ypocrisie al }?et he hedde bevore ylTewed. ]?ervore 
hit is zo]? yzed Ne flelt ]?ou nevre ywyte huet man ys alhuet he ys }?er 
he wyle by. v/ 


pe zevende bo3 of prede ys fol drede and fole ffame huane me let wel 
to done vor pe wordle ]?et me ne by yhyealde ypocrite ne papelard huer 
me dret more pe wordle J?anne God pe ilke ITame com]? of kueade 
kucmynge ]?et me wyle kueme pe kueade and ]?ervore is hy do3ter of 
prede and pe zevende bo3 he3liche and make}? ofte lete }?et guod to done 
and do }?et kuead vor to kueme kueadliche to pe wordle. 


pe o}7er heaved of ]?e kueade beste is Envie }'et is ]?e eddre }>et al 
envenymeth. Envie is moder to pe dya}?e vor by pe envie of pe dyevle 
com dya}? to pe wordle }?et is pe zenne }?et mest ari3t make]? man ilich 
the dyevle his vader for pe dycvel ne hate]? bote o}?res guod and ne 
love}? bote o}?rcs harme and zuo dc]? pe envious, pe envious ne may 
ysy }?et guod of oj'ren nanmore }>anne pe oule o}?er pe calouwe mous pe 


bri3tnesse of )?e zonne. pe ilke zennc him todelj? ine ]?ri bo3es he5liche 
vor )?e ilke zenne anvenyme]? alj^erverst ]?e herte of J?e envious and 
efterward pane mou|? and eftcrward pe workes pe herte of pe envious 
ys envenymed and suo miswent f>et he ne may o|?re manne guod yzy 
)?et hit him ne vor]?ing]? wy|?inne pe herte and dem]? kueadliche and )?et 
he yzi3]? oJ?er }?et he yherj? nim]? hit to kueade wytte and of al make]? his 
harm zuo moche J?et to pe herte of pe envious |?03tes venimouses of vals 
dom |?et me ne hise may telle. Efterward J?anne pe envious ylier]? o]?er 
yzyj? o]?re manne kued huct )?et hit by o]?er kuead of bodye ase dya|? 
o)?er ziknesse o]?er kuead of aventure [hap] ase povertie oj^er adversitie. 
o}?er kuead gostlich as huanne he yher)? J?et zome ]?et me hyelde guode 
men ys yblamed of zome vice. Of Jjelliche J?inges him glede]? ine his 
herte. Efterward huanne he yzi3]? o|?er yher]? pe guod of o]?ren by hit 
guod of kende oj^er guod of hap o]?er guod of grace huerof we habbej? 
above yspeke J?anne him com]? a zor3e to pe herte ]?et he ne may by ine 
reste ne maky glednesse ne vayr semblant. Nou ]?ou mi3t ysy ]?et pe 
venimouse herte of pe enviouse zene3e]? generalliche ine ]?ri maneres. 
ine valse demynges ine awar3ede glednesse ine worse zor3es alsuo he 
zenege]? by pe mou}?e vor hit behove}? ]?et zuich wyn yeme by pe toppe 
ase }?er is ine pe tonne and vor ]?et pe herte wes vol of venym hit be- 
hove]? ]?et hit Iheape out be pe mou]?e }?anne of pe mo]?e of }?e invious come]? 
out ]?ri manere wordes venimouses huerof spek]? DaviJ? ine the Sautere 
}?et pe mou]? of pe envious is vol of corsinge and of biterhede an of 
bezuykynge. Of corsinge vor pe guodes of o]?ren he missay}? and hise 
lesse]? alse moche ase he may. Of byterhede vor pe kueades of o]?ren he 
hise more]? and arere}? be his mi3te. Of bezuykynge vor al ]?et he jzi^p 
o]?er yher]? he went hit to kueade and hit dem]? valslyche. Efterward pe 
envious he]? ]?ri maneres of venim ine deade ase he he]? ine mou]?e and 
ine herte. vor kende of pe envious is to wi]?dra3e and vor to destru3e 
be his mi3te alle guod by hit li5t by hit lesse by hit voldo. Jjenne is he 
of pe kende of pe baselycoc vor no grenhede ne may yleste bevore hym 
ne in gerse ne in buffe ne ine trauwe. ]?anne by pe Godspelle ]?et corn 
he]? ]?ri stas vor hit is verst ase ine gers efterward ine yere efterward 


is vol of frut and al ripe, alzuo )?er bye]? zome ])et hahhep guod ginninge 
wel vor to libbe and to profiti and bye]? ase ine gerze ]?e ilke him payne]? 
pe envious vor te kuenche yef he may. ]?e o]?re bye]? ase ine yere ]?et we] 
floure}? ine guode and profite]? by hit to God o}?er to ]?e wordle and }?o 
rebele]? ]?e envyous vor to ffende and to destrue be his my3te. }?e o}?er 
bye]? vol mad and ine grat stat and do]? moche guod to God and to ]?e 
wordle vor ]?e guode to abatye and hire guodes to lo^y ]?e envious agray]?e}? 
alle his gynnes vor ]?e more ]?et pe guodes bye]? greate pe more zor3e}5 pe 
envious. ]?is zenne is zuo perilous ]?et onnea]?e me may come to rijte 
vor]?enchinge vor ]?et hi ys contrarious to pe Holy Goste }?et is welle of 
alle guode. And God zay]? me his spelle ]?et huo ]?et zene3e]? aye }?ane 
Holy Gost he ne ffell nevre habbe merci ine ]?ise wordle ne ine pe o]?re 
vor he zeneje]? of his 03ene kueadnesse and me ffel ine ]?et hollyche 
onderstonde vor ]?er ne is no zenne zuo grat ]?et God ne voryef ]? ine ]?ise 
wordle yef man him vor]?ing]> and byt merci vor pe zenne ]?et werre]? be 
his mi3te pe grace of ]?e Holy Gost ine ]?et he werre]? o]?re manne guod 
gostliche ase pe Yewes werrede Jesu Crist, vor pe guodes })et he 


And ]?ou flelt ywyte ]?et ]?er bye]? zix sennes ]?et bye]? specialliche 
ayens pe Holy Gost. ]?et is to wytene overweninge ]?et make]? to moche 
sprede pe merci of our Lhorde and litel prayze]? his ri3tvolnesse and 
pervore zene3e]? moche volke ine hope, pe o]?er is wanhope ]?ct be- 
nime}? God his merci as overweninge his ri3tvolnesse. pe ]?ridde is 
wystondinge ]?et is hardnesse of herte huanne man is yhert ine his 
kueadnesse ]?et me ne may him wende and na3t ne wyle him amendi. 
pe ver}?e is onwor]?hedc of penonce. }?et is huanne man ordayne]? ine 
his herte ]?ct he him ne flell na3t vor}?enclie his zenne. pe vifte is to 
werri pe grace of pe Holy Gost ine o]?ren. pe zixte is to werri zo]?nesse 
be his wytinde and specialliche pe zo]?nesse of pe Cristine beleave. 
Alle }?ise zennes bye]? aye pe guodncsse of pe Holy Gost and bye]? zuo 
greate ]?ct onneaj^e come]? to ri3t vor]?enchinge and ]?ervore bye]? hy on- 
neaj?e voryeve. 



J?e J?ridde heaved of J?e beste is hate. Ac J>ou ffelt ywyte ]?et ]?er is 
an hate ]?et is virtue J?et |?e guode man hep aye J?et kuead ano]?re J^et is 
zenne wel grat J?et is )?e felhede of herte huerof come]? vale bo3es and 
he^hche vour. by ]>e vour werreres ]?et pe feloun he]?, pe verste is to 
him zelve vor huanne man him berj? hate to ]>e torment and J?e zaule 
and J^et body zuo pet man ne may slepe ne non rest habbe oJ?er huyl 
him benim]? )?ane mete and ]?ane drinke and make]? him valle ine ane 
fevre oj^er ine zuiche zor^e pet he nim]? pane dya]?. ]?et is a ver }?et 
waste]? alle pe guodes of pe house, pe o]?er werre ]?et pe feloun he]? ]?et 
is to Gode vor wre]? and felounye opbere]? and nim]? zuo o}?erhuyl pe 
herte of pe felle vor zome adversite timlich o]?er vor zicknesse o]?er vor 
dya]? of vrendes o]?e vor zome misval }?et his wyl ne is na3t ydo ]?et ha 
groche]? aye our Lhord and evele ]?onke]? God and his hal3en and zuere]? 
and blasfeme]? aye God and his hal3en. pe ]?ridde werre ]?et pe wre}?- 
volle he]? is to ]?an )?et bye]? onder him ]?et is to his wyve and to 
his mayne vor pe man is o]?er huyl zuo out of his wytte }?et ha beat and 
smit and wyf and children and mayne and brek]? potes and coppes as 
ha were out of his wytte. And zuo he is. pe ver]?e is werre wy]?oute 
to his ne3ybores and to his nixte ]?et bye]? alle aboute him. and of ]?ise 
bo3e wexep zeve smale bo3es vor huanne wre]?e arist betuene tuay men 
]?er is verst chidinge and ]?anne wre]?e }?et blef}? ine herte efterward 
wre]?e efterward com]? ofte strif efter wylninge of wreche efterward o]?er 
huil mansla3te and efterward o]?er huil werre dyadlich betuene pe 
vrendes huerof com]? ofte to moche kuead and perils ]?et ne mo3e na3t 
by amended. Vor huanne ]?er is werre betuene tuaye men hit yval]> 
ofte ]?et ]?er bye]? moche volke dyade ]?et ne habbe]? nenne gelt cherchen 
tobroke tounes vorbernd abbeyes priories hemes destrud and men and 
wyfmen and children deserited and yexiled and londes destrud and to 
moche of o]?ren harmes ]?et bye]? ydo be pe encheyson of ]?an ]?et hi 
bye]? yhealde vor te amendi ]?et ]?is purchace]? and pe lhord and alle }?o 
]?et bye]? to ham helpinde an ine zuyche nyede and ]?ervore hy bye)? 


ine greate balance of hyre helpe of zaule vor hi ne mo3e amendi ne 
yelde pe harmes J?et hi habbe]? ydo and hit behovej? yelde o]?er hongy. / 


)E ver]?e heaved of ]7E kueade beste of helle. 
pe ver]?e heaved of pe wyckede beste is onhisthede |?et is onlosthede 
y and lyene to do evil. J:'is zenne his a to kuead rote Jjet kest vele kueade 
bo3es. ]?is onlosthede J^et is sleuj^e make]? |?at man he]? kueade agin- 
nynge and more kueade amendinge and to worse endinge. Kueade 
anignnynge he]? pe sleuvolle be zix sennes pe verste is ]?onneliche huanne 
pe man love}? lite and Ihencliche oure Lhord ]?et he ITolde lovye ber- 
nindeliche and ]?erof com]? ]?et he is fyeble and Ihenc to alle guodes to 
done, pe o]?er is ar5nesse ]?et is tyene of herte ]?et is ]?et bed to pe 
dyevle huerine he him reste]? and zay]? to pe manne and to pe wyfmanne 
]?u best yby to zofte ydra3e vor}? }?ou art to fiebble of compleccioun ]?ou 
ne mi3t na3t do pe greate penonces ]?ou art to tendre }?ou flbldest by an 
haste dyad and }?ervore pe wrechche him let valle to done pe lostes of 
his vlefTe. pe }?ridde is ydelnesse ]?et is a zenne ]?et de}? moche kuead 
ase zay}? pe wrytinge vor huanne pe dyevel vynt ]?ane man ydel he hine 
de]? to worke and de}? him verst ]?enche kuead and efterward to wylni 
vileynies ribaudyes lecheries and his time lyese and manye guodes ]?et 
he mi3te do. huerof he mi3te wynne paradis. pe ver}?e is hevinesse 
huanne pe man is zuo hevi pat ne love}? bote to ligge and to resti and 
slepe o]?er huile hy bye}? ano3 awaked to nyedes ]?et hi hedden levere 
lyese vour messen ]?anne ane zuot o}?er ane slep. pe vifte it wycked- 
nesse }?et is huanne pe man lij? ine zenne and yvel}? pe vondinges of pe 
dyevle and of his vlesse ]?et him asayle}? and be ri3te kueadnesse nele 
arere ]?et heved to gode be zor3e ne grede harou be firifte ne arere pe 
honden be dedbote [satisfacioun] pe ilke anlikne}? ]?ane fire we ]?et he]? 
levere rotye in a prison voul and stinkinde ]?anne to liabbe pe pyne of 
stapes to clive vor his outguoingc. pe zixte is htel wyl [ar3nesse]. 
Ine ]?ise zenne bye}? ]?o ]?et hcbbc]? drcde of na3t ]?et ne dorre na3t aginne 
wel to done vor hi habbe}? drcde ]?et God ham wyle fayly. }?ot is ]?e 
drede of pe metcres }?et habbe]? drcde of hare metingcs. ]?o anlikne]? ]?an 


)?et ne dar na5t guo ine |?c pej?e vor ]?ane snegge )?et fleawe]? him his 
homes and to pe childe pet ne dar guo his way vor j^e guos J>et blau)?. 

J?ise hjep pe zex vices J?et benyme]? ]?e manne guod ginnynge. vor 
o)?re zix vices ne may pe sleawolle habbe guod aginnynge o]?er amcnde- 
ment. pet bye]? techches of kuead serjont ]?et make]? ]?et non guod man 
ne ffel his ondervonge in to his service huanne pe slcuuol [ontrewe] 
onffrvel voryetinde slak and falhnde. pe verste vice is ontreu]?e vor 
huanne God zet ine pe herte of man guod wyl wel to done ]?anne com}? 
pe dyevel and him zay]? ]?ou hit ffelt wel recovri. }?ou art yong and 
Strang. ]?ou ffelt libbe long, and zuo he him onwone]? pe dyevel wel 
vor to done. Efterward com}? sleu}?e. vor he }?et wel de]? and dc]? hit 
averst hit nis no wonder J?a3 he hit do sleuuolliche. }?et is a vice huerof 
al pe wordle is besmet huo ]?et nim]? wel hede. vor lite volk }?er bye]> 
}?et by diligent ine }?et hi bye}? yhealde to done avorye God and hire 

Efter sleu}?e is voryettinge vor huo ]?et ys sleauuol ofte voiyet. vor 
}?ise tuo zennes of voryetynge hit yval]? ofte ]?et he ne can him ffrive 
vor huanne pe man is sleuuol him to flrive he voryet his lackes and his 
zennes }?et is grat peril. Vor non ne may habbe voryevenesse wy]?oute 
zo}?e ffrifte. }?et ber]? vor}?enchinge of herte beknaulechinge of mouthe 
bo5samnesse ine dede }?et is amendinge and dedbote. ]?er ne ys non zuo 
guod man ]?et yef he yze3e wel his 03ene lackes }?et he ne ffolde vynde 
yno3 vor to zigge eche day ine his ffrifte. ac sleu]?e and voryetinge 
blende]? pe zene3eres }?et hi ne zye]? na3t ine pe boc of hire inwytte. /^ 


Efterward com}? slacnesse }?et com]? of pe defaute of herte and of 
kueade wone }?et bint zuo ]?ane man ]?et onnea}?e he him yef}? to done 
wel. o}?er huil hit com}? of onconnyndehede and of fole hete huer by 
pe man oplet zuo his herte and his body be vestinges and be wakinges 
and by o]?re dedes zuo }?et he val}? ine fyeblesse and ine zuiche zicknesse 
}?et he ne may na5t travyly ine Godes service and toval}? ine ]?a slacnesse 
}?et he ne hep smak ne devocion wel to done. Efterward com}? weri- 


hede ]?et make}? J?ane man weri and worsi vram daye to daye al huet he 
is al recreyd and defayled. And )?is is J?e zixte vice of J?e kueade 
sergonte pet he faylej? er ]?an he com to ]?e ende o]?er to his terme. 
And me kan zigge huo |?et serve]? and na3t vol-serve]? his flepe he 


And yet eft J?er bye]? zix poyns kueade huerby sleu)?e brenge]? man to 
his ende. ]?e verste is onbo3samnesse huanne ]?e man nele do pet me 
him zay]? ine penonce oper me him hat zomJ?ing pet him ]?ing]? hard he 
him excuse]? ]?et he hit ne may do o]?er yef he hit ondervangj? he hit de]? 
o]?er htel o}?er na3t. pe o}?er poynt is impacience vor ase he ne may no 
ping here be bo3samnesse he ne may ]?olye be pacience zuo ]?et non ne 
dar to him speke of his guode. pe ]3ridde is grochynge vor huanne 
me spek]? to him vor his guode he him wre]?e]? and groche]? and him 
pmgp ]?et me him onwor}?e]? and ]?erof he val]? into zor3e }>et is pe 
ver]?e vice an zuo moche him overge]? pe ilke zor3e ]?et al ]?et me him 
zay]? al ]?et me him de]? al ]?et he yher]? al ]?et he zi3}? al hit him tiene]?. 
And zuo he va\p in to zor^e and into tyene to libbe zuo ]?et him zelf him 
haste]? and wylne]? his dya}? and }?is is pe vifte vice. Efter alle }?ise 
zor3 voile poyns of sleu]?e him yef]? pe dyevele ]?ane strok dyadlych and 
de}? him to wanhope }?ervore he porchace]? his dya]? and him zelv sla3)? 
ase despayred and him yef]? alle kueadnesses to done and him ne dret 
na3t to do zenne huet }?et hit by. To zuich ende let sleau]?e }?ane man. 
]?ise bye]? .xviii. poyns ]?et pe dyevel ]?rau}? ope pane sleuvolle hit ne is 
no wonder ]?a3 he lyese ]?et geme. 


)?et vifte heaved of pe bestc bevore yzed is the zenne of avarice and of 
covaytyse ]?et is rote of alle kueade ase zay]? Saynte Paul. ]?et is ]?e 
maystresse ]?et he]? zuo greate scole ]?et alle gnop ]?rin vor to lyerni ase 
zay]? pe wrytinge vor alle manere of volk studic]? ine avarice and greate 
and smale kinges prelates clerkcs an lewede and rehgious. Avarice is 


disordene love, zuo disordene him fTewe}? in }?ri maneres generalliclie 
ine wynnynge boldeliche ine ofhealdinge strcytliche ine spendinge 
scarsliche. pise bye]? J?e )?ri bo3es principales pet of J?ise rote wexej?. 

Ac specialliche and propreliche of pe rote of avarice guo]? out manye 
smale roten ]?et bye]? wel greate dyadliche zennes. pe verste is gavel- 
inge. pe o}?er J?yef]?e. pe J?ridde roberye. pe ver]?e chalenge. pe 
vifte sacrilege, pe zixte symonye. J^e zevende kuedhedes. pe e3tende 
is ine chapfare. pe ne3ende is wycked creft. pe tende is ine kuade 
volke. and ech of )?ise smale roten him todel]? ine vele manyeres. 

]?anne pe verste rote ]?et is gavelinge him todel]? ine zeven outkestinges 
vor ]?er bye]? zeve manere gaveleres. lenynde ]?et lene]? zelver vor 
o]>ren. and above pe catel nime]? pe he5]?es o]?er ine pans o]?er ine liors 
o]?er ine corn. o]7er ine wyn. o]?er ine frut of pe grounde ]?et hi nime]? 
ine wedde dyade wi}?oute rekenynge ]?et frut ine paynge. And }?et wors 
ys hi wylle]? rekeny tuyes oJ?er ]?ries ]?et yer vor to do arise ]?et gavel 
and wylle]? yet habbe yef]?es above vor eche terme and make)? ofte of pe 
gavel principale dette ]?ise byej? gaveleres kueade and voule. Ac ]7er is 
ano]?er lenere corteys J?et lene)? wy]?oute chapfare makiinde alneway in 
he3inge o]?er ine pans o]?er ine hors o]?er ine coupes of gold o]?er of 
zelver ojjcr robes o]?er tournen mid wyn o]?er ine vette zu}ti services 
vlefHiche of hors of carten o]?er provendres to ham oJ?er to hare children 
o]?er ine oJ?re ]?inges and over al to gavel huanne me hit nim]? by pe 
skele of pe lone. ]?is is pe verste manere of gavelynge )?et is ine leninge 
kueadliche. pe o]?re manere of gavelynge is ine ]?an ]7et ne leuep na3t 
to hare persone ac ]?et here vaderes and pe vaderes of hare wyves oJ?er 
hare eldringes habbe]? yporchaced be gavelinge hit ofhyealdej? and 
nolle]) hit na3t yelde. J?e ]?ridde manere of gavelinge is ine ham ]?et 
habbe]? onwor]? to lene of hire hand ac hi do]? lene hare sergons o]?er 
o]?re men of hire pans. ]?ise bye]? pe mayster gaveleres. Of pe ilke 
zenne ne bye]? na3t pe he^e men quit ]?et hyealde]? and sostene]? Jewes 
and pe Caorsins ]?et lene]? and destrui]? pe contraye and hy nyme]? pe 
medes and pe greate yef]?es and o]?er huil pe ronsounes ]?et bye]? of pe 
guodes of pe poure. pe ver])e maynere is ine ham ]?et lene]? of o]?re 



manne zelvre oj^er bor3e|? to litel cost vor to lene to gratter cost. J?ise 
bye]? litle gaveleres J?et lyerne]? zuych voul creft. J?e vifte manere is ine 
cliepfare huanne me zel}? |?et )?ing. huet ]?et hit by. more Jeanne hit 
by worj? vor ]?ane time an ])et wors is J?e time-zettere ontrewe huanne 
he yzi3]? pet volk mest nyedvoh Jeanne he zelle j^e derrer tuyse dper 
]?ries zuo moche )?ane J»et )?ing by wor]?. Zuych volk do]? to moche 
kuead vor hire time-zettinge hi destruej? and make]? beggeres ]?e kny3tes 
and ]?e he3e men ]?et vol3e]? ]?e tornemens and ]?et hy betake]? hyre londes 
and hare eritage ine wed and dead-wed }?et na3t him ne aquytte]?. J?e 
o]?re zenege]? to begge pe ]?inges ase corn oiper wyn o]?er o]?re )?ing lesse 
be }?e halvedele ]?anne hit his wor]?e vor ]?e pans ]?et he pay]? bevore 
and ]?anne hit zelle]? ham ayen tuyse zuo moche o]?er ]?ries ]?e derrer. 
]?e o]?re begge]? ]?e ]?inges huanne hy bye]? lest wor]? to greate cheape ine 
herveste ]?et corn ine vendonginge ]?et wyn o]?er cheapstares vor to zelle 
ayen al huet hi bye]? mest diere and wilne]? ]?ane dyere time vor to zelle 
]?e derrer. 'pe o]?re ]?et corn agerse ]?e vines in flouringe huanne pet hi 
bye]? of vaire ffewynge be zuiche vorwerde ]?et hi habbe huet cas yvalle 
hire catel sauf. pe zixte manere is of ]?an ]?et take]? hire pans to mar- 
chons be zuo ]?et hi by vela3e to pe wynnynge and na3t to pe lere o]?er 
]?et hi betake]? hire bestes to pe halvedele be zuo }?et hi by of fer pris 
}?et is to zigge ]?et yef hi sterve]? ine mene time do o]?re ine hare stede 
ase moche wor]?. pe zevende manere is ine ]?an ]?et do]? hare poure 
ne33eboures ine hare nyedes and vor }?et hi habbe]? ham ylend a lyte 
zelver o]?er corn o]?er ydo zome cortayse and huanne hy hisc yze]? poure 
and nyedvol ]?anne make]? hy mid ham marcat to do hire niedes and pe 
pans ]?ct hi token bevore to ]?e poure manne o]?er hi lende a lite corn hi 
habbe]? ]?ri pane wor]?es of worke vor ane peny. 


pe o]?er bo3 of avarice ys ]?yef]?e ]?et is nyme o]?er ofhealde o]?re 
manne }?inges wy]? wrong and onwytinde and wy]?oute wyllc of pe 
Ihordc and ]?et mc may do ine vour maneres be pe manire of ]?yeves. Vor 
]?er ys a ]?ycf open, and a ]?yef y^^Te3c. a ]?yef prive and a ]?yef 


])e ]?yef commim and open hjep ]>o J?et be zuiche crefte libbe]? of 
huam me dej? dom huanne me hise nym]?. Of zuichen ]?er byej? vele 
maneres ine lond and ine ze. ]?e ]?ief ywre3e is J?et stelej? ine halkes 
and ywry3elithe greate )?inges o]?er little be hire vi3tinge o])er be tray- 
soun o]?er be queayntise. 

pe prive ]?yeves bye|? )?o )?et ne stele]? na3t of oncouJ?e ac of prives 
and of zuichen j^er bye]? of greate and of smale pe greate bye]? ]?e kueade 
and )?e ontrewe reven. provos. and bedeles and servons ]?et stele}? ]?e 
amendes and wy]?dra3e]? ]?e rentes of hire Ihordes and rekene]? more ine 
dedes and ine spendinge an lesse ine ondervondinginge and ine rentes, 
zuyche bye]? ]?e greate officials ]?et bye]? ine pe house of riche men ]?et 
make]? ]?e greate spendinges and yeve]? largeliche }?e guodes of hare 
Ihordes wy]?oute hare wytende and wy]?oute hare wylle. 

To ]?ise zenne belonge]? ]?e zennes of ]?e wyve ]?et de]? zuo moche be 
hare zenne ]?et ]?e children }?et hi wot wel ]?et hi he]? be spousbreche 
ber]? away ]?e kende. Zuych is ]?e zenne of ]?e wyfe ]?et the guodes 
of hire Ihorde stel]? vor to yeve hare kenne o]?er vor to done into kuedd 
us. And of ham of religion ]?et bye]> 03eneres vor hi behote]? to libbe 
wi]?out o^inge. ^ 

)?e o]?re bye]? ]?e little ]?yeves }?et stele]? ine ]?e house bread, wyn. 
an o]?re ]?inges liuyche ]?et hi by o}?er of hire ne3ebores hire capons, 
hennen. frut of hire gardins o]?er o]?re }?inges huet }?et hit by. Zuyche 
bye]? ]?o ]?et ofhyealde]?e]? ]?inges ]?et hi vinde]? and wyte]? wel huas }?et 
hi bye]? and nolle]? hise na3t yelde. vor yef ]?e vinst and na3t ne yelst 
}?ou hit stelst. and ]?an hi ne wyte huas ]?et hi bye]? hi ne ffolle na3t 
]?ervore hit of healde ac hi flbllen do be ]?e rede of Holy Cherche o]?er 
be hire fTriftevaderes. 

]?e ]?yeves be vela3rede bye]? ]?o ]>et parete]? of ]?e ]?ief}?e o]?er vor 
vela5rede o]?er by yef}?e o]?er be begginge o]?er ine o]?re manyere. Efter- 
ward ]?o ]?et consente]? o]?er rede}? o]?er bote]? hit do and }?o pet de- 
fende]? ]?e ]?yeves o]?er sostene}? his in hare queade o}?er his ondervonge}? 
in to hare house o]?er in to his londe and hare ]?yef}?e. Efterward pe 


queade domesmen l^et hise soffre]? oJ?er be )?ef]7es o]?er be byddinges o)?er 
be 'pe oJ?re kueade skele and nolle]? o)?er ne dorre ri3t do. 


pe )?ridde bo3 of avarice is roberye pet he]? vele smale roten pe verste 
is ine kueade exequitours of bekuydes. pe o]?er is ine kueade lordes by 
he kny3t o]?er o]?re o]?er ]7et bevale]? to pe poure men }?et hi ffolden loki 
be tayles be tornees be londes be kueade wones be amendes be ]?rea- 
puynges o]?er be oJ?re wones ]?et hy zeche]? o]?er be]?enche]? hou hi mo3e 
habbe of hiren. Ine ]?ise zenne bye]j pe greate princes o]?er barouns 
]?et be hare streng]?e nime]? pe cites pe casteles pe londes pe baronyes. 
and pe o}>re riche men ]7et hare poure ne3boures benime]? mid strengj^e 
londes vines o]?er o]?re ]?inges. and nime]? ary3thalf and alefthalf ]?et no 
]?ing ne may ham ascapie. pe ]?ridde is ine robberes and kueade her- 
ber3eres ]?et berobbe]? pe pilgrimes an pe marchons and pe o]?re way- 
verindemen. pe ver]?e is ine ham }?et nolle]? paye ]?et hi ITolle and ]?et 
hi ofheade]? mid -wTong the ffepes of hare sergons o]?er of ham ]?et do]? 
hare niedes. pe vifte is ine ]?ise greate prelas ]?et benime]? and robbe]? 
hire onderlinges be to moche procuringe o]?er be zome onri3tvolle 
niminges ]?et hi do]? in to vele maneres. ]?o bye]? pe wolves ]?et vrete]? 
pe flep. pe zixte is ine zuyche reven provost bedele o]?er mesteres men 
huiche ]?et hy bye]? ]?et make]? pe greate robbynges and pe wronges ope 
pe poure and begge]? pe greate eritages. ]?er bye]? zuo vele o]?re 
maneres of roberies ]?et long }>ing hit were to zigge ac zome bye]? ycon- 
tined ope ]?an ]?e bye]? yzed. 



pe ver]?e bo3 of avarice is acsynge ]?et is to yerne ope o]?re mid 
wrong. To ]?ise zenne belonge]? al ]?et barat alle valshedes and alle 
gyles })et come]? ine plait. Ine J?is clergie hep dame Avarice vele scolers 
and of clerkes and of leawede and specialliche zevc manyeres of volke 
}?et alle ]?us studie]?. pe verste bye]? pe valsc playneres ]?et make]? ]?e 
valse bezechingcs and zeche]? pe valse demeres and long time and pe 


valse wytnesses J?e valse playteres ]?e valse letteres vor to grevi o}?ren 
and travayle)? pet volk myd wrong o]?er be Cristene cort o]?er be leawede 
cort. J?e oJ?re byej? J?e valse yvlemde ])et vlye]? and na5t ]>et pet ri3t is 
and zeche]? wy]?settigges and respit vor to bynime o]?ren hare 03en. )?e 
}?ridde bye]? )?e valse wytnesses J?ise make]? pe valse manages. ]?ise 
benime]? pe heritages. ]?os do]? zuo moche kuead and harmes ]?et non 
ne may his amendi and al ]?is hi do]? be hare greate covaytise. pe 
ver}?e bye]? ]?e valse plaiteres ]?et ondervonge]? an sostinet ]?e valse causes 
be hare wytinde and hise beclepie]? vor ffepe and vor yef]?es ]?et hi 
nyme]? ari3thalf and alefthalf and ofte lyese pe guode playntes be hare 
kueadnesse o]?er vor onconynghede o]?er be sleaw]?e miswende]? pe ri3tes 
and do3 alle pe wronges vor hare covaytise ase ]?o }?et bye]? maysters of 
gyle and of contak and of bevelynge. pe vifte bye]? pe valse notaryes 
)?et make}? pe valse lettres and valse}? pe celes make}> }>e kueade libelles 
and to vele o}>re valshedes. pe ofire bye}> pe valse demeres }?et ham 
zelve honge}> more of one half ]?anne of ano}>re be yef]?es o}>er be 
behotinges o}>er be byddinges o}>er vor love o}?er vor wre}>e o})er vor 
drede and onbynde}> pe playntes mid wrong, and do}> maki pe greate 
costes and pe greate yef }>es o}>er huyl of }>eou o}>er huil of pe o}>ren o)?er 
huyl of on and of o}?re and zelle}> hare domes o]?er ham lete}> jworpe 
and do}j to }>e poure men greate harmes }»et hi ne mo3e amendi pe o]?re 
bye}> }>e kueade be3ide-zitteres Jjet yeve}> fie kueade rede to pe demeres 
and make}> lyese pe playntes vor pe services ]?et hy habbe}?. Alle pe 
persones bevore yzed bye}? yhealde to yelde }?et hi habbe}? yliet kueaji- 
liche of o}?ren and hare harmes }?et pe o}'re habbe}> yhet be ham. ^ 


pe vife bo3 of avarice is sacrilege. Sacrilege is huanne me brec}? o}>er 
bleche}> o}?er dra3}> voulliche pe holy }>inges o]?er }?e men of holy cherche 
o}>er }?e yhal3ede stedes }>et bye}> apropred to Guodes service and }»et 
do ofte covaytise ine vele maneres. Verste huanne me dra3}> voulliche 
)?et Bodi of oure Lhorde ase do}> pe ereges and pe wychen and pe kueade 
prestes vor to wynne. Alsuo ic zigge of pe ofire Sacremens. Efterward 


huanne me brec]? dper stel|? o]?er dra3)? vouUiclie ]?e hal3ede ]?mges. )?e 
crouchen J?e calices ]?e creyme ]?e corporeaus }?e yblessede vestemens and 
ojjre yblessede ]?inges. Efterward huanne me bern]? o}?er brek)? clierches 
o]?er holi stedes cherch tonnes o]?er hous of relygioun o}?er huanne me 
dra3j? ]?o out )?et vie]? to holy Cherche o]?er into cherch tounes vor to 
by ybor3e. Efterward huanne me make]? medles ine cherche zuo pet 
per ys blod yffed oJ?er huanne me de]? zenne of lecherie. Efterward 
huanne me lay]? hand ine kueade ine clerk dper ine man o]?er ine wyfman 
of religion. Efterward huanne me stel]? o]?er ber]? be kueade skele out 
of holy stede yblissede }?inges dper onblissede huet ]?et hit by. Of ]?ise 
zennes ne bye}? na3t kuytte ]?o ]?et pe guodes of holy Cherche pe patre- 
monye of Jesu Christ despende}? ine kueade us. Ne ]?o na pe mo ]?et 
benime]? o]?er of hyalde]? mid wro[n]g o]?er mid streng]?e. o]?er hede]? 
J?e }?inges ]?et bye]? apropred to holy Cherche o}?er hise paye}? kueadliche 
ase ]?e rentes offrendes pe tendes and pe o]?re ri3tes of holy Cherche. 
Of ]?ise zelve zenne ne bye]? na3t kuytte ]?o ]?et breke]? ]?e Zondayes and 
pe festes ]?et bye}? to loki vor pe holy day he}? his vridom ase habbe]? pe 
holy stedes. }?ise bye]? pe smale bo3es ]?et wexe}? of pe bo3e of sacrilege. 


pe zixte bo5 of avarice is symonye }?et is zuo ycleped vor ane wychche 
}?et hette Symoun ]?et wolde begge of Seynte Peter pe Apostel pe grace 
vor to do miracles and byad grat guod and ]?ervore hi bye}? ycleped 
Symoniaks alle }?o ]?et wylle]? zelle o]?er begge ]?e gostliche ]?inges }?et 
is amang alle pe dyadliche zennes on of pe grateste. And pes bo3 he}? 
manie twygges. pe verste is in ham }?et zelle]? o}?er begge]? }?e holy 
ordres o}?er ]?ct Body of oure Lhorde o}?er }?e o]?re Sacremens of holy 
Cherche. pe o}?er is ine ham }?et zelle]? Guodes Word and preche]? 
principalliche vor pans, pe ]?ridde is ine ham ]?et be yef]?es o}?er be 
behotinges o}?er be biddingges dredvolle o]?er vleffliche make]? zuo 
moche }?et hy o}?er o}?re bye]? ichose to dyngnetes of holi Cherche ase 
bye}? biflbpriches abbayes o}?er deynes o}?er o]?re dingnetes ]?et me 
make}? be chyezinge. pe ver}?e is ine ham }?et be yef}?es o]?er behotinges 


o]?er be biddinges dredvolle ojjer be service na^t clene yeve]? ]?e proven- 
dres and ]>e parosses o]?er o]?re benefices of holy Cherclie. ]>e vifte is 
ine ham )?et be markat makinde lete]? hare benefices o]?er chonge)?. )?e 
zixte is ine ham ]?e be markat makinde guo]? in to rehgion and ine ham 
J?et ine zuiche manere his ondervonge]?. 

Vele ]?er byej? dpre zennes and of divers cas ine symonye ac hi 
belonge]? more to klerekes Jeanne to leawede and |?is bok is mor ymad vor 
pe leawede f anne vor f»e clerkes fet habbe]? j?e bokes. Ac alneway hit 
is nyed to leawede men fet hi ham loki vram j?ise zenne ine ])n cas. 
fe on is huanne hi wyllej? helpe hare ken o))er hare vryendes an he3y 
ine dingnetes of holi Cherche j?e oJ?re huanne hi yevejj J^e provendres 
ojjer benefices fet bye]? of hare yefj^e ]>e fridde huanne hi yelde]? hare 
children into religion. Ine fise J?ri poyns yef hi yeve]? oj^er ondervon- 
ge]> yeff es oj^er kueade biddingges oj^er kueade servises hi mi3ten zone 
valle in to J^ise zenne of Symonie. Vor ase ziggej? J^e holi writes per 
byej? J^ri maneres of yefj^es J^et make]? symonie. yef }?e of hand, yefj^e 
of moujje ase biddinges. yeffe of servise na3t clenliche. Ich clepie 
onclenliche huanne pe servises bye]? ydo vor onclenliche cause o]7er 
principalHche vor ]?ing gostlich. 


pe zevende bo3 of avarice ys wyckedhede. Ich clepie wychkedhede 
huanne J^e is zuo wykhed and zuo moche dyevel )?et him ne dret na3t 
to done ane greate zenne dyadhch and orrible o]?er grat harm to opren 
vor a lite wayn o]?er vor vreme to him. )?es bo3 hej? manye twygges. 
pe verste is huanne eny vor drede of poverte o]?er vor covatyse vor to 
Wynne vorza3]? [renay]?] God and j^e Cristene bileave and becom)? 
Bougre o]?er Jeu o]?er Sarasin. To ]?ise zenne belonge]? pe zenne of ham 
]?et vor pans make]? to clepie ]?ane dyevel and make]? pe enchauntemens 
and make]? to loky ine pe zourd o}?er ine pe nayle of pe ]?oume vor to 
take pe ]?yeves o]?er vor o]?re J?inges. And of ham alsuo ]?et make}? o]?er 
porchce}? be charmes o]?er be wychecraft o]?er be kueadnesse huet }?et 
hit by ]?et volk }?et bve]? ine spoushod togydere ham hatie]? o)?er ne mo3e 


Iiabbe vela3rede J?e on wyj? J?e o|?re be spousliod o)?er ]?et volk pet ne 
bye]? na^t ine spoushod lovie]? ham togidere folliche and be zenne. ]?e 
o]?er is J^e zenne of grochinge and of traysoun [bezuykinge] huanne J?e 
man vor wynnynge o]?er vor mede dep )?ing huer by hi dra3e|? o|?re to 
]?e dyaj^e oJ?er be zuorde o]?er be venym o]?er ine o|?re manere huet J?et 
hit by. J^e J?ridde is )?e zenne of ham pet vor wynnynge berne)? hous 
tonnes casteles cites oj^er cherchen o)?er destrue}? pe vines o|?er comes. 
o|?er doj? oj^re harmes vor mede. pe ver|?e is pe zenne of ham J?et 
zawe]? discord and purchace|? pe stryfs and pe werres in cites o]?er ine 
capiteles oj^er betwene pe he^e men vor pan Jjet hi wene]? pe more to 
Wynne mid strif ine pe werre. }?anne ine pays, pe vifte is pe zenne 
of reven of provostes of bedeles of sergons ]?et accuse]? and calenge]? 
]?et poure vole and ham de]? rayvni and kueadhche lede vor a hte 
wynnynge ]?et hi habbe]? be zide. 

To }?ise zenne belonge}? pe zenne of valse domesmen. and of valse 
playteres. and of valse wytnesses of hwam we habbe]? above yspeke. 
Ine manye o]?re maneres is ydo pe zenne of wyckednesse ac lang ping 
hit w ere to zigge and bettere may ech man rede pe ilke ^enne and j?e 
o]?re ine pe hoc of his inwyt ]?anne ine ane fTepes scinne. V 


pe e5tende bo3 of avarice is chapfare huerinne me zenegep ine vele 
maneres vor timliche wynnynge. and nameliche ine zeve maneres. pe 
verste is to zelle pe pinges ase dyere ase me may and to begge as guode 
cheap ase me may. pe o]?er is lye3e zuerie and vorzucrie pe he3ere to 
zelle hare chapvare. pe ]?ridde manere is ]?et me de]? ine wy3tes and 
ine mesures and }?et may by ine ]?ri maneres pe verste huanne me he]? 
diverse wy3tes o]?er diverse mesures and begge]? be pe gratteste wy3tes 
o]?er be pe gratteste mesures and zelle]? by pe leste. pe o]?er manere is 
huanne me hep ri3tvolle wy3tes and ri3tvolle mesures and zelle]? on- 
treweliche ase de]? pe tavernyers ]?et velle]? pe mcsure mid scome. pe 
pndde manere zuo is huanne ]?o ]?et zelle]? be wy3te purchacc]? and 
make}? zuo moche ]?ct }?ct p'mg }?et me flell wi3e flewe]? more hcvy. pe 


ver]?e manere to zene3i in chapfare is to zelle to tyme. of |?isen we 
habbe]? yspeke above, pe vifte manere is o]7er ]?ing zelle ]?anne me he]? 
yfTeawed bevore ase do]? J^ise scriveyns )?et flewej? guode lettre ate 
ginnynge and efterward make]? wycked. ]?e zixte is hede ]?e zo]?nesse 
of pe }?inge ]?et me wyle zelle ase do]? ]?e romongours of hors. ]?e 
zevende is maki porchaci ]?et ]?et ]?ing }?et me zel]? make]? vor to fTewy 
betere ]?enne hit by ase do]? ]?ise zelleres of clo]? ]?et chiese]? ]?e ]?yestre 
stedes huer hi zelle]? hare clo]?. Ine vele o]?re maneres me may zene^i 
ine chapfares ac long }?ing hit were to zigge. 


}?e ne5ende bo3 of avarice is ine kueade creftes. Ine ]?ise zene^Qp 
moche volk ine vele maneres ase ]?ise fole wyfmen ]?et vor a lite Avyn- 
nynge hy yve]? ham to zenne alzuo ]?ise hysians and ]?ise kempen and 
vele o]?re ]?at vor pans o]?er vor timliche profit yve]? ham to crefte na5t 
oneste ]?et ne may na3 by do wy]?oute zenne an of ]?an ]?et hit do]? and 
of ham }?et hise sostyne]?. 


]?e tende bo3 of avarice bye]? kueade gemenes ase bye]? ]?e gemenes of 
des and of tables and of o]?re hiiyche huet ]?et hy by huer me play]? 
vor pans o]?er vor o]?re timeliche wynnyiige. Zuyche kueade gemenes 
specialliche of des and of tables bye]? vorbode be ri3te vor manye zennes 
]?et vol3e]? zuyche gemenes. ]?e verste is covaytise vor to wynne and 
vor to dispoyly his vela3e. }?e o]?er is gavelynge to grat ase ne3en vor 
tuelf na3t vor ane mon]?e ne to e3te da3es ac ine one zelve day. ]?e ]?ridde 
is to movi lyeasynges and ydele wordes. and ]?et wors is greate blas- 
femies of God and of his hal3en huervore God him wre]?e]? ase ofte 
zi]?es he he]? ynome to lite wre]?e. vor o]?erhuyl ham miswent }?e \isage 
)?et bevore behinde. 


A kny3t wes ]?et zuor be Godes eyen. an haste his on e3e Ihip ope 



pe clieker. An archer vor ]>et he heclde ylore ate geme nom his bo3e 
and flat an hej aye God. ]?ane mor3en huanne he zet ate gemene his 
arowe vil ope )?et cheker al Ijlody. 

pe vor|?e is )?e kueade vorbysne pet he J^et play]? yefj? to o]?ren ]?et 
yzeyj? peX geme. pe vifte in lere of time J?et me Abide be sette ine 
guodc workes and manye o]?re zennes J?et long J?ing hit were to zigge. 
O ]7ing ich ne flbl na3t voryete ]?et pe ilke ]:>et wyn]? he ne may na3t 
ine guode manere ofhealde ]?et he wyn]? ac flTel hit yeve vor Godes love 
bote yef ]?et hit by ine zuyche manere J^et he hit hedde mid barat o]?er 
be strengj?e ase pe ilke ]?et de]? pe o]?ren playe be streg]?e. Ine J?et 
cas he Abide hit yelde to him J?et hit hep ylore. Alsuo ich zigge of j^et 
me wyn]? ine tornement. 

J?ise hjep pe bo3es of avarice yno3 ]?er byej? oj^re. Ac hy bye]? more 
to clerekes ]?anne to pe leawede and ]?is boc is more ymad vor pe lea- 
wede }?anne vor pe clerkes ]?et conne]? pe writinges. 


pe zixte heaved of pe kneade beste is lecherie ]?et is to moche love 
and desordere ine lost of lenden o]?er ine vleA'liche lost, of ]?ise zenne 
vonde]? pe dyevel in vif maneres ase zay]? Zaynt Gregorie. Averst ine 
fole zi3]7e. efterward ine fole wordes. efterward ine fole takinges. 
afterward ine fole kessinges. efterward me com]? to pe dede. Vor of 
fole zi]?e me com]? to pe speche and vram pe speche to pe handlinge 
vram }?c handlinge to ]?e kesinge vram pe kessinge to pe dede. and ]?ous 
sotilliche make]? pe dyevele guo vram on to o}?er. ]?is zenne him to del]? 
verst ine tuo maneres vor ]?er is lecherie of herte and lecherie of bodie. 
pe lecherie of herte zuo hep vour stapes, vor pe gost of fornication ]?et 
serve]? of pe verc of lecherie becleppe pe lierten make]? verst come pe 
]?03tcs and pe likinges and pe ymaginacions of zenne to herte and 
make]? J^cnchc. Efterward ]?e herte blcfj? ine pe ]?03tcs and suo delite]? 
yet ne de]? he na3t pe dede vor no ]?iiig. and ine ]?ise blevingc and ine 
pe ilke lost is ]?o o]?pr stape ]?ct may by dyadliche zenne pe greate zenne 
may by pe lost, pe ]?riddc stape is pe grauntiggc of herte and of pe 


scele and of J^e wylle and zuyclie grauntinges bye)? alneway deadliclie 
zenne. Efter pe grauntinge com]? pe wylnynge and ]?e greate hete ]?et 
hy habbc]? vor to zene3y and do]? more ]?anne twenti zennes yne ]?e daye 
ine zi3j?e of levedys and of maydynes ]?et fTewe]? ham vayre ydi3t ]?et 
ofte hy fleawe]? and di3te]? ham J?e more quayntehche and ]?e more 
honestehche vor to maki miisi ]?e foles to ham and ne wene]? na3t grant- 
Hche zene3y vor ]?et hi ne habbe]? no wyl to do J?e dede. ac vor zo]?e 
hy zene3e]? wel grevousUche vor be ]?e ancheysoun of ham bye]? vorlore 
manye zaules and ]?er bye]? moche volk ydo to dya]?e and to zenne. 
Vor ase zay]? J?e vorbisne ' Levedi of vaire di3tinge is arblast to J?e tour' 
vor hi ne he]? leme ine hire bodye ]?et ne is a gryn of ]?e dyevle ase 
zay]? Salomon. ]?anne behove]? hit yelde scele ate daye of dome of ]?e 
zaules pet be ]?e ancheaysoun of ham byeth vorlore. J?et is to onder- 
stonde huanne hi yeve]? encheysoun vor to zene3y be hare wytinde. 

Lecherie of bodie him todel]? ine lecherie of e3en of yearen of mou]?e 
of honden and of alle J?e wyttes of ]?e bodye and specialliche of pe voule 
dede. and hue is hit voul dede ze]?]?e pe hit is kendeliche ? Vor ]?et 
Guod hit vorbyet ine his spelle and his apostel Panel ]?et ]?us zayj? 
Eche man habbe his 03ene vor fornicacion ]?et ys to zigge his 03ene 
wyf. To ]?o zenne belonge]? alle pe ]?inges huer by ]?et vless him arist 
and wylne]? zuiche dede ase bye]? pe mochele drinkeres and eteres pe 
zofte bed clo]?es likerouses and alle manyere eyse of bodye out of nyede 
and specialliche ydelnesse. 

pe zenne of dede of lecherie him todel]? ine vele bo3es be pe stat of 
pe persones ]?et hit do]? and gep an he3 vram kueade to worse, pe 
verste is of man o]?er of wyfman ]?et ne habbe]? nenne bend ne of 
wodwehod ne of spoushod ne of ordre ne of religioun ne of o]?re manere. 
]?et is pe verste zenne dyadlich in dede of lecherie. |?et o]?er is to 
wyfmanne commune ]?is zenne is more hard vor he is more aid and vor 
)?et zuyche wyfmen bye]? o]?er huy wyves o]?er of religion and ne vor- 
zake]? nenne ne vader ne broder ne zone ne ken. pe ]?ridde is of men 
sengle and wodewe o]?er aye ward, pe verfie is wi]? sengle wifman. 
pe vifte is mid wyfman ymarissed ]?et is pe zenne of spusbreche ]?et is 


wel kuead vor ]?er is brekinge of treu]?e )?et pe on ITel bere to J?e o]?re. 
efterward Iper is a sacrilege huanne one brec)? )?e sacrament of spoushod. 
hit jYoYp o|?erhuyl desertesoun of eyr and valse manages. }?is zenne 
him dobble]? o|?erhuil huanne he is of man yspoused wy]? wymman )?et 
he]? housebounde. }?e zixte is huanne ]?e man he]? his o3e wyf de]? }?ing 
}?et is forbode and disordene aye kende of man and ordre and of 
spoushod and mid 03ene zuorde man may him zelve sle alsuo may he 
mid his 03ene wyve zene3i dyadhche. ]?ervore smot God to evele dya]?e 
Onam Jacobis nevu. and ]?e dyevel ]>et hette Asmodeus astranglede 
]?e zeve houseboundes of pe holy mayde Sare ]?et zeplpe wes yonge 
Thobyes wyf vor alle ]?e sacremens of holi Cherche me flel usi clenliche 
and mid greate wor]?fl^ipe. ]?e zevende is of man to his godmoder opev 
to his goddo3ter o}>er to his godsone to the childre of his godzyb o]?er 
of his godzybbe vor ]?o children ne mo3e na3t come togydere wy]?oute 
dyadlich zenne ne be spoushod. ]?e e3tende is of man to his kenne and 
}?e ilke zenne arist and lo^ep be ]?et pe kenrede is nye3 o]?er ver. pe 
ne3ende is of pe manne mid pe kenne of his wyve o]?er ayeward of pe 
wyve mid pe kenne of hare housebounde. pe ilke zenne is wel dredvol 
vor huanne pe man he]? vela3rede myd enye wyfmane he ne may 
nanmore be spoushod habbe none of hire kenne and yef he enye nim]? 
J?e spoushod ne is na3t and yef he nim]? wyf and efterward of pe half 
of hire kenne ha lyest pe ri3ht ]?et he hedde to his wyve ine zuo moche 
]?et he ne may efterward wonye mid him bote hy hit ne bidde bevore. 
pe tende is of wyfmen to clerkes yhoded ]?is zenne anhe3e]? and lo3e]? by 
pe hodes and pe wor]?ffiphede. pe enlefte is of man of pe wordle to 
wyfman of religioun o]?er ayeanward of wyfman of ]?e wordle to man 
of religioun. pe xii. is of man of religioun and of wyfman of religioun 
and ]?is zenne anhe3e]? and lo3e]? be pe stat of pe persones }?et hit do]?. 
pe xiii is of prelas ]?et ffolden bi licnesse and by vorbysne of holynesse 
and of klennesse to al pe wordle. pe laste is mest voul an lodlakest 
]?et ne is na3t to ncmny. pe ilke zenne is aye kende ]?et pe dyevel tek}? 
to man o]?er to wyfman ine vele maneres ]?et ne bye]? na^t to nemni vor 
pe materie ]?et is to moche abomyna])le ac ine flrif]?c hit ffel nemni pe 


ilke to huam hit is bevalle. Vor as moche ase J?e zenne is more voule 
and more grislich ]?e more is wor|? J?e ffrifte vor )?e flame ])et one he]? 
of ]?e zigginge is grat del of penonce. ]?is zenne is zuo onwor]? to Gode 
pet he dede rine ver berninde and bernston stinkinde o]?e pe cite of 
Sodome and Gomorre and azenkte vif cities in to helle. pe dy^^el him zelf 
pet hit porchace]? hep ffame huanne man hit dej? and pe eyr is an- 
venymed of pe dede. 


pe zevende heaved of pe kueade beste zuo is pe zenne of pe mou]?e 
and peYYore ]?et pe mou]? he]? tuo offices huer of pe on belonge]? to pe 
zuel3 ase to pe mete an to pe drinke pe o]?er zuo is in speche ]7ervore 
him todel]? pe ilke zenne in tuo deles principalliche ]?et is to ^^ytene in 
zenne of gloutounye ]?et is ine mete and in drinke and ine zenne of 
kueade tonge ]?et is ine fole spekinge. And verst zigge we of pe zenne 
of gloutounye ]?et is a vice J^et pe dyevel is moche myde ypayd and 
moche onpay]? God. Be zuych zenne he]? pe dyevel wel grat mi3te in 
manne huer of we rede]? ine pe Godspelle }?at God yaf leave pe dyevlen 
to guo in to pe zuyn and ]?o hi weren ine ham hise adreynten ine pe ze 
ine tokninge ]?et pe glotoims ledej? lif of zuyn and pe dyevel he]? yleave 
to guo in ham and hise adrenche ine pe ze of helle and ham to do ete 
zuo moche ]?et hi to cleve an zuo moche drinke ]?et hy ham adrenche]?. 

Huanne pe kempe ]?et his vela3e yveld ond him halt be pe ]?rote wel 
onea]?e he arist alsuo hit is of ]?an ]?et pe dyevel halt be }?a zenne and 
]?ervore blej^eliche he 5ern]? to pe ]?rote ase pe wolf to pe flepe him vor to 
astrangli ase he did to Even and to Adam in paradys terestre ]?et is pe 
viflere of helle ]?et nym}) ]?ane vifl' be pe ]?rote and by pe chinne ]?is 
zenne moche mispay]? God vor pe glotoun make]? to grat flTame huanne 
he make]? his god of ane zeche vol of dong ]?et is of his wombe ]?et he 
love]? more ]?anne God and ine him ylefth and him serve]?. God him 
hat veste. pe wombe zay]? ]?ou ne ffelt ac et longe and a layt. God 
him hat be pe morgen arise pe wombe zay]? ]?o ne flTelt ic am to vol me 
behove]? to slepe pe cherche nys non hare hy abyt me wel. and huanne 


he arist he begynj? his Matyns and his benes and his oreysones and 
zayl? A God huet fToUe we ete today huader me fToUe eny )?ing vynde 
|7et by worj? ? Eftir )?ise Matynes comej? pe Laudes and zay]? A God 
huet we hedde guod wyn yesteneven and guode metes and efter )?an he 
bewep]? his zennes and zay]? Alias he zay)? ich habbe yby nye) dyad to 
ni3t to Strang wes ]?et wyn tene. ]?et heaved me ak]? ich ne ffel by an 
eyse al huet ich habbe ydronke. ]?ous to ]?e kueade zay|? )?is zenne let 
man to flame vor al]?erverst he becom]? tavernyer ]5anne he play]? ate 
des f>anne he zelf* his 03en ]?anne he becom]? rybaud holyer and J^yef and 
Jeanne me hine anhonge]?. )?is is ]?et scot ]?et me ofte )?ay]7. 

J?is zenne him todel]? ase be saynt Gregorye ine vif bo3es vor ine vif 
maneres me zene3ej? be mete and be drinke oj^er vor J?et me eth and 
dryng]? tovore time o)?er to lostvolliche o])er out of mesure o]?er to 
ardontliche oj^er to plenty ousliche. ]?e verste bo3e J?enne of pise zenne 
is to ete before time and to voul )?ing hit is to man )?et he]? age huanne 
he ne may abyde time to etene and of grat lecherie of ]?rote hit com]? 
]?et man ]?et is Strang and hoi of bodye wy]?oute ancheysoun schelvol 
tovore ri3te houre yern]? to ]?e mete ase de]? a best doumb. And vele 
zennes come]? of ]?o ilke wone ]?anne hit com]? ]?et zuych a man zay]? ]?et 
he ne may veste ne do penonce vor he he}? ]?et yzed Ich habbe a to- 
kuead heaved and he zay}? zo]? vor he he}? hit zuych ymad and kuead 
herte alsuo }?et he}? ymad }?et kuead and him he]? ydo broke }?e vestinges 
]?et is gret zenne and yef he him damnede be him zelve ]?er of no 
streng}?e ac he wyll habbe vela3es }?et do]? ase he de}? huichc he dra3}? 
vram wel to done and let his mid him in to helle vor he de]? ham breke 
hare vestinges and do hare glotounyes huer of hi ham wolden loki yef 
]?er nere kueade vela3es. Vor ]?e drinkere and }?e horling amang pe 
o}?cre kucades }?et hi do]? properliche one zenne }?ct is }?e dyevles huanne 
hi wy}?dra3e}? to do wel. Hy zigge]? ]?et hi ne mo3e na3t veste ac hy 
lye3e}? vor litel love of God ham he}? }?et Y do zigge vor yef hi loveden 
zuo moche }?c zo}?e ioye of hevene ase hy do}? }?e ydele blisse of ]?is 
wordle ase hi veste}? vor ]?e timliche nyedes al huet ni3t ase wel hi 
mi3ten veste huet non vor God yef hi him zuo moche lovede. Ac hy 


bye]? ase is J?et child )?et wyle alneway liabbe |?et bread ine his hand 
and J?e ffelt conne ]?et ase me zene3e]? ine to ra|3e arizinge vor to ethene 
and alzuo me zene'^e]) late to soupi J?anne pet volk ]?et late lovie]? to 
soupi and to waki be ni3te and waste]? ]7ane time ine ydelnesse and late 
guo]? to bedde and arise]? late zenege]? ine vele maneres. Verst ine )?et 
hi waste]? ]?ane time and hine miswende]? huanne hi make]? of ]?e nyt day 
and of ]?e daye ni3t. Zuych volk God acorse]? be ]?e prophete vor me 
ffel be daye wel do and be ni3te herie God and bidde ac huo ]?et ly]? a 
bedde huanne he ffold arise slepe he mot huanne he flblde bidde and 
his servise yhere and God herie and ]?os he lyest al his time and ]?c ni3t 
and ]?ane day. Efterward ine zuyche wakinges me de]? manye kueades 
ase playe ate ches o]?er at tables and me zay}? manye biscmers and 
folyes and ]?us waste]? ]?e wTeche his time and his wattes and his 
guodes and A\Te]?e]? God and harmes his bodi and more ]?e zaule. 

}?e o]?er bo3 is of mete and of drinke be to moche and wi]?oute mesure 
}?e ilke bye]? properliche glotounes ]?et al vorzuel3e]? ase de}? ]?e kete 
of his sperringe. Hit is grate wyt to loki mesure ine mete and ine 
drinke and grat help vor moche volk sterve]? and often ]?er come]? greate 
ziknesses ac huo ]?et wyle ]?ise mesure lyerny he ffel y^^yte and onder- 
stonde ]?et ]?er bye]? vele maneres to libbe ine ]?e wordle. ]?e verste 
libbe]? be ]?e vlesse ]?e o]?er be his jolivete ]?e ]?ridde be his fisike ]?e 
ver]?e be his onestete ]?e vifte be ]?an J?et hare zennes acsej? ]?e zixte be 
)?e goste and be ]?e love of God. 

]?o ]?et libbe]? be ]?e vlesse ase say]? Zaynte Paul hi sla3e]? hire zaulen 
vor hi make]? of hare wombe hare god ]?e ilke ne hyealde]? scele ne 
mesure and ]?ervore hi ffolle habbe ine ]?e o]?re wordle pine wy]?oute 

]?e ilke ]?et libbe]? be hare jolyvete wylle]? hyealde hire fole vela3redes 
zuo ]?et hi ne conne ne hi ne mo3e healde mesure. 

]?o ]?et libbe]? be ypocrisye ]?et bye]? ])e dyevles martires hi habbe]? tuo 
mesures vor ]?e tuaye dyevlen pet tormente]? ]?ane ypocrite bye]? moche 
ayder ayens o]?ren. ]?e on him zay]? eth yno3 al huet ]?ou art vayr and 
vet ]?e o]?re him zay]? ]?ou ne ffelt ac ]?ou ffelt veste al huet }?ou art 


bleclie and Ihene. Noli behove)? to habbe tuo mesures ane little and 
ane scarse pet he use]? tovore ]?e volke and ano}?re guode and large ]>et 
he nse]? ]?et non ne yzy3]? J?er ne halt na5t J^e ri3te mesure. Jje like )?et 
cova}1:ise lede]? habbe)? zuyche mesure ase ])e pors wyle )?et is Ihevedi 
and hotestre of )?e house )?anne flblle we betuene )?e porse and )?e wombe 
of )?e glotoun habbe a vayr strif )?e wombe zay)? ic wylle by vol )?e purs 
zay)? ich wylle by vol pe wombe zay)? ich wylle )?et )?ou ete and drinke 
and )?et )?ou despendi and the purs zay)? )?ou ne ffelt na3t ich wille 
)?et )?ou loki and wy)?dra3e. Alias huet ITel he do )?es wreche pet is 
|?rel to zuyche tuaye kueade Ihordes ? Tuo mesurss make)? be wy3te 
ymad )?e mesure of wombe in o)?re manne house guode and large and )?e 
mesure of the purse of his pet is zor3vol and scarse. 

)?o )?et libbe)? be fisike hy healde)? pe mesure of ypocras )?et is lite an 
strait and hit ival)? ofte )?et pe ilke )?et be fisike leve)? be fizike sterf)?. 

)?o )?et libbe)? be hyre onestete pe ilke hyealde)? )?e mesure of scele and 
libbe)? worfl'ipliche to pe wordle )?et ete)? ine time and ine oure and 
nime)? mid guode wylle )?et hi hab1)e)? and cortaysliche an gledliche. 

)?o )?et libbe)? be )?an )?et hare zennes okse)? hyealde)? zuiche manere 
and mesure ase me ham charge)? ine penonce. 

)?o )?et libbe)? be pe goste bye)? )?o )?et ine )?e love of God wonye)? to 
huam pe Holy Gost tek)? to hyealde ordre an sckele and mesure. pe )?et 
habbe)? pe Ihordffip ope pe bodyes )?et is zuo yta3t )?et he ne acse)? 
none outtrage and de)? )?et )?e gost hat wyoute grochinge and wi)?oute 

Non mi3t )?ou ysi vor )?et we habbe)? hyer yzed )?et vele ginnes he)? 
)?e dyevel vor to nime pe volke be )?e )?rote vor verste he ffeawe)? ham 
pe wynes and pe metes )?et bye)? vayre and likerouses ase he dede to 
Even )?ane eppel and )?et yef hit him ne is na3t wor)? he him zay)? eth 
an drink ase pe ilke and pe ilke. vela5rede pe behove)? hyealde yef pe 
wylt )?et me ne storve)? na3t and )?ct me pe ne hyalde vor papelard o)?er 
he him zay)? )?e hel)?c of )?ine l)odye )?ou fTclt loki vor huo )?et ne he)? 
hcl)>e he ne he)? na3t ne by na3t mansla3)?e of pe sclve )?ou flclt to )?ine 
bodye pe sostinoncc. o)?er he him zay)? Nim 3emc of pe guodcs )?ct )?ou 


dest oJ?er mi3t do |?ou ne est na3t vor J?e lost of J?yne bodye ac to servi 
God |?ou flelt Ipine streng]? loki to God ase zay|?e Davi]?. J?ise sceles 
hjep zuo cleviinde pet ]?e wyseste and pe holyist man bye]? o]?er huyl 

J?e }?ridde bo5 of J?ise zenne is to verliche yerne to )?e mete ase de|? pe 
hond to ]?e hes and J?e more j^et is J?e ilke verliclihede pe more is pe 
zenne. Vor ase hit ne is no zenne vor to habbe richesses ac his to 
moche lovye alsuo hit ne is no zenne vor to ethe pe guode metes ak 
eche his to verhche oj^er disordeneUche. Ethe metes byej? guode to 
guode and to ham )?et be scele and be mesure his usej? and hise nime}? 
mid pe sause of pe drede of oure Lhorde. vor me flel evremo habbe 
drede J?et me ne mysnyme be ouer dede and me fTel herye God and 
yelde hym ]?onkes of his yef|?es and be pe zuetnesse of pe mete J?et 
wy]?oute ne may by me ffel J?enche Godes zuetnesse and to pe ilke mete 
|?et velj? pe herte. J?ervore me ret ine hous of religion ate mete vor )?et 
huanne J?et bodi nymj? his mete of one half J?et pe herte nyme his of 
o]7er half. 

pe ver)?e bo3 of )?ise zenne of |?an J^et to nobleliche wyllej? libbe J?et 
despende]? and waste)? vor to velle hare glotony hwer of an hondred 
poure mi3ten libbe and yno3liche by veld. Zuich volk zenege]? ine vele 
maneres verst in greate despenses J?et hi make]? efterward ine J?an )?et 
hi hit use]? ine to grat hete and ine to grat lost and efterward ine J?e 
ydele blisse J?et hi habbe]? vor hit ne is na3t onlepiliche lecherie of zuel5 
ac hit is wel ofte vor host ]?et hi zechc]? zuo riche metes and make]? zuo 
vele mes huer of ofte come]? vele kueades. 

J?e vifte bo3 is pe bysihede of glotuns ]?et ne zeche]? bote to J?e delit 
of hare zuel3. ]7ise bye]? properliche lechurs )?et ne zechej? bote J?et lost 
of hare zuel3. Ine J?ri ]?inges nameliche li]? J?e zenne of zuyche volke 
verst ine J?e greate bysihede ]?et hi habbe]? to porchaci and to agrai)?i. 
Efterward mid grat lost ]?et hi habbe]? ine pe us. Efterward ine pe blisse 
]?et hi habbe]? ine pe recordinge and huo ]?et mi3te telle huyche bysinesse 
hi do]? to ]?an ]?et hare metes by wel agray]?ed and ech to his 03ene smac 
and hou hy mo3e maki of one mete vele mes desgysed vor hare voule 



lost. And huanne J>e mes bye]? ycome on efter ]>e o]?er |?anne bye]? ]?e 
burdes and Ipe trufles vor entremes. and ine ]?ise manere gep ]?e tyme. 
pe wreche him voryet ]>e scele slep]? ]?e ma3e gret and zay}? Dame Zuel3 
];o me ffast ich am zuo vol J^et ich tocleve ac }?e tonge }?e lyckestre him 
ansuere]? and zay]? pa^ }?ou fToldest tocleve ich nelle na3t lete askapie pis 
mes. Efter pe lecherie ]?et is ine etinge com]? ]?e blisse ]?et is ine ]?e 
recorder efterward hi wesse]? ]7et hi hedden nykken of crane and wombe 
of cou vor }?et pe mosseles blefde lenger ine pe ]?rote and more mi3ten 

Nou ]>ou best yherd pe zennes ]?et come]? of glotounye and of lecherie 
and ]?ervore ]?et zuyche zennes arize]? communliche ine taverne }?et is welle 
of zenne. }?ervore ich wylle a lite take of pe zennes ]?et bye]? ydo ine pe 
taverne. pe taverne ys pe scole of pe dyevle huere his deciples studie]? 
and his 03ene chapele ]?er huer me de]? his servese and ]?er huer he 
make]? his miracles zuich ase behove]? to pe dyevle. At cherche kan 
God his virtues fleawy and do his miracles pe blynde to li3te ]?e crokede 
to ri3te. yelde pe wyttes to pe wode ]?e speche to ]?e dombe pe hier]?e to 
pe dyave. Ac pe dyevel de]? al ayenward ine pe taverne vor huanne 
pe glotoun gep in to pe taverne ha gep opri3t huanne he com]? aycn he 
ne he]> vot ]?et him mo3e sosteyni ne here. Huanne he ]?er in ge]? he 
yzyc]? and yher]? and spec]? wel and onderstant huanne he com]? ay en 
he he]? al ]?is vorlore ase pe ilke }?et ne he]? wyt ne scele ne onderstond- 
inge. Zuyche bye]? pe miracles ]?et pe dyevel make]?. And huet 
lessouns ]?er he ret alle vel}?e he tek]? ]?er glotounye lecherie zuerie 
vorzuerie lye3c miszigge reneye God evele telle contacky and to vele 
o]?re manycres of zennes. ]?er arise]? pe cheastes ]?e strifs pe mansla3- 
]?es. ]?er me tek]? to stele and to hongi. pe taverne is a dich to ]?ieves 
and pe dyeveles castel vor to werri God an his hal3en. and ]?o ]?ct pe 
tavernes susteyene]? bye]? vela3es of alle ]?e zennen ]?et bye]? ydo ine hare 
tavernes and vor zo]?e yef me ham zede o]?er dede asemoche ffame to 
hire vadrc o]?er to hare modcr o]?cr to hare gromes as me de}? to hire 
Vader of hevene and to oure Lhevcdy and to pe hal3en of paradis mochel 
hi wolden ham wre]?i and o]?er red hi wolden do ]?er to ]?anne hi do}?. 



Huo }5et wyle conne and we3e J?e zennes of ]?e tonge hit behove]? pet 
he conne we^e and ayenwe3e pet word huych pet hit by and huer of hit 
com]? and huet kuead hit de]?. Vor hit yval]? )?et };et word is zenne ine 
hym vor J^et hit is kuead and yef hit byval]? |?et hit by zenne vor )?et hyt 
gep out of kueade herte and of heavede hit bival]? J?et pe speche is grat 
zenne ]?et hi de]? grat kuead |?a5 hy by vayre and ysmo]?ed. Nou ffelt 
)?ou ywyte f»et pe kueade tonge is J?et trau )?et God acorsede in his spelle 
vor )7at he ne vand na3t bote leaves J^et ine Holy Writ bye]? onderstonde 
wordcs. And alsuo ase hit is Strang ]?ing to telle alle |?e lyeaves of pe 
trauwe alsuo hit is Strang ping vor to telle alle pe zennes }?et of pe tonge 
come]?. An ]?ise ten bo3es we mo3e alsuo nemni ydelnesse. yelpinge. 
blondinge. todra3inge. lyesynges. vorzueriinges. stryfinge. gro- 
chinge. wy]?stondinge. blasfemye. pe ilke }?at ham yevej? to moche to 
ydele worddes hi zeche]? grat harm j^et hi ne aparceyve]? na3t vor hy 
lyesej? pane time precious huer of hi fTolden habbe eftsone disete. and 
vorlyese]? pe guodes ]?et hi ]?enche]? to done and ffolden do and nime}? pe 
tresor of pe herte and hise velj? ayen mid ydelenesse hi onwrij? J^ane 
pot and pe vlezen vlye]? }?erin. Hi hise clepie]? ydele wordes ac hi ne 
bye]? ac hi byej? of grat cost and harmvolle and perilous ase ]?o ]?et 
emte]? pe herte of hire guode and vel|? his ayen mid ydelnesse as ]?o huer 
of behove]? yelde rekeninge of echen bevor God ate daye of dome ase 
God zay]? ine his spelle. Hit ne is na3t lite J?ing ne ydelnesse huer of 
hit behove]? rekeni and yelde scele ine pe he3e cort ase bevore God and 
al pe baronage of hevene. 

Ine }?o ydele wordes me zene3e]? ine vif maneres vor }?er bye}? zome 
wordes ydele huer of pe tonges bye]? zuo voile }?et spekej? bevore and 
behynde )?et bye]? ase pe cleper of pe melle }?et ne may him na3t hyealde 
stille. and yef hi spek}? bisye wordes of ham ]?et zuo ble]?eliche telle}? 
tidynges }?et zettc}? ofte hare herte to mesayse of ham }?et his yhere}? 
and make]? pe efter telleres ofte by yhyhealde foles and vor lye3eres. 
Efterward bye}? pe tales and pe vayre zigginges huer of hi habbe]? moche 


of ydele blisse ]?o J^et hise conne sotilliche zigge vor J?e herkneres do wel 
lhe53e. Efterward bye)> ])e bourdes and )?e trufles vol of uelj?e and of 
leazinges j^et me clepej? ydele wordes ac vorzoj^e hit ne byej? ac hy bye]? 
wel stinkinde and wel voule. Efterward bye]? }?e bisemeres and pe 
scornes J^et hi zigge}? ope }?e guode men and ope alle ham ]?et wylle}? do 
wel ]?ervore }?et hi my3ten his dra5e to hare corde and vram ]?e guode 
)?et hi habe]? yconceyved wy]?drage. ]?et ne bye]? na3t ydele wordes vor 
)?ou art ase mansla3]?e yef ]?ou be }?ine tonge wy]?dra5st ane man o}?er a 
child wel to done and God ]?e can as moche ]?ank ase wolde ]?e kyng yef 
pe heddest yslage his zone o]7er his tresor ystole. v/ 


Efterward com]? ]?e zenne of yelpinge ]?et is wel grat and wel voul wel 
vals.and wel vileyn. Hi is wel grat vor huo }?et yelp}? he is aperteliche 
Godes ]?yef and him wyle benyme his blisse ase we zede hyerbevore. pet 
is a wel vals zenne vor ]?e guodes huer of he mi5te M^nne ]?e hevene hi 
yeve}? vor a litel wynd and zuo hit is a wel voul zenne vor ]?e wordle 
zelf ham halt vor fol and vor vilayn and vor nice. 

Ine ]?ise bo3e bye]? vif leaves }?et bye]? vif manere of yelpinges. On is 
preterit ]?e is to zigge of }?inge ypased ]?et is }?e zenne of ]?an }?et zuo 
ble]?eliche recorde]? hare dedes and hare prowesses and }?et hi wene]? 
habbe o}?er wel ydo o}?er wel yzed. pe o}?er is of present }?et is to zigge 
of nou pet is pe zenne of ]?o ]?et na3t ne de]? gledhche ne ham ne paye]? 
wel to done ne wel zigge bote ase me hit yzy3}? o]?er yher]? ]?ise ine dede 
o]?er ine speche and ine zinginge hi yelpc]? and zelle}? vor na3t al ]?et hi 
do}?. To }?an belonge]? pe zenne of zuichen }?et yelpe]? of pe guodes ]?et 
hi habbe]? oper }?et hi wene}? habbe of hare noblesse of hare richesse 
of hare prouesse. Hy bye]? ase pe coccou ]?et ne can singe bote of him 
zelve. pe ]?ridde is pe zenne of }?ise over weneres }?et ziggep ich wil do 
}?et and }?et ich wylle awreke forre ich wille maki pe helles and pe danes. 
pe vcr})e is more sotil ]?et is of }?an }?et ne mo3e vor flame ham zelve 
praysi ac al }?et o}?re do}? and zigge]? altogidere vayrliche blamyc}> ase 
ri3t na3t ne him prayse]? to }?et hi conne do and zigge. pe vifte is yet 


more sotil of ham J^et huanne hi willej? ]?et me hise praysi and hi nolle]> 
zigge aperteUche hi hit make)? ana3t and make]? zuo moche ham milde 
and zigge]? ]?et hi bye]? zuo kueade and zuo zenvol and zuo onconnynde 
}?risi}?e more ]?anne hi by vor ]?et me ham here}? and hyealde vor wel 
bojsam. all as zay]? Saynt Bernard huet ]?er is hier zor5volle yelpinge 
hy make]? ham dyevlen vor ]?et me halt ham vor Angles, hy make}? 
ham kueade vor ]?et me Abide his hyealde vor guod. Ne more me ne 
may ham wre]?i ]?anne vor to zigge vor zope }?ou zayst zo]?. To ]?an 
belonge}? ]?e zenne of ham ]?et zechi}? spekemen ham vor to praysi 
and vor to grede hare noblesse be huas mou]?e hi speke]? and ]?e more 


}?e blonderes bye}? }?e dyeveles noriches }?et his children yeve]? zouke 
and do}? ham slepe ine hare zenne be hare vayre zang. Hy smerie]? 
}?ane way of helle mid hony ase me de}? to ]?e here vor ]?et }?e zene3ere 
hine ffolde guo ]?e hardylaker. ]?is zenne him todel}? ine vif deles pet 
bye]? ase vif leaves ine }?ise bo^e. ]?e verste zenne is of ]?yse blonderes 
}?et huanne hi yze]? ]?et he o}?er hy ]?et hi wylle]? bevly habbe}? wel yzed 
o}?er ]?et he he]? wel ydo anhaste him ziggi]? to him zelve vor }?et ha he]? 
ydele blisse ac his kuead voile]? hi him na3t telle. }?e o}?er zenne is 
huanne ]?e litle guodes ]?et hire children ]?et hi do]? zouke ydo o}?er yzed 
hy leve]? and dobble]? and more]? hit of hiren al huet ]?er is more of 
lyeasinge ]?anne of zo]? and ]?ervore hy bye]? ycleped valse wytnesses in^ 
holy Writ. }?e }?ridde zenne is huanne hi do}? onderstonde }?e manne 
o])er pe wyftnanne ]?et he he]? ine him manic guodes and graces huer 
of he ne he]? none and ]?ervore his clepe}? holy Writ charmeres vor hy 
becharme}? zuo moche }?ane man ]?et he ylef ham more ]?anne him zelve 
]?et he ylef]? bet ]?et he yher]? ]?anne ]>et he yzi5t and ]?et hy zigge]? of 
him }?anne }?et hi use}?. }?e ver}?e zenne is }?et huanne hi alle zinge]? 
Placebo }?et is to zigge ' Mi Ihord zay}? zo]?' ^ Mi lliord de]? wel ' and 
wende}? to guode al ]?et ]?e guode man de]? o}?er zay]? by hit guod by hit 
kuead and J^ervore hy bye}? ycleped ine ]?e writinge Echo ]?et is }?e 


rearde j^et ine ]?e he3e helles com]? aycn and acorde]? to al pet me him 
zajp by hit guod by hit kuead by hit zo|? by hit vals. ]?e vifte zenne 
is huanne ]>e blondere defende]? and excuse]? and wrye}? pe kueades and 
J?e zennes of ham pet he wyle vlaterie and }?ervore zuyche bye]? ycleped 
ine writingc tayles vor hi wre}? pe vel]?es of zenne of riche men vor zom 
timhch guod huerone hi hjep anhcned to pe tayle of pe voxe be hare 
barat and vor hare bezuykinge of tedra3ynge. 

Blondere and misziggere bye]? of one scole ]?ise bye]? pe tuo nykeren 

]?et we vynde]? ine bokes of kende of bestes vor hy bye]? a ffewynge of 

pe ze ]?et me klepe]? nykeren ]?et habbe]? bodyes of wyfman and tayle 

of viffffe and clauen of arn and zuo zuetelich zinge]? ]?et hi make]? slepe 

pe ffipmen and efterward his vorzuel3]?. ]?et bye]? pe blonderes ]?et be 

hare vayre zang make]? slepe ]?et volk and ine hare zenne hi resemble]? 

an eddre ]?et hat Serayn ]?et yern]? more zuy]?ere ]?anne hors and o]?er 

huyl vie]? and habbe]? fjet venym zuo Strang ]?et no tryacle ne is ]?er to 

na3t wor]? vor ra}?re com]? pe dya]? ]?anne me vel]? }?ane byte. }?et bye]? 

]?e missiggeres of huam Salomon zay]? ]?et hi byte]? ase edderen ine 

bezuykinge an ]?et venim sla5]? ]?ri in one stroke. ]?ane ]?et zay]? ]?ane 

]?et Ihest and ]?ane of huam he missay]?. }?et is ]?e felHste best ]?et me 

clepe]? Hyane ]?et ondelf]? ]?e bodies of dyademen and hise etc]? ]?et bye}? 

]?o ]?et byte]? and ete]? ]?e guode men of religion }?et bye]? dyade to pe 

wordle hi bye]? more feller ]?ane hellc ]?et ne vorzuyl]? bote kueade ac hi 

yerne]? op to pe guode huervore hy bye]? anlicned to pe zo3e huanne hi 

hep yvar3ed wel ble]?eliche byt men yclo]?ed mid huyt. Hy bye}? ase 

pe Ihapwynche ]?et ine vel]?e of man make]? his nest and zuo rcste}? ]?et 

bye}? pe ffarnboddes ]?et bevle]? pe floures and lovio}? ]?et dong. And 

]?es bo3 he}? vif leaves pe verste is huanne me vint lea3inges and pe 

kueades vor o}?ren to arere blame, pe o}?cr is huanne }?et kuead ]?et he 

yher}? of o]?ren he hit tcl]? vor]? and hit more]? of his 03en. pe ]?ridde is 

huanne he kuenc]? and do]? to na3te alle pe guodes ]?et pe man de]? and 

hise de]? hyeade to ane kueade. ]?es eth }?ane man al yhol }?e o]?re ne ete]? 

hine na3t al ac byt and nim}? a steck and }?is is }?ct ver]?e lyeaf of )?ise 

bo3e ]?et is proprelichc ycleped todra3yng vor he todra3]? and tohcan}? eche 


daye zom stech of guode J?et he yhyer]? of o}?ren vor huanne me zay}> 
guod of o)?ren tovore him alneway he vint and zet ames vor zo)?e he 
zayj? ]?et is zo|? he is a wel guod man and ich hine lovie moche ac he 
he]? zuich a lac ine him and pet me vor]?inge]:?. pes is )?e scorpioun pet 
make]? vayr mid pe heavede and enveyme]? mid J3C tayle. pe vifte is 
huanne he miswent and went to pe worse half al J?et he yherj? oJ?er 
yzi3]? ]?et me may wende to guode and to kucade and J?ervore he is vals 
demere and ontrewe. 


Lea3inge valsej? J?ane man alse me valse]? pe kinges sel o)?er pe popes 
bulle and |?ervore }?et me make]? valse monaye and berj? valse lettres ha 
irel by demd ase valsere ate daye of dome, pe lye3ere is amang pe men 
ase pe valse pcny amang pe guode ase ]?et chef amang pe corn, pe 
lye3ere is ylich pe dye vie ]?et is his vader ase God zay]? ine his Spelle 
vor he is lye3ere and vader of leazinges ase he ]?et made J?e verste 
leazinge and yet he hise make]? and tek]? eche daye. pe dyevel him 
ffewe]? ine vele ffef J?es and him chonge]? in vele wysen J?et volk vor to 
gyly. alsuo de]? pe lye3ere huervore he is ase pe gamelos }?et leve]? by 
pe eyr and na3t ne he]? ine his roppes bote wynd and he]? eche manere 
colour ]?et ne he|> non his 03en. 

Ine ]?ise bo3e hjep ]?ri smale tuygges vor ]?er bye]? leazinges helpinde 
and leazinges likynde and leazinges deriynde and in echen is zenne vor 
ase zay]? Saynt Austin asemoche ase he ]?et Ije^p be his leazinge de]? 
guod to o}?ren alneway be de]? his 03ene harm ]?anne pe leazinges 
helpinde bye]? zenne. Ac pe leazinges likinde bye}? more grat zenne 
ase bye]? pe liye3inges of pe lozenjour and of ]?e gememen and of pe 
scorneres ]?et zigge]? pe bysemeres and pe lezinges and pe lhe3inges vor 
to solaci pe volk ine ziggynge and ham to harkin is zenne hit ne is non 
drede. ac pe lyazinges deriynde bye]? dyadhch zenne huanne ase his 
zay]? wytindeliche and be ]?03te vor to do harm to o]?ren. 

To ]?ise bo3e belonge]? alle valshedes and pe gyles and pe contackes 
]?et me de]? in al pe wordle vor o]?ren to gyly and harmy o]?er ine zaule 
o]?er in bodye o]?er ine guodes o]?er ine los huych ]?et hit by. 


Of J?e zenne of lye3inge. 
Kuead ]?ing hit is to lye3e ac more zenne hit is him zelve vorzuerie 
and }?ervore our Lhord hit zuo moche vorbyet. Perilous ]?ing hit is to 
zuerie ac na3t vor ]?an ]?et ine no poynt me ne may zuerie wy]70ute zenne 
ase zay)? ]?e Bougre ac vor )?an ]?et ofte zuerie make]? ofte vorzuerie and 
ofte zene3i. Vor ine zeve maneres me zuere|? verste huanne me zuere]? 
boldhche ]?et is onwor]?nesse and ble]?ehche ]?et hit ]?ing]? )?et him hit 
hke]? to zuerie ]?ervore hit vorbeyt Saint Jacob. Ne zuerie]? na3t bote 
huanne hit is nyed. ac ]?et wyl is ]?e lecherie vor to zuerie. Efterward 
huan me zuere]? h3thche ]?et is vor na3t and wy]?oute scele ]?et is vorbode 
ine ]?e o]?re heste of ]?e La5e ]?et God wrot ine ]?e tables of ston mid his 
vingre. Efterward huanne me zuere]? be wone ase at eche word vor 
per bye]? zome zuo evele yta3t ]?et hi ne conne no]?ing zigge wy]?oute 
zueriynge. ]?ise habbe]? God into grat onwor]?hede huanne al day and 
vor na3t him clepie]? to wytnesse of al ]?et hi zigge]? vor zueriinge is 
non o]?er ]?inge ]?anne clepie God to wytnesse and His Moder and His 
hal3en. Efterward huanne me zuere]? foUiche and ]?et yval]? ine vele 
maneres. 0]?er huanne me zuere]? by tyene and sodaynlyche huer of him 
vor]?ing]? efterward. 0]?er huanne me zuere]? vor ]?ing ]?et me ne may 
na3t healde wi]?oute zenne zuich op me ITel breke and do penonce for 
J?ane fole op. 0]?er huanne me zuere]? zikerliche of pinge ]?et me nis 
na3t ziker yet ]?a3 hit by zo]?. 0}?er huanne me behat zikerliche }?et me 
na3t not yef me hit may volvelle. 0]?er huanne me zuere]? be pe 
fleppinges ase me zay]? be pe zone ]?et ffin}? by ]?et ver ]?et bern]? o]?er 
by myn heaved o]?er by myne vader zaule o]?er o]?re ]?ane 3^1ych. Zuyche 
o]?es God vorbyet in his Spelle vor ]?et icli Ifel maky ziker ich ne flel 
na5t dra3e to wytnesse bote ]?an he3e zo]? ]?et is God ]7et al wot na3t pe 
clene irep]?es ]?et ne bye]? bote ydelnesse. And huanne ich his zuerye 
be )703te ich here ham ane wor]?frippe ]?et ich IFolde here to God onlepi 
ac huanne me zuere]? be pe Godspelle me zuere]? be Him ]?et pe wordes 
bye]? and bye]? ywryte and huanne me zuere]? be pe holy relikes and 
be pe Hal3en of paradis me zucre}> be ham and be God ]?et ine him 


wone]?. Efterward huanne me zuere]? vileynliche l)y God and His 
hal3en ine J?ise zenne bye]? Ipe Cristene worse ]?anne Ipe Sarasyn ]?et 
nolden zuerie ine none manere ne nolden )?olye ]?et me zuore bevore 
ham zuo vileynlyche be Jesu Crist ase doj? j^e Cristene. Hi bye]? more 
worse }?anne }?e Gyewes ]?et Hine dede arode hy ne breken non of His 
buones ac }?ise Him tobrekej? smaller ]?anne me de]? }?et zuyn ine 
bocherie. ]?ise ne vorbere]? na3t om'e Lhevedi and ]?ise his tobreke]? 
more vileynlaker and hire and }?e o]?re hal3en ]?et hit is wonder hoit ]?e 
Cristendom hit ]?ole]>. Efterward huanne me zuere]> valsliche o]?er 
huanne me here]? valse wytnesse o]?er me zuere]? vals wytindeliche ine 
huyche manyere ]?et me zuere]? o}?er openliche o]?er stilleliche be art 
o}?er be sophistrie vor ase 'pe ri3te wrytes zigge]? God ]?et love]? muek- 
nesse and zo]?enesse yne zuyche wytte ondervang]? ]?ane o]? onderstant 
}?et word ase he hit onderstant }?et ne ]?eng]? na3te bote guod and ]?et 
muekliche and wy]?oute stryf hit onderstant. 

Mochel is grat Godes myldenesse huanne zuyche men ]?et zuerie]? of 
}?inge }?et hi wyte]? wel ]?et ne is na3t so]? o]?er bihote}? }?ing }?et hi nole 
na3t healde ]?et ]?e dyevel him ne astrangle]? hastelyche. Vor huanne he 
zay]? " Zuo God me helpe " o]?er " Zuo God me loky " and he lye3e he 
de]? him out of ]?e helpe and of lokynge of God nou Abide he be ri3tes 
lyese wyt and onderstondynge and body and guodes and zaule and al 
)?et he halt of Gode. 

]?e laste bo3 of ]?ise zenne is huanne man agelt his treu]?e and ]?et he 
he]? behote and graunted o]?er be his tru]?e o]?er be his o]?e vor tru]?e 
ylo3e and o]? ybroke is ase hit were al on. 


Saynt Augustin zay]? ]?et no]?ing zuo moche ne ys ylych to ]?e dyevles 
dedes ase cheaste. ]?es meyster huer of ne is non drede pay]? moche }?e 
dyeule and na3t ne pay]? God ]?et ne love]? bote pays and onynge. 

]?es bo5 him todel}? ine vij. o]?re bo3es huer of }?e verste is strif }?e 
o]?er chidinge ]?e }?ridde missigginge ]?e ver}?e godelinge ]?e vifte atwyt- 
mge }?e zixte }?reapinge ]?e zevende unonynge arere. Huanne ]?e dyevel 



yzi3]? love and onynge amang volke moche hit him vorj^ing]? and vor 
ham maki unonynge he make]? ble]?ehche his mi5te ham vor to do strive 
and pe dyevel begin]? J)et ver of tyene and evel wyl vor to be cleppe 
]?anne efter ]?et strif and ]?e cheaste com]? ]?e noyse and ]?e cheaste all 
alsuo huanne me aly3t ]?et ver Ihap]? ]?et sme]? efter J?e layt stryf and 
cheaste and huanne ]?e on zay]? to ]?e o]?ren " Zuo hit is " " Zuo hit ne 
is " — " Zuo hit wes " " Zuo hit nes." 

Ghidinge is huanne eyder lyexne]? o]?ren o]?er greate wordes. Efter 
]?an come]? ]?e myssigginges ]?et is huanne ]?e on peyne]? ]?an o]?ren and 
zigge]? ]?e greate felonyes vor ]?er is a feloun ]?et he}? ]?e tonge more 
kervinde ]?anne rasour more zuyfter ]?anne arwe vlyinde and more 
borynde ]?anne zouteres eles. Zuyche men bye]? anlykned to ]?an ]?orn- 
hog }?et is al ywry3e myd prikynde eles and hit is to moche fel and zone 
hit is wro]? and ]?anne hit is oftyened he kest out his eles of his bodye 
ari3thalf and alefthalf. Alsuo he is anlikned to ]?e felle dogge ]?et byt 
and beberk]? alle ]?o }?et he may. 

Efterward come]? ]?e godelinges ]?et is huanne ]?e on godele]? ]?ane 
o]?rene and ]?et is zuo grat zenne }?et ]?e Wrytynge zay]? }?et huo ]?et 
godele]? his emcristen he is acorsed of God and Saynt Paul zay]? ]?et 
zuych volk ne mo3e habbe Godes ryche and Salomon zay]? ]?at hare 
mou]? is ase ]?e "v\'y5te ])et val]? ine hot weter ]?et kest hyer and }?er 
and scolde]? alle ]?o ]?et bye]? ]?er aboute. 

Efter ]?an come]? ]?e wy]?nymynges ]?et byet yet more gratter zenne 
huanne me atwyt ane man o]?er his zennes o]?er his folies o]?er his 
poverte o]?er his poure ken o]?er o]?re lac ]?at is ine him. 

Efterward zuo come]? ]?e ]?reapynges and beginne]? ]?e medles and pe 
werres. Ac above alle ]?ise zennes ]?et we habbe]? hyer yncmned pase]? 
]?e zenne [of] ham ]?et be hare kueade tonge sosteyne]? and arere]? }?e 
strifs and ]?e evele wylles betwene ham ]?et bye]? vryendes togidere and 
])o pet miswende]? ]?et pays and ]?e onynges. God hate]? moche zuych 
volk and zuo zay]? ]?e Writinge. 



Ofte we hit yzej? come pet pe ilke pet ne dar ansuerye ne chide ]?et 
he begin]? to grochi betuene his te]? and grunny vor cfter pe chyaste we 
zette]? pe zenne of grochinge. Hou grat is pe zenne ous fTewe]? wel pe 
wreche ]?et God kan nyme ase recorde]? HoH Wryt vor ]?ise zenne onleak 
pe er|?e and vorzual3 Datan and Abyron and villen doun al kuic into 
helle an vor ]?o zenne zente God a ver J?et vorbernde Kore and alle his 
vela3es. CCL. of J^e gretteste of Godes ost ine deserte. Vor pe ilke 
zenne vorlore pe Yewes }?et land of beheste pat God ham hedde behote 
zuo J?et of zix C. )?ousond ]?et God hedde ykest out of pe J?reldome of pe 
kinges of Egipte and ]?et he hedde yloked vourti year ine desert myd 
pe manne of hevene ne yede into pe Holy Londe bote tiio wy]?oiite 
mo J?et hetten Calef and Josue ac alle hi storven in zor3e ine pe 

]?is zenne he]? tuaye bo5es vor pe on is grouchinge aye God and pe 
o]?re aye man regne]?. ]?is zenne is ine vele maneres ase in sergons aye 
hire Ihordinges ine wyfmen aye hare levedis and ine children aye hare 
vaderes and hare modren ine ]?oiire aye pe rich and pe ]?relles aye pe 
kny3tes ine leawede aye pe clerkes and aye pe prelas and pe cloysters 
aye pe abbottes and pe priours and hire officials ase subprior and pe 
o}?re and wext pe grochinges ine alle zuyche personse o]?er of onbo3- 
samnesse vor ]?an ]?et me is to liard ine hestes o]?er ine sleau]?e vor ]?et 
me is to sleuvol. o]?er of impacience vor ]?et me ne dep na3t alle pe 
wylles o]?er of envie o]?er of felonie vor ]?et me avonce]? more pe on 
)?anne pe o]?re and manye o]?re kueade roten. 

Grochinge aye God he]? yet nou yno3 mo encheysouns vor man ]?et 
he]? vorlore grace and }?olemodnesse he wyle by mayster ope God zuo 
]?et al God de]? ine er}?e bote yef he hit ne do al to his wylle an haste he 
groche}? aye God and zyng]? ]?et Pater Noster to tokne vorzo}?e ac pe 
dyevles zang. Vor ase pe Holy Gost tek]? and make]? his ychosene 
zinge ine hare herten pe zuete zonges of hevene ]?et is of pe graces of 
al }?et he de]? and of al ]?et he us zent alsuo pe kueade gost make]? his 


deciples zinge Jeanne zang of helle j^et is grochinge J?et evre flal yleste 
ine helle in al ]?et God dej? bote hit by al hire wylle vor zo|?e mochel is 
zuych a man vol ant out of his wyte J?et wyle )?et me him yelde scele 
of al )?et he he]? ydo yef me him zent adversete poverte ziknesse dyere 
time rayn dru3]?e yef me yef}? him and benym]? hit o]?ren bote yef hit ne 
do by al to his wylle he him njmp anhaste to grochi aye God and him 
wele |7onkeJ> huet wonder is hit )?a5 God him awrek)? of zuyche volke ]?et 
wylle}? him benyme his Ihordffip and his wyshede. 

OF wy}?stondynge. 

Kuead }?ing is grochinge ac more is wors wystondinge. Wy]?stond- 
ynge is a zenne }?et com]? of ]?e herte ]?et is rebel and hard and rebours 
and dyvers pet alneway wyle ]?et his wyl by do and his zygginge by 
yhyealde }?et wyle ]?et alle ]?e o]?re bou3e to him and he ne bou3e to nonen. 
}?is is ]?e harde hearte huer of Salomon zay]? }?et he ne may na5t fayly of 
kued ende. And ase }?er is grochinge aye God and aye man also is zuych 
herte rebel to God and to man. 

}?is zenne he}? vour bo5es vor zuyche herten bye]? rebours and rebels 
red to leve to done Godes heste chastinge }?olye and techinge onder- 
vonge. Yef enye of hare vryendes ham wylle}? rede and hare vreme 
ffewy na3t ham nolle}? yhere ra}?re vor ]?et hi habbe]? yspeke hi do}? }?e 
more ble]?elaker }?e contrarye. To ]?e rede of oure Lhorde ofte hi bye]? 
rebel yef me ham ret }?ing ]?et by to hel}?e to hire zaules ne no}?yng 
nolle}? do er }?an me gabbe]? of ham. And ]?os hy bye]? rebels to ]?e 
heste of oure Lhorde to huam hi bye}? yhyealde and zuo moche ham 
zet bevore ]?e dyevel of toknen o}?er of fyeblesse o]?er of elde o]?er of 
ye3e]?e o}?er of o]?ro kueade sceles ]?et alast hi ne do}? na3t. Efterward 
huanne me his chaste}? and wy}?nynie]? hi ham defende}? ase ]?e bor zuo 
]?et hare folyes ne bcknawe}? and ]?e more ]?et hi ham excuse}? pe more 
wext }?e zenne. And zuo hit is huanne God his beat and chaste}? and 
maugre hy wyte}? and zigge]? ofte on]?onk }?an and ]?e o}?ren huet wyle 
God me do huet habe ich him misdo ? }?os de}? }?e fol and }?et him 
ffolde by triacle to him went in to venym and }?e medicine him yef}? 


|?ane dya]?. Efterward J?er bye]? zome of zuo divers wyt )?et none guode 
techinge ne ondervonge]? ak alneway were]? hare sentense huet ]?et hit 
by zuo pet ofte hi valle}? ine errour and ine valse opinions and ine eresye 
and ine evele byleave. 


Blasfemyes is ase zay]? Saynt Austin o]?er huanne me ylef}? and zay)? 
of God ]?ing }?et me ffel yleve ne healde o]?er me ne lef]? na3t J?et me 
irolde yleve. Ac speciallyche me clepie]? hyer blasfemye huanne me 
miflay]? of God and of His hal3en o]?er of the sacremens of Holy 
Cherche. pis zenne ys ydo ine vele maneres o]?er huanne me hit zay)? 
be }?03te ase do}? ]?e Bougres and }?e mysbylevinde o]?er me hit zay]? 
vor covaytise to wynne ase do]? ]?ise charmeres and }?ise wychen o]?er 
huanne me hit zay]? be tyene and be despit ase do]? ]?ise playeres pet 
zuo vyleynliche tobreke]? Jesu Cristes Body and zuo vileynliche mis- 
siggej? of God an of His blesside Moder }?et hit is dredvol and zor3e to 
hyere and Iheste. ]?ise bye]? ase wode houndes ]?et bite]? and ne knawe}? 
na3t hare Ihord. }?is zenne is zuo grat )?et God his awrek}? o]?erhuyl 
aperteliche ase we habbe]? yzed bevore ]?o we speke of wyckede volke. 
Of ]?ise zenne zay]? God ine His spelle }?et hit ne ffel by voryeve ne ine 
}?ise wordle ne ine pe o]?re. 

Nou we habbe]? ytald ten manere zennes of pe tonge ]?anne is pe 
verste ydelnesse and pe laste blasfemie and be cas hit is J?et Salomon 
zay}? ]?et pe beginnynge of pe kueade tonge is folie and pe ende to kuead 

Hyer ende}? pe zeve dyadliche zennes and alle hire bo3es and huo }?et 
wel him stude]? ine ]?ise boo he my3te moche profiti and lyerny and 
knawe eche manyere of zenne and him zelve wel ffiyve vor non ne may 
him wel ITrive ne him loki vram zenne bote he his ne knawe. Nou ffel 
}?ane pe ilke }?et ine ]?is boc ret yzy diligentliche to by ffrive and him 
loky be his my3te. Of o]?re zennes ]?et hem ne is na3t gelti he ffal herye 
God and Him bo3samliche ]7onky }?et him he}? yloked. 



Onnea]?e sterf J?et ylyerned ne he]?. Lyerne to sterve ]?anne flelt J?ou 
conne libbe vor non wel libbe ne ffel conne Ipet to sterve ylyerned ne he]?. 
And ]?e ilke ary3t is ycleped wrechche J^et ne can lybbe ne dar sterve. 

Yef ]?ou wylt libbe vriliche lyerne to sterve gledliche. Yef ]?ou me 
zayst hou me hit ffel lyerny ic hit wyle ])e zigge an haste. }?ou ffelt 
y\^yte ]?et ]?is lyf ne is bote dyaj? vor dya}? is a wendinge and ]?et eth 
wot and ]?ervore me zay]? of ane manne huanne he sterf}? he went and 
hiianne he is dyad he is ywent ]?is lyf alsuo ne is bote a wendynge vor 
zo}?e a wendinge wel ffort. vor al ]?et lyf of ane manne ]?a5 he levede a 
]?ousond yeare ]?et ne ffolde by bote onlepy prikke to pe zy3]?e of ]?e o]?re 
lyve pet evre wyj^oute ende ffel yleste ojjer ine zor3e o}?er ine blisse 
wy]?oute endynge. 

]?is ous wytnesset wel pe kyng pe erl pe prince pe emperour }?et pe 
blysse of J?e wordle hedden zomtyme nou ine helle wepe]? and grede]? 
yellej? and zorje]? " A alas huet is ous wor}? oure pouer wor]>ffippe 
noblesse richesse blisse and host, al hit ys ywent wel ra}?re ]?anue ffed 
o]?er vo3el vlyinde o]?er quarel of arblaste and ]?oiis gep al oure lyf. 
Nou we were ybore and an haste dyad ne al our lyf nes na3t bote a lyte 
prikke nou we bye]? ine zorge wy}? oute ende. Oure blisse is ywent into 
wop oure karoles into sor3e gerlondes robes playinges messinges and alle 
guodes bye)? ous yfayled." Zuyche bye)? ]?o zonges of helle ase pe 
Writinge ous tel]? ous vor to ffewy )?et )?is lyf ne is bote a wendynge 
wel ffort and ]jis wordle ne is bote wendynge and libbe ne is bote a 
wendynge. ]?anne ne is libbe bote sterve and )?et is zo]?e ase Pater 
Noster vor huanne )?ou begonne libbe anhaste )?ou begonne to sterve 
and al )?in elde and al )?ine time ]?et ise yguo pe djap pe hep ywonne 
and halt. )?ou zayst )?et )?ou best zixti yeare pe dya]? hise he)? and 
nevremo his nele pe yelde. ]?ervore is )jet wyt of pe wordle folye and 
|?e clerk zyinde ne yzy3)) na3t. Day and ni3t make]? o J?ing and pe more 
]?et hit make]? pe lesse zuo knawe)? alneway sterve)? and hi ne conne 
sterve vor day and ny3t )?ou fterfst as ich pe habbe yzed. 


Yet eft ine o]?re manere ich J»e teche ]?ise clergie ]?et |?ou conne wel 
libbe and wel sterve. Nou yhyer and onderstand )?e dya]? ne is not a 
todelinge of ]?e zaule and of pe bodye and j?at ich wel wot. Nou ous 
tek]? pe wyse Catoun Lyerne we zay]? he to sterve todele we ]?ane gost 
of )?e bodie ofte ]?et deden |?e meste wyse of ]?ise philosophes |?et J?is lif 
zuo moche hateden and ]?e wordle zuo moche onwor]?ede and zuo moche 
wylnede lyf na5t dyeadliche ]?et hi westen be hare wylle ac hit nes ham 
na5t worj? vor hi ne hedden no grace ne J?e beleave of Jesu Crist. Ac 
}?c holy men J?et lovie]? God and yleve]? ]?et of fri dyea|?cs habbe]? Ipe 
tuay ypased. Vor J?er is dyaj? to zenne and dyade to )?e wordle. Nou 
abide]? Jeanne )?ridde dyea]? ]?et is J^e todi3tinge of ]?e zaule and of ]?e 
bodie. Betuene ham and paradys ne is bote a lyte wo^e )?et hy ageltej? 
be ]?enchinge and be wylnynge and yef ]?et bodi is of )?is half ]?e herte 
and )?e gost is of J>e o]?erhalf. J^er hy habbe]? hyre blevinge as zay|? 
Saynte Paul hire solas hire blisse and hire confort and alle hire lostes 
and ]?ervore hy hatye]? J?is lyf Ipet ne is bote dya]? and wylne]? pane dya]? 
bodylych vor J?et is damezele Bereblisse J?et ]?e dya]? ]?et alle pe hal5en 
coroune]? and de]? [zette]?] in to blisse. 

Dya]? is to guode men ende of alle kueade and gate and inguoynge 
of alle guode. Dya}) is ]?e stream ]?et todel]? dya]? and lyf. Dya]? is of 
)?is half lif of o]?re half ac ]?e wyse of ]?ise wordle ]?et of ]?is half )?e 
streme yze]? zuo bri3te of o}?er half hi na3t ne yzed. an ]?ervore his 
clepe}? pe Writinge foles and yblent vor ]?erne dya]? hi clepie]? lyf and 
)?ane dya]? ]?et is to pe guoden beginnynge of live hi hit clepie]? ]?an 
ende and ]?ervore hy hatye]? zuo moche ]?ane dya]? vor hi nyte]? huet hit 
is ne is of o]?erhalf pe streame ne habbe]? na3t ybleved and na3t ne wot 
]?et out ne ge]?. 

]?anne yef ]?ou wylt y^vyte huet is guod and huet is kuead guo out of 
]?i zelve guo out of pe wordle lierne to sterve todel ]?ine zaule vram pe 
bodye be ]?03te zend ]?ine herte into pe o]?re wordle ]?et is to hevene into 
helle into purgatorie ]?er ]?ou fTelt yzy huet is guod and huet is kuead. 
Ine helle }?ou ffel yzi mo zor3es ]?anne me mo3e devisy. Ine purgatorie 
mo tormens ]?anne me mo3e ]?olye. Ine paradys more blisse ]?anne me 
mo3e wylny. Helle pe ffel teche hou God awrek]? dyadlych zenne. 


Purgatorie )?e flel seawy hou God clenze]? veniel zenne. Ine lievene ]?ou 
flelt yzy openliches hou vertues and guode dedes bye]? he5liche yolde. 
Ine Jjis ]?ri ]?mges is al J?et is nyed wel to wytene hou me ITel conne hbbe 
and wel sterve. 

Nou loke eftzone a lyte and ne tyene ]>e na3t to ]?ise ]?ri )?inges vor 
pet ]?ou lyernest to hatye zenne. Voryet pi body ones a day guo into 
helle ine ]?ine hbbinde pet J?ou ne guo ine ]?ine stervinge. ]?is de]? ofte 
]?e hoh man and pe wyse ]?er ]70U ITalt yzy al Jjet herte hate]? and 
bevly3]? and defaute of alle guode yno3 of alle kueade ver bernynde. 
brenstan stinkinde. tempeste brayinde. voule dyevlen. honger and 
poYst ]?at me ne may na5t stonchi. dyverse pines and wepinges and 
zor3es mo ]?anne herte mo^e }?enche ne tonge telle and evre ffel yleste 
wjp oute ende. And ]?ervore is pe ilke zor3e wel ycleped dya]? wy]?oute 
ende and huanne f'ou yzixt ]?et hit behove]? zuo dyere abegge onlepy 
dyadlich zenne pe woldest pe ra]?re lete be vla3e quik ]?anne }?ou dorstest 
to onlepi dyadlich zenne consenti. 

Efterward guo into purgatorie ]?er ]?ou ffelt yzi pe pines of pe zaules 
}?et hyer hedden vor}?enchinge ak nere na3t volliche yclenzed nou hi 
do]? }?er pe levinge of hare penounce al huet ]?et hi bye]? bri3te and 
clene as hi weren ate ]?oynt and ate time huanne hi yeden outt of pe 
welle of cristninge. Ac pe ilke penonce ys wel grislich and hard for 
al ]?et evre }?oleden pe holy martyres o]?er wyfmen }?et travayled of childe 
of sor3e ne ys bote a be}? ine chald weter to pe reward of the fornayse 
huerinne berne]? pe zaules al huet hi bye]? yclenzed ase gold al yclenzed 
ine pe vere me ne vint lesse ]?anne yclenzed. Vor ]?et ver is of zuyche 
kende al }?et hit vint ine pe zaule of gelte of dede of speche of ]?03te 
]?et yerne]? to zenne o]?er lite o}?er moche al vorbern]? and clenze]? and 
)?er bye]? ypinnyssed and awreke. alle venyal zennes. ]?et we clepie}? 
litle zennes ]?et we do}? ofte and smale fole ]?03tes werdes ydele trufles 
scornes and alle o]?rc ydilnesses al huet hi by wor]?e to guo into hevene 
Imer ne gep in na3t bote hit by ri3t bri3t. ]?et ilke ver drede}? }?o }?et by 
hare mi3te ham loke]? vram dyadlich zenne and loke}? holyliche hare 
herten and hare bodyes. 


And hare mouj^es and J?e vif wyttes ^Tam alle zenne and zuo libbe]? ase 
hi ffolden eche daye to dome come to vore God. And )?ervore ]?et non ne 
may Hbbe wy]? oute zenne vor ase sayj? Salomon Zeve zi|?e a day val]? )?e 
guode man and )?ervore be holy ffrifte and be tyeares and be benes hi 
do]? hare mi3te ham zelve to arere and to amendi and ham zelve zuo 
deme ]?et hi onderstonde to vol3i ]?ane laste dome, vor huo hier him dem)? 
zo]?liche him ne wor]? non hede to by forlore ate daye of dome. And 
J?us me lyerne]? kuead to knawe an to bevly and alle zennes to hatye 
and grat and smal and onderstondy ]?e holy drede of God ]?et is begin- 
nynge of guod lif and of alle guode. 

Ac hit ne is na5t yno) to lete |?e kueades bote me lyerny J?et guod to 
done and bote yef me zech ]?e virtues vor wy)? oute ham non ari3t wel ne 
leve)?. ]?anne yef ]?ou wylt lyerny wel to libbe be virtue lyerne zuo ase 
ich ]?e habbe yzed to sterve. Todel ]?ine gost vram j^ine bodye be J?o5te 
and be wylninge guo out of ]?ise wordle stervinde guo into J?e londe of 
J?e libbynde ]?er non ne sterf ne yealde]? J?et is ine paradys |?er me 
lyerne]? wel to libbe and wyt an corteysye vor }?er ne may guo in no 
vyleynye. ]?is is blisfolle vela3rede of God and of angles and of hal3en 
]?er opwexe]? alle guodes vayrhede richesse wor]?ffipe blisse virtue love 
wyt joye wy]?oute ende. ]?er ne is ypocrisie ne barat ne blondinge ne 
discord ne envye ne honger ne }?orst ne hete ne chele ne kuead ne 
zor3e ne drede of vyendes ac alneway festes and kinges bredales zonges 
and blisse wy]?oute ende. )?e ilke blisse is zuo grat ]?et huo f»et hedde 
ytake }?er of enne lepi drope of ]?e leste ]?inge ]?et }?er ys he ffolde by of 
)?e love of God zuo dronke ]?et al ]?e blisse of ]?ise wordle him ITolde 
bydrede and wo rycheffes dong wor]?ffipes voulhede and ]?e ilke to 
greate love }?et he Abide habbe to come ]?er him Abide by an hundred 
}?ouzen zi]?e ]?e more hardiliche hatye zenne and lovie virtues }?et is al ]?e 
drede of helle huer of ich habbe bevore ispeke vor love is more stranger 
}?anne drede and }?anne is ]?et lyf vayr and meste ]?anne me bevly3t ]?et 
kuead and me dc}? }?et guod na3t vor drede vor to by yspild ac vor ]?e 
wylnynge of hevene and vor }?e love of God and vor ]?e greate clennesse 
]7et virtue he]? and guod lyf. And ]?e ilke ]?et love lede}? he ze]?}? ra}?re 



and lesse him costne]? J?anne liim ]?et serve]? God be drede. J?e hare 
yernej? ]?e gryhond hmi vol3e)? ]?e on be drede ]?e o)?er be wylnynge. j^e 
on vly3]? ]?e dper hine dryf]?. J?e holy man yern]? ase grihond ]?at habbe]? 
al day hare 636 to hevene huer hi jzyep pe praye ]>et hi drive]? and 
]?ervore hy voryete]? alle o]?re guodes ase de]? ]?e gentyl bond huanne ha 
zy]? his praye tovore his e3en. 

}?is is ]?et lyf of ]?e wel loviynde of gentil herte and affayted ]?et zuo 
moche lovye]? virtue and hatye]? zenne ]?et yef hi were n zykere ]?et me 
ne Abide his conne ne God ne ffolde his awreke ham ne daynede na3t to 
do zenne. Ac al hare ]?enchinges and al hare wyllis hire herten clenliche 
loki and agray]?i ]?et hi by wor]?i to habbe ]?e blisse of paradys huer no 
cherl ne ffel come in ne vals ne ]?yef ne proud vor }?e worse ffolde by pe 


Nou ich }?e habbe yffeawed hou me tekp wel to sterve and lede guod 
lyf ac }?ou ffelt ywyte ]?et }?e begynnynge vor to come to guode lyve is to 
zeche virtue J^et is ]?et me knawe na3t onlepilyche huet is zenne and huet 
is clenesse ac Ipet me conne ri3t well knawe and deme huet is kuead and 
huet is guod and vor to dele ])et zo]?e guod vram ]?e o]?ren and ]7et greate 
guod vram ])e little. Vor }?ing ])et me ne knau]? na3t ne is yhated ne 
ywylned and ]?ervore ffelt ]?ou ywyte be pan ]?et pe wrytinges zygge]? ]?et 
]?er bye]? zeve smale yef ]?es of God ]?et me clepe]? ]?e smale guodes on lite 
on o]?er grat and zo}?e an onlepiliche bye]? guodes ari3t huerof al ]?e wordle 
ys nye3 begyled [bezyke] vor hi yeve]? ]?e greate guodes vor ]?e little 
o]?er ]?e lesse vor ]?e little o]?er ]?e greate vor ]?e lesse vor ]?is wordle is 
ase a fayrc huer bye]? manye fole chapmen Ipet of alle ]?inges hi knawe}? 
]?e propre virtue and ]?et wor]? ]?et ous teke]? ]?e Holy Gost and non o]?er 
maister. He ous tek]? to knawe ]?e greate ])inges vram f'c little ]?e 
preciouse vram ]?e vilcs ]?e zucte vram ]?e zoure. 


Hy clcpie]? ]?e smale guodes |?e guodes of time ]?e guodes of fortune 


[hap] and ])e levedy fortune went hare hue^cl eche daye and benym}; 
and yefj? and went |?et is above bene]?e ]?et bye]? )?e smale stones of gles 
ffynynde and f'e conioun his bay]? vor rubys vor safyrs o]?er vor emeroydes 
}?et bye]? as jueles to children ]?et God ous yef ]? ous to solas and vor our 
love to dra3e to him vor ]?et he wot ]?et we bye]? fyeble and tendre and 
hyealde we ne mo5e his. Efterward wayes to poverte of zor^e and of 
martirement ase do}? }?e guode Godes kny3t pet ]?ane kyngdom of hevene 
payne]? be streng]?e to wynne be his prouesse. ]?anne ]?ise ne bye]? ne 
grete guodcs ne smale ary5t. ]?anne was a fol Jesu Crist Goddes Zone 
pet cheas poverte and flame an efterward he vorsok blisses wor]?flripes 
and richesses yif pet byej? pe zo]?e guodes. ]?anne ne bye]? na5t alle zo]?e 
guodes ine hevene. ]?anne ne is na5t God parfitliche yblyssed ]?et ne uze]? 
na3t zuyche guodes. ]?anne is God ontrewe and onkende ]?et ]?ise guodes 
benym]? his vrendes and hise yef]? more largeliche to his jyo yef ]?et bye}? 
zo}?e guodes. }?anne weren foles alle pe haljen and alle the wyse clcrkes 
and pe greate filosofes ]?et }?ise guodes bevlo5e and onwor}?ede ase dong. 
Yef }?et bye}? zo]?e guodes ]?anne lye3]? God ]?et lye3e ne may and Holy 
Writ }?et hise clepe}? leazinges and ffed and metinges and vanites nettes 
and bendes and pe dyevles grines and ]?et is zo]? aze Pater Noster. 
Vor ]?et byeth pe dyevles ginnes huer by pe zoules ine a }?ousond maneres 
he gyle}? and nym}? and bynt and halt. 

Ac pe wyse chapman }?et is pe guode man }?et pe Holy Gost aly3t be 
zo}?e beknaulechinge ]?et over al him knau}? huet ech }?ing is wor}? and 
yzy3}? hit ri3t wel hi onderstonde}? }?et al pe wordle ne is nazt a guod 
snode vor mannes herte to velle and ]?et ]?er is moche kuead and litel of 
guod and ]?ervore huo }?et loke]? pe perils and pe kueades }?et ]?er bye}? 
and wyte}? }?et hit is zo}? ]?et hi conne zigge he ]?et ne yef]? }?et he love}? he 
ne nym}? ]?et he wylne}? hi make}? to God ane handvol vor hi 3eve}? pe 
wordle vor hevene na3t vor al hor vor gold and lete}? al vor God richesses 
lostes wor]?fl'ipes and becometh poure. J?et is pe vayriste lyf an pe 
zykeriste }?et is ine }?ise wordle. 

pe o}?re bye}? ]?et jzep }?et ine vele maneres hi mo3e do hare prou of 
guodes of time }?et me may hise habbe ak na3t to moche lovje vor God ne 


hat najt al to lete by hise ofliyealde]? ac litel hise prayzej^ hi hise uze]? 
ac Utel his lowej? ase dede sajnit Abraham Job and Davi]? ana vele o]?re 
]?et ]?e perils bevlo3e and deden hire profit of ]?e guodes ]?at God ham 
lende. Hi cou]?en begge hevene hi cou]?en hire zennen vorbegge and 
helpe hare nyxte hi co]?en more lovye God and herye and ]?onki 
worJ^ifTipie drede and yleve vor ])e greate perils huer hi bye)? and ham 
zelve pe more bouje huanne hi jzep hare fieblesse and hire poure love 
and hare defautes huanne ]7ane strayte way ne dorren guo huanne zuo 
lyte wyllen vor God ]?olye and yeve J^et zuo moche ]?olede and let vor 
ham yef hi wel ham v^^ytye]? ak stang hit is vor hit is wel li3ter f>ing 
alle ]?e guodes of ]?e wordle lete at one tyme vor God J?anne his of- 
hyealde and najt lovye. 


]?e midel guodes bye]? of kende and of techinge. Of kende ase vayrhede 
of bodye prouesse strengj^e zuyfthede myldenesse clyer v^yt sleg]?e onder- 
stondjTige and alle zuyclie guodes J?et kende berj? be techinge ase grat 
clergye ine alle oj^re guodes ]?et me wjiip be studye ojjer be guode wone 
ase bye)? guode ]3eawes and zome virtues. Ac ]?ise ne bye)? na3t yet 
ari3ht )?e zo)?e guodes vor hi ne make)? na3t )?ane )?et hise he)? vollyche 
guode vor manye filozofes o)?er of greate cherkes and of kynges and 
of emperours )?et hedden moche of zuyche guodes bye)? ydampned 
ine helle. Efterward zuyche guodes yef)? oure Lhord alsuo to his 
vyendes ase he de)? to his vryendes to Sarazyns and to valse Cristene 
ase to )?e guode. Efterward hit ne is na3t zo)? guod )?et fayle)? and 
]?et me may lyese v^lle he nolle he and )?et )?ieves ne mo3e stele ne 
robbere benime alneway ate ende dyea]? his benym)?. Efterward zo)?e 
guodes helpe eche daye and ne harme)? nevre ac vorzo)?e zuyche guodes 
and zuiche graces wy)?oute do)? ofte kuead and harme)? ham )?et hise 
habbe)? bote hi hise ne wel usy. And huanne hi ham yelpe)? o)?er hi 
ham prod)? and o)?ren hy onwor)?e)? vor )?e ilke to Imam God he)? yyeve 
)?e ilke graces and )?e ilke guodes ]?et icli habbe bevore ynemned God 
vor to servi and helpe his nixtc bote yef he hit ne usy trculichc he flel 


by ine ])e more gratter torment and straytlychc him behove]? rekeni and 
yelde scele to God ate day of dome of ]?et he he]? ydo and of ]?et he he]? 
ywonne of ]?e guodes pet God him he]? ylend vor to mory. 


Nou ich ]?e habbe fforthche ylTewed hiiyche bye]? ]?e lyttle guodes 
. and ]?e midel guodes nou ich ]?e wylle flewi huet ys ]?e zo]?e guod ari3t 
pet make]? ]?an ]?at hise he]? guod and wy]? oute ham non ne wes nevre 
ari3t guod. ]?et guod me clepe]? Godes grace and virtue and charite. 
Grace vor ]?et he yaf helpe and lyf and zaule vor wy]? oute ]?ise guodes 
J?e zaule is dyead vor ase ]?et body is dyead wy]?oute zaule alzuo is pe 
zaule wy]?oute Godes grace. Hy is ycleped virtue vor }?et hy wor]?- 
ffipe]? pe zaule mid guode workes and mid guode ]?ewes. Hy is ycleped 
charite vor ]?et hy joine]? pe zaule to God vor charite ne is non o]?er 
}?ing ]?anne dyere onhede ]?et is pe ende ]?et is pe perfeccion and pe 
guodhedde huer to we flblle ous dra3e. Moche weren pe Egypciens 
deceyved ]?et is to zigge pe yealde filozofes ]?et zuo byzylyche disputede 
and zo3ten huet wes pe he3este guod ine ]?ise lyve ne nevre ne my3ten 
hit vynde vor zome hit zette in loste of vleffe pe o]?re ine richesses and 
o]?re me oneste lyf ac pe greate filozofe Saynte Pawel ]?et wes ynome 
in to pe ]?ridde hevene and pasede alle pe o]?re filozofes ous prove]? be 
vele skeles ]?et pe he3este guod ine ]?ise lyve is pe kuen of virtues dame 
Charite. Vor he zaye]? wy]? oute hire non o]?er guod ne is wor]? and 
huo ]?et ]?is he]? he he]? alle pe o]?re and huanne all pe o]?re guodes 
fayle]? ]?is ne fale]? na3t and above alle pe o]?re greate guodes ]?et bye]? 
}?ys is pe Ihevedy. ]?anne is ]?is ]?et gratteste guod ]?et is onder hevene. 


And huervore wylt ]?ou ]?et guod ]?et is ycleped ri3t virtue more lovie 
and zeche above alle o]?ren ]?is ich wylle yet eft his wor]? ffewy. Me 
can todele ]?ri manere guodes guod wor]?iriplich guod lostvoll and guod 
vremvol. Nanmore ne is of guodes. ne zo]?e ne ydele. bote ]?ise ]?ri 
maneres and ]?et ]?ou yzist openliche. Of pe guodes of pe wordle }?et non 


ne wylnej? ne love]? noJ?ing bote yef he wene }>et hit by him worJ^lTipvol 
o)?er lostvol o]?er vremvoL pe proude zek)? J?ing wor]?ffipvoh J?e covayt- 
ous )?ing vremvol. ]?e lostvol ]?ing lykynde. and alle ]?et )?ise zeche]? 
ydelliche is me virtue zoJ?liche vor virtue is 'ping wel worj^ffipvol. lostvol. 
and vremvol. 


]?et virtue is wor]?ffipvol pet my3t ]?ou ysy ine |?ise manere. Zyx 
Jjinges bye|> ine pise wordle moche wylned vor J?et hit ]?ing]? ]?et hy bye]? 
moche wor]?ffipvol vayrhede wyt prouesse my3te vridom and noblesse. 
}?ise hjep zix wellen of ydelnesse }?anne ydel blisse is to moche vayr- 
hede is ]?ing mochel yloved vor }?et is ping moche ywor]?ffiped and na3t 
vor }?an vayrhede ]?et pe e^e of pe bodye jzy^p and love]? is ping vals 
ffort and ydel. Vals yf he ne is vayr ne pe ilke vayr ac oure ejen bye]? 
fyeble ]?et ne zye]? bote ]?et skin wy]?oute ]?anne huo ]?et hedde ]?e zy3]?e 
ase he]? }?e lynx ]?et me clepe]? o}?erlaker leucernere ]?et yzy3]? ]?or3 ]?ane 
wal al over ha Abide yzy openliche ]?et non vayr body ne is bote a huyt 
zech vol of donge stynkinde and ase a donghel besnewed. Efterward 
J?is vayrhede is ffort vor zone hit fayle]? and valouwe]? ase ]7et flour of pe 
velde anon ase pe zaule him todel]? al pe vayrhede }?et ]?et body hep pe 
zaule hit yeaf and vor pe zaule he hit he]? ]?ervore. He is fol }?et of 
vayrhede of bodie him glede]? ac pe vayrhede of J?e zaule is vayrhede 
ari3t ]?et alneway wext and nevre ne ffel fayly. J?et is pe zo]?e vayrhede 
huervore pe zaule to God like]? and to pe Angles ]?et jzep pe herte. }?es 
vayrhede yelt and yef]? to pe zaule grace and virtue and love of God 
vor hy reforme]? and agray]?e]? and him yelt his ry3te pryente ]?et is pe 
ymage of his ffeppere ]?et is vayr wy]?oute comparysoun and ]?et best 
him anlykne]? mest is vayr ]?annc ]?et vayreste ping ]?et ys onder God 
is pe zaule }?et he]? parfitliche his ri3te ffep]?e and his ri3te bri3tnesse 
colour of flour bri3tnesse of zonne ffep]?e of man lykynge of precious 
stones and al }?et pe e^e of herte yzy]? of vayr is voulhede and vel]?e to pe 
zy3]?c of him and al }?et me may onder Gode ]?enche of vayr hit ne may 
na3t by ycomparisoncd to him. 



Cleregye and wyt hjep J?inges moche yworfTiped and yef j^ou wylt 
by wys ari3t and he3e cleregye lyerny make ]?et ]?ou habbe J^et zdpe 
Godes guod j^et is grace and virtue vor ]?et is ]?e zo}?e wysdom ]?ct aly3t 
f>e herte of man ase de]? ]?e zonne ]?e wordle. }?is wyt pase|? J?e 
wyttes of ])e wordle ase de]? ]?e zonne Ipe brytnesse of ])e mone vor yef 
wyt of ])e wordle ne is bote folye ase zayj? ])e wrytinge and childhede 
and onwyt folye ine ham ]?et ]?e wordle lov5e)? and hire vayrhede )?et 
hi ne conne yknawe ]?ane day vram ]?e ny3t ne deme betuene grat and 
smal betuene precious an vil. Hy wene]? of J?e mone ]?et hit by pe 
zonne vor hi wenej» of pe worJjfTipe of Ipe wordle |?et hyt by ]?e zo]?e 
blisse of ane epple an hel vor hi wene]? by ]?e wordle pet hit by wel 
grat |?ing J^et to J^e zi3]?e of J?e hevene ne is bote an eppel. Hy wencj? 
of a gles pet hit by a safir vor hi wene]? pet hare my3te and hare 
streng]?e by wel grat ]?et more is brekynde and fyeble J?anne gles. 
Efter pe childhete ]?et pe wyt of pe wordle and J?o ]?et hjep zuo wyse to 
loky ]?et body and to eysy and to delyty ]?et libbe]? ase children J?et ne 
zeche]? bote hare wyl to done. In zuych folk is skele dyad and Jjervore 
hi libbep* ase bestes vor hare wyt is al myswent and corupt ase pe zuel3 of 
pe zyke oJ?er of j^e wyfman grat myd childe |?et more hi vynt smak in ane 
zoure eppel ]?anne in ane huetene Ihove and ]?et child in ane cole J?anne in 
ane guode mete. Alsuo zuych volk ne mo3e yleve ]?et J?er by more blisse 
and lost ine God to servi and to lovie ]?anne to done pe wyl of hare loste 
vor hi ne conne deme betuene zuete and byter. Efterward J?is wyt is 
onwyt ine )?an J?et byej? zuo moche sotyl ine kuednesse to \ynde ine 
o]?ren to gyly and deceyvi o]?er be playt o]7er be streng]?e o]?er be barat 
]?et hi ne Jjcnche]? ne studie]? bote ham zelve to avonci and oj^ren to 
harmi. J^et wyt is pe dyevles wyt ase saint Jacob ]?et eche daye 
him vonde]? of'ren to harmy. As pe zo]7e wyt }?et pe Holy Gost tek]? 
to Godes vryendes is ine knauynge wy]?oute wy]?niminge ]?et ech ping 
is woYp hit flewe]? ]?et pe wordle is ydel ine byinge vyl ine worj? biter 
ine smac ]7,et pe blisse of pe wordle is ydel pe richesses vil pe lostes 
bitere. v 



Efterward be yef]? to yvele )?et )?e love of God and virtue is 50]? )?ing 
and of pris zoj? vor hi volue)? j^e herte and noriffet and sostyene)? of 
pris vor me may God an al ]?et he he]? begge zuete vor ]?et is ]?e mauue 
J?et alle ]?ise )?inges makej> zuete zuynch zor3es tyeares and wepinges ]?e 
zuete Sucre and of guod ffmak and ]?et is J?e wyt and ]?e wysdom ]?et 
]>e writinge clepe]? worj^ffipvol wysdom buerof wext zo)?e bbsse ine 

Efter virtues an charites he yef]? zo]?e prouesse J?anne ]?er nys prouesse 
ari3t bote ine Godes kny5tes ]?et ]?e Holy Gost hep ydobbed and yarmed 
mid virtu and mid charite. Ine prouesse bye]? ]?ri ]?inges todeld hardyesse 
streng]? an stedevestnesse. Non is ary3t preus ]?et ]7ise f>ri ]?inges ne 
hej? pet ne ys hardy and zyker to greate J?inge ondernyme Strang and 
my5vol vor to vol5y zed and stable vor to vol3y ac wy]?oute wyt and 
wy]70ute porveyonce ne bye]? na3t wor]? non of ]?ise ]?ry ]?inges. Vor ase 
zay]? pe boc of pe Art of Kny3thod ine o]?re quereles huanne ane mys- 
nym}) hou ]?et hit by vounde myd amendement ac errour in batayle ne 
may na3t by amended vor hi is anon awreke. 

Fole opnymynge is huer lite profit li]? and moche cost and of peril and 
of payne zuech bye}? pe opnymynges ]?et me clepe]? prou and hardi ine 
]?ise wordle ]jet body and zaule brenge]? into zenne and pe guodes also 
and ine peril and ine payne vor a lyte lost to habbe }?et mochel is ydel 
and lytel ylest. Ac virtue make]? man of greate herte and of wyse 
opnymynge ]?anne hi make]? man ]?et ne is bote er]?e zuo hardi ]?et he 
dar opnyme pe regne of hevene to wynne and alle pe dyevlcn ]?et bye]? 
zuo stronge to overcome. }?is opnyminge is guod and wys huer ]?er is 
lytel peril and litel of pyne and blisse and wor]?fripe wy]?oute mesure. 
Huo ]?et ne he]? virtue he ne hep grat herte ase he]? pe ilke ]?et he]? 
drede of na3t. Zuyche bye]? ]?o ]?et zuo moche drede]? pe kueades and pe 
adversetes of pe wordle and ]?et habbe]? drede vor to lyese ]?et hi ne mo3e 
no3t longe hyealde ha ne]? na3t grat herte ]?et hit yef]? vor na3t ase doj? 
]?o ]?et yeve]? hare hcrten to lovie pe guodes of fortune ]?et ine zo]?e ne 
bye}) na3t to pe yA^pe of pe zo}?e guodes of blisse. }?anne zuych vole 
bye}? ase is }?et child ]?ct love]? more anc ITcawere }?anne ane kingdom 


an eppel |?anne al his kende. Ac virtue yefj? grat lierte ari3t vor virtue 
make]? wynne hevene and onwor]?i Ipe wordle grat berdone of penonce 
to here and alle )?e kueades of ]?e wordle ondcrbcre and gledliche ]?olye 
and vor God to leste to alle J?e asaylinges of )?e dyevle wydstonde and 
ase zay]? J?e wyse Seneke na3t ne habbe]? more of my3te aye virtues 
kueade mysfalles and zor^es ne al ]?ct fortune may |?reapny an do more 
]?anne )?er bye]? dropen of rayn ine 'pe ze. Virtue maketh man hardi 
ase lyoun Strang ase olyfont stedevest and lestinde ase }?e zonne ]?et 
alneway yern]? and ne is nevre wery. ]?anne ]?er ne is prowesse bote 



Alsuo ]?er ne is non zo]?e IhordlTip bote ine virtue. A grat Ihord he is 
pet to huam al pe wordle zerve]? zuych IhordiTip yef]? man grace and 
virtue vor hi zet man spirituellyche ine his ri3te stat huerinne he wes 
verst ymad. pe man wes ymad ine zuyche wor]?fripe and ine zuyche 
Ihordffipe ]?et he wes Ihord of alle fleppes ]?et were onder hevene and to 
huam alle ]?inges bo3en and to huam no]?ing ne my5te derye and 
}?et is pe ri3te stat to man and to his IhordlTip. Ac ]?is Ihordffip he leas 
be zenne ne he hit na3t ayen ne mi3te awynne bote be virtue ac virtue 
arere]? ]?ane man on he3 and him de]? pe wordle ondervot and him de]? 
wende to hevene. 

Virtue make]? ]?ane man more a ri3t Ihord of the wordle ]?anne by pe 
kyng of his regne vor of pe guodes of pe wordle he he}? ase moche ase 
his herte wylne]?. ]?er is his wone and his sustinonce and al ]?et he 
wyle habbe more yno3 ]?anne habbe pe kyng vor al ]?et habbeth pe 
guode and pe kueade al hit is his vor of zuo moche make]? his prou 
and of al hire God and ]?onke]? and more love]? and drede]? and serve]? 
ine ]?et he yzi3]? and knau]? ]?et alle ffeppes bye]? ymad him for to servi. 
Efterward he he]? ano]?re empire vayr an grat wy]?oute }?et non ne ys 
a ry3t Ihord vor he is emperour of him zelve ]?et is of his bodye and of 
his herte huiche he dem]? and halt ine guode payse huerof he de]? his 
wyl. Vor his herte is zuo bli]?e to pe wylle of Gode ]?et al ]?et God 
de]? al hit is him vayr and ]?erby he]? he alneway pe herte ine peyse and 



J)et body governe]? be }>e wylle of God and al J?et God de]? to his bodye 
he yelt )?ankes and hym pay]? and ]?et is |?e IhordfTip ]7et virtue yefp to 
]?an )?et hit he]? huerof spec]? Seneces ]?et zay]? As moche worJ?iripe and 
grat empirete of the kynge by emperour of }?y selve. A God vele bye}? 
]?er kynges and of barouns ine ]?e wordle ]?et habbe]? casteles cites 
and regnes }?et ne habbe]? na3t ]?is IhordfTip ]?et of hare herten ne bye]? 
na3t Ihordes ]?et hyse tormente}? ofte o]?er be yre o]?er be evil wil o]?er 
be covaytyse o]?er be wylnyngges ]?et hy ne mo3e na3t volvelle. 


Efterward non ne he]? vridom bote he habbe grace and virtue. ]?anne 
yef ]?ou wilt conne huet is vridom ari3t ]?anne ffellt ]?ou ondorstonde ]?et 
}?e man he]? ]?ri maneres of vridom ]?e on of kende ]?e o]?re of grace ]?e 
]?ridde of blisse. 

]?e verste is vriwyl huer by he may chyese and do vryliche o]?er ]?et 
guod o]?er ]?et kuead. ]?erne vridom he halt of God zuo vriliche ]?et non 
ne may him do wrang ne alle ]?e dyevlen of helle ne mo3en mannes wyl 
streng]?i to do one zenne wy]?oute his wylle. Vor yef man dede ]?et 
kuead toyeans wylle hit nere non zenne vor non ne zene3e]? ine ]?et he ne 
may na3t bevly ase zay}? Saynt Austyn. Vridom habbe}? alle men at 
hit is ybounde ine children and ine foles and yne wytlease ]?et ne habbe]? 
nenne skele huer by hy conne chyese ]?et guode vram pe kueade. }?erne 
vridom ]?e man benym}? him zelve ine grat del huanne he zene3e]? dyad- 
liche vor him zelve zel}? vor }?ane lost of ]?e zenne and him zelve yelt 
to ]?e dyevle and becom}? his }?rel to ]?e zenne zuo ]?et he ne may hit 
vor]?rawe to his wylle ]?et he he}? ymad zyker bote }?e grace of God him 

]?e o}?er vridom is ]?e ilkc ]?et habbe}? ]?e guodcmen in ]?ise worle }?et God 
he]? yvryd be grace and be virtue vram }?e }?reldomc of ]?e dyevle and of 
zenne }?et he ne bye]? ]?rellcs ne to gold ne to zelver ne to hare caroyne 
ne to }?e guodcs of fortune ]?et ]?e dya]? ne may benime ac hy habbeth 
hire herten zuo arered ine God ]?ct hi ne prayse}? ]?e wordle bote ane 
botoun and he ne drcdcp kyng ne erl ne non misval ne povcrte ne flame 


ne dya|? vor he lye]? half cleade and habbeth ])e herten zuo todeld \Tam 
)?e love of ])e wordle J>et hi abideth and wylne]? ]?ane dya]? ase dej? )?e 
guode workman his ffepe and ]?e lezere his hervest and ]>o )?et byeth ine 
wo of ze guod port and J?e prisons hare dilevreonse and )?e pylgr}Tn his 
contraye. And thyse bye]? stedevestliche vri ase me may by ine ]?ise 
wordle vor he ne leve]> ne dredeth no ]?ing bote God and bye}? ine 
greate pays of herte vor hy hys habbe]? yzet ine God an d bye)? nye3 ine 
paradys be wylnynge. And ]?e ilke vrydom com]? of grace and of virtue. 
Ac yet eft ]?is vridom ne is bote )?reldom to J?e zy3]?e of ]?e ]?ridde 
vridome ]?et habbe]? ]?o ]?et bye]? nye3 delivred of bodye and of al and 
myd Gode byeth nou ine his glorie. )?ise byeth zo]?liche \Ty vor hy bye]? 
delyvred of alle wo of drede of dea]?e and of zenne of wanhope of gyle 
and of ]?e wordle of zor^e and of alle pyne of herte and of bodye wy]?oute 
comynge ayen of huyche ]?inges non ne is vry ine J?ise wordle liuet hi is 
y do. v/ 


Huo ]?et ]?an o]?rene vrydom huer of ich habbe yspeke my3te habbe 
to greate noblesse hit Abide come. ]?e zo]?e noblesse com]? of J?e gentyle 
herte vor zo]?e non herte ne is gentyl bote he lovie God ]?anne ]?er ne is non 
noblesse bote to servi God an lovye ne v}deynye bote ine the contrarie 
]?et is God to wre]?i and to do zenne. Non ne is ari3t gentyl ne noble of 
}?e gentilenesse of ]?e bodye vor ase to ]?e bodye alle we bye]? children of 
one moder ]?et is of er]?e and of wose huer of we nome alle vleff and blod 
of ]?o zide non ne is a ri3t gentil ne vri. Ac oure ri3te vader is kyng of 
hevene ]?et made ]>et body of ]?e er]?e and ffop ]?e zaule to his anlycnisse 
an to his fourme. An al ase hit is of ]?e vader vlesslich ]?et mochel is 
blij^e huanne his children him bye]? ylych al zuo hit is of our Vader 
gostlich ]?et be wrytinges an be his zondes ne let na3t ous to simony and 
bidde ]?et we zette payne to by him ilich and ]?ervore he ous zente his 
blessede Zone Jesu Crist into er]?e vor to brenge ous ]?e zo]?e vorbisne 
huer by we bye]? yffape to his ymage and to his va}Thede ase bye]? ]?o 
]?et wonye]? ine his he3e cite of hevene. ]?er byeth ]?e Angles and ]?e 
hal3en of paradis huer ech is ]?e more he5 and ]?e more noble )?e more 


propirliche ]?et he ber]? )?e ilke vayre ymage. And |?ervore ]?e holy man 
ine ]?ise wordle dep al his herte and al his payne to knawe God and lovye 
and of hire herte alle zenne to waynye. Vor ]?e more ]>et )?e herte is 
clene and ]?e vayrer zuo moche he yzy3]? Jje face of Jesu Crist J?e more 
openhche and ]?e more ]?et he his yzy3]? openhche ]?e more he him love}? 
]?e stranglaker ]?e more he him likene}? propirliche and pet is J?e zo]?e 
noblesse ]?et make]? ous Godes zones. And ]?ervore zayj? ri3t wel Saynd 
Jon }?e apostel vor ]?anne we ITolle by Godes children and we ITolle by 
him ylich propirliche huanne we him ffolle yzy ase he ys openhche pet 
ffell by ine his blyfle huanne we ITolle by ine paradys vor hyer ne zy]p 
non onry3e pe vayrhede of God bote ase hit by ine ane ffewere ase zajp 
sainte Panel vor Jeanne we him ffolle yzy face to face clyerlyche. 

pe zo]?e noblesse ]?anne of man begyne]? hyer be grace and be virtue 
and is volveld ine blysse. )?ise noblesse make]? pe Holy Gost ine herte 
]?et he clenze}? ine clennesse and aly3t ine zo]?nesse and volvelj? ine charite. 
)?ise bye)? pe ]?ri greteste guodes ]?et God yefj? |?e Angles ase zay]? Saint 
Denys huer by hy bye]? yliche to hare fTepere and ]?us worke]? J?e Holy 
Gost ine pe herten of guode men be grace and be virtue huer by hy byej? 
ymad to J?e ymage and to pe anlycnesse of God ase hit may by ine ]?ise 
lyve vor he his arere]? zuo ine God and his beclep]? zuo ine his love ]?et he 
hare wyl and al hare onderstondinge is ]?et is hare be]?enchinge )?et is 
ywent ine God ]?is love and ]?is wylnynge ]?et joyne]? and one]? zuo J?e herte 
to God ]?et he ne may o]?er ]?ing wylny o]?er ])anne God wyle vor hi ne 
habbe]? betuene God and ham bote on lepi wyl and ]?anne to pe ymage 
and to pe anliknesse of God ase me may habbe in er]?e and ]?et is pe 
gratteste noblesse and pe lie3estc gentilesse ]?et me may to hopye and 
olive. A God hou hy bye]? ver fram ]?ise hc3nesse ]?o ]?et make]? ham 
zuo quainte of pe ilke poure noblesse )?ct hi habbe]? of hare moder J?e er]?e 
J?et ber]? and noryflej? aze wel pe hogges ase hy de]? J?e kinges and hy 
ham yelpc]? of hare gentilete vor ]?et hy wene]? by of gentile woze and pe 
like kenrede hy conne ri3t wel telle and pe o])re zyde hy ne loketh na3t 
huer of ham com]? pe zo]?c noblesse and ]?e gentile kenrede. Hy iToldcn 
loki to hare zo]?c vorbysne Jesu Crist ]?ct mcst lovede and worffipede his 


moder ]?anne ever dede eny oj^er man and alneway liuenne me him zede 
Sire ]?i moder and )?i cosyn J?e akse]? He ansuerede huo ys my moder and 
huo byef) myne cosynes huo J?et de)? ]?e wyl of myne Vader of hevene he 
is my broj^er and my zoster and my moder vor J?is is }?e noble zyde and 
pe gentyl kende per of com]? and wext ine herte zo]?e bhsse ase of J;e 
oJ?ren ydele noblesse wext prede and ydele blisse. 


Nou ich pe habbe al voUiche yffeaued ]?et ich leve ]?et per ne is non 
guod ary3t worffipvol bote virtue and cliaryte ]?et is vayr love of God 
)?et }?er ne is non oJ?er guod profitable. ]?is ous wytnesse]? saynte Paule 
]?et zay]? alsuo Yef ich hedde zuo moche wyt ine me pet ich couJ?e alle 
clergyes alle speches and speke ase wel ase my3te man o]?er Angel and 
ich cou]?e Codes privites and his redes and yef ich betake my body to 
sla3e and yeve al ]?et ich habbe to pe poure and dede by miracle pe 
belles Iheape vram one stede to ano|?re bote yef ich ne hedde pe virtue of 
charite al hit nere me na3t worj?. Nou nim hede )?et zaynte Paul ]?et 
me ffel wel yleve ous hep hyer ynemned pe meste gentile guodes |?at 
man may do and }?et meste were ywoned to by worj? and profiti. J?et 
bye]? pe porveyonces of bodye and sla3]3e to ]?olye helpe poure to wende 
J?ane zenvoUe and connynge an speches and zay|? J?et alle )?ise guodes 
wy]?oute charyte ne bye|? na3t wor]? and yef ]?ise guodes ne bye]? 
na3t wor]? hou ffolde lesse guodes by wor]?. ]?is ]?i zelf pe my3t yzy be 
skele ]?et hyer bevore me he]? yzed zuo moche is wor]> pe man ase is 
wor]? his land ]?et is ase zo]? ase Pater Noster. Huo ]?et wel onderstant 
hou and huer by pe man is wor]? o}?er na3t o]?er somdel o]?er more o}?er 
lesse and ]?et ne is non drede ]?et ]?et ne by charite and pe love of God 
vor huo ]?et mest he]? mest is wor]? and huo ]?et lest he]? lest is wor]? 
huo ]?et na3 ne he]? na3t ne is wor]? vor hou moche pe man het of 
timliche guodes ase byej? gold an zelver an richesses o]?er guodes 
gostliche o]?er kendeliche ase bye]? creft and queyntyse wyt and clergye 
streng]?e and prouesse and o]?re guodes. Hou ffel ich zigge ]?et hi do}? 
guode ]?anne he ffel by pe more zorvoUaker ydamned vor ]?et he his 


benote]? na3t ari3t of J?e guodes ]?et God him hedde ylend vor to winne. 
Efterward yef he de]? werkes bodylyche as do)? )?ise zuynkeres and ]?ise 
gememen oj^re yef he dep werkes gosthche ase bye]? vestinges benes 
ffrede ]>e poure here ]?e here yef he is wy)70ute charite zo)? vor to zigge 
hit ne is him na3t wor)? vor )?ervore J>e more mede tovore God him ne 
wor]? J?e YSLpre yef he sterf J? wy]? oute charite ydamned ha wor]? ac ]?e 
ilke ]?et he]? virtue and charite guode of al J?et God him zent ine J?ise 
wordle of al he dep his nyede and of al he wyn]? grace of blysce. 

Charite is a guod chapfare ]?et overal wynp and non time ne lyest 
alle ]?e guode pane wor]?es hy bay]? and dep alneway his nyede and 
na5t vor]?an hy hep alneway hire peny ayen ]?at is pe love of herte J?et 
is Godes peny huer mide me bay]? alle pe guodes of pe wordle and 
alneway ha blef]? vor evremo ine J?e purse. Love he]? ine eche stede 
his zales. Charite wyn]? in eche ]?inge and playnes and hy he]? pe 
maysterie ine alle batayles. Hi de]? ]?et ase moche is wor]? to onenen 
veste anne day ase to ano]7ren al ane Lenten hi de3 ]?et ase moche 
is wor]? o peny to onen ]?et ha yef]? ase to ano]?ren an hondred pond 
zygge a Pater Noster ase to ano]?ren a sautyer and ]?et ne is vor non 
o]?re skele bote vor ]?et ]?et zuo moche is worj? to man zuo moche bye]? 
wor]? his workes. Vor pe more ]?et he he]? zo]?e love pe more he wyn]? 
eche day. Love is pe wy3te ine pe balance saynt Michel vor non o]?er 
]?ing ne m.ay we3e huanne me com]? to nime ech his ffepe bote love and 
charite and ]?ervore ich zigge ]?et )?er ne is non guod profitable 
aperteliche and a ri3t speke bote vayr love and charite. 


Ase God made man of body an of zaule alzuo he him he]? yyeve tuo 
manere guodes lostvoUe vor his herte to him dra3e ine huyche bye]? alle 
pe zo]?e lostes. pe verste guod wy]? oute bye]? pe vif wyttes of J?e bodye 
be zi3])e be hyer be smellinge be zuel3ynge and be takinge. ]?ise vif 
wyttes bye]? ase vif condwys huer by pe lostvoUe guodes of pe wordle 
guo]? in to pe herte vor to deliti and vor ham zouke to J?e zo]?e lostes J?et 
bye)? in God to lovie vor al pe lost of ]?ise wordle ]?ct habbe)? pe vif 


wyttes ne bycj? bote a drope of deau to ])e zi3]?e of ])e welle ac of ]?e 
greate ze huer of alle )?ise guodes come]? ]?e drope of J?e deawe hiianne 
me his zyk]? aver anlykne]? to ane stone of pris ac huanne me wen)? hine 
nime he val]? agrund and to na5te becom]?. Alsuo ]?e playinge of )?e 
wordle and ])e lostes of Ipe vif wyttes huanne me hise )?eng):> and 
fleppe]? and ITeawe]? moche of pris ac huanne me hise halt alle hi bye]? 
vorlore and become)? na3t and metinges. )?ench of 'pe lost of vemyere 
and of metynge of ny5t )?ou fTelt ysy )?et hit is al on an haste guo)? and 
zone come)? ine none manere velle ne may and )?et ine one drope is zuo 
moche zuetnesse )?et hy flel by )?e zuetnesse of al )?e welle and )?ervore 
)?e wyse and )?e holy man ine )?ise wordle ine al )?et hi zyc)? and 
smake)? of )?e guodes lostfolle of )?ise wordle herye)? God and )?e more 
wylne)? )?e love of him and )?e more )?et hy yze)? )?e zuete dropes )?c more 
hy wylne)? to come to )?e welle. And )?ervore )?et hi wyte)? wel )?et )?e 
more me love)? )?ane drope )?e more me voryet )?e welle and )?e more )?et 
lyke)? )?e zuetnesse of )?e wordle )?e lesse me wylne)? )?e zuetnesse of God. 
)?ervore myd alle )?e honden )?et hy mo3e hi neme)? and use)? )?e lostes 
vleffliche and )?e ple5es )?et be )?e vif wyttes come)?. 

A God hou hi bye)? foles and more )?anne a best )?et wyte)? )?et )?et body 
of man is the meste poure makynge and )?e vileste )?et is and )?e spirit of 
man is )?e zaule and ys )?e nobleste )?ing an )?e he3este ffepe )?et may by 
and na3t vor )?an hy mo3e wene ]>et more bye)? zuete and lostvoller )?e 
guodes )?et come)? by )?e bodye )?anne )?o )?et come)? be )?e geste )?et bye)? 
zo)?e guodes and clene and lestynde and mo3e )?e herte velle and volvelle. 
Zueche guodes yef)? God to man ine )?ise wordle huanne he yef)? pays 
of herte and )?e maystrie of his vyendes and blisse of mwjt huanne he 
volvel)? )?e herte of love and of blisse gostlyche and him adreng)? of ane 
zuetnesse wondervol zuo )?et he ne may him hyealde ne him zelve yvele. 
Of zuyche blisse and of zuyche loste no liknesse ne non comparisoun ne 
may by yvounde ine yoyes and in lostes of )?e wordle pet ne bye)? bote 
dropen to )?e zi)?e of )?e welle of zuetnesse. )?et is pe welle huer of oure 
Lhord spek)? in his spelle. Huo )?et flel drinke he zay)? of pe wetere 
)?et ich wylle yeve him ffel become a welle )?et him ITell do Iheape in to 


pe lyve evrelestynde. pet is ]?e welle of blisse and of zuetnesse of love 
and of charite ]?et may volvelle ]?e herte and non o]?er )?ing ]?et is. Of 
]?ise welle hedde DaviJ? ynome ]?et zede ine his Sautere God liou is 
nou grat ]>e mochelhede of ]?ine zyuetnesse pet pou lokest to ]?ine 
servinde and yefst to ]?ine vryendes. And vorzoJ?e liuo )?et hedde wel 
ytasted and ysmacked pe ilke zuetnesse J^et God yef]? to his vrendes he 
fTolde onworj^i alle pe lostes and alle pe blissen of J^ise wordle and wolde 
chise and ofhealde pe gostliche blisse and ITolde by ase pe ilke )?et 
boutej? ]?et mele ]?et todel]? pe flour vram pe bren and ase pe ilke ]?et 
make]? pe oyle ]?et nim]? ]?e pure grece and let ]?et greate draf vor blisse 
of herte ]?et com]? of God to lovie )?et is zoj^e blisse and zicker ase zay]? 
J?e vorbisne j^et non ne hep zikere blisse bote yef hi come of love. And 
in pe writyngge ha clepe]? vile oure Lhord be pe profete ]?et Ich 
wylle zB.Jp he vile of blisse vor wepinge alle blisse clene and zo]?e of 
herte vor wop of penounce. Of j^ise oyle bye]? ysmered ]?o }?et God he]? 
ymad kinges and Ihordes of pe wordle and God zelf and }?anne is pe man 
ziker cristen huanne he is ysmered myd ]?ise holy crayme. Vor of 
crayme is yzed Crist and of Crist Cristendom and huo ]?et is ysmered 
mid ]?ise oynement ]?et is pe blisse and pe love of God he leve]? ine God 
and God ine him ase zay}? saint Jon pe apostel and ]?et lif is of Cristene 
]?et is ari3t to speke lif to man. ]?et is guod lyf and yblyssed ]?et 
Cristene flblle yleve and wylny to zeche to habbe ]?et lyf everlestinde vor 
he ne is na3t alyve ac ine langour ]?et eche daye leve}? ine bysehede ine 
]?03tes ine zor3es ne ]?et ne is na3t lyf of man ac of child ]?et nou wepj? 
nou lhe3]? and nou is wel an eyse and nou is evil an eyse nou is wroj? 
nou is ine payse nou ine blisse nou ine zor3e. 

]?anne huo ]?et wyle lede guod lif zeche ]?et he habbe ]?et zo}?e guod 
and }?anne {Telle he habbe lyf worfTipvol lyf lostvol and profitable and 
)?annc he flel libbe ase a man }?ct is to zigge zikerlyche hollyche 
wysliche and blisvolliche wyoute zor3e and to zuiche lyve me com]? 
o]?er be grace o]?er be virtue and na3t o]?erlaker. 

Of virtue more speciallichc. Nou ich pe habbe above yffewed gcne- 
ralliche pe dingnete and pe wor}? and J?e guodnesse of virtu and of 


charite and Imervore me ffel hise zeche vor grat vrcme ]?er com]? his vor 
to habbe blisse wor]?flipe and lyf evrelestinde. Ac vor ]?an J^et me ne 
knau]? na3t zuo wel )?et ]?ing ine general ase me de)? in special |7ervore 
hyer ys myn ywyl to spekene of virtue more openliche zuo )?et ech ]?et 
wylle ine ]7ise boc studye mo3e his lyf ordcyni be virtue and be guode 
dedes vor o]?erlaker litel hit him ITolde be wor]? to conne )?et guod bote 
me hit dede vor ase zay]? saynt Jacob he l^et can guod and ne dep hit na3t 
)?er is zenne yef he misde)?. Fol he is )?et can |?ane ri3t way and be 
his wytinde mysgej?. 

]?e holy writ comparisone]? ]?e zaule and of ]?e guode manne ase of "pe 
guode wyfmanne to ane vayre gardyne vol of grenhede and of vayre 
trawes and of guod frut huerof God zay]? ine |?e boc of love My zoster 
my lemman ]70u art a gardin beflet myd tuo ffettles j^et is ]?e grace of 
God and of angles. )?erne gardyn zette ]?e greate gardyner ]?et is God 
)?e Vader huanne he nheffe]? pe herte and make]? zuete and tretable ase 
wax ymered and ase land guod and agray]?ed and wor]?i ]?et hy by yzet 
mid guode ympen. Ipe ilke ympen bye]? ]?e virtues ]?et ]?e Holy Gost 
bedeawe]? myd his grace. Godes Zone ]?et is ]?e zo]?e zonne be ])e virtue 
of his clernesse dej? ham wexe an he3 and profite. 


]?yse ]?ri ]?inges bye}? nyedvolle to alle }?e ]?inges }?et in ]?e er]?e wexe]? 
guod molde wocnesse norilTynde and renable hete wydoute ]?ise ]?ri 
)?inges gostliche ne mo3e }?e ympen of virtue ne wexe ne here frut. 
]?ise ]?inges make]? ]?e grace of ]?e Holy Gost mid herte and hi de}? al 
greny and floury and here frut and hi make]? alsuo alse a paradis 
er]?lich to lykerous vol of guode trawes and of frut and precious. Ac 
aze God zette paradys er]?lich vol of guode trawes and of frute and 
amydde zette a trau ]?et me clepe]? ]?et trau of lyve huervore ]?et his frut 
hedde nyede to loky ]?et lyf to ]?an ]?et hit ffolde ete wy]?oute ster\inge 
and wi]?oute zyknesse and wy]?oute ealdinge and wy]?oute fyeblesse 
alsuo de]? gostliche to ]?e herte pe greate gardyner ]?et is God the Vader 
vor he he]? yzet ]?e trawes of virtue and amydde J?et trau of lyve pet 



is Jesu Crist ]?et zayj? in his spelle he ])et eth my vleff and dring)? my 
biod he hep lyf everlestinde. ]?is trau grenej? and vayre]? be his virtue 
alle ]70 ine paradis. Be ]?e virtue of ]?ise trawe wexe]? floriffe]? and 
make]? frut ahe J?e oJ?re trawes. Ine )?ise trawe al hit ys guod al pet 
per is. f>is trau is to alouwe and to lovie vor manye j^inges vor pe rote 
vor pane wode vor ]?et flour vor J^ane smel vor pe leaves vor J?et frut 
and vor his vayre ffed. pe rote of J^ise trawe ]?et is the we\ greate love 
and tomoche charite of God pe Vader huervore he ous lovede zuo moche 
)?et vor his kueade ]?rel to begge he yaf his wel guode Zone and him 
deliverede to pe dyaj?e and to torment. Of ]?ise rote spekj? pe profete 
and zayj? ]?et a yerd ffel guo out of pe rote of Yesse J?et word is wor|? ase 
moche ase a becleppinge of love ]7et wode ]?et is his preciouse vleff pe 
herte of ]?o traue wes pe holy zaule ine huam wes pe preciouse yolk 
of pe wysdome of God. pe rinde wes pe vayre conversacioun wy]?oute 
pet zep of ]?o traue and pe tyeres weren vour wel preciouses ]?inges and 
of ri3t greate virtue J^et of his preciouse lemes yourne ]?et weren tyeares 
zuot weter and blod. pe lyeaves weren pe holi wordes ]?et helden of alle 
zycnesses. pe floures weren pe holy ]?03tes Jjet alle weren vayre and oneste 
and berinde frut. |?et frut weren ]?e tuelf apostles ]?et al pe wordle vedde 
an noriffede be hare techinge and by hare vorbisne and hare guode 
dedes and pe benefices, pe looses of pe traue ine one wytte bye]? alle pe 
ychosene }?et everte were and ]?et bye]? and ]?et ffolle by vor ase he zede 
to his apostles Ich am he zede pe vyne and ye bye]? pe bojes. Ine 
ano]?er wjt pe bo3es weren pe vayre virtues and pe gloriouse vorbysnes 
]?et he ffewede be dede and to3te be mou]?e ]?et weren pe virtues voldo and 
voile of pe zo]?e guodnesse ]?et he ffewede to his prive vrindes ]?et weren 
pe tuelf apostles ]?et he leddcn to ane he3e helle privelyliche. ]?er he 
zet ase zay]? ]?et Godspel and his dcciples aboute him ]?anne he openede 
his mou]? and his trezor ]?et he liedde ywre3e ine his herte and ham 
]?us zeayde. Yblissed bye]? pe poure of goste vor pe kyngdom of hevene 
is hyre. Yblissed bye]? pe mylde vor hi ffolle by Ihordcs of pe er]?e. 
Yblissed bye]? ]?o ]?et hyer wepe]? vor hi ffolle habbe ]?et comfort of God. 
Yblissed ]?o }?et habbe]? honger and ]?orst of ri3t vor hi ffol by volveld. 


Yblissed bye]? ]?e mercivolle vor hi fTolle vynde merci. Yblissed bye)? 
]?e clene of herte vor hi ITolle yzi God apertehche. Ybhssed bye]? ]?e 
paysyble vor hi ffolle by ycleped Godes zones, pise bye]? ]?e zeve bo3es 
of ]?e trawe of hve of Godes Zone Jesu Crist. 

Ine ]?e flede of ]?ise trawe him ffcl guod herte fTedny and yzy ]?e ilke 
vayre bo3es ]?et here]? ]?et frut of hve evrelestinde. Ine ]?ise zeve wordes 
is beloke alle he^nesse and alle perfeccion of grace and of virtue of zo]?e 
blyssedhede asemoche ase me may habbe in ]?ise wordle and habbe and 
onderstonde ine ]?e o]?re. ]?ise bye]? ]?e zeve riueles of holy lyf ]?et ]?e 
zo]?e Salomon tek]? to his children ]?is is ]?e zo]?e filozofie pet pe mayster 
of angles tek]? to his deciples. Ine ]?ise zeve wordes bye]? befTet ase 
zigge]? ]?e hal3en al pe summe of pe Newe La3e ]?et is pe la3e of love and 
of zuetnesse. Hy is wel yzed newe vor hi ne may na3t yealdy ase 
dede pe yealde la3e to pe Yewes hi is zo]?liche newe and disgised vram 
o]?re la3es. La3e is yzed ]?ervore ]?et hy hare zelve ne bynt alle pe o]?re 
byndej? and ]?is onbynt. pe o]?re charge]? and ]?is oncharge]?. pe o]?re 
]?reapne]? and )?is behot. Ine pe o]?re to strif and )?ise to pays. Ine pe 
o)?re to vorzuerie ine ]?ise to love. Ine o]?re corsynge ine ]?ise blissinge. 
}?an is ]?ys al vol of blissinge and ]?ervore hi bye]? yblyssed ]70 ]?et hyse 
healde]? zay]? Salomon. Vor pe ilke ]?et his he]? he he]? y^vonne ]?et 
trau of live huervore ]?ise zeve ]?inges tovore yzed bye]? ycleped blyssingcs 
vor hy make]? man yblyssed ine J?ise wordle ase man may by ine J?ise 
lyve and more yblyfled ine pe o]?re. 

Nou best ]?ou yherd huo is ]?et trau of lyve ]?et is amydde paradis ]?et 
God zet ine pe holy zaule. Ine pe flede of ]>ise trawe wxxeth and profite]? 
and here]? frut pe trau of virtue ]?et God pe Vader ]?et is pe greate 
gardyner zet ine pe gardyne and his wetereth of pe welle of his grace 
J?et his de]? greny and wexe and profiti an hise halt ine grenehede and 
ine lyve. pe ilke welle hym todel]? ine zeve streames ]?et bye]? pe zeve 
yef]?es of pe Holy Gost ]?et wetere]? al ]?ane gardin. Nou loke pe greate 
cortaysie of oure zuete maystre Jesu Crist Godes zone ]?et com to pe 
wordle to zeche an to sovy ]?et ]?et wes vorlore. Vor ]?et he wyste wel 
oure poverte and oure fyeblesse and vor oure zennes we ville ac be ous 


we ne mo3e na5t arise ne come ayen ne out of zenne guo ne virtue to 
zeche ne come to ]>e blisside lyve ]?et is of his grace and of his yefj?e ne 
com]?. )?ervore he na5t ne let ous vor to som op ]?et we hym bydde and 
bezeche his yef]?es and moche ous behat ]?et yef we hym bezechi]? ]?ing 
J?et ous is guod ]?et we hit ffolle habbe. And more he ous dej? of 
cortaysye vor he is our playtere J?et ous make]? oure bezechinge ]?et we 
ne cou]?e na3t maky yef he nere. ]?e bezechinge ]?et he ous made of his 
vayre yblessede mou}?e vayre guode ITorte an cleviynde ]?et wes ]?et 
Pater Noster huerinne byej? zeve bezechinges be huichen we bezeche]? 
oure guode Vader of hevene }?et he ous yeve ]>e zeve yef]?es of ]?e Hoh 
Gost ]?et he ous delyvri of ]?e zeve dyadhche zennes and hise screpe of al 
of oure herten and ine hare stede zette and vor])dra3e ]?e zeve vertues 
]?et ous lede to ]?e zeve bhssinges of perfeccion and of holy lyf huerby 
we mo3e habbe ])q zeven behestes ]9et he make]? ous to his ychosene. 
Huerof oure onderstondinge is myd ]?e Holy Gostes helpe verste to speke 
of }?e zeve benes of f»e Pater Noster efterward of the zeve virtues }?et bye}> 
ayens ]?e zeve dyadliche zennes huer of we habbe]? above yspeke. }?e 
zeve benes bye]? ase zeve vayre maydenes ]?et ne lete]? nazt vor to Ihade 
of ]?e zeve streames ]?enilke weteres vor to wetery ]?e zeve trawes }?et 
here]? }?et fruyt of live everlestinde. 


Huanne me zet a child to lettre ate begynnynge me him tek]? his 
Pater Noster. Huo ]?et of ]?ise clergye wyle conne become milde ase a 
child vor to zuyche scolers tek]? oure guode mayster Jesu Crist }?ise 
clergie }?et he is ]>e. vayreste and mest behofsam }?et is huo ]?et wel hit 
onderstant and of halt. Vor zuyche wene]? hit wel conne and onder- 
stonde ]?et neverte ne cou]?e bote }?e rynde wy}?oute ]?et is ]?e lettre }?et is 
guod ac litel is wor]? to }?e zy3]?c of ]?e newen }?et is wy]?inne zuo zuete. 
Hit ys well flbrt ine wordes and wel lang ine wytte li3t to zigge an sotil 
to onderstonde. ]?is bene pase]? alio o]?re ine J^ri }?inges ine digncte in 
fforthede an ine guodnesse. ]?e dignete is ine }?an ]?et Godcs Sone hit 
made to God ]?e Vader ine worde. God ]?c Holy Gost ]?et is ]?ct me acse]? 


he wilde )?et hit were flbrt vor ]?et non he ffolde him werye hit vor to 
lyerny an vor ]?an ]?et non ne ffolde him tyeny liit vor to zigge gladhche 
an ofte. And vor to ffewy ]?et God ]?e Vader ous yhyer]? wel zone 
huanne we him biddeth mid guode herte vor he ne he]? none hede of 
longe ryote of tales yslyked ne yrymed. Vor ase zay]? sant Gregorye 
zo]?liche bidde ne is na3t to zigge vayre wordes and yslyked myd mou]?e 
ake keste playntes and dyepe zykynges of herte. J>e wor]? and )?e profit 
of )?ise bene is zuo grat ]?et he belouk]? ine fforte wordes al ]?et me may 
wylny of herte and to bydde wel to done ]?et is ]?et me by delyvred of 
alle kueade and volveld of alle guode. 

Hyer begin]? ]?et Pater Noster. 
Jjus begine]? )?et Pater Noster. Vader oure ]?et art ine hevene. Loke 
hou oure guode spekeman and oure zuete mayster Jesu Crist ]?et is }?e 
wysdom of God ]?e Vader and kan alle la3es and \^ wones of his cort )?e 
tek}? wel to playty and wyslyche and sotilliche an ffortliche to speke vor 
zo]?e ]?is verste word ]?et ]?ou zayst yef hit is wel onderstonded and 
yvol3ed hit }?e ffel yeve al ]?ine playnte. Vor saynt Bernard }?us zay]? ])et 
]?e bene }?et begyn]? be }?e zuete name of |?e Vader yef]? ous hope to 
ondervonge alle oure byddynges. }?is zuete word Vader }?et al ]?e reme- 
nont make}? zuete }?e ffeawe}? ]?et }?ou ffelt yleve and }?e somonej? to 
]?an }?et }?ou ffelt do and }?ise tuo }?inges sorie]? man huanne he ylef}? 
wel and a ri3t an he de]? efterward ]?et he ffel. Huanne }?ou him 
clepest Vader ]?ou beknaust }?et he is Ihord of house ]?et is of hevene 
and of ]?e erj^e and heaved and ginnynge and welle huerof all ffeppe 
and alle guod come]? and ]?us }?e beknaust his mi3te. Efterward ze}?]?e 
]?et he ys vader he is di3tere and governour and porveyour to his 
mayne an nameliche of his children ]?et is of man ]?et him zelf he]? ymad 
and yffape to his anliknesse and }?us ]?ou beknaust his \NTsdom. Alast 
J?anne }?et he is vader be kende and be ri3te he love]? }?et he he]? }Tnad 
ase zay}? }?e boc of Wysdome and is zuete and milde and zuo love}? and 
dra3}? vor}? his children and ham de}j hare prou and betere ]?anne hi 
conne devisi and he his byat and his chaste}? huanne hi misdo]? vor 


hare prou ase guod vader and ble]?eliche he his ondervag]? huanne hi 
come]? to hym. Nou ich |?e fleawy Jeanne |?is word ]>et J?ou zayst Vader 
his mi3te his wysdom his guodnesse he ])e be]7eng]? of o]7er half ]?e zelve 
]?ine noblesse ]?ine vayrhede ]?ine richesse. More gratter noblesse ne 
may ich habbe ]?anne to by zone to ane zuo greate emperur ]>et is God. 
More gratter richesse ne may by ]?anne to by kyng of alle ]?ing. More 
gratter vayrhede ne may by ]?anne to by him ari3t ylich huych vayrhede 
is zuo grat ]?et hit pase]? ]?03t of man and of angle. ]?anne j^is word 
Vader )?e be]?eng|? |?et ]70u art zone vor J?et )?ou \>e paynest him vor to 
by ylych ase guod zone ffel by ylich his guode vader Jjet is to zigge J?et 
]?ou by bold and of grat wyl and Strang and mi3tvol wel to done and 
]?et ]?ou by wys and ywer large and cortoys zuete and milde clene and 
wyjjoute vileynye ase He is and J^et Ipou hayte zenne and voulhedes 
and kueadhedes ase He de]? zuo Ipet ]?ou na3t ne do aye kende. J^is 
vord |?anne ]?e dep bejjenche at alle )?e times ]?et ]>o\i zayst J^et Pater 
Noster ])et yef ]?ou art a ri3t zone j^ou fTelt him anlykny be kende be 
herte and be ri5te and ]?ou him ffelt love wor]?ffipe and reverence 
drede reverence and bo3samnesse. Nou J^ench ]?anne huanne ]?ou 
zayst ])i Pater Noster ]?et ]?ou by him a guod zonne and trewe yef J^ou 
wylt |3et he ])e by guod Vader an milde ]?ench huas zone ]?ou art. Me 
zay]? to ])e newe kny3te huanne he gej? into J?e tornement Nou ]3ou yzyxt 
wel hou ]?is verste word is zuete and hou hit pe amonestej? J?et ]?ou by 
bold and of guode wylle and hit ]?e tek]? huych ]?ou ffelt by. 

Nou ich ]?e acxy huervore ]?ou zayst Vader Oure and na3t Vader myn 
and Ipet pon him vela3est mid pe huanne ]?ou zayst Yef ous and ne zayst 
na3t Yef me. 

Ich will ]?e zigge yef ]?ou wylt non ne ffel zigge Vader min bote pe ilke 
pat ys his zone be kende wy]?oute gynninge wyJ?oute ende pe zo]?e Godes 
Zone. Ac mc ne bye]? na3t his zones be kende bote ase moche ]?et we 
bye]? ymad to his anliknesse ac alzuo bye]? pe Sarasyns ac we bye]? his 
zones be grace and by adopcion. Adopcioun zuo is a word of la3e vor 
by pe la3es of pe emperurs huanne an he3 man ne he]? no child ha may 
chicse ]?et child of a guod man yef he wylle and maki him his zone be 


adopcioun pet is be avoerie zuo |?et he ITel bi yhealde vor his zone avoud 
and ffel here his eritage. )?ise grace God ous made ]?e Vader %\'y]7oute 
cure ofservinge ase zayf» Saynt Pauel huanne he ous dede come to ]?e 
cristendome we were poure and naked and child of yre and of helle 
J?anne huanne me zigge]? Vader oure and we zigge]? Yef ous we gadere]? 
alle oure bro)?ren mid ous of adopcioun ]?et bye]? children of holy cherche 
be ])e byleave J?et hi ondervinge ine cristynge. 

Nou ous ITewe]? huer of )?is word oure pe largesse and ]?e cortaysye 
God oure Vader )?et ous yef J? more ble]?eliche yno3 ]?anne lyte and to velen 
J?anne to onen allone huer of saynt Gregorie zayj? ]?e bene ]?e more pet 
he is commun pe more hy is wor)? ase pe candele is betere bezet ]?et 
serve]? to ane halle and vol of volk ]?anne zy }?et ne serve]? bote to 
onlepy manne. ]?is word hat ous to yelde }?onkes myd al oure herten of 
)?ise grace ]?et he ous he]? ydo huer by we bye|> his children and his 
eyres and ]?et moche ardontliche lovye oure ealde bro]?er Jesu Crist ]?et 
ous vela3e}> wjp him ine his grace. 

]?is word ous amoneste]? ]?et we loki ine oure herte holylyche }?ane 
Holy Gost ]?et is oure wytnesse. ])is adopcion is ase weddes ase zajp 
Saynte Paul huer by we by]? zikere ]?et we ITolle habbe pe eritage of our 
vader }?et is pe blysse of paradys. ]?is word ous tek]^ and zay]? ]?et we 
bye]? alle bro}?ren grat and smal poure and riche he3 and I05 of one 
vader and of one moder }?et is of God and of holy cherche and non ne 
ffel o]?ren onwor]?i ac lovie ase bro]?er and pe on ffel helpi ]?anne o]?er 
ase do]? pe lemes of pe zelve bodye and ech bidde vor o]?ren ase zayJ? 
Saint Jacob. And zuo hit is oure vreme wel grat vor huanne ]?ou zest 
}?ine bene ine pe vela3rede of al holy cherche vor on Pater Noster }?et 
povL zayst ]?o wynst mo ]?anne an hondred ]?ousand. 

]?is word Oure ous tek]? to hatye ]?ri p'mg nameliche prede wre]?e 
and avarice. Prede de]? man out of vela3rede vor he wyll by above 
alle o]?ren. Wre]?e de]? man out of vela3rede vor huanne he werre]? 
wy]? enne he werre]? wy]? alle pe o]?re. Avarice de]? man out of 
vela3rede vor hi nele ne him ne his ]?inges communy mid o]?ren and 
)?ervore zuych volk ne habbe]? part ine pe holy Pater Noster. J?is word 



Oure ous flewe)? ]?et God is oure yef we wylle)? and J^e Vader and }?e 
Zone and ]?e Holy Gost J^et is yef we loke]? his hestes and zuo zay]? ine 
pe Godllpelle Saint Jon. 

Vadir oure ]?et art ine hevene. Huanne ich zigge ]>et ]?ou art ine 
hevene ich zigge tuo J7ing]?et he is kyng and pet he is at paradis. Alsuo 
huanne ich zigge pet art ine hevene ich zigge f»et he is and ]?et he is ine 
hevene. Me vint ywryte ine pe oj^re hoc of pe la3e j^et God him flewede 
to Moyses ine ane helle and him zede Guo into Egipte and zay to pe 
kynge Faraon of mine half ]?et he pe delyvri mi volk pe children of 
Yrael of pe }?reldome huerinne he hise halt. Lhord zayde Moyses yef 
me akse|? huet is ]?i name huet flel ich zigge. Ich am ]?et am zayde 
God. Nou ziggej? pe hal3en and pe guode clerkes ]?et among alle pe 
he^e names of oure Lhord ]?is is pe verste and pe mest propre and ]?et 
mest ari3t ous teke]? vor to knawe J^et )?et God is. vor alle pe o)?re names 
huer hi speke]? of his guodnesse and of his wysdome o)?er of his mi3te 
oj?er he is zuich and zuich he is pe ri3t guod pe ri3t trewe pe ri3t 
wys pe ri3t mi3ti and vele o)?re maneres of speches |?et me zay]? of him 
)?et ne ziggej? properliche pe zo]?e of pe byinge of God- Ac we ]?et 
bye]:? greate and boystoyse to spekene of zuo he3e pinge speke we of 
God zuo ase we conne devisi ane man of huam me ne kan na3t his name 
ase me zay]? he is kyng he is erl he is zuo grat zuo vayr zuo large and 
vele of zuyche ]?inges huer by me may ywyte hou ]?et hit by pe man 
knawe ac ne zigge]? na3t ari3t his name ase we speke]? of God vele we 
vinde]? of wordes ]?et ous flewe]? huet ]?et hit bi of him. Ac ]?er ne is 
non zuo proper ase ]?is word ]?et art ]?et zuo propreliche zuo llbrtliche 
zuo clcviyndeliche zuo sotilliche pe names nemne]? ine zuo moche ase 
onderstondinge him may strechche vor God is ase pe ilke ]?et ous is ase 
zay]? Saint Job. He one is ari5t to spekene vor he one is everlestinde 
wy]?outc bcginnynge and wy]?oute ende ]?et me ne may zigge of non 
o]?re ]?inge. Efterward he one is zo]?lichc vor he is zo]? and zo}?nesse 
above alle ]?inges yffape and zuo bye]? alle frep]?es ydele and ydelnesse. 
And ase zay]? Salomo and na3t to pe zy3]?e of him and to na3te ffolden 
come bote yef he is ne sostcyncde be his virtue. Ate laste he one is 


zetnesse an vcstnesse ine one lepi poynte wy]? oute him to trobli wy]? 
oute him to chongi wyjjoute him remue ine none manere ase zay)? Saynt 
Jacob. Alle o]?re J?inges bye]? chonginde ine eche manere of hare kende. 
J?anne is he properhche ycheped ]?et art vor He is zo|?Hche wyf>oute 
ydelnesse zetnesse wy]?oute enye chonge evre to yleste wy]? oute ende 
wy]?oute heaved wy]?oute wes wy]?oute flel by vor ])er ne is no gelt. 

Nou ]?ou flelt onderstonde zuo ]?et J?er ne is na3t )?et me mo3e betere 
ywyte ]?anne ]?et J^et God is. Ac per ne is no Jjing zuo Strang to conne 
ase huet and huet ]?ing is God. ]?er vore ich ])e rede wel J?et )?ou ne 
musy nazt to moche hit vor to zeche vor]?ou my3test ly5thche guo out of 
)?e ri3te waye. Hit is yno3 vor ]?e pet pou zigge lyeve vader ]?et art ine 
hevene zo]? hit is J?et He is over al yhered ine erpe ine ze ine helle ase He 
is ine hevene. Ac me zay]? He is ine hevene vor pet He is pe eldeste and 
pe meste yknawe and pe meste beloved and pe meste ywor}?iriped. 
Efterward He is ine hevene gostliche ]?et is ine holy bodyes ]?et bye]? he3e 
clyre and clene ase is pe hevene vor ine zuyche herten He ys aid and 
yknawe and ydred and ywor}?ffiped and yloved. 

Nou hest }?ou yherd }?ise vour wordes Pater noster qui es in celis }?et 
verste pe somone}? to wor]?iripie God )7et o]?er to lovie God pe ]?ridde to 
drede God vor }?a3 He by vader oure alneway he ys bezide and na3t 
chonginde. pe ver}?e pe to strengj?i vor asemoche ase He is zuo he3 and 
|?ou zuo I03. Yef }?ou art bald and of guode wylle po\i ne ffelt na3t 
come huer He wone]?. ]?et verste word ous ITewe]? pe largnesse of his 
evre-belevinge }?et o)?er j^e brade of his charite pe }?ridde pe dyepnesse 
of his zoJ?hede pe ver}?e pe he3nesse of his mageste. Huo }?et he}? wel 
J)ise voure ]?inges zo)?liche wy]70ute drede he flell by yblyfled. 


Nou hest ]?ou yherd pe vorespeche of pe holy Pater Noster ]7et is ase 
ane inguoinge of pe vi}?ele. Ey God huo )?et cou}?e wel al }?ane zang hou 
he ffolde vinde vayre notes vor hit ne is no drede ]?et ine pe zonge }?et 
pe wysdom of God made pe ilke }?et tekj? pe vo3eles zynge ne he}? vele 
notes sotiles and zuete }?a3 }?er by lyte let. Ine }?ise zonge bye]? zeve 



notes Jjet hjep pe zeve benes f^et porchace]? ]?e zeve yef]?es of ]?e Holy 
Gost l^et screpe]? ]?e zeven haved zennes of ]?e herte and hi zettej? and 
norifle)? ])e zeven virtues to huychin me com]? to ]?e zeve bliffinges. 
Of Ipe zeve benes ]?e J?ri verste make]? man holy aze moche ase man may 
by ine }?ise wordle pe vour efterward him make]? stedevestlyche ri3tvol. 
Al ])e holynesse of man ]?et is ymad to }?e ymage of ]?e Trinite ]?et is ]?e 
}?ri }?inges ]?et bye]? ine ]?e zaule be]?enchinge onderstondynge and wyl 
ine ]?et }?et ]?e zaule bi stedevestliche yclenzed ine ]?e wylle stedevestliche 
ali3t ine }?e onderstondinge stedevestliche yvestned in God mid God ine ]?e 
be]?enchinge and }?e more }?e zaule ondervang]? plenteliche }?ise ]?ri 
3ef]?es of God and hy more propirliche ne3le]? to his ri3te va3rrhede of his 
kende ]?et is to ]?e anlicnesse of ]?e Vader and of ]?e Zone and of }?e Holy 
Gost. ]?et is huanne God ]?e Vader him conferme]? his be]?enchinge God 
}?e Zone him ali3t his onderstondinge God }?e Holy Gost he]? yclensed his 
wyl. ]?ise ]?ri ]?inges we bezeche]? ine ]>e }?ri verste benes of ]?e Pater 

Huanne we zigge]? Sanctificetur nomen tuum we fTewe]? to oure guode 
Vader corteysliche oure principul desyr ]?et we flblle evre habbe }?et is 
}?et his name by yhal3ed and yconfermed ine ous. }?anne huanne we 
zigge]? Sanctificetur nomen tuum ]?et is to zigge Sire }?is is oure he3e v^l 
]?is we bezechi]? toppe alle ]?ing }?et ]?in holy name }?et is ]?i guode los }?i 
knaulechinge ]?i beleave by yconfermed ine ous. 

Ine }?ise verste bene me bezeche]? ]?e verste and ]?e principal yef}?e of 
]?e Holy Gost }?et is }?e yef]?e of wysdom ]?et vestne]? and conferme]? }?e 
herte in God and his joyne]? zuo to him hi ne may by ondo ne todeld. 
Wysdom is yzed of smac and of smacky vor huanne ]?e man ondervang}? 
]?ise yef]?e he zuel3 and smacke]? and vel]? ]?e zuetnesse of God ase me 
vel}? }?e zuetnesse of ]?e guode wyne ate zuel3 betere ]?anne to ]?e zi3]?e. 
Ac to )?an }?et ]?ou onderstanst betere huet is to zigge ]?i name by 
yhal3ed ini ous ]?ou flelt ywyte ]?et ]?is word Holy is ase moche wor]? ase 
klene ase wy]?oute er])e ase yhalzcd to Godes service ase ydept ine blod 
ase yconfermed. Ine ]?isc vyf mancres hal3e]? ]?e gost of wysdom }?e 
herte of man. Verste he his wype]? and dense]? ase de]? ]?et vcr clenzcj? 


and fine]? )>et gold. Efterward he de}> away al f>e ilke velj^e of alle 
er]?liclie love and of alle wylle of vlefle and make]? to comme al out of 
smak al ]?et me wes ywoned by vore to lovie ase pet weter is out of smak 
to }?an pet is ywoned to pe guode wyne. Efterward he him hal3e]? of al 
to Godcs service vor he de]? him al away of alle wre}?e and de]? him al 
)?endre of God and to lovie and servi ase pe cherchc is yhal3ed to Godes 
service zuo ]?et me ne ffel o]?er ping do Jjerinne }?anne pe service of God. 
Efterward he dcp}? ine blod vor he hise zet in ane zuo berinde love and 
one zuo zuete devocion of Jesu Crist ]?et huanne he }?eng]? ine him and 
his passion he ys al suo ydept and al suo dronke of the preciouse blode 
]?et Jesu Crist IFede vor him ase is a zop of hot bryead huanne me hit 
pote]? in to wyn ]7et is a newe cristinge vor depe and cristni is al on. 
Efterward he him vestne]? zuo ine God }?et no ]?ing ne may him to parti 
ne onjoyni. ]?anne wyle ]?is word nou zigge. }?in name by yhal3ed ine 
ous ]?et is to zigge yef ous pone gost of vvysdom be huam bi we zuo 
yclensed ase gold and yvayred of alle \e\pe huer by we ffblle by zuo vol 
dronke of ])ine love ]?et alle o]?re zuetnesses ffoUe by ous bytere be huam 
me fTolle by zuo yyeve to pe an to ]?ine servise ]?et nevre mo of o]?ren we 
ne maky streng]?e be huam by we na3t wypoute more ywefle ac zuo 
moche ydept yne grayne and ynewed and eft ycristned ine pe blode of 
Jesu Crist be devocioun of verste love huer by pe name of oure Vader by 
zuo yv estned ine ous }?et he by oure Vader and we his zones and his eyrs 
zuo yvestned ]?et no |?ing ]?et mo3e bevalle ne mo3e ous ondo of pe ilke 
vestnesse ne of Jjisse grace. Well is hit grat grace of God hanne pe wyl 
is zuo yroted ine God huich ne may to cryepe vor none vondinge. Wei 
grattor ping his huanne me is zuo yvestned ine pe love and adrayngt in 
pe zuetnesse of God }?et no solas ne no confort me ne ondervang]? bote 
of him ac yyeve is pe herte parfitliche and yconfermed vor pe memorie 
is zuo cleviynde ine him ]?et me of no pn\g ]7enche bote ine him. And 
)?et we bydde]? him huanne we zigge]? Sanctificetur nomen tuum. Lhord 
}?i name by yhal3ed. 



Adveniad regnum tuum )?et is ]?e o]?re bene of ]?e Pater Noster huer we 
bidde]? )?et Godes regne come to ous and wy]?inne oiis. Oure Lhord zay]? 
ine liis spelle to his deciples )?e regne of God is nou wyj?inne you. Nou 
onderstand wel hou )?et may by huanne God yefj? ane grace f'et me 
clepe]? ]?e gost of onderstondinge to ]?e herte ase de)? the zone ]?et de)? 
away ]?e ]?yesternesse of ]>q ny3t and waste]? ]?e cloudes and ]?e hore vrostes 
bi J?e mor3en. Alsuo waste]? ]?e Holy Gost alle ]?e ]?yesternesses of }?e 
herte and him ffewe]? his zennes and his defautes zuo ]?et ]?e ilke wende 
by al klene ]?anne wynde]? hi zuo vele defautes and of motes and of 
doust wy]? oute tale ase ]>e zonne byam ffewe]? his motes and ]?et doust }?et 
bye]? bene]?e ine ]?e house, Efterward he him eft ffewe]? of o]?re half na3t 
wy]?oute more ]?et is wy]? inne him ac ]?et }?et is bene]?e ]?e helle and ]?et 
]?et is above him ine hevene ]?et ]7et is aboute him alle vayre ffeppes ]>et 
alle herye]? God and him wytnesse]? hou God is guod and almi3ti wys 
and vayr grat and milde zuete and ]?e more me zy3t }?e ffeppinges bri3te 
]?e more hit is wynynde him zelve to yzyenne. Ac he yzy3]? ]?et he ne 
is clene ne wor]?i him to zyenne ]?ane anhet ]?e guode herte and trewe 
and him wre]?e]? to him zelve Jeanne nym]? he his pic and his spade and 
begin]? to delve and to myny and ge]? in to his herte. })erinne he vint 
zuo vele zennes and vices and zuo vele defautes and zuo moche doust 
and tribulaciouns of herte and of ]?o3tes and of wyckede wylles ]?et he 
him wre]?e]? and zor3e]? and nim]? a wycked wyl to hym zelve zuo ]?et he 
begin]? ]?e herte to clensi to ]?e zo]?o and to keste out alle ]?e vel]?es }?et 
him benim}? }?e zi3]?e of God ine him and ]?et he de]? mid ]?e spade of 
zo]?e ffrif}?e ac huanne he he]? longe ymyned and he he]? alle his vel]?es 
ykest out ]?anne vint he prays and reste and solas and blisse zuo ]?et 
him ]?ing]? ]?et al the wordle by an helle to ]?e lokinge of ]?e ilke clyernesse 
and of ]?e ilke pays ]?et he vint ine his herte and ]?ct we oxe]? huanne we 
ziggc]? Adveniad regnum tuum ]?et is to zigge Leve Vader ylyky ]?e ]?et 
]?e Holy Gost ous willc aly3te ]?c herte and clensi and zuope al huet hi 
by wor]?i God vor to yzy and ]?et he will come and wonie ase kyng and 


ase Ihord and governour and hotere zuo }>et al }>e herte by his and lie by 
kyng and evremo we him mo3e yzy vor )?et is lyf wy|? oute ende and 
Godes riche habbe wy]? inne oiis. Jjerv'ore zayj? oure Lhord in his spelle 
jpet Godes riche is ase on tresor in J?e velde yhed J?et is gratter J?anne al 
]?e wordle. 


Fiat voluntas tua sicut in celo et in terra. )?is is )?e Jridde bene 
huer inne we bydde)? oure Vader of hevene ]?et his wyl by ydo ine ous 
ase hit is ydo ine hevene )?et is ase )?e holy Angles of hevene )?et byej? 
zuo ali3t and yvestned ine God ]?et hi ne mo3e o]?er J?ing wylny bote )?et 
God wille. J?is bene we ne mo3e habbe bote yef we ne habbe ]?e yef]?e 
of red J?et is )?e ]?ridde yef}?e of ]?e Holy Gost )?et ous tek]? his 03ene 
guod wyl and )?et he ous wende oure wrechide wil and his confermy 
al to ]?e he5e guode zuo )?et he ne he]? ne 03ene wyt ne 03ene wyl ak his 
03ene onlepiliche ]?et hi by Ihevedy of al J?e herte yhollyche and maki 
ine ous al J?et hi wyle ase hi make]? ine Angles of hevene }?et make)? 
eche daye his wil wy]?oute misnimynge and wy]?oute wy]>zigginge. 

Nou best )?ou yherd ]>e ]?ri verste benes of ]?e Pater Noster ]?et byeth 
J?e he3este and )?e dingneste. Ine J?e verste we askej? J^e yef]?e of 
wysdom. Ine )?e oJ?re ]?e yef J?e of onderstondinge. Ine ]?e ]?ridde )?et 
guode red ase ich ]?e habbe above yffewed. ]?ise ]?ri )?inges we ne 
bydde]? na3t vor ]>e.t we hise habbe]? ine ]?yse lyve dyadlicli perfitlyche 
ak we fleawe]? to ore vader oure wylles ]?et bye]? o]?er iTolle by to ]?an ]?et 
pise ]?ri benes by ine ous ymad and volveld ine ]?e lyve evrelestinde. ]?e 
ou]?re vour ]?et come]? efterward we wille]? speke ane o]?re speche vor we 
zigge]? aperteliche to oure vader Yef ous voryef ous wyte ous delyvre 
ous bote )?ise vour benes of him we ne habbe we bye]? dyade an evile 
betake ine ]?ise wordle. Vor hi bye]? ous nyedvolle ine ]?ise lyve dyadhch. 

]?E ver]?e bene of J?e holy Pater Noster. 
Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie. Mochel ous tekj? oure 
guode mayster to spekene myldelyche and wysliche huanne he ous tek)? 


to zegge Vayre Vader oure bryad of eche daye yef ous to day. Huet 
may |?e zone betere acsy to his vader Jeanne bread wy]?oute more vor 
]9ane day to endy. He ne acse)? none outrage ne wyn ne vlefT ne vifl 
l^read wy]?oute more byt na5t vor ayer ne nazt vor al ]>e woke ae wy]?oute 
more ]?ane day to endy. Nou hit ]?ing|? ]?et hit by wel hte J?ing ]?et we 
acse]? as vor zo]?e hit is wel grat fing. Huanne me bit ]?e bro]?erhede 
and ]?e vela5rede and part and ri3t ine alle ]?e guodes of ];e house alsuo 
hit is huose ]?et smackej? of Jjise breade he he]? ]?e bro]?errede and part 
and vela3rede and ri3t and ine alle ])e guode dedes ])et bye]? ine hevene. 
Jjet is ]?et bread of ])e ilke holy covent }?et bread of heavene ]?et bread of 
angles ]?et bread lostvol ]?at bread of lyve evrelestinde vor hit yef]? guod 
lyf and loke]? ]?e zaule wy}?oute stervinge huer of zo]? zay]? ine ]?e Godspelle 
Ich am ]?et bread of lyve ]?et com doun vram hevene huo ]?et ffel ete of 
]?o breade he ITel evi^e lybbe wy]?oute stervinge. ]?et bryad is mete ari3t 
vor hit stonche}? alle ]?ane honger of ])e wordle and vel]? man ]?et he hep 
yno3 zuo ne de]? non o]?er mete. ]?et is ]?et bread and ]?e mete ]?et f)ou 
nymst of ]?e sacrement of ]7e wyevede ]?et ]?ou ffelt ete zuy]7e and 
glotounliche ase tek]? ]>e writinge ase de]? ]?e lecherous ]?ane guode mete 
]?et o]?erhuil vorzuel3]> ]?ane guode snode wy]>oute chewynge pet is to 
zigge pet ]?ou ITelt nyme }?ane mete mid greate wylle of herte and mid 
grat lost, and ]?ou ffelt ase hit by vorzuel3e wy]?oute chewynge and ]?et 
is to zigge yleve ine grat ]?et ]?et hit is pe zo]?e bodi of Jesu Crist and pe 
zaule and pe Godhede al to gydere wy]?oute to zeche hou hit may by vor 
God may more do )?anne man mo3e onderstonde. Efterward me ffel 
]?esne mete eft chyewe ase pe oxe }?et gers ]?et he he]? vorzuel3e ]?et is to 
zigge ]?et me ffel recordi zueteliche and smalliche be little stechches alle 
pe guodnesses of oure Lhorde and al ]?et Jesu Crist ]?olede ine zo]?e vor 
ous and ]?anne vint pe herte ]?anc ri3te smac of pe ilke mete and onder- 
vag]? ane wel greate hete of pe love of God and ane wel greate wylnynge 
to do yno3 an to ]?olye vor him al ]?ct he mi3te and al ]?is de]? pe virtue 
of ]?o breade vor ]?et is ]?ct bread ]?et comforte]? and streng]?c}? pe herte 
to ]?et he by wel Strang vor to ]?olye and do grat ]?ing vor Codes love. 
Ac ]?et we may na3t by wy]?oute ]?e ver]?c yef]?e of pe Holy Cost ]?et is 


ycleped ]?e yef J?c of streng]?e ]?et armc]? Godes kny3t and him de]? ycrne 
to by martired and make]? ham le33e betuene ]?e tormens. Nou mi3t )?ou 
wel yzy hou corteysHche huanne we acse]? pet ilke bread we acse]? ]?ane 
yef J?eof streng]?e vor ase pet bread bodylych sostene]? and streng}?e)? 
pet bodi alsuo pe yef]?e of streg]?e make]? pe herte Strang to }?olye and to 
done grat ping vor God. }?et ilke bread we hit clepiy]? oure vor hit wes 
ymad of oure do3e ybhssed by pe guode wyfman ]?et of hircn J?et flour 
)?er to dede ]?et wes pe mayde Marie and yfryd ine pe panne of pe 
crouche ase he zay]? ine pe Sautere vorzo]?e vorzo]?e yfryd ine his 03ene 
blode vor }>et dede he ine pe greate wylle of his love ]jet he hedde of ous 
and ]?et is }?et bread tuies ybake huer mide he astore]? his ffip }?et is holy 
cherche vor to pasy pe greate ze of ]?ise perilouse wordle. Hit is oure 
vor he hit ous let at his leave-nymynge and at his laste bequide Jesu 
Crist pe wel large ase meste greate tresor ]?et he ous mi3te lete and hit 
ous yaf ase ]>et vayreste jowel )?et he ous mi3te yeve and J?et ase hit 
Abide loky vor his love hit is vorzo]?e oure vor no]?ing ne may hit ous 
benime togens oure wylle. We hit clepie]? oure bread of eche daye J?et 
is to zigge of eche daye vor ]?et is pe eche dayes dol }?et God yef]? to his 
wel-wilynde }?et eche daye do]? his service and zigge}? his oures ]?et is to 
alle guode herten ]?et eche daye zueteliche be zo]?e love make]? memorie 
and be]?enchinge of his passion. 

]?et greate of }?e provendre we nime]? ine oure hervest ine hevene huanne 
we him ffolle ysy onwry3e ine his vayrhede ase he is. Hit is ysed ]?ervore 
eche dayes J?et eche daye hit is ous nyedvol and eche daye me ffel hit 
nyme o]?er ate Sacrement of pe wefde ase do]? pe prestes o]?er gostliche 
be ri3te byleave. }?et bread is wel precious an wel noble and wel ydi3t 
}?et is kynges mete huerinne bye}? ech manyere Ij^^kinges and alle guode 
smackes ase zay}? pe hoc of Wysdome }?et ne is na3t mete to gromes ne 
to yeve ne to pietaille ne to chevaille ne to cherles ac to noble herten and 
gentil an cortays and clene ]?et is to pe herte }?et is gentil be grace noble 
be guod lyf yclensed and yweffe be zo]?e ffrifte. Of }?ise virtue spek}? 
Saynt Matthew ]?ewangeliste and hit clepe}? ziker bread substancial ]?et is 
to zigge }?et pase}? and overge]? alle substances and alle ffep]?es be ver ine 


virtue and ine dingnete and in alle o]?re maneres of wor]? ne me ne may 
betere write ne more yno3 ]?anne wyt substances. Me zay]? ]?et mete is 
]?e mi3tvoller ]?anne he lie]? yno3 of my3te and of noriffinge and ]?e more 
]?et he is noriffinde me zay]? pet he is J?e substancieler and J^ere vore J?et 
ine ]?ise breade is more virtue and of guod and of norture Jeanne me 
mo3e )?enche o]?er zigge. ne zay]? me na3t J?et hit is substanciel alsuo 
me zay)? J?et hit is ope substance pet is virtuous and substanciel above 
onderstondigge and wenynge. pet bread we bydde)? to oure Vader and 
him we bidde]? J?et he hit ous yeve today ine ]?ise daye J?et is ine ]?ise 
dyadliche live zuo ]?et we mo3e maky ane guode jornee and to abyde pe 
gledlaker oure IThepe. ]?et is pe peny )?et he yef]) to his werkmen 
hanne even com]? }?et is pe ende of pe live. 


Dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittemus debitoribus nostris. 
Ine }?isne bene we bidde]? oure Vadere of hevene }?et he ous wylle 
voryeve oure mis-dedes ase we voryeve]? to ham ]?et ous misdo]? o]?er 
habbe]? misdo. ]?anne zigge we ]?us Leve Vader voryef ous oure dettes ase 
we voryeve}? oure dettours. Oure dettes bye]? oure zennes ]?et we 
habbe]? ydo wexe ope oure zaulen. }?et is ]?et bestewed of pe house, pe 
zenvolle be one zenne dyadlich ]?et zuo zone is ypased ase to pe loste 
o]?er as to pe dede is ybliged to zuo ane greate gavelinge }?et he ne he]? 
mi3te to hit endi. ]?et is to pe pine of helle }?et is wy]?oute ende. 
Efterward he ffel to guode ]?et he hep ywre]?ed zuo grant amendes }?et 
he ne he]? mi3te vor to yelde vor ine al his lyve ]?a3 ha levede an hondred 
year o]?er more he ne mi3te na3t do volvellinde pcnence of one dyadliche 
zenne yef God wolde usy to yelde dom. And ]?ervore hit behove]? to 
yeme to pe cort of merci and bidde merci and asky voryevenesse vor be 
pe ri3te of pe cort of dom pe zene3ere Abide by demd and ycondemned 
to dya]?e everlestinde. ]?ervore oure guode mayster Jesu Crist ous tek]? 
zuo to oxi voryevencfle and quittingc huanne we bidde]? oure guode vader 
]?et is zucte and milde vor to yevene large and corteys J?et he ous 
voryue oure misdcdcs. 


Ac nim wel hede liou j^ou bidde Veryef ous oure misdedis ase we 

voryeve]? to ham pet ous habbe]? misdo. Vor yef we ne voryeve]? to liam 

J?et ous habbe]? mido God ne voryef}? na3t ous oure misdcdes ase He 

himzelf zay]? ous ine )?e Godspelle. J?anne he J?et zayj? his Pater Noster 

and hej? ine his herte hate wre)?e o]?er wyckedhede he bit more aye him 

zelve J?anne vor him zelve vor he bit God ]?et he ne voryeve him na3t 

huanne he zay]? voryef me ase ich voryeve and vor )?et at alle pe times 

pet J?ou zayst |?i Pater Noster bevore God pet yzi^]? J?ine herte )?ou flelt 

voryeve |?ine wyckede wil and kest out of ]?ine herte alle wre]?e and alle 

hate and ivel wyl o]?erlakcr ]?i bene is more aye pe J?anne vor ]3c. Yef 

hit pe ]?ingj? Strang ]?ing and kuead vor to voryevene J?in evil wyl to ham 

]?et pe liatie]? o]?er J?et pe kuead wille]? huer he al misdej? J?ench ]?et God 

voryaf his dyaj? to ham J?et him dede o pe rode pe vor to yeve vorbisne 

vor to voryeve to ham ]?et pe habbe]? misdo and more yet eft ham guod 

do yef hi habe]? aye to pe. Vor ase he zay]? ine his spelle ne is hit na3t 

grat ]?ing ne grat ofservinge aye God to do guod to ham ]?et ous do]? 

guod ne to lovie ]?o ]?et ous lovye]? vor ]?et de]? pe Paen and pe Sarasyn 

and o]?re zene5eres ac we ]?et bye]? Godes children be byleave and be 

grace and we bye]? Cristene ynemned of Jesu Crist and we bye]? eyrs 

mid him of pe heritage of paradys of ous to voryeve pe on to pe o]?re and 

lovye oure vyendes ]?et is to zigge hare persones an bidde vor ham and 

do ham guod yef hy habbe]? nyede and ]?ou hit mi3 do. Vor ]?us he 

hit hat ine his spelle ]?anne ffolle we onlepiliche hatye pe zennes and 

lovye pe zaules ]?et bye]? ymad to pe anliknesse of oure Lorde alsuo ase 

a leme of pe bodye love]? and vorber]? ano]?er. Yef o leme bleche]? 

ano]?er be cas pe o]?er na3t him awrec]? ]?ervore. We bye]? al o body ine 

Jesu Crist ase zay]? pe Apostel and ]?ervore we ffolle eche lovye o]?er and 

na3t hatie ne harmi mid wrong on pe o]?er. Huo ]?et o]?erlaker de}? he 

is mansla3te and him zelve damne]? ase pe writinge. Zuych can 

zigge his Pater Noster him were betere ]?et he were stille vor he let his 

domesman ayens him. n^ 

Ine ]?ise bene ]?et we do]? to Gode we him bezeche]? ane yef}?e of pe 
Holy Gost ]?et is ycleped pe yef]?e of connynge }?et make]? }?ane man ine 



]705te and vol of wytte. ]?is gost him ffewe]? huet he is and ine huet peril 
he is and huannes he com]? and huyder he ge]> and ]?et he de]? and pe 
misdede l^et he he]? ydo and hou moche he hep hyer ywonne and hou 
meche he flel. And huanne he yzi3t ]?et he ne hep huermide endy 
]7anne him de}? ]?et gost wepe and grede merci to God and zigge Lhord 
voryef me mine dettes ]?et hjep myne zennen vor ich am mochel ine 
dette ayen pe and vor pe queades ]?et ich habbe ydo and vor pe guodes 
]?et ich habbe voryete and ylete to done ]?et ich my3te and Abide habbe 
ydo and vor ]?o guodes J^et }?ou me hest ydo and ]?ine greate guodnesses 
Jjet ich habbe eche daye ondervonge huyche ich habbe kueadliche ynzed 
and pe kueadliche yserved. And ]?ervore Lhord ich ne habbe huer of 
maki pe yeldinge voryef me ]?et ich pe ffel. Huanne ]?is gost him he}? 
zuo aly5t ]?et he knauj? his defautes and ]?anne him de]? keste out of pe 
herte alle Micepe and alle hate and al to voryeve his evele yvvyl yef }?er 
is eni and yef ]?er ne is he is ine wylle and ine porpous vor to vor- 
yevene mid herte yef me him misde]?. and ]?anne may he zigge wel 
vayre Vader voryef ous oure misdedes ase we de]? to ham ]?et ous 
habbe}? misdo. 


Et ne nos inducas in temptationem, pe ybernde ver dret and pe ilke 
|?et o]?er huyl yvalle is into zenne huanne pe zenne him is voryve he is 
pe more milde and pe more dredvol and pe more he he}? greter drede of 
vondinge ]?ervorc bit he hier to huam God his misdedes voryef}> }?et he 
hine loky vram^ ayen vallinge. Et ne nos inducas in temptationem ]?et is 
toz igge Vayre zuete Vader ne lede ous na5t hi to vondinge. pe dyevel 
is pe vonderc vor hit is his creft hucr of he serve]? ine Godes house vor 
to provi pe newe kny3tes and yef the vondinge nere guod and vremvol 
to guode God }?et al make]? vor oure guode nolde na3t ]?olye ]?et hi come. 
Ac ase zay]? sant Bernard huanne pe vondere ous knoke}? ope ]?ane reg 
he ous ffep}? oure corouncs of blisse ase }:'e ilke pet ope pe regge of pe 
guode kny3te smit and beat him Hep}? his los and his bhsse. pe dyevel 
}>erto properlichc vonde}? ]?ane man ]?et he hine my3te wy]?dra3e vram pe 


love of God Ipervore bit sainte Pawel his deciples ]?et hi by yzet ase tours 
yroted ase trawes ine love zuo J?et non vondinge him ne mo3e refye ne 
rocky. )?ervore ine )?ise bezechinge we acse]? help of Gode ine oure batayle 
and |?e yef]?e of pite )?et is a grace ]>et bedeawe]? ]>e herte and make]? his 
zuete and reuj^evol and make)? his al become grene and ber]? yno3 frut 
of guode workes wy]?oute and wy]?inne erj?e streng]?i his roten ine J?e 
erj?e of libbende ])et is ase ]?et guode mortyer huer of me make]? ]?e guode 
walles sarzineys ]?et me ne may na3t breke ne mid pic ne mid mongenel. 
]?anne huanne we ziggej? et ne nos inducas in temptationem ]?et is to zigge 
Vayre zuete Vader make oure herten veste an stedevest )?et hi ne ffake 
vor none vondynge ]?et to hare com]?. We ne bydde]> na3t ]?et we ne 
flblle by vended vor ]?et were a fole bezechinge and flamvol ase )?e zone 
of a guod man pet ITel by a newe kny3t him bezek]? Leve vader ich ]?e 
bidde J?et ]?ou me loki ]?et ich ne guo nevremo ne to joustes ne to 
tornemens. We wyllej? wel J?et we be yvonded vor hit is oure vreme 
ine vele maneres vor we bye]? ]?e more ymylded and ]?e dredvoller and ]?e 
more wys ine alle ]?inges and ]?e more wor]? an ]?e more asayd. vor ase 
zay]? Salomon He )?et ne he]? J?ise vondinges he ne may no]?ing wel conne 
bote ase me kan J?e batayle of Troye be hyere zigginge vor he ne may 
him zelve yknawe ne him vestni ine ]?e streng]?e of his vyendes ne hare 
sotylhede and hou God is trewe to ]?e nyede his vryend vor to helpe ne 
of hou vele zennes ne of hou vele perils he hep pe ofte yloked and vor alle 
]?ise skeles he ne ITel na3t ari3t conne God lovie ne him pouki of his 
guode ac we him bidde)? ]?et he loky oure herten )?et hi ne guo into 
vondynge )?et is )?et hi ne consenti vor al )?et is of ous we bye]? zuo 
poure and zuo fyeble )?et we ne mo3e na3t ane time of the daye )?olye pe 
asaylinges of pe dyevle wy]?oute pe help of oure Lhord and huanne he 
ous fayle]? we guo]? )?er in. Huanne he ous help)? we \vy)?stonde]? and 
we vy^tep and we overcome)? and )?ervore we zigge)> Lyeve Vader ne 
led ous na3t into vondinge ]?et is ne )?ole na3t ]?et we go into consentinge. 


Sed libera nos a malo. Amen. Saynt Austin zay)? )?et pe o]?re vices 



ous make]? o]?er ]?e kueade to done o]?er ])e guodes lete to done ac al |?et 
me he|? ydo and alle )?e yefj?es J^et he hep yporchased prede is ine wille 
to destrue and to benime an J?ervore hanne God hep yyeve to man pet 
he him hej? ybede ine )?ise zeve benes bevore yzed f»ane verst hit is nyed 
vor zo|?e J^et he him delyvri of ]?e kueade and of his aspiinges and ]?ervore 
com]? alast ]?is bene ase pe efterwarde ])et zay]? ]50us. Sed libera nos a 
malo. Amen. ]?et is to zigge Lyeve vader dehvre os of pe kueade ]7et 
is to zigge of the dyvele and of his sle3]?es }?et we ne lyese be prede pe 
guodes ])et f>ou ous best yyeve. Inne ]?ise bene we him bidde]? ]?et he 
ous yeve pe jefpe of drede huer by we fTolle by delyvred of pe kueade 
and of alle o]?er kuead ]?et is of alle zene and of alle perils ine }?ise 
wordle and ine pe oj^re. Amen. 

Nou best }?ou yherd pe notes ]?et me kan noty ope ]?ise zonge ]7et God 
made ]?et is ]?et Pater Noster nou loke ]?et ]?ou hit conne wel zinge ine 
}?ine herte vor grat guod pe ffel bevalle yef ]?ou zuo dest. 

]7E ZEVE YEF]?ES of }?E HoLY GoST. 

Efter pe zeve benes }?et hjep yconteyned ine holi Pater Noster ous 
behove]? to spekene mid greate reverence of zuo he3e materie ase of J^e 
zeven holy yef]?es of pe Holy Gost ase He himzelf ous ffel teche. And 
verst we ■v\ylle]? zigge huyche bye]? pe yef]?es efterward huervore hi bye]? 
ycleped yef]?e and huerevore }'ef]7e of pe Holi Gost efterward huervore ]?er 
bye}? zeven ne mo ne les and efterward of]?e guodes ]?et hi ous do]?. Wone 
is and cortayzie ]?et hanne man is riclie and wor}?i and noble and com]? to 
his spouse and he hise love]? mid al his herte and hire breng]? of his joiax. 
Ysaie pe profete yze3 ine goste pe ilke blisvolle bredale ]?et wes ymad ine 
pe wombe of pe blisfolle mayde Marie huanne Godes Zone nome and 
spousede oure zoster and oure vleff oure manhode and oure kende. 
Yef we telle]? ]?e joiax and pe vayre yef]?es })et he bro5te mid him vor to 
yeve to his spouse and to his eldringcs and zayde ]?ous pe zuete profete 
wel cortcisliche Of pe rote of Jesse ffel guo out a yerd ]?et ffel here }?et 
flour of Nazare]? ]?et is to zigge ]?et floure of flours vor Nazare]? is ase 
moche wor]? ase flour and grace ase moche ase cos and ope ]?et flour him 


ffel resti ]'c Holi Gost f'C gost of ^^Tsdomc and of ondcrstondinge j^e gost 
of strcngj^c and of virtue pe gost of wyttc and of pite J^c gost of Codes 
drede. ]nsc bye]^ pe graces huer of he wes al vol vram ])e time J^et he 
wes ondcrvonge in to )?e wombe of his moder ase J?e greate ze is vol of 
wetere and wcUe of alle weteres zuete and zalte huer of hi wetere)? al 
)?e wordle. Alsuo wes he ase zay]? Sayn Jon zuo vol of grace and of 
zoj^e ]^et of his volhede we nime]^ al. ]nse zeve gostes and )?ise zeve 
yef]^es we ondcrvonge]' al mid ]?e holy cristninge ac ase pe graces 
bodiliche j'ct God yef)? to ])e childe ine wytte ine guodnesse and ine 
streng]^^ and ine o]n'e graces J^et he yef]' to his wylle to echin he him 
ilewe]' litel a..^ litel ase ]?et child wext and com]' vor]' alsuo is he in his 
graces gostliche be ]?an pet ech profite]:> ine guode and agravj'c]? his 
herte and him yef ]? to Gode be pan J?ct God him yef]? more and more of 
grace and ]?et flewe]? j^is yef]?e be worke pe on ine J^e on and J^e oj^er 
ine pe oj^er ase hit lyke]? pe Holy Gost J^et his todel]? to his wille ase 
zaynte Paul zayj?. }>anne ine ous beginnef> J^ise graces ase pe virtues ine 
I03 and flewe]' an he5 and f>et is of drede Jeanne ine wysdome vor drede 
is beginninge of wysdom ase zay]' Da\'id ac me him weren eclie daye 
alle pe graces and alle J^e virtues wel volliche wyj? oute enie mesure and 
f>crvore his zet J^e profete dounward echo ycfj^e be pe ordre of hare 
dingnctc alsuo ase zeve benes bye]' yzet bevore be pe ordre of hare 
dingnetes pe he5este bevore and ]>e lo3este efterward. 


J>ise graces hjep yhote yef]'es vor f>ri skeles verst vor hare dingnete 
and hare wor]'. Yef me yef}' ine pe kinges cort ane robe to ane childe 
oj'cr ane poure manne ane dillvol of pesen J^et ne is no f>ing ]'et by wor]?i 
to by ycleped yef]'e of kyng. J^ervore saynt Jacob clepe]? alle J^e oj^re 
guodes J^et God yef]' and timliche and gostliche nau^t yef])es ac }yeve 
)?et by chonginde and guoinde. Ac Jnse graces he clcpe]? yefj^es 
volveld vor hi his ne yefj? to nonen ]?et he ne yef]' him zelve. ]'e oj'er 
scele is vor ]'et J'C o]'re graces and ]'e o]n'e guodes he ous Icn}? vor to 
usy ine J'ise live. Ac J'ise bye}? yef]'es ari3t wyj'oute w}']'nymynge and 


wyjjoute lere vor huanne pe o]?re flblle fayli ]?ise flblle ous bleve. )?anne 
bye]? hi zuo propreliche oure ]?et we his ne ino3e na5t lyese wyll we nolle 
we ase we mo3e ])e o]?re. ]?e ]?ridde scele and ]?e he5este is vor )?er byej? 
yef]?es clenliche be love and ]?ou wost wel ]?et yefj?e lyest Jjane name of 
yef)?e huanne hit ne is na3t yyeve clenliche be love vor huanne ]?e yevere 
hep zi3j?e to his 03ene prou ]?et ne is no yef)?e ac ra]?re is chapvare. 
Huanne he yzy3)? guodnesse ondervonge ojjre service ]?et ne is no yef]?e 
ac hit is raj^re dette yyolde ac huanne J?e yefpe com]? propreliche and 
clenliche of ]?e welle of love wijjoute prou wy}?oute yef]?e wy]?oute drede 
wy]?oute enie dette }?anne is hit ari3t ycleped yef]?e huerof ]?e filosofe 
zay]? ]?et yef]?e ]>et is yevynge wy]?oute ayen yef}?e ]?et is wyoute onder- 
stondinge of ayenyef}?e ac wy]?oute more vor to zeche love. Ine zuyche 
manere God yefj? ous his yef)?es clenliche vor }>e love ]?et he hep to ous 
and vor to gaderi oure herten and oure love and vor phe scele proper- 
liche hi bye}? ycleped yef}?es. 


Ac huervore hi bye]? ycleped jefpe of pe Holy Gost ]?anne yefj?e of pe 
Vader and of pe Zone vor alle hire dedes and hire yef]?es bye]? commun 
]?er to bye]? tuaye sceles,]?e on is vor ]?an ]?et ase workes of my3te bye}? 
apropred to pe Vader and ]?e workes of wysdom to the Zone alsuo pe 
workes of guodnesse to the Holy Gost ivor guodnesse is ase zay}? sanyt 
Denys to lere him zelve vor yef a man yef}? ]?et him na3t ne costne}? }?et 
ne is na3t grat guodnesse ac vor pe Holy Gost be ]?yse zeve yef}?es spret 
him zelve ine oure herten ase zay]? Zainte Paul ase be zeve streames 
}?ervore hi bye]? propreliche ycleped yef}?es of pe Holy Gost vor he is pe 
w^elle hy bye]? pe streames. And pe o]?er scele is vor }?et pe Holy Gost 
is properliche pe love ]?et is betuene pe Vader and pe Zone and }?ervore 
}?et love is pe propre and pe verstc and pe he3este yef}?e ]?et man may 
yeve }?et ari5t yef]? and ine ]?ise yef}?e me yef]? alle }?e o]?re and wy}?oute 
}?isen non o]?cr ycf]?e ne is na3t ari3t ynemned yef]?e ]?ervore is ari3t pe 
Holy Gost properliche yef]?e and yevere vor he him yef]? and is y yeve. 
In eclien of ]?ise zeven ]?ct he yef]? vor to confermi oure love to his }?et 
hi by fervent and guod and zo]?e and clene. 



Vor tuo |?inges is )?e man ybor3e be |?e bevliynge of kueade and do J^et 
guode. )?et kueade bevly and hati ous dep ]?e yef]?e of drede. 'pe o]?re 
zix do]7 ous Ipe guodes to done. ]>e ycf|? of drede is J^e doreward to ]?e 
greate preste J^et is to zigge to )?e greate ]?rea]?ninge of Codes dom and of 
pe pine of helle pet is eche day aredy and arise ]?et is pe wayte of pe 
castele ]7et nevre ne slepj> ]?et is pe wyed hoc of pe gardine ]?et vorde]? al 
]?et kueade gers. J?et is pe hordyer )?et loke]? pe herte and alle J^e guodes 
]?et bye]? ]?erinne. pe oj^re six yefj?es ous make]? pe guodes to done. 

Nou ITelt povL ywyte }?et ase pe bri3tnesse of the zonne ]5et ]70u izixt 
yef]? h3t to pe wordle and virtue and streng]?e to alle pe p'mges ]?et wexej? 
and come]? to pe wordle alsuo dep pe Holy Gost }?et ali3t in hevene and 
ine er}?e alle ]?o ]?et bye]? in grace and men and Angles. And al alsuo 
ase ine hevene he]? ]?ri stages of volke ase zayt saynt Denys huer of pe 
on is he3ere pe o}?er men pe }?ridde lo3est pe he3este bye]? ase ]?o |)et bye)? 
of pe kinges consayle. J?ise bye]? alneway mid God pe nixte ]?anne pe 
oJ?re and yzyej? and yhere]? and him and his privites. pe midliste [men] 
bye]? ase pe barouns and pe baylifs ]?et governe]? and wytye]? pe kingriche 
and guo]? an come]? and lyernej? of ]?an of pe consayle an ]?et hi bote]? 
and make]? hit do o]?ren. pe lo3este bye]? ase sergons and ]?o ]?et bye]? ine 
office and habbe]? pe mestyeres and do)? pe offices and pe messages ase 
me ham zay)?. In )?o manere and in ]?o vorbisne hep pe )?ri states of 
Godes zone ine er)?e huiche pe Holy Gost let and condue]? ase Sainte 
Panel, pe on stat is of )?an ]?et bye]? ine pe wordle and libbe]? be Godes 
hestes and be )?et hi \e\ep and yhyre)? of hyre onderljmges. pe o)?er 
stat is of pe stedeveste )?et of al habbe)? pe herten out of pe wordle )?et 
y sye]? God ase moche ase me may ine ]?ise lyve and habbe]? hire con- 
versacioun ine hevene and pe bodyes ine er])e and pe herten mid God. 
pe ]?ridde lye)> ine pe middel stat )?et governe)? wel o]?er ham o]?er o)?re 
and libbe)? be pe hestes of God. )?ise )?ri maneres tek]? pe Holy Gost 
and let and governe]? be ]?ise zix yef]?es and ham to del]? ]?ise graces to 
echen to his wylle ase zay)? pe Apostel. pe tuo verste of )?ise six yef]?es 


belongej? to J?an J?et bye]^ of J?e verste stat. J?e yef)?e of connynge ham 
tekj? and J?e yef]?e of pite make]? ham to bidde. )?e tuo midleste belonge]? 
to ham of J^e middel stat J?e yef]?e of red ham governej? and pe yefpe of 
streng]?e volvel]? J?e nyedes. )?e tuo laste belonge]? to ham of ]?e he3este 
stat J?e yef]?e of onderstondinge his aly5t pe yef]?e of w-ysdom hise make]? 
stedevest and his conferme]? and joynej? to God. Anoj^er skele j^er 
is huervore }>er bye)? zeven vor |?e Holy Gost be ]?ise zeve yef]?es bescrep)? 
pe zeve zennes vram ]?e herte and plontej? and noriffe]? zeve virtues 
contraries pet make]? man stedevesthche yblyssed. ]?ise bye]? pe guodes 
]?et pe Holy Gost make]? ine herte huer he descende]? be ]?ise zeve yef]?es. 
Ac er ]?an ich descendi to pe virtues ]?et bye]? contraries to pe zeve 
zennes ich pe wylle speke flortliche of zeve o]?re virtues huer of J?e ]?ri 
bye]? ycleped godliche and pe vour bye]? ycleped cardinals. 


]?e ]?ri verste clepe]? Saynte Paul beleave hope and charite and bye]? 
ycleped godliche vor ]?et hi ordayne]? hare herten to God. Beleave ase 
zay]? Saynt Austin ous zet onder God and hi ous de]? be knawe and to 
byknawe to pe Lhorde of huam we healde]? al ]?et we habbe]? of guode. 
Hope zay]? hi ous arere]? to God and ous make]? Strang and hardi vor to 
ondernime vor him ]?et hi ]?et pase]? virtue of man. Charite ]?is zay]? hi 
ous joyne]? to God vor charite ne is o]?er ping bote dyere oninge vor hi 
de]? of pe herte and of God al on ase zay]? Saynyte Pol. Beleave yzi3t 
ine Gode pe he3este zo]?nesse. Hope overlyche he3nesse and overliche 
mageste. Charite overliche guodnesse. ]?ise ]?ri virtues bye]? todeld be 
)?ri degres of love vor ]?ri ]?inges me love]? ane man o]?er vor ]?et me hep 
yherd grat guod of him o]?cr vor ]?ct me onderstant grat guod of him 
o]?er vor ]?et me he]? ondervongc grat guod of him. ]?ise ]?ri maneres of 
love bye]? ine ]?ise ]?ri virtues. Love of beleave hycr]? ine dede Love of 
hope vel]? ]?ane smcl and zek]? Love of charite nim]? and zik]? and zuel3]? 
and halt. 


Of pe vour virtues cardinales spckc]? moche pe yealde philosofcs ac pe 


Holi Gost hise yefj? and tekj? betere an liondred si|?e ase zay|? Salomon 
ine pe boc of Wysdome. Of ]?ise vour virtues |?e verste me clepe)? Sle5j?e 
J?e oJ?er Temperance )?e ]?ridde Streng]?e ]?e ver]?e Dom [ri3tvolnessse] 
]?ise vour virtues bye]? ycleped cardinals vor )?et hi bye)? he3est amang 
]?e virtues huer of )?e yealde filosofes speke vor be ]?ise vour virtues ]?e 
man governej? him zelve ine pise wordle ase J?e Apostles governe]? holy 
cherche be his cardinals. Sle3]?e loke]? pane man J^et he ne by vore 
sle3]?e of pe kueade ygyled. Temperance ]?et he ne by be none kueade 
love amerd. Streng]?e ]?et he ne by be tyene o]?er be drede o]?er be 
sor3e overcome. )?ise J?ri hyelde]? man ine guod stat avorye him zelve 
and do hine zet ine ordre and ine ri3t stat ayens o]?re vor hi yelt to echen 
al ]?et his is. J?ise byej? pe vour tours ine pe vour cornyeres of pe house 
of pe guode manne |?et make]? J?et hous ziker and Strang. Sle3]?e hit 
ware]? wy]? ]?et yeaft be perveynge aye pe perils. Tempera [nee] aye 
]?et zou]? aye pe wykkede hertes. Streng]? aye pe nor]? aye pe wj^kede 
cheles. Justice aye J?e west aye pe wyckede rogues. 


]?ise vour virtues habbe]? diverse offices and mochel ham diverse]? ine 
hire workes ase zay]) an old filosofe ]?et hette Platoun ine his boc ]?et he 
made of pe vour virtues and his todel]? wel sotilliche and zay]? ]?et sle3]?e 
he]? ]?ri offices vor be ]?ise virtue al ]?et men de]? and zay]? and ]?eng]? al 
he di3t an let and reule]? to pe lyne of scele ne no ]?ing he nele do bote 
ri3t and scele. And in alle his werkes he him porveyj? ]?et hi by do by 
pe ordinance and by pe wylle of God ]>et al yzi3]? and dem]?. A grat 
Ihord ITolde he by ase me ]?ing]? ]?et ]?ise onlepi virtue hedde and be ]?ise 
]?n ]?inges him governede. 


J?e virtue of temperance he]? ]?ri offices vor herte ]?et ]?ise office he]? ne 

wyle ac ne wylne]? ping pet make]? to vor]?enche. Ine none pinge he 

ne agelt pe loge to lovie zikerliche and onder him of scele he zet and 

dret alle pe covaytises of pe wordle. ]?et is to zigge he ]?et he]? ]?ise 



virtue he him loki ]?et he ne by amerd be ]?ise ]?ri ]?inges ]?et ]?e wordle 
ffent ase zay]? saint Jon. Zenne of vleffe and prede of herte covaytise of 
|?e wordle, 

pe virtue of strengj^e he]? alsuo j^ri offices vor huo pet pise virtue hep 
he him arere]? an he3 above pe perils ]?et bye]? ine pe wordle. No ]?ing 
him ne dret bote vileynie. Adversete and prosperite he ber]? and ]?ole}? 
wy}?oute wepinge ne ari3t half ne alefthalf. Wei fTolde he by guod kny3t 
})et ine }?ise ]?ri ]?inges were wel yproved. ]?ise ]?ri virtues armene]? an 
ordeyne]? and agray}?e]7 man ase to ]?ri deles of pe herte ]?et me chepe]? 
scele love and streng]7e. Prudenee lokej? }?ane scele ]?et hi ne bi beta5t. 
Temperance loke]? )?ane love pe hi ne by amerd. Streng}?e lokej? J?et 
wyl ]?et he ne by overcome. 

Ri3tvolnesse make]? }?ane man ordeneliche libbe amang o]?ren vor ase 
zay]? Platoun ]?is is pe virtue ]?et make}? ]?et J?e man ayens echen de]? ]?et 
he ffel do. Vor hi yelt reverence to ham ]?et hjep above love to ham 
}?et bye}? bezide grace to ham }?et bye}? bene}?e. He }?ise vour virtues 
ydo is pe man wer}?i }7et he by governour verst of him zelve and efter- 
ward of o}?ren. Ine }?ise vour virtues ham studede pe yealde filosofes 
}?et al pe wordle onwor}?ede and vorlete vor virtue to zeche and wysdom 
and }?ervore hi were ycleaped filosofes vor filosofe is asemoche wor}? ase 
love of wysdome. O God hou hit flblde ous ffende and astonie huanne }?o 
}?et w^eren paenes and wy}?out la3e wryte }>et na3t ne cou}?e of pe zo}?e 
grace of God ne of pe Holy Gost ne wenden hi cliv^en in to pe helle of 
perfection of live be streng}?e be hire o3ene virtue and ne daynede na3t 
to loki ope pe wordle and we }?et bye}? Cristene and habbet pe zo}?e 
beleave and conne pe hestes of God and habbe}> pe grace of pe Holy 
Gost yef we yze3e }?et we mi3te more ine one daye profiti }?annc hi ne 
mo3e ine one yere yhol we walewe}? ase zuyn hyer bene}?e ine }?ise wose 
of }?ise wordle. }?ervore zay}? sayntc Paul }?et pe payens }?et bye}? 
wy}?outc la3c and do]? pe \a.^e ate daye of dome he flolle ous deme }?et 


habbet J?e la3e and na3t liise do]?. Ac vor pan pet hi ne hedden na3t 
ri3tc byleve ne f'ane Holy Gost ne none virtue ne lyf ne zoJ?e beknawynge 
hi no mo3e ywyte hou moche J?et hi weren vayre vor ase moche ase per 
is betuene dyad col and quyk man dyad and man libbinde asemoche pev 
is betuene virtue )?et is A^y)?oute charite ]7et is guodnesse and pe wor]? and 
]?et lyf of pe o]?re virtues. Huer of Saynt Austyn huanne he spec]? of 
]?ise vour virtues he his todel]? be vour maneres of love and be vour 
)?inges )?et zo]? love make]?. }?anne he zay]? }?et pe virtue of prudence is 
pe love of herte ]?et wysliche vorlet al ]?et him may derie and chyest al 
}?et him may helpe and habbe ]?et he love}? ]?et is God. pe virtue of 
temperance is pe love of pe herte huerby he him yef]? yhoUiche and 
wy]?oute corrupcion to ]?et halouej? )?et is to God. pe virtue of streng}?e 
is pe love of herte huer by he ]?ole]? strongliche alle ]?inges }?et mo3e come 
vor ]?et he love]?. Justice is pe love of herte huer by serve]? onlepiliche 
and wy]?oute more to ]?et he love]? ]?et is to God and vor zuo moche de]? 
onder vot alle o]?re ]?inges. ]?anne dour zet man ine his ri3te stat ]?et is 
above alle ]?inges and onder God. Wy]?oute ]?ise vour virtues non ne 
may clive in to pe belle of perfeccion vor huo ]?et wyle zuo he3e clyve 
him bihove]? ate verste ]?et he habbe prudence ]?et him makie to onwor]?i 
pe wordle and streng]?e ]?ermide ]?et him yeve grat herte of grat ]?ing to 
ondervonge and volgi. Of o]?er half ]?et he habbe temperance vor ]?et 
he ne by to moche ycharged and ri3tvolnesse ]?er mide }?et is pe ri3te pe]? 
and him flewy Godes reche ase God dede to Jacob ase zay}? pe boc of 
Wysdome. Huo ]?et ]?ise vour virtues mi3te zuo habbe he ffolde by wel 
perfect and yblissed ine ]?ise wordle and more ine pe o]?re vor he ffolde 
by ine payse of herte and ine blisse gostlych na3t ne ffolde him faily ac 
wexe ine God ]?et he ffolde habbe ine him ine huam he him ffolde loky. 
Nou we ayen come]? to oure kende and bidde we mid al oure herte ]?ane 
Holy Gost ]?et tek]? pe hertes ]?et he by oure avocat and ous teche to 
ffeawy hou he be ]?ise zeve yef]?es bescrepe]? pe zeve zennes of oure 
herten and he zette and noriffy pe zeve virtues. 



J?e yef]?e of drede is ]?e verste of ]?e yef]?es ])et kest out alle J?e zennes 
of the herte ase we habbe)? yzed bevore wel properliche. He bescrep]? 
rote of prede and zet in his stede pe virtue of mildenesse. Nou loke and 
onderstand wel hou pe zene3ere pet slep]? ine dyadhche zenne is ase 
)?e ribaud and dronke ]?et hep al vorlore be J^e taverne and is zuo naked 
and zuo poure ]?et he ne hef» na3t ac na3t he hit ne vel]? ne playnej? ac 
he wene}? by a wel grat Ihord. Ac |?anne he hep yslepe and com]? to him 
zelve l^anne he yvel]? his kuead and knau]? his folye and him playne)? of 
his harm, pet is ]?et verste guod J^et pe Holy Gost dej? to pe zene3ere 
huanne be him visitej? vor he him yelt his wyttes and his onderstondinge 
and him brenge]? ayen to him zelve zuo ]?et he him knauj? and him 
reverte]? huet guodes he hej? verlore and ine huet poverte he is yvalle be 
his zenne ase dede pe guode mannes zon Jjet his eritage wastede and 
dispendede ine ribaudie and levede lecheroasliche alhuet him behovede 
to loki zuyn ase oure Lhord ous make]? J^ise vorbysne ine his Spelle. 
Atenende pe zene3eres ase zay]? Salomon is ase pe ilke J^et slep|? amide 
pe ze and ]?et ITip spil]? and he na3t hit ne vel|? ne none drede ne hej?. 
Ac huanne pe Holy Gost him awake]? ]?anne yvel}? he and zi3]? his peril 
and begin]? to habbe drede of him zelve and yet eft pe zene3ere is ase pe 
ilke ]?et is ine prisone in yrnes and ine veteres and ine greate lokinge ase 
wes saynte Peter ine Herrodes prisone and pe wrechche ne }?ing]? of him 
]?et hine halt ne of pe gibet }?et him abit ac slep]? and met }?et and age}? 
to festes and to bredales. Ac pe grace of pe Holy Gost is ase the angle 
}?et awakede saynte Petren and him delivrede of pe hand of Herrode vor 
hi awekede ]?ane zene3ere and him delivrede of pe hand of pe dyevle. 
Ate cnde ]?e zene3ere is ase pe ilke }?et wene}? by Strang an hoi and he 
he]? pane dya]? onder his clo]?cs vor he he]? pe kuede humours and 
corruptcs ine pe bodye huer of he fTel sterve wy]? inne ane mon}?e and he 
wen}? libbe yet vourti yer ase zay}? Elynaus ine vers of pe dya]?e. Do 
away pe scoffes and pe scornes vor zuich me wrik}? onder his clo]?es }?et 
wen}? by Strang and hoi. Ac pe Holi Gost is pe guode leche ]?et 
amaystre]? his ziknesse and clionge]? his humours and him ycf}? zuych a 


I ■> 

byter medecine ]?et him hel]? and him yef]? ]?et hf. Alsuo treble)? oure 
Lhord )?e herte |?et he wyle hele ase zayj? Davi]? in pe Sautere and him 
\vyj?nym]? and de]? him come ayen him zelve to knawe ase he dede Adam 
oure verste vader efter ]?e zenne ]?o he him hedde amang ]?e trawes of 
paradys. Huervore He him zede Adam liuer art J?oii. J?ri o]?re 
acsingges made he be enne of his angles to ]?e )?ierne saynt Abraham J?et 
hette Agar jpo hi vlea3 vram hare Ihevedi. Agar he zayde huanne comst 
)3ou huyder gest J?ou huet dest ]?ou. )?ise ]?ri acsinges make)? )?e Holy 
Gost to ])e zene3ere huanne he awake|? and arerej? and him opene]? pe 
e3en of ]?e herte and him yelt his wyttes and his onderstondinge. Huer 
art }?ou zayl^e he ]?et is to zigge yze3 wrechche ine huiche zor3es and ine 
huiche perils ]?ou art ine )?ise wordle vor ]?ou art ase J?e ilke ]?et slep]? ine 
J?e ITipe ]?et is yspild and na3t hit not ne onderstant his peril. Huannes 
comst ]?ou J?et is to zigge Loke wrechche )?i lif ca arrieres vor ]?ou comst 
vram ]?e taverne of ]?e dyevle huer ]?ou best ]?i lif ywasted and ylose }?ine 
time and alle ]?e guodes J?et God ]?e hedde yyeve. Huet dest pou j^et is 
to zigge Ysy hou )?ou art fyeble and brotel and avorye ]?et body and 
avore )?e zaule ]?ou wenst by hoi and Strang ac par aventure J?ou best )?e 
humours ine 'pe bodye pet pe ffolle lede to pe dya]?e and ine pe zaule J?ou 
best kueade ]?eawes ]?et pe ffolle lede to pe dya}?e of belle bote pe grace 
of God pe ne werie. Efterward huider gest |?ou Jjet is to zigge ■v\Techche 
)?ench and loke and onderstand )?et ]?ou gest to pe dya]?e o]?er ]?ou ffelt 
valle ine pe hand of Herrodes ]?et is pe dyevel and to his mayne and 
j?ervore zayj? pe guode man 

Loke wel hyer 

Man may longe his lyves wene 

And ofte him lye3e}? his wrench 

Ase vayr weder went into rene 

And verliche make)? his blench 

J>er ne is nother king ne kuene 

)?et ne ffell drinke of dea)?es drenche 

Man )?ervore pe be|?ench 

Er )?ou valle of )?i bench 

J>i zenne aquench. 

" 102 

J70U gest to ]>e dome liuer |?ou ffelt vinde }?ane domesman zuo sterne and 
zuo stout an zuo strayt an zuo mi3tfol. J?ou gest in to helle huer ]?ou 
fTelt y vinde ver and bremston and a ]?ousond pinen ])et never ne ende]? ]?e 
vor to pini and )?ous dep pe Holy Gost to ]?e zene3ere }?e e3en openi and 
yzy]? above and bene]?e and bevore and beliynde. ]?ise byej? voure 
strokes of ]?ondre J?et astne]? jjane zene3ere and make]? flake and habbe 
drede and ]?ise vour to zi3]?e bye]? vour small roten of ]?e rote of milde- 
nesse }?et }?e yef]?e of drede zet ine ]?e herte of J?e zene3ere huanne God 
him visite}?. 


j^e vour ]?o3tes bevore yzed screpe]? of }?e gardine of ]?e herte }?e vour 
roten of pride ]?et bye]? huer of ]?e proude even]? of aze moch ase can habbe 
o]?er aze moche he is of mi3te o]?er aze moche ase he can conne o]?er ase 
mochc ase he can by wor]?e. ]?ise bye]? }?e vour homes }?et is to zigge 
]?e vour cornardyes ]?et aurere]? }?e contraye ]?et God fTewede to Zakarie 
]?e profite. Ac ]?e vour smi]?es ]?et he him flTewede efterward }?et comen 
efter ]?e vour homes to velle bye}? ]?e vour }?o3tes bevore yzed. Vor 
huanne ]?e man }?eng}? huennes he com]? and onderstant and knau]? his 
pourhede ]?e vilhede ]?e brotelhede of his beringe hou he wes byete in 
zcnne and of zuo voule matere ymad and yflape and ine zuo poure house 
yherbu3ed ine zuo greate poverte ybore and ra]?re dyad to ]?e zaule ]?anne 
ybore to }?e wordle in huiche zor^es he wes ynorifled ine huet travail he 
he]? yleved hou he he]? his time vorlore and he yzi]? ]?ane greate heap of 
his zennes and ]?e guodes ])et he he]? vorlete to done ]?anne him de3 ]?e 
grace of God yvele mid herte ]?et he ne is na3t wor]?. Efterward Iman 
he ]?eng]? huer he ys and yzi3]? ]?ise wordle ]?et ne is bote an exil and a 
dezert vol of lyons an of lipars a vorest vol of ]?yeves an of calketreppen 
and of grincs ane ze vol of storm and of peril a fornays anhet mid ver 
of zenne and of zor3e a veld of viy3te huer inne him behove]? evre to libbe 
ine werre and wy3te mid dyevlen ]?et zuo moche bye]? wyse and sotil and 
Strang. ]?annc him do]? ]?e grace of God yvele to zo]?e and to aparceivy 
his onconnynge and ]?et he ne can na3t. Ate laste hanne he ]?eng]? and 


onderstant his zennes and his defautes ase he is vol of zennes and ydel 
of alle guode ]?anne him yef]? J?e Holy Gost yvele his pourehedc and J^et 
he ne he|? na3t. Efterward liuanne he yzi]? bevore him huidcrward he 
ge]> and he yzy3]? ]?ane dya]? to huam non ne may wyJ?stonde he yzi3]? his 
demere God zuo ri3tvol be huas hand him behove]? guo he yzi3]7 ]?e pinen 
of helle huiche nou ne may ascapie. )?anne yef]? him God ivele pet 
mannes mi3te ne is na3t and pet he ne may na3t. Huanne he yzi5t 
)?anne and xelp and onderstant pet he ne is na3t worj? Jjet he na5t ne he)? 
]?et he na3t ne de]? and )?et he ne de]? na3t and ]?et he ne may na3t 
jjanne begin]? he vor to byenne poure of spirit. Ine ]?ise vour ]?03tes 
bye]? pe vour bo3es of pe rote of pe trawe of mildenesse. ]?is trau is 
yzet bezide pe welle of Godes drede huer of hit is eche day ywetered ine 
winter and ine zomere ]?et is ine wykkednesse and ine guodnesse. 

Nou flelt ]?ou conne ]?et eche of ]?ise zeven virtues huer of ich onder- 
stonde to spekene of his stapes huer by profite]? an clif]> and wext ine pe 
herte and his dedes and his guode ]?eauwes huer by hy hom flewe]? 
wy]?oute vor virtue wext an he3 ase palme o]?er ase cipres o]?er ase cedre 
and ]?anne spret and keste his bo3es an ech half. 

Of ]?e stapes of milhede. 
Of pe virtue of mildenesse spec]? Saynt Ansalm and zay]? ]?et hi he]? 
zeve stapes huer by hy clif ]? an he3 al huet )?et hi come to perfeccion. 
Nou onderstand wel hou. pe verste stape of mildenesse is to knawe his 
pourehede and his defaute vor ase zay]? Saynt Bernard. Mildenesse is pe 
virtue ]?et make]? ]?ane man him zelve to onwor]?i and healdc vor vil. 
Huanne he him knau]? zo]?liche ])is knaulechinge wext of vour roten 
bevore yzed. Ac J?er bye]? zome ]?et wel conne hyre defautes and hire 
poverte ac na3t hit ne vele]?. ]?ervore is pe o]?er stape yvele and playni 
his defautes and his poverte and ]?et he yvele his zor3e and his zicnesse 
he yern]? ble]?eliche to J?e fisiciane and zai]? J?et he yvelj? pe kueade 
humours ine pe bodye. BYipe he is huanne ]?et he may his purgi and 
keste out and ]?ervore is pe ]?ridde stape of myldenese his zennes and his 
kueades wylles ble]?eliche beknawe and ITrive and his herte clensi. Ac 


per bye]? zorae J^et beknawej? hare defautes and yvele)? and zor3volle byej? 
and wel ham srive]? ac hi nolden a none manere }>et dpre hit wyste hou 
hy doj? ]?ervore ]?e verj^e stape is of ]?ise virtue wylni to by yknawe and 
yhealde vor vyl and onwor]?. Ac )?er bye]? eftsone some ]?et wel yknawe}? 
and vele]? and zigge]? here defautes and zigge]? wel Ich am a kuead and 
zenvol and zuych and zuych. Ac yef ano}?er him zede Vor zo]?e ]?et is 
zo]? }?et })0u zayst zor3vol hi wolden by and wolden by wro]?e to }?e 
dya}?e. ]?ervore is }?e vifte stape of ]?is trawe yhere ble]?eliche of him 
zelve and ]?et ine him zigge his defautes and ]?et is ]?et saynt Bernard zay}? 
]7et ]?e zo]?e milde wyle by halde vor vyl na3t ase milde ypraysed. 
}?ervore is ]?e zixte stape huanne ]?e man ]?ole]? in ]?olemodnesse ]?et he 
by volliche ydra3e and ase persone onwor]?lych ase dede ]?e guode king 
David ]?et ]?olede zueteliche and Ihefte ane sergont ]?et hette Semey pet 
him ]?reu mid stones and him missede and him zede al ]?et he cou]?e of 
voul. Yet eft }?er is a stape huer inne is ]?e voile of perfection of ]?ise 
virtue }?et is wylny to zo]?e and mid herte wylny wy]?oute fayntise to be 
yhealde vyl and villiche to be ydra3e. ]?et is ari3t poverte of gost and 
mildehede of herte. Moche lovede ]?ise poverte }?e riche King of hevene 
huanne zuo vor he com hit vor to zeche ase vram hevene to ]?e er]?e. 
Wel he hit lovede ine herte ]?e he hit zuo dyere bo3te ]?et al pet he hedde 
and ]?e robe of his regge he yaf vor pet he wes zo]?volliche poure. 
Mochel he lovede mildenesse huanne pe ilke ]?et ne\Te zenne in dede pe 
ilkc ine huam nes nevre defaute him dede amang pe }?yeves ]?et wes 
amang Adames zones and him cIo]?ede mid pe clo]?e of pe zenvolle and 
of the misdoere vor ]?et he wes vilhche ydra3e ase a pjef. Huervore he 
zede to his apostles pe ni3t of pe sopiere Mid grate wille Ich habbe ]?esne 
]?aske ywylned }?et is to zigge ]?esne dya]? ]?ise fTame ]?ise wendinge. Non 
he3ere ne may ]?is trau arise and huo }?et were al to ]?ise stape of milde- 
nesse yclive wi]? oute drede he flblde by yblissed ine }?ise wordle vor pe 
ilke ]?et }?is zede ne may lye3e ]?ct pe he3este zo]? zai}? mid his mou]?e. 
Yblissed bye]? pe poure of gost and hou ]?et }?is by he him flcwe]? 
huanne ze zede Lyerne]? of me and na3t of o]?ren vor to by milde of 
herte ase Ich am and ]?ou licit vindc reste to ]?ine zaule. ]?is reste is ]?is 


blessinge ac huych ]?et hit is ne huet hit hatte non ne wot bote he ]?et hit 
nimj>. Jjanne yef J?ou wylt ywyte huet J?et is do J?i mi3te of J?iiie herte 
zuo moche overcome J?et ]?ou by ychve to )?e zevende stape of mildenesse 
and )?anne ]?ou mi3t fruyt gadere and ete of ]?e trawe of hve ase God zay]? 
in )?e boo of Zi5]?e. 


Out of ]?e trawe of mildenesse wexej> zeve bo3es vor }?is virtue him 
fleawe)? ine zeve maneres. Be God to worJjfTipie. be o)?ren to prayzy. be 
him zelve to onwor]?i. be pouerhede to lovie. be ble|?eliche to servi. be 
heri}Tige to byvly. be him zelve of al ine god yleve. ]?e zo]?e milde 
worJjfTipe]? God in J^ri maneres vor he ylef]? simpleliche he }>onkeJ? trewe- 
liche he him bit devouteliche. He him worlTipe]? verst ine pet he him lef |? 
simpleliche of al ]?et he zay]? ase dep pe litel child his mayster and vor 
)?is skele he]? oure byleave merite. ]?anne huo |)et wel ylef|? God grat 
wor]?ffipe him de|? alsuo ase he de]? to J?e manne worj^ffipe ]3et him lef J? be 
his simple worde and J?et is pe beginnynge to done wel ]7et is nyedvol to 
alle Jjan ]7et wylle]? ham bouer3e ase zai]? Sainte Paul ]?et me ylef]? 
God ope his simple worde |?et al is zo]? )?et he zay|? onlepiUche vor J?et he 
zay]? wyjjoute o]?re skele to zeche and wy]?oute o]?re prowe zeche. Vor 
)7et byej? pe Bougres and pe heretiks proude verlore vor hi nolle]? yleve 
God wy}?oute guod wed }?et is to ziggene bote yef hi yzy kuik scele ac 
hi ham healde]? and ziggeth ase pe gavelere he him halt to ]?e wynnynge 
]?anne to pe simple worde ne wyle nonen yleve. And ]?er of bye]? ycome 
alle pe maneres of eresye and of misbelea\inge. Vor pe blynde proude 
]?et hare wyt wylle]? emni to Godes wysdome hi nolle]? yleve ]?ing ]?et 
God zay]? bote yef me ne betoke ham guod wed }?et is to zigge o]?er j^ane 
quicke scele o])er aperte miracle ac we }?et pe rihte by leave hyealdeth 
yleve}? betere an hondren zi])e him ]?et ne may na3t lye3e }?anne we ne 
do}? ne miracle ne scele ne him zelve }?et we yze]?. God zay]? he wyle 
deme evri man be his dedes and of eche ydele worde pe behove]? yelde 
scele to him ate daye of dome, pe wilde }?et }?is yher]? hit ylef]? and 
dret an de}? payne to loky his herte and his mou}? and alle his workes. 



Eftervvard ]?e zoj^e milde ponke]? God treweliclie of alle his guodes ]?et he 
him he]? ydo and ]?et he him de]? eche daye and J?et he wyle do. Efter- 
ward ase we habbe]? yiTeawed ine pe zigginge of Pride vor the milde is 
ase pe poure man ]>et of httle elmesse hep greate bhsse and yelt ]?onkes 
mid herte to his guod doere. ]?anne huanne pe milde ne yzi3]? ine him 
na3t huerbi he bi wor]?y to pe breade ]?et he et he beknau]? treweliclie and 
yzi3)? and onderstant and ylefj? ]?et al hit is of klcne grace and of yef]3e 
and na3t of him al ]?et God him zent and yef]? and lenj? and vor ]?et he 
ne \efp na3t of him zelve of pe guodes of his Ihorde ]?et he be his hand 
pase]? |?ervore is pe sergont trewe ase zay]^ Sant Bernard. Efterward pe 
zo]?e milde worJ^lTipeth God and him byt mildeliche. J^et his to zigge 
mid zojje teares ]?et come]? of Godes grace and mid ri3tvolle oninge of 
herte. Vor hit him )?ing}? ]?et he is ase ]?et child ]?et is eche daye bevore 
his maistre and na5t can his lessoun. Oj^er pet he by ase ys pe poure 
ine dette ]?et is yvalle ine pe hand of gaveleres and na3t ne he)? huer 
mide hit may endy. 0]?er ]?et he by ase is pe J?ief yproved and ynome 
mid mo ]7anne an hondred misdedes j^et he]) nie3 pe wy]?J?e ine pe nykke. 
And |?et he is ase pe ymaymed ate porche of pe cherche ]?et ne he]? none 
fiame vor to ITeawy alle his maimes to alle ]?on ]?et )?er guoj? vor )?et me 
fTolde habbe of him pite. Yef ]70u wilt ]?anne lyerni God to bidde and 
to aouri ari3te ]?ise vour hit wytnesse]? )?et child he ]?et is ine dette pe 
]?yef and he )?et is ymaymed. 


Wonc is of pe zo]?e milde o]?ren to herie and praysy and poty him 
vor]? an wor]?fripii praysy ine herte herie ine mou]?e and be dcde wor]?- 
ffipe here. He is ase pe smale vle3e ]?et make]? ]?et hony and bevly3)? 
stench and zcky]? pe veldes yfloured and of pe floures zouc]? ]?ane deau 
huerof hi make]? ]?et hony vor his hous to astori. ]?et de]? pe milde herte 
J?et na3t ne nym]? hede of stench ne of J?e lackes of o]?ren. Ac alle pe 
guodes ]?et o]?re habbe]? y re warded and love]? and here]? and prayze]? and 
conceyvej? J?e zuetnesse of devocion. Huervore his bodi is ondo and 
his inwyt volveld. Vor zoJ?c zo]? hit is ybore of stones and of vlyntes 


kan he zouke J?e oly and ]?et hony ase ous tek]? pe Sauter. Vor he 
ne wille nenne ziio kuead ne zuo hard ne ziio zenvol ]?et he ne can dra3e 
materie God vor to herie. Ine his herte he prayze]? o|?re ine fri 
maneres. Vor he ylef]? more oJ?re manne wyt )?anne his 03cn. He 
wile pet Ipe wil of o)?ren bi more ydo J?anne his. He him fye]? more in 
o}?res virtue J?anne ine his. Al )?e contrary dej? pe proude ase we habbe]? 
bevore yfTewed. Efterward he here]? and prayse]? ]?e oJ?re be speche. 
)?e guodcs ]?et oJ?re do]? and habbe]? he hise he^ep and here}?. J?e 
kueades he his excuse]? and lo5e)? and lesse]?. pe myddel guodes he on- 
derstant ine guode and went alneway in to pe guode half. And pet is 
aye pe ]?ri queade techches of pe misziggeres ]?et arere]? ]?et quead an 
lo3e]? ]?et guod and pe middel ]?inges over]?rawe}? and miswende}?. Be 
dede he wor]3ffipe]? evrinne and prayse]? ase moche ase he flel and may 
do wy}?oute misdo. ]?et ne de}? na5t pe proude ac al J?e contrarie ase 
we habbe]? bevore yffwed ine pe chapitele of Prede. 

Of milde herte. 
Wone is of milde herte ]?et alle his guodes he hep behinde his regge 
and alle his queades bevore his e3en. An herof com}? ]?et of ase moche 
)?et he pray5e}? more pe o}?re pe more he him zelve misprayseth. He is 
ase pe wel covaytouse wrechche ]?et alneway he]? ]?et e3e to pe guodes 
]?et o}?re habbe}? and do]? alneway and make}? alneway semblont }?et he 
ne hep na3t. Vor asemoche ase ]?er is an holy prede al3uo }?er is an holy 
coveytise and an holy env}^e. Hit is ase hit is of pe litel childe ]?ct is pe 
kinges zone and eyr of pe kingriche ]?et wep}? ine his crete and na3t ne 
kan of his he3nesse ne of his richesse. He is ase ]?et simple flep ine 
huam al hit is guod and profitable and wolle and skin and vless and 
melk and frut and dong and ne wen}? and ne kan na3t ne na3t ne 
]?eng}?. Ine ]?ise manere zay]> saynt Abraham pe greate patriarche }?et 
he nes bote elffle and doust> And saynt Job ]?et wes zuo moche grat to 
pe wordle and holy ine God ]?et zayde of him zelve Huet am ich bote 
effffe and spearken and hor and stench, wermes wynd fled and smech 
}?ei pe wynd ber}? and gadere]? draye }?et to na3t ne is wor}? bote to pe 


vere. And alsuo ase }?e zo]?e milde here]? pe o]?re and mid lierte and 
mid mou]?e and mid dede ase we habbe]? ysed alsuo he blame]? him 
zelve ine ]?ise }?ri maneres. He him J?ing]? pet Jeromes zay]? of him 
zelve J?et yef he eth o]?er yef he drinc]? yef he wake}? yef he slep]? }?et 
]?e ilke orible bosyne him went to ]?e yeare Com to }?ine dome. And 
)?ervore ]?e ilke }?et nele na3t by ]?er ydemd he ne endi nevre hiere him 
zelve to deme and damni wi]?nyme his dedes and his wordes and his 
J?o3tes and clensi and telle and we3e and wy]?erwe3e and wy]?nime. Vor 
he yzi3]? more yno3 of chef }?anne of corn. And ]?ervore ]?et he ne by 
ydemed ine ]?e cort of ri3te ne he nele na3t lete ne smal ne grat }?et ne 
ifel by exaamened and yzed and ydemd ine J?e cort of merci ]?et is ine 
holy flrifte. Ine ]?o cort huo acountej? ari3t he is al quit. Ac ine }?e 
cort of ri3t ]?et ffel be ate daye of dome huo }?et ffel a3t him behoveth 
paye ne nevre aquitti he ne may. And }?ervore ha ffel by ydammed 
vor he mot yelde o}?er hongy. A alias huet ffel }?e ilke paye ]?et na3t ne 
he]? ])ote pane whiche ycarked mid zenne dyadhch. 

Huo pet onderstode and yvelde }?ise ]?inges he him wolde hyealde and 
wy]?dra3e vram scornes and vram leazinges ]?et he he]? yvounde aye pe 
zo]?e milde ]?et God drede]?. ]?et vor }?an hy wylle]? ham loki clenhche 
hy ffrive]? ham ble]?eliche and ofte. Ac litel is wor]? to maky guod dom 
bote pe demere ne by efterward ypray5ed treweliche. And ]?ervore al 
zuo moche as pe zo]?e milde maketh of him zelve guod dom ine zor3e of 
herte and in ffrifte of mou]?e and zuo de}? be dede zo]? dom. Vor he him 
dem]> ase ane ]?yef and he him de]? zo]?hche to pe gybet of penonce 
wy}?oute slacnesse and wy]?oute ypocrysye. 


Huo ]?ct hate]? prede he love}? poverte ]?et zet pe herte to lo3e and 
]?ervore alle zo]?e milde lovye]? povcrtyc and bye]? poure of gost. pe 
zo}?e milde love]? poverte vor ];ri sceles. Vor pe perils }?et bye]? ine 
richesscs. Vor the guodcs }?et bye]? in guode poverhedc. And vor 
}?et God lovede zuo moche poverte ]?o he wes ine pe wordle and yet 
hit love]? ase pe holy wry tinge wytncsse]? in vele stcdes. ]?anne zay}? 


he in pe Sautere ]?ct he yherj? pe benes and pe wylles of pe poure. 
And ham porvay]? and agrayj?e]? hare lyfnoj? zuethche and mid guod 
savour. And he is hire refu and ham ffel sovy. Job zay]? ]?et God 
is pe vader to pe poure and ham he]? ygeve mi3te o]?ren to juggi 
and oure Lord ate biginnynge of his vayre sermon zay]? J?et blyssed 
bye]? pe poure and acorsed bie]? pe riche }?et habbe]? hyer hire paradis. 
Ac pe zo]?e paradys he]? he ygeve pe poure zuo ]?et hi hit mo3e 
yeve and zelle. Ac pe wordle nele yleve ]?et God zigge zo]? }?et 
poverte by }?ing ybhssed. Ac }>et is of pe rede of God pe Vader 
]?ervore Jesu Crist zay]? ine his spelle Vayre Vader ych yelde pe ]?onkes 
and heriynges ]?et ]?ise ]?inges yhed and yhole best to pe wyse and 
hise best yffeawed to pe milde. pe milde his yzye]? and wel his yleve}? 
and lovie]? an hondred zi]?e more poverte }?anne ]?e ni]?ing de]? his 

Ine }?ri ]?inges ffewe]? pe man }?et he love]? poverte. Huanne he 
love]? and halt blc]?eliche pe vela3rede and ]?et lyf and pe wones of pe 
poure hire vela3rede he love]? ase Jesu Crist dede ]?er huils ha wes ine 
pe worlde. Vor kende wyle ]?et pe lambren lovie ham togidere and 
bevly ]?e wolves. And pe children ham lovie togidere and bevly J?e 
vela3rede of pe greaten. And pe milde ham lovie togidere and become 
vela3es togidere. Lif of poure man is poure vor he ne ze3]? ne metes 
of grat pris ne robes out of scele ne non host hi ne zeche]? ne ine robes 
ne ine ridinges ne ine maine ne ine festes ne ine vela3rede. Bli]?e he 
is yef he he]? his sostinonce. Ac he soffre]? and honger an ]?orst and 
chald and hot and cheastes and manye biternese and alle zuiche ]?inges 
pe pe kueade poure de]? and }?ole]? wille he nolle ne. pe zo}?e milde 
wilne]? and ]?ole]? gledhchte vor God. Alast hit is wone of pe poure 
manne ]?et yef he ne he]? na3t ne na3t ne may wynne he ne he]? none 
flame to acsi. And pe zo]?e milde begge]? eche daye pe benes and J?e 
oroysons of guode volke and of vryendes of God huer he wen}? mest 
of guode and more he belef]? ine hare helpe })ane he do ine his 03ene 



Prede love]? wel he3e stecles. Mildenesse ]?e lo3e. pis is ])e dyamod 
of noble kende ]?et nele na3t sitte ine gold ac ine poure metal ase 
yzen. And zuo hit is of pe hyeape of huete y]?orire ]?e cornes bye]? 
bene]?e and ]?et chef above. Ac our Lhord ffel vanni his corn ate daye 
of dome ase zay]? ]?et Godspel and ffel ]?rawe ]?et chef into ]?e vere 
and ]?et corn into ]?e greynere. ]?e more ]?et ]?et gold is clene ]?e more 
hit evei]? and pe more ]?et hit is hevi ]?e ra]?re hit val]? to ]?e botme. 
And pe more ]?et }?e man is milde ]?e more he love]? lo3e stedes ase dede 
Jesu Crist and his zuete Moder pet ous yeave vorbisne to servi and to 
bou3e na3t wy]?oute more to pe grateste ac to pe leste and pe more pe 
servise ys onwor]? pe ble]?elaker pe milde him de]? ]?er to. ]?ervore 
wyle teche oure Lhord Jesu Crist pe vet to weffe to his poure. }?anne 
mildenesse is moder propreliche of bo^samnesse and hire noriffe]? and 
tek]? and loke]? }?et hi ne by ycorumped ne by ydele blisse ne be zor3e 
ne be grochchinge ne be o3ene wytte ne be 03ene wille ne ine o]?re 
manere. Hy hise agray]?e]? and azet mid alle hire ournemens. 


The ournamens of bo3zamnesse byeth zeven ]?et ys ]?et me bou3e 
presthche. gledliche. simpleliche. klenliche. generalliche. zuyft- 
liche. and wilvolliche. 

pe milde yzj^p bevore his e3en ]?et he ys poure and naked and ne 
he]? nicde bote vor him zelve. And ]?ervore he is alneway agray]?ed ase 
bye]? pe ffipmen ine ff ipe ]?et ase zone ase he yhyer]? ]?ane smite of pe 
lodesmanne hi yerne]? hi Iheape]? as wode. pe milde bou3]? gledliche 
vor ho is ase pe hass as is ]?et ys bli]?e huanne he he]? pe heste onder- 
vonge of his maistre. }?ct pe perils and pe pinen an ]?ane dya]? he 
ondervang]? }?erwy]? mid to grcate blisse vor pe love }?et he he]? to pe 
obedience. ]?ervore zaydc Davi]? ine ]?e Sautere }?et he lovede betere 
pe hcstcs ]?et God him made ]?anne he dede gold o]?er stones of pris. 
pe milde him bou3]? al simpleliche ase do]? ]?ct hors o]?er ]?et ffep ]?et pe 


flepherde let hucr ha wyle ]?et ne say)? nevre huervore guo ich hider 
more ]?anne ]?idcr vor one of ]?e guode do3tren ]>et mildenesse hep 
is holy simplesse. ]>e milde is wel trewe to God ase is a guod hheuedi 
to hire Ihorde pet nele to nonen queme folliche bote to hire Ihorde 
onlcpiliche. And J?ervore non ne bou5]? zuo chenliche ne mid zuo clene 
onderstondinge ase dep pe zo|?e milde J?et ne hate]? bote vor to kueme pe 
wordle. Efterward pe milde is wel ziiift and wel ingnel huanne virtue of 
obedience and pe wyle of God mid his overling him ber]?. Ac huanne his 
03ene wyl him ber]? and let him he is slac an slevol wel to done ase is 
J?e sterre ]?et hatte Saturne make]? ]?et ase moche yern]? in onelepe daye 
mid pe firmament ase pe firmament hine let ase he de]? ine ]?ritti yer 
ine his o5ene sercle and ine his 03ene yerninge ate laste pe milde 
bou3]? generalliche over al )?er he ylef ]? ]?et he queme to God and ine alle 
]?inges ase de]? pe asse of pe melle ]?et ase ble]?elicke berj? here ase 
huete and lyad ase ]?et corn to J?e poure ase to pe riche. Efterward pe 
milde is wel Strang vor he chonge]? his streng]?e mid Godes streng]?e 
ase zay]? Ysaye pe ]?rofete. )?ervore nis he na3t ]?et ne may here 
vor God ber]? and him and his berdone. Huervore he bo3]? wij? guode 
wille and blevindeliche vor he ne is nevremo weri ne pe zonne ]?et God 
let and breng]? vor]? and pe more ha leve]? pe more him wext his 
streg]?e. Alsuo ase pe litel amote. Nou mi3 ]?ou wel yzy hou milde- 
nesse pe tek]? wel to servi and parfitliche bou3e. 


pe greate maister of mildenesse Jesu Crist ]?o he hedde ypreched and 
yved ]?et volk and pe zike and pe ymamed yheld ]?o he vlea3 above 
pe volk into pe helle vor to by ine bedes ous vor to teche to bevly ]?et 
los and pe blondingges and ]?ervore pe trewe herte milde ase him pine]? 
to done wel huanne he bou3]?. Alsuo him paine]? to bevly los of him 
zelve ansuerie vor pane wynd of ydele blisse and ]?et gadere]? vor pe 
rage and vor pe tempeste of evele tongen ine pe ffede of pe roche ase 
zay]? Ysaye. pe ilke roche is Jesu Crist Himzelf ]?et his reste and 
britnesse to pe milde J?er him reste]? pe irchouon ase zay]? pe Sauter 


)?et by J»e milde herten ycarked mid pornes of ITarpnesse of penonce 
l^et is pet colverhous huerinne reste]? and him dep pe colvre oure Lhord 
pet byej? J?e milde herten and simple vor pe vo3eles of praye ]?et bye]? 
pe dyevlen. Huanne pe milde herte he]? zuo moche ydo ]7et he is yguo 
into pe hole of ]?o roche as pe colvre in his colver hous. ]?et is huanne 
he recorde]? }?et lif of Jesu Crist and his holy passioun vor ]?anne he 
voryet alle his zor3es and prayse]? lite al ]?et pe wordle he]? and is wor]? 
and may. Herte ]?et ]?is he]? asayd na3t ne willie]? more }?anne vor to 
by vorlore and vorycte to pe wordle. pe wordle is him prisoun 
onhede paradis. Vor ase zay}? the wyse of him zelve )?et he ne is nevre 
mo lesse allone bote huanne he is one ne more ine niedes bote huanne 
he is ydel. Vor he is ]?anne mid his tuaye beste vriedes ]?et is mid him- 
zelve and mid God. ]?er trete]? he of his grate quereles huervore alle 
o}?re niedes him ]?ing]? trufles. ]?er he him to God and God to him be 
holy ]?05tes and be stedevest wil. per he vel}? pe greate zuetnesse of 
confort ]?et God yef J? ine prive stedes to ]?an }?et him drede]? ase zay]? pe 
Sauter. And ]?anne alle speches and alle wordes him tyene}? and greve]? 
bote yef hi ne by to God o]?er of God o]?er vor God. ]?ous bigin}? pe 
zaule to lovie onhede and stillehede and ]?anne him wext ine herte ane 
holy ffamnesse ]?et is one of pe variste do]?ter of mildenesse. Vor al as 
a mayde ]?et be greate love love]? he]? grat flame ]?anne hi is aspid and 
jherp ]?et me spek]? of hire alzuo he]? pe ilke huanne hi yhyer]? ]?et 
me spek}? of hire and of pe guodes pe God him hep ydo. And na3t vor 
]?an hi dc]? ase de]? pe ilke mayde strongliche opnome of love vor huet 
]?et pe wordle zigge o]?er conne speke alneway zee]? hi ]?e halkes and 
pe derne stedes ase pe ilke ]?et ne zee]? bote vor to by yravifled ase wes 
say[n]te Paul. 


Of }?ise aquayntonce and of }?ise ]?rivitc pe ilke holy zaule begin]? to 
habbe of God betuene hire and an holy prede. Vor huanne hi is 
yreaved ]?anne to hevene hi lokc]? ope pe erpe vram ver ase za]? Ysaye 
and hise yzy3]? zo lite to pe zi3]?e of pe gratnesse of pe hevene zuo 


yzie)? |?e ilke greate vayrhede zuo dim to ])e zi3]?e of Ipe grate bri3tnesse 
zuo emti to J?e zi3]?e of ]?o greate blisse ]?anne onworj^e]? and misprayse]? 
to ]?e zo)?e al ]?ct he he]? ine ]?e wordle of richesses and of worj^ffipe of 
vayrhede of noblesse. Zuo moche him ]3inng]? ]?et hit is ase J?e playe 
of children amidde ]?e strete huer yno3 hi travayle)? and na3t ne Tvynne)? 
him hit ]?ing)? J?et hit is al wynd and metinge and lye3ynge ase zay]? 
Salomon. And ]?anne he begin]? ari3t to sterve to ]?e wordle and libbe 
ine God ase zay}? zaynte Paul. And }?anne is hi zuo poure of gost ]?et 
hi ne hep na3t vor God him he]? zuo his 03ene Gost yreaved and 
benome and ayen yveld of his 03ene ase he dede ]?e apostles at lokes. 
]?anne him yef}? ]?e Holy Gost ane zuo greate herte ]?et ne prosperite ne 
adversete of ]?e wordle hi ne praze}? ane nhote ane zuo greate ziker- 
nesse of inwyt ]?et hardiliche abit J^ane dya}? ane zuo greate hope he]? 
ine God ]?et ]?er ne is na3t ]?et hi ne dorste nime an hand vor ]?e love of 
God. Vor hi he]? ]?o byleve huer of God spek]? ine ]?e Godspelle ]?et is 
ase ]?et zed of mostard huerby hi may bote to ]?e stones an to ]?e belles 
and hi him bou5e]?. ]?et zed o mostard is wel small ac hit is wel Strang 
and wel bitinde vor it is hot ine }?e ver}?e degre ase zigge]? ]?ise 
fisiciens. Be bete me onderstant love. )?e verste stape of love a3e zay]? 
saynt Be[r]nard is huanne }?e man ne can na5t lovie bote him zelve and 
his 03ene guod. ]?e o]?er huanne he begin]? God to lovie ac hit is vor 
his 03ene guod. ]?e }?ridde huanne he knau]? betere God and him love}? 
propriliche vor his guodnesse. }?e ver]?e huanne he is zuo ynome of 
Ipe holy love ]?et he ne lovie ne him zelve ne God bote vor God. ]?anne 
hyer let zo]?e mildenesse }?ane man. 

Nou mi3t ]?ou ywyte openliche hou }?e poure of gost bye]? yblissed 
ine ]?ise wordle. Vor hi ham bye]? zuo moche ylo3ed and emti ]?et hire 
gost is al to na3te become and }?e Holy Gost he]? ]?et hous ayen yveld 
]?et is Lhord of ]?e herte and vel]? zuo moche }?et hi vel]? ]?e mylde }?et 
hi his make]? king of hevene be holy hope and be zikernesse of inwyt. 
And ]?ervore zay]? oure Lhord ]?et }?e kingdom of hevene is hare na3t 
wy]?oute more be beheste ac be saysyne zykere ase ]>e ilke ]?et begin}? to 
ondervonge ]?et frut and }?e rentes hou hi IToUe by yblissed ine }?e o}?re 



wordle |?et ne may non perfitlyche ywyte al liuet he is )?er. Vor hert of 
man dyadlich ne may hit |?enche ne mou]? devisi. 


pe verste yefj^e of ]?e Holy Gost make]? ]?e herte milde and dredvol 
and ]?ervore he]? he ]?ane name ]?e yef J^e of drede. ]?e o]?er make]? ]?e 
herte ziiete and milde and piteus and ]?ervore he hatte ]?e yef]? of pite. 
]?et is proprihche a dyau and a triacle aye alle kueadnesse and name- 
liche aye ]?et venim of zenne of envie huereof we habbe]? bevore 
yspeke, Vor }?is yef]?e bestrep]? ]?e rote of envie of ]?e herte and hine 
hel]? zikerliche. }?anne ]?e herte ]?et ondervang]? }?ise yefpe ondervang]? 
ane zuete deau ]?et his make]? springe ane zofte rote and wel ytempred 
]?et is guod love. ]?anne ]?er wext a trau vair and he5 and wel guod 
berinde frut. ]?et is a guod virtue and vayr ]?et me clepe]? ine Latin 
mansuetudo o}?er beningnitas. ]?et is zuyetnesse of herte ]?et make]? man 
zuete and milde manhede and charitable loviinde and loverede vor hi 
de]? man perfitliche lovie his nixte ase him zelve. 

]?is trau he]? zeve stapes huerby hit clyf]? anhe3. ]?e ilke zeve stapes 
ous ffeawe]? saynte Paul ]?er he ous amoneste]? and bit ]?et we do oure 
payne pet we by al on ine God pet is }?et we habbe one herte and enne 
gost an one love in God. pe verste scele huervore we flblle by al on 
and pe he^e and pe \o^e and the riche and pe poure is vor ]?an ]?et we 
alle habbe]? enne Vader ine hevene ]?et is God ]?et ous made alle comun- 
liche to his anlicnesse an to his ymage }?ervore ]?anne ]?et we alle habbe]? 
enne ffeppere ]?et ous made alle of one materie and he]? ylTape and to 
onelepi ende ]?et is ]?et we by al on ine him ase he zajp ine his Spelle. 
Mochil is grat scele ]?et we togidere lovie vor ech best ase zay]? Salo- 
mounis love]? his anliche. 

pe o]?er scele is vor we bye]? all Cristene ine one Cristenedome and 
riche and poure }?et is ]?et we bye]? alle yweffe of onelepi le3e ]?et wes 
mid Jesu Cristes preciouse blod and ybo3t mid onelepi moneye and ase 
moche costnede pe on ase pe o]?er. Moche ffel ]?anne pe on lovie pe 


o]?er and worssipie ]?et God he3 zuo moclie yloved and ypray3ed and 
ymad of zuo greate dingnete. 

pe fridde scele vor pet we liealde}? alle one beleave and we bye]? alle 
ybounde mid one la3e J^et is al volveld ase zai]? Sainte Paul ine )?ise 
worde Love ]?ine nixte ase )?i zelve. Of J?ise dette ne is non quit vor 
]?ing pet he dep. ]?ise dette flel ecli to o)?ren and liuo mest his yelt mest 
he ffeh 

pe ver]7e scele is vor we habbe)? ennelepi Lhord ]?et is God of huam 
we hyealde]? alle and body and zaule and al J?et we habbe)? alle he hep 
imad communliche alle ybo3t communliche to alien ]?orvey|? commun- 
liche and alle flel deme communliche and alle medi largeliche. ]?o 
)?et habbe]? yhyealde his hestes and ]?os flblle by togidere yloved 

pe vifte scele is vor )?et we bye|? alle vela3es ine pe ost of our Lhorde 
and his kni3tes and his soudeurs ]?et alle we abydej? onlepi ffepe ]?e|7 
is pe blisse wi|?oute ende huer pe love and pe vela3rede flel by volde 
and yconfermed )7et hier flel by wel yhote. 

pe zixte scele is vor ]?et we libbe]? alle of one Goste gostliche ase we 
libbej? of on eyr bodylich. Be pa, Goste we bye]? alle Godes children be 
adoption ]?et is be avouerie and children of holy cherche bro)?er germayn 
of Vader and of moder be ane brojjcrhede gostliche ]?et ase moche 
is worj? betere ]?anne pe brof»erhede vlesslich ase the gost is more 
wor]? ]?anne ]?et bodi. 

pe zevende scele is vor ]?et we byej> alle lemes of one bodye huerof 
Jesu Crist is ]?et heaued and bye}? pe lemes ]?et we libbe]? alle of onelepi 
mete. ]?et is of pe holy Vless and of pe holy Blod of Jesu Crist )?et 
ous zuo moche love]? and zuo moche halt ous wor]? }?et He ous yef]? 
his Blod to drinke and his Vless to etene. }?ervore zuo ofte Sainte 
Paul dej? ous to be]7enche ]?ise love ]?et he ous flTewe]?. Vor more quic 
scele ne more vayrer vorbisne he ous ne may fleawy of zo]?e loverede. 
Yef ]?ou wilt wel ]?enche to ]?ise zeve sceles ]?ou flTelt vinde zeve stapes 
of love ]?et come]? of pe yef]?e of pite. 



Of ]?ise stocke wexe]? zeve bo3es. Vor )?ise virtue him fTewe]? ine zeve 
maneres ase me knau]? ]mne love )?et is betuene pe lemes of ]?e bodye 
ine zeve manyeres. Verst pe on leme verber]? and loke]? an o)?er pet 
me na3t him misdo ne angrisi ne harmi be his mi5te and ine |?ise we 
onderstonde]? pe innocence J^et we ffolle loki pe on aye pe o]?re. Vor 
J?is heste is ywrite ine pe herte of evrichen ]?et }7ou ne do to oj^ren ]?et 
]?et f»ou noldest j^et he pe ne dede ne J?in ri3t hand dede to ]?ine left 

Efterward pe on leme J?ole]? zuetliche of pe o]?re ]?et he him de]? of 
angrice and na5t him ne awec5)? ne non arizinge of wre]?e ne \e\p pe 
leme J^e on aye pe o)?er ne ne ofhyealdej?. In ]?isen we onderstonde]? 
to volvelle mildnesse )?et he]? )?ri stapes. J?e verste is f>et man him ne 
awreke na3t. pe o]?er )7et me ne hyealde na3t ire longe. pe ]?ridde 
]?et man ne vele none arizinge of ire ne of hate aye his nixte vor na3t 
]?et he de]?. 

Efterward j^e lemes bou3e]? alle to hare overling. Vor hi doj? alle 
mid hare mi3te ]?et pe herte acse]? and )?et e3e ham tek]?. Ine pane we 
onderstonde)? pe virtue of bo3samness huerof we habbe|? bevore yspeke 
)7et he ffel bi ine love agrayj?ed and ine charite ase zaij? zaynte Peter. 

Efterward l^e on leme help]? and serve]? pe oj^ren wyjjoute grochinge 
and wy]?oute wyjjzigginge and wyj^oute avarice. Ine ]?isen we onder- 
stonde]? pe virtue ]?et me clepe}? charite. ]?anne a man huanne he 
help]? and him acorde}? ble}?eliche pe o]?re mid pe helpe ]?et God him 
he]? yyeve o}?er him ret o]?er tek}? of his wytte )?et he he]? o]?er yef }? 
and to del}? largeliche vor God pe guodes ]?et he he]? o]?er he chaste}? 
and di3t pe foles be pe autorite }?et he he}?. Ac }?anne zay]? me }?et he 
is vol of charite. And }?ous hit hat zaynte Peter }?et pe guodnesse ]?et 
God ous he]? ylend }?et we hise di3te to oure nixte. }?anne Tulles pe 
filozofe zay]? we flblle }?enche }?et al ]?et is ine pe wordle and wext al hit 
is ymad man to helpe an pe man vor to helpe pe on pe opren bye}? 
beyete. Do we ]?anne zay]? he }?ct hucrvore we bye}? ybore and }?ct 


kende ous tek)? and zeche we alle pet commim profit. Vor ase zay]? 
zaynte Paul we bye]? alle lemes of onelcpi bodye. 

Efterward alle ]?e lemes velep and dra5e]? to ham J?et me dep to echen 
by hit guod by hit kuead by hit blisse by hit zor3e. Huanne me smit 
J?ane vot pe mouj? zay]? J?on me blechest. Be |?an we onderstondej? pe 
virtue of zo]?e pite }?et we flblle habbe communliche ]?et he]? tuaye offices 
ase zay]? zante Paul blisvol ffelt ]?ou by to pe guodes J>et o]?re habbe]? 
and do]? zor3vol ffelt ]?o by to pe kuedes ]?et o]?re vele]? and do]?. 

Efterward yef pe on leme is zik o]?er ywonded alle pe o]?re him helpe]? 
to ]?et he by held. 

Ine }?ise we onderstonde]? pe virtue of dom and of amendement wi}?oute 
huam ]?et body of Holy Cherche ne may yleste. Vor pe leme vorroted 
ffolde ffende pe hole. Huo ]?et wile ]?anne conne hou he ffel his bro]?er 
chasti his nixte o]?er his serjont wy]?nime and puniffi nime hede to him- 
zelve huanne on leme is zik o]?er ywonded huo moche zor3e he]? pe 
herte and grat compassion yvelp and be pe greate love ]?et he hep ine 
him he him de]? pe hand wel zuetliche. And a3e zay]? Senekes ase of pe 
bodye alsuo of pe herte me ffel zueteliche pe wonden agray]?i vor of 
zo]?e love and of grat compassion ffolle pe amendes by ydo. And mid 
greate drede he ffell pe honden do ]?erto. Verst he ffel ]?erto do pe 
smeringes and pe piastres of zuete warninges. Efterward yef ]?et ne is 
na3t woYp pe poudres efterward and prekiinde of harde wy]?niminge. 
Efterward pe dedes of techinge and yef he ne de]? wy]?oute emparement 
]?anne behove]? come ]?et zuord hit vor to dele o}?er be manzinge o]?er be 
hotinge out of contraye o}?er him do vram him zelve. 

Efterward pe lemes worffipe]? pe on pe o}?er and vorbere]? vor ase 
zay]? zaynte Paul we ffolle here ech o]?ren wor]?fnpe and reverence. 
And nameliche ]?o }?et habe]? mest nyede of vorberinge ]?o bye]? pe raeste 
foles and pe fyebleste zuiche me ffel mest vorbere. ]?anne pe guode man 
and pe wyse here]? and vorbere]? alneway pe foles and the fiebles as pe 
buones here]? pe tendre vless and pe pos ]?et hous. ]?is is aye pe missig- 
geres ]?et zuo moche grede]? ble]?ehche pe kueades and pe defautes ]?et hi 
zye]? ine o]?ren. Efterward pe on leme were]? ]?et o]?er ate nyede and 


him zet vor him vor at niede me yzi5]? huo is vrend. Huanne J?e on vot 
slyt J?e o]7er him helpj>. An haste huanne me wyle smite ]3et heaued )?e 
hand hine de]> bevore. Ine )?isen we onderstondej? volvelde and clene 
loverede ]?ervore zay]? God in his Spelle ]?et more loverede ne may by 
|?anne zette his zaule vor his vrend. J?ise vrendrede ous ffewede Jesu 
Crist ]?e zo]?e vrend ]?et vor ous layde his zaule and his body to )?e dya]?e 
and J?et dede He ous vor to yevene vorbysne ase zay|? zaynte Peter and 
Sain Jon zay]? Yef God layde his zaule vor ous and we flblle legge oure 
zaules vor oure bro]?ren ]?et is vor oure nixte yef we bye]? a ri3t leme of 
]?e bodie huerof He is ]?et heaued. Huo J?et ]?ise virtue hedde ich wolde 
zigge openliche ]>e he Abide by ])e ri3te yblissed. }?is is ]?e virtue )?et 
oure guode maister Jesu Crist ous to3te ]>o He zede Yblissed bye]? ]?e 
milde vor hy flblle by in sayzine of ]?e er]?e. ]?et is to onderstonde ine 
}?ri maneres. Verst of ]?e londe of ]?e libbinde ]>et is God zelf }?et is 
woniynge of ]?e libinde ]?et is of ]?e hal3en and of g node men ase ]>e er}?e 
is woniynge of bestes and of men. And ]?ervor ]?et God is f»e land of pe 
libbinde he he]? his yblissed in his saysine vor hi ne make]? none streg}?e 
]>et queme]? God ine hire sayzyne ase zay]? ]?e Sauter. ]?e milde zay]? he 
flel habbe ]?et land ine kende and saynt Augustin zuo zay]? ]?et non ne 
flTel habbe God ine possession vor hi bye]? ri3tvolliche Ihordes of hire 
herten ac ire and felonie his amaystre]?. ]?e milde amaistre]? ]?e queade 
]?eawes and betere is wor]? ]?et zay]? Salomons huo pet overcom]? wel 
his herte ]?anne }?e ilke pet nim]? be streg]?e casteles and cites. 

Efterward pe milde bye]? Ihordes of pe er]?e ]?et is of er}?liche guodes 
vor yef hi hise lye3e}? hi ne wre}?e]? ham na3t ne ne trouble]?. Ac ]?o }?et 
ham wre]?e]? huanne hi hise lyeze]? hi ne ne bye]? na5t Ihordes ac ra]?re 
}?relles and ]?ervore he say]? hit is ri3t ]?et ]?o ]?et habbe]? hier pe timliche 
guodes and gostliche and ham zelve ine possession ]?et hi habbe ine pe 
ende ]?et land of pe libbinde ]?et is God himzelf ine possessioun. 

Ac nou onderstand and loke ]?et ]?et God yef}> to pe poure pe hevene 
and to pe milde ]?et land huer flblle by he bitere and pe felle wy}?oute ine 
J?e zor3e of helle. 



]?e verste yef]?e of pe Holy Gost make]? man milde and dredevol. ]?e 
opre him make]? zucte and pitous. ]?e friddc liim make]? bri3te to 
zyenne and vol of wytte and J^ervorc hit hatte ]?e yef j?c of wytte vor he 
make]? man wytvol and wys and amesure]? alio }?ing. 

]?es yef ]?e huanne he com]? in to ]?e herte bestrep]? and kest out pe 
rote and pe zenne of ire and of felonye ]?et trouble]? pe herte and make}? 
}?ane man al oute of wytte zuo }?et he no ]?ing ne yzi3]? ne vor him ne vor 
o]?ren to lede. Ac pes yef ]?e ali3t pe herte of ech half zuo }?et hi ne may 
by ygyled of nonen ase pe yef ]?e of pite him make]? innocent zuo ]?et 
he nele gyly ncnne. ]?anne Saint Jon zay]? ine pe Boc of Zi3]?e ine goste 
]?et pe holy man ]?et wes vol of ]?ise goste wes vol of e3en bevore and 
behinde and an angel sewede to Zacarien pe profete ane ston huerine 
werin zeve e5en ]?et bye]? pe zeve zi3}?es ]?et pe guode men habbe]?. 
Vor hi zye]? bri3tliche and ine hare herten and al abote ham ]?et is to 
zigge bene}?e and above bevore and behinde and of ri3t half an of left 

pes yeft]?e is pe maister of workes ]?et is to zigge of pe virtues of man 
vor he de]? al to to wylle and to pe line and to pe reule and to pe leade 
and to pe levele. He nim}? verst his pricke and his boime and ]?et is ]?et 
pe wyse zay]?. Of al ]?et ]?ou fTelt beginne loke ]?ane ende and to huet 
heavede }?ou flelt come. Efterward he halt his line vor he ne he]? 
bevore be ri3te way and be ri3te onderstondinge na3t as pe eddrc o]?er 
ase pe vox. Efterward he de]? al be reule ]?et make]? ]?ane wal emne and 
man be commune lyve of pe guode wy]?oute vinde newe hedes. Efter- 
ward he prove]? ofte his work mid lead vor he nim]? hede ]?et his tour ne 
hongi ne stoupi ne ari3half be prosperite ne alefthalf be adversite. pes 
yef ]?e is priour in pe cloystre of pe zaule ]?et loke]? pe ordre and de}? hi 
loki over al. Verst ine pe herte he}> tuo zides pe onderstondinge and }'et 
wyl pe skele and pe aflfeccioun. Huanne }?ise tuo ziden acorde}? hi 
make]? wel zuete melodie and moche vayr service }7et is huanne wyl 
wyle al ]?et onderstondinge tek]? of guode and guod evil vel}? }?et scele 
onderstant. Nou onderstand wel ]?ise tuo ziden ]?et bye}? ine pe zaule 


hou hy ITolle acordi. Ine J?e one zyde bye|? vour lokes and in pe oJ?re 
vour vor ]>e skele he]? vour offices ])et is vor to acsy vor to deme vor 
to be]?enche and to flewy ]?et hi onderstant be worde. And J?e ilke yef 
]?e tekp J?ane scele ]?et hi ffel lyerni and acsy and ine hiiyche ordre and ine 
huitche manere and to huet ende. And ]?et is wel grat nied vor to misdo 
ine zuiche ]?inges is wel perilous. He de|? )?ane scele onderstonde and 
to lyerni pet pet is niedvol and profitable and oneste and hire 
wyj?dra3j? of pe contrarie. A god hou me lyest J?ane time and costingge 
vor to lyerni p'uig ]?et na3t ne is wor]? bote to ydele blisse o]?er to zenne. 
Ac pe Holy Gost be ]?ise jeipe tek]? Ii3tliche and make]? man lyerni 
ordeneliche ]?et is mest nyed to pe zaule to pe love of God and al make}? 
to done ine ri3t onderstondinge and to ri3te ende }?et is pe worffipe of 
God and vor pe profit of his zaule and vor to helpe his nixte. Efterward 
he dej? }?ane skele wel to zeche ]?et zo]?e of ]?inges and nameliche hou hi 
fTel beleve. v^Wel beleve is huanne me belef}? simpleliche al ]?et God 
made zay]? and hat M^]?oute to moche acsi and wy]?oute to zeche pe red 
of God and pe dyepnesse of his domes and pe he3nesse of his mageste 
and pe skele of his o]?es. Wel beleve is huanne me ne lef]? ne to ra]?e 
ne to late ne to alle ne to nonen vor pe on and pe o]?er zuo is vice ase 
zay]? Seneke. Efterward wel acsi wile wel deme. Wel to deme belonge}? 
]?et me na3t ne anserui bote me hit habbe wel ofacsed and }?anne bote 
yef me by ziker ]?et me ne entremetti to deme ping ]?et na3t to him ne 
belonge]? ase bye]? pe ]?inges anhyalde. pe onderstondinges of herten 
of ]?inges ]?et ne mo3e torni to pe ri^t half and to pe left half ]?et me 
his onderstonde ari3t ine pe guode half. ]?anne pes gost be ]?ise yef]?e 
make]? }?ane scele wel to deme and knawe ari3t and to destincti betuene 
pe guode ]?inges and pe kueade betuene pe grcate and pe lesse betuene 
pe little guodes and pe more vor he de]? ech ]?ing praysy ase hit is 
be ri3te wor}?. Efterward he de]? ]?ane scele be]?enche vor he be]?eng]? 
to pe manne al ]?et him is nyed ase God zay]? ine his Spelle. pe p'mges 
]?et bye]? ypased he hise de]? bc]?cnche. pe pmges ]?et bye}) present he 
de}? his onderstonde and to y3y pe ]?inges ]?et bye}? to comene he de}? 
porvay and ordayny. And ]?ise bye}? pe }?ri deles of pe virtue of pru- 


dence be J?e filosofe. Efterward he makej? |?ane scele be mesure speke 
and blej^eliche by stille and speke onne|?e zuo Jjet |?e speche come rajjre 
te ]?e vile Jeanne to ]?e tonge J?et hi by ywe3e ase guode moneye and 
yproved ase zay]? Salomon. J?et is )?et hi by of guode matire ase of 
guod metal and of guode frep]?e )?et is of guode manere yspeke and hi 
habbe his ri^te wy3te and his ri5te tale. ]?et is J?et ]?er ne by to moche 
ne to lite and ]>et hi by wel be3et. Vor guode moneye ne guod word 
me ne ffel na5t yve vor na3t. Huerof zay]? ous God ine his Spelle 
pet we ne ]?rawe na3t oure preciouse stones tovore )?e zuyn. ]?es yef J?e 
acorde]? and ordeyne]? ])e o]?er half of pe herte )?e is J?e wyl. Huerof 
]?er bye]? vour deles Love Drede Blisse and Zor3e. J?et is ]?et he habbe 
]?et he flel and ase he ffel and ase moche ase me ITel and J?et me 
yleve alsuo ]?et me flfel and ase me flel and ase moche ase me fTel. 
Huanne }?ise vour deles bye]? atamed ]?anne zay]? me ]?et ]?e man is 
attempre. Ase me zay]? of one rote o]?er of one herte ]?et hi is attem- 
pre huanne hi is ne to chald ne to hot ne to wet. Alsuo ase to )?e 
bodye of man come]? alle eveles vor ]?e destempringe of ]?ise vour 
qualites o]?er of J^ise vour humours alzuo of ]?e herte of ]?e manne come]? 
alle ]?e vices and alle }?e zennes be ]?e distemperance of ]?ise ]?eawes. 
Huanne ]?ise tuo ziden of ]?e herte bye]? acorded and yordayned ]?et is 
]?e scele and ]?et wyl }?anne is ]?e man ordine wy]?inne him zelve ]?et 
bye)? J?e tuo roten of ]?e rote of ane wel vayi'e trawe )?et is of ane 
wel vayre virtue ]?et me clepe]? ri3tvolnesse. Ri3tvolnesse is propreliche 
]?et me de]? be dome ri3tvol and trewe ne to nefle ne to hard wy]?oute 
bou3inge to ]?e one half ne to ]?e o]?ren huanne me gep vor]? onlepiliche 
and ari3t ase line. Vor ri3tvolnesse ne is o]?er )?ing bote oninge J?et is 
trewe. Huo ]?et he]? ]?ise virtue he is guod justise and v\ys vor he ne 
de]? nothing bote hit by wel of acsed and ytrid ase fCel do ]?e guode 
demere. ]?anne ]?e verste stape of ]?ise virtue is ]?et ]?e man by guod 
demeres of his 03ene herte vor he flel guo in to him zelve and ysy his 
inwyt and wel examini his ]?03tes and his wylles ]?et hi bi guode o)?er 
kueade and al ordayny to ]?e lokinge of scele zuo ]?et )?e vry\ and pe 
scele by of one onynge. Vor ase zay]? Saint Bernard Virtue ne is non 



ober J?ing bote J?e onynge of scele and of wille. J^et is huanne \vyl 
com]? wy}?oute wyj?zigginge speke and maky and to do worke J?et scele 
zayl? and ffewe]? and tek)?. 


Of l^ise virtue ])e oj^er stape is ]?et me by ri3tvol demere and healde 
ri3tvolliclie J?e line of ri3te betuene him and pet is onder him ]?et is his 
bodi ]?et he he]? to loki. Huich he ffel zuo noriffi pet he mo3e servi 
and zuo teche and chasti pet he wyle bou3e. Vor pe scele ffel hj ase 
a trewe arbitres betuene pe goste and j^e vleffe ]?et bye]? alneway 
strivinde ]?et llel loki ]?et ri3t of one half and of o]?re ine zuiche 
manere ]7et pe gost by guod Ihord and ]?et body by guod sergont. Nou 
is hit grat nyed to hyealde in ]?ise half over al ri3tvolnesse and mesure 
ine mete and ine drinke and ine clo]?inge and ine hosiynge and ine 
ffoinge and ine alle pe Jjinges ]9et ]?et bodi acse]?. Vor hit wel ofte bou3}? 
more to to moche }?anne to pe litle. Efterward it behove]? pe vif wyttes 
of pe bodie wel lede and rede be scele and be ri3tvolnesse zuo ]?et ech 
servi of his office wy]?oute zenne and wy]?oute wy]?niminge ase pe e^en 
to zyenne pe yearen to hyere pe nase to smelle pe mou]? to zue3e and to 
speke pe honden and al ]?et body to vele. Huanne ]?ise vif wyttes 
bye}? wel yloked ]?anne is pe castel ziker and yffet }?et bye]? ]?e gates 
of pe zaule ]?et bye]? pe wyndowes huerby come]? in pe dya]? ofte to 
pe zaule ase zay]? pe profete. 


pe ]?ridde stape of ]?is virtue is ]?et pe man by guod demere and 
hycade ri5tnesse betuene him and ]?an ]?et is bevore him ]?et bye]? pe 
]?ingcs of time }?et destrue]? ofte and bodi and zaule huanne me dej? 
]?erto to moche ase do]? pe ni]?inges and pe covaytous. And alle ]?o 
}?et pe wordle lovie]? to moche ]?ct habbc]? zuo ]?e herten engined ine J?e 
dyevles nette ase zay]? Job ]?et to timliche and to nyedes wy]?oute )?et 
to hare hesten hi ne mo3e guo in ne hare lif ordayny. ]?anne hit yval]? 
]?et hit is zo]? ])et Senekes pe wysc zay]? ]?et we be ]?an zene3]? alle and 


foruious ]?et of ]?e parties of ]?e live ecli J?enclie and is soigneus ac of al 
pe live to ordayny non ne }?enc]7 ne studcj?. Nou is )?anne wel grat 
nicd pet me ne do na3t to moche ]?e hcrte ine ]?ise ]?inges wyJ?OLite. 
Vor liuo )?et him de]? to moclie j^erto he val}? in ]?e hate and ine )?e 
covaytise of ]>e wordle pet is pe rote of alle vices as we habbe]? 
bevore yfTewed. 


pe ver]?e stape of ]?ise virtue is ]?et man cherliche yzi ane his ri3t half 
]?et is ]7et he nime hede to ham ]?et bye]? guod J^et bye]? ase ane his ri3t 
zyde and ]?et of pe guode and of pe wyse he nime wyt and vorbysne. 
Ac ine ]?ise zide hit behove)? hyealde ri3tvolncsse and discretion. Vor 
al vole ne mo3e na3t guo be one waye ne alle pe guode ne alle pe wyse 
ne habbe]? na3t onelepi grace alsuo ase pe lemes of pe bodie ne 
habbe]? na3t onelepi office. And ]?erof byej? vele herten novices of 
pB.n ase zay]? pe boc of Collacions of holy Vaderes ]?et dra3t of pe per- 
feccion of virtue. Vor huanne hi y3e]? ane man wel ymad ]?et wyle 
profiti ine on stat o]?er ine one grace anon hy wille]? and him ylyche 
wylle]? by. And huanne hi eft yzye]? ano]?rene ]?et ine ano]?re stat de]? 
manie guodes also hi wylle]> and yerne]? efter an alsuo to pe 
]?ridde and to pe verj^e ne to nonen ham ne zette]?. ]?o bye]? ase is pe 
yonge grihound ]?et is yet al novis ]?et yern]? efter eche beste ]?et yeni]? 
bevore him and ne make]? bote him weri and his time lyese. ]?erof 
zet Ysopes pe fable of pe little hounde and of pe asse. pe bond at eche 
time Jjet he yhyerj? his Ihord come]? hom he yern]? toyens him and 
Ihap]? aboute his zuere and pe Ihord him make]? vayr chiere and him 
frote]? and maker him greate feste. pe asse him be]?o3te ]?ous fTolde ich 
do and zuo wolde mi Ihord me lovie betere he Abide me maki joye ]?et 
ich servi eche daye ]7anne J?ise hounde ]?et him serve]? of na3t. Hit 
nes na3 longe efterward ]?et pe asse ne yze3 his Ihord come hom he 
begin]? to leape and yern]? toyens him and him ]?rau]? pe vet aboute 
his zuere and begin]? zinge grathche. pe sergons ]?et hit yze3e nome 
Steves and byete ]?ane asse ri3t to J?e voile. And ]?erof J?et he w^ende 


habb wor]:>ffipe and guod he hedde flame and harm. Be zueche fables 
wes ywoned ]?e wyse man teche his mayne and be |?ise vorbisne he ham 
Ifewede ])et hi ne flblle na3t wylni to )?e graces huer hi ne mo3e na3t 
come to and J?et ilke zelve tek)? Salomon. Zone zayj? he ne arere na3t 
f>ine e3en to richesses j^et is to graces pet pe ne mi3t na3t come to. 
)?ervore hit is grat nyed to habbe discrecion ]>et me zi of huam me 
may vorbysne nime. 


Also hit is grat nyed pet J?e man yzy bryte ane his left half and pet 
is pe vifte joyel and pe vifte stape. Vor he flel yzy pe foles and pe 
kueade ]?et bye]? ase a]?e left half, vor hy byej? aj?e worse zide. To 
ham me flel nime hede verst vor ]?an jjet he habbe pite an compas- 
sioun. Efterward vor )?et me bevly3t hire folye and hire vorlyezinge ase 
zay]? pe wyse Salomon. Ich wente he zay)? be pe vine and be pe veldes 
of pe fole sleuvolle and ize3 )?et al hi weren voile of nettlen and of j^ornes 
and of Jjise vorbisne ich habbe ynome wyt and poveyonce. Vor me kan 
zigge )?et zoft he him chaste]? ]?et be o]?ren him chaste]?. Efterward vor 
]?an ]?et me loveth more God be huam man is quit of zuyche zennes. 
Ac moche hit behove]? ine ]?a zyde to loki ri3tvolnesse and discrecion. 
Vor huanne ich yzy ]?ane fol and ]?ane zene3ere ich flel habbe pite and mid 
]?oIyinge and na3t maki ]?erof bisemers an scornes. Ich flel alneway 
hatye pe zenne and lovie pe kende and wel me behove]? to loky ]?et 
ich ne wille ine mine herte nenne deme ne me anlicny to nonen vor }?a3 
he by kuead to day ha may by guod tomor3e and zuich is to day guod 
ha may by kuead tomor3e. Efterward ich me flell as moche ase ich 
may wy]?oute misdoinge ayens ham paye and condecendre ine dede and 
ine speche ham vor to wynne to God and wy]?dra3e vram zenne. Vor 
ase zay]? Senekes and saynt Gregorie We ne mo3e na3t ]?o }?et bie]? 
y valle arere bote yef we wylle hou ]?et hit by to ham bou3e. 


pe zixte stape is pe zixte e3e ]?et habbe]? pe guodc men ]?et is ]?et hi 


yzy bri3tliclie behinde j^e grines and )?e dyevles ginnes ]?et byej? oiis 
ase behinde. Vor ])e vyend ous yzi3t and we him ne more ysy oure 
vyendes ]?et byej? J?e dyevlen jjet bye]? wel stronge and wyse and sotile 
and soigneus ous to gyly. Vor hy ne zuyke]? nevre ni3t ne day ac 
alneway bie]? in waytinge vor ous to gily be hare crefte an by hire 
ginnes huerof hi uzep more |?anne a ]?osend manneres and ase zay]? 
saint Gregore J?e dyevel yzi3]? wel sotilliche )?e stat of )?e manne and his 
manyere and his complexioun and to huet vice he ys mest bou3inde 
o]7er be kende oj^er be wone and of ]?o half him asaylej? stranglakest. 
J?ane colrik mid ire and mid discord pane sanguinen mid jolivete and 
mid luxurie J?ane fleumatike mid glotonye and be sleauj^e J?ane melan- 
colien mid envie and mid zor3e. And J?ervore him ffel evrich more 
defendi of po half huer ha yzi3|? )?et his castel is mest fyeble and aye 
J?e ilke vice vi^te huer ha zi3]? J?et he is mest asayled ine zuyche guod 
pet he ne spari nenne vor he is hardy and bold as pe ilke ]?et assaylej; 
Godes Zone his Lhord Jesu Crist. Yef Jjou zede oure Lhord to Job 
ine hou vele wyzen he him desgyze]? alsuo ase J?of he zede non ne wot 
bote Ich. Vor ase zay]? saynt Denys Ale pe angles and pe guode and 
pe kueade and alle pe gostes of men byej? ase a ffewere gostlich ]?anne 
ase a ffewere ondervag)? an haste alle l^e ffep]?es and pe prientes )?et 
come]? bim bevore alsuo de]? pe gost of pe manne by hit slepinde by 
hit wakinde. Nou nim ]?anne ane mirour and zete hine to ayens an 
o]?ren anhaste alle pe ffep}?es }?et bye]? ine pe onen ]?ou ffelt yzy ine pe 
o]?ren. In zuyche wyse me zay]? J^et pe dyevel ffewe]? to pe goste 
zuiche ffeppinges and zuiche figures ase he wyle huanne God hit ]7ole}? 
and pe zaule hit ondervang]? al aye his wyl. And o]?erhuil hit is ase 
to pe ]?03te o}?er ase to pe ymaginacion ase aye mi wyl me behove}? to 
zyenne and odervonge ine pe perle of pe e^e pe ffep}?e of pe pinge ]?et 
is him bevore. Nou is hit a wel grat grace of God and a wel grat 
yef]?e of pe Holy Gost onderstonde wel pe speches alle of pe dyevle 
and knawe wel alle his ^^sages. Vor ase zay]? Saynt Bernard hit is wel 
sotil ]?ing and Strang to conne distincti betuene pe ]?03tes ]?et pe herte 
)?eng]? and ]?o ]?et pe viend J?erinne zet. Huanne he com]? ase vela3e 


o]?er ase vriend o]?er ase chapman and ffewe]? J?e zennes hou hi bye]? 
hkinde and lostvolle h3thche me may hit knawe. Ac huanne he com]? ine 
gyse of angle and flewe]? pet guod vor to dra3e to kueade ]?anne is ]?e 
temptacion mest Strang. And ]?erevore zay]? Saynt Jon ]?et me ne 
leve na3t }?e gostes ac ]?et me hise provy er ]?an ]?et me hise ondervonge. 
Zuo do]? }?o ]?et make]? hine srifte-vader guod and holy man and W)'s 
and wel yproved ine zuiche ]?inges timliche to huam hi ffewe]? ofte and 
grat and small alle }?e ]?03tes ]?et to ]?e herte come]? and guode and 
kueade. Vor as zay]? Solomons yblyssed he is ]?et alneway is dredevol. 
And ine an o]?re stede zay]? he. Do be red al ]?et ]?ou dest and efter- 
ward hit ne fld ]?e vor]?enche. 


}?e zevende stape is }?e zevende e^e ]?et hit behove]? habbe }?et evile 
habbe ]?ise virtue. ]?et is ]?e ilke ]?et an he^ loke]? ]?et be]? God alneM'ay 
tovore him. Of }?an zay]? oure Lhord ine his Spelle Yef ]?ine e3e is 
simple and clene al ])i bodi flel by clyer and bri3t and yef ])m e'^e is 
wycked and dym al ]?i bodi fTel by }?yestre and dim. ]?et is to zigge 
yef ]?in onderstondinge of ]?ine herte is clene and simple and ge}? vor]? 
]?ane ri3te way ase streng al amidde ]?ise stapes alle ]?et we habbe}? 
ynemed }?e hyap of J?ine workes ITel by vayr and clier and lykinde to 
God. And 3^ef ]?e onderstondinge is wrong o]?er yef hy tuyste]? o}?er 
wy]?went ayen ase dep ]?e quarteus al }?e inwyt flel by }?iestre and 
}?e hicap of virtues. Vor wy}?out ri3tvolle onderstondinge elmesse 
becom]? zenne and virtue vice. ]?e onderstondinge is simple ]?anne J?e 
man de]? guode workes ri3tvolliche vor God. Hy is wrang huanne he 
hise de]? vor ]?ank of ]?e wordlc o]?er vor ydele blisse. Hy tuyste}? 
ine tuo huanne me wylnc}? of one half to God and of o]?er half to }?e 
wordle. Ac hi went ayen ase dc]? ]?e cerccaus huanne }?e man zek}? 
his o3ene note in al }>et he de}>. Nou best ]?ou yherd }?e zeve stapes 
huerby pis trau clif}> anhc3. 



]?e bo3es of ]?ise trawe bye]? J?e zeven principals virtues J^et ansuerej? 
to Ipe zeve vices. Ase dep bojsamnesse aye prede love aye envye 
riaildenesse aye fclliede prouesse aye slacnesse largesse aye scarsnesse 
chastete aye lecherie sobrete aye glotounye. 

Jjise zeve virtues lokej? and lede]? wel ri3te and wel zikerliche )?ane 
gost of wytte ]?et hise let be J?e waye of ri3tvolnesse ase zay]? Salomon 
be huiche waye discrecion and scele Ipet is ];e cartere of virtues ase zayj? 
Saint Bernard and ]?e ro]?er of j^e ffipe of j^e zaule his let and breng]? 
vor)? ]?ct hi ne guo na3t amis a ri3t half ne a left half. And |?us hi 
profite]? and wexe}? and here]? frut to ]?e voile. J?ervore ]?anne f>et pe 
virtue of ri3tvollenesse be discretioun him flewe]? ine alle ]?e workes of 
o]?re virtues and wy]?oute ]?ise alle )?e o]?re virtues lyeze]? {^ane name of 
virtue and become]? vices. Zigge ich wel ]?et in onwyt ]?ise zeve virtues 
bevore yzed bye]? ]?e bo3es of ri3tvolnesse and al }?et frut of guod workes 
pet of ham wexe]? belonge]? to j?ise trawe. Nou onderstande wel hou 
pe greate Maister of virtues ous spek]? of ^lise virtue vor hi ne is na3t ine 
his reule Yblessed bye]? ]?o Ji'et ri3tvolenesse hiealde]? over al and in alle 
]?inges habbe]? discretion and mesure wy]?oute misniminge vor we ne 
habbe]? hire onnea]?e ywonne vor non ne is ]?et ne misnimj? ine vele 
maneres. And ]?ervore ous comforte]? wel zueteliche oure zuete Maiste 
Jesu Crist huanne he ne zay]? na3t Yblissed bye]? ]?o ]?et ne zenc3e]? ne 
misnime]? ac do]? al be ri3tvolnesse and be lingne. Ac he zay]? wel 
cortaysliche vor to conforti pe zenvolle. Yblissed bye]? ]?o }?et wepe}? 
vor by ITolle by conforted. ]>et is to zigge. ]?o bye}? yblissed ]?et yzye}> 
and onderstonde}? and knawe]? wel hire defautes ine alle ]?ise zeve poyns 
of ri3tvolenesse ]?et we habbe]? hier ynemned and J^ervore wepe}? and 
bye]? zor3vol }?et hi vinde]? zuo ofte onri3t huer hi ffolden healde and 
vinde ri3tvolnesse. Vor ]?ervore is pe wordle ycleped pe dane of tyeares 
and non ne may in pe wordle libbe wy}?oute tyeares }?et he}? ondervonge 
pe yef}?e of wyt huerof we habbe]? yspeke. ]?anne behove]? ase zay}? 
Salomon vor huo }?et mest can and mest zi3]? pe zor3es and pe kueades 
of pe wordle pe more he}? zor3e to his herte and tyeares and wepinges. 


And J?us begin]? |?is wordle to tyeny and ]?e more ]?et tyenej? J?is lif ]?e 
more me wylne]? |?et o|?er. And )?erof wexep o]?re tyeres vor |?e wylninge 
of ]?e o]?re live. 

Nou ITelt |?ou J?us ]?enche. Zix maneres of tyeres J?et J^e holy man 
hep in J?ise wordle be ]?e yefj?e of wytte. Jje verste come]? of ]?et me 
zy3t pet me he}? God ofte ywre]?ed be }?03te be speche and be dedes. pe 
o}?er com]? J?erof ]?et me yzi3}? ]?e greate tormens hidouse an evrelestinde 
of helle huerof ech man ffel habbe grat drede. pe ]?ridde wexe]? of pe 
kueades }?et me yzi3]? pe guode ]?olye. pe ver}?e come}? of pe zennes 
)?et pe kueade do}?. }?e vifte vor ]?ise live ]?et tyene]? and vor ]?e o]?re 
)?et de]? averst. }?e zixte com]? of devocioun and of grat plente and of 
blisse of pe presense of Jesu Crist and of pe velinge of pe Holy Gost and 
]?ise bye}? ari3t yblissed }?et zuo wepe}? vor hi ffolle by yconforted ase 
zay]? pe writinge. Alsuo ase ]?e norice conforte}? }?et child }?et wep}? 
vor hi wype}? pe e^en and him kest and hi de}? him le3e be streng))e 
alsuo ffel do oure Lhord to ham ]?et wepe]? ine ]?ise wordle as ich habbe 
3zed. Vor he wyle zuo wypi hare e3en ]?et nevre me ne Able wepe ne 
ne ffolle eyvele kuead ne zorze ac evre mo ffolle by mid God ine paise 
and in le3inge and in blisse wy}?oute ende. 

OF ]?E YEF]?E of STRENG)?E. 

Nou we habbe}? yspeke of yef }?es and of virtues }?et governe]? }?o ]?et ine 
pe wordle libbe}? mid pe lo3este of ]?ri states huerof we habbe]? bevore 
yspeke. Nou ffolle we mid pe helpe of pe Holy Gost speke of pe 
yef}?es and of pe virtues }?et more propreliche belonge]? to ham ]?et pe 
wordle onwor}?e}? and to pe he^e helle of perfeccion wylne}?. Of ]?an zay}? 
propreliche Job }?et lyf of man ope pe er}?e is ase knythod. Vor 
mannes lyf ine pe er}?e is as borgeysie. Nou yzi3 ane yongne boryeis 
and ane newene kni3t. Mochel habbe}? }?os of vele }?03tes newe diver- 
ses and wylvolle. pe borgeys wylne}? to chapfari an to wynne and to 
gaderi and pe ende of his wylle is al }?erto }?et ha by riche in guodes 
and in his toune ywor]?ssiped. pe kny3t newe ge}? al ano}?erne way vor 
he wilne}? corteysyes to done an largeliche yeve and knythod to yerny 


and guo to armes kueades to 'polje flcwy prouesscs porchaci los and ine 
he5e stat clive. ]?ise tuo states we zye]? apertliclie ine tuo maneres of 
volke huerof J?e on is )?et wel ham wylle]? vram greate zcnne loki do 
penonce yeve elmesse hyealde Godes liestes and of Holy Chcrche and 
wel ham hit were yno3 yef hi mi3te ate ende bo zuo moche by ybor3e. 
}?ise byej? ine guod stat and wel ham mo5e sovi. ]?e o]?re bye]? to huam 
]>et ]?e wordle anoy|? vor j^e perils and J^e zennes and de pinen huerof 
hi is al vol zuo j^et non ne may habbe pays of herte ne stedevest 
inwyt. Hi yze]? of o]?er half ]?et ]?er ne is no tresor )?et mo3e by wor]? 
to Godes love no zuyetnesse zuo grat pays of herte no blisse of J?e 
wordle J^et by wor]? te ]?e blisse of klene inwyt zuo ham ]?ing]7 and wel 
hit is zo]? )?et huo )?et )?ise ]?ri ]?inges may winne he Abide by more 
J?anne emperour. Ac ]?et is zuo grat Jjing j^et veawe ]?er bye]? zuiche 
]?et dorre ]?ise niminge maki ac huanne God yefj? to ]?e manne ])he 
grace and J?e ilke yef|?e ]?et me clepe]? I?e gost of streng]?e he hym 
yef]? ane newe herte ane noble herte and hardi. Noble vor to onwor]?i 
al ]?et ]?e wordle mai behote and yeve. Hardyesse vor to ]?olie all ]?e 
kueadnesse ]?et ]?e wordle may ]?reapni and of ]?ise hardiesse spek}? 
oure Vader huanne he zede ]?et yblysse]? bye]? ]?o ]?et habbe]? honger and 
}?orst of ri5tvolnesse. Salomon zay]? ]?et he is ri^tvol ]?et onwor}?e}? his 
harm vor his vryend ]?et is vor God }?et is ri3t vrend. And saint 
Bernard zay]? he ne is na3t ri3tvol ]?et ne yzi3]? na3t ine his herte and 
vel]? and onderstant ]?et he is yeldene and ayens God of treu]?e toppe 
alle ]?ing. ]?e ilke ]?et zo]?liche wylne]? mid al his herte to yelde ]?ise 
dette to God ]?e ilke is of ]?an huerof oure Lhord spek]? huanne He zede 
}?et ]?e ilke bye]? yblissed }?et habbe]? honger and ]?orst vor ri3tvolnesse. 
He ne zay]? na3t yblissed hi bye}? ]?o ]?et habbe]? o]?er ]?et do]? ri3tvol- 
nesse ac ]?o ]?et habbe]? honger and }?orst. Vor ]?is ri3tvolnesse ne may 
by yhyealde ne ]?is dette ne may by volliche yyolde ine ]?ise wordle 
ac ine }?ise wordle hi is yw)^lned and ine ]?e o]?re ypayd. ]?ervore ne 
zay]? na3t oure guode Lhord and Mayster ]?o bye]? yblissed ]?et }>ise 
ri3tvolnesse fTolle do and ]?et J^ise dette flblle yelde ac he zay]? wel 
cortayslaker ase He ]?et wot oure poverte yblisse}? bye]? ]?e ilke }?et of 



]?ise ri3tvolnesse habbe]? honger and ]?orst. Vor He ne aksep na^t pet 
we Him yelde hyer his dette ac hit is him yno^ yef we habbe]? guod 
wyl to yelde. J?is wyhiinge huanne hi is zo]? in herte behove)? J^et he 
hit ffewy be dede vor ase zay]? Salomon non ne may )?et ver ine his 
bosme hede ]?et his robe ne berne. ]?is ffewinge ne may bi wy]?oute 
virtue and wyf'oute prouesse vor be wytnesse ne by playtinge me ne 
prove]? na3t ]?et he by guod kny5t ac be moche dede of armes and be 
moche J?oliynge and to yleste. And J>et is ]?e ver]?e virtue J>et ]?e Holy 
Gost yef I? to J?e manne vor to strepe of al in al ]?e verl^e vice ]?et is 
pe zenne of sleaw]9e and of onlosthede. ]?is virtue is of zuo greate 
dignete |?et amang alle ])e o]?re virtues J?is one berf* propreliche be him 
zelve ]?ane name of virtue vor virtue and prouesse is al on. }»ise 
virtue God yef]? to his sergons huanne he his wile maki kni3tes ase he 
dede to his Apostles at lokes of huam we redej? J?et hi weren zuo 
dredvol |?et hi no dorste guo out of hare house al huet hi weren mid 
Jjise virtue yarmed. Ac more hi yeden ledinde blisse huanne me dede 
han flame and hardnesse. 


pe filozofes pet of ]?ise virtues dro3en hi todelden ]?ise virtues ine zix 
deles ]3et bye]? ase zix stapes huerby ]?ise virtues clive]? and profite]?. 
Ac oure Master ]?et made pe filo3ofes and filo3ofie J?et is Jesu Crist He 
zet ]?ane zevende poynt. 

pe verste poynt of prowesse hi clepie]? magnanimitie. pe o]?er fiaunce. 
J?e ]?ridde zikernesse. pe ver]?e ]?olyinge. pe vifte stedevestnesse. J?e 
zixt magnificence. J?e zevende ]?et oure mayster 3ette hatte honger and 
poYst of ri3tvolncsse. 

J)ise virtues me ne may na3t propreliche nemni ase onderstondinge 
hise to di3t ine Latin. Magnanimite is he3nesse gratnesse and noblesse 
of wylhede huerby pe man is hardi ase lyon and of greate niminge. 
J?is virtue he]? tuo delles greate J?inge onwor]?i and wel grater to nime 
an hand and to chiese. 

Of pe verste zay]? Zapit Austin Prowesse is huanne corage onwor]?e]? 


al pet ne is na3t in his pouer ]?et is al ]?et he may lyese wylle him 
nolle him. And Seneke zay)? Amang wordleliche )?inges no J?ing ne is 
grat bote herte )?et greate J^inges onwor]?e]?. 

Of ])e o]7re dele zay]? ]?e filozofe ]?et magnanimite is renable niminge 
of he^e f'yng and dredvol. Huo J^et ]?ise virtue he)? he yzi3]? ]?e wordle 
vram ver ase zay}? Ysaye J?e profete. And ]?us him ping]? al ]?e worle 
lite ase a sterne hit J?inc|? to ous. J?anne al J^e wordle and alle pe 
bisyhedes and ]?e greate niedes of ]?e wordle him J?ing]7 ase na^t. And 
J)ervore hise ne prayze]? na5t bote ase ]?e web of ]?e spi)?re. J?anne 
Salomon huanne he hedde al ]?e wordle ywent and of alle J?inges and of 
foles and of wyse ystrived he zayde his dom ine zuiche manere. ydel- 
nesse. ydelnesse. ydelnesse. and al J?et ich izi is ydelnesse. )?et is 
to zigge )?e wordle is ydelnesse and zuo hi is al vol of ydelnesse. And 
]?e man himzelf vor huam ]?e wordle is ymad zuo is al ydelnesse vor ine 
him is alle manere ydelnesse ase zai|? J?e Sauter. Ydelnesse be stervinge 
vor his lyf vli5]? ase fled, ydelnesse be bysihede vor ]?ise bysyhedes 
bye]? ase meteles. Ydelnesse be kueadnesse vor zenne him make]? more 
na3t J?ane ]?ing ]?et is ine J?e wordle. 

Nou is J?ane ]?et verste del of ]?ise virtue ]?et him de]? ]?e wordle 
onworJ?i ase habbe)? ydo ine ariere and J?e filozofe payen and ]?e holy 
Cristene man. 

|?e o]?er del is zuo J?et him make]? ]?ane way of perfeccion to nimene 
and ]?et lyf ]>et zuo moche sewe)? flarp an dredvol to chiese. pet is 
]?e way ]?et let in to pe helle of God. ]?et is ine J?e stat of perfeccion. 
)?et is pe way of prive red of oure Lhord ]?et He flewede to his Apostles 
ine pe helle huerof )?is bok spek]?. J?esne way chyze)? ]?o to huam ne is 
na3t yno3 to loki pe hestes of God huerto hi bye]? yhyealde and Mylle]? 
volvelle his redes huer hi ne bye]? na5t be dette yhyealde ase bye]? ]?o 
]?et \etep al ]?et hi habbe]? vor God and yvej? ham to sterve vor pe love 
of him ]?et starf vor him o]?er ine pe londe beyende ]?i ze o]7er ine ano]?re 
stede. And ase do]? ]?o ]?et vorlete]? and al onwor]?eJ? vor God and 
guodes and vryendes and ham zelve and make]? ham zelve ]?relles of 
oJ?ren ]?et weren vry and make]? ham zelve poure J?et werin riche oj^er 


my3ten by. Hy do]? ham to ]?olye grat sarpnesse ]?et hedden ine ]?e 
wordle greate lostes ase bye]? manie }?et bye}? ine religion and of herte 
and of bodie. Vor litel is worj? to by ine religion o}?er ine flarpnesse 
of penonce yef }?e herte ne is na3t }?erto. Vor ]?e clo]?inge ne make]? 
na3t ]?ane monck ne ]?e armes ]?ane kni3t ac ]?e guode herte and ]?e 
dedes of prouesse. 


]?e o]?er stape of ]?ise virtue is beleave vor huo }?et he]? ]?ane guode 
way 5Tiome hit behove]? ]?et him hyealde vestliche ine his wylle and ]?et 
he habbe guode beleave ine God ]?et he him volvelle ]?et he he}? 
agonne. }?ise virtue hi clepie]? beleave. Hi is wel nyedvol aye ]?e asay- 
linges of ]?e wordle of ]?e vlesse and of ]?e dyevle }?et stranglaker asayle}? 
]?ane man ate agynninge. ]?et vless him zay}? ych ne may }?olye ]?is lyf ne 
mine ealde wones lete. ]?e wordle zek]? efter vor }?an to wy}?dra3e ase 
me zek}? ane ]?yef huane he is ascaped of ]?e prisone. }?e dyevel him 
zay]? Wrechche huet wyltou do huervore ]?e yelst )>e zuo. Vor ]?ou 
mi3test }?e o}?erlaker wel wytye. ]?ise bye]? ]?e verste asaylynges }?et 
Godes newe kny3t ]?ole}? }?et ]?eng}? to wynne pe regne of hevene. Ac 
huanne he him yef]? to God be guode an stedeveste beleave he ne hep 
none hede. Vor he is }?e treweste vrend ]?et may and can and wyle 
his 03ene loki and huam ]?et God wile helpe no}?ing him ne may 


}?e ]?ridde stapc of prouesse is zikernesse. Zykernesse ase zay]? pe 
filozofe is a virtue huerby me ne dret na3t ]?e kuedes ne ]?e perils ]?et 
bie}? bevore hare e3en. And ]?et is ]?c ]?ridde guod }?et }?e yef}?e of 
streng}3c de]?. Vor ]?e Holy Gost huanne he he]? yarmed his kny3t of 
his virtue verst he him yef}) noble herte greate ]?inges to nimene. 
Efter ward he him yef]? ane greate hetc and a grat wyl to vol3y and grat 
hope vor to volvelle. Eftcrward he make]? him ziker ase lyoun zuo }?et 
he ne he}? dredc nc of perils ne of pinen ne of dya}?e ne of torment. 


Ac he his wilne]? ase dej? pe newe kny3t J>e tornemens an suo dede J?e 
martires ase hit Yingp ine hare hve huerof we rede}? of zaynte Agase 
pe mid greate bUsse hiyedc to torment also ase hi ycde to feste o]?er to 
a bredale. 


Ase pe Holy Gost make]? his kny3t ziker vor to abide pe tormens and 
pe zor^es )?et byej> to comene alsuo he him make]? Strang and ]?olyinde 
vor to ]?olye huanne hi come]?, and ]?et is ]?e ver]?e stape ]?et hi clepie]? 
pacience be ]?ise virtue }?e guode overcome]? alle his vyendes }?ane 
dyevel ]?e wordle and ]?et vlefT and al }?et hi mo5e zigge and do. Vor 
}?et is ]?e field of gold to him ]?et vor Godes love ]?ole]? ]?et him T\Ti3}? 
of eche half ase zay]? }?e Sauter zuo }?ct no strok ne may him breke 
J?e hcrte. ]?ise virtue non ne he]? ]?et ne he}? bi vondcd vo[r] tri- 
bulacion make]? pacience ase zay}? zaynte Paul ase }?et ver make}? 
}?e tezele hard. 

Wy]?oute }>ise virtue non ne is yproved ne }?et gold ne may by 
wy}?oute ver yclensed. Wy]?oute pacience non ne he}? victorie vor 
huo }?et lyest pacience he is overcome. Wy}>oute pacience non ne 
com}? to perfeccion. ]?erof we yze}? vorbisne ate leste ine alle }?e 
mestyeres }?et me de]? mid hand. Moche ]?ole}? }?e coupe of gold of 
strokes of yzen er ]?an hi by y3et ope }?et bord of }?e kinge and ]?e 
chalis er ha by yblissed and y3et ope }?ane weved. Moche }?ole}? }?e 
tonne of greate strokes er me do ]?rin }>et guode wyn. Mochel is 
defouled mid ]?e vet of voUeres }?e robe of scarlet er }?an }?et ]?e kuen 
his do an. And ase vele mi3t }?ou to ]?an vinde vorbisnes ase }?er bye}? 
workmen at Paris of alle mestyeres. Be }?ise virtue is Strang }?e man 
ase ]?et ysen )?et alle metals adaunte]?. Of grate pris ase }?et gold }?et 
}?e more his is ine vere ]?e more hit is clene and clyer and tretable. 
ase }?e salamandre ]?et leve}? ine ]?e vere and ase }?e vifl* }?et in }?e 
travailinde wetere him ba}?e]? and norisse}?. 



J?e vifte stape of J^ise virtue is ycleped Constance. )?et is a virtue 
]?et make]? J?e herte Strang and stedevest ine God ase a tour yzet ope 
ane stronge roche and as a traw yroted ine guod land )?et hit ne flake 
vor nenne wynd )?et may come ne blawe J?et is ine no cas J?et mo3e 
come ne guode ne kueade. WyJ^oute ]?ise virtue nonne ne come]? to 
victorie vor huanne godes kny3t hep ido zome prowesse ]?anne him 
asayle]? }?e dyevel be ydele blisse and ]?anne is ]?e batayle ine pe herte 
Ipe stranger vor him zelve to overcome pet he ne valle be ydele blisse. 
}?anne alle pe verste vondinge ne wes huerof David zay]? in pe Sautere 
)7et pe dyevel over]?rau]? pe wel stronge of left half be adversite and pe 
wel stronge a ri5t half be ydele blisse. 

]?ise virtue preyse]? moche Seneke }>et zay]? J>et ]?er ne is virtue bote 
J?e ilke ]3et gep vor]? proudliche betuene pe one aventure and pe o]?re 
]?et is betuene pe guode and pe kueade and grat onwor]?nesse of on 
an of o]?er. 


pe zixte stape of prouesse hi clepie]? Magnificence. }?ise virtue hi 
descrive]? ]?ous. Magnificence is hi ziggep of he3e nyede yblissede 
blevinge. ]?ise virtue oure greate filosofe Jesu Crist clepe]? perse- 
verance be huam pe guode Godes knyt ]?ole]? pe kuedes and ylest 
al to pe ende ine ]?o he3e waye of perfeccion }?et he he]? ynome. Of }?ise 
virtue zay]? zaynte Paul ]?et alle pe virtues yeme]? ac }?is wyn]? ]?et zuord. 
Alle hy vi3te]? ac ]?is he]? victorie and pe coroune. Alle werchej? ac ]?is 
ber]? away ]?ane flTepe aneuen. Vor ase zay]? oure Lhord Huo ]?et blef }? 
al to pe ende he flel by bor3e and non o]?er. More vor]? ne cou]?en pe 
filosofcs lede pe virtue of prowesse ac pe deciplis of oure Maistre Jesu 
Crist guo]? yno3 more vor]? vor ase zay]? Salomon Huanne hi habbe]? 
al asummed ]?anne verst ham pingp ]?et hit is al to aginne. pe virtue 
and pe prouesse of pe filozofcs wes al vor pe vices to overcome and to 
zechc pe virtues ac pe prouesse of hal3en vor to overcome pe vices and 
pe virtues to zeche and }?crto principalliche vor to healde ri3tvolnesse an 


tYGvipe avoreye Jesu Crist. He ne is na5t ri3vol pet ne yelt ]?et ha flel be 
his ini3te and vor zo)7e mochel is ri3tvol ]?ing and scelvol ]?et ich yeve 
mi hf and mi dyesip vor Him ]?et his hf and his dyca]? yaf vor ous. And 
ase moche ase He is wor]? betere ]?anne ich zuo moche ich am yeldinde 
be ri3te ri3tvoinesse ase zay]? saynt Anselm. ]?isc ri3tvolnesse ich may 
wylny ac ich ne non o]?er ne mo3e hicr hit yelde ne volhche hit paye ase 
we habbe}> bevore yzed. And ]?ervore is ]?e zevende stape of ]?ise virtue 
pe ilke pet oure Maister Jesu Crist dej? J?erto huerto pe filozofes ne mi3te 
come )?o he zede Ybhssed byej> ]?o J?et habbej? honger and ]?orst of 
ri3tvolnesse. )?anne bye]? ]?o ari3t yblessid ]?et pe zix stapes of prowesse 
bye]? yclive and habbe]? honger and ]?orst and grat wyl pe zevende stape 
be hare my3te chve. 


In ]7ise trawe ase ine pe o]?ren we vindej? zeve bo3es vor ine ^eve 
maneres of vi3t ]?er come]? zeve maneres ovcrcomeinges and be ]?ise zeve 
overcominges hi wynne]? zeve maneres of corounes ]?et bye]? zeve medes 
huerof saynt Jon spek]? in pe Apocahpse. Vor ase zay]? saynt Bernard 
Mochel is he fol and overweninde ]?et wy]?oute overcominge abit to habbe 
pe coroune and huo wy]?oute vi3t wen]? habbe pe maystrie huerof zaynte 
Paul zay}? ]?et nevre to coroune ne flel come ]?et trieweliche ne vi3t 
treweliche. ]?et is to zigge be pe la3e of pe velde of pe yprovede ]?et wes 
ywoned to byenne pe ealde manere at Rome ]?et pe ilke ]?et to pe velde 
him dede vor to habbe los overcom alle ]?o ]?et pe mayster of pe velde 
dede come ayen him. pe mayster of ]?e velde is Jesu Crist ]?et asay]? his 
newe kny3tes as hit is ywrite ine pe boc Kinges. }?es mayster is wel 
trewe ase zay]? zay[n]te Paul and kan vol wel pe mi3te of echen. He ne 
}?ole}? }?et no vyend ous vondy over oure mi3te ne non adversari ous 
asayli ]?et we ne mo3e overcome yef we wille]? mid his helpe ]?et ine pe 
vi3t ous wext oure streng]?e ase zay]? zayte Pauel. Saynt Jon ase we 
habbe}? yzed to parte]? zeve overcomeigges and zeve corounes ]?et is to 
zigge zeve maneres of medes ]?et God behet to ]?an }?et overcome]?. 



J?e verste vi5t l^et ]?e Cristene habbe]? is aye dyeadlich zenne. Ine J?is 
vi3t nevre is overcome J?et nele to senne consenti. He overcome]? }?ane 
vi3t J?et is wel li5t to overcome to f>e bolde lierte and lang and riotouse 
to J?e sleavoUe and to ]?e onlosti ])et bye}? slacke to Godes service. ]?et 
ne bye]? ne wel cliald be poer ne wel hot ine }?e love of God ase zay]? 
zaint Jon. }?e ilke }?et val]? an is overcome ine }?ise vi3tinge he}? more 
strenger to done him zelve to do arere and him zelve to weri }?anne }?e 
ilke }?et is stondinde vor he ne hep none mi3te him zelve to arere bote 
God him hyalde }?e hand be his grace. Vor ase viff ge]? in be him 
zelve and be his wille into ]?e nette alsuo }?e man ge}? in be him zelve and 
be his wylle into zenne. Ac out ne may he na3t guo wy}?oute oure 
Lhordes helpe }?et him yef}? huanne he wyle and ]?e armes of penonce 
huerby he may overcome his yvo }?et is }?e armure }?et ]?e Apostel Paul 
het to nime ine }?ise vi3tinge vor man onarmed ne is na3t wor]? ine vi3t. 
Nou ITelt }?ou conne }?et to }?an ]?et ]?e man by wel yarmed vor to over- 
come profitliche zenne hit behove]? }>e he habbe }?ri }?ing }?et bye}? ine 
zo]?e penonce. }?e verste ]?ing is vor}?enchinge of herte }?e o}?er ffrifte of 
moutlie }?e }?ridde is yno3 amendement be dede. Of }?ise ]?ri }?iuges is 
yhol }?e hauberk of penonce. Yef }?e on of }?ise ]?ri ]?inges fayle]? }?e 
armure is al vals and he }?et ber]? overcome. Vor}?enchinge acsef grat 
zor3e and greate zykinges of herte vor }?et he he]? ywre]?ed his fleppere. 
And }?e more }?et me him he]? ywre}?ed }?e more gratter ffell by }?e 


}?ous vor]?u3te ]?c kyng Davi]? ase he zay}? ine ]?e Sauter. Ich zuynke 
and travayli ine mine zykinges and wille wefFc eche ni3t mi bed and mine 
couche mid mine tcarcs. ]?e ilke }?et God he}? ywre]?ed be dyeadhche 
zenne he ffcll zor3y mid dycpe licrte zuo }?et }?e herte melte al in to 
tyeares and in to greate zor3es and mid greate zikingcs me ITel grede to 
God mcrci ase his ]?yef ase his mansla3]?e ase his be5uykere }?ct he}? 


ofserved ]?et gibet of helJe. Ipe zene^ere is Godes J?ief vor J?e guodes of 
his Ihorde ]?et ne hjep liim bote ylend vor to wynne pet byej? ]?e guodes 
of kende and of grace and of ha]? huerof him behove]? rekeninge and 
scele yelde wel straythche he hise hep foIHche yspended ine evele 
wones and al ylayd to an ha3ard. Efterward he is moyrdrer of pe kinges 
do3ter }?et is of his 03ene zaule ]?et wes Godes do3ter be grace }?et he 
hej) ysla3e be dyadUch zenne. Efterward he is Godes bezuykere vor pe 
castel of his herte and of his bodye J?et God him he}? ytake to loki he he)? 
yolde to his yvo dyadhch J?et is pe dyevel. Wel J?anne he flel grat zor3e 
habbe )?et is in zuich poynt and ofte mid his teares his bed wefle ]?et is 
his inwyt huerof pe venimouse eddre of helle sest geus zueche tyeares 
drive]? J?ane dyevel vram pe herte ase ]?et bote weter cache]? ]?ane bond 
out of pe kechene. Efter pe vor]?enkinge ffell come pe ITrifte ]?et is pe 
guode chomberier ]?et clenze]? ]?et hous and kest out al pe vel]?e mid pe 
besme of pe tonge huerof spek]? David ine pe Sautcre et meditatus sum 
cum co[r]de meo et excercebar et scopebam spiritum meum. 

OF J?E ffklFTE. 

Nou onderstand wel hier hou me fTel by yffrive J?erto ]?et pe ITrifte by 
wor]? to pe helpe of J?e zaule. )?erto behove)? zix conditions, pe verste 
is )?et hi bi ymad wysliche. )?is wyt is ine tuo ping pe verste ]?et me nime 
hede to huam he ffell him ffrive. Efterwar huerof Saint Austin zay]? vor 
]?et me de)? vor te bevly )?ane dya)? of pe bodie me ffel do vor to askapie 
)?ane dya)? of pe zaule. pe zike vor to bevly )?ane dya)? and vor to habbe 
hel)?e zek]? ble]?eliche )?ane beste fisician and )?ane wyziste )?et he may 
habbe. Alzuo say)? saynt Augustin ]?et huo ]?et wille wysliche him be 
rede and grace avore pe God vynde he ffel zeche zuych ane confessour 
|7et conne bynde and onbynde ])et is )?et he conne wel yknawe zenne 
and pane zene3ere wel rede and pet he habbe power him to asoyli and 
him penonce to anjoin be pe zenne. Qui vult conjiteri peccata sua ut in- 
veniat gratiam, querat sacerdotem qui sciat ligare et solvere, etc. 

Efter ]?an huo ]?et him wisliche wyle ffrive he ffel myd wylle )?enche 
ane his zennes avore ))et he come to ffrifte and al his herte zeche and his 



inwyt hou he he]? God and his yblyssede Moder and his hal3en ywre}?ed 
and mid greate deede al his lyf be]?enche ase dede ]>e guode king Ezechie 
])et zayde f>us Ich wylle be]?enche alle mine yeres ine biternesse of mine 
zaule. ]?e zene3ere ffel guo into his house ]?et is into his herte na3t 
pasindehche ase )?e jougelour ]?et ne blef]? na^t blej?ehche in his house 
vor he hep no worse hous ]?anne his 03en. Ac ]?er he ffel bleve and ysy 
alle his defautes huerof he ffel yelde rekeninge and skele to God an to 
his preste pet is to his ffriftevader an ffel ]?enche of him zelve ase J?e 
ilke pet he)? day vor to rekeny of his ondervonginge and of his spendinges 
bevore his Ihorde. fanne he ffel him diligentliche fenche bevore and 
izy ]?et writ of his inwyt J?et he ne faly ine his rekeninge. Vor yef he 
faile]? at his rekeninge God nele na3t faly at his. Huanne me he]? 
diligentliche y]?03t of his zennes and yze3e hou and ine hou vele maneres 
he he]? God yvvrej?ed and hou velezy]?e and hou kueadliche he he]? 
y3ene3ed and hou longe ybleft ine pe zenne ]?anne ffel he him of al 
hasteliche ffrive. 

And ]?is is pe other condicion ]?et ffel by ine ffrifte. pe kyng David 
aros at midnight him vor to ffrive ase he zay]? ine pe Sautere. Onnea]?e 
abod he ane mon]?e ne alhuet half a yer. Ane pe wyse ine o]?re stede ine 
pe writinge zay]? )?us. Ne abyd na3t pe to wende to God ne zech na3t 
to lenge ne bevly and na3t ne verste vram daye to daye vor pe abidinge 
is wel perilous vor many skeles. Non tardes converti ad Dominum neque 
differas de die in diem. Suhito nam veniet ira illius et in tempore vin- 
dicta perdet te. Verst vor pe condicion of zenne vor zenne is a ver 
berninde pe ne may na3t by ykue3t bote be tyarcs of ffrifte. And 
mochel ffolde he by fol ]?et ze3e his hous berne ]?et nolde an haste yerne 
to pe wetere. Eftcrwrrd zenne is wel grat ziknesse and pe ffrifte is pe 
medecine. And vor3o]?e he praize]? lite his helpe ]?et him zelve yzi3]? zik 
al to pe dya]?e and na5t ne wilne]? zone to by hoi. Efterward pe dya]? 
]?et is yredy and over al aspi]? ]?ane zene3ere him ffel sterie zone him to 
ffrive vor he not ne ]?ane time ne ]?ane day ne pe oure huanne pe dyea)? 
ffel come ]?et ofte ondcrnim]? ]?ane zcne3cre huer he ne nim]? none hede. 
And vorzo]?e huo J?et wyste huct day he ffolde sterve he hine wolde 


agrayj?i ase zone ase he mi3te. Efterward yef J?e zene3ere yzi3j? wel ]?et 
peril huer hit is vor he is ine )?e prisone of zenne ine |?e frote of j^e lyone 
of helle and of J?e dragoune J?et him wyle vorzuel3e he wolde grede to 
God be flrifte aze zone aze he mi3te. Efterward yef he yze3e ]?e greate 
guodes J?et he het vorlore be his zenne )?e giiodes evrelestinde and )?e 
guodes gosthche his time and him zelve ]?et al may habbe ayen be ffrifte 
mochel Abide he by fol bote yef he him hastede te habbe hit ayen. 
Efterward J7e merci of God ]?et him abyt and ffof J? at his dore aze zay}? 
pe Apocalipse ha flel him hasti to flrive. Vor aze moche aze God abyt 
more ]?ane zene5ere ]>e more he him smit pe more fellaker huanne he 
him yzi3|? onlosti and sleauvol ase ]?e flyetere ]?e more )?et he dra3t his 
bo3e J?e harder he smit. And vorzo|?e he he]? his 03ene bo3e ybent and 
adra3e ase zay|? ]?e Sautyer vor to sla3e ]?ane zene3ere bote yef he him ne 
wytye. Efterward ]?e iike J?et late ham flrive]? voryet ofte his zennes 
zuo }?et onnyeaj^e hit beval]? }?et he by wel yflrive vor he voryet manye 
zennes huerof he nevre him flel be]?enche. And zuo him ne flTel nevre 
vor]?enche ne nevre by flrive. And j^et is to him wel grat peril. Efer- 
ward huanne he is bevore his fliiftevader he fl^el him fli'ive openliche 
]>et is to zigge ]?et he flTel zigge his zennes clyerliche and nakedliclie zuo 
J>et ]?e flrivere i3i openliche }?e herte and J>e onderstondinge of him )?et 
him flrive]?. Vor }?e zike flel onwri his ziknesse vor o}?erlaker J^e 
fizicien ne may na3t wel werche ne J?e leche ne may na3t werche mid 
pe zike bote yef he yzi his w^onde. And |?ervore zay]? Boeice ]?e 
wyse pet yef ]?ou wilt pet pe leche pe hele hit behove}? }?et }?ou onwri 
]?ine wonde. ]?anne pe truont pe flel teche to by flrive }?et flewe]? hare 
poverte and hare ziknesse and do}? }?et voleste bevore vor to habbe pe 
elmesse alzuo flel pe zene3ere onwri and fleawi his zennes vor to 
habbe merci an }7is is pe }?ridde condicion }?et flTel by ine flrifte. 
Efterward the zene3ere him flel flrive yhollyche ]?et is pe ver]?e condi- 
cion vor he flel zigge alle his zennes and greate and smale and pe 
aboutestondinges of pe zennes. }?anne flel he verst yzy pe zeve dyadliche 
zennes of huychen we habbe}? above yspeke and yholliche of echen 
him fli'ive be }?an }?et he him yvel]? gelty no }?ing to hele no ping wy]?- 


zigge na5t him to defend! ne nenne o]?renne MTaye. And ]?us him flrof 
DaviJ^ pet zayde ine ]?e Sautere Ich wylle me flrive and ich wille zigge 
alle mine zennes aye me na5t of dpren ne ayens o]?ren ase do]? )?e 
ypocrites ]?et do]? ]?et vayreste wy]?oute }?et telle]? hire guodnesses and 
wrye]? hare kueadnesses and wraye]? pe o]?re and ]?erof ]?et hi bye]? mest 
hamzelve gelti ]?et yzye}? pet mot ine ]?e o]?res e^e and ne yzye]? na5t 
)?ane refter ine hire 03ene e}e. Zuyche weren pe Farizens of pe Godspelle 
)?et zayde his guodnesses and onwor]?ede ]?ane publican ]?et mildeliche 
byet his beyest ine pe temple and himzelve demde bevore God and zo3te 
merci and zede Lhord God have merei of me zenvolle. And ]?us him 
iTel deme pe zene5ere bovore God na3t vor to lessi his zennes ac vor to 
mori and we3e wy]?oute lyeafinge. Efterward pe ITrifte ffel by yhol na3t 
todeld ine vele ITriveres. Vor me ffel zigge al to onen na3t o del to onen 
and ]?et o]?er del to ano]?ren vor God ne tak]? none hede of zuiche tales. 
Efterward me ffel zigge na3t onlepihche pe zennes ac pe aboutestond- 
inges alle ]?et more]? pe zennes. Vor pe zenne is gratter ine one manne 
}?anne ine ano]?ren ase in man of religion ]?anne in ane seculer and ine ane 
prelat ]?anne ine ane lo3er ine ane greate Ihorde ]?anne in ane simple 
manne. Efterward hit is more zenne ine one stede ]?anne ine ano]?ren. 
Ase in holi cherche o]?er ine o]?er holy stede. Efterward ine one time 
]?anne in ano]?re ase in Lenten o]?er in ane he3e messeday. Efterward 
huanne me zene3e]> wytindeliche me zene3e]? more yno3 ]?anne onknaw- 
yndliche. Efterwar me ffel zigge pe condicion of pe zenne vor hit is 
more zenne ine wyfman yspoused ]?anne in ane sengle o]?er in man o]>er 
ine wyfman of religion ine ane preste o]?er in ane dyakne. Vor pe 
he3ere ]?et bye]? pe hodes pe gratte is pe zenne. Efterward yef pe zenne 
is aye kende o]?er kendeliche. Efterward hou ofte he he]? yvalle into 
zenne and hou longe he he]? ybleved ]?erme. Efterward me ffel zigge 
yef he ne hep na3t yvo3te aye pe vondinge o]?er yef he he]> yporchaced 
J?e zenne o]?er yvo3te ine j^e vondinge vor }?er bye]? some ]?ct ne abide]? 
na3t pe vondinge ac his porchase]? and zuo hi valle]?. Efterward pe 
cause and pe vondinge ]?et com]) to do zenne me ffel zigge and alle 
pe o];re causes and pe aboutcstondinges ])et mo3e mori pe zenne. 


Efterward me flel zigge and yerne by pe lemes huermide me he]? 
yzene3ed. Verst me flfel guo to ]?e lierte and zigge his ]303tes huyche 
J?et hi by o]?er vleflTUche oJ?er gostliche. Gostliche ase aye ]?e byleve 
o)?er of ydele blisse o]?er of envie oper of wre|7e o]?er of o]?re manere 
huerof ]?er is to moche. pe vlessliche belongcj? to lost an to wylninges 
ziio me flel wel loki ine alle pise J?o5tes yef ]?er is consentinge o]?er lang 
blevinge ine pe lostes )7et is o]?er huil ase moche wor]? ase to consenti. 
And of alle zuiche ]?05tes he ffel him flrive. 

Efterward me flel nime yeme yef me hej? yzene5ed be pe lemes of pe 
bodie vor me kan zene3i ine vele maneres. Verst be pe heavede hueran 
me zet ofte grat cost ase doj? )?ise leuedis ]?et zuo curiouseliche agray]?e]? 
hire heaueden mid preciouse agrayj?inges vor klene ydele blisse vor to 
liki and vor to dra^e zenne. Huervore hi zene3e}? ofte kueadhche and 
nameliche ]5o J?et make}? zuo greate homes of hare here o]?er of oJ?ren ]?et 
hi semble]? wel fole wyfmen. Yno3 ]?er is of ydelnesse aboute hire 
heaued to kembe to wesse ine trossinge an ine ffeweres pouringe huerof 
God mochel wre|?e]?. Of ]?ise ydelenesse ne bye]? na3t quitte pe men ]?et 
do]? zuo grat payne ham to kembe and to pouri ine ITeaweres and ine 
hare here wel to croki an to bleue be streng}?e to ]?an ]?et hi habbe vayi' 
dorilot ]?et is ine tokne of kueadnesse and of zuiche ydelenesse hi fTolle 
ham ffrive. 

Efterward me ffel yerne to pe vif wittes of pe bodie huerby me 
zene3e]? wel ofte o}?er be pe e^en ine fole zi3}?e o]?er be pe yearen ine folhche 
to hiere and yhere ble}?eliche pe misziggeres and pe blonderes and pe 
scorneres and pe lye3eres and o]?re folyes. 0}?er be pe mou}?e ine 
foUiche to spekene ine to moche ethe and to moche drinke. 0}?er be pe 
nase ine to moche him to liky in guode smelles. 0}?er be fole takinges 
and inhonesteliche ojjcr ine him zelve o}?er ine his wyve ]?et he he]? o}?er 
ine o]?ren }?et wors is bi hit man bi hit wyfman. 

Alsuo he him ffel ffrive of mochel hede ]?et me de]? ine ffredinge to 
bedde and to regge and hosiinge and ffoinge and of alle o]?re }?inges ]?et 
he be}?eng]?. And }?ous is pe ffrifte yhol huanne me zay]? alle J?e 


lackes greate and smale. And ]?is is ]?e ver]?e condicion J?et ITel by ine 

]?e vifte condicion zuo is }>et me ITel by yfTrive mildeliche vor ]?e zene- 
3ere spekj? to God J^et yzi3]? his herte. Jeanne ]>e ffrivere ne is bote ]?et 
yeare of God and ]?et ha yher}? he not na5t ase man ac ase God. And 
]?ervore ITel ])e zene5ere him mildi ase moche ase ha may bevore God 
and zigge his zennes mid greate drede and ffel his zennes alle keste out 
tovore him ase zay]? j^e writinge. Ase me belt vol a pot of wetere 
huanne ]?et weter is yffet |?er ne blef ]? no colur ase ine melk ne smel 
ase ine wyn ne smac ase ine bony alzuo me ne ITel ofhyealde of pe 
zenne zeJ^J^e he hit hep yzed ine ffrifte ne pet colour ]:)et is pe kueade 
matere ]?et me ne]? yhelt o]?er ine speche o)?er ine zi3]7e o]?er ine kueade 
vela5rede to vol3y o]?er ine o|?re ]?inges ]?et he}? colour of zenne. Efter- 
ward me ffel lete ]?ane smak of zenne yef he of halt f>ane smak of zenne 
)?et ]?eng]? of pe zenne ]?et he he]? ydo and him lyke]? wel ine pe }?03te 
and is ypayd. Ac he ffel Jjenche of his zennes mid greate drede and 
mid greate zor3e of herte and him zelve ffende ine him zelve and habbe 
greate ffame tovore God and vest wil ]?et nevre mo to zenne ne ffel 
wende ayen pa^ me ffolde bine al toheawe. 

Efterward me ffel lete and bevly J^ane smel. ]?er bye}? zome ]?et wel 
vorletej? pe zenne ac ble}?eliche hi here]? ]?erof speke. Ac he }?et him 
wel vor]?ing]? he ne ffel na3t ]?erof yhere speke ]?et he ne ffolde habbe 

pe zixte condicion ]?et ffel by ine ffrifte is ]?et me ffel ofte by yffrive 
vor manie skeles. Verst vor to zeche pe more grace of clennesse ase 
]?et line clo]? ]?et is yhuyted be ofte weffmge. Efterward vor pe zennes 
venials huerine me val]? ofte and huo }?et ofte him bevel]? ofte he him ffel 
weffc. Alsuo ase hit behove]? ofte Jjct ffip Ihade out ]?et weter }?et alne- 
way ge]? in. Efterward vor to cachie and veri ]?ane dyvel vram him. 
|7e vo3el him verre]? blc]?eliche vram ]?anncs huer me brek]? his nest and 
vram ]?anncs huer me him benim]? his cyren. Efterward vor to lyerni 
him wel to ffrive vor wone make]? maister ase hit ffcwc}? ine }?isc o]?re 
creftcs. Efterward vor ]?et me voryct ofte pe zennes ]?crvorc me ffel ofte 


by yflrive and telle. Efterward vor J?et me not yef me he]? wel yby 
yflrive o]?er vor]?enchinde zuo me ffel ofte winne ayen ]?et me hej? lesse 
yno3 ydo. Efterward him zelve ]?e more vor to bou5e and vor to habbe 
J?e more mede of God. ]?ervore me acsede ane abbotte huervore he him 
ffrof zuo ofte and he ansuerede )?ervore he zede ]?et ich habbe alneway 
drede |?et ich nc am na3t wel yflrive. Efterward ich me be]?enche ofte 
of some jjinges pet ich ne habbe na5t yzed and )3ervore ]?et be ]?e flTrifte 
ich me arere alneway Ipe more milde. 

Nou best ]?ou yherd hou me flcl by yflrive nou J?ou flelt ywyte ]?et vif 
)?inges specialliche destorbe]? zdpe ITrifiFjpe. 

pe verste is flTame J?et he ne dar na3t zigge his zenne vor flame. And 
]?et dep pe dyevel pet him zet bevore J?e fl^ame him vor to sette J?ane 
mou|? ase dej? pe ]?yef J?et ]?raii]? J?ane little bal into pe hondes ]?rote J?et 
he ne flel na3t berke vor of zuyche kende is pe ilke litel bal )?et make)? 
f>ane bond domb huanne me hit Jjraw]? into pe ]?rote. Ac pe zene3ere 
flel )?enche ]?et pe fTame pet me hep ine pe ziggenge of pe zenne is grat 
del of pe amendinge. Efterward he fTel blepeliche drinke a lite of flame 
vor to bevly pe greate flame pet pe zene3eres abidep ate daye of dome 
huanne ech of pe wordle flel yzi his o^ene zennen. pet oper ping is 
wycked drede vor to do greate penonce panne pe dyevel dep into pe 
eare of pe zene3ere pou ne mi3t na3t lete pine wones. Zuich volk is ylich 
pe horse pet hep drede of his flede and vorzope hit ne is bote flTed al pet 
me may do of penonce ine pise wordle to pe zi3pe of pe pine of helle 
oper of purgatorie. pe pridde kueade love pet pe dyevel hep zuo pane 
zene3ere vorzoke pet he lovep zuo his lost pet he hit nele lete zuo pengp 
pet vor na3t he him fliifp zuo he slepp ine his zenne ase dep pet zuyn 
ine pe wose. pe verpe ping is hope of lang lif pervore pe dyevel zayp 
pou art yong man pou flelt libbe longe arrere pe and do pi -u^d pou 
irelt wel come per to pe to fli'ive. Ac he ne zi3p na3t pane dyap pet him 
waytep and pet hine wile nime rapre panne he ne wene vor God pet 
behot voryevenesse to him pet vorpingp he ne behat him na5t tomor3e 
ase zayp saynt Gregorie. pervore pe dyevel playp ofte mid pe zene3ere 
ase dep pe cat mid pe mous panne he his hep ynome and huanne he hep 


mid hire longe yplayd )?anne he his eth. J?e vifte J?ing is wanhope 
huerin J?e dyevel de}? J?ane zene3ere ac he fTolde jpenche ]?et God voryef J? 
h3tliche to ham ]?et vor]?ingJ? and more is ble]?elaker vor to yeve voryeve- 
nesse l^anne we vor to aksi. 


After J3e ITrifte com]? yno3bote Ipet is |?e amendinge ]?et me flel do bi )?e 
wille and bi ])e rede of )?e ffrivere pet flel deme J?e amendes be J?e geltes 
o]5er ine vestinges o]?er ine elmesse o]?er ine benes oiper in o|?re J?inges 
ase be J^an ]?et ]?e zenne acse]?. And ]>e zike flel ble]?eliche bou3e to pe 
fisicien vor to habbe helpe and J?et guode chi [1] d dej? blej?eliche J?e herte 
of his vader gostlich vor ]>e guod of his zaiile. 

Nou best ]?ou yherd pe )?ri J?inges pet helej? pet hauberk of penonce 
huer mide God arme]? his newe kny3t vor to overcome )7et vi3t ]?et he hep 
aye zenne and he flel overcome ]?ise vi3tinge he ne he]? hede of J?ane 
ojprene dya]? ase zayj? sayn Jon. pe verste dya|? of pe zaule is pe dyaj? 
of zenne J^et overcome]? be penonce huerby me askape}? ]?ane o]?rene dya]? 
]?et is pe dya]? of belle ]?et sterve ne may. ]?et is pe verste bo3 of pe 
trawe of prouesse. Huo ]?et overcome]? ]?ane vi3t he overcome]? ane 
o]?rene. Huan pe man him vor}?ing]? of his zenne }?ane com }?er a newe 
wrestlinge to his 05ene herte huet penance he flel do, and huet lif he fl"el 
lede and vele pev bye]? zuyche ]?et ine }?o vi3t bye]? overcome. Vor ase 
God zay]? ine his spelle nou y leve]? nou hi misleve]? nou hi wylle]? nou hi 
ne wylle]? nou hi proposent nou hit is betere ]?ervore hi bye]? ase 
pe wedercoc ]?et is ope pe steple ]?et him went mide the wynde. Ac 
huannc pe man serve}? God and stren]?e]? his herte ine his guode wille 
]?anne if pe ilke vi3t overcome an ]?anne make]? him God Strang and 
stedevest ase a pos ine his temple ]?et is Holy Cherchc ase zay]? saint 
Jon. ]?is is pe o}?er ovecominge and pe flepe ]?et him kep]?. 

Efter ]?ise wrestlinge com]? pe pndde ]?et pe man hep to his 03ene 
vlefle ]?et mochel him playne]? and grochc]? liuanne hi begin}? to vele 
pe harnesses and pe smcrtnesses of pcnonces and mochel ha vi3t vor 
to come ayen to his yealde woncs }jct vies is ]?et kueade wyf huerof 


spck}? Salomo ]?et liuo ])et mest de]? hare wil ])e worse him is and 
'pe more hi is ayen him and huo ]?et him let overcome be his vlefle he 
is ine a wel zor3vol |?reldome and wel vil. And ]?et wes betokned ine 
Samson Jje stronge )?et vor J^an J^et he let him overcome be ane wyf- 
manne he vorleas his her of his heauede huerinne wes his greate 
streng]?e and J>e e3en of heauede and ]?e streng)?e of his bodie and vil 
into pe honden of his yvo pet him dcden grinde ate queme ITamvol- 
liche. Al J?is de]? pe dyevel gostliohe to ]:'an ]?et him let overcome 
be his vleffe. Huo )?et J^erne vi3t overcom God him behat pe huyte 
robe of chastetee and of innocence ase zay]? pe Apocalipse. 

Efter ]?ise vi3tinge com]? pe wordle and dame Fortune mid al hare 
hue3el ]7et asaylej? paue man a ri3t half and a left half ]?et bj^e]? tuo 
wel greate vi3tinges huer moche volk is overcome a ri3t half and a 
left half ase zay]? pe Sauter. Vor more is Strang pe vondinge ]?et 
com]? of wor]?iripes of richesses of lostes ]?et pe dyevel byet and de]? 
bevore Jeanne by pe ilke ]?et com]? be adversete ase of poverte of 
zycnesses f'et God zent. And pe ilke ]?et overcom]? ]?ane ver]?e vi3t 
]?et is huo }?et vli3]? and onwor]?e}? mid herte pe wor]?iripe of pe 
wordle God him behat wor]?fripe and he5nesse ine hevene. Vor he him 
wyle do zitte mid him ine his trone ase zay]? pe Apocalipse. To him 
]?et ITel overcome ]?ane vifte vi5t ]?et is a left half ]?et is adversete 
of ]?is wordle God him behat pe manne ]?et is yhed ]?et is pe greate 
zuetnesse an pe greate likinge of paradis ]?et non ne him may benyme. 
Vor be pe manne ]?et wes zuo zuete ]?et ech vand zuych smac ase 
he wolde is onderstonde pe greate zuetnesse ]?et greate lost ]?et God 
horde}? and wyte]? to ham }?et overcome}? pe adversetes of ]?ise wordle. 
pe zixte vi3t ]?et is wel Strang is aye pe kueades ]?et bye]? in }?ise 
wordle ]?et bye]? pe lemes of Anticrist ]?et werre]? pe guode men be 
hare streng]?e ase deden ine ealde time pe tyrans pe martires pe eretiks 
pe guode cristene men and Ifole do ine pe ende of pe wordle pe lemes 
of Anticrist ]?et ITolle werri zuo pe guode Cristene ]?et onnea]?e flel by 
eny ]?et dor byknawe ]?et by Cristen vor pe streng}?e of Anticrist and 
of his lemes }?et is ]?et best }?et sayn Jon yze3 }'et werrede pe haljen 



huerof we habbe)? bovore yspeke. )?e lemes of J?ise beste ham fleawe]? 
nou ine kueade princes and ine kueade overlinges ]?et be hare greate 
covaytise defoulent and bevleaj? and ethe]? are onderHnges zuo ]?et )?e 
guode men ]?et bye]? onder ham habbe]? yno3 to j^olye and yno5 of zor3es 
and of greate misval. Ac ])e ilke ]?et al nimj? me ])o kuodnesse ase dede 
Job and him lef]? al ine God overcom}? Ipis ri3t and to ]?an ]>et hit over- 
corn]? God him behat ]?et he him wyle yeve mi5te over his yvo ase zay]? 
zaint Jon ine ]?e Apocalipse. Efter alle ]?ise vi3tinges com]? ]?e laste }?et 
mest is Strang. Vor ]?e dyvel ]?et mochel is kuedvol and sotil huanne 
he yzi3]? ]?et ]?e man is ychve ope pane hel of perfeccioun and he he]? 
alle vi3tes bevore yzed overcome ]?anne asayle]? him be ydele blisse and 
be prcsumcion vor him ]?ing]? ]?et he is a wel guod man and wel mid 
Gode vor ]?et he he]? zuo moche ydo and y]?ole vor him huervore he 
val]? o]?erhuil vram zuo he3e zuo lo3e ase dede Lucifer. And ]?ervore 
hit is grat nyed ]?et ]?e man by wys and ywer him vor to were vram 
ydele blysse ]?et make]? ]?e efterwarde. Vor ine ]?e ende lip ofte ]?e 
accombringe and nyxt }>e havene spil]? ofte ]?et fTip }?et ge]? zikerliche 
ine ]?e he3e ze. ]?ervore hit behove]? ]?et he agray]?i his zayl ]?et is his 
onderstondinge to }?e havene of helpe ]?et is to Jesus Crist be }?e wynde 
of stedevest love and of grat wylninge of God. ]?is is }?e ende of 
ri3tvolnessc huerof we habbe]? above yspeke ]?et com]? of ]?e yef]?e of 
streng]>e and of ]?e virtue of prowesse aze ]?e guode kni3t and orped ]?et 
he]? guod herte and hardi and he]? yby ine vele ]?restes mid grat wil and 
grat hongcr to ffewy his streng]?e ine tornemens o]?er ine vi3tinges him 
vor to alosi and vorzo]?e huo ]?et he]? grat love of God and grat honger 
and grat wilninge of his hel]?e he ovecom]? Ii3tlyliche ]jise last vi3t. 
Vor he nele he na3t ne wylne]? ine ]?ise live bote ]?ct is to ]?e wor]?fripe 
and to ]?e blisse of God and hcl]?e of his zaule. And huo }?et ]?is vi3t 
overcom]? he win]? ]?e mede huerof saint Jon spek huer ]?et oure Lhord 
zayde ine }?e Apocalipse to him ]?et libl overcome Ich wylle him yeve to 
ethe of pc trawe of live ]?ct is amidde paradys ]?et is Jesu Crist pet yef]? 
lyf evrelcstinde huerby alle pe hal3en libbe]? ine ]?e blisse of paradis and 
bye]? alle voile and volveld. And }?et is J?e bhssinge J?ct oure guode 


maystcr behat inc his Spelle to his guode kni3tes huanne He zcde yblissed 
byej? J?o ]?et habbe]? honger and ]7orst of ri3tvolnesse pet is of God to 
servi and to lovie vor hi fTolle by volvcld of )?e frut of ]?e trawe of hve. 
]>et is pe ende and ]?e guodnesse of J?ise virtue )?et is ycleped prowesse 
huerto ous lede )?e yef }?e o strengj?e. 


Ase }?e Holy Gost yef ]? streng]?e and wyl of greate ))inges to onder- 
vonge alsuo He yef]? red huerby me com]? to guode heauede and to 
guode ende of J?et me nim]? an hand. J?et is a grat grace ]?et ]?e Holy 
Gost yef]? pet is ycleped pe yef|?e of red huerby pe man hep grat 
bezyinge and grat be]?enchinge in ]?et he nymp an hand and )?et he 
ne by to hastif ine his niminges. Vor ase zay]? pe filozofe greate J?inges 
bye]? ydo na3t be streng)?e of bodie ne be armes ac be guod red. And 
ano|?er zuo zay]? J?et hette Socrates |?et of hastif red hit vor]?ing)? 
efteward and |?ervore zayj? Salomon Ne do na5t wy|?oute guod red 
and efter pe dede hit ne Ifel na5t pe vor]?enche. 

]?is grace him ITewe]? ine man ine J?ri maneres. Verst to zeche 
ble]?eliche guod red. )?ous redde Tobye his zone. Vayre zone za}']? he 
zech evremo red of wyse men. And Salomon }?us zay)? J^er no guod 
red ne ys )?et volk toval}? and is al onzauwed ac hi is wel yholpe 
huanne J^er is moche guod red wy]?inne. Ac loke pe zay}? pe wrytinge 
vram kueade rederes and ne akse no red at foles vor hi ne loviej? bote 
f>et ham like]? na3t ]?et paye]? God. Alsuo tekj? pe writinge J?et me ffel 
zeche red ate yealden and na3t mid pe yonge pe ne byej? na3t yproved 
ine nyedes. Ac mid pe yealde pet habbe|? yzo3e and yproved pe p'mges 
]?et is ]?et wyt and )?et red. Vor )?an ]?et Roboam Salomonnes zone 
vorlet ]7ane red of pe yealden guode men vor ]?ane red of yonge he 
vorleas ]?et gratteste del of his kingdome. 

Efterward huo ]?et he]? ]?ise yef]?e he onderzek]> pe redes ]?et me him 
yef}? and ]?eng]) mid greate be]7enchinge ]?et is grat bezyinge yef me 
him ret wel and trewehche na3t li3tliche yleve to pe rede o]?er to pe 
ziggenge of one manne ne of tuaye hou moche ]?et hi by his prives and 


his vrendes. Huerof Seneke zede ]?et wys man examene]? ]?e redes and 
ne ylef ]? na3t li3tliche vor Jje ilke J^et ylefj? Ii3tliche vint ofte ]?et me him 
gyle]? andmisret. Efterward huo ])et )?is yefj?e he]? he bo3]? to guod 
red pmme he hit he}? yvounde vor na3t he zek]? red ]?et ne he]? no wyl 
to do la3e huerof Salomon zay]? ]?et hit ]?ing]? to ]?e fole }?et he is ine 
ri3te waye. Ac ]?e Avyse zay]? on red is to zigge vor ]?e wyse bou3]? to 
guod red ]?et }?e foles onwor]?e]?. }?e meste profitable red ]?et me may 
habbe is ]?e red of oure guode maistre Jesu Crist ]?et is the Wysdom of 
God ]?e Vader of liuam com}? al guod red ous breng]? vram hevene }?e 
ilke }?et is }?e Angle of hed ase zay}? }?e writinge }?et is }?et red }?et He 
ous yef}? ine his Spelle huanne He zede yef }?ou wylt by parfit guo and 
zel al }?et ]?ou best and yef hit ]?e poure vor Godes love an com efter Me 
and Jjou ITelt habbe grat hord ine hevene. Yzi3 and ]?encli huo yef]? 
)?ane red vor }?et is ase zayde }?e Wysdom of God }?e Vader }?e Angel of 
hed }?et is zo]? God and zo]? man }?et com ine er]?e }?e vor to rede and 
}?e vor to teche }?ane way and })ane ri3te pe}? to guonne into paradis 
}?et is }?e pe]? of poverte huerby let }?e Holy Gost ]?o ]?et he ali3t of }?e 
yef]?e of red. Zo}? hit is }?et ine o]?re manere and be o]?re waye hi 
mo3e ham soui. Ase be }?e waye of }>e hestes of oure Lhord Jesu Crist 
loki ase ine spoushod o]?er ine wodewehod and ine richesses of }?e 
wordle huanne me his uze}? wel. Ac }?e Holy Gost be }?e yef]?e of red 
let and dra3]? vor]? more ri3tvolliche and more zikerliche be }?e pe]?e of 
zo}?e poverte huerby me onwor}?e]? and de]? ondevot }?e wordle and alle 
covaytise vor ]?e love of God. 

}?es yef}?e of red bestrep}? }?e zenne of avarice and of covaytise and 
zet a wel vayr trau }?et is pe virtue of merci ]?et is zor3e and }?ole- 
modnesse of oj^re manne kuead and of o}?re manne misdede. }?et trau 
he]? zeve stapes huerby hit wcxt and profite}? pet bye}? pe zeve ]?inges 
}?et moclie lede]? man to merci and to habbe }?olemodnesse of o}?re 
manne kueade. }?ct verste }?ing }?et ffel man sterye to merci is kende 
vor ase zay]? pe boc }?ct s})ck]? of kende of bestes no vo3el ne eth of 
o}?ren yef he is of his kende. Efterward pe ilke zclvc boc zay}? ]?ct 
on mere dra^p vor}? }?ct colt of ano]?rc huanne hi is dyad. Efterward 


me hep moche yzor3e and yproved and is ine ]>o hoc yvounde pet pe 
wolves dra3e]? vorj? pe children ]?et bye]? vorkest and were]? his vram 
o]?re bestes. Wei flel }?anne a man habbe pite and ]?olcmodnesse of pe 
kueade of pe o}?re }?et is him anlich ine kende ]?et alle we bye]? of 
one kende and of one ffep]?e and to one vorbisne ymad ase we habbe]? 
yzed bevore. pe o}?er ping }?et ffel man dra3e to merci and to }?ole- 
modnesse of o]?re manne kuead ]?et is grace vor alle we bye]? lemes of 
o body ]?et is of Holy Cherche be grace and o leme he}? kendeliche of 
ano]?ren ]?olemodnesse. Efterward alle we bye]? wi]? bo3t of one zelve 
pris ]?et is mid pe blisvolle blode of Jesii Crist }?et He iTedde vor ous 
ine pe rode ous vor to wi]?begge vram pe dya]?e evrelestinde. Huanne 
Godes Zone wes }?anne zuo reu]?evol zuo vol of merci avoreye ous 
wel ffolle we habbe reu}?e and ]?olemodnesse pe on of pe o]?re helpe 
and soucouri pe on pe o}?er. Efterward alle we bye]? children of Vader 
and of Moder be byleave and be grace vor we bye]? Godes children 
and of holy Cherche and pe on bro]?er ffel helpe pe o]?ren ]?anne he 
yzi5}? his niede vor ate niede me yzi3}? huet pe vrend is. J?e ]?ridde 
]?ing ]?et ffel moche man sterie to merci is pe heste of pe holy writinge 
]?et rede]? and bote]? pe workes of mersi above alle o]?re workes. 
Huerof pe wise Salomon zayj? ywyte pe zay]? he ]?et ]?in heued ne by 
na3t wi]?oute oyle vor be oyle is yvor]?ed }?et ver ine pe lompe and ine 
lompe is onderstonde merci ]?et ffel by evremo ine ]?ine heuede ]?et is ine 
herte. And al ase pe oyle op arist ine pe lompe alle pe o]?re woses alsuo 
merci alle pe o}?re virtues. An alsuo ase pe oyle norisse]? and loke]? ]?et ver 
ine pe lompe and huanne hit faile]? ]?et ver is ykuenct alzuo huanne merci 
fayle}? pe love of God faile]? ase saynt Jon zay]?. Huo ]?et yze3e his 
bro]?er zay]? he habbe niede and mezayse and ne him yef]? pe dore of 
his herte }?et is to zigge huo ]?et ne he]? reu]?e and him ne help]? yef he 
may hou is he zay]? Godes love ine him. Ase yef he zede ]?et ne may 
na3t by. Vor pe oyle of merci is yfaled ine pe lompe of herte. 

Efterward pe guode Tobie to3te his zone and zayde }?us. Vayre zone bi 
mercivol as pe mi3t yef ]?ou hest yno3 of guode yef largeliche and yef 
)?ou hest lite of J?o litle yef gledliche. And oure Lhord Jesu Crist zay}? 


ine his spelle Guo zay]? He and zel al ]:>et ]:'ou liest and yef hit ]?e 
poure. ])et is ])e virtue ]?et J?e holy writinge ret more generalliche vor 
pet is ]?e virtue )?et God mest is mid ypayd ase zay]? J?e wintinge. 
Huerof God zay]? be ]?e profete Ich wille He zay]? merci and na3t sacri- 
fice and saint Austin ]?us zay]? ]?et per ne is no ]?ing pet make]? man 
zuo by beloved mid God ase pite. Vele men make]? to God sacrefices 
of vestinges of peregrinages of ffarpenesses of bodie ac vor to do 
elmesse hi bye]? straite and wrechchen. Efterward per hjep manie men 
to huam God he}? largeliche yyeve of timliche guodes and make]? sacre- 
fices na3t to God ac to pe dyevle o]?er to pe wordle in }?et hi despende]? 
folliche hare guodes ine ydelnesses vor host of pe wordle ac vor to yeve 
vor God by bye}> harde ase an aymont. 

Efterward ase merci like]? to God alsuo hit ne like]? no}?ing to pe 
dj^evle. Vor ]?et is pe armure huerby he is pe ra]?re overcome ase zay]? 
a glose ope pe Sautere. Vor he ne may na5t ]?olye pane guode smel of 
pe ilke smerieles na more ]?anne pe boterel ]?anne smel of pe vine. 
Zuych smel ne mi3t na3t Judas ]?olye ]?o pe Magdalene smered Jesu 
Cristes vet mid pe precious smerieles vor him ]?o3te ]?et hit wes ping 
vorlore and he betere lovede ]?et zelver ine his porse be his covaytise. 
Of zuiche volke is Ihord a dyevel and mayster ]?et is ine helle ]?et is 
ycleped ffette pors ]?et an hermite yze5 ]?et zede }?et he hedde ]?et 
mesticr vor to sette pe porses of pe wrechchen ]?et hi ne Ifolle by open 
to do elmesse. 

pe ver]?e ]?ing ]?et fTel man sterie to merci is pe greate largesse of oure 
Lhorde ]?et yef]? largeliche to alien be ]?et ]?et hy bye]? ase zay]? saint 
Jacob and make]? pe zonne ffine ope pe guode and ope pe kuead ase He 
zay]? ine his Spelle. Vor ]?anne huo ]?ct is zuo large to ous vor He ous 
yef}? al ]?ct we habbe]? of guod we liblle by large and cortoys pe on aye 
pe o}?re and helpe pe on pe o}?re vor ]?us He ous hat ine his Spelle ]?o He 
zedc bye]? vol of merci ase yourc Vadcr is. pe Zone ffel by ylich pe 
Vader o]?er he is onkcnde be zaynte Peter. And ]?crvore zaydc }?e 
wyse ine pe writinge by mercival and reu]?vol to pe vadcrlyese ase hire 
vadcr and hire modcr and ]?ous }?ou lielt by Godcs zone. 


])e vifte ]?ing ]?et flel man sterie to merci is worf>fnpie God. Vor ase 
zay]? Salomon J?e ilke worj^ffipe]? wel God oure Lliord |?et dep guod to 
pe poure vor )?et me ham de]? me hit dep to God ase Himzclf hit wyt- 
nessej> ine his Spelle. pet ]?ou hest ydo He zayj? to onen of mine poure 
)?ou it hest ydo to Me. ]?e poure bye]? ]?e little mayne of oure Lhorde 
yef ]70u wor]?iripe]? J?e pouere j^ou wor]?iripeJ? God vor huo J?et wor)?- 
ITipe]? )?e mayne he worffipe]? pe Lhordes sergont and huo pet dej? 
flame to pe maine he dej? fTame to pe sergond. Of J>isen we habbe]? 
vayre vorbysne ine mine lhorde sant Martin to huam God Him ffewede 
pe ni3t efterward ]?et he todelde his mentel to pe poure and wes bevealde 
ine pe mentle and zede to his angles Martin yet nou ypounsened me 
hej) yffred mid J?ise cloj^e. 

pe zixte ]?ing J»et flel moche sterie ane man to merci is pe dred of 
dom vol ase zay]? saint Jacob Dom wy]?oute merci flel bi do to J?an ]?et ne 
dep workes of merci. Vor ase God zayde in his spelle Huanne me com]? to 
pe dome pe dom flel by yeve aye ]?o Jjet ne habbe]? ydo pe workes of 
merci vor God ham wile do )?et dyaue eare and }?erof hit ne is no 
wonder to }?an ]?et anhaste make]? ham dyaue to pe poure ase He flewe}? 
ine pe Godspelle ine pe vorbisne of pe riche manne ]?et onwor}?ede 
J?ane lazre vor ]?et he him wemde his elmesse God him wemde ane 
drope of weter ]?er he wes ine vere of helle. Alsuo to pe fole mayde- 
nes }?et ne hedde non oyle ine hire lompes God ham sette pe gate of 
pe sposayles and ham zede Ich not huo y bye}? zuo }?et hy bleften 
wy}?oute. ]?is He flel do ate day of dome to wrechchen and to J^e 
covaytous }?et ne flblde habbe pe ledinge of me[r]ci }?et let pe zaules 
into paradis and ham make}? way to comene tovore God ase zay}? pe 
wrytinge ase me make}? way and onde}? pe gate ble]?eliche to }?an }?et 
breng}? vayr present. Vorzo}?e ari3t accorsed flel by }?et \Tam reu}?e 
went pane reg at }?o daye vor God flel yeve dom wel dredvol ]?et flel 
by zuo vest and zuo stable and vor alle time yconfermed ne nevi'e ine 
none time wy}?cleped. }?es dom Y zed bevore flel He do ase king. 
]?anne fl'el he keste his greate manzinge as pe he^e biflbp an soverain 
pope. Vor king he is and biflbp ase zay}? }?e writinge. Vor he nom 


kende of man of kinges kennd and of bifToppes. J^e ilke amanzinge sel 
by ope alle ]jo volke ]7et ffole by a left half non ne M'or)? vorbore. J?et 
Able by J^e kueade huiche He flel miszigge vor hare ontrewc and ]?us He 
fTel ham zigge Guo]? ye acorsede into j^e greate vere evrelestinde ine 
helle J?e stinkinde and ]?yesterness of fTed f»et is agrayj^ed to J?e dred- 
volle dyvele and to his vela5es ])et habbej? ymad his messages. A alias 
])es dom ]?a5 hit by well ITort vorzo]?e hit ffel by wel zor3vol and hard 
huanne He his flel wreke out of his vela3rede mochel is to drede zuo 
harde todelinge. 

]?e zevende j^ing ]?et ITel moche man sterie to merci is a zed J?et 
betere make]? frut ine Ihene ]?hanne hit do ine vette. Hon merci multi- 
plie|? ])e timliche guodes hyerof we habbej? vele vayre vorbisnen liuerof 
ich wille hier zome telle. Me ret of saint Germain of ancerne ])et J?o 
he com vram Rome ate outguoinge of Melane he acsede at onen of his 
diaknen yef he hedde eny zelver and he ansuerede J?et he ne hedde bote 
|?ri pans vor sayt Germapi hit hedde al yeve to pouren. J?anne he him 
het ]?et he his ffolde yeve to ]?e poure vor God hedde yno3 of guode 
huerof he hise vedde vor ]?ane day. ]?e dyacne mid greate pine and 
mid greate grochinge yeaf ]?e tuaye pans and ofhild J?ane j^ridde. ]?e 
sergont of ane riche kni5te him bo3te ane his Ihordes haf tuo hondred 
pans. ]50 clepede he his dyacne and him zede ]?et he hedde benome 
]?e poure ane peny and yef he hedde yeve ]?ane j^ridde peny to J?e poure 
]?e kni3t him hedde yzent ]?ri hondred pans. 

Efterward me ret ine ]?e lyve of John |?e Amoner )?et wes zuo ycleped 
vor Ipe greate elmesses )?et he dedc. A riche ientilman wes yrobbed of 
)?ieves zuo ]?et him na3t ne blefte. He him com to playn to J^e vorzede 
manne and he him zede hist as he hedde greate reu]?e J^erof and het 
his dcsspendoure ]?et he him yeave vyftene pond of gold, 'pe spendcre 
be his covaytise nc yeaf bote vyf. An haste a gentil wymman wodewe 
zente to ]?c vore yzcde Jon vif hondred ])ond of gold. ])o he clepede 
his spcndere and him acsede hou moche he hedde yyevc to f>e kni3te 
he ansuerc;de vyftene pond. |?e holy man ansuerede ]?ct nay he ne hedde 
bote vyf and huanne he hit wiste ]?e ilke zelve ]?et his hedde ondcr- 


vonge zuo zayde to his spendere "pet yef he hedde yyeve ]?e viftene pond 
pet he hedde yhote oure Lhord him hede yzent be pe guode wyfman 
a ]?ouzond and vyf hondred pond. And huannc he acsede ate guode 
wyfman ]>o he hedde hise ycleped hou moche hi hedde him ylete hi 
andzuerede ]>et verst hi hedde ywrite ine hare testament )?et hi him let 
a J?oiisend and vyf hondred pond ac hi lokede efterward ine hare 
testament and hi yze3 |?e ]30usend pond defaced of hire write and zuo 
ylefde pe guode wyfman J^et God wolde pet hi ne zente bote vif 

Efterward saint Gregori tel]? J?et saint Boniface vram ]?et he wes child 
he wes zuo piteuous J?et he yaf ofte his kertel and his ITerte to pe 
poure vor God |?a3 his moder him byete ofte ]?ervore. f»anne bevil )?et 
]7et child yze3 manie poure }?et hedden mezeyse he aspide j^et his moder 
nes na3t J?er an haste he yarn to pe gerniere and al J^et his moder 
hedde ygadered vor to pasi J^et yer he hit yaf pe poure and ]?o his 
moder com and wyste pe ilke dede hi wes al out of hare wytte ]?et child 
bed oure Lhorde and )?et gernier wes an haste al vol. 

Efterward }?er wes a poure man ase me zay]? ]7et hedde ane cou and 
yhyerde zigge of his preste ine his prechinge ]?et God zede in his 
Spelle )?et God wolde yelde an hondredvald al J?et me yeave vor Him. 
pe guode man mid pe rede of his wyve yeaf his cou to his preste )?et 
wes riche pe prest hi nom ble)?eliche and hise zente to pe oJ?ren ]?et 
he hedde. ]?o hit com to even pe guode mannes cou com hom to his 
house ase hi wes ywoned and ledde mid hare alle pe prestes ken al 
to an hondred. ]?o pe guode man yze3 )?et he ]?03te ]?et ]7et wes )?et 
word of pe Godspelle ]?et he hedde yyolde and him hi weren yloked 
bevore his biffoppe aye ]?ane prest. |?is vorbisne ffewe]? wel ]?et merci is 
guod chapvare vor hi dej? wexe pe timliche guodes. 


Nou best ]?ou yhyerd pe bo3es of pe trawe of merci ac vor J?an ]?et 
moche volk bye J? |5et hare elmesse ]?et hy doj? hi lyezej? and hare o)?re 



guodes vor hi ne do]? na5t ase hy flblde ]?ervore ich |?e wyle ffeawy 
frortliche hou me ffel makey elmesse to }?an J?et hi by helpfsam and 
jjet hi hky God. 

Jeanne huo J?et ffel do elmesse hel ffel loki ]?ri ]?inges. Verst huerof 
he dep elmesse vor he hit ffel do of his 05ene and na5t of oipre manne 
and ]?erof pet he he]? of guode wynninge and trewe. God ne he]? hede 
of kueade yef ]?es ac He his love]? trewe and guode. Elmesse ]?et is ydo 
of ]?yef ]?e of tol of robbinge of gavelynge o]?er of o]?re kueade gaderinge 
hit ne like]? no]?ing God. Huerof ]?e writinge zay]? ]?ou ne ffelt na5t 
maky none sacrefice to God of oxe ne of ffep }?et by spotty vor God he]? 
grat wlatiynge of zuych sacrefice. And ]?e wyze zay]? in ]?e writinge ]?e 
ilke ]?et make]? sacrifice to God of ]?e guodes of ]?e poure he de]? ase ]?e 
ilke ]?et ssla3t ]?et child bevore his vader. And saynt Austin }?us zai]? 
Huet yef }?e is ]?et he zay]? ]?et ]?e on nim]? gledliche and ]?e oJ?er hit 
lyest wepindeliche and ]?ervore ffel ech loki huerof he de]? elmesse. 

Efterward he ffel loky to huam he hit de]? }>anne pe writinge zay}? 
Loke to huam ]?ou ffelt do guod. Do guod to ]?e guode pet is to ]?an ]?et 
]?ou wenst by guod and ne yef na3t to pe ffrewe ne ne loke na3t }?ane 
zene5ere. J^et is to zigge ]?et ]?ou ne ffelt na3t yeve to pe kueade be pe 
scele of his kueadnesse ase do]? ]?o ]?et yeve]? ]?e ribaus and menestrals 
vor hare wylkednesse ne o]?erlaker hi nolden ham yeve na3t ]?et is wel 
grat zenne ase zigge]? pe hal3en. Ac huo ]?et ham yef]? na3t vor hare 
kueadnesse ac vor reu]?e and vor ]?olemodnesse of hare pourehede and of 
hare wyves and of hare children. Yef hi hise habbe]? o]?er of hire 
vader o]?er of hire moder o]?er vor o]?re guode skele ase his vor to wy]?- 
dra3e vram zenne he de}> wel. ])anne elmesse yyeve to pe poure and 
more to ham ]?et bye]? ri3t poure of herte and of wyl ]?et habbe]? ylete vor 
God ]?et hi hedden o]?er }?et hi mi3te habbe ]?et ]?o ]?et ne bye]? na3t poure 
of wylle ac poure of nyede wel ich habbe pe eft yzed and alneway me 
ffel ham ble]?eliche yeve and nameliche to pe poure ffamveste and to pe 
vaderlease an to wyfmen wodew6n and to o]?re niedvolle ]?anne me yzi3}? 
pe nycdc and me hit mo3e do and zuo me is yhealde to }?c oncou]?c above 


alle o]?ren me if yhyealde to vader and to moder liuanne me yzi3]? hare 
nyede. Vor pe kende hit tek]? and God hit acscj? and hat. 

Me ret of J>e heyrone j^et he dra3j? vorj? his vader and his moder huanne 
hi bye]? calde and ne mo5e ham na3t porchaci. ]?ervore kende tek]? J?et 
me ffel guod do to vader and to moder and huo J?et hit ne dep he is on- 
kende and zeneje]? aye kende and aye God pet hat to worj^ffipie vader 
and moder and )?ervore hit is wel ri3t J?et it misvalle to him and to hare 
]?et de]? harm vader oder moder ase hit is manye zi]?e yvahe. 

Efterward me flel ysy hou me ffel do elmesse and ]?e manere his vor 
to yevene. Vour conditions be )?e writinge ffolle by ine elmesse. pe 
verste is ]?et me hise yeve gledliche and mid guod herte vor God loke)? 
more pe herte )?anne J^e honden. Huerof saynt Gregorie zay]? ]?et God 
ine his sacrement ne loke]? na3t hou grat J?ing me yeve ac mid huet herte 
ase hit ffewe]? wel in j^e Godspelle of pe poure wyfman |?et ne hedde 
bote tuaye ver]?inges ]?et hi ojffrede to ]?e temple huerof oure Lhord zay]? 
J?et hi hedde more ylayd ]?anne alle ]?e oj^re pet hedden ylayd greate 
J^inges. Vor more like]? oj^er huil to God an alfpeny pet a poure yef]? 
gledliche vor God ]?anne a riche man yeave an hondred marc grochinde- 
liche and mid zor3e of herte and ]?ervore zay]? pe wyse ine pe writinge 
make he zay]? vayre chiere and glede ine alle ]?ine yef]?es. And zaynte 
Paul zuo zay]? ]?et God love]? moche ]?ane yevere ]?et is gled and corteys. 
And zome ]?er bye]? zuo vyleyne to pe poure huanne hi ham yeve}? enye 
elmesse an haste his miszigge]? voulliche and his clepye]? truons and 
ham zigge]? zuo vele atuytinges and of folyes er ]?an hi ham a3t yeve ]?et 
wel is wor]? ]?et zelver. pe ilke elmesse ne pay]? na3t God and ]?ervore 
zay]? pe wyse ine pe wTitinge B0U3 ]?in eare he zay]? to pe poure wy]?oute 
zor3e and him ansuere mildeliche. 

pe o]?er ]?ing ]?et behove]? ine elmesse is ]?et me hit do zone and haste- 
liche. ]?erof Salomon zay]? Ne zay na3t to ]?ine vrende guo and com 
ayen to mor5e and ]?anne ioh wylle pe yeve huanne ]?ou him mi3t an 
haste yeve. And ine ano]?re stede he zay]? Ne leng na3t ]?ine yef]?e vram 
pe nyedvolle. ]?et is to zigge ne make him na3t abyde huanne }?ou mi3t 


an haste yeve. J?et is aye vele riche ]?et make]? grede J?e poure J?et liabbe]? 
to done mid ham and zuo moche his do]? abide zuo vele zi]?e hit behove}? 
ham bidde and bezeche bevore er hi wylle]? a^t do ]?et to moche hy ham 
zelle]? ]?e guodnesse ]?et hi ham Mile]? do. Vor ase zay}? Senekes No 
]?ing ne is zuo diere ybo3t ase ]>et me he]? be biddinge. And ]?is is ]?et 
me zay]? ine atwytinge. Dyere ha bay]? ]?et byt. And ]?ous ffel ech 
man wel do zuyiiiche vor his zaule ]?er huyle ]?et ha leve]? and hoi. 
]?anne ]?e wyse zay]? ine ]?e writinge Vayre zone he zay]? do guod of 
]?inen yef ]?ou best huerof and offre to God wor]?i offringe ]?er huyls ]?et 
J?ou levest vor ]?e dya]? ne abyt na3t. And ine ano]?re stede he zay]? 
Do guod to ]?ine vriende tovore }?e dya]?e ]?et is to ]?ine zaule to huani 
]?ou flelt do guod tovore ]?ine dya]?e o]?er to ]?ine trewe vrende ]?et is 
Jesu Crist to huam ]?ou ITelt guod do tovore ]?ine dya]?e doinde elmesses 
vor ]?e love of Jesu Crist to his poure. Vor ]?et me de]? }?e poure me 
de]? hit to Him ase He zay]> ine his Spelle. }?anne }?e elmesse ]?et me 
yef ]? ine lyve and ine hel}?e more is wor]? ]?anne }>e ilke ]?et is ydo efter 
)?e dea]?e. Alsuo as ]?e lanterne ]?et me ber]? bevore ]?e manne him let 
bet and more zikerlaker }?anne ]?e ilke }?et me ber]? behynde ]?e regge. 
And ]?ervore ous amoneste]? sainte Paul ]?et we do guod ]?erhuyle ]?et 
we libbe]?. Thanne a riche man ffel come to anetoune o]?er to a cite he 
zent his messagyers bovore vor to nime guod in o]?er o]?erlaker he mi3te 
wel fayly guod in vor to habbe. ]?e guode forriers }?et nime]? and 
agray]?e]? ]?et hous of paradys to ]?e riche manne bye]? ]?e elmessen ]?et 
ha de]? ine his live. ]?e elmessen ]?et bye]? ydo efter }?e dya]?e bye}? 
ase ]?e hewe recreyd }?et late com]? hom zuo ]?et ]?e Ihord is o]?erhuil 
evele yherber3ed. 

}?e }?ridde condicion ]?et ffel by in elmcssc is ]?et me ffel yeve largeliche 
be ]?an }?et me he]? huerof ]?e ^vyse zay]? Yef to God be ]?an ]?et he he]? 
}?e yyeve. And Thobye zay]? alsuo Be ]?ine mi3te by reu}?evol and 
mercivol yef }?ou best moche guod yef largeliche and yef }?ou best lite 
yef ]?erof ble]?eliche and cortcisliche. ]?anne ech ffel yeve efter his mi3te 
and be ]?et ]?et God him he]? yyeve. Me vint of ane kinge to huam a 


poure acsede ane peny. He hym ansuerede J?et zuich a lite yef ]?e ne 
wes na3t vor ane king. And of Alisondre me ret ]?et yaf ane cite to 
onen of his sergons an huanne pe ilke hise wolde vorzake vor ]7et grat 
]?ing him ]?o3te to nime zuych yef ]?e Alisondre onsuerede and zayde Icli 
ne loky na3t |7et belonge]? J?e to nimene ac me to yeve. 

]?e verf>e condicion is ])et ])e elmesse by ydo mid wille and mid condi- 
cion )?et me ne zeche none ydele blisse ne J^et me ne onwor]?i ]?e poure 
to huara )?et me hit yef ]? ne vor elmesse ]?et me dej? ine dyadlich zenne 
me hep presumption vor to by ybor^e. Zom volk per byej) pet yef hy 
do]? elmesse hi wille]? ]?et alle hit wyte ac pe wjse zay]? }?et me do pe 
elmesse into pe greade of pe poure. Vor ase zay]? sanyt Gregorie Hit is 
yno5 to pe guode manne }?et yef he hit zent of huam he onderstant his 
fTepe to habbe. And J?ervore zay]? oure Lliord ine his Spelle Huanne 
}?ou dest elmesse ne wyte na3t ]?i left hand huet dc]? pi ri3t hand zuo ]?et 
}?in elmesse by yhed and }?i Vader of hevene }?et izy3t ]?in hedinge 
hit pe halt. ]?et is to zigge }?anne ]?ou ffelt do elmesse loke ]?et ydele 
blisse ]?et is to onderstonde be pe left half ne by na3t ymengd ac do 
his in ri3te wone and ri3te onderstondinge. ]?et is onderstonde by pe 
ri3t half. Ich ne zigge na3t }?et me ne ffel do pe guode w^orkes o]?erhuil 
tovore pe volke vor to yeve guode vorbysne huervore God by yhered 
and y]?onked. Vor ]?us him zay]? oure Lhord ine his Spelle }?et we maki 
oure guode dedes tovore ]?e volkerede ]?ervore ]?et God by yhered and 
yglorefied na3t vor pe los of volke as de]? pe ypocrite. And ]?ervore 
zay]? saint Gregorie ]?et me do his workes aperteliche ]?et J?e onderstond- 
inge bi ri3tvol bezide. 

Efterward huo ]?et wyle do elmesse he hit ffel zuo do ]?et he na3t ne 
onwor]?i pe poure to huam ]?et he hit de]?. ]?ervore zay]? pe profete Ne 
onwor]? na3t he zay]? ]?i vleff ]?et is pe poure ]?et is ilich pe and of zuiche 
-kende of vleff and of blod ase ]?ou art and of zuiche wose. Zom volk 
bye]? ]?et onwor]?e]? pe poure and ne dayne]? na3t to speke to ham and 
yaf hi speke]? gratliche and proudliche hi speke}?. Zuo ne dede na3t Job 
}?et zede ]?et ne onwor]?ede nevre pe guoinde vor ]?et hi weren naked ac 


ra]?re ham yaf clo]?inge and mete and drinke. }?e holi man J?a5 he were 
king and he5 man ne hedde none flame of J^e poure ase do}? zome greate 
Ihordes of )?ise wordle J?et wel do]? elmesse to poure ac alneway his habej? 
ine onwornesse vor hare pourehede. And yef hi weren ri3tvoniche 
milde hi flblden betere lovie Ipe vela3rede of poure men j^et byej? poure 
vor God |?et hise mo3e wel edifie be vorbisnes and be wordes Jjet of 
manie riche men hi habbe]? aboute ham huer J^er ne is bote covayse 
vlaterie yelpinge and ham make]? lete moche wel to done and make]? ham 
moche kuead to done be hare evele rede. 

Efterward )?er bye]? som volk ]?et do]? yno5 elmesse ac alneway hi ne 
lete]? na5t to done hare greate zenne. ]?e ilke elmesse ne flel his na3t 
ber5e vor yef hi sterve ine zuich stat hire elmesse ne flTel ham na3t 
wytie ]?et hi ne flblle by vorlore. }?anne zuich volk bye]? ase ]?e ilke ]?et of 
one half make]? ]?et hous and of o]?er half he hit brek]?. And ]?ervore 
zayj? ]?e writinge Yef ]?ou wilt kueme God have verst reu]?e and merci of 
]?ine zaule vor huo ]?et is kuead and ontrewe to Him to huam flTel he bi 
guod and trewe zay]? ]?e writinge ase yef he zede ne may na]?t by guod 
and trewe to o]?ren ]?et to himzelve is kuead. And ]?ervore saint 
Austin zay]? Huo ]?et wile ri3tvolIiche do elmesse he flTel bevore aginne 
at himzelve vor he flel more lovie his 03ene zaule }?enne ano]?res vor 
God. Non ne wolde zigge ]?et yef he were reu]?evol and vol of merci 
)?et ne flblde habbe reu]?e of his moder poure and zik hou moche ]?e 
hedde reu]?e of o]?ren. Alzuo ich zigge ]?e ilke ]?et ne is na3t reu]?evol ne 
vol of merci ]?et ne he]? pite of his zaule huanne he wot ]?et hi is zik to 
)?e dya]?e ]?et is ine dyadlich zenne. 

Nou ich habbe ]?e yno3 yflewed of ]?e trawe of merci ]?e stapes }?e 
bo3es and ]?et frut ]?et come]? ine ]?ise wordle and ine ]?e o]?re. Of J?e 
frut of ]?ise trawe ous spek]? Davi]? ri3t wel ine ]?e Sautere ]?er he zayJ? 
)?ous Yblyssed bye]? ]?o ]?et ham yeve]? to ]?e poure and to ]?e niedvolle 
]?et is to zigge ]?et ne abit na5t al wet ]?e poure him bit ac ra]?re him yef}? 
wy]?oute aksinge. Yor me wcs ywoned to zigge and zo]? hit is ]?et to mo 
he bay]? ]?et byt. Ne ]?e ilke ne he}? herte to yevene }?et ne yef}? er me 


acsi )?e ilke def> wel ]?et yef]? to ]?e poure ]?et acse]? ac he dej? bet }?et 
yef J? wy]?oute aksinge. And of ]?an zay]? J?e Sauter Yblissed is Ipe ilke 
|?et onderstant to ]?e poure. And huervore is he ybhssed he zay]? efter- 
ward ine |?e ilke vers ]?et God him wyle dehvri in )?e kueade daies of his 
yvo ]?et ffel bi ate daye of dome pet ffel by hard and kuead to )?e wickede 
]?et flblle by ydamned vor ]?e workes of merci ]?et hi ne habbe]? na5t 
ydo. Jjanne }?e Demere ffel ham zigge at po daye Gudp )?e acorsede into 
J>e vere of helle mid alle ]?e dyevlen J?et you is ydijt vram ]?e gininynge of 
'pe wordle vor Ich hedde honger and ]?orst ye ne Me yeave mete ne 
drinke Ich wes zik ]?ou ne come na3t to Me. And )?us He ffel ham att- 
wyte pe workes of merci pet hi na5t habbe]? ydo and J^ervore hi ffolle bi 
betake at ]?o daye to hare yvon j^et bye]? pe dyevlen of helle of 
huam pe rewj^evolle and )?o ]7et do]? ham to pe poure and to pe workes 
of merci ffole bi betake at }?o daye and ffole by do in to sayzine of J?e 
riche of hevene ase zay]? oure Lhord ine his Spelle. Vor He ffel zigge 
to ]?an ]?et habbe]? ydo pe workes of merci Come]? ye ybhssede of 
mine Vader ondervonge]? pe riche of hevene ]?et is to you ydy3t vram 
pe gin3mge of pe wordle. Vor ]?et ye habbe]? ydo to mine poure ye hit 
habe]? Me ydo. Grat wor]?fnpe God ham ffel do ]?anne He ham ]?onkeJ? 
of ]?e workes of merci and ham ffel yve ]?et lyf wy]?oute ende. And 
)?ervore He zay}? ine his Spelle Yblissed bye]? pe mercivolle vor hi ffolle 
habbe merci vor }^et hi habbe]? ylengd ]?et lyf of pe poure be hare 
elmesse. Wel hit is ri3t and skele ]?et God ham yeve }?et lyf wy]?oute 
ende ]?et is and ffel by wy]?oute ende and ]?ervore }?et hi habbe}? yhet 
reu]?e of Jesu Cristes lemes ine pe er]?e and hise habbe]? yloked and 
yconforted ine hare nyede hit is wel skele ]?et me do ham ate ende 
merci and pe me his delivri of alle kueadnesse of alle nyed and }?et ffel 
He do huanne He ffel yeve pe blisse e\Telestinde mid merci his let vor}? 
and his ffel herber3i. 

J?E yef]?e of onderstondinge and of ]?e virtue of chastete. 
Holy Writ ous tek]? tuo maneres of lives huerby me com}? to pe live 


wy]?oute ende. J?e verste is yhote workvol [active] vor pet hi is ine 
zuyncli of guode workes and make]? man onderstonde to J^e profit of 
him zelve and of his emcristen. ]?e o]?er is yhote restevol [contempla- 
tive] vor J?et hi is reste of workes wy|?oute and ne dep him na3t bote 
to God vor to knawe and lovie huervore hy his ydel of nyedes vvy]?oute 
and ase aslepe ac hi is awaked wy]?ine to ]?enche of God and Him lovie 
and na3t ne wylni bote Him to habbe and vor Him alle o]?re J^inges 
de|? ine voryetinge. Vor hi is of al yrobbed and ypijt ine God and wylne]? 
vor to by todeld vram J?e dyadliche bodye vor to by alneway mid Jesu 
Crist ase zai]? zainte Paul. 

pe verste lif is ine pe vi3tinge ine pe velde of guode workes huer pe 
kny5t lierne]? ham prove]? and alose]?. pe o]?er his reste wy]? God ine 
pe chombre of clene inwyt. pe verste onderstant to vede God mid pe 
mete of guode workes pe o]?er onderstant to by yved and yveld of God 
be zo}>e comfort gostlich. ]?anne pe verste is betokned be Mar]?en }?et 
wes bisy vor to vede oure Lhord ase zay]? }?et Godspel. pe o]?er is betok- 
ned by Marie ]?et hire zette ate vet of Jesu Crist and Iheste his wordes. 
pe verste is way and inguoinge to pe o]?ren vor non ne may come to 
pe live restvolle bote he by verst wel yproved ine live by zye ase zayj? 
sain Gregorie. pe yef}?es and pe virtues huerof we habbe}? yspeke 
above belonge}? to pe verste live }?et is ycleped workvol. pe tuo laste 
huerof we ffolle speke mid pe helpe of God and of pe Holy Gost ]?et 
is to wytene pe yef]?e of onderstondinge and pe yef}?he of wisdom 
belonge]? to pe o]?re live ]?et is yhote restvol. J?et lif is ine tuo ]?inges 
ase we habbe]? above yzed ]?et is to wytene ine ri3te knawlechinge of 
God and ine stedeveste love pe love of onderstondinge leth to stede- 
vestnesse of ri3te knaulechinge pe ycf]?e of wysdom leth to stedevest- 
nesse of love. 

Nou we wille]? zigge verst of pe yef }?e of onderstondinge be }?an }?et 
J?e Holy Gost wile ous teche. }?es yef}?e )?et is yhote yef]?e of onder- 
stondinge ne is o]?er p'mg be pe hal3en and bi pe maistres bote a ly5t 
and a grace of bri3tnesse ]?et pe Holy Gost zcnt into pe herte hucrby 
onderstondinge of man is arered vor to knawe his flepperc and pe 


gostliclie ]?inges ])et ne mo3e na3t by yzo3e bodilich ine alle ]?e ]?inges 
j^et belonge]? to |?e lielj^e of zaule mid skele kendelicli ne onderstondingc 
of man of him ne vor him ne may come. ]?es God is ycleped ly3t vor 
He clenze]? pe onderstondinge of man of ]?iesternesse of prede and of 
spottes of zenne. Vor ase }?et li3t bodilich dej? away ]?iestcrnessc and 
make]? bri3tUche izy ]?e J?inges bodilich alsuo ]?is li3t gostlich clenze]? J?e on- 
derstondinge of man al to ]?an ]?et he mo3e bri3tliche ysy and J?et he mo3e 
knawe bri3tliche and zikerliche ase me may yknawe ine J?ise dyeadliche 
live God his ffeppere and pe fleppinges gosthche ase bie|? pe angles and pe 
zaulen ]?et belonge]? to pe helj^e of zaules ase bye]? pe articles of pe 
beleave huerof we habbe]? bevore yspeke ine ane stede be him zelve. 
]?is knawinge nis bote in inwyt wel yvayred and wel yclenzed vor ase 
pe zike e3e ne may na3t wel yzi bri3tnesse alsuo pe onderstondinge of 
man ase moche ase in him is ne may ysy ne knawe pe ]?inges gostliclie 
bote he by wel yclenzed of alle lac of vel]?e be zo}>e byleave ]?et clenze]? 
pe herten ase zay]? pe writinge. Ac pe yef}?e of pe Holy Gost huerof 
we speke]? hier volmake]? ]?ise vayrhede and }?ise clennesse ine herte to 
}?et his holy zaule ]?et is yclenzed and ali3t mid ]?ise li3te of onder- 
stondinge mi3te ysy and knawe God and al pet him is niede and guod 
to his ybor3inge and ]?et is pe blissinge huerof God spek]? ine His Spell e 
]?o He zede yblisscd J)ye]? ]?o }?et bye]? clene of herte vor hi ffolle ysy 
God ine Himzelve ase He is be byleave aly3te and ystreng]?ed be pe 
yef}?e of onderstondinge. Vorzo}?e efter he dyea]?e ine paradis hi 
fToUen yzy Him al aperteliche wizage to visage. 

]?anne zay]? zaynte Paul }?is yef}?e de]? away alle vel]?e of herte and 
hire clenze]? parfitliche of alle lackes and specialliche of pe lacke of pe 
zenne of lecherie. Vor huo ]?et is beveld mid ]?o lac he is ri3tvolHche 
yblent and he]? ylore pe e^en of pe herte skele and onderstondinge zuo 
]?et he ne may yknawe his ffeppere ne ]?inges f»et wende]? to pe hel]?e of 
zaule ac is ase best ]?et ne he]? wyt ne skele ine him. ]?anne Davi]? 
zay]? ine pe Sautere ]?ct man to huam ]?et God he]? ydo zuo grat wor}?- 
ITipe ]?et hine made to his ymage and to his anliknesse huerby he may 
yknawe God and habbe ]?et he ne he]? ydo none beste he]? zuo voryete 



his ITeppere an J^e guodnesse pet he hep him ydo ]?et he is become ihch 
to fole bestes ]?et ne habbe]? none onderstondinge. J^e zenne ]?et mest 
make]? man ihch to voule bestes and to velpe is zenne of lecherie 
huerof we habbe]? bevore yzed ]?er we speke of zenne. pe yef j^e ]?anne 
of onderstondinge J?et is of er]?e speciaUiche to ]?o velpe bestrepj? of J^e 
herte pe zenne of lecherie an he tekj? vayrhede and clennesse huerof 
wext a wel vayr traw ]7et is pe virtue of chastete huerby me com]? to 
])o greate blissinge ]?et God behat to ]?an }?et loke]? clennesse of herte 
huanne He zede yblissed hi by pe clene of herte vor hi ITolle yzy God 
vor }?et hi ffolle habbe pe e^en of herte wel yclenzed and wel ali3t of pe 
yef]?e of onderstondinge. 


}?is traw wext and profite]? and clif ]? ase do]? pe o]?re tovore yzed be 
zeve stapes, pe verste stape is clene inwyt }?et is pe rote of ]?ise trawe 
vor wy|?oute clene inwyt no chastete ne lyke|> to God. }?is chastete )?is 
clennesse ]?is purte acse]? }?et me loki pe herte vram evele }?03tes }?et hi 
na3t ne consenti and of kuede wilingges. Vor huo ]?et him consente]? to 
kueade wylles and to kueade }?o3tes of his herte he ne is na3t chast }?a3 
he by ver vram pe dede vor be pe consentinge wy]?oute more he ffolde 
by vorlore yef he sterf ]?erinne. 

}?ri ]?inges moche bye]? wor]? to loki pe clennesse of herte. pe verste 
is ble]?eliche yhyere pe wordes of God and his spelles huerof our 
Lhord zay}? ine his Spelle to his deciplcs ye bye]? He zayj? alle clene 
be pe wordes ]>et Ich you habbe yzed vor Godes word is ase a vayr 
ffewere ine huam me yzi3t alle pe lakkes of pe herte. };et o}?er }?ing is 
zo}?e flrifte )?ct is ]?et lavor huer he him iXel ofte wesse. pe writinge 
zay]? ine pe bok of Kingcs ]7et Elyseu pe profete het to Naaman }?et 
wes mezel ]?et he him welie ine pe flom Jordan zeve zi]?e vor to by clene 
of his evele and }?o he ]?er wes ywefle J?o wes he al klene and al hoi of 
his evele. pe flum Jordan ]?et is ase moche wor]? ase stream of dom 
and betokne]? flrifte huer man flel him zelvc deme mid greate zor]?e of 
herte and mid greate repcntonce zuo ]?et o stream of tyearcs yernc be 


]?e condut of ]?e e3en and zuo j^e mezel ffel bi al hoi and clene J^et is ])e 
zcne3ere yef he him weflt zeve Z3'^]?e pet is to zigge of alle his zennes. 
and ]?ervore zay}? saynt Bernard Love fTrifte yef ]70u wilt habbe vayr- 
hede vor ITrifte ne is na3t wy|?oute vayrhede. 

]?et J?ridde |?ing is be|?enchinge of Jesu Cristes pine vor no vondinge 
none evele ]?o3tes ne mo3e bleve ine herte ]?et ofte recorde]? ]?ane dya}? 
and ]?e pine of Jesu Crist. Vor )?et is ]?e armure ]?et ]?e dyevel dret 
mest ase J?e ilke be huam he wes overcome and he huam he lyeas his 
mi3te. J^et is ous betokned in ]?e writinge of J?e eddre of bres )?et 
Moyses be ]>e heste of oure Lhorde arerede ope J?e pole zuo he^e ]?et al 
pet volk hise yze3 and alle ]?o pet his yze3e weren yheld of pe pre- 
kiynges of pe eddren. pe eddre of bres arered ine pe pole betokne]? j^ct 
body of Jesu Crist yhanged ine pe rode. )?et wes pe eddre wy]?oute 
venym huerof wes ymad pe triacle of oure helj^e to ham |7et bye]? 
y smite and envenimed of pe prekyinges of pe venimous eddre of helle 
)?et is pe dyvel. Loke be zoj^e belyave ine J^e eddre of bres ]?et is 
to zigge ]?et he J>enche of pe pinen of Jesu Crist and an haste he flel 
by hoi and by yvryd of pe vondinges of pe dyevle. 

pe oj^er stape huerby ]?is traw clyf]? and profite]? is to loki |?ane 
mou]? vram voule wordes ]?et wende]? to ribaudye and onclennesse vor 
be zuych blest and be zuych wynd is ofte aquyked ]?et ver of lecherie 
huerof pe writinge spek]? )?et word of fole wyfman is berninde ase ver. 
An zapite Paul ]?us zay]? ]?et pe kueade wordes of fole wyfmen amer- 
re)? guode J?eawes. And ]?ervore huo )?et wyle loki chastete hit beho- 
ve)? ]?et he him loki vram zuyclie wordes vor huo J?et bleliche hise zay)? 
o]?er ble]?eliche his yher]? he ITeweJ? wel )?et he ne is na3t chast vor 
)?er ne may go oute of J?e vete bote zuych ase per is inne. Yef J?e 
wordes hjep voule and lodliche ]?et is apert tokne ]?et pe voulhede 
and pe lodlichede bye)? ine pe herte. Vor be pe mochelhede of pe 
herte pe mou)? spek)? )?et zay)? our Lord ine his Spelle. 

pe )?ndde stape is wel to loki alle pe wyttes of pe bodye ase pe e^en 
vram fol zy3)?e pe earen to hyere fole wordes pe honden ^Ta wyckede 
takinges pe nase \Tam to moche lostvolle smelles )?ane mou)? \Tam to 


lostvoUe metes and ine guode smackes. J?ise byej? J?e vif gates of J?e 
cite of J?e herte huerby j^e dievel gep in ofte ine Ipe vif ]?erles of ]?e 
house huerby ]?e dyevel ofte gep into ]?e herte ase zay]? pe profete. 
Vele guode men and stronge habbe]? by ynome and overcome be J?an 
J>et hi ne lokede na3t wel J^ise gates. And yef ]?ou wylt habbe vor- 
bisnes f>ench J^et non ne wes strenger ]?anne Samson fortin ne wiser 
Jeanne Salomon ne more milder ]?anne David and alneway villen be wyf- 
men, Ac vorzoj^e yef hy hedden wel yemd ])e gates pe vyend ne hedde 
na5t ynome zuo greate casteles. Vor ase zay]? saint Gregorie pe tour 
of pe herte ne may na3t by nome bote pe gates by opene to pe ost of pe 
dj^evle. Huerof yealde filozofes hem vledden into verrc stedes into dezert 
)?ervore ]?et hi ne mi3ten yzy ne yhere ne vele J^ing huerby J^e stren)?e of 
hire workes vledde away ne huerby hi flblden lyese hire chastete. J^e 
o]?re f»ervore J^et hi nere ine zenne to ]?enche of filozofie hy J?resten out 
hare e3en of J^e herte J^et hi ne ze3en ]?ing J^-et ham mi3te wyj?dra3e 
\Tam hire contemplacion. ]?anne J^e bodiliche wyttes bye]? ase pet hors 
)?et yern]7 wy]?oute bridle zuo j^et hit de]? valle his Ihord ac pe herte 
chaste ham ofhalt mid pe bridle of skele. Nou ich habbe pe yzed 
]?ane skele. 

pe ver]?e stape is ffarpnesse of live to do his vleff ondervot j^et is 
wrang to pe goste ase zay]? zaynte Paul. Vor huo )?et wile quenche 
)?et ver of lecherie he mot do away J^e ali3tynges j^et norisse]? zuych ver ]?et 
bie]5 pe lostes and pe eyses of pe herte J^et berne]? and ali3tef> }?et ver 
of lecherie and amerre]? chastete. Jeanne saint Bernard ]?ous zay}? J?et 
chastete spilj? be lostes. pe writinge zayj? ]?et Jeremies brechgerdel 
rotede bezide pe wetere vor chastete )?et is onderstonde and betokned 
be pe brechgerdle J?et vorrotede ine pe wetere of voule lostes. And 
]?ervore huo ]?et \vylc him loki vram berninge he ffel do away pe ilk 
brondes be wy]7dra3ingcs of mete and of drinkc and be flarpnesses of 
his bodie huerof pe writinge zay]? ]?ct pe children ]?ct weren ynorissed 
mid greate metes noldcn na3t ethe of J^e lostvoUe metes weren yber3e 
ine pe fornayse of Babyloyne. Huerby is onderstonde zenne of lecherie 
pet is yqucnct mid vorbcringc of mete and of drinkc and be flarpnesse 


of lyve. Ac ]?e greate metes and ]?et stronge W7n ali3tej? and norisse}? 
lecheries ase oyle o]?er grese ali3te]7 and steng]?e|? pet ver. 

J?e vifte stape is bevly kueade vela3rede and ]?e enchesons of zenne. 
Moclie volk bye]? yvalle ine zenne be kueade vela3rede pet na3t elles ne 
hedden yvalle. Ase J?e levayne zoure]? pet do3 and hit dra3]? to smac 
alsuo pe queade vela3rede amer]? ]?et guode los of pe raanne. A rotcd 
eppel amang pe liolen make]? rotie pe yzounde yef he is longe )?er 
amang. A quic col berninde ope ane hyeape of dyade coles hit his 
zet alle aver. Huerof pe Sauter zayj? J^oii ffelt by holy mid pe holy 
and poure mid pe poure ase yef he zede yef J?ou wilt loki ]?ine klen- 
nesse and )?ine chastete bevli pe vela3rede of pe kueade. Vor yef ]?ou 
lovest pe vela3rede of pe queade J?ou ffelt by zuych ase hi byej? vor huo 
]?et love]? vela3rede of fol hit behove]? ]?et he by fol }?et zay]? pe wyse 
ine pe writinge. Alsuo behove]? him bevly pe encheysones of zenne ase 
speke priveliche to wyfman in stede suspected wy]? one vor }?et yef}? 
ofte encheysoun to zene3y huanne me he]? J?ane time and }?ane stede. 
Huerof we rede}? .ine pe hoc of Kinges ]?et Amon ]?et wes Davi}? is 
zone huanne he hild his zoster on to one priveliche ine his chombre he 
hise vorlay. Josepes Ihevedy ]?o hy vand alone him hi wold do him 
zene3i mid hire ac he him vledde ase wys and hise vorlet. }?erevore 
zay]? zainte Paul bevly fornication }?et is to zigge pe encheysons ]?et 
mo3e lede to zenne of lecherie. Vor me ne may na3t betere overcome 
zenne of lecherie ne loki chastete ]?anne to byvly pe encheysones of 
zenne. ]?ervore pe angle zede to Lot }7et he ffolde guo out of pe cite 
of Sodomme and alle pe boundes vor hit ne is na3t yono3 to lete pe 
kueade vela5rede ne pe zenne bote he ne lete pe markes of zenne ]?et 
is to zigge pe encheisons of zenne. Me cou}?e zigge zuo longe gep ]?et 
pot to pe wetere }?et hit com]? tobroke hom and zuo long vli3]? pe 
vlindre aboute the candle }?et hi bern}?. Alsuo me may zuo moche 
zeche pe enchesouns of zenne ]?et me val}?. ]?anne huo ]?et wyle him 
loki vram berninge he ffel him wy]?dra3e. 

pe zixte stape is to by ine nyedes of guode workes and oneste vor 
J?e vyend }?et nevre ne slep}? huanne he vint man ydel and sleawol guod 


vor to done he him dep ine his niedes and de|? him stepe U3tliche into 
zenne. J?anne }?e writinge zayj? J?et idelnesse ]?et is to zigge sleaj^e 
and onlosthede wel to done is maystresse of moche quead. And per- 
vore zayl? zaynte Paul Ne yef na5t zay]? he stede to ]?e viende pet 
is to zigge ne by na3t ydel pet pe viend ne vinde stede pe vor to vondi 
vor he is ydel of guod workes J?et yef|? stede to pe zaule hire vor to 
vondi. j^ervore zayj? saint Gerome Do ahieway zome ]?inges of zome 
guode workes zuo }?et pe dyevel pe vynde alneway workinde vor huo 
J^et is ydel he him ne may na3t longe hyalde f'et he ne valle into zenne. 
}?anne pe profete zajp vor ]?et wes pe zenne of Sodome J?et prede ydel- 
nesse and plente J>et is to zigge J?et hi ethen and vorzuol3e and na3t 
ne dede huerby hy villen into pe voule zenne ]?et na3t ne is to nemni. 
Alsuo de]? moche vole )?et lyese}? hare time and hine bezette]? ine ydel- 
nesse and ine to moche of metes an drinkes and ine fole ple3es ine 
childehedes ine li3thedes ine zonges ine karoles and ine tables in ches 
and ine o)?re fole gemenes ine zuyche li3thedes waste]? hare time and 
)?ervore hi valle]? Ii3liche ine moche voul zenne and ofte into pe pette 
of helle ]?et is ate pricke of pe dya]?e huerof he ne nim]? none hede. 

pe zevende stape is guode benes to God ]?et moche is wor]? to over- 
come alle zenne and nameliche zenne of lecherie. }?anne saynt Am- 
broyse zay}? Holy bene is a guod field aye alle pe berninde gavelockes 
of pe dyevle and Ysidre zay]? ]?et ]?et his remedie aye alle zenne to 
him )?et yern]? to holy benes an haste huanne pe vyend asayle]? pe 
herte vor wone to bidde aqenc]? alle pe asaylinges of zenne. Holy bene 
is wel mi3vol avoreye God vor hi is yflbred mid vour }?inges ase mid 
vour postes. 

pe veffte is ri3te beleave huerof zay]? oure Lhord ine his Spelle In 
al ]?et }?ou acsest ine ]?ine benes have guode beleave and vest hope ine 
God and ]?ou flelt habbc }?ct ]?ou acsest. Saint Jacob zayp ]?et me acsy 
to God veste bileve wy]?oute drede vor huo }?et dret he is ase pe wa3e of 
pe ze ]?et pe wynd let hider and ]?idcr and ]?ervorc he )?et gep yerninde 
and talyinde ne }?cng}? na3t aye God. pe o}?er ping }?et flel by ine bene 
is hope vor to habbc ]?ct me byt huerof pe Sauter zay]? Have guode hope 


ine God and He ]?e wile do ])ei )?ou Him acscst and J?ervore zede he ine 
ane oJ?re stede Lord have merci of me vor min herte hope]? ine J?e. 
Grat hope ous yefp Him vor to bidde zuo |?et He ne zayde na3t ine behot- 
ingge J?o He zede ine ]?e Godspelle Huo ]?et acse]? he nim]? and huo ]>et 
zekj? he vint and huo pet clepe]? God him opene]? ]?et is to onderstonde 
huo ]7et acse)? wysliche huo J?et zecj? diligentliche and huo j^et clepe]? 
blevindliche. Huanne J?ise ]?ri ]?inges bye]? ine hire skele W3rt diligence 
and perseverance God ham yher]? an haste wyt J?et J?ou acsi wisliche. 
Moche volk acse]? ]?et ne bye]? na3t yhord vor hi make]? kueadliche hire 
acsinge. Huerof saint Jacob zay]? to J?an ]?et ne wyte]? huet hi acse]? ]?ou 
acsest he zay]? to God ofte ac na3t ne ondervagst. Zome akse]? to he3 
J?ing more }?anne ham behove]? ase dede ]?e tuaye apostles saint Jon and 
saint Jacob ]?et acsede ]?et on of ham zete ane ]?e ri3t half of oure Lhorde 
ine his regne and ]?e o]?re ane his left half. Hi ne acsede na3t wisliche 
ac ra]?re hit ]?o3te grat presumcion and ]?ervore he ham answrede oure 
Lhord hardliche and ham zede Ye ne wytej? huet ye acse]?. J?anne huo 
]?et wile wysliche bidde God yef he him loke]? vram presumcion o]?er 
}?et he ne wene greate }?inges of himzelve ase dede ]>e Farisen ]?et 
yalp ine his benes and onwor]?ede ]?ane pubblycan. Ac mildeliche me 
flel to God bidde and himzelve deme bevore God ]?et yzi3]? ]?e herten 
of }?e volke and wot Ijare eveles and hare lackes and wot huet ham is 
nyed betere ]?anne hamselve conne. Nim hede to ]?e poure truons hou 
hi ffewe]? hare eveles and hare defautes vor to maki ]?et volk to habbe 
]?e more reupe of ham. Alsuo me flel do tovore God mildeliche flewy 
his lackes and his zennes ]?ere recordy vor to habbe grace and vorj'^eve- 
nesse. ]?e oj^re by}? ]?et ne conne acsi bote ]?inges libbinde and little 
ase bye}? ]?e guodes of time God ]?e w}de wel gratter ]?inges yeve. He 
nele }?e yeve pere ne eppel ase me de}? ane childe ac greate ]?inges. 
He wdle ]?et }?ou Him acsi ]?inges pet pe by profitable to helpe of 
zaules ase hise grace and his bUsse vor huo ]?et acsej? to God richesses 
wor]?ssipes he3nesses o}?er dyea}? of his yvon he zent to God voule 
benes and }?ervore He ne hier]? his na3t. }?ervore zay}? zaint Austin 
Ne onderstand na3t he zay}? of God vor greate ]?inges pe guodes }?et 


He yefp alsuo wel to pe kueade ase to J?e guode. He wyle zigge 
me ne ffel na3t hyealde vor greate )?inges ]?e guodes pasinde J?et God 
yefj? alsuo and more yet to ]?e kueade )?anne to pe guode and ]?ervore 
his yef]? God to J?e wyckede pet J?e guode lierni to onwor|?i pet he 
yef)? to pe kueade ase zay]? zaynt Austin. Huanne ]70u bist ]?anne 
God zay]? saynt Ambroyse acsej? grat J?ing ]?et bye]? ]?o pet evremo 
ileste]? wyj^oute ende na3t pe J?inges pasinde. Vor pe ilke bene ne 
com]? najt to gode ]?ervore ous tekj? oure guode Mayster Jesu Crist 
ho[w] to acsi wysliche and ous seep]? oure acsinge ]?o He zede Yef ]?ou 
acsest eni ]?ing to mine Vader ine mine name He hit pe wile yeve. 
Yef he hit acse]? mid pe name of Jesu Crist ]?et acse]> ]?et behove}? to 
heljje of zaule vor Jesu is ase moche wor}? ase hel]?e. And huet ping 
flblle we J?anne acsi He ous tek]? ine his Spclle }?o He zede Verst 
ocse]? Godes riche and his ri3tvolnesse and alle ]?ise timliche ]?inges }?ou 
flelt habbe to avontage. Vor ase me can zigge to pe meste niede me 
flfel alneway yerne. We habbe}? niede of tuo ]?ing of gostliche guodes 
and of timliche guodes ac wel more nyede we habbe]? of gostliche 
guodes and }?ervore we ffolle his verst and principalliche bidde and 
God his wile ous yeve and ous wile do avontage of ]?e o]?re guodes }?et 
bye}? pe timliche guodes. We ne ffolle na5t maki of pe o]?re [seconde] 
guodes principals ase do]? pe covaytouse ]?et ne zeche}> o]?re lif bote 
]?et }?et ham faile}? and ham ascape]? wille hi nolle hi. Ac pe riche of 
hevene is }?et lif evrelestinde we ffolle bidde be ofservinges of guode 
workes and }?et is }?et God zay}? bidde}? verst Godes riche and his ri3t- 
volnesse }?et is do guode workes huerby me may come to ]?o riche }?et 
nevre ne ffel faili an huo })us hit bit God de}? him avontage of pe tim- 
liche guodes vor He hise him yef}? to his wone yno3liche vor na3t ne 
lacke]? to ham }?et lovie]? God and drede}) ase zay}? pe writinge. Ac pe 
covaytouse of pe wordle pe more }?ct hi habbe}? ]?e lesse hi habbe]? huo 
}?et mest he}> of mayne and mcst him faile}) of mete and }?et mcst he}? 
hors mest him fayle]? gromes and stablcn. And sain[te] Jerome zay}? 
}?et to pe wreche fayle}? ]?ct he he}? and }?ct he ne}?. 

Nou ]?ench }?annc huanne })ou woldest bidde God and acsi wisliche 


and diligentliche ]?et is cntentifliche and pcrscverantliche and He ]?e 
willc yve ]?ct ]?e hest niede to pi profit an to hel|?e to ]?ine zaule. 

J?e ]?ridde ping pet fTel by ine bene is devocion of herte J?ct is to 
arere pe herte to God wy]?oute J?o5te ine oJ>re stede )?anne our Lhord 
zay]? Huanne J?ou ffelt bidde God betuene ]?ine tej? ]?et is to zigge ine 
}?ine herte flete pe dore ope J^e J?et is to zigge do out alle J?05tes vlcff- 
liche voule and wordlehche and zuo bide J?ine Vader of hevene ine halke. 
Saynt Ciprian ]?ous zay]? )?et alle J^o^tes vlefTliclie and wordleliche me 
ffel di3te vram pe herte ]?et wyle God bidde zuo ]?et his herte ne 
f>enche to o]?re J?inge bote to J^et he ITel bide. Hou zay]? he wenst |?ou 
f>et God pe yhere huanne f'ou ne hierst nat ]?i zelve. And Ysidre zay]? 
]?anne we bidde]? zo]?liche huanne we ]?enche]? nawer ellcs. And saint 
Augustin zay]? Huet is hit wor]? to sterie and to bestle al day pe lippen 
huanne pe herte is al domb. Zuycli difference ase )?er is betuene )?e 
cheve and pe corn betuene bren and flour of huete betuene pe velle and 
pe beste zuyche difference is betune pe rearde of pe bene and pe devo- 
cion of pe herte. God ne is na5t goth to vede mid leaves. Alsuo pe 
bene )?et is ywri^e ine leaves of wordes wy]?oute devocion of herte ne 
like]? na3t to God ac ra]?re Him mispay]? and Him went }?et yeare ]?et He 
hit ne yhiere vor He ne onderstant na3t zuiche speche. Huo }?et bit 
God wy]?oute devocion of herte he spek]? to God patroyllart ase pe ilke 
]?et spekj? half Englis and half VrenfT. He spek]? to God mid mou}?e ac 
pe herte spek}? o}?re speche huanne he f'cng]? elleshuer. ]?anne hit pe 
J?ing]? ]?et zuych volk ]?et zuo bidde}? God Him scome]? ase he ]?et wile 
scorni ane dyave he wa gge]? pe lippen onlepiliche and make]? semblont 
to spekene and na^t ne zay]?. To zuiche volke make]? God ]?et dyeave 
eare ac pe bene ]?et com]? of pe dyepnesse of pe herte ]?o yherj? oure 
Lhord. Vor ase zay]? ]?et Godspel God is a Gost and }?ervore huo ]?et 
wile by yhierd of God hit him behove]? ]?et he bidde ine goste and in 
zo]?e. Davi]? ous tek]? to bidde God devoutliche *ne pe Sautere ]?o he 
zede Lhord mi bene bi ydi3t bevore pe ase ]?et stor. ]?et stor huanne 
hit is ope pe vere smel]? zuete alsuo de]? pe bene huanne hi com]? of 
bernide herte of pe love of God smel]? wel zuete tovore God. 0]?erlaker 



]?e bene ne com]? na5t bevore God bote ]?i come of ]?e herte ase ]?e messa- 
ger Ipet none lettres ne breng]? o|?er |?et ne is na5t wel yknawe ne com]? 
na3t li3tliclie tovore ])e kinge. Bene wy]?oute devocion is messagier 
wyJ?oute lettres and wyj^oute knawlechinge huo pet zuyche messager 
zent to cort evele ha de]? his niedes vor ase me zay]? coramuniliche 
Huo J^et fol zent fol abyt. Huo ]?et wyle Jeanne zo]?liche bidde God he 
iVel to God grede mid dyepe herte ase dede David ]?et zede ine pe 
Sautere Lhord God yliyer mine bene and mine rearde pet ich grede to 
pe mid pe dyepnesse of herte. pe hete of love is pe gredinge of herte 
}?et zay]? saynt Augustin pe ilke rearde and pe ilke gredinge him likej? 
na5t rearde vor to telle tales. Saint Gregorie zai]? |?et zo]?liche bidde 
God is biter zobbinge of vorJ?enchinge ]?et is to zigge of zor3e and of 
repentonce of herte keste to God na3t wordes afaited and ysliked vele- 
vold. Zuych gredinge cache]? pe ]?yeves J^et bye]? pe dyevlen ]?et ous 
wsijtep ous to robbi and ]5ervore ffolle we ofte grede to God ]?et He ous 
loki vram pe }?ieves. Alsuo flblle we strangliche grede to God f'et He 
ous loki vram pe ]9ieves and vram pe ver of covaytise and of lecherie }?et 
He ous yeve ]?et weter of tyeares vor to quenche zuich ver J?et it ne berne 
oure herten. Alsuo solle we grede aye pe foles of evele ]?enchinges }?et 
overguo]? ofte pe herte ]?et pe herte ne spille be grauntinge. J?ervore 
gredde Davi]? to God ine pe Sauter ]?et zede Lhord ywyte me vram J^e 
peril of weteris ]?et is nie3 yguo into mine herte. And pe deciples of 
oure Lhorde ]?o hi yze3en pe tempcste of dya}?e ope ham greddcn Sire 
ywyte ous vor we spille]?. 

A^or ]?o ]?ri ]?inges ]?et ich habbe liier yzed me ffel ofte grede to God 
]?et He ous wytie vram ]?ise }?ri perils of ]?e }?yeves of helle vram ]?e vere 
of covaytise of foles and of kueade ]?03tes and vram vondigge. 

Nou ffelt }?ou conne ]?et ine eche time and ine eche stede mi3t }?ou bidde 
to God ac specialliche and more devouteliche me ffel Him bidde at 
cherchc }?ane Zonday and ine festes ]?et bie]? iset God vor to bydde 
herie and wor]?fl'ipic. And ]?ervore me let of bodiliche workes of pe 
woke vor betere to onderstonde to bidde God servi herie and worlfipie. 
]?cr bye]? tuayc mancre benes on]?enchinde ine herte }?et me may ovcral 


bidde anoJ>er ine speclie of mou]?e pet me ffel bidde ine oneste stedes 
na5t ine longaynes ase de]? ]?e ypocrites |?et ham ITeawe]? wyoute and 
na3t wi]?ine. And alsuo ]?er bie]? oj^er ]>et gredej? hare benes zuo llioude 
pet po Jjet bye]? yhende hjep destorbed of hare devotion be ham and 
J?enche]? Ziiych ich am. And ]?ervore to zuichen zay]? God VorzoJ^e Ich 
zigge to yow ye liabe]? ondervonge youre mede. Yef God hot zuo 
straytliche loki ]?ane Zeterday ine pe yealde la5e ]?et He made ane man to 
stene tovore al J^e volke vor ]?et he hedde ygadered a lite wode )?ane 
Zeterdey huet fTel He do of |?an |?et do]? greate zennes J?ane Zonday and 
ine festes and waste]? ]5ane time in ydelnesse and ine folies and worse do]? 
ine festes ]?anne in o]?re da3es. Vorzo}?e hi flblle by more ypined and 
more ydamned ine pe o]?re wordle ]?anne Geus ]?et breken hare Zeterda/ 
vor pe Zonday is more holy ]?anne pe Zeterday. 

Also bye]? pe festes principals ]?et bye]? yzet ine holy Cherche vor God 
to bidde and ]?onki servi herie and wor]?ssipie of ]?e greate guodnesses 
]?et He pe he}? ydo ase holy Cherche recorde]?. Ine zuyche festes ase at 
Cristesmesse his beringe hou He wes ybore of pe mayde at Yestre his 
oparizinge hou He aros vram dya]?e to live ate Assencion hou Ha stea3 
to hevene ine zi3]?e of alle his apostles at lokes hou He zente ]?ane Holy 
Gost ope his apostles. 

Alsuo ]?er bye}? ]?e>festes of hal3en ine holy cherche vor to wor}?fripie 
and vor to servi God and herie and his hal3en of pe miracles ]?et He dede 
vor ham vor to vestin oure beleave. And }?ervore we flblle pe festes of 
hal3en loki and bidde ]?et hi ous helpe avoreye oure Lhord Jesu Crist 
]?et zuo moche his worffipe]? ine hevene and ine er}?e. }?anne zene3e}? 
he wel kueadliche ]?et ne loke]? ]?e festes vor he de]? aye Codes heste and 
of holy Cherche. 

Ac zome mi3te zigge Lyeve sire me ne may na3t alneway bidde God 
ne by at cherche. Huet kuead is hit yef ich guo playe and solaci 
]?erhuile ]?et ich me solaci an playe ich ne }?ench» none manner kuead. 
To }?an ich wille ansuere li5tliche Vor al ]:>ane time ]?et }?ou bezest in 
fole gemenes in ydelnesse and in niedes }?et ne bye]? na3t idi3t to God 
]?ou his lyest. Vor ]?ou ffelt ywyte ]?et al }?ane time ]?et ]?ou ne }?engst 


na3t a God ]?ou liise ffelt rekeni vor na3t J?et zay]? an hal3en );et is 
to onderstonde huanne ]?ou ne ]?engst bote to ydelnesse of |?inge J?et 
ne is ydi5t ine none maner to God. And vorzo]?e he liest grat Jjing 
|?et liest his time zuo zay]? Senekes vor he lyest Ipe guodes ]?et he 
ifolde do ine zuo moche time ase he lyest ine ]?e playes and ine ydel- 
nesse and ]3et ne is na3t wyJ?oute zenne to liese )?ane time in queade 
wones vor God wile acsi rekeninge ate daye of dome. ]?is zay)? Saint 
Anselm. And ]?ervore me ffel alneway wel do and wel bezette f'ane 
time ine guode workes ase moche ase me may ]?erhuile ]?et he levej^ 
vor Ipe time is Ifort ase zay]? pe Writinge ne non ne wot hou longe he 
hit ITel habbe vor non ne wot huanne he ffel sterve ne huanne he ffel 

Ano]?er may zigge Yef hit were suo J?et alle da3es ine J?e yeare were 
messe da^es and yhote hyealde be holy Cherche huo J?anne ffolde erye 
and zawe ripe and mawe and o]3re er]?liche workes to done huerby men 
ffolle libbe. J?erne answere ich lete to ham J?et betere conne ansuerie 
panne ich. Huo |?et wyle ]?anne loki ]?e festes ase he ffel he him ffel 
loki to done ]?ing ]?et to God ne is na3t likinde ne to his hal3en. And 
wel to bezette ]?ane time in God to bydde herie and ]?onki of his guode 
yhere his sermons and onderstonde to ahe guode workes. Alsuo huanne 
at cherche man him ffel habbe wel oneste and to wor]?ffipe an reverence 
to God and to his hal3en vor J?e stede is holy and is yzet to bidde God 
na3t vor to jangli vor to lhe3e ne vor to trafly. Jeanne oure Sire zay|? 
Min ho us is hous of bene and ]?ervore me ne ffel o]?er f>ing do ne zigge 
bote ])et huervore hit is yzet. J?is zay)? saynt Austin pe ilke pet Hel 
come tovore pe kinge ine his chombre vor zome grace to bidde he him 
loki well to zigge J?ing |?et na3t ne hki pe kinge. Wel more he him Ifel 
loki pe ilke ]?et com]? to cherche ]?ct is Godcs chombre and Godes hous 
to done and to zigge tovore God and tovore his angles ping j^et Him ne 
liki. God nele na3t ]?et me maki his hous marcat ne bo]?e Imerout He 
wrek |?o };ct zyaldc and bo3te ine ]?e temple. Vor he nele J?et me maki 
vorewerdes ne noyses ne nyedcs seculcres ]?erinne ac raj?rc wile }?et me 
onderstonde to bidde God devoutcUche and Him herie and jwnki of al his 


guode. ]?er me flel wy]?clepie his herte to him and do al out alle seculere 
niedes yemere |?o5tcs and |?enche an his fleppe and ane his guode guodnes- 
ses )?et God him he}? ydo and him dej? communhche recordi his zennes 
and his lackes and him zelve mildi tovore God and bidde voryevenesse 
and grace him to loki vram zenne and blevinge ine guode hve al to pe 
ende. ]?ere flblle ]?e greate hiordes and J^e greate Ihevedyes voryete hare 
bhsse hare mi5te hare dingnete and hare he3nesse and |?enche J?et hi 
byej? bevore hare Demere ]?et ffel his zette to skele of pe guodes ]?et he 
ham het ydo of ])e dingnete huer He his hep yzet hou hi hit habbe]? 
yuscd and ham ffel yelde be hare ofgoinge. ]?ervore hi ffollen |7er ham 
moche mildi to God na5t glorifie hare he3nesse ne of hare vayre distinge 
ne of hare vayre robes to J?e vorbysne of kinge DaviJ? J^et hedde vor}'ete 
his dingnete po he bed God and onworj^ede himzelve tovore Him. Ich 
am he zede a lite werm and no man and ine ]?et he bekneu his ]?olemod- 
nesse his pourhede and his voulhede. Vor ase pe werm is voul and lite 
p'mg onworj? and wext al naked of pe er]pe alsuo is man voul ]3ing of 
himzelve vor huanne he yede into pe exil of j?ise wordle na3t he ne bro3te 
ne na3t ne ffel here away al naked he com and al naked he ffel guo. 
)?anne saint Bernard zay]? Huet is man bote vel|?e and a zech vol of 
donge wermene mete. He is wel voul and stinkinde zed ine pe byetinge 
a zech vol of donge ine his live mete to wermes ine his dya]?e. Alsuo 
pe gretate Iheuedyes f'et come]? zuo idi5t mid gold mid zelver mid stones 
of pris and mid robes of grat cost to cherche bevore God hy ffolden nime 
vorbisne of pe quen Hester ]?et dede of hire coustouse robes and hire 
o]?re agrai]?inges ]?anne hi come to cherche to bidde God and hire to lo3y 
and bekneu hare pourehede tovore God and zayde to God Lhord ]?ou 
wost ]?et ich hatie pe toknen of prede and pe blisse of agray]?inges and 
of joyaus J?et me behove}? do ope mine heauede ine grat wlatiynge. Vor- 
zo}?e and zuo he]? God grat wlatiynge to ham }?et inej?ise }?inges habbe)? 
blisse and ham agray}?e}? ham vor to ffewy and to paye pe foles. God ne 
hep najt to done mid zuyche payinges ine his cherche ac of milde herte 
and of clene inwyt. Zainte Panel tek}? ri3t wel hou }?e guode wyfmen 
ham ffolle agray]?i huanne hi come}? to cherche to bidde God. He zay|? 


J?et hi ffoUe habbe clenliche clo]?inge wy]70ute to moche ])et is to on- 
derstonde be ]?an J^et ]?e wyfman is vor pet pet is to moche ine one 
wyfman ne is na^t to moche ine ano]?re. More behove]? to ane kuene 
}7anne behove]? to ane borgayse o]?er to ane simple wyfman. Efterward 
he teke}? huiche bye]? of simple zi3]?e ]?et is to zigge milde and ffamveste 
na3t j?e bolde ne ]?e na3t ITamveste ase bye}? ]?e fole wyfmen pet guo}? mid 
stondinde marke ase hert ine launde and loke]? azide ase hors of grat 
cost. Efterward he nele na^t ]?et hi bi to bysi of hare heaueden to 
agray]?i mid gold and mid zelver and mid preciouse stones and he 
wile )'et eft ]?et at cherche ]?et hi habbe hare heaueden ywre3e zuo ]?et 
non ne bi ine kueade ]?03tes vor ham and ]?et hi ne yeve none enchesoun 
to ]?enche quead to ham }?et hise ysye]? ac hi ITollen by ydi3t ase he zay]? 
ase guode wyfmen }?et ITeawe}? pe guodnesse of hare herten be guode 
dedes. And }?ervore zay]? saynt Ambroyse Huo }?et wyle by yherd ine 
his benes he ITel do away vram him alle toknen of prede and he ffel 
bou3e to God be zo]?e bo3samnesse vor to sterie God to merci. Vor ase 
he zay]? proudvol clo]?inge ne wynj? na3t of God ac yef }? encheisoun evele 
to deme of ]?an o]?er of hire ]?et hit ber]?. 

Nou ich pe habbe yffewed ]?ri ]?ing }?et flbl by ine bene beleave hope 
and devocioim. Ac to ]?en }?et pe bene by parfitliche licvol to Gode and 
wor]?i to bi yherd hit behove]? }?et ver]?e p'mg ]?et is ]?et him behove]? tuo 
wyngen ]?et hit here tovore God. ]?ise tuo wyngen bye]? vestinge and 
elmesse. ]?ervore pe angle zayde to Tobye pe bene is guod huanne hi 
he]? mid hire elmesse and vestinge and wi]?oute ]?ise tuo }?inges bene ne 
may na3t vly to Gode ac zenne amer]? and him wi]?dra3]? ayen. ]?ervore 
J?ou flelt ywyte ]?et in tuo maneres is bene amerd ase zay]? Ysaye vor 
J?et me ne let na3t evele to done. And ]?ervore ]?et me nele voryeve his 
niisdedes ne his evele ywyl vor alsuo ase pe smeryeles ne is na3t wor]? to 
hele pe wonde ne non o]?cr ]?ing }?erhuile ])et ]?et yzen is ]?erinne alsuo 
hit ne is na3t wor]? ne na3t profite}? ]?e bene to him ]?et hit zay]? }?er huile 
]?et he is ine dyadlich zenne ne ase longe ase he he]? quednesse ine his 
herte. And ]?crvore zay]? pe profete Arere we oure herte and oure 
hondcn to God }?ct ophcbbe]? oure benes be guode workcs and J?e 


Apostel tck]? J?et me arere clene honden ine bene. )?e clene hondcn Jjet 
bye]? ]?e clene benen pet bye]? ydo ine clene inwyt vor God ne yher]? na3t 
pe bene ]?et com]? of inwyt vol of vel]?e and of zenne }?anne He zay]? 
be ]?e profete Huanne ]'e multepliest pme benes Ich nelle none yliere vor 
}?ine lionden bye]? al blody. Huo bye]? ]?o ]?et habbe]? ]?e honden blodi 
bote ]?o ]?et bevlea]? ]?e poure volk ]?et bye]? onder ham and benime]? ham 
hire guodes be streng]?e. Hy habbe]? hare honden al vol of blode of ]?e 
poure vor hi benime]? ham hare lyf and hare sostinonce be hare covaytise 
and be hire roberie and make]? ]?e greate to mochel hedes and etc]? ]?e 
blodi snoden huerof hi ffolle paye hard scot ine }?e o]?re wordle bote ]?e 
Writinge ne lye3e ]?et zay]? ]?et God wyle acsi ]?et blod of ]?e poure of 
hare honden. ]?anne hit behove]? ]?et hi yelde o]?er J^et hi hongi vor ase 
me zay]? o]?er yelde o]?er hongi. And ]?ervore Gode ne yhyer]? na3t zuicli 
volk vor hi ne bye]? na5t wor]?i. Huo ]?et wyle ]?anne by yherd ne come 
na3t bevore God mid zuorde adra3e and mid blodi honden ne ydel hond- 
en pet is to zigge in wyl to zene3i ne mid lac of ontreu]?e ne ydel of 
guode workes. Vor ]?us zay]? oure Lhord ine his Spelle ]?ou ne fTelt na3t 
ffeawy ]?e bevore Me ydelhonded. ]?e ilke com]? tovore God mid ydele 
honden ]?et com]? Him to bidde wy]?oute makiynge of present to God of 
guode workes vor ayens ]?an ha fTet his gate ]?et him bit and na3t ne 
breng]?. Of ]?isen we habbe]? ane vorbisne ine ]?e Godspelle ]?et zay]? 
)?et ]?e gate was yffet aye ]?e fole maydines ]?et hedden hare lompen ydel 
and God ham zede Ich ne knawe you na3t ]?et is to zigge Ich not huo ye 
bye]?. Vor God ne knau]? bote ]?o ]?et him trewliche serve]? ]?et habbe]? 
hare lompen vol of oyle ase hedden ]?e wyse maydenes }?et is to zigge 
}?et habbe]? hare herten vol of pite and hit iTewe]? be guode dedes. 
Zuich volk He yher]? and to zuiche volk he opene]? his gates vor he 
ondevang]? ble]?eliche hare benes. 

Nou ich zigge ]?anne ]?et bene ]?et is yfTored mid ]?^se vour postes ase 
ich habile bevore yzed ys wel mi3tvol before God vor he ffel habbe li3t- 
liche of Him al ]?et he he]? niede by hit to ]?e bodie by hit to ]?e zaule 
ase wytnesse]? ]?e writinges. ]?anne saint Jacob zay]? ]?et mocliel is wor]? 
bene of guod man vor hi is wor]? vor to hele ]?e zike of bodie and of 


zaule. Huerof himzelf zede Yef he is ine zenne hit ffel him by vorgeve. 
pe writinge zayj? pet Moyses overcom Amalec and al his ost na5t be vi3t 
ac be his holy biddinges vor ase zay]? an holy man more is wor]? an 
hal3en and man biddinde )?ane vele ]?ousond of zene3eres vi3tinde. pe 
bene of a guod man opene]? pe hevene hou Abide he bote overcome 
pe wyckede ine er]?e. A guod aid wyf porchace]? more of hevene ine 
onelepi oure biddinde Jeanne ffolde do a )?ouzond kny3tes of pe londe in 
lang time be hare armes. And J^ervore hit is guod to zeche pe benes 
of guode men and specialliche of men of religion J?et bye]? togydere 
God vor to servi and vor to bidde vor ham ]?et do)? ham guod. Vor yef 
pe bene of ane guode man is moche wor]? bevore God ase zay]? pe 
writinge more is wor]? and may pe bene of vele guode vor ase zay]? 
an hal3en Hit ne may na5t by ]?et pe bene of vele guode men ne is 
yherd. pe benes of a covent bye]? ra]?re yherd of pe abbotte ]?anne pe 
bene of one moneke alsuo yherj? God ra]?re pe benes of ]?an ]?et bye]? 
togidere Him vor to servi ]?anne He zay]? ine his Spelle yef tuo of ous 
one]? ham togidere Me vor to bidde al ]?et hi bidde]? mine Vader ham 
wile do. 


Nou ich habbe yzed pe zeve stapes huerby clif J? and wext and profi- 
te]? ]?et trau of virtue and of chatete nou behove]? to zigge of pe bo3es 
of ]?ise trawe ]?et bye]? zeven be pe zeve states of pe stapes of volke 
]?et bye]? ine ]?ise wordle. 

J?e verste stat is of ]?an ]?et bye]? yhole of bodie and habbe]? wel 
yloked hire maydenhod. Ac alneway hi ne bye]? na3t ybounde ]?erto ]?et 
hi ne bi ine manage. Ine ]?et stat me ffel loki chastete ]?et is clennesse 
of herte and of bodie ]?ervore pe children of riche men fTolle habbe 
guode lokeres and oneste ]?et hi by bezide ham and ]?et hi bi diligent 
ham wel to teche and loki vram zenne and vram kueade vela3rede. Vor 
pe fole vela3redes amerre]? ofte children and hare techinge ]?et kueade 
volk pe wordes of kueadnesse of ribaudic pe fole takinges and inhoneste 
ine zenne of Iccherie and o]?er huil of ]?o Iccherie ]?et is aye kende. 


]7erof ano]?re time we liabbe]? yspeke ine }?e cliapitle of vices an ]?ervore 
hit ne behove]? na5t to reherci vor )?e ilkc kende ne is na3t vayr. And 
Jjervore me ffel J^e children chasti and wel teche and bi bczide ham ]?er- 
huilc ]?et hi byej? yonge and wonye his to hyealde )?e guode techinges. 
Vor ase zay]? Salomon J^et child lyerne]? ine his ye5e]?e he hit vry\e 
healde ine his elde. And pe filozofe zayj? Hit ne is na5t lite ]?ing to 
wonie guod o]?er kuead ine his ye3e)?e. Vor ase me zay)? Huo ]?et tek}) 
colte endauntine hyalde hit wyle J^erhuyle hit ilest. Zuiche fource ase 
])e flo tak|? ate ginnynge he halt evremor ine ]?et stat. ]?anne hep 
chastete nyede of guode lokinge vor o]?erlaker hy ffel zone by vorlore. 

pe oj^er stat is of ham ]?et biej? na3t clene of bodie and habbe]? hare 
chastete vorlore and hare maydenhod er ]?an hy weren everte ymarifTed 
ne ybounde mid bende. Huo may ham wy]?nyme vor to bi ymariffed 
and alneway hy bye]? yffrive and vor]?enchinde of hare zennes. In ]>o stat 
me ffel loki chastete vor huo pet is ine pet stat he ffel habbe vest porpos 
and wyl ]?et nevre mor ne ffel ayen yerne to pe zenne of his bodie ac ra}?re 
he him ffel loki be his mi3te wy]?oute ]?et ]?et he him mo3e mariffi yef 
he wyle. And huo }?et wyle ine }?et stat loki his chastete hit behove]? 
]?et he defouly and chasti his vleff be hardnesse of vestinges and be 
penonces. ]?is is pe o]?er bo3 of ]?ise trawe. 

pe }?ridde is of ham ]7et bye]? ybounde be mariage. Ine ]?o stat me 
ffel loki chastete out ynome pe dede of spoushod. Vor hi ffole loki 
hare bodi pe on to pe o]?re klenliche and treweliche wy]?oute do onri3t 
pe on to J^e o]?ren and ]?et acse]? pe la3e of spoushod ]?et pe on here to 
pe o]?ren la3e and trewj^e of his bodie. Vor ]?erhuyle ]?et hy bye}? 
yvestned togidere be spoushod pe on to pe o]?re hi bye]? o body ase 
zay]? pe writinge and ]?ervore ffel pe on lovye pe o]?ren ase himzelve. 
Vor ase hi bye]? on body hi ffolle by on herte be trewelove ne nanmore 
ham todele be herte ne bodie ]?erhuile }?et hi libbe]?. ]?ervore hi ffolle 
loki hare bodyes clene and chastliche out ynome pe dede of spoushod 
and ]?ervore zay]? sayte Paul ]?et pe wyves ffolle lovie hare Ihordes and 
worffipie and devouteliche by chast and sobre. Chaste to loki hare 
body vram o]?ren ]?anne of hare Ihordes sobre ine mete and ine drinke 

A A 


vor to moclie drinke and to moclie ethe is grat ali3tinge to ])e vere ot 
lecherie. Alsuo ffel ]?e man loki his body clenliche ]?et he ne yeve hit 
na5t to dpre wyfmen bote to his. Spoushod is a stat ]>et me flel wel 
klenhche and wel holylyche loki vor manie skeles vor hit is a stat of 
greate autorite vor God hit made ine Paradis terestre ine ]?e stat of 
clennesse er ]?an man hedde yzene5ed. And ]:'ervore me ffel hit holy- 
liche loki vor )?ane skele ]?et God hit made and vor ]?ane stede huer hit 
wes ymad. Efterward hit is a stat of greate dignete vor God wolde by 
bore of wyfman yspoused ]?ervore J?e mayde Marie made of spoushod 
hire mentel hueronder wolde by Godes Zone bi yconceyved and ybore. 
Under ])o mentle wes yhole vram ]?e dyevle ]?e privite and ]?e red of 
oure scele and of oure hel]?e ]?ervore ]?anne me ffel hit wor)?ffipie and 
clenliche loki. Efter l^et me ffel hit loki holyliche vor his holynesse vor 
hit is on of J?e sacremens of holy Cherche and betokne]? ])e spoushod 
Jjet is betuene holy Cherche and Jesu Crist and betuene God and ])e 
zaule ]?anne ]?et stat of spoushod is zuo holy and suo honeste ]>et ]?e 
dede J^et wes dyadlich zenne out of spoushod is wy]?oute zenne ine 
spoushod and na3 onlepiliche wyJ?oute zenne ac hit mai by to merite 
vor to Wynne ]?et lif wyj^oute ende. And ]?ou ffelt ywyte J^et ine cas 
me may do )?e dede of spoushod wy]?oute zenne and he mai habbe grat 
merite ase to ]?e zaule. 

)?e verste cas is huanne me dej? ]?e ilke dede ine wylle vor to habbe 
child to servi God vor ine zuiche onderstondinge wes verst spoushod 
yzet. }?e o]?er cas is huanne ]?e on yelt to ]?e o]?re his dette Jeanne he 
hit akse]? and ]?erto ffel sterie dom ]?et yelt to echen his ri3t huanne he 
hit aksej? and bit be mouJ?e o]?re be tokne ase do]? ])e wyfman pet byej? 
ffamvest zuich J?ing to acsi. pe ilke pet vorzak]? ];ane o]?rene J^et acse]? 
zene3e3 vor he dep him wrang of his 03ene ]?inge vor pe on he]? ri3t ine 
pe bodie of pe o}?re. Ac he ]?et acse]? f>et he ffel he de]? wel and ari3t 
huanne he hit de]? ine ]?o onderstondinge he ofserve]? avoreye Gode vor 
ri3t him di3t J^erto and na3t Icchcric. pe fridde cas is huanne me hit 
SLCsep his wyve of ]?o dede vor to loki hire vram zenne nameliche 
huanne he yzi3j? ]?et hi is zuo ffamvest ]?et hi nolde ncvremo acsi hare 


Ihord of zuiche )?innge and ylef]? ]7et hi flblde valle ble)?eliche into 
zenne o]?er li3tliche bote yef me hire ne acsede. Huo ])et ine ]?o onder- 
stondinge yelt o]?er acse)? zuiche dette he ne zene3 na3t ac ra]?re ofserve}? 
avoreye God vor pite him stere]? J?et to done. Ine J?ise ]?ri cas ne is no 
zenne ine ]?e dede of spoushod. 

Ac in o]?re cas me may zene5i o]?er h5thche o)?er dyadhche and spe- 
cialHche ine ]?ri cas. ]?e verste is huanne me ne zek|? ine zuich dede 
bote J7e hcherie and his lost and ine ]?o cas me may zene3i h3tUche and 
deadhche. Li3thche huanne J?e lost ne pase]? na3t ]?e markes ne }?e 
zetnesses of spoushod )?et is to zigge huanne 'pe lost is zuo yled mid 
scele )?et ]>e ilke l^et is in )?et stat nolde na3t J^et ]?ing do bote ine his 
wyve. Ac huanne pe lecherie and J?e lost is zuo grat ine his wyve |?et 
scele is yblent and ase moche he wolde do ine hire ]?a3 hy nere na3t 
his wyf ine pet cas is pe ilke zenne dyadlich vor zuich lecherie gep over 
)?e markes of spoushod huerof God wre]?ej? ofte to zuiche volke and yef J? 
o]?erhuil grat mi5te to pe dyevle ham vor to slea ase me zayj? of Sareu 
Raguelis do3ter ]?et wes yonge Tobies wyf }?et hedde yhet zeve lious- 
bondes ]?et alle were ysla3e of J^e dyevle pe verste ni3t J?et hi wolden 
ligge by her. J?ervore pe angel zayde to Tobyen J^et hise ITolde habbe 
to wyve Ich pe wyle zigge he zayde ine huet vole pe dyevel hep 
my3te ine ]?an ]?et doj? out God zuo out of hare harten and of hare 
]?03tes pet ne yeve)? ham na3t bote to hare lecherie to volvelle ase an 
hors de]? oper a mule and ))ervore ham benim]? God o]?erhuil hare frut 
zuo ]?et hi ne mo3en habbe no child. Yet hi mo3e zene3i dyadliche ine 
ano]?re manire ]?et is to wytene huanne pe on de]? aye kende and o))er- 
laker ]?anne kende of man acse]? ne la3e of manage acsef> ne overyem]? 
zuich volk zene3e]7 more gratliche ]?anne o]?re bevore yzed. Ac ]?o ]?et 
in hare spoushod \okep pe drede of oure Lhorde and loke]? klene hare 
spoushod ase hit is yset zuych volk payej? God. 

pe o}?er cas huer me may zene3y be spoushod is huanne man gep to 
his wyve ine time ]?et he Abide na3t guo ]:'et is huanne hi is ine pe 
ziknesse ]>et wyfmen habbe]? communliche zuo ]?et he is na3t ne spare}? 
huanne he wot }?et hi is in zuich stat zene3e]? gratliche and vor }?an }?et 


God vorbyet j^et man ne habbe vela3rede mid his wyve ine zuich stat 
and vor ]>e peril of his children. Vor ase zay]? saint Gregorie ine 
zuych stat bye]? ofte beyete |?e crokede ]?e blynde and J?e mezels pe 
dyave ]?e doumbe ]?e ITornede ])e scallede and men and wyfmen pet 
habbe]? o]?ere zyknesses in hare bodie ]?anne hi come]? to manhod ase 
goutes and beles and o]?re ITrewede eveles ]?ervore ]?e wifman ffel 
wel zigge to hire Ihorde huanne hi ys ine zuych stat ]?et he abyde and 
hi alsuo abyde ]?erhuile hi is ine ]?e ylke stat. Alsuo hi flbllen togidere 
spari vram pe dede of spoushod ine holy times ase ine greate festes and 
solemnes to yeve hamzelve pe betere God vor to servi. Alsuo in times 
of vestinge of holy Cherche hi ffoUe abide mid ]?o dede na5t vor ]?an 
fiet hit by zenne zuych p'mg to done ine zuiche time and ine zuiche 
onderstondinge me may hit do. Ac o]?erhuil hit is ]?et me ITel abide 
]?et me mo3e hit do wy]?oute zenne vor bele to habbe of God pe me 
him bit ase zay]? saynt Austin. Alsuo ine time ]?et pe wyfman ly]? a 
chi[l]dbedde o]?er nye3 vor to childi he ffel him loki vram pe dede of 
spoushod vor oneste and vor peril ]?et mi5te by. ]?ervore ]?ise kinges 
erles barouns and o]?re Ihordes habbe]? hare chambren be hamzelve 
vram hare wyves ine zuiche time o]7er hi wende]? to yzy hare kastele 
o]?er hare o]?re stedes and ]?ervore hi habbe]? zuo vayre children and 
zuo chene of bodye. Me vint ine pe boc ]?et spek]? of kende of bestes 
}?et pe elifans nele na5t wonye mid his wyve ]?erhuyle ]?et hi is mid 
childe and man be scele ffel hi more antempered ]?anne a best and 
J>ervore he ffel more himzelve ine ]?o stat ]?olye and ine ]?o time. Ac 
alneway ich ne zigge na3t ]?et yef he de]? pe dede of spoushod ine ]?o 
time be guode cause and ine guode onderstondinge huerof God is 
dcmerc yef hit is zenne. 

pe ]?ridde cas is huerine me may kucadliche zene3i ine his spoushod is 
ine holy stcde vor ine holy stedes ase ine chcrchen }?ct bye]? apropred 
vor God to bidde and Hym servy mc ne ffel na3t do pe dede of 
spoushod vor wor]?ff ipc of pe stcde. And huo ]?et ine zuychc stede ne 
loke]? him na3t ]?o dcdc vor to do he zcne3c]? vor pe scele of ]?e stede 
}?et Godes Vleff and his Blod bye]? ysacred innc vor zuich ]?ing mai by 


zenne in one stede and ine one time pet ne is no zenne ine o]?re. )?ervor 
)?e Stat is of ham pet habbej? yby ine spousliod ac dya|? hep todeld pe 
on vram pe o]?ere and pe ilke ]?et is ybleved ine lyve he ffel him loki 
chastUche ase longe ase he is ine pe stat of wodewehod ]?et is a stat 
)?et zaynte Paul prayze]? moche J?et zayj? to wodewon Huo )?et guod is 
he him hyealde ine |7et stat and yef hit him na3t ne lyke|? he him wyvi 
vor betere and more holy ]?ing is to wyvi ]?anne himzelve heme. pe 
ilke bern)? ]?et to zenne grauntej? vor he zet his herte be vv^ylle and be 
wilninge to pe vere of lecherie ac more hit were wor|? him to wyvi 
|?anne himzelve of zuiche vere vorberne and ]?et is to onderstonde of 
ham ]?et bye]? ine pe stat of simple wodewehod na3t of ]?an ]?et bye]? ine 
J?et stat ybounde be heste ]?et ne mo3e na3t ham spousy wy]?oute dead- 
lich zenne efter pe beheste. Ac alneway yef pe beheste is simple ]?et 
is to zigge huanne hi is ydo priveliche and wy]?oute solemnete ]?a3 hit 
by zuo }?et ha zene5i dyadliche ]?et efter zuych ane beheste him spouse}? 
alneway he may bleve ine his spousliod yef }?er ne is non o]?er destorb- 
inge ac he ffel do penonce vor pe beheste. Ac huanne pe beheste is 
solempne ase be hand of prelat o]?er be profession of religion o]?er be 
holy ordre ]?et me he}? ondervonge ase sudyakne o]?er dyakne prest 
}?anne )?o spousliod ne is na3t ac ra]?re hit behove}? to dele ]?o }?et ine 
zuiche manyre come}? togidere vor hi ne mo3e na3t by soved ine zuych 
stat. To loki }?et stat of wodewehod me ffel sterie pe vorbisne of pe 
turle. Vor ase zay]? pe boc of kende of bestes efter }?et pe turle he}? 
ylore hare make hi ne ffel nevremo habbe vela3rede mid o}?ren ac 
alneway hi is one and bevly3t pe vela3rede of o}?ren. 

}?ri }?inges belonge]? moche to ham }?et bye}? ine pe stat of wodewehod. 
pe verste is himzelve kepe and priveliche bi ine his house na3t vor to 
vol3y pe vela3redes suspiciouses }?erof we habbe}? vc^bisne of Judit }?et 
wes wodewe and hi wes a vayr wyfman of huam me ret ine pe writinge 
)?et hi hild hare ine hare boure beffet mid hare maydenes. Huerof 
zaynte Panel wy}?nim}? pe yonge wyfmen wodewen }?et were ydele and 
bysye to guonne an to comene ganglinde and to moche spekinde ac 
biffet hy ffollen by ine hare house and yeve ham guode workes to done 
ase sa3nite Paule tek]?. 


pe dper p'mg is yeve ham to bidde God and ble)?eliche bi at cherche 
ine devocion and ine tyares ase me ret ine J?e Godspelle of saint Luc 
)?et ]?e ilke guode wodewe J?et hette Anne ]?et hy ne todelde hire na5t 
vram J^e Temple and servede God ni3t and day ine benes and ine ves- 

)?e J?ridde J^ing is flarpnes of metes vor ase zay]? saint Bernard )?ys 
spil]? ine lostes alsuo ase he spil]? ine ]?e wetere ]?et zuo longe he may 
be J?er onder pet he lyest pet lif. Non ne may habbe his heaued }?et 
is his herte longe ine )?e wetere of lostes of )?ise wordle j^et he ne flel 
lyese J?et lyf pet is pe grace of pe Holy Gost be huam J^e zaule levej? ine 
God. To ]30 Stat belonge]? ase lo3e clo]?inge na3t proud ne bisivol to pe 
vorbisne of Judi]? ]5et let hire vayre robes and hare riche agray}?inges J?o 
hire Ihord wes dyad and nom clo]?inge of wodewehod onworj? and I05 
and more was tocne of wepinge and of zor3e Jeanne of goye and of ydele 
blisse. J?ervore )?et hi ledde chastete and hi hit wolde loki al hare lif 
hy hire ffredde mid pe here and veste eche daye and hi wes vayr and 
yong riche and wys ac guodnesse of herte and love of chastete hit hire 
dede do. And ]?us ffel libbe J?et wyle loki chastete ine )70 stat. )?is is 
pe ver|?e bo3 of J^ise trawe. 


pe vyfte bo3 of pe trawe of chastete is maydenhod and )?et is pe vifte 
stat of ham ]3et loke]? and habbe]? alneway lokinge and bye]? alneway ine 
wylle to loki al hare lyf hare bodyes yholliche wy]?oute enye corrupcion 
vor pe love of God. ]?is stat is moche to alowe vor his dingnete vor his 
vayrhede and vor his guodnesse. Vor his dignete vor ]?et stat make]? 
pane }?et hit wel loke]? anlyke to pe Angles of hevene ase ziggep pe hal3en. 
Ac ]?os moche habbe}> pe maydines more }?anne pe Angles vor pe Angles 
libbe]? wy]?oute vlefle ac pe maydines habbe]? overcominge of hare vlesse 
and hit is grat wonder ]?et hi lokc}? zuich ane fieblene castel ase hare 
fyeble body aye zuych ane strangne vend ase is pe dyevel of helle }?et 
alneway zee]? ginnes huerby he may nime ]?ane castel vor to robbi pet 
trcsor of maidenhod. ]?et is ]?et tresor huerof oure Lhord spck]? ine his 


Spelle J?o He zede pet ]?e kingriche of hevene is anlycned to Ipe tresor |7et 
is yhed ine ]?e velde. J?et trezor yhed ine ]?e velde is maydenhod yhed 
ine bodie J?et is ase a veld ]?et me flel erye mid penonce and zawe mid 
guode workes. ]?et trezor is anlikned to |?e kingriche of hevne vor pet 
lif of maydines is anlykned to pe live of hevene ]?et is Jjet lyf of Angles 
huerof oure Lhord zay]? ine his Spelle )?et ine pe oprisinge ne ffel by 
non spousynge ase |?er is hyer ac hi ITollen by as pe Angles of hevene. 

Efterward )?et stat is to praysy vor his vayrhede vor f>et is pe variste 
Stat J?et is ine er]?e madenhod clenhche yloked huerof Salomon zay)? 
ine his boo of Wysdome O zajp he huet is vayr chastete kenrede mid 
bri3tnesse. He zet ri5t wel bri3tnesse mid chastete vor ]?anne is vayr 
castete and maydenhod huanne hi is bri3t be guode live and oneste. 
Ase pe bri3tnesse of pe zonne make]? J^ane vayre day alsuo pe bri3tnesse 
of grace and of guode live make]? pe maydenhod vayr and likende to 
God. Huerof saynt Jerome zay]? }?et mochel is vayr and bri3t tovore pe 
o]?re virtues maydenhod huanne hi is wy]?oute lac and wy]?oute vel]?e of 
zenne vor huo }?et is yhol of bodie and voul ine herte is ase pe berieles 
yhuited ]?et is vayr wy]?oute and wy]?inne vol of stench. Maydenhod is 
J?e huite robe huerinne pe spot is vouler and more yzyenne )?anne in 
ano]?er clo]? ]?et ffel by wel yloked vram }?ri spottes vram hor \Tam 
blod an vram ver. ]?ise ]?ri spottes bevele}? moche )?is huite clo]?. pe 
spot of hor is pe covaytise of pe wordle ]?et ne ffel na3t by ine his herte 
]?e}? wyle queme God ine pe stat of maydenhod vor non ne may yqueme 
God and to his yvo ase zay]? sainte Gregorie and pe ilke him ffewe}? }?et 
he ne is na3t Godes vrend ]?et wyle kueme pe wordle ]?et is Godes vend 
}?ervore saint Jon ]?et huo }?et wyle by vrend to pe wordle he ffel by 
vend to God and sainte Paul zay]? Yef ich wylle queme to pe volke of J?e 
wordle iche ne ffel na3 by Jesu Cristes serjont. 

O tocne ]?et me wyle kueme pe wordle is pe agray]?inge aboute }?et 
body vor non ne wolde nevre mor zeche vairhede ne bisihede of robes ne 
of agi'ay}?inge bote yef he ne wende to by yzo3e of pe volke. Ac huo }?et 
wile zeche vayrhede wy]?oute he lyest pe va)Thede wy]?inne huerby me 
kuem}? God Jjcrvore saynt Bernard zay]? to ham ]?et zechij? pe coustouse 


robes and ]?e vayr agray]?inge vor to kueme f>e wordle and ham vor to 
jfTewy ]?e do5tren he zay]? of Babilonie ]?et is of confusion zeche)? hire 
bhsse and hit ffel wende ham into confuzion and flame evrelestinde bote 
5^ef hi ham ne wytie. Hi ham cloj^ej? he zay]? mid poiirpre and mid 
vayre robes and costvolle and onder )?e vayre robes is ofte ]?et inwyt 
poure and naked and hi hise ah5te]5 wy]?oute mid stones and mid 
broches of gold and of zelver ac hi byej? ealde and voule bevore God be 
kueade ]?eawes. Ac saint Bernard zay]? and spek]? of ham ])et zuo ham 
flewe]? ine wykkede onderstondinge and do]? more Jeanne hare stat acsej?. 
Ac al ]>e bUsse of ]?e Kinges do3ter of blisse ase zay|? Davi]? is wy|?inne 
ine holy inwyt and ine vayre virtues huer ]?er ne is no covaytise bote vor 
to kueme God and ]?os ]?e spot of |?e hore ne bevel)? hit na3t. 

And ]?os me flel wytye in )?et stat vram J?e spotte of blod ]?et is of 
)?03tes and of vlefl'hche wylninges huerof saint Jerome zay]? ]?et ])e ilke 
maydenhod is sacrefice and ofringe to Jesu Crist J?et ne is na3t besmetted 
ine herte mid kueade ]703tes ne ine vlesse of lecherie ase himzelf zay]? 
Na3t ne is wor}? maidenhood of bodye ]?er ]?et is \e\pe of herte. Ase )?et 
frut ne is na3t guod Ipa} hit by wel vayr wi]?oute huanne hit is vorroted 
and wermethe. 

Efterward he flTel him loki ine ]?et stat vram )?e spotte pe com]? of ])e 
vere. ]?e ver )?et zengj? and bern]? ofte ]?e huyte robe of chastete and of 
maydenhod is ble]?eliche zigge o]?er to Iheste wordes ]?et mo3e sterie to 
zenne. Vor ase zay]> zaynte Paul and eftzone we hit habbe]? above yzed 
]?e kueade wordes amerre]? ]?e guode ]?eawes. And ]?ervore zay]? Senekes 
Loke ]?e vram voule wordes ]?et ne bye]? na3t honeste vor liuo ]?et him 
yf]? to voule wordes hi ham flblle na3t flTamie and afrounti ]?et is to zigge 
hi lyeze]? ]?e flame and vallej? ]?e li3tlaker into zenne and ]?ervore huo J?et 
wyle loki clenhche ]?ane huyte kcrtel of madenhod him behove]? him loki 
vor to speke o]?er to yhiere werdcs of zuyche huerof he may him berne 
o]?er be zenge. ]?e prive cat be3eng]? ofte his scin and zuo ne de]? na3t 
]?e wylde cat. Maydenhod amang ]?e o]?re virtues is anhkened to ]?e 
lylye ]?et is wel vayr and huyt ]?ervore oure Lhord zay]? ine ]?e writinge 
be Salomonnes mou]?e My lemman is ase )?e lylye amang ]?e ]?ornes. 


Oure Lhordes lemman special is yloved )?et loke]? maydenliod vor Ipet 
is a virtue huerby zaule ondervang]? spccialliche more love and ]?e 
favour of oure Lhorde Jesu Crist. ]?anne saint Jon ]?e Ewangelist ]?et wes 
mayde wes amang ]?e apostles )?e meste belovede of oure Lhorde and 
Him ffewede oure Lliord J?e meste tokne of loverede ase hit ffewej? ine 
pe Godspelle and zuo ha wes ycleped amang pe oJ?re decipes ]?e deciple 
l^et Jesu Crist mest lovede na3t vor|?an pet He ne lovede wel pe o)?re ac 
}?anne more specilliche vor pe maydenliod. ]?is lilye flour \6kep his 
vayrhede amang pe j^ornes of vondigges of pe vleile vor ]?et vlefT is ase 
a donghel J?et ne carke]? ase moche ase is of himzelve bote )?ornes and 
netlen |?et bye]? kueade meniynges ]?et ofte prekiej? J?ane gost. Ac J>e 
flour of maydenhod ne he]? hede of ]?o }?ornes vor hi is wel yrotcd ine 
Codes love ]?et hire were]? vram pe ]3ornes of vondinge. 

]?is flour hit flel habbe zix leves and ]?ry grayns of gold above 
wyjjinne. pe verste lyaf is yholnesse and clennesse of bodye ]7et is to 
zigge }jet ]?et body by yhol wyouote \e\pe of lecherie. Vor yef a mayde 
were vorlaye be streng]?e and aye wyl hi ne Abide na3t ]?ervore lyese 
hare maydenhod ne pe mede of hare maydenhod. ]?ervore sainte Lucie 
zayde to pe tiront Yef ]jou me bevelst aye mi wyle my chasthede hit ffel 
by me ydobbled ase to pe coroune of blisse. ]?et o]?er lyaf is clennesse 
of herte vor ase zay]? saint Jerome Na^t ne is wor]? to habbe maiden- 
hod of bodye ]?et hep wyl to by yspoused. He spek}? of ]?an ]?et habbe]? 
behote maidenhod vor huo ]?et he]? behote maydenhod o]?er chastete to loki 
he ITel loki his herte chasthche and clenliche. pe ]?ridde lyeaf is milde- 
nesse vor maydenhod proud ne quem]? no]?ing God and }?ervore zay]? 
saint Bernard Hit is wel vayr ]?ing ]?et he}? mi[l]denesse mid maidenhod 
and wel stranglaker kuem]? to God pe ilke zaule to huam mi[l]denesse 
yef]? los to maydenhod and maydenhod vayre]? mildenesse. Ich dar wel 
zigge ]?et wy]?oute mildenesse ]?e maydenhod of Marie ne hedde nevre 
yquemd to God vor wy]?oute madenhod we ybor3e and na5t 
wyoute mildenes. pe ver]?e lyeaf of pe flour of lilye of maydenliod is 
drede of God vor J?o ]?et bye]? zo]?liclie maidines hi were ywoned to bi 
dredvol and ffamvest and hit nis no wonder vor hi here]? a wel precious 

B B 


tresor in a wel fyeble vet. Jeanne ]?e mayde Marie wes alneway by hire 
selve and hedde greate drede ]?o ]?e Angel ffewede him to hire ac ]?e 
drede of God is ]?e tresorie ]?et )?et tresor of madenliod lokej? J?et )?e 
dyevel me may hit stele vor hi lokej? ]?e gates of J?e kastele huer ])et 
tresor is beffet. J?e gates of J>e kastele huer maydenhod is byej? )?e gates 
of ]?e herte. Ipe ilke gates lokej? ])e drede of our Lhorde pet hi ne by 
opene to ]?e viende be ydele bysyhede of zi3]?e of hyer]?e and of speche 
o]?er of guoinges ine vela3redes suspiciouses vor bisihede is specialliche 
to y5y and to hyre ]?e ydelnesses of ]?e wordle. Hy bye]? ofte way to 
zenne of lecherie. Jeanne me ret ine pe writinge J?et Jacobbes do3ter 
]?o hi yede muzi vor bysihede vor to ysy pe wymen of J?e contraye huer 
}7et hi wes hi wes yraviffed of J^e princes zone of pe cite and vorlaye. 
And l^ervore huo }?et wyle loki maydenhod him behove}? moche wyj7dra3e 
his W3^ttes vor to zyenne ydel bisihede and }?e me de]? be holy drede of 
oure Lhorde ]?et me dret alday to wrej?i. pet is ]?et wyt of pe vif 
maydines huerof oure Lhord Jesu Crist spek]? ine his Spelle ]?o He zede 
]?et |?e kingriche of hevene is anlikned to pe ten madines huerof |?e vif 
were wyse and |?e o]?re vif were foles. He clepej? hierine ]?an of pe 
kingriche of hevene holy Cherche ]?et is hier bene]?e huerinne bye]? 
guode and kueade of foles and of wyse J^et bye]? lemes of holy Cherche 
by pe byleave of Cristendom. pe vif wyse betokne]? }?o }?et wel loke]? 
and lede]? pe vif -svyttes of pe bodie huerof we habbe]? bevore yspeke 
pe vif foles betokne}? ]?o }?et folliche his loke]?. 

f>et vifte leaf is fTarpnesse of live vor huo }?et wyle wel loki his 
maydenhod him [behove]? wel wysliche his vlelT overcome and do 
ondervot be vestinges be wakiinges and be benes. Sappnesse of live 
is asc a Strang heg vor to loki pane gardin of ]?c herte vram kuede 
bestes }?et bye]? pe viendes of helle ]?et hy ne mo3e na3t in ]?et ne wylne 
na3t bote stele ]?et tresor of maydenhod and ]?ervore fFel }?et tresor by 
wel beffet and wel ydo op ]?et hit ne by vorlore vor huo ]?et hit lyest 
nevre ne ffel hit habbe ayen nammore }?anne pe lompe huannc hi is 
tobroke ne may by yheld. 

})et zixte leaf is blevinge }?et is stedevest wyl to loki ]?et me he}? behote 


to God. ]?anne saynt Austin zay]? ine J?e bok of maydenliod and spek|? 
to maydines and zay]? J^us. Vol3e]? ]?et Lamb of mildenesse J^et is Jesu 
Crist lokinde vestliche )?et )?ou best behote to God do hardiliche alsuo 
mocbe ase ]?e mi3t ]?et ])e guodnesse of maydcnbod ne spille ine 'pe vor 
Jjoii ne mi3t do no Jjing huerby bit com]? ayen yef J?ou hit best ase we 
habbej? yzed vorbysne of ]?e lompe. And saint Bernard )>us zayj? 
Stude )70u to bleve vor bi one wyn]? Ipe coroune of bevene. 

}?ise zix leves bevore yzed vayre]? mocbe J?e lylye of maydenbod 
ac .bit bebove)? pet ]?is flour babbe wy]?inne ]?ri cornes of gold pet 
betokne]? |?ri maneres to lovie God. Vor maydenbod wy]7oute pe love 
of God is ase pe lompe wy|?oute oyle ]7anne pe fole maydenes vor bi 
]?et ne velden na3t bare lompen mid pe oyle w^eren beffet wy]?oute vram 
pe bredale and pe wyse maydines )?et wel velden byre lompen of pe oyle 
yeden in mid pe bredgrome to pe bredale. 

pe ]?ri maneres to lovie God ]?et bye]? betokned be pe }?ri cornes of 
pe lilye saynt Austin tekj? ]?o he zede }?ou flelt lovye God mid al }?ine 
onderstondinge wy}?oute errour mid ale ]?ine wylle wy]?oute wy]?zigginge 
and mid al ]?ine be]7enchinge wy]?oute voryetinge. Ine zuyche manyere 
is Godes anlycbe volveld ine manne by pe ]?ri dingnetes J?et bie]? ine pe 
zaule ]?et is to wytene onderstondinge be]?encbinge and wyl. Hanne }?ise 
]?ri ]?inges bye}? wel ydi3t to God ine ]?ri maneres ase zay]? saint Austin 
]?anne bye}? pe }?ri cornes of pe lilye wel ygelt mid pe golde of cbarite }?et 
yef}? vayrhede and guodhede to alle virtues vor wi}?oute ]?o golde no virtue 
ne is bevore God. 0]?erlaker spek}? saynt Bernard of pe maniere to 
lovye God and }?us zay]? p\x ]?et art Cristen lyerne bou }?ou flelt lovie 
God }?et is Jesu Crist. Lierne Him to lovie wyslicbe zuetebcbe stran- 
bche and stedevestlicbe. Wyslicbe }?et }?ou nejDy ystered be none 
prosperite. Stronglicbe }?et }?ou ne by overcome be none adversite. 
And }?us is vayr }?et flour of ]?e lylye of maydenbod buanne hi is zuych 
ase we babbe]? yzed. And ]?et is pe o]?er scele huerby pe stat of maden- 
bood is mocbe to praysy }?et is vor bis vayrhede. 

pe }?ridde scele huerby bit is to alowe is vor his guodhede and vor pe 
note ]?et }?erof com}? vor maydenbod is a tresor of zuo grat wor}? }?et 


hit ne may by be nonen yzet a pris. |?amie ]?e writinge zay]? ]?et no 
)?inc^ ne is wor]?i to be ylykned to |?e chaste herte and is to onderstonde 
specialhche of ]?e chaste maydenhod vor maidenhod above alle o]?re 
states berj? J^et gratteste frut. )?o ]?et bye]? ine spoushod yef hit \okep 
ase hi ffolden hi habbe]? |?et J?ritta3te frut. po pet bye]? in wodewehod 
habbe]? }?et zixtia3te frut ])o }?et loke]? maydenhod habbe]? ]?et hondea3te 
frut. Vor zuo zay]? oure Lhord ine his Spelle ])et ])et zed f>et vil into J^e 
guode londe fructefide of one half to pe ]?ritta3te of o]?er half to zixtiaste 
and of }?e ]?ridde half to pe hondreda3te. ]?ise ]?ri nombres of }?ritti of 
Ix and of an hondred bolongej? to }?e }?ri states bovore yzed. J^e tale of 
]?ritti pet is of pri si]?e ten belonge}? to pe stat of spoushod huer me ffel 
loki pe ten hestes ine pe byleave of pe Trinite. pe tale of zixti ]?et is wel 
gratter }?et is of ziz zif'e ten belonge]? to pe stat of wodewehod vor in 
zuych stat me ffel loki pe ten hestes and mid ]?an me ffel do pe zix 
workes of merci huerof we habbe]? above yspeke. Ac pe tale of an 
hondred ]?et is pe meste of ]?rivolde vor hi betokne]? ane rounde figure 
J?et is pe vayreste amang alle pe o]?re figures. Vor ase ine pe rounde 
figure pe ende went ayen to his ginninge and make]? ase ane coroune 
alzuo pe tale of an hondred joyne}? }?an ende to J^e ginninge vor ten zi]?e 
ten make]? an hondred }?et betokne]? pe coroune ]?et pe wyse maydyens 
ham corounede. And ]?a3 hit by zuo }?et ine pe stat of spoushod and ine 
pe stat of wodewehod me may wel wynne pe coroune of bhsse and more 
habbe of mercie avoreye God ]?ane vele madines vor manie ]?er bye]? ine 
Paradis of ham ]?et habbe]? yby ine spoushod and ine wodewehod ]?et 
more bye]? nier God ]?anne manye maydines ac alneway habbe]? pe 
maydines ane speciale coroune above J?e coroune of blisse ]?et is pe 
coroune to alle J?e hal3en vor ]?et pe maydines habbe]? ane speciale 
overcomynge of hare vleffe vor to vol5y pe Lamb of mildenesse huyder 
liis gep to huam hi bye}? yspoused and habbe}? ylete pe vleffliche spo- 
sayles vor to by mid him ate sposayles evrelestinde. 

pe tendc stat huerinne me ffel loki chastete is of clerkes yhoded 
ase bye]? su]?deaknes dyaknes prcstes and biffoppes. Alle }?os bye]? 
yhyeade to loki chastete vor manye scelcs. Verst vor ]?et hod ]?et hi 


habbc]? ondervonge ]?et acse]? alle liolincsse. Jeanne pet sacrement is zuo 
he3 and zuo holy pet po J^et hit ondervonge}? bye]? ybounde to chastete 
to loky ]7et nevre mo hi ne moje ham do to spoiishod. Efterward vor 
hare office ]5et hi habbe]? vor hi hjep jd'i^t proprcliche to servi God ine 
his temple at his wevede and handle]? and betake]? to hare liondcn pe 
]?inges }?et bye]? yhal3ed ase ]?e vesseles yblissed pe chalis J?e copereaus 
and ]?et more is grat }?ing wy]?oute comparisoun ]?et Bodi of oure 
Lhorde Jesu Crist ]?et pe prestes sacre]? and ondervonge}? and betake}? 

Nou hi flblden }>anne by wel klene and wel holy vor ]?ane scele of pe 
Lhorde to huam hi serve]? ]?et is holy and hate]? alle vel}>e. }?anne He 
zay}> ine pe writinge Bye}> holy vor Ich am holy vor to zuiche Lhorde 
zuich maine. Vor pe scele of pe stede huer hi serve}> }»et is pe cherche 
|?et is holy and yhal3ed God to servi. Me vint ine pe writinge fiet 
amang pe paenes pe prestes }»et lokeden chastete ine pe temple weren 
todeld vram pe o}'ren }'et hi ne loren hire chastete. Mochel ffollen bi 
more clene v^7^}>oute comparisoun and more chast pe Cristene prestes })et 
servye}> ine Godes temple ]?et is yhal3ed and apropred God to servi. 
Yet eft hi flblle by more clene and more holy vor }'et hi serve}> at Godes 
borde of his coupe of his breade and of his wyne and of his mete. 
Godes table is pe wyeved pe coupe is pe chalis his bread and his wyn 
}>et is his propre Bodi and his propre Blod. Mochel ITolle hi ]?anne by 
cJene and holy ]?o }'et zuiche service do}), ffanne sainte Paul zay}> Hit 
behove]? ]?et pe biflbppes and pe o}»re ministres of huam he he}> yspeke 
]?et bye]? pe ministres of holy Cherche by chaste. 

pis chastete wes betokned ine pe yealde la3e huer God het to ham ]?et 
fTolden ethe of pe lombe }>et betoknede }>et Bodi*f Jesu Crist }>et hi 
gerten wel hare lenden. pe gerdel huermide pe ministres of holy 
Cherche flblle ham gerde ope pe lenden is chastete }'et w)'}>dra3}' pe 
lecherie of hare vlefle. ]?o God het to Aaron }»et wes prest and biflbp 
}?et alle his children weren yclo}'ed ine linene kertles and ygert above 
mid huite linene gerdles. Aaron and his children ]?et serveden ine pe 
tabernacle betokne}? pe ministres of holy Cherche ]?et flbl by ycloj^ed 


mid linene kertles of chastete j^et is betokned be J?e liuite vlexe. Vor 
ase linene kertel er ]?an hi by luiyte vele zij^e him behove)? ]?et he by 
ybeate and ywesse and alsuo hit behove]? ]?et vleiT beate and wesse be 
dissiplines and be hardnesses and ofte wefTe his herte of kueadc lostes 
and of kueade wilnynges be zo]7e ffrifte er |?an me mo^e habbe ]?ane 
huite kertel of chastete. Ac ]?es kertel ITel habbe ]?ane huyte gerdel 
above J?et is to zigge j^et chastete flel bi straytliche yloked and wel 
\vy]3dra3e be alDstinence [vorberinge] ase moche ase scele berj? |?et is ]pe 
bocle of ]?e uerdle. 0]?erlaker me may zigge ])et pe linene kertel betok- 
nej? chastete of herte. }?e gerdel above betocnej? chastete of bodie ]?et 
ffel wy}?dra3e ]?e lostes of J^e vlesse vor to loki fe chastete of f e zaule. 
]?is ilke selve is ous betokned ine J?e aube and ine fe gerdle above j^et 
}»e ministres of holy Cherche doj? am huanne hi ITolle servi at Godes 
wyevede vor hi ITolle by chaste wyj^inne ine fe herte and wyj^oute ine 
bodye. Mochel is voul ]^e spot of zenne and nameliche of lecherie ine 
J'e ministres of holy Cherche vor hi biej? ]?e e3e of holy Cherche ase zay]? 
J^e writinge. Vor ase J>et e3e let fet body and him ITewe]? his way 
huerby hit ITel guo alsuo ITolle pe prelas and f e ofre ministres of holy 
Cherche fTewy fane way of helfe to oj^ren. fanne alsuo ase f e spot J^et 
is wel vouler ine pe e3en Jeanne ine oj^re lemes of pe bodye alsuo is pe 
spot of lecherie more vouler and more perilous ine clerkes and ine prelas 
Jeanne ine leawede volke. Efterward hy hyep pe ITeawere of holy Cherche 
huerine fet lewede volk loke]? and nimef vorbysne ac huanne J^e 
fieawere is bri3t me zi3j7 wel jjane spot and pe vel|^e ]?et is ine ITewere 
ac pe ilke j^et ine zuich a iTewere na3t ne lokej? he ne zikf na3t his 03ene 
spot ne jjet me dep) mid pe ITeawere fet is voul an dim ac huanne pe ilke 
ITeawere is wel bri3t and clene ]?anne may me wel yzy and wel yknawe his 
spottes. Alzuo huanne pe prelat is of guode ly ve and of guod los fanne 
he ffel nime vorbisne of guode lyve. Efterward hi ffolle by wel klene and 
wel holy vor Jjct hi clenzej? and hal3ej? J^e ofre vor ase zayj? saynt Gregorie 
pe hand )?et is voul and behorewed ne may o}?re manne velfe do away 
and pe writinge zay]? j^et pe ilke f'ct is voul ne may nenne oj^rene klensy 
and f et is to onderstonde ase moche ase faylcj? of his merite. Vor j^e 


sacrement fet is ymad be f e ministre be ]>e hand of fe kueade ministre 
ne is na3t lesse wor]? ine liimzelve ne lesse virtuous ne j^e lesse mi3tvol 
vor to hal3y ham J^et hit ondervongej?. Vor yef hit ondervonge]? be ]>e 
hand of ane guode ministre vor ]?e kucadnesse of j^e ministre ne apayre|> 
na5t J^e sacrement ne fe guodnesse. Ac alneway J^e kueadnesse of J?e 
ministre may anpayri fe ofre be kueade vorbysnen and J^e guodnesse 
edefie be vorbisne of guode lyve. j^ervore fanne huam J^et hi hal3ej? and 
clensej^ Jje oj^re ine ]>et hi ministre]? pe sacremens of holy Cherche hy 
flblle by ]>e more holy and more clene Jeanne J?e o|>re vor yef hi byc|? 
queade hi ffoll by ^c more yharmed Jeanne J^e oj're. J^is is pe zixte stat 
huer me ITel loki chastete and ]? e zixte bo3 of J^ise trawe. 

]?e zevende stat huer me flfel loki chastete is |?e stat of religioun vor 
J?o pet bye]? ine J?et stat habbe]? to God behote pet hi ffolle libbe evre- 
mor chasteliche and ]?ervore hy bye]? yhyealde and yobliged be zuych 
beheste }?et nevre mor hi ne mo3e by spoused ze}?]?e hi bye]? profes. 
And huo }?et him de]? spousy pe spoushod ne fTel by na3t and ]?ervore hi 
flblle do greate payne and gratt diligence wel to loki hare chastete and 
vor hare stat ]?et is stat of holy perfeccion ]7et pe more }?et }?et stat is 
holy be zuo moclie is pe zenne pe more and pe more voul. pe vouler 
]?et is pe spot pe more he is yz3renne ine pe huyte robe and huo ]?et 
he3est val]? J^e zorer he him bleche]? and vor to overcome hire adversarie 
}?et is pe dievel ]?et mest him payne]? vor to vondi and to do valle fio of 
religion and more is gled huanne he his may overcome ]?anne of eni 
o]?er stat. Vor alsuo ase pe Angles of hevene habbej? grat glednesse 
of ane zene3ere huanne he him repente]? and de]? penonce vor his zennes 
alsuo pe dyevlen ham gledie]? huanne ]?i mo3e overcome and do valle 
into zenne ane guodne man and pe more }?et he*is of grat stat and 
pe parfiter pe more he]? he pe gratter glednesse huanne he him may 
gyly ase pe viffere he}? more blisse vor to nime ane gratne vilT ]?ane ane 

Hyer ly]? a tale. 
Me ret ine lives of holy vaderes }?et an holy man tealde hou he com 


to by monek and zede hou pet he hedde yby ane payenes zone ]?et wes 
a prest to |?e jVIomenettes and f>o lie wes a child on time he yede into 
pe temple mid his vader priveliche per he yze3 ane gratne dyevel pet 
zet ope ane vyealdinde stole and al his mayne aboute him. }>er com on 
of pe princes and leat to him j^o he him aksede pe ilke J^et zet ine pe 
stole huannes he com and he ansuerede J^et he com vram ane londe huer 
he hedde arered and ymad many werren and many vi^tinges zuo J^et 
moche volk weren yfTla^e and moche blod peryssed. pe mayster him 
acsede ine hou moche time he hedde |5et ydo and he ansuerede ine J?ritti 
da5es. He him zede Ine zuo moche time hest zuo lite ydo. |?o he het 
]?et ha wer ri3t wel ybeate and evele ydra^e. Efter pan com ano]?er |?et 
alsuo to him leat ase pe verste. J?e mayster him acsede huannes ha 
com he ansuerede J^et he com vram pe ze huer he hedde ymad manye 
tempestes vele ffipes tobroke and moche volk adreynct. pe maister 
acsede ine hou long time he ansuerede ine twenti da5es. He zayde 
Ine zuo moche time hest zuo lite ydo. Efterward com pe ]?ndde pe 
ansuerede ]?et he com vram ane cite huer he hedde yby at ane bredale 
and )?er he hedde arered and ymad cheastes and striff zuo |?et moche 
volk ]7er were ysla^e and J^erto he hedde ysla3e Jjane hosebounde. pe 
maister him acsede hou long time he zette )?et vor to done. He ansue- 
rede ]?et ine ten da3es. f'o he het )?et he were wel ybyate vor ]?et he 
hedde zuo longe abide J?et to done wi]?oute more. Ate lasten com 
ano|?er tovore pe prince and to him he bea3 and he him acsede 
Huannes comst )?ou. He ansuerede }?et he com vram pe ermitage huer 
he hedde yby vourti yer vor to vondi ane monek of fornicacion |?et is pe 
zenne of lecherie And zuo moche ich habbe ydo ]?ct ine |?ise ny3t ich 
hine habbe overcome and ydo him valle into ]:>e zenne. ]:'o Ihip op pe 
mayster and him keste and becleptc and dede pe coroune ope his heued 
an dede him zitte bczide him and to him zede j?et he hedde grat p'mg 
ydo and grat prowesse. J^o zayde pe guode man |?et huanne he hedde 
]?et yherd and ]?et yzo5e he ]?o3te J?et hit were grat J?ing to by monek 
and be ]?o encheysoun he becom monek. 

Ine J?ise tale me may ysy )jet greate glednesse habbe]:' pe dyc\-len 


huanne lii mo3e do valle ane man of religion into zenne. Vor huanne 
)?et a man is yguo into religion he is ase pe ilkc ]?et gep into ]?e velde 
vor himzelve to vi5te wy]? ]?ane dyevel. panne huanne our Lhord wolde 
by vonded of pe dyevle He yede into desert vor ]?e desert of religion is 
veld of vondinge. Religion is ycleped desert vor alsuo ase ]?e desert is 
hard and draye and ver vram alle men alsuo ffel by pe stat of religion 
hard and draye be hardnesse of live ]>et is a Strang heg aye ]?e wyckede 
bestes and a Strang armure aye J?ane vyend. ]?is is remedie aye zenne 
of lecherie vor huo pet wjle quenche ]?et ver of lecherie ine himzelve 
he flel wy]?dra3e pe brondes |?et byej? ]?e lostes of pe vlesse J^et pe guode 
religious flel wy]?dra3e of his vleffe by vestinges be wakiinges be dici- 
plines o]?er o]7erlaker |?et ver ne may na3t by yquenct. Huo |?et wyle 
ane cite o]?er ane castel nime he ffel ase moche ase he may wy]?dra3e pe 
metes and ]?et weter vor to asterve his [y vo] vor huanne pe castel is aster- 
ved he ne may hym hyealde aye his y vo. Alsuo pe castel of pe wombe J?et 
is pe streng]?e of pe vleffe ne may him hyealde aye J?ane gost |?anne he 
is asterved be vestinges and be wy]?dra3}?es. pe stat of religion ffel by 
zuo yverred vram pe wordle Jjet pe ilke ]?et is ine ]?et stat ne vele na3t 
huerof he ffel by dyead to pe wordle and libbe to God ase zay]? zainte 
Paul |?et alsuo ase pe ilke ]?et is dyead bodilich he]? ilore alle his bodi- 
liche wyttes j^e zi3}?e pe hyer]7e J^e speche }?ane zuel3 J?ane smel and pe 
velinge alsuo ffel by pe religious zuo dyead ase to pe wordle ]?et he 
no]?ing ne vele ]?et belongej? to zenne |?et he mo5e zo]?liche zigge ]?et word 
]?et pe Apostel sainte Paul zayde of himzelve pe wordle he zayj? is ycru- 
cefied to me and ich to pe wordle. He wolde zigge ]?et al alsuo ase pe 
wordle him hild vor vyl and vor wlatvol ase me de]? enne yhonged alsuo 
hed he pe wordle vor vil and vor wlatvol ase me Re]? J^ane ]?et is ycru- 
cified o):'er anhonged vor his misdede. Alsuo ffel pe ilke J?et is ine stat 
of perfeccion pe wordle hatie ]?et is to zigge pe covaytise and pe kuead- 
nesse of pe wordle J?et he ne vele na3t be love and be wylninge zuo ]?et 
his conversacion by al ine hevene ase zay]? zainte Paul of him and of 
ham ]?et byej? ine stat of perfeccion. Oure conversacioun he zay]? is 
ine hevene vor f»et body is ine J?e er]?e J?e herte is ine hevene be love 
and be wylninge. 

c c 


Man religious ne ffel no]?ing 05en habbe ine er]?e ac he flel maki 
his hord ine lievene ase zay]? oure Lhord ine his Spelle. Yef J?ou wylt 
He zay]? by parfit guo and zell al pet p»ou best and yef hit ])e poure vor 
Godes love and zuo J?e ffelt habbe ]?in hord ine lievene. Mannes hord 
of religion ys zo]?e poverte Ipet com]? of guode wylle ase zay]? an hal3en 
ine ]?e lyves of vaderes vor poverte is ]?et menet huermide me bay}? )?e 
riche of lievene huervore oure Lhord zay]? f>et ]?e poure of spirit 
bye]? yblissed vor ]?e riche of hevene is hare. Vorzo]?e huo ]?et is 
poure of spirit ]?et is of wylle he ne zek]? ine ]?ise wordle ne lostes ne 
richesses no wor]?iripes ac ra]?re voryet al vor God and zuo ffel do ]?e 
guode religious ]?et wile clive into ]?e belle of perfeccion. ]?anne ])e 
Angel zayde to Lot ]?o he wes yguo out of Sodome ne trost ]?e na3t ine 
)?e stede J^et ]?ou best ylete ac ywyte ]?e ine ]?e belle of perfeccion. Vor 
huo ]?et is yguo out of pe conversacion of ]?e wordle he ne ffel him 
na3t trosti ne hyealde besyde ]?e wordle be wylle ne be wilninge ac 
him asoyny ase moche ase he may al huet he is ine ]?e belle of perfec- 
cion and }?er me ffel abide to his hel]5e wy]70ute lokinge ayen. Lottes 
wyf lokede behinde hire ]?e cite ]?et ber[n]de huerout hi wes iguo and 
fiervore hi wes ychonged into an ymage of zalt. Lottes wyf betokne}? 
ham ze]?]?e Jjet hi bye}? iguo out of }?e wordle and bye]? yguo into 
religion wende]? ayen be wille and be wylninge }?et habbe]? hare body 
ine cloystre an zette]? hare herten ine ]?e wordle. ]?os anlykne}? ]?e 
ymage of zalt pet ne hep bote pe lyknesse of man and hit is hard and 
chald ase a ston. Alsuo bye}? ]?et volk chealde ine pe love of God and 
hard wy}?oute wetnesse of pite and of devocion ]?anne hi ne habbe}? 
bote pe clo}?inge of hare rehgion. pe ymage }?et wes of zalt betokne}? 
ine pe writinge wyt and discrecion vor ase ]?et zalt yef}? smac to pe 
mete alsuo ffel man habbe wyt and discrecion ine his dedes and ine his 
wordes. pe ilke ymage ]?anne of zalt ffel yve wyt and onderstondinge 
and vorbysne to ham of religion ]?et habbe}> vorlete pe wordle ]?et by ne 
wende ayen to }?an }5et hi habbe]? ylete. And ]?crvore zay}? oure Lhord 
in his Spelle to his deciplcs ]?et Him vol3ede be]?cnche}? you He zai}? of 
Lottes wyve J?et is to zigge ne loke}> na3t to ]?et ye habbe}? ylete vor 


Me )7et ye ne lyese J^et lyf of grace and of blisse. Alsuo ase Lottes 
wyf vorlyas f>et lif of J?e bodye vor ]?et hi lokede to ]?an J?et hi hedde 
ylete ]panne oure Lhord zay]? ine his Spelle ]>et pe ilke ]?et zet ]?e hand 
a ])e ZU0I5 and loke]? behinde him ne is na3t wor]? to ]?e riche of hevene. 
Vor ase ]?e ilke ]?e let ]?e ZU0I3 loke}? alneway bevore him vor to lede wel 
his ZU0I3 alsuo ffel do he fet zet Ipe hand to ]?e ZU0I3 of penonce o]?er of 
religion alneway flel habbe }>e e3en of his herte ]?et is to zigge J?e on- 
derstondinge and ]?e wyl to ]?an ]?et is bevore and na3t to J?an ]?et is 
behynde ]?et is to Ipe guodes evrelestinde pet flbllcn by bevore ine pe 
herte na5t to pe timhche guodes pet ITolle by behynde. And J?us dede 
zaynte Paul l^et zede pet he hedde voiyete ]:?et Jjet wes behinde J?et 
wes pe wordle and al J?e covaitise ]?et |?er is J?et he ne prayzede na3t 
and yede alneway bevore him vor he hedde alneway his onderstondinge 
and his wyl to hevene. Ac moclie volk of rehgion zettej? pe ZU0I3 
bevore pe oksen vor vele ]?er byejj and pet is hire harm J^et more zeche]? 
pe timliche J?inges and do]? bevore ]?et Abide by behynde pe timhche 
guodes bevore |>e evrelestinde and pe gostliche behynde. Zuyche reli- 
gious bye)? in wel grat peril of hare vorlyezynge vor hi ne habbe]? bote 
pe clo]?inge of hare religion. To pe vorbysne of zainte Paul ffel pe 
guode religious voryete pe wordle and lete his behinde him and pe 
guodes evrelestinde alneway habbe bevore his e3en and alneway guo 
vram virtue to virtue alhuet he com]? to pe Montioye J?et is to pe helle 
of blisse evrelestinde huer he ffel clyerliche izy God and Him ffel lovie 
parfitliche and worJ?ff ipie evremo. ]?et is pe blissinge huer pe yef J?e of 
onderstondinge let ]?o ]?et loke]? clennesse of herte and of bodye ase we 
habbe]? above yffeawed. And ]?ervore zay]? oure Lhord J?et yblissed 
bye]? pe clene of herte vor hy ffolle clyerliche ysy God. J?e ilke blis- 
singe begin]? hyer vor hi bye]? yclenzed of ]?iesternesse of errour to pe 
onderstondinge and of spottes of zenne ase to pe wylle. And ]?ervore 
hi yzye]? God be byyleave ali3te of pe bri3tnesse ]?et com]? of pe jefpe 
of onderstondinge huerby :ifte knau]? his Heppere and al ]?et belonge]? to 
hel]?e of zaule wy]?oute drede wy]?oute comjDarer wy]?oute chancelier and 
ine J?e byleve of Jesu Crist huer hi bye]? zuo togidere and yzet vestliche 


pet hi ne mo5e ham todele vor dya]? ne vor torment. And ]?ervore hi 
bye]? yblissed ]?e clene of herte ine ]?ise lyve dyadhche vor hi habbe]? 
pe e5en of hare herten and J^e onderstondinge of hare wylle zuo clene 
and zuo clycr pet hi zye5 God and ylevej? be stronge beleave and zikere 
ase zayj? oure Lhord to saint Thomas Ipe Apostel Vor ]?et ]?ou Me hest 
yzo3e ]?ou me hest yleved ac po flblle by yblissed pet Me ne yze3e and 
Me yleve]?. Ac ]?is blissinge fTel by volveld ine pe live evrelestinde 
huer pe clene of herte ]?et hier ffolle ysy Him be byleave ac alneway 
j^iesterliche hi ffolle yzi face wy]? face al aperteliche ase zay]? zayte 
Paul ]?et is pe blissinge of Angles and of hal3en of paradis J?et y3y God 
ine J^e face yknawe enne God ine J^ri Persones to ysy clierhche ine )?o 
ffeawere huerinne alle ]?inges bye]? bri3te mid J^e Lombe and pe hal3en 
ham wondre]? and ham y3ye]? and nolle ne mo3e by him an to loki. 
Vor ]?er is alle vayrhede alle zuetnesse alle guo[d]nesse welle of lif evre- 
lestinde and al ]?et herte may wylni and of guod desiri. Ac ich zigge 
lite vor ase zajp pe writinge ne e3e dyeadlich ne may na3t ysy ne eare 
hihere ne mannes herte penche J?et God he]? agray]?ed to his vriendes. 
]?anne Sant Ansalm zayj? Man arere al ]?ine onderstondinge ]?er above 
an }?ench ase moclie ase pe mi3t huet and hou moche grat and hou 
moche lostvol is }?et guod }?et he]? pe joye and ]?ane lost of alle guode 
and na3t zuych lost ne zueche blisse ase me vint me ffeppinges ac ase 
moche more ase pe ffeppere is more Jeanne pe ffeppinges. Nou zay}? 
he mannes makinge huet yzyxt ]?ou foleant vor to zeche diverse guodes 
to p'uie zaule and to ]?ine bodye. Love wel on guod huer bye]? alle guodes 
and hit is yno3 ];et is Himzelf ]?et is he3est guod of liuam come}? alle 
pe o]?re ase pe streames of pe welle. Vorzo]?e he ffel by wel yblissed 
zay]? saynt Austin ]?et wy]?oute none nakede visage onwri3e ffel yzy pe 
bhsse of God and ffel by ywent ine anlicnesse of pe blisse huer he ffel 
ysy God ase He is huych zi3]?e is coroune wy]?oute ende and al pe ffepe 
of hal3cn ]?ct ffel by al pe guod of man zay]? Hu3e de Saint Victor 
avore ye }?ane man ];et He made ine bodyel^nd ine zaule vor }?an ]?et 
man Him yzc3 mid pe e3en of pe bodie ine His manhodc and pe zaule 
him yzi]? ine his Godhcdc zuo }?et he vand zuetnesse and lost ine his 


fleppere wy]?ine and wyfjoute wyj^inne ine j^e Godhede wy)?oute ine J?e 
manliode ]?et ffel by ]?e blisse of man ]?et ffel by his joye and his lost 
and lif evrelestinde ]?e ilke yblissed zi3]9e. pet is J^e bUssinge yef hit 
onderstondej? J?o J?et loke]? clennesse of herte and of bodie. 

Of ]7E yefJ?e of wysdome. Of ]?e virtue of temperance 


)?e laste yeff>e and pe meste and )?e he3este is )?e yef |?e of wysdom 
f>et is a grace |?et ]?e Holy Gost yef]? to ]?e contemplative herte huerby 
he is ynome of )?e love of God pet he na3t ne wylne]? ne ne ze^]> o]?er 
)?ing ]?anne Him to zyenne and to habbe ine Him vor to likni mid Him 
vor to bleve. pis is pet greace of perfeccion pe ende of contemplacion 
pe yef]?e of onderstondinge hiierof we habbe}? above yspeke make]? 
knawe God and pe gostliche }?inges ase be zi3]7e and be simple lokinges. 
Ac pe yef]? of wysdom make]? to yvele God an to yknawe ase be zuel3. 
}?anne wysdom ne is o}?er J?ing }?anne knaulechinge smackinde ]?et is mid 
smac and mid grat lost of herte vor o]?erlaker he knau]? wyn pe ilke ]?et 
hit yzi3]? ine a vayr gles o]?erlaker pe ilke }?et hit drinc]? and taste}? 
and smackc]?. Ac pe filosofes yknewen God be writinge ase be ane 
ffewere huerinne hy lokeden be skele and be onderstondinge of his mi3te 
his vayrhede his wyt and his guodnesse er ]?an hi yze3en pe fTeppinges 
]?et He hep ymad zuo greate zuo vayre zuo guode and zuo wel yorday- 
ned }?anne hi knewen wel be zy3]?e and be vorbisne and be simple 
zi3]?e of onderstondinge and of kendelich skele. Ac nevi'e na3t ne 
yvelded ne ne mi3te yvele be zuel3 of ri3te love ne by devocion. Alsuo 
]?er bye]? vele Cristene clerkes and leawede }?ef wel ham yknewe be 
byleave and be wrytinge ac vor ]?et hi habbe]? ]?ane zuel3 na3 wel 
ydi3t be zenne hi ne mo3e no ]?ing yvele nammore ]?anne pe zike vint 
smak ine pe guode mete, pe yef ]?e of wysdom ]?et pe Holy Gost zet ine 
herte zikerliche vayre}? and dense]? of alle vel]?e of zenne and arere]? 
zuo pane gost of man }?et he him joine]? to God be a glu of love zuo 
]?et he is al on mid God. }?er he him veth }?er he him norifTeth ]?er he 
him vette}? }?er he him loste}? }?er he him restej? }?er he him slep}? }?er 


he voryet al his travail alle his wylninges vlefTUche and er]?hche and 
him zelve ]?et he him ne be]?eng]? of najt bote of J>et he love]?e and ]>et 
is God onlepihche. J?is is ]?e laste stape of ]?e Iheddre of perfeccion J^et 
Jacob yze3 ine his fflepe J^et tok j^e hevene huerby ]?e Angles of oure 
Lhorde Jesu Crist clive op and doun. ]?e stapes of J?ise Iheddre bye]? 
J?e zeve yef]?es of ]?e Holy Gost hiierof we habbe]? yspeke. Be J?o zeve 
stapes clive]? ]?e Angles ]>et bye]? ]?o ]?et habbe]? hare herten to hevene 
J7et lede]? lyf of Angle ine er]?e be vayrehede and be clennesse ]?et 
habbe]? hare herten in hevene be wylnynge liuanne hi guo]? and profite}? 
vram virtue to virtue al huet hi yzye]? God aperteliche and herie]? par- 
fithche. Ac huanne hi bye]? yclive op al to }?e laste stape o]?erhuil hit 
behove]? guo doun be lo3nesse. Vor ase moche ase man is more perfit 
]?e more he is milde and ]?e lesse himzelve prayse}? ]?erof me kan zigge 
he ]?et is mest wor]? he him mest lo3e]?. ]?anne ]?e guode perfite men 
ffel by ase ]?et trau ]?et is ykarked mid frut ]?e more hit bou3 to )?e 
grunde. Ine ano]?re manire me may onderstonde ]?et ]?e Angles yden 
doun vor ]?e guode men ]?et lede]? lif of Angel an er]?e be hire holyhede 
huanne hi bye]? yclive op to 'pe he3este stape of contemplacion huyder 
}?e yef]?e of wysdom hit let ])et is alsuo ygoyned to God }?et he voryet 
al J?et is onder god be ]?e greate zuetnesse ]?et ]?e herte velj? ]?et is alsuo 
iroted ine God ]?et he lyest alle alle o]?re lustes zuo ham behove]? o]?er- 
huyl guo doun of ]?ise zuetnesse of ])he reste of ]?ise loste vram his 
zuete bryesten of solas huer God ham de]? zouke ine ]?e contemplacion 
to ]?e Morkes of }?e bysye lyve huerof we habbe]? above yspeke huer })e 
parfite abide ITolle and vor hare note gostlich and vor o]?ren. 

Ano]?re scele }?er is huervore hit behove]? guo doun of }?o ilke zete of 
contemplacion huer ]?e gost of wisdom wone]?. Vor ]?e corrupcion of 
]?e vlesse is zuo grat }?et ]?e gost ne may ine ]?ise live dyeadlich longe 
bleve in zuo he3 stat of contemplacion ne yvele ]?e ilke greate zuetnesse 
]?et pasc]? alle lostes ]?et me may yvele ine ]?ise wordle ase ]?o wytej? ]?et 
hit habbe]? yproved. ]?ervore ]?e ayenwy3te of }?e vlesse is zuo hevy 
)?et he dra3]? ]?ane gost adoun wyllc he nolle he and ]?ervore }?e ilke 
greate zuetnesse ]?et ])e herte contemplatif vel]? be ]?e yef]?e of wysdome 


ine ]?isc dyadliche lyve ne is bote a litel zuel5 huerby me smacke]? hou 
God is zuete and zofte as me taste]? and smacke]? Jjct wyn er ]?an me 
drinc]? his voile. Ac huanne me ffel come into ]?e greate taverne huer 
)?e tonne is betake ]?et is ine ]?e live evrelestinde huer Jjet God of love 
and of pays is of blisse and of lostes and of solas ITel bi zuo abandones 
to echen pet alle flblle by voile ase zay]? }?e Sauter ]?et al ])e wylninge 
of pe herte flblle be volveld per. Huanne God ffel do come ope his 
vrendes ane vlod of pays ase zayj? pe prophete huerof hi fTolle by zuo 
vol dronke Jjet hi flblle by alle dronke of pe greate plente J?et is ine J?ine 
house and his flTelt do drinke of pe vlode of |?ine zuetnesse and of ]?ine 
likinge ]?et mid pe is pe welle of lyve J?et is pe welle evrelestinde J?et 
alneway kuel^ and fayly ne may ]?et is God zelf j^et is welle of live and 
sterve ne may huerof arist and gep doun above alle pe hal3en J?et bye]? 
and flfolle bi ine Paradis a vlod of blisse of lost and of pais zuo grat }?et 
alle }?o }?et ]?erof drinke]? hi bye]? dronke ]?et is Jjet pays and pe blissinge 
}?et flel by ine pe wordle ]?et is cominde. Hire vor to wyne and habbe 
me flel libbe sobreliche ine ]?ise wordle ase zay]? saynt Austin vor non 
ne dring]? of ]?ise stremes of pais f'et ne is dronke of pe plente of blisse 
)?et ne \okep sobrete. }?et is pe virtue ]?et pe yef ]?e of wysdom zet ine 
herte aye pe to moche Ihede of glotunye vor wysdom tek]? sobrete ase 
Salomon zay]?. Sobrete is a traw wel precious vor hit loke]? pe helj?e 
of pe zaule and of pe bodie ase zay}? pe writinge. Of glotonye of mete 
and of drinke to moche come]? vel greate ziknesse and ofte pe dya]? vor 
be to moche drinke and ethe sterf }? moche volk and pe dya}? his nim)> 
sodaynliche ase me nim}? }?ane vilT by pe cli«ake ]?et is to zigge pe 
morsel ine pe mou]?e. 

}?ise virtue me flel loky toppe alle ]?inges vor pe guodes ]?ct hi de]? to 
|?an ]?et his wel loke]?. Verst sobrete loke}? be skele and to pe onder- 
stondinge hire vridom ]?et dronkenesse hire benym]? vor pe ilke }?et is 
dronke is zuo ynome of wyn ]?et he lyest skele and onderstondinge and 
is ase adrayngt ine wyni and huanne he wen]? drinke ]?et wyn }?et wyn 
dryng]? him. pe o]?er guod ]?et sobrete make]? is }>et hi delivre]? ]?ane 
man of to voul ]?reldom ]?et is of pe }?reldome of pe wombe vor pe glotoun 


and ]?e to moclie nimere of metes make]? of hare womben hare god ase 
zaj]> zaynte Paul. Vorzo]?e moche he him onworj^e]? pet serve)? to ane 
zuiche voule Ihorde ase to his wombe hiierof ne may go out bote vel)?e 
and stench. Ac sobrete loke]? man ine his Ihordssip vor ]?e gost ffel by 
Ihord over ]?et body and J?et body ffel servi to J?e goste. |?e ]?ridde guod 
pet sobrete maked is pet hi loki pe gate of pe castele aye pane ost of pe 
dyevle ]?et is J?e mou]? ]?et is pe mayster gate of J?e castele of pe herte 
|?et pe dyevel asayle]? ase moche ase he may ac sobrete him werj? J?e 
gate ]?et is pe mou]? and huanne pe gate of pe mou)?e is open J?e gest of 
zenne ge]? in li3liclie and vor na3t he vi3t ayen pe oJ?re zennes ]?et na3t 
wy]?halt his tongue. Huo ]?et he]? ]?ise virtue he he]? of his bodye pe 
Ihordffip alsuo ase me overcom]? ]?et hors bi pe bridle. Sobrete he]? pe 
verste batayle ine pe ost of virtues and loke]? and were]? pe o]?re virtues 
]?anne pe dyevel vondede verst ase be pe mou]?e of oure Lhorde ]?o he 
Him zede ]?et He ffolde maki of stones bread. Alsuo he asaylede ]?ane 
verste man be pe mou]?e and him overcom vor he him openede pe gate 
of his castele ]?o he him consented to pe vondinge. To loki sobrete ous 
tek]? kende writinge an alle ffep]?e kende ]?et amang pe bestes man he]? 
]?ane leste mou]? be pe bodie. Efter man to pe o]?re lemes ydobled ase pe 
e3en [and] earen ac he ne he]? bote enne mou]?. Ine ]?et ous tek]? kende 
J?et me ffel ethe lite and drinke lite vor kende is mid lite ypayd and be 
to moche of mete is ofte yveld doun. pe writinge ous tek]? sobrete ine 
vele manyeres and be manye ase mo3e ysi ]?o ]?et conne]? pe writinge 
onderstonde an ]?o ]?et yzye]? pe lives of hal3en. Efter ward alle ffep]?es 
teche]? sobrete vor ine alle ffep]?es he]? God yzet ri3te mesure ase zay]? 
Salomon ine pe holy writinge. Sobrete ne is o]?er ]?ing ]?anne to loki 
ri3te mesure ]?et alneway ayhalt ]?ane middcl ine to moche and to lite 
be ]?an J^et scele ali3t be grace tek]?. Vor ine ]?ise timliche guodes ]?et 
J?et is to moche to oncn is to lite to ano]?ren and ]?et ]?et is to moche to 
ane poure mannc to anc riche mannc hit were oftezi]?es to lite. Ac 
sobrete and temperance zet over al mesure. Alsuo ine gostliche guodes 
ase ine vestinges ine wakiingcs ine dissiplines and ine o]?re dcdcs of 
virtue J?ct bye]? ydo vor God an vor note of pe zaule zet mesure zuyche 


ase scele acse]?. ]?e virtue of temperance and of sobrete ]?e ilke virtues 
loke]? mesure scelvolle na3t onlepiliche ine mete and in drinke ac in alle 
virtues ase zayj? saynt Bernard. Vor ]?ise virtue zet alle ]?e ]?05tes alle 
)?e willes alle ]?e steriynges of pe herte and alle ]?e wyttes of |?e bodye 
outnime ]?e IhordlTip of ri5te scele ase zay]? Tullius )?e wyse zuo ]?et a li3te 
scele be |>e yef ]?e of wysdome halt ine pese ]?e Ihordssip of Jjc herte and 
of ]?e bodie. And |?et is ]?e ende and ]?e onderstondinge of alle virtues 
pet pe herte and J?et body by wel yordayned to God zuo J7et God onlepi- 
liche by he3 Lhord ine zuyche manere pet al by ine his bo5samnesse al 
pet he he|? ine pe regne of bodye and of pe zaule and j^et make]? sobre 
love of God }?et zet of al pe herte into pe wille of God. )?anne zaynt 
Austin zay]? ]7et pe virtue of temperance and of sobrete is alone ]?et is 
yloked to God yhollyliche wyjjoute corrupcion and ous wy]?dra3j? vram 
pe love of hier bene]?e ]?et is J?e love of J?ise wordle ]?et trouble]? pe herte 
of man and hise zet ine zor3e and him benim]? ri3tvolle knaulechinge of 
God and of himzelve alsuo ase me ne zi3]? na3t bri3tliche ine pe wetere 
ystered. Ac pe love of God ]?et is wel yclensed of alle erj^liche love and 
of alle vleffliche willes zet pe herte ine pais vor hi him de]? and zet ine 
his 05ene stede ]?et is ine Gode J^er he him reste]? ]?er he is in pais ne ne 
he]? blisse ne reste bote per. ]?anne zay]? oure Lhord ine his Spelle ]?ou 
ffelt by ine travayl ine }?ise wordle ac ine me }?ou flelt vinde reste. And 
saynt Austin zede Lhord min herte ne may by ine pais alhuet hi reste]? 
ine pe. pe ilke love ne wext na3t of er]?e ne of mares of ]?ise wordle ac 
hy com]? doun of pe he3e roche hueroppe hi ys and ymad pe greate 
cite of paradis and pe cite of holi Cherche ]?et is Jesu Crist ope huam 
bye]? yset and ymad vestliche be guode bileave pe stronge casteles ]?et 
bye]? pe herten of guode men. Of }?o he3e roche com]? doun pe welle of 
love ine herte ]?et is wel yclenzed vor pe love of J^e wordle. pe ilke 
welle is zuo clier and zuo yzendred ]>et pe herte hire yknau}? and yzi3]? 
hire zelve and hire INIakiere alsuo ase me yzi3]? ine ane vayre welle wel 
yzendred. Ope ]?o welle pe herte reste]? efter pe travayl of guode workes 
ase we rede]? of Jesu Crist oure Lhord }7et ]?o He hedde zuo moclie yguo 
}?et He wes al weri He him zette and restede ope pe welle. pe ilke 

D D 


welle bove pet guod herte he )?et him wille ber3e him reste)? is ]?e love of 
God. J?e ilke welle is zuo zuete and of zuo guod smac |?et ])e ilke ]?et 
|?erof dring]? voryet alle o]?re zuetnesses and o|?re smakkes. ])e ilke 
welle ne velj? na5t J?ane faut ne 'pe erj^e ne J^ane merss of |?ise wordle and 
l^ervore hy is zuete and of guod smac to drinke vor ase moche ase )?e 
welle yvelj? lesse of ]>e er]?e zuo moche hi is po holer and pe betere of 
to drinke. ]?et is pe welle of wytte and of wysdome vor pe ilke ]?et 
)?erof dring]? he knauj? wyt and wysdom and vel]? and smacke]? pe 
greate zuetnesse }?et is ine God and ]?et is pe he3este wyt of man wel to 
knawe his fleppere and Him lovie mid al his herte vor wy]?oute J^ise 
filosofie alle o]?re wyttes ys folye. 

Zuych wyt zet pe Holy Gost ine herte Jeanne He him yef]? ]?ane yefj?e 
of wisdom J^et is herte of gostliche blisse and hire adraynkj? and make]? 
him dronke of holy love. Huet wyt is ]?et )?et pe Holy Gost zet into pe 
herte wel yclenzed J?et ich habbe hier bevore yffewed huer J?et is spek of 
pe wyttes of pe zaule ate ginninge of pe dra3|?e of virtue and J?ervore ich 
paci pe flbrtlaker. ]?et gostliche wyt ]?et com]? of stedevest love of God 
make}? pe herte sobre and zofte and alle ]?inges amesure]? zuo }?et pe 
herte ]?et is ine zuich stat is ine payse ase hi may by ine }?ise dyadliche 
live vor ine }?ise wordle non ne may libbe wy]?oute torment wy}?oute 
zome vi3tinge of temptacion J^et God zent ofte vor to vondi his kny3tes 
and vor J^an }?et hi conne usy of armes of virtue vor o]?erlaker hi ne mo3e 
by guode kny3tes ]7anne me couj^e maky pe tornoymens ine time of pays. 
Ac huanne J^e guode kny3t het overcome }?et tornoyment he went ayen 
to his house ]?er he him reste}? al in eyse. Alsuo de}? pe guode herte 
huanne hi he}? wel yvo3te and he}? overcome )?et tornenoyment of 
vondinges ha com]? ayen to himzelve and him reste}? in God }?et him 
comforte]? efter pe travayl zuo ]?et he }?er voryet al his travayl and ne 
}?eng}? bote of God huer he vint al ]?ct he wilnc}? }?et is ]?et frut }7et pe 
traw of sobretc bcr}? }>et com}? of pe yef}?c of wysdom ase ich habbe 
above yzed. 



Ase ich habbc above yffewed sobrete ne is o)?er };ing bote to loky 
ri3te mesure ine alle }?inges. Ac specialliche ine vyf ]?inges me flel 
loki mesure )?et byej? alsuo ase zeve stapes huerby wext and profite]? J?et 
traw of sobrete. 

]?e verste stape of sobrete is J?et me zette mesure in his onderstondinge 
spacialliche to )?e articles and to J?e poyns of )?e beleave. ]?e ilke overgej? 
mesure ])et wyle zeche kendelich skele ine )?an |?et is above onderstond- 
inge ase do]? f>e Bougres and J?e misbylefde )?et wylle]? mesuri pe beleave 
be hare onderstondinge ac hi flblden mesuri hire onderstondinge and 
hare skele to ]?e mesure of pe beleave ]?et God ous he]? }yeve. And 
Salomon zayde to his zone Vayre zone do into ]?ine wytte mesure. }?et 
is to zigge ]?et }?ou ne bi na3t of zuo 03ene wytte ne na3t zuo ypi3t in 
]?ine overweninge }?et ]?ou ne flechchi vor to leve to guod red and pet 
])o\x ne lete yme wyt vor to bou3e to }?e wyser ]?anne ]?ou. And special- 
liche to ]?e articles of ]?e beleave me fld lete his o3ene wyt and his 
onderstondinge flechchi and zette ine }?reldom of ])e beleave ase zay]? 
zayte Paul na5t vor to apeluchier ne zeche kendelich scele huer he non 
ne he]? ase do]? }?e bysye o]?er ]?e malancolien ]?et bye]? ylich ]?an ]?et zek3 
]?e crammeles ine ]?e russoles o]?er }?an )?et zek]? }?et vel ine }?e aye o}?er 
]?ane knotte ine }?e resse. 

J?e o]?er stape is }?et me zette mesure ine }?e loste and mid ]?e likinge of 
)?e wille }?et me ne him aslaky na3t to moche ]?ane bridel to yerne to 
lostes of ]?e vlesse ne to ]?e covaytise of ]?ise^'ordle. ]?anne ]?e wyse 
zay]? ine ]?e writinge Ne vol3e na3t he zay}? }?e covaitises ne ]?e wylninges 
of ]?ine herte and }?e miswende to do pi wyl J?et J?ou hit ne volvelle na3t 
and yeld guod skele vor yef }?ou dest to }?ine herte his wyl }?ou makest 
blisse to ]?ine vyendes }?et bye]? ]?e dyevlen of helle. Vor alsuo ase pe 
ilke ]?et make]? blisse to his vo ayens huam he ffel vi3te huanne he him 
yelt to him overcome yef he him yelt overcome to pe dyevle ]?et him 
consente]? to his evele wylninges. ]?ervore zay]? zayte Peter pe apostel 
ich you helsny ]?et ye ase oncou]?e and pilgrimes you loki vram 
wilninges. pe ilke J?et is pilgrim and ine oncou}?e contraye huer bye]? 


manye )?yeves an robberes J^et aspie]? J?e pilgrims and waytej? )?e wayes 
ham loke]? moche J?et hi ne valle ine ])e honden of ]?yeves and }?eng]? hou 
he may gno zikerUche. Alle J?e guode men ine ]?ise wordle bye]? oncou]?e 
and pilgrims. Hi bye]? oncou}?e vor hi bye]? oute of hare contraye ]?et is 
Paradys J^et is J^e contraye and heritage to gaode men. Hi ne bye]? 
I^enchinde bote vor to volvelle hire jornayes alhuet hi come]? to hare 
eritage }?et is ]?e cite of Paradis ]?et ]?e guode pilgrims zeche]? ase zay}? 
Paul ]?et ne habbe]? ne nolle]? liabbe ]?e eritage hier in }?ise wordle. 
Zuyche pilgrims }?et wille]? guo zikerliche hi do]? ham ofte ine guode 
vela^rede and ine zikere guoinge. ]?e guode vela5rede }?et let zikerliche 
and guo]? ri3tvolliche is byleave and love. Beleave let ]?ane way to 
pilgrimes ac love his ber]? zuo ]?et ]?e way ham greve]? lite o]?er na3t. 
Huo pet he]? zuyche vela3rede he ne he]? of pyves none drede ]?et wayte]? 
}?e wayes ]?et bye]? dyevlen ]?et ninie]? and robbe]? alle ]?o }?et none zuiche 
vela3rede ne habbe]? ]?etbye]? ]?o ]?et wylle]? do hyere byre lostes J^et ham 
do]? into ]?e honden and into }?e grines of }?e dyevle. Beleave and love 
of God ofhalt ]?e herte and his wy]?dra3t vram queade ]?03tes and vram 
fole lostes ]?et he ne consenti alsuo ase me ofhalt ]?ane vo3el be ]?e ges 
}?et he ne vly to his wylle. ]?e herte is ase ]?e vo3el ]?ct wolde vly to his 
Avylle and bote by by of healde be ]?e ges of beleave and of love by vly3}? 
perilousliche zuo }?et hy byre spil]? and val]? into ]?e grines of }?e vo3elere 
of belle ]?et is ]?e dyevel ]?et ne wylne]? bote to nime }?ane vo3eL ]?ervore 
}?e guode man and ]?e wyse wy]7dra;e]? hare wyl and hare lostes and hare 
}?03tes be temperance and be sobrete. Huerof Senekes zay]? Yef ]?ou 
lovest to bi sobre and atempre wy]?store and wy]?dra3 ]?ine willes and 
zete ane brydel to ]?ine covaytises. Vor alsuo ase me wy]?halt ]?et hors 
by ]?e bridle ]?et hi ne guo na3t to his wille alsuo me ffel ofhycalde }?e 
herte be ]?e briddle of sobrete ]?et hy ne yeve hire na3t to ]?e wille ne to 
pG covaytise of ]?ise wordle. 

*/ ]?e ]?ridde stape of sobrete is zctte and loki mesure ine wordes. 
Huerof Salomon zay]? ]?et ]?e wyse and ]?c wel yto5te tempre}? and 
mesure]? his wordes and saynt Jerome zay]? ]?et mid veawe wordes is 
yproved mannes lyf }?et is to ziggc by }?e wordes me may yknawe }?e 


folyes and ]?e wyttes of men. Vor ase me knauj? ]?et zuin be ]?e tonge 
yef hit ys hoi o]?er above yzawe and J^ervore zay]? J?e wyse ine J?e 
writinge pet J?e wordes of )?e wyse bye]? ywe3e ine ]?e waye pet is to 
zigge pet pe wyse flel zuo we5e pe wordes ine pe waye of skclc and of 
discrecion )?et J^er ne by na3t to wy]?nymene. Zome volk bye]? ]?et ne 
mo3e ham na3t hyalde still ne na3t ham loki J^et hi ne zigge by hit 
leazinge. ]?et bye]? ase pe melle wy]?oute scluse ]?et alneway went be pe 
yernynge of pe wetere vor hi habbe]? ase vele wordes ase per com}? of 
weter to pe melle. Ac pe wise zette]? pe scluse of discrecion vor to 
ofhealde Jjet weter of fole wordes and to vele ]?et hi ne guo be pe melle 
of pe tongue. ]?ervore zay}? pe wyse ine pe writinge Yzi3 ]?et weter 
yerne ]?et is to zigge Hald ]?ine wordes ine pe scluse of discrecion vor 
ase zay]? Salomon Huo ]?et let guo ]?et weter to his wille he is ofte 
cause of strif and of chidinge and of manie kuedes )?et come]? of kueade 
tonge ase ich habbe bevore yzed ine pe chapitele of vices huer ich spek 
of pe zenne of j^e tonge. ])ervore zay]? wel pe wyse ine j^e writinge 
Do zay}? he J'ine wordes ine waye and guod bridel ine ]?ine mou}>e and 
nim hede fet J^ou ne valle be fine tonge bevore ]?ine vo J?et pe asspief. 
AnoJ^er zay)? Do to ]?ine mou]?e a dore and a loc and to ]?ine wordes a 
waye and a yok. Huo J?et ne we3]? his wordes in J?e waye of discrecion 
and ne ofhalt na3t his tonge by J?e bridle of skele J?et ffel ofhyealde 
pe tonge of kueade wordes he valf li5tliche ine pe honden of his von 
j?et bye|? pe dyevlen j?et over al ous aspief and wayte]?. Huanne pe 
von J?et vi3tej? aye jjane castel yef hi vyndej? pt gate oppe hi guoj? in 
li3tliche alsuo pe dyevel ]?et vi3t wy]? J^ane castel of pe herte huanne he 
vint pe gate oppe ]?et is pe mou]? he nim]? li^tliche ]?ane castel. And 
]?ervore zayde Davi]? ine pe Sautere Ich sette guode lokinge to pe 
mou]?e aye mine yvo ]?et is pe dyevel. pe lokinge of pe mou]?e J?et is 
skele and discrecion ]?et examene]? pe wordes er J?an hi guo out ate 
mo]?e. ]?is is pe vi5t huerof pe wyse spek]? ase ich habbe above yzed 
huer me fTel we3e ]?et word er hit by yzed. And ]?ou flelt ywyte ]?et 
zo]?nesse halt ]?ise ri3tvolle waye. Vor zo]?nesse acorde]? pe onder- 
stondinge of pe herte and ]?et word of pe mou)?e as hit is ine J?e herte. 


\>is waye ne flel liongi of ]?is half ne of yend half a ri3t half ne a left 
half J?et vor none prive love of man ne of wyfman ne vor timlich note 
ne vor hate of ojjren me ne flel lete to zigge zdp huer J?et me fTel and 
huanne hit is nyed ne leazinges ne valsnesse me ne ffel zigge vor nenne 
man. w*^ 

Ase me flel loki mesure ine wordes alsuo me ITel loki mesure ine 
hyer)?e vor ase wel me may zene3y ine kuede hyerfie ase ine kueade 
speche. ]?anne ]?e ilke J^et yhyerj? ble]?eliche missigge oJ?ren ys partiner 
and vela3e of J?e zenne of )?an ]?et he yher|? )?et. Non ne wolde zigge 
blej?eliche kuead of o]?ren nameliche tovore greate men bote yef he ne 
wende Ipet hit likede to him ]?et hit hyer]?. ]?anne an hal3en zay)? pet 
non ne Abide by misziggere bote ]?er by an hyerere. J?ervore Salomon 
zayj? ]>e norf>ene wynd to]?rau]? ]?e raynes and pe lourinde chiere J?e 
wordes of ]?e missiggere. pise greate men hi ffolden wel ham loki J?et 
hi hiere)? and J?et hi levej? ]?et hi vindef veawe )?et zo)? ham zigge. Ac 
vlatours and lye^eres bye]? to grat cheap ine hare cort ]?e meste dierj?e 
J?et is aboute ham is of zo)?nesse an of trewj^e and ]?ervore hi byej? 
ofte ygiled. f'et hi yhere]? blej^eliche and yleve]? Ii3tliche J>et me ham 
zay]? and )?et ham like]?. Senekes zay]? pet per ne lackej? to greate 
Ihordes bote zo]? ziggeres vor hi habbe]? Iye3eres and vlatours to greate 
cheape and veawe zo]? ziggeres. Me flel habbe pe earen opene vor to 
hyere ble]?eliche pe guode wordes ]?et bye]? wor]? to pe help of zaule. and 
yflet to fole wordes ydele and queade ]?et mo3e do harm and ne mo3e do 
guod. }?ervore pe wyse zay]? ine pe writinge Stoppe ]?ine earen mid 
)?ornes and ne hyer na3t pe queade tongen. pe queade tonge is tonge 
of eddre of helle ]?et pe misziggeres here}? and envenime]? ]?o ]?et his 
yhere]?. Aye zuyche tongen me ITel stoppi pe yeren mid ]?ornes mid pe 
drede of oure Lorde o]?er mid pe ]?ornes huermide God wes ycorouned 
vor be]?cnchinge of His Passion vor huo }?et hej> drede of God and 
be]?enchinge of His Passion he nolde na3t blc]?eliche yhyere pe mis- 
ziggeres ne flatours ne fole wordes ne lodliche. In ano]?re manere me 
may onderstonde ]?is word. Stoppe ]?ine yeren mid ]?ornes. pe ]?ornes )?et 
prikie}? betokne]? harde wordes and prekiinde hervore me ffel M-yJjnime pe 


missiggeres and maki his stille and fTewy semblont |?et me ne liierjp his 
na3t ble]?eHche. per is an eddre ])et is yhote ine Latin Aspis. pet is of 
zuiche kende fet hi stoppej? )?et on eare mid erpe and j^et oJ?er mid hare 
tayle pet hi ne yhere pane charmere. pe ilke eddre ous tek]? a wel grat 
wyt ]?ct wc ne hyere na3t ]?ane charmere J^et is pe lye3ere and pe flatour 
]?et ofte becharme]? pe riche men. Ac huo ]7et stoppe]? on eare mid 
er]?e and J?et o]?cr mid pe tayle he ne flblde habbe none hede to bi 
becharmed of pe dyevle ne of kueade tongen. pe ilke stoppej? ]?ct on 
eare mid er]?e ]?et J^eng]? ]?et his is of erj^e and to er|?e flel come and zuo 
|?enche his voulhede and his ziknesse huervore he him flel moche mildi 
and na3t him praysy. J?et o]?er eare stoppi mid pe tayle vor to be]?enche 
of pe dyaj^e J?et him flel wel astonie. Huo ]?et p\is cou}?e stoppi his 
earen he nolde yhyere ble|?eliche zigge nc recordi J?ing Jjet flx)lde misliki 
God and zuo Abide he by wel ytempred and amesured ine hyer]?e and 
ine ihestinge. And ]?is is pe vcr)?e stape of sobrete. 

pe vifte stape is to loki mesure of fli^edinge of precious robes huerof 
me pase]? moche mesure and make]? moche of overdoinges and ]?ervore J?et 
overdede is grat zenne and vele 3i}?e anchesoun to zene ine .... en ]?ervore 
me fl^el ine zuyche J?inges loky mesure. Vor hit is to moche of pris 
and to moche bysy agrayj^inge ne were zenne. Oure Lhord ne speke 
na3t zuo stefliche ine his Spelle aye pe queade riche }?et zuo ofte ham 
ffrede]? ase of to zofte Bougeren and of to moche of pris pourpre. 
Moche is he fol vorzoj^e and child of wytte ]?et of his flredinge is proud. 
Me Abide him wel hyealde fol J?et were proud ^o here pe fli'edinge )?et 
ne flTolde by bote a tokne and a be]?enchinde of pe flTame of his vader 
and of his o3ene. J^es wone of robes nes yvormde bote vor pe zenne of 
oure verste vader vor to wry his confusion and oure. Huanne me yzi3]7 
here ane byrie )?et is tokne J?et ]?er is wy]?ine a dyad alsuo hit yval]> 
ofte )?et onder pe vayre robes is pe zaule dyad be zenne and nameliche 
ine pmi ]?et ham gledye]? and prede)?. Yef pe pokoc him prette vor his 
vayre tayle and pe coc vor his kombe hit ne is no wonder J?et kende 
ham \\ep yyeve an do]? be hare kende ac man o]?er wyfman |?et hej? wyt 
and skele and wot wel ]?et kende ne hep na3t yyeve him )?et ilke flroud 


he ne flel him na5t precle of ])e ffredinge of his bodye ne of ]?e quayn- 
tises of his heuede )?ervore say]? ]?e wyse ine ]>e writinge Ne glede ]?e 
na3t ine va}T ffroud. And zaynte Paul ]7us zay ]?et ]?e wyfmen hi flblle 
ham agray]?i mid sobrete ])et is to zigge be mesure and wyJ?oute over- 
doinge be ]?e stat ]?et pe wyfman acse]?. Vor zdpe ]?et ne is na3t 
wy]?oute overdoinge ]?et on wyfman ffel habbe vor hare body ine one 
yere zuo vele payre of robes and of diverse maneres huerof manye 
poure mi3ten by sostened of )?an ]?et is to moche. Ac yet eft yef hi 
weren ate ende yyeve vor Godes love to J?e poure yet hit were zom]?ing 
ac hi bye]? ofte yyeve to rybaus ])et is w^el grat zenne. ]?ervore me flel 
loki mesure ine zuyche ]?inge be ]?e stat ]?et ]?e persone acse]? ase ich 
habbe above yzed. 

x/pe zixte stape of temperance and of sobrete is ]?et ech loki guode 
mesure ine his contenonce and ine his beringe. ]?anne Seneke zay]? 
Yef ]?ou art sobre and atempred nim Ipou. hede ]>et ]?e steriynges of }?ine 
herte ne of }?ine bodye ne by voule ne onwor]?i vor of ]?e discordance of 
]?e herte com}) }?e discordance of ]?e bodie. Zome ]?er bye]? zuo child- 
hedi and of zuo nice manere ]?et hi make]? hamzelve to by hyealde foles. 
Hit becom]? wel to man of worfTipe and ]?et is ine grat stat ]?et he by 
w^el ordine and amesured ine alle his dedes and in alle his zigginges 
and of vayre contenonce tovore alle men zuo ]?et non ne mo3e nime of 
him kueade vorbisne ne ]?et he ne by yhealde vor fol ne vor child. 
Vor ase zay]? a grat filosofe Child of elde child of wytte and child of 
)?eawes bye]? al on. ]?e writinge zay]? pet pet child of an hondred year 
flel by acorsed pet is to zigge J^et pe ilke }?et he]? voile elde and \evep 
ase a child fTel by acorsed of God. }>anne zaynte Paul zayde of him 
zelve ]?o ich wes child ich dede ase a child me ]?03te ase a child ac 
ze]?]?e ich com to elde of vol man ich vo .... alle .... childhedes. 
Vor huo ])et halt aid man vor child he hine halt vor fol. And ]?ervore 
zay}? zaynte Paul Ne by na3t child of wytte ac ine qucadncsse by lite. 
Nou is hit ]?anne guod }>ing and oneste profitable and wor}'fl'ipvol to 
man an to wyfman and namehche to grat volk }»et hi loki scelvolle 
mesure ine bcrynge ine contenonce and Jiet hi by wel ordync ovcral and 


bevore Go^and bevore )?e volke. And J?is is ]?e zixte stape of ]?ise 
trawe. ^ 

])e zevend stape is to loki mesure ine mete and ine drinke. Vor over- 
dede of mete and of drinke def moche harm ine bodie and ine zaule ase 
ich habbe bevore yzed. pervore zay)? oure Lhord ine his Spelle 
Nimejj ye hede j^et youre herten ne by ygreved ne ycharged of glotounie 
ne of dronkhede f et is to zigge J^et J?ou ne do overdoinge of mete and of 
drinke. Sobrete loke]> mesure ine mete and ine drinke J^et me ne maki 
overdoinge. Of ]?e overdoinges f et me wes ywoned to do ine drinke and 
ine mete ich habbe yno) yspeke ine ]>e dra3]?e of vices huanne J?et ich 
spek of f e zenne of glotounie to huam fis virtue huerof ich habbe 
yspeke zuo is contrarie speciahiche and fervore ich nelle nammore hyer 

Nou hest ]?ou yherd J^e stapes huerbi Jjis traw wext and note]? and yef 
J'ou wylt ywyte ]>e bo3es of J>ise trawe yzi5 alle ]>e o)?re virtues J^et bye]? 
ycontynent ine ]?is boc and ]?ou ffelt 3rvinde overal )?ise virtue. Vor ase 
ich habbe yzed above and yffewed yis virtue zet mesure ine alle ]>e 
virtues. Huervore ich zigge J^et alle ]}e o]>re virtues bye]? bo3es of ]?ise 
vor hy hyre fl'ewe]? ine alle J^e o}?re bo3es. }?et traw ber}? wel vayr frut 
and wel smakinde pet is pais of herte ase ich habbe above yzed. Vor 
huo ])et hep ]?ise virtue he hep pe herte zuo todeld vram pe love of pe 
wordle and zuo yyoyned to God be charite ]?et is charite love of God 
vor hi zet all o}?re }?inges ine voryetinge )?et ne bye]? na3t ydy3t to God. 
And ine zuyche manyre pe herte him reste]? ine God huer hi he}? al hire 
comfort hire blisse and hire lost ]?et pase]? alle o]?re lostes. Zuych com- 
fort zuych lost set pe Holy Gost ine herte ]7et is volmad ine pe virtue of 
sobrete ]?et com]? of pe yef]?e of wysdome ase ich habbe above yzed. 
Vorzo]?e he ]?et zuich pays of herte mi3te habbe and yvele he fTolde him 
resti ine God ]?et is pe ende and pe volvellinge and pe somme of his 
wylninges. He Abide bi yblissed ine ]?ise wordle and ine pe o]?re vor 
he ITolde habbe ywonne pe ilke blissinge ]?et God behat ine his Spelle to 
ham ]?et ]?ise ilke pais lokede wy}?oute brekinge vor He zayj? ]?et hi bye]? 
yblissed pe paysible vor hi flblle by ycleped Godes zones. ]?o bye]? 

E E 


payzible pet zay)? zaint Austin ]?et alle pe steriinges of ]?e herte ordayne)? 
and zettej? onder 'pe Ihordssipe of ri3te scele and of )?e goste. J?os byej? 
ycleped children vor hi here)? J?e anliknesse of hire Vader j?et is J?e God 
of love and of pais aze zay)? zainte Paul. And ]?anne pays and love of 
God is ]?et J?ing pet mest make]? man anlikni to God and pe contrarie to 
pe dyevle ]?et is Godes vo. Efterward hi bye]? ycleped Godes zones vor 
hi vol3e]? al hare Vader wel nier Jeanne eni o]?er vor pays and love him 
vol3e]? more nyer )?anne eni oj^er virtue. Efterward hi do]? pe workes of 
hire Vader vor God ne com into ]?ise wordle bote to maki pays betuene 
God and man betuene man and Angle betuene man and Himzelve. 
]?anne |?o He wes ybore pe Angles zonge vor ]?et pays )?et God hedde 
ybro3t into er|?e and J?ervore J?et pe volk ne Abide zeche bote pays. 
]?ervore Jeanne ]?et hi bye|? Godes zones hi bye]? yblissed ine ]3ise wordle 
be special grace. Ac pe ilke bhssinge ITel by volmad huanne hi fTolle 
by ine payzible possession of pe eritage of hire Vader ]?et is of pe riche 
of hevene huer hi ITolle by ine zikere pays ine pesevol do huer alle lostes 
ffolle by volveld huer ne may by no kuead ne zor3e ne adversite ne 
defaute ac abundance and plente of alle guode blisse and joye wy]?oute 
ende. ]?et ffel by pais wor]?fripvol lostvol and evrelestinde pais )?et 
pase]? and overgep wyt ase zay]? zaynte Paul. And ze]?]?e J?et hi pase)? 
alle wyttes hi pase]? alle wordes vor herte non ne may ]?enche ne mannes 
tonge telle huet ping is ]?et pais ]?et God he]> behote his vrendes. And 
)?ervore icli ne Abide by bote a wlaffere ne zigge ping to pe voile and 
]?ervore ich nelle non more zigge ac hier ich wille endi mine matire to pe 
blisse of oure Lhorde to huam by alle worj^ffipe J?et ous lete wonie ine 
his vela3rede huer is lif evrelestinde. 

)?is boc is ycomc to pe ende. 
Hevene blisse God ous zende. 



Nou ich wille J?et ye ywyte hou hit is ywent 

pet ]?is hoc is y write mid Engliss of Kent. 

J?is boo is ymad vor lewede men 

Vor vadcr and vor moder and vor o]?er ken 

Ham vor to ber3e vram alle manyere zen 

)?et ine hare inwyttte ne bleve no voul wen. 

Huo ase God is his name yzed 

pet ]?is boc made 

God him yeve j^et bread of angles of hevene 

and J?erto his red 

and ondervonge his zaule 

huanne ]?et he is dyad. Amen. 

Ymende ]?et )?is boc is volveld ine pe eve of J?e holy apostles Symon 
an Judas of ane bro]?er of ]?e cloystre of Sauynt Austin of Canterberi ine 
pe yeare of oure Lhordes beringe 1340. 



Acsi, to ask, demand, 40, 120; see Oksen. 

acsyng, a demand, 28. 

adreng, to give to drink, 71. 

agelt, to sin, 1. 

aye, an egg, 203; see eyren. 

ayenbite, redemption, 1. 

alhuet, until, 38, 195, 201, 204. 

amer, to corrupt, 97, 98, 163. 

amote, an ant, 111. 

ampayri, to endamage, 5. 

angrise, harm, 116. 

angrisi, to hurt, 116. 

anhe3, on high, 114. 

anhe5i, to elevate, 15. 

anlich, like to, 114, 149, 182. 

anlicny, to resemble, 62, 71, 78, 124, 183, 

anliknesse, resemblance, 78, 89, 210. 
arn, an eagle, 46. 
arjnes, sloth, 23. 
astrapen, to destroy, 11. 
ate, at the, 8, 9, 110, 132. 
Barat, strife, 28, 34, 46, 57. 
behorwi, to make filthy ; see hor. 
beriels, a grave, 7, 18, 183. 
berje, to save, 211. 
bismere, a taunt, 15, 44, 124. 
blech, discoloured, 40. 
blechi, to soil, befoul, 29, 89, 117, 191. 
blending flattery, 5; see blonding. 

blonder, a flatterer, 45, 141. 

blonding, flattery, 43, 57, 111. 

bore, borje, saved, delivered, 1, 7, 134, 185. 

bor3ing, salvation, 161. 

bosyne, a trumpet, 108. 

boterel, 150. 

Bougre, a Bulgarian, a heretic, 13, 31, 48, 

53, 105, 203, 207. 
Calowe-mouse, a bat, 18. 
caorsins, money-lenders, 25. 
cheast, strife, 49, 50. 
conioun, a low person, 59. 
crouch, a cross, 30. 
crammel, a crooked place, 203. 
Crete, a cradle, 107. 
Dead-wed, a mortgage, 26. 
dedbote, satisfaction, 22, 23. 
dijten, to prepare, 3. 
Ele, an awl, 50. 

emcristen, a fellow-Christian, 5, 50. 
emne, even; 119. 
emni, to even, 10. 
ennelepi, one, single, 57, 115. 
ereg, a witch, 29. 
eflffe, ashes, 107. 
eyren, eggs, 142. 
Flechchi, to bend, 203. 
gamelos, 47. 
gavel, usury, 5, 88. 
gaveler, a usurer, 25, 105, 106. 




gaveling, usury, 25. 

gavelock, a javelin, 166. 

gemeu, a game, 33. 

gerse. grass, 19, 20. 

godeli, to scold, 50. 

godeling, scolding, 49. 

godzyb, a godfather, 36. 

godzybbe, a godmother, 36. 

Halk, a corner, 18, 27, 112, 169. 

havedliche, capital, 9. 

helsny, to entreat, 203. 

hier)je, hearing, 42, 206, 207. 

hoi, pure, 202. 

holyer, a fornicator, 38. 

hondredajte, the hundredth, 188. 

hor, corruption, 107, 183. 

huaune, whence, 101. 

Inwit, the soul or conscience, 1, 2, 3, 32, 

64, 106, 113, 121, 137. 
i3en, iron, 110, 133. 
ijjorsse, thrashed, 110. 
Kempe, a champion, 37. 
kuead, wicked, 5, 190. 
kuead, wickedness, 18. 
kueadhed, wickedness, 25. 
kueadUche, wickedly, 4, 18. 
kueadness, wickedness, 191. 
kueadvol, full of wickedness, 2. 
kuel3, to spring up, 199. 
kueme, to please, 18. 
kuemyng, pleasing, 18. 
Lac, spot, 161. 
lambren, lambs, 409. 
lesnes, remission, 8. 
Ie53e, to laugh, 87. 
Iheneliche, feebly, 22. 
Ihevedi, a lady, 17. 
lickestre, a letcher, 42. 

licxni, 50. 

lifno}), sustenance, 109. 
lijtbere, Lucifer, 10. 
los, reputation, 5. 

loverede, affection, 114, 115, 118, 185. 
lucernere, the lynx, 62. 
Manhode, feudal service, 12, 13. 
manslajjje, manslaughter, 42. 
mansla3j)e, a murderer, 44, 89. 
menness, communion, 8. 
meteles, a dream, 131. 
momene, an idol, 2. 
mory, to become mouldy, 61. 
Namecojjhede, fame, 17. 
uiker, a syren, 46. 

nij>ing, a contemptible fellow, 109, 122. 
note, advantage, 126, 187, 200. 
note, to profit, 209. 
Ofaxi, to understand, 120, 121. 
oksen, to ask, require, 2, 40, 84, 88, 168. 
onlepi, one, single, 7, 8, 54, 56, 79. 
onlepihede, singleness, 14. 
onlepiliche, singly, 41, 58, 85, 89, 99. 
onlosthede, disinclination, 22. 
onry3e, uncovered, 68, 87. 
onworJ)i, to despise, 13, 15. 
onworjjhede, contempt, 13. 
onworjjnes, contempt, 13. 
opwening, arrogance, 14. 
. orped, vahant, 146. 
o3ing, possession, 27. 
03ener, a possessor, 27. 
o)jerlaker, otherwise, 6, 62, 72. 
Renay, a renegade, 12, 13. 
renay, to disclaim, abjure, 13, 31. 
reard, voice, fame, 16, 46, 169. 170. 
romongour, a seller. 33. 
roppe, the entrails, 47. 




ro3e, covered, 5. 

russol, a reed, 203. 

Schelvol, reasonable, 38 

snegge, a snail, 23. 

snode, a morsel, 59, 86, 175. 

smeriels, ointment, 150, 174. 

stern, a star, 131. 

stor, incense, 169. 

ffarnebod, a beetle, 46. 

ffeawere, a mirror, 64, 125, 141, 162, 190 

ffeppe, a creature, 71. 

ffepper, a creator, 2, 62, 161. 

ffepping-, a creature, 125, 161. 

ffepp, a creature, form, 87, 125. 

ffettle, a bolt, 73. 

Toppe, above, 2, 82, 199. 

trau, a tree, 73, 74. 

triacle, a remedy, 11, 46, 114. 

Valouwi, to fade, 62. 

velaji, to associate, 79. 

vela3rede, company, 79. 

vendonging, manuring, 26. 

verlicli, immoderately, 41. 

verlichliede, excess, 41. 

vernyere, past years, 71. 

vorbisne, an example, 34, 67, 89. 

vlindre, a moth, 165 

volkrede, society, 157. 

vreme, profit, 31, 73, 91. 

vremvol, profitable, 61, 62. 

vrej'ie, to secure, 3. 

Wefde, wyefde, an altar, 8, 86, 87, 133, 

189, 190. 
w^ermene, of worms, 173. 
wern, to refuse, 151. 

wlatfer, one who speaks indistinctly, 210. 
wlating, disgust, 142, 154, 173. 
wlatvol, disgusting, 193. 
wocnes, moisture, 73. 
wose, slime, 67, 68, 98, 143, 157. 
wre3e, covered, 74. 
YefJ^e, a gift, 121. 
yemere, anxious, 173. 
ynojliche, sufficiently, 41. 
Zixtia3te, sixtieth, 188. 
zorvollaker, more sorrowfully, 69. 
zuel3, swallowing, 41, 63, 82, 96 
zuel3ing, swallowing, 70. 
ZU0I3, a plough, 195. 
]>ales, nevertheless, 2, 4. 
Jjellich, of this sort, 2, 4, 5. 
jjerle, an aperture, 164. 
\>ief\)e, theft, 2, 25 
])ierne, a female slave, 101. 
J)iestre, dark, 33, 126. 
}jiestrehche, darkly, 196. 
Jjiestreness, darkness, 84, 152, 161, 195. 
)jof, although, 125. 
))ornhog, a hedgehog, 50. 
jjreapni, to threaten, 65, 75, 95. 
))reapnyng, threatening, 28, 49, 50. 
J)ritta3te, the thirtieth, 188. 

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